Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1960

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Q'-nk .A if? ,Q 'Z N 1 LJKIN v"C'- Mvxm J n 4 'lxaic J5,.S.,A,f,,-'.f K bfi' '-56 ,M 3 4, QW WW if X H yvf W W if , rf' ,if VkP' yY fw .,59lyg5,,,- ,,,gg.,, f13 NXT ff" f' 5 Wxdvzguflygfvixu ff VLH ,ww Ll591C" M 'fm j V mlm?-Y!.,,,,lgQ ,Qi 252 W fl ,ffl Xviffw 'Q Mpfff 1 N P M F UJXNJSLCZV Prix OVDJUOQ- GQ? X v ,M We I '91 ' ' bij W Wd Xncafwgf AMQQMULM Sf? Jkfwu K W F 'VU J awe JLZQIMWCC ,427 ,Af ' ' ' 3,555 XLJQZQ VW 1 WZ!! W VW' W 70 M Q9 7WZ57fffiE2 ,QW 'fb' J JMB Www iff? f we My Mgjlfff 2 ifmag 1 4!Qf4,f:oQ7 X12 V I az XMMMM 54d , QUJQAJXMLM Z, MALL' WMEN 3 H95-T M165 YOU ' buj' 55-Fblow is Chilli? NO RQMLW ,K gif. T 5T'Ll1XD0M'4-L qfjxf ' T, 10096 you Q CIREWT ' IN WX? LO5,fLLOd -WE' QUQK 'EMBL ' - x7 GOQA-T LAST? ml afitlg-CX-SE fl- F? Q Nlwwp, elwiavymc-,MASQ SAW Www? wggw, uJa,9WJL awww MJ MQVUJ QA QJDLD'-AAD Q9-WWW QfvvwUAew,fL7f AMR CSUL 1911-2 6Qfwd21f?U2wfv. 4935 TB 'U -WXWJQ., Mil f UST ji i Mi 9 M . Q2 NISE fj xx SE N' bf 'QXX P Qi E X, Q gk 4 LED A ARLINGTON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL 1960 YELLOW JACKET FORT WORTH, TEXAS NKNXOJJI, - Wadi GLM www 'L ' zbh A dm 'YVLQO1 , .,.'v -' 'LfIM-1 WW fy-vOOOQ,Q,- JL- SWIM QAAQO aww" MMM' mwmwfxf WV dv' QEIIQCO Kiwi Www ONQAMQAIN MO ,W ft A . -.i Cla p d h d F d Me R g G Id circl d M orie I f RING AROUND A MEMORY Nfquo-D 1 Heights at sunset . . . Classrooms . . . Halls . . . Silent . . . Empty , . . A dropped pencil . , . Clean wastebclskets . . . Heights at rest . . . Waiting for another day. 7- ,--,,-.. ,, ..,....x...t..-.. Y 4 "--22 Q V if L if .1 rw, 1 . 1 a v gf .Y 1 A r-C 'uf , Henbff WW' ,,, Jn, 'Q 2 ,V .. 9 A , f I2 if 4 1 X 'WKQW -fm' y Q 4? I , W . , , Q 3, , 4Y', N Q 2 f , , ' il zcf x gyuzy d f , Q ' M L ,Z lm nf UW23 W L ! WM! Q, Q f 9, 1 ff uf, fffwg, i. f af 3. f T , M5 ,, S 'h,?,k, 1 W4 1 n 1 i 1 n,+i!m. 'wwf H4 f ,. M 22' ' fm X 'fff 5 5 f . s 4 1 7 n 1 ro . ' ' x ni 5 5 A ,. , , s 1 3 1 2 , , I J - ' 1 . A 4 ! 1 ' X, ' 5 x -EF? J fu , k xg-wi X ' I vfwx-x', 'ff ' M ' L I 5 5 f 5 ' W . K g ,X c 4 3 5 L ' s 5 I , 5 X S 4 2 5 ll f ' , , 52' ,Q . ' :L X' , j 1 ! V I M 1. 1 I ' Ra w, L ,x . 1 55, K ii 1 Q f !,f" xff' , , M Z ana -av--n.1..,,,, i. yo 6? if Q, fr ff, 1, A 79' ,ff W ft fl J I N If 4 ' Em ' a 5 1 . 4 H , H . 0 . 1. u SQ, gf 7, as bl X 5 . Q iq I , . , , f ' .1 5. 0 . ff. gg , ' f M, K. f x p . ' I 4 ' ,' b Q an a"Z5.f1'A. 114 1' 'jf 1, ",'4'1 ' 9511! " V , X ' F" 1" 'Q M I if 4, "ff f' , EKU' JAN X, ,tif 1 N' Kb, ftvnk , f 5 'mfg wig? .xqj Mfff A' ,+-+.,gL..,Mvuf,'fsg?y,.', H., , 4, Ku, .Q Q -Q . f Y'h11,f11f br f , S x 138 L 'a, J Q? ,64 i1fyf2?!?f'3'w os,-J'i"'f' V fi 'MN 4 L1'f.,,.?,y7,'kVk vm:-x hilt, x ' 1, ' . fx. ' fi . ' .49 15 if " 3 Pg W M M ,,"""l1'y",.?'L rfxgfix ' 'f L is , ,jf:,"14Jn ,if f f,, V, "1,y:",,,' Q, ' Q ' '4'!'ff. ff -'d f' 1 1, 57' , 5, ,"-r5.1 7 -. , . sv ?'E'w1, 435.72 ,.-A ' u ! , ,kwin Qg'M i ' . MTX, ', ' ,A , ,, W 'H 5' ' 'Vw :V if 1, is ' vw- -.fa 78 fYf"f,.-'lf ' " My-,,,, f' ' I ,I .,,,','V'-..'f, V+ 10"-eq L 9i'.gg x'1f,f7:,,VW 1145 ,f f'j Bw' Km, fu l Tumi., :Q kj -in-Q, 4 .1 S 2, Ay V .a lw,l,7i,,3g:?9x , f - 4 ' ,J 'Wf.9f'Z'i "fi x wg '9 . 1 yay, ,f 0. - ug f. F 4: 66,1-1 eg: ,,fZ',3'!if:' .. If " -5' 33'V',9'M12ff-:1.'iyfff'-1 '. 1 we-958 W ,Y5x?Q.'f+.fv W-f"Tf'm f :'f'A'f 1 -X "1 N -1 ffggdig' 51255 f' ' ,.,Zs5:-2 L X v p H-,,Qf .f guy:-:a .- . ,' Wk' V1.2 f f 0 'U 4 his . 1 . YJWQRQ6 ji, if I lb ' Q 'V ffbiffv "3'-wil' " .fc!'g,r"'.i'6 , .,.e, .,,...,,,y. fp. ', wily ' 1, I v A 'f""?' " W Nami ' 1',z.ff42 +1 M ,f . , , ,hh My .X- T AM ,f gy. 4 w,' ,K-yi.,-'44 fm. . Dl2w,,5pa.?f., , , vi 'Ju' fx , 1 . "ff f ., f"-.V , Z, F , , 7 - I B 'rf -,.2Z'Qvn A V. '53-if.-, V V11 ' -1 ... 44 f,pfw 1 3175 'JET ' fm 'M Q45 1 - 'mf'-if Q"'K:'3w'f5 "2 ' 51"- .-1? ge.: 5' , ,,. 3,1g9:1.?-.V E K I, , if ,1 gg 121-vygf,,,,gj., ff 'WATQ fda,- 5 .' 'f . , 41" ftf 7, ,J ,4,..jJ',,,,i? . , A fails: nw' 4,Q1:,:,,: , f fy,a,g-Qfifm f iw 552 2 f ,gr - 4 f v, ew: - F5 fffiw-iw , Mi'- wi'- .f'-.f' ' ' ' Hit , -f Af. Y. J A Xu .v, I wiV"H -. I M, ,J-,A , g, W. V ,, Q ff A' ,Q V FX1, Y" K fi ff, Q 15,45 -fam. ., . 'f fk ' f'. x, 5 ,qc ' rf, 5 Vl. . 1,,MJ Table of Contents Title Page ,,.. Foreword Dedication Faculty . Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Organizations . Activities Sports Personalities Acknowledgments Index . ,,,. , I H2-6 8 9-I4 I5-32 33-48 49-62 63-92 93-108 109-136 137-156 ,157 .158-160 Homer Pegram Devotes 12 Years lo Coaching Heights Wm "ff-'Q Functioning as a well-coordinated team, the Arlington Heights' student body reflects its superior coaching. This Jacket team of I649 players and its 74 "trainers" is not a happy coincidence but is the product ot careful planning and concentrated effort. One man working in the background does a tremendous task in co- ordinating the team. For twelve years he has coached Heights . . . as "B" football coach for five years, marking up 907. wins, as vice-principal for three years, and now in his fourth year as "head coach." For his loyalty and devotion we, the student body of Heights, dedicate the l96O Yellow Jacket to our principal, Mr. Homer J. Pegram. ,,c,. .. .. faint ' knzgl , ish' Faculf Y v , fa. f-4+ fi x .,, 525 , V1 N523 f ffizfgf. ' "?'7i'fEl' t .,...,5,f. ggi-I . Q -- ' . :f "' ,iii :5fT:72'f . ' f " 'P .fzfd 5:95-'5"'ff1,1'Z' " Miss Kathryn Haden Dean of Girls . wr' f an Faculty Total Mounts lo 74 lo Mrs. Martha Ackert, English Don't be afraid to be yourself. 4 I 5 W at Mr. Flavm J. Arseneau, Biology, Science Club That comes under the heading of Personal. M .M h A - G- I , P E' The farnous personality of Mrs. Norma Wells rs art a ustln, Irs . PU, me down! I said put me down! has enlivened Heights for 31 years. Mrs. Anne Ayala, English, ROTC Sponsor, Chess Club You see the world not as it is-but as you are. Miss Grace Becker, History, AY Even a fish wouldn't get in trouble if he'd keep his mouth shut. Miss Alice Bennett, History Here we sit like birds in the wilderness. Mr. Charles G, Beseda, Speech, Jacket Footlight Players That idea is no good unless I think of it first! Miss Grace Boone, Latin If yo-u think you're tired of this, multiply it by 160 and think of me. Mrs. Janie Lou Brewster, Art You look, but you don't see, and art is a language of vision' Mr. Arch Van Meter cg'-,, to his class, making neg, Mfsgf. R. Brown, ROTC T as you want to be treated. Mr. George H. Carson, Band, Orchestra Go back to circle "B" as in Beelzebub. Mr. Dayton Carter, Boys' P. E. ' Let's go, boys! Mrs. Frances Caveness, English Don't be facetious. Mr. Ray Dyche, Mechanical Drawing, FTA I believe you have a small inaccuracy of about a yard. Meet Demands Ol 1649 Students Mr. John B, Sharp Assistant Principal Mrs. Juanell Earl, Girls P. E. Joy, will you get out of here! Mrs. Glenna Edwards, Biology Tooting his way into the hearts of Heightsters Mr, George H. Carson adds spirit and en couragement through the band and orchestra. Mrs. Belle B. Evans, English Given two ears and one mouth, you should do twice as much listening as talking. I Mrs. Oleta Epps, English l'm ignorant of so many things, therefor' l try my best in what I do know. "Gladly would he learn and gladly teach . . . Chaucer we-few Q-" sf -I g W .,,W,,,.,4, fwfr' ,v mf' , Mrs. Mary Foust, Typing You're wasting only your own time. Miss Kathryn Garrett, History We are here to learn and grow and stretch our minds. Miss Helen Haddix, Math lf you don't want to learn something new, then there is no point in coming to school. Miss Helen Hale, Spanish, Cheerleaders Me entiende? Mrs. Kathleen Hanley, History And Luther did not hang 95 Protestants on , , the door, effemally explains stems lt? Come alive- Mrs. Fae Harrison, Typing, Shorthand, Counselor That's one ot the tricks of the trade. Mrs. Joyce Howell, Math l don't have time to teach you third grade arithmetic. Mrs, Gladys R. Hunter, English There's just a wealth of material. Mr. Herbert Krauss, Math Remember, you can't add cats and dogs. - Mrs. Junuetta Lay, D. E. lt's not a job-it's a training station. WW ,pw -gy- Nine New Teachers lend Inspiration lo AHHS Mrs. Elva Lerret, Math, FTA You mean you haven't heard of the reciprocal of the discriminant? Mr. Homer E. Ludiker, Boys' P. E., Biology People, we don't hold class this way. Mrs. Emily Lunday, Journalism, Publications, Press Club lf you can be calm in the midst of all this confusion, you just don't understand. Mrs. Evelyn McCluney, English, Spanish, Counselor lsn't it strange . . . common folk like you and me are builders of eternity. MfSgt. Leon N, McDuffie, ROTC Let's go, let's walk and talk! Mrs. Mary Marsh, History lf you don't know, guess, give your subcon- scious a chance. Mr. .lack Martin, Physics, AY Don't use a formula - think! Mr. Marvin A. Miller, Chemistry, Red Cross You will be ostracized and cast into the outer darkness of degradation, Mr, L. B. Morris, Boys' P. E. Sic 'em! Mrs. Leota Nation, English, Tri Lit Club, Student Council, Counselor lt is better to develop a fine sense of values than to learn all the facts in the book. ,444 Miss Hazel Nelson, Typing, Shorthand Be accurate, Mistakes are too expensive , Mrs. Sara M. Nickerson, Latin, History You birds! Miss Mary Parker, Math A soft voice and charming smile go hand and Think! You ccrn't get this by osmosis. Miss Joan Oliver, Girls' P, E. But of course, in a class of this type . . hand with thoughts of Miss Kate Waddell, who Mrs Lucille Purmeter Typing has given much time to her homemaking classes. PM your hands fn your laps take G deep breath, . . , begin Miss Lrllran Thomas Math The brarn grows from use instead of wearing Mr Arch Van Meter Biology Folks I dont Irke to preach, but you must k Mrs Gloria Varner English Ah think rt II be fun if . . . Wells Waddell Retire Alter 32 Years Ol Service Mr. Calvin Pettit, Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing OK, Iet's cut out the chatter. Mr. Bob Phillips, Math, Physics, Science Club Looks like you've been working with a sharp pencil. Mrs. Flossie Poston, English Did you think syllabus was an absent member of the class? Mr. Joe Prater, Boys' P. E. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Miss Bettye Reed, Girls' P. E. I knew I shouldn't have come to this class today. Mr. Nick Ruggieri, Biology, Boys' P. E., Counselor, Student Council You'II be in good shape if . . Mr, .loe Sherrod, History I teach democracy, but I practice dictatorship. Mr. Archie Stevens, Math, Counselor My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts. Miss Dona Lee Stovall, Chemistry, FTA A word to the wise is sufficient. Mrs. Mary Tate, English We are proving one thing-we are all human beings. Mr Willie Taylor Math Future Americans-lawyers, politicians, and e MISS Kate A Waddell Homemakmg stars of tomorrow-may get their speech train The way you behave here ,S an ,hdmahon of ing from Mr. Charles Beseda in his speech and how you behave me home dramatrcs classes. The Board of Education of the Fort Worth Public Schools includes Mrs. Corey H. Snyder, Mr. Lloyd L. Turner, Mr. Atwood McDonald, vice-president, Mr. William Potts, presidenly Dr. James N. Walker, secretary, Mr. Roy J. Brooks, and Dr. Abe Greines. Mrs. Mary Warren, English Self discipline is synonomous with growmg up. Mrs. Mary E, White, Chorus, Counselor Let's hum. Mrs. Norma Wells, French, Spanish You'll have to get some little dominoes to play with. Mr. Don Williams, History, Boys' P. E. Mr. Phil W. Wright, Woodshop Mr. Joe P, Moore Superintendent of Schools You're just the sweetest boys. Mr. James E, York, History, AY Now is the time to learn to listen and to follow instructions. Dr. T. E. Durham, Bible "He that lacketh wisdom, let him ask of God, and it shall be given him." James 7:5 Mrs. Emily Bigham, Librarian Mrs. Tommie Dodrill, Secretary Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs, . Hazel E. Farr, Registrar Mary Fisher, Nurse Mary Hood, Librarian Dorothy Watkins, Secre Be careful, you might learn something. Mr. W. A. Meacham Assistant Superintendent of High Schools tary Mr. Elden B. Busby Assistant Superintendent of General Administration Senior Class Greenman, Robinson, Singer, Stephens I I l lead 60 Graduating Class , 1' '., 'iq' Q'-rv 1' 1 w 15. if 4 R 5441, GZ df,- an f, .2 ..-,v "iw, l v' Tie , 'mf , 4 ,, , , , . ififffffifw " .wwf SENIOR OFFICERS for '60 are Mike Stephens, lreasurerg Dick Greenman, president, Muff Singer, secrefaryg Mike Robinson, vice- presidenl. Along wilh lhe Senior Class sponsors, 'hey plan Senior Day, the picnic, party, banquet and dance and conduct the magazine sales, which help finance their senior aciiviries. Sandra Abernathy Student Council, 3 yrs., AY, FTA, Footlight Play- ers. Sandra Bailey DE. Tommy Baird Drill Team, Footlight Players, Bond, AY. Dorothy Baker AY, Red Cross, Chorus, 2 yrs. Kathy Baldwin AY, Student Council alt., 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, OIC. Bill Adams JJ Staff, 3 yrs., Press Club, Science Club, YJ Staff, 2 yrs. Terry Adams Science Club chairman, Red Cross, AY, FTA. Judi Adkins Spanish Club, Mineola, Texas, Speech Contest, Glee Club, H. R. Rep- resentative, Fairborn, Ohio. Janis Alewine Biology Lab Asst., 3 yrs., Science Club officer. .hi Sharon Ball Red Cross, 2 yrs., Hi-Y officer, AY. Ronnie Bankhead Intramural football, bas- ketball, track, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. Jimmy Barcus Student Council, Base- ball. David Barnett ROTC, 3 yrs., "A" Drill Team, 2 yrs., Rifle Team, Footlight Players. Patricia Bartlett AY, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs. Fritz Barton Tennis, JJ Staff, AY. Saundra Alsup Red Cross, 3 yrs., Cho- rus, 2 yrs., DE. Jean Anderson Orchestra, 3 yrs., Foot- light Players, 2 yrs.: uv' Hr ROTC sponsor, FTA. David Andrews officer, 2 yrs., Ten- H.R. nis, AY. Lynn Anthis Tri-Hi-Y, AY. Carolyn Anthony Footlight Players, AY, Red Cross. Eddy Anthony ROTC, 3 yrs., Red Cross, James Baumgardner ROTC, 3 yrs., "B" Drill Team, AY, Red Cross. Norman Beard ROTC, H.R. officer. 3 yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs., AY. Tim Beard Track, Footlight Players, Drill Team, AY. Joe Frank Becera AY, Drill Team, All-City Colonel, Lab Band, Band. Diane Arnold AY 3 yrs.: Leonards Award, Tri-Lit Club of- ficer, Footlight Players. Emily Arnold Tri-Hi-Y, DE. Gary Ashmore Baseball, Red Cross, AY. Brad Bailey Scott Beckwith Red Cross, ROTC 3 yrs ROTC basketball, 2 yrs AY. Nd --ew 'Dane Belles Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., "A" Track. Beverly Ann Black Footlight Players, 3 yrs., Pres. of Tri-Lit Club, Chorus, AY rep. Sandra Blalock V officer, Library lub "J" Club, Tri-Lit Phil Blansett Bond officer, Drum and Bugle Corps officer, AY, ROTC officer. Jaclclyn Blanton Red Cross, 3 yrs., Foot- light Players, FNA, AY. Calvin Blevins Jan Boalwright Band, 3 yrs., Red Cross, rs., "J" Club. Dennis Neal Bondy Edward Bradshaw ROTC, Drill Team, Rifle Team, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. Saundra Boone AY rep., H.R. officer, Student Council, P. E. mgr. Bobby Bragan Baseball, Basketball, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Football. 'iw Peggy Branch Chorus, 3 yrs., FTA, 2 yrs., Foatlight Players, AY alt. rep. Marilyn Booth Spanish Club, Hopeville, Ga., Cheerleader, Mer- ced, Calif. Len Brantley H. R. Pres., 3 yrs., Foot- ball, "A" Club Pres., Track. Rex Brewer Patty Bordeno AY, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 Yrs., FTA, Jon Bridges AY, Footlight Ployers, -1' Britton Tri-Lit Club. AY, Red Cross, H.R. of- ficer. Joe Britton Student Council, 3 yrs., AY, Red Cross. Douglas M. Brooks Track, 3 yrs., Tri-Lil Club, YJ smff, AY. MaryAnn Brooks JJ Staff, Jobberwocky Staff, AY. Norman Lee, Bedford Band, Orchestra, "J" Club, Footlight Players. Sharon Bellah Chorus, Red Cross, AY. Charles Beresford Drill Team, 2 yrs., Drum and Bugle Corps, Rifle Team, Science Club. Joanne Berglund GIC, 2 yrs., Red Cross rep., Student Council alt., H.R. officer. Fred Botkin AY, Red Cross. James Bourland Red Cross. Sa nd ra Bowers Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., FTA, Footlight Play- ers. Gloria Bracy FTA, Band, French Club, National Honor Society, Vermilion High School, Vermilion, Ohio. First For 60 Color 'Jabb' Publishes George Timothy Boswell Track, Red Cross, 3 yrs Speech Club, Football. 30" George Chandler Red Crass, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., H.R. officer. David Chappell r Jacket Senior Section 3 light Players officer rl Christmas rtron Barbara Chesnut FHA, 2 yrs., Business Club, H.R. Representa- tive, Las Vegas, Nev. Butch Choat Track Team, 2 yrs., DE, "B" Football, "B" Bas- ketball. Janis Brown Vivian Brown Band, 3 yrs., Orchestra, "J" Club, Footlight Play ers. Darrell Bruner ROTC. Mary Bumgardner Red Cross, 3 yrs. .1139 Hun Nevins Don Churchwell Red Cross, 2 yrs., AY. Judy Clark FNA AY Footlight Play ers. Kay Clark Chorus, Red Crass. Rena Clark Red Cross, 3 yrs., Stu- dent Council, 2 yrs., FTA, AY. Frankie Claunts Footlight Players, AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross, La t i n Club, Houston. Owen Clayton AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Tri-Lit Club, 2 yrs., FTA. Alan Burkhart Red Cross, 3 yrs., lntra- mural football, 2 yrs., lntramural baseball. Connie Burns AY, 3 yrs., GIC, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, Footlight Players. Barbara Burt H.R. officer, 3 yrs., ROTC Sponsor, Junior Favorite, Baseball Smfeet- heart. Dick Bush lntramural baseball, Red Cross, AY, H.R. officer. Beverly Butler Chorus, 3 yrs., Outstand- ing Student, FNA offi- cer, Corpus Christi. Sari Butterfield Chorus, 3 yrs., Tri-Lit Club, Dramatics Club, Riding Club, Park For- est, lll. f"e Andrea Clement Kay Closuit Red Cross, 3 yrs., H.R officer, AY, 2 yrs., FTA Tim Coffey Golf, 3 yrs., Student Council alt., H.R. officer, AY. Jan Coffman ROTC, 2 yrs., Red Cross, AY. Michael Byrnes ROTC, Red Cross, 3 yrs., FTA. Virginia Carey H.R. officer, 3 yrs., Ten- nis, "J" Club, Footlight Players. Alvin Cearley Orchestra, Red Cross, 3 Ryrs., Track, AY, 2 yrs. Allen Cetto lntramural football, bose ball, AY, Red Cross. 751101 Ms" Mary Ruth Denton AY, 3 yrs., FTA, H.R. of- ficer, 2 yrs., Red Cross. if ..r""r mu .iw-' Walter L. Cosman lll Photographic Club offi- cer, Dramatic Assoc.. Baseball,Basketball coach, Greenwich, Conn. Lloyd Cowley AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs., ROTC officer. Don Craig Golf, 3 yrs., Student Council alt., AY rep. Gayle M. Curtis AY, FTA, Footlight Play- ers, GAA, Walker, Minn. Jimmy Dagley Sharon Kay Damato Footlight Players, 3 yrs., Chorus, 2 yrs., AY rep., FTA. Carolyn Conrad YJ Staff, H. R. officer, GIC, AY. Doris Cook AY, GIC, Red Cross, H.R. officer. Janette Cook S e x t e t , H.R. officer, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs., Band officer. Mary Cook AY, 3 yrs., orc, PNA, Footlight Players. Jane Dillard AY, 3 yrs., FTA, Red Cross, Footlight Players. Bob Doby H.R. officer, 2 yrs., JJ Staff, AY, FTA. Linda Lane Daniels Pep Squad, Brewer High School, Footlight Players, 2 yrs., AY, Library Club. Richard Davis Band, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs., AY, ROTC Staff. Carolyn Day Footlight Players. Gary De Hart AY, Red Cross, 3 AY rep. yrs., Donna Elliott AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs. Jack Elliott Jr., Sr. Plays, Rumey A.F.B., Puerto Rico, JJ Staff. Bob Elmore Red Cross, 3 yrs., Track, Chess Club, Science Club. Emily Erickson Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Chorus, H.R. officer. Jerry Dunagan Band, 3 yrs., "J" Club, H.R. Pres., Orchestra, 2 yrs. Jimmy Duncan Barbara Durst Red Cross, 3 yrs., Office Patsy Dorris AY, Red Cross, FTA. Emily Dorsey ROTC Sponsor, JJ Co- Congrats lo '60 Seniors Via All-City Colonel Wmne Bob Dickey "J" Club, 2 yrs., Science Club officer, S t u d e n t Council, lst place Na- tional Science Fair. Il" Editor, YJ Staff, "J" Club. 454 Asst., 2 yrs., H.R. officer, FTA. Jim Eagan Football, Baseball, Track, Student Council alt. Mary Lou Earl H.R. officer, 3 yrs., Of- fice Asst., FTA, Footlight Players, 2 yrs. Pat Edwards AY, 3 yrs., Student Coun- cil alt., FTA, Office Asst. ..,-"f"" resident Of International AY, l National Scholarship l Y .ff Q.. 4 L... "LAL W' ' Gene Ernest Track, 3 yrs. ,,...' Charles T. Freelove ROTC. Sue Gafford Fooflight Players, AY, 3 yrs. Cynthia Gale Library Club, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs., GIC, FTA. Pat Gallagher Band, Orchestra, 3 yrs., Lab Band, 2 yrs., Foot- lighf Players officer. .,,- John Gaston Band, Orchestra, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 yrs., Foot- light Players officer. Robert Getz AY, DE. Terry Gibbons ROTC. David Erskine Band, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, AY, FTA, 2 yrs. Jeanette Ethridge AY, 2 yrs., FTA, Chorus, GIC. Sondra Eubanks AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., FTA, 2 yrs. Mary Eustace Footlight Players, 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y officer, FTA. ,nr Bricky Gibbs AY, 2 yrs., FTA, Football. Joe Gibbs AY. Cynthia Gibson AY, Red Cross, Orches- tra, 3 yrs., Band. Billy Evans Football, Track. Marlene Kay Fairris AY, Red Cross. Jackie Fatherree Band, 3 yrs., Maiorette "J" Club, H.R. officer, 2 yrs. Jimmy Ferguson ROTC, 3 yrs., "A" Drill Team, 2 yrs. Rhett Fielder ROTC. Klaus Fischer AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs. X HB.. ares .51 il! T' "7 .44 xg- Jerry Lee Gill Science Club. Dennis Gillispie ROTC, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs., ROTC officer. Clair Glass AY, Red Cross, 3 y GIC. Dub God by ROTC. DeAnn Fisher H.R. officer, AY, FTA, 3 yrs., GIC. Jean Flanagan Student Council, FTA, 2 yrs., Footlight Players. Francine Francis FTA, AY, Footlight Play- SYS. Barbora Frazer rs., , ,weve Rosalyn Gold Footlight Players, Press Club, FTA, Student Coun- cil alt. 4-1 -w . . if 4 .Q I -. Nj 'rv lik vi Q vc TC .ws- Band, 3 yrs., Biology fw- 1 N333 ,ew ,....n- swf- Jim Gurley AY, Chorus, Track, Foot- Iight Players. Bonnie Lee Greenwell Latin Club, Falls Church, Va. Carol Griffin Soph.Representative,Red Cross, Athletic Commit- tee, Sr. play, Bryn Athyn, Pa. Gary Griffin Joan Grinnell Student Council, AY, 2 yrs., GIC, FTA. Luetta Hance Red Cross. Bobby Hankins Shirley Harding Tri-Hi-Y, AY. Steve Hare Orchestra, 3 yrs., Drum and Bugle Corps, Foot- Iight Players. Roger Gray Track, 2 yrs., AY. Charlotte Anne Green Office Asst., H.R. officer 3 yrs., Art Asst., Jabber- wocky Staff. Janie Green H.R. officer, AY, 3 yrs., Student Council, 2 Red Cross. yrs., Dianne Greene Footlight Pla y e r s, AY, Chorus, Red Cross. Bob Greenman Tennis, AY, 3 yrs., H.R. Pres., Cheerleader. Gerry Goodman AY, 3 yrs., Basketball. Jan Goodwin ROTC, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs., AY. Richard Gordon AY Beauty Contest, Stu- dent Council alt. Bill Gough ROTC. Edward Lewis Haase Band, Orchestra, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 yrs., All- Cily Orchestra. Jay Hackleman Dick Greenmon AY, Pres., Sr. Class Pres. 3 yrs., FTA, H.R. Bill Hall AY, Footlight Players, ROTC, 3 yrs., Orchestra, 2 yrs. David Hall ROTC, 3 yrs., JJ Staff. Jimmy Hall Science Club, AY, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, Science Club officer. Harry Hamilton AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Baseball. Nancy Hamilton AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., GIC, 2 yrs, Footlight Players. Denny Hamric Club, Hammond, lnd. amy Hale AY, Red Cross TA Wrestling runner u St Andrews, Tenn. Phil Haley AY. Merry Mont Uther Activities For .leff Haas 4,4- Hi Y y Ban 'ings Picnic, Banquet, irgest Graduation Class .-5? Bob Harrell Basketball, AY, 3 yrs., Baseball, Student Coun- cil. if an 5 we- vv-sv David Hester ROTC. 3 yrs., AY, Battle Group Staff, JJ Staff. Harold Hickman ROTC, 3 yrs., AY, ROTC Officers' Club. Dolores Hicks Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., FNA, Footlight Play- ers. Karen Hiett AY, 3 yrs., "J" Club, 2 yrs., Student Council, FTA. Clay Harrison Wayne Harrison Red Cross 3 yrs oot light Players AY 2 rs Speech Club officer Carol Jean Hart David Hinz Gail Hitt AY, Red Cross, Footlight Players. Tom Hodge FTA, AY Council, AY Beauty Contest Winner, Soph. Favorite finalist. Paul Hood AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, 2 yrs., Baseball, Orchestra. Perry Hood ROTC, 3 yrs., Drill Team, 2 Yrs., H.R. Pres., ROTC officer. Nancy Horn GIC, Footlight Players. yrs Faotlight Players FNA Fred Harvey Chorus 2 YS.: ROT , Red Cross. Evalie Hawes FTA, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, taff, "J" Club. Bobby Haynie ROTC, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., ROTC officer. David Heath ROTC, 3 yrs., Footlight ayers, ROTC officer, ROTC Officers' Club. Heath Baseball, AY, 3 ...env li YF ,"'ll!?' -were Basketball. o Ann Hebert "J" Club, Student Coun- cil, GlC, Pres. of Foot- ght Players. Donna Heck ootlight Players, AY, 3 Tri-Hi-Y, H.R. offi- Ancel Horton Band, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. Johnny Howell AY. Jim Huber ROTC Battalion Staff, JJ Staff, 2 yrs., JJ Co-Ed- itor, "J" Club. Sam Hudson JJ Staff, 3 yrs., Co-ed- itor Jabberwocky, 2 yrs., Advertising Club Essay winner, "J" Club. Betsy Heinecke Chorus, "J" Club, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, Footlight Players officer. John Henderson AY, Drill Team, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, Battle Group Staff. Linda Jo Hendrick Band, 3 yrs.: Footlight yers, "J" Club, 2 yrs., Cherie Hesse , Footlight Players, 3 FTA, H.R. officer. Nq- T . fi2'?i1f" :QQ - . .-as... ti 1.5 , V v -1,12 been-, + ' - . ' ' s 4,-,e V ':,,i gal, f 5 sr' V ' il. . , . ,Q I .ov -1,,1 . .,.E.....,, gl mr wr our M.. 17..- Freda Hughes Lab Band, "J" Club, Band, Chorus. -4523? -a"""' fs: -A Riff M -.E Gayle Martin Football, Track, Baseball. .A. s....4 Marcia Michael Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, Gatlin Mitchell Football, Track, 3 yrs., H.R. officer. Pl Chorus. Patricia Miller Orchestra, Band, 3 yrs., Footlight Players, AY, 2 yrs. Kathy Minch Footlight Players, AY, 3 yrs. Jerry Minyard Football, Baseball, 3 yrs., Basketball, AY. Sl. Clair Newbern, Ill Track, AY, FTA. Verna C. Newton AY, Footlight Players, H.R. officer, St u d e n Council. Doris Neystel Chorus, 2 yrs., DE. Charles Nolan AY, 3 yrs., H.R. officer 2 yrs. Phyllis Meadlin Maiorette, Student Couri- cil, Footlight Players, "J" Club, 2 yrs. Mike Medlock Drill Team, 3 yrs., ROTC officer. Jim my Meek Chorus, Track. Diann Merrick AY, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 yrs., Student Council, Leonard's Award. Craig Metz Baseball, 3 yrs., H.R. of- ficer. Marcia Murdock Footlight Players, 2 yrs., AY, FTA, Red Cross. Susie Murrin AY, 3 yrs., FTA, AY Council, 2 yrs., H.R. of- ficer. Donna Jane Neally Student Council, La t i n Club, Young Democrats, Ski Club, Inglewood, Calif. Chuck Needham AY, 3 yrs., AY Council, Football, 2 yrs. Janie Nelson JJ Staff, Chorus, Tri-lit Club, Footlight Players. Katharine Neville Art Club, Y-Teens, Bir- mingham, Ala., AY. t Tom Magoftin Football, 3 yrs., Base- ball, AY, 2 yrs., Basket- ball. Patricia Mairs AY, Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Chorus. D. W. Malone Larry Manire Biology Lab Asst., S c i e.n c e Club officer, ROTC officer, AHHS Re- search Group. Dick Morris Track, 3 yrs., H.R. Pres., Student Council. Monte Morris AY, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, Football, Track. Sue Morris Band, FHA, Librarian, 2 yrs., Perryton. Mary Nell lhree Memorable Years For Seniors At Ma Barbara Montgomery Footlight Players, 2 yrs., AY, Chess Club. Mulholland Chorus, AY, 3 yrs., Sex- tet, 2 yrs., FTA. "1-,, i7 4-.. I Y l Graduation Exercises tilt? 35:35 553' Jimmy Phillips Cordelia Pavillard AY, 3 yrs., Chorus. Robert Peek The Hill Come lo A E d n n Rodney Pendleton AY. Patricia Dianne Penn Chorus, AY, FTA, FNA officer. Hilda Norstrud Band, AY, 3 yrs., Or- chestra, Footlight Play- EFS. David O'Bannon Baseball, 2 yrs., Foot- ball All-District Guard, Football, Baseball cap- tain. Donna O'Brien Footlight Players, Red Cross. Tommy O'Dell AY, 2 yrs., Track, Stu- dent Council, H.R. Pres. Sql Diane Perkins Chorus, 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, 2 yrs., FNA. Sharon Perkins AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross, DE. wav Gladys Perry Maiorette, 2 yrs., Stu- dent Council, ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, Thomas Carroll Pettit ROTC, Chess Club, Footlight Players. Nella Rene Petty Steve Philbin Student Council, 2 yrs., Swimming, Tulsa, Okla., T r a c k , Jabberwocky Staff. Ann Elizabeth Phillips AY, FTA, Faotlight Play ers, Z yrs., Student Council. Linda Oldham GIC. Paul Ondo Red Cross rep. David Oremus Mike O'Rourke Baseball, 2 yrs., Student Council, H.R. officer. Brian Owen Red Cross, H.R. officer Intramural football, 2 yrs. .lo Ann Phillips Footlight Players, Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., FTA. Sally Phillips AY, 3 yrs., FTA, GlC, Faotlight Players. 'lim Football, 2 yrs., AY, Stu- dent Council alt., Base- ball, Kay Ozmer Art Club, Band, H.R. of- ficer, 2 yrs., Future Business L e a d e r s of Amer., Brewer High Roy Parkin AY. Kaye Patrick Footlight Players, H.R. officer, Club, Jabberwocky Asst. Editor. Ann Patteson GIC. Pam Pavel Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs., Jabberwocky Staff. ff'-s 'O' BN? "-eel' sr 1-.-Q, lg, f5T"l, Gail Reed .. . Red Cross, AY, fi if 'C' 4 reP. .M -, .1-:J " '.-' A Wmiwiilfl. ' .gps Crecia Proffiff Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY, 2 yrs. Mary Lou Ramey Cheerleader, H.R. Pres.. 2 yrs., AY officer, "J" Club officer. Judy Ramsey GIC, 2 yrs., Sfudeni Council, "J" Club, H-R- officer. Lynne Raschke "J" Club, YJ Sluff, H.R. officer, 2 yrs., ROTC Sponsor. Jan Powell Band, 3 yrs., FTA, Foot- lighf Players, Tri-Hi-Y. Jo Ann Prather AY, 2 yrs., Red Cross, GIC, Fooflighl Players. Johnny Prevosf ROTC, 3 yrs. Homer Price Foofball, Basketball, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs. AY. Charles Priddy Sfudenl Council, Track mgr., Renlon, Wash. Track, AY. Jimmy Prince Band, 3 yrs., "J" Club 2 yrs., Sfudenl Council, H.R. officer. Bill Richards Floyd Richards Bill Richerson Drill reum,"'J" Club, 2 yrs., Pres. of Science Club, Footlight Players. 2 Gayle Piper GIC. 2 YFS-: FTA officer, H.R. officer, "J" Club Sue Pilfman Band, 3 yrs., JJ Slaff, Maiorefle, "J" Club. Jackie Plummer Intramural foaiba I I , track, Red Cross, 2 yrs.- AY. Diana Poling Band, 3 yrs., Foollighl Players, JJ, YJ Staffs. 1 Sandy Reusch GIC, H.R. officer, 2 yrs. AY, "J" Club. Ann Rhodes AY, Foaflighf Players, Chorus, Red Cross, 2 yrs John T. Rhodes, Jr. Basketball, 3 yrs., Red Cross. Malinda Rhodes FTA, "J" Club, 2 yrs., H.R. officer, GlC officer. 'Hail lhe Gold A Roger Rein Foolball, Red Cross, 3 yrs, Baseball, AY. mf' lo Our Colors 4-ur iw' w-.Y-nv Mike Robinson H.R. Pres., AY, 3 yrs., FTA, Sr. Class officer. Bonnie Rodgers Sludenl Council, ROTC Sponsor, H.R. officer, Cheerleader. W. B. Rollins ROTC, 3 yrs. Carol Rollow H.R. officer, 2 yrs., AY, GIC. Sue Riley Foollighl Players, AY, DE. Donnie Roberts AY, Science Club. Ronnie Roberts ...I-. L u,.,A.v 'HP' 1,1549 id Hail The Blue, Ralph J. Shaver Ronny Shaw Jerry Shelton me I . I' lasiebnii, Football, 3 yrs., yew. for 'N a J 1... Eileen Shoemaker AY, 2 yrs., FTA. Rosemarie Rossi FNA, Dramatics Club Rockville, Md. Martha Ann Rowland FTA, AY, Red Crass. Adair Rucker Track mgr., 3 yrs., Foot- ball mgr., 2 yrs. Diane Russell Mike Shropshire Baseball 2 rs Pres Pat Simmons H.R. officer, 2 yrs., FTA, Red Cross. Bob Simpson Football, 2 yrs., AY Track, "A" Club Football capt. Muff Singer JJ Staff, Red Cross cer, AY officer, Favorite. Gloriana Smith Jon Smith Baseball, Red Cross, yrs.: "B" Basketball. Tom Russell H.R. Pres., Debate Team, Band, Newton, Iowa, Footlight Players, 2 yrs. Linda Salvatori Walter Sanders Footlight Players, 2 yrs. Mary Dora Sandoval H.R. officer, Newspaper staff, Goose Bay, Lab- rador, AY. Lee Schneider "J" Club, H.R. officer, Student Council, Science Club. Dennis Schurter National Honor Society, 2 yrs., Latin Club, Pres. of Stamp Club, Pres. of German Club, London, Eng. Ken Smith "B" Football, Football mgr., AY, Track mgr. Richard Smith Bettye Smothers Red Cross, 3 yrs., AY 2 yrs., Footlight Players Sharon Snider AY, Footlight Players Red Cross. Celia Scott YJ Staff, 2 yrs., AY dele- gate to Buck Hill Falls, FTA, Footlight Players. Martha Sealy H.R. officer, 3 yrs., ROTC Sponsor, "J" Club, 2 yrs,, Cheerleader. Bob Sewell Track, 3 yrs., Football, AY. Robert Shackelford Drill Team, 2 yrs., AY, Science Club. i -rf' Dorothy Jan Stewart Cheerleader R a m e y A FB Puerto Rico- Jab- berwocky Staff AY Tri- Hl Y Jimmy Stewart Football B Baseball, Louis Stone "A" Basketball, 3 yrs., "A" Club, AY. Larry Suggs Footlight Players. Nancy Tilley GIC, "J" Club, H.R. offi cer, Library Asst. Jeanette Tolliver AY, 3 yrs. Nell Touchstone AY, 2 yrs., JJ. YJ Staffs H.R. officer. Dinah Lee Trippe Don Stanfield Biology Lab Assistant, Don Stanley AY, ROTC Staff, Red Cross, H.R. Pres. Harry L. Stephens Orchestra, 2 yrs., AY, Red Crass. Mike Stephens Drill T ea m, Pres. NCO's Club, H.R. offi- cer, Sr. Class officer. Mark Stevens "A" Basketball, "B" Football, Birdville High School, "A," "B" Basket- ball. Rondel Stevens Nancy Thayer Red Cross, 3 yrs. Shari Thomas AY, 2 yrs. Jack Thompso Tim Thompson AY, 3 yrs., Rorc Earl Thornton , 2 yrs. Carolyn C. Spearing AY, 3 yrs.: Footlight Players, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, FTA. Marsha Spell Footlight Players, FNA. Dennis Spencer Band, AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs. Gary Spinks AY, 2 yrs., AY rep., Red Cross. Loyce Taggart Chorus, 2 yrs., Footligh Players, Red Cross, AY Jean Talley Chorus, Orchestra, Stu- dent Council, FTA. Barbara Taylor AY, Red Crass, 3 yrs. Dance Team, FTA. Jimmy Taylor Band, 3 yrs., AY. 4,11 is AY, Football, Baseball. Judy Tillery AY. t 1 fs Call It Home Dld AHHS' l Pk l YR CD yy' --ai .,.. V Tommy Trump Band, 3 yrs., Drill Team, 2 yrs., "J" Club, Com. Drum and Bugle Corps. wwf! ,4-mv 1.59, -as Sharon Watkins Faotlight Players, AY Red Crass, 3 yrs., FTA. Linda Watson Red Cross, AY, 3 yrs., TriJHi-Y, H.R. officer. Virginia Watson H.R. officer, 2 yrs., "J" Club, Dean's Asst., YJ Staff. Gretchen Weeden JJ Staff, Sexlel, "J" Club, GIC. 1,.. Gary L. Turnock Drill Team, Drum and Bugle Corps officer, 2 yrs., Rifle Team mgr., H.R. officer. Bill Uhr lntramural track. Billy Utley Ronnie Vance H.R. Pres., 2 yrs., "A" Football, Track, "A" Club. -f-if Q vi B V 1 i, V Z f?-if, 4 A ,5,qf'5j- 1 . f Q, eil' ,ef fws is A ,...., M N, 1... w5u'., Mary Weldon Footlight 'Players, 3 yrs., Chorus, AY, 2 yrs., Tri- Club. Jimmy Wells AY, 2 yrs., Science Club, Leonard's Award. Tommy Welsh Track, AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., Football, 2 yrs. Larry Wenzel Carey West Tennis, 3 yrs., H.R. offi- cer. Pat Whipker AY, Red Cross, 3 yrs., GIC, 2 yrs., Chorus. Dick Van Gorder AY, 3 yrs., Red Cross, JJ, Jabb San Chor AY, erwocky Staffs. dra Vannatta us, 2 yrs., Red Cross, Foollight Players. Liz van Zanten AY, 3 yrs., Student Coun- cil alt., 2 yrs., FTA, Foot- Iight Players, Gay Vowell H.R. officer, 3 yrs., Foot- light Players, 2 yrs., Sci, ence Club, FTA. Tom Walker Kay Ward FTA officer, AY, 3 yrs., JJ Staff, H.R. officer. 1. 'FH' .w mp .Y E " Darlene White AY, 3 yrs., JJ Bus. Mgr. 2 yrs., Foollighl Players, Jabberwocky Co-Editor. Joe White Football, Track, 3 yrs. "A" Club, H.R. Pres. Linda White Camera Club, OGA, Arl- ington, Footlight Players, AY. Robert White Red Cross, AY, 3 yrs., Student Council, H.R. Pres. Lynne Ware Footlight Players, Red Crass, AY rep., 3 yrs., FTA. Mary Jane Ware AY officer, Student Coun- cil, YJ C0-Editor. Connie Waters AY, 3 Players. Glee Watkins Red Cross, 2 yrs., AY, DE. Z yrs., Pres. of FTA, yrs., Foallight if Ruth Whiteside Footlight Players, 3 yrs., H.R. officer, 2 yrs., GIC, JJ Staff. 5-. 'fi gnu R F' ...L tles 1f"'5 -5 1 WW? Mike Wood ROTC, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, JJ Staff. Betty Woodlock Pres. af Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Faotlight Play- ers, Jabberwocky Staff. Lelia Woodward AY, 3 yrs., Student Coun- cil, Dean's Asst., Foot- light Players. Jackie Woolsey AY, FTA, YJ Staff, H.R. officer. Louanne Worley Band, Chorus, Sextel, 3 yrs,, "J" Club, 2 yrs. Joan Yandell AY, 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y offi- cer. Frances Williams AY, 2 yrs., FNA. Patricia Ann Williams Dramalics Club, Girls' Chorus, lntersch. League Spelling, Shorthand, Midland. Clyde Wills Foatlight Players, AY, Student Council. Steve Wilson amy Winfield AY, 3 yrs., Baseball, 2 yrs., Footlight Players, Intramural basketball. Jimmy Winn AY, 3 yrs., Basketball, 2 yrs., Track, H.R. officer. John Wayne Wise Orchestra, 3 yrs., AY, Lab Band. Frank Wolfe SENIORS Joyce Beaton Mike Brown Charles Campbell Carol Cox Elaine Cox Tim Croft Adrian Davis Cecil Davis John Dean Jim Fletcher Virginia Harms Vai., .... ......... Q, Band, 3 yrs., Orchestra, lab Band, "J" Club, 2 yrs. Harold Whittenton Football, Basketball, Brewer High School, AY, Footlight Players, 2 yrs. David Wade Whittle ROTC officer, AY, Drill Team. John Wilkinson Basketball. Pat Williaford Chorus, 3 yrs., GIC, AY, "J" Club. NOT PICTURED Thomas Kaempf Marvin Martin Rollie LePori Barbara Long Ellen Matthews Jo Ellen Robey Sharon Schieffer Tom Shults Herchel Stine Jeanne Tolley 0 'WTVU '?""""-004"""""'67Z f9fU?fd'27C' ' ""f"'7Q"'Uv pofyw- 479 I 7-nrr' 'arofoags 1-fa-95 Gf1'rl1g?'Z""4f . GW 79'-ffm' fs-.qw-9 K 'gr-fa444QKg'1fVccL7 ' 111, 0-'HWY an .5 WWW! V , , ,, ,140 my 1 SWK ' 1, -W! , W lf f A " N if , ffvvzifgz m. ,ff - f .. My W iv 6 f V73 515326. JZ7W4K'W'7W?'!f ,wmgum W . - wwf , QE :f - 'Q f, f f,,.-wiy Wfjlfkf f' l' ff ' 5244241 5" TW 4,1 Ronnie Arnold Rosalyn Ashby R. G. Bales Ray Bclucom Norma Baulch Glenna Bays Joe Beal Carolyn Andrews Paul Andrews Angela Bailey Shirley Baldridge Janice Baldwin Carol Bankslon Richard Barker Roger Barker Mike Barnes Sandy Barnes Awwkwadk' .lerry Ambrose Jerry Anderson Sheila Anderson Tommy Aldredge Ben Alexander Richard Alexander Amy Allen Jeanne Allen Larry Allen Virginia Allerton Billy Allison Ronnie Ashmore Aullie Aslon Kendrick Adams George Adelman Charles Albreighl Karen Albreighl Dennis Ashmore Thomas Alhans Eleanor Baganz Judi Bagwell -,f new urcx nrazlel Daniel Brew Larry Brewen Linda Brewsler Raleigh Brickell Judy Beasley pm Jerry Brock Ann Brown Jane! Brown Ronald Brown Beverly Browning Eugene Bruner Travis Bruner James Budros Lucky Beech Leslie Beers Gary Burlon Bull Butler Jimmy Benton Bill Bevill Frances Bishop Buddy Black Dale Blanchard Ann Blocker Arlene Bock Joe Bock 3 Sonic: Coffey Julia Capers Bobby Bohannon Kenny Boone Joan Booth Gay Boston Bobby Bozeman 'rf-4 Susan Clough Carolyn Cody Marly Cole Henry Cunningham Janie Cyrus Lynn Dacus Forrest Dailey Sieve Dale Ronald Corbyn Beverly Crawford David Cromwell Lorraine Cross Jim Crouch Mary Lynn Crouch Mike Crowe Gary Culpepper Maxine Claylon Susi Cliburn Charles Cliflon Harold Cook Nancy Cooper Ray Copeland ,fi Linda Carver Jerry Don Cason Marilyn Casper John Chambers Charles Chenaull Jerry Chiles David Clapp Vicki Clark Ray Carlberg Carol Carlson Linda Carpenler Charla Faye Carler Jane Carier Marcus Collins Linda Connell Barr Cook we aes" Q9 ww: ,I nv 4 i-JW wwf' 5 is V f'M ,e ,,f,v'Y C qu.zv0"' w.4.'? NTT? 4 A 'WZJ1 V . 7.1. Q? 7 ,Q ,, A I W. , K ' 5 1 fi L. ' R Caroline DeWolle Diana Dickey Ridge Dickey Carl Dickinson Jim Dinsmore Terry Dalehife li:-:mil ' 'IP' Ralph Dinsmore Joe Dcrris Larry Driscoll Judy Duke Pal Duncan Shelly Easley Terry Eden Mabel Edwards Jeanne Danner Duway War!! qw? 'KW' ,E , 1 ,V may M, ne Davis ha' -l 1-vw ,gh was -4-w"'v Pa Ellio Victor Ellsworth Glen Engen Garland Davis George Davis Jimmy Davis bf' Jacqueline Ensey Jane! Epperson Leona Davis Sandy Davis Jimmy Dawson Virginia Dawson Sammy Day John Dean Susan Dean Gene de Bullet Ronald Ernesl Sandra Erwin Eddie Deems Jean Deilzer Courtenay Delorme Charlie Delwaide John Deulschendorf Joyce Fran cis Larry Frazier Cathy Ginn Ava Goen Mary Jo Goetzke Mary Ellen Goode Barbara Graves Frances Foster Donald Fox Dianne Garrett Donald vGaskamp Robert Gathings Brenda Gelhausen Scott Gentling Stuart Gentling Jacqueline German Cynthia Giles 'N-I-+45 Bonnie Flower Ronny Ford Ron Fory Mike Gale Skip Gannett Mike Garcia hlf Lyndon Faubion Bethrene Felder Linda Felton Carla Files Ron Finch Martha Fisher Mike Fisher James Fitzpatrick Jon Freelove Sally Freeman "+?'h-y- c:..,-. : -... Herb Evans Joann Evans Charley Eyler Terry Farmer Mike Frazier he i ,M .-.nee ...Hain Anna Marie Harkins Pal Harlow Barbara Harrell Doug Harrell Sandy Graves up ' Lynn Harrell Corky Harrisan George Harrisan Terry Haslings Joe Hawkins Kalhryn Hawkins Sandra Hedges Kaye Hefner Sandie Gravley Gary Gray Y'-'TLP' -eq' 1 Phil Herman Bob Hiell linda Griffilh Thomas Griffith Jimmy Griggs Cliff Gunfer Eddie Gulhrie Vonda Hackney Jan Haley Harry Hall Judy Higby John Higley Don Halpenny Frank Halpin Sharon Hamzy Palricia Haney Sandra Hankins NW VV"-'-v ...fs- ffm, .wwf 'Q-KB' -f-.uv -and .1....,, Wfvwflnf WWW Judy Jenkins Bobby Jewell eww! Knl Isbell Barbara lserl Jack Ivey Mike Jones Ken Kanlo Tomo Keahey Mary Anne Honaker Jo Lynne Hopkins Jonalhan Houp Theresa Howard Gary Hucldleslon Mary Hudson Roxie Hughes Mike Hunl Judie Johnson Janel Jones Sandra Hill Nancy Hinners Mike Hodges Joan Hoecker Jan Holbrook Jim Johnson ...Mgr meg, New -rw-"1 .va Pnscl Keener Lillian Joe Lynda Keelon Susie Keilh wr FW Kay Keller Kellh Kelly Susan Kelly ,...w-V Doug Johnson Killy Kemmerer Charles Kendall 4-eff' 40 Dawn Kennedy Leigh Keswick Lilla Keyes Elizabelh Kimball Donna King , , Q? ee Www Linda Leith Judy Lenox Evelyn Leonhardt Jimmy Leonhart Mac Leslie Jimmy King f A....,,,,.,,-J Ja Marie Lilly Tom Loffland Bill Lomerson Sally Lomerson Joe Longley Lynda Lovell Jerry Lowe Sherry Lowry Nick King Shirley King wave- Herbert McBride Pat McCaffrey Bob Lamb Jane Lcndreth Howard Lathrop Donna Latimer Grover Lautz Linda Lawrence Ronnie Lawson Janelle Lawyer Eddie McCclrrall Jimmy McCarroll Caroline Leach Breck Leuth Martha Leatherman Paulette Ledyarcl Delaris Lee 'Neff Linda Massey Kenny Malloon Joan Moore Phillip Morgan Karrol Mosley Jeannelle Moltel Margwen Murphy Paul Mansrr John Marshall Judy Marlin Kent Mclnlash Gridley McKim Don McMenamy Linda McMurry Bill Magers Lorella Manasco Jay Manning Mary Manning Melinda Mayo Ross Meekins mu., n .... e -......, Carolyn McCarly John McCrea Mary Lou McCreless Ann McElhaney George Mayfield Sue Martin Waller Marlin Dave Miller Margie Miller Marian Miller Penny Miller Sharon Miller Ivan Moody Georgia Monroe Jimmy Moore Theresa Mekus Bill Melvin Tena Merrick Awww- iw- 'Q'--W' vmqr ---.- . --,..-v Bill Perry Tom'Petty Ann Pipes Libits Potter Richard Nelson 4'-eil' Suzy Powers Cathy Prichard Bobby Preissinger Johnny Proffitt Jack Provine Bruce Puckett Layne Puckett Ronnie Puckett Nancy Nix Ronny Norman ,pw -as ff? Brenda Owen Pat Owen Sam Owen Rosetta Owens Buddy Paden Kay Padgett Donna Past Mary Dell Patterson Sylvia Raschke Pam Ray Allen Redwine Sammy Patterson Bob Patton Patricia Pearson Lucinda Pease Glenn Pense 3' NM, ---.,...f4- 'NW .wave ,uf-Q vw-any sul -ww-Q, Anita Sands Tommy Sarich Melinda Selby Lana Self Charlotte Selman Geraldine Sessums Cherokee Shanks f X' 'Q4ww"7 WW Nancy R09e"5 Susan Rogers Terry Rogers Margaret Rohde Bobby Ross Lynda Rothwell Charles Rowland Betty Russell Cheryl Reel Leonard Reinhardt Johnny Reinhart John Rimbey Cheryl Robinson Charlsa Sarvis Joe Sanders Bertha Sandoval Lana Schultz Hilliard Scott Ronnie Scott Susan Scott Kay Sealy .lack Sears Jane Sedin Mary Sedin Lyndall Russell Steve Saari Suzy Sammons Edgar Scaling Guen Schmidt Steve Schueler Lois Sawyer Phil Scaggs M44 f,w,,,A-f "'Plm4Wl" 'fr muff V07 Riley Stevens Trena Stokley Ricky Stokes Jaynne Storey Marshall Stott Phil Shannon Gaines Stovall Jill Stripling Jimmy Strobel DeVonna Suill Curtis Swafford Norman Sweet Sharon Swinnea Mike Taddonio Rita Sharpe Carol Sharratt Sue Tallman Jean Taylor Stormy Taylor Sharon Shilling Myrna Shropshire Sharon Simmons ..,..W,,- NJ 72? Judi Singer Sue Singleton Greg Smith Mike Smith Pam Smith Billy Snow Ellie Snow Cedric Snyder ,vu-Q., -14" , ,Dr Ed Thomas Sherron Thomas Camilla Thompson Nell Scules Kay Sparks Bill Spradling Jack Stallings Paula Stephens Gene Thrasher Eleanor Vascocu Mary Vercruysse Carolyn Wenzel Nan West Wayne Weth Buzz Wharton Carlton White Nancy Jo Vance Jane Van Orden Sheron Ward Judy Warnick Grace Watts Robert Way Sharon Weaver Dixie Weir James Wellbaum Hank Wendorf Joy Till Marvin Tinsley Freddie Trietsch Clara Trlppe Dennis Trott John Truelson loretla Tubb Judy Thompson Sharon Thompson Bobby Thoms De Jo Thomson Peggy Thornton Terry Voss Marietta Tubb Douglas Tucker Teresa Valkman David Walker Rachel Walker Diane Wallace Peggy Waits Perry Walden MQYQT' Denny Woodson Jack Woolsey Gibby Wooten Karen Wuest Danny Young Ricky Whitten Linda Zodin Fred Wickett Rose Ann Wlemken Warren Wienecke sri fs.....v Mary Wiggins Carolyn Wilkinson Ed Williams Ken Williams Reisha Williams Adair Wilson C. L. Wilson .lack Wilson Linda Wilson Linda Wilson This is study hall?l Jan Luther and Kay Sealy like to flavor their work Patsy Wilson Sharron Wilson Robert Winnick Mary Wold John Paul Wood IN MEMORIAM We live in deeds, not years, in thoughts, not breaths . . ." Philip James Bailey We pay tribute to the living memory of our friend and classmate, James "Sparky" Holmes, who in his l7 years, attained more than many people do in sixty. An accomplished athlete, James was the city's leading passer in football. This "A" Clubber was active in basketball and baseball, also. Contributing in other areas of school life, he served as a Student Council representative and earned a "J" Club pin this year, attesting his leadership, scholarship and service. James died March 20, l960. lt is only fitting that "Sparky" be with his class, the juniors, to whom he meant many things: close friend, good sport, teammate, classmate, a contributor to AHHS. To God we owe the privilege of having known . . . James "Sparky" Holmes. Sophomore Class Quang r Jeannelle Baly Judy Baldridge Ronnie Ballard Donnie Balson Carol Ballershell Leslie Bradshaw Gwenn Bragan Everell Brandenburg Barbara Brannon 1 ,,....-1 Bill Alford Slanley Allen Sally Angell James Ard Frank Alleberry Kalhie Aurin Sherry Austin Frank Bailey Charlena Baker Mary Belh Blanlon Mary Ann Bock Donna Boone Charles Borden John Borders Raberl Bow Margarel Box Laurie Bozeman Jean Adams Mike Addison Jerry Albrillon Eric Anderson Mike Andrews Nancy Andrews Philip Anthony Barry Applewhile Sherry Beede Judy Berryman Bill Black John Blackmon Rebecca Blakeway Shirley Blanks Jimmy Abshire Glenda Adqms Pal Beard Linda Kay Bearden Barbara Beck Donna Bedford Helen Beakey nav' W W , img. Rusty Brazelton linda .lo Brute Courtney Cheney David Cherry Richard Chesnut Betty Chesser Brad Choate f I 1 1 . va- W5 Q4 1 1:4 4 54 'J l C.. Tommy Christian Billie Ruth Clark Kathy Clark Mary Jane Cleveland Dean Click Marilyn Claudman Lonnie Clover Eugene Broome Cheryle Brown Margie Brown Y Don Coates Tommy Brown Sumter Bruton Mary Ellen Bryant John Burk Wayne Burton Judi Buschbaum 'PF' 975 Raxee Calinsan Cecil Cannan Bill Carrell Jane Carringer Glenna Carter Susie Castles Harold Cave Ronnie Cearley , ,nm I, E sl I' , nf? X Ralph Cochran Randy Cochran Anita Coday Marsha Cohen Paul Cohen Pat Cale .41 r, XA 5 .V Ky Nancy Coleman Cathy Collier Corky Collinsworth Caral Cannell Dianne Cetto Lynne Champion Cynthia Chandler Roy Cheatham if 'Q-.,. -ov Gretchen Cannell 4 Pom Davis Joyce Day June Day dy Crawford Ken Cropper Monly Crow linda Crowell Roger Cutchin Teddy D'Andriole Burl Davis Charles Davis Judy DeArman Diane Dearmin Judy Feddersen Mary Felder Max Fisher Tommy Fisher Ed Fitzgerald Susan Corbin Margarel Cornelius Joe Cosman Clayton Cox Roy Cox Monly Curl Jack Derby Danny Dodd Melvin Douglas Ricky Douglas Jo Ann Duban Connie Dunlap Jerry Dush Nelda Dyer Ronnie Eddins Pam Eiland Sonia Elam Charles Elle! Marie Ellis Van Zandt Ellis Judith Engen Gwendolyn England Sandra Ernesl Josh Farley Roger Farris Tim Haile Fran Hammonds Terry Haney Gary Hankins Ny Pin er 3 Jo Hansen Mike Hardgrave Diane Hardison Ann Hardwicke Nell Harrell Sue F099 Suzanne Harringlan Pal Harris Dick Hearlwell Mary Ann Healh Jon Fory Bobby Fox Dudley Henckels Diana Henderson Dyke Herlzler Jamy Fox .-1 Charles Francis Sandra Hildebrand wav -Eff? ,-Q iff ,fc Frances Franklin Ann Gafford Becky Gandy .lanel Gardner Sunny Gardner Judy Garwaod iz' 3? Donna Hill snappy Hill Ronnie Hinze Scoll Hoffman Dwayne Holden David Gaskamp Bud Holder Jackie Gibbs Emory Gibson Mike Gibson Peggy Gilder Barbara Gilpin Terry Gish Dickie Glover 1:7 g-1-v Allen Gaodrum Laurie Gough Glenda Griffin Larry Gustafson Melanie Hagler .rr RQ X3 Karen Holder 53 .A --.4 Mr -vw- Brooke Kelly Jimmy Joiner Robert Jones Larry Jordon Janel Kell Jim Jell Gloria Johnson Kalhy Johnson Mac Johnson Ronnie Johnson Dee Johnslon Madelon Leonard Bob Leslie Susan Leslie Dick Leverich Mary Lewis Sandra Howard Diane Hubbard Brenda Jackson Lorinda Jackson Sandra Jackson Danny Jarmon Jeff Jarvis Nancy Jennings Ed Lanford Dick Larson Deann Laws Judy Lawson Sandy Lee Suzy lee Jean LeGwin Bill Leon Palricia Ann Holland Ed Homola Bobby Hood Anne Hacker James Holopp Cheryl King Jimmie King Barbara Knudsen Peggy Koenig Earl Kowalewski Ray Krotlinger Bill King l Judy Lamb Jerry Landwehr Jim Lane Nancy Lane 1 Marcille McMahon Johnny Moog Pa? Maddox Soro Males Pal Maloney Lynda Lighibown Susan Linborger Jocki Lines George Little sz- Carler Llewellyn Lucinda Lang Suzanne Long Dona Loughry John Lowe Bill Lowke Sherry Monire Barbara Mann Bill Marlin Judy Mason Sharon Mason Lynn Massey Jeannie Maihis Wayne Meodlin Joe Lowke Dan Lowrance Bobbie Lucas Ronnie Luedike Lana Lydick Mary Ann McClure Mike McCracken Vonilo McDonnell Mike Meglosson Marty Meihous Vivian Miller Morla Jo Mools Mike Mollei Bulch Montgomery Lynda McC-raih Peggy McKay Sondra McKay Tim McKinney Joe McLean Janice Mollei Sonny Mulholland ""'5F' A-we Myrna Page Nw 117 W Ronnie Olson Bill OToole Mike Oulenrealh Martha Padgell Charles Newman Lynelle Nims Anila Nix Ricky Norris Susan Ochoiski Carole O'Dell Sharon Plumly Carol Porter Dale Porlerfield Kathleen Powell Paul Murray Pal Nanney Dianne Nass Danny Neal Sallye Neal Gayle Needam Becky Neely Ronnie Nelson Bea Perry Lynn Perry Susan Philbin Ginny Phillips Shawn Phillips Sue Phillips Ruth Pieplow Jon Pierall Danny Mulkey Pat Mullins Judy Munday Jim Murphy Doyle Murray Tommy Pavillard Eudora Payne Bill Pellon David Pendery Dave Penwell Robert Perkins Fred Pan key Renee Paris Faust Parker John Parkin James Paulsel Patty Pownder Linda Prince Jean Prior Kalhy Propper Julia Proudfil John Rogers Rex Ross Sandra Rossi Tommy Rowe Herberl Ruark Herb Rabinowii Leslie Randolph Gene Ratlan Gail Ray Becky Reese Linda Reeves 'xxx Ni 1' Tom Rumph Jon Rynd John Sampish Bennie Sandoval Bill Sayre Verely Schopmeyer Marilyn Scoll Susie Scroggs Roy Reeves Diana Reilly Norman Reulher Andrea Reynolds Benny Riddle Barbara Rilchie Allen Robbins Sonny Robbins 'Z ep 'C' Neff' ,.' Sharon Sealey Alida Selby Suzie Senevey Jon shining Sid Shulls Bill Simmons David Robinson Pal Roeder Lyn Robinson Judy Raederer Conni Rogers Judy Simmons Lynn Simmons Marcia Sim ms Belly Skiles 2 Kim Smilh Larry Smith VXM sw' ff ,- Barbara Stone 5-.4 Tommie Stout Susie Stover J Mike Strange Lori Strasheim .-N ,W 4-...vf x - . J f V91 x Judy Stripling x. l V+ -.ff Jerry Swinnea lr rw. f f' 'ii 58 5 Sherry Stuart Nancy Sutton Vicki Swanson Suzy Sweet Carole Treece Paula Trett Wanda Trussell David Turner Donna Turner Stella Spence Gerald Stancil Bob Stegall Mike Stephens Charles Stevens Gayle Stevens Bill Stakes Kenneth Stokes Betty Thornton Ivan Thornton Steve Threlkeld Elania Tice Patricia Tice Ricky Todd Cathy Touzel Jeanie Trammell l Ted Smith Kathryn Soter Charlotte Spaulding Mary Spelce Monte Spell Ricky Taylor Robert Taylor Sandra Taylor .lim Terry Bonnie Thomas Larry Sykes Brian Thomas Dwaine Thomas ,,.-.-.- Jack Thomason Jimmy Thompson Marie Thompson .,,.f,,,,,, Anne Voss Emily Williamson Sue Wills Bobby Wilson Johnny Wilson Barby Winter Janice Votaw Richard Wackerbarlh Chris Waddle Joyce Wade pe Rogelio Wiscovich Glenn Wise Dan Woody Sue Wooldridge Charlolle Walker Sharon Walker Berry Wall Judy Walls Sleven Ward Kirby Warren ww Linda Waolsey Reagan Word Gary Wright Rick Yahr Diana Yankee Linda Yarbrough Jeannelle Yeager Frank Young Larry Young v Nelson Warren Ann Watson Sylvia Wehmanen Linda Weir Scoll Wheeler Kay Whipker Dianne While Sherry Whitehead Kenny Wickell Karron Wilhiie Palsy Willard Bobby Williams Venella Williams Experiences Make Life Cn "The Hill" Lasting Memory Of "Good Olcl Days" W . A X 1 f' lrilsn 7' 1 , Class of '60 has seen Heights' enrollment mushroom from 1,323 in '57 to 1,649 in '60, These six annexes and two floors on the west wing were added during their stay ct Heights. ,ll v-2141401 c-ww Cromped quarters resulted when the 586 iuniors and 563 sophomores registered. Caught in the 3:40 confusion, a somewhat hushed Chigger King and clossmutes head home. Y Q-A-2 ...g 'WX' Notice these moles' reactions to Jeanice Hughes' question. That's surprised Ludiker, dubious Greenman cmd laughing Ruggieri. All she wanted was to be on the football team. ch ,,,,-nf" V, W ,f 51585, "l'm cn angel," beams Bill Melvin. "Hal" counters Joe Mclean. "Gee, that rubber band is wound up tightl" scrutinizes Sam Hudson, winner of an 58,000 Ford scholarship. 5 Seniors Malinda Rhodes and Carol Rollow have made quite o mess in their haste to complete their Homecoming decorations. Singed hair, smoke-filled eyes and mangled toes spell a snake dance around the bonfire "Ah . . . nectar of the godsl" gurgles Mona Lynn McDaniel. Jon Pieratt and bereted John Gaston know it's lust lemone ade. 1 "Oh, c'mon, Santa, it's my turn," gripes Ruth Whiteside as Darlene White interviews this department store Santa for Jacket Journal, Chemistry Experiment IH-'35: Wash windows. Ac- tually, Cliff Gunter iust talked too much in chemis- try and is paying tar it. Miss Hale's second period Spanish class wished her a "Feliz cum- pleanosf' Chivalry is dead, and the auditorium is packed, so who has to stand, Marty Meihaus and Ca- thy Collier? "Hey, how 'bout that Clip Clapl" beams James Morrow, one of many impressed sophomores. N4- Mr. Van Meter helps Mike Myers solve a problem in the research lab l 7 " L Organlzahons A hearty handshake and the president's gavel. are given to Joel Locke by Mr. Roy Stone, former Heights' New Sponsors Guide Council "I move that a Leap Year Dance be held on February 26 . . From suggestions and brainstorms such as this come many enjoyable activities which wouldn't be possible without the Student Council. Besides compiling that invaluable guide, the Student Hand- book, the council of lO2 students arranged Homecoming activi- ties, decorated the Christmas tree with blue and gold balls, or- flfl y ganized a Leap Year Dance ianother first at Heightsl, backed Li, l the school by selling football ribbons, decals and book covers f and supervised elections. ,A -- , 1. , I 5 Rlivgf' Under the guidance of new sponsors, Mrs. Leota Nation and Mr. Nick Ruggieri, the Student Council continues to uphold the standards ot AHHS. 12" is , 53. Officers and sponsors confer. Jan Haley, vice-president: Mrs. Leota Nation, sponsor, Don Holpenny, treasurerg Mr. Nick Ruggieri, sponsorg Joel Locke, president, Mary Jane Ware, secretary. Lee Schneider has iust suggested a student-council sponsored 20 hour week ot Heights. I in ,ff ' I principal. Y Progrom Committee: Lyndo Lovell, chairman, Beverly Browning, Ronnie Luedtke. N Election Committee: Soundro Boone, chairman, Lee Schneider, Jeff Jarvis, Pom Roy and John Paul Wood. ,- ,,,..f 6,7 Z f'a Promclion Commiltee: Don Halpenny, choirmany Lillcl Keyes, Roxee Culin- son, Rena Clark ond Peggy Thornion. rv' '1' 'fs-c' I "aw -.Q,, Deeorolion Commitlee: Melinda Selby, lorry Sykes, Charlotte Green, chairman, Julio Proudfii, Laurie Bozeman and Dionn Merrick. 65 Students Strive Toward Goals Of 'J' Club . . . l Service i i Mr. Hamer J. Pegram awards a diamond-set "J" pin to Miss Kathryn Haden. The pin was presented by the faculty in recognition of Miss l-laden's eleven years ot service to the Service . . To achieve membership in the "J" Club, a Heightster must excell in service, scholarship and leadership. Points are given in each area to every student who qualifies for membership with required grades in both citizenship and scholastic subjects. Indivi- dual points are added with membership increas- ingly harder to attain, for the top l0ufe of the sophomores are chosen, 970 of the iuniors, and only 870 of the seniors. Miss Kathryn Haden, who has been the sponsor since she and Mr. Roy M. Stone organized the club in l949, spends many hours each year doing such things as determining members, preparing the annual program and keeping a "J" Club scrap- book. Scholarship . . . "J" Club. Leadership . . . Janette Cook receives her gold three-year pin from Dr. James N. Walker, guest speaker. .,.. Taking the first step toward a gold pin is sophomore George Austin, shown receiving his first-year pin. -.. -,. .. .J Standing with the three-year "J" Club members are Miss Haden, sponsor, and Pat Gallagher, Fahrenkamp Memorial Award winner. Seniors fhird-Year Members Len Brantley Janette Cook Bob Dickey Jerry Dunagan Jackie Fatherree Cynthia Gale Pat Gallagher John Gaston Joan Grinnell Betsy Heinecke Linda Hendricks Jimmie lvy Stephanie Jones Jerry Levisee Joel Locke Second-Year Members Sandra Blalock Virginia Carey Charlotte Green Jo Ann Hebert James Huber Jonny Jarvis Linda Johnson Suzanne McAdams Gladys Perry Sue Pittma I1 Judy Ramsey Bill Richerson Bonnie Rodgers Muff Singer Bobby Lawrance Mona Lynn McDaniel Garry Maben Phyllis Meadlin Mary Nell Mulholland Jimmy Prince Mary Lou Ramey Lynne Raschke Malinda Rhodes Martha Sealy Bob Simpson Mary Jane Ware Vaughn Whiting Louanne Worley Pat Gallagher receives the Edmund E. Fahrenkamp Memorial Award given each year to an outstanding senior boy. Mr. Larry Boone representative of the class of '51, makes the presentation. First-Year Members Charles Beresford Beverly Black Dick Bush Mary Lou Earl Dianne Greene Joy Kelsey John Kirk Larry Manire Kaye Patrick Celia Scott Robert Shackelford Donald Stanley Michael Stephens Darlene White Ruth Whiteside Juniors Second-Year Members Richard Alexander Larry Allen Sandra Barnes Ann Blocker Carol Carlson Charla Faye Carter Susan Clough Garland Davis Sammy Day Diana Dickey Martha Fisher Mike Frazier Dianne Garrett Barbara Graves Jan Haley Bob Hiett John Higley Janet Jones Charles Kendall Lynda Love Jerry Lowe Evelyn Leonhardt Sherry Lowry Mary Lou McCreless Gridley McKim ' Walter Martin Kay Padgett Libits Potter Pamela Ray Kay Sealy Cedric Snyder Nell Soules DeVonna Suill Joy Till David Walk El' Rose Ann Wiemken Ed Williams First-Year Members Frances Bishop Beverly Browning Paul Decker Ralph Dinsmore Sandra Erwin Don Halpenny Corkey Harrison Kaye Hefner Judy Higby Sandra Hill James Holmes Priscilla Keener Susie Keith Kay Keller Lilla Keyes Donna Latimer Jeannette Mattel Mike O'Grady Sylvia Raschke Allen Redwine Cheryl Reel Susan Scott Melinda Selby Stanley Stone John Paul Wood aophomores First-Year Members Barry Applewhite Kathie Aurin George Austin Judy Baldridge Donna Boone Judi Buschbaum Roxie Calinson Jane Carringer Mary Jane Cleveland Patricia Cole Kenneth Crapper Monty Crow Ted D'Andriole Tommy Fisher Sue Fogg Barbara Gilpin Suzanne Harrington Jeff Jarvis Jimmy Joiner Judy Lamb Jerry Landwehr Jean LeGwin Suzanne Long Don Lowrance Sandra McKay Judy Mason Bob Moor Ginny Moore Pat Mullins Doyle Murray Anita Nix Virginia Patton Bea Perry Patty Pownder Leslie Randolph Gail Ray Alida Selby Suzanne Senevey Judy Simmons Barbara Stone Lori Strasheim Vickie Swanson Steven Ward Ann Watson Dianne White Barbara Winter Diana Yankee Linda Yarbrough Frank Young Frankie Claunts is seen at his weekly task of posting a new display in connection with AY. Calypso Cuatro," Jeanice Hughes, Phyllis Meadlin, Sue Pittman and Jackie Fatherree, perform at the AY talent show. this feel good?" quizzes Joanne as the transformation from Mike to "Michelle" Robinson begins. yes, I feel good all overt" Continent Heights' Allied Youth received na- tional recognition for being the largest group in the land when a person known as "Connie" wrote to Mrs. Wal- ter Ferguson, syndicated columnist. Established at Heights in I936, AY presents the results of drinking to its members and leaves the final decision up to them. Seven deserving members were sent to the AY Convention in Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania, where Garry Ma- ben was elected international first vice-president. Talented students dem- onstrated their ability in an AY talent show in December. "Beauties" again paraded across Heights' stage in the annual AY Beauty Contest at which Juliana Uiml Johnson reigned. A picnic in the spring con- cluded the rewarding year tor Heights' AY. Sponsors for this year were Miss Grace Becker, Mr. James York and Mr. Jack Martin. .12 2 i this if 5 Ak, if I 3,54 gre!" 'I don't think this is the kind she uses." Johnny Deutschendorf sings "One Little Kiss," his own composition, ot the AY talent show. ' Ay beauty contest winner, Juliono Uiml Johnson, poses dointily with escort, Gaines Stovall. Beginning his first yeor os on AY sponsor is Mr. James York. With him ore sponsors, Miss Grace Becker ond Mr, Jock Martin. 4? She: "Do you think you con manage?" "Oh it's nice to be beautiful," He: "Yeoh, I can walk, but I ccin't swin "MikereIIo O elfl' X,-S 'sf 151' 41:11 S,- GL lb LAW A5 '-4 1 . W f i t V fffkxki ' sw 2, 1' rf? ' ' " On a near-empty stage with a minimum of simple props, Grover's Corners came to life in the AHHS auditorium. Under the direction of speech instructor, Mr. Charles Beseda, assisted by Betsy Heinecke, Thornton Wilder's Our Town was presented by the Jacket Footlight Players December I7 and 18. Footlighters began the year with their annual sunrise breakfast, at which the rains came down as usual. Steering the club through its activities were president, Jo Ann Hebert, vice president, Pat Gal- lagher, secretary-treasurer, Betsy Heinecke, and sergeant-at-arms, John Gaston. Climaxing the year was a final banquet, held in dry, indoor safety. Jacket Footlight Players me Mike Stephens looks up from his "book" in response to louanne Worley's invitation to "come outside and smell my heliotrope" in the Gibbses' invisible garden. g, swf' f Mr Charles Beseda and Assistant Director Betsy Helnecke attempt to silence the dead ID order to continue the atternoon's rehearsal. ". . . an important talk we've been having." Emily and George, portrayed by Jo Ann Hebert and Tom Russell, discuss their future over "strawberry sodas" at Mr. Morgan's Drugstore. Jim Gurley studies his third act lines as Stage Man- ager while a supposedly deceased Larry Suggs in- quires about tomorrow's chemistry assignment. Gossip in Grover's Corner-Sandro Blalock, Mona Lynn McDaniel and Louanne Wor- ley "discuss" Simon Stimson while standing beneath Tom Russell's "windaw." 1 -s ,A f Tftl-5+ Writing Club Flourishes ln Second Year Tri-Lit, as the name implies, has three goals for its members, appre- ciation of good writing, apprentice- ship and authorship. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Leota Nation the club was organized last year. Members explore the depths of poetry and prose, then try their skill at creative writing. To climax the year, a booklet containing a sample of each participant's work will be given to members. Officers for this year are Beverly Black, president, Diane Arnold, vice- president, Muff Singer, secretary- treasurer. FNA Applying's goal of authorship are Frankie Claunts, Owen Clayton, Douglas Brooks, Jan Bridges, Sari Butterfield and Kathy Propper, Mrs. Leota Nation confers with Diane Arnold and Beverly Black. Scrapbook Entered ln State Contest Artificial respiration is taught each FNA member. With the guidance of Mrs. Mary Fisher, sponsor, Susan Rogers, president, demonstrates her skill on Linda Zodin. Cheryl Reed, ll'9USU"Sf. and Dixie Weir, Seffe tary, watch closely and await their turn. Future Nurses of America, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Fisher, offers an opportunity for medical- minded students to become acquaint- ed with the duties of a nurse. Tour- ing the City and County Health De- partments and St, Joseph's Hospital helped familiarize members with the health facilities of the city. A get-acquainted party opened the year for FNA members. On March 12 representatives attended the state convention at Austin, taking with them their entry in the state contest, a scrapbook, "Different Fields of Nursing." Q l96O Busy Year For Future Teachers Under the sponsorship of Miss Dona Stovall, iii, assisted by Mrs. Elva Lerret and Mr. Ray Dyche, FTA members prepared for future careers. Out- standing guest speakers sought to instill a desire for teaching in students, and others gave them a glimpse of the modern world, During the spring semester members visited public schools in which they were "teachers for a day," Thirteen representatives attended the TFTA Con- vention in Denton in February. The year was con- cluded at a ioint spring installation with the Library Club. Eniaying the ioint FTA-Library Club Christmas banquet are FTA officers Gayle Piper, reporter, Martha Sealy, secretary, Mary Jane Ware president, Miss Eula Hunter, former sponsor, Kay Ward, treasurer. Mary Lou McCreless, vice-president, is not pictured. Library Club Members Keep Books .fr With date stamp in hand, Heights' assistant librarians prepare for their daily routine of checking out books to Heightsters, only one of their many duties. Working during their free periods, library helpers shelf and mend books and direct bewildered students to "hidden" books. Meeting twice a month with sponsors, Mrs. Mary Hood and Mrs. Emily Bigham, the group discusses present and future plans to better the library. A Christmas banquet was held with mem- bers of FTA. Climaxing the year was a din- ner honoring Library Club seniors. A "world of knowledge" surrounds officers Cynthia Gale, historian, Kay Sealy, vice-president, Martha Sealy, president, Sharon Thompson, treasurer, Mary Lau McCreless, secretary. Linda Yarbrough, reporter, is not pictured. E7 Kay Ward is pointing the way to Denton and the TFTA convention. Other delegates were Gayle Piper, Kathy Propper, Mary Jane Ware, Pat Mullins, Wanda Trussell, Barbara Stone, Mary Lou McCreIess and Judy Munday. 1.1, 3 -9997, - ' Jerry Landwehr helps in the Library every morning before school. 73 JRC Sponsors Variety Show A chest filled with articles for underprivileged children and a variety show presented at the Carswell Air Force Base Hospital were the maior proiects of the Heights' branch of the Junior Red Cross. Leaders of this year's Junior Red Cross, Kay Keller, Beverly Browning, Stanley Stone and Nancy Rogers. The activities of the Junior Red Cross were planned by representatives from each homeroom. ln most cases, the alternate councilman served as the homeroom's repre- sentative. Providing leadership and guidance were offi- cers, Stanley Stone, president, Nancy Rogers, vice presi- dent, Kay Keller, secretary, Beverly Browning, treasurer, and sponsors, Mrs. Flossie Poston and Mr. Marvin Miller. Tour Print Shop Press Club Members Founded with the purpose of raising jour- nalistic standards of school publications and promoting co-operation among Jacket Jour- nal, Yellow Jacket, and Jaberwocky staffs, the Arlington Heights Press Club began its second year with approximately 45 members. To attain this goal, morning meetings were held on alternating Thursdays, at which guest speakers, films, or programs by staff mem- bers were presented. Night meetings, held once per six weeks, included a Christmas ice-skating party which developed into a surprise birthday celebra- tion for sponsor, Mrs. Emily Lunday, and a tour of a print shop. An annual banquet con- cluded the year for student journalists. Scanning school publications are Press Club officers, Jackie Woolsey, historian, Mona Lynn McDaniel, secretary, Kay Padgett, treasurer, Muff Singer, vice-president and Jim Huber, president. 'A' Club Revived Lettermen Stage Midnight Dropped approximately tour years ago, the "A" Club has been revived to benefit athletes. With a Midnight Movie and a late spring talent program, the boys at- tracted student interest. The club's prime purpose is to improve the athletic world at Heights and to provide pleasant as- sociations among lettermen. Officers of the reorganized "A" Club are Len Brantley, Bob Simpson and Joe White. DE Students Pursue Business Careers While Getting Education Behind the iewelry counter are Judi Bagwell, Carolyn Andrews and De Jo Thomson, who report to work each afternoon to gain experience while attending school. ?i8 Q' E' Distributive Education, under the sponsorship of Mrs. June Lay, gives students an opportunity to work in the business world while gaining a scholastic education. After attending three classes, one of which is DE, each student goes to work, Judy Bagwell was elected Heights' DE Sweetheart and was honored with other Fort Worth Sweethearts at a dance. As a money-making project, DE students sold Christmas cards and candy. At the DE Convention in San Antonio two Heightsters received gold medals. Sue Riley won for sales demonstration and Patty McBride for business speaking. Club Provides Guidance for Science Enthusiasts Lee Eppstin analyzes the lab's analytical balance. "Dissecting is funl" crows Bill Richerson, as an unknown ob- Lynda Lightbown grins maliciously as she pre- server's curiosity endangers her nose. pores to operate on a defenseless would-be chicken. Now in its tenth year, the Science Club offers to students interested in science equipment to use in their research proiects, the guidance of advisors and an opportunity to associate with other science enthusiasts, Members meet weekly with sponsors, Mr. Flavin Arseneau, Mr. Arch Van Meter and Mr. Bob Phillips, to work on their proiects for the Science Fair held in March. An installation banquet 'Featuring the presen- tation of club pins, a Christmas party and an annual-signing session enlivened the year for Heights' hard-working scientists. Science Club officers, Bob Dickey, vice presidentp Bill Richerson, president, YY V Larry Manire, reporter, and Susan Clough, secretary-treasurer, display some ,of the research equipment available to club members. Clyde Spain seems to have blown out the flame of Bill's bunsen burner. Lynda Lightbown and Bill Pelton are standing around trying to look busy. Y 'P The secret is out-Heights' students really are teasippersl Jimmy Joiner and John Lowe enioy their spot of tea in the biology lab storeraom. :-Q11 el., of s :fe S. The Arlington Heights Rifles parade before the All-City Colonel at the fall presentation ceremony. ROTC Program Trains Boys For Future Army Leadership Heights' ROTC unit this year included some IBO boys land the usual girl sponsors to build mo- ralel. Under the ROTC program, designed to train young men now for future Army leadership, these boys were instructed in military drill, weapons, organization, first aid and marksmanship by com- mcindants, MfSgt. Leon McDuffie and MfSgt, Eugene Brown. An all-time high team score record was set by the rifle team, under the guidance of MfSgt. Mc- Dul"fie. The drill team performed at Open House in November and represented the school in drill competition with teams from other schools. The entire unit participated in the annual Federal Inspection held in March, at which Heights has consistently won the Honor Star. Mf5gt. Leon McDutfie, Mrs. Anne Ayala and NVSgt. Eugene Brown smile proudly over Heights' All-City Colonel, Joe Frank Becera. Battle Group Staff Battle Group Staff First Row: Mrs. Anne Ayala, Mona Lynn McDaniel. Second Row: Mike Medlock, commander, Jim Huber, David Hester Third Row: Charles Beresford, Edward Bradshaw, Don Stanley, Larry Manire. Fourth Row: Mike Stephens, deputy com- mander, Richard Davis, John Henderson, executive officer, Jerry Lowe, Herb Evans. Alpha Company First Row. J. Ewen, D. leverich, J. Fory, M. Luxton, L. Valderas, J. Parkin, L. Gustafson, Kay Sealy, sponsor, Bill Richerson, commander, Jan Goodwin, exec. Second Row: K. Adams, M. Hardgrave, T. Lewis, C. Waddle, J. Hargrove, C. L. Wilson, F. Morley, J. Ferguson. Third Row: f, pf R. Show, B. Lovell, C. Spain, J. Jett, B. Selmon, J. Hans, R. Dibrell. Nat pictured: L. Cowley, W. Gough, A. Moore, M. Stephens. R A The "War Department," drill team division, displays its might with the tower as a back drop. , New Headquarters Company First Row: R. Ernest, J. Thomason, G. Harrison, E. Kowa- lewski, H. Daberry, B. Sandoval, Martha Sealy, sponsor, Robert Haynie, commander, David Barnett, exec. Second Row: M. Fisher, J. McCrea, J. Hardin, R. Stokes, R. Fisher, M. Addison, H. Hickman. Third Row: E. Watts, J. Fitzpatrick, C. Parker, B. Alford, R. Miller, B. Paden, H. Hall, B. Bohannon. Fourth Row: J. Byrnes, J. Prevost, M. Brown, E. Collinsworth, R. Whitten, T. Gibbons, S. Beck- with. Not pictured: R. Gathings, T. Beard, J. Henderson. - fs- We V-w-wwfyv-wr.-WH-f Bravo Company First Row: P. Monsir, W. Wienecke, R. Delange, B. Holley, B. Black, G. Thrasher, Lynne Roschke, sponsor, Perry Hood, commander, Wade Whittle, exec. Second Row: R. Wockerbarth, B. Leslie, C. Finefrock, D. Glover, J. Cana, B. Moore, D. Roberts, D. Heath. Third Row: R. Norwood, G. Pense, W. B. Rollins, G. Mayfield, P. Shannon, D. Pendery, J. Sortor, R. McClure. Fourth Row: M. Wood, G. Burton, J. Barton, L. Jordan, S. Dale, G. Brown, T. Gish, J. George. Not pictured: P. Blansett, R. Davis, S. Hare, J. Howell, J. Huber, J. Jenkins, L. Manire, R. Stegoll, J. Dean. mor-rf-'ng Charlie Company First Row: G. Harrison, B. Riddle, C. Clifton, J. Rogers, F. Dush, J. Blackmon, D. McMonigle, A. Robbins, Emily Dorsey, sponsor, Norman Beard, commander. Second Row, K. Millett, T. Hastings, M. Cole, R. Bow, S. Stone, D. Harrell, John Kirk, exec., R. Shockelford, E. Anthony. Third Row: G. Davis, A. S. Hoffman, D. Dudley, T. Krog, P. Morgan, T. Sarich, W. Bevill, R. Taylor, G. Lautz. Fourth Row, T. Eden, D. Heard, J. Ard, J. Bennett, W. Weth, K. Williams, C. Reed, R. Brown, D. McMenamy. Not Pictured, T. Baird, H. Evans, J. Lowe, S. Owens, T. Trump, J. Sanders, D. Hester. infusion:- Ronald Corbyn, commander, Linda Mclntire, sponsor, Herb Evans, guidon bearer, Lloyd Cowley, assi. commander. First Row: H. Hall, F. Ponkey, A. Moore, D. Dudley, L. Jordon, C. Brazelton, B. Holley, G. Berg. Second Row: D. Harrell, R. Taylor, J. Jett, S. Hoffman, D. Pendery, D. Decker, J. Cano, B. Sandoval. Third Row: S. Stone, K. Stokes, W. Bevill, B. Selman, H. Cave, J. Dush, T. Gish, R. Stokes. Fourth Row, J. Fitzpatrick, G. Pense, T. Sarich, J. Ewen, C. Collinsworth, R. Bow, G. Austin, J. Fory. .-?,' Drill Platoon Della Company First Row: J. Bock, J. Terry, D. Hertzler, R. Fory, C. Brozelton, G. Berg, Jeanne Danner, sponsor, Dennis Gillispie, commander, Rodney Pendleton, exec. Second Row: R. Supercinski, F. Tart, J. Shilling, D. Porterfield, R. Fielder, P. Nichols, B. Hall. Third Row: C. Eyler, M. Stephens, G. Austin, B. Holder, W. Cox, J. Derby, H. Cave. Fourth Row: D. Hall, D. Young, F. Ponkey, K. Stakes, D. Decker, R. Johnson. Not Pictured: E. Bradshaw, K. Brown, R. Corbyn, L. Covey, J. Dagley, T. D'Andriole, B. Hall, J. Marshall, M. Medlock, W. Sanders, D. Stanley, G. Turnock. Norman Beard faces Emily Dorsey with the pinning cere mony. 7-,yn -. r- .. w -f . W, N V A .. ,..., A. , . : ' X ,....:..' .i...' ' , - . . ff' 'i f' gr' 'if 'Mail '11 : ii ii V74 -Q -4 F Q. J , gf 'Hgh ., ,. '92, Q " .rx 1545 f 5' v i Q if 3 fy ' FFIN A r-me V Wynn. Q7 Q ' , in I I s- ' t V .1 ' ,. ' J ""' 1 V.. ,. ,, . Q ' 1 Candidales for All-City Colonel are pre- senled lo lhe cily's drill teams. All-City Colonel Joe Frank Becera is hon- ored by Mr. W. A. Meacham and Colonel Nobles. ,je Perry Hood placidly pierces the neck of Lynne Raschke. 80 Firsi Row: Joe Becera, commander, Linda Mclnlire, sponsor. Second Raw: John Henderson, guidon bearer, D. Gillispie, R. Shackellord, W. Whillle, D. Barnetl, R. Ernest J. Lowe. Third Row: B. Richersan, C. Eyler, R. Corbyn, T. Haslings, J. Marshall, C. Dibrell. Fourfh Row. E. Bradshaw, P. Hood, T. Croft, M. Brown, J. Goodwin, C. Finefrock. Fifth Row: M. Medlock, T. Trump, E. Walls, M. Slephens, J. Kirk, N. Beard, G. Turnock. . H. Rifles Drum 8: Bugle Corps First Row, fronl lo rear: J. Filzpalrick, M. Brown, B. Bohannon, D. Heard. Second Row: T. Baird, R. Fielder, F. Tarl, R. Fory. Third Row: C. Cliflan, S. Hoffman, D. Healh, S. Hare. Fourlh Row: D. Miller, W. Bevill, M. Wood, R. Wackerbarth, P. Blansell. Cenler: Gladys Perry, sponsor, Tommy Trump, commander. Nol Piclured: W. Sanders, W. Wieneke, E. Walls, G. Turnack. E" YR! Firsh Row: Benny Riddle, Mike Fisher, Jean Marie Anderson, sponsor, Ron Fory, Johnny Rogers. Second Row: Walter Cox, Danny Young, Edward Bradshaw, captain, Tim Krog, Jerry Barton. . . . and the colors pass in review. ' 1 A Rifle Team f Sponsors Firsf Row: Lynne Raschke, Emily Dorsey, Marlha Sealy, Gladys Perry. Second Row: Mona Lynn McDaniel, Jeanne Donner, Kay Seoly, Jean Marie Anderson. Noi Pictured: Linda Mclnlire. J J ii ixivifilif E "He would drop lhat flag during inspeclion," painfully cringes MfSgl. Brown. Counl your blessings. It could be quicksand in- slead of mud. 81 X X Jr URN W fr 4,4 rap Janie Nelson and Kaye Patrick check page proofs before returning them to the printer. Hangin' 'round their beat assignments in the publications "din" are JJ reporters, Gary Gray, Mike Gale, Joy Kelsey, David Hester, Monte Morris and Kay Ward, Below are Linda Griffith, Ann Kuntz, Ja Ann Phillips, Ruth Whiteside, Mary Lou Earl and Charla Faye Carter. fi! Q W y. 5 .YSWWW 5 rc 4 .4-'21 SW C85 pmmnmmsco Jacket Journal subscribers got more for their money this year than ever be- fore. For the first time in Heights' history every issue of the paper contained six pages, with special larger Christmas, Homecoming and senior issues, Although hard work is a familiar phrase to the paper staff, fun runs a close second tif trying to eat steak with a plastic fork like Jules Soule did can be termed funl. Losing an entire page the day before the paper goes to press may arouse laughter now, though it provoked no mirth in Mrs. Emily Lunday or her students at the time. With never a dull moment, the Jacket Journal staff unfailingly produced a paper every two weeks, though occa- sionally without a moment, dull or other- wise, to spare. wus, YI! ' "4NrH:n5, Nite-.J ,gr- Editors Jim Huber and Emily Dorsey read with a critical eye the Homecoming issue of the Jacket Journal. l wx C37 Sleok for all, and il's being eaten with plaslic forks! Darlene While, Jim Huber, Jules Soule, Kaye Palrick, Emily Dorsey and Mrs. Lunday enjoy a "snack" aflel' working overli me, Everyone is happy when Darlene White sells an ad Q-fy Slaffers are Bill Adams, Muff Singer, Darlene Whlle A Lillian Joe and Anila Sands. in ' f 7 V , K. ' Mrs. Lunday, publications sponsor, pauses from her leaching lo offer some advice lo her press raom pencil pushers. . gb JACKET JOURNAL Established in 1933 Published bi-weekly by the Journalism Classes of Arlington Heights High School Co-Editors ........................... ,........ Emily Dorsey, Jim Huber Business Manager ......... ......................,.... D arlene White Columnists ........,,,,......., ..,..,.. L illian Joe, Muff Singer Feature Editors ........... ....... K aye Patrick, Janie Nelson Sports Editors ,...................................... ......... J ules Soule, Monte Morris Circulation Managers ..,.....,....,........,,...................... Mike Gale, Tim Beard Advertising Assistants .... Adair Wilson, Anita Sands, Ruth Whilteside Pwbilic Relations .....,,..,......,.............,.,,.....,' Sue Pittman, Jeaniee Hughes Artists ,.........,,.........,,. .,,.... B ill Adams, Raleigh Brickell Exchange Editor .....,,.. ...........,.... .............,..,........,........, J 1 ane Pinholslter Typists ..................,..,........,,.......................,.... Evalie Hawes, Jan Stewart Reporters ...,.,,.......,.,. David Hester, Ann Kuntz, Gridley McKim, Herb Evans, Linda Griffith, Mary Lou Earl, Kay Ward, Sonja Caffey, Gary Gray, JoAnn Phillips, Bob I-Iiett, Chlarla Faye Canter, Joy Kelsey, Bob Doby, Dick Van Gorder, Eileen Shoemaker, Elizabeth Kimball, Carol Jean Hart, Mike Wood, Pam Pavel, Nancy Loffland. Sponsor .......................,..............,........................,........ Mrs. R. H. Lunday L: ,,- -for "Ring Around a Memory" was created by staffers ibeginning at top f0Wi Doug Brooks, Jane Lemon, Cedric Sny- der, Bill Adams, Joel Locke, Roxee Calinscn, Mary Jane Ware, Walter Martin, Diana Poling, Sharon Thomp- son, Jackie Woolsey, Suzanne Mc- Adams, Mona Lynn McDaniel, Jill Lob- dill, Evalie Howes, Celia Scott, Kay Padgett, Virginia Watson and Lynne Raschke. lNot Pictured: Nell Touch- tone, Bea Perryi, YJ Graduates To College Size Exuberance filled the air in Mrs. Cave- ness's room as each student received his personalized annual for being the lucky lOO per cent homeroom. Annual staffers had their names put on their annuals in black to match this year's color scheme. This year brought forth three firsts, the senior class color pictures, college-sized annual and a special period for annual staffers, eliminating much after school work and facilitating security measures. No longer was it necessary to shoo other Jackets out of the hive. Unity and better planning were results ot the class period. 1--1-I..-ge. .se-.e:Le,-e wav VJ., i, V - s- 1.1.1, J t- , f-fJW,s,,4e i "M" I-17 Z: . .,, 7' ,V A - fine. Editors: "But studies the A' there are other sectionsl" excloims Mary Jane Ware Q5 joel Locke makeup" ot college beauties. eeweeezeeimeq-.evseawuau rmuml mm-n-A . . .1 ' i "No, Doug, not Mad style for the YJl" Walter Martin, Jill Lobdill, Doug Brooks. 3 ,ff-Hffws '-'mf 4' i '- J. ' ...ff , ,fr I ,JQQM .2 ,sf lil- 'Iv-4, ,fn ,M I i, ,,',. g ,,-f QEXA4 Magus' A fr Checking YJ copy are Kay Padgett, Lynne Raschke and Sharon Thompson. ,Q -ii lt's here! Working vigorously to meet the dead- line are Evclie Hawes, Virginia Watson and Suzanne McAdams. abberwocky Offering an opportunity for students to express their originality, the Jabberwocky, which was hatched' a year ago by editor Sam Hudson, was publisheditwice this year. The bright gold cover of the Christmas Portfolio edition -was printed especially for mailing. The con- tents of this package, poems, short stories and fea- tures, fexpressed students' ideas and feelings of the holiday season. Again 'Jackets contributed to the second spring issue. The Class of l96O entrusts to Heightsters the Jabberwocky, Sam Hudson's dream, a magazine reflecting the spirit of the "school on the Hill." Dream Comes True s coons co. 45, ., M M so , ' wmv l'9, foqlay. B Q s 7 I l , if ' ,, X is fn -,Q za zu 1 6 2 fir rim 5, 1 23 zo fl H Editors: Kaye Patrick has all faith that Sam Hudson will stab the cdrd and not her finger. Darlene White seems unaware at the "sticky" situation. Airing their troubles, perched on their roost, staffers ready the "Jabb" for flight. Beginning with the top row are Elizabeth Kimball Eilene Shoemaker, Beverly Black, Raleigh Brickell, Gridley McKim, Pam Pavel, Bob Hiett, Carol Hart, Robert Winnick, Jan Stuart, Dick Van Gorder, Bob Doby, Jill Lobdill, Nancy Loffland, Betty Woodlock, Nancy Nix, Adair Wilson and Mike Wood. Music On Parade Baritone Gary Huddleston sings "List! The Cherubic Host" with AHHS choral background at the Christe mas program, Busy! Busyl Busyl Mrs. Mary White is vocal director of mixed chorus, girls' sextet and the newly formed boys' ensemble. AHHS Lab Band plays one of its many "swing" numbers. Reaching new heights this year was our Jacket Band, under the able direc- tion of Mr. G. H. Carson, director. Band members tank up before marching another seven plays without water. 87 i X , . 1 1 Q rs ,..., 4 1 A M P y 7' . tg, if 9 fe -'X' K . .W s , 1 .3 V, . , f Y 2 11 H W . . I Z , ::. V ' , B Q ig f 1 2 5- li' f A Q5 -, AQ X , ff ' ' f Z V, , 2: - 1, ' ' .- . g T l , v . V ' Ki -, ' -r ,, 1- " fr on 1, r ' 'Q oe- , .A yt . X Q 5, y . - y ,- ,jg wg ! 3 gh f , Y.: gt gf A - f 2 Yi' . -, A 1 " 1 . e ii f R "-5' ' 7 .' w-4 .V TQ' , l' .W , I ,, .s , 1 1 i , ' ' .1 U' 3 , , V QQ t xii. fg ,1 x , : .W . 1- f- ? '1 Q' . f f l ff X 1 , " 1 Lv w . 5 1 1 .1 I X , I, 1 , , . , I , , , X 3 ,5 , Q' . ,. f ,, , . , . , WWE ' x if-fs . r ". ,. V. K X l f l X i l l -, K. . ' X. QW e i . First Row: J. Yeager, L. Russell, C. Giles, M. Weldon, J. Cook, P. Penn, S. McAdams, E. Leonhardt, P. Branch, L. Worley, J. Ivy, L. S. Wilson, D. Greene, M. Mulholland, L. Johnson, J. Warnick, A. Pipes, M. Padgett, J. McClure, J. German. Second Row: S. Dean, B. Graves, R. Lucas, J. Duban, A. Phillips, G. Watts, R. Pieplaw, L. Levering, V. Dawson, W. Ward, S. Wills, J. DeArman, S. Ernest, B. Butler, L. Kelly, P. Owen. Third Row: N. Andrews, P. Harris, S. Moore, V, Hackney, C. DeWolfe, S. Mulholland, C. Cox, B. Melvin, J. McLean, B. Bumgardner, N. Warren, P. Willia- ford, J. Johnson, C. Brown, D. Perkins, J. Brown. Fourth Row: K. Ragan, C. Conrad, M. Rohde, M. Green, M. Douglas, J. Deutschendorf, D. Holden, J. Longley, J. Ethridge, L. Beers, L. Tubb, M. Tubb E. Shoemaker, K. Whipker, J. Carter. Not Pictured: R. Wiemken, R. Whiteside, S. Hoffman, J. Gurley, D. McGIohen, C. Trippe, L. Carpenter, D. Gaskamp, B. Harrell, M. Wiggins, B. Heinecke, A. Rhodes, J. Capers, L. Wilson, G. Huddleston, T. D'Andriole, D. McClinton, R. Barker, G. Culpepper, W. Smith, N. Crossan, N. Reuther, B. Flower, S. Burt, C. Curry, J. Ramsey, K. Albreight, B. Luck, S. Swinnea, L. Davis, D. Mays, D. Past, B. Kelly. Chorus Adds Spirit, Represents School 1 Heights' Orchestra made its initial appearance this year at the installation of the student body officers. The Orchestra's String Ensemble performed for the Association of Educational Secretaries' tea in December. Open House and the annual Christmas Program were also on the orchestra's agenda. They played at several con- tests and made a high fidelity recording. In April they appeared with the All-City Orchestra and Chorus and climaxed the year with the Arlington Heights Music Festival. EiZ23?ti1,i V 5' iff: 'E CC75- 7 , Q . ff V ' t 1- W ' if 55 A A n, Q t 4- ' 2 fm 'f ' egg- y Y. F f K f 5.4 L ni, . T17 1? J f f ? 'ft We YL fl' 4 ' . , " ' 'X . 7 I F- ' ' - ' .V ' if 1 V X V. 5- . 1-'U ' UF , 'i ,f U' if Z l sg ri 5 - 4 V ... J x fe f ,, . . 3 s we r 1 ruff 2 . xv' T , , 'y 9 F - " I. V ' .,,. in , - -. f- N '- Q K, 5 is - 9. xi' ' E, , it " . .til?,Mrs. White, the tenors couldn't be flat!" Thus the AHHS Chorus is heard at work, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Smith White. One hundred twelve strong, the chorus performed before the student body on the annual Christmas pro- gram and the spring program. Graduation and Baccalaureate services also featured music sung by the group. ln addition to singing for other schools, many chorus members took part in the yearly expedition to TWC's Choral Festival and participated in the All-City Chorus and Orchestra Concert. Heights' choral group was accompanied by Gary Huddleston and Janet Jones,'.Janet doubling as accompanist for the Girls' Double Sextet and the newly organ- ized Boys' Double Quartet. Crchestra Participates ln Varied First Row: A. Cearley, M. Wold, J. Munday, J. Futherree. Activities Second Row: J. Anderson, V. Carey, J. Sheaffer, S. Wehmanen, P. Miller, C. Carter, J. Joiner, H. Cunningham, K. Mattoon, L. Briley, S. Hare. Third Row: S. Martin, B. Crawford, M. Bock, V. Ellis, P. Gallagher, B. Lowrance, R. Bennett, W. Martin, J. Powell, J. Humphries, T. Baird, S. Harrington, C. Gibson. Fourth Row: B. Magers, D. Lowrance, B. Riddle, G. Bracy, B. Haase, B. Martin, J. Wise, J. levisee, V. Whiting, W. Meadlin, J. Wade, V. Ellsworth, J. Gaston. First Row: B. Felder, C. Sowden, J. Fatherree, H. Norstrud, R. Dinsmore, M. Wold, G. Perry, F. Tucker, J. Mundoy, S, Martin. Second Row: B. Knudsen, P. Gallagher, B. Lowrance, R. Alexander, Joiner, J. Jarvis, A. Nix, L. Gough, K. Mosley, G. Bracy, J. Shecfier, Third Row: B. Thornton, J. Prince, L. Hendrick, S. Jones, H. Cook, Pittman, H. Cunningham, D. Chappell, J. Rynd, W. Lowke, P. Blansett, Harrison, B. Sayre, T. Russell, B. Perry. J. Hackleman, S. Beede, J. Cook, J. Humphries, G. Moore, P. Miller, J. S. Hill, M. McDaniel, J. Dunagan, E. House. R. Davis, V. Brown, D. Clapp, J. Powell, C. Carter, P. Meadlin, N. Soules, S. K. Mattoon, R. Miller, D. Heard, J. Till, J. Griggs, G. Wise, B. Hiett, C. Bancl Activities l959-60 90 The year actually started for Heights' Yellow Jacket Band three weeks before the opening of school with the first briefing of band officers and the announcements of pre-season marching for all members, Following a week of intensive training and drill for the marching officers, the full band drilled and rehearsed four hours daily for the final week. Ever present at all pep rallies, the band per- formed at nine football games and at the instal- lation of the All-City Cadet Colonel. WBAP-TV also featured the band in marching and concert playing on their All-City Pep Rally. V' , . L 9 ' 'I -' -ui Mtn' ' ' ,a ir f 1 ' -N I ffl 1-- 1 I 'W' ' 7"" 'J J ' f Ay ' ' . . . ff ,,f ff, f , A Practice makes perfect, and the Jacket Band has obviously been practicing, a factor 1' 5, ' 'af which showed up in lnterschalastic League competition. ' f l " ,,.. , 2 J' Jr? V Heights' medal-winning twirlers are Phyllis .., A .,., mm f ,,,fggg,g.1,i.... . A , ..,....... .I ,..,,, .L:,,x7, , If Meadlan, Sue Pittman, Gladys PerfY and . ' Jackie Fatherree. ' ' V, 3, f 2 - , -"fu:-gf Jlewfl-we-f .,-JW-...Q ' V. ,,. ,, , ,i my v .,,, , 4, ,, . f ,Y,...g.------- - -A g "ii , . ff " ,, , w fef is i ' 1 Fourth Row: J. Johnson, J. Boatwright, R. Bennett, J. Le Gwin, D. Latimer, J. Yeager, C. Hart, E. Gibson, D. Poling, S. Easley, L. Champion, B. Graves, M. Brown, L. Worley, D. Spencer, C. Ellet, J. Taylor, H. Scott, J. Lowke, D. Lowrance, D. Erskine, R. Perkins, J. Hatopp, B. Fox, T. Trump, J. Levisee, R. Puckett, A. Horton, W. Meadlin, V. Ellsworth, A. Redwine, C. Snyder, V. Whiting, J. Gaston. Nol Pictured: N. Bedford, D. Snipes. Contests for the Jacket Band included the pre- liminary marching festival at Arlington, a first place performance in lnterscholastic League marching competition at TCU and the annual Jacksboro Mu- sic Festival, along with other contests. Performances included the Armistice Day Pa- rade, Stock Show Parade and Rodeo Concert and a concert for Monnig Junior High. A high fidelity recording, along with the annual Band Concert and Arlington Heights Music Festival attended by the iunior and senior hiahs concluded the year for the band. , vi: , A r t if t 4, El g f X ""' . 5 f 5 S ..-,t , . ' 2' f 1, , " f 3 1 , 35,41 Y . F7 f 2 ' it3if5""t,f,.,f wa. ,- , ,f,f..f A '',.f.. , .1 ., I f- , J-fat EM Shown here are the officers of the Jacket Band. First Row: C. Harrison, P. Miller, M. McDaniel, J. Gaston, V. Ellsworth, V. Whiting, J. Powell, B. Lowrance. Second Row: P. Gallagher, R. Alexander, J. Prince, J. Levisee, T, Trump, D. Chappell, D. Spencer, E, Hasse, C. Snyder, P. Blansett, J. Humphries. , , of i , ,., Hip, - , .,,. .,. , 1, .,,, 4 , ,, .. f , f - ' f I-f,.,ff,wfgQ fhjly 8. f'sf'f'j L X ff.-M, ,Vg Q. f 91 Organizations ln Review AY installation: Two representatives from each class light the flame of AY as Garry Maben administers the oath. "Like votel" Beatnik Mike Robinson, an "elite, neat, beat" says, "Ware for Secretary . . , cool." Future Teachers and Librarians heard Mrs. Morton Gause Ware speak at their Christmas banquet. 92 iygfyemfw sf X, Moodily analyzing the production Our Town, Mr. Beseda and Betsy Heinecke reflect melancholy empathy. vi se , 6 -w. Q , .af xxx Journalists Mary Lou Earl and Ruth Whiteside seem shocked-interview Rex AIIen's horsell b n fan'- ,WS-f l 7 1 ' r I i 3 e H 'S - , ' +215 ,ina Q, 74' 5 7 , fl Q Q-,mf H H i ' - eghts Enrollment Up. WM 'Eff , -M013 'H-n. "l'm sorry, but I can't accept your resignation," says Mr. Sharp to Lilla Keyes as Doris Gresset and Buddy Paden look on. Registration As iuniors and seniors groaned and pleaded for classes, smug sophomores looked on, since theirs were picked for them. Registration marked the farewell to sunbaths, skiing, parties and picnics, How- ever, it introduced new friends, leaf collec- tions ond term themes. Since the enroll- ment of Heights was the largest ever, many new teachers greeted old and new stu- dents. "Well, the way I figure it, ma'am, if you could iust change your 6th period algebra class to 2nd period, my schedule would be perfect," emphatically states Nancy Bennett. new 'Nw "Oh, honestly, Martha, absolutely nobody Higby informs Martha Fisher. 'W takes three study halls," Judy A You, too, can be beautiful-iust coll on the pair of McDaniel and Warel Judy Mundoy and Duzzy O'Neol receive the effect of stage make-up in a Drama 3 class. , 1 ' A , 5 ,ef ' . -Q ,mf "I dreamed I passed my history test in my dirty P.E. clothes," snores --Well' somebody had ,O clean H UPF- sighs Ruben Brown' Butch Freelove. Mr. York's homeroom decorates their lockers with a big-that is a large-, cute, isn't it? l it fy few 1,-ff" .1- rf ww , !',-P2f54'i'IA 4 4. 4 qv 1 XM QV x if F W 5' - x .Q M 'ik 4 . k Qx W N my 2 9 gg HQ' ,- - Q "MW V, V. 9' X fu MY! X . " 59 'Wk .5 X ., ' f gy- Q. x .W -1 , my , q,'f...7, ww, ' 1 1 6 swf: - ,-.N .Q f -,.,g:WM, . hw, ,M !J.,Q..,3 ws- 1.fLby1M 'wfiwv ,-,ie ' ,Q is M ' , 1 ' f wp' V .f"'.f X",.','v1 'V 'F , A ri 'Q' ,, . W-J ' ,1 6 ww. J ' 5 - 9, ,, Q, L 2. ' - , Milk WW' X f k5,,f ,U,. new 1 id? ' .Ei f '- X wiv' , x, v- 4, A 1 51, ' A 51-.. . 43s. 5 354 ., ,Lf gmzwvfg, ,411 ,wg wg , .gfgwifsrtx Q1 Q ww, , Wg. ,mw,m3,, ... ,M W W , , -, 4 t, Q AMW, 'Z 1, K, il. 1' 5 . .mg c,,,g2wki3.h an ,qi LZ. 53155 f '4 . .ag ' ak. Q, A , M.XfQf,,.. ,fw,,,:,f ' gqQ,,3.,g.,9?2 -, ww-,, 'W .. ,f.,:.1,gy, 135-aw-sf WW., M, .,,..K... , . . . Aww , ,. .A ,7 mv- xv Qfhghf, fwmgfff ff? we-1 iff" Elin' "iii, V wg," 5 .5 f . fx "MDW" - A ,Ji 'WJ 12:1-fx: ' .W 3 3 ' Y ?'?jY, iw, " 5 ., 'fir " Q . . Q in A ,M ,, Ai ' - -' . . ' Q - -K . 55.-ff.,-rg,.9'.g .iff my ,wfwyq-xbik, " mi LN 'A ' g ,X . Q V ,.... , ,ffjg X A , Eff : wg-1Sk,,,w5h if-l , f sf?"Q'Ei:g'JSH..'f'2f3k5:2vfPs:'Q "' " K "W . ' . ' I 2"?5 Ei ' "Ifd?f:uf',f--.f 'I - 1- A225 5' " " ,I 1' Q:,,."ff wi-4" 2 'L 'K " . , '-w f' .+A sf 415,113 .- H " - Y. ' - gf . -"7fYx5.-Y J : "1 ' L' 'LJ ' W. gr: f Q - 1' ' J 3 4 gf' Q. K . uf. ,,i. ,1 .f 5: Oh I bel you say that io ull Phe gurlsl remarks Sylvia Wehmcnen Io HGIQFIYSYGFS Were YSGHY "fired UP fhIS Yea' f ,W 5 W, ,yn 2 ,V',Z'ig7if J AM Driscoll "l sure fooled ihal f fff ' dn f Z' A f -2-3 Sic i, 'ff ,. .- 2, V' 'W , im' , ' , , , , ffhf , , " ffiawfl ' ' we ' l With cheers and applause ringing in thei Pep Rallies Spirit is the spark of every school, When Heightsters assemble for a Pep Rally amid the strains of "Jackets Fight" or a rousing march, an explosive atmosphere is set. Juniors David Miller and Howard Lathrop display the enthusiastic air that has made Heights noted for its sportsmanship. A quietly determined "Indian" Dwain Heath strides from the stage after making his speech. s the fooiball boys modestly file inio Ihe audiiorium. Donna Boone really swings ii-uh, "Heights' Boogie," that isl 1' 1 Qc V' , xgluyfwag fag' N if- i in XJ Jubiluni junior Jackets five ioyfully. Senior girls gurgle os fooiball boys bask in their glory. , 4? 5 T Wi? Co kes, Anyone ? fuzz, Students dance placldly under megaphone perched precarlously atop goal After Games After the games, parties were provided for Heightsters by the PTA. In the gym, couples such as Nancy Tilley and Homer Price enjoyed refreshments and dancing. lt was a central meeting place for students and teachers. Bobby Lowrance and his Seven-Teens provided a musical atmosphere for dreamy Heightsters. , , , 735.8 t ,f ' Wi' R f Z? 'f f 9 'Z QR' . v g f, 035 A 'f Q ps "ff 5 Q, f5,2'f,Qf , A 'A 4 X A-W W QT - ifffii 4 X f ' "1f' f ' .,,, 'K -, ---'V f f W ,N MJ bf--.., Qkiwf, zif ', L f "2 ,, Ai ff fm, ff ,lf y 1 f X Pj! I v E656 W., ? if "Sure-e-e you clol" campaigns hep cat Celia Scoll. "Go gel 'em, boysl" yells Greg Smith. w-ZX-1 You say the boys pinned your sleeping bag to the wall, Sergeant McDuffie? Mrs. Nickerson remains calm as wounded panther hangs in effigy for Home- coming. , 1' l' ..,: I ,ejlbgfffs "Don't move, you're covered," warns Jim Huber on his Heights Safari. IQ? Z f 2 Homecomi '19 i 4 Thursday nigh1's bonfire proved Ex-cheerleaders led thi F I I L E 1 be a roaring success. Homecoming Friday l3 means superstitions, witch craft and strange phenomenons to most people, but to Heightsters it meant Homecoming, Ex- students visited classes and relived moments from the past. At 2:00 the pep rally began with Jack Jackson as emcee. Captain Bob Simpson led the team to the pep rally as sophomores lined the halls. That evening the Jackets tangled with the Panthers, During half-time, Homecoming Queen Gunilla Hut- ton-Miller was officially presented. After the game, students and exes returned to the school for the Homecoming Party. tudent body in a yell. Gunilla Hutton-Miller reigned as Homecoming Queen. ' 'f vs? 91 ,lwf , siege f! ,,,, X522 , 562:32 it ,, ef 'yy1,,f-f.,,1.,qf,'gy as ,t ' f-' ' wr Wi I ,,,,,3g3,', 4 "Rack him up, sack hi'm up, take him away!" scream Jackets as "Panther" Jim Gurley decides this isn't the place for himl I ! JW bl" "Oh to be ridin' the range with my hoss, Gusset dreams Cynthia Johnson as Melinda Mayo smiles her approval. Ranch Day Ranch Day at Arlington Heights was ushered in with a cloud of dust, a clash of hooves and a hi-ho Silver! Girls in ranch duds, boys in cowboy attire donned the hill from sunrise to sunset. A king, Dick Greenman, and a queen, Janie Green, were elected by students to reign throughout the day. On Friday, Heighsters attended the Ro- deo and besieged star, Rex Allen for autographs, interviews and pictures. "Easy on the chow," laughs Lynda Lovell, as other ranch hands devour food. 15111744913 Oooo I dropped my gum gurgles Bobby Preis Jeff Jarvis questions c poini in Mrs. Hun- ley's favorite book- lf All Sfarfed With Europea. WW' 5 ,ggi A 4 if 'zu WP! ff J'-. -.CX Sporfs f Q wb. . , 'f'W'f7" .im 'MILK' 'kv :Eh-fzdw V Bob Lake Jack Provine Roger Rein Jack Sears Gallin Mitchell Billy Snow R. G. Bales Jerry Anderson Joe While Paul Decker Dwuln Healh Bobby Bozeman Larry Allen Len Brunlley Bobby Bragan Jerry Minyard Monle Morris Jerry Brock .lon Freelove Sammy Day James Holmes -.pnvnnbif uw. ' s 1 " 4' +4 Jaw 37 1 AHHS 6 0 6 6 6 14 0 40 12 6 2l l2 22 6, 27 O ,lf l6 O 6 A i4 28 1- ,o 49, 35 0. 09, ,o 'S Ch-O O Ofc OZ 05' 'O 2 0.02 oi CZ 4Oy Off 0,0 ,oo oi I Q? OO, Q 05 Q, u Il A leam The "A" Football Team is ably assisted by managers: Adair Rucker, Charles Kendall, Greg Smith, Ken Smith and Joel Locke. These coaches, Homer Ludiker, Don Wil- liams and Nick Ruggieri, provide the force that carries the players from poor condition at the start to top efficiency at the end of the season. 4? Larry Allen Hey, let go of my leg! yells Ronnie Arnold l20l as cz Poly defender tries to stop his strong drive. John Truelson cuts in to provide protection. Dick Braziel Jerry Anderson David Cromwell A . i.1 Q 3 ' ' ,'If , ,,s 3 : 'fi I5 Q' 9 , in N I - L Q A , , ,, , . ,,.,,f,l .. .....1V . 7... x i 2 ,J , , ,, , . 1: f li 1 i' -rf Q 2' M . an Q f f X ag e . 115 Ronnie Arnold , , , .,,. ' V f Ms. , wif' ' " 'ffwiiisy M f - 1 fuk: . -h, ,A wtf, . flying 4 4 ,A 3f.wj.J,a R. G. Bates . .4 Bobby Bozeman 3 . Q4 Bobby Bragan len Brantley Jerry Brock Sammy Day 5 ,ii I l. HL. A dogpile occurs during the Heights-over-Tech slaughter. That's Homer Price l30l making like a mountain climber. uul Decker Jim Eagan A A 'Sn' M' ,JA 'A 7 A 1 K V .ff ,G-A . sw:-Tv z' 5 be 3 ' 5 w A Billy Evans L, ,, I .. A, ,A 5 , iff , J K 1 3 Q gm. 1 N4 5 I' X XJ, xc ,CQ K if ix i a rf QEQX 4, H jeg ev iff A ? Q A ,ye ,ls A, Q TX GTK 4 . l , r 2-. AA ,.,i,1g,.,A V, ,X .,X,x V 4. A, A ff 25.1 1" 23 Q21 'Aj A gi L lxkcrfrfy , ,J ix il rg I v I m if ,M 'I f , X35 1 +A B W 2 Y' W '26 il? ,qmail Jim Fletcher .em Jon Freelove 1A,T"f"5f'. use - wx f AA, I i in r ' M Ez 3 l- eff 1 4' 4. ,. 0' Ni f r ,aff if X X 1 fw X f , V 1 ff ,S f X ff X 1 x f , -6 P in " fi f n NNW f ..,J , . V 1 l cy f ,A V is Dwain Heath One Yellow Jacket can surely cause cr lot of trouble amid ci clan of Scotties especially if he's Dwain Heath running throug the Highland Park defense. A, i , ' 1 1:z:- A '- A V. QL-f '- f A AA A 1 r lll. 5 ' , . ,ll, -,. A -A A M ll, A A in ,V A ,A A M V , , A .winner A mf - A. Ai A ' ' ' - " Y A A N ' 'V mf-, my AA, g if ,il 1' sf yfgr Ag ls at-nm'-, ff' MA?-we 1 A A f , ' Q, A A 7 ""' 3 1 X e -e in A x '-l' A K 1 " A ' ' . - ,Aw f l 5 Af f - ,, mf- I gh, ' m l John Higley JCHTISS Holmes Jim Johnson fx A Q ff l xg " Avi hw y A. , ill' 2 - W , I Somebody grab that ball! ' Larry Allen i2ll almost has it as some Tech X-" " 1 'gggligz men and Ronnie Arnold l20l, Jerry Brock i46l and Gatlin Mitchell l6Bl rush to ' the scene. Vince Hendrick Bob Lake Bob Lamb Bill Lcwley Joe Longley Billy Lucas , ,Q 'Q Q . i ,. rag..- x W X, J A G96 JH Q5 4 wg, 5 'Q 1 I M I' 1 guyz xi I iggy, ww, m y 1, 1 ' f v, if , If .Z W ,gf rs? , me we X A X , M f 'ww ,g ' Tom Magoffin :W YQ!- .terry Minyurd 4 f 1 J 51 L. if ,icfff NQSZWQ vAf.5 5 ' 5 , . s. Q ' I 1 f 1 ff , p Y! ax ffm , gre' he D' ' f' I ' EI' 2 B' , X ,M ll . , 2 7, A, 1 Gatlin Mitchell A Monte Morris 5552351 z f 4' me gf if l 1, ,.., , 4Z,,,.5M W , I r y . J I,.: 13.2 .v,, if l..k , I V v.-', ig Q, I .T SE L '45 3 1 it M- .,. 2, nil, w if Ronnie Norman Carter Eagle l33l isn't going to fly much farther with Jim Fletcher l86l, Billy Snow l66l and Homer Price l30l almost on him. f 4. .x -J . 4 5 V M ty: f 2 I ' "3 1 5 4 f Q S ! 9 1 if UWA i ,v 24' 4? f f Q 5 9 yi ff '5-,Q wry ',e.tiei-,, v f 4 lx Q gf , :fr , f, 5 1 K 1 f f 1 f XJ i ' A A 7 M ' 1" f Q g I A 1 f A -, rift' -w , Mike O'Grudy ' . 41 4 'gig-t V " ' 5- if-,.,-3, , V .5 , .if M V' V" ' ,W A , nn f ' iff tu . f L 'A' Wi' ' ,ff J 0 4 h t? y if 7 , , fix ,gw 4 ' A nf' Q gf' ' 5 'fr 164' f ,, , H i ff W' f N 1 . ii!--1 ' Wim Bobby Preissinger . - . V mix r , ,f V A 'V 1 ni' ' f ,,.3, kh aki , W i' 2 z W 9' ' Z? M 'X ff xr? X ff 3 +1 4 Q' ' 9 A X ' fg-fa Wy? 1 4. , - ,531 'l If K M , 41 ef X , f' M64 V l 954,41 f .W . N f r "G 'ff x f , Homer Price, co-captain A That's Mike O'Grady l4Ol dodging the North Side tacklers. The final score was a slim Steer victory 16-14. QM M, 4 ,YTiT7f 'Neve H Z wb. 11 , 's "' ff -: . 4 VMI! " ': f ' i-L. 2 , -7 , . 1 mx l ,. ., X I J l l P i X A 1 we 1 W if 2 N it fl it X W , ' 3 fm - f , 1 5- ,. , i ii'i ' Jack Provine vf ' ' 1.. ,.,,,., .fy 3 A. " V e . Lina I cy A rib, X gf 1 'gg 'M i ,t 2 M , KX Q Q ,ff ' sf 5 Y , ' i 'F Roger Rein . ,,.?v,,,nk,w-F . ff - - .4+',f:- g Vx si P "4 21'-if Z' ' A' : A ,gf . ,el . ' V ,. ' , , f if 'Ci ' T' ifw "VJ 1- V21 ,,i'f?17!ff3" J, y 'fiom yi, Steve Soari 14245 , 3, A ii-fi 1 ,,,. . v. l L , , . " N a e 1 f P4 M 'MW 3 5:- M 4 39 , if ' l , J WI I '- A 1 if u mf ff 2 hz i W' I I I G fl f , , ff M . ii ,H -af L. we ' M , ,N , 4 .lack Sears A M .V - - f 7 'H e W.. ai V f 'L ye, E 4 1,45 1 re. f 2271394 it lf l PM , , 'U ,H ' f f ,n v wif v ,J , 'J ' f f f f' 4" ,zu ,f A, 4 ' ,- i I L3 if iz 'ff' 'V vi ixxli W Bob Simpson, captain 3 V A. , in Z . I, sa f, y 'twf ' ., ' .M an if , ' f , 2 My 1- aff' 1 . . ' ft 1 A ..v ,. .-V, . x - I ow. 5 . sf , Mizz"-,mf V js- ,g 1 -5 J . .wax .nab tn., Billy Snow James Stewart E , at. 4, ,A . t it. , ! ev W ' as 26 Z 'f'- ..z... .J V" - A Q A 1,5 .3 MS". ' Gaines Stovall A Pl. " , . . ,,. W 4. ,sg Q wg ' ' ww s 75. .-ri V .l'f.f:. illf' . ' , ,- If . ' 1' F 'iiiim' I . . L N KW .ft John Truelson . ll . t A Ronnie V0I'tC9 Season's Record nh the season's opener, the Yellow Jackets faced the more experienced Tascosa Rebels in an exciting skirmighl The Amarillo team proved too tough, though, and won 21-6. . Heights was unable to defeat the Pampa Harvesters this year as it dld lest YSGF, the main reason being l4 Yellow Jacket fumbles They meant victory for Pampa, i2-0. J Playing Longview, the number eight team in the state, Arlington Heights again found the roads blocked and lost 22-6. The lone tally came when Homer Price romped 41 yards in an outstanding touchdown P GY- A Highland Park interception was bad enough, but they added insult to iniury by going the length of the field for a touchdown. That, together with a disastrous clipping penalty against the Jackets, helped the Scotties to a 27-6 win. Arlington Heights decided they had had more than their share of losses and mauled Birdville to the tune of 6-O. lt was a one-sided affair all the way, since Birdville never got inside their ten yard line throughout the game. ln the first district game, the favored Yellow Jackets weren't able to corral the North Side Steers, but it was only an extra point that made the difference in the l6-l4 game. The Heights-Poly battle ended in a split decision O-O. The Parrots got a 15-yard penalty from the one yard line and the Jackets were refused entrance into the end zone twice during the game. Once again the home team was fed up with defeat and decided to tromp Technical, which they did in a smooth 40-6 victory, while enduring some of the coldest weather they had been in all year. A last quarter run provided the Bulldog's only score. A penalty and a fumble in the third quarter prevented Heights from winning this year's homecoming game with Paschal. The Yellow Jackets managed to pound the Panthers for two T.D.'s, though. The final score was l4-l2. The final game of the season found Carter running to a 28-6 win over AHHS. The Yellow Jackets put together a total of 96 points against their opponents this season to finish with a 2-7-l record. 'za David Walker Robert Way Gridmen Display Heightsters' Spirit coerup The game is ended, Helmets are coming off for the Alma Mater. Only the frenzied cheering from the stands cuts through the cold November air . and warms their hearts, At Jack Waolsey Gibby Wooten Coach L B. Morris re-creates a scene from an exciting "B" team game for Coach Joe Prater Both are responsible for helping the Junior Jackets put together some AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS "B" TEAM-First Row: Ray Krottinger, Charles Davis, Mgr., Jock Robbins, Carter Llewellyn Charles Rowland Jimmy Thompson Coach L B Morris Jerry Baker, Ronny Nelson, Paul Murray, Jimmy Abshire, Ricky Todd, Dan Woody and Managers Tommy Christian Bob Moor John Burk Second Row: David Cherry, Lonnie Clover, Bill Lean, Sonny Robbins, Ken Cropper, Roger Cutchm Doug Johnson Barry Applewhlte Tammy Fisher Sonny Mulholland, Mike Andrews, Jeff Jarvis, Ronnie Cearley, Butch Montgomery. Third Row: Danny Dodd, Rogelio Wiscovich, Terry Haney, Faust Parker, Brad Choate Herbert Ruark Ed Fitzgerald Ed Lanford Roy Cox Klm Fourth Row: Bill Carrell, Tommy Rowe, Tommy Patton Smith, Bobby Williams, Mike Mollet, Ronny Luedtke. Mike Jones, Kirby Warren, Allen Redwine, Steven Ward, Mike Strange Melvin Douglas Bill Martin Jxm Ryan Pat Nanney , Johnny Moog. co captam Homer Price 'WW --, NY! Leading the Heights' bas- kefballers this season was Coach Joe Prater, assisted by manager Gerry Goodman. Mvf' This yeor's basketball leam consisled of Ronny Ford, Donald Fox, Homer Price, John Truelson, Ray Carlberg, Louis Slone, Billy Lucas, Hank Wendorf, Mark Sfevens, John Rhodes and Bobby Bragan. Nol piclured-Sammy Day, Mike Frazier, Jomes Holmes and Bob Harrell. co-captain Louis Slone Bobby Bragan Ray Carlberg "Watch itl The sky is fallingl" Two Northsiders, in between John Rhodes, Hank Wendort, Louis Stone and Billy Lucas crane their necks to spot the camera shy basket ball. AHHS Finishes Dish Defeats Paschal Pan Allh0U9l'l l1Opes for the district title were destroyed by two games lost to Poly, Arlington Heights 'finished a close and commendable second, ln the second round AHHS defeated Carter, Paschal and Tech by scores of 47-35, 42-2'l and 66-45. Poly managed to scoot by Heights with the wide mar- gin of l point. Heights lost 50-49. Tech and Northside were easy wins by scores of 76-29 and 56-22. Price and Stone totaled 58 points for the two games. Poly gave Heights its one and only loss in first round t play, 53-51. Stone scored 26 points. Carter was the second of Heights' district victims by a score-of 4l-34. Everyone had picked Paschal to win the first district game, but Price plunked in 26 points and the Yellow Jackets won 50-43. You'-fe got to reach pretty high to top 6'5H l-0UiS "Hold it right where you are," says Steer number- i3 Stone from sinking baskets. as Hank Wendorf puts the ball land himselfj into orbit. a l Sammy Day Ronny Ford Donflld FOX Mike Frazier 120 ricl' In Second Place: .e lthers-50-43, 42-Zl Heights got the best of Bowie on December 21 to the tune of 43-38. On December I9 Birdville found the going too rough and lost to Heights in an exciting collision. The Jackets emerged victorious in two close games with Arlington on December i5 and 22. Castleberry was defeated in a last minute thriller, 40-33. The Jackets turned the tables on Thomas Jefferson by dint of a 47-45 victory. Playing Bowie on November 27, the Heights' team was unable to get the one more basket they needed and lost, 40-39. Thomas Jefferson also defeated the Jackets with a score of 45-35. The very first win of the season was acquired when James Holmes Bob Harrell the Heights' cagemen clashed with the five players from Castleberry. Billy Lucas No, he's not caught in the net, as the other Co-captain Homer Price lays up for an easy basket as a players' expressions suggest. Ray Carlberg is Northsider dashes in too late to stop him. dropping in two of AHHS' many points. john Rhqdes Mark Stevens J0hI1 Truelson Hank Wendorf Gary Culpepper, Ronnie Hinze, Randy Cochran, Ronnie Cearley, Butch Montgomery, Ronnie Moore, Bill Simmons, Norman Reuther, larry Sykes, Dick Heartwell, Max Fisher, Kirby Warren. 2 "B" Team Season Record First Round AHHS- 25-34 Paschal 31-34 Carter 37-35 Poly 38-18 Tech 38-29 Northside Second Round AHHS- 32-37 30-21 25-31 47-14 Poly Carter Paschal Tech Helping the "B" team along throughout the season were Gary Culpepper and Gerry Goodman Jackels, 4A-5 Conlenclers Coach Don Williams plans baseball strategy with star-pitcher Craig Metz. Q View, sw 2242, ri ,f ,f gf wth Q f f W i' f Mg 1 4 i -. fv. . 1 ,rg . ., , , ff' f ' S ,fi ff s First Row: Mike O'Rourke, Bobby McGuffee, Perry Walden, Dwain Heath, Rex McComy, Craig Metz, Bobby Bragcm, Tom Magoffin, Bill Lawley, Jerry Shelton, Homer Price, Duwayne Davis. Second Row: Richard Alexander, John Kirk, Joe Long- ley, Ronny Norman, Gibby Wooten, James Holmes, Paul Hood, Jerry Minyard, Jimmy Strobel, Phil Scaggs, Jim Fletcher, Johnny Reinhart, James Budros. Baseball Q 'v A f ,Z Craig Metz exhibits perfect pitching form in game Firsl-sucker Tam Magalfin snags ball from Dwain Heath, against Brewer. "Well, l iust throw the ol' zipper ball," explains Craig Metz to pitchers Mike O'ROUVke, Duwayne Davis, Rex McCamy and Bobby McGuffee. Slugger Williams blasls a grounder lo the infield during a pre-game warm-up. X x. uf X, L". X . -mf- r .N . ' -f' ' 1. ,W - -I' ' -- ,V Qi . t X It's a pitch, a swing, and a miss as David O'Bannon hurls, Jerry Shelton swings, and James Budros catches. 1 9 M we The Jacket outfield is well protected by Ronny Norman, James Holmes, Perry Walden, Hamer Price, Paul Hood, Jimmy Strobel, Richard Alexander, Gibby Wooten, John Kirk, Johnny Reinhart. Rex McCamy stands ready to go as he watches work-cuts. First Row: Danny Dodd, Allen Redwine, Bob'SeweII, Garry Maben, Bob Simpson, Tommy Welsh, Tommy O'Dell, Ed Fitzgerald, Jeff Jarvis, Jim Davis, Lonnie Clover, Doug Johnson, St. Clair Newbern, Mike Strange, Tommy Patton, Dwayne Holden, Gatlin Mitchell, Riley Stevens, Curtis James, Jim Johnson, Jerry Brock, Monte Morris, Tommy Rowe, Ronnie Vance, Douglas Brooks. Second Row: Charles Kendall, Donald Fox, Ray Gallagher, Melvin Douglas, Dave Penwell, Joe Beal, Terry Rogers, Jan Houp, Bill Leon, Ronnie Luskie, Tim Boswell, Roger Cutchins, Billy Allison, Len Brantley, Ronnie Arnold, John Higley, Bill Lamerscn, Jerry Ambros, Bill A Martin, Ken Crapper, Carlton White, Coach Morris, Thomas Griffith, Richard Yahr, Courtney De Larme, Gene Rattan, Mike McCracken, Joe Sanders, Carter Llewellyn, Dan Woody, Stephen Anthony, Mac Leslie, Jim Lane, Roger Gray, Ronnie Ballard, Jimmy Meek, Dick Morris, Mike Jones. is f sl Q K 1 l f A ' gx,,,,Wff f f f f , Q " , 93" Jul? ff' - X n f Here's the man that makes the team, Coach L. B. "Uncle , I I Fuller" Morris. Sprinters gather 'round to watch Len Brantley and Ronnie Arnold exhibit ., perfect starting form. Those looking on are Mac Leslie, Jeff Jarvis, Ed Fitzgerald, Carter Llewellyn, Doug Johnson, Dan Woody, Tommy Patton, Terry Rogers, Mike McCracken ond Tammy Rowe. l i Not Piclured: Ralph Cochran, Jon Borders, Jim Gurley, Johnny Chambers, Breck Leolh, Jack Robbins, Perry Kirkland, Billy Snow, Mike O'Grady, Ed Lanford, Charles Rowland, Pat Nonney, Bobby Williams, Jimmy Thompson, Mike Frazier, Sammy Day, Ronnie Bonkhead. lik -r l , A I fs 1.1. i J 2 i Jerry Brock breaks tape in winning mile-relay qualie fjli 1 114 Q, 1 4 wi M, ""'- rf, ,V I Mi MZ A mfifufx f ' M , , -.U f f -4 -"Silt" 'Ying heal ln lhe Rec mee" Weighlmen, Lonnie Clover, Gallin Milchell, Danny Dodd, Bob Simpson, Mike Jones, i Jim Davis, Carllon While and Bill Marlin, gaze with wonder al Jim Johnson's discus ability. 127 u ff' JK , .,, el f7.i..ai4m, 4 These are the boys that represented the school during the two mile cross-country season, giving a good account of themselves. First row: Jon Houp, Ray Gallagher, Dave Penwell, Billy Allison. Second row: Douglas Brooks, Tim Boswell, Garry Maben, Tommy Welsh, Jerry Brock, Roger Gray. Not pictured are Breck Leath and Ralph Cochran. CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD MEET TEAM-PLACE Texas ASM 4 Arlington Heights 2-3 Brownwood 3 University of Texas 4 State Meet 4-6 Dallas Jesuit l Arlington l-2 Quarter-milers, Bill Lomerson, Thomas Griffith, Joe Beal, Joe Sanders, Ronnie Luskie, Ronnie Vance, Garry Maben and Monte Morris, toe-the-mark in a mock set-up of rl time-trial. 128 Miler, Roger Gray, breezes lo a qualifying time of 4:51. lnlramurals Present Cl16ll "But where's the ball?" asks Jim Gurley. Bricky Gibbs looks as if he ' care .f ,ff 'x Jules Soule watches as John Wilkinson drives in for ci goal. "Hail to thee, O Basketball!" or maybe it's the Big Four vying for possession of the world. ...-- 752.31-.q-ge, 7- ,J-W, -5-ew, JV- 431-V H A H X , , , vm, H M V , ,,,, , M... ....... ... .......3,.-as -sm . fm.-,aw '-zmrl f 'sr W , Q.-W-r, e, W, Y V --imap.. -nw,---.if 1-iii-iwmiuua-mmmi 1 AHHS Golfers Are "Birdie Wa+chers" A Members of the golf ieam are Terry Adams, David Walker, Danny Mulkey, Terry x Morris, Sieve Threlkeld, Tim Coffey, Don Craig, Waller Martin, Frank Bailey, David V I fx Turner and Ron Finch. No! pictured: Mike Gibson, Bob Doby and Dennis Trolt. ii we '77 - f -1 newer:-A V.-, an , , David Turner I I af , Terry Moms Waiter Martin Don Craig N .. .5 3 if .ij- i i 5 "' V f 1 w. ,,,.,,m3,, 'H-, - 'BN "fl-f ff M ' -A T , M , 'VL R .wmM1woa.J,J3." .R k ,. , . ,nw l , ' , fifwiiiff, in D avi d Wa I k e r , ,E in M fy' aim, an ., , 115 ,J , Q ,,,QKQGfi,Qg ' i VZUQWQL fm., C K ', 73534265 ,Lp wig' ,ri1f1mfxii?x fu. ' i A nip' 1 J' UCL, , A . i' , f JMX' xx' 71 Terry Adams Danny Mulkey Tim COHSY 753 W if ,L ,Q m Wvy.:w5eu-,Wa . 1' , f" 5' gg, QM KWQFQ J Wx Af 1 +fMQ5w4' K f' ' v- J", I Sieve Threlkeld Ron Finch Frank Bailey ..-W... V .-w-.Www-Him ...Wifi-fimiiriiimruiumsaiuiinw ' Tennis Boys Run Over Stiff Compelilion W --..-.- Ad ,. 744, ' . ,- X ' ,ff 'rm V' s ' 'ff i ,,.,.,i .,.-f ' N engage in a pre-game match. 'YNY f . l Z Coach Dayton Carter is Carey West shows lop form in singles competition. instructor of the 1 the f Heights tennis team. vi ,ff rl. '- w . w s,. . , . .X N Q -.. ,, 132 ,v,,, ,. ...-W A .1.,1,1- 1, , wwf' b - 'N'N s- ,W ' f R R :iw 1 'W L A ' MW. -f.Nwse""?"i.s-1A,,iigiiiik jf iswwxfffs Nm x'3"1w W' , ' - 'ym . . - A .fa ism.ef1K....i 1 J -Luna - My H V wwf Bob Kline, Ed Williams, Fritz Barton, Fred Wickett, Carey West, Jack Curlee, Jerry Childs, David Andrews, Bob Greenman, Ronnie Olson, Reagan Word, Tom Rumph, Allen Goodrum, and Kenny Wickett form this year's tennis team. Ed Williams and Fritz Barton, this season's outstanding doubles team, Rn N VA ,NNY , . 'W XX wx 1, W, 4 Girls Singles Combalanls Are Soplw, Senior V ' 1, XA, 121' A S wa. .ff V "lm: "" ,. K 11 ,1 A M . ':r4fQ'Q3 L' --'f , Q, ,P , . , .3145 n V -,:,,v,f'.,-'-,.f:,:. -V ' -A P f-1s..f,,.,, f b 1..',!g 4, "',f f "'1,j4wi'o F ' f "' y " JST? v ' 4: al 4, I 4-'Q 7 ' ' ' 1 1 , ,P Q . V , " -, f - X, , 5 , Y ,""" 1 : V ,r 11 ' .-www K, ,V . I 1, Q-,W f Y V -1 , , 1, Q V 1. f-5014 4' .1 M4 ,, I l M, V , 1. , W m vc, 5, 1 .3.--,W-,. , , aW'?f'F3 '. 'fQg5QG'22'w'45 qw 5 Z, , , 3x 1- , 1 , 1 - ,M f , I 1 ,-1' K , -W 1' 1-'fha Y' 5 X v ga. Q-us, .bmw , ., Q, 1 M .. may s r ' "ff - ' 1 fy . ,xwx " 111, wg , ,QU , X MM ww, , , -.msn as , , 3 Q' fs , 'ww if -51911- 1 w, , ,, 1gtp1'1,wr3,1 1 g rxfdi ,A , Y, 1, ,X far ,V sg, 1 v ' ff ' 1 ' K ,1 -Mr-'ff 1 1 " M, ,1 ' ' '1gf.,g. 2,1 f,wf,2c,, 'f -if L,,ff,'4w?5' 115- ,77g', "'4 . J' 1, .1 "C,.g,f,' fszvrg as i .wfw-1,wf?,:, 4 'MQ ,,jg,wQ -. , ' vf5.sf ,,, V 1 1 , r Q A ff f " ,W fe'w29Mwf"2f4f1t.ff . '45 1 f 13' Af1fWr'fff1+ iff: L, vw' 'A . .1 I 4 , A 'Q-XS " ,. ' -X f L , " H' ,j't'.X!'y4f-64-2 ,1f7,s"Q '91 , "r"ff" '1n'1Q,,', ' '- ,fzf K' 5 rw 'hx s..f'fwf r'11wZ:.r2: f--zfwi? ff'1s.9-JQLEV1 ,dhfafswwswazs fwfr 'yfafkzw Nancy Jo Vance shows fine style as she plays a practice tennis match. VD WW .N W, 1 in 1 rr y,s1 1X1 111. v 1 11 1 f11'1 ,fflvz vyfl 4 . ,Y xxx 1. 1. -L fr 1, 1 1 '. 'rkfvix ', 4 1, . ,- 1 . '15 Tennis coach, Mrs. f - 1 1 - . 1 Juanell Earl 1 1 . , . fm ",1"?, X319 'fi' i za 4.l',fJ'iQLf ..f, -,4i54f'rft' ffl! 5,1 f' M,.,. I , I Team: "If I can just reach-," thinks Carol 1. ,1.'f0'3MQ - McKee as she executes a backhand shot. vgx 1,-.. -wwf-vm.-.4 0 vii ,.f ,L if, Tr 3. First row: Virginia Harms, Carol McKee, June Landreth. Second row: Donna Hill, Kay Sparks, Nancy .lo Vance, Virginia Ca rey. ww. i 5:1 ,,., 1,1 .A ,HJ A 3 if I i,..,,,, ..,, ,., M., .rw MM if N sz if f,ffr"z'w an-vvpwm, ,Ml I ' if 1 V wk , .. ' s l 'Lf f ff' , " 4 ' VQWW. . V A h' l i WY ,J 'I 1 lo., ivfffzv 'L' -we ' iw 71 ,,4,'?wf'54-4f-f':Wg..A-1fwfsf.' f. lwwf , ms ,Ji 4' Tiki -"' 'W .- -'ff , I. zwfegl f V ,, . , M aww' ' fret! 'ff' fr Q . 3' f..:A,3"ZQqi,,.3:1Q tiff I I 123 jg ,V W-writ Jes- ff ww 'gzfmfw id W' ' . " Z-'iff .,"'l5 v,,4. . lf-WA'L"A" V' . Qs . ,A of 4 M ,. 5, M fav' 1: ,vagiwz-A ' J. Na, -, I f, if '-I ..fw',' 1-L. " f, f.4"Qf!vf"4'-l1'3'f"i'e21 -,24,a..rfff' fwwdi Q I M" A V 's7+5:'- 6" 'Wie 3 'VM' M' 1 I .lim fiwm,,4,rf?,4,,fV5,5H:kw'1?vw:i :,gg,:gw-Wf ff " i4f?fMw:i4mf'f',f:2few2:zx2f1W""? f-,zsffp 6322.-i ,g, Hg f',,,f,,, WT? '- ' gypsy .,p,.f--., 1, :Q.f"QVz'l',,, 4 .of --.N - A Q, " m t , , 4,1 . L - ,-1.--fl,,.,,,, 1 ",a..,,. . , 4 ,Mgt 'W' ..,:,,f , .a, ,f 0 . ...q5g:p4v.p0'ef,'- mi fbi- if ., Mg-,QW - .q,,,g. 1, ..- f Q m.'xm , .Wy A A 3 ..,,.., M ,,6'r'4n,. . - . ,, -..,1' , f A 33993, fmhmfmgif ,ly Jr., 4,45 M ,,,7Cvf., . -T M . 1, V k - . ,. . , , M5'.,,,w A, Q- 'yn . . V, h ur. . W ' -- 1 , . , 9- , Jerry Anderson and Paul Decker flinch lumbles to the ground. exif? 134 as the pigskin Miss Oliver "fires" lhe old softball in. "ll's as simple as lhal," Miss Oliver explains to Sally Lomerson, Carol Hendrickson, Jean Taylor, Beverly Browning, Lilla Keyes and Myrna Shropshire. Si f.. Q3 4, X K Q S" .2 X 41 "Monkeys on the Bar" All Play Anal No Work Makes P.E. More Fun l v 7 Stars from advanced sports are: First Row: Joy Kelsey, Joanne Berglund, Donna Neally, Jane Green, Linda Mclntire. Row Two: Verna Newton, f Debbie McGlohen, Kathy Baldwin, DeAnn Fisher, Clair Glass. Row Three: Barbara Montgomery, Cynthia Gale, Mary Lou Earl, Mary Eustace, Malinda Rhodes. Raw Proffitt, Connie Burns, Doris Cook, Vicki v ...-km V .W A , l I mf ff e. ' 5' 5 K fi bfi, V' 1 V, f, Cl, , ffz, W ! 1 i 'L i ,f.,i 2 if ff' 2 f Row One: Jeri Lynn Massey, Gayle Needham, Dotti Baker, Carolyn Cody, Mary Lou McCreIess, Sue Castles, Lorinda Jackson. Row Two: Dianne Cetto, Judy Mason, Cathy Ginn, Jo Ann Prather, Judy Higby, Lori Strasheim, and Sandra Barnes compose this year's folk dance team. 1" . - " 4 'Q ' "7 "U V f -.4-,V fn ' - J ff Bob "Dunlap" Simpson has "dun-lapped" over his belt. 135 Q...-.e.,-,.. 1 ww Ronnie Luskie dashes out of the blocks to start the mile-relay in the Rec Meet. 3 4 'ff by L , 1 32, 4' A , ' a 5 " 1 .B - 'X ' , -1' ' A, ' R L- - ',, f a L' W, . 1- 'Q sf 43 , L :V L s tw W e L' sgr, , Q G ! . ,Vx , I 1 , 34 sf--.. L I 'fe J fe "" A if-Je'1 wwf' QF " 47 , 'I -wi ,I lf' YN we 3 lx , lg l X ' A 4 W an +5 1 J is S A " 55 2 1 J, .3 X f n 6 .s - - , s . , 4 f Q Q ' f -ff: V+ -vw , M 4 1 - s g ' Q R f f W' ' 1 .ew W .. . ' 1 we W f 1' Sym., z-ws. A 1, .4 . WGN- ,sf . , 01 A NJA -.4 lf .Www . . wr W" B sf4f1sefi?M :sire 'Mi A -, . Q A 32 5 ff ' ,cffflgfsffgsfafgi "sF'l"JA"1f'?"i7'4s ,Y f gil? fs I QW? W! me vw ,fy in ,vw sv f , W, ww, W: .4 me "ls that dirt in your eyes?" Billy Snow asks Gaines Stovall. Watching for bad form are Bobby Preissinger, Jack Sears and Jim Johnson. Sporls Snaps "Haw do you like my baseball suit?" shouts Bob McGuffee to his teammates. Standing are Bob McGuffee, Tom Magoffin, Bill Lawley, Dwain Heath, and Mike O'Rourke. Kneeling are Craig Metz and Bobby Bragan, "Just let me beat an Abilene boy," thinks Garry Maben as he finishes his quarter of the mile-relay at the Rec Meet. Personalifies Cheerleacl Peggy Thornton, 2nd year Chnrlgs New mon Donna Boone Carroll 'fzsv Bob Greenmun 9 , Mary lou Ramey, 2nd year 1 ,,, , X 'Bonnie Rodgers ,Garry Maben, 3rd year The '59-'60 cheerleaders, sup- ervised by their new sponsor, Miss HeIen'HaIe, led the Yellow Jackets to an all-time high in spirit. Prac- tice, begun during the summerand continued' through the school year, was obvious at game perform- ancesi New white uniforms were accented by' white mums present- ed to the girls before each foot- ball game, Garry Maben served as head cheerleader. 139 Howdy King and Queen Bonnie Rodgers Bob Greenman ,iff fun,-NL R73 zrlxf -' irony ,, , 'f wwmfiwg 7 , f? LW 'A KSQ? if Q Ranch Foreman and Queen Jone Green Dick Greenmon ,, t Gallagher Wins Fahrenlcamp Award ff 1? if MJ H l 9 M G Silllll-llltslill l llllltlihllll 5l'llVll I' tml wav svlrlwum I umm s K W xlmmv ma. me lm 5AlI.Al'ill Each year in memory of Edmund E. Fahrenkamp, first president of the "J" Club, the Fahrenkamp Memorial Award is presented to the outstanding senior boy in scholarship, leadership and service. Larry Boone, a representative of the class of '51, presented the award to Pat Gallagher, this year's winner. Pat was a member of the YJ Band, Orchestra and Lab Band. He appeared in three productions of the Footlight Players and served as vice-presi- dent of the club. For three years Pat was a tech- Edmuncl E. Fahrenkamp nician for programs in the auditorium. Saundrc: Boone Pct Gallagher Boone Receives D.A.R. Award Chosen by her senior classmates and teachers, Saundra Boone received the D.A.R. Award as an outstanding senior girl. The Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution present this award each year to an exceptional high school and iunior high school girl. Saundra, a member of Who's Who, served as vice-president of her HR, was an AY representative and head of the election committee on the Student Council. , , '- ' ,lg W' ,fQ3,,,: 33' v,..,,.-"W g,',5hQ1,'2g wg 'T if T4 ' 'Tm 795 , ,,,, , Xihw, 4? I , If , , ' W ,wg ,,,fpnsnw"'C'f .Aff , f, ' '44 1 ff M 'x ' If f Letterman Joe White is a man with many athletic talents. Along with being a two-year letterman of the "A" Football team on which he played center, he has also set many records broad-jumping on the track team on which he is a 3-year letterman. As a junior he , received honorable mention on the all-district team as an out- Mosf' Afhleflc standing line-backer on defense, Joy Kelsey, a member of the city volley ball team, was a two-year member ot GIC. Joy, who excels in all sports, is a member of the "advanced" PE Class, coaches a class of sophomores and writeS sport stories for the JJ. Joy Kelsey .loe White WFT I-Icfrmrfslvi bVEl1ZY'l'lrllNfS " 4 mfs" M93-f my f ii., ,I f Y, M L y MA, . algae, f J ,J i I A j ff fr Q , . . iiwjij K yZ2L607 Mba, Twesezfgk 460 LI! .V 5,16 . ff .M ' l L f if Cf f c,ccaii.J p.4z,.4Zocfaf?5-ful' X' iii' VO Yay? MVC! Lfgyfg ' LVL .6'-146-4Z,6fZf0'ef-L-1? 523 fi'-Q7 fn! ,leedgqfpctasef ' 1,4143 1 ,f f A , f y ,,c l ,' ,, , . e - f ,Mini +23 JJTA '!f"""'pf 4f,M6L f Bfpwfff NW...-f ,tl Bob Hope, while flying in cz helicopter on his way to a show on the Southern Methodist University campus, scrutinized the pictures of Heights' top three beau- ties and picked Bonnie Rodgers. "You con't beat those pole blue eyes," he said. Runner-up beauties, Barbara Burt and Gunilla Hutton-Miller, made his choice "a hard one." M ost Beautiful Hope Chooses ln Helicoptg i 'Q A , c ww- PW WW Pictures of Heights' Most Handsome candidates made a round-trip flight' to "'erIin, West Germany, to be judged by vema star Martha Hyer on location e for a picture. Kiss Hyer noted that all three boys, fly Hale, Garry Maben and Craig Ptz, were "each so handsome in his .1 way," that she "expected to see em in Hollywood!" Her choice was jarry Maben. M , .97 Mosf Handsome Hyer Judges ln Berlin My vs .Y vUf ,K I.. , 96 ,Wg V 2--r W , 9 v. .. W 'M , V ,WW ' MM, 4 1 1 W:,.fm 'V W lv - dj' x, f Y' " qn ,,7.,. 41 hqfnz, , ' f ff 'Aff 1 ww v J ,pl Q , UQ 4 Ldv 'J' . uv! L, , ly-fl ' ' OJ .W ,QLCUU A fb lp vb 9 K N 'V , PM uf, L , H VX x J x L ,f , ff 1 V J I Vx' 'lf kj VLU 5 1 VJ! X f' J! , KJV ij! J 6' ALL' Jx- W lf , wx' Qffv Mui hu 5 'J Nw 3 NU K, fx Q 0 P B ww 'V Xl, in A , ff' if ' M U, x 441' Q vt , ., DONNA BOONE Sophomore if x. . F .N ' V . 'X X VN. ' KST f . fda. A ,"i.:,g fa x 'El' V oz 1 if 'if giifw H J ig' ,', l jo ,Jw SUZY SAMMONS lll!l0l' MARTHA SEALY Senior Favori+e in Finalis+s Z 'M-an full , Vkr, .fav MIKE ANDREWS X43 MIKE O'GRADY lll!l0l' MIKE ROBINSON Senior Sophomore I L I 1 w I 153 Bobby Lowrance AY, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 3 yrs. Orchestra, 3 yrs. Student Conductor Band, 3 yrs. Drum Maior lab Band, 2 yrs. Lecnard's Award HR officer Jo Ann Hebert Footlight Players, 3 yrs. President Student Council Leonclrd's Award GIC "J" Club 27 hos Virginia Carey Tennis Team, 3 yrs. Orchestra, 3 yrs. AY, 3 yrs. FTA, 2 yrs. GIC, 2 yrs. Footlight Players, 2 yrs. FNA "J" Club Leonard's Award HR officer Vaughn Whiting Band, 3 yrs. Student director Orchestra, 2 yrs. lab Band, 2 yrs. "J" Club, 3 yrs. HR officer, 2 yrs. Student Council Leonard's Award l s 5 l l Sour Al, 3 ll NC lil ol glide Els DM Gan Cllaevl lvurl il" tl Vice Al, J lull Itlel Call Flex il all .5 l ll fl. fl l Saundra Boone AY, 3 yrs. PE manager, 2yrs. HR officer Student Council Election Committee chairman D.A.R. Award Garry Maben Cheerleader, 3 yrs. Track Team, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 3 yrs. Vice-president AY, 3 yrs. Buck Hill Falls delegate International vice-president Council President HR officer . ,gg 1 5 V ,f Z .fb Mike Stephens ROTC, 3 yrs, "A" Drill Team Deputy Battle Group Cmdr. N.C.O.'s Club, president AY, 2 yrs. Senior class, treasurer HR officer Footlight Players Science Club Mary Jane Ware "J" Club, 3 yrs. Student Council, 3 yrs. Secretory AY, 3 yrs. Secretary, 2 yrs. Buck Hill Falls delegate, 2 yrs. Council FTA, 3 yrs. President Vice-president GIC, secretary Press Club JJ Staff YJ Staff, co-editor Altrusa Award Leonard's Award wf' yi' AY zwglfggjg s , , Qfwffgief 42' f , M, ff 2 J. ,,., . 5' , , + 1 2774 ' I .ff y .fxggfw J I we V ff 2 Emily Arnold HR officer DE DECA leanard's Award Tri-Hi'Y Bob Dickey HR officer, 3 yrs. "J" Club, 3 yrs. Science Club, 3 yrs. Vice-president First and second place Ft. Worth Regional Science Fair First Place National Science Fair Texas Junior Academy of Sci ence's gold award pin Leonard's Award 156 gt eu s " , I ' M33 "'Ai' ' 1 i f JH? i 4.-mr. iw? .f rj, X Susie Murrin AY, 3 yrs. Representative, 2 yrs. Council, 2 yrs. Buck Hill Falls delegate HR officer, 2 yrs. FTA, 2 yrs. Bill Richerson ROTC, 3 yrs. Commander "A" Drill Team Basketball Team Science Club, 3 yrs. President Parliamentarian Biology lab assistant "J" Club Q Awffmm-Xwc kc' 1 'Water Yflows hand wheels turn. A,year passes as simply as that, and inretrospect there -is afringiof- completed' mernoyriesl We hopethat we have recorded memories which will evoke pleasantureminiscingl T ' - To thos aiding 'us in our ring of memories' we give credit and appreciation. We would. l. like to thank Bob Maulsby, Ralph Cordray and Cedric Snyder foritheir marvelous photo- graphy, T f T i 4 A g MrS.f Lunday should have special ' recognition her guidance and patience. . The to,thank.Lynne Raschke faculty editorsp Nell -Touch- Polingg senior class editorsp iunior class geditorpl-Roxie Perry, sophomore class Suzanne organiza- and'fDouglas Lynn McDaniel editorsp Jill" Lobdill Evalie Hawes, and . The circle is- ring closes around '39- f 12 ':,w.j.Q W ff 71? M., ,xy- f I , ., ' f, ' ML- ' , . 1 W , Www f -, A' ' ' ' 1 157 AUTOGRAPHS OfyQuuM.a, ' Iwi MMM M1041 ww ,Q.0,a, WMMW WJ' 01+ Awww fiJlii.1'i,i'TfZ WfMffQ'M.fWb5mhfl 5 1 ff! JMJTM -DSW?-gil., '40 W'l4"'- ,Lc2f.A.4fC,c,4J0.,4,JiJU.g,,Q,,,,,4-,LJ AAAL 5,27 HUD 79"W"gQQM-'ML LEE? Qfigkk Via kai? Abernathy, Sandra 1Sr.J, 17 li "A" Club, 75 Allied Youth, 68, 69 Band, 87, 90,91 Baseball, 123-125 Basketball, 118-122 Cheerleaders, 138, 139 Chorus, 87-89 DAR Award, 141 Dedication, 8 Distributive Education, 75 Fahrenkamp Award, 141 Favorites, 146-153 Football, 110-1 17 Pegram, Homer J., 8, 66 Sharp, John B., 11, 94 I-laden, Miss Kathryn, 10, 66, 67 Ackert, Mrs. Martha, 10 Arseneau, Flavin J., 10 Austin, Mrs. Martha, 10 Ayala, Mrs. Anne, 10, 77 Becker, Miss Grace, 10, 69 Bennett, Miss Alice, 10 Beseda, Charles, 10, 13, 92, 70 Bigham, Mrs. Emily, 14 Boone, Miss Grace, 10 Brewster, Mrs. Janie Lou, 10, 108 Brooks, Roy J., 14 Brown, M!Sgt. Eugene R., 10, 77 Busby, Elden B., 14 Carson, George H., 10, 11, 87 Carter, Dayton G., 10, 132 Caveness, Mrs. Frances, 10 Dodrill, Mrs. Tommie, 14 Durham, Dr. T. E., 14 A Abshire, Jimmy 1Soph.1, 50, 117 Adair, Sally 1Jr.l, 34 Adams, Bill 1Sr.1, 17, 83, 84 Adams, Glenda 1Soph.1, 50 Adams, Jean tSoph.J, 50 TOPICAL INDEX Future Nurses ot America, 72 Future Teachers of America, 73 Galt, 130, 131 Homecoming, 104, 105 Homecoming Queen, 105 Howdy King and Queen, 140 In Memoriam, 48 Intramurals, 129 "J" Club, 66, 67 Jabberwocky Statt, 86 Jacket Footlight Players, 70, 71 Jacket Journal Statt, 82, 83 Dyche, Ray, 10 Earl, Mrs. Juanell, 11, 133 Edwards, Mrs, Glenna Faye, 11 Epps, Mrs. Oleto, 11 Evans, Mrs. Belle B., 11 Farr, Mrs. Hazel E., 14 Fisher, Mrs. Mary, 14, 72 Foust, Mrs. Mary Lynn, 11 Garrett, Miss Kathryn, 11 Greines, Dr. Abe, 14 Hoddix, Miss Helen, 11 Hale, Miss Helen F., 11, 62 Hanley, Mrs, Kathleen, 11 Harrison, Mrs. Fae, 11 Hood, Mrs. Mary, 14 Howell, Mrs. Joyce, 11 Hunter, Mrs. Gladys R., 9, 11 Krauss, Herbert R., 11 Lay, Mrs. Junuetta, 11 Lerret, Mrs, Elva A., 12 Ludiker, Homer, 12, 61, 112 Ard, Ja mes 1Soph.l, 50, 79 Arnold, Diane 1Sr.1, 17, 72 Arnold , Emily tSr.1, 17, 156 Arnold, Ronnie 1Jr.1, 34, 110, 1 126 Arnow, Peter 1Soph.1 Ashby, Rosalyn 1Jr.1, 34 Ashmore, Dennis 1Jr.1, 34 Adams, Kendrick 1Jr,1, 34, 78 Adams, Terry 1Sr.1, 17, 130, 131 Addison, Mike 1Soph.1 50, 78 Adelman, George 1Jr.l, 34 Adkins, Judi 1Sr.l, 17 Aguillon, Irene 1Sr.1 Albaugh, Norma 1Sr.l Albreight, Charles tJr.1, 34 Albreight, Karen 1Jr.1, 34 Ashmore, Gary 1Sr.l, 17 Ashmore, Ronnie 1Jr.J, 34 Aston, Auttie tJr.l, 34 Athans, Thomas 1Jr.l, 34 Atteberry, Frank 1Soph.l, 50 Aurin, Kathie lSoph.l, 50 Austin, George 1Soph.l, 79, 66 Austin, Sherry tSoph,1, 50 Albritton, Jerry 1Soph.l, 50 Aldredge, Tommy 1Jr.1, 34 Alewine, Janis 1Sr.l, 17 Alexander, Ben 1Jr.1, 34 Alexander, Richard lJr,l, 34, 91, 90, 123, 125 Alford, Bill 1s0ph.1, 50, 78 Allcorn, Ross 1Soph.1 Allen, Amy tJr,l, 34 Allen, Jeanne 1Jr.1, 34 Allen, Larry 1Jr,1, 34, 111, 113, 114 Allen, Stanley 1Soph.l, 50 Allerton, Virginia tJr.1, 34 Allison, Billy 1Jr.1, 34, 126, 128 Alsup, Saundra 1Sr.J, 17 Ambrose, Jerry 1Jr.l, 34, 126 Anderson, Eric 1Soph.1, 50 Anderson, Jean Marie 1Sr.l, 17, 81, 89 Anderson Jerry 1Jr.1, 34, 111, 113, Anderson Sheila 1Jr,1, 34 Andrews, Carolyn 1Jr.l, 34, 75 Andrews, David 1Sr,1, 17, 132 Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Angell, S Mike 1Soph.1,50, 117, 153 Nancy 1Soph.1, 50, 88 Paul tJr.1, 34 ally 1Soph.1, 50 Anthis, Lynn 1Sr.l, 17 Anthony, Carolyn 1Sr.1, 17 Anthony, Eddy 1Sr,l, 17, 79 Anthony, Philip 1Soph.1, 50 Anthony, Steven 1Soph.1, 126 Applewhite, Barry 1Soph.1, 50, 117 Baganz, Eleanor tJr.l, 34 Bagwell, Judi 1Jr.1, 34, 75 Bailey, Angela 1Jr.1, 34 Bailey, Brad 1Sr.1, 17 Bailey, Frank 1Soph.1, 50, 130, Bailey, Sandra tSr.1, 17 Baird, Tommy 1Sr.l, 17, 80, 89 Baker, Charlena 1Soph.1, 50 Baker, Dorothy 1Sr.l, 17 Baker, Jerry 1Saph.1, 117 Baldridge, Judy 1Soph.l, 50 Baldridge, Shirley 1Jr.l, 34 Baldwin, Janice 1Jr.l, 34 Baldwin, Kathy 1Sr.1, 17, 135 Ball, Jerry 1Soph.l Ball, Sharon 1Sr.1, 17 Ballard, Ronald 1Soph.1, 50, 126 Bankhead, Ronnie tSr.l, 17 Bankston, Carol Ur.l, 34 Barcus, Barker, Barker, Jimmy 1Sr.l, 17 Richard 1Jr.l, 34 Roger Ur.1, 34 Barnes, Mike 1Jr,l, 34 Barnes, Sandy 1Jr.l, 34 Barnett, David 1Sr.1, 17, 78, 80 Barrett, Nancy 1Jr.l Bartay, Harry 1Soph.J Bartlett, Patricia tSr.1, 17 Barton, Fritz 1Sr.1, 17, 132 Barton, Jerry 1Soph.1, 78, 81 Bates, R. G. 1Jr.1, 34, 111, 113 13,114, 1 Junior Red Cross, 74 Library Club, 73 Most Athletic, 143 Most Beautitul, 144 Most Handsome, 145 Most Studious, 142 Open House, 102 Orchestra, 87-89 Out-ot-Town Trip, 96 Pep Rallies, 98, 99 Physical Education, 134-136 Press Club, 74 Faculty Lunday, Mrs. Emily, 12, 83 Marsh, Mrs. Mary, 12 Martin, Jack L., 12, 69 Meacham, W. A., 14 Miller, Marvin A., 4, 12 Moore, Joe P., 14 Morris, L. B., 12, 117, 126 McCIuney, Mrs. Evelyn, 12 McDonald, Atwood, 14 McDuftie, MfSgt. Leon N., 12, 77, 103 Nation, Mrs. Leota, 12, 64, 72 Nelson, Miss Hazel, 12 Nickerson, Mrs. Sara M., 12, 103, 107 Oliver, Miss Barbara Joan, 12, 134 Parker, Miss Mary, 12 Parmeter, Mrs. Lucille, 12 Pettit, Calvin, 13 Phillips, Bob, 13 Poston, Mrs. Flossie, 13 Pens, winiam, 14 Prater, Joe, 13, 117, 118 Batson, Donnie 1Soph.l, 50 Battershell, Carol tSoph.1, 50 Baty, Jeannette 1Soph.1, 50 Baucom, Ray 1Jr.1, 34 Baulch, Norma 1Jr.1, 34 Baumgardner, James lSr.j, 17 Bays, Glenna Ur.1, 34 Beakey, Helen 1Soph.1, 50 Beal, Jae 1Jr.l, 34, 126, 128 Beard, Norman 1Sr.1, 17, 79, 80 Beard, Pat 1Soph.1, 50 Beard, Tim lSr.1, 17, 80, 82 Bearden, Linda Kay 1Soph.1, 50 Beasley, Judy 1Jr.1, 34 Beaton, Joyce 1Sr.1 Becera, Joe Frank 1Sr.1, 17, 77, 80 Beck, Barbie 1Soph1, 50 Beckwith, Scott 1Sr.1, 17, 78 Beddo, James 1Soph.1 Bedford, Donna lSoph.1, 50 Bedford, Norman tSr.1, 18 Beech, Lucky 1Jr.1, 35 Beede, Sherry 1Soph.1, 50, 90 Beers, Leslie tJr.l, 35, 88 Bell, Ginger 1Soph.1 Bellah, Sharon tSr.1, 18 Beneventi, Nancy 1Jr.1, 35, 94 Bennett, James 1Jr.1, 35, 79 Bennett, Joe 1Jr.l, 35 Bennett, Ronnie lSoph.1, 89, 91 Benton, Jimmy 1Jr.1, 35 Beresford, Charles 1Sr.1, 18, 77 Berg, George 1Soph.J, 79 Berglund, Joanne 1Sr.1, 18, 68, 69, 135 Berryman, Judy tSoph.1, 50 Bettes, Dane 1Sr.1, 18 Bevill, Bill 1Soph.1, 35, 79, 80 Bishop, Frances 1Jr.1, 35 Black, Beverly 1Sr.1, 18, 72, 86 Black, Bill 1Soph.1, 50 Black, Buddy 1Jr.1, 35, 78 Blackman, John tSoph.1, 50, 79 Blakeway, Rebecca lSoph.1, 50 Blalock, Sandra 1Sr.1, 18, 71 Blanchard, Dale 1Jr.J, 35 Blanks, Shirley tSoph.1, 50 Blansett, Phil 1Sr.l, 18, 80, 90, 91 Blanton, Jacklyn 1Sr.1, 18 Blanton, Mary Beth tSoph.1, 50 Ranch Day, 106 Ranch Queen and Foreman, 140 Registration, 94 ROTC, 77-81 Science Club, 76 Senior Class Officers, I6 Student Council, 64, 65 Tennis, 132, 133 Track, Tri-Lit 126-128 Club, 72 Who's Who, 154-156 Yellow Jacket Statt, 84, 85 Reed, Miss Bettye, 13 Ruggieri, Nick, 13, 61, 64,101,112 Sherrod, Joe, 13 Snyder, Mrs. Carey H., 14 Stevens, Archie, 13 Stovall, Miss Dona Lee, 13 Tate, Mrs. Mary, 13 Taylor, Willie, 13 Turner, Lloyd L., 14 Thomas, Miss Lillian, 13 Van Meter, Arch, 10, 13, 62 Varner, Mrs. Gloria, 13 Waddell, Miss Kate A.,12, 13 Walker, Dr. James N., 14 Warren, Mrs. Mary, 14 Watkins, Mrs. Dorothy, 14 Wells, Mrs. Norma, 10, 14 White, Mrs. Mary, 14, 87 Williams, Don, 14,112, 123, 124 Wright, Phil W., 14 York, James E., 14, 69, 95 Blevins, Calvin 1Sr.1, 18 Blocker, Ann 1Jr.1, 35 Bloesch, Jo Annette 1Soph.1 Boatwright, Jan 1Sr.1, 18, 91 Bock, Arlene 1Jr.1, 35 Bock, Joe Ur.l, 35, 79 Back, Mary Ann 1Soph.l, 50, 89 Bohannon, Bobby 1Jr.1, 35, 78, 80 Bondy, Boone 1 Neal Dennis 1Sr.1, 18 Donna 1Soph.1, 50, 99, 138, 152 Saundra 1Sr.1, 18, 65, 141, 155 Boone Kenny lJr.1, 35 Boone, Booth, Joan 1Jr.1, 35 Booth, Marilyn 1Sr.1, 18 Borden, Charles 1Soph.1, 50 Borden, James 1Sr.1 Bordeno, Patty lSr.1, 18 Borders, John 1Soph.1, 50 Boston, Gay 1Jr.1, 35 Boswell, Tim 1Sr.l, 18, 126, 128 Botkin, Fred 1Sr.1, 18 Bourland, James 1Sr.1, 18 Bow, Robert tSoph.1, 50, 79 Bowers, Sandra tSr.1, 18 Box, Margaret tSoph.l, 50 Bozeman, Bobby 1Jr.1, 35, 111, 113 Bozeman, Laurie tSoph.1, 50, 65 Bracy, Gloria 1Sr.1, 18, 89, 90 Bradshaw, Edward 1Sr.1, 18, 77, 80, 81 Bradshaw, Leslie 1Soph.1, 50 Bragan, Bobby, Jr. 1Sr.1, 18, 111, 113, 119,120, 123,136 Bragan, Gwenn tSoph.1, 50 Branch, Peggy 1Sr.1, 18, 88 Brandenburg, Everett 1Soph.1, 50 Brannon, Barbara 1Soph.1, 50 Brantley, Len 1Sr.1, 4, 18, 67, 75, 111 113, 126 Brazelton, Rusty 1Soph.1, 51, 79 Braziel, Dick 1Jr.1, 35, 113 Brew, Daniel 1Jr.1, 35 Brewen, Larry 1Jr.1, 35 Brewer, Rex 1Sr.1, 18 Brewster, Linda 1Jr.1, 35 Brickell, Raleigh 1Jr.1, 35, 86 Bridges, Jon 1Sr.l, 18, 72 Briley, Linda Jo 1Soph.1, 51, 89 Britton, J. C. 1Sr.1, 18 Britton, Jae lSr.1, 18 Brock, Jerry lJr.l, 35, 111, 113, 114, 126, 128 Brooks, Douglas lSr.l, 18, 72, 84, 126, 128 Choat, Butch lSr.l, 19 Choate, Brad lSoph.1, 51, 117 Christian, Tommy lSoph.1, 51, 117 Churchwell, Don lSr.l, 19 Brooks, Mary Ann lSr.1, 18 Broome, Eugene iSoph.l, 51 Bumga Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Ann iJr.J, 35 Billie Jeanette lSr.l Cheryle lSoph.1, 51, 88 Darlyne iSr.1, 19 Gerald iSoph.1, 78 Grace lSoph,1 Janet Ur.1, 35, 88 Brown, Janis lSr.l, 19 Brown, Keith lSoph.1 Brown, Margie iSoph.l, 51 Brown, Mike iSr.1, 78, 80, 91 Brown, Ronald lJr.l, 35, 79, 95 Brown, Terry lSoph.l Brown, Brown, Browni Tommy iSoph.l, 51 Vivian lSr.l, 19, 90 g Beverly iJr.1, 35, 65, 74, 134 V1 1 Bruner, Darrell lSr.1 Bruner, Eugene lJr.1, 35 Bruner, Travis lJr.1, 35 Bruton, Sumter lSoph.1, 51 Bryant, Budros, Mary Ellen lSoph.1, 51 James lJr.1, 35, 123, 125 Bullock, Joe lJr,1, 35 dner Bruce iSoph1 88 Clapp, David lJr.1, 36, 90 Clark, Billie lSoph.1, 51 Clark, Judy 1Sr.1, 19 Clark, Kathy lSoph.1, 51 Clark, Kay iSr.1, 19 Clark, Rena lSr.1, 19, 65 Clark, Vicki lJr.l, 36 Dacus, Lynn lJr.1, 36 Daerr, Dick lSaph.l Dagley, Jimmy lSr.l, 20 Dailey, Forrest iJr.l, 36 Dale, Lothar lJr.1 Dale, Steve lJr.1, 36, 78 Dalehite, Terry lJr.1, 36 Damata, Sharon Kay iSr.1, 20 D'Andriole, Teddy lSoph.l, 52 Daniel, Bill Ur., Daniels, Linda lSr.l Claunts, Frankie lSr.l, 19, 68, 72 Clayton, Maxine lJr.1, 36 Clayton, Owen lSr.l, 19, 72 Clement, Andrea lSr.1, 19 Cleveland, Mary Jane iSoph.1, 51 Cliburn, Susi lJr.l, 36 Click, Dean lSoph.1, 51 Clifton, Charles lJr.l, 36, 79, 80 Clasuit, Kay lSr.J, 19 Cloudman, Marilyn lSoph.1, 51 Clough, Susan Ur.1, 36, 76 Clover, Lonnie lSoph.l, 51, 117, 127 126, Coates, Don lSoph.1, 51 Cochran, Ralph lSoph.1, 51 Cochran, Randy lSoph.1, 51, 122 Coday, Anita lSoph.1, 51 Coday, Betty lou lSr.l Cody, Carolyn iJr.1, 36 Danner, Jeanne lJr.1, 37, 79, 81 Davis, Adrian iSr.1 Davis, Burton lSoph.1, 52 Davis Cecil iSr.1 Davis Charles lSoph.l, 52, 117 Davis Duwayne lJr.1, 37, 123, 124 Davis FFank1Soph.l Davis, Garland lJr.1, 37 Davis, George lJr.l, 37, 79 Davis, Jimmy 1Jr.l, 37, 126, 127 Davis, Leona lJr.1, 37 Davis Pam lSoph.l, 52 Davis, Richard lSr.1, 20, 77, 90 Davis Sandy 1Jr.l, 37 Davis Shelia lJr.1 1' , - 1 Bumgardner, Mary l5r.1, 19 Burford, Don lJr.1, 35 Burk, John iSoph.1, 51, 117 Burkhart, Alan lSr.l, 19 Burns, Connie lSr.1, 19, 135 Burt, Barbara 1Sr.1, 19 Burt, Sandra iJr.1, 35 Connell, Carol lSoph.J, 51 Burton, Gary lJr.J, 35, 78 Burton, Wayne lSoph.l, 51 Burwell, George lJr.1 Buschbaum, Judi lSoph.l, 51 Bush, Dick lSr.l, 19 Butler, Beverly lSr.1, 19, 88 Butler, Bill lJr.1, 35 Butterfield, Sari iSr.1, 19, 72 Coffey, Tim fSr.1, 19, 131 Coffman, Jan iSr.1, 19 Cohen, James Paul lSoph.1, 51 Cohen, Marsha lSoph.1, 51 Cole, Marty Ur.1, 36, 79 Cole, Pat iSoph.1, 51, 107 Coleman, Nancy lSoph.1, 51 Collier, Cathy iSoph.1, 51, 62 Collins, Marcus Ur.1, 36 Collins Mary Beth iSr 19 I -1, Collinsworth, Corky iSoph.1, 51, 78, 79 Connell, Gretchen iSoph.l, 51 Connell, Linda iJr.j, 36 Conrad, Carolyn iSr.1, 20, 88 Dawson, Jimmy lJr.l, 37 Dawson, Virginia lJr.1, 37, 88 Day, Carolyn i5r.1, 20 Day, Joyce iSoph.l, 52 Day, June lSoph.1, 52 Day, Sammy lJr.l, 37, 111, 113,120 Dean, John lJr.1, 37 Dean, Susan lJr.l, 37, 88 DeArman, Judy iSoph.1, 52, 88 Dearmin, Diane iSoph.1, 52 de Bullet, Gene lJr.1, 37 Decker, David iSoph.J, 52, 79 Decker, Paul Ur.l, 111, 113, 134 Deems, Eddie lJr.l, 73 DeHart, Gary iSr.1, 20 Deitzer, Jean lJr.l, 37 Byrnes, Michael lSr.1, 19, 78 C Cady, Bill iSr.J Coffey, Sonja lJrt1, 35 Cook, Bart lJr.1, 36 Cook, Cook, Cook, Jeanette iSr.1, 20, 66, 67, 88 Doris lSr.1, 20, 135 Harold Ur.J, 36, 90 Cook, Mary lSr.l, 20 ,90 Calinson, Roxee lSoph.1, 51, 65, 84 Campbell, Charles lSr.1 Cannon, Cecil lSoph,1, 51 Cano, Bea lSoph.1 Cano, Joe lSoph.l, 78, 79 Capers, Julia lSoph.J, 35 Carey, V irginia lSr.1, 19, 89, 133, 154 curibefg, Ray um, 35, 119, 120, 121 Carlson, Carol Uni, 36 Carpenter, Linda iJr.l, 36 Carrell, Bill lSoph.1, 51, 117 Cooper, Nancy iJr.1, 36 Copeland, Ray Ur.1, 36 Corbin, Susan iSoph.1, 52 Corbyn, Ronald iJr.l, 36, 79, 80 Cornelius, Margaret lSoph.1, 52 Cosby, John lJr.l Cosman, Jae lSoph.1, 52 Cosman, Walter lSr.1, 20 Covey, Lynn lSr.1 Cowley, Lloyd iSr.1, 20, 79 Carol lSr.1 Cox, Cox, Clayton iSoph.l, 52, 88 Corringer, Jane lSoph.l, 51 Carter, Charla Faye lJr.l, 36, 82, 87, 89, 90 Carter, Glenna lSoph.1, 51 Cox, Elaine lSr.l Cox, Roy lSoph,1, 52, 117 Cox, Walter lJr.1, 79, 81 Cro'g Don lSri 20 130 131 Carter, Jane lJr.1, 36, 88 Carver, Linda lJr.1, 36 Cason, Jerry Don Uni, 36 Casper, Marilyn lJr.1, 36 Castles, Susie lSoph.1, 51 Cates, Sandra lSoph.1, 51 Cave, Harold iSoph.1, 51, 79 Cearley, Alvin lSr.1, 19, 89 Cearley, Ronnie lSoph.1, 51, 117, 1 Cetto, Allen lSr.1, 19 Cetta, Dianne 150911-J: 51 Chambers, John iJr.1, 36 Champion, Lynne l50P1'I-1, 51, 91 22 Chandler Chandler , Cathryn lSoPi1-1 , Cynthia lSoph.1, 51 Chandler, George is"-lf 19 Chandler, Ida lSOPl'v,1 Chappell, David lSr.1, 19, 90, 91 Cheatham, ROY i50Ph-1, 51 Chenaulf, Charles lJr.1, 36 Cheney, Courtney iSopl1-1, 51, 150 Cherry, David lSoph.l, 51, 117 Chesnut, Barbara l5Y-11 19 Chesnut, Richard lSoph.1, 51 Chesser, Betty iSoph.l, 51 Chiles, Jerry Ur-1, 36, 132 1 I ' 1 I I Crawford, Beverly Ur.1, 36, 89 Crawford, Judy lSoph.1, 52 Croft, Tim lSr.l, 80 Cromwell, David lJr.1, 36, 110, 113 Crapper, Ken iSoph.1, 52, 117, 126 Cross, Lorraine iJr.l, 36 Crossan, Neal iSr.l, 88 Crouch, Jim lJr.1, 36 Crouch, Mary Lynn iJr.J, 36 Crow, Monty lSoph.1, 52 Crowe, Michael lJr,l, 36 Crowell, Linda lSoph.l, 52 Culpepper, Gary Lee Ur.1, 36, 122 Cunningham, Henry lJr.1, 36, 87, 89, 90 Curl, Monty iSoph.J, 52 Curlee, Jack lSr.1, 132 Curry, Cynthia iJr.1 Curtis, Gayle M. iSr.1, 20 Cutchin, Roger lSoph.1, 52, 117, 126 Cyrus, Janie lJr.1, 36 D Daberry, Howard iSoph.1, 78 Daberry, Robert lJr.l Delange, Richard lSoph.1, 52, 78 DeLorme, Courtenay lJr.1, 37, 126 Delwaide, Charlie lJr.1, 37 Delwaide, Joe lSoph.1, 52 Dennie, Carol Ann iSoph.1, 52 Denton, Mary Ruth 1Sr.l, 20 Derby, Jack lSoph,J, 52, 79 Ellet, Charles lSoph.1, 52, 91 Elliott, Donna iSr.1, 20 Elliott, Jack lSr.1, 20 Elliott, Pat lJr.J, 37, 102 Ellis, Bobby iSoph1 Ellis, Marie lSoph.1, 52 Ellis, Van Zandt iSoph.l, 52, 89 Ellsworth, Victor 1Jr.J, 37, 89, 91 Elmore, Bob lSr.1, 20 Emory, Bobby Ur.l Engen, Glen lJr.l, 37 Engen, Judith lSaph.1, 52 England, Gwendolyn lSoph.1, 52 Ensey, Jacqueline Ur.1, 37 Epperson, Janet lJr.J, 37 Eppstein, Lee lJr.J, 76 Erickson, Emily lSr.J, 20 Ernest, Gene l5r.1, 21 Ernest, Ronald lJr.1, 37, 78, 80 Ernest, Sandra lSoph,1, 52, 88 Erskine, David iSr.J, 21, 91 Erwin, Sandra lSr.l, 37 Ethridge, Jeanette lSr.1, 21, 88 Eubanks, Sandra iSr.J, 21 Eure, Eustac Evans, Evans, Evans, Barbara lSoph.1 e, Mary lSr.1, 21, 135 Billy tSr.1, 14, 21, 110,114 Ginger Ur.1, 37 Herb fJr.l, 38, 77, 79 Evans, Joann lJr.1, 38 Ewen, Joe lSoph.1, 78, 79 Eyler, Charley iJr.1, 38, 79, 80 F Fairris, Kay lSr.1, 21 Farley, Josh iSoph.1, 52 Farmer, Terry iJr.1, 38 Farrell, John lSoph.1 Farris, Roger lSoph.1, 52 Fatherree, Jackie lSr.1, 21, 67, 68 89 90, 91 Faubion, Ben lJr.1, 38 Deutschendorf, John lJr.l, 37, 69, 88 DeWolfe, Caroline iJr.1, 37, 88 Dibrell, Charles lSoph.1, 78, 80 Dickey, Bob lSr.l, 20, 67, 76, 156 Dickey, Diana lJr.l, 37 Dickey, Ridge lJr.l, 37 Dickinson, Carl Ur.1, 37 Diehl, Glenn lSoph.l Dillard, Jane lSr.1, 20 Dinsmore, Jim Uni, 37 Dinsmore, Ralph lJr.1, 37, 90 Doby, Bob lSr.l, 20, 86 Feddersen, Judy lSoph,1, 52 Felder, Bethrene lJr.l, 38, 90 Felder, Mary lSoph.1, 52 Felton, Linda lJr.1, 38 Ferguson, Jimmy lSr.1, 21, 78 Ferrill, Larry iJr.1 Field, Terry lJr.J Fielder, Rhett lSr.1, 21, 79, 80 Files, Carla lJr.l, 38 Finch, Merrily lJr,j Finch, Ron lJr.l, 38, 131 Finefrock, Carl lSoph.1, 78, 80 Fischer, Klaus iSr.1, 21 Dodd, Danny lSoph.1, 52, 117, 126, 127 Dollar, Richard lJr.1 Dorris, Joe iJr.l, 37 Dorris, Patsy lSr,J, 20 Fisher, Fisher DeAnn iSr.J, 21, 135 Mardie lJr.1, 38, 95 Fisher, Max lSoph.1, 52, 122 Fisher, Mike Uni, 38, 78, 81 Fisher, Fisher, Ray lSoph.l, 78 Tommy iSoph.J, 52, 117 Fitzgerald, Ed lSoph.J, 52, 117, 126 Dorsey, Emily lSr.J, 20, 79, 81, 82, 83 Douglas, Melvin lSoph,l, 52, 88, 126 Douglas, Ricky iSoph.l, 52 Driscoll, Larry tJr.1, 37, 97 Duban, Jo Ann iSoph.1, 52, 88 Dudley, Don lSoph.1, 79 Duke, Judy lJr.1, 37 Dunagan, Jerry iSr.i, 20, 68, 90 Duncan, Jimmy lSr.1, 20 Duncan, Pat lJr.l, 37 Dunlap, Connie iSoph.1, 52 Durst, Barbara lSr.1, 20 Dush, Jerry iSoph.1, 52, 79 Dyer, Nelda lSoph.1, 52 E Eagan, Jim lSr.1, 20, 110, 113 1 Earl, Mary Lou lSr.1, 20, 82, 92, 135 Easley, Shelly iJr.1, 37, 91 Eddins, Ronnie lSoph.1, 52 Eden, Terry iSoph.l, 37, 79 Edwards, Mabel lJr.1, 37 Edwards, Pat iSr.l, 15, 20 Eiland, Pam lSoph.l, 52 Elam, Sonia iSoph.1, 52 Fitzpatrick, James 1Jr.l, 38, 78, 79, 80 Flanagan, Jean lSr.1, 21 Fletcher, Jim lSr.l, 110, 114, 115, 123 Flower, Bonnie lJr.l, 38 Fogg, Sue lSoph.i, 53 Ford, Ronny lJr.1,38, ao, 119, 120 Fory, Jon iSoph.l, 53, 78, 79 Fory, Ron Uni, 38, 79, 81 Foster, Frances iJr.l, 38 Fox, Bobby lSoph.1, 53, 91 FOX, Donald lJr.1, 38, 119, 120, 126 Fox, Jomy lSoph.l, 53 Fox, Ji Francis Francis Francis Frankli Frazer, Frazer, Frazier annina lSoph.l , Charles lSoph.1, 53 , Francine lSr.1, 21, 93 , Joyce lJr.1, 38 n, Frances lSoph.l, 53 Barbara lSr.l, 21 Larry iJr.l , Larry lJr.l, 38 Frazier, Mike lJr.1, 38, 120 Freelove, Charles lSr.1, 21, 95 Freelove, Jon lJr.1, 38, 111, 114 Freeman, Sally lJr,1, 38 G Gafford, Ann lSoph.l, 53 Gafford, Sue iSr.1, 21 ot-tie, cynshaa 1s,,1, 21, 67, 72, 135 Gale, Mike lJr.1, 38, 82 Gallagher, Pat lSr.1, 21, 67, 87, 89, 90, 91, 141 Gallagher, Ray lSoph,J Gandy, Becky iSoph.1, 53 Gannett, Herbert fJr.1, 38 Garcia, Mike lJr.1, 38 Gardner, Janet lSoph.1, 53 Gardner, Sunny lSoph.1, 53 Garrett, Dianne lJr.1, 38 Garwood, Judy iSoph.l, 53 Gaskamp, Dove tSoph.1, 53 Gaskamp, Don lJr.l, 38 Gaston, John 1Sr.1, 21, 61, 67, 89, 91 Gatens, Pat Ur.1 Gnihings, Robert Ur-1, 38 Gelhausen, Brenda lJr.1, 33 Gentling, 52011 Ur-1, 38 Gentling, Stuart l-151,723 Gear e, Jimmy 111-11 Germgan, Jacqueline lJr.1, 38, 89 Getz, Robert lSr.1 Gibbons, Terry iSr.1, 21, 78 Gibbs, Bricky lSfJ, 21, 129 Gibbs, Jackie lS0ph-1, 53 Gibbs, Joe lSr.l, 21 Gibson, Cynthia lSf-1, 21, 89' 101 Gibson, Emory lSoP11-l, 53, 91 Gibson, Mike lS0Ph-l, 53 Gaiden PEQQY iS0Ph-lf 53 Giles, Cynthia 1Jr.l, 38, 88 Gill, Jerry Lee 15'-1, 21 Gilligpie, Dennis lSr.1, 21, 79, 50 Gilpin, Barbara lSoP11-1, 53 Ginn, Cvthv lJr.t. 38 Gish, Terry lSoph.1, 53, 78, 79 Glass, Clair l5f-1, 21, 135 Glover, Dickie lSop1'i-1, 53, 78 Godby, Dub lSr-1, 21 Goen, Ava tJr.l, 38 Goetzke, Mary .106 Ufilf 39 Gold, Rosalyn 151'-1, 21. 107 Goode, Mary Ellen uni, as Goodman, Gerry ISI'-1, 22, 113, 122 Goodrum, Allen tSoPh-1, 53, 132 Goodwin, Jan 151'-1, 22, 73, 80 Gordon, Richard lSr.1, 22 Gough, Laurie ISOP11-1, 53, 90 Hall, B ryan KSOP11-1, 79 Hall, David lSr.1, 22, 79 Hall, Harry Ur.l, 39, 78, 79 Hall, Jimmy lSr.1, 22 Halpenny, Dan lJr.1, 39, 64, 65 Halpin, Frank lJr.1, 39 Hamilton, Harry lSr.1, 22 Hamilton, Nancy lSr.1, 22 Hamlet t, Sylvia fSoph.1 Hamlin, James lSoph.1 Hammonds, Fran lSoph.1, 53 Hamric Hamzy Hance, Haney, Haney, Hankin Hankin , Denny fSr.1, 22 , Sharon Ur.1, 39 Luetta l5r.1, 22 Patricia lJr.1, 39 Terry lSoph.1, 53, 117 s, Bobby lSr.J, 22 s, Gary lSoph.1, 53 Hoffman, A. Scott lSoph.1, 53, 79, 80 Holbrook, Jan. iJr.1, 40 Holden, Dwayne lSoph.1, 53, 88, 126 Holden, Heather lSoph.1 Holder, Bud lSoph.1, 53, 79 Holder, Karen lSoph.J, 53 Holeman, Paul lSoph.l Holland, Patricia Ann lSoph.1, 54 Holland, Warner lJr.1 Holley, Bobby lSoph.1, 78, 79 Holmes, James lJr.1, 40, 111, 114, 120, 123, 125 Honaker, Mary Ann lJr.1, 40 Honola, Ed lSoph.l, 54 Hood, Bobby lSoph.1, 54 Hood, Paul lSr.1, 23, 80, 123, 125 Hood, Perry l5r.1, 23, 78, 79, 80 Hooker, Anne lSoph,l, 54 Hankins, Sandra lJr.1, 39 Hans, Jack lSoph.1, 78 Hansen, Jo lSoph.l, 53 Hardgrave, Mike lSoph.1, 53 Hardin, James M. lJr.1, 39, 78 Harding, Shirley lSr.1, 22 Hardison, Diane lSoph.1, 53 Hardwicke, Ann lSoph.1, 53 Hare, Steve lSr.1, 22, 80, 89 Hargrove, James lSoph.1, 78 Harkins, Anna Marie lJr.1, 39 Harlowe, Pat lJr.1, 39 Harms, Virginia lSr.1, 133 Harrell, Barbara lJr.1, 93 Harrell, Bob lSr.1, 23, 120 Harrell, Doug lJr.1, 39, 79 Harrell, Lynn lJr.1, 39 Harrell, Nell lSoph.1, 53 Harrington, Suzanne lSoph.1, 53, 89 Harris, Marilyn M. lJr.1 Harris, Pat lSoph.1, 53, 88 Harrison, Clay lSr.1, 23 Harrison, Corky lJr.1, 39, 90, 91 Harrison, George lJr.1, 39, 79 Harrison, Glenn lSoph.1, 78 Harrison, Wayne lSr.l, 23 Hart, Carol lSr.1, 23, 86, 91 Harvey, Fred tSr.1, 23 Hastings, Terry Ur.1, 39, 79, 80 Howes, Evalie lSr.1, 23, 84, 85 Hopkins, Jo Lynne Ur.l, 40 Horn, Nancy lSr.1, 23 Horton, Ancel lSr.1, 23, 91 Hotopp, James lSoph.1, 54, 91 Houp, Jonathan lJr.1, 40, 126, 128 Howard, Daberry lSoph.1 Howard, Sandra lSoph.1, 54 Howard, Theresa fJr.1, 40 Howell, Johnny lSr.1, 23 Howell, Paula lSoph.1 Hubbard, Diane lSoph.1, 54 Huber, Jim lSr.1, 23, 74, 77, 103 Huddleston, Gary lJr,1, 40, 87 Hudek, Bruce lJr.1 Hudek, Steve Ur.1 Huclgins, Jimmy lJr,1 Hudson, Mary T. lJr.1, 40 Hudson, Sam lSr.1, 23, 61, 86 Hughes, Freda lSr.1, 23 82, 83, Hughes, Jeanice fSr.1, 24, 61, 68, 82 Hughes, Roxie lJr.1, 40 Jones, Robert lSoph.1, 54 Jones, Stephanie lSr.1, 24, 67, 90 Jordan, Larry lSoph.1, 54, 78, 79 Joyner, Sandra lSr.1, 24 K Kaempf, Tom lSr.1 Kane, Edd lSr.1, 24 Kanto, Ken Ur.1, 40 Keahey, Tomo lJr.1, 40 Keener, Priscilla iJr.1, 40 Keeton, Lynda iJr.1, 40 Keith, Bob lSr.1, 24 Keith, Susie lJr.1, 40 Kell, Janet lSoph.1, 54 Keller, Kay lJr.1, 40, 74 Kelley, Linda lSr.1, 24, 88 Kelly, Brooke lSoph.1, 54 Kelly, Brooks lSoph.1, 88 Kelly, Keith lJr.1, 40 Kelsey, Joy lSr.1, 24, 82, 135, 143 Kelty, Susan lJr.1, 40 Kemmerer, Kitty lJr.1, 40 Kendall, Charles lJr.1, 40, 112, 126 Kennedy, Dawn lJr.1, 40 Keswick, Leigh lJr.1, 40 Keyes, Lilla Ur.1, 40, 65, 94, 134 Kimball, Elizabeth lJr.1, 40, 86 King King, Bill lSoph.1, 54 Chigger iSoph.1, 60, 54 King, Donna lJr.1, 40 King Jeri lSr.1, 24 King, Jimmie lSoph,1, 54 King, Jimmy Ur.1, 41 King King Kirkl , Nick lJr.1, 41 Shirley 41 ,John isnt, 211, 79, ao, 123, 125 and, Perry Ur.1, 41 Kirk, Kline, Bob lSr.1, 24, 132 Knowles, Marsha Ann lSr.1, 24 Knudsen, Barbara lSoph.1, 54, 90 Koenig, Peggy lSoph.l, 54 Kowalewski, Earl lSoph.1, 54, 78 Krappman, Dorothy lJr.1 Krog, Tim lJr.1, 41, 79, B1 Krottinger, Ray lSoph.1, 54, 117 Kuntz, Ann lJr.1, 41, 82 139, 140 Gough, William G. lSr.1, 22 Grant, Judy lSoph-l Graves, Barbara lJr.1, 35, 33, 91 Graves, Sandy lJr.1, 38 Grovley, Sandie lJr.1, 39 Gray, Gary lJr.1, 39, 82 Gray, Rober lSr.1, 22, 126, 123 Green, Charlotte Anne lSr.1, 22, 65 Green, Janie iSr.1, 22, 135, 140 Green, Mary lJr.1, 39, 88 Greene, Dianne lSr.1, 22, 88 Greenman, Bob lSr.1, 22, 107, 132, Hawkins, Joe lJr.1, 39 Hawkins, Kathryn Ur.1, 39 Haynie, Bobby lSr.1, 23, 78 Heard, Heartw Heath, Dwight lSoph.1, 79, BO, 90 ell, Dick lSoph,1, 53, 122 David lSr.1, 23, 78, 80 Heath, Dwain lSr.1, 23, 98, 111, 123, 136 Heath, Mary Ann lSoph.1, 53 Hebert, Jo Ann lSr.1, 23, 71, 154 Heck, Donna lSr.1, 23 Hedges, Sandro lJr.1, 39 Hefner, Kaye lJr.1, 39 Heinecke, Betsy lSr.1, 23, 67, 70, 92 114, Humphries, Jane Ann lSr.1, 24, 89, 90, 91 Hunt, Mike fJr.1, 40 Hunter, Vicki lSr.l, 24, 135 Hurst, Sarah fSr.J, 24 Hutton-Miller, Gunilla lSr,1, 24, 105 I lngium, Bruce lSoph.t Isbell, Kit lJr.1, 40 Isert, Barbara lJr.1, 40 Ivey, Jack lJr.1, 40 lvy, Jimmie lSr.1, 24, 67, 88 J Jackson, Brenda lSoph.1, 54 Jackson, Lorinda lSoph.1, 54 Jackson, Martha tSr.1, 24 Jackson, Sandra lSoph.1, 54 James, Curtis lSr.1, 54, 126 Jarmon, Danny tSoph.1, 54 107, 117 Greenman, Dick 151'-1, 16, 22, 140 Greenwell, Bonnie lSr.1, 22 Greenwood, Gary lJr.l, 39 Greenwood, Larry lSr.1 Gressett, Doris Ur.l, 39, 94 Griffin, Carol lSr.l, 22 Griffin, Gary lSr.1, 22 Griffin, Glenda lSoph.1, 53 Griffith, Linda lJr.1, 39, 82 Griffith, Thomas lJr.1, 39, 126, 128 Griggs, Jimmy lJr.1, 39, 90 Grinnell, Joan iSr.l, 22, 67 Gunn, Terry iJr.1 Gunter, Cliff lJr.1, 39, 62 Gurley, Jim lSr.1, 22, 71, 105, 129 Gustafson, Larry fSoph.1, 53, 78 Guthrie, Eddie lJr.1, 39 H Haas, Jeff lSr.1, 22 Haase, Edward lSr.1, 22, 89, 90, 91 Hackleman, Jay lSr.1, 22, 90 Hackney, Vonda lJr.1, 39, 88 Hagler, Melanie lSoph.l, 53 Haile, Tim lSoph.l, 53 Hale, Billy lSr.1, 22 Haley, Jan lJr.1, 6, 39, 64 Haley, Phil lSr.1, 22 Hall, Bill lSr.1, 22, 79 Henckels, Dudley lSoph.1, 53 Henderson, Diana lSoph.1, 53 Henderson, John J. lSr.1, 23, 77, BO Hendrick, Linda lSr.1, 23, 67, 90 Hendrick, Vince lJr.1, 39, 110, 114 Hendrickson, Carol Ur.1, 39 Hendry, Richard lJr.1, 39 Herman, Phill lJr.1, 39 Hertzler, Dyke lSoph.1, 53, 79 Hesse, Cherie lSr.1, 23 Hester, David lSr.1, 23, 77, 82 Hickman, Harold lSr.1, 23, 78 Hicks, Dolores lSr.1, 23 Hiett, Bob lJr.1, 39, 86, 90 Hiett, Karen lSr.1, 23 Higby, Judy lJr.1, 39, 95 Higley, John lJr.1, 39, 110, 114, 126 Hildebrand, Sandra lSoph.1, 53 Hill, Danna lSoph.1, 53, 133 Hill, Sandra lJr.1, 39, 90 Hill, Skippy tSoph.1, 53 Hinners, Nancy lJr.1, 40 Hinz, David lSr.1, 23 Hinze, Ronnie lSoph.1, 53, 122 Hitt, Gail lSr.1, 23 Hobbs, Ray lJr.1 Hodge, Tom lSr.1, 23 Hodges, Mike lJr.1, 40 Hoecker, Joan lJr.1, 40, 48 Jarvis, Jeff lSoph.1, 54, 65, 126 Jarvis, Jonny lSr.1, 24, 90, 142 Jenkins, Joe lSr.1, 24 Jenkins, Judy lJr.1, 40 Jenkins, Sarah lSr.1, 24 Jennings, Nancy lSoph.l, 54 Jett, Jim lSoph.1, 54, 78, 79 Jewell, Bobby Ur.1, 40, 149 Joe, Lill Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson 127, ian lJr.1, 40, 83 , Clifford lJr.1 , Cynthia lSr.1, 24, 96, 106 , Doug Ur.1, 40, 117, 126 , Elaine 1Sr.1, 24 , Gloria lSoph.1, 54 , Jim lJr.1, 40, 69, 114, 136 Johnson, John lSr.1, 24 Johnson, Judie lJr.1, 40, 88, 91 Johnson, Judy lSr.1, 24 Johnson, Kathy lSoph,1, 54 Johnson, Linda lSr.1, 24, 88 Johnson, Liz lSr.1, 24, 101 Johnson, Mac lSoph.l, 54 Johnson, Ronnie lSoph.l, 54, 79 Johnston, Dee lSoph.1, 54 Joiner, Jimmy lSoph.l, 54, 76, 89, 90 Jones, Janet lJr.1, 40 Jones, Mike iJr.l, 40, 117, 126, 127 126, Kyle, Gene lJr.1 L Lake, Bob lSr.1, 24, 111, 114 Lamb, Judy lSoph.1, 54 Lamb, Robert lJr.1, 41, 110, 114 Lambert, Kenneth lSr.l, 24 Londreth, Jane lJr.1, 41, 133 Landwehr, Jerry lSoph.1, 54, 73 Lone, Charles lSoph.1 Lane, Jim lSoph.1, 54, 126 Lane, Nancy lSoph.1, 54 Lanford, Ed lSoph.l, 54, 117 Larson, Dick lSoph.1, 54 Lathrop, Howard lJr.1, 41, 98 Latimer, Donna lJr.1, 41, 91 Latimer, Judy lSr.1, 24 Lautz, Grover lJr.1, 41, 79 Lawley, Bill lSr.1, 25, 110, 114, 123, 136 Lawrence, Bobby lJr.1, Lawrence, Linda lJr,1, 41 Laws, Deann lSoph.1, 54 Laws, Ronnie lJr.1 Lawson, Judy lSoph.l, 54 Lawson, Ronald lJr.1, 41 Lawyer, Janette fJr.1, 41 Lazo, Ellen lJr.1 Leach, Caroline lJr.1, 41 Leoth, Breck lJr.1 Leatherman, Martha lJr.1, 41 Ledyard, Paulette lJr.1, 41 Lee, Carol lSr.1, 25 Lee, Deloris lJr.1, 41 Lee, Sandy lSoph.1, 54 Lee, Suzy lSoph.1, 54 LeGwin, Jean lSoph,1, 91, 54 Leith, Linda lJr.1, 41 Lemon, Jane lSr.1, 25, 84 Lenox, Judy lJr.1, 41 Leon, Bill tSoph.1, 54, 117, 126 Leonard, Madelon lSoph.1, 54 Leonhardt, Evelyn lJr.1, 41, 88 Leonhart, Jimmy lJr.1, 41 Rollie lSr.l LePori, Leslie, Bob lSoph.l, 54, 78 Leslie, James 1Jr.l, 41, 126 Leslie, Susan lSoph.l, 54 Leverich, Dick iSoph.1, 54, 78 Levering, Linda lSr.l, 25, 88 Levisee, Jerry 1Sr.l, 25, 67, 89, 91 Belly Ann lSoph.l Lewis, Lewis, Mary lSoph.1, 54 Lewis, Tom iSoph.1, 55, 78 Liddle, Sandra lSr.l, 25 Lightbown, Lynda lSoph.l, 55, 76 Ligon, Lynn lSr.1, 25 Lilly, Jo Marie Ur.l, 41 Linbarger, Susan lSoph.1, 55 Lines, Jacki lSoph.1, 55 Lippold, Jo Elaine lJr,l Little, George lSoph.1, 55 Lewellyn, Carter iSoph.l, 55, 117, Lloyd, Anne 1Sr.l, 25 Lobdill, Jill lSr.1, 25, 84, 85, 86, 97 Locke, Joel lSr.l, 25, 63, 64, 67, 84, 1 12 Lotfland, Nancy lSr.l, 25, 86 Lotfland, Tom lJr.1, 41 Lomerson, Bill lJr.1, 41, 126, 128,134 Lomerson, Sally lJr.l, 41 Long, Barbara lSr.l Long, Lucinda 1Soph.1, 55 Long, Suzanne iSoph.1, 55 126 Longley, Joe 1Jr.1, 41, 48, 88, 110, 114, 123 Laughry, Dana lSoph.l, 55 Lovell, Bill tSr.l, 25, 78 Lovell, Lynda 1Jr.1, 41, 65, 106 Lowe, Jerry lJr.1, 41, 77, 80 Lowe, John lSoph,l, 55 Lowke, Bill lSoph.l, 55, 90 Lowke, Joe iSoph.l, 55, 91 Lawrance, Bobby 1Sr.1, 25, 67, 87, 89, 90, 91, 100, 154 Lowrance, Dan lSoph,l, 55, 89, 91 Lowrey, Virginia lSr.1, 25 Lowry, Linda Kay iSoph.1 Lowry, Sherry lJr.l, 41 Lucas, Billy iJr.l, 41, 110, 114, 119, 120, 121 Lucas, Bobbie 1Soph,l, 55, 88 Luck, Bobby lJr.l Luedtke, Ronnie tSoph.1, 55, 65, 117 Luskie, Ronnie 1Jr.l, 41, 126, 123, 136 Luther, Jan lJr.1, 41 Luxton, Michael 1Jr.l, 78 Lydick, Lana lS0ph.l, 55 Lyte, Margaret 1Sr.l, 25 M McAdams, Suzanne lSr.l, 25, 84, 35, 88 McBride, Herbert lJr.1, 41 McBride, Patty lSr.1, 25 McBurney, Kathleen lSr.1 McCaffrey, Patrick 1Jr.1, 41 McCamy, Rex iSr.1, 25, 123, 124, 125 McCarroIl, Eddie lJr,1, 41 McCarralI, Jimmy lJr.1, 41, 138 McCarthy, Mary Anne iJr.1, 42 McCarty, Carolyn Ann lJr.1, 42 McCauley, Janet iSr.1, 25 McCIinton, Delbert 1Sr.l McClure, Judy iSr.l, 25, 88 McClure, Mary Ann 1soph.l, 55 McClure, Rally 1Soph.l, 78 McCracken, Mike lSopl1-l, 55, 126 McCrea, John lJr.1, 42, 78 McCreary, Marsha 1Sr.l, 25 McCreless, Mary Lou iJr,1, 42, 48, 73 McDaniel, Mona Lynn 1Sr.1, 25, 61, 67, 71, 74, 77, 81, 84, 90, 91, 95 McDonnell, Vonita iSoph.l, 55 McElhaney, Ann iJr.l, 42 McGee, Linda iSr.l, 25 McGlohen, Debbie lSr.1, 25, 135 McGrath, Lynda iSoph.l, 55 McGrath, Mikie lSr.1, 25 McGuffee, Bob lSr.1, 25, 123, 124, 136 McHenry, Camille Ur.1 McHenry, Ricky iSoph.1 Mclntire, Linda iSr.l, 25, 79, 80, 135 Mclntosh, Kent lJr.l, 42 McKay, Peggy lSoph.l, 55 McKay, Sandra lSoph.l, 55 McKee, Carol tSr.l, 25, 133 McKim, Gridley Ur.1, 42, 86 McKinney, Tim iSoph.1, 55 McLaughlin, Sherry iSr.l, 25 Mclean, Joe iSoph.1, 55, 61, 88 McMahan, Marcille lSoph.1, 55 McMenamy, Don lJr.l, 42, 79 McMonigle, Dennis lSoph.1, 79 McMurry, Linda iJr.1, 42 Maag, Johnny lSoph.1, 55, 117 Maben, Garry 1Sr.l, 25, 67, 68, 92, 108, 126, 128, 136, 139, 147, 155 Maddox, Pat lSoph.l, 55 Magers, Bill Ur,l, 42, 89 Magoftin, Tom iSr.1, 3, 26, 110, 115, 123, 124, 136 Mairs, Pat 1Sr.l, 26 Males, Sara 1Soph.l, 55 Malone, Arleen lJr.1 Malone, D. W. iSr.1, 26 Maloney, Pat iSoph.1, 55 Manasco, Loretta iJr.1, 42 Manire, Larry lSr.l, 26, 76, 77 Manire, Sherry iSaph.1, 55 Mann, Barbara lSoph.1, 55 Manning, Jay iJr.l, 42 Manning, Mary Ur.l, 42 Mansir, Paul lJr.1, 42, 78 Marshall, John lJr.l, 42, 80 Martin, Bill tSoph.1, 55, 89, 127 Martin, Gayle 15121, 26 Martin, Judy iJr.l, 42 Martin, Sue iJr.l, 42, 89, 90 117,126, Martin, Walter lJr.l, 33, 42, 84, 85, 89, 130 Mason, Judy lSoph.1, 55 Mason, Sharon lSoph,l, 55 Massey, Linda lJr,l, 42 Massey, Lynn lSoph.1, 55 Mathews, Susan lSoph.l Mathis, Jeannie 1Soph.l, 55 Matthews, Ellen iSr.1 Maltoon, Ken lJr.1, 42, 87, 89, 90 Mayfield, George Ur.1, 42, 78 Mayo, Melinda iJr.l, 42, 106 Mays, Diane iSoph.1 Meadlin, Phyllis lSr.l, 26, 67, 68, 90 Meadlin, Wayne lSoph.1, 55, 89, 91, 9 Medlock, Mike lSr.l, 26, 77, 80 Meek, Jimmy lSr.l, 26, 127 Meekins, Ross lJr.l, 42 Meglasson, Mike tSoph.1, 55 Meihaus, Marty lSaph.1, 55, 62 Mekus, Theresa iJr.l, 42 Melvin, Bill tJr.1, 42, 61, 88 Merrick, Diann iSr.1, 26, 65 Merric Metz, k, Tena lJr.1, 42 Craig tSr.1, 26, 123, 125, 136 Michael, Marcia iSr.1, 26 Miller, Dave lJr.1, 42, 80, 98 Miller, Margie Ur.l, 42 Miller, Marian lJr.l, 42 Miller, Patricia lSr.1, 26, 89, 90, 91 Miller, Penny iJr.1, 42 Miller, Richard lSoph.1, 78, 90 Miller, Sharon lJr.1, 42 Miller, Millett, Mills, Mills, Minch, Vivian lSoph.1, 55 Kenneth iSoph.1, 79 Marsha lJr.1 Suzanne lSoph.l Kathy iSr,1, 26 Minyard, Jerry iSr.1, 26, 111, 115, 123 7 Mitchell, Gatlin1Sr.l, 26, 111, 114,115, 126, 128 Moots, Marla Jo iSoph.l, 55 Mollet, Mike 1Soph.1, 55, 117 Molloy, Bob lSoph.1 Monday, Jimmy lSoph.l Monroe, Georgia Ur.l Montgomery, Barbara iSr.1, 26, 135 Montgomery, Butch iSoph.l, 55, 117, 122, 151 Moody, ivan lJr.l, 42 Moor, Bob lSoph.1, 55, 117 Moore, Archie iSoph.l, 55, 79 Moore, Jimmy Ur.1, 42 Moore, Joan Ur.1, 42 Moore, Robert tSoph.l, 78 Moore, Moore, Ronnie lSoph.l, 122 Sylvia lSoph.l, 55, 88 Moore, Virginia tSoph.1, 55, 90 Morgan, Philip iJr.1, 42, 79 Fielding iSoph.1, 78 Morley, Morris, Dick lSr.l, 6, 26, 127 Kathy lSoph.1 Morris, Morris, Monte lSr.1, 26, 82, 111, 115, 128 Sue lSr.l, 26 126, Morris, Morris, Terry iSoph.l, 130, 131 Morrow, James L. lSaph.l, 62 Mosley, Karrol lJr.l, 42, 90 Mottet, Janice lSoph.1, 55 Mottet, Jeannette lJr.1, 42 Mulholland, Mary Nell iSr.l, 26, 67, 88 Mulholland, Sonny iSoph.1, 55, 88,117 Mulkey, Danny lSoph.1, 56, 96, 130, 131 Mullins, Pat iSoph.1, 56, 73 Munday, Judy lSoph.1, 56, 73, 89, 90, 95 Murdock, Marcia 1Sr.1, 26 Murphy, Jim lSoph.J, 56 Murphy, Margwen lJr.J, 42 Murray, Doyle iSoph.1, 56 Murray, Paul lSoph.1, 56, 117 Murrin, Susie lSr.l, 26, 156 Musumeci, Mary Ann iJr.1 Myers, Mike 1Saph.1, 62 N Nanney, Pat lSoph.l, 56, 117 Nass, Dianne 1Soph.1, 56 Neal, Danny lSaph.l, 56 Neal, Sallye iSoph.l, 56 Neally, Donna lSr.l, 26, 135 Needham, Chuck lSr.l, 26 Needham, Gayle lSoph.J, 56 Becky tSoph.1, 56 Neely, Nelson, Janie 1Sr.1, 26, 82 Nelson, Richard lJr.1, 43 Nelson, Ronnie lSoph.l, 56, 117 Katharine 1Sr.1, 26 Neville, Newbern, St. Clair, lll iSr.1, 26, 126 Newman, Charles lSoph.l, 56, 138 Newton, Verna lSr.1, 26, 135 Neystel, Doris lSr.l, 26 Nichols, Peter iSoph.1, 79 Nims, Lynette 1Soph.1, 56 Nix, Anita 1Soph.1, 56, 90 Nix, Nancy iJr.1, 43, 86 Nolan, Charles 1Sr.1, 26 Norman, Ronny 1Jr.l, 43, 110, 115 Norris, Bobby lSr.J, 27 Norris, Ricky tSoph.1, 56 Norstrud, Hilda lSr.l, 27, 90 Norwood, Robert lJr,l, 43, 78 O O'Bannon, David 1Sr.l, 27, 125 O'Brien, Donna lSr.l, 27 Ochoiski, Susan lSoph.1, 56 O'Dell, Carole iSoph.1, 56 O'Dell, Tommy lSr.1, 27, 126 O'Grady, Mike tJr.1, 43, 110, 115, 153 Oldham, Linda 1Sr.i, 27 Oliver, Barbara 1Jr.l, 43 Olson, Ronnie iSoph.l, 56, 132 Ondo, Paul iSr.1, 27 O'Neal, Duzzy 1Soph.1, 95 Oremus, David iSr.l, 27 O'Rourke, Mike 1Sr,1, 27, 123, 124, 136 Parker, Wesley lSaph.1 Parkin, John 1Soph.1, 56, 76, 78 Parkin, Ray lSr.l, 27 Parton, Don lJr.1 Past, Donna Ur.l, 43 Patrick, Kaye 1Sr.l, 27, 82, 83, 86 Patterson, Mary Dell lJr.l, 43 Patterson, Sammy 1Jr.l, 43 Patteson, Ann 1Sr.1, 27 Patton, Bob iJr.1, 43 Patton, Tommy iSoph.l, 117, 126 Patton, Virginia 1Soph.1 Paulsel, James tSoph.l, 56 Pavel, Pam 1Sr.J, 27, 86 Pavillard, Cordelia iSr.l, 27 Pavillard, Tommy lSoph.1, 56 Payne, Eudora iSoph.l, 56 Pearson, Patricia 1Jr.l, 43 Pease, L ucinda iJr.l, 43 Peek, Robert 1Sr.l, 27 Pelton, Bill 1Soph.1, 56, 76 Pendery, David lSoph.l, 56, 78, 79 Pendleton, Rodney lSr.l, 27, 79 Penn, Patricia iSr.l, 27, 88 Pense, Glenn Ur.1, 43, 78, 79 Penwell, Dave 1Soph.l, 56, 126, 128 Peoples, Eddie lJr.J, 43 Perkins, Diane iSr.l, 27, 88 Perkins, Robert lSoph.l, 56, 91 Perkins, Perry, Sharon iSr.1, 27 Bea iSoph.1, 56, 90 Perry, Bill Ur.l, 43 Perry, Gladys 1Sr.l, 27, 80, 81, 90, 91 Perry, Lynn 1Soph.1, 56 Pettit, Thomas iSr.1, 27 Petty, N ella iSr.1, 27 Petty, Tom lJr.1, 43 Phiibin, Phiibin, Steve lSr.1, 27 Susan iSoph.1, 56 Phillips, Ann Elizabeth tSr.1, 27, 88 Phillips, Dutch 1Soph.1 Phillips, Ginny lSoph.1, 56 Phillips, Jimmy tSr.1, 27 Phillips, Jo Ann lSr.i, 27, 82 Phillips, Sally lSr.1, 27 Phillips, Shawn tSoph.J, 56 Phillips, Sue lSoph.l, 56 Pieplow, Ruth iSoph.1, 56, 88 Pierott, Jon 1Soph.l 56, 61 Pinholster, Jane 1Sr.l, 27, 82 O'Toole, Bill lSoph.l, 56 Outenreath, Mike 1Soph.1, 56 Owen, Brenda lJr.1, 43 Owen, Brian iSr.l, 27 Owen, Pat 1Jr.l, 43, 88 Owen, Sam lJr.1, 43 Owens, Rosetta Ur.l, 43 Piper, Gayle iSr.l, 28, 73 Pipes, Ann lJr.l, 43, 88 Pittman, Sue lSr.1, 28, 68, 82, 90 Plumly, Sharon iSoph.1, 56 Plummer, Jackie iSr.l, 28 Poling, Diana iSr.1, 28, 84, 91 Porter, Carol iSoph.1, 56 Portertield, Dale lSoph.l, 56, 79 Potter, Libits lJr.1, 43 Powell, Jan tSr.1, 28, 89, 90, 91 Powell, Kathleen 1Soph.1, 56 Powell, Ronny iSoph.1, 57 Powers, Suzy iJr.l, 43 Pownder, Patty iSoph.l, 57 Prater, Betty lJr.l Prather, Butch 1Jr.1 Prather, Jo Ann lSr.l, 28 Preissinger, Bobby lJr.l, 43, 48, 110, 115, 136 Prevost, Johnny 1Sr.1, 28, 78 Price, Homer lSr.j, 28, 93, 100, 110, 113,115,118,119, 121, 123, 125 Prichard, Cathy Ur.l, 43 Priddy, Charles 1Sr.1, 28 Prince, Jimmy iSr.l, 28, 67, 90, 91 Prince, Linda 1Soph.1, 57 Prior, Jean lSoph.1, 57 Proffitt, Crecia tSr.l, 28, 135 Johnny lJr.1, 43 Proffitt, Propper, Kathy lS0ph.l, 57, 72, 73 Proudfit, Julia 1Soph.1, 57, 65 Ozmer, Carlton 1Jr.1 Ozmer, Kay lSr.1, 27 P Paden, Buddy iJr.1, 43, 78, 94 Padgett, Kay lJr.l, 43, 74, 84, 85 Padgett, Martha 1Soph.1, 56, 88 Page, Myrna iSoph.l, 56 Pankey, Fred 1Soph.1, 56, 79 Paris, Renee iSoph.1, 56 Parker, Carl tSoph.1, 78 Parker, Faust 1Soph.l, 56, 117 Provine, Jack lJr.1, 43,111,115 Puckett, Bruce iJr.l, 43 Puckett, Loyce lJr.l, 43 Puckett, Ronnie iJr.1, 43, 91 R Robb, Craig lJr.1, 43, 102 Rabinowitz, Herb iSoph.l, 57 Rackley, Louis iJr.1 Threlkeld, Trena tJr.1, 45 Rogan, Katherine Ur.t, 43, 88 Raley, Jett tJr.l, 43 Ramey, Mary Lou lSr.t, 28, 67, 68, 139 Ramsey, Judy lSr.l, 28 Randolph, Leslie 1Soph.l, 57 Raschke, Lynne tSr.1, 28, 67, 78, 80, 81, 84, 85 Raschke, Sylvia lJr.l, 43 Ratlift, Robert Ur.1 Rattan, Gene tSoph.1, 57, 126 Ray, Gail lSoph.1, 57 Ray, Pamela lJr.1, 43, 65 Redwine, D. Allen lJr.1, 43, 91, 117, 126 Reed, Connor lJr,1, 79 Reed, Gail lSr.1, 28 Reel, Cheryl lJr.1, 44, 72 Reese, Becky tSoph.J, 57 Reeves, Linda tSoph.t, 57 Reeves, Roy lSoph.1, 57 Reilly, Diana tSoph.t 57 Rein, Roger lSr.t, 28,111,115 Reinhardt, Leonard tJr.1, 44 Reinhart, Jonny lJr.1, 44, 123, 125 Reusch, Sandra tSr.1, 28 Reuther, Norman lSoph.l, 57, 88, 122 Reynolds, Andrea lSoph.1, 57 Rhodes, Ann tSr.1, 28 Rhodes, John 1Sr.l, 28, 119, 120, 121 Rhodes, Malinda tSr.t, 28, 61, 67, 135 Richards, Bill tSr.1, 28 Richards, Floyd lSr,t, 28 Richardson, Glynda lJr.t Richerson, Bill tSr.t, 28, 76, 78, BO, 156 Riddle, Benny tSoph.l, 57, 79, 81, 89 Riley, Rosa tSoph.1 Riley, Sue lSr.1 28 Rimbey, John Ur.1, 44 Ritchie, Barbara tSoph.t, 57 Robbins, Allen lSoph.t, 57, 79, 117 Robbins, Jack lSoph.1, 115, 117 Robbins, Jay lJr.l Sanders, Joe lJr.l, 44, 126, 128 Sanders, Walter tSrl, 29 Sandoval, Bennie tSoph.t, 57, 78, 79 Sandoval, Bertha tJr.l, 44 Sandoval, Dora 1Sr.l, 29 Sands, Anita 1Jr.l, 44, 83 Sarich, Tommy tJr.1, 44, 79 Sartor, Johnny lSr.l, 78 Sarvis, Charlsa lJr.t, 44 Sawyer, Lois lJr.l, 44 Sayre, Bill tSoph.l, 57, 90 Scaggs, Phil tJr.1, 44, 123 Scaling, Edgar lJr.1, 44 Schaffer, Fred lJr.1 Schenck, Paul tJr.1 Schietfer, Sharon lSr.l Schmidt, Guen Ur.1, 44 Schneider, Lee lSr.t, 29, 64, 65 Schopmeyer, Verety tSoph.l, 57 Schroeder, Dave lSoph.l Schueler, Steve lJr.1, 44 Schultz, Lana 1Jr.l, 44 Schurter, Dennis tSr.1, 29 Schwokhofer, Frank lSoph.t Scott, Celia lSr.1, 29, 84, 103 Scott, Hilliard lJr.l, 44, 91 Scott, Marilyn lSophl, 57 Scott, Ronnie tJr.l, 44 Scott, Susan tJr.1, 44 Scroggs, Susie 1Soph.l, 57 Sealey, Sharon tSoph.t, 57 Sater, Kathryn lSoph.1, 58 Soule, Jules tSr.1, 29, 82, 83, 107, 129 Soules, Nell lJr.l, 45, 90 Sowden, Chandler lJr.1, 90 Spain, Clyde lJr.1, 76, 78 Sparks, Kay 1Jr.l, 45, 133 Spaulding, Charlotte tSoph.l, 58 Spearing, Carolyn 1Sr.l, 30 Spelce, Mary tSoph.l, 58 Spell, Marsha lSr.t, 30 Spell, Monte tSoph.1, 58 Spence, Stella tSoph.1, 58 Spencer, Dennis tSr.t, 30, 91 Spinks, Gary tSr.l, 30, 97 Spradling, Bill tJr.t, 45 Stallings, Jack 1Jr.J, 45 Stancil, Gerald tSoph.l, 58 Stanfield, Don tSr.1, 30 Stantield, Jay Ur., Stanley, Don tSr.t, 30, 77 Stegall, Bob lSoph.1, 58 Stephens, Harry lSr.l, 30 Stephens, Mike tSr.t, 16, 30, 70, 77, 155 Stephens, Mike tSoph.1, 58, 79, 80 Stephens, Paula lJr.l, 45 Stevens, Charles tSoph,1, 58 Stevens, Gayle lSoph.t, 58 Thompson, Jack tSr.t, 30 Thompson, Jimmy tSoph.l, 58, 117 Thompson, John lSoph.l Thompson, Judy lJr.l, 46, 48 Thompson , Marie tSoph.l, 58 Thompson, Sharon lJr.1, 46, 73, 84, 85 Thompson, Tim lSr.t, 30 Thoms, Bobby tJr.l, 46 Thomson, De Jo tJr.l, 46, 75 Thornton, Betty lSoph.t, 58, 90 Thornton, Earl 1Sr.l, 30 Thornton, Thornton, lvan lSoph.1, 58 Peggy lJr.1, 46, 65, 138 Thrasher, Gene lJr.l, 46, 78 Steve lSoph.l, 58, 131 Sealy, Kay lJr.t, 44, 73, 78, 81, 148 Sealy, Martha tSr.l, 29, 67, 73, 78, 81, 108, 152 Sears, Jack lJr.1, 44, 111, 115, 136 Sedin, Jane 1Jr,1, 44 Sedin, Mary lJr.t, 44 Selby, Alida lSoph.J, 57 Selby, Melinda lJr.1, 44, 65 Self, Lana tJr.l, 44 Selman, Bob tSoph.t, 78, 79 Selman, Charlotte lJr.l, 44 Stevens, Mark tSr.1, 30, 119, 121 Stevens, Riley lJr.l, 45, 126 Stevens, Rondel lSr.1, 30 Stewart, Jan lSr.1, 30, 86, 102 Stewart, Jimmy lSr.1, 30, 115 Stine, Hershel lSr.1 Stokes, Bill lSoph.1, 58 Stokes, Kenneth lSoph.l, 58, 79 Stokes, Richard lJr.t, 78, 79 Stokley, Tice, Elania 1Soph.l, 58 Tice, Patricia 1Soph.l, 58 Till, Joy tJr.l, 46, 90 Tillery, Judy tSr.1, 30 Tilley, Nancy tSr.1, 30, 100 Tinsley, Marvin lJr.1, 46 Todd, Ricky tSoph.t, 58, 117 Talley, Jeanne tSr.1 Tolliver, Jeanette tSr.l, 30 Tompkins, Cathy lSoph.t Touchstone, Nell lSr.l, 30 Touzel, Cathy lSoph.t, 58 Trammell, Jeanie 1Soph.1, 58 Treece, Carole lSoph.1, 58 Treff, Paula lSoph.1, 58 Trietsch, Freddie IJr.1, 46 Trippe, Clara lJr.1, 46 Trippe, Dinah tSr.t, 30 Trott, Dennis tJr.1, 46 Truelson, John tJr.t, 46, 109, 110, 113, 116, 119, 121 Trump, Tommy tSr.t, 31, 80, 91 Trussell, Wanda lSoph.t, 58, 73 Robbins, Roberts, Roberts, Vernon tSoph.l, 57 Donnie tSr.l, 28, 78 Ronald lSr.1, 28 Robertson, Cheley lJr.l Robertson, Darlene tSr.1 Robey, Jo Ellen lSr.t Robinson, Cheryl 1Jr.l, 44 Robinson, David tSoph.t, 57 Robinson, Lyn lSoph.1 Robinson, Mike 1Sr.t, 16, 28, 68, 69, 92, 101, 153 Rodgers, Bonnie lSr,l, 28, 109, 139 140 Rodgers, Margaret tSoph.l Senevey, Suzanne tSoph.1, 57 Sessums, Geraldine tJr.t, 44 Sewell, Bob tSr.1, 29, 126 Shackelford, Robert tSr.1, 29, 79, 80 Shanks, Cherokee tJr.l, 44 Shannon, Phil tJr.t, 45, 78 Sharpe, Rita tJr.1, 45 Sharratt, Carol tJr.t, 45 Shaver, Ralph lSr.l, 29 Show, Ronny lSr.l, 29, 78 Sheaffer, Jack tSoph.1, 89, 90 Shelton, Jerry 1Sr.1, 29, 123, 125 Shilling, Jon tSoph.1, 57, 79 Shilling, Sharon tJr,J, 45 Roeder, Pat lSoph.1, 57 Roederer, Judy tSoph.1, 57 Rogers Conni tSoph.t, 57 Rogers John lSoph.t 57, 79, 81 Rogers Nancy lJr.t, 44, 74 Rogers, Susan lJr.l, 44, 72 Rogers, Terry Ur.1, 44, 126 Rohde, Margaret lJr.t, 44, 88 Roldan, Vicky tSoph.l Rollins, W. B. tSr.1, 28, 78 Rollow, Carol tSr.j, 28, 61 Rose, Betty tSr.1, 29 Ross, Bobby Ur.t, 44 Ross, Rex tSoph.t, 57 Rossi, Rosemarie 1Sr.t, 29 Rossi, Sandro tSoph.t, 57 Rothwell, Lynda tJr.l, 44 Shoemaker, Eileen tSr.1, 29, 86, 88 Shropshire, Mike lSr.1, 29 Shropshire, Myrna tJr.1, 45, 134 Shults, Sid tSoph.t, 57 Shults, Tom tSr.1 Simmons Simmons , Bill tS0ph.1, 57, 122 , Judy lSoph.l, 57 Simmons, Lynn lSoph.l, 57 Simmons, Pat tSr.t, 29, 146 Simmons, Sharon lJr.l, 45 Simms, Marcia lSoph.l, 57 Simon, Gene Ur.l, simpson, Bob 1sr.J, 15, 29, 67, 75, 104, 110 115 127 135 I , 126, , Singer, Judi tJr.t, 45 Singer, Muff lSr.l, 16, 29, 74, 68, 83 Singleton, Sue tJr.1, 45, 48 Stone, Barbara lSoph.t, 49, 58, 73 Stone, Louis tSr.l, 30, 118, 119, 120 Stone, Stanley lJr.1, 79, 74 Storey, Jaynne tJr.t, 45 Stott, Marshall lJr.t, 45 Stout, Tommie lSoph.t, 58 Stovall, Gaines lJr.t, 45, 69, 110, 115 136 Stover, Susie tSoph.t, 58 strange, Mike tSoph.1, 58, 117, 126 Strasheim, Lori tSoph.l, 58 Stripling, Jill tJr.t, 45 Slripling, Judy lSoph.l, 58 Strobel, Jimmy tJr.t, 45, 123, 125 Stuart, Sherry 1Soph.t, 58 Suggs, Larry tSr.l, 30, 71 Suitt, DeVonna tJr.1, 45 Supercinski, Ronald lJr.1, 79 Sutton, Dora Faye 1Sr.t, 30 Sutton, Nancy lSoph.1, 58 Svitak, Betty Anne 1Sr.l, 30 Swafford, Curtis tJr.1, 45 Swanson, Vickie lSoph.1, 58 Sweet, Norman lJr.1, 45 Sweet, Suzy tSoph.l, 58 Swinnea, Jerry lSoph.l, 58 Swinnea, Sharon lJr.l, 45 Sykes, Larry tSoph.1, 58, 65, 122 T Taddonio, Michael tJr.l, 45 Taggart, Loyce lSr.l, 30 Talley, Jean tSr,1, 5, 30 Tallman, Sue lJr.l, 45 Tubb, Loretta tJr.l, 46, 88 Tubb, Marietta lJr.1, 46, 88 Tucker, Douglas tJr.1, 46 Tucker Vivian lJr.1 Tucker: William lSoph.l, 90 Turner, Turner, David tSoph.t, 58, 131 Donna tSopht, 58 Turnock, Gary lSr.j, 31, 80 U Uhr, Bill tSr.t, 31 Utley, Billy lSr,1, 31 Valdera V s, Louis lSr.l, 78 Rowe, Tommy lSoph.t, 57, 117, 126 Rowland, Charles lJr.l, 44, 117 Rowland, Martha Ann lSr.1, 29 Ruark, Herbert tSoph,j, 57, 117 S Walts, Judy tSoph.1, 59 Rucker, Adair lSr.l, 29, 112 Tom tSoph.l, 57, 71, 132 Rumph, Russell, Betty Ur.l, 44 Russell, Diane lSr.t, 29 Russell, Russell I Lyndon: uni, 44, as Tom gsm, 29,90 Ryan, Jim lSoph.1, 117 Rynd, Jon tSoph.1, 57, 90 Saari, Steve lJr.l, 44, 110, 115 Salvatori, Linda lSr.1, 29 Sommons, Suzy lJr.t, 44, 152 Sampish, John tSoph.t, 57 Skiles, Betty lSoph.l, 57 Smith, Earl lSoph.l, Smith, Glorianna 1Sr.l, 29 Smith, Greg lJr.1, 45, 103, 112 Smith, Jon lSr.l, 29 Smith, Ken tSr.l, 29, 112 Smith, Kim tSoph.l, 57, 117 Smith, Larry lSoph.1, 57 Smith, Mike lJr.l, 45 Smith, Pam Ur.1, 45 Smith, Richard lSr.1, 29 Smith, Ted lSoph.1, 58 Smith, Walter Ur.1 Smothers, Bettye lSr.l, 29 Snider, Sharon lSr.l, 29 Snipes, Dave 1Soph.1 Snow, Snow, BillylJr.t,45,111,115, 116,136 Ellie lJr.J, 45 Snyder, Cedric tJr.l, 45, 84, 91 Tart, Frederick lSoph.1, 79, 80 Taylor, Barbara tSr.1, 30 Taylor, Charles 1Jr.l, 45, 98 Taylor, Jean tJr.1, 45, 135 Taylor, Jimmy tSr.l, 30, 91 Taylor, John lSoph.l Taylor, Richard 1Soph.l, 58, 79 Taylor, Taylor, Terry, J Thayer, Thomas Robert lSoph.1, 58, 79 Sandra lSoph.1, 58 im tSoph.1, 58, 79 Nancy tSr.t, 30 , Bonnie tSoph.1, 58 Thomas, Brian 1Sopl'1.l, 58 Thomas, Dwaine lSoph.1, 58 Thomas, Ed lJr.t, 45 Valkman, Teresa lJr.l, 46 Vance, Nancy Jo tJr.l, 46, 133 Vance, Ronnie tSr.1, 31, 110, 115, 116, 126, 128 Van Gorder, Dick tSr.l, 31, 86 Van Hamersveld, Eric lSoph.t Vannatta, Sandra lSr.1, 31 Von Orden, Jane lJr.l, 46, 102 van Zanten, Elizabeth tSr.t, 31 Vascocu, Eleanor lJr.l, 46 Vercruysse, Mary tJr.1, 46 Voss, Anne lSoph.1, 59 Voss, Terry tJr.t, 46 Votaw, Janice tSoph,1, 59 Vowell, Gay lSr,l, 31 W Wackerbarth, Richard lSoph.1, 59, 78, 80 Waddle, Chris lSoph.1, 59, 78 Wade, Joyce lSoph.l, 59, 89 Waits, Peggy Ur.l, 46 Walden, Perry lJr.1, 46, 123, 125 Thomas, Shari tSr.t, 30 Thomas, Sherron ULD, 45 Thomason, Jack tSoph.1, 58, 78 Thompson, Camilla lJr.1, 45 Waldro ft, Mike 1Soph.t Walker, Charlotte tSoph.1, 59 Walker , David ur.1, 46, 115, 116, 130 Walker, Gary lSoph.1 Walker Walker Walker , Rachel lJr.1, 46 , Sharon tSoph.1, 59 , Tom tSr.l, 31 Wall, Berry lSoph.1, 59 Wallace, Diane tJr.1, 46 Ward, Ward, Ward, Ward, Kay 1Sr.1, 31, 73, 82 Sheron lJr,l, 46 Steven lSoph.1, 59, 117 Wanda lSr.l, 88 Ware, Lynne iSr.l, 31 Ware, Mary Jane iSr.1, 31, 64, 67, 68 73, 84, 92, 142, 155 1 Warnick, Judy iJr.l, 46, 88 Warren, Kirby iSoph.l, 59, 117, 122 Warren, Nelson lSoph.l, 59, 88 Warwick, Cassie iJr.1 Waters, Connie iSr.l, 31 Watkins, Glee lSr.l, 31 Watkins, Sharon iSr.l, 31 Watson, Ann lSoph.l, 59 Watson, Linda iSr.l, 31 Watson, Virginia iSr.l, 31, 84, 85 Watts, Eugene Ur.1, 78, 80 Watts, Grace Ur.l, 46, 88 Way, Robert Ur.l, 46, 110, 115, 116 Weaver, Sharon iJr.l, 46 Weeden, Gretchen iSr.l, 31 Wehmanen, Sylvia lSoph.l, 59, 89, 97 Weir, Dixie Uni, 46, 72 Weir, Linda lSoph.l, 59 Weldon, Mary iSr.1, 31, 88 Wellbaum, James lJr.l, 46 Wells, Jimmy lSr.l, 31 Welsh, Lana Welsh, Tommy lSr.l, 31, 126, 128 Wendorf, Hank lJr.l, 46, 119, 120, 12 West, Nan lJr.l, 46 Weth, Wayne lJr.l, 46, 79 Wharton, William iJr.l, 46 Wheeler, Scott lSoph.l, 59 Whipker, Kay lSoph.l, 59, 88 Whipker, Fat iSr.l, 31 White, Carlton Ur.l, 46, 126, 127 White, Darlene lSr.1, 31, 62, 83, 86 White, Dianne lSoph.1, 59 White, Joe iSr.l, 31, 75,111,1l5, 143 White, Linda lSr.l, 31 White, Robert iSr.l, 31 Whitehead, Sherry lSoph.l, 59 Whiteside, Ruth lSr.1, 31, 62, 82, 92 Whiting, Vaughn iSr.l, 32, 67, 89, 91, 154 Whitten, Ricky lJr.l, 47, 78 Whittenton, Harold iSr.l, 32 Whittle, Wade lSr.l, 32, 78, 80 Wickett, Fred Ur.l, 47, 132 Wickett, Kenny iSoph.l, 59, 132 Wiemken, Rose Ann Ur.l, 47 Wienecke, Warren iJr.l, 47, 78 Wiggins, Mary lJr.l, 47 Wilhite, Karron lSoph.l, 59 Wilkinson, Carolyn lJr.l, 47 Wilkinson, John iSr.l, 32, 129 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams, Williams , Ed lJr.1, 47, 132 , Frances lSr.1, 32 , James iSoph.l Kent Ur.l, 47, 79 Pat iSr.1, 32 Reisho lJr.l, 47 , Venetta iSoph.l, 59 Williamson, Emily lSoph.l, 59 Wills, Clyde lSr.J, 32 Wills, Sue lSoph.l, 59, 88 Wilson, Adair lJr.l, 47, 86 Wilson, Bobby lSoph.J, 59 Wilson, C. L. lJr.l, 47, 78 Wilson, Jack IJr.l, 47 Wilson, Johnny iSoph.l, 59 Wilson, Linda Ur.l, 47 Wilson, Linda Sue Ur.l, 47, 88 Wilson, Patsy Ur.l, 47 Wilson, Sharron Ur.l, 47 Wilson, Steve lSr.1, 32 Winfield, Billy lSr.J, 32 Winn, Jimmy iSr.l, 32 Winnick, Bob Uni, 47, 86 Winter, Barby lSoph.1, 59 Wiscovich, Rogelio iSoph.l, 59, 117 Wise, Glenn tSoph.l, 59, 90 Wise, John iSr.l, 32, 89 Wood, Mike iSr.l, 32, 78, 80, 86 Woodlock, Betty iSr.l, 32, 86 Woodson, Denny Ur.1, 47 Woodward, Lelia lSr,1, 32, 97 Woody, Don iSoph.1, 59, 117, 126 Wooldridge, Sue lSoph.l, 59 Woolsey, Jack lJr.1, 47, 48, 115, 116 Woolsey, Jackie iSr.l, 32, 84, 74 Woolsey, Linda iSoph.l, 59 Wooten, Gibby lJr.l, 47, 115, 116, 123, 125 Word, Reagan lSoph.l, 59, 132 Worley, Louanne iSr.l, 32, 67, 70, 71, 88, 91 Wright, Gary iSoph.l, 59 Wuest, Karen lJr.l, 47 Y Yahr, Rick lSoph.l, 59, 126 Yandell, Joan iSr.1, 32 Yankee, Diana Jeanne iSoph.l, 59 Yarbrough, Linda lSoph.l, 59 Yeager, Jeanette iSoph.l, 59, 88, 91 Young, Danny lJr.l, 47, 79, 81 Young, Frank iSoph1l, 59 Young, Larry iSoph.l, 59 Wenzel, Carolyn lJr.l, 46 Willard, Patsy lSoph.1, 59 Wold, Mary lJr.l, 47, 89, 90 Z Wenzel, Larry iSr.1, 31 Williaford, Pat lSr.l, 32, 88 Wolfe, Frank lSr.l, 32 West, Carey iSr.l, 31, 132 Williams, Bobby iSoph.J, 59, 117 Wood, John Paul Ur.l, 47, 65 Zodin, Linda Ur.l, 47, 72 I A V if! AUTOGRAPHS ,Q ,lf f,,l rj? ,,f V J ,fr L Q Qif ,jf 1 nn: f Q, V 1 i pp, 1 ll 0' 54, V 2 J 3 W ff M :Wffwf ff 2 , 1 mf- if to ,iff VZ Mr .Ziyi eye ,520 ,X t ,Ll flfu Q , 7 JM f, l I 1 X K l X ,L J f wif aC'6iJliZZfff Z 942551 W X, 1. 4 Q . A 'ilk I ' f iw! if if K ,X , 1 , .. E f X r J' f M276 MW Algff' Cjfsvfzf 01 P, 7 ,. 10 V! F 1 If Av 1,3 ,t 'J y M' Wifi mir if 1- ' ,' ff l f yr ' ' K fi I infill C9111 Kr if 7 ,fl 1 up ff N' AX 1' fy 1 1 f 1 f t . ,f if iw ill' 1 Gill W V Cv 1 'L' Lfy QQ k li 'ijjfiil f 1 1-if i f lf X . tj-f C f I' x , 1 ti' 2 Y dl' 1 .N if , 3 C flf A J fe? Qs? .1 Q fl 59625281 iles Wi ff-if ip ,fr A . A f I'-.J -L '- .1 Q ew ' N 1 " ' V 525. Ee E55 W1 c. 'fa 3623 QQG 5 J, ge 273523 rf I ' c 2, ff s ,,- eff , 2 . U I Q ,, mn. win P i w 1 I f 9 3 'i 1. Q J xra. F iffy r , .,Aa.1,m

Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

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