Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 172 of the 1958 volume:

A BRMN iwegwwjjf MM' Zvi WWW MWMB J My ix W adj M393 W W' -in JW J XSS! PEO' X W My V X X Lf' Z7 S ff! f f ,Z Qi jf.: Lf-'15 K5 MJ! ff f ff' WM f g xvfif M if E'.1,:2Lf5,i.QVx5 f Yi, if x Lv ' . 3 yt L kj V. . , N X AMJL, Xp, ex Qaffxygegk M g 0 RwCf,fKf' - ',1 I , L, .f ' ' t u ' , 1, f ff C I . N Q F3 jp 7 L I W ,,k. 41.4 2 Q tu lg' ,qjr,1A!'4nl'Lf,-aka , il l cf.. A J K x I wa 'Wx' ' Jxkglk X Q 4 . , S., 1 , . A E if L M 1. 4 Ll 41. r- .4 N-. . 2 lf'-. .! f 5.71 Wj PM 1 .g ff . 4' ,,..0 A H ' I I ' HSV! ' WM '- NN Q. ' 'E X X ' ,pf 1-' Z, I .i 1- S if -:F ' ,, X ' 5' if ,- vf X Ig -f -v"T'v: - W. f .- 4.- .s",:' Nfrx- g-Y '-'Rf' -- N ' 'N X ' - -" Y-' x - W f r . xx x ' g . i M-S wx . x X1 . R, ex f " ' , 1 0 Q ., K A 5 in . ,A 55.5 5,2 R 5 5: . Q 5 Q. sx . ". A ., V,-., X s N., N Q . fm s 5' Q' CQ 5 Q. K SN. -,Q gm- - g - -on-.xx H: '-- .. g- gg- . ," N PL Qto ' ,I 9 . . s ". . . X. gsx-hx' 7'2" .5 -QQ ri "' g 5'-.. xx -dsx. Q -pg l F!! :als ' :SET I i nv . ,I ll! 1 ., 'bak 51 -'t- 1' lf' ---., 'ds' u - . Q.. - - --.- ., - ' sa- Ti':f-9,-.- ' . 'C - , T ' f . g 5 Rx xx 1 11-. '1 1, ?-Hg - - v. .,.. -ji sl 'ls- I5 , - NA Nap tu W N. Q, . .4...- '. . ' Q--5. -,- Q -6' , . .Qx X x s X -L 5 N , Q, r s -V xg.,-,1 K k L N X1 -2- ', -, UY rg.-Y N- A - . - 4 rv N 1 5 ff., -'- X -. Q : ,x 'f'. . ,- 3 Xu ., ,J . .1, ., W AQ, 5.. x K' A - I- NQQA , 5 - N V I -x ' 1"'-' Y a X Qkf I x f-1-L-5. W Wx ' A ' 'gif' ' l N X -ff " 'FFQ-'I ' 31 . 393-'fsflf .1 -Q in 1 , ' -55, , S' 4:--' Qs X 1-5,-'P - gax .-1 , - - - if-is-gc. 4. . . l T. -.L N 5 - . ,A V4, Y X-- ,A gs. N- -. ,X 4 gs ' ., N ,-X - Q-N-e . . R , --4: ' -T ' - ' x . . 1 - '9 'N X -': - ix--1 44- . ' - V' .I g . ' x 5 ,V . ik. X.. , N '. fx vx - .N S. ' -.4 i Q v N -P , v ' - ' 5-.I '-.- - ,-5 I N. .- l 1 I X ' . Ill' I :- Nw ll 'WI L ll X Stl - A zn ' -Lf I-1 f 1 . Q Ni". I 25. 5 -ff. Q 5g I gli X. 'El li I 'ff I 1 I . 2. r,s X ,, . .0 'E' ".'. -' -. ".-3 .-1,5 if Xfx, "1 I I i ll: Ill f , I . EP! vvfgr ' x... rx., y v 1 'xfns Arlington Heights High-School--- 9 gf' Forewor ln The midsT oT This lnTernaTional Geophysical year, scienTisTs The world over have Turned Toward The heavens in search oT greaTer knowledge. Man-made moons Tly above our heads: space Travel is no longer iusT a dream. FORT WORTH, TEXAS ln The Tield oT aviaTion, perhaps The mosT imporTanT recenT advance-menT is The developmenT oT The Convair B-58 l-lusTler, a bomber capable oT Tlying aT TanTasTic speeds. ForT WorTh is proud To be The home oT This specTacular new plane. The Yellow Jac:lceT sTaTT gives you, The sTudenTs oT ArlingTon l-leighTs l-ligh School, The opporTuniTy To view The acTiviTies oT The pasT monThs Trom a seaT in This TasTer-Than-sound innovaTion. So climb aboard, TasTen your seaT belTs, and sTand by Tor Talce oTT. We hope you enioy your FlighT '58. M.-gf ,TW mi T T X, 5 fw iff 'A fl, 6 114412K Jw: 'Q iff, .' 2.1 I if l',.w -l , A I ,I .r aff., ,ff t.,-'42 2 sf f if sf j Dedlcahon To llwe mme facully members who have helped ro prlol l-lelglwls llwrouglw :rs larsl lwenly years whose fllglwl plans have Included hme paluence quad ance and msplralron IH lralmnq flue leaders of romorrow we dedlcale +l'1ls l958 Yellow Jaclcel Flight Schedule ARRIVE I fi Adminislralion Board ol Educalion Principal and Slaii Faculfy Classes Seniors Juniors Soplwomores Organlzallons R O T C Publicalions Clubs Music Deparlmenl Acllvnlues Evenls Sporls Personalllies Favoriles Awards Who s Who XX, X DEPART I2 67 68 ' ' 95 96 ' ' ' l27 I28 ' ' 152 is ln Memoriam Dealh ns bur crossnng 'rhe world as lrnends do lhe seas +hey llve ID one anorher shll Thus ns The comlforl ol lrlends 'rhal 'rhough They may be saxd To d e yel lhelr fruendshup and socrely are In 'rhe besl sense ever presenf because ummorlal fi 1 'T ,3:"MiLEe3'f?' Any lrnbule wrellen 'ro Thus courageous leacher would seem nnadequale The lule of Miss Galen Porler Dnsrrnbuhve Educahon leacher from I948 lo 1957 was devoled 'ro glvung her fellow man lhe means ol a more worlh whsle way of llvnng Percephon lcnow ledge love lalfh and pahence were lcey noles of her characfer We esfeem 'rhe memory of our beloved leacher and lruend who died June 7 l957 Wnlllam Penn We pause 'ro remember lvlnss Norma Jo lvlcGulre our beloved 'reacher who died Augusl IO l957 She loved lnle and lived nl bravely lanlhlully and cheerfully Durrng lhe lwo years lhal she was a member of rhe Arlmqlon Henghls Physical Educahon Deparlmenl her spurnl was a 'reshmony 'ro her love for sludenls who knew her as an underslandlng leacher and a loyal lfrlend 611- NP' -01" I . - . V l a I ' I . 1 1 l . . . Q A r or li X .F ,fill , xg ' A I gf, it g I R .Q I sy . K T . i . r l V li K ' , r . Y f or lt . Yi 0 Y' is - ' ai , . ,c y y y , .yy .xx if I , Aw up , x slyl yi i 7 xg y 1 Y K W. : 4, . QM , , 2,52 ax A Q 14913. X Q. My 4 V . . . . ' . .V v' r ' gi g I ai wi A N f X4 x EV4 4 7,1 K A Mr. Joe P. Moore, superinfen- :xii Q . -2 de-n+ of schoois. if ov k W A b asskekaahap peffnfena Meachd Eden B. X53 xgeneraN em' of 5,-ZZ dssfsfdn S FAT' - yeffxen Chools erm . SUP . Hof" Q f0'XTU5h'a Board of Back rcw Administration Educahon of fhe For? Worfh Publuc Schools Mr S+ ar? Lyduclc Mr Rcy J Brooks Dr James N Weil: r Dr Abe Grennes f Fron+ fow: Mr, Afwood McDonald, Mr. O. C. Armsfrong, Mr. WiWam Pc++s. fm' fps if iii ...J HOMER J PEGRAM Prlncupal 0-41 JOHN B SHARP Vuce Prnncupol jxals Av N47 T17 MRS TOMMIE DODRILL MRS HAZEL FARR Secretary Regnsiror A-f"'f'vv-A -'vu KATHRYN HADEN Deon of Gnrls .xl I Fac'-'I TY r E X ... s ' .51-J Q ' FLAVIN J. ARSENEAU F' BioI09Y, Science Club 2 w il Af V o ly ' 'Q 1 fl J' 3 tif! . k ., , ALICE BENNETT A F., A -, History 1 Re., I ln ' -.ny :: J 'H , wi -. '-'. '. A Us 'A ' S 15 'Gfixfi 1.-,Xi J p SGT. EUGENE R. BROWN R. O. T. C., Drill Platoon GEORGE H. CARSON Band, Orchestra MRS. FRANCES CA VENESS :CNP x MRS, ANNE AYALA English, Chess Club, Senior Class Sponsor GRACE BECKER History, Allied Youth, Counselor if", 'QQ' MRS. JANIE BREWSTER Art, Senior Class Sponsor English A Nl MRS, FRANCES COON Mathematics ROY CURRY Boys' P. E., Head Football Coach, "A" Club, Counselor DR. T. E. DURHAM Bible 'W 3 ..,,..4r fn f 8 N? k'i 'dl wi' Nd F90 MRS, BELLE EVANS English Ns. as L? 'iv -4:-...,5- .,, .' 1 L zu A Y . L . Q , RAY M. DYCHE Mechanical Drawing, Senior Class Sponsor MRS. GLENNA EDWARDS Biology, Senior Class Sponsor S 'S-5 MRS. OLETA EPPS English, Senior Class Sponsor MRS, MARY FISHER Nurse , , QUE, ww' 'if if Nl 'V .l -4-gp 'HO' 1 ab. hh..-0 Qs lff' X KATHRYN GARRETT Hislory MRS, KATHLEEN HANLEY History, Civics MRS. FAE HARRISON Business Education, Senior Class Sponsor MRS. MARY HOOD Librarian, Library Club JAMES HOWELL lnduslrial Arls, Business Education MRS. JOYCE HOWELL Malhemalics Fac MRS. EVELYN McCLUNEY English, R. O. T. C. Sponsor Spanish SGT. LEON MCDUFFIE R. O. T. C., Rifle Team MALISSA MCMURRAY English, Senior Class Sponsor JACK MARTIN Physics, Allied Youth MARVIN MILLER Chemistry L, B.MORRlS Boys' P. E., "B" Football Coach, Track Coach ulfy 'QT'-in , 'if' XYZ? 1 V9- l gg' MRS. LEOTA NATION English Q -5 JOHN NAYLOR Mathematics, Golf Team, Tennis Team HAZEL NELSON Business Education "'rgji7 fl 'N MRS. SARA NICKERSON JOAN OLIVER Latin Girls' P. E., Cheerleaders' Sponsor MARY PARKER Mathematics J. C. POOL D. E., D. E. Club, Counselor MRS. FLOSSIE POSTON 1, 'sl English, Senior Class Sponsor ,-dU'?' X .,,,-...' K JOE PRATER Boys' P. E., Basketball Coach, "A" Football Team ---.QQ wr' la? 'IL' Assistant Coach NICK RUGGIERI Biology, "B" Football Team Couch MRS. EDWINA SANDERS Speech, English, Jacket Footlight Players ll Facul KATE WADDELL Home Economics, Counselor MRS. NORMA WELLS French, Spanish MRS. MARY WHITE English, Vocal Music, Counselor, Senior Class Sponsor DON WILLIAMS World History, Assislanl "A" Foolball Coach, Baseball Coach PHIL WRIGHT Wood Shop ' 3 . JAMES E. YORK Hislory X 'G' 3: 'FN , of Y . x -J MRS. ANNE SIMMONS Girls' P. E., Girls' Tennis ARCHIE STEVENS . , . DONA STOVALL MOgl'lemQlICS SENIOI' OSS Biology, Chemislry, F. T. A. ponsor ,Tw 4.-3" Joe sufunoo C- L4 TURNER Hman, Malhemalics if Si -vi -Q ' .:-c if VC!!- V14 ' In N X f A . Pqx 'X - . D f Xx .M 5 , 4 fl .J f O MZ f RN X J X R Lf: 'L Sc ry ! 1 44: X Y-5' ,r "MH 1 4 ff ' f f"??""" X, A QR 'www 4 1 K -n , .. : fa , xv . pig, . xv .Q , Ni Y ., ' f 'f ,",. H " M, k g U .zgrvj f- V" ,, -rs' 17 '-,,, x . 1 I' gif? , ' ' ,' Ji" . .. f . q Z," fi 1' . v ' ' . ' Y 'P ., - . ' llliv 4 4 i Q . 4, ,. .ff J -9 F' .. ' 5 s "l" 'V - 14' 4' , .,-ff?2":q' ,vf Y ' , F0 '59, 'l'5 1"r- . A L? :-N W .. --v. V Q -V V - .- l -' 'g- -,: M ' " W 'if 1- U? -. ww 4- lf 'ua a ' I- , . - , 3.-I s' ' . ' .' ,. -Q " " ' 'L'- f. .r, X ,,1',',, .-'jf H V .--.Evil 9 , ,f .' i " " 'rf 'f - - v f- - I3 A A A' 'Af ,' 'f "" A' ,V L J: iQt"-.' LJ ,' . r. Aff .2 c .xml 5 r 'fi 1 1 A-J' ff.: 4 1 Q52 '-X. . ,J -A U r Q NN f' ...-3:11 N sk h S. f. f ff.-, .Q H Y gixx P . T5 if 066.3 sf' 0 D ,f nr , W 1 1' My ,1- 1 if 1 CGC C N4 pe We 6 O .lohn Adams Dan Addison Kathryn Alcoze Wanda Allen Philip Anderson Sylvia Archer Sherra Arnold Milton Ausmus James Austin 13' Q1 Carolyn Baldwin Barbara Barnes Roger Barth . , .sh , .Q Mary Ida Basham Sam Bates Jack Beazley Judy Beesley Carol Belknap Nancey Benton Barbara Berglund Brenf Berryman Richard Berryman A A- mn . if Beffy Bradshaw Norman Bramleff Vicki Dee Branch Agfa Flffy Eight Kay Brockermeyer Tweed Brooks Gloria Brown Gwen Bryan? Sally Bryant Glenn Buis Judy Bullock Robert Bunger Dianne Burdg SQA Peggy Campbell Richard Carlisle Nancy Carmichall YI 4? U ,wwf .,.,..a-mf , VV Steve Carter Cathy Chastain Dorothy Chenault Flight f-JP' 41? .-..-i- QJ Charlotte Cone Sharon Copeland Emily Cort 657 3 1--X" if Johnny Choate Jeff Clark Russell Clark Barbara Cliburn Linda Clowe Nancy Coffey Dick Cowan Martha Craig Pen Cranz ,Ai o-W" W Fifty Eighf Bill Crawford Carol Creswell Nancy Crosskill Sue Croffy Sammy Crulsinger Donald Culpepper Kay Culver Carolyn Cummings Ginny Dahlgren 5 ea W X A' si. as f -as Q -A n of I I Dorofhy Davis Helen Davis James William Davis J"A-4 I Kathleen Edwards Carol Elam Loyrene Ellis Flighf Sandra Davis Joan Deifzer Jeanne Delwaide lvan Devitf Judy DeWine Sandra Dickey Sherian Downing Beffy Sue Dye Billy Edgin 4 -' we , f- , 1 ' Wag ge-. K' ,uef.'LgQ'fg , . w WM, New , f ' .fxvfggm 'X V . , ,f P' if mm , Kae Estes .lohn Faulkenbury Jerry Nell Farr -...--sr 5' David Farris Rosslynn Ferrier Larry Fersfenfeld Paul Fisher Susie Fisher Berf Flanagan Virginia Fowler Janice Franklin Gretchen Fricke Richard Garreff Donald Gerik Dede Gerke s vw' I ' it Linda Gaines Judy Galloway Douglas Gann soma' , V I xi' .. Q 'W Q i. 1 5 l 4, Ann Gilliland Mary Glasscock Tom Goen Barbara Goodrum Sandra Greenfield Harvey Greenway Jackie Gregory Gary Grimes Janice Gumm q Q Margaret Haley Sue Hamilton Nicky Hammond Fifty Eight Norris Hammond Susie Handley Valerie Harms Mary Helen Harris Mary Harrison Logan Hartman Wayne Harvey Gale Hawkins Franklin Head Evelyn Hicks Sue Ann Hil Mike Hix I Q N' 4 sl 5 .1 3 itsiflhbf. ,. A f Nw? Wendell Henderson Dan Henslee Edwin Hibbs M , il ' Milfs ' J- A W 7' Q, LM, A - bf' as-.z"" ! if 5- i E ,.-'Q ,r " , NQ JTQ 1 Q F nf' " "-Q 0 1 X: N' i . M k - ,, if 3 J I L 'Y J J J, Y V ,f fm- , M ,fr N, ' -Fl' 1 Q sv f 9 1 2 Kennefh Hunl Richard lwan Donald Jackson Q1 g 6 iw ms 4 I juli' Z -are 3 1 iw ' A A xiii' wlv""' Carolyn Hogue Sara Holderbaum Virginia Holmes Shirley Hook Doris Horlon Bruce Howard Frank Howell Barbara Huber Pally Huffman . 4 hhiuav- - ,I sw.. ,iw , A P im- ' 1 1 ig: ,P 5 W' Tommye Jackson W 1- Q ,- W J . -1- V M54 N-ff 4 iii Judy James David Jeff 549.41 Flight Flffy Eight Glenda Johnson Bolo Jones Bernie Kane Ronnie Karnes Tom Keith Michie Keller Jackie Kelley Mary Kemmerer Diane Keswick F i r .I .,a' A fin C3 4 gi V , L y lL M' WB . ff Marlee Kochis "' 'gg Nancy Kuklies ,,,, Gwenda Lamb "1 Harold Landers Lynda Landrelh Janice Lawyer Bob Lefson Willy Leverich Faith Lewis Jerry Lewis Barbara Lindqulsf Melissa Lindsey .lanef Llewellyn Barbara Loffland Mike Loudermilk Fifty Eight Jeanette Loughry Donald Love Shari McClaran Pat McCombs Doris McDonald Sherry McGaughy Sandra Mcllhenny Phil McMillan Jean MacMoy - ,ff a-4"" lf Y, YN effv 3 X. 6.09 x "3 ' M in f P. IWW. iid' -K. f,-.N Q-2' nf 4-vi' wi lf Ak -J ,,,4' -.93 N: V i" Carroll Mayo Ted Mayo Fran Mays Lois Massey .lohn Mafheny Joyce Mayfield 4 . Fl Marilyn Mays - Sandra Meanor Marilyn Meili Julia Meyers Morris Miller Judy Mifchell Paul Mitchell .lon Molkenfine .lerri Montague John Moon Wilson Moore Mike Muncy K Jay Murphy Bobbie Nanney Tommy Nicklas Fifty Eight Frank Norwood Sheila Obus Jannefle Ochoiski Rosemarie Ochoiski Pat O'Ferrall Nils Ohman Raymond Osborn Vicki Osborn Kerry Owen adm ,i 'QU 1 gl' NJ - .Y i K- x v-0' , Q 1'-f"I7 F we if ,jf C? jf 4 J 2, ' 1"'N ' . 1 ,fd Gail Pardee Mickey Owen Earlene Pankey Mike Owens Nancy Parker 1 -.r . :L .lud y Petty 4-7 Ronald Redden John Reed Harold Reeves Phillip Pickeff Carol Sue Pier Barbara Prather Jimmy Prevosf Marie Probes Pere Pulido Rudy Pulido Terry Raines Phil Rafcliffe xv gg- .., .larrell Reeves Marcy Reiners Roberf Reusch Fifty Eight Danny Robertson Forresfine Roberfson Buddy Robineft Jimmy Robinson .loe Robinson Ronny Robinson L12 ,c -I' I Jr' 'J ZW Q' 1-7 , Q .Tragkkxg nmwiiimn --. f X if Diane Rodden JoAnn Rose Glen Ross James Schelper Howard Schenck Marilyn Schoof -1-al" 1"' sf' if-"' Vi ., , , . fall RQ T, K ef? 3 s 3, 51:7 Sibyl Ross Bobbie Sagsteffer Bobby Saurenmann -5 Fred Scott Steven Senevey Joe Shannon Bill Siegel Jerry Smith Peggy Smith Sandy Snider Hal Sparks Johnny Stevens Q fi Dolores Strother .lohn Stubbs Sharon Stubbs Fifty Eight Betty Taggart Gayle Tarkington Louie Jo Taylor Charles Temple David Terry Roger Teska Larry Thompson Scott Thompson Harold Trammell Bruce Unger ' -A Jeanne Van Zant 1 X Judy Vaughan '2' lg -.43 .r""' XJ Geneva Trietsch Judy Truelson Dorothy Trussell 4v 4 pvg .vl- -af 'O , 'NO' -J' 45' :Z- uv' lp KK' Lynny Weil Gwen Weiner Sue Wells an-MP Q KWWNW' Norman Vick Helen Sue Walker Luther Wallace Monette Wallace Gerald Warfield Mike Warner John Warren Susie Watts Flight Rema Faye Wehunt WLM A are if WG7-f C7-fr Ii" 91? i nfl' X'v-1' Y Bill Wessen Jimmy West Sonya West s.,f4 41 Flffy Eight Bob Whafley Cass Wheeler Caron While Betsy Wilbanks Sandra Wilemon Linda Lee Wilkinson Mary Befh Willard Helon Williams Robert Williamson SHUP ,WA 5 Q gs , . X V, 1 . 1 l y l L? S- A y ..,..- .f Wendell Henderson shows Thai Hoi air as he blows his horn. "Are you sure my Iipsficlfs on s?ralql'1T?" asks John Adams. A.Y, beauty represenfafive, as Miss Kaflwryn l-laden loolcs on, .W he is yi ,lil X We -. Rafi rm .. .,.--V 5 'glam sf -an full of i , Q 3 -.X 1 8 e Be-Hy Taqqarl and Nlclcy Ham- ,e' K. f' 3 Y mond are hard at work rnalcing campaign poslers 7 7 ? fl 7 Qf' f N "Y 3 Jimmy Wesr shows off a mural, bu+ Phil Raklilfe, Jeanelfe Louqlery and Mrs. Evans are looking elsewhere. Roberi Rehsah is as busy as a be a wefy elf ' ng snap c aes. an 1 fs Pa? McCombs fakes +o lhe high spaces, Will he fry fo fly? Jeff Haley is loo pollie To say sc, buf confidenlially he thinks A. Y. beaufy Johnny Slevens needs an eyebrow arch, ' "Wha' number lg he calling now?" yel seniors as fney reqlsler on opening day. gli 4 Yi "You say you like my pony fail!" 5 ' l l 5 ' Tl K .4 A X Z '-' V "xx l l l . s l exclairns Russell Clark " Flight '59 v-"Y Irrvvn 1 -J x..a RQ 2 Z1 " Yu. . 'asf Q5 NP Av 1-'47 fo-vi fe? We 1 fw Q-fy vr-so ,519 I Merlene Abrams Ronny Abshire Jackie Adami Sieve Aldrich Kalhy Allerton Bill Anderson Sfeve Anderson Marvin Alhans Linda Auslin Jim Bailey Earl Baker Gaye Bankhead Sieve Barclay Linda Barcus Barbara Bas! Fieldan Baughman Judy Beard Sue Bearden Frances Bedford Lavonia Bellah Steve Bender Joan Bennet? John Beresford David Beyer Bill Biggs Ralph Binford Juniors Aletha Bird Jo Ann Black Pat Blanscet Calvin Blevins Laura Blocker Eugene Blum Jan Borders Arthur Boswell Janet Bowlin Kathy Boyd James Bozeman Bobs Brackeen Bob Bradley Bob Branch Harry Brants Jerry Brown le Anne Brown Nolan Brown Roger Brown Roy Browning Don Buchanan Jo Buckley Joe Lee Burns Dallas Burwell Thayer Cantey Lynnette Carlberg Y 'JI x S-406 1-. 'UQ ff Fi lm! k....? Flight YS? :si Joi nw f23?1i?f" +7 --vi Y-0 My pr 'CTW Ja N-. ln-1 4' Nd pw-1 XX' ! X 1 ' ff Fifty Nine j fs 1 I fir X r , in, ,vm NJ NA "IP 'ff wr-v -Q se.-0 4. I' I W, ...f 53.2 'MI x' bl' 5 .4 3 your -Z 7-'Y K 1 1l'lf'Wl'ff :I 1,3 1,1 . . Y I A 1 -' wi 47' 4' if V .PI .-,- -f' If f -pn: John Carlson Nick Carter Richard Cauihen Jimmy Chambers Cherry Charles Linda Childers Nora lee Chrisiian Kay Clark Mike Clark Riia Clark Peggy Clayton Noreia Cleere Wanda Cline .lan Coffman Judie Collard Molly Colle!! Clare Collier Joan Compion David Cook Freddy Cook Carolyn Corbin lena Consianiino Robert Cofion Billy Cox .lane Cox Kirk Craig Juniors Mike Cropper Beverly Cross Neal Crossan Morfha June Crow Sherry Crowe Carol Dalby Terri Daugherty linda Davis Mary Ann Delwaide Kleber Denny Fred Dickey Robert Dickson Jimmy Dieb Paul Dinsmore Tommy Dockery Donnie Dodd David Dollahife Eugene Dorcas Rob Dorris Merfha Doiy .lim Drawer! Lanifa Due Martha Dugon M, L. Duncan Kaye Dysarl Bob Eckert - '2- ,- Q, , Q 1. 5 r Q l ":u. an wo' 'IIT' 4. -u 1 L- gp' lil r .4110 'fl if if ,fnyflrlf ffyf E C 'W ST' X.,-:. i x S ' 3 : ' 4 wr, "5" Tommy Edwards Linda Gayle Elam Elizabeth Elder Walker Ellis Jan Erwin Bobby Evans Jack Evans Sieve Evans Tommy Evans Tracy Evans Vidar Evers!! Wayne Ewen Sharon Farmer Mary Feldman Linda Flelcher Mary Flippo Ann Fogie Coy Foster Huber! Foster Walt Frazier Mary Lou Fry Linda Gage Gloria Gardenhire Sharon Gafhings .lay Gibson Ronnie Gill Juniors Kalhy Glen-Walker .loan Goen Norman Graf Weldon Gray Paul Gregory linda Grenadier Adrian Griffey Gary Griffin Marianne Griffilh Cafhleen Gunn Jack Gufhrie Susan Halbrook linda Hall Mike Hammond Bobby Hansard Sherri Hardin .lanire Hardy Millon Harrell Jim Harris Sammy Harrison Fred Harvey Thomas Hawkins Sue Haynes Doug Hazlewood Helen Head Donnie Helm Charles Highsmirh Jenna Hillard Martha Jean Holden Tommy Holder Billy Hood Par Hooper Juddie Hopkins Karen Horn John Hornburg Roberta Horvitz Jerry Housfon Nancy Howell Ronnie Howingfon Bobbie Hubbard Wayne Hudler Larry Hudson Nancy Huff David Hughes Renne Hughes Ronald Hughes Spencer Hurd Harold lllich Marshall Inman Derrel Irvin Wendell Iverson Zixie Lee Jackson Juniors Brenda James Margie Jenkins James Jett Jack Jewett Louis Joe Steve Johnson Tina Johnson Bobby Jones David Jones Sherryn Jones Betty Jordan Carolyn Judd Jack Justice Larry Kardaras David Kay Frances Keener Bob Keith Mike Kensel Judy Kettle Glenn Killman Kay Kimble Betsy King Paul Kirkland Suzanne Knight Don Krause Brenda Labovitz I1 2.4, J 5-.,.uvf V' 321 .P 1 - fx. L- -iv--wr.. "'kv. '14 fr , ,..-o Flight i gif, 2.7, is-.4 ff" Ang Q-qv J' 3? nn- , 6- iffy Nine X: Y QQ, !' 1. Por Lacy Annona Lone Douglas Laney Jane Langdon L .. " ruff' Bob Lonler .oi ,r 1 f 11 -,pl ,--0 if "pn .,3 N... , -1 QM Nr' f, g Q y V :J , '21, f -N3 ' X 'Yi , y X l L . 5' A' "" ' 'LJ' ' , fa n 'FY L fy - Q' 1 A ,r 3' -.4 .Y si , n X 4 6 Q -J ...... x 1 Ni 1 'ev' 3 .,,-id Roger Lapham Johnny Lafimer Sharon Lauderdale Bill lawhorn Linda Leach Jimmy LeCroy Richard Lederer Peggy Lee Stuarf Lee Larry Leonard Harrie! Leonhardi Cleo Liles Poi Little Judy Lock Palricia Loughry Susie Ludwig Lindo Lunsford Fancy McAllisler Carol McAlpin Carolyn lee McBay Jimmy McClelland Ann McCluney Margie McCreless Carolyn Kay McFall Lynda Mclnlosh John McKim Jeanelfe McMenamy Gulhrie McRae Barbara Maban William Manasco Bobby Manire Cynlhia Marlin Bob Mason Carla Mason Suzie Mason Barbara Massey David Malhews Don Malhis Gary Mays W. E. Mercer Melinda Millican Tommy Monlgomery Rosemary Morgan Martha Morris Melissa Morris Jimmy Moseley Mark Murdock Q Fifty Nine fy 1:81. J, f' ,F--uv '53 ,Q Z -3 'we--Y ri ,HQ TTT? ,W fs' 1 'Q .if N 'V Iwi' ' 43521 -J ' ... 'rv N--..-F wel ...fd or -r x., ,jf ,f H sl X ,Wea '-6 at "x'..,.7 ,Q-. . ,-v ...L 2 Betty Dean Murphy Ira Muse George Neely Jimmy Neely Virginia Neie Janis Newsom Eva Gay Nix Harry Nix Carolyn Norman Sylvia Norman Dallas Norvell Patricia Nunnery Tommy Orms Robert Owens Kay Papaliodis Michael Patrick Sandra Patton Bobby Pearson Judith Pease Harry Pendery Joe Ed Peters Terry Petersen Jimmy Peterson Thomas Pettit Bruce Pipes Jackie Pitts Juniors Roberta Poling Deedie Poiier Charles Presley Jack Raborn Pai Readinger Jan Redford Barbara Reeder Carol Reese Marihcv Reuiher Kay Rhodes Saundra Richards Jan Richardson Wayne Rickerson Jimmy Riley Jimmy Rimbey Paify Riney Rudy Roach Janice Robbins Gary Roberis Graham Robinson Kirby Robinson Lindo Rockwell Sue Rohlfing Mike Rune Marilyn Russey Judy Ruth X '37 W, 21" KL-ff Flight w H rii . s W fi i'e3f" p aa' , f Y 3 ' is 1 -ga A ang? 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Judy Ryan Marian Ryan Pat Ryan Bobby Sager Karen Scarborough Franzeha Shuberl Roddy Sellers Mary Beth Shannon Ralph Shaver Frances Shields Jane Shook Jimmy Shorl Diane Simons Robert Sisson Mike Slack Barbara Sloan Alvin Smith Bonila Smllh Randall Smiih Stephen Smilh Ronald Smith Ronnie Snyder Joe Soulh James Sprinkle Nolan Squier X 'J file :JK ll:--I-In Clnlllnn- Juniors Nancy Slalnaker Don Slanlield -J' Herschel Stine Jean Sfogsdill Melba Siieringer Elizabeih Slrasheim Patricia Slralion Ann Swinney Belly Talialerro Karon Taylor Sharry Teague Marinell Temple Bonnie Thomas Carol Faye Thomson Marybelfie Thompson Marjorie Till Judy Tkac David Tomlinson Tony Torres Sandy Treff Louis Valderas Ann Van Zandl Eden Van Zandl Sharon Vick Charlayne Walden -of 'wr' ww-'Y ww ...I of ...-.. w-4 i 145 Barbara Walker 'Z -'Q uf' 7 Q47 Fllghf vc- J .,,,,!"' will C? 0,99 w-'77 IL .if MJ? , x . fl - L VI' x 04' -6 sr I ., -, l or 'vu .il 3 or i ,J N C if f is -.4 fa: :df ' X KV V : xx.z X., Jimmy Walker Sandra Walker Sherri: Walker Joan Walsfon Pol Woliers George Walters Pol Warfield Vicki Wesfer Karen Wilds Gayle Willong Bob Williams Bobby Williams Jo Williams Judy Williams Pode Williams Pinkie Williams Sandy Williams Valorie Williams Connie Wilson Sammy Woodward Lynda Wolfe Robbie Womack Benny Woolery Herschel Wright Lucia Wright Billy Yielding Susan Ziegler Ronnie Zodin ,K - L ii I 'W 0 , 1, 1 ' 4 , K v N. 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A 1 f " 'X mi Mft l lf Y'f '1 Q gn 1 0 4 ' TY leg , i K '19 ,X ff' " " lf 'ff .ft Mc-:4,+m.i if , I 43 i 'oi A 4-5 Qi 'Vt ff' William Adams Charles Albreight Janis Alewine Saundra Alsup Jean Anderson David Andrews Lynn Anthis Carolyn Anthony Eddy Anthony Diane Arnold Emily Arnold Gary Ashmore Kristen Atkinson Sandra Bailey Tommy Baird Dorothy Baker Kathy Baldwin Paula Baldwin Sharon Ball Ronnie Bankhead Jimmy Barcus David Barnett Patricia Bartlett Fritz Barton Ray Baucom Allen Baumgardner James Baumgardner Joyce Bealmear Norman Beard Tim Beard Scott Beckwith Norman Bedford Sharon Bellah Joe Bennett Charles Beresford Joanne Berglund Dane Bettes Beverly Black Sandra Blalock Phil Blansett Jaclrlyn Blanton .lan Boatwright Kenny Boone Saundra Boone James Borden Patty Bordena Cathy Bordelon Tim Boswell James Bourland Sandy Bowden Sandra Bowers Edward Bradshaw Bobby Bragan Peggy Branch Len Brantley Daniel Brew Rex Brewer .lan Bridges J. C. Britton Joe Britton Douglas Brooks Mary Ann Brooks Mary Broome Billy Brown Billye Brown Janis Brown Mike Brown Vivian Brown Darrell Bruner Eugene Bruner Alan Burkhart Connie Burns Barbara Burt James Byrnes Sandra Cain Charles Campbell Virginia Carey Ann Carson Ramon Carter Alvin Cearley Allen Cetto George Chandler David Chappell Butch Choat Kay Clark Rena Clark Bobby Clayton Owen Clayton Andrea Clement Kay Closuit Tim Coffey Mary Beth Collins Kathleen Connolly Carolyn Conrad Doris Cook Janette Cook are .2 'wi or wh L53 ,sa f- A., ff, is fo- B N B 'fs X Drills . i fm 4, ,- O v'- , JJ ,, ,,,,, A ff K Bi , W i, t i X -S " Q, . ,mx f, J 1 --1-e' M D nf' -an V 3 Li I 1 if lin .: Q if , F71 Q I trei w' A K V K f :V , ww "i I su fm l, Q , 1 K' V M, .4-,,,,q,f f .sw 5 S in 5 ,, I V 9-:r it of I , f v--44 Q,-.V 'lfq-J N? wf at 1 -ap I fx Sophomores .f-I -'su His rv' ,-.. 7 -3 'WN -v 1 H SF ,X s ..s we H Ai - ,hx it l .W " ! ... 50 X M" ei. if l 1 ix 3 "Q 'I' -J K , hw' , -5 I ff? D N. 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A ' , r . 22s.f. fff sp .' .a api 'Jae 4-' U, L ...Q g, Q f - f +31 ! kg, . i. ,Z-N -: -- f ' " I , ,. Q., . 8' 'Q 4:3 ' K 1 ,tr y or -Mz - 5 , A ff"-' 'L I f , K 'N ,Q 3 Wg Mayer. ,. .W . -:.'-.mater nr W ,,,,,- W, J ' I , an 5 F in Q' 0 " JN N, kia' xi -ann, ' J N adv Pk. N ,hy Q V - .. Ay. g Q , , I A "fl , s Q - I, Q , ' A " is '1 v- r fl ' ' ,f 1 Q he I 1 X Y ff IE wx , - I 1 , I A K, C, C. r K .cf 1 1 Q J J I if A' 'i ie I N . 'i" ff75?i?7i4a . rf Q A Ii " , -J , ji ' J .gs 2 ip - -47 , ' "" va f X f ,ef-Q '- -Je l 4 J' 'niiiitllh F X? -za.. .ff 2 A 7 -1 I is v J Y x Flight Sixty I 4 r-5. fl' Sf '77 A- I , .3 6 'Z LX. -1 J oi, - 4? ,-4. - - L s v JV rw o ' ' I ? A A. 1 ' jg ,Q is A ' N - :Numb l 'ST . l p , .. .. . s, .A 'i 'Q f- ' ,,,. 1' . g f, Q . yy, is ,I-AA I I3 -5 L , ' V N1 ' MV? I 5' A 'ag A ff-A fi - yvzy.. My , ,xx ,' Y. V '-., I 3 . ' ,,: , -Nt 45 11 , uv C 'H " y "' J ff. -"' i x-4' "W ' A vs' 'd J , H f e, , of " W ' , 2 . 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Vicki Hunler Sarah Hurst Gunilla Hulron-Miller Marjorie lnman Margo lsaacks Jimmie Ivy Martha Jackson Thomas Jackson Jonny Jarvis Joe Jenkins Cynfhia Johnson Elaine Johnson John Johnson Judy Johnson Linda Johnson Liz Johnson Sfephanie Jones Sandra Joyner Shirley Karnes Linda Kelley Joy Kelsey Jeri King John Kirk Bob Kline Marsha Knowles David Lacey Bob Lake Kennelh Lamberl Bill Lawley Ronnie Laws Ronnie Ledbeiler Carol Lee Jane Lemon Rollie LePori Linda Levering Jerry Levisee Sandra Liddle Lynn Ligon Beverly Lindquisl Anne Lloyd Jill Lobdill Joel Locke Nancy Loffland Jenny Loudermilk Bill Lovell Bobby Lowrance Virginia Lowrey Suzanne McAdams Par McBride Herbert McBride Karhleen McBurney Rex McCamy Janet McCauley Delbert McClinton Judy McClure Marsha McCreary Mona Lynn McDaniel Mikie McGrath Bob McGuffee .sr we g, . A ff" fi 1 ,f . .fre-wir-U if Q.. f we W 51. A -vv .1' n- -, fe-.. f As: , sf i is- Nw 'A Y f , ,mf 1 -A.-at R f x .- . w A ff . . .-f. , Ur M- 75 ,r'- Via I fl 15 , ,ig "" 'Q-ff " W I L rr ea N i i, am If ,dh 3 ,Q mv, "Thi, - in N ,N , 'A' ik ' BX f . 4 1: M JL v- Q Pi .M 'T ?'eQ,i f .figw M an r A Q an Sv 635 L ei I ' Nr I " - ,., . M J' 6 V v fp L , - , ...Q V he V ,, , nv' f ii, I H1 -'Q . 1 gh ,J , v. 4. ff I 2' 2 .-vw 'ii 'A ng 1 'Nur V, . -4 .I "B ,ff Sophomores M. " 4 'V 'K L X,- J M 'X we f lx zur- v ZW, 'Q gg.. A, if 4 i' M. 4 GLA ,X wg.. lfy ,uv ,,,- 4 YJ' We hp we,-I 'W' I XT' -0 -I 4 vf' 4 i 'Vu -.r .JI 'R A 6, fs Nr' fi - Flight Sixty ,ek A , , .x 2- 1 1. C of - x Y- NM. Us 1: W C ,-' ' A X 'VZ 1 f f 5 'MM ,,, .- . .si A 31 e -I Ikysl x igg-at ' 2 + R .1 V' 'x do C time t it do 9. I1 . 4' N 1 .g W. 5.11: 'I cv If Y. K vjr 'Sf 44 f '3- -fi iY w'w . Nl v ,rg N law-OV + .S 9' jf. -1 " sa, cf 4 ,, DJ'- N... sv . -,Win ig- ,4-I t ...Q ,... J'-f, fl- ge I fl F5 -- 1 '..i,rSl I-r 1 .,..,,,. A V A ' I . "Lys 1, i , T4 - ,, 1 K .3 A v- 7" , C K if 11, 7 0:0 .Q -F' , I :Q M 'fl' f ii Q., Q- . , fm ' ' I , 'T' ' "" K., V F-iifla hy- 4' - . Q gnu , :ff 5 C .113 A M I I ,J-fi' .2 . fi. 'ig , Q ,Hg l I ,ah c A V ,A l f r . 6 lf , A I ' .tx 3 3 4 -I Ai -I 'f vgffy if ' 3' ,arf . F -f A V1 Y. 139 Carol McKee James McMahon Garry Maben Tom Magoffin Patricia Mairs Larry Manire Gayle Martin Nancy Mathiex Phyllis Meadin Mike Medlock Jimmy Meek Merle Menge Diann Merrick Craig Metz Marcia Michael Patricia Miller Kathy Minch Jerry Minyard Monte Morris Barbara Montgomery Ivan Moody Dick Morris Flossie Morris Mary Nell Mulholland Marcia Murdock Susie Murrin Adona Napier Charles Napier Chuck Needham Pat Nelson St. Clair Newbern Addie Newbiil Verna Newton Charles Nolan Hilda Norstrud David O'Bannon Donna O'Brien Tommy O'Dell Linda Oldham Mike O'Rourke Brian Owen Roy Parkin Mike Pate Penny Pate Kaye Patrick Ann Patteson Pam Pavel Cordelia Pavillard Richard Peetz Rodney Pendleton Patricia Penn Marilynn Perkins Sharon Perkins Gladys Perry Jimmy Phillips Jo Ann Phillips Sally Phillips Carol Pickett Jane Pinholster Gayle Piper Sue Pittman Jackie Plummer Diana Poling Jan Powell Jo Ann Prather Searle Prettyman Homer Price Jimmy Prince Crecia Proffitt Robert Pulido Mary Lou Ramey Judy Ramsey Lynne Raschke Gail Reed Roger Rein Susie Reiser Sandra Reusch Malinda Rhodes Floyd Richards Bill Richerson Jimmy Riley Sue Riley Sylvia Robbins Donnie Roberts Ronnie Roberts Darlene Robertson Barbara Robinson Mike Robinson Bonnie Rodgers William Rollins Carol Rollow Betty Rose Bill Rowden Martha Rowland Adair Rucker Linda Salvatori Johnny Sartor Margaret Saunders Jean Schappell Sharon Schoilfer "Wifi , K-fi! V .i . ' -.v-'Y -+- W-17 .a-"' if 4 r I' 's -M-. X, .-, -v -e W fini 4 f" 25 1' 4 1' fi ' e -0- F 'N 1 .pl N94 'U ,- tx Q? sf .rg L A , , , 4 jf- ' K " 'x V I , - 5.21 -.9 f? n J. , Q I 'V r W ,rl A , ' , xi- - R ' I A 3 ,M , I ' q 9' . . 4:1 3 4. n 'm f 1 4. hz 1 . A .P .e,- A , F, - ve' , ,J P' 4' . Z R? s Y fi o 9 ff' Er A ,. W .: fa. Ax Q . 'M - r I I f' X - X I .f Q 4 "' A 4, I -.4 J- --1 L r ws!! R ,JY fe. I ix .f ' .-, ,Vx I- ,x .,v 3' Sophomores K f X s ef' 'GN QL zu a 'F fv fiwi, .- we -n -pi .pf Nr' ut' ,ff u-Ol Q", -vw Nl 1,4 44" I -fd: A N dw , 1, gig.. , .yep 'ir 1 , ,gl ,'- -1, '. 1 -4-l .4-1 was Flight Sixty . . 'iw' 4, Q ,fi W .-Q' I 4 g Q. p- 15 35' ff,-fe WW AX 'X vs wal Q4- sf "' fs. N X ff X4 vw 25" ol' IQ -1 haf? v-'7 ....-'Hwsg -Q ,Q :- Q7 ,... 'Q QP' 'l ev was sr, sl Wm 55' rx 4- 'V' ar- ' A AL ggeeravmv' ,ea ,. '? i lv or ,..- wmwmg N - ao- ru jf 6: -4 3-S, V7 K Q-f b-.3 vi" Lee Schneider Dona Schwoebel Celia Scott Martha Sealy Lova Seely Bob Sewell Robert Shackellord Ronny Shaw Gayle Sheehan Jerry Shelton Mrlre Shropshire Pot Summon: Robert Simpson Mull Smger Glonana Smith Jon Smith Ken Smrth Rrchard Smrth Betty Smothers Sharon Snider Jules Soule Diane Spaulding Marsha Spell Dennis Spencer Brllre Ann Spies Gary Martha Spmks Roy Sprague Don Stanley Harry lee Stephens Michael Stephens Anne Stewart James Stewart Louis Stone Dora Faye Sutton Loyce Taggart Jean Talley Barbara Taylor James Taylor Barrie Teague Jan Terry Nancy Thayer Shan Thomas Jaclr Thompson Trm Thompson Earl Thornton Judy Trllery Nancy Tilley Jeannette Tollrver Thomas Tomlrn Nell Touchstone A . .V 5 y N, Y -A' . Y -' - W L ' r -'lege lf . '- A n + 1 ' -A , . Yi, ' X , Q - e J , A lr sl - - - +41 X v A' l Lx - 1 3 A ' ?'?f',ZE i .kk 'f af: vw 3 ,T ' ' , . L " 0' W 7 -4 . -4 . , - A - , .p. if -f' ' l XM. -A ef . f 5, , V f I 'f aff Nw H 'fi or 'S S , S L ,B Q ' Q ' A ,J 4' 75 ' J, .0 NJ ' ,H , . . Q"-4 W- 'vi - .. win, . , Y I My v lm ' . A rw we WIN, i ' K -25 1 S I ,.,kk 555. ,V i W W pn . . 3 f . ' N Q ,qu A., V 4 I 4 .. - fe- , , gi, T ' 'ii' ..- . . T X A v , ' P LD, " 5 v . J IJ 'C 2, i W 1,:,fs- X. A e af X if-M we M. V i.,fA5.. , f f - KN ...,,, S, ,ve . S, .S . 5-, Q -of P L , , 11 M .ff X +1 IL 9 T 1 K -N , ' 1 fix ,. ' ,I .f" X ' . , f .1 . , V y X W 4 'X X 5 ,, .ii Q M x Q o ' 2 J-J S , 'I' , ' "' Nj: :WI 7 . J V"'hf .L , A - ' 7 - 5 L it 1 it 'A - l ll, .fi S - A 4 f - ., f- 6 J - 5 re X I W I . Aw- -1' 'e' v x.. 1 I - A S ' X F " 1- W J JSR -,ia i ' V.-, :AI Eh- . Y t , Eff, yfffefu. ,hy xl- Y - - n. ' 5 H J " T s A , h an . . 4 1 '. 4 . I I 5 :I I h F i 7 A J l 5 ' , 133 D 'H V f . -A -J .K V I - T I V - ' b . 1 L 4, F., f X A KN John C. Traynham Dinah Trippe Dennis Trott Tommy Trump Bill Urh Ronnie Vance Dick Van Gorder Sandra Vannatta Elizabeth Van Zanten Judy Vogel Gay Vowell Louise Wade K. Ward Lynne Ware Mary Jane Ware Vicki Warfield Connie Waters Glee Watkins Sharon Watkins Linda Watson Virginia Watson John Wedin Gretchen Weeden Mary Weldon Jimmy Wells Tommy Welsh Carey West Pat Whipker Darlene White Joe White Linda White Robert White Ruth Whiteside Vaughn Whiting David Whittle John Wilkinson Patricia Rae Williaford Frances Williams Gary Williams Clyde Wills Tommy Winblood Billy Winfield Jimmy Winn John Wise Clark Wofford Mike Wood Betty Woodlock Lee Woodward Jacque Woolsey Louanne Worley Mike Wynne Joan Yandell 3 f"Q at 4 5 rrifiesfve Y' :ff .ei we -r W.. . . . .Whse .fx mil .1 We x 'N' 2 N1 "f',fhaf. .Q- Sophomores -we .if J. .L .. f-'fo f - fe 41 ,, xr cf -fa - 47 J -ff A .. - , I . M.. g ' si ,fx . un, - I K 0 t 'Ja , . 3? Q 2 KL I .V .3 in 0 -,AN Q.. Q, vc- fh ii? 'S :SM ... H -r EL' .f ,,, xii . -- :5 W" ,I -' A J .' x .H tm C we . 4 M 1 , ' -r va v- as V , Y , f if 'D' '3-'sf ...J Q 15,1 L' . ,,f' ff ' 'J J 2 f Q, V - . 4 Y L 'if' , it V ...Q . ss' -" t 3 X. . li ' -.4 ' I L wh, Q-fv Eh ' Y S' f 94' M gilt! . fbi- ir, ,gs- il fll 'vi N. on -H yd . f xtx 'ig' 'x x 3' ' W, 'F XXX 1 ia' My v -nw N Rx Q AQ -al '11 ,-f 1 I"'- If ig' vi' .1-2 N44 ,J 'f f ...I ' W-r w -v 't is r D ' 719 4 4 N J K, v-:fi V7 X,v i ,,. A fl M A K xx ik i 'Wi S E- " in in Q f .is , fw ,f:f,Y?, fx, it. ii" nk, L iw., " 5 in i m , I .6 X Q fi' if Y f p s 2 YS A fi Q, . H1059 boo I ' io mol ik Seem down ws. , non, ,wave Fflllynais Davld "Do earrings really pinch lilce lliese WUC pinch me?" asks Richard Gordon. -by-I QQ-fit Fefe ' 1' 'smesfeagi f? lil W - 'Pin ef" f f in li I ' J A-, ggi? I Yi bi nuff ' X' I ff A gi i f , y , fly , l l ' if l . , Mg. M3 ' l fi ,. 'Qi 'lf My l X K I i l i Mrs. Evans' sophomore classes enjoyed flwe parfy which climaxed A 1 V 'rlnefr sludy ol "Silas Marnerf' l - 5 i Charles Hai-lman supplies at fne 'Rock and Roll' needed fo Even flue ROTC parly. f"N .gi Fir?--X IP! A59 1: 4 :Lug V fm M 5-J 5-QU .N ' I' -"' E 1 f' 4. . U. ' Y' f f' A ., . X QIQQT . B' ' A , X- Iy v AC, iv-X, J-Lg,,f ...-.,-. - ff sr! l1,' K A ' E k 'AA' - fl: ,, 'V 1 4 1-5 6:4 I J - Q.: rg 1 V ' I A J' , - , V' 1 - 1 -- .Amir 'y H I 8 P Q Q Sr ' I ' ff Xe fx ,S fx? Rfgpg I i I ,. 1,5 1, lltxxqeye ' A ' gf f - f'vA1 X.1Q3.Ye5 Xb4 XQ!,5q.tQ..ww Q N ui 1'--,fb 9w ew i Y' ' ?2"x+" Nix-Q ' r K ,f 2, ff N N! ffm X T7'f'3"1g. 3k'vJl5 G k f F gli J? . ' . PM -'f , ' L W fl Q hh f S nf" MfSg'r. Leon MacDuffie, Assistant Commandanf and MfSgf. Eugene R. Brown, Commandanf. R. 0. T. C. 70 Fran? row: Barba Second row: Ge Trird fcwi Larry Shown here is fhe R.O.T.C, Faculfy Sponsor who has been faifhful fo ihe Arlingfon Heighfs Corps for four years, Mrs. Evelyn McCluney. Battle Group Staff ra Loffland, Mrs. Evelyn McCVuney, Caron Wnlfe. nn Bnig, Dale Bowersock, Ivan Nei! Deyiff, Jimmy Wesf, Sfeve Carfer. Fersfenfe'd, Dkk Car-NisNe. Don Erdman, James Scheiper, Jack Jusfice. First raw: Sfeve Carter, J:" Ma'nen,, Wa fer L. L"'re3N, Granarn Rcbrnscn, Jae Bezera, Alan Grenadfer, T'r'n Croft Dae Bcwerscck, Harvey Greer-Nay, Second raw: Larry FSVS7S'T:9'd Edffn Hibbg Mfrae Med cck, V':':r Eererr, Davy De-.eq Tim Bea'd, James Henderson D543 as Gann. p 1 4 0 D Tnrrd raw: Gwen Wener fspcnsfrl, ivan Devffr, Sfepnen Sr'n3rn WT Y Levericn, N: an Brown, Wayne Ewen, Marcus Bow- r R b rr K 'rn Y Pmrfb raw: Richard Carfsle, Frank Norwood, Nirs Ohman, Srepnen Andersen, Marana Inman, Rcnad Srnirh, Jerry HCr.',rcr', Jenn Dowdy, G'cnn Bars, ll ,I ' ' A Drlll Platoon Rlfle Team ,J Q, 51 K f , , r -4 5' r .J f' x P, . Q .S A h.. ' I 0 M 5 V , f re: A , 'XX fo ' f A 1 f ef- r ig Q, , 9 W X , I: L , V -'X f' ,X f f 5 X X Q xg. A r, .. j + . X51 ' 33 - . V yi L ' L 4 ' A. .' . ,-.- N I Q CQ X , A - . -r V ,, X r W A 1 Q- G' , I : -. Y y xxx Q ' Y S I' V FN ' t k q X X I alt ll, lr 1 X- ' A 1 X3 f 4 ,J e s f f a f 4 1 'J Q In ' Q lf . Vg X - n i r . 7 ? 1 Fronr row: Larry Fersrenleld, Jack Jusfrce, MXSQY. MacDr.W7e, Harry Pendery, Nolan Brown Back row: Pn?'rp Anderson. Edwlr- Hibbs, Caron Write, Dae Bcwersrzck, Granarrr Robrnsc' ' Q r 1 6, K Wx-, 'V' ' V -6' V- , .,' -9' saab 'E' v v w -vf, -vf. 'V' V Q 9 AVVQX w 1, I Va au U 3' A .ii '- N id U I? 'Egwmgq f , 4 . 1 , V- N . . ' ' ' . , ' 5 ' ' x u . I U M1 k .K s . fi Q I - 1 ' ' 4 . A . i 1 S . :fl .' s 1 Q ' ' l ' I ' . , r --Y .- . ' ' ' ' ' N, . .1 1 U - C Y A , Q , . l A . IQ, Am W 'W' H fffi V -'fig , . HN.. Q-'r"""'n X f f Ng K t if k U ' 1 ' '3' 1 'f' .uw . 1 Mmwkfaq - , A , 1 A I 4 33, i I I , Q A A ' 5 A -L31 I PM "" -e' A . I MZ, 1 F 4 5 ' ' 'V' M rg. ,sf , ,Z k , ,bfi A, ,4 T. C. SPONSORS a'e: Lei' rc Hgh? Gwen We'r'er, fc' Wnife Linda Rcckwe, Jane Lemon, Mdffbd Sealy, Ma'+'a Rewhew and Cafe C"ESWE-L, Nc? offfed Es Bafbara Lcwand, Sponsors Jane Lemon, Marfha Reafhef, Caron Whife, Caro? Creswef and Marfha Sealy, eff 'ro riqhf, seem 5 5 W9 We GCIIS W Sf for The NGYY- io be convnced fha+ pclshfng brass isn'f really so o s7 Oh we! these tw. den' seem to mind bad- eo"C1 Cean p The afrncy or open house. a y muh rg Q rw PLa+:2n goIng fhrcuqh prachce. , rachce p a pe a a c fha' cena n'-,f shcwed -p Tn cern- ' Pu LPQ "env ff: a' ine naw' 'E 5, if Phfp Ande sc' a nnernbe' of 'he 'Ve 'ea"'. C:"'e1 Sezrewsef evo "e "We DIVWIVQ if SPS'- scfs. Fefe Ted Man ::e1':ws""i'a', rar: 5' Ma-cf ape' "sii'w'pa'1, soznsz' Ja'e Leven. F-v 643' ,, I. I-rf, 4' , Je . 6' 4 1 ' " A Q " 'Lf .a-. xl? Ti' - T- r Q a a fr--7' aw' Jai 1 iw- 'ifl .,. ,. ,.a., ,,l', Mr. W. E. King, mafhemalics, science, and business adminisfrafion consullanf Tor The Forr Worih Public Schools, congralulafes Jef? Haley on being elecled presi- dent oi the Sfudenr Council, while Kay Kimb e, vice-presidenf, Judy Vaughan. secrelary' and Joan Benneff, Treasurer, lock on in agreement The siudenl council on 'rhe Hill is re- sponsible Tor many Things Heighlslers lake Tor granled, The handbooks which are given To each s+uden+ are sponsored by The group: The decoralions in The halls al Homecoming and The responsi- bilily of urging each homeroom To deco- raie falls on Their able shoulders, and each innovalion al Heighls concerning The sluderil body is usually a resull of The efforis ol The council and officers. Sponsored by Miss Kalhryn Haden. dean of girls, The council holds periodical meelings a++ended by one elecled rep- resenlafive from each home room. Com- millees are organized in Sepiember and include Decorafion, Elecfion, Flower and Card, Hospilalily, Program, Promolion, Special Proiecis, and Slrudenl Handbook. The 4l members or' The Sfcdenl Cour- :' ar-d Their a'lerna+es islen as The dulies of The oiiice of Sludenl Coen ri represenralive arg explained fe Them. Miss Kalhryn Haden, sponsor of +he council, brings up a poinl of' discus- sion in lhe Tirsf meefing. Cenfer of aflenlion as he debales wilh The slsdenfs, is Joe Lee Burns 1 I - v C..-? C d -Jacket Journal Sue Bearden, Kaye Dysarf, and Janis New- som laugh over a ccumn in an cu?-ofhrown Co-edifofs Ja Mm h and Rossf rv Ferrier are surrounded b The paper' I , I v P v Y Y Fruffs cf them abcrs, re-ss'rg afcz 5:0 'Q oaoew :Cf frafrg e'e JJ s'a55e's I J Bdckeyq Sew B-. rc Pa. D mfvcfe. xv 1-a'a Lie " 55,5 Sandy WI 'ami as Ma"'a 5?e,"e' a"d Gee Hawk- f c'c"e' xx". 77 I+'s almos+ deadline Hme again. Co-edifor Jay Murphy pounds ouf a lasf minufe sfory wlwue Doroflwy Chenaulf, Grefchen Friclce, and Sam Hudson go over copy. 2? SV' n. N . s kewl Owe XA fav iaiiqgxffmnq xo S Y SVG Prnenmm 6-ke .-SGW Ciiiimv' 0 5 Vx 78 QWOQ Spare 'exe Pgame agex Qffoax Jae? 'L 'ar-mn, JarweHe Ocvdak' Karw, AXCMLFT, and rzefra Scmbert fype ccp, fc' 'Pe pflrrer. 1 xv! i X 4 we , I'-7 LRJZLQ ,ff Pmsinq while paving ad ccpy, Ted Mayo, adverising man- agef, bashhfly qhes his firgers fogefher NMINQ Je'fy b.s ness manager, ami es :cr 1?-e camefa. . X I t -1. , 4 b J Q ,-4? I f,. Jacket Journal -I-'dCk:T'Q dcww a NC' 'fD. Judy Ga :way and La", Tf5f"DSCi make a 'afe phone za Vow We JJ OUECQ. Wfffq We roczrd e.,'k-'ey 53' We JJ 's Jean Gfen NVQ- Wafd Cie a"d CNHI Boyd dd. aff Lewis, I I . Al 'QPU 9':o'ec D. :fe 2fe": Saf'a: ans CHS" was SDJ'-' B' Adams "fe s'a" cadccwsf. 79 Y f "Pe " a Ca'd, :Ve Q 'ee' 'G "im "Q s'a", nf' Smninq as fney cnedc Hue We cabinef for progress of the Ye! ow Jaclref are fnis yeafs so-edifors, Judy Gdfoway and rr Th La y ompson, ,fs A K J-Q, 4- Y How Cardyn Conrad, sfandlng, and Lynne Rascnke, sophomores' Eden Van Zandf, and Jan Borders, Quniors, fake 5 final Check on picfwes for Tnelr respecfive classes, 9? 'SK Ho r A 44" ' me X :ff C fx WT? NGFN . 6. fd. 5,525 O' USP D' K9 rf Q NX 3a'g'5!5, X 6 X af keg- 'X K e m e 80 gif? f eeexxs ' 7,9 Sv- NV' fs, Mel' afaQ?' xef C pf , eN V' ' as-" 5 CX ' fi' nag ,rD'c D ff X C Wea If XSS TQQ. WW Q I W QS QIOO I Jacket Staff X-"9 f l vt 3 'fs-gt x ,, , Edw7n I-Vbbs and Pa-' Drsrncre soc'+s ed' +:'S Gnd Tdeas ff' euranqe a"'pa's 'o add va'?e+y +0 We spade secrb' of We ' Yeuow Jackek - n hens Dfcfures 'V and Q.. Cdfw 56 dub .U GL, edffor ' wfff Sn S 6 c de!! of Oby H me ,ggd Cdpijiefson Sch yeffow 'jjdg Orgdiqule aclef Wd. Janice Franldin and Jackie Gregory, snapshof edifors, and Kerry Owen, phofoqrapher, look Through annuals from ofher schools for new ideas. Checking Yayouis are among fne dufies of facul+y edifors Beffy Taqgarf and Mar-Hua Craig, seared In chairs, and sen?or dass edi+ors, SyWvia Dailey and Judy Worley. Science Club -- Answering foreign fechnological challenges, fhe Al-ll-lS Science Club dedicafes ifself fo The ad- vancemenf of scienfific inferesf and lcnowledge. Un- der fhe leadership of Mr. F. J. Arseneau, fhe club guides scienfifically enfhused sfudenfs along fhe ex- acf pafh of correcf research procedures. The club is divided info fwo parfs. The nafural science division deals wifh sfudy of fhe various bio- logical sciences, while fhe physical science division is insfrucfed in fhe fields of physics and chemisfry. Nowhere else in fhe cify can a sfudenf wifh scienfific apfifude have access fo fhe' equipmenf, encouragemenf, insfrucfion, and guidance as here a+ l-lenghfs 1' ff 7- 'll 9 gll ill "F""'Y John Fallcenburys success in producing fafherless frogs won him firsf place in fhe I'-757 Science Fair and a frip fo Los Angel-es fo falce parf in fhe nafional Fair where he fool: fourfh place. Picfured here are John and Mrs. Anne Ayala visifing his exhibif. 6 C- Ed V' ' I ,f ,A rn ". C 'vi Wa e LP? , ' ,- i . ' . . . serea- ' on 5 ' eanne a af secre- ' :V Fa lenbury, presd- " ard ' l-libbs oafarnen ana i. Library Chi Allhough aclive in olher organiza- fions as well, +he girls who make up 'rhe Library Club slill lind lime 'fo de- vole a period a day lo checking books in and oul, mending and shelv- ing, and keeping lrack of several +housand volumes. Under lhe direc- lion ol Mrs. Mary Hood, lhe group meels monlhly +o discuss il'e work lhey are doing. ln February a slale conference in Dallas made if possible for 'rhe ama- leur librarians lo discover new views and proiecrs and 'ro meel members of lhe organizalion from olher paris of Texas. KP-X sr..-'Qi ll l' l r nuff uf? 1. 4 Direcling lhe work of fhe Library Club are 'he oflicers, Belsy Wi'banks, presidenl: Margie Mccreless, vice-presidenl: Monelle Waiace, secrelary- Franny Bedlord, lreasurer- Nancy Howell, reporier, and Linda Wilkinson, hisfcrian x Xxx Orficers Karen Scarbcroug sergearw-al-arms' Mari yn Russey, 'reasurer' Nancy Howe secrelarf' Sandra Davis presdenf' Gereva Trie+scl- vice-presidenf and Marfr-a W i . Rejher, sergeanl-a'-arms are a:"ve par":ipar'+s 'n spcrls a+ Al-ll-lS, ,f .l. C. Members of lhe Girls' lnlramural Council fill lhe gym, Tennis couris, and playing fields each day as parl of +heir physical educalrion acfivilies. Capiaining and playing on baseball, baskeiball, volleyball, and speedball +eams, 'rhey work +oward membership poinis lor +he following year, A reckless, noisy, and hilarious an- nual volleyball game be+ween fhese girls and The faculry resulls in a free- for-all for yicrory, demonslraling +he skill, s+ra+egy, and slamina of 'rhe group, while a spring picnic winds up +he year, Mrs, Rulh Hubbard serves as sponsor of +he acliviiies. tai Winding up Their annual membership campaign, The "brass" oi T-Teighrs' Jr. Red Cross organizaTion place The lasT sticlcer on The door of sponsor Mr, Marvin Miller's home room, The oTTicers, leTT To righT, are Judy Truelson, presidenfi Judy Galloway, vice- presidenT: Geneva TrieTsch, secreTaryg LaniTa Due, Treasurer. Judy Truelscn, presidenT of FTA, geTs in a liTTle pracTice Tor The worlr she and The ofher oTTicers picTured here plan To Talre up laTer in life. The "sTudenTs" here, leTT To righT, are: MarTha ReuTher, secreTaryg Karen Scarborough, vice-presideriTq Pafricia Loughry, reporTer: Carol Sue Pier, Treasurer, Junior Red Cross Worlring wiTh The menTally re- Tarded children aT Their opporTu- niTy cenTer is The proiecT of The Jr. Red Cross aT l'leighTs This year. Following previous TradiTions The Tunds received during The mem- bership drive will be used To Till giTT boxes To be senT To war- sTriclren counTries overseas, The annual varieTy show Talcen To Carswell Air Force Base is a highlighT oT The year. All sTudenTs, wheTher in Jr. Red Cross or noT, may parTicipaTe. ,4 X If l' F. T. A. FTA, a naTional organizaTion, OT- Ters an inTeresTing and proTiTable program aT l-leighTs under The di- recTion oT Miss Eula l-lunTer, Miss Dona STovall, and Mr. Ray Dyche. Besides Tilms and discussions, The years acTiviTies include a geT-ac. quainTed parTy, a ChrisTmas din- ner, and a sTaTe conTerence aT Mineral Wells where Texas Mr. and Miss FTA are chosen. Repre- se-nTing Al-ll-TS in The conTesT were Jerry Lewis and Judy Truelson. ln March The FuTure Teachers have a chance To Try ouT Teaching Tor Themselves, being permiTTed To hold classes Tor a day in any ciry school. LJ YF 5 Xxx xl Igl Club isfribufive Education Jusf as fhe pheme 5' 'sem IIB s+a+es The ofmaw aTm of D'sirEb-f 'five Ed,ca'7en Chee ef Ame-Eze 's +he devefcomee' of a hgh degfee cf Neadershkn ard :"7zers?-Tp 'H +he zmcevs ef bca, wh: afe Cfe2"'e: 'O Y 'ake 'hem Dezez ei 'cmcffewg leac- efs Te dislibdfve b,s7"ess." Members cf fha :Lb afe feq,'afy evohed sfedems wha seeed 'hfee pefiode a day Ye cesseg ees 'he 'es' ai a lab In ere of We :TQ 3 beemesi flfms eodymq fhe kfcwejqe me, accmre fhfcegh a:"y"', " Md JA C. Pods classes. Hs glcfefce 5556'- hafes s+,cQe'+s Tobs w"h We" wif? Tn a care1fp'Wy worked ce' sed + Okay, smarfy, wha+ are you qomq +0 do now? The officers of Heiqh Chess Ciub were snapped in a game in fhe home of Presidenf Sfeveh Sen eyey, right They are, leff To right Cary Mifcheh, fown direcforf James ScheWper, vice-president Tom Pe++i+, secrefary-freasurer, and Sehevey. L .. M ,GM am MD 5' eadex: Reine" W' emi" 'tefp'ee'de"' Efbre Sec:s'e"e 'fvfn -o-, M..f.C.P,e ,wc ae ea,, P,,Bc1 ,Jen a E ,Q A,.,,,. f w ,N fAM .. . .,,,.. ,,.,, , Beny - 'fl S..'E" 'Q gf Drama The enThusiasTic JaclceT FooTlighT Players sTarTed The year wiTh Their annual sunrise brealcTasT. PresidenT Carol Creswell announced The Tall producTion, and "Time OuT For Ginger" was really on iTs way. The pla , abouT a viva- cious Teenage girl who wanTed To play TlooTbalI, was a smash hiT. IT was followed in The Spring by The Senior Play, which was produced wiTh The assisTance OT The club. ' A dinner, given Tor The new members, climaxed The year. Membership is open To The sTudenT body. To become a "FooTlighTer" a sTudenT musT work on aT leasT one play and remain acTive in oTher producTions ThroughouT The AT The annual FooTlighT Players BrealrTasT, Joe year. Shannon and Susie Fisher Try To acT nonchalanT while waiTing Tor The Tirecracker To go oTT under David Farris's "viTTles". Tallc abouT Tlapped-iaclcsl Vil- The JaclceT l:ooT:ighT Players ExecuTive Council, seaTed, leTT To righT: Caron WhiTe, Marcy Reiners, secreTary,Treasurerp Carol Creswell presidenh Barrie Teague, and Charlayne Walden. STanding: Mike Muncy, sergeanT'aT-arms: RoberT Bunger, Mrs. Edwina Sanders, spon scr' Joe Shannen, PaT Gallagher, and Char'es Presley. 86 -'W . L rw 'if' rs, X 'N 3' , 5 '- - .5 ff Q ---f xv , ,. ,- A 0 O O 'See ya effer pracffce, Cai," says "Ginger" fBarrie Teagael fo David Chap- peH, wife Kaye Dysarf woolcs on worriedNy. v 3 0000 ff li ii Ib gg 1? 13 13 1 3 00 0 O 1303! 1 O 0 0 0 0 Q 0 3 0 'J 3 0 D 6 , "im WC HS wh 0 0 fa' producu T e OJ Far G-Inger" as Jlmmy Pefer- son gives JCM Maflweny a "pop In fhe Chopf "a'a'v"' 'sf' 9 as ga I av' :Mapa 5 Q Giga H' y if 53,4955 agua ,, Q in 6 9 ig r- I Gmqer ewmerafes the reasons wHy EFS a'l riglwf 6' Q X :cr a QIVX To p'ay foofba to Pr'r'c'Da! Jay Murphy. V-fy v K, if n 1 f'iv, , P -. ' ,. ,:. f- ,,,,,r ?!f f- '- per. T e .a. a ci , ,A sad, M fue s'a,e 'J 'fs 2' 'H' 'wt safcessia' fmafzes 59 T""e Ox Fw GFQA 87 n a humorous and appealing address Congressman Jim Wrigh'r spealrs 'ro lhe sludenf body during an AY- sponsored program 5,414 5 T8 D zz'ng Johnny Srevers Wa? Frazer, Jaclrie Pills, Len nfiey. Torn Hodge, ard Richard Gordon relax during rhe ss rehearsaf I The Buck Hill Falls delegares picfured in Washinglon are iell: Jan Borders, Russell Clarlr, and Charlorle Cone- righi Frances Bedford, Carol Creswell, Margie McCreless, and Wendell Henderson, Allied Youfh has carried our Hs +radHions evenffully fhis year, presenring enrerraining and inreresring programs. From 'rhe impressive in- slallarion of officers in Seprember rhrough rhe Thrilling reporrs of rhe Buck I-lill Falls delegafes. The hilarious beauiy revue of l-leighis' mos? en- Jrrancing boys, and The picnic in Jrhe spring, H has lcepf Hs members inspired. WHh a record enrollmeni of 652, AY has swelled during rhe pasr 'Few years io become 'rhe school's largesi club. Through Hs enrhusiasm H conlinues io reach our foward Hs creed, "fo seek The irurh concerning beverage alcohol." if K K AY officers, councii, and sponsors are, 'iirsf row: Mary Jane Ware, Cynrhia Johnson, Frances Bedford, Fancy Mcfkiiisfer. Linda Wiikinson, vice-presidenf? Charlcife Cone, secrefary. Second row: Mike Shropshire, Jim Bai'ey, Bobby Sager, Russeii Cark, presidenfq Jack Jackson, freasurerr Miss Grace Becker, sponsor: Jerry Lewis, Mr. Jack Marfin, spcnsor: Done aid Geriic, Chuck Needham. Gracefc' Torn Hodge waiked away wffh Firsr pace wnen AYers crowded The gym on December N9 fc pace penny ycfes wirn his sponsor, Bonnie Rogers, ncf shown, Tcmr-nie Sees dashing esccrf pcfued here is Bricky Gibbs. 5 3 Qin Beaf, ::"es'an+2 and e::t": are s'a'd"g: J:"', S'e,'ens Jen Ha ey Ware Ha'-'ey James Serie Jaife P"'z Da' M:Cc"ibs Tcrvi hlcdge Bfciry Gbbs Law, P-Ldscr Piece' Denny Wa' Frazier and La'r, Lecnafd. Sea'ed: Richard Givdcn Mcre, Owe' nAdamsRse'Car i- 5+ dBo ies 1 Nr x X, .a Q.. -- ik ,N if J, x Keep smilling!! lf's onNy +wo hours pas? deadline. Snaps Flaming YL-,Um q"A1ued" fh.-,+ asy Judy Tkac is rdiing In dough. Too bad WS Bob Maulsbyfs, fhough. "Who, me? I haven'f paid my poll .9 -, .A "Gree+ings fiend-er, I mean Friend." 0 f ,fx 14 , aw.-M-N BA N n uf f ORC ESTR ix Shown here 45 fhe backbone of the Arxngfon Hemghfs Jackef Band Kneeung are maloreffes Sandra Wrlernon 'eff and Judy Tlrac Fronf row Neff 'ro rlghf Caro! Earn secrefary Judy Vaughan and Marina June Crow uniform managers erald Warfreld ass sfanf d recfor Back row f M K o rg rby R bnson d urn malor Bob La p opedy man Jc n Haase band cap?an Doug Hazlewood rbraruan Tlue band's season sfarfed fwo weeks before sclruool wiflu a meefing of flue officers making prep- arafion for flue foofball season. Tlnis was followed by a week of drill by flue full band, wluiclu num- bered 89 players. Tlue band played for flue opening assembly of scluool. Tlueir firsf foofball appearance was for flue Texas Cify game Sepfember I3, followed by a guesf ap- pearance represenfing Oklaluoma Sfafe Universify af flue N.T.S.C.-O.S.U. game in Denfon Sepfember 28. Tlue band inferrupfed flueir foofball scluedule fo play in flue Unifed Fund parade Ocfober 4 fol- lowed by flue Highland Park game fluaf nigluf. Tluen . A I Li' .miif K 'dl yA .. 5 :A g., .-,,,g, ,,,,,m .. 2" Firsf row Judy Vaagluan Frank Howe Barbara Wa ker Marflua June C ow J dy Tkac Jackie Fafre ree Gadys Perry Hilda Norsfrud Fossie Morris cond w Bob La y Caro E rn abby l. N an e af a ag e ra W emon R -ua e Pn p Banseff Ckarles Prese Doug Haz ewoed Cynflua Baker Paf Mi e Gerad War ed ir ow. . , , ,N feve Joluruson, Janefre ,,, arc yn No ma .Jan cafwrugnf, vey H -ks N, aee Clurisfan Sfeye Barc y Tommy Hoder, B"ly Cox. David Cluappeil, David Jcne.. Marcas Bower' C aries Higlusmff' Mike Wood, Roy Sp agce Pnymis Mea In Jenny Lo dermiik, Howard Hunf. .NN N el' .nf I came The Waco game OcTober Il aT Waco: The CarTer game. OcTober 24: NorTh Side, OcTober 3I: Paschal, November 8: and Then The November II parade, The Tech game November I6 and The The T.C.U. Band Day came on February 26, Tol- lowed on March 8 by The Jaclcsboro Music FesTival. ConcerTs aT Monnig and STripling Junior Highs were played in March, followed by The annual band open house concerT November I9. The band did nighT concerT March 28. noT play for The Poly game because of bad weaTher. ln The lnTerscholasTic League Marching ConTesT on November 25, The band placed in TirsT division. An early morning presenTaTion oT The all-ciTy R.O.T.C. colonel was The lasT marching appear- ance oT The band Tor The Tall Term, The TirsT spring Term appearance was The FaT SToclc Show Parade January 24, Tollowed by a con- cerT preceding The rodeo January 28. The band was hosT To The iunior high music or- ganizaTions on ArlingTon HeighTs music nighT, April Il. The all4ciTy solo and ensemble conTesT was aT- Tended by many oT The band's soloisTs on April 22 aT Poly. The annual federal inspecTion of R.O.T.C, came laTer and The season ended wiTh The lnTerscholasTic League band conTesT in DenTon, May 3. i 1 5 1 , 5 T T . 5 ? . ' 5 ' l ' . 5 5 . l T . ,. T I T ' 1 T i L F 2 Q f ,. . I . S i . Q 6 F ., ki 3 s , . " . 5 . . T .E , 2 J 5 r' . , fl' gy' .V il ,1 44 A 'Ig Q, . w-.R i y 1 Q 7' ..- Z:-fee. 7 . T . . V T'-1'-...-M-.f.:.., . T is ' 'Q' , 3 H 9,3 T' FourTh row: Jimmy Prince, Linda Jo Hendrick, Richard Davis, Vivian Brown, Jan Powell, LeAnne Brown, Kennefh LamberT. CynThIa Gibson, Harold Trammell, Tommy Baird, Jerry Dunagan, Mary Ann Delwaide, Barbara Barnes, Ed Haase, David Erskine, Milne Warner, Joe Becera, Ancel HorTon, Bobby Jones, Vaughn WhiTing, Wendell Henderson, Jim Davis. Fifth row: Ronnie LedbeTTer, David MaTThews, ST. Clair Newborn, Gary RoberTs, Tommy Trump, Adona Napier, Tommy Mcnfqomery, W. E. Mercer, Jerry Levisee, Kirby Robinson, John Haase, Billy Edgin, Bobby Mason, Douglas Davis, Dallas Burwoll, David Dollahife, Mo na Lynn McDaniel, JaneT Llewellyn, Jimmy McClelland, Ann Fogie, Dennis Spencer. Louanne Worley, Peggy Smith, Richard Iwan, Mike Brown, John GasTon. DirecTor: Mr. G. H. Carson. ,J L J. i I J ,,,,.,,,.....,- ,W -:P'T, T,--ff' V w-wr,,,- ,,. ,.,.,1f 'T--V 4- ww- J- ,'ew-- fri Firsi row: Caron Wlnife, Peggy Smifb, Meiissa Morris, Jonny Jarvis, Geraid Wariieid, Pai Miier, Bobby Lowrance Jean Taiey Noraiee Cririsrian, Doug Hazewood. Second row: Fieidan Baugiiman, Mary Kemmerer, Kennefii Hunt, Virginia Carey,Jea1 Anderson, Barbara Waiker Terry Adams Aiyin Ceariey, Bob Lacy, Caroi Eiam, Pai Ga-laqber, Jan Poweii, Vivian Brown, Sfepiien Hare, Haroid Trammeii Trfird row: Barbara Sioan, Barbara Barnes, Barbara Basf, Vicki Wariieid, Biii Haii, Jerry Ddnagan, Norman Bedford Ed Haase John Wise, Ronnie Ledbeiier, Kirby Robinson, Jolnn Haase, Paul Hood, Vicki Himfer, Cynfiiia Gibson. Sfandingz Jimmy McCieliand, Harry Stephens, John G-asfon, Bob Wi iams, Jane? Liewe iyn, Lucia Wriglnf ipia Nor pictured: Dede Gerlce, Sammy Woodward, Orchestra The Orchesfra plays noi oniy duri oiber iimes fnrougricui ine year, AGI 'ng The Ciirisfmas program, buf a+ Open House and graduarion, and A . e z 2 ,. ? ? -., , v pxi rf' -',,'1l:,3iff I f ji ' ' - l"11 1 ',P4 , ' ' 41 'ss' 94 , gy, I IJ, ,J in ' 1..,,',.f J iv-.. ,.,.,.- Q A ', D 1'-r.,,.-,L""'4 '...' I-,lyk f . B--473-f.Z-iS",-W f V' 4-ag.. lf' UO .,, Left ra rlqhf: Janelle Cook, Vicki Dee Branon, Julia Meyers, Linda Gayle Eiam, KarhY Qiewvvalllel Adgna Napier, Roma Faye Wenuns, Judie Collard, Louanne Worley, Jeanne Delwdldei Rcberld Poling, Marfha Jean Holden. Accornpanisl: Freda Hughes. Doubl S xfef Chgru Ffrsl' row: Sssie Walls, Janelle Cook, Vicki Dee Branch, Rama Wehunr, Julia Meyers, Doris Davis, Sandra Vannalla, Saundra Alsup Linda Leach, Sandra Blalock, Sharon Damalo, Mary Lou Ramey, Judie Colard, Babs Braokeen, Mary Bern Shannon, Palrioia Loughry Helen Head, Marrha Jackson, Marlha Jean Holden, Jeanne Delwaide, Diane Perkins, Second row: Mary Ann Delwaide, Louise Wade, Gayle Sheehan, Slephanie Jones, Carol Reese, Mary Ne' Mulholland, Gloria Brown Ka Clark Grerohen Weeden Jan Mcllhaney Adona Napier Linda Johnson Jane? Bowlin Margie Jenkins, Judifh Pease, Judy Voge y , . , i , , Roberta Poling Mariorie Inman, Belrsy Heineoke, Kay Clark, Sue Pifrrnan, Susie Holley, Mull Singer. Third row: Eva Gay Nix, Sharon Livingsron, Karen Horn, Searle Preflyrnan, Susan Hallbrook, Connie Wilson, Judy Rufh, Linda Kell y Loyce Taggart, Linda Gayle Elam, James Huber, Mike Slack, James Sprink e, Jackie Pills, Billy Cox, Don Van Trease, Pal Slrarfon Eizaberh Eld r, Carol Har? Louanne Worley, Mar Lou Fr Ann Carson, Jeanice Hu hes, Mary Broome Freda Hughes 9 r Y Yi ' Q 1 - Fcurlh row: Ann McCluney, Suzanne McAdams, Mary Helon Williams, Jo Ann Black, Rosemary Morgan, Susan Holfman, Linda Hen dricks, Cyrrha Baker, Kalhy Glen-Walker, Ne" louchslone, Sylvia Robbhs, Jack Beazley, Jimmy Short, Bob Branch, Tommy Monlgomery Fred Harvey, Peggy Branch, Palricia Wikialord, D. J. Davis, Sharon Garhings, Sylvia King, Beverly Cross, Kalhy Allerfon, Susie Mason J'mmie Ivy. Nor oclsred: Linda Auslin, Sleve Bender, Ann Bhgham, Kalhy Boyd, Dorolhy Chenaull, lna Rae Cowan, Ginny Dahlgren, Hub r Fosrer, Jude, Freim Doug Gazkamp, Barbara Goodrum, Weldon Gray, Jack'e Gregory, Jim Gurley Bonne Harned, Millon Hafre Wayre Harvey Carolyn Hogue, Larry H-dsor- Mary Louise Hunf, Guni a Hullon-Miller, Zixie Lee Jaoksori, Tina Johnson, Bill Law ey, Peqcy' Lee, Par Mairs, Cynlhia Marlin, Merle Menge, Earline Pankey, Judy Perry, Llr-da Rockwe l, Jane Shook, Glenda Vandegr l Mary We don Bob Whalley, Karen Wilds, Judy Worley. ,i mr . 009 www' ' wr ann n fn fs iw i -'vs vo nav- 6 G . earn- as-saw-s7s"fxn weafher during our flwglwlr fhrouqlw Hue year We may have had a few doudy days bw We beffer oar+ of our year has been spen+ soarmg aloff above any passmg cloud O . The be++er Hfwe weafber, fha more flying Time a plane can Fog, So I+ is wi+l'w 'rhe 9 gn . vi 1:5 I, 'fam W M Q nip? "Lv 4- k Q, EJ Q . V l 'A ' . L? 1 V I if I if 'K fx f - ' fa- ', rl fl ,, - . "W ,sp qi ff' S' ai' I ,U '- ..-in 4175 f' '--Q l ' fu? A "V U 4- fl ' 4 Ny- V , . i ,J 1 'T' ' X "- Q 3 'T 1"'V ' - , fa-5 AfEf'fPg1,' - ,.ga.f Q """ 1 rf' H: ' ' I' U! . 0-L Q V L :R :ji K- AN 41' Z, - , yt , 'ix gtg., , ',. ' I was E ' -. ' I! Q 5" 8 ff ' Ffrff' p , R ' ' l uk' f i Q 1 , 'Y W' W 4117 - , fl X ' . V .Y , ,h v H. lg sg. . Li si? ' f'?f1f:f ?"f'f5 f f gl 3164f?t' 1f'f2Q:. , K - 3.7 'L .Av 2-4 .5 R' - . A 'T . s U , ' f,, ' 1 ' ' H Q 1 . f,fff,j M' f-M- f ,ff,. f 3.7 o .L ,J K: 1 .V , V.. 4 jk lx- Y A, A T I A ,i .I R1 -Y 4 Y 1 ' . .I 5 , ', 'Q f L+ r ' Q Ir , 1- . F. 4 ,,, .K I bl 31 'gas A J -ur-1. fi . .vi ,rx 3 -1 3 f 4 if -if nfx' -Aff 41 I A I Q 65'-rv K ' . V 'si d V, X qv 4 'FS 'J Q . 5 " lib lf-. ' 1- r Y x fJ",f" xv s rf' X 3 , ,. . - ff"'? V , I ,gf K ' t 4 w I' fs 5 AY gi 'H-151+ ,I ' ffl? s AA f' ' Q 1' f . gg.. 'Pri I f 3" . 'Q-. S! 'Sgr I m' fx N F' Lx, . 'MQ ,r N' I' ' .1 n x f ' ff f A I Ls x S 5' Sharon Perkins and Eaive Jcrwrson know Wa? We way fc a mark, Fear? is fiwrough hls sfomacn. 1 Q? .1 'L A ., I . A 1 .' qw , fu- ' JH .. y Q Y We J , , r n -:A-. AW Rm Y 1 , , 4 ' 92'.,1..f.5,A sf, .YF: ts 5 I .fn . L A 4. 1 1 ' -, i ... n he V! 7 4 V ,-f I ' A, Q5 I 1 " 4' " ' gb fy K Y V.: k . ' her- ,fy ,,,- d BM RIC V . Ferguson an x T of fun. .. . - - vmmmv . ww O , Whos wmrur1Q OT C. ghrusfmdi P he R' ' ' son found 1' if Wesf Show s B06 S awe!! WA ere A e would We fo 6 9. 3 f 2 'P L--5 'f ' 07' Jean Marie Anderson dispiays Hwese do?3s +0 us ls J. C. Briffon rea?iy ihaf coid? as Sandra Liddle iooks on. C- Classroom Acfivifies 1? W 0 i 352. 26115 viii, il W, 552, f .' - VH s , If f " WJ I E PN 1 4 1, Q di 1 sms R , Bobby Evans had beller walch oul il he doesn'l wanl Mr. Phil Wright lo sand his hand as he converses wilh Milton Ausmus. 4, ,LV -ra...'-npr SP! , .- -13.6 .fr .... ,I 3 .nl .Q 'F f....E"'-T"' ,, ' it - .pe all si: gf - Q , Marlene Abrams, lelf, and Sally Bryanl poinf lo slalues of presidenfs in Miss Alice Bennel'l's l-lislory class. ln case you're wondering, 'the one on the end is Ma- mie Eisenhower. "l wonder where lhe yellow wenl?" says Mary Eames Woolsey as she and her buddies, Dorolhy Chenaull, Sandra Dickey go lhrough a mosaic iam session fogefher. ' f .1 Al 'Iwi If .r, 1 , , I fi 1 "l wan? an M. G. Hardlopf' says Pal O'Ferrall. "Al 2824 While Selllemenl' Road, Overseas Mo- iors, of course?" "Beep, beep." replies David 'fe -w-23" Chrislian. "l hope il won'l explode," lhinlzs Belsy Wilbanlzs ' in Mr, Marvin Miller's lirsl' period chemislry class. Marcy Reiners fells Kafhy Aller+on fo puf her John Hancoclc on The cloffed line lwiih a sheepish grin of coursel. 3 F .v I XQQ Q mf f-,,...-'- mul! Selling fheir early morning sfrefch are these six healfhy looking specimens in P. E. Tommye Jackson and Wendell Hender son awaif Mr Pegram as 'they prepare for the morning announcemenfs and B ble reading. Chowlme forms in fhe rear as Mrs. Belle B. Evans' sopho- more English classes enioy a Silas Marner parfy. Whew' Thai' was hard groans Frances Shields durs ing Open House. "The quiclr grey fox lumped over the lazy brown dog," fype Mrs. Fae Harrison's firsl period class. ii Registration This forfunale boy who gels fo go firsl hands his number 'ro Sergeant McDuffie. "They also serve who only sfand and wail." These seniors are doing lilfle serving bul much sfandinq and wailing for a chance fo regisfer. Seniors Wilson Moore and Belly Taggart look on as Mrs. Fae Harrison reqisfers Richard lwan for her lirsl period Typ- 1, f mg 1 class. N fl ' ig wnrew vllll E SU llllll WH A Ennis On 'fha firsf day sfudenls join clubs as well as regisler for classes. V., Over 500 sophomores gel' acquainled wifh Heighls on fhe o flrs? day f school, Seplember 2, swelling enrollment lo an -, all fime oi l 300 sfudenfs. QQWQE. A rl gl fi 'vel in as 1 -A.,-ug, Ax I AIQO4 ,KA- Trl p -. 1-' J lv A 2: . Dora Faye Suffon and Barbara Bur? gei' ready for fhe school sponsored frnp To meef A- E K ill my ' nm- in J"J.'.!1 Homecoming Polly Huffman conlernplefes whaf color fo use next as Sara Holder baum, Carolyn Hogue and Wen dell Henderson 'Transform lheir homeroom info a hospilal war 'Q """"' mhz-fi Q yew T if l up , ,,.4'-. H ,I sv '.:-.' - 3 ,.. ,,'.. wrww+wH Wix "" V T X e A . 1 x 1 'EGF wma l , K 1 -afxrwl ' ' ff . :P 1 Jlf T xvkus A 1 K X KP ' DN' f V! l l "Paddle fha Panthers," scream Berry Taggarr, Sue Wells, Carol Sue Pier, Lynda Landrefh, and Owen A Claylon while Merlha Rowland and Diane Spauld- 2,54 Inq look on. 7 :- 1 Efforts are rewarded as senio. homeroom IOS wins BEST DECORATED HOME- ROOM award. PADD L lllr H gkwM:.M- , W? 'QQ ci' .. 1 'sg w 'G Pur le bloomers and ill-ed ed addles win H o mecoming Ouee n S u s ie Handley accepfs V her gif? from Graves Enclgmas- fer of ceremonies af The program and 5657 presl- denf of fhe sluf den? body. 102 1 -.K ', X l K P Q 9 P BEST DECORATED LOCKERS award for senior homeroom I I7. Q4 Q47,.X l ,f-Zlfgflll LTP lg 1 f hs lr 1 , -' . , T X ' . er", W.,,,, . , Mr. Homer Peqram welcomes exes and olher quesls of lhe annual assembly. A chl'iSfn1U ' 2 a ' , r 1 ' Q K , djl 1 Depicfing the "Carol of-fha Be-nfs" is this slain glass window, made by Jean Sfogsdill. YA ' ' - ' 1 u , I - sr A f.: " 7 y B 'D wwf 5' d'v'4!?:5 , "n Ql"?' qty W4 il riff, Sieve Bender sings "O Holy Nighf on fhe Chrisfmas pro- gram on December 20. In 'rhe background fhe chorus lends supporr. , Lynny Well. Sylvia Dailey. and Berry Sue Dye admire fhe Chrisfmas free which 'traditionally decorafes fha main hall. Scoif Thompson doesn'f seem 'fo have caughf fha Chrisfmas spirif yer. ' 45 J-fl' -' 1296? ,gff 'V Dorofhy Balmer, Belly Wood- - , 4. ,f'lQ-'W ' lock, and Gayle Wilfong help , , tj 1 A 5, X- ff' D, ' is presenf a sfory in dance in ,H l, ll? , , 5. . . , Kg, e program. Alix, 11- j ' ' 'f ' . , 1 - M - a f T , K .J v L E B f "' f I 1' , X I V 2 J , 2 f 5 -'Q W? Www l f' er 4l3phf..1 V The orchesfra. under 'fhe diredion of Mr. G. H. Carson play fhe "Syncopa+ed Clock," .one of fhe 104 numbers on The annual program. The deccraflons were done by fhe arf department ,fx a eek '41 fm! H. 50. 10? 1 Ll HK 's f u,ff w 3 '95 1 MX 5 rr 1 I, Pi ' .Ku nh Jane? McCauNey and Sharon Do- mafo are among The gir?s from fhe PE. dancing class who por- fray a sfory in dance. A vocaT quarfef consushng of sen lore Pa? McCombs, Wendeli Hen- 4 . ,J ,L U .L li I 2 K. . ,JN 1: ff' 'Y 6 bwf' ffl! ,J dey-son, Jim BPH Davis, and Kerry Owen, sinq "God Res? Ye Merry ,l , ,,,,.,- ,J- S The "Halleiuiah Chorus" is inferprefed by Judy Tkac in ihis window. 1 f ' J -..1 ,,---it ' . J rf -I K , ..r -M - J' K Q Y, ,,,,1'v-I'-1 r I ' l I .4- - s ,v :' Y-' in-r Genflemen. nik, QL df! irrrff 5 , J . .. . -. M o Under The direcfion of Mr holiday arranqemenfs. Mary White, 'rhe chorus 7 551 ' 7-,Q 'AT' , . .' . as classes combme io chmax fne program wnfh severe! 105 Mr? f"Pf Sf Emily Corr, Karhleen Edwards, and Caron While Heighls' version of fhe Andrew Sisfers. 4, , V, ff 'J f, N , ,J-Q, I V g,,-b KS. , gig . : arf' s?i52'2i'? r 1 gin 1 1 it A , X fu A ,, Q -wi , . if V 5 in AAVV, ,, 1 iw as 7 ,MM 9, - Q rl K , an I Fil A H43 , ,f , H V , 5 . 'HX , , 13 .Wag M rx 4. 4 Q . :V . 1 ..., v A E fab' 5 4 M K A I ..,k In if 1 v 'J' sf' ff of f "' We " -,gl gg ., I mi' " - W' A 'x Q 'V 1 s This is your Cowlown Hoedown. Q nj, i fi "Well, check thai lifflo filly over yonder," says Wilson Moore lo Margie Jenkins and Johnny Burford, 1-n-:inn 1-,awww--e W 4-fff I s Judy Worley exclaims, "Howdy!" while Linda Clowe, A Virginia Fowl-er, and ofhers exfend 'rheir hands, n" GI' -V Wlrizfm K he Q A X5 ff!!! Sfudenf Body Presidenf Jeff Haley congrafulares Ranch Queen Bar- bara Loffland and Ranch Foreman -N""""' I N fa John Fallcenbury. 'H--,gf-, sig, 1 - Q , r , ' 3 J 5 'x lg 7 - in as gf 1 ' E, . 4 ' . fi' 2 Now wafch fhrs, says Mrs. Belle Evans as .lane , Lemon, Cynlhia Johnson, and Nancy Loffland ' , 106 wafch in amazement .,...... .o-.,......f,,...,....-f-'f- ,,, -1 - , , h . . - ' ' fl' , ..,l 41 Q- t QA '-'-f , K Nl 1 ,xl I - ' ,. .' ,u ,' - :J . - " , - ' . Snaps G .Q o X NX , A 4 , . 1 1'77,'-5 2 1' 1, ff l fri-4 ' 3 9 Xa 130, 3. 15, Q '- Gesundheif. Buf who sneezed? f'f l'r's a bird! lf's a plane! Oh, W5 only Mike Hix. 3 f-S 1 -'fy Johnny Sfevens. NH, "I don'f feel so good." says 'QQ f s 1 -4 - I if Q W 1'v! l Go, man, qo!!" yell Heiqhfs' cheerleaders. l. in l l i X ll - , X A ll iw? 9' , . ' . , f I had fhis for lunch. l 4 -1- ' Q Al 107 N11 v- I Heighfs Heighls l-leighls l-leighls Heiqhls l'leigh+s l-leighls l-leighfs Heighls O 6 O O 6 7 O 6 Head Coach Roy Curry lrighfl and Assisfanl Coach Don Williams Take Time ou? from a disccssion oi lhe clay's pracfice No? pictured is Assisfanl Coach Joe Praler. Football SEASONS RECORD Texas Cily 6 Pampa 7 Highland Park 39 Waco 40 Carier 40 Norlh Sicle 35 Paschal 33 Tech I8 Poly 22 G "B" Team Coaches L, B. Morris and Nick keep warm wifh foofball parlcas as 'rhey Carler qame. l Foofba' Manaqers Norris Hammond, Robert Recsch, and Daf7d Cook 'end rc everyday dsfes if fhe 'ed hCoSe. 08 Joe Lee Burns QNX .JW J. Jum Harris Fred Dickey .21 Dick Donner .Irmmy Chambers Jack Evans Johnny Choate Walter Frazler Mlke Cropper Donald Geruk v' po fi' Richard Garret! Douglas Gascamp Gary Gnmes sf -Q? 5 5 f--gsm,-5 q Q Q U, ,I 15 93 -. i .4 . 051:54-if 557' I f .U sw x fi- ,f .23 Wayne Harvey John Moon Jackie Pills Jerry Smith John Hornburg Mark Murdock Buddy Robinett David Terry Larry Hudson George Neely Jimmy Robinson Leo Williams Larry Leonard David O'Bannon Rudy Roach Marshall Winblood Pal McComb: NFS" Bobby Pearson James Sprinkle V QI fm Uri Y MPS. Gary Grimes QSM is SMH frying for rhe Tackle as "mean" Doug Jerry Smifn 1261 awaifs a Norfn S5de ba3l carrier fnpped up by Gaskarnp shoves a Ncrfn Side back fc We ground. Giving ckase is Dick Danner Ion groendj as Kay Brockerrneyer fries 'o rnake His Jonn Moon f67k way in. -J in ,vr .. Nw Y an ,Q . , 1 K r'. , ,Qs f .. .,. - , . fr ' fn Wg, 5, . A 41, , ,- , .. : 2 , '- 5 . 'mi '?1aG:f".' ' sf . f-'- ' . Mfr'-in .4362 ' I G. - ,s J-1' LM x , , wa . ' ' 5 ff ' ' 4- HA: ff' Larry Hudson fnead downj and Walrer Frazier f75j make Qing fafkes af a Pascnak runner as Doaq Gaskamp f77f, Dawrd C'Banni' 1405, and Kay Brcckermeyer U81 :C rw JD frfrn benrd. Jerry Srnlk f26k 5' ff Mkg C"ODQ' f56k ?nv hql a",Q"f1'e Y t Car+er-R'vers':1e 're li' a zkzr' Hegre rar Kay Brvrfi-'n'Q.Q' Dcsq Gaikarrp f77' ce, 're end :I a He-'gn' rf fwfr a k' ':" '5 'n We 5Qreqrg,fd. a'd Dark Idrnan 'nike a 'N 'acke VXAQKQ Cm Q' " . " 1 "" Asp! J: ,fn , . 'Ugg ,1 sw. ., - f - ,Amp 'xx .r J ,P I gg. if f 'U .4 gy W , , U 4 V .N r 1 rr., 1 VY kr! a ,gf ' E: A "' 2' V, ff. "N 4 lg' ffl? - " . f 'V Y . 1 . X ,fm My ,W J 5 ""4'-73' -ff' 6 ' ij' - , f' A ' . 5 Q 1 , My ,, . - if 4 x "Q 313, 1- X' Q "5 J' 5 : f,,:-. ,Q 'Iv' h 1' V I S-3 '-122 fW4fi1EfAlL M295 Sf' I r A ' - '-- A wb - . It , RW' ,QB ,K - ' A ' r -f- ff' f A AK M A x 4 5, Ja- Lv ln .-Zia. '5 -1- - :bk 1 .' . .V 1 yi V I guy- f"'N "' 5' M -W J :K ag.,pV x , N Q o x 4 E 'Tb .5 3: if -, E, A f 5 ,4 4 Q 1, 5 I .ww 'K P, P nf -f :QQ fl., an 1 S' N 4 4 O I I- A .JnAk4yf,.35Q5.L MAA,., ,i.l.i,gLAV.V,w1vf, f 1 - -W V-mf v1.4-fa ' Qw.+i-Wu - an -416,25-,-,, .y . ,fi Ax L.,-,M w-,m. 1, f ,,. l, -Qpf ,L ,,,f,, ,5,,zj'f51, : .1 ' ' - fm W Sv? Wy:fg'f'w Wh , ,X, 9 VL-:ax A i X iff? 4 'Q y , ,M .QQ l-lelqhls l-lenghls l-Ieuqhfb l-lengh+s l-leigh+s CONFERENCE RECORD Fnrs+ Round Second Round Car+er North Side Poly Paschal Tech l-lelqhls l'lelgh+s l-lelghls l-lelghk Helqhls eMq Carfer Norfh Sude Poly Paschal Tech LJ 9 17q512c- 10 afkl' 5 Q M QUU,,V5' R L "A" TEAM PM RAW' R'fna'd B K f' O L-+P W " MAI: L d 'lc J' ' ., V . -. erryrnan, er-, wen, qwe' a--ace, VE Q, ermw , nn Bafc' Joe Lee Burn Second Row: RaWpn Binford, Tcrnmy Evans, Jack Jackson, Harry Branfs, Jimmy WIYson. Th7rd Row: Pau' Dinsmorxe, Manager' Roy Browning, Gary Grfmeg, Bgb Lanfep Lows Smne, Mike Sack an a ' R :fad Be-","a' Ra pn B1F':'d Parry C X ln The conTerence opener CarTer downed The l'-leighTsTers by one poinT, 49-48, as They did Twice The year beTore. NorTh Side Tollowed in The nexT game by pinning a 50-44 deTeaT on The Blues. In The only overTime game oT The sea- son mighTy Poly Tell To The Jaclre-T sTing 47-43 aTTer one exTra period. DisTricT Champions, Paschal, came ouT on The Top oT a 73-52 Tinal score To give Al-ll"lS The worsT beaTing oT conTerence play. A Tied score aT 47-47 Tell as a Tech dribbler dropped in Two Tree Throws wiTh one second leTT in The game. A 47-46 scramble puT The l'leighTs Mille Loudermilk, Torward, was all-disTricT and made all-sTaTe second Team. Mikes I8.8 poinT-malcing average was good Tor second in ciTy scoring honors. crew on Top oT a one poinTer in The second encounTer wiTh CarTer, ln The nexT game l-leighTs came back To sTop NorTh Side 5l-49. Poly Tell again To The JaclceTs in The Tollowing game: This Time 57-54. Paschal ouTscored AHH5 56-50 To sTop The winning sTrealc. TiTle conTenTion was snubbed OUT by Techs Tive in The season concluder 52-36. NorTh Sidels 5Teers Tied wiTh l-leighTs Tor TourTh place wiTh 4-6 won-losT records. .lim Balch, sTurdy liTTle Tloor man, Tool: a guard posiTion on The all-disTricT Team. Jack Jackson Bob LanTer Mike Lcudem R Kerry Qwen Wu, ang X 'ffl x ,Q ,N-qs, ww 1 , 1, rn, xv 'xa7 ' r 11 ,' 'Nj K X A T xx Y - 2 3+ 1 k 4 .44 , A Y X x , , ' 2 1 Hrs' raw: Bufm Cheat Bobby Bfaqan Jwv Rbcdes, Joe Locke, and Hcmer Price. SecC'd few. Rcwwie Vance, Jlm F'e'C'er ,Les Souls, Bib Heffel, Dwa'n Heafh, and Manager Gerry Gczdffaf, Nc? p':'.,fec 'B' 'eam mer-wbofs are Dadd O'Baw-H" .WGN Smhh. Jlmvl, W'nH Rex Mrcamy, and Jchr Wwinson, "B" TEAM Mike Sack Louis Sfone Lmher WaNace Jimmy When XjX 14 xo fs em TE A , N Track a'd M Len Bfco'ey, Jando Pub JC7'Wy Sfeyens lke L:.derm K frame .p Jcckef 440 Re ay Team. gg, 4' . up xv Q J fx f bzzfxyg. Sophomore Broad Jumper Joe Wnite digs affer a pracfice jump, y 5 L I U 'Hera-, Ye? your od Unde Fmer show you how," Coach L. B. Morris says fo Marshali Winbiood. Disfance Men Jess Thomas, Jlm Bailey, and Mike Hdmmgnd eye fhe clnders for an 880 or m' e mn. ' .rr .9-5 K1-1' .,,, us. . f I 'Vw E fly Y tv v' ,-4 , , ..-,rf R1-'4'. -,I 4 zo?"-3 f .tf""3f , -1 - 1- .JO F -1 Q' -' 20 Q, C5 v L. 'V fifrl i f V' KM' gl A df L i 4 ,Avg-5,4 e s Q ,UQ if lflzdg- ,ef .gf i nc -Q L.. ,i ,M ' AK L - , . M J-2 ,abcif .,., sc f ez ww.-f, 0 i X i i ' T iv 'max 9214 ii! 2 X T S x V K 7 X I 33 ' . . G fo , L i. I fw f X JV A-1. uf- -'31,-.vNQ,:,i37:i, K WA. fhzgk .N- I. i1,:-W,-,al .' i-'I -'M'j'gqQH,45NMea4s .5y3f.5'.,' -, Aj ,- 'aim T 71:-if' ',,fZ'G,":. . .LJ : ju-5 51' :sg TRACK TEAM Firsl Row: Georqe Neel-ey, John Hornburq, Russell Clark, Mike Loudermilk, Gary Maben, Terry Raines, Joel Locke, Ronald Bailey, Berf Flanaqan, Mgr. Adair Rucker. Second Row: Mqr. Brian Owen, Jelf Haley, Pal McCombs, Alvin Cearley, Johnny Sfevens, James Bozeman, Len Branfley, Jimmy Winn, Mike Hammond, Jess Thomas, Arlhur France, Harold Illich, Roy Browning, Third Row: Coach Morris, Larry Leonard, Bob Bradley, Jackie Pills, Jim Bailey, Eugene Ernesr, Homer Price, Bob Simp- son, Ronnie Vance, Billy Evans, Burch Choale, Mqr. Ken Smilh. Fourfh Row: Bob Sewell, Tracy Evans, Jimmy Chambers, Marshall Winblood Dick Morris, Tim Boswell, Tommy Welch, Jim Flelcher, Douqlas Brooks, John Adams, Jim Bill Davis. Fifih Row: Louis Joe, Jack Juslice, Gayle Marlin, Monle Morris, Joe While, Chuck Needham, Herschel Wriqhl, Rudy Roach. Two lop cily hurdlers, Russell Clark and Mike Loudermilk, prepare To zoom over lhe "hiqhs." !1'f f 'Hg-.w+',s,r Avi?-F f . - A , Eff' ...--a -ww 42.23.-f 3 ,nl , ,E Q3 ?'Q3"' .1 x ff m filff -lf R' 1 'X -3: ' 4,11-r1s-ff.-21-24a'.,,z,f - gl. .Q-, .-mi-,s . -any 'V -2 - 3' -V 2525, ' ,N ff -,f .Tz'f6fF 3552 , 'rr'-.fl .f .'m1M5' ug 1 1 8 5. Q vi. -MRA UA, L Afgxfg 14' '--f"i:, iff 4 93321. . A ,xiiiz-'3A,'i,34,yx,gek, ' ,-,..d3l, 12:4 :fi - ff y.--:Q +P -'1iw.rf,f- - -M , Nw , -E' Q 3 '..145Mf. R , X .:, , ' ' , , H? ' jqsi- - , - wwvavw' - . :Ein ki' -7 ."Ti,' kr. In . eq- A. ga A., '- ,, lar 'S -1,9-. 'V , if F32 we Af ix r '--v 8 .21 1 ' 4 , i K K, Q - 5,7 , I 5 R" 4 'H ,. 1 :iw 6 1 -..-... - ,WJ ,,, , -1 wwf- ,..,.,w--- - ,- emu -. Q Q 4, 'W ,..,., -f ...M- 'N , A 1 1 '11 Ml? M., YIW ZZ? 4QR1Q H!! v ,Q qs. fxxifw 3 ga V .4 WN 0" ,n '-N, ,- I Ks! 'pd V xv i A, '-of v , -Q. , ' 'N'-, W,-N . -fs z., wg, - " 'fig 1g',,,,'yi ' I ' ' fwwmmw ,ass . 1 1' nr ,,'f. ,-.--A' .fi M - s..,,d, ,, Y.. 1, M' f . 3. ,f ,-,lp 1 ,qw-A. ff ww 4? -apn- ., W I . U W ' t u .5 ' H 'G 'WP ' 5' " M, 3- X ii A i' 5' !! X Y W f fb f, QE. f 1, KA ' . .K - I .I 1 QS W ag, . , 'yn -Vw X uv- ' ja.. ...La bf v,, -A ,iw Mifar .,f' f, rw' V, f - Z4 f K Baseball Heed Baseba Ccagv Din Wfarm shcws Mafwaqef Jack Eva's Nha? a ba' Yooks Nike. I . K ,V Q - in , ty' 3 in We 0 :A .J 6. . -'L X ff . - W MKII: , SHP J L 5 V 0 ' we N a Q A, j A , , ' ,i - Q -'M :-- 9 ....--H 7 , f ,5XJKf!'f R, A ' YK bww,g . M . S A. 9 f lmgylgf - ff .X :ef ,Q W 4 .Ll ' ww I V . J, , X K-' K ff' f' X fl A A f ' ' f I 55' QTIG N'3NUffZf 9Q'K.U' ,4 by 9 sqft su? -fly 'g1?,, A, f4'N 4 gl LJ X Firsi row: Ke", Cwef R 'fam B-e","'c' Jamei Ba 1' La' , 'J d ' Je -Ge Eff: Da- d Te", VV' we O'Rc,r'lre. Second row: Czar W' 'amz Bibs, Bfaiga' Man? F-"aw Cas Mew JM Sf" Da. 3 QBaff:' Jeffy S"e':' Third row: B50 MiGf5-ee Lei 'N eff Jawe. Sr:"'re Owe ' Hee" B Qifvcev 123 Seven years of piayinq experience maine up Ai-iHS's iniieid Qi David Terry, Jim Baie Kerry Owen, and Richard Berryman, Ouffieider David O'Bannon prepares fo faire a swing a+ aw imaginary basehaii Thrown by an imaqinary pifcher as Joe Lee Burns makes iike G backsfop. ir jay-neg Spf mme and Mary r' A'?'ar'3 born inc er! ivn qff i' as 'Hey' DOD qef ender i Sfa OR 24 my ft. q Pncrier 'Fader WI1'ams 5':ws ns Ccrcrrs, Larr Hadscn Craig Mefz, M7ke rke, and Bcbby McG.,5iee, V7.5 is d 'cr a iasf ba , Y kfwcw! 'cf do dfcvefs a'd Qa':'e's 'elk abcuf? Jce Lee Buns a'd 'Pcde' W 'ams fmsf Hope Joe Lee Bans 354+ aseep back fb 'cause Kerr, Owen Wssed! Jerry She for D-Nam Heafh, Bobby Braqan, Smiih 'cclclnq af? David O'Bar1rwon ccrmeds For a hif in fhe 24-5 downing of Granbury. and Bl!! Row den are Ycokinq For fha? ba!! up In Hue air, Wha+'s Jen 6 Cafe, Pau G f 2 yea' 6. Q 'va W ,,: , ' , ,f Q Q , 3 My .NLQ1 , Ffafrzes Bedkrd k- 'I MF- GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM: Kneeling: S-Ae Ann HY, Sy ya Daley, Valerie Harmg. Sfanding: Paf Ryan, Judy Wcr.ey' Vrrqhia Carey, FVGUQQS Bedford, Vkrqinla Carey No? planned is Coach Anne Slmmong, Valerie Harms urs' f "Q Judy Wc."ey Sy y a Dal ey an Girls -sXS?. X gf 'lxti' :ar a f'asfbaN Readmger 'throws anofher mq The sfreef a ross The pafe We!! n ar we D e anyway Gwenda Lamb Louse Jo Taylor and Bar barn Berqhmd enloy a rousing game of fenms veryb dy seems T v H n ea f' n Zandt shoot a rr e fm- f , Q' Q E . if - j ' f' f ' E ' -. A .iw A ' ' is if . Mary He on Wwlams, EGVETWE Pankey, and J..dy DeWIne Fire ar a Rv P? " " ' C Y . . e Ya? , E G 0 be we C I q J ' 9 VG A ' e cw. Bcrrfa Srnrr waxes a nasvy spfr' Hrs? base. mu Linda RoclcweU, Gwen Weiner, Virginia Harms, and Linda WHlcInscn seem fo be enjoying their exercises. A 'read ess'eroa:k Wepares and .ffdfs 5 r fne ba' 'Q be :e"'e'ed fi "ff- Boys' Coach Williams. Kay Broclrer- meyer, and Coach Ruggieri keep track of inframuraf records. N i N v u .X .A 7- 4 . ,rf ,Q 'V', AJ .1 vi 5 Wayne Hamm 'ries his form an +ve Qbhnlrq ban The dash Q5 bore on bcne and IS' If ?ace beqae aqah wifh We Fefe'- mma FOOfbGHQ5'T19S. Ccac' 1xf2"'3E ocaae fe'J's ': camp af'e' c Q: 'Q ac "e 3: ie 130 C! . I I wa. Demfs TQ" J, C, B'f'cn, Aofaf Ca. Kerr, Becfe Pau Cnc: Cfafes CGFDCS Warne' H: amd, am Da'3e Brew oa"':'ca' in a :":9V'dNy qame 05 mal. .I K- "A H.s.P1qm! ' Jacke+s Gonna Win Tcnighflu 'XX ff .1 se, s Mckew fmzsiasf : fans. 1 ' T i Y Wafch cub Mike! x S Be sf 'S X X Q 5k 9 As our flrghl nears :ls fmal slage we recognize a few of lhe many slars +ha+ have helped lo nllummale our Ioumey Through lhe year No lllghl can be suc cessful wu+hou+ The conlrlbuhons of a galaxy of personalmes l-lere lhen are lhose whose conlrubuhons will shme ID our memories long affer FI gh+ 58 complefed. . ly u yyyyy K ,X .g : .xx l N lx Q - , Cx or 45 rQ g M .z' IWFUIYFE' fu., -S.. .Q- Cheerleaders Leading l-lenghTs spnruT Through The Thlclc and Than OT :Ts sporTs Qeasonb Thus year were The eughT Yellow J lceT cheerleaders The mosT rewarding TrlbuTe ac pand To Them came when Mr Pegram sTaTed I H hT Thus Thlnlc The QprruT and sporTsrnanshup aT eng s besT ever' Miss Joan Ohver spon John Adams year was The sored Thus group F nT Row lell To rrghT cden an n T or n a WI nson gene BeTTy ue Dye sen or and Madha Seay sophomore TT To r hT Walker Ell s Tuner O Fe a seno Jenn Adams sen or C Row e and Garry Maben sophomore Garry Maben MarTha Sealy A BY efy Sue D Ui: Lxnd 6 W XkmsOf' Pafo FSH-5, Eden Van Zardf W5Xker 5 Homecoming Queen Susie Handley e 1 A ' ..,,,,..:1 Ranch Queen Barbara Loff- land and Ranch Foreman John Falkenbury. Howdy King Jan Richardson and Queen Sug King. Mo 1 Sfudiou f .X f' IE FYSHER MOST STUDNOUS G-IRL H q J C b m mber In e sopnomore year SP9 was a member O we fud Como! D a m m 'W para? a member 9 fb J Cub A member cf e 'Le ferns earn e affa Pfvenfs O no sf en? ig H 1 . ,NX I x SUS , ' ' a' ei Ms, is a " . e . F f ' , - f f S eh' '. LARRY FERSTENFELD, ores'den+ Q? We genlgr 1 aes was e ecfed MOST STUDIOUS BOY. In ROTC Fe was chosen A' -City C: c1ef afd 'ab 'een fe ber of We R'fe Team. Tbfs acco p ?s'ed i 5 is 5 e H N ' . W1 Szdew' Ccfc' and Y ' are :M f f N I 'fs wc r ad , Mo I Athletic U ANN HTLL m mber Cf me ren s eafv- a d horseback env yas? s The M T ATHLETIC GPRL Bea des be ng sports e T J c e J 1 as e N 'FVY' a pa ed a ba feam e a ' e D65 fefee ears es a C es rf' CM a v es rm' KAY BROCKERMEYER MOST ATHLETTC BOY eqe He oee e e s Q er e a, N s ce sen A DTs'ff earr' .va DG e a T e Te ecfew pcxe He QMS VT! 5' ein ef bc, as n Ka be c c S"E . e ' ' 'T ' " N mA 7 OS . 3 Y d' of :I "e as R ' cxfah she 'S rw v'd 5 ' ef ed T y of q'f s' ice' ' '- 'r T ,Fgr - 0 -, she 'as wcfv fre qwfs' s"'g nd d ,b' Lobe' Da, :Ma p' -Vos ' R' ef C' ' CCL. fy C Jb, , 's 5 sg mzregf W awyeer d7vIs'c"-'rcs' scpqh? a5'ef by cc' s, Fas f Q55 ' d :ec e's"ps ' Rte TCU aed T- as Tech Las' ,-a' K a "e only 'wb' c :cf We Press '- A 16+ ' rd ea S: : d 2' 'fe S' r- eeqfame se::"d '-ea". T'z yea' " A 1 ' ' d I , c, " Qc a a -c1s"':' ':-ard. a as 5: e":.s base a" asre'ba . i, 3 ,K 'hr Wg? 'k 'ax ' . '1 , uf s 4 , . , 5 " , fy . W W, . 1 V Y " f , fy W iii? Ward T: 're senior DOy, owsfarolnq V' scholarship, N6dd6VSL"F if 1 .. Effie 'Ve Ecmwd Varfewarap Award 'Q prefleme I 6'3" p'1".SD1xnffbrQTf0v 'PG C fi"-H O 'M 4 "OV'OF1wG1v9 P me"1"', 'af E2"k.'w1 Fwfefvyamr Hrs? rreddea? of J C103 war? wax -4' Q3 fa NRQTC ptr Ame CF:VL', RO1m'dJfaf, 54' STH, Seat. 55' TCP. Awrrr 56' ad: S'n"Wep yan .-1 1 , . Ar- f,f + V-f f- f-f r H, 5 .ie reaevw.-w: e. Jay Murphy is This year s 13" I ol Roland Jary winner, n 'YS' Sonny Searcy Edmund Fahrenkamp ,....., Tony Aldrich Ni S.-4' Sfanley Shannon Jay Murphy 1' I ,fri A ..4 1 061451-C911 ,1 a K 4.44 fig!! I X 2 lf ,A A vi' 1 1 .f?fz4flf , , c - jf' .,gff,ff-1 ff ' 1 ' A .,1 if! f-Zffwi-'7 ffvfiifj 1, , A 41,4-,T ' :Vx .. , , V "5 J1'----N - "'fK., "xv xx ,---1 f wixf' Y ff, V7.2 ' f ' 1 K . 11, 1 ,' "" Ya. I .x' u --- .1 , 4, "N 6- ,V-f-:,,. 7 N . Ev-,. 'f. ,X J "4 41561 -A rx if kv Wm J 3 Favorite I' Pat McCombs Jan Richardson Eden Van Zandt Finalists Susie Handley Bonnie Rogers Tom Hodge K fn! '--vw 4 Linda Bodlford Student councilman 3 years J Club 3 years ,alfa Who's Dlck Danner Homeroom president 3 years Football letterman 2 years Football tn captom All Dlstrrct guard J Club 3 years All.- :KW -ii -1 Who Robert Bunger Student councilman, 2 years Jacket Footlight Players vice-president Senror play co production manager Frrstlveutenantk O T C J Club 1 ear Mary Ellen Kemmerer Homeroom officer 3 years Orchestra 3 years Senror decorating commrttee chairman J Club 2 years Marcy Reiners Treasurer, student council, 2 years Homeroom officer, 3 years Jacket Footlight Players secretary-treasurer Senior play cast "J" Club, 3 years G. I. C. A. Y. I Ted Mayo Homeroom treasurer Jacket Journal Advertrsmg Manager Jacket Footlfght Players J Club 3 years O T C ma Battahon Staff member Straight A honor student A Larry Fersfenfeld All Clly Colonel Mosf Sfudious Senior class president Sfudenf councilman 3 years J Club 2 years Judy Truelson D, A. R. Award Junior Red Cross president, 2 years F, T. A. presidenf Miss F, T. A. from Heights "J" Club, 3 years G. I. C. A. Y. Betsy Wilbanks Homeroom secretary-treasurer, 3 years Library Club president "J" Club, 3 years Teenage Library Association President of District 7 G. l. C. A. Y. 5500.- C. .,.,, ,, .-,.......2r .v.-....ffa--,il .1-'34 " -Ae ,f --f" 955 Jay Murphy Jacket Journal Editor Jacket Footlight Players "J" Club, 3 years Edmund Fahrenkamp Award Homeroom president, 2 years Senior steering committee Jacket Journal Staff, 3 years A. Y. f.- I 45-f.a,,,,.r1fi Wendell Henderson "J" Club, 3 years Yellow Jackef Organizations Editor Senior play cast Homeroom officer, 3 years YJ Band 3 years A, Y. delegate fo Buck Hill Falls. fp 6 .f- Aff' .,,...- Semor Snaps Sm -4- Ccz' X S X -P Cv' X - Teri' X Q: ?777 za-,Vi lei: Hdey. fy 3'1- Two -Q- fwo f4ve7 -4 Q if, A+ 'rhe ch?me, the office! AHHS ilme wi be exacfiy 9:30 a. rn. Mmm aim... Slarling lheir aclivilies oil wilh a bang, 'rhe 3ll member senior class of l958 sei' a nalional sales record ol 5l5,885.95, surpassing their goal by over 5300. On lhe nighls of April 24 and 25, 'rhey presenled Cheaper by 'Phe Dozen, a hilarious comedy cen- lered around The lrue life slory of Franlc,Gilbrelh, Sr. Wild coslumes and bermuda shorls were ihe apparel of lhe childish seniors on May 2, lor bolh Senior Day and lhe picnic 'lhal lol' lowed. The seniors parlied al 'rhe Firsl Melhodisl' Church Youlh Cenler on May 9. River Cresl Counlry Club was lhe selling lor lhe banquel and dance. A religious nole lo lhe aclivilies was The baccalaureale service held af Will Rogers Audilorium, May 25. The climax ol lhe year was gradualion, also held al lhe audi- lorium. ' , :-'ggi - Honor your parlner and circle fo lhe left 59" Roses are red. Violefs are blue, Sugar is sweel. And so am l. Joe Shannon doe-sn'l come CHEAPER BY O THE DOZEN N ff, f, , .A X' l lp i,y i H L L mg, This is lhe Grand Ole Opry. 4 .f-5 ,, fi! J Club Ollicers oi lhe "J" Club, which honors students lor their leadership, scholarship, and service, are Louis Joe, vice-presb denlq Kerry Owen, president: Linda Bodilord, secreloryg Steve Johnson, NGGSLJFSV, Miss Kathryn l-laden, Sealed, Sponsors the club. Badiford, Lindo Creswell, Carol Donner, Dick Galloway, Judy Henderson, Wendell Edwards, Kathleen Ferstenleld, Larry Fowler, Virginia Haley, Jell Hibbs, Edwin Bunger, Robert Carlisle, Richard Davis, Sondra Dye, Betty Farr, Jerry Nell Bedlord, Frances Bender, Steve Biggi, Bill Borders, Jan Burns, Joe Lee Cook, David CNW, Martha June Ellis, Walker Gunn, Cathleen Hansard, Bob 158 THIRD-YEAR MEMBERS SENIORS: Holderbaum, Sara lewis, Faith Moya, Ted Owen, Kerry Reinerx, Marcy SECOND-YEAR MEMBERS SENIORS: Lawyer, Janice Meanor, Sandra Muncy, Mike Murphy, Jay Thompson, lorry FI RST-YEAR MEMBERS SENIORS: Ferrier, Rosslynn Haley, Margaret leverich, Willie Ocholski, Jannette Trietsch, Geneva SECOND-YEAR MEMBERS JUNIORS: Holden, Martha Jean Howell, Nancy Hudson, Larry Joe, Louis Johnson, Steve Leonard, Larry McCreless, Margie Mercer, W. E. Norman, Sylvia Pipes, Bruce Truelson, Judy Vaughan, Judy Wallace, Monet'e Wllbanks, Betsy Von Zant, Jeanne White, Caron Wilkinson, Linda West, Sonya Wilemon, Sandra Worley, Judy Readinger, Patricia Reuther, Martha Shields, Frances Stalnaker, Nancy Van Zant, Eden Walker, Barbara Williams, Bob C, Ziegler, Susan Allerton, Kathy Bennett, Joan Bradley, Bob Collard, Judie Dinsmore, Paul Due, Lanita Barcus, Jimmy Blalock, Sandra Boatwright, Jan Brantley, Len Brown, Vivian Cook, Janette Dickey, Bob Dunagan, Jerry Fatheree, Jackie Gale, Cynthia Gallagher, Pat Gaston, John Green, Charlotte Grinnell, Joan Hawes, Evalle Heinecke, Betsy FIRST-YEAR MEMBERS JUNIORS: Elam, Linda Erwin, Jan Grenadief, Linda Hardy, Janice Houston, Jerry Morgan, Rosemary FIRST-YEAR MEMBERS SOPHOMORES: Hendrick, Linda Jo Hietl, Karen Huber, Jamex Hughes, Freda Humphries, Jane Ann tvy, Jlmmie Johnson, Linda L. Jones, Stephanie Levine, Jerry Locke, Joel Lowrance, Bobby Maben, Garry McDaniel, Mona Mmdlm, Phyllis Mulholland, Mary Nell Napier, Adona Peterson, Jimmy Potter, Deedie Rockwell, Linda Rusxey, Marilyn Tkac, Judy Prince, Jimmy Ramey, Mary Lou Raschke, Lynn Rhodes, Molinda Schneider, lee Sealy, Martha Singer, Maida Simpson, Robert Teague, Barrie Tilley, Nancy Ware, Mary Jane Watxorl, Virginia Whiting, Vaughan Worley, Louonne W7 IIC MRS EMILY LUNDAY BOB MAULSBY RALPH CORDRAY MARVIN D EVANS COMPANY MR SAL NASCHE CONVAIR FACULTY ma MR PEGKAM MISS HADEN AND MR SHARP SYLVIA DAILEY JUDY WORLEY a JAN BORDERS GVTIG EDEN VAN ZANDT 5 -f LYNN RASCHKE ci QVC G NANCY CARMICHALL AND JUDY TKAC MARTHA CRAIG BETTY TAC-GART PAUL DINSMORE EDWIN HIBBS JANICE FRANKLIN JACKIE GREGORY DAVID BEYER SHERRY TEAGUE CATHLEEN GUNN WENDELL HENDERSON KERRY OWEN ?- CHQ I' gf'- ,dj Q? 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Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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