Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1965

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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K iw 4 A , cfgxif , ' f' u ,I n V 'f u 1 1 ' ' R , , 1 X qf' . n I ,gr K9 n ,ifdfff 1, JMMWX I I . ' A A, X xx :near f Efiiii wwf 'fly Q 'f QMMQWWW W N ,AJ . MLM ' 78 f " fu ki! 2 Milli rr Z 'aflxffw I . we GJ? EL CW W W 'Q DAQWO x f xg w NQ xgcjw ' 116 J v bfldzajdgg-74 K W f . W0 ,ff Q77 U 44174 Jil If rf!! if vfcjyg' ' if W. 47 Jgwf' ,. MM WLMM My W 6552 if W is WWW E SSS ' ffW W0 MYWOJQ ,MMP . 0",,U N H' l 1 4, AM A R . I giiin 150. X531 N - - ff' - SER N-:Sgt 'U IZ JqJsJ540 X51 fig Ala, . TRN FgD9f" JL? 'U 0525626 sf ' lf E+ xx fiifgizw 1gQlQ.E5. 5P Qzqzfyc ,W , EW W WM ,M www' aww W W , 'PQXTD 3 c, 9.z6, Z,, ,j. liQ1,,,.Q J 3' 59202, MQQQ Q5 Eg' Xi E1 sf M We 12 f 5529 W 0 gkyjofujajfffy' Qi QB MGVJQ3 Wi , W - V OM' , R C: fiifwfyfwyw 5 E X M Qiyfb fy ' .5 JV s g S 5 .n JT? 425773 " M EWWWQQQ 253253 2 fffigggo o 2,5 52:9 , t 99 www VpQwgQt i KQQagiM31965 o Vxw wt W QLEQW J QC KET it Wh W U I wx gt IJMQQSWWQQWW .XV We X fwwgvcorv EN 9Qi5mQh'L QW SW QQWQQ5 My B QQMQQ X ZUQSWQIQQUMGJ Q90 U' to 50 L 9 U fwfffwfhffww 07534 it WWW WW ix f fimfi f WWWLW 5 5 SX ' 5 Arlington Heights High School 5 xhw 5 J Qg Fort Worth, Texas 5 we SX M23 The Modern Man: An Individual One's-Self I sing, a simple separate person, Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse. Of Life immense in passion, pulse, and power, , Cheerful, for freest action form'd under the laws clivine, The M oclern Man I sing. t WALT WHITMAN t Thoughydemocracy extols the equality of all mankind, the essence of her strength lies in the individual, the sovereign man, free to shapehis own destiny. Liberated by innate virtues- selflessness, awareness, courage, self-respect, wisdom-the soul of man strides forth to meet the challengeiof Life. He who wnuld survive as a free man in this modern world must be an individual. i p l I Introduction .... . . . I SELFLESSNESS Faculty .... . . 3 AWARENESS Activities .... .... 2 0 CCURAGE Qrganizations. . . . . . .37 Sports. 4 ...... . ge. .7265 SELF-RESPECT Personalities. . . . . . .94 WISDOM Sophomores .... . . . I27 Juniors .... ... I45 Seniors .... .... I 7 I Postlude. . . .... 206 Index .... . . . .207 DEDICATION Mrs. Flossie Poston That certain spark which distinguishes one as above the ordinary is difficult to define, and yet we recognize it in every outstanding per- son. Exemplifying the ideal of the true individ- ual is Mrs. Flossie Poston, English teacher at Heights for eleven years. Varied interests and talents contribute to her unique personality. Genuine selflessness and sparkling humor endear her to students and fac- ulty alike. A member of Delta Kappa Gamma, national teachers' honor society, and of the Fort Worth Music Club, Mrs. Poston guides young people as a sponsor of Young Citizen's Forum. One of her greatest pleasures is attending plays in this area and in New York. Mrs. Poston imparts to her students far more than a knowledge of English literature and gram- mar, for she values highly the individuality of every young person and attempts to lead each a few steps nearer to self-realization. And thus, to Mrs. Flossie Poston, we dedicate the 1965 Yellow Jacket. nigh uaizr , , H, 34,1 J.- .5 JN "-ffl 5 f -. L A A ,,.. , ,X 'ffm ku .WF5 f 3 ,155 . . :Jive me -:,::-wvy, ,n5'f""5Fv'n Q 'Aiwa xi 2.5553-fWl,: if 'H , 1 , f 1. ' :nf .ffslzfvzl K -x- ' pWf?:"1 'JE-'51, If I H . 1 1 K VVAWV, ,, , ff-Qu ,1.,Lf.f,rv.f f ,,.. ,, 4-Ldmff :,. Q. ' A 1 , 1 .fy '1 I 'l , fy ga, 91-,fm J I 1 Q 7 .I Z s V V xl Q fx 1 , ' 1 A 2 , , N V ff' ' Y . W v,,,,,4, ,,L. .M y' L 5 X '. W ' , i ', n' 2 I- 1 i M 1 , " 9 -4 A .1 1. M H- fy- vi If : L 1 -" J V' ' X ' 7 ' AC", 1 - ' 'I ' ' A- ' f ' M fl'-1 .. K 'nj' Q s :lx 1 ' X, 1 w- -4n,E"i JJ MM xg ,fn , 5. P ' Q N , my 'w - . ' A 3 . , 9: 1 j X N , , ,M , f Q W D 3 - A , .- li ' 3, A ', . - M ' ' . I ,F - f' 1', f , T7 . ' 'Xu ' ' i 4, Q' ' 1 , , "f 'xg' ' ', ,, Q ,o 1 T, ' - ' - ' X g ff? . .N 1' P1 H Pg f I! W t Q ' I 1 .91 n E, R 1 3 f ' Q' - W . 5 HAWK ima fp T ff 4 XY'-N X' A 'Q 0- ff"-N' QQ V5 'Sul ' ? y I4 A QA.: . i I 4 X A . xy . 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Faculty and admini- stration carry out policy and set standards for the Hill. DR. ELDEN B. BUSBV MR. ROY M. STONE Superintendent of Assistant Superitendent Schools of High Schools Composing the Board of Education are Loyd Turner, vice-presidentg Atwood McDonald, Presidentg Dr. James N. Walker, secretaryg Rev. John R Leatnerbury Mrs. Carey H. Snyderg Mrs. Ronald Smith, and Bill Crawford. 8 MISS KATHRYN HADEN Dean of Girls MR. TWAIN MORROW Vice-Principal MR. FRANK KUDLATY Second Vice Principal MR. Joi-IN MRS. MARY HOOD B. SHARP, Principal INIRS. GEORGIA L. BENNISON Assistant Librarian B.A. North Texas State University MRS. I-IAZEL E. FARR Registrar MRS. MARY FISHER Nurse B.S. Texas Christian University RTN. St. Josephs School of Nursing MRS. NADINE CLETA GRIGSBY Secretary Librarian B.A. Texas Womans University M.E. West Texas State University MR. JACK L. MARTIN Counselor B.S. North Texas State University M.E. Texas Christian Unversity MR. MARVIN A. MILLER Counselor B.S., M.E. Texas Christian University MRS, VELMA SANDERS Secretary MRS, CHRISTINE SHERIVIAN Library Secretary MRS. IVIARY TATE Counselor B.S., M.E. Texas Christian University MISS MONTIER VE TOMLINSON Counselor B.S., M.E. North Texas State University MRS. DOROTHY WATKINS Secretary Y Language Extend Cultural Interests Basic to the understanding of all peoples, languages and history provide an insight into the world's diverse cultures and societies, both past and present. Practical experience in Ger- man, French, and Spanish, is gained in Heights' modern language lab, while those interested in studying ancient life may take three years of Latin offered here. For the comprehension of the contributions of the past and for the appreciation of our heritage, world and American history, and gov- ernment are available in the school's curriculum. MRS. MARY ALEXANDER English, Spanish B.A. Texas Christian University MR. LARRY BARNES Latin B.A. Texas Christian University MRS. GLENNA FAYE EDWARDS English, Biology B.A. Mary Hardin Baylor College MR. MILTON BRANSFORD English B.A. North Texas State College M,E. Texas Christian University MRS. OLETA F. EPPS English B.S, North Texas State University B.A. Baylor University MRS. BELLE EVANS English B.A. Texas Christian University MISS HELEN F. I-IALE Spanish B.A. Rice Institute MR. JERRY HAMRICK German, Algebra B.A. Baylor University MRS. CHARLEENE MRS. FRANCES CARLISLE CAVENESS English, Speech English B.A. Texas Christian B.S. Texas Wesleyan University College MH. Evelyn MrCluney Juperrfifer Pa! Smith, Doug Kincaid, Pnl McMahon, Don Cobb, and Kelle Snyder, at they linen lo ibe audio werrion of lfaeir Sjmniyb lefmrz. MRS. EUGENIA THOMPSON English, Journalism B.A. North Texas State University MISS BETTY WINN WATSON English B.A. University of Texas M.E. Texas Christian University MRS. FRANCES WIESER French B.A. Texas University MRS. CAROL HERNANDEZ English B.A. Texas Christian University MRS. GLADYS R, HUNTER English B.A., M.A. Baylor University MRS. EVELYN MCCLUNEY Spanish B.A. Trinity University MRS. FLOSSIE POSTON English B.A. Baylor University MRS. CHRISTINE RICHARDS English B.A. Texas Christian University MRS, MITZI ROY English B.A. Michigan State University MRS. BETTY M. SKUPAKA English, Biology B.A. Texas Christian University MRS. ANNE STANTON English B.A. Texas Christian University Lab Increases Language Fluency Mr. Larry Barnet ronfemplaler model: of anrienl weaponry romlrurled by Lalnz fluderzzx. MISS GRACE BECKER MISS JULIA Miss MARY ANN MRS. KATHLEEN MRS. MARY MARSH World, American KATHRYN GARRETT GREGORY HANLEY World History, History Amefiffln HiSf01'Yi Government, American World History Government B.A. TCXHS ChriS!i21fl G0VCl'HmCl1f History B.A. St. Olaf College B.S. Texas Christian University B,A. Randolph-Macon BAS, T6-X35 Tech University M.A. Columbia Woman's College M.A., Ph.D. University of California History Cultivates Pride in Heritage MRS. VIVIAN MURPHEY World, American History B.S. University of Arizona M,E. Texas Christian University MRS, SARA M. NICKERSON World History, Latin B,S. Ohio State University MRS. BETTY ANN QUIMBY American History, Government B.A. Hardin Simmons M.A. Texas Woman's University MR. JOE R. SHERROD World, American History B.A., M.A. Texas Christian University The part ir relived ar Mr. joe Sherrod dirlaier u la nz world binary rlarr. MRS. HELEN LYNN STAFFORD World, American History B.A. Texas Christian University MRS. MARY F. WARREN World, American History B.A. Texas W0man's University MR. GEORGE WIRSDORFER Government, American History B.S. Texas Christian University MR, JAMES E. YORK World History, Government B.S. Texas Christian University Innovations Mark Science Progress Challenged to keep pace with the increased stress on scientific achievement, the science department has both expanded and adopted new teaching methods. Innovated this year was a second year chemistry course which allowed students a more intensive preparation in the field for college. New equipment, including an overhead projector, was added to aid teachers in presenting the basic concepts of biology, chem- istry, and physics. M,,....f-w- ll By ming life overhead projerlar, Mr. Bob Pbillipr explains flze prinriplef of flee fbree Iempemizzre rmlef. MR. FLAVIN J. ARSENEAU Biology B.S., M.S. Texas Christian University MfSgt. JAMES McCREADY ROTC MR. BOB PHILLIPS Physics B.S, North Texas State University MRS JANE STONE MISS DONA LEE MR, ARCH VAN Sfsgt. ROGER MR. NEAL WHITE Chemistry STOVALL METER WARDELL Physics, Mathematics B S University of Chemistry Biology ROTC B.A. North Texas Arkansas B.A., M.A, Texas B.S. Southern State University Christian University Methodist University CYf,e-Lf- ,Y -f if 01, QL, 'FC 2 .1592 - MRS. NAN-ISCA DANIELS Homemaking B.S., M.E. Texas Wesleyan College MRS. MARY LYNN FOUST Business Education B.S. North Texas State University Four Fields of Arts Develop Student Talent MISS MARY K, BRADFORD I Art B.S., M.E. North Texas State University MRS. ROSEMARY BURTON Speech B.S. Louisiana State University MR. GEORGE H, CARSON Band, Orchestra B.A. Baylor University M.A., M.E. Texas Christian University MRS. FAE HARRISON Business Education B.B.A. North Texas State College MRS. LILLIAN JACKSON Homemaking B.A. Northwestern State College Sludelzz Gay Reezly receiver valuable Juggeniorzr from Min Bradford Ia uid the develop- menz of laer all lalenz. Many electives are available to ,students wish- ing to discover or develop their talent in the field of art, music, business, or manual skills. Instructors offer the benefit of their years of ex- perience, so that those with talent can express themselves. MRS. JUNUETTA LAY Distributive Education B.S. Texas Christian University eUaao0U.:,,,'9',25Q3 Villfe Taylor wairbex flue dork ax Fmuk Sullzzfafz perky lm' way tluaugb cz tzmed MR. GARLAND M. THRELKELD Industrial Arts AS. Hannibal La Grange jr. College B.S. North Texas State University MRS. MARY E. WHITE Chorus, Counselor B.S., Texas Wesleyan College M.A. Columbia Teacher's College MR. PHIL WRIGHT Industrial Arts B.S., M.S. North Texas State College MR, JAMES C. SNYDER MR. WILLIE T. TAYLOR MISS HAZEL NELSON Business Education B.B,A., M.A. Texas Christian University MRS. BONNIE PARMETER Business Education B.S. East Texas State College Industrial Arts B.S. and M.S. North Texas State University Business Education B.S. and M.S. East Texas State College Mr. Tlofelkeld walcbey over Skippy lI7almrz at be learns lo mold mu: mnlerinlx ima ureful and bealzliful devirei. I5 MRS. SARA BRIAN Unified Geometry, Algebra B.A. Texas Christian University MRS. FRANCES COON Unified Geometry, Algebra B.A. Stephen F. Austin College M.E. Texas Christian University MRS. DIXIE LEE CUNNINGHAM Unified Geometry, Trigonometry B.A. Texas Christian University New Math Challenges Minds Algebra - Y Washington Lorena Dean follow: the ryxzenmlic proof of Mr, Edwin D. Kabler ar he rampleler zz theorem in unified geometry. MR. EDWIN D. KAHLER Geometry, Trigonometry B.A., B.S. and M.E. Texas Tech University MRS. PATSY KAMMER Unified Geometry, B.A Universit of By adopting new curricula, the math depart- ment strives to strengthen the logical reasoning abilities of students. Modern algebra and unified geometry, the latter initiated last year, have been added to the already broad mathematics program. MR. HERBERT KRAUSS MRS. ELVA A. MRS. IRENE E. MR. ARCHIE STEVENS Unified Geometry, LERRET PRICE Unified Geometry, Algebra, Unified Geometry, Unified Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry Algebra, Algebra Trigonometry B.S., MS, North Trigonometry B.A. Trinity College B.S. Daniel Baker Texas State College B.A., M,A. Texas Wo111an's University M.E. North Texas State University PE Fulfills Varied Interests As a diversion from the school day, physical education provides an outlet for expression and a program of rigorous activity. Under teacher supervision, pupils participate in competitive sports and work on various projects. MRS. MARTHA AUSTIN Girls' PE B.S., M.E. North Texas State University MR. DAYTON CARTER Boys' PE B.S. Stephen F. Austin State College M.E. University of Houston MRS. JOANN EGGLESTON Girls' PE B.S. Texas Christian University MRS. B. LAVELLE W, HALBERT Girls' PE B.S., Southern Methodist University MR. DON HOOD Boys' PE, Coach B.S. Abilene Christian College M.E. East Texas State College MR. HOMER LUDIKER Biology, Coach B.S. Texas Christian University M.A. North Texas State College MR. JOE PRATER Boys' PE, Coach B.S. Texas Wesleyan College MR. MERLIN W. PRIDDY Biology, Coach B.S. Texas Christian University MR. DALE WALKER World, American History, Coach B.S. Texas Christian University , is IQ 29 30 3, Handling neresmry paper work, Mr. Dayton Carter demomlratef that coaching if nal always' an oulxide job. Mai W I. AW . A, M W 1 v M. V .-H . 6 s ,Q Q i " A gg vi ,I V' a '35-1, ' ' sr . L . in .R 5 ' ,K 1 e' 4 ' , , ' a .1 l -' f' I ' ' . 3 I -Sw' 1 J . , ' F . K! W H Aff ' C . ' 'Q r. Q R R fl':f"'s1gE3 ' L A ' I . f I y fr- 1 A , ,L , 7 3 l I , 1 , , Q a ' 4 9 , as 11' ' K, X f J ' ' 2 Q X Q v' w , g " " Q, f W w f A K , ww. w F V . 3 A ,. m . M fa 5 Z E HGH: 1,13 - I, X x .V 0 gfiig, K fy, I + .' rlflub J ' fi' I ' G Lv K .Nt V SA.,X.a,d4.!,1 I- .Q rust ni at I 1. I My M fx' 5 1 was 'Stun ff 4 E il :xx . V Q4 JF! ' db, I ww an j KN, A,,. ff' 'Qu V -X, Q 'L w fx V31 'fi - X'v,f' , f!",?,' .L , 'T 4' S , 2 .. 4 4-' - J 1 H 'LU ft-'if ,., ,af if 1 f. 71: V 1 ,," ,tidy ' ,Aa Q. ,h W I . v is it i .. I ,a I , :rbi l xy - f 1+ ' ' ""'+H Q Y , " ' ' ' V1 7 "ff fi 1. + K ,N'Y, ' .v 4'-nl - - F 5' if .' 1 .,'Q'.' gfittg ' 'H '- 'LYS , u . . f - .4 nr. 1 Q"W f lv . , I G ,Q U, W I . Q ' . M ' J my qw A if 'gg K ',s1r ' ls ' ' ' V 5 ' 6 , in F , ' W ' " 'U' , 5 M du' 'sf 1 . A jk 0 ,MHPPM -JF H-- . , P I .. N . . ,L ,,,, I ,' " ' - 255 1, ' 4- -1' V ' f i it MES?-Q A- : --ww ' ' iii,-.P5x,4k1Pf , .. A 1 .Q-I gig l M ' K . VH I T ' 3. - " ,,, Y 1. b . A '-..,- 0 ' ' V fe, lf " f - 4' " X, 4, ,. X ,. ffl- 41 , fr fn - QQQQ " X K fzff ?f.4f:.ah,, 'N ' . R Y W gg w.,f.,, I Alix' rib! V ' 1.,f'-'qv it if 1 '-,L -.. E A T? fx ,i-s "' - af. Q ,Y 'qu jr-jf i v 'Q 'N jf-5.3 'LW may - ,Wy-YJ- ., ,Q f Q qv. Q1 ' f' 'MT' "-- .. ., ...... , , 'f " L ' 'W' Q.: mffwv-f"f" ' fgj'fTf' "3' U , ,n..f-xx-, V , V K 'wr A ' ' , ., N ..,:-qggvw' . - f I , . . I 4 ,WM . W- ' A 3 we 1 fm f" H - 'fi-x 'fb K ,f , pf H g.,,,f,-5,31 ,-, E ' , " ' t ' - ' " L "RL, l 'gg-I 'nf-. A V - " A mv Kew-QL, qw an I 8 X' ' " ' if nv K . ,K , , . K 517 K , K ' 1 K K fg,!'f, U 'Y .f - V K I K 5 , 1 4 LK H + - , .'.:.' " -fs, . -., ,, . K ' K' v' ' , , KK4, 'fr . 5' " .-,rg Q ." f 1 '- 5 ' gage X f S, ,' I ,Q ' N . ' I t K Q f 1 x , M44 , V K6 6 V.. A SK K , K K - 4, K . 7 ,ii t .K 1'-' " . f I 1 K 'Earn Q A +1 IK tj - K ' Q T 1 wal KK vK fi' tg K' ' QQ' -K n ik? K 4 L .ri K 1. K K . , X K ,VKX 5 0 . , J. K, Kg X K E., K RMK em . f, ,Q 1 4 f , ' . , ,fy K, K K K 1 K' a" .Q K . K , i me' . - 4 . f 4 . K ,S KK K S V. KyQ 'i K K K Ka NK: 5 .144 , eff,KKx2"sif .- ' - ,K A f 1 - . .v - xi, ,W f' i 41,x!QbM.., -- 3 I f -K, , K, 1. v .v N- KKK ,W .-KK ki? KKKKK t :,?'i,K A K 7. , 1' -ff W, ' - , 'dr ' fy , lf' f ' 'l bm 'XA w 'Pi , . L9 L . - XJR" '9?7v'Af-"' ' 5 ' ' ', k' A- ,'7.1 ,gs . , Q, 1 ' MK - ' aa x ,s.oe:w gif 22.5, Q 1 K f '2 v .. P ' K ,hm 4 " " . 5 ' K? QKKKKYQ- K ,K K -. KK. - E. . g . 3 , W K NK K KKQRJA Q , rf L ,K . - K 1 1 v ' n 'Q l , 5 .f . , 6 K 1 K' ' Kx S x ' I . -vi"-Fx. K ! , N ,pl f ' 'V f 5.8 ' - ' sf " . . l - 3- -JW - -. A y - 4-L ' v. - K if . . - f- ,K ' ' :if :H wa-1 , ' KW Kd -ff " ' Q E . ' If K N' " 1 , 1 : . , ' 2 I 1 . ' 5 ' v V- W ,iii . rf' H .-' - . X - K , .fa X +-9754? , ' ' K' ' "H K , . 1? Lhxffgf . , ' "' K K , K . K . K , . K K, . ,, ffl A ' -' - 'M' ' M A- -' - 1-M . si K KKK :K K K e KKKKKK KK , K - K KK, K - '4K.AK- -L KKQ - . ' ' K K , K K - A M' Kp' ' . -.5 ' . . ' ' 3- ,Ki KK. K OK - KK, K K if ji ftybk KK K 1 , X K K ,K 1 'J 3 ' W ' ,i K a' ,H+ 1:-QQK, , ' x-- ag' f V' .'.' ' 7 K fy ,fl A ' , ' N.,-ftgy if 1 X " f , K 1 . U? ' . X V 0 ,x , 1 ,. .. x -- -"Fw Y , , ff ' f , 1 w N , Q , K- 14 - - '-- K v fyjt ,K L 1-N, : , 14 K. X Agri? ,K it Q' . 1 -' 1 . K fm 4 K K K - yew L - ,Qi -4 K 4 - ,,Kf:K-1-. 3-'15 K KKK , K K 1 1 , K-,K 5 I . , - , . ,Y . K K, K K , 13 , A 'K ' "wr -- "ra-1 1 -- 'K.ff':Z-"gi"-N -4 X f' 1'-' .P 1 .1 Q ' 1 K,K zf QK- .f--:K--':KK-f K-, ,, V' 'K- ' . . - -x 5,1 Kg -' ' .' ' eip' f' ' " K ' PK ' 1 "Kp,-ff' 2 fi F Pg' fsaf"K"sA' 3' 554' '-1"5x"I f 5 I ti A V' S525 K KK .K ,KK..,.. K K K K Y' K1 :V ' K ,-, - K 1 KJ K K f , -is? ' 'qw' X X! , V, Vlxili 1-. ' fag ' ' ' " 3' xi 'V XX ' I K , 'f fzifffx 'J N L ' Q 1 Nj :L ' .' ' 1 Ln 'im 'N A 1 'fi' is if?-"'l EMS' 9 , K- ' K 'K v w X K-KKK., 2 K fj.',f:3-?:',34Q -Kiviv? QQ, K K j,- v. K: K Q K ,K ' ,KK K K 1+-.v:-.f ,A -' ' f v K. ' . --f . X - . , was f. f K -I - 'T gl U 1 r Ski f Q f 4.5 ff . ' V -'--K, Q ' Y X . H ' ' fL,tf-1,,f4:'.:',1-QYFT X 1 TTQKK " ' - " ' -K l K X ' -Xu-N' - 1 ' ' - X 'Y I Qkx5f'M'W'G'+wLm- mal' if ' ' ,L M K 4. ' 3 fn- X. u ui 17 W K 4, . 'NV-1 . - f - 1 Wm V. ' f,fXW,f,faf'z:a. 1 K V4 in , u 1 ' 9 .. - -. A L ' ' ' , X '- If ,..1 1 ' ' N7 Ki I K K,K,R,j,K Kp, W- , , Ura' . , ,,,.,,.K. KK - .5 -' . , 4- 4 f., ' ' " ' N K ff ,avg 1 -W . ' , K' ' E' " - "' f' N-'ix' 1-K ,LW Q - 'Q . 3 N'-fi 'f ' ' K . , , - f 1 A ' if , " 1 .. , , -.- V, 'Wm ' 5 ' .,,, ,AK . K , - K . , " ' VM- -X' X ' b - 'run' .f:S'-" f " 'F A ' N I l Af3if-f""" in , 'firm ' ' ' J.. ,JJ - ff 3 -fi , K K K ' fK bt 'K KK K 'KK T -KK K K ,L -K ,. K Y ., ,- ff I-c F1 .K KK K K K,ai.g.v ig. , K u f Q K, ,f 1 fg A f A ' . K K D, :f1',w:., ! K' KKK393 f - rr. f gsfvl- 'ig"f,e?" ff" Y , ' 4 ' ' '-Ev " ' .,,- . , .J 1.1 if- 355 -M ifg . f-'ll +P' f- ' -,I-ffizzefah ar ""' " A ,. -' K- K , :K K1 , . 'Q K 'Kf' -5 K . A K K?-4 f "'1!-5 'fig ' 'K Jn- 17- -Lg?-. 5--.L " -Z" ' ,g. .J - ' 'Y .. i f 'Z k s ' . " +K"ifkJ.,:f'J..1f-Q.-.'- Nf1A""'-'. - fN,"4w'V' Nl1.'.v L M' ,, 9 ., . KKK K K 1 , Ky! C K., 4 K-K K ,.-c:f..ffS1 Y K ,J--qv-K KK:-X595 -K 5 ' ., 5 Kg,5g',,,,4ik. -- -fbias: -V 4, Kg 1 ,Q K-.,,-' KK. -n .gg K5.K ' 'K' f ' ' " K H 'g'5Cx'Q,'--.f -- -K its ,' C"'Q:,"---- --.-.K f . .-K- ' K' , . -1:34, ' " "K. K, K . ' -- 'QKKK K, -V -f-,K'Zr' ..."c.,--K.. .Q 'A ' " '- f K KT. f:KKKK -. ' . v -:-.APQZKKKKK . K KK S - "' " ' '? if- v 5, ' -41 ' a- T ' ' ri" ' ' af 1 : i W w ? ff' 5' - f Wm ' .Y ' X ' YW ii ,,, ' 2 - 2 E K N K :wfpxfw KK W5 :- A "' if - K Q - W, , -f-effE',fPFs1ff1ef M-ff 'P A x. . K '1' ' , 253 ., l girl -x ' '- 3 - ' A Biff :V ' K ' K ., ' K f' ff ,V 4, ' ,, ' - K 1 - ., ..-, ,-E.:3:G-i1':1r'f.:'L - - - ' - A I - z ' ' - - 1 Q 4 ,' 1-, K .- i , A E- fwfwvg Y . ff:,,1,,0-.vm -1 ' - -- A -1- -N , , .3 K .. ?,g .K i - , , VK , . . .4 ...ZKKKKK ...r' ,Kf-3.,.,1f 2- -- w.. ' , if i 'Q 3 f SQ -' 1 ' f W . f A 5 its if me A . X, 'X K-, .' 4 , Q 'A K 4 'KKK . K fx-K,,-"fs . XQ' K ' A . s K3 5 W. A-1 KK iii?-, " 1 H W- 1 , 5 f' - "' ' ' , .2 7 W-wwf? 'N , . 2 ' "' J' ra . , 1 iq! ,K - N - 1 KK ' K, ' S f ' X1 - " K ' r .1 if 3K r -4 Q." ' in mzftfwr 'F' ,K :f--i rfwvuq, , t""9f'W'i'n'?N, I9 E .K - WJKKKKAKS , K: K K K Y 5,54 K :KKK A KK K 5' "x . pr? ' - V- N- 'fy ' 1 f r N "li if '-N1 K -It-sw ' A .""4 "K 'fi .... A ' ' K W wi, . Come September There I UREJGN 'N'-wm,.,,,Q "Keep ibiy quiel, kid. We dorfl wan! MH. McClur1ey lo know llae going prire for 'A' Jiudefzlxf' propofiiiom Min Hale lo a prmperlive student. "Here'.r the rhurfhg l:ere': the :leeple . . ." ponder: Coach Priddy, "Open the door: and .ree 35 girla' and one boy in my fifth period biology flax?" 20 "Okay, Frank, bu! I dmft think Min Becker if ,gonna like it," advixer Mr. Morrow, af be and Mr. Kudlaly plan their .ftmlegy for the naming year. aTide... . . . in the affairs of students which, taken at registration, leads on to education. Plunging into the initial current of student activities this year were 1412 sleepy, but excited, Heightsters. After a conditioning steam bath in the auditorium, contestants in the meet crept to their homerooms, drew numbers, and prepared for' the start. Over the public address system came the long awaited words: "On your mark, get set, GO!" Swimming through a sea of sweat at speeds unfathomed by any man, they reached the finish line in less than 5 seconds. QIt's uncanny how the cheerleaders and football boys always come out ahead of the restlj' Then came the long, hour-and-a-half rubdown Qin the stairway to the cafeteriaj supervised by Coach Ludiker and Mr. Morrow. Registration followed. 'N 1:54-t -' ETSEF Y t - im ii' f rom L "Bo!!om.v up!"-Anonymoux "Hold il! Ir'.r putting loo murh addilional .rlren upon the foundation," warn: Sammy Aumn ar he and el low .rtudenlr pax: away lbe leisure hour: of regirrmzion. Waco-Bou nd Cowtowners !.,w,.,.w.2H "Thi: trip would be 4 lol more fun without .rpon:or:," 11151: Ellen Horn. "Mr, Miller, lagkl Wg'1,g ggi 4 fm fire! You had bezrer go help Mr. Sle1fen5." A Qt! My , gr I V K' "He wan? lake my benz penny," .figbf joan Gale. Go Greyhound to Showdown "You .rhould have :een the loohr on their fare! when I flared the door and left them hoth behind," mrhlef Ellen lo Anim Harper and Tamara Smilh. Representing Cowtown with western togs of cowboy hats and boots were the Heights eleven and fellow enthusiasts who traveled to Waco for the school sponsored bus trip. Although the jackets were defeated 18-7 by the Rams, their spirit was not subdued. The rowdy singing, yell- ing, and guitar playing that was present en route also prevailed during the return trip. 15- " 55 A 'Nam 1129 ..., Mseiefff 1 bv if . x , f"iIf kj 1 Q, st "I knew I rould rounl on you lo bring lhq goodies," rhorzler Mr. Morrow io'hu,r Jponrorr Mr. and Mn. Kudlaly. "Howdy, folk!" wave, Jcreum, rhoul, Jhreih, and holler enlhurifulic .fupporlerx Speec es, Slogans Sw y Students if ... 1 I 1 F Y. "jun a half incl: down," Jagger!! Warren Ruuell to .rupporier Bruce Palrirk. "You lanow I fan't be accrued of crooked campaigning." Parades and the distribution of ribbons, ham- mers, and black eyes to those who would rather fight than switch were a few of the final cam- paign efforts that highlighted the Student Coun- cil elections. After much intense campaigning throughout election week, speeches given by the nine prospective candidates climaxed the activi- ties. Emerging as president was Warren Russell, while other officers elected were Vice-President Judy Maske, Secretary Caro Thompson, and Treasurer julie Montgomery. "Na . . . one burk or no parker," prolexir jan Weaver lo eager Eddie Baggefl. g 3 g la Doyle Walter, "theyre playing our Jong." "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?" Jtrum: lbe vale etlin combo. "Linen," .fi bf Melinda Braylex "I put fbii one io." "This or1e'J mine." "I did flair one." Proudly dirploying the finiibed produrl of many bourf of work are Slmron M:- Clexby, Leylie Smith, I zz I1 i e MrDor1iel, john McDuy'f, Al Lilly, and jug Low- der. Steers Steaked at Jacket Bar-B-Q Piroueiling on fha world? .rmallerz fmge, Toni Duban performx lbe Dame of the Crepe or .the feiloom the ball: for Homecoming nrtiviiiex. Slated against the North Side Steers, the jacket eleven returned to the Hill with the first Homecoming victory in 15 years. Specimens ranging from ferocious bulls to a mooing bossy heralded the annual festival for returning exes. The winning homeroom display featured a mini- ature factory with cans of steer glue on the pro- duction line. This heartfelt sentiment turned the trick, and the mighty Steers became "the herd shot round the world" by an 8 point mar- gin. Byron Searcy, mpzain of toe lait Height! team lo will the Homeromzng game, urgei flue '65 plfzyerr to give their bei! llve erzlire game Jackets . . . Sick 'em "Yer, blonde: really do have more fun," exclaim: allerrzale cheerleader Marlena Reinerf at an aflernoorz pep rally. Students who wished to vent their frustrations, or more appropriately to support their football team, found ample opportunity at the numerous pep rallies held before school as Well as during assembly periods. For those whose needs de- manded physical outlet, the band provided the Heights Boogie and cheerleaders presented new yells and skits with "Wild Bill Willet" demon- strating his famous side kick. Others were in- spired by the encouraging pep-talks of Mrs. Han- ley, Mrs. Eggleston, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Halbert, and Miss Hale andby the haunting melody of the Alma Mater. All students united with the cheer- leaders and faculty to make the most spirited 12th man on the team ever. "Hear lbal boyr? Tbafy the found of the faxleft drum in lbe IVeJl!" laugbf cheerleader jean Hubbard. "Man! Tbir if worse loan a lerzure on the bird: and flue beer!" moan! Grady Herzlz to fellow learn males Frank Sullivan and Larry Burru. 26 "May I pleafe be e2?cu.fedP" M1.r.r Hale cheerleade: spanmr, .reekx to mfplre Iarken on to urmrv Da I bear u final bm' on thu lovely lzttle mfuden? mqulrex lame! Wzllez. If: a bird! IFJ a plane! Iff . . . "Super-York!" Mn tlgilgffgiggigjegf 1 W - - ,qw ' iqfqgzg Coun il Conquers Cafe haos "Ab, yer!" I ran alwayr mum' on lbir lable to have an ample rupply of barleriif' 0b.f6f1'EJ' Robert Brock. While President Lyndon B. johnson promoted his War on Poverty, Student Council President Warren C. Russell was making tentative plans for a War on Trash. Taking the initiative, the Council declared the cafeteria a major disaster area and enacted a bill that would provide for immediate relief. Each morning the President's State of the Cafe Message was broadcast to the student body. Pro- test demonstrations arising at the scene of the conflict were quickly put down by the Cafe Patrol. With the introduction of what some hail as the .greatest innovation in the history of Heights -lmrla emu- the, general welfare was restored, and domestic tranquility prevailed. In short, the campaign proved to be the greatest thing since knives and forks. "Il'.r pwemium bwewed fwom a lwufzdwed pwererzt nutuwal ingwedierziff' li.rlfJp.r Karen King. 28 "I think Fm 'gonna' be rife!" 111 a r 71 J Anne Guermnl. NDOPIJI nik me! I fmt wrzlrbfd if devour tlyree pifkle and munpnd fu17Id1,l'jl'bP.f in fifteen lllilillfilfv jmzzlex Tammy Howard nr Kay Redzu looiaf away in difgml. "I knew their Jteakx were rare, but lhix one jun walked away?" puzzlef Charlie Adrzmf. "Are you-erijayirig your ice-rreuriz mridwirlf, Tim?" irzquirex zz .ruxfiiriom Mrirlhii M1161 of Tim Sbmpubiw. Ranch Day Dudes Some walked, some crawled, and some rode their horses to Ranch Day '65. Some waddled beneath floor length sombreros as others formed a line out- side Marshall Morrow's office to check in their "Zip 45's." Such was the beginning of another episode in the history of Heights. As sponsors of the day the student council plan- ned decorations, before-school entertainment, and the Ranch Day Program. The-re were hay laid halls, cactus covered walls, western combos, and "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." The latter was a special Comedy presentation by the Footlight Players. Ranch Queen and Foreman Arden Westbrook and Hugh Massey provided a stirring intermezzo followed by "Long Tall Texan," a western burlesque executed by the senior girls as a conclusion. l l "Ma never fold me wha! to do in rarer like lhi.r," moarzr Sieve Lord helplefrly rujzparfing Cherie Durham. "Man, jun play il hy ear," advirer Robert Drew, nanrhalanlly rolling a rigar. "Lel".r camhirze hrandr, honey, and Jomeday we'll have a little rafzrh of our own," .rnawf Foreman Hugh Marrey to Queen Arden IVerlhro0h. "forma alwayr been a .rurher far high preuure hal J'dlE.f7Il6ll,U ohrerrer Mary Andrew! of "Long Tall Texan" Meme. g'3"Q ,il if lg., 1 a , r g Q i ' I 1 i l i ,. 1 i i I on Dand Duds "Palefufe Jliwrzk zrilb forked lorzguef No firezmlsr fu m1fele1'i:z," pfvifexl dimppoirzfed I71dl:!1l1.f Dare Slafmzbnzzgb, Daryl Dyer, kid- uqzv in hoflnge, .3 "And Zbe'11..Bnl MdJf61'J07I mid lo 7112, 'Bella Honey . , .' "Dear Seffarfm Hnden, I think Ibe I-ime bm mme for you 10 lake .4 long 1'IIf4Ilf0I1. Regretfully, Senor Slmrpf' Ar re rexentuliue of the Yellow jafkel5'mff, Linda Hutcbinr prefenlx trophy to Moy! Handxome winner Gary Angle ru Mari P Beauliful winner, Aliria Il7f1gr1er, look: on. Lights! Camera! Action Contenders for the 1965 Jacket Journal-Yeh i l l "Pull Chez, wake up!" hitter Linda Hulrbim lo ber 7IdI7Pi7Zg rolleague Chet Turnork at lbey wail to prererzz wimzen with their troplyief. 32 low jacket "Mostest Contest" astounded the audience with their diversified talents. The smooth production of the acts, from vocal to magic, seemed to move hand in hand with the Most Handsome and Beautiful finalists. A hush fell over the audience, their anticipation height- ened by the prolonged deliberation of the judges. Thunderous applause exploded as the Most Talented, Marlena Reiners and john McCluney, and Most Beautiful and Handsome, Alicia Wag- ner and Gary Angle were announcd. "AJ .tome old gypxy ance fold meg 'A bird In a hal is wartlr cz fan in lhe band George Ferrier. Dramalets Spark Dail Grind Captured on this page is the daily drama which serves as a departure from the routine of school life. Tromping the path to class, braving the lunchroom crowds and roaming deserted halls after the final bell a hundred people in a hum dred places set the stage for those unforgettable moments of stark melodrama. Though hardly of epic proportion, these tiny incidents provide temporary sparkle best described as inspiration for living on. Formal occasions build the lasting recollections'one turns to again and again, but split second hilarity encountered in the daily grind shapes every soul's private collection of treasured memories. diff ' ii "Help! IVben Min Garret! .mid Jornebody um' going out the window, I didn? know :be mean! me," Jbriekr Brook! Harrington belplexrly. 3 "Awarding lo my rrienfifir mlrulalioni you will marry a tall dark Tibetan prime, hare lwelre flyildren, and live lo be 103 year-J old," predirt: Herff-jane: reprerenmmze. "Mother told me nal to gel my feel ww," explnirzx Billy Gunn, .rolriing lair problem logically .'!7""" 1 1 x in L 1 I 1 0 ' n W w x . if . j , 1, 1 L I ? X 5 XX gc V, ! . ' -ul f W , . I 5 V W 11 X il ""' n . , x ,rlx S jf T: I f'x - A ' - A ,V -, 1 A RA M X .f x W 2 ' . J f JE A A M- if , ' XX HN L? . "": id ,l -' N2 V '- r 'f 4' g - Q, A " .f 1 , , Y f , lx XS, gg - 1 e f z :A U ry Wifi A 'if 13' wt 4 - .,,, --f-H A e .f WY V 3. ff , -- "' " W V JW W K- mffw' ,.....n. iw1J?T?'if'fgb?fgjiw:Lxi9-4 Q , - w w. "' M . .P X-477225:-In Aiqgjid-:1iT,,-12.7-. .2321 'i ' ,2 ' ' M' w v -5- -..--- -.--.M A .- - , , ' fm " ff "W ' -W -if . 34 W H ' 1 A 5535155315 4,g'-s-a,fw ..iA N. ,f Mm. A A -. A M 1 153 11 CL nf' 9 if A ,, M' N .J . ? 1 K, X K X 1 X X Advisory Coun il Llnifies Efforts Composed of one representative from each of the Heights-sponsored clubs, the Advisory Coun- cil cooperates in school-wide projects by co- ordinating the efforts of the various organiza- tions. The twelve members of the council, pro- vided for in the constitution of the Student Council, attend meetings as non-voting delegates. Members of the newly-formed Advisory Council are, left to right, Margaret Pace Janice Baugh man, Betty Stephenson, Al Lilly, Lynda Taylor, Linda Hutchins, Tommy Croft Pat Sumner Martha Morris, Liz Brown, Cher Turnock, and Joan Williams. 'A' Club Links Phases of Sports Pfefidenl Wafrerz Rurrell imzuguraler llae luzrrbfaam rleanlineu program by puffing the new Harb :Pwr lo good ure. "A" Club officers this year are Tommy Croft, presidentg Gene Mahurin, treasurer, and jimmy Wehnian, vice-president. Open to all lettermen, "A" Club attempts to cultivate good will between the various sports organizations and the student body and faculty. One of their chief good will projects is the faculty tea held at Christmas. The club also takes the responsibility of sending flowers when- ever there is a death at Arlington Heights. Allied Youth Promotes Teen Morallt Trips, beauty contests, programs-all these are offered members of Allied Youth, a national ' Mai' fy 'W-u 3: T 4 r . 2 . 5. l 54 Q Delegates to the national convention held for the first year in Wash- ington, D.C. are Wayne Hueppelsheuser, Al Lilly, Linda Barnes John Lanford, and sponsor Mrs, Martha Austin. 38 organization combating teenage drinking. After the fall membership drive, Arlington Heights retained its title of largest AY chapter in the nation. Assemblies included a film on smoking and an inspirational address by Dr. Chester Sword, noted youth group lecturer, while social highlights were the annual talent show and Beauty Contest. "Never have m few done Jo murh for lhe Jofz drinle indu.rlry," hoasftr Mr. jerry Hamrich. Fellow .fpomorr Mr, Iarrzef York, Mrf. Mary Marsh, and Mrx. Francei Caueneu linen with mixed reartionr, "Mary, doem'l it depreu you to .ree penple working ro hard?" johef fully Pal Roulh, historian, lo Mary Andrewx, viceeprefidenl, af fellow executive rom- miflee memherx Sally Poller, yerretary, Sherry Hardin, vire-prefidenl, Al Lilly, prefidenl, Wayne Hueppelxheuxer, and Tim Carpenier, fhark mwjf Linda Braly, vice-president, and Barbara Hairflon, ziire-prefidenl, plan fufure prajertf and meelingr. A Student library assistants, composing the Book l 'i QS 'z Exhibiting library skills are Book jacket officers Martha May Morris, presidentg Sue Ann Allen, vice-presidentg Mary Lee Morris, secretaryg and Lorinda Webb, district secretary. Book Jackets Initiate New System Jacket Club, this year purchased an electric charging system from fines collected the preced- ing year to speed the check-out process and add- ed many new volumes to the shelves. To en- large the club's treasury, bookmarks were de- signed and sold. Delegates to the annual conven- tion in El Paso cheered the election of Nancy Rux to the position of State Historian of the Teenage Library Association. Lorinda Webb served as District VII secretary. Pam foyre, library arriflont, and Roni Bmmon thumh through old i.r.rue5 of magazines in .reafch of new, frefh ideeu. "Auld zhif lillle hook will tell you lhe many fureu of the mfely pin," explaini Mn. Chrixlirze Sherman of fellow Book father Jpozuorx MM. Georgia Bennimn and Mn. Mary Hood delve into the myrlerier of Samhriz in another volume. Marching, Lab Band l BAND: FRONT ROW: Jacque Wackebarth, john Baker, Carol Foster, Mandy Dellow, joan Hughes, Patty Duncan, David Mueller, Bill Walters, SECONTI ROW: Robert Kagy, Henry Hesser, jim jones, Laura Steeples, Melinda McPherson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Rux, Sandy Wozniak, Lorinda Webb, Bi, Cherry, Tom,Dills, Lonnie Musick, Ray Fails, Dana Futch, Roger johnson, Johnny Davis, Mary Morris, Biff Acker, jerry Poplin, Charles Turney. FOURTI ROW: Susie Gilligan, Linda Lewis, David Seilheimer, Bobby Maberry, John Sloan, Carey Earle, Martha Morris, Bill Atkinson, Don Hickman, Lannie Wa' ker, Carl Cecka, Steve Laird, Ricky Marietta, Richard File, Marilyn Hunsicker, Allan London, Sylvia Rost, David McCallum. FIFTH ROW: Jim Leith, Hugl Moffatt, Bobby Blood, Harry Portwood, Ross-Dinkins, Mike Williams, Rachel Morris, Alan Smith, Richard Crummel, jim Maxwell, Mike Cegiel, Gary Robertsor' George Cameron, BACK ROWg Tom Wall, Peppy Bfarfon, Dan Dydek, Bob Hopkins, Sharon Akers, Paul Driskell, Kerby Stewart, Keith Neely, Terry Martinen. 7 P i F . E Majoretler Melinda MrPlJermn and joan Huglaer pazue from felaearxing half-time routiner. F LAB BAND: FRONT ROW: jim Leith, Gary Lam- bert, Jim Jones, Allan London, Steve Potts, Jimmy Davis. S'ECOND ROW: Richard Powell, Kerby Stewart, Paul Driskell, Von Wolfe, john Bartholo- mew, joe Morrison, Ken Holze. BACK ROW: Rich- ard Crummel, Hugh Moffatt, Bobby Blood, Don Hickman. , Spark Spirit, Seek Originality Student musicians enrich their music experi- ence through the marching and lab bands. The Castleberry Band Festival, University Interscho- lastic League Marching Contest, and Arlington Heights Music Festival challenged members' best efforts. Football game, Stock 'Show parade, and junior high concert appearances completed the activity schedule. Formed to experiment with progressive jazz rendition, the smaller lab band won the Showmanship Trophy at the Brown- wood Stage Band Contest, while individual mem- bers Richard Powell and Bobby Blood were named All-Star Musicians. Led by senior jim Lieth, the group supports itself by professional appearances at dances. BAND FRONT ROW john Huchton Beverly Cobb Ed Nuss baum, Beverly Brown, Mike Morrison. SECOND ROW: Richard Meehan johnny St john Richard Lambert Dickie Chap ell , - , , P , Steve Potts, Jack Smith, jim Davis, THIRD ROW: Greg Vaut, ljames Schutza, Terry Brooks, Clifton Willis, David Ammons, Phil Geis, john Bartholomew, Ken Holze, Von Wolfe, joe Morrison. BACK ROW: Doug Henderson, David Michels, Thad Buell. BAND OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Ken Holze, joe Morrison. SECOND ROW: Beverly Brown, Laura Steeples, Marilyn Hunsicker, Martha Morris, BACK ROW: Don Hickman jim Leith, Keith Neely, Von Wolfe, Kerby Stewart. CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Sue Pettit, Carol Biser, Ellen Strictland, Barbara ,Sinaleron, Kathy Reed, Marrha Morris, Julia Koerner, Elda Bishop. Kathy Glatzel, Rachel Morris, Pam Aurin, Susan Bennett, Marilyn Miller. SECOND ROW: Kathy Lakey, Sally Johnson, Linda Nolan, Suzanne Adams,- Carolyn Taylor, Cherie Durham, Nancy Henrietta, Penny Owen, Kathy Mnrchesseau, Eleanor Goldie, Nancy Baack, Jeannie Winfield, THIRD ROW: Barbara Zager, Pat Gambrill, Connie Garrison, Erma Thompson, Louise Hamilton, Dorothy Gage, Darryl Pou, Camille Ansley, Laura Hoffman, Susie Swanson, Pam Jackson, Sally Carpenter, Lynn Harper. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Schmidt, Rosanne Bobbitt, Pam Hill, Suzanne Norman, Mike Fruge, Jerrell Jones, Eric Haenn, Terry Martinez, Marvin Clary, Emily Helm, Connie Porter, Janie Hutson, Margaret Turney, Elsa Neaves. BACK ROW: Dana Helm, Bonnie Wood, Pete Chambliss, Victor Michels, Brian Patrick, Steve Stevens, Tim Morris, John Dupuy, Al Davis, Gene Wilson, Jerry Aldredge, Tommy Thompson, Linda Singleton, Kathy Hoffman. A ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: Sandra Sayre, Joan Anderson, Carolyn Brown, Virginia Grubbs, Jacque Wackerbarth, David Meuller, Patty Duncan, Paul Green, Anne Guerrant, Carol Cannon. SECOND ROW: Roni Branson, Jerry Hicks, Brenda McGuffee, THIRD ROW: Sarah Standifer, Paula Taylor, Karl Walker, Ed Nussbaum, Rick Lambert, Jack Smith, Nancy Rux, Lorinda Webb, Gary Lambert, Bill Walters, Mike Morrison, Richard Haddaway, Bobby Blood, Jim Leith, Ross Dinkins, Richard Crummel, Don Guerrant, Richard Powell, Janie Bartholomew, BACK ROW: Frank Morales, Phil Getz, Charles Pelton, Ray Fails, Charles Turney, Clifton Willis, Von Wolfe, Steve Martin, Kerby Stewart. NOT PICTURED: Larry Chapman. 42 Musical Groups Set Cultural Goals To increase student participation and enjoyment of school programs, three separate classes were combined to form the 141 member chorus which, led by Mrs. Mary White, performs at Thanksgiving, Open House, Christmas and Easter programs. Consisting of forty students, another group sings for junior high schools and special occasions. Chosen the sole orchestra to be observed in the Texas Music Educators Association Convention clinic, the group,'directed by George H. Carson, also plays at Open House, the Christmas Program, and junior high schools. DOUBLE SEXTET: Ellen Strictland, Barbara Singleton, Kathy Reed, Martha Morris, Sue Pettit, Carol Biser, julia Koerner, Elda Bishop, Kathy Glatzel, Rachel Morris, Pam Aurin, Susan Bennett, Marilyn Miller. "You need la improve your musical Jborilamzdf' Jzzggerlr Mr. Curran lo joan Anderson. 43 Delegnter Ronald Taylor, Norlmz Lilly, and Maria Sabido gain pre- view of DECA Ildlf conference dirrurring program with Spanmr Mfr. june Lay. DE Molds Executives To train future business leaders in marketing techniques, the distributive education classes give the student experience in the working world while he continues his education. Under the program a trainee leaves school at noon and goes on the job at a local business establishment, earning three credits a year toward graduation, which he combines with regular school subject credits. The group meets to hear lectures from Professional and civic groups, and elects a dele- gation to the state Distributive Education Clubs of America convention held annually. Kalby Gibbt, DE .l'6l'1'6ld1'j'-l7'6ll.fll1'E1', rlmnnelr burinefr correfpondence. "Gee, only 25 more coupony and I mn get plaid pantrj' exlimutex john Dodd, DE prefident. Girls Prepare for Bu iness World Repreremtmg ilae varyifzg job: of a .rerremry are FSA afficerr, Chgrlotle Miller correrpwzding .rerrelav-yy Merri Leon, remniing Jerremry KJea5dj,' Sue Rub treamrerg Linda Mulrfilaill, 1'ire-preridezzt, and Belly Slepbemon, pfendenl Krtfmdirzgj. JRC Pro'ect Secretarial field futures are explored by Fu- ture Secretaries of America who acquaint pros- pects with opportunities for business careers and suggest the type of education necessary for the job. Early in the year members cast ballots for the programs they desired to hear, and a series of speakers on the topics of personal appearance, phases of work, communications, and a resume of "Eight Hours in a Secretary's Life" followed. I Min Hazel Nelson, Mn. Ffze Hafriron, MM. Mary Lynn Fowl, and Mfr Bonnie Aids Needy Conducted by the Student Council alternates, the fall fund raising drive of the JuniorVRed Cross enabled the organization to send chests to disaster areas and poverty-stricken countries. The chests, constructed by the shop department, were supplied with medical and athletic equip- ment. Mr Ma1'1fi11 Miller, rporzror, tofalr money rrillerled in Red Croix drire. Parmeter, FSA Jporzrorr, impart a denzarzrfralor lypeuffiler. IRC offirerr, Mrzrgrzrel Pure, preridenfg Margarel Hawkim, Jens laryg Kathy Burcbbaum, Ireururer, and fem Hubbard, ure prexidem, pack a flyer! will: .fporlr equipment and flallaiflg to be Jeni orfenrear. Aspiring Actors Gain Experience In Footlight Players' Annual Drama "Far some reason l feel I'm aging faster llaese days," quips Tim Shropshire as Liz Brown applies bis make-up. Following announcement of the cast at the October sunrise breakfast, the characters of "You Can't Take It With You", rehearsed long hours with this year's sponsor Mrs. Rosemary Burton. The two final performances in mid-December were received by enthusiastic audiences to the gratification of the players. In january the lunchroom became the scene for short skits boosting the Student Council's Lunchroom Week Campaign. Highlight of the Ranch Day pro- gram was an adaptation of "Dirty Work at the Crossroads" or "Tempted, Tried and True", a heartrending melodrama. The year was rounded out during the spring semester with several one- act productions directed by students. Enlertaining at the sunrise breakfasl, liz.-2 Four Hoarsemen, Tim Sisropslnire, Olivia Whale, Sammy Austin, and Dave Shambaugh sirum and sing. 46 Fooiliglal Playerr offireff, Trenfurer Steve Lord, Serrelary Olivia lVode, Vive-Prefidenl Amie Guermnl, and Prexidenl Elizabeib Brown, glow wilh pride ill lheir exerulizfe powenr, but Sponfor MU. RoJemaryBur!o1z, fewer, know! wl:1o'x really bon. "I bale to born in, bu! dear Karen King, what are ,H 5 you doing. v A T A ' W 5 . -f 1 - v 0 , . Klf' if , Q. A lsarrowirzg rebeofml prompzf Eric Hnemz io me Mike Fruge to duff the .rfoge or horrified Mary Koifb and Roberl Drew riew the ouimge laelpleffly. "IVlJen you woke up, you will all enroumge Mn. Burlon to give me llze leading role," Joy: jeryll Fesler lo his Jpell bound viclim: Anne Guermnt, Melody Comp, :md Elizabeth Brown. H, I F A Stress s Medical Career Promoting the medical profession, Future Nurses of America offers its members a varied program of activities. As a major project for the year, the Future Nurses studied home nursing for two months under a Red Cross program. At monthly meetings topics such as public health nursing, army career nursing, and the requisite qualities for the field were presented and dis- Cussed. Bezzming Ranzala Vaughn rereivef lbe FNA pin from MH. Mary Firber, .vrlvool nurre who .rponmrx live rlub. jan Klowmd and Kay Wen- enacz the role: o nuue and patient Marilyn Hnnrirker, 1fire-prefidenl, and jazz Klowmd, prefident, Inks fx tbermameier reading as janzre Baugbnmzz, recremry, oluerzfer anxiaur- ly. FT Emphasizes Educational Goal FTA officers fclockwisej, Brenda Barnes, historiang Mary Andrews, secre- taryg Janis jones, treasurerg Lynda Taylor, presidentg Linda Kay Braly, vice- "Int-eresting students in the teaching profes- sion is the main goal of Future Teachers of America," stated Lynda Taylor at the-year's open- ing meeting, and this incentive guided the organ- ization's activities. Meeting bi-weekly, FTA members studied teaching techniques presented ia films on the overhead and Bell and Howell projectors. Mrs. Rosemary Burton spoke on the importance of instructor-pupil communication, and the value of speech courses to the prospec- tive teacher. An international aspect was con- tributed by Mr. Milton Bransford's world-Wide travel slides and a discussion of Puerto Rican schools by a transfer student from that country, Chini Streitwieser. Sue Hubbard serves as presi- dent of District 5 and Lynda Taylor is corre- sponding secretary. Pfesldenfi and Sue Hubbard, P1'E5idCnf0fDl5fflCf5 FTA- "Here comer that .rneaky worm again. Pufh hir bead buck in the hole," admorzixlrex Linda Kay Braly to Lynda Taylor. Fpamor Min' Dorm Lee Slovall and bullelin chairman, Janice Peterson, prepare 0 fun aff bulletin: for e forllzroming FTA meeling. JJ Staff Reports People, Eventsg Receives Awards and Experience "What A .rneaky way lo get to hold band: in journalism!" Jays Brenda Knykendnll. "Yeab!" add: Brook: H arringfon. SPRING STAFF: FRONT ROW: Brooks Harrington, sports editorg Brenda Kuykenz dallg Marcia Lessig, copy editor. BACK ROW: Gary Boyd, photographerg Toma Mooreg Lee Nash, news editorg Bruce Pat- rick, feature editorg Iaeline Brown, copy editorg Helen Funderburgh, advertising man- agerg Roseanne Bobbittg Evan Amy Hargroveg Sheila Bobbittg John McCluney, assistant sports editorg Charlotte Royg Donna.Charles, exchange editorg Betty -Stephensong Leah King, and Sharon Furche, feature editor. 50 Stimulating features and straight news com- bine in the jacket journal to keep Heights stu- dents informed. Sponsored by ,Mrs. Gene Thompson, the bi-weekly periodical has fulfilled its purpose well, winning an All-Texas rating at the Texas High School Press Association convention in Denton, 3200 for first place in the American Motorists Insurance Company High School Auto Safety Campaign for 1964, and three firsts in The P1'eJJ'r high school news- paper contest. A mid-year staff change was en- acted as journalism students of the fall se- mester took over the positions formerly held by a more advanced staff, some of whom continued to aid in publication. Journalism students re- ceive valuable experience for the future while performing a useful service for their school. f V .. -. FALL jj STAFF: SEATED: Gail Warnick, feature editorg jane Stoft, feature editorg Mary Andrews, business manager, Lynne Ringler, circulation manager, Brenda Barnes, copy editor, Caro Thompson, exchange editor, and Jay Vollet, sports editor. STANDING: Cheryl Karnes, reporterg Karen Bynum, copy editor, jan Kendrick, news editor, Marilyn Miller, librariang Margaret Pace, news eclitorg Elizabeth Brown, advertising managerg Sharon Beard, staff artistg Richard Grumbling, circulation managerg Ted Calinson, reporterg Chet Turnock, editor-in-chief, and Mrs. Gene Thompson, advisor. P-Q ms.- "I wanted 4 rimple featurelle, nal u llzree-volume mafzuJrripl," gently tbider jacket journal Adviror MH. Gene Tlfompmn ta jan Kendrick. 5l Steve Laird and Glen Shoemalee rerord dam an the growth and 11015111072 of marine mino-argmzimzx ax Phil Geif Jupervifex lhe operalion. Ohferving Jlidef of hone marrow of chirhf treated with a new anli-leuhemif dwg if m1 inlent Dun Dydek. Charlef Fletcher .ffudiex the apriml abxorhanry of almholx lhraugh pigment lifrue of heelf. e earchers Attain New Honors, Initiate Expeditionary Venture Under the dedicated supervision of Mr. Fla- vin Arseneau, the members of the science re- search group assembled an impressive list of honors for their projects while innovating a group sponsored trip. Besides dominating the winners' berths in the senior biological division of the Regional Science Fair, the future sci- entists captured five awards at the Texas Acade- my of Science. Researcher Robert Brock became the first 1-Ieightster in five years to be recognized by the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, the ultimate achievement for a high school student in science. A two-week field expedition in an isolated section of Padre Island, Texas, was un- dertaken by the group for the purpose of obtain- ing marine micro-organisms for their projects. Wilb :be aid of rz milipore-filler appuraffu, Robert Brock obferver anligen-anlzbody re- action: in iinue rullure. Henry H fuer prepare: to rerord more dam of 4 bio-rbemiral .fepamlion left or Sporuor Mr. Flavia Arfeneuu romparef the refulll with lhoxe of a previouf lefl. aneuvers, Competition Train ROTC Leadership, training, and preparation for the future are stressed in the Heights Reserve -Offi- cer Training Corps. Tactical theories developed in daily classes explain aggressive and defensive manuevers, problems of evasion and invasion, the use of camouflage, and troop development. These lessons are put to use on week end out- of-town field maneuvers supervised by MfSgt. james McCready, commadant, and SfSgt. Roger Wardell, assistant commandant. Three major competitions are entered by the corps during the spring, which include a visit to the Fiesta Flam- beau. In February two Heights corpsmen took part in a radio broadcast panel discussion on the advantages of ROTC to the high school student. The top-ranking rifle team took first place honors in the city to retain the PMS trophy. NSE7'g6d7lf! I bad no idea you were Juch a rule babyf' rmilsf deliglvfed Mfr. jo Arm Egglerlan, ruperviror of Jponrorr lo an-looking S Mfsgl jumer MrCready ur lbey view the Jcmpbook. SPONSORS: FRONT ROW: Honorary Lt, Col. Susan Behnke, SECOND ROW: Honorary Majors Karen Ekstrom, Marion Mefford, Gail Erickson, Suzanne Adams. BACK ROW: Michele Sears, Dee Miller, Anita Harper, Ellen Horn. 54 DRILL TEAM: LEFT ROW: Honorary Maj. 'Dee Miller, Dale Smith, Buddy Melton, Alan Tayler, Richard Carrel, jon Baum, Don Kennedy. SECOND ROW: Gary Morton, Kenneth Armstrong, Eddie Young, Freddie Morris, Fred Moore, David Prewitt. THIRD ROW: Cdt. lst Lt. john Welch, Guidon Bearer james Cryer, Don Anderson, Clarence Rosser, David Futch, David jackson, john Boshers, john Cecil. LAST ROW: Honorary Maj. Karen Ekstrom, Andrew Doka, Mike Hall, Charles Roach, Bill Parker, David Measures, Doug Gillispie. il r . .. i, Surrounding tactical terrain table are Battalion Staff members: Maj. Tommy Bowers: Sgt. Maj. Gary Mortong Capt, Bob Douglasg M!Sgt Charles Roachg Capt. Craig Merrittg Maj. Al Davisg Maj. Dale Smithg Lt. Col, Don Anderson, Bn. Commanderg Maj. Andrew Doka Maj, james Cryerg Lt. Col, Chet Turnock, All-City Staffg Honorary Lt. Col. Susan Behnke, Bn, Sponsor, x i I L i W r i Balanring playxiral prawexx will: mental exercixe, Bill Price and Billy Herr- nmmz analyze mililary lerlmiquef. Sharpshooters Land All-City First Preparing poflery for Ranrb Day, Program Cornrnillee rnemberf, Calby IVeizin, Anne Tbaxlon, and Cbairman Torn Mellon, anim Katby Bunb- bauni, Sbaron Beard, and Cbairman Karen EbJl1"07Il of Ibe Deroralionf Conznzillee. AJ Elerlion Conzmilfee nzemberr Belly Deere, David Clark, jim Carden, Cbairman, and Cynlbia Blanzon Iabulale 1fole.r, Karen Bynum recordJ refult of elerlion. Relation Cornmitlee nzembery, Carol Hairflon, Dianne Halrbell, jane Baldridge, Lynn Maddox, Alicia IVagner, jobnnie Marfbek, and Barbara Bridger review lbe new Student Counril mnflilulion. Louife Rogerf, Hofpilaliiyf Anne Guerranl, Promotion, jane Moore, Sofialf Tim Carpenler, Sperial Projerlrp Lynn Mad- dox, Flower and Card, jim Carden, Elecliong Tom Melton, Program, Barbara Bridgef, Claimfg and Geoff Swanberg, Handbook, rbairmen meet lo di1'mJJ Ibeir groupf atlivifiei and future plany, l Pfoznofion Comnziztee nzenzbery Lynda Hague, Dian Cromwell, Iafky Higbby Krealedj, and Chairman Anne GN6l'V'L77ll fIl:1i1d'11I42l born! Ujnrbe! Parke!" faler while Roberl Scbinill, Cbairman Tim Carpenter, Inger H,7I1JE7I. and Sbaron Verbrjbe. nzenlbeif of Special Projeelf Commiflee rbange the Jcboal bulletin board. Cloun il Revamps Qrganization Adjustment of committee membership and an overall revitalization of the Student Council program formed the basis for the '64-65 agenda of council activities. The most sweeping step was completed with the formal adoption of a new constitution drafted by a. committee formed for that purpose. Sales of the "Jacket Packet" and similar souvenirs increased the treasury, allowing the purchase of a re-usable Christmas tree for the front hall. The council sponsored Homecoming and Ranch Day, published the stu- dent handbook, and, with the aid of the Adviso- ry Council, pushed the mass Lunchroom Cleanup Campaign to successful completion. Caro Tbanzpron, feerelary, ruggerlr inzpforenzenlj in lbe council cleanup project Io olbef' offiferr: julie Montgomery, lrearurerg Uvarren Rufrell, preJidenZ,' fudg Mafke, fire-prexidenl, and faculty J'P07IJ01'.l' Mfr, Bonnie PLYWIIFIE1' and MH. Mary lVbile. "Ab, Rui, bow did you Jneak fire liflingr of Jourrelf in lbe bandbook? inqui1e.f'Geoff Swanburg of Jmurleing Rui Vowell af other Handbook Coinnzitlee membery Debbie Campbell, Mary Andrewi, jobn Hawbinx, and Indy Roulb .fbare in .sponsor Mr. Millon Branrf0rd'5 aftoniiblnenl at lbe culprifx running. W New Creed Guide Forum Meeting Clipping pertinent artirlei for future reference, Diane Patton, janice Pelerion, and Debbie Campbell devofe murb of lbeir ,rpms lime lo YCF. Min Kathryn Gafvert izbird from leflj lead: dixcufriorz of rlub polirier wil fellow JPUIZIDTJ, Mr, George lVim!orfer, Mrf. Floiiie Parton, and Mfr. Vivian Murpbey. Working to lay a solid foundation of under- standing and knowledge for a strong, successful democracy of tomorrow, Young Citizens' Forum continues to be a time and a place where students can evaluate international events, develop their own opinions, and learn to assume patriotic re- sponsibility. Through the planning of the Execu- tive Committee, Forum members, selected upon the recommendation of their h i s to r y a n d government teachers, are challenged by authori- ties such as Fort Worth Police Sgt. Barney Koons, speaking on youth responsibilityg State Representative David Finney, discussing bills to be proposed by the state legislature, and Decky McCoy, relating experiences of her United Na- tions visit. Student speakers explained the nomi- nation and election of United States presidents and discussed urban renewal. Refearrb on proipertive .rubjerzr for future YCF meelingr ir conduried by Program Commitlee memben Dfw Tolbol, Tom Srbieffer, agzd joe Lezferirb. 60 Prefidenl jam: U7"illidm5 and E.1'?L'llll1'.? Cfnzzmiliee nzemberx lean Hublmrd mid Tim Carpenter' ufnlrb infenlly nf finden! .flhenker foe Lefferirflf poinfr 0111 a lrolzble ffm! in Africa. om, u'e'd like In razzgralulafe you and Charlie for zlae lar! zo join," enllnuxe Memberfhip Cornmitlee Sherry Hardin, john Larzford, and Anne Tlyax lo Charlie Vfilliamx and Tom Srhieffer, Exerufire WW "lf"'bf"f- U"i1l1 flye aid of a Jperiully prepared bulletin board, Vife-prefidenl jay Vollel, President farm Wfilliamx, and Secretary-lreafurer Tarmzra Smiflz difmn lbe proren of elerlirzg a prerident. "Color pirluref do make a cliffefenre, but al 300 dollarf apiece?" Sponfor Stanton, Co-edilorx Linda Hufrlziur and Paz Sumner queflion Mr. john Ramfey, Taylor Pllblllhillgf repre.fez1latizfe. "Sparkling eopy, yer, Pelerwrz, but Twinkle, Twinkle, Liltle Star' wiih zlye original muff: More in gold Iype if jzut too murbf' Nina Propper ad- monixlfef repezilent jazzice Peterron, Jerzior clan editor. .nz l .. 5. x '- in i , Ax. "Would you like a pirlure?" queriex Calm jolm Mlclkllfy to lvarried, hurried slafferf, jazz Brewer, Margaret Pore, and Mark Craig on dead- YELLOW JACKET STAFF: FRONT TO BACK: Gary Boyd and George lirze day. Stone, photographersg Dan Talbot, sports editorg Sharon Verbryke, sopho- more clnss editor, and Bruce Patrick, senior class editor, i , 1 SEASON 'S RECORD Jackets Scotch AHHS ....,,..,.. 36 Temple ....... AHHS ,,,,,,,,,,, 27 McCallum ...,,,,.,..... 7 AHHS ,...,.,..,.,, 6 Abilene ,,..,., AHHS Y.....,,,,., 7 Richfield ..... AHHS ,..,., 41 Tech ,.,. AHHS .,.,...,,,, 28 Carter V..... AHHS eeee..,,..., 22 Poly .eeeee..eeee AHHS ,,,,,..,.... 14 North Side ,.....,... AHHS AHHS ,,eee,,,.,.... 0 Eastern Hills Paschal e..........,,l,, "Doe: .rhe or daenil Jim?" Capzain Maney ponder: . . . lhen getr bif anrwer in tbe affirmalive from jane Maare, '64 Fooiball Queen. rv FIRST ROW: David Mefford, Ray Pomykal, Stephen Parker, Mike Fox, George Shepherd, SECOND ROW: Gary Angle, Bill Watson, Peck McAbee, Vance Hobbs, Bill Harclage, Forest Ratcliff. THIRD ROW: David Rodgers, Larry Burns, Ted Calinson, Robert Decker, Frank Sullivan, Bill Gunn. FOURTH ROW: Chad Dulaney, Mike Stovall, Mike Nelson, Mike D. Fox, Butch Rux, Kenneth Turleton. ighlanders to Pocket Runner-Llp In posting a 7-3 record, the finest in nine years, the '64 Yellow jackets grabbed second place in district, Having seized opening wins from Temple and McCallum of Austin, Coach Homer Ludiker's footballers were handed suc- cessive defeats by Abilene and Waco's Rich- field. After an off-week, the big eleven bounced back to thrash Tech, Carter, and Poly as district play commenced. Matched with the North Side Steers in the '64 Homecoming Game, the Yel- low jackets welcomed back the exes to a 14-6 barbecue. On a Friday 13, the Paschal Panthers scored their 13th straight victory over the luckless Jackets. Their fighting spirit undaunted, the gridmen swamped the Eastern Hills battle- ship with a barrage of touchdowns to wrap up the season with a 35-15 stomp. FIRST ROW: Hugh Massey, Bobby Grammer, Bobby Dagley, Charlie Adams, Mike Reilly, Terry Austin. SECOND ROW: Scott Yankee, Greg Whitehead, Grady Hentz, Butch Purselly, Terry Faulk, jim Jarvis. THIRD ROW: Tom Borgeson, Ted Fay, Gene Mahurin, Bob Teague, Mike Stinson, Mark Craig. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Croft, Dee Baits, Leland How- ard, Don Murphy, Bill Mackey. Conch Homer Ludileer learn: lVa:a'.r weale- ne.r:e.r from 4 :potter in the prersbox. Finding dayliglal in lhe big Poly line, Gary Angle 1341 pitkx up his Harker: and fighix for a 12-yard gain, Miles Bryant, End 1 Year Letterma i I v 1 Manager: jim jnrvif, Terry Auflin, David Mefford, and Dfwid Rodgerf boon live Jpiritx and qrzenrh lbe llyirflr of lml, lifed gridmerl. Pre-District Gam Initiate Footballers Leland Howard, End A21 nlfrl Hugh Mauey U42 and Larry Bumf KROQ fllih in In make Jure the Temple fmlfbafle, downed by Gene Mnburin 1 Year Letterman UCI. zfr1e,m'l gain another inch, -n Frank Sullivan, Tackle Ted Calinson, Tackle Mark Craig, Center 2 Year Lette,-man 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 69 Kenneth Tarleton, Tackle 2 Year Letterman Scott Yankee, Quarterback 1 Year Letterman Tech, Carter, Pol Fall Easy Prey Maintaining a :ligbl lead, determined fucken lunge and foil Poly: try for zhe exlm paint. Behind fierre blofking, Chad Dulaney fire! a long par: wbirb war inlerrepled by a Paxrbal lmlflmrk f Charlie Adams, Halfback 2 Year Letterman - m iw, N H I Q L N V Q A-H "'-eivgw ' I - as Mm . 4 Dee Bang, End Mike D, Fox, Tackle 1 Year Letterman 1 Y931' I-Cffefmafl Mike Reilly, Bill Hardage, Stephen Parker, Butch Rux, End Quarterback Guard Guard 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman Peck McAbee, Guard 1 Year Letterman Gary Angle, Halfback 2 Year Letterman Afro: a rlnoft gum, Dean Story U51 of Teri: Ir bfoughl zo a lmlz by lbe aulxtrefrbed arm! of Mike Nelxon, while Tom Borgefon f20j and Slepben Parker 1601 rurb in to ofrixt. Coming in far! lo make the flop on Doyle Primm K30j .of Poly are Mike Slozfall 1661 and Dee Bom f88l. Dulaney, Mahurin Attain Final Backfield Honor Five years ago this spring, James "Sparky" Holmes, outstanding back. The fifth and final trophy was beloved Heights gridman of character and skill, presented to Chad Dulaney and Gene Mahurin for was killed in an automobile accident. To perpetuate the qualities Sparky representedfsportsmanship, lead- his memory, cheerleaders and coaches instituted the ership, and spirit. Holmes Memorial Backfield Award for each year's Jagiilggges Larry Burns, End 2 Year Letterman The rkillful execution of fbi: play portray: the reason Chad Duluney and Gene Mahurin were awarded lbe lan Holmex Trophy, fx Bobby Grammer, Mike Stinson, Ted Fay, Mike Nelson, Halfback Center Quarterback End 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 2 Y6111' I-CfiC1'lT1afl Tommy Croft, All-District End 2 Year Letterman Gene Mahurln, All-District Fulllnack 2 Year Letterman Mahurin Earns All- Mentign Six Land All-District Laurel Vance Hobbs, Robert Decker, Guard All-District Guard 2 Year Letterman 3 Year Letterman Chad Dulanqy, Mike Stovall, All-District Quarterback Al1.Di5rfigf Guard 2 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman Hugh Massey, All-District Tackle 3 Year Letterman Captain Little Eleven Dominates District Knowledge of fundamentals and that jacket determination stirred the "BU team to a 7-1-1 record. Capturing the district championship, the juniors and sophomores playing for their first season were given inspiration and instruc- tion by coaches Don Hood, joe Prater, and Willie Taylor. "B" team play initiates grid participants for future blue and gold glory. SEASONS RECORD AHHS .............. 6 Bell r.......... ,....,,,r 6 AHHS ............ 50 Brewer .................. 0 AHHS.. ..,,..... 12 Castleberry .......... 22 AHHS .......,...,.r 6 Lake Wforth .......... 0 AHHS ........ ..20 Carter ...,.............. 14 AHHS ....,... ..22 North Side ,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 AHHS ...... .40 Poly ....r,,,,,,r,,,,r,, ,UO AHHS ........ .12 Tech Y,,Y,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,, 0 " ' 'W ' AHHS .............. 6 Eastern Hills ........ ..0 Derpile a violenz Pnrrhal rurh, jim Carden manager za loft 4: 15-yard :ampleied par: in n laugh AHHS .,.......... 22 P8.SCl'1al ................ 18 "B" leam game. Byron Cox Jtminr for an exlm yard rzfler a driving plunge through the Parrhal line. w Cagers Trap Title With I2-O Record Pressing defense and run-and-shoot offense tactics of Arlington Heights proved too much for District 4A-5 basketball teams as the Jackets piled up a 12-O standing. Breaking records in season play, the squad won both the first and second halves, setting an individual game high in scoring with their overwhelming defeat of Tech, 107-56. The jackets also surpassed the overall team scoring record for season play. After this outstanding district season, the cagers were knocked from the state championship con- tention play by Thomas jefferson of Dallas, 51-73. Honored for their basketball skill and determi- nation, Drew Madar, Bob Spurck, and jimmy Wehman were selected for the all-district first team. Mike Kirkpatrick and Bill Shields earned second team placement. jubiltnzf jarkez Juppm-ferr flare from the :Zandt lo rongrazulnle lbe neu' diilrirz :lmmpiam Coach foe Pmier and all excited jackel bench watch the :agen match Iwo jmizzlr ai Ike final femndr of lbe Poly game lick army. IO Seniors Compris Afler faking an Eaxlerzz Hilli player, jimmy IVehmar1 Jet: hix Jighlx on a lang jump Jhof. Bafhethall Queen of 1965, Ioan Williamf, proudly .rhouw lhe rare! prexenfed her hy Dreu' Madar azz behalf of the leam. Durizzg a lame moment in lhe Pafrhal game, guard Drew Madar leapx high I0 pull in a rebound. Champion Team I Hfwing experzly refovered Ike ball, Bill Shield: lake: off io invade the Pairbal bmket. fufarm of fucken feize lloe ball zo mainlairz llae lead during the Demon ll1A4'nf1n7041f Driving bard for a lajup, Mike Kifkpatrirk if Jlyly lripped by zz Paxclml opponerzl. 79 TJ Topples Jacket Dreams of Stat jerry cqldamla figbli the tighz deferzxive larliri of a Thomaf Bob Spurck romex in fail to help lenmmnte Byron Hill exmpe Eaflerzz HillJ defendery jefferfon player ax he piwtf to Jhoot. AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS DISTRICT RECORD FIRST HALF 107 Tech ,,,,, 75 Carter ,, ,48 64 North Side E. Hills ,. ,. 68 57 SECOND HALF Poly ,,,,. .,, 71 Carter . . 72 North Side ., , 85 E. Hills , 87 62 Paschal , , 66 Poly Paschal ,,,, ,, Tech .,,,,,,,,,,,,. 80 Bob Spank wet Drew Madar ax a .rtep-ladder zo get to the ball ax Tlfomaf jeffermrz playefx vie for 1,16 prize. n Bi-district Bout "A kick lo Zbe mzflale and a :loop to fine uefk JbUIlld gel rid of him," reifealx an ojfpofing player ar Bill Sbieldr evade: the altark. 'B' Team Plays for Experience "B" TEAM: FRONT ROW: Gary Scott, Ronnie Overbeek, David Geeslin, john Kliarsky, Irving Rawlings, Stacy Cole, jim Carden, Mike Simmons. BACK ROXV: Doyle XY'alters. Bill Bean, Gary Reeves, Dennis Welborn, Gary Riley, Bublny Barnes, Tracy Wilinoth, Eric Chase, Mark Moore. FCRE. Jacket Stickmen Shoot for Crown Bolstered by six returning lettermen, the Heights golf team moved towards fulfilling its predicted first place by defeating Poly, Eastern Hills, Haltom-, and North Side in early season play. Coached by Mr. jerry Hamrick, the team works out daily at local courses, always striving to better swings and lower strokes. Buzzy Dodgen Larry Turner Matt Kruzick Tom Schiefter 5-...W Brooks Simmons STANDING: Tom Schicffer, Terry Thomas, Matt Kruzick, Deal Hudson, Terry Carter, Robert Milwee. SEATED: Larry Turner, James McQuerry, Buzzy Dodgen, John Collier, Brooks Simmons. ,.,,,, X f 4 .W V' 'mrs ao 'f Jery Whitwortlu, Pitcher Jerome Hall, Pitcher RETURNING BASEBALL LETTERMEN: STANDING: Dale Hinz, manager, Put Amos, Jerome Hull, Gerald johnson, Cordell Moore, Gary Luskie, Robert Wfilson, manager. SEATED: jeryl Vfhitworth, ,Conch Merlin Priclrly, Conch Monty Harper, Terry F.rulk. Batmen Seek to Elevate '64 Standing Rebounding from a second place finish in '64, seven lettermen returned to enhance the chances of a championship baseball team in '65, Coached by Mr. Merlin Priddy, the ballplayers added an experienced pitching staff and several power hitters to deal a strong one, two punch. Gary Luskie, Outfielcler Comprising the jacket infield are Gerald Johnson, Pat Amos, Cordell Moore, and Terry Faulk john Walker, Mike Frazier, Shot Put, Discus Discus Terry Austin, Pole Vault ' Brooks Harrington, Broad Jump BACK ROW: Bill Werner, David Seilheimer, Richard McClain, Don Mansir, Paul Dwight Cumming, Bobby Maberry, Mike Kelly, Billy Hoffman. MIDDLE ROW: Southerland, james Mays, David Redwine, Rick Griffith, jack Wilemon, Pat Amos Harrington, Larry Freeman, Eddie Wells. FRONT ROW: Norman Robbins, Bill Devine Service, Billy Ward, james Willett, Eddie Baggett, Gary Angle, jimmy Smart, Nathan Greg Dodrill. Cinderfellas Sweat, Strain to Preserve hampionship Enjoying a sizable lead in points over other Tarrant County high schools, the Arlington Heights team ran away with first place in the Will Rogers Indoor Games. The cindermen compiled three first places, two second places, three third places, and a fourth for 56 points. The jackets seized first in the four-lap relay, the 60-yard low hurdle, and the shot put. Seconds were gained in the 600-yard run and the mile relay. The success of this first major meet kept alive hopes for a return championship, Tom Borgeson, Shot Put ACK ROW: Dwight Holden, Charles Walts, Larry Mathis, Chris Gotcher, John Masten- rook, james Stoddard, Rene Vallejo, Bill Cherry, Steve Stoddard, Keith Hufnagle. IDDLE ROW: Curtis Kleven, jim jones, john Walker, Dale Warila, Terry Austin, llen Dunlavy, Edward Trantham, Coach Don Hood. FRONT ROW: Charlie Williams ob Redwine, David Avis, Ronnie Waits, Mike Frazier, David Mefford, Richard Brigham alker Norvell. : jimmy Smart, 880 Run Indoor Meet Puts Jackets on Right Track jamer Serzfife :lean the hurdle ay manager Norman Robbiru rlockr rurzrzenr aulride zbe zrarle. Dale Warila, 440 Dash Eddie Baggett Mile Relay Girls' Intramural Council officers include Joanne Lowery, Vicki Kathy Anderson, Sue Ann Allen, and, SEATED, Donna president. C-IIC Fa hions Girl Athletes Members of the Girls' Intramural Council strive to perfect their athletic abilities in the fields of volleyball, tennis, volley tennis, soft- ball, and, when they can lure the boys out of the gym, basketball. FIRST ROW: BOTTOM TO TOP: Jo Carole Williams, Susan Behnke, Lura Bennett, Kathy Anderson, Susan Barse, Gail Becker, Vicki Hedge, Margie Bullard. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara Hairston, Claudia Kane, Alice Gaf- ford, Louise Stockman, Pati Dickey, Joanne Lowery, Vir- ginia Mendez. THIRD ROW: Donna Bronstacl, Kay Cody, Sue Ann Allen, Pam Joyce, Lynn Armstrong, Vir- ginia Grubbs, Martha Papusch, Jeanne Valone, Cinda Toner. Gail Becker pofilionr to bam! Ibe bull over the nel fm! ou! of opponerzfr renclo, 89 f. , 'K- i'T?"" johnny IViIliamr floopr to meez the hal! with az smoozh forehami. Three Stat Kenny MrMillmz rearhef zo relufn 4 high lah with an overhead :mmh at lhe net. 0 FRONT ROW: Lee Massey, Richard Meehan, Mike Young, Johnny Williams. BACK ROW: Caro Thompson, Garland Kerr, Sherry Hardin, Nancy O'Nei1I. Rankers Brighten This season's forecast for the Jacket tennis team is sunny. Girls' team instructor Mrs. Martha Austin takes pride in the Texas interscholastic tennis champion, senior Patty Lowclon. Coach Dayton Carter's boys' team boasts sophomores Johnny Williams and Kenny McMillan, ranked tenth and eleventh respectively in the state six- teen-and-under division. Both teachers expect , 0 6 Tenn: Hope the team to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of last year's record. The '64 doubles players and the boys singles and doubles were defeated in struggle for district. Only Patty Lowdon, girls singles ace, escaped unscathed, and she climbed to the peak of her state division. This year's state- ranking trio should be the nucleus that will raise the '65 team to prominence. allen! prarllce on llae lmrkboard polixlaer joan IVil- mm: backlmnd stroke. FRONT ROW: Kenny McMillan, Lynn Early, Steve Morris, jim Roberts. BACK ROW Patty Lowdon, joan Williams, Vicki Hedge, Wynn Cooper. Pafly Lawdan dE7l707II11'dlE5 1125 Jef-re fha! but wan laer many rlmnzpiomhipi 9l "fn 1'-Qwgyifz' , 'HR:qf',fgmplg,.,,,.r,,q.E ,JM ',I.1,- '- . ' 2 Zfif-gf -f what '1?eg'nWi'b:Q:'H"Y35i1Y2?Ixf1 1 ' y , '?'k"" tiff . liz! 5 ffl 'fr '--! '2Qe3Q'1sef'f-' 1 'w211r'w5fff'e 5' f ' ' , ' if fn fl J ' 2-. gf' C if I 5 ' - F1 ggi? . 43355, 5717 if 1 A' f 2' 29' 5' ' , mai ' T sf 'M . wwf YM- A," U 1' ,s-New G' .,4 wwf " Y ff , . Q, Q ,Y I-HJR, 3l.53'3,i yi: A,LQ:, ,gg-i'?g'iQQ.-Qg'QQf?',5 ' ' A: ,, ,f b, 1 if: wk' W ,MIS ' T ff ' ' 4 a - - X' -.,: x:'.,, , f. -Q 45,5 rjj vu f..-,fvtfffv , -If 1 1,-gg Y 11 rg, i ' , - , u - . wr , if fn - .g,,Q'fA3ff5 : nj' .1 1, Y , , .1 l,'l ps.: ' -W? im 1, mmff, H' ,I .- '.4 ,s,.:..--- ' 4 " w, 4 , , W1 , N15 nf: A 2 2 : , 9 : :fp-N P' , .- 4 uf, , -Ji: gllygzgl' . . -l ', 0 : f '4'r 0 ' .f ,- -if, . ,J vw ,ik 1 J'.', ' g !,1r:g1fi::::'1 A I: , Hffff ,, ' ' wgg- Wff'!4,'L1? E' f,':f'l.f,'1 w 1 fr' f K f I ,. '. ...Qu - " '. , . - :A f ,fi p , 2 r I 1,3 , 534 'Q Q! 'I , ' Af " -' ' -' ' ' :fix ff "4" . -'fs l '11-2:-3' f 5' , , ji, ,,1E,a,' 1 f? 'z'2l" 1 ' ff' 'si 5-if-'11 .f f7'I5'f'. x ' ff" , T.lf'i'hZ-'ef 5 ,f ,' .' ,n",- A ,Q Q ,fflfgrffgfiiygggif 3- Us if ' - 2 . - 7. - A fm 24 ' -"W -img l We" f A A .',f1fff V ' ' "Q 1' ale 13 1' ' U Q 1 " ' '..1'.-','- ','-'.w ---- --w mf Nfwu V1 -1 wi' ' . 4,41 1,-11, "1 iff 1 ff S . 0.2 Q '. 4 ', 9 1, Lf I1 f 'f ", 4-rx f Wjf2.?s -M, jf :V J I n 0 I ' ' 'N - ' ' ' t- f.12f7'J?'1" ' ' 1 1 O Q 0 S ,. frm .fbvfu -: 'Q' q".',-'.af T " .'.-'WL '1- ' QQ: 0 ' - Q V' x "' V 'A M- 0 U 4' o fi ,H - :Nj 0 0 0 1 n ' f ' t -mlm 9 ' I 1 ' x 4' ' ,R -f'. MI vt '.q'.o ', '.2':o . ,f 5 f ' 'X . 5 , - I Vg f mu ,Y .', .',-'.'.1',-'.1 'f 'P - N, f., -.M X 2 P W ' 0 ' 'M ' up ,fi L- M . ' - at X , , Ks: s ,. 1la:,' w. ..',.'i:t of 3 K, YM x Y-n ,. I Y-. ' N tx J ',. - .-4, mg. Q X X Y- ' EHS , img,-f "' 'I '.'-'--vulxi '- ' ps.. AM-if 1. -. ,, , A 1 X :Q . 6 "iii ' 0' 'Q 0, .bf tbl' '--':."tTf-.K - -A V' X , g ' '1-K. 4 D . Q, '. J, 'fetal - ,y ,Q-.Q ' , My-'m.',3nPM,, ' "' 'Q a l 1- 'fxx ,.f r - K- K, gk, ' X me i 'ig' f:?,::.e. . ' . x. he 'A qw .x Vg. Lui-:vagina " I U no s'.l"- 'W' - "-, " ' 5 x n '. .Wg 9 "". 'n.s..O' 0' U .s ,A , .,."1'w.' , ' -, ' ff 'N ' 0 0,0noo,w 00 0. ws, a I' en: ":.'c' 5.'Ocg:,.l..O..I...'.l..l.I.'KyU'..O.3' V 7 ? an ' 't , " X Q -fi 1 ' -' Q ":."'." "0 ':ri'.a'.9'.o'.o':'.r'L.""nn! whhgi-0 'Q ,SM W 3.3 ''.o v,l',:,2,0,u.,'4'.,mo5.., Nm F I ' af' ' 0 ' ' 0' o 0 ' Q" H' , . , . ,I o Ni I o,,'o.. 0 0 9 u,',91 .gl My X 4 ' 5 A Vfq-.H-'-'j'n N K ?:opJ.f.o fjznf:'::5f.f,':.,o' ..-W lf' 3 "lr" .-'nA eo"'0 0' 1' X X XE :o:.I...g ,-,igag..2....',,a:.,.n' f : q - - , 1 f , v Q A 1 ' I" Y:vou'.:::,o'f,. ,. '-lu.4n:'.,, I 3, . ,, I X I 1 I . 4-. If ,-fl , ' if 34 , Q, gf- '. Yi? ' if If 1 , nf! za-if-W "W e if, , fu i- T'-1 1 4 . . X ,L asf zfamamumzza as V z ' .swim 1 , ,A-'v ' 'L ', , Xiwmw X Q f in 'jgpfi g iyiigyeih 15 1 z, , gk, 5 A 55. wmmfnv, ms -4', wwmusmzxmw am-vfvsmfwwfffarmfsw ,, ur W WH: 'f -iw Q., ii 3 - h if 3 , ll fl? ' 1 . E Q i . v H- 1 4 ,. , XXXYWQ1 5 , 1 b r, f 404' I Q 9 av 1 "'. 1- , x f l KM wgwiti x 4 f- -Q 'f Q -V " fftyg gi . ,, as I S MD. i 'M 1 X. J-' a s ,Q +7 .431 i7'.- -1 ff XV X, , N X x In m'9V U f 'TM 'QE .is a Y Q G Nu fi ,. fb v-1 I L ' S MISS ue Hubbard Outstanding qualities of leadership and serv- ice, no grades below "C," and "A"s, in citizen- ship are requirements for the honor. Mark and Sue T pify Heights Idea S Through participation and leadership in various school-sponsored activities, Mark and Sue have well represented Arlington Heights. Lettering in football one year and placing on the All-Acad- ernic Team, Mark was also elected President of his homeroom for two years. He has worked on the Yellow jacket staff as Sports Co-Editor and was a member of AY. His other honors included junior Favorite Finalist, Leonard's Award, and Club pin. Sue Hubbard has been an active member of AY, Young Citizens' Forum, and FTA. As a junior she was elected Secretary of FTA and alternate cheerleader while she became President of the District 5 FTA Chapter of Texas and senior cheerleader this year. Sue has also been a homeroom officer for three years and has re- ceived the Leonards Award and Club pin. Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists Tommy Croft Jane Moore As members of AY and the Student Council and Presidents of their homerooms, both jane and Tommy have also received the Leonards Award and "J" Club pin. Tommy has partici- pated in football and was elected President of the "A" Club this year. Head Cheerleader jane Moore was a member of Young Citizens' Forum and FTA while she was elected 1964-65 Football Queen and Treasurer of the Senior Class. .I oe Leverich Margaret Pace Leonards Award and "J" Club pin were among the honors shared by Joe and Margaret. As a Student Councilman and member of the Young Citizens' Forum Executive Committee, joe also served on the Yellow jarket Staff and was elected vice-chairman of the Tarrant Coun- ty Youth Council. Active Margaret has been both Sophomore and junior Favorite and two- year President of Red Cross. She was a member of AY and Young Citizens' Forum and worked on the Yellow jarkel and jacket journal staffs. Efferveseent Cheerleaders Boo Alternates Jean Hampton John Mastenbrook Marlena Reiners .lean Hubbard Tim Carpenter ackets Through Successful Season Jane Moore Sue Hubbard ,ackye Higby Charlie Williams James Willett -arry Mathis Ranch Foreman and Queen Hugh Massey Elected by the student body, Foreman Hugh Massey was presented at two assembly programs on Ranch Day. Having ridden in the Grand Entry at the Texas Cowboy Reunion Rodeo in Stanford, Texas, Hugh has since pursued his ranching interests at various local riding clubs. Arden Westbrook Ranch Queen Arden Westbrook has ridden in the Grand Entry of the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show and participated in English jumping competitions. Her riding skill was de- veloped while she was young, as she achieved first place in advanced riding when she attend- ed Camp Wa-Na-Ka. The pretty senior also has ridden for various Fort Worth citizens at local estates. Homecoming Queen .loan Moore Reigning over the first victorious Homecom- ing team in thirteen years was Senior joan Moore, 1964-65 Homecoming Queen. Student Body President Warren Russell presented Joan with a mum and gold charm at the Homecom- ing pep rallies. At the half-time activities of the Heights- North Side game she received a dozen red roses and the traditional kiss from the 1963-64 Student Body President, Isaac Butterworth. Most Beautiful Most Handsome Alicia Wagner Elected by the student body to be a finalist in the Mostest Contest, Alicia Wagner was chosen by judges to be Most Beautiful. Presented in both casual and formal attire, her bright smile was a charming asset l02 as she sought the title. Gary Angle Escorting Alicia was Gary Angle, Most Handsome. His good looks, athletic appearance, and stage presence were the outstanding traits which won him this honor. Most Athletic Patty Lowdon Chosen Most Athletic as a junior and senior, Patty Lowdon has lettered in tennis three years. She was rated number one in the Texas Interscholastic Tennis Competition in 1964 and was ranked 16th in the United States singles and 11th in doubles. This out- standing senior also enjoys horseback riding. skiing, and swimming. Gene Mahurin Fullback Gene Mahurin was a two-year Ietterman and member of the All-District Team. His outstanding playing also won him an honorable mention on the All-State Team. As Secretary-Treasurer of the "A" Club, Gene won the james Holmes Memorial Award this year. His other interests include basketball and swimming. Most Talented John McCluney Having taken piano for 12 years, john McCluney has studied mainly classical music. At the Mostest Program he played both the piano and the clavietta. His versatility was shown by the fact that he composed his piece, "Shore Leave." Marlena Reiners Chosen Most Talented by several prominent judges, Marlena Reiners sang two songs, "El Presso Numero Nueve" and "Homesick Hillbilly." She has appeared at various places professionally and was a finalist for Miss Teenage Fort Worth. Most Friendl Margaret Pace Charlie Williams Elected both sophomore and junior favorite, Margaret Charlie Willianis has also been sophomore and junior Paee was chosen by the student body as best representing favorite while he has promoted school spirit as a three- HEighlS'S friCnCllinSSS. She has been an 2lCIiVS and in- year cheerleader. His warm cheerfulness has become terestefi participant in many school-sponsored activities. well-known on the Hill. 'Y kr i Seniors Win Special Awards 23,416 Award joan Williams was selected by the faculty to be the recipient of the Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution Award after she was chosen as one of the finalists in a ballot by the Senior Class. Nomination requirements for this honor included grade average of "A" in citizenship and above-average reports in scholastic subjects. The final selection was based on the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patri- otism. ,Merit Wmzlists Robert Brock and Bruce Patrick were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists after be- coming semi-finalists from scores made on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in the spring of 1964. Scholastic Aptitude Test scores and personal recommendations were the governing factors in their selection as Finalists. Joan Williams Robert Brock Bruce Patrick Top Seniors Named to Who's Who Jay Vollet .loan Williams VlC5-P1'C5id5nf Of Student Council, 1 yr. YOI-mg Citizens' Allied Youth, 3 yrs, FOIUUT Leonard's Award, 2 yrs, Steering Committee of Tarrant County Youth Council Sports Editor of the jarleel journal Daughters of the American Revolution Award Homeroom President, 3 Basketball Queen President of Young Citizens' Forum Tennis Team Allied Youth Club, 2 yrs. yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs fy a""pr u"", Margaret Pace Bob Spurck Sophomore Favorite junior Favorite Senior Class Secretary President of Red Cross. 2 yrs. Miss AI-IHS Finalist Most Friendly News Editor of ffzfkel jourmzl Activities Editor of the Yellow jfzrker Allied Youth, 5 yrs. Young Citizens' Forum, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 1 yr. Leonards Award, 1 yr "A" Club, 2 yrs. Basketball, 3 yrs. All-District Basketball, 1 yr, Allied Youth, 3 yrs. Homeroom Officer 5 yrs. Young Citizens Forum, 3 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Who's Who Caro Thompson Student Body Secretary Homeroom Officer, 3 yrs Allied Youth, 3 yrs. Young Citizens' Forum, 3 yrs, Future Teachers of America, 2 yrs. Exchange Editor of the jarkez Iouwml Offife Assistant Tennis Team Leonards Award, 2 yrs, Ted Calinson "A" Club, 1 yr. Allied Youth, 3 yrs, Football, 2 yrs. Young Citizens' jacket journal staff Forum, 5 yrs. Homeroom President Leonards Award, 2 yrs .Q , , td' Sta.: Anne Guerrant Student Body Vice-President Vice-President of Jacket Footlight Players Executive Committee of the Student Council All-City Orchestra, 3 yrs, Counselors Assistant Allied Youth, 3 yrs. Leonarcls Awarcl, 1 yr. Club. 1 yr. Home-room Officer, 2 yrs. Henry Hesser Second Place Winner in the Science Fair Harris Hospital Award For Medical Education Texas Academy of Science, Z yrs. North Texas State Biological Society, 2 yrs. Harris County Medical Fair Bantl Officer, 3 yrs. Lab Assistant Young Citizens Forum, 2 yrs Club, 1 yr, Who's Who Warren Russell Student Body President Committee Chairman of Student Council Homeroom Officer, 1 yr. Teachers Assistant Allied Youth, 5 yrs. Young Citizens' Forum, 5 yrs. jacket Footlight Players, 1 yr. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Club, 1 yr. Sue Hubbard Miss AHHS Senipr Cheerleader junior Alternate Cheerleader Secretary of Future Teachers of America Home-room Officer, 3 yrs. Allied Youth, 5 yrs, Young Citizens' Forum, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 1 l l l Wye r I vs. , ff... I ,Q A 4' 1, Joe Leverich Vice-Chairman of the Tarrant County Youth Council Student Council. 5 yrs. Young Citiezns' Forum Executive Committee, 2 yrs. Yellow jacks! staff, 2 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. 4 ,K i u 'fr 2-rw of f f 'wr 453 212' 'WM . FQ? i .fZd...1f'u f t 6 ' Mary Andrews AY Vice-President in charge of Membership Southwest AY Vice-President Buck Hill Falls, Delegate Secretary of Future Teachers of America Business Manager of jackel journal Student Handbook Committee Fort Worth Safety Council Homeroom Officer, 3 yrs. Student Council, 3 yrs. Young Citizens' Forum, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. I.eonard's Award, 2 yrs. ho's Who Tamara Smith Senior Class VicefPresident Most Studious Homeroom Officer, 3 yrs. Secretary-Treasurer of Young Citizens' Forum ROTC Sponsor Allied Youth Student Council, 2 yrs. "J" Club, z yrs. Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Chet Turnock Editor of the jarekl journal ROTC Rifle Team, 3 yrs. All-City ROTC Staff Officer Allied Youth, 1 yr. Young Citizens' For-um, 1 yr. Leonard's Award, 1 yr. l Science, Music Students Exce Westinghouse Award Selected as one of 40 finalists from 22,000 competitors in the nationwide Westinghouse Science Talent Search, Robert Brock, senior, achieved one of the highest science honors ob- tainable to a high school student. The second Heights student to win this honor, Robert com- peted in Washington, D.C., in March for one of five scholarships' ranging from 333,000 to 37,500 All-State Selections Senior Sandra Sayre and Mike Morrison, sophomore, won All-State positions this year in the orchestra and band, respectively. As first chair violinist and violin soloist for the All-City Orchestra, Sandra has exhibited her musical skills. Mike has been honored by being rated as one of the top 17 bassoon players in the state. Robert Brock '15 Qc..-SV if ,,..a Sandra Sayre Mike Morrison Sophomore Favorite .im Richards Sophomore Favorite Jan Belknap J Butch Purselley Junior Favorite Jean Hubbard Senior Favorite Charlie Williams nior Fa rite L Margaret Pace Senior Jimmy Wehman Sophomore Doyle Walters Favorite Junior Debbie Campbell l 1 Fay Finalists Junior Ted Senior Sally Potter Sophomore .lackye Higby W :af V .,.. ,F 4 15i',,s .fg 9 pl, ,yjf 11 1, i, Z f 1k,g f5,f , QW V J- igS'i,ff?5:5 M ' ' "fri: , QE. mmqif 5 ?2f ,f3k1 ' wt. 5 M Q ,. 2 if ,I , 4. ,, Y JR J, ff., , Q I i If-vyg-L-..L,j' 533 ' 7 5 if :wry vs i SX V . . . , Q I Q sv-' r:"n W ggi? , ,,,, I. ' .. ai? , if wx-A. av , 4. Wa., U fl' f :v eg ?'f - W ,iiifs 5 3 93? if 'EYlfW'??FF Q' 'f M Af' '-.,, ,A-i-'Q 1.1 ,sf 1 432535 , A-Q ax 'X v X x W Q , V 51" A su: W 4- . ,P g-my ,W , l24 . V, X. Xt -r W P w True wisdom is to know what is hen' worth knowing, and to do what if hes! worth doing. HUMPHREYS X -I N Y-A 1 . .Q ,Q I 1 1 , , V 4 1 s I . X I bf ' -: Q' ' V ' 'J I 5 in , w i 9 r f? fig ' ' fl I Al ,lf f N if I Q I 5' I: " i f , r L X k K' ,' 5.1-' 'WF' Eg . ' LH 5 K, k LN. 5 Z' 5 ms,-4 - n f V ,wi V pff f P5 V fi. iw W :LK X51 : 3 1 ff -1 , I g 1 'E qfggkg A1 'Q-1' F 5 fp , 1 ' -25 Q is l I Hem If 5 , , fl ,' gp . ' G ' " - fm' Li . -' 5 fl il H-nf. 'flw , -.sth ' X Q , 'fi 1-imffvstf At: if - fi? 'l5"K,94 A , 1 .M f ffl' f 4 .-.Q Af ,Q wins 'W' we-wx wwf-ff one MM' 5: 555 Q A ' 32 f as x l V' -:aff X in 66' R x W 21-' Sophomore Enrollment Reaches 6 6 Gary Berg and Sieve Hogg obferre rarioux exbibizx difplayed in Mm Hd7lIFT,f fwarld binary rlaff.. x ... We "So, girly, after gdfgiillg willy ifed lea for 6 7II07lfbJ', I'1fe found tba! I bmfe 34 per' cent fewer mz'ilieJ," 5711214.61 Chrix Vd!1ti61'Hd7?27lZ fu Lydia Hardwick gfultu in axfaniiimzezzt. ,wg - my H? i ga evwvw "Z: Qigf? Sophomore giflx auemble lo rozzgmlulfzle llae boyf dl flue field home afler fz Jluwzing "B" ieanz wirlory. AQ X Biff Acker Craig Adams Joe Adams Lark Adams Stevie Addison Debbie Adkins jane Adolfson Mike Alcorn Dortha Alderson Cheryl Alexander Cynthia Allison y4f'Angela Ambrose Jon Baum Betsy Beach Kim Beal Bill Bean Diane Bearden joe Bearden John Beatty jan Belknap Gary Berg Laura Berrey Jack Bertram Becky Bishop Mary Blair Cindi Blanton Steve Blevins M Millan Bolster David Ammons John Anable Debbie Andrews jimmy Andrews Karen Andrews Patti Andrews Laura Anthony Bruce Arlington Guy Arseneau Danny Arthur Bob Averitt Glenda Bacon Chuck Bailey Frank Bailey Suzan Bailey john Baker john Baldwin Louis Baldwin Charles Ballard Richie Bankhead Bobby Barnes Sandi Barnes Mike Barnett joe Bartholomew Bill Barton Hal Barton Jan Battenfield Nancy Bauguss I eg: 3 .r .W H - 4 , , , ., 'K wwf B s if f 'f K, ' :r 3 r ' I A , ., 57,0 L me ff f lil '11 V,, f-g l Ay ' ,mf , , 1- r -ff -f-fr ' li 1 B ii , 7i i i B B yn ' Q f if Willi m Tenni Team l l end :md Jlrelfla, reach for llae Jian . . ." Jing: farkye igby ax Larry Malhix .rupprenes the urge lo kill. Harriet Bodkin Melodi Bolton Mike Bomar Betsy Bond Dave Bow Sheryle Brandon David Brandt Peppy Bratton Bobby Brawley jan Brewer Richard Brigham Bobby Broom Melissa Brower Arlene Brown Dwight Brown Nancy Brown Prissy Brown Susan Brown Melinda Broyles Donna Bruner Judy Buchanan Katherine Buck Mike Bulger Lary Bullard Margie Bullard jan Burk Nancy Burks Kay Bursey James Butin Larry Butler Louise Butler Mary Byrnes V-:rf-'M -' 1"-we 1. Bef Barbara Cain Terry Calcutt Gail Callaway George Cameron Melinda Campbell Billie Canales jim Carden Sally Carpenter Mike Carr Richard Carrol Curtis Carter John Cecil Carl Cecka Mike Cegiel Sherry Chandler Doug Chaney Bill Chappell Bill Cherry Varna Christopher Philip Chumlea David Clark Kathy Clark Vaughn Clark Davey Clary Pat Clifton Beverly Cobb Ricky Cohen Elaine Coleman Gail Connor Brent Cooper Wynn Cooper james Coppeclge Kin Land in Footlight "Bay, will Min Hale ever be .rurprised when .rlae ibn! I tapped the Hal Line from Wufbinglon lo Kremlirzll' plozr Spmzirla .rludenl Charles IVallI. lVlajor Role roduction Bobby Davis Johnny Davis Randy Davis Dean Dawson Loretta Dean Paul Deavenport Pete Deavenport Trudy Deen Randy DeHart David Dennie Ponnie Derby Bill Devore Linda Devries Karen Dewees Debbie Dietz Tom Dills Ross Dinkins Warren Dinkins Bobby Dodson Frank Donahue Doug Doster Rita Downing Dale Drewry Paul Driskeli Kathy Duke Curtis Dulaney Dan Duncan Allen Dunlavy Sarah Coppinger Larry Cotten Steve Couchman Patricia Cowen Edie Cox Judy Cox Ramona Cox Richard Cox Wendy Craig Roberta Crawford Dian Crowell Richard Crummel Dwight Cumming Shiryn Curtis Roberta Cyrus Linda Daigle Sheri Daigle Steve Daniel Craig Darby Suzanne Darby Mike Daugherty Mark Davie QQ .qs XJ f U 1 hx' M W, ft' Bert Durocher Dan Dydek Laura Eargle Carey Earle Sandy Easdon Pam Edwards Lewis Elliott Susan Ellis Dan Estep Laurel Esterlein Carolyn Estes Jan Evans Sarah Evans Mike Ewell Richards, ee, Voted Captain of Llndefeated 'B' Gridm n Kathryn Foust Cathy Frederick Michael Fruge Katheryn Fuller Richard Gallimore Pat Gambrill Ray Fails Jeff Falter Kevin Farley Andy Feagan Becky Ferguson Margaret Fernandez Richard File Neva Findley David Fitts Rose Fitzgerald Vonnie Fitzgerald Lloyd Folmar "I llaink the diagram for prablem L.M. might prove highly inlereflingf' obfervex George Grimei' in Geometry I af Linda Mullenx bluxbex. flay do mplmnzares treat me like din?" quexlimzr mor Tim Tatum of Sophomore Belfy Beach. Lenore Gradey Barbara Gray Olin Greene Gina Gregory Douglas Greif George Grimes Tanna Grinnell Jeanne Grubbs jimmy Grubbs Don Guerrant Kathy Guiclice Linda Gustafson Anne Haddaway Eric Haenn Sarah Hale Jan Haley Paula Hall Gary Hamby Jean Hampton Randy Hankins Barbara Hanley Eddie Hardesty Lydia Hardwick Pam Hardwick Lynne Harper Howard Harrell Alice Hawkins Mike Hays David Garcia Gilbert Garcia Margaret Garrett David Geeslin Susan Gill Susie Gilligan Ann Giraud Hank Gloff jane Gober Suzanne Godley Belivia Goff Gary Gordon Stephen Gorrell Chris Gotcher Geary Gowins Robert Grader 1 if fg .wi fi 'H eff 'wr VY fra. 411' rm .. 1 X . ft an ffl 3 David Hinton Lee Hitt David Hobbs Charles Hodgkins Bill Hoffman Kathy Hoffman Steve Hoffman Steve Hogg Lynda Hogue Dwight Holden Bill Holmes Mike Holmes Kay Holze Mike Horn Trudy Hovenkamp Dana Howard Robert Howard Tammy Howard Deal Hudson Leslie Hudson Keith Hufnagle Sheryl Hughes Ronnie Humphreys Chip Hunter Stuart Headland Vicki Hedge Bob Heist Dana Helm Emily Helm Bill Hemphill Richard Henderson Chris Hendrickson Diane Henker Linda Hickman Jerry Hicks Jackye Higby Jan Hill Debbie Hillaker Sophs Compris M of 'A' Band Pam I-Iutto Beverly Ihnfeldt Howard Inman Garry Ivey Larry Ivey Steve Ivy David jackson Pamela jackson Jim james Nancy Jenkins Bill Johnson David johnson Margaret johnson Robert Johnson Pat Johnston Alice jones Bryan ,Tones Cameo Jones Davin jones jerrell jones jim jones Michael jones james Judd Danny Karnes jerry Karnes Willie jo Keenum Jack Keeton Michael Kelly I 5 H... Ss. in kV,: V ,al s LY vi' r l'1'e been found o11!."' ex- Robert Howard ar hir ferret 13' i5 dirmffered. fi Paul Koish David Legassee Nanry Laine Steve Laird Penny Lambert Marlys Larson Mike Lawless Linda Laws Gayland Lawshe Vicki Lax Marjorie Leachman Larry Lee Sonny Lee Bill Lemond jill Levering Paige Kelly Ken Kendrick Don Kennedy Kent Kennon Gary Kesling John Keyes Sharon Kimbrel Tommy Kimbro Karen King John Kliarsky Gerre Knox Ernie Knudsen Now thu wont hurt a bil' .roolher Dan Dydek ai be 16 enact! lbe 1ekyllHyde mmrforfnalion. Brenda McGuffee Steve McKenzie Bryan McMahon Kenny McMillan Jim McNutt Jenne Maag Bobby Maberry Charles Mabey Janice Mahaney Dianna Mahurin Kathy Mangano Michael Manire Barb Mann Deb Mann Kathy Manousos David Marcou Richard Marietta Chris Markos Frank Martin Sam Martin Brad Lewis Johnny Lewis Pamela Lewis Rebecca Lindberg Ruth Little David Livingston Barbara Logan Larry Loicano Leigh London Joanne Lowery Mary McBay Shelly McCarthy Karen McCleary Tim McCracken Amy McCrimmon Randy McCullough Don McDaniel Judy McDowell Johnson Sports Linda Martinez Beth Maschek Ann Massey Lee Massey John Mastenbrook Larry Mathis Jimmy Mayton Richard Meehan Virginia Mendez Melanie Meyer Martha Miles Jan Milholland Robert Millwee Betty Minch Don Minchew Robin Minison Linda Mitchell Linda Mitchell Barbara Mize Tim Moore l f , in r M , f ' in 1 lv X fa ' V ' ,-f' M ly if? 5 rl l a Serves on Committee or , f S 'Q fi ' .af X Veta Moore Emily Morrill Joanne Morris John M'0rris Rachel Morris Mike Morrison Charlie Morton john Moss David Mueller Linda Mullens Steve Mulvihill Griffin Murphey "Come bark! Come barkff' wail: rrulrb-hampered Jtudenl, abandoned by bell-ronsciouf roznradef. I37 Tommy Murray Kristine Nelson Ronald Nevville Nancy Newbern Larry Nicholson Suzanne Norman Walker Norvell Barbara Norwood Bob Nunnery David O'Dell Linda Okruhlik George Oliver Larry Oliver Nancy O'Neall Sarah Orms Ronnie Overbeek "If I lean bark far enough maybe lbe blood will .rtaj cirrulalifzg to my brain and I ram remember lbe an Jzz'er," rsfafom Bobby Bmwley. Mary Owen Rock Owen Martha Papusch Susan Paris jim Parks Ralph Patton Mike Payne Robert Peacock Roger Peaks jake Peck Anne Penn janean Peters Sualice Petersen Bill Phillips Tommy Pigg Sharon Ponder Michael Pope jerry Poplin Missy Poteet Steve Potts David Preuitt Bill Price Clay Price Mike Price Edward Priclcly Wesley Pryor Ronnie Qualls joe Quinlivan i is Tommy Quinn J Steve Radtke P, , Arthur Rancher f -2' A V "i ' . f . john Rankin f-5 'fy 1. Rita Raper Bill Ratliff X G 1 'S' it V WN V .fn Belinda Ray , r 5 V h"- r b ,ff S W " f Hurry Ray I K I ' Randy Ray I 2 james Reaclinger , 'Za' "" Mike Redden , . , g b Kay Redus ,eff K Bielvin Reed - , , 'L Gay Reedy ' i R ' Qs 1 y fi ia fll y 3 3. 'Q . - Humphreys, Tarleton Join Jackets in District Football Effort Gary Reeves Julie Reisner Diane Retz , ... ,Q Brenda Rich Jim Richards Trudy Richards Q, V , Gary Riley Evelyn Riney Danelle Robertson Gary Robertson Sally Robertson Philip Robinson r ,ii- " N: i Q ,rm .1 b ii ' " . "ff, ' V' wr' A Q "Mm Effam if our of fbunzbmrky ,ta you nm will have to hold up zbir porter lil! we firzirk Silas Mamet," i72.l'lfIll-'II Indy Cox lo Shelley M:Cr1rll2y and George Oliver. Tom Robinson Nicki Roc-der Lee Rogers Shirley Rogers Buster Rosser Karen Rostohar il. f-sr, ,.,,,,,,,.t .,, Q .via i P 5? , if 5' f in .4 u ,. ii 2 2 , gi. if El hi f, Jaynette Rowe Johnny Rowland Sam Ruddy Laura Rugel Geline Rugg Pat Russell Bob Russey Licle Russom Brian Saari Joyce Sammons e na a es Lana Sample in Mexico Clit "I .reem to have lon rozzlrnl of my flax," remarki MH. A7Zd6'7'J'0lZ nf Karen King and Slepfym Td7'lEfUl1 wen! lbeir frzzflrafiofzi. l40 .1 Lf if 4 t 1. 33' ' 1 iffy-f' 5.4 '- 1 f f .. ,,.,. .4 it 'ff I V W Z' - in .1 ,MA ., s l as ff " if L,,L 1 t t KI, My afeztf. , xx, -ffm ,1 25132 ' . " 1:1- Uw: '1 jf',,:'r ,, gt? ',, ij, 3,7 .Ulf , , . .. . wwwww -it 3 5' ,W sl I 2, 3 'L N 'lx ' ' ti Ji ' l f , t ,J i...1:.f,r5 Matin N ", I' f X 1. .:',,':fr:eg:f . E , f ' l EQ i t an 1, f 52 , Miki. ei' ' Lkvfwu ' .sg ,Y rf 5 x I V 51 ,W .A Af M F35 E g tx ig , Alice Sanford Star Saunders Wanda Sawyer Mike Schleuter Cindy Schmitt Erick Schmitt Mark Srhneider Stewart Schopmeyer Linda Schulte Gary Scott David Seilheimer Gregg Settle Patty Shaffer Rodney Short Anne Shotton Glen Shuffler Mike Simmons Don Simpson Four Firsts Swim Meet 'wih- ay, A L f if ,'i1 .iff ,. . ,kg s X xg in 0 '. a.,:...g,y:,'fgmmm: :. ,, 1-W -4,,.m: f 'f ,,.,f:e time ..,,. fi " , " . KKV, xy: 53- V t .. t. .- , W ,, C1 if Eddie Stevens Stephen Stoddard Johnny St. John George Stone Mike Stouffer George Straight Caryn Strickland Wayne Sturdy Lowell Sumerlin Jane Sumner james Sutton Phillip Swatek Blaine Swindell Cheri Swing Steve Tarlton Paula Taylor Larry Thomas Terry Thomas Wade Thomas Dana Thompson "The true! war 11 mgmg noon Ike Four Fferlamerz Mmm 3 Senmrr P1115 One Sapbomme 141728761097 Linda Singleton Eileen Skare Anthony Sledge John Sloan Cathy Smart Brenda Smith Jack Smith Jeff Smith Pat Smith Prissy Smith Tommy Snyder Gerald Sorgee Kathy Spence Mary Stallings Steve Stancil Annette Stanley Pelham Staples Claudia Starnes Ginger Steakley Marilyn Stephens Tommy Thompson Don Thoms Dianne Tinsley Martha Todd Susan Tolbert Chris Tomlinson Cinda Toner Eddie Trantham Frances Trujillo Helen Trujillo Sherry Tubb Jimmy Turner Steven Turner Margaret Turney jan Uherman Van Uberman Roberta Underwood Sally Utley Rene Vallejo Jeanne Valone jackie VnnCise Chris Vander Hamm Sharon Verbryke David Vestal Pat Vise Sue Wagley Sharon Waits Ward Wakeland Ralph Walden Betsy Walker Charles Walker Karl Walker Tommy Wall Earl Wallace Sandy Walsh Bill Walters Sophomor "All I mid um you two make Juris ll couple," plendr Glen Slazzffler la Iwo L fied mmzilazzlf. am ivy -V2 H Doyle Walters Jan Waltman Charles Walts Valerie Warren Bill Watters Kim Watters Tanya Weatherly Dennis Weeks Walter Weinman Dennis Welborn Jim Wells Bill Wferner Carol West Cathy West Cindy Wilrox Dennis Williams johnny Williams Liz Williams Cindy Willoughby Tracy Wilmouth Mike Wilson Pam Wilson Y Rosel n Wilson Jeanne Winfield Von Wolfe I ss Anticipates '6 Graduation x 53 i fir 1 , hifi, ,KST 1, ei. ,jj . ,rf iii? Bonnie Wood Peggy Wfoodyard Linda Worrall Q H Christine Wright -v I Bi ll Wynne Harry Wynne Kyle Yeates Mike Young Robert Young , gf' Q 32 ff ,i 1 Ii? L i , .- . , ' O X ., ,N .. r' r 1 'N 'Ze 15- A. . '-, 'W UH 'flee . X ' 'W S n"' A 'iffy Candy Wood M Darenda Wood Kristy Woodall '. , ' Bill Woodrich ' V 1+ X X Shirley Wright S' af fe iii 2 fl! L Vicki Zaczek Barbara Zager John Zihlman Vivian Zimmerman Bill Bolton John Boshers James Brewer Greg Burgin Steve Byler Phillip Couch Tommy Cox Bettye Cryer David Cumming Joyce Farr Hank Faulder Lloyd Fory Kathryn Foust Nikki Galloway Linda Gore Dan Guidice 1 I-7 NOT PICTURED Randy Hammond Kurt Hermann David jackson Johnny Joseph Viastarlia justice Sherri Leech Beverly Lever John Lovelacly Kim McKenzie McKenzie, Viva Marie David McLain Milford Massey Fred Moore Mark Morgan Roger Norman Charles Pelton I Terry Perry Rodney Pooler lrvings Rawlings Ronnie Richardson Wayne Rooks john E. Rust Gary Shackelford John Sherman lWike Shuck Harold Simpson Jim Stoddard Michael Turner Reba Valkman Charles Walch Gaylan Walton I43 if 11:1 gl gy , 1sasi'P:sesx5zv.,..,, , ..,, XX-:j,."gi52!g,iE'I"., IWW nrfif' 'Sf ' 1 "??Sf1'E ver, -m.u,g+. sy F E x 1, wr 4, X ,W-1 4 f-1 ,I K , Q Beverly Adams a 2 if-Q , i l 1. I Q' N W ll ,QQ I' . ie Sherry Adami , Y A , Y- , .14 L i j ,df l A , A 1 Patricia Adams , , 't ' Sharon Akers 'fag lawn, Carol Alberts sfzff ,V ,.. , sr . Q, Cheryl Aldrich "jun rlmnge that 1 lo 2 and your budget will be balanced,",r Vire- Pfexidenz Judy Mmke ia figure-ffurtmzed treasurer julie Montgomery. IO .Irs Compris Largest Class 1 f . ., - ' r A ,.... . H 5? - fi ' fa, f f xjrffl it f '1 fi A Sharon Allen Judy Allis Janice Ammons Pat Amos Steve Amos Kathy Anderson Thomas Anderson Ronnie Andon Judy Andrews Susan Andrews Dean Anthony Lynne Arlington Kenneth Armstrong Lynn Armstrong Bobby Arnold I45 ,bfi ' . - l john Bartholomew Alexander Barton Betsy Bass Marie Bates Dee Barts Ruth Ann Baughman Craig Beal Olga Becerra Gail Becker john Bell Emily Beneventi Beth Bentson I46 Pat Asper Priscilla Asper Bill Atkinson Terry Austin Nancy Baacl: Barbara Bnclgett Denise Bailey Pam Baker jane Balclridge LuVern Baldwin Prissy Bamleen Susan Barse Rankin Chosen l l' l ". . . Yer, lbird period uudefwnler baske!-ufea1'if1g," Jperifier Olivia ll7r1de. l L or Holl wood Dream Trip Jeanne Bertram Patty Biancasino Elda Bishop Glenn Black Kathy Blackmon Johnny Blanscet Teresa Blanton Rosanne Bobbitt Tom Borgeson Joanne Boswell Linda Braly Pamela Braziel Frankie Brewer Terry Brooks Charles ,Broom Jaeline Brown Laura Brown Vicki Brown Stephen Bruton Marseland Buck Victor Budaus Thad Buell "Hey, jean, bow lang bar your right .ride been blurred?" quipr Tim Carpenler io jean Hubbard-junior Cbeefleaderf. I ve been wrztnzq .ro long my rerfiml vertebme have zbe bendf' gulf jerk Hirkf. Nancy Bufkin Hal Burdette Roy Burkhart Andy Burks Doug Burt Barabara Bushell Don Calhoon Fran Cameron Debbie Campbell Van Carlton Susie Carpenter Tim Carpenter Kim Carrell Mary Anne Carroll Anita Carter Beth Carter Carol Carter Chris Carter Nick Carter Greg Cason Kip Casten C . -i iii 5 ' fl I , H , ff I, EV 6 li . 5 Kois 's Portrai l In State Fair A .dl -vf .r lp-ng. , 'K 5 iv, ff' 1 ISV V f N azz. ,,,, i N Q as Q ' E s - , 1 si o f ff s I. l Linda Chamberlain Dicky Chappell Eric Chase Allan Cherry Charles Cherry Billie Chick Cathy Choate Donna Christian Bitsey Cirkal Bob Clare David Clark Gale Clark Glen Clark Hubert Clayton Donald Cobb laces First ,Q lx xf' mpetition . 'Q AG , my -. y y of K 2. J, - 'asf , my I F . ?,w , , . ' . ' K V1 Vicki Cockerell Byron Coffman Terri Coggeshall Cathy Cole Stacy Cole Ann Coleman Carolyn Collier Judy Collins Ann Conner Candy Copple Theresa Corley Wayne Cornelius Byron Cox Dale Cox Mike Coyne Phyllis Crabb Susan Crader Marie Croy Allison Cuay Ronnie Curry Randy Cutchin . I I gd 'W' 'Y 1 5 fx . sasf f .7 'ff' if ff 1, '31 so rv' .y AH I r at G is Qualifies for Science Re earcli Madeline Daigle Jan Davies Anne Davis Ronnie Davis Donna Day Victor Dean Mandy Dellow Kay DeI.orme Diana Deshotels Debby Devaney Dell Dickerson Patti Dickey Debby Disney Donald Dodgen jim Dooley DeeDee Douglas Karen Drexel Connie Dreyfuss Tom Duncan Mike Durbin One more wide remark about my new lux and I'll . . ." Mike Davif threaten: Ierrell Fefler. Benita Duvall Gracie Easterling Group l',,,,-r Burki fearleuly preparef lo derrend info the a deadly gianl .rquid for a brief u're5l,7ing Linda Eastman Patrick Eck Mike Edwards Linda Ellingson Carolyn Evans David Evans Ronney Everette Gail Fairris Ted Fay George Ferrier Larry Fessenclen jerrell Fester ,g w KU' 4U , V vA:VVAV. I I , , K. ,nf Ronnie Fielder Sid Fikes Sheryl Fillingim Neal Floyd Joel Forrest Aurian Forrester Pam Fowler David Fox Mike Fox Mike Fox Tommy Frank Larry Freeman l5l Mackey Strongarms Second In YMCA Tri-State G Walter Frisby Randy Frost Robert Frost Carol Fry Linda Fuller Paula Fuller Sharon Furche Dana Futch David Futch Alice Gafford Carol Gammons Joe Gandy Bruce Gardner Mike Garner Connie Garrison Lynn Garwood Phil Geis RiChard Gerik Ted Gilbreath Susan Gilder Pete Gilfearher Marsha Gill LuAnn Gloff Bryant Goodwin Virginia Grubbs Bill Gunn Rita Hackney Richard Haddaway Elaine Hahn Carol Hairston Tommy Hale Carol Hall Clifford Hall Jerome Hall Mike Hall Sharon Hall Sue Hall Susan Hall Judy Halpern Bill Halsey Susie Hamilto Belinda Hanby Richard Hankla Donelle Hansen Inger Hansen Bill Harclage Ken Hardee Barry Harper jeff Harper Brooks Harrington Carrol Harris Sandra Harris Jenene Harrison JonAnn Harrison Marvin Hatcher Diane Hatchett Ruth Ann Haverstock Holly Hawk Cynthia Hawkins John Hawkins Juan Haynie Sherrie Heard Doug Henderson Billy Herrmann Wayne Heuppelsheuser Don Hickman jack Hicks Sharon Hicks Wayne Higgins Pam Hill Sondra Hill Vicki Hillaker Melody Hines Dale Hinze Larry Hoalclridge Joy Hogan Peggy Lee Hombs Mickie Horn Marcia Horne Linda Horton Susan Hoverstadt auf 2 FQEZQ 'UZ A, 1- 1 .F Strictland, Harmoni e I Iv :uv J sf ,. ' ? ,MVA f , A AN ,A "' A g eed, Pettit, Bishop n Double Sextet 'if - if I "I am NEATH udverlifer Pal Eck. Jean Hubbard Charles Huber John Huchton Carl Huckins Howard Hucller Bill Hull Bruce Humphreys Larry Ivy Gaye Jackson Roger Janssen Jim Jarvis Judy Jay Cindy Jelley Lois Jenkins Charles Jetton Judy Johnson Rick Johnson Debbie Jones Jim Jones Ruthann Jones Terry Jones I55 .ol Shelia Jordan Michels fi' Pam Joyce Katie justice Ronald Kaczinski Robert Keenum Kerry Kelly Kathi Kennon David Kent Doug Kincaid Melinda King Christine Kirk Peggy Kirkpatrick Curtis Kleven Elaine Klimist Karen Knowles julia Koerner Mary Koisch Ruth Knaack Charles Krauss Nancy Krog Candy Kroon Sharon Krull Mary LaFerney Kathy Lakey Richard Lambert Van Lane Dent Laney I5b "Keep yaur flair! on-I'll have it ironed in a mifzulef' feurxurer Emily Befzeuenli. Qi! Vies for All-State Baritone John Lanford Linda Langdon Tim Lanthrum Russell Lawler Bob Larance Stephen Lee Patricia Leeton Stephen Le Gate Linda Leonhart Gayle Lewis Janice Lewis Ann Lillagore Linda Long Ben Loughry Mike Ludington John Luft joe Lyle Peck McAbee Richard McClain Bobby McCleary Michele McClure Anne MCCurcly Linda McDuff Beverly McFall' '.9 . I ,X We an A.. ' ,FQ 35' 'M "You guyr Jeezz 4 rouplu' pair of palm rzmuing fII'0lH1d?U wander vexed Kraig Or! and jarle fUnimz Suilj Ridley. Ronnie McNutt Tommy McRae Mark Macha Pam Macha Mike Mackey Robert Mackey Carole Madar Lynn Maddox David Malone Diane Mangano Linda Manousos Don Mansir Wanda Martin Terry Martinez Judy Maske Warren Massey john Mathers jim Maxwell '13, l58 Otto McGarrah Diane McGuffee Don Mclntire Donna McKay Pat McMahon Carolyn McNeal ,Jo dl db Ian Projects un il Committee Toma Moore Tony Moore Pam Morrell Darlene Morris Freddie Morris Mary Morris Steve Morris joe Morrison Dennis Morton Gary Morton Larry Morton Don Murphy james Mays Mark Mays David Measures David Mefford Judy Mehaffy Buddy Melton Shirley Melton Tom Melton Rod Meserole Victor Michels Linda Miller Hugh Moffatt Mary Lou Moilanen jeff Montague Julie Montgomery Michael Moon Judy Moore Mark Moore I59 wsi Nicky Nims Jerry Nix johnny Noblett Steve Noonkester Kenneth Norman Clint Norrell Valorie Norstrucl Gary Nugen Donna O'Brien Carl Onken Mike Orancl Randy Owen Tom Murphy Sarah Murray Lonnie Musick Dari Mustarde Kay Myers Tiff Myers jane Mylius Linda Nail June Neatherly Elsa Neaves Brett Nelson Mike Nelson Pam Nichols Patti Nichols Ralph Nicholson IO Juniors "Anybody lmde a headache for an uprez .flomarla9 Peggy IWofzhir1gton Merit Gridiron Letters 'K VF Stanley Owen Donny Pace Shugi Paden Bill Parker Sam Parker Beverly Parrish Eugeana Paschall Jerry Patton Dennis Peck Julie Pelton Arthur Perry Dana Perry Rod Perry Judy Petersen Sue Pettit Grant Phifer Bob Phillips Cinco Phillips Gretchen Phillips jim Phillips Q A 'Y if vw MQ' ' I 31 g ' 'Q . A I ., , qzjig 1 - .- Q K -Q V - E tg I . ' , 1 - . '- ' gf? ' ' I N f . 31 ,'.' iff F P ai. ,Q I 'rsrr 1' .ws I e?v,z,.ri. V" - - ,Ji 51 t -ie ' K P' iisr P - z 1 " ' iiei if , f P' Y 'ki ,ii L Q ' P . ' 5 I "l'm building a neil," mnfidex peeping Tam Melion I0 Mary Andrew! Heuppel heuser, Lanford Soberly AHHS AY Chapter at Washlngto Nina Pierce Pamm Pierson Ray Pomykal Cynthia Porter Darryl Pou Richard Powell Paula Pressley jim Prindle Butch Purselley Gary Qualls Alma Rackley Linda Ragan ' Donna Raish D'Anna Rankin Forrest Ratcliff David Ray David Redwine Kathy Reed Sally Reese Mike Reeve Pat Reeve Mike Reilly Rondal Rexroat Danny Rich Represent nnvention pirkeling for 5-day weekend. e ffm!! 0L'97f07I26 . . ." johnny Parton leadr fellow Scott Richardson Jack Ridley Georgette Righter Mike Riley Bobby Riney Mike Ritchie Donna Roberts jim Roberts Nancy Roberts J Q ii all ' .M 'Ti 41' A 'K Dee Robertson Dana Robinson Patsy Robinson Steve Robinson Kenny Rockwell Ann Rogers jo Rose joy Rose Bill Ross Melvia Rowland Armenia Rugg Kathy Rumph Marian Rust Nancy Rux Kenny Ryker Dale Sadler Linda Sands Wayne Sanders Judy Satterwhite Bill Saurenmann Lorelei Savage I63 Barbara Scaling Dan Schaffner Bill Scharlz Tom Schieffer Robby Schmitt jim Schutza Sharon Scott Michele Sears Susie Sears Carolyn Selby Mike Self Andreya Skupaka Roger Shackelford Greg Shambaugh jack Shattuck George Shepherd Carolyn Sherrard Glenn Shoe-make I64 Arnold, Campbell Ra ith Sportsman hi Dale Simmons Delene Simmons Elaine Simmons Marcie Simmons Jim Sivalls Charlene Smith Debbie Smith Don Smith Sharon Smith Whit Smith im jimmy Snow Kelle Snyder , XF.-1 -fs Martha Snyder Beth Sours chools --.Q 0 Hooray for air-condiliorlingf' cheer Mike Durbin, Greg Slyamlmugb and OmmlttSE 33,,,idKe,i,. Coney Southerland Bryce Spangler Bettye Spencer jill Stanfield Bill Stanley Kathy Stell Clay Stephens Sally Stephens Sue Stephens Conner Stevens Sandra Stevens Elaine Stewart Judy Stewart Mike Stinson Louise Stockman Shari Stockwell Pat Stoldt Chini Streitweiser Waldo Strein Ellen Strickland Mike Sullivan l65 3 E as-Faq 4, uv Q Y uv Eevifegk ' ilfiiffiiie fifi fi 2 Q E5 is - f '- f , 1' Lf ig' V . 1,2 4,p,,j, V, w fr Q M tax ef' N li 'N my -rig wa Q ,lx Q : fi Pam Taylor Nedra Taylor Bob Teague Don Telschow Anne Thaxton Gary Thomas johnny Thomas Paris Thomas Kathy Thompson Linda Thompson Phyllis Thompson Holly Tolson Kay Toner Mike Touchon Nancy Trammell Alan Travis Joe Traynham Marcia Treaclway Kenneth Trott Francine Trussell Charles Turney Betsy Tyler Craig VanHammersveld Margaret van der Vliet I 66 Terry Sutton Susie Swanson Dan Talbot Raymond Tarpley Steve Tate Tim Tatom Allen Taylor Carolyn Taylor 3 Juniors Fird "And lheyzfe gal pull-lab latin?" qzzeniofzf Ben Louglary of Don Mazzsir, mbefly munfefizzg la buf. ith Top-Ranking Rifle Team Ann. ia Barbara Van Ness Nancy Van Zanten Ramah Vaughan Sharon Vaughan Greg Vaut Russ Vowell Olivia Wade Meg Wagner John Walker Chip Wallace H. L. XValsh Tom Walter Skippy Walton Pat Ward Ann Ware jim Ware Linda Ware Dale Warila W6 Clifton Willis Gene Wilson Greg Wilson Laura Wilson Robert Wilson Sonny Wilson Susie Wilson Kayla Wimberly john Winter Martha Wiae Glenna Wofford Cheryl Wood Mack Wood Cwen Wood Sharon Woodall Bob Woodrich Carey Woods Mary Word I68 Hope of '66 Rest Elaine Watkins Bill Watson Daniel Watson Jackie Watson Kay Watson Tom Watson Mac Wear Lorinda Webb Marcia Weide Kay Weir john Welch Cathy Weltin Larry Westmore Jackie Wiese Jack Wilemon Randy Wiley Helen Willard Jeri Williams Mike Williams Terry Williams land in Junior Potential "Sorry, no boys allowed in here," tearex Cami Hnrrif. Margo Wortham Peggy Worthington Sandra Wozniak Jim Wright Anita Wyatt Scott Yankee 21's nf. Catherine Yarborough "' l ' Vicki Yates Judy Yeates Mike Young Judi Zerdicki Lee Zucht C-5 qi - Betty Baker Woody Barnes Greg Bridges Judy Carmichael Ladd Clark Marvin Clary Lynn Crosslin Patricia Crowdis Jimmy Dean Floyd Dennis Doug Emrich David Ferguson Jay Gillen Monica Gooderl John Guerry BeLynda Hanby Marvin Hatcher Virginia Highsmith Sally Hill Leland Howard Dale Hulsey Roger Jackson NOT PICTURED Terry Johnson Judy Johnston Nick Jones Lefty Justice Marvin Keith Pat Kuklies Tim Lanth-rum Carl Linguist Shawn Martin Sidney Meglasson Jerry Miller Sandra Morgan Fielding Morley Barry Murray Melvin Nalley Kraig Ort Penny Owen Joe Patton Doyle Perry Denny Preissinger Jim Putney Wanda Randall Judy Richardson Charles Roach Bob Roberts Judy Roe David Rogers Judy Rogers Roger Scaling Freddie Sharp Bill Sharratt Sherry Sheridan Kitty Simmons Beverly Simonton Carolyn Smith Waldo Strein Larry Tout Ray Valderas William Walls Herby Way Wyatt Webb Eddie Wells Bobby Whiteside Larry Wright I69 Mau 1 5"'409!11 sw, Mvbumm mmm ww Qxfiuw dwgili ' mfg I 1 Aus Collinsworth symbolizes the hospitality Heights extends to exchange student Stella Flores from Argentina, Final Year Promis s Memories Round of Activities Planned Sparkling with enthusiasm and the thrill of "their year," seniors of '65 began planning early for the momentous events of spring. Class of- ficers, assisted by a steering committee composed of senior homeroom presidents, assumed major responsibility in arranging the traditional picnic, casual party, and formal banquet and dance. Key speakers were selected for baccalaureate and graduation exercises, and the annual magazine sale to finance activities was organized. Senior class sponsors, headed by Mr. Willie Taylor, supervised these preparations. Senior class officers, clockwise, john B. Collier, IV, president, Mar- garet Pace, secretary, Jane Moore, treasurer, and Tamara Smith, vice- presiclent, study selection of invitations for graduation exercises. Homeroom presidents Gary Luskie, Garland Kerr, and Billy Schultz prepare forms for the senior magazine sales campaign. I7I CHARLIE ADAMS Track, 2 Yrs., 'A' Club JIM c. ADAMS AY School Publici Chairman land JIM L. ADAMS Lab Band, 2 Yrs., Band, 2 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs. SUZANNE ADAMS HR Officer, 3 Yrs., ROTC Spon- sor, Leonard's Award, 'J' Club JOHN ADKINS AY JERRY ALDREDGE CAMILLE ANSLEY 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., English Assistant, Library Assistant, Office Assistant JOVELLA ARMSTRONG Student Council, AY, YCF RICK ASHMORE ANN ATWELL AY, 3 Yrs., FSA PAM AURIN Double Sextet, AY, 5 Yrs., Annual Representative SAMMY AUSTIN 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Student Council, 2 Yrs., Footlight Play- ers, 5 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs. ELAINE AUTRY FTA, AY, 2 Yrs., FNA, 2 Yrs., PE Assistant DAVID AVIS Track CARLOS BAEZ PAUL BAGANZ AY, Intramural Football, Baseball EDDIE BAGGETT Track, 5 Yrs., 'A' Club, 5 Yrs., HR President, 2 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs. STEVE BAGGETT AY, Intramural Baseball, Track AY, 2 Yrs., Football, 5 Yrs., 1 W I Debate Society, Bethesda, Mary- JOHN ALDRICH AY, 3 Yrs., HR President ROY ALLEN AY, Intramural Track SUE ANN ALLEN AY, 5 Yrs., I-IR Treasurer, Book Jackets, Vice-President RAY ALLMOND AY, Intramural Football, Base- ball DON ANDERSON 'A' Drill Team, 2 Yrs., ROTC Officer, Student Council Alter- nate, Superior Junior Cadet Award JOAN ANDERSON HR Officer, Orchestra, 5 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs,, Student Council Al- ternate MARY ANDREWS Southwest AY Officer, Buck Hill Falls Delegate, Student Council, 2 Yrs., JJ Staff, 2 Yrs. GARY ANGLE Football, 5 Yrs., Track, 5 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., 'A' Club, 2 Yrs. andra Sayr b All-Stat Srfeerh-rla-:lm grind: Sandra Sayre, Ofrberlnz Concert Mlrlreu df Ioan Amlenron mnlom' in pain. Se ected rchestra STEVE BARNES HR President, AY, 2 Yrs., Basketball Man- ager JANIE BARTHOLOMEW Orchestra, 5 Yrs., "J" Clubg ROTC Sponsor, Leonard's Award BUZZ BAST Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., YCFg Chemistry Lab Assistant, AY, 2Yrs. PAULA BAUDOUX AY, YCF, 2 Yrs.g HR Officer JANICE BAUGHMAN 'J' Club, FNA, 2 Yrs., Secretary-Treas- Leonard's Award OHN BAZE ball urerg AY, 2 Yrs.g J AY, 'B' Team Base- KAREN BAILLIE AYg FootlighT Play- ers, 2 Yrs. JIM BALDWIN AY, 3 Yrs.g YCF, 2 Yrs., Football, Intra- mural Basketball MARY BALDWIN Science Research Group, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., Lab Assist- ant, 5 Yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 Yrs. BARRY BALTHROP Track, AY BILL BARCUS AYg Intramural Base- ball LARRY BARKER AY, 2 Yrs., Leon- ard's Award, Intra- mural Track BRENDA BARNES JJ Staff, FTA, 2 Yrs., Historian, Leon- ard's Award, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club LINDA BARNES Footlight Players, 3 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs.g Counselor's Assistant, 3 Yrs. CHUCK BODKIN AY, YCF, Intramural Track GLENDA BONDY AY, 2 Yrs., Leonards Award, Footlight Players, Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer NANCY BORDEN AY, 3 Yrs. MIKE BOSTWICK AY, Footlight Players, YCF CHYRELL BO'I'I'S AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, HR Officer, Red Cross HANK BOURKE Intramural Track, Football, Basketball, Softball, YCF TOMMY BOWERS ROTC Officer, Battalion Staff GARY BOYD, YJ, jj Staffs, Photographer, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, 2 Yrs. I74 SHARON BEARD Tennis, Leonards Award, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, AY, 3 Yrs. FRANK BEARDEN AY, Footlight Players BRUCE BEDUNAH Track SUSAN BEHNKE ROTC Battalion Sponsor, Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, Vol- leyball, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. DALE BELEW AY, YCF, HR Officer, 2 Yrs., Tennis LURA BENNETT HR President, 2 Yrs., Tri- Hi-Y President, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Volleyball SUSAN BENNETT Double Sextet, AY, Chorus, 2 Yrs. KAREN BETHEL Le-onard's Award, HR Of- ficer, AY, Counselor's As- sistant REX BIRD Track, AY, 'A' Club CAROL BISER Double Sextet, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., HR Officer, YCF, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players ANDY BLAKEWAY BETSY BLOCK National Honor Society, Math .Club, French Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Dover, Delaware BOBBY BLOOD Lab Band, 3 Yrs., Band, 3 Yrs., Orchestra, 2 Yrs., AY VIRGINIA BLOUNT Leonard's Award, Biology Lab Assistant, AY, Foot- light Players SHELIA BOBBITT AY, Tri-Hi-Y, Staff, YCF MARYLIN BODIFORD YCF, Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Lab Assistant, AY, 2 Yrs. A DONNA BOZEMAN AY, 5 Yrs., YCF, FSA CHARLES BRADLEY YCF, AY RONI BRANSON Orchestrag AY, HR Secretary PAM BRANTLEY AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players MIKE BRENNAN YCF CINDY BRENNEN YCF MARY BREWSTER Office Assistant, HR Officer, 2 Yrs., AY, YCF PAM BREWSTER Junior Achievement BARBARA BRIDGES 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Student Coun- cil, AY Seniors Monopoliz 'A' Basketball Team d fry loo If y0u'd jun dec- d the wmng l90IllEf007Il.lH moan! Guermni pzteomly. GLORIA BROWN AY, 2 Yrs., Typing Assistant, FSA DONNA BRYANT HR President, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, YCF, Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation ROBERT BROCK National Merit Semi- finalist, First Place, National Science Fair, Japanese Sci- ence .Conferenceg First Place, Regional Science Fair, 2 Yrs. DONNA BRONSTAD 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonarcl's Award, 2 Yrs., Annual Repre- sentative, Volleyball VICKY BROWDER DECA, 2 Yrs., His- torian, AY, Footlight Players BEVERLY BROWN Band, 5 Yrs., Orches- tra, FTA, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. CAROLYN BROWN Leonard's Award, Or- chestra, Red Cross, Counselor's Assistant ELIZABETH BROWN 'J' Club, Footlight Players, JJ Staff, AY Turnock Edits Jacket Journal GARY BYARS DECA TERRY BYARS AY, 2 Yrs. KAREN BYNUM Leonard's Award, Student Council, YCF, AY HARRY CALCUTT LeQnard's Award, 2 Yrs., HR Officer JERRY CALDAROLA Basketball, AY, 2 Yrs., YCF TED CALINSON Football, JJ Staff, Leonarcl's Award, 2 Yrs., YCF DIANE CALLAWAY AY, 5 Yrs., YCF, FSA SUSAN CALVERT AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, YCF MILES BRYANT Football. 3 Yrs., Track, 5 Yrs., AY ANNE BULGER AY SHELIA BURCH FNA, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., YCF JACK BURDETT ALAN BURK AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs. LARRY BURNS Football, 3 Yrs., Track, 3 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club BILLY BUSBY KATHY BUSCHBAUM Student Council, Red Cross, Dean's Assistant, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, z Yrs. PAT BUTLER AY, 2 Yrs., YCF "I gueu you know the YI .rlaff bar been in our file again," bluff: Chet Tunzork to a.fJi.rlan1 Ronald Taylor. "Thai doer it! Tbey're bla:Hirred," birrer hir rrony. MELODY CAMP Footlight Players CAROL CANNON AY, Chorus, 2 Yrs. HELEN CARGILL FNA JAMES CARTER AY EDYTI-IE CASE Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, 2 Yrs. VICTORIA CASTANEDA Tri-Hi-Y BETH CASTEN YCF, 2 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., Chorus, 2 Yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 Yrs. SHIRLEY CAVE AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight Play- ers MIKE CECKA YCF, National Honor So- ciety, Newspaper, Co-Editor, Honors Seminars, Karlsruhe, Germany PETE CHAMBLISS AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight Play- ers, 2 Yrs., Chorus, 5 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs. LARRY CHAPMAN AY, 2 Yrs. RONNY CHAPMAN AY, Intramural Football, Baseball, DE DONNA CHARLES I.eonard's Award, 2 Yrs., FTA, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., JJ Staff CHUCK CHENAULT AY, Intramural Football, DE CAMERON CHUMLEA YCF, I.eonard's Award, 2 Yrs. CAROLYN CLARK AY, Cheerleader, Dramalics Club, FTA, Hendersonville, North Carolina RONNIE CLARK DONNA CLARKE AY, 3 Yrs. CANDY COBB AY, HR Officer, YCF CATHY COCHRAN AY, 5 Yrs., ROTC Rifle Team Sponsor, Leonard's Award, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. KAY CODY Leonard's Award, AY, 2 Yrs., Student Council, 2 Yrs., GIC PAULA COFFEE DE, Chorus CLEO COFFMAN AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight.Players, FNA, YCF BARBARA COLE AY, 4 Yrs., Footlight Players, Spanish Club, 5 Yrs., Y-Teens, Beaumont, Texas KATHY COWAN AY, Art Assistant, 2 Yrs. EDWIN COX Junior Achievement, Certificate of Honor, National Latin Comprehension Examination, Drama Club, Nolan High JOHNNY COX MARK CRAIG Football, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, HR Presi- dent RAY CRAMBLIT 'A' Rifle Team, 3 Yrs., Captain, AY RODNEY CRAMER ANN CROFT AY, YCF TOMMY CROFT 'A' Club, President, Football, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, Le-onard's Award JAMES CRYER ROTC Officer, St GENE CU LPEPPER EDDIE CROMWELL ' af Track, AY, 2 Yrs. GREG CUMMING DE f, Drill Team, 2 Yrs. Hun ickeli LOUIS COLE YCF, 'J' Club, AY, 2 Yrs., Student Council BILL COLEMAN r u m a AY, 2 Yrs., Football, 2 Yrs JOHN B. COLLIER, IV Sportsmanship Committee, Golf, HR' President, AY, 3 Yrs. AVIS COLLINSWORTH 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., HR Secretary, AFS Senior Committee Chairman NANCY COMFORT 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., ROTC Sponsor- Tri-Hi-Y Sec- retary DICK CONNALLY LARRY CORLEY 'B' Team Basketball, Pomona, Cal' ifornia BARBARA CORNISH AY, 2 Yrs., Chorus, 2 Yrs., YCF, FNA DAVID COUCH AY, Footlight Players, YCF Stewart Toot, o Region Band l l 'And ub one . . . and ul: IJ . . ." directs jim Leizb effirienlly. MIKE DAVIS DAN DAWSON 'A' Rifle Team, ROTC ' Company Commander LINDA DEASE AYg YCF ROBERT DECKER AY, 'A' Club, 3 Yrs., YCFg Football Letter- man, 5 Yrs. DANNY DEEN AY BETTY DEERE Student Councilg An- nual Representative, HR Officer, AY GARY CU MMINGS ROTC, 3 Yrs., Of- ficerg Drum and Bu- gle Corps BOBBY DAGLEY Football, 3 Yrs.g AY, 'B' Team Baseball SHARON D'ANDRIOLE YCFg HR Vice-Pres- ident BARBARA DANIEL SANDRA DANIELS Tri-Hi-Yg HR Offi- cer, 2 Yrs.g AY DEBBIE DANILOW AY, Footllht Play- ers, YCF ARLIE DAVENPORT LYNNE DAVIDENKO Tri-Hi-Yg AY, 2 Yrs.g YCFQ GIC, 2 Yrs. AL DAVIS ROTC Staffg ROTC Baseball, Basketballg AY, 3 Yrs. CHLOE DAVIS AYQ YCF GUY DAVIS AY JIMMY DAVIS AYg YCFQ Band, Lab Band DEBORA DEODATI Leonards Award DAVID DERRY jj Staff, Key Club, 2 Yrs., Cotillion Club, Pep Club, 2 Yrs., Anchorage, Alaska BILL DEVINE Track, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, AY, 2 Yrs. TONI DEVNEW TINA DIAZ HR Officer, 5 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., PE Assistant, Volley- ball DAVID DIVINE YCF CHARLOTTE DIXON YCF, AY, FSA SHARON DIXON AY, FSA, YCF JOHN DODD AY, 3 Yrs., DE NANCY DODGEN ROTC Sponsor, I.eonard's Award, "J" Club, AY, 3 Yrs. GREGG DODRILL Track, 3 Yrs., 'B' Team Football, AY, 3 Yrs. ANDREW DOKA ROTC Drill Team, AY DANYE DOLAN AY, YCF JUDY DONALDSON AY, 5 Yrs., Junior Achievement BILL DOUGLAS AY, 5 Yrs., Fool- light Players, Leon- ard's Award, 2 Yrs., ROTC Softball, Bas- ketball, 2 Yrs. ROBERT DOUGLAS ROTC ROBERT DREW Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., Student Council, jj Representative GARY DRUMMOND Holze Sets M Pherson Ou! of dirly lump! of clay, affix! Kal TONI DUBAN AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, HR Treasurer ROBERT DUBUIS DERYL DUER AY, YCF Band Pace, Hugh T irl Flalz el mold: . . . other dirty lump! of clay. CHAD DULANEY Football Letter- man, Leonard's Award, AY, 2 Yrs., HR President, 2 Yrs. PATTY DUNCAN Band, 3 Yrs. JOHN DUPUY Chorus, YCF CHERIE DURHAM Leonards Award, 2 Yrs,g 'J' Club, HR President, Footlight Players, 2 Yrs. LINDA DUROCI-IER AY, 2 Yrs. LYNN EARLY Tennis, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs. KAREN EKSTROM ROTC Drill Team Sponsor, Student Council, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. DIANNE ELKINS Footlight Players, AY, YCF PRISCILLA ELLIS AY, Footlight Players, YCF JIM ELMORE Leonard's Award GAIL ERICKSON ROTC Staff Sponsor, AY, 5 Yrs.g HR President, Annual Representative TERRY FAULK AY, Football, 3 Yrs., Baseball, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club CHRIS FERGUSON AY, 3 Yrs., YCF LORRAINE FERRILL FNA, 3 Yrs., GICQ AY MARY FISHER AY, 3 Yrs., HR Officer, YCF CHARLES FLETCHER Science Research Group, 2 Yrs., NSF Biology Program, Second Place, Texas Junior Academy of Science, YCF RUDY FLORES ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, Drill Team STELLA MARIE FLORES American Field Service Scholarship Exchange Student from Argentina BARBARA FOLMAR FNAg Student Council MIKE FOREHAND AY, Intramural Track, Baseball, YCF Yellow Jacket Publication hallenge Hutchins, Sumner TERRY FOREMAN JANET FORISHA 'J' Clubg American Field Service Can- didate, FNA, 3 Yrs., Nurse's Assist- ant, 3 Yrs. JIM FORSYTHE DE CAROL FOSTER FTA, 3 Yrs., Officerg 'J' Clubg YCFg Band, 3 Yrs., Officer CHRIS FOSTER Intramural Baseball, ROTC Officer JUDY FOSTER AYg HR Officerg I.eonard's Award MIKE FRAZIER Track, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club, Student Coun- cil Alternate, 2 Yrs. W. O. FREEMAN, JR. AY, 2 Yrs.g HR Presidentg Annual Representative GAY FRY AY, 3 Yrs.g JJ Staff, Footlight Play- ersg YCF DAVID FULLER ROTC Drum and Bugle Corpsg AY, 2 Yrs.g Leonard's Award HELEN FUNDERBURGH AY, 3 Yrs.g YCFQ Footlight Players, 2 Yrs.g HR Secretary- Treasurer CHERYL GABBARD Footlight Players Chorus, 3 DOROTHY GAGE Footlight Playersg FTA, AY, Repre- Y sentative JEANNE GALE FNA, 2 Yrs.g AY, 2 Yrs.g Tri-Hi-Yg Red Cross JOAN GALE FNAg AY, 2 Yrs.g Tri-Hi-Yg JJ Repre- sentative MIKE GAREY l82 LINDA GALLIMORE Diligenlly .roriing their immaru- late rerardf, Linda Hutrlaim and Pat Sumner, Co-Editor: of the Yellow farkel, quielly await their Fairy God-Toad who will hope- fully perform the miracle needed lo meet lbe deadline. Yrs., YCF MIKE GEIS Fourth Place, Region- al Science Fair, IEEE Winner, Science Re- search Group SUZIE GENTLING AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, HR Officer DALE GENTRY GLORIA GEORGE 'J' Club, HR Officer, 2 Yrs., C0unselor's Assistant PHILGETZ AY, Intramural'Foot- ball, Track, Orches- tra KATHY GIBBS DE, 2 Yrs., Secretary- Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y, 3 Yrs., Attendance Chairman KEM GIBBS AY, YCF LINDA GILBERT "1" Club, 2 Yrs., Leonards Award, Student Council, Of- fice Assistant DREW GILL Track JANICE GILL AY, 2 Yrs., GIC, HR Secretary, YCF DOUGLAS GILLISPIE ROTC Drill Team, 3 Yrs., Commander, Guidon, 'A' Rifle Team LOMA LINDA GIRE AY, 5 Yrs., YCF KATHY GLATZEL AY, Double Sextet AGNES GODLEY AY, PE Assistant, 2 Yrs. ELEANORE GOLDIE AY, Chorus, Leon- ard's Award, JJ Rep- resentative CHERYL GOODWIN YCF, Footlight Play- CIS DICK GOSS AY, 3 Yrs., Chorus, 3 Yrs., DECA ROBERT BRAGG GRAMMER Football, 3 Yrs., AY, HR President, 2 Yrs., YCF JANIS GRASTON PAUL GREEN Orchestra, 2 Yrs., AY GAIL GREGORY YCF, 3 Yrs., A STAN GRIER AY, 2 Yrs. GUY GRIFFIT H DE BILL GRISHAM Basketball, AY Yg Footlight Players, Lab Assistant 'No, you can't .rit here, and :top bothering me nerr," growl! john MfCluney to bold intruder Pal while I rommune with the ouler dark- Sumner. CATHY GRUBBS AY, YCFQ FSA RICHARD GRUMBLING -U Staff, Co-Circula- tion Manager, Foot- light Playersg YCF ANNE GUERRANT Student Body Vice- Presidentg "J" Club, Leonard's Award, Footlight Players, Vice-President CHRISTI GUNTER AYQ HR Officer, 2 Yrs., YCFg Office Assistant VICKI GUTIERREZ AY, FSA DON HAGEN BARBARA HAIRSTON AY, Vice-President, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., AY Representative, 3 Yrs.g Leonard's Award SUE HALEY AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs.g Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs.g Dean's Assistant GARY HANKINS HALL Varsity Basketball, Tennisg Sophomore Class Secretary, Most Friendly Boy, Tucson Arizona MARK HALL AY, 2 Yrs. ROGER HALLMARK JAN HAMILTON DEg AY, FNA JO ANN HAMILTON Chorusg Footlight Players, FNA LOUISE HAMILTON AYg Footlight Play ersg Double Sextet Alternate, 2 Yrs.g Chorus, 3 Yrs. ALICIA HAMRICK HR President, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Tris Hi-Y NANCY HANKINS AY, YCF SHERRY HARDIN AY, Vice-President, YCF, Ex- ecutive Committee, 2 Yrs., Leon- arcl's Award, 2 Yrs., Dean's As- sistant DAN HARGROVE DE EVAN AMY HARGROVE JJ Staff, YCF, AY, 5 Yrs., Tri- Hi-Y JIM HARKINS AY, YCF ANITA HARPER ROTC Sponsor, Leonards Award, YCF, 2 Yrs., HR Officer SARAH HARRISON Nurse's Assistant, AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., HR Officer rock to Japan cience Session GLENN HASTINGS ROTC, 3 Yrs., 'A' Drill Team, 2 Yrs. BILLY HATFIELD AY, 2 Yrs., YCF MARGARET HAWKINS Student Council, 2. Yrs., Student Council Alternate, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs. JEANNE HAYES Footlight Players, AY, YCF DAVE HAYNE DEBBIE HAZLEWOOD 'J' Club, YCF, Lan- guage Lab Assistant, AY, 5 Yrs. POOH HEAD AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., Office Assistant, HR Officer ROBYN HEADLAND AY, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Dean's Assistant, 3 Yrs. PAM HEFNER Language Lab Assistant, AY, JJ Representative, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award HARRIET HEINECKE AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., Red Cross, Student Council JULIE HELD Footlight Players, AY, FTA STAFFORD HELM Intramural Football, Track, Junior Achievement, 2 Yrs. RANDY HENDRICKS Footlight Players NANCY HENRIETTA Footlight Players, FSA, Double Sextet, Chemistry Lab Assistant GRADY HENTZ Football, AY, 2 Yrs., HR President HENRY HESSER Science Research Group, 'J' Club, Band, Texas Academy of Science, Honorable Mention SHERRY HIGGINS FTA, 2 Yrs., YCF, AY SHIRLEY HIGNIGHT 'J' Club, Leonarcl's Award, Nurse's Assistant, HR Officer Ta lor, Nichols, BYRON HILL ead Local J 'A' Team Basketball, YCF, l AY, HR Secretary TOMMY HIX AY VANCE HOBBS 'A' Club, 2 Yrs., AY, YCF, Student Council SUSAN HOERA Dean's Assistant, AY, 2 Yrs., YCF LAURA HOFFMAN Footlight Players, Leonard's Award CAROL HOLLINGSWORTH Footlight Players, FNA KEN HOLZE Drum Major, 2 Yrs.g Lab Band, 3 Yrs.g 'J' Club, AY, 3 Yrs. DAVIS HOOD AY, ROTC Drill Team BOB HOPKINS Footlight Players, Band Squad Leader ELLEN HORN ROTC Sponsor, 'j' Club, Student Coun- cil, Tri-Hi-Y CLIFFORD HORTON AY MOLLIE HOUP AY, Merit List, Var- sity Cheerleader, French Honor Soci- ety, Dallas, Texas "When you bear lbs putter of liny foolrlepf bebind, you know you are about to be overrun by A mob," predirlr Ken I-Iolze gloornily. SUE HOUSTON DE Assistant KEN HOWARD AY, HR Officer, Yrs. 2 SUE HUBBARD Cheerleaclerg FTA Secretary, AY, 3 Yrs.g "J" Club, 2 RUTH HUDSON AY, 3 Yrs., YCF Yrs. SUSANNA HUDSON AY, 3 Yrs.g HR Of ficer, 2 Yrs., YCF JOHN HUFNAGLE YCFg Golf, 2 Yrs.g HR Officer, 2 Yrs., Cross Country, Seat- tle, Washington Bostwick Association JOAN HUGHES AY, Majorette, 3 Yrs., YCF LaRONNA HULSE AY, 3 Yrs.g Public Schools Art Awards LINDA HULSE AY, 3 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs. MARILYN HUNSICKER Leonards Award, 'J' Clubg Stu- dent Council, 2 Yrs., Band, Council Chairman, 1 Yr. LINDA HUTCHINS YJ Co-Editorg National Merit Letter of Commendation, 'J' Clubg Student Council JANIE HUTSON Footlight Players, 3 Yrs.g Choa rus, 3 Yrs., Leonards Award, AY, 3 Yrs. RONNIE INGRAM Intramural Track, Football, 2 Yrs. RICHARD ISERT YCF MARTHA JANSEN 'J' Clubg Leonard's Award, AY, HR Officer CHARLES JARVIS AY, YCF JERI JENNINGS Biology Lab Assistant, 2 Yrs.g AY, 3 Yrs., HR Repre- sentative, YCF SUSAN JENNINGS Leonards Awardg AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, HR Sec'y-Treasurer, 3 Yrs. RICK JENSEN BRUCE JOHNSON CHERYL JOHNSON Office Assistant, 2 Yrs., National High School Poetry Press CHRIS JOHNSON HR President, 2 Yrs.g Leonard's Award, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF ELLEN JOHNSON Leonard's Award, YCFg AY, 3 Yrs.g HR Vice-President GERALD JOHNSON 'A' Clubg Baseball, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs, JAY JOHNSON SALLY JOHNSON AYg JJ Staffg Chorus, 3 Yrs. SANDRA JOHNSON AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players GARLAND KERR HR President, Student Council, 'J' Club, AY, 3 Yrs. ED KIESCHNICK AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Football LEAH KING JJ Staff, FNA, Tri-Hi-Y RICHARD KING AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, Chorus, 5 Yrs. MIKE KIRKPATRICK Basketball, 3 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs. LARRY KIRSCHNER AY, YCF LINDA KITCHEN JUDY KLIARSKY FNA, AY, 2 Yrs., Leonards Award BETTINA JONES FTA, FNA, AY, 3 Yrs. JANIS JONES AY, 3 Yrs., FTA Treasurer, Stu- dent Council Alternate PAM JONES AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., Foot- light Players, 2 Yrs., Student Coun- cil Alternate JERRY JORDAN Track, 5 Yrs., Football TERRY JORDAN Track, 3 Yrs., Football JOAN JUNGE AY, 3 Yrs., Student Council MARY JUSTIN AY, 3 Yrs., FNA, YCF ANNE KAEMPF Tri-Hi-Y, 3 Yrs., Officer, District 6 Chaplain, YCF, Footlight Players RICHARD KAEMPF Intramural Track, Hi-Y, 2 Yrs., Vice-President, YCF, AY KATY KAISER AY, 2 Yrs., FTA, YCF CLAUDIA KANE AY, 2 Yrs., GIC, 2 Yrs., YCF, Chorus, 5 Yrs. ROBERT KAGY ROGB, Band, 2 Yrs., President's Council, Student Council, Albany, Georgia CHERYL KARNES JJ Staff, YCF, Quill and Scroll, 2 Yrs., Grand Prairie, Texas HELEN KELLY AY, 3 Yrs., FTA, 5 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., Student Council BOB KELSEY Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, 3 Yrs. JAN KENDRICK JJ Staff, News Editor, AY, Stu- dent Council, 2 Yrs., Cheerleader, 2 Yrs., Izmir, Turkey W.. + ,. . ,, J, ..,,,.s. .,,.,. ,, , ,wiejy J' J at uf if .. J. Aw. . .. .... , ..,,,'.3,, .WJ 1: 4 awww . .4 A... .. ' ' ':1:1yt,ggtj'g 5.. I .i,.. .si 'EL 1 T.wiJ'f ,. .,....,... fe mls we is ,j.i .,, ,. 'lg ' 'Wt -. .up 3,5 I 'Wg 'S ., .W ,Y ..,, 5 , 'Q .. 149- 'A ....-1 1 .4 PBR my ii ,M I t' 51 S3 ":--,'s1?l1 jf. , rt ..,,.t-..,:.- ---- v Four Compile Portfolios for Jaycee Art Exhibit "Wbu1 do you mean it doe.fn'l look like you?" demand: Davis Hood of judy Pat Roullv. JAN KLOVSTAD FNA, 2 Yrs., President, Leonarcl's Award, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF LINDA KNOWLES DE, FSA NANCY KNOWLES AY, 3 Yrs., FNA, Tri-HL Y, Sergeant-at-Arms MATT KRUZICK Golf, 5 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., YCF, Stu- dent Council Alternate PAT KRUZICK AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, Library Club BRENDA KUYKENDALL AY, '2 Yrs., JJ Staff DOUG LAMB AY, 2 Yrs., HR Officer, Intramural Softball, Track GARY LAMBERT Orchestra, Lab Band, 3 Yrs. Band, 2 Yrs., AY DAVID LANFORD AY, Intramural Football, Baseball KATHY LANGFORD AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., jj Representative, 3 Yrs., Foot- light Players PAT LAX KEITH LeBLANC Football, Baseball CAROL LEDBETTER AY, Footlight Players DON LEE KATHY LEETON Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., Chorus, 2 Yrs., YCF JIM LEITH Band, 3 Yrs., Lab Band, 3 Yrs., Director, AY, 2 Yrs. JIM LEMON Leonarcl's Award, AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs. GLENDA LEMOND Footlighters' Do mi n ated 5 . JOHN LEMOND Intramural Basketball, YCF MERRI LEON 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs., HR Officer, 3 Yrs. MARCIA LESSIG Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, JJ Staff, HR Secretary DONNA JEAN LEVER Pep Club, Majorette, News- paper Editor, Junior-Senior Play, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico JOE LEVERICH Student Council, 3 Yrs., YCF, Executive Committee, 2 Yrs., YJ Staff, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. LINDA LEWIS Student Council, Band, Art Club, FTA, Columbus, Ohio MELINDA LEWIS YCF, AY, HR Of- ficer HOWARD LILLAGORE AY, YCF AL LILLY AY, President, HR Officer, YCF NORMA LILLY AY, 2 Yrs., DECA, 2 Yrs., Annual Rep- resentative, 3 Yrs. ALLAN LONDON Band, 5 Yrs., Lab Band, 5 Yrs. "IVbo am I? Where am I?" wonder: Roberl Millell, dazed by exlmulywe rebearml. SUSAN LONG Pep Club, 2 Yrs., Girls' Athletic As- sociation, 2 Yrs., St. Louis, Missouri STEVE LORD YCF, AY, Footlight Players, Parliamentar- ian PEGGY LOUGHRY AY, 2 Yrs., Nurse's Assistant, 2 Yrs., YCF, Red Cross KAREN LOVELESS Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., JJ Staff, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF JUG LOWDER Baseball, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs. PATTY LOWDON Tennis, 5 Yrs., 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, YCF, 3 Yrs. Comedy 'by Seniors LINDA LOWE AY JAMIE LUCUS AY, YCF, Student Council Alter- nate, Leonard's Award GARY LUSKIE Basketball, 3 Yrs., Baseball, 3 Yrs., HR President, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club DEE LYNN AY, Footlight Players DAVID MCCALLUM 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Band, 3 Yrs., YCF, AY, 2 Yrs. CAROL MCCARTHY DE, Glee Club, 2 Yrs., Pep Club, 2 Yrs., Annual Staff, Labrador, Canada PEGGY MCCLEARY AY, Chorus, 3 Yrs., JJ Representa- tive SHARON MCCLESKEY AY, 3 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., HR Treasurer, Red Cross JOHN MCCLUNEY JJ Staff, YJ Staff, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs. JOHN MCCOY JANIE MCDANIEL Student Council, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2' Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., Foot- light Players JACKIE McDOWELL JOHN CAVETT MCDUFF LAURA MCGARRAH Student Council, AY, 2 Yrs., I-IR Officer SHARON MCGINNIS YCF, Footlight Players STUART McKAY AY, Intramural Football, Basketball PHIL MCKENNON Lab Assistant, Intramural Track CAROL MCKENZIE SYLVIA MCKINNEY I-IR Secretary, Leonard's Award, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs. MELINDA McPHERSON Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., Majorette, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club,' 2 Yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 3 Yrs. JAMES MCQUERRY Golf, AY MADELINE MARTIN Office Assistant, 2 Yrs., Counselor's Assistant, FTA, FSA STEPHEN MARTIN Leonard's Award, Footlight Players JOHNNIE MASCHEK HR Officer HUGH MASSEY 'A' Club, 3 Yrs., AY, 5 Yrs., Football, 3 Yrs., Captain KERRY MAXEY 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, HR President, AY NETA MAYFIELD 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Office Assistant, English Assistant, FTA, Social Chairman PAT MEDCALF AY, 3 Yrs., FSA, 2 Yrs., YCF, Counselor's Assistant LEW MEEKINS HELENE MEEI-IAN Footlight Players, FNA, FTA, AY MARION. MEFFORD Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., ROTC Sponsor, PE Assistant, 2 Yrs., GIC PHYLLIS MERRILL HR Officer, AY, 3 Yrs. CRAIG MERRITI' AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, 'B' Drill Team, ROTC Staff Officer BILL MACKEY P a C ei B Wnl Football, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players DREW MADAR Basketball, 3 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., 'A' Club, YCF ROBERT MAGILL Track, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs. GENE MAHURIN AY, 5 Yrs., Football, 5 Yrs., 'J' Club, 'A' Club, 2 Yrs., SecretaryATreasurer JEFF MAIRS AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, HR stu- dent Council MIKE MAKI Lab Assistant ANNE MANNING Dean's Assistant, HR Pres! ident, 'J' Club, Lab Assist- ant BOB MANNING Baseball, 5 Yrs. KATHY MARCHESSEAU Footlight Players, AY, Eng- lish Assistant Journal A , 4 '.'G'el wife, man, az flair dirfunre kiuing fun wwf! work," purkerx Swan Bebnke lo Rudy Flare! at 4 ROTC parly. Capture Citation l RICHARD MOORE ROTC Officer, Drum and Bugle Corps FRANK MORALES Orchestra, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., YCF LINDA MORIARTY AY, PE Assistant LUCILA MEZA DAVID MICHELS Band, 2 Yrs., ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, 2 Yrs. GALA MILES AY, 2 Yrs., All City Cho- rus, 2 Yrs., Region 10 Cho- rus, Footlight Players JERRE MILHOLLAND AY, YCF, FTA CHARLOTTE MILLER FSA DEE MILLER HR Officer, 2 Yrs., ROTC Drill Team Sponsor, Tri- Hi-Y MARILYN MILLER Double Sextet, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, JJ Staff, AY, 2 Yrs. SHIRLEY MILLER AY, 5 Yrs., YCF ROBERT MILLETT Footlight Players, AY ELAINE MIRRAS AY, 3 Yrs., Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., YCF JIMMY MITCHELL AY, 2 Yrs. GARY MOATES HR Officer, AY, In- tramural Basketball, YCF MARIANNE MONTGOMERY Student Council, I.eonard's Award AY, 3 Yrs., HR Of- ficer JANICE MOON AY, 2 Yrs. CORDELL INIOORE Baseball, HR Presi- dent, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award DAVID BIOORE AY, YCF JANE MOORE Cheerleader, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, Leonard's Award, HR Officer, 5Yrs. JOAN MOORE AY, 3 Yrs., Junior Favorite Finalist, FTA, YCF NATHAN NEWBERN Track, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., Football, 2 Yrs.g 'A' Club, 3 Yrs. ANN NICHOLS ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps Sponsor, YCF, 5 Yrs.g HR Officer, 3 Yrs.g Tri-Hi-Y, President, District 6 Secretary LINDA NOLAN ED NUSSBAUM Band, 3 Yrs., Orchestra PAT ODOM 'J' Club, Leonurcl's Awnrclg Volleyball, AY, 2 Yrs. GARY OSTBY Leon:1rd's Award GARY OUTENREATH MARGARET PACE Red Cross President, 'J' Club, Leonnrtls Award, HR President EMILY MORRIS AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., Junior Achievement, 2 Yrs.g DE RIARTHA INIAY MORRIS 'J' Club, 2 Yrs,g Leon- nril's Awnrilg Band, 5 Yrs., Librurv Club, President INIIKE RIORRIS TIIVI RIORRIS ROTC Officerg Region 10 Chorus, AY TORI MORTON MONIKA MULLINAX AY, 2 Yrs.g junior Achievement LINDA MULVII-IILL Student Council, 2 Yrs., 'j' Club, Leon- nrd's Award, 2 Yrs., FSA BARBARA MUSTARDE AY, FSA, junior Achievement BETTY NAIL Office Assistant, 2 Yrs,g AY, 2 Yrs. BARBARA LEE NASH Student Councilg Foot- light Players, AYg Peace Corps Club, Vice-President, Stutt- gart, Germany NANCY NEAL AY, 2 Yrs.g YCF KEITH NEELY AY, 2 Yrs., Band, 5 Yrs., Squad Lender, 2 Yrs. DAVID NELSON EDDIE NELSON TERRY NELSON Alt. Cheerleader, 2 Yrs.g Basketballg Base- ball, YCF CLIFTON NEW Westbrook Displays Talent, Claim Miss Teenage Fort Worth Crown LINDA PARK AY, 3 Yrs., YCFQ HR Offi- ' X ccr DON PARKER PATTY PARKER Chorus STEPHEN PARKER Chorus SUSAN PARKMAN AY, 3 Yrs. BRIAN PATRICK Chorus, 3 Yrs., Boys Ensemble, Region IO Chorus, 3 Yrs., YCE BRUCE PATRICK JJ Staff, YJ Staff, Lconar1l's Awartlg National Merit Semi- Finalist KAY PATTERSON AY DIANE PATTON FNAQ AY: Footlight Players Orlbj Sally Potlef Szumz Park- Illmgmil Pure Pnl Odom and Pnlfml frroudly dzrplny their 0 honor zvilb Ike Jlvrr who Lil all jmrrible. LINDA PAYNE AY, 2 Yrs.g YCF, 3 Yrs., I-IR Officer PHIL PEARCE RUSTY PEARSON AY, Track, 2 Yrs., YCFg 'A' Club JANICE PETERSON YJ Staff, Senior Class Editor, YCE, Executive Committee 'J' Club, Lconartl's Award BETTY LOU PETTY AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, DE. Vicc-Prcsirlcnt GAYLENE PFEFFER AY, 2 Yrs.g Tri-Hi-Y: Junior Achievement JOHNNY PHILLIPS Intramural Softball, Basketball MARTHA PIERCE AY, 2 Yrs., YCF BILL PRICE AY, Football, Track, 3 Yrs. CAROLYN PRICE AY, YCF, FSA JUDY PRICE AY, FSA, YCF JUDY PRICKETT NINA PROPPER YJ Staff, 2 Yrs., Copy Editor, FTA, 3 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs., National Merit Letter of Commendation GLENDA PRUITT Chorus, 3 Yrs., AY, FNA, CAROLYN QUINN Chorus, 3 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players BOB REDWINE Track, 2 Yrs., AY, YCF RICKY REEVES AY, 2 Yrs., YCF PAT REILLY AY, 3 Yrs., Representative, Footlight Players, Represent- ative TOMMY REILLY Ay, 2 Yrs., Track, 2 Yrs. SHIRLEE REIN AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, Tri-Hi-Y 9 ationall CAROL PINTO FSA, AY, 3 Yrs., Tri CARII:I1iLE'ORTER 1 A W a r d e d AY, Footlight Players, FSA t CONNIE PORTER HARRY PORTWOOD Band, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs., Chemistry Lab Assistant SALLY POTTER Sophomore Favorite Finalist, AY, Secretary, Buck Hill Falls Delegate, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. GAIL POUND DAVIS POWELL AY, YCF, 5 Yrs. JAN POWELL YCF, Student Council H Alter- nate, Debate Team, Annual Staff, Michigan JAY PRATT 'B' Team Football l Merit Honors H ights Seniors LVIA ROST Yrs Y PAT ROUTH Student Council Tr1H1Y 2 Yrs., JJ Sta AY 2 Yrs., FSA, 2 Yrs. RVIN RUDD YCF, Footlight Play- ers, Junior Achieve- ment, Chess Club fARLOTTE ROY If: U l , I Trx H1 Y 2 Yrs., A 2 Yrs Foot- light Players DA RUSHING Tri-HIEY, 2 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., Foot- light Players ENDA RUSHING sf, ' ' ., Q Band, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 D . MARLENA REINERS Sportsmanship Committee, 3 Yrs,g Alternate Cheerleader, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF SUE RICH Leonards Award, 2 Yrs., YCF, FSA, AY, 3 Yrs. CLIFF RIDDELL AY, 3 Yrs., HR President, YCF LYNNE RINGLER AY, 3 Yrs., Leonards Award, YCF, JJ Staff ELAINE RISTER YCF, JJ Staff, AY, 3 Yrs., FSA SUZANNE ROBERTS Student Body Treasurer, AY, 2 Yrs., HR Vice-Pres- ident, Red Cross NORM ROBBINS Track, Track Mana ger, Tennis, AY, Yrs. JOHN ROBERTSON 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonards Award, 2 Yrs., AY, Historian, JAN ROBINSON AY, 3 Yrs., Foot light Players, 2 Yrs. FSA LOUISE ROBINSON AY, YCF DAVID RODGERS Football Manager, 3 Yrs., HR President, AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs. LOUISE ROGERS AY, 3 Yrs., Leon- ard's Award, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., HR Secretary 2 1 BILLY SCHULTZ Football, 2 Yrs., HR President, AY, 2 Yrs., YCF DONNA SCOTT AY La VAUN SEARS ROTC Drill Team Sponsor, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonards Award, 2 Yrs., HR President JIM SERVICE Track JANELL SHACKELFORD AY, 2 Yrs., DE NANCY SHADDOX Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., DAVID SHAMBAUGH AY, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Players RAYMOND SHARP Track, 3 Yrs., Football CHERYL SHELDON AY, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Student Council, 2 Yrs., YCF RONNIE SHERMAN AY, 2 Yrs. BILL SHIELDS Basketball, 3 Yrs., 2 Yrs. TIM SHROPSHIRE Track, AY, 2 Yrs., Footlight Players, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club AY, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club, HR President, JOHN SANDERS AY BILLY SANDIDGE Intramural Track, Football, JEAN RUSSELL Track: AY WARREN RUSSELL MARY SARGENT Student Council, Committee DSrm'S Assistant. 3 Yrs.: 'J' Chairman, Club, Leonard's Club? Sflllleflf Council: FSA Award, 2 Yrs., Student Body JON SAURENMANN l president AY, 2 Yrs., Football, Projec- tionist, 2 Yrs., Junior Achieve- ment, 2 Yrs. SANDRA SAYRE Orchestra. 3 Yrs., HR President, Leonards Award, 2 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. 2 Yrs., PE As- PAT SCHELPER KATHY RUST YCF, AY, FNA, sistant AY, 3 Yrs. BUTCH RUX CHRIS SCHOPINIEYER Football HR Officer, FTA, YCF, Volley- ball, 2 Yrs. I WARREN SCHULTE I SCOTTY RUYLE AY, YCF MARIA SABIDO I AY, 3 Yrs., DECA Parlramentar ian, HR Vice-President Brock, AY, 3 Yrs., FSA, YCF Award, HR President, Footlight MIKE STEBRITZ Track, Junior Achievement, 2 Yrs.g 'A' Club LAURA STEEPLES Band, 3 Yrs.g 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., I.eonard's Awa AY, 2 Yrs. JOAN STEPHENS AY, 3 Yrs., FTAQ YCF BETTY STEPHENSON Annual Representative, FSA, 2 Yrs.: Typing Assistantg JJ Staff SHARON STEVENS YCFg Tri-Hi-Yg Pep Squad, Officer, FHA, 2 Park, Texas STEVE STEVENS Chorus, 5 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs., Junior Achievement TAMARA SMITH ROTC 'B' Company Sponsor, YCFQ Student Council, 2 Yrs.: 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. MARILYNN SNIPES AY, 5 Yrs., FNA, Vice-President, Office Assistant DAVID SNODGRASS BUDDY SPROTT AY, ROTC Drill Team, Battalion Staff BOB SPURCK Basketball, 5 Yrs., 'J' Club, Leon- ard's Award, 2 Yrs., YCF, 3 Yrs. LYNN SQUIRES JOHN STAFFORD SUSIE STALLINGS SARAH STANDIFER 'J' Club, Orchestra, 2 Yrs., Foot- light Players, 2 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs. JACK STANFIELD Track, Intramural Track, Baseball DEE ANN STANLEY Annual Representative, 2 Yrs.g AYg HR Officer EDWARD STANLEY rd, 2 Yrs.g Yrs., Iowa ell Mr. Sharp he fan have bi: of- bark when I finifb my borne- romzmzmif offite Aniflarzl Sniper lo arramplice Linda KENNETH TARLTON Club. 2 Yrs., President, 3 Yrs. LEDDIE TAYLOR Football, 3 Yrs., 'A' HR Steve Stevens Competes for All-State Chorus I l JAN STEWART l AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, Chemistry Lab Assistant KERBY STEWART Lab Band, 3 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs. MARION STEWART AY, YCF PAUL STEWART AY, 2 Yrs., Intramural Track GARY STILES Football, 2 Yrs. JERRY STILL Football, Intramural Track, Softball, 2 Yrs., Basketball, 1 Yr. JANE STOFT jj Staff, Feature Editor, HR Officer, Class Assistant, YCF, 2 Yrs. BILLIE STONEBRAKER Girls' Track, DE, Footlight Players, Junior Play, Orisk- any, New York MIKE STOVALL Football, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club, 2 Yrs. TERI SUBBIE FRANK SULLIVAN Football, 3 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., 'A' Club, YCF LYNN SUMMEY Glee Club, Annual Staff Newspaper Staff, Layout, Kara- chi, Pakistan PAT SUMNER Yj Staff, Co-Editor, AY, Buckhill Falls Delegate, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Student Coun- cil, 2 Yrs. GEOFF SWANBERG Student Council, 2 Yrs., AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, American Field Service ALLANA TALIAFERRO 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. LYNDA TAYLOR FTA, 3 Yrs., President, Student Council, 3 Yrs., Altrusa Award, 'J' Club, 2 Yrs. RONALD TAYLOR JJ Staff, Associate Editor, Junior Achievement, Newspaper Editor, Tarrant County Achiev- ers' Association, President GLORIA TEGGART Footlight Players, 2 Yrs., FSA, Annual Representative PHIL TELISAK Football, YCF, AY, Footligh! Players LINDA THAYER AY, 3 Yrs., JJ Representative, Lab Assistant HARDY THOMAS ROTC, 3 Yrs., Headquarters Company Commander DOLORES TUGGLE Leonard's Aawrd, AY, 2 Yrs., Nurse's Assistant, Typing Assist- ant LARRY TURNER AY, Golf, 3 Yrs. CHET TURNOCK H Staff, Editor-in-Chief, ROTC Rifle Team 3 Yrs., All-City Staff Officer, I.eonard's Award DAVID TURPIN AY JAY VOLLET YCF, Vice-President, U Staff, Sports Editor, AY, 3 Yrs., Stu- dent Council JACQUE WACKERBARTH Band, Orchestra, 3 Yrs., 'J' Club, 2 Yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs. SANDRA WADE AY, 3 Yrs., YCF, PE Assistant ALICIA WAGNER AY, 3 Yrs., Leonai-d's Award, YCF, 3 Yrs., Office Assistant William HENRY THOMAS AY LEANNA THOMAS AY, Footlight Play- ers, junior Achieve- ment STEPHEN THOMAS AY, 3 Yrs., Baseball, 2 Yrs. CARO THOMPSON Student Body Secre- tary, HR Officer, 3 Yrs., jj Staff, Leon- ard's Award, 2 Yrs. ERMA DEE ATHOMSON FSA, 2 Yrs., AY, HR Treasurer, Poly- etts, Poly High School GARY TILLERY Football, 2 Yrs., Track, 2 Yrs., AY, 2 Yrs. "Did you ever get lbe feeling you weren't warned?" .rlareiks Ted Calzmon ar eon.rp1mta,.r lox: ibeir victim to the Jlnzrkf. "I: it Jorneone you know, Geoff?" inquirer Marianne Monzgonzery of Geoff Swan berg ar Ken Howard work! hir way greedily toward Grzylene Pfeffer'r band. Moore Kindle Jacket Spirit 3 Years E RONNIE WAITS Track, 3 Yrs., Football, 2 Yrs., Leonat-cl's Awardg YCF MARGO WAKELAND AY, 2 Yrs.g YCF, 2 Yrs., JJ Staff, Student Council LANNIE WALKER ' YCF, AYQ Band GERRY WALL AY, Intramural Football, Track, Baseball, 3 Yrs. BEVERLY WARD AYg YCF BILLY WARD JAN WARD 'J' Club, Leonard's Awardg Student Council Treas- urerg YCF GAIL WARNICK JJ Staff, Feature Editorg AY, 2 Yrs.g Footlight Playersg Junior Achievement GAIL WEATHERALI AY, 5 Yrszg YCF JAN WEAVER Leonard's Award, 2 Yrs.g 'J' Clubg HR Officer, 5 Yrs., Student Council, 3 Yrs. VICKIE WEEKLEY DEg Pep Club, French Clubg Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, France RONNIE WEEKS AY, 2 Yrs., YCF, 2 Yrs. Maga ine Sales Goal Topped As Senior Effort Pays Off MIKE WEEMS ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps, Rifle Team, Basketball Team JIMMY WEI-IMAN Basketball, 3 yrs., All-District: 'A' Club, Vice-President, AY. 2 yrs., HR President KENT WELDON Leonartl's Award, YCF, Base- ball, Golf ARDEN WESTBROOK Sportsmanship Committee Al- ternate, AY, Publicity Chair- man, HR Secretary, 2 yrs.: YCF JOHN WHATLEY Junior Achievement, 2 yrs., Baseball, HR Treasurer, 3 yrs. LINDA WHITE AY, 2 yrs., 'J' Club, 2 yrs., Student Council, YCF, 3 yrs. GREG WI-IITEHEAD Football, 2 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. JERYL WI-IITWORTH Baseball, 3 yrs., 'A' Club, 2 yrs., YCF ALICE WICKETT AY, 2 yrs., Tennis JAMES WILLETT AY, 3 yrs., 'A' Club, 5 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., Cheerleader BETTY WILLIAMS Footlight Players, FTA, AY CHARLIE WILLIANIS Cheerleader, 3 yrs., 'J' Club: YCF Executive Committee, Track JOAN WILLIAMS YCF, President, HR President, 5 yrs., Junior Favorite Final- ist, Tennis, 3 yrs, JO CAROLE WILLIAMS AY, Tri-Hi-Y, Staff, Jun- ior Achievement Sweetheart, First Runner-up, Texas City, Texas. PAM WILLS Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Footliglit Players, GIC, Junior Achieve- ment DAVID WILSON LEON WILSON LEWIS WILSON MARGIE WOOD Footliht Players, 5 yrs., YCF, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. RONNY WOODALL l 4 A I IVizl1 iypiml effirienry, ,rhorly Karen Bynum if called lo meafure the long, tall Texan jerry Cnldarala for hir mp and gown, and by the lookx of the Jituulion ferry will end up wilh much len gown iban be ufnnlx. RONNIEVIRIGHT ROGER YANDELL AY, 2 yrs. KAY YARBROUGI-I Office Assistantg AY, 2 yrs.g YCF CLIFTON YELVINGTON KATHLEEN YOKEL AY CYNTHIA YOUNG AY, 3 yrs,g FNA EDDIE YOUNG SHIRLI ZACZEK AY, 3 yrs.q Footlight Playersg YCF JOHN ZERDECKI RICHARD CARLBERG MIKE CIIILDRESS JIM CLIFTON JACKSON COBB PAUL CORBIN CHARLIE DALTON JUDY DEES MACON DUNIIAM NOT PICTURED BECKY FRISBY SANDRA GARDNER TOM HENRY RANDY HOLLIS CHUCK LINDBERG LINDA LEE LINDSEY JON MacMOY LARRY NANNEY RONALD NICHOLSON GENE PRATER TERRY ROBINSON DON SCHENCK KIM SQHWEITZER RONNIE SOIGNIER TOMMY TOMLINSON DON WAGLEY I96 Summer Graduates TOMMY COTTEN Tmckg Intramural Football, 2 yrs.g Junior Achieve- ment PAT DONNELLY Chorus: Footlight Playersg AY, 2 yrs. JOHANNA HARMON HR Presialentg AY, 3 yrs.g Footlight Players KATHIE PIER Q 4 'X ff , 1 ff' Z 5 " is . K i -. I i 3 Z is Ultimately each man must stand alone And make the decisions Which either bury his destiny or mark him An individual. ,Grateful appreciation is extended to Harris Costume Shop, to Bob Maulsby and Ralph Cor dray of Photographic Arts, to the Yellow jacket Staff, and to sponsor Mrs. Anne Stanton whose dedicated work has made possible the 1965 Yellow Jacket. Pep Rallies 26-27 .A, Club 37 Advisory Council 37 Allied Youth 38 Band 40-41 Baseball 84-85 Basketball 76-81 Cheerleaders 98-99 Chorus 42 Daily Drama 107 DAR Award 107 Dedication 4 Distributive Education 44 Elections 24 Favorites 116-1 21 Topical Football 65-73 Foreword 2 Future Nurses of America 48 Future Secretaries of America 45 Future Teachers of America 49 Golf 82-83 Holmes Award 73 Homecoming 25 Homecoming Queen 102 jacket Footlight Players 46-47 jacket Journal Staff 50-51 Junior Red Cross 45 Lab Band 40-41 Library Club 39 Favorite Finalists 122-123 Mr. John B. Sharp 9 Mr, Twain Morrow 9, 20, 23 Mr. Frank Kucllaty 9, 20, 23 Miss Kathryn Haden 9, 31 Mrs. Mary Alexander 10 Mr. Flavin J. Arseneau 13, 53 Mrs. Martha Austin 17, 38 Mr. Larry Barnes 10, 11 Miss Grace Becker 12 Mrs. Georgia L. Bennison 9, 39 Miss Mary K. Bradford 14 Mr. Milton Bransford 10, 59 Mrs. Sara Brian 16 Mrs. Rosemary Burton 14, 47 Mrs. Charleene Carlisle 10 Mr, George H. Carson 14, 43 Mr. Dayton Carter 17 Mrs. Frances Caveness 10, 38 Lunchroom 28-29 Mrs. Mrs. Index Merit Scholarship Finalists 107 Most Athletic 103 Most Beautiful 102 Most Friendly 105 Most Handsome 102 Most Studious 106 Most Talented 104 Mostest Program 32 Mr. and Miss AHHS 94-96 Mr. and Miss AHHS Finalists 97 Orchestra 42 Out of Town Trip 22-23 Postlude 206 Facult JoAnn Eggleston 17, 54 Oleta Epps 10 Mrs. Belle Evans 10 Mrm Hazel E. Farr 9 Mrs. Mary Fisher 9, 48 Mrs. Mary Lynn Foust 14, 45 Miss julia Kathryn Garrett 12, Miss Mary Ann Gregory 12 Mrs. Mrs. Miss Nadine Cleta Grigsby 9 B. Lavelle W. Halbert 17 Helen F. Hale 10, 20, 27 Mr. jerry Hamrick 10, 38 Mrs. Kathleen Hanley 12 Mrs. Fae Harrison 14, 45 Mrs. Carol Hernandez 11 Mr. Don Hood 17 Mrs. Mary Hood 9, 39, 87 Mrs. Mrs. Gladys R. Hunter 11 Lillian Jackson 14 60 Mrs. ,Elva A. Lerret 16 Mr. Homer Lucliker 17, 67 Mrs. Evelyn McClune'y 10,' 11 M!Sgt. james R. McCready 13, 54 Mrs. Mary Marsh 12, 38 Mr. Jack L. Martin 9 Mr. Marvin A. Miller 8, 9, 22, 45 Mrs. Vivian Murphey 12, 60 Miss Hazel Nelson 15, 45 Mrs. Sara M. Nickerson 12 Mrs, Bonnie Parmeter 15, 45, 59 Mr. Bob Phillips 13 Mrs. Flossie Poston 4, 11, 60 Mr. joe Prater 17, 77 Mrs. Irene E. Price 16 Mr. Merlin W. Priddy 17, 20, 84 Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Betty Ann Quimby 12 Christine Richards 11 Mitzi Roy 11 Mrs Frances Coon 16 Mrs Dixie Lee Cunningham 16 Mrs. Nan-Isca Daniels 14 Mrs Glenna Faye Edwards 10 Mr. Edwin D. Kahler 16 Mrs. Patsy Kammer 16 Mr. Herbert Krauss 16 Mrs. junuetta Lay 14, 44 Mrs. Velma Sanders 9 Mrs. Christine Sherman 9 Mr. joe Sherrod 12 Mrs. Betty M. Skupaka 11 Students A Acker, Biff fSoph.J 40, 128 Adami, Sherry Urj 145 Adams, Beverly Urj 145 Adams 172 Adams, Craig fSoph.5 128 Adams, jim C. fSr.D 172 Adams, Jim L. QSr.j 172 Adams, Joe Lee fSoph.j 128 , Charles fSr.l 29, 69, 71, Adams, Lark fSoph.j 128 Adams, Patricia Urj 145 Adams, Suzanne fSr.J 42, 54, 172 Addison, Stevie fSoph.J 128 Adkins, Deborah fSoph.J 128 Ranch Dav 30-31 Ranch Queen and Foreman 100 Registration 20-21 ROTC 55-57 Science Research 52-53 Sextet 43 Special Honors 115 Student Council 58-59 Tennis 90-91 Track 86-88 Volleyball 89 Who's Who 108-114 Yellow jacket Staff 62-63 Young Citizens' Forum 60-61 Mr. James C. Snyder 15 Mrs. H. Lynn Stafford 12 Mrs. Anne Stanton 11, 62, 63 Mr. Archie Stevens 16 Mrs. jane Stone 13 Miss Dona Lee Stovall 13, 49 Mrs. Mary Tate 9 Mr, Willie T. Taylor 15 Mrs. Eugenia Thompson 11, 51 Mr. Garland M. Threlkeld 15 Miss Montier Tomlinson 9 Mr. Arch Van Meter 13 Mr. Dale Walker 17 S!Sgt. Roger Wardell 13, 57 Mrs. Mary F. Warren 12 Mrs. Dorothy Watkins 9 Miss Betty Winn Watson 11 Mrs. Mary E. White 15, 59 Mr. Neal White 13 Mrs. Frances Wieser 11 Mr. George Wirsdorfer 12, 60 Mr. Phil Wright 15 Mr. James York 12, 27, 38 Adkins, john fSr.J 172 Adolfson, Jane fSoph.J 128 Akers, Sharon Urj 40, 145 Alberts, Carol Urj 145 Alcorn, Michael fSoph.J 128 207 Alderson, Dortha fSoph.D 128 Aldredge, Jerry CSr.D 42, 172 Aldrich, Cheryl Ur.D 145 Aldrich, John fSr,D 172 Alexander, Cheryl fSoph,D 128 Allen, Roy fSr.D 175 Allen, Sharon 145 Brown, Allen, Sue Ann tSr.D 59, 89, 175 Allis, Judy Ury 145 Allison, Cynthia fS0ph.D 128 Allmond, Ray fSr.D 175 Ambrose, Angela CSoph.D 128 Ammons, David fSoph.D 41, 128 Ammons, Janice Ur.D 145 Amos, Pat Ur.D 84, 85, 86, 145 Amos, Steve Ur.D 145 Anable, John CSoph,D 128 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson, 1 1 Q Don fSr.D 54, 55, 172 Joan QSr.D 42, 45, 175 Kathy Ur.D 89, 145 Tommy Ur.D 145 Andon, Ronnie Ur.D 145 Andrews, Debbie fSoph,D 128 Andrews, Jimmy L. fSoph.D 128 Andrews, Judy Ur,D 145 Andrews, Karen fSoph.D 128 Andrews, Mary fSr.D 50, 58, 49 51,59,115,161,175 Andrews, Patti fSoph.D 128 Andrews, Susan Ur.D 145 Angle, Gary fSr.D 52, 66, 68, 72 86,102,175 Ansley, Camille fSr.D 42, 172 Baganz, Paul fSr.D 172 Baggett, Eddie QSr.D 24, 172 Baggett, Steve CSr.D 172 Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Baillie, Chuck fSoph.D 128 Denise Ur.D 146 Frank fSoph.D 128 Suzan fSoph.D 128 Karen fSr.D 175 Baker, John fS0ph.D 40, 128 Baker, Pam Ur.D 146 Baldridge, Jane Ur.D 58, 146 Baldwin, Jim fSr.D 175 Baldwin, John fSoph.D 128 Baldwin, La Verne Ur.D 146 Baldwin, Louis fSoph,D 128 Baldwin, Mary fSr.D 175 86, 88, Ballard, Charles CSoph.D 128 Balthrop, Barry fSr.D 175 Bandeen, Prissy Ur.D 146 Bankhead, Richard fSoph.D 128 Barcus, Barker, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnett Bill qsrp 175 Larry fSr.D 175 Bobby fSoph.D 128 Brenda fSr.D 49, 51, 175 Linda fSr.D 58, 175 Sandi QSoph.D 128 Steve fSr.D 175 , Mike fSoph.D 128 Barse, Susan Ur.D 89, 146 Bartholomew, Janie fSr.D 42, 175 Bartholomew, Joe fSoph.D 128 Bartholomew, John Ur.D 40, 41 Anthony, Dean Ur.D 145 Anthony, Laura fSoph.D 128 Arlington, Bruce fSoph.D 128 Arlington, Lynne Ur.D 145 Armstrong, Jovella fSr.D 172 Armstrong, Kenneth Ur.D 145 Armstrong, Lynn Ur.D 89, 145 Arnold, Bobby Ur.D 145 Arseneau, Guy fSoph.D 128 Arthur, Danny fSoph.D 128 Ashmore, Rick CSr.D 172 Asper, Patricia Ur,D 146 Asper, Priscilla Ur.D 146 Atkinson, Bill Ur.D 40, 146 Atwell, Ann fSr.D 1-72 Aurin, Pam fSr.D 42, 45, 172 Austin, Sammy fSr,D 21, 46, 172 Austin, Terry Ur.D 67, 68, 86, 87, 146 Autry, Elaine fSr.D 172 Averitt, Robert fSoph.D 56, 128 Avis, David QSLD 87, 172 B Baack, Nancy Ur.D 42, 146 Bacon, Glenda fSoph.D 128 Badgett, Barbie Ur.D 146 Baez, Carlos QSLD 172 208 146 Barton, Alexander Ur.D 146 Barton, Bill fSoph.D 128 Barton, Hal QSoph.D 128 Bass, Betsy Ur.D 146 Bast, Buzz fSr.D 175 Bates, Marie Ur.D 146 Battenfield, Jan fSoph.D 128 Batts, Dee Ur.D 67, 71, 72, 146 Baudoux, Paula fSr.D 175 Baughman, Janice fSr.D 57, 48, 175 Baughman, Ruth Ann Ur.D 146 Bauguss, Nancy fSoph.D 128 Baum, Jon QSOph.D 54, 56, 128 Baze, John fSr.D 175 Beach, Betsy fSoph,D 128, 155 Beal, Craig Ur.D 146 Beal, Kimberly fSoph,D 129 Bean, Bill fSoph.D 81, 129 Beard, Sharon fSr.D 51, 58, 174 Bearden, Diane fSoph.D 129 Bearden, Frank fSr.D 174 Bearden, Joe fSoph.D 128 Beatty, John CSoph.D 128 Becerra, Olga Ur.D 146 Becker, Gail Ur.D 89, 146 Bedunah, Bruce CSr.D 174 Behnke, Susan tSr.D 54, 55, 89, 174, 192 Belew, Dale fSr.D 174 Belknap, Jan fSoph.D 117, 129 Bell, Johnny Ur.D 146 Beneventi, Emily Ur.D 146, 156 Bennett, Lura fSr.D 89, 174 Bennett, Susan fSr.D 42, 45, 174 Bentson, Beth Ur,D 146 Berg, Gary fSoph.D 127, 129 Berrey, Laura fSoph.D 129 Bertram, Jack tSoph.D 128 Bertram, Jeanie Ur.D 147 Bethel, Karen fSr.D 174 Biancasino, Patti Ur.D 147 Bird, Rex fSr.D 174 Biser, Carol fSr..D 42, 45, 174 Bishop, Becky tSoph.D 128 Bishop, Elda Ur.D 42, 45, 147 Black, Glenn Ur,D 147 Blackmon, Kathy Ur.D 147 Blair, Mary fSoph.D 129 Blakeway, Andy fSr.D 174 Blanscet, Johnnie Ur.D 147 Blanton, Cindi fSoph.D 58, 129 Blanton, Teresa Ur.D 147 Blevins, Steve fSoph.D 129 Block, Elizabeth CSr.D 174 Blood, Bobby QSr.D 40, 42, 174 Blount, Virginia fSr.D 174 Bobbitt, Rosanne Ur.D 42, 50, 147 Bobbitt, Shelia fSr.D 50, 174 Bodiford, Marylin fSr.D 174 Bodkin, Chuck fSr,D 174 Bodkin, Harriet fSoph.D 129 Bolton, Melodi fSoph.D 129 Bomar, Mike fSoph.D 129 Bond, Betsy fSoph.D 129 Bondy, Glenda fSr.D 174 Borden, Nancy fSr.D 174 Borgeson, Tom Ur.D 67, 72, 87, 147 Boshers, John fSoph.D 54, 56 Bostwick, Michael tSr.D 174 Boswell, JoAnn Ur.D 147 Botts, Chyrell fSr,D 174 Bourke, Hank fSr,D 174 Bow, David fSoph.D 129 Bowers, Tommy fSr.D 55, 174 Boyd, Gary fSr.D 50, 65, 174 Bozeman, Donna fSr.D 175 Bradley, Charles fSr.D 175 Braly, Linda Ur.D 58, 49, 147 Brandon, Sheryle fSoph.D 129 Brandt, David fSoph.D 129 Branson, Roni fSr.D 39, 42, 175 Brantley, Pam fSr.D 175 Bratton, Peppy fSoph.D 40, 129 Brawley, Bobby fSoph.D 129, 158 Brennan, Michael tSr.D 175 Brennen, Cindy fSr.D 175 Brewer, Frankie Ur.D 147 Brewer, Jan fSoph.D 62, 65, 129, 141 Brewster, Mary fSr.D 175 Brewster, Pam fSr.D 175 Bridges, Barbara fSr.D 58, 175 Brigham, Richard CSoph.D 87, 129 Brock, Robert fSr.D 28, 55, 107, 115, 175 Bronstad, Donna fSr.D 89, 175 Brooks, Broom, Broom, Brower Terry Ur.D 41, 56, 147 Bobby CSoph.D 129 Charles Ur,D 147 ,Melissa fSoph,D 129 Browder, Vicky fSr.D 175 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 5 1, 1 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Browni Arlene fSoph.D 129 Beverly fSr.D 41, 175 Carolyn fSr.D 42, 175 Dwight fSoph.D 129 Elizabeth CSr.D 57, 46, 47, 75 Gloria CSr.D 175 Jaeline Ur,D 50, 147 Laura Ur.D 147 Nancy fSoph.D 129 Prissy fSoph.D 129 Susan fSoph.D 129 Vicki Ur.D 147 ng, Myron Ur.D Broyles, Melinda fSoph.D 24, 129 Bruner, Donna fSoph.D 129 Bruton, Stephen Ur.D 147 Bryant, Bryant, Buchan Donna fSr.D 175 Miles fSr,D 68, 176 an, Judy CSoph,D 129 Buck, Katherine QSoph.D 129 Buck, Marsland Ur.D 147 Budaus, Victor Ur.D 147 Buell, Thad Ur.D 56, 147 Bufford, Alice Ur.D 147 Bufkin, Nancy Ur.D 148 Bulger, Anne 1Sr.D 176 Bulger, Michael fSoph.D 129 Bullard, Lary fSoph.D 129 Bullard, Margie fSoph.D 89, 129 Burch, Shelia fSr.D 176 Burclett, Jack fSr.D 176 Burdette, Hal Ur.D 148 Burk, Alan fSr.D 176 Burk, Jan fSoph.D 129 Burkhart, Roy Ur.D 148 Burks, Andy Ur.D 148, 151 Burks, Nancy tSoph,D 129 Bunette, Melinda Ur.D Burns, Larry fSr.D 26, 66, 69, 75 176 Bursey, Kay tSoph,D 129 Burt, Doug Ur.D 148 Busby, Bill fSr.D 176 Buschbaum, Kathy tSr.D 45, 58, 176 Bushell, Barbara Ur.D 148 Butin, James fSoph.D 129 Butler, Larry fSoph.D 129 Butler, Louise fSoph.D 129 1 1 l Coffman, Byron Ur.D 149 Butler, Pat fSr.D 176 Byars, Gary fSr.D 176 Byars, Terry CSr.D 176 Bynum, Karen fSr.D 51, 58, 62, 176, 205 Byrnes, Mary CSoph.D 129 CI Cain, Barbara fSoph.D 130 Calcutt, Harry QSr.D 176 Calcutt, Terry fSoph.D 130 Caldarola, Jerry CSr.D 76, 80, 176, 205 Calhoon, Don Ur.D 148 Calinson, Ted fSr.D 51, 66, 69, 110, 176, 202 Callaway, Diane QSr.D 176 Callaway, Gail fSoph.D 130 Calvert, Susan CSr,D 176 Cameron, Fran Ur.D 148 Cameron, George CSoph.D 40, 130 Camp, Melody fSr.D 47, 177 Campbell, Debbie Ur.D 59, 60, 122, 148 Campbell, Melinda fSoph.D 130 Canales, Billie fSoph.D 130 Cannon, Carol fSr.D 42, 177 Carden, Jim CSoph.D 58, 75, 81, 130 Cargill, Helen fSr.D 177 Carlton, Van Ur.D 148 Carpenter, Sally fSoph.D 42, 130 Carpenter, Susie Ur.D 148 Carpenter, Tim Ur.D 38, 58, 59, 61, 98, 147, 148 Carr, Mike fSoph,D 150 Carrel, Richard 54 Carrell, Kim Ur.D 148 Carroll, Mary Anne Ur.D 148 Carroll, Richard fSoph.D 130 Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Anita Ur.D 148 Beth Ur.D 148 Carol Ur.D 148 Chris Ur.D 148 Curtis CSoph.D 130 James fSr.D 177 Nick Ur.D 148 Terry 83 Case, Edythe QSr.D 177 Cason, Greg Ur.D 148 Castaneda, Victoria fSr.D 177 casfen, Beth qsil 177 Casten, Kipp Ur.D 148 Cave, Shirley QSr.D 177 Cecil, John QSoph.D 54, iso Cecka, Carl fSoph.D 40, 130 Cecka, Mike fSr.D 177 Cegiel, Michael QSoph.D 40, 130 Chamberlain, Linda Ur.D 149 Chambliss, Pete fSr.D 42, 177 Chandler, Sherry 1Soph.D 130 Chaney, Doug fSoph.D 130 Chapman, Larry fSr.D 42, 177 Chapman, Ronny fSr.D 177 Chappell, Bill fSoph.D 130 Chappell, Dicky Ur.D 41, 149 Charles, Donna fSr.D 50, 177 Chase, Eric Ur.D 81, 149 Chenault, Chuck fSr.D 177 Cherry, Allan Ur.D 149 Cherry, Bill fSoph.D 40, 87, 130 Cherry, Charles Ur.D 149 Chick, Billie Ur.D 149 Choate, Cathy Ur.D 149 Christian, Donna Ur.D 149 Christopher, Varna fSoph.D 130 Chumlea, Cameron fSr.D 177 Chumlea, Philip fSoph.D 130 Cirkal, Bitsey Ur.D 149 Clare, Bob Ur.D 149 Clark, Carolyn fSr,D 177 Clark, David fSoph.D 58, 130 Clark, David Ur.D 149 Clark, Gale Ur.D 149 Clark, Glen Ur.D 149 Clark, Kathryn QSoph.D 130 Clark, Ronnie fSr.D 177 Clarke, Donna fSr.D 177 Clary, Davey fSoph.D 130 Clary, Marvin Ur.D 42 Clayton, Hubert Ur.D 149 Clifton, Pat fSoph,D 130 Cobb, Beverly fSoph.D 41, 130 Cobb, Candy fSr.D 177 Cobb, Donald Ur.D 10, 149 Cochran, Cathy fSr,D 177 Cockerell, Vicki Ur.D 149 Cody, Kay CSr.D 89, 177 Coffee, Paula CSr.D 177 Coffman, Cleo CSr.D 177 Coggeshall, Terri Ur.D 149 Cohen, Ricky fSoph.D 130 Cole, Barbara fSr.D 177 Cole, Cathy Ur.D 149 Cole, Louis fSr.D 178 Cole, Stacy Ur.D 81, 149 Coleman, Ann Ur.D 149 Coleman,.Bill fSr.D 178 Coleman, Elaine fSoph,D 130 Collier, Carolyn Ur,D 149 Collier, John B, IV fSr.D 83, 171, 178 Collins, Judy 149 Collinsworth, Avis fSr.D 171, 178 Comfort, Nancy fSrD 178 Connally, Dick fSr.D 178 Conner, Ann Ur.D 149 Connor, Gail fSoph.D 130 Cooper, Brent fSoph.D 130 Cooper, Wynn fSoph.D 91, 130 Coppedge, James fSoph.D 130 Coppinger, Sarah fSoph.D 130 Copple, Candy Ur.D 149 Corley, Larry QSr.D 178 Corley, Theresa Ur.D 149 Cornelius, Wayne Ur.D 149 Cornish, Barbara fSr.D 178 Cotten, Larry fSoph.D 130 Cotten, Tommy fSr.D 205 Couch, David fSr.D 178 Couchman, Steve fSoph.D 130 Cowan, Kathy fSr.D 178 Cowen, Patricia fSoph.D 131 Cox, Byron Ur.D 75,149 Cox, Dale Ur.D 149 Cox, Edie fSoph.D 131 Cox, Edwin fSr.D 178 Cox, Johnny fSr.D 178 Cox, Judy CSoph.D 130, 139 Cox, Ramona QSoph.D 130 Cox, Richard fSoph.D 130 Coyne, Mike Ur.D 149 Crabb, Phyllis ULD 149 Crader, Susan Ur.D 149 Craig, Mark fSr.D 62, 63, 67, 69 94, 96, 178 Craig, Wendy fSoph.D 131 Cramblitt, Ray fSr.D 56, 178 Cramer, Rodney fSr.D 178 Crawford, Roberta fSoph.D 131 Croft, Ann CSr.D 178 Croft, Tommy fSr.D 37, 67, 74, 97, 106, 178 Cromwell, Eddie fSr.D 178 Crowell, Dian fSoph.D 131 Croy, Marie Ur.D 149 Crummel, Richard Soph.D 40, 42, 131 Cryer, James Sr.D 54, 55, 178 Cuay, Allison Ur.D 149 Culpepper, Gene fSr.D 178 Q Cumming, Dwight fSoph.D 86, 131 Cumming, Greg fSr.D 178 Cummings, Gary fSr.D 179 Curry, Ronnie Ur.D 149 Curtis, Shiryn fSoph.D 131 Cutchin, Randy Ur.D 149 Cyrus, Roberta fSoph.D 131 D Dagley, Bobby fSr.D 67, 179 Daigle, Linda CSoph.D 131 Daigle, Madeline Ur.D 150 Daigle, Sheri fSoph.D 131 D'Andriole, Sharon fSr.D 179 Daniel, Barbara fSr.D 179 Daniel, Steve fSoph,D 131 Daniels, Sandra fSr.D 179 Danilow, Debbie fSr.D 179 Darby, Craig fSophD 131 Darby, Suzanne fSoph.D 131 Daugherty, Mike fSoph.D 131 Davenport, Arlie fSr.D 179 Davidenko, Lynne fSr.D 179 Davie, Mark fSoph.D 131 Davies, Jan Ur.D 150 Davis, AI fSr.D 42, 55, 179 Davis, Anne Ur.D 150 Davis, Chloe fSr.D 179 Davis, Guy fSr.D 179 Davis, Jimmy CSr.D 40, 41, 179 Davis, Johnny fSoph.D 131 Davis, Mike fSr.D 150, 179 Davis, Randy fSoph.D 131 Davis, Robert fSoph.D 131 Davis, Ronnie Ur.D 40, 150 Dawson, Dan fSr.D 56, 179 Dawson, Dean fSoph.D 131 Day, Donna Ur.D 150 Dean, Loretta fSoph.D 16, 131 Dean,-Victor Ur.D 150 Dease, Linda fSr.D 179, 201 Deavenport, Paul'fBoph.D 131 Deavenport, Pete fSoph.D 131 Decker, Robert fSr.D 66, 74, 179 Deen, Danny fSr.D 179 Deen, Trudy fSoph.D 131 Deere, Betty fSr.D 58, 179 DeHart, Randy fSoph.D 131 Dellow, Mandy Ur.D 40, 150 DeLorme, Kay Ur.D 150 Dennie, David fS0ph.D 131 Deodati, Debora fSr.D 180 Derby, Ponnie fSoph.D 131 -Derry, Dave fSr.D 180 Deshorels, Diana Ur.D 150 Devaney, Debby Ur.D 150 Devine, Bill fSr.D 180 Devnew, Toni fSr.D 180 Devore, Bill fSoph.D 131 DeVries, Linda fSoph.D 131 Dewees, Karen fSoph.D 131 Dickerson, Dell Ur.D 150 Dickey, Pati Ur.D 150 Dietz, Debbie fSoph.D 131 Dills, Tom fSoph.D 40, 131 Dinkins, Ross fSoph.D 40, 42, 131 Dinkins, Warren fSoph.D 131 Disney, Debby Ur.D 150 Divine, David fSr.D 86, 180 Dixon, Charlotte fSr.D 180 Dixon, Sharon fSr.D 180 Dodd, John fSr.D 44, 180 Dodgen, Donald Ur.D 82, 83, 150 Dodgen, Nancy fSr.D 180 Dodrill, Gregg fSr.D 86, 180 Dodson, Bobby fSoph.D 131 Doka, Andrew fSr.D 54, 55, 180 Dolan, Danye fSr.D 180 Donahue, Frank fSoph.D 131 Donaldson, Judy fSr.D 180 Donnelly, Patricia Ur.D 205 209 Gloff, LuAnn Ur.D 152 Dooley, Jim Ur.D 150 Doster, Doug fSoph.D 131 Douglas, Bill fSr.D 56, 180 Douglas, DeeDee Ur.D 150 Douglas, Robert fSr,D 55, 180 Downing, Rita fSoph,D 131 Drew, Robert fSr.D 30, 47, 180 Drewry, Dale fSoph.D 131 Drexel, Karen Ur.D 150 Dreyfuss, Connie Ur.D 150 Driskell, Paul fSoph.D 40, 131 Drummond, Gary lSr.D 180 Duban, Toni fSr.D 25, 180 Dubuis, Robert fSr.D 180 Duer, Deryl fSr.D 31, 180 Duggan, Betty fSr.D 181 Duke, Kathy fSoph.D 131 Dulaney, Chad CSr,D 66, 71, 73. 74, 1814 Dulaney, Curtis fSoph.D 131 Duncan, Dan fSoph.D 131 Duncan, Patty fSr.D 42, 181 Duncan, Tom Ur.D 56, 150 Dunlavy, Allen fSoph.D 87, 131 Dupuy, John fSr.D 42, 181 Durbin, Mike Ur.D 150, 165 Durham, Cherie fSr.D 30, 42, 181 Durocher, Bert fSoph.D 132 Durocher, Linda fSr.D 181 Duvall, Benita Ur.D 150 Dydeg, Dan fSoph.D 40, 52, 132, 13 E Eargle, Laura Anne fSoph.D 132 Earle, Carey fSoph.D 132 Early, Lynn fSr.D 91, 181 Easdon, Sandy fSoph.D 132 Easterling, Gracie Ur.D 150 Eastman, Linda Ur.D 151 Eck, Patrick Ur.D 151, 155 Edwards, Mike 151 Edwards, Pam fSoph.D 132 Ekstrom, Karen fSr.D 54, 58, 181 Elkins, Dianne CSr.D 181 Ellingson, Linda Ur.D 151 Elliott, Lewis fSoph.D 132 Ellis, Priscilla QSr.D 181 Ellis, Susan fSoph.D 132 Elmore, Jim fSr.D 181 Erickson, Gail CSr.D 54, 181 Estep, Dan fSoph.D 132 Esterlein, Laurel QSoph.D 132 Estes, Carolyn fSoph.D 132 Evans, Carolyn Ur.D 151 Evans, David Ur.D 151 Evans, Jan fSoph.D 132 Evans, Sarah fSoph.D 132 Everette, Ronney Ur.D 151 Ewell, Mike fSoph.D 132 210 F Fails, Ray fSoph.D 40, 42, 132 Fairris, Gail Ur.D 151 Falter, Jeff fSoph.D 132 Farley, Kevin tSoph.D 132 Faulk, Terry fSr.D 67, 84, 85, 181 Fay, Ted Ur.D 67, 73, 123, 151 Feagan, Andy fSoph.D 132 Ferguson, Becky fSoph.D 132 Ferguson, Chris fSr.D 181 Fernandez, Margaret fSoph.D 132 Ferrier, George Ur.D 58, 151 Ferrill, Lorraine fSr.D 181 Fessenden, larry Ur.D 151 Fester, Jerrell Ur.D 47, 150, 151 Fielder, Ronnie Ur.D 151 Fikes, Sid Ur.D 151 File, Richard fSoph.D 40, 132 Fillingim, Sheryl Ur.D 151 Findley, Neva fSoph.D 132 Fisher, Mary 'Sr.D 181 Fitts, David fSoph,D 132 Fitzgerald, Rose fSoph.D 132 Fitzgerald, Yvonne fSoph.D 132 Fletcher, Charles fSr.D 52, 181 Flores, Rudy fSr.D 56, 181, 192 Flores, Stella fSr.D 171, 181 Floyd, Neal Ur.D 181 Folmar, Barbara fSr.D 181 Folmar, Lloyd fSoph.D 132 Forehand, Mike fSr,D 181 Foreman, Terry CSr.D 182 Forisha, Janet CSr.D 182 Forrest, Joel Ur.D 151 Forrester, Aurian Ur.D 151 Forsythe, Jim fSr.D 182 Foster, Carol QSr.D 40, 182 Foster, Chris fSr.D 182 Foster, Judy Q51-,D 182 Foust, Kathryn fSoph.D 132 Fowler, Pam 151 Fox, David Ur.D 151 Fox, Mike D. Ur.D 66, 71, 151 Fox, Mike H. Ur.D 66, 151 Frank, Tommy Ur.D 151 Frazier, Mike fSr.D 86, 87, 182 Frederick, Catherine fSoph.D 132 Freeman, Larry Ur.D 86, 151 Freeman, W. O, fSr.D 182 Frisby, Walter Ur.D 152 Frost, Randy Ur.D 152 Frost, Robert Ur.D 152 Fruge, Michael fSoph.D 42, 47, 132 Fry, Carol Ur.D 152 Fry, Gay fSr.D 182 Fuller, David fSr.D 56, 182 Fuller, Kathryn fSoph.D 132 Fuller, Linda 152 Fuller, Paula Ur.D 152 Funderburgh, Helen CSr.D 182 Furche, Sharon Ur.D 152 Futch, Dana Ur.D 40, 152 Futch, David Ur.D 54, 56, 152 G Gabbard, Cheryl fSr,D 182 Gafford, Alice Ur,D 89, 152 Gage, Dorothy fSr.D 42, 182 Gale, Jeanne fSr.D 182 Gale, Joan fSr.D 22, 182 Gallimore, Linda fSr.D 182 Gallimore, Richard fSoph,D 132 Gambrill, Pat fSoph.D 42, 132 Gammons, Carol Ur.D 152 Gandy, Joe Ur.D 152 Garcia, David fSoph.D 56, 133 Garcia, Gilbert fSoph.D 133 Gardner, Bruce Ur,D 152 Garey, Mike fSr.D 182 Garner, Mike Ur.D 152 Garrett, Margaret fSoph.D 133 Garrison, Connie Ur.D 42, 152 Garwood, Lynn Ur.D 152 Geeslin, David QSoph.D 81, 133 Geis, Michael QSr.D 183 Geis, Phil Ur.D 41, sz, 152, 28, 42, 47 Gentling, Suzie 1Sr.D 183 Gentry, Dale fSr,D 183 George, Gloria fSr.D 183 Gerik, Richard Ur.D 152 Getz, Phil fSr.D 42, 183 Gibbs, Kathy QSr.D 44, 133 Gibbs, Kem tsry 183 Gilbert, Linda fSr.D 183 Gilbreath, Ted Ur.D 152 Gilder, Susan Ur.D 152 Gilfeather, Pete Ur.D 152 Gill, Drew fSr.D 183 Gill, Janice QSr.D 183 Gill, Marsha Ur.D 152 Gill, Susan fS0ph.D 133 Gilligan, Susie 1Soph.D 133 Gillispie, Douglas fSr.D 54, 133 Giraud, Ann QSoph.D 133 Gire, Loma Linda QSr.D 183 Glatzel, Kathy tSr.D 42, 43, 1301 183 Gober, Jane QSoph.D 133 Godley, Agnes tSr.D 183 Godley, Suzanne fSoph.D 133 Goff, Belivia CSoph.D 133 Goldie, Eleanore fSr.D 42, 183 Goodwin, Bryant Ur.D 152 Goodwin, Cheryl fSr.D 183 Gordon, Gary fSoph.D 133 Gordon, Jack Ur.D 153 Gorrell, Stephen fSoph.D '133 Gorski, Steve Ur.D 153 Goss, Dick fSr.D 183 Gotcher, Chris fSoph.D 87, 133 Gowins, Geary fSoph.D 133 Grader, Robert fSoph.D 133 Grady, Lenore CSoph.D 133 Grammer, Robert fSr.D 67, 73, 183 Grammer, Vicki Ur.D 153 Graston, Janis fSr.D 183 Gray, Barbara fSoph.D 133 Green, Paul fSr.D 42, 183 Greene, Olin fS0ph.D 133 Greer, Steve Ur.D 153 Gregory, Gail fSr.D 183 Gregory, Gina fSoph.D 133 Gregory, Joel Ur.D 56, 153 Greif, Douglas fSoph.D 133 Grier, Stan fSr.D 183 Griffith, Guy qsfg 183 Griffith, Rick Ur.D 86, 153 Grimes, George fSoph.D 132, 133 Grinnell, Lynn fSoph,D 133 Grisham, Bill fSr.D 76, 183 Grubbs, Cathy CSr.D 184 Grubbs, Jeanne fSoph.D 133 Grubbs, Jimmy fSoph,D 133 Grubbs, Virginia Ur.D 42, 89, 153 Grurnbling, Richard fSr.D 51, 184 Guerrant, Anne 1Sr.D 58, 59, 111, 175, 184 Guerrant, Don CSoph.D 42, 133 Guidice, Kathy QSoph.D 133 Gunn, Biii Ur.D 66, 155 Gunter, Christi fSr.D 184 Gustafson, Linda fSoph.D 133 Gutierrez, Vicki fSr.D 184 H Hackney, Rita Ur.D 153 Haddaway, Anne fSoph.D 133 Haddaway, Richard Ur.D 42, 153 Haenn, Eric fSoph.D 42, 47, 133 Hagen, Don fSr.D 184 Hahn, Elaine Ur.D 153 Hairston, Barbara fSr.D 38, 89, 184 Hairston, Carol Ur.D 58, 153 Hal'e, Sarah fSoph.D 133 Hale, Tommy Ur.D 153 Haley, Jan fSoph.D 133 Haley, Sue fSr.D 184 Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Carol Ur.D 153 Clifford Ur.D 153 Gary fSr.D 184 Jerome Ur.D 84, 153 , Mark fSr.D 184 ,Mike Ur.D 54, 153 Paula fSoph.D 133 Sue Ur.D 153 Hallmark, Roger fSr.D 184 Halpern, Judy Ur.D 153 Halsey, Bill Ur.D 153 Hamby, Gary fSoph.D 133 Hamilton, Jan fSr.D 184 63, 182, 187 Hamilton, Jo Ann fSr.D 184 Hamilton, Louise fSr.D 42, 184 Hamilton, Susie Ur.D 153 Hampton, Jean fSoph.D 98, 155 Hamrick, Alicia fSr.D 185 Hanby, fBeLynda Ur.D 153 Hankins, Nancy fSr.D 185 Hankins, Randy fSoph.D 155 Hankla, Richard Ur.D 153 Hanley, Barbara fSoph.D 155 Hansen, Donelle Ur.D 153 Hansen, Inger Ur.D 59, 155 Hardage, Bill Ur.D 66, 72, 153 Hardee, Kenneth Ur.D 154 Hardesty, Eddie fSoph.D 155 Hardin, Sherry fSr.D 58, 61, 90, 185 Hardwick, Lydia fSoph.D 127, 133 Hardwick, Pam fSoph,D 155 Hargrove, Dan fSr.D 185 Hargrove, Evan Amy fSr.D 50, 185 Harkins, Jim fSr.D 185 Harmon, Johanna Ur.D 205 Harper, Anita fSr.D 25, 54, 185 Harper, C. Jeffrey Ur.D 154 Harper, Lynne fSoph.D 42, 155 Harrell, Howard fSoph.D 135 Harriington, Brooks Ur.D 50, 86. 15 Harris, Carol Ur.D 154, 169 Harris, Sandra Ur.D 154 Harrison, Jenene Ur.D 154 Harrison, JonAnn Ur.D 154 Harrison, Sarah fSr.D 185 Hastings, Glenn fSr.D 185 Hatcher, Marvin Ur.D 154 I-Iatchett, Diane Ur.D 58, 154 Hatfield, Bill tSi-.D 185 Haverstock, Ruth Ann Ur.D 154 Hawk, Holly Ur.D 154 Hawkins, Alice fSoph,D 155, 154 Hawkins, John Ur.D 154 Hawkins, Margaret fSr.D 45, 185 Hayes, Jeanne fSr.D 185 Hayne, Dave fSr.D 185 Haynie, Juan Ur.D 154 Hays, Mike fSoph.D 133 Hazlewood, Debbie fSr.D 185 Head, Pooh fSr.D 185 Headland, Robyn fSr.D 185 Headland, Stuart fSoph.D 154 Jarvis, Charles fSr.D 187 Heard, Sherrie Ur.D 154 Hedge, Vicki fSoph.D 89, 91, 154 Hefner, Pam fSr.D 185 Heinecke, Harriet fSr.D 185 Heist, Robert fSoph.D 154 Held, Julie fSr.D 185 Helm, Dana fSoph.D 42, 154 Helm, Emily fSoph.D 42, 154 Helm, Stafford fSr.D 185 Hemphill, Bill fSoph.D 154 Henderson, Doug Ur.D 41, 56, 154 Henderson, Richard fSoph.D 154 Hendricks, Randy fSr.D 185 Hendrickson, Chris fSoph.D 154 Henker, Diane fSoph.D 154 Henrietta, Nancy fSr.D 42, 185 Hentz, Grady fSr.D 26, 67, 185 Herrmann, Billy Ur.D 57, 154 Hesser, Henry fSr.D 55, 111, 185 Hickman, Donald Ur.D 40, 41, 154 Hickman, Linda fSoph.D 154 Hicks, Jack Ur.D 148, 154 Hicks, Jerry fSoph,D 42, 129, 134 Hicks, Sharon Ur.D 154 Higby, Jackye fSoph.D 59, 99, 123, 13 Higgins, Morris Ur.D Higgins, Sherry fSr.D 185 Higgins, Wayne Ur.D 154 Highsmith, Virginia Ur.D Hignight, Shirley fSr.D 185 Hill, Byron fSr.D 76, 80, 186 Hill, Jan fSoph.D 134 Hill, Pam, Ur.D 42, 154 Hill, Sondra Ur.D 154 Hillaker, Debbie fSoph.D 134 Hillaker, Vicki Ur.D 154 Hines, Melody Ur.D 154 Hinton, David fSoph.D 134 Hinz, Dale Ur.D 84, 154 1-Iitt, Lee fSoph.D 154 Hix, Tommy fSr.D 186 Hoaldridge, Larry Ur.D 154 Hobbs, Daifid fSoph.D 134 Hobbs, Vance fSr.D 66, 74, 186 Hodgkins, Charles fSoph.D 134 Horea, Susan fSr.D 186 Hoffman, Bill fSoph.D 86, 134 Hoffman, Kathy fSoph.D 42, 134 Hoffman, Laura fSr.D 42, 186 Hoffman, Steve tSoph.D 134 Hogan, Joy Ur.D 154 Hogg, Steve tSoph.D 127, 154 Hogue, Lynda fSoph.D 59, 62, 134 Holden, Dwight fS0ph.D 87, 134 Hollingsworth, Carol fSr.D 186 Holmes, Mike fSoph.D 134 Holmes, William fSoph.D 134 Holze, Karen fSoph.D 134 Holze, Ken fSr.D 40, 41, 186 Hombs, Peggy Lee Ur.D 154 Hood, Davis fSr.D 56, 186, 189 Hopkins, Bob fSr.D 40, 186 Horn, Ellen fSr.D 22, 23, 54, 186 Horn, Mickie Ur.D 154 Horn, Mike fSoph.D 134 Horne, Marcia Ur.D 154 Horton, Clifford fSr.D 186 Horton, Linda Ur.D 154 Houp, Mollie fSr.D 186 Houston, Sue fSr.D 186 Hovenkamp, Trudy tSoph.D 154 Hoverstadt, Susan Ur.D 154 Howard, Dana fSoph.D 154 Howard, Ken fSr.D 186, 197, 203 Howard, Leland Ur.D 67, 69 Howard, Robert fSoph.D 154 Howard, Tammy fSoph.D 134 Hubbard, Jean Ur.D 26, 45, 61, 98, 119, 147, 155 Hubbard, Sue fSr.D 49, 95, 96, 99, 112, 186 Huber, Charles Ur.D 155 Huchton, John Ur.D 41, 155 Huckins, Carl Ur.D 155 Hudler, Howard Ur.D 155 Hudson, Deal fSoph.D 83, 134 Hudson, Leslie fSoph.D 134 Hudson, Ruth fSr.D 186 Hudson, Susanna fSr.D 186 Hueppelsheuser, Wayne Ur.D 38, 61, 154 Hufnagle, John fSr,D 186 Hufnagle, Keith fSoph.D 87, 134 Hughes, Joan fSr.D 40, 187 Hughes, Sheryl fSoph.D 154 Hull, Bill Ur.D iss Hulse, LaRonna fSr.D 187 Hulse, Linda fSr.D 187 Humphreys, Bruce Ur.D 155 Humphreys, Ronny fSoph.D 134 Hunsicker, Marilyn fSr.D 40, 41, 48, 187 Hunter, Chip fSoph.D 134 Hutchins, Linda fSr.D 32, 37, 62, Hutson, Janie fSr.D 42, 187 Hutto, Pam fSoph.D 134 I Ihnfeldt, Beverly fSoph.D 155 Ingram, Ronnie fSr.D 187 Inman, Howard fSoph.D 155 Isert, Richard fSr.D 187 Ivey, Garry fSoph.D 155 Ivey, Larry fSoph.D 135 Ivy, Larry Ur.D 155 Ivy, Steve fSoph.D 155 J Jackson, David QSoph.D 54, 135 Jackson, Gaye Ur.D 155 Jackson, Pamela fSoph.D 42, 135 James, Jim fSoph.D 135 Jansen, Martha fSr.D 187 Janssen, Roger Ur.D 155 Jarvis, Jim Ur.D 67, 68, 155 J2y.J11dv Ur.D 155 Jelley, Cindy Ur.D 155 Jenkins, Lois Ur,D 155 Jenkins, Nancy fSoph.D 135 Jennings, Jeri fSr.D 187 Jennings, Susan fSr.D 187 Jensen, Rick fSr.D 187 Jetton, Charlie Ur.D 155 Johnson, Bill fSoph.D 135 Johnson, Bruce fSr.D 187 Johnson, Cheryl CSr.D 187 Johnson, Chris fSr.D 187 Johnson, David fSoph.D 135 Johnson, Ellen fSr.D 187 Johnson, Gerald fSr.D 84, 85, 187 Johnson, Jay fSr.D 187 Johnson, Judy Ur.D 155 Johnson, Margaret fSoph.D 135 Johnson, Rick Ur.D 155 Johnson, Roger fSoph.D 40, 135 Johnson, Sally fSr.D 42, 187 Johnson, Sandra fSr.D 187 Johnston, Pat fSoph.D 135 Jones, Alice fSoph.D 155 Jones Jones Jones, Jones Jones 1 y Bettina fSr.D 188 Bryan fSoph.D 135 Cameo fSoph.D 135 Davin fSoph.D 135 Debbie Ur.D 155 Jones, ,Janis fSr,D 49, 188 Jones, Jerrell fSoph.D 42, 155 Jones, Jim Ur.D 40, 87, 155 Jones, Jim fSoph.D 155 Jones Jones s a Michael fSoph.D 155 Pam fSr.D 188 Jones, Ruthann Ur.D 155 Jones, Terry Ur.D 155 Jordan, Jerry fSr.D 188 Jordan, Shelia Ur.D 156 Jordan, Terry fSr.D 188 Joyce, Pam Ur.D 39, 89, 156 Judd, James fSoph.D 135 Junge, Joan fSr.D 188 Justice, Katie Ur.D 156 Justin, Mary fSr.D 188 K Kaczinski, Ron Ur.D 156 Kaempf, Anne fSr.D 188 Kaempf, Richard fSr.D 188 Kagy, Robert fSr.D 40, 188 Kaiser, Katy fSr.D 188 Kane, Claudia fSr.D 89, 188 Karnes, Cheryl fSr.D 51, 188 Karnes, Danny fSoph.D 135 Karnes, Jerry fSoph.D 155 Keenum, Robert Ur.D 156 Keenum, Willie fSoph.D 135 Kennon, Kathi Ur.D 156 Kennon, Kent fSoph.D 135 Kent, David Ur.D 156, 165 Kerr, Garland fSr.D 90, 171, 188 Kesling, Gary fSoph.D 155 2lI Keyes, John fSoph.D 155 Kieschnick, Ed QSr.D 188 Kimbrel, Sharon fSoph.D 155 Kimbro, Tommy fSoph.D 155 Kincaid, Doug Ur.D 10, 156 King, Karen fSoph,D 28, 155, 140 King, Leah QSr.D 50, 188 Leachman, Marjorie fSoph.D 134 Le Blanc, Keith fSr.D 189 Ledbetter, Carol fSr.D 189 Lee, Don fSr.D 189 Lee, Larry fSoph.D 154 Lee, Sonny QSoph,D 154 Lee, Stephen Ur.D 157 King, King, Kirk, Melinda Ur.D 156 Richard fSr.D 188 Christine Ur.D 156 Koerner, Julia Ur.D 42, 43, 150 Kirkpatrick, Mike QSr.D 76, 79, 188 Kirkpatrick, Peggy Ur,D 156 Kirschner, Larry fSr.D 188 Kitchen, Linda QSr.D 188 Kleven, Curtis Ur.D 87, 156 Kliarsky, John fSoph.D 81, 155 Kliarsky, Judy CSr.D 188 Klimist, Elaine Ur.D 156 Klovstad, Jan fSr.D 48, 189 Knowles, Karen Ur.D 156 Knowles, Linda fSr,D 189 Knowles, Nancy fSr.D 189 Knox, Geraldine fSoph.D 155 Knudsen, Ernie fSoph.D 155 Koisch, Mary Ur.D 47, 156 Koisch, Paul fSoph.D 86, 154 Krauss, Chuck Ur.D' 156 Krog, Nancy Ur.D 156 Kroon, Candy Ur.D 156 Krull, Sharon Ur.D 156 Kruzick, Matt fSr,D 82, 85, 189 Kruzick, Pat fSr.D 189 Kuykendall, Brenda fSr.D 50, 189 L LaFerney, Mary Ur.D 156 Lagassee, David QSoph.D 154 Laine, Nancy fSOph.D 154 Laird, Steve QSoph.D 40, 52, 155 Lakey, Kathy 42, 156' Lamb, Douglas fSr.D 189 Lambert, Gary fSr.D 42, 48, 189 Lambert, Linda QSoph.D 155 Lambert, Richard Ur,D 41, 42, 156 Lane, Van Ur.D 156 Laney, Dent Ur.D 156 Lanford, David CSr,D 189 Lanford, John Ur.D 58, 61, 157 Langdon, Linda Ur.D 157 Langford, Kathy fSr.D 189 Lanthrum, Tim Ur.D 157 Larance, Bobby Ur.D 157 Larson, Marlys fSoph.D 154 Lawler, Russell Ur.D 157 1 Lawless, Mike fSoph.D 154 Laws, Linda fSoph.D 154 Lawshe, Gayland QSoph.D 155 Lax, Pat fSr.D 189 Lax, Vicki fSoph.D 155 2l2 Leeton, Kathy fSr,D 189 Leeton, Patricia Ur.D 157 LeGate, Steve Ur.D 157 Leith, Jim fSr,D 40, 41, 42, 179, 189 Lemon, Jim fSr.D 189 Lemond, Bill fSoph.D 155 Lemond, Glenda fSr.D 190 Lemond, John fSr.D 190 Leon, Merri fSr.D 45, 190 Leonhart, Linda Ur.D 157 Lessig, Marcia Renee fSr.D 50, 190 Lever, Donna fSr.D 190 Leverich, Joe fSr.D 60, 90, 115 Levering, Jill fSoph.D 155 Lewis, Brad fSoph.D 156 Lewis, Gayle Ur.D 157 Lewis, Janice Ur.D 157 Lewis Lewis, Lewis, Lewis ,Johnny fSoph.D 156 Linda fSr.D 140, 190 Melinda fSr.D 190 Pamela fSoph.D 156 Lillagore, Howard fSr.D 157, 190 Lilly, Al qsfq 25, 37, ss, 190 Lilly, Norma fSr.D 44, 190 Lindberg, Bebecca fSoph.D 156 Little, Ruth fSoph.D 156 Livingston, David fSoph.D 156 Logan, Barbara fSoph.D 156 Loicano, Larry fSoph.D 156 London, Allan fSr.D 40, 190 London, Leigh fSoph.D 156 Long, Linda 157 Long, Susan fSr.D 190 Lord, Steve fSr.D 50, 190 Loughry, Ben Ur.D 157, 166 Loughry, Peggy fSr,D 190 Loveless, Karen fSr.D 190 Lowder, Jug fSr.D 25, 190 Lowdon, Patty fSr.D 91, 105, 190 Lowe, Linda fSr.D 191 Lowery, Joanne fSoph.D 89, 156 Lucas, Jamie QSr,D 191 Ludington, Mike Ur.D 157 Luft, John Ur.D 157 Luskie, Gary fSr.D 76, 84, 85, 171, 191 Lyle, Joe Ur.D 157 Lynn, Dee fSr.D 191 McAbee, Howard Ur.D 66, 72, 157 McBay, Mary 1Soph.D 156 McCallum, David fSr.D 40 ,191 McCarthy, Carol F. 1Sr.D 191 McCarthy, Shelley 1Soph.D 156, 159 McClain, Richard Ur.D 56, 86, 157 McCleary, Bobby Ur.D 157 McCleary, Karen fSoph.D 156 McCleary, Peggy fSr.D 191 McCleskey, Sharon QSr.D 25, 191 McCluney, John fSr.D 50, 62, 65, 104, 184, 191 McClure, Michele Ur.D 157 McCoy, John fSr.D 191 McCracken, Tim CSoph.D 156 McCrimmon, Amy fSoph.D 156 McCullough, Randy fSoph.D 156 McCurdy, Anne 157 McDaniel, Don fSoph.D 156 McDaniel, Janie fSr.D 25, 191 McDowell, Jackie fSr.D 191 McDowell, Judy fSoph.D 156 McDuff, John fSr.D 25, 191 McDuff,-Linda Ur.D 157 McFall, Beverly Ur.D 157 McGarrah, Laura fSr.D 191 McGarrah, Skip 158 McGinnis, Sharon fSr.D' 191 McGut'fee, Brenda fSoph.D 156 McGuffee, Diane Ur.D 42, 158 Mclntire, Don Ur.D 158 McKay, Donna Ur.D 158 McKay, Stuart fSr.D 191 McKennon, Phil fSr.D 191 McKenzie, Carol fSr.D 191 McKenzie, Steve fSoph.D 156 McKenzie, Viva Marie fS0ph.D McKinney, Sylvia fSr.D 191 McMahon, Bryan fSoph.D 10, 156 McMahon, Pat Ur.D 158 McMillan, Kenny fSoph.D 90, 156 McNeal, Carolyn Ur.D 158 McNutt, Jim fSoph.D 156 McNutt, Ronnie Ur.D 158 McPherson, Melinda fSr.D 40, 191 McQuerry, James fSr.D 85, 191 McRae, Tommy Ur.D 158 M Maag, Jenne fSoph.D 156 Maberry, Bobby fSoph.D 40, 86, 156 Mabey, Charles fSoph.D 156 Macha, Mark Ur.D 158 Macha, Pamela Ur.D 158 Mackey, Bill fSr.D 67, 158, 192 Mackey, Michael Ur.D 158 Mackey, Robert Ur,D 158 Madar, Carole Ur.D 158 Madar, Drew fSr.D 76, 78, 80, 192 Maddox, Lynn Ur.D 58, 155, 158 Magill, Robert CSr.D 192 Mahaney, Janis fSoph.D 156 Mahurin, Dianna fSoph.D 156 Mahurin, Gene fSr.D 57, 67, 69, 75, 74, 105, 192 Mairs, Jeff fSr.D 192 Maki, Michael fSr,D 192 Malone, David Ur.D 158 Mangano, Diane Ur.D 158 Mangano, Kathy fSoph.D 156 Manire, Michael fSoph.D 156 Mann, Barbra fSoph.D 156 Mann, Debra fSoph.D 156 Manning, Anne fSr.D 192 Manning, Bob QSr.D 192 Manousos, Kathy fSoph,D 136 Manousos, Linda Ur.D 158 Mansir, Don Ur.D 86, 158, 166 Marchesseau, Cathie fSr.D 42, 192 Marcou, David fSoph.D 156 Marietta, Richard fSoph.D 40, 156 Markos, Chris fSoph.D 156 Martin, Frank Soph.D 156 Martin, Madeline fSr.D 192 Martin, Sam fSoph.D 156 Martin, Stephen fSr.D 42, 192 Martin, Wanda Ur.D 158 Martinaz, Terry Ur.D 40, 42, 158 Martinez, Linda fSoph.D 156 Maschek, Beth fSoph.D 156 Maschek, Johnnie fSr.D 58, 192 Maske, Judy Ur.D 59, 145, 158 Massey, Ann fSoph.D 156 Massey, Hugh Richard fSr.D 50 66, 67, 69, 74, 100, 192 Massey, Lee fSoph.D 90, 156 Massey, C. Warren Ur.D 158 Mastenbrook, John CSoph.D 87, 99 156 Mathers, John Ur.D 56, 158 Mathis, Larry fSoph.D 87, 99, 129 156 Maxey, Kerry fSr.D 192 Maxwell, Jim Ur.D 40, 158 Mayfield, Neta fSr.D 192 Mays, James Ur.D 86, 159 Mays, Mark Ur,D 159 Mayton, Jimmy fSoph.D 136 Minison, Robin fSoph.D 156 Measures, David Ur.D 54, 159 Medcalf, Pat fSr.D 192 Meehan, Helene fSr.D 192 Meelgrn, Richard fSoph.D 45, 90 15 Meekins, Lew fSr.D 192 Mefford, David Ur.D 66, 68, 87, 159 Mefford, Marion fSr.D 54, 56, 192 Mehaffy, Judy Ur.D 159 Melton, Buddy 54, 56, 159 Melton, Shirley Ur.D 159 Melton, Tom Ur.D 58, 62, 159, 161 Mendez, Virginia fSoph.D 89, 156 Merrill, Phylis fSr.D 192 Merritt, Craig fSr.D 55, 192 Meserole, Rod Ur.D 159 Meyer, Melanie fSoph.D 156 Owen, Mary fSoph.j 138 Meza, Lucila fSr.J 193 Michels, David fSr.j 41, 193 Michels, Victor fJr.J 42, 159 Miles, Gala fSr.J 193 Miles, Martha fSoph.j 29, 136 Milholland, Jan fSoph.J 136 Milholland, Jerre fSr.J 193 Miller, Charlotte fSr.J 45, 193 Miller, Dee fSr.J 54, 193 Miller, Linda 159 Miller, Marilyn fSr.J 40, 42, 43 193 Miller, Shirley fSr.J 193 Millett, Robert fSr,J 190, 193 Millwee, Robert CSoph.J 83, 136 Minch, Betty fSoph,J 136 Minchew, Donald fSoph.j 136 Mitchell, Jimmy fSr,J 193 Mitchell, Linda 1Soph.J 136 Mitchell, Linda fSoph,J 136 Mize, Barbara fSoph.J 136 Moates, Gary fSr.J 193 Moffatt, Hugh fJr.J 159, 40 Moilanen, lNIary Lou 159 Montague, Jeff fJr,j 159 Montgomery, Julie fJr.j 145, 159. 59 Montgomery, Marianne fS1'.J 195 203 Moon, Janice fSr.j 193 Moon, Michael fJr.J 159 Moore, Cordell fSr.J 84, 85, 193 Morre, David fSr.j 193 Moore, Fred QSoph.J 54 Moore, Jane fSr.J 58, 66, 97, 99 171, 193 Moore, Joan fS1'.J 30, 101, 193 Moore, Judy fJr.J 159 Moore, Mark fJr.J 81, 159 Moore, Richard fSr.J 56, 193 Moore, Tim fSoph.J 136 Moore, Toma Jr.J 50, 62, 159 Moore, Tony fJr.J 159 Moore, Veta fSoph.J 137 Morales, Frank fSr.J 42, 193 Moriarty, Linda CSr.J 193 Morrell, Pam fJr.J 159 Morrill, Emily fSoph.J 137 Morris, Darlene fJr.J 159 M'orris, Emily fSr.J 194 Morris, Freddie fJr.J 154, 159 Morris, Joanne fSoph.J 137 Morris, John fSoph.J 137 Morris, Martha May tSr.J 37, 39 40, 41, 42, 43, 194 Morris, Mary fJr.J 39. 40, 159 Morris, Mike fSr.J 194 Morris, Rachel fSoph.J 40, 42, 43 137 Morris, Steve fJr.J 91, 159 Morris, Tim fSr,J 42, 194 Morrison, Joe fJr.J 40, 41, 159 Morrison, Mike QSoph.J 41, 42. 13 115, 7 Morton, Charles fSoph.J 137 Morton, Dennis Jr.J 159 Morton, Gary fJr,J 54, 55, 159 Morton, Morton Larry 159 ,Tom CSr.J 194 Moss, Jolm fSoph.J 137 Mueller, David fSopl1,J 40, 42, 137 Mullens, Linda fS0ph.j 137 Mullinax, Monika fSr.j 194 Blulvihill, Linda fSr,J 194 1N1ulvihill, Steve fS0l5l'l.J 45, 137 Murphey, Griffin fSoph.J 137 Murphy, Don 67, 159 Murphy, Tom fJr,J 159 Murray, Sarah fJr.J 159 Murray, Tommy fSoph.J 138 Musick, Lonnie 40, 159 Nunnery, Bob fSoph.J 138 Nussbaum, Ed QSr.J 41, 42, 194 O O'Brien, Donna fJr.J 160 O'Dell, David fSoph.J 138 Odom, Pat fSr.J 194, 195 Okruhlik, Linda fSoph,J 138 Oliver, George CSoph.J 138, 139 Oliver, Larry fSoph.J 138 O'Neall, Nancy fSopl1,J 90, 138 Onken, Carl fJr.J 160 Orand, Mike, fSr.J 160 Orms, Sarah fSoph.J 138 Ort, Kraig 158 Ostby, Gary fSr,J 194, 195 Outenreath, Gary fSr,J 194 Overbeek, Ronnie fSoph.j 81, 138 Mustarde, Barbara fSr,j 194 Mustarde, Dan 159 Myers, Kay CJr,J 159 Myers, Tift fJr.J 159 Mylius, Jayne fJr.j 159 N Nail, Betty fSr.j 194 Nail, Linda 160 Nash, Barbara Lee fSr.j 50, 194 Neal, Nancy fSr.J 194 Neathery, June 160 Neaves, Elsa fJr.J 42, 160 Neely, Keith fSr.J 40, 41, 194 Nelson, Brett fJr.j 160 Nelson, David CSr.J 194 Nelson, Eddie fSr.J 194 Nelson, Kristine fSoph,J 138 Nelson, Mike fJr.J 66, 72, 73, 160 Nelson, Terry QSr.J 194 Nevville, Ronald fSoph.J 138 New, Clifton fSr.J 194 Newbern, Nancy fSoph.J 138 Newbern, Nathan fSr.J 86, 194 Nichols, Ann fSr.J 194 Nichols, Pam fJr.j 160 Nichols, Patti fJr.j 160 Nicholson, Larry fSoph.J 138 Nicholson, Ralph fJr.J 160 Nims, Nicky 160 Nix, Jerry fJr.J 160 Noblett, Johnny fJr.J 160 Nolan, Linda fSr.J 42, 194 Noonkester, Steve fJr.J 160 Norman, Kenneth Ur., 160 Norman, Suzanne fSoph,J 42, 138 Norrell, Clint Url 160 Norstrud, Valorie ULD 160 Norvell, Walker fSoph.J 87, 138 Norwood, Barbara QSoph.j 138 Nugen, Gary fJr.J 160 Owen, Penny fJr.j 42 Owen, Randy 160 Owen, Owen, Rock fSoph.J 138 Stanley fJr.J 161 P Pace, Donny 161 Pace, 62, Margaret fSr.J 37, 40, 63, 97, 105, 109,'121, 194, 195. Paden, Shugi fJr.J 161 Papusch, Martha fSoph.J 89, 138 Paris, Susan QSoph.J 138 Park, Linda fSr.j 195 Parker, Bill 54, 161 Parker ,Don QSr.J 195 Parker, Patty fSr.J 195 Parker, Sam fJr.J 161 Parker, Stephen fSr.J 66, 72, 195 Pa rkm Parks, an, Susan CSr.J 195 Jim fSoph.J 138 Parrish, Beverly fJr.J 161 Pascha ll, Eujeana fJr.J 161 Patrick, Brian fSr.J 195 Patrick, Bruce fSr.J 24, 42, 50, 63, 107, 195 Patterson, Kay fSr.J 195 Patton, Diane fSr.j 60, 195 Patton Patton ,Jerry Urj 161 , Johnny fJr.J 163 Patton, Ralph QSoph.j 138 Payne, Linda fSr,J 195 Payne, Mike CSoph.J 138 Peacock, Robert QSoph.J 138 Peaks, Roger fSoph.j 138 Pearce, Phil fSr.J 195 Pearson, Rusty tSr.j 195 Peck, Dennis fJr.J 161 Peck, Jake fSoph.J 138 Pelton, Charles CSoph.J 42 Pelton, Julie fJr,J 161 Penn, Anne fSoph.J 138 45, 171 Perry, Arthur fJr.J 161 Perry, Dana fJr.J 161 Perry, Rod fJr.J 161 Peters, Janean fSoph.J 138 Petersen, Judy fJr.J 161 Petersen, Sualice fSoph.J 138 Peterson, Janice fSr.J 49, 60, 63, 195 Pettit, Susan fJr.J 42, 43, 161 Petty, Betty Lou fSr.J 195 Pfeffer, Gaylene CSr.J 195, 203 Phifer, Grant fJr.J 161 Phillips, Bill CSoph.J 158 Phillips, Bob Ury 161 Phillips, Cinco fJr,j 161 I Phillips, Gretchen fJr.J 161 Phillips, Jim 161 Phillip, Johnny fSr.J 195 Pier, Kathie CJr.J 205 Pierce, Martha fSr.J 195 Pierce. Nina fJr.J 162 Pierson, Pamm fJr.J 162 Pigg, Tommy fSoph.J 138 Pinto, Carol fSr.J 196 Pomykal, Ray 66, 162 Ponder, Sharon QSoph.j 138 Pope, Michael CSoph.J 138 Poplin, Jerry fSoph,J 138 Porter, Carla fSr.J 196 Porter, Connie fSr.J 42, 196 Porter, Cynthia fJr.J 162 Portwood, Harry fSr.J 40, 196 Poteet, Melissa fS0ph.J 138 Potter, Sally fSr.J 38, 123, 195,196 Potts, Steve fSoph,J 40, 41, 138 Pou, Darryl fSr.J 42, 162 Pound, Gail. fSr.J 196 Powell, Davis fSr.J 196 Powell, Jan fS1'.J 196 Powell, Richard Um ao, 42, 162 Pratt, Jay fSr.J 196 Pressley, Paula 162 Preuitt, David fSoph.j 54, 138 Price. Bill QSLJ 138, 196 Price, Bill tSoph.J 56, 57 Price, Carolyn fSr.j 196 Price, Clay fSoph.j 138 Price, Judy tSr.J 196 Price, Mike fSoph,j 138 Prickett, Judy ISL, 196 Priddy, Edward CSoph.J 138 Prindle, James fJr.J 162 Propper, Nina fSr.J 62, 63, 196 Pruitt, Glenda CSr.J 196 Pryor, Vfesley fSoph,J 139 Purselley, Butch fJr.j 67, 118, 162 Q Qualls, Gary fJr.J 162 Qualls, Ronnie fSoph.j 138 Quinlivan, Joe fSoph.J 138 Quinn, Carolyn fSr.J 196 2I3 Quinn, Tommy fSoph,D 139 R Rackley, Alma Ur.D 162 Radtke, Steve lSoph.D 139 Ragan, Linda Ur.D 162 Raish, Donna Ur,D 162 Rancher, Arthur fSoph.D 139 Rankin, Danne Ur.D 162 Rankin, John fSoph.D 139 Raper, Rita fSoph.D 139 Ratcliff, Forest Ur.D 66, 162 Ratliff, Bill fSoph.D 139 Rawlings, Irving fSoph.D 81 Ray, Belinda 1Soph.D 139 Ray, David Ur.D 162 Ray, Harry CSoph.D 139 Ray, Randy fSoph.D 139 Readinger, James fSoph.D 139 Redden, Mike fSoph.D 139 Redus, Kay tSoph.D 139 Redwine, Bob fSr.D 87, 196 Redwine, David Ur.D 86, 196 Reed, Kathy Ur,D 42, 43, 162 Reed, Melvin CSoph.D 139 Reedy, Gay fSoph.D 14, 139 Reese, Sally Ur.D 162 Reeve, Mike Ur.D 162 Reeve, Pat Ur.D 162 Reeves, Gary fSoph.D 81, 139 Reeves, Ricky QSIZD 196 Reilly, Mike Ur.D 162 Reilly, Pat QSLD 192 Reilly, Tommy fSr.D 196 Rein, Shirlee, fSI'.D 196 Reiners, Marlena QSLD 26, 98, 104, 197 Reisner, Julie lSoph.D 139 Retz, Diane fSoph.D 139 Rexroat, Rondal Ur.D 162 Rich, Brenda fSoph.D 139 Rich, Danny UI-D 162 Rich, Sue fSr.D 45, 197 Richards, Jim tS0ph-D 62, 116, 159 Richards, Trudy fSoph.D 139 Richardson, Scott Ur.D 163 Riddell, Cliff CSLD 197 Ridley, Jack Ur.D 158, 163 Righter, Georgette fJ1'.D 163 Riley, Gary fSoph.D 81, 139 Riley, Mike Ur.D 67, 72, 16? Riney, Evelyn fSoph.D 139 Riney, Bobby Ur.D 163 Ringler, Lynne fSf.D 197 Rister, Elaine fSr.D 197 Ritchie, Mike Ur.D 163 Roach, Charles Ur.D 54, 55 Robbins, Norm fSr.D 86, 197 Roberts, Donna fJl'.D 163 Roberts, Jim Ur.D 91, 163 2l4 Roberts, Nancy Ur.D 163 Roberts, Suzanne QSLD 197 Robertson, Danelle fSoph.D 139 Robertson, Dee Ur.D 163 Robertson, Gary fSoph,D 56, 139 Robertson, John QSLD 197 Robertson, Sally fSoph.D 139 Robinson, Dana Ur.D 163 Robinson, Jan fSr.D 197 Robinson, Louise QSLD 197 Robinson, Patsy Ur.D 163 Robinson, Philip fSoph.D 139 Robinson, Steve f-JLD 163 Robinson, Tom fSoph.D 139 Rockwell, Kenney Ur.D 163 Rodgers, David fSr.D 197 Reeder, Nicki fSoph.D 139 Rogers, Ann Ur.D 163 Rogers, David Ur.D 66, 68 Rogers, Lee fSoph.D 139 Rogers, Louise QSLD 58, 197 Rogers, Shirley fSoph.D 139 Rose, Jo Ur.D 163 Rose, Joy Ur.D 163 Ross, Bill Ur.D 163 Rosser, Buster fSoph.D 54, 139 Rost, Sylvia QSLD 40, 197 Rostohar, Karen fSoph.D 139 Routh, Judy Pat fSr.D 38, 58, 189, 197 Rowe, Vaynette fSoph.D 140 Rowland, Johnny fSoph.D 140 Rowland, Melvia ULD 163 Roy, Charlotte fSr.D 50, 197 Rudd, Marvin fSr.D 197 Ruddy, Sam 140 Rugel, Laura fSoph.D 140 Rugg, Armenia Ur,D 163 Rumph, Kathy Ur.D 163 Rushing, Brenda KSLD 197 Rushing, Linda QSLD 197 Russell, Jean fSr.D 198 Russell, Patricia fSoph.D 140 Russell, Warren KSIID 24, 37, 59, 112, 198 Russey, Bob fSoph.D 140 Russom, Lide CSoph.D 140 Rust, John fSoph.D 163 Rust, Kathy QSLD 198 Rux, Butch gsm 66, 72, 19s Rux, Nancy fSr.D 40, 163 Ruyle, Scotty fSr.D 198 Ryker, Kenny Ur.D 163 S Saari, Brian lSoph.D 140 Sabido, Maria fSr.D 44, 198 Sadler, Dale Ur.D 163 Sammons, Joyce fSoph.D 140 Sammons, Linda fSoph.D 140 Sample, Lana fSoph.D 140 Sanders, John QSLD 198 Sanders, Wayne Ur.D 163 Sandidge, Billy QSLD 199 Sands, Linda Ur.D 163 Sanford, Alice fSoph.D 140 Sargent, Mary QSLD 199 Satterwhite, Judy Ur,D 163 Saunders, Star fSoph.D 140 Saurenmann, Bill Ur.D 163, 199 Savage, Lorelei Ur.D 163 Sawyer, Wanda fSoph.D 140 Sayre, Sandra fSr.D 42, 115, 173, 198 Scaling, Barbara Ur.D 164 Schaffner, Dan Ur.D 164 Scharlz, Bill QJIID 164 Schelper, Pat QSIZD 199 Schieffer, Tom Ur.D 60, 61, 83, 164 Schlueter, Mike tSoph.D 140 Schmidt, Cindy fSoph.D 42, 141 Schmitt, Erick KSoph.D 141 Schmitt, Robert Ur.D 59, 164 Schneider, Mark fSoph.D 140 Schopmeyer, Chris fSr.D 199 Schopmeyer, Stewart fSoph.D 140 Schulte, Linda fSoph.D 140 Schulte, Warren fSr.D 199 Schultz, Billy fSr.D 171, 198 Schutza, Jim Ur.D 41, 164 Scott, Scott, Donna Lynn fSr.D 198 Gary fSoph.D 81, 140 Scott, Sharon Ur.D 164 Sears LaVaun fSr.D 198 Sears, , Michele Ur.D 54, 56, 164 Sears, Susie Ur.D 164 Seilheimer, David lSoph.D 40, 86, 141 Selby, Carolyn Ur. D164 Self, Mike Ur.D 164 Service, Jim fSr.D 86, 88, 198 Settle, Gregg fSoph.D 141 Shackelford, Janell QSLD 198 Shackelford, Roger Ur.D 164 Shaddox, Nancy KSIZD 198 Shaffer, Patty fSoph,D 140 Shults, Bob KSLD 199 Simmons, Brooks fSr.D 83, 198 Simmons, Dale Ur.D 164 Simmons, Delene Ur.D 164 Simmons, Elaine Ur.D 164 Simmons, Marcie Ur.D 164 Simmons, Mike fSoph.D 81, 141 Simpson, Don fSoph.D 141 Singleton, Barbara fSr.D 42, 43 199 Singleton, Linda fSoph.D 42, 141 Sivalls, Jim Ur.D 164 Skare, Eileen fSoph.D 141 Skembare, David CSLD 199 Skupaka, Andreya Ur.D 164 Sledge, Anthony QSoph.D 141 Sloan, Smart, Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, 114, Smith, Snipes, John fSoph.D 40, 141 Cathy fSoph.D 141 Jimmy QSLD 86, 87, 199 Alan QSLD 40, 199 Brenda fSoph.D 141 Charlene Ur.D 164' Dale csry 54,51 199 Debbie Ur.D 164 Don Ur.D 164 Jack QSoph.D 41, 42, 141 Jeff CSoph.D 141 Kathy CSLD 199 Leslie CSLD 25, 199 Mary Frances KSIZD 199 Pat fSoph.D 10, 141 Paul fSLD 199 Phyllis fSr.D 199 Prissy CSoph.D 141 Sharon Ur.D 165 Tamara KSLD 23, 61, 106 171, 200 Whit Ur.D 165 Marilynn fSr.D 200, 201 Snodgrass, David fSr.D 200 Snow, Jimmy ULD 165 Snyder, Kelle Ur.D 110, 165 Snyder, Martha Ur.D 165 Snyder, Tommy fSoph.D 141 Sorgee, Gerald fSoph.D 141 Sours, Beth Ur,D 165 1 Shambaugh, Dave fSr.D 31, 46, 198 Shambaugh, Greg Ur.D 164, 165 Sharp, Raymond fSr.D 198 Shattuck, Jack Ur.D 164 Sheldon, Cheryl QSLD 198 Shepherd, George Ur.D 66, 164 Sherman, Ronnie QSLD 198 Sherrard, Carolyn Ur,D 164 Shields, Bill QSLD 76, 79, 91, 198 Shoemake, Glenn Ur.D 52, 164 Short, Rodney fSoph.D 140 Shotton, Anne fSoph.D 140 Shropshire, Timothy QSLD 29, 46, 198 Shuffler, Glen fSoph.D 42, 140 Southerland, Coney Ur.D 86, 165 Spangler, Bryce Ur.D 165 Spence, Kathy fSoph.D 141 Spencer, Bettye Ur.D 165 Sprott, Buddy fSr.D 200 Spurck, Robert Jr. fSr.D 76, 80 109, zoo Squires, Lynn fSr.D 200 Stafford, John fSr.D 200 Stallings, Mary fSoph.D 141 Stallings, Susie KSLD 200 Stancil, Steve fSoph.D 141 Standifer, Sarah QSLD 42, 200 Stanfield, Jack QSLD 200 Stanfield, Jill Ur.D 165 Stewart Stanley, l Stanley, Annette fSoph.D 141 Bill Ur.D 165 Stanley, Dee Ann fSr.D 200 Stanley, Ed fsry zoo Staples, Pelham fSoph.D 141 Starnes, Claudia fSoph.D 141 Steakley, Ginger fSoph.D 141 Stebritz, Mike fSr.D 200 Steeples, Laura fSr.D 40, 41, 200 Stell, Kathy Ur.D 165 Stephens, Clay Ur.D 165 Stephens, Joan lSr.D 200 Stephens, Marilyn fSoph.D 141 Stephens, Sally Ur.D 165 Stephens, Sue Ur.D 165 Stephenson, Betty fSr.D 37, 45, 50, 200 Stevens, Conner Ur.D 165 Stevens, ' Stevens, Stevens, Stevens Stewart, Stewart, Stewart Q 1 1 Eddie fSoph.D 140 Sandra Ur.D 165 Sharon CSr.D 200 Steve fSr.D 42, 200 Elaine Ur.D 165 Jan fSr.D 201 Judy Ur.D 165 Kerby fSr.D 40, 41, 42, Swanson, Susie Ur.D 42, 166 Swatek, Phillip fSoph.D 140 Swindell, Blaine fSoph.D 140 Swing, Cheri CSoph.D 140 T Talbot, Dan Ur.D 60, 63, 166 Taliaferro, Allana fSr.D 201 Tarlton, Kenneth fSr.D 66, 70, 201 Tarlton, Stephen fSoph.D 140, 141 Tarpley, Raymond Ur.D 166 Tate, Steve Ur.D 166 Tatom, Tim Ur.D 133, 166 Taylor, Allen Ur.D 54, 56, 166 Taylor, Carolyn Ur.D 42, 166 Taylor, Leddie fSr.D 201 Taylor, Lynda fSr.D 37, 49, 202 Taylor, Nedra Ur.D 166 Taylor, Pam Ur.D 166 Taylor, Paula fSoph.D 42, 140 Taylor, Ronald fSr.D 44, 176, 202 Teague, Robert Ur.D 67, 166 Teggart, Gloria fSr.D 202 Telisak, Phil fSr.D 202 Telschow, Don Ur.D 166 Thaxton, Anne Ur.D 58, 61, 166 Trott, Kenneth Ur.D 166 Trujillo, Frances fSoph.D 142 Trujillo, Helen fSoph.D 142 Trussell, Francine Ur.D 166 Tubb, Sherry QSoph.D 142 Tuggle, Dolores fSr.D 202 Turner, Jimmy fSoph.D 142 Turner, Larry fSr.D 82, 83, 203 Turner, Steven fSoph.D 142 Turney, Turney, Charles Ur.D 40, 42, 166 Margaret QSoph.D 42, 142 Turnock, Chet fSr.D 32, 37, 51, 5156, 114, 176, 203 Turpin, David fSr.D 203 Tyler, Betsy Ur.D 166 U Uberman, Jan fSoph.D 142 Uberman, Van fSoph,D 142 Underwood, Roberta fSoph.D 142 Utley, Sallie CSoph.D 142 V Vallejo, Rene fSoph.D 87, 142 Valone, Jeanne fSoph.D 89, 142 Sumner, Jane CSoph.D 141 201 Stewart, Marion fSr.D 201 Stewart, Paul fSr.D 201 Stiles, Gary CSr.D 201 Still, Jerry tSr.D 201 Stinson, Mike Ur.D 67, 73, 165 St. John, Johnny QSoph.D 41, 140 Stockman, Louise, Ur.D 89, 165 Stockwell, Shari Ur.D 165 Stoddard, James fSoph.D 87 Stoddard, Stephen, fSoph.D 87, 140 Stoft, Jane fSr.D 51, 201 sfolar, Par Q 11.3 165 Stone, George fSoph.D 63, 140 Stonebraker, Billie fSr.D 201 Stouffer, Mike fSoph.D 141 Stovall, Mike QSr.D 66, 72, 74, 201 Straight, George fSoph.D 140 Strein, Waldo Ur.D 165 Streitwieser, Chini Ur.D 165 Strickland, Caryn fSoph.D 140 Strickland, Ellen Ur.D 42, 43, 165 Sturdy, Wayne fSoph.D 140 Subbie, Teri QSr.D 201 Sullivan, Frank fSr.D 15, 26, 66, 69, 201 Sullivan, Mike Ur.D 165 Sumerlin, Lowell fSoph.D 140 Summey, Lynn fSr.D 201 Sumner, Pat fSr.D 37, 62, 63, 182, 184, 201 Sutton, James fSoph,D 140 Sutton, Terry Ur.D 166 Swanberg, Geoff fSr.D 58, 59, 197, 201, 203 Thayer, Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Linda fSr.D 202 , Gary Ur.D 166 , Hardy fSr.D 202 , Henry fSr.D 199, 202 ,Johnny Ur,D 166 , Larry fSoph.D 140 Thomas, Leanna fSr.D 202 Thomas, Paris Ur.D 166 Thomas Thomas , Stephen fSr.D 202 ,Terry fSoph.D 83, 140 Thomas, Wade fSoph.D 140 Thompson, Caro fSr.D 51, 59, 90, 110, 202 Thompson, Dana fSoph.D 141 Thompson, Erma fSr.D 42, 202 Thompson, Kathy Ur.D 166 Thompson, Linda Ur.D 166 Thompson, Phyllis Ur.D 166 Thompson, Tommy fSoph.D 42, 142 Thoms, Don fSoph.D 142 Tillery, Gary fSr.D 202 Tinsley, Dianne f'Soph.D 142 Todd, Martha QSoph.D 142 Tolbert, Susan fSoph.D 142 Tolson, Holly Ur,D 166 Tomlinson, Chris fSoph.D 142 Toner, Cinda fSoph.D 89, 142 Toner, Kay Ur.D 166 Touchon, Mike Ur.D 166 Tout, Larry fSr.D 76 Trammell, Nancy Ur.D 166 Trantham, Edward fSoph.D 87, 142 Travis, Alan Ur.D 166 Traynham, Joe Ur.D 166 Treadway, Marcia Ur.D 166 Van Cise, Jackie lSoph.D 142 Vander Hamm, Chris fSoph.D 127, 142 van der Vliet, Margaret Ur.D 166 Van Hamersveld, Craig Ur.D 166 Van Ness, Barbara Ur.D 167 Van Zanten, Nancy Ur.D 167 Vaughan, Ramah Ur.D 48, 167 Vaughan, Sharon Ur.D 167 Vaut, Greg Ur,D 41, 167 Verbryke, Sharon fSoph.D 59, 63, 142 Vestal, David fSoph.D 142 Vise, Patricia fSoph.D 142 Vollet, Jay CSr.D 51, 61, 108, 202 Vowell, Rus Ur.D 59, 167 W Wackerbarth, Jacque fSr.D 40, 42, 203 Wade, Olivia Ur.D 46, 146, 167 Wade. Saundra fSr.D 203 Wagley, Sue fSoph.D 142 Wagner, Alicia fSr.D 32, 58, 102, 203 Wagner, Meg Ur.D 167 Waits, Ronnie fSr.D 87, 203 Waits, Sharon fSoph.D 142 Wakeland, Margo fSr.D 203 Wakeland, Ward fSoph.D 142 Walden, Walker, Walker, Walker, Ralph fSoph.D 142 Betsy fSopl1.D 142 Charles fSoph.D 142 John Ur.D 86, 87, 167 Walker, Karl fSoph.D 42, 142 Walker, Lannie 40, 203 Wall, Gerry 203 Wall, Tommy fS0ph.D 40, 142 Wallace, Chip Ur.D 167 Wallace, Earl fSoph.D 142 Walsh, H. L. Ur.D 167 Walsh, Sandra fSoph.D 142 Walter, Tom Ur.D 167 Walters, Bill fSoph.D 40, 42, 142 Wagers, Doyle fSoph.D 24, 42, 81 1 2 Waltman, Jan fSoph.D 142 Walton, Skippy Ur.D 15, 167 Walts, Charles fSoph.D 87, 130 143 Ward, Beverly fSr.D 203 ward, Billy 151.5 ae, zos Ward, Janis fSr.D 203 Ward, Pat Ur.D 167 Ware, Ann Ur.D 167 Ware, Jim Ur.D 167 Ware, Linda Ur.D 167 Warila, Dale Ur.D 87, 88, 167 Warnick, Gail fSr.D 51, 203 Warren, Valerie fSoph,D 143 Watkins, Elaine Ur.D 168 Watson, Bill Ur.D 66, 168 Watson, Daniel Ur.D 168 Watson, Jack Ur.D 168 Watson, Kay Ur.D 168 Watson, Tom Ur.D 168 Watters, Bill fSoph.D 143 Watters, Kim fSoph.D 142 Wear, Mac Ur.D 168 Weatherall, Gail fSr.D 203 Weatherly, Tanya fSoph.D 143 Weaver, Jan fSr.D 24, 203 Webb, Lorinda Ur.D 39, 40, 42 168 Weekley, Vickie fSr.D 205 Weeks, Dennis fSoph.D 143 Weeks, Ron fSr.D 203 Weems, Mike fSr.D 56, 204 Wehman, Jimmy fSr.D 37, 76, 78 127, 204 Weid, Marcia Ur.D 168 Weir, Kay Ur.D 48, 168 Weinman, Walter CSoph.D 143 Welborn, Dennis fSoph.D 81, 143 Welch, John Ur.D 54, 168 Weldon, Kent CSr.D 204 Wells, Eddie Ur.D 86 Wells, James fSoph.D 142 Weltin, Cathy Ur.D 58, 168 Werner, Bill fSoph.D 86, 143 West, Carol fSoph.D 143 West, Cathy fSoph.D 143 Westbrook, Arden fSr.D 30, 102, 204 Westmoreland, Larry Ur.D 56, 168 Whatley, John fSr.D 204 White, Linda fSr.D 204 Whitehead, Greg fSr.D 67, 204 2I5 Williams, Liz fSoph.D 143 Whitworth, Jeryl fSr.D 84, 204 Wickett, Alice fSr.D 204 Wiese, Jackie Ur.D 168 Wilcox, Cindy fSoph.D 143 Wilemon, Jack Ur.D 86, 168 Wiley, Randy Ur.D 168 Willard, Helen Ur.D 168 Willett, James fSr,D 27, 86, 99 204 Williams, Betty fSr.D 204 Williams, Charlie fSr.D 61, 87, 99. 105,120,204 Williams, Dennis fSoph.D 142 Williams, Jeri Ur,D 168 Williams, Jo Carole fSr.D 89, 204 Williams, Joan fSr.D 37, 61, 78 9i,1o8,i09,2o4 Williams, Johnny fSoph.D 90, 145 Williams, Mike Ur.D 40, 168 Williams, Terry Ur.D 168 Willis, Clifton Ur.D 41, 42 Willoughby, Cindy fSoph.D 143 Wilmoth, Tracy fSoph.D 51, 143 W'ills, Pam fSr.D 204 Wilson, David fSr.D 204 Wilson, Gene Ur.D 42, 168 Wilson, Greg Ur.D 168 Wilson, Leon fSr,D 204 Vfilson, Lewis fSr.D 204 Wilson, Mike fSoph.D 142 Wilson, Pam fSoph.D 145 Wilson , Robert Ur.D 84, 168 Wilson, Roselyn fSoph.D 145 Wilson, Sonny Ur.D 168 Wilson, Susie Ur,D 168 Wimberly, Kayla Ur.D 168 Winfield, Jeanie fS0ph.D 42, 143 Winter, Johnny Ur.D 168 Wise, Martha Ur.D 168 Wofford, Glenna Ur.D 168 Wolfe, Von fSoph.D 40, 41, 42, 143 Wood, Bonnie fSoph.D 42, 143 Wood, Candy fSoph.D 143 Wood, Cheryl Ur.D 168 W'ood, Darenda CSoph.D 143 Wood, Mack Ur,D 168 Wood, Margaret fSr.D 204 Wood, Owen Ur.D 168 Woodall, Kristy fSoph.D 143 Woodall, Ronny fSr.D 204 Woodall, Sharon Ur.D 168 Woodrich, Bill fSoph.D 143 Woodrich, Bob Ur.D 168 Woods, Carey Ur.D 168 Woodyard, Peggy fSoph.D 143 Word, Mary Ur.D 168 Worrall, Linda fSoph.D 143 Wortham, Margo Ur.D 169 Yankee, Scott Ur.D 67, 70, 169 Yarborough, Catherine Ur.D 169 Yarbrough, Kaye fSr.D 205 Yates, Vicki Ur.D 169 Yeates, Judy Ur.D 169 Yeates, Kyle fSoph,D 143 Yelvington, Clifton fSr.D 205 Yokel, Kathleen fSr.D 205 Young, Cynthia fSr.D 205 Young, Eddie fSr.D 54, 205 Young, Michael fSoph,D 90 Worthington, Peggy Ur.D 160, 169 Young. Mike Ur.D 143, 169 W02UlHk, S2lfldY Uf-D 40, 169 Young, Robert fSoph,D 143 Wright, Christine fSoph.D 143 Wright, Jim 56, 169 Wright, Larry Ur.D 56 Wright, Ronnie fSr,D 205 Wright, Shirley fSoph.D 145 Wyatt, Anita Ur.D 169 Wynne, Bill fSoph.D 143 Wynne, Harry fSoph.D 143 Y Yandell, Roger fSr.D 205 Zaczek, Shirli fSr.D 205 Zaczek, Vicki fSoph.D 143 Zager, Barbara fSoph.D 42, 143 Zerdecki, John fSr.D 205 Zerdecki, Judi Ur.D 169 Zihlman, John fSoph.D 143 Zimmerman, Vivian fSoph.D 143 Zucht, Lee Ur.D 169 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY vm www. un v.-taut. Af.' 2 I 6 X W WWMXW fWMwww Z3 75 7 mfgm M ff MQW WV , f 5,mi5f2fQQb9?5VVHmVffS4w J ' , ,A f ha W A ' , , J if , f,n,W L We 95? af ' ,MW J PLQQI74 QMQX WWW ,UML Www K v 4, X. E ,1fYyX!-jvuf - - WW MM E rb5,WG,4,.L,f F I1 0J, I V vff2fY'f'Lufl,1DM!lXLUU pfU!VgY3!U,Q,f pfL!LV,,UL4,l?-' X tpdffvvfgf 1 A VYQLP 02 Q 5 'WYLQKU7 ' i m lo? X M674 A7 YZWQA algwwwgw " P , ' 'W w . i ' J v A' EX V MMMWMW WMM Mw?WJ i v Xxx fbwffuuv f yy! 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