Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Arlington Heights High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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iw . V ' Y' ,' ' ' V n r .- E ' 'Z , C, " ' '- ' M- -.V V. 64244 ,C . U f? 'Sill . my XMLML if ,J -,., A , M at ' -121 R I ,JZ " X ox X ' Wi+++M' WW f 2 5w3,1Jf,5fff1Z'i:,12i2 '5f QWVWWLM MQ' 4, L .V J' C , Q J gf ff agv UM 'JA' W 0 , ff""f'f BOM! - vp S671 - J , ,,,, 4,., 5: MQ ?f2g11lfJLeLr1H1fJLnL ,E1s:ygyl Q. Al 5 4 ll x af?-WIJJJIQJ-xg N I V- LGI, V5.1 vsp I' as R 'U ,MQSPY gf W, . ' 5 .L 1 " ,A ,r',j'X AR' af' ,W . . - ,Of ,VW Q w"7Q'jf,fi J if W wi, J f .Lf 'pf Y WF my 9' Tm ay" up A' fwt IJ V ggywwllli E1 xi 3NLJW Zi- 1+-r +.E1'1vrgyl f . . , w x 5 P9 4vHyl4.E3 ltl 1 r.,r .fi.Hr J.rJ1 n ,TPA 11 W ,J Mx Mf' l,3f,9fL5'fnQ,,mX aim MNMQQ, ' f'1A?v""'ZjW! xffvfly' A A 9 fywqgkjafjg 02 WLM My Q E -Lai 5 6-1-4 - ff' U BA ,lk 5 p'i'zL?bif3 --4' A ,, L.. ' K ' 5, AMW' ,fw.l" f ,, El' ' V ' E I YY b I :-:gas-.14i?' :i-:Rain-.-Qg.l,: FW' ' ' . . - ff-.f llilyy' W-+g: 1 v X ' 1 ' VvW,' ' r . fy DU-W. kmngkv 'gy ' M My 1 'Jr W if-'LE4' My , J 474 WM W by fm! qlp, M XXX X ff' aw i i ii-si! Wi g' 'W !'2--ew -2,-M 3:-A ' i ..'E:4.f - !--22-a'::: ,f - - I ' ' ' ' V325 VhX1'mE-fjggjgg M.f5Z2Z ff iff ml - 1' X I . AMA Y ' off ' ' 0Qd'fWy,L'7'M - 6'A'f'f'jf'L k'5"Ff" M lj!! off! fb! vwcifb affmmv Grate, 2 ., 1 LL I1 lr- y LL , y y L9-5lyyH1J.-gill , I lJ ,,T,?l-yf fyl l I-HJJJIJ l ffnifl U362fLMu,4,GU f. V jj AA, LVL OCLALLJLFQ If . " F X! - f- W 7' ' 1' ' pw qQ:,o4j, f ,,51Q uid Q X f LC 1 I ff, M, 5, - 2 QQL, -Qlff 4- A ' 1 Daw 6001- u 2"",,,WW'Jmffw. 4Z 1'M'L My WMV 7wMfzM V1 QW W QW W2 NW k 2... J-J wfx 33 fd W-f 1 ,Q 3 Sli Egfsgf M ws R534 M5533 5543: If I 9,5 Igileg, iii , If . Il , 0 . SI IIWIJVK Il' .IIA H ' 1' '17 .H J I 5 F" Ofnc VIQ EDJ Iizffl .4 5? Jul at Y, V,1"' It QW XI If W 7 M' INK if 3 f' I In Sv TI' 4, 9 I' J , M 'Q My ahyyb I -NV tj' UN WML I APJIIIJVWJJ. my 7,I ,5 WI- N.. 'MIIIJ1 U 167 pun I Q I ww ,ff ww ,, We I, v 1 q0If!fPy,wvqx 0, 0 I 014 IQ CH ,U Cu. If X M Irv VWGIIUJW1 KIM fguy U I- U rv I ' K I . ' J My ' f mea ISSEJ5 U f ff' My Bwxhu, I W, If 1 af' ' I W 'W W-mf 'W ,ig ' 'Aww al 0.4.0, X? ' 'm4fIiI'i?SW!w5 . I 'nuff T . . . 1 9 I YELLOW JACKE WL ARLINGTON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL FORTWORTH 0 TEXAS iikg My wwf ,,U29.ajM ,h 1, ew SW Aw W 'jf'M G! 4 O to 11962, 1953 V fHi'zz'1.H'fl,1:3i,,iiL'i1FZ.i'Q:1.:z0' 9 my 0, QV W WL A W at ,Jw quam A . QJAQD u WL, ,O ij, 'K Q 3355 Q Xxedicationlef L Wu, ww MX r buy JL gmt Worth, 41 gachebz L 1953 QMQW 3041 th lhema ov thib h 1 chawamae ' ibmr Jlonore We the Stan ay l e Qeaalerb ov greater luaeol aa a moflo .,Y",L,.AmL1p, Schoaarohip, anal Service, in a. lo aw up vu. ghia gearhooh ia a lrihule, an expreaalon op our alopreciallon og a 9'-Oulu which reprebmla JY tk. high izlaab, gina abpiratiom, anal worthy, gong: gor which we are blrivinq. may tha, wer he the uprolatich ln, which Jleiqhlo mul Jleiqhlalera are meabureau I Hu buwn Sihcerehj gown, K ':E.gmi '.' ihe 1953 Iwewow gachel Slaw fu N ,X QM? , AV' h h , I ,WW J og h ' ff' N cv ox W U1 ,N V, A 'VU L FL! my x X Of UJ LN' V my N fffww WMfhwg , ' Apbfxjgfl M WW fy JJ . 6 h 4' 3 Q5iEiz':bi1 9 7 52' 54:21gwffz.sM jf- 41-...,..,as,Q2,z,gf,,H, s fx AQWQLAAIMQQ7' Meedmaywgf s'v"'-'few-tWf'f6-yy'-f P M' M-M andthe contents. dim7g5QaZLof1L,bJ7rZ2g?9g ef,fM.,..Qm..f,..s 'jg n o s ' ,.f2!!,f...4!.., ' SOphO 4gy service ' clubs 'r.oJ.c 'spor+s Q10 -A :Z eewwngm +o +he s1'uclen+s . . . Your enfhusiasfic parficipafion in lhe scholasfic and activity programs of lhe school has resulfed in siqnilicenf achievemenls in leadership, scholarship, and service, Preserved in lhe pages ol' your I953 Yellow Jackel is a record ol many ol fheze achievemenls, lf is our hope fha? your accomplishmenfa wi'i servo as a challenqe fo olher sfudenls as AHHS presses on foward even higher slandards. To Those of you who will soon qraduale and whose palhs will separafe, may we express ihe hope fhal you will refurn offen lo "fha school on fhe hill," Sincerely, MR. ROY M. STONE Principal cl ' ' t t ' MISS KATHRYN HADEN MR. HOMER PEGRAM Dean of Girls As.vi5t1111t Principal "PIM" If I- Z . Z Z 4' 3 t I 1 X' F, uw Fff-Kip:-,, f-ff MR. JOE P. MOORE Superintendent of Sehoolx s t a f f ' . h. h s. MR. ELDEN B. BUSBY MR. W. A. MEACHAM Superintendent Superintendent so it go Q? I Q 1 'K -....:,,,. ., 3, HN xR kd gf X Q , E? it .li if STUDENT BODY OFFICERS BOB ROARK ., . .. . , P1e.xirle'i1l CLAYTON BRANTS ,. . .. Fin! Vin' Pr'f'.virl1'r1I EDDYE LOU BURT.. St"l'I'6'lIlI'j' GAY GOOCH ,l'7P!I.V1lVf't Summer spurned Spartan sports at the Davis's sum' mer home. San Antonio or Bust! Is that right, Jimmy Corser? Feasting Football Fighters and Fortunate Fillies. Open House hostesses are Jan Jones, Gwen Clark, Dona Reese, and Janet Sherman. Say Evan . . . are you training that eagle eye? Scribes say Heigh Ho! Denton! Distressing dreary school days are these, when you have to study. The Kornered Kids . . . wonder which one is the black sheep? Gossiping with the party line, huh? Judy Cone and Shirley Cox. 'mmm the school . . . we love the best X . x NNN . X V I xii E Mw x., -1 "Responsibilities gravitatf' to tho person who fan shoulder thomg power flows to thc man who knows howf, HLJBBARU . v Q i . X n Q Q jg ,i ' 'Q' X Mrs. Mary Myrtle Anderson English Miss Grace Becker History Miss Grace Boone Latin , Q O O O E- : my , faculty Mr. Flavin J. Arseneau Biology Miss Alice Bennett History Mrs. Janie Lou Brewster Art faculty Miss Ida M. Bunting Registrar Mr. George H. Carson Band-Orchestra Mr. Ray Dyche Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Hazel Farr Secretary Mrs. Fae Harrison Commercial Mrs. Luella P. Higley Librarian Miss Gussie Burnett Journalism Miss Nula Cowan Mathematics Mrs. Belle B. Evans English Miss Kathryn Garrett History Miss Francenia Hicks Physical Education Mr. N. J. Hogan Coach faculty Miss Eula F. Hunter Mathematics Sgt. Nylin Lancaster R. O. T. C. Mrs. Rita McAlister English Mr. Jack L. Martin Physics-Mathematics Capt. George Moeller R. O. T. C. Miss Hazel Nelson Commercial Mrs. Anita P. Jones Physical Education Mrs. Elva A. Lerret Mathematics Miss Malissa McMurry English Mr. Marvin A. Miller Chemistry-Biology Miss Emma Murphy English Miss Mary Parker Mathematics faculty Miss Galen Porter Distributive Education Mr. Nick Ruggieri Biology-Coach Mr. Johnny Stovall Physical Education Miss Kate A. Waddell Home Economics Mrs. Mary Smith White Vocal Music-English Mr. Roy R. Williams History-Coach Mrs. Grace Poulter Nurse Rev. James Otis Sayes Bible Mr. Arthur B. Truitt History-Coach Mrs. Norma Wells Spanish-French . Warren T. White, Speech . ,.,,c i 4 as , GW -'init Mr , :::::E 3 umm? Mr. Harry Wylie Shop ...Rfk . .Q J Q 5 .5 f w 'itz L M is M 1' Mx Music department with a brass touch. The key to the world with foreign languages. department a.h.h. Math fugitives from the far, far East. Mechanical Drawing proves good training for all aspiring architects. Home Economics prepares A. H. H, S. future home makers. Science teaches us about life on this miraculous earth. Modern America necessitates proper grammar and Wood and metal shops reveal wholesome development literature knowledge, of co-ordinating mind and body. Art department flourishes with blond models and stables. Commercial department prepares Heightsters for future. clil!ll!!I' usual--' :nur lill' -X X 323 5 Q! Q Q' , . favorites iw, , 7,77 W , , Wm, ,, in, 5 1 4 ranch queen and foreman ik Jcffy Et 7Mm5 if caan .sioragina 3404? Co je f 2,54 4, QV f 'ff W' fm ' f ff f W5 .,.,, ' ' at , V . ,, . 7 ff X Ag, ! A M? 1 ,ff , 4 f ff' Q ,f fwgff I 2. iff' f h all g006!l'll all M nw, J pf C C rippe S O p h O m O I' S ibm UML W yd? C0110 'ff , fr, 2 senior favorite runners-up Q , cf, geofgia IEA lgonny miie iunior favorite runners-up 30119616 jox r A e Suzanne guynea sophomore favorite runners wmv .. M-My , X, a E if fm WA .aw , 5. ,, ff, '41 A if 5 lj 3 2 , Q ' yt , Q M. Vi ff' fini gi W: f f i ' ffl? 'W s xf 5 ' Q f- xbvvnnmhsn fray Cox ggfllll .SZQPC y most athlet .xdnn E'igAfwe!f most stuclious Uancegigge, WMM-e.:7i W- wwffgw ' o O 'F ' 7111 f 0 3 - ,f ' , f :-:-:-: s. Q f Q'o'o'o SQ 4WkK bs5x' 'X 352905555 .gk AMD, g"14'?f.5 5 f,gfwT'- 'fx M "2 5. V X ,-H X? A X' 1 ll 4 , fa-'?S'.":'JS.'f'fQ - f , -,L - 1 .- ff Wim 3 3 4f2Qae. i'r5es fad k ' aff!! f - f ,i , ' aff 'YN i . ' 'A fp FU f'5qfN I X x Q V 'XJ fx! 'XJ fx.J .V 2x2 'Q' ffl? 43 f, W 5 X as MW if? C732 'tj' 'QQ I 1 I N,, ,ki, 55x A 54' , I ., , J W f 1 f X 1 x kj kj 'S , 5 wh Z- .2 HT0 think rightly, to think instantly, to think inrmszzntiy, to think intfnsvly, to sfizr' opportunitivs when othvrs Int thrfnz go by'- that is thr svrrwt of .v11rr1xf.sf'Asjrmsr:PH PULITZER. ' X 'K' nio S N"J xi 9, 4' 'lu H.,-""N4-.4-'JD XJ I 5- ' f' 'LQ , '-6 J I 4 f if A -wvfugk J' 4 Q -1 i S V, k f K 4 K Y 5' J A 1, ' s Gene Adciir David Allczn Alvcr Alldcy Roy Allsup Ellen Anderson Pat Anderson Robert Austin Betty Bcxldridge Barbara Bcxldwm I'S JMX . M I if 4' 'IL s e A Moffr TOMM BJ'-WEHN RNBAR1MT- Y willy? DONA N Batt? I N V 1 ff. Mr' H DIANE BE NORMAN LL -J W UI, REA BINGHAM BUDDY BLOCKER BETTIE BONNELL ANNETTE BOWDEN IIMMY BOWERS BOBBY BOWLIN SUE BOWLIN IOI-INNY BOYLE IANIE BRAY BARBARA BRIDGES VANCE BRIDGES IACK BRIDWELL ANN BRIGHTWELL FQ QV? .AD 12:29 SSDI BUNKI BRINSON IACK BRONSON IAN BROWN REID BUNGER EDDYE LOU BURT CHLOE BURTON CLYDETTE CASEY DIANE CARTER IANICE CAYCE CAROL CHANCY BARBARA CHENAULT GWEN CLARK ROBERT CLARK DON CLINE RICHARD CLOWE DALE COLN MILDRED COMMANDER IIM CONARTY lass IUDY CONE THOMAS CONN DAVID COOPER BILL COPPAGE IIMMY CORSER ROBERT COURTER SHIRLEY COX PHYLLIS COZBY MYRNA CRAIG LETHA CRANE ANN CRITZ DON CULBERTSON WAYNE CUMMINS IOHN DANNENFELSER BILL DAVIS GIB DAVIS MARLENE DAWLEY PAT DEAN S9 RUTH DENMAN ANN DENNY IO CAROL DODD IE DUMAS ERNESTINE EAST DALE EDMONDS GAIL ELLSWORTH BARBARA EVANS DOROTHY EVANS IO ANN FARR ERNEST FERGUSON IO ANN FORD NANCY FORMAN DeVON FOWLER BARRY GARRETT IO ANN GATHINGS HOWARD GIBSON THEDA GODBY lass NANCY GOFF INA GOODING ELMA GRABLE IERRY GRAVLEY TOM GRAY IOAN GUDITH ROYCE HAMILTON ROBERT HAMMOND VERNON HARRELL MARTHA HARRIS EFFIE RUTH HASLEY DON I-IATFIELD BARBARA HINSON CAROL HICKMAN NITA IANE HEITT IANE HOGAN LOU ANN HOPE BARBARA HUBER S9 BILLY HUDDLESTON MARGARET HUNTER IANET ISSACKS ANN ISMAY WILLIAM IENNINGS IEAN IOY IOHNSON IOE IOI-INSON IOEL IOHNSON IANA IONES HARRY IONES LILLIAN IONES MAURICE IONES BUZZ KEMBLE KAY KERBOW RICHARD KING CHARLES KOPPA NINA MARIA KORTI-I BILL L. LAMB lass BILL M. LAMB BARBARA LARSON DAN LAWS DOUG LAYTON BOBBY LEWIS TREVELYN LINDLEY IIMMY LITTLE KITTY ANNE LOGAN DICK LORD EDDIE LOWREY DIANE MCFARLAND ROBERT MCCLESKEY SHIRLEY MCCOLLOUGH ANN MCCREIGI-IT MIKE MCELHANNON GEORGE MCILHERAN MARILYN MADDEN BUDDY MARTIN wa W .-.a U '. EJ 1: ..,, if ,- "" 'I' A, A Y, W X, sp. A ':.. I 'I , ' C I If I Q09 f 'Sli-v'T" lx -1" vo-fi Tv I 1 ewbw fa mf' f A 174' xy? -.J ,f Q. G. 4... - v. I ,ez V' mi 5 X .::,,,:,3.. ,A Q 3 Irv in I Vw .q,, .,,, ::, I v-J K I NO' '-any ' :- G5 -J T. 4 1:37 I C -' L vw 3 1 N., , lls M " ' ' U :ik X I ., ' , fi ,,,, ' . .., VN Ad, I., , L vw Sen IERRY MATTHEWS BILLY MAY RICHARD MAYFIELD DAVID MEAD REN MELTON LARRY MERCER IEAN MESSICK KITTY BIT MIMS BILL MIDDLEBROOK IEAN MIRIKE VANCE MITCHELL SANDRA MOLYNEAUX MARGARETTE MOORE BILL MURPHREE IAMES NANCE ANNETTE NATION IIMMY NEELY GEORGE NELSON lass IOHN OCONE DON OLSON KENNETH PADGETT IOHN PEELER EILEEN PEOPLES BEULAH PAYE PERRY ED PHILLIPS IANE PHILLIPS MARY ANNE PRESTON FRAN PUGH CHARLOTTE PUNCHARD GERALD PYKA CAROLYN RAGLE MANSELL RAINBOLT DAN RAMBO ALBERT REESE EVELYN OUINN DONA REESE 1, gi 4? S STANLEY REYNOLDS OPAL RICKER I. B. RIDDLE ROB ROARK VIRGINIA ROBINSON IERRIE RUDLOFF FREDDIE RUSSELL ELAINE RUSSEY PUDDIN SARAZAN TOM B. SAUNDERS BYRON SEARCY I ALAN SEARS SHIRLEY SHAVER GEORGE SHAW ROBERT SHEFFIELD MAX SHUMAKE CHARLOTTE SKAGGS SUE SMILEY SH I a EDRA SMITH GRACIE SMITH MARILYN SMITH LEN SPRAGINS BETTY STEFFEY SHIRLEY STEPHENS DEA STEPHENSON SANDRA STRAIN ANN STRICKLAND NELSON STUBBLEFIELD PHYLLIS SWARTOUT BOBBY TAGGART IOANN TAYLOR 0 by, Wy CAROLYN THOMAS BEVERLY TOBIN 'Tj W WINKIE TOUZEL AX SALLY TUCKER ZILLAH MAE TURMAN 3' .p.aA:4.M4-n SS S9 IOHN TURNER NITA TURNER IUDY UTT IOHN VAILLE IOHNNIE VESTAL FLOYD WADE BOBBY WAGNON HUGH WALKER BOB WALTON NEILL WARD CARLOS WARREN SUE WAYMAN GAYLE WEBB CISSY WEEMAN CARROL WHALIN MARTHA WHITLEY BO WILBANKS BEVERLY WILLETT Iass ADA PEARL WILLIAMS BOB WILLIAMS IANIS WILLIAMS IEANNE WILLIAMS LEE WOFFORD RAY WOOD PERMELIA WORTHAM ANN WYLY SENIORS IN ATHLETICS all Wu' We I g if I W? A SENIORS IN THEOLOGY Vance Bridges, Buzz Kemble, Maurice Jones, ond Byron Searcy, pose as A-Club prexy. Dick Lord and Rev. Sayes. HEAVE HO! JACKETS, LET'S GO! at K o F xwgyelf Q9 : I:3E:?i"., L X Q' X , - A if 5 wx K f an. 5 F 5: - ,. . , , ax ' fn ' 'flax 'iX. Ds, 2 3 ' Okay, y0u, MCGOY, up with the hands! Coaches, Hogan and Stovall, keep order at A-Club picnic the Davis's lake home! IS THIS A KING'S THRONE? OR CASTLE? OR KING? 5 Janet Isaacks and Lillah Turman Q QW prove to be sleepy slumberers. sl, N K g ea A I 5 -n Q 4 Q' .. I 5 -4 IQ J 9 - 0, o at-4 U 5 Q Nelson Stubblefield, Cannlyn Thomas, Freddie Russell, and Shirley Cox led you through- out the year,'52-'53,st AHHS Bill Murphree, Carol Chaney, Bo Wilbanks, Bill D8vis,and Senior Spenser, Miss Becker, count coins and credit cards These seniors review annual Book Week: Gail Wllsworth, Don Olson, Betty Beldridge, Nancy Forman, Diane Bell, Dale Edmonds, Billy Middle- brook, and Neil Ward. mmssna, STTNIORS? V-e sold a few magazine subscripnionsz , I 'W' .x.,+f"' E aaa-fd-Qfnsfb.. gf- Vefw-4-n-m4,, 6wwfLfwtfLa,,,e,47,g.J 6 z4L4'A""9Lf an 4. W ' ffwpf"44,.A I 4-'fP!fLC,51 X, -5i.'4"'n'e" ...iU ?E'w'V SN Ie yAd 5 cf N yAh1y 'B fa:-Q. sf' YI. 'OJ if ' N Amy I B993 'wa' C B iuniors Shirley Baker Beverly Ballem Frankie Ballinger Bruce Barker Nancy Barrett Lois Ann Barton Shirlyn Bassham Margaret Bedford Martha Bennison Nell Bentley Patsy Berry Mignon Bevil Iimmy Bissett Evan Black Nancy Bordeno Iimmy Bourn Freda Bowden Clayton Brants Paula Brewster Robert Brooks Edward Brown Leland Buchanan Edward Buchtel Iackie Burton iun'o Marilyn Calvert Nancy Carlile Nora Carr Ioy Casstevens Dale Castleman Mary Sue Champion Randall Clark Richard Clayton loan Cockrell Martha Connolly Diana Cook Ken Cooper Bobby Cox Buddy Cox Iohn Cranz Emmitt Crawford Margie Creswell Billie Culp Ierry Culver Betty Curry lerry Daniel Virginia Daughety Homer Davis Iohn Davis ESS Paul Dearmin Iimmy Denton Helen DeWitt Barbara Dorminy Iudy Drummond Walter Durham Elaine Eagle C. L. Edwards Paul Edwards Christa Elder Marvin Elder Catherine Elliott Moonyeene Elliott Pauline Elliott Betty Iane Ellis Carol Evans Anna Fairclo Ioan Finley Max Furche Gerald Gaines Dick Gannett Barbara Garrett Mary Ann Gay Roy Glasco .1253 'F 'yur-WW' -mf' ei 49? 'rdf' QWTV nb' ,QQ ..--f 1535! .ws--gf 1 ,,,., ,Q -o.., .H my if-vw" 01 'dl' 1'-ar lf., fgf www? 464 -GQ' lun Mygnonne Goen Ian Goodman Glenda Grammer Cloyd Grant Gerald Grantges Phyllis Grayson lo Ellen Griffin Shirley Griffith Robert Grunewald Sue Guffey Earle Haley Anita Hamby Gene Haney Iudy Harlow Dick Harrington Barbara Harris Doc Harris Ralph Harris Betty Hartshorn Mary Carole Haupt Garland Hawkins David Henderson Shirley Henshaw Nelda Henslee 3 S S lackson Hill Pat Hill Richard Hill Ruby Hoard Bobetta Holland Ronnie l-loneycutt lohn Hornbuckle Alvin Howell Iames Hren Ierry Hubbard Ioe Hulsey Patricia Hyde Lajuana Irons Eddie lackson Wanda Iackson Freda Iames Roland lary Wallace Ienlcins Rusty Iohnson Bettye Iohnslon Dick Tones Mary lustice Edwin Kahler Pat Keith FQ Aww' mmf' if I lun' Karolyn Kernble Dub Kendrick Kay Kent Patsy Killingsworth Iimrnie Killrnan Roger King Carol Kurz DeWayne Lasseter lay Latson Lavonne Laws Ioyce Lee Marilyn Leith Richard LeVan lack Lloyd Kay Lockman Annette Lockwood Robert Loughridge Patricia Lowery Ida Mae McDowell Dennis McElhannon Beverly McGee Ioy McGowen Patsy Mathis Max Matthews BSS Carole May Peggy Mayfield Shirley Maxwell Bill Meadows Bob Meadows Roy Menge Barbara Miller Claudia Miller Marcia Miller Mary Sue Miller Torn Miller Leon Mitchell Dolores Montgomery George Moore Faye Morlon Colleen Moss Michael Moore Caroline Murrin Eddie Neal Mike Neely lune Neighbors Nancy Nelson lacl: Newsome Carol Norman f--'Q' -'SQ fx an-J 'Ziff :H M I' jr' junior Pat Paden lean Parker Ie-anne Parmele Byron Parrish Patsy Paschall lack Payne Ianis Pearson Peggy Perkins Robert Perry Charles Peterson Paul Phillips Larry Pound Anita Price Charles Pyeatt Dick Ralph lla Lee Reed Anne Reis Phil Reitz Bill Richards limmy Roberts Camille Robertson Iohnny Robertson Floyd Rockwell Kay Rodgers ESS Alan llossi lerry Rottler Gilbert Rowe Helen Runnels Eddie Flunyon Billy Sanders Margaret Sanders Carolyn Satterwhite Nelson Schafrick Rickey Scharfenberg Lanny Searcy Gay Shiplet Peggy Shullield Suzy Simpson Bob Smith Charlie Smith Doris Smith Nancy Smith Pattie Smith Roger Doyle Smith Sara Sprinkle Rick Staats Anne Stalnaker larnes Stanley 41"""9' Q.-if av""' TB Aww I 41 -49' ,,, M-7 Li NI 'CJ' ,pf WW? YE junior Betty Staples Sue Stein Eddie Stephens Lou Stogner H. D, Story lim Stouder Carol Stoughton Doris Sullivan Sanya Sullivan lim Sykora Pat Taylor Dick Thompson loe Thomson Rice Tilley Robert Timms Gary Tracy Flora Lou Trammell Richard Trickey Wanda Trisler Bill Tullous lane Turner Ioe Turner Gary Tuttle Io Ann Van Natta lass Wesley Van Norden Ioan Van Orden Linda Veltman Ie-rry Wade Keith Wade Beverly Walker lean Walker Georgia Wall Frances Warfield Iudy Weare Park Weaver Carolyn Webb Bootsey Weil Alice Wells lerrell Welsh Diane Whalin Ronny White Bob Whitten Sandra Whittenton Randy Wilbanks Charlie Wilkinson Rubin Willburn Iackie Williams Sue Wilson A, . ' in ,lv mu. . J i Choroliers chime cords in chorus class! o o Barbara Wiririick Elaine Wise Roy Womack Gerald Wood Shirley Wood Foresier Woodruff Tommy Woody Ruthie Wurst Belly Higgins Shirley Maxwell Billie Arm Welch 0 V , 5' 25 1 The cornered kids! , Roland Jary and Jan Goodman led you Jrs. during '52-'53. lik, Floyd Rockwell, Gilbert Rowe, impure fighting Jackets Richard Staats, 'and Clifford d Baker find something more , 'interesting than E X- WH the way to a marvs heart do X 1 ,taxi ignrougn his stom,a cn'? 4 MmWw A xxx lfii F Flignty fem les flutter up the stairs to l A sucoess...Beavens not Just to dress! do 'N o E H do Sid' 5 422. A ,...,.m..auT ,...-1 ,-. 'vb U UM an l , 0 0 1 . sophomores ever ff' Agiibl 5- 1 Mfrs gxffl M Karen Adair Tommy Adams Eddie Albright Mary Allen Patricia Allison Elza Amyeit Nelda Anderson Ralph Ayer Gerry Bagwell Bill Bailey Mike Bailey lames Baird Carole Baker Mary Baker Ierrell Baldridge Pauline Barnett sophomores lim Berryman George Birkett Zack Blailock Al Blakei: lariice Boinar Bill Borden Beverly Boswell ary Boswell Patricia Boswell loanne Bozeman Bill Bradshaw l aneta Breshears Darwin Bridges Randall Bridwell Patty Bryant Usleta Casey f-LGJRAIYIVQ I 4 lirnrny Cawthorn lane Chadwell f I 4 Bichard Champion 1 I Robert Champion Gretchen Chappell Patsy Charles Marianne Cherry Bobby Childers Margaret Chiles Boy Chitwood Sue Chollar C hester Clark Charlotte Clayton Frank Clemens Dan Coates ww ligg .039 A. sophomor lerry Coats Lu Beth Cohen Bob Collett Billie Maxine Collins lirnrny Coln Ierry Cook Martha Cope lane Corbin Carl Covey Angela Cowan Carol Lee Cox Bruce Crabtree Bill Cranz Todd Crowell Connie Crippen ludy Dailey Diane Dale Linda Dale Mary Ann Dannenielser Charles Dansby Kenton David Ann Davis Chester Davis lirnmy Davis Maureen Denman Sam Denny Mildred Dillard Beth Dobbs Richard Dodd loan Douglass Darlene Dunlap Denis Early class limmy Elder Ianet Eldred lane Ellis Mary Lou Elrod Eileen Eng Earlene England Bill Farnham Loretta Forauson Nancy Flowers Douglas Fox Ann Fuller Melissa Furman Edith Ann Garribill Gerry Garlinatori Iudy Garton Robert Gawers lack Gentry Nick Georges Lois Gittord Richard Gilcreas Glen Giles lirnrny Gilliland Torn Gilmore Gay Gooch Donald Goodger Iarnefs Goodwin Ierrell Gorczyca Lois Gordon Mary Lynn Gordon Kenneth Graves Lee Green loycre Greenway - A ,mu QPWIW' AA fy M :,, 'ZW sophomore larries Guyn Suzanne Guynes Bill Hall Edward Halsell Edith Harnlett Averil Harris Beth Harris Bill Harris Hugh K Harris: Michael Haupt Lafayette Heath Paul Hemphill Patricia Henderson lean Henry Martha Hicks lim Hill Paula Hill Burley Horn Veda leanne Hosinan Victor Hotho lerry Howard Marsha Hubert Beverly Huckabay Doris Hughes Sue Lynn Humphreys Linda Hunter Norma lackson Carolyn lameson lack lones loe lordan Patricia Kautz Ierry Keaton class Georgia Keith Iimmy Kelly Sandra Kelly Bill Kiqht Wilbur Kirkland Carol Kitchens Donna Klovstad Richard LaBoon lim Lamb Ioan Lapham Tommy Larimore Mary Lavy Sondra Lawrence Margo Laws Martha Leonard Ierry Loloclill Mike Lord Kay Kynch Melinda McC1uer Marilyn McCluney Bill McClure Tommy Mcllheran Pat McKinney lanelle McNair -' Don Marsh ' P Roger Martin Adrienne Mason ....: Ioe Matthews A I . lohn Maxwell Marilyn Maxwell Myrna Maxwell Doris Meek 1 -and -1 sophomore Eugene Meier Mildred Meili Christina Mitchell Doug Mitchell Monroe Mitchella Gary Moore Thomasine Moore Mary Beth Moriarty Betty Morris lames Memlord limmy Murphy Mikell Murphy Suzanne Neely Buddy Neighbors Barbara Nelson Charles Nelson lanet Newby Iay Norman Gail Norris Lynne Ocone Marvelle Caletreo Nancy Olson Doris Oswalt Deanna Overturt liinrriie Packer Betty Padgett Ann Parnell loyce Parrish Lee Allen Paulsel Peggy Pearson Betty Piper Roy Pipes class Blair Pittman Lannie lc Plescia Pamela Poe Billy Prince Betty Pruitt Carolyn Pugh Helen Raborn Henry Dean Raish Martha Rambo Earl Ramsey Grace Etta Ray Margaret Reese lerry Reynolds Rita Reutelhuber Elizabeth Richards Ronnie Rimbey Gene Roberson Lucille Robinett Clara Faye Robinson luanita Rosalez Charles Rosenthal Rich Rowan Barbara Rutledge David Ryan limmy Sanders Sandra Sartor Bill Schilling Douglas Schneider Deuline Scott Sonny Searcy Glenda Self Allan Shannon sophomore lanet Sherman Grady Shropshire Curtis Sides leanette Celia Si Bobby Smith Gene Smith limmy Smith loe Smith Richard Smith George Sossamon Richard Spell Uonald Stahl llanny Stephenson Lewis Stone Betty Stubblelield Eleanore Sublott Walter Swain Coleen Talbott Alice Taliaterro Mary Ann Tandy lo Ann Taylor Kay Taylor Kay Thomas Sandra Thomas Dorothy Thomason Barbara Thompson Mary Thomson lane Thornton Larry Threlkeld Kent Tilbury Marilyn Thomlinson Monty Tomlinson class To 1111 ny Tucker Suzanne Tullous Iohn Vance Iimrny Vaughn Betty Vestal Iirnmy Vestal Robert Vick Donald Waddell Sue Walker Lynn Wallace Bob Watkins Sara Watkins Kathy Watts Benny Weatherford Bob Weatherford loan Whitten Boy Wilkes Don Wilkinson Iohn Willett Dale Winqo Ann Winslow Bob Winter Emily Zander 1 I' I e nw , W Wh. 'NV 'SRG' X ....-3? Z' Z'- L-i "Civilization turns on orgarzizatiorz and every rnarfs success is a matter of rendering service for other l9L'01l71f?.,,--HUBBARID. ' 3. 5 K lm .,.s2 - rw ...:.. -.., 5 f ,rub ff f I 5 1 X f 4 ' j C? 16? X f Lf ,X .f G' 4, 4 'f S 521'--ff' IWW 'L Nl ll II UH RS flllX.'c:llU1Xll Il Boy: Nmlsou Stubbhhcld Illddlt Russc 11 R01 md ux md on Mlttl1LNNS HQHH A IS FOR ATHLETICS. XYell. fellow, now that you've earned your letter in a sport at Heights. per- haps you'd like to join the A Club. The A Club is the only organization at Heights that you can't just join or be elected into: for to get in, you have to submit to paddling from the returning lettermen in your sport. which is only a warm-up! If you are lucky enough to letter in more than one sport. you get that many more licks. after which you must endure all sorts of pranks at initiation, gleefully de- vised by those selfsame lettermen. Officers ol A Club are Byron Searcy, president: Vance Bridges. vice president: Buzz Kemble, secre- tary-treasurer: and Maurice llones. sergeant-at-arms, MEMBERS lil Ron' Roy Alsup. ,lack Neu- some. Roy Menge. Mike Neely. George Nelson. Ron nie Wlliite. Vance Bridges. Len Spragins. Boot- sie VVeil. 21111 Rmef--'Bill Davis. Richard Clown-. Rob Roark, Nor- man Ashley. Johnny Robertson. joe johnson. Tom Saunders. Hill Mm- pliree. David Cooper. Hob vvilliiilllh. Phd Run' fjack Lloyd, Bobby joe Cox. Niaurice Jones. Buzz Kemble. Don Cline. Robert lVIcClesky. Ran- dall Clark. lvilliam Jennings. 4111 Rmefllo Wilhakns. llyron Searcy, jimmy Roberts. Jackson Hill. 4I. ll. Riddle. F. T. A. SWVURRA! TVURRAV, exclaimed the little gnome holding his high-school diploma. This little fellow did have something to worry about. for he didnit know what he was going to do now that he had graduated. Perk up. feller! lie like the senior. junior. and sophomore members of the Eula F. Hunter Chapter of the Future Teachers ol' America Club. .lust run right on to college. study hard. and someday you will be teaching little voices to sing a stirring song, such as "Good MOI'HiHg to You-u-u l" Fun. fulfillment. and a purpose to progress char- acterize AHHS's FTA Club. co-sponsored by Miss Eula Hunter and M1'. Harry YYylie. Officers are: president. Nancy Forman: vice-president. Lillian jones: secretary-treasurer. Gail Ellsworth. MEMBERS li! Rnzc- Bobby Lewis, Nancy Foi- man, Clydette Casey, Ann Davis. Gail l'illsworlli. 2nd Role-ffHonard Gibson. Miss linla F. Hunter. spon- sor. Ida klae NIeDowell. Ann Nic- Creiglil. Lillian jones. 3rd Rim' Iioh Hammond. Margaret Hunter. .loan Cockrell. Virginia Robinson Nita Hiett. D. E. lJ.E.'rs MAKE MONEY WHILE LEARNING. Highlighting this year were tlw All-City pienie last fall and the Christmas party. 'l'o elirnax the year Arlington Heights sent .lean Mirike and 'I'revelyn Lindley as their representatives to the annual ID. E. Convention held in San Antonio. Sue liowlin trap- tured top honors in a national essay eontest with her topie. "Selling as a Careerf, Ufiieers ol' the elub are Kenneth Padgett, presi- clent. Charles Stewart. 'l'revelyn Lindley. Larry Mer- cer. :uid sponsor. Miss Galen Porter. M IC M ll E R S lil Run' Kenneth Padgett. Jelrit Ruclloff. Jean Mirike. Betty St:-Hey. Pat Garrett, Sue liouliu. fnlf Rum' Trevi-lyn Lindley. Effie Ruth Has- ley. Nila Jones. Lt-tha Crane. De- Von Foulei. Larry Blereer. Nliss Galen l'orter. sponsor. Larry Wal- tlou. 3rd Run' Miltlretl Connnwif tler, lizlrhara Evans. Leoluntl Max- Iieltl. Shirley Maxim-ll. Ruth Neuse. Charles Str-xxnrl. Shirley lNleCul- Iough. .lean Mt-ssirk. Buddy lilorlteu, MEMBERS Roar Bliss Gussie llurnett, spon- sor. Suzanne Neely. Ann Fuller. Edith llamlett. Jeanette Siegel. fm! Rmef Donald Bartlett. Carole link- fi. Marsha Hubert. Georgia Faye Keith. Gerry Garliugton. Nfikell Murphy. Mary lieth Nloriarty. ,lark Gentry. Hui Run' Gene Smith. Mil- :lred Lleili. Suzainue Guynes. Gail Norris. Malilyu hlaxun-Il. Martha flop:-. Jane Clizulmell. Gielelleu Chappell. John Willett. CUB REPORTERS CUBS LEARN NEXVSPAPER ROPES. Learning the ropes of newspaper work are the 21 future seribes in the Cub Reporters Club. During meetings these members study rules and ternis used in journalism and great newspaper personalities and write fea- turettes. Cub reporters also sell ads for special editions of the Jacket journal, write features, and are constantly on the alert for news. Climax of their efforts is the awarding of Cub pins to the best all-round reporters at the annual Quill and Scroll banquet. Club officers are Gail Norris, Gretchen Chappell. Mary lieth Moriarty. and 'Iohn lVillett. Sponsor is Miss Gussie Burnett. FOOTLIGHTERS 'l'bv llraina Club . . . Footlight Players. that is. Startvd thc' yt-ar full ol' bubblv and liizz. Our Prvsidvnt, Cwc-n. fairly pushcd Inattvrs to Hvr stalls: Dorothy. Diana. and Evan Black. too. look bull by horns. built a nvw constitution. And next on the' agvnda . . . finding a solution 'l'o thv problvnr at hand---what to call our big show Nobody .S'lwlI1.i and fafob lfomzxt Homf. you know. M1'. Whitt- tbrvatt'nvd. Cajolcd. begged. and plcaclvd. Pullcd out his hair ,til his poor scalp. it blccdvd. But at last. it faint' oflfftlu' play. wv mvan. XXX- opvnvd tht- Curtains for thx- first scvnv. 'l'hcn scttlvd down with 21 sigh of rt-livf 'l'o vnjoy tht- show, Gwvn said. in brivli. "You'ya- dont- a good job: now look at this tcxtfl And quotcd Carl Sandburg. "lYhvr'c' to? lYhat nvxt? LIBRARY BOOK-l,EARNlNG'S A MUST. "Books :uv paths that upward lvad. Conn' on, HviQ'l1tstc'i's. lt's as fun to road! Ht-ights' library is tht- Conti-r for I't'l-l'l'l'I1l'l'. study. and rcading' for plvasurv. Although a quivt atmos- phcfrc prvyails. undvrncath lic-s thc busint-ss ol' dvvo- rating the library showcase. kvcping slim-lyvs in ordvr. and nurnvrous other dutivs pvrfornivd daily by Mr's. Luc-lla Higlvy and ber 12 library assistants. The club is hcadvd by Carolyn 'lll'lOIT18S. prt-sidcnt. and Suzy Simpson. livtty Baldridgv. .Io Carol Dodd. and Susim- Allvn. Xl li M liliRS lil Razz' Diana Cuxvk. joan Doug- las. li l i 7 n ls 1- I In Ricliarcls. l'ulli1- Smith. Xizuy Ann Guy. Monila .Xp- plm-. l'llddin Saiuluu. Carolyn Pugh. furl Rau' Lvl- Cox. jamft Slivrmall. llorulliy liyans. Cuvn Clark. llunki liriusnll. Kay Kvvlxou. Klary Allvll. .7111 Run' Donna Klovstad. Judy Dlununond. liarbzuzx llinson. Diam- Dalv. Linda Vi-ltlnzm. 4th Raza' Dick Clanlirll. liiuri- Bank:-r. llvan lilnfk Ml. Nant-ii YYliilv. sponsor. lim' lluuiis. ,lvruy Xdzuus. limb l'1-luv. M Ii M li IC R S lil Rn.: flny fioovll. Ciuul liilrll- -ns. lic-lly Suv llaltlridgv. Mis, Lum-lla Iliglvy. Milvjairic- Cwsxwll. 'Xml Vuvllvll. Suv Giillivy. full Run' Mildu-cl Dillard. Susim- Allvn. Ca.olyn lluoiiius. Suzy Simpson, LAWN VVHEN 1N ROBIE. "All together now. Let's hit it with great exuberance." Ilic. haec. hor." Rome was never like this, hut the 19 nielnhers of Heights' Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Grace Boone. have discovered that there was more to the Romans than Caesar and Marla Antony. Guiding the cluh are hlary Ann Preston. presi- dent, .linuny Murphy and Mignon lievil. "'l'hc clulfs purpose is the divertisement of its ineinhers," states Miss Boone, "hut perhaps it will also foster an interest in languages, history, philos- ophy, archaeology -or at least the next day's Latin assignment!" MEMBERS lx! Ron' .lane Ann Iillis. Nancy Flour-rs. Mary Ann Preston. Suv Lynn Humphreys. Thom asine Moore. Betty Pruitt. End Run' Nfildred Dillard. Nlignon Bi-vil. bie- linda McCluer. Betty Piper. Martha: Leonard, Kay Kent. 3rd Rau' jimmy Kelly. jimmy Nlurphree. Roy Glasco. Gerald Gaines, liarle llaley, Earl Ramsey. Jack Briduell. liddie l'hillips. Donald Stahl. M E M li li R S lx! Razz' Jeanie Dllllllli. Pal Keith. Jane Coihin. Nancy Golli. Nancy liordeno, Lou Ann llope, Patricia Henderson, Flora Lou 'I'raImuell. Colleen Aloss. Ann Wlyly. Diane Carter. Cissy xvt'l'lll2lll. 21111 Ron' - Slips. Norma Well. sponsor. Peggy Clay. Kay lnrknian. Shirley WVood. jackie liluton. Melissa Furman. jo lilh-n Giiflin. Ulm-nclu Gralulllai. Diane XleFarl.inrl. .lainet lsaacks. Zillah Mae 'l'ininan. liddye Lou Hurt. 3:11 Ron' Carolyn Kemhle, Janelle NIcXaii. Chloe Burton. June Xeighliors. lllaine Rnssey. Carol Norman. Winkii- 'I'onzel. Nancy Nelson. Barbara Miller. liettye Alohnston, Pat Hyde. liohetla Hol- land. lileanore Suhlett. LANGUAGE WE TRAVEL BY MAGIC CIARPET. Would you like to take a no-cost tour across the wide At- lantic to romantic Spain or gay Paree? lN'hen blustery winds whip around your home, what would you give to he living in the sunny clinie of Mexico? This year, 38 Spanish and French students have taken all of these travels and had many adventures high in the Pyrenees, touring France, and exploring ancient Aztec ruins. via the magic carpet of languages. Adding anecdotes from her own experiences in these countries, Mrs. Norma Wells. club sponsor, has shown officers Bobetta Holland, Pat Keith, Diane McFarland, and Diane Carter. that the magic of languages is a key to the romance and history of all peoples. RGD 81 GUN NQUACIK. QUACIK! CIAXY. CAXY! BANG. BANG!" are the lzuniliar noises ol the crow hunt. quail eonseruition project. trup shooting. and club outing of the Rod and Gun Club. which prove that in the spring. 21 young Illl1Il,S lziney turns to hunting. The ohieers of the club. Robert Austin. Bill L. Lamb, Gene Adair. und Bo Wilbanlis. are carrying out their progrzun. the original objectives of the Club. that ol the city. county. and state conservation pro- grarns. Mr. johnny Stovall, as sponsor, teaches the boys eorreet ezlre of guns and fellow-rnen around the guns. Xl I-I RI I5 li R S l.x1 Run' Danny Luus. Joe 'I'lrom- son. Jay Larson. John Peelei. Kent l'ilhury. David Ryan. jim Lamb. 'liornmy lwellheralr. liill lN1eClure. fm! Razr' j. Van Zandt. Nelson Stubblelielrl. Mike Neely. Norman Xshley. johnny Boyle. l5o'1 Colletl. Sonny heurry. Mi. johnny Stovall. sponsor, .'fr1l Razr' lilll L. Lamb. Roheil Chills. lhhhy liowlin. Fran- kie l3.r'lin:'r. David Allen. Len Spragina liclmxrxl Hzilsell. Buddy Neighbors. Lou Stogner. 4th Rau'- Dick 'l'hornson. Park Yveaver. Bo H'ill1:xlrlis. joe Colleran. Robert Nie- tilt-sky. .lurk liruuson. Gene Adair. IXIIQMBILRS SCIENCE CALLING ALL SClEN'l'IS'I'S! Do you yearn to be another M1'. Peepers. breathing sulphur furnes and formaldehyde while delving into the nrysteries of biology, minerology. physics. radio electronics. and astronomy? Heights' Seienee Club. headed by Mr. Flzxvin Ar- seneau. hasn't produced a R412 Peepers yet. but its 49 members. such as officers. john Vaille, -lim Sykora. Beverly Tobin. and Nan Arbuekle. have rnade inter- esting studies in live fields of seienee. A moon map and scrapbook. frog skeletons and slides. rock speci- rnensfeven 21 ham radio are 21 few of the club's projects. some of which were exhibited ut the Press Civitan Show in March. lil lion- .linnny Davis. jinuny lild- er. Chester Davis, Ralph Harris, joe Smith. Beverly Tobin. Martha lieuuissrn. Shirley Baker. Claudine Kliller. Qrrrl Ron' -lNIr. Arseneall. spousu. Nun Arbuekle. Nlary Lynn Gordon. .loan W'hitten. Rita Rl'llIl'l- huber. M ai r' i l y n Calvert. Carol livnriw. lid.lie Neal. John Vaille. Klirhuel hlooie. Hrd Ron' Dirkie Dodd. Ulu-str: ll'arlc. lXlaxx'in Elder. NValler Durlrurn. jim Sykora. james Angel. Zzxek lilniloek. Jimmie Park- er. Vieloi Halho. -itll Rnrr' 'Ronnie Rirnhey. Douglas Seheider. Gerald Pyku. ,In-rr.-l XXX-lsh. Rice Tilley. ,lurk Payne. Jerry Culxer. Jerrell lizxldridge. . JW. L1 , cl I u ' . . J' 4 x S ,lf i' gl ' 'J W ei'i 1 V A , uv 5 1 Qui ll ' ' ga AJ: J 'flaw . fl MAJORli'I"I'liS lit Roze--Georgia Wlall. Nlarilyn Smith. 21111 Rare-Jerry Gravely, llouard Gibson, Kay Kerbow. as IS A N D lst Run' -fllonard Gibson. Kay livr- Imn. Jerry Klrayely, John Davis. ll. D. Stony. Alva Allduy. Darrell gulf Ruiz' ll.xrbara Harris. Valker. 'l'onnny Adams. Mai- gare! Sanders. Sara Sprinkle. jinnny lorser. Virginia Dangliely. Jane 'lilnnelg Paul liduards. Mary Lon Justice. Kenton David. Ren blelion. 3rd Rm1'-- Betty Wlrigliti Averil llarris. lklary Lou Elrnd. Jim Ston- cler. Rea Bingham. Max Slnnnake. Roger Martin. liglxsard Broun. jim- my Packer. Phillip Jefferies. Edwin Kalller. liill Coppage. Diane Bell. 'Hit Hnzu- Bobby Courier. Bobby Lewis. Fran Pugh. Don Olson. Paul ll e in p ll i l l. Dennis lfaily. Fred llasse. Jimmy Neely. Bob Hain- inond. Bob Perry. Und Vlilkinson. Tommy Woody. Diane Wlxalin. Carol Stongliten. Ann Blccreiglll. AHHS BAND BLOW' GABRIEL. BLOYW Though most people think itls a good policy not to toot your own horn. the Jacket band members have contradicted this ad- dage and put their talents to good use. N Beginning the year with a relatively inexperi- enced group, the band has now worked itself into a fine organization. performing equally well on the eoncert stage or the marching field. The Abilene-Heights football game marked the band's first public appearance this year. Eight other games in quick succession kept the aggregation busy learning half-time shows and new music to entertain Heights followers. 'l'lie jacket band also made a re- cording of pep songs. the alma mater. and Heights Boogie, which they made available to the student body. Following the football season. the Jacket band began its concert appearances by performing at Stripling Jr. High and playing for the ground break- ing ceremonies for the Children's Museum. Then came preparation for the contest in Wlaurika, Oklahoma. The band was entered in four divisions, concert play- ing, sight reading, marching, and individual solos and ensembles. The soloists and ensembles got a chance to appear before the public prior to the Y'Vaurika trip, at the All-City Solo and Ensemble night in the Heights auditorium. A spring concert and several public appearances wrote hnis to a successful year for the Jacket band. Yllliilbeck. Georgia Nlall. lvlarilyn .-1,4 1' CHORUS "DRY BONES" TO "WHITE CHRISTMAS," the Arlington Heights Chorus. directed by Mrs. Mary Smith White. entertained at the choral clinic, Christ- rnas assembly. All-City Chorus. Highland Park Festi- val. baccalaureate. and graduation exercises. The officers. Reid Hunger, .Ioe Turner. .Ian Good- rnan. and Kay Lynch. kept the piano tuned and voices trained to that high "Af, which resulted in the vast amount ol pleasing songs for fellow students and visitors throughout the year. s M li M li li R S Isl Roxefs-Jane Hogan. lidra Smith. Sandra Strain. Mary Thomson. Marilyn lwlaxu ell. ltlargo Laws. lilnra Uralrle. Nancy Carlile, Char- r lotle Prrrrelrartl. Peggy Perkins. Jane ilihornton. Suzanne Neely, Barbara llarris. Carolyn Welrb. Evelyn Quinn, Jessica liaggett. lieth Dobbs. .lan Coodrnan. Georgia Keith. Carole Haupt. Linda Dale. Mar- garet Chiles. lrannie Jo llleseia. Sue W'alker'. lrois liorrlon. Kay Lynch. llarbara liritlges. Catherine Elliott. Und Ron'-f -Slarllrzr Rambo, Carol Stonglrton. lirnestine lfast. Jerrie Rntllolli. janet Neuby. Peggy May- lieltl. lllarilyn Calvert. Patsy lklatlris. Margaret Sanders. Chloe llurlon. l'auline Elliott. l.incla Hunter, Doris llnghes. Marilyn Tonrlinson. Betty .Io Wlriglrt. Diane liell. .7111 Run' -Cynthia Owens. Janis Pearson. Carol Norman. Nanry Nel- son. lilaine liagle. Barbara Dorrniny. liarbara Miller. liillie W'elelr. Nancy llarnett. lrillian Jones. ltlary Ann l'r'eslon, Ann lil ighlxs ell. Beth Harris. Rita Reutellrulrer. Clara Faye Robinson. litlitlr Ann Uarrrbill, Klerry liaker. Sarrtlra lWolynealrx. Barbara llnber. Blary Lon Jnstire. Jill Ron' fliinkv Grant. Pal Taylor. Bob Per ry. Bill llarr is. james Nance. lrorr Slogner. john llornbuekle. liill Coppage. Joe 'l'nrner. Reitl liunger. Charlie Srrrith. james Cnin. ,lark jones, 'liornrny lxekols. l'lril Frenelr. ORCHESTRA PIANO TO PICCOLO. the Arlington Heights Orchestra played in full swing for Stripling. Monnig. and AHHS. The year's activities brought forth the orchestra for P.T.A.. open house, Christmas program. Footlighter's plays. and completed the season with the graduation exercises. The orchestra played by request at the Dallas State Fair and was treated with two banquets and an open house. Their second trip was to the Annual Competition Festival at Denton. where the orchestra captured the first and highest award offered by the lnterscholastic League of Music. KIICMBERS 2 1,1-ft Io Right lSiHirrgj---Anita Prire. Darlene Dnrrlap. Patsy Berry. lilsie lilkins. lklorrly 'l'ornlinson. ltlarilyn Madden. ,lane Turner. Jo Ann 1 ' fiathings. liillie Collins. Xlartlra ' llennison. l,on llelh Cohen. Albert Reese. Roger Klartin. David Ryan. Slarilyrr Smith. Carole May, Danny Steplrenson. Ren ltlelton. lloblry Lewis. lieorgia Wall. Don Wilkin- son. Paul litlxxards. Robert Courter. Daxitl Mead. ,linrnry Corset-. liurl Wiilltinson. llonartl Gibson. Left In Riglrl lSl1m11irrg1fjerry flravley. Sara Sprinkle. John Davis. Darrall lX'hitberk. ll. D. Story. ' n V Y-TEENs TEXAS TREASURE CHEST OPENED Xl ll XI I5 ll R S lil Hom 'lam' Phillips, Rnlli livin- nmn. Szlmlm Slxnin, llnrlmm llulu-1. -lzinin' lilzlv. l'iu'ly'n Kfuilm. ,lo .Xilllv limi. llvvvuly lN'illn-II. Slliilvv Cox. Um! Ruff' Mis. Whin-. ipnnim: Opal Rirlu-r. lim-tix llmtslioiii. l'.1Isx l'usm'lml. Su 1' YYnwlx1un. Rulliir- N'uisI. R113 lanloi. Marilyn Smith. Smiclin Holvm-aux. lhnlmm Iliulqvs. 'ful Razr' Xl.nv Sum' Xlillm-I. l,iml:1 llmm-I. l.n .luunn lions. .Xcliim-iw Xlzlson. lim-lla llzniis, Mi-uv Balm-1. lfmlilli .Xnn lhunliill. Nlxnilxn Nh'- Clum-y, Ann YYinsloxs. mill: Run' lignlmuu llguuis, l.inmln Dull-. Nilzl join-s. Cmolvn llzxlq-u. .Indy Ilzulvx, Klum Iliomson. .Klux- XM-lls NI li M I5 li R S lil Run- l'ul llill. Sansa Sullivan Dignm Ou-illnl. Mango linux, Xilinx ill son. l.oim-Ilan lfvrgiiwiu. 'Iovrv lm:-. Sxumlizi N'liillm-nlon. llanlmin 'l'luomp- -on. Mun' Czuol Hzmpt. .'nrl' Run' lflnllrnw Uvnilivlil. Xlygnonm- Clow-n. Sum- XYvlson. .Kiln l'vmlv Williams. liillii- Nflrli. N1-llir lim-nlly, Kay Romlgs'rs.- .-Xnn Rvis. llvlvn Rumn-ls. Pnulinv llznm-ll. Nils, lmilm-I, vjronmi. 'ful lfnzz' Mzuilvn Xlaulrlvn. Clan.: lfnyo' Rolminsywn. liilm-li ling. Alim- lzillilvlio. Yulax llosnlnn. Klaullvn-li ll:-nnmn. .login lmpllzxlll, Sumlm lliomns. livlly Slulllllvlivlcl. 4111 Run' -Io Ann I-nlluings, -Inniu lluyrf. .In-ily liiznvly. l,nx1rmn- l,.nxs Dm-ullnv S1-orl. ll:-x 1-:lv llnllm-In Nant! Cgnlislv. Doris Usixnll, Lum Uroin-. llznving as its purposes to proniotm- Trim-nclship im- organization. Y-'l'vc-ns gzltlu-rm-d log.-tlivr nsulilv :unong girls in this lligll school :incl otlivr scliools clotlivs for nvvdy liZlIIlllll'S in ll City-widm' vlotlu-s drivv. tlll'0llf'llUlll llll'll' l'UIllIllllIllfY. tlim' Y-'l'1'1'n orilunizzx- , , . , , , , .T . ' . . , , T llns vvzn' tln' X-lvvns Imam- sponsorvd sn'x'm'ul tion is il high school lmrznnvli oi tln- X .lN.Ci.fX. . '. . . . 1 , . . , social z1c'1lx'1t1m-s. including il g'm't-ucqiizliritvd party EJIITVIIIQ out tlic' thru- points oi llli'll' svinhol, ilu- I , ' ,, , . ' . . no ll'l1lIlQll', X-li-vns this your linw- llK'21l'Cl l'Illi'I'l11lIllIlQ :ls wvll ns inspirational talks on tln' Y-'l'c'c'n as ll liigli . . . . , . tlim- s Jrinff. svhool girl, pliysxrzxlly. llll'Ill2llly. and spiritually. Striv- l T noring nc-w ins-inln-rs in tln- fall und thx- zxnnnzxl rolw party :ind picnic' honoring' tllv nvw offirvrs in ing for world lmrotlivrhood. sc-x'4'r1il Qirls lironi our clulm. Y-lvl-n oHic'vrs urn- Hvvlyn Quinn, pr1'sidm'nt: along with Sflllll' from l. M. 'l'vrrc'll p1'1'sm'I1tvcl 21 skit .IZIITTP llrzxy. vivo pI'l'SlCl1'IlT1 ll2ll'l'71ll'2l cllTl'I1lllllt. svvrv- on thx' founding ol' thc- Y.W.CI.A, for oth:-r high tary: Suv Wzlynlzin, fl'1'21Slll'l'l'I Sliirlvy Cox. Connril svliools, i'0pl'c'sc'nt11tix'l'1 Put Hill. r1'portc'r. Klrs, Nlnrx' Vllitm' NYorkinQ lizircl to prow' tln-ir llSt'lilllITl'SS us ll svrv- is thx' sponsor. ? JUNIOR HISTORIANS "WE SERVE," OUR Morro Vigorously llaunting the theory that the only per- sons interested in the past are stodgy greybeards, the Arlington Heights -junior Historians have undertaken to preserve and study the treasure-chest of Texas history. Alter diligent research in archives ol' the public library and private records. the Junior Historians llooded the Texas Historical Society with well-pre- pared essays. themes. maps. and statistics. Each ol' the 45 members to maintain eligibility in the club contributed some form ol' work pertaining to local history. Robert Courter and Jimmy Neely prepared a map graphically illustrating the origin ol the streets of Fort lN'orth. The year's officers. who directed interesting bi- weekly programs and planned a bus jaunt to histori- cal landmarks. are Dale Edmonds. president: Robert Courter. secretary: Ann Denny. vice president: and Phyllis Cozby. treasurer. Miss Kathryn Garrett contributed her immense knowledge of Texas folklore and history to her duties as sponsor of the junior Historians. MEMBERS Ift Row7Phyllis Cozby. Johnny Robertson. Bootsey Weil. Carolyn Murrin, Joann Taylor. Lou Ann Hope. Ellen Anderson. Ann Brightwell, Ann Critz. Nancy Ashley. Pat Dean. 2nd Row-Robert Courter. Miss Garrett. .tponxorg Gary Tracy, .Ioe Turner. Lanny Searcy, Sam Denny. jane Hogan. Gracie Smith. Martha Whitley. Marianne Cherry. Janice Bomar, Carlos W'arren, Dale Edmonds. Ann Denny. 3rd Row--John Cranz. Fran Pugh, Doris Smith, Carolyn Satterwhite. Beverly McGee. Charles Koppa. Johnny Yestall. George Mcllheran, Doug Layton. Tinky Grant. 4th RowfDiane Bell. Patsy Mathis. Beth Harris. Carolyn Ragle. Barry Garrett. Jimmy Neely. Bill Middlebrook, Dan Rambo. James Nance. ALLIED YOUTH its post? ICH our 900 studvnts. 316 RHI' lIll'Illhl'l'S, Zlll i11c'1'vzm- on-1' lust yvzn' of Ill'1ll'ly fillli pm' c'cnt.b Wm- hun' 111m'111hc1's who have ll knack of Illllkillg pvuplv tzlkc I10til'l'. such as thx- AY mall- bvauty con- tc-stants. NR- luxvc- Illl'lIlhl'1'S who IIIISCIHSIIIS' gin- thvir timv to tha' 0l'QllIliZ2lti0Il. such us thc thru- Hcighstcrs who made- thm- long trip to thc- zulnual AY convvn- tion :xt liuckhill Falls, PI'YlIlSylX'llIliLl, Kitty Bit Mims. Km-11 Cfoopvr, and Buddy Mz11'ti11. And all our Illl'Ill- bvrs gin' thvix' wholm--hcz11'tn'd support to thc 0H'1l'0l'S1 VllIli'l' Iiridgvs. pn-siclclltg Rob Remark, x'ic'1--pu-siclvr1t: Ann li1'iQl1txvcll. sm'c'1'vtz1l'y: and -Iudy Com-, t1'vz1sx11'm' A s S E N I O R S Three Year Nlemberx Sl' Betty Baldridge Vance Bridges Ann Brightwell Chloe Burton James Corser Shirley Cox Myrna Craig David Mead Evelyn Quinn Freddie Russell Joann Taylor Carolyn Thomas Bo Wfilbanks cond Year Membe Judy Cone Robert Courter Nancy Forman Jerry Gravley Edward Kemble George Mcllheran Bill Murphree Eileen Peoples Rob Roark Byron Searcy John Turner Sue Wayman One Year Members 122.351, Bill Davis Dale Edmonds Nlarilyn Smith Carlos lVarren Bob WN'illiams TS J CLUB JuNloRs Two Year Members F1 Susie Allen Mignon Bevil Nancy Bordeno Jackie Burton Marjorie Creswell Mary Dasch Paul Dearmin Sue Guffey Mary Haupt Jackson Hill Roland Jary Jimmie Kilman Patsy Mathis Barbara Miller Mike Neely Nancy Nelson Carol Norman Joe Turner mt Year M8mb?lA.S' Margaret Bedford Martha Binnison Patsy Berry Clayton Brants Dale Castleman Randall Clark Paul Edwards Mary Ann Gay Bettye Johnston Edwin Kahler Dick Ralph Suzy Simpson Flora Lou Trammell Georgia W'all SOPHOMORES One Year Member-.v Tommy Adams Donald Bartlett Gretchen Chappell Lu Beth Cohen Mary Ann Dannenlelser Edith Ann Gambill Gay Gooch Edward Halsell Martha Beth Harris Linda Hunter Patricia Kautz Carol Kitchens Tommy Larimore Kay Lynch Mildred Meili Monroe Mitchella Mary Beth Moriarty Betty Morris Jimmy Murphy Mikell Nlurphy Suzanne Neely Gail Norris Ann Parnell Betty Pruitt Carolyn Pugh Edward Searcy Monty Tomlinson John lVillett Offirers and sponsors of the J Club: Ann Brightwell. secretary: Mike Neely. vice-president: Bo VVilbanks, president Marjorie Creswell, treasurerg and sponsors Miss Kathryn Haden Cseatedj and Mr. Roy Stone. x 'G' L s QR ,gnu-I---9 o 0 0 0 0 II- o 0 d d WA a.h.h.s. rifles of 1953 drill master, Buddy Martin, sponsor, Jean Joy Johnson staff Master Sgt. N. B. Lancaster Drill team and ritle team instructor Captain George Moeller Commandant Lt. Col. Richard King Battalion Commander Major Iolin Ocone Battalion Executive RO lovelies: Mary Ann Stein, and Kay Lynch. Dannenfelser, Jeanne Williams, Judy Cone, Mrs. Anita Jones, Jean Joy Johnson, Sue 'fx 2 . ,.. .FT XX ll 9 COITI B XXII I1 COITI an Freddie finds our company commanders aren'f foo well liked in RO. military r .... co. F-CO Buddy Martin, Sue Stein, sponsor co. E-CO Freddie Russell, Kay Lynch, sponsor G-CO Joh T e p Jeanne Williams Q co H-CO Carlos Warren, spo sor Mary A Dannenfelse at arlington heights sharpshoofers oll-AHHS sponsors rifle feom XX ll 9 company XX ll COITIPBFIY 41,6 MW -.,Sp0r X fo - ,K A IQ: spirit high at heights School Spirit--that intangible force that makes Heights distinctive. Although athletic fortunes rise and fall, the famed Heights Spirit con- tinues to be the constc nt, ever improving factor which raises the coaches' and players' morale when the going gets rough. The Yellow Iacket Spirit is recognized by opponents, local and throughout Texas, both for its magnitude and its sportsmanlike tones. Each year the student body elects four girls and four boys to tipify and lead the Spirit of the students. This quality is conceived within, and dependent upon, each individual student for its existence. Student interest and athletic improvement have developed hand in hand at Heights, as a glance at the ever growing list of athletic achieve- ments will testify. Down through the years, Heights Spirit has swelled as firmly in defeat as in victory, a credit to Blue and Gold from whence it rises. This is truly a tradition of Heights . . . to boost the coaches and team as the 'ltwelfth man." 11 Rf' 1952 FOOTBALL RECORD AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS 14 U 19 U 14 50 7 14 24 41 Abilene 26 Austin 9 Sunset 13 Highland Park 6 Temple 48 Tech U North Side 13 Carter 1 3 Paschal U Poly 6 o o t b a l l Coach Roy Williams Backfield Coach Johnny Stovall Backfield Coach Nick Ruggieri Line Head Coach N. J. Hogan Line FSSUITIS Arlington Heights 1952 football campaign was marked by hard fought encounters with the state's finest teams, and the lackets emerged with a record of five wins and five losses. Meeting undoubtedly the toughest schedule in Blue and Gold history, the Yellow lackets suffered pre-season losses to Abilene, Austin, Temple, and Highland Park, but managed a 19-13 victory over Dallas' Sunset. Entering city play as solid favorites, their title hopes were shattered at the hands of North Side, 13-7, on Halloween night. Coached by N. I. Hogan and lohnny Stovall, the gridmen won four other conference games, highlighting their season with a resounding 24-U Homecoming victory over Paschal. Individual standouts were many, including Byron Searcy, who received the lohn Hanrahan award for the team's best linesman, Maurice lones, Ronny White, Norman Ashley, and George Nelson. Injuries to all-state Buzz Kemble were a decisive factor in the fortunes of the team. Looking back, we see that 1952 produced a really great team of boys, whose unrelenting spirit will not soon be forgotten at Heights. in 19 Managers Boofsey Weil And 'Tri' William Jennings i I. .ip A L 3' 3 T 3 Qs W' +G ' K , X ' "E iff I if t 5, e v - f gu rl, .. , N r 'Q W ..,f 0 fi I ef fx 'S 1 6 XXI Y Sw H -N - y ' . K Y' 'F .I 1 K i .H A "::E in sf, mf oi 1 I A 3 ' 'Q .',-, 4 A A si., A if an Ng x I YZJN , rx., s i if 5:92 1, IL I K . -f i ' Ei 3 2 ' .ag I S ., 1 y 4 6.151-CE 112, Q Q.. .W-.,.-- lk X H. A. VANCE BRIDGES, Co-Captain, Back, Two year letterman BYRON SEARCY, Co-Captain, Tackle, Two year Ietterman BUZZ KEMBLE, Co-Captain, Back, Two year letterman BO WILBANKS, End, letterman LEN SPBAGINS, Back, Letterman MAURICE IONES, Back Letterman BOB WILLIAMS, Center, Two year Ietterman GEORGE NELSON, End Letterman NORMAN ASHLEY, Guard, Letterman iackets Fullback Maurice Jones crosses the goal, aided by Vance Bridges's key block. Nor- man Ashley is throwing a block on the left, and fhafs co-captain Byron Searcy on the right. Wt DAVID COOPER, Tackle, sf i, IOE IOHNSON, End, Ietterman '.. . . . A ' '91 5 fi 9 'A IJ 1' is 'N- xt f' C I , 'Q ,Q g A Qt x 23 zz- uzuqq . . I . D mi X if X, A as : W 4 ' -, rss Eye e I I -- .5 sm :l:.A '1" v Two year letterman DON CLINE, Guard, Letterman IACK LLOYD, Tackle, Ietterman MIKE NEELY, Guard, Ietterman IACK NEWSOME, Back, Letterman RONNY WI-IITE, Back, Ietterman RICHARD CLOWE, Back Letterman I I 'X I , A 4,55 x ,,, , I ,.:.. t x my f -..g. ': :h5- A I BILL MURPI-IREE, Back, Letterman MATTHEWS, End, COURTNEY WOOD, Gucrrd, Letterman BILL KENDRICK, End, Squcrdmcm ROBERT MCCLESKY, Buck, Letterman GENE HANEY, Center, Squcidmcm RANDALL CLARK, Center, Squcdmcm TOM SAUNDERS, Guard. Squcrdmcm IERRY ADAMS, Bock, Squcdmcm DICK GANNETT, Bcrck, Squctdmcm light Jackets George Nelson, .lack Newsome, Jock Lloyd, and Norman Ashley charge Q falling ball-carrier. ,--.wx s x px H W S A tr, K S? li ' '...,,., . :IE I 'L 1 QA Y 'W 1 1 s. 'S A5'f'xf J ,gn L. o n Qs 3 X, av A , s 1 A ' x w.. . Ag- -Xian ... ..- jackets George Nelson, Byron Searcy, and Richard Clowe prepare to make tackle as Bo Wil- banlcs and Don Cline appear in the back- ground. . Q ---.a-- 1 X Q G .,..,' 13 Q E, K .,A 5' 4 5, , :., . ":' A W5 ee .4 'ii it 1' is E ' Q3 , - Q J 1 Q -A 1 ig: ---: 5 4 .QW ,. 9 " '.-, ,.... K K J 'Vx I 3:1555 E I l ,ZS ig. "2 X , if ,.,. 4 J, M 'f -rcv A un. if if v? '- 1 - . ',.v 1 "' A " T 9 7 vvun 4.:.:, , b A vv,. f V E Iii' ,..:. Q gggggg -::,, 11, 1 Q , llzzli 1 4 4 BILL LAMB, Tackle, Squadmcm DICK LORD, Bock, squadmcxn IERHY DANIELS, End, Squadmcm FRANK BALLINGER, Tackle Squadmcm IOHNNY BOYLE, Back, Squadman ,DALE COLN, Back, Squadmcm IERRY HUBBARD, Center, Squadman DICK THOMPSON, Back, Squaclman IACKSON HILL, End, Squaclman IOHN ROBERTSON, End, Letterman HM ROBERTS, Tackle, Letterman BOBBY COX, End, Letterman CHARLES PEDERSON, Back, Squadman ROY MENGE, Back, Letterman CHARLES KOPPA, End, Squadmcrn IIMMY DENTON, End, Squordmcxn BILL TULLOUS, End, Squadman RICHARD TRICKEY, Back. Squcrdmcrn fi ht 9 Jackson Hill nears the runner as Jerry Hubbard and Jimmy Denton approach the SCBHS. ff Ltt , ,,,,, Y . ,.,,.,, , ,,,, S Q . - 'eb . , ,I I Cf fz' l sk Q R if C Y r ,,,,:fl'd Q an ' ' -Q 'K b. .5 .Xe P Ji i R ,,::2:1.. ' - -V ,I I A t 1. XX ll team On this page are forty-seven boys who have worked for countless hours to produce a success- ful football team with which Arlington Heights may be justly proud. Twenty-two seniors have donned the Blue and Gold for their last time. The remaining juniors have gained valuable experience for grid plans for next fall. Led by Coach N. I, Hogan and Coach Nick Ruggieri, they compiled five Wins against five losses, finishing second in city competition. li LW IJ! Row: Len Spragins, -Iaek Lloyd. Jimmy Denton. Dick Thompson. Buzz Kemble. Vance Bridges. Ronny Whitt Richard Trickey. Bootsie W'cil, manager. 2nd Row: David Cooper. Charles Pederson. Roy Menge. Jack Newsome, Richard Llowe D111 Coln. Bill Murphree. Tom Saunders. Jerry Adams, William Jennings. manager. 3rd Row: Billy Tullous. Bill Lamb Frank Bal linger. Dick Lord. Johnny Robertson, Mike Neely. Johnny Boyle, Jimmy Roberts, Dick Gannett. Bob W'illiams 4th Row Jerry Hubbard. Charles Koppa, Jackson Hill. Gene Haney. Bill Kendrick. Don Cline. Joe Johnson. George Nelson Robtrt MCCIesky. 5th Row: Randall Clark. Max Matthews, Jerry Daniels, Bobby Cox. Courtney VVood. Byron Searcy Norman Ash lc-y, Bo Wilbanks. Maurice jones. 2911 qv' 4 s XX ll team Here you see the boys who comprised the 1952 B Team which recorded tour wins and three losses. Their coaches, Nick Ruggieri and Boy Williams, can be given a large share of the credit for A team success, because they spare no effort in teaching their charges footl:nall's fundamentals. AHI-IS B . . 14 North Side .. . U Al-IHS B . ...... Z6 Carter .,.,,....,. . 7 Al-IHS B . . .. 34 Paschal . .. U AHHS B . .. .21 Tech ... ,. .. .. O Al-IHS B . .. .. U Poly . . . 20 AHHS B . .,.... l9 North Side . . . Z7 Al-IHS B . .. U Poly . 27 Coaches Roy Williams and Nick Ruggieri study strategy. Row I ffrontj: Rich Rowan. Kent Tilbury, Donald Stahl. Jiinniy Lamb. Elza Aniyett. Randall Bridwell. Row 2: Bill ML'Clure. Doug Fox, Ernest Holmes. Joe Matthews. A1 Blakes. Bob Smith, Lafayette Heath. Larry Lydick. Row 3: Tommy Huddleston. Donald Bartlett. John Beard. Chester Davis. Roy Chitwood, Don Wilkinson. Sonny Searcy, George Moore. Larry Threlkelcl. Row 4: Tommy Larirnore fmanagerl. Buddy Cox, Robert Vick. Bob Collett, Jimmy Murphy. George Sossanion. .linuny Kelly. Danny Stephenson. Nifk Georges. Bruee Cox. Don VValker, Monroe Mitehella. manager. Row 5 fbackj: joe Colleran. Buddy Neighbors. John Willett. Edward Halsell. Tommy Mcllheron, Sam Denny. Roy Wilkes. Norman Hill. jerry Cook. Paul Hughes. Row 6: Dan Coates, Benny W'eathm-rford. Jimmy Vaughn. Glen Prinee. John Vance, Sam Smith, William Borden. Alvin Howell. jerry Keeton. .ix X ,A l basketball Q l 7 or ilk? l MW 2 ls! Row: Floyd W'z1clv. xxlllllillll -Ivnnings, Roy Bggkefbgll Coach Arfhur Truiff Ms-ngv. 2nd Row: Coach Arthur Truitt. Park W1-avvr. Nelson Stllbblvfirfld. Manager John Pvvlx-r. fird Row: Gs-ne' Hzmvy, Bill Kvndrifk. Us-nv Aclzlir, Byron Sm-nrvy. .Ivrry Hublmrcl. run' nn lou., .., -.- at a.h.I'm. . GENE ADAIR, Letterman GENE I-IANEY, Letterman IERRY HUBBARD, Letterman WILLIAM IENNINGS, Letterman, Captain BILL KENDRICK, Squadman BILL LAMB, Two-year Letterman ROY MENGE, Letterman BYRON SEARCY, Two-year Letterman AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS AHHS 1952-53 BASKETBALL RECORD Birdville A Birdville ...,.. . . Slidell ...,.,A,A , Highland Park Everman ..,...,... Technical .A.,..., Carter ..........,. W. Wilson .. Blum S , Sunset ......, ..... Corsicana ..... Slidell .,.,... . Millsap . .,.. . Snyder ...... Carter .. ,. Brownwood .,,. North Side .o.,., Paschal .,...,..... Tech . .,. Carter . ., ., North Side ..,.,. Paschal ,. Poly Tech r..... . Carter i basketball GEORGE SHAW Lette NELSON STUBBLEFIELD Letterman Captain FLOYD WADE Letter a PARK WEAVER Squadman The 1952-53 Heights Basketball team opened their season with a series of impressive pre-con- lerence victories, then tloundered when confront- ed by the extra-tough conference schedule. Their 11-5 record against mediocre pre-season opposi- tion caused, perhaps, too much to be expected of them in the dog-eat-dog city chase. The roundballers emerged with two district wins and seven losses, three of the losses to teams they had defeated previously. Many outstanding, spirited performers emerged, including George Shaw, William lennings, Bill Lamb, Nelson Stub- blefield, Byron Searcy, Gene Adair, and Floyd Wade. "B" TEAM Rau I of, Matthtws Ralph Ayers 1N1ck Giorqts Row 2 Coach Arthur Truitt. A1 Blakcs. Curtis Sides. Wl11l1H1 Bordtn nmniqcr Row 1' Glen Prlnu Doug Fox Roy Wilkrs Robi-rt Brooks. Bob Whitten. ,Inf 'L ' r .wt Gif I Under the guidance of Iohnny Stovall, the ' 1953 track team exhibited fine all-around strength and dexterity, With the first signs of spring they began workouts, anticipating an excellent showing in the city meet in April. The efforts of Coach Stovall to improve the condition of the Al-IHS track were a main factor in the team's success. Rob Roark, re' gional high jump Winner, was elected team captain. Richard Clowe, Buzz Kemble, cmd Ronny White prepare for a quick fake-off. Huw I: Johnny Boylv. Richard Clowc, Roy Allsup. Ronny Whitv, Rich Rowan, Earl Haley. Row 2: Gt-orgv Moore-, Bobby Cox. Dun Clim-. Buzz Kc-iiiblv. Vvillllllll Jennings, Nvlson Stubblf-fin-ld. Joe Thompson. Toiiiiiiy Bar- clt-n. Raza fi: Doc' Harris. Rzinclall Clark. Jiuiniy Dvnton. Bo VVilhanks, Rohm-rt Clark. Bill Lamb, Rob Roark Hubby Bowlin. Chairlt-s Koppzi. s y,5f,5y,g,Q4g,w,,,gwN 1l www 13 muh ai .S , . ..,. -- r, 1' H :uit if . will -Q - z-.-: lg air x 11 ni il f ui 1U 1 1 - f r V' 'mmatgkw Z golf The Yellow Iacket golfers spent long hours on the fairways preparing for the city tourna- ment held in mid-April, In the Southwest Recreation meet at Meadowbrook, which at- tracted statewide entrees, Ronnie Honeycutt seized medalist honors and led the team to a sixth place finish. The six-man team traveled to Brownwood in March, and also engaged in matches with the TCU freshmen. Linksmen Gay Shiplet, Marvin Elder, Courtney Wood, and Ronnie Honeycuft fake a practice swing. Guy Shiplvt. M2lI'X'lIl Elder. Courtnm-y Wood. Ronnit- r nf " 1 Q! .J 7 x r 1 nu in 1-X .,f' ,I I .,,', Ilom-yvutt. Jerry Coats. B. Riclcllr-. i""" ,W I 1 5555 me 'vm W Y 4 -Q nu -1 ,,...w- ' ...-M.. r , ..,. : V ..,. A-.X fn' .,f., 'M' 1 . W L W, , -K ,nailz WU" 5 ye , f"7. W 1' , QQQL ffl H? baseball Hdmpered by lack ot overall experience cmd or scarcity of power hitters, the AHHS bcrsebcxllers compiled an unimpressive pre- conlerence record, cmd hoped for better tor- ' tunes in league ploy April 7-Moy 8, One ot the real mcrinstoys of the 1953 nine was their ccztcher-hustling, redhead Ioe Iohnson. Other top performers were George Nelson, Vance Bridges, Roy Menge, and Al Blcrkes Jacket hurler George Nelson confers with catcher Joe Johnson. lil How: Curtis Siclvs. Roy Mn-ngv. Yuxiu- Bridgcs. Gr-orgv Nm-lson, Norniun Ashley. 27111 lfozv: Clizirlim- Smith niunzxgz-r. .lov johnson, Waltvr Durham. Don Wilkinson. Carlos Warren, Mika- Neely. jim Hill. Roy Chitwoocl. firrl Raw: Cliarlcs Pvcla-1'so1i. Com- Hum-y. ,Iackson Hill. Al Blake-s. Johnny Robvrtson. Mzix Mzltthn-ws, Ji-rry Clulvvr. - I' Sl-.M . iff' 'L ry Q, f P l X Bl' l '31 Wfiffffr gsgxrg? tennis Tennis teamsters, under the direction ot Coach Roy Williams and Miss Fran Hicks, engaged in competition with various school teams in preparation for the city tournament held April l3 through l6. They often played A K strong out-of-town teams who carrie in con- limos, g i junction with track meets held at Farrington :s s X Field. Senior Bill Davis, the remaining half of a regional finalist doubles team, is the only , ' V ' X , an 'f returning letterman among the netters. . -s . . . - J Bill Davis and Lynn Wallace team for doubles. Front RowfDiam- McFarland, Ann Ismay. Zillah Mal- Turman. Buck Row Adair, N1-lson Stubblvfield. , Bill Davis, Lynn WYallaCc. Gm-nc .......... f ' ' 3 , J J Nix xwxitnlk 'A fi , NAM boy's intramurals Boys in the three physical education classes participated in a varied, exciting intramural program under the supervi- sion of Coach Johnny Stovall. The boys played touch football, basketball, volley- ball, soccer, track, and softball. One of the highlights of the year was the excit- ing track meet held in mid-March, in which many excellent performances were posted. In the top picture the beginning of a soccer game is shown. All eyes are on the volleyball in the middle photo. At bottom a sure touchdown play is mapped by several sandlot strategists. A well rounded, worthwhile year was undergone by the boys' P. E. classes. girl's intramurals Under the direction of Miss Fran Hicks and Mrs. Anita Jones, the girls physical education classes had a full and varied program this year. The top picture shows girls participating in the ever popular game volleyball. Much time was spent with instruction on this game. At the near close of the sea- son, girls who had proved capable in this sport were chosen to represent Heights at tournament games with other schools. Marching and rhythmical exercises help- ed the girls in co-ordination and poise. Archery classes ventured out-side most of the year to learn techniques of ac- curate shooting. ln this class the girls learned of the skills needed to be a proficient archer. yellow iaclcel EDITOR-llxl-Cl'llEF MYRNA CRAIG with her helpful crew, labored, as all stails do, to give you a bia- ger and better book. The l952 Yellow locket won an Allffexas Rating in the Texas High School Press Competition in Dentong like- wise your l953 Yellow lacket will be entered there, as well as in the National Scholastic Contest in the University of Minnesota, ln their effort to provide you with a pleasant book, covering all phas- es ot AHHS lite, the stall was ever ready to give their unlimited tiine, Working early and late in assembling this year book iaclcel' journal CO-EDITORS ANN BRIGHTWELL and GEORGE MCILHERAN have provided you with a grand array ol iournalistically outstanding newspapers, The lacket Iournal has won an All-Texas High School Rating in Denton, First Class in the National Scholastic Press, and individually its Writers have continuously won top places in Fort Worth Press contests, lt is not only the writers, but the unsung heroes-the adfsearchers, the prootreaders, the errand boys, and the constant guidance ol Miss Burnett-to which the suc- cess ol the II can be attributed It has taken all to aive you your school paper. 'E' S 1' X X use fi!3vSX Q., iw, J I 5 leadership ' scholarship lr service and so it begins . Each school year begins with the mad scramble oi students for favorite teachers. With over nine hundred individuals search- ing for the schedule that will best suit them and their iriends, the teachers try in vain to please everyone. Mirror, rnirrow on the Wall! Before school these lasses prepare for classes. You mean you want English third period, too? Who is helping Who? Ruthie and Dick? Switch this class to that! Swithch, switch, and change! Class conscious girls compare schedules. Please teacher, PLEASE! Horrors! This mad rush comes twice a year. Some weary! Some leary! Some happy! lziglz af Aeiggffi lefole Pm l " F Szcrelara lf l BR H fpNgoN Yf?jQ'5f b lRoenoePZ'5"i'ESInE ,l, s ss sr: 5 'iv ,' I lg I 2.-X ws El W? ll 2. f Buaunfflixls World Vale, Choice, El, l 0 I rg?15Q,jlT"'l l Wal 4f?HiHSkH leadership ' scholarship SF and so it goes. The first activity of school was the election of student body officers. This was completed with extensive campaigning-signs as well as speeches .The halls were filled with soap- looxes in every corner . . . and on every soap-box, a candidate! Everyone had a favorite! George Nelson even took RO-BO to class. Bruce Barker, Lois Ann Barton, Bunki Brin- son, Lou Stogner, Sara Watkins, and Evan Black showed their choices. Nelson Stubblefield campaigned all day with back-boards. Martha Leonard got on the gravy-boat. The Brightwell signs and RO-RO balloons flooded the auditorium. The crowd roared and made their choice. 5 e r V I c e liigli af lwzglitd leadership ' scholarship service... and so it goes. Seniors Myrna Craig, Barbara Huber, and Ieanne Williams relax from duties and give with the gossip! Some study . . . Nick! And some sleep! This is Mr. White's only solution to his big problem, Len Spragins. Kitty Bit Mims, Iean Ioy Iohnson, Charlotte Punchard, and Gwen Clark, convert stage steps to column gossip. Iim says 'Good bye, cruel World.' Teachers play, too! ls that right, Miss Hicks and Mrs. Iones? Eddye Lou Burt and Ianice Cayce study tiles. Ken Cooper, Kitty Bit Mims, and Buddy Martin smile atter trip to Ohio. Which one is Kilroy? Speech flourishes with Bettie Bonnell, Ellen Anderson, and Dick Lord. AigA af !zei9Af:5 V1 leadership - scholarship Y? Senior Cast trorn i'Down to Earth", Shirley Cox, Harry Iones, David Allen, Neil Ward, Don Olson, Gwen Clark, Myrna Craig, 2nd Bow: Kay Kerbow, Chloe Burton, Gail Ells- worthg 3rd Bow: Torn Gray, Barbara Hinson, and Bill Murphree. Iacket Footlight Players presented: "Iacob Comes Home" with cast, Ierry Adams, Don Olson, Iudy Drummond, Myrna Craig, and director, Gwen Clark. "Nobody Sleeps" with cast, Shirley Cox, Marilyn McCluney, Patti Smith, Doris Meek, and Evan Black. Senior subscription sell-outers: Bob Ftoark, Bill Murphree, Richard Clowe, Bill Davis, Kitty Bit Mims, lean Ioy Iohnson, and Gwen Clark. Day Awards were presented to: Buzz Kem- ble, Bobby Bowlin, Bo Wilbanks, Iohn Peeler, loel Iohnson, Charlotte Punchard, and Fred- die Russell. Going Western are Buddy Martin, Kitty Bit Mims, Evan Black, and Diane McFarland. They're tellin the tall Texas stories like all cow-pokes. Connie Crippen, Iudy Cone, and Eddye Lou Burt could be any cow-boy's classy lasses. The Texas Rangers on defense! Diane McFarland and Tom Saunders were runner-ups for honored queen and foreman positions. Brims, boots, and britches were worn in style on ranch day. The McCoys are ready! ' service , , ,vm wztemb.. Q1 hw- ,fE',fm, fu., OTR My 7'Y4y' zfpou' ffvpqap LLL Af' . ' 4, v Y '53 YELLCJW JACKET STAFF ' -4',f,x.. gchfor in 6Aie! . . Myrna Craig W N T . CLASS SECTION EDITORS Q A an 4 1 TNENIOR c:I,Ass SOPHOMORE CLASS T, N IQITTY ILXNN LOGAN SUZANNIL QTUYNES AI I JIMMY CI'JRSER CQAIL NORRIS N A x XY BILVI-:RLY TIJBIN MARY BETH MORIARTY af N 1 NIIKELI, NIURPIIY Q. JUNIOR c:I,Ass mg. Q ' - S' X NIAJURIE CRr:swr:I,I, Li - S' IA KIE BURTON 40 I - 3 ' N 'JH x Q ' Q +3 X 4 Q 'E Ti- , Q t Q Vx V rw i Y 5 ' 1 Alt lidilor NIARIHA TNHI ILILX I! Q '3 M xRU7'C,'lfdilor IIOHNTURNIQR Sjzortx lfdilor H Fafzzlly Sfzorzxol' T PAT ANDERSON GUSSIE BURNE'l"l' Vlfngmving by Southwffxtwnrn Engraving' Company Printing by .Marvin D. Evans Company I H K I 5 14-0 LI Q, qMWmWyf 432 W 'G' Om 795 ffwyjw y'1Ml ij! Ziyi 2 v S A S W KX A ,. . F I I Z, I - ., ix IN, my x , A -X I N r. QA 1. C. . ' - fb' H P I- A X R :fx-A A " - A V. V J V H F AQ Nia X . WMV f wMJMWwgw - L s ' Q' fi L' 'x 'N i Adfffbvcfl, JL! Ay.. Ck , Q U x VM Q0 2 H rt i A 1 ' W f S X . X. A Y X ' ' x ' MM! 6 tx ' .ki 1Qx AN fx K' 'X X IN 2 4 W N "' X Fx fx 1 3 f fb 1 5: X hy X F ' f W 5 .9 N ' A I, -f" ' j I Q' C Q ' 'XX ,M ,swf-wwb, x QUQQJ 512, .navy ,0a,f.a.f" gP'fY-'e-J- ,Afffiy ,tio ,4a,4Ao,,f6 ,.444,4.Q,,f ,,,, .,l,6 ffaogj A Wdvpv' ,X , 'MJ . - I , - ,widdfazzg ayjfau, Ziff. 4,996 ,djdga Wm? ,X 3- Q 1.11, . gd j l Gwigzfww fl X BW SIMWW J QW, MMM 4 x,"tA4 l W? EEMQ, 'VZ54 if is-,phd awe IJ. Q l ,151 , -1- nw H 4, E fi-l fmwwdgg, Q 4""Wff" . YI ' ll ' 4U-Q? fifw 2:"::1f'?:L:i'1Mi Jil ' X Q QMQXQDW f A A ro W- kfglynf' ru lu v,,u-'V . "'5f'f', .,i wk J l LQIVQ 013 SAMVVIK L A H J J I M ,H V e' 'QL' "qt M" 92 ' ' b fl yy . X bf 45, ,QQ-Z LJ '. L ' . 13" " ' x' gwiiw . , . N? ,Y ? M 7, , M1 ff ba Es V 1 V . Y Y Y Hasan " digg:-f gilggff ig-gn + Y I ,, " sw.. " '-gf , 4 ff Q fiiifg 1 -. J CMG? F 'fig VTWCJQJ I " Lg- gf I f xeiivji ' , 1 '1lRJw.v,a- .ff v A " "fs: L- giff' Qdwfia ' A F' -..f 'ching .Ji -K p A f n gif '23m'3iY5?f? X ff? W fm, S W Q55 '25 bg 5 W1 fw- 5 25' 31 ' X uf!! Q13 .bgjilif W ' ' , A V 9 voA4a4Q 2 ' JL 1:- M M ie M 66 QW ffl tif EWTNTWTIQF iff 17? A JJALCEQAMWZXVZMAQMHJ-Mhdf vw ff 45 j W ,F F M Q ff ,f g , 'QMS Z i 5 -, Q 4 V,,f F. , Y J P Y VY-J T L-4 -Umm 44 nm QLJZyrxvis4H1g.m J1,L 5 il if W 5 W ' jj 1' y4L5gQm,fE3mLQ

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