Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1954

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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'WE w I I Xiggi leyigvf of , Wy S, , 4 x aqke H wig XVHAT Pictorial Revlew of School Da D, WHEN: School Year 1953-54 6,7 C' WH,ERE: Arlington Heights High School . M N ' WHY: For Reference and Enjo ment in Later Years ki . lf Y ? ,flQ'f'5 NU' -ex CL ' I UV X l fbi l HOW: News Account of a Mem able Sc I 342 A Neem f" MVV hav' U-GJ 'U 3 49' L' X X., mfg. fill qi N ' I , , l '- M 1 X ijt, U! ,rfcjjbfl ,ld Q YT NUM! 'iljjd MW ld WJ! LW E ' Lf Ps W ,ww ll ,f ' Odd lf JW 'lllbw l yw6J'i"lU 'WVUQ iw QV Off N' vjff yi? J ' ff' .ff VU fr 1 K -U U IU ,mlfb ,VUJJ X ll I U Q 1 f MU V Q! dia ,1 lj!! U B kg! ff' ! Three , f' ..r'x. t. Ek: 33 Q 1, R 8550 milf A n 'g ZW Qsgigg s A V f, A' 'el . 'VN-.,,, 'S fl 'W Tis? . -l fi QBTFA A Champion Trains Champions "Noi failure but lou' aim is crime" With this philosophy from Lowell, she has guided the students of AHHS to state and national awards and has inspired them to serve as tomorrow's journalists. In recognition of the high standards she has set for our school publications and in appreciation of her tireless efforts to inspire us, the staff, without her knowledge. gratefully dedicates this 1954 Yellow jacket to Miss GUSSIE BURNETT Four ' sions A,?3g5J? fi f 'U u.f 1 'W-u ' , Qc- -.seg f W A o c Black ig .X M -c, uf- wb . . . 'M Seniors ' fam,-Q Juniors ,nge SESS' AJ! d.l Q SophomoreQ4.qJ ""' R f 4 f A 'W-:,,,m, M o Acnvlnes... jx Z Wm' ' ,MJ M wa X ' M 6 690 ... ' Ng-P , ffaf? " 71529, s w ng ,lf 411,543 Qs f as 0 r E AT u n E s . . . 61222, Q,,fqLQf "K M Lf' Z QA ' ' svv 5 'X 'T Snapshots N ' ' .Q Q ' Z . 0 V Jr . XX QR MN Fovontes I rx V if I? V 4. X! X5XNNQQ.,R J R W 7 4 Q' 4.'! J Qs P fy. "s. s K A fi '- ' 1 1X ' AVN K 40 W fs' 4' 'E N 0 Q HMV Ne 33? I 5.4-of' 'Qetm ,I Hlll'S BUSY SCRIBES I knew it all the time! Delving into the file, Marjorie Creswell and joan Gardner uncover lost copy. Sizing up the situation is Colleen Moss, Yellow jacket editor. Combing the West Side for ads, Alice Evans, Tommy Woody, Sara Sprinkle, Donald Bart- lett, Pat Taylor, and Sammy Craig prepare for the next edition. "And this is the way it's done," explains Marjorie Creswell, editor. Annual staffers, Suzanne Guynes, Christina Mit- chell, Robert Loughridge, and Marsha Hubert survey their Yellow jacket picture choices. It's deadline time and Marianne Cherry, Gene Smith, and Gail Norris seem to have plenty of verbal assistance from Gerry Garlington, Mikell Murphy, and Kent Schott. Exchange cubby-holes seem to be interesting to Earl Ramsey, Tommy Woody and Edith Ham- lett. A miss is as good as a mile when drawing up lay- outs for the annual agree Kay Rodgers, Nancy Nelson, Anne Stalnaker, and Dan Coates. Checking and double checking copy is a time con- suming job for the "Big Boss" Miss Gussie Burnett. Duhhhhhhhhhhh ! Work, Work everywhere and I've got nothing to do! says Kent Schott. Stick to business, Flora Lou . . . your helpers, Eddie Runyon, Dick Gannett, and Marcia Miller are waiting. Seven BEATIN G THE oEAD"l: lNE ja Yz. K , L -.- 'W - : X as W iv A A ,..-TJ T 3 4 Q f . -Q E g, 4 1 'M Q .. Etglif l xnxx Wig QQX J ,WV Bm . 4 L - ' ' ,WV lx I' 1 u Aw w MOS 'r RX X Q XX Hmm x X 4 X Xx x 1 l x uXXW X G x K! U X W. X x n xK L Xmxmw -fv-aximxxx X x 'XXXXXH x GX X5 xx es X 'Jax x K Hmm R new X x mxbg .AQ A i f 'wean' 1 ', ,QV K . il u es X l X 4-xxahxxy, as Mk D., x xx xx ' Ty aw v,. 9125222 . ML kwkyirzgi Q 'Rf 'af I ,ffl YM, A K z , A 5 -if x . Y is if' ig, Vixp, X 15-,.,h'w ? ii E . "iw ww H-no A 'fx gk 1 i'm'v'uXm'v1, 1 AX , X' jg inn- + 1 W ex, H Q V ' X My . f"N1x.. X I L A., .Y-, 31,-3 W y Y lbw XI L vxnxvxu ' ' 'xi 'ff 'uv ywXLw'v. IUMX 1 VT ' " , x 1 'xbj V 4 ' x0v1,n,,d O 'T:3X1sXvx , ', 'HX YK V mx tm web A0 .vu , 'xx 0 'awe 'i ' Yi vb, fo xx .U x 0 ' 'KX K XXQLIXX A 'xy nm. U l Q R A XMXXS Vs K Y L as Aim' Q, S. x xnxmxskfaxtaw wm bi 1 SCYXXO Mo you Www K? , ,Ahead Xxw MWXX nf A kv Aiwa inf kmifn vim kms 'mm vm' 35559,-5 ,-M301 to Q0 am 911995 Uma gmXsYw mXMws 989 mmm NL' gum, gy-43330-' gum mga, x, 1,0 Q X'x'X'rwk9uX Rug EA. 'nvmxxs-, ex ' EM, the uxkfwrgmkd aXg,w.xX, sxkuskleuiis mi kccmisnoed on Faqs 'sy W' Mxve was hd Xe-9 u Sz M' 'L u bmw, Bmw Yxwka, F166 Xliubte, YNXJ xxmget rhwrilm. an Katie Qu X9 mmm Q dau mi' to retard, sofa um M, Garmin Pmmx Cone, fm Devi su.. its. Xiuzabetb Lck for me +I 41 +I ui masks goes Um Iaxwn Yu. Ages, Gwent at em! 0 XXX Eff' ' My NUM Gb m dem he You, YN orikr Daw CN im: 'yokxwvg the excekmw. NAA at 'TCU int me Anwagmper matte Rom 'Yuma hafs ah for nowtfkmt myer, Beat. me Scnxniea. .. ' mmrmanized no appear at werxm E wp fsmwa. zxixersgauxe gexfmogexnw 4 em, mm c-km acxwium. 'Yue gmac 01 uttXwfs'. xkexxuvm Hama, Qwvf ' Mn mx under 'sm Axmcmon. etdeai, 'Ycmwo-5 'Uma-5, mmm:-r, . X The band XLQQA1 in me Xafgeat. Cesox',bwrx, XAXmui:m', um- 'Wwa tecexxbw announced W the Xmsmrg at Reignxe and web bam 'Hmmm emo Yumxmvs Www, "Wire x U, L . summed 21 new members into uw, umiomxe, um vs-.yxswdsxxehnx Vwx VA, gmpuhn' 1963, xs we www hu'wx5f'3A Wefcu-A by R H A A pmxkczza, Uma 8 6 HMXLQVY Hi -mm Qfsrtamf. icxm?m0X ggzmu-sv. m me H9959 ffmvmfs 'i'mwX, amd xkxmmxxxda at wwwbm 'W1Kms1v ffxXxf w1 mm the main -mf M0552 wtf 'un -M4-mfxflc rit- ' ""mxmXxx ,Ni T0 THE STUDENTS . . . As we a roach the end of another school ear it - PP A - A Y . is a pleasure to commend you again for your con- tinued efforts to build a school tradition based on the highest standards. Your cooperation, loyalty, and achievement have made this school year a memorable one. In years to come as you turn the pages of this record of i953-54, we hope you will be reminded of these lines which you have sung so many times . . . "And wherever we may roam We will always fall it home Il'x Ihr plane we low the bext, Dfur old A.ll.I1.S." xxx MJ! Sincerely, WX , I x 'If f 1 N Ton MR. ROY M. STONE Principal MR. HOMIZR PEGRAM Assistant Prinripal MISS KATIIRYN HADEN Dean of Girls N 1 MR. JOE P. MOORE Superintendelzt of Scbools W Li. MR. ELDEN B. BUSBY Assistant Superintendent MR. W. A. MEACHAM Assistant Superintendent Eleven FACULTY Arlington Heights' faculty, numbering forty-five, more than adequately provide in-- struction in languages, history, science, and mathematics for the more than nine hundred students, as well as instruction in specialized courses, such as shop, distributive education, art, and others. With degrees ranging from B.A.'s to Ph.D.'s, these teachers instill in their students the importance of an Mr. jot- Ahh:-y Biology-Collrlz Miss Ida M. Bunting Rvgixlrnr Miss Gussit- Burnett lou rnnlixm-linglixln Mrs. Nancy Dt-ri . U ' . English education in relation to taking their places in our great democ- racy. Mr. lflnxiu j. .Xrsc-rw in Miss Grzu't- Boom' Mrs. janim- Lou Bra-w'stm'r Miss Grarm- Be-clui Biology Lnlin-History' A11 llixtnry Miss .Xliw Be-nm-tt Miss Nula Cowan Mr. Ray Dychf- Mrs. Iluzcl Fan lliilnry .lflnlhenzatirx Jlech. Drawing Secretary K6-.Q4r,4 uvualfixfcg Twelve "lI'AtKZ Awww 1 ff Mr. Cm-orgv H. Carson Mrs. Bcllc- B. Evans 'Miss Kathryn Garrf-tt Mrs. Fm- Harrison Iinml-Orrlwstrn English History Cornmereinl Mrs. Elizabeth johnsnn Mrs. Anita P. jonvs Mrs. Evm-lyn Mcillnin-y Mrs. Haze-l Nc-lson lhlglixll Phjtvirnl Edunlinn S'f1rn1ifll-Ifnglixll f707Il7IH'7'CillI Mrs. Lum-lla Iliglfy Mr, N. Hogan Miss Hula Hnntvr Sgt. Nylin LIIIICIXSKOI' Librarian Conch Mathematirx ROTC Mrs. Elva A. IA'l'lil't Miss Malisszl MCMnrry Miss Mary Pllfkvl' Mr. Nivk Ruggic-ri Mathematics English Ailatllenznticx Biology-Conch Ci 'WL' ff ' , . '.Jf'7"'l Thirhen p iw? ,MU- Fourfun Mr. Marvin A. Milli-r Mrs. Gram- Poultvr Mr. Jack L. Martin Mrs. Norma YVvlls ffl! t'l1li.ffl'vl' Nu me Plzj'.via.r-Mrltli A'lII!lfil'.Y Spzznixh-l"renrh Ru-xx jznnvs U. Saws Mrs. Mary White' Mr. Warren 'If Whiti- Mr. Harry NNylif' Bible Vnral Muxir-English Speech-Iinglixh Shop Mr. johnny Stovall Mr. Arthur B. Truitl Miss Culvn Porte-r Pliyiinzl I'.vl1lll'Ilfi0ll llixlory 1Ji.YlI'ibIAfiI't' Eduralion Mrs. St:-llu Sharp Mrs. Martha Thunms Miss Kam- A. Wunlde-ll lfrzylixlz PhJ'.YiCIll Education llmne Econorlliztv-Efzglixli A virgin! u,WmmXXJ,. Preparing jackets for the business world is the job of the Commercial Department. English students learn of the dress, customs, and his- tory of the world's litera- ture. Harmony is the key for Heights musicians. Science opens a whole new word for various Height- sters. Mathematics gives the stu- dent zln opportunity to "think for himself." The Atomic Age calls for an understanding of our for- eign neighbors' languages. Dli'ers prove "experience is the best teacher." Aspiring nrchitefts and con- structionists get ll sound foundation in Mechanical Drawing. ll Fifleon in ff ' Tiifvig '- . , -- 1 ' X K4 3 if gf , - wadlffgg- ' - I"il'.Yf R 011' .ll-,HRX ,-Xnxns Srsuc fXl.l.1-ix SM,l,x' QXNIJIJRSON .IXNIIQS JXNGICI, figlfi a ' ,L "l7.' 3 4 d f' f , ' T 1 ' f ',:z fx ' '-2. lf' wwf- ...X- ff 4 -xxx ,l Aff: if ,fit V- Sai! .. I - " ff K 71 -"fbi ,ZA-' , em j H Sixhon SL't'0lId Ro-1: Tbim' R 011' .XlUNl'I4.X Avvu: .lrisslux l3.Au:mc'l"l S'I'liRl,lNIi ARNU1-ix Nmmxll I3.xu,l-ix N.-xxm' ASHLI-ix' C.xlml,x'x IBAKIQR Nulur.-xx .'XSHl.l-TY H1-'x'lfR1,x' limi.:-1x1 ' ri hw' vi. A www fs31uQvf4'Q ,.., - "" . f ' Q , .,- A ' f , A . First Rofw Second Rom: FRANKIIC BAl,l,lNGl'1R NIARGARI-Tl' Bramfokn BRuc:l-: BARRIER NIARTHA BIQNNISUN Lois ANN BARTON NRLLIE B1-tN1'I,m' .IOHN BEARD PATSY BERRY Third Row AIIGNON BICVII. JIAIAIY Blssmvl' FVAN BLACK NANCY BORDIENO AMP, Sovonhon Eighhon A 4 , . L 7,, !f LL 'v ' L x -v""P' L1 ' ' S il. I"i1'xr R mu Scvolm' ia? Third Rou- -IIXIXIY Iiurnx Romclu' CY.-KYl,l-1 Buzklxcaufxxx Cl,.n"l'ox BR.'XX'I'S I'ilJYY.'XRlJ l3l14mxx'xK-Xax 1 ,IMJKII-i BL'k'mN P.-xL'l,,x Blu-1ws'1'1-tu I,1-imxlm liL'c:rl.xx,-C' NIARIINN C.-Xl.VliR'l' l'iIDl'I'll Iilumzl-is lflmuuzlm l3l'c:I1'l'rv1g W 'Axm' C.-XRl,ll,l-i Q eniord 1 is fi I"i1'.s'f R ou' Nom CARR Hl'fl,l'fN CARSUN D-x1,l': CAs'l'1A1-:xnxx Al,-KRY Sur CH.-xxlvlux 46" Sevond Rm: EAIILY Lou CLARK RANDALI. CLARK RICHARD Cl.:XN"l'llN M,xR'1'H.x CoNNo1.1.x' Thi1'd Roi: K1-ix Conv:-:R Hman' Cuvvxxman Brnm' Cox S-XNIXIY CR -ms Ninohon ,Ur 'f ul I Twonfy 1"iI'xt Rau' juux CRANZ Dux CL'I.IsIaR'I'sox jI:RRY CL'l.W'l"R J i Q Second Rau' BIc'I"I'x' CURRY X XVIRGINIA IJAUIIIII-:'I'x' HoIx1I:R IJAVIS M.-xR.IIIRII: c:RlCSU'Iil.I. v Jl'RRX IJANIICI, eniord A ' "" Z, 5 in R W 1' J .ef ' 5 E Third Rm: ,IIIIIN IJAYIS PAUI. IJICARNIIN jIxIxIx' l,liN'l'0X HELEN IJEXVIT1 a u A W1 5m . ll Q -u J . I S I 'P u 'Q 9 4' T. 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Mr. Curl Bennett, escort- ing Miss Pat Rich. Mr. Robin Carson, escort- ing Miss Darrell Cooper. Mr. Larry Ricker, escort- ing Miss Billy Shipman. Mr. Edward Halsell, es- corting Miss Sam Denny. Mr. Lou Stogner, escort- ing Queen Larry Lydick. Mr. Kent Tilbury, escort- ing Queen Tommy Hud- dleston. Mr. Buddy Neighbors, es corting Miss Sonny Sear cy. Mr. jackson Hill, escort ing Miss Randall Clark. Mr. Bob Collett, escort- ing Miss Rich Rowan. x , X dl -is all ii- it ,I 'NY Filly-one f' All ' f l fllr 'X l N li i , ,V,N lj ll! .klll - , in l V f gy! 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Hogan. head football coach. the club promoted good will among athletes, upheld the honor of the school and the blue and gold award. and strove for better scholastic standing. Ofhcers for I953-5-l are Norman Ashley. Mike Net-ly. Ronny lN'hite. and .laek Newsome. juiuff Ed ch FIU Teachers Plan For 'Wee Ones' With an eye toward the future, making ready for the bumper crop of little ones storming the school- rooms in a few years, the forty members of the Eula Hunter Chapter of the Future Teachers of America Club laid plans for a year packed with fun and information. Fun came in the form ol an all-city picnic while information rolled in from many sources. An annual FTA convention at Denton, TCU clinic. and varied programs every meeting supplied ideas and inspira- tion for the aspiring school "marins" and "masters" of tomorrow. Officers are Ann Davis. .Ian Oglt-tree, Ida Mae Mcllowell, and Marianne llannenfelser. Miss Bula Hunter and Mr. Harry NVylie are eo-sponsors. M li M li li R S Fin! Row: jerry Culver. Randall Clark. Mike Neely. Jllllllly Roberts. Roy Meng:-. liinky lklilrlrellu. Srrnrrd Ron: liootsey UH-il. ,Ineksrnr llill. ,Iilnlny Dr-nton. Ronny White. ,lark Nz-xworlle. Al Blake-s. 'I'lrird Rrrxr: johnny Rolwrtsrrrr. Mike Lurtl. jim Hill. jerry llnlibartl. MIZMBERS I-'init Row: Sandra Tlronrus. jutly Dailey. Pnnlu llill, L'sIt-tu Casey. Ida Mae Meljtmt-II, Roelrelle llnssey. 'l eddy Collins, Srworrd Row: Don blvwsifli. l'ltlnirrl'Qnlrlr-1, Larry Riekrr. -lark 'linrnt-r. 'l'. AI. llure. Dun lfonles. Miss liultr llunler. sponsor. 'l'lrif1I Rrr:r': Rielr Ronan. lorrnny Robinson. Robert Carson. Darrell Cooper. Carl llennvtl. Put Rielr. l Sixty-five L1 U !AfJ'l" ix X' L' V if fi t ' " X A X ,' Lf ,f' - l , ,,,, f lf mfdfrigufimfe alumna lion DE'ers Make Education Pay Attvncling school hall' day and thvn buzzing' oll' to various jobs all ovvr tht' city. industrious IIE Club iui'uibm'rs rgirn nionvv whilm' Qvlting that m'yc'r-so-m'cc's- szxry i'xpm'rii'nr't' lor luturr' businvss liws. Highlighting' thvir ziltvr hours wvrf' thc' all-City pirnic' lust lull :incl tht' Cliristnms Party. Clzuidia Nlillvr rr'iun4'd us club SNN'l'f'll'li'2lI'l during thx' yvar. Norm Curr. Virginia llzuighvty, and l5t'yt'rly XVulki'r rm'px'1'st-ntc'cl llvights at thc annual DE con- vvntion in Gztlvvston. lmaclirig tht' club through thc' busy year were Ralph Harris. Marilyn Lcith, livvvrly Wnlkcr, Nora Curr, :incl Miss flulvn Portvr, sponsor. Sixty-six Xl li M ll If R S l Rnz1'.' Doris Sullivan. ju-nuix' l.nn finllcgly. Claudia Miller. Nan llofvr. Lynux' c.,l'0llt'. liillit' xvl'lSll. Klyillith. Samir! Ruzv: Moriis Bun- zil. Gvriy lirnlitpzrs. Kc'nm'th Xin'- llouzilll. Don Ciilln-ilwon. llcxrlly' XN':ilkv1. Nunn Curr. :Xlivr Wt-lls. litlilh llrimlgvs. Sm- Wilson. Third Row: lilhlit' l,oxun'v. lizubara Doi- miliy, Fizilin-s YN'nililn'tl. hlalilyn In-ith. -I--:in l'zulu'i. Miss Galen l'o1h'l'. sponsor. Ralph Harris, Vir- ginia Duxiglivly. Fuyv hiortou. Pill l'iid4'n. l't'ggy Shullirlrl. ' i in l -'n l , t xXx ..,l Nl li XI ll li R S lfhil Rmr: Miss thissim' ljiirixrtl. sponsoi. llauxivt Morton, Kay Kimi, :Kun Lixilixgstoil. lzllai lmwis, jauiiu' llzixuou, llzlllivl llllllll. Yvonm- liooth. l't'tm- Writ. 'liouy .-Kldrirh. .Yfruiirl Ron: lizillmizt llimxn. Sul- anm' jolimou, hluigzurt l'aulxi'l, lim' Floyd. Matthai l'1rlu'1't. Mauqnirl Sczulmroiigli. Finn Nvuliixxii. jam' llvclluiml. JN:-ll Roqviw. G14 QPPDFIPPJ Cubs Test New Noses Spruva' up your snillrrs and niakt' like hounds! 'l'hat's what sponsor Bliss Gussiu Burnvtt tells Club Rvportvrs as shi' trivs to dvyvlop u "nosc lor nvwsl' in c'1u'l1 onv. First tht' Cubs ls'arnc'd about thc' great "news nos1's" ol' tht' past. 'l'ht'n, with nlovivs. quizzvs. and CllSCllSSl0IlS. tht- svribvs ol' thi' luturc' lt'11l'llL'Cl thr- lziscinatiug ganu' ol sniffing out nvws. 'l'hc'n, watch your words, A slip today may be a quip tomorrow in tht' llarkvt journal, for tht' Cubs huyv takvn oycr 'WW' the Pupilsf' Club ol'fic'c'rs of thvsc nvw news noses includvz Margaret Sc'zu'boroug'h, Ann Liyington, Kay King, and Fran Ncwnmn. Ioan Rolwlts. Srotly Su-wail, Shillvy j00tAgAt9l'5 '54 Drama Tops the list TIME: Fall, 1953. ACTION: The play unfolds as the first club meeting of the jacket Footlight Players begins with ,loan Van Orden presiding and Lee Cox, Mary Allen, and ,Ian Goodman assisting. SCENE 1: October finds members working build- ing sets. rehearsing, spending money and selling tickets for their December production. SCENE II: The curtain rises on "Three Bees in a Bonnet". December 9, 7:32 p.m. and to spotlight the evening, Pat Hyde entertains the members at her home from 10 'til4-. SCENE III: Climaxing the play, spring Hnds the players diving into plans for "Unto Us the Living" amd further ideas for fall of '54-. MEMBERS l" Row: Carole May. Pattie Smith. Pat llyde. Juan Van Orden. Sue Stein, Patty Bryant. Manila Apple. Sally Anderson, Gayle Buck- ingham. Jayne Trigg. Sernnd Rose: ,lan Goodman, Linda Veltman, Lee Cox, Martha Rambo. Charlotte Win- burn. Lucille Robinett. Myrna lyfax- well. Nancy Bord:-nn. Kay Chris- topher. Tlrird Row: Melinda Smith. Jimmie Killman, Kay Rodgers. Janet Sherman. Sandra Fanhinn. Lnuise Moore, Gloria Smith. Diane Dale. Mary Allen. lfnurlh Rnrr: VVarren T. W'hite. sponsor. Jerry Adams. Dick Gannett. Larry Ruquenlure. liram lllaek. OZTLFG-fy 'Who'm I?' ls Club Theme "Identify me" was the theme of the AHHS Library Club this year. The 12 girls in the club took turns impersonating some book or character at meet- ings. These junior librarians were kept busy during the year. Arlington Heights was host to the district Teen Age Library Association convention in Novem- ber. Mrs. Luella Higley, sponsor, was district sponsor. Suzy Simpson, president of the district and the Heights club, Ann Parnell, veep, and Mrs. Higley attended the state convention in San Antonio and appeared on the program. Other ollicers for the '53-54 term were Sue Gulley and Susie Allen. MEMBERS Starzlling: Mary Haynes, Mildred Dillard, Georgia Lee Morgan. Betty Morris, Sue Gntley. Mrs. Luella High-y, spnnsnr. Gay tiunelr. Carol Kilrhens, Susie Allen. lvfarjorie Miller, Annyee flilihs. Swlrlrrl: Ann l':lrnell. Slwy Simpson. Sixty-seven I 3 MEMHIERS I-iirxl lt'n:t': 'll-111' Smith. Ruth l'v11y. Diana' Smith. ljnrlzuiu ililllilllll- son, Jr-ny lisnn:-tt. Miki-ll Mmplrv. lidith llarnh-tt. Kiln Rvutlt-lmlirr. Mar tha lit-n11ism1. .Yu ond Rturf jininry li-min. Nornian Colm-. lioh Va11U1dn'11.jr111-ll Balllliclgr. Donald Stahl. Elllllli.I Ciawloul, liill Niradosxs. Third Rum: Mi, Flavin Alsr-111-au. sponsor. john Davis. l'itl- uaid l51o1w11. jinimir l'uckn-1, Paul VYilson. Riclialml Smith. 'liollirny lirknils. Gt-oigv llnrlu-tl. 1-im.-.2 C7145 Scientists Work for Civitan 'With lt high l1z'z11't. thv SCit'Ill'l' illuh stalrtvd ont tht- yt-:tr rvncly to show tht- world that AHHS rvnlly rl:-sm-r'1't'tl tht- t'ox'm'tm'tl purple- rihhon ztwatltlvcl t':1t'l1 yn-nr to tht- XK'lllll1'I' ol' tht' CTix'it1111 Conti-st. lhr- hlllllltbl' st'1t'11t1sts XX'Ul'lil'll long nncl hatrcl pn-- pztring 1-xliihils Wllifll vztric-cl itll tht' waxy from hlootl Slllt'lll'S and lllUtlIlll'Cl slwlvtotis. to IIIUOII ol1st'1'x'z1tio11s and at 11-vt-1111112 sttrwy on Sillllt'Ill l'1'nst1'11tio11s, l.t'41cli11Q tht' itidtistrions lIll'IlllX'I'S wmv llIIlillV . 1 lionrn. RIl'llill'K.l Smith. Rita Rl'llil'llllllll'l'. 13111111111 tirztwlord, and Mr. l'ill1Vltl .lxl'Sl'Ilt'2llI. sponsor. 'l'h1- ztdclition ol ll radio t1'1111s111itt4'r and 1't'c't'ivi11g svt lllllflt' llc-ights tht- he-st 1-qnippvd chili in tht- citv. E114-rgy coriihinvd with lillUXN'l1'ClQt' inndt- it tht- most st1c't't'ssl'11l. Sixty-eight MIZMISIZRS Fin! Roar: Jiinrny luldn-1. lhxitl lYl1itx'. 'l'o1111ny Mrlllrvlall, Danisl Ryan. 1.1-on llill. K4-nt 'll-llniry. Clivslvl' Davis, Donald HX-1-ks, ,lim Lanih. Bill MrCl111-1-. Sf-turn! Roar: Xlr. jolinny Stovall. sponsor. jon' Cnllrltul. John Wiillvlt. l'a1t Mt'- Kinnvy. ,lark MrC1u1y. Rodney Mann. ,latin-s l.1111sh11tl, l'ut ,lark- son. liulm Cnllt-u. Third Huw: Nou- man Ashlt-y. lhuzly Slnopsliinv. lid- wald lialst-ll. Sam Dr'nl1y. lfluliltit' Ballirlgvr. Mika' N1-4-ly. liill 'l'nllons. Sonny St-airy. I-'moth Rtuv: 'lionllny l.u1in1o1r-. limit- llarln-y. EO!! and glhiwi Hunters, Fishers learn 'How' "XVow! You should llavt' Sven tht- OHL' that got a1w:1yl" 'l'his was tht- lilllllilllll' slogan at tht- Rod and than Cilnlfs lishing' trip lust lull nt Luke YVl1it11t'y. A ski-1-t shoot was on tht- l'llllJiS list of spring 11t'liYliit'S. llvgnlatr lllt'l'illlQS lind tht- boys studying tht- l'Ul'lit'L'l nsr- amd t'LlI'l' of thu-ir hunting amd fishing t-t111ip1111-11t. Office-rs for tht- spring llxl'lll wwe' Earle- Haley, 'l'on1n1y lVIl'lllll'I'llIl, .lurk Mi'fll'2lI'y'. Kvnt 'l'ill1n1'y, Edward Hulsvll. :ind Clic-stvr Davis. Frankie- li2llli!lg'l'I' prvsidvd over thc full llll't'IillQS, with .lim Llllllll, liill Ml'ciltlI'l'. Dick 'l'hon1pson, and l,LlYiLl Ryan assisting. -lm., AHHS Girls Give Service to Needy,'StimuIate Friendship Guidcd hy thc tlirev points of their symhol, thc' trianglv. Y-Tvvris have' IIl0YL'Cl forward this year stinrnlating city-widc friendship among high School girls. Tlrrowirig out thi' window thv sciuntific fact that you c'an't hc' in two placvs at onrc, Hcights Y-'l'v0ns chaptvr' was ahlv to answer many nvcds during the yr-ar. lliffvrf-nt tvarns worked hard at scrvicc projects MEMISICRS l'irllrr1- Nrrrnlrvr Urn' Ffrrt Rmr: Alllivnrrr- Mason. In-alrctlr Sirgrl. l'atriria David. Margaret Chile-s. Susir- Frazim-r. Corrnir- Dawson. Peggy llalcy. Linda Curnplorr. Virginia YQ-am-r. Srrnrrrl Row: Mrs. Mary Wlrilr, wporrsor, Collm-cn Talbott, ,Iarrirv hivlnlv. Colvin' Story. Alice Madclvrr, joy ilulrrnarr, Peggy Morris. liarlrnm- lirryzlanrl. Arrnvtlr- Svllry. ,loan li'-ssc. Third Razr: Janie iX'illianiS. Mary Snr Niillvr, Ann Stoll. Mrrurryr-r-rrv lillintt. Paula lirvusivr. Hail lllrssvy. hfary .lo llrrrlcruurrrl. Sul' Arrtlrnrry. Gail Stilvs. Furullr Razr: Ann Winslow, Kay Taylor. Kay Lyrrrlr. Maurr-cn D+-rrmarr. Phyllis Smith. Carol Haas, l'm'qgy Trrwllsorr, jo hlarir llill, Judy janrm-5. MEMBERS l'i1'Iuri- Nlllulwr' Tun Fin! Row: Lolita Slriym-rs, Linda Sclrullv, Us-ralrlirrr llamptorr. Naomi Bailry, Mipznorr livvil, Coll:-r-rr Moss. Sandra l5'lritl1-rrlolr, llvlrn Rlrnrrr-ls, Srrnnd Razr: Mrs. l.r'rl'l'll. Sporrsor, Joy llalrlvr. Cotlvlla Norris. Joy Srlrmx, Slrirlvy Crwrlsirrgzvrg lil-rriv lidwards, lin-ily Sraplvs, joyrr- la-v. Third Razr: llarhara llarris, Sylvia Curl, Linda Dali-. varying fronr lending a lrvlping hand at Bahyland and thx- Childrc'n's Hospital to making Scrapbooks and collvcting toys for nvvdy vhildrvn. Oflicvrs of Y-'l'00ris, a high school liiaiiflr of thc YXYCTA, arc Betty Staples. -Ioyfv lrvv. Nfary Surf hlillvr, M21lll'L'I'Il llvnrnan. Ann YN'inslow, and Kay Taylor. Co-sponsors are Ml'S. Mary Whitv and M1's. Elya Lcrret. -fi! ,J ff ,f X,-ff 4 r., Sixly-nine MEMBERS lfirsl Raw Alice Evans. Camillc Robvrtson, Kathy VVatts. Marianni- Cherry, Marsha Ilulwrt, Suv Chollar. john Cranz. Sui- liyn llumphrvys. liloyrl Grant. Semnd Row---Doris Smith. joan Wlhittcn, Patsy Mathis. Carolyn Sattorwhitv. Patsy Pasrhall. Nanry Ashlvy. Mary Srott. Kay Kvnt. Third Rowfjot- Turnm-r. Todd Crows-ll, Roland jary. .Stan VVilfong. Sammy Craig. , . ", ,,,,'f 'i unior .Maforifrnd Club Members Map Early Cnwtown, Enter Contest Ont' original map of Fort xVOl'tll in l876 illustrat- ing history ol' thc' strvvts of Fort lVorth was compilvd this yvar hy thi- .lunior Historian Club undcr tht' dirvrtion ol' llr. Kathryn Garrvtt. sponsor. It was prvpart-rl hy Susiv Allon, Marjorie Crcswcll. and artists Nvll lit-ntlvy and -lvssica liaggctt. 'l'lu- cluh was organized in 1945 for thosc stuclvnts who arc- intvrs-stc-cl in Fort lVorth's hcritagv. Eavh me-mlwr has undvrtakvn a tcrm projvct for thi- vluh. Wfhilr' thc four girls worked on maps. Sammy Craig. .Ioan Gardner, Roland Jary, Doris Smith, Lou Stogncr, and joe Turner authored hiograpliiral skvtclics of varly Fort Worth pioncvrs. Tlivsv tllt'lll1'S wvrc vntcred in the state Junior His- Seventy torian cssay contvst. 'l'hc winning cssay vach yvar is printvd in thc junior Historian magazine. a monthly pcriodical puhlishvd by the Univvrsity ol' Texas Press. The prvparation of llusinvss l,ll'CCtOl'll'S of Fort W'orth in 1874 and l875 was anothcr of the Club's accomplishments for thc '53-'54 tc-rm. -Iackic Burton, Sue Chollar, Kay Kvnt. Patsy Paschall. and Carolyn Sattorwliitv t'flglIltfl'I'l'Cl this projvct. john Cranz was responsible- for thc preparation of photo slidvs showing historic sites of Fort Worth. Officcrs arc' joe Turnvr, president: john Cranz, vice-prcsidvntg Patsy Paschall, secretary: and Caro- lyn Satterwhitc, treasurer. 9' cm '.l' Pins Mirror AHHS' Best: leaders, Scholars, Sewers Rome wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes, however, it took only four years to build firmly the foundations of the "J" Club-leadership, scholarship, service. These foundations in turn have made mem- bership in the "J" Club one of the most coveted honors that can come to a Heightser, Six months of careful planning prefaced the day of March l7, 1950, when the first 80 "J" Club mem- bers crossed the auditorium stage to receive their bronze pins for one year membership. That day was to begin a tradition of "J" days marked each year by higher requirements and increased membership. A system of points was set up, giving each stu- dent the opportunity to strive toward goals in leader- ship, scholarship, and service to his school. Then from the amassed total points of each student the upper ten per cent of students from each of the three classes, sophomore, junior, and senior were chosen for membership in the "J" Club. One student from each class was selected to speak on some phase of leadership, scholarship, or service on the HJ" day program, and four officers were elected by the "J" Club members to head the club. Chosen as speakers for the four pvograms were Athletic Council presidents Mr. John Honts, Mr. A. Gooch, Mr. J. W. Murphree, and School Superinten- dent, Elden B. Busby. The bronze, silver, and gold pins presented to each NJ" Club member, for one, two, and three-year membership, are supplied by the Arlington Heights Athletic Council. This organization was one of the founders of the club. From that day in 1950, annual "J" Club mem- bership has made a gradual increase in proportion to the size of the classes until in 1953 there were 91 students awarded the honor of HJ" Club membership. The purpose of the "J" Club is to encourage stu- dents to make good scholastic records and to partici- pate in school activities. It embodies in its motto 6'Leadership, Scholarship, and Servicen-the very essence of Heights-its strength, its wisdom, its spirit. J Club Officers and sponsors: Sue Gulfey, Ann Parnell, Miss Katheryn Haden. Mr. Roy M. Stone, Betty Pruitt, and Clayton Brants, view the campus. Savonfy-one WOJPPII. language pain, Mexico, or France. 'l'he forty members ol' the M0dt'l'I1 Lflflflllilgt' Club liave traveled vieariously from the floating gardens ol Xoehimileo to the 'l'uileres Gardens of Paris. Sponsor Mrs. Norma Wells, who has traveled t-xtensively in Europe and Mexieo, has shown the utembers pictures and nu-mentos ol her trips and told them legends ol historic' plaees. Skits in French and Spanish were prepared and given at Heights, Open House in the fall. The Club sponsored a curio booth at the AY Carnival in the spring. Presiding over elub netivities is Melissa Furman. Seventy-two K N il VK ldv . nt l n ! MEMBERS Filxl Ruse: Helly Piper. Melinda Mefiluer. Pat Keith. Marianne lirants. Matilda 'l'ou7el. Betsv Mr- llheian. Betty Cheek. Carol Bissell. Georgia Keith. Gail Norris. Srrnnll Row: Anne Stallnaker, Christina iwiitrhell, hfelissa Fuvnlaan. Bettye Johnston. liohetta Holland. janet liilllillan. hlarllia Connolly. Booty Fulghum. Kaye Burk. ,loan Gardner. hfrs. Norma YV4-lls. sponsor. Third Row: hfalissa liiatliews. Carol Noi- ntan. Naney Nelson. limily Sandi-rs. Marilyn Maxwell. Marilyn Mr- Cluney. Naney Winslow. Toni Fain- ley. Marilyn Huff. lfnurlh Row: Suzie lfdwartls. Helen Britton. joan Loffland. Fritv Korth. Hill Turmau. Cindy Larson. Layne Grunt-wald. Sue Pasehall. Naney Clark, Mildred Mt-ili, Blattha L4-onartl. Charlene Kay. M li M li li R S Ifizil lime: Diane Dale. 1-ay Gooch, lizubzua Ninniek. Marjorie Crests:-ll. Jimmie Killman. lletsy Mrllhr-inn. Belly Clit-ek. Pat Keith. Miss Glare lieeltei, sponsor. Srfozrd Razr: Ken Cooper. liilly Shipman, Teddy Col- lins, tiene Smith. Sonny' Sealey. Rzmrlall Clank. Mike Nm-ly. Ronny White. ,4m.,,1 your AY Activities Top Year Booming in membership and enthusiasm, the Allied Youth Post has put Heights in the national spotlight as 21 school full of students eager to learn the truth about alcohol and use this knowledge as a tool to build at better future. AY'ers bounced through the busy year with .1 vigorous membership drive, football party, the annual male beauty Contest, and regular meetings under tht- leadership of Ken Cooper, president. and assistants Jimniie Killmzm, IVI:1rjorie Creswell, Ronny VVhite, and Miss Grace Becker, sponsor. Representing Heights at the national convention at Buck Hill Falls were Ken Cooper, Marjorie Cress- well, Jackie Burton, Curtis Sides and Miss Becker. KL Ofllj Work and Fun Climax Year for Clloristers AHHH c'l1m'istcrs. stmle-nts from llll't'l' rvgulur vlussvs, lmcl ax lull Sl'lll'Clllll' of work and lnllll in this srhool YPLIIZ lliqliligliting' tlw 19515-5-l cliorus Sfllvtlllll' was tlw prucluvtion ol' "L'mo Us tlu- Living", zi clloric' clmnia with spvnking' and singing choirs pix-sviitvcl by tliv musiv amd spwcli fll'IJ2ll4lIIll'IllS, unclvr tlic- clirs'c'tirm nl Mrs. Mary lN'liitc', Cliorus lIlSlQl'LlCl0l', amd Mr. vvLlI'H'll 'lf XN'l1itv. sp:-will instructmg Clin-11 Cllmppvll :xml limlmru Milli-11 'l'lim' tlirvc' cliorus Clzlssvs p:i1'tir'ipz1t1-cl in tllv llll- nuzll clinic nt lvxzxs YV4-sll-yzui Collm-gs: tlir- Cliristiiuls ussvtxilaly. tlu- All-City Corus and O1'c'l1c'str'z1 Fvstixzxl. vcl ilu' your, linvcnluixrc'uu'. :md flrzlclluitimi l'XK'l'1'lSl'5. Klusin' lm' tlu' PTA lIl1'l'llIlQS. ilu- l,lA Ivan. tliu' l.iln'u1'y C0l1Yl'IlTlUIl. :incl tln- Sm-nim' Gzmla-11 Party was lAllI'I1lSllllll by ilu- lwvlu- Qirls in ilu- llm-iqllts cloulilc' svxtvt: lizirlmzlrzl llillUIIlIJSUl1, ilzuul Nllllllilll, lxlilfllyll Mnxm-ll. lg2il'l7lll'2l Harris, Klairgzxn-t Cllilvs. Czirfil Stougliton. Milclrm-cl Mvili. M1l1'yCnmlv llziupt. :xml N-lurilyll llosx. Pixiim Lll'l'UllllJllIllSlS xwim- Gwi- Ou tliv "funn sflivclixlv was il pzirtx' in tlu- lull uml ilu' annual spring Shlllllllllli' pan-ty wliicll climax- I-inl Ifnfr: lhlilmm Milla-1. Hu-lrln-in lfluuppa-ll. Klan' Camlr llaulrl. lil-ualflllir llarllplml. Marilyn Nlznnvll. Dnvis Xl:-Kill-nm. 54-n0u.n N1-u. lfflilll .Kun Smitll. Y'x0l1m' ,Xllwllml1. ililllllllll Wmvrlx. AI.u1i1'4- .Xtlziillx Cdlfllwll Rl'1'x1'r-. lfmlilll llailllvll. 'lam' Klmlxin. ll.nlml.i l'l.nl1. lialillu ,Xml fidllllilll. Claim l"1n'i' Ruluinwn. l'zuilziConu1-ll. Suffrlrl Rnsux' Nlmilyn Dim. Mzutlizx llzlixllm, liilm-u llzxurlilll. lianlmun 'llmrllpsnn Klan .Illslirn-. llialw lYlmlin. :Xnilzx fin-qmv. Nnurx' l'1'ikins. Nlmszurn-I lihill-5. .-Mun' Slnlimlwi. Mary 'lu l'ml1-rumul. ,Inn Rsulgmx, Mluivniu- Alumni, lu lun: lluilx In mlm Klalllm ll:-Ili llmliw. Yvrgia- llzunlvil. 'l'llirn' Razr: .Innix l'vznsmi. liaml Nurnlan. Darla-nv llmvm-ix. Rilu llvlltvlluii vu. llzn 1 A llulllnulml. Xlznuln-ll Nlnwwlxlliilll, Nlwlilvn 'liull1liliwn. Km Kina. lllilwllvfl Mn-ili. llvu-:lv llu1'k:ilw. Svlxiu liml lflmn l,'-u 'lu.unmvll. fuivvll Slzlu-glnlnu. Sufaunu- Nm-lv. I-'nurlh Razr: .lnlinny Plxillilrs, lbnylv lrlkim, Uliylilzill M1'lluniu'l. Rulwil llzill. llill Kiulll. lluurr- Villain: Im llllm-x. Kvlxrwlli llmu-ll. llill llmuix. Cindy Rorlagvu, 'limlil Clmxvll, f'l12nln'sD11mln3'. R4-ln-nl lllullm-II, Kllizulin' slllllll. Sevonfy-three MP lo gPlA0lfUIl Band, Orchestra Entertain Heights Although bop has Heightsters. the "Heights "Boogie," played by the rhythm lovin' AHHS band, still brings cheers from admiring Jackets. Hand members musically Cheer the fighting Jack- ets on in eight city and bi-district pigskin bussles, strutted their stuff in the Armistice Day and Stock Show parades, and entertained visitors at Open House. On the spring seheclule were Concerts at Monnig and Stripling Highs. All-City Band Festival, the axnnual band program, Solo and Ensemble Night. and in state competition at the TCU Festival. With semi-classical and classical numbers high- lighting their pnogranis. the school orchestra played MICMHICRS Finl Hare: jerry Monty Torrilixisori, Patsy Henry, Sylvia Sehroe- tler, .lane 'l'urner. Martha llc-unison. Ruth l't-ny. -Ianie Williams. Srfnnd lfnm: Sava Sprinkle. Minton Maben. Beverly liallem. Genie Iitlwantls. Kay Kimi. at the AY, Christmas. and P-TA programs, and at the Arlington Heights Night Prograin, featuring the combined orchestras of AHHS, Stripling, and Mon- nig. The string ensemble of the orchestra played five engagements, including P-TA, Open House, Stripling and Monnig, elementary schools, and the annual All- City P-TA Style Show. Graduation exercises will write finis to another successful year for those two Yellow jacket groups whose ambition and loyalty will Continue to add more and more accomplishments and to attain even higher goals in the field of music. Music Seve My-four Yellow Jacket V 'ff an AH HS '53-'54 Band F". ': I" I lil ' ls. lirl 'lx Rall-I. Kfmnlv HAH. Ilzmm' Stn' -u- sm . rl " . 1 ' . Dm' li lizuly. Km- llfuid. l'.mI H1-ln rlnill, 'I nnw Aclalns. jixnmy Davis. Victor Hulhu. limi Wilkinwn. Sum1r,lx'mz',' ll. D, St ' I ' Orchestra '53-'54 N1l"Nil'l4'RS ns! Run .zu umm un I4 xl 1 Rum: 'Nlulm In s umm nn mx uhu Dans Huh Lu: S ig ' Q A 3 5 Q 5 , i 3? 2 E , i i 3 Sevonfy-fivo , . I ' 1 i l 5 l l MfssRGrANT MELVIN B. RUSSELL I MfSEIlll:EiEANT NYLIN B. LikNCASTbRy Sovonfy-six C ommandant . ' Assistant C ommandant ROTC This yearls ROTC corps was the largest in the history of the school-over 160 cadets marched together during common drill periods. Because of the largest enrollment it was necessary to have five companies-that's also a new record. V A new commandant, MfSgt, Melvin B. Russell, todk over the administrative duties in December, assisted' by M fSt. Nylin B. Lancaster. Together they were responsdale for the instruction of cadets, molding a top-flight drillli team and shaping a precision rifle team. l r Altogether' there were 19 cadet officers to lead" tile corps this year. Roland Jary was battalion commander-gi Paul Dearmin, exeeotive officerg Dale Castlemamadjutanizg Robert Loughridgenloperations officerg and Bob and Bill Richards alternated as supply officer. l I L i 1 ., ,,. -MLA . ,,,,,,,,. ,,-,.A.-L,.l... . .. ...- .-1. ROTC Beauties are joAnna Cone, Betty Pruitt, Carolyn Pugh, Georgia Wall, Mrs. Elizabeth johnson, faculty sponsor, Norma Scott, Sissy Hill, Helen DeWitt. 1954 ROTC Staff: Paul Dearmin, Georgia Wall. Dale Ca , Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Robert Loughridge, Rglzgid jary, Bob Smith. Seventy-seven Company Commander Robert Timms and JoAnna Cone, sponsor. 'F' Company Company Commander Ken Cooper and Cissy Hall, sponsor. E I I G Company Company Commander james Stanley and Norma Scott, sponsor. I I H Company Sevonfy-nine GEORGIA WALL Homecoming Queen .lx ,,,,,5 K l0""f6 559511 Heights' Pigskin Action Fearsome jack Newsome adds more yardage to his ground-gain ing total against Tech's Bulldogs. Roy Menge readies a crusher on a loose Steer from North Ronny White and Johnny Robert- son close in from behind. "You can't get me!" Roy Menge seems to say as he shakes off a would be Eagle in the Carter fracas. Side as YEA, .IA CKET5! Eighfy-one Q y WM, ,, ,,, W ,, n M r y S i Football 5 4 I Coaches johnny Stovall and N. J. fPugi Hogan observe A-Team workout with a very satisfactory air. p Jackets Set 6-4 Record aln 1953 Gridiron Season When the final gun sounded on the '55 gridiron season, the Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets had won six games and lost four in a season sparked by the enthusiasm of the student body and the fight-to- the-finish spirit of the team. The 1953 season opener saw the Ijloganmen hand the Austin Maroons a 12-7 defeat. Withl Gainesville as the next scene of battle, the Jackets put a fighting Leopard team on the short end of a 20-19 score. ' In a fast moving game, the powerful Sunset eleven of Dallas handed AHHS its first defeat, 21-19. Making a quick comeback, the jackets surprised Highland Park of Dallas withal 41-12-victory. Eig htyitwo Eight busloads of Heightsters made the school- sponsored trip to Tyler to see the jacket eleven over- come 14-20 in a hard-fought battle. In the first conference game Heights whipped Tech 41-7,A but bowed to the Steers of North Side 37-12 the next week. , I The Jackets grabbed their fifth win with al 35-15 score against Carter. The Paschal Panthers put a damper on Ho ecom- ing festivities and. extinguished Arlington 1 5 ights' title hopes by piling up a 51-13' tally. ' u In a finale that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, the jackets upset Poly Parrots i34-27, handing the city crown to Paschal. 3 l i AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS SCHEDULE 12 20 19 41 14 41 12 53 - 7 -19 -21 -12 -20 - 7 -37 13 Austin Gainesville Sunset Highland Park Tyler Technical North Side Carter 13-51 Paschal 54-27 Poly Managers Tommy Larimore and Booisey Weil 'A' Team seek an answer from the pigskin as to the outcome of the 1953 grzdzron season. First Row: Billy Prince, jimmy Denton, jack Lloyd, Ronny White, Gene Haney, jimmy Murphy, Roy Wilkes, Dick Gannett, Tommy Hudleston, Kent Tilbury. Second Row: Tommy Larimore, manager, Sonny Searcy, Bill Kendrick, Danny Stephenson, Billy Tullous, Charles Pederson, jackson Hill, jim Lamb, jerry Cook, Benny Weatherford, Bootsey Weil, manager. Third Row: jim Hill, Bill Borden, Doug Fox, jerry Hubbard, Bruce Cox, Sam Denny, Don Wilkinson, Jack McCreary, Chester Davis, Lafayette Heath, Tommy Mcllheran, Jimmy Vaughn, Alvin Howell, Ernest Holmes, Dick Thompson. Fourth Row: jerry Keeton, Norman Hill, Buddy Neighbors, Edward Halsell, Robert Vick, Nick Georges, john Willett, jerry Culver, Fifth Rounjimmy Roberts, Randall Clark, johnny Robertson, Mike Neely, Norman Ashley, Roy Menge, Jack Newsome, Frank Ballinger, Jerry Daniels. Eighty-three Eighfy-four NORMAN ASHLEY, co-raplaiu guard, two-year letterman JACK NEWSOME, m-mpiaiu bark, two-year letterman FRANK BALLINGER, tarkle letterman RANDALL CLARK, center letterman JERRY CULVER, guard letterman JERRY DANIEL end We letterman JIMMY DENTON, end letterman DICK GANNETT, bark squadman Wl"'VE G07 THF CUACH jACKSON HILL, back letterman ALVIN HOWELL, end squadman JERRY HUBBARD, renter lecterman TOMMY HUDDLESTON, back squadman BILL KENDRICK, end letterman JACK LLOYD, tackle two-year letterman MAX MATTHEWS, end squadman ROY MENGE, back two-year letterman Wl"'Vl" 601' THE TEAM Eighiy-five MIKI2 NEIZLY, guard two-year lettermzm CH ARL IES PEDERSON, bark letterman JIMMY ROBERTS, tackle two-year letterman JOHNNY ROBERTSON, eml two-year letterman DICK THOMPSON, bark Ietterman BILL TlILI.OUS, end letterman Lcfl balfbark, lark lN'eu'.mme pirks up yardage against Poly in the seaswfs thriller. Randall Clark Ilaroxrs a key blovk on a Parrot rballeuger. Eighiy-six Guards Normmz Ashley and Mike Neely muverge on Panther Garfield Slbradley ns Douglas Fox approaches to put on the finishing tourhes. Eighfy-seven RONNY WHITE, back two-year letterman BILL BORDEN, guard squadman JERRY COOK, guard squadman DARRELL COOPER, reuler letterman BRUCE COX, guard squadman CHESTER DAVIS, bark squadman XX. lf! A ls SAM DENNY, guard squadman DOUGLAS FOX, guard letterman NICK GEORGES, bark letterman EDWARD HALSELL, larklc squadman LAFAYETTE HEATH, bark squadman jIM HILL, back squadman NORMAN HILL, guard squadman ERNEST HOLMES, guard squadman YEA G0lD' JERRY KEETON, guard squadman JIM LAMB, bark squaclman '-mg TOMMY MCILHERAN, tackle squadman JIMMY MURPHY, guard squadman BUDDY NEIGHBORS, center squadman BILL PRINCE, end squadman SONNY SEARCY, back letterman GEORGE SOSSAMON, tackle squadman YEA, Bl UE! Eighiy-nine Nineiy DA NNY STEPHENSON, tackle squadman KENT TILBURY, bark squudman JIMMY VAUGHN, lavlele squadman ROBERT VICK, lavkle squadman BENNY NX'liA'I'HliRFORD, em! squadman ROY VUILKES, eml squadman DON WILKINSQJN, fenfer squadmzm JOHN'l"l', guard squudmam .IA CKET5, FIGHT! "B" TEAM 'B' Team Ties for Second In 1954 Cify Crown Race The Yellow jacket "B" team, coached by Nick Ruggieri and joe Abbey, finished the 1953 football season with four wins and three losses. Defeating Paschal and Carter twice, they were overcome by North Side in one tilt and by Poly in two, to finish in a three-way tie for second in the race for the "B" Team city crown. XXXXYR - Fe , Coaches Nick Ruggieri and foe Abbey surrey the 'B' team workouts with beaming admiration of a seasonif record. First Row: james Patry, johnny Curtis, Larry Ricker, Spencer Shropshire, Leon Hill, Buck Closuit, Lynn Wallace, James Lunsford, Joe White, Rodney Mann, Robert Carson. Second Row: Jack Turner, Lanny Floyd, Donald Weeks, Jimmy Shannon, Mickey Suggs, joe O'Neal, Teddy Collins, T. Haire, Leslie Byrd, David Ryan, Monroe Mitchella, manager. Third Row: Bill Hall, john Phillips, James Sharpe, Patrick jackson, Charles Bankhead, Jim Grantges, Tony Aldridge, Walton Lawrence, Bob Van Orden, Paul Wilson, Jerry Daffern, David Slack, Gerald Allen, Billy Flourney. Fourth Row: Todd Crowell, Neal Cline, Doug Carroll, Billy Turman, Doug Dysart, Dale Walker, Carl Prokesh, Gary Behrhorst, Billy Shipman. Fifth Row: Darrell Cooper, Carl Bennett, Tommy Robinson, Pat Rich, Paul Gordon, James Brown, Edwin Luedtke, Clarence Emms, Bobby Prince. Ninety-one Firxt Row: Nick Georges, Roy Menge, Coach joe Abbey, Robert Brooks, Al Blakes. Second Row: Dick Gannett, manager, Bob Whitten, Doc Harris, Rusty Johnston, Roy NX'ilkes, jerry Daniels, Ger- ald Wcmod, Jerry Hubbard, Bill Tullous, manager. AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS Ninety-fwo BASKETBALL '54 S C H Pre-Cmzfererlce 45-59 ,..,,. . Stephenville 55-52 ,,,.., .,..... A bilene 55-45 .,..., ,,,,,.,.,. A bilene 59-45 Stephenville 42-50 Highland Park , ,, 45-59. H , Highland Park ,. . 44-58 , , ., . Gainsville S at S 55 76 . S, ,..,. Sweetwater 41 55 , ,,,,. Stephenville EDULE AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS Cofzferenfe 55-61 Paschal . 54-44 Poly 45-42 Technical .S Yeee, ,,.,,... 4 7-55 ...,., ,..... C after Z9-48 Paschal ,. .. ,....... 52-45 r..,, ,,,,,.,.,,,, P oly , .. ...,.., 55-54 .,.,., ,,.,..l ' Technical . ,. ....,. . 51-49 ,,,.r, ,, ,.,,...,, Carter .. .. ....,,.. 65-59 .,,,,, ,,..... N orth Side Cagemen Win 7, lose ll In 1954 Roundball Play What the 1954 roundballers lacked in experience, they made up for in spirit. It was this spirit that turned in several basketball thrillers. ln pre-conference games, Heights had its hands full with some of the strongest teams in the state. AHHS entered the city conference with a 3-6 record, and lost one more game before they exploded against Poly and Technical. The jacket cagemen club took second place for three weeks before they were over- come by Carter and Poly. Many thrills were furnished by the Yellow Jacket five as they ended the confer- ence with a 4-5 total and a 7-ll record for the season. AL BLAKES letterman ROBERT BROOKS letlerman JERRY DANIELS lellermau NICK GEORGES letterman l Ninety-three Ninefy-four Mumzgerx Dirk Gaunetl und Bill Tul- lous. G ENE HANEY squad man DOC HARRIS squad man JERRY HUBBARD fufn-year lellerman RUSTY JOHNSON squad num ROY MENGE fll'0--1'L'z1I' 1L'fff.'7'1lllIIl BOB XVHITTEN .v quad 111 an ROY XVILKES IKHEFIIIIIII GERALD XVOOD lelternmu I I B Team Nw First Row: Joe Matthews, Donald Weeks, Curtis Sides. Sevmzd Row: Miller, Ronnie Pyeatt, Tom Bil- more, Mgr., Wfalton Lawrence. Third Roux' DeHart, jerry Stevens, Doug Dysart, Bobby Childers. Ninely-five AH HS Track Team Tries For Second City Crown Paced by speedster and captain Ronny White, the jackets possessed strength and ability in practically largest track team in Arlington Heights history par- every event-track and field. ticipated in several out-of-town track meets, sharpen- ing up for their defense of the district championship Under the leadership and guidance of Coach in April. Many of the thinclads began conditioning johnny Stovall, the team has possibilities of captur- themselves months before the season began. Thus the ing the district crown two years in succession. First Row: Robert Brooks, Frank Clemens, George Moore, Tommy Mcllheran, Bruce Cox, Kent Tillbury, Earl Ramsey, joe Matthews, jimmy Shannon, R. B. Mitchell, Rich Rowan. Second Row: Billy Prince, Danny Stevenson, Bob Smith, Richard Trickey, Michael Moore, Allan Shannon, Ken Cooper, Dick Gannett, Mic ky Suggs, jack Payne, Carl Bennett, David Dobbs, Bob Buckingham. Third Row: Bobby Prince, Darrell Cooper, Jerry Daniels, Robert Carson, Lannie Searcy, Doc Harris, Randall Clark, jack Loyd, Lafayette Heath, Benny Weatherford, Ronnie White, Gary Tuttle, joe B. Thomson, jimmy Denton, Lanny Searcy, Bob Whitten, jimmy Patri, Dick Thompson, Neil Cline, jimmy Roberts, Michael Moore, Gary Tracy. Patrick jackson, Dub Kendrick, Leslie Bird, Mike Lord, Paul Gordon. Ninety-six QW AHHS Golfers Vie For Awards As Conference Play Begins With the coming of spring, a young man's fancy, in this case, turns to golf. Seven boys reported for practice of the jacket golf team in hopes of being one of the four on the first team. After days of practice and trials, Ronnie Honey- cutt, David Henderson, Marvin Elder, and jerry Coates were picked as the first team. Ronnie and Marvin were returning lettermen from last year's team, and were medalists in the city. The three alter- nates that rounded the team were Gay Shiplet, Tom Gilmore and Monroe Mitchella. Working out with their coach, N. Hogan, the boys have high hopes of winning places in the city and state again this season. Medalist of 53, Ronnie Honeycutt practices a drive. Heiglals golfers Gay Sbiplef, Tom Gilmore, Ronnie Honeyrull, Marvin Elder, David Hender- son, jerry Coates, and Monroe Mitfbella pose for pix. Ninely-seven gadfgaff Hardball Teamsters Start '54 Season With Bang With one of the strongest teams in several years, AHHS is out looking for a baseball championship. The squad of forty contains nine returning lettermen. Three of the lettermen are pitchers, which should be a good sign. The infield is completely blanketed by veterans Al Blakes, Gene Haney, jackson Hill, and Jack Newsome. Other lettermen include Norman Ash- ley, Jerry Culver, Jim Hill, Roy Menge, and Johnny Robertson. Coach Ruggieri has confidence in his team and states, "If hard work will win games, we will win our share." Hurler Roy Menge winds up for the pitch. Q First Row: Bi-ll Hall, manager, Bob James, jackson Hill, jim Hill, Roy Menge, Gene Haney, jerry Culver, Don Wilkinson, jim Graves, Norman Ashley. Second Row: Al Blakes, joe White, Lonny Floyd, Sammy Craig, Buddy Neighbors, Nick Georges, Roy Wilkes, johnny Robertson, Donald Weeks, Max Matthews, Jack Newsome. Third Row: Johnny Waller, Ed- win Leudtke, joe O'Neal, Teddy Collins, Mike Foster, Leon Hill, Billy Tullous, Bill Flour- ney, Doug Dysert. Fourth Row: Tommy Stephenson, Tommy Huddleston, Ernest Holmes, Bill McClure, Doug Carroll, David Slack, Larry Threldkeld, Charles Binford. ' - L .' ' .rm rn W ' Nlnofy-eight AW w ' M, W Y Mwmww--Hi.n, lnnid Tennis Teams Prepare for City Competition Arlington Heights tennis team is out once again practicing their backhands and repairing their rackets. Teamsters, under the instruction of Mrs. Martha Thomas and Coach joe Abbey, engages in competition with other schools 'so as to "get in practice" for the city tournament held in April. Matches with Diamond Hill, Poly, Tech and Car- ter show Heights progress and promise a successful team. Chosen from a large group, remain for the boy's team, Paul Hemphill, Lynn Wahace, Clarence Emms, Bobby Smith, Curtis Sides, and Byron Parrish. Representing the girls' are Jan Goodman, Susie Allen, Linda Veltman and Lyn Clay. 1,444 , .10 , A-dt. f 'Anal ' ' ' az, :r:vLa.r'. 4.44,-. Janata,-b' . Girl's Tennis Team C Girl "Racketeers" are Linda Vellman, Susie Allen, Ian Goodman and Lyn Clay. Ninety-nine Lefl . . . Left . . . Left. Rigbl. Leflff W'lJg771' A7111 GIRLS' To learn rhythm and aid in poise, Physical Education provides marching for girls. Archery courses are offered to interested girls and provides competition in intra- mural matches. Girls basketball competition requires skill, but always provides spills and laughs. One Hundred INTRAMIIRALS' Ooopsf And who gelx lbe ball. B0 YS INTRAMURAIS' And il's almosf in! Sockerball provides entertainment and competition for boy's Physical Education classes. Intramural games prove as exciting as interscholastic games in basketball. Each Physical Education class competes in an intramural track meet and proves to be a fight-to-the-finish! One Hundred One FACULTY OUTSCORES JJ STAFF 34-27 Packing the gym to witness the history-making event, subscribers lifted the roof cheering first one team and then the other. Backhoarcl masters turned their attention to back- hoards and pantetl their way to victory. Defending the faculty were hallplayers XY'hite, Vffylie, 'I'ruitt, Car- son, Arseneau, Martin, and Dyche. Salvation Army?...Heavcns no! just the faculty uni- formed hand on parade led by Mrs. Lerret, Miss Becker, Mrs. White, and drum maj- or, Mrs. Brewster. XVe got the pep! . . . Fac- ultv l l Those confident smiles changed to looks of disbe- lief as the journalism staff clowned their way to an amusing defeat. Ons Hundred Two Y 4 v efwwx F- Xveavv, J- , 'ma 'ss cyxgvgx, 'YXB65 99835 wh es 'iknma-is an-. wwwa y fb uw N9 gg K Qs , we, vw we A 6 we Q98 A Q1 'aww 935 owxxwqgssoxxx qw Q1 nbxxofkum, SMS-3 qw, i Xxfpfve, view X ,. ea naman gm ws. stew 'gejsx fa Xvwly Koi XM xv'-nz .A fo ws unwise, wiv fi". was wzrfsoq, Xxx Xvi ee-Km, Sm X5 m We Q-Xxx 999411 Q wo txgxXKqhg0 NM if kbk. J 'sw Q- 1 f fe- vi A Q90 x, Q , it at . wit. e ,. Lkcbx X41 ga 19 ku 9' vg-tx ,S A Q 3, Y XXQQJ 1 Xlkxk, mam ' Cx QQXQ Q9 B- 'SGD 93369. 4 " 1 N25 of W ' , glam XIMXX XV' 'ziz A "' S 'vo wma 'G .S EWS. " 'Km l 2 ' -we . xxx ' sm 1 I q ' -,G-cfm "' H168 .sin Q L NM vi-ww Rm-dN'N Wd 90 '34 M, me Ms. 6698 XXXK dxggkxxtx 9.-QA ---L Q, 38x-wifi Xa Xmqwkswy 'swam rf-Xkvw QIXVH wxlw, "N N,............. A wg 'ff xg, . E'9XXQ!jQ-x 239. k"""' 5 -:Sew 6'w,'s5'x'-xxxwa xx hewww Mxfsx 1 "Mod LkXwZSQe . 'WM 10 Q99 We 90 X0 Sei 1 Q' L ni arts we-gmb mm was goo 'aw Xml , xixk. PN WA xx 13? wb SQWKQXQQ, Xxowlisq -me mm V140 no ea cm Aiwa, ml5wv:fwf 'Nm vw wr! 6 QMS 'Mm " vekw 09 606694 N,-G Grow- 'Co 409 x NWA, cw-, 6 XrwXsxxxaYj V Ak, GQXWQ, xxx-M1 ww mc. Mask. up 4.9-ima 3 . Gwmxmsw e vow Se . mx, X515 12-We Qfeqdwws 921 fwlfe- 'GM-M ie-mdx, "'e5w3X,e me 'mX,e:3X'vg,eyx'm, Wm-Q X0 'www M69 W' gs. Xxwk "W-fxkw Qmmxbmwh, ax. vo, 'ow ov- CWM . mmsois uk, uxetw me Kem. as Ms 'mu xzpxxggcxx, tary' em no ve elm, and QNX KW S C1895 WXXQQX we 'ssc 'am WH X f C w vwxmee. vm Aewkxe 'bm QW' gy "QS 'AGB exxxdefow new xxikigixfugwag .MX ' tm Maxxum bm 1 " ,ww xo cm mum , 'sn me We .aawvxa ..aiwPfw. 'Mixes 960 'wa sa qsfbiss-w oi GW, QQKX3, Mxisfe we wgiofeb S1x iSfgsq,f Xwbes AX! mix gwsacntssb 'so 56. vi we aww.. Q. ww: -52 A M983 eXfQ1i'x'i'x'Q1ieQszdX9Xe:, wich. "'9Xxe -AM 'Wa no Mowd 06124, wwvww. QW.. 'vw 'Q -'Q xxsexfbi' 1'-'S' s'Q0weh1uw me GM, X mwxli' ' Yses. :si -bw'n.a'sX-3, xiw. vgikivximfxwawa lkoxwfsxf M2111 X5 new axwgwimsq, XXse'xgym.x wb way.. '--Q5 wo 'ow avssebg qgcmwa-xwx. we-xx wx . . A , if .3 v',, . in Q' ' lllvv . .ff One Hundred Four .gd Registration Starts With Bang . . .? "But, Miss Burnett, I just have to take it this per- iod," exclaims Gail Nor- ris as she tries to work out her schedule. "Whew, its too hot to be running around like those kids are." Mrs. Hazel Farr grins suspiciously at the an- swer to the question, "Are you ill today" I Y "A hectic registration al- ways provides time for a pause that refreshes," ex- claims Miss Becker. Miss Bunting and Mrs. Farr fill quick orders on school's first day. . . . And what do I do now? . . . Her class is full, wo 1 1 Oh, if we could have only drawn number '1' ! ! "Thou shalt not pass- until you subscribe to your exclaims Col- leen Moss and Gene Smith. And This ls A School Day . . . ? "But Bob, for a profile, the other side looks the best," exclaims Christina! "I insist, Mr. White ! ! He did tell me that!" Wheel And up the stairs we go! Eeek l ! ! Get that hor- rible, slimy, old thing away from me ! I Yea, team, let's go ! ! ! Norma Scott and Barbara Rodgers 'scream' their team to victory in PE class. AT-ten-tion . . . Y "Yep, we're gettin' ready for a party," says Betty. Youire gum, please, girls! "And he said . . . and I said . . , Y !" One Hundred Five Ranch Day Highlights 'l'hat's right, Bob . . . aim for that apple . . . Y AHHS brags of pretty cowgirls? X55 Thimble, thimble . . . who's got the thimble . . . ? "Now, jane . . . you turn this way," explains director Lee Cox. So this is the life of an Assistant Principal . . . ! ! "The Singing Shooters," Barbara Ford and Helen Britton, show their talent. Yes ducks . . . and then there's a pony, too l ! I Ona Hundred Six SR: 1 FUJI qs TR ii' .fr 11 l , 7 --...- Another Heights Day ROTC Cadets learn tactics from 'teach' Charlie Smith. Getting numbers for the Ranch Dance to see who's queen and foreman are Clayton Brants, joe B. Thomson, aided by Jimmie Killman. Bam ! ! Hip-contact, but wheres the ball ? ? . . . And then some more cow- girls . . . ! Are they planning the next rustle, or is it really history class ? ? ? "No, Carolyn . . . it's supposed to look this way I Y Waxlkin' to their Red Cross club meeting at 8:15 are jackie Bur- ton, treasurerg Carole May, presi- dent: and Susie Allen, veep. One Hundred Seven Sports, Music, Studies - - - Yes, Heights O dred Eighf las Them All . . . l l b Ii, . Ag X f 1 i at --nw-a...,..., 1954 Student Courzril Officers: Patsy Pasclaall, Mike Neely, Miss Kathryn Haden. sponsor, Patty Bryant, and Martha Leonard. "That's the hole we're aiming for," Coach Abbey tells Roy Menge. English scholars celebrate National Book Week by reviewing favorite books of all ages. Future Max Factors transform dramatic's students into ? ? ? There are plenty of important duties for the director of a school play, eh, Mr. White? "It's not music to my ears!" objects Bob O'Neal. The new Public School Gymnasium is the brick and stone ful- fillment of all coaches and players' dreams. Nancy Ashley, Eddie Lowry, and Nancy Nelson prepare table decorations for football banquet. Like true musicians, Barbara Harris and Sara Sprinkle prefer a French horn to a mirror. The library exhibits ask an important question. Roy Menge limbers up his educated toe. Now, Evan, don't be bashful. Gayle Buckingham and Jayne Trigg take time out for small talk. Senior class officers jackson Hill, Randall Clark, Barbara Win- neck, and Betty Staples show off the proud smiles of successful leaders. One Hundred Nine Heights' Many Departments Robin Hoods take :lim . . . ? Take his hand . . . Dzm's a stranger in paradise l l l "This is how, Sue," as Ruthie demonstrates weaving. Th:1t's some protoplusm, eh Ger- ald F ? ? Dale, jerry and joe look to be real Westcrr1 specimens. liecck ! ! ! ! ! Another misty old snake ! ! ! Lihrzlry window I1-ortrzlys Fire llaznrcl No. l. One Hundred Ton Reveal Top Facilities That's a mighty big hat for such a little girl, Suzanne ! Y Mrs. Evans dresses for Ranch Day in her typical pioneer costume. Diane Adams and Mrs. Sharp in- spect new dictionary given to all the English classes. Hmmmmmm . . . what pretty legs for a coach ! ! ! Glenda, Mignon and Kay inspect A-Club project. PE girls show volley ball skill? Ugh! You mean that's the way we look inside, too . . . ? ? One Hundred Eleven I I .,,f,f.u'. A.-, 4" , 1 --2 rf-71' 1 1 1-1,-'J t ,' Lf ff If LILJ 1-f 1' 2 I -. Qlfhflf f77L U7 'X Qx,-Cf' 1 xovabwf 544!QZ , X X' W MCU' ,L L W' 6 fl 'V , Q-'V' 7L'bf.z"Il' f' X 1 f Y 'f . XM 1 fn L.:- rv 'ZA ,LX ,.- if ,M ,- .-f.,-. ,,.' -... - . . . '- fx -., Na ,.-,..,.f....,-A. , : . F. , L- ""1 - , I, 5564. , 1-'i!CL..g,.., K 1, -an - -Q K 1, V. ,- , , .fff!,,,g' , .x .f IMA! ' X 1' '4 V-sv-1, .- Nik YEll LEADERS Girlx: junv jAMEs, JAN GOODMAN, jxMM1E K1l.l,MAN. CONNIE CRIPPIQN Bo-yy: LEWIS STONE. IEARLE HALEY, JIMMY DAv1s. ROLAND jmw cworifed Ona Hundred Twelve 90812 34.,m.,,, 19099, vvaww O HddTh paid? PGJCAGXI gina, JM, Connie 60919 juz-J SMH? .glalfy Z- onni e awrion Yi ggi si- .V Q: -- - A lg, if Joe O Wea! Jef LU WF? lQoff georgia Jcifk lougfad jak' Juni? gamers !9africL Jackson my menge Griggs Z?ucLin9A 7W --Yb K , . ' A W ,W MMM JM , 46 MM? Jackson Warforie Gvaweigff TILQ.Z13,,-A - if " ' . ' pdeaou ez, 'QL JLHJXJ WLM fwf' WH AMI FQJAAJ' F U.,-JK M ,cfvv -7'd'Q' ' !0 'T , ' ' Q 9 Ok, W!! QZ6 1 X Ivvxf' . X glhlor-irv che! ...... . . . C en ' O X 1,01 X ' ' , CLASS EDITORS Q Senior Editors unior?E25Ky-'C 'X ,SARA SPRINKLE SUZANNE GUYNBS ' W SFLOIQA Lou MELI. CHRISTINA MITCHELL ' L MIKELI. MURPHY i' Q A 3 GAII. NoRRIs Q I s Rb Sophomore Editors ' ToNY ALDRICH -M HARRIET BLUM - I V HARRIET MoRToN fi X at MARGARET PAULSEL Yi Qi tists AoA,,, I I A ,NANCY NELSON, ANNE STALNAKER N Cartoonists , , I Tooo, KAY RODGERS, DAN CoATEs, SAMMY CRAIG X x ROTC , , ,,,,,, ROBERT LOUGHRIDGE ' Sports ,,,,A,,,,,Yo,,,,,, , ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,, DICK GANNBTI' S I Faculty Sponsor ,, . .I ,,,,, MISS GUSSIB BURNBTT JW X E Q5 x I Engraving by Southwestern Engraving Company Mhz. Printing by Marvin D. Evans Company Ons Hundred- Twonfy-six " . M75 so cg ff A fffstiizfajwfgv 65? QRS? mnsx bfQ11F?Rl 1, Administration ,.,, ,,.,,,, 4 4,,.,,,.,. . ........,.....,......,... v ... VV.. n ..,. Annual Staff ,,,,. Q ,A Q ,n,. . . . ,.n,..f 5 ..... ..v. ... 1 - f 1 Autographs ,v,,,, ,,,, 1 , ,,,,,,..,, I 1. . .At. QE I :acl AY B Contest ,AAA at t, tt,.tttt .... .---s, 5 1 BRLQ Ban ,,,,. ., t.t.t , ..... . . 75 ' Baseball, ,.,, .... .. .. . 93 Basketball? ...,. , ,,,,, N ClassesA,, , .,., ,. ,A,,,.. . 1 .. .....faaa 1--2-9'61 Clubs ....,, , .... ..... ..,.,.,64-75 Coaches 4,,,, .,,,v , ,,,,t,,,, ,tta , . .- ....a,. . 32 Contentsm ,,v,,,t,,,,,,,,l,,, ,..,,,, , 9.44 .zz ,,,, ..,aa..,...,..l.. , ...,..,f.,......aa....l . 1 A 5 Dedication ,,,.,,,,A,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...,aA .. 4 Division Pages t,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tA,,t.,,.t,al..,.aala,aa..... 9 , 65, 103 Faculty ,,,,.,,,,,..,,,.,,,,, ,,l,,,.,l.,.,,,,,,.,,,......,.,,,.,at...... , ..,......,.................v.i. 1 11'14 A Faculty Cartoon ,.,,,,t t, v,,,,,, AtttAtt,,t,,,,aa.,, .,..,,..t,.....,aa L ..... 1 i 1 8 Favorites ..,.,,.,,,,,,l I t,,,,,.,l , .?e4,4avun7112'124 Features ,,,,,l ,. 1. a.., ,.,..,. 102-111 F00rb21l ....... ,aa, --f- 1 81'91 Foreword ....... 11..,..,Q-v,11 -- W A - 2 Homecoming Queen ,,,,,t ,,,,,,,, , A ,tltaltt.., .aaa ..1.,11i., A 80 Index ,,,,.,,44,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.,, ,,,,t,,,,,A,t,tAAtttt ,tt,,,,.,,, , , ., ,a..l.l 1111111 . . 123 ' Intramurals... , ,.,,,,,.,t,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, egg ..... 1 .....,.111 1 00-101 0rchestra,,,,4Q4,4QZ4i,,,l4fmfi4,ZZ24,,: .....,,,,, J ,v...,..11'- 1 74 R.O.T.tC .,..,,,,l,,, ,,t,l,.,,,,,, eg? 76-79 School Views x , , 1 A .... ,IAQ Aat,a . 2-3 Snap Panels,, ,l,. a-1e ,a.., aa.. 1 5, 37, 62 staff Qv,. -7 Student Councilfaff ..,.' 09 Tennis..4.,uf4'f4aZe:.?Iif.44C l..e.l .a.t Title Page,p,.,cL.ZiZ ...,.., .... ,.... cwaegl . .,. . Z .t., ,LAM-v94'UC' 'VLZ f M71 76:34 4 df W f f We A , , 4Zue,.f,?.i?7eL1+CdV W G-fwfr, my . Q07 "W"7- 19' fb fyVv, f OnewHT1?i3F?el,,ly2:ui 1 , -K. ' ww .Wm i N 'Www vipfyygfanvus M W A JM WWA. 'BENQ ' MP 5ff'LW"'5'w52 V ff MQW ?'V'K1,w+fYf Wjffwjgfwiwiif wf X Wfwff ff W 1 m1l?" J Wf ww mm- if-mi dw q5!WMfWylJ!fJ2i.'M gfw W M ffl WM ' 'MJ' .ffvlji QM f ,f3fff5"'5Qf Uf,,'5fw' 5 k 'ifZf .fTff5 if 3f'3"'f1' 'ff' l ' ' .2355 50,32 533: ! ' i' 1' A"+ -.-swf' ' ' - "I-"':4 " -'21 . ' J "TZ 1 ' - ' VFP H ' A . v LE . , - A ' '-F ,. ' ' , ' '13 Q ' 'L - ' - wr ' "ru 0 4JugA"h-J, ' w .- . Ill .- I . " -ull 1 ntx -V ' ,wx -Ju I. .wo- . D It .4 Li. w- Q ,l.-,'-lf: W13 .r ufrflv., ,,,A-2.41 4 ,Qi I . G I .J ,ca 5, 2, ,Q -,"w- vWMw ' 'V ' ' I 1 A , . . 'I Q, . Al -- 4 'I 1' :hin- bf I C Ely I K '--Af7f""e' A . . Q' zfdfv-if - -Q 55 -MM f V i W ff! a . ' + F ,JLMJ LM! f4f"""A'f V G19 - W . 'A 'f f ' N 62 70 cf, ' Q! A si- Li. 1 4,4 c. dna , 7 , 2271 JM' QM ,Q I Ik , . 7 'Lai '71 'C uf Vf' " P J aff Q, Eff, fJ,'l' 35", . N vjgg "'I.:'. ., -- A Mi k j- V I " ' . . 4 ' ' 'RY fa' ' ,1 I W' 2:51 aw, iffy-:f-L Q l ui un . w .ul AM I-3 '. ,,-f- J 'h ' .Q .uw Mi , iw LW! W W4- Wgx QUAWM' X M Z2Z'22,,g,, J ' fi ,dz 22342176-ed 2 2 I 6, OIWV 77.6550 y ' I WX V' .Q M 00333 a!iL?LL94?4'4Z2f1aw 1 Z in ' ge, Z QW 53 W? f W 'ff W W W S MM WW df fffbi Eg S, gggifg JQ6j,g5ff M32 2 if is fgvfgigfggfsz W5-Q iii? pmgffw if tv AAKV !lQ"4? , "3 f '62 .QQA M iwg tiff I ..!,-M, Ei ' f' 1 fiffwmif 351 ff- -1 , C j,L' ijj : 1' f .i 'L'-1 id! ,6 ' !A V ZW 1 ,AM ' , Mgt? , A r aff' A! Jjvwgn! 5 :L if ,414 excl WFT v.,,, 1 vp! . Q.. "'-fffbgeaalg Xml? JV? 'A' ful-Q-Q f A I, , Ziff J 'Z fjmffw " Muff" W' 4i fWf""1 .3 ,fy flfffy , Li. J ' . . 14 ' . fm -- H! ' - - ,141-QV K H qi " -P - "i:'Q"A',,,ff,2,f,M-ifffgf A ., 597 , X' , ,D 1 W VVA, f fi- h fly. K! 5 nf i --'fxwv if? l' C' f 'fifffl L, , I -la!-1 Q K V Af? f,44J 1 1'1" 1, ,! jj ,Q ,f f'f.fg'i,f J U' V' ,. Q ki f M- W. 1'Wf2'ff1ff2vf, Lfff' l ip A lff.,-Fffr '4 3 Nd' 'jfrfi . r I 'I ff? .1 K QW it rf X ,I A ,. I 2 . Xi ' X' J," I g J . lx If my 4, K f' di fkwwj A 'jj - K 'ISN Q ,QS . - Q ig my 1 xp f Q J: J ,YN , F N I lkf' f .... 5 A' 4 I r rj! F- 6, kj V? A-rlxf " 2 if Hx xl! N. My + C Q X X' V 4 W 74. ,J 'X E I S Q 3 T ' S I

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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