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 - Class of 1947

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3 av , . f-Lfwp Q. f n. , -vw,-1 - J v ' l +V . 5 1 ,!..,:, , . ., .,,, ., , L,...., R -J .,. . Q J:.14.AL .Ng L. ' 1. --wx x f w..-.1 V- .+- ':: 5 V...Agj:f .1 . X ff5?"'-jllfi 1' - H1 H . 3. -27,45 1. :':.'1'-,X :J if: , 7' I . ,f-jf .. . ., F L . , mrw ,LL-1. - , ," 525 1 . 1 Jw 1-,9.f1,,.,z:rf ' ,KM 35, ."' , fm mg va, we' . --I-, , Q ,751 1" 4-g,. t Liga: '-'fx J:"5"'f , . ' ' " 11-ff" s:- V V, A- .- ,, 1: .N 11' . r.:.,. ,lmxf ,YS -, ,Y wi ,, 1--n ' , .Y..,4 . , , ,- , . LJ , w . - ,' " , .,,f. ' My . 1 M. y , -1 J Hulgwx 1 fir X THE 1947 YELLIJW JACKET EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEF ,,,,,.,., MerI Yvonne I-Iun'r ASSOCIATE EDITOR ..., ..,,. M illie VacuIa BUSINESS MANAGER .V....... Joe Clingman FEATURE EDITOR ,..,. .V.. M ary Ellen Byrne SPORTS EDITORS ,...,...., Warren Shipman, Don Kennard SNAPSHOT EDITOR .,.,.... Barbara Ann Tea'r ART EDITOR ,,.r rr,. ,,,, M a urice Kay FACULTY EDITOR. . , .,r..r . . . Flora Bogard SPONSOR r44.,r...,r.... Miss Gussie Burne'r+ ENGRAVING BY ....., Soufhwesfern Engraving Company-Mr. I-IarweII PRINTED BY .....r.. Marvin D. Evans Company THE YELLUW JACKET STAFF Reading from Ieff fo right Flora Bogard, Mary Elien Byrne, Joe Clingman, Merl Yvonne Hunt Bar bare Ann Teaf, Lamonr Lane, Don Kennard, Warren Shipman, and Sue Whife. IN PUNDEST MEMUHY nf WILLIAM M. GREEN, superirfrendenf of Forf Worfh Public schools for more Than fiffeen years, who died Safurday, Odober 5, I946. DfE+DfI+EfA+T+I+U+N To Mr. Earl Allen, principal ancl friend. whose guidance. genlleness and inlegrily have helped Arlinglon l-leighfs High School To achieve a fine spirif of coopera+ion and be+'rer relalions among sluclenls and lacully, we 'rhe class ol I947 fondly and apprecialively dedicale lhis volume of 'rhe YELLUW JACKET ANNUAL WELDON LUCAS Vice Principal MISS KATHRYN I-IADEN Dean of Girls 3' f UZ. 1 ' I Q' 331 FACULTY il Q3 M, MRS. LU ELLA HIGLEY Librarian SENIIJHB MARJORIE RAINS SENIOR FAVORITES BUDDY WISE PAULINE JANIE AVIS ADAMS ARMSTRONG BALLINGER BOYD JERRY ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG MARJORIE DOYLE CLIFTON BARNETT BOATWRIGHT BRADY FLORENCE FLORA BELL BOGARD FRED ALICE ROBERT BRANTS BRIDGES CI-IAPLER BETTY MARY ELLEN BRELSFORD BYRNE E 2 E W Q RQIM MAYME MARY JEANETTE STOKES TATUM THOMPSON LELIAGAY BARBARA ANN STRINGFELLOW TEAT DICK CAROL JEAN EMILY ANN TIPTON TUCKER UTT DOROTHY BILL TRAMMELL UPSON KATE SAMMY DUER VALENTINE VAUGHN WAGNER MILLIE BRUCE VACULA VINCENT MARTHA WALKER GLORIA WHITE ANNETTE WOOD JOAN WALLACE SUE WHITE PAT DOYLE ERNEST MOORE JO ANN WATKINS JIMMY WILLIAMS HELEN EMSKAMP JIMMY ROBERTS TED WEBB BOB WILLIAMSON WALTER HENDERSON MARTHA MQCLELLAN CHARLES WHEELER BUDDY WISE DON KENNARD X. . V XXQN M x XMNXXQ X N .X N ' f ' X XQWW 5 K A Xwbix - I ff' X X I 1 ..?N,- X' X lx W Wm X up PY N' ' Sgr, x x ' iq :fx f 7 kg X11 -XE, ixxr X 7 1 L A L 1 Xl ig IM' iX0'iW 2 I Fl X ff. fwf JUNIUH5 :S iz D J 5 :,.,, M -mm Xe as W' Q ef ,z mg, 'SN , I ,pn 4 Q ff Q 1 'aw 1, if 241455 f , Q v x WM N' af, f ,- , if ip TEES H .F mg, Q, sw' s .m555,:,,.:,. Q, ,..... , f? A 2 I gf? 4 EVANGELINE VLAMIDES MAE ELLEN VINSON SALLY WALKER ROLAND WALTERS BILLY WATCHOUS BETTY LOU WEAVER HELEN WEBB BETTY JO WEBB DAVID WESTBROOK HAYDEN WHITE T. W. WHITE DICK WIGGINS WANDA WILKS NANCY WILEOMAN CARROLL WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMS PATSY WILLINGHAM CARLEEN WILLIS PHALA WOMACK ALFRED WRIGHT NANCY WRIGHT CHARLES YOUNG GLORIA GLASS BETTY JO WILSON KELBER VAN ZANDT BOBBIE DEATON KAY GUINN JUNIOR FAVORITES SONNY ALLREAD O xx QM- 1-- zmqau. , L f 5 Q3 6 .4 ,.. MK SIJPHUMIJHES fk Wi x y , A J. A., 4 1. 5 ,Ev ad-'Y an A ,J , Wm 1 ,4 'mv 5 , Q ? My Wm Hom. f f L Q ww asf Q W, 2 B5 4' ,df W 5 X ww Q Qi f 1 sz Q g:5:Ef "" 2 -5:26151 ,. , , .. 4 K Q. WW fn 4 ., , wa AI, M 4 wg Q' I 4 fav" W' W 'wwf M 5 ww Q, fm V5 E QA? 3 if ' iw if Q M ,, ik in 7 2 ll ,f Q if M EE , V454 ....... as J'- 25525. ,.., I A A 1 5 WMS? Wy 43 3 ff? Xf Q 4 , 545 M , ia f 1 A 1 ,A z if ww K. Y fg ggsgam:-,- ,AW 4 .W .iw .f:.,..:: ..,. . Q: ..., . 53 4:55255 if ,air K ' J' . I',.:? Q' :,::aga:s::-- . 3 Wi zzi -le: 1 5 , we EM Nqr, I LQ ,, x as ro D X www W2 , JERRY WILSON MARY FRANCIS WILSON JACKIE WOOD MARGARET WOOD JACOUELIN WREN BEE WRIGHT CHARLES YAGER BARBARA CROZER IRMA HOWINGTON BEVERLY SUE LACY JACK MILLER MARY FRANCIS WILSON SOPHOMORE FAVORITES ED DIETZ ACTIVITIES tif Sludenl Council Officers and Sponsor Councilor Miss GarreH's Brain Children Sfudious Sfuclenfs in Library A+ Assembly Nancy and Frankie Our Qrchesfra ff -s Bug Heads Einsfeins Choose your cooks now boys asdfg hjklg A+ The end of Hue bridge McMurray's qenuises Fufu re Vargas 2' Tell il lo Webb Our Bible Reader Ain? Punk Cu+e???? Some Racke+l!! Our li++le Robinhoodlefs PreHy legs Volley Ball Champs 1 Racke? Queens Joney's car Tell lhem, Miss Haden Swing High, swing low Where are you going?? The Ice Capeis The lillle Sophs The losl quarler Lunch hour All by herself Thar Holloway gal They were really surprised!! Close your rnoulh, Marii The Perlecl Pair Smiling Casey Bar maids Cule Carolyn Arlington Heighfs Orchesha under Jrhe diredion of Mr. G. H. Carson, The Ariihgfon Heighis Mixed Chorus under fhe dirediom of Miss Heslrer Whifemore i T OUR DRUM MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: BeHy Maddox, Beify Moore, Head drum major-Janie Armsfronq, Pafsy Terry, Carlynne Parsons, and BeHy's Twin smer, Biiiy Maddox. THEY LEAD OUR YELLS STANDING: Ed Dieiz. sophomore, Sonny Aliread, iunior, Buddy Wise and Ted Webb. seniors. KNEELING: Peqqy Terry, sophomore, Caroiyn Cafhcari, iunor, Pauline Adams and Marjorie Rains, seniors. ' f Mavis and Bill Sonny, Pauline, Slnirley and Warren Jolwnny and Millie Earline and L. C. Mr. and Mrs. Charley and Dorolhy Joe and Mary Bill, Janel, Belly and? Babs and Eddie Emmy and Billy Frank and Marcy Jane and Jack Yvonne and Bobby Pauline and Gene Frances and Bobby Marllwa and Dean Buddy and Pally Gene and Belly Belly and Phil Peggy and Jam Sonny and Jimmy Siclewall and Lou Anne :W w 31 Our Toofball queen Three Muskeffeers All right Evereki London Bridges Popular Beify Three is a crowd Dear ole A. H. H. S, ipana for The smile of beaufy!! Bobby sox deiuxe Why so qlurn?? PreHy Peggy TeaT's red shirfl Whafs so iunny?? Windy day Giemourous Nancy She has qone away Leqs??? Bee Ten years ago Riqhi info The Camera Going Their way7? Canqhf in ihe ad Boy scoufs?? Handsome Biii Fosier Smile!! Posing Lou Anne Size four A Rose befween fwo Thorns The qeod ole days VVi'1aiqiveS?? H rank N I 'Q' . .I1-49- 'f ,f . , AVG fs 451 QX"s.kN 44951, l , 15f'TfXNi'lA 'r X kr xc? in xg? ,X Xa 'F S .1 gflffwig-Z HUTII CAPT. KENNETH COMSTOCK SGT. HANS HANSEN Commandanf Ins'rruc+or CADET COL. ROY B. MILLER ROTCQPONSORS Mary Frances Wilson, Co. G: Merl Hunjr, Co. Hp Miss Grace Becker, faculfy sponsor Sue Whife, Co. Eg Mary Moore Thompson, Co. F: Kafhryn Morrenson, Bn. Hdqs. Co RIFLE TEAM Froni row: Cade+ Col. Roy Miller, Cadef L+. Col. Brian Lowry, back row: Cader Capr Doyce Dees, Cadef Tech. Sgr. Neyland Allen, Cadef Corp. Tommy May, Cade? Pvr Alber+ Jones BATTALION HEADQUARTERS COMPANY COMPANY E COMPANY F COMPANY H COMPANY 6 Looking over Their 20 cal. Springfield rifles Aiming af Sgr. wifh fhaf 305 cal. machine gun? So Jrhis is a 30 cal. Browning machine gun Q SPIJHTS 6 O 7 O O 7 COACHING STAFF TrueH' Owen Foofball and Track: N. J. Hogan, FooIbaII and BasIce+IoaII7 Trueff Cooper, I3oo+baII B Ieam. CO-CAPTAI N Leff: CLAUDE MORRIS I5l Ib. end Three-Year Iefferrna Right BILL OGRADY I5I Ib. Quarferback Two-Year IeIIerman 1946 FOOTBALL Arl. I-Ieigh+s Opposuhon M. ... CIeIourne ... , . ...Mineral Wells. .. . .,rGraham.,.. . , . Clarfer .. . . ,M Poly ,.. . . .... Sherman ,.., . . ..,, Paschal A I , .... NorIh Side , ,.,Tech.. CO-CAPTAIN 'T YELLOW JACKET SQUAD I946 SEASON RESUME A husTling Yellow JackeT Team, and a spiriTed sTudenT body can look back wiTh pride on The colorful, I946 TooTball season. This year's Al-THS schedule was TeaTured by sTeady improvemenT and sTrong de- TerminaTion by The ciTy's lighTesT eleven. For one Thing, The JackeTs gained The respecT oT all Their Tollowers, as is shown by The large aTTendance and cheering secTion aT The games. Also, This was The TirsT Time in many moons ThaT a HeighTs' squad wasn'T considered a pushover. ArlingTon HeighTs opened The season againsT over-raTed Cleburne and displayed almosT TaulTless down- Tield blocking in Taking The larger JackeTs Tor a 31-O vicTory. Richard PaTTon was The sTandouT oT This game, reTurning Two punTs all The way and passing Tor a Third counTer. The second game, againsT Mineral Wells, was more evenly maTched wiTh sTouT play by The HeigTs' line bringing a I3-6 Triumph. Gene CulberTson and Bob AppleTon were scorers, while Don Anderson, Don Kennard, and John Naylor were 48-minuTe men. When Graham's big STeers invaded FarringTon Field, our boys were in Tor a nighT oT iT, Taking a 26-6 licking. For a half The STeers were knoTTed aT 6-6, buT Graham sTars Wilde, Orr, and Cunningham proved Too much in The closing periods. For CarTer, The JackeTs suffered a lapse, being Tar Trom impressive in losing 7-O on a pass play Trom CarTer's McPherson To Adams. The Riverside line appeared immovable excepT Tor one l-leighTs' drive which ended in an inTercepTed pass. IT was Teared aT This Time ThaT The new JackeTs were on The downgrade. A 7-O Triumph over Poly dismissed such Tears, however, in one oT The ToughTesT scraps of The year. A PaTTon pass and an AppleTon plunge were enough To ouT-mud The ParroTs. The mighTy, undeTeaTed Sherman BearcaTs invaded The Tollowing week and were luclcy To geT away wiTh Their hides and a 7-O win. The lone score was TabulaTed on a long pass in The lasT I5 seconds oT The aTTair. Here, ArlingTon l-leighTs, ThreaTening on several occasions, Turned in whaT many Think her besT game OT The year. Tirle hopes were in The air beTore The Paschal game, buT The PanThers were a reTormed crew and gained a well-deserved 7-O vicTory. The JaclceTs were plainly ouTmanned in This Tracas. Turning poinT of The game came when The PanThers checked an opening drive on Their 3-yard line. Around mid-November There were Tour undeTeaTed, unTied Teams in Texas AA compeTiTion: Odessa, Sherman, Graham, and NorTh Side. On November I5 Al-ll-lS Tangled wiTh her Third oT ThaT disTinguished quarTeT, NorTh Side. WhaT happened in This game can be porTrayed by a loolc aT sTaTisTics-87-84 yards rushing: 46-46 yards gained via air. YeT, a TourTh quarTer pass Trom The STeers' Yale Lary To Doyle Reynolds proved To be The TourTh aerial To conquer The Jacl:eTs and The Third in disTricT play. DedicaTing The season Tinale To The graduaTing seniors, The Team, ran up a 59-6 score over Technical's winless Bulldogs. lncidenTally, every senior had a playing parT in The vicTory. BEAT PARROTST LeTT To righT: Peggy Terry, Ed DieTz, Caroline CaThcarT, Sonny Allread, Pauline Adams, Bud Wise, and Margie Rains lead yell wi Applefon gels off +o a good s+ar'r in llwe Cleburne game. Games almosf over and Kemble is off +0 gel six of 59 poinfs scored againsl' Tech. Applefon piles on, as Balls and Naylor Shoo? craps and l-lanar and SCOH' ius+ walclw. Wlwoa llwere Culberlsonl Lel' us no? gel nasfy. GENE CULBERTSON ZIO lb. fullback Four-year iefierman Senior KENNETH "RED" FOSTER I5O lb. iwaifbaclc Three-year leiferman Senior SAM VAUGHAN I6O lb. end Two-year leiierman Senior RICHARD "PUNK" PATTON I45 ib. inaifbacic Two-year lerierman Junior JOHN NAYLOR 175 lb. iacicie Two-year leiierman Junior WARREN SHIPMAN i35 lb. end Two-year lefferman Junior BOB APPLETON I64 Ib. halfback Two-year lefferman Junior DON KENNARD 185 lb. cenier Two-year iefierman Junior DON ANDERSON I45 Ib. guard One-year Ierferrnan Junior All Disfricf Guard '45 BOB BATIS ISO Ib. guard One-year lefferrnan Junlor BARRY ELENNIKEN I4O lb. Iralfback One-year IeIIerman Sophomore BILL OEORGES I78 Ib. Iackle One-year Ie-Herman Sophomore GEORGE KEMBLE I60 Ib. I1aIIbacI: One-year Iefrerman Junior BILL DUKE I45 IuIIbacIc One-year Iefferrnan Senior SKIP ALLEN I7O Ib. IaCIcIe One-year IeIIe-rman Junior GENE LYON I53 Ib. guard One-year Ierferman Junior John Hanrahan I45 lb. end One-year lefierman Junior EVAN JONES l65 guard One-year iefferman Senior SCOTT MOORE l6O lb. cenfer One-year lefferrnan Junior JIM CORNISH l63 lb. Tackle One-year Iefferman Junior KENNETH SHACKELFORD l5O lb. halfback One-year lefferman Junior BILL LEAHY I4O lb. halfback One-year leHerman Senior LAMONT LAUE Manager Two-year lefferman Senior JOHN LYNCH Manager One-year lefferman Senior Paiion heads for second score wiih a pun? reiurn as Anderson makes block-Cleburne game. Paschal having Trouble siopping Culberfson during firsf period Jackei drive io ine 3-yard line. Shipman se'rs up Jacicei iouciw- down againsi Norin Side on End- around play. Good blocks by Bafis and Geor- ges Crack Carier line for Q'Grady. B51 BASKETBALL 1946-47 A SQUAD LefT To Righf, Top: Tommy Madden lmanagerl Bob Thomas, Bill Georges, John Naylor, George Kemble, Gene CulberTson, N. J. Hogan lcoachl. Lower Row: David Owen, Bill Leahy, Bill O'Grady, Bud Wise, ScoTT Moore. SEASON RESUME Assuming The new duTy of head baslceTball coach, N. J. Hogan Toolc The I946-47 JackeT cage squad in hand, and despiTe The lack oT experienced maTerial, ran Them Through a Tough IO-game schedule, which saw Them end The season in Third place, and puT Two Team members on The All-DisTricT TirsT Tive. STarTing oT The season againsT The ever-powerful Paschal PanThers, The JaclceTs were deTeaTed ZI-I4 in a rough and Tumble aTfair which resembled TooTball raTher Than baskeTball. The JaclceTs Tinished The oTher Tour TirsT half games winning only one and losing The oThers by comparaTively close scores, ATTer a weelc's resT. a much improved Yellow JaclceT quinTeT began The Tive games oT second halT Dis- TricT play To win Three games and drop Two. In Their TirsT game The Jacl4eTs were nosed ouT by Paschal in an overTime TilT ThaT ended 23-20. NexT They Toolc on and deTeaTed a NorTh Side crew only To lose The Third game To Riverside. Winding up The season againsT Tech and Poly, The JaclceTs Toolc boTh engagemenTs and ended The season wiTh Third place honors. BASKETBALL IN REVIEW PRELIMINARY eAMEs They We Foresi Dallas ,....E...E,......... 37 30 Foresi Dallas .........,..4,.,.... 23 2I DISTRICT GAMES They We Paschal ...,..A .... 2 I I4 Norih Side .,,. .... 2 5 20 Riverside I . . ,.., 29 25 Tech .,... .........,.... . , .34 35 Poly .... ...,...,,. ...,..... 2 4 23 SECOND HALF They We Paschal ..... ,...........,..4.I 2 3 20 Norfh Side .... .... 2 8 40 Riverside . . . .... 26 23 Tech ,..., .... 2 I 4I Poly ........ ....I ,,.. 3 4 36 Tofal in dis+ric'r play ,...... .I,. 2 65 277 D INDIVIDUAL SCORING Wise .........I.,,..I IO5 Thomas ..... . . . 82 Culberison . . , I . 52 O'Grady .... . . . 49 Kemble .,.. I I . 22 Georges ........ . . 8 B SQUAD Top Row: Bill Bourland, Joe Burcle+'r, "Toad" Madden lmanagerl, Jack Schnake. David Kuykendall BoH'om Row: Dick Whi+e, Warren Shipman, Mike Bronaugh, John Naylor, Willie Easf, Punk Pa'r+on O'Grady fires af Tech baskef in firsf game fha? ended wifh Jaciceis winning 34-35. Poly found Thomas and his jump shof hard +o sfop. Wise shoo+s buf hides from camera. Example oi whaf made Thomas All-Disfrici. BILL LEAHY Guard SCOTT MOORE Cenrer GEORGE KEMBLE Forward GENE CULBERTSON Forward BOB THOMAS Cenfer All-Disfricf BU DDY WISE Forward AII-Disrricf DAVID OWEN Guard BILL GEORGES Guard BILL O'GRADY Guard bs rebound a ff' s Jack Thomas qra 4 X. Tech M 2 eks sfmq Georges, Moore, and OC-Brady s docks a Tech sian SO o by au Thoma l A EDDIE DIETZ and BUD holdin clfidl WISE q flyweiglvl, runnerrup clvampion lroplvieb. ,nw -M . 'NSW .M 1 sv K K MNH X L' fx RWM 3. 25 W f aylorn Bob AW i I 94 L O VES Eor flv e Hrsf firne, Arlinglon Heiglvfs enfered a learn in five High Scnool division of fne Golden Gloves and produced one champion, flyweiglvf ud Wi'se, and a runnereup, Ed Diefz, who losf fo Wi'se in flue Hnals. Four ollner boys represenfed Heiglvfs, all reaching flve second nignf of Hglvf- ing: Bob Applefon, Bill CTG-rady, Jolvn Naylor, and A. L. Neil, flue laffer flvree losing lo flue evenfuel winners of fheir divisions 7 GOLDEN G TRACK Sprinfers-John Hanrahan, Bob Applefon, Warren Shipman, and Kenneih Shaclcleford In I947, Arlinglon Heighls had i+s sfrongesr rraclc Team in several years by vir+ue of 'rhe combined hard work of Coach Gwen and his lraclcmen. There weren"r many Sfale Meel' Jrerrors, buf rhe Jream was well-balanced. In Jrhe dashes, 'lhere were Bob Applefon, Kenneih Shacklelord, Bill Georges, Warren Shipman, Roberf Lee, Sam Vaughn, and Skip Allen, anyone of whom mighl be good for a place. In +he high hurdles George Kemble and Sam Vaughan were sfrong, while Gene Doss, John l-lan. rahan, and Earnesl Jaclcson were hopefuls in The low hurdles. Dislance runners led by leHerman Bill Upsonpwere Tommy Golden, Ollie Sumerall, and Upson. ln The field even'rs Joe Burde'r'r led broadiurnpers, Bob Thomas, Bill Bourland, and Bud Wise were Tops in high jump. Don Kennard ancl Thomas were ready wirh 'rhe discus, while Shaclcleford and Georges were 'rhe besl shof puiiers. , Kneeling Tommy Golden miler Lefl' fo rlghi' Don Kennard-shof pui, discus: Kennefh Sam Vaughan hurdles mule relay 440 dash Shaclcleford-sho'r pui, relays, 220-dash: Bob George Kemlole hurdles broad lump Bill Up Thomas-high jump, discus, sho? pul. TENNIS Leading '47 racqueleers, was John Cham- berlain, I'-746 Cify Singles Champ. Also piclured are Roland Walfers, runner-up io Chamberlain in lhe school play-off, and Bob Thomas, iunior high siar who was unable +0 compeie in '47. The doubles Team consisfed of Walfers and SmiHy Srnilh. BASEBALL Bolslered by six lellermen, Khleber Van Zandl, Roland Wal- lers, John Naylor, Don Anderson, David Owen, and Punlc Pallon and experienced American Legion ball players, lhe Jaclcels had power and excellenl fielding in I947. The balling ol lhe lellies Punk Pallon and T. W. While was counled on lor exlra base hils. Al lhe beginning ol lhe season lhere was no one classi- lied as a slarling pilcher. Bill Dudley, Berl Gorrod, Gene Doss, and Bob Thomas were likely prospecls, however. The veleran inlield ol Hayden While, Owen, Wallers, and Pallon was lhe leam's oulslanding lealure. COACH HOM ER PEGRAM wove six le-llermen inlo a well bal- anced ball club. Chief need was an experienced pilcher. Back Row: Charles Nolan, Bill O'Grady, John Naylor, Hayden While, Khleber Van Zandl, T. W. While Fronl Row: Don Anderson, Roland Wallers, Punk Pallon and David Owen. SWHMMHNG Piclured are four lelrermen of 1946 Dis+ric'r Champion Swimming Team: Bud Wise, lelr, enlered 220, diving, baclcsrrolce. Bill Upson swam backslroke, IOO. relay. Bill Leahy swam IOO and relay. Warren Shipman was conleslani in 50 and relay. Arch Rowan lnoi piciuredl compeied also in 50 and relay. Wise and Upson scored 25 poinis in rhe Disrricf Meer af 'rhe Y.lv1.C.A. GOLF Bill Leahy, Bob Balls, John Hanrahan, and Warren Shipman were lelrermen of The I946 golf Team. The 'ream placed lhird behind Paschal and Poly, because of inexperience and lack of lime for praclice. Only Leahy compeled in I947. Grover Swift Punlc Pailon, and Dick JeHon led 'rhe Jaclcers in lheir opening round of I947 againsr Poly. K M M WS wil sm! 5 PHQTGS fm YERR W 5 Z iff, QW 'KZ' ? A 1 1 Mguw-QM swf fi x Q S Twirlers Twirling Foofball all-yea r-rou nd Twirlers Marching 5 "'-fm Immag- mm? ganna: if fmfwfmr f :W-Z? l .. W f 2:1 Q 3 A: ::a:a:a::- iq VV!! A 52.3, Pwiuzvgg BAND STARS BILLY AND BETTY MADDOX Winfer Wonderland Modern Dancers Mid-'rerm Senior Banquef SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-6emeCulbe-rlson, secrelraryy John Lynch, vice- presldenlz Millie Vecula, Jrreesurerp Tecl Webb, presidenf. Y-TEEN OFFICERS-Sue Wlmlle, presidenlq Dorollwy Trammell, vice-presidenlq Pal Loomis, secrefary: Lucille Harqrave, lreasurer, Jean Smillw, program Chairman. Look a+ all o' da snow! PEGGY DIXON Ranchipueen v if if I new rf' We-ww: QQ.. ni Wahl!! M T o MA K .4 9 9 ' 54' awww .L,,t5 1 me gr , ' If ' 4 4 .y Q T P' Gene and his shadow Cure liflle Lois Briqhl eyes Joyce Baby qoal ears rWhal is if doing here???l Our Toofball queen Now Sue? Billy, Buddy, and Palsy Janie,lal1e a bow! Larnonl and Roy Grinninq Lyons The biqqesl fullback in The cily l-lunqry, Carol? Wasn'i Mavis cufe? Our Junior Favorile Same ole Paula All Cily Colonel Srnilinq Peqqy Throw The ball, Nancy VVliy so much lrown. Pal?? Dainly lillle Jeanefie Thompson Our Senior Favorile Clase your monrh, Anile The While Sislers Glamorous Teal? The Ednlor of This here bool: Thal Sallerlield Girl!! The Beechs i .4 .Wim 5, W 4' 4 ,ww v ?U ,V Q 'YZ WM , , Y' ,. ..., 'Q f if 51 y T 5 if , , sf ' X ,:.,,.f ,Tiff .-... sz " A , ' ' """""1'j?j .W lm. jw... nuvpi ,fs V 4 hon ,hu is :ww- r ymfkg -4 for Q- 1 'B ,fl 't v .. bsvbwwa MJ Jw gg 1 I I 3 Q Y f Ms s 1 igiigrg'-'ff if Q , E E 5... 5 " ' 5 i 1 5 if SE, at I swim Q59 wumswiw, Those sweei sisfers Our press phofographer La Vela and Shirley Aren'i They cuie? Mmmmml PreH'y cow Now i5n'i Thai' sweef? Prefiy Charley!! Prefry school Smiling Phala Where are you going, Jo Ann Jaclx and Joan Fisherman Tipion Wha+ has she had To drink? lpana, for The smile of beaufy Bafhinq Beau1ies??? Now, Peqgy?? Shirley Beech?? Fabulous Mr. Keys Gerling 'their piciure fool: Baby Mildred Georqeous, beaufiful, Janie Now Peqqy, le+'s noi be bashiui?? Three Muslceieers Oh! These liifle pidures Those farm workers Whose leqs??? Cure liHle Susie Did you caich anyfhinq, Billy?? Nancy and her bear They are sfandinq on their heads. really.. Wellllll new-"""""""' r X' 1... ."q"1 'N J N fwsm Yrzz- " , AK rf, ' f-fr .uw "i,,,,, '-. N , ' "Mrk x ,Q " .,f':'I77?"K. ,Q C'- ,A "wiv vs-, ff' A TI? " w- - ' Wifm 4. "gf 1 W ' ., - Wg . fs. .Q '.,,r,m. '. ML,

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