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Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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A HQ aw 335 Ei mx nn SEHHHETW5 Flmkggmlwfd I 655.13 r o ? ' l 45 -' nm 'T-7-b77'T', Q? Q Q QT 4- 1461701 fo V- -J--fi and-g in ,pf In slncere apprec1at1on for h1s mvaluable assxstance to us m our many endeavors dunng our school years we dedlcate Ih1S Twenty fxrst Edmon of the Arkon to Mr Walter Sherner. f . , JY E1 4 X Q 1 BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr.Timmerman, Mr. Pfaff, Mr. Benning, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Stems. FACULTY FIRST ROW Mrs Krogg rs Hartnett Mrs Krmbel Mrs Westlake Mrss Lander rs Meyers Mrs Frdler Mlss MacM1nn Mrs McCaffery SECOND ROW Mr Perry Mrs Marcus Mrs Beman Mrs Klng Mrss Co111ns Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Lrnzy Haynes Bancroft Multer Kennell Flanders , , Mr. M . . Mr. ' , ' , Mr. Miss Wight , ' Mr. Sherner M . . Mr. , ' , Mr. THIRD ROW Ba mard S1de1 Foster Fenner Gaffney Haynes Rose McCaffery YEARBOOK S TAFF SEATED C Norton R Meyers S Mason M Dunham STANDING B Tlmmerrnan K Lxbbey W Harrmgton D Fa1zo1 EDITOR Murray Dunham PHOTO EDITOR Charlene Norton TYPING EDITOR Rosahe Meyers SPORTS EDITOR Kenny Llbbey ADVERTISING MGR Sonja Mason SALES MGR Wayne Harnngton YEARBOCXC ADVISOR. Mr Haynes SENIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT Murray Dunham VICE PRESIDENT Soma Mason SECRETARY Rosahe Meyers TREASURER Dot McK1bben ADVISOR Nr Perry ASSISTANT EDITOR: Bonnie Timrnerman ART EDITOR: Dick Falzoi iiiw. Qlewigw if-S3136 'Xsisxw, 1XxxKi7 CLASS POEM The Class of 58 1S proud as lt can be To present IH Ih1S our yearbook a brt of poetry We re a class wrth vaned talents From sports to creauve art So to grve you a ghmpse of our famrly tree Wrth our pres1dent we w1l1 start Murray IS our pres1dent And tops he ll always be As he g11ld6S us wrth our yearbook And to basketball vlctory Next 1n l1ne 15 Soma V1ce Pres1dent of our class Outstandmg for her marks We know she 11 surely pass Secretary of our lrttle group Is none other than Rosahe Meyers Cheenng at our varsrty games She s one who never t1res Dotue 1S our treasurer And surely 15 a honey For when she srmles her fnendly smlle As capta1n of the cheerleaders Sus1e really IS just great But V1nn1e is the fella Who 1n her heart does rate We can t forget our Edgar A speed demon on the track For w1th hrs personalrty There s nothlng he does lack Tall dark and handsome Is a g11y by the name of Gary Iust one glance from h1S brown eyes W1l1 make all the g1rls tarry If ever a red ha1red lass you see Scootrng around 1n a Model T You 11 know Sandy Karns IS on the road W1th Martha and Bonrue her favorrte load Ruth Slocum IS calm Qu1et as a preacher But her Chosen professron IS a Home Ec teacher Donna IS frrendly Though very quret They say once you know her She s really a not . . l . . ' . D '. , . l . I I l . D , , l I Who thinks about their money? D I I . D I I . I , ..' , . I I ' 1 . 1 Moves QUICR as a flash When there s work to be done That s our Bonn1e Who lS full of fun Mo IS qulet and bashful A real swell guy But he turns a pale prnk If a grrl wrnks her eye Beauuful ha1r and a gal full of fun That s Jeanette Krmbel A frrend of everyone Kenny rs terr1f1c In each one of hrs studres And yet he always frnds mme For fun wrth all hrs buddles Donnre IS a Romeo Wrth each and every glrl But there s a spec1al blonde Who keeps h1m rn a whrrl Sandy w1th her brg brown eyes Was voted Harvest Queen As M1ss Ackers 1n our play She really was qurte keen In a group called F T A She hopes to go to school And a teacher be someday Carol IS always w1th John No matter where they go For ln four years ofhrgh school The1r f1rendsh1p sure d1d grow D1ck IS our arust And athlete too For 1n basketball and baseball He wrns qurte a few The star of all our pole vaulters Is a frlendly boy named John He has a beauuful smrle And of Carol rs rmghty fond Rosre Jets here and there In her b1g famlly car But you can bet your lrfe Stubs not away too far Wayne Harnngton IS known For hls bratn and dramat1c skrll For he surely stole our play Each urne he took a p1ll. , . Ruth Coller is real active, I I . . . - ' Jamce keeps the time In our J V games t1s true But Ray occupres her trme Whenever the game IS through She always has a glggle And a dare ya up her sleeve But we wtll all mrss Martha When rt s ume for us to leave A sharp looklng gal Is Bonme Kame you see Wrth her sweet and lovely vo1ce She keeps us all on key Wrth accurate style and grace Charlene can really skate And lf you re at the rrnk You ll see she s truly great Though homework IS a struggle Arthur muaculously gets rt done And st1ll frnds the t1me In hrs Ford to have some fun Wrth hrs wrse cracks every day But we thlnk he s tops There s nothmg more to say Jack IS always happy And leads a lrfe qulte gay For h1s good natured manner W1ll brrghten every day Now don t you be frrghtened Or rrng an alann We drdn t forget Wayne Who works on the farm Now that we ve dlscussed each member Of our Class of Frfty Erght We d l1ke to thank Mr Perry For he s been truly great We d l1ke to thank Mr Fenner The teachers, and all the rest For our twelve years at Arkport Have been the very best ,. , , , Y . , , . . . , . , . . . . Vinnie can be witty, . - . . - - '., ' l . . . SANDY BROWN "Sandy" "The heart hath eyes that the brain knows nothing Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading Iayvee 2, Varsity 4g Library Club 3,4g Dramatic Club 4g Senior Play, Harvest Queen 4. RUTH COLLER "Ruth" "Our duty is to be useful." Chorus 1,2,3,-45 Dramatic Club 4g Future Teachers Association 3,4. CAROL DUNHAM "Cookie" "Constancy is human nature." Chorus 1,2,3g Athletic Association 1,2,3, Vice-Presi- dent lg Potato Queen Nominee 3g Dramatic Club 4g Senior Play 4g Library Staff 1,2,3,4g Senior Play Senior Play 4g Library Staff l,2,3,4g County Chorus 3g Basketball Scorekeeper 2,3,4. MURRAY DUNHAM "Skip" "Success never needs an excuse." Basketball l,2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,4g Track l,2,4g Baseball l,2,4g Class President l,2,3,4g Yearbook Editorg Dra- matic Club 4g Senior Playg Boys' Statekepresen- ativeg Library Club 3. X DICK FALZOI "It takes a great man to be a good 1istener." Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Soccer 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2,33 Senior Play Vice-President 2,31 Student Council lg F.T.A. 4 Dramatic Club 4g Yearbook Cart editorj Soccer Sec- tionals 3,4. JOHN FALZOI "No man lives happily alone." Basketball l,2,3,4g Soccer l,2,3,4p Track l,2,3,4g Athletic Association 1, 35 Red Cross l, 2. JACK GESNER "Gizard" - "To live is not merely to breathe--it is to act." Basketball Manager 15 Basketball 25 Soccer 2,35 Baseball 35 Dramatic Club 45 Senior Play 45 Senior ' Play Property Manager. ROSEMARY GRIMM "Rosie" "This world is not so bad a world." Drarnatics Club 45 Library Club 4. JANICE HANN "Ian" "lf I can't have a bushel of silver, l'll do with a bushel of gold." Music Club 15 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Senior Play5 Dramatics Club 45 Library Club 253,45 County Chorus 25 Dance Band 35 and J.V. Timer 4. 'Mb' 2 MARTHA JONES "Mart" "So we must part, who've spent so many pleasant years together." Senior Play 45 Dramatic Club 4g Library Club 4. ? .Q 4,- WAYNE HARRINGTON "Harry" "Ignorance never settles a question." Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,35 Basketball l,2,3,4g Soccer 3,45 Senior Play 4. VINCENT KAME "Vin" "The best of life is conversation." Student Council 3g Basketball 25 Soccer 3. wmv! YVONNE KAME "Bonnie" "Girls have curious minds." Band l,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g County Chorus 2,35 All State Sectionals 3,4g Basket Ball Timer 1,2,3,4gSoccer Cheerleader lg Student Councilg Vice-President 3g Music Club lg Dramatic Club 4-g Library Club 2,3,4g Dance Band 33 Senior Play Cast. "A good laugh is sunshine in the house. " Senior Play 4. SANDRA KARNS "Sandy" Chorus l,2,3,4g Library Club 4g Soccer Cheerleader lg County Chorus 2,3g Basketball Ticket Taker 4g IEANETTE KIMBEL "Ian" "We are neither sugar nor salt." Chorus l,2,3,4g F.T.A. Club 3,4g County Chorus 1,2,3g Senior Playg Library Club 2,3,4g Dramatics Club 1,43 Magazine Sales Manager. KENNETH LIBBEY "Ken" "Every man is the architect of his own future." Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball 3,4g Track 4g Yearbook Staffg Senior Play-Asst. Director. SONJA MASON "Sophie" "A good heart's worth gold." Class Vice-President 4g Chorus 2,3,4g F.H.A. 21 Business Manager 4g Senior Playg Library Club 4g Dramatic Club 4g Basketball Scorekeeper 4. DON MC GROSSO "Goose" "When I think I must Speak." J.V. Basketball 2g Baseball 2,3,4g Varsity Basketball 3,4g Senior Playg Soccer 3.4g Dramatic Club 43 Chorus 3g Band 3. DOROTHY MC KIBBEN "Dottie" "Her Fortress is a faithful heart." Class Treasurer l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 2,45 Senior Play 45 Varsity Cheer1eader1,45Junior Varsity Cheerleader 25 Soccer Cheerleaderl,25 Dramatic Club 45 Library Club 3,45 Treasurer Dramatics Club 45 Band and Chorus Librarian 45 Basketball Ticket Taker 3. ROSALIE MEYERS ROSE "Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery Cl-IARLENE NORTON "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." Class Secretary l,2,3,45 Varsity Basketball Cheer leader l,2,45 Soccer Cheerleader l,2,35 Senior Play 45 Typing Editor of the Yearbook 45 Harvest Queen 15 Dramatic Club 1,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Library Club 3,45 Religious Education Instructor 2,35 Dramatic Club Vice-President 4. Soccer Cheerleader 15 Library Club 1,25 Dramatic Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play Usherette 4. GARY ORDWAY "Reason always means what someone else has to say." Soccer l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3g Student Council lg Red Cross 2,3g Senior Play. 1 MONROE PRENTICE "Men of few words are the best men." J,V, Bagketbau 1,23 Varsity 3g Soccer l,2,3g Track uordh 1 ,xx ,yeas R1 I , a ,, X 1 WAYNE PFAFF "Wayne "Labor for labor's sake is against nature." Scenery Senior Play. Manager 3g Baseball l,2,3g Athletic Association 4g Senior Play. fm? 1 1. ff' if - ff: , Q , ,ffl 1945 151: . EDGAR SCHNEIDER ' 'Nothing good was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Track 1,2,3,4gSoccerl,2,3,4gJ.V.Basketba1l3gVarsity 4g Chorus 2,3g Senior Play. ENDA ROFF "SuSie' "It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends.' Junior Red Cross 3,4g Soccer Cheerleading 1,4 Basketball Cheerleading l,2,3,4g Library Club 1 W, 1 RUTH SLOCUM "Ruthie" "Happiness grows at our own firesides." Chorus l,2,3,4g Library Club 3,4g Senior Play Cast. DONNA STROBEL "Donna' "Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you.' Band 1,2g Chorus l,2g Library Club 4g Music Clubl Dramatic Club 4g Senior Play. BONNIE TIMMERMAN "Bonnie" "Minh is God's medicine." Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Assistant Editor 4g Magazine Sales Captain 4g Dramatics Club l,4g Library Club 3,45 Religious Education Instructor 3,41 County Band 2,3,4g All-State Band Sectionals 3,4g President of Band 4g Junior Red Cross 25 Sen- ior Play 4g Basketball Ticket taker 43 Future Teach- ers Club 4. "We know not what we may be." F.F.A. l,2,3. ARTHUR YOUNG "Art SENIOR CLASS PLAY M 5 0- YUQY. CLASS HISTORY September 1946 proved to be a new era for Arkport A class of 48 members moved 1n and overran the f1rst grade room Mlss Ewell who later jolned forces w1th Mr Haynes agamst us was horr1f1ed. She ran to lock the toy chest but was v1s1b1y shaken when through the dm came the crash whlch the present Senlors Lncorporated 1nto the1r war cry The toy chest had fallen! Soon all was peaceful Art .T ack and Wayne Pfaff were p1ay1ng ch1cken w1th the toy cars Edgar Schne1der who had a monoply on the alrplane was busy bombmg the boys and buzzmg the g1rls Ken Lrbbey had three very 1mpressed g1rls namely Rosalle Meyers Sandra Brown and Bonme T1mmerman l1sten1ng to h1S compllcated theory of How to Save Money Fast worktng V1nn1e Kame was mlmeographmg love letters to Carol Dunham Sandy Karns Donna Strobel and all the f1rst grade g1rls as fast as he could learn the1r names BOIlll1E Kame under the envlous eyes of Jeanette Klmbel Janlce Hann Charlene Norton and Susle Roff was showing Murray Dunham how to drlbble a ball Poor l1ttle Wayne I-larrlngton, all by hlmself repeatlng cat C A T dog D O G Nobody was 1nterested xn the SCFIOUS aspects of l1fe We made lt through the flrst grade 1n f1ne style. Our reputatxon spread far and w1de Cute D1Ck and s1lent John F31ZO1 came from Canesteo to help us start grade two B1g Moe helped us through the last part of the same grade when he came from Hornell. Mrs Multer found Don CGooseJ McGrosso Slfflllg behlnd Ruth Slocum Don made a blg hu w1th all the glrls and Ruth never bothered anyone We were now becommg qu1te a ClVl.1lZCd group of l1tt1e brats Martha Jones Jotned us 1n fourth Edgar Schne1der moved away 1n flfth and Ruth Coller came ln slxth e ee egx tra c he wbo,Gar,flf' Gary was bashful and wouldn t have anythrng to do wrth them Elghth grade Edgar Schne1der came back from Alfred Almond where he had moved durmg grade 5 He brought glggley Dome McK1bben. She soon llked Arkport as all the students hked er We were now becommg a large class so we could only accept two more members namely Rosemary Grlmm and Sonja Mason who came durlng our junlor year On the whole we thlnk we have been the best class to go through Arkport and 1f you don t belleve us then ask us and we wlll tell you so E . U I ' I ' Q ' l .I , . l I I . . . . . . ,, ,, . I I . . D I I I , . - - 5 - - . . . . . . . . . .. . ,, ,, , . . I I ' , ' 1 f u u , . I-t Grad s v n saw all th " ns m our class . d on rt.. nc" -' "er..way,.,ut , . . . 1 ' 1 . h . I I , . . . , , . .L ,...-sk he' V -. we ,,. . 45 'wa FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Peter McKendric, Lois Terwilliger, Edith Kramer, Sharon Boag, Cindy Hubric, Suzanne Brown, Juel Karns. SECOND ROW: Iohn Munson, Dwight Burger, James Pfuntner, Merle Wyant, Lester Wise, Donald Serra. THIRD ROW: Jack Murphy, Robert Jones, Robert Tobey, Thomas Falzoi, Roger Williams, Foster Harding. FOURTH ROW: George Marks, Frank Hoerner, David Wyant, George Norton, John Hurlbut, Ray Aultman. PRESIDENT: T. Falzoi VICE-PRESIDENT: P. McKendric TREASURER: S. Boag SECRETARY: C. Hubric X ROW ONE: L. Coller, R. Wyant, G. Davis, I. Morgan, P. Veley, C. Faulkner, B. Sanford, M. Thom- as, J. McKibben. ROW TWO: Advisor, I. Wight: K. Linsey, K. Murphy, N. Fisk, I. Pfuntner, P. Devlin, P. McKendrick, C. Terwilliger, B. Sick. ROW THREE: M. Robinson, S. Lawrence, L. Ames, D. Root, M. Delvin, L. Dries, C. Schofield, L. Williams, C. Burtalon. ROW FOUR: G. Prentice, J. Lehman, R. Kennell, G. Jackson, V. Pyer, M. Nephew, D. Glover, K. Griffin, I. Roosa. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Sandra Lawrence VICE-PRESIDENT: Lester Ames SECRETARY: Pauline Veley TREASURER: Lois Dries 2 I",- rf! -pw-5. '.ff'! .-1 -4' FIRST ROW: Mrs. Westlake, I. Dunham, B. Fisk, B. Faulkner, W. Auckland, I. Karns, D. Neale, I. Robinson, H. Clark, M. Munson, P. Patrick, L. McKibben, P. Williams, F. Estey, A. Devlin, R. Wel- lington, M. Brutsman, N. Goodemote, R. Kennell, G. Garrison, K. Norton, G. Rawlings, H. Kilbury, S. Schwarz, I. LaShure, F. Jackson, R. Gary, D. Allison, R. Roosa, L. Young. ABSENT: L. Springett, I. Karns. 21-if as H M.. , .5,,...., ,rf .W 4 ,V tug? .. i. PRESIDENT: Lyle Young VICE-PRESIDENT: Gary Rawlings SECRETARY: Elizabeth Faulkner TREASURER: Karen Norton IANITORS Harry Wyant Gene Howe Jack Clark 2' C Maginley L Norton M McCarthy L Stever B Howe G Meyers A Perry EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW Mr Barnard C Brown R PIBYCB G Fa1zo1 R Dunham C Meyers R Dunn, A Root K Pfuntner R Prent1ce M Wmg SECOND ROW A Stever T Murphy A Robbms M Sprmger J Berg .T Coller C Rlder, .T Wehhng B ,Tones M Howe THIRD ROW N Puderbaugh N Lehman, FOURTH ROW S Marcus P Ordway C Stever, M Sm1th S Hammond W Tobey L Hammond D Root. CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs T1mmerman, Mrs Snell Mrs Howe Mrs Whxte Mrs Barnes Mrs S1Ck K 5 C. Jones, E. Henry, M. Stewart, B. Kame, B. Glover, J. McCoo1, M. Robinson, C. Marks, R. Aultman. W K V... - . . qi, FIRST ROW Mrs Meyers D Lawrence K Marcus G Clymo W Haynes S Clark W Ells W Morgan A Burritt J Kennel1,G Dunham SECOND ROW L Kilbury F Hurlbut N Hann W L1nder B Jamlson J' Kilbury D Sampson J Slocum. D Prentice D Wellington F Ungerer Mrs King THIRD ROW W Johnson I Ells J Allison, A Goodemote A Lundy ,T Clark J Bailey K Marks .T Kilbury J Goodemote R Aultman. FOURTH ROW J McK1bben D Springer M W11113mS R Strobel L Sch1rmer S Northrup M Terwilliger I Stever J Roblnson ,T Strobol, R Roosa A Haynes FIRST ROW: D. Jones, M. McKendrick, J. Senka, T. Auckland, B. Berg, L. Lawrence, N. Sick, D. Ter- williger, P. Dunham, P. Biddle, S. Kimbel. SECOND ROW: C. Elsenheimer, J. Collins, W. Berg, G Ordway, C. Williams, C. Haynes, G. Rider, N. Kame, D. Weidman, T. Dunn, A. Crossett, L. McCaffery THIRD ROW: J. Lehman, M. Root, M. Amidon, S. Fisk, L. Burger, C. Slocum, J. Hoerner, R. Morgan L. Newell, J. Patrick. FOURTH ROW: D. Jones, G. Dunham, T. Gates, C. Wing, L. Amidon, M. Faulkner S. Fox, J. Hubric, J. Beman, F. Howe, A. Sayers. SIXTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW D Morgan P Monaghan M Henshaw, R Ho111ster W Jamlson L Flanders D Hardlng, K Blddle SECOND ROW C Karns E Howe M Llnder I Patr1ck S Lons D Llbbey C Root D Gates THIRD ROW P Wolfgruber C Osborne R Faulkner R Am1don L Callahan K Goodw1n D Elsenheuner K WISE FOURTH ROW B Kllbury G Auckland G Hurlbut J Ebner J Hartwell .T Cockam G Thomas K Brutsman Teacher, Mrs Fxdler ima FIRST ROW .T Vorhees N Rlder C Roe M Wyant P Thomas SECOND ROW R Wmg D Roblnson B Smxth, .T Senka THIRD ROW J Wyant D Sprmger, T Wllhams M Wmg S Schofxeld FOURTH ROW G Terwllhger, C Schwarz D Rooga Teacher Mrs Klmbel I Q , a , . 0 , a , o , . 0 . I . , a , 1 , Q , o , Q , a , u . Z . , a , Q , Q , o , Q , n , Q . I 0 , a , a , 1 , n n u , a , u o I 1 b 0 Qu me . .+ w ri L Y ,Y ft s J 'Z'- .' I av: 1 KS: .1 " f, x Q., V , A-' 'S . riff I rv X Y' J, m A Www. 0 la : ' l ' 1 0 , o , n . I ' 0 0 9 I 4 . I . , . , 9 0 1 ' - I a , , . Q , - . FOURTH GRADE bv FLR T ROW L McDan1e1 .T Marcus M MZFVIH .T Mark B Robmson, P Wltter C Storm C Lenman, M Roosa. SECOND ROW D Reynolds M Karns A Wehhng A Johnson,.T Tompklns S Kllbury I Patrxck R Wmg THIRD ROW S Wyant T Rose V Stewart, W WIUSI' N Newell S Swarts A Perry A Sherman S Morgan. FOURTH ROW R Saunders J Llnder J Ungerer L Root S Puder baugh I Lawrence F Kemp, T Weld if 1 We hu-..,... FIRST ROW T Hall S Clark .T Henshaw, M Colhns O Freeman, S Berg J' Howe A Faulkner SECOND ROW Mrs Hartnett I Callahan, T Dunham D Clark M Hammond P Goodwm, A Acomb .T Holllster H Elhs THIRD ROW F Holllster, D Jackson B Jones R Burrltt K Isaman, J Carnue C Crouch, Roger Gr1ff1n. FOURTH ROW R Groves J Goodemote D Elsenhelmer I DeSer1o R Brlggs M Freeman, E Calnan K Jones Q' If ju? ' Wa iQ glilifszs 4? WWW 1 W if ' r, .E . x W W ii if, Q 51:7 My Qt X 4 A fl ,Ap -Z Q M, Q. Q :W H A 37 -W' ', M 'wi QM' A f B P 5' SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW M Henshaw .T Estey W Brown W Freeman P Mahany R Karr,L Lehman D Dungan. SECOND ROW Mrs Marcus B Clark P Hall L Johnson L Dunham C Hann,C Amldon G Jamtson. THIRD ROW K Kemp G Lons T Guthrle D Emo C Gottschall D Howe L Dunhan, K Goodwm. FOURTH ROW B Auckland G Hurlbut .T Harrell .T DeSer1o R Hartwell P Emo L MSFVID Mosko SECOND ROW L Stever R Pratnco, D Robords, S Scott M Murphy M Stewart G Scouten, C Morgan. THIRD ROW M Parnsh D Terwllhger I Storm H Sherman J Roe D Patr1ck C Reynolds FOURTH ROW E Tompkms T McKendr1ck W Stewart B Schulthels C Wellxngton J Woodworth J Munson S Sherner : . , . , . , . . . , . . ' , . ' FIRST ROW: K. Wolfgruber, N. Williams, T. McKendrick, .T.Voorhees, M. Voorhees, W. Wyant, K. z 4+ 3 Zi 5? . , fy r .lvl W., 4, , fa mf 7 ' n g ,, ' . af' P X xl . M. , f , g f Y f 1 A W 'W Q,-.,.,1v,. , fiiiwifb W' X Q K' ' 'fql-www . i P, gk 4 fkil if Rm, 7 , B! Q ill? ffm 1 PM Lai I aw' ' gi 1 X Mi fm wma: 03,14 R- . I iky ,V - dk Rf-W:Jf k , k W kwin Q ', 'ff ' w-'ff ""-'-- ,ff 4-ow, 5 1 ' H 5 L 5 3' . K i k vin ,N 1, R I k VK 4 .- 3 , y: mf f fam fy X 4 K ' 5 rf, t -, L1 5' : , , ,.,f ,reg in Q 1 1 2- ,w 7 Q ' i - Z ., M, . W 3 Aw .f - z ,xv ,- pf- aj ff Y U I sr' FIRST GRADE v I 'J FIRST ROW L Johnson J D1bb1e K Buchholz A Brlggs, H GOW1Sk1 C Dwyer SECOND ROW F Lehman, L Herold C COHIHS C Laumer J LaShure D D1bb1e THIRD ROW Mrs Haynes R Bertalon, S Am1don J Kemp T Hoerner C Blddle D Barnard FOURTH ROW W Guthne L Burrltt E Hammond J Goodw1n H Masters C F1sk,J Hammond FIFTH ROW E Jennlngs R Aultman S Groves A Acomb M Davldson B Marv1n D Elsenhelmer f X Q ix - , I Q I r I-MJ A ,W ,K , . ,, NW QF, ! -M L V 'Q ' Y W 'F , r 1' - 3 Y 2 . - 4 .. - ., t 'gh , A 4 ' V Q- f A f ,,,, 2, I .. . Q ,, "'- lx A s 35 'F I a I ax , in m ' , ' f ,f V , T A E 2 T , Vi 2 y f , i 'W V' 5' F 5' L' A f 5 , gi 4 M ...,M. F n 'Lf F L , E971 ,A W ,f I , " I n , n . , 0 , n . n A I, - . I . . , . ' , . ' , . , . ' . : . , . . ' , . , . , . ' , . . : . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . , . ' . . : . ' , o , 4 , u , u D , n I , n I u KI NDERGARTEN FIRST ROW: M. Scott, K. Patrick, F. Per1'Y. J. Woodworth. SECOND ROW: D. Sharp, P. Masters, C. Swarts, D. Roe, P. Stewart. THIRD ROW: Mrs. McCaffery, L. Van Skiver, B. Robords, L. McCarthy, E. Wing, S. Wheeler. FOURTH ROW: K. Voorhees, C. O'- Dell, K. Storm, T. Yochemn, K. Wyant. FIFTH ROW: J. Reynolds, F. McClain, J. Springer, L. Pyer, M. Marvin. FIRST ROW: R. Baker, J. Henshaw, J. Devlin, M. Emo, L. Lunn. SECOND ROW: M. Hoyt, J. Hartwell, D. Gates, H. Johnson, J. Fenti, J. Dibble. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Kennell, H. Hurlbut, B. Doan, W. Karns, A. Haynes, R.Andrews, K. Hamlin. FOURTH ROW: V. Harn- rnond, E. Buchholz, E. Mess, J. Har- rington, L. Loree. FIFTH ROW: J. Katser, A. Ramon, H. Freeman, F. Robinson, K. Marcus, D. Weisenfluh. VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW M Dunham I Roosa E Schnerder K Grxffen J Fa1zo1 D Fa1zo1 SECOND ROW G Veley K Lrbbey W Hamngtou L Young G Norton D McGrosso G Ordway Mr Rose 1-7 J... I' C' '17 FIRST ROW Sandy Brown Dot McK1bben Susre Roff SECOND ROW Cmdy Hubnc Sharon Boag Mrs Westlake Rosahe Meyers ,Q L f z ir . V A 3 LL 3 S r X , : . , . , . ' , . ' , . ', . '. 1 1 , 4 I , - 1 g a , n , . , . , . . wwf E A VWRN M. f 1 ? r A fs 'Tum Y -5 5 A S , 2 Q g or 3 A ,,L.M O A ir 'M .W , 'f ' A 1,1 f L gg : 1 I 1 ' o 1 . A , , . U , I LV. BASKETBALL K .,,. ky FIRST ROW T Falzol I Prenuce F Hardmg B Tobey D Kennell B Auckland SECOND ROW Mr McCaffery M Nephew I Karns J Karns I Jackson D Al11son R Gary D Wyant Betty Iam1son Carolyn Terwxllxger Peggy McKendr1ck Nancy F1sk Mrs Westlake Karen Norton Beverly Sxck SOCCER FRONT ROW D Falzol I Fa1zo1 T Folzol E Schne1der C Bertalon G Prenuce P McKendr1ck I Karns K Guffen G Veley Coach Rose BACK ROW I Karns D McGrosso F Hardmg G Ordway W Harungton L Young L Ames G Rawlmgs B Tobey R. Wxlhams I Karns AB SENT M Dunham I Roosa Peggy McKendr1ck, C1ndy Hubrxc, Carolyn Terwllhger, Mrs. Westlake, Beverly Sxck, Sus1e Roff. : . ', . ', . ', . ' , . , . ' , . ' . , . ' , . , . : . , . , . ' , I ' t I ' I ' l ' ' I ' I . I l ' ' : . , . . TRACK TEAM """N--... ' TM! ef FIRST ROW: R. Jones, I. Karns, B. Auckland, C. Bertalon, P. McKendrick, R. Williams. SECOND ROW: B. Tobey. I. Falzoi, K. Libbey, L. Ames. THIRD ROW: E. Schneider, I. Karns, D. Allison, L. Young, F. Hoemer, D. McGrosso, K. Griffin, I. Roosa, D. Falzoi, G. Prentice, Coach Rose. BASEBALL TEAM M' ' 'T PQ .ef . -C R.. 4 'sith ' gf' ff Q " 'K j. V3 7 .H 41.32 . Li., FIRST ROW: I. Kams, I. Prentice, D. Kennell, B. Auckland, J. Karns. SECOND ROW: D. Allison, B. Tobey, T. Falzoi, D. Falzoi, I.-Karns. THIRD ROW: L. Young, K. Libbey, G. Ordway. F. HOSI' ner, I. Roosa, D. McGrosso, Mr. McCaffery. NEXT SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Seruor Class of Arkport Central School of Arkport New York berng of sound and drsposlng mind and memory and not actmg under fraud duress menace or the undue 1n fluence of any person whatsoever do make publrsh and declare th1s our last Wlll and Test ament 1n the manner followrng STUDENT BODY Another Flu Cp1dCI'I11C NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT SENIORS A tr1p to Washlngton JUNIORS A pan of fudge SOPHOMORES An unchaperoned lmuatlon party FRESHMEN Our educated vocabularres MR FENNER T V to check study halls MR SHERNER A Unlvac MR PERRY A dramancally lnchned Semor Class MISS WIGHT An assrstant teacher MR ROSE A scholarshrp fund MRS WESTLAKE Some Romans MRS KELLY New buttonhole maker MR HAYNES Ready made yearbooks MR GAFFNEY Another pracuce teacher hke Mlss Rudy MR CLARK A lung s1zed vacumn cleaner SANDY BROWN Her brown eyes to Germalne DBVIS RUTH COLLER Her personahty to Pauhne Veley CAROL DUNHAM Her athleuc ab1l1ty to Sharon Boag MURRAY DUNHAM Hrs herght to George Norton DICK FALZOI JACK GESNER ROSIE GRIMM IANICE HANN Hls lovlng ab1l1ty to Lester Ames Hrs physlque to John Hurlburt Her back -seat techn1ques to Carol Schofreld Her flngernarls to Howard Krlbury WAYNE I-IARRINGTON Hrs argulng abrllty to Juel Karns MARTHA JONES Her horsemansmp to Melanie Brutsman BONNIE KAME Her alto sax to J1m Roosa VINNIE KAME Hrs half days to Eduh Kramer IEANETTE KIMBEL Her halr to Lyle Young SANDY KARNS Her smrle to Kathy Llnzey KENNY LIBBEY Hrs counterfert plates to Mr Perry SONJA MASON Her w1ngs and halo to George Marks DON MC GROSSO Hrs hat collectron to J1m Pfuntner DOT MC KIBBEN Her glggle to Jack Murphy ROSALIE MEYERS Her vo1ce to Roger W1ll1ams CHARLENE NORTON Her skattng ab1l1ty to Pat Baker GARY ORDWAY HIS halr to Mr Gaffney WAYNE PFAFF HIS affectlon for teachers to Charlle Bertalon MO PRENTICE Hrs dnver s l1cense to anyone who can keep rt SUSIE ROFF Cheerleadmg abrlrty to Pat Ordway EDGAR SCHNEIDER Hrs speed to Vance Pyer RUTH SLOCUM Her curly harr to Ruth Wellmgton DONNA STROBEL Her homemaklng abllxty to Mlss Wrght. BONNIE TIMMERMAN Her plot of muck to Ctndy ARTHUR YOUNG H1s energy to Bob Jones JOHN FALZOI - His muscles to Dickie Wyant. A J' x x 'Q X MS 4, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW M Munson, L Terw1111ger S Roff P Veley Mr Rose SECOND ROW G Norton Prennce I Roosa B Auckland Mr McCaffery FFA FIRST ROW I. Robmson, D. Neale, W. Auckland. SECOND ROW K. Gnffin, D. Burger, F. EsteY. I. Munson, I. Kams. THIRD ROW V. Pyer, L. W1se, M. Wyant, G. Rawlmgs, I. Lehman. BACK ROW G. Nonton, G. Jackson, R. Aultman, L. Young, L. Ames, F. Jackson, Mr. Foster, Advlsor. X , 'x ,ta I . , , 4 K xg' I ' 'fl' 'K 6 .M af L My K V., A mil! 555 , 5 E., . ".. : . . ' ' , . , . , . . : . , M. I , n , Q , n 1 I I I 1... .. 1'- I5 gd ix, 'ff N 2. 1- ,N A! -af J , .3 f A 1? 'Z' A 4' A A :- 'Q 4 M '4 v " 4 4 W 3 1 J 3 ,Q 1 V ,, E , V S? J ? Z -0 - 1 a gy. ' .ff 53: a.' my fm. H . ,., .-. 4 JJ, '-HHH! ,Wm 'M Qbff 1 , 'i'f' ' gy wix 'T V-If fl ,xl ,. 9 In fn an N " y ' f X Y f - if 1-. df F, Q I M PL f --2 ,Q -z, 1 5 4 X , W A gi V u ,J ,ti 'A :XX -1 4:1523 'fy x .WEMAA KQH, 6? ,, 9 li ak! A ww. i r. A . X A - 3 y J an X, ' ,j f 'f 'M W 'FM V W' , A1 X K' ' I Y Vw, grmwgn 52 lk M -X f,. 2 his , vi X 'Bd r Wiiw "'Q!'h?f 'Q 'fy 4' E, Q ' 1 "2,,,. '5 9 L.,, fy f QI? V il , N I k ' f4T'f' ff ,flx fs A ' V ,L , V ' X 2 Vxyhx Vu if , R 6 X ..x, XR' I ,ff L , 1 Y 4 X. Qi IQ ig it 14 A 'g3:F5 15:2 as eiutg R , w Q , ,Q 1 N -if 33 5 is 3 1? 3 43 3 fi FUTURE TEACHERS FIRST ROW K Lmzy P MCKCHdI1Ck R Coller P Veley M Robmson Mrs McCaffery SECOND I Hurlbut nf fgmgiy ROW: P. McKendrick, B. Jones, S. Lawrence, E. Schneider, C. Schofield, I. Kimbel, D. McGrosso, 5:Ut0:EOU 5055 QOH 5055 SHE sua-H3 had H2-3Om OGOHEEOH sim? Magid H Z6 253 Em 5055 EES V12 gow BLONDE E 5:5 Sziw mm! vegas A EWEWBHWW Ucmvwis W HEOH .Egg H2-UNDP 555000 mm Ad? Pdmimomm SOE 5503-H BRCOEJZ 5:0532 Boimcw :ENE :DOEOU EHS H2505 4 mwgmmsoz U2 H03 SEQ Bwgwcm E Q W HEOH BRUSH SNES 3.52 mm OH WHZQZ wgw MHOEWW SEED 301359 20685 w Om swam M5554 Nm mam :Mi WOMWOHPOQ HO-EU 2023003 Edsw HEOH v:m'H OH NAHEEOOU mmvmg 5252 wigin 030602 EH? GOMWHW3 COMING EJ EOE2 U 5 Quimby 256 HE? EEOQ MFEC: OEOI wEvzm3 H58 E 356 3533 H5 wig E02 5055 S pw Epi EMO! EH? wcswwa M3205 EH? Zmmw wi: OCS N358 WSEQESG EE Em gang EO m NAME OH 5:54 mozogm Sago-HK 53 w NEOWGQ QEEQ WMEEEQ 5554 wcgwpg bang mggmxmg BEE bend MWEQAH 33 555 MOL Qmakoz big! 0:052- M gsm M 253 EES ENEUWOM EASE OES? DOES VAON 5 EO M252 MOEU U SDM m ggw E242 l n Q OP Q V J .M A l . H- h I A ow . .4 C h . H A 1 I . O AM 1 ' RA D g 1 H n l Q I t ' I: I NA -V U : : l u u l u l . G H W l . I' l 1 . H 2055 ZOO OKHOU uma PSE OHUOHHOU is E5 id! 5:5 ggi 5:5 W 33 O3 bug EN E swam E003 53039 HOOSOW N323 6HMw5 :WSH w D 3533 M 2002 Em C6 530 um mimi ME A FXEQQONE DO El 3: Eiga-ED 55505 8 ENE HEEHOW 53203 H084 EN OEWEUES2 EEUU-30m Hwdmo Ongowm EN Organ 502 BF OH E038 EE MEOSH 30525 ma OH 95,23 mga S33 OH MWCENEOEOB OSU KAEHEOHU OES ,P E6 :Om 4 Um OH gg OOsUw OO H E OH min: SQL we H4 and S 5 wcgoou 805354 Sim M mica Hoxggaw my O S 5 E524 wisp! no M E ERE me EO FEEU S E 3 wcgwng Uscgigm A mmgov OEOI Zmma U33 W I 5 HB4 wcgwlg 305250 5:2028 E E4 ig Em mm WSEEEQG S253 wins-W 8 QE gm NAS ex m Hammock kgtmo H2 wo mwgsso WQENZ VU Z mga QMHOZ H O Sam w and EEOQ awww EN5 DOEOE L OES? 05 :EU UQSONW so :GQ E242 'H in : : 2 M :Q M . . . M IH M A v ' . . n I . . I M. I Q . M M M t H . D . w M l M i lA . . Hmmbmh-Mm: :mains mga ia wsu-iw SQEE bmw . - . M H M h H M ' M : . . 142 .H u . M H . I H - H8 l H . W ' I Q mn m -A . -H. 3 Z M SENIOR CLASS PROP!-IECY Good afternoon, lad1es and gentlemen. Thls IS Ken L1bbey, your Red Sox reporter speakmg to you from Fenway Park 1n Boston for the openmg game of the 1978 World SCFICS As we look around we see a great many celebr1tes Just below our booth IS the world s champ1on female wrestler Bonnle Kame and her manager Donna Strobel In the1r favorlte bleacher seats 1n center f1eld IS the comedy team that replaced the Marx Brothers Norton Roff and Grimm In box seats along the flrst base lme IS Prmcess Bonrue Tlmmerman and her husband Pr1nce A11 Cat of Rlmrodla Seated near them 1S the Presldent of Space F l1ghts L1c Edgar Schne1der Ah! Through my f1eld glasses I see mov1e stars D1ck Falzo1 and Sandra Karns COfl'11l1g through the gate 15 the head of the Atom1c Energy COlTlIIl1SS1Oll, Wayne Ha rrmgton. Down by the Cubs dugout veteran slugger Don McGrosso 1S talk1ng w1th the Cubs owner Rosahe Meyers Seated bes1de M1ss Meyers IS New York s top model Sandra Brown. D1rectly beh1nd home plate IS John F alzo1 holder of the world pole vault record and h1s Dunham And there IS th1s year s Mrs Amenca Ruth Slocum Not far away 1S ret1red smgmg star Gary Ordway w1th h1s w1fe and chlldren. I see Gary Jr has h1S gu1tar along to accompany h1S Dad on the Star Spangled Banner And there s owner of Speedaway Stables of Kentucky Martha Jones! In one left f1e1d box qu1te a few famous people are seated There 15 Art Young 3 tune w1mmer of the Ind1anapol1s 500 Jack Gesner former Olymp1c track star Monroe Prenuce the Hollywood D1rector and Wayne Pfaff Secretary of Health Educauon, and Welfare In the rlght held bleachers lS Dorothy Jean Smyder, and her husband who IS pres1dent of Chrysler Corp W1th them lS Jeanette K1rnbe1, Commander of the Waves Jamce Hann CPres1dent of Kmtted Socks and Sweaters Incj and Ruth Coller CThe World s Champ1on Speed Typ1stJ are seated together talkmg over old school days We re about set to go The f1rst ball w1ll be thrown out by Sonja Mason, who lS not only the fxrst woman pres1dent but also the youngest one Guard1ng her IS the head of the F .B I V1IlCCllI Kame There s the toss, PLAY BALL! wife, Carol, the beautiful channel swimmer. Near them is the international playboy, Murray Mmm? SZSZMW, amd Cafmwm C5574 Q wmfbm fJ'2Eezfi.Qb pkmw 2456 25 mcwn. S515 fgljtfulf ik, QHQEIIWEI fy ff? EIIQMJEJHIIQE bf! fb .IBEST ITN SERVICE, II'InaowARs Ko Q IIIPPuaNcEs IDsuvevcr ILI TH IH SITIIIILIE V C 1 THE GEORGE COLLINS FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB C mpl TRACY G JONES INC Est bl sh d 1913 C IL mb Ch t TEACH ER S ASSOCIATION ARKPORT CENTRAL SCHOOL ELSENHIMER EDSEL INCORPORATED 6 EF. ':"' rc'- 5? 5 x'0 3 I I ,I 0 o iments of omp iment , . of a i e The Church S ree Lu er 71 urch S reet Hornell New Y k Best Wishes , Compllment and a of Prosperous Future to the Seniors of '58 from the i OF Seneca Street Hornell New Y k F... Compllments of MAPLE CITY CLEANERS Owned and Operated by Henry Argentlerl G Sons Compllments of SPECIALIZED SERVICE AUTO LITE Phone 199 J 87 89 Broadway Horne11 New York Phone 1089 32 Cass St Horne11 New York Best of Luck C 1 To The Graduates of 1958 Omp lments 1320 WWHG 105 3 J LA PIANA Horne11's Ploneer Statlon Hornell New York Now 5 000 Watts CHARLES OLIVER Buena Suerte Class of '58 John Deere Equlpment ALBERTO G L F Feed and Farm Supplles our Halrdresser Phone 3831 Phone 1257 Canaseraga New York 9 Church St. Horne11 C 1' t f Compliments of Omp lmen S O JAcK's SPORT SHOP Seneca gd-011131-Q vqcacfenuf 60005 176 Seneca Street Hornell, New York Horne11 New York 7' o 1 F ' f AM FM O - , - e 0 U . "Y ' " da ARKPCRT D IRIES LARGEST MILK PROCESSING Arkport PLANT IN THE SOUTHERN TIER New York ARKPORT STATE BANK It Makes Sense Save Money Now. 14444 COOk1Ug Water Heatlng Refrlgeratlon Home Heatlng Clothes Dryers Gas Inclnerators Gas ls Clean Fast Economical EMPIRE GAS AND udp 9010 Fun coMPANv LIMITED I - , I , ff I -I For....... W . W . W . . k . ic 7'c ' to I T... Compllments ELM URST Mllk Ice Cream Phone Hornell 687 BIG ELMS 27237, E 6 1-f Q 4... Hu, 196 Seneca St Hornell New York Compllments 'yrs Aiki- faua ' Hornell New York Hornell s Fashlon Center For Flne Femlnlne Apparel MARION'S BEAUTY SHOP 'Q' 196 Maln St R! Hornell New York Fran and Marlon Maher Compllments of CLAYTON SCOTT 63 UNRY E unmem' gl Phone Hornell 2882JI Arkport R D W2 Compllments of TUTTLE AND ROCKWELL CO Steuben County s Largest Department Store Hornell New York Compllments of THE POINT IW: Hornell Arkport Road Compllments THE FRESHMAN CLASS of fp- j 4 f la uf v' P u ll - df" U - i 0 ,M . 3 A " " if s N . of -QV' 'ut-Q 3 ii. Y X 4 I' R .1 I K " Alai Tow, P- 55 O' ef ' Q a ' ' I Q I , . . of Hornell WLEA RADIO STATION 1480 On Your Radlo D1al XXX igllb New York For the Flnest Furn1ture See The HORNELL SAMPLE FURNITURE COMPANY JACOBS BROS For the best ln shoes 2099 Hornell Safe 2099 2039 AND C CAB CO 48 Broadway New York Courteous Drlvers New Cab s 2039 Compllments WINEBURG AND GLEASON 100 Maln St Hornell New York Compllments WRIGHT'S Texaco Servlce Phone 3461 Canaseraga L.... Come to TOPS DINER For Tops 1U Quallty Quantlty Servlce Homemade Pastry rl u in N C .1 D . . of of Compllments of SPENCER'S STATIONERY AND PRINT SHOP Prlntlng DlVlSlOH Statlonery D1v1s1on 30 Seneca St 70 Ma1n St Phone 202 Hornell Best of Luck DIPSON'S MAJESTIC THEATRE STARLITE DRIVE IN and M NIATURE GOLF COURSE BOLENS Outdoor Power Equlpment Garden Tractors, Lawn Mowers Rotary Tlllers, Chaln Saws Sales G Servlce Earl S Karns 20 West Avenue Arkport Compllments LESTERS FLORISTS Maln Street Hornell w York Compllments CRAINE INC Cralne Sllos Norwlch New York JAMES NEPHEW Admlral T V Sales 6 Servlce We Also Servlce All Makes Phone 7626 13 Grove Street Arkport New York Congratulations to the Class of 1958 JONES FOOD MARKET Main Street Arkport, New York L... America's Finest of ' Ne of ' . . Compllments CLYDE R MAGINLEY INSURANCE Phone 7515 Arkport Boats for Rent on Honor System SPAWTON'S BOAT LIVERY Conesus Lake 1594 West Lake Road Deposlt S1 1n Mall Slot And Help Yourself to a Boat Establlshed 1925 Ba1t for Sale Compllments East Washlngton Street Horne11 New York Compllments of STROBEL'S WELDING SERVICE Weldlng Equlpment G Supplles Phone 1709 75 Adslt St Horne11 New York Compllments TOM KINNEY For The Best ln Men's Wear Hornell New York Compllments THE MEN'S SHOP Best ln Men s Wear Horne11 Bath Dansv111e Compllments of SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO 63 73 Canlsteo St Horne11 New York L.. Best Wlshes From DONAVON PIATT Arkport, New York , 5 of of . SAVAGE FOOD SERVICE INC. of of ' I T' Compliments of FLORENCE ELECTRIC Hornell New York Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. l8l Main Street Hornell Ne w York Compliments of CORNER BEAUTY SALON 22 Main St. HCorner of Fashionn Betty Butler Prop Arkport New York ANDY' Compliments of ORDWAY FLORISTS Where You Always Get the Best Flowers Main Street Horne ll S SMOKE HOUSE D Hornell New York TEXAS CAFE for Fine Foods Hornell New York HOLLAN Supplies Your Needs From Cellar to Roof DS LUM BER COMPANY L 76 Main Street tix Q Z I Hornell, New York One Board or a Tramlo ad 149 ' R. F. . 42 .:--i- ' QE Try WILKIN'S GULF SERVICE For F1ne Servlce Used Cars Seneca St Hornell Compliments TASTEE FREEZ Arkport Road Hornell New York Compllments o The ARKPORT CO OPERATIVE G L F Arkport w York Compllments MAC BRIDES 27 Broadway Hornell New York Compllments of Flne Foods and Beverages Arkport New York Compllments DE GAETANO SHOE REPAIR Red Goose Shoes S G H Green Stamps 34 Seneca St Hornell For The Best IIIIHIUIW SEE ARKPORT MOTOR CO Llncoln Mercury Sales G SEIVlC6 C F ELSENHEIMER AND SONS Open untll 9 P M Arkport New York of G 0 f . of Ne BURKHART'S HOTEL 4 ' h.' ...fx f GARY' s GENERAL STORE Stephens M11ls New York CENTER GROCERY dfllvuk' KOSKIE MUSIC C0 Planos Radlos Records Conn and Klng Band Instruments RCA Vlctor and Zenlth T V Sportlng Goods Toys, Games Phone 131 127 Maln St Hornell New York GALBO'S SKATELAND Skatlng Every Wed thru Sun 8 P M ll P M Also Sat and Sun Afternoon 2 P M 5 P M Mon G Tues reserved for partles Hornell Arkport Rd For Flowers Unquestlonable Quallty See JAMES FLORISTS 149 Maln St Hornell New York For Nearly 40 Years Compllments of MAIN FURNITURE CO Phone 2100 Seneca St. Hornell L- JACOBS BROS. Home of Pro Tek-Tiv Shoes Hornell New York Compliments of AMERICANA BEAUTY SALON All Fields of Cosmetology Phone 308 43 Main Street Hornell New York F' gf? b Is ,721 wi kg I -,,.:-',.- I 3 of REED'S v D "" A .-X A s 5 '? ' P FN ' " x f Ju" . , ' ' 1. -- 'f- Home of Artcarved Dlamonds 101 Maln Street Horne11 New York ELL'S SERVICE STATION Arkport, New York Compllments SHAYS CLOVER FARM STORE Cholce Meats G Grocerles Phone 3161 Canaseraga New York Compllments H G KNIGHTS Hardware Plumblng Phone 3511 Canaseraga New York Compllments CANASERAGA GARAGE Phone 4621 Canaseraga New York Gompllments of B1NG'S BARBER SHOP Maln St Arkport New York Open 9 to 6 Closed Wed and Sun L- Compllments of Best WlSh6S on Your Graduatlon WAYLAND DRIVE INN CLASS OF 1954 T' 'Z XS rr ' I .0 513 ..,'Q. Q A O at 1 M I .14 g V of of of Compllments SIMPSONS CLOTHING Maln Street Canaseraga Compllments of FRITZ FARM MARKET Arkport Dansvllle Road Phone Canaseraga 3792 FRANKLIN FURNITURE CO Makers of Happy Homes Hornell, New York Compllments of KELLOGS GENERAL STORE Almond New York JUM O'S INN and SUNSHINE MOTEL We speclallze 1U flne foods and good coffee Beautlful New Motels All Modern Convenlences Hornell Arkport Rd Compllments of BADGER NORTHLAND CO Barn Cleaners and S1lo Unloaders Howard Vanderllke Macedan, New York Compllments of STEVERS GARAGE Phone 7935 Arkport New York L.... SPENCER ELECTRIC GE Appllances Coleman Furnaces Phone 3641 Canaseraga, New York T I of 'U " 120 Main St' For the Very Best in Foods Compllments from SOPHOMORE CLASS 1958 Comp11ments from JUNIOR CLASS 1958 WAYSIDE GROCERY UALlTy 00 AND 0' Hasklnsvllle New York Compllments of SCHULTHEIS POTATOES and MASON HOM IM ROVEMENTS Rooflng 8 Sldlng Arkport New York Get the Best Servlce for your Sewlng Machlne A MC HENRY AND CO Quallty Jewelers for over SINGER SEWING A Century MACHINE CO Hornell New York Tune Ups COLLER'S SERVICE STATION CL4, F0 W C554 Mlnor Repairs Arkport New York of I of mSEevxCEY-G . , . . . at . ' . . . . x Q Compliments of GR1FFIN GENERAL 1, nf -Y K I A' at -iff-f'4':', , fx 1-'.,,-ri, I.. , ffl' ' ,- 1 -. I TIRE SERVICE Compliments of THACHER BROS. Allis-Chalmers Sales and Services Almond Rd. Hornell New York Compliments of LOOHN'S Cleaners and Launderers 450 Canisteo St Hornell New York WALDORF'S JEWELERS China Glass, and Gifts Only Jewelry G Gift Shop To Give S G H Green Stamps 123 Main St Hornell Compliments ARKPORT INN 70 West Avenue Arkport New York Compliments R M GREENLEE INSURANCE Arkport New York MC CARTHY'S RED AND WHITE Confections and Meats We Deliver Phone 7631 Arkport New York KATSUR AND UNGERER CJLlYfEFl 5 H S Us 5 A 'H HART PARK ,f Arkport New York a , 0 Of of J Q 4 0 t ' Groceries, Dry Goods ML aunumumn wg . W Hts o 455 lul H'H' sf! 3 MURRAY STEVENS STEUBEN COUNTY S LARGEST CLOTHIERS BUTWIN 38 Broadway Hornell New York School Jackets We glve S G H Green Stamps Formal Wear Rental Servlce H L AND F MC BRIDES Arkport New York Congratulatlons to the Class of '58 Je ARKPORT LUMBER YARD MER Arkport, New York ODE TO MR PERRY By Sonja Mason Twas Septemberthe fourth rn the year o7 Mr Perry the dear was sent here from heaven To help us am knowled e of contracts and such However he never succ eded ln teachlng us much The Classroom resounded w1th bellows of anger lf you answer hrm back your llfe you endanger But really he s mce Ccons1der1n he teathesj Provrdln of course you stay out of h1s reaches I . . 3 Q . Q ..,-- ...l-. .. Jiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' l 1- ' . -.. ... , , 4- . .. ,., .- 4-a 'Q .I va ,,. 5 A,,- . . ' N' tl! I - I 1- ' I I A 1 rv ' w :Q J , C . x ' Y I 1 , . 1 ' ' ' ' .1 f fs 1 . . H . 'il I ' Rib 16 rf Mu' Q. I4 bm E ff' 1 1' i wiv Q, ,ya V. Z . S '-3, S" I"' 4f'9 c 9 4 h ,Ji wif? 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Suggestions in the Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) collection:

Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Arkport Central High School - Arkon Yearbook (Arkport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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