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♦ ands inga Adn- powi c nil defe desti sym ' Adn serv: figui Adn Staf History of Ship Crest: The Shield The Crest The crest, outlined in blue and gold, stands for the outstand- ing achevevemts in battle of Admiral Burked against the naval power of Japan, a formidable foe. The fist and mace cymbolize the offensive and defensive power of the new destroyer. The mace, also a symbol of authority, represents Admiral Burke ' s outstanding service as Mitscher, an influential figure and mentor, for whom Admiral Burke served as Chief of Staff. Admiral Burke ' s Destroer Squadron 23, represented by the border of 23 ovals, was the only United States Destroyer Squandron awarded a Presidential Unit Citation, signified by the canton of blue, gold, and red. The ovals also refer to the year 1 923 in which Midshipman Burke was graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Twenty-three also reflects Admiral Burke ' s distinguished service on the saff of the Chief of Naval Operations as OP-23. The mounted figure of St. George recalls Admiral Burke ' s celebrated victory in the Battle of Cape St. George over Japanese naval forces. His mantle bears a gold cross for the Navy Cross awarded to the Admiral. The birch branch on the helmet, a reference to his name derived from his Scandinavian heritage, the red sea Dragon symbolizes Burke ' s command. It is gorged with the two gold stars he was aw arded for outstanding service. The lance impaling the dragon ignifies ordnance on target. The capabilites of the new destroer, the mos t powerful and survivalbe ever built, are signified by the full armor and equipment f teh warrior St. George. The Admiral ' s nickname " 3 1 -Knot Burke " is recalled by the number 3 1 on the horse ' s harness Admiral Arleigh Burke The Navy ' s most famous Destroyer sailor was born in Boulder, Colorado, in 1901, and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1923. His first sea assignments were in USS ARI- ZONA (BB 39) and (USS PROCYON (AG 11). After completing his initial sea duty. Admiral Burke returned to the Academy briefly before attending the University of Michigan, where he received a Master of Science Degree in Engineering in 1 931 . Promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 1939, he com- manded USS MUGFORD (DD 389) before being assigned as Ordnance Inspector at the Washington Navy Yard. Captain Burke took command of Destroyer Squadron 12 in August 1943. Two months later, he assumed command of Destroyer squadron 23-nicknamed the " Little Beavers, " offer the character from the popular Red Ryder comic strip. Captain Burke also commanded on of the Squadron ' s two divisions, DESDIV 45, with USS CHARLES S. AUSBURNE (DD 570) OS his flagship. In November 1943, he distinguished himself by leading several torpedo attacks against Japanese combatants, sinking a number of enemy warships. During the Battle of Cope St. George, in what has been termed a " near perfect tactical action " by military historians, the Little Beavers de- stroyed three ships of a larger Japanese force while sustaining no damage. It was at this time that Captain Burke ' s ability to lead his squadron in spectacular dashes at high speed earned him the name " Thirty-One Knot Burke. " Following World War II, Captain Burke served in a num- ber of senior staff positions. Promoted to Rear Admiral in 1950, he served in Korea as Commander, Cruiser Division Five. In 1951, he was appointed as United Nations Delegate to the truse talks with North Korea. In May 1955, President Eisenhower nominated the 53 year-old Burke to the position of Chief of Naval Operations, bypassing 87 active duty officers senior to him. He retired in August 1961 after serving an unprecedented three terms as Chief of Naval Operations. Admiral Burke died on January 1st, 1996 of the age of 94. His wife of 72 years, the former Roberta (Bobbie) G. Gorsuch, died on the ship ' s birthday, July 4, 1997. Commandins Officer: CDR William Claiborne Harris, USN Clay Harris, a second-generation Surface Warfare Officer, Inails from Riclnmond, Virginia, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He was connmissioned in 1984 at the Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and earned his Surface Warfare qualification in 1986 while assigned as Anti- Subnnarine Warfare Officer in USS ARKANSAS (CON 41). His other sea duty billets include tours as Damage Control Assistant in USS BUNKER HILL (CO 52); as Weapons Officer and Combat Systems Officer in USS NORMANDY (CO 60); and as Commanding Officer in USS PIONEER (MOM 9) and USS ARDENT (MCM 12). Commander Harris ' shore duty assignments include tours OS an Action Officer in the Force Capabilities and Objectives Branch of the OPNAV Staff; as Aide to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Plans, Policy, and Operations; and as the Assistant Surface Commander Assignments Officer of the Navy Personnel Command. Commander Harris is a 1982 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, where he was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. He earned a Master of Arts degree in French from the University of Virginia in 1984, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Harvard University in 1996. His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, and the Pacific Fleet Junior Officer Shiphandling Award. Commander Harris is married to the former Karen Popovich, a native of San Francisco. They have a son, Spencer, and a daughter, Katherine Executive Officer: LCDR Randall Charles Hardy, USN Randall Hardy was commissioned in 1989 upon his completion of Naval Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. Assigned to USS SPARTANBURG COUNTY (LST 1 192), he earned his Surface Warfare Officer qualification in 1991 while serving as the Damage Control Assistant and Assistant 1st Lieutenant. He completed his second sea tour onboard USS ANZIO (CO 68) as the Fire Control Officer. For his Depart- ment Head tour, LCDR Hardy served as the Weapons Of- ficer and Combat Systems Officer onboard USS LEYTE GULF (CG55). Lieutenant Commander Hardy ' s shore duty assign- ments include a tour as Surface Requirements Officer for the Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Fleet. In addition, he has also served as AIDE-de-CAMP at the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. Lieutenant Commander Hardy graduated from the Univer- sity of Alabama with a degree in Corporate Finance and Investment Management in 1988. He is a Life Member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and is a Third Genera- tion Prince Hall Mason. His awards include Defense Meritorious Sen ice Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, and Navy Achievement Medal. Command Master Chief: iN CMDCM(SW AW) David L. Flamand Master Chief Flamand was born and raised in Florida. Following graduation from Buchholz High School in Gainesville, Florida, he enlisted in the Navy in June 1979 and reported to RTC Orlando for Recruit training. Upon completion of recruit training, he attended Hull Maintenance Technician " A " School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His tours of duty hove included the USS WILLIAM H. STANDLEY (CG 32), USS YOSEMITE (AD 32), USS FORRESTAL (CV 59), USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74), and tours at Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity Moyport, FL, and Fleet Information Warfare Center, Son Diego Co. A Graduate of the Senior Enlisted Academy in Newport, Rl May 2002, and currently the Command Master Chief of USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51). His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, numerous unit and campaign ribbons. Master Chief Flamand is married to the former Donna Bolinger and both enjoy their six children, Andrea, Aaron April, Andrew, Joshua, Sarah, as well as their grandson Ryan. The President Speaks: For Immediate Release March 17,2003 Global Message " All the decades of deceit and cruelty have now reached an end. " - President George W. Bush, March 17, 2003 Events in Iraq Have Now Reached the Final Days of Decision, the Iraqi Regime has used diplomacy as a ploy. Peaceful efforts to disarm the Iraqi regime have failed because we are not dealing with peaceful men. • The Iraqi regime continues to conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. It has used weapons of mass destruction. It has a history of reckless aggression and a deep hatred for America and our friends. And it has aided terrorists, including al-Qaida. Using chemical, biological, or one day, nuclear weapons, obtained with the help of Iraq, terrorists could kill thousands, or more. " The United States and other nations did nothing to deserve or invite this threat, but we will do everything to defeat it. " " Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their refusal to do so will result in rniiiiary conTiict. president georgew bush I Wardroom A? 1 f ' -» 7 y 4- ---y . kV.v Ai.r 1 iU 1 9 1 f « ( •i • ll Si Ik ' Ale « ] ft; 1 1 V r 1 J :-r ♦ J 1 _ ■w -« L: i i a aJIbrJ V V LTJG Arron Hill LTJG William T. Rimmer l tPt 7 LT Christopher S. Dignan Operations Officer LT Christopher S. Dignan, USN, a native ot Burlington, MA, earned a B.S. in Marine Engineering trom Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and a commission as an Ensign in June 1993. In addition to his degree, he earned his license as Third Assistant Engineer, Steam and Motor Vessels (Unlimited). LT Dignan reported for training in the Naval Nuclear Power program in Orlando, FL in July 1993, completing prototype training at Bollston Spa, NY in July 1994. LT Dignan ' s initial sea tour v as spent as M-Division Officer in USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) from January 1995 to September 1997. Here he qualified as Propulsion Plant Watch Officer, Officer of the Deck, Surface Warfare Officer, and Nuclear Engineering Officer. Following this tour and upon completion of Aegis Combat Systems training, LT Dignan reported to USS MONTEREY (CO 61) where he served as Training Officer and Assistant Operations Officer from December 1997 to April 1999. From April 1999 to January 2001, LT Dignan served as a Mathematics Instructor at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rl. He also volunteered his services there as Cross Country Coach for two successful seasons. To further his professional knowledge, he studied two non-resident JPME courses of the Naval War College - Strategy and Policy, and Joint Maritime Operations. Upon completion of Department Head School and Aegis Combat Systems training, LT Dignan reported aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51) in November 2001 as Operations Officer. His next tour is expected to be on a CVN as a Principle Assistant in May 2003. LT Dignan is single, and resides in Norfolk, VA. His personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (4 awards). Lieutenant Jeffrey A. Gregor Lieutenant Jeffrey A. Gregor is a native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Graduating from Carnegie- Mellon University, he received his commission as an Ensign through the Navy Resen e Officer Training Corp program and served as Training Officer at Naval Reserve Readiness Center, Pittsburgh from June 1994 to September 1994. After completing training at Surface Warfare Officer School in Newport, Rhode Island, LT Gregor served his initial sea tour in USS ANTIETAM (CG 54). While onboard, he served as Assistant Engineering Officer, Strike Warfare Officer, Combat Information Center Officer and Assistant Operations Officer from March 1995 to February 1997. During this tour, LT Gregor qualified as Tactical Action Officer and deployed to the Arabian Gulf. Following his tour in USS ANTIETAM, LT Gregor completed training at Navy Nuclear Power School, Orlando, Florida and Nuclear Power Training Unit, Bollston Spa, New York. LT Gregor reported to USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) and served as Reactor Mechanical Division Officer from June 1998 to May 2000. During this tour, LT Gregor qualified as o Nuclear Engineer Officer. LT Gregor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering (minor in Biomedical Engineering) from Carnegie- Mellon University, as well as. Master of Science degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. LT Gregor has been awarded the Navy Commendation Medal (Gold Star in lieu of second avv ' ord), and the Navy Achievement Medal. LT Gregor is married to the former Leisa Maree French of Gympie, Queensland, Australia. CS " f - LT Andrew G. Chicoine Chief Engineer jwj - J LT Andrew G. Chicoine, y ?? USN, a native of Colchester Vermont, enlisted in the Navy in 1983 as a Nuclear Electronics Technician. Following completion of the nuclear training pipeline he reported onboard the USS FLORIDA (SSBN 728) where he qualified as Reactor Operator and Engineering Watch Supervisor. Following selection to the Enlisted Commissioning Program and completion of a B.S. in Physics at The University of Idaho, LT Chicoine was commissioned on the 20 of May 1995. LT Chicoine ' s initial sea tour was spent onboard USS TAYLOR (FFG-50) as First Lieutenant. While onboard TAYLOR, LT Chicoine completed a Mediterranean deployment as part of SNFM, taking part in extensive NATO operations in the Adriatic and Black Seas. LT Chicoine ' s second Division Officer tour was onboard USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67) in the Engineering Department as The Aft Propulsion Officer. USS JOHN F. KENNEDY ' S operations included a Mediterranean Arabian Gulf deployment. LT Chicoine ' s next assignment was as a student at The Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey California where he completed his M.S. in Applied Physics. Following Department Head School and the AEGIS training pipeline LT Chicoine reported onboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG-51) on 18 November 02. LT Chicoine ' s personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. LT Christopher F. Cigna Combat Systems Officer LT Christopher F. Cigna, USN, a native of Long Island, NY, received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Clarkson University in 1995. Following graduation, he reported to Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Fl and was commissioned an Ensign on 1 Sep 1995. LT Cigna ' s initial sea tour was spent as part of the Forward Deployed Naval Forces aboard USS MOBILE BAY (CG 53) homeported in Yokosuka, Japan from July 1 997 to September 1 999. He served primarily as Communications Officer and Main Propulsion Assistant through such exercises as COBRA GOLD, TANDEM THRUST, IMDEX 99, FOAL EAGLE, ANNUALEX and others. Following his Division Officer tour and graduation from Department Head School in Newport, Rl, LT Cigna reported aboard USS JOHN YOUNG (DD 973) as Combat Systems Officer in June 2000. Significant operational highlights of this tour included Counter-Narcotics Operations in which JOHN YOUNG seized over nine tons of illegal cocaine as well as a deployment to FIFTH and SEVENTH FLEET areas of responsibility in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. LT Cigna has been Combat Systems Officer aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51) since May 2002. LT Cigna is married to the former LT Suzanna G. Brugler, a Navy Public Affairs Officer from Defiance, Ohio. His personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2 awards) and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2 awards) . LT Anthony Ray Gonzalez Weapons Officer LIEUTENANT K. F. TRAORE UNITED STATES NAVY n ' LT Anthony Ray Gonzalez, USN a native of Houston, Texas, earned a B.S. in History from the U.S. Naval Academy and was commissioned an Ensign on May 31, 1995. LT Gonzalez reported to Surface Warfare Officer course in the summer of 1995 and completed the course in December of that year. His first sea tour was on USS DEFENDER (MCM 2) in Ingleside, TX from January 1996 until March 1998. He performed initially as the P ' Lieutenant onboard, then served as the Electrical Division Officer and Damage Control Assistant. Later, he became the Main Propulsion Assistant. On DEFENDER, he qualified Officer of the Deck, Engineering Officer of the Watch, Command Duty Officer, and completed Surface Warfare Officer qualification. Upon completion of his tour, he reported to Norfolk, VA for Senior QM Celestial Navigation training. Upon completion of his training in Norfolk, LT Gonzalez went to the Mediterranean Sea where USS SIMPSON (FFG 56) was deployed as a STANAVFORMED ship. He reported onboard as the Navigator Admin Officer from April 1998 until October 1999. After a successful tour, LT Gonzalez reported to Newport, Rl for Department Head school. After completing the AEGIS Pipeline, LT Gonzalez reported onboard PCU MASON (DDG 87) as the Weapons Officer from August 2000 until March 2002. He also sen ed as the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection officer while serving onboard MASON. In March 2002, he was transferred to USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51) to again assume the duties as Weapons Officer. LT Gonzalez is single, and resides in Virginia Beach. His personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2 awards) . ' » " . Lieutenant Kodiatou F. iTraore was born and raised in Bamako, Republic of Mali, West Africa. Lieutenant Traore attended Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics (MIES) from 1988 to 1994 and received a Masters of Science in Statistics. She is qualified to teach Russian as a foreign language, and is also fluent in French, and Bombara. After moving to the United States, Lieutenant Traore received her commission through Officer Candidate School (OCS) in January 1997. In October 1998, Lieutenant [Traore graduated with distinction from the Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS), Athens, Georgia. She reported to the USS MCKEE (AS-41) in November 1998 where she served as the Disbursing officer and the Sales and Postal officer. During this tour, Lieutenant Traore earned her Service Warfare Supply Corps Officer Insignia. Following the decommissioning of the USS McKee, Lieutenant Traore reported to the United States Naval Academy where she served as a master instructor. She developed numerous innovative methods to convey the difficult concepts of Economic Statistics to her students, created a new travel study course, " Economies in transition: the Russian Economy " . Lieutenant Traore is married to Salif Traore of Mali. They have an eleven year old daughter, Aissata and reside in Virginia. ' m ENSIGN STERLING RAY WOOLRIDGE UNITED STATES NAVY Ensign Woolridge, a native of Independence, Louisiana enlisted in the United States Navy in September 1987. Following Recruit Training, he connpleted Operation Specialist " A " School at Dam Neck, Virginia v as subsequently assigned to the USS TRIPPE FF 1075 OS on Anti-Submorine Air Controller. After serving a five-year tour onboard USS TRIPPE and after her de-commissioning he transferred to the Naval War College, Newport Rl. War Gaming Department in 1992. After completion of his one-year obligation he volunteered for a Recruiting assignment. In November 1992, he reported to Enlisted Naval Recruiting Orientation Pensocola, Florida. Upon completion of ENRO he was assigned to NRD Houston as a canvassing Recruiter. In October 1993 he was named North Zone Recruiter Of the Year and followed up in 1 994 as NRD Houston Recruiter of the Year and was advanced to Petty Officer First Class. In January 1997, he returned to sea aboard USS TAYLOR FFG 50 Moyporf, Florida completing two MEF deployments as leading Petty Officer. In 1997 He was named USS TAYLOR ' S Sailor of the Year. During his tour aboard TAYLOR he was selected and initiated to Chief Petty Officer in 1997. Following his sea tour, he volunteered for overseas duty at Atlantic Fleet Weapons training Facility, Puerto Rico. Shortly after reporting in 2000 he received his qualification as a Range Control Officer and supervisor of a FACSFAC. Ensign Woolridge was commissioned as a Limited Duty Officer Ensign on 1 October 2001. Following his indoctrination at LDO CWO School, Pensocola, Florida, he reported as the Electronic Warfare Officer aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE DDG 51, Norfork, Virginia. Ensign Woolridge is married to the former Mrs. Denise White from New Orleans Louisiana, they have three children and reside in Suffolk, VA. Ensign Woolridge decorations include the Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with two gold stars. Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal with four gold stars, and various other campaign and unit citations. Carlus A. Greathouse Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Training and EW Officer LTJG Greathouse , a native of Camp Hill, Alabama, graduated with honors from Dadeville High School in 1994. At Dadeviile High, LTJG Greathouse was Treasurer of the Beta Club, President of the Key, and Voted Most Likely to Succeed by his Senior Class. LTJG Greathouse was commissioned in 1999 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at University of Memphis. A Manufacturing Engineering Technology major, LTJG Greathouse was Vice President of the National Society of Block Engineers, Member of the Campus chapter NAACP and Resident Assistant. As a midshipman, LTJG Greathouse participated in summer cruises in USS CALIFORNIA and USS MONTEREY. He was also selected to serve as Midshipman Battalion Executive Officer at University of Memphis ' Naval ROTO Unit during his senior year. LTJG Greathouse reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in May 2002 and earned Command Duty Officer Qualification in June 2002. While serving as Training Officer and Electronic Warfare, LTJG Greathouse completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the Navy- Marine Corps Achievement Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2). He is single and resides in Virginia Beach, VA. n y Chad M. Lamb Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Combat Intormatlon Center Officer Chad Lamb, a native of Rapid City, SD, graduated salutatorian of his Belle Fourche High School class in 1995. At Belle Fourche High, he lettered in band, theatre, and Knowledge Bowl; sang with his church choir; and wrote for the yearbook staff. Lieutenant Junior Grade Lamb was commissioned in 1999 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Iowa State University of Science and Technology. A Computer Science major, he was an actor in five Iowa State Theatre productions and social chairman of the Alpha Lam bda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. As a midshipman, he participated in summer cruises in USS ARKANSAS (CGN 56) and USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51). He was also selected to serve as Information Systems Officer, Academics Officer, Squad Leader, and Platoon Commander at Iowa State University ' s Naval ROTC Unit. LTJG Lamb reported aboard USS FORD (FFG 54), home-ported in Everett, WA, in November 1999 and earned his Surface Warfare Qualification in March 2001. While serving as Communications Officer, he completed a PACMEF deployment of MIO VBSS operations in support of UN sanctions on Iraq. LTJG Lamb reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in March 2002 as the Combat Information Center Officer. He completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, serving both with the ARLEIGH BURKE and with the DESRON TWO staff embarked on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71). His awards include the Battle Efficiency " E, " National Defense Medal, Armed Expeditionary Service Medal, and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Walter Johnson Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Direct Support Officer NSGA Medina, Texas Walter Johnson, a native of Pensacola, Florida, graduated from Pensacola High School in 1 986. At Pensacola High School, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson lettered in football and was elected Deputy Group Commander in AFJROTC. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson was commissioned in September 2000 through the Officer Candidate School program at Pensacola, Florida. A Computer Information Systems Management major. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson was also a thirteen- year prior enlisted Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. As a Cryptologic Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson participated in a prior deployment with the USNS INDOMITABLE (TAGOS-7). He was also selected to serve as Watch Floor Operations Officer at NSGA Medina, Texas. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson reported aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51 ) in February 2003 and worked on his Surface Warfare Qualification. While serving as Direct Support Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the Air Force Achievement Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He is married to the former Roberta Anderson, a native of Pensacola, Florida. The Johnson ' s reside in San Antonio, Texas. n Kelly A. Colloton Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve V LIEUTENANT r Kelly Colloton, a native of Nassau, New York, graduated from Columbia High School in 1997. At Columbia, Ensign Colloton lettered in Ctieerleading, played in the bond, and was elected to membership in the National Honor Society. Ensign Colloton was commissioned in 2001 through the Officer Canidate School. A Criminal Justice Major, Ensign Colloton was a President of Sigma Delta Tau National Sorority and played third man on the women ' s lacrosse team. Ensign Colloton reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in May 2002. While serving as P Leuitenant, Ensign Colloton completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Her awards include the National Defense Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbion. Ebony Johnson Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Ordnance Ofticer Ebony Johnson, a native of Sumter, South Carolina, graduated with honors from Sumter High School in 1997. At Sumter High, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson participated in various clubs, played in the school ' s concert and jazz band, and was elected to membership in the National Honor Society. Lieutenant Junior Grade was commissioned in 2001 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program of Cornell University. An Economics major. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson played various intramural sports such as ice hockey, floor hockey, and ultimate frisbee. As a midshipman. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson participated in summer cruises on USS ASHLAND (LSD 48), USS SAFEGUARD (ARS 50), and USS SPRUANCE (DD 963). She was also selected to serve as Company Executive Officer of Cornell University ' s Naval ROTC Unit during her senior year. Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in May 2002 and earned her Surface Warfare Qualification in February 2003. While serving as Ordnance Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Johnson completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Her awards include the National Defense Ribbon, Battle Efficiency " E, " and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. LTJG Anthony P. Bannister Disbursing Otficer A native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, LTJG Bannister entered ttie United States Navy in 1995. After graduating from Recruit Training Center, Great Lal es, Illinois, hie transferred to Naval School of Health Sciences in San Diego, CA to attend Basic Hospital Corps School. Upon graduation, LTJG Bannister received orders to Naval Hospital Pensacola where he served in the Emergency Medical Services department as an EMT and the Pediatrics department. In December 2000, LTJG Bannister graduated from Troy State University with a Bachelor of Business Management. Consequently, he was commissioned at Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, FL on May 1 1 , 2001 . His follow on tour was at Naval Air Station Pensacola as a special assistant to the Supply Officer. Directly following that tour, LTJG Bannister took orders to Naval Supply Corps School where he attended Basic Qualification Course for Supply Officers Afloat. His initial sea duty assignment was in USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) where he reported as the Disbursing Officer in April 2002. During that tour he completed the Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer qualification. LTJG Bannister is married to the former April Danielle Whitmore of Pensacola , FL. They currently reside in Virginia Beach, VA. LTJG Brent A. Rotirbaugti ASWO LTJG Rohrbough was born in Harrisonburg, VA and enlisted in the Navy in 1994. He attended Electricians Mate Nuclear Field " A " School and Naval Nuclear Power school in Orlando Florida. He next transferred to Charleston, SO for nuclear prototype training at Moored Training Ship (MTS-635) before reporting to USS Pintado (SSN-672) in Pearl Harbor, HI in 1996. Upon decommissioning the USS Pintado in 1998 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA, he reported to USS Alaska (SSBN-732B) homeported in Bangor, WA. He was selected for ECP. He attended Naval Science Institute during the summer of 1999 and then transferred to the University of Washington Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. Upon commissioning in March 2001, he reported to USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) for temporary duty prior to reporting to Surface Warfare Officer ' s School in Newport, Rl in May 2001. LTJG Rohrbough began his first Division Officer tour as Anfi-Submorine Warfare Officer aboard USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) in December 2001. LTJG Rohrbough is married to the former Michele Denise Farmer of Chesapeake, VA. a Archer S. Pangilinan Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve Combat Electronics Officer Archer Pangilman, a rnative of New Jersey, graduated with honors from Academic High School in 1991. At Academic High, Ensign Pangilinan lettered in soccer, was in student government, and was elected senior class president. He joined the Navy in 1991 and started his career as a nuclear trained machinist mote. He served on board the USS OHIO SSBN 726, USS ALABAMA SSBN 731, USS Pittsburgh SSN 727, IMF Bangor for shore duty. Ensign Pangilinan was commissioned in 2002 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Norfolk State University. A Sumo Cum Loude Physics, Moth and Naval Science major. Ensign Pangilinan was the first to Graduate from the new STA-21 Program. As an Officer Candidate, Ensign Pangilinan was an important asset to morale and welfare of other midshipmen in the battalion. He was a squad leader, mentor and tutor. Ensign Pangilinan reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in April 2003. While serving as Combat Systems Electronics Officer, Ensign Pangilinan completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include two Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal, three Good Conduct Ribbons and two Notional Defense Ribbons. He is happily married to the former Ana DeLeon, a native of Calgary, Canada and have twin Daughters, Kayla and Komille. The Pangilinan family resides in beautiful Chesapeake. Oscar E. Bowlin Lieutenant, U.S. Naval Reserve Fire Control Officer Lieutenant Bowlin enlisted in the Navy in 1 986 and attended Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Illinois. After completing various Navy schools at Great Lakes, Groton, CT and San Diego, CA, LT Bowlin was promoted to Sonar Technician (Submarines) Third Class. His first assignment was the USS Lopon (SSN-661 ) in Norfolk, VA in 1988. While assigned to the Sonar Division, he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for conducting an Acoustic Analysis Survey on the USS Arleigh Burke, providing valuable acoustic signature discrepancies for the Navy ' s newest Destroyer. LT Bowlin completed two Mediterranean Sea deployments and one Arctic Ocean Special Operation, prior to the decommissioning of USS Lopon at More Island, CAin 1991. LT Bowlin then served aboard the USS Jacksonville (SSN-699) in Norfolk, VA for two years, participating in on extensive yard period, sea trials and new weapon system testing. In 1993, LT Bowlin was promoted to STSl (SS) and transferred to Oceana Naval Air Station Security Detachment in Virginia Beach, VA. LT Bowlin served as a Base Policeman and the Administrative Officer. In 1996, LT Bowlin was selected as Sailor of the Year, received a Navy Commendation Medal and selected for the Enlisted Commissioning Program. In 1998, LT Bowlin was commissioned through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Old Dominion University. He graduated cum laude, majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. LT Bowlin reported aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE in August 2000 and earned his Surface Warfare Qualification in February 2001 . While serving as OrdnanceOfficer, LT owlin completed a n %i Mediterranean Persiar Gulf deployment in May, 2001. LT Bowlin assumed duties as Fire Control Officer in March 2002 and completeda Mediterranean Persian Gulf deployment in 2003. His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal, two Navy-Marine Corps Achievement medals, two Battle Efficiency " E " ribbons, five Sea Service Deployment ribbons, three Good Conduct medals, Meritorious Unit commendation. Navy Expeditionary medal. Notional Defense medal and the Arctic Service ribbon. He is married to the former Angela Thomas, a native of Hamilton, Ohio. The Bowlins hove three sons; Matthew, Thomas and Jason. The Bowlins reside in Virginia Beach. LTJG Mary L. Clark Systems Test Officer A native of Saxton, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school in 1985 went to RTC Orlando Florida. During her Navy career she has completed classes with Mohegon Community College, Central Texas College and University Of Maryland. Advanced to Chief Petty Officer in 1995 and LDO Ensign in March 2000. Duty assignments and achievements include Ammunition Administrator: NSSF Groton Connecticut (Junior Sailor of the Quarter); Department LPO: USS Yosemite (AD-19) Mayport Florida (Sailor of the Year); QA Inspector and Production Division Officer: NAVMAG Guam (Sailor of the Year and 1 of 3 finalist for CINCPACFLT Sailor of the Year); Recruiter and Enlisted Production Supervisor: NRD Houston Texas. Awards include Navy Achievement and Good Conduct Medal, numerous unit and service medals ribbons. Married to LT Robert J. Clark, native of Mountain Home Arkansas, assigned to CU Ronald Reagan. Louis P. Bergeron Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Strike Warfare Officer Louis Bergeron, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, graduated with honors from Knoxville West High School in 1 996. He then attended Centre College, a small, private liberal arts college in Danville, KY under on academic scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2000. He majored in History with a minor in Government. While at Centre, LTJG Bergeron ran cross-country for the college, participated in study abroad programs in London, England and Greece, and served as social chairman for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Joining the Navy in July 1998 under the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP), after completing his degree he attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) in July 2000. He was commissioned on October 6, 2000, graduating as a distinguished naval graduate from OCS. He next reported to the USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51) before transferring to Newport, Rhode Island for Surface Warfare Officer ' s School (SWOS) in January 2001. He returned to ARLEIGH BURKE upon completion of SWOS in July 2001. LTJG Bergeron earned his Surface Warfare Qualification in July 2002, and his Engineering Officer of the Watch letter in April 2003. While sen ing as Strike Officer, he completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM where he and his strike team participated in numerous Tomahawk launches against Iraq. His awards include the Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Battle Efficiency " E, " and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He transfers to Ingleside, Texas to serve as Operations Officer in USS lCORMORANT (MHO 57) in July 2003. r T Chief Warrant Officer Gregory D. Knapp MPA CW02 Knapp was born in Woodland Hills, Ca on September 6, 1960. He graduated trom Foothill High School, Tustin, Ca in 1978. Upon completion ot High School, joined the Carpenters Union and enrolled in Apprenticeship school becoming a Journeyman Carpenter in 1981. Attended College ot the Redwoods trom 1984 to 1986. Additionally, became certified Carrier Corporation factory Technician for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration through Hawaii Vocational School. CW02 Knapp then enlisted in the Navy in September 1986. Upon completion of Basic Training in San Diego, Co, he attended MM " A " school in Great Lake ' s, II. Upon Graduation reported to USS Dohlgren DDG-43 from 1987 to January 1990. In 1990 he reported to MM " C " school. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and upon Graduation reported to USS Josephus Daniels CG-27 in May of 1990 until November of 1994. In 1994 transferred to Pearl Harbor Hi to NAVIMFAC, 25D Engineering services until transferring to USS Mount Hood AE-29 in March of 1997 in San Francisco Co. After a homeport shift to Bremerton Wa in 1998 was advanced to CFG in late 1998 and transferred to USS Shreveport LPD-12 in March of 1 999. He was commissioned in January 2002. Following his commission, he reported to Surface Warfare Gfficer ' s School in Newport, Rl. At the completion of SWOS, he reported to USS Arleigh Burke for his initial Division Officer tour in April 2002 as the Main Propulsion Assistant. Soon after was reassigned as Chief Engineer. Wayne Moore, Jr. Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Naval Reserve Electrical Officer Wayne Moore, a native of Atlanta, Georgia graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School in 1997. At Mays HS, LTJG Moore lettered in track, basketball, football, and was the President of the Student Government Association. Lieutenant Junior Grade Moore was commissioned in 2001 through a cross- town Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of California, Berkeley. He earned a degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University, where he was Vice President of Stanford ' s Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. As a midshipman, Lieutenant Junior Grade Moore participated in summer cruises in USS OAK HILL (LSD 51) and USS ESSEX(LHD2). He was also selected to serve as Platoon Commander of Berkeley ' s Naval ROTC Unit during his senior year. Lieutenant Junior Grade Moore reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in May 2002 and earned his Surface Warfare Qualification in February 2003. While serving as Electrical Officer, LTJG Moore completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the. Battle Efficiency " E, " and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Moore, Sr. Christopher A. Durant Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve Main Propulsion Legal Officer Chris Durant, a native of Florence, South Carolina, graduated from South Florence High School in 1998. At South Florence High, Ensign Durant, was an active member in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, advancing through the ranks up the position of Battalion Commander. He also was an active member and player of the basketball and football teams. He also played with the school ' s jazz band during his freshman year. Ensign Durant was commissioned in 2002 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at University of South Carolina. A Business Administration major. Ensign Durant specialized in the fields of Human Resources and Insurance Risk Management. As a midshipman. Ensign Durant held several positions including, squad leader, platoon leader, Athletics Officer, Drill Team Commander, and also was on the Color Guard. Prior to his senior year, he participated in the challenging and strenuous. Mini BUD S boot camp, in Coronado, California. Ensign Durant reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in December 2002 after completion of SWOS and Legal School. He just recently earned his Engineering Officer of the Watch qualification in May 2003. While serving as Main Propulsion and Legal Officer, Ensign Durant completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and RESOLUTE BEHAVIOR. His awards include the Military Service Ribbon, and soon to follow. Sea Service, and Combat Action Ribbons. ENS Corbin D. Morris AUXO ENS Morris was born in Little Rock, AR. and enlisted in the Navy in 1996. He received a Bachelor ' s of Science Degree in Industrial Technology at University of Arkansas. He enlisted into the Navy in December 1996. He served as a Plane Captain and Avionics Technician on the S-3 Viking at Sea Control Squadron VS- 33. He received a Battle " E " Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, and qualified as an Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist. He was awarded Junior Sailor of the Quarter of Sea Control Wing Pacific Fleet in 1999. He attended Officer ' s Candidate School in Pensacola, FL. He was commissioned in January 2002. During his TAD assignment as Main Propulsion Officer aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE, ENS Morris was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal. LIEUTENANT HEZEKIAH NATTA EMO LT Natta was bom in ST. Croix U.S.V.I. Moving to Augusta, GA in 1982 he graduated from Lucy Laney High School in 1986 and enlisted in the United States Navy. Upon graduation from Boot Camp, he attended Basic Enlisted Submarine School, STS " A " school and several " C " schools before reporting onboard USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) in Charleston, SC in January 1988. Re-enlisting under the STAR program in 1989 he was advanced to Second Class Petty Officer and awarded AN BQQ-5 " C " school. Upon the completion of " C " school he reported onboard USS Greenling (SSN 614) in Groton, CT. In 1993, LT Nafta was Command Advanced to First Class Petty Officer and transferred to USS Parche (SSN 683) in More Island, CA. Selected to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in 1996. Commissioned under the Limited Duty Officer program in July 1998. Upon Completion of LDO training in PensacoJo, FL he reported to USS Austin (LPD 4) as the Electronics Material Officer. In 2001, he transferred to USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) as the Electronics Material Officer. LTjg WILLIAM L. SCARBOROUGH LTjg Scarborough was born in Corpus Christi, TX. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy in 1991. After graduation from basic training, he reported to Nuclear Field " MM " A-School. In January of 1992, he reported to Security Police School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. He then reported to U. S. Naval Facility Argentic, Newfoundland Canada. In November 1994 he reported aboard USS MOUNT WHITNEY for duties in M-Division. Upon completion of initial enlistment, LTjg Scarborough departed active duty to return home to Texas to pursue a college degree. ENS Scarborough joined the U.S. Naval Reserves while attending college at Texas A M University at Kingsville. While assigned to the reserves, he pursued a rating conversion to Builder and was assigned to NMCB 22 DET 0722 in Corpus Christi, TX. In May of 2000, LTjg Scarborough received a Bachelor ' s of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He then applied for Officer Candidate School and was accepted in Aug of 2000. In December of 2000, he was commissioned Ensign in the United States Naval Resen e. Upon Completion of Surface Warfare Officer School in Newport, Rl, LTjg Scarborough reported aboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE in August of 2001, for duties as Communications Officer and assumed duties as Admin Officer in March of 2003. LTjg Scarborough ' s personal decorations include Battle " E " (3), Good Conduct, Armed Forces Expeditionary, Sea Service Deployment, Overseas Service, National Defense (2) and 45 Col. Marksman Medals. LTJG THOMPSON XIAO DAMAGE CONTROL ASSISTANT LTJG Xiao was born in China and came to the United States ot Annerica in 1986. He attended City College of New York and graduated with a Bachelor ot Science degree in Electrical Engineering in June 1996. LTJG Xiao enlisted into the Navy in February ot 1997. After connpleting Boot Camp and GSE " A " school, LTJG Xiao reported to the USS Velio Gulf (CG72) and served as a Gas Turbine Electrical Technician for nearly two years. LTJG Xiao deployed to the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Baltic seas while serving onboard USS Velio Gulf. Following this tour, LTJG Xiao was selected to attend OCS in the winter of 1999. Three months later, LTJG Xiao graduated and was commissioned in February 2000. Following his commission, he reported to USS Arleigh Burke for 5 months TAD duty as the Engineering Training Officer. He qualified as EOOW before he reported to Surface Warfare Officer ' s School in Newport, Rl. At the completion of SWOS, he returned to USS Arleigh Burke(DDG-51) for his initial division officer tour. As Damage Control Assistant, he worked shoulder to shoulder with his people and lead by example achieved zero damage control discrepancies during the Light Off Assessment 2002, zero damage control related incident during EDSRA 2002 and the successful completion of the Initial Assessment and Underway Demo 2002 as the acting MPA DCA. Pass the FEP first time up with the highest grade on the waterfront. As the DCA, he lead his damage control organization show to the world that the Arleigh Burke ' s DC organization con and know how to fight the real fires with skills and determinations to win, to support our combat missions for the deployment of 2003. As the repair division officer. Repair division has the highest advancement rote in this command for the past two years. He firmly believes that he works for his people. LTJG Xiao qualified Engineering officer of the watch and Surface warfare officer pin. His next assignment is Navigator for a destroyer. LTJG Xiao is happily married to the former Lily A. Yang of Bronx, New York. She is a Registered Nurse. They hove two incredible boys: Johnny 43 months, Vincent 27 months. The Xiaos reside in Kempsville, Virginia 3each. Destroyermen Jackets x . ' - I, . ' , ' ; r !■ _ , Chief Petty Officer Mess f- a ' l S 8| 1 ; 1 ■• . V 7 " .V ■ ' V wA- » ' At ' Aotfl P " r ETC(SW) PHILIPGARY KINNEER JR. CE DIVISION LCPO ETC Kinneer was born in Aurora, Colorado on 13 " ' ' of February 1966. After graduating from Northwestern High School in Rock Hill SC, he entered the Navy in July 1984. After graduation from basic training he reported to the USS San Diego, 1 " Division. He struck for ET and in 1986, attended ET " A " school in Great Lakes. Graduating " A " school in 1987, he was advanced to Petty Officer Third Class and reported to Combat Systems Training School Command, Mare Island for LINK " C " school. Upon graduation, he reported for duty as the LINK technician onboard the USS Wainwright (CG 28) in Charleston, SC where he was advanced to Petty Officer Second Class. Transferring in 1990, he reported for duty to Naval Telecommuncations and Computer Center, Charleston SC as the AIS Security Officer and Maintenance Department Leading Petty Officer. In 1993 he was advanced to Petty Officer First Class. In 1994, he received a 1 year unaccompanied tour to United States Forces Korea as the Theater LINK WMMCCS TCCS GCCS technician. In 1998 he transferred to the USS Mitscher (DDG 57) as CE Division Leading Petty Officer. In 2000 he screened for duty as an Instructor and transferred to Fleet Combat Systems Training Command Atlantic, Dam Neck VA. He was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and served as the LINK WSN-7 CEC LHD EXCOMM Division LCPO. Kinneer is married to the former transferred to the USS Arleigh Burke as the CE Division Leading Chief. Patricia Ann Taylor of Brookfield, Illinois. They reside in Virginia Beach, VA and have one daughter Kristina and one son Philip. ETC ' s personal awards include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, 2 Navy Commendation Medals, Joint Service Achievement Medal, 5 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Combat Action Ribbon, 5 Good Conduct Medals, and various unit awards. ' GSCSCSW) Stephen A. O ' Conner Engineering Departnnent Leading Chief Petty Officer k ]K GSCS Stephen A. O ' Conner was born and raised in Dunkirk, Indiana. After graduating from high school, he lived and worked in Cleveland, Ohio for two years. He joined the United States Navy in 1985. After graduation for recruit training and GSE " A " school, he reported for duty on the USS Dewert (FFG45) until February 1988. Following GSE " C " school he reported to USS Howes (FFG53). In September 1990, he reported aboard GTMO, Cuba for physical security duty. Following this tour, he reported aboard USS Arleigh Burke (DDG51) for three years. In May of 1996 he then reported aboard FCTCLANT Dam Neck as Command Fitness Coordinator and DAPA. In July 1999 to present Senior Chief O ' Conner reported back aboard USS Arleigh Burke for a second tour of duty. GSCS O ' Conner personal decorations include 5 Navy achievement Medals and 5 good conduct medals. BMC(SW) CHARLES EVAN GUM DECK DIVISION LEADING CHIEF PEnY OFFICER BMC Gum was born in Seattle, Washington on 07 Jul 1968. After graduating from High School in Clovis New Mexico, he entered the Navy on December 1986. He accepted orders to the USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) as WD Division leading Chief Petty Officer in Sept 2002. BMC Gum has two sons. Lance and Jored.BMC Gum ' s personal awards include The Navy Commendation Medal, 6 Navy Achievement medals, 4 Good Conduct Medals and various unit awards. rs GSMC(SW) Terrence L. Dornford Originally from Georgetown Guyana, South America. Moved to Miami, Florida. He attended recruit training at Great Lakes. His sea duty assignments include USS MONETERY (CG 61), USS SUPPLY (AGE 6), USS VELLA GULF (CG 72), and currently serving onboard USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51 ). His shore duty assignment was SIMA Nortolk, VA. l m Damage Controlman Chief j " Petty Officer B 1 Micati Alexander Furse Sr | r ' Chiet Petty Officer Furse ' " was born and raised in South ' Carolina. Following graduation from Denmark- Olar High School in Denmark, South Carolina, he enlisted in the Navy in June 1 982 and reported to RTC Orlando for Recruit training. Upon completion of recruit training, he attended Seamanship Apprenticeship Training at Orlando Naval Station, Orlando, Florida. His tours of duty included the Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt, Northwestern Australia, USS Malon S. Tisdale (FFG-27) home ported in Son Diego, CA, USS Los Alamos (AFDB-7) Holy Loch, Scotland UK, Shore Inter-mediate Maintenance Activity, Norfolk, VA, USS Arthur W. Radford (DD-968) home ported in Norfolk, VA, USS Stout (DDG- 55), Shore Inter-mediate Maintenance Activity San Diego, CA, USS Porter (DDG-78) home ported Norfolk, VA and currently USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) assigned to Engineering Department as Repair Division Officer and Leading Chief Petty Officer. His awards include the Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and numerous unit and campaign ribbons. Chief Petty Officer Furse is married to the former Margaret Nixon Rhea and both enjoy their four children, Cherlydean, Ommeshanay, ichala, Micoh Jr as well as their grand iaughter Charrell. Alan R. Groat Engineman Chief Petty Officer Surface Warfare 3M Coordinator ENC(SW) Groat unlisted in the navy in 1984 3nd attended Engineman lass " A " school after graduating from boot camp. His Shore Duties Include Recruiter In Charge NRD Detroit and Instructor duty Great lakes II. His sea duties ;onsist of USS LaSolle, AGF-3 :OMNAVMIDEASTFORCE; USS Proteus AS-19, ;uam; USS Safeguard ARS-50, HI; and USS vrleigh Burke DDG-51 Norfolk VA. ENC (SW) Groat reported aboard .RLEIGH BURKE in June 1999 and was a lember of Auxiliary division. In September of 000 he was reassigned to the 3MC billet. While serving as 3MC, Chief Groat has completed a iry dock assignment 6 FMAV periods, qualified :OOW, was divisional Chief for A and E division ind two deployments one of which was in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the Navy-Marine .orps Achievement Medal with 5 stars, Meritorious Unit Commendation with 5 stars, rmed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Battle ifficiency " E, " with 2 stars. Good Conduct Medal with 5 stars. National Defense Medal ith 2 stars, Sea Service Ribbon with 7 stars, )verseas Service Ribbon, and Recruiting service Ribbon. He is married to the former Linda Nowak, native of Tecumseh Michigan and Graduate )f Southern Baptist University. Chief Groat has )ne daughter Hali who is an honor role student it Grafton Bethel Elementary. The Groat ' s [ " eside in Yorktown VA. mt Roy E. Heringer Engineman Chief Petty Officer Leading Chief Petty Officer of Auxiliary Division Roy Heringer, a native of Soutin Lebanon, OInio, graduated fronn Kings High Sctnoolin 1985. Chief Heringer started his Naval career at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes Illinois in January of 1991. There he v os nominated Honor recruit for recruit company 071 . He attended Engineman " A " school and was rated and engineman. He reported to USS REID (FFG-30) on 15 August 1991 as a rated engineman fireman recruit, and gained his ESWS qualification and as Second Class Petty Officer. In July 1996 he reported to pre- commissioning detachment for USS ROSS (DDG-71)and was advanced to First Class Petty Officer. In March of 1999 he attended Engineman " C " school for LSD-41 class propulsion technician in route to USS CARTER HALL (LSD-50) as the ships oil king and in July of 1999 was selected as a Chief Petty Officer. Chief Heringer reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in February 2003. Since reporting aboard he has re-qualified EOOW and is a part of the engineering training team. While serving as Auxiliary Division Leading Chief Petty Officer, Chief Heringer completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Chief Heringer ' s awards include the Navy Achievement Medal (5 ' " ), Navy Unit Commendation (2 ' ' ), Battle E (2 " ), Southwest Asian Service Medal (2 " ), NATO Peace Keeping Medal, Sea Service Deployment (4 " ' ), Good Conduct Medal (3 ), Notional Defense Service Medal (2 " " ), Kuwait Liberation Medal, and the Kosovo Liberation Medal. He resides peacefully in Norfolk Virginia. EMC (SW) Eric C. Drees LCPOE and R DIVISION Chief Eric C. Drees was born and raised in Iowa. Following graduation from West Marshall High School in State Center, Iowa, he enlisted in the Army 103 ' " COSCOM and was discharged January 1986 and enlisted into the Navy. Upon completion of recruit training, at Great Lakes, ILL. He attended Electrician Mote " A " School in Great Lakes ILL. His tours of duty have included the USS PRESERVER (ARS-8), USS SHILOH (CG-67), and a recruiting tour at NRD Omaha, Nebraska. His awards include the Army Commendation Medal, Navy Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and numerous unit and campaign ribbons. Chief Drees is married to the former Cami Hoffimester and both enjoy their three children. Hunter, Dustin, and Emma. SKC (SW AW) PAHERSON Chief Patterson is a native of Macon, MS and a graduate of Noxubee County High School. He enlisted in the Navy in March of 1986. His first sea duty assignment was on USS Dewey (DDG 45) where he as Financials Storekeeper. His follow on tours were Naval Hospital Patxent River as a Procurement Agent, USNS Comfort as Supply LPO, USS Ashland (LSD 48) as Stores Officer, Oak Ridge as Supply Department LCPO, Afloat Training Groups Atlantic as Supply Officer. He arrived onboard ARLEIGH BURKE in October 2001 . His personal awards include the Navy Achievement Medal Awards (7), .Good Conduct Medals (3). Chief Roseberry Chief Hospital Corpsman j Chief Roseberry was born fr, in Hartford, Connecticut. m iSii Following graduation V from Middleton High K I School in Middleton, Tennessee, he enlisted in the Navy in September 1984 and reported to RTC Great Lakes for Recruit training. Upon completion of recruit training, he attended Hospital Corp " A " school also in Great Lakes. He later attended Independent Duty Corpsman " C " school in Portsmouth, Va. He currently holds a AA degree from the University of Maryland and is currently progressing toward a physician assistance degree. His tours of duty have included the USS Texas (CGN 39), USS Gladiator (MCM 11), Special Boat Unit Two (USS Fireboit PC 10), tours at Naval Hospital Millington, Tn., Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Fl., and overseas tours at Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan, Naval Hospital Guam, Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia. His awards include the Navy Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, numerous unit and campaign ribbons. Chief Roseberry is married to the former Jeanette Diaz and both enjoy their three children, Robert II, Matthew and Laura. EMMinE COURTNEY PNC(SW) UNITED STATES NAVY PERSONNEL CHIEF Emmitt Courtney, a native of Waco, Texas, graduated with from Waco High School in 1 979. At Waco High School PNC(SW) Courtney played football, baseball and played the trumpet in the concert band. PNC(SW) Courtney enlisted in the Navy on 3 July 1979 and attended recruit training at RTC San Diego California. PNC(SW) Courtney ' s fir st duty station was onboard the USS RICH (DD 820), In Philadelphia, PA. Subsequent sea duty commands were, USS MANLEY (DD 940), USS HAWKINS (DD 973), USS RALEIGH (LHD 1) and the USS KEARSARGE (LHD 3). Shore Duty stations include PSD Washington, D.C, Navy Recruiting District, Washington, D.C COMINEDIV ONE TWO FIVE, Charleston, SC, BUPERS Washington. D.C. and PERSUPACT Naples, Italy. PNC(SW) Courtney reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in November 2002. While serving as Personnel Officer, he completed a deployment in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the two Navy Commendation Medals, three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, five Good Conduct Medals, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and seven Sea Service Deployment Ribbion. He is married to the former Vanessa Jackson, a native of Texas. They have three children, Alexander, Taylor and Tyler Courtney. The Courtney ' s reside in Norfolk. Michael P. Springer CPO, U.S. Navy Electronic Warfare EWC(SW) Springer, a native of New England, graduating from Noble High School, in 1 986. Between his Junior and Senior year, he enlisted into the U.S. Naval Reserve and completed boot camp before his Senior year. While in the Reserves Chief Springer was attached to the USS Fulton (AS- 1 1 ) and completed EW " A " school in 1987, then transtened to Active Duty in Febmaiy 1 989. 1 lis duty assignments after entering Active Duty include: USS Sterett (CG-31) homeportcd in .Subic E av, Philippines from April 1989 to April 1991; " C " School in Pensacola, FL from May 1991 to February 1992; USS Nicholson (DD-982) Homeported in Charleston, SC from March 1992 to February 1995; He did Theater Ballistic Missile Defense working with Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) and the Army Space Command while at Naval Space Command from March 1995 to April 1998; operated a war-gaming system for training Amphibious and Carrier Battle Group Staffs, as well as operate an Amphibious Warfare Demostrator while at EWTGLANT from May 1998 to October 2000; USS Ramage (DDG- 6 1 ) homeported in Norfolk, VA from November 2000 to November 200 1 . Chief Springer joined the Admiral ' s Destroyer and crew during EDSRA in November 200 1 . Chief Springer ' s personal awards include ESWS, a Navy Commodation Medal, an Anny Commodation Medal, a Navy Achievement Medal, Three(3) Battle ' E ' , Four(4) Good Conduct Medals and various campaign and deployment awards. He is married to the former MaGirlie Almario, a native of Bagac, Bataan, Philippines. He has three children, there names are Ainsley, Amina and Ariana. The Z H Springer ' s currently reside B in Chesapeake, Virginia. OSC(SW AW) Gerald Davis JR OSC(SW AW) Davis was born in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating High School he joi ned the Navy in 1984. After graduation from basic training and " A " school he reported to USS Vincennes (CG-49)PCU until April 1988. He then reported to USS Gettysburg (CG-64) PCU until Novennber, 1994. Then CSC Davis reported to CCDG-12 until February 1997. OSC Davis reported to Fleet Training Center ASW Center for Instructor Duty until September,2000 when he reported to USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51). OSC(SW AW) Davis personal decorations include Navy Comnnendafion Medal (1), Navy Achievement Medal (6), Good Conduct Medal (4). GMC(SW) MICHAEL BENTLEY WALL Born in Portland Oregon in 1965. Family of 5 which includes wife Rondo, Daughter Somantho (15), and two sons - Seth ( 1 3) and Austin (11). Joined the Navy in 1982 and reported to my first command in August 1983 aboard the USS New Jersey BB-62. Follow on Commands have been; NTC Great Lakes, USS Philippine Sea CG-58, FTC Damneck 5 inch C School Instructor, USS Gettysburg CG-64, FTSLANT Tech Sup Moyport, USS Caron DD-970, ATG Det Everett Wash, and USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 . Major Qualifications achieved include; Associates of Arts Degree (Majoring in Electronics Engineering), Afloat Training Specialist, and Combat Systems Team Leader While at ATG Everett, Ships Weapons Coordinator(SWC) while attached to DD-970, and ASUWC duties aboard USS Gettysburg and USS Arleigh Burke. Attending Theological Seminary (3 years) in pursuit of Pastorial Degree. ry STGC(SW IUSS) Thomas J. Kuhrt u A native of Buffalo, NY. I j , STGC Kuhrt has been on Hi l B active duty for 19yrs. He F graduated from RTC ■ " %. Great Lakes. His first duty ' 1 station was the USS Lexington(AVT-16) as on undesignated seaman. After graduating from OTA A School and my first duty assignment was NAVFAC Adok Alaska. He was promoted through 2 ' " class during that our. He was transferred to NAVFAC Brawdy, Wales. His subsequent tours have included NOPF Dam Neck, NAVFAC Keflavik Iceland (selected to CPO), Navfac Argentia New Foundland, NRD Los Angeles California, Comnnander Undersea Surveillance Va.. He is currently the WA LCPO on board USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51). STGC Kuhrt ' s wife is Susan, and he has three daughters, Leslea, Margrette, and Hannah. FCC{SW) MICHAEL A. BLACK FCC (SW) Black was born in Latrobe, PA on 24SEP1958. Upon graduating from Bayside High School, he entered the Navy in Oct 1977. After basic training in Great Lakes, IL he attended SK " A " school in Meridian, MS, and was assigned a two year tour at Assault Craft Unit Two, Little Creek, Va. Upon transfer he reported for duty aboard the US Mount Whitney, (LCC 20). After 3 years of broken service, he re turned to the Navy and Great Lakes, IL. After graduating from Fire Controlman " A " School and MK86 " C " School he reported the USS Tarawa (LHA-1) for a five-year tour. Upon completion, he returned to Great Lakes, IL serving at MK86 " C " School maintenance department. In 1994, he rotated back to sea where he served aboard and decommissioned the USS Conolly (DD 979) in Mayport, FL in 1998. Upon transfer, he reported to Great Lakes, IL, taught Electronics Technician " A " School and served as Course Officer for MK86 " C " School. Upon completion of MK160 GWS " C " School he accepted orders to the USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) May 2003. FCC Black ' s personal awards include 3 Navy Achievement medals, 6 Good Conduct Medals, and various unit awards, and has an Associate of Arts Degree from the University of Phoenix. GMC(SW) Robert R. Dumont A native of Fall River, MA, Chief Dumont enlisted in the Navy on 23 March 1983. He attended recruit training of Great Lakes, IL. Sea duty assignments include USS MCANDLESS (FF-1084), USS CAPPODANNO (FF 1093), USS WHIDBEY ISLAND (LSD-41), USS GUAM (LPH-9) and presently USS ARLEIGH BURKE (DDG 51). His shore duty assignments include SIMA Newport, Rl, COMREGSUPPGRU, Norfolk. ITCS(SW)ANTHONY (TONY) ADAMS BIO Graduated from ST. Clairsville High School in 1987 and left for the United States Navy. Senior Chief Adams is the Leading Chief Petty Officer for the Combat Systems Department. After graduation from basic training he reported to RM " A " school. Graduating " A " school in 1 988 he reported for duty as a plank owner onboard the USS Defender MCM-2. Transferring in 1990 he reported for duty to Commander Amphibious Group Two embarked onboard the USS Nassau LHA-4 forward-deployed ISO Operation Desert Shield Storm. He earned his Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) qualification during this tour of duty. In 1992 he reported to SSC San Diego for Radioman " 07 " school. Upon completion of " 0 " school he reported to Naval Ocean Processing Facility Dam Neck VA. In 1994 he was selected for orders and reassigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group Dam Neck VA. In 1998 he transferred to Naval Computer Jelecommunications Station Bahrain for a 1 Danno 3-41), year unaccompanied tour. During this tour ot duty he was selected as Sailor Of the Year. In 1 999 he screened for duty as an Instructor and transferred to the Navy Marine Corp ' s Intelligence Training Center, Dam Neck VA. He was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and obtained the qualification as a Master Training Specialist. In 2002 he transferred to the USS ARLEIGH Burke were he was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2003. Senior Chief Adams is married to the former Heather Ann Campbell of St. Clairsville, Ohio. They reside in North Carolina and have one son Anthony (TJ) and two daughters Taylor and Brooke. Senior Chief ' s personal awards include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, 3 Navy Commendation Medals, 4 Navy Achievement Medals, 4 Good Conduct Medals, and various unit awards. FCC (SW) Robert S.Herr Chief Herr hails from Jeffersonville, In. He attended St. Xavier High School and graduated in 1981. He joined the Navy in 1985 as an FTM. His first Sea tour was onboard USS SEMMES DDG-18, homeport Charleston, SC. Duties included Mk 152 Computer Tech, Harpoon SWG-1 and 51 C D radar Tech. In 1991, he took orders to Recruiting Duty in Terre Haute, In. While on Recruiting Duty, he enlisted 70 young men and women into the Navy. He entered the Aegis pipeline in 1995 OS a Spy Radar Technician. Upon completion of " C " school in Dahlgren, Va. He accepted orders to USS Monterey CG- 61. In 1998, he again returned to Dahlgren as a SPY radar instructor. While there he assumed the role as LPO for the SPY instructor element and later assumed the role as the Course Supervisor for the SPY-IB side of the house. He also ottendedthe Aegis Weapon System and Combat System Maintenance Manager Courses. He accepted orders to USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 in 2001 and reported aboard in March 2002. He is married to Jacqueline Fernandez Herr. They have 2 sons. i us John J. Parsons John Parsons, a notiveofNorth Wilkesboro, NorthCorolino, graduated from West Wilkes High School in 1981. At West Wilkes High, Chief Parsons lettered in football, track, and wrestling. Chief Parsons was initiated in 1998 of Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, Virginia. He was assigned as the Leading Chief Petty Officer for Tactical Maintenance Department at the Aegis Training and Readiness Center. Chief Parsons started his career onboard the USS BROOKE (FFG-1) as a Weapons Direction System technician. He then commissioned the USS ANTIETAM (CG- 54) and USS LAKE ERIE (CG-70) where he served as on AN-SPY Radar technician and Division Leading Petty Officer. Chief Parsons reported aboard ARLEIGH BURKE in October 2000. While sending as Combat Systems Leading Petty Officer, Chief Parsons completed two deployments. The latest in January of 2003 was in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. His awards include the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Battle Efficiency " E, " Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, South West Asia Service Medal, and Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. Comba t Systems Fire Control Division CF Division started the deployment with 100% operobility on oil AEGIS equipment, completing a rigorous and difticult in-port period due to casualties. CF Division personnel spent many otf duty hours correcting several casualties prior to deployment, ensuring that all AEGIS equipment was prepared for possible combat action in a hostile environment. Within 10 days of getting underway, the Fire Controlman and their equipment were put to the test, successfully launching two Standard Missiles against multiple Inbound targets. While supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, CF Division was thrust into the spotlight again, assisting in Tomahawk Missile launching. Numerous personnel filled key watch stations in direct support during all STRIKE missions. CF Divisions paved the way for Arleigh Burkes Combat Camera Crew, providing photographic and editing expertise. Behind the scenes, CF Division provided data recording for all facets of the AEGIS Weapons System. Once analyzed, these recordings will be used to mold future procedures for Tomahawk Strike missions, contributing to a more prepared and ready Navy in the future. Fire Controlmen are on integral part of all command operations including VBSS, security watches for escort duties and inport security forces, line handling for UNREPS and numerous stores onload working parties. CF Division kept the ship " Built to Fight " . CSOl DIVISION Best CSOl division on the waterfront. Leading the crew is the Systems Test Officer " STO " , LTJG Mary Clark, OCSOT OGRE. Holding it all together is the Combat Systems Maintenance Manager " CSMM " , FCC(SW) Robert Herr, MAINTENANCE MONSTER. Keeping things smooth flowing are the Admin Technical Publications Supervisors, FC2(SW) Carlos Harris and STGl Michael Courtney. CSOl is the small, quiet, behind the scenes division with many unique responsibilities within Combat Systems and Weapons department. Some of those responsibilities even take us into Operations and Engineering department. Our job titles describe a few of those responsibilities: Testing Aegis Non-Aegis systems; corrective preventive maintenance management; electronic paper publications administration. The opportunity to work around so many different ratings is priceless and one of the best things about our job is working with some really great technicians. WE ARE PROUD TO CLAIM THE TITLE OF CSOl . CX DIVISION CX DIVISION mokes up ARLEIGH BURKE ' s Strike Team. The Strike Team is in charge of the tactical employment of Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles. CX Division also maintains the ship ' s Force Over the Horizon Track Coordinator (FOTC) picture as Database Managers. When the Strike Team sounded the salvo warning alarm for real, CX Division earned distinction as the first ARLEIGH BURKE Strike Team to launch Tomahawks from the Admiral ' s Destroyer in anger, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. All the countless exercises during COMPTUEX and in theatre in the Mediterranean paid off when ARLEIGH BURKE received the call to head through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Over the next two weeks, CX Division was responsible for successfully launching over 20 Tomahawks into Iraq from both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. For the Tomahawk EC ' s it was the culmination of years of training exercises, CX Division will always remember their vital role in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 30 Combat Systems ROWl FC3 DARIAN GRAHAM ETl(SW) MELVIN DAVIS FC3 DEON DUNN ET1(SW IUSS) MICHAEL DRASHCOVICH ROW 2 FCl(SW) WILLIAM GEORGE FCl(SW) CHARLES NOBLES ET2 KEITH BEGIS STGl(SW) MICHAEL COURTNEY ROW 3 ET2(SW) JEREMY DOSS FC2 ROBERT GRADY ET2 SKAGGS GRAFTON FC2 CARLOS HARRIS flt tie ROW 4 FC2 JOHN STAMEY FC2 EARL THURMAN JR FC2 BEN WAPPELHORST FC3 JOHN BEJARANO ROWS FC3 LANCE BENTLEY FC3 HARLESS BLANKENSHiP FC3(SW) DONALD CORMIER FC3 IAN COVILL 31 • ■ I- ■M, . ' f " Combat Systems JSl- -i :?. te.-.. ROWl ET3 JOHN GENO FC3 NICHOLAS HASH FC3 RICHARD HOVATTER IT JUSTIN JOHNSTON ROW 2 FC3 THOMAS RIVERA ET3 JOHN SCHWAB ET3(SW) MATTHEW SHAW FC3 RAYMOND VONDISSEN ROW 3 FC3 JASON WAY MAN FC3(SW) MATT WEISS ETSN JEREMY BRYSON ETSN TRISTAN HEMBREE ROW 4 fcsn tommy jones fcsn matthew kestner fc3 richard dixon i;ti drashcovic ROWS ET3 JAMES ENGLISH ET3 JASON FISHER FC3 DAVID GAUTHIER-RICHMOND FC2 HARRIS 32 .1 ll: 33 Combat Systems OC Division The Information Systems Technician of the 21st century operates and maintains the Navy ' s global satellite telecommunications systems, mainframe computers, local and wide area networks, and micro-computer systems used in the fleet. Administrative support is also provided with the operation of automated equipment that keeps records of personnel training, disbursement, health, assignments and promotions within the Navy. They ensure the all-important communications link between units of sea and stations ashore. The duties performed by " IT ' s " are designing, installing, operating and maintaining state-of-the-art information systems technology including local and wide area networks, mainframe, mini and microcomputer systems and associated peripheral devices. They write programs to handle the collection, manipulation and distribution of data for a wide variety of applications and requirements and perform the functions of a computer system analyst. All while operating and coordinating telecommunications systems including automated networks and the full spectrum of data links and circuits, transmitting, receiving, operating, monitoring, controlling and processing all forms of telecommunications through various transmission media including global networks and applying diagnostic, corrective and recovery techniques to all facets of the integrated information systems; Ol Division Down in the bat cove known as Combat Information Center (CIC) resides a league of war fighters known as Operations Specialists (OS ' s). From displaying and disseminating sensor data to providing the bridge with navigational recommendations, OS ' s are always on the call. The breadth of their knowledge and volume of work that they accomplish in a normal day is daunting. During this deployment, Ol Division ' s super-heroic achievements speak for themselves: logging 168 hours of control time v ith various helo ' s and P-3 ' s, helping pilot the ship through 88 escort transits, supporting and setting the ship up for successful strike operations in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, and providing crucial information on countless surface and air contacts for over five months. Throw in their support for special evolutions such as UNREP ' s, Naval Surface Fire Support exercises, MIO boardings and entering and exiting port, and you might hove on idea of the range of our OS ' s abilities. Enter the darkness of CIC, the true battlefield of the ship, but don ' t be afraid. She ' s manned by that league of war fighters known as Ol Division. 34 ' U " t I- ' - ' Combat Systems ENGINEERING It ' s two am and ttie watcti is releived tt)e logs turned over my oily rags received. Nuw uil sumfjle in Mu n Onu generator temps for Main Two looking h gh ttien low in every space I pass ttirough. Mine is ttie task of keeping good order fill the tank , pump ttie bilge , turn that rotor. The roar of my turbines fills the space all to loud I wipe all greasy deck plates this is my engine room and I ' m proud. All is order and running so clean through the Arabian Gulf all this night we will steam. Willing to fight all missiles stay armed we stand at the ready just sound the alarm. But for now we run quiet resting for the dawn our spirits stand hopeful we crushed Sadam. While floating in this sea just a few nautical miles west of hell I report to my senior. " Sir.... she ' s running well. " On back to labors again looking hi then low this watch is half over only three hours to go. m When asked why I do it why a Naval career I say it ' s my purpose this seems quite clear. So my mates can sleep well and never need fear for down in the hole I stand the watch The Vigilant Engineer HT2 JUSTIN L SMITH ENGINEERING AUXILIARY DIVISION AKA " JACK-OF-ALL TRADES DIVISION " OR BETTER KNOWN ON THE WATER FRONT AS " A-GANG " IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING FROM SHIP ' S LAUNDRY AND GALLEY EQUIPMENT TO MAINTAINING ARLEIGH BURKE ' S FOUR 200 TON AIR CONDITIONING UNITS TO THE STEERING GEARS. OUR MOTTO, " GIVE US THE TOOLS AND PARTS AND WE ' LL FIX IT! " DURING MEDITERRANEAN ARABIAN GULF DEPLOYMENT AND IN SUPPORT OF OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM OPERATIONS ONBOARD USS ARLEIGH BURKE A-DIVISION SUPPORTED COMBAT SYSTEMS IN THEIR 100% SUCCESSFUL STRIKE OPERATIONS. A-DIVISION ' S UNYIELDING DEDICATION TO SERVE THEIR SHIPMATES RESULTED IN AN UNPRECENDENTED RESPONSE TO CORRECTING DISCREPANCIES PROVIDING HEALTH AND COMFORT TO THE CREW. E DIVISION Electrically charged, ARLEIGHBURKE ' S E DIVISION, is comprised of Electricians Mates and Interior Communications Electricians. Despite being one of ttie smallest divisions onboard, E Division carries quite a considerable load as the master ' s of all that is electrical. As ARLEIGH BURKE ' s own General Electric, you con find E Division personnel making repairs on equipment ranging from the IMC to navigational running lights. E Division is also responsible for all interior communications, site television, and the movie channels v e have all come to enjoy. If it has electrical pov» er, v e own it! If it doesn ' t, we ' ll make sure it does! MP DIVISION The story for the men of MP division began much earlier. Throughout the year the men of MP division pulled off the impossible with nothing but stamina, ingenuity, and creativity. After coming out of an abbreviated yard period straight into an IDTC that measured the true fabric of the division and earned the Department the Engineering Excellence Award from Commander Atlantic Fleet, the GSM ' s and GSE ' s readied the Main Propulsion Plant for a deployment. It was now time to take the Pride and Joy of Arleigh Burkes 7 engines to sea in support of Combat System ' s and Operation ' s Departments in support of Iraqi Freedom. The age-old motto: " Engineering Department Manned and Ready to answer all bells, " sounded once again thanks to the hard work and dedication of these men. While on station these men performed under harsh conditions with little in the way of outside support: from numerous repairs to the ship ' s Gas Turbine Generators; Gas Turbine Main Engines and a Main Space fire in Main One and a host of other repairs and maintenance issues to numerous to mention. Furthermore, these men were able to supply full power at a moments notice and maintain stable 60-Hertz electricity to the " Loop " in support of Tomahawk Missile launches and VBSS boarding teams. ENGINEERING REPAIR DIVISION HULL TECHNICIANS, DAMAGE CONTROLMAN, MACHINE REPAIRMEN responsible for preventive maintenance and repairs to ship ' s piping systems, Fire-Fighting systems, machine fabrication of repair parts for vital shipboard equipment and Emergent DEPOT level repairs. Repair Division personnel are highly trained and qualified specialist and technicians. They all earned the name 91 1 from their team actions during an actual Main Space Fire casualty. The team efforts saved the ship and enable ARLIEGH BURKE to continue it ' s SURGE Deployment mission and ship engagement during Operation Iraqi Freedom. LEADING FROM THE FRONT Row! EMFN DANIEL WALKER ICl(SW) MARTY EVEREH GSMl(SW) CHRISTOPHER GALOSI EMl(SW) RANDY GWYNN Row 2 ENl OSWALDO NAVA JR ENl TRAVIS WILLIAMS EM2 FRANCISCO ANDINO EM2 CHADWICK BRADLEY Row 3 GSM BRADY CARMACK III HT2 CHARLES CUMMINGS GSM2(SW) JEFFREY CUSEY DC2 RYAN OUTRIGHT 38 fepoirs, FRONT liffiE EM2 JOSHUA DORRIS IC2 ZEPHAN GOODWIN IC2 DAVID HOLMBERG EM2 MARIA PEDROSA Row 2 DC3 JOSEPH BEAMAN GSE3 GLENN BROWNE IC3 TODD COCHRAN GSE3 NATHAN DUNN Row 3 EN3 LARRY FRIEND HT3 IAN GEORGE GSE3 COREY GILLIARD IC3 NATHAN GRENINGER Row 4 IC3 GREYBOWSKI MR3 STEPHEN KING EM3 RIGO KITMANYEN GSE3 TRAVIS LEA Row 5 GSM3 SAUL PEDRAZA GSE3 MISAEL SEMANA GSM3(SW) BRANDON SNYDER EN3 DAVID SPITZER 39 r •._ »■- V c ' y ■ ' i i Row 1 GSE3 DANIEL TUBB EN3 PATRICK WHEELER GSM3 BRETT WORD GSMFN MITCHELL COCHRAN Row 2 DCFN JASON HINKLE ENFN DANIEL KEOUGH FN STEPHEN LABAR DCFN BRENT LOCKE Row 3 ENFN JORGE SAGUAY FN MARTEZTHORNTON ENDARYL WILCHER n .4 n i EBS ' llieNa sistsol (QMS) I 3reres| ' ce!esti( ifllp-tO ' ond of ykoi . A •% ' Snt Navisation- Administration I The Navigation Division (NNOl) con- sists of tiie ship ' s Quartermasters (QMs) and Signalmen (SMs). The QMs ore responsible for plotting ship ' s course by means of charts, radar, celestial navigation, and global posi- tioning. The SMs ore responsible for ship-to-ship communication via flags and or lights. V Pi .:.vr t Navigation- Administration Row 1 YNl KEN DAWSON SMI NATHANIEL HARRIS SMI DEREK JOHNSON NCI THOMAS SCHROEDER Row 2 QM 1 (SW) WAYNE TAYLOR JR YN2 CHARELS MEADOWS YN3 CHARLES ADAMS YN3 TERRENCE BOOKER Row 3 QM3 ROBERT DENNISON HM3 ADAM FISKE QM3 MARK GARRETT PN3 (SW) JAMES MACK Row 4 YN3(SW) DAVID PETERSON SMSN KEVIN WASHINGTON PNSN LERUNE WHITE SMSA RICARDO DAVIS Row 5 PRSR scon WHISTLER i 42 Medical-Administration I 43 LA edical-Administration Medical Department The Medical Department (MHOl) is made up an Independent Duty Corpsman and one general duty corpsman. They ore responsible for the health and well being ot the ships crew. The independent duty corpsman treats and diagnosis a wide range of medical and dental ailments. They are also trained in emergency medicine. They also act as the preventive medicine representative, industrial hygiene and safety observer. Administrative Division (XXOl) is the ship ' s clerical division and boasts the reputation of being the best on the waterfront and lives by the motto " there is no administrative task to great for us to handle " . The Division also prides itself in the quality of customer service provided to the ship ' s crew along with embarked detachments. The Division consists of Yeomen (YNs), Personnelmen (PNs), Chief Moster-at-Arms (CMAA) and Career Counselor. The YNs ore in charge of the Ship ' s Office and process all of the ship ' s administrative paperwork. The YNs also maintain data and manning pertaining to all officers onboard and attached TAD. The PNs maintain all crew service records and process all enlisted transactions. The CMAA is the ship ' s low enforcement specialist, ensuring that Navy Regulations and the UCMJ are enforced. The CMAA also acts as the ship ' s liaison with civil authorities. The Career Counselor is responsible for all enlisted Sailor career intentions and liaisons with the Bureau of Naval Personnel on crewmember ' s behalf. The Career Counselor has also spearheaded the attainment of the prestigious Golden Anchor Award for the lost two years. The award is for exceeding the Navy ' s goal for retaining Sailors in the Navy. L Operations OT Division OT Division is comprised of, wliat I shall call the creme de la creme. It ' s members are outgoing, energetic, always optimistic. Lead by EWC{SW) Springer, code name Kodak, whose motto is have camera, will travel. ISI(SW) Abbott has set and broken several records, including being called over the IMC, as the head Beagle on the Snoopy INTEL Team. EWI(SW) McCullar, besides being our lead Tech, has set the standard as our host of our weekly Bingo, look out Vanno. EW2(SW) ' Tactical ' Ahin, has terrified well inspired us to be the best that we can possibly be by intimidating we mean encouraging us every step of the way. EW2 ' Scarface ' Olivier, on his first trip away from home, has discovered that bring civilian clothes is a good thing, and sometimes necessary. EW3 ' Captain Kirk ' Rogers, our resident Commander of the Storship EW, is looking forward to the day when he will NOT BE THE JUNIOR GUY. And last but not least, lets not forget the LPO, EWl(SW) Prioleau, a.k.o. Barry White, spinning his soulful sounds on the R T while waiting for Batteries Release. Atop the EW food chain is our illustrious leader LTJG Greattiouse. He is the EWO this week, TRAINO the next week and Work-Out king the week after that. With that said. Team OT has been able to blend experience with various styles to achieve many goals and lead the way from the Tip of the Sphere by providing Signal Analysis and INTEL that has led to a successful deployment and mission accomplishment. 45 Row 1 ISl GORDON ABBOTT OSl(SW) WILLIAM GALLAGHER OSl CLEVELAND JACKSON EWl SAMUEL MCCULLAR Row 2 051 RICARDO VARGAS OS2(SW) JASON FRENCH OS2(SW) CRAIG GERMEYER 052 BOBBY GREGORY Row 3 OS2 CHARLES HILL OS2 RUFUS JACKSON OS2(SW) CHARLES KAZER OS2 RICHARD KNAUSS 5 iii ■■■•-- - Row 1 OS2 MATTHEW LAGARES OS2 DARELL LITTLE OS2 ADAM MACKE OS2 JEFFEREY MURRAY Row 2 EW2 CHRISTOPHER OLIVIER OS2 TRI-SHONE RANDALL OS RANDOLPH STRAHAN EW3 KIRK ROGERS Row 3 OSSN DAVID SMITH OSSN NICHOLAS DAVIS OSSN KELVIN DENNIS OSSN ERIC RING Row 4 OSSN ANTWUAN SMOAKES OSSA VICTOR RODRIGUEZ Row 5 OSSN DARIO SMITH OSSN DENNIS : ' : Pl ' • 1 " Ml 4 €4 II I 47 Supply Department Supply Department Supply Department is thie life ' s blood of the shiip. Whethier it is a Steel Beachi Picnic, Dining In, processing Casreps, passing out mail from loved ones, or just quality items in the Ship ' s Store. The morale of the Ship ' s Crew lies with us and like Allstate " It ' s in good hands " With the mantra of, " Always Ready " : The Food Service Division served over 720 meals, supported 24 Steel Beaches, too many Ice Cream Socials to count, and 8 birthday meals in support of the crew. The Ship ' s Storekeepers ordered over 200 CASREPS PARTS and 3,000 other parts requests, to include paint, paper supplies, and numerous consumables. Managing over 4 million in Ship ' s OPTAR in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The ship ' s Postal Clerk received over 3 tons of mail to support the morale of the Team 51 . The Ship ' s Servicemen had their hands full this deployment. The barbershop (T-51 Cuts) produced 3,000 extraordinary haircuts. While the laundry crew had their hands busy processing over 67,500 lbs of laundry. The sales outlets didn ' t do to shabby either, collecting over 50,000 dollars in profits that will go to the ships MWR program. The poor vending machines, or if you have ever lost money in it, slot machines may have had the toughest cruise of us all. Running 24-7, the vending machines did their job with a refreshingly cool willingness despite the constant abuse of shipmates demanding that they never display a red burning light. We ' re not your average 9 to 5 bankers, we are the Mighty Disbursing Clerks that have sucessfully managed, disbursed, and collected over half a million dollars in 5 short months. When you mention 100% satisfaction in Customer Service, you automatically think DKs. Pay problems are words we never hear! Our ATM system is top of the line and never once hod a hiccup, when we say 24-7 , we mean 24-7! When we are not providing superb customer service, you can find us competing in challenging mind games such as. Chess, Win-A-Million, and Operation Code Blue. The Supply Department successfully handled 10 conreps for provisions, ports, sodas, and moil. The determination and tenacity of the Supply Department helped keep the ship ' s morale high and ensured a successful deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 1 48 Supply Department I 49 Supply Department Row 1 MS3 DENNIS BORDOK MS3 WILLIAM BURGES SH3 SAMUEL COLEMAN MS3 JASON GOOCH Row 2 SH3 JAMES LINDSEY DANIEL PALMER SHSN JOSE CORONA FN BRYAN ELLIS iP ' ■«.,r Row 3 SN CARLIN MILLS MSSN RONALD PRIDE JR KESSELER TARVER SKSA MICHAEL KREINER Row 4 SH2 BRIMAGE PC2 NORMAN FN ELLIS 50 1 1 51 Supply Department ;, • ■ J 53 First Division First Division. Blood and Sweat, the heart ot USS ARLEIGH BURKE ' S special evolutions. From Underway Replenishments to Sea and Anchors to Flight Quarters you ' ll find Deck hard at work. The pride in a ship is the way it looks when it pulls into port, thanks to 1 ' ' Division ARLEIGH BURKE is bright and shiny and nowhere near looking her 13 years. Deck was busy this Deployment with many Underway Replenishments with such ships as USS SUPPLY, USS KANAWHA AND ITS STROMBOLl, vertical Replenishments ot up to 40 pallets at once and the always-loved mail drops, and Flight Quarters with visits from such helo ' s as DESSERT DUCK who left their mark on our flight deck for years to come. Small Boot operations and LIO MIO boardings. 1st Division is always ready when needed no maffer the f me or place. WA WA, We are the masters of the world of Underwater. We detect, classify, track, and destroy if necessary enemy submarines. Our reputation in the DESRON is unparralled after " One Shot One Kill " Roy had the only confirmed kill by a Surface Ship in COMPTUEX. We are not a 1 dimensional group for we have be known to clean a Bilge or two and are pretty handy at being TOPSIDE WARRIORS. Last but not least we are some of the most prolific topside 50 GAL Watchstanders the Admiral ' s Destroyer has seen to date. We do what it takes to support the Mission. . (- « { J. " r ■■♦:.- vi ? " 2 ni:.- « . 55 Weapons Department Row 1 GM2 BRIAN DUNCAN GM2 TRISTAN DURHAM STG2 JOHN FAULKNER TM2 LARRY FINCH Row 2 GM2 JASON GILLILAND FC2 BRADLEY HAWKINS STG2(SW) THOMAS HOBAN STG2(SW) NATHAN MAINE Row 3 STG2 CHRIS ORTIGOZA GM2 JEREMY PESCRILLO STG2(SW) JUSTIN PFISTER BM2 JASON RODGERS 56 Weapons Department Row 1 STG2 CHRISTOPHER SIMMS FC2(SW) JAMES TAYLOR BM3 CASEY HAMMOND BM3 DONNIE HARTSOCK Row 2 BM3 WILLARD HEWING STG3 DUSTIN KROB GM3 KENNETH LINDQUIST GM3 JESSE LONGFORD Row 3 STG3 JOHN STOCKTON BM3 HASSAN SULUKI FC3(SW) ERIC WAGNER STG3 WISKUR 57 ■•:- r -Wi ' T Weapons Department 58 Weapons Department i 59 Weapons Department Weapons Department I 61 Special Evolutions: Shots Around the World ■ ' ' i.. ««Xi. " rji Stros Transit: 20 February 2003 L I Suez Transit: 23 May 2003 ■-ii_iMj ' t ii ' V h JIIIITTT " - A % ESm 1 M «(titi»v. i ■jm --Wt i r . J L L ' I--. y %-s 2yt ' " v 5f ' ' ' ' - 1 ii — " 64 Unrep: 29 April, 27 May 2003 Unrep USNS Supply: 3, 7, 9 February 2003 6(1 VBSS Boardins: 67 SEA Anchor 68 Port Visits Cartegna, Spain I 69 Port Visits: Cartegna, Spain 70 Port Visits: The Spanish Countryside , y J nu . JKtt j h l z » L A- SL Ah 71 Port Visits In Port 72 te Fun Times at Sea Steel Beach 74 HwtiS. r v:r i 1 - M m It 1 - 75 Fun Times at Sea MWR Events Fun Times at Sea MWR Events 79 All Hands: 80 All Hands: Beer Day: M r 4l 1 - - r 1 %! -A. 82 Ship Life: Christmas in May 84 Ship Life: 85 Ship Life: Wash Down Ship Life: Wash Down ARLEIGH BURKE Ship ' s Faces 88 ARLErGH BURKE: Ship ' s Faces 89 ARLEIGH BURKE Ship ' s Faces 90 1 ARLEIGH BURKE Ship ' s Faces Py ELCOME j qME SPUH I DADDY ' . ' . H| iiflfl BI 11 rl ELCOME . ?.T,t7.F«FTf j-.r-.f b i ur -i) 92 I

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