Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1962

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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, A jim fjjw QWM WM f. W Wwbw wwfyggf if M WWQW gyw M if W was MWA www fe ff ffl W MM Wwggggvxg Ummm 5 Cf M Wwe SQ? iss? 5 gujymj MMWW HN U25 fm jill Y ZW M .912 dbuff- XM awed 9 M MJQMLLHMWAW dzd-020194-,.A',z:5i 31? 'Z"fff',o1.'Cl-,jwzi-c.,L, E7 .LJ WM, W iwgiwwgpi W FY Mwfff' TZWZMWWZ X WM Jww We X if - Q39 . 91' ,' - V gf? K 9,3 . I X Wk A Q A ix Zi I B . ,Q-4.1 I - iq -kv? NM :S x 6LJ mv, I X V , MQ1 BJ 3 MQ .I pw 1 I N K t jfj Xklgf Y 9 - Z . 1 yn! ' , N 'Y 'SX ' " , ' N T-' Q 2 K fvvv - N. 9 . X L- 1 Q XX' f ' N E . - ' XM? QNX, Qi U' m Y gXY, ff' . 5 i J . M 3 1: ' , . if ,X X , , A MQ X. I All ,NJ ' H A' 1 D N N I , KH- can .XJ --L A ,, , li, r 'A 14 - lx. Tgxx xxj A ' . 'l - . 1 I , Qi A ' A' A , f Q, Ar XV- , 1 M.. -ij n K? Af I iw! I I I V W V . ., .S X v3 V1 . 1 l ,EJ if N ,Mol I Y A , . x M X is ji . 1 , - LX K , X " AI ' I - 4 rf X . .QQ.K.4nx....-.. bg., 1 lx I'-A Zi AJ! K I A, r 4 I Z '.iigl....,...,........,.4,l,.Q--.-' I' I -. ... .4A4'A.......', , . .An-A-L. A f I ' 'fx , I SN gg E 1 I .gif "1A' "A K j-ff-,--. 1, , P 5 5555 3333 gnu! :wif 3113 3339 2 Jiffy' 2353 fg if "' 595' "I A " 5 '33 f SHE -ma 254:52 rnrnrpr: 1111 S5533 Q53 P iii ,gg iii' , , E VL, A QITUHIL. . " Wifi., f-'M 'N 4 Y, 5 56: 59,5 3-J xy: D iff e ,,, ,- BX 5 1 X 5 X Y L, as I N dv ukpsl? R fer-H S hi! u , SCIENCE-Symbol of achievement hrgli Hx lqiak gn? ,Lax 1? ua? - 3 XM 'W3'1'K'L if' rw QQ' ' 1 N 3 ge Q. E M 8 4 :MWF F h3Qa5M'3 22 52 H ,I Av- it Q x x 8 f ile? W i 4? me if Q I Q IM? Qi Q N 1 '3fa A' ff , A Q , 6 T91 ' is VXXX q fa 4 X.. X H GSX I :lx ' 31? X 153, ,. t I1 - 1 F X .Ck , "1-. -ff X ja I 5' ' 'L X 5 , ,, X XA E' 'A7 C, in x ,X he Jxs N GJ, k. .VI ' P Y' , rg 3 1 , , LMA fa, . , f 1 QM N -1, -- 1 Sl QU" My QW ggfoij 0' W "WV M Lf' ,, K WM, Xwcvfijhcfiwo VPPJ ,MZ,fa9 0 W ff M f W W Z' mfg, L 95' UJM9 QM' Q W W I ,M 1 i 1 ACTIVITY - Symbol of school spirit Here is a book of memories, my friends, So fresh and bright that they are hardly memories yetg But time is working on them . . . There Are Man Time is working. W' The things you see even now are changed, And, being changed are gone. And yet-neither the past nor the future is lost- The past shapes this day, A day of search and discovery, Crystallized by yesterday. ! I imitsiesvninr hw, will , Y r ?Yl,y Ii',.si1.., -KL? A - PENN.-f in uuauwf 15,1 L.: T T -1- . guy' 1,..,.-gi V i . Lictatqgift Qi'-H' I ' 1 if A' ' ef . ifgigiwl li' -.4 ' ' ffl-F ' ' 11. . Pm- T lf' 5,651 Fl 52,99 ' 4 4 if T d igseigfifi ' :TFWKSQ f s. i b.:,fSa1..,JWfi:f-. -T w r- -w +?'r- v isis-W. I Look to this day- For it is tomorrow's past And yesterday's future. THE PAST IS THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE. Now, here are your future memories- Not a moment's monument, but a year's Caught as they hurried across The narrow threshold of the present Into the twilight country of the past. . . . And Many Doors Keys From the Past Page I .... Introduction Page 9 .... Faculty Page we ...t.. Seniors Page 43 .... Juniors Page ei ...... Sophomores Page 79 .s.... Organizations Page I in ,.r.. Activities Page 129 ..... Sports Page 157 ..... Personalities Page use .... Postlude Page I87 ..... Index to the Future rl' Y' sf ff if ig 1 3 1- f :J , . Q. ,gy ,..,:. x i , Y' 2 2 1' J x ,i 3 1 kr . W' 6 i Jai' , nl' 8 53 255311 Q We Wi af .un A , S is V 1 if E w f. 3' in X, 5 fb gif' 'arg fl x 7' 5 W M ,sauna-.-...- -v gf' , YL + Aff' N . J 3 ...QP 'if l '41-..,.a-.. MR. JOE P. MOORE Superintendent of Schools MR. ELDEN B. BUSBY Deputy Superintendent .X-A 5,10- -J ii? MR, ROY M. STONE Assistant Superintendent of High Schools "I thought you said it was our stomach that Guides A.H.H. . Administration y . hurt, Ginger," glares Mrs. Fisher suspiciously. K,-X The Board of Edurutioaz of lbe Forth lVarll1 Public School: inrludef Mfr. Carey H. Snydery Mr. Lloyd L. Tnmerg Mr. Atwood McDonald, wire-preridenn Mr. lI7illiam Pain, preJidenz,' Dr. fame! N. 1Valker, Jefretary,' Mr. R0y Bfookf, and Dr. Abe Greinef. I0 MR. HOMER J. PEGRAM, Principal Under the supervision of Mr. Pegram, Mr. Sharp, and Miss I-laden, the secretarial, financial, and attendance responsibilities form the nucleus of official organization that directs the school activities and the counseling Pl'Ogl'Hl1l. MISS KATHRYN HADEN MRS. MARY TATE, Counselor Cooking, Reading. MR. NICK RUGGIERI Counselor Family, Student Council Sponsor. 5:5-f 9'9- Dean of Girls. MRS. DOROTHY WATKINS Secretary l Grandson, Church, Young People. MRS. VELMA SANDERS Secretary Football, Church, Youth Activities. MRS. HAZEL FARR Sewing, Photography. MR. MRS. EMILY BIGHAM Librarian Water Skiing, Gardening, Library Club, Book Jackets. MRS. LIARY HOOD Librarian JOHN B. SHARP Assistant Principal Gardening, Bowling, Record Collect- ing, Book jackets. MRS. MARY FISHER Nurse Fishing. Liberal Arts Languages Provide Enrichment MRS. ANNE AYALA sor. MR. MILTON BRANSFORD SOI. MRS. FRANCES CAVENESS Reading, Bridge, Spectator Sports. MRS. GLENNA FAYE EDWARDS K U Flowers, Family. Reading, Ceramics, Chess Club Spon- Music, Theatre, Travel, Tri-Lit Spon- M ' M' MRS. OLETA EPPS Poetry Reading, Seeing Literary Amer- ioa, Annual Sponsor. MRS, BELLE B. EVANS Flowers, Interior Decorating, Antiques MRS. CAROL GRAY Sewing, Music, Charcoal Drawing Jacket Journal Sponsor. MR. DONALD W. HOKETT Hunting, Water Sports, Photography MRS. GLADYS R. HUNTER Historic Shrines, Drama Theatre. MR. MAYHEW MANTOR Classroom Teachers Association. MRS. FLOSSIE POSTON Reading, Young Citizens Forum Spon- SOI. MRS. NANCY SMOTHERMAN Travel, Water Sports. s "Please, Mrs. McCluney, may I touch it?" begs jo Ann Duban. MISS HELEN F. HALE Sports, Coins, Cheerleaders Sponsor. ,wr 5 "What hath quenched them hath given me fire," reflects Lady Macbeth, alias Mrs. Evans, as she greets members of the English Council. MISS GRACE BOONE Reading. MISS CAROL KITCHENS Water Skiing, Tennis. MRS, EVELYN MCCLUN EY Antiques, Gardening, Architec- ture. MRS. SARA M. NICKERSON Family. DR. T. E. DURHAM Young People. 'wil Xev-it History Challenges Thinking Adult comprehension of current world problems and a working knowledge of our government can best be gained through the study of history, for an understanding of universal and national events of the past serves to enlighten us on present issues and aid in planning for the future. Through the study of history, students become familiar with their American heritage and that of other nations. By serious application of the prin- ciples of democracy, they may gain a sense of re- sponsibility for coming generations. MISS ALICE BENNETT Travel. "But Mr. Supervisor Dyche," pleads Mr, Sherrod, "I only tell these jokes to instill MISS KATHRYN GARRETT Revitalrzmg U S A Young Interest In my Classes' Citizens Forum Sponsor. MRS. KATHLEEN HANLEY Composing Sacred Music, MRS. MARY MARSH Family. MRS. BETTY A. QUIMBY Spectator Sports, Musical Comedies. MR. JOE R. SHERROD Family, Spectator Sports, MRS. MARY F. WARREN Reading, Travel. MR. JAMES E. YORK Photography, Army MISS GRACE BECKER Rfsfwfs- Hooked Rugs and Other Handiwork, A. Y. Sponsor and Senior Class Sponsor. l4 are 'CVR ,wran- Ar v Music Theatre Home Movies jacket Tootlight Players Spon- Arts Enhance Appreciation I ' 1 V, .-.. ' Films Camping Ranching. MR RAY DYCHE "Now-W-w-wi Mr. Besecla, are you sure it was that big? Ham Radio Boating 1: T- A' exclaims Gloria Hampton! MRS. MARY LYNN FOUST Water Skiing, Small Son, MRS. FAE HARRISON Volunteer Hospital Worker. MRS. JUNE LAY Wfalks in Country, Reading MISS HAZEL NELSON Travel, D.E.C,A. Sponsor. hiv' MRS. BONNIE L. PARMETER Collects Antique Furniture and Cut Glass. MRS. MARY E. WHITE Antiques, Concerts, Chorus Sex- tet Sponsor. MR. PHIL W. WRIGHT Sports, Boating, Furniture. Science Stimulates Interest "Listen, Runnels, one more hole-in-one and I'm quitting!" pouts Sergeant Wood. I6 MR. MARVIN A. MILLER Children, Red Cross Sponsor. MR. TOMMY RUNNELS Golfing, Fishing, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach. MISS DONA LEE STOVALL F. T. A. Sponsor. MR. ARCH VAN METER Gardening. MXSGT. LEON MCDUFFIE Fishing, Rifle Firing, Rifle Team Sponsor. SXSGT. HERMAN WOOD Golf, "A" Drill Team Sponsor. , u '..,G ' Q . 0 f, " 0 C MR. FLAVIN J. ARSENEAU Science Science Club Sponsor. MR. JACK Fishing, "O-o-0-0, Mr. Miller, are you sure this is what the Fairy God-Mother used on Cinderella?" questions Miss Stovall and Sylvia Backus. Research, Camping, L. MARTIN l : ' we MRS. ELVA LERRET Chairman Math Builds America MRS. FRANCES COON MR. EDWIN KAHLER Bridge, MR. H, R. QBUCKJ KRAUSS Sports MISS MARY PARKER Gardening, Flowers, MR. BOB PHILLIPS Electronics, Science Club Sponsor. Hunting, Fishing, Flowers. MRS. IRENE PRICE Gardening MR. ARCHIE STEVENS Ranchih Y CQM. My 'mil . .- "I 'ust love m new tinker to s " i les Mr. Krauss. "Us too," 1 Y y, egg agree Marty Meihaus and Wanda Hicks. MR. WILLIE TAYLOR Fishing. J ,ui SF" as--Q MR. DAYTON CARTER MR. I-IOMER LUDIKER MR. JOE PRATER ,ef WS I 6 "'5o i Q "What do I do now, Coach?" queries jim Ankele of Coach joe Prater after "gently" nudging Larry Kirk. All Sports, Tennis Team Sponsor. Football. MR. L. B. MORRIS Coaching Sports, Basketball Spon- sor, x, PE Promotes Fitness MRS. MARTHA AUSTIN Philatelist, Art, Varsity Vol leyball Sponsor. MRS. JO ANN EGGLESTON New Baby, Varsity Volley ball Sponsor, MISS BARBARA JOAN OLIVER Thesis, Canoeing, Varsity Volleyball Sponsor. MRS. LORAINE WILSON Golf, Sophomore Volley ball and Tennis Sponsor. "Do you mean to say, Sgt. McDuffie, that your whole Rifle Team joined P. E? frowns Sgt. Wwd. 'S KATHIE AURIN ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, 2 yrs., Tennis, 2 yrs., Sextet, 2 yrs, FRANK BAILEY AY, 3 yrs.: Alt.'Cheerleader, H. R. officer, 2 yrs., Golf, 3 yrs. JUDY BALDRIDGE Sec'y of Student Body, Pres. FTA, Sec'y of Young Citizens' Forum, "J" Club, 2 yrs. JERRY BALL Football mgr., 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., "A" Club, 2 yrs. RONNIE BALLARD Track, 3 yrs.g "A" Club. HARRY BARTAY AY. JEANETTE BARTON FTA, AY, 2 yrs,g Chorus. JERRY BARTON Rifle Team, 3 yrs.g ROTC JEANETTE BATY Alt. Councilman, Lab. asstg AY, Red Cross. CAROL BATTERSI-TELL "J" Club, Leonard's Awardg FTA, AY, 2 yrs. RONNIE BENNETT ERIC ANDERSON JIMMY ABSHIRE MIKE ANDREWS Football, 3 yrs., H, R pres Football 3yrs AY A Club Student Counqiia 2 yis J Soph Favorite Fimlist Club. JEAN ADAMS D. E. officer, Footlight Pay ers, AY: Chorus. MIKE ADDISON AY, 2 yrs., Pres. of D. E. JERRY ALBRITTON PHILIP ANTHONY Lab. asst.g Science Club, Student Council, Baseball, 2 yrs. BARRY APPLEWHITE Pres. Young Citi- zens' Forum, AY, 2 yrs, Clubg Leonards Award. PETER ARNOW AY. Band, 3 yrs., All Region Band, Orchestra, 3 yrs.g fer lst Chair All City Orchestra. GEORGE BERG AY, 2 yrs., Drill Team. 20 Y' R es 3 ys, AY rep 7 yrs Footlight Players. 443 SUMTER BRUTON STANLEY G. BeVEI.I.E Baseball, "P" Club: C h o r u s Phillips, N eb r., Science Club, Bit- burg, Germany. 1 BILL BLACK A Y. Intramural Football. "vii -L1 '-::' Baseball, 3 yrs., "A" Club. MARY BRYANT Library Asst., ZVQ yrs.: "I Club, 2 yrs., Leonards Award. 3 yrs. JOHN BURK "A" Club, 2 YES., AY, 2 yrs., "J" C 1 u b, Football mgr.. 3 yrs. JUDY BUSCHBAUM H. R. officer, Y o u n g Citizens' Forum officer, I'-I" Club, 2 yrs., Leon- arcl's Award. MARY BETH BLANTON H. R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. All -City Volleyj ball 7 'rs' Coun - , - s .. - seling Office asst. MARY ANN BOCK Orchestra. 3 yrs. Band, IM yrs. DONNA BOONE Cheerlealer, 3 yrs. Favorite, H, R fficer, "J" Club -J -...-1 TERRI BUSHELL Footlight Players, FTA: Leonards '-' Award, AY. JOHN BORDERS Track, 3 yrs., AY, jr. Achievement. Z yrs. MARGARET BOX Red Cross, 2 yrs, AY, 2 yrs. LAURIE BOZEMAN Student Council, 3 yrs., "J" Club, Leonards Award FTA, 3 yrs. LESLIE BRADSHAW Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs., Leonards Award 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. GWENN BRAGAN All-City Volleyball, 3 yrs., H. R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs, Footlight Players. EVERETT BRANDENBURG AY, 2 yrs., Intramural Basketball, Football and Volleyball. RUSTY BRAZELTON Intramural Football. EUGENE BROOME BETTY BROWN Chorus, AY, Red Cross, JJ Staff. GRACE E. BROWN AY, 3 yrs., Footllght Players, 2 yrs. RONALD BROWN Amateur Radio Club, Track, Surfers Club, 2 yrs., San Diego, Calif. TERRY BROXVN TOMMY BROWN Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Track, Intramural Bas- ketball, AY, 2 yrs. 2 22 pella Choir, Tulsa, Okla. "Seniors Lead Splrlt Best Ever At Heights ROXEECALINSON Pegram CECIL CANNON Baseball. BEA CANO AY. JOE CANO ROTCg Drill Tea MARSHA COHEN CARLBERG IUDI CARPENTER Footlight Players Young Citizens Forum FTA Student Council 5 yrs El P so BILL CARRELL Football, 3 yrs A Club Footlight Players Woodshop foreman 2 yrs JAN E CARRINGER All-City Volleyball, 3 yrs.g Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs Club, 2 yrs.g H. R. reporter, 3 yrs. GLENNA CARTER AY, 5 yrs.g Footlight Players, 2 yrs.g Councilman SUSIE CASTLES AY, 3 yrs.g jj Staffg Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs: Pres 0 Tri-Hi-Y. SANDRA CATES ANITA CATT AY. HAROLD CAVE ROTCQ Drill Teamg Officers' Club. RONNIE CEARLEY Basketball, 5 yrs.g Baseballg Footballg AY. DIANNE CETTO LYNNE CHAMPION Band, 3 yrs.g AYQ FTA. CATHRYN CHANDLER AY. CYNTHIA CHANDLER AY, 2 yrs.g Footlight Players, 2 yrs.g FTA. IDA CHANDLER AYQ Leonard's Award. MARY ANNA CHANDLER FTAQ Biol. Lab. asst.g Footlight Playersg ,A Cap- 'O Danny Mulkey Wields COLifffNEYCH1?Nl5Y Gavel For Ft. Worth promore Faxorrte, Student Council, AY, 3 yrs.g H. R. officer. War? Safety Council DAVID CHERRY AYg "B" Football: Intramural Football. BRAD CHOATE TONIIVIY CHRISTIAN H. R. pres.g AY, 3 yrs, KATHY CLARK Footlight Players, 3 yrs., jr. Achievement. SAM CLARK D, E., ROTC, INIARY JANE CLEVELAND YJ Staff, Student Council, Chem. Lab. asst.g H, R. officer fo! LONNIE CLOVER Football, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., "A" Club, 3 YIS-3 AY, 3 yrs. DON COATES "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs., H. R. officer, 2 yrs.g Young Citizens' Forum. 2 yrs. RANDY COCHRAN Basketball, 5 yrs. JAMES PAUL COHEN Band, 3 yrs. PAT COLE All-City Volleyball, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 5 yrs., H. R. officer, 2 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs. NANCY COLEMAN vi. I' -Jw Nw-I AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross. CATHY COLLIER Student Council, Footlight Players, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. CORKY COLLINSWORTH Intramural Football, Baseball, AY. QQ' GRETCHEN CONNELL AY rep. SUSAN CORBIN AY, 2 yrs., Young Citizens' Forumg Red Cross. MARGARET CORNELIUS AY, 5 yrs., Nurses asst.g Footlight Players. JOE COSMAN Track, Footlight Playersg AYQ Red Cross. H. R. officer, 2 yrs., Leonards Award, AY, 3 yrs., JUDY CRAWFORD Leonarcls Award, Footlight Players, AY, 2 yrs., Library Club. KEN CROPPER "A" Club, 2 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., "J" Club, "B" Football. MONTY CROW JJ Staff, Biol, Lab. asst., LINDA CROWELL ers, Tri-I-Ii-Y. "Rack 'em up, sack 'em up . . . " dreams Kathie Aurin, as she, Roxee, and Jeanne yell in a pre- game pep rally. JOE DELWAIDE AY, Footlight Players, Intramural Track. CAROL ANN DENNIE JACK DERBY ROTC officer, Company Commander, AY. DANNY DODD RICKY DOUGLAS Footlight Players, AY. JO ANN DUBAN AY, 5 yrs., Footlight Players, FTA, Chorus. CONNIE DUNLAP AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs., FTA, All- City Volleyball, 2 yrs. JERRY DUSH ROTC, 2 yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs,, Hi-Y, 3 yrs., I-Ii'Y pres. 24 ROGER CUTCHIN TEDDY D'ANDRIOLE CHARLES DAVIS Football, 3 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., AY, Biol. Lab. asst. JJ Staff, Footlight Players, "J" Club, 2 yrs. Intramural Track, Football, "B" Football, AY. PAM DAVIS AY, 5 yrs., FNA 2 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs. JUNE DAY DIANE DEARMIN AY, 2 yrs., Footlight Players. Club, Drum and Bugle Corps. AY, Red Cross, Footlight Play- SJ, NELDA DYER Student Council, H, R, officer, FTA, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. SHARON DYER DECA officer, Booster Clubg GAA, Latin Club, Wfashington, Ind. NANCY EASTERLING Mixed Choir, Homecoming As- sembly, "A" Choir, Spanish Club, 2 yrs.. Decatur, Ill. RONNIE EDDINS Basketball, 3 yrs., Young Citi- zens' Forum, 2 yrs., AY, IISSL .Kar QQ . "I can't see too well," squints Dianne Nass at registration. "Does that sheet say Sergeant McDuffie is teaching girls' PE?" PAM EILAND AY, H. R. officer, Footlight Players. SONJA ELAM FTA, 3 yrs., Student Council, 3 yrs,g Leonards Awarclg Altrusa Award. CHARLES ELLET Band, 3 yrs., Student Council, AY, 2 yrs., Lab. BOBBY ELLIS AY, 2 yrs., H, R. pres., Intramural Footlnallg Young Citizens' Forum. VAN ZANDT ELLIS ,A Leonard's Award, Orchestra, 2 yrs., AY, Young 'w"Tf Citizens' Forum. JUDITH ENGEN AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, Leonard's Award, Young Citizens' Forum. GXWENDOLYN ENGLAND AY, 2 yrs., History asst. SANDRA ERNEST AYQ Red Cross, Footlight Players, Chorus. ROGER FARRIS AY, 2 yrs., Track, 2 yrs. JUDY FEDDERSEN DE, TriLHi-Y, AY, Red Cross. MARY FELDER AY, 3 yrs,g Footlight Players, Red Cross, 3 YIS-1 H. R. officer. CARL FINEFROCK H. R, officer, Drill Team, 2 yrs., Rifle Team, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. MAX FISHER Basketball, 2 yrs.g,Baseball, 3 yrs., "A" Club. TOMMY FISHER Football, 3 yrs., Student Council, "A" Club! Y0U1'lg Citizens' Forum. 25 26 JIANNINA FOX Young Citizens' Forum. ANN GAFFORD EMORY GAYLE GIBSON Maorette 2 'rs.: Band 5 'rs.g Student Council, H. IR, officer., 2 yrs. T 5 MIKE GIBSON Golf, 5 yrs., AY, H. R. officer, Lab. asst. PEGGY GILDER AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 5 yrs.g D. E., 2 yrs., Footl ight Players. TERRY GISH ROTC officer, Drill Team, 5 yrs., AY. DICKIE GLOVER ROTC officer, Rifle Team, 2 yrs. ALLEN GOODRUM LAUREN ANNE GOUGH Band, 5 yrs.g Library asst.g Orchestra, 5 yrs., AY. JUDY GRANT GLENDA GRIFFIN LARRY GUSTAESON Baseball mgr., 2 yrs.g Football mgr., 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. LARRY HACKNEY AYg Thespiansg Intramu- ral Football, 2 yrs. TERRY HANEY Football, 5 yrs.: AY, 1 "A" Club, Baseball. Research Group, Science Club, AY, 5 yrs., Fcotlight Players, 5 yrs., Red Cross, H. R. officer. WELDON FISHER ROTC. ED FITZGERALD Football, 5 yrs., Track, 5 yrs., H. R. pres., Young Citizens' Forum. JON FORY Band, 5 yrs,g ROTC officer, "A" Drill Team, 5 yrs., Drum and Bugle Corps, 3 yrs. BECKY GANDY Footlight Players, AY. JUDY GARWOOD Footlight Players, 5 yrs., Red Crossg AY, 2 yrs., AY rep. DAVID GASKAMP JACKIE GIBBS AY, 2 yrs., FTA, Leonards Award. RAY GALLAGI-IER AY, 2 yrs., "A Club, 2 yrs.g Track, 3 yrs. 'NOP -J 'mf DONNA HILL AY, Tennis: FTA. SKIPPY HILL AY, Footlight Playersg Club, Y o u n g Citizens' Forum. RONNIE HINZE Basketball, 3 ,yrsg H, R, pres.g AYg "A" Club. GARY HANKINS DXVAYNE HOLDEN AY, 5 yrs., Intramural Football, Chorus, 3 YYS-3 AY? Red Crosss Basketball, Baseball, Track, 3 yrs. JACK HANS jr. Achievement, AYg Footlight Playersg ROTC, 2 yrs. JO HANSEN HEATHER HOLDEN ROTC Sponsorg Student Court- AY: Student COUUCU- cilg H. R. officer, Young Citi- zens' Forum, MICHAEL LARRY HARDGRAVE AY, 2 yrs.: Intramural Foot- ballg Footlight Players. J I 5, N, K a M iff I 4' 3 if ..,... if . ,,' 'T ' ve 'x,1'f1.f xl t Ix . f.',X ,Q-v??q,,'?i Z, .. ,.,. -hlfstx. DIANE I-IARDISON Footlight Playersg D. E. officerg AY, DECA. ANN HARDWICKE National Honor Society, AY, 2 yrs., Young Citi- zens' Forum. NELL HARRELL AY, Red Cross, Footlight Players. SUZANNE HARRINGTON Orchestra, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs.g Leonards Award, 2 yrs.g H. R. officer. BOB HARRIS Young Citizens' Forumg AY rep., Chem. Lab. asst. Footlight Players. DWIGHT HEARD Band, 3 yrs.g Student Council. DICK HEARTWELL AY, Baseball, 2 yrs., Basketball, H. R. officer. MARY ANN HEATH AYQ Footlight Players. DIANA HENDERSON AY, 2 yrs., FI'Ag H. R. officer. PHIL HERMAN Rifle Teamg D. E. offi- cer. GINNY HERMANN Latin Club, Footlight 4 -5 WANDA HICKS Playersg GAA, FNA. SANDRA I-IILDEBRAND Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.g AY, Footlight Players, Tri-Hi- Y officer, 2 yrs. 27 SANDRA HOXVARD Honor Guardg Art Club. 'E-'v N. ix!-1"'2 X-I 1 A 4-i J. ' 3' 'f I - . f-4,-. sf., T A 31.12.55-a'z,9g:-,gngyr -f b .-.e,,. . s- . , . .G '5 U +5039 LORINDA JACKSON AY, Footlight Players. SANDRA JACKSON Leonards Award, 2 yrs., AY, FTA. JEFF JARVIS Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs.g Pres. of "A" Clubg Pres. of AYg "J" Club, 5 yrs. NANCY JENNINGS YJ Co-Editor: Jabberwncky Co-Editor: Student Body Treasg Vice-Pres, of AY. JIM JETT AYQ Drill Teamg ROTC officerg Color Guard. CLIFFORD JOHNSON Red Crossg Intramural Baseball. DEE JOHNSTON Footlight Players, 3 yrs.: Deans usst., 2 yrs.g Leon- ard's Award: PE asst. JAMES M. JOINER II Band, 5 yrs.g Orchestra, 3 yrs.g Research Group. Science Club, 3 yrs. DAVID JONES Basketball. 3 yrs.: Baseball, 3 yrs.g Key Club, Mangrum. Okla. LARRY JORDAN Drlil Team, 3 yrs.g Vice-Pres. of Chess Clubg Young Citizens' Forumg Chem. Lab. asst. BROOKE KELLY H. R. officer, 2 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs.g Red Crossg Young Citizens' Forum. BROOKS KELLY Chorus, 2 yrs. 28 ANNE HOOKER H, R. offzcer, 2 yrs.: Young Citi- zens' Forum: AY, 3 yrs.1 Leonards Award. JAMES HOTOPE AY, 3 yrs.g "A" Band, 3 yrs.g Foot- light Players, Red Cross, 5 yrs. BILLIE HUGHES Chess Club. DENNIS HULSE "J" Clubg Student Councilg Band, 3 yrs.g Chem. Lab, asst. BRENDA JACKSON Leonards Award, Clubg AY, 3 yrs.g Footlight Players, 3 yrs, BUD HOLDER KAREN HOLDER BOBBY HOOD Track, 2 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs.g Red Cross, 5 yrs. PAULA HOWELL AY, 3 yrs.g FTA. DIANA HUBBARD FTA, 3 yrs.3 AY 5 yrs. KAREN HOWELL AYQ Footlight Players. 'wr Q1-m., 54" I-...av XV.: ,UN --ni ff. ..4u- CHIGGER KING YJ Staff, I-I. R. officer, 2 yrs., jj Staffg Cl .ak ...rf f 'T -at vi'-'17 Llll JIMMIE KING AY. KATHY KIRK Seniors Ronnie Hinze, Patty Pownder, and Ronnie Cearley contemplate the future as they study college catalogs. LYNDELL KIRKLEY AY, Intramural Football, Basketball, and Base- ball. BARBARA KNUDSEN Band, 3 yrs.g Majoretteg YJ Staffg Footlight Players. PEGGY KOENIG Young Citizens' Forumg Leonards Award, Coun- seling Officer asst., Student Council. RAY KROTTINGER Baseball mgr., 3 yrs.g Football mgr.g AY, Red Cross, JUDY LAMB Science Club Sec'yg "J" Club, 2 yrs.g Library Club 'l'reas.g AY. 3 yrs. JERRY LANDWFHR Student Council, Clubg AY, 3 yrs.: Footlight Players. IIM LANE Vice-Pres. of Student Body, AY, AY, xice-pres.: jr. Favorite: H. R. officer, 3 yrs. NANCY LANE AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs,g Chorus, 2 yrs.g Student Council. 'D' :i ED LANFORD "B" Baseball, 3 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs.g "B" Football, "B" Track. DICK LARSON DEANN LAWS Leonards Award, Footlight Players, 3 yrs., FTA, 2 yrs.: AY. 2 yrs. JUDY LAWSON AY, Student Councilg FTA. SANDY LEE AY. 3 yrs.g I-I. R. officer: Red Crossg FTA. SUZY LEE AY, 3 yrs., H. R. officer, Red Crossg FFA. SUSAN LEHNERT Band, lk yrs., Majoretteg Sec'y of Sopb. Class, Lake XY'orth. 13' SUSAN LESLIE AY, 5 yrs., Office asst., 2 yrs. CARTER LLEWELLYN BILL LEQN DICK LEVERICH Tragka 5 yfsd AY2 "A" ub Co Editor of Yj Leonards 2 yrs. MADELON LEONARD AY, 3 yrs., H. R. officer MARY LEWIS YJ Staff, Student Council, Leonard's Award: Young Ci- tizens' Forum. SUSAN LINBARGER Footlight Players, AY. GEORGE LITTLE AY, Track, 2 yrs., Sportsmanship Committee, H. R. officer, 2 yrs. LUCINDA LONG AY, 3 yrs., H. R, officer, Leonards Award. SUZANNE LONG AY, 3 yrs., FTA, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs. JOHN R. LOWE YJ Staff, Z yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs., zens' Forum, 2 yrs., Drum and Bugle BILL LOWKE Band officer, Z yrs., Band, 3 yrs., Footliglit Players, 2 yrs. JOE LOWKE Band, 3 yrs., Band captain, Student DAN LOWRANCE Orchestra, Band, "J" Club, 2 yrs., Young Citi- Corps, 2 yrs. AY, 2 yrs., Council, AY Lab, Band. RONALD LUEDTKE AY, 3 yrs.: Young Citizens' Forum, H. R. officer, Intramural Football, 2 yrs. MARY ANN McCLURE AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum, Editor of jj, H. R. officer, 3 yrs. LYNDA MCGRATH AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum, H. R. pres., FTA. RICKY MCHENRY AY, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball. PEGGY McKAY Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., FTA, 3 yrs. TIM MCKINNEY H. R. pres., AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum, Intramural Football. CAROL MCMAHON JOHNNY MAAG AY, 2 Track, yrs., Football, 3 yrs., "A" Club, Z yrs., 30 tl" KATHLEEN MRCAULAY CURTIS MONTGOMERY Arr 2-SSY-3 Fooflighf Playersa Basketball, 5 yrs., JJ Staff, 2 3 FTA- yrs., Yj' Staff, ' 2 !Q BOB MOOR H. R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, "J" Club, 2 yrs., "A" Club. PAT MADDOX AY, 3 yrs., H. R. officer, Leonard's Award, Office ARCHIE MOORE ROTC B a t t 1 e Group Command- er, AY, "A" Drill asst. Team Command- SARA MALES AY, 3 yrs., Office asst,, Student C o u n c i lg R e d erg Lab. asst. Cross. ARLEEN MALONE PAT MALONEY ,YE --O Q-fr AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum, SHERRY MANIRE AY. BILL MARTIN AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players: Lab. Band. of' JUDY MASON AY Council, ROTC Sponsor, Young Citizens' , , Forum officer, "J" Club. 'af W6 SHARON MASON AY, 3 yrs., FTA, 2 yrs., "J" Club, -2 yrs., Foot- light Players, LYNN MASSEY AY, 3 yrs., H. R. officer, Red Cross, All-City Volleyball. JEANNE MATHIS AY, Tri-Hi-Y officer, 2 yrs., Red Cross. WAYNE MEADLIN Orchestra, 3 yrs., Band, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Lab. Band. 2 yrs. MARTY MEIHAUS ' NIP wx VL !'0' s.....,, R Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs.: H. R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Biol. Lab. asst. f' DONNA MELVILLE AY, 2 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Kaufman K-detts, 2 yrs., FHA, 2 yrs, SALLY MILLER FHA, McLean, Va., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Vice-Pres. of D. E. SHARON MILLER VIVIAN MILLER AY, 2 yrs., Footlight Players, Student Council, Red Cross, 2 yrs. SUSIE MILLS Lab. Band, 2 yrs., Or' chestra, 2 yrs., Band, 2 yrs., FTA. MIKE MOLLET "B" Football, H. R. offi- cer, AY. JIMMY MONDAY AY, Red Cross. 3' Parmeter And Murray Head Sportsmanship Committee GINNY MOORE BOB MOORE ROTC, 3 yrs AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Band 5 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs. SYLVIA MOORE Band Officer, Lab. Band, 2 yrs., "J" Club, Foot- light Players, 2 yrs. KATHY MORRIS AY, 5 yrs, Jr. Achievement, Tri-Hi-Y. TERRY MORRIS Golf, 3 yrs., AY, "A" Club, Chem. Lab. asst. JANICE MOTTET Student Council, 2 yrs, Footlight Players, AY, 5 sorirgaf MULHOLLAND Football, "B" Baseball, H. R. officer, AY, 3 yrs. DANNY MULKEY Golf, 3 yrs., Vice-Pres. of "A" Club, Cheerleader, Pres. of Fort Worth Safety Council. JUDY MUNDAY AY, Footlight Players, D. E. JIM MURPHY Red Cross, I-I, R. Officer, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. DOYLE MURRAY Track, 2 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 yrs,, Student Council, 2 yrs. PAUL MURRAY Baseball, 3 yrs., "B" Football, AY, 5 yrs. MIKE MYERS Science Club, AY, 2 yrs, Math Club, Young Citi- zens' Forum. PAT NANNEY Football, 5 yrs., Track, 2 yrs., AY. DIANNE NASS AY, 3 yrs., Volleyball, Footlight Players, Young Citizens' Forum. DANNY NEAL SALLYE NEAL AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, Young Citizens' Forum, H. R. officer. GAYLE NEEDI-IAM ROTC. Sponsor, 2 yrs., Vice-Pres. of AY, "J" Club, Le0nard's Award, 2 yrs. BECKY NEELY AY, 2 yrs, FTA, 2 yrs, JJ Staff, Volleyball. 32 Yr fm fa Y ,ew . ...A .Md 1.4-'Y Q 13 Na' 'td 4-W RONALD NELSON Football, 3 yrs., "A" Club, 2 yrs., AY. in-Y aialfsff Susie Senevey Pres. Of Fort Worth Teenage Library Club CHARLES NEWMAN Cheerleader, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs, "J" Club. PETER NICHOLS Drill Teamg ROTC officer. LYNETTE NIMS AY, FTAQ Chorusg "B" Band. ANITA NIX Band, 3 yrs.g Library Club, 2 yrs.g FTA, 3 yrs: "J" Club, 2 yrs. RICKY NORRIS SUSAN OCHOJSKI AY, 3 yrs.g Footlight Players, 2 yrs., AY, rep, 2 yrs. 1 CAROLE O'DELL Buck Hill Falls Delegateg ROTC Sponsorg H. R pres., 2 yrs., "J" Club. RONNIE OLSON Tennis, 3 yrs.g AY. "" A. MARTIN ONEAL AYg "B" Football. BILL OTOOLE MYRNA PAGE D. E.g Chorus, AYg Red Cross. FRED PANKEY Drill Team, Footlight Players, AY, 3 yrs. REN E PARIS AYQ Sextetg Footlight Players. FAUST PARKER Football, 3 yrs. JOHN PARKIN Science Clubg ROTC, 2 yrs., AY. PAT PARMETER mittee, "J" Club, 2 yrs. 'A' TOMMY PATTON Track 3 yrs., "A" Club, 2 yrs. JAMES PAULSEL Science Club, Leonard's Award. ROTC Sponsorg FIA officer, Sportsmanship Com- Kathy MacAuley displays her painting of the bleeding sergeant in Macbeth. DAVID PENDERY ROBERT PERKINS AY, 2 yrs., Lab. Band, 5 yrs., Band, 3 yrs. BEA PERRY H, R. officer, 2 yrs., "J" Club, 3 yrs., Majorette, 2 yrs., Student Council. LYNN PERRY V AY, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi4Y, 2 yrs., Red Cross, Footlight Players. SUSAN PHILBIN DUTCH PHILLIPS SUE ANN PHILLIPS AY, 2 yrs. RUTH PIEPLOW Chorus, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., FTA, Sextet. JON PIERATT Tennis, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Footlight Players, 3 yrs. SHARON PLUMLY CAROL PORTER AY, 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Red Cross, Footlight Players. KENNETH PORTER Chess Club Pres., Drum and Bugle Corps, ROTC Staff, Young Citizens' Forum. KATHLEEN POWELL Science Club, AY,- 2 yrs., Footlight Players, Young Citizens' Forum. RONNY POWELL AY, Red Cross, Intramural Football, Basketball. FRANCES POWER GAA, Spanish Club, Japan. 34 TOMMY PAVILLARD EUDORA PAYNE AY, 2 yrs., H. R. offi- cer. BILL PELTON Science Club Pres., Chess Club, Winner of U. S. Navy Science Cruise, H. R, officer. Q-ev ,X,,,,-lv vf-vu' adv fw- ,pf :fg- Okay Archre directs Phil Anthony, "now push hard, and I think it will fit AY Red Cross Oftice asst I-ootlight Players. AY 3 yrs Tootlight Players Red Cross 3 yrs.g V1cePrLs of FTA Student Council, AY, 2 yrs. Student Councrl AY, H. R. officer, ,U Staff. AY Intramural Football. Intramural Tootball Trackg Golf. Footlight Players Pres.g AY, Young Citizens' Forum H R officer. GAII. RAY Librariang "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens Forum. BECKY REESE AYQ FTA: FNAQ Leonards Award. ROY REEVES AY. NORMAN REUTI-IER Basketball, 3 yrs.g AY, 3 yrs., "A" Club, ANDREA REYNOLDS AY, FTA, Footlight Players. BENNY RIDDLE "A" Rifle Team, 5 yrs., ROTC, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs.g Drill Team, 2 yrs, DAVID RIMBEY AY, 2 yrs., Intramural Football, Baseball, Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs. BARBARA RITCI-IIE AY, Footlight Players, Tri-Hi-Y. 35 MARGARET RODGIERS H. R. officer, 3 yrs., AY, 2 IOHN ROGERS yrs., Cheerleader. JIMMY ROWE "B" Football, AY, 2 yrs., Intramural Football, Track. TOM RUMPI-I AY, H. R. pres. JACK RUX Intramural Football, Volleyball. JON RYND Intramural Football, Softball, Track, AY, 2 yrs. JOHN SAMPISH AY, Intramural Football, Basketball. BENNIE SANDOVAL ROTC officer, "A" Drill Team. TOMMY SARICH Football, Baseball, Intramural Softball, AY. DANA SATTERFIELD FTA, FNA, Red Cross, 2 yrs. BILL SAYRE Student Council, 2 yrs. Club, Band, 5 yrs. AY, 2 yrs. VERETY SCHOPMIEYER AY, FTA, Young Citi zens' Forum. DAVE SCHROEDER Jr. Achievement, 2 yrs. Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY. MARILYN SCOTT ALIDA SELBY Dean's asst., Student Council, "J" Club, Vice- Pres. of Footlight Play- 36 CTS, ALLEN ROBBINS. PAT ROEDER Drill Team, AY, ROTC offi- AY, 3 yrs Tr HiY 2 r car, Footlight Players. Red Cross Tootlight Players Football, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs., AY: "A" Club, 2 yrs. JUDY ROEDERER F T A, L ib r a r y Club, Red Cross. CONNI ROGERS Student Coun- cil, AY, Library Club, IJ Staff. Library Club Pres "J" Club, yrs Leonards Av-arcl, 2 yrs.g JON SI-IILLING GAYLE STEVENS BOB STEGALL ROTC, 2 yrs.: Rifle Team Captg "A" Drill Team, 3 yrs., Guidon Bearer. 2 yrs. MIKE STEPHENS Leonards Awardg AY, H, R, officerg Intramural Football. SID SHULTS AY, AY Beauty Contest, Intramu- ral Football. AY: Red Crossg Office asst.g Tri- Hi-Y. JERI ST. JOHN FTAg AY, 2 yrS.g Y-Teens. BILL SIMMONS JUDY SIMMONS Nurses asst.g Library officer. LYNN SIIVIMONS -gn 0 sf.,-.,, KIINI SMITH Football, 3 yrs.g AYQ "A" Club, Baseball. LARRY SMITH DAVE SNIPES UQ-011 'QI asst.g "J" Clubg H. R. AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 5 yrs., Footlight Players. MARCIA SIMMS ROTC Sponsor, U Staffg H. R. officerg Young BETTY SKILES D. E.: Red Cross, AY: Chorus. Ngjr' EARL SMITH Football: AY, H. R. officer. ELLIOTT SMITH ROTC, 2 yrs.g AYQ Football. 2 yrs.g Baseball, GREG SMITH Intramural Footballg Footlight Players, H. R. offi Research Group, 2 yrs., Band KATHRYN SOTER AY rep.g.H. R. officer Footlight Players, 2 yrs CHARLOTTE SPAULDING Chorusg AYQ Red Cross INIARY SPELCE "J" Club, Library Club H. R. officer, Red Cross MONTE SPELL AYg Red Crossg Intra mural Football. GERALD STANCIL Football, 2 yrs.g AY Track. 3 7 1 Sonja Elam, Chairman Of KENNETH STOKES ROTC, 5 yrs.g "A" Drill Team ROTC officerg Young Citizens Forum. BARBARA STONE Decoration Committee For Second Year dent Council, 2 yrs.g "J" Club 2 yrs. SUSIE STOVER H. R. officer, 5 yrs.g Young Citizens' Forum MIKE STRANGE Football, 5 yrs.g AYQ Young Citizens' Forum. LORI STRASHEIM Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.g FTA, 2 yrs.g "J" Club, 2 yrs.g H. R. officer. JUDY STRIPLING Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs.g AYQ Red Cross. NANCY SUTTON AY, 2 yrs.g Red Cross. VICKY SXVANSON "J" Club, 2 yrs.g All-City Volleyball, 3 yrs.g Leon- ard's Award, 2 yrs.g H. R. officer, 3 yrs. --af SUZY SWEET AY, '3 yrs.g Footlight Playersg Office asstg Red Cross. JERRY SWINNEA LARRY SYKES H. R. preS,g Student Councilg AY. FREDERICK D. TART Bandg ROTC Staffg National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalistg Drum and Bugle Corps. JOHN TAYLOR AYQ Intramural Football. ROBERT TAYLOR Drill Team Commanderg Battle Group Staffg Drill Team. 2 yrs.g Art asst. SANDRA TAYLOR AYg FTAQ Chorus. BRIAN THOMAS DWAINE THOMAS ,,,"ff-v AYQ I.eonard's Award. BOBBY THOMPSON AYQ Intramural Football. ROTC Sponsorg Young Citi- zens' Forumg Vice-Pres.3 Stu- fx an AR Sw "Seniors Have Characteristics BUCK THOMPSON Needed To Become Leaders JIMMY THOMPSON Football. 3 yrs., Track. 3 yrs., "A" Club. Z yrs., Red Cross. f 2 ' , O World Tomorrow," Says Counselor Tate MARIE THOMPSON YJ Staff, Footlight Players, Young Citizens' Forum, AY, 3 rrs. BETXTY THORNTON Majorette, 2 yrs., "J" Club, AY: Orchestra. IVAN THORNTON YJ Staff, Club, 2 yrs., Stu- dent Council, 2 yrs., Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, STEVE THRELKELD AY, Golf, Intramural Foot- ball, MARVIN TINSLEY RICKY TODD Football, 3 yrs., AY, Baseball, 3 yrs. JEANNE TRAMMELI. AY, Chorus, Red Cross, Footlight Players. WANDA TRUSSELL All4City Volleyball, 3 yrs. FRED TUCKER up All-City Baritone. DAVE TURNER Golf, 3 yrs., Football. DAVID TURNER AY, 2 yrs., Chess 'uClub, Red Cross, 3 yrs. ERIC VAN HAMMERSVELD Footlight Players, Chess Club, JJ Staff. ANNE VOSS JJ Staff, Leonard's Award, FTA, 3 vrs., AY, 3 yrs. CHRIS XVADDLE Battle Group, Drum and Bugle Corps, Chess Club, N' JJ Staff. CHARLOTTE WALKER AY, Footlight Players, H. R. officer, Student Coun- cil. 39 "J" Club, FTA, 3 yrs., Student Council, 2 yrs., Band, 3 yrs., Chorus, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Runner- Majorettes Emory Gibson, Bea Perry, Betty Thornton, and Barbara Knudsen display trophies and medals won in twirling competition. NELSON WARREN Chorusg D. E. ANN WATSON AY, 5 yrs.g Student Councilg Footlight Players. HARVEY WEHMAN Chess Clubg Golf. SYLVIA WEHMANEN Orchestra, 3 yrs., Band, 2 yrs.g Tri-Hi-Y, 5 yrs.g "J" Club. LINDA XWEIR FNAQ AY. 2 yrs.g Red Cross. SCOTT XVHEELER Red Cross, 2 yrs.g AY. KAY W1-IIPKER AYQ Chorusg Red Cross, 3 yrs. DIANNE WHITE "J" Club, 3 yrs.g AY, 2 yrs.g Leonards Award, 2 yrs.q Footlight Players, 3 yrs. SHERRY WHITEHEAD Pres. of Tri-Litg Senior Footlight Players rep.g Footlight Players, 3 yrs. KENNY WICKETT Tennis, 3 yrs.g "A" Clubg AY. KARRON WILI-IITE Library asst.g Office asst.g Lab. asst. PATSY WILLARD AY. 3 yrs.g Footlight Players, 3 yrs.g Dean's asst.g Speech asst. BOBBY WILLIAMS SHARON XVALKER AY, 3 yrs., H. R. offi- cer, 2 yrs.g Leonard's Awardg Red Cross. BERRY WALL Footlight Players: Red Cross, 2 yrs. JUDY WALTS AYQ Red Cross, jj Staff. KIRBY WARREN Football, 5 yrs.g Base- ball, 3 yrs., Treas. of Young Citizens' Forumg H. R. officer, 2 yrs. 2 129' "B" Footballg H. R. pres.g AY. PAX WILLIAMS Battle Group Staff, "A" Drill Teamg AY. 'N-li avg 'Qs x! Nd '3' R Y,-r .1 VENETTA WILLIAMS AY, Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Lab. asst., FNA. EMILY WILLIAMSON Footlight Players, AY, 5 yrs., FTA. SUE WILLS FNA Pres., Sextet, Chorus, 5 yrs. SCOTIY XVIMBERLY D,E. BARBY XVINTER SENIORS NOT PICTURED Josephine Faye Lewis Diana Reilly Sharon Swinnea Joseph Bennett George Burwell James Hamlin Glenn Harrison David Hempton Raymond Wesley Long, Jr. Michael Clay Meglasson Robert Edward Molloy Curtis Swafford Thomas Hurford Thom Bobby Thoms Ronnie Scott Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs. ROGELIO WISCOVITCH -..-3 .1 "B" Football, "B" Baseball. GLENN VU ISE Band, 3 yrs.: Lab. Band, 5 yrs., AY. sl ri gfdk ,,,-.. NM! J DENNY VUOODSON AY. DAN WOODY Football, 3 yrs., Track, 3 yrs., AY, "A" Club SUE WOOLDRIDGE Student Council, AY, 3 yrs., FTA, Young Citizens Forum. LINDA WOOLSEY AY, H. R. officer, 2 yrs., FTA. REAGAN WORD Student Council, AY, 2 yrs. JIMMIE WRIGHT 20 Voice Select Choir, Bible Club, French Club, Eastern Hills, Footlight Players. RICK YAHR AY, Track, 3 yrs., "A" Club, 2 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum. DIANA YANKEE Vice-Pres. of Footlight Players, Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs., Club, JJ Staff. LINDA YARBROUGH "J" Club, Library Club, Young Citizens' Forum, AY. JEANETTE YEAGER Band, 3 yrs.: Chorus, 5 yrs., FNA, "J" Club. FRANK YOUNG Science Club, "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs.. LARRY YOUNG Baseball, 3 yrs.: Student Council, 2 yrs., Intramural Football, AY 4l ,A 7232 f , HT 'd 2 Senior Tammy Fubef, Imzz Thornton Nmzry jenrzingf, and Rowe Crzlnzmfz "Why asks Ann Hookcr IS the shutter snaps "Oh great I 'NJ-f --Aff C3' Jeannine Abbott Sharon Adams Patty Allison Terilee Amos hi.. "Listen, George," says Jeff Warren, "I've got these boys well trained. They've caught five flies in just this lunch period." Monette Anderson Linda Kay Andrews jim Ankele Karen Armstrong Don Arnold Clifford Ash Lynda Kay Autly nv-19' Sylvia Backus Linda Badgett Linda Bagby B. L. Bagwell Susan Bailey Dewitt Baker james Balay Dee De Ball john Ballard Chris Balthrop Georgia Baronousky Sandra Barton Ronnie Bearden Donna Bedford jim Belknap Elizabeth Berrey Rick Besse James Bessler Joe Bessler Gayle Birmingham Two As Buck Hill Falls Delegates Nancy Lee Brown Earl Bruner Steve Buchanan james Buis joe Butts Barbara Byars Dorothy Callioon Dennis Carpenter Rajeania Carrigan Vance Castles Carol jean Cauthen Donna Caveness Carol Cearley Garvin Chastain Cheryl Cheney Floyd Bishop Bill Blount Linda Boren Peggy Borts Bill Boughton Sandra Bourland Roxanne Boyd Richard Brandt Lucy.Bra.nts jamie Bratcher Robert Bridges jimmy Brock Wanda Brooks Pat Browder Darlene Brown 'Q -QV sd W 1, Q' G K' Z W-evo 1 a"" 'af Lowdon And Melton Capture Student Council Offices Shannon Coffee Carol Coffey jack Colburn Barbara Cole Cathy Coleman Mitzi Coleman Larry Compton Dianne Conaway Doug Conner jack Conrad jimmy Cooley John Cooper Bobby Copple Peggy Corbitt Miki Cosby Butch Clark Lynne Clark James Clarke johnny Clarke Mike Claunch Tommy Coldfelter George Clough Brian Coffay Judy Childress Tommie Choate Michelle Christensen Tommy Cirkal Sandra Clapp Ann Clark Gary Chesnut Richard Chesnut W' sd' Gary Cox Herman Cox Leann Cox john Craft jean Crotty Stephen Crow i-'.-if "Speak up, man. The comancheros did what to you? Jeanne Carrol Cunningham Darlene Curtis Jimmy Dale Robert Dalby David Dalton Tommy D'Andriole Dana Daniel Gary Darwin Y" Juli Davies De An Dean Don Dcarmore Ted De Lorme jean Derrick Pat De Vries Bob Diaz Caroline Dickey Marti Dickey Ruby Dirkey jean Dickson Helen Diclu Chunk Doerwald Kaye Duster Melvin Douglass No, no, keep away," warns Camille Keith. Bobbie Fairclo Anne Feagan Loma Fellows Pam Ferguson Phil Ferguson Abraham Fernandez Lenny Ferstenfelcl Shirley Fielder Mark Fields Linda Kay Fine Mike Fisher Gail Fleming Keith Flickinger Judy Flippo Jack Ford Nancy Engen Eileen Erskine Barbara Evans Carolyn Evans Janice Evans Noela Evans Richard Everett Ray Everly 51 .F-'fr Konnie Duff Rusty Duncan Hank Duvall Bob Eames Ronnie Eddins Leanne Elliot Dottie Downin Garrett Drew S N., il' 'ED' jamy Fox Barbara Frost Eddie Fulton "It's time for my afternoon beauty nap," muses Missy Lee I guess yell have to call the game off for about an hour," Max Gathings Beverly Getz Lawrence Geuea Susan Gibbs Stanley Gish Annette Glasscock David Glazier Linda Goclley Nr vw Carole Goff Mike Goode Ted Gorski Don Gossler Claudia Green Karen Grider Rodger Grimes Terry Guerrant ,ludy Guinn Chris Hailey john Hairston Barbara Hallam jane Hallmark Larry Hamrick Morris Hankins "A dollar for my six weeks rest, fifty cents for my term theme. I guess that will take care of this six week's grade," figures Miki Cosby. 50 Linda Herman Kathi Herrity Millie Ann Hill Stephanie Hillaker Bari Holden Vifayne Holstrom Marianne Holstrom Maxine Honeycurt jimmy I-Ioodenpyle Michael Hopper Valerie Horton Chuck Hoster Jamie Howard james Howeth Wesley Huckabay Sarah Harrison Georgia Ann Hart Barbara Hatfield Don Hawley Buzz Helena Andy Henderson jim Henderson Janice Henslee l r , Qi ,, pi, john Hardin Alex Harkins Charles Harper Joe Harper Jerry Harris james Harrison i S. X99 ti ,--M 'Nik -s-Q., lar at fr a ' Deloris Hanna Pat Hardage '4927 -'.,,,s 1...-.... ""f5' .-5 'Qs- lg..-Cb 'T' .,,,. Uv Sam Hunt Stuart Hutchins Betty jefferson 'E i Jeri jenkins Joyce Jennings john johndroe Alan johnson Cheryl johnson Don johnson 'buf-" "Hey, johnny," whispers joe Needham what in the heck is that girl doing over there?" Clevis jones jonesy Jones Donald jones Emily jones 'QR lui 'G' I .X 4-x hi X x ,, , sir:-X 'Lf .fr 'K 1'- QQTX Ni" X .4 X' 3' i P . v- X xx. -'1 xy. Robert jones jo Elaine Jordan Susie Kean Camille Keith Carmen Keith Kaaron Kelley Sharon Kelley Nancy Kendrick Dick Kidd Pam Kezer Jan Kilpatrick Don Kirk Larry Kirk Pete Kleven Donna Knigh' Wfell uh Bfulnara summers 'leriy Pruden gotta go non here comes Shirleyf' Eddie Lewis Christie Lile Janelle Lindley Lynn Llewellyn Kaye Lobdell Gary Lockert Malinda Lore Bill Loughry Ann Lowden Lana Lowry Chris Ludwig Lynne Lucas Steve Lutz Suzanne Lynes Bobby Lyons Patsy McMenamy Bill McMillen Chris MacNaughton Roy Madearis Mary jane Magoffin Sandra Magnusson Carl Mahan Mike Maloney Brenda Mann George Marshall jack Maxwell Pat Maxwell Alann Meadows Dennis Meek, jr. Lynn Melton Mike McDonald johnny MacFarlane Judy McGarral1 Kay McGaughy Alan McKennori Barbara McKinney Buddy McMahon Par McMahon Bobby McCarroll Megan McCarthy Barbara McClung Nancy McAlpln jimmy McBride Ann McClure Lynn McConnell Debra McDanel 1 .Z 'Ox N...,v Xl ' ' '-vx. ,2 sq, A ,I , t . V5-. sf- vb. N3 f--r ...- NM -1-nb 'tt-my Wesley Metcalf Barbara Metzger David Melville ,-r Uh uh Dont you DARE' threatens Lynn Llewellyn as Marti Seay looks on, Emily Meyer Bobby Michael Sandi Michels Bob Miller Steve Miller Doug Milligan Kathy Milligan Bobby Mixson Sherry Moore Beverly Morgan Ross Moriarty Kenneth Morrill Mary Morris George Moses Beth Moss Sue Moss Tommy Moss Iva Nell Munn Martha Murray Ralph Mylius jim Napier Elaine Neal joe Needham Robert Nelson Suzanne Newkirk ,,,..r-.Q fa 54 ii 'Ot N!" . All i BH' Ja Ni, Korth And Williams ne ic o s Norman Norris Warren Norwood Mona Nunes 'T Ella May O'Bannon Joan O'Brien Mike O'Donell -e-7 Serve Qn Sportsmanship Committee james O'Neill Terry Ornelas joe Pace Tommy Pace Susan Parker Lillie Parkman Judy Paulsel Sallie Payne x 1,-.- S-4' S-I i P it Ahil ,yiiffl . 5 Lela Peabody Alice Pelton Robert Penn Donna Perrone Joan Perry Pam Pitts Larry Plies Ginny Porter Bill Powell Diane Pratt Rick Pratt Robert Pratt Ray Presley Donna Price Mary Ann Price Terry Pruden Diane Quinlivan Glynda Ratcliff Vaughn Ray And then he asked me if I wmted to vluck a crow with him. f l Can you imigine' giggles Pam Wfilkinson, john Robertson john Robin Chan Robinson Dayna Robinson Bill Robson Priscilla Roc Karen Rogers Mary Lee Rohde Richard Rowe Patty Rucker Suzanne Russell jeff Saari Kenneth Sallman Ronnie Salyer Linda Sawyers Eugene Reimer Bobby Reinhart Susan Rhodes john Richards Dale Rickerson Bob Rigdon Carole Robertson Jeanne Robertson Ricky Readinger jerry Redford Cote Reese ,eng A- ....'-f 'spa "Li"" 1 5 06" ING' 47" Sylvia Scarbrough Vw 57 Roberta Schmid joe Schreiber Marty Seay john Sedin Diane Settle if Eddie Lewis Takes Lead In r. Barry's Etchlngs Alan Sevadjian Peggy Shaffer Evelyn Sharpe Tommy Shields Sharon Shive Charles Simmons Eric Simmons .V--f Q- xg..f 'R Marilyn Sisson gf Q-1 Ja fs. uv. Yfx QT? 45.4. '27 NX 3 IV' V' 15" Q Tony Skeryanc Gloria Slaughter Wyan Slaughter Gayle Sloan Jack Sloan Charlotte Smith Cindy Smith Donald Smith Judy Smith Richard Smith Ronald Smith Robert Solomon Kaye Sommer Myra Sprott Delores Squires Leslic Squircs Richard Stahl Ronnie Stanley Carol Steele Roy Mike Steele Boh Stephens "This must be funny," meditates Bari Holden I lust wish I could read Spanish." Cliff Stephens Ric St, John Harry Stengclc Buddy Storey Michael Stratton Richard Suggs Clarene Sweeney Nancy Talasek Jane Taliaferro Bill Talbot Dana Taylor Janice Taylor Ronal Taylor Tommy Taylor Linda Teal Janie Thannisch Linda Thayer Robby Thomas Carolyn Tomlin Judy Thompson Kathy Thompson Kay Thompson Sue Thompson Come to momma, honey." pleads Judy Smith. Bennett Walker Jearl Wfalker Lynette Wall Linda Vifalton Minor Ward Eddie Wfarfield Jeffrey Warren Ginger Wfashington Philo Wlaters Ben Watkins Elaine Wfeatherall Suzanne Wfeimer Carol Wfemple Tommy We-nclort' Carol West Don Whatley Judy XX'hatley Bob White Jimmy Wfhite Linda Whitt Bonita Ulsh Sandra Urick Neil Van Zandt Jan Vaughn QQ. 9 I I. .I e Jeanette Tillman Barrie Tolson Dooley Todd Caryn Tracy Martha Trickey Dee Tumer ,, . "sf- .4-. 'Db 'QS Don Tlwrnbury Mary Ann Thrasher g ,J r' ,.,-. gt ...- we .4-we uv v J , af' .311 , Xx. Leeton , Presley, and Tolson-Officers Of Drama Judy Williams Linda Williams Sue Williams Bobby Wilson Diann Wfilson Fred Wilson Larry Wilson Roy Wilson Club Margie Winn Nona Wise jan Witherspoon Francie Woltz Steve Wood Larry Worley Homer Worrell Miles Wortham Bill Worthington Ronnie Wright Tom Wylie Martha Yadon Charles Aaron Yielding Wanda Zadinsky Bill Zimmerman Jim Adams Kay Aldredge Lisa Aldrich Becky Alexander Susan Alexander George Allen Bill Alvis Carol Anderson Gloria Ruth And GISOI1 Maloa Anderson Sammy Anderson Kay Arnold Betty Austin 648 Sophs lnvade Barbara Bailey Bob Bailey Carolyn Bailey Ann Baird Ronelle Baker Judy Ballard Dorothy Banister David Barham Woody Barnes Judi Barnett Heights Halls Sharon Barth Barbara Bartlett Malcolm Bates John Baudoux Susan Bauer Beth Baughman Diane Baxter Johnny Bearden Jeannie Bedford Bruce Beezley Jo Ann Berg Beverly Bernhardt innvvf' Steve Brown Ricki Brush Susan Bryant David Buchanan Robby Buckalew Betty Buckley Janis Buckley jack Bullock Sharon Burch jan Burgess XVesley Burke Jerre Burks "The South will rise again!" E shouts Pat Porter to Richard Krull. HHFYY B15h0P Marilyn Brawner Donna Brewer Kaye Briscoe Eileen Britton George Brock Denise Bond Buzz Bonnell D'Anne Borders Don Boustead Roger Bowncls Jim Bradbury Janie Bramlett Judy Branz , .1 4, am Betty jo Blanton Ricky Blanton Bill Boecker Buckley Blake 'C' Larry Bingham Ollie Brock I., T, Brower Elaine Brown Nancy Brown Richard Brown 1 2 X' johnny Burt Isaac Butterworth Gary Cain Bill Campbell Jenny Campbell jimmy Carlberg Richard Carlberg Van Carlton jim Connolly Bill Cook Marlene Cooper Warren Cooper Milton Copeland Eric Corbyn Janis Carpenter Mona Carringer David Carter Mike Carter jeff Cason Linda Cather Diane Cato Taylor Caveness Hampton Cottar Stephan Cottar Pete Chambliss Gretchen Charles Sharon Chiles Faye Christopherson john Clark Wh 5.419 Jimmy Cowan Ron Clark Ray Clarke Nancy Cleere Bill Clement Mary Clement Linda Clements Buddy Cliburn Carol Clines Karen Cole Gary Collard Tyler Colley Sandra Conditt rt, 'i at? ff 1 A 06' V'- Philip Crowley Cheryl Dickey Fredrick Disney Don Dixon Roy Doby Pamela Dolson Marilyn Dombkowski Phil Dorcas John Dowell Sally Dowell Caroline Draffin Ginny Drake Nancy Drake Bill Drawert Alan Crandall Barbara Crawford Bill Creswell Pamela Crowell Danny Davis Tom Davis james Day Marshall Day Jimmy Dean Pat Dean Deanna Deere Pete Devaney john Dewland jimmy DeWolfe Sam Cowley Don Craig Harry Cramer johnny Dalton Larry Dalton Mike Damato Barbara Daniels Betty Darlow Hank Darwin Arlie Davenport Al Davis Richard Cyrus Darrell Dacus Bob Dahl Gre Cumming jim Cunningham Stanley Culpepper 1,123 -6 o' 'X bf-' ' Q. if I drcaimd I urs a fog-horn at the Heights-Nortlv side game bellows Marilyn Pendcry. Roger Farr Gari Faucher Roger Fay John Feik Betty Fernandez jim Fester Margaret Fields johnny Firestone Roger Fitzpatrick Gail Force Georgia Force Jimmy Forsythe Carolyn Ensey john Erickson Charles Esterlein Bill Eustace Charlie Evans Marie Evely Ginger Everette john Fain Sherry Falter Leigh Farley Richard Ekstrom Tommy Elliot Bill Ellis jimmy Emory Richard Durham jon Early Nancy Easley Dave Easterling Bill Eddins Dona Edwards Marie Dulaney Ann Duke Larry Dunham Sharon Fowler Susan Freeman N Jimmy Freim Danny Freundlich Becky Frisby Pam Fuller Gary Fulton John Gade Wayne Gage My Robbins, Richards Buck Hill Falls Delegates David Gaines Beth Gale Janice Garner Joe Gaston George German Bobby Gibbons Paula Gibson Mary Gideon Lee Gilbert fsd "A-1' 3' Amanda Gilder Les Gillaspy jay Gillen Anne Gillespie Dale Glazier Bill Glen-Walker iff. iv Olivia Gonzales Marilyn Goodman Fred Gorczyca Chorlotte Gore Dick Goss Toni Graham 'x Gary Granade Sharon Gray Rodger Grayson Robert Green Bobby Greene Ronnie Greenwood Gerry Gribbin 67 Vicki Gutierrez David I-Iaenn Mary Halbrook Karen Griffey john Grucella Chris Gunter 506 Hafdif' Susan Gunter Wayne Hardwick Bruce Harper Gloria Hampton Bill Hairell Linda Hardesty Mike Harris Suzanne Harris Dottie Hardgrave Bobbie Hart Glenn Hastings aa. , 5 gi Anne Holmes Bill Homsher Larry Hook Brenda Hopper Patty Horne Irene Horton Mary Houston jane Howard Brent Howell Carol Hubbard Pat Huddleston J. R. Hutchison Marilyn Hatcher jonny Hawkins Charles Hayes Albon Head Linda Henderson Dan Hendry Richard Hennigh Ronnie Herriott Terry Lynn Hewitt jack Hiett Penny Higgins Kenny Hinze jay Hoecker Bob Hoffman Lou Holloway WK .. -Q. ' Sandra Krause Judy Kremer Bruce Hutson Richard Krull George Ladd 0 -as -an ,, I , ,CH I-ofa Inf-Hmm Fred Lahmer jane jackson Roy Lamb ,Q Pamela J3Ck50n David Lancaster GUY James Pat Landers G17 Marilyn Jansen Bill jarrell Q A N , if ,. w "' . I Q-ev' A XX 4 'A 5 Carl Janssen Ricky Landwehr Jane Jarvis Sherry Jaynes Krete jeffrey Mary Alice Johndroe 056' -he in P... XZ Terry Johnson Tim jolly joe jones Nola Jones 1,3 Lawrence Kane Ginger Kauffmann Diana Kelly Lizabeth Kerr jon Kilpatrick Georgia Kimbro joe Kimbrough Betty King "' Carolyn King Kathy Kinsey Patty Kirkpatrick David Kfirschke Linda Kitchen Ray Klatt Trudy Klimist Freda Kline ."'! sr- . ,A but Bill Lanforcl Dennis Larson xwqk Russell Lathrop Pam Lawrence Lulynn Lawshe 4 '3 fs.-, Q ,vw l N s "Hurry up, girls, I found urges Mary Ralph Lowe. Linda Lax john Lederer Linda Lee Roger Leininger -wx -YV s 5 f Edwin Lemond David Leon John Lindsay Sandy Linquist Jimmy Llewellyn Sharrlyn Lockert Barbara Logan John Lougheed Mary Ralph Lowe Carol Luft VV wg . .i 'aaa My V Xff' . if ,mf up one T' one. I just saw his senior ring flash Johnny Luthell Jimmy Lutz Conrad Lyle Sheri Lynn Ronald McAfee David McBee Frank McBride Pat MCCan1y Kathy McCarty Ann McCorl-:le Carolyn McCauley Susan McDonald Sandra McDowell Tom McElroy Charles McFarland Diana McGaha Joe McGlohen Mike McIntyre Marsha Moorad Janice Moore Sue Moore Sonja Moreland Marcia Morgan Bob Moriarty Jean Anne Moriarty Kathy Morrill David, Morris Rhonda Morris jim Moses Gwen Mueller Mitzi Mason Martin Mastenbrook Ronnie Mathis Sharon Maxwell Pat Messersmith Carol Meyer Deana Mitcham johnny Mitchell Tommy Moberly John Molyneaux Cindy Maddox Shirley Maddox Vicki Majors Dennis Malcik john Manire Bill Marietta Nancy Marish David Martin L ' at i 'gfbfftiv 4' Betty McMillon Bill McNutt jon MacMoy Vicki McKinley Theresa McLaughlin Judy McKinley if ff' -of! swf 'Q-ff :SN sf if' uf' Ohh now what are the words to that yell? wonders Karen Thompson at one of her first pep rallies Ellen Oates Bill Ochiltree Jackie O'dell Martha Ondo Robert Owen Joyce Palmer Nancy Paris David Parkin Cheryl Pate Charles Patsel Jinx Patterson Vici Patton Alan Paul Suzy Pearson Betty Peden Marilyn Pendery Henry Penner Jan Perry M Reilly, Meyer, McCa rty X 'gf' Robert Peterson Lee Petty Ka Andy Phillips nnie Phillips ren Pigg Selected For Research Group joe Piper Sandi Polovkas Pat Porter Penny Porterfield Jackie Powell Libby Powers Jack Presley Lon Price ki lk 'Q' six var 'Qu All 1' if 5 Judy Proctor Leonard Prohs Rodney Pruett Sally Punchard Sally Rabb Leryl Rabinowitz Gina Ragsdale Alfred Ramirez David Rankin Carolyn Rattan if qgii I iw, S v . E-N sr' x n,,, 'nr - -..t,,x Marilyn' Redwine Ed Reed Taylor Reed Jan Reedy Penny Reese Cheryl Reeves Laurie Reilly Melody Reimer Susan Rein Owen Rester Chuck Reynolds larry Reynolds Peggy Reynolds Gary Rich Elizabeth Richards Roberta Richards Beverly Roberts Philip Rigdon Bexerly Roberts Mike Roberts Arm Rimbey Betsy Robertson Elena Schaeffer Sharon Schlueter Eddie Schmidt Roland Schmidt Kim Schweitzer Camilla Scott Craig Scott Dan Seilheimer jerry Sellers Peveril Settle Andy Sewell Chuck Sharpe Jackie Robinson Judy Robinson Lynn Robinson Dana Roe Carol Rogers Rick Rogers Judy Rohus Ginger Rouer Frank Robinson Mike Ruiz Sandra Rune Terry Russey Mott Russom Linda Rutherford Sheryl Sadler Richard Saltis Bob Sanders Rita Sapp Mary Helen Sayre Q David Sykes Linda Shelton Jo Ann Taylor Pat Taylor .1- ,- Tommy Taylor xx Terry Teague Lynn Verie Sloper Phil Tehsak Nqb XS Diana Smith Diane Smtih janet Smith Karen Smith Lois Smith Marcus 'Smith Ross Smith Sherry Smith is Q' Karen Temple B- N2 Q L et Steve Smith Suzanne Smith Zoe Sossamon Merry Anne Soter Sheryl South Shirley Sparks David Randolph Speairs Sue Ann Speakman Nancy Spencer Stanley Spigel Charlotte Spinks Sharon Stafford David Stancil Tommie Stanley joan Stephens Edith Stewart if Rives Stewart Don Stinson Dennis Stout Carrie Sullivan Roland Sumerlin Carol Summers Mike Ca rterietters ln Football Bob Walden Craig Walker Donny Walker Ronnie Wallace Charles Walls Colleen Walter Bill Waltman Kathy Walton Anita Ward Diane Ward George Ware Martha Warfield Matthew Warner James Warren Steve Terry Larry Valkman Allene Valone Robert Van Vlect Eugenia Van Zandt Ronald Vickers Bob Wagner Stamm Todd Arthur Tribble David Toumey Ann Underwood james Underwood Tommy Thompson Virginia Thompson Carl Thorell Beleta Tillman Joy Thompson Karen Thompson Tammy Thompson Cheree Thannish Kay Thomas Leland Thomas Cheryl Thompson 4' 5 Janice Vikitkins Sue Watson Q -Q if 5' v- f-:rv -0' 'KY J of Sandie Wfeaver Vifyatt Webb Clint We-eden Ellen Wehmanen Earl Weiher Suzanne Welch Jinx XX'elsli Ronnie Wenzel 24. Wayne XX'erdung Sandra XY'liea'tcioft Eileen Wflieeler Tommy W' ii VJ V 'W .g "Nobody loves me," laments Danny Daxis Ricky Whitehurst Sharon Wienecke joan Wiggins Thomas Wilbanks Stacy Vlfiley Janis Wilkerson Beverly Xwilliams John Wfiiliams Jan Williamson joy VC'illiamson 'hai Donna Willoughby Jack XY'iIls Randy Wills Jackson Wilson james Wilson jane Wfilson s - Raymond Young June Wilson james Zadinsky Alice Yadon Ronnie Wilson Georgann Wimbish Bruce Winder Susan Winter Carlos Wiscovich Margaret Elisa Wood Nancy Wood Jeanne Woodlock Robin Woof ter Betty Wooldridge Lee Woolman Sondra Wyles Dianne Zimmerman We, the sophomores, pay tribute to our classmate and friend, David Easterling, who died November 11, 1961. In his few months here at Heights, he had won our re- spect ancl admiration for his gentle smile and quiet charm. A former student at Stripling Junior High School, David found particular interest in cars and in the study of wild-life. Our lives have been enriched by his presence here and we shall miss him greatly. Election Committee: Insiders on contest winners, jimmy DeXVolfe, Donna Caveness, Barbara Stone, and chairman Ivan Thornton tab- ulate election returns. Handbook Committee: Feeling as though they know every student Laurie Bozeman, Chairman Brooke Kelly, Nelda Dyer, Henry Leo- pold, and Charles Ellet check and re-check page proofs. Fleming Discussing one of the many career pamphlets in the counseling office are sponsors Mrs Mary T1te and Mr Nick Ruggieri along with office aid Gful "I will uphold my duties to the best of my abilities." profess council officers in their oath, ad- ministered by Mr. Elden Busby, Deputy Superintendent. Coun il Fosters Handbook l Don't know her number? Look it up in the student handbook. l One of the principal student council ac- ytivities is the directory, a concise compilation of addresses, phone numbers, and classifications of students and teachers, plus information concern- ' ing credits, schedules, and school policies. As its contribution to the 1961-1962 Heights spirit, the council held record streamer, book Cover, and decal sales, and boosted homecoming decorations. Frequent lunchroom clean-up cam- paigns were promoted by the council this year. Under the guidance of sponsors Mrs. Mary Tate and Mr. Nick Ruggieri, the student council operates as an integral part of the school pro- , gram. "If I am elected President . . ,," and he was! Offirerr, L'l0L'k1l'fIB.' Ed Lazflford, I71'F.l'fd871l,.' Lgmz Mellon, 1'ice-pfeffdefllg 'Indy B.1ldrfdge. .fEH'Kf.I1'-1 .' A1111 Lawdon, lrearurer. 'MM .., A 40' ' - . .ir. ' l ,. M.. .. ., , Claims Committee: "People lose the strangest things," exclaims Rives Stewart to Dayna Robin- son, Phillip Anthony, Bill Sayre: chairman, and Marilyn Redwine. Y a Counting tickets for the council-sponsored Sadie Hawkins Dance are Glenna Carter, Chairman Carole O'Dell fseatedj, Lynn Llewellyn, and Barbara Logan. Flower and Card Committee: "Let's put President Kennedy on the list to receive flowers," sug- gests Gretchen Charles to Kathy Thompson, Cindy Smith, Debbie Robbins, Bea Perry, and chairman Wanda Trussel, seated. Special Projects: "Won't Mr. Pegram be surprised when we crepe-paper the halls?" grins Stuart Hutchins, Nancy Paris, Chairman Ann Lowdon, and Cathy Collier. Committees Cover Cu rrieu Ium Elected by their homerooms, student council representatives are placed on committees designed to take part in various school activities, Committee duties range from serving as hostess to newcomers to decorating the traditional "Blue and Gold" Christ- mas tree, which is annually displayed in the front hall. Decoration Committee: "I'll hold the panther while you stick the pins in him instructs chairman Sonja Elam to Zoe Sossamon, Deloris Hanna. Laurie Bone W man, Peggy Koenig, and Miki Cosby. romotion Committee: "Now the sticker comes with or without the car attached," xplain jane Nichols: Chris Balthrop: jim Lane, chairman: and Larry Wilson. Hospitality Committee: "Now, Mike, lots of sophomores don't even know what a protractor is, advises chairman Mary Lewis to Mike Maloney, Sue W'ooldridge, Ginger Kaufman, and Peggy Botts as they tour the building. Auditorium Committee: Taking in- ventory of back-stage equipment are Albon Head, chairman: Nancy Eas- leyg Betty Austing Alan Nevilleg joe Pace and Carmen Keith. on Brazil avic 1 f f Frank Young is reminded of the many troubled on the globe. yC HIGHS Youth Speaks Gut . . on the Dominican Republic. ghlen on the Staggering Problem in Latin America. Colleen Walter on Argentina Bolivia, Ecuador. Tyler Colley U if 11 ti ming t e extensive resources of the school library. committee heads-Mary Lewis, Mary Ann McClure, Nancy Jennings, Roxee Calinson, Judy Mason, and Judi Buschbaum-gather data for future meetings. l '-sexwsh ""-...naw Mrs. Flossie Poston, Miss Katherine Garrett, and Roxee Calinson review the highlights of another thought-provoking meeting. The Young Citizens' creed. an integral part of each meeting, is repeated by Larry Hamrick. Terry Guerrant, and Doug Milligan. A thoughtful audience absorbs Mary Lewiss speech on the United States' at- titude toward Latin America. Dedicated to the principles of upholding the United States Constitu- tion, Arlington Heightss Young Citi- zens' Forum for American Ideals strives to awaken and inform the youth of today. Student panels, stimulating speakers, and an open question and answer period afford the members an experience in self expression and an opportunity to enrich their insight into American ideals. 35, 1 . , one nation under God, indivisible. with liberty and justice to all." affirm president Barry Applexyhite. secretary Judy Balrlriclge. vice-president Barbara Stone, and treasurer Kirby XY'arren. Teaching Profession Eyed by F.T.A. S s 2 "The best way to learn is to teach," stated Mr. Ed Kahler, math instructor, at the initial F.T.A. meeting this year. Believing this to be true, members pursue their chosen profession by attending workshops and conventions, hearing speakers, and visiting schools to observe various methods of instruction. T,F.T.A., the state organization, offers annually a scholarship to a high school F.T.A, member, for which eligible Heights students are encouraged to vie. Posting club news are officers Patty Pownder. secretary, Verita Korth, vicefpresident, Judy Baldridge, presidentg and Sherry Whitehead, treasurer. 'ff-11 "We wish you a merry Christmas," sing Wanda Trussell, Laurie Bozeman, Suzanne Long, and Arm Voss on the caroling trip to hospitals. "All right, Judy," consents Nancy Jennings to Judy Mason, "You can turn the little wheel all by yourself," as other Committee heads Kathie Aurin. Wanda Trussell, and Lynn Melton look on in amusement. 86 Sponsors. Mrs. Elm Lerret, Miss Donn Stovall and Mr. Ray Dyche review Current F.T.A. litem ture. l O Library Club Serves Students Performing a valuable service to students while acquiring indispensible training for them- selves, Library Club members check books in and out and shelve and mend them, thereby con- tributing greatly to the smooth operation of the library. Library assistants work during their study hall period, and are guided by librarians Mrs. Mary Hood, and Mrs. Emily Bigharn. Filing periodicals in the magazine room are fleft to rightitront to backj Linda Yarbrough: Juli Davies. Suzie Senevey. Judy Lamb, h ss Club Creates Challenge Composed of a small, but dedicated band of players, Chess Club members meet periodically to challenge one another in this miniature game of war. Officers include Ken Porter, presidentg Larry jordan, vice-presidentg and Chris Wfaddle, secretary-treasurer. Switching sponsors in the middle of the game, the club is presently sponsored by Mr. james York, replacing Mrs, Anne Ayala, who left at mid-term. With 1 sly grin Doug Milligan executes '1 strategic maneuver which obviously does not elate his worthy opponent Chuck Hoster "I hate to take advantage of a girl," muses Harvey Wehn1an as he plots a cunning move against Judy McGarrah. Ginny Porter pauses to witness the first play. " " Club Boosts Athletic Strengthening the bond between various sports, the "A" Club functions as an organization for lettermen of all phases of school athletics: baseball, basketball, football, golf, and track, The club provides an opportunity for the individual sports to combine their efforts to better the athletic depart- ment. "Yes, sir, there's nothing like a goalpost view of a football game!" agree Jeff Jarvis, presidentg Danny Mulkey, vice-president, and Mike Andrews, secretary-treasurer. x ,,,,...---r- 'X ,,......-1-7 .L ' 2' f M H s page . X. . ' ' !4 It's "hon voyage" for D.E, delegates as they prepare to leave for the state convention. Delegates influde Barbara McClung. Lynda Autry. Judy Munday, .Iudv Fedderson, and sponsor Mrs. june Lay. L ' D.E, Sweetheart. Judy Munday, and Mrs, Lay compile the scrapbook which was entered in state-wide competition at the Austin convention Earning and Learning with D. E. Distributive Education is a vocational training D.E, students profit by school-store supervision, program designed to develop future leaders for benefit by employers' instruction, and receive regular careers in marketing and distribution. wages. Twenty-five Heights students participate in this program. 4-X. pl '. 5 .H7',3,, ,S gg v-9 President Vicefpresident Treasurer Secretary Mike Addison Sally Miller Phil Herman Lynda Autry 89 Perking up pep rallies, adding fanfare to football games, the jacket Band stimulates spirit among students. High ranked in city-wide competition, the band also marches in parades and presents con- certs at home and at other schools. Orrlreflm Flu! row Sglwa llffblllllllffl Bezulg Cum oral Kane 5071171161 Pzm Pilty Sue Thompson SMZIUIIIE Hmmz lon Serond rou llyazzda Brower Mmm !l717l Bork George Mater Ellen Wfelomanen Millie Hill Ronnie Bemzelt Third row Sumrf M1111 Laurie Reilly Amie, Spenrer 7M Reimer Knew: TZ707lIf7ffNI Lennie Cougla 0 0 Bea Perry, Emory Gibson, Betty Thornton, and Barbara Knuclsen n proudly wear the numerous medals and awards earned for their performances as mnjorettes. Band: Firyt rowg Kaye Sommer, Pam Pillr, Millie Hill, Szmm Milli, hwice Moore. Serond rowg Ronnie Bemzetl, Valerie Horton, jan Vizuglm, Don Dixon, Lon Prire, Beverly Crawford, Mary Ann Bock, Dan Seillaeimer, Mike McClain. Tlaira' row: Jeannette Yeager, Nnnry Wood, juli Dazfiesr, Tommy Tlaompron, Emory Gibron, Donna Knigbl, Bill Lowke, Paz MrCanzy, joe jorzer, Glenn Wire, Kalloy Tbornpron, jim Adezmr, Dennir Hulre, Robert Perkins. Fourth raw, Barbara Hatfield, jo Elaine jordan. lark Huirbiizron, Carolyn Sloper, Margo Norrlrud. Rirlaard Brown, Danny Lowmnre, Lynn Champion, Fred Tarl, joe Shreiber, jack IVill5, Charler Elle! . , . D, 90 L ffl if L Y N1 fx ' 'f 12 ,. , 4 WW x , f c Y,AfQA, f N . ."' j x af 1. f 31 gs V, V if t A 9' :P S1 1' 'LQ' -if f 'f 1' 7 A . I 0 'ii M A- ' 'vi ' , ,ftqihvffi 'f . 'J ,.",,g5 7 ,- I qv? '- ' ' 0 :Ji . K :LA :ffl fxx 6' it ' ffl 'V ' H ' -' W ' M' IQ' AQ mi' f L' .- 0 ' -161 ' A 4 ' K' ' . '. 5 5 Q W.. ws., Lal: Band: Firxt row fxealedlf Paul Coleen, jim joiner, Lon Prire, Harry Bixhop, Bill McMillen. Second Row Kfeazedj: jim Adanzx, Denrzif Hulxe, Katlay Tlfompxon. Third row Ixeazedj: lVayne Meadlin, Sylvia Moore, David Barlaam, Laurenre Compton, Dave Snipex. Standing Kfrom leflj: Floyd Bifbop, joe Sclzreibner, Danny Lowrance, Robert Perkinf, Karen Tlfompfon. Lab Band Radiates Rh thm Claorufx Firxt row: Mary Homlon, jan Uyelllo. Eileen Uyloeeler, Kallaie Aurin, Kay Brifroe, Barbara Hatfield, joAnn Taylor, Richard Suggf, Taylor Reed, Ted DeLorrne, Nanry Lane, Vivian 1VIiller,judyBarnell, jimrnie IVrigl9l, Diane Zirnrnernzan, Ann G'illeJpie, Lou Holloway. Serond row: Linda Clemenlr, Beverly Bernlaardl, Nanry Andreuar, Mary RlJode,Katlay McGaugby,june Wilfon. Rmb Pieplour, jame.r O'Neill, Fred Tucker, Sammy Anderxon, David Alberlyon, DHW Daniel, Ann MfClure, Renee Parif, Annetle Glanrork, Sue IVill5, Brenda Mann, Terilee Arnof. Third row: Sandra Magnunon, Mary Clernenlf, Mary' jane Magoffin, Sandra Taylor, Dennif Meek, Melvin Doaglaf, Cheryl Tlfornpxon, Pamela Ferguxon, Ann Holmes. Fourth row: Slaaron Fowler, Beverly W'illiarn,r, jamie Brazclaer, Bobby Nelfon, jamef Day, Eddie Lewis, Dwayne Holden, Scott Hoffman, Sally Dou'ell, Karen Po'nnd, Doilie Hardgrave. 92 Chorus Voices Harmon Double Sexlet: ffirst mu' up-left Ia rigblj Kay Brisfroe, uftwlzpazlifl, Kathie Aurin, A2121 MrClu1'e, Eileen llybeeler, Barbara Hatfield, Nazlq Lane, Dana Dalziel, Kathy Mfcrlllghij, Rnlb Pieplaw. Brenda Mmm, Sue Il"'ill.r, Azmelle Glatrrork, Renee Pafif. With a repertoire to please any audience, the chorus presents frequent programs which reflect the intensive drill and vocal training necessary to perform the many difficult numbers highlighting every mus- icale. Under direction of Mrs. Mary White, the chorus sang I-Iandel's "Messiah" at the Christmas program, climaxing months of concentrated rehearsal. , , 5 Collaborating on a musical score are Mrs. Mary White, choral director, and Mr. G, I-I. Carson, band and orchestra director, uh-O E,uh-TWO,uh'THREE,uh-FCLIR s.- ' 1 -Q . g. , ' .iw-v""'T' V BASS FIDDLER Pat Hardage presents a portrait of in- tense concentration as he rehearses with the orchestra, PLAYING TXVO of the 10 violins in the orchestra, Arleen Malone and Andy Henderson blend their instruments with the group, 94 1 , I SOUND OFF! And the band does just that. MAKING SURE he gets the "boom" in the right beat, Danny Lowrance tensely awaits his cue. O Q Future Nurses Pursue Career Highlighted by films, speakers, and the annual state convention, Future Nurses of America spend an active, educational year in the study of the nursing profession. Sponsored by RN Mrs. Mary Fisher, club members meet monthly to discuss and practice basic first aid principles. a A , f . u I 1 1 ' . I I I . sl f - ' .J - 14' g . Y ' ,n "x 1, ,E l Pictured in discussion of plans for a hospital tour, are Sue Wills, presidentg Mary Lee Rohde, secre- tary-treasurerg Ouida Giles, vice-presidentg and f Mrs. Mary Fisher. sponsor. "According to this thermometer, you have fever caused by a major biology test," jokes Sue Wills to jane Jarvis. Q JRC Aids Hospital junior Red Cross, an affiliate of the National Red Cross Foundation, aids destitute families overseas through its annual fund drive. Heightsters contributed over S300 this year, financing contents for three chests and gifts to the national chapter and local childrens hospital. The officers, guided by sponsor, Mr. Marvin Miller, plan frequent programs and refreshments for hospitals and children's homes, Standing beneath the Red Cross which reminds its viewers of the organizations goals are this year's officers: Reagan Wford. vice-president, Don Coates. preside-ntg De An Dean, secretaryg and Georgia Hart, treasurer. 95 Pankey, Albertson I,OOO AY Members Jarvis, Jennings, Calinson, Needham, Lane Officiate Membership Drive Soars Over Goal Carter Crowned Beauty "Queen' Pitmfed 411 :be Burk Hill Fall: Conrenliorz me delegruef Nancy jemzifzgf, Roberla Rirbm'd.r,m1d A1111 Loudon Ueatedjj Debbie Rabbnzf, Mary Arm McClure, jim Lane, Ed Lfzrzfnrd. Roxee C,7lfII.f07IV. My1'aSp1'0l!, and Bob Hm'r'i.r. l H ights' AY Chapter Boasts Top Membership, IAY Prexy International AY President, jim Lane, and sponsors, Mr. james York and Miss Grace Becker, display a poster similar to those rotated throughout the school. With a membership of over 1,000 stu- dents, the Arlington Heights Allied Youth chapter is the largest in the nation and boasts the top international officer, jim Lane, who was elected IAY president at the Buck Hill Falls convention in November. Ten delegates represented the chapter at the Pennsylvania convention. New ideas for improving the effectiveness of local chapters were gained, and the delegates' en- thusiasm for the club's purpose was strength- ened. Footlight Players Rival Broad y With resounding success, "Mr, Barry's Etchingsf' a mystery- comedy, was presented November 31 and December 1 by the jacket Footlight Players. Six weeks of work and co-operation were rewarded opening night by a rousing reception of the three-act play from the student body. Sponsored by speech instructor Mr. Charles Beseda, the annual performances by Footlight Players provide training for drama enthusiasts and absorbing entertainment for receptive audiences. "Gosh, I hope Mother isn't looking!" wishes Ray Presley :is he kisses Barbie Winter during a rare tender moment in the play. "Breakfast at 6:00 in the morning is really refreshing," asserts Dianne "nature girl" Nass to not-so-convinced Judy Berryman and Marilyn Pendery. "Don't shoot me now-I have n date tonight!" pleads Lucy Leeton to Ted D'Andriole in a melodrama presented at the sunrise breakfast. "Help, I got my plaster of paris mixed up with my pan- cake make-up!" exclaims Ginny Moore to amused Glenna Carter. Richard "nerves of steel" Stahl continues un- perturbed with his work. Performing one of the amusing scenes from "Mr. Barry's Etchingsn are Stephen Crow, Eddie Lewis, Sherry Whitehead, Ginny Moore, Ray Presley, Glenna Carter, and Berry VUall. Other cast members include Barbie Winter, Suzie Senevy, Bill Worthington, Scott Hoffman, and Ray Klatt. 0 , I 'L Q. if . ,G cr' fffsmip Q' i After-performance let-down is experienced by Leslie Randolph, president, Barrie Tolson, sec- retary-treasurerg and Pat Parmeter, sergeant-at-arms as they straighten the empty theater. "Use your imagination!" instructs Mr. Beseda to aspiring actors Barbie Winter, Eddie Lewis, Ginny Moore, and Suzie Senevy. i- 151 99 wwf "Hush up, mouse! What are you com- plaining about?" commands vice-pres- ident jimmy Joiner as he begins I1 dis- section. 4 A sns.,4v'1. W Trust a sophomore with a syringe? Apparently some- one does, as tenthagrader Wayrne Hardwick prepares fl Sefllffl. By the looks of the empty plate on the table, whatever Pat DeVries concocted tasted pretty good. ...aux "Gee, Mr. Arseneau, you're lots better looking in person than in that picture behind you on the bulletin board," compliments Sallie Payne. Mr. Phillips fleftj, declines to Comment. tion. Secretary-treasurer Judy Lamb records club pro- ceedings and manages finances for the organiza- L M H E 1 - f. ,f 5-5 img--,sv : ' ., get "Hold still, little mouse-this serum will turn you into a gorgeous princess," leers Pax Willianms. ,es-,bf A " 1 'V ,yt It's three against one as jeannina Fox, Alice Pelton. and Sandra Barton "shoot" an outnumbered mouse. S ' k S l I' Equipped with excellent facilities for experimental research, Science Club members study daily in the lab, searching for facts in connection with individual projects. Following months of concentrated effort, these projects are entered in the Fort Worth Regional Science Fair, in which Heights students annually win high honors. Club members and their sponsors, Mr, Flavin Arseneau and Mr. Bob Phillips, are usually seen hard at work on regular school holidays, preparing Science Fair entries. 'lamp' A pyty il xx r, President Bill Pelton and parliamentarian Dave Snipes look on as Mr. Arseneau checks one of the many reference books in the lab. IOI 1 "Ve arr the Yacket Yournal staff," hastily type Anita Nix, Eric Van Hammersveld, and Connie Rogers as Jeannie Mathis dictates. Marcille McMal1an and Monty Crow audit the books as Butch Montgomery checks possible photos to accompany his column, Sports Flakes, judged best in Texas in T.H,S.P.A. competition. l02 While looking at the New York Times, Carolyn Evans says to Lynn Lucas, "Boy, what those New Yorkers won't print!" as Tommy Pace spies an example. "Ah-ha, Pat. Don't get in the annual staff's cabinet! You know how they are about their secrets," warns JoAnn Duban to Pat Parmeter as Becky Neely. judy Walts, and Chris Waddle innocently read exchange papers. Penny Coughlen shows Lynn Perry and Susan Gibbs an outstanding article in a past U. .IJ Reflects School Life The student newspaper, the jacket journal, at- tempts to mirror all important school events. Be- ginning journalism students write stories, while the editors meet later in the day to assemble them on Ulayoutsl' of each page. Many other schools and individuals outside of Arlington Heights receive Copies of the jacket journal. '-1, l "Now, Teddy, you know Mrs. Gray will censor that book review." laughingly warn julia Proudfit, advertising manager, and exchange editor Ann Voss to Ted D'Andriole, feature editor. f 1. "But, sir, if you buy an ad, we will mail you a lifetime subscription," pleads Dwayne Holden, as Bette Brown and Evelyn Sharpe Check the ad list. 1? Sponsor Mrs. Carol Gray and Editor Mary Ann McClure check the assignment sheet for coming stories. "So he got Most Handsome. No one will ever know if we put my picture in instead," insists Glenn Har- rison to circulation manager Susan Castle. I03 I 962 Yellow Jacket With its awesome task of capturing a year of school life and crowding this year into 192 pages, the annual staff ar- dently assumed its responsibility. Results of their efforts are illustrated in varied forms-the memorable cover, lending depth and beauty to the themeg pictures that will live forever, and words which add perpetual meaning to the pictures. In this 25th anniversary issue, the staff sincerely hopes this "Key,' will serve to unlock pleasant memories in the future. "I've been working on the annual, all the livelong year," chants 1 Nancy Jennings to the amusement of Dick Leverich. This happy N trip to the state journalism convention afforded the staff many W fresh ideas for the YJ. Staff Creates 12 'I Anniversary Edition X 1 sam -3155" S 'i ,vit Thompfon. ffirri row, fealkdj C0-2311071 Dirk Levenrb and Nanry fezmmgr, Slew on , y g Izrm Tborzzlozz, Mary fmze C!81'61.l71d. Lfmrie Reilly, and Alfie Pellon. Yj .fluff melzzberf' fflznzding, from leffj Mary Lewii, J,f1w1.rar Mu, Oleln EppJ, Bultla MOIIlg07H6fy, Cfrigger King, Sumfz Freeman, Rirlmrd Cyfuf, Marie ' ' ' ' ' IW d Penn Cau bien, Kfefond mwj Pai Maddox, folm Lowe, Baltle Granp Staff: Pax Williavzlsg Fred Tarlg Arrbie Maare, Commazzderg Benny Riddle, Deputy Commanderg R0b61'l Taylor, Exemzire Offirerg Km POI'fE'I',' jolarz Rogan, and jamef O'Neill. Not pirlured: Ted D'Andri0le, Cbrir IVaddle. EBI? uu- Spofzforn judy Mama, Ami Clarke, Verita Kortb, Roxee Calizzxofz, Amz MrClure, Paz Parmeler, Marfia Simmf, Kallaie Aurin, ja Hanrezz, and Gayle Needham. l0b ROTC 15 5 Hup, two, three, four. The corps parades under direction of Commander Archie Moore. a u I "Now the magazines connected to the trigger, and the triggeis con- nected to the safety catch . . .", chants Wesley Metcalf. Trains Military eaders Reserve Officers Training Corps of Arling- ton Heights endeavors to train 130 cadets in military discipline and leadership. The corps receives training in the use of weapons, first aid and military tactics. Battle Group Commander, Archie Moore, supervises the battle group and commands "A" drill team, which placed second in national competition. i T- 5 "Now, this is a zabookaf' .explains Sgt. McDut'fie. "NO," counters Sgt. Wood. "It's a bazooka !" Joe Cano instructs a class on the M-1 rifle to sophomores. O Q V 4 v 1 g ,,.. The daily flag-raising is more than a task to the boysg it is a ritual. 5 I - Dall ,..a.nn. Led by Drum Major John Lowe and sponsored by Anne Clark, the Drum and Bugle Corps "troops the line" at the all-city review at Paschal, Rifle team members Bob Stegall, Benny Riddle, Carl Finefrock, james Clark, and john Rogers take the careful aim that won them second place in national standing. The "A" Drill Team, led by Bob Stegall practices for the Fourth Army Drill Competition at Arlington State. IO8 :iwngpw Robert Taylor, Battle Group staff mem ber, prepares demerit records. "Deck the Armory with Holly . . It was strictly "At ease!" in the armory before school was dismissed for the Christmas holidays. The boys and their sponsors held open house all day, serving refreshments and exchanging gifts. One mischievous merrymaker even fashioned a "mistletoe crown," but few girls accepted the honor of wearing it. "Guess this'll lick insubordina- tion!" laughs Sgt. McDuffie as he upwraps a 22 rifle from the corps. "Say, that's quality!" exclaims Archie Moore, Battle Group Commander. , Wx . . FA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!" "This barometer is just the thing for admiringly. 'QPU a rainy day," states Sgt. Wood I09 All Work?. .. . . . a! Charlie Company invade Russia ?" chuckles Roxee Calinson, An apple a clay this way is fun! N I Sam Cowley and Tom Wylie capture the basketball just like the team capturec the ROTC city championship and the T.C.U. trophy. C "Boys, meet the real me," challenges Sgt. "monster" MCDuffie. "Oh, if I'd just opened my purse before I did my nails," laments Jim Napier. "I'd have told HIM where to get off long ago!" advises Judi Buschbaum to Mary Ann McClure. nz e ar "Don't cry, Mr. Beseda. Ponson pen letters are always fakes, My, what big teeth you have, grandmother-for is it grandfatherh. Ex-Heightster Mr. Kahler is off to a confused start! "O-o-0-o-h-h, yes! Your brother blew up my lab last year," mutters Mr. Miller. l J' says 'Grizzly Bear Whitehead app Days Are Here Again? Registration The moment everyone had been waiting all summer for was upon them, and the excitement was on the loose. Marti Dickey's vali- ant effort to get into Coach Runnel's P.E. class is doomed! So, back to girls P.E., all of you. J ' ., ELL.: Q'-ng TE2 ', K f . Mr Q 3 1 Fun ' . L K lvfa- ' l , in . ' V ,H ,f K . .4 Y 'W ' 'N . f Wi f 1 , 1 1: EXIF T-E-A-a-Choo!" sneezes Sandy Lee. . and deliver us from Paschal. Amen." "Golly, you all clonft have to go to all this fuss just over little ole me," blushes John Richards as Jimmy Abshire wonders, "What is that photographer doing?" Up in the air, junior Birdmen. l te...A Pep Rallies Gretchen Connell and Marty Meihaus display the enthusiasm typical of Yellow jacket sup- porters in 1961. Contests between the boys and the girls highlighted each spirited pep rally. Heave, Mulkey, Heave. M 'V' 41" av- xr' ww f,.,rW 1?"N-.,, "Brush your teeth with Colgate!" hints Larry Hamrick to Tommy Christian and Renee Paris. "I'd better start eating my whcatieslw muses Ginger Kauffmann. . . I must've been a beautiful baby croons Bobby Darin Luedtke. "Who says you need a date to go to 21 dance?" beams Doyle Murray to his dancing partners Carter Llewellyn and Frank Bailey. "I've finally got his letterjacket, Now where did that boy run off to?" glares Chigger King. "There's A Feeling Good and True" After Games Spirit runs high at after- game activities, when cheerleaders hold impromp- tu pep rallies, and refresh- ments are served. Lana Lowry is caught up in the enthusiasm of a victory, which her buddies, lan Witherspoon, Bobby XVil- liams, and Bob Moore do not share, F, "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor . . bubbles Lynda McGrath and A chorus. "G-lug, glug, glugf' glugs Barbara McKinney. "She did, eh?" questions Kenneth Stokes unbelievingly. "Eaeuahyunaea!" QI-lippopotamus for H8 ho-humj yawns Gwen Bragen. ff" e Wifbl.. 'V' ' . aw 9 6 J L..,i ' ' - t 21 isa? . 4. ,A 4, . I ai., '90 v 1' ,' " f' . . sf af reef, ,Q fl W :K LZ., . f. Vue W. f,.,,"7""" wasfei- 13 ' g ' ' ,I ffawp-fa Have Team, ill Travel Sweetwater Again in 1961, Heightsters traveled en masse to an out of town game. Watching the jackets play was exciting but the most memorable moments were on the buses coming from and going to the game. 5 W 'Mara " . ' . A l . ' lc ll" , gifgs TIZ12:g'Hi2:yffutzlmost UH Enciugl to Ph, has etbal We are great, we are grand, weve got the best team in the land! "Wheeeeeet! Here Mikie, Mikie," whistles Cathy Collier. ,9- 'f 54-ALL YM in in mg rifim fi "Look, I've already got 21 date for Homecoming. Quit bugging me!" snarls Tootie Woolsey to jeff Raley. "Don't believe a word of it. She told me the same thing," sneers Ex-Judy I-Iigby to Mary Lou McCreless. O 0 O And All the Kin 'S Men W W- Homecoming Classes were interrupted, halls decorated, exes greeted, and finally the big moment came with the annual homecoming pep rally. Our determined football players marched somberly through sophomore- lined halls to be greeted by exes and Heightsters alike. 1 -xii I2I vw- I' F r 'ff Q AL I see 'um heading over the ridge, Pa," says Slim Murray. Roll me one, too, will you? "Funny thing. These crutches were just the right size when I was up on mah hoss," wonders jackie Gibbs. Giddyup, olcl paint, or we ain't gonna make camp by the tardy bell. x 0 6 Squaw Squash um Hat? Ranch Day The annual Ranch Day was the usual frolic. You never knew whether that last person who said hello to you was boy or girl un- less you were very observ- ant, and who Wasn't. Carol West and Phil Ferguson are typical of the dudes who roamed the school on Ranch Day. A glass of tea, bowl of soup, piece of chicken, roll, green beans, slaw, and mashed potatoes a day keeps the doctor away. ,M . cole 'Marty, you know that candy bar has -178 calories," chinles Ann Hardwicke. Oh, well. I can eat thiee pencils for the price of one plate lunch," computes Miles Wortham, 124 Can You Spare a Roll, Ma'am? Lunchroom "Take it back. I clon't want it!" In a typical lunch- room scene, students prepare to savor the quiet relaxation of fine food. Sometimes, however, a stu- dent finds himself unable to face a square meal after dissecting frogs in biology for example. Mulkey munchesg Cutchins crunchesg Burk burps. S 3 , The bevy of A,Y. debs pose en masse. X 's '11 65-59255- f ,. ...g- Oh, my goodness gracious! Another runner. "Now, dahling. You know I don't go out with strange men," Coos "Charlena" Beseda. m ,1- 'I + 1. w ,Af .H k.f' 7,5 K. l VV ,Ax "Hurry, Mitzi, get me out there before I turn into a pumpkin, urges "Cinderella" Nelson. "But I don't want to look just like you, Betty," moans Mike Carter. l Y Beauties l "'At least I've got a lot l to work with," quips Mar- i tha Warfield as she applies lmascara to "Georgarma" Ware. The A.Y. Beauty Contest was again a suc- lcess due largely to the Wvaried costumes and sizes l of the participants. Beauty or Beast? "Duh, what time does my 11:00 class start?" questions Vance Castles. I28 Happenin at Heights 530 A.M. - 5:30 P.M "By golly, they'-:l better win!" screams Mary Ralph Lowe at 5:30 in the morning. "Where's the windshield wiper on this thing?" ponders 'Flash' Llewellyn. SPIRITED '6I JACKET Rise to Llnpre CI, is ff ,wf sl wi , ,Q .pf C ,Q Fin: Row: jark Ford, Lonnie Clover, Mike Carfer, Bill Boughlon, Sonny Mulholland, Gary Cox . . . Second Row: Mike Maloney, Hank Duvall, jimmy Langdon, Charley Harper, Bill Helena, Tommy Cirkal . . . Third Row: Sonny Rohhinx, johnny Williamf, jimmy Ahxhire, jimmy Thompyon, Mike Andrewx, jeff jarvif . . . Fourth Row: Bill Carrell, Kim Smith, jerry Baker, Dutrh Phillipf, David Melville, Rink Todd . . . l30 iicted Heights : , Q '."a '. du. A? QQ " ' I 0 R155 f gagfbtg ,430 p i? j ' 6' ' gs xi ii 4. :vel 5' i i f ,..,l 'ft , .Q Ad 1 x80f!X79,'a. e 'Q We ll tn Q Fifi! Row: johnny MarFaflir1e, Roger Culchin, David Dalton, Rex Ron, Alex Harkinx, Earl Smith . . . Seeond Row: Philo Waleff, john Hairflon, johnny Maag, Ronnie Nelmn, Tommy Fisher, Harry Stengele . . . Third Row: john Rirhards, joe Needham, Dan Woody, Ed Fitzgerald, Terry Haney, Roherf Bridge: . . . Fouflh Row: Rirk Bene, Mike Slrange, Kirby IVaffen, Pat Nanney, Fam! Parker, john Roherlmn. L l3I 4 f it ' i74, female ,, i, J' Co-Captain jimmy Thompson and Captain Kim Smith study a pre-game reminder Football Queen from "Auntie Louf, Margaret Rodgers 1 SEASON'S RECORD A,H.H.S. Opponefzri' O Tascosa , ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,14 6 Haltom , ,, 6 6 Highland Park , ,, ,18 36 Tech H ,,,,.,,,,, , , ,14 40 North Side , , . 6 24 Poly , ,, ,, O 22 Eastern Hills ,,,,, , , 6 21 Sweetwater , ,, O 12 Paschal ,, ,, 36 14 Carter , H18 Managers ohn Burk Ray Krottinger and Larry Gustaf son talk shop in the turning room A team managers not pictured are jerry Ball 1nd james Hardgrove Head Coach Homer Ludiker confers with Coaches Nick Ruggieri and Tommy Runnels on a scouting report, A.H.H.S. Starts Streak With Tech After two losses and a tie in pre-district duels, the jackets blasted a depthless Tech squad in the initial diss trict game, 56-14. Continuing on victory row the West Siders downed North Side, 40-6, Poly, 24-O, and Eastern Hills, 22-6, Traveling to Sweetwater, A.H.H.S. squelched the Mustangs, 21-O. Wfith the district crown at stake in the annual homecoming game, Heights was pverpowered by Pasfhal, eventual state semi-finalists. The jackets were nippecl in the season finale by Carter, 18-14, taking third in 4A-5. 5 ti b. Q 1 1 A ws J' " l 2 . 'A ' Y.,f 7 fiidf V , 1 ,fr .VL-in Ifjih , , :ft 1 ,. 5' t a' r , 'u i . 'ilif' A f1fF'i1. . Lelterman Somzy Robbinr, .rezzior qum'le:'lmfk,' and Letterman Bill Crrrrell, Jerziar center. Planted in Teclfs end zone, johnny Maag awaits a six-point reception. aff A Tascosa Rebel neglects the side line route avoiding Mike Maloney to gain the attention of Tommy Fisher 180, and Kim Smith 1685, Heights Shuts Out Poly 24-0 Lellemzmz jimmy Larzgdmz, junior lmlfbfzrkg and Lellfermmz Mike Carter, .ropbomore emi, Lezterzmw Tommy Fisher, Jerzior emig and Letterman Kirby Wlirren, senior ffillff. Linebacker Kim Smith f68j, Jeff Jarvis 1113, and johnny Maag i875 scamper to terminate a Poly Parr0t's gain, I34 jimmy Thompson mystically fingers the pigskin into his grasp in the Eastern Hills daylight match, Warbugs Crush E. Hills, 22-6 Senior halfback Rick Todd holds for fullback Hank Duvall, junior letterman. jacket sideliners reflect crucial gridiron action Fullback Ed Fitzgerald blasts through an Eastern Hills tackler, adding five yards enroute to his 101 yard game total. it A in 'Xxx 'aff il rr f. ,garm- ag Y M I., lk, Lellermazz Terry Haney, .reniar mrkle. l35 Jackets Smash Sweetwater ll-0 A' , on jimmy Thompson and Sonny Robbins force a Paschal Panther to the inside, where Bill Cartell f5?aj, Harry Stengele 1791 Mike Maloney 1401, and Rick Besse 1501 await him. Senior Fullback Mike Andrews, two- year letterman. junior End Johnny Langdon, one year letterman. Swee-twater's Mustangs Corral Halfback Dan Woody. I36 if ' sw 466152, gfgfgsq,-gg3giif'2'5 ,MMM Q14 H aa W' in :,.N W Letterman Dutch Phillips, senior tackle, Letterman Dan Woody, senior halfback. Halfback Lonnie Clover hits left side of the Sweetwater line for short yardage. Holmes Award Received by Jarvis The james "Sparkie" Holmes Memorial Award was originated by the players and cheerleaders in memory of James Holmes, who was killed as a result of a tragic automobile accident in the spring of 1960, The award is presented each year to the outstanding Yellow Jacket back, thought by the coaches to have best displayed the qualities for which Holmes is remembered-leadership, team work, spirit and good sportsmanship. The 1961 recipient of the highly coveted trophy was Quarterback jeff Jarvis. The jacket signal caller was chosen for the All-District team, having finished third in individual scor- ing in 4A-5 and fourth in rushing. Jarvis became the second to receive the award, as Mike O'Grady was honored in 1960. Jarvis scampers into the Tech end zone en route to Heights 36-14 victory. Coach Homer Ludiker presents jeff Jarvis with the james "Spnrkie" Holmes Memorial Award I37 "B" Team Wins Seven pun-vnu 3653- .ea 1: we "B" managers David Stancil, Gary Fulton, and Bill Harrell test one of the "healing" machines. SEASON'S RECORD A,H,H,S, Opponent! 30 Brewer ,, . , , O 18 Haltom , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 6 0 Highland Park ,,,, , U14 28 L. D. Bell ., , , 6 24 North Side ,,,, , , 6 8 Paschal, ,, 14 34 Poly ,, ,,,,, , , , O 42 Tech ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , 6 8 Eastern Hills ,. 14 24 Carter ,, H14 "B" grid coaches, L. B. Morris and joe Prater, reflect the junior jackets 7-3 season. jacket End Mike Harris f39j eludes a Brewer Bear as Bob Needham GSH cuts in to give protection. l38 A Brewer threat is subdued by jackets johnny Dalton 4223, Stamm Todd Ui, Mike Harris and Bob Needham 4353, Jacket Cagers Nab Second Half Titles Victorious in 22 Outings for Record The 1961-62 YJ Cagers won more games in one season QZZQ and more in district Q11j than any other team in the history of AHHS. Norman Reuther, 6-6 postman, guided the jackets to the second half championship, It was the first time in 14 years that a team from the "Hill" took a half title. Reuther was named to the All- State team, scoring 729 points for the season and in a pre-district game notched 50 points against Haltom, both of which are new city records. Joe Prater in his five years at AHHS has coached 59 victories in district play compared to only 17 setbacks. The jacket Cage Mentor lauded this yearis squad as, "the best team Heights has ever had by far." After losing the first half championship, the Prater-men thundered back to seize the sec- ond round crown with six consecutive triumphs. A three game play-off ensued at the Public Schools Gym between Heights and Paschal to determine the 4A.5 champion. Capacity crowds of 5,500 or more nightly saw Paschal receive the opening nod, 56-52, Heights the second, 58-53, and Paschal in the finale, 50-48. In Bi-District the Panthers bowed to Dallas T. Jefferson 65-47-a team the jackets clipped earlier in the season. TJ. snared the regional crown and junketed to Austin for the state tournament. Coach joe Prater is congratulated after winning the second half Varsity Manager Butch Clark concentrates on keeping the title Over Paschal- records exact. i Firft Row: Randy Cochran, Bulfb M0lllg0l!lE7'j', Charlie lVilliam5, Ronnie Hinze. jm11eJ Bzzir , . . Second Row: Larry Kirk, jim Belknap, jeff Safari, Nawilnil Reulirer, Ianzer Ankele, Ronnie Cearley, Ronnie Eddini. I3 y 9 Basketball Queen Diana Reilly Norman Reuther Senior Co-Captain All-State fs Fifi! AHHS 48 54 63 74 58 47 Half Carter 37 North S. 42 Tech 60 E. Hills 46 Poly 59 Paschal 48 Second AHHS 55 40 65 56 72 49 Half Carter 50 North S. 33 Poly 41 Tech 45 E. Hills 52 Paschal 43 Play AHHS 52 58 48 Offs Paschal 56 53 50 W Ronnie Hinze Butch Montgomery Senior Senior Co-Captain 216 Ronnie Ecldins Senior Reuther uses his 6-6 frame to control the tip against Castleberry. The Jackets coasted to a 58-44 win. A tight jacket defense failed to halt the Panthers completely, as Paschal won, 48-47, for the first half title. l40 Randy Cochran Senior james Buis junior A Poly Parrot's effort goes unrewardecl as Ron Ccarley lays two points into the nets. Awaiting ri possible rebound are jackets Ronnie Eddins, Larry Kirk and Charlie Wfilliams. x "Big Reut" whips in another one in the 72-52 barnstorming of Eastern Hills. Reuther hit 58 to add efficiently to his record-breaking season total. Larry Kirk Junior Charlie Williams junior Four arms aren't enough to stop Reuther from scoring in the season finale with Paschal. . rf ' "B" team manager Larry Dal- ton cleans the practice balls. .. "B" Basketball Fivzfl Row: Daria' Sykff, Craig Stoll, Kenny Hiizze, Tommy Ilvelldarf, f0llIIlIj'Dz1ll0ll, Lee Gilbert. Serorld Raw: Mike ll.m'i.r, fobzmy Milfbsll, Bill Eddim, B371 llyatkizzr, Eddie Lawn, Rudf1eyP1'1z1!l. l43 r Don Hood Coach 1962 Defending Trackm n Aim 'iii bl dh U! ,mul Firfl Row: Bill Marlin, Ronnie Ballard . . . Serona' Row: Roger Farrix, Gene Rallan . , . Third Row: jinzmy Thompfon, jeff jarvif . . . Fourth Row: Doyle Murray, Ray Gallagher . . . Fifzh Rowx Sieve Crow, Bill Rohxorz, Ralph Myliux, joe Bum, Donnie Smith, Bohhy MrCarroll, Phil Ferguxon, IVayr1e Gage, Larry Bingham, Bill Ellir, Charlex Hayex , . . Sixth Row: Keith Flick- inger, Gary Lorleerl, Clevif jonex, jinz Napier, john johndroe, George Clough, Pele Kleveen, Dennix Carpenter, Dennix Larmn, Don joner . . . for District Domination 5 ' ' W Y V v- , , W . W .,.,,.,,,,,..,,,,..,,:, W , , Q M Q.. nnidbvv' H" """"i , ,. A was K ,,, Q , P-J: in L ' Q 2 r' t ., 6 0' on px 5, ,f -ns f on L Q. I S 4 Q9 ,g,.!. aff IO ix? Firft Row: Bill Leon, Manager Boh Moor . . . Second Row: Dan IVoody, Tommy Patton . . . Third Row: Dwayne Holden, Carter Llewellyn . . . Fourth Row: Rifh Yahr, Ken Crapper . . . Fifth Row: Frank Rohinmrz, Charlef Panel, Bill Kendrieh, Steven Cottar, Roger Fay, john Feih, Max Gathirzgs, Mike Damato, jimmy DelVolfe, jimmy Iazngdon . . . Sixth Row: Bill Clement, Rirk Pratt, Steve Smith, Boh Tribhle, Churh Sheridan, Stanley Cul- pepper, Don Craig, Hampton Cotlar, joe Needham, Andy Sewell, Bobby Needham. CJ' ,Q as pb wit L. B. Morris Coach 1957-61 Track Queen C0-Captain Ray Gallagher delivers the finishing kick to his mile trek. Lynn Massey . J' Co-Captain Carter Llewellyn shoots out of the blocks in a practice start. The discus sails skyward with jim Napier's final rotation. Half-miler Tommy Patton rounds the last curve of his specialty. Jackets Fla h to Victory Ronnie Ballard's 2-1-foot jump in the XWill Rogers Indoor Games, although nullified, showed indications of a record-breaking season ahead for the senior broad jumper, The Heights distance-men initiated the '61 season with second place at Z. Boaz. junior Donnie Smith finished the two and one-half mile trek in second place. Senior Ray Gallagher paced the jackets in Austin for the State Meet, crossing the finish ninth. Fort Worth's first District Cross-Country Meet took place at Z. Boaz Golf Course. Heights copped top honors, sweeping the first four places-Gallagher, Smith, Culpepper and Farris respectivelyswith Gene Rattan seventh. in 2nd, Indoor Meet l Another record falls as Ken Cropper clears the 12-foot mark, Cross-Country District Cross-Country Champs for 1961 are Ray Gallagher, Donnie Smith, Stanley Culpepper Gene Rattan and Roger Farris. I47 Jacket Baseball - I962 Lefz to right: jeff IVdf'7't?7l, Tammy Cirkal, Rennie Eddim, jim Henderforz, Mike Maloney, Earl Bruner, Bob Eamef, Frank MrBride, Rick Todd, Sumter Bmtarz, Ronnie Smith, Max Fi.rl:1er,Da1fid jorzef, Ed Lafiford, Don jabmon, Kirby IVurren, Sonny Robbiru, jimmy W'bile, Tommy Fifher, mid Mike Fifber. f' Baseball Coach Tommy Runnels confers with Manager Ray Krottinger on the upcoming season. I48 X... Mike Maloney, batting, prepares to execute his half of the squeeze play as Sonny Robbins hits the dirt. ! i i a K. x 1 . ,. V , N ,. 'N 3 . rx . P 0 V V .. f - P , ' .A "' u ru' -'J ' fi ." '- - .f '-fx i ' Z-:. 'gf Imp.: na: " '- 4 - 3 " f Q 5 M,1,g.ifag,,,3 . ya, - .- f ai- iw 1' ,gf -4 .W '- t, . fa , f ., ' 1 1, --,ef :H ff Q. M- ck, ,. t 'w w Q wr.. ,,,, ,,,., Ns,-.. -. fn, .7.. , N V- . 2 e"f"S' xM1.- Q , . es- -'1-tr..-N . -""' 'V , 'tt f ww, v"a'f'S" z a . .11-as-ewan' mK.'tQ"'1.WF it "H" "' jeff Warren stretches to beat out a throw coming to first baseman Mike Fisher. 4 1 A-1 n.n,.... An attempted practice steal is cancelled out by the Heights infield. uf' Three jacket pitchers flex their wings. Left to right are Frank McBride, Ronnie Eddins, and Sumter Bruton. fx. BHSEMHVQUCEH Shortstop Don johnson pivots to complete an important double play. Lynn Melto " sy nys! I49 junior jim Hooclenpyle practices a long iron shot. Putting in extra time on the green is Senior Steve Threlkeld. l50 Firit Roux' Mike Gilman . . . Semnd Roux' Frank Bailey, Terry M0r'rif. A universal reaction is displayed on the golf course by Senior Frank Bailey. .. 'f 'f Fir!! Raw: Dune Turner, Steve Threlkeld . . . Sefofzd Row: Steve U700d, Damzy hiulkey, jim Haodenpyle. .1 Chipping from the edge of the green is Senior Dave Turner. Senior Terry Morris rehearses his short irons. I5I Boys Stroke Toward Tennis Victor First Row: Lionel Lane, john IVi1liamr, lVl17'f672 Cooper . . . Semfzd Row. Kenny Morrill, Ted Gorfki. N01 pictured: Kenny lViriee1t, Charlie Williamg Cyrux, Ronnie Pbillipx. Ronnie 011012, jazz Pierafl, Kenneth Sdiillldll, Riflmrd Ted Gorski's serve heads for enemy territory. l52 Kenny Morrill and Ronnie Olson combine at the net to halt an opponents rally Lowdon Girl Netters Defend Title A leading contender for the district doubles title is the Heights team of Donna Hill and Shirley Sparks. Above Donna follows in a serve as Shirley concentrates on the return. This year junior Ann Lowdon returned in quest of her second 4A-5 singles championship. ' 1 Fin: Row: Shirley Sparkx, Belly King, Alan Neville . . . Second Roux- Mrs. Wfilrmz, Jpozzxor, Newry Wfood, Derma Hill, Ann Lowdmz . . . 25 Girls Rate Volleyball Positions Fin! Row: Sally Angell, Virley, Ufandu Trunell, Diane Nair, Gwen Bmgmz, Clirif MfzrNaugl9mn, Terry Ornelar, Mary Blanton, Kalluie Aurin . . . Sammi Raw: Paz Cole, Linda Yarborougb, Paula Gibson, jane Carringer, Diana Reilly, Palty Rurker, Becky Neely, Linda lVeir . . . Third Row: Fnznrix Laulz, Pa! MtMnb0n, Conny Dunlap, Verila Korlli, Nancy Eugen, Marllm Trickey, Marty Seay, Caroline Difkey . . . Mrs. Martha Austin and Miss joan Oliver served as coaches and sponsors for the girls' "A" and "B" volleyball teams. l54 "Aw-Don't be so bashfulf' snickers johnny Connally. "P Fe I ssst, Gretchen, put your arm up," whispers Ann agan. X P.E. - Fun, Frolic and Fitness D'anne Borders delivers her "smashing" serve to the amusement of Mary Ralph Lowe and Marylyn Reclwine. I'm forever blowing bubbles! l55 Third period P E. boys find a release of energy through "battle ball." You would never guess what's in his bag of goodies. Reward for Jacket Spirit J.C.C. Sportsman hip Troph vi Student body President Ed Landford accepts the coveted trophy from a Jaycee representative. l56 When it was disclosed that the men on the stage were from the junior Chamber of Commerce, the secret was no longer good. X0 .Pm . X i S . V4 x 'AL .X f-wikw . f .- was .15 - gm x ZR ik x 1 W -v-viii" Jud and Jeff Win Top Honors Having proved herself as an outstanding student in leadership, scholarship, and service, Judy has been a homeroom officer for 5 years, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Buckhill Falls delegate, A.Y. 3 years, A.Y. Executive Committee 2 years, F.T.A. 3 years, bulletin com- mittee chairman, program chairman of Young Citizens Forum, Safety Council Representative for A.H.H.S., and as a member of "J" Club and a recipient of the Leonard Award for 2 years. l60 jeff's accomplishments at Arlington Heights are exemplified by his leadership as Homeroom President 2 years, President of A.Y., Vice-President of A.Y., Southwest President of,A.Y., Dele- gate for A.H.H.S. and president of Tarrant County Youth for Traffic Safety Organization, Student Council, Young Citizen's Forum 2 years, and junior Favorite Finalist. He has participated in football and track 3 years, is now president of the "A" Club, and is this year's recipient of the james Holmes Memorial Award. KATHIE AURIN KIRBY XVARREN ROTC Sponsor, Most Athletic, ETA, 3 yrs., Parliamentariang Youth Forum Treas., HR Pres., 5 yrs., football letterman, base- tennis team, volleyball team. ball letfgi-mm, "A" Club, Mr. and Miss AHH Finalists ,inf IVAN THORNTON CAROLE O'DELL Chairman of Election Committee, Most Studious, Vice Pres, of Buck Hill Falls Delegate, ROTC Sponsor, HR Pres., 3 yrs., Alt. Senior Class, Y-I staff, "J" club. cheerleader, Leonarcl's award. Homecoming Queen Donna Boone Ranch Foreman and Queen Jerry Baker Chigger King Q Q. Ag A - -.LH-xWh2.,6,3z,W4, A 1--7134.33 an -ll- Q .Win-JJ SEI1iOI' F3VOI'itE Nancy Jennings xl: I Junior Favorite Missy Lee Junior Favorite Johnny Langdon Sophomore Favorite Ann Duke -N I I A 6' wif? -f ' V' ,I 1 .' 1, ,,-, i Senior Courtney Cheney Jeanie . Sophomore .10 Woodloek f i Favorite Junior Mike Maloney Finalists -6 'S--4 Junior Lana Lowry Senior Tim McKinney Sophomore Stanley Culpepper H. W. 48" 6 Most Beautiful Jo Hansen fc w,w-cf ' " ,A hw N .17 ,,., , , 1, l 1 4 2 f f'f' f. fm fkifyf 3 jiff fxxk x"k fx VIH, 1 1.. 1 222' ff 4 . X,,.f i"f',ffYfgifR 7 f. flmrxfgzf' h -iff g? A if 5 . ,gf j 4 . U vm f: 5 .A V ,A ' 1 1 ' X .m , XM, r .Q 3, . f-fm-M sx ff Q , , . , , 'Yi K lf 4 Zf.!1, ., 'Ji -. A A iffy! I 1 ff, 5' gf .. D ' , , " N ' fin... --vw . ,gg x 1 jf ff, - I K ot 4. lit 9' -Q ,113-lf, Ks M I A M 2 ff my f- W-R ,,,, 4X..,g ff j ' -f'- X M Q I - ' ,ala Jr ,-.f 111. 1 . K ' U X- -A 1' 4 A 156-- .y , 1 "wi S all ' xi R N .gb ff'-f -, ""'f- X4 " '-ff" ,- , 1. lk 'N Bs .., Q k ,, ,.Af'?:--5 3 -, Q. ,N fl: K ' ,f-2, xg , - s Most Beautiful-Handsome Finalists Margaret Rodgers Kirby Warren . A a Jlm Lane 1 3 X A Donna Boone r I74 -fx 1 13 P 1 AS U, 115' f ,dim tl X ', 'Q iw? 2 ,, .""2L Sf AFM 5 3" Nfl ww. . Y:-1: . x I mf-XM' .-.M.4vam, l I F I v r 5 w 5 A In- 1 HM . , Most Athletic Ed Fitzgerald Kathie Aurin N ,Giza f, R . . 'K ' . X. R Cheerleade i in Spark Fire of Enthusiasm l if ' W 5" Margaret Rodgers Larry Worley Danny Mulkey Donna Boone Charles Newman Colleen Walter Bari Holden Stanley Culpepper Who's Who Mirrors Interests, ED LAN FQRD Student Body President A.Y., 3 yrs. Buck Hill Falls Delegate B b ll T ase a eam Young Citizens' Forum SUSIE SENEVEY Homeroom Officer, 3 y A.Y., 3 yrs. Representative Red Cross Representativ Footlight Players Library Club Vice-President IS C Ft. Worth Library Assn. President "J" Cl b 2 u , yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. Young Citizens' Forum Future Careers . . . .I U DY MASON Homeroom Officer, 5 yrs. ROTC Sponsor AY, 3 yrs. Buck Hill Falls Delegate Council, 2 yrs. FTA, 5 yrs. Bulletin Committee Chairman Young Citizens' Forum Program Chairman Safety Council Representative "J" Club Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Miss AHHS l l i i l i l DOYLE MURRAY Track, 2 yrs. AY, 2 yrs. Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. Student Council, 2 yrs. Sportsmanship Committee JUDY BALDRIDGE Young Citizens' Forum, 2, yrs. Secretary FTA, 3 yrs. President Deans Assistant Homeroom Officer, 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. l82 IVAN THGRNTON Student Council, 2 yrs. Election Committee Chairman Vice-President of Senior Class YJ Staff "ju Club Leonards Award Most Studious g iiizig W, vm su f. TOMMY FISHER Senior Class Pres. Young Citizens' Forum, 2 yrs. Student Council Football, 5 yrs. Baseball, 3 yrs. Horneroom Officer UAH Club Leonards Award, 2 yrs. Club, 2 yrs, AY, 5 yrs. KATHIE ALIRIN ROTC Sponsor Chorus. 5 yrs. All-City Accornpanist Sextet, 2 yrs. AY, 5 yrs. Homeroom Officer "II" Club, 2 yrs. Leonards Award Miss AHHS Finalist Most Athletic FTA, 5 yrs. Parliarnentarian JEFF .IARVIS AY, 5 yrs. Council President Vice-President Southwest Conference Pres. Football, 5 yrs. All-District james Holmes Memorial Award Track, 3 yrs. District Championship High and Low Hurdles "AH Club, 2 yrs. President Club 2 yrs. Leonards Award Student Council Homeroom Pres., 2 yrs. junior Favorite Finalist TH GAYLE NEEDHAM ROTC Sponsor, 2 yrs, Battle Group Sponsor AY, 5 yrs. Vice-President Southwest Conference Vice-Pres. Most Studious "JU Club BARRY APPLEWHITE l Footlight Players Club Leonards Award Young Citizens' Forum, Charter Member President AY "B" Football Team 2 yrs. NANCY JENNINGS Senior Class Secretary AY, 5 yrs. Council Buck Hill Falls Delegate, 2 yrs. Vice-President Southwest Conference Vice-Pres. FTA, 3 yrs. Publicity Chairman Young Citizens, Forum, 2 yrs. Publicity Chairman Student Council Student Body Treasurer Homeroom Officer Club Jabberwoclqy Co-Editor Jacket journal Staff Yellow Jacket Co-Editor 'c Postlude Time moves swiftly- And is gone. We will never pass this way again. But if we could dip into the future, We would surely find That we are a part of all we have met And that- AGT Our Past is the Key to Our Future. ' .....-N A special recognition should go to photographers, Bob Maulsby, Ralph Cordray, john Lowe and Bobby Lyons, for their wonderful work. The editors wish also to thank Marie Thompson, faculty editorg Susie Freeman and Laurie Reilly, Sophomore Class editorsg Alice Pelton, junior Class editorg and Ivan Thornton and Mary jane Cleveland, Senior Class editors. We would also like to thank Mary Lewis and Penny Cough- len, Organizations' editorsg Steve Wfood and Pat Maddox, Activ- ities editorsg Butch Montgomery and Richard Cyrus, Sports edi- torsg and Chigger King, Personalities editor. Mrs. Oleta Epps deserves much appreciation for her guid- ance and help. ' "A" Club, 88 After Game Activities, 116, 117 Allied Youth, 96, 97 A.Y. Beauty Contest, 126, 127 Band, 90, 91 Baseball, 148, 149 Basketball, 139-143 Cheerleaders, 178, 179 Chess Club, 88 Chorus, 92 Dedication, 8 Distributive Education, 89 Favorites, 164-169 Pegram, Mr. Homer J., 2, 11 Sharp, Mr. John B., 11 Haden, Miss Kathryn, 11 Arseneau, Mr. Flavin J., 16, 100, 101 Austin, Mrs. Martha, 18, 154 Ayala, Mrs. Anne, 12, 88 Becker, Miss Grace, 14, 97 Bennett, Miss Alice, 14 Beseda, Mr. Charles, 15, 98, 99, 112,126 Bigham, Mrs. Emily, 11, 87 Boone, Miss Grace, 13 Bransford, Mr. Milton, 12 Brewster, Mrs. Janie Lou, 8, 15 Carson, Mr. George H., 15, 91, 93 Carter, Mr, Dayton, 18 Caveness, Mrs. Frances, 12, 123 Coon, Mrs. Frances, 17 Daniels, Mrs. Nan-Isca, 15 Durham, Dr. T. E., 13 A Abbott, Jeannine Ur.D, 14 Abshire, Jimmy fSr.D, 20, 114, 130 Adams, Jean fSr.D, 20 Adams, Jim fSoph.D, 62, 70, 91, 92 Adams, Sharon Ur.D, 44 Addison, Mike fSr.D, 20, 89 Albertson, David Ur.D, 92, 96 Albritton, Jerry fSr.D, 20 Aldredge, Donna Kay QSoph.D, 62 Aldrich, Lisa QSoph.D, 62 Alexander, Becky fSoph.D, 62 Alexander, Susan fSoph.D, 62 Allcorn, Ross Ur.D Allen, George fSoph.D, 62, Allen, Marvin Lee fSr.D Allison, Pat Ur.D, 44 Alvis, Bill fSoph.D, 62 Amos, Terilee Ur.D, 44, 92 Anderson, Carol fSoph.D, 62 Anderson, Eric fSr.D, 20 Anderson, Gloria Ruth fSoph.D, 62 Anderson, Maloa fSoph.D, 62 Anderson, Monette Ur,D, 44 Anderson, Sammy 1Soph.D, 62, 92 Andrews, Linda Kay Ur.D, 44 Andrews, Mike fSr.D, 20, 88, 130, 136, 173 Andrews, Nanc Sr. 20 92 TOPICAL INDEX Favorite Finalists, 170-171 Football, 130-138 Future Nurses of America, 95 Future Teachers of America, 86, 87 Golf, 150, 151 Holmes Award, 137 Homecoming, 120, 121 Homecoming Queen, 162 Honors, 178-181 Jacket Footlight Players, 98, 99 Jacket Journal Staff, 102, 103 Junior Red Cross, 95 Lab Band, 103 Facu Dyche, Iwfr. Ray, 14, 15, 87 Edwards, Mrs. Glenna Faye, 12 Eggleston, Mrs. Jo Ann, 18 Epps, Mrs. Oleta F., 12, 105 Evans, Mrs. Belle B., 12, 13 Farr, Mrs. Hazel, 11 Fisher, Mrs. Mary, 10, 11, 95 Foust, Mrs. Mary Lynn, 15 Garrett, Miss Kathryn, 14, 85 Gray, Mrs. Carol, 12, 103 Hale, Miss Helen F., 13 Hanley, Mrs. Kathleen, 14 Harrison, Mrs, Fae, 15 Hokett, Mr. Donald W., 12 Hood, Mr. Donald W., 144 Hood, Mrs. Mary, 11, 87 Hunter, Mrs. Gladys R., 12 Kahler, Mr. Edwin, 17, 112 Kitchens, Miss Carol, 13 Krauss, Mr. H. R. fBuckD, 17 Lay, Mrs. June, 15, 89 Library Club, 87 Lunch, 124, 125 Most Athletic, 177 Most Beautiful, 172, 174 Most Friendly, 175 Most Handsome, 173, 174 Most Studious, 176 Mr. and Miss A.H.H.S., 158-161 Orchestra, 90, 91 Out of Town Trip, 118, 119 Pep Rallies, 114, 115 Physical Education, 154-156 'YY Lerrett, Mrs. Elva, 17, 87 Ludiker, Mr. Homer, 18, 132, 137 McCluney, Mrs, Evelyn, 13 McDuffie, MfSgt. Leon, 18, 107, 109,110 Mantor, Mr. Mayhew, 12 Marsh, Mrs. Mary, 14 Martin, Mr. Jack L., 16 Miller, Mr. Marvin A., 16, 95, 112 Morris, Mr. L. B., 18, 138, 145 Nelson, Miss Hazel, 15 Nickerson, Mrs. Sara M., 13 Oliver, Miss Barbara Joan, 18, 154 Parker, Miss Mary, 17 Parmeter, Mrs. Bonnie L., 15 Phillips, Mr. Bob, 17, 101 Poston, Mrs, Flossie, 12, 85 Prater, Mr. Joe, 18, 138, 139 Price, Mrs. Irene, 17 Quimby, Mrs. Betty A., 14 Ruggieri, Mr. Nick, 11, 80, 81, 132 Students Ankele, James Jason Ur.D, 18, 44, 139,140,141 Anthony, Phillip fSr.D, 20, 35, 82 Applewhite, Barry fSr.D, 20, 85, 185 Armstrong, Karen Ur.D, 44 Arnold, Don Ur.D, 44 Arnold, Kay fSoph.D, 62 Arnow, Pete fSr.D, 20 Ash, Clifford Ur.D, 44 Aurin, Kathie fSr.D, 20, 24, 86, 92,93,106,154,183 Austin, Betty QSoph.D, 62, 83 Autry, Lynda Kay Ur.D, 44, 89 B Backus, Sylvia Ur.D, 16, 44 Badge tt, Linda Ur.D, 44 Bagby, Linda Ur.D, 44 Bagwell, B. L. Ur.D, 44 Bailey, Barbara fSoph.D, 62 Bailey, Bob fSoph.D, 62 Bailey Bailey , Carol QSoph.D, 62 ,Frank CSr.D, 20, 150 Bailey, Susan Ur.D, 44 Baird, Ann fSoph.D, 62 Baker, Dewitt Ur.D, 44 Baker, Jerry fSr.D, 130, 163 Baker, Ronelle fSoph.D, 62 Balay, James Ur.D, 44 Baldridge Judy fSr.D, 20, 80, 81, y K 7, , 1 Angell, Sally fSr.D, 20, 154 85, 86, 182 Ball, Dee De Ur.D, 44 Ball, Jerry QSLD, 20, 132 Ballard, John Ur.D, 44 Ballard, Judy CSoph.D, 62 Ballard, Ronnie fSr.D, 20, 144, 147 Balthrop, Chris Ur.D, 44, 83 Banister, Dorothy fSoph.D, 62 Bare, Bennie Ur.D Barham, David fSoph.D, 62, 91, 92 Barnes, Woody fSoph.D, 62 Barnett, Judi QSoph.D, 62, 92 Barnwell, Joe CSr.D Baronousky, Georgia Ur.D, 44 Bartay, Harry CSr.D, 20 Bartha, Sharon fSoph.D, 62 Bartlett, Barbara CSoph.D, 62 Barton, Jeanette fSr.D, 20 Barton,vJerry fSr.D, 20 Barton,'Sandra Ur1D, 44, 101 Bates, Malcolm fSoph.D, 62 Battershell, Carol fSr.D, 20 Baty, Jeannette fSr.D, 20 Baudoux, John QSoph.D, 62 Bauer, Susan fSoph.D, 62 Baughman, Beth fSoph.D, 62 Baxter, Diane fSoph.D, 62 Beakey, Helen Ur.D Bearden, Johnny CSoph.D, 62 Bearden, Ronnie Ur.D, 44 Beddo, Mike Ur.D Bedford, Donna Ur.D, 44 Bedford, Jeannie fSoph.D, 62 Ranch Day, 122, 123 Ranch Queen and Foreman, 163 Registration, 112, 113 R.O.T.C., 106-110 Science Club, 100-101 Sextet, 93 Sportsmanship Award, 156 Student Council, 80-83 Tennisg 152, 153 Track, 144-147 Who's Who, 180-185 Yellow Jacket Staff, 104-105 Young Citizens' Forum, 84, 85 Runnels, Mr. Tommy, 16, 113, 132,148 Sanders, Mrs. Velma, 11 Sankary, Mrs. Judy, 88 Sherrod, Mr. Joe R., 14 Smotherman, Mrs. Nancy, 12 Stevens, Mr. Archie, 17 Stovall, Miss Dona Lee, 15, 87 Tate, Mrs. Mary 11, 80, 81 Taylor, Mr. Willie, 17 Van Meter, Mr. Arch, 16 Warren, Mrs. Mary F., 14 Watkins, Mrs. Dorothy, 11 White, Mrs. Mary E., 15, 93 Wilson, Mrs. Lorraine, 18, 153 Wood, S!Sgt. Herman, 16, 18, 107 109 Wright, Mr. Phil W., 15, 124 York, Mrs. James E., 14, 97 Beezley, Bruce fSoph D, 62 Belknap, James Ur.D, 44, 139, 141 Bennett, Carol Ur.D Bennett, Joe fSr.D Bennett, Ronnie QSr.D, 20, 90, 91 Berg, George fSr.D, 20 Berg, JoAnn fSoph.D, 62 Bernhardt, Beverly CSoph.D, 62, 92 Berrey, Elizabeth Ur.D, 44 Berryman, Judy CSr.D, 21, 98 Besse, Rick Ur.D, 44, 131, 136 Bessler, James Ur.D, 44 Bessler, Joe Ur.D, 44 BeVelle, Jerry fSr.D, 21 Bingham, Larry fSoph.D, 63, 144 Birmingham, Gayle Ur.D, 45 Bishop, Floyd Ur.D, 45, 92 Bishop, Harry CSoph.D, 63, 92 Black, Bill fSr.D, 21 Blake, Buckley fSoph.D, 63 Blanton, Bety Jo fSoph.D, 63 Blanton, Mary Beth fSr.D, 21, 154 Blanton, Rickey fSoph.D, 63 Blount, Bill Ur.D, 45 Bock, Mary Ann fSr.D, 21, 90 Boecker, Bill CSoph.D, 63 Bond, Denise CSoph.D, 63 Bonnell, Brian 1Soph.D, 63 Boqne, Donna fSr.D, 21, 162, 174, 175,178 Borders, D'Anne fSoph.D, 63, 155 Borders, John fSr.D, 21 l87 Boren, Linda Ur.D, 45 Botts, Peggy Ur.D, 45, 83 Boughton, Bill Ur.D, 45, 130 Bourland, Sandra,Ur.D, 45 Boustead, Don fSoph.D, 63 Bow, Robert Ur.D Bownds, Roger QSoph.D, 63 Box, Margaret fSr.D, 21 Box, Marilyn Kay Ur.D Boyd, Roxanne Ur.D, 45 Bozeman, Laurie fSr.D, 21, 80, 83, 86 Bradbury, Jim fSoph.D, 63 Bradshaw, Leslie fSr.D, 21 Bragan, Gwenn fSr.D, 21, 118, 154 Bramlett, Janie fSoph.D, 63 Brandenburg, Everett fSr.D, 21 Brandt, Richard Ur.D, 45 Brants, Lucy Ur.D, 45 Branz, Judy fSoph.D, 63 Bratcher, Jamie Ur.D, 45, 92 Brawner, Marilyn fSoph.D, 63 Brazelton, Rusty fSr.D, 21 Brewer, Donna fSoph.D, 63 Bridges, Robert Ur.D, 45, 131 Briscoe, Kaye fSoph.D, 63, 92, 93 Britton, Eileen fSoph.D, 63 Brock, George fSopl1.D, 63 Brock, Jimmy Ur.D, 45 Brock, Ollie fSoph.D, 63 Brooks, Wanda Ur.D, 45, 90, 91 Broome, Eugene fSr.D, 21 Brower, L. T. fSoph.D, 63 Browder, Pat Ur.D, 45 Brown, Betty fSr.D, 21, 103 Brown, Cheryle fSr.D Brown, Darlene Ur.D, 45 Brown, Dennis Dean CSoph.D Brown, Elaine fSoph.D, 63 Brown, Grace fSr.D, 21 Brown, Nancy fSoph.D, 63 Brown, Nancy Lee Ur.D, 45 Brown, Richard fSoph.D, 63, 90 Brown, Ronald fSr.D, 21 Brown, Steve fSoph.D, 63 Brown, Terry fSr.D, 21 Brown, Tim fSoph.D Brown, Tom CSr.D, 21 Bruner, Earl Ur.D, 45, 148 Brush, Ricki'qs0ph.y, as Bruton, Sumter fSr.D, 21, 148, 149 Bryant, Mary QSr.D, 21 Bryant, Susan fSoph.D, 63 Buchanan, David fSoph.D, 63 Buchanan, Steve Ur.D, 45 Buckalew, Robby fSoph.D, 63 Buckley, Betty Lynn fSoph.D, 63 Buckley, Janis CSoph.D, 63 Bufkin, Cornelia Ur.D Buis, James Ur.D, 45, 139, 142 Bullock, Jack fSoph.D, 63 Burch, Sharon QSoph.D, 63 Burgess, Jan fSoph.D, 63 Burk, John fSr.D, 21, 125, 132 Burke, Wesley fSoph.D, 63 Burks, Jerre fSoph.D, 63 Bursey, Lynda CSoph.D, 64 Burt, Beverly Ur.D Burt, Johnny fSoph,D, 64 Burwell, George fSr.D Buschbaum, Judi fSr.D, 21, 85, 112 Bushell, Terri fSr.D, 21 Butterworth, Isaac fSoph.D, 64 Butts, Joe Ur.D, 45, 144 Byars, Barbara Ur.D, 45 C Cain, Gary fSoph.D, 64 Calhoon, Dorothy Ur.D, 45 Calinson, Roxee CSr.D, 22, 24, 42, 85, 90, 96, 97, 110 Campbell, Jenny fSoph.D, 64 Campbell, William T. III fS0ph.D, 64 Cannon, Cecil fSr.D, 22 Cano, Albert CSoph.D I88 Cano, Bea QSr.D, 22 Cano, Joe fSr.D, 22, 107 Carlberg, Jimmy fSoph.D, 64 Carlberg, Richard fSoph.D, 64 Carlton, Van fSoph.D, 64 Carpenter, Dennis Ur.D, 45, 144 Carpenter, Janis fSoph.D, 64 Carpenter, Judi fSr.D, 22 Carr, Connie fSoph.D Carrell, Bill fSr.D, 22, 130, 133, 136 Carringer, Jane QSr.D, 22, 154 Carringer, Mona fSoph.D, 64 Carrigan, Rajeania Ur.D, 45 Carter, David fSoph.D, 64 Carter, Glenna QSr.D, 22, 82, 98, 99 Carter, Mike CSoph.D, 64, 96, 126, 130 , 134 Cason, Jeff fSoph.D, 64 Castles, Sue fSr.D, 22, 103 Castles, Vance Ur.D, 45, 125 Cates, Sandra fSr.D, 22 Cather, Linda QSoph.D, 64 Cato, Diane fSoph.D, 64 Catt, Anita fSr.D, 22 Cauthen, Carol Jean Ur.D, 45 Cave, Harold fSr.D, 22 Caveness, Donna Ur,D, 45, 80 Caveness, Taylor fSoph.D, 64 Cearley, Carol Ur.D, 45 Cearley, Ronnie fSr.D, 22, 29, 139, Ceftii Dianne fSr.D, 22 Chambliss, Pete fSoph.D, 64 Champion, Lynne 1Sr.D,-22, 90 Chandler, Cathy fSr.D, 22 Chandler, Cynthia fSr.D, 22 Chandler, Ida fSr.D, 22 Chandler, Mary Anna QSr.D, 22 Charles, Gretchen 1Soph.D, 64, 82 Chastain, Garvin Ur,D, 45 Cheney, Cheryl Ur.D, 45 Cheney, Courtney fSr.D, 23, 170 Cherry, David fSr.D, 23 Chesnut, Gary Ur.D, 46 Chesnut, Richard Ur,D, 46 Childress, Judy Ur.D, 46 Chiles, Sharon CSoph.D, 64 Choate, Brad ISr.D, 23 Choate, Tommie Ur.D, 46 Christensen, Michelle Ur.D, 46 Christian,,Tommy CSr.D, 23, 116 Christopherson, Faye fSoph.D, 64 Cirkal, Tommy Ur.D, 46, 130, 148 CIHPP, Clare, Clark, Clark, Sandra Ur.D, 46 Brad fSoph.D Ann Ur.D, 46, 106, 108 Butch Ur.D, 46, 108, 139 Clark, John fSoph.D, 64 Clark, Kathy fSr.D, 23 Clark, Lynne Ur.D, 46 Clark, Ronald fSoph.D, 64 Clark, Sam CSr.D, 23 Clark, Sam fSoph.D Clarke, James Ur.D, 46, 108 Clarke, John Ur.D, 46, 51 Clarke, Ray fSoph.D, 64 Claunch, Mike Ur.D, 46 Cleere, Nancy fSoph.D, 64 Clement, Bill fS0ph.D, 64, 145 Clement, Mary fSoph.D, 64, 92 Clements, Linda fSoph.D, 64, 92 Cleveland, Mary Jane fSr.D, 23, 105 Cliburn, Buddy CSoph.D, 64 Clines, Carol fSoph.D, 64 Clodfelter, Tommy Ur.D, 46 Cloer, Cloer, Billy fSoph.D Linda Ur.D Clough, George Ur.D, 44, 46, 144 Clover, Lonnie QSr.D, 23, 137 Coates, Don fSr.D, 23, 95 Cochran, Randy fSr.D, 23, 139, 141, 142 Coffay, Brian Ur.D, 46 Coffee, Shannon Ur.D, 46 Coffey, Carole Ur.D, 46 Cohen, James Paul fSr.D, 23, 91, 92 Colburn, Jack Ur.D, 46 Cole, Barbara Ur.D, 46 Cole, Karen fSoph.D, 64 Cole, Pat fSr.D, 23, 154 Coleman, Cathy Ur.D, 46 Coleman, Mitzi Ur.D, 46, 126 Coleman, Nancy iSr.D, 23 Collard, Gary fSoph.D, 64 Colley, Tyler fSoph.D, 64, 84 Collinsworth, Corky fSr.D, 23 Collier, Cathy fSr.D, 23, 82, 120 Compton, Larry Ur.D, 46, 91, 92 Conditt, Sandra CSoph.D, 64 Conaway, Dianne Ur,D, 46 Connally, Johnny, 155 Connell, Gretchen fSr.D, 23, 115, 155 Conner, Doug Ur.D, 46 Connolly, Jim fSoph.D, 64 Conrad, Jack Ur.D, 46 Cook, Bill CSoph.D, 64 Cooley, Jimmy Ur.D, 46 Cooper, Bobby fSoph.D Cooper, John Ur.D, 46 Cooper, Marlene iSoph.D, 64 Cooper, Warren fSoph.D, 64, 152 Copeland, Milton QSoph.D, 64 Copple, Bobby Ur.D, 46 Corbin, Susan fSr.D, 23 Corbitt, Peggy Ur.D, 46 Corbyn, Eric CSoph.D, 64 Cornelius, Margaret fSr.D, 23 Cort, Nick fSoph.D Cosby, Miki gpg, 46, so, ss Cosman, Joe QSr.D, 24 Cottar, Hampton fSoph.D, 64, 145 Cottar, Stephan fSoph.D, 64, 145 Coughlen, Penny Ur.D, 47, 84, 102, 165 Council, Mary Nancy Ur.D, 47 Cowan, Jimmy fS0ph.D, 64 Cowley, Sam fSoph.D, 65, 110 Cox, Gary Ur.D, 47, 130 Cox, Herman Ur.D, 47 Cox, Leann Ur.D, 47 Craft, John Ur.D, 47 Craig, Don fSoph.D, 65, 145 Cramer, Harry fSoph.D, 65 Crandall, Alan fSoph,D, 65 Crawford, Barbara fSoph.D, 65, 91 Crawford, Beverly Ur.D Crawford, Judy fSr.D, 24 Creswell, Bill fSoph.D, 65 Cropper, Ken fSr.D, 24, 145, 147 Crotty, Jean Ur.D, 47 Crow, Monty fSr,D, 24, 102 Crow, Stephen Ur.D, 47, 99, 144 Crowell, Linda fSr.D, 24 Crowell, Pamela fSoph.D, 65 Crowley, Philip QSoph.D, 65 Culpepper, Stanley fSoph.D, 65, 147, 147, 171,171 Cumming, Greg CSoph.D, 65 Cunningham, Carrol Ur.D, 47, 91 Cunningham, Jim CSoph,D, 65 Curtis, Darlene Ur.D, 47 Cutchin, Roger fSr.D, 24, 125, 131 Cyrus, Richard fSoph.D, 65, 105, 152 D Dacus, Darrell CSoph.D, 65 D'Andriole, Ted fSr.D, 24, 98, 103, 106 D'Anclriole, Tommy Ur.D, 47 Dahl, Bob QSoph.D, 65 Dalby, Robert Ur.D, 47 Dale, Jimmy Ur.D, 47 Dalton, David Ur.D, 47, 84, 131 Dalton, Johnny fSoph.D, 65, 138, 143, 169 Dalton, Larry fSoph.D, 65, 143 Damato, Michael CSoph.D, 65, 145 Daniel, Dana Ur,D, 47, 92, 93 Daniels, Barbara fSoph.D, 65 Darlow, Betty fSoph.D, 65 Darwin, Gary Ur.D, 47 Darwin, Hank fSoph.D, 65 Davenport, Arlie fSoph.D, 65 Davies, Juli Ur.D, 47, 87, 90 Davis, Albert CSoph.D, 65 Davis, Charles fSr.D, 24 Davis, Danny fSoph.D, 65 Davis, Pam fSr,D, 24 Davis, Tom fSoph.D, 65 Dawson, Pat Bee Day, James QSoph.D, 65 Day, June fSr.D, 24 Day, Marshall fSoph.D, 65 Dean, DeAn Ur,D, 47, 95 Dean, Jimmy fSoph.D, 65 Dean, Pat CSoph.D, 45 Dearmin, Diane fSr.D, 24 Dearmore, Don Ur.D, 47 Deere, Deanna QSoph.D, 65 Delorme, Ted Ur,D, 47, 92 Delwaide, Joe fSr.D, 24 Dennie, Carol Ann fSr.D, 24 Derby, Jack A. fSr.D, 24 Derrick, Jean Ur.D, 47 Devaney, Pete fSoph.D, 65 DeVries, Pat Ur.D, 47, 100 Dewland, John fSoph.D, 65 DeWolfe, Jimmie fSoph.D, 65, 80, 145 Diaz, Bob Ur.D, 47 Dickey, Caroline Ur.D, 47, 154 Dickey, Cheryl fSoph.D, 65 Dickey, Marti Ur.D, 47, 113 Dickey, Ruby Ur.D, 47 Dickson, Jean Ur.D, 47 Dieb, Helen Ur.D, 47 Disney, Fredrick fSoph.D, 65 Dixon, Don CSoph,D, 65, 90, 91 Doby, Roy fSoph.D, 65 Dodd, Danny CSr.D, 24 Doerwald, Chuck Ur.D, 47 Dolson, Pamela fSoph.D, 65 Dombkowski, Marilyn fSoph.D, 65 Dorcas, Philip fSoph.D, 65 Doster, Kaye Ur.D, 47 Douglass, Melvin Ur.D, 47, 92 Douglas, Ricky fSr.D, 24 Dowell, John fSoph.D, 65 Dowell, Sally fSoph.D, 65 Downing, Dottie Ur.D, 48 Draffin, Caroline fSoph.D, 65 Drake, Ginny fSoph.D, 65 Drake, Nancy fSoph.D, 65 Drawert, Bill fSoph.D, 65 Drew, Garrett Ur.D, 48 Duban, Jo Ann fSr.D, 24, 102 Dudley, Don Ur,D Duff, Konnie Ur.D, 48 Duke, Ann fSoph.D, 66, 168 Dulaney, Marie fSoph.D, 66 Duncan, Rusty Ur.D, 48 Dunham, Larry fSoph.D, 66 Dunlap, Connie fSr,D, 24, 154 Durham, Richard fS0ph.D, 66, 91 Dush, Jerry CSr.D, 24 Duvall, Hank Ur.D, 45, 130, 135 Dyer, Nelda fSr.D, 25, 80 Dyer, Sharon Lee fSr.D, 25 E Eames, Bob Ur.D, 48, 148 Early, Jon R. CSoph,D, 66 Easley, Nancy fSoph.D, 66, 83 Easterling, Dave 1Soph,D, 66, 78 Easterling, Nancy fSr.D, 25 Eddins, Bill fSoph.D, 66, 143 Eddins, Ronnie fSr.D, 25, 139, 140 142, 148, 149 Eddins, Ronnie Ur.D, 48 Edwards, Dona fSoph.D, 66 Eiland, Pam fSr.D, 25 Ekstrom, Richard fSoph.D, 66 Elam, Sonja fSr.D, 25,83 Ellet, Charles fSr.D, 2'5, 80, 90, 91 Elliott, Tommy fSoph.D, 66 Elliott, Leanne Ur.D, 48 Ellis, Bill fSoph.D, 66, 144 Ellis, Bobby fSr.D, 25 Ellis, Van Zandt fSr.D, 25 Emory, Jimmy fSoph.D, 66 Engen, Judith fSr.D, 25 Engen, Nancy Ur.D, 48, 154 England, Gwendolyn fSr.D, 25 Ensey, Carolyn fSoph.D, 66 Erickson, John fSoph.D, 66 Ernest, Sandie fSr.D, 25 Erskine, Eileen Ur.D, 48 Esterlein, Charles fSoph.D, 66 Eustace, Bill fSoph,D, 66 Evans, Barbara Ur.D, 48 Evans, Carolyn Ur.D, 48, 102 Evans, Charlie fSoph.D, 66 Evans, Janice Ur.D, 48 Evans, Noela Ur.D, 48 Evely, Marie fSoph.D, 66 Everett, Richard Ur.D, 48 Everette, Ginger fSoph.D, 66 Everley, Ray Ur.D, 48 F Fain, Johnny fSoph.D, 66 Fairclo, Bobbie Ur.D, 48 Falter, Sherry fSoph.D, 66 Farley, Leigh fSoph.D, 66 Farr, Roger fSoph.D, 66 Farris, Roger fSr.D, 25, 144, 147 Faucher, Gari fSoph.D, 66 Fay, Roger CSoph.D, 66, 145 Feagan, Anne Ur.D, 48, 155 Feddersen, Judy fSr.D, 25, 89 Felder, Mary QSLD, 25 Feik, John fSoph.D, 66, 145 Fellows, Loma Ur.D, 48 Ferguson Pamela Ur.D, 48, 92 Ferguson, Phil Ur.D, 48, 123, 144 Fernandez, Abraham Ur.D, 48 Fernandez, Betty fSoph.D, 66 Ferstenfeld, Lenny Ur.D, 48 Fester, Jim fSoph.D, 66 Fielder, Shirley Ur.D, 48 Fields, Mark Ur.D, 48 Fields, Lucy Margaret fSoph.D, 66 Fine, Linda Kay Ur.D, 48 Finefrock, Carl fSr.D, 25, 108 Firestone, Johnny fSoph.D, 66 Fisher, Max fSr.D, 25, 148 Fisher, Mike Ur.D, 48, 133, 148, 149 Fisher, Tommy fSr.D, 25, 42, 131, 134, 148, 183 Fisher, Weldon fSr.D, 26 Fitzgerald, Edwin fSr.D, 26, 131, 135, 177 Fitzpatrick, Roger fSoph.D, 66 Fleming, Gail Ur.D, 48, 80 Flickinger, Keith Ur.D, 48, 144 Flippo, Judy Ur.D, 48 Flores, Lydia fSoph.D Force, Gail fSoph.D, 66 Force, Georgia fSoph.D, 66 Ford, Jack Ur,D, 48, 130 Forgey, Jerrie Ur.D, 49 Forsythe, Jimmy fSoph.D, 66 Fortson, Judy fSoph.D, 67 Fory, Jon fSr,D, 26, 91 Foster, Jule Ur.D, 49 Foster, Vince Ur.D, 49 Fowler, Sharon fSoph.D, 67, 92 Fowler, Tom Ur.D, 49 Fox, Jamy Elizabeth Ur.D, 49 Fox, Jiannina fSr.D, 26, 101 Freeman, Susan fSoph.D, 67, 105 Freim, Jimmy fSoph.D, 67,91 Freundlich, Danny fSoph.D, 67 Frisby, Becky fSoph.D, 67 Frost, Barbara Ur.D, 49 Frost, Rick fSoph.D Fuller, Pam fSoph.D, 67 Fulton, Eddie Ur.D, 49 Fulton, Gary QSoph.D, 67, 138 G Gade, John fSoph.D, 67 Gafford, Ann fSr.D, 26 Gage, Wayne QSoph.D, 67, 144 Gaines, David fSoph.D, 67 Gale, Beth fSoph.D, 67 Gallagher, Ray fSr.D, 26, 144, 147 Gandy, Becky fSr.D, 26 Garner, Janice fSoph.D, 67 Garwood, Judy fSr.D, 26 Gaskamp, Dave QSr.D, 26 Gaston, Joe fSoph,D, 67 Gathings, Maxwell Ur.D, 49, 145 German, George fSoph,D, 67 Getz, Beverly Ur.D, 49 Geuea, Lawrence Ur,D, 49 Gibbs, Jackie fSr,D, 26, 122 Gibbs, Susan Ur.D, 49, 102 Gibbons, Bob fSoph.D, 67 Gibson, Emory fSr.D, 26, 90 Gibson, Mike CSr.D, 26, 150 Gibson, Paula QSoph.D, 67, 154 Gideon, Mary fSoph.D, 67 Gilbert, Lee fSoph.D, 67, 143 Gilder, Amanda fSoph.D, 67 Gilder, Peggy fSr.D, 26 Giles, Ouida Ur.D, 95 Gillaspy, Leslie fSoph.D, 67 Gillen, Jay fSoph.D, 67 Gillespie, Martha Anne fSoph.D, 67, 92 Gish, Stanley Ur.D, 49 Gish, Terry QSLD, 26 Glasscock, Annette Ur.D, 49, 92, 93 Glazier, Dale fSoph.D, 67 Glazier, David Ur.D, 49 Glen-Walker, Bill fSoph.D, 67 Glover, Dickie QSr.D, 26 Godley, Linda Ur.D, 49 Goff, Carole Ur.D, 49 Gonzales, Olivia fSoph.D, 67 Goode, Mike Ur.D, 49 Goodman, Marylyn fSoph.D, 67 Goodrum, Allen fSr.D, 26 Gorczyca, Fred fSoph.D, 67 Gore, Charlotte fSoph.D, 67 Gorski, Ted Ur.D, 49, 152 Goss, Dick fSoph.D, 67 Gossler, Don Ur.D, 49 Gough, Laurie fSr.D, 26, 90, 91 Graham, Toni fSoph.D, 67 Granade, Gary CSoph.D, 67 Granade, Joe Ur.D Grant, Judy fSr.D, 26 Gray, Sharon fSoph.D, 67 Grayson, Rodger CSoph.D, 67 Green, Claudia Ur.D, 49 Green, Robert fSoph.D, 67 Greene, Bobby fSoph.D, 67 Greenwood, Ronnie fSoph.D, 67 Gribbin, Gerry fSoph.D, 67 Grider, Barbara Ur.D, 49 Griffey, Karen fSoph.D, 68 Griffin, Glenda fSr.D, 26 Grimes, Rodger Ur.D, 49 Grucella, John fSoph.D, 68 Guerrant, Terry Ur.D, 49, 85 Guinn, Judy Ur.D, 49 Gunter, Chris fSoph.D, 68 Gunter, Susan CSoph.D, 68 Gustafson, Larry CSr.D, 26, 132 Guthrie, Eddie Ur.D Gutierrez, Vicki fSoph.D, 68 H Hackleman, Kay Ur.D Hackney. Larry fSr.D, 26 Haenn, David CSoph.D, 68 Hailey, Chris Ur.D, 49 Hairston, John Ur.D, 49, 131 Halbrook, Mary fSoph.D, 68 Hallam, Barbara Ur.D, 49 Hallmark, Jane Ur.D, 49 Hamilton, Laura Ur,D Hamlin, Jim fSr.D Hampton, Gloria fSoph.D, 15, 68 Hamrick, Larry Ur.D, 49, 85, 116 Haney, Terry fSr.D, 26, 131, 135 Haning, Aaron fSr.D, 27 Hankins, Gary fSr.D, 27 Hankins, Morris Ur.D, 49 Hanna, Delorisf Jr.D, 50, 83 Hans, Jack fSr.D, 27 Hansen, Jo CSr.D, 27, 106, 172 Hardage, Stanley Pat Ur.D, 50, 91 94 Hardesty, Linda fSoph.D, 68 Hardgrave, Dottie fSoph.D, 68, 92 Hardgra Hardin, Hardin, ve, Mike fSr.D, 27 Joe CSoph.D, 68 John Ur.D, 50 Hardison, Diane fSr.D, 27 Hardwick, Wayne fSoph.D, 68, 100 Hardwicke, Ann fSr.D, 27, 124 Hargrov e, James Ur.D, 132 Harkins, Alex Ur.D, 50, 131 Harper, Bruce fSoph.D, 68 Harper, Charles Ur.D, 50, 130 Harper, Joe Ur.D, 50 Harrell, Bill fSoph.D, 68, 138 Harrell, item qsfg, 27 Harrington, Suzanne fSr.D, 27, 42, 90 Harris, Bob fSr.D, 27, 97 Harris, Jerry Ur.D, 50 Harris, Mike fSoph.D, 68, 138, 143 Harris, Suzanne fSoph.D, 68 Harrison, Glenn fSr.D, 103 Harrison, James Ur.D, 50 Harrison, Sarah Ur.D, 50 Hart, Bobbie fSoph.D, 68 Hart, Georgia Ann Ur.D, 50, 95 Hastings, Glenn fSoph.D, 68 Hatcher, Marilyn CSoph.D, 68 Hatfield , Barbara Ur.D, 50, 40, 91 92, 93 Hawkins, Jonny fSoph.D, 68 Hawley, Donald Ur.D, 50 Hayes, Charles fSoph.D, 68, 144 Head, A lbon fSoph,D, 68, 83 Heard, Dwight fSr.D, 27, 91 Heartwell, Dick fSr.D, 27 Heath, Mary Ann fSr.D, 27 Helena, Bill Ur.D, 50, 130 Hemplow, David fSr.D Henders on, Andy Ur.D, 50, 91, 94 Henderson Diana fSr. 27 Henders Henders Hendry, , D, on, Jim Ur.D, 50, 148 on, Linda fSoph,D, 68 Danielf Soph,D, 68 Hennigh, Richard fSoph.D, 68 Henry, Pat fSo h Henslee, P -J Janice Ur.D, 50 Herman, Linda Ur.D, 50 Herman Herman Herriott Herrity, Hewitt, , Phill fSr.D, 27, 89 , Ginny fSr.D, 27 , Ronnie fSoph,D, 68 Kathi Ur.D, 50 Terry Lynn fSoph.D, 68 Hicks, Wanda fSr.D, 17, 27 Hiett, Jack fSoph.D, 68, 91 Higgins, Jack Ur,D Higgins, Penny fSoph.D, 68" Hildebrand, Sandra fSr.D, 27 Hill, Donna fSr.D, 27, 153 Hill, Millie Ann Ur.D, 50, 90 Hill, Skippy fSr.D, 27 Hillaker, Stephanie Ur.D, 50 Hinze, Kenny fSoph.D, 68, 143 Hinze, Ronnie fSr.D, 27, 29, 139, 140 Hoecker, Jay fSoph.D, 68 Hoffman, Bob fSoph.D, 68 Hoffman, Scott Ur.D, 99 Holden, Bari Ur.D, 50, 58, 178 Hcilggn, Dwayne fSr.D, 27, 103, Holden, Heather fSr.D, 27 Holder, Bud fSr.D, 28 Holder, Karen fSr.D, 28 Holland, Warner Ur.D Holloway, Lou fSoph,D, 68, 92 Holmes, Anne fSoph.D, 68, 92 Holstrom, Marianne Ur.D, 50 Holstrom, Wayne Ur.D, 50 Homsher, Bill fSoph.D, 68 Honeycutt, Maxine Ur.D, 50, 120 Hood, Robert fSr,D, 28 Hoodenpyle, Jimmy Ur.D, 50, 150, si 151 Hook, Larry fSoph.D, 68 Hooker, Anne fSr,D, 28, 42 Hopper, Brenda fSoph.D, 68 Hopper, Michael Ur.D, 50 Horn, Jonna fSoph.D Horne, Patty fSoph.D, 68 Horton, Irene CSoph.D, 68, 91 Horton, Valerie Ur.D, 50, Hoster, Charles Ur.D, 50, Hotopp, James fSr.D, 28, 90, 91 88 91 Houston, Mary fSoph.D, 68, 92 Howard, Jamie Ur.D, 50 Howard, Jane QSoph.D, 68 Howard, Sandra fSr.D, 28 Howell, Karen QSr.D, 28 Howell, Paula fSr.D, 28 Howell, Richard fSoph.D, Howeth, James Ur.D, 50 68 Hubbard, Carol fSoph.D, 68 Hubbard, Diana CSr.D, 28 Huckaby, Wesley Ur.D, 50 Huddleston, Patricia fSoph.D, 68 Hughes, Billie fSr.D, 28 Hulse, Dennis fSr.D, 28, 90, 92 Hunt, Sam Ur.D, 51 Hunt, Sharyn Ur.D Hutchins, Stuart Ur.D, 51 ,82 Hutchinson, Jack Ur.D, 90 Hutchison, J. R. fSoph.D, 68 Hutson, Bruce fSoph.D, 69 I Ingram, Lora fSoph.D, 69 J Jackson, Brenda fSr.D, 28 Jackson, Jane fSoph.D, 69 Jackson, Lorinda fSr.D, 28 Jackson, Pamela fSoph.D, Jackson, Sandra fSr.D James, Gary fSoph,D, 69 Jansen, Marilyn fSoph.D, Janssen, Carl fSoph.D, 69 Jarrell, Bill fSoph.D, 69 69 69 Jarvis, Jane fSoph.D, 69, 95 Jarvis, Jeff fSr,D, 28, 88, 96, 130, 134, 137, 144, 159, 160, 184 Jaynes, Sherry fSoph.D, 69 Jefferson, Betty Ur.D, 51 Jeffrey, Krete fSoph.D, 69 Jenkins, Jeri U11D, 51 Jennings, Joyce Ur.D, 51 Jennings, Nancy fSr.D, 28, 42, 85, 86, 96, 97, 104, 105, 164, 185 Jett, Jim fSr.D, 28 Joe, Eugene fSoph.D Johndroe, John Ur.D, 51, 144 Johndroe, Mary Alice fSoph.D, 69 Johnson, Alan Ur.D, 51 Johnson, Cheryl Ur.D, 51 Johnson, Clifford fSr.D, 28 Johnson, Don Ur.D, 51, 148, 149 Johnson, Terry fSoph.D, 69 Johnston, Dee fSr.D, 28 Joiner, Jimmy fSr.D, 28, 91, 92, 100 Jolly, Tim fSoph.D, 69 Jones, Clevis Ur.D, 51, 14 4 Jones, David fSr.D, 28, 148 Jones, Dianne Ur.D, 51 Jones, Donald Ur.D, 51, 1 ones, Emily Ur.D, 51 44 ones, Joe fSoph.D, 69, 90 Jones, Nola fSoph.D, 69, 91 Jones, Robert Ur.D, 51 Jones, Ronnie Ur.D ' Jordan, Jo Elaine Ur.D, 5 11, Jordan, Larry CSr.D, 28, 88 K Kane, Lawrence fSoph.D, 69 h Kauffmann, Ginger fSop 83, 116 Kean, Susie Ur.D, 51 Keith, Camille Ur,D, 48, Keith, Carmen Ur.D, 51, 90, 91 .D, 69, 51 83 I89 Kelley, Kaaron Ur.D, 51 Kelley, Sharon Ur.D, 51 Kelly, Brooke E- QSr.D, 28, 80 Kelly, Brooks fSr.D, 28 Kelly, Diana CSoph.D, 69 Kelsey, Robert Daryl Kendrick, Bill fSoph.D, 145 Kendrick, Nancy Ur.D, 51 Kerr, Lizabeth CSoph.D, 69 Kezer, Pam Ur.D, 51 Kidd, Dick Ur.D, si Kilpatrick, Jan Ur.D, 51 Kilpatrick, Jon fSoph.D, 69 Kimbro, Georgia fSoph.D, 69 Kimbrough, Joe fSoph.D, 69 King, Betty QSoph.D, 69, 153 King, Carolyn fSoph.D, 69 King, Chigger fSr.D, 29, 105, 116, 163 King, Jimmie fSr.D, 29 Kinsey, Kathy fSoph.D, 69 Kirk, Don Ur.D, 51 Kirk, Kathy fSr.D, 29 Kirk, Larry Ur.D, 18, 51, 139, 142 Kirkley, Lyndell fSr.D, 29 Kirkpatrick, Patty fSoph.D, 69 Kirschke, David fSoph.D, 69, 91 Kitchen, Linda fSOph.D, 69 Klatt, Ray fSoph,D, 69, 99 Kleven, Pete Ur.D, 51, 144 Klimist, Trudy CSoph.D, 69 Kline, Freda fSoph.D, 69 Knight, Donna Ur.D, 51, 90 Knipscher, Susan R. Ur.D, 52 Knudsen, Babettef Jr,D, 52 Knudsen, Barbara fSr.D, 29, 90, 91 Koch, Pat Ur.D, 52 Koenig, Peggy fSr.D, 29, 83 Korth, Verita Ur.D, 52, 86, 106, 154 Krappman, Dorothy Ur.D Krause, Sandra fSoph.D, 69 Kremer, Judy fSoph.D, 69 Krottinger, Ray fSr.D, 29, 132, 148 Krull, Richard fSoph.D, 63, 69 Kruzick, Maxine Kaye Ur.D, 52 L Ladd, George fSoph,D, 69 Lahmer, Fred QSoph.D, 69 Lamb, Judy fSr,D, 29, 87, 100 Lamb, Roy fSoph.D, 69 Lancaster, David fSoph.D, 69 Landers, Pat fSoph.D, 69 Landwehr, Jerry CSr.D, 29 Landwehr, Ricky fSoph.D, 69 Lane, Jim fSr.D, 29, 83, 96, 97, 174, 175 Lane, Joyce Ur.D, 52 Lane, Lionel Ur.D, 52, 152 Lane, Nancy fSr.D, 29, 92, 93 Lanford, Ann fSoph.D, 70 Lanford, Bill fSoph.D, 70 Lanford, Ed. fSr.D, 29, 80, 81, 97, 148,156,180 Langdon, Jimmy Ur.D, 52, 130, 134, 145 Langdon, Johnny Ur.D, 52, 136, 167 Larson, Dennis CSoph.D, 70, 144 Larson, Dick fSr.D, 29 Larson, Odean Ur.D Lathan, Linda Ur.D, 52 Lathrop, Russell CSoph.D, 70 Lautz, Frances Ur.D, 52, 154 Lawrence, Bobby ULD Lawrence, Pam fSoph.D, 70 Laws, Deann fSr.D, 29 Lawshe, Lulynn fSoph.D, 70 Lawson, Judy fSr.D, 29 Lax, Linda QSoph.D, 70 Lederer, John fSoph.D, 70 Lee, Beverly fSoph.D Lee, Linda fSoph.D, 70 Lee, Melissa Ur.D, 49, 52, 166 Lee, Sandy fSr.D, 29, 114 Lee, Suzy fSr.D, 29 l90 Leeton, Lucy Ur.D, 52, 98 Lehnert, Susan fSr.D, 29 Leininger, Roger fSoph.D, 70 Leissner, Kaye Ur.D, 52 Lemond, Edwin fSoph.D, 70 Leon, Bill fSr.D, 30, 145 Leon, David fSoph.D, 70 Leonard, Madelon fSr.D, 30 Leopold, Henry Ur.D, 52, 80 Leslie, Susan fSr.D, 30, 91 Leverich, Dick fSr.D, 30, 104, 105 Lewis, Eddie Ur.D, 52, 99, 143 Lewis, Glenn fSoph.D Lewis, Josephine fSr.D Lewis, Mary fSr.D, 30, 83, 85, 105 Lile, Christief Jr.D, 52 Lilly, Dwight Linbarger, Susan CSr.D, 30 Lindley, Janelle Ur.D, 52 Lindsay, John fSoph.D, 70 Linquist, Carl fSoph.D, 70 Linnstaedt, John Ur.D Little, George fSr.D, 30 Llewellyn, Carter fSr.D, 30, 116, 145 Llewellyn, Jim fSoph.D, 70 Llewellyn, Lynn Ur.D, 52, 54, 82, 128 Lobdell, Kaye Shirley Ur.D, 52 Lockert, Gary Ur.D, 52, 144 Lockert, Sharrlyn fSoph.D, 70, 91 Logan, Barbara fSoph.D, 70, 82 Long, Lucinda fSr.D, 30 Long, Ray QSr.D Long, Suzanne fSr.D, 30, 86 Lore, Malinda Ur.D, 52 Lougheed, John fSoph.D, 70 Loughry, William Ur.D, 52 Lowdon, Ann Ur.D, 52, 81, 82, 97, 153 Lowe, John fSr.D, 30, 105, 128 Lowe, Mary Ralph CSoph,D, 70, 155 Lowke, Bill fSr.D, 30, 90, 91 Lowke, Joe fSr.D, 30, 91 Lowrance, Dan fSr.D, 30, 90, 91, 92, 94 Lowry, Lana Ur.D, 52,116, 171 Lucus, Monti Lynne Ur.D, 52, 102 Ludwig, Chris Ur.D, 52 Luedtke, Ronald CSr.D, 30, 116 Luft, Carol QSoph.D, 70 Luttrell, Johnny QSoph.D, 70 Lutz, Jim fSoph.D, 70 Lutz, Steve Ur.D, 52 Lyle, Conrad fSoph.D, 70 Lynes, Suzanne Ur.D, 52 Lynn, Sheri QSoph.D, 70 Lyons, Bobby Ur.D, 52 Mac MacAulay, Kathleen fSr.D, 31, 34 MacFarlane, Johnny Ur.D, 53, 31 MacMoy, Jon fSoph,D, 71 MacNaughton, Chris Ur.D, 53, 154 Mc McAfee, Ronnie fSoph.D, 70 McAlpin, Nancy Ur.D, 53 McBee, David fSoph.D, 70 McBride, Frank fSoph.D, 70, 148, 149 McBride, Jimmy Ur.D, 53 McCamy, Pat fSoph.D, 70, 90 McCarroll, Bobby Ur.D, 53, 144 McCarty, Kathy fSoph.D, 70 McCarthy, Megan Ur.D, 53 McCauley, Carolyn 1Soph.D, 70 McClain, Mike fSoph.D, 90 McClung, Barbara Ur.D, 53, 89 McClure, Ann Ur.D, 53, 92, 93, 106 McClure, Mary Ann fSr.D, 30, 85 97, 103, 112 McConnell, Lynn Ur.D, 53 McCorkle, Ann fSoph.D, 70 McDanel, Debbi Ur.D, 53 McDonald, Mike Ur.D, 53 McDonald, Susan fSoph.D, 70 McDowell, Sandra fSoph.D, 70 McElroy, Tom fSoph.D, 70 McFarland, Charles fSoph.D, 70 McGaha, Diana fSoph.D, 70 McGarrah, Judy Ur.D, 53, 88 McGaughy, Kathy Ur.D, 53, 92, 93 McGlohen, Joseph fSoph.D, 70 McGrath, Lynda fSr.D, 30, 118 McHenry, Ricky fSr.D, 30 McIlyar, Wm. Sandy QSr.D McIntyre, Mike fSoph.D, 70 McKay, Peggy fSr.D, 30 McKennon, Alan Ur.D, 53 McKinney, Barbara Ur.D, 52, 53, 118 McKinney, Tim fSr.D, 30, 171 McKinley, Judy fSoph.D, 71 McKinley, Vicki QSoph.D, 71 McLaughlin, Harold fSoph.D McLaughlin, Theresa fSoph.D, 71 McMahan, Marcille Ur.D, 102 McMahon, Buddy Ur.D, 53 McMahon, Carol lSr.D, 30 McMahon, Pat Ur.D, 53, 102, 154 McMenamy, Patsy Ur.D, 53 McMillen, Bill Ur.D, 53, 91, 92 McMillon, Betty fSoph.D, 71 McNutt, Bill lSoph.D. 71 M Maag, Johnny fSr.D, 30, 131, 133, 134 Maddox, Cynthia fSoph.D, 71 Maddox, Pat fSr.D, 31, 105 Maddox, Shirley fSoph.D, 71 Madearis, Roy Ur.D, 53 Magell, Cynthia fSoph.D Magnusson, Sandra Ur,D, 53, 92 Magoffin, Mary Jane Ur.D, 53, 92 Mahan, Carl Ur.D, 53 Majors, Vicki fSoph.D, 71 Malcik, Dennis fSoph.D, 71 Males, Sara fSr.D, 31 Malone, Arleen fSr.D, 31, 94 Maloney, Mike Ur.D, 53, 83, 130, 152,156,14s,17o Maloney, Pat fSr.D, 31 Manire, John fSoph.D, 71 Manire, Sherry fSr.D, 31 Mann, Brenda Ur.D, 53, 92, 93 Marietta, William S. fSoph.D, 71 Marish, Nancy fSoph.D, 71 Marshall, George Ur.D, 53 Mmm, Bill qsfg, 51, 91, 144 Martin, David CSoph.D, 71 Mason, Judy fSr.D, 31, 85, 86, 106,110,158,181 Mason, Mitzi fSoph.D, 71 Mason, Sharon CSr.D, 31 Massey, Lynn QSr.D, 31 Mastenbrook, Martin fSoph.D, 71 Mathis, Jeannie fSr.D, 31, 102 Mathis, Ronnie fSoph.D, 71 Maxwell, Jack Ur,D, 53 Maxwell, Pat Ur.D, 53 Maxwell, Sharon fSoph.D, 71 May, Hal Davidson Ur.D Meadlin, Waynef Sr.D, 31, 91,92 Meadows, Alann Ur.D, 53 Meek, Dennis Ur.D, 53, 92 Meglasson, Mike Ur.D Meihaus, Marty fSr.D, 17, 31, 115, 124 Melton, Lynn Ur.D, 53, 80, 81, 86, 149 Melville, David Ur.D, 54, 91, 130 Melville, Donna fSr.D, 31 Messersmith, Pat fSoph.D, 71 Metcalf, Wesley Ur.D, 54, 106 Metzger, Barbara Ur.D, 54 Meyer, Carol fSoph.D, 71 Meyer, Emily Ur.D, 54 Michael, Bobby Ur.D, 54 Michels, Sandi Ur.D, 54, 91 Miller, Ralph Ur.D, 54 Miller, Robert Ur.D Miller, Sally fSr.D, 31, 89 Miller, Sharon fSr.D, 31 Miller, Steve Ur.D, 54 Miller, Vivian fSr.D, 31, 92 Milligan, Doug Ur.D, 54, 85, 88 Milligan, Kathy Ur.D, 54 Mills, Susan fSr.D, 31,'90 Mitcham, Deana fSoph.D, 71 Mitchell, Johnny fSoph.D, 71, 143 Mixson, Bobby Ur.D, 54 Moberley, Tommy fSoph.D, 71 Mollet, Mike CSr.D, 31 Molloy, Bob QSr.D Molyneaux, John fSopl'1.D, 71 Monday, Jimmy QSr.D, 31 Montgomery, Butch fSr.D, 31, 102,105,139,140 Moor, Bob fSr.D, 31, 116, 145 Moorad, 'Marsha fSoph.D, 71 Moore, Archie fSr.D, 31, 35, 106, 107,109 Moore, Bob fSr.D, 32 Moore, Ginny fSr.D, 32, 91, 98, 99 Moore, Janice fSoph.D, 71, 90 Moore, Marilyn fSoph.D, 71 Moore, Sherry Ur.D, 54 Moore, Sylvia fSr.D, 32, 91, 92 Moreland, Sonja fSoph.D, 71 Morgan, Beverly Ur.D, 54 Morgan, Marcia CSoph.D, 71 Moriarty, Bob fSoph.D, 71 Moriarty, Jean Anne'QSoph.D, 71 Moriarty, W. Ross Ur.D, 54 Morrill, Kathy fSoph.D, 71 Morrill, Kenny Ur.D, 54, 152 Morris, David fSoph.D, 71 Morris, Kathy CSr.D, 32 Morris, Mary Ur.D, 54 Morris, Rhonda QSoph.D, 71 Morris, Terry 15123. 32, 150, 151 Moses, George Ur.D, 54, 90 Moses, Jim QSoph.D, 71 Moss, Beth Ur.D, 54 Moss, Sue Ur.D, 54 Moss, Tommy Ur.D, 54 Mottet, Janice fSrTD, 32 Mueller, Gwen fSoph.D, 71 Mulholland, Jimmy fSoph.D, 72 Mulholland, Sonny QSLD, 32, 130 Mulkey, Danny fSr.D, 32, 88, 115, 125,151,178 Munday, Judy fSr.D, 32, 89 Munn, Iva Ur.D, 54 ' Murphree, Marilyn fSoph.D, 72 Murphy, David fSoph.D, 72 Murphy, Jim fSr.D, 32 Murray, Bob fSoph.D, 72 Murray, Doyle fSr.D, 32, 116, 122,144,181 Murray, Ellen fSoph.D, 72 Murray, Martha Ur.D, 54 Murray, Paul fSr.D, 32 Muth, Melody fSoph.D, 72 Myers, Dennis QSoph.D, 72 Myers, Marilyn fSoph.D, 72 Myers, Mike fSr.D, 32 Mylius, Ralph Ur.D, 54, 144 N Nanney, Larry fSoph.D, 72 Nanney, Pat QSr.D, 32, 131 Nantz, Sharolyn QSoph.D, 72 Napier, Jim Ur.D, 54, 112, 144 Nass, Dianne fSr.D, 25, 32, 98, 154 Neal, Danny QSr.D, 32 Neal, Elanine Ur.D, 54 Neal, Sallye fSr.D, 32. Needham, Bob tSoph.D, 72, 138, 145 Needham, Gayle fSr.D, 32, 96, 106 109, 176, 184 Needham, Joe Ur.D, 51, 54, 131, 145 Neely, Becky fSr.D, 32, 102, 154 Neely, Suanne QSoph.D, 72 Neely, Susan fSoph.D, 72 Nelson, Judi fSoph.D, 72 Nelson, Philip fSoph.D, 72 Nelson, Robert Ur.D, 54 Nelson, Ronald QSLD, 33, 126, 131 N wkirk, Suzanne Ur.D, 54 N wman, Head fSr.D, 33, 178 NLville, Alan CSoph.D, 75, 83, 153 Nlchols, Jane Ur.D, 55, 83 Nichols, Pamela CSoph.D, 72 Nichols, Peter QSLD, 33 Nichols, Ronnie fSoph.D N,ms, Lynette LSIYD, 33 Nix, Anita QSLD, 33, 91, 102 Norris, Norman Ur.D, 55 Norris, Ricky fSI',D, 33 Norstrud, Margo fSoph.D, 72, 90 Norwood, Warren Ur.D, 55 Null, Gary fSoph.D, 72 Nunes, Mona Ur.D, 55 O Oates, Ellen fSoph.D, 72 O'Bannon, Ella May Ur.D, 55 O'Brien, Joan Ur.D, 55 Ochiltree, Bill CSoph.D, 72 Ochojski, Susan fSr.D, 33 O'Dell, Carole fSr.D, 33, 161 O'Dell, Jackie fSoph.D, 72 O'Donnall, Mike Ur.D, 55 O'Leary, Michael David fSoph.D Olson, Ronnie CSr.D, 33, 152 Ondo, Martha fSoph.D, 72 O'Neal, A. Martin fSr.D, 33 O'Neill, James Ur.D, 55, 92,106 Ornelas, Terry Ur.D, 55, 154 O'Toole, Bill fSf.D, 33 Owen, Robert fSoph,D, 72 P Pace, Joe Ur.D, 55, 83 Paceg Tommy Ur.D, 55, 102 Page, Myrna fSr.D, 33 Palmer, Joyce fSoph.D, 72 Pankey, Fred CSLD, 33, 96 Paris, Nancy fSoph.D, 72, 82 Paris, Renee CSLD, 33, 92, 93, 116 Parker, Danny CSoph.D Parker, Faust fSr.D, 33, 131 Parker, Susan Ur.D, 55 Palkin, David qsophq, vz Parkin, John fSr.D, 33 Parman, Lillie'Ur.D, 55 Parmeter, Pat fSr.D, 33, 99, 102, 106 Pate, Cheryl fSoph.D, 72 Patsel, Charles fSoph.D, 72, 145 Patterson, Glen Ur.D Patterson, Jinx CSoph.D, 72 Patton, Tommy QSLD, 33, 145 Patton, Vici CSoph.D, 72 Paul, Alan fSoph.D, 72 Paul, Carolee Ur.D Paulsel, James KSLD, 33 Paulsel, Judy Ur.D, 55 Pavillard, Tommy CSLD, 34 Payne, Eudora QSLD, 34 Payne, Sallie Ur.D, 55, 100 Peabody, Lela Ur.D, 55 Pearson, Suzy fSoph.D, 72 Peden, Betty fSoph.D, 72 Pelton, Alice Ur.D, 55, 101, 105 Pelton, Bill fSr.D, 34, 101 Pendery, David QSLD, 34 Pendery, Marilyn fSoph.D, 66, 72, 98 Penn, Robert Ur.D, 55 Penner, Henry fSoph.D, 72 Perkins, Robert fSr.D, 34, 90, 92 Perrone, Donna Ur.D, 55 Perry, Bea tSr.D, 34, 90, 91, 182 Perry, Jan fSoph,D, 72 Perry, Jeff CSoph.D, 73 Perry, Joan Ur.D, 55 Perry, Lynn fSr.D, 34, 102 Peterson, Robert tSoph.D, 73 Petty, Lee fSoph.D, 73 P 'ilbin, Susan QSLD, 34 Phillips, Andy fSoph.D, 73 Phillips, Dutch fSr.D, 34, 130, 136 Phillips, Ronnie fSoph.D, 73, 152 Phillips, Sue fSr.D, 34 Pieplow, Ruth CSLD, 34, 92, 93 Pieratt, Jon fSr.D, 34, 152 Pigg, Karen fSoph.D, 73 Pitts, Pamela Ur.D, 55, 90 Piper, Joe fSoph.D, 73 Plies, Larry Ur.D, 55 Plumly, Sharon fSr.D, 34 Polovkas, Sandi fSoph.D, 73 Porter, Carol fSr.D, 34 Porter, Ginny Ur.D, 55 Porter, Ken fS1'.D, 34, 88, 106 Porter, Pat fSoph.D, 63, 73 Porterfield, Penny fSoph.D, 73 Pounds, Karen fSoph.D, 92 Powell, Jackie fSoph.D, 73 Powell, Kathleen fSr.D, 34 Powell, Ronny fSr.D, 34 Powell, William Ur.D, 55 Power, Fran KSIID, 34 Powers, Libby fSoph.D, 73 Pownder, Patty fSr.D, 29, 35 Pratt, Diane Ur.D, 55 Reynolds, Chuck fSoph.D, 73 Reynolds, Larry fSoph.D, 73 Reynolds, Peggy fSoph.D, 74 Rhodes, Susan Ur.D, 56 Rich, Gary CSoph.D, 74 Richards, Elizabeth fSoph.D, 74 Richards, John Ur.D, 56, 114, 131 Richards, Roberta tSoph.D, 74, 97 Rickerson, Dale Ur.D, 56 Riddle, Benny fSr.D, 35, 106, 108 Rigdon, Bob Ur.D, 56 Rigdon, Philip fSoph.D, 74 Rimbey, Ann fSoph.D, 74 Rimbey, David fSr.D, 35 Ritchie, Barbara QSLD. 35 Robbins, Allen fSr.D, 36 Robbins, Debbie QSoph.D, 74, 82, 97 Robbins, Jack Ur.D Robbins, Sonny fSr.D, 36, 130, 133, 1 136, 48 Roberts, Beverly fSoph,D, 74 Roberts, Beverly A, fSoph.D, 74 Roberts, Mike CSoph.D, 74 Robertson, Betsy fSoph.D, 74 Robertson, Carole Ur.D, 56 Pratt, Ricky Ur.D, 55, 145 Pratt, Robert Ur.D, 55 Preissinger, Benny Ur.D Preissinger, Bobby fSr.D, 35 Presley, Jack fSoph.D, 73 Presley, Ray Ur.D, 55, 98, 99 Price, Donna Ur.D, 55 Price, Lon fSoph.D, 73, 90, 91, 92 Price, Mary Ann Ur.D, 55 Prince, Linda fSr.D, 35 Prior, Jeanne tSr.D, 24, 35 Proctor, Judy fSoph.D, 73 Prohs, Leonard CSoph.D, 73 Propper, Kathy fSr.D, 35' Proudfit, Julia fSr.D, 35, 103 Pruden, Terry Ur.D, 52, 56 Pruett, Rodney tSoph.D, 73, 143 Punchard, Sally CSoph.D, 73 Q Quinlivan, Diane Ur.D, 56 R Rabb, Sally fSoph.D, 73 Rabinowitz, Herb fSr.D, 35 Rabinowitz, Leryl CSoph.D, 73 Ragsdale, Genia fSoph.D, 73 Raley, Jeff QSLD, 35, 120 Ramirez, Alfred tSoph.D, 73 Randall, Robert Bruce fSoph.D Randolph, Leslie KSIID, 35, 99 Rankin, David H., Jr. fSoph.D, 73 Ratcliff, Glynda Ur.D, 56 Rattan, Carolyn fSoph.D, 73 Rattan, Gene tSr.D, 35, 144, 147 Ray, Gail QSLD, 35 Ray, Vaughn Ur.D, 56 Readinger, Ricky Ur.D, 56 Reckart, Max Wayne CSoph.D Redford, Jerry Ur.D, 56 Redwine, Marilyn fSoph.D, 73, 82, 155 Reed, Ed fSoph.D, 73 Reed, Taylor fSoph.D, 73, 91, 92 Reedy, Jan QSoph.D, 73 Reese, Becky QSLD, 35 Reese, Cote-Ur.D, 56 Reese, Penny fSoph.D, 73 Reeves, Cheryl fSoph.D, 73 Reeves, Roy fSf,D, 35 Reilly, Diana QSLD, 140, 154 Reilly, Laurie fSoph.D, 73, 90, 105 Reimer, Eugene Ur.D, 56 Reimer, Melody fSoph.D, 73 Rein, Susan CSoph.D, 73 Reinhart, Bobby Ur.D, 56 Reisner, Zac H., Jr. fSoph.D, 73, 90 Rester, Owen fSoph.D Reuther, Norman fSr.D, 35, 100, 139, 14o,141,142, 143 Reynolds, Andrea fSr.D, 35 Robertson, Darlene Ur.D Robertson, Jeanne Ur.D, 56 Robertson, John Ur.D, 56, 131 Robin, John Ur.D, 56 Robinson, Chan Ur.D, 56 Robinson, Dayna Ur.D, 56, 82 Robinson, Frank QSoph.D, 74, 145 Robinson, Jackie fSoph.D, 74 Robinson, Judy fSoph.D, 74 Robinson, Lyn fSr.D, 36 Robinson, Lynn fSoph.D, 74 Robson, Bill LJIYD, 56, 144 Rodgers, Margaret QSLD, 36, 132, 174, 178 Roe, Dana fSoph.D, 74 Roe, Priscilla Ur.D, 56 Roeder, Pat fSl'.D, 36 Roederer, Judy QSLD, 36 Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rohde, Carol CSoph.D, 74 Conni CSLD, 36, 102 John fSr.D, 36, 106, 108 Karen Ur.D, 56 Rick fSoph.D, 74, 91 Mary Lee QJIKD, 56, 92 Schmidt, Roland fSoph.D, 74 Schopmeyer, Verety fSr.D, 36 Schreiber, Joe Ur.D, 57, 90, 92 Schroeder, Dave fSr.D, 36 Schweitzer, Kim fSoph.D, 74 Scott, Camilla fSoph.D, 74 Scott, Craig fSoph.D, 74, 143 Scott, Marilyn fSr.D, 36 Scott, Ronnie LSRD Seay, Marty Q-JLD, 54, 57, 154 Sedin, John Ur.D, 57 Seilheimer, Dan fSoph.D, 74, 90 Selby, Alida fSr.D, 36 Sellers, Jerry CSoph.D, 74 Senevey, Suzie QSLD, 37, 99, 180, 187 Settle, Gloria Diane ULD, 57 Settle, Peveril fSoph.D, 74 Sevadjian, Alan Ur.D, 57 Sewell, Andy tSoph.D, 74, 145 Shaffer, Peggy ULD, 57 Sharpe, Charles CSoph.D, 74 Sharpe, Evelyn Ur.D, 57, 103 Sheaffer. Jack Ur.D Shelton, Jimmie Ur.D Shelton, Linda fSoph.D, 75 Shelton. Susan fSoph.D, 75 Sherrill, Paulette fSr.D Sheridan, Chuck fSoph.D, 75, 145 Shields, Tommy Ur.D. 57 Shilling. lon fSr.D. 37 Shive, Sharon Shults, Sid tSr.D, 37 Simmons, Bill iSI'.D, 37 Simmons. Charles Ur.D, 57 Simmons, Eric 6-JIYD, 57 Simmons, Judy fSr.D, 37 Simmons, Lynn fSr.D, 37 Simms, Carol fSoph.D, 75 Simms, Marcia CSLD, 37, 106 Simpson, Robert QSLD Sisson, Carey Donald Ur.D Sisson, Marilyn Ur.D, 57 Skeryanc, Tony Ur.D, 57 Skiles, Betty fSr.D, 37 Skiffington, Lynn fSoph.D, 75 Slaughter, Gloria Ur.D, 57 Slaughter, Wyatt ULD, 57 Sloan. Gayle 57 Sloan, Jack Ur.D, 57 Rohus, Judy fSoph.D, 74 Ross, Rex QSLD, 36, 131 Rossi, Sandra CSr.D, 36 Rouer, Ginger fSoph.D, 74 Rowe, Jimmy fSr,D, 36 Rowe, Richard Ur.D, 56 Rucker, Patty Ur.D, 56, 154 Ruiz, Mike D. fSoph.D, 74 Rumph, Tom QSLD, 36 Rune, Sandra fSoph.D, 74 Russell, Suzanne Ur.D, 56 Russey, Terry fSoph.D, 74 Russom, Mott CSoph.D, 74 Rutherford, Linda fSoph.D, 74 Rux, Jack fSr.D, 36 Rynd, Jon fSr.D, 36 S Saari, Jeff Ur.D, 56, 139 Sadler, Sheryl fSoph.D, 74 Sallman, Kenneth Ur.D, 56,152 Saltis, Richard fSoph.D, 74 Salyer, Ronnie Ur.D, 56 Sampish, John QSLD, 36 Sanders, Bob fSoph.D, 74 Sandoval, Bennie fSr.D, 36 Sapp, Rita QSoph.D, 74 Sarich, Tommy KSLD, 36 Satterfield, Dana QSLD, 36 Sawyer, Lois Sawyers, Lynda Ur.D, 56 Sayre, Bill fS1'.D, 36, 82, 91 Sayre, Mary Helen fSoph.D, 74 Scarborough, Sylvia ULD, 57 Schaeffer, Elena fSoph.D, 74 Schlueter, Sharon QSoph.D, 74 Schmid, Roberta Ur.D, 57 Schmidt, Eddie QSoph.D, 74 Sloper, 91 Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Carolyn fSoph.D, 75, 90, Charlotte Ur.D, 57 Cindy Ur.D, 57, 82 Diana fSoph.D, 75 Diane fSoph.D, 75 Donald Ur.D, sv, 144, 147 Earl QSLD, 37, 131 Elliott fSr.D, 37 Greg KSILD, 37 Janet fSoph.D, 75 Judy Ural, 57,59 Karen CSoph.D, 75 Smith, Kim QSLD, 37, 130, 132, 133, 134 Smith, Larry fSr.D, 37 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Lois CSoph.D, 75 Marcus fSoph.D, 75, 91 Richard Ur.D, 57 Ronald Ur.D, 57 Smith, Ross fSoph.D, 75 Smith, Sherry fSoph.D, 75 Smith, Steve fSoph.D, 75, 145 Smith, Suzanne QSoph.D, 75 Smith, Ted Ur.D SIUPSS, Dave 151'-J, 37, 91, 92, 101 Solomon, Robert Ur.D, 57 Sommer, Kaye f.J1',D, 57, 90, 91 Sossamon, Zoe tSoph.D, 75, 83 Soter, Kathryn fSr.D, 37 Soter, Merry Anne tSoph.D, 75 South, Sheryl fSoph,D, 75 Sparks, Shirley fSoph.D, 75, 153 Spaulding, Charlotte QSLD, 37 Speairs, David fSoph.D, 75 Speakman, Sue Anne fSoph.D, 75 Spelce, Mary CSLD, 37 Bobby Ur.D, 60 Spell, Monte fSr.D, 37 Spencer, Nancy CSoph.D, 75, 90 Spigel, Stanley fSoph.D, 75 Spinks, Charlotte 1Soph,D, 75 Sprott, Myra Ur.D, 57, 97 Squier, Delores Ur.D, 57 Squires, Leslie Ur.D, 58 Stafford, Sharon fSoph.D, 75 Stahl, Richard Ur.D, 58, 98 Stancil, Gerald fSr.D, 37 Stancil, David CSoph.D, 75, 138 Stanley, Ronny Ur.D, 58 Stanley, Tommie fSoph.D, 75 Steele, Carol Ur.D, 58 Steele, Mike Ur.D, 58 Stegall, Bob 1Sr.D, 37, 108 132, 134, Thompson, 136, 144 Joy fSoph.D, 76,91 Thompson, Judy Ur.D, 58 Thompson, Karen fSoph.D, 72, 76, 90, 92 Thompson, Kathy Ur.D, 58, 82, 90, 92 Thompson, Kay Ur.D, 58 Thompson, Marie iSr.D, 39, 105 Thompson, Sue Ur,D, 58, 90,91 Thompson, Tammy fSoph.D: 76 Thompson, Tommy QSoph,D, 76, 90 Thompson, Virginia fSoph.D, 76 Stengele, Stephens Stephens Stephens Harry Ur.D, 58, 131, 136' , Bob Ur.D, 58 , Cliff Ur.D, 58 ,Joan fSoph.D, 75 Stephens, Mike fSr.D, 37 Tucker, Fred QSr.D, 39, 91, 92 Stevens, Gayle fSr.D, 37 Stewart, Edith fSoph.D, 75 Stewart, Rives fS0ph.D, 75, 82 Stinson, Don fSoph.D, 75 St. John, Jeri QSr.D, 37 St. John, Ric Ur.D, 58 Stokes, Kenneth QSr.D, 38, 118 Stone, Barbara fSr.D, 38, 80, 85 Storey, Buddy Ur.D, 58 Stout, Dennis fSoph.D, 75 Stover, Susie fSr.D, 38 Strange, Mike fSr.D, 38, 131 Strasheim, Lori fSr.D, 38 Stratton, Michel Ur.D, 58 Stripling, Judy fSr.D, 58 Suggs, Richard Ur.D, 58, 92 Sullivan, Carrie fSoph.D, 75 Sumerlin, Roland fSoph.D, 75 Summers, Carol fSoph.D, 75 Sutton, Nancy fSr.D, 38 Swafford, Curtis fSr.D Swanson, Vicky fSr.D, 38, 154 Sweeney, Clarene Ur.D, 58 Sweet, Suzy fSr.D, 38 Swindal, Bill E. fSoph.D Swinnea, Jerry fSr.D, 38 Tommy fSoph.D, 77 Swinnea, Sharon CSr.D Sykes, David QSoph.D, 75, 143 Sykes, Larry fSr.D, 38 T Talasek, Nancy Ur.D,, 58 Talbot, Bill Ur.D, ss . Taliaferro, Jane Ur.D, 58 Tart, Frederick fSr.D, 38, 90, 106 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Dana Ur.D, 58 Janice Ur.D, 58 JoAnn fSoph.D, 75, 92 Taylor, John QSr.D, 38 Taylor, Pat fSoph.D, 75 Taylor, Robert QSr.D, 38, 106, 108 Taylor, Ronal Ur.D, 58 Taylor, S andra fSr.D, 38, 92 Taylor, Tommy fSoph.D, 75 Taylor, Tommy Ur.D, 58 Teague, Terry fSoph.D, 75 Teal, Linda Ur.D, 58 Telisak, Phil CSoph.D, 75 Temple, Karen- fSoph.D, 75 Terry, Jimmy Terry, Kay Ur.D Thoms, Bobby fSr.D Thorell, Carl fSoph.D, 76 Thornbury, Don Ur.D, 59 Thornton, Betty QSr.D, 39, 90, 91 Thornton, Ivan fSr.D, 39, 42, 80, 161,176,105,182 Thasher, Mary Ann Ur.D, 59 Threlkeld, Steve CSr.D, 39, 150, 151 Tillman, Belita CSoph.D, 76 Tillman, Jeannette Ur.D, 59 Tinsley, Marvin fSr,D, 39 Todd, Dooley Ur.D, 59 Todd, Ricky fSr.D, 39, 130, 135, 148 Todd, Stamm iSoph.D, 76, 91, 138 Tolson, Barrie Ur.D, 59, 99 Tomlin, Carloyn Ur.D, 58 Tracy, Caryn Ur.D, 59 Trammell, Jeanne fSr.D, 39 Treff, Paula fSr.D Tribble, Arthur fSoph.D, 76, 145 Trickey, Martha Ur.D, 59, 154 Trussell, Wanda fSr.D, 39, 82, 86, 154 Tuomey, David fSoph.D, 76 Turner, Dave fSr.D, 39, 151 Turner, David fSr.D, 39 Turner, Diana Ur.D, 59 U Ulsh, Bonnie Ur.D, 59 Underwood, Ann fS0ph.D, 76 Underwood, James fSoph.D, 76 Urick, Sandra Ur.D, 59 V Valkman, Larry fSoph.D, 76 Valone, Allene CSoph.D, 76, 91 Van Hamersveld, Eric fSr.D, 39, 102 Van Vleck, Robert CSoph.D, 76 Van Zandt, Eugenia fSoph.D, 76 Van Zandt, Neil Ur.D, 59 Vaughan, Jan Ur.D, 59, 90 Vickers, Ronald QSoph.D, 76 Voss, Anne QSr.D, 39, 86, 107 W Waddle, Chris fSr.D, 39, 42, 88, 102,106 Wagner, Robert fSoph.D, 76 Walden, Bob fSoph.D Walton, Linda Ur.D, 59 Walts, Judy fSr.D, 40, 102 Ward, Anita fSoph.D, 76 Ward, Diane fSoph.D, 76 Ward, Minor Ur.D, 59 Ware, George Gause fSoph.D, 76, 127 Warfield, Eddie Ur.D, 59, 91 Warfield, Martha fSoph.D, 76, 127 Warner, Matthew fSoph.D, 76 Warren, James Paul fSoph.D, 76 Warren, Jeffrey Ur.D, 44, 59, 148, 149 Warren, Kirby fSr.D, 40, 131, 134, 148,161,165,174 Warren, Nelson fSr.D, 40 Washington, Ginger Ur.D, 10, 59 Waters, Philo Ur.D, 59, 131 Watkins, Janice fSoph.D, 77 Watkins, Ben Ur.D, 59, 143 Watson, Ann fSr.D, 40 Watson, Sue fSoph.D, 77 Weatherall, Elaine Ur.D, 59 Weaver, Sandie CSoph.D, 77 Webb, Wyatt fSoph.D, 77 Weeden, Clint fSoph.D, 77 Wehman, Harvey fSr.D, 40, 88 Wehmanen, Ellen fSoph.D, 77, 90, 91 Wehmanen, Sylvia CSr,D, 40, 90, 91 Weiher, Earl fSoph.D, 77 Weimer, Suzanne Ur.D, 59 Weir, Linda QSr.D, 40, 154 Welch, Suzanne fSoph.D, 77 Welsh, Jinx fSoph.D, 77, 92 Wemple, Carol Ur.D, 59 Wendorf, Tommy Ur,D, 59, 143 Wenzel, Ronnie fSoph.D, 77 Werdung, Wayne fSoph.D, 77 West, Carol Ur.D, 59, 123 West, David William Ur.D Williams, Judy Ur.D, 60 Williams, Linda Ur.D, 60 Williams, Pax fSr.D, 40, 84, 101, 106 Williams, Sue Ur.D, 60 Williams, Venetta QSr.D, 41 Williamson, Emily fSr,D, 41 Williamson, Jan fSoph.D, 77 Williamson, Joy fSoph.D, 77 Willoughby, Donna fSoph.D, 77 Wills, Jack fSoph.D, 77, 90, 91 Wills, Randy fSoph.D, 77 Wills, Sue fSr.D, 41, 92, 93, 95 Wilson, Wilson, Diann Ur.D, 60 Wilson, Fred Ur.D, 60 Wilson, Jackon fSoph.D, 77 Wilson, James fSoph.D, 77 Wilson , Jane fSoph.D, 77 Wilson, June fSoph.D, 78, 92 Wilson, Larry Ur.D, 60, 83 Wilson, Ronnie fSoph.D, 78 Wilson, Roy Ur.D, 60 Wimberly, Scotty fSr.D, 41 i Wimbish, Georgann fSoph.D, 78 Winder, Bruce fSoph,D, 78 Winn, Margie Ur.D, 60 Winter, Barby fSr.D, 41, 94, 98 Winter, Susan fSoph.D, 78 Wiscovich, Carlos CSoph.D, 78 Wiscovich, Rogelio fSr.D, 41 Wise, Glenn fSr.D, 41, 90, 91 Wise, Nona Ur.D, 60 Witherspoon, Jan Ur.D, 60, 117 Woltz, Francie Ur.D, 60 Whatley, Don Ur.D, 59 Whatley, Judy Ur.D, 59 Wheatcroft, Sandra CSoph.D, 77 Wheeler, Eileen QSoph,D, 77, 92 93 Wheeler, Scott fSr.D, 40 Whipker, Kay 1Sr.D, 40 White White White ,Bob Ur.D, 59,91 , Dianne fSr.D, 40 , Jimmy Ur.D, 59, 148 White, Yeager, Jeanette fSr.D, 41, 90, 91 Terry, Steve fSoph.D, 76 Thannisch, Cheree fSoph.D, 76 Thannisch, Janie Ur.D, 58 Thayer, Linda Ur.D, 58 Thom, Hurford fSr.D Walker, Bennett Ur.D, 59 Walker, Charlotte fSr.D, 39 Walker, Craig fSoph,D, 76 Walker, Donny QSoph.D, 76 Walker, Jearl Ur.D, 47, 59 Thomas, Brian CSr.D, 38 Thomas, Bonnie Thomas, Dwaine CSr,D, 38 Thomas, Kay fSoph.D, 76 Thomas, Leland fSoph.D, 76, 91 Thomas, Robby Ur.D, 58 Thompso Thompso Thompso Thompso Thom pso 192 n, Bobby fSr.D, 38 n, Buck fSr.D, 39 n, Cathi Ur.D n, Cheryl fSoph.D, 76, 92 n, Jimmy fSr.D, 39, 130, Walker, Sharon CSr.D, 40 Wall, Berry fSr.D, 40, 99 Wall, Lynette Ur.D, 59 Wallace, Ronnie fSoph.D, 76 Walls, Charles QSoph.D, 76 Walter, Colleen fSoph.D, 76, 84, 178 Walters, Gloria Ur.D Waltman, Bill fSoph.D, 76 Walton, Kathy fSoph.D, 76 Whitehead, Sherry QSr.D, 40, 86, 99, 112 Whitehurst, Ricky fSoph.D, 77 Whitt, Linda Ur.D, 59 Wickett, Kenny QSr.D, 40, 152 Wienecke, Sharon fSoph.D, 77 Wiggins, Joann fSoph.D, 77 Wightman, Suzy Ur.D, 60 Wilbanks, Thomas fSoph,D, 77 Wilder, Jeni Ur.D, 60 Wiles, Carroll Ur.D, 60 Wiley, Stacy fSoph.D, 77 Wilhite, Karron fSr.D, 40 Wilhoit, Kathy fSoph.D Wilkerson, Janis fSoph.D, 77 Wilkinson, Pam Ur.D, 56, 60 Willard, Patsy QSr.D, 40 Willeford, Brenda fSr.D Williams, Beverly fSoph.D, 77, 92 Williams, Bobby fSr,D, 40, 116 Williams, Charlie Ur,D, 60, 139, 142,143,152 Williams, Eugene fSopl1.D Williams, Jeanie Ur.D, 60 Williams, John fSoph.D, 77, 91, 152 Williams, Johnny Ur.D, 60, 130 Wood, Margaret fSoph,D, 78 Wood, Nancy CSoph.D, 78, 90, 153 Wood, Steve Ur.D, 60, 105, 151 Woodlock, Jeanie CSoph.D, 78, 170 Woodson, Denny QSr.D, 41 Woody, Dan fSr.D, 41, 131, 136, 137, 145 Woodyard, Jacqueline fSoph.D Woofter, Robin fSoph.D, 78 Wooldridge, Betty fSoph.D, 78, 126 Wooldridge, Sue QSr.D, 41, 83 Woolman, Lee QSoph.D, 78 Woolsey, Linda QSr.D, 41, 120 Woomer, Earl Ur.D Word, Reagan CSr.D, 41, 95 Worley, Larry Ur.D, 60, 178 Worrell, Homer Ur.D, 60 Wortham, Miles Ur.D, 60, 124 Worthington, Bill Ur.D, 60, 91, 99 Wright, Jimmie Faye fSr.D, 41, 92 Wright, Ronnie Ur.D, 60 Wyles, Sondra fSoph.D, 78 Wylie, Tom Ur.D, 60, 110 Y Yadon, Alice fSoph,D, 78 Yadon, Martha Ur.D, 60 Yahr, Rick fSr.D, 41, 145 Yankee, Diana fSr.D, 41 Yarbrough, Linda fSr.D, 41, 87, 154 Yielding, Aaron Ur.D, 60 Young, Frank fSr.D, 41 Young, Larry fSr.D, 41 Young, Raymond fSoph.D, 78 Z Zadinsky, James fSoph.D, 78 Zadinsky, Wanda Ur.D, 60 Zimmerman, Bill Ur.D, 60 Zimmerman, Dianne fSoph.D, 78, 92 TAYFQE, 'LUP.F!5E"!'? ,CPMFANY .J-my-4 W My fgwgwifyhffwff gg QWVMLWWWQ E5 Wwff W Mf Q Kg g E Wh Misa? migqim Zigi! ff , we Qi YP fMf'5f wg bp ,WJ kphf' Z-7'f'ffQ,Z cypyfzf XCQWB i 'lf :Q KL KBS! 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Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

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