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I owfffwf 1 ZA J, 17 hwamflwf ,N f ff fp! f Q fix if N X fwrfbf If lyk I fm Wx C MQQMS W www 4 M ob Nw V x f V' DJ' L' lf ,f , , VY ' . N Q YA ' I-f L -E , , ' ,A f U V J I V A , , ' 1 W' ' 01 V ' 1 51 ,' WJW' V-int, ' ,' , ' I ' f94'uff14,wlL V 'M 4!V,' f l I f7'f71,h,J ' f ,, , I ., , W. f ,- p .fp mf- u l lj, IQ, fd V af M.,,4.LM L' iff 1211 1, !17,fj ,-.Mx :, X141-54.1-v v LL 'ifs , -' 1-,TP"ff. X1 ' l J 5 jc NJ 2,1 Q If -,Al I rj F 1 ' ,L 1 1 V rbfffll 'AAU " ' - 'I A X -, Et! fl ry if J. fly xi--r , . . I fn , pg, ' -V, . ' ' fw , 4 if ' on N, an , fu ' y . Z .5 X x fb A 'V umfv' Q ,ww Q ' ' ' ,L Q b N fp: 4 , A My N Q, , , ' , ' ' f A " I Wx ,L , X V X A - NDQJQHT I 1 ' r x A ' w SU , , ' . ' M l .V X ,fuk 'ITB ' 1 0 , ' ix li' X Ky V I 1 N av L ,X ,xyfrx I I I JA Q LQ f f X V ' 'X ' NP 'X I , -1 ' 'Xx , Oli 'X yfV'jQ,X,l'fx4 DL, . - 'N I 1 l1,f,1lifi,X, KCI' ,1 G I . I 'E I K I' V fJ ,,Nx , V I g1 7mfxff ' M' 5 i FV' M f ' - yu fix., . 1 ' 4 . YV , , 'KL ,x .!LlC,fXx V T' l , E 'A VL' Q Xxx KX' U-W , U 'E kkqxfgzx x h J, I xp ' , , xf ' L gill," W, u, r' ' A I - . f - ' - lj 5 - ,,V,v,l4.,,!X A Y. u 5 - .1 my A l1gifQ'5W M Zi' Q32 SQ R S Q J .W is g Zffmi' WEE? RQ 0. MY, ,U E- -.QL XQMAQW fffffff WM Y 5 ai EAEQQY ,XF is . Qx Umwq ff? 5 Lfwffff 5 NUR WW M11 N 42714 A meg NYY ig WA mi x f Q Ping A Y I 'xx A -7 'X sg? . A 55? 3 Q W Sfflfiffif wii5i5?f "K. WSW fmiiyiiigi vw Mmww Qwfmwgggfyfffh .,n,:':,,?,Q RPM.:-fwq, U' jf J-3aw0.e.0.-,u!2,,,fL.,,,e.w USUN53 03+ ' WML. . 51W WW , 3.,.1ff'M gg 1... 'i ' . dnh.QA Q0 GWWJ 1 0 7 ".' - ' ci i' W 4 "Sf Jw jf.. . A 1 5 .u ff? - 1,115.4 Q W 'fix W S 3 -I , n :A ,,, A A .P in A! - QL CXQ' Uv ' ,Alb .- Uf' 0 - ' 'Q Tig' ,Mu Ny .V ' 1.4,-. Y-7'1 N ' NC A 253 . . A , ' bl W .K z M:-if ,nv agar, dl P W , W, , , MLA-- f- 5' 93:-11" w. 1 . . A I .nf . jf M, vu If, J ' ' 1, ' P 5 K ' I I X 9 I 'S - 1 MbQ,kQ,5 CYWB . -I3 ' -fee i HW Q QMQ A :Bit V C ,H A... 2 hz f . 1444! .ba- ' ' .W X' Y V K I PMA f"l.h..'- W-Xu v 1- 11- Y .al U 1l-M .ml YELLOW JACKET l966 Published by the Yearbook Staff Arlington Heights High School , Fort Worth, Texas Volume XXXIII Hereis Death, twitching my ear: "Live," says he, "for Pm coming." L A' A Virgil wv 1 , .-'L' pun.. ,ii-11... '. . . As thougl 1 I Communication of ideas. Fun. Kindness. Heritage of ideals. , , ' ml! n mc - mfg' D ml 3 ws: g ng. ,, . . N , 1 ,' I X 1 . V' Purpose. 0 breathe were life! , 2'- B 1 . 1 tn l I Cruelty. K.. Apathy. ,W ,-,, .. ...Q I Concern for world situation. X 19 I 1' 5? I S 1 .5 'Z , I J" s' . . H v I . f . N tt Fi 4 vt Weariness. ' 'L ,ff . ff Disappointment. Nur' ..nw?',,x,,...-..--g- --V v - 5 , Drink deeply of life. Taste the whole of it - Ambition, self-discipline, beauty, sharing Living every moment . . . Contents Student Life ........ Organizations ...... Sports ....,........ Personalities ........ Academics ......,.. Faculty ........... Classes ....... Index ...... for life is laughter pain growth . .......l24 .......l28 .......140 ...........2l1 21 greet adventure 1 Dedication Mrs. Mary Marsh She's on laughing terms with life. f" A .- K. x 1 . 1 I 'e x 0-xi '2- 4 ...xl 52311. fav, 'Q V 5 lx - A-' Q'-.VV Tumi a?':r.h.'f'w if . ,gf ii,-, :gm Q . "1.'51:'+I 4' 1 - 1 154' '. ' . 4-'.f's,.sL G virgwf Q.. H",- iva -21-Ji'-'lil' I ' 4 -z--441-4-,nf f- Q 1- 45 ref: Hi' 'Lim ,J ,Nz--. g , ' f - 'ff ,Q 91, 3 E-f12f"' 4 -ix,-,fr , .,,vl3,, .E Ss Av ' ,V 11 ,f 5 ' 5- 9 -11" '4 V U"' ,Q-11' :ff 'Tvs' 3' a W V: .31 ., 1- ,-1 5 ig, ,, 4 My -1.35, ' ii' ' 522: ln"- ,' . 4 if 'Sgr 31" ' 5551551 1 Q.: Q, 1 ,- AA 55. X 3'f4E,f, , .'A gf: 5 'VU 4 gig? Tr ff? 145A-'Fa 155' I .Q 1 f 7 STUDENT LHFE .1- 121.341 ?5Mfs?Wi:-5524 ff - , M 4, ' JQESWNS K 1'f:H"fQ',: v,.4w -2.-q,-ww,-Q, , - A ,f. N- -1iqsQIL-Efwaiggvv-Q" , R. k ' Lia: , 'E '5iZWg.L: "xi 453 W Q, vii' if 5 -if- A.? . , 1-4 I ', ' N I I rl A w J-f ' , Lili? .' 5131. :. Mm ' , mmm, 1 N a . f nm. 1. , .W-4 ' s X R N 2-1 fl Sm Q ' fbiiifg w i ew 1 x ' if 4531 a,v , ' 5' I QW I kk Vfivm, V -' , Xfi' .?E, my w Lv , W, .MM ,CI M, I ' , y 5 . 41 ' u f 1 I r XJ ' ,M fr H xl! r AE em ,, ,e 1,, af f s -' 2 1 , Q Zz- x 4 I 4 M OM G ENTS slide away like the ooze of trombones And moments make up hours make up days make up life I ' , , 'I I ' 1 a of ' 1 . l if si r '. , , . if J 'X K 'o -iff' . A, 71' 1' 1 It ji Q , awk A ff? 'V' U ' 'viii - , .. ' 'Q ' 'M ' 'liao 15 ' if 0 'fb 9,7 Q ' 'X ' fx'-w ' L X Lv.- xkXn 2' o' 9 -a W X f ig " I ' X IZ Q , X i 1-I ,, ' F i r V , f ' X I Q, filuat yr I I za' XE x S, Q . 1 x I 1 "S L v I ii X . 35 ' Nm! I 1 5 . . I Spring Agtivities hat the Bell Tolled Mr. Roy Osborne looks in disbelief at the trash left on the last day of school. .fwmgcg-5 M my V 'lp . , N A ' - . , Eetggliii """ J, li!-I W -lil . 1 ll t W., f V. my lj- 'llllll Nlzllll ,yt ,..f . 'sf- , 'illll , , Eli!!! F Q ,Y x W 2 H4,,.wV?fg inn . wwf c gpg in Billie Chick's chick fKelle Snyderj was one of the clever campaign gimmicks used to sway the voter. Billie won the race for secretary. I2 K i ""lwtiffif1Eix3xE1iY7K:i" i 51 ' ' ' . The bell had sounded its final message. Every- thing was quiet. All that remained in the build- ing were hundreds of lost books, thousands of loose papers, and a handful of bewildered cus- todians. The time was l2:1Og the date, June 2, l965g the occasion, the end of another school year. The halls were still recovering from the scars of the recent student council elections, annual day, and senior clay. The baseball spirit was still there too, for it had been an excellent season climaxed by the exciting playoff with Carter. For many, however, it was a sad occasion, the last time to see old friendsg for others, it was just the beginning of summer, the end of an- other school year. ...t .. ,TH c MV BOY. Tom Schieffer, right, successful candidate for president, and his campaign manager, john Lanford, work to complete preparations for the student council elections. unnies Melinda Broyles and Beth Sours canvass the school multiply votes for Melton. F'L,' ' fr 'Q ,-X -1 I ,ffl 5, .ww ,. 1-7 thoughtful Coach Merlin Pricldy plans his strategy for the arter game. Extraditecl from the Mardi Gras, Dan Talbot, Tom Melton and Toma Moore pleacl their case in the annual funds embezzlement trial, the Annual Day program theme. Spectators Bob Phillips, john Phillips, and john Moss follow the exciting action of the Carter playoff. -4 ffl-xl I3 Recipe for Registration Shred Nerves Coarsely fa my Cwfi' 4' yt, , . li, it t ,H I -. 1 fi. wk - .:, Q W 'E it nm. if I . V ef if, ' ,zils-fi "Slip me I1 tranquilizer, Donna. Here comes Doyle XVaIters to switch his algebra period for the eighth time," chokes Mrs. Frances Coon to Mrs. Donna Joan Meyer. I4 I -Q INGREDIENTS: 2000 AHHS students and 72 teachers. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Preheat oven Cauditoriumj to approximately 95 degrees. 2. Bake seniors in oven for 15 minutes or until lightly exhausted. 3. Take ingredients out of oven and put into toaster fhomeroomsj. 4. Next add numbers ranging from 1 to 8005 then place in long line outside of mixer Qlunchroornj. Let stand until stiff. 5. Beat into mixer in groups of 20 until thor- oughly done fand relieved that it's finally overj. 6. Repeat process for juniors. "Same to you, fella," retaliates Coach Da Wfalker. "I'll straighten out this schedule if it takes till one a.m.," vows Bobby Arnold. BONG! V l Ev. iv K aff' Z :ilu "But according to our calculations, the average student needs only two hours of school a clay," argue Glenn Black, D'Al1Hll Rankin, and Cathy Grubbs. 1-:Harm 83 i'Xv-Fling, my Lindy pen is running a fever," moans Mrs. Mary Marsh. "That's ten on Galloping Gurtic in the eighth," records Mr. Etl Kahler as he and Don Hickman use registration as a front for other activities. r 3 2 1 . eg 5 'Y' 5 L K i 35 1 5 j ? 5 .ggi S .' 2 V' 2 , L , fl l ai , l ig v l W K .ff cs ' -as 5 l s V ld I Q r l ki f L ' l i 5 f ri 5 J S '41 5? C :Q , K ""l:3T, , i l C 5, 1 3 3 Dont look now, Sheila, but I think that guy up there has a camera," warns Howdy King Clancy 1 'li i 5' fr 5 -1 f i Sgr: l i f 3. 5 L If 2 .. , . Dunigan to Queen Sheila Dillard. 1 3 L johnny Williams gracefully models as a typical Paschalice during the AY skit in ,mn the Howdy Week program. "Don't you like my combat glass slippers?" asks a hurt W:1y'11e "Cinderella" Hueppelsheuser, the darling of the AY skit. "Say, Cinco, you're supposed to play it, not drink it," advises XVayne Hueppelsheuser to Cinco Phillips, as Stephen Bruton, john Lanford and Ben Loughry continue in their efforts at singing. lb Howdy Week It's Howdy Duty Time Everybody had a howdy duty as the first miserable week of school rolled around. Sym- pathetic seniors showed sophomores to their classes, including the atomic lab underneath the "B" field and room 413 just below the dome. Seniors and juniors participated in the Howdy Day program on Monday of Howdy Week. The show's theme was "spending," for sophomores were expected to buy and join everything. As in years past, they did just that. It was well into November before they could afford anything else. Coronation of the Howdy King and Queen ended the week that began the year. , A thrown pie gooeily initiates master of ceremonies Mark Mays into the slapstick mood of the Howdy Wleek program. "Take a gander at Mother Goose here," sniffs Fred Duck front, of Patsy Robinson, back, narrator of the AY skit Yellow jackets had occasion to see panthers early this year as they faced the cats of Hillcrest The Dallas team hosted AHHS at Franklin Field to complete the pre-season schedule for the jackets. Supporters made the turnpike trip in three school-sponsored buses and a caravan of cars. The short, rowdy jaunt was not made in vain despite the fact that the Panthers came out victorious, 20-13, because this game prepared the jackets for the district season. The next Panthers they faced were not so fortunate. The hands of the crowd wave support. "General Motors UP Vg, Telephone down an eighth," jokes jackye I-ligby to Tim Carpenter, Barry Hubbard, and Debbie Campbell. ' , A . K.. 4 5 ::u,,.sX' f L qA UYIIHQ 2 K 5 X S, 'v . Q " A ' O , L " "Me I "V , Q- ,gx':r,,, .ng . A , Q 1 ' 332, if ' ' i"x"k E L A 3 E EV Va Y ww aT?e.ysj f 'V 'R aww 5 , at Quits jg g 2, A Mi 3 A 3 31 Q ii q f p 'E 'z ? f' rx ' YK. i f' 5 af if P ' 9. E f. .fy ,:.. .4.f,.,,..v.4...,.,,,L -I' L u .A l 4-A F " .75 NJ -we-veg K-.,n,,,,.f P .L ' ,i A e+aqv.q,. S --nw-wm1.,W nw ,A 4awn.w,.Qza,,,.4 Q 'ri .X . L '. U X , Q' 3 w..,w,f,-.,M.4- ,Wyman-f n.w,v-.-Qgmnl-1 ,1 . f . nngvlnnmup. E V. I 1 l l ! Y HQm.e.Qsm1.lng Mum Sharon Rushing jerks to the explosive sounds of the Casuals at the Homecoming Dance. f28l5l' ,rf l 11,'B?J' 1 4 Q? 4 5 5' l ' flew J ww 11 The homeroom committee QT-16D which won first prize for locker decorations is Crop to bottom, right to leftj Dean Dawson, Tom Dills, Sandy Miller, Jacque Thiele, Suzanne Darby, Linda Daigle, Diane Crowell, Sheri Duigle, Steve Daniel, Mike Daugherty. 20 Aw- L' W5 'V 1, - -E,-:W ' auzzgzag gig: - V. v ,,f , -- " "'.-"..,.,,f-f-F iff: - mf H- zf' 4. -' - 4, P' . , - -. ...M . m'v..- .451 , q , ,- A J,-- '. .-,- .- v -pf' . f -' ,Q- " wi . gffifvf , psf A 4- gfii ,V-?jv'.A.,-,gl In -' in : y 3, 3 ,N-. 51' y ., W, . 1 4 V I Ji ies: VL , ,- t ' ,Quark f,g:.-gf, 1,4-0 ,.,f. . E22 Lf' - Q. 'A' ,t LYRQV -,' 'ah' WFS: ' A 1, 'X E:-ve Qf' Mffiwfi' in J i. QA.-.1135 Q-, - S v ' - Z.. 6'..leK43w,f " ' -'-Aff Mzziv 1- .5 ' 15 "gif f 8 f lb! N f' . M Iv- ' in -i X1 I X. XX! , NZ m twice the man you are," growls Mrs. Kathleen "Halfback" Hanley. KA 'Bi Mr. Clean, Nr. Clean. Mr. Clean, Mr. Wirscltmrfei'. Rep Rallies Yell, O Jackets A bad start . . . a tie . . . two losses . . . and i then a victory! The Jackets steamrolled Waco Richfield, 21-15. With this, student enthusiasm exploded. Pep rallies became opportunities to show school spirit rather than programs to arouse it. Cheerleaders put to use new yells learned at summer training school. Guest speakers radiated confidence of fresh victories , . . and their con- fidence was never betrayed. Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound lt's Supermande ville! Clean Mr., Clean Mr., Clean Mr., Dnrswirfcr rM. i 'H ipiii ' ' i 4 1--,Q " ,',, if -- - ' I A ,.. V V A I : W , if gr' A4 1' , i 1 X W . it R . fi' WU? Football captains Mike Reilly. Mike Stinson, and Dee Barts lead their team crashing through a paper Tech bulldog, Eight hours later, they did it again, 14-12. Qfirclcssly, thc Ll'lCftl'lCLltlt:I'S lc.1tl thc Scrtwml Front of the Heights football of- Cnsivc. l :W 23 Student-Faculty Game Hello, Volley! Volleyball is defined as a game played by volleying a large inflated ball with the hands over a net. It is doubtful, however, if Mr. Webster or any of the students at AHHS had ever seen a game of volleyball played the way it was December 9, 1965. Leading the attack for the invincible faculty in the annual student- faculty game were Handsome Hood, Romantic Richardson, Easyoff Edminster, Tornado Tom- linson, and Slap-It-Over Snyder. Their efforts were backed by the Faculty Band, composed of Wiggle Legs Walker, High Strutting Hanley, and Pushover Priddy. The high point of the game was the corona- tion of the faculty king and queen, Lovable Ludi- ker and Hardboiled Hull. Tom Borgeson was presented as GIC Sweetheart. The faculty "won", 17-12. Coach Mike Richardson slams the ball at GIC member Pam Joyce for a faculty point. X Sag 135' .Jaa n ,Eb A typical faculty meeting finds fclockwisej Miss Gail Apperson, Mrs. LaVelle Halbert, Mr. Gar- land Threlkeld, Mr. Herbert Edminster, Mr. James Snyder, Miss Sue Coffman, and Miss Montier Ve Tomlinson in heated discussion of school policies, "Priddy, isn't he?" jokes Mrs. Kathleen Hanley about Coach Merlin Pridcly as they cheer for the faculty. "AND UH ONE, AND UH TWO, AND UH THREE," bellows Coach Dale Vfalker, Guy Lombardo of the Faculty Band and Cheering Squad. 27119 img 'v YY11 fx 7 2' 'Q 'M I k 11 s is X '-'le 'x if .P 5' '? , 4 . 7+ V .1 5-' , x .4 K ,X L' ig? 2 F- ' 73 2,3 'H' 1 "' fy " of ,L Q gn iii, 5.177 S W 5 Y- f 3 ii Ranch Foreman Stephen Bruton congratulates Queen Benita Duvall. FA I Here's where AY takes over. 26 Tom Melton has the flc ta f 5 Ray Pomykal executes Z1 soft landing from the ceiling of the auditorium as Batman. Ranch Day Mule-Tide Season Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the wildest Ranch Day in this hemisphere, 'Twas the twenty-seventh of january in '66, There were chaps, spurs, and a few shooters six. Some dressed as Roy Rogers. some the Indian Tonto, But it was Clark Kent and Batman who stole the show! There was the usual clowning, dancing, and singing, Plus an added attraction called pie-slinging! And so galloping away rode cowboys and steeds, With thoughts of distant corrals and daring deeds. For, borne on the night-wind of the Past, Through all our history. to the last. The people will waken and listen to hear Of the wildest Ranch Day in this hemisphere! if "Boy, this sure is an efficient automat!" exclaims Tom Schieffer. Senior girls, Sandra Morgan, Debbie Campbell, and Linda Mc- Duff, are "Doin' VC'hat Comes Natcherlyn in the Ranch Day assembly. "Give me an 'L ,. .L, nov. AY Talent Show Y Heisters Steal Show Featuring gifted Heightsters, Allied Youth presented its Fourth Annual Talent Show com- prising 22 acts. Wayne Huepplesheuser, master of ceremonies, provided entertainment between the acts. The various talent numbers included soloists, folksinging groups, a jazz combo, a modern dance, and a comedy monologue. A crowd of AYers, faculty, and visitors from seve- ral Southwest high schools attended the two- hour program. Master of ceremonies Wayne Huepplesheuser, right, jokes with the audience between such acts as George Ferrier's sleight-of-hand artistry. The Strangers, Jeff Falter, Craig Adams, and Tom Watson, sing "Orange Blossom Special." 28 5.. . l i 'Q' e .- A, f Qui' It .. t .1 Fi' ,.a,. .W . 4-- 2""1.f J, J if x G I , fl l AY LOVELIES: Bobbette Borgeson, Claudette Dunigan, Marquita Angle, Thomasina Pigg, Bertha Ratliff, Michele Bomar, Collette Colburn, Darlene Batts. Rachel Pomykal, not pictured. AY Beauty Contest It's nly Skin-Deep In befitting and elegant gowns, AY beauty contestants and their escorts paraded before an audience of self-appointed judges on March 3. jim Carden and Larry Mathis, masters of cere- monies, introduced each raving beauty. Three representatives from each of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes vied for the coveted title. After the evening gown competition, the audience retired to the gym for voting and a reception with the beautiful and charming con- testants. The evening ended with the announce- ment of the 1966 AY Beauty Queen, Bertha Ratliff. LOXVER LEFT: "Then he said l1e'd knock the stuffing out of me," says Bertha Ratliff. Sharon Verbryke assures Michele Bo- mar, "You can never go wrong in basic black," v Aw. . ing , ,, 7. G'x, .Qi .H ,I f 'L . Lunchroom we -. I ' ?bv 4 Eaters, Digest Every day 2,000 Heightsters awaited the 12:00 bell which marked the beginning of lunch. Supplying three lunch periods, the amount of food decreased noticeably each time. Amid the din of voices and clattering of knives and forks, students spent this 35 minutes in a variety of ways-catching up on homework, visiting with friends, and, like Kerry Kelly frightj, eating. The final lunch period ended at 1:40, leaving a tremendous task ahead for the cafeteria staff. "Like I always say, there's nothing like a good bonk at lunch for a novel experience," grins Fred Wfalter. , ,....,u.u ,,.,,,,n?WN ..V,k - ref, 12-1 1 f 3 it J' f I 1-1 ff O z .MHSM Cleinmg up this lunchroniu looks likc 1 1 for thc Dynamic Duo," says . ii . .X g .-1 .- f ' f ll? 1 ' g , 'r e ' , , f 3- i , J P, ', 9 , x A Q Qty l dv -at . VK Q ix xx V? 1 J . 4' ' 1 t V' A ' -, X , f Y i I In A W x"'3"T" Y... J 'Q-Q- -' f H .lt 7 ' ' I "'.'ul7 ' Mr. Herbert Krauss tn his .iccomplicc Mr, Archie Stevens. 30 "Nothing beats cliocolnte-coxercd 'chicky on a sticky,"' slurps jackie Witt son. s x W i Mr' i 5 s UE! 41. -9011349 'rr S fs Or, b 'CTU i3x0 Q 5 X X ., FX N333 hu! in QQXX GP JITN Q.. f ,nhl e llllf- l'l' . , 1 Yeargs Personality 1965-66 was a world of new things in fash- ion, sports, and entertainment. james Bond was running strong as Tlffnzderlmll made a Christ- mas debut at the Hollywood Theater. The Bond season swept AHHS, and Christmas gift-giving centered around the 007 theme. Cologne and after shave sets, record albums, paperbacks, 007 dolls, and secret agent games were the rage gifts. The Bond movies gave rise to seven tele- vision thrillers, religiously viewed by AI-IHS students. "Batman," premiering late on .the ABC Network, began an era of "batmania." The Caped Crusader and his ward Robin supplied a topic of discussion among friends and in classrooms. New and different fashion looks swept the campus. Paisley replaced Madrasg saddle Ox- fords and matching sweater and hose sets created rt new look. The unique happening this year, however, was the 28-O victory over Paschal. Bryan McMahon and Lynn Maddox walk down the stairs in their "rah-ra.h's." Michele McClure comes complete in her "total look." Paisley prints of Gary Stewart and Butch Purs- elley brighten the decor. 'LSR 'Ts Z 42 URGANHZATHUNS .1 fl"6S-12985 ?'13xlk F f - A , ?: ...,.n...,,...-v1-'....,..-W Q - R , . Q..-wrt - . K is .-,,,,,,..-nv---"" W... ,..,..f4--,,,....v-4---1 RAILROAD tracks stretch through people and places and time into tomorrow Ambition is like that i ,,1sU9"- Council Produces Using parliamentary procedure, the Student Council met monthly to discuss improvements and problems of the student body and school. Advising the students were Mr. Glenn Man- deville, Mrs. Carol Hernandez, Mrs. Frances Caveness, Mr. Edwin Kahler, Mrs. Sara Brian, and Mrs. Glenna Fay Edwards. Besides publishing a student handbook, pro- jects included planning Howdy Week, the Ranch Day Program, and consideration of improve- ments for the lunchroom. Thesetasks of the council were attained through the work of the Handbook, Decorations, SWK f. uv 6 'WY' Q., 4 L it Ti f , if "' fish, ' . 'R fflii ei.i.l Q 1 -, 3259: nl r fd Q. . . . . .,"'-- -la , Handbook, Programs . f if 1 a , .ate ?g. 1 ,r' jvflu , - f .. fi f ' if . 1 Li : ig E . it E ,f .fl ' i g' V' il ' 'S-i' il:if"'T AJ T e V E l l Y at .ES i it El ' 1: I Vi 2 k Y W ,N 7 J 1 5 L i , , 3 , 4 X l i l Z' v ly il X 5A Q 1 X ,hd 1 ir' be .alfa 'N 5 Programs, Elections, Promotion, Special, Claims, Flower and Card, Hospitality, and Social Com- mittees. , as '-V ' , Q , 4 k , ' Q -- fi , 11' A Mr. Glenn Mandeville, Student Council sponsor, discusses plans for the Texas Leadership Institute trip with Vice-President Clay Price, Secretary Billie Chick, and Treasurer Barbra Mann. v ,L.,f.Tl" Y- Q,,,.,.-wi J , . wake r ' ' 5355! Vu STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Gary Sellers, John Mastenbrook, Greg Burgin, John Beatty, Bobby Dillow, Robert Milwee, Mike Leech. SECOND ROW: Jackye Higby, Diane Hatchett, Bill Saurenmann, Linda Kay Braly, Anne Thaxton, Kay Watson, Margaret johnson, jan Walt- man, Sharon Verbryke, Marilyn Stephens, Brenda Smith. THIRD ROW: Teresa Blanton, Dian Crowell, Ramah Vaughn, Sharon Furche, jan Brewer, Cathy Cole, Pam Arnold, Janie Letson, Sharon Telschow, jo- Ann Hicks, Paige Kelly, Marlys Larson. FOURTH ROW: Benita Du- 38 , f"'X sol S vall, Gail Fairris, Darenda XVood, Susan Tolbert, Cindy Willoughby, Debra Mann, Danelle Robertson, Judy Buchanan, Lee Zucht, Michele McClure, Judy Petersen, Patsy Robinson, Rita Downing, Dale Drewry. BACK ROW: Ann Lillagore, Cathy Earl, Sharon Kimbrel, Jan Bat- tenfield, Suzanne Stevens, Sally Robertson, Becky Gary, Melinda Walker, Lorinda Haney, Mary Word, jean Hubbard, Bitsey Cirkal, Toni Leech, Kelle Snyder. r ,U .,--an .,,,..,.......-,-- 55593 i ' -if if-:kj 36,4 1411 3232 ,jxigaq i A 4 - -H l Ji, 4 v A 4:918- 1 . STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROXV: Tim Carpenter, Larry Ivey, James Readinger, Bobby Bradshaw. Randy Ray, Robert Botts, SECOND ROW: Barbra Mann, Janet Merritt, Cindy Crook, Howard Harrell, Vicki Hill- aker, Ann Tyrrell, Janice Ammons, Ray Pnmykal, Pam Joyce. THIRD ROXV: Clay Price, Betsy Cornelius, Linda McCullough, Sally O'Neal, Linda Haverstock, Shelia XVhite, Pam Self, Belinda Hutton, Nancy O'Neall, As Tom Schieffer presides at the February meeting, Janice Ammons proposes a remedy for the lunchroom situation. I 15:35 l l .w-:nn I l I j ' Qlir .fill , H LYDA A' Q .x 1 'fs I 3 'v--ers. Bob hfackey. FOURTH ROVU: David Livingston, Pam McFall, Jane Manning, Janie Passel Beverly Jewell, Nancy Davis, Bob Carter, Jimmy Peterson. BACK ROW: Joe Morrison, Richard Gallimore. Druid Clark, Rogers Ray, Mary Anne Carroll, Debbie Adkins, Linda Chamberlin, Aurian Forrester, Kathy Lalcey, XY'anda Martin. 39 fa QL 1 .n...f ':z:: . ,rf Z if , "rf-K" ,WJ-1' 3 !..,.,,... ..... - .1 AY officers, Tom Melton, vice-president in charge of publicity, Linda Kay Braly, vice-preside projects and finance, and john Lanford, president, prepare posters for the membership drive. ffmx., . N if nt in charge of membershipg Deb Mann, vice-president in charge of Allied Youth Combats Alcoholism . 5' g .. W ff, . ' K . . , 5, gg., . t .ie' L 1 2 h X - W' if i aw , 'Quail Q73 ' , A ' X , ' - :it-9,5 ,y ,f fi, . . Q' if ,.: , 525 t ' f ' iQ2l1gQsQQ . i 2 5 fs l , n 1 f1t5'st Pinkie, the AY elephant, poses with membership drive volunteers. 40 Almost one-half the population of the United States is affected by alcoholics and problem drinkers. It was the purpose of Allied Youth to help combat this problem by informing its members about the harmful affects of alcohol. During the year, the group presented such speakers as Porter Randall, Charles Anderson, and Robert Wil- lingham. Operation Teenager, a panel of four convicts from Huntsville Prison, provided an especially interesting program. They related from personal experiences how seemingly in- significant offenses can lead to habitual crime. The year, however, was not all work. The AY Talent Show and Beauty Contest provided fun and entertainment for the members. msors Mr. George Wirsdnrfer, Mrs. Frances Caveness, Mr. james York, and Mrs. ry Marsh pause in activity planning for n coffee break. i r, Robert Willinghani, assistant Southwest coordinator of AY, explains what Allied DELEGATES to the.A" convention in Washington, D.C,: john xuth has meant to him during an AY assembly. Lanforcl, Susan Ellis, Tom Melton, and Nicki Roeder. mi'1,... Hn -nfl .-ul AY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW: Tim Carpenter, john Lanfortl, Tom Melton, Doyle Wfnlters. BACK ROW: Betsy Bond, Deb Mann, jnckye Higby, julie Kocrner, jan B:tttcnfield,Lincli1Kay Bmly,PntsyRobinsnn. l l i Using visual aids, Mr. Ray Gallager demonstrates advanfemcnt of the world in experimental and social terms. jackye Higby expresses her opinions at Ll YCF meeting, 42 I Bayard Friedman, ex-mayor of Fort Wortli, explains a citizen's duty in city government. YCF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: SEATED: Barbra Mann, Clay Price, Pam Self, Cindy Vlilloughby, john Lanford, Tom Blelton, Debra Mann, Tommy Crop- per, jim Richards. STANDING: johnny Williams, Debbie Campbell, S!Sgt, Roger Wartlell, sponsor, Tom Schieffer, Miss Kathryn Garrett, sponsor, Tim Car- penter, Dan Talbot. Mrs. Vivian Murphey, sponsor, jean Hubbard, Anne Thaxton, not pictured. Viet Stud Highlights YCF Programs Explaining the eight steps of communist world conquest, sponsor Miss Kathryn Garrett prompts an active discussion, "If we don't stop them in Viet Nam, then we will be fighting them in Waco," revealed Mark Mays at a special session of Young Citizens' Forum in january. This student discussion of the war was just one of the many held this year. Speakers included ex-major Bayard Fried- man, and Sonny Davis, supervisor of the Texas Youth Leadership Institute. The programs, or- ganized and conducted by the Executive Com- mittee members, promoted patriotic ideals, and furnished a place where students could join in discussions. YCF members were recommended by their government or history teachers. 7- Tim -Carpenter, Forum president, presents the speaker of a monthly meeting, ulHf3bn6rokg 1 K Yi 'i 'g 'I 43 Foothghters, Senior Mrs. Rosemary Burton and Grant Phifer discuss sunrise breakfast ac- vities. t V- ' 1 -'Q ' T . --1' '4 Q QT. t i,- A ' 2' 1 , 'RY H+ 'G -. .41c.:.i A, In 4,42 ag - ' I' ff V, . -H' -ft 1.4o44""i an S A ' 1, f if ,4 'Fm f"3+,u,,, -i , ff- ' , Q ,Q Q A :4..fw W 'mimi gf. -if' ls: 'flag' if ' J W ,A .v,,4" ' "Smoke softly and carry a big stick" is the policy of Robert Millett. Martha Papusch entertains the Fnotlighters with folk songs. W- i...- Eric Hnenn, Mike Fruge, and Auriun Forrester flct nut :ln old-fnshiuneri melodrama. 44 24' f V . y t., Y I 'P'4l' rf-if an ,1 f 4 ' 'iv -U14 QU.. 3,12 mx f. , 'f, K , ,fra Q' , 7 E' ,- . ' 5 'efslqg 1 ,I . N aQ?.P1.l v V ' ,i lei A ., 4. .H . . at , Q . xl., ff' ' ' ' . v 'A . ', ' ? ' 'X I h. 4 Q 35. . . -,5:,ik,.3?,lk, .fix V . . af- ' ., V i . I . Q is 25- ,J g 'et fl I Over the river and through the woods to grandinothefs house we go," sing a force led by Cadet Major Allen Taylor. ROTC Stimulate "Rear, march!" Week-day and Saturday morn- ings, the school's Reserve Officers Training Corps Drill Team, Rifle Team, and Drum and Bugle Corps often heard this command. The object was to prepare for interscholastic competition. The 89 ROTC members, supervised by 11 spon- sors and Sergeant Wardell, were divided into three classes-Military I, Military II, and Mil- itary III. The Special Forces acted in field maneuvers, one group attacking, the other de- fending. Excellent training for future careers, the ROTC program also provided experience for possible military careers. Each person completing three years of high school ROTC may enter the service as a Private First Class. If he should continue ROTC in college, he may graduate and enter the service as a commissioned officer. COUNTER INSURGERY REPRESENTATIVES: FRONT ROW: BACK ROXW: Dave Prewitt, Mike McKiethen, Tom Duncan, Griffin jimmy NVelch, Commander Allen Taylor, joe Ivy, jeff Harper, joe Murphey, Bob Averitt, Jimmie johnson, First Sergeant David Garcia, Altman, Executive Officer, -Ion Baum, Sammy Kite, johnny Barnes. Richard Barker, Steve Earnest. oncern for Country DRILL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Sponsor Debbie Adkins, Guidon Mike Smith. BACK ROW: Manager David Measures, Charles Roach, Bearer David Prewitt. SECOND ROW: joe Ivy, Ronnie Richardson, Mike Hall, Kim Carrell, Gary Morton, Lefty justice, Kenneth Arm- Bill Parker, ,lon Baum, Don Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Dwight strong, Commander john Wfelch, Brown, Freddie Morris, Allen Taylor, jeff Harper, Fred Moore, - 5, , , -,L Zu' '- 7 I f f-- .g . - , , ks A ' as 'N y .R 'ff - 'lf' 5".J!,, '--tx:-. f " "Il '4 dk- V 17 ' , - . L If ,. 'Jw .H L' t -J? 19 fi 3 -. 5 s ' .'I U 5. , "And you should have seen the look on his face when I said, 'Watch me shoot out your Contact lenses'," smirks Ramah Vaughn, the XVilliam Tell of the ROTC range. li cn ' ' ' id, if C., 4, ii, C .xx -X I E RIFLE TEAM: FRONT ROXV: Sponsor Linda DeVries, james Judd, Team Captain Richard McClain, Sponsor Joanne I.owcry. BACK ROXV: Gary Robertson, Michael Alcorn, james Parks, -lim Xll'right. 47 m 5 .f . 1. is . " 'L . .Y ' . 'Wi , L' f 31 A :agp .1 1-5 K' lk . .Z -' ' , K V' ., '45 as 'ir "Are you sure this is the way to Six Flags ?" Honoring All'City Colonel john Welch are fclockwisej Phyllis Thompson, Drill Team Sponsorg Sgt, Roger Warclell, and Mrs. JoAnn Eggleston, faculty sponsor. N -mm T QKWZ' ' W? ., , . 4. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS: FRONT ROW: Sponsor Veta john Mathers, David Futch, johnny Barnes, joel Gregory. Moore. SECOND ROXV: Gary Measures, David Garcia, Bruce Gard- ROW: jim Banks, Herbert Ballard, Gary Robertson, Louis ner, Tom Duncan. THIRD ROXV: jim jones, Larry Westmoreland, Danny Phillips, Thad Buell, Commander Doug Henderson 48 BACK Prohs, Cadet Welch Earns City's Top Rank ,4 SPONSORS: FRONT ROW: Martha Papusch, Veta Moore, Marcia Weia, Karen McCleary, Valerie Warren. BACK ROW: Linda DeVries, Debbie Adkins, Ramah Vaughn, Joanne Lowery, Judi Zerclecki. BATTALION STAFF: FRONT ROW: Bn. Sponsor Ramah Vaughn, All City Colonel john XVelch, Staff Sponsor Marcia Weld. SECOND RONW: Sgt. Major Fred Moore, S-2 Officer Charles Roach, Bn. Exec. Officer Mike Hall. BACK RONV: S-1 Officer Allen Taylor, Bn. Commander Gary Morton, S-3 Officer Kim Carroll, S--i Officer David Measures. x..7 6 .ggi xr em .923 I I I T-. as ual' 'ffl :,:,, I I I 'F i gifs Ill-I' I I ' A. -. i-45 l 49 555 .ff FALL JJ STAFF: FRONT ROW: Susie Hamilton, jay, feature editorg Donna O'Brien, business manager. representative to city paper-sg Cynthia Porter, circulation BACK ROW: Prissy Bandeen, beat editorg Don Cobb, managerg Betsy Bass, copy editorg Gretchen Phillips, art advertising managerg Whit Smith, photographer. Susan editor. MIDDLE ROW: julie Pelton, news editorg Judy Wade, assistant copy editor, not pictured. Brooks Harrington. fall editor, and Ruthann jones, spring editor, listen intently as sponsor, Mrs. Gene Thompson, demonstrates good newspaper make-up. 50 'J Staff Proves Ability in Competition The 1965-66 jacket 101071511 staffs, under the leadership of Mrs. Gene Thompson, attained high ratings for their paper in two interschol- astic competitions. At the Texas High School Press Association Convention in Denton, Texas, the ffzcket f0lH'72!1l received an All-Texas Honor Rating, winning 164 points out of a possible 200. In the same contest julie Pelton and Brooks Har- rington took third-place honors in feature writ- ing and editorials, respectively. In the Fort XVorth High School Press Associa- tion, seven staff members won ratings. Brooks received a third place in editorials and a fourth in front-page makeup. Judy jay earned a third place in column writing and a fifth in feature. Sports writer Dean Anthony received a fifth in his division, and Whit Smith and George Stone received a fourth and fifth, respectively, in photography. Don Cobb, advertising manager, returned with a first place in his field. l.ipid's little helpers, Dean Anthony, Cameo jones, and Teresa Blanton, distribute valen- ties to fellow staff members. '1 uf ,gr l PRING -U STAFF: FRONT ROVU: Lynn Armstrong, Gym Shortsug Jeanie Bertram. featuresg Larry Ivy, Kelle nyder and Patsy Robinson. circulation. MIDDLE ROXW: Dean tnthony, associate editor: Mike Reilly. sports: Billie Chick. dvcrtising3 Kathi Kennon, features, BACK ROXV: Kerry Eth- idge, librarian: Teresa Blanton. copy-3 Candy Kroon, Jeanie 'I Fitzgeraldq Ann Coleman. features, Cameo jones, copy, julie Reisner, advertising: Marlys Larson, club newsg Laura Brown, copy, Meg Wagner. classroom newsg David Prewitt. advertis- ing, Carton Morton. exchange editor. and Robert Wfilson. sports editor, not pictured. Mrs. Anne Stanton, sponsor, takes a tangerine break during a hectic annual period. i l i 1 1. 'K " 'si4J..,, K I n xv? "Well. what do you expect with two dabs of Brylcreem?" Mark Mays, John Lanforcl, Tom Melton, and Whit Smith ogle at TWU's Pioneer Woman during the annual Texas High School Press Association meeting in Denton. fx Whit Smith points out details in newly-received negatives to john Lanford. Yellow J aeket Evolves From Year's Toil x 1 - Ji, ' K A V T X ' lf' - ... tx. ff ,J ,oo fl V fx ft A .' Many preparations were necessary in order to produce the 1966 YJ. Each page began as a rough layout which had to be perfected and placed on the final triplicate. Pictures had to be planned, taken, cropped, and proportioned. Copy had to be gathered, written, and typed. Staffers had to write headlines and cutlines that would stimu- late interest as well as tell the facts. Throughout all this, the book had to present clearly the theme on which it was based. On Annual Day the stu- dents witnessed the outcome of their efforts. i V". Let's have a big hand for jean Hubbard, a real card, l lf - 4 vlan .a J5- ,, af l V YJ STAFF: FRONT ROXV: Tom Melton, associate editorg Mary Anne Carroll, copy cditorg Mrs. Anne Stanton, spnnsorg Dan Talbot, editorg Toma Moore, editor. SECOND ROXV: Lynda Hogue, Sharon Verbxylce. junior class editorsg Jeanie Bertram, senior class cditnrg Doyle XValters, faculty editorg Wfhit Smith. senior class ctlitor. photographerg Boh Nunnery. pho- tographerg Mark Mays, picture editorg George Stone, 'photographer THIRD ROXV: Steve Tarlton. jim Richards, sports editorsg Jan Brewer organizations editorg jean Hubbard. personalities editorg Bobby Mefford class coordinator: janet Merritt, Kathy Dana. sophomore class editors BACK ROXV: Nancy O'Xc-all, john I.anfortl. student life editors. Three Jackets Named to All-Star Band BAND OFFICERS: Melinda Vfalker, majuretteg joe Morrison, Drum Majorg jim Schutza, Band Captaing Erlene Bailes, majorette. The 1965-66 Lab and Matching Bands ex- hibited versatility by combining outside activi- ties with an academic course. Senior Richard Powell directed the lab band, organized eight years ago by Mr. George Carson. Three band members-Gary Sellers, jim Worthy, and Richard Powell-were chosen for the All-Star Band in the Brownwood Stage Band Festival. Mr. Carson completed his 24th year directing the AHHS Marching Band. Aside from the foot- ball games and pep rallies, the band performed at Open House, Fat Stock Show Parade, All- American City Parade, and W. C. Stripling and William Monnig junior Highs. Participation in the Castleberry Band Festival, the AHHS 'Music Festival, a night concert at school, and recording of an album completed the band's activities. Q . 1 r a , . i 5 2 f . P 1 s F , ' 9 A 5 i . pf fi 1 2 i 4 . i ' a 5 54 .AB BAND: FOREGROUND: Ihris Wolfe, Gary Sellers, Richard .ambe-rt, Richard Powell, Richard vleehan, Bill Cherry, Lowell Bodi- ord, Jack Smith SECOND ROW: ,alll Driskell, Barry Shearer, john 5artholomew, Von Wolfe, joe xlorrison BACK ROW: Bob Lenn- iart, Hugh Moffatt, jim Worthy, Kiel?-ard Crummel, james Bigger- ata . i 1 illlli I 1 4 BAND: FRONT ROXV: David Mueller, Chris Wolfe, jo Ann Cook, Martha Brown, Suzie Wlar- ner, Sammie Hopkins, Cleatus Wallis. SECOND ROXW: jim jones, Nancy Rux, Lorinda Vfebb. David Seilheimer, Nicki Blitch. Susie Gilligan, Bill Atkinson, Dana Futch, Kaye Bobo, Barbie Zager, Mary Morris, jerry Poplin, Charles Tur- ney, john Huchton. Mike Morrison, THlRD ROVU: Debbie McFerrin, Kathy Furr, David Li- nan, Erlene Bailes. Carey Earle. jo Wfalker, Bill Bellomy, jane Adolfson, jack Henshaw, Mike Alexander, Richard Meehan, Richard Lambert, Judy Schutza, Lowell Bodiford, jack Smith. Dar- win Aldrich, Wfesley Vifarren, Phil Geis, john Bartholomew, Carlton Mchlillen. joe Morrison. Von Wfolfe. FOURTH ROW: Vickie Taylor, Sherry julian, Annetta Stinnett, Becky Gary, Car- son Grimm. FIFTH ROW: jim Worthy, Hugh Moffatt, Richard Crummel. Rachel Morris, Steve Laird, jim Cozby, james Biggerstaff, jim Max- well, Ricky Marietta. Craig Sommer. Ronald Nelson, Mike Sullivan, Terry Martinaz. Randy Tarbell. Peter Miller. Victor Nichels, George Cameron, Harry Ray. jim Schutza. joe Roos, Tom XValI. james Ray, Steve Seidner, Dan Dytlek. rehestra, Chorus Harmonize To Present Christmas usie Orchestra Under the direction of Mr. George Carson, the orchestra joined with the chorus depart- ment to present the Christmas program. Or- chestral arrangements included "Christmas Overture," composed by Mr. Carson, 'ijesu Bambino," and "Gloria" The orchestra en- tertained Stripling students with its annual concert by playing "Air for Orchestra," "Perpetual Motion," and selections from the "Sound of Music." Along with orchestras from Monnig and Stripling Junior High Schools, the AHHS orchestra performed in the Spring Music Fes- tival held at Arlington Heights and in the Young Artists' Program at Meacham junior High. The All-City Orchestra awarded positions to twenty-six members of the AHHS orchestra. This annual competition, judged on a point basis, required each participant to play a solo arid scales and to sight read. CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Margo Price, Lana Wehunt, Connie Garrison, julia Koerner, Pam Perkins, Sue Pettit, Bill Goodwin, Jerrell jones, Mike Fruge, Eric Haenn, Vic- tor Michels, Terry Martinaz, Bill Tidwell, joe Bearden, Kathy Hoffman, Rachel Morris, Ann Massey, Pam Hill, Elizabeth van der Vliet, Pattie Moriarty. SECOND ROW: Beverly lhnfeldt, Kathy Lakey, Marsha Gill, Elsa Neaves, Emily Helm, Kathy Thompson, George Ferrier, joe Roos, Michael Touchon, Robert Pierce, Randy Ferguson, Owen Strein, Garrett Wilson, Dana Helm, Char- Wood, Waldo lotte Hoffman, Margaret van der Vliet, Melody Hines, Barbara Zager, Debbie Dietz, Adams, Linda Kay Holze. THIRD ROW: Ann Giraud, Margaret Turney, Kathy Lewis, Patricia Ragan, Cindy Choate, Linda Singleton, Bonnie XY'oocl, Lynda Burrow, janet XY'elsh, Suzanne Stevens, Cynthia Wlilcox, Neva Findley, Camille New- some, Susan Anstead. BACK ROXV: Pamela jackson, Esther Wfinfield, Jaque Thiele, Roselyn Wfilson, Sharon Sullivan. Mary Owen, Marilyn Ferguson, Mike Payne, Grant Phifer, Carl Onken, Margaret Wlinfield, Roberta Crawford. Linda Haskins. Gale Geiler, Cindy Schmidt. 56 Chorus The chorus, instructed by Mrs. Mary White, displayed its talent at functions for the school, city, and state. Its members began their season by singing "Getting to Know You" and "Cecilia" at Open House. Other performances included the TWC Choral Clinic, the Thanks- giving and Christmas assemblies, the Monnig Choral Festival, and the Spring Choral pro- gram. The Showcasers, composed of the Girls' Double Sextet and the Masters, the boys group, sang during Youth Appreciation Week at the Fort Worth Savings and Loan. They also performed for the Fireside Lodge and Kappa Kappa Iota at Christmas. Pam Hill and Sue Pettit, members of the sextet, won positions in the All-State Choir. Victor Michels, a member of the Masters, won the Leo Potishman Prize in the all-City Chorus. 1 2 f 4 . , y 2 1 ., ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: Margare Cook, Cynthia Bloor, Virginia Grubbs. BACI ROW: Erick Schmitt, Louis Proh, Gary Sel lers, Michael Pope. 1' f I Ali Q si aaa- , . l I. lxrzgiy i l l r l r vue-W'-'W' H' . 1 3 , F FONT ROW: Toby Landes, David Ferguson, Don Guerrant, 'charcl Powell, Charlotte Nadin, Susan Stott, Paula Taylor. SEC- 'ND ROW: David Mueller, Chris Wolfe, Richard Hacldaway, :limes White, Mike Morrison, Cleatus Wallis, Sammie Hopkins, lmmie johnson, Sharon Prohs. THIRD ROW: Vickie Taylor, sie Gilligan, Bill Cherry, David Seilheimer, jack Smith, Richard l.i'ummel, Ross Dinkins, jim Worthyv, Christine Anderson, Kaye obo. BACK ROW: Paul Driskell, Charles Pelton, Ray Fails, harles Turney, Carlton McMillen, Clifton Vifillis, john Bartho- mmew, Von Wolfe, Barry Cleveland. sinus 1 I I I t1l""" 2 t 1 ici ' ' :fi :A : lv , t ' J ,i p 1 ,gil l, Eg " if er 'l 7.3 C? 'Q Q12 it DOUBLE SEXTET: FRONT RONW: Elizabeth van der Vliet, Lana V'ehunt, Patti Moriarty, Ellen Strickland, Pam Perkins, Sue Pettit, Kathy Reed. BACK ROVV: Margo Price, Connie Garrison, Pamela Hill, Ann Massey, Rachel Morris. Kathy Hoffman. not pictured. 57 silt Wishing ell Revitalizes JRC Campaign UF i ,Es 3 JRC officers are jean Hubbard, president, Cindy Wfilloughby, secretaryg Sarah Murray, treasurer, and Bitsey Cirkal, not pictured, vice-president. Sam Martin, lNIr. Herbert Edminster, JRC sponsiurg Bobby Bradshaw. and Carol Hairston tally contributions during Fund Drive Wfcek. 58 This year a new and highly successful idea was used to help raise money for the Red Cross. Set up right before the Paschal game, the "Wish Upon a Star" booth enabled contributors to throw their money into the simulated wish- ing well. Together with the homeroom contri- butions, S188 was raised. The organization used this money to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, washrags, and playground equipment for needy overseas children. junior Red Cross singers and dancers enter- tained patients at Carswell Air Force Base Hos- pital during the Christmas season. Children at many hospitals throughout the city received Christmas stockings made by the JRC. Ronnie Willet strums folk songs for patients at the Carsvscll pital Christmas Program. Ml 4-A FNA officers Kay Wfatson, vice-presidentg Cathy Weltin, presidentg and Susan Brown, secretaryrtreasurer, gain knowledge of the workings of a hospital by observing the darkroom at White Settlement Osteopathic Hospital. NA Explores Field of ursing Future Nurses of America, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Fisher, R.N., furnished an opportunity for high school girls to explore nursing and its career opportunities. Meeting once a month, with films .and speeches presented by doctors and nurses, the girls received information on re- lated health fields and modern treatments and methods. One field trip to a hospital allowed them to see facilities and nursing procedures in operation. Mrs. Mary Fisher, FNA sponsor, pauses during her many duties as school nurse to confer with Mrs. Christine Richards. f -fx, place cards for the PNA banquet. Charlotte Hoffman and Charlene Smith prepare FTA OFFICERS: Veta Moore, treasurer, Linda Kay Braly, parliamentariang Lorelei Savage, president, Jane Sumner, secretary, Betsy Bond, vice-president. "How did this ten-dollar bill get in here?" wonders Cathy Cole, right. "Don't ask silly questions," replies Emily Morrill as she and Chini Streitwieser contribute their services at an FTA cookie sale. Future Teachers lan Projects Future Teachers of America sought to in- terest young people in the field of teaching. Meeting each month with their sponsor, Miss Dona Stovall, the members organized commit- tees to plan projects and promote membership. During Public Schools Week they did a bit of "apple polishing" and placed shiny apples with name tags on each teacher's desk. The varied activities of the club included films and speech- es on teaching procedures, attendance at several yearly conferences, and field trips, such as the one to the underground high school at Lake Worth. FTA-sponsor Miss Dona Stovall addresses the club at a monthly FS Teaches Business Techniques Future Secretaries of America, under the ad- ministration of Trinity Chapter National Sec- retaries Association, sought to interest girls in a career in the business world. Meeting on the first Monday of each month, the club was open to any girl enrolled in at least one business education course-typing, short- hand,'or bookkeeping. The organization, spon- sored by Mrs. Mary Lynn Foust and Miss Hazel Nelson, had their yearly installation after mid- term. Throughout the year films on career op- portunities and speeches comprised the majority of the club's activities. Through participation in Future Secretaries, young girls gained knowledge of self-sufficiency and good sense in the busi- ness world. Tililfu - 75 ik HP" ,4 16 .1 o ,ff 9 L 7 ,Qi .I , bead FSA SPONSORS: Miss Hazel Nelson and Mrs. Mary Lynn Foust. 5 x xx 1"" -2 Q' Nr! 1-if XJ QQ I 1 7 I i l I i 3 1 f 4 Q FSA OFFICERS: Phyllis Crabb, treasurerg Donna Day, vice-presidenrg Bitscy Cirkal, president. Lynn Garwood, secretary, not pictured. ..1 . . 9,3 ,Azz.L.-'iv 5-11f.'-ful: 1,54 .ar y .A- Included in this year's DE class were fFRONT ROWQ Karen D'Anna Ranking Sharon Furche, presidentg QBACK ROWJ Drexel, vice-presidentg Suzanne Godleyg Carol Madar, secre- Tommy Frankg Randy Garlanclg Buddy Meltong Glenn Black, tary-treasurerg Mrs. Junetta Lay, sponsorg jonann Harrisong and Gene Wilstmri, DE upplies On-the-Job Training As an employee of Tandy Leather Company, DE Sweetheart Judy Rich- ardson types files and does other general office work. 62 Providing experience for future business men and Women, the AI-II-IS Chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America furnished valuable training. Earning three credits for taking DE, students left school at noon to work at local businesses. Sponsored by Mrs. junetta Lay, DECA mem- bers installed officers in the spring. Judy Rich- ardson served as their 1965 sweetheart. I , - K, ,... , Qi - ' 'u .52 C "I knew I could taste oysters in tlmtf' squettls Suzanne God- ley triumplmntly ns Kathy Grubbs comes up with il pearl. lub Offers Study of German Life N . GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: jerry Poplin, vice-presidentg Marcia Weid, program chairmang johnny XX'inter, presidentg Mrs. joan Meyer, sponsor, Judy Maske, secretary. Sponsored by Mrs. Joan Meyer, German lan- guage students organized a new club at AHHS, Meeting once a month, the German Club offered its members an opportunity to study the cul- ture and life of Germany. A Christmas party featuring German food and eating at johnny Winter's house added interest for the members. Guest speaker, Mrs. Helga Plenk, rounded out their activities as a first-year organization. Book Jackets Win Convention ffiees The AHHS chapter of the Book jackets, guided by Mrs. Mary Hood, included library as- sistants. Activities began with the installation of of- ficers in the spring and selling book marks dur- ing the school year. After their annual Christ- mas party, members took a Christmas tree to the Children's Hospital. The group also attended conventions on the state and district levels. Elected to district and state offices were Lorenda Webb, district secretary, and Nancy Rux, state historian. A charter member of the Teen-Age Library Association, Book jackets offered an opportunity for library workers to fraternize. BOOK JACKET OFFICERS Laura Broxxn uce president Mary Morris presldentg Susan Brown, treasurerg Rachel Morris, historian. Sponsor of the Book jackets for nine years, Mrs. Mary Hood looks through periodical files for term theme materials helpful to lunior and senior students. We Y Probe Unknown Sponsored by Mr. Flavin Arseneau, the Science Research Group conducted various experiments during the year. The group, consisting of eleven students, traveled to Padre Island during the summer to collect bacteria specimens. The Science Fair also interested the young scientists. Believing that quality is better than quantity, only a few entered because of the short- age of time. Researchers worked on their projects before school in Mr. Arseneau's biology room. As in the past seven years, the government granted 35,000 to the group for this research. The group devoted hours of time and a great deal of patience to perform this research. Their reward was a better understanding of science and invaluable experience. f fi oung Scientists 'yay Dfm Dyglek, Phil Gall and Steve Laird work on their projects involved with actmomycetes, while Chris Tomlinson experiments with leukemia. E214 Mr. Flavin Arseneau handles a rabbit used in experiments. Jerry Poplin tests equipment used in his research of radiation 1311 e Q Wg? I -. 5 CA, Club Boys Buy Equipment, Give Breakfast The "A" Club, consisting of the lettermen at AHHS, linked all phases of sports. Lettermen in football, basketball, baseball, track, golf, and tennis could become members of this club. Be- sides donating money for sports equipment, they sponsored a breakfast for the faculty during the Christmas season. Coach Homer Ludiker spon- sored the group. Seated left to right are the 1965-66 "A" Club officers, Ted Fay, secretary, Mike Stinson, presidentg Mike Reilly, treasurer. New Club Designed to Further ath Newly formed this year, the Math Club ful- filled the threefold purpose of furthering knowl- edge, stimulating interest, and preparing stu- dents for later study in mathematics. The group, consisting of 29 members and sponsored by Mr. Herbert Krauss, Mrs. Elva Lerrett, and Mrs. Sara Brian, met every six Weeks. Each member was required to participate in at least one project to remain in good standing. Through study of more difficult concepts, they prepared themselves for a future in mathematics and its related fields. T. .Y Irs Sara Brian and Mr. Herbert Krauss, sponsors of the Math Club study the ubs newly adopted constitution. Not pictured is sponsor Mrs. Elva Lerrett. l MATH CLUB OFFICERS: Bob Mackey, Beverly Adams, David Kanistanaux Judy Maske, Gary Thomas, 65 SPORTS A M V Y Tr, M .-M 'I u .W :lp Q . Ma D -5.3 f Y , . tw? YM as M ne, Q-fl f' 3 1, 1: 0 0- X . 4, I ' i 1 . t ' 7 i' . 0 0 , P 5 ' 5 if I 4 a 5 . 4 ,, Q .1 sf ' 5 sh . 1 " 'g , Wa 3 '.' Q- 5 , I V I, f 1 3, ' . ' 1 lf , '- ' f 'Hia 1 121, ff 1 if 1 V iyigv wif " "' 0 4' ' isa as-sup-bg..,., ,-, uk' x vm, V! 1 , ,gs alfa? -' X fb , s5f'x .gi af -XP! ...ff f-A-4 ., gif? 'Vgfl af - .wx . . , ' Y' 1, , - f e .V F V-M .. -,s ,,,,,, eve YW -f f 'W'-. s 'we - e f-"in e V 1 A ' . . I ' 6 , . , , , 4 t , - . . X- -1 ' :L ' La 4 " gy ' , Q. V A ,-A Qs ' I '91 o' 1 A Q . bfi- -' ' 6 I f -5 Q 5. Q i. 1 a , -., - 1 ' . - -"1 ,l-.',. .1 3. , , Y , I . V 1 Q ' . .' U. ' I s I 51 A -. sin ol f X ' A'fl Q-e .W ,git 4 ' 3- fy I 4 ur Q' tj. 'i' , , pl N QV, mfs.. 4 , 3 0 . . - , 3 I N . L5 - f.. 5 tliz.: I ' ll' . .1 . r J , . . 5 ' 1 f 2 'A' 'Q' v . A - ' ., , V s HERE are a mxllxonxhlngs to do mllxfe 5 .Y gg sn A s , Q I g ' v 1 an V " " 'V 3 I I 3... ' Theres are exght hundredthousfind unnecessary thmlgs -to do1'1n'1xfe ' '. ' ' n " . . 'L . . . . ' '-'f f ' . , ' 1 't 4' , ' . ng., ! "1 M, .', Self-dnscxplme, us not do1ng4f,he e1ght -hundred thousqnd unnecessary thmgs 5' '. ,Self-discipline is hard because Frifles are dear y A W ' ' C , A x ,L -, . ' Q ,L L In 1 :Q ! , Q- 4 'A ,, n 9ffl Tsfff ,f-if ' '. 2 ' l,' A ' if 'To I r ' ' ' 'Bi' .r, , ' . 5 . l . 1 f v . f . , -. . it f' , , . ' 0- , , F ,L a ,4 , .QQ ., - 'gt r: .Vx of . -Q-' s ' nf.-"' uf n ' N, 1 , lx ' f n sf 1 1 . ' f . Qu 4 v N 1 .. ' .V" , Qs ' t , r. ' '1' ' i AA Q A"!V I K, . . ' ln Y 51.1 ,F Q5 e A ' , ' 1 .Wt , I v 2 'xg t ,x'G.- Vs Q I, if--is W - z. ' A L ' A. Q . '-'fl 5:18 41? V- gs I 49a5'LA.S' ' - 4 N ' I-ahpnf 'n' ' , ,, 0 .v ' ' ' A s ,.. 4? "f1'x' M' s ' as -' Q 2 ,X 1 r 1 J - 'sl' ' l ' 1 v .M W 'fir' ggi V, ' ' K Q, 1 4. 0 if ,I 9 nj I A V 1 if 'Lbs' 4: 5 3 ' - i 'Q Q F3325 e V?-9329 ' ff 'gf' M.EQ? safe? --71 N 5' -Q , 4 . 1 ,A Q s '. ' av. - "'v'4:.N. Tiff?-'r 5 fig: X 67'-+zC'i-1-P 13' .fe -i- .H-N . 'I -5 -:. ,':-..y "1" Y-'C'-' ' 7- f 1. ,PL waQ..' ' 19' ' 17515 'H Mug' "- ..:A ,qgkfsgf ' K ii,,,,A'5:'72QS' V J' ' .I Awyny- D N .1 3. Y 1 1 . T AA. "l -E. . , . ' Jil' I l UK 4 f xi'-4 .YJJ .2 F. 'ik : Ends 14 Year Drouth Panther Reign Smashed Overcoming a shortage of experienced players, the Yellow jacket gridmen won their first district championship in 14 years. Coaches Homer Lud- iker, Merlin Priddy, and Dale Walker instructed the team to a perfect 6-O district record. The 7-3-1 season began dismally with a scorea less tie, to Dallas W. T. White and failures to Austin McCallum and Dallas Hillcrest. Fighting back, the fiery squad toppled Waco Richfield in a 21-15 decision. Following close games with Tech, Carter, and Poly, the jackets gained momentum to complete the slate with three shutouts. North Side slipped in the mud, falling 20-O to the elusive play- makers. Paschal not only handed the jackets a glory-filled 28-O victory, but the title crown as well. AHHS iced the title cake by a 10 point lead over Eastern Hills in the final moments of the game. Any aspirations which the team may have had for greener pastures were crushed in the rematch with Dallas Hillcrest in the bi-district meet, 24-0. Tri-Captain Mike Reilly crowns Football Queen Toni Leech. 70 FRONT ROW: Rickey Cohen, Larry Ivey, Lee Hitt. SECOND ROW: David Livingston, Peck McAbee, Steve Tarlton. THIRD ROWE Scott Yankee, Mark Schneider. FOURTH ROW: Don Smi Bill Ratliff. FIFTH ROW: Bill Lemoi Skip Hoclgkins. BACK ROW: Ror Humphreys, Sam Martin. Gridmen Grab District, 6-0 FRONT ROW: Mike Carr, Mike Horn, Mike Stinson, Butch ROW: Walter Waechter, Mike Reilly, Bob Teague, jim Carden Purselley, Terry Austin. SECOND ROW: Mike Bomar, Ted Fay, Eddie Stevens. FIFTH ROW: Tom Murphy, Dee Batts, Mike Fox Ray Pomykal Forest Ratcliff THIRD ROW' Tommy Pigg, Bill Mike Nelson, Bill Gunn. BACK ROW: Bill I-lnrdage, Guy Arsen- Watson, Denny Preissinger, Tcimmy Kimbro, Doin Murphy. FOURTH eau, Mike I-lays, Brian Mclvlahon, Jim Richards. s . , al W Nw .....- NN.. n-.....-. ...m...,.,..w m .Q..w.,.,A, xs W -N ' 1,--W if .4s1:5ff.fs:.-- ,. W, A c Q Aga, ' Q 4 1 551:52 .f Q . k ,-5 595 W f m' 32?- A . Aw, . , A!" k H,. .ri QQ ' vw. M wws,-H my L' N .-Nkvfvad' srl WT- ' fee- K, x :, w f4,,g" x 1 42' l Elmafi 'A fffffft 'Nv,,5""f,e,i lm, " 4" 2 f I Q x 1 r. Pre-District Showings Dim Hopes AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS ..,. AHHS .... sEAsoN RECORD Dallas White .. Austin McCallum Dallas Hillcrest Waco Richfield Tech ......... Carter . . . . . Poly ....., North Side .. Paschal .,..... Eastern Hills .. l l r l .1-.9f'a .FFL is l ill Gunn Butch Purselley :nior Halfback Senior Halfback Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman XVal ter Waechter Sophomore Halfback Ending a deep penetration which led to the 14-12 decision, Bulldog Brownie Hathcock 1885 collars Senior halfback Byron Cox 1225 one year letterman. Al J Halfback Bill Gunn 1291 pulls by Poly tucklers to pick up needed yardage J. v--N--lv..-.-1 V , -,-,,.,f V sf,-,Y 'N--.,,. ,, , ,Y . , , . . wiprf U H 4. f +V: ,235 E ' Pifiiiiiii :W mfg.. ,yvn x, Y- :K RP' . W .auzgvfgm l efeat Climaxes Homecoming ke Nelson C893 adds the point after give Heights a 14-8 lead over Poly Ted Fay UQ holds. l 1 f :X- 'kb f kf' ' 5, if jim Richards Mike Nelson Eddie Stex ens i the 28-0 shutout, Paschal linemen Junior End Senior End Junior End d by Byron Davis 4703 apply pressure 1 Year Letterman 3 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 quarterback Ted Fay fires a clutch All-District iss. Guard Bill Hardnge C651 comes in DCC Bam -I-Ommx PIL? ' asslst' Senior End junior End Z Year Letterman 1 Year Lctterman All-District -ffl ' ZH .54 gr ' .Q--1 , . !" i .. 1 EMM. as -l. .V ' , age, if W jiw,i . if g' .i- " P x ,. f ' Y ,gm r , G Nl -v"'4f"' Mike Carr Bill Hardage junior Guard Senior Guard 1 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman Mike Bomar Larry Ivey Peck McAbee Junior Guard Junior Guard Senior Guard 1 Year Letterman 1 Ycar Letterman 2 Year Letterman Chamr aff' M 15 Denny Preissinger Senior Fullback 1 Year Letterman I-Ialfback Butch Purselley f26j sails over the line into Hillcrest defenders in the bi-district tilt. i 1 Ialted in Bi-District Rematch 4-'I l '. . . 53. K w "kb ffl'-s onny Humphries B05 Teague uniof Fullbagk Senior Fullback 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman Mike Reilly Seninr Fullback 2 Year Letterman nv-tw5!" .mlm he staunch defense holds as Tommy Pigg f85j stops Freddy Pena 4105 short of a crucial first down. Ted Fay 116, listens while head coach his next attack against Eastern Hills. Scott Yankee Senior Quarterback 2 Year Letterman Ted Fay Senior Quarterback 2 Year Letterman All District 1, I Homer Ludiker maps jim Carden Junior Quarterback 1 Year Letterman 77 Sophs Learn Fundamentalsg Gain 5-1-2 Season Record Traveling wide around the line, Dean Lovett 4223 shakes off a throng of Paschal tacklers. Guided through hours of diligent practice by Coaches Don Hood and Mike Richardson, the "B" team players will carry invaluable ex- perience'into "A" play. The team lost one game to Poly, district champions, and tied Eastern Hills. Another tie to Paschal ended the season with a 5-1-2 record. After handing off to lmlfback Mike Brawley USD, quarterback Dean Dawson 116, leads the play through the Paschal line. Backed by Mike Hopkins f85l, tackle Max Col- burn f79j cuts the gain of a Paschal halfback. 1 78 I-fe-651:51 iiistiefti 111 Bi- ii '-'tie Q1 illlli if -'lllll B1 .Lllllll '1 l'Illll if ll ll Q. .as I Hill G llllflll! 'G-' 28 Q.. 1-3 111 if Open to all girls interested in athletics, Girls lll'llll' r"' :ranging 1 it till? 'Q A - Q-vv, qiiijw J. fi! 1. 95 J . 1-v R Kristie Johnson, Riki Goetz, Janice Goff. FOURTH'ROW: Vir- ginia Grubbs, Louise Stockman, Pam Joyce, Ann Lillagore, Wynn Cooper. BACK ROXV: Charlene Smith, Joanne Lowery, Lynn Armstrong. Susan Andrews. FRONT ROW: Linda Haverstock, Cynthia Allison, Gail Becker, Kathy Anderson, Lynne Arlington, Jeanne Valone, Vickie Hedge, SECOND ROW: Donna Calvert, Pati Dickey, Jan Burk, Elaine Coleman, Sally Robertson, Alice Gafford, Virginia McHenry. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Doka, Jeannine Hatt, Linda Hines, Judy Jetton, GIC Offers Five Sports Z-T-:sf Neff as-'S 4?-ff? W J Pt K Intramural Council meets once a week for par- ticipation in tennis, volleyball, volley tennis, bas- ketball, and softball. Girls outstanding in these sports receive a letter at the close of the school year. GIC sponsored the annual Student-Faculty Volleyball Game which raised funds for letters and equipment. GTC OFFICERS: F R O N T RONV: L i n d a Hayerstock, Vice-Presidentg Kathy Ander- son, Presidentg Lynne Arling- ton. Vice-President, B A C K RONV: Cynthia Allison, Gail B e ck e r, Vice - Presidentsg Jeanne Valone, Secretary, Vi- cki Hedge. Treasurer. is fr- - gmxkuluy -f-t'?t'9f 3 1 b"Q hfrg sze1.,, . 5 '32 5' IE- Elsa? --44 ' . ' X '- 'e-?- 522 .P E a - - i t 'T' ' A f." . L ' 5 ig: A 5' - wif" t.. ", r- 1 -G 5-f.. ' Q' -Wt I ' faj?5-,-.- Q. , -: ...rica :' ' " ':.fi3,K,,,1':,,p, .-F ' . 1 ,, -' 2-"JETS in 1 ' .y .A 'f'f??i"vf-234'-'15 1 ' ft? '12 r "' '-Y Q ' ' 'Z-' 'L life-. .Ah-?"j.l'f-if - , - Ifgzhi 9'-" 1.1-,J . '-G-1--ar ., f. 55 --13 . - 45 as ' Hy., , Q : W 71151 .. -21-2 1 . gg : ' A ' 14.5 . r is I' ' Z- ,- 1- J - pk. uit , J p .-.A git ' : ' ' '. - ' 'V e ' gn-.14 ht 4 ,tie u tlx, X 1,1 faiwgii "" N -- --litre., , x . 0' I . I ' X, -... tr 6-ff --1 ,. -.Lu U , es- L ' 2 -... 4 K t' r Sn. ..,. H ' .r4" . .- Y' ... . k.,,,,,, a ' .fre -- hh . , A e - ,.--. Kathy Anderson and Pam Joyce vie for the ball as Virginia Grubbs awaits the tip. C 54 D53 Rfk' A 9 'l A kj 24 1 sd' BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager Mark Moore, Coach Carden, Mike Ritchie, Gary Riley, Eric Chase, Joe Prater, Manager Doyle Walters. BACK ROW: Ronnie Overbeek, jim Simmons, Ronnie Crummel, Irving Rawlings. 4'-3 Q ga: V-1 4 Tracy Wilmoth, l W Hills defender. 80 DISTRICT RECORD FIRST HALF AHHS .... 55 North Side .... 48 AHHS .... 46 Paschal . , . . 70 AHHS .... 48 Poly .... . . . 43 AHHS .... 46 Tech .... I. . . 41 AHHS .... 44 E. Hills ...... 63 AHHS .... 64 Carter . . . . . . 47 SECOND HALF AHHS .... 45 North Side .... 48 AHHS .... 50 Poly .,....... 54 AHHS .... 42 Tech . . , . . 38 AHHS . .45 E. 'Hills .A ... 57 AHHS , ,6O Carter . . . . . 46 jim Carden searches for a teammate while evading an Eastern l J Senior Duet Sparks 6-5 Cage Record acket starters listen to the defensive strategy of Coach joe Prater. Returning without experienced players, the 1965-66 Yellow jacket basketball team com- piled a 6-5 district record. Supervised by Coach Joe Prater, the team finished preseason games with a Z-S record, but proved tougher in dis- trict play. Early in district combat, the spirited Jackets achieved one of the major upsets of the season by dumping Poly, 48-43. Eric Chase, one of the two seniors on the team, captured a. place on the second all district team. The other sen- ior, Mike Ritchie, received as great an honor by crowning Senior Theresa Corley Basketball Queen during the basketball pep rally. b k l NI'k S' ons move in to secure the loose rebound in the Carter battle. R0l'll'1lC OYC1' CC' illll A l'C' UDIU Irving Rawlings Junior At the start of the second half, Tracy Vifilmoth and Mike Ritchie await the decision of the tip. Eric Chase is the jacket tall man, 82 1 I 1 1 ,N Basketball Queen Theresa Corley in poses with Coach joe Prater. vb l CB' Team Builds Potential l "B" BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager Doyle Walters, john jackson, Scott McDaniel, Bob Lukeman, Manager Mark Moore. BACK ROW: David Geeslin, Mark Slaughter, Coach joe Prater, john Mclnnis, Mike Corder. Ronnie Crummel Sophomore Stretching for the loose ball, Mike Ritchie goes to the air as Eric Chase protects the ground in the Eastern Hills scramble. Track Coach Hood, Dream Team Arrives 'vs aa,-1? on j tex Ti f5f'1:. EL is rs' 5 .. fi , .Y af. " . 1 .fi ' - . 4 - ls: .Aw , y K , . . ff-H A an ' 1, , jk me - A - A X33-L,:-f-3,15 A 1 Q f' ,X-.. N 1 K5 , 1. 6. .i. X A M., 'aa ' - f H H' -' 1 Ar A it K msc .Mix ,Q ,,. rs' 2-,T . ' . A-vw, 5.1 r"4 ffiva X- if- i- H1 V, .346 2,-5:13 s y f I f . am A I' . f""'1'l' ,I L , , V x .gg f . 1 W . Y kv.:-:J . SPRINT RELAY: Pat Potter, jack Wfilc-mon. Wfalker Norvell, Billy Gunn. Under the leadership of Coach Don Hood, who coached the 1965 Bi-District Champs, the 1966 track team retained many of the score- makers. Distance mengChris Carter, Curtis Kleven, and David Redwine-ran in summer and fall cross-country meets. Besides john Walker, who placed fifth and sixth in state discus and shot put, other participants in these events were Tom Borgeson and Mike Fox. Sprinters in the 440 relays included veteran runners Jack Wilemon, Billy Gunn, Walker Norvell, and Don Mansir. Lettermen Pat Amos and Don Mansir led the mile relays. Other returning members included pole vaulter Terry Austin and broad jumper Brooks Harrington. A new addition to the team, Gary Baldwin, strengthened the team in the pole vault event. With these able team mem- bers, the 1966 track team captured many first, second, and third places in area meets. fy 'Sou-f-., Vs... 1 'luv Gary Baldwin and Coach Hood step off the pole vault approach HURDLERS: Dwight Holden, Gene Hemphill. TRACK TEAM: FIRST ROW: Bob Merrill, james Campbell, Pat Sto- vall, Dean Lovett, Ronnie Zink, David Reber, Gary Kesling, Trey Wfilkes, john Bridges, jack jaynes, Mike Malone, Larry Cloer. SECOND ROW: Dale XY"arila, Gene Hemphill, Bill Werner fhiddenj. Clancy Dunigan, Mike Brawley, Pat Potter, Larry Hendrickson, Bill Tidwell, Brad Hays, john McKittrick, Gilbert Garcia, Keith I-Iufnagle, Preston Robinson. THIRD ROXV: Gary Baldwin, Terry Austin, Pat Amos, Don Mansir, jack Wfilemon, john XX'alker, Tom Borgeson, Steve Horton, Glen Shuffler, Wayne Sturdy, Bob Maberry. john Klinrsky, Joe Bartholomew. BACK: Mike Bulger, Eric Haenn, Richard Brigham, Mike Hopkins. XValker Norvell, Mike Edwards, Dwight Holden, Coney Snutherland, jerry Por- ter, Brooks Harrington, Tom Martin. Mike Leech, Bill Gunn, Mike Fox, Eddie Wells, Charles McKeen. john Mastenbrook, XVayne Marvin, David Ixgcedyiine, Curtis Klevin, Steve Tarlton, Chris Carter, james Mays, Charles a ts. ff- 'I'f'9"g?'t 'f MILE RELAY: Pat Amos, Mike Edwards, Don Mansir Richard Brigham. 159' T g rfrrjuq ffl 2 mi ff-aafif, ' ,J -N 2fvi:fflfff.,,T, L.. I., L QQ ,lg-'yg..w Q .gm-V. I " ' 1 x ..If,,gi1. ,gislu XL.: 'T' r 1:53 :Fi ' X , if .A N P'5W,.3' . 'L' ' Q. iv-Xfiii UVX-S324 rf-if 'f'Q+,f, . 51,i3:Q ,5,zj7 L - f4'f'5W U, .Q N x 'Qu , . . ug-u A vmgfg -fx .yi , .Q'jx.,y'. ..,- , ug .... aa'f2v3'f'A 1 .3355 DISTANCE MEN: Curtis Kleven, Coney Southerland, David Rc-dwine. ,vp QP' .--.,,g,4..x .la at ., . - X vw s,n . . 1 , ""'x.' vu. 'Lu- f?l Q, W W.-yha-'V 3,19 , -:Al ,-,. . -'Saw-a.:f"' -fx'-.--1 - - - Q.. - 2. , - -- . ,e:?:'.2':f':-3'.'53+Jm?iif 'W' - . , z In .K ..,,. i,,,Q.,3,..,, .. U , , 54'i:fr'0Q x-fx-1-Wu:-"S,-7:4 .nv . 1 .. "" ' ..,,-wi-' -., wa- .- .' -Q 'P' .d..,"" ,Ng : -QA . V-,,, -JW -., or ,.- ww, '.-.' V4 ,ce 4. ' 1-A2 . -K Pm J I H-vi -' -'L ' V A ' -v . Fai-lczfw-Q--ffm-fy - .. -f- W -1 -.. . JJ. - ' 4' "1- rl' ..4- .-ww . , .., Terry Austin Pole vault YR., -- -, C A ' Cg.,s,wfw,,,6, , '-'J "f' 'C John walker ' ji 1 -f ' shof pm, Discus s'I2i'.-La11"...g..a...i.T4'QmL't'f a -- 87 -'BV' Net Expectation Blessed with several outstanding individuals, the tennis teams performed well in district competition. The boys' team, instructed by Coach Dayton Carter, included two state-ranked jun- iors, Kenny McMillan and Johnny Williams, who placed third in the state boys' doubles in 1965. Mrs. Martha Austin supervised the girls' team, lead by sophomore Mary Lowdon. Prom- inent juniors backing the team were Vicki Hedge and Wynn Cooper. With able leadership and in- struction, both 1965-66 tennis teams promised ex- cellent seasons. Ma ' Lowdon ractices for u comin Y marches. fl P P I- ' an elf mv ,I i fi' BOYS TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jim Roberts, Bill Gupton, GIRLS TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Mary Lowdon, Vicki Hedge, Wynn Steve Morris. SECOND ROW: George Cargill, Larry Morton, Rich- Cooper, Laura Anthony. SECOND ROW: Nancy O'Neall, 'Emily Morrill, Sherri ard Meehan, Mike Young. BACK ROW: Kenny McMillan. johnny Leech, Cathy Wfest. BACK ROW: Sally O'NeaI, Jan Cunningham, Lee Zucht Williams. 88 anked on Trio rw., V QYQWQ Q 5555Q56' v 0 5fek?0v00s' S'sw ,J 939z9'e'9's"0'Q'g0 Oggwwu ' . -4 . . 'ng ?f3iiQ?Q95g566sg9',595 'Og by '0+"Q w 9 5. vs Qfa?age?SQXQYLQfQ98s5.Qfak6f49.Qf4 Bases Loaded ith Anticipated Victory 9 Pat Amos Shortstop 90 jacket baserunners used strenuous practice as a backbone for their hardball strategy. With seven returning lettermen and a field of 20 other contenders, the chances of a winning season looked good. Remembering the 1965- 10-2 season record, the jackets welcomed the 1966 season with added pitching and batting power. Beginning with a total of 16 pre-season games, the basemen jumped into district action April 1 with a die-hard attitude towards re- linquishing any game to opposing 4A-5 rivals. f N 35' i ui' 5 g ix In I . J ' :ll ju .1 R f' - 12: , w i , . - . gre..-i.t . at i asc. ,M NWT . . ff , . if ,,,, ,-- 4,2 1 -. Y "N ' r ar e at -fu W' A -.xt Earl Wallace Pitcher Coach Merlin Priddy relates need for care of equipment to managers Robert Wilson, Howard Harrell, and Dale I-Iinz. ,ns 5 Ilffaanv .1 1 - X nr V. ,J M.,-M x .:xAgy5V,5.: -.x 1 'ygi my , v 1 . , i- ,Y w- A -'RF - 2 1... W- -f es- s . '5f5.. , - 'u. f1+.t2!wQ,1,s -. ' 1-Q., A' I "'-.:f'p?xtf--x'rt"-ws. ' K'-"V-iy.'1P, -. . at . X'2i'2'fle.,c.fCWPT'-1-il' -. f 5 f '- -u H . 5 5 eh, --. ,.,.gw1,w. a,.. 3.1-4,. gi, -,,'.-,,w. Q wiv-.w , 5 ., i. 'ff .s ff ..- 'V -'gsiffw fiat-WWW f, - rf-3 L...-Q' Ja , , ..g if 2'wg"'-vfgffig f'-...,',fr 1" 4-.-11-'S.-,, fu gt-" -'N .Q 1-14:-I ,rn 5 3f'ff' 4 rffsyi :,"' F" . T UM" 1.455-4f1'..," ,. - -.J-i:i""1: ""' .-s . --A . .. V, . i ..,,, -GFI.. , . :"'5s'N.n.r-ir '. .- '. the-.rf 1" '1-Af 1 OUTFIELDERS: Wfalter Vfaechter and Ben Loughry. A. fi .A . 1 Coach Merlin Priddy's expression re veals his concern for a winning team CATCHERS Richard Cather, XV:-b Lowder, Ted Fay .-6 , ip . K X , l- in A - INFIELDERS: jack Bertram Ab ' jenkins, Pat Amos, Mike Reilly Randy Ray, Bill Bean Vince '-1, Love. 'I l ef .' ' T . 4 I 'iii . f ' g 4- in V ,ganna - ii li' ,fi v fjgg.: a3f.7',.a5if,q5y :gay rg. at v,,1,'t 5, 4' K' W 455' T. ' .,., 'asf w.if'fiS?fg efetf-v is -M52 ,f,f4Ai7Z',J-.q,,, 1 TW M t,w,.,i,,., v. Don Dodgen Deal Hudson fig , . 'iggnl I my in 1 C 4 l J. . I ,x x , .X ,, Y' ' J xf- X , V .Vi I 5: I- . ,TX If sei' 'i s V it ' K , . 1' It in A 351.455 iitv-.w Preseason Fon Always anticipating a hole-in-one or a slice into the rough, the 1966 golf team practiced on their form in preparation for tournament competition. In early fall practice matches, the Yellow jacket team defeated North Side, Car- ter, Eastern Hills, Paschal and Poly with their only loss in one match with Paschal. Intra- squad matches determined the top five golfers for competition. The team, which included six returning lettermen, received instruction from Coach Mike Richardson. GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW: john Beatty Robe Millwee, Stuart Headland, Tommy Smith BACi ROW: Coach Mike Richardson, Terry Thomas Teri Carter, Kyle Yeates, Tom Schieffer, Deal Hudsor Don Dodgen. Vaughn Clark, not pictured. . -sig" J 4, --.. ,n 1w5"' 1.4. Lg ' Y 1? A ' 1 NE. .1 -51 'F 1 5. ' p-1 .. ,LL ,- . 'r-'- -'1-x ff'- fixys-',.'2v 1- f.-., ,Q ,r ' J' 1f13j1::Q3:f'g."f -7 ,.- .- .-I :vi 'Nr- Vaughu Clark Terry Thoums Hasts District utcome Terry Carter .-1 93 PERSUNALHTHES V 11 'I I..v- V 2 u ' I ' x, 'VI XMI'-' . I I, ' '- .. 'V ',1x":f .J - fv . -V I IV VI- qs- V- II, I.. V. . V '.1't'V VNC- . --V' -Y . 'QV V. ., V- .. , , V .Vw -,',,V,V1'- 5 I I AI ,Ir-I --II I I ., I, . LIX ,II I v ,II II,IIII I.,III.fI I ,Ifr.,I ,II I. '+L I . -4- I 'gs s . - , . JVVI' , V-1-I, Q a -'-- - V . V- , '-. r"' -. fx-V .- V " 1.V-'u 'G' .V-.-'LV I . I I I ,I I HMI, I II II I I, .I . .,IIxI I IV I IIIII, V.I,I-II .V I .IIIJI 4sIII, - - ..' . - -,fu .Q . --' ..V V-gn '.-- ' ' - V . 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' ' A -"Vr.-KC.-.Aa ' GQ -'-V ' s. . ,V -5.1, . -.:J,A,Uv:q'.N .vigrx th- Jn- Lxxx - ':.4,' -f,,.x 2-5 5 si wk.,-M -,,.-tk X. :A -.X', :K . -. x X' el '- Y' rf' ff" 'Y?.."' .T2"'f' 4'-i 'NQI--iiqf 'T "xi 53 ""'- 'Y xo 74 -' 'Q x'-.1 I vb-if f M ?2.-1."S"- '-if-"f'51f"T?1i'5'Qi vm-'f 111 756- 'f'?.if'4-L Q' :.-15: Wi ST" 52' 4 K"'h"'e ' --V.. N'-31 HULN. .E " ' 5 4 a ' f .5 'L .712 A 'AL' bf? "55',"if1 "3 jg, -X ' S""x:'i1 -:'..L wt ,E ' 15315 , X-X X. ' N N' -" -at--5, tkfrrac.YR..MNT'- 5b,..,..Kh:.,, .. ?.3,.YE.Vi,.,-as-5 ..el5..l lXs.1b SYXL.-.Q ,uf , . EX. I, X vs .M .5 1 'Q ox' T31 x ,t . sh. ' I 'Ax Ax wr? K . , ' .S 5 " Xin- ,Q 'fl In-xg: 3 v -'1'i:-J. X-'95-AQZ1' s- sq Qxiglixl' xi' if' ' x Q x "Q ' K ' ' - v - x.' w. , -Q, s A". Q.. "W f ,A , f x fo x -X l -Q x , I, , - ,f.,- -- p., .. - - , Q Q' fm- : , - , v -'s -A ' . NJ A... N. xgx' f x - Elected by the entire student body, Mr. AHHS and Miss AHHS are seniors traditionally main- taining an image of high quality in the minds I' of students and faculty. U ,ar- ,ww OAI! -,,5 Jean and Mike Earn Top Honors Vivacious head cheerleader, Jean supported AHHS spirit as a yell-leader throughout high school. A Sophomore Favorite finalist, Jean was elected favorite her junior year. Having served as President of junior Red Cross and Publicity Chairman of YCF, she also participated in AY and FTA for three years. An honor student, she earned the Leonards Award and member- ship in the Club. Jean, in addition to her other activities, con- tributed to the 1966 Yellow jake! as Personali- ties Editor. Mike participated in various sports, includ- ing football, basketball, and baseball. He was elected football captain by his teammates. A member of the Club, Mike was also a sports writer for the ffzrket folfrmzl. Three years in AY and YCF as well as membership in the "A" Club and the Student Council for two years en- abled Mike to take an active part in the many phases of student life on the Hill. Excelling in scholarship, leadership, and service, Mike Reilly and lean Hubbard have continued to stand high in the opinions of their fellow classmates, Finalists Reflect AHH Goals Debbie Campbell Ted Fay Both junior Favorite Runners-Up, Debbie and Ted have had a variety of interests. Debbie, the 1965-66 Homecoming Queen, served as sen- ior alternate cheerleader and secretary of the Sportsmanship Committee. Experience in home- room offices aided Debbie in her capacity as secretary of the senior class. Debbie participated in the activities of GIC, FTA, AY, and Footlight Players as well as the Young Citizens Forum Executive Committee. She maintained excellent grades to earn the Leonard's Award. Vice-presi- dent of the "A" Club, Ted played football and baseball all three years at AHHS. Chosen to the All-District football team, the quarterback re- ceived the Most Valuable 4A-5 Player Award. An AY and Student Council member, Ted has also served as homeroom president. Memberships in the Club proved the worthiness and de- pendability of Debbie and Ted. Linda Kay Braly Tim Carpenter Both Linda Kay and Tim actively supported AY throughout their three years at AHHS. Linda Kay, a Buck Hill Falls conference delegate her sophomore year, served as vice-president in AY. FTA claimed her as vice-president and parlia- mentarian. Homeroom secretary for two years, Linda Kay received the Leonard's Award and membership in Club. Also a DAR finalist, she has assisted the Student Council for one year. Tim, a three-year member of AY, added his ideas to the Executive Council. A cheer- leader for three years, he served as head yell leader for the squad. Also a homeroom presi- dent, Tim managed the Special Projects Com- mittee of the Student Council, and his position as president of YCF enabled him to become a Club member. J2lCkyC Higby Jean Hubbard Toni Leech Larry M3fhiS Ben Loughry Tim Carpente W 5' Q fav . 'Q f' Q7 7 'UPL ia , f'--'gi l'bw5f, Y :Miles wi f i? 1? M 513 ' as , ' V .- , " Q ,i we I' 1' Q- ' ,V w w : i A f 1 , bv, ,e,,, at , A 35 . if ., 1:1 A I. ,-,. l02 . ew - ' r Z J',.. ,4 5 3 ' Q' . 'if ' . 1' 'if' 'la if? ' :ft . ' - V' - 3' 1 1 , ' I Q? .A '-J 1. .9 x 3 I P' W ' V 1, - 6 M 3' ' Mm? 5 fi 1 A f " ,Jr Zyl , 1 f I A Q- " 9 ? 3 9' Cheerleaders Uphold Year's Spirit Melissa Skiles Jeff Emrich 'N Arlington Heights cheerleaders bolstered school spirit and rallied support for the year's athletic teams. Qualifications for junior and senior positions included no grade below C in each subject for the six weeks period preced- ing spring elections. The leaders could have no grade below E in citizenship for the two six weeks periods preceding election time. The soph- omore cheerleaders, elected in the fall, must have attained an average of E in citizenship and an academic average of at least C during the pre- ceding semester. Miss Helen Hale, cheerleader sponsor, trained her squad and strengthened the feeling of companionship. 'X' mg: .. 19+ " 's1 "' Y During a pause in practice, cheerleader sponsor Miss Helen Hale jokes with alternates Debbie Campbell, Tom Melton, seniorsg Barry Hubbard, Sheila Dillard, sophomores, and Joe Quin- livan and Rita Downing. juniors. IO3 Homecoming Queen P . , 4. 4 .P-ffl. 1 'A il""', Debbie Campbell The lights of Farrington Field shone bright- er as past Student Council President Warren Russell presented 1965-66 Homecoming Queen Debbie Campbell. Her election having been an- nounced by the ffzrkef fonrzml, Debbie received a the pep rally preceding the AHHS- Eastern Hills game. During half-time Student Council President Tom Schieffer escorted'her onto the field where Warren gave her the traditional red roses. Most Handsome ost Beautiful md' 2 7 . if f . fi D gn xx .. 'i ,rj 1 LA 1' i pf. IPS Scott Yankee Shelia Jordan Five prominent Fort Worthers judged Scott Three Most Beautiful finalists!Marsland Yankee Most Handsome in the Fourth Annual Buck, Shelia jordan, and Linda Leonhart-ap- Mostest Contest, Previously elected by the stu- peared in both informal and formal attire. Af- dent body, the other' finalists were Mike Nel- ter the decision of the judges, Shelia and Scott son and Bob Teague, received trophies. Most Talented 45,4 C? Denise Bailey Stephen Bruton Accompanying herself on the guitar, Denise Showing versatile talents, Stephen Bruton Bailey sang "Bamboo" and "Beneath the Wil- played his rendition of "Blue Grass Medley" on low" in the contest. Having had no formal train- the banjo and "Halfway Original Composition" ing, she had previously appeared professionally. on the guitar to become Most Talented Boy. Most Friendly E s Butch Purselley Toni Leech Fellow students elected Butch both Sopho- Senior cheerleader Toni Leech, who was more and Junior Favorite. His warm smile Howdy Queen and Most Friendly Girl as il and sense of humor attributed to his likeable h Sop omore, again received the Most Friendly personality, well known around school. title her senior year. Most Athletic .A-Ln. 1 --I1 .QA psi!-i .np-anon,--w LM- Xl X 4 .. - at 'JAX' S' vw!! Q1 ,nr- Pati Dickey Ted Fay Actively participating in GIC for three ears, 7 5 N ice-President of the "A" Club, Ted showed Pati received two letters. Although she played his versatility in sports hy his activity in foot- 11 variety of sports in advanced P.E,, Pati speci- lull. lmskcthnll, and lmrschnll The All-District fied volleyhull :ts her flvorite sport. quartcrluck won All-State Honorable Mention. Seniors Excel in arious Fields Michele Sears DAR On the basis of dependability, service, leader- ship, and patriotism, the faculty selected Michele Sears to receive the 1965 Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Senior homerooms nominated eighteen girls for the honor who met the qualifications of a citizenship grade of A each semester since their sophomore year and E in citizenship the first two six weeks of their senior year. After seniors voted, teadciers decided the winner from three finalists. Michele repre- sented Arlington Heights at a spring program for Tarrant County DAR winners and competed for an all-state award. ROTC john Welch received the highest title avail- able to high school cadets, that of all-city colonel. To achieve this, john competed against four other cadets from various Fort Worth high schools. Judges from the Texas Christian Uni- versity ROTC department interviewed the as- pirants who took a 3-hour written examination. As a result of his appointment, John assisted in ROTC parades and drills. Pamela Hill incl John Welch Chorus Pam Hill and Sue Pettit, who sang first and second sopranos respectively, earned All-State Chorus positions out of nearly two hundred singers who auditioned for the honor. After au- 'fa' ditions including tests of tone, breath control, general musicianship, memory, knowledge of music, and sight reading, judges evaluated points -the students were awarded and selected winners. .- For their accomplishments, Pam and Sue were Sue Pettit .J for the Texas Music Educators Association in Dallas. to memorize all of the All-State music and sing Seven Honored Seven seniors4Bill Atkinson, Carolyn Earle Pete Gilfeather, Ken Hardee, Hugh Moffatt 1 1 Brett Nelson, and Gary Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalists for 1965-66. The AI-IHS students were among the more than 14,000 semi-finalists from over 17,600 schools throughout the country, as well as other scholarship-granting institutions. They qualified for the finals after scoring '-1 as Test Finalists equally as high on the College Entrance Exam- ination Board test as they had on the National Merit Qualifying Test which they took as juniors. National Merit Scholars, who were chosen from the finalists, were considered on the basis of academic and citizenship grades, ex- tracurricular activities, and qualities of leader- ship. Recipient Bill Atkinson was not pictured. ,nw, 4? fbi p- ,,.4v Carolyn Earle Gary Williams Pete Gilfeather Brett Nelson Hugh Moffatt Kenneth Hardee 12 Senior Spotlighted Each sponsor of AHHS organizations nomi- nated seniors from his area. To be eligible, two recommendations were required. Grades were Checked on nominees, and only those with A's in citizenship their sophomore and junior years, E's this year, and no grade below C in any subject for three years gained eligibility. Seniors voted on the final ballot. on John meh ROTC, 3 yrs. All City Colonel Drill Team. 3 yrs. Color Guard Commander Superior junior Cadet Club, 2 yrs, Leonards Award Tom Schieffer Student Body President Letterman, 3 yrs. Homeroom President, 3 yrs. "A" Club, 2 yrs. YCF, 3 yrs. Sophomore Favorite Finalist Executive Committee, 3 yrs. Howdy King Vice-President "J" Club Golf, 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs, V- 1 N S x--. A Ramah Vaughn Nurse's Assistant. 3 yrs, FNA, 2 yrs. Altrusa Award ROTC Batallion Sponsor Homeroorn Secretary. R yrs, Club. 2 yrs. jfzriel journal representative, 3 yrs. YCF Student Countil Footlight Players Tri-Hi-Y . Brooks Harrington jariel jolmml Editor !l1fkt'If0lH'7It11 Sports Editor Most Studious Track. 3 yrs. Letterman, 2 yrs. "A" Club Leonards Award. 2 yrs, AY, 2 yrs. Jean Hubbard Cheerleader. 3 yrs. Head Cheerleader Miss AI-IHS Junior Favorite Sophomore Favorite Finalist Red Cross. 3 yrs. Vice-President President YCF. 5 yrs. Executive Committee. 2 yrs. Publicity Chairman Yeffozz' j.Jt'iv1 Personalities Editor Cluh, 2 yrs. Leonartls Award FTA. 5 yrs. Membership Chairman AY. 3 yrs. Tarrant County Youth Council, 3 yrs, Q1- Ln..- -..- Q M--H Scott Yankee Football. 5 yrs. . "A" Club, 2 yrs. ' Baseball Basketball "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award Homeroom President li AY. 2 yrs. JE t - r iii? 'suis Wh 27? 1: v. iq, ' Q, mn..--W. 1 rf -f f .i , T T , t QM - 2 -f: Q , Er ' 'T' ' s t rife, Who's Who John Lanford AY. 5 yrs. AY President XY'asl1ingtivn International Conference Delegate, 2 yrs, AY Representative, 3 yrs. YCF, 5 yrs. Executive Committee. 2 yrs. Program Chairman Yellow jacks! Activities Editor Baseball, 2 yrs. Bitsey Cirkal FSA President Red Cross Vice-President AY, 3 yrs. Student Council, 2 yrs. Office Assistant, 2 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonarcl's Award YCF AY Representative Q -nd" II4 l Pam Joyce GIC, 3 yrs. P,E. Assistant, 5 yrs, Volleyball, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Student Council, 2 yrs. Decorations Committe AY. 3 yrs. YCF, 2 yrs. e Chairman Linda Ka Bral FTA. 3 yrs. Vice-President Pnrliamentarian AY, 5 yrs. Vice-President tif Sncials Vice-President of Membership Buck Hill Falls Delegate Miss AHHS Finalist DAR Finalist "J" Club. 2 ,-fs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. YCF, 2 yrs. Stutlc-nt Council I-Itiincrntmm Secretary. 2 yrs. Ra Pom kal Seninr Class Prcsitlent Homcrnom President. 3 yrs. "J" Club Lcnnarcl's Award, 2 yrs. Football. 3 yrs. "A" Club Student Council Elections Committee Chairman AY, 2 yrs. Senior Favorite Ben Loughry Senior Favorite Kerry Kelly Junior Favorite If i 4 s. in . va, . , , iff Jim Richards Junior Favorite 7, va Jackye Higby ,J Sophomore Favorite Mark Angle homore Favcnrite Sheila Dillard f l Senior Finalists Tom Borgeson Judy Jz Sophomore Finalists Walter Waechter DeAnn McKinley sit.-if l Junior Finalists Mike Bomar farbra Mann Students Decide orthy Finalists ln 1933 the Yellow fnrke! established the Class Favorite Contest to recognize the most popular personalities at Al-IHS. On january 26 of this year homerooms received ballots of the candidates nominated in the Dean's of- fice. Each student voted for his favorites in his classification. This vote determined the six class favorites and six finalists. kr s ,. K T :Z 1. I 1 2 mmxvm-N ACADEMICS 2' X A ' MSJEJ' A my if V 1 ,P 12549 ifigT' f ,1QTffi,gm1g'M W 5, 1 X ' 1 f . iz, W , A, 1-3' f gf la.wwswwfiwhm fgmffdv' x. 'W V. , Y S M ' "f,Igwf,:k I , -,Sew , W '?"'5'Ff"XW: -':- - -. A f --k"M"-1"'Mwwa1wf2 1 1 1 1 ,Mjgjy Y : 1 ,ge 1 "Ig 'X giiifw-iq, . , , '..., . x A i.g?E!.,,f, , w X A b 4 ,lj '?'Tif'Tf5 5 ' . ' ' :ig ' , f vt if if if t t 1gj1Q lgjiLh l'plW . . -if fr -M. if W if 'W' t ,Q 'N W ff if A' if t Q ' "' ' Q i t t i t t ' ,-, ,,5, Qs as if H ' "' if W if w . 1, X W1 r.. x E ui. W0 RL pw 1 if -. ........-h..,xm- 'f L! - .. G nina M735 - v , 1 II!! .rw U' ' , 'Zyl' 1' I ' ' X' I - ' I 'M J I llsb V -ea-G 2, Q 9 L I x EF",,,,Mg..,,,.4--A ' - ,f' fl' .f, ,.. 5, ,gwaff ig-,fag-1, ,f .,,, 2.43 ,fc fr, V ,. , ..f H , uw 1 if " ' . .. ,A ' Bffze , -F-3 f' f A J- X.-fr, m V-Ji, m. -sv ' I.. I? ,Fai S' J W F I . IQEYT Vrqgg 'Z 'rx 'V 4, A E 1 i nw, 'Q' gqfzlzfz, J..-'5 VV V, ,X5 . -. l- 11: 4 I-6-4 lllll, lun llll -'LL IJ 4 - An enthusiastic basketball fan, Mr. jack Martin, counselor, rarely missed a Heights game. ESE JJLD' Mr Bob Phillips physics teacher instructs Bobby Arnold in com utcr dam rocessin tech- - , , P ' - K P 3 niques. This is the only computer course offered in Texas high schools. l28 Faculty Education is a challenging profession which brings both continuous frustration and deep satisfaction. The teaching staff and administra- tors of a school must deal with cooperative and difficult students, those who desire knowledge and those who simply fill a chair. Associated with youth each day, a dedicated teacher dis- covers the rewards of sharing the mysteries of learning. Besides the daily chores that educators per- form, extra-curricular activities occupy much of their time. A dependable teacher guides an or- ganizationg a conscientious administrator sup- ports the school's activities. Teaching is not a profession one walks away from at 3:40, but one which becomes part of a person's life. The 1965-66 faculty was such a dedicated group. Dan Mandeville comes to take his father, Vice-Principal Glenn Mandeville, home. FORT XWORTH BOARD OF EDUCATION: FRONT ROVU: Rev, John R. Lentherbury. vice-presidentg Mr. Lloyd Turner, preside-ntg Mrs, Ronald Smith, secretary, STANDING: Mr. Bill Crawford, Mrs. Carey Snyder, Mr. Bill Elliot and Dr. james Vifalker. X 1 MR. JOHN B. SHARP, Principal FQ. ri'- 17 DR. ELDEN BIQSBY MR. ROY STONE Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent in Charge of High Schools Administration ndergoes Change AHHS was designated the pilot school for a new and speedier attendance program. .A simpler card-and-number system spared the of- fice the agonies of daily absentee sheets. Mr. Glenn Mandeville, former Vice-Principal of Forest Oak junior High, replaced Mr. Frank Kudlaty as Vice-Principal. Mrs. Elizabeth Hull, former Dean at Meacham junior High, became the new Dean of Girls upon the retirement of Miss Kathryn Hayden. MR. TXVAIN MORROXV Assistant Principal Athletic Council MRS. ELIZABETH -5- HULL Dean of Girls Parent-'l'eg1cl1crs Club DIR. GLEININ BIANDEVILLE Vice-Principal Student Council ffiee Uses New Attendance System MRS, NAN-ISCA DANIELS Counselor MRS. HAZEL FARR Registrar MRS. MARY FISHER Nurseg Future Nurses of America MRS, NADINE GRIGSBY i l ' o Secretary INIRS. CHRISTINA SHERINIAN Librarian MISS JANICE SPRATT Librarian MISS MONTIER VE TOMLINSON Counselor MRS. DOROTHY WATKIN S Secretary INIRS. DIARY HOOD Librariang Book Jackets MR. JACK MARTIN Counselor MR. MARVIN MILLER Counselor MRS. VELMA SANDERS Secretary gf' Sorting mail and bulletins for 61 homerooms is a daily task for Secretary Mrs. Velma Sanders. I t -lf, MR. HERBERT MRS. ELVA LERRET KRAUSS Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Trigonometry, Elementary Analysis Elementary Analysis Mathematics Club Mathematics Club MRS. SARA BRIAN Geometry, Algebra Mathematics Club MRS. FRANCES COON Geometry, Algebra INIRS. DIXIE CUNNINGI-IAM Geometry, Algebra MR. EDWIN KAHLER Geometry, Algebra Trigonometry Elementary Analysis New Math Seeks Theorem Basis New textbooks and teaching methods, sup- plemented by occasional films, emphasized theo- rems and logical reasoning as the foundation for understanding mathematics. In accordance with this new drive for understanding, the newly- founded Mathematics Club offered student tutors for less advanced pupils. l Q5 -65' MRS. IRENE PRICE MR, MIKE MR. ARCHIE Geometry, RICHARDSON STEVENS Algebra Geometry, Algebra, Algebra Trigonometry Elementary Analysis "For four people, double the recipe," explains Mr. Herbert Krauss. I3I an MR. FLAVIN MR. HERBERT MR. BOB PHILLIPS ARSENEAU EDMINSTER Physics Biology Chemistry Science Research Junior Red Cross Group Adjusting the scales, Mr. Herbert Edminster weighs a magnesium strip to the accuracy of .0001 gram on the analytical balance. Funds Update Science Program Striving to create understanding of rnan's en- vironment, the science department broadened stu- dents' knowledge of the physical and chemical sciences, offering study in physics, chemistry, and biology. In order to present the latest ad- vances in these fields, science teachers enrolled in summer courses and attended night schools. Additions and grants increased the capability of each department. Physics acquired a radiation detection device, the Geiger-Muller-Scaler electro- scope. Mr. Bob Phillips, physics teacher, received the device from the Atomic Energy Commission. As in previous years, the National Health Insti- tute granted 355,000 for biological research. Al- though this was the last year of the eight-year grant, interested students planned to continue re- search under Mr. Flavin Arseneau, biology teach- er. The chemistry department, supervised by Miss Dona Stovall, added 353,000 of chemicals and equipment to the laboratory. With excellent sup- ervisors and latest equipment, the AHHS science program ranked as one of the best in the state. ogy course at TCU a "t 1 . Mrs. Betty Skupaka examines a flatworm slide during a 12-week parasitol- N W ' rf' -s-Z MISS DONA STOVALL Chemistry Future Teachers of America MR. ARCH VAN METER Biology ,ff J 5 MRS. VIVIAN MURPHEY World History, Typing Young Citizens Forum MRS. SARA NICKERSON World History, Latin MRS. BETTY QUIMBY American History, Government MR. JOE SHERROD -5 World, American History Chairman of the History Department With the help of the overhead projector, Mrs. Betty Quimby explains the territorial expansion of the United States to an American history class. S . ,- ' . K i , . , , MISS GAIL APPERSON World, American History MISS KATHRYN GARRETT American History Young Citizens Forum RUSS lNiARY ANNE GREGORY World, American History MRS, KATHLEEN HANLEY World History MRS. MARY MARSH American History Government Allied Youth ids Recreate istoric Past Many innovations brought history to life for students. Visual aids-including an automatic movie projector, a film strip and slide projector, and a special daylight screen-pictured the his- tories and governments of many lands. Mr. joe Sherrod, assisted by other history teachers, in- stituted a library in the workroom, consisting of books left by Miss Grace Becker, now retired. MR. DALE WALKER American History, i Coach MRS. MARY WARREN Wlorld, American History MR. GEORGE WI RSDORFER American History, Government Allied Youth MR. JAMES YORK World History, Government Allied Youth My 1 fb? I33 91" "--r- 5 MR. LARRY BARNES Latin MR. MILTON BRANSEORD English, Chairman of the English Department MRS. GLENNA EDXVARDS English, Biology MRS. OLETA EPPS English MRS. MARY BUTLER English MRS, CHARQLENE CARLISLE English, Speech MRS, FRANCES CAVENESS English Allied Youth MISS SUE COFFMAN English Languages "O Tannenbaum O Tannenbaum Wie treu sind deine Bliitter " carol Beck Lind , y - v - Y ' berg, Judy Maske, Mrs. joan Meyer, Jerry Poplin, johnny Winter, and Charlie Turney at a German Club Christmas feast. Complete Liberal Education One of the most complete and fully-equipped 1 in the city, the Arlington Heights language department covered English, Spanish, French, X German, and Latin. In the English department audio-visual aids, such as recordings of poetry and prose, overhead projectors, and phono- graphs were used. The audio-lingual method, centered around a modern language lab, was N employed in the studies of Spanish, French, and German. Arlington Heights also held the position of being one of the two schools in Fort Worth to offer Latin 5 and 6. In addi- tion, it was the only Latin department in the city to read Ovicl's Metfzmorphorir. Through these up-to-date programs the school was able to provide for its students an extensive study of foreign languages, as well as English. 'cs' ""' HELEN HALE CAROL GLADYS EVELYN IRS. JOAN MEYER German, German Club QS. FLOSSIE OSTON English IRS. CHRISTINE RICHARDS English RS. MITZI ROY English -,,,,,,....-4--f A-v'4,,.....-Q' , ., 'ga 3313.4 A W , , E e K'-'m:..,, , 'QR . . ., J elf.. Q , .. . ., , +3 , j 5:45 V.-f1':f..tq2a y '. ,J 2 1- W J.f'1',a',.1f i f-6 'FP -'-:I XX MRS. BETTY SKUPAKA Biology, English MRS. ANNE STANTON English, Yellow jacket AIRS. GENE THOMPSON English, Journalism, jacket journal MISS BETTY WATSON English MRS. FRANCES WIESER French A suspicious old lady CSpeedy Burginj discovers the true identity of Sarah Xwilliams fjohn Beatty, in Ll skit from Huckleberry a project in Mrs. Oleta Epps's English class. ...IN 1 Finn, l35 Electives Train As a part of AHHS's technical training pro- gram, electives allowed a more liberal educa- tion for students. Technical courses in art, shop, business education, home economics, and music provided foundations for future professions. Although a non-technical school, AHHS main- 777' ICVI., MRS. BARBARA MR. JAMES SANDERS SNYDER Homemaking Industrial Arts I36 for Future Fields tained excellent business and home economics departments. After receiving a diploma from Heights, one has a sturdy foundation in educa- tion on which to build or with which he can begin working. MISS MARY BRADFORD Art' MRS. ROSEMARY BURTON Speech, Drama, Footlight Players MR. GEORGE CARSON Orchestra, Band MRS. MARY LYNN FOUST Business Educationg Future Secretaries of America MRS. LILLIAN JACKSON Homemaking IXIRS. JUNUETTA LAY Distributive Education MISS HAZEL NELSON Business Educationg Future Secretaries of America MRS. LUCILLE PARMETER Business Education MR. WILLIE TAYLOR Business Education Q. 1- "The height of an otherwise humdrum day-a double yollcc-:r," yokes Mrs. Barbara Sanders. MR. GARLAND THRELKELD Industrial Arts SXSGT. ROGER WARDELL ..-sf" ROTCg Young Citizens Forum MRS. MARY WHITE Music, English, .fha Counselor, Chorus .pr Q-1 MR. PHIL "" WRIGHT Industrial Arts PE Steps Up Fitness Program The fast-moving pace of America's youth has forced the Physical Education Department to augment its physical fitness program. Among the improvements added to Boys P.E. were eighteen tennis rackets, four climbing ropes, tumbling and tennis instructions, and a vigorous physical strength program. Intramural awards were given in football, volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Points given for participa- a basis for these awards. Girls P.E. provided an opportunity for girls to enjoy various sports: softball, archery, ten- nis, speedaway, basketball, volleyball, and bad- minton. In October and April the girls took part in a national physical fitness test. With added incentive to do better and an improved fitness program, P.E. should help students face the challenge of tomorrow. tion, leadership, and physical strength served as MRS. MARTHA AUSTIN Girls' P.E,g AY Sponsor, Tennis MR. DAYTON CARTER Boys' P.E.g .lf Tennis MRS. JOANN EGGLESTON Girls' P.E. Nl' I'1::r MRS. LAVELLE HALBERT Girls' P.E. MR. DON HOOD Boys' P.E., Coach RTR. HOMER LUDIKER Biology, Coach 'A' Club Sponsor fy. ii- h.r""' gi MR, JOE PRATER MR, MERLIN MR. DALE "See how easy it is boys? . . . boys? . . . BOYS!" exclaims Coach Don Condi. Bvys' PE PRIDDY XXVALKER Hood as he climbs the rope in the gym. Coach, Biology Coach, American History I37 Teachers Are People Believe It or ot MR. JAMES YORK In order to maintain their sanity, most teach- ers spent part of their hours out of school with some avocation. Mr. james York, rather MfSgt. james York of the United States Army Reserves, has been on active training maneuvers for two weeks every year since 1945. On his farm near Wfeatherford, Mr. Archie Stevens raised cattle, goats, and poultry as a second vocation. A former competition roller skater, Mr. Larry Barnes enjoyed skating after school and on weekends. Miss Sue Coffman was an avid moun- tain climber. Mrs. Irene Price found her hobby of hat-making both enjoyable and profitable. Heights faculty members did other things be- sides teaching school and grading papers. 2 I V ' 'i' ' As iii if-I' 5 'za W4 A is it Q. t -' Wv -+i3kN.f"wf.fb' ' M -X . .. , ,. U, A , igisvilfffgfg-' 'u i.5'4'Y'i.' 'J if A' . -A' X v ,K K., W, 3 r a e.23f.'.13r,vgs+ Y 'QQ ff' .. .- '- V 2 V- 4 1 .f ' ,, it 9547 i, ' fgi 4i"2:55PEJa."ii i ei Pm. 2. 5'-',ff,.nk1A--. JJ K ,Q . .lvl xv 4,1 ,. , tg 1 vi ,XJ j,"l!,.x fsjfgjfy V ,, ,.v.ii . xl fy, ist .mix if iv? Jfixxhs.. g. UNH 's ,W 1 ,Q MR. AR CHIE STEVENS l38 vw' 'Q , 5 5 ,vw G., i :- 1 gf, 1. -4 Sophomore Class A typical spohomore sweating over Latin con- jugations, wading through flrlilff Crzemr, and reooiling at a dissected frog, experienced the trials of obtaining an education. September 8, 1965, 662 sophomores entered the auditorium to be oriented to high school life. With new friends and schedules they struggled to classes throughout the building and annexes. Although the first pep rally confused them, their spirit soon rang out. While adjusting to changes, sophomores' participation in sports, clubs, and studies prepared them for leadership. ...7 Student Council member jo Ann Hicks sells football ribbons. mvf ,, ,I - :fl mf' ,gp Qt . 'P' - 1 J U: I a 5' an ty, 3 Qzllg' gf f i ' if ! if K, - fp ,- .V-,x ri. ,, W I g : 5,1 f . ,f ' ' ' . : ' Q ' . lf' . For assistance in studying, Steve Horton uses the library facilities. Sophomore Yellow Jackets support the "B" team. 'T' 12" Nr' ,,.-I Richard Barker John Barnes Linda Barnett Gary Barnwell Bill Bartlett Martha Bean Carol Belcher Bill Bellomy Paul Bethel Sarah Bickel james Biggerstaff Scott Blalock Nicki Blitch Bill Block Cynthia Bloor Marsha Blumberg Cindy Boblnitt 3 ., +17 Mark Angle Glen Anthony Arnold Aquilino Rick Archie Pam Arnold Connie Austin joe Austin Bill Ayres Kay Babe-r Erlene Bailes Michelle Bailey Kenneth Ballinger Peggy Bandeen jimmy Banks Steve Barham i , Lou Ann Adams Gary Albin Darwin Aldrich Mike Alexander Sherri Alford Ramie Allison joe Altman Anna Alvarado Vicki Ambrose Christihe Anderson Sam Anderson Mary Andon me 4 :- IVV - ' 1 7' Q9 x 35 fs. i V. K 3, 1 me , jr' i , N 4 , In A, L . i ji 'I i 1 X .1 U 4 ' , 1 2- f 'r 'i A: ii Xu D- Y-.. P ' f ' in I w e I I lr' ' - eb. 935' ...Q 44, A ws- . xA 111' fi' ,. Sophomore Class Ne? Bobby Bradshaw Michael Brawley Kathy Brewer john Bridges Tom Brock Steve Brodie Marty Bronstad Nan Broussard Charles Brown Marianne Brown Martha Brown Mike Brown Bob Browning Lois Bryant Rickey Bryant Diana Bryson Don Buck Bur Buckalew X 1 Kaye Bobo Lowell Bodiford Greg Borgcson Breck Bostwick Robert Botts Jan Bourland .,, N,-.1 Mike Buckley Pat Buckley James Buford Barbara Bullers Lynda Burrow Becky Bush Kathaleen Bynum Tommy Cain Russell Callarman Donna Calvert James Campbell Melissa Campbell George Cargill Karen Carlson Bob Carter Susan Carter Richard Case Richard Cather Pam Causey Elaine Chambers Debbie Charles Cush Chatham Cynthia Choate Ricky Church J-x fv. fee 'ff sn, , , axis. :FN , as . 1- Nykx-ev Q 4.- li, "' 'E' x'ffn ur- --eq. ,,.a-- ere is my true love . . . Cheeta," exclaims Sheila Dillard. ' N21-. a- e .xr -9 . 57533: wg, I, Well Ive rubbed rr three times an there's still no genie, Nancy Clay Coy Clement Leland Clemons Barry Clevelancl Larry Cloer Dean Cochran Beckie Coffee Max Colburn David Coleman Jana Coleman Betty Colley Bill Conly jo Ann Cook Margaret Cook Sanilra Cook Nike Coon Richaril Cooper Sylvia Cooper Gloria Copeland Galen Corbitt Mike Corilcr Betsy Cornelius Michael Corzim Darla Cox james Cozby Ioan Craig Pamela Craig Vicki Crockett Cindy Crook Thomas Cropper Dortha Croy Ronny Crummel Deanna Crutsinger julie Culpepper Jan Cunningham Kathy Dana June Danna jim Davis Nancy Davis Latryle Dawson Judy Day Martha Demontl Barbara Denton Charles De Wees Debbie Dickerson Sheila Dillard Bob Dillow Carolyn Doka "When your hands get as tough as the food you re eating ri you know you have third period lunch say Zoe Watts Dean Cochran. Pat Dolan Bill Douglass Ralph Dove Herman Downe Randy Downey john Drew james Duggan Clancy Dunigan Claudia Dunlavy Dan Dunn Dennis Dysurt Steve Eames Mary Eargle Cathy Earl Robert Earle lXIark Eckroth Jim Eichhaum hlarilyn Eitlson Pam Elam Pam Elley Carol Ellison Jeff Hinrich Kathy Endebrock Eldon English Gerald Iipperson Sandra Everett 5 1 I L Janet Ewing Carolyn Fairris Ralph Farr Mike Flynn Christine Feliton Penny Ferguson Ester Fernandez Sara Fields janet Force Becky Foster Shelley Foster Bill Fowler Jacque Fralia Bill Franz Ronald Frederick Earl Freeman Bill Fuller Kathy Furr Dianne Gammons Susan Gann Pam Gant Brian Gardner Judy Garrett Becky Gary l.P155. A A 1 n Clwclii Dunluy experiences the thrill of her first homecoming. fs- xi Sophomore Class Sheryl Godhold Riki Geetz Janice Goff Annette Gomez Barbara Gotcher Gary Gotcher Wfilliam Grady Barbara Graham Beverly Grammer T, K. Green Gail Griffith Carson Grimm Steve Grinnell Kathleen Guckian Bill Gupton Sandra Guthrie .N Edward l-laddaway X:-" Karen Hahn Susan Hall James Halsey Trisha Halsey joe Hamlin Delois Haney Dianne Hanley 414 S49 ,,4 -V. Chris Gillespie Bob Gillespie James Gilliam Marjorie Glatzel Gale Geiler Billy Gentry Penny George Martha Gilder Mike Gill Sharon Gill M-.,, i -:"""'Sl Henry Moore, Lowell Bodiford, Tommy Cropper, Doug Prince and David Mills pack a record 38 people into a telephone booth. X... ,-f Pb NI-5 ri 3 ff ID' ,fx l i r MI N! ur' ,M , ur row sleeps 3-162 better during YCF meetings," murmurs Paula Smith. 1 Jo Ann Hicks Debby Higgins John Higgins Vickie Higgins Jan Hill Linda Hill I" fm I 131 f X Gayle Hanneman Brenda Hannon Barbara Harlow Chris Harmon John Harmon Dale Harper Gary Hari' J. T. Harris Leah Harris Sharon Harris Mary Kay Harrison Linda Haskins Jimmie Hasting Jeannine Hatt Linda Haverstoclf Susan Hayes Brad Hays Juhn HCl! Cynthia Hellums Suzanne Helton Gene Hemphill Larry Hendrickson Julie Hendrix Judy Henning Michael Henry Jack Henshaw Mike Herod Viviannc Herrera Trudy Herring Sammy Hertzler 5 Sophomore Class Linda Hines Cheryl Hobbs Charlotte Hoffman Bill Holden Lynn Holloway Frankie Holmesly Mike Hooper Kirsten Hopkins Sammie Hopkins Kieth Hopper Beverly Horton Stephen Horton Judy Howle Barry Hubbard Helen Huff Jane Hughs Dee Hughes Linda Hutcheson Anne Hutchinson Belinda Hutton Greg Isert Joe Ivy John Jackson William Janssen if wr -A-9' -va. Jack Jaynes Ab Jenkins Judy Jetton Beverly Jewell Jack Johnson Jimmie Johnson Kristie Johnson Larry Johnson Marilyn Johnson- Mike Johnson Cindy Jones Rosemary Jones Susan Jones Sherry Julian Cathy Kane John Kauffman Bryan Kearby Michael Kelly Glen Kelly Sharron Kemp Allen Kent Nan Keyes Gloria Kieschnick Steve King Sherryl Kirschner Sammy Kite Donna Knox Karlene Koonce J Nr X. 4,- 'NY 5,1 vfp ri You mean you mean theres not enough fuel to get me back to earth? Kathy Kudlaty Gerta Ladd Beth Lamberg Bill Lambert Cleve Lancaster Toby Landes Tommy Langdon Lane LaRue Gayla Latimer Mike Leech Rebecca Lemond Bob Leonhart Priscilla Lessig Janie Letson George Liggett Shelley Lile Danny Lilly David Linan Bill Lind David Ling Julie Lloyd George Lockwood Linda London Ralph Long Sophomore Class f fi 351, ly Vince Love ai Larry Loveless f . Judi Lovell ,- Dean Lovett c. Web Lowcler 'H Q1 4V,L 'ri ' ' 'iz f""" Mary Lowdon 5 Carol Lowry Bobby Lukeman Hank Lyle Marsha Lynam jp 5' . , 3 4' 'T f rx ? .L A 0 l Elaine McAfee J lii3F1lltlllll'li"'::!flP1''ii "Hill" Cindy Lynn Vicki McCarthy Hayes McCauley .J- Phil McClinton 6-4 jane Manning Suzie Marchesseau John Marietta Linda lNfCCUllOLIgl'l Kathleen Marsh Scott MCDHHiEl Thomas Martin Beverly McElroy QI X YQ' Pam McFall i Wayne Marvin Karen Masters is - 4 Susan Maxwell Debbie McFerrin Gary Measures M51 Vicki McGhee Bobby Mefford ,M Virginia McHenry gi: john Mclnnis 5129 Bob Merrill lit: Janet Merritt 4, Roisann Mikel Bob McKa Gary Miles Y Mike McKeithen Eddie Miller D Doug McKenzie De Ann McKinley 'sa Mark Miller Melodie Miller 4 4 ' David Mills John McKittrick Debbie Minshew ? ' Bob McLamey Katy Moffatt Carlton McMillen K Mike Macha Patricia Molloy Scotty Moncrief ' Doy Moon f ,,, Marilyn Macklin Randy Moon f f" Laurie Magill Henry Moore 'A Tomm Malcik ' Y Mike Malone 'QX Jn , 1' -fi A . , e. i r hat do you mean it's a love note from plumber?" Gayla Latimer questions idra Owen. ' mf' - I xi YAY ff' X X ET son l 'tx'-q. fy P . 'gli LN Y gf X51 V5.1 .9'5,AN, ti , 1' if. 'SX 1 up iv J D' X 4 x x Q, 4 ,J 3 , L , :.- r -- . - , I :K V 1 l . A fflfvh A I ' J-I I . I A W .P A We i , I pb K I I X i A AR ' ir , A' an 1, V 'ill . N . A V R XX ,,, A X 3 , - H Vi E C X uf ,A 7 ik Ill -15311 H: J Howard Moore Patricia Moriarty Michelle Morley David Morris Diane Morris Ricky Morton jerry Mullen Mary Mulry Jan Ivlulvihill Cheryl Murphy Charlotte Nadin David Neal Qin: fi' "T-fi 8,16 13 if 1 EN' I Melissa Skiles and jeff Emrich tensely await the decision of the referee Sophomore Class Ronald Nelson Cody Newman Marcus Newman Katy Nichols Vicki Nix David Noblett Danny Norstund Donna Norton Ray Nuss Jeanne O'Brian Sally O'Neal Carolyn O'Shields Cherisse Orr Sandra Osborne Glenda Owen Sandra Owen Becky Pakebusch Pam Parker Mike Parrish Janie Passel Sheila Pate Sherie Patton Charles Pavillarcl Sandra Pederson "The bookworm bit me," observes Peggy Bandeen to Bruce Wilkinson and Bob Merrill. 52 8 'Li ui if "" - L X X , E Y' . ' 1 19 - A Q, L, v Sift L ife!! ttle do they know that I'm a spy from Paschal," confesses :en Stevens. , ,Qs , ' , - ' john Perkins , Pam ' Perkins jimmy Peterson 1 A A Danny Phillips 't - . - Judy Phillips . I X i Xi' Kathi Penner -W if " I Bobby Pierce , Rob Pierson ' Pam Pompetti Pat Potter Gavin Pou ' Nancy Pratt k, P 1 , Karen Prewitt -Q5 1 Linda Price Margo Price Nancy Price - Tom Price -- Doug Prince , s . Louis Prohs Sharon Prohs Debbie Pugrnire johnny Ragan Terry Ragland Charles Rankin 64' , , ,..-vi-' .L are I " ' fp J Tv . if 1 i, A4-J '1:":-'P 6-Y N5 Nr fv- sf' r-"V Tres Ross Kathy Rowe Steve Roy Bill Rnyer Irma Salazar Cindy Sandel ff-wr C' S' ,van yi s Sis Rankin jerry Raper John Rawlings Rogers Ray joan Raymond David Reber Ernie Reeves Cindy Reinhardt Ann Reynolds Virginia Rigden Chappie Riise Kathleen Roberson Thomas Robinson Preston Robinson Randy Robinson Teresa Roe Rosalin Rogers Wanda Rolan 72,7 .J 7 Sophomore Class Tommy Sargent Gene Savage Tommy Scaggs Marilyn Scheck Judy Schutza. Marc Schaeffer Bradley Schneider Mike Scott Sally Scroggs Jodie Scull Christy Scully Kirk Scully Steve Seidner Pam Self Gary Sellers Barry Shearer Sharon Sherrill Linda Shew pf' Van Shields Pam Shive Karen Simpson Melissa Skiles Mark Slaughter Diana Smith Geoffrey Smith Mike Smith Mike W. Smith Paula Smith Richard Smith Star Smith Tommy Smith Verneita Smith Rodney Smoke Craig Sommer jim Sorenson Topper Sowden Mike Spencer Mike Spurgeon George Stallings David Stark Bobby Stebritz Connie Stephens jan Stephens Gwen Stevens Suzanne Stevens Annetta Stinnett Randy St. John john Stinson . 'til 'Nr'v X fb we I-A -,-.f ll ii N Susan Stott Barry Stovall Pat Stovall Cathy Straight George Strickland Gary Sullivan Sharon Sullivan Tom Sweeny Dan Sykes Carleen Talley Randy Tarhell Douglas Taylor Nancy Taylor Trent Taylor Tim Taylor I-, "Now if you in the balcony will watch closely . , begins Kay XVorthy. Q .x r ,R. 'TS my sf S' S7 'T if -csv N4 Faythe Toumey Allan Tyler Ann Tyrrell Joe Underwood Vickie Taylor Dickie Teague Sharon Telschow Janie Thomas Monda Thompson Sondra Thompson Tommy Thompson Bill Tidwell -Ierelyn Tolliver Terry Tomlin Theresa Tout -ludy Traynham Sophomore Class 1 Nia va ff'-' su I56 Gayla Valkman Lisa Van der Vliet Suzanne Vaughan Fran Veen Florence Ve Lasquez Mike Verseckes Walter Wlaechter Gayla Walch Phyllis Walclrep Jo Walker Sam Walker Marsha Wallace Sharman Wfallace Cleatus Wallis Fred Walter Dave Ward Coach Dayton Carter instructs a group of sophomore P.E. students in the fun mentals of tennis. Mary Ann Ward Susanna XX'arner Wfesley Vlfarren Zoe Watts Glenda Wayland Bobby Webb Linda XX'ebster Lana Wehunt Ricky Wfelch Candy Wells Connie Wells Janet Welsh Brenda Wentworth Charlie Wheeler jim White Shlela White Pam Wildt Trey Wilkes Bruce Wilkinson Mike Wilkinson Joe Willard Ronnie Willitt Donna Williaford Sandra Willis Barbie Wfilson Katharine Wilson Kent Wilson Paula Wilson Paula Kay Willson Rosalie XX'ilson vw Nr' ' 750 ,V N65 p .X , i s 'sur I- AJ Sharyn Wfilson David Winblood Margaret Wfinfield Claudia Wlinfree Ricky XVinegrove Davicl Wise Chris XX'olfe Harriet XVolff Steve Wfoocl Gary Wfoodrich Linda Vfooldridge Nancy X5Uooten Kay XY'orthy Robert Wfynne Pat Yanclell Donna Young Ronnie Young Ronnie Zink su ,J V- 1. Qs.:- X E Nd "T 49- "One, two, cha, cha, cha," chants Mark Angle snidely. If -ff' -al George Arnclt Dianne Atkinson Pete Audano Herb Ballard Eddie Crnwclis Linda Daniel Tanya Dean Steve Earnest Marianne Erwin Silvia Frazier Phillip Hallman Lorincla Haney Lorna Hopper Teresa jones Robbie Kilcrease Bob McCamey Dan McGogy Mike McKenzie Verlena Mihesuah Hugh Molloy Stanley Price Cheryl Purselley Mike Robertson Debora Simpson Dianne Smart Craig Smith Mary Stevens Bill Valles Larry Valone john Vifatson As head of Fort Worth's Teen-Age Jury, Cindy Willoughby works closely with Judge R. Wright Armstrong to encourage among students a desire for justice and equality. 5 Nfl wzft ofa Junior Class As members of the largest class at AHHS, the middleclassmen, though retaining old activities, sought new interests. 'English classes studied American literature and met the experience of term themes. Juniors were also active participants in sports, clubs, and other school sponsored func- tions, producing two of the school's student body officers. Toward the end of the year they competed for National Merit Scholarship honors and prepared for the upcoming year by ordering senior rings. 511- fi l J .V r Q X ' 41 x 74 . 1 P t, f.fA+-.ffm . . if 4 v uv- 4. t 'fi Q, ,uv K. a ' Q was 2, V'tt,. si A rt, ,V - A fine example of the class's aesthetic attributes is Diane Henker, who Y displays her works at school. Clay Price, YCF speaker, attests the aims and ideals of juniors. l58 tn? nov no 'C-" 4 EZ Biff Acker Craig Adams jenny Adams Lark Adams Stevie Addison Debbie Adkins Jane Adolfsun Mike Alcorn Dnrtha Aldersmi Cheryl Alexander Cynthia Allison Y Angela Ambrose of apprehensive student Bobby Maberzy Garrett during an Open House conference, David Ammons jimmy Andrew Karen Andrews Patti Andrews 'Us ..-47 ,gs 4 ,f La u ra An thony Bruce Arlington Guy Arseneau Danny Arthur as Bob Averitt Glenda Bacnn Chufk Bailey QPJ nm Frank Bailey Suzan Bailey Donna Baker Louis Baldwin "I can't do a thing with him either," confides the mother to Miss Kathryn l59 Junior Class 2 'sf 401 P0 uv 'YP' 1,57 'incl-N ,aa- fu, 'f-"' l60 gp 17 am -1.2 Charles Ballard Richie Banlchead Bobby Barnes Sandi Barnes Mike Barnett joe Bartholomew Hal Barton Marie Bates Jan Battenfield Glenda Baugh Don Baughman Nancy Bauguss Jon Baum Betsy Beach Kim Beal Bill Bean Diane Bearden Joe Bearden john Beatty Jan Belknap Gary Berg Laura Berrey jack Bertrnm Becky Bishop Mary Blair Johnny Blnnsfet Cindi Blanton Steve Blevins p- 4 w :AJ V47 Dwight Brown Sue Brown Susan Brown XVilliam Brown Melinda Broyles Judy Buchanan Katherine Buck Steve Buford Mike Bulger Sherry Bumgardner Greg Burgin Nancy Burks S gf' Nd YVYS 'wh .ks Harriet Bodkin Judy Bogard Mike Bomar Betsy Bond Becky Boone john Boshers David Bow Joe Bower Sheryle Brandon David Brandt Peppy Bmrron Bobby Brawley Judy Breen jan Brewer Richard Brigham Terry Brooks Arlene Brown David Brown Junior Class Kay Bursey james Butin Larry Butler Louise Butler 4... Mary Byrnes 4-..,, Barbara Cain Gail Callaway Rocky Calvert George Cameron was Melinda Campbell IKM n.. "These accurate tests prove why my class has 5771 more F's," explains Marlys Larson to her parents at Open House. I62 :wr suv' Billie Canales Jim Carden Nick Carter john Cecil Kathy Clark Vaughn Clark Elaine Colema Don Collins I1 .5 -4-'rv W. -We '+ l -- ., Nan! Q .-...,, 'Q' Aw, ,.... f Thomas Corbitt Larry Cotten Patricia Cowen Edie Cox Judy Cox Tommy Cox Wendy Craig Roberta Crawford Dian. Crowell Richard Crummel joe Cunningham Shiryn Curtis Bert Cyrus Patricia Daerr Linda Daigle 'G 'Y' vc-I ,jr "Lf" Sally Carpenter Mike Carr Nancy Carr Richard Carroll Curtis Carter Mike Cegiel Sherry Chandler Bill Cherry Philip Chumlea David Clark Wiley Clarkson Pat Clifton Beverly Cobb Larry Coble Ricky Cohen Gail Conner Brent Cooper W"ynn Cooper james Coppedge Sarah Coppinger J unior Class Steve Daniel Craig Darby Suzanne Darby Mike Dmigherry Mark Davie jan Davis johnny Davis Randy Davis Robert Davis Deen Dawson Loretta Dean Trudy Deen 77' "Hello, Mom, I guess you're wondering what I'm doing at the school at 5:50 a.m., but . . quavers Keith Hufnagle. 'ab-Q ,,.,..' Y' -Y.. -,f W-7 'lv Linda DeFoor Randy DeHart David Dennie Ponnie Derby Bill Devore Linda DeVries Karen Dewees Debbie Dietz Tom Dills Ross Dinkins Warren Dinkins Bobby Dodson Frank Donahue Mark Dorman Doug Doster Rita Downing i -vw QQ as-I Dale Drewry Paul Driskell Kathy Dulce Curtis Dulaney Dan Duncan Allen Du-nlavy Bert Durocher Sherry Dyches Dan Dydek Laura Eargle Carey Earle Sandy Easdon Mike Edwards Pam Edwards Susan Ellis Laurel Esterlein Carolyn Estes Sarah Evans Ronney Everette Ray Fails Jeff Falter Kevin Farley Andy Feagan Becky Ferguson Marilyn Ferguson Margaret Fernandez Lance Ferrill Neva Findley Junior Class 4"""9 1 'il ffl! if I66 vw fo. 1.3 -jx-vs' --fr David Fitts Rose Fitzgerald Vonne Fitzgerald Lloyd Folmar Lloyd Fory Kathryn Foust David Fox Kathy Frederick Robert Frost Mike Fruge Kathryn Fuller Richard Gallimore Pat Gambrill David Garcia Gilbert Garcia Margaret Garrett David Geeslin Susan Gill Susie Gilligan Ann Giraud Hank Gloff jane Gober Suzanne Godley Belivia Goff ,....i -ff-' lv-I Y-u Ar sr' 'Q' ff' Randy Hammond jean Hampton Ovicla Hankins Randy Hankins Barbara Hanley Cheryl Hansen Lydia Hardwick Pamela Hardwick Gary Gordon Linda Gore Chris Gotcher jane Gourley Geary Gowins Rob Grader Lenore Grady Barbara Gray Gina Gregory Douglas Greif George Grimes Tanna Grinnel Jeanne Grubbs jimmy Grubbs Don Guerrant Danny Guidice Kathy Guidice Linda Gustafson Anne Hacldaway Eric Haenn Sarah Hale jan Haley Paula Hall Gary I-lamby Cindy Harper "I didn't know that water boys could make touchdowns!" exclaims Becky Boon Junior Class x-A Xe, NZ-3 isa A.-2 -QU -4 V .-.., s.,f fs- ,..-. 1-A f-N612 --M. T? Lynne Harper Howard Harrell Alice Hawkins Mike Hays Stuart Headlnrxd Vicki Hedge Robert Heist Dana Helm Emily Helm Bill Hemphill Chris Hendrickson Diane Henker Judy Herndon Linda Hickman Jerry Hicks jackye Higby Jan Hill Debbie Hillaker David Hinton Lee Hitt Robben Hixson Skip Hodgkins Bill Hoffman Kathy Hoffman l YL ' . .M-J 4-gn. 'sw' ,rw 'Qu ...ff and TWT xl i If - Steve Hoffman Steve Hogg Lynda Hogue Dwight Holden Cathie Hollis Bill Holmes Mike Holmes Kay I-Iolze Mike Hopkins "Only three more plans Jerry Poplin. h-Ad ,A ,hp-4 ,T N-! -6' ,nv- 435'- ev -sv -p-rv' I '-as id! fv- .1 J -Lf- g kj xy I 'nf' ' 1 ray 4 v A -45' 1 st B , ik, .. ,. Y, i ww. vi' 4 choruses and the air mattress for the swimming party will be filled Mike Horn Trudi I-Iovenkamp Dana Howard Robert Howard Tammy Howard Susan Howell Doug Hubbart Deal Hudson Leslie Hudson Keith Hufnagle Sheryl Hughes Ronny Humphrey Chip Hunter Pam Hutto Beverly Ihnfeldt Howard Inman Garry Ivey Larry Ivey Steve Ivy David jackson S Junior Class 5-S1 pf- N5 wif ---41 fl -Ao, 'tab rv 'WTS Ii X li .. -wk as-V Ji 'QD vs kv NF' N..,f I70 Pamela Jackson jim james Nancy Jenkins Bill Johnson David johnson Margaret johnson Pat Johnston Alice jones Bryan Jones Cameo jones jerrell jones jim jones Michael Jones james Judd David Kanistanaux Danny Karnes Jerry Karnes Robert Kee-num Willie ,lo Keenum ,lack Keeton Mike Kelley Paige Kelly Ken Kendrick Don Kennedy Kent Kennon Gary Kesling Sharon Kimbrell Tommy Kimbro .1' gi N W we ' Na '1' 01' QQ?" yr ! M 4 5 s the only companion 99 FI ,xr 04' ...qs ':?' ..,f-1 ,-- Nrf N "-.47 way to fly," contends Greg Burgin to parking Louis Baldwin." Bill Lemond Patti Lerrill Beverly Lever jill Levering Brad Lewis johnny Lewis Kathy Lewis Becky Lindberg Ruth Little David Livingston Leigh Lonclon Steve Lorrell x ,...,- Karen King john Kliarsky Ernie Knudson David Lagassee Nancy Laine Steve Laird David Lamb Tim Lzmthrum Linda Lapping Mnrlys Larson Mike Lawson Linda Laws Vickie Lax Marjorie Leachman Larry Lee Sonny Lee Sherri Leech Jo Lemny ,... QT? BQ: jv Jumor Class Take me to your ladder," says Dian Chris Markos Frank Martin Sam Martin Ann Massey john Mastenbrook Larry Mathis jimmy Mayton Richard Meehan Virginia Mendez Melanie Meyer she stretches for john Lovelady Joanne Lowery Tim McCracken Randy McCullough David McLain Bryan McMahon Charles Mabey Mark Macklin Martha Miles jan Milhollancl Sandra Miller Robert Millwee Betty Minch Linda Mitchell Linda Mitchell Barbara Mize Tim Moore Veta Moorc- Mark Morgan Emily Morrill Joanne Morris Rachel Morris Mike Morrison Nb' X17 Michael Lutz Mary McBay Shelley McCarthy Karen McCleary Linda McClelland Don McDaniel Jucly McDowell Brenda McGuffee Bruce McKee Suzi McKeen Kenny McMillan Marylneth McNeal jim McNutt jenne Maag Bobby Maberry Dianna Mahurin Mike Manire Barbra Mann Debra Mann Richard Marietta Junior Class S.. .,-+A ,-5 i I74 6' ,dw ,r -.4-rv .a-7 -...,,, """eur --YN, gr! Charlie Morton John Moss Davicl Mueller Linda Mullens Steve Mulvihill Griffin Murphey Tom Murray Ronald Neuville Nancy Newbern Larry Nicholson Robert N imon Walker Norvell Barbara Norwood Bob Nunnery David O'Dell Linda Olcruhlik Larry Oliver Kris Olson Nancy O'Neall john Oresbnch Kraig Ort ,gi N27 4 Na! "It's the latest style in handy head wear," Loi Margaret johnson and Joe Quinlivan to slightly cm-struck fellow fans. J .,...7 .par Q05 Edward Priddy Wesley Pryor Randy Dugger joe Quinlivan Tommy Quinn Steve Radtke Arthur Rancher john Rankin Rita Raper Bill Ratliff Irving Rawlings Belinda Ray Harry Ray james Ray Randy Ray james Readinger qc, Mary Owen Randy Owen Martha Papusch jim Parks Kathy Patterson Ralph Patton Mike Payne Roger Peaks Anne Penn Terry Perry Sualice Petersen Bill Phillips Tommy Pigg john Plumly Sharon Ponder Michael Pope jerry Poplin Sherryn Powell Dave Prewitt Clay Price Mike Price ,..a. J unior Class They never put enough salt on their rolls," complains an unsatisfied Jimmy Turner. Ronnie Richardson Gary Riley Dick Rimbey Evelyn Riney Jim Roberts Danelle Robertson Gary Robertson Sally Robertson Philip Robinson Tom Robinson Peggy Rodriquez Nicki Roeder Lee Rogers Shirley Rogers joe Roos Buster Rosser Karen Rostohar Randy Roughton Randy Rowland Patricia Russell Bob Russey I.icle Russom Brian Sanri Linda Sammons Mike Reclden Kay Reclus Melvin Reed Gay Reedy Gary Reeves Julie Reisner Diane Retz Brenda Rich Trudy Richar 'nf 50? ds Lana Sample Alice Sanford Carole Saville Wanda Sawyer Judy Scheck Marilyn Scherer Mike Schlueter Cindy Schmidt Erick Schmitt Mark Schneider Stewart Schopmeyer Linda Schulte David Seilheimer Jack Shattuck John Sherman Rodney Short Anne Shotton Glen Shuffler Mike Simmons Don Simpson Linda Singleton Anthony Sledge john Sloan Cathy Smart Brenda Smith jack Smith Susan Smith Tommy Snyder Bryce Spangler Kathy Spence Mary Stallings Steve Stancil Ginger Steakley Barbara Stephens Cathy Stephens Marilyn Stephens Eddie Stevens Gary Stewart Steve Stoddard George Stone Mike Stouffer George Straight jane Sumner james Sutton Terry Sutton Blaine Swindell Steve Tarlton Paula Taylor Don Telschow L A "I've put the star on three times, but it keeps fall into the binding," explains james Readinger to N Battenfield, Student Council representatives. Y"17 S-4. -.As V47 srl 1. . . ,jr Jeanne Valone jackie Van Cise Chris VanclerHamm Sharon Verbryke David Vestal Pat Visf: Sue Xvagley Sharon Vifaits Charles Wfalch Betsy NX'alker Charles XValker Karl Walker Earl Vifallace Sandy Wfalsh Bill Yifalters Doyle Walters ,-v ,NJ -4 NP tc' Ill Nr' 1' s.f. If f , K5 'Tx 1 ll Y Y f W . 5 'W l J im 'ff 4 J 'T' iii.. I 7 lass!-, gin if Wm, .x Wifi. EJ P sri' 21: xl pl? 4? 4 'ur- I 5 ,xp' ,. s. ur ,Q- QP' ..,f 5 'Nha 5.0, ,.J- E 1 IYIHQ llllfl Nancy The-cle Jacque Theile Larry Thomas Terry Thomas Dana Thompson Tommy Thompson Don Thoms Dianne Tinsley Martha Todd Susan Tolbcrt Chris Tomlinson Cinda Toner Edward Trantham Sherry Tubb jimmy Turner Michael Turner Margaret Turney Van L'berman Roberta Unclerwnod Sallie lflley Reba Valkman Junior Class jan Waltman Charles Walts Valerie Warren William Watters Tanya Weatherly 'G' Walter Weinman Dennis Welborn jim Wfells Bill Werner Cathy West Cindy Wilcox Sarah Wilcox johnny Willianis Liz Williams Roger Williams Cindy Willoughby "We-'re always in a Good Humor after the game," explains Larry Ivy. I8O 93? fw- Tracy Wilmoth hi- ii Jeanie Winfield Von XVolfe Bonnie Wood Candy Wood Dare-nda Wood Kristy Woodall Bill Woodrich Bob Woodrich Peggy Wooclyard Linda Worrall Clifton Wright Harry Wynne Mike Young Vickie Zaczek Barbie Zager Kyle Yeates m john Zihlman r Vivianne Zimme an Greg Wilson Roselyn Wilson Suzanne Wfilson s Ss. J x A" ig ...-' is " , xi 1 wg i at .- 'TN fb- ' 13"-' ,Fun :"'S f y..-wp 'P ' . it' N-.-... q"'Y! 45 LP' rf XX Nl' 3 .fs ig 44 ,, 'fs' . M F54 v- 'C 5, 'Vs g-X HN 'j Nr "What do you mean, I'm being drafted ?" asks Sally Carpenter as Mike Bomar and Pam Hardwick break the grim news. Greg Ainsworth John Anable Ronnie Andon Debbie Andrews Dennis Biram M'elodi Bolton Greg Bridges Bobby Broom Gary Brown Lex Brown Prissy Brown Jan Burk Roy Burkhart Thomas Burks Doug Burt Judy Carmichael Doug Chaney Lowell Childers Ladd Clark Marvin Clary Carmyn Collier Mike Coyne David Cumming Dwight Cumming John Cummings Sheri Daigle John Dresbach Judy Edmonds Mike Ewell Hank Faulder Randy Ferguson Darla Flanagain Bettie Foster Brice Gaither Not Pictured Joe Gandy Mike Garner Mike Gatlin Steve Gorrell Eddie Grady Tommy Hale Barbara Hamlin Eddie Hardesty Richard Henderson Billy Hermann Carl Huckins Bruce Humphries Beverly Ihnfeldt David C. Jackson Mike Jenson Judy Johnston Ron Kaczinski Henry Kee Gerre Knox Gayland Lawshe Barbara Logan Marie McKenzie Linda Martinez Sid Meglasson Jerry Miller Mary Lou Moilaneau Fred Moore John Morris Kenneth Norman Suzanne Norman Carl Onken Sarah Orms Ronnie Overbeek Joe Patton Robert Peacock Charles Pelton Janean Peters Denny Preissinge David Ray Bruce Rector Jim Richards Bobby Riney Bob Robertson Kathy Rumph Richard Sain Wayne Sanders Harold Simpson Jeff Smith Annette Stanley Prissy Smith James Stoddard Johnny St. John Steve Tate Patti Terrell 1' Margaret Thrasher Mike Touch'on Kenneth Trott Steven Turner Jan Uberman Ward Wakeland Tom Wall Tim Wallace Dan Watson Dennis Weeks Judy Wells Mike Wilson Robert Young Class of 1966 officers are Judy Jay, treasurer: Mike Stinson, vice- presidentg Debbie Campbell, secretaryg and Ray Pomykal, president, Senior Class A pushing, shoving mob charged their way to register for classesg thus, the senior class of 1966 began "their year." Settling down to classes, seniors found term themes and Macbeth's ghost haunting them throughout the fall semester. Football provided sports excitement with a shut-out over Paschal, handing district to the senior dominated team. Then came . . . election of senior class officers . . . countless trips to the counselor . . . semester finals. Magazine sales by ambitious seniors paid the way for traditional parties and activities . . . the picnic at Camp Carter on Senior Day the party at First Methodist Church . . . the ban- quet and formal dance. All of these culminated with Baccalaureate services and graduation night, when misty-eyed seniors said good-bye to child- hood and welcomed a new life. Steve Robinson, Mike Riley, john Hawkins listen to Austin College representative. ffl' fb' V na "vt,-:rl .-Q. Aouhu. OB ARNOLD 'J Club, YCF, LA, 2 yrs, Sports- lmnnship Committee ILL ATKINSON INMS, Lab Asst, LA, Band, 3 IYIS IERRY AUSTIN 'Truck, 5 yrs, A Football Mgr., A Club, 3 yrs IANCY BAACK 'YCFL AY, PPI, Chorus ARBIE BADGETT AY, 2 yrs, PE Asst. JENISE BAILEY AY, 3 yrs, AY Rep., SC Alter- nate 'ABI BAKER ANE BALDRIDGE J Club, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, De:m's Asst, AY, 2 yrs :IARY BALDWIN SC Rep., Football, 3 yrs, Track, Azle, Texas 'RISSY BANDEEN J Club, LA, 2 yrs, HR Officer, 5 yrs, JJ Staff Q' .1 SHERRY ADAINII AY, 2 yrs BEVERLY ADABIS LA, 2 yrs, J Club, 2 yrs, HR Officer, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs PATRICIA ADAIYIS J Club, LA, DE, Band SHARON AKERS CAROL ALBERTS AY CI-IERYL ALDRICI-I LA, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, FPI, 3 yrs, Lab Asst. SHARON ALLEN AY, 3 yrs, Tri-Hi-Y, LA, Coun- selor's Asst. JUDY ALLIS AY. 2 yrs, FPI, JA JANICE AMMONS SC Rep., LA, 2 yrs, AY, Coun- selor's Asst. PAT AMOS AY, 2 yrs, Baseball, 5 yrs, All- 'Districtg Track, 2 yrs, A Club, 2 yrs STEVE AMOS AY. 2 yrs, YCI7, FPI KATHY ANDERSON AY, 3 yrs, EPI, Volleyball, GIC, Pres. TOMMY ANDERSON AY, SC Rep. VUALTER ANDERSON JUDY ANDREVU S YCFQ AY. 2 yrs, FPI, Chorus SUSAN ANDREWS AY, 3 yrs, FPI, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, GIC, 2 yrs DEAN ANTHONY HR Officer, 5 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, J Club, B Football LYNN ARLINGTON FNA, 2 yrs, GIC, Officer, AY, 2 yrs KENNETH ARMSTRONG ROTC, DE LYNN ARMSTRONG AY, 5 yrs, YCF, FPI, GIC I83 Senior Class 4-tl .4 GAI L BECKER 44-J Sl 'NO' xx l84 WOODY BARNES AY SUSAN BARSE AY, 5 yrs, JJ Staff, GIC, Office Asst. JOHN BARTHOLOMEXV Band, 2 yrs, Lab Band, Orch, LA BETSY BASS AY, 2 yrs, Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., H Staff, 2 yrs DEE BATTS A Football, 2 yrs RUTH ANN BAUGHMAN GIC, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, YCF CRAIG BEAL AY OLGA BECERRA AY, 3 yrs AY, 3 yrs, GIC, Officer, Nurse's Asst., YCF MIKE BELL PE Asst Basketball, Baseball, NMS Letter of Commenclationg Boy's Chorus Houston, Texas EMILY BENEVENTI HR Pres., AY, Lab Asst. BETH BENTSON I Club, 2 yrs, LA, HR JEANIE BERTRAM J , Y Staff, JJ staff PATTI BIANCOSINO AY, 2 yrs, HR Sec. ELDA BISHOP AY, 5 yrs, AY Rep Sextet, DE GLENN BLACK AY, 2 yrs, DE, Track KATHY BLACKMON AY, 3 yrs, YCF TERESA BLANTON AY, J Club, LA, SC ROSANNE BOBBITT jj staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., AY, 2 yrs, YJ Rep, TOM BORGESON Track Letterman, 3 yrs, AY, 3 yrs Club 2 rs, LA, 2 yrs, YJ Sec., AY , Double -rr' MAA 1- '- I . T 1 Zucht holds the lucky number which allowed h to register for classes. JOANN BOSWELL AY, 2 yrs LINDA KAY BRALY AY Officer, 2 yrs, FTA Officer, 2 yrs, J Club, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs PAM BRAZIEL Dean's Asst., Chorus, PE Asst. FRANKIE BREWER J Club, 2 yrs, LA, SC Rep., AY CHARLES BROOIVI JAELINE BROWN JJ Stuff, EPI Officer, J Club, 2 yrs, Quill and Scroll LAURA BROWN BJ Sec., Library Asst., 3 yrs, J Club, AY PEGGY SUE BROWN DE, AY, FHA, Hal- tom High School VICKI BROWN AY, Office Asst. STEPHEN BRUTON B Basketball, AY, 3 yrs, YCF MARSLAND BUCK HR Sec., SC, AY, 3 yrs THAD BUELL Band, 5 yrs, ROTC ANDY BURKS AY, 3 yrs, EPI, 3 yrs, An- nual Rep, BILL BUSBY BARBARA BUSHELL AY, EPI DON CALHOUN YCF FRAN CAMERON AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, 2 yrs DEBBIE CAMPBELL Senior Alternate Cheer- leader, Sportsmanship Committee, YCF Exec- utive Committee, LA, 5 yrs SUSIE CARPENTER TIM CARPENTER Cheerleader, 2 yrs, YCF Pres., SC, 2 yrs, AY Executive Council, 2 yrs KIRI CARRELL ROTC, FPI, AY MARY ANNE CARROLL YJ Staff, Copy Ed., SC, HR Pres., LA ANITA CARTER J Club, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs Senior Class 0d"X wmv 1-fvflv v-'Y .Z BETH CARTER YCF, AYg Tri-Hi-Y CAROL CARTER AY, 3 yrs, PE Asst, YCF, CHRIS CARTER Track, 3 yrs, LA, AY TERRY CARTER Golf, Basketball, Abilene, 'J KIPP CASTEN ROTC ANN CERNUTO Hy-Femzg AFS, La Jolla, Calif. LINDA CHAMBERLAIN Red Crossg AY, 5 yrs, FPI, 2 yrs, LA, 2 ERIC CHASE B Basketball, AY, 2 yrsg A Basketball Cod 6 if-04 'f"Y"' l i V l -Q. BILLIE CHICK SC Sec., AY, 3 yrsg FTA, 3 yrs, I Club, 2 yrs DENNIS CHILDERS Band, Fairborn, Ohio CATHY CHOATE DE, AY BITSEY CIRKAL SC, 2 yrsg Red Cross Vice-Pres. BOB CLARE HR Pres.g YCF I l s Danelle Robertson of FSA, Cathy Weltin of FNA, and Nancy O'Neall of FTA battle Ramah Vaughan of FFA CFuture Fortunetellers of Americaj for "sophomore" Brooks I-Iarrington's membership in their organizations during the Howdy Week program. N VID CLARK Y, 2 yrsg YCF, 2 yrs QE CLARK Clubg HR Sec.g AY, 3 yrsg Efnnis .N CLARK KI CLARK K, 2 yrsg FTA, Carter River- de High School NALD COBB ootballg jj Stuff SKI COCKERELL 'ri-Hi-Y, 2 yrsg AYg YCE EON COFFMAN .RI COGGESHALL SY HY CO LE T IR Officer. 3 yrsg AY, 3 yrsg L KCF, 2 yrsg LA, 2 yrs IACY COLE .Ag J Clubg YCEg Basketball w-.ay 'X uv 'YT sd PJ Q-"V x..v K 16 ANN COLEMAN AY, 3 yrsg LAQ Office Asst. JUDY COLLINS AY , 5 yrsg J Clubg LAg HR Sec. H iv ANN CONNER AY, 2 yrsg JJ and YJ Rep. Office Asst CANDY COPPLE AY, 3 yrs: FPlg 2 yrsg YCF THERESA CORLEY AY, 2 yrsg jj and YJ Rep Soph. Sec., Pomera. California WAYNE CORNELIUS AY SI-IERRY COVUAN DALE COX YCFQ AY3 JA PHYLLIS CRABB AY, 3 yrs SUSAN CRADER YCF, 3 yrsg AY, 3 yrsg FTAQ EPI LINDA CRENSHAVU MARIE CROY AYg JA RONNIE CURRY AY, 2 yrs RANDY CUTCHIN HR Pres.g AY, 3 yrsg B Basket- ball and Mgrg LA MADELINE DAIGLE AY, 3 yrs: SC Alternateg LA JUDY DANIEL AYg YCFg Office Asst., 2 yrs ., .Au w 'mg 3 . 5 ' 1 'K il lil tg V if .S . li '- li in PI fl a.lq.,1 IAQ? in i?l, 5. N 12 Q1 1: if li x' '. lin '. 1.574 'ls .2 9 Ili lit .WI ill! iii rf., iw i.j ll' I . L , . . lf' l- I ? i E s al ff "Let me entertain you," croons Tim Carpenter JAN DAVIES AY, 2 yrsg JA DONNA DAY AY, 3 yrs, LA, Office Asst., HR Officer VICTOR DEAN AY, YCFg Intramural Baseball MANDY DELLOW Band, 3 yrs DEBBY DEVANEY LA, AY, 3 yrsg YCF, 3 yrs. DELL DICKERSON AY, Intramural Foot- ball in! W-5 ...z TED FAY Football, 3 yrs, Basket- ball, Baseball, 3 yrsg A Club, Vice-Pres. LEAH FELITON AY RANDY FERGUSON GEORGE FERRIER AY, 5 yrs, Most Tal ented Finalist, 2 yrs FP! JERRELL FESTER FPI, Vice-Pres., BJ, 2 yrs, J Club, 2 yrsg LA, 2 yrs RONNIE FIELDER "'9 SID FIKES AY SHERYL FILLINGIM PATI DICKEY AYQ HR Officerg Soph. Favo Finalistg Volleyball DEBORAH DISNEY Tri-Hi-Yg HR Sec., Offi' s,.,,,.. Asst., YCF I JOHN DOCKINS 1 DONALD DODGEN Golf, 3 yrs DEE DEE DOUGLAS AY, 2 yrsg FPl KAREN DREXEL ,I-Ii4Y CONNIE DREYFUSS DE THOMAS DUNCAN ROTC MIKE DURBIN AY BENITA DUVALL SC Rep. CAROLYN EARLE NMS Semi-Finalist, Girls' Tr LINDA EASTMAN AY PATRICK ECK B Football, Lab Asst., 2 yrsg and jj Rep, LINDA ELLINGSON SC Repg Lab Asstg AY, 3 CONNIE ELLINGTON AY DOUG EMRICH CARY ETHRIDGE AYg YCFg FPlg Tri-Hi-Y CAROLYN EVANS AY, FSA, DE DAVID EVANS Golf GAIL FAIRRIS SC Alt., AY Rep.g YCF, yrsg Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs DE, Vice-Pres., AY, YCFg T AY, 3 yrsg HR Officer, jj Re and Softball, Limestone, Ma '-lf T FITZGERALD eenage jury KY FITZHUGH ri-Hi-Y Officer, Spanish Club, ossier City, Lu. AL FLOYD KE FLUHARTY panish Club, Nice-ville, Fla. EL FORREST A RIAN FORRESTER 'Pl Pres., SC Rep., Tri-Hi-Y ec.g AY, 3 yrs lNlELA FOXVLER Y, 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrs, FPlg R jj Rep., 2 yrs KE D. FOX Club, 2 yrs, Football, 3 yrsg rack, 3 yrs, HR Pres., 3 yrs. KE H. FOX Y, 3 yrs, Football, 2 yrs BHNIY FRANK ntramurnl Baseball, Track, AY CF OSANNE FRASER FPlg AY ARRY FREEMAN ALTER FRISBY ANDY FROST AROL FRY Tri-Hi-Y, AY, FPlg Dcrufs Asst. -Q" -al l l ,I ,Ax N ' T x . QQ A , . I X? X X v l I "What pink elephant?" smirks Kerry Kelly. S0 lf-1 Q? X--v . all T A Qu A ...Z K 'Q ,-+4 -J N-.4 .--' ' I 5 I si .JI '09 LINDA FULLER FNA3 HR Treas: English , A14 PAU LA FULLER Tri-Hi-Yg AYg YCFg FPI SHARON FURCHE Tri-Hi-YQ SC Altemateg Smffg DE Pres. DANA PUTCH Band, 3 yrsg ROTC DAVID FUTCH ROTC ALICE GAFFORD AYQ FPlg GIC, 2 yrsg YCF CAROL GAMMONS FNA, 2 yrs JOE GANDY BRUCE GARDNER ROTC CONNIE GARRISON Chorus accompanistg I Club, yrsg LA, 2 yrsg Tri-Hi-Y LYNN GARWOOD AY, 3 yrs, YCF, Coun- selor's Asst. PHILIP GEI5 Band, 3 yrs, Research Groupg Texas Academy of Science RICHARD GERIK AY, 3 yrs DANNY GIBSON AY, SC Rep.g Football, Knob Noster, Mo. SUSAN GILDER AY, HR Officer, 2 yrs PETE GILFEATHER yrs, LA, HR Presf MARSHA GILL yrsg YCF, 2' yrs JAY GILLEN yrs BILL GOODWIN Tracld AY, FPlg YCF JACK GORDON -- Trackg Intramural Sports STEVE GORSKI YCF1 AY, 3 yrs EDDIE GRADY VICKI GRAMMAR YCF, FPI, 3 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, Chorus, 2 yrs JOEL GREGORY SC Rep., ROTCQ Biol- 'sf' ogy Society, Research Group RICK GRIFFITH Track, Z yrs, AY, 2 yrs, FPlg YCF CATHY GRUBBS AY, YCF, DE Iv' IAINE HAI-IN 'YCFQ Tri-Hi-Y ROL HAIRSTON ll Club, AY, 3 yrs, SC Rep., Office Asst, 5 yrs. KROL HALL LIFFORD HALL FPlg AY ,ROME HALL Baseball, 2 yrs, Letterman, AY, 2 yrs IKE HALL ROTC, 5 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs ISAN HALL AYQ DE .IDY I-IALPERN AY, 2 yrsg YCF, 2 yrs ILL HALSEY Track, 2 yrsg YCF, 2 yrsg AY, 2 yrs, Intramural Football USIE HAMILTON -IA, 2 yrs, U Staff, FPl, 3 yrs NMS Semi-Finalist, AY, 2 AY, 5 yrs: Chorus, FPI, 2 Intramural Sports, AYQ 2 l The football spirit of Bitsey Cirkal, Marslancl Buck, Linda Leonhart, Benita Duvall, and Diane Hatchett is undampened by the rain. VIRGINIA GRUBBS BILL GUNN AY, 3 yrsg A Club, 2 yrsg Football, 3 yrsg Track, 3 yrs RICHARD HADDAWAY YCF, 3 yrs, AY, 3 yrsg LA -,J -,,. wr-5-v -A l '.,-I ...I i md pd lm. ..n..., Senior Class BELINDA HANBY AY, 2 yrs, FPL 2 yrs, JA, 2 INGER HANSEN SC Rep., 3 yrs, J Club, A' yrs, Office Asst., 2 yrs BILL HARDAGE HR Pres., 3 yrs, Football, 3 A Club, 2 yrs, AY, 2 yrs KEN HARDEE NMS Semi-finalist, LA, 2 AY, 3 yrs, BJ BARRY HARPER JEFF HARPER ROTC JOHN BROOKS HARRING'I JJ Staff, Ed., Track, 3 yrs, 2 yrs, A Club CARROL HARRIS AY, 3 yrs, AY Rep. SANDRA HARRIS AY, 2 yrs, YCF, FSA, 2 yrs JENENE HARRISON JON ANN HARRISON Chorus, 2 yrs, AY, DE MARVIN HATCHER AY, Intramural Sports DIANE HATCHETT SC Rep., AY, 2 yrs, J Club, Z yrs RUTH ANN HAVERSTOCK AY, J Club, HR Officer HOLLY HAVUK AY, 2 yrs "You always did forget to dot your trees," says Pati Dickey to Barbara Scaling. ,.., DY HAWKINS Y, JA N HAXVKINS pndbook Comm., AY, YCF, yrs, Intramural Football N HAYNIE Y, 3 yrs, DE EG HENDERSON TC, A Band, J Club, AY A HENDRIX , I-IR Pres., Pep Squad, Y- leens, 2 yrs, Bossier, La. SIALD L. HICKMAN Band, 5 yrs, Lab Band, 2 yrs K HICKS IRON HICKS Y, 5 yrs .3 JIELA HILL " horus, 5 yrs, Double Sextet, egion X Choir, 2 yrs, AY, 3 s ,LY HILL Y SIDRA HILL Y, YCF 54 KI HILLAKER , J Club, HR Officer, SC lternate ODY HINES ,A, YCF LE HINZ Waseball Mgr, 2 yrs, Intramural orts RY I-IOALDRIDGE trnmural Sports HOGAN 2 yrs HORN , 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs, Typing 2 yrs A I-IORNE FPI, YCF HOVERSTADT J Club, 2 yrs, YCF, rs Fa-. orite, Red Cross Pres, Executive Comm., Cheer- 3 yrs CHARLES HUBER YCFg DE ' JOHN HUCHTON A Band, 2 yrs, BJ j HOXVARD HUDLER AY, 2 yrs, Basketball, 2 yrs XVAYNE HHEPPELSHEUSER SOLIIINYCSI AY Pres., I-IR Pres. LARRY IVY EPI, YCF, AY ROGER JACKSON AY: Track, YCF ROGER JANSSEN SC Rep.: AY, 3 yrs, YCI7 JIM JARVJS Football Mgr.. 2 yrs, J Club. 2 yrs, LA, HR Officer, 3 yrs f"T7 .1 .L Jsfx JUDY JAY JJ Staff, AY, 3 yrs, J Club, HR Officer, 3 yrs CINDY JELLEY AY, 2 yrs, JJ Rep,, YCF Lois JENKINS AY, 5 yrs, AY Rep., vcr CHARLES JETTON AY, YCI7, Track JUDY JOHNSON RICK JOHNSON Track, YCF, 2 yrs, AY 2 yrs : Senior Class va wp,-W..-f-'-" T Cigars, cigarettes, incligestionf' hawks Kathy Rumph. -d -J -...., 'J' NM "' -us., if 'se-7 ,fd W:-1' DEBBIE JONES AY, 2 yrs, LA, Typing A HR Sec, I JIM JONES Track, 2 yrs, Lab Band, 3 yrs, AY RUTHANN JONES J Club, 2 yrs, LA, ,U Staff, soc. Ed., AY, 2 yrs SI-IELIA JORDAN AY, YCF PAM JOYCE SC Rep., 2 yrs, J Club, 2 LA, 2 yrs, GIC, 3 yrs , KATIE JUSTICE AY, 2 yrs, YCF KERRY KELLY AY, 3 yrs, SC Rep., 2 yrs, Y Office Asst. KATHI KENNON J Club, LA, SC Alt., AY DAVID KENT Track, AY, Intramural Sport DOUGLAS KINCAID LA, HR Pres., AY, YCF MELINDA KING AY. 2 yrs, YCE f CHRISTINE KIRK LA, AY, 3 yrs, YCF, "I'm having an elf over for tea," explains Mac Wear to Judy Zerclecki and John Walker. if Office Asst. 5 KIM KIRKLEY Wrestling, Z yrs, Okla' I homa City, Okla. LINDA KIRKPATRICK 'x t f +I "D -N CURTIS KLEVEN X , V Track, 3 yrs, Letterman If f , I ELAINE KLIMIST ' ...Q AY. 5 yrs, Tri-Hi-Y, 477, Q Sergeant-at-Arms, EPI, ' I Gic l RUTH ANN KNAACK JULIA KOERNER I Qi N9 f A 'A .. MIKE Kosco mi " CHUCK KRAUSS Q NANCY KROG A Tri-Hi-Y, 5 yrs, Chap! Q' lain, AY, 3 yrs, YCF, ' 1 Physics Lab Asst. " CANDY KROON f AY, 3 yrs, Tri-Hi-Y, 'Q C Sergeant-at-Arms, EPI, . FTA, 2 yrs 2 . , SHARON KRULL - ' Tri-Hi-Y, .FPl, 5 yrs, . PNA, 2 yrs, AY, 5 yrs , A KATHY LAKEY ., YCF, AY, Tri-Hi-Y, SC Rep: RICHARD LAMBERT . Band, 3 yrs, Lab Band, Orch, VAN LANE AY, 3 yrs, YCF, Red Cross USSEL LAWLER 'ONI LEE CH Cheerleader, YCF, 3 yrs, Soph- ,omore Favorite, AY, 3 yrs EEVE LE GATE OTT LENNOX EPI 2 yrs, AY, 2 yrs, YCF INDA LEONHART 'AY, 2 yrs, HR Pres. ISAYLE LEWIS AY, 2 yrs, Office Asst., Chorus, YCF LICHARD LIGGIT AY, Annual Staff, Newspaper Staff. St. Grcgurys XNN LILLAGORE YCF, 2 yrs, I Club, Z yrs, AY 5 yrs, SC Rep. 'ENNY LIVINGSTONE AY, Chorus, PE Asst., Ohio, YCF .INDA LONG AY, YCF JOHN LANFORD AY, Pres., YCF, Execu- tive Council 2 yrs, Base- ball, 2 yrs, YJ Stuff Student Life Editor' LYNDA LANGDON AY, Chorus BOBBY LARANCE -0' xg, T' Q T17 -1 .Q- -pf Lihnmnh Senior Class I96 BEN LOUGHRY Cheerleader, 2 yrsg Baseball, 3 yrs, SC Rep.g Sophomore Favorite Finalist MIKE LUDINGTON AY, 2 yrsg Track JOE LYLE Intramural Football and Basketball PECK IXICABEE Football, 2 yrs, A Club, 2 yrs STEPHEN MCALISTER RICHARD MCCLAIN ROTC, Rifle Team, 3 yrsg Rifle Team Captain BOBBY BICCLEARY AY Rep., 2 yrsg Intra- mural Football and Baseballg FPIQ YCF ,MICI-IELE INICCLURE -I Club, 2 yrsg LA, 2 yrsg AY, 3 yrsg YCF, 3 yrs VIRGINIA MCDONALD ,. Office Asst.g Choir, Bossier City, La, LINDA MCDUFF AY, 3 yrsg YCF, 2 yrs, PE Asst., Counsel0r's Asst. BEVERLY MCFALL AY, 3 yrsg J Clubg FPI SKIP MCGARRAH AYg Intramural Foot- ball DIANE MCGUFFEE Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrsg JJ Rep., 3 yrs, AYQ Chorus DON MCINTIRE AY 7 yrs' YCF 7 rs "What do you mean homecoming is next month? gasp Mike Self Marcie Simmons. 1 . My -Q, Ql DONNA McKAY FPlg 2 yrs, Trial-Ii-Y, 2 yrsg YCFg AY, 3 yrs MELANIE MCMA!-ION AY, 2 yrs PAT MCMAHON YCF, 2 yrsg AY CAROLYN MCNEAL AY, 2 yrs RONNIE MCNUTT Tcnnisg AY, Intramural Football TOM MCRAE AY MARK MACHA Chemistry Lab Asst.g Freshman Football, Ruskin H.S,, Mo. PAMELA MACHA FNA: AYQ Math Asst.g Typing Asst. IXIICI-IAIZI. BIACKEY ROBERT MACKEY SC, Interact Club, Board of Directors, Varsity Swim Team, Pensacola, Fla, Math Club CAROLE INIADAR AY, 2 yrs, DE, Sec, Treasg YJ Rep. LYNN MADDOX AY, 3 yrs, SC, Execu- tive Comm., La, YCF, 5 yrs GAYLE INIAHAR AY, FNA, French Club, Pol. Science Club, Windsor Locks, Conn. DAVID MALONE YCF, AY DON MANSIR Track, 3 yrs, A Club, 2 yrs, AY. 3 yrs, YCF GENEVIEVE MAON American Field Service Scholarship Student, lA MARSHA MARTIN AY, FPl, National Honor Society, Jr. Class Treas., Dainger- field, Texas XVANDA MARTIN AY, PPI, FSA TERRY MARTINEZ Band. 5 yrs, Chorus, 3 yrs, AY, 2 yrs JUDY MASKE SC, Vice-Pres., HR V Safety Council WARREN MASSEY Tennis, 2 yrs, FPI, AY, JOHN MATHERS JA ice-Pres., German Club, Sec., Rep. to Ft "'Y Intramural Football JERRE RIAXXVELI.. JIBI RIAXWELL A Band, 3 yrs JABIES RIAYS Track, 3 yrs, A Club INIARK BIAYS AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 5 yrs, YJ Staff Photography Ed., SC Rep. Alter- nate DAVID MEASURES LA, ROTC, Drill Team, 2 yrs, Batallion Staff DAVID MEFFORD J Club, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, Track Mgr., 5 yrs, HR Pres JUDY MEHAFFY HR Officer, Tri-Hi-Y, Atten- dance Officer, AY, JJ Rep. SHIRLEY MELTON AY, 2 yrs, Tri-Hi'Y, Sergeant- at-Arms TOM MELTON J J Club, 2 yrs, LA, HR Pres., Y Staff, Managing Ed. . Worth Senior Class WARREN MELTON DE, ROTC VICTOR MICHELS Band, 2 yrs, Chorus, 5 yrsg r Region and All-City-Chorus JERRY INIILLER JOE PETE MILLER Band, Youth for Christ, Rang Texas LINDA MILLER HUGH MOF F ATT J Club, 2 yrsg Lab Band, 3 ' fx-46 wr 'Q' Band, 3 yrs, NMS Semi-fina JERRELL MONCRIEF DE JEF F MONTAGUE AY MICHAEL MOON Science Fair, Fairborn, Ohio ...- .r JUDY MooRE wwf-r AY, 2 yrsg JA MARK MOORE Trackg Basketball, 2 yrs TOMA MOORE YJ Staff, 3 yrs, Ed.g ,U Staffg J Club, 2 yrs TONY MOORE YCFg AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, 2 yrs SANDRA MORGAN LA, AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, Z yrs xxx x A .N A-.V Q "x "Let's see . .. D-a-v-Ld M-e-f-f-o-r-d . . ." copies Jim Jarvis. iQ Qin .,., i 5 X DDIE MORRIS XY LEE MORRIS ,ncl, 5 yrs, BJ. Officer, NMS tter of Cnmmenclntiong J Club l'E MORRIS mnis Letterman, 2 yrsg LA3 CFQ AY, 2 yrs INIORRISON nd, 5 yrs, Drum Majorg ltndg J Club. 2 yrs, SC LINIS DIORTON ?l, 3 yrs I TY MORTON Y, Rorc, 5 yrs :RY PEPPER MORTON Lab ttramural Footballg YCFg AY IAH IVIURRAY Y, 3 yrs: SCQ LAg J Club N IXIURPHY ,Clubg HR Officerg Football, Y sr MURPHY Jotball, 3 yrsg AY, 3 yrsg HR res.g YCF 1 IWJ. -A Nl LONNIE MUSICK DAN MUSTARDE AYg LA KAY MYERS AY, 2 yrsg YCFQ Art Asst. JAYNE BIYLIUS AY, FPIQ SC Alter- nateg JJ Staff LINDA NAIL FPIQ Counselofs Asst., AY JUNE NEATI-IERLY ELSA NEAVES Chorus, 3 yrsg AY, 2 yrs BRETT NELSON MIKE NELSON Football, 3 yr Letter- man: AY, 3 yrs, Trackg Baseball CAMILLE NEXWSOM Chorus, 3 yrsg AYg YCFQ FPI PAM NICHOLS Art Asst.g AY,' 2 yrsg SC Alternate, JJ Rep PATTI NICHOLS AY, 2 yrsg EPI, YJ Rep.g DE NICK NIMS LAg Track STEVE NOONKESTER Intramural Track KENNETH NORMAN AY, 3 yrs VALORIE NORSTRUD GIC Kqfff ,-7 -Q l Y-f -..-I A Li.-:YY i X I gp X . . I , ill--'-- ' I 'fi :QL I " .,, yy flfks-.jfv s , ,, .1 ,X ,i gr -Its - ' .sim - I Y X' .I E I fl ,1- IL - I l. 3 ' -E' V I l l K I X 'Ev ' I 1 Iliff , I I .spy 1 i- I Il 4-I I I :,, sa? .' , . Y h,,....'7-fl, .L , . -, P 'Z l .Q:' Pry, 311, I R322 ' LJ., 5.5 fy "One or two practical jokes are O.K., but tree?" asks Kelle Snyder. I99 GARY PIUGEN Intra m u r al Baseball, Football DONNA O'BRIEN JJ Staff, sc Rep., AY CARL ONKEN SHARON O'SHIELDS Outstanding English Stu- dent, National Honor Society, Pep Club, Jun- ior Play Staff, Liberal, Kansas PENNY OWEN AY, 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs, EPI, Chorus STANLEY OWEN AY, YCFg HR Pres., Intramural Football ti' sl" . .wa -1 RAY POINIYKAL Football, 3 yrs, HR I Pres., 3 yrs, SC, J Club "1 CYNTHIA PORTER I YCF, JJ Staff, HR f L,-.- Treas. JERRY PORTER DARRYL POU RICHARD POWELL Lab Band, 2 yrs, Direc- tor, Orch, 3 yrs PAULA PRESSLEY FPl, 3 yrs, J Club, HR Sec., Nurse's Asst., 3 yrs JAMES PRINDLE Math Club, ROTC Staff BUTCH PURSELLEY Football, 3 yrs, Track, AY, 2 yrs DONNY PACE Intramural Football, Baseba JANICE PADEN YCF, AY, 3 yrs, PE Asst. BILL PARKER Math Club, ROTC Staff, L Team SAM PARKER EUJEANA PASCHALL AY, 2 yrs JOHNNY PATTON DENNIS PECK JULIE PELTON JJ, News Editor, LA, Yi Dean's Asst, ARTHUR PERRY DANA PERRY DOYLE PERRY Band, Annual Staff, Tokyo, pan ROD PERRY Track, FPI JUDY PETERSON AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrs, LA, yrs, J Club, 2 yrs SUE PETTIT JJ Staff, NMS Letter of Co mendation, J Club, Girls Sext 2 yrs GRANT PHIFER FPI, 3 yrs, Senior Rep., I Asst., FTA BOB PHILLIPS AY, 2 yrs CINCO PHILLIPS AY, 2 yrs, Track, Intramui Football, YCF GRETCHEN PHILLIPS AY, 3 yrs, YCF, JJ Staff JIM PHILLIPS AY, YCF, 2 yrs, JA PAMM PIERSON Caehe, Oklahoma AY, FPlg Cheerleader, 2 yi ,su T lx. iARY QUALLS LMA RACKLEY AY, YCF, Counselors Asst. INDA RAGAN Chemistry Lab Asst,, AY, 2 yrs, YCF JONNA RAISH EPI, FTA YANNA RANKIN AY, 5 yrs, DE OREST RATCLIFF Football, 3 yrs, AY PAVID REDXVINE Track, 5 yrs, NMS Letter of Commcndation, SC Rep., YCF ATHY REED AY, 3 yrs, Chorus, 3 yrs, Girls Sextet, 2 yrs, EPI, 2 yrs ALLY REESE AY, 3 yrs, YCI7, EPI IIKE REILLY J Club, A Club, Sec,-Trc:ls,, Football, Tri-Captain, 3 yrs, Baseball, 3 yrs ONDAI. REXROAT Band 2 yrs DANNY RICH JA, 2 yrs, Intramural Baseball, 2 yrs, Football IUDY RICHARDSON AY, 5 yrs, YCI7, DE, Historian, Sweetheart, SC Alt. COTT RICHARDSON AY, 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs ACK RIDLEY Track, 2 yrs, AY, 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs Senior Class my x -ds '. -.-.J-1' 4---5 V , lf I . , L i 51 rr--A :mf Y'T7'1:TZ'.fTTT7:l'3'?..",.",3 ' Ai Lazy 25 ,F i 5 M.-,N "' fi 'No, Mrs. Robinson, I haven't seen Patsy all day," says Mrs. Nadine Grigsby. 202 Nw DANA ROBINSON AYg YCF PATSY ROBINSON YCF, 5 yrsg AYg 5 yrsg Sec. 3 FTA STEVE ROBINSON YCFQ AYQ Baseball JUDY ROE AY, 2 yrsg HR Pres. FNAg YCF ANN ELLEN ROGERS AY, 3 yrsg EPI, 2 yrsg HR Officerg Tri-Hi-Y JUDY ROGERS AYg YCF DONNA ROBERTS AY, 5 yrsg HR Officer, 2 yrsg Red Cross JERRY ROBERTS French Club, 2 yrsg Keys Clubg Footlightc-rs Club, Grand Prai- rie, Texas JIM ROBERTS NANCY ROBERTS AY GEORGETTE RIGHTER AY, 5 yrsg Tri-Hi-Y, 2 2 yrsg BJ INIIKE RILEY Gulfg AY, 3 yrsg YCF ROBERT RINEY MIKE RITCHIE Basketball, 3 yrsg AYg ficer CHARLES ROACH ROTCg YCF yrsg I HR ROSE 7 ROSE LVIA ROWLAND Y, 5 yrs, YCF, Art Asst., PE isst. ffl-IY RURIPH .RIAN RUST 'NAg DE Asst., 2 yrsg FSA .NCY RUX land, 5 yrs, 1 Club, 2 yrs, BJ, yrsg TALA State Historian NNY RYKER .LE SADLER IY, 5 yrsg YCF, 2 yrs, Math Ilubg ROTC Officer JDA SANDS 'R Officerg AY, 3 yrs, FPlq IC Y SATTERXVHITE XY, 3 yrsg Dean's Asst., 2 yrs, LA, Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. 'L SAURENMANN RY, SC Rep. EQELEI SAVAGE 'TA, 3 yrs, Pres., J Clubg LA, I yrsg Office Asst., 2 yrs ERYL SAVILLE ,RBARA SCALING EY, 3 yrs, SC Rep. Alternate R Sec. N SCHAFFNER LCFQ AY, Math Club 415 'J ,,.4 .1 xd uv gn BILL SCHARLZ AY,3yw:YCF FREDDIE SHARP TOM SCHIEFFER Student Body Pres.g YCF, Vice-Pres. HR Pres, 3 yrsg Golf, 3 yrs ROBERT SCI-IMITT AY, 2 yrs, YCF, SC Rep.g Intra mural Football JIM SCHUTZA Band Captaing HR Vice-Pres., I Club YCF SHARON SCOTT MICHELE SEARS Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.g J Club, 2 yrsg ROTC Sponsor, HR Sec, 2 yrs IVIIKE SELF AY, 2 yrs, HR Officer, Intramural Sports GREG SHAMBAUGH FPlg AY: YCF GEORGE SHEPHERD Football, 2 yrs, AY Rep., FP1, 5 yrs SHERRY SHERIDAN AY, 5 yrs, YCF CAROLYN SHERRARD FNAQ AY, Pep Squad, North Side High School GLENN SHOEMAKE HR Treas.g YJ Rep.g Intramural, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs. DELENE SIMMONS AY, FSA ELAINE SIMMONS LA, AY, FSA 203 fwd -.., fi --'ff -Q--, ki r N44 JUDITH ELAINE STEWART EP1 JUDY STEWART Tfi.Hi.Y, YCF JUDY STIGALL AY, JA MIKE STINSON Football, 3 yrs, A Club Pres, Football Capt., AY Rep. LOUISE STOCKMAN GIC, 3 yrs PATRICIA STOLDT AY, FPI, Tri-Hi-Y MARCIE SIMMONS AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, 2 YCF, 3 yrs ANDYE SKUPAKA CAROLYN SMITH CHARLENE SMITH LA, YCF, 3 yrs, FNA, 3 GIC DON SMITH MIKE SMITH ROTC, Math Club SHARON SMITH Red Cross Rep., AY, SC History Asst., 2 yrs WHIT SMITH HR Pres., 3 yrs, YJ Staff, Si Class Ed., YCF, Intramural I ball JIMMY SNOW AY, 3 yrs, Intramural Foo SC, 2 yrs KELLE SNYDER SC Alt., AY, 3 yrs, J Office Asst. MARTHA SNYDER AY BETH SOURS HR Officer, AY, YCF CONEY SOUTHERLAND Track, 3 yrs, AY, A Club BETTYE SPENCER AY, 2 yrs, YCF, Math Club ARLYN SPRINGER Chorus JILL STANFIELD AY, YJ Rep, 2 yrs, HR V Pres, 2 yrs TONI STECHMANN HR Pres., Girls' League, Teens, Decca, Tucson, Ariz KATHY STELL AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, De: Asst. , CLAY STEPHENS Intramural Football SANDRA STEVENS J Club, LA, DE Y WALDO STREIN AY, Chorus CHINI STREITWIESER FTA, 3 yrs, YCF, Na- tional Jr. Honor Society Puerto Rico ELLEN STRICKLAND Double S e x te t, AY, Chorus, FPl MIKE SULLIVAN Band, 3 yrs, JA, AY r ,-' SUSIE SWANSON AY3 FSA DAN TALBOT YJ Staff, Ed., YCF, Treas., J Club, 2 yrs' -of SC, Rep. RAYMOND TARPLEY Research Group, AY, s LA ALLEN TAYLOR ROTC ROLYN TAYLOR lY, 3 yrs, FTA, 3 yrs, I Club, A DRA TAYLOR' horus, 3 yrs, Study Hall Asst. " Q, I TAYLOR RIE TAYLOR , Annual Newspaper Staff, '5 rama Club, Rudyard, Mich B TEAGUE lootball, 3 yrs, AY, 2 yrs, SC Alternate, YCF l lNE THAXTON KCF, Sec, SC, 3 yrs, I Club, 2 'rs, LA, 2 yrs iRY THOIXIAS Math Club, YCF i NNY THOMAS ,,. EPR Pres., Baseball, 3 yrs, AY, nrramural Football RIS 'THOMAS AY, Intramural Football ETHY THOMPSON CF, 2 yrs, Chorus, AY li'lJL.4An-. NlDA THOMPSON FPI, AY, 2 yrs IYLLIS THOMPSON OTC Drill Team Sponsor, SC nefnm, AY, JJ and YJ Rep. J Q LLY TOLSON '27 .Pl, AY, 2 yrs, JA Y TONER NCY TRAMMELL Y, 3 yrs, FPI, YCF "I'm glad she's counting hands instead of fingers, .J U at sl wa -0-4 .1 195 qs' .41 idol. .- ...xi x grins Arkansas fan Mike Young I 195 205 Senior Class Qff '0 '4' A 'TTT' ver? .M .I - -... .mln SHARON VAUGHN AY, 2 yrs, FPI, Library Asst. BEVERLY VICROY AY, Latin Certi- ficate Award, An- nual Rep., Pacelli High School, Col- umbus, Ga. OLIVIA WADE J Club, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, FPI, LA SUSAN WADE AY PFFT," goes Scott Lennox and his musket blow-gun. MEG WAGNER AY, 3 yrs, Office Asst., YCF, 2 yrs, FNA JOHN WALKER Track, 3 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, J Club, YCF 206 Joie TRAYNHAM AY ROYCE TROUT Science Club, Latin Club, Fr Club, Castleberry High Scl Fort Worth FRANCINE TRUSSELL AY, 2 yrs CHARLES TURNEY Band, 5 yrs, Orch., 5 yrs, City Orch., 2 yrs BETSY TYLER Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs, AY, 3 YCF, HR Officer MARGARET VAN DER VLI FPI, Treas. CRAIG VAN HAMMERSVEI Intramural Football BARBARA VAN NESS Dean's Asst., 3 yrs, AY, 2 Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs, Chaplain NANCY VAN ZANTEN AY, 5 yrs, FTA, HR P. Vice-Pres. RAMAH VAUGHN I Club, 2 yrs, Altrusa AW: ROTC Battalion Sponsor, Sec., 3 yrs JD WALKER 'IIP WALLACE if?- AY, 3 yrs, Baseball Manager NA L. WALSH 47.1, DINI VUALTER -f HR Pres., YCF, AY ZIPPY XVALTON AY, 3 yrs, Track AT XVARD J Club, 2 yrs, LA, 2 yrs, AY NN VUARE IINI XVARE lALE XVARILA nf, Track, 3 yrs LAINE WATKINS J Club, LA, AY, 3 yrs, Red Cross III-.L XWATSON SC Alt, Football, 3 yrs, AY, 2 yrs ACK XVATSON AY KAY XWATSON X ,wigs NMS Letter of Commendation, History Asst., 2 yrs, FNA, 3 yrs, Vice-Pres., SC Alt. low WATSON AY, 3 yrs LIERBY XVAY Football, 2 yrs, AY -Q-rr ef i 425-P X-' -:v f-x 2 TN? ,dai ----sv INIAC WEAR LA, AY, Chemistry Lab Asst., 2 yrs LORINDA WEBB Band, 3 yrs, TALA, District Sec., AY, J Club INIARCIA WEID ROTC Staff Sponsor, YCF, FP1, German Club, Program Chairman KAY WEIHER FPI, 2 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrs, Library, Nurse Asst. JOHN WELCH ROTC, All-City Colonel, Drill Team Commander, 2 yrs, Superior Junior Cadet, J Club, 2 yrs CATI-IY NVELTIN FNA, Pres., SC Rep., Nurse Asst. LARRY WESTINIORELAND ROTC, Drum and Bugle Corps, Bas- ketball Team, 3 yrs BOBBY XVHITESIDE Track, 3 yrs JACKIE VUIESE HR Officer, 3 yrs, J Club, LA, AY, 3 yrs JACK XVILEMON Track, 3 yrs, A Club, 3 yrs, AY, 2 yrs RANDY WILEY Intramural Football, AY, JA HELEN WILLARD AY, 3 yrs, HR Officer, LA, 2 yrs GARY WILLIAMS JERI WILLIAMS Tri-Hi-Y Sergmnt-at-Arms, YCF Counselors Asst., SC Alt. JOHN WILLIAINIS Math Club, YCF 207 Senior Class MARY WORD SC Rep., JJ Rep., PE Asst., AY MARGO WORTHAM AY, 2 yrs PEGGY WORTHINGTON YCFg AY, 2 yrsg HR Officer, Dean's Asst. JIM WORTHY Band, 2 yrsg Orch., 2 yrs, Lab Band, 2 yrsg AY JIM WRIGHT Rorc, 2 yrs, DE LARRY WRIGHT ANITA WYATT AY, Tri-Hi-Yg YCF SCOTT YANKEE A Club, Football, 3 yrs, AY, 3 yrs, j Club 2 yrs ' CATHERINE YARBOROUGH AY, FTA, YCF VICKI YATES Sportsmanship Comm. Alternate, SC, 2 yrs, I Club, 2 yrs, Ind. Arts Asst. 208 TERRY WILLIAMS DARLEEN WILLIARISON FPl CLIFTON WILLIS A Band, 3 yrs, Orch.3 AY, 2 yrs, YCF, 2 yrs GENE WILSON Chorus, 2 yrs, AY ROBERT WILSON Baseball Mgr., HR Pres., Youth for Christ, Vice-Pres, YCF, 3 yrs SONNY WILSON Intramural Football SUSIE WILSON AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrs KAYLA XVIMBERLY AY, Chorus JOHNNY XVINTER AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 2 yrsg German Club, Pres., -I Club MARTHA WISE AY, 3 yrs, YCF GLENNA WOFFARD FTA CHERYL WOOD AY, YCF, 2 yrs OXVEN WOOD AY, 3 yrs, YCF, 3 yrs SHARON WOODALL AYQ Tri- Hi - Yg YJ Rep., YCF CAREY WOODS Football 2 yrs JUDY YEATES HR Vice-Pres. MIKE YOUNG Tennis, 3 yrs . JUDITH ZERDECKI w ,J ROTC Sptmsofg AYg EPI N gf '-H4 LEE ZUCHT - - Track Queeng Tennisg VHR Officer, 2 yrsg AY 5 Rep., 2 yrs yf SUSAN BRUCE NANCY BLFKIN BARBARA ANN CLARK VICKIE JUNE CLARK CINDY LOU CLEMENTS THOMAS DUANE COTT BYRON Cox JACK DIEHL JIM DOOLEY DOREEN ERCK LEE FREEMAN PATRICK DAVID GALE RANDY GARLAND JOHN GIQERRY CHARLES HARRISON EN Not Pictured XVAYNE HIGGINS JIMMY HODGES LELAND HOWARD LEETY JUSTICE DENT LANEY BECKY MCDONALD CHARLES MCKEEN GAYLE MARIE MAHAR ROBERT MILLETT LARRY MITCHELL SHIRLEY MORGAN BARRY MURRAY RALPH NICHOLSON JOHNNY NOBLETT STEVE RITCHIE JOE ROOS DAVID ROGERS SHARON RUSHING MICHAEL SCHLEDORN JIM SIVALLS RAYMOND SMITH MARILYN STARLING KAY STEWART THOMAS TATOM SUSAN THEDE RAYMOND VALDERAS EDDIE WELLS GERALD WILLIAMS ANDREW' XVOMACK ACTIVITIES ABBREVIATIONS Allied Youth ...... Book jackets ........ Distributive Education . . . Footlight Players ........ Girls Intramural Council . . . ffzrkel IOIIHIIIZ ......,. Junior Achievement ...... Hugh Moffatt, only delegate from Heights at the Atom Conference, and Mr, Buford Neal of Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School tour exhibits at the Chicago congress, AY ...BJ .DE FPl GIC .. U JA Future Nurses of America .... . . . FNA Future Secretaries of America . . . FSA Future Teachers of America . . . FTA Leonards Award ...,...... . LA National Merit Scholarship . . . . . . NMS Orchestra ....,.............,. Orch. Reserve Officers.,Training Corps . . . . . . ROTC Student Council ............... ..... S C Yellow' fnrket ......... . . . YI Young Citizens Forum . . . . . . YCF Another day. Seize this moment And life will be too full for regret. Thanks: Photographic Arts, Mrs. W. P. Cranz Mrs. D. G. Talbot, YJ Staff. Topics A Club, 65 Allied Youth, 40-41 AY Beauty Contest, 29 AY Talent Show, 28 Band, 54-55 Baseball, 92-93 Basketball, 80-83 Cheerleaders, 102-103 Chorus, 56-57 DAR Award, 110 Dedication, 6-7 Distributive Education, 62 Fads, 32-33 Favorites, 116-121 Favorite Finalists, 122-123 Football, 70-78 Footlight Players, 44-45 Foreword, 4 Future Nurses of America, 59 Future Secretaries of America, 61 Future Teachers of America, 60 Facult Sharp, Mr. john B., 129, 210 Morrow, Mr. Twain, 129 Mandeville, Mr. Glenn, 22, 38, 128, 129 Hull, Mrs. Elizabeth, 129 Apperson, Miss Gail, 24, 133 Arseneau, Mr. Flavin, 62, 132 Austin, Mrs. Martha, 137 Barnes, Mr. Larry, 134, 139 Bradford, Miss Mary K., 136 Bransford, Mr. Milton, 134 Brian, Mrs. Sara, 65, 131 Burton, Mrs. Rosemary, 44, 136 Butler, Mrs. Mary, 54, 134 Carlisle, Mrs. Charleene, 134 Carson, Mr. George H., 136 Carter, Mr. Dayton, 137, 156 Caveness, Mrs. Frances, 41, 134 Coffman, Miss Sue, 24, 134, 139 Coon, Mrs. Frances, 14, 131 Cunningham, Mrs. Dixie, 131 Daniels, Mrs. Nan-Isca, 130 Edminster, Mr. Herbert, 24, 58, 132 Edwards, Mrs. Glenna Faye, 134 Eggleston, Mrs. jo Ann, 48, 137 Epps, Mrs. Oleta, 134, 135 Farr, Mrs. Hazel, 130 Fisher, Mrs. Mary, 130 Foust, Miss Mary Lynn, 61, 136 Garrett, Miss Kathryn, 42, 43, 133, 159 Students A Acker, Biff. Jr., 159 Adami, Sherry, Sr., 183 Adams, Beverly, Sr., 65, 183 Index German Club, 63 Girls' Intramural Council, 79 Golf, 90-91 Homecoming, 20-21 Homecoming Queen, 104 Howdy Week, 16-17 jacket journal Staff, 50-51 Junior Red Cross, 58 Lab Band, 55 Library Club, 63 Lunchroom, 30-31 Math Club, 65 Merit Scholarship Finalists, 111 Most Athletic, 109 Most Beautiful, 105 Most Friendly, 108 Most Handsome, 105 Mos: sfudiouk, we Most Talented, 107 Mostest Contest, 25 Mr. and Miss AHHS, 98-100 Gregory, Miss Mary Ann, 133 Grigsby, Mrs. Nadine, 130, 202 Halbert, Mrs. Bennie LaVelle, 24, 137 Hale, Miss Helen F., 103, 134 Hanley, Mrs. Kathleen, 22, 24, 133 Hernandez, Mrs. Carol B., 134 Hood, Mr. Don, 84, 137 Hood, Mrs. Mary, 63, 130 Hunter, Mrs. Gladys, 134 jackson, Mrs. Lillian, 136 Kahler, Mr. Edwin, 15, 131 Krauss, Mr. Herbert, 65, 131 Lay, Mrs. Junuetta, 62, 136 Lerret, Mrs. Elva, 131 Ludiker, Mr. Homer, 137 McCluney, Mrs. Evelyn B., 134 Marsh, Mrs. Mary, 6, 7, 15, 41, 133 Martin, Mr. jack L., 128, 130 Meyer, Mrs. Donna Joan, 14, 63, 134 Miller, Mr. Marvin, 130 Murphey, Mrs. Vivian K., 133 Nelson, Miss Hazel, 61, 136 Nickerson, Mrs. Sara, 133 Parmeter, Mrs. Lucille, 136 Phillips, Mr. Bob, 128, 132 Poston, Mrs. Flossie, 134 Prater, Mr. joe, 80, 81, 82, 137 Price, Mrs. Irene, 131, 139 Priddy, Mr. Merlin, 13. 24, 90, 91, 137 Adams, Craig, jr., 48, 159 Adams, Jenny, jr., 159 Adams, Lark, Jr., 159 Adams, Lou Ann, Soph., 141 Adams, Patricia, Sr., 56, 183 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists, 101 Orchestra, 56-57 Out of Town Trip, 18 Paschal Game, 19 Pep Rallies, 22-23 Postlude, 210 Ranch Day, 26-27 Registration, 14-15 ROTC, 46-49 Science Research, 64 Sextet, 57 Special Honors, 110 Spring Activities, 12-13 Student Council, 38-39 Student Faculty Volleyball Game, 24 Tennis, 88-89 Track, 84-87 Who's Who, 112-115 Yellow Jacket Staff, 52-53 Young Citizens Forum, 42-43 Quimby, Mrs. Betty, 133 Richards, Mrs. Christine, 59, 134 Richardson, M-r. Michael, 24, 92, 131 Roy, Mrs. Mitzi, 134 Sanders, Mrs. Velma, 130, 136 Sherman, Mrs. Christina, 150 Sherrod, Mr. joe, 133 Skupaka, Mrs. Betty, 132, 135 Snyder, Mr. james, 24, 136 Spratt, Miss Ianice, 130 Stanton, Mrs. Anne P., 52, 53, 135 Stevens, Mr. Archie, 131, 138 Stovall, Miss Dona Lee, 60, 132 Taylor, Mr. Willie, 136 Thompson, Mrs. Gene, 50, 135 Threlkeld, Mr. Garland, 24, 136 Tomlinson, Miss Montier Ve, 24, 130 Van Meter, Mr. Arch, 132 Walker, Mr. Dale, 14, 21, 24, 133, 13 Wardell, SfSgt. Roger, 42, 48, 136 Warren, Mrs. Mary F., 133 Watkins, Mrs. Dorothy, 130 Watson, Miss Betty Winn, 135 White, Mrs. Mary E., 136 Wieser, Mrs. Frances, 135 Wirsdorfer, Mr. George, 22, 41, 133 Wright, Mr. Phil, 136 York, Mr. James, 41, 133, 133 Adkins, Debbie, jr., 39, 47, 49. 159 Adolfson, jane, jr., 55, 159 Akers, Sharon, Sr., 183 Alberts, Carol, Sr., 183 Albin, Gary, Sopli., 141 2II Alcorn, Michael, Jr., 147, 159 Alderson, Dortha, Jr., 159 Aldrich, Cheryl, Sr., 183 Aldrich, Darwin, Soph., 55, 141 Alexander, Cheryl, Jr., 159 Alexander, Mike, Soph., 55, 141 Alford, Sherri, Soph., 141 Allen, Sharon, Sr., 183 Allis, Judy, Sr., 183 Allison, Cynthia, Jr., 79, 159 Allison, Ramie, Soph., 141 Altman, Joe, Soph., 46, 141 Alvarado, Anna, Soph., 141 Ambrose, Angela, Jr., 159 Ambrose, Vicki, Soph., 141 Ammons, David, Jr., 159 Ammons, Janice, Sr., 39, 183 Amos, Pat, Sr., 85, 90, 91, 183 Amos, Steve, Sr., 183 Anderson, Anderson, Kathy, Sr., 183 Anderson, Sam, Soph., 141 Anderson, Tommy, Sr., 183 Anderson, Walter, Sr., 185 Blanscet, Johnny, 160 Andon, Mary, Soph., 141 Andrew, Jimmy, Jr., 159 Andrews, Judy, Sr., 183 Andrews, Karen, Jr., 159 Andrews, Patti, Jr., 159 Andrews, Susan, Sr., 79, 183 Angle, Mark, Soph., 29, 120, 141 Anstead, Susan, 56 Anthony, Dean, Sr., 51, 183 Anthony, Glen, Soph., 141 Anthony, Laura, Jr., 88, 159 Aquilino, Arnold, Soph., 141 Archie, Richard, Soph., 141 Arlington, Bruce, Jr., 159 Arlington, Lynne, Sr., 79, 183 Armstrong, Kenneth, Sr., 47, 183 Armstrong, Lynn, Sr., 51, 79, 185 Arnold, Bob, Sr., 14, 128, 185 Arnold, Pam, Soph., 58, 141 Arseneau, Guy, Jr., 71, 72, 159 Arthur, Danny, Jr., 159 Atkinson, Bill, Sr., 55, 185 Austin, Connie, Soph., 141 Austin, Joe, Soph., 141 Austin, Terry, Sr., 71, 85, 87, 18 Averitt, Robert, Jr., 46, 159 Ayres, Bill, Soph., 141 B Baack, Nancy, Sr., 185 Baber, Kay, Soph., 141 Bacon, Glenda, Jr., 159 Badgett, Barbie, Sr., 185 Bailes, Erlene, Soph., 54, 55, 141 Bailey, Chuck, Jr., 159 Bailey, Denise, Sr., 107, 183 Bailey, Frank, Jr., 159 Bailey Michelle, Soph., 141 Bailey Suzan, Jr., .159 212 Christine, Soph., 57, 14 5 Baker, Donna, Jr., 159 Baker, Pam, Sr., 183 Baldridge, Jane, Sr., 185 Baldwin, Gary, Sr., 84, 85, 183 Baldwin, Louis, Jr., 159, 171 Ballard, Charles, Jr., 160 Ballard, Herbert, Soph., 48 Ballinger, Ken, Soph., 141 Bandeen, Peggy, Soph., 152 Bandeen, Prissy, Sr.,' 141, 183 Bankhead, Richie, Jr., 160 Belknap, Jan, Jr., 160 Bell, Mike, Sr., 184 Bellomy, Bill, Soph., 55, 141 Beneventi, Emily, Sr., 184 Bentson, Beth, Sr., 184 Berg, Gary, Jr., 160 Berrey, Laura, Jr., 160 Bertram, Jack, Jr., 91, 160 Bertram, Jeanie, Sr., 51, 53, 184 Bethel, Paul, Soph., 141 Biancosino, Patti, Sr., 184 Banks, Jimmy, Soph., 48, 141 Barham, Steve, Soph., 141 Barker, Richard, Soph., 46, 141 Barnes, Bobby, Jr., 160 Barnes, Johnny, Soph., 46, 48, 141 Barnes, Sandi, Jr., 160 Barnes, Woody, Sr., 184 Barnett, Linda, Soph., 141 Barnett, Mike, Jr., 160 Barnwell, Gary, Soph., 141 Barse, Susan, Sr., 51, 184 Bartholomew, Joe, Jr., 85, 160 Bartholomew, John, Sr., 55, 57, 184 Bartlett, Bill, Soph., 141 Barton, Hal, Jr., 160 Bass, Betsy, Sr., 50, 184 Bates, Marie, Jr., 160 Battenfield, Jan, Jr., 38, 41, 160, 178 Batts, Dee, Sr., 25, 29, 71, 184 Baugh, Glenda, Jr., 160 Baughman, Don, Jr., 160 Baughman, Ruthann, Sr., 184 Baugass, Nancy, Jr., 160 Baum, Jon, Jr., 46, 47, 160 Beach, Betsy, Jr., 160 Beal, Craig, Sr., 184 Beal, Kimberly, Jr., 160 Bean, Bill, Jr., 91, 160 Bean, Martha, Soph., 141 Bearden, Diane, Jr., 160 Bearden, Joe, Jr., 56, 160 Beatty, John, Jr., 58, 92, 155, 160 Becerra, Olga, Sr., 184 Becker, Gail, Sr., 79, 184 Belcher, Carol, Soph., 141 Bickel, Sarah, Soph., 141 Biggerstaff, James, Soph., 55, 141 Bishop, Becky, Jr., 160 Bishop, Elda, Sr., 184 Black, Glenn, Sr., 15, 184 Blackmon, Kathy, Sr., 184 Blair, Mary, Jr., 160 Blanton, Cindi, Jr., 160 Blanton, Teresa, Sr., 38, 51, 184 Blitch, Nicki, Soph., 55, 141 Bloor, Cynthia, Soph., 56, 141 Blumberg, Marsha, Soph., 141 Bobbitt, Cindy, Soph., 141 Bobbitt, Rosanne, Sr., 184 Bobo, Kaye, Soph, 55, 57, 142 Bodiford, Lowell, Soph., 55, 142, 146 Bodkin, Harriet, Jr., 160 Bogard, Judy, Jr., 161 Bomar, Mike, Jr., 29, 71, 76, 161 Bond, Betsy, Jr., 69, 161 Boone, Becky, Jr., 161, 167 Borgeson, Greg, Soph., 142 Borgeson, Tom, Sr., 29, 85, 86, 184 Boshers, John, Jr., 161 Bostwick, Breck, Soph., 142 Boswell, Jo Ann, Sr., 184 Botts, Robert, Soph., 39, 142 Bourland, Jan, Soph,, 142 Bow, David, Jr., 160 Bower, Joe, Jr., 161 Bradshaw, Bobby, Soph., 59, 58, 142 Braly, Linda, Sr., 38, 60, 101, 115, Brandon, Sheryl, Jr., 161 Brandt, David, Jr., 161 Bratton, Peppy, jr., 161 Brawley, Bobby, jr., 161 Brawley, Michael, Soph., 78, 85, 142 Braziel, Pamela, Sr., 185 Breen, Judy, Jr., 160 Brewer, Frankie, Sr., 184 Brewer, jan, Jr., 38, 53, 161 Brewer, Kathy, Soph., 142 Bridges, John, Soph., 85, 142 Brigham, Richard, Jr., 85, 161 Brock, Tom, Soph., 142 Brodie, Steve, Soph., 142 Bronstad, Marty, Soph., 142 Brooks, Terry, Ir., 161 Broom, Charles, Sr., 184 Broussard, Nan, Soph., 142 Brown, Arlene, jr., 161 Brown, Charles, Soph., 142 Brown, Dwight, Jr., 161 Brown, jaeline, Sr,, 45, 185 Brown, Laura, Sr., 51, 63, 184 Brown, Marianne, Soph., 142 Brown, Martha, Soph., 55 Brown, Mike, Soph., 142 Brown, Peggy, Sr., 184 Brown, Prissy, jr., 185 Brown, Sue, Jr., 161 Brown, Susan, Jr., 59, 63, 161 Browning, Bob, Soph., 142 Broyles, Melinda, jr., 13, 161 Bruton, Stephen, Sr., 16, 26, 107, 18 Bryant, Lois Ann, Soph., 142 Bryant, Ricky, Sr., 142 Bryson, Diana, Soph., 142 Buchanan, Judy, Jr., 38, 161 Buck, Don, Soph., 142 Buck, Katherine, jr., 161 Buck, Marsland, Sr., 185, 191 Buckalew, Burr, Soph., 142 Buckley, Mike, Soph., 142 Buckley, Pat, Soph., 142 Buell, Thad, Sr., 19, 48, 185 Buford, Steve, jr., 143, 161 Bulger, Mike, jf., ss, 161 Bullers, Barbara, Soph., 142 Bumgardner, Sherry, Jr., 161 Burgin, Greg, jr., 38, 135, 161, Burk, jan, jr., 79 Burks, Andy, Sr., 185 Burks, Nancy, Jr., 161 Burrow, Lynda, Soph., 56, 142 Bursey, Kay, Ir, 162 Busby, Bill, Sr., 185 Bush, Becky, Soph., 142 Bushell, Barbara, Sr., 185 Butin, James, jr., 162 Butler, Larry, Ir., 162 Butler, Louise, 162 Bynum, Kathaleen, Soph., 142 Byrnes, Mary, jr., 162 C Cain, Barbara, jr., 162 5 Cain, Tommy, Soph., 142 Calhoon, Don, Sr., 185 Callarman, Russell, Soph., 142 Callaway, Gail, jr., 162 Calvert, Donna, Soph., 79, 142 Calvert, Rocky, jr., 162 Cameron, Fran, Sr., 185 Cameron, George, jr., 55, 162 Campbell, Debbie, Sr., 18, 27, 42, 103,104,106,184 Campbell, james, Soph., S5, 142 Campbell, Melinda, jr., 162 Campbell, Melissa, Soph,, 142 Canales, Billie, jr., 162 101, Carden, Jim, Jr., 71, 72, 77, 80, 162 Cargill, George, Soph., 88, 142 Carlson, Karen, Soph., 142 Carpenter, Sally, jr., 163 Carpenter, Susie, Sr., 185 Chamberlin, Linda, Sr., 39, 186 Chambers, Elaine, Soph., 142 Chandler, Sherry, jr., 163 Charles, Debbie, Soph., 142 Chase, Eric, Sr., 80, 83, 185 Chatham, Cush, Soph., 142 Cherry, Bill, jr., 55, 57, 163 Chick, Billie, Sr., 12, 38, 51, 186 Childers, Dennis, Sr., 186 Choate, Cathy, Sr., 186 Choate, Cynthia, Soph., 56, 142 Chumlea, Philip, jr., 163 Church, Ricky, Soph., 142 Cirkal, Bitsey, Sr., 38, 58, 61, 114, 191 Carpenter, Tim, Sr., 18, 39, 41, 43, 101, 102,185,187 Clare, Bob, Sr., 186 Clark David, Jr., 39, 163 Clark David L., Sr., 187 Clark Gale, Sr., 187 Clark, Glen, Sr., 187 Clark Kathy, Jr., 162 Carr, Mike, jr., 71, 76 163 Carr, Nancy, jr., 163 Carrell, Kim, Sr., 47, 49, 185 Carroll, Mary Anne, Sr., 39, 53, 185 Carroll, Richard, Jr., 163 Carter, Anita, Sr., 185 Carter, Beth, Sr., 186 Carter, Bob, Soph., 39, 142 Carter, Carol, Sr., 186 Carter, Chris, Sr., 85, 86 Carter, Curtis, Jr., 162 Carter, Nick, Jr., 162 Carter, Susan, Soph., 142 Carter, Terry, Sr., 72, 93, 186 Clark, Vaughn, Ir., 93, 162 Clark, Vickie, Sr., 187 Clarkson, Wiley, jr., 163 Clay, Nancy, Soph., 143 Clemans, Leland, Soph., 143 Clement, Coy, Soph., 143 Cleveland, Barry, Soph., 57, 143 Clifton, Pat, jr., 163 Cloer, Larry,iSoph., 85, 143 Cobb, Beverly, Jr., 163 Cobb, Donald, Sr., 50, 187 Coble, Larry, jr., 163 Cochran, Dean, Soph., 143, 144 Cockrell, Vicki, Sr., 187 Case, Richard, Soph., 142 Coffee, Beckie, Soph., 143 1- -1' ga,--,,,f . nt. -,53, ,Jul rg... ,. ,,.,-.s N ,x..N,. f- ,. -.-' J...-' "1-: vp , ,,., ,A,. t --' Casten, Kipp, Sr., 186 Cather, Richard, Soph., 91, 142 Causey, Pam, Soph., 142 Cecil, John, jr., 162 Cegiel, Mike, jr., 163 Cernuto, Ann, Sr., 186 dy, r.,,,.,.7,, Coffman, Byron, Sr., 187 Cohen, Ricky, jr., 70, 163 Coggeshall, Terri, Sr., 187 Colburn, Max, Soph., 29, 78, 143 Cole, Cathy, Sr., 30, 60, 187 Cole, Stacy, Sr., 187 186 13 Coleman, Ann, Sr., 187 Coleman David, Soph., 143 Coleman Elaine, Jr., 79, 162 Coleman Jana Beth, Soph., 143 Colley, Betty, Soph., 143 Collins, Don, Jr., 162 Collins, Judy, Sr.,'187 Conly, Bill, Soph., 143 Conner, Ann, Sr., 187 Conner, Gail, Jr., 163 Cook, JoAnn, Soph., 55, 143 Cook, Margaret, Soph., 56, 143 Cook, Sandra, Soph., 143 Coon, Michael, Soph., 143 Cooper, Brent, Jr., 163 Eames, Steve, Soph., 145 Cooper, Richard, Soph., 143 Cooper, Sylvia, Soph., 143 Cooper, Wynn, Jr., 79, 163 Copeland, Gloria, Soph., 143 Coppedge, James, Jr., 163 Coppinger, Sarah, Jr., 163 Copple, Candy, Sr., 187 Corbitt, Galen, Soph., 143 Corbitt, Tom, Jr., 163 Corder, Mike, Soph., 83, 143 Corley, Theresa, Sr., 82, 186 Cornelius, Betsy, Soph., 39, 143 Cornelius, Wayne, Sr., 187 Cotten, Larry, Jr., 163 Cowan, Sherry, Sr., 187 Cowen, Patricia, Jr., 163 Cox, Byron, Sr., 73 Cox, Dale, Sr., 187 Cox, Darla, Soph., 143 Cox, Edie, Jr., 163 Cox, Judy, Jr., 163 Cox, Tommy, Jr., 163 Cozby, James, Soph., 55, 144 Crabb, Phyllis, Sr., 61, 186 Crader, Susan, Sr., 187 Crook, Cindy, Soph., 59, 144 Cropper, Tommy, Soph., 42, 144, 146 Crowell, Dian, Jr., 20, 38, 163, 172 Croy, Dortha, Soph., 144 Croy, Marie, Sr., 187 Crummel, Richard, Jr., 55, 57, 163 Crummel, Ronny, Soph., 80, 83, 144 Crutsinger, Deanna, Soph., 144 Cunningham, Jan, Soph., 88, 144 Cunningham, Joe, Jr., 163 Curry, Ronnie, Sr., 187 Curtis, Shiryn, Jr., 163 Cutchin, Randy, Sr., 187 Cyrus, Roberta, Jr., 163 D Daerr, Patricia, Jr., 163 Daigle, Linda, Jr., 20, 163 Daigle, Madeline, Sr., 187 Daigle, Sheri, Jr., 20 Dana, Kathy, Soph., 53, 144 Daniels, Judy, Sr., 187 Daniel, Stephen, Jr., 20, 164 Danna, June, Soph., 144 Darby, Craig, Jr., 164 Darby, Suzanne, Jr., 20, 164 Daugherty, Mike, Jr., 20, 164 Davie, Mark, Jr., 164 Davies, Jan, Sr., 188 Davis Davis Davis Davis, Davis Davis Jan, Jr., 165 Jim, Soph., 144 Johnny, Jr., 164 Nancy, Soph., 39, 144 , Randy, Jr., 164 , Robert, Jr., 164 Dawson, Dean, Jr., 20, 78, 164 Dawson, Latryle, Soph., 144 Day, Donna, Sr., 61, 188 Day, Judy, Soph., 144 Dean, Loretta, Jr., 164 Craig, Joan, Soph., 144 Craig, Pam, Soph., 144 Craig, Wendy, Jr., 163 Crawford, Roberta, Jr., 56, 163 Crenshaw, Linda, Sr., 187 Crockett, Vicki, Soph., 144 214 Dean, Victor, Sr., 188 Deen, Trudy, Jr., 165 DeFoor, Linda, Jr., 164 DeHart, Randy, Jr., 164 Dellow, Mandy, Sr., 188 Demond, Martha, Soph., 144 Dennie, David, Jr., 164 Denton, Barbara, Soph., 144 Derby, Ponnie, Jr., 164 Devaney, Debbie, Sr., 188 Devore, Bill, Jr., 164 DeVries, Linda, Jr., 47, 49, 164 Dewees, Charles, Soph., 144 Dewees, Karen, Jr., 164 Dickerson, Debbie, Soph., 144 Dickerson, Dell, Sr., 188 Dickey, Pati, Sr., 79, 109, 188, 192 Dietz, Debbie, Jr., 56, 164 Dillard, Sheila, Soph., 16, 103, 121, 142 144 Dillow, Bob, Soph., 38, 144 Dills, Tom, Jr., 20, 164 Dinkins, Ross, Jr., 57, 164 Dinkins, Warren, Jr., 57, 164 Disney, Debbie, Sr., 164 Dockins, John, Sr., 188 Dodgen, Donald, Sr., 188 Dodson, Bobby, Jr., 164 Doka, Carolyn, Soph., 79, 144 Dolan, Pat, Soph., 164 Donahue, Frank, Jr., 164 Dorman, Mark, Jr., 164 Doster, Doug, Jr., 164 Douglas, Dee Dee, Sr., 188 Douglas, Bill, Soph., 144, 149 Dove, Ralph, Soph., 144 Downe, Herman, Soph., 144 Downey, Randy, Soph., 145 Downing, Rita, Jr., 38, 103, 164 Drew, John, Soph., 145 Drewry, Dale, Jr., 38, 165 Drexel, Karen, Sr., 188 Dreyfuss, Connie, Sr., 188 Driskell, Paul, Jr., 55, 57, 165 Duggan, James, Soph., 145 Dugger, Randy, Jr., 175 Duke, Kathy, Jr., 165 Dulaney, Curtis, Jr., 165 Duncan, Dan, Jr., 165 Duncan, Tom, Sr., 46, 48, 188 Dunigan, Clancy, Soph., 16, 29, 85, 145 Dunlavy, Allen, Jr., 165 Dunlavy, Claudia, Soph., 144, 145 Dunn, Dan, Soph., 144 Durbin, Mike, Sr., 188 Durocher, Bert, Jr., 165 Duvall, Benita, Sr., 26, 38, 188, 191 Dyches, Sherry, Jr., 165 Dydek, Dan, Jr., 55, 64, 165 Dysart, Dennis, Soph., 145 E Eargle, Laura, Jr., 165 Eargle, Mary, Soph., 145 Earl, Cathy, Soph., 38, 145 Earle, Carey, Jr., 55, 165 Earle, Carolyn, Sr., 111, 188 Earle, Robert, Soph., 144 Ferrier, George, Sr., 48, 56, 189 Earnest, Steve, Soph., 46 Easdon, Sandy, jr., 165 Eastman, Linda, Sr., 188 Eck, Patrick, Sr., 188 Eckrath, Mark, Soph., 144 Edwards, Mike, Jr., 85, 165 Edwards, Pam, Jr., 165 Eichbaum, jim, Soph., 145 Eidson, Marilyn, Soph., 145 Elam, Pam, Soph., 145 Elley, Pam, Soph., 145 Ellingston, Linda, Sr., 188 Ellington, Connie, Sr., Ellis, Susan, jr., 188 Ellison, Carol, Soph., 144 Emrich, Doug, Sr., 188 Emrich, Jeff, Soph,, 103, 144, 151 Endebrock, Kathy, Soph., 145 Endebrock, Sharyn, Sr., 145 English, Eldon, Soph., 145 Epperson, Gerald, Soph., 145 Esterlein, Laurel, jr., 165 Estes, Carolyn, jr., 165 Ethridge, Cary, Sr., 51, 188 Evans, Carolyn, Sr., 188 Evans, David, Sr., 188 Evans, Sarah, jr., 165 Everitt, Sandra, Soph., 145 Everette, Ronney, jr., 165 l Ewing, Janet, Soph., 145 F Fails, Ray, jr., 57, 165 Fairris, Carolyn, Soph., 38, 145 Fairris, Gail, Sr., 188 Falter, Jeff, jr., 48, 165 Farr, Ralph, Soph., 145 Fay, Ted, Sr., 65, 71, 77, 91, 109, 190 Feagan, Andy, jr., 165 Ferguson, Marilyn, jr., 56, 165 Ferguson, Penny, Soph., 145 Ferguson, Randy, Sr., 56, 189 Fernandez, Ester, Soph., 145 Fernandez, Margaret, jr., 165 Ferrill, Lance, Soph., 165 Fester, jerrell, Sr., 45, 188 Fielder, Ronnie, Sr., 189 Fields, Sarah, Soph., 145 Fikes, Sid, Sr., 189 Fillingim, Sheryl, Sr., 189 Findley, Neva, jr., 56, 165 Fitts, David, jr., 166 Fitzgerald, jeani, Sir., 51, 189 Fitzgerald, Rose, jr., 166 Fitzhugh, Rick, Sr., 166 Floyd, Neal, Sr., 189 Fluharty, Mike, Sr., 189 Flynn, Michael, Soph., 145 Folmar, Lloyd, jr., 166 Force, Janet, Soph., 145 Forrest, joel, Sr., 189 Forrester, Aurian, Sr., 44, 45, 59, 189 Fory, Lloyd, jr., 166 Foster, Becky, Soph., 145 Foster, Shelley, Soph., 145 Foust, Kay, jr., 166 Fowler, Bill, Soph., 145 Fowler, Pam, Sr., 189 Fox, David, jr., 166 Fox, Mike, Sr., 71, 72, 85, 189 Fox, Mike H., Sr., 189 Fralia, Jacque, Sr., 145 Frank, Tommy, jr., 159 Franz, Billy, Soph., 145 Fraser, Rosanne, Sr., 187 Frederick, Cathy, Jr., 166 Frederick, Ronnie, Soph., 145 Freeman, Earl, Soph., 145 Feliton, Christine, Soph., 145 Feliton, Leah, Sr., 189 Ferguson, Becky, jr., 165 Ferguson, David, Sr., 25, 57 ,if- Freeman, Larry, Sr., 189 Frisby, Wzllter, Sr., 189 Frost, Randy, Sr., 189 Frost, Robert, jr., 166 Fruge, Michael, Jr., 44, 56, 166 Fry, Carol, Sr,, 189 Fuller Fuller Fuller, Fuller 1 9 v Bill, Soph., 145 Kathryn, Jr., 166 Linda, Sr., 190 Paula, Sr., 190 Furche, Sharon, Sr., 58, 190 Furr, Kathreen, Soph., 55, 145 Futch, Dana, Sr., 55, 190 Futch, David, Sr., 48, 190 G Gafford, Alice, Sr,, 79, 190 Gallimore, Richard, Jr., 39, 166 Gambrill, Pat, jr., 166 Gammons, Carol, Sr., 190 Gammons, Dianne, Soph., 145 Gandy, Joe, jr., 190 Gann, Susan, Soph., 145 Gant, Pat, Soph., 145 Garcia, David, jr., 46, 48, 166 Garcia, Gilbert, Jr., 85, 166 Gardner, Brian, Soph., 145 Gardner, Bruce, Sr., 48, 190 Garrett, Judy, Soph., 145 Garrett, Margaret, Jr., 166 Garrison, Connie, Sr., 56, 57, 190 Garwood, Lynn, Sr., 190 Gary, Becky, jr., 58, 55, 145 Geeslin, David, Jr., 83, 166 Geller, Gale, Soph., 56, 146 Geis, Phil, Sr., 55, 64, 190 Gentry, Billy, Soph., 146 George, Penny, Soph., 146 Gerik, Richard, Sr., 190 Gibson, Danny, Sr., 191 Gilder, Martha, Soph,, 146 Gilder, Susan, Sr., 190 Gilespie, Bob, Soph., 146 Gillespie, Chris, Soph., 146 Gilfeather, Pete, Sr., 111, 190 Gill, Marsha, Sr., 56, 190 Gill, Mike, Soph., 146 Gill, Sharon, Soph., 146 Gill, Susan, jr., 166 Gillen, jay, Sr., 191 Gilliam, jim, Soph., 146 Gilligan, Susie, jr., 55, 57, 166 Giraud, Ann, Ir., 56, 166 Giatzel, Marjorie, Soph., 146 Gloff, Hank, Jr., 166 Gober, jane, jr., 166 Godhold, Sheryl, Soph., 146 Godley, Suzanne, jr., 166 Goetz, Riki, Soph., 79, 146 Goff, Janice, Soph., 166 Gomez, Annette, Soph., 146 Gomez, Barbara, Soph., 146 Goodwin, Bill, Sr., 56, 190 Gordon, Gary, jr., 166 Gordon, jack, Sr., 166 Gore, Linda, Jr., 167 Gorski, Steve, Sr., 190 Gotcher, Chris, Jr., 167 Gotcher, Gary, Soph., 146 Gourley, Jane, Jr., 167 Gowins, Geary, Jr., 167 Grader, Robert, Jr., 167 Grady, Eddie, Jr., 191 Grady, Lenore, Jr., 166 Grady, Wfilliam, Soph., 146 Graham, Barbara, Soph., 146 Grammer, Beverly, Soph., 146 Grammer, Vicki, Sr., 190 Gray, Barbara, Jr., 167 Green, T. K., Soph., 146 Gregory, Gina, Jr., 167 Gregory, Joel, Sr., 48, 190 Greif, Douglas, Jr., 167 Griffith, Gail, Soph., 146 Griffith, Rick, Sr., 190 Grimm Kit Soph 55 146 Grinnell, Stephen, Soph., 146 Grimes, George, Jr., 167 l Grinne l, Tanna, Jr., 167 Grubbs, Cathy, Sr., 15, 191 Grubbs, Jeanne, Jr., 166 Grubbs, Jimmy, Jr., 167 Grubbs, Virginia, Sr., 56, 79, 191 Guckian, Kathleen, Soph., 146 Guerrant, Don, Jr., 57, 167 Guidice, Danny, Jr., 167 Guidice, Kathy, Jr., 167 Gunn, Bill, Sr., 71, 73, 84, 85, 191 Hankins, Ovida Jo, Jr., 167 Hankins, Randy, Jr., 166 Hanley, Barbara, Jr., 167 Hanley, Diane, Soph., 146 Hanneman, Gayle, Soph., 147 Hannon, Brenda, Soph., 147 Hansen, Cheryl, Jr., 167 Hansen, Inger, Sr., 192 Hardage, Bill, Sr., 76, 71, 192 Hardee, Ken, Sr., 111, 192 Hays, Mike, Jr., 71, 168 Headland, Stuart, Jr., 92, 168 Hedge, Vicki, Jr., 79, 88, 168 Heist, Bob, Jr., 168 Heit, John, Soph., 147 Hellums, Cindy, Soph., 147 Helm, Dana, Jr., 56, 168 Helm, Emily, Jr., 56, 168 Helton, Suzanne, Soph., 147 Hemphill, Bill, Jr., 168 Hardwick, Lyndia, Jr., 166 Hardwick, Pamela, Jr., 167 Harlow, Barbara, Soph., 147 Harmon, Chris, Soph., 147 Gupton, Bill, Soph., 88, 146 Gustafson, Linda, Jr., 167 H Haddaway, Anne, Jr., 166 Haddaway, Edward, Soph., 146 Haddaway, Richard, Sr., 57, 191 Haenn, Eric, Jr., 44, 56, 85, 167 Hahn, Elaine, Sr., 191 Hahn, Karen, Soph., 146 Hairston, Carol, Sr., 58, 191 Hale, Sarah, Jr., 167 Haley, Jan., 167 Harmon, John, Soph., 147 Harper, Barry, Sr., 192 Harper, Cindy, Jr., 167 Harper, Dale, Soph., 147 Harper, Jeffrey, Sr., 46, 47, 192 Harper, Lynne, Jr., 168 Harr, Gary, Soph., 147 Harrel l, Howard, Jr., 39, 90, 168 Harrington, Brooks, Sr., 50, 85, 8 113 1 186, 192 Harris, Carrol, Sr., 192 Harris, T., Soph., 147 Harris, Leah, Soph., 147 6,1 Hall Carol, Sr., 191 Hall Clifford, Sr., 191 Hall Jerome, Sr., 91, 191 Hall Mike, Sr., 47, 49, 191 Hall Paula, Jr., 167 Hall Susan, Sr., 191 Hall Susan, Soph., 146 Halpern, Judy, Sr., 191 Halsey, Bill, Sr., 191 Halsey, Susan, Soph., 146 Halsey, Trisha, Soph., 146 Hamby, Gary, Jr., 167 Hamilton, Susie, Sr., 50, 191 Hamlin, Joe, Soph., 146 Hammond, Randy, Jr., 166 Hampton, Jean, Jr., 167 Hanby, BeLynda, Sr., 192 Haney, Delois, Soph., 146 Haney, Lorinda, Soph., 38 216 Harris, Sandra, Sr., 192 Harris, Sharon, Soph., 147 Harrison, Jenene, Sr., 192 Harrison, Jon Ann, Sr., 192 Harrison, Mary Kay, Soph., 147 Haskins, Linda, Soph., 56, 147 Hasting, Jimmie, Soph., 147 Hatcher, Marvin, Sr., 192 Hatchett, Diane, Sr., 38, 191, 192 Hatt, Jeannine, Soph., 79, 147 Haverstock, Linda, Soph., 39, 79, 147 Haverstock, Ruth Ann, Sr., 192 Hawk, Holly, Sr., 192 Hawkins, Alice, Jr. 168 Hawkins, Cindy, Sr., 193 Hawkins, John, Jr., 182, 193 Hawkins, Susan, Soph., 147 Haynie, Juan, Sr., 193 Hays, Brad, Soph., 85, 147 06, Gene, Soph., 84, 85, 147 Henderson, Doug, Sr., 48, 193 Hendrickson, Chris, Jr., 168 Hendrickson, Larry, Soph., 85, 147 Hendrix, Julie, Soph., 193 Hendrix, Linda, Sr., 193 Henker, Diane, Jr., 158, 168 Henning, Judy, Soph., 147 Henry, Mike, Soph., 147 Henshaw, Jack, Soph., 55, 147 Herndon, Judy, Jr., 168 Herod, Mike, Soph., 147 Herrera, Vivianne, Soph., 147 Herring, Trudy, Soph., 147 Hertzler, Sammy, Soph., 147 Hickman, Donald, Sr., 15, 193 Hickman, Linda, Jr., 168 Hicks, Jack, Sr., 193 Hicks, Jerry, Jr., 168 Hicks, JoAnn, Soph., 38, 140, 147 Hicks, Sharon, Sr., 193 Higby, Jackye, Jr., 18, 38, 41, 42, 102 119, 168 Higgins, Debbie, Soph., 147 Higgins, John, Soph., 147 Higgins, Vickie, Soph., 147 Hill Jan, Jr., 168 x Hill, Jan, Soph., 147 Hill Linda, Soph., 147 a Hill, Pamela, Sr., 56, 57, 110, 193 Hill, Sally, Sr., 193 Hill, Sondra, Sr., 193 Hillaker, Debbie, Jr., 168 Hillaker, Vicki, Sr., 39, 193 Hines, Linda, Soph., 79, 148 Hines, Melody, Sr., 56, 193 Susan, Soph., 148 Hinton, David, Jr., 168 Hinz, Dale, Sr., 90 Hitt, Lee, Jr., 70, 168 Hixson, Robben, Jr., 168 Hoaldridge, Larry, Sr., 193 Hobbs, Cheryl, Soph., 148 K Hodgkins, Skip, Jr., 70, 168 Hoffman, Bill, Jr., 168 Hoffman, Charlotte, Soph., 56, 59, 148 Hoffman, Hoffman, Kathy, Jr., 56, 168 Steve, Jr., 168 Hogan, Joy, Sr., 193 Inman, Howard, Jr., 168 Isert, Greg, Soph., 148 Ivey, Garry, Jr., 169 Ivey, Larry, Jr., 29, 70, 76, 169, 181 Ivy, Joe, Soph., 148 Ivy, Larry, Sr., 51, 192 Ivy, Steve, Jr., 169 I Jackson, David, Jr., 169 Jackson, John, Soph., 83, 148 Jones Michael, Jr., 170 Jones Rosemary, Soph., 149 Jones Ruthann, Sr., 50, 194 Jones, Hogg, Steve, Jr., 169 Hogue, Lynda, Jr., 53, 169 Holden, Bill, Soph., 148 Holden, Dwight, Jr., 84, 85, 161, 168 Hollis, Cathie, Jr., 45, 169 Holloway, Lynn, Soph., 148 Holmes, Bill, Jr., 169 Holmes, Mike, Jr., 169 Holmesly, Frankie, Soph., 148 Holze, Kay, Jr., 56, 169 Hooper, Mike, Soph,, 148 Hopkins, Kirsten, Soph., 148 Hopkins, Mike, Jr., 78, 85, 169 Hopkins, Sammie, Soph., 55, 57, 148 Hopper, Keith, Soph., 148 Horn, Mickie, Sr., 193 Horn, Mike, Jr., 71, 91, 168 Horne, Marcia, Sr., 193 Horton, Beverly, Soph., 148 Horton,.Steve, Soph., 85, 140, 148 Hovenkamp, Trudi, Jr., 169 Hoverstadt, Susan, Sr., 193 Howard, Dana, Jr., 169 Howard, Robert, Jr., 169 Howard, Tammy, Jr., 169 Howell. Susan, Jr., 168 Howle, Judy, Soph., 148 Hubbard, Barry, Soph., 18, 103, 148 Hubbard, Jean, Sr., 19, 38, 53, 58, 99, 100, 102, 112, 193 Hubbart, Doug, Jr., 169 Huber, Charles, Sr., 192 Huchton, John, Sr., 192 Hudler, Howard, Sr., 192 Hudson, Deal, Jr., 92, 169 Hueppelsheuser, Wayne, Sr., 16, 48, 193 Huff, Helen, Soph., 148 Hufnagle, Keith, Jr., 85, 164, 169 Hughes, Dee, Soph., 148 Hughes, Jane, Soph., 148 Hughes, Sheryl, Jr., 168 Humphreys, Ronny, Jr., 70, 77, 169 Hunter, Chip, Jr., 169 Hutcheson, Linda, Soph., 148 Hutchinson, Anne, Soph., 148 Hutto, Pam, Jr., 169 Hutton, Belinda, Soph., 39, 148 I Ihnfeldt, Beverly, Jr., 56, 169 Jackson, Pamela, Sr., 56, 170 Jackson, Roger, Sr., 192 James, Jim, Jr., 170 Janssen, Janssen, Billy, Soph., 148 Roger, Sr., 192 Jarvis, Jim, Sr., 193, 198 Jay, Judy, Sr., 50, 182, 193 Jaynes, Jack, Soph., 85, 148 Jelley, Cindy, Sr., 193 Jenkins, Ab., Soph., 91, 148 Jenkins, Lois, Sr., 193 Jenkins, Nancy, Jr., 170 Jetton, Charles, Sr., 193 Jetton, Judy, Soph., 79, 149 Jewell, Beverly, Soph., 39, 149 Johnson, Bill, Jr., 170 Johnson, David, Jr., 170 Johnson, Jack, Soph., 149 Johnson, Jimmie, Soph., 57, 146, 149 Johnson, Judy, Sr., 193 Johnson Kristie, Soph., 79, 148 Johnson, Larry, Soph., 148 Johnson Margaret, Jr., 38, 170, 174 Johnson Marilyn, Soph., 149 Johnson Mike, Soph., 149 Johnson Rick, Sr., 193 Johnston, Pat, Jr., 170 Jones, Alice, Jr., 170 Jones, Bryan, Jr., 170 Jones, Cameo, Jr., 51, 170 Jones, Cindy, Soph., 149 Jones, Debbie, Sr., 194 Jones, Jerrell, Jr., 56, 170 Jones, Jim, Sr., 55, 194 Jordan, Shelia, Sr., 105, 194 Joyce, Pam, Sr., 24, 39, 79, 114 Judd, James, Jr., 47, 48 Julian, Sherry, Soph., 55, 143 Justice, Katie, Sr., 194 Justice, Lefty, Sr., 47 Kane, Kathy, Soph., 149 Kanistanaux, David, Jr., 65, 70 Karnes, Danny, Jr., 170 Karnes, Jerry, Jr., 170 Kauffman, John, Soph., 149 Kearby, Bryan, Soph., 149 Keenum, Robert, Jr,, 170 Keenum, Willie Jo, Jr., 170 Keeton, Jack, Jr., 170 Kelley, Michael, Soph., 149 Kelley, Mike, Jr., 170 Kelly, Glen, Soph., 148 Kelly, Kerry, Sr., 189, 117, 194 Kelly, Paige, Jr., 38, 170 Kemp, Sharron, Soph., 148 Kendrick, Ken, Jr., 170 Kennedy, Don, Jr., 47, 170 Kennon, Kathi, Sr., 31, 194 Kennon, Kent, Jr,, 170 Kent, Allen, Soph., 148 Kent, David, Sr., 194 Kesling, Gary, Jr., 85, 170 Keyes, Nan, Soph., 148 Kieschnick, Gloria, Soph., 148 Kimbrel, Sharon, Jr., 38, 170 Kimbro, Tommy, Jr., 71, 170 King, Karen, Jr., 170 King, Melinda, Sr., 194 King, Steve, Soph., 148 Kirk, Christine, Sr., 194 Kirkley, Kim, Sr., 194 Kirkpatrick, Linda, Sr., 195 Kirschner, Sherryl, Soph., 148 Kite, Sammie, Soph, 46, 148 Kleven, Curtis, Sr., 85, 87, 194 Kliarsky, john, jr., 85, 171 Klimist, Elaine, Sr., 194 Knaack, Ruth Ann, Sr., 194 Knox, Donna, Soph., 148 Knudsen, Ernie, Jr., 171 Koerner, Julie, Sr., 56, 195 Koonce, Karlene, Soph., 148 Kosco, Mike, Sr,, 194 Krauss, Chuck, Sr., 194 Krog, Nancy, Sr., 194 Kroon, Candy, Sr., 195 Krull, Sharon, Sr., 194 Kudlaty, Kathy, Soph., 149 L Ladd, Gerta, Soph., 149 Lagassee, David, jr., 171 Laine, Nancy, jr, 171 Iaird, Steve, jr, 155, 64, 171 Lakey, Kathy, Sr., 56, 194 Lamb, David, Jr., 170 Lambert, Bill, Soph., 149 Lambert, Richard, Sr., 55, 194 Lancaster, Cleve, Soph., 149 Landes, Toby, Soph., 57, 149 Lane, Van, Sr., 195 Lanford, John, Sr., 12, 16, 42, 52, 53, 114, 195 Langdon, Lynda, Sr., 195 Langdon, Tommy, Soph., 149 Lanthrum, Tim, Jr., 171 Lapping, Linda jr., 171 Larance, Bobby, Sr., 195 Larson, Marlys, Ir., 51, 162, 171 LaRue, Lane, Soph., 149 Latimer, Gayla, Soph., 149, 151 Lawler, james, Sr., 195 Laws, Linda, Jr., 171 Lawson, Mike, Jr., 171 Lax, Vicki, Jr., 170 ,V Leachman, Marjorie, jr., 171 Lee, Larry, Jr., 171 Lee, Sonny, Jr., 171 Leech, Mike, Soph,, 85, 149 Leech, Sherri, Ir., 88, 171 Leech, Toni, Sr., 33, 70, 102, 108, LeGate, Steve, Sr,, 38, 195 Lemay, jo, Jr., 171 Lemond, Bill, Jr., 70, 171 Lennox, Scott, Sr., 195, 206 Leonhart, Bob, Soph., 55, 149 Leonhart, Linda, Sr., 195, 119 Lerrill, Patti, jr., 171 Lessig, Cilla, Soph., 149 Letson, Janie, Soph., 38, 149 Lever, Beverly, Jr., 171 Levering, Jill, jr., 171 Lewis, Brad, jr., 171 Lewis, Gayle, Sr., 195 Lewis, Johnny, jr., 171 Lewis, Kathy, jr., 56, 171 Liggitt, George, Soph., 149 Liggitt, Richard, Sr., 195 Lile, Shelley, Soph., 149 Lillagore, Ann, Sr., 38, 79, 195 Lilly, Danny, Soph., 149 Linan, David, Soph., 55, 149 Lind, Bill, Soph., 149 Lindberg, Rebecca, jr., 134, 171 Ling, David, Soph, 149 Little, Ruth, Jr., 171 Livingston, David, Jr., 39, 70, 171 Livingston, Penny, Sr., 195 Lloyd, julia, Soph., 149 Lockwood, George, Soph., 149 London, Leigh, jr., 171 London, Linda, Soph., 149 Long, Linda, Sr., 195 Long, Ralph, Soph., 149 Lorrell, Steve, Jr., 171 Loughry, Ben, Sr., 16, 90, 102, 116, 195 218 195 Love, Vince, Soph., 91, 150 Lovelady, john, jr., 172 Loveless, Larry, Soph., 150 Lovell, Judi, Soph., 150 Lovett, Dean, Soph., 78, 85, 150 Lowder, Webb, Soph., 91, 150 Lowdon, Mary, Soph., 88, 150 Lowery, Joanne, jr., 47, 49, 79, 172 Lowry, Carol, Soph., 150 Ludington, Mike, Sr., 196 Lukeman, Bobby, Soph., 83, 150 Lutz, Michael, Jr., 173 Lyle, Hank, Soph., 150 Lyle, joe, Sr., 196 Lynam, Marsha, Soph., 150 Lynn, Cindy, Soph., 150 Mc McAbee, Peck, Sr., 70, 76, 196 McAfee, Elaine, Soph., 150 McAlister, Steven, Sr., 196 McBay, Mary, Jr., 173 McCarthy, Shelley, jr., -173 McCarthy, Vickie, Soph., 150 McCauley, Hayes, Soph., 150 McClain, Richard, Sr., 196 McCleary, Bobby, Sr., 49, 196 McCleary, Karen, jr., 173 McClelland, Linda, Ir., 173 McClinton, Philip, Soph., 150 McClure, Michele, Sr., 33, 38, 196 McCracken, Tim, 172 McCullough, Linda, Soph., 39, 150 McCullough, Randy, jr., 172 McDaniel, Don, Jr., 173 McDaniel, Scott, Soph., 83, 150 McDonald, Virginia, Sr., 196 McDowell, Judy, Jr., 173 McDuff, Linda, Sr., 27, 196 McElroy, Beverly, Soph., 150 Mcliall, Beverly, Sr., 196 McFall, Pam, Soph., 39, 150 McFerrin, Deborah, Soph., 55, 150 McGarrah, Skip, Sr., 196 McGhee, Vicki, Soph., 150 McGuffee, Brenda, Jr., 173 McGuffee, Diane, Sr., 196 MCI-Ienry, Virginia, Soph., 79, 150 Mclnnis, john, Soph., 83, 150 Mclntire, Don, Sr., 196 McKay, Bob, Soph., 150 McKay, Donna, Sr., 196 McKee, Bruce, jr., 173 McKeen, Charles, Sr., 85 McKeen, Suzi, jr., 173 McKeithen, Mike, Soph., 46, 150 McKenzie, Davy, Soph., 150 McKinley, DeAnn, Soph., 150 McKittrick, John, Soph., 85, 150 McLain, David, Jr., 47, 172 McMahan Melaine, Sr., 197 McMahon, Bryan, jr., 33, 71, 172 McMahon, Pat, Sr., 197 McMillan, Kenny, Jr., 88, 173 McMillen, Carlton, Soph., 57, 150 McNeal, Carolyn, Sr., 196 McNeal, Marybeth, Jr., 173 McNutt, Jim, Jr., 173 McNutt, Ronnie, Sr., 197 McRae, Tom, Sr., 197 M Maag, Jenne, Jr., 173 Maberry, Bob, Jr., 85. 159, 173 Mabey, Charles, Jr., 172 Macha, Mark, Sr., 196 Macha, Mike, Soph., 150 Macha, Pamela, Sr., 196 Mackey, Michael, Sr., 197 Mackey, Robert, Sr., 39, 65, 197 Macklin, Mark, Jr., 150, 172 Madar, Carole, Sr., 197 Maddox, Lynn, Sr., 33, 197 Magill, Laurie, Soph,, 150 Mahar, Gayle, Sr., 197 Mahurin, Dianna, Jr., 173 Malcik, Tommy, Soph., 150 Malone, David, Sr., 197 Malone, Mike, Soph., 85, 150 Manire, Mike, Jr., 173 Mann, Barbara, Jr., 38, 39, 42, 173 Mann, Debra, Jr., 38, 40, 41, 42, 161, 173 Manning, Jane, Soph., 139, 150 Mansir, Don, Sr., 85, 197 Maon, Genevieve, Sr., 197 Marchesseau, Suzie, Soph., 151 Marietta, John, Soph., 151 Marietta, Richard, Jr., 55, 173 Markos, Chris, Jr., 172 Marsh, Kathleen, Soph., 151 Rffoffzltt, Katy, S0pl'l., 151 Molloy, Patricia, Soph., 150 Moncreif, Jerrell, Sr., 198 Moncreif, Scotty, Soph., 151 Montague, Jeff, Sr., 198 Moon, Joy, 151 Moon, Michael, Sr., 198 Moon, Randy, Soph., 151 Martin, Frank, Jr., 172 Martin Marsha, Sr., 197 Martin, Sam, Jr., 58, 70, 172 Martin, Thomas, Soph,, 85, 151 Martin, Wanda, Sr., 34, 197 Martinaz, Terry, Sr., 55, 56, 197 Marvin, Wfayne, Soph., 85, 150 Melton, Tom, Sr., 13, 40, 41, 42 53, 103, 197 Melton, Warrera, 198 Mendez, Virginia, Jr., 172 Merrill, Bob, Soph., 85, 150, 152 Merritt, Janet, Soph., 39, 53, 151 Meyer, Melanie, Jr., 172 Michels, Victor, Sr., 55, 56, 198 Mikel, Roissann, Soph., 151 Miles, Gary, Soph, 151 , 32, Moore, Fred, Jr., 47, 49, 151 Moore, Henry, Soph., 146 Moore, Howard, Soph., 151 Moore, Judy, Sr., 198 Moore, Mark, Sr., 80, 83, 198 Morre, Tim, Jr., 173 Moore, Toma, Sr., 13, 53, 198 Moore, Tony, Sr., 198 Moore, Veta, Jr., 48, 49, 60, 173 Morgan, Mark, Jr., 173 Morgan , Sandra, Sr., 27, 198 Moriarty, Pattie, Soph., 57, 96, 151 Morley, Michelle, Soph., 151 Morrill, Emily, Jr., 60, 88 Morris, David, Soph., 151 Morris, Diane, Soph., 151 Morris, Fred, Sr., 47, 199 Morris, Joanne, Jr., 173 Morris, Mary Lee, Sr., 55, 63, 199 Morris, Rachel, Jr., 55, 56, 57, 63, 173 Morris, Steve, Sr., 88, 199 Morriso Morriso n, Joe, Sr., 18, 39, 54, 55, 199 n, Mike, Jr., 19, 55, 57, 173 Morton, Carron, 51 Morton, Charlie, Jr., 174 Morton, Dennis, Sr., 45, 199 Morton, Gary, sf., 47, 49, 199 Morton, Larry, Sr., 199 Morton, Ricky, Soph., 151 Maske, Judy, Sr., 63, 65, 115, 134, Massey, Ann, Jr., 56, 57, 172 Massey, Warren, Sr., 197 Mastenbrook, John, Jr,, 85, 172 Masters, Karen, Soph., 151 Mathers, John, Jr., 48, 197 Mathis, Larry, Jr., 102, 172 Maxwell, Jerre, Sr., 197 Maxwell, Jim, Sr., 55, 197 Maxwell, Susan, Soph., 151 Mays, James, Sr., 85, 86, 197 Mays, Mark, Sr., 17, 52, 53, 197 Mayton, Jimmy, Jr., 172 Measures, David, Sr., 47, 49, 197 Lleasures, Gary, Soph., 48, 151 Meehan, Richard, Jr., 55, 88, 172 Mefford, Bob, Soph., 53, 151 Mehaffy, Judy, Sr., 197 Melton, Shirley, Sr., 197 Miles, Martha, Jr., 173 Milholland, Jan, Jr., 173 Miller, Eddie, Soph., 15,1 Miller, Jerry, Jr., 198 Miller, Joe, Sr., 198 Miller, Linda, Sr., 198 Miller, Mark, Soph., 150 Miller, Melodie, Soph., 151 Miller, Peter, 55 Miller, Sandra, Jr., 173, 201 Millett, Robert, Sr., 44 Mills, David, Soph., 146, 151 Millwee, Robert, Jr., 38, 92, -173 Minch, Betty, Jr., 173 Minshew, Deb, Soph., 151 Mitchell, Linda, Jr., 173 Mitchell, Linda, Jr., 173 Mize, Barbara, Jr., 173 Moffatt, Hugh, Sr., 55, 111, 198 Moss, John, Jr., 13, 174 Mueller, David, Jr., 55, 174 Mullen, Jerry, Soph., 151 Mullens, Linda, Jr., 174 Mulry, Mary, Soph., 151 Mulvihill, Jan, Soph., 157 Mulvihill, Steve, Jr., 174 Murphey, Griffin, Jr., 46, 174 Murphy, Cheryl, Soph., 157 Murphy, Don, Sr., 71, 199 Murphy, Tom, Sr., 71, 174, 199 Murray, Sarah, Sr., 58, 199 Mussick, Lonnie, Sr., 198 Mustarde, Dan, Sr., 199 Myers, Kay, Sr., 199 Mylius, Jayne, Sr., 199 N Nadin, Charlotte, Soph., 57, 157 Nail, Linda, Sr., 198 Neal, David, Soph., 157 Neathery, June, Sr., 199 Neaves, Elsa, Sr., 56, 199 Nelson, Brett, Sr., 111, 199 Nelson, Mike, Sr., 71, 198 219 Nelson, Ronald, Soph., 55, 152 Neuville, Ronald, Jr., 174 Newborn, Nancy, Jr., 174 Newman, Cody, Soph., 152 Newman, Marcus, Soph., 152 Newsom, Camille, Sr., 56, 199 Nichols, Katy, Soph., 152 Nichols, Pam, Sr., 199 Nichols, Patti, Sr., 199 Nicholson, Larry, Jr., 174 Nimon, Robert, Jr., 124 Nims, Nick, Sr., 198 Nix, Vickie, Soph., 152 Noblett, David, Soph., 152 Noonkester, Steve, Sr., 199 Norman, Kenneth, Sr., 199 Norstrud, Daniel, Soph., 152 Norstrud, Valorie, Sr., 199 Norton, Donna, Soph., 152 Norvell, Wzxlker, Jr., 84, 85, 174 Norwood, Barbara, Jr., 174 Nugen, Gary, Sr., 200 Nunnery, Bob, Jr., 174 Nuss, Ray. Soph., 152 O O'Brien, Donna, Sr., 50, 200 O'Brien, Jeanne, Soph., 152 O'Dell, David, Jr., 174 Okruhlik, Linda Kay, Jr., 174 Oliver, Larry, Jr., 174 Olson, Kris, Jr., 174 O'Neal, Sally, Soph., 39, 88, 152 O'Neall, Nancy, Jr., 39, 53, 88, 174 Onken, Carl, Jr., 56, 200 Oresbach, John, Jr., 174 Orr, Cherisse, Soph., 152 Ort, Kraig, Jr., 174 Osborne, Sandra, Soph., 152 O'Shields, Carolyn, Soph., 200 O'Shields, Sharon, Sr., 152 Patton, Ralph, Jr., 175 Patton, Sherie, Soph., 152 Pavillard, Charles, Soph., 152 Payne, Mike, Jr., 56, 175 Peaks, Roger, Jr., 174 Peck, Dennis, Sr., 200 Pederson, Sandra, Soph., 152 Pelton, Charles, Jr., 57 Pelton, Julie, Sr., 50, 200, 201 Penn, Anne, Jr., 174 Penner, Kathi, Soph., 152 Perkins, John, Soph., 152 Perkins, Pam, Soph., 56, 57, 152 Perry, Arthur, Sr., 200 Perry, Dana, Sr., 200 Perry, Doyle, Sr., 200 Pou, Darryl, Sr., 201 Pou, Gavin, Soph., 153 Powell, Richard, Sr., 25, 55, 57, 200 Powell, Sherryn, Jr., 175 Pratt, Nancy, Soph., 153 Preissinger, Denny, Jr., 71, 72, 76 Pressley, Paula, Sr., 201 Prewitt, David, Jr., 46, 47, 51, 175 Prewitt, Karen, Soph., 152 Price, Clay, Jr., 38, 39, 42, 158, 175 Price, Linda, Soph., 152 Price, Margo, Soph., 45, 56, 57, 152 Price, Mike, Jr., 175 Price, Nancy, Soph., 152 Price, Tom, Soph., 153 Priddy, Edward, Jr., 175 J . .1eeiiaiurzbtfeteaiiofiiriggi5 K X. 'D 'i Perry, Rod, Sr., 200 Perry, Terry, Jr., 200 Petersen, Judy, Sr., 38, 200 Petersen, Sualice, Jr., 175 Peterson, Jimmy, Soph., 39, 152 Pettit, Sue, Sf., 56, 57, 110, zoo Phifer, Grant, Sr., 45, 56, 200 ? Prince, Doug, Soph., 146, 153 Prindle, Jim, Sr., 201 Prohs, Louis, Soph., 48, 56, 152 Prohs, Sharon, Soph., 57, 152 Pryor, Wesley, Jr., 175 Puginire, Debbie, Soph., 152 Purselley, Butch, Sr., 33, 71, 75, 76, P Overbeck, Rolnnie, Jr., 80, 81 Owen Owen Owen, Owen Owen Owen Glenda, Soph., 152 Mary, Jr., 56, 174 Penny, Sr., 200 Randy, Jr., 174 Sandra, Soph., 151, 152 Stanley, Sr., 200 Phillips : Bill, jf., 21, 175 Phillips, Cinco, Sr., 16, 200 Phillips, Danny, Soph., 48, 153 Phillips, Gretchen, Sr., 50, 200 Phillips, Jim, Sr., 200 Phillips, John, 13 Phillips Judy, Soph., 153 Phillips, Robert, Sr., 13, 200 108, 201 Q Qualls, Gary, Sr., 201 Quinlivan, Joe, Jr., 103, 174, 175 Quinn, Tommy, Jr., 175 R Pace, Donny, Sr., 200 Paden, Shugi, Sr., 200 Pakebusch, Becky, Soph., 152 Papusch, Martha, Jr., 44, 49, 175 Parker, Bill, Sr., 47, 200 Parker, Pam, Soph., 152 Parks, Jim, Jr., 47, 175 Parrish, Mike, Soph., 152 Pierce, Bobby, Soph., 56, 152 Pierson, Pamm, Sr., 200 Pierson, Rob, Soph., 152 Pigg, Tommy, Jr., 29, 71, 77, 175 Plunlly, John, Jr., 175 Pompetti, Pamela, Soph., 152 Pomykal, Ray, Sr., 26, 71, 115, 182, 200 Ponder, Sharon, Jr., 174 Rackley, Alma, Sr., 201 Radtke, Steve, Jr., 175 Ragan, Johnny, Soph., 152 Ragan, Linda, Sr., 56, 20,1 Ragland, Soph., 153 Raish, Donna, Sr., 201 Rancher, Arthur, Jr., 175 Rankin, Charles, Soph., 153 Paschall, Eujeana, Sr., 200 Passel, Janie, Soph., 39, 152 Pate, Sheila, Soph., 152 Patterson, Kathy, Jr., 175 Patton, Joe, Jr., 200 Patton, Johnny, Sr., 200 220 Pope, Michael, Jr., 56, 174 Poplin, Jerry, Jr., 55, 63, 64, 134, 169 175 Porter, Cynthia, Sr., 50, 201 Porter, Potter, Jerry, Sr., 85, 201 Patrick, Soph., 84, 85, 152 Rankin, D'Anna, Sr., 15, 201 Rankin, D'Lynda, Soph., 153 Rankin, John, Jr., 175 Raper, Jerry, Soph., 153 Raper, Rita, Jr., 175 Ratcliff, Forest, Sr., 71, 201 91 l Ratliff, Bill, Jr., 29, 70, 175 Rawlings, Irving, Jr., SO, 175 Rawlings, John, Soph., 153 1 Ray, Belinda, Jr., 175 Ray, Harry, Jr., 55, 175 Ray, James, Jr., 55, 175 Ray, Randy, Jr., 39, 91, 175 Ray, Rogers, Soph., 39, 153 Raymond, Joan, Soph., 153 Readinger, James, Jr., 39, 175, 178 Reber, David, Soph., 85, 153 Riney, Robert, Jr., 202 Ritchie, Roach, hlil-CC, Sr., 80, 82, 83, 202 Charles, Sr., 47, 49, 202 Roberson, Kathleen, Soph., 153 Roberts, Donna, Sr., 202 Roberts, Jerry, Sr., 202 Roberts, Jim, Jr., 88, 176, 202 Roberts, Nancy, Sr.. 202 Robertson, Danelle, Jr., 38, 177 Robertson, Gary, Jr., 48, 176 Robertson, Sally, Jr., 38, 79, 176 Russell, Patricia, Jr., 176 Russey, Bob, Jr., 176 Russom, Lide, Jr., 176 Rust, Marian, Sr., 203 Rux, Nancy, Sr., 55, 203 . Ryker, Kenny, Sr., 203 S Saari, Brian, Jr., 176 Sadler, Dale, Sr., 203 Salazar, Irma, Soph., 153 Redden, Mike, Jr., 176 Redus, Kay, Jr., 176 Redwine, David, Sr., 85, S7. 210 Reed, Kathy, Sr., 57, 201 Reed, Melvin, Jr., 177 Reedy, Gay, Jr., 176 Reese, Sally, Sr., 201 Reeves, Ernie, Soph., 153 Reeves, Gary, Jr., 176 Reilly, Mike, Sr., 21, 23, 51, 65. 71, 77, 91, 98, 100, 201 Reinhardt, Cindy, Soph., 153 Reisner, Julie, Jr., 51, 177 Retz, Dianne, Jr., 176 Rexroat, Rondal, Sr., 201 Reynolds, Ann, Soph., 153 Rich, Brenda, Jr., 176 Rich, Danny, Sr., 201 Richards, Jim, Jr., 42. 53. '1, 118 Richards, Trudy, Jr., 177 Richardson, Judy, Sr., 201 Richardson. Ronnie, Jr., 47. 176 Richardson. Scott. Sr., 201 Ridley, Jack, Sr., 201 Rigdon, Virginia, Soph.. 153 Righter, Georgette, Sr., 202 Riise, Chappie, Soph., 153 Riley, Gary, Jr., 80, 176 Riley, Mike, Sr., 182, 202 Rimbey, Dick, Jr., 176 Riney, Evelyn, Jr., 176 Robinson, Dana, Sr., 202 Robinson, Robinson, Philip, Jr., 176 Robinson, Preston, Soph., 85, 183 Robinson, Randy, Soph., 153 Robinson, Steve, Sr., 182, 202 Robinson, Tom, Jr., 153, 176 Rodriquez, Peggy, Jr., 176 Roe, Judy, Sr., 202 Roe, Teresa, Soph., 153 Roeder, Nicki, Jr., 41. 177 Rogers, Ann, Sr., 202 Rogers, Judy, Sr., 202 Rogers, Lee, Jr., 176 Rogers, Rosalin, Soph., 153 Rogers, Shirley, Jr., 176 Rolan, Wanda, 153 Roos, Joe, Jr., 55, 56, 176 Rose, Jo, Sr., 203 Rose, Joy, Sr., 203 Patsy, Sr., 17, 41, 51, 202 Ross, Tres, Soph, 153 Rosser, Buster, Jr., 176 Rostohar, Karen, Jr., 177 Rowe, Kathy, Soph., 153 Rowland, Johnny. Jr., 176 Rowland, Melvia, Sr., 203 Roland, Randy, 176 Roy, Steve, Soph., 153 Royer, Bill. Soph., 153 Rumph, Kathy, Jr.. 194, 203 Rushing, Sharon, Sr., 20 Sammons, Linda, Jr., 177 Sample, Lana, Jr., 177 Sandel, Cindy, Soph., 153 Sands, Linda, Sr., 203 Sanford, Alice, Jr., 177 Sargent, Tommy, Soph., 154 Satterwhite, Judy, Sr., 203 Saurenmann, Bill, Sr., 38, 203 Savage, Gene, Soph., 154 Savage, Lorelei, Sr., 60, 203 Saville, Carole, Jr., 177 Saville, Sheryl, Sr., 203 Sawyer, Wanda, Jr., 177 Scaggs, Tommy, Soph., 154 Scaling, Barbara, Sr., 192, 203 Schaeffer, Marc, Soph., 154 Schaffner, Dan, Sr., 203 Schartz, Bill, Sr., 203 Scheck, Judy, Jr., 177 Scheck, Marilyn, Soph., 154 Scherer, Marilyn, Jr., 177 Schieffer, Tom, Sr., 12, 27, 39, 42 ll2, 203 Schledom, Michael, Sr., Schlueter, Mike, Jr., 177 Schimdt, Cindy, Jr., 56, 177 Schmitt, Erick, Jr., 56, 177 Schmitt, Robby, Sr., 203 Schneider, Bradley, Soph., 154 Schneider, Mark, Jr., 70, 177 Schopmeyer, Stewart, Jr., 177 Schulte, Linda, Jr., 177 Schutza, Jim, Sr., 18, 54, 55, 203 Schutza, Judy, Sr., 55, 154 Scott, Mike, Soph., 154 Scott, Sharon, Sr., 203 Scroggs, Sally, Soph., 154 Scull, Jodie, Soph., 154 Scully, Christy, Soph,, 154 Scully, Kirk, Soph., 154 Sears, Michele, Sr., 110, 203 Seidner, Steve, Soph., 154 Seilheimer, David, Jr., 56, 57, 177 Self, Mike, Sr., 21, 205 Self, Pam, Soph., 39, 42, 154 Self, Steve, 55 Sellars, Gary, Soph., 56, 154 Shambaugh, Greg, Sr., 203 Sharp, Freddie, Sr., 203 Shattuck, Jack, Jr., 177 Shearer, Barry, Soph., 55, 154 Shepherd, George, Sr., 203 Sheridan, Sherry, Sr., 203 Sherman, John, Jr., 177 Sherrard, Carolyn, Sr., 203 Sherrill, Sharon, Soph., 154 Snow, James M.,' Sr., 204 Snyder, Kelle, Sr., 12, 51, 199, 204 Snyder, Martha, Sr., 204 Snyder, Tommy, Jr., 177 Sommer, Craig, Soph., 55, 154 Sorenson, Jim, Soph., 154 Sours, Beth, Sr., 13, 204 Southerland, Coney, Sr., 85, 87, 204 Sowden, Topper, Soph., 154 Spangler, Bryce, Jr., 178 Spence, Kathy, Jr., 178 Spencer, Bettye, Sr., 204 Spencer, Mike, Soph,, 154 Springer, Arlyn, Sr., 204 Spurgeon, Mike, Soph., 154 Stallings, George, Soph., 154 Stallings, Mary, Jr., 178 Stancil, Steve, Jr., 178 Stanfield, Jill, Sr., 204 Stark, David, Soph., 154 Steakley, Ginger, Jr., 178 Stebritz, Bobby, Soph., 154 Stechmann, Toni, Sr., 204 Stell, Kathy, Sr., 204 Stephens, Barbara, Jr., 178 Stone, George, Jr., 53, 178 Stott, Susan, Soph., 57, 155 Stouffer, Mike, Jr., 178 Stovall, Barry, Soph., 155 Stovall, Pat, Soph., 85, 155 Straight, Cathy, Soph., 155 Straight, George, Jr., 178 Strein, Waldo, Sr., 56, 204 Streitwieser, Chini Lee, Sr., 60, 205 Strickland, Ellen, Sr., 57, 205 Strickland, George, Soph., 155 Sturdy, Wayne, 85 St. John, Randy, Soph., 154 Sullivan, Gary, Soph., 155 Sullivan, Mike, Sr,, 55, 205 Sullivan, Sharon, Soph., 56, 155 Sumner, Jane, Jr., 60, 178 Sutton, James, Jr., 178 Sutton, Terry, Jr., 178 Swanson, Susie, Sr., 204 Sweeney, Tom, Soph., 155 Swindell, Blaine, Jr., 178 Sykes, Dan, Soph., 155 Skiles, Melissa, Soph., 103, 151, 154 Shew, Linda, Soph., 154 Shields, Van, Soph., 154 Shive, Pam, Soph., 154 Shoemake, Glenn, Sr., 203 Short, Rodney, Jr., 177 Shotton, Anne, Jr., 177 Shuffler, Glen, Jr., 85, 177 Simmons, Delene, Sr., 203 Simmons, Elaine, Sr., 203 Simmons, Marcie, Sr., 21, 196, 204 Simmons, Mike, Jr., 80, 81, 177 Simpson, Debby, Soph., Simpson, Don, Jr., 177 Simpson, Karen, Soph., 154 Singleton, Linda, Jr., 56, 177 Stephens, Cathy, Jr., 178 Stephens, Clay, Sr., 204 Stephens, Connie, Soph., 154 Stephens, Jan, Soph., 154 Stephens, Marilyn, Jr., 38, 178 Stevens, Eddie, Jr., 71, 91, 178 Stevens, Gwen, Soph., 153, 154 Stevens, Sandra, Sr., 204 Stevens, Suzanne, Soph., 38, 56, 150 Skupaka, Andye, Sr., 204 Slaughter, Mark, Soph., 83, 154 Sledge, Anthony, Jr., 177 Sloan, John, Jr., 177 Smart, Cathy, Jr., 177 Smart, Dianne, Soph,, Smith, Brenda, Jr., 38, 177 Smith, Charlene, Sr., 54, 79, 204 Smith, Diana, Soph., 154 Smith, Don, Sr., 70, 204 Smith, Geoffrey. Soph., 154 Smith, Jack, Jr., 55, 57, 177 Smith, Mike, Soph., 11, 47 Smith, Mike W., 54, 204 Smith, Paula, Soph., 14, 154 Smith, Richard, Soph., 154 Smith, Sharon, Sr., 204 Smith, Star, Soph., 154 Smith, Susan, Jr., 177 Smith, Tommy, Soph., 92, 154 Smith, Verneita, Soph., 154 Smith, Whit, Sr., 50, 52, 53, 204 Smoke, Rodney, Soph., 154 222 Stewart, Gary, Jr., 35, 178 Stewart, Elaine, Sr., 204 Stewart, Judy, Sr., 18, 204 Stigall, Judy, Sr., 204 Stinnett, Anetta, Soph., 55, 154 Stinson, John, Soph., 154 Stinson, Mike, Sr., 15, 21, 23, 71, 72, 182, 204 Stockman, Louise, Sr., 79, 204 Stoddard, Stephen, Jr., 178 Sroldt, Pat, Sr., 204 T Talbot, Dan, Sr., 13, 42, 53, 205 Talley, Carleen, Soph., 155 Tarbell, Randy, Soph., 55, 155 Tarlton, Steve, Jr., 53, 70, 72, 85, Tarpley, Raymond, Sr., 205 Taylor, Allen, Sr., 46, 47, 49, 205 Taylor, Carolyn, Sr., 205 Taylor, Douglas, Soph., 155 Taylor, Nancy, Soph., 155 Taylor, Nedra, Soph., 205 Taylor, Pam, Sr., 205 Taylor, Paula, Jr., 57, 178 Taylor, Taylor, Tim, Soph., 155 Trent, Soph., 155 Taylor, Valerie, Sr., 205 Taylor, Vickie, Soph., 55, 57, 155 Teague, Bob, Sr., 71, 72, 77, 205 Teague, Dickie, Soph., 1 55 Telschow, Don, Jr., 178 ,. X N J A 5 - sg it X Z 9 1' 7 J t V ss? kk 'au af-4. Yr . . i i. ' ,, 1,,,'w " .W a . ffefi ' A - -ff 1 - up ' tj?3'zg,'g, i ,fe , . . Telschow, Sharon, Soph., 38, 155 Thaxton, Anne, Sr., 38, 205 Thede, Nancy, Jr., 178 Thiele, Jacque, Jr., 20, 56, 178 Thomas, Gary, Sr., 65, 205 Thomas Janie, Soph., 155 Thomas Johnny, Sr., 205 Thomas, Thomas Thomas Larry, Sr., 179 . Paris, Sr., 205 Terry, Jr., 92, 93, 179 Thompson, Dana, Jr., 179 Thompson, Kathy, Sr., 56, 205 Thompson, Linda, Sr., 205 Thompson, Monda, Soph., 155 Thompson, Phyllis, Sr., 48, 205 Thompson, Sondra, Soph., 155 Thompson, Tommy, Jr., 179 Thompson, Tommy, Soph., 155 Thoms, Don, Jr., 179 Tidwell, Bill, Soph., 56, 85, 155 Tinsley, Dianne, Jr., 178 Todd, Martha, Jr., 178 Tolbert, Susan, Jr., 38, 179 Tolliver, Jerelyn, Soph., 155 Tolson, Holly, Sr., 205 Tomlin, Terry, Soph., 155 :ral iii., Y Tomlinson, Chris, Jr., 64, 179 Toner, Cinda, Jr., 179 Toner, Kay, Jr., 205 Touchen, Mike, Jr., 56 Toumey, Faythe, Soph., 155 Tout, Theresa, Soph., 155 Trammell, Nancy, Sr., 265 Trantham, Edward, Jr., 179 Traynham, Joe, Sr., 206 Traynham, Judy, Soph., 155 Trout, Royce, Sr., 206 Trussell, Francine, Sr., 206 Tubb, Sherry, Jr., 179 Turner, Jimmy, Jr., 176, 178 Turner, Michael, Jr., 178 Turney, Charles, Sr., 55, 134, 206 Turney, Margaret, Jr., 56, 57, 179 Tyler, Allan, 155 Tyler, Betsy, Sr., 206 Tyrrell, Ann, Soph., 39, 155 U Uberman, Van, Jr., 179 Underwood, Joe, Soph., 155 Underwood, Roberta, Jr., 179 Utley, Sallies, Jr., 179 V Valkman, Gayla, Soph., 156 Valkman, Reba, Jr., 179 Valone, Jeanne, Jr., 79, 179 Van Cise, Jackie, Jr., 179 van der Vliet, Elizabeth, Soph., 56, 156 van der Vliet, Margaret, Sr., 45, 56, 57, 206 Vander Hamm, Chris, Jr., 179 van Hamersveld, Craig, Sr., 206 Van Zanten, Nancy, Sr., 206 Vaughan, Ramah, Sr., 38, 47, 49, 113 186, 206 Vaughan, Sharon, Sr., 206 Vaughan, Suzanne, Soph., 156 Veen, Frances, Soph., 156 Velasquez, Florence, Soph., 156 Verbryl-ze, Sharon, Jr., 24, 38, 53, 179 Verseckes, Mike, Soph., 156 Vestal, David, Jr., 179 Vicroy, Beverly, Sr., 206 Vise, Pat, Jr., 179 W Wade, Olivia, Sr., 206 Wade, Susan, Sr., 206 Wriechter, Walter. Soph.. '1. J. 90. 156 Wagley, Sue, Jr., 179 Wagner, Meg, Sr., 51, 206 Waits, Sharon, Jr., 179 Walch, Charles J., Jr., 179 Walch, Gayla, Soph., 156 Waldrep, Phyllis, Soph., 156 Walsh, H. L., Sr., 207 Walsh, Sandy, Jr., 179 Walter, Fred, Soph., 156 Walter, Tom, Sr., 207 Walters, Bill, Jr., 179 Walters, Doyle, Jr., 14, 41, 53, 80, 83 179 Waltman, Jan, Jr., 38, 180 Walton, Skippy, Sr., 207 Walts, Charles, Jr., 85, 180 Ward, Dave, Soph., 156 Ward, Maryann, Soph., 156 Ward, Pat, Sr., 207 Ware, Ann, Sr., 207 Ware, Jim, Sr., 207 Warila, Dale, Sr., 85, 86, 207 Warner, Susanna, Sr., 55, 156 Warren, Valerie, Jr., 49, 180 Warren, Wesley', Soph,, 55, 156 Watkins, Elaine, Sr., 207 Watson, Jack, Sr., 207 Watson, Kay, Sr., 38, 59, 207 Watson, Tom, Sr., 48, 207 Watters, William, Jr., 180 Walker, Betsy, Jr., 179 Walker, Charles. Jr., 179 Walker, Jo, Soph., 156 Walker, John, Sr., 85, 87, 206 Walker, Karl, 179 Walker, Melinda, Soph., 38, 54 Walker, Rod, Sr., 201 Walker, Sam, Soph., 156 Wall, Tom, Jr., 19, 55 Wal lace , chip, sf., 207 Wallace, Earl, Jr., 90, 91, 179 Wallace Marsha, Soph., 156 Wallace, Wallis, Sharman, Soph., 156 Cleatus, Soph., 55. 57, 156 Watts, Zoe, Soph., 144, 157 Wayr, Herby, Sr., 207 Way'land, Glenda, Soph., 157 Wear, Mac, Sr., 207 Weatherly, Tanya, Jr., 180 Webb, Bobby, Soph., 157 Webb, Lorinda, Sr., 55, 207 Webster, Linda, Soph., 156 Wehunt, Lana, Soph., 56, 156, 157 Weid, Marcia, Sr., 49, 63, 207 Weiher, Kay, Sr., 207 Weinman, Walter, Jr., 180 Welborn, Dennis, Jr., 180 Welch, Jimmy, 46 223 Welch, John, Sr., 47, 48, 49. 110, 207 Welch, Ricky, Soph, 156 Wells, Candy, Soplm, 157 Wells, Constance, Soph., 157 Wells, Eddie, Sr., 85 Wells, James, Jr., 181 Welda, Janet, Soph., 56, -157 Weltin, Cathy, Sr., 59, 186, 207 Wentworth, Brenda, Soph., 156 Werner, Bill, Jr., 85, 180 West, Cathy, 88, 180 Westmoreland, Larry, Sr., 48, 207 Wheeler, Charles, Soph., 156 White, Jim, Soph., 57, 156 White, Shelia, Soph., 39, 157 Whiteside, Bobby, Sr., 207 Wiese, Jackie, Sr,, 207 Wilcox, Cindy, Jr., 56, 180 Wilcox, Sarah, Jr., 180 Wildt, Pam, Soph., 157 Wilemon, Jack, Sr., 84, 85, 20' Wiley, Randy, Sr., 207 Wilkes, Trex, Soph., 85, 157 Wilkinson, Bruce, Soph., 152, 156 Wilkinson, Michael, Soph., 156 Willard, Helen, Sr., 207 Willard, Joe, Soph., 156 112. Willett, Ronnie, Soph., 58, 157 Williaford, Donna, Soph., 157 Williams Williams Williams , Gary, Sr., 111, 207 , Jeri, Sr., 207 , John, Sr., 207 Williams, Johnny, Jr., 16, 42, 88, Williams Williams Williams Williams Liz, jr., 181 , Roger, 91, 181 , Terry, Sr., 208 on, Darleen, Sr., 208 Willis, Clifton, sf., 57, 208 Willis, s andra, Soph., 157 Willoughby, Cindy, Jr., 38, 42, 58, 181 Wilmoth, Tracy, Jr., 80, 82, 180 Wilson Wilson, Wilson Wilson, Wilson Wilson, Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wfilson Barbie, Soph., 156 Garrett, 56 Gene, Sr,, 208 Greg, Sr., 181 Katharine, Soph., 156 Kent, Soph,, 156 Paula, Soph., 157 Robert, Sr., 90, 208 Rosalie, Soph., 157 Roselyn, Jr., 56, 181 Sharyn, Soph., 157 Sonny, Sr., 208 Susie, Sr.. 208 224 180 158. Wilson, Suzanne, Jr., 181 Wirnberly, Kayla, Sr., 208 Winblood, David, Soph., 157 Winfield, Esther, 56 Winfield, Jeanie, Jr., 180 Winfield, Margaret, Soph., 56, 157 Winfree, Claudia, Soph., 157 Wingrove, Ricky, Soph., 157 Winter, Johnny, Sr., 63, 134, 208 Wise, David,.Soph,, 157 Wise, Martha, Sr., 208 Wofford, Glenna, Sr,, 208 Wolfe, Chris, Soph., 55, 57, 157 Wolfe, Harriet, Soph., 157 Wolfe, Von, Jr., 55, 57, 180 Wood, Bonnie, Jr., 56, 180 Wood, Candy, Jr., 181 Wood, Cheryl, Sr,, 208 Wood, Darenda, Jr., 38, 181 Wood, Owen, Sr,, 56, 208 Wood, Steve, Soph, 157 Woodall, Kristy, Jr., 181 Woodall, Sharon, Sr., 208 Woodrich, Bill, Jr., 180 Woodrich, Gary, Soph., 143, 157 Woodrich, Robert, Jr., 180 Woods, Carey, Sr., 208 Woodyard, Peggy, Jr., 180 Wooldridge, Soph., 157 Wooten, Nancy, Soph., 157 Word, Mary, Sr., 38, 208 Worrall, Linda, Jr., 181 Wortham, Margo, Sr., 208 Worthington, Peggy, Sr., 208 Worthy , Jim, Sr., 55, 57, 208 Worthy, Kay, Soph., 155, 157 Wright, Clifton, Jr., 181 Wright, Jim, Sr., 47, 208 Wright, Larry, Sr., 208 . Wyatt, Anita, Sr., 208 Wynne, Bob, Soph., 157 Wynne, Harry, Jr., 181 Y Yandell, Pat, Soph., 157 Yankee, Scott, Sr., 70, 77, 109, 113, 208 Yarborough, Catherine, Sr., 208 Yates, Vicki, Sr., '208 Yeates, Judy, Sr., 208 Yeates, Kyle, Jr., 92, 180 Young, Donna, Soph., 157 Mike, Ji., ss, iso, 205, 20s Young, Young, Ronnie, Soph., 157 Z Zaczek, Vicki, Jr., 180 Zager, Barbie, Jr., 53, 56, 181 Zerdecki, Judi, Sr., 49, 208 Zihlman, John, Jr., 181 Zimmerman, Vivianne, Jr., 181 Zink, Ronnie, Soph., 85, 159 Zucht, Lee, Sr., 38, 185, 208 will - ' A' - f 1' 'I . 2- ' ' v ,,,. , .. ,,, --i-, . L- Y-,111 , J 7. 4- :.. ,g.:x V. ' V Z 4 A, .fig ,ll A , , P- .A , 1.5 -- ,, . ' , I :, A 1 Vg-r, . , .'.. 1-, 4-1 . ' '--' A A - ' -1' - vi 14.-ff-'1" .r vu ? .'v.iv'If Ja '- ,- -- ' 1 , - 4-1-' ' gf f 'f :Ivy - f f:z,'fevfw?f, sfwg-, 1,5 , ft? ill .. ,i L,.,T, jr N I -,xg -' ' .xx M . 1 'vgf . , f--'N Q . . . 4 A " rf SL- 14.1 fr H Hg 5 Eff' ,gkri . 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Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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