Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1961

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Sy , 4 pf ' , s W HI :KA ,Nu ,V 1.1 :Qmw ..- a me ' X ' f I-Jw Q? .V J 5 X X A ' Arlington Heights '- S1 H' h 5 lg Ch00x!M jf, U Qj I., f ' J' A Qjjff Jczy F 'A JMQJ fj5JJQJJjw W e Jifj37.94Q M W Y Q N Q W, x rf E, Qflj jjgffzjiljjifffj if D, W9 2? yfypyxfgjbffgyh QE W nw QI X x ff 1,041 5 I vc, f fffwwfff 62,5 n 14 fgwy . VW 5+ ,QQJQE n G h I Wm MQ? nn t e W' ings of Peace . n fi AQ in is Mmligqhzw? 3-ff WWI, f f-KV! 17-, ADW W, N t W U. A-ag-I U, , f. 57 fxfy Q I. X1 Education is the guardian genius of democracy." c Mirabeau B. Lamar 3 r Def fc' 2,259 73, w ffjfxb Q3 'r 55,0391 SX! r an 1 ' UT--ff . - f' f WY., M9 U QW 1 J ' K9 BHS Y xi A c A X3 ' X3 aria! t 1 Acslljj 1522755 ' ' gif R 3 rdf Q 155 S an 'ix fi W"' 'X E 2?J fy , f ' fflkb d f ff WWW 1 frff ni 0 5 o U 56 , -MV'-f ffrrcfftolfabynz ' Lids: 5Ci wwe-M225 ,MQ Qefd Ji? jaw , X"4gf.5J 91.11. ufggfj ffa' M4400 dfvkcvc-'LJ .LV X A x 'gg-"j jffb ff My QV qw 0' .Q4 - U" . ' L . 6 www, G! FY jyff, I yy uf Wmcfmwgydw Qyfwulijgfwjgggffvw Q ff 1 ' + ,W O3 QexKgigf2zQw ' 3440 Q' 4 V' rfQLaJU.2iZJ'-fwff' y l F J hfffx, fwwwfufdff-f' i . ,Any .7-kJ1.,f,4 f,f,H- fJll0'J0kJ1-1' -,fL,f'C, D, 'LA :Xie f 7 YI H M i'l Q, . Eff-:,, J , 5' 'iff uf' an Mika Q n 5'A'. 4. v, , if , Q11 v-72. . v , , ,fx i 35 v -adj! WP ,w ,ms f!5Q.,aff+g 1 wi 5 gym- .5 llliv'-v,, ,,.......f'H- u ,.- .: - Q ., P ,- :E x ,pc 4 -Y b.,'-'.,'- ' - 1. L .A ,gi ,Q gn.: X Q7 'l 1 ra'61V ,pin Jae- L x , . .31 A - .muy-. T 4 V f -Q,-1 jfw-f.amdw..aasau.f.,. . 51-ei 'Q , ' 1 ' M A x 'wfw-age-,n0.Au.+qbuAaxnnuasaadQ Y , 7 ,ily-J,gv 1 ii. Q.. J 4 P, ,LN 'W ,iv-, NI 'Q Foreword ii' . gui "JL S' .1 l' -V E :I ON THE WINGS OF PEACE-our 'lheme-symbolizes - if 'lhe hopes and desires of man 'ro overcome 'rhe lroubled ' 1' -Lt.: wafers of his own lime, whefher he be searching for peace si of mind, peace among fhe people of his nalion, or enduring world peace for all mankind. Conscious of increased ha+reds among mankind in +he 'Fu+ure, crealed by 'rhe furmoils of 'rhe pasf, s+uden+s move lhrough l'he halls of Heighls from class +o class, day by day, adding 'rheir ideals 'ro lhe hundreds gone by and ?g4:s.:'re-- N , 'gg ,,,, . V . Q, hwgffh- F riar. . . . . . . . . fyfjv- Ami .15 -A ,gi lnsplrmg 'rhose fo come, 'lhereby creahng l'he lndlvldualrly ' 4 ..,1 1 sa of a school which For+ Worlh, Texas, and 'rhe Umled Slafes e 'QUE 5.15 Mmm A of America can +ruly be proud. EQ, ggi, if "' f " G plff il 1+Si?a. ' .aff ' W . . . . FW, '- . s jfq ,Q Y --N f 'i-4 el-'i"" , 47' Thus, lhen, IS The sl'ory we wlsh lo show, l'he personallly iw?-5? g up ,. - ,,,,l . we infend fo por+ray. This IS lhe log of a year al' Helgh'rs. 2551... 1 Lei' us hope fhe Ideals presenled here may be spread - My L-mil. Efnffdjffiw W fip'7." f?3?4T7ililf-'li Ji K . ' ' jl,1lii,f's' :V lhrough +he world on The Wings of Peace. A ' W' l N " ,a rf' A V X A -' -- J .-ew.-ff'T,'fi,.4.g a'595f,,- r , ,,V,, A i, -5' 5 .1 ii i . . , r i.r '- -', ' 1 .- .W -is we ' . 1. ' 4- .f s .N bf' '-'f?.f.'1'..f... W ' N1 Q4 In g , , , ' . ma my qi ri 9. , A ,. - - VI. V . . .1 V -Mm A Ai .i n v tfsi ri..-:s urf a -r i C L ' -rss. . I f ire . f -iV- .. ig, 'rx 'lu' 5 " ' 4Q:L,...,,, ,M . V .,'.-l31'ljsQifii5fl13 .f V K A 5,3 ,,m ,ZMg,A La, a n I .mf . . fwg.-iff Ll?'3'e"- ,,. -- W , ' Lf ' M l - -i- a s: -Safe r -V ' ' --11"""'T"""""""' - ' 05 .A "f f QW I Jw!-'i"" ---- if-Y diff- f7':942:':L4!V"?'7: ll'7-Lf""-a25ff1f?:i-i4f'i't-5'f +1-:WF-s..i rs.- Q , ' ' ' - - 1 .'fv,f,g13y ,.,- ,li-5, ,,, .1 1 . , T,kg91 i -N mnlw - M H . .4 w ' 1' " 'H i' k i ..,' rZ'f'Fyii-1' E? "':. . N Nils' - l pilif., W1 mt l 'L ni il wi-.:..:+ .. . " '- 'w 5Qfq5i5 'W 5' Xl! A q w i:5f3Q'ff1,. if i Q '- s, tiqigvgkz A ,, :4 3,51e:,f4s:g5-M 'k ' " fs Q - - Vr - fgkvf .,V 1.5.-ff.-.1-,--sg. '. ,. --'Hs' mf' V .. N7 ,, Q, .ff . -r-Q N ' 3413-f1'L'isS'7'rN''i'i:.:"" A4" --" ' ' -. .:1'-1 e wiglii. - :'7eaff?7r' V. l " ,.,.ff'W' ' .. A J 4' "it' Zz,, , .- l i 4 .. - s 4 " .-N "-" .' ogy , ' 'M-.'aJ2if' lg . .. -. . . .. .. . - . fl -- - r f i :e.fg4f'Q 41 . +-lf -a i "A' 4 4 XL-r hifi - 4 . i " 'i"i:l:L'i 'l-: ?'s, f f 'g. 435l,"::'ii , 'i 'v iii . V . . QQ . i ,. '41, -. if .fig ' "-'. 7'fiFf en--Q , .2v1 zfT, g . ,.., "i ' 'M r,'.:'s r A-I . l 'r' " ,lggjs kgdv rf' mwlffh T-'5'9?l'f 1 i ., ' " . " 4 -. -wa. ' f ' ,, . 'rf K-,. A-.magna-g-i-i::.f3qQfq,g ..4 - .A , -.K K Q , 1 ' ' ' ' ""' I ' ' "4a'l'. -153-553:47 T '.' T:m-- ' ' ' ..,, - ,': H -- 'J ' - " " ' . I -J. A" -M3334.z.1Lsf:3?if13e'Q.1 a'-U41 1-lf - s,wf,,f.'e. ' ii 5 . . .. i . g, .,u .f l l , 4 'lable of Ol'lt6ITtS People for Peace .... 8-75 Faculfy ............,.... I0-I8 Senior Class .... ..,.. l 9-42 Junior Class ...... ..... 4 3-60 Heighk of Height U . . 76-I07 Sophomore Class .. ..... 6I-75 Prayers for Peace . . I08-I25 Hope of Heighfs ..I56-I87 if P P Q- .gf Tille Page .. w Foreword . . . lileclicalion . . . - 5 8 CQHQLUSFOHT lnclex Hands in Harmony I26 l55 fl .... I-88 .,- I89-I94 5, Y RE Ti ,, l X713 R A, L .es B12 , . Xi CH V Q ' LTR 4 A ' 7 I ! f, -5 -W v F y i ..., 5 -2, 'A 7 V' ,J V 4, 14 E cy' W A W ' I . . if if 946, . g , L J' S 3 . ,f X sa . ,,.,.....,,,.f- x S 0 0 Mm!! W A if Dedication y '33 "lf is imperafive 'fhal' we, as young adulis, be dedicaled +o 'rhe idea +ha+ only +hrough a world of sfrong men-educafed men wi+h an awareness of +he world and an undersianding of mankind-can peace be secured. Each individual, in siriving 'Toward 'rhis goal, mus+ have power, sirengih, and peace wi'rhin his hear? and mind. "Ask yourself in all siiuafionsz 'This l do foday-where will if lead me 'ren years from now?' Today builds fomorrow! A na+ion wi+hou'I' vision perishesg youih wi+hou+ vision perishes. We musl' be acu'l'ely aware of 'lhe fufure and have confidence in our abiliiies. You can if you fhinlc you can." ,,,,,? This is 'l'l1e Kafhryn GarreH' whom you lcnow infimalely as a Teacher, as a discerner of +he +imes. This is l'he +eacher who organized and direcfs fhe Young Ci'I'izens' Forum for American Ideals. These are +he reasons she besi' exemplifies 'fhe essence of our +heme-On +he VVings of Peace. We The sfudenl body of Arlingfon Heighis High School, wi+h sincere de- lighf, dedicaie The l96l Yellow Jaclcel' fo Miss Kafhryn G-arreH. ,ggjs .,., , .4 6 If .,, ia 'Q F-' Al, -,,,,,-l-ng . . s 3 ' ' E y r We ,, fl , s -M. S X., il f "5 ,Q A ff ' W f aaaa N M .7 ,M W. Q ,iv-s fi ai wiv, ss as 'if 1'- Jnf X fail as 7 ' .-I LL A 3: 1 A - 1 '1u--'-'-x'1..v'- .- ' ,-". 4 ffwffi-2 I ,IL :fl " Enduring worlds of e+ernal presenl and fu+ure, Combine fribulafions and joys 'lo creale and age of PEOPLE FOR PEACE - leaders ancl followers, Faculfy and s'l'uclen'ls--worlcing On The Wings of Peace. 8 l People For Peace l I P v .41 W , . 55 ,i" v A E f? -.W V ,ww . Eve., mm . "LN Q 1 Y if , ix 'ei "1 1 UA! ,Q-W M1039 557, I 1 '3,n'?? I 'L aw . lfgpw ' mf an 435' 1 Administration Heads Acti itie 1 l Mr. John B. Sharp Assisranl Principal Miss Kafhryn Haden Dean of Girls Mrs. Tommie Dodrill Secrerary Mrs. Doroihy Wa+lcins Secrefary Mrs. Mary Fisher. Nurse B.S. TWC R.N. S+. Joseph's School Mrs. Hazel Farr Regisfrar Mrs. Emily Bigham Librarian B.A. NTSC Sponsors: Library Club Mrs. Mary Hood Librarian B.A. TWU M.E. Wesr Texas S+a+e Sponsors: Library Club Mrs. Leofa M. Nalion Counselor B.S. and M.E. TCU Sponsors: Tri-Lil Club: Siu Mr. Niclc Ruggieri Counse-lor,Coach B.P. and MA. NTSC Sponsors: S'ruc"'il' Council of Nursing Sponsors: Fufure Nurses Club denl' Council ' M. . Mr. Homer J. Pegram, Principal The office sfaff ofArling1'on Heighfs High School works rapidly and efficienfly, resulfing in a highly organized body of 'faculfy and sfuclenis. The cap- able sfaff execu+es rou+ine 'raslcs and l'hen devo'l'es Hs 'l'ime +o aiding sfudenis and Teachers wi+h. special proiecfs. Many daily jobs are handled by siudeni' office- girls. These girls devofe +heir s+udy-hall period 'I'o helping l'he office sfaff by 'raking messages, answer- ing +he phone, and selling schoioldsupvplies-r.. 4 ?Q? 'ngsEj,1oge+her wiih +he! selinglideparfmnenf spends uid'ing,siuycQ.en+s gsubjeci' .,y. for iL3'fu+uP?f Fi '-.r1r 'li' . 1. Y vs.. U . V ..-,A .1 W . 1 , div 1' . ,i L. H- ,.u--H' The Board of Educafion of fhe Forf Worfh Public Schools includes Mrs. Carey H. Snyder: Mr. Lloyd L. Turner: Mr. Afwood McDonald, vice-presidenh Mr. William PoHs, president Dr. James N. Walker, secreiaryg Mr. Roy J. Brooks, and Dr. Abe Greines. Mr. Joe P. Moore Superinfendenf of Schools As always, 'fhere is plenfy ro do in +he office: Mrs. Dodrill, Mr. Pegram and Lucinda Pease are affending +o a busy morning's work. Mr. Roy M. Srone Assislanf Superinfendeni' of High Schools f " 'ii' Mr. Elden B. Busby Assisianl' Superinfendenf y I of General Adminisfra+ion 1,4-, ,, A , J , .fg-.sw 4 M1252-.f',. Q ..' ff ,f .--"n 7 . 'f ,NLYW 'Hand "' I. ,j, ' -mg' s , L, 1,-" 4 , avg- .fx Q 'kg - 1 - ": ' " ,T . ',,,gf:1'i5E'.5., -.J 'Fi' V i w ,, 1-'V I 4. J I . . 0 . vaxgwfff Vf,7W,fL 4 U, . xi . N14 f, 1 ffnfffd! " A, . , wa N'-Q',.iY.S 'fm QW, , JC '4 4 f .1-I-:s vga? 4, A .4 .1-wa. f W efffshsl ff , -- sg ww if, MQW, ff Mrs. Mary Tale English B.S. and M.E. TCU Mrs. Gladys R. Hunler English l B.A. and M.A. Baylor Universify Mrs. Flossie Posfon English B.A. Baylor Universify Sponsors: Junior Red Cross Mrs. Belle B. Evans English B.A, TCU Mr. Mayhew Manlor English B.A. Universily of Texas M.A. TCU Mr. Milfon S. Bransford English B.A. NTSC Sponsors: Young Cifizens' Forum Mrs. Glenna F. Edwards English B.A. Mary Hardin Baylor College Mrs. Frances Caveness English . . D . Y B.S. TWC supervise fheir sfudenfs in liferafure, composihon, and grammar, Pupils highlighi' +heir classes by wrifing books, plays, poems, and. 1 malcing illusfrafed nofeboolcs and posiers. ' Rapid-learning English classes consfrucf ou+side proiecls as well as doing required assignmenls. ' English is 'rhe largesi' depar'I'men+ ai' Heighfs. Eleven leachersa f Ten of fhese eleven +eachers are members of lhe Forl' Worfhs i Council of Teachers of English. Mrs. Anne Ayala is presideni' of This F of cify-wide council which mee'I's +o sludy as a group 'rhe s+a+e-wide Y and nafion-wide frends in English ins+ruc+ion. f I2 i. iii Ji, l i I 4. li 11 l ,. fl ii .?.i. I V? ., -fl-Q Heighfs sfudenfs are luglgy fo have new-comer, Mr. Mayhew-viz. ,gl A - .4 ' I -l Manfor, for English. . 'L - ..., 31 ' "CY I- .bl l Mrs. Frances Caveness and s+uden+s Bari H9lden'a'ndi"iS?eve Wood admire a V- modei oi Ft Eiizalae+han'fhea+er. . ,' l Q 1 i i i n 2 .1 2 .1 Q 2, hx Engli h Enliven Heights Mrs. Olela Epps English B.S. NTSC M.S. Baylor Universi+y Sponsors: Annual Mrs. Anne Ayala English B.A. Florida Slafe College for Women M.A. Texas Weslern College Mrs Anne Ayala presided al' The English Council dinner, assisled by Mrs Flossie Pos+on and Mrs. Belle Evans. Mrs. Emily Lunday English-Journalism B.A. Howard Payne College Sponsors: Jaclcei' Journal and Jabberwoclry German dd Fla or A new language has come +o Heighfs. Las? year pupils s'l'udied Laiin, Spanish, French and Bible, fhe spiriiual language. Now because of 'lhe avid inferesi' shown by many si'uden'I's, German has been added. Sfudenfs begin iheir sfudy of German by using fape recorders 'lo learn pronuncia- fion. Then, as in olher foreign language classes, basic grammar is laughin Mr. Donald HolceH' MISS Grace Boone English-Governmenf 4, . . . Lahn B.A. Oklahoma Baphsi' Universrly I ,Zi , , BA. Soufhwesfern Universily B. D. Soufhwesfehrn Bapfisi' ,y M A, TCU Theological Seminary Dr. T. E. Durham Bible . A.B. Thurman Universi+y NIS' Sara Nmkerson M.A. Universify of Arlingfon a 'n h. M., Ph.D. U ' ' BS in Educafion Ohio Sfa+e Universify T Arlinghn mvemiy of Miss Helen Hale Spanish Evelyn McCluney B.A. The Rice Ins+i+u+e Soon1ors?'TCheerlea'lers si+y Miss Carol Kilfiens Fr nch-Governmeni i:.A. TCU 5 In 1.1 :sf 'rf my . Mr. Herberl Krauss Mr. Willie Taylor Mrs. Frances Coon Mafhemafics Mafhemalics Ma+hema'lics B.S. and M.S. B.A. Siephen F. Auslin, B.S. in P.E. and M.S. in Easi Texas S+a+e M,E. TCU Public School Adminisfra- 'rion NTSC Mrs. Elva Lerrel' Mal'hema+ics B.A. and M.A. TWU. Sponsors: Fufure Teachers of America. Mr. James B. Ledbei fer, Ma+hema+ics B.S. Texas ARM fx, Math Train Mind Mr. Taylor fallcs wiih parenls during open house. Now how do you spell "given"? Wonders Mr. Phillips. - nl .lj X as Eg C R9 x X X lf? I4 Mr. Kirby l'l. Cox Miss Mary Parlcer Mr. Bob Phillips Mrs. lrene Price v .,."Mr Archie S'revens M,3+l-,emaficg Ma'rhema+ics Mafhemafics Ma'rhema'l'ics "gi53fgi.l3'?j,jlf'3Ma'l'hema+lcs B.S. TCU B.A. TCU and Physics BA. Trlnily Universi1'y" 31-f'i'.fBS Daniel Baker ME B.S. in 'fducalion NTSC f- ' ' Sponsor: Science Club Miss Kathryn Garre'H' Hisrory-Government Miss Grace Becker History B.A. TCU M.A. Columbia Sponsors: Allied Youth Miss Alice Bennett History B.A. and M.A. NTSC B.A. Randolph-Macon W6'man's College M.A. and Ph.D. University of California Sponsors: Young Citizens' Forum Mrs. Kathleen Hanley World History B.A. Sf. Olaf College Mrs. Mary Marsh History and Governmenl' B.S. in Education TCU Mr. Joe Sherrod History B.A. and ,M.A. TCU ,H H ' 5 . 9 ,T S 2 f me ii gym ,A Ei CfWW?fVxnf5 ff -T -siwsfw Q Q , t. f" ff, i F a,X-vw 'S , few ,X ,V , I f' if ,N sw ' f Q J 9 of ,Jig . V WSJ gif ,V ,f ,f X iff f' sw ,igivnsx K-fgsgfs ' .xg X45 f XM XK X W X Sf Q! f XWXX wx 1X W f , X f fx mm YW f X, ffx rf as eyfx , Z !Q f ,ss ij if Masq Q 6 ,fly Laura Hamilton, and Henry Leopold trace Miss Bennett, Stephanie Hillalcer, ihe history of a pasf president. Histor Broaden Intellect "Cheese," say Ka+hie Aurin and Mr. Joe Sherrod. Mrs. Mary Warren . Qgfvordiwhlisfory - B.A. wc Sponsors: Senior Class Mr. James E. York History B.S. in Educaiicn TCU Sponsors: Allieo v1"ou!'i1 Q,,,Jf ws, W4 s- sm- W ai X Xl" WW ' , 4' ng Mrs. Hanley and assistant, Loyce Pucker? discuss room dec- orations 'fo illus+ra+e the next chapter. I5 Arts And Sciences Constitute Mr. Flavin J. Arseneau Mr. Tommy Runnels Mr. Arch Van Meier Mr. Marvin A. Miller Miss Donna Lee Sfovall Biology Biology Biology Chemisfry Cl'16mlSff'Y B.S. and M.S. TCU B.S. NTSC B.S. SMU B.S. and M.E. TCU B.A. and M.A- TCU Sponsors: Science Club Sponsors: Science Club Sponsors: Junior Red Cross Sponsors: Fuiure Teachers of America Mr. George H. Carson Band, Orchesfra B.A. Baylor, M.A. MME. TCU Mrs. Mary E. Whlie Music, Guidance B.S. in Public School Music and B. Mus. and TWU M.A. in Music EdUCa+'0f1 Columbm "Now Carl, +he nexi +ime l find your bubble gum in 'rhere l'm going +o U niversify. spank your hand!" warns Sg+. Wood, as Jim Je'H' and Richard Waclcerbarih look on amazed. SfSg+. Herman Wood ROTC Mfsgi. Leon ivlcDuiiie RUITC Mr. Carson solves ihe problem-siiclcy valves! Chorus o Chemistry V, Mr. Jack L. Martin Physics B.S. NTSC M.E. TCU Sponsors: Sportsmanship Committee Mr. Charles Besecla Speech-Drama B.F.A. and M.Ed. TCU Sponsors: Jacket Footlighl' Players Students of Arts and Science represent Heights well by entering various city-wide, state-wide, and national contests in their respective fields. Teachers guide pupils in preparing for competition and the tuture by directing them in extra-curricular activities, including the Science Fair, tield trips to other schools conducted by the music depart- ment, and art exhibits. Mrs. Janie Lou Brewste Art B.S. and M.S. NTSC Vocational Work Stressed Mr. Ray M. Dyche Mechanical Drawing B.S. and M.S. NTSC Sponsors: Future Teachers ot America I' Mr. Phil Wright' Industrial Arts B.S. and M.S. NTSC M.E. TWC Mrs. Nan-lsca Daniels Homemalcing B.S. and M.E. TWC Mrs. Lucille Parmeter Commercial B.S. East Texas State Mrs. Junuetta Lay Distributive Education B.S. TCU Mrs.-Mary Lynn Business Education B.S. NTSC Sponsors: ROTC Business Education Business Education, B.B. NTSC W ,M I sei! Now Gibby, you lcnow you shouldn't type "G" with your thumb! advises M rs. Pa rmeter. Foust Miss Hazel Nelson B.B. and M.A. TCU Mrs. Fae Harrison Counselor Mrs. Marlha Aus'l'in Mrs. Juanell Earl Miss Joan Oliver Miss BeHye Reecl, Girls' PE Girls' PE Girls' PE G' l' PE urs B.S. NTSC B.S. TWC B.S. TWU BS. and M.S. Baylor Sponsors: Sophomore Sponsors: Girls' Tennis Sponsors: Volleyball Team Uiniversify Volleyball Team Team X f f Wi' efz,5,.-WI: fir' , Sponsors: Volleyball Team PE Teachers, Coaches Direct Heights Teams of 5 9 . .4 rrr, T ssss, -f V ,VM ' x f ,, , V I, 1 I - V, yi ,W vga-jw ,Sf 9 . I, V wssZ7W'fgaWwffc..:f4 -,,,, .iff pf.-,W ' M , - , Z f 75 S U, "kk. 1 7 - fgfg-H ff, l ' ,, ,M X ' W " V4 ' ' X ' Q 1'4" Hf'-ff if- A ' S " :Z S' f ,, , I . 5 as ,af fi x kk.. , - X f. ff Vi, of ",' S :gifs v gs J 'fy ' Y - ff X ff 4 y X ,f gf M- , fr v fs, L ' ,,1,fif e- , ,,f , . cf-f N X Nffs A s 'I .-1 rf X ,sy 7 I ' X uffwz ffl, s 1 1 Zur? 2 1 -,X If m Q fg g . M In 7 1 ,Q if V s , ,SG X Z7 r f' Q0 6 f I ' Z af 97 , - ' X- 7 H - 47 , W S l vswwsfw -A, Wfxfs 0, aww .,f ..f ff f 'fi 'fi K' MW m i W 'a 3 hz ' f X X if X If V fe? B W 5 2 S, i K , , ,Q f 1 f 3 I, , QW wi, 0 1' f 4, ss ', ,s e,, 7 - Coach Praler laughs wilh boys afler a vicfory. ,, ' " ,,,,,. f.'. V, f f , ff f ,Sf ,fffff 'elf' 5 f' 7 ' joke as ff ,, Q is lg ag, X Ei g 4 , ,JW . A rw' VS? 4. wg- , jf ff 'Z Besicles being 'lraclc insfruclor, Coach Morris is an inspiralion ai' pep rallies. Mr. Dayion Carler Boys' PE B.S. Sfephen F. Aus+in M.Ecl. Universily of Houslon Sponsors: Boys' Tennis Team Coach ff" Boys' P E, Coach Boys' PE, Coach ' as :cu MA. an PE B.S. and Ms. msc ss. vwc wsc Sp'-nsors: "A" Club Mr. Homer E. Ludilcer Mr. L. B. Morris Mr Joe Prafer x ,M W ! if iff 1 , 1 ,zg A 1 if w.1?u'fim .i , Seniors , W X 1 WWF: , -7 ,744 'f' f, , h ff 1 ff W , W1 X Dennis Ashmore AY, JJ Sfaff. Ronnie Ashmore Traclr, Red Cross, AY, l..eonard's Award. AuHie Asron Pres. of V.l.C., Tech High School, AY. ' Thomas Alhens Baseball, 2 yrs. Eleanor Baganz H.R. officer, AY, 3 yrs., Nurse's Assr. ...e l I . '- iff M ff f if S ff M .sa s X ,ff , C 7 .. s X , f f ? W i f W ,, Jigf' ., A' .J A F A fse if 2, Y. .Ny .ji fu ,W , . Richard Alexander Band, 3 yrs., "J" Club, Leonard Award, Baseball. Sheila Anderson AY, Chorus, Fooflighl Players. Carolyn Andrews Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross, DE. Paul Andrews AY. Ronnie Arnold Track, 3 yrs.: Foofball, 3 yrs.g Sfudenr Council, AY, 3 yrs. Ben Alexander Nancy Alexander AY. Jerry Ambrose Track, 3 yrs., AY, Red Cross. Beverly Anderson Band, San Anfonio, Texas. Jerry Anderson "A" Club, Foorball, Foolball co-caplain. Sally Adair Foollighl' Players, AY, 3 yrs, Tri-Hi-Y Chorus. Kendrick Adams Science Club, ROTC baslcerball, soflball, ROTC officer. Karen Albreighl' Chorus, 3 yrs. Jeanne Allen AY. Larry Allen Pres of "A" Club, "J" Club, 2 yrs.: Sludenl' Council, Foofball. Virginia Allerlon Billy Allison Traclc, 3 yrs., Young Cirizens' Forum, "A" Club, AY Council. Amy Allen S'l'uden+ Council, 2 yrs Red Cross, AY, 2 yrs.: FTA. Frances Bislno P H.R. officer, 3 yrs., "J" Club, AY, FTA. Buddy Black AY, 3 yrs., ROTC, 3 yrs., Science Club. Ann Blocker Angela Bailey Tri-Hi-Y, AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross. Shirley Baldridge JJ Sfaff, Sfudenf Council, Fooflighf Players, FNA. Joe Bock ROTC, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs. Kenny Boone DE. Roger Barker Red Cross, AY. Mike Barnes lnframural baskefball, baseball, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Leonard's Award. Sandra Barnes ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., FTA. R. G. Bafes AY, 3 yrs., Foofball, Baseball, 3 yrs., Band. Ray Baucom Norma Baulcl1 Red Cross, Leonard's Award, Band, Office Assf. fl? Joan Booflw H.R. officer, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Fooflighf Players, FTA. Glenna Bays H.R. Pres., "J" Club, Sexfef, AY, 3 yrs. Joe Beal "B" Foofball, AY, Track, 2 yrs. Judy Beasley AY, 3 yrs., Leonard's Award, Red Cross. Leslie Beers Nancy Benevenfi Tri-Hi-Y, AY, 2 yrs., Jr. Achievemenf. James Benneff ROTC, 2 yrs., AY, Red Cross, Hi-Y officer ire Benneff .Y Recl Cross, A i is Bill Bevill ROTC officer, ROTC soffball, baskefball, baseball. Travis Bruner AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, alt. Student Council, ROTC. Judy Bryant Pep Club, Drill Team, l'l.R. officer, Englewood, Colorado, AY. Joe Bullock lntramural football, AY. Don Burford lntramural football, Volleyball, Red Cross, AY. Bill Butler Leonard's Award, H.R. officer, Pres. of AY, Science Club. Artist Linda Brewster Wins Third Place ln City Show Janet Brown Footligtit Players, H. R. officer, FTA, AY, 2 yrs. Ronald Brown Track, AY, ROTC, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs. Beverly Browning Student Council, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs., Red Cross officer, 2 yrs., All City Volley Ball, 3 yrs. Eugene Bruner ROTC Rifle Team, 2 yrs., Intramural football. Daniel Brew Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. Larry Brewen Linda Brewster l.eonard's Award, Art Asst., AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Raleigh Brickell Track, 2 yrs., Footliglwt Players, 3 yrs., Jabberwocky., JJ Staff. Jerry Brock Track, 3 yrs., "A" Club officer, AY, 3 yrs., Young Citizens' Forum. Ann Brown Gay Boston Bobby Bozeman Football, Track, 3 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. Dick Braziel Football, 2 yrs., ROTC, AY. Donald Fox, David Clark Tie For First soni.a.+fe ln Texas Relays Y FHA. 3 yrs., AY, Y-Teens. Ray Carlberg Baskefball, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., "A" Club. Carol Carlson Pres. of Tri-Lif Club, Leonard's Award, l-l.R. officer, "J" Club. Linda Carpenfer AY, 3 yrs., l-l.R. officer, FTA, Chorus. Jane Carler Fooflighf Players, Chorus, AY, 3 yrs., Tri-Lil' Club. Linda Carver Sludenl' Council, AY, 2 yrs., Y-Teens, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Jerry Don Cason John Chambers Track, 3 yrs., "A" Club officer, AY Council. Charles Chenaull' ROTC, ROTC Officers' Club, DE, AY. Jerry Chiles Tennis, Sludenl' Counf cil, Midland, Texas, Tennis, AY. Richard Chrisfopherson Baslcelball, Track, Omaha, Nebraska. David Clapp AY, Band, Red Cross, 3 yrs. David Clark Track, 3 yrs., Higher-Mafh-Club. if 5 , h.43s..,.1..,.....e,.., Vicki Clark Fooflighf Players, AY, 2 yrs., JJ Sfaff, Tri-Lif Club. Maxine Clayfon Susi Cliburn l-l.R. officer, AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs. Charles Cliffon ROTC, Red Cross, Drum and Bugle Corps, 3 yrs., ROTC officer. Susan Clough YJ Slaff, l'l.R. officer, 3 yrs., Science Cl b officer, "J" Clubll l Lofhar Dale Sfudenl' Council. Chess Club, 3 yrs. Terry Dalehife Fooflighf Players, Chorus, AY. Bill Daniel Red Cross. Jeanne Danner ROTC Sponsor, l'l.R. officer, AY, 2 YFS-I Sfudenf Council, 2 yrs. Duwayne Davis Baseball, 3 yI'S- Nanc Cooper Gary Culpeper "B" Basbefball, Baskef- ball mgr., 2 yrs., Chorus, AY, 3 yrs. Henry Cunningham Lab Band, Band, Orchesfra. Cynfhia Curry Chorus, 2 yrs., AY. Janie Cyrus l-LR. officer, FTA, AY. f f sf f f X W Y Lab Assf., AY, Tri-Lif. Linola Connell Harold Cook Band. Ann Cowen Concerl' Choir, Teenage Book Club, Tri-l-li News Sfaff, Teaneck, N. J. David Cromwell Foofball, 2 yrs., Base- ball, AY. Lorraine Cross Fooflighf Players, H.R. officer, 3 yrs., DE, AY. Jim Crouch Sfudenf Council, l'l.R. officer, Soccer Team, Wiesbaden, Germany. Mary Lynn Crouch Cheerleader, Sfudenf Council, G.A.A., l'l.R. officer, Wiesbaden, Germany. Mike Crowe Foofball, Baseball, AY. Carolyn Cody FTA, AY, 3 yrs., Office Assf., 2 yrs., All Cify Volleyball Team, 3 yrs. Alden Coffey Baseball, 2 yrs., Bryan, Texas. lvlarfy Cole Joe Cosby Carolyn Council Sfudenl' Council, Choroleffes, Housfon, Texas, AY, FTA. Ronald Corbyn ROTC.,foo+ball, base ball, Drill Team, 3 yrs., AY. f X ,Wfj f , 1 wifs f , ,W ., ,V f , , .,.,4.,..,, f sf .S ,ff x f - 7 'ff-1-75, f , ,,,, If nk Y ,Q . VY' I ',.ff . 4-YQ 1 . . f 1, We Wwe f -y, s. fc , syf Les A ' H, 1 w e , i i awf V i ,, 9 .14 ,2 , ' ' ' A i '. fifjgl. 5' . Efiiifii , Garland Davis "J" Club, Le-onard's Award. Judy Duke AY, 3 yrs., FTA. Paf Duncan Red Cross, 3 yrs., DE officer, FTA, AY, 3 yrs. Shelly Easley Band, 3 yrs., Tri-HEAY, AY, FNA, 2 yrs. Jimmy Davis Foofball, Track, 3 yr Leona Davis .nl Terry Eaden ROTC, Red Cross, 3 yrs.: AY, H.R. officer. Mabel Edwards Library Club, FTA, AY, H.R. officer. Sandy Davis Fooflighf Players, 3 yrs., Sfudenf Council, 2 yrs., FTA, "J" Club. Jimmy Dawson Virginia Dawson Chorus, 3 yrs. Sammy Day Pres. of Sfudenf Body, Baskefball, 3 yrs.: H.R. officer, 3 yrs.: "J" Club. Susan Dean Fooflighf Players, Chorus, 3 yrs., AY, FTA, 2 yrs. Paul Decker Foofball, 2 yrs.: H.R. officer, 2 yrs.: Office Assf., AY, 3 yrs. Paf Ellioff AY, 3 yrs., Fooflighf Players, FTA, 2 yrs.: Chorus. Jean Deifzer AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., H.R. officer. John Deufschendorf Foofball, 3 yrs., AY, Chorus, 3 yrs. Courfenay De Lorme Red Cross, 3 yrs., Track, AY. Charlie Delwaide Red Cross, AY, 3 yrs., lnframural foofball, Fooflighf Players. 'WV Diana Dickey AY, 3 yrs., "J" Clula, FTA, H.R. officer, 3 yrs Ridge Dickey Sfudenf Council, AY, H.R. officer. Jim Dinsmore Ralph Dinsmore Fooflighf Players, "J" Club, Band, 3 yrs.: AY Joe Dorris AY. 25 Class Prexy Williams Chosen To Emeee Senior Banquet Zjijfi-,E'l?L?5T"... Marfha Fisher AY Council, 3 yrs.: l-l.R. officer, Sfudenf Council, Young Cifizens' Forum. Mike Fisher Fooflighl' Players, Capf. of Rifle Team, l'l.R. officer. James Fifzpafriclc Science Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, ROTC officer, Drill Team. Bonnie Flower Fooflighf Players, Sexfef, AY, 2 yrs.: Chorus, 3 yrs. Ronny Ford Baslcefball, 3 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs.: "A" Club. Befhrene Felder Band, 3 yrs.: Orchesfra, 2 yrs.: Tri-l'li-Y, "J" Club. Linda Felfon AY, Red Cross, FNA, Chorus. Carla Files Ron Finch Sfudenf Council alf., "A" Club, AY, Golf. Ronald Ernesf Drill Team, 3 yrs.: ROTC officer, Red Cross, 3 yrs.: AY. Sandra Erwin Sfudenf Council, "J" Club, Tri-Hi-Y, AY, 3 yrs. Virginia Evans Library Club, Fooflighl- Players, Science Club, AY. Charley Eyler Jacqueline Ensey AY, 3 yrs. FTA, l"l.R. officer, Red Cross. Jan Epperson Sfudenf Council alf., AY. Band, 3 yrs.: All Region and Sfafe Orchesfra. Drill Team, 3 yrs.: ROTC officer, 3 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs.: Red Cross, 3 yrs. Terry Farmer Foofball, lnframural baseball, DE. Donna Faucher Science Club, FNA. Scott Gentling Provides Sketches .'33?J.i121.., For Honor Section Rifle Team, Red Cross. Frances Foster Sec.-Treas of Footlight Players, Student Di- rector, Office Asst., AY. Donald Fox Basketball, Track, 3 yrs.: AY. ' g Larry Frazer AY, 2 yrs. Mike Frazier Basketball, 3 yrs.: Track, H.R. otticer, 2 yrs.: "J" Club. Jon Freelove Football, 3 yrs.: Architectural Award. Sally Freeman Footlight Players, Office Asst., Student Council. Mike Gale JJ Staff, 2 yrs.: Press Club, AY, 2 yrs. Herbert Gannett "B" Team Football, AY, 2 yrs. Mike Garcia intramural football, softball, 2 yrs. Dianne Garrett YJ Staff, Footlight Players, 3 yrs.: H.R. officer, "J" Club. Robert Gathings ROTC, AY, 3 yrs. Brenda Gelhausen AY, 3 yrs.: Office Asst., Y-Teens, Bowling Team. Scott Gentling Young Citizens' Forum, Track. Stuart Gentling AY, Young Citizens' Forum. Jimmy George ROTC officer, ROTC basketball, baseball, ROTC. Jacqueline German Chorus, 3 yrs.: AY,, "J" Club. Cynthia Giles Chorus, 2 yrs.: History Asst., Chorus officer. Jeffrey Hale Orchesfra, Band, Lab Band, Casf of Play. Sharon Hamzy DE, Tri-Hi-Y, AY- Red Cross. Sandra Hanlcins Sfudenf Council Alf., AY, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Pafricia Haney l.eonard's Award, "J" Club, Chorus, AY. James Hardin AY, Rorc. 28 Barbara Graves Sfuclenf Council, AY, "J" Club, H.R. officer. Jan Haley Treas. of Sfudenf Body, Vice-Pres. of Sfuclenf Body, "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs. Don Halpenny Treas, of Sfuclenfs Council, H.R. officer, 3 yrs., "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs. Franlc l-lalpin Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Lab Assf. Harry Hall Track, Drill Team, AY, ROTC. Caflwy Ginn Foofliglwf Players, Red Cross 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 s AY, 3 yrs. V G e Sandy Graves A a o n F +I hf Pl 6.I.C., All Cify Volleyball Tggmlg AY Zvi-tens Team. Mary Jo Goefzlce Sfudenf Council, Fooflighf Players, 2 yrs., FTA 2 y s AY, 3 yrs. Sandra Gravley Mary Ellen Goode Foofliglwf Players, Sfudenf SEC, of Sfuf-lenl BOClY- Council Alf., Red Cross Office Assf., AY, 3 yrs., AY' 3 yrs' H.R. officer. , Gary Gray 5'll Gordon smf, 2 yrs., AY, Jr. Track. 2 Yrs-I F00+lD5ll. Achievemenf, Press H.R. officer. Club. lvlary Green Foofliglif Players, Sfudenf Council, Tri-Lil' Club, AY. Gary Greenwood "B" Foofball, lnframural foofball, baslcefball, 2 yrs., AY. Linda Griffifh Fooflighf Players, JJ Sfaff, AY. Thomas Griffiflw AY, Track, 3 yrs., "A" Club. Cliff Gunfer Inframural foofball, baseball, Z yrs., AY. Vonda Hackney Fooflighf Players, 3 yrs., AY, Chorus, 2 yrs. Anna Marie Harkins Science Club officer, Fooflighf Players, Leo- nard's Award, 3rd Place, Science Fair. Al Sandra Hill Band, 2 yrs.: H.R. officer, 2 yrs.: DE, "J" Club. Nancy Hinners Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.: Achieve- menf, AY, 3 yrs.: FNC. Joan Hoecker JJ Sfaff, AY, Red Cross, FTA. Pal' Harlow AY, Volleyball Team, Office Assf. Barbara Harrell AY, 3 yrs.: FTA, Chorus. Jan Holbrook AY, FTA, FNC. Mary Ann Honaker Pres. of Soph. Class, Debafe Club, Richmond, Va.: Leonard's Award. Lynn Harrell Fooflighf Players, AY. Marilyn Harris AY, 2 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, FNA. Corky Harrison Drum Maior, Band, 2 yrs.: "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs. George Harrison AY, 3 yrs.: ROTC baseball baskefball, ROTC officer. Terry Hasfings Drill Team, 3 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs.: Jr. Achievemenf, ROTC officer. Joe Hawkins Jo Lynn Hopkins FNC, AY, 3 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, FTA. Kafhryn Hawkins AY, 3 yrs.: Red Cross, Y-Teens, Fooflighf Players. Sandra Hedges AY, 3 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, Red Cross, 2 yrs.: Office Assf. Kaye Hefner Fooflighf Players, "J' Club, 2 yrs.: H.R. officer, All Cify Volleyball Team. Vince Hendrick Foolball 3 rs' Sfudeni' I Y -I Council, AY, 2 yrs. Carol Hendrickson ROTC Sponsor, S'l'u'- denf Council, 2 yrs: Fooflighf Players, AY, 2 yrs. Richard Hendry Young Cifizens' Forum, Science Club, Leonard's Award, lnframural soffball. Bob Hiefl' Band, 3 yrs.: JJ Sfaff, Jabberwocky Sfaff, Co-Edifor of YJ. Judy Higby YJ Sfaff, Sfudenf Council, "J" Club, All Cify Volleyball Team, 3 yrs. John Higley Foofball, 3 yrs.: Sfudenl' Council, Track, 3 YFS-I "J'f Club. 2 Pianist Janet Jones Solos Jaclc lvey Jud Jenkins Y Red Cross, 3 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs,: Foorlighf Players. Bobby Jewell' "B" Baslcefball, AY, Jr. Favorife. Lillian Joe JOl'1I1SOf'I JJ S'I'aff, 2 yrs.: Jabber- DOU9 Johnson bciiiliyailials'Clfl'l.H' Y' Baseball, Baskerball, "R" Club, Puerfo Rico: Foorball, Merced, Calif. Jim Johnson H.R. officer, AY, 3 yI'S- Foorball, Traclc, 3 yrs. Judi Johnson Band, AY 2 yrs.: Fool- ligh+ Players, Chorus, 2 yrs. Janel' Jones AY, 3 yrs.: H.R. officer, 3 yrs-I YCUUQ Ci+izens' Forum, Accompanisf for Se-xref. At Chorus Program 3335+511 HSP S'reve Hudelc Mary T. Hudson AY, 3 yrs.: S+uden+ Council Alf.: Red Cross Roxie Hughes All Ciry Volleyball Team, FTA, 2 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs., Foorlighf Players, 3 yrs. Milne Hunl' Red Cross, 3 yrs.: Track, Foofball. KH Isbell AY, 3 yrs.: Red Cross, 3 yrs.: Y-Teens. Barbara lserl' Lab Assl., FTA, Fool-- lighr Players, AY, 2 yrs. "A" Club Theresa Howard Foolrlighr Players, FTA, Chorus, Arr Assf. Bruce Hudelc La b Assr, Www ff ZX sf Z M X7 X ff , -.7 , s,'- 4 ,H M, , My-1 'fe--1.-.,, . fu", af-' 23' --. ,EW fI?i'.1-:.g- I ez 5: ' . L , 1.. -513.27 .- .ul-rf---f?'!4i..:"'1'1f. ' w 1: -.,-4, f J ., , f . 61'r..,.9Fv".' .. "1 ur L '--'. '- "?'f. - f' - .,:' 'iii' : ., .V M, ,.,-I.. , :.2 ' H" --"TF tri' 'AT , gp-9: .4 '- '- rs'4fT5?' . r 7 M, gym' Ji i 'CV -'.Z3kFff7 " 1 f TAYW 'WWW ,l7yi+': 2 ' ' 6- fz,.":,,,y4a' A! ,f ,f ,CA fm...-,, 7:41. "Wifi '7 V 1, ' ' . W 1 , 1? A . w e ' H QS? ' , , .2 Aff x Z I RW Q 4 Z lr Y , i, .:. re- ' TLS' 'nm 3 fr ..1,. s , ,-ss. Lag Mike Jones Football, 2 yrs.: Track, Baseball, Student Council. Ken Kanto AY, 3 yrs.: Young Citizens' Forum. Toma Keahey AY. "Doc" Kendall Tends Football "Patients" 3 Yrs. Nona Kean AY, FTA, Young Citizens' Forum. Priscilla Keener ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, YJ Statt, Leo- nard's Award. Lynda Keeton Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs.: Student Council, All City Volley- ball Team, AY, 2 yrs. Susie Keith ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, Footlight Players, Tri'Hi-Y, 3 yrs. Kay Keller Red Cross otticer, l'l.R. otticer, "J" Club, AY, 3 yrs. Keith Kelly Kitty Kemmerer Orchestra, Footlight Players, AY, 3 yrs. Charles Kendall Football Manager, H.R. officer, "J" Club, "A" Club. Dawn Kennedy AY, Footlight Players, DE, 2 yrs.: Red Cross, 3 yrs. Leigh Keswick FTA, AY, 3 yrs.: Red Cross, 2 yrs. FV, , l.illa Keyes l'l.R. otticer, 3 yrs.: All City Volleyball Team, Young Citi- zens' Forum. Jimmy King Nick King Baseball, 2 yrs.: H.R. y otticer, AY. Shirley King Tri-l-li-Y, 3 yrs.: Presi- dent ot Tri- l-li-Y, AY 2 yrs.: JJ Staff. Perry Kirkland AY, 3 yrs.: Track, 2 yrs. James Leslie Track, 3 yrs. Tom Loffland AY, 3yrs., Traclr. Bill Lomerson Sally Lomerson AY, 3 yrs., Foofliglnf Players, GIC. Joe Longley Foofball, 7 yr', Riwbdllf 3 yrs., Cheerleader, Chorus, 3 yrs. ,V Howard Lafbrop l'l.R. officer, AY, 2 yrs., Young Cifizens' Forum. Deloris Lee AY. Judy Lenox Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., JJ Sfaff, AY, 2 yrs. Evelyn Leonhardf Sexfef, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., AY, "J" Club. Jimmy Leonlwarf AY, lnframural soffball. Bob Lamb Foofball, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. Jane Lanclreflw Tennis, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, 3 yrs., Young Cifizens' Forum. Ronnie Laws AY, Chorus, ROTC, Fooflighf Players. Ronald Lawson Orchesfra, AY, Baslzefball. Janeffe Lawyer AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Fooflighf Players. Ellen Lazo Bible Club, San Anfonio, Texas. Caroline Leafh Sfudenf Council Alf. AY, 3 yrs., FTA, Chorus, 2 yrs. Pauleffe Ledyard AY, 2 yrs., DE, Y-Teens, Chaplain of Y-Teens. ff ,V AQZ5 ff, X 7!3f f Q W QNX 1 4' 2 ff! ff? M xx aff f f X N A . , v 24 Tim Krog ROTC Rifle Team, 3 yrs., ROTC Sfaff, 2 yrs., ROTC officer, AY. Connie Kuhn Ann Kunfz Tri-Hi-Y, officer, AY, 3 yrs., JJ Sfaff, 2 yrs., Co-Edifor of JJ. Donna Lafimer Band, 2 yrs., "J" Club Foofligbf Players, PNC Grover Laufz ROTC, 3yrs., ROTC officer, AY, Red Cross. Linda Lawrence FTA, Sfudenl' Council Alf., Red Cross, AY, 2 yrs. Lynda Lovell Vice-Pres. of Sludenf Body, Sludenf Council, 3 yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. Don McMenamy ROTC, 2 yrs., Traclr. Linda McMurry Foollighl' Players, 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs., Sfudenf Council all., Red Cross, 2 yrs. Bill Magers Lab Band, Fooflighf Players, Orchesfra, AY. Jerry Lowe Drill Team, 3 yrs., "J" Club, Leonard's Award, ln, .. All-Cily Colonel. Lore'H'a Manasco Sherry Lowry Sfudenl Council, "J" Club, JJ Slaif, AY. nf ff -A ' - ,gs f W' yi . J Billy Lucas Fooiball, 3 yrs., Baslref- ball, 3 yrs., AY. Bobby Luclc Track, AY, Pooilighf Players, Chorus. Ronnie Luslrie Track, 3 yrs., AY, "A" Club, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs. Jan Lurher AY, PTA, 2 yrs. Michael Luxlon Pooflighl' Players, ROTC, 3 yrs., ROTC officer. Parriclc McCaffrey Foorlighl' Players, 2 yrs., "B" Poorball, Science Club. Jimmy McCarroll l'l.R. officer, 2 yrs., Cheer- leader, Vice-Pres. of Young Cifizens' Forum. Mary Anne McCar'l'hy AY, 2 yrs., Young Cifizens' Forum. Carolyn McCar+y AY, FTA, PNA, Fooflighl Players. John McCrea AY, ROTC officer. Mary Lou McCreless H. R. Officer, 3 yrs., Pres. of FNA, ROTC Sponsor, Pres. of Young Cifizens' Forum. Ann McElhaney AY, 3 yrs., Fooflighf Players, FTA, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Camille McHenry PNA, Fooflighi' Players, DE. Kenl Mclnlosh AY, H.R. officer, Red Cross, Young Cifizens' Forum. erfaley Mcxam ROTC Sponsor, AY, Focwqlf Players, "J" Club. 33 QQ' '6l Class Cooperative, Sincere," Says Sponsor Stevens Ken Maffoon Lab Band, Orchesfra, Band, Fooflighf Players. George Mayfield ROTC officer, Lab Assf., ROTC Rifle Team. Melinda Mayo Cheerleader, ROTC Sponsor, H.R. officer, 3 yrs.: AY. Theresa Melcus M - k Sfuclenl' Council, Red Tena erric R H. Sfudenf Council, Cross' H' ' O 'Cer' Red Cross, DE. 'J Dave Miller Baseball, 3 yrs., Sfudenl' Council, "B" Baslrefball, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Margarel' Miller Marjorie Miller Band, Orchesfra, Foof- lighf Players, 2 yrs., Y-Teens. Penny Miller l'l.R. officer, 2 yrs.g AY, Sfudenf Council. John Marshall l"l.R. officer, AY, Drill Team, Baseball. Gary Marfin Judy Marfin AY, l'l.R. officer. Sue Marfin Band, 3 yrs.: Orchesfra, 3 yrs.: AY, 2 yrs. Walfer Marfin Co-Edifor of JJ, J" Club, Leonard's Award YJ Sfaff, Fahrenlramp Award. Linda Massey AY, FTA. Mary Manning AY, Sfudenf Council, Red Cross, H.R. officer. Paul Mansir "J" Club, l-l,R. officer, Drill Team Commander. Jay Manning AY, lnframural Foofball Hendrickson Match For Gathings Sharon Miller Marsha Mills Red Cross, 3 yrs.: FTA, Fooflighf Players. Georgia Monroe Lab Assf., AY, 3 yrs.: Pooflighr Players, Research Club. Jimmy Moore DE. Joan Moore Phillip Morgan ROTC, 3 yrs.: AY, ROTC officer. Karrol Ann Mosley Fooflighf Players, Band 2 yrs.: Orchesfra, AY. Jeanneffe Moffef H.R, officer, Pres. of Y-Teens, Lab Assf., AY. Margwen Murphy Office Assf., 2 yrs.: FTA, AY, 2 yrs.: Sfudenf Council. vu, Richard Nelson JJ Sfaff, AY, 2 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Nancy Nix H.R. officer, Ja bberwoclcy, Sfaff, Fooflighf Players, Pres. of CSF, La Jolla, Calif. Ronny Norman Sfudenf Council, Foofball, Baseball, H.R. officer. Sally Norris AY, 2 yrs.: Vice-Pres. of Tri-Lif, Sfudenf Council. A Mike O'Grady Sfudenf Council, AY, 2 yrs.: Foofball, Traclr, 3 yrs. Barbara Oliver AY, 3 yrs.: Red Cross' 2 yrs.: Fooflighf Players Young Cifizens' Forum. Brenda Owen Sfudenf Council alf., AY, Red Cross, Leonard's Award. Paf Owen Fooflighf Players, 2 yrs, FTA, AY, 3 yrs: H.R. oficer. Roseffa Owens AY, FTA. 35 Glenn Pense ROTC, 3 yrs., Science Club. Craig Rabb "B" Foofball, AY, 3 yrs., FTA. Karherine Ragan Chorus, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs FTA, Fooflighr Players. Sylvia Raschlce Office helper, 3 yrs., FTA Fooflighf Players, 3 yrs.: "J" Club. Bob Ra+IiH 3 yrs., Pafricia Pearson Red Cross. Lucinda Pease AY, Red Cross. Jerry Praiher Bobby Preissinger Foo+ball, 3 yrs.: Baseball, "A" Club, AY. Tom Prenfiss Hi-Y, Golf Team, Columbus, O., AY. Carlwy Prirchard AY, Red Cross. 7 v-' Loyce Puclce'H' Foorliglvr Players, H.R. office Lab Asst, Leonard's Award. Ronnie PuclceH Band, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs.: Orchesha, Track. Kay PadgeH' Co'Edi+or of YJ, Press Club officer, "J" Club, H.R. officer. Mary Dell PaH'erson Foorlighr Players, 3 yrs., Red Cross, AY, 2 yrs.: Young Cifizens' Forum. Bob PaHon Fooflighi Players, JJ Sfaff, Leonard's Award, Sfudenl Council all. Ann Pipes Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Science Club, Red Cross, AY. Libiis PoHer Treas. of AY, "J" Club, H.R. officer, 2 yrs., Young Cifizens' Forum. Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY. Pam Ray S+udeni' Council, 2 yl'5-I f "J" Club, AY. 2 yrs-: FTA- V, A ., Alan MWTP? A 2 Track' 2 yrs., B Fool ,V AQWFVSV. , . . , , f, , my " A P M 7 P f I 54 , 5,1 " " Xi KTWQ , Ban yrS s f fy f M 1 4 - f ff I ' .J"' '52' ' '.' ' 9 f. I 'VU V ' ' Q wif ' 'X ffmf in .rf 1 ii!! A 'V W "-Q Onnef' ee 4 , Z L, F00ll'Ql"+ PlaY9"5f ROTC? ' ' 5 , .57 ' r 1 1. ' A, ,. , Drum and Bugle Corpsrwg ,X , f x r f , . 4 -ss is 1 H X, . . Q, Q AW' 1 T fr ROTC officer. in , 'K fi 9 Q - , Mn, " f ' r N Q .. 5 " 5,11 , J 'VW' Y' , . Lmcla Reed , f ' AY. 2 yrs-I F00+l'9h+ co , J A ' '- -.2 -v ss 4 A' of , s , , fr '- , "" Players. GRA. , 'gg ' - 475,311 X Q '- S .AY IQ MYA, j2f'?vL5v'E,-f:'liI1f?77'gM Y.,- f' 14 -1 ""'!. Z, , ff Q,"', 'Tb 'Tl " Pemberfon, N. J. ,- -A ...gvs-We .r"'1.f.'Jr:.- - .f3,.g5gFrzk . , .5 . z . lg-.1-VL g-uri- 4, gi., ,yn '1- L:-My f. 53- A I R 1 . . 4 , r :--nacffiztsff -:-7 -1,41-grimf. :Ev 45 - gfy ee , lx ...,. .,l,..-M ,t :U .,n:,v,, 53.43, ,,-' att 3 -If 7,1-gg.. M Ph. 71 rr wa. vfi , he PNA, 3 yrs.: AY. 2 yrs ,.,f15 ' , -2 2.2.13 J.-' r :'P"i-' e-1:72 Us-"'j" .' 'fy .:r'i1:'.'a.r: -:',,l- ,V-My.-' Jli'r:"5f'f - a,:F::',-fr?-5.f, ff ' V-51535 igLjf'?ji:Z"' , Tom PeHy AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross Johnny Reinharf Baseball, 3 yrs.: Sfudenf Council, H.R. officer, AY, 3 yrs. Edgar Scaling Paul Schenclc Guen Schmidf FTA. Jaclcie Thomason Glynda Richardson Fooflighf Players, AY. Wy Lana Schulfz FTA, 3 yrs.: Y-Teens officer, Fooflighf Players, Chemisfry Lab Assf. Hilliard Scoff AY, Band, 3 yrs.: Chemisfry Lab Assf. John Rimbey AY, Red Cross. Susan Rogers Fooflighf Players, FNC, AY, Y-Teens. Terry Rogers Baslcefball, 3 yrs.: AY, Traclr, Lab Band. Margaref Rohde Chorus, 3 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, FTA, 2 yrs.: AY. Lynda Rofhwell Y-Teens, Y-Teens officer Bossier Cify, La.: FNC, 2 yrs.: Tri-Li+. Charles Rowland Foofball, 2 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs.: Traclc. Susan ScoH' FTA, 3 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs.: "J" Club, Sfudenf Council. Beffy Russell Fooflighf Players, AY, 2 yrs.: Red Cross. Lyndall Russell Fooflighf Players, Chorus, 2 yrs.: H.R. officer, JJ Sfaff. Sieve Saari AY, Foofball, 3 yrs. Barbara Salyer AY, Red Cross, Sfudenf Council, H.R. officer. Suzy Sammons FTA, AY, H.R. oficer, 2 yrs.: Soph. Favorife. Joe Sanders Cheerleader, 2 yrs.: Traclr, 3 yrs.: "J" Club YJ Sfaff. Berfha Sandoval Fooflighf Players, PNA. Anifa Sands Phil Scaggs Baseball, "B" Foofball, AY, 3 yrs.: Sfudenf Council. Picnic Hi hlights S ' D K s I Jri-iYFavcTrTlZ ROTC Sponsor "J" Club, 2 yrs.g Llbrar Sherry Shade Srudenr Council, Nalional Honor Sociel Waco Tex., Y. . S+udenf Council, AY. Cherokee Shanks AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs. Phil Shannon ROTC, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 Rira Sharpe AY, Sender, Foorlighf Players, FTA. Carol Sharra'H Tri-Hi-Y, 3 yrs-2 Foorlighi' Players, AY. Sharon Shilling Lalin Club, Leli, Poly l'l.S., Fooflighl Play6I'S- Myrna Shropshire Foollighl' Players, 3 yI'S-I AY, Choral Clinic, FTA. Sharon Simmons YJ S+al:f, AY, 2 yrs. Linda Smifh Maiorefle, Arr Club, Business Club, FHA, Azle, Tex. Mary Sedin FNA, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Y-Teens. Melinda Selby Tri-Hi-Y, "J" Club, Sfudenl Council, PNA. Sheri Selby AY, Foorlighi' Players, Amoris Tri-Hi-Y, Wichila Falls, Texas. Lana Self AY, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 yrs.: Foo+ligh+ Players, 2 yrs., FTA. CharloH'e Selman Fooflighl' Players, AY, 3 yrs.: Jr. Achievemenr, Red Cross. Geraldine Sessums PNA, 2 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY reioresenlalive. yrs Jack Sears Srudenf Council, Red Cross, AY, 2 yrs., Poorball, 3 yrs. Jane Sedin Club officer, 3 yrs Cedric Snyder Wins Scholarship We W In Competition l-l.R. officer, AY, lnframural foofball, Leonard's Award. f. WW Pam Smifh Sludenf Council, AY, 3 yrs., Y-Teens, Leonards' Award. Walfer Smilh Foofball, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Chorus, Red Cross. X ff X 1 A Billy Snow AY, 3 yrs., Foofball, 3 yrs., Soph. Favorife, H.R. officer. Ellie Snow Foofligl-if Players, FHA, Science Club, H.R. officer, Brewer l-l.S. Cedric Snyder YJ Sfaff Phofographer, 2 yrs., Lab Band, 3 yrs., Band, Capfain, "J" Club, 2 yrs. Chandler Sowden Band, 3 yrs., Lab Band. Kay Sparks Tennis, Science Club, FTA, Y-Teens. Jaclc Sfallings H.R. officer, 2 yrs., DE, 2 yrs., DE officer, AY, 2 yrs. Riley Slevens Traclc, 2 yrs., Red Cross. Richard Slolces ROTC, 3 yrs., Drill Team Trena Sfolcley , AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 Sfanley Slone 2 yrs., Sludenf Council. yrs. Red Cross officer, Baffle Group Commander, Fooflighf Players, Jaynne Slorey AY, Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., Volleyball, 2 yrs., FTA. Marshall Slofl Gaines Sfovall Foofball, 3 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs., AY Rep., 2 yrs., "A" Club. Jill Sfripling AY, Tri-i-ia-Y, Chorus, Red Cross. Jimmy Sfrobel Baseball, AY, lnframural haslcefball, Leonard's rd. 30 Marieffa Tubb AY, Red Cross, ChorUS- Allan Tuomey Elaine Tuomey GAA, PE capfain, Healfh Class presidenf Chicago, Ill. Teresa Vallcman Red Cross, AY. Jane Van Orden YJ Sfaff, Fooflighf Players, 2 yrs., Leonard Award, Young Cifizens Forum. Gary Teague Freddie Triefsch l-lomeroom Presidenf, "B" Baseball feam, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Leonard's Award. Dennis Troff John Truelson H.R. officer, "A" foofball, 2 yrs., Baslcefball, Traclc, 3 yrs. Loreffa Tubb AY, Chorus, Red Cross. Foofball, Baseball. Sue Tallman FTA, AY, 3 yrs., Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. Sformy Taylor Tennis Team. 2 YFS-I AY' lnframural fraclc, Soph. Favorife Finalisf. Camilla Thompson Sfudenf Council, FTA, AY, 2 yrs., Office Assisfanf. De Jo Thomson DE, 2 yrs. Judy Thompson AY, 2 yrs., H.R, A officer, FTA, 2 yrs., Jackef Fooflighf Players. Sharon Thompson YJ Sfaff, I yr., Library Club officer, 2 yrs., AY, FTA. Peggy Thornfon Cheerleader, 3 yrs., Sfudenf Council, AY, FTA. Gene Thrasher ROTC, 3 yrs., "B" Drill Team, AY, 2 yrs. De Vonna Suiff "J" Club, l'l.R. officer, 2 yrs., Sfudenf Council, AY, 3 yrs. Curfis Swafford AY, Baseball. Sharon Swinnea Chorus, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross Rep. Priscilla Thomas AY, Y-Teens, Fooflighf Players, Bowling. Sherron Thomas FTA, AY, Y-Teens, Jr. Achievemenf. n S Ed Thomas Nancy Jo Vance Tennis, 3 yrs.: Chorus, 3 yrs.: AY, 3 yrs.: Fooflighf Players. 1 Wg i f X Buzz Wharfon AY, 2 yrs.: Baseball. Carlfon Whife Track, 3 yrs. Rickey Whiffen ROTC, 2 yrs.: Rifle Team, Fooflighf Players. Eleanor Vasco Red Cross, AY. Mary Vercruysse AY, 2 yrs.: Jr. Achieve- menf, 2 yrs.: Advanced P.E., Red Cross, 3 yrs. Dick Whiffingfon Fred Wickeff Tennis, 3 yI'S-I Red Cross, 3 yrs- Terry Voss Sfudenf Council, Red Cross, 3 yrs.: Chemisfry lab assf.: Leonard's Award' Rose Ann Wiemken Richard Wackerbarfh Fooflighf Players, Science Club, 2 yrs.: Chess Club, 2 yrs. Perry Walden David Walker Foofball, 2 yrs.: Golf Team, 3 yrs.: "J" Club, Leonards' Award. Sheron Ward Sfudenf Council Alf., AY, 2 yrs.: Red Cross, Chorus. Judy Warnick AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs.: Fooflighf Players, 2 yrs.: Chorus. Grace Waffs Chorus, 3 yrs. A Roberf Way Foofball, 3 yrs.: H.R. if officer, AY, Baseball. Sharon Weaver AY, 3 yrs. Dixie Weir Y-Teens, Bossier Cily, La.: H.R. officer, Liffle Rock, Ark.: PNA officer, FNA, 2 yrs. Ellen Welling Soph. Beaufy, Vicks- burg: Cheerleader, Vice-Pres. Jr. Class, Puerfo Rico: Fooflighf Players. Hank Wendorf Baskefball, 3 yrs.: H.R officer, AY, 2 yrs.: "A" Club, 2 yrs. Carolyn Wenzel FTA, AY, YJ Sfaff, Fooflighf Players. N a n Wesf AY. Wayne Wefh AY, 2 yrs.: ROTC, 3 yrs.: Red Cross, l'l.R. officer. 41 Carolyn Wilkinson Foollighf Players, FTA, AY Rep., Red Cross. Ed Williams Tennis, 2 yrs., l-l.R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., "A" Club. Reisha Williams Fooflighl Players, AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs., H.R. officer. NOT PICTU RED Joyce Anne Francis Jo Marie Lilly Joy Sue Maples Susan Fowler Powers Nancy Lee Rogers Tommy Alredge Marcus Lynn Collins Roberi' Lee Darlon, Jr. Glen Carl Engen Lee Bernhardl' Eppslein Waller Grisham Ancel Horlon Johnny Howell Herberl Doyle McBride lvan Moody Herman Paden William Pra'H', Jr. Jaclc Provine Lewis Carl Raclcley J. Dawson Robbins Johnny Mac Sarlor Jimmy Supercinslci Warren Wieneclce Adair Wilson Fooflighl Players, 2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs., Jr. Achievemenf, 2 yrs., Chorus. C. L. Wilson ROTC BaH'le Group Slaff, Tri-Lil, Chess Club, AY. Jack Wilson Foolball, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY. Linda Sue Wilson JJ Slaff, Sex'l'eHe, 2 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., FTA, 2 yrs. Linda Kay Wilson Palsy Wilson DE officer, Sludenl' Council, Volleyball, AY, 2 yrs. Sharron Wilson Bob Winniclc AY, 3 yrs., JJ Sfaff, Jabberwoclcy S'l'a'lif, Tri-Li'l'. Mary Wold Band, Orcheslra, FTA, Sr. Discussion Club, Red Wing, Minn. Buddy Wood John Paul Wood AY, 3 yrs., Sfudenf Council, 2 yrs., Red Cross, 3 yrs., "J" Club. Jaclc Woolsey Foolball, 2 yrs., Track, AY, 2 yrs. Gibby Woolen Karen Wuesf AY, 2 yrs. Danny Young , ROTC, Rifle Team. -A Linda Zodin Vice-Pres. of DE, HR officer, 2 yrs., Nurse's Asst, "J" Club. "A" Club, Baseball. L If My VW"4Nuq,, 41' qv-we W, WW ,w1, Q W fxmwfmf 25? x .lk 1 I W. A-1, Juniors am I dldn'+ know you hung around here," drawls Ivan Thornfon. Barry Applewhile Pe+e Arnow Frank Arreberry Kalhie Aurin Frank Bailey Charlene Baker Judy salaflage Jerry Ball Ronnie Ballard Harry Barray Jeane++e Barlon Jerry Barron Carol Barfershell Jeannerfe Bait Helen Beakey Slanley Allen Jo Ann Andersen Eric Anderson Mike Andrews Nancy Andrews Sally Philip Angell Anlhony Sreplwen An+l1ony George Adelman Jerry Albri'r+on Ross Allcorn 3' I. .,., 15' ' ' J-QQ Jean Adams Mike Addison Jimmy Abshire fb Nga ff X Y f I ff Z 3 f f f f f f if fyf f A X fy! 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Z Q Z f V f f y f f f 49 fa X f f I I-M A7 George Berg Judy Berryman Bill Black ff K f , wr, . , , Blix ,kr 'f -. 1 'AZ 'J ef' rFr4 i , 4 - ..: - W . ff f B fz fm! . gf f f ,,, f ff .. f J f 6 4 , f X ' X if X Z f .., X of.: Q 1 W J' b Y ,4 ' s 4 'Z f , 4 f ff sb 'Q 1 "' ' fls idaa , ..-X552 Q f ya K atm W, Le, rfff 'if - ' y - riff B 4 .. f' 5' . s , if , fr , Y .- ,zz f 5 , I if f .f A Z f f f .aa l K J M .LY 6 gp f V ,fvf - ' mga 'Rae M Pa++i-cake paff Shirley Blanks Mary Befh Blanfon Mary Ann Bock Bobby Bohannon Donna Boone John Borders Roberf Bow Margaref Box WVU X 1 We J' , ' ii .-gif? S . f f , QV: . Hg 44, , ii, Wy , ,af wa. . f i-calre, bufcher 'em man, encourages Carole O'Dell Laurie Bozeman Leslie Bradshaw Gwenn Bragan E-1ere'H' Brandenburg Babs Brannon Saundra Brashear Rus+y Brazelfon Linda Briley Eugene Broome Grace Brown Tommy Brown Sumier Brufon Fred Bryani' Mary Bivnl Bruce Bumgardner John Bork Judi Buschlaaum George Burwell Kon, Cable Roxee Calinson Cecil Cannon Bill Carrell Jane Carringer Glenna Carfer Anna Carlwrighl Susie Caslles Joe Cosman Harolcl Cave Ronnie Cearley Dianne Cello ?6X my 4 1. A 1 W, X, ff l 5 Q ,of X ' ff-,So 7 7, fx l, if X-iwffff M - f Vw 'P' I 33 Z' 'W A V 'mf : , ,,,f,. . foo! X 4, V, X ,, W '- , fig: f o, 4 Y XWS Fx. W fo f X A iffy 1 X X f Q ff , ' fs! 7 4 7 X ff? K ff V of 1 4, X 4 fx f Q W f X X 7 ' Q ffefffx V QXZ , 'K fx X 4 f X , V, 7 I 1 , f Wfsf 'f N 4 fix, X ,X i 77 Xfxn C W .. -5: I i'lmQoof Vo M f is N: V, '. 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My 7 1 , 9: -, M .Q ff f' ref :Q ' if 2 6 ,iff Q4 5 W Q , 'F f A I fi 1 as "iii yi Monry Crow Linda Crowell Monry Curl Roger Cufchin Teddy D'Andriole Charles Davis Pam Davis June Day Diane Dearmin David Decker Joe Delwaide Carol Ann Dennie 'J Burch Cochran Randy Cochran Marsha Cohen Paul Cohen Pal Cole Nancy Coleman Calhy Collier Corky Collinsworfh Grefchen Connell Susan Corbin Margaref Cornelius Clayfon Cox Roy Cox Judy Crawford Ken Cropper 5 4 I I,456 cells: lI,457 cells: lI,458 cells . . . counfs Lyndell Kirkley. 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Diane Selfle Alan Sevadiian Peggy Shaffer Evelyn Sharpe Tommy Shields Sharon Shive Charles Simmons Jimmy Sandel Billy Sarich Roberra Schmid Linda Searcy Marry Seay John Sedin Dayna Robinson Bill Robson Karen Rogers Mary Lee Rohde Richard Rowe PaHy Ruclcer Suzanne Russell Jeff Saari Kennefh Sallman Ronnie Salyer ?!X 71 ,N f ' ,, li ..., Q , K K Q 'iffy , U X J Q ,Z 1 5 114 w Jeanne Roberfson John Roberfson Vickie Rober+son John Robin Susan Rhodes John Richards Dale Rickerson Camilla Rifchey Carole Roberison Eddie Roberison 7 '.-. , rk,, , ZXUN XX-ff 2 , , s.-- X - 'V '- W , I ey X4 f fs 1 X f X f ff f ff i f X 7 ON X X ,XX ,f I Jerry Redford Bobby Reinhari' R iclcy Readinger f y Gipsy! x S ,l V M ee.s . f yuh' YQ' W , XJXX -' f , , , X M 2 4 X 2 Z C 7 ,Y has f 4 , , jf Z X f , ff 5 X f X Y 'W .X 117 , s, - Vhwssg Xa . Lffim W g f,.- s s I f ff jf! W W ,X , My swim ,V nf .XXMNQ Q- 4 X 'K X X 7 f f yy Q f f I X, J 'f 1 J ,Q ' lg! Hom? 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Larry Worley Miles Worfham Bill Worfhinglon Billy Wrighl Marlha Yadon Aaron Yielcling Bill Zimmerman Jan wimfspoon Dave Wold Richard Wolfe Sandra Wolff Francie Wolh Sieve Wood Diann Wilson Larry Wilson Roy Wilson Margie Winn Nona Wise Pam Willcinson Judy Williaford Charlie Williams Jeanne Williams Johnny Williams Judy Williams Linda Williams Sue Williams 5 iv Wy- gw he . g y-,f X f, 1. 4 2 gs? SQ' fi V I f f X W f W X X , Q f , M 7 f Bob While Linda WhiH Carol Wiles 57W?ffW"il'3f'5.uG'i 'g7H A L 9' A ,, ' i X J s 7 V! 7 ? 5 f ya!! . ms X 5, , 15 My ,, X 7 .l XX I mal f , ff f X z 'MV , .WV a- 'Q ,I vs,,Wfe"Ef3+ N2 , ,. ff - R V ' f gfyaf 4 ' Q i ,mi 55 , W ,,,V, ,, is ,. X f 1 1 ff f ,M- Q 144 W X f f lff f 7 f ,QYV 7-.4 f f , fy X f Z X f f , 7 f f 4 4 X ff 'gi sl I J f J f - , , ,fm V' ff, f , ' ' 5 .. If" 2 , f J fx", ' S l i' .1 Efwf ffflf , ., . ,NEIL 7 , ,Af ai '. ' f Wi-Wim ,' 3 - , " yy X 1 , , ' A .4 Q yi, f ,Mig waxy vi . ,ig V- -. 'u W .- , fr ,-- f x , E, Q 4, x , I, , Z I ' W if ,f.17,.f7 ., . , , f , 4 me -1 4 ,Jr ef ' ' 1 Q1 i fx fgyfiy as .IVA - Y . A , wi- A ' ' :Uri , A , af ' ' ' -f, ff fu: f " iy W ff fp ,. wffi,LVl',', 1'+h f i' . M i' fl' .,. 'Ms f AAS' "' ' o ZW! HEIGHTS OF HEIGHTS The Organizafions lhrough which minds and charac- +ers are developed . . . Each sludenl working, slriv- ing, accepfing responsibil- ilies, assuming leadership, guided loy The Wings of Peace. 76 Heights Cf Heights l 9 l x I uname:-Q 'ff' --Q-1 ,T if Afa-sw-'+! -4 ff: .-rm ' Ax. , . . gdq., . . A 1'f' - ':v..f ,Jil f 'ix ,, , """'f-2-au.:-..,, , ,Kwan ' M xr? 'uf , f . .1 :jaw- ,iuhwf '5'Qll!lP:'M f'v'iIJie Q . M11-. .nip-. V nm A -,mv Www? V N-JlQQznlvHQ'v'v""1"E,+,+54!'.f mx. , ,rw a in "QF-1'f2,i2.1J: . A 2 ""iE:f'?if 3' iii, 512' 555 -A ' .1 .!?11i1i'v ,,..,,gF XVKIA , ROTC arche Towards Peace Battle Group Staff Sfsgf. Herman A. Wood. Mrs. Mary Lynn Fousr and Mfsgl. Leon McDuf'fie smile happily over All-Ciry Colonel, Jerry Lowe. Sponsors Firsl Row: Glenn Harrison, Fredrick Tarr, Richard Wackerbarrh, Teddy D'Andriole, Waller Cox, Second Row: Jerry Lowe, Carol Hendrickson, Sranley Srone, commander: Paul Mansir, execufive officer: C. L. Wilson. Third Row: James Hardin, Danny Young, George Mayfield, Tim Krog, Terry Eden, Mike Fisher, depufy commander. The ROTC unil' of Heighls worked enfhusiasfically lhis year foward The fufure securily of our nalion un- der fhe able guidance of 'rheir commandanfs, MfSg1'. Leon McDuffie and SfSgl'. Herman A. Wood, by frain- ing in mili'I'ary drill, organizaiion, marksmanship, weap- ons and firsl' aid. Jerry Lowe, 'for his ou'l's'randing abilily in leadership and knowledge of ROTC, was selecled All-Cify Col- onel making fhis +he second conseculive year 'lhaf a Heigh+'s srudenl' has won 'this honor. Firsr Row: Melinda Mayo, Gayle i' Second Row: Sandy Barnes, Rrisci Lynn Fousl, spc-nsor. loedham, Carol Hendrickson, Barbara Sfone, Mary Lou McCreless. Keener, Sufi: Keifh, Cridley McKim, Carole O'Dell, Mrs. Mary "A" Drill Team J. Lowe, Guidon. Gridley McKim, sponsor: Terry Haslings, commander. Firsl Row: P. Mansir, C. Eyler, M. Slephens, R. Corbin. Second Row: R. Taylor R Slolces, F. Panlcey, T. Jordan. Third Row: D. Pendery, R. Schurfer, R. Bow, M. Fisher. Fourlh Row: B. Hall, J. Jell, W. Weineclce, B. Bohannon. Fiffh Row J. George, T. Gish, S. Slone, G. Moses. Sixlh Row: A. Moore, E. Collinsworlh, E. Cave, C. Finefroclx. Sevenlh Row: S. Hoffman, A. Robbins, J. Cano, K. Slolces Eighfh Row: J. Schaffer, J. Cush, R. Slegall. Ninlh Row: G. Burg, A. Henderson. The group of some l80 boys plus +he sponsors well represenied Heighls by parlicipaling and winning in Cily and Sl'a+e wide drill compelilion. They marched in 'l'he Veleran's Day parade, performed al Open House and ushered al' home fool'- ball games. Adding lo lhe gayer side of lheir hard- working aclivilies were lhe individual com- pany parfies given by l'he sponsors al' 'lheir homes: lhe BaH'le Group Parlies held in lhe armory, 'l'he annual Chrislmas Ball and ihe Spring Formal and picnic. Chosen by a group of unpreiudiced officials al' l'he Chrislmas Ball and crowned af +he Spring Formal as All-Cily Queen was Sandy Barnes, rhe firsl' sponsor from Heighls l'o win l'his honor. WWA Rifle Team First Row: Benny Riddle, Carl Fineironlz, John Rogers, Bob Slegall. Second Row: Ron Fory, Milce Fisher tapiaing Barbara Slone, sponsor, Danny Young, Tim Krog. jj lieadquarters Company Firsf Row: Terry Has+ings, commander: Sandy Barnes, sponsor. Second Row: G: Pense, J. Hans, J. Sedine, C. Mahan, B. Talbaf, T. Wylie Third Row: J. Dush, B. Pellon, A. Johnson, W. Melcali, H.May. Fourlh row: B. Bohannon, J. Bock, L. Compfon, R. Slrahan, J. Wrighl, J. Walker, E. Collinsworfh. Noi' picfured: M. Lux'ron, T. Skeryanc, K. S+okes, T. Eden. AJpha Company Firsi' Row: Jimmy George, commander: Susie Keirh, sponsor. Second Row: R. Lahmer, B. Leslie, FT. D'Andriole, W. Barber, C. Calogne, C. Robinson. Third Row: A. Moore, J. Lawrence D. Lilly, J. Smifh, B. Calloway, G. Berg. Four'l'h Row: P. Morgan J. Harisfon, W. Milner, D. Glover, R. Grumbling, L. Worley W. Wefh. Fiffh Row: F. Pankey, D. Milligan, B. Blounl, S Hardage, R. Rowe, T. Choafe, T. Gish, K. Adams. Noi' Picfured K. Brown, G. Chesfnuf, T. Clodfelrer, J. Jell, R. Johnson Bravo Company Firsf Row: Karren Wieneclce, commander: Carole O'DelI, spon- sor.'Second Row: P. Shannon, R. Taylor, B. Diaz, J. Cooper A. Henderson, F. Wilson. Third Row: B. Paden, R. Moore, D. Hawley, R. Miller, C. Harker, M. Goode. Fourlh Row: J. Black, L. Jordan, G. Moses, E. Simmons, J. McBride. Fiifh Row: C. Harper, B. Sfegall, D. Todd. Noi' Picruredz M. Beddo, R. Dollar, J. Fory, J. Hardin, D. Leverich, T. Lewis, J. Lowe, R. Vanderlusf, R. Wackerbarlh. Charhe Company Firsi' Row: George Harrison, commander: Melinda Mayo, spon sor. Second Row: B. Bevill, F. Pra++, S. Coffee, S. Gish. Third Row: R. Schurfer, M. Hopper, J. Clark, C. Hailey. Noi' Picfuredz J. Barron J. Bennefl, M. Erb, R. Ernesr, R. Evererf, C. Finefrock, M. Fisher, R. Gofhings, J. Howell, G. Parlersonl P. Schenck, R. Sfokes, R. Sfephens, B. Worfhingfon. 80 Delta Company Firsl Row: Ron Fory, commander, Mary Lou McCreless, sponsor. Second Row: A. Robbins, J. Wrighl', S. Hunl', C. Hosler, R Copple, G. Laulz Third Row: J. Fosler, P. Nichols, J. Hargrove R. Suggs, G. Chasiain, J. O'NeiII. Fourlh Row: R. Bow, H Leopold, D. Porlerfield, R. Lyons, A. Yielding. Fiflh Row: B Hall, J. Derby, J. Balay, M. Sfephens, B. Walker, J. Parlxin C. Eyler. Drum Bugle Corps Firsl' Row: Conner Reed, Drum Maior Gayle Needham, sponsor: James Fihpal riclc, commander. Second Row: J. Sheaf fer, B. While, B. Robson, C. Cliilon Third Row: G. Dunagan, R. Meadearis, R. Chesnuf, F. Tarf. Fourfh Row: T Lewis, E. Simmons, G. Harrison, J. Lowe Fiflh Row: T. Guerranf, S. Coffie, M Beddo, G. Chesnuf. Sixlh Row: K. Porfer M. Crow, C. Waddle, A. S. Hoffman Sevenfh Row: B. Worlhingfon, A. Yield- ing. "B" Drill Platoon Firsl Row: T. Eden, S. Hunl, F. Wilson, A. Henderson C. Harlrer, T. Wylie, Prisci Keener, sponsor: Ronald Ernesl' commander. Second Row: T. Gish, B. Barber, B. Lyons W. Melcali, C. Hailey, G. Berg. Third Row: W. Milner R. Everelf, H. Leopold, P. Williams, M. Luxlon, A. Johnson Fourlh Row: D. Lilly, S. Hardage, T. D'Andriole, J. Filzpal- riclc. Fiffh Row: S. Hoffman, K. Slolces, J. Hans, P. Morgan F. Panlcey, G. Pense. . 3,i'5'fi ' ,i-w-,,i- 1- In 4 -WL,7'7 77 fl C f " , 1 , if ' ' 2 Y f sw... , -vs mfg , . .. fa, .,, ,, I ,K,. 4,9 iii! X - -.ff J' "5" W Z 152 .. aw fp-fzff fee-1,7 552 ff .-4.5 - ' . + As James O'Neill wonders whal' 'ro do, olher Bi'l Bevill and lviciincla Mayo pause from danc- Jerry Lowe presenls All-Cily Queen, Sandy ROTC boys and sponsors sludy . ing al flu: ROTC Ranch Day jneffy. Barnes, wllln a bouquef of roses ai' fha Chris?- mas Ball. 82 "Career Nights" Aid H ightsters Student Council "To be or not to be, that is the question" tasked by many Heights students looking toward a future career. The student council, nucleus of school life and govern- ment, came to the rescue of the searchers by setting up a series of three "career night" prevues to be held dur- ing the year. Men and women from various professions spoke to the students on the possibilities and probabilities of their fields. Included in the council's other activities were the com- piling of that priceless student handbook, the Valen- tine's dance, lunchroom cleanup, the purchase and dec- oration of Heights first flocked Christmas tree, the home- coming decorations, and support of the student body with the selling of streamers, bookcovers and decals. Sponsors Mrs. Leota Nation and Mr. Nick Ruggieri guide the council in their many contributions to the wel- fare of Heights. Leaders of the student council are Sammy Day, president: Mary Ellen Goode, secretary Jim Lane, vice-president: and Nancy Jennings, treasurer. Dr. James N. Walker informs Sammy Day and Jim Lane of their responsibilities as student council officers. l Sponsors Mr. Ruggieri and Mrs. Nation are poring over some work in the counseling office. Counciimen John Higley and Carol Hen- drickson file down the aisle to their seats during the installation program. Promo+ion Commiffeez Janice MoH'e'f: Nancy Jennings' chairman: Pal Owen, and Susan Rhodes supporf iheir school in funds and spirif by selling boolccovers, slreamers and decals. Nor picfured: Mary Green and Ronnie Koslow. Handbook Commiffeez Admiring lheir finished producf are Vince Hendriclc: Joe Lowlce: Jan Haley, chairman: Charles Ellef: Sandy Barnes, and Roxee Calinson. Noi picfuredz Sandy Davis. Flower and Card Commiiieez Cynfhia Smifh: Jane Taliaferro: Margwen Murphy, chairman: Wanda Trussell, and Jo Marie Lilly check over fhe mos? rccenf 'Whanlc you" and "gel wail" cards. mpg 'ly-X' My yi ,T :iff Decorafion Commi'H'ee: Pulling The final +ouches on fhe l960 Chris+mas +ree are Sonia Elam, chairman: Suzie Senevey: Tom- my Fisher: Beverly Browning, and Laurie Bozeman. Na+ pic- fured: Cheryl King and Herberf Dickey. Elecrion Commilfeez Pam Ray laughingly exclaims, "l'd hale io do fhis wi+hou+ an adding machine!" lvan Thornfon: John Paul Wood, chairman: Sara Males: Susan Philbin, and Barbara Sfone malce sure lhere are no misfalces. 83 '4 EZ: fm L "Well, hello There!" exclaims Charles Kendall fo sophomore Lynda La+han. Orher members of +he Hospi+ali+y CommiHee-+o see +ha+ new sfudenfs find fheir way around-are Mar+ha Trickey, Donna Caveness, Larry Allen, Courfney Cheney and Larry Young. Noi picrureds Camilla Thompson, chairman, and Ella May O'Bannon. Making big plans 'For 'Phe audiforium programs are Pro- gram commiHee members Carolyn Evans: Mary Joe Goehlceg John Higleyg Jim Lane, chairman: and Max- ine Hunnicu'H. Noi' pic+ured: Donna Perrone. l Johnny Reinharl' is felling Jimmy Abshire abouf fhe Valen+ine's dance while Nancy Brown 1 and Judy Lawson plan clecora+ions. O+her members of 'rhe Social commiHee are Susan ScoH', chairman: Heafher Holden,and Ca+I-my Collier. "Th fh' l I cj I" e ings peope ose nowa ays. murmers Sandy Barnes, chairman of Claims commiHee, as she, Paula Barksciale, Laura Hamilfon, Bill Sayre and Nelda Dyer sori' "misplaced" ar+icles. 84 Sherry Shade: Judy McGarrahg Doyle Murray. chairman: Caroline Dickey, and Jan Wi+herspoon check 'rhe lis+ for "special project." Noi picfured: Barry Liliesirom. Young Citizens At Wor A new organizarion ai l-leigh+s ihis year, 'lhe Young Cirizens' Forum for BeH'er Ameri- can ldeals, has proved 'lo be one of ou+- sianding po'l'en+iali+y. A group of 'rhis lcind has long been soughi by srudenis who de- sire +o express 'rheir opinions and feelings on ihe Communisf sil'ua+ion. A sleering commiHee and forfy charfer members, wi'l'h +he aid of sponsors Miss Karhryn Garreli and Mr. William Bransford, organized ihe club and planned lhe pro- grams for each monih. Approximaiely l00 s'ludenl's aH'ended each meeling. Programs have included discussions on iroubled areas in +he world and feaiured oulside and slu- deni' speakers alike. The Club's moHo: "Self-discipline is ihe price of freedom." 'Q Furnishing leadership for fhe newly organized club are Jimmy McCarroll, vice-presidenl' Mary Lou Mccreless, presidenh sponsors Mr. William Branslord and Miss Karhryn Garreirg and Kay Sealy, secrefary. Nor only s+uden+s bur also parenfs show in+eres'r in +he Young Ci+izens' Forum, Mr. McCreless explains observalions of Black Africa. Jeff Jarvis exercises his righi as a free Ameri- can +o say whar he believes. Jo Marie Lilly and Gridley McKim ioin him in a nor uncom- mon af+er-meering debale. "l pledge allegiance 'lo fhe flag of The Uni'red Siaies of America ..... " AY Challang H ights Heigh+s Allied You'rh, an organizafion which presenis fhe facis aboul alcohol and i'rs resulls, won narional recogni+ion by being +he largesl posl' in 'lhe Unifed Sfales. Booming enfhusiasm and membership enabled Heighls 'ro send eighl' qualified members io +he Allied You+h Convenfion al' Buck Hill Falls, Penn- sylvania. Films of This frip were shown immeclialely preceding 'rhe AY Talenf Show in which Heighls s1'uden+s clemonslraied Their many abililes. AY also presenled +he "lovely ladies" of Heighls in l'he annual male beau+y confesf. Officers Nancy Rogers, Jonalhan Houp, Jeff Jarvis, and Libils PoH'er and sponsors Mr. James York and Miss Grace Becker look back on year's acfivifies in AY scrapbook. , i "Who inviled him?" demands Mardie Fisher of Buck Hill Falls delegsies, Jo Marie Lilly, Nancy Rogers, Judy Mason, Carole O'Dell, Paul Mansir, Libifs PoHer, and Na' ay Jennir-gs. 9 x""" e fs x,X., L es ' ki Q 5 ,Y M S . -35 151.5 0 lllllffltli PuHing up AY posfers is a regular iob for Ronnie Luedflre. w Singing "Row, Row, Row" a+ llwe AY Talenl' Show is Billy Wriglnf accompanied by his fafher and Vicfor Ellsworfh. A group of senior girls joined in an acf, singing Their version of "There ls Norhing Like A Man." "Blue moon" croons l.ore+l'a Tubb af +l'1e AY Talenf Show. mx mvmiu c a 0 2 l 4 L, L L. , 5 L t L L L ll ASK ANY Gl "Take il' again from 'rhe lop," shouls Mr. Charles Beseda during The play gave drama-minded sludenls a chance 'lo improve rehearsal of "Ask Any Girl." The lighl' comedy, produced by and display lheir lalenls. lnleresl' in +he produc'l'ion was mol'ival'- The Jackel' Foollighl Players,made lls appearance aller four weeks ed by l'he annual sunrise breakfasl' and rewarded by a cas'l parly of concenlraled rehearsals. held af'l'er 'rhe lasl' performance. Discussing 'lhe 'fall proiecl' are officers Sandra Barnes, sergeanl-al'-arms, Frances Jacket Footlight Players 7 2, X52 f Fosler, secrelary-lreasurerg Mary Green, presidenf, and Alida Selby, vice-presidenl. my r e Wy as ' 4 , ., .- 1 , V ' f-F ' w. xv.-, -- f, , - . V-'wi 'f - ws .fm , , 88 x vfi:.l,-912' 1 951. YW . MT' , 57 f I Us ,,,.. ff 9371? M , f ,f Y ,ff .4 K 4 ,E 7 W M f f Z, "Alvin, you make me ill," screeches Dianne Garrell el deflaled Bill Magers. Absorbing lhe-humorous scene are Nancy Nix and a "cool" Pal M'Cal'1'my. ff 7? Z 2 fa "Drink Vila-Cola," croons confidenl Bob Paflon lo a disgusled Diana Yankee. ..,fff"" I if Q K C' C 0 f S ia ,.-f H 4 ,w nw-- W., 4f'f.l ,- ,- 1 E Could he be saying, "Ci+y Morgue?" quesfion Sherry Whiielxead, Barrie Tolson, and Pai' Mullins a fhey "eaves drop" on Sranley S+ones's informant I ,ri "S+ab! ..... Jusf one more +ime," pleads maine-up head Vicki Clerk +o Lisa', Janef Jones as cosfume head Sylvia Rasclrke review: her cosiume. M? S "Now loolr .... Gel' 'thai' cow ouf of 'l'l1ere' emphahcally sfaies direcfor Charles Beseda +o sound iechmcuan Richard Wackerbarfh. 27 Win Gold Pin The club wifh fhe "J" for Jackef offers innumerable oppor- 'runifies fo all sfudenfs of Arlingfon Heighfs fo be recognized for 'lheir abilifies in scholarship, leadership and service during 'lheir high school careers. Membership is a disfincl' honor. Each Heighfsfer-sophomore, iunior, senior-is firsl' checked on scholarship fo defermine candidacy, bul' his accomplish- menfs in leadership and service affirm his membership. Begun and carried on by Dean of Women, Miss Kafhryn Haden, 'l'he "J" club confinues 'lo develop fufure horizons in responsibilify. Three year "J" club members Firsr Row: Gridley McKim, Richard Alexander, Sammy Day, Jan Haley, John Higley, Susan Clough. Second Row: Jerry Lowe, Bob Hieff, Cedric Snyder, Evelyn Leonharf, Ann Blocker, Larry Allen, Sandy Barnes, Libifs Poffer, Charles Kendall. Third Row: Sandy Barnes, Rose Ann Weimlcen, David Walker, Mary Lou McCreless, Mike Frazier, Carol Carlson, Walfer Marfin, Kay Sealy, Ed Williams, Pam Ray. Nof Picfured: Dianne Garreff, Janel' Jones. Seniors Second year Bishop, Frances Browning, Beverly Cody, Carolyn Davis, Sandra Harrison, Joe Higby, Judy Keener, Priscilla Keifh, Susie Keyes, Lilla Mansir, Paul Moffel, Jeanne'He Raschke, Sylvia Scol"l', Susan Sfone, Sfanley Firsl' year Allison, Billy Bufler, Bill Fisher, Mike Fosfer, Frances Goode, Mary Ellen Green, Mary Harlow, Pafricia Harkins, Anna Marie Landrefh, Jane Mayo, Melinda Murphy, Margwen Paffon, Roberf Puckeff, Loyce Rogers, Nancy ScoH', Hilliard Shade, Sherry Sharpe, Rifa Thompson, Sharon Thornfon, Peggy Wackerbarfh, Richard Wilson, Linda Sue Juniors Second year Aurin, Kafhie Baldridge, Judy Boone, Donna Buschbaum, Judi Calinson, Roxee Carringer, Jane Cleveland, Mary Jane Cole Pafricia D'Andriole, Ted Fisher, Tommy Harringfon, Suzanne Jarvis, Jeff Joiner, Jimmy Lamb, Judy Landwehr, Jerry Long, Suzanne Mason, Judy Moor, Bob Moore, Ginny Mullins, Pal Murray, Doyle Firsf Year Abshire, Jimmy Balrlershell, Carol Bozeman, Laurie Bryanf, Mary Burk, John Coafes, Don Dyer, Nelda Elam, Sonia Hulse, Dennis Jackson, Brenda Jennings, Nancy King, Cheryl Lane, Jim Mason, Sharon Moore, Sylvia Needham, Gayle Newman, Charles O'Dell, Carole Sayre, Bill Spelce, Mary Thornfon, Beffy Thornfon, Ivan Sophmores Firsf Year Adams, Sharon Amos, Terilee Archer, Danny Armslrong, Karen Barfon, Sandra Berrey, Elizabefh Brooks, Wanda Caveness, Donna Cirkal, Tommy Coughlan, Penny Croffy, Jean Crow, Sfephen Dalfon, David DeVries, Pal' Dickey, Caroline Evans, Carolyn Giles, Ouida Glasscock, Anneffe Hackleman, Kay Hamilfon, Laura Harkins, Alex Horfon, Valerie Jennings, Joyce Kean, Susan Korfh, Verifa McClure, Annifa McKinney, Barbara McMahon, Paf Morrill, Kennefh Murray, Marfha Rafliff, Wendy Readinger, Ricky Rhodes, Susan Roberfson, John Roberfson, Vicki Robin, John Seay, Marfha Sommer, Kaye Thomas, Robby Tolson, Barrie Trickey, Marfha Walker, Jearl Wemple, Carol Williams, Charlie Wilson, Larry Nix, Anifa Perry, Bea Pownder, Paffy Selby, Alida Trussell, Wanda Wehmanen, Sylvia Yeager, Jeanneffe Hill, Millie Ann Senevey, Suzanne Sfone, Barbara Sfrasheim, Lori Swanson, Vicky While, Dianne Winfer, Barby Yarbrough, Linda op Senior Boy Win Fahrenkamp To fhe senior boy mosf' oufsfanding in scholarship, leadership and service fhe Edmund Fahrenkamp Award is presenfed each year. The winner is selecfed from 'lhe fop five senior boys in "J" club by a class commiffee from 'lhe class of '5l. The award is given in memory of Edmund Fahrenkamp, who was fhe firsl' presidenf of fhe "J" club, band capfain, assisfanf band direcfor, ROTC officer and on fhe Jackel' Journal and Yellow Jackef sfaffs. For his services he won many honors and awards. Edmund Fahrenkamp award is represenfafive of 'lhe fype of beffer cifizens which Heighfs is producing for fhe fufure. FTA Strives Toward Teaching oai Founded wirh 'rhe purpose of preparing siudenls for fuiure careers in leaching, FTA has complefed anolher year wiih sponsors Miss Dona Sfovall, Mrs. Elva l.erre+, and Mr. Ray Dyche. Ac'livi+ies included monfhly mee+- ings which ofien fealured speeches, given by special gues'l's from nearby colleges, and a Chris+mas banquei. Also, many members aHendecl +he s+a+e-wide TFTA con- venrion which was held in Den+on in March. By visi+ing oiher schools and classrooms 1'o observe +eaching 'rech- niques, fhe sludenfs gained an even grealer insighl info +he 'leaching profession. Miss Sfovall smiles happily as she discovers 'The "apple" surprises from FTA which awai+ each +eacher for Open House. These were fhe officers for This year. Firs+ row: Mary Lou McCreless, presiclenh Mary Frances Bishop, hislorian. Second Row: Ka+hy Propper, vice-presidenh Wanda Trussell, rreas- urer, Pal' Mullins, secrerary. Sponsors Miss Slovall, Mr. Dyche and Mrs. Lerrei lisien aHen+ively rhroughoui FTA meefings. Book Reviews Hi hlight Meetings Library Club At work during their tree periods are members ot the Library Club who appear to be almost deputized as assistant librarians by their sponsors, Mrs. Mary Hood and Mrs. Emily Bigham. These library helpers mend and shelve books plus check them out to Heights students. Meetings are usually held once every month and are highlighted by trequent book reviews and short biographi- cal sketches ot tamous authors presented to the. group by the members themselves. The club was represented at both the District and State Teenage Library Conventions. The climax ot the year came with a spring luncheon which honored the Library Club seniors. Checking out books are officers Ann Blocker, treasurer: Kay Sealy, pres dent and Su I6 Senevey, vice-president. Sharon Thompson, secretary, is not pictured. Tri-lit Members E press Creativity Tri-Lit, sponsored by Mrs. Leota Nation, enables its members to express themselves by writing creati- vely while tinding hidden meaning in prose and poetry. The writing club, which is now in its third year, has three main goals: appreciation ot good writ- ing, apprenticeship and authorship. Booklets com- piled by the members and containing samples ot their own work were given to each girl as a climax ot the year. Otticers were Carol Carlson, president: Sally Norris, vice-president, and Gridley McKim, secre- tary-treasurer. Discussing tuture plans tor Tri-Lit are Nancy Jennings, Gridley McKim, Patricia Hanev, Sally Norris Jacqueline German, while Carol Carlson, Nancy Cooper, Georgia Monroe, Linda Rothwell and Vicky Clark oliter their opinions. DE Learns Better Bu iness The members of Dis'rribu'rive Eclucaiion are regularly enrolled si'uclenl's who spend Three periods a day in classes and 'ihe res+ ai' a iob in one of 'rhe ci+y's business firms. In 'rheir iobs ihey endeavor +o apply ihe knowledge learned in fhe classes of Mrs. Lay. The aim of D. E. being, "+he clevelopmeni' of a high degree of leader- ship and cifizenship in 'rhe s+uden'rs of +oday who are desfined +o fake +heir places as l'omorrow's leaders in disfribufive business. Sponsor: Mrs. June Lay A+ 'rhe D. E. brealcfasl' officers-presiden+, Jack Srallingsg vice presidenf, Linda Zoding secrefary, Linda Wilson: rreasurer, Tena Merrick: hisforian, Pal' Duncan-plan yearTs ac+ivi'ries. f .. , ,, ,ff?ff! Sweerhearr, Maxine Clay+on, was chosen by fellow D.E. members. This year's dele'ga'res fo ihe S+a+e You+h Leadership Conference held in Galvesfon are Terry Farmer, Tena Merrick, Ronalo Supercinski, and Linda Zodinp H ights Scientists Are No Amateurs Otticers Jimmy Joiner, parliamentariang Lee Eppstein, vice-president: Anna Harliins, secretary-treasurer, and Bill Butler, president, plan the evening's program. Jimmy Joiner nonchalantly stabs a defenseless mouse while Linda Kay Fine and Alice Pelton watch goggle-eyed. Having developed an outstanding reputation in +he 'Field ot science, members ot the Heights science club are no amateurs. Each year students enter winning proiects in the Regional Science Fair in March, and several ambitious members in the club's history have copped both state and national awards tor their work. Giving advice and encouragement to these science en- thusiasts are Mr. Flavin Arseneau, Mr. Arch Van Meter and Mr. Bob Phillips. These three men spend many extra hours in the biology and physics labs. Mr. Anseneau iust +oId a "tunny", much to the amusement ot other sponsors, Mr. Van Meter and Mr. Phillips. Mad scientist Philip Anthony is examining frog "What do YOU mean our 9995 need Salt?" laU9l1 -ltannina FOX "Sure, l Undefsfand Perfectly." C0mmef1l5 eggs. and Pat De Vries. 94 Jearl Walker to Bill Pelton. "Well, you see, if works fhis way," explains Mike Myers fo Bill Pelfon and Glenn Pense. in December Anna Harkins and Jimmy Joiner broughf honors fo fhemselves and fo Heighfs by placing firsf and second respec- fively, wifh speeches on lasf year's proiecfs af fhe Texas Academy of Science meefing af TCU. A banquef for fhe insfallafion of officers and presenfafion of club pins, a Chrisfmas parfy and an annual-signing parfy kepf fhe club from having only acfivifies of "all work and no play." FA ' :ff P' ,, N Q , ky i , Lee Eppsfein 'runes in his communicafions sysfem. Students Prepare for Careers Fufure Nurses of America is an organizafion which in- froduces sfudenfs fo fhe field of nursing as a prospecfive career. Meefing once a monfh wifh sponsor Mrs. Mary Fisher, some fhirfy members parficipafe in various acfiv- ifies which inform fhem on fhe dufies and requiremenfs of a nurse. A frip fo Harris Hospifal, speeches made by a faculfy represenfafive and sfudenf nurse from Sf. Joseph's and a Red Cross demonsfrafion of arfificial respirafion kepf fhe girls busy. Highlighfs of fhe year were fhe Chrisfmas ban- quef af CAFB and fhe February frip fo fhe Corpus Chris- fi convenfion where FNA members enfered fheir school scrapbook in fhe sfafe confesf. Examining a charf of club acfivifies are FNA officers Jeaneffe Moffef, secrefary-freasurorp Mrs. Mary Fisher, sponsor, Lynda Rofhwell, presi- denf, and Marilyn Harris, vice-presidenf. Y 0 JRC Fills Chests For Needy Beverly Browning, Nancy Rogers and Kay Keller busily counf fhe day's receipfs from fhe fund drive. Paul Mansir seems fo be supervising. "A" Club The Junior Red Cross council af Heighfs fhis year succeeded in gaining enough money fo fill fwo chesfs for underprivileged children in various parfs of fhe world. Represenfafives from each homeroom fo fhe council, where acfivifies are planned, generally are alfernafe sfudenf councilmen. Officers for fhe pres- enf year are Paul Mansir, presidenfq Beverly Brown- ing, vice-presidenfg Kay Keller, secrefary, and Nan- cy Rogers, freasurer. Mrs. Flossie Posfon ancl Mr. Marvin Miller acf as sponsors for fhe organizafion. Movie Hi hlights Activities The main projecf of fhe "A" Club fhis year has been fhe planning and sfaging of ifs second mid- nighf movie held on February 24. Profifs from fhe acfivify were used fo purchase afhlefic equipmenf. Organized specifically for promofing pleasanf as- sociafions befween leffermen and fo beffer fhe afh- lefic deparfmenf, fhe "A" Club is in ifs second year of revival, having been dropped five years ago. The club serves as an inspirafion for afhlefes fo affain higher goals in fheir parficular sporfs. Officers for fhe year were Jerry Broclt, John Chambers, and Larry Allen. , Literary Magazine Springlime broughl 'lhe +hird annual visil' from friend Jabberwoclcy, Heighls own lilerary maga- zine. Halched from 'rhe dream of Sam Hudson, 'lirsl' edifor of 'rhe Jabberwoclcy, 'lhe magazine reflecfs a spiril' of The "school on lhe Hill". Newesl' aHrac+ion for 'lhe Jabb was a con'les'l' for The besl' one-acl play wri'Hen by a sludenl. A prize was in slore for 'lhenshalcespeareHpresenling lhe winning eniry. Heighlslers crealed maslerpieces in poems, shorl' slories and drama for publicalion in 'rhe Jabber- woclcy. A slasff of approximalely lhirleen sludenls, headed by Waller Marlin and Nancy Jennings, made lhe final seleclion of arlicles 'ro appear in +he magazine. Sponsor Mrs. Emily Lunday was always 'lhere 'lo help her slaff build lhe Jabb's nesl. 372 ullmm Heels over head for lhe Jabb go edilors Waller Marlin and Nancy Jennings .labb Watches Over Brood 11' Slaff members who bring fhe Jabberwoclcy 'lo life are Waller Marlin, Bob Pallon, Vicki Clark, Judy Lenox, Nancy Jennings, Shirley Baldridge Shirley King, Lyndall Russell, Joan Hoeclcer, Richard Nelson and sponsor Mrs. Emily Lunday. Nol picfuredz Raleigh Brickell, Roberl Winniclc and Cheryl King. Jacket Journal ll's "D Day"-Wednesday. The Jackel Journal slall is calmly running in circles, lor loday all lhe piclures, copy and ads musl go lo lhe prinler's in order lhal Heighlslers will receive lheir bimonlhly paper on lime. The award winning "JJ" is lhe silenl man around l-leighls. ll always seems lo be lhe lirsl lo know any scoops, sensalions or winners ol conlesls. The paper is produced by lhe iournalism classes ol Mrs. Emily Lunday. For a sluclenl lo be a member ol lhese classes he musl have an A or B in English. The slall is chosen from lhese on a compelilive basis. ln apprecialion lor lheir sweal, labor and blood lhe sludenls ol Al-IHS salule lhe journalism deparlmenl and lhank lhem lor keeping us in lhe know and on lhe go. Enlhusiaslically, sponsor Mrs. Emily Lunday pecks away al lhe linolype machine. Hard-working co-edilors Ann Kunl-r and Waller Marlin seem lo pul in lhirly hour days gelling lhe "JJ" lo lhe press on lime. Bob Pallon, Shirly King, Shirley Baldriclge and Lynclall Russell lry lheir hand al +he "Hell-box" which mells 'The lead lo make lype. , V as , f fgflw 5 - . f id? gf , , ya 5 i . I ? if 4 We "Now boys . . . don'+ be nervous," ins+ruc+s Monfy Crow as Ted D'Andriole, Richard Burch Monfgomery, Dennis Ashmore and Vicior Ellsworfh sfudy +he malce-up 9 '6 1 ,if':,,!"f ffl' 'M W f 'X -, ff ' f Z X f 'f Vfff , ,,f, W Q' , f V K5 L ,f x . if f , If ,, . My ,g boards. Chrisfopherson, ff S ,Wi .c wx f ,U i f yW.,7 f 21, ,MM Qff f f My .Q W!! ' 2' A ff .. ,r W , . . ,Wf ,riff i" ,f :V ,,,, f i N4 1 I ,i. , J I , gg , 15.3 X f , , 4 - L, s W4 i f 'W' 'J as .QQ wr f , l 7 f A if as 1 ' Q' wif ,J .,,4,5, . ' f I A 1 is + W 1 me ' f ig f , , X ' ff 4 1 fy Q 1 f f z ' 1 ' , , ff 1 ,f 1 'W f Q V We-1 fe ,. ,J .. 'I .4 1 2 , ' , .1f'i24,: my ff-,fx ., - 'M I an , ,f z f' Q'?i ' ' 'Q ', !54 , f'. , is , f f:4?x'U Q ' ff ' ,I gg,-f' .f V-",f,f,,N QW . V ' 4-3.1, A. --ff ,, - MMV. m,:,f.,'f'I , ,, .. , ,M .' 4- 5 41 ,I f - eh ..,, M, ,..-W fy ' V " V 'H ' 7,2925-. -Af' 5 If 'f -ff f r Y 17" "We woulcln'1wan'r fo say anyfhing, Raleigh, buf dOI'1'i you fhinlc fhls is +he hard way f prin+ing 'rhe paper?" ask Richard Nelson, Lillian Joe, Milne Gale and Gary Gray of Raleigh Brickell. 1- f we K. ' Q X135 1,111 V f 1' .. - ,Y '4 -' -751351. s f 'e 1 y H , 2 Q- gf ' , X Following 'the "Do if yourself" policy are Nancy ,. ' 3, . . . ' '1' - 5 3 f ff. ' Jennings, Vlclu Clark, Joan Hoeclcer and Judy Lennox. x .5 - 22,5 ,W .. . ,,,, I at Q yi.. ,Q . "Cameras, cameras everywhere, hui nary a ship of film!"-Reber? Winniclr. TOO YJ Manifests Mature Trends The idea of peace as a focus for our yearboolc was discovered in an annual from fhe Naval Academy al' Annapolis by Yellow Jaclcel' edifors, Kay Padgell' and Bob l'lieH' while aH'ending +he A 8: M workshop lasi' summer. Chosen by lhe slaff, +his 'rheme reflec+s rhe more maiure inl'eresl's of 'rhe sludenl body al' l-leighls. ln December The slaff, aH'ending 'rhe sl'a+e convenlion a+ TWU in Den+on, gafhered ideas fhal' enriched i+s efforls. l96l marlcs +he second year for 'lhe college size yearboolc as well as fhe period devoied +o publicarions worlc alone: however, 'lhe Yellow Jaclcei s+aff records several new 'Trends here af Heighls. 1 Mr. and Mrs. AHHS emerged in an efforf To combine academic achievemenl wifh personalily +o find +he oulslanding s+uden+. The desire 'lo sfimulale fhe enfhusiasm of The S'l'uden+ Council Valenfine Dance broughl' aboul' +he King 81 Queen and Their courf. Recognizing fhose whose oulsfanding worlcs meriled local and nalional favor became rhe new "honor" secfion. Annual day in May climaxed a year of creafion and anlicipafion. 1 M--fx 4' m-.N if as-,ff neood grief, Cedric! This picfure will never pass The Censor Board," says horrified John Lowe. "l am The Censor Board, John," confides Cedric Snyder. Co-edilors Kay Padgell' and Bob Hiell' smile as 'rhey checlr progress made by s+aff. Faculfy edi+or, Jane Van Orden and Class edi+ors, Sharon Thompson Barbara Knudsen and Penny Coughlen index +he las+ of +heir pages L.-f.,,,rf sb I Q5 1ulvf"' -- -- - -V - ....1..r1-1,4-.A-.fW ...-f,- -Y - "Come on guys, lef's have an all red annual fhis year," sheepishly suggesls Judy Higby, acfiviiies edifor. Roxee Calinson, anofher ac+ivi+ies ecliior and Beverly Browning, personali+ies edifor, don'i' seem fo mind. Acldmg variefy fo flue sporfs secfion fhis year are Bobby Fox and Joe NX w"' Sponsors G. H. Carson and Mrs. Mary Whife plan many enioyable musical programs fhroughouf fhe year. Music On Parade The music deparimenl of Arlingion Heighis is one of 'rhe mosl' aclive in 1'he Soulhwesl. I+ is divided info chorus, orcheslra, and band. Here are repre- senfed s'ruden+s in ihe sexl'e'r and fhe lab band. The members are chosen on a compeiifive basis by excellence of vocal merils. They meel' many engagemenls during 1'he year. A+ 'rhe beginning of 'l'he 'Fall season lhey allend and pariicipaie in ihe Choral Clinic. Following l'he clinic are appearances af Monnig Jr. High, 'rhe FTA Banque'l', school Chrisi- mas Program, Open House, +he firsl' Career nighl' al' Arlingfon Heighis and all Ciiy Chorus Feslival. This diligenl group is one of +he highlighls of each choral program. Praclicing for a coming chorus program are members of +l1e double sexier, Joan Boolh, Susan Dean, Barbara Graves, Linda Sue Wilson, Sue Wills, Glenna Bays, Pafricia Harris, Evelyn Leonhard! and Brenda Mann. I02 SOUND YOU SAXES! Lab Band Stimulates Talented Students BLOW YOU HORNS! BEAT! BEAT! DRUMS Three years ago marked the beginning of a select group called the AHHS Lab Band. lts members are chosen through tryouts by sponsor G. H. Carson and leader Ronnie Puckett. Playing tor special occasions is the primary purpose tor the organiza- tion. Although it takes many hours ot practice and work, the knowledge gained from the wide varity ot experiences enables its participants to reach tor the highest rewards ot the musical world. This is our Lab Band! First Row: J. Joiner, H. Cunningham, K. Matoon, R. Alexander, C. Snowden. Second Row: R. Puckett, R. Perkins, G. Wise, B. Fox, C. Thompson. Third Row: W. Medlin, S. Moore, C. Snyder, D. Snipes. Standing: V. Ellsworth, S. Mills: Drums: J. Dinsmore. Firs+ Row: Kalherine Ragan, Sherry HuHo, Margarel' Rohde, Rose Ann Wiemlcen, John Deufschendorf, Allan Robbins, Teddy D'Andronle, Dwayne Hearh, Scofl Hoffman, Terry Dalehi+e, Danny Dodd, Marie+'l'a Tubb, LoreHa Tubb, Jacqulin Olson Linda Kinzy. Second Row: Sandra Magnusson, Kay Terry, Ruby Diclcey, Barbara Cox, Bobby Lucas, Fred Tucker, Bruce Bumgardner, Broolcs Kelly Sieve Crow, Barrie Tolson, Virginia Dawson, Kay McGaughy, Terrilee Amos, Nancy Jo Vance, Myrna Shropshire. Third Row: Jane Carler, Jacqueline German, Judy Munday, Lynefre Nims, Dororhy Calhoun, Nancy Andrews. Four+h Row: Dana Daniel, Sharon Adams, Anira McClure, Susan Dean, Barbara Graves, Janel' Jones, Kafhy Aurin, Glenna Bays Brenda Mann, Evelyn Leonhardt Sue Wills, Bonnie Flower, Joan Boo+h, Mary Rohde, Linda Fine. Chorus Sing To City W The musical noles 'From Heighls honor-winning chorus bring greal pleasure 'io many groups 'rhroughou+ +he cily. Direcfed by Mrs. Mary While, s'l'uden+s in 'rhe chorus slari +heir busy schedule wi'l'h allendance of l'he Choral Clinic al TWC. ln iheir reperfoire is everylhing from folk ballads +0 hymns which are presenled in programs a+ Slripling, Monnig, al' Chrisrmas and spring assembly, Baccalaureale and gradualion exercises. The Choral program gives sludenls rraining in vocal and performing rechniques, enrichmenl in apprecialion, as well as widening rheir realm of friendships. They conclude 'fhe busy year wi'rh an annual picnic which is par'r reward for a job well done. Crchestra S ys It With Music Being encouraged by 1'he enfhusiasm of G. H. Carson, fhe orcheslra al Arlingron Heighis has become one of ihe ousfanding assefs of 'Hne music Deparrmenr. They have made appearances a+ loo'I'h S+ripling and Monnig, and en+er+ained 'lhe s+uden'r body a+ Chrislmas, Open House and insiallmeni' of officers. These falenfed musicians compe+e in all s+a're con+es+s and for places in +he All Ciry and All-S'ra+e orcheslra. A+ +he end of Three years' parficiparion, +hey receive 3rd year pins. Firsl' Row: S. Wehmanen, B. Crawford, S. Harringion, C. Sowden B. Thorn+on S Mills L Briley K Kemmerer B Felder Second Row: R. Bennelf, M. Bock, W. Brooks, B. Powell, E. Smi+h H Cunningham K Mafroon J Joiner D Garrefi' S Marlin. Third Row: J. Sheaffer, G. Moses, A. Henderson, B. Magers D Lowrance M Mller B Riddl L Gough R Puckelf, B. Marlin, L. Holder, W. Meadlin, F. Bishop, S. Hardage, J. Wade V Ellsworlh .TYL1 f. ff ' ' 1 31 T- -f f " ' " " . 4 M '-f- 1. ,.,, , , - " iii : ,Q if A f mmm, , s if s X y V W ' ----- .' V. .v . ' jf Wiz, 4, H- 'f .- 5 5 .gf f, ,- ' ,,., a We , ' V- , ...ef mfg, M A Nga. S Wff,fx,Nw K . s, ,7 af , .L .2 1. 1. 1 ,. 5 f ees ' MT W- 2 A Q 2 WMi,wM,4 L Q4,+ .3,.5 ,. , . .. ,My-fy.. ,X VVVVVVV Q 3 .15 ,7 Y W-sg, WmZ,S,,...', gf, f ' f . 6 xwf k 1 Z ,, Q X., .3 ' f fffrr V m fefyffx A 'f 'W 4 X' f' . is flaw JMS ,? Q, r ' is W 'fs ., 1 f ry, .4 . 4 ',1- QQ If , 5 ,Q . ,, x,fX , I K fi 7 kXX" f f ,,','fe.,f'4 q 5, .-,H gg Q,rsf mseav Qf 1 W -3, AWS.:-Q' wi new me W f .4 ggi, 'mxkx , ,V f .... 1 . ..,. ,, A, W N1 X ' ' -VYV f ,, ffff f- --i. fn f fy . M is ,F fsw ,, ,X . N.xx ..N. 1 .s 'AAA' A aaaaa V ,,,, X A a , f ' ' ' iff . .. . -, W Jacket Band Adds S hool Spirit Two weeks before school began, fhe Jackel' Band could be seen every morning al' in+ensive drill and marching work. The firsi' week officers received 'rheir briefing and pre-season marching assignmenis for all members. The remainder of 'rhe band joined 'ihem 'rhe follow- ing week for four hours of daily rehearsal. A greal' majorify of fhe noise and spiri+ al' pep rallies a-nd fool- ball games came from 'Phe band. Two conceris and +he music ai' open house were some of +heir oiher confribufions +o school life. Away from home lhe band made a firsl' place showing in The Inferscholasiic League marching compefifion al' TCU and parfici- pared in ofher conlesfs fhroughouf fhe year. Preformances in 'I'he Armisfice Day Parade, Slock Show and Rodeo Concerl, and concerfs ai' bolh Slripling and Monnig were also parl' of fhe band's ac'rivi+ies. The Arlingron Heighfs Music Feslival aHended by iunior and senior high schools and a banquef concluded 'rhe year for +he band. Firsf Row: C. Sowden, K. Sommer, S. Mills, B. Knudsen. Second Row: B. Felder, R. Alexander, R. Benne+'r, V. Horron, J. Vaughan, D. Jones. B Crawford A. McClu,'e, M. Miller. Third Row: H. Cook, D. Clapp, J. Yeager, E. Gibson, R. Long, B. Powell, R. Puckeri, B. Fox, B. Hiell, K Thompson., D. Hulse, D. Melville. Fourrh Row: D. Laiimer, N. Baulch, B. Haffield, J. Davies, J. Jordan, D. Knighfl C. Massey, B. Graves, Easley, R. Madearis, L. Champion, D. Lowrance, J. Munday, L. Worley, J. Fory, J. Lowke. , .a, A A ,gg , ff. ,,,Q, .Q . ix i g . - I F J . 1 ., X .. lm ' J V 43,3 ' ,X ,W W X T . 3 5 W. - .egg y S .,-. ,K ig, VX, f f mia '- i 2 X f Sue Marlin, Ronnie BenneH', and Ronnie Puckeif. Medal-winning fwirlers Bea Perry, Emory Gibson, BeH'y Thornlon, and Barbara Knudsen add a fouch of spice fo The Jacliei' Band. S 5 5 is E l K' l Q E va P. .W Band officers for I96O-bl are Richard Alexander, Corley Harrison, Cedric Sny- der, Be+hrene Felder, Henry Cunningham, Barbara Graves, Vicfor Ellsworfh, Firsl' Row: K. Haclcleman, S. Marlin, B. Thornfon, B. Knudsen, R. Dinsmore. Second Row: F. Tuclcer, L. Gough, B. Lowke' S, Wehmanen, A. Nix, J. Joiner, M. Hill, B. Perry. Third Row: B. Wor+hing+on, J. Hofopp, R. Perkins, G. Wise, D. Heard, L. Holden, B. McMillen, P. Cohen, Cunningham, E. Warfield, B. While, K. Ma'Hoon. Fourfh Row: C. Elle+, H. ScoH', V. Ellsworih, B. Sayre, C. Harrison, W, Meadlin, C. Simmons, D. Snipes, J. Sandel, L. Compfon, S. Moore, C. Snyder. Noi' picfuredz Ginny Moore. H. 107 .i i -1' 495' I To 'rhe hope Tha+ our concepf of Acfivi- 'Hes may be spread 'rhrough 'rhe world by our PRAYERS FOR PEACE. Prayers For Peace ,I '4 'Wir M , ,gf Z 4 rr W ' Q rrr r e rr 1. 2 M' W L , 6 Jlwr 5 - MJ ' s x , 5 . s , F 1 3' 1 , 5? W 'L , . 1, , 2' M A ,, sg' l L I x 6. L xy -C7 K ff 7 ? 'X- N.-3, 2 fer ' X 7 m .-Q., V '1 'x X ! 4 +V 'X , , X ' 'V dj 31-'vycgg W' ' ..,, --lf? , X X. , ff--L 4? -aa .h -fy-f 'I 5 -...M Qin -4-. EBV'-.. 'am-u..., Xqlv S una, M"'x..., La L. "Lis1'en, Sonny-I don'f care how many Hmes you've won fhe safely flag, you can'1' be on fhe safely pa1'rol," explains Mrs. Nafion. 'You head 'em off, Longley-l'll move in from fhe rear!" exclaims Mrs. While. Judy Walls and Sandy Ernesf plead, ". . . buf H"s all we've Duuh, l'm Bonna Goon-I mean Donna Boone! In go+!" "Hmpf!" replies David Cromwell. Registration ln ihe midsi' of mass confusion, a cool head is hard fo find. Linda McMurray and Reisha Williams manage To appear Decision , isions! in deep 'l'hough+, or maybe They are ius'I' sfunned beyond excifemeni. A well-plan- ned, smoolh-running school year is really fhe undercurrenl' of seemingly apparen'r confusion. Unsuspecling Linda Zodin, Jane Cyrus and Don Burford regisfer. Crowded Sherry Lowrey muf- fers, "Jusf waif 'lil The moon is full-fhen I'lI s+rike!" ' ,nf R fr X , S . ,, fbkf Tee! Hee! Our boys are Hniiiis BIG! So +here! "Cl'1eeze youse guys!" says Jan Luflwer. "You'd befler win!" Guess wha+ Big Bu+cl1 Prafher has in flue box, boys! ul 5!aYed UP all nlghlln giggles Chlgger King will! her Sleeplheyed "Psss+! Eudora, Wha? is +l1a+ smell?" murmurs Su1Y Lee. "A9l1! l don'l' friend Joe Cosby. know!" replies Miss Payne. vff, Q Out Cf Town Trips Traveling by Trains and buses supplies nearly all of The Tun Tor an ouT oT Town game, excepT, oT course, The Tun of win- ning. The beTore ancl aTTer of These Trips oTTen loolc lilce one in The same. Peggy ThornTon, D. D. Dickey and Pam Ray sTruggle wiTh Their belongings exciTeclly. They enioy sparks of small Talk ThaT spas- moclically igniTe screams of delighT. Awa We Go! . X W La la la! Jaclcels figh+! Rah, rah rah! Jaclcefs fighfl Cha cha cha! Jackefs fight! Go go go! Kay and Higby! I "You spif if in my hand, you dope!" smiles Peggy Thorfon. l W 0 - s f ' 4 f, 5 ,Jo vf "Yoo hoo down fherel Send my gum back up!" calls Joe Sanders. 1, v 'ff fx vw , , f ., X af, " V' X A ,954-, 'if , K Z, 34 25 V4 7 , 'Sf s "The facf is clear fellow," philoslphies Garref Drew, "The female popula+ion of fhis school can really raise lhe roof." L AM gif , My If if 4 "Come on, come on, we know we are +he'grea+es'r! You can save your si'reng+h." new 7 Pep Rallies Whelher il's a conlesl' belween sludenls or a yell for lhe coach, lhe meaning is lhe same: l'leigh'lsl'ers wanl' lheir boys lo winl They lhinlc Al-lHS is l'ops, and lhese girls show il wilhoul hesilaling. Many an exasperaled girl has sal lhrough a sixlh period class barely able l'o lallc because she lriecl 'lo oul'yell her classmales. This year somelhing new has been added lo spiril'-raising yells, a harmonizing accompanimenl belween lines supplied by big huslcy boysl If 'loolball and baslcelball games were a con'l'esl' of spiril and en'l'husiam, l"leighl's would win every limel Eeeeeaaahhoooweehool Sheena, queen of +he iungle, wanf a banana! Sting 'Em, Jackets "Say, Gibby, we're having a heal wave!" warns Paul Murray. II ' V , a lll"l'le warm, buf SAY, loolc oul fhere! answers Gabby Woolen. ,ff ,,,, , gy 1 A ,J X5 A . Nfanfe "Hal Hal You fhinlc fhis helps, don'l' you?" laughs Belly Thornlon. "To lhe hill, 'lo fhe hill, lo lhe hill . . . no, no, NOT lhe hill!" Pam Ray exclaims, "Hey, loolrll They're in lhere running around like .a bunch of wild Indians!" Jan Lulher, Tappy Thompson, and Lynda Lovell sland by frying lo see where 'lhelr prize players are hiding. Game Activities Welcome 'lo ihe land of ihe winning Jackefs. A happy Billy Snow and Mike O'Grady look very pleased af'I'er a vicfori- ous game. Many sfudenis ofien come back To The school affer games +o cheer lhe players. Anxious girls congralulaie 'l'he boys 'For 'l'he game in which ihey played so well. The laughs and 'Fun of a foo+ball ar baske+- ball game are made 'rwice as good when fhe siudenls enioy 'I'he fellowship of an affer game pariy. aving F n, Everyb dy? "Ten more yards makes us on 'rhe WHAT! Nineiy yard line?" muses David Walker. , 3 ,l MZ so-h,,,,, 4, ' '.'.' , i Q Q, J' 6' X vig 5, W ,f A Z "Up vicforyl Up! Up! . . . Up Vlclory! . . . Up Up! VICTORY . . . Aw forge? H!" gripes Joe Sanders. "O.K. Who's 'l'he guy in fhe purple sui+?" drags Coach Luclilcer. "Lisl'en Smiley Norman! l clon'+ care who fold you 'ro pul' +he cafoul' . . ." snarls a Paschal panfher. X- ff Ooopsl your slip is showing, Tommy Sarich. "My, my how you've grown, Rena Clarlc! Homecoming JaclceTs really seemed To buzz when home- coming Time came around This year. HeighTs- Ters buckled down and produced The besT loclcer decoraTions ever. Wonder if Barbara STone's homeroom won? They don'T seem To be going by The "all worlc, no play" Theme! Everyone Tried To sneak ouT of classes To see his friends of years before aT HeighTs. BuT aTT- er all, The spiriT oT iT all is The imporTanT Thing. exclaim Dora Faye SuTTon and Len BranTley. l l Pin the Panther? ,INN W4 ,X , sf Hifi? f "Oli, Joe," complains lreys in 'Hue l'1orse?l" KNAW fe. Farmer Brown, 'flue fall Texan wilh a Texas size haf. I20 Kay Keller, "Why did you leave +l1e M "Say, Judy!" smiles Ka'll1y Aurin, "Gel a load of +l1a'l cowboyln Nol' in+eres+ed is 'rhe answer. WWW M WWW WWW mfs Y ,, 4,4 .. M W, X. , f ' W W? Amway Kew ,W 5 we , ' WMM , :Fi F: , ' 'QW if ry i 4 l Ze nf 4 WWW fl A WWW ' E I W f fe W fm fr 5 ff W WM ww M i WWW ' ,U ff, f ' My www! ,W .ew ,fwfr syw I ,VVVV VV . A W X WW!-f W ' hwy , fw f MMM, , f wffims f -.s. vi A'- 5 f as 1 i V l "" "l' V , G EV .s.,,., . A: ., .I ,sy f " -1 , fWf ' i ' , , K 449 U MMM 5 I, ww, ew W 7, e ff, 3 "' .' ' y A W' ow A gg '-0 WY! ff ,f y 1 X., 'S W N MF' Scienlfical Scaggs muHers, "Le'r's see . . . weigh? 'limes mass 'limes diamefer of rope . . . 'they should win . . . " ff Help! yells Gayle Needham, Don brand me Lynda McGra'll1 replies Well boys when ever you re ready An bod for a Square Dance? Ranch Day When ranch day rolled around, so did ihe old 'rime square dances. Renee Paris does noi seem as anxious as Kalhie Aurin for anofher couple +o complefe 'rheir square, buf she and Chris Waddle seem rarin' 'l'o go! This is +he day when all sor1's of wild happen- ings occur, such as riding piggy-back To Geo- mefry and lassoing The Teacher, or +ug of war a+ lunch 'lo pracfice calf roping. Afier all, i+'s jusi' because we are TEXANS!!! 'Chill' f m,"'K wg, A mile 'for every coke," laughs coach Morris fo hack boys while Their dafes look on. "Wha+'s +ha+ blonde gof 1'ha+ l haven'+?" gripes Jane Van Orclen. "Even your besf friends won'+ fell you," sniffs Jim Lane. "Do ya, do ya, do ya wanf +o dance?" Valentine Dance Sludenlf Council lriecl somelhing novel which eviclenlly was a success! King Billy Alli- son ancl Queen Sandy Barnes wil'h 'rheir courl were elec'l'ecl in a mosl' unique way. Afler be- ing nominalecl al' school, 'rhe nominees and 'lheir clales came l'o l'he school dance where l'hey were volecl upon lay 'lhe sluclenls pres- enl'. Decoralions, 'Furnished by lhe ar'l de- parl'men'l', were exceedingly elaborale. Wilh lhis new eleclion an exciling aclivily was born. -'L if Plea e, Be My Valentine' W! "YUM . .. f,, ff r fb' A 451 ff Zigi? W., This liH'le piggy is a Heighfslerg 'l'his liffle piggy wore lennis shoeslll! "Oh, you cu+e +hing! lDon'+ you clare bi+e me!l" laughs Pa++y Powncler. "My, some people do have big heads, don'i' +hey?" realizes Fredrick Tarl. "Maybe Mr. Arseneau woulcln"l' nolice if l iusl' fore +he page ou+ of 'lhe bool! and furnecl if in - - -," plans Lyndell Kirlrley. Glenn Harrison ilrecls lighlly in high hopes no+I-,ing will explocle! Through the Halls of Heights Blrlhclay parlies, a 'tennis shoe slrllce, or rals running loose in 'l'he biology lab are only a few of 'lhe many happenings carried on 'l'hroughou'l' 'l'he day. Ann Hooker seems 'lo be lnvlllng us l'o a loirlhday parl'y. Could il' be for Jo Hansen, Judy Buschbaum, or Roxee Calinson? No one seems 'lo lcnow, bu'l' all are eviden'l'ly enjoying lhemselves. Sludenls learn how 'l'o have 'Fun as well as how 'l'o worlc hard lhrough 'lhe halls of Heighls. Happ Birthday-Who? 1 1 x f . . i, ff ,Luv 4. f f ww? , f. 5 sm, X , I l,l, , , gsg. , 2, ,sw 'X UQH, r 4, , ,,,, W V' , , , V Y' ' W f f ' M NN sw W , "..fW'f ,s X W W ' W , f nf rf' 4. w f' X ' W ' f' 47 SWF' y , MQ . W, . W, Wwwf"f""""m' :ii ag M Nw Hands, Sfraining individually, Sfhiving 1'oge+her 'rhrough Sporfs fo 'find success in compefifion. They mus'l' share iribula- +ions- They musf share iubilaiions 'l'o become HANDS IN HARMONY. 'rfb ,M :NLM . , :mama 4123? vm " linwnnl- , N., . , 7 9 60 .larrin X, QQ lsl',Row: Mgr. Kendall, Coach Homer Ludiker, Filzgerald, Abshire, Arnold, Allen, Higley, Cromwell, Robbins . . . 2nd.Row: Haney, Lamb, Clover, Rowland, Decker, Hendricks, O'Grady, Provine . . . 3rd, Row: Mgr. Burk, Way, Maag, Parker, Priessinger, Fisher, Braziel, Mulholland, Nelson, Todd, Bozeman, Slrange . Jackets f K, sa ,mx Q Z' lsi' Row: Freelove, Woody, Nanny, Ba+es, Deufschendorf, Andrews, Coach Tommy Runnels, Mgr. Ball. 2nd Row: Davis, Thompson, Jarvis, Snow, Smiih, Carreil, Truelson. 3rd Row: Warren, Anderson, Teague, Sears, Cu+chin, S'l'ovall, Sari, Johnson, Lucas, Coach Nick Ruggieri. Foofball queen Suzy Sammons chafs wi+h Capfains Billy Snow, Jerry Anderson and Mike O'Grady abou+ The pasf season. Al-:Hs 1 26 23 o 34 I9 I4 27 0 0 i Tascosa 0 Birdville I3 Pampa 0 Highland Park 38 Tech 8 Norfh Side 20 Poly O Easfern Hills 0 Paschal I3 Carfer 6 Coaches Ruggieri, Ludilcer and Runnels map oul' a sure play in one of fheir many hours of blackboard planning. "A" Team managers for 'lhe foofball cam- paign were Charles Kendall, John Burlx, Jerry Ball and James Hargrove. Playing halfbacli on +hls year's feam were Jimmy Abshire, Larry Allen, Ron- nie Arnold, and Bobby Bozeman. "Now l lay me down lo sleep .... " a Highland Park boy says his prayers as he is snowed under by Bozeman l30l, Anderson l50l, Declrer ll8l, Rowland l45l, and Truelson l85l. "Las+ one squa++in' is ii," cries Larry Allen as Birdville players oblige. Olher halfbacks were Lonnie Clover, David Cromwell, Roger Cufchin, and Tommy Fisher. lLef+l Playing fullback were Ed Fifzgerald, Jon Freelove, Mike O'Gracly, and Charles Rowland. lRighi'l Quarferbacks John Higley, Jeff Jarvis, and Sonny Robbins were on lhe recieving end of a lor of cenfer Paul Decker's snaps. The pound of hoofbeafs, a cloud of dusf, and a hear+y hi ho ..., Honeybear rides again. Man, Do you see 'lhaf Blond?" asked Apparenlly John Higley does. Sonny Mulholland, Gary Teaugue, Rick Todd, and Dan Woody played halfback during fhe lasl' campaign. lRigh+l Jerry Anderson, R. G. Baies, Bill Carrell, and Kirby Warren played cenrer ,on The ieam. lLeffl Jimmy Thompson 'io Mike Andrews. Playing end +his year were John Deufchendorf, Vince Hendrick, Bill Lucas, Par Nanney, and Johnny Maag. 'Sorry l was a few seconcls la+e," says Jimmy Thompson. Also playing end were Sfeve Sari, Mike S+range, Jimmy Thompson, and John Truel- son. lLeH'l Playing faclrle fhis year were Diclc Braziel, Jim Davis, Terry Haney, ancl Jim Johnson. lRigh+l Playing fackle were Bob Lamb, Ronald Nelson, Fousf Parker, and Roberf Way. "Oh, goody, goody!" exclaims a Tech player, jumping up and down wiih glee, when Big Bill Lucas i841 is fackled affer cafching a pass for a long gain. Mike Andrews, Jerry Baker, Jack Provine and Kim Smi1'h all played guard. 'f i f 4 "I+'II fake more fhan one of you," says Jeff Jarvis, eluding an Easi- ern Hills boy. f as ' Tackles Bobby Preisslnger and Gaines Sfovall played side by side wifh guards Jack Sears and Billy Snow. 134 "Speak +o me! Speak 'ro me!" a Tech boy is saying 'ro his 'ream- mafe who was fackled by Thomp- son l87l and an unideniified Heighfs boy. Snow lbbl looks on in wonder. O'Grady Receives Holmes Award This award, given lo l'he oulslanding AHHS backfield player, was creafed by 'lhe players and cheerleaders in memoriam lo James "Sparky" Holmes, killed in 'rhe spring oi l96O in a 'rragic aulomobile accidenlz He was nol' only an ou+s'l'anding 'Foolball player, bul' also and all-round alh- lele, leading 'rhe ci'ly in passing and in broken field running. He is remembered for his oulsianding leadership, leam work and spiril', and good sporlsmanship. This year's recipienf, co-caplain on lhe leam, was an all-dislricl seleclion as fullback, and he was 'rhird in lhe cily as rusher. According 'lo lhe coaches al Heighls, Mike O'Grady besl exemplified 'rhe qualilies of leadership, sporls- 1 manship and 'leam work required lo win 'rhe award. James Holmes Mike O'Grady Season's Record The liighling Yellow Jackels began The season on a sweel nole by capfuring l'he Rebels of Tascosa, 7-0 in a powerful show pf s'l'reng+h and size by lhis year's leam. The nexl' week l'he 'leam journeyed lo Birdville and rode herd on l'he Buffalos, coming oul' on 'rhe +op of a 26 'ro I3 score. - Making lheir 'Firsl' home appearance, The AHHS gridmen showed no mercy, and 'rhe Harveslers of Pampa wenl' home emply handed, losing 'lhe game, 23-0. The 'Firsl' quarler was all Arlinglon Heighls, bul' sickness and iniuries kepl l'he Jackels from defeaiing Highland Park, ihen ranked number 2 in The s'l'ale. The Jackeis losl' 38-0. The Tech Bulldogs' barks were worse +han l'heir biies so "Ruggieri's Bears" look revenge for 'lhe defeal of 'rhe week before and are lhem up +o 'lhe 'lune of 34-8. ln a game Heighfs expecled lo win, lhe sleers of Norlh Side oulpoinied l'he .lackels by 20-I9. The Poly Parrols squawked bul' lhal' was aboul' all: consequenlly 'rhe Yellow Jackels flew home wilh a I4-O win. Easlern Hills could do no righl' and Heighls could do no wrong as lhe Yellow Jackels ran wild in a 27-0 viclory. Heighls' "Homecoming" was again marred as Paschal, one of fhe slale's semi-finalisls, won l'he hard foughl' game, I3-0. The AHHS "Eleven" fried lo bounce back and win The final game bul' Carfer Riverside goi lhe breaks and won by a fouchdown, 6-0. HBH "B': Teamers half Paschal's assaulf in one of The achon-packed games of fhe year. "B" Team coaches Joe Prafer and L. B. Morris coolc up anofher play designed fo help insure anofher vicfory. Managers aiding 'lhe "B" Team +his year were Larry! Gusfafson, Ray KroHinger, J'ohnny Clark, Tommy Chrisiian, and Bob Moor. AHHS CPPONENTS 22 Brewer 6 I2 Birclville I2 6 H. Park 6 I3 Arlinglon 6 6 Norlhside 0 6 Paschal 7 30 Poly 8 I4 Technical I6 7 E. Hills 0 20 Carier 0 Basketball Jackets Grab Second In District Play This year's Yellow Jacket basketball team compiled one ot the best season records in the recent history ot the school. Led by Captains Ronny Ford and Hank Wendort, the tearn breezed by every district member except Pas- chal, to whom they lost twices The team missed by 5 points ot setting a new city scor- ing record in their 2nd game with Eastern Hills, and Hank Wendort, who also set a new city scoring record, had the honor ot being named to the second team in all-state se- lections. District Record 159' Basketball coach Prater t FIRST ROUND SECOND ROUND AHHS OPPONENT AHHS OPPONENT 63 Poly 46 - Poly - 62 Tech 58 49 Tech 39 5l Carter 32 52 Carter 50 69 E. Hills 34 89 E. Hills 43 59 North Side 43 66 North Side 37 4l Paschal 60 50 PGSCl1Gl 72 asketball Queen Joan Booth, dwarfed by Co-captains Hank Wendort and Ron- sh n th t I b ll n e Ford, is ow e ee of a basket a . HANK WENDORF Senior RONNY FORD Senior alks things over with manager G y Culpe er RONNIE CEARLEY Junior RAY CARLBURG Senior SAMMY DAY Senior JAMES BELKNAP Sophomore TEAM PICTURE: I. Terry Rogers 2. Sam Day 3. Ronny Ford 4: Mike Frazier 5. Ray Carlburg 6. James Belknap RONNIE HINZE Junior BUTCH MONTGOMERY Junior NORMAN REUTHER Junior TEAM PICTURE: I. Norman Reufher 2. Hank Wendorf 3. Ronnie Cearley 4. Don Fox 5. Ronnie Hinze 6. Bu+cl'1 Monfgomery MIKE F-RAZIER TERRY ROGERS Senior Senior fm vww A QQ ,N Q62 W , Q W 77 lsl' Row: Tom Shields, David Dallon, Charlie Williams, Tommy Wendorf, Tim McKinney, James Buis. 2nd Row: Randy Cochran, Ronnie Eddins, James Ankele, Jeff Saari, Eddie Lewis, Larry Kirk. "B" Team Record FIRST ROUND AHHS- 4l .... ..... T ech ...... 45 .... ..... C arl'er ....... 37 ..., ...Eas'l'ern Hills ... 42 .... ..... N orl'h Side . . 33 .... ..... P aschal .... SECOND ROUND 48 .... ...,. T ech ........ 45.... ..,...Car+er 49 ..,. ,..Easl'ern Hills . .. 45..i.. ...Norlh Side .. 4I .... ...Paschal .. "Over+ime required +0 keep "B" ream records," con 'liides Burch Clark. FIRST ROW: Jon Houp, Cliff Ash, Bob Miller, Dan Woody, John Higley, Roger Farris, Lonnie Clover, Billy Helena, Larry Allen, Carrer Lewelleyn, Jerry Am- brose, Bill Davidson, Ray Gallagher, Ken Cropper, Bill Leon, Gene Rafian, Jim Sandel, Joe Needham, Mac Leslie, Ronnie Arnold, Ralph Myflius. SECOND ROW: Jim Napier, Bill Boyd, Ronnie Ballard, Sieve An+h-oney, Mike O'Grady, Jim Davis, Carlion While, Roy Wilson, Pe+e Kleven, Phil Ferguson, Roger Cufchin, Tom Griffirh, Don Smifh, Bill Lomerson, Joe Beal, Rick Yahr, Lawrence Geuer, Raleigh Brickell, Chuck Doerwald, Wesley Huckabay, Jerry Brock, Ronnie Luskie, Billy Allison. ' Tl"llRD ROW: Coach Morris, Paul Decker, Gary Darwin, Hank Duvall, Andy Rose, Dwayne Holden, Doug Johnson, Ed Fifzgerald, Jeff Jarvis, David Head. Doyle Murray, Riley Sievens, John Truelson, Jim Johnson, Bill Gordon, John Chambers, Don Fox, Dave Clark, Ronald Brown, Garre+ Drew, Tommy PaH'on, Dick Larson, Allen Redwine, John Borders, Joe Sanders. "Yeah, l'll iump one more good one 'for The camera, " says Bill Gordon. if J Z i 1 7 F i i rl Handing a recenlly won froplwy +o capfains Jerry Brock and Jon Houp is Queen Bev Browning. Beaming over a newly won frophy is Coach Uncle Fuller Morris. Morris Inspires Indoor Meet Coach Morris's vision of The firsl Indoor Track Meel held in Ihe Soufhwesl' became a realify Ihis pasl' season. The exfravaganza, held in Will Rogers Coliseum, was a resounding success, due largely 'Io fhe backing and organ- izaI'ion performed by Coach L. B. Morris. AI'hleI'es from every slafe bordering Texas, including 'Iwo Olym- pians, compefed, Arlingfon Heighfs, Ihe high school champion, ran away from fhe high school field in scoring 73 poinfs. Cross-Country The Cross-Counlry I'eam of Arlinglon Heigh+s during 'I'he 'fall campaign, did very well and was represenlalive of Ihings I'o come in Ihe spring. Afier Iying for firsl' in 'Iheir inifial encounler I'he 'Irackmen wenr on I'o win +he res'I of +I1eir meels and placed Ihird in s+aI'e. Many hours of praclice and work resulled in Iheir abili'I'y Io compile such a fine record. Cross-counfry Record Meel' Place A8rM Meel' I Convair Managemenl' I AusI'in lnvilafional I S'ra+e Meef 3 The Cross-counlry Ieam for 'Ihe pasl' season was Allen Redwine, Jerry Brock, Jon Houp, Billy Allison, and Ray Gallager. Arnold crosses 'Ihe line affer winning second place in +he indoor mee'I. z zo sun. Y... "ez- 's is K 3'-. i ,as . 1 Q ,555 L, Q .. SM si, ' Wwe My - Jon Houp is siiown breaking +l1e 880 record in 1l1e Rec Meel' in I:56.5 seconds. Track managers Bob Moor and Paul Decker check closely on flue accuracy of fheir wafches. WK Agn. Showing good form in praciice are liom Paffon, Bill Lomerson, and Billy Allison. .il y y n V a ' ' Q f f M z , ,1 ,f f Apt' i W an W' My Q X 2 , , K y e f , 26 I ff Z. , 1 13 gmdf ' Q M Pracficing handoffs are Dan Woody and Gene Raffan. Ai Brock lakes off afler receiving baion from Houp in mile ' ' , relay during Rec Meef. 9 A2 f W f V ' I , ,, WM, f W rw, H ,fiiwfsf .W Gy 'Wy if w ff Mffes-fsfff ,,,, f f , -,fs Z, f W Z f A gl g f ' Carler crosses +l'1e.l1ne af+er. anchoring fhe 440 Waco' relay leam fo wm In a prachce meef. 5 ,,,. f X 145 1-N, Ba eball WSW .... Z .1 '55:f:f5f" f ,f A ..,.,,,,. l ,QQ ,Q ,..,,. Q FIRST ROW: Sumler Bruron, Sonny Robbins, Mike Fisher, Jim Henderson, Jeff Warren, Kirby Warren, Rick Todd, Gibby Woolen. SECOND ROW: Mike Maloney, Ronnie Cearley, Ron Smilh, Don Johnson, Max Fisher, Jimmy Sfrobel, Dick Hearfwell, Bill Bevill, Richard Alexander, Perry Walden, Roy Cox, Duwayne Davis, Ed Lewis, Danny Archer, Ron Eddins, George Harrison. Baseball managers Ray Krolfinger and Larry Gus- fafson check equipmenl' along wifh Team Coach Runnels. ' Firing away is ouffielder Sumfer Brufon. Ouffielder Perry Walden demonsfrafes form on grounder HH' +0 him. Mike Fisher fakes a slice as Kir Warren backsfops. 147 Go Walfer Marfin Ron Finch Sieve Wood Billy Wrighf X7 Ns ,I Jim Hooclerpyle Terry Morris Team Sieve Threlkeld Mike Gibson Frank Bailey Danny Mulkey Dave Turner David Walker oys Tenni 5 1 E Z OM 4- X X If if Firsl Row: Ed Williams, Jerry Childs, Fred WiclceH', Jon PieraH', Barry Lilieshom, Ken WiclceH', Charles Williams. Second Row: Coach Carfer, Allan Meadows, Ken Morrill, Mike McDonald, Ronnie Harrel, Ronnie Olson, Ted Gorslii, Jaclx Sloan The leading boys' double 'leam are Ed Wil- liams and Ken Wiclcerf. Fred Wiclxeli, +l1e leading boys' single player, shows his form. W sf SW? f f 'VW' WSG Girls' Tennis Team members Huis year were: Sfanding-Nancy Jo Vance, Kay Sparlcs, Ann Lowdon, Mrs. Juanell Girls Tennis Earl, sponsor. Sea+ed:..Ka+hie Aurin, Carole O'Dell, Donna Hill. ss, AQWIWW Kay Sparks hurries +o save a poin+ "Birdie, birdie, in flue slry . . ." chanfs Kafhie Aurin. "Smile when we're playing doubles wi+h 'Hue phofographer around," says Nancy Jo Vance +o feammafe Carole O'Dell. Girls' Volleyball FRONT ROW: M. Blan+on, P. Ray, V. Swanson, J. Higby, B. Brownng, R. Hughes, D. Nass, S. Davis, G. Bragan, L. Keel'on, K. Hefner SECOND ROW: M. Cohen, P. Cole, W. Trussell, S. Sco'H', L. Keyes, C. Dunlap, S. Angell, J. Carrlnger, D. Reilly, S. Sammons. THIRD ROW: L. Poller, D. Suifl, M. McCreless, K. Sealy. "A" Volleyball 'leam pracfices for Poly game, which lhey laler won. v w X was X- 'QQ A T.-2,13 1, , -s ' .aff f ffii S we week,-ss, Z W X, gf. Nav ,W f f 'WMWV Ns "Take +l'1a+!" slmoufs Wanda Trussell, slamming flue ball over Judy Higby in a scrimmage. nu u l dreamed I was Superwoman in my . . . Keds Tennis shoes Suzy Lee, Jeanne Prior, and Sandy Lee sfrenuously flex finger muscles in PE ouiia board calis+l1enics. l 153 Q 115 - ' Boys' PE Firs+ Period: Run, run, run AI Tuomey and David Cherry exploif one of fhe many educa+ional facilifies avail- able in Hue P. E. depar+men+ . . . Pogo Sficlrs? . l ... Baskefballa Shoof, shoot shoo+ . . QQ 7? FIRST ROW: Bob Lamb, Jimmy Thompson, Ronnie Luslcie, John Higley, Larry Allen, Ronnie Arnold, Billy Allison, Jerry Ball, Paul Decker. SECOND ROW: Johnny Maag, Jeff Jarvis, Jon Freelove, Charles Kendall. Thomas Griffifh, Ray Kro'H'inger, Gibby Woolen. THIRD ROW: Rfonalcl Nelson, Jim Davis, Billy Snow, Gaines Siovall, Jerry Brock, Jack Sears, Jonafhan Houp, Ron Finch, Danny Mulkey. TOP: Billy Lucas, Ecl Williams, Kim Smi'l'h, Lonnie Clover, Ray Carlloerg, Jim Johnson, John Truelson, Mike O'Grady, Jerry Anderson, Duwayne Davis, Perry Walden. Yellow Jaclcefs pause during Alma Maier af rhe end of a game. ,Wm KJ Personalilies, Tl1ose we honor as leaders and fellow s1'uden+s. Characler . . . inlelligence . . . service . . . leadership These qualifies make 'lhem 'I'l1e HOPE OF HEIGHTS. T56 Hope Cf Heights ? 1 -' Q -f , v 1' fu' - . , . 4 A 1. VI - 1 1. 111 , ,,- , . 11 'c 'H , If 11- 1, -'51 1'-11, 1 , ' 1 ' , 1 1 , 1 f- If J' A 4 1 ' ' -6311! fi-J ,'.f,:.t'F ":Q: J 'f,F'l,, 1, " t 1. L 1 , "f 1: ...A , E-' ' 11" 'fm 1- 4935 -1 x"' ' 1 Q 1 '1"1'11 ,iss-11'.f1M f 1, ' 1 1 ff , 'Q 1X-z'S'1 -11-'C 3- 1 5 'Sr ,zz-' J gr- 1,-1"i'1,.v K W A '- N ' "'-S X' ," "1 1' ' 1 ' - Q . A fx,-w 'N 'f ",,1'3'1 "Q ff'-1.-,,,i,Y ,, E1 fm ' N 1 . 1 ' 5. , 1- , . P . , ,f " ,, A , ' 1.4.31 ,V "1 '., p 4 se, ,V ,j"'- A MV 1 'if 1- ' , 'np 0 yfdz, yi' by ' ,wi V if V'. ',-1 if ZF1 K ,Vx V.. ", x y ' 1 . 1 I " Q K 't fl ' EN ' ' P 1-1171, 1-. -MQ " fi 7 V' .I ' ' 3 'ffmvp 1 5 ' ' is 'Y' ' F ' Qi ' v" ' 5 " 'ff' An ". 'ff 15' V HHNR' ', J - ' 1. K - - ' V. 11 .1 1,-". ' ' .. 121: -M--1-11 -11:1 4 , 1, 1- 1 11 -1 1 . 7 ' 1 " 11,11 "' " - ' 3 "T, Hin ' '. 1 .-.1-91 - ' 1 -ww 6- ' ' 1 A 1 11 , . -1,5 1 5,. f-45 ,, - 1. 1 '1 W, -111, 1- , ,, ,- ,L , 1 1 vo' , 5 , ' - ' QQ" i, 1 V 1V ,L 1 1 1. ' 1, 4 , 1 - X " 'Q ,1 I ,T ' .Q 11"-'1' , - 1311 11- 1' Uv- 1- S5111 , 1. : . -1' 1' w , M 1 4,-5. x ,' 1? - -- ,.., - . , - I Q, 'W N , g . V - - , ... M ,1 ,1 X , 1 11 K1 .M , 11,,,, 1- ,1 1 ', ,sg-.1 , 1', 1,5 , 1-W1 1--11. Q 1, 1 x fn 1 , ,A . 15- ,wwf P11, 1- 11 -1 -1 ' ' ' "6 ' 3 '14 P 1 ': H sh. 1 Z '1"' 111 X X cw 1' 1 ?'1"1 V-, if "ev," 11 V - , K ' - '- . - 1 1. I ,Z A -1' '14 5, ,N , ,- , 1 -V 1 M ,ay ,'v4K41Ha-4 ,1 'Q' ' , . f 1 " f 5. 5 719 . ' 1- Q- mf ' , ,fk , , - '12 1' 1' ,L 1 Q '1 'ff ,i Ifi- A. QV, .5 'gi Y -'T' 3. Q 'P ii' A . - 113 g"'I",Q 5' 'H 'MQQQ 5' . ,,' ' ' A 1-.1- 1 , - 11 1' 1 1' J .1-, 'UW - , 1, .Q J by ,, , V A V U.- 1 Mx Vh'VnVV,'V if VV 4, f-5, 1 ' :Hx 72, ' ., V',,'11,,a ' M T ' ,VU V'V A V 4 1 ,WA Vi M , 1V 1-1 Jw: 1VVVV:11yhV?,x.Vg MV V VV SJ ,,SVV'VVVV V - VV 5 VV1, , D- +V 1 1 V. Q, V' 75 a. X 1' , , 1 , 51V "' , , VV'f ' .V , V , hx' i vV'VVw LV if 111 .1 , , V 1 1 ,V V .Q,L1.,,l .,.-al V dg,v,V , Mk sjffx - LV?V11,YVi,V fy.- A ,Q',,,xQ1 . 1. V., ," I, 3, -1 A 11 3 ':"? 1 L V V, 1, ,, V V1 ,, V, 11 , 5 P. 5 T' --' J' 1 -"' 'ip r A-"N ifip 'H ng"fF7v11v N ' '11-w- 1 ' 911 , 1 19, 7- , 1' ,.s1 L, ..-1,' ,' 1 gf ,s W 1, , rw-, or ,,1' '41 -1' 1 qw- 1-11,11 19 ,1 , ,, ' - x, g 11 - -. 1- ,1 ... . 1, A ,1 at Sq, 1- XR- ,- 1 1 1-,.,, 1 ,, X 1,f , ,-V 1, . fl., 9: gf- 1 . -A ' 1 ,P 9' -4 ' L1 ,' ' 11 -,rqww 'W 1"Jf,' Riff,-5 N J' 1 .- 1' gf: .I : X' 'x -1 V 11 ' Vx, 11- V 111, --1 -, Vj 1 Cuff. " 'J 2-,4 ' ,' -1 -P ' A 5 nl, f 1 '1'i:,'j 1 1 ,,.-1 '1 L, 7'7'lf "Q 1-1 ' ' "11""' '1 51' ay L V1 ., V VV ,G Mft, ,, ,A VLVAV, ,V ,, V , V Vg P in , V .4 ' ' ' , 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ,1 1, Yffhk ,, ,1 V1 V -1 ,MV Vie ,V L , V V 1 VV VV, VVQ I ,V Vx 1V i .. Xt ,,,.w1Etw,. I VQMQLVVI -A .111 111:51 ' ' 1 , 1 f V, , 'f ff .,3h"'L'f?' .I714 MP1 '51 12 "ws 5 411 1 '1 .1 ' i . .1 V ,A 1., f, V, , ,AVJ. . ,, A11 ' ' 1V ,fx V K, , V A V x V V L 1+, '. Q' D, ' 1, V ' 1 . I. L . 1 "-'- ' . - 1 ' ' A 9 " 1 1 'J 115, Nw' V is p gf J, ' , :' V PM-Qt' ' ,Y A '- f. 'lf , MJ , -W q fl! 1,15 F-1 1- '5'+, ' K " 4" ',z'f9f,5:' 1 '1 , .3 ' 11 .' . s 1,,. , ...,1.'V,,5,1g'V ,, 1 K. 1V , 1 1' .'1".L-4 .111 Q.1' , ' , 1 ' , , " 1' .+L ' " 1 " " 1 t - .VA - ata 1, A. R 1 1 ,J , V X' V R ,1 1 - ' " -' M-ft? ,H .' 513 hs - ' ' V ,gffh H 'H ' ' 'f V 3 V V -1V . ,JV 4, V ' ' 5-4AiiV.L: ' Aff, KS- ,' ' W , , , ' vV.,- VV V ,, df .V ' V1 u E V Vxysv., '1 'fx , g,V , Nw 6' VV 1 . . V V :JVVM V VVV A VV, 1,1 VVV M " ' Y. , .JV 'A " K N Q Q ', -l ' Nj . .I Q 1 ' , 5 , " - -ff 1 11ij71,w3 S., f 1, ,f 5 1 . 111, ,.q-.,1' 1 , , 11, 15 - L MA 1 - ,- 1.5 ,1 V 9. Q- Vw 'qi V, , ,X V , W . r 1.1. 1 1 1 - , V J-5 A if-x" 1 I 1 1 ' ' H -.WJ MQQV' ' .AQAV , 1 1 1'-1f'fw , 1 1 14' . V V lla V, K ,r V1 , 3,5 V-.Vit , V V1 V wiv VVV AV 1 5 g'-N ' "1 11+"'.?-'Q'-w'1'7""" 1 , V V . , IQ! ,www V , 1 V 11 11 -'U 1 ' A V 1, , , 1 A : :f . . 11 ' H' 1 . , ,1. V V 1 ,V V73 gig? V V .1 1 V , " i,1:21,?7TT3,-1 ' 1 ,-1' ' cf-"Y . , -.1.i""1 ' 1 11,1,,1e- 2 1 5 ff-'11, 1 fAv1-,W1-'W-122,11 ,,,-'H ' 1 " 'U-1" "":r.:f-1 -1.1691 Q VV 1,91 V , :1 , ,1 - V V ' , wg' 1, 5 V VV V V, 1111 -. , , j 11- 1 ,., , .- '1 1 Q 91 f!.Q'Q ' ' 1- , g,NX'f1 , "ff I 11 A, 1,, 1.1, 11,.., 1 f j .i ., Z FV4+11,iV V1 - ff 75, V- -27" ,1 . AV .VL 1 V, ,vm . , -K 1 f -'11 S' f-.Q ,V V! V,,'V V M V " ,,,V . ,ff ,, 1 ,VR ,JVVVFVAVVV , , ,, , , fy , ,g - g 1 , VV 'ftVV'fV ffl- an VV 11 1111.12 gl, lil 2124 :1Q.1. ,-l"""51 ' g JZ, p- . V, , 11-1, 1, 1 ' ' N ' 1 1 ,. ,:" 15 'ffif i- 1- 1 1 eng, , , , 1 , , f- 1- 11 1'J,Qf1g+:3gj"afj" - 1.11 -Q1'fZig5ry Q-1 i ' ' fa f H51 , if i N ' L " ' ,-4ffff4yig,gsgf 1 , , 1 . f1 1 17121, 1: 7' llss -55121511-1. LAS , 1 , 1 ' V1 ' ' x1"'k4' I ik?- 1 1 v1a1:1z-f'z1S'1f' - -.3 -- 1 ' ' 1' ', f" 1 - 1 "YY 3 12,1--3Q1g,g.1fr:z.,j1gg,1a1fs5:5T ,- ' , - , .. 1 ,VHF li f 1 1 11 1.-,A, 11,1 1- '- , V 6 f,,. ,, , ,, . V, J 1. 1 w V,w1y--- 1 5 ' .-.1 1, wwi. -1- r V 1 l+,1.1' , W.. if H- AY L , 'K , . 3 2,7 .----1-' FI W" 4 I X, " f Mary Lou is one of 'lhe mosl' oul'sl'anding seniors in her spirif, scholarship and civic conlribuiions. Trusl in her lead- ership was revealed when she was eleclecl secre'l'ary of lhe Library Club her junior year, presidenl' of FTA ancl Young Cilizens' Forum her senior year and an ROTC sponsor. As an "A" honor s'ruden'I', a member of "J" club ancl a recipienl of 'lhe Leonard's ancl DAR awards, she has dem- onslraled her scholarship. Varied inleresls have en- abled her 'lo be chosen Oulslanding Volunfeer and in a delegale 'lo lhe While House Convenlion. Milce's wide inieresls and oulslanding abili'l'ies are lwo of 'rhe main reasons he was elecled Mr. AHHS. Junior Favor- i're runner-up, Milce has parlicipaled in lraclc and foolball 'lhree years, lellering in bolh as a iunior. As a senior he was co-caplain of lhe foolball leam, All-Dislricl fullback and was awarded lhe James Holmes Memorial Award 'For his leadership, sporlsmanship and leamworlc. F' A 2. . z y a n k .. .-,,. N !v-,N .l-gym., N HV kgj '-,..,,, - "W ,I ' an-1" f and was . KAY SEALY ED WILLIAMS Jr. Favorile, Sopli. Favorile Finalisf, Homecoming Queen, Sr. Class Pres., HR Pres., 2 yrs., Tennis, 2 yrs., "J" Club, ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, Library Club Pres. Le0nard's Award. Mr. and Miss A.H.H.S. Finalists surf 1,4 V 14 JIMMY McCARROLL Jr. Cheerleader, Vice-Pres. Young Cilizens' Forum, HR Pres.,2 yrs., AY, 3 yrs. 40'- !". TIM? I , C A Juli.. .I MELINDA MAYO Sr. Clieerleacler, ROTC Sponsor, HR Officer, 3 yrs., FTA, AY represenlalive, Sluclenff Council. l60 M my Bkverl J 1 X Browning orman f ff f f time ,M iff Homecoming Queen Kay Sealy I ,wmv U, If 'f , f, , fl , . .X , s M Q W Y- f X , f sa W Z i ' 5 . 'M fl 5 1 Most Athletic Carolyn Cody Carolyn excels in all sporls, especially volley ball, being a lhree year member of lhe cil'y volley ball leam and a lwo year lellerman. As a sophomore she was one of lhe few who received a leH'er in GIC. This member of 'rhe "advanced" PE class has also applied for a Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship. Billy Snow As a lhree year lellerman in 'foolball and a parlicipanl' in 'lraclr and baseball, Billy is a member of 'rhe "A" Club. This year he was elecled caplain of lhe loolball leam, chosen All- Dislricl guard and seleclecl 'For 'l'he All-Slale second leam. Most Studious John Higley Susan Clough Jolwn, an lwonor sluclenl, I5 5, member of "J" Club' "A" As an "A" lwonor sluclenl, Susan is a reciplenl ol llme Club. Sludenl Council, and Young Cilizens' Forum. l-le, l-GOVWGVCVS Gwfifd- ll'IlS "JH Clllb memlilef HBS been HR lwas served as HR pregidenl, and he I-1,35 received flqe presiclenl 3 years, secrelary ol llme Science Club, and a l.eonarcl's award, member ol The annual slall and Jrlme Young Cilizens' For- urn. Ml., Z ix 9 S 4 f ? L4 W K M Z Z S 7 1, af f m 17, , ,, R x f Q f X X , , f X 1 if X X X - ' QW? W , ,Q X2 f 4 5 Q 2 ? .7 Z Y Z Z K, Z ? 1 1 gy 7 Z, fi ,4 1 ? Z Z ? 2 ? ? ? f Z 5 5 ' 5.5.4 ,, Nw ' ff W W' ,D M! , . -2,24 , A , if ' f wk, MW QW Jim La ee 322 22: 433 Q if 2 1 w 7 2 , ,X X f X ,V Favorite Senior Beverly Browning Junior Sophomore yi? Jeff Jarvis Pari Holden Finalists Senior Jonathan Houp Sophomore Junior John Richards Courtney Cheney Waller Marlin Golf Team JJ co-edllor Sr. edilor of Jabberwoclcy Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. "J" Club, 3 yrs. ho's Who Reflects Culture Gridley McKlm Anna Marie Harlcins Fooflighl Player AY, 3 yrs. ROTC Sponsor Foolllglwl Player Sec-Trees. of TriLi'l' Sec.-Treas. of Science Club Leonard's Award l.eo,nard's Award, 2 yrs. "J" club, 3 yrs. "J" Club, l yr. , . x r""--f'--- - . Milce Frazier AY, 3 yrs. Baslcelball Team Leonard's Award, HR officer "J" club, 3 yrs. 2 yrs. Ed Williams Senior Class Pres. HR officer Tennis Team Leonard's Award, AY, 3 yrs. "J" club, 3 yrs. 2 yrs. Mary Lou McCreless FTA Pres. Young Cifizens' Forum Pres HR officer Miss AHHS Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. ROTC Sponsor "J" club, 3 yrs. ii 4 n Kay Sealy ROTC sponsor Junior Favorife Library Club Pres. HR officer, 3 yrs. Homecoming Queen Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. "J" club, 3 yrs. Samy Day Sfudenf Body Pres. HR Pres., 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs. Baskefball Team Foofbaii Team Leonard's Award, 2 yrs. "J" club, 3 yrs. Jonafhan Houp Sr. class Vice pres. Track Team co-capf. AY Pres. Leonard's Award HR officer if i il Q E E 5 Z 12 5? 1? V 2 1? 232 ,Q 7 7 Q c VAN if X X X f f WW M mg ,ff 5 2 , , 4 W4 V 9 iw f Z . 3 i 2 0 W2 M? Susan Clough HR Pres., 3 yrs. Science Club Annual Sfaff Mosf Sfudious Girl AY, 3 yrs. Volleyball Team "J" Club, 3 yrs. Leonard's Award Mary Ellen Goode Sfudenf Body Sec. HR officer AY, 3 yrs. Office Hel per Leonarcl's Award "J" Club, I yr. Jol1n Higley Mosf Sfudious Boy Track Team HR Pres., 2 yrs. Sfudenf Council AY, 2 yrs. Leonard's Award "J" Club, 3 yrs. WW, f W.-1 , f ,, .,,,,. 5 4 M, g. ' .X M fw . fy-,:g,,. f 11.1. Y -' . L ff. 2 f , h ..,. T 1 V I . ...W 137 h Alf' V ' "7 ,Z ..:,,51 ' f " , f Audie... ," W .,,,, ,ff.,.2 ,W Honors The name of Arlingion Heighis High School is known over 'rhe s1'a'I'e and nalion 'Through s'ruden+s who have achieved ouisianding honors which give fheir school, Teachers, and family much credit The Yellow Jaclcel' Sfaff has creafed 'This new segmeni, 'filled Honors, wifh 'The purpose of recognizing and congrafulaiing 'rhese s'l'uden1's. They were selecled when 'rheir achievemenls along wi+h recomendafions were broughf 'ro +he a'Hen+ion of +he s+aff. The firsl' is Anna Marie Hawkins, chosen by Wesiinghouse +hrough a compefifive examinalion and her research paper. as one of The for'ry mosi' promising scienfisfs in +he naiion. She wenl' +o Washinglon D. C. 'ro compeie for furiher honors. Anna Marie Harlcins , , ,W ,T X , f i' X' T, s,,, ,,,, , ,.s,, , 9 "' f-:1.-v :"' National Merit Finalist 1 if 4. A X 1 r ,X Q lk xg ,ggi . KN . il k Q 4KLff" W fr x x E w L ,MW Mike Frazier 1, I f .ls x ' ' M , A X W ,V A 1 ig 9 R .4 img ,nigw gif -A , ' , , 'ilfx 7 A ,.,w fm," S, I' 3, , V tk ,,,, l 5 ,,,, . , K? f , X Richard Hendry 4 X GV f f ff 5 , an if va i f we '- Q f f X es f i X 2 X , ,ff ' 'N r J' , aii g . f fi f' X , if - , t H , 1 5 ,, I Yyf I, f-.M A X I My I- yy 4' --- ' ,f if -, '11- e " N", Z -.f, ' Robert Winniclc r ,af if A""' If XAEV u 9,1- 'PF iw, " . A if .4 a f , V. j ,- if 1 pf 1, 5 2 1 x x R 2, l , . I vs t , t r s -wamw' A X, FMA' Y Gridley McKim Honored in All State Se ections W,Wg7jl 'F '77, 'mtvfnfwfkif fif 1, f ,t X7 . ,H . A 1 a ,, f,., ,w I ef if ,, ' A f f' fwj, f ft 'ii f i f ,ff fx -r , K 5, -' 4' - .X f ,E , M, -- Q7 Billy Snow ? ROTC Colonel , is if Wzuavff' f Ex if 2 ,,f Chorus Soloist Barbara Hatfield MW ony -. X f.. ay gm f v V f X 1+ fff f' Q K X if QW! X X6 KQ ,ft 1 f Q H f--f ff: , ly 1 , V, f T ,QQ ,Wy sv A- fe, ,ff 4- 1- ,Q j i. ,. . .,,Y5.,. .,.yx . . V 55,5 , ,Hey my 'P ,f X ff-' rv. ' ' C- w fi 2, X y y, 1, 1, 1 I. - ' : 9,-wwe 3 f 'if H ' S TKTTTN 2 'u m , Iv 5, F , T., 2 M M ,gi C A 1 I ,Ly ,,,,,, 1 Cit 'Wi Xikrj Sandy Barnes RCTC Queen ,,,, .s . fvf f f Q "D MN We , X' ,sf C , 'Y f I if , f 3 1 X Valli X, 6. I We T mmm., x Q .W Z we 1 x , , 4 f .WWWWW Fred Tucker Baritone Soloist Runner-Up wh, .f an V, MW-. X E' A fx L X 5? , ,, . t lov . 1 1, 1 Z ', .M no ,ff 2 , lr Rwfir xx ,V X of' NM -fy Richard Alexander Q ix yn ,ff Vic Ellsworth ,X iff! Walter Martin II Region WW Q My ff W x 5 X K . A ow, J I V' , ,xriv A 3 , 441 X 2 2 .Z " Lf ' UW f X' 4., Fx, fs - ,,f, ,. ,M4,,x.f T , f X--7 7.. , f -- fx- f H 5 ii, . i Q i 1 e 2 en wkvynm Z X f ,, ,M If SWK ful!! X 'Xu awww ff! Ronnie Puckett and . I x x in fi 'E -XX .N L - f f f X f I K Rm een, ,t Cedric Snyder f X 1 l .M Wig Rf. 1 'I' , lf: A65 5- iff' -r !,2,, fl! , flaw g , 4. f, . Q :f fr f A Y if NY if W' W - , 515: k , X Ng! r ,, . 5552: f f ' x I i x x gf fx 'fr ' 1X 4 4. K Q gg 4u.,,. X fi' f Ronnie Bennett Editorial Win First In City, Third In State of Peggy Thornton Most Beautiful Chosen By Four Fres fi, I1 Bev Browning Most Beautiful Finalists Suzy Sammons Billy Snow Most Handsome Finalists Stormy Taylor McCreIess Receives D.A.R. Award Mary Lou McCreless was elecied by her senior classmaies and leachers +o be +he recipieni' of 'rhe DAR Award. The Daughfers of 'rhe American Revolufion presenl' ihis award each year +o an ou1's+anding high school and junior high school girl. A member of 'rhe "J" Club, presideni' of FTA and Young Cifizens' Forum, Leonarcl's Award winner, HR officer, a member of Who's Who, and Miss AHHS, Mary Lou is lruly one of +he mosi' excepiional seniors ai' Heigh+s. Heights Has First King and Queen Billy Allison and Sandy Barnes reigned ai' +he school Valenfine Dance. They, along wi+h +heir courf, Prince and Princess Jim Lane and Susan Sco'H', Dulce and Duch- ess Paul Mansir and Kay Keller, were elecfed by 'rhose who a'H'end- ed 'rhe dance. W bfi 2 as A 2 . . .X . E ? 1 Backbone Cf H i hts Spirit :M ' , " ww 2? my ,W WW WW f an . ff of whfff f , A K ynn M ' f X W ff f f f ,J f ff 'W A 7 C, X., X ' .WW V ffm Q W, VW Wm X f. 2.1 fry, 'W 7 , , a r ww, ' ffgwj . " V, f..- f ' fy W K A fy! X - X-1 WW ,, fi, if a eo ! fi ., L gf ww ,i ,, af 'V Q, 2' ' Wf fm X fff , Wfwj X X 7 X f W f ff f 2 ff, 1 7 W ff bby McCarro W, Conne M I Jsf ff!! I ' 15 Ryo 'K ' f if 715151 Wg! 411' 'L VV! K , 5- iff! I f ,f X 2 x 2 2 , 1 X Z aww A W y L--144+-wx wa W, wwf , X 55 FW? . I mf' j ' s VV .Q , xmfmizm A P , on xxx ..,,g, , ,W -M ,W ff!! ,C mf ,W-ff! ffff GZ 2 ,fi ,X QWMD f ,ff V139 1? ff M' Charles Newman 1 , " ,f MW f ' f x 4 5 X, 4 f ,WW f N .. WW 1 4 ,If X 7, , I MWVW a a a 7 W A. f 1 f f 1 7 X ' 5 Donna Boone Q x f fl-X, 1 W 7, V o , D . .7 - M ' f' Y ff -f ifi'r"h f fx 1.1 -'Ji il-ii' iff x " I f, J, f. ,, , 11-ff-f fc' , 2: ,H I ff , J? " - In Q ' ' -4 - "1 ' 51i.,,fX -- ' t' Ili. 5-si'fff?f:'.f?ff'El- , , . ' , PM 'L' ' f , X ,' x erafgzwg,-fr 'rg-A fH,"'::1fvn:.:s-:"1' -,ws4f5a1QQ-g?gf:1L2 f K f -- 421'--X A1:'fff-Piw: EW-.452'.+Ri,5i4z' rewrfqpgf'-:::1:e',:::Jvp:V , ff ,fx1-,b-g'Q2:,ja'f'f:4,311Inga ff - f ' Jyff.-. 5 , :jf , M- U ,K , ' N ' h'f4.14 "-Vw, z- 2 fn , , X f f srmfi. . , X x 1 f ?i:'2fi,hA2f2T4ffffxxgsb.-paeaal1fkizriv.:iw:'vE?va7f?+fEff5emf1'T19gil512:f1'QvfklifJf1'2f62'.wf'- fhi-ifivf , ' . L Y 'Y fm:z1,ga:P5a1'f'+:,i1:,efrliiinS151f-LE:-sJ,g5a422-21225:f'if,.ff,-3, 'km 4z?4f2f1sy1Qf11ff:':.QN:5'1f 1-f W 1' .JM11-,fifzf f 7,1 ' ' nf 1 " W4 ff Wai ff .0 .... S f .N , Wg X W X Q97 ,f, M I , f f f 4 Autographs 0, 7 2 UWM . ZSNIQMQX y,4,W2wfsvfi QNNKSML WML wp Mwfmbii Qwiiwwfwwgfm f 91 wwe M ,W LM? XML' NXFAPL EJVKMV Autographs Most I03, I05 "A" Club, 96, l55 Allied Youth, 86 Band, 106, I07 Baseball, I46, I47 Basketball, I36-l4I Cheerleaders, I86, I87 Chorus, IO4 DAR Award, I85 Dedication, 7 Distributive Education, 93 Fahrenkamp Award, 90 Favorites, I66-I7I Football, I28-I35 Future Nurses of America, 95 Pegram, Mr. Homer J., IO, II Sharp, Mr. John B., I0 Haden, Miss Kathryn, I0 Arseneau, Flavin J., I6, 94, l24 Austin, Mrs. Martha, I8 Ayala, Mrs. Anne, I3 Becker, Miss Grace, I5, 86 Bennett, Miss Alice, I5 Beseda, Mr. Charles, I7, 88, 89 Bigham, Mrs. Emily, I0, 92 Boone, Miss Grace, I3 Bransford, Mr. Milton S., I2, 85 Brewster, Mrs. Janie Lou, I7 Carson, Mr. George H., I6, I02, Carter, Mr. Dayton, I8, I50 Caveness, Mrs. Frances, I2 Coon, Mrs. Frances, I4 Cox, Mr. Kirby H., I4 Daniels, Mrs. Nan-lsca, I7, 60 Dodrill, Mrs. Tommie, IO, II A Abbott, Jeannine l5oph.l, 62 Abshire, Jimmy IJr.l, 44, 84, I28, I3I, l33 Adair, Sally ISrl, 20 Adams, Jean lJr.l, 44 Adams, Kendrick ISr.l, 20, 80 Adams, Sharon ISoph.l, 62, IO4 Addison, Mike IJr.l, 44 Adelman, George lJr.l, 44 Akin, Rheta lSoph.l, 62 Albertson, David ISoph.l, 62 Albreight, Karen ISr.l, 20 Albritton, Jerry IJr.l, 44 Aldredge, Tommy lSr.l Alexander, Ben ISr.l, 20 Alexander, Nancy ISr.l, 20 Alexander, Richard lSr.l, 20, 90, IO3, I05, IO6, IO7, I46, ISI Allcorn, Ross lJr.l, 44 Allen, Amy lSr.l, 20 Allen, Jeanne ISr.l, 20 Allen, Larry lSr.l, 20, 84, 90, 96, I28, l3l, l33, I43, l55 Allen, Stanley IJr.l, 44 Allerton, Virginia lSr.l, 20 Allison, Billy 1sr.J, zo, 122, 123, 142, I45, l55, l85 Allison, Pat lSoph.l. 62 Ambrose, Jerry lSr.l, 20, I42 Amos, Terilee lSoph.l, 62, IO4 Andersen, Beverly lSr.l, 20 Andersen, Jo Ann lJr.l, 44 Anderson, Eric IJr.l, 44 Anderson, Jerry lSr.l, 20, I29, I30, 131, 132, 133, 135, 155 Anderson, Monette lSoph.l, 62 Anderson, Sheila ISr.l, 20 Andrews, Carolyn ISr.l, 20 Andrews, Linda Kay lSoph.l, 62 TOPICAL INDEX Future Teachers of America, 9l Game Activities, II6, II7 Golf, l48, I49 Holmes Award, l35 Homecoming, II8, II9 Homecoming Queen, I63 Honors, I78-I8I "J" Club, 90 Jabberwocky Statf, 97 Jacket Footlight Players, 88, 89 Jacket Journal Staff, 98, 99 Junior Red Cross, 96 Lab Band, I03 Library Club, 92 Most Athletic, I64 Most Beautiful, I82, l84 Most Handsome, I83, I84 Studious, I65 Science Club, 98 Sextet, I02 Student Council, 82-84 Tennis, I50, I5I Mr. and Miss AHHS, I58, l6l Orchestra, I05 Out of Town Trip, II2, II3 Pep Rallies, II4, ll5 Physical Education, I52-I54 Ranch Day, I20, I2I Ranch Queen and Foreman, I62 Registration, IIO, III ROTC, 78-8I Faculty Durham, Dr. T. E., I3 Dyche, Mr. Ray M., I7, 9I Earl, Mrs. Juanell, I8, I5l Edwards, Mrs. Glenna F.. I2 Epps, Mrs. Oleta F., I3, l0l, 1 Evans, Mrs. Belle B., I2, I3 Farr, Mrs. Hazel, I0 Fisher, Mrs. Mary, IO, 95 Foust, Mrs. Mary Lynn, I7, I8, 78 Garrett, Miss Kathryn, 7, IS' 85 Hale, Miss Helen F., I3 Hanley, Mrs. Kathleen, I5 Harrison, Mrs. Fae, I7 Hokett, Mr. Donald W., I3 Hood, Mrs. Mary, IO, 92 Hunter, Mrs. Gladys R., I2 Kitchens, Miss Carol, I3 Krauss, Mr. Herbert lBuckl, I4 Lay, Mrs. Junuetta IJunel, I7, 93 Ledbetter, Mr. James B.. I4 Lerret, Mrs. Elva, I4, 9l Ludiker, Mr. Homer E., I8, II8, I I30 Through the Halls of Heights, l24, l25 Track, I42-I45 Tri-Lit Club, 92 Valentine Dance, I22, l23, I85 Who's Who, I74-I77 Yellow Jacket Staff, IO0, IOI, I88 Young Citizens' Forum, 85 Poston, Mrs. Flossie, l2, I3, 96 Prater, Mr. Joe, I8, I36, I37 Price, Mrs. Irene, I4 Reed, Miss Bettye, I8 Lunday, Mrs. Emily, I3, 98, 97 McCluney, Mrs. Evelyn, I3 McDuffie, MfSgt. Leon, I6, I8, 78 Mantor, Mr. Mayhew, I2 Marsh, Mrs. Mary, I5 Martin, Mr. Jack L., I7 Miller, Mr. Marvin A., I6, 96 Morris, Mr. L. B., I8, I22, I36, I42, I44 I43 Natio Nelso ir, Mrs. Leon, io, 82, 92, n, Miss Hazel, I7 Nickerson, Mrs. Sara, I3 Oliver, Miss Barbara Joan, I8 Parker, Miss Mary, I4 Parmeter, Mrs. Lucille, I7 Phillips, Mr. Bob, I4, 94 Students Andrews, Mike IJr.l, 44, I29, I32, 3 I34 I3 , Andrews, Nancy IJr.l, 44, IO4 Andrews, Paul ISr.l, 20 Angell, Sally IJr.l, 44, I52 Ankele, James ISoph.l, 62, I4I Anthony, Philip lJr.l, 44, 94 Anthony, Stephen IJr.l, 44, I42 Applewhite, Barry IJr.l 44 Archer, Danny ISoph.l, 62, I46 Ard, James IJr.l Armstrong, Karen lSoph.l, 62 Arnold, Don ISoph.l, 62 Arnold, Ronnie lSr.l, 20, I28, I3l, I33, I42, I43, I44, I55 Arnow, Pete IJr.l, 44 Ash, Clifford ISoph.l, 62, I42 Ashmore, Dennis ISr.l, 20, 99 Ashmore, Ronnie ISr.l, 20 Aston, Auttie ISr.l, 20 Athans, Thomas ISr.l, 20 Atteberry, Frank IJr.l, 44 Aurin, Kathie IJr.l, I5, 44, IO4, I20, I2I, I5I Autry, Lynda Kay lSoph.l, 62 B Backus, Sylvia ISoph.l, 62 Badgett, Linda ISoph.l, 62 Baganz, Eleanor ISr.l, 20 Bagby. Linda ISoph.l, 62 Bagwell, B. L. ISoph.l, 62 Bagwell, Judi lSr.l, 2I Bailey, Angela ISr.l, 2I Bailey, Frank IJr.l, 44, I49 Bailey, Susan ISoph.l, 62 Baker, Charlena lJr.l, 44 Baker, Jerry IJr.l, I33, I34 Balay, James ISoph.l, 62, Bl Baldridge, Judy IJr.l, 44 Baldridge, Shirley lSr.l, 2I, 97, 98 Ball, Diana lSoph-I. 62 Ball, Jerry IJr.l, 44, I29, I30, l55 Ballard, Ronnie IJr.l, 44, I42 Balthrop, Chris ISoph.l Barber, Bill ISoph.l, 62, 80, 8l Bare, Bennie ISoph.l, 62 Barker, Roger ISr.l, 2I Barksdale, Paula lSoph.l, 62, 84 Barnes, John ISoph.l, 62 Barnes, Mike ISr.l, 2l Barnes, Sandy lSr.l, 2I, 78, 79, 8I 83 84 88 90 l22 l23 .... . .I80. Barnwell, Joe ISr.l Bartay, Harry lJr.l, 44 Bates, R. G. lSr.l, 2I, I22, I29, I32, l33 Barton, Donald IJr.l, Barton, Jeannette lJr.l, 44 Barton, Jerry IJr.l, 44, 80 Barton, Sandra ISoph.l, 62 Battershell, Carol IJr.l, 44 Baty, Jeannette IJr.l, 44 Baucom, Ray lSr.l, 2I Baulch, Norma ISr.l, 2l, I06 Baumgardner, Gar lSoph.l, 62 Bays, Glenna, 2I, I02, IO4 Beakey, Helen lJr.l, 44 Beal, Joe lSr.l, 2I, I42 Beard, Pat IJr.l, 45 Bearden, Ronnie ISoph.l, Beasley, Judy ISr.l, 2I Beddo, Mike IJr.l, 45, 80, Bl Bedford, Donna lJr.l, 45 Beech, Beers, Belkna Lucky ISr.l Leslie lSr.l, 2l p, Jim lSoph.l, 62, I38, I Beneventi, Nancy ISr.l, 2I Bennett, Carol lSoph.l, 62 Bennett, James ISr.l, 2I, 80 Bennett, Joe ISr.l, 2l Bennett, Ronnie lJr.l, 45, IO6, I8I Benton, Jimmy lJr.l ao, I85 107, Ruggieri, Mr. Nick, IO, B2, I29, I30 Runnels, Mr. Tommy, I6, I29, I30, I46 Sherrod, Mr. Joe, I5 Stevens, Mr. Archie, I4 Stovall, Miss Dona Lee, I6, 9l Tate, Mrs. Mary, I2 Taylor, Mr. Willie, I4 Van Meter, Mr. Arch, I6, 94 Warren, Mrs. Mary, I5 Watkins, Mrs. Dorothy, I0 White, Mrs. Mary E., I6, I02, I04, IIO Wood, SfSgt. Herman, I6, I8, 78 Wright, Mr. Phil, I7 York, Mr. James E., I5, 86 Berg, George IJr.l, 45, 79, 80, 8l Berrey, Elizibeth ISoph.l, 62 Berryman, Judy lJr.l, 45 Besse, Rick ISoph.l, 62 Bevill, Bill 1sr.1, 21, so, 81, I46 Bishop, Floyd ISoph.l, 62 Bishop, Frances lSr.l, 2I, 9l, I05 Black, Bill lJr.l, 45 Black, Buddy ISr.l, 2I, 80 Blanton, Mary Beth IJr.l, 45, I52 Blanks, Shirle IJr.l, 45 Bloesch, Jo ?Jr.l Blount, Bill ISoph.l, 80 Blocker, Ann lSr.l, 2I, 90, 92 Bock, Joe lSr.l, 2I, 80 Bock, Mary Ann IJr.l, 45 Bohannon, Bobby IJr.l, 45, 79, 80 Boone, Donna IJr.l, 45, IIO, II2, I68, I87 Boone, Kenny ISr.l, 2l Booth, Joan lSr.l, 2I, I02, IO4, I37 Borden, Charles lJr.l Borders, John lJr.l, 45, I42 Boren, Linda ISoph.l, 62 Boston, Gay lSr.l, 22 Botts, Peggy ISoph.l, 62 Boughton, John ISoph.l, 62 Bourland, Sandra lSophl, 62 Bow, Robert IJr.l, 45, 79, 8I Box, Margaret lJr.l, 45 Box, Marylin Kay lSophl, 62 Boyd, Bill ISopl'1.l, 62, I42 Boyd, Roxanne lSoph.l, 63 Bozeman, Bobby ISr.l, 22, I28, I3l, I32, l33, l35 Bozeman, Laurie lJr.l, 45, 83 Bradshaw, Leslie lJr.l, 45 Bragan, Gwenn IJr.l, 45, I52 Brandenburg, Everett IJr.l, 45 Brandt, Richard ISoph.l, 63, 80 Brannon, Barbara IJr.l, 45 Brants, Lucy lSoph.l, 63 Brashear, Saundra lJr.l, 45 Brasher, Bill lSoph.l, 63 Brafcher, Jamie lSoph.i, 63 Brazelion, Rusfy lJr.l, 45 Braziel, Dick lSr.i, 22, I28, I33 Brennon, Pa+ lSoph.l Brew, Daniel iSr.l, 22 Brewen, Larry lSr.l, 22 Brewsfer, Linda lSr.l, 22 Brickell, Raleigh lSr.i, 22, 99 I43 Bridges, Roberf iSoph.i, 63 Briley, Linda iJr.i, 45 Brock, Jerry lSr.i, 22, 96, I42, 143, 144, 145, 155 Brock Jimmy lSoph.l, 63, I05 Broome, Eugene lJr.l, 45 Brooks, Wanda lSoph.l, 63, I05 Brown, Ann iSr.i, 22 Brown, Be'Hy Hr., Brown, Darlene iSoph.i, 63 Brown, Grace lJr.i, 45 Brown, Janef iSr.l, 22 Brown, Keiih iSoph.i, 80 Brown, May iSoph.i, 63 Brown, Nancy Lee lSoph.i, 63, 84 Brown, Penny lSoph.l Ronald iSr.l, 22, I43 Brown, Brown, Terry iJr.l Brown, Tommy lJr.i, 45 Browning, Beverly iSr.l, 22, 83, 96, I43, l52, l62, I72, l84 lOl, Bruner, Eugene iSr.l, 22 Bruner, Earl lSoph.l, 63 Bruner, Travis lSr.l, 22 Brufon, Sumfer lJr.l, 45, Fred lJr.i, 45 I46, I47 Bryan'l', Bryanf, Judy iSr.i, 22 Bryanr, Mary lJr.l, 45 Buchanan, Sfeve lSoph.l, 63 Bufkin, Cornelia lSoph.l, 63 Buis, James lSoph.l, 63, I4I Bullock, Joe lSr.l, 22 Bumgardner, Bruce iJr.l, Burford, Don iSr.i, 22, IIO Burk, John iJr.l, 46, I28, I30 Burf, Beverley iSoph.i, 63 Burwell, George iJr.l, 46 Burg, George iJr.l, 79 Buschbaum, Judi iJr.i, 46, l25 Bushell, Terri lJr.i Bufler, Bill fSr.i, 22, 94 BuH's, Joe iSoph.l, 63 Byars, Barbara iSoph.l, 63 C Cable, Kafhy lJr.l, 46 Cady, Darlene lJr.l Caffey, Sonia iSr.l, 23 Calhoon, Dorofhy lSoph.i, 63, IO4 Calinson, Roxee lJr.1, 46, 83, I0l, l25 45, IO4 Calloway, Blaine lSoph.l, 63, 80 Calongne, Carfer iSoph.l, 80 Campbell, Kennerh lSoph.l Cannon, Cecil iJr.i, 46 Cano, Bea Ur., Cano, Joe iJr.i, 79, 80 Capers, Julia iSr.i Carlberg, Ray lSr.l, 23, I38, I40, I55 Carlson, Carol lSr.l, 23, 90, 92 Carpenfer, Linda lSr.l 23 Carrell, Bill iJr.i, 46, I29, I32, I33 Carringer, Jane lJr.l, 46, I52 Carfer, Glenna lJr.l, 46 Carfer, Jane lSr.i, 23, IO4 Carfwrighf, Anna lJr.i, 46 Carver, Linda lSr.i, 23 Casman, Joe lJr.i, 46 Cason, Jerry Don lSr.i, 23 Casfles, Susie lJr.l, 46 Casfles, Vance lSoph.l, 63 Cafes, Sandra lJr.l Caff, Anifa lJr.i Caufhen, Carol Jean lSoph.l, 63 Cave, Harold lJr.l, 46, 79 Caveness, Donna lSoph.l, 63, 84 Cearley, Carol lSoph.i, 63, Cearley, Ronnie lJr.l, 46, l38, l39, I46 CeHo, Dianne lJr.l, 46 Chambers, John lSr.l, 23, 96, I43, l83 Champion, Lynne iJr.i, 46, IO6 Chandler, Cafhryn lJr.l, 46 Chandlen, Cynfhia iJr.i, 46 Chandler, lda lJr.l, 46 Chasfain, Garvin iSoph.i, 63, 8I Chenaulf, Charles lSr.l, 23 Cheney, Cheryl lSoph.l, 63 Cheney, Courfney lJr.l, 46, 84 86, I73 Cherry, David lJr.i, 46, l54 Chesnuf, Gary iSoph.i, 63, 80, Bl Chesnuf, Richard lJr.l, 46, 8I Chewning, James lJr.i Childress, Judy lSoph.i, 63 Chiles, Jerry lSr.l, 23, l5O Choaie, Brad iJr.i, 46 Choafe, Tommie iSoph.l, 80 Chrisfensen, Michelle lSoph.l, 63, I36 Chrisfian, Tommy lJr.l, 46, I36 Chrisfopherson, Dick lSr.i, 23, 99 Cirkal, Tommy lSoph.l, 63 Clapp, David lSr.i, 23, IO6 Clapp, Sandra lSoph.l, 63 Clark, Ann iSoph.i, 63 Clark, Bufch iS5ph.i, 63, I4I Clark, Dave lSr.l, 23, I43 Clark, Kafhy iJr.i, 46 L nne lSo hi 63 Clark, y p . , Clark, Sammy lJr.l, 46 Clark, Vicki lSr.l, 23, 89, 92, 97, 99 Clarke, James iSoph.l, 63, 80 Clarke, John lSoph.i, 63, I36 Claunch, Mike iSoph.l, 63 Clayfon, Darla Jan iSoph.l, 63 Clayfon, Maxine lSr.l, 23, 93 Cleveland, Mary Jane lJr.i, 46 Cliburn, Susi lSr.l, 23 Cliffon, Charles iSr.i, 23, 8I Clodfelfer, Tommy iSoph.l Cloer, Linda lSoph.l Clough, George lSoph.l, 64 Clough, Susan lSr.l, 23, 90, IOI, l65, I77 Clover, Lonnie lJr.l, 46, I28, I3I 133,142,155 Coafes, Don iJr.i, 46 Cochran, Bufch iJr.l, 47 Cochran, Randy lJr.l, 47, I4I Cody, Carolyn lSr.l, 24, I64 Coffey, Alden lSr.i, 24 Coffey, Carole iSoph.l Coffee, Shannon lSoph.l, 64, 80, 8l Cohen, James Paul lJr.l, 47, IO7 Cohen, Marsha lJr.i, 47, I52 Colburn, Jack lSoph.l, 64 Cole, Barbara lSoph.l, 64 Cale, Marry lSr.l, 24 Cole, Pai' lJr.l, 47, I52 Coleman, Cafhy lSoph.i Coleman, Mifzi lSoph.l, 64 Coleman, Nancy iJr.l, 47 Collier, Cafhy lJr.l, 47, 84 Collins, Mark lSr.l Collinsworfh, Corky lJr.l, 47, 79, 80 Compfon, Larry lSoph.l, 64, 80 IO7 Conaway, Dianne lSoph.l, 64 Conn, Barbara Ur., Connell, Linda iSr.l, 24 Connell, Grefchen lJr.l, 47 Conner, Doug. lSoph.l, 64 Cook, Harold lSr.i, 24, IO6 Cooper, John lSoph.l, 64, 80 Cooper, Nancy lSr.l, 24, 92 Copeland, Jan lSoph.l, 64 Copple, Bobby lSoph.i, 64, 8I Corbin, Susan lJr.l, 47 Corbifi, Peggy iSoph.l, 64 Corbyn, Ron lSr.l, 24, 79 Cornelius, ,Margare+ lJr.l, 47 Cosby, John lSr.l, 24, II4 Cosby, Miki lSoph.l, 64 Cosman, Joe lJr.i, 46, II2 Coughlen, Penny lSoph.l, 64, I00 Council, Carolyn lSr.l, 24 Council, Mary Ann lSoph.i, 64 Cowen, Ann lSr.l, 24 Cox, Barbara lSoph.l, 64, IO4 Cox, Clayion lJr.l, 47 Cox, Gary lSoph.l, 64 Cox, Herman lSoph.l, 64 Cox, Leann lSoph.i, 64 Roy iJr.l, 47, I46 Cox, Cox, Walfer iJr.l, 78 Craff, John iSoph.l, 64 Crawford, Beverly lJr.i, IO5, IO6 Crawford, Judy iJr.i, 47 Cromwell, David lSr.l, 24, IIO, II2, I24, I3I, l33 Cropper, Ken lJr.i, 47, 60, I42, l60 Cross, Lorraine iSr.l, 24 Croffy, Jean lSoph.i, 64 Crouch, Jim lSr.l, 24 Crouch, Mary Lynn lSr.l, 24 Crow, Moniy iJr.i, 47, 8l, 99 Crow, Sfophen lSoph.l, 64, 99, IO4 Crowe, Mike lSr.l, 24, IO4 Crowell, Linda lJr.i, 47 Culpepper, Gary iSr.i, 24, I37 Cunningham, Henry iSr.l, 24, IO3, l05, IO7 - Curl, Monfy lJr.l, 47 Curry, Cynfhia lSr.l, 24 Cufchin, Roger lJr.l, 47, I29, l3l, l33, I42 Cyrus, Janie lSr.l, 24, IIO, II2 D Dailey, Foresi' iSr.i Dalby, Roberf lSoph.l, 64 Dale, Jimmy iSoph.l, 64 Dale, Lofhar lSr.i, 24 Dale, Terry lSoph.l Dalehife, Terry lSr.l, 24, IO4 Dalfon, David lSoph.i, 64, l4I, I47 D'Andriole, Teddy lJr.l, 47, 78, l04 D'Andriole, Tommy lSoph.l, 64, 80, 99 Daniel, Bill lSr.l, 24 Daniel, Dana iSoph.l, 64, l04 Danner, Jeanne lSr.l, 24 Darlow, Roberf lSr.l Darwin, Gary lSoph.l, 64, I42 Davidson, Bill lJr.l, I42 Davies, Juli lSoph.i, 64, IO6 Davis, Charles lJr.i, 47 Davis, Duwayne lSr.l, 24, I46, I55 Davis, Frank lJr.l Davis, Garland lSr.l, 25 Davis, James lSoph.l, 64 Davis, Jimmy lSr.l, 25, I29, I33, I42, I55 Davis, Leona iSr.i, 25 Pam iJr.l, 47 Davis, Davis, Sandy iSr.i, 25, I52 Dawson, Jimmy iSr.l, 25 Dawson, Virginia lSr.l, 25, IO4 Day, June lJr,l, 47 Day, Sammy lSr.l, 25, 82, 90, l38, l76 Dean, De Ann lSoph.i, 64 Dean, Susan lSr.l, 25, l02, IO4 Dearmin, Diane lJr.l, 47 Dearmore, Don lSoph.l, 64 Decker, David lJr.l, 47 Decker, Paul lSr.l, 25, l28, I3I, l32, l35, l42, l45, l55 Deifzer, Jean lSr.l, 25 DeLorme, Courfenay lSr.l, 25 DeLorme, Ted lSoph.l Charlie lSr.l, 25 Delwaide, Delwaide, Joe lJrl, 47 Dennie, Carol Ann lJr.l, 47 Derby, Jack lJr.i, 47, 8I Derrick, Jean lSoph.l, 64 Deu+schendorf, John lSr.l, 25, IO4, I29, I33 DeVries, Pai lSoph.l, 64, 94 Diaz, Bobby lSoph.l, 64, 80 Dickey, Caroline lSoph.l, 64, 84 Dickey, Diana lSr.l, 25, II3, II5 Dickey, Marfi lSoph.l, 64, l70 Dickey, Ridge lSr.l, 25 Dickey, Ruby lSopl'1.l, 64, IO4 Jean lSoph.l, 65 Dickson, Dieb, Helen lSoph.l, 65 Dinsmore, Jim lJr.l, 25, IO5, lO3 Dinsmore, Ralph lSr.l, 25, IO7 Dodd, Danny lJr.l, 47, IO4 Doerwald, Chuck lSoph.l, 65, I43 Dollar, Richard iJr.i, 80 Dorris, Joe lSr.l, 25 Dosfer, Kaye iSoph.l, 65 Douglas, Ricky iJr.l, 48 Douglass, Melvin lJr.l, 47 Downing, Doffie iSoph.i, 65 Drew, Garreff lSoph.l, 65, II4, I42 Driscoll, Larry iJr.l Duban, Jo Ann lJr.l, 48 Dudley, Don lJr.l, 48 Duff, Konnie lSoph.l, 65 Duke, Judy lSr.l, 25 Dunagan, Glenn lSoph.l, 65, Bl Duncan, Paf iSr.l, 25 Duncan, Rusfy lSoph.i, 65 Dunlap, Connie lJr.l, I48, I52 Durbin, Jerry iSoph.l, 65 Dush, Jerry lJr.l 48, 79, 80 Duvall, Hank lSoph.l, 65, I42 Dyer, Nelda lJr.l, 48, 84 Dyer, Sharon lJr.l E Eames, Bob lSoph.l, 65 Easley, Shelly iSr.l, 25, IO6 Easlerling, Nancy lJr.l Eddins, Ronnie lJr.i, 48, I4l, I46 Eddins, Ronnie lSoph.l, 65, I4I Eden, Terry lSr.l, 25, 78, BI Edwards, Mabel lSr.i, 25 Eiland, Pam lJr.l, 48 Elam, Sonia iJr.l, 48, 83 Ellef, Charles iJr.l, 48, 83, IO7 Elliof, Leanne lSoph.l, 65 Ellioff, Paf iSr.i, 25 Ellis, Bobby iJr.i, 48 Ellis, Van Zandf lJr.l, 48 Ellsworfh, Vicfor lSr.l, 26, 99, IO5, 107, 181, IO3, 87 Engen, Glen lSr.l Engen, Judifh lJr.i, 48 Engen, Nancy iSoph.l, 65 England, Gwendolyn lJr.l, 4B Ensey, Jacqueline lSr.i, 26 Epperson, Jan lSr.i, 26 Eppsfein, Lee lSr.i,6O, 94, 95 Erb, Merle iSoph.i, 65, 80 Ernesf, Ronald iSr.l, 26, 80, 81 Ernesf, Sandy lJr.i, 48, II2, IIO Erskine, Eileen lSoph.i, 65 Erwin, Sandra lSr.l, 26 Esfes, Paf lJr.l Evans, Barbara iSoph.l, 65 Evans, Carolyn iSoph.l, 65, 84 Evans, Ginger iSr.l, 26 Evans, Janice lSoph.l, 65 Evans, Noela lSoph.l, 65 Evereif, Richard lSoph.l, 65, 80, 8I Eyler, Charley lSr.l, 26, 79, 8l F Fairclo, Bobbie lSoph.l, 65 Farcas, Barbara Ann lSoph.l, 65 Farmer, Terry lSr.i, 26, 93 Farris, Roger iJr.l, 48, I42 Faucher, Donna lSr.l, 26 Feagan, Anne lSoph.l, 65 Feddersen, Judy iJr.l, 48 Felder, Befhrene lSr.l, 26, IO6, I07 Felder, Mary iJr.l, 48 Fellows, Loma lSoph.l, 65 Felron, Linda lSr.l, 26 Ferguson, Pamela lSoph.i, 65 Ferguson, Phil lSoph.l, 65, I42 Fernandez, Abraham iSoph.l, 65 Fersfenfeld, Lenny lSoph.l, 65 Fielder, Shirley lSoph.l, 65 Feilds, Mark lSoph.l, 65 Files, Carla lSr.l, 26 Finch, Ron lSr.l, 26, I48, l55 Fine, Linda Kay lSoph.l, 94, IO4 Finefrock, Carl lJr.l, 29, 79, 80 Fisher, Barbara iSoph.l, 65 Fisher, Mardie lSr.i, 26, 84, 86 Fisher, Max lJr.l, 48, I28, I46 Fisher, Mike lSr.l, 26, 78, 79, 80 Fisher, Mike lSoph.l, 65, I46, I47 Fisher, Tommy lJr.l, 48, 83, I3l Fifzgerald, Ed lJr.l, 48, I28, l3l, I43 Forgey, Jerrie lSoph.l, 66 Kelley, Kaaron lSoph.l, 68 Fifzpafrick, James lSr.l, 26, 8l Fleming, Gail lSoph.l, 65' 66 Flickinger, Keifh lSoph.l, 65 Flippo, Judy lSoph.l, 65 Flower, Bonnie lSr.l, 26, l04 Ford, Jack lSoph.l, 65 Ford, Ronny lSr.l, 26, I37, l38, l4O Fory, Jon lJr.l, 80, l06, l48 Fory, Ron lSr.l, 27, 79, 8l Fosfer, Frances lSr.l, 27, 88 Fosfer, Jule lSoph.l, 66, 8l Fosfer, Vince lSoph.l, 66 Fowler, Tom lSoph.l, 66 Fox, Bobby lJr.l, 48, lOl, I03, l05. l06 Fox, Donald lSr.l, 27, l38, 139, 140, I43 Fox, Jiannina lJr.l, 48, 94 Foy, Pafsy lSoph.l Frances, Charles lJr.l Francis, Joyce lSr.l Franklin, Frances lJr.l, 48 Frazer, Larry lSr.l, 27 Frazier, Mike lSr.l, 27, 90, I38, l39, I75, I79 Freelove, Jon lSr.l, 27, I29, l3l, l55 Freeman, Sally lSr.l, 27 Frosf, Barbara lSoph.l, 66 Fulfon, Eddie lSoph.l, 66 G Gafford, Ann lJr.l, 48 Gale, Mike lSr.l, 27, 99 Gallagher, Ray lJr.l, 48, I42, I44 Gandy, Becky lJr.l, 48 Ganneff, Skip lSr.l, 27 Garcia, Mike lSr.l, 27 Garreff, Dianne lSr.l, 27, 88, IOI Garreff, Donna lSoph.l, 66, l05 Garwood, Judy lJr.l, 48 Gaskamp, David lJr.l, 49 Gafhings, Max lSoph.l, 66 Gafhings, Roberf lSr.l, 27, 80 Gaflin, Trudy lSoph.l, 66 Gelhausen, Brenda lSr.l, 27 Genfling, Scoff lSr.l, 27 Genfling, Sfuarf lSr.l, 27 George, Jimmy lSr.l, I9, 27, 79, 80 German, Jacqueline lSr.l, 27, 92, l04 Gefz, Beverly lSoph.l, 66 Geuea, Lawrence lSoph.l, I43 Gibbs, Jackie lJr.l, 49 Gibbs, Susan lSopl1.l, 66 Gibson, Emory lJr.l, 49, I06, IO7 Gibson, Mike lJr.l, 49. I49 Gilder, Peggy l-lf-l. 49 Cynfhia lSr.l, 27 Giles, Giles, Oiuda lSoph.l Giles, Richard lSr.l Ginn, Cafhy lSr.l, 28 Sfanley lSoph.l, 66, 80 Gish, Gish, Terry lJr.l, 80, 49, 79, Bl Glasscock, Anneffe lSoph.l, 66 Glazier, David, lSoph.l Glover, Dickie lJr.l, 49, 80 Godley, Linda lSoph.l, 66 Goen, Ava lJr.l, 28 Goefzke, Mary Joe lSr.l, 28, 84 Goode, Mary Ellen lSr.l, 28, 82, I77 Goode, Mike lSoph.l, 66, 80 Goodrum, Allen lJr.l, 49 Gordon, Bill lSr.l, 28, I42 Gorski, Ted lSoph.i, 66, I50 Gossler, Don lSoph.l Gough, Laurie lJr.l, 49, l05, I07 Granade, Joe lJr.l, 49 Granf, Judy lJr.l Graves, Barbara lSr.l, 28, l02, I04, IO6, l07 Graves, Sandy lSr.l, 28, IO4 Gravley, Sandie lSr.l, 28 Gray, Gary lSr.l, 28, 99 Green, Claudia lSoph.l, 66 Green, Mary lSr.l, 28, 88 Greenwood, Gary lSr.l, 28 Gresseff, Doris lJr.l Grider, Karen lSoph.l, 66 Griffin, Glenda lJr.l, 49 Griffifh, Allen lSoph.l, 66 Griffifh, Linda lSr.l, 28 Griffifh, Thomas lSr.l, 28, l42, I55 Griggs, Jimmy lJr.l, 49 Grimaldi, Jay lSoph.l Grimes, Rodger lSoph.l, 66 Grisham, Walfer lSr.l Grumbling, Roberf lSoph.l 66, 80 Guerranf, Terry lSoph.l, 66, 75, Bl Guinn, Judy, lSoph.l, 66 Gunn, Terry lJr.l Gunfer, Cliff lSr.l, 28 Gusfafson, Larry lJr.l, 49, I36, I46 Gufhrie, Eddie lJr.l, 49 H Haas, Carla lSoph.l, 66 Hackleman, Kay lSoph.l, 66, I07 Hackney, Larry lJr.l, 49 Hackney, Vonda lSr.l, 28 Hailey, Chris lSoph.l, 66, 70, 80, Hairsfon, John lSoph.l, 66 Hale, Jeffrey lSr.l, 28 Haley, Jan lSr.l, 28, 83, 90 Hall, Brian lJr.l, 49, 79, 8I Hall, Harry T. lSr.l, 28 Hallam, Barbara lSoph.l Hallmark, Jane lSoph.l, 66 Halpenny, Don lSr.l, 28 Halpin, Frank lSr.l, 28 Hamilfon Laura lSo l-1.l I5 66 84 1 P 1 1 1 Hamlin, James lJr.l Hamrick, Larry lSoph.l, 66 Hamzy, Sharon lSr.l, 28 Haney, Dennis lSoph.l, 66 Haney, Terry lJr.l, 49, l28, I33 Haney, Paf lSr.l, 28, 92 Hankins, Gary lJr.l, 49 Hankins, Morris lSoph.l Hankins, Sandy lSr.l, 28 Hanna, Deloris lSoph.l, 66 Hans, Jack lJr.l, 49, 80, 8I Hansen, Jo lJr.l, 49, I25 Hardage, Sfanley lSoph.l, 60, 66, 80. 8l, l05 Hardgrave, Mike lJr.l, 49 Hardin, James lSr.l, 28, 78 Hardin, John lS0pl-Ll, 66, 78, 80 Hardison, Diane lJr.l, 49 Hardwicke, Anne lJr.l, 49 Hargrove, James lJr.l, 8l, l30 Hedgepefh, Dale lSr.l Hedges, Sandra lSr.l, 29 Hefner, Kaye lSr.l, 29, l52 Heilman, Jan lSoph.l, 67 Helena, Bill lSoph.l, 67, I43 Henderson, Andy lSoph.l, 67, 79, 80, 8l, l05 Henderson, Diana lJr.l, 50 Henderson, Jim lSoph.l, 67, I46 Hendrick, Vince lSr.l, 29, 83, l28, l33 Hendrickson, Carol lSr.l, 29, 78, 82 Hendry, Richard lSr.l, 29, I79 Henslee, Janice lSoph.l, 67 Herman, Linda lSoph.l, 67 Herman, Phill lJr.l, 50 Herrify, Kafhy lSoph.l, 67 HieH', Bob lSr.l, 29, 90, I00, IO6 Higby, Judy lSr.l, 29, l0l, ll4, l52, l53 Higgins, Oran lSoph.l Higley, John lSr.l, 29, 82, 84, 90, I28, l32, l42, I55, I65, l77 Hildebrand, Sandra lJr.l, 50 Hill, Donna lJr.l, 50, l5l Hill, Joe lJr.l Hill, Millie Ann lSoph.l, 67, l07 Hill, Sandra lSr.l, 29 Hill, Skippy lJr.l, 50 Hillaker, Sfephanie lSoph.l, l5, 67 Hilfon, Joe lSoph.l, 67 Hinners, Nancy lSr.l, 29 Hinze, Ronnie lJr.l, 50, l39, l40 Hoecker, Joan lSr.l, 29, 97, 99 Hoffman, A. Scoff, 50, 79, 8l, IO4 Holbrook, Barbara lSopl1.l Holbrook, Jan lSr.l, 29 Jackson, Lorincla lJr.l, 50 Jackson, Sandra lJr.l, 50 Jarvis, Jeff lJr.l, 50, 85, 86, l32, l34, I43, l55, l72 Jefferson, Beffy lSoph.l, 67 Jenkins, Jeri lSoph.l, 67 Jenkins, Judy lSr.l, I3, 30 Jenkins, Norman lSoph.l, 68 Jennings, Joyce lSoph.l, 68 I29, Jennings, Nancy lJr.l, 50, 82, 83, 86, 92, 97, 99 Jeff, Jim lJr.l, l6, 50, 79, 80 Jeweff, Bobby lSr.l, 30, I67 Joe, Lillian lSr.l, 30, 99 Johndro e, John lSoph.i, 68, I42 Johnson, Alan lSoph.l, 68, 80, 8l Johnson, Cheryl lSoph.l, 68 Johnson, Clifford lSr.l, 30 Johnson, Don lSoph.l, 68, I46 Johnson, Doug lSr.l, 30, I43 Johnson, Jim lSr.l, 30, I29, l33, I55 Johnson, Judi lSr.l, 30 Johnson, Kafhleen lJr.l, 50 Johnson, Raymond lSopl'1.l, 80 Johnsfon, Dee lJr.l, 50 Joiner, Jimmy lJr.l, 50, 94, 95, 103 IOS, IO7 Jones, Carol lSoph.l, 68, IO6 Jones, Clevis lSoph.l Jones, Dianne lSoph.l, 68, IO6 Jones, Don lSoph.l, 68 Jones, Emily lSoph.l, 68 Jones, Janef lSr.l, 30, 89, 90, l04 Holden Bari lSoph.l, 12, 67, 172 Holden, Dwayne lJr.l, 50, IO4, I42 Holden, Heafher iJr.l, 84 Holden Laurence lSoph.l, 67, lOl, l07 Holder, Karen lJr.l, 50 Holder, Bud lJr.l, 50 Holland, Warner lJr.l Hollingsworfh, Carol lSoph.l Honaker, Mary Ann lSr.l, 29 Honeycuff, Maxine lSoph.l, 67, 84 Hood, Bobby lJr.l, 50 Hood, Mike lJr.l, 50 Hooderpyle, Jim lSoph.l, 67, l48 Hooker, Anne lJr.l, 50, I25 Hopkins, Jo Lynne lSr.l, 29 Jones, Mike lSr.l, 3l Jones, Roberf lJr.l Jones, Ronnie lSoph.l Jordan, JoElaine lSoph.l, 68, IO6 Jordan, Larry lJr.l, 50, 79, 80 K Kanfo, Ken lSr.l, 3l Keahey, Toma lSr.l, 3l Kean, Nona lSr.l, 3l Kean, Susie lSoph.l, 68 Keeling, Tom lSoph.l, 68 Keener, Prisci lSr.l, 3l, 78, 8l, IOI Keefon, Lynda lSr.l, 3l, l52 Keifh, Camille lSoph.l, 68 Keifh, Carmen lSopl'1.l, 68 Keifh, Susie lSr.l, 3I, 78, 80 Kell, Janef lJr.l Keller, Kay lSr.l, 3l, 96, l20, l85 Harker, Charles L. lSoph.l, 66, 80, 8I Harkins, Alex lSoph.l, 66 Harkins, Anna Marie lSr.l, 29, 74, 94, 95, l78 Harlow Sr. , Pal' l l, 29 Harper, Charles lSoph.l, 66 Harper, Joe lSoph.l, 66, 80 Harper, Woody lSoph.l, 67 Harrell, Barbara lSr.l, 29 Harrell, Lynn lSr.l, 29 Harrell, Nell lJr.l, 49 Harrell, Ronnie lSoph.l, 67, I50 Harringfon, PaHi lSoph.l, 67 Harringfon, Suzanne lJr.l, 49 Harris, Jerry lSoph.l, 67 Harris, Harris, Marilyn lSr.l, 29, 95 Paf lJr.l, 49, l02 Harris, Roberf Norman lJr.l, 49 Harrison, Corky lSr.l, 29, I07 Harrison, George lSr.l, 29, 80, I46 Harrison, Glenn lJr.l, 49, 78, 8l, I24 Harrison, James lSoph.l Harrison, Sarah lSopl'1.l, 67 Harrisfon, John lSoph.l, 80 Harf, Georgia Ann lSoph.l, 67 Hasfings, Terry lSr.l, 29, 79, 80 Haffield, Barbara lSoph.l, 67, IO6, I8O Hawkins, Joe lSr.l, 29 Hawkins, Kafhryn lSr.l, 29 Hawley, Donald lSoph.l, 67, 80 Hay, John lSoph.l, 67 Head, David lSopl'1.l, 67, I42 Heard, Dwighfl Jr.l, IO7 Hearfwell, Dick lJr.l, 49, l46 Heafh, Mary Ann lJr.l, 50 Hopper, Michael lSopl1.l, 67, 80 Horfon, Ancel lSr.l Horfon, Valerie lSoph.l, 67, IO6 Hosfer, Chuck lSoph.l, 67, 8l Hofopp, James lJr.l, 50, I07 Houp, Jonafhan lSr.l, 30, 86, l42, I43, I44, l45, I55, I73, I76 Howard, Jamie lSoph.l, 67 Howard, Theresa lSr.l, 30 Howell, Johnny lSr.l, 80 Howell, Paula lJr.l, 50 Howefh, James lSoph.l, 67 Hubbard, Diane lJr.l, 50 Huckabay, Wesley lSoph.l, 67, I42 Hudek, Bruce lSr.l, 30 Hudek, Sfeve lSr.l, 30 Hudson, Mary T. lSr.l, 30 Hughes, Roxie lSr.l, 30, l52 Hulse, Dennis lJr.l, 50, IO6 Hume, Lloyd lSoph.l Hunf, Mike lSr.l, 30 Hunf, Sam lSoph.l, 67, 8I Hunf, Sharyn lSoph.l, 67 Hurley, Leo lSoph.l, 67 Hufchins, Sfuarf lSoph.l, 67, 80 Hufchinson, John T. lSoph.l, 67 Huffo, Sherry lSopl1.l, 67, IO4 lngram, Bruce lJr.l lsbell, Kif lSr.l, 30 lserf, Barbara lSr.l, 30 lvey, Jack lSr,l, 30 J Jackson, Brenda lJr.l, 50 Kelley, Sharon lSoph.l, 68 Kelly, Brooke lJr.l, 50 Kelly, Brooks lJr.l, 5l, l04 Kelly, Keifh lSr.l, 3l Kelley, Keifh lSr.l, 3l Kemmerer, Kiffy lSr.l, 3l Kendall, Charles lSr.l, 3I, 84, 90, l28, I30, l55 Kendrick, Nancy lSoph.l, 68 Kennedy, Dawn lSr.i, 3I Keswick, Leigh lSr.l, 3l Keyes, Lilla lSr.l, 3l, I52 Kezer, Pam lSoph.l, 68 Kidd, Richard lSoph.l, 68 Kilpafrick, Jan lSoph.l, 68 King, chiggef lJr.l, 57, 97, 112, 114 King, Jimmie lJr.i, 5l King, Jimmy lSr.l, 3I King, Nick lSr.l, 3l King, Shirley lSr.l, 3l, 97, 98 Kinzy, Linda lSoph.l, IO4 Kirk, Don lSoph.l, 68 Kirk, Kafhy lJr.l, 5l Kirk, Larry lSoph.l, 68, l4l Kirkland, Perry lSr.l, 3l Kirkley, Lyndell lJr.l, I24 Kleven, Pefe lSoph.l, 68, I43 Knaus, Gale lJr.l Knighf, Donna lSoph.l, 68, IO6 Knipscher, Susan lSoph.l, 68 Knudsen, Babeffe lSoph.l, 68, IO6 Knudsen, Barbara lJr.l, 5I, IO7 Koch, Paf lSoph.l, 68, I00 Koenig, Peggy lJr.l, 5l, 60, l60 Korfh, Verifa lSoph.l, 68 Koslow, Ronnie lSoph.l, 68 Krappman, Dorofhy lJr.l Krog, Tim 1Sr.l, 32, 78, 79 Krollinger, Ray lJr.l, 51, 136, 146, 155 Kruzick, Maxine Kaye 1Soph.1, 68 Kuhn, Connie Sue 1Sr.1, 32 Kunlz, Ann 1Sr.l, 32, 98 L Ladnier, Janice lSr.1, Lahmer, Richard lSoph.l, 80 Lamb, Judy 1Jr.l, 51 Lamb, Roberl lSr.l, 32, 128, 132, 134, 155 Landrelh, Jane lSr.1, 32 Landwehr, Jerry 1Jr.l, 51 Lane, Jim 1Jr.1, 51, 82, 84, 122, 169, 185 Lane, Joyce Ann 1Soph.l, 68 Lane, Lionel 1Soph.l, 68 Lane, Nancy 1Jr.1, 51 Lanlord, Ed 1Jr.l, 51 Langdon, Jimmy 1Soph.l, 68 Langdon, Johnny 1Soph.l, 68 Larson, Dick 1Jr.1, 51, I42 Lalhan, Linda 1Soph.l, 68, 84 Lalhrop, Howard 1Sr.1, 32 Lalimer, Donna lSr.1, 32, 106 Laulz, Frances lSoph.1, 68 Laulz, Grover 1Sr.1, 32, 81 Lawrence, Bobby 1Jr.1, 51 Lawrence, Gavca 1Soph.l, 68 Lawrence, John 1Jr.1, 80 Lawrence, Linda 1Sr.1, 32 Laws, Laws, DeAnn 1Jr.1, 51 Ronnie 1Sr.l, 32, 51 Lawson, Judy 1Jr.l, 51, 84 Lawson, Ronald 1Sr.1, 32 Lawyer, Janelle 1Sr.l, 32 Lazo, Ellen 1Sr.1, 32 Leach, Caroline 1Sr.l, 32 Ledyard, Paulelrle 1Sr.1, 32 Lee, Deloris 1Sr.l, 32 Lee, Melissa 1Soph.1, 66, 69 Lee, Sandy 1Jr.1, 51, 79, 153 Lee, Suzy lJr.l, 51, 112, 114, 153, 179 Leelon, Lucy 1Soph.1, 69 Leissner, Kaye 1Soph.l, 69 Lenox, Judilh 1Sr.1, 32, 97, 99 Leon, Bill 1Jr.l, 51, 142 Leonard, Madelon lJr:l, 51 Leonhardl, Evelyn 1Sr.l, 32, 90, 102, 104 Leonharl, Jimmy 1Sr.l, 32 Lile McMahon, Leopold, Henry 1Soph.1, 15, 81 Leslie, Bob lJr.1, 80 Leslie, James lSr.l, 32, 143 Leslie, Susan 1Jr.l, 51 Leslie, Vicki 1Soph.l, 69 Leverich, Dick lJr.l, 51, 80 Lewis, Belly Ann 1Jr.l, 51 Lewis, Eddie lSoph.1, 69, 141, 146 Lewis, Mary 1Jr.l, 51 Lewis, Tom 1Jr.l, 51, 80, 81 Chrislie 1So hl 69 1 1 P ' 1 Lilieslrom, Barry 1Soph.1, 69. 84. 150 Lilly, Dwighl 1Soph.l, 80, 81 Lilly, Jo Marie 1Sr.1, 83, 85, 86 Linbarger, Susan 1Jr.l. 51 Lindley, Janelle 1Soph.l, 69 Linnslaedl, John 1Soph.l Lillle, George 1Jr.1, 51, 60, 160 Llewellyn, Carler 1Jr.l, 51, 143. 145 Llewellyn, Lynn 1S0ph.l. 69 Lobdell, Kaye 1S0p1'1.l. 69 Locke, Kay lSoph.1, 69 Lockerl, Gary lSoph.l, 69 Lolllancl, Tom lSr.l. 32 Lomerson, Bill 1Sr.l, 32, 142, 145 Lomerson, Sally 1Sr.l, 32 Long, Lucinda 1Jr.l, 51 Long, Russell 1Soph.1, 69, 106 Long, Suzanne lJr.l, 51 Longley, Joe 1Sr.1, 32, 186, 110 Loughry, Bill 1Soph.l, 69 Lovell, Lynda Lowdon, Ann 1Soph.l, 69. 151 Lowe, Jerry lSr.l, 33, 78, 79, 80, 81, 90, 180 Lowe, John 1Jr.1, 52, 60, 78, 100, 160 Lowlce, Bill 1Jr.1, 52, I06, 107 Lowke, Joe 1Jr.l, 52, 83, 106 Lowrance, Dan 1Jr.1, 52, 105, 106 Lowry, Lana 1Soph.l, 66, 69 Lowry, Linda Kay 1Jr.l, 52 Lowry, Sherry 1Sr.1, 33, 110, 112 Lucas, Billy 1Sr.1, 33, 104, 129, 133, 134, 155 Lucas, Bobbie 1Jr.l, 52, 104 Bobby 1Sr.1, 33 Monlilynne 1Soph.l, 69 Luck, Lucus, Ludwig, Chris 1Soph.l, 69 Luedlke, Ronald 1Jr.1, 52, 87 Luskie ,Ronnie 1Sr.l, 33 142, 155 Lulher, Jan 1Sr.l, 33,112, 114, 116 Luxlon, Michael 1Sr.1, 33, 81 Lydiclc, Lana 1Jr.1 Lynnes, Suzanne 1Soph.l, 69 Lyons, Bobby 1Sop11.1, 69, 81 Mc MacAulay, Kalhleen 1Jr.l MacCammond, Sandy 1Soph.l, 69 MacFarlane, Johnny lSoph.l, 69 MacNaughlon, Chris 1Soph.l, 70 MacAlpin, Nancy lSoph.l, 69 McBride, Herberl 1Sr.l McBride, Jimmy 1Soph.,l 69, 80 McCallrey, Palriclc 1Sr.1, 33, 88 McCarrol1, Bobby lSoph.l, 69, 187 McCarro1l, Jimmy lSr.l, 33, 85, 160 McCarlhy, MaryAnne 1Sr.1, 33 McCarlhy, Meganl Soph.l, 69 McCarly, Carolyn Ann 1Sr.1, 33 Barbara 1Soph.1, 69 Ann 1Soph.l, 69, 104 Anne 1Soph.l, 69, 106 Mar Ann 1Jr. 52 McC1ung, McClure, McClure, McClure, y 1, McClure, Rally 1Jr.l, 52, 80 McConnell, Lynn 1Soph.1, 69, 115, 187 McCrea, John 1Sr.l, 33 McCre1ess, Mary Lou 1Sr.l, 33, 78, 81, 85,90,91, 152, 158,159, , 175, 185 McDermoll Bruce 1Jr.1, McDonald, Mike 1Soph.1, 69, 150 McDonnell, Vonila 1Jr.l, 52 McElhaney, Ann 1Sr.l, 33 McGarrah, Judy lSoph.l, 69, 84 McGaughy, Kay 1Sopl1.1, 69, 104 McGralh, Lynda 1Jr.1, 52, 120 McHenry, Camille 1Sr.l, 33 McHenry, Ricky 1Jr.1, 52 Mclnlosh, Kenl 1Sr.l, 33 McKay, Peggy lJr.l, 52 McKennon, Alan 1Soph.1 McKim, Gridley 1Sr.l, 33, 78, 79, 85, 90, 92, 174, 179 McKinney, Barbara 1Soph.1, 69 McKinney, Roberl 1Soph.l McKinney, Tim 1Jr.1, 52, 141 McLean, Joe 1Jr.l, 52 McMahan, Marcille 1Jr.l Buddy 1Soph.l, 69 McMahon, Carol 1Jr.l, 52 Pal 1Soph.l, 69 McMahon, McMenamy, Don 1Sr.l, 33 McMenamy, Palsy 1Soph.l, 69 McMillan, Bill 1Soph.1, 69, 107 McMurry, Linda 1Sr.1, 33, 111 M Maag, Johnny 1Jr.l, 52, 128, 133, 155 Maddox, Pal lJr.1, 52 Madearis, Roy 1Soph.1, 70, 81, 106 Magers, Bill 1Sr.1, 33, 88, 105 Maggard, Mariean 1Jr.l Maggard, Myra lSopl1.l Magollin, Mary Jane 1Soph.l, 70 Magnusson, Sandra lSopl1.1, 70, 104 Mahan, Carl 1Soph.l, 80 Males, Sara 1Jr.1, 52, 83 Malone, Arleen lJr.l Maloney, Mike 1Soph.1, 70, 146 Maloney, Pal 1Jr.l, 52 Manasco, Lorella lSr.l, 33 Mahiro, Sherry 1Jr.l, 52 Mann, Brenda lSoph.l, 70, 102, 104 Manning, Jay 1Sr.l, 34 Manning, Mary 1Sr.1, 34 Mansir, Paul lSr.1, 34, 78, 79, 85, 86, 96, 185 Marsh, Suzane 1Sr.l Marshall, George 1Soph.1, 70 Marshall, John 1Sr.l, 34 Marlin, Bill lJr,1, 52, 105 Gary lSr.l, 34 Marlin, Marlin, Judy 1Sr.l, 34 Manin, sue 1Sr.1, 34, 105, 107 Marlin, Waller 1Sr.l, 34, 90, 97, 98, 148, 174, 181 Massey, Connie lSopl'1.l, 70, 106 Massey, Linda 1Sr.l, 34 Massey, Lynn lJr.1, 52 Mason, Judy lJr.l, 52, 86, 120 Mason, Sharon lJr.1, 52 Malhis, Jeannie lJr.l, 52 Malloon, Ken lSr.l, 34, 103, 105, 107 Maxwell, Jack 1Soph.l, 70 Maxwell, Pal 1Soph.l, 70 May, Hal lSoph.l, 70, 80 Mayfield, George 1Sr.l, 34, 78 Mayo, Melinda 1Sr.l, 34, 78, 80, 81, 160, 186 Meadlin, Wayne 1Jr.l, 52, 103, 105, 107 Meadows, Alann 1Soph.l, 70, 150 Meek, Dennis lSoph.l, 70 Meglasson, Mike 1Jr.l, 52 Meihaus, Marly 1Jr.1, 53 Melcus, Theresa 1Sr.1, 34 Mellon, Lynn 1Soph.l, 70 Melville, David lSoph.l, 106 Melville, Donna 1Jr.l, 53 Melvin, William 1Jr.l, 53 Merrick, Tena lSr.1, 34, 93 Melcall, Wesley 1Sopl1.1, 70,, 80, 81 Meyer, Emily 1Soph.l, 70 Michael, Bobby lSoph.l, 70 Michels, Sandi 1Soph.l, 70 Moss, Sue lSoph.1, 70 Moss, Tommy 1Sop1'1.1, 70 Mollel, Janice 1Jr.l, 35, 83 Mollel, Jeanelle 1Sr.1, 35, 95 Mulholland, Sonny 1Jr.l, 53, 128, 132, 135 Mulkey, Danny 1Jr.l, 53, 149, 155 Mullins, Pal 1Jr.l, 53, 89, 91 Munday, Judy 1Jr.l, 53, 60, 104, 106 Munn, Iva Nell 1Soph.1, 70 Murphy Murphy, Jim 1Jr.1, 53 Margwen lSr.l, 35, 83 Murphy, Rila 1Sr.l Murray, Doyle 1Jr.1, 53, 84, 142 Murray, Marlha 1Soph.l, 70 Murray, Myers, Paul lJr.l, 53, 116 Mike 1Jr.l, 53, 95 Mylius, Ralph 1Soph.1, 142 N Nanney, Pal 1Jr.1, 53, 129, 133, 139 Napier, Jim lSoph.l, 70, 142 Nass, Dianne 1Jr.l, 53, 152 Neal, Danny 1Jr.l, 53 Neal, Elaine 1Soph.l, 71 Neal, Sallye 1Jr.1, 53 Needham, Bea L. 1Jr.l Needham, Galye 1Jr.l, 54, 78, 81, 85, 120 Needham, Joe 1Soph.1, 71, 143 Neely, Becky 1Jr.1, 54 Nelson, Richard O. 1Sr.l, 35, 97, 99 Nelson, Roberl 1Soph.l, 71 Nelson, Ronald 1Jr.1, 54, 128, 134, 135, 155 Newkirlc, Suzanne 1Soph.l, 71 Newman, Head 1Jr.l, 54, 114, 187 Nichols, Jane 1Soph.l, 71 Nichols, P-eler 1Jr.1, 81 Nims, Lynelle 1Jr.l, 54, 104 Miller Miller Miller , Bob 1Soph.1, 70, 142 , Dave 1Sr.l, 34 , Margarel lSr.l, 34 Miller, Mariorie 1Sr.l, 34, 105, 106 Miller, Penny 1Sr.l, 34 Miller, Ralph 1Soph.1 Miller, Sally 1Jr.l, 53 Miller, Sharon lSr.1, 35 Miller, Sleve lSoph.l, 70 Miller, Vivian lJr.1, 53 Milligan, Doug 1Soph.l, 70, 80 Milligan, Kalhy 1Soph.l, 70 Nix, Anila 1Jr.l, 54, 107 Nix, Nanc lSr.l 35. 88 Norman, fanny lSr.l, 35, 118, 162 Norris, Norman 1Soph.1 Mills, Marsha 1Sr.l, 35 Mills, Susan lSoph.l, 70, 103, 105, 106 Mills, Suzan lJr.1, 53 Milner, Bill lSoph.l, 70, 80, 81 Mixson, Bobby 1Soph.1, 70 lvlollel, Mike 1Jr.1 Molloy, Bob 1Jr.l Monday, Jimmy 1Jr.1, 53 Monroe, Georgia 1Sr.1, 35, 92 Monlgomery, Bulch 1Jr.1, 53, 99, 139 Morgan, Beverly 1Soph.l, 70 Morgan, Phil lSr.l, 35, 80, 81 Fielding lJr.l, 53 Morley, Norris, Riclcy 1Jr.1 Norris, Sally 1Sr.l, 35, 92 Norwood, Warren lSoph.1, 71 Nunes, Mona 1Soph.1, 71 O O'Bannon, Ella May lSoph.l, 71, 84 O'Brien, Joan 1Soph.l Ochoislci, Susan 1Jr.l, 54 O'DeII, Carole 1Jr.1, 54, 78, 80, 86, 151 oersay, Mike 1sf.1, 35, 107, 117, 128 130, 131, 135, 155, I42, 159,161 Oliver Barbara 1Sr.l, 35 Olson, Jackie lSoph.1, 71, 104 Olson, Ronnie 1Jr.l, 54, 150 Olson, Sandra 1Soph.1, 71 O'Nea1, A. Marlin lJr.1 O'NeiII, James lSoph.1, 71, 81 Ornelas, Terry 1Soph.1, 71 O'I'oole, Bill 1Jr.l Owen, Brenda lSr.l, 35 Owen, Pal 1Sr.l, 35, 83 Morri Morris, Morris, Morris, Morse, Mood Moor, Moore, II, Kenny 1Soph.1, 70, 150 Kalhy lJr.1, 53 Mary 1'Soph.1, 70 Terry 1Jr.l, 53, 148 Nancy 1Jr.1, 53 y, lvan lSr.1 Bob 1Jr.l, 136, 145 Archie lJr.l, 53, 79, 80 Moore, Bob lJr.1, 53, 80, 136 Moore, Eddie lSoph.l, 70 Moore, Ginny 1Jr.l, 53 Moore, Joan lSr.l, 35 Moore, Moore, Jimmy 1Sr.l, 35 Sherry 1Soph.l, 70 Moore, Sylvia 1Jr.l, 53, 103, 105, 107 Morgan, Beverly lSoph.1, 70 Morrill, Kenny 1Soph.1, 70 Morris, Mary lSoph.1, 70 Moses, George lSoph.l, 70, 79, 80, 105 Mosley, Karrol lSr.l, 35 Moss, Belh lSoph.l, 70 Owen, Sam 1Jr.l, 54, 80 Owens, Rosella lSr.1, 35 P Pace, Joe 1Soph.l, 71 Pace, Tommy 1Soph.1, 71 Paden, Buddy 1Sr.1, 80 Padgell, Kay 1Sr.l, 36, 90, 100 Padgell, Ronnie 1Sr.1 Page, Myrna 1Jr.1, 54 Pankey, Fred lJr.1, 54, 79, 80, 81 Paris, Renee lJr.1, 54, 121 Parker, Fausl 1Jr.1, 54, 128, 134, 135 Parker, Susan 1Soph.l, 71 Parkin, John lJr.l, 54, 81 Parkman, Lillie 1Soph.l, 71 Passel, Charlolle 1Soph.l, 71 Pallerson, Glen 1Soph.l, 80 Pallerson, Mary 'Dell lSr.l, 36 Pallon, Meladie 1Jr.l Pallon, Roberl 1Sr,l, 36, 88, 97, 98 Pallon, Tommy 1Jr.l, 142, 145 Perrone, Donna lSoph.i, 7l, 84 Simmons, Pruden, Terry lSoph.l, 7l Smifl-,I Thomas Paffon, Virginia iJr.i, 54 Paulsel, James lJr.l, 54 Pavillard, Tommy lJr.l, 54 Payne, Eudora iJr.l, 54, ll2, II4 Payne, Sallie lSoph.l, 7l Peabody, Lela lSoph.l, 7l Pearson, Paf iSr.i, 36 Pease, Lucinda lSr.l, ll, 36 Pelfon, Alice lSoph.l, 7l, 94 Pellon, Bill lJr.l, 54, 80, 94, 95 Pendery, David lJr.l, 54, 79, 80 Penn, Roberf lSoph.i, 7I Pense, Glenn lSr.l, 36, 80, 8l, 95 Peoples, Eddie lJr.l, 54 Perkins, Roberf lJr.l, 54, 103, I05 l07 Perry, Bea iJr.l, 54, IO7 Perry, Joan lSoph.l, 7l Perry, Lynn lJr.l, 54 Peffy, Charles lSoph.i Tom lSr.i, 36 Peffy, Phenis, Allen lSr.l, 54 Philbin, Susan lJr.i, 83 Phillips, Barbara lSoph.l, 7I Phillips, Dufch iJr.l, 54 Phillips, Sue lJr.i, 54 Pieplow, Rufh lJr.l, 55 Pieraff, Jon lJr.i, I50 Pipes, Ann lSr.i, 36 PiH's, Pamela lSoph.l, 7l Plumly, Sharonl Jr.l, 55 Porfer, Carol lJr.l, 55 Porfer, Kennefh lJr.l, 55, 8I Porfer, Virginia lSoph.i, 7l Porferfield, Dale iJr.i, 55, 8l Poffer, Libifs lSr.l, 36, 86, 90, l52, I66 Powell, Bill lSoph.i, 7l, I05, l06 Powell, Kafhleen iJr.i, 55 Powell, Ronald lJr.i, 55 Powers, Suzy lSr.i Pownder, Paffy lJr.l, 55, l24 Prafher, Bufch iSr.l, 36, lI2 Praff, Diane lSoph.l, 7I Praff, Rick iSoph.l, 7I Praff, Roberf lSoph.i, 7l Pra'H', William lSr.l, 55, 80 Preissinger, Benny lSoph.i, 7I Preissinger, Bobby lSr.l, 36, I28, l34, l35 Prenfiss, Tom iSr.l, 36 Presley Malcolm lSoph,l, 69, 7l Price, Donna iSoph.l, 7l Price, Mary Ann iSoph.l Prichard, Cafhy lSr.i, 36 Prince, Linda lJr.l, 55, 60 Prior, Jeanne lJr.l, 55, I53 Proffiff, Johnny lJr.l Propper, Kafhy lJr.l, 55, 9I Proudfif, Julia lJr.l, 55 Provine, Jack lSr.l, I28, I34, l35 Puckeff, Loyce lSr.l, 36, I5 Puckeff, Ronnie lSr.i, 36, l03, I05 IO6, l07, l8I, Q Quinlivan, Diane lSoph.l, 7I R Rabb, Craig iSr.i, 36 Rabinowifz, Herberl' lJr.l, 55 Rackley, Louis lSr.l Ragan, Kafherine lSr.l, 36, IO4 Raley, Jeff iJr.l Randolph, Leslie lJr.l,- 55 Raschke, Sylvia iSr.l, 36, 89 Rafcliff, Glynda lSoph.l, 7l Rafliff, Wendy SSoph.l, 7l Rafliff, Bob lSr. , 36 Raffan, Gene lJr.l, 55, I42, l45 Ray, Gail lJr.i, 55 Ray, Pam .iSr.l, 36, 83, 90, ll5. II6, l52 Ray, Vaughn lSoph.l, 7l Readin er, Rick lSoph.l, 72 Redford, Jerry iSoph.l, 72 Redwine, Allen lSr.l, 36, I42, I44 Reed, Conner N. iSr.l, 36, 8I Reed, Linda iSr.l, 36 Reel, Cheryl lSr.l, 36 Reese, Becky lJr.l, 55 Reeves, Roy lJr.i, 55 Reilly, Diana lJr.l, l52 Reimer, Eugene lSoph.l Reinard, Barbara lJr.l, 60 Reinhardf, Leonard, lJr.l, 55 Reinharf, Bobby lSoph.l Reinharf, Johnny lSr.l, 37, 84 Reufher, Norman iJr.l, 55, I39, l40 Reynolds, Andrea lJr.l, 55 Rhodes, Susan lSoph.l, 72, 83 Richards, John lSoph.l, 72, l73 Richardson, GlyndalSr.l, 37 Rickerson, Dale lSoph.l, 72 Riddle, Benny lJr.i, 55, 79, 80, I05 Rigdon, Bob lSoph.l Riley, Rosa lJr.l, 55 Rim bey, David iJr.l, 55 Rimbey, John lSr.l, 37 Rifchey, Camilla lSoph.l, 72 Rifchie, Barbara lJr.l, 55 Robbins, Allen lJr.i, 55, 79, 8l, l04 Robbins, Jack lJr.l Robbins, Jay lSr.l Robbins, Sonny lJr.l, 55, I28, l32, I35, I46 Roberfson, Carole Roberfson, Edward Roberfson, iSoph.l, 72 lSoph.l, 72 Jeanne lSoph.l, 72 Roberfson, John lSoph.l, 72 Roberfson, Vicki lSoph.l, 72 Robin, John lSoph.i, 72 Robinson, Chan lSoph.l, 80 Robinson, David lJr.l, 55 Robinson, Dayna lSoph.l 72 Robinson, Robson, Lyn iJr.l, 56 Bill lSoph.l, 72, Bl Roderer, Judifh Ann lJr.l Rodgers, Margaref lJr.l, 56 Roeder, Paf lJr.i, 56 Rogers, Conni lJr.l, 56 Rogers, John lJr.l, 56, 79, 80 Rogers, Judy lJr.l Rogers, Karen lSoph.i, 72 Rogers, Nancy lSr.l, 86, 96 Rogers, Susan lSr.i, 37 Rogers, Terry lSr.l, 37, l38, I39 Rohde, Margaref lSr.l, 37, l04 Rohde, Mary Lee lSoph.l, 72, IO4 Rose, Andy iSoph.i, l42 Ross, Rex lJr.l, 56 Rossi, Sandra lJr.l, 56 Rofhwell, Lynda iSr.l, 37, 92, 95 Rowe, Jimmy iJr.l, 56 Rowe, Richard lSoph.l, 72, 80 Rowland, Charles lSr.i, 37, I28, l3l l35 Rucker, Paffy lSoph.l, 72 Rumph. Tom lJr.l Russell, Beffy lSr.l, 37 Russell, Russell, Lyndall lSr.l, 37, 97, 98 Suzanne lSoph.i, 72 Schenck. Paul iSr.i, 37, 80 Schmid, Roberfa iSoph.i, 72 Schmidf, Guen lSr.l, 37 Schopmeyer, Verefy lJr.i, 56 Schroeder, Dave lJr.l, 56 Schulfz, Lana iSr.l, 37 Schurfer, Ronald lSoph.l, 79, 80 Scoff, Scoff, Scoff, Scoff, Sealy, Hilliard lSr.l, 37, IO7 Marilyn lJr.l, 56 Ronnie lJr.l Susan lSr.l, 37, 84, I52, I85 Kay lSr.l, 38, 85, 90, 92, II4 63 I52, l60, l , I76 Sealey, Sharon lJr.i Searcy, Linda lSoph.i, 72 Sears, Jack lSr.l, 38, I29, I34, l35, l55 Seay, Marfy iSoph.l, 72 Sedin, Jane lSr.l, 38 Sedin, John iSoph.l, 72, 80 Sedin, Mary lSr.l, 38 Selby, Alida lJr.l, 56, 88 Selby, Melinda iSr.i, .38 Selby, Sheri lSr.l, 38 Self, Lana lSr.l, 38 Selman, Charlofie lSr.l, 38 Senevey, Suzie lJr.l, 56, 83, 92 Sessums, Geraldine lSr.l, 38 Seffle, Diane lSoph.i, 72 Sevadiian, Alan lSoph.l, 72 Shade, Sherry lSr.l, 38, 84 Shaffer, Peggy lSoph.l, 72 Shanks, Cherokee lSr.l, 38 Shannon, Phil lSr.l, 38, 80 Sharpe, Evelyn lSoph.l, 72 Sharpe, Rifa lSr.l, 38 Sharraff, Carol Lee lSr.l, 38 Sheaffer, Jack lJr.l, 79, 8l , I05 Shelfon, Jimmie lSoph.l Shields, Tommy lSoph.l, 72, l4l Shilling, Jon iJr.i Shilling, Sharon lSr.l, 38 Shive, Sharon lSoph.l, 72 Shropshire, Myrna lSr.l, 38, IO4 Shulfs, Sid lJr.l, 56 Simmons, Bill lJr.l, 56 Simmons, Charles lSoph.l, 72, IO7 Simmons, Eric lSoph.l, 73, 80, 8l Simmons, Judy Ann lJr.l, 56 Lynn lJr.l, 56 Simmons, Sharon lSr.l, 38 Simms, Marcia lJr.l, 56, l0l Singlefon, Sue lSr.l Sisson, Carey lSoph.l, 73 Sisson, Marilyn iSoph.l, 73 Skaggs, Larry lJr.l Skeryanc, Tony lSoph.l, 73 Skiles, Beffy lJr.l, 56 Slaughfer, Gloria lSoph.l, 73 Slaughler, Wyaff iSoph.i, 73 Rux, Jack lJr.i, 56 Rynd, Jon lJr.l, 56 S Saari, Jeff lSoph.l, 72, I4l Saari, Sfeve lSr.l, 37, I29, I33, l35 Sadler, David lSr.l Sallman, Kennefh lSoph.l, 72 Salyer, Barbara lSr.l, 37 Salyer, Ronnie lSoph.l, 72 Sammons, Suzy iSr.l, 37, I30, I52, I84 Sampish, John lJr.l, 56 Sandel, Jimmy lSoph.l, 72, IO7, I43 Sanders, Joe lSr.l, 37, IOI, II4, lI8, l20, l86, l88 Sandoval, Bennie lJr.l, 80 Sandoval, Berfha lSr.l, 37 Sands, Anifa lSr.l, 37 Sarich, Billy lSoph.l, 72 Sarich, Tommy lJr.l, 56, ll8 Sarfor, Johnny lSr.l Safierfield, Dana lJr.l, 56 Sawyer, Lois lJr.l Sayre, Bill lJr.l, IO, 57, 84, IO7 Scaggs, Phil lSr.l, 37, 79, l20 Scaling Edgar lSr.l, 37 Sloan, Jack lSoph.l, 73, I50 Smifh, Charloffe lSoph.l, 73 Smifh, Cynfhia lSoph.l, 73, 83 Smifh, Donald iSoph.i, 73, l42 Smifh, Earl lJr.l, 56, I05 Smifh, Gregory lJr.l, 56 Smifh, John lSoph.l, 73, 80 Smifh, Judy lSoph.l, 73 Smifh, Kennefh lJr.l, 56, I29 Sowden, Chandler lSr.l, 39, IO3, lO5 Sparks, Kay lSr.l, 39, l5l Spaulding, Charloffe lJr.l, 57 Spelce, Mary lJr.l, 57 Spell, Monfe lJr.l, 57 Squier, Delores lSoph.l, 73 Squires, Leslie lSoph.l, 73 Srygley, Sharon iSoph.l, 73 Sfahl, Richard lSoph.l, 73 Sfallings, Jack lSr.l, 39, 93 Sfancil, Gerald lJr.l, 57 Sfanley, Ronnie lSoph.l, 73 Sleele, Carol lSoph.l, 73 Sfeele, Mike lSoph.l, 73 Sfegall, Bob lJr.i, 57, 79, 80 Sfengele, Harry lSoph.l, 73 Sfephens, Cliff lSoph,l, 73 Sfephens, Mike lJr.l, 57, 79, 8l Sfephens, Roberf iSoph.l, 80 Sfevens, Gayle iJr.l, 57 Sfevens, Riley lSr.l, 39, l42 Sf. John, Jeri lJr.l, 56 Sf. John, Ric lSoph.l, 73 Sfokes, Kennefh lJr.l, 57. 79. 80. 8l Sfokes, Richard lSr.i, 39, 79, 80 Sfokley, Trena lSr.l, 39 Sfone, Barbara lJr.l, 57, 78, 79, 83, ll9 Sfone, Sfanley lSr.l, 39, 78, 79, 89 Sforey, Beverly Jaynne iSr.i, 39 Sforey, Buddy lSoph.l, 73 Sfoff, Marshall lSr.i, 39 Sfovall, Gaines lSr.l, 39, I29, I34, l55 Sfover, Susie lJr.l, 57 Sfrahan, Ronnie lSoph.l, 80 Sfrange, Mike lJr.l, 57, I28, I33 Sfrasheim, Lori lJr.l, 57 Slraffon, Michel lSoph.l, 73 Sfripling, Jill lSr.l, 39 Sfripling, Judy lJr.l, 57 Sfrobel, Jimmy lSr.l, 39, I46 Suggs, Richard lSoph.l, 73 Suiff, DeVonna lSr.i, 40, l52 Supercinski, Ronald lSr.l, 93 Suffon, Nancy lJr.l, 57 Swafford, Curfis lJr.l, 40 Swanson, Vicky lJr.l, 57, l52 Sweeney, Clarene lSoph.l, 73 Sweef, Suzy lJr.l, 57 Sweefin, Mary Anne lSoph.l, 73 Swinnea, Jerry iJr.i, 57 Swinnea, Sharon lSr.l, 40 Sykes, Larry lJr.l, 57 T Talasek, Nancy lSoph.l, 73 Talbof, Bill lSoph.l, 73, 80 Taliaferro, Jane lSoph.l, 73, 83 Tallman, Sue lSr.i, 40 Tarrani, Sandra lSoph.l, 73 Tarf, Frederick lJr.l, 78, 8l, l24 smifh, Kim lJr.l, 56, I34, 135, Iss Smifh, Larry iJr.l, 57 Smiih, Linda lSr.l, 38 Smifh, Lloyd lSoph.l, 73 Smifh, Mike lSr.l, 39 Smifh, Pam iSr.l, 39 Smifh, Ronald lSoph.l, 73, I46 Smiih, Ted lJr.i, 57 Smifh, Tomas lJr.l Smifh, Trudy iSoph.l, 73 Walfer lSr.l, 39 Taylor, Charles lSr.i, 40, I84 Taylor, Dana lSoph.l, 73 Taylor, John lJr.l, 57 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Teague, Roberf lJr.i, 57, 79, 80 Ronald lSoph.i, 73 Sandra lJr.l, 57 Gary lSr.l, 40, I29, I32 Teague, Judifh lSr.l Teal, Linda lSoph.l, 74 Terry, Jimmy lJr.l, 57 Terry, Kay lSoph.l, 74, IO4 Tannisch, Janie lSoph.l Thayer, Linda lSoph.i, 74 Thom, Hurford iJr.l, 57 Thom, Virginia lSoph.l, 74 Thomas Thomas: Bonnie lJr.l Brian lJr.l, 57 Snipes, Dave iJr.l, 57, IO3, I05, l07 Snow, I34, l55, l64, I79, I84 Snow, Ellie lSr.l, 39 Snyder, Cedric lSr.i, 39, 90, IO3, I05, l07, l8l Solomon, Roberf lSoph.l, 73, 80 Sommer, Kaye lSoph.l, 73, 106 Sofer, Kalhryn lJr.l, 57 Billy lSr.l, 39, II7, I29, l30 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Dwaine lJr.l, 57 Ed i rl 40 S., Neville lSoph.l, 74 Priscilla lSr.l, 40 Robby Lynn lSoph.l, 74 Thomas, Sherron lSr.l, 40 Thomason Thompson Thompson Thompson, Thompson Jackie lSr.l, 37 Bobby lJr.l, 58 Buck lJr.l, 58 Camilla lSr.l, 40, ll6 Cafhi lSoph,l, 74, l05 Thompson, Jimmy lJr.l, 58, I29, 132, 133, 134, 155 Thompson Judy lSr.l, 40 Thompson Kalhy lSoph.l, 74, IO3, l06 Thompson, Kay lSopl'i.l, Thompson, Marie lJr.l, 58 Thompson, Sharon lSr.l, 40, I00, Thoms, Bobby lJr.l Thomson, De Jo lSr.l, 40 Thomson, Teddy lJr.l, 58 Thornbury, Don lSoph.l, 74 Thornlon, Belly lJr.l, 58, l I6 IO7, Thornlon, lvan lJr.l, 58, 83 Thornlon, Peggy lSr.l, 40, I82, I86 Thrasher, Gene lSr.l, 40, 80 Thrasher, Mary Ann lSoph.l, 74 Threlkeld, Sleve lJr.l, 58, l49 Tice, Elania lJr.l 58 Tice, Palricia lJr.l, 58 Tillman Jeanelle lSoph.l, 74 Tillolson, Carol lSoph.l, 74 Il4, IIS, V Valkman, Teresa lSr.l, 40 Vance, Nancy Jo lSr.l, 4l, IO4, Vander Leesl, Richard lJr.l, 58 Van Hamersveld, Eric lJr.l, 58 Van Orden, Jane lSr.l, 40, IOO, l22 Van Trease, Lynda lSoph.l, 74 Van Zandl, Neil lSoph.l, 74 Vascocu, Eleanor lSr.l, 4I Vaughan, Jan lSopl'1.l, 74, IO6 Vercruysee, Mary lSr.l, 4I Voss, Anne lJr.l, 58 Voss, Terry lSr.l, 4l Volaw, Janice lJr.l, 58 W Wackerbarlh, Richard lSr.l, I6, 4l 78, 80, 89 Waddle, Chris lJr.l, 58, 8l, l2I Wade, Joyce, lJr.l, 58, l05 Waldron, Mike lJr.l, 58 Walden, Peggy lSr.l, 4I, I46, I47, I55 Wendorl, Hank lSr.l, 4I, I37, l39, l40 Wendorl, Tommy lSoph.l, 75, Wenzel, Carolyn lSr.l, 4I Wesl, Carol lSoph.l, 75 Wesl, Nan lSr.l, 4I, 44 Welh, Wayne lSr.l, 4l, 80 Wharlon, Whalley, Whalley, William lSr.l, 4l Don lSoph.l, 75 Judy lSoph.l, 75 Wheeler, Scoll lJr.l, 59 Whipker, Kay lJr.l, 59 While, Bob lSoph.l, 75, sl, 107 While, Carllon lSr.l, 4l, l43 While, Dianne lJr.l, 59 While, Jim lSoph.l Whilehead, Sherry lJr.l, 59, 89 Whill, Linda lSoph.l, 75 l4l Wilson, Sharron lSr.l, 42 Wimberly, Scolly lJr.l Winn, Margie lSoph.l, 75 Winnick, Roberl lSr.l, 42, 97, 99, I79 Winler, Barby lJr.i, 59 Wiscovich, Rogelio lJr.l Wise, Glenn lJr.l, 59, IO3, l05, I07 Wise, Nona lSopl1.l, 75 Wilherspoon, Jan lSoph.l, 75, 84 Whillen, Ricky lSr.l, 4I Whillinglon, Dick lSr.l, 4l Wickell, Fred lSr.l, 4l, l50 Wickell, Kenny lJr.l, 59, 'l05, l50 Wiemken, Rose Ann lSr.l, 4I, 90, IO4 Wilhile, Tinsley, Marvin lJr.l Walker, Bennell lSoph.l, 74, 8l Todd, Dooley lSQph,l, 74, 80 Walker, Charlolle lJr.l, 58 Todd, Ricky lJr,l, 58' l28I 132' 145 Walker, David lSr.l, 41, 90, II7, I49 Tolson, Barrie lSoph.l, 74, 89, IO4 Walker, Jearl lSoph.l, 73, 74, 80, 94 Torgeson, Phil lSoph.l, 74 Walker, Sharon lJr.l, 58 Touzel, Calhy lJr.l Wall, Berry lJr.l, 58 Wienecke, Warren lSr.l, 79, 80 Wiles, Carroll lSoph.l, 75 Wiley, Dwighl lSoph.l Wilkenson, Carolyn lSr.l, 42 Wilkinson, Pam lSoph.l, 75 Karron lJr.l, 59 Touzel, Janie lSopl'i.l, 74 Tracy, Caryn lSoph.l, 74 Trammell, Jeanne lJr.l, 58 Trell, Paula lJr.l Trickey, Marlha lSoph.l, 74, 84 Trielsch, Freddie lSr.l, 40 Troll, Dennis lSr.l, 40 Truelson, John lSr.l, 40, I29, l3l, I33, l35, l43, I55 I43, l55 Trussell, Wanda lJr.l, 58, 83, 9l, l52, I53 Tubb, Lorella lSr.l, 40, 87, IO4 Tubb, Mariella lSr.l, 40, IO4 Tucker, Vivian lSr.l Tucker, William Fred lJr.l, 58, IO4, l05, l07 Tuomey, Allan lSr.l, 40, l54 Tuomey, Elaine lSr.l, 40 V Turner, Dave lJr.l, 58, I49 Turner, David lJr.l, 58 Turner, Donna lJr.l, 58 U Ulsh, Bonila lSoph.l Urick, Sandra lSoph.l, 74 Ulley, Edwin lSopl'l.l, 74 f 0 f P , li 5 hi fl' l"l J 1 Wall, Berry lJr.l, 58 Wall, Lynelle lSoph.l, 74 Wallace, Diane lSr.l Wallers, Nancy lJr.l, 58 Wallon, Linda lSoph.l, 74 Walls, Judy lJr.l, 59, IIO, Il2 Ward, Sheron, Sr.l, 4l Warlield, Eddie lSoph.l, 4, Warnick, Judy lSr.l, 4l Warren, Ellrey lSoph.l, 74, I46 Warren, Kirby lJr.l, 53, 58, I29, l32, I46, I47 Warren, Nelson lJr.l, 59 Washinglon, Ginger lSoph.l, 74 Walers, Philo lSoph.l, 74 Walson, Ann lJr.l, 59 Walls, Grace lSr.l, 4l Way, Roberl lSr.l, 4l, l28, I34 Wealherall, Elaine lSoph.l, 74 Weaver, Sharon lSr.l, 4l I07 Wehmanen, Sylvia lJr.l, 59, l05, Weimer, Suzanne lSoph.l, 74 Weir, Dixie lSr.l, 4l Weir, Linda lJr.l, 59 Wellbaum, James lJr.l, 59 Welling, E en lSr.l, 4I Wemple, arol lSoph.l, 74 P 5 W 196 Willard, Palsy lJr.l, 59 Willialord, Judy lSoph.l, 75 Williams, Bobby lJr.l Wold, Dave lSoph.l, 75 Wold, Mary lSr.l, 42 Wolle, Richard lSoph.l, 75 Wolll, Sandra lSoph.l, 75 Wollz, Francie lSoph.l, 75 Wood, Clark lSr.l, 42 Wood, John Paul LSr.l, 42, 83 Wood, Sleve lSopl'i.l, l2, 75, l48 Woodson, Denny lJr.l Woody, Dan lJr.l, 59, 94, I29, l32, l42, l45 Wooldridge, Sue lJr.l, 59 Woolsey, Jack lSr.l, 42 Woolsey, Linda lJr.l, 59 Woomer, Earl lSoph.l Woolen, Gibby lSr.l, I7, 42, II6, I46, l55 Word, Reagan lJr.l, 59 Worley, Larry lSopl1.l, 75, 80, IO6 Worlham, Miles lSoph.l, 75 Worlhinglon, Bill lSoph.l, 75, IO7, l8l Wright, Billy lSoph.l, 75, sv, 14a Williams, Charlie lSoph.l, 75, l4I, l50Wfl9hi- Je"fY lS0Pl"-li 80 Williams, Ed lSr.l, 42, 90, I50, l55 I07 l60, l75 Williams, Jeanie lSopl'1.l, 75 Williams, Johnny lSoph.l, 75 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Judy lSoph.l, 75 Linda lSoph.l, 75 Pax lJr.l, 59, 80, 8l Reisha lSr.l, 42, Ill, Sue lSoph.l, 75 Venella lJr.l, 59 Williamson, Emily lJr.l, 59 Wills, Sue lJr.l, I02, IO4 Wrighl, John lSoph.l, 8I Wuesl, Karen lSr.l, 42 Wylie, 'iam lSoph.l, ao, ai Y Yadon, Marlha lSoph.l, 75 Yalii, Rial, 59, 142 Yankee, Diana lJr.l, 59, 88 Yarbrough, Linda lJr.l, 59 Yeager, Jeanelle lJr.l, 59, IO6 Yielding, Aaron lSoph.l, 75, 8l Young, Danny lSr.l, 42, 78, 79 Young, Frank lJr.l, 59 Young, Larry lJr.l, 59, 84 Wilson, Adair lSr.l, 42 Wilson, Bobby lJr.l, 59 Wilson, C. L. lSr.l, 42, 78 Wilson, Diann lSoph.l, 75 Wilson, Fred lSoph.l, 80, SI Wilson, Jack lSr.l, 42 Wilson, Larry lSoph.l, 75 Wilson, Linda Kay lSr.l, 42 Wilson, Linda Sue lSr.l, 42, 93, I02 Wilson, Palsy lSr.l, 42 Wilson, Roy lSoph.l, 75, I43 Z Zadinsky, Wanda lSoph.l Zaring, Larry Gene lJr.l, 59 Zimmerman, Bill lSoph.l, 75 Zodin, Linda lSr.l, 42, 93, IIO, ll2 4 1 sL f-Y. l. ': . + . -'-F -Q r 1:91.-. ' - s i-5 f.,, sw' a. ag .1 Q ,K -' up an . ' , ,,,.., , fgw, ,I Q, A , .-3 f x 1-ff. . , 1 L m ,K ' 1 fi ,. JL 1 . "Q A M-, eng.: LF, , .- :- .s 1 l' ga y " X , 4 A 9 ll O 1 .V , n F' ggxffa. fd H X -.V-QM., r 1 1. A, ., . Q - 5,1-1,1 .AL .-M -I K 1 , A f pq, ru -'v , ' 1" , . M1 .1 6 . I ', 5, . 4 Q .1 4, , ,A -1' 1 "' T ' c "' 5 . ' -'F - .I H N , f 0 Y- 4 M , n T Q ,J lr 1. . 5- K l f SV - 1 W , 1- w -. 1 'I 4 , , Q v- U' C 5" 5 I , L A-1" Q31 - Q -5-1 " f bf +5 J 2' . 3. 3 fe. v ,faq lf' gt in f y Q ,,-f.

Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

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