Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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fffggfp, J-'ff'fil1' j If wid A 1 f L M fwWWN QjzM0f,'f'j,jQf"bEbW U , W gfxw, VW' f li 51 My 1,41 A, ,ffjyxlwggg My ,lay iQ4 E L7 M, MJ , ' ' ,1 ,f lf ' 21 lf 2111fl 1 1 l i H df W yd, f A . . W5' w'f1Qiff My Qi , P1551 if Mwwmg 535197 Mi My QW dwfwkgjffjj eiiggfkfwgy 'Uv fi ' ,, 'T ff cvcuefrffgd M' ,f M, LGE . r- , . ' X I . 1. Z, Y ' ,Lfvv ..f4ff-cfnfzifcfcf ,1,f.,2LfLZfJ'14' . M-J . . f . A L-I Af " 417 V , A f I, jiiay :fi-:J f' 1 -L.,wL fwfE.f VofW44 iff K' 7 i ,. .V 5 , . 4, pc,c,f'g4.,7LZ9YQff-fwggy' - J ,, .,4LsfQL.Mw' Q- HQ K W f, . .- 4, - f A-f 17 LZ K 11171 lypghal -V K.- , ,j f "A .pw JA' 6 "A 4- f f-, , Z"J'c'L if fi 5' fi ffrf 11 ffl. 'ffm' 7 1 ' X 3' if 55 -iii 1 ,fi A WNW . f AMW if RPM? vie N in MW 'xg V H 35, 'N r ' JJ' I Q2 fifvfLAl A UW2 14 fly K fp b 9 -ff4wmfzf44-1 WC' Vdwb 'QVAQAQ A , ,, .i yy lgjyfu, ,fiwff I W PM X 5 V MW M W ff My ff! Qxmgg 5 fy I Oryffiy YDff'5 W.fff"5 iff 7gi,?ifQ fW W ,M N 2 AQWMW Haw' " MMV M QQ of if g' 423 ggfjww QW 'My , , ,x A ,,,MW my bZf1,Qfb3f?f14W, wwf WM WfjQfQi35N 2?'ffQ3Z?T AMW W 726759 'gwzg Q WW ?"'0fJ ggisfi? gs U55 ww gy, X-f ,N if ,f 1 f ' f ' . N .iff Y , 551 j ,J Yi-TM L 1 -" f . , . I 553533 K 'mi EN! 'Q : S ,Q G2 Q X .fav Gaz 707 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL FORT WORTH, ATEXAS . Age? ov' 16 , A Wwfbiw ' ,9f75ff59'XfMw"l'T 129 Q Ga S Y iii? ki Q ESQSFE gg S N5 ' af ., J 5, X Cf iw 'N Ni, GX an 5 'Q N se V Fx T 'ix g "4G 4: N 1.O. an Q 1 F X Lx -X X'-l fi W X A L X3 x N G, Xxx Xxtxf wx 'RPO Q' A 'xl 1. , Q O'A-W, Q52 x ' U rig ' HHGH :Q 0 H 'N N 5 19 J' F! A 1 if O!! f W N O fig ff If QWWMQ , 5 uw "WQMZi Wy ff lilN?MgEl5iif4 if ' if i is of .5435 . fa ,r ,y ,Y--. ., No, gy '- I ,i.Wf,q.'2'2',,',' TZZ 2'gf,,,,.J 1 e. www .ew 'ihfwsf lawn ii ,V Smiling your hello fo new sfudenfs during Howdy Week . . . yelling yourself hoarse in fhaf home- coming pep rally . . . working 'fil darlc on fhe spring producfion . . . campaigning eagerly in fhe sfudenf council elecfion . . . sfarfing your day wifh fhe Bible reading and fhaf momenf of silence for l prayer . . . affending classes held before school by sympafhefic feachers-fhese are only a parf of fhe spirif manifesfed af Heighfs. Friendliness, indusfry, enfhusiasm, deferminafion, folerance, and undersfanding are lessons well learned as we play fhe Game of Life here on The Hill. How we accepf success and failure is of greafer consequence fhan fhe acfual oufcome of our sfruggle fo reach our goal. When whaf we learn here is forgoffen, how we learned if will remain. "When fhe one greaf Scorer comes To mark againsf your name, He wrifes nof fhaf you won or losf, il Buf how you played fhe game." -Granfland Rice l fr' f L A i ' J J' Al-fi X fl! i j 1 V .. g-if sf V V , J 4 ' " .if ' If I' I .1 ! , y g, X ls J pf ' , 'N .' f fx ' ei 'i.' ff W U if ' 1 , if V ' i sf Y ri 'Q X , ,, H A X , Y It I gl, .A fy . . i,,,..,r. ,1122222222125E?EEE9Ei23Ei?1E?3E?i5i "---ir ----r wifi' l H-1.51-1-. ,. 1-1':-::,3,3.1-:-:g12:5:5:g-:--141-'-'V:-11:5.g-p:-1-:i:-'-'-'-'--' 1 :3:g:g1gIg1:I:?12:,z. :1zI:1:1:E:-:-:-:-: -'-'f'- '-- ,A l A '-'+IiiiiiiiiiifIifiliiiili1i1iifT ii I ,l . . - -.4,' Igiliiiiiiiiiiiiliizitiz-: 14:-11: iililiiiwi 'V " 121i22s2z2e2i152222221fa:aEa2e2322i25iE2i2a2e2e,i1Q2i2E:5223212522222:f21Qeiaiiiiiiizieieiziaga,,,. s:s:z:e12121S'f11' "-' " ,- , A f i ' .,,,--' 1 A , .,,, , ,,.,.,.. 'Hi .. , lu E '47, ,'-.'1 222-agzg2Q2a22i5:2:z5zga32eEW ,1g15i:a:a:2fx4g,1.sL:a: 325: a2ais2s:zg2g2g1zZ f -if , . H-fi' f21"152E5225"'5?22.11EE22E32522553,.:2222Ei2iEsE3i1Qi:25i2aifQ-e1i2if52g1g2Qsi:i'ii31 ,,"' gg121E2E23i5i2izQ'2 Eiiiiiiyiiige "1 A ,.,- ii.. M do 4' v"l ' ii-3" ,. 55.12.221Q3i2EE22i32aE5E55E, '1g1gsie12i2gEeE'2?1E11.352aE2i2Q1,LQiz15ge21iz2z2gjQ1:2i22iia'.ai?T252512si52.Q111352E2EE3EeZ12222:1E'?11'+V V' -,'., .. a:5iz':22212Eg2s:E2E2222552522222211552QEiiffQ.i2i:?x4e?ei2i1iii"EE22i21222ai'aiifiiiili-1222242111125-EWQEQMI-., ,- - W ""i"-"' 1 ,..' 'Q ,- W if F---''Z:gg32:21:5155-223215Lggy:Qc-g,1.1Qg:gjgQ1::y1i,j.5:3:5:3:i4:-Q11g:::,.f-2-I-fa..g155'y,Qg,,1 .,,:-1.-Zvi"-' ' 4 " -",, j 15 -,,-. 1 '.,-.., A '--'-'fzr,1.1:111111m1:ErE1:1zg1g1Q.''.-,.g,3.5:i31r'j,332155 -5"?,:gE'5g-QigE',,-Igigibzr-1'1"' ' , '51-'31 'f,j.j:2gf,,,f'g.'fg-2g1-- s 'ill . ..,., V fs. ..-1-24:41-:-,grgfi'i-11?g'1'.I:'t2:E'5p!1Q'Q'Q:Q4:'t 5,221-:v:3.3" ' , fn-3'9,1,1.j1-g-5.'1' ' ,',' 1 'gig'-,2.f-.', j ,Xl ""- i .i .i ffi:-.,111:3:5:i:2-11':i:'1.31-1-'gf21198531-:li-52,vl111,131 +335 513 .-,- :-:-'--fi 'Q 2 ' 15V'g1:'rQr21i5f52gxa5's,:1 ' ' .ifiziiizii "'- iii' VJ 2 x X A D A A H - 4 A Mff' X ,j,,,4, ,af M fe'-bfi, f- J J, K 7 70 ZZ! , Awww al, tafmmrtfjfff. vmwfm M Qf 7f,1f"'J If. W. , W Sd You, +he s+uden+ body, have creafed Jrhe memorles recorded here. Your individual effolrfs culminalre in a spirif of Teamwork ai' Heighfs which makes Jrhai' "feel- ing good and True." N 9 Q YD G43-4 PLMMFNQ l n ! ! l E KN 1 r f kc I S i I i E ! u 4 if W So, "H"s from our hearrs Jro you"- 5 The I956-57 YELLOW JACKET H 2 Q 1 f?Q?!QmmJ-.45f' fffw fr' 5 , n , - :Z . !,.Mf Qi 41-1, ff! , 'ij' j L' "XM, , -3 f' V ,f' i J 'Iliff A22 1 Y Q A! I . Auf 'f j I 2 " fy ll!! fi! N' f 7 I 6 V rl Av hs 4- J. V, .f ,. .P , ,J f x ,,' , I x 9 -Wy - I, h ' s f'Af " 1 P- . X A --'-ff:-2-:-1+1-.-zffvz-14 1 :':-1-:-ivy.-.-f. .3 1.3.5 V X K 'v-.. I,'Xx . .-.5911-.-ig.-. . .. 3... ' A j 'H ....., , . 'xx ,'.-:- X 4...-1l 3 f A . 'ir flflnzfnz X I t . I R: . J, ,- h K , QQ Ji,4,A..fJfC- 1c Aw A 44 . 3 W , M ' T . ' ' ' A A ' ' 7' .,' ,7 - Q.. J V tv ,L I rg . . . V ---us.-gf? 'lb' J- ui U gg-vw'L"fR .ff V Y .,..,... ' V", A , 'A , r. 5 V , fi 7' X, - ,,45'y'.g3,f..,+2,! f it A K W V gf' V NF "' A'?:"i'5' WL .if , ff 'A J ,f ' 7 - if A ,,, AJ M if fwau.. 11, ' A Af A-A ar. flfv . Z 1 , V if ,4 1 V I ji XJ- ff I I. gf-Qi Lf:-tdfvcv . f, AKD lcla s an couches -.-.-.-,-.',-.f.1.-.',-.-.1.-.-.1.-,4,-.-,-,-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.,,-,v.-,,-.v,-.-.v,....,.,..,... . ......... ........ ....... ...... lleum A NI R ' WN .,4,. H Ab s-Ame A A A A i I 3 W! A SPORTS f 'ffl AWARDS 1 '1 .f A f ZZ I FAVORITES , f ',,,, 4 , , , 1 ,f,L,Q,,,,, ff' z' -fl 20 MVA , ,, , 7 WW A, W4-eZ21zU,WzZO WMMMWMWW 4 M-+11 1 A LW-IA? ea ,WL A J MJ 49 ,M W W V if X if I iw! xxx ' fi' Mb HJ ,Q U ff 1 My ii I , ' A X JMB q jp fy J! ff r .r A .iffy , ff?" Y ' ,ni x I Mr, W. superinfen tn high L KU X A fx' HN MV ax QV Upfix i 0 NIM i X 1 J fl Vw ' . V, 1 X ,J I Q QV I1 L ft ky UW .A cl QJbxQVC,W,!MJJU A ' U 1 1 9 ff J JVM W N W 0 CM wt Al . Joe P Mr SCMOOXS 'R 2 M JN K xw wk ww 'N X administrators ft. worth gch6M27W M ffwfw F U WW mf 0 r gfvjvf vm CWWW Zf7W7 F wwwvww Wy if W1-KUQ s board of education hs 1 1 ,i Board of Educalion of Jrlrie Forl Worllw Public Schools, Reading from lelfl io riglwl: Mr. William Polls, Dr. James N. Walker, Mr. Slewarl Lydiclc, Superinlendenl Joe P. Moore, Mr. A. J. Armslrong, Mrs. l-lelen Weiman, secrelrary +o Mr. Moore, Mr. Alwood McDonald, Mr. Roy C. Broolcs, Dr. Abe Greiners, Mr, Ed P. Williams. PRINCIPAL " ':'W"fi 'f ' g f Z W 3- f -zf, . . N IE' fv.-aggw.-,..,,. W1 5355 , X ":2',','f' ' 3 W f . ax ' f .1 ' 'I Q- L f . W E2 w g. """-ff v--Pfff, . ,X MR. JOE R. ABBEY Boys' Physical Educafion, Basketball Coach, Assislanl B Foofball Coach MRS. ANNE AYALA English, Chess Club MRS. JANIE BREWSTER Ari faculty MR. FLAVIN J. Biology, Science Club, Sponsor MISS ALICE l-lislory MISS GRACE BECKER Hisfory, Allied Youfh, Counselor MR. GEORGE CARSON Band, Orcheslra, Senior Class Sponsor SERGEANT EUGENE R. BROWN R.O.T.C., Drill Plaloon DR. T. E. DURHAM Bible MISS GRACE BOONE C Lafin, Senior Class Sponsor ! I i E l l 4 M RS. FRANCES COON Mafhemafics 9 5 If' gy MR. RAY DYCHE ' Mechanical Drawing i 7 1. iff! GLENNA EDWARDS English, Counselor MRS. OLETA EPPS MRS. BELLE EVANS EHQllSl1 English, Senior Class Sponsor X .,iJ , 'Q MRS. HAZEL FARR ,AAI l ' Regislrar X R f 1 ,ff L, Q A, 1' U M x J All l l U ' i illl L A l or MARY FISHER A MRS. MARY FRANKLIN Q English, Speech, Jackel' Fooflighl 5 Players MISS KATHRYN GARRETT MRS. KATHLEEN HANLEY MRS. FAE HARRISON MRS. LUELLA HIGLEY Hgsfory Hisfoyy Business Educafion Librarian, Library Club MISS EULA F. HUNTER Malhemafics, Fulure Teachers of America, Counselor MR. NOBLE J. HOGAN K Boys' Physical Educalion, Head Foolball Coach A Club Counselor M R. JAMES HOWELL Commercial Arifhmelic, Mechanical Drawing Melal Shop MRS. ELVA LERRET Malhernalics Lafin MRS. EMILY LUNDAY Jackel' Journal MRS. SADIE LEACH English, Journalism, Yellow Jackel, Secrelary Q., H WWII, E f MISS MARION KINDEL A , T ,l"lU'I E A ,I-Gy! y A if y I e-ms' Physical Educalion, em: UW' . fir L-Was, N A 9 6, I 5 Q 1 gif? lnframural Council, Cheerleaders lg LBTQGV' , ,,,. 5" I, ,. Q, ,, 4 'ETS fhazullsd -iz f ff S ,, ' Gr - 2' Q Q . , Eggweosiv yczwlr' MR. MARVIN A. MILLER Chemislry Junior Red Cross MR. JACK L. MARTIN Physics, Allied Youlh MRS. EVELYN McCLUNEY English, Spanish, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor MISS NORMA JO McGUIRE Girls' Physical Educalion, Girls' Tennis, Girls' Inlramural Council I I MISS MALISSA MCMURRY English Wwmwyw R. JOHN NAYLOR JR. Mathematics Assistant Football Coach WM' MISS HAZEL NELSON MISS JOAN OLIVER , Commercial, Senior Class Sponsor Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Modern Dance, Girls' Intramural Council I "" MISS MARY PARKER Mathematics, Senior Class Sponsor Miss GALEN PoRTER 'W Distributive Education, D.E. Club, Counselor M RS. FLOSSI E POSTON English MR. NICK RUGGIERI MRS. EDWINA SANDERS MR. JOE R. SHERROD MR. ARCHIE STEVENS Biology, Baseball Coach, B Football English, Speech, Jacket Footlight History, Senior Class Sponsor Mathematics Coach PIHYEFS I2 MRS. NORMA WELLS French, Spanish, Senior Class Sponsor MR C L TURNER MR. JAMES E. YORK Hisfory, Senior Class Sponsor I3 , wx B WQQQJWWM W MQW X4i W W MMM X f ww , wwfwwwlw hw 74 of l l fl L77 ' cu., EDU? 4, rw A ' f' 7 ' ffm 5 A LZ 'Z .X Jrhoughlful . boislerous , . These are your leam members . . . . . will . . . curious . . . Tranquil , . . creafive . . . lhorough . . in enious, These are +omorrow's men and women, doclrors, polifici s, lawyers. Jr achers, minislers, carpen+ers, homemalcers, business men, As y u play Jrhe ' ch learn member, and you in lu become a Game of Life you Influence ea parlr of all whom you have mel. fit" iffy! Officers of ihe largesi' senior class in The hisfory of Arlingion Heighfs are: Sfanding, Jim Hill, president Lou Ann Ramey secre- 'raryq and seaied, Linda Cherry, freasurer and Lesier Kifchen, vice president senior class officers I Sell SANDRA ADAMS JANICE AIKMAN GEORGANN ALLISON JOHN ALT EMMA ALVIS iOI' LINDA ALEXANDER SAMMIE ARGABRIGHT DAVID ASHLEY ROBERT BANN ER DIANE BARKER ALLEEN BARN ES 4 1 ' ' ' ' M' f , ,,,, ff ,. ,, , f,,, 1 w4fyWfZ'12 '.',, 5 ,Q ' ' ffgfjffiwvif f f ffwffaf ff! 7 X KAREN BASSHAM DONNIE BAILEY SARA BAUCOM if X I fw f yn if 4 1 X gwfffffffwff - ' f . ,Qf , X I Wye , U, j"a Y 7, ,kj ' , , iv, ,, X, 'fifgv'i?iZyCL77'7ij4 V' 1 , , , f X GLENDA BEALL senior CHARLES BEAVERS ALANN BEDFORD CONNIE BERESFORD KAY BINGHAM BRENDA BLACK HAIG BODOUR WHITNEY BEVILL BOBBY BEYER MIKE BICKEL MALCOLM BOISSELIER MARY FRANCES BOLER CAROL BOND DEAN BOOZER ROY BOSWELL SIDNEY BOSWELL RALPH BOWDEN WWW-f, MICKEY BOYLE FRANKLIN BRADLEY BRENDA BRANTS VERNON BRASHER SARAH BREWSTER JAMES BRITTON JIM BROCK DANNY BROWN LOYD BRYAN SHARLETTE BURGESS JEANNINE CASON JOE BILL CASON DAVID CASSTEVENS TOMMY CHAMBERS JOAN CHAMBLISS senior LINDA CHERRY VIRGINIA CHURCHILL PATTIE CLARE JACOUELINE CLOWER JIMMY COHEN MARGARET ANN COLLINS CARL CLARK CLARANE CLARK BOB CLEERE JOYCE COMMANDER SHARON CORNELIUS PAT CORZINE JIMMY COTTEN JEAN COWAN ROY COX GAIL CRAIG 20 in RONALD CRAIG MARY CRITZ LINDA CROFT lu... GENE CROSSAN STANLEY CROW SHARON CRU LL LO RETTA DECKARD TIM CURRY MARY LOU DAHL LOURETTA DAVIS JUDY DERRICK JANICE DE WINE MARY ANN DICKEY BETSY DILLARD DON DUFF senior DON DUNCAN SHERRY DUNCAN PHYLLIS EDWARDS GREG ELLIS JANE ELY WYNNELL EMERY GRAVES ENCK EDWIN EVANS ALLEN EYLER DALE FERRELL SALLY FISHER PATRICIA FOJTIK ROBERT FOLLETT PRESTON EDWARDS DON EILAND NANCY ELLIOTT JANET FOX SYLVIA FREEMAN BILL GALE MEGAN GATLIN DION GEIGER KEITH GENTRY JUDY FORD JAMES FORRESTER GEORGIANA FOSTER JOE GAMBILL BERT GARRETT JERRY GATHINGS JAMES GILES MARTHA GOEN A. E. GRABLE senior MICHELLE GRAHAM SANDRA GRAHAM CARY GRAVES MILTON GREEN JACK GREENMAN HARLIN GREER ROBERT GRIFFITH SANDRA HARCROW LAUREL HARPER BOBBY HARRIS REID HARRIS BARBARA HART HOYT HATFIELD SYLVIA GRAY BOBBY GREEN DON GREEN 'fifiiifff' 4 DON HENDERSON BOB HESSE ANNA MITCHELL HIETT TOMMY HILL BOBBY HINER MARILYN HOFF LINDA HAWKINS SHERROL HAYES CHARLES HEATH JANICE HIGBY JEANNIE HIGNIGHT JIM HILL SHARON HOFFMAN SALLY HOLDEN ANITA HOLDER seniors MARY BETH HONTS JANET HOPKINS ERNEST HORN BILL HUNTER HAROLD JENNINGS YOLANDA JERDEN CHARLOTTE LYNN JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON DAVID JONES GARY JONES JERRY JONES NANCY JORDAN ROSAN JORDAN 'ffffffbfgp RUSSELL HOWARD MARY HOWELL BOBBY HUDDELSTON KATHY KING JAYNE KINNEY JIM KINNEY BILL KOBERG JACKIE KRAUSE PAT LACEY JO KEHM KAREN KELTY MORGAN KIDD LESTER KITCHEN KAY KLOVSTAD CONNY KLUSNICK FRANK LAWLEY LINDA LAWRENCE JERRY LEDYARD senior PATSY LINBARGER DWIGHT LINDSLEY TOMMY LIPSCOMB JIMMY LUDLUM LEE LYDICK WOODIE McCLUNG ww 'dorff'K'i'V OWEN McMENAMY MARY McMILLEN EDDIE GRACE MAGERS DONALD MAPLES PEGGY MARKUM JOE PAT MASSIE MARY ANN MEKUS M. JUDY LOBDILL MICHELLE Lbuen-:RY SUZANN E LOWRY f J- - 'fi Li... .m.,,M MELINDA MILRANY PAT MITCHELL LINDA MONK HARRY MORELAND JUDY MOSS RAY MURDOCK LINDA MILLER MARGIE MILLER NANCY MILLER EILEEN MONTGOMERY JEANNE MONTGOMERY ANN MOORE WILLIS MURPHEY SHARON MURPHY TOMMY MUSICK senior PAT NEEDHAM PAUL, NELSON A BROOKS NEW LOUISE O'NEAL ROBERT OSBURN CAROL OWEN ROBERT OWEN PENNY PADGETT JUNE PARKER BERNARD PATTESON JANE PATTILLO DAN PEARSON FRED PEARSON JOAN NEWKIRK LARRY NEWSOM ROSEMARY OCHOJSK! NEAL PENN BOB PERRY PAT PERRY EVELYN PHILLIPS JUDY PIER BOBBY PITTS TONY PRICE JIMMY PURSLEY BETTY JO OUISENBERRY BEVERLY PLESCIA JIMMIE RUTH PORTER PATTY POWERS HOWARD RAGSDALE , LOU ANN RAMEY RAY READ senior JERRY REEVES PETE REINHART MARTHA RICE ARTHUR ROBERTSON JOYCE ROBERTSON BILLY ROBINETI' RALPH RODEN HAMILTON ROGERS BOB ROSE LOWELL ROSENTHAL ANITA GAIL ROSS JO ANN ROSS A. Z. ROWLAND MARGARET RICH NORMA RICHARDSON NANCY ROBBINS BOB SAYRE ROGER SCAGGS HOWARD SCHENCK ED SAGER JOE SANDERS JIM SANGUINET DICK SCOTT STANLEY SHANNON CHARLES SHARPE DOUGLAS SHAW ROBERT SHAW ATREAL SHELTON BARBARA SIMMONS EVELYN SMITH PAULA SMITH senior ROGER SMITH JUDY SNIDER NICHOLAS SOTER PEGGY STIVERS JUDY STONE BETTY SUNDERLAND LARRY SOUTHERLAND KATHIE STINNETT DICK STITLE DON SUTTON FRANK SUTTON SALLY SWAIN WANDA SWITZER JACK TALLMAN ERROL TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR SUZANNE THOMPSON 'RONNIE TOMLINSON ANN TOUCHSTONE MARY SUE TERRY REBECCA TERRY RANDY THOMPSON MARTIN VALE WILLIAM VAN GORDER FRED VERCRUYSSE MICKEY TOWNSON CLARK TRAMMELL LYNN TRENTMAN MYRTLE KATE VICKERS RICHARD VICTRY JUDY WALKER senior PAUL WALKER VALERIE WALTERS BOB WATSON RANDALL WEEKS OSCAR WEHMANEN JANICE WELLS CARLENE WEATHERFORI GERRY ANN WEBB KATHERYNE WEBB WALTER WESLEY LARRY WHITE TOMMY WHITESIDE SHARON WICKHAM MAC WILCOX CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS KAY WILLIAMS MIKE WILLIAMS CHARLIE WILLIAMSON ESTHER WILSON BERNICE WOFFORD TERRY WOODY DAVID WOOLDRIDGE DOLORES WUEST LINDA YADON JOEL YEAKLEY EDDIE ZIHLMAN JO ANN ZIMMERHANZ L I W IW WIIIVI ,KI I 5I7fMIMZI1IWjIIruIf ' UI' !MW+WI'M 9fIIIIIfWIf1fIII IIWIIIW II II IINIII W M, I I II JI A III MII MKII III J 37 iunior class senior class of 1958 iunior i . ..,. i?4' ?1i21Ef Y f 1 f ilwm- f - .1 .zfwfvvwzmff W f.,,,.- W- - . . , f ff, mf , fy H f' ' l fi .h,, UM- 1 V -sg:ff:qs:,1si1,i:-ir.:..f,, fi , L .. ..,,,. A ,y H 2 1 3 " - ,gf :- if ' 'F' ' V ., , Z' l Q' Q' .1 . K ' , , . '. """ , " W , , ly, K 1 ' f if-J f..w. 'B f f ' , , - J ' g 1 4 ,f fyyif, y V ' - J x ' 'A 2 , f 4' I' Q V 5- ,7, sri.. , f.g' f A' , ff ' , J If ' .H f i , , , . , 4' ' "' . .. ' ' f ' 5 ff v f "U -' Y Row I-John Adams, Dan Addison, Kafhryn Alcoze, DoHie Allen, Wanda Allen, Philip Anderson. Row 2-Sylvia Archer, Sherra Arnold, Millon Ausmus, Mike Auslin, Ronald Bailey, Cynihia Ann Baker. Row 3-James Balch, Carolyn Baldwin, Barbara Barnes, Darrell Barreff, Mary Ida Basham, Roger Bar+h. Row 4-Sam Bafes, Jack Beazley, Olga Becera, Judy Bees-Iey, Carol Belknap, Nancey Benlon. Row 5-Barbara Berglund, Brenl' Berryman, Richard Berryman, Brooks Bes+,Jane1' Blackburn, Linda Bodiford, Row Row Row Row Row 251 an A14 -.,,.,,,3,. w 'Q 9 senior class of 1958 Q Q. "6-457' :X ,W ,rf i 'f2'w,4 7 CW Row Row Row Row Row f I-Sharon Copeland, Emily Cor+, Dick Cowan, Marina Craig, Pen Cranz, Bill Crawford. 2--Carol Creswell, Reva CroclceH, Nancy Croslcill. Sue Croi"ry, Sammy Cruisinger, Margarel' Culberlson 3-Donald Culpepper, Kay Culver, Carolyn Cummings, Ginny Dahlgren, Sylvia Dailey, Linda Dallon. 4-Dick Danner, Diane Davis, Helen Davis, James William Davis, Sandra Davis. Joan Deifzer. 5--Ivan Neil Devi'H', Judy DeWine, Sandra Dickey, Tommy Dockery, Edilh Dorset Slierian Downing. iunior Row Row Row Row Row ,J - rg. I-Dian Dugon, Be+'ry Dye, Billy Edgin, Kaflileen Edwards, Carol Elam, Loyrene Ellis. 2-Sue Engelfried, Don Erdman, Kay Esfes, Judy Ezell, Jerry Nell Farr, David Farris. 3-Rosslynn Ferrier, Larry Fersfenfeld, Paul Fisher, Susie Fisher, Berl' Flanagan, Kim Fleming. 4-l-luberf Fos+er, Virginia Fowler, Janice Franklin, Gary Freeman, Grefchen Friclce, Linda Gaines. 5-Judy Galloway, Douglas Gann, Richard GarreH', Donald Gerilc, Dede Gerlce, Ann Gilliland. i Wfff of senior class of 1958 'nw v-.4-v Row Row Row Row Row ,W I--Mary Glasscock, Tom Goen, Barbara Goodrum, Sandra Greenfield, Harvey Greenway, Jackie Gregory 2-Gary Grimes, Janice Gumm, Marsha Gwynn, John Haase, Jeff Haley, Margarer Haley. 3-Nicky Hammond, Norris Hammond, Susie Handley, Helen Harris, Mary Harrison, Logan Harlman. 4--Wayne Harvey, Gale Hawkins, Franklin Head, Cynrliia Heiderson, Wendell Henderson, Dan Henslee. 5-Barbara Herrin, Edwin Hibbs, Evelyn Hicks, Sue Ann Hill, Mike Hix, Carolyn Hogue. iunior WW MQW Row I-Sara Holderbaum, Ann Holley, Virginia Holmes, Shirley Hook, Doris Horlon, Bruce Howard. Row 2--Frank Howell, Barbara Huber, PaH'y Huffman, Gary Hummell, Kennefh Hun1', Donald Jackson. Row 3-Tommye Jackson, Judy James. Arr Jenks, David Jeff, Alyne Johnson, Ann Johnson. Row 4-Glenda Johnson, Bob Jones, Bernie Kane, Ronnie Karnes, Tom Keifh, Michie Keller, Row 5-Jackie Kelley, Pamela Kellum, Mary Kemmerer, Diane Keswick, Sarah King, Sylvia King. l senior clossof 1958 1 2 Row I-Marlee Kochis, Nancy Kulclies, Roberi Lacy. Gwenda Lamb, Harold Landers. Lynda Landreilw. Row 2--Dickie Laplwam, Janice Lawyer, Bob Lerson, Willie Leverich, Fairlw Lewis, Jerry Lewis. Row 3-Barbara Lindquisr, Carolyn Lipscomb, Linda Liiile, Waller Lifirell, Sharon Livings+on, Janel' Llewellyn Row 4-Barbara Loffland, Eva Ann Logan. Mike Loudermilk, Jeaneire Lougliry, Don Love, Charlofle Maben. Row 5-Jean MacMoy, Lois Ann Massey, John Maiheny, Joyce Mayfield, Carroll Mayo, Ted Mayo. iunior ow I-Alice Mays, Fran Mays, Sandra Meanor, Marilyn Meili, Glenda Menge, Julie Meyers. ow 2-Barbara Middlelon, Morris Miller, Cary Mifchell, Judy Miiclwell, Paul Mi'rcl'1ell, Russell David Mifclwell. Row 3-Shari McClaran, Pal McCombs, Doris McDonald, James McDonnell, Sh-erry McGaughy, Sandra Mcllhenny Row 4-Bob McKean, Phil McMillan, Jon Mollceniine, Jerri Mon+ague,Jol'1n Moon, Howard Moore. 46 R ow 5-Wilson Moore, Mike Muncy, Jay Murphy. Lefifia Murphy, Rosemary Murphy, Bobbie Nanney. senior class of 1958 Row I-Tommy Nicklas, Frank Norwood, Sheila Obus, Janne'He Ochoiski, Pal' O'Ferrall, Raymond Osborn Row 2-Vickie Osborn, Kerry Owen, Mickey Owen, Mike Owens, Earlene Pankey, Gail Pardee. Row 3-Joe Ed Pe+ers, Judy PeH'y, Glenneffa Phillips, Phillip PickeH', Carol Sue Pier, Barbara Prafher, Row 4-Jimmy Prevosf, Marie Probes, Pe+e Pulido, Rudy Pulido, Terry Raines, Phil Rafcliffe. Row 5-Ronald Redden, Wales Reese, Harold Reeves, Jarrell Reeves, Marcy Reiners, Rober+ Reusch. iunior W! ow I-Danny Roberfson, Forresfine Roberfson, Buddy Robinefi, Jimmy Robinson, Joe Robinson, Ronny Robinson Row 2-Diane Rodden, Dick Rogers, Jo Ann Rose, Glen Ross, Don Russell, Virginia Russell. ow 3--Bobbie Sagsieffer, Bobby Saurenmann, James Sclwelper, Ma'ilyn Scliiffers, Andy Sclmoene, Fred Sco++. ow 4-Sfeven Senevey, Joe Shannon, Peggy Sisson, Jerry Smifln, Peggy Smifh, William Smyfh, Jr. ow 5-Sandy Snider, Joanna Snipes, Barbara Soufherland, Hal Sparks, Barbara Spence, Sue Sfalnalcer. Row Row Row Row Row senior class of 1958 I-Jusfin Sfanley, Johnny Sfevens, Paul Slogsdill, Teddie Jo Slolcley, Sarale Slorey, Sandra Sfowers. 2- W' J-v ,fffr Dolores Srrorher, Sharon Sfubbs, Shirley Suilr, Belly Taggarl, lvlarlha Taggarl, Gayle Tarlcing+on. Louie Jo Taylor, Charles Temple, David Terry, Jess Thomas. Larry Thompson, Scolr Thompson. Harold Trammell, Geneva Trielsch, Judy Truelson, Dorolhy Trussell, Dorolhy Tucker, Bruce Unger, Don Van Trease, Jeanne Van Zanl, Judy Vaughan, Norman Vick, Helen Wallcer, Lurher Wallace. 5v7fy1e,?fM?5Zfy4yWV,9,e6,?W.g5,,6?.Z5,f2,9, ., VIVV I-QW,-ap-, . www I :Q V f x W f fed' s WW s X R, Q...,,,,,,,,-1 VVV,V i W .1 ll! VKX. V' "1' f' iunior p 'Lg -. ef f f S l 'wwf 50 Row Row Row Row Row I-Monnelle Wallace, Gerald Warlield, lviilce Warner, John Warren, Susie Walls, Rema Faye Wehunl. 2-Lynny Weil, Gwen Weiner, Sue Wells, Jimmy Wesl, Sonya Wesl, Bob Whalley. 3-Cass Wlneeler, Caron While, Don Wllilworlll, Belsy Wilbanlcs, Sandra Wilemon, Linda Lee Wilkinson. 4-Mary Belh Willard, I-lelon Williams, Roberl Williamson, Billy Wilson, Bob Wilson, Jimmy Wilson, 5-Anne Woodson, Dick Woodward, Mary Eames Woolsey. Judy Worley. 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Nolan Brown, Roger Brown, Roy Browning, Don Buchanan, Jo Buclcley. Dallas D. Burwell, Thayer Canfey, Lynefre Carlberg, John Carlson, Richard Row 6-Jerry Brown, Le Anna Brown, Row 7-Mary Bumgardner, Joe Burns, Caulhen ,Q ,zf - ,f CMA Wy? ,J ,T jf -7 1 -Vff','- f ff' M -' ' sf' fi 'Ali fy:Xf?7???i7573x?5f7R97' '1' - - :1-.EI-Z..-5'-PI-V'-1If-?':52-:f-.'1sE-2'-S-f.2:'s?4,:-'f:-r,.:'6'1:z:':,- ,d. ' N I , ff? 755, "y4,,ff fs' , VV, ,Vp VH, - if 377-,j ' .f7V-4ZZf"fff7,' ,'Qi,' V ' V f f i' ' ,-1T5'7f,f"g."i. 12' ff if" fx ' , ,S ,.-4,-" ,', , ', ' Q45Ef".-255.21-zfffil ,fl'1T7lf""gl'7-gf' 'I :11P1'v-'-1:l3i5S- 'FA--,-5,1 . 1 f?4" ' . " ?fs9"fq, ,Q ., 'Q 51,21 , r gf ff, . I f ,rg ,. V , , lgqwazyg -' fr +1-:g7,5,,fsgsMww -. , ,,..Q-1 r: f fr. -'P' 5,55 , ff f , , , , f L , , , V, ,JZ , . . , Y ..-..W-,4,f,,4,,,z,.., -1, V X - we A V, 1 ,V umm, V 4 ,," 11 .,,. lisr I ff hrl' rsir +4 f ' , , Q. f . 5 -. f , ,-. ,df sings. ,, ,,,, r if r , -ai .. - , -.. 7' n -.n ,off fi , . 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Clare Collier, Joan Complon, David Cook, Freddy Cook, Carolyn Corbin, Lena Cosfanrino, Roberl' Co-Hon. Row 4-Billy Cox, Jane Cox, Kirk Craig, Jeanie Crocke++, Mike Cropper, Marfha June Crow, Sherry Crowe. 5-Carol Dalby, Terri Daugherfy, Linda Davis, Kleber Denny, Fred Dickey, Roberl Dickson, Paul Dinsmore. 6-Donnie Dodd, Eugene Dorcus, Rob Dorris, Merlha Doly, Lanila Due, Marlha Dugon, M. l.. Duncan. Kaye Dysar+, Gail Echols, Bob Eckeri, Margarel Edmunds, Tommy Edwards, LaRi+a Ann Eisenman, Linda Gayle Elam. nw "' ., ,- nl 1' 1 f X gag gy 'A-4-12 "y . 'ff JV ' ii . is ,g, .fs,, Z .f v w,.WxZfl.Ti1 fyyk Q ., ,,.,,r ,J , iw f f I n Q Wiz .,,', ,J,fW.p,i:5g 1,41 J ' . . ,, "f 3 J ',' W J ,, ,, 'J i " i' ,Q f jg. , ,J . ,gli 15-3 W1 V . f '- W-f I-QL . . 4 ' W, ,Q Vi ,.,. . 2. VQIK4 ww, ,J Wire- V, . 3 ljfz- J, J- I f Q -ii, " , V4-jZj 'V rv ,J V F I '-'." J J , X. 'iii' . , ,,,., .. . , , . , ,. , .. ,.., ., ,wir . , . . W A-5.1 J ...V ,afeilng K".-' 4 J . J ai' Jr 95? 'A X-J ' . ' " A 'W 4 J. . senior class of 1959 W X Ar W Q , X , 211 V fzqf wwf 1!?"rvf Row I Row Row Row Row Row Row ,,', 5 .V,k.V, i . I W 2 . my J? wi' ir 9 ,I H , ,gfy - ., . . , ,.,i,K?, I -, vm JJJJJ-, X 2 -nm. , Ls ,V .ii J, , .2 'J' I 4? J wwf-ef ,1g.aQ,:. ' ZJ ,. .E'ff.j:,l 4:5 ,,,,f-any . . ,. . -fm M 'v ' 6, w f away-sz .. . jeff ff? f V nv-f -. wl- xwf J 3 . Jfif Wi: --14-fivJ:JJf'Jf2Y JfE'f9f7w P U , Jy '. -me--. Z? .NW . :Z , V i, . ng- J J-sv Jf ,l f fn' f X 7 XR-ml J, V,V,kk,,, ,.,,. Q, X f of f s ' Jrfkey A 41 f , y.. ,X -Elizaberh Elder, Walker Ellis, Jan Erwin, Bobby Evans, Jacl: Evans, Slephen Evans, Tommy Evans. 2-Tracy Evans, Viclor Evere+'l', Wayne Ewen, Sharon Ann Farmer, Mary Feldman, Linda Elelcher, Mary Flippo. 3-Lena Flores, Berda Ann Fogie, Coy Fosier, Arlhur France, Waller Frazier, Linda Gage, Gloria Jean Gardenhire. 4-Douglas Gaslcamp, George F. Gales, Sharon Galhings, Don Gibbons, Jay Gibson, Ronnie Gill, Kaihy Glen-Walker. 5-Joan Goen, Weldon Gray, Paul Gregory, Linda Grenadier Gary Griffin, Marianne Griffilh, Calhleen Gunn. 6-Jack Gulhrie, Jim Haas, Susan Halbrook, 'Billy Hale, Bobby Halo, Linda Hall, Mike Hammond. 7-Bobby Hansard, Sherri Hardin, Janice Hardy, Milfon Harrell, Sammy Harrison, Fred Harvey, Thomas Hawkins. 1-315 ,iiia'ii f a 4. f J. " 4f"f' J " "" "-' J " , A I J " , v x V,-,W ,,. f , I , ., , , K E - i J .V I 4 , My ,,,J ,yy ,JA J ,.1,'J,u, 1 -H ,V , , V f. JJ . .. 7 ki 'i', 1' . My . i . 4 X. ,M . .1 51 , ,g f J , J' sm WJ Wa' J y 9' N f - , 14"-V' 4,5 ' -.ff ,J if wwf '33 2 , J.. 5, . J' 4- J . ' ' if J W' V, J , J ,,,V . ,W , .sf If , ,,,f,.,. ' I liz ' Z1 , y Z3 9 X, X . ,J f f, Z . . .-J-5 1 ,,., ' V 'F. 4 is J J . r " J J "JJl J , J ' ' , J ' 5 " J " i "J', P j .5 ' J J. 'J ""' W., , W f , J , w f + J is f' fr J . , J A 2 V' J " r ' . 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WY far i 2 'bd 'i Qi l ig x QSM Hi 1 .L f all ,M NP" X:-" xg! sophomores I-Sue Haynes, Doug Hazlewood, Helen Head, Donnie Helm, Charles Highsmifh, Jenna Hillard, Susan Hoffman 2-John Hornburg, Jerry Houslon, Nancy Howell, Ronnie Howingfon, Bobbie Hubbard, Wayne Hudler, Larry Hudson 3--Frank Holcomb, Karen Horn, Juddie Hopkins, Par Hooper, Bill Hood, Tommy Holden, Marrha Jean Holden 4-Nancy Huff, David Hughes, Renne Hughes, Ronald Hughes, Spencer Hurd, Harold lllich, Marshall lnman 5-Derrel lrvin, Wendell lverson, Jack Jackson, Zixie Lee Jackson, Brenda James, David Jameson, Margie Jenkins 6-Delighl' fleler, James Je++, John Jewell, Louis Joe, Sharon Johnson, Tina Johnson, Bobby Jones. 7-David Jones, Franklin Jones, Sherryn Jones, Belly Jordon, Larry Kardaras, David Kay, Frances Keener. fffg we ff --" 5 1 1-a n -WM ' ' - by 2 ,rffyiyf ,guy 2 :ff V J ,3-fax., si , " ii? x ix - If -s ff ' 7, .7 , 5 ,I ff., va t ,,f, ,yi VV., i O , if iw J fr-., K s A J . .. Qui? ' 7 ' f O J semor class of 1959 me "" 4 6: -w wf, af L . ' ,. , , , , , ,, , is ,Q J L .gi , Q ' 'iv ik, X V . . K X my fff ' awww X - . , - NW VM if ,,, ,,5,51,-54.4 ,, 54. :1gmz,gf5',.,2,.4, .975,e:- - ' yi,-'XM .vfiffggy s -V 'fi Z of-W .- y fi ' ,gf 'X'-av'-f' 4' ' li QL, i A 'V wwf ..-,f 1 , 43..,.., 7 I A J . , 2,5 LQ, 2, 4 X Row I-Bobby Keifh, Jerry Kemp, Mike Kensel, Judy KeH'le, Glenn Killman, Kay Kimble, Levan Kincaid. Row 2--Be'l'sy King, Paul Kirkland, Suzanne Knighi, Don Krause, Brenda Laboviiz, Pai Lacy, Annona Lane. Row 3-Douglas Laney, Jane Langdon, Bob Lanier, Roger Lapham, Johnny Laiimer, Sharon Lauderdale, Bill Lawhorn. Row 4-Linda Leach, Jimmy LeCroy, Peggy Lee, Siuarl Lee, Larry Leonard, Cleo Liles, Pal' Lilfle. if . ' f , if fgyww - ' ,ff-L f : M I V ,W X77 V1 . 9 Row 5-Judy Lock, Palricia Loughry, Linda Lunsford, Fancy Mcfxllisier, Carol McAlpin, Carolyn Lee McBay, Jimmy McClelland. Row 6-Ann McCluney, Margie McCreless, Carolyn Kay Mclzall, Lynda Mclnlosh, John McKim, Niclcie McManus, Jeaneiie McMenamy. Row 7-Dick McNeely, Gulhrie McRae, William Manasco, Bobby Manire, Bobby Mason, Carla Mason, Suzie Mason. f Nwwsi I api, L L, .Ll 'ip f' ,,, , -, , ffii ' L 3 - 'xi i ww f. ,,, M -A 'X ff! , ., l i ma if I ,, 1, M 0 f ,W f , was , " ,f r i i .',,V Q ,f 'Wi fa , Y f , V "-If my ,gy W 1:7 " ',', ii '1' V I . , AM, fu iff-' ,aff l ff ,V f,::,f,yJ5 , 'z ,'.-, I .M ff ,A X yy, . , ff ,J ,Ky - ,W- f f MM L'f7Q.l'L?Ff"ff7 f f 'rf--' , ,Q Ji 44,,-'+Lirfmf' - V , ' ' if' " , , - ,,,,, ,V - ,. , , ,.3,1:,:v,,1. ,, ., , ,,., 4 . ., ,, I I I Z, f f ,,.A.- ,,, 1 , , , . ,. ,. f 1, . f r -' .Q .A , .K f " - - , , . ,, -1 'V 1' 1-' 5' ' , ' f- f v 1-' 'v - '- , ,z -'HM ' . ., A.V: , . l , by f , s y . y , , . . ' -, i , f ,--G., , ,., 1 . 4- - 1 ' f 'V . ' ' We F J' We f fr: 1 'E .,, V: , , ff '- 16 .V V 1' Ziggy yy 1 ,, , X. , gy 4 vm L 4' f , is , f f ...f W i ,HM ,ips or M-N ' t ,WE .45 fr , 'WY wp' ,V 7 5.,.,,,?, i J, F .f , 4' f , 1, . n ,. . . . 1. f -4. xiii k ,V A :i - 1 I f ,- J M? 1 X I ,,1 .1 .,. , , ., , ., -' a M f i , g IZ V W i we 1 ,li ,. , I ,. , ww 5' fd: , ,5,,,,,, v x 1, .we , -XX:-"'f-N - 1,. ,.,, ,,,v. ., ,. by! - fa , , V i. , www, 2, ' - 5 19 we Aff, il :li , wg i "fox-f, f ' Q me fy' , ' 'W' f 44 me , we f WV f A , W ' ik. Ja, ' , .,,, , Row I-Barbara Massey, Don Mallnis, Gary Mays, W. E, Mercer, Bobby Miller, Marie Miller, Michael Miller. Row 2-Melinda Millican, Tommy Monlgomery, Rosemary Morgan, Marlha Morris, Melissa Morris, Jimmy Moseley, Mark Murdock. Row 3-lra Muse, George Neely, Jimmy Neely, Virginia Neil, Janis Newsom, Nancy Newron, Eva Gay Nix. Row 4-l-larry Nix, Carolyn Norman, Sylvia Norman, Dallas Norvell, Parricia Nunnery, Linda'Olson, Tommy Orms. Row 5-Roberl' Owens, Slella Panfoia, Kay Papaliodis, Michael Palrick, Sandra Pallon, Bobby Pearson, Juclilh Pease. Row 6-l-larrierr Peer, Harry Pendery, Terry Pelersen, Jimmy Pelerson, Bruce Pipes, Jackie Pills, Suzanne Plelclrier. Row 7-Roberla Poling, Bruce Pomeroy, Deedie Pofler, Warren Powell, Charles Presley, Jack Raborn, Pal Readinger. 1 f f ff ff ff 1 W is rs X Si kwa ff 5 Q ,.,, , 'Q 1 - iV,' is wx ,'i"x,,.Ej'iEf- lyfiyrfiwi ' Wy? --Y, , 2 ,fy Q ww? S,-v ---r 1, .Q if ww' 1 , x cfs mx 4 W ,wfmw ,1 X - . J .ka f fyy ---wi,-,', I 1 . .V QQAMZ-4 ,gk ,fn .gk 1 s i K ' f if , J fi , ir.. Vu 1 I J ' , 'Ca .. - f ae ' -4 , , , 1 f ,5" , 2 f Q, , . sy, . r - W I f f, 4,f.,f ' K f Q ,Jus ff f 12,0 -A-f fy A f fame J Y' ' 'A 1-0"26if ', '1 .- -w N l X fi ,y , ,,.,, V! WM If ,, ,fy ,V as X3 ' io 'f' JJ , a . ', f gwgf ' , ., A f 1' V V .,.,. . 1' A gag- f ' 'rf g ju :,j .,k' g 17, ggi? . 'K',""' -,L' V senior class of 1959 In ,f ""-4' - , M- - f ff ' rn Row Row Row Row Row Row Row fyb I-Jan Redford, Barbara Reeder, Carol Reese, Marfha Reufher, Kay Rhodes, Saundra Richards. Ke-.i+h Richardson. 2-Jimmy Rimbey, PaHy Riney, Rudy Roach, Janice Robbins, Be++y Robinson, Graham Robinson, Kirby Robinson. 3-Linda Rockwell, Sue Rohlfing, Carl Runder, Mike Rune, Marilyn Russey, Judy Rulh, Judy Ryan. 4-Marian Ryan, Pal Ryan, Roberl' Sager, Joan Sands, Jule Sayer, Karen Scarborough, Franzella Schuberl. 5-Mary Belh Shannon, Ralph J. Shaver, Frances Shields, Jane Shook, Jimmy Shor+, Diane Simons, Roberl' Sisson, 6-Barbara Sloan, Alvin Smifh, Bonila Smilh, Slephen Smilh, Ronnie Snyder, Joe Soufh, James Sprinkle. 7-Virginia Slallings, Nancy Sfalnaker, Don Slanfield, Rondel Slevens, Herschel Sline, Jean Slogsdill, Elizabelh Slrashelm fff MMG. NW ff f 6 A 41' PM R184 f M57 4 ff "W fu.. Q, ff ?-1. f'f.f,f ' :?f f "H G" we fl! I if . Xi f f ,, J. uf-lf vf-' - , , , -, f ff", fm ' ,Mi s W ' ' 7 ,i,q , , , A ,Al 4l . w1:f'L H .1-fvtfyigmw. eiii in eili l isii 5 sii, - yis, V ' ' " ff? J , 1 so omores if J, ' ' 'V-- V 'Vi - ' ii 3' " ,. ,L.l.. ,Wm A XIXVVA, , , Vi , A 2- x i f.. Www 9527 A "W , if ' 4 X 4 A' , .gf Q -vw g , haf 4 --., fu . f . A k, 4 i-iam.-w . , ,.,,.,. My ,, , Z W, ,ff -1 wmv ., - f Row Row Row Row Row Row Row sr if .W MSP ...ww I-Palricia S'rraH'on, Ann Swinney, Belly Taliaferro, Karon Taylor, Sharry Teague, Marinell Temple, Bonnie Thomas. 2-Carole Faye Thomson, Mary Bellie Thompson, Carol Thorpe, Marjorie Tiff, Judy Tlcac, David Tomlinson, Tony Torres. 3-Sandy Trelf, Louise Van Nalla, Ann Van Zandr, Eden Van Zandl, Charlayne Walden, Barbara Walker, Jimmy Walker. 4-Sandra Walker, George Walfers, Pal' Wallers, Pal Warfield, Louann Ward, Larry Wenzel, Bill Wesf. 5-Vickie Wesfer, Warren Welh, Karen Wilds, Gayle Wilionq, Bob Williams, Jo Williams, Judy Williams. 6-Leo Williams, Pinlcie Williams, Sandy Williams, Valorie Will'ams, Connie Wilson, Sieve Wilson, Marshall Winblood. 7-Lynda Wolfe, Robbie Womack, Benny Woolery, Lucia Wrighl, Bill Wyly, Susan Zeigler, Ronnie Zodin. N, 5 ,.,, ,gh f ,,, ,fa-f S r X s X Q 1 24 f 4 ., ,'i' zl. ,V., i',,,i, . rife " . , I, ,M If eo J s , f ,wi 4 'dn 4 ,J .57 :e:f,.1,'- a "':"r?E:4 311- 4 9 ai f , cr l x..,h ,A- ,Quai How ,do you resisl' looking ouf 'lhe window, Sieve Wilson? tim out K ' '-1. "Nu Laura Blocker, Sue Bearden, Rose Marie Adams, Donnie Helm, Spencer Herd, and Earlene Pankey have learned fha? faking Those dreadful noles is a parl of high school life. A sigh? 'for sore eyes is Judy Blackburn, Sharon Johnson, Pai' Lacey, BeH'y Robinson, and Suzanne Knighi, who don'+ look very fired a'F+er a slrenuous l?l P. E. period. Sweahng one of Mr. Arseneau's ,, lesfs are Sieve Bender, David Tomlinson and Jackie Ausfin. f , UW Z Mg? M 6 ' 9 rw, zvyjwww WMZ KZHWZEWD .910-19 2 WW HMV W WM QW ' x 9 Awww WWM w W! X ff S WW 617. This is your game . . . excilring . . . rourine . . .demanding . . . sarisiying . . . challenging . . . disappoinlring . . . worrh- while. This period of The Game of Life is rhe firsr lap, Jrhe iirslr inning, Jrhe firsr guarrer. H selrs rhe pace for rhe remain- der of The game. regi tration Mr. Pegram, new principal of A.l'l.l'l.S., fallcs wilh sophomores Brenda Labovirz, Pal' Lacy, and Garry Griffilh abou? lheir firsr semesler sche- dules. New s'ruden+s become acquainlred wirh l'leigh+'s campus as Jrhey galher afler lunch on The firsl real school day. Filling oul' caros for allendance and heallh records are Mrs, Leach, school secrelary, and Mrs. Fisher, nurse. Milce Rooney, Calhleen Gunn, and Thayer Canley press upon Miss Boone. I+ looks like she'lI be needingllhar "big orange drink" be- fore regisrralrion day is over. The eflorls of Mr. Dickenson and 'rhe cuslodial slaff help us lo slarf 'lhe school year wi'rh a clean, shining building. Mrs. lvlcCluney's smile mighf be pari' of ihe aflracfion +o her English class for Juniors Mary Glasscoclc, Sandra Dickey, Norman Vick, and Nicky Hammond. The advanlages of Taking mechanical drawing are poinled our 'ro sophomores George Neely and Gary Griffin. Regisfrafion book compleled, Dian Dugon checlcs our wirh assislanl Joan Newlcirlc as Bob Whafley lries To convince Mr. Sharp +ha+ his scheduled classes should be approved. "Wha+'s fhe use?" says Phillip Ralclifie in bewildermenl' a+ 'rhe confusion of Regislralion Day. fuclent council Righh Sarah Brewsler, chairman of lhe Sfudenl Handbook Commillee, brings money collecled for ads lo Miss Kalhryn Haden, who sponsors The Sludenl Council. Every Heighfsler received a copy of lhe Handbook. Below: al The S+uden'r Council lnsfallalion Service, former Heighls' Principal Roy M. Slone presenls fhe gavel To new Sludenf Council Presidenl' Graves Enck, as Principal Homer Pegram and olher newly elecled officers Joe Lee Burns, Linda Alexander, and Marcy Reiners look on. wmffv-f-,W This year 39 homerooms elecled one councilman and one alfernafe each. Sludenl Council Commiflees included Decorations, Elechons Flower and Card, Hospifalily. Program, Promofion, Special Projecfs and Sludenl Handbook. Howdy Week, wilh fhe elechon of Howdy King and Queen was one of The firsl proiecfs and Lockers a+ Homecoming. lhis year. N ff exl came fhe confesl' for Besf Decora+ed Homeroom J fwfr, 1 ggg UNEHHLFUF 52921 1:-1 5 lv KJ F IRES HHE HDME5 "Jack, did Nancy burn her liHle hand?" Jack Jackson and "Lef's be friends!" Friendly Heighslers broughl 'fheir "Hovvrdy Nancy Howell admire Fire Prevenfion Week poslers. Week" 'ro a close wilh The elecfion of Susie Handley and Mille Bickel, Queen and King. pecicll weeks fm , W wr "Hey, are you sure you read 'rhar book?" Giving special book reporls for Book Week are: Fronlr Row: Linda Lawrence, Anifa Holder, Rosan Jordan, Karen Bassham, Back Row: David Ashley, Roger Skaggs, Graves Enck, and Waller Wesley. "The Lineup!" Hopeful candidales for sfudenf body officers are: Jay Murphy, Jan Borders, Marcy Reiners, Linda Alexander, Haig Bodour, Joe Shannon, Mary Ellen Kemmerer, Joe Lee Burns, .41 y 1 ' " Wiz fs wl'7 i ii gf , iw f -L 67 AAT ffji K In 7 ifi 144747, Lp, if tim out ,iff Counselors spend many hours each day helping sludenls. Here Miss Galen Porler helps Jay Gibson plan lor his lulure educalion. The solemn presenlalion by Ronald Craig lhrills newly elecled ROTC Sponsor Judy Vaughn. Larry Simmons and Sleve Carler observe. Why do secrel discussions carried on by Iellermen Jim Brock, Roberl Banner, Bobby Pills and Ray Read always seem lo slop when a girl walks by? K 5 Concenlralion is one ol Mrs, Wells' chiel allribules as a leacher. Who can say she doesn'l need il? Delivering absenlee sheels isn'l lhe only duly ol ollice girls. Janice l-ligby and Eileen Monlgomery gel plenly ol gossip in belween limes. Senior girls always grab lronl row seals al assembly lime, Michelle Loughry, Nancy Miller, Peggy Marlcum, Sarah Brewsler, and Norma Richardson lwilh American Hislory oullinel gol +here lirsl lhis lime. open house , N4 f ,f fu A f f ' Z , ws ' " fiw ff, f Q ,V ,, , ,, ,QV, , ' , my f , -,M ,f 'ze' ' f ,K Lf ,, , ,W A j'jf?'ff I ' ff '! Z ' rl: . ,f :U z ,Vw , ,,, ' .H ', ' 'P ' r ,v 5 -af, ' 'ff aw 5 , i 4 Agn' ww ,ff Iii' My ' A 3 , ,My hom ..,. 1 ,,,,.,w. , ,M ,,,,,,-W., ef .fy V f ' f 4 ' .gf-2, , ,, Q Y ' eCOl11 , U, ,,.. 'J ' f 'ff .5721 , A ifffuxaxzii LX 1-, 54 PARX 'ffftu B' A fi guy!-SCTHAX' Pk. Y ' 35 ,gigs p , f fn-,m,4 ' . . -'YV-25 9 4 3 2 if W1- fi . R. ff VAglHS4wrA142Is.' swwy -A,. jf, W V , .,S-.-bffgifa ShouTs of exciTemenT rise Through The building as sTudenTs gaTher B1 The hall for The "before school pep rally" on Homecoming ay. Lou Ann Ramey smiles her appreciaTion as Graves Enck, repre- senTing The sTudenT body, presenTs her The mum To wear as Homecoming Queen. 814. Careful aTTenTion is paid To morning announcemenTs on Homecoming Day, Tor The winners of "BesT DecoraTed" conTesTs are Then revealed. BesT DecoraTed lockers, room 3l0g and BesT DecoraTed homeroom, room 209 are picTur-ed. Woody McClung and Rosslyn Ferrier weren'T The only ones who worked hard unTil The lasT minuTe geTTing ouT ThaT special Home- coming paper. Rosemary Morgan, wiTh JackeT as a companion, gayly welcomes The exes. f f 4 Everyone here seems amazed aT The TerociTy of JackeT. Miss Haden is proud of her exes, who send Telegrams from every corner of The naTion on Homecoming Day. One of HeighTs' beloved TradiTions is The solemn enhance of The enTire fooTball Team inTo The midsT of a cheering assembly. On Homecoming Day The cheerleaders add ThaT Tinal bil' of spiriT needed To leT The Team know ThaT someone is beind Them. . Judy Snyder, BeTsy Dillard and Jane PaTillo join Homecoming Queen Lou Ann Ramey in welcoming exes Joe MaTThews and Mimi Meili. "All ThaT goes up musf come down." Linda Colio seems To be sTuck on a ladder and sTuck wiTh The iob of ge-TTing ThaT welcome sign down. Q, ff, ,f V , ev , " , 1 'Eff if'fVll,? fffaiffg? fb M - ..... f ,. wg: ,, 4,1 ,, . f 4 U: H f I ' 2 , T Q ,il ,N , 'X r "ZZ ' f ' f ' 3116? f :uma . ' , f Y. M if 2' ' vm ,fy . ,,y,,L ,,,f " .2 of-pf, WWH "1 Wfif 4 " ' f" s' 47. i T :wmv f' 42ff,'gf1 fff,gggm',f, ,Nfif my: -rf" 57 'iwffwf ' 471' QT'Zf:,21f ,,ffn1p?:'fi,"n', , 4- f' IL 462 7 IVV, ,, fuk' 'f ,, ,,, V gf ,T X ,, 1 f , QM Zfffi lf2,,:f'f,:c" T 5 ..., 'llll - l'-- I2 ' PEP rallies 5 ff rf 2404 f ,y ' V5 ' X gi fi my , 1 MM. 1 Q '. '6f15zL'f.5.'iI':f' y ..f .a4:,,.,242-aw-,iw:QLw :xv 2:11:11 - 11 ranch day Belle of 'rhe square dance-Mrs. Belle B. Evans and sludenf, Jerry Reeves, lake lime our from grammar lessons for a gay square. Ranch Royally Keilh Genlry and Peggy Markum were elecled +o rule over The lop hands a+ A.l-Ll-l.S. Carol Creswell reporls fo foreman for lhe day, Homer Pegram, on condilions in The Soulh Forly. Ranch Day is a day for relaxalion from usual schedule. Slanley Shannon really knows how lo make good use of his leisure Time. 1 ., . fl 1 QQ? g si,es i 5341 I Aa- f,-- 2, Q ' , ,f f .fl K i f A 19 f K 4 f ' 1' 'fi 15 1' in 5 J V41 3,5 sl mga, lx far k ,ga W ,gf K v ,c ... 44' 4 if Q fy! Q fa "ir f f 5? l if ,ff . , rl In ,ef-fu :wg ' s, I 1' f f -gi, , ,fic ,ff 1 l , 2 fs Again an fff W if! 5' X- 4,15 I I nfl 2, V I I ' A Y '-5 i f j 9 Q i Wi H4 . 4 Ji' 'X 1 Even cowboys like To read. David Cook, Lesler Kilchen, and Joe Shannon give library workers Alann Bedford and Janice Aikman some business. chri tma week Bob Bradley, Belly Taggarl, Jim M Sanguinel, Jim Brock, and Suzanne Lowry, admire lhe Sludenr Council's free, decoraled in 'rhe school colors, gold and blue. ,4 H Alann Bedford presides as Mislress of Ceremonies. Violinisls Melissa Morris, Judy Galloway, and Caron Whi+e pause while The Chorus sings. The +rue spiril of Chrislmas was expressed when 'rhe liacully, sludienr body, and parenrs ioin wifh 'rhe Chorus and Orcheslra in singing fradirional carols. The Orcheslra and Chorus combined eliiorrs ro give an unusually effeclive pres- enlalion +0 lhe sfudenl' body and guesrs. I 2 7 67 ,i 'f r ' -7'f, r W, swfsm ' , ff arg w 'Lf' 0 J., ff l is ' ii , V Officers and Execulrive Council of Jaclcel' Foollighl Players f it, V are, lefl lo righ'r: Wales Reese, iunior class councilman: yy' Carol Creswell, iunior class councilman, Slanley Crow, V' Q J senior class councilman: Geefiee Allison, secrelary- if 5 lreasurerg S'l'anley Shannon, sergeanl af arms: Mary Ann Melcus, vice-'president Barbara Simmons, senior class coun- cilman, Sealed is Charlolle Lynn Johnson, presiclenl. The Jaclcel' Fooflighl' Players came back lo lil Th' e is spring wilh +h.e success of "The Thirfeenlh Chair." The melo- clramalic myslery was presenlecl in March. Due lo 'rhe illness of lhe previous sponsor, Mrs. Mary Franklin, lhe fall season, 'following Jrhe annual Sunrise Brealclasl was cancelled. All-er fhe arrival of 'rhe new sponsor, Mrs. Edwina Sanders, players began buzzing again. drama Sponsor oT JackeT EooTlighT Players, Mrs. Edwina Sanders direcTs all acTiviTies oT The club. Rehearsals of The "ThirTeenTh Chair" Tind "Helen" Carol Creswell giving a dreamy-eyed look To her Tiance "Will" Johnny MaTheny. Work behind The scenes makes a play a success, Leading producTion of The "ThirTeenTh Chair" were lvlariorie TiTT, assisTanT sTage manager: Linda Wilkinson, assisTanT producTion manager: Barbara Simmons, pub- liciTy and house manager, STanley Crow, producTion manager, Marcy Reiners, assisTanT direcTor, and Woodie McClung, sTage manager. Supervising isn'T The only iob of a producTion manager. Here he ably assisTs Carlene WeaTherTord, sTage and building crew head, To scrub TlaTs. "Who done iT?" Everyone loves a murder. Here "Wales" RoberT Osburn is killed in rehearsals oT "'l'hirTeenTh Chair." The EooTlighT Players annual Sunrise BreakTasT gives Emma Alvis, Bobby Nanney and Louise Miller opporTuniTy To display Their pancake mixing abililry. "Rosalie" CharloTTe Johnson really puTs over her poinT To "STandish" Joe Shannon and "Dunn" Eugene Blum. 'az-gf V3 "Well, whaf do you lcnow? Thaf miracle dief really works," exclaims Jo Ellen Darnaby, as she sfands on fhe scales in fhe nurse's office. tim out Believe if or nof, fhe boy in fhe middle was given fhree worms by a mofher robbin before fheir feacher gof fhem ouf of fhaf window. My fW'4""' Coach Curry fake fhe pracfice field. Informal shof of fhe syndicafe-Naylor, Abbey, Ruggieri. ...b i ff-:TQW f ' x Y gn!! Hogan, Sfovall, ,fjsfzei I 42, gig., y . s fime ouf for a breafher on and 55,94 f., f fs' 'H I . ,A, V . . dbh? I ci, This is nofhing buf a bull session. Whaf else can you call if? Harry Moreland and Ray Read lake 'lime oui' for pos? game refreshmenis in 'ihe gym, while Terry Woody smiles her approval. My ff, ' Xxx. .. r a i' f " 6 is :L vig- V Wg P' 'L "Qu .Fx s ' 1 f' 5 . er. A 1 K . W Y ., . K, K Z 2 1 S ,MX ,, Qi. Jax.l ' v bag 393 Paiiy Huffman isn'+ lrying To lceep The wa'l'er from run ning oui The hole in her head. She iusi' posed for our cameraman. "I+'s enough io make your liver quiver," says Doug Gascamp as he sieals a look a+ +he biology dummy. You can'+ hardly gel 'rhem kind no more, buf Kirk Craig has L one. ll-le go+ if our of a super colossal size box of Cracker ...,3x,m M'-M, . N iacket iourncll Ah-Only lwenly minules lill deadline and JJ co-edilors Palrlie Clare and Jayne Kinney slop lo resl. l-leads up! Piclured are JJ slalfersr -limmY Cohen' Hamlllon Rogers' All sei +o circulalel Allen Eyler assisls Pal Milchell, and MBVY Be+l1 Hollis- circulalion manager, in gelling sei' +o do his iob. -4 Wha'r's so a+'I'rac'rive 'l'ha+ if can lalze Three l girls' eyes off of 'rhe foofball leam? The inferesled Three are Rosslynn Ferrier, Dian Dugon, and Cynlhia Henderson. ll Always QIQQIFHQ! Frank S'-Jllon. Terry Woody. and Ray Read laugh logelher Over an Amarillo humor column. Lei"s go boy! l've gof places lo go and Hwings 'ro do. Encouraging Jack Greenman +o hurry is Jane Ely, who is all ser To rneef 'rhe elemenrs. I G'wayl You boiher me! Bernice Wofford ' rells Jeannine Cason 'ro lweckel Carlene ' Wealherford awhile Bei' Woodie Mc:Clung wouldn+ look so mean if he were aciual ly wilh flue ollner person News! We need news! Journal- isfs Don Maples and Joe Pal' Massie pause in 'rheir Search for column maferial. 8I Pr,'C Sponsor, Mrs. Emily Lunday, looks over some work done by Judy Pier and Sianley Shannon, Yellow Jackei co-ediiors. Discussing pidures for 'lheir sedion are sporls edifors Ed Sager and Edwin Hibbs. Professional is fhe word 'rha+ besl describes +he work done by arf edifors Karen Bassham and Janel' Hopkins. Judy Galloway and Larry Thompson, as circulalion managers, keep close check on annual sales, which soared To lO5O before +he campaign ended. , Snap sholrs are all imporfanl in a good annual, Ask snap sho+ edilors Sylvia Dailey and Allen Eyl-er. Sophomore class edilors Eden Van Zandr and Jan Borders cu? picfures as Barbara Simmons, faculfy edifor, checks wifh Mr. Maulsby abou+ faculfy picfures. Junior class edifors Dian Dugon and Judy Worley, and senior class ediiors Bobby Beyer and Jackie Krause spend exfra hours filing cards and fyping lisfs for lheir secfions. Heighls has a "Texas size" A-Y, The posl a+ Al-ll'lS boasls one of lhe largesl in 'rhe nalion, wilh 600 members. The Allied Youlh began an ambilious membership drive which nelled lhem 3l2 members lhe Tirsl lwo days ol school. By The lime The main membership drive came lo a close 'rhere were enough members lo send six deleqales lo lhe Nalional Convenlion al' Buck l'lill Falls in November. These sludenls came back bubbling wirh new ideas for lhe posr, whose purpose is To educale youlh regarding alcohol and ils ellecls. The highlighl of rhe year was lhe annual "male beauly conlesl" and Chrislmas parly. The boys were a riol. The A, Y. picnic look 'rhe sporlighl in lhe spring. Allied Youfh officers and council are: Lell 'ro Righl, lironl lo back: Monelle Wallace, Margie McCreless, Ann Woodson, Russell Clark, Jerry Lewis, Mary l-lowell, Jan Borders, Larry Leonard, Rober1'Shaw, Jim l-lill, Jack Jackson, Suzanne Lowry. Slanding are Mr. Jack Marlin, Miss Grace Becker, liacully sponsorsg and officers Jack Greenman, vice-presidenlg Janice Aikman, secrelaryg Ed Sager, lreasurerq and Alann Bedford, presidenl. allied youth Serenading lhe A. Y. beaulies and escorls are Mike Williams, Graves Enck, and John Malheny, a sharp combo! The Honorable Jack Greenman presides over courl in A. Y.'s skil. 1. Remorseful Moreland regrels The drink Thai' landed him in organization courl in ne A, Y. Sw. ... H S , ,f,,,,f:,f My C' Smiling over Their exciling lrip 'ro Buclc l-lill Falls are A. Y. delegales Suzanne Lowry Ed Sager, Ann Gilliland, Bobby Beyer, Jerry Lewis, and Linda Lawrence. 85 ay beauties Ja ck Jackson Escori-Bobby La nfer Mike Slack Escorl'-Fred Dickey Jim Bill Davis Escorl Walker Ellis ve' Kay Brockefme io' ell Escoriu-BudClY RO in Roloerl' Banner Escori-Bobby Beyer and escort Ray Esc . y Read Orfxjbmmy Bobby Sager Escor+-M arvi n Nrha ns Roberf Owen Escorf-Bobby PIHS Chambers 6 Pai' McCombs Escorf-Wende-H He nderson Girls lnTramural Council, consisTing oT ThirTeen members, planned This year's girls inTra' mural acTiviTies, T The annual "game of The year" beTween GIC and women TaculTy members proved To be a hysTerical volleyball conTesT. No one seemed To remember The game's score, buT everyone remembers The ouTsTanding cosTumes, To become a member oi GIC, a girl musT earn a cer- Tain number oT poinTs in PE classes. Girls' lnTramural Council . Reading from le'fT To righT: Linda Cherry, Treasurer: Nancy EllioTT presidenl' Mary Howell vice-presidenTg Norma Jo McGuiTe, sponsor. NOT picTured is Linda Hawkins secreTary SixTeen girls' worked wiTh librarian, Mrs. Luella Higley, as library assisTanTs This year. The ArlingTori l"leighTs Library Club was Their official organi- zaTion. A schedule was seT up early in The year giving every mem- ber one period each clay To work in The library and one morning every week beTore school. Library Club Reading from leff To righT: Alann Bedford, presidenTg Suzanne Lowry reporTer MoneTTe Wallace, Treasurer, Janice Aikman, secreTaryq BeTsy Wilbanks, vice presldenT Mrs Luella Higley, sponsor. " " club CVM "A" Club Reading from lefl' 'ro righl: Coach N. J. l-logan, sponsor: Lesfer Kilchen, presidenlq Harry Moreland, vice-presidenlg Ray Read, secrelary-lreasurerq Pal Milchell, sergeanl-al-arms. Ful'ure Teachers of America -Reading from lefl' fo righ'r, slanding: Carol Sue Pier, reporlerg Joan Chambliss, vice-presi'-- denf: Janice l-ligby, lreasurerq Miss Dona Slovall. Sealed: Eslher Wilson, secrelaryp Miss Eula F. Hunler, sponsor: Sylvia Gray, presidenl. i "A" Club, Arlinglon l-leigh+'s Le'r+ermen's Associalion, under lhe sponsorship of Coach N. J. Hogan, was reorganized This year. Membership in The "A" club is achieved by earning a leller on any of lhe alhlelic 'reams of Arlinglon l-leighls. The plans of lrhe club in- cluded lhe annual facully-lel'- lermen baslcelball game, a hay- ride, and a drive lo raise money for spring sporls. f. t- . Thirly-four members of Fu- 'rure Teachers of America mel' lwice monlhly lo learn aboul lhe leaching profession Through discussion and leclures. Social acliviiies included a gel' acquainled parly in Oc- lober and a Chrislmas dinner. The club sen+ delegales lo bolh Dislricl' and Slale Con- venlrions 'rhis year, 89 YL '.'v. 1 5 V',., 1 79iL5 n?y 'Lz I 'i i ,ofa , , f 'ZZ f 0 U f C ZW 941 if , ff ff X522 fi 'IU if ff . 4 1 4, gf Wsqy Reading from lefl +o righf: Berl Garrell, presidenlg Sleve Senevey, secrel'ary-+reas- urer: Andy Schoene, 'rournamenl' direclor: Dion Geiger, vice-presidenlg Mrs, Anne Ayala, sponsor. ir. red cross The firsl meefing for lhe Junior Red Cross was in Oc- fober. Money from 'rhe 'Fund raising campaign held in Novem- ber wenl' roward a school chest filled wiih school ilems, Toys. gymnaslic equipmenl, elc. which was senl' overseas. The chapler lakes variefy programs 'lo lhe U. S. Public l-lealfh l-lospifal and 'ro Carswell. Judy Truelson is presidenl' of lhe Tarranl Counly Chapier. She was senf lo Europe on a Red Cross sponsored 'rrip lasi summer. Judy Galloway is vice-presidenl of The Tarrani Counly Chapler. She was also chosen on The Mid-Wesfern Area Advisory Council. Back row: Tommy Lipscomb, secreraryg Jim Brock, vice-presldenlg Judy Truelson, presidenl, Fronf row: lreasurer. ' Mr. Miller, sponsor: Miss Norma Jo McGuire, sponsor: Judy Galloway, ,Ms 47,1 chess club The Chess Club began l'he year wirh an organizalional meefing Seplember I2. Meefings were held al' +he homes of dlfferenl members. The boys parficipaled in an all-cily lournamenl in lhe spring. Two members of The Heighfs' Chess Club iook parm' in 'rhe an- nual Nafional Junior Chess Championship Tournamenl' in Phil- adelphia lasl summer. distributive Above, reading from lefl' lo righi: Bobby Green, vice-presidenl: Mary McMillen, secreiaryp Mary Frances Boler, reporler. Sealed: Miss Galen Porier, spon- sor. No'l piclured is Larry Souih- -e rla nd, presideni. fraining program for sfudenfs wsh fo work and earn a school diploma af fhe same courses offered in wholesale, ail, and service selling earning special credif by hours acfual work in one of Worfh's ninefeen approved ness firms. science club The Science Club, one of fhe mosf acfive organizafions in Heighfs, offers much fo fhe scien- fific minded Jackef. This year's acfivifies hinged around The Science Fair in which mosf mem- bers parficipafed. Along wifh work on proiecfs are films, falks by leading scienfisfs of fhe com- munify and field frips. The club also gives service pins fo oufsfanding members. education Disfribufive Educafion is The fhirfy-one members Reading from lefi' fo righ+: Bill Gale, president Whifney Bevill, parliamenfarian and reporferg Faifh Lewis, secrefaryy Roger Scaggs, vice-presidenf: and Mr. F. J Arseneau, sponsor. tri-hi-y The highlighi' of fhe year for fhe Arlingfon l-leighfs Tri-l-li-Y came in December when seven of ifs members wenf fo Ausfin fo parficipafe in fhe annual YMCA l-li-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Model Leg- islafur-e. Ofher acfivifies were a ioinf dance wifh fhe Carfer Tri-l-li-Y, a Chrisfmas dinner, and a coke parfy. The purpose of fhe Tri-l-li-Y is fo develop a well- informed and well-adiusfed group of fufure cifi- zens. Reading from leff +o righf: Linda Croff, presidenfg Barbara l-luberf, vice-presidenf Laurel Harper, sergeanf-af-arms: Barbara Simmons, reporferq Peggy Sfiv ers, freasurer Sara Baucom, secrefaryg and Jeannine Cason, chaplain. M1 Mike Biclcel and his Balallion Slaff. Cadel sponsors were presenled during Fall Balallion Review. MfSgf. C. R. Brown and Sgl. H. L. Wood experienced Their firsl year on The "Hill" as lhey led lhe cadels in all phases of mililary inslruclion. The Arlinglon Heighls Rifles led by Cdl. Capl. Ronald Craig appeared during lhe hall-lime aclivilies in foolball games wilh Waco and Paschal. Aclivilies during spring semesler included Federal lnspeclion, Drill Team compelilion and Regimenlal Review. r o t C Leading lhe Cade? Balallion in lhis year's work were Cdl. L+. Col. R Bfown Qlc5??n33i-Wi 591. Assf. Comm Oodl Huberf W . .... ........... .... s ,.... ., , 'Warn .K IZ.. V.",V , 'Q ,ss, 1 V, ,K ..,k L H i 12,5 5 l if L - L ,f .sh .. .se-2,14 , n , ,.,. . -Zv s f ggyss , J i 'r glfy - Heights sharpshoolers, kneeling: -Dale Bowersock, Philip Anderson, i'ii5'f1'31f1'ig5 ,, 5 215.131-Q-1 Loyd Bryan. Sfanding: Ronald Craig, Howard Ragsdele, Bobb-' Hud- L5I:,.: ',s". ' dlesfon and Willis Murphey. These boys have won many honors for . cy, ,V,,V y The school. szlssg- Z V I Mrs. Evelyn McCIur1ey, Faculfy Sponsor BATTALION STAFF--Fronl Row: Facully sponsor, Mrs. Evelyn McCluneyg Cade? LT. Col. Mike Bickel, Bl. Co.: Honorary Lf. Col. Charloffe Lynn Johnson, Bl. Sponsorg Cade? Mir. Bobby l-luddleslon, Bl. Ex.: Cadel' Ca pf. Willis Murphey, Bf. S-2. Back Row: Cade? Capf. Sfanley Shannon, Bl. S-4g,Cadef Capf. Berf Garref, Bl: S-lg Cade? Isl Lf. Hoyl Halfielcl, lns. Slaffg Cadel' Isl Ll. Allen Eyler, Assf, S-35 Cade? MfSg1'. Phillip Anderson, Sgr. Maior. -v vfi, . gm 1 , 3 Vf J' yi X is f 1 CMMS rg fi . C :Q f I K 4 if 'xl J l J is 1 J - f ARLINGTON HEIGHTS' RIFLES-Fronl Row: Garry Whipple, Frank Norwood, Joe Shannon, Marcus Bowers, Donald Smifh, Glenn Buis, Roberl Coffon, John Dowdy, Sherry Duncan, and Ronald Craig. I Second Row: Stephen Carler, Donald Culpepper, Willie Leverich, Harvey Greenway, Paul Kirkland, Ivan Devilf, Larry Fersfenfeld, Jimmy Walker, Bob Walson, and Douglas Gann. , Third Row: Harry Pendery, Harold lllich, Edwin Hibbs, Dale Bowersock, Roberf Griffilh, John Jewell, Willis Murphey, Loyd Bryan, and Mike Bickel. Fourfh Row: Bob Perry, Hoyl' Halfield, Bob McKean, Mike Hix, Sfephen Smith, Dick Carlisle, Harold Landers, Roy Boswell, Bobby Huddleslon, and Whifney Bevill. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY-Fronf Row: Arr Jenks, Larry Ferslenfield, Eugene Blum, Clyde Price, Joe Shannon, Jimmy Wesf, Bobby Williams, Ronald Smith, Linda Wilkinson, and Whilney Bevill.. Second Row: Paul Nelson, Roddy Sellers, Norman Vick,.John Jewelf, Ted Mayo, Herschel Sline, Howard Schenck, Roy Boswell, Paul Walker. Third Row: Roberl' Bunger, John Malheny, Willie Leverich, Harold llllch, Don Erdman, Tommy Dockery, Sammy Crufsinger, Tommy Hill, and Don Green. 'WW'W'i'iiri,,jigmcPggny W ll ' Fronf Row: Ivan Devilf, Sfuarf Lee, Celvin Blevins, Raymond Harlow, Pinky Williams, Jimmy John Dowdy, Lou Ann Ramey, Lowell Rosenlhal. Second Row: Harvey Greenway, Phil Ralcliflie, Donald Jackson, Franklin Jones, Mike Owens, Russell Milchell, Bruce Unger, Eugene Napier, Sieve Anderson, Don Duncan. Third Row: Dale Bowersock, John Powell, Roberl Follelf, Norman Bramlelf, Dion Geiger, Bobb Jones, Norman Graf, Bob Branch, Bob Miller, Jerry Kemp. Neely, Tommy Edwards, Roger Dyer, Froni- Row: S+eve Carler, Marcus Bowers, Glenn Buis, Thomas Hawkins, Don Krause, Levan Kincaid, Gary Freeman, Bill Hood, Robert Owens, Judy Vaughan, and Ronald Craig. Second Row: Frank Norwood, Dick Carlisle, Vicfor EvereH', John Griffin, Paul Kirkland, Douglas Gann, William Smyfh, Harold Landers, Don Gibbons, and Tommy Whifeside. Third Row: Gary Whipple, Roberf Dickson, Warren Wefh, Roberi' Griflifh, Thomas Pe++i+, Scofl Thompson, Dick Woodward. Fourfh Row: Bobby Perry, Bob McKean, A, Z. Rowland, Mike Hix, Harry Pendery, George Walfers, Kennelh Hunf, and Richard Simmons. my ,gxvf W WWW ,A,-,, WW uggt A M ,I A V ,.V, , ..., ,... , , ,,,-,. 1 ,.., . ..,..- ,, , M" """""'f "Mfr", . , . ,V -..--'-. . ,vi,.6.A A..1 , A.,,. , . , ,, .... .. ,,.. , , ,..,.Vf,ff,,ff, ri , 1 i ,y , ,company .,..- Fronf Row: Jimmy Walker, James Ausfin, Tony Torres, Marshall Inman, Jerry Housfon, Ralph Shaver, Edwin Hibbs, Eden Van Zandf, and Pal' Needham. Seconid Row: David Chrisfian, Bobby Saurenmann, John Carlson, Graham Robinson, Ered Harvey, Wayne Rickerson, Donnie Bailey, and Roberf Osburn. Third Row: Howard Ragsdale, Walfer Liffrell, Eugene Dorcus, Tim Givens, Bob Sfephens, Douglas Shaw, David Cassfevens. Fronf Row: Donald Maples, Roberf Lewis, Tommy Orms, Nolan Squier, Wayne Even, Harry Nix, Mike Kensel, Jerry Brown, Roberf Coffon, Roberf Keifh, Paf Readinger and Lovcl Bryan. Second Row: Bernard Paffeson, Charles Cook, Jack T. Jusfice, Jimmy Moseley, Don Buchanan, Bobby Manire, Jan Coffman, Eddie Zihlman, Jerry Gafhings, Bob Wafson. Third Row: Donald Culpepper, Nils Ohman, Spencer l-lurd, Jeffrey Buchanan, Alvin Smifh, James McDonnell, lra Muse, Sfephen Smifh, Billy Wilson, and Jerry Reeves. , , , K I I ,, I ,ff-ni .4 , ,-A .A,V ,W Vllr ,V,, ,wi ,f f ' ' f I f , !iiz2Q5?w fy if ,, , ,, ,,,, , ,,.,, ,, ., ,,,,, , ,,,, ,, ,-. li1Ql,..,.vl2iAf.J,gL.ffZf.1iLi,j.lQ1.1.,gQ.,QZ.'L.L2fLfIQp.pg1..Q,g.Q, ,,L,.lJ,QLff-,--.WU X' z ,1fi.1LzL 1LQ 54L.:,f4,pJgjg?1fg',ggj73,'n h z X , ' , , ., .., I ,,, f ' "'. , , '.,, " WW' if 'KM I STricTly inTormal ROTC period: Lowell RosenThall, Don Duncan, lvan DeviTT, and Bobby l'luddlesTon prepare Tor a class. SgT. Brown insTrucTs Eden Van ZandT on The working of an MI RiTle. SgT. Wood and Don Duncan Tallc over 4435 a sTudenT's record. ROTC Color Guard: Dick Carlisle, Phillip Anderson, Edwin l-libbs, and Douglas Gann. BerT GarreTT commands The Drill PIT. in one oT Their morning sessions. N: Var ISE. .yo .Q S - -Q , vim W 4 J S x , QQ My it ax 1 ' '59 M ZX .Z Q 35 F A, A Q xx -9 k fix? " N 5 X . ry Q- .1 .1 'llbiraop iz, ,X if' ui.- 157543:-r.,,v.': ?V2iZf2fff6-L ' 5, 5. M ,L,, , , 2 V Q., a ' 1 1 2 l is 5 1 1 on f Q ff, 4 Z., , Q if , fy K ff J X , 4' 9 f 1 ' f W V J :ff 9 215 ? " V43 s y "'f -wwf 4 '5 3 W V A 1 ff A 743' " iff 4,1 5499? ZZKV f 4 4 23? M Q .1 1 f, Honorary L+. Col. CharIoHe Lynn Johnson, 'Barallion Sponsor. Honorary Mayor Lou Ann Ramey, "E" Co. Sponsor. Honorary Mayor Judy Vaughan, "F" Co. Spon- sor. Honorary Mayor Lynda Wllkynson, Hq Co Spon SOI' Honorary Mayor Eden n and+ G Duncan, Mayor Sherry PH. Sponsor. Honorary Mayor Par Readinger, "H" Co. Spon- SOI'. out of town trip On Odober 6, a cloudy evening, Twelve buses rolled up 'ro Heighis +0 Jrransporf over 400 Jaclcef fans +o Jrhe Highland Park Game in Dallas. As soon as +he buses siopped ihe band began loading and exciied Jaclceis rushed around 'ro find iheir bus and sponsor. Then came Jrhe long momenfs of wailing as exierior decora+ors added 'rhe finishing rouches, Win or lose, Jrhe our ol: Jrown frip is always a highlighi of foolrball season. W7 kK"""'H-nv. to yellow iackei' band orch f e f f Q 411 if-ffezi X ,4,,W.,.,,,,,., 5 .. ,,.., we wz ff : f ,Q 1,-:vi 2Fz1f4?tl2, wir:-: 1, f f ,W 1 .44 f--fs 5 '11 ., ,. 4-3gfy,w -yy pw! pf ' f we A f ,, ' gvfwy. WW " W Nm 5 , 6,z,2w,ffwff VWQMMJM V f mr-,rf fyiifz P A fa, 2' :rpg 51 f f ,,,. W estra and chorus B cl Carson dlreclof Ol an l'l. ' mf 9- an gi Orclqeslra' M rs. Mary Whifel dire Cfor O No+ every school can boasl four firs+ cl'v' ' ' I lsvon winners. Maier- elles Judy Ezell La l , ure l-larper, Wynnell Emery, and Drum Maier Joel Yealcley led flue Yellow Jaclcel' Band in I956-57. fcho f'LlS Q H W choru ii ga, , J- 5 W, W", 1 , ' il wi 'S ,Q f ,I L 2 A nfillf. Q ' ' 1 'ia ,, 5, , 2' , 4 1 V . if ' 7" 9-1. H , i s , . V w wf' l . , ,L,., ii I ' Girls' Double Sexfel' A? fha piano is Pal' Lacey. Leff fo righf: Vickie Dee Branch, Jeanne Mon?- gomery, Linda Elam, Evelyn Smifh, Kalhy Glenn- Walker, Suzanne Thompson, Bernice Wofford, Carlene Wealherford, Judy Ford, Marlha Jean Holden, Vicki Osborn, and Jayne Kinney, Firsf Row: Pal Nunnery, Linda Leach, Judie Collard, Pal Cloudus, Linda Rockwell, Linda Elam, Vickie Dee Branch, Jeanne Monfgomery, Evelyn Smifh, Suzanne Thompson, Kafhy Glen-Walker, Gee Gee Allison, Bernice Wofford, Carlene Wealherford, Judy Ford, Martha Jean Holden, Vicki Osborn, Jayne Kinney, Ginny Dahlgren, Mary Glasscock, Johanna Kehn, Judy Moss. Second Row: Sharon Livingslon, Gloria Brown, Sue Engleford, Barbara Harf, Julia Meyers, Rosemary Morgan, Bobby Sagslefler, Earlene Pankey Kay Clark, Jean Sfogsdill, Helen Davis, Cynfhia Henderson, Linda Dalfon, Janice Franklin, Margarel' Rich, Lou Ann Ramey, Rifa Clark, Dorofhy Tucker, Karen Horn. Third Row: Jenna Hillard, Janice Gumm, Kafhy Chasfain, Connie Wilson, Rema 'Faye Wehunf, Brenda James, Susan Hoffman, Jeanie Crockeff Peggy Lee, Arfhur Boswell, Billy Cox, James Sprinkle, Don Van Trease, Gerry Webb, Sue Slalnaker, Roberla Poling, Jackie Gregory, Pal Perry, Carolyn Lipscomb. D . U , Fourfh Row: Carolyn Hogue, Jo Ann Rose, Kay Esfes, Judy Peffy, Eva Gay Nix, Mark Murdock, Mike Slack, Dick Shlle, Wayne Harvey, Jack Beazley, Kafhy Allerlon, Carolyn Cummings, Linda Chapman, Brooks Besr, Kafhy Boyd.. -A . U Noi' Picfured are: Marvin Afhans, Jackie Ausfin, Nicky Hammond, Larry Hudson, Sylvia King, Margie Miller, Ray Read, Karen Wilds, Woody McCIung, Sieve Bender, Barbara Walsfon, Carl Clark, Edwin Evans, Barbara Goodrum, Derrel lrvin, Jo Ann Rose, Bob Whafley. orchestra . Firsl' chair members of 'rhe orcheslra are: sealed, Sammy Woodward, Douglas Hazlewood, Larry Leonard, Oscar Wehamen. Sfanding, from leff fo righf, are Kirby Robinson, Carol Elam, Barbara Barnes, Cyn- lhia Baker, Laurel Harper, and Gerald Warfield. M' h' Keller Melissa Morris Judy Galloway, Carogn While, Mary Ellen Kemmerer, ln fhe pil, reading from leff 'lo righf, are Peggy Smilh, ic ie , , Oscar Wehmanen, Arfhur Roberfson, Harold Trammell, Douglas Hazlewood, Charles l-leafh, and Sammy Woodard. Sealed on sfage are Fieldan Baughman, Barbara Basf, Barbara Sloan, Lunora Clinfon, Larry Leonard, Kennelh l-lunl, Barbara Walker, Peggy Slivers, Laurel Harper, Bill Van Gorder, Gerald Warfield, Kirby Robinson, Cynfhia Baker, Carol Elam, Jack Tallman, and Barbara Barnes. ' P 1 L e, Bob Williams, Jane? Llewellyn and A. Z. Rowland. Lucia Wrighl' is al The piano. Sf nding are Jimmy McClelland, Bobby Mason, a ac y a Direclor George H. Carson slands in cenfer fronl. band Sparking Heighlslers on lo' luslier singing and louder yelling in every pep rall rhis year was 'rhe i956-57 Yellow Jacker Band, The sixly-eighl band members pracriced a week before school slarled so 'rhai ihey would be ready for The firsl foolball game. They performed a+ eighr of Jrhe season's 1'en games, including one ou'r-of-Town Jrrip +o High- land Park in Dallas. Row One: Laurel Harper, Peggy Slivers, Judy Vaughan, Frank Howell, Barbara Walker, Marfha June Crow, Judy Tkac, Arlhur Robinson, Tommy Hill, Cyn+hia Baker, Gerald Warfield. Row Two: Carol Elam, Roberl' Lacy, Sieve Johnson, Sandra Wilemon, Paul Milchell, Sieve Evans, Evelyn Hicks, Bobby Nanney, Barbara Barnes, Roger Smifh, Pai Lacey, Wynelle Emery, David Jones, Marcus Bowers, Charles Highsmifh, Sieve Barclay, Coy Fosfer, Judy Ezell, Howard Hunt Andy Schoene. AT The Grand Prairie Marching l:esTival in November The band won a Second Division RaTing. MaioreTTes Wynell Emery, Judy Ezell and Laurel Harper received a FirsT Division Award Tor Their Twirling ensemble. AcTiviTies Tor The spring semesTer included The SToclc Show Parade and The SToclc Show ConcerT in January. HeighTs' Band also parTicipaTed in The T.C.U. Music FesTival, The Jacksboro Band ConcerT, and The All CiTy Solo and Ensemble ConTesT aT Poly. A Band ConcerT was held May 2. Junior high school bands ioined wiTh our band in The ArlingTon HeighTs Music NighT. LaTer in The spring Trips were made To several oT FT. WorTh's iunior high schools Tor special band programs. Row Three: Fran May, Carolyn Norman, Barbara HarT, MichelleTTe Keller, Bill Van Gorder, John Haase, Mike Williams, W. E. Mercer, Tommy MonTgomery, David MaTThews, Gary RoberTs, Jo Ed PeTers, Bob Williams, Bob Mason, Billy Edgins, STanley Crow, Oscar W-ehmanen, Michael Warner, Phillip RaTcliT, Kirby Robinson, Bobby Jones, A. E. Grable, Wendel Henderson, Jack Tallman, Bob Hesse. STaniding: LeTT: JaneT Llewellyn, Jimmy McClelland. RighT: Peggy SmiTh, Joel Yealcley, Ann Fogie. classroom Ss. Adiusling lhe microscope To gel a beller look al' lhal "dead ole bug" is Warren Powell, as Joan Bennell loolcs on. Physics musl lake a lol of concen- lrafion, or so il seems by lhe ex- pressions of Ray Murdock, Morgan Kidd, Carol Owen, George Marks, and Pal' Needham. Judy Ford doesn'+ seem 'lo care rhal Virginia Churchill is sewing her lingers logelher inslead of lhe malerial. Working on a major proiecl is Freslon Edwards. IO4 Blngl You re in lhe old bio lab. says Making use of Their sludy hall are 'lhese energelic l-leighlslers. activities Ser fo work, Beverly. Beverly Plescia fakes a break in iyping class. Dan Pearson digs info his siudies wi'rh Mr. Miller explains some of ihe finer unbounded exuberance, faking advaniage poin+s of chemisiry 'lo one of his classes. of every second, of his iime. lMaybe +here's somebody else in +here.l Bobby Beyer and Lowell Rosenlhal Dianne Barker puis ihe finishing lisien aiienfively. +ouches on her sewing proieci. "There's really noihing lo if," says Mrs. Wells as she gives Carol Elam a hand wilh her French lesson. Judy Locke and Judilh Pease poinl' oul' 'rhe people a+ Squire Cass's New Year's Eve par+y, from Silas Marner, as Mrs. Belle B. Evans looks on. g tim out Buddy Godby looks ihrough his locker for somelhing. Couldn'l' be his coal, lhough. Worm's eye view of The masses going lo classes. Mr. Slovall is keeping an eye on Miss Kendell, who is keeping an eye on Jrhe new volleyball. lb? 5 The D. E. class gels Jrogelher for some f informal 'ralk and fun. Mr. Carson plans anolher half-lime show, assisled by Mr. Pegram, Coach Hogan, and Mr. Arseneau. "See? If you drink Uncle Joe, your feel' . . won"r smell bad," says Virginia Churchill +o Graves Enck enleflalns Wllll 5 Joan Deilzer, who seems io agreee. Humber on his Qullaf- wfiwn, ,V XL ff ,YJ , If GQJWXZ my f 4? Unquenchable exu- belberance is shown on 'rhe liacliaces of lhese Heighls- ferfers as 'rhey sfarl' 'rheir daxday. Bonila Smilh checks on Mark Mur- c s work lo see l als going all righl: Phyllis Edwards uses The office phone as Tom Kei+h lries ro overhear her conversalion. Ralph Roden and Yolanda Jerden are caughl' walking logelher wilh Lesler Kilchen, l-low odd! ff. Axww Larry Newsom sfeals a look al +he camera as he buys a loolball lickel' from Mr. Wrighl. ls Sally Fisher reading a book or praclicing fhe "Pledge of Alleg- - in ISHCG. l-ley Jackelsl Gee Gee Allison makes an announcemenf as Mr. Pegram looks on. I07 x x As 9' ff XXV il ' JV X X iiiifixraseccs """'w.. f These srars are members of your Team, chosen by you for ff' Jrheir leadership . . . scholarship . . . service. Their conrribu- f lions To The game complemenlr your eflorlrs ro mainlain The high slandarcls, lasring Jrraclilions, and oulslanding spirir of Arlinglon l-leighls l-ligh School. I I09 mx, football Nick Ruggieri and Joe Abbey, "B" Team elaled afler a good worlcour. A az QW f 11525 , V if , up , Ps f f 4,-' K4 "A" Team coaches Johnny Slovall, John Naylor, and N. J. Hogan pause! in lronl' of lhe Trophy case. coaches, look 4 ' "ff: , ,..W M ., 5 if 1 r.,, iz ff n,f.f.f1p.'5122iQ f 5, 01 ya., , ,, , 4176 fww-vwfw' ', , ,,,,2 If J, "' " 5 KH, 1 fy V. wr, , f I f w-an-"fw'w, TM' 14 . 9, ,?f+f1ef,.w2'Lg7ftVy C, ' f' ' 'f 'f T 5 N - J 1+ 1. ., . 'f f , -f - mf,-f,f,. f,ffm-ff-4. . I , ,.,,. I 2ffy,y,M,,f-ff, M 'G gf 3? wwf, y 54 My , I ff!-w,fQi A" N" . ' Q- 4 'WH , Arco- ww, .-,ff ' - , - H w may f we-10 v4 wwfz' -A-ww-+fg. 1 , f 1 , , . ,,o.,ffV,,. ,, ' , I f' . 4' i 2' f' 119: . ' , ,- . .. .V . . + ff all - ? i. 6.1 5' ' -,L ' J' I :gp ,f-wffip ' w V - . i ,'fox"s, 5 f.'i.2'r'4vg,- 9, I. - n , f f,.4:,w .' , ' ' ' for-4-,f. V 555:54 Q I , s f, if f 'Y ' ' ' 5 1 , :f ' , f, W 'fm EF? 'L' " . "' z K " , We in I0 'l-leighls l-leighls He-ighis l-leiqhls l-leighls l-leighls l-leighls l-leighls l-leighls l-leighls SEASON RECORD Sherman Midland San Angelo Highland Park Waco Polylechnic Norlh Side Technical Paschal Carler Riverside FOOTBALL IN I956 Ranked TourTh in The sTaTe, The JackeTs had a reasonably successTul season which opened wiTh The rousing deTeaT oT Sherman-Tinal score 27 To noThing , DisappoinTmenT was soon To Tollow, however, as The Midland eleven slipped pasT us wiTh a hard ToughT vicTory oT I9 To I3. San Angelo, playing The avenger's role, suc- ceeded in upseTTing The JackeTs' hopes oT sacking up anoTher vicTory againsT The sTrong WesT Texas Team in The Third game oT The season. i Playing anoTher one halT ball game, The JackeTs yielded The TourTh oT Their series To Highland Park by a score oT 28 To 20. Following The Highland Park loss, The HeighTs- men barrered The Waco Tigers Tor a sporTswriTer upseT oT 4l To 20. The JackeTs Then sTormed inTo disTricT play wiTh The narrow vicTory over Poly oT I4 To I3. Led by The sporTs Tans' delighT, Hurricane Harry Moreland, The HeighTs eleven sTormed by NorTh- side wiTh The high score oT The year, 33 To noThing. The Tollowing week, The JackeTs won again, This Time againsT Tech wiTh The booming score oT 33 To 8. SpiriT reigned aT The hearTbreaker oT The year, Homecoming againsT Paschal, in which our boys bowed To The PanThers 47 To 33. Concluding The season, The HeighTsTers suTTered a biTTer deTeaT in The hands oT The CarTer River- side Eagles. We IosT 35 To I3. This game marked Coach N. J. lPugl Hogan's IasT, as he announced he would resign his coaching posiTion aT The end oT The season. WiTh The close oT The season came The awards and recogniTion, Our hearTiesT congraTulaTions go To Harry Moreland, who made All STaTe, and To Jim Brock, who made DisTricTg as well as To Kay Brockermeyer and PaT MiTchell, who were lisTed on The Press All DisTricT Team. Harry Moreland, Jac- kefs' "hurricane" back, surpassed all records of previous HeighTs' backs as he was selec- Ted for All DisTricT and All STaTe Teams Two consecuTive years, and was voTed The ouT- sTanding back of Dis- Tricl' 4AAAA of l956. Jim Brock, sTalwarT of The JackeT line, won All DisTricT recogni- Tion. RoberT Reusch, Nicky Hammond, Clark Trammel, and David Cook, The "A" and "B" Team managers, Take Time ouT for reTreshmenT. s , 4 y , , 'ff,,k41f ' W f ,fi ' .. , if ' ' V "'1'v- - ' if: ' ,.w,?5,f 5., -M11 , .. ww' A Q , 3 ' ' ff "" " ' - -1-:rf ,L 7 5 f 9 M ,f f "Vt"f 375' I fy - - 5' 154.11 if f K Q f f A 7 5 f X f 3' 7.45. fc C V ., ,V W-fi ' ,y I ,:vf:,4ff' f y 2 f fg W f l 1,5 fp XLR ' f ,, if , . Q k, . fm, - , -V .- - - ,f,,Qg:4,,,, F -kk. f ,f,f 1,f,f,5,, ff! ff 1 .ppl f. ,m , f 3 + i i ' ' m i ,f f ogg M5591 fff ' f,-V-,- .mwffwwm f lf-if Tl- 1 - 4 -'v- f f, fff- ,g'g,g,.-'MM if,',' ,def f cw-1' Y,V,, Y Y' --..,.., .'i',i?, 8.4- , fam - .PW 1 'Y 11!T,,,,,, ViViiV zzfwarfb. 4 Wm 1 X X f 5' O 5" we , ' ' I H 7 , 4, .. i , ff . iu fi g iv . Z A N ,, ., ii X5 , i i, M f .5 A I ' 1 4, ., -,,,-. .- . - f. - ,, ,f .- ,, ' 4f.px. ,m.w 42 ' V , ,,:f,, MK? W" " I V .- -. ' ' 2 Millon Ausmus Roberl Banner Jim l3FOClf 25 - .ff 1 f ,im Firsl' Row: Dick Slille, Ray MUVClOClY. Jim BFOCli. Bernie Kane. John Moon, Wayne Harvey, Buddy Robinell, Jerry Smilh, Norris l-lammond. Second Row: Lesler Kilchen, Dan Pearson, Tommy Lipscomb, Roy Cox, Ray Read, Pal Milchell, Tommy Chambers, Don Whil- worlh, Richard Garre'r+, Cary Milchell, Harry Moreland, Charlie Sharpe, Thind Row: Johnny Choale, Roberl' Owen, Dick Danner, Bob Whalley, Dwighl Lindsley, Jack Jackson, Graves Enck, Bobby Pills. Fourfh Row: Morgan Kidd, Gary Grimes, Russell Clark, Don Gerik, Roberl Banner, Millon Ausmus, Mickey Owen, Kay Brocker- meyer. Dick Danner Graves Enck Richard Garreil Don Gerik Gary Grimes ,rpg . f P .121 1 , 7 1 V ' my 51-f , ' Z' 'GW' 'f '-V 1,5 vi f , 'H 5 ' ,ww 4. i y ex, we-35f co b 9? 64 N 1 4 W ,f I R I F if fi ' in fc' You 21 1 ' 2 V M if A ' ff , aim, V V K ff ,, -A.. M ,U s.. .if.'?'w?fe111-'fa1w 'G.,- ,J ff wa QV! f Q 'Z Lv:-, 1i2ffWvifQ4'fg 4 X 5 , ,, gf' x 4.1 4144 1, Ajay? Zyfggnfg' zqigf Tommy Chambers Russell Clark Roy Cox Firsf Row: Larry Leonard, James Sprinkle, Jim Chambers, Jimmy l-laas, Jim Harris, Arfhur Boswell, Douglas Gascamp, Second Row: Bobby Pearson, Glenn Killman, George Neely, Roger Lapham, Marvin Alhans, Jaclcie Pills, Joe Lee Burns, Sleve Bender, Gary Mays, Bill Davis, Joe Slciles. Third Row: David Farris, Weldon Gray,.Mike Cropper, Bob Bradley, Leo Williams, Larry Hudson, James Bozeman, Rudy Roach, Bruce Peck. Fourfh Row: James Frazier, Arlhur France, Michael Rune, James Pelerson, Tommy Evans, John Hornbury, Jack Evans. Norris l'ldmfT1OI'1d Wayne Harvey Jack Jackson Bernie Kane Morgan 7. X :,' 'Q T T X . ,W ,' -- 3 .. Av, ,. ,f f. .: X :2.. pf ' 4- LMI, f . . E35 i f -", i if -13: X , .gr ," ,,'L . 3, -- 4 ,,,, X fy r T ' 'P ,-' eww... . .f .fr ff- ,X 'X X X XX Xi. X .'- X: X ye. XX XXXXXXXAJ X. , X X A fu X .rrrs . A is - W f' if i.ri is , V 1 ,-.A ",,,- . ,.'V'-' , . ." "L' . . , ,TY ' ,':'9f ' 1- ff T ' . .-',, Ig ,.,-" o s . . Q V, T T Xf . ii1 , : X f f - W W , .P T f , e, 'VAV , A ,, "A, . . M 2 AE! 1 . X J' , . fgzj, zv. " 7-X . . A, , 5, We- i ryyry XV lg fgx iij ,,': 1-5 , ,Y f.,' g.,-',f,,:r. fi , 2 'f f ' " A ' , 2,' K ' ew QM T' T LesTer KiTc:hen DwighT Lindsiey Tommy Lipscomb .f ,-", ff 9' if :ag 5 I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Cary MiTchell Paf' MiTchell Bobby PiTTs snares a runner in The Poly-HeighTs clash. Moreland goes Tor one oT Tive Touchdowns To rack up his greaTesT record in The game againsT NorTh Side, which T-TeighTs won 33 To O. I-lard hiTTing LesTer KiTchen gains a Tew more yards in The hearT-breaking Homecoming game wiTh Paschah Ray Read's charge is blocked by PaschaT's line- man. MilTon Ausmus sTreTches Tor a pass during The CarTer Tangle. Making way Tor anoTher score in The Waco game is PaT MiTchell. One bad break didn'T sTop The JackeTs, as They walloped The Tigers 40-23 Tor one oT The exciTing upseTs oT The season. Bobby PiTTs Ray Read Q 1 ' . Dan Pearson Buddy RobineTT Charles Sharpe X y X . X X .X . . . X y ...., ,X , . H ' .. f ' I ff . .. if '2 - .Q wwf . .. , . ,V-Y gf if - e Y-'E 14.2 ' i H f,'h ' l f f ""'A' " ' 'rw ff ' 4 fy 'yi ' fin . . T' if- i.'. 52 ,, - . . KH ., ' ' X . . i, f. . ..., 34. XX , X X.,X.X X . . A 7 XX X . - ,, 43 2 . ,, , n .R ' '., We ' ' , fr M . ' fi' '. f L" T.-1fff5fb?f3fffif,, Maw' ff ' ."' 9 wifi " V f 5 . V 'w vfff i' - pf . A l - .gf , . , , VX .,,,, , 'W-f, f f" " ff'. ff' H - 1 ,. ..6.,,,., X ,Q , ., ,ya ,X-fX,,.y. ff., 3 1, 1- reg,-f,f...,q,,z,,,,.',5Qy53X:X-Wg ,,...,,gf,f-in .1 4, ,fy 54, ,WX .-X,. f. ,X A 05 .4 'way ,f ., , A X e , V ' 1 ,- . -, , - -if H M.. 1' ,'w,Mff iii' . ' ' . fl! bw ' 4 'f John Moon Harry Mnreland Ray Murdock Mickey Owen Roberl' OWGH 5 z fi 2 1 R 2 4 5 4 , ,, -..I Jerry Smifh Dick S1'H'le Johnny Bob Whafley Don Whi+wor+h basketball N 1 1 1 Z l "A" Team Manager, Ronnie Tomlin- son. Gary Grimes, forward. James Balch, guard. Richard Berryman, forward. Jim Brock, forward. Joe Gambill, cenlrer. II6 Baskelball Coach, Joe Abbey. 5 Q N-new -N '-.,..,,f ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon ArlingTon "A" TEAM BoTTom Row: James Balch, Kerry Owens, LuTher Wallace, Randall Weeks ,BrenT Berryman. Top Row: Ronnie Tomlinson, Mike Loudermilk, RoberT Shaw, Gary Grimes, Joe Gambill, Jim Brockf NOT picTured is LesTer KiTchen. SEASON'S RECORD l-leighTs l-leighTs l-leighTs l'leighTs HeighTs l-leighTs l-leighTs l-leighTs l-leighTs l-leighTs PirsT Round 5I 56 47 5I 5l Second Round 5l 56 54 54 63 Tech CarTer NorTh Side Poly Paschal Tech CarTer NorTh Side Poly Paschal 45 57 60 55 59 45 57 36 58 47 STarTing The year OTT wiTh a bang, The l'leighTs Tive bounded by Tech by The score oT 5l To 45. DeTeaT was soon To come, however, as The CarTer quinTeT ouTpIayed us wiTh The overTime score of 57 To 56. NexT came The NorTh Side game. This hard-ToughT hassle was Tinally given over To The opponenTs by The score of 47 To 60. The Poly game Tollowed, and The resulTing score oT 5I To 55 in Tavor OT The ParroTs leTT us wiTh one To go in The firsT round. The lasT game, Paschal, was a 5I To 59 deTeaT, which ended up The TirsT round and leTT us wiTh one won and Tour losT. The second round sTarTed oTT wiTh The deTeaT oT Tech 5l To 45, The very same score as in The TirsT round. NexT came CarTer, who deTeaTed us 57 To 56, anoTher score idenTical To ThaT in The TirsT round. In The Third game oT The second round, NorTh Side dribbled by us Tor a score oT 54 To 36 in Their Tavor, Winning by a 4 poinT margin, Poly deTeaTed us The nexT week by The score of 58 To 54. The lasT game oT The season, The Paschal game, was hard foughT and won by our boys 63 To, 47, This gave us 4 won and I losT.' The ToTal Tor The season was 5 won and 5 losT which puT us in TourTh place. Mike Loudermilk and James Balch wail' expeclanlly as Jim Brock l goes in'ro The air in an allempl To gain possession of The ball during lhe Norfh Side Game, which we won 54 'ro 36. Randall Weeks, guard Lu+her Wallace, guard. Lesfer Kifchen. guard. Mike Loudermllk, guard. Kerry Owen, Robe rf Shaw, cenler ,, l 23 J W x Massa zxmaxmwrwamxw y ,,,, WM . I , ,, 2 I ,,,,, l V7 G 1 ,U gfjglf' 2 1 ,El ,ff , 2 Bl K 24 2 3 " J ri .1 ,f J y ff ll f , f 10 l , Wad .fl f f "B" TEAM i Bo'H'om Row: Bob Bradley, Harry Branls, Wayne Hudler, Bob Lanier, Joe Lee Burns, Ralph Binforcl. Top Row: Paul Dinsmore, manager: Milne Slack, John McKim, Jaclc Jaclcson, Ariie France, Roy Brown- ung, Fred Dnclcey. an "N 4"V, gm a X3 -ask 2 il 4 afiifff Jim Brock grapples wilh Norlh Sicle's cenler in lhrilling game. M14 +5 ....,, ., , .X 'swf ' I -ww 1 'Z ff' i ge- ' 5 ..,. ,f.'c:f'f,2i-5,15 rflq Who has lhe ball? Roberlr Shaw and James Balch seem undecided whaf 'ro do aboul ET, II9 track Coach Slovall urges Pal Milchell on as +he seconds mounf. High hurdlers Gary Grimes, Russell Clark, and Johnny Slevens come over +he firsl jump in a dead heal. ,iiey l-leighls' record Mile Relay Team, includ- ing Graves Enclc, Ray Read, Pal Mil- chell, Buddy Robinell, comes around lhe lurn during worlqouls. Wilh Jrhe end ol lhe '57 Jrraclc season, Coach Johnny Slovall winds up his Jrwenlierh and lasl year of coaching. They re off! Gary Grimes and Roberl Banner show good form coming off +he blocks. Up- up and over! Lee Lydiclc clears 'rhe IO H. marlc wi ease. , 4 . , ww, , ' -,1 ff , , V- ,, , ,, V . Ji-4, ,, ,, rf , jg, , if V gy VVVQVV ,. - f ' 'ww 'V ' 0 , , , , . . 4-. .,--.-' ifyiiggff, 54 ' j. '- ,.,,i.,-Q-Vx' ' , ,gil ,sy - B . V, ' , Q! p f vi, -' '11 Malrf - C -.V-.-'if VV V fs ' f a 1 V 2 V V-. -ff'-i s J W nw, f '- . '-3 , ' -'Q iff ' ' - if . -X ii r , . W- V l' in . ' ' ,Z , V- io, VW. VM . ' V., -, J, 15.94 'VV-.,,.,71 'W pw j , wqwfaf, 5, fr.-211.-,zf',4-1 ' " .... ' ,fI"'f:2 f V 1331- " V 'V " 1, V F ' ' " lv V, ,-14sgi,V f0 -g,as,zfgz,gf:-V -z 48444, if ggawu A Mmwfzfwk -Q. -4 ' X PM-.,?f,gH'9' I V L, .fn V- , I 'iffy V- . V 'V,,V,jL5V-ff' . , eip V v,,y,3,, , f ,gV - -- ., , ' -'.?,v1,,1sg-: H -, , A,QU,Z4,,, V ,, l as F R ee fl' B ' ' " 'XV X f l V' ' V'- I" , 4 -V11-4 'fi-F-if-" xi-'Q'-V'ff','.Qg,f1iVQggg. ' . ' 'T' -.3. ' '. . ' , V f '75 ?.jj,-V13-j55j',',' ,bfi guj.. ,,L., W V 2-is V A , s 1 , - 1 'r X ' V-rx ' I-4' 4 , , if vs lff- ' - - X s V4 'V 5 s , If f , , , JEL ,.34,.-4-L:e7as,,i.,::-,5421 5,3 V V U .- .e 5 V f- , fl 9 W lf 5 1 k R H - " AM... B. V V VV 2, , l ' .2-if . f ,A , , - u- , Q- ,Pg if . A , ' ,' l' if . 5 1 , A - ski lv of - af . -- - . :, 4 f . is f ' .- - 1 V 1 , fV s . ., X J V .Jw 'r V 3 Q R xfk Ll ' VV - ' V J V Vi l ' f r V 1' Q ---' , -MV "LE , " il - V' N A X . :ew , V . "r'f"2ii-?152iQ5if1 - 1 i im , K K , .N s al , C- , . 'Q' 1 , ' Q . 1 a ' X 0 ' .ii z 1 .iw ,if . i ,:. i 5 im fa H . f V ' 1 4 fi gi V K I . ' wi:-' , 4 if ' ' xl ' J Q ' -. ' X ' - , 'Q ' V " ff 1 V '. ' f V ,.. "- C ' -V 1' ef If V, 1 'J' 4 ' bf, " ' X , .. "' i ,., 'Q ' I1 B ' , . , A ..,, ig - K , , 4 fh,. .lsffi , fr -V V V , .1 A: ,- : - -, VV , dam fs " .,, -7- ' W' ' ' 5 " , -C fi, - ii 5: i A' Ns' 1 V V V i val! Ve fr , 'VVV, , , mor x -- if XS, ig F 3, f .1 X- C .,AA,,., C C 4 el HE ax If N' ,. .5 , Y K XXX I 5 X l l 4 59 L 2 2 L . by in lv A Y ,Q ff K Row one: Wales Reese, Buddy Robinell, Bill Koberg, Russell Clark, Lele Lydick, Fred Dickey. Row +wo: Harry Moreland, Jerry Smilh, Max Wilcox, Jimmy Dieb, Ray Read, Graves Enck, Pal' Milchell, Roberf Banner, Charles Williamson. Row fhreez Johnny Slevens, Arfy France, Roy Cox, Koberr uwen, Dickie Clark, Burlon Cole, Jeff Haley, Fred ScoH', Sieve Aldrich, Jim Bailey, Millon Green, John Taylor, Bob Bradley. Row four: Hamilfon Rogers, Cary Graves, Holland Mills, Dan Pearson, Mike Loudermilk, Harry Branls, Jimmy Co+'ren, Roberf Shaw, Buddy Jacks. Row five: Gary Grimes, Bruce Peck, Nolan Brown, Jack Jackson, Jimmy Chambers, David Farris, James Bozeman, David Ashley, Dale Ferrell. Uhhg-Thal was heavy! Dan "Tank" Pearson heaves lhe shol'. W-A www mmxW,,,,.,c.x..,,,,.w-fs-f Thar pil is coming up hard and lasl. Roloerl' Shaw clears lhe bar in high iurnping. A ff21Qff2ff 2, L ,,.N.,,gW V -,,., fi- f 21 i s ' QL.: .,V, x JW' x fy ' ,Q V Q, K7 . 4- X f ii?-,,,,! ., Q1 1 -1 M 3' f i ,Qi V ii ' 2 - , ' H "'k 'V " , W , , H 1 . , A' ""'1 ,ie ' , X A ' .ew .. .. V . i ,'.,.., ' 'ff i il ' A 2 'V f.:,.2ef' ,QF - ' , . I ' ,L ' 'J r . if 'fl 4, X g i I V tk. I i ,ef ' ii Z ,' i Ay ' 'K ffl! I ss. M X if Y in -W 'AM eff Y' Q Mf 2 1 xx y is . f v 1 K YQ, , . ,, :N Q 3' f A J mah ,V I M 1 A X rf i f ff iffy fl i 14, W 553 4118 " f Q if' 5 f f 4 Mi , gwlvfl f ff -me , , e 3 JV Q 'f X .J as J i . , , , , 2 I ...,.,, ,,,, hyd-"' f.M7'Vif'!'i71' V - X ' " ' Q' f Q.?"' ' f -e..-.W Rf J, iw-if , . , , iiyc I , , .. ., , .., ,,, ' ,, ' 1' ' ' i? V , i -,,, , ff- V- ff ' V, :ff V- . ,.,. , ' f- 11- ve 2' " , H ' N ri. f 5' J' . B L 1115 iw ' ' . , 1' 'J . - ,- ' V N , 1 J , "f 'Q wwf.-. J, i ' , rr 'F kkkf . F - . :'g,".5:.,,,,i, 0 Y ' ,., ,4 , - 'V :yi , 31 1+ H fpf, 5? i Q Coaching one of +he lop conienders for baseball championship ihis year are Nick Ruggieri and John Naylor. Working on +heir ihird baseball le'ri'er are Bobby Harris, Lesier Kiichen, and Jim Brock. Piiching siaff of +he Jacke+ Baseball Squad includes Don l-lienderson, manager: Douglas Gann. Mike Muncy, Larry Hudson, Lesier Kilchen, "Pody" Williams, Jim Harris, Kay Brockermeyer, and James Giles. ' .4 E231 5, I-4 Nw, baseball PlG'l'URED AT RIGHT ARE: Row one: Kerry Owen, Mike Williams, David Terry, Jim Brock, James Balch, "Pody" Williams, Kay Brock- ermeyer. Row +wo: James Sprinkle, Bobby Harris, James Giles, Larry Leonard, Mike Muncy, Joe Lee Burns, Lesher Kiichen, Charles Sharpe, Don Henderson, manager. Row +hree: Jon Molkenlrine, Jackie Pills, Weldon Gray, Sieve Bender, Jim Harris, Richard Berryman, Douglas Gann. Row four: Marvin Aihens, Larry l-ludson, Wayne Hud- ler, Levan Kincaid, Rudy Roach, Bobby Pearson, Jess Thomas, and Jimmy Pelierson. , 1" T . ,ff f ,. K iff milf' ,V L r . , Ahpigfll , ff X.. ..,. y, ,,-,,. i' A f g,.w"' Zur-533' I .Q Nm-if f... 'V f ..,,L Y -7. fiiif, A K , V .i , f wg? i 7, , 1 44' , V +ve V ,ff .k,,5, ' Y s K It I ,I ffiifdy ' if ' if 'if 2 ii 'lflf!i"i 5 ff J J . by is K 4. 21.2 If H , K I Y , r ' .. i f " .,1', f a, 7 " 4 , 1 if ' .4 iq.. . - , ', V Q? ,fr -Q-1 '-53,5 ' V Q by ,Q ,, Ar ,af .f- .N f .y-f,i,,,5 ,. S I: K ,, A V, , , . ,, ,A if nz ' MX? , i f .',' 1 y ' 593 - " is as r , -. 'se -vig S311 Y I - J l ,. , a Q X . f E f ff' fi ff Z 1 A? i ' is is i s i 4, s .L Q ."'Y s 'FSC X 1, 'I uf . , f " i if W' ,s 2- 'zdflii f? 3 , :lb ii ii '51 ', ' fail" LA.k' X ,v 4 li K 'V' ii al Q35 A - ix 1 fa be fl as ffl A i f , Y V r, s i , ,. is r f X l 5 , C124 1' iff if V7 34 7 4 if in ' if 'L "!t f Aj f X' ' 'NF V H I. jg Al K Z 4- 2' 7 ' 5 " if ' ' ,,., dl ," ' , D g,," .. i f ff A L f,- i I M if A W Q ,4,,. . J I . I " y Vg? -46 A .L KA V V 1 ' f f mgugfgz ,-,,.,,.,...A gr ls ,eggs S "1-A '-My , 1 1 M , ,,. , a , A f f 6 f 4, W,,,,, l V, ,V 9 ,. Bgffffailf W ,M fy! 'V ff 1, Yi, Vx, f , V,fVk I - ,Z , X , In ,www X A VVV, ,,l,,i K ,f ff"' , Wi+lw a big grin and a fasf wind-up Mike Muncy ge+s ready +o fire one across lhe plale. 5 5. Z Abou? lo lay in+o a good one is James Balch. Jackie Pills slops lhal fasl grounder Thai miglil Tlwal's Joe Lee Burns calclwing. mean win 'or lose in a game some clay. '23 we vwfs 3 fm, ,,'r ' "" it M ,.. QMQQET Wx Lgiffj'-I," "., 1594-43' " f '? ' ,sm V 3 5 3 Q. ,M X. . My f p j,,, , 333 ,mann s 11 az 4+ x cv wma, ',., X, f . :zx'x,ff-i wi 3,4 If V yy ,f,,, 1 , T T ' aiye . r V r Q VPW' 1, ,,-fV,kl ,,Vh ZW ,,,, W ,LL,' ,V ,I Q T 'P f' A' -' fi ' 32rf1.:2"li4ee2 Q ri T 41il,g?i i ,k T f A T T l ii, f " Vi it , L iz ,,,. 4 V x f' f ' f f 'K f,9Wff'5,f f-1-,Q W' K , -414, I ,K IAKKVV, , , 15 Boys' Tennis Team: Larry Ferslemcield, Paul Gregory, l-lal Sparks, and Bill l-lunier. The Girls' Tennis Team poses ailer a lwarcl worl4ou+ on a wincly Marcli clay. Team members are Char- loile Williams, Marilyn Meili, Sue Ann l-lill, Pally Powers, "lv1i+cl1" l-lieli, and Sylvia Dailey. , , ' f H, E ISA , 9 LVM K A 4, fwff f., 4 ' .- L35 - 2 . ,ff r ' ' x if-,Q ',Vf V, ws f ,Zn X fl 7 ig T ., -F K w I A , r, 2, 31 Q l ,k Yr V -V 2 W f ' f'r- 1 M f 1, . .-,' 7: ,--f , J ' ..,, 2. J , , , 4 -V l".'i'-lla 0' 9 ' ,, i I , , , g., I 4 v ,fx . g..3g 5-.4 j W- ' gi 2 46 -f 1 , Q , iiii :vi , i.'i f , me i . f 1 - H 2 ' iiii me f:'ifii'5-:Z ' 4. 'ZJWYZVV 4 Y 'YY' YE? GSK? . ' . , wi Z ,fwy my I , if H ,,--f 1,4 - ,,,, .. Q. .y ,. ,- jq , :jig 4 ff-' ' Q u .2-R ,,- af 1: 5 1 A. .01 5v,,.2.f , VL I limb' ,V cf r f f d w w if I , fi ff , J ff we ff' f ,QM-r , if ,wwi-W "' WWWWWWW A 1 Www 4 5 Yi' ff 'np ffie Weis I24 golf The "fairway group"-AHHS Golf Team: Bill Crawford, Bill Wyly, Johnny Mallmeny, Jay Gibson Dick Rogers, and Coaclw Naylor. Noir piclurecl is Tommy Chambers. archery Drawing a beacl on llweir 'rargel are Annona Lane and- Sliaron Livingslon. boys p. e. The olo'ec+ of arliller is "lo lcnoclc Jrheir' l Y heads off." This grown up version of dodge ball is popular in boys' P. E. classes. Boys develop a keen sense of compe- Jrilion and learn spirit and a general inlreresl' in sporls in lheir P. E. classes. lqevreenman, Gary Hummel, John Tay- Tim Curry, and l'larnill'on Rogers rge ou+ of The boys' locker room on way To lhe alhlelic field. Touch foolball is anolher imporlanl parl of The boys' P. E. program. t girls Beginners in 'ren Linda Liirle, perf daily praclice. nis, Kallwryn Alcoze and ecl 'rlieir Tennis slrokes by Nancy Sralnalcer and Ann lv1cCluney prepare lo make a pilgrimage ro ilne middle field. Wlwo can say lliarlliey won'+ meel some handsome senior boy on 'l'l'l6 way oul? ls I+ a bird? ls il a plane? No! As any girl who lakes P. E. can 'fell you, ir's a volley ball. Vying for possession of +l1a+ elusive baslcel- ball are Gwen Weiner, Barbara Spence, and Rema Faye Weliunr. O el ersonulities 21475 personalities cheerleaders Mike Biclc-el Under lhe able direclion of Miss Marion Kindel, lhe cheerleaders did a greal iob of slimulaling school spiril. This was shown al lhe l'-leighls-Paschal Game, when our spiril reached irs peak. Junior and senior yell leaders were elecled lo Their posls lasl' spring. A+ lhe beginning of lhe fall Term lhe sophomores loolc Their place in lhe cheerleading squad. The friendliness of lhis enlhusi- aslic eighl' 'foward all whom lhey mel proved lhal 'rhey were well chosen 'ro represenl lhe sludenl' body. Wgl W iN ' M lllilg S 1 . lf f' Q alflfxl vor' efs Wallief Ellls fax!!! Joan Benneil' lg' Susie Handley Pdf fveeofflalh Fronl' Row: Joan Bennell, sophomore: Pally Powers, senior: Susie Handley, iuniorq Sarah Brewsler, senior. ' Back Row: Walker Ellis, sophomore: Pal Needham, senior: Mike Biclcel, senior: and John Malheny, junior. Q Miss Marion Kindel, sponsor. Sarah Brewsler homecoming queen Lou Ann Ramey, as Homecoming Queen of l956, ex+ended an official welcome io all reiurning exes. A I32 The Class of Sl honors one oulsfandlng senior boy each year wulh The Edmund Fahrenlcamp Award As larsl presudenl of J Club Edmund Fahrenlcamp ser an ex ample ol leadership scholarship and servloe l-le was lcnllecl IH an NROTC plane crash Roland Jary of lhe Class of 54 Sonny Searcy of lhe Class ol 55 Tony Aldrich of lhe Class of 56 and Slanley Shannon ol The Class of '57 received The award. FUWINU l lKlll?llNl llllllu WU X ll Ildl XI XWMK 2 U s num sun umm-1 sun snvnu ULMTII JARY ,, ww, ,- ,FW V , xumr umm l , , the edmund fahrenkamp award srl s lll ia.iaw.e-rs.. . ' - ' Cl l7'1ST.?fI'f4lT. mule: - - F5 as ' .-: :es 'su :fx 5 A 'A A , r r y A A ROLAND JARY SONNY SEARCY TONY ALDRICH STANLEY SHANNON :fm W, my Z?Q455M 101' i6HO7GQ 'Z24 v f A ffff f , ,Zv,,m,, , I "1x4QC5425Ly 1 Rx X Ywwmvk ff , .ff f ,,fVaQZE ,. , X .gh 2-J OWN'- Y , 7 , -,', ahwxewaswwzkf 21: X ,,L,,i.,, Q' f Pr 4 I 111 ,QV 'ww-2,4 , f 'fzi W f i x '4 v seniors lester kitchen and norma richardson' all school favorites sophomores ian richardson iuniors susie hcmclley and pai mc combs and eden van zandf 522: L, 1 f fy 611' f Lf f ,H-ff .J J Wy 2 sl f J J f , ,gf I J. J, 75 VW, X GJ , A , f ' riff' 1 ff aff af ,,,,f'y f ffpflif I ' fi I fi! 'iffab 435 df! X U f M L, W J if M 4 X! ff' 'fy f Vjw X ,V Lf fp, fy, X , Lf . Q ,fy IL! J W N pk 9, ' We-' K, ,X ff! rr my n Vind! uf X, if fgjlj XVLW X., QQ! gf 1 f, ,:4' fj:,"' - X I 1 V li Y! fl! I J Xf f 1 I most beautiful girl, phyllis edQvag:cl s 1 if XL! f,!! Graves Encli, presidenT oT The STu- denT Council, was elecTed lvlosT STu- dious Boy This year. l-le held an oTTice in his homeroom each year aT l-leighTs, serving as councilman, home- room secreTary, and homeroom presi- denT in his sophomore, iunior, and senior years respecTively. An acTive member OT Allied YouTh, Graves was an A. Y. BeauTy lasT year and parTicipaTed in oTher A. Y. programs. LeTTering in TooTball in his senior year made him a member oT "A" Club, The ArlingTon l'leighTs' l.eTTer- men's AssociaTion. Because he main- Tained a high grade average and par- TicipaTeol in many acTiviTies, Graves earned "J" Club membership Tor Three years. " , 2 most sfudious iff frf , X i Linda Alexander, sTraighT "A" sTu- denT, was chosen as l'leighTs' MOST STudious Girl. A senior This year. Linda displayed a genuine inTeresT noT only in making excellenT grades, buT in Talcing an acTive parT in oTher acTiviTies. Seeking ouT responsibiliTy, she served as alTernaTe councilman in her sophomore year, homeroom presidenT in her iunior year, and as a senior she was elecTed secreTary oT The STudenT Council and was chosen as a crew head Tor The JaclceT l:ooT- lighT Players' producTion. Because OT her ouTsTanding scholarship and ser- vice, Linda was a "J" Club member Tor Two years. 'x most athletic Adding boundless energy and en- Thusiasrn To her naTural skills in all sporTs, Nancy EllioTT, senior, played as a member oT every girls' varsiTy Team and acTed as an oTTicial aT girls' volleyball and baslceTball games. Because OT her aThleTic abiliTies Nancy received many honors aT l'leighTs. She leTTered in P. E. Three Times and served as secreTary, Then as presidenT oT Girls' lnTramural Council. These Things made Nancy The choice Tor MOST AThleTic Girl on The l'lill in I957. The MosT AThleTic Boy aT A.l-l.l'l.S. This year was Harry Moreland. Harry IeTTered Three Times in TooTball and in Tracli, seTTing records in boTh sporTs. ln his iunior year he made All- DisTricT and All-STaTe TooTball Teams, and earned Two ouTsTanding player awards: The C. C. WesTTall Trophy and The Tom lvlcAn Bronze Shoe. As a senior, l-larry was vice-presi- denT OT "A" Club. l'le was again a member oT boTh All-DisTricT and All- STaTe Teams, and was chosen by Finlc SporTs Magazine Tor iTs All- American Team. l'larry's Traclc record was also ouT- sTanding. l-le placed TirsT in The IOO yard dash, The 220 yard dash, and ran as a parT OT l-leighTs' winning 440 yard relay Team aT The STaTe lv1eeT lasT year. I 4 , v QM ' 446 0. gg, ffl f E X H? Q !.x.,f fa' 7 1 52 f 4 91 ff .lf ' 4 7 P AX E SR if fmn O Q4 . XI' L9 5 f 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 2 3 z 7 f i-club 44454, Officers of ihe "J" Club, which honors siudenis for Their leadership, scholarship, and service, are Carol Creswell, Treasurer: Charlolle Lynn Johnson, secrelaryg Moneiie Wallace, vice-president Lesler Kilchen, presideni. Mr. Homer J, Pegram and Miss Kalhryn Haden sponsor ihe club. Aikman, Janice Bassham, Karen Bedford, Alann Bickel, Mike Brock, Jim Cherry, Linda Brewsler, Sarah Crow, Sianley Ellio++, Nancy Emery, Wynnell Bevil, Whilney Bryan, John Loyd Churchill, Virginia Clare, Pa++y Collins, Margarei Third-year members Seniors Enck, Graves Hopkins, Janel Jordan, Rosan Kinney, Jayne Lowry, Suzanne Markum, Peggy Second-year members Seniors Hieli, Anna Milchell Higby, Janice Johnson, Charloile Lynn Firs+-year members Seniors Gale, Bill Harper, Laurel Hill, James Howell, Mary Huddlesfon, Bobby Second-year members Juniors Bodiiord, Linda Holderbaum, Sara Creswell, Carol Kemmerer, Danner, Dick Mary Ellen Galloway, Judy Lewis, Failh Gregory, Jackie Mayo, Ted Henderson, Wendell Owen, Kerry Hogue, Carolyn Pulido, Rudy Owen, Carol Powers, Palfy Sager, Ed Shannon, Sfanley Yeakley, Joel Kifchens, Lester Monlgomery, Eileen Williams, Charlo++e Kidd, Morgan Murphey, Willis Needham, Pal Ramey, Lou Ann Shaw, Roberl Reiners, Marcy Smiih, Jerry Siubbs, Sharon Truelson, Judy Vaughan, Judy Wallace, Monelfe Wilbanks, Belsy Archer, Sylvia Balch, James Barnes, Barbara Cone, Charlolle Edwards, Kafhleen Fersfeniield, Larry Fowler, Virginia Bedford, Frances Bender, Sieve Biggs, Bill Borders, Jan Burns, Joe Lee Cook, David Corbin, Carolyn Cropper, Mike Crow, Marlha Ju Denny, Kleber Ellis, Walker Fosier, Coy France, Arihur FIG Firsf-year members Juniors Haley, Jeff Henderson, Cynlhia Hibbs, Edwin Lamb, Gwenda Lawyer, Janice Meanor, Sandra Muncy, Mike Firsi-year members Sophomores: Gunn, Kalhleen Hansard, Bobby Holden, Marlha Jean Howell, Nancy Hudson, Larry Jackson. Jack Joe, Louis Johnson, Sieve Leonard, Larry Loughry, Pairicia McAllisler, Frances McCreless, Margie Mclnrosh, Lynda ' .1fl Murphy, Jay Schoene, Andy Smilh, Peggy Thompson, Larry Van Zandi, Jeanne While, Caron Wilkinson, Linda Mercer, W. E. Norman, Sylvia Pipes, Bruce Readinger, Palricia Reufher, Marlha Shields, Frances Slalnaker, Nancy Van Zandf, Eden Walker, Barbara Wilfong Gayle Williams, Roberl C Ziegler, Susan Y , i i , 1 N VL . :J is J l- y N " X - if T aid A M' A i X L ,, lf "' . WP 'J' Q r l ik' 1 l I il . . X . , I ., , Xl W L II1 lTIel'l1OI'ICIl11 ii if A L ,fp H ll ,fi A ,A i - , ,, If inf! ri if fi is X ,f i A, - law ln memory of our friend and fellow worker, Mrs. Mary A ll U A 'D Z' ll' Sweef Franklin, who died February I7, l957, we pay loving if l Ay ff y 1' lj V li gl J fribufe, As an insfrucfor of speech and English, Mrs. Franklin if Jn :Y if We fi ' 'ii is faughl' in Arlingfon l'leighfs l'ligh School in I9-45 and during fi M ji H ki, N K Q 1 in l i fhe firsf six weeks of fhe fall semesfer of l956. She was held y L y gy I, i K4 ,J in ,xy in high esfeem by loofh sfudenfs and feachers. 1 lu y, 'il y l , l I Q l y if l-ler life was a fusion of kindness and beaufy. To her if lf , N I 5,41 if sfudenfs and fo her arf she gave generously and unfiringly f ,ff , , ,. :lm Of lvlrs. Franklin's life we can fruly say wifh Keafs: "A fhing of beaufy is a joy forever: lfs loveliness increases: if can never Pass info nofhingnessf' of her fime and falenf. Af all fimes she was kind, pafienf, and unclersfanding. To her associafes she radiafed fhe beaufy and wholesomeness of life ifself. MRS. FRANKLIN C. 762414 QYZK -- ofa, ,CO 40 Iflfiilczgifli faL4s f-2fj7'9'Zf?476C2ZZ1f7 ' X ,.,, A cf . xv 41,1--ad fC.fM7ZdLzf5,.Q-ff.Z,,fL ecfu-247 nam, Ooflddffc, ka! 55, .7 lf '4 ,, ef-'ff-24,45-74 ,- G 1957 yellow iacket staff f I X l G2 -mic--52210 ,9f2f1,e., .-. - C615 c'EL44,?, 411667 Q76 -Ii .f4,.c,fZ,Z Cf .01',9C,4,1- - " -f Q,,, fCffl.f'i.4gbf2y A .5061 Cv f W M344 N-C11 -jivewffco ' J 1'06'iL'7 ,N --k " 'L if 2 'iff ., x 4946 Q ,fvafu , lpn! I X filiwu, way :DMV 'ifeif fl 0 W kwykr -L04 5L.o!,12,-0Q,,f ,uae C2190 , as may ,f,z,uI,fQ gui, ,J N! cloriazlpof Zi L4..QQgL!b abou iii Ll' X's"CfU'gfA"' 62,61 gi s,,fLMe3,Ufg1,1,4.Q,1z,4Zf C. Ll A f KJ LLL orpfxo 'vi Q, coed 6576 el LEQQQLQ fc? fseeowupo Lf dom, 4 . . f '7 J J 4 A Ls-, YfiCC7s--f Edilors-ln-Chief if-Lffffidi is-"--' 1 Judy Pier Qanley Slwannory A f-A 45,0542 .AJ 1 . d.,1Lcf.1fk.1 Class Edilors ff 145246. A ' - 4 f -- SENIORS 'JUNIORS SOPHVOMORES Jackie Krause' Bobby Beyer Ari Edilors Janel Hopkins Karen Basslwam Jan Borders Eden Van Zandl Judy Worley Dian Dugon Seclional Edilors Eacully Edilorr Sporls Edilors Snapsbol Edilors Barbara Simrnons Ed Sager Allen Eyler Edwin Hibbs Sylvia Dailey I Business Slall Jane Ely, Judy Galloway, Larry Thompson I50 Eacully Sponsor Mrs. R. I-I. Lunday Marvin D. Evans Company, Publisher "A" Club Admlnislrallon index 88 . ..,,.. . 5 Jaclcel Foolliglwl Players A..L.... ...A...... 7 6, 77 Jackel Journal Slaff .......,. .,.....,,.. 8 O, 8I Allied Yealla 4..l.,...,. l....,....... 8 4-87 Junior Class ,,ll.....l,.. ..,......,.. 3 a-so Band ..,,....,,.l.... ,....l...,. l oz, IO3 Junlorlled crass ..l... .l..,. . 90 Baseball ,l...... lzz, lzs Library Club .l..... 8 ....,.l a 9 Baalelball .ll...., ,.,..l.,....,..,.. l I6-II9 Moslfxllwlelic ,......l.....,l..,.,..l.,l.........,...l. ,.l......., l 45 Cheerleaders .l.........lll.l,...l..,.l.l..,........l , ,ll,., l3o, I3I Mosl Handsome and Mosl Beaalilal ...,...l. ,,,I42, l43 charlie ...,., .'1'-pl ,,l. ...... ...- Clirialmaa ...l .. Classroom .i . ,... if Ceiileala ....... ,,..l.. Mf 8 ip .l.. Dedicalion .fff...,e:Q?WiC,fP?eKgafllQaL, ...,..,.........,. ..,. . 9, D,ie+iilaiilive ,,,., QllSfs'c .4gic5f l.', l.... Division yi? lien ay .,.,,i.i.i .,., Va l , Faliiealaam' i z 'feiem ...ii.,.i..,,. 7Z,.i.,..f'f..g6f Faeiil+y...Zff'fiiii. ....,., ..... QI!! Favoriles i... ...,. ..., 92-97 Foolloal ., 4. .i i.... .,..,...l QI'u .,,ii 4, Forewof i..,. .i.. Fulure - ii,,.i ii, iia.i, 4 aaa iiaa.,, Girls'n1gf L4gfg'LZQDZ089fLZpffQyK!We Z5'X ..,. Golf ,,.. ....., ., ......, Hemeeemigiy .. ., ....i,. 7I ff? ,...i. ., f.,. ",'l. 7 ..,i f.ll Q Haiaeaaialaaealiieaf. 8 ..,., 9 ,,ii iflfwo aaa, ,i.i.i.i,a 'll Howdy King anclQueen.. ..i... .i.,.,,,i. ,..., 74 .........i i.i..,.i. 5 ....., .I2O, l2l In Memoriam ....,..... ........... l 49 Tri-Hi-Y ,,,i..i,.i...i .... I "J' Club ,.....,.. ........... I 48 Yellow Jaclcel Slallf ,,....,..i,.i,.......,....,..i..., 82, 83, l5O A M yy W pf ,Q ,W ju jf autographs mayb? ww, WD 07 f w,w7ZMAf'j'l5fQ MV if JO x J ,M ' 4, 7 , , WM X 9 5 f7'D' W' ' y 'Ma bg 'SQ f ff ' ' U- X v s , iwllylj R: X ff ' 6, ' x . A. Ax X X A' ,V . ,41 0 ' A 35 yr 8 K Q F5 65 X: , 7776747 45197, 3 N , ' . Labgiif-fc 5, ?.,Qiw yi, ' X , ' fi4L, 4,1 ,.!f,f,ji,QM .154 5,5 !Z,,g?2L7Z6,g-LJJ, A K ,, , Kg 2 RN 3 X 3 A v Wwlafoafpg .2?fav44f S X Marg Avi' 3 I Q.,-M. '50 ggang. we Max , .vktnsb 1-01-5u,N--.m, so 1 Nous. Suu-1. ws S Q nvol-:RMB ',,...,J- ... ,.,g,wg,,,iwx M BQQD MN by Gv Ou.-V+-'A .A 9-112:06 . R . L5 at WEN" QW" 0""' 4... w ,,.0,.,g-, D.5.,.JlUU?x,NAoUJ" ?3""' 6 Wu' . S. suvvx ' X . x T , , , JJ Wulf Q LM 7Wg WM ,gm C,Qw,7,b Jwam -QAM -fl lvfzw -cg ,547 hwL c .4N C' H M G2"f Qf FM 'Z ,f MW w7w MM' 76W-fm Jswaf fq' t 7b'Q X A Zczimlw -mia QE-if WJQAMYMM Jiwx. 7944, SAP Am MM X LJ ,025 LAI!! -.Zawya .sfffvvl ,cliff-Ofw 1 JA! Wa' A' JAM Ja WM QJM bi ff7Wf , M A1 1 1 Q, N i Jr' OE? w 0 ppmfafv, ff Y if fMf WMM " 359' W ' My A Sym V my cf fm? f ff if f" Sxiifb EV MVK CW' QW, J QU' VWMW R EF OG L sg? M5 WX ' it L Y' X I "f, X H QV X ' N 0 N if V Q X X N 'X ' m ,fx ' J , . . N ,A ,.,.i , , - .... 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Suggestions in the Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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