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LIBRIS A NX L., Lf TX mf u-"F X fs dd-of y Qirmm wYQWQTEILtQMfU,gUU Qmiliimnm TQMXQJI Gsimb by Jiemww' 5 QJCKDDJUBEIQ mmikmil 42 7 7' 7 my 7 . + Ulf A Wiilllll- 5 'iiimmsmm Y if W 5 ky hlfflfllilll WWW V Aiwa, jfw fvffjv 17W C W! 71X A iff? Je, the Senlor Plass of' l9?Ll proudly ded4cate this Severteertt dit'or of T1 IPKON to Pr Craig H ndgar in 8DDP6C4Pt1OH of his untiring efforts in helping us orepare this yearbook, ard for all the other things he has done to make our last year in high school such a pleasant and memorable one Q 5 ,f ff, t f if I - if by s f ""V ,I L . l V W! l , o ,-f f ff 4 y Annual Siaff First Row, Janice Strobel, Irene Phelps, Joyce Jones, Second Row, Mr Edgar, Paul King, Janice Karr, Philip Holmes, Elaine Wheeler, Theodore Pfaff Editox in chief Assistant Vditor Co Advertising Managers Photobraphy ditor Business Nanager Literarv Editor Art ditor Irene Phelps Janice Strobel Janice Karr Elaine Nheeler Philip holmes Joyce Jones Daul Kin heod e Utaff 1? aj! 5' ll: 3 ' '72 fW6W I DONALD O FEVNER, PRINCIPAL BOARD OF EDUCATION Merritt A Timmerman, Walter Sherner, Clerk George F Pfaff rilan E Stearns Raymond Wilkins President I-u s,s 4x- l Q A Howard Benning 7 e . , I ,uni ,...f If f! wif? Qs? W jynfulgvfffy Miss :APB Tlss I'rs Yrs l'iss 'rs Mrs Hr Miss Mrs Miss Mrs Miss Mrs Ars Mrs Ir W' 7kW0 lirst Row Barnard Landers Krog Wight Burbick Fiddler Tucker Kennell Sherner Nccax fery Meyers McM1nn Beman Collins Hollands Henderson Multer Haynes Holden Puderbau h Appell Burbick Haynes Fenner Edgar Rose Volfgruber Sherry Second Row Third Row Jr High School Second Ghade Ar Science and Math Kindergarten Fifth Grade Language and Girl yn Fourth Grade Clera Iindezgarten Substitute Fourth Grade Third Grade Jr High School Homemaking Sixth Grade Third Grade First Grade Nurse Shop n d Agriculture oirth Grade 'usic Social tudies and Pealth Principal Gommercial Coach and BoJ's Gyn School Dhysif an nalish and Library T 1 MP, R, . 0 -' Jo V . B. t 5 J. M . M. Q' . Go M M. rf. '. M. . S G ' MP. W. H 0 Du A W ' J 1 S. R. . 'Bo . H. J. , 0 J. MTS, g- Linz? First Grade 0 B, ' T . E. . D. MP. Ha , 5' H ruff: Ho 9 , MTL R. L MP. N. S . Mr. D. MP. C. , ,,, Mrs Fc f " . Mr. P. u , .i I onJo ' EN1055 x' ff X URW MA W H0512 JW Q 0 J' H IM 1' i r"": - , ' 1 f I .,- k iff U' QA Lf- KL X X ax P 4g AX, -n Zin 'lg'-5' f 'Y' R L7--X We If l gi I 1, . AA Q! f'fs" " ' Sensor Class Officers 17 Left to Rivht Joyce Jones, Wick Shaut, Paul King, D Irene Phelps Pre id nt Vice P es4dent Qecretary Treasurer Cla s Advisor D Pall Ying ick Shaut Irene Phelps Joyce Jones Craig H Fdgar Phyllis Griffin Chorus 2,3 lntermurals l,2, F H A 3 Dramatics , Yearbook Staff, School Newspaper 3 uBe not careless in deeds, nor confused in words, nor rambling in thought 774Zf7L4Kl4L Lf gflgh. cf Qbfl J 44d,AQ ZZ' hi, : : 6415631-1 ,,w.fz,c, fraud Lalfmf ,.a.,C2v,gl4,, ,gb -42 Cid-J I s,Z,Uvi1,fY-. ,A-41 Q-Q ZLLK., r 1 if' wi' vi, slfl. l1Ak44J C421-rnA,1n.64 1 flig z,..,fw1-4-f-cc,1a,,c,.f, a,n,c,,fi AML, M' V I Robert ibcklandc Q Basketball l,2,3, , Baseball 2, Soccor , Track 2 Volleyball l,2, Intermurals 1,2, Student Council Vice President of Class 3, Dramatics 3, Senior Play, X rt Editor School Newspaper 3 Y. 'Women could be more charming if you could fall int their arms without falling into their hands i Q G 3331225 Sails Sice Chorus l,2,3 , Sec'y chorus 2, Band l 2,3, Intramurals, l,2, , Senior Play, Class lreasurer 2 3 M Library Club Yearbook Staff, All State l,2, Basketball timer 2,3 D A R Essay Contest 'jpw HA pound of pluc is wor a ton of luc H Graham Barnes School Paper Sports Editor 3 Ping Pong 3, Basketball l,2,3, Baseball l,2,3, Track l,2,3 Soccer 3, Volleyball 1,2 3 Senior Play, Cross Country 2, Rifle Club 3 , F F' A 1,2,3, , student Council 1, Intramurals, l,2,3 nvhat all men are really looking for in some form, or perhaps only some formula, of peace. , Q lg . . . 3 . ' C n U ,, A . F . , N vu' , k", C' - ' A t. ' , 5 1 I . 4- ,4 ' 1 ff' I J' r .Lvl 1 ,x If I -'nigfilf -1' L- I ' f 4 - 2' . ' n" ' f I .7-' - " .-I ,' L' ' ,a in L' :A A, f A 4 , y ' ' 'IJ V, 1 , , in 5 . 4 - J V. 1 I' 4. A' 1, ii ,,':7gmSi,L,Q, Q x Y I+. . I+- 3: K X Q . . 5, Xi . NX U Sv O V I - ,n Ng 'R , I X9 . Q N . IX. V Q as wi ,lp . of ' . lu fn h. n 1 I uf - ' 3 ' , k th k. l r 3 I : h . 3 . . ,fp . . . LL. . f. 1 Janice Marie Karr Band l,2,3, 3 Chorus l,2,3, Cheerleader 2,3 Intramurals l,2, Yearbook Staff, School Newspaper 3 'Work brings its own relie , He who most idle is s most of grief' Grant Barnes Basketball l,2,3, Mgr Soccor 3 Baseball l,2,3 lrack l,2,3, Cross Country l,2, Volleyball l,2,3, Table Tennis 3 Rifle Club 3,h, Rifle Club President , Mixed Chorus F F A l,2,3, , Vice President Athletic Association 2, , President School News paper 3 Intramurals l,2,3 'lhe man who invented work should have finlshed Ioan Kennell Intermurals, 1 , D amatics Club 3 F A , Parlia mentarian 3 Senior Play Typist nThere is ning more fun than a man William M Bridge Soccor 3, , Basketball 3,', 1anager 2, Intramurals, 1,2 3,u, Rifle Club 3,lL Rifle Club Vice President F F A 3 'All work is a s ed sown, it frovs and sprea s, and sows itself again ' WW jdwfigw Tfifjfff la ' s I' Ir, Ha .' -lu 3 S ' ' . . 3 A ' ,+'l hz - - - LL - ln: I+ LL- - F all-' , lm it,ll ,lv r , . H. . - Props and Usheretteg School Newspaper 33 Yearbook not' .N lv 4 F.. ' , ' I lu - . - ,M- ' 'e ' . ' J 1 d 0 x Q 3 V U o c X . 0 i Q! L . v, -A 1 uf Q JJ 3 Norma Jean Kilbury W 3 Band l,2,3,L, Librarian 23 Chorus l,2,3,L5 All-State Sectional 23 Scorekeeper, 1,2 33 Intramurals, 1,25 Dramatic Club kg Senior Play L: School Newspaper Staff 3 'I'm not arguing with yo , 'm e ng yo ' Lynn Coller B nd l,2,3, F F A Rifle Club 3 u, Audio Visual Club l,2,3 nln tne life of a younv man the most essential th ng f r happiness is the sift of friendship Wilma Neale Chorus l,2,3, , Intramurals 1,2, Athletic Association Secretary and Treasurer 2, Newspaper reporter 3 Dramatics Club, Yearbook Staff, Red Cross ,Harvest Festival Queen Ulf eyes were made for seeing, then Beauty is s own excuse for being ,fC2cAf'Zg Fhsfeiayjfvbll Taz? 04" a4yL!Ybf Charles Griffin President l,,Intramurals 2 3 Volleyball 3, Track 3 Rifle Club 3 M 'Increased means and increased leisure are the A f Af W W ' u I t 111 ul' a ' . . . 3,h5 9 ' ' 0 . Q 1 O J ..ll u. . M , . it ll' 4 ry , af f W I I LL, -V I . JQ4 1 v F. F. A. 1,2 3 My F. F. A. e 1, 1 S ' 3 , . ' two . I" S. Xxqxfxk Afxyx, 'K v-,,3... ,.... .5 4.. r ,., J Xa ..- . R , L MJ, V, ,xl N ., - , - ,Q -hx-. :X A5 1 '- x 0 'f -A 'Q' . . . , 55 1, - Q ' 3- I fx, -' 0 f- if '-A X 'Vi -'X h ' X-Y - ' Q . 4 x X .yy . rx . '-A A , ax' ,xii N Fx 5 rd' ' 'NJ ' N- -1 , Q K . ' .1 A .ga 5 . X kv f -qi, AQ fy . , '- , - ' ' ' W. :A X ' 8' ,A rx kk fwxl Ang: Q 5 xx .,-X , 4, xu A , , - J . , -xx -. 4 . 1 x X T1 Council Vice President 3, Junior Red Cross 1,2 Rifle Club 3.k. Yearbook staff "Tis strange what a man may do and a woman ye think him an angel N eww by nRemember, it's as easy to marry a rich woman as a poor woman ' Joanne Parsons Student Council 1, Band 1,2,3, , Chorus l,2,3, , Athletic Association 3, , Treasurer 3, School Paper Secretary and Treasurer 3, Basketball Cheerleading 2,3,h, Soccor Cheerleading 3, , Dramatics , Intra murals 1,3,h, Historian h nMy little voice so soft and kind, my little sou my little mind N Phillip Holmes Intramurals l,2,3, Student D Irene Phelps Band l,2,3, , Librarian 3 Chorus l,2,3, Intramurals l, , Student Council, Secretary 3, Cheerleading 3, , Dramatic Club Treasurer 3, , benior Play, Class Secretary Yearbook Editor, School Newspaper Staff, 3, Potato Queen Candidate, Soccor Cheerleading M N 'm not quiet, just ask e Norman Kennell F A 2 3 M Rifle Club 3, , Soccar 3, , Intra murals l,2,3 'Dk . I+ 1+ . l I+ . if ' hh A, yy? . h. . , at iii!! 'ig ' ,iiy af 1 fl 1,?i?aAi gihgggywhg Iiiilliimiiiiiiiiiii t'e, Q - - 3 ' t 5 3 N gd , qJnffE!L a if K ' K 'gt X " fu F ffm 1 f V M s Q!! M' ' is , I m .W F. . . ' in fa ' M- , , nv - U S V e ' - 3 Elaine Marie Wheeler Band l,2,3,h, Chorus l,2,3, , Intramurals, l,2,3 Basketball Timer 3, , Dra atics Club 3, , All State Sectionals 3 All State Buffalo 3, Yearbook Staff, Senior Play Cast, Chorus Librarian Z3 President Band Librarian, 1,2 'The reason why I giggle so much, is because I have much to giggle aboutln Floyd Pettibone F A 1,2,3, , Secreta y of Agriculture Class II Truth is better than fiction Barbara Jilkins Intramurals, l,2,3 Junior Red Cross l,2, Newspaper Staff 3 'earbook Staff, Dramatic Club, Vice President 3 f, Senior Play Cast nv ' me is but t e stream I go a fishing in Theodore Pfaff Dramatics 3, , Red Cross Class Secretary 3, Intra murals l,2,3, Yearbook Art qdit , F WA little sunburnt by the glare of life N ' Lv lu M. M- - , , . . 3 ' - lu - I ' SO 3T"r I ' F. . . M- r fgij n . n U A 3 1 I ' ' nu 5 'Ti h - .H U' ui I iff - or' . F. A. 1. XGW06-1 Uri! Lf KJ-C495 ,L UV I, NXI4-VYL-Q.fv'V1L,6x.L ug CRA AWK rw WMM QQMLL J Cfxdlcfg zf W f , n , . A ,X f C-7 V Q, fl vu, ,, ' ' ' ' fx ,C I K 'I , ' 4, -ff .Vo-Q, Q' i ' ' XJ 7 Lk ff ' xx -' x nf X-fy k ,Xin , f A If I X J ,4 Janice Mae Strobel Band l,2,3, Chorus l,2,3, School Newspaper 3 Cheerleading 3, Intramurals l,2,3, Athletic Association 1 Student Council, Treasurer , Dramatics 3, , Senior Play, Yearbook Staff nYou are uneasy Vou never rode with me ,fer e ore, I see Paul Raymond King Track 2,3, , Baseball 1,2 Soccor 3, Basketball Manager l,2,3 Boys' State 3, Senior Play Cast, Yearbook Staff, Dramatic Club President 3, , Rifle Club 3, , President, 2 Vice President l, Intramurals l,2,3, , nThe world knows nothing o it's greatest men L24 My Jia! CZEEQQ Lois Jean Wellington Band l,2,3, , Intramurals 1,3 Chorus l,2,3, Dramatic Club 3, Ba1d librarian 3 Senior Play, Yearbook Typist, School Paper nCall me at sun rise, but don't let the sun rise oo early Raymond Lockwood Basketball 1 2,3, Baseball 1, 2,3, Volleyball l,2, Athletic Association l, Intramurals 1, 2 3 F F A l,2,3, , President Junior Red Cross HI slept and dreamed that life was beau y I woke and found that life was duty lu ' s : la-' lv ' f', b f ."' Q 'Q u . lu . : taC', - lr' . lr' M. ,lu F 1723, .N 1' . - J 0' . ' .J , lx' 0 ' ' t 1: -fl y . ' . ni - - - M lu A 2. t e ' J ' -- .N ? 3, Intramurals l,2,3, , Basketball l,2,3, , Baseball l,2,3, , Track l,2,3, , Cross Countr 2, Soccor 3 Class President l,3, Vice President , Assistant Editor School Paper 3, Dramatics Club 3,h, Rifle Club 3, , Senior Play, Yearbook Staff, Representative to Albany NA good heart is better than all the heads in the world N Volleyball 3, Rifle Club Play 'Never leave 'till tomorrow that which you can today Edward Sampson Basketball l,2, Baseball 1, Cross Country 1, Vice President of Class 2, Intermurals l,2,3 Student Council 1, F F A 3, Rifle Club 3 M nTough1, but Oh So Gentl Nicholas Shaut Volleyball 2,3,h, Table Tennis Rosewell Tlm erman Basketball l,2,3 , F 2,3, , Baseball 2 Intramurals 1,2 1, 'Great men gain doubly when they make foes their fr ends MAILLX' ,ff 'Lvf 9 C fQZZfvQAAZi K-f14L'0Cf,l? VlJtdR7Q,LL William White Intramurals l,2, F F A l 2, , , Pres 2, Sec Library Club l, Soccor 3 3, , Cheerleader , Senior . . 23 Qs Q -"N X . M. lv D lv - ' .lu 'A L+- 0 - . A: rf LL- 'lfaiulf' A' , 5 , JZ , AI ' A V ,,1 VJ A riff 3 LL . ' '. MQ ' . M. M. ' . Q '. H do Q Class History In September 1942, nine of the original members of the Senior Class were grouped together in the firstgrade room with Hrs Tenant at the teacher's desk In the first row sat Joan Kennell chewing her gum like mad Next to her sat Irene Phelps, fussing with her favorite curl, hoping the teacher wouldn't call on her Over in the corner sat the tiny red head, Jo Parsons, as always, talking Joyce Jones, a bashful blonde, sat in the next row rolling her pretty blu eyes at all the boys On the other side of the room sat two lads discussing their hot rods, Skip Bridge and Phil Holmes In the next row sat Paul King and Bob Auckland, picking on Lois Wellington and her tempting braids We were guided through the second grade by Mrs Wilcox In this year Janice Strobel joined our groap from Windom Hill In our next year, hrs third grade This year we Wheeler, and our excellent Hulter guided us successfully through the acquired a gi gling gal knows as Elaine art student, from South Dansville, Ted Pfaff Also in this year a handsome pail of twins joined us, none other than Crant and Praham Barnes During our fourth year we were under the helpful guidance of Miss Macvinn Norma Filbury, a cute little pal, ioined us from Owepo, that year le were also joined br Norman Kennell, and mim y Timnerman Mrs Fidler was our teacher in the fifth grade Hornell contributed another red head, Phyllis Griffin This year we were also joined by sweet Under the teacher of the sixth grade, Miss Henderson, we completed our grade school days During this year we acquired Janice Karr, from Avoca, and also our beauty queen, Wilma Neale, fro Canaseragg From Hornell we were blessed with Nick Shaut Three farmer boys also Joined us, namely Charles Griffin, Rav Lockwood, and Ed Sampson Mass Collins was our homeroom teacher in the seventh grade Junior High School brought us many new and exciting experiences Hr Barnard piloted us through eighth grade and regents and passed us on to the Freshmen Class During our ninth year, we survived the much dreaded initiation and the dogglng of the upper classmen Coach Rose advised us through this year successfully and Miss Wight attended u 'n homeroom Nr Chalker, our former music teacher, was our advisor in our Sophomore Year This year we were Joined by a happy go lucky Nhite and quiet and cooperative, Lynn Coller Coach Rose, arain our advisor in our Tunior Year, saw us another successful year Ice cream and candy sales this year another successful year, and our treasury The high light of was the purchase of o1r class rings guy, Bill through boosted the year During 1955 1954, r Edgar proved himself an able and worthy advisor for a successful yeax Tn October, the Senior dance was held with a nHarvest Queenn crowned Our hilarious plav, nHere Comes Charlie proved to be a big success As the ARYON goes to press, we, the Seniors of 1954 still have our trip to New vmrk City to look forward to and, of course, our big moment Graduation 1 Q , C , 1. o I . , - . . e . 3 . . s ' ' I . . - J ' 1 w I 1 , All .. a v I . J K , . V 5 . l . . . . . - ' I . and quiet Barbara Wilkins, and our shy Floyd Pettibone. , " . v y . 1 H . V . . V L . . ' 0 . , 1 S .. Ao I O A J 1. . 0 J - 1 , 1 . . - P' . V 3 A A A 0 f ., . , J. I The Class Prophecy It was the year 197k and the day that The Class of l9Sh of Arkport Central School has set as the day for the Class Reunion. The first to arrive at the nNew Yorker Ballroom was the famous comedian Tim Tlmmerman of the 'Colgate Comedy Hour. Following him came his good friend Ray Lockwood who is official bed tester of Halbruner beds Soon after Barbara Wilkins and Charles Griffin arrived They are famous for their movie impressions of Ma and Pa Kettle Next to arrive were Graham and Joyce who are now married and raising five lovely boys Joyce remarked, 'Father said, 'I'm glad somebody in the boys n betting NCarrot my rightis the famous bookie Ted Pfaff who made on the flea races down at the dog pound, and on Topn Parsons, holder of the flyweight wrestling the guests came thick and fast, we found it was family can have a fortune my left, is championship time for the entertainment to start Floyd Pettibcne, the great crooner, rendered his version of the Newsboys' Blues Joan Kennell, billed Safari Queen, showed us her act of charming snakes Lynn assistant, stood by with a pea shooter just in case of an as the Coller, her emergency. tried to We had a little disturbance as the quack doctor Paul King peddle false cures to the guests, but he was finally evicted by our bouncer Ed Sampson Everyone stopped and gasped as Bob Auckland sauntered in with his new wife, Marilyn Monroe, and we heard Wilma Neale remark, nWell, I have bigger eyesl' Everyone was surprised as Grant Barnes came in handcuffed and followed by a policeman we found out that he was convicted of being a Holmes, the big game hunter, gave his before dinner speech on his Safari to Africa, we heard a loud cough and B111 White and Elaine Wheeler, the new owners of the Howdy Doody show rushed in, followed by Janice Strobel the television 'Dale Evans ,riding double on Jan1ce's Wild Bill' Palamino was the famous beautician, Phyllis Griffin, now a bleached blonde Norma Kilbury sits squirming in the corner, she is dying a slow ieath caused by the effects of lockjay can't talk Lois Wellington is soliciting members to her Lonely Hearts Club, famous throughout the world for bringing people together Lois already has had ten husbands as direct results of the Club Over by the door I could hear Janice Karr Gossiping with her date Bill B Janice is head of the Gossip Department of the EVENING TRIBUNE Bill is the new F B I com unist on HI Led Three Lives Norm Kennell is showing off speaking ten different languages, he is head interpreter for the United Nations Irene Phelps, one of the most ndzed members of our Class, couldn't make it tonight as she was arrested today, charged with stealing keys out of restaurant doorsll Well folks, this is your reporter and commentator Nick Shaut, signing off for the evening after reporting the fabulous and world renown reunion of the Class of 195h KCome, my ten beautiful secretaries lets live a little!!! ll n . - ' . As . 1 On As figamist--thats five time worse than being a bigamist. Just before Phil I - Il , II II . Se mor Class Poem We've written this little poem About the 'Class of 'Sh We hope you all will miss us When we are here no more President of our class, Paul King Is the guy who has the brain, But when he hears a real good joke, He really goes insane In basketball, he sure is tops, On the court, he's mighty quick You couldn't find a nicer gu Than our one and only nNick Floyd spends his time on books He doesn't take to girls, But there are some who envy him And his mass of nToni' curls Tim y is so very quiet We hardly know he's present He spends his time a' fishin' And is always mighty pleasant Grant is a real good sport en he's arguing for the Fordn, Thats really something to see Now Graham is tall and handsome, And is also fast as lightning Whenever he is on the track, To the other contestants, t' An Oldsmobile guy is Ed His love affairs are many First he has a score of girls, And then he hasn't any Next in line comes Bill White With whom you're all acquainted When trying to out talk him one We lost and nearly fainted Ted Pfaff is the cheerful kind He ought to be a 'cop His Dodge is always on the go, When it isn't on its top! frightning day, Irene is the Editor of our yearbook, The work was done just fine, But when it comes to Milt, She's really keeping time! I NO .K I And good in sports is he. wh ll 1 s n I Norma is our engaged girl, A diamond she is sporting Welos is the lucky fellow, Now he need do no more courting Barbie always has a smile The friendliest girl in the class She always makes a new friend, Before the day is past Lois is a merry one Whenever she's about She brings much laughter to us all You seldom see her pout We have a redhead in our midst, Jo Parsons is her name At cheerleading she is quite a whiz, She helps them win the game. Janice Karr is our working gal, She really earns the dough Where she spends the rest of her time, Nobody seems to know! Wilma hails from Bishopville And really has the looks He'll really be a lucky guy, Her hair is blonde, her eyes are blue, and what a smile oh, brother! Wherever Joyce is, there Graham is too Guess they must like each other hlaine Wheeler is the girl Who is so tall and strong Her energetic nature Keeps her in mischief all day long Little Phyllis Griffin Steps up next in line She's really very friendly, And we all like her fine Janice Strobel is a darn cute girl, who lives up on the hill If you're ever looking for a friend, She'l1 always fill the bill Ray Lockwood is the married guy Who's always late for class In order to make a living We find him pumping gas Looking for a friendly person Lynn Coller is the boy But, when it comes to the girls He really is not so coy I lwe mean the one she hooks.P Charles Griffin is who is so tall and If you ever want a Just pass the word our farnnr boy, slim. favor done, to him. Bob Auckland is a romantic fellow And everybody knows, when he goes buzzing down the road It's to Mary's house he goes. B111 Bridge was a little boy And then he started growing. Now he plays on varsity And helps them make a showing Norman is the skater 'Round the rink he whirls He steals the hearts of pretty and plain, Those with straight hair and curl . Whenever Tom to Arkport calls It's to the Kennell 'phone And who's the girl he's calling' None other than our Joan! There's a Holmes boy in our class Who's known to us as Phil Whenever asked to help, he says, " yes, of course I wil " We Seniors all helped choose him And we couldn't have been wiser, when we elected Mr Edgar for our Senior Class Advisor This ends the rhyme about our class To posterity we hereby give it We only wish we could start over, Once more to enjoy and to live it ,I 'X X N45 r ,fafv S I Oh ll .F . Xlfj . :Y , in 1 f C? NAME Bob Auckland Graham Barnes Grant Barnes Bill Bridge Lynn Coller Chas Griffin Squirt Griffin Phil Holmes Joyce Jones Janice Karr Norman Kennell Norma Kilbury Ray Lockwood Paul King Wilma Neale Jo Pars on Floyd Pettibone Ted Pfaff Irene Phelps Ed Sampson Janice Strobel Nick Shaut Tim Timmerman Lois Wellington Elaine Wheeler Bill White Barb Wilkins HOFOSCOIDC NOTED FOR Vieecrecke Raising Onions Looeing the Troopers Careful Driving Hot Rods Getting his Deer Red Hear White car Seriousness Her Jokes Parking in Lover's Lane Disposition Laughs History Marks Her Shape Cheering Silence Driving Ability Wise Remarks Being Muscle Bound Driving Performance Being Fast Quietness Her gift ef Gab Giggling Cheerleading Friendliness WHERE FOUND 78 Main St. Jones' Driveway Burns In Mercury Square Dance Up on the hill Hornell In the barn With Grahal Stearns' Flander's Barn Library Gas Station Washington St Home On Main St Home Where there's a girl with Milt Dansville With Bill South Dansville Where Girls Aren't found Reddy Hollow All Over Lyles Barn In Fay's Nash WANTS TO BE Pilot In Foreign Legion Billionaire Burlesque Manager Farmer City Slicker Beautician Quiz Kid Mrs Barnes Nurse Farmer Mrs Jones Truck Driver Educated Nurse Loved by B111 Stenographer Mechanic Loved Potatoe Farmer 18 Years Old 6'7' Forest Ranger Secretary Gym Teacher Millionaire S ft 2 PROBABLY HTLL BE Married with 10 kids Hen Peoked Husband Sad Sack the II Bartender Truck Driver Mountain Climber Owner of Buster Brown Shop Billy the Kid II Another Liberace T V Repair Women Assistant Wet Beck Old Maid State Trooper Undertaker Marilyn Monroe the II Impossible Driving a Rolls royce Bull Fighter Howdy Doody's Side Kick Weakelen Pe's Hired Man Bat Boy for N Y Yankees Professional Onion Grower Ministers Wife ICBPOUIB Swab in the Navy Hopeless case Joan Kennell Arguments Oakleys' Mrs. Blaight Miss Wight Lab. bequeath and Next 'ext text Next C fass W1 I Ne, the bequest to Seniors Tuniors Sophomo Freshmen the ability to get along with the faculty the ,ood times the Class of 'b4 has had at the richt to sell buoble gum at noon res a new wav to initiate rreshmen r renrer his detention book to Pr Havnes r Sherner his worl to a pretty new s cretar, Piss Wight a chemist y class that is interested in it Kiss mucker her ponv tail!! hrs krog her hone for a bipper art class I Pdgar some hing to do during his one free period Sherry a gentler wav to request silence in study hall Senmor Class of 1954, being of sound mind and body do hereb A ' A aiusw Haynes a history class that will stav awake durfnp the period Rose his coaching ability to Richard Smith Burbick his pretty band uniform to Gary Haynes Puderbaugh his friendly smile and quiet voice to Prank Bancroft hrs Kelly her Boston accent to Bill unite anice Strobel her blushes to Kathryn lennell Lois Jell'ncton her Barbara Vilkins her Paul King h's brain harl s Criffin tae gum rs holly smile to Urannie tries to Pty r Sick Naxx rlcht to sleep in class but, not snore -Na4:D rant Barnes his ord to w'on ver wants tl raham Barnes his Jov'n abilitj to David Port r B111 Qrldfe his n' ht lif to anyone w o can stand it Will Jhite his cough to anlone who can do it Hob Auckland al smans1'n ability to uPun1 Lawrence Lan coller I ll 4ust leavel Tr ne Phelps her black ha'r to Sally A 1 on ko wa lwlbury her abilit to er,ue to D0113 Kame Toyce Jones her treasurer's headaches to the next Senior Janice Karr h r dates to Tune Pfuntner Dhyllis uriffin her red hair to Sandra rierce Vilma Yeale her Queen's Crorn to whomever it rits Jo Uarsons her cheerleading ability to Yaky laine Jheeler her alto voice to 'ary llen Iarrinvfon Ray Lockwood his gas statfor Job to Bud Iowe med Dfaff his pallette and brush to 'ohn Robb1ns Floyd fettibone h's qxfet voice to Ulaine Yarns Joar nennell her laugh to Carol Urnhy Norman Vennell his Hornell rirl friends to Will lliams Pick Shaut his Hcharrn to Henry Iulfor t Pd Sampson leaves 11s muscles to Lloyd Henry 'I' 5- Class mreasurer main' lv,-'- 5--I J' ,k" . I . v J . . v - - , - " - - - C- S. , . 'N ' -- Lx ' a ' if -.. "1 . v 4 x V 11 . . J . , u -1 -- v o .- o - A .. . V 4 V . . -- - ' .e v V .1 -- I. , - . 5 ' 31 I 7 I - A .. , , .J fa 2.-ff?-. '. Q "" . , . A. NP. -1 " u x , I .-To . '-' , .I ,. P. " v .. , NP. -- . . v FP. -- . I , HP. -- . W , L 7 . -' . . ' 1- -c v - u ' 4 . x 1. + -4 f ' 1 4. Q. "' , A 0 A-L o tv -- u . . , 1 .1 . ,. h . -'- .. ,. .2 6 . . - ' Y rf--af A l X J , ,,.5.L ue 9 I "'.f. 'f 1 o 1 I 'va' N H - o- ,4 lr "'. 5 ... .1 . 9 . l I I 5 I V , ,, , . or . Y '- , L 5: ' 8 K I 7 . , -- . 3 e f n . ,, .g5g, 'u ,, 1 1 -. -7 '-'. 'f',- .. . . . ,. U , or --s e 1.l 1' A ' cn '1 r . . H . -'Y' 4. U 3 " .. J' 71 S 'V rv 'C' ..- vw' A v v . ,A J , . . . L ..-h A -.. Q v L I' 11 .N . 1 v A I '. A -- ' . - ' - 5' Vi! . ..- , 1 , .. - - -1 .. - v 1 v --. . ' E : .k., n 1 l - . - --. - . 1 QY - , ' 1 A 3 V A 'N --, L 1 H J A ' " ' va y' A " . .. A H4 Q . .. -- ,l S -, - .1- e v -- ' 1 C, .. ' , 'A .I 5 o by 4 " Q A 1 To Think You've Chosen Me A Kiss in the Dark Wish you Were Here Got A Date With An Angel Undecided Hangover Blues I Wish I Had A Girl Lazybones Full Moon and Empty Arms Keeping Out of Mischief Now Runnin' Wild I'm An Old Cowhand My Old Jalopy's a Cadillac Give Me A Little Kiss I Get Ideas I'm In Love Again Time After Time Heartbreaker Ain't No Gal Got a Brand On Me I'1l Sall My Ship Alone One Meatball Bye Bye Blues Kiss Me Again Stranger Let Me Call you Sweetheart It's All Over But The Memory Let the Worrybird Worry for You You're the Cream in my Coffee Love Somebody I'm Gonna be Boss from Now On The Appleblossom Wedding How Could you Believe Me Once In a Lifetime Lovely to Look at Just One of Those Things I Wanna Be Evil You've two timed Me One Time to Often The Bigga the Figga Tennesee Wig Walk Richocet Candy Lips Tell Me a Story Readin' Kinsey's Book Some Enchanted Evening Turn Back the Hands of Time A Shoulder to Neep On I Don't Care A Guy is a Guy That's Nice Don'ta Fight Down Yonder There Should be Toys Smoke Gets in your Eyes Sound Off Tell Me Why 1 Norman Kennell Squad Bus Wilma to her one a only Lois Jellington Grant Barnes Ted Pfaff Tim Timmerman Lynn Coller Phil Holmes Bill Bridge Janice Karr Bill Nhite Ray Lockwood Joyce to Graham In New York City Jo Parsons I haven't got my home work done Nick Shaut Mr Edgar Eloyd Pettibone Spaghetti Suppers Graduation Phyllis Griffin Barb to Fay Ela1ne's trip to Buffalo Charlie Griffin Paul to Pat Bob Auckland Norma to Delos Miss Tucker Left book home, but have work done We're Seniors Clock at 3 27 Forgotten Excuse Joan Kennell Ted to Kaky Mr Haynes Grace Goodwin Irene to Milt Punk Lawrence Larry Brown Mr Sherry Lorraine Maginley Janice Strobel Frannie to Grant Carol Murphy Nancy Amidon Joyce to Norma Boiler Room Senior Homeroom Teachers' Rooms Mr Edgar at play ractice 6 in Regents H I 1' P A R D E -----------------------------------n nd 1 wish 1 Didn't Love You s0--I-fIfIflifilffliiiffflllfad to Tiiu ' Y f 'CTI I M oo, 2-,ff .. 's -.."'-.-.:'.-"'NNj i'9Ap X WWE I mmf? mf ,Jf " an Q .Lv I pg I W'-'mfr 9,3 INA P' 5 X Q-11-" l V2 f f- 5-.f 5" v" ow ri 5 NT' 1' X -xr Q 1 V 1 v A.f.lYy h 5 A A X tl i Q X WJ Q f, 4x RJ V Q 7 J, 9 it ' 'If' XX "aff , I Ek 1 Y s 1 J , ' , A V , . V O ,If ixznunqgl W ' ,f,,..,.ff' H ' , X Tw, 1 'Y f I ,jx ' B ,f - 4? . .' - ,Z 5 1,-on Q f . A . I , . 7 f 1.7 ' JL A 'A' J ' x : X W A.. 'D I, "XX "4 2 3 J Q bv kk S5 1 .AS O 455' --- X?" BJTN :' "a , if f '1 If 'KX xxx 1 ' '22 7 :" 1 I J :fi ' A V My i D4 x C: "W ' ' IP' X ' f,-f ' ' A If qi? r 5 Lg . N Fwy-, s' , 2 Y ,, 'X ' W WK ' AN I V U wx ' CQX 7 ' Fx., A M ,. QE Kahn x r I, 915, XJ V Q ff' , ,, ' iff ' f l i I U. .- N501 A X Q W l I X 4gz:,5iiL. f kX+ .:::f 122'-if ... ' . -dizni assay' U . K 0 JUNIUAQJ, bf w Yi, W2 Q, imdb my C67 CQ x A2 A Z P"l ln! X ' Q Q qu: 1 Y ,L T " 'L+' ' ' JN N Q '52 W K lx! N Q' ,va K 1 I W ' lx, at 1 X' ' C ff' fn N I "Z-- LE' x X X Xi Zmfaf ifiii M 7 WW fb ' . If It - . ZW! Class of SS N Z' W First Row, Shelly Lawrence, Gary Haynes, Jack Nc Graw second Row, r Snerry, Rutn Henry, Carol Murpny, June Pfuntner Eleanor Tobias, Barbara Glover, Lorraine Naginley, Ricnard Davis, Larry Brown, Larry Kane, Ralpn Powe Not Photographed Franklin Bancroft, Barbara 'rosset President Shell Lawerence Vice President Secretary Advisor 2 Gary Haynes Jack Mc Graw James Sherry 0 a ' 'A , Treasurer ---- --------- -- --------- ----- J-Dick bavis BV ffxi A rr wx .X O L 'I .fl .fx :fy ' 'VN V U7 'S UMD L-,Q fz sv L. J50'3y an 1 ,.f ' ggi fxgbiwff' gsydg 1,14 0 M'-J 9 ' CLASS CF 1956 First Row, B Second Row, M Third Row, Jones, B Emo, M Latimer, G Goodwin, Tuttle, P Wyant, M Harrington, K Kennell, Roff Birchard, K Fowe F Dries, B Holmes, Howe, H Wilkins Kramer, D Beman, R Griffin, R Holden, Williams, D Porter, Mr Rose Mot Photographed, A Dunham, J Robbins, D zane Presicent Treasurer Secretawv Alden Dunham Marv Latimer Betty Emc L2 .......1- C. . . . F. ' 0 o A g c Q liz 0 o ' D. . . . w. I f Vice President ---------------- -r ------- B0ttF Jones 3 3 'a N K' IIA- I Hb' "' X 'I L. mm ll -5 A 4-"A A do I3 IEW CLASS OF 1957 Wirst Row, L Second Row, J Third Row, R L President S Wehling, E Karns, L Haynes, S Baker Amidon, Miss Wight S Jamison, S Pierce, Beman, J Norton Jamison, J Rider, M Osborn, L Kimbel Young, E Karns, N Aridon, M Norton Hendeo, Bgllinggp, D Pierce, R Smith, C Hoff Sick, G Jellington, D Marks, H Wolforst Henry, T Good Linda Jehling L ' 0 0 o o Q Fo ' 3 U I D. . ' u . 0 0 0 Q 0 o o ll 0 Q C. R: .T c .0 .0 0 vice Presiagfnzf:::::::f:::f:f1-- ' TPSSUPGP ---------- ------------- -- ---- Stanley Baker V S., Sm 1 , Y X, 1 1 ' I v 4' Secretary Advisor Q12 mlaine Karns Linda Haynes Jane Wight ? EIGHTH GRADE First Row Second Row Third ROI I CK J ff X :A g : G. . . . B. . . . , C ..-.. :ve e e Q E. Q . . , E. . . . 2 C. . . . J. . . . . 0 I3 4-9 43? , N X 5 9 I , A ' - 4 'Y ,K .E?" XXX QL-1? XX C .. N Ordvay, I Dunham, Y Kame, J Gesner, Roff, S Brown, B Timmerman, R Coller Horton, K Libbey, R Falzoi, lr Barnard Kane, A Ybung, J Falzoi, M Prentice, Wing, J Kimbel, D Strobel, D lcK1bben Ebner, R Slocum, M Jbnee Heffelfinger, R Meyers, C Dunham, M H1 Bunn, L Kramer, W Harrington, W Pfaff ,- 3 YQ g lib.-ga tt SEV NTU GRfDE Miss Janice Collins First Row, Karns, H Carlton, Brown, T Williams Collins Norton, Second Row, J G Third Row, F J Harding, Furlbut, Hilyard, Hoffman, R Jones, D Burger, J Pfuntner, L Crawford, Falzoi, D Serra, J Munson, , B Jamison , J G P M E Houghtaling, S Boag, C Hubric Marks, F Patrick, L McDaniel, FcKendr1ck, D Wyant, J Lurphy, Hoffman, L Terwilliger, Kramer Not Photographed, M Snyder, M Patrick, L Wise 1, ' J. . . . T. . . S. . . . R. . M: Kame 0 0 ' HI A I ' ljk X ag, . 1 9 o 2- SIXTH GRADE X Teachers Miss Henderson and Mr Appell ,TS ff FIFTH GRADE Teacher Mrs Fiddler I f Q , : . g p : . f THIRD GRADE Teachers Mrs Hazel Beman, Mrs B6Pth8 Multer FOURTH GRADE Teachers: Mrs. Mary Kay Kennell, Miss Beula McMinn SECOND GRADE Teachers Miss Lander and Miss Hubertii Teachers Mrs Haynes and Mrs Linzy FIRST GRADE lull KINDERGARTEN Mrs McCa.f'fer'y and Mrs Burbick miwilfnyfafni 52 Qs' My ii ix M WWW Q2- Mgww dd, gm? M503 MW W Qaywnfi MMV! Q ,xxawaffw My Via Q "V N' W Wy sbiyjr c:,...W..L,-M W ,M 61Qf4""f:fk M ggykj, 0?-.LL..g3,W'p Y T535-LM my xy? 131 ME WW Mm ' fr! 4 f G i I .64 ,, lv' ., ,, .gf M ly 'Jw my QM" GN ' 4 W. . f f ,L 3 MX , dr , . , S ' G ,,,, we Q45 AL K . . was by SME., ' 0 tv: - A . M lm? W W W Lf al-W6 -- 'LAW 'MD Q 64162. Mr e. -X WWW - . QV? - N o ,-"WM ,- 7 s if W W QS fi, - ATHLEIIUJ xi 1 Q A s ,ff X 9471115 Xx x X I .-fr nun. 5 N 'nw ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row Coach Rose, G Barnes, J Rider, P Wyant, J Parsons S Young Second Row B Glover, L Kama M Howe 'U 1 ,za iq 1' .. fi s . ' ' 3' 164112: J, :QA 'H an .. -24' - UE Lal! . ' ' If P- ' I ll- ' .ffm fmt: N . 4- I - ff, i' f , , l' A ff . V A R S I T Y B A S K E T E A L L A N D C H E E R L E A D E R S Left to Rivht G Haynes, F Amidon, S Lawrence, R Howe, Bridge, J McGraw, F Bancroft, R Auckland, N Snaut, Grant Barnes, Hanaver, Coach Rose 1 Pne1ns, 'nite Left to Right: J. Parsons, F. Dries, C. Wurphy, Coach Tucker, D. Kane, J U N I O R-V A R S I T Y B A S K E T B A L L Left to Right Coack Sherry, T Rlder, R Bellinger, A Dunham, S Baker, Howe, R Davis, E Jing, J Robbins, D Beman, F Amidon N D E Left t Rirht W , 'e no, fom.v, Orton, 1 nes, Anidon : V. L I . L. f. T . 4 A ' , .A '. J U ' I O R-V A R S I T Y C H E E R L E A R S o Q : K. Rowe L. T hli , S. I -HJ H. N L. Hcy S E B A First Row L Henry, C Roff, R Sick, M Howe, N Shaut, J Rider Second Row Coach Rose, J Robbins, D Porter G Haynes, F Amidon, R Griffin, D Marks C C Fir t Row Second Ron Jamison, C Roff, R Ballinger, M Howe, N Shaut, P Ying, 'cGraw, J Rider Sick, S Weber, 'i11iams, J Robbins, G Haynes, F Amidon, Po ter, Eri'ge, P Davis, R Auckland, Coach Rose B A L L : . . , . . S O E R ld if , D D ,Q Q . 1 Q U ' , if 4 I I ' S 2 J. . Q 1 -e . o x J. J . . ': R. . . D.: . . .. . A T R A First Row C Roff, J Jamison, N Shaut R Sick, J Rider, R Ballinger R Howe, S Baker, J McGraw, P King Steuben County M40 Pelay Ninners, Left to Right Coach Rose, Jack mcGraw, Ralph Fowe, Paul Ying, and not photographed, Graham Barnes C K Second Row: Coach Rose, D. Pierce, S. Lawrence, G. Haynes, F. Amidon, AC T! Iffffi LBJ!! ll MOT? 2, ,,4'l- 'U 'I Lff! JA- ' 'FF' f uV""r.C1 Q55 X mu f ' G8 5 n , K , M , .f I x X MV ' '-' Lf ' v 1 x , ,. r . L' '. ' I rf L. V " ' ., ,f J f . ,f . - r x . n J . U A 1 A ' 1 V Q f J .P F .J .J f' Q X. 1 -. , v ,M S s h v r 1 4 'J V . X V' I , N , ... r T A 790110-MI 44, -s x 1. ,Y . Jf L. '1l-ll w.! 'pr- '-V' Thanh M Zfz DIRECTOR Mr Raymond Burbick 6, Qhurus fax W 1, - , , , , I ,' Q gf . r .' I 1 ,, 5 1 U -.1.....i,.- H, . ,.,w H., M v,,.....-,,...... M JA , M. A N , y l- Y, ,J 1 . ff! .f , ffg ' - f K 'r,- , V ,' ' ' 5 ' ,,7. '-L, ' - ,,., - fg ' X " ' Q - . '-. - x' 4 2 I . . fe R, . X A .KK V . X. I ur : xx K. O Virst Row, J Roosa, B Sick, I Springett, C tyers, S arcus, L Newell, F lsenhi er, J Hubric, N sick, R Dunham, C Brown, Auckland, S Lawrence Second Row, Miss Pollins, T Pfaff, W Neale, H Wilklns, B Holmes, Baker, F Amidon, L darling, M Prentice, L Praner, S Brown, W Williams, 'rs, 'aulter oTUD'NT COLMCIL First Row, Susanne Brown, ball, Jamison, Grace Goodwin, hr Fenner, leanor Lobias, Vditn Kroner Second Row, Rooert Auckland, Richard Davis, Francis Am1dOH, UBVLQ .,ant, Gary Ordway Advisor Donald O Fenne , ..,.- - - -f-,. Q.-- .f .I S . . , A ' ' ' 0 - vi , TJ 1- , e J. JJ , U. , A , C , . . . ' fi. , , D. Glover . . . 1 - 6 J 3 Q 0 ,. . . S. ' . A . 1 Vo Q .1 - o 1 0 I Y ... C' .. T ' A, , - .v v . H Q . n 4 AL . .D - 4. . . . . .. , . . - W . . Q'afeier1a 4 XL-wg! 1 I if' Kindergarten going thru the line hamburgers!! Dorothy Barnes, Leona Sick, Betty Timmerman, Harriett Howe, Veronica Porter 1- A N D Nick and Paul cheating!!! 'F""'3 13'-' Q f , 4 1 ' -'X .'i,?A . 4 .A , is 'E 1,1 la xg Q v I . ff , 1 V, Nr, 1: , Vi .3 1' 'aah' ':A 7' . Q rug g55g5v,' ,W . , , gsrv - law, V '-e v , t' f ' I X LL, ' of 7 A , . Q 1 Q . 8 ,Y . Q' ,f ,' , K' 44 . -H in . , A M.. a. 44'-. 4, Ja, f , .11 , ,V ' ' ' -.V .' ll' f - A j .13 ' ' I bun RIFLE CLUB First Row Wellington, R Smith, J Jamison, R Ballinger, N Shaut, T ood King, C Roff, J McGraw, J Rider, T Kennell Second Row Mr Haynes, E Sampson, R Griffin, Gr Barnes, W Bridge, L Kama, White, C Griffin, F Amidon, G Haynes, Gt Barnes, R Howe, Mr Puderbaugh Third Row Howe, S Baker, L Brown, D Pierce, H Wulforst, D Porter, Williams, L Collar, D Kramer, D Beman, D Marks Fourth Row Wilkins, R Holden, R Davis, P Holmes, R Sick Sponsors Ned Haynes and Mr Harold Puderbaugh , Pr THE SHUTTERBUGS First Row Miss Wight, C Hendee, M Osborn, L Kimbel, M Harrington, B Emo Second Row J Norton, D Beman, P Wyant Sponsor Miss Jane Wight : G. . . . . . ' P. . . . . O w.l . O . l . O . l . U 2 M. . . . . ' . W. . . . . : H. . . . . : Mr. . , 51 "' " 9' 1' W T . I , .X 6 5 ,L fa I, 5 1 i 7 .ar ' T 5 V -,fy '31- .ldkk Y lui' ,. : . . . ' .l 1 ' x V, xf' 6 X THE DRAMATEERS First Row Wheeler, M Norton, C Tuttle, S Young, S Jamison, S Pierce, Griffin, E Tobias, C Murphy, B Holmes, G Goodwin Second Row Mr Edgar, L Nellington, E Karns, R Henry, L Maginley, B Glover Third Row Shaut, I Phelps, L Haynes, E Karns, F Dries, P King, Pfaff Sponsor Mr Craig H Edgar LIBRARY CLUB Joyce Jbnes, Mary Latimer, Mr Sherry,Kathryn Kennell, Florence Roff Sponsox Mr James Sherry : E e e 0 e o e ' P. . . . . I N. Amidon, B: Jones, J. Pfuntner, W. Beale, J. Barsons . : N. . . . . . T. ' FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row Smith, G Wellington, C Hoff, L Kame, W White, N Kennell, Lockwood, C Griffin, Gt Barnes, S Lawrence, S Baker, Gr Barnes Second Row Henry, W Bridge, D Pierce, D Marks, L Brown, h Wulforst, Sick, F Amidon, W Williams, L Collar, R Timmerman, Third Row Good, F Pettibone, R Holden, R Griffin E Sampson, R Howe, Wilkins J A N I O Harry Wyant, Eugene Howe, Jack Clark : R. . . . . . R. . . . . : Lo. O O I O 0 Rl O C O 0 Mr. Puderbaugh : T. . . . . . . H. i -al. I . T R S Shopping is Funn the Christmas Operetta, given by grades one through six The program was directed by Mrs Onolee Dunigan, the Grade Music Teacher Q I, My 7 5 3 xfxkfff HARVEST QUEEN and attendants--Harvest Moon Ball Left to right--Wilma Neale, Queen, Linda Haynes, Barbara Glover, Barbara Holmes, Irene Phelps, Patricia Wyant, Carol Murphy, Sally Jamison I an g -T so T, g -5 i y if if S as T- A 5 n nz X. kd o f 0 f-Nw AMI! If J' fag' Fixx H .9 'Z - RX v 1 XD N67 , vii J 3' XX W' . ' 512 4 . , J A T r X X ,ga lx U fa W Q ri'-A b 2 Q J ' Lax Z r ' 2 wk f I :'.t:' 1 A-A ' W LN . ' -Z-S? 2- al X '52 wists 3 A Z 331511 may R Zf QAM? .Jay Jw, 4 r .R I 9 5 ND di Hmm LW CAM F D MMM MQW ' -gffwcv - .1- K'yf nf I fx ,X -.J ACQKLJLJI-Q 1 ' DLA IDIEQS L Eli .5 SCHULTHEI5 adgwf ww Qnmaca ZW M BM, M asm CARS C2 SZ 6' fkmlfmwfy Q?lWOQ7 lil ymz J 1 I 2 EE M Co, P 5 ' LQ! 4' Qyliix I HSESUQ I ' . 072.4 , I Wabwr 1' Mquuxc .5?3S'D '7.f-Lllgu , .Zh--, JJ, Mmm we-M Z y Arn... .Ja,v.,EffM2Z.z4 7-me 52.,Af,..J 7!6'! L 21a E All n Witt I' Almond N Q Y 7,m41f,,!me WMM 7M Wk C3079 UQS7 DWF? ?f IC www ywywgj H155-, HGRNELL Q Aufro DLALERS -aa-if-4-4-4-1' ASSOCIATION Zeal.. Q L.. N . I 'F D ' 01IlH8MW Bfwf EIFIEE XF , COMPLIM-EEE ' XVICXQDAY 576 VKXVS STEUBEN couNTY LARGEST csormms BROADWAY HOHNEH NY z4z,,.. 24.--J ,jybcw-cv 4 Q QS? Q! Q Zum! Umm ,Ziff nnfllufe fgdfpaff Zia wi Cowaflhwvwi Of wsu W 4 oeposnrs Pla! UIIBUIBECD gl WMM ZW mf 0 0 0 l .-Jn ff ,, ' J P1 . :Rf . J . U L A T I O N S To ff 5 Class of 19515. f ' i' PM s "'fS-'gig' STEUBEN TRUST COMP NY ' ' 'W' rnell, New York Q em e ederal Deposit Insurance Cor oration 6 "fe 627' 09 Q ' 'B 0 gf Q ., 3 . 2 U 1' 0 0 V A5 PROv1oEo an mf Bauxmc, ACT OF nan COVIPLIMENTS OF Q V RUEBUCK WALDORPS ITSAT IZUUKS .I MW WW LIVIE SFIREDIVIG B S SERVICE jlw H694 ARIJER SH P V+ Q K Y T I 549 nr", Dfi? 775 A , F5506 Wf a'Jf"Q'7JW?-M ii I X U S E S lldllld lffl I Q- f X I 1 1 SCF. oulwlqoawg- 9 7 MAUQS1. Hur-MIINY Io o A 0r'N B OP E IIrIfpo Newnrk ' PM N" M J IIIW, Z . 7 5 9 In I X 1 I 4, , I . , N I 5 a qwym 7 Lying Th BEST 2.7P.UfOr, Aiti 1 JAMES FLORISTS GPC fl. 1 d V1 1 1uy ec ri 'Q V Q QFU CQ 114.9141 t 11NY 7,1-RP 'f FIDK DODT X STATE 'T Suffe BFIN K X995 ww Vipwgy Hr p r+ NawY k IQJAM7 JDNE a s Toon MARKET 'L QW, 'I GROCEFUES 'Jixkur r af 9 MEETS GENERAL MDSE AFEKPORT, N. Y. Paw., :ww Ima, 72 vf CHARSBW EL 1111.8 SINCIHIR H I0 GHS OILS GPTEFISING WHSHINCS TIRE 0 BATTERY SERVICE 5rTmN STREET ARKPORTQ Nw Toms F' 0 o 1 t l e F oral A 3 t S rv ng Hornell --..... u I PQ? 'S -- Q- F - I - a n S H Oh I ' " f' f2 " i:X-.x N VK ' 'ji N Q 1, -'-'f,1" ' ' " ',:g'4' ' f- . Tru , ,ml 1 T 1 av TTVPQTL NEW YQ T k Q or I w K 9 X .:?fZ". K 'I KW' " I 3'f!4""-+1 . . 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The finest in beauty care for the Discriminating Woman J C PENNEY'S 53 Broadway Hornell, N Y For Clothing Gifts and Household furnishings T 6-I!-'Z R A T U YOUR A D U A T I from Freshman Class 4 n 4 A 4 Q Q THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Extends its Congratulations The Senior Class of 1954 gywjyh AUTOGRAPHS WA mme? 'Q A7VV!'0LA,c,.44 1,6 f ffgwfzff is-is S 7 ffgffvf .1 c V ' 0 A 3 Y Q f': F-f -in MN ' 'E QSW QQN -- -ee- :-- - e-ee--ze -w-u-s-s-w- Beauty Shop -Q-Q-4-w C O N G L A T I O N S O N . U G R O N he ------ -s-N-Q-n-n-4 -ze-ee--ze--ze-as--rf -JL- JL, G-JL-if IIIIIIll'IIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIlIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I A! r f A, qf . f - y 33104154 I f I I gz N R COLLEGIATE P Kansas Cty 9.1 f1.e'V:',':".ve' Bti-5 MVN' FEW VTUIU i W Q f I M, , N - fu,-15, .A ,z , X. J .g - f A T, - XF ,, ,W -4 ,N ihiqw? ,,...Jmf'f'g3h.i' A' ix' f.-VX X ' " "SR - ' Q-1' - . 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