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.....u..-o..-.-wmu..n...-qm - . ,Mk REF. 378 AR48 1970 Agricola MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Cemer 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. MGC , Independence, MO 64055 1 The. 1970 AGRICOLA Volume 54 Arkansas Polytechnic College Russellville Arkansas ngjw Presents . . . In Student Lifa In Academics . . . Environment Our Life For Tomorrow Is Ours T0 Shape Today! . In Organizations In Classes In Sports Staff Jeani Sullivant Mike Kirkendall Donna Starr Carol Adams Sponsor-Gerald Edgar BLIC LIBRARY MlIll!"Will!Ill!WIllllUllllllllltllllllllllllllmllll MID CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwes tGen ealo oegyC nter 34405. Le e'usS mmith. MGC lndepe nden c,e M064055 In Memory ................ 5 The Theme ................ 6 The Establishment ....... V. . . 10 The Organizations .......... 42 The Classes .............. 106 The Sports ............... 194 The Student Life ........... 234 Index ................... 288 The Cements In Memory Roy R. Weedin Chairman Division of Business and Economics 1912 1969 Bobby G. Owen Assistant Professor of Biology 192k1969 Curtis Carturight Sophomore 19W1970 . . wm1nw..-...., its mark whether the 1n...- is the day that left Today day was spent Solitude r .2.....:.,.........., m , 3,,.,,..,.,,...,...., m : Zia . ugh m 3.3 , g ; g a g g y a f f . y. z i... E. 3?... a . awry? Education ! row and we were concerned about . . . . . Our Tomorrow Our env1ronment today determmes our tomor- Protest Pollution Pleasure Greatest Concern . . But our greatest concern was about people and the influence and the understanding created by . . . Our Visitors Our Teachers- Our Studies S .d 1611 And Our Fr t n e m h .m 1w t S E. e .h T Jeani Sullivant i M Rockefeller Speaks At Clinic Heading the state government i is Win- throp Rockefeller, who is in his second term. As governor he appoints the Board of Trus- tees, who are then responsible for the overall operation of Arkansas Polytechnic College. His administration has tried to take ac- tion that would bring government and edu- cation together to help lead the way to a better. Arkansas. He has scheduled a special session for the spring .which was to take up some of the problems facing higher educa- tion, many of which could be eliminated by additional financing. He states he will iicontinue to work to awaken both youth and adults to their duties in providing leadership toward the fullfillment of our social, economic and po- litical needs? 4h.7-ve Board Formulates Policy Arkansas Polytechnic Collegehs Board of Trustees formulate the overall policies by which the college is operated. The Board of Trustees have been fortunate in having far reaching and bold planners for the future in the administration, faculty, and student body. The five devote much time and energy in formulating the long-range building plans for the school. Chainnan of the board is Roy L. Baker, the vice-chairman is Randy Talkington and the secretary is George E. Malone. Other members of the board are A. Curtis Goldtrap R'Yg-hgi'r'ggg "- Raggrr'rfa'r?" and J ohn W. Thiele. Roy L. Baker completed his service in January and Mrs. Cass Hough of Rogers was appointed to take his place. Dr. George Malone Jack Thillc Secretary Mrs. Cass "009'. Cums GOIMEP DR. GEORGE l. B. PRATT, president meets with the Board of Trustees in the Conference Room of the Administration Building. .- -: ' E.........:... 2. .. . iEE-E-E-E: .. . :--:----- . th Receptions With Special Guests Wi Vx.. S u B S I t n e d .1 Dr. George L. B. Pratt N mth PreSIdent Innovative Administrator The Pres - With Student Problems Greeting Parents 54141, x . x 1011 And Finally Graduat Giving Speeches 15 Dr. Tom Wilson exchanged his teaching post in the Liberal Arts Division to take on the tougher assignment of Aca- demic Dean. As dean of the college, Dr. Wilson is concern- ed primarily with the academ- ic rating of Arkansas Tech and academic problems of the-stu- t dents. His duties also involve counseling students on gradu- ation requirements. Dr. Wilson replaced the retiring dean, A. J. Crahaugh lest year. As Business Manager at Ar- kansas Tech, R. A. Young is chiefly concerned with prepar- ing requests for state appropri- ations for the college. Young, who has held this position since 1946, has also been state rep- resentative of the Higher Edu- cation State Printing Specifi- cation Committee and presi- dent of the Russellville School Board. t; 4 Dr. Bill Baker, Dean of Stu- dents at Tech, believes com- munication is the keynote to good leadership. Baker took over as dean last year, center- ing his efforts on student-ad- ministration relations. Baker is also active in the Russell- ville communnity, as a mem- ber of the Masons, Eastern Star and a Boy Scout director. He is an outdoor enthusiast and likes to hunt and fish. Five 011 Executive Committee Keeping all academic rec- ords, handling all veterans programs and contacting hun- dreds of selective service boards are only a few jobs of B. L. Harton, Tech registrar. He has been with Tech since 1952. Everett Ewell resigned his position as Director of Public Services in February of this year to return to the field of industry. As director, Ewell headed the offices of Public Relations and Development and the News Bureau. TRAVIS M. ADAMS Associate Dean FIRMAN W. BYNUM Dean of Men HEARTSILL BARTLETT Bookstore Manager BILL COLLINS Siudent Accounts Officer BILL J. BENSON Personnel Officer GERALD EDGAR Director of News Bureau JOHNNIE C. HAMILTON Accou nfant RON FORMBY NEIL E. JACKSON Counselor . Director of Student Services MARY L. SPENCER JOE PISTOLE Dean of Women Student Services Associate JACK M. PRESLEY Plant Maintenance Superintendent 19 JAMES R. STAGGS Director of Alumni Affairs 8: Sports Information JAMES C. TURNER Student Center Manager WILLIAM VAUGHN Head Librarian NEIL JACKSON, director of student services, explains registrafion procedures for iob placement to Tech seniors. JO. memu I wulumlh- ! Mud, ,rrm ., M37 '1 H-ff F09 J03 J . 1'; gym 9; L - r; Hmong AMADEN, LINDA: Secretary to Vice Pres- ident of Public Service. BALLOUN, JACK 3.: Security and Traffic Officer. BANGS, REDA: Cashier. BUSHOMG, SALLIE: Residence Dlredor Jones Hall. CANERDAY, NANCY: Registrar Clerk. CAPEHAR'I', BETI'Y lUE: Secretary to So- cial and Rehabilitation Services. CASEY, MINNIE 1011: Secretary 10 ROTC. CATE, ELEANORA: Residence Director Mas- sie Hall. CLARK, KAY: Secretary to Plant Admin- istration. CLEMENTS, LIlLlE: Residence Director Du- Laney Hall. COFFEV, MARGIE: Payroll Clerk. COLE, SANDRA: Secretary to Business and Economics Division. CONLEY, ANNA: Secretary l to Account- ing and Disbursing. COWAN, DEBBY KAY: Post Office Clerk. CROCKER, ADELE: Residence Director Car- away Hall. CROSS, LORE'ITA: Secretary to Student Services. FERGUSON, EUNICE: Food Service Super- visor. FERGUSON, VERNON A.: Security and Traffic Officer. GODBEY, ORA: Residence Diredor Turner Hall. GREENWOOD, lINDA FAYE: Secreeary to Student Services. g2. KW W53. MRS. PAULA RAGSDALE, secretary in the Student Affairs Office, looks over cards which she is stamping for use in registration. 21 22 w Hr ; . V. REDA BANGS prepares to fake a picture which all Tech students and faculty members carry as identification. Secretaries Assist Staff GRIMES, GAIL: Secretary to News Direc- tor. HALL,- PEGGY 1.: Cashier. HEFLIN, HOUSTON: Mainienance Super: visor. HODGB, ANN: Clerk Typist, Accounting and Disbursing. HURDLE, NANCY K.: Secrefary to Perso- nnel Department. JETI'ON, BETI'Y: Bookkeeping Mathine Operator for Accounting and Disbursing. JOHNSON. MARSHA: Post Office Clerk. KlU'I'TS, BENNIE: Secretary to Student Ac- counis. lEWlS, FLOY: Residence Director Bryan Hall. LONG, GLENNA: Secretary to Dean of College. lOVElESS, BILLIE: Secretary II to Purch- asing Department. MAFF, NICHOLAS: Traffic and Security Officer. MARTIN, INEZ: Secretary 10 Science and Technology Division. MORGAN, JERRY D.: Bookstore Clerk. NELSON, SARAH: Secretary to Alumni Af- fairs. NEWSOM, JOYCE: Secretary to Business Manager. PALMER, JEAN: Secretary to Athleaic De- parlmenh PARKER, BARBARA: Secreiary to English Department PFEIFER; HELEN: Postal Clerk. PRLDGIN, lULA: Residence Director Tucker Ha . PYLE, lAURICE: Secretary to Education Division. RAGSDALE, PAULA: Secretary to Dean of Studenfs. REID, MA'I'I'IE: Infirmary Nurse Assisiant. ROBERTS, PATSY: Bookstore Clerk l. RUFF, ELBERTA: Residence Director Roush Hall. SHINN, HELEN: Residence Director Paine Hall. SMALL, MIT'I'IE: Secretary 10 Liberal Arts Division. TILLEY, SHARON: Secretary to Fine Arts. TILLEY, WILLIAM: Sfore Clerk. TOOTHAKER, LINDA: Residence Director Brown Hall. TORRENCE, ROSE: Registered Nurse. TROUTI', BARBARA: Bookstore Clerk. WACHTENDORF, PAT: Secretary to Pres- ident. WAITING for the influx of registrants are Tech secretaries, Beth Taylor, Janie Butler, Nancy Hurdle, Ann Hodges, and Anna Conley. They help speed registration of Tech students. 1 f x S E e a f i z i S ; 23 $ I i. f 1 in i E i 1 W l 24 A Fifth in Business k W. C. CHEVALLIER, GENA GOWIN, MS DON HElMS, CPA Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Business Accounting Associate Professor Economics WILLIAM M. HERMAN l. lONG, BARRY K. MORRIS, LEMLY, CPA MS MA Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor Accounting Business Economics JEAN MURDOCH, CLARA THOMPSON, THOMAS TYLER, MS CPA MBA Instructor Instructor lns1ruc10r Business Business Economics Dale Corley, as chairman of the Division of Busi- ness and Economics, succeeded the late Roy R. Weed- in. Twenty percent of all students at Arkansas Tech are enrolled in this department. Four year programs are provided for majors in accounting, business education, general business, and economics. These courses lead to a bachelor of science degree. Two year programs leading to a'n associate in science degree are offered for those training for of- fice positions at clerical, stenographic and secretar- ial levels. Two electronic calculators, valued at $1,000 each and an electric stencil cutter were purchased this year to add to normal equipment and treaching aids used in the division. . New spring courses added to the curriculum in- cluded General Business, Advanced law and General Business, and Principles of Data Processing. The teaching staff includes four certified public accountants. Bailey Hall is the main hideaway for business majors. DALE CORLEY heads the business and economics division at Arkansas Tech. The division has the largest enrollment of any in school. Corley is a certified public accountant. . ...... m ., :u v ......u.r....m. u w h W. C. CHEVALLIER, assistant professor of economics, and Don Helms, assis1ant professor of accounting and a certified public accountant, discuss material for their upcoming classroom sessions. "THROUGH these doors walk the business leaders of tomorrow." Bailey Hall serves as the nucleus for the business classes. STUDENTS work studiously for a grade in an examination which is being taken in one of Bailey Hall's "elevated" classrooms. 25 Education Is Popular Major Programs in the Division of Education are de- signed to develop professional competencies for teachers and directors of leisure science programs. The programs are continuously evaluated and revised to determine adaptations necessary to meet the de- mands of a rapidly changing society. ELDON CLARY, JR. non DEMPSEY, DEWARD nopsou, MEd ME BS Four professional programs are provided by the Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Director of . . . . Education Physical Education Intramurals d1v1510n. The department of health, physmal educa- COaCh tion and recreation has two degree programs. One of these provides preparation for students who plan to teach physical education in the public schools. The other provides preparation for students who are in- terested in leisure science wOrk, including resource planning and program direction. The education de- partment, which is accredited by the Nationanl Coun- cil for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, pro- vides professional courses for elementary teachers? CARROLL oowm, MARTHA NAN ANNETTE . MEd DOWElL. MEd GATHRIGHT. MEd secondary teachers and llbrarlans. Assustant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor . . . . . Recreation and PhysicalEducatIon Physical Education The departments 1n the d1v1510n also prov1de Parks . . . . . , , . serv1ces for students and teachers In other dIVISlonS. These services include physical education activities, physical fitness and audio-visual. The audo-visual services have been expanded with thepurchase of new equipment, and during this year closed circuit tele- vision facilities are being added. DR. OREN RANKIN heads up the Division of Education which offers PATRICIA GORDON 5AM HIMDSMAN, LOTTIE McCRACKEN. four professional programs for baccalaureate degrees. MA MS ' Assistant Professor Physical Education Associate Professor Physical Education Recreation Chairman Education JIM ED McGEE, JOE MILLER, MA JOHN EdD Ins1ructor MONTGOMERY, Assistant Professor Physical Education MS Audio-Visual lns1ru:ior Education Physical Education Coach DAVID REED, MS lENA REXINGER, DON SEVIER, MS Assistant Professor MA Instructor Recreation and Parks Professor Physical Education : Education Coach , CLAUDE E. SNOW, RONALD JOHN WAINRIGHT, . , , ., EdD TOOTHAKER, MEd EdD , , u , : a , Associate Professor Coach Professor ; , Q: ;, i .117, Edbcation Ed9c5'i9f DR. JIM ED McGEE, audio-visual director, talks over a problem with two of his helpers, Leonard Cockman and Gary McKenney. A "STRONG BODY and mind" is the philosophy behind Arkansas Tech's physcal education program. Future coaches learn by doing, benefitting from experienced coaches such as Don Sevier. W" Assistant Professor Physical Education 27 VOlTA ANDERS, RUTH BRANNON, EDWARD CONNELLY, MM MM Instructor Instructor Associate Professor Music Speech Music VICKY KIEHL, BA HELEN MARSHALL, WALTER MICHELE, Assistant Instructor MS MM Music Associate Professor Associate Professor Art Music "1i STEPHEN NAEGLE, JOHN NELSON, DALE OLSEN, MFA MFA PhD Instructor Instructor Assistant Professor Music Art Music WILLIAM R. JOHN STOVALL, MA JOAN WAINRIGHT, SPANTON, MFA Acting Head Instructor Speed: Assistant Professor Music Music 28 s,v.,v...,u....,.. ammunad"MK.w.....i,i.g..h-... The Division of Fine Arts includes the depart- ments of music, art, and drama. The division provides many cultural activities that build student apprecia- tion in the fields of music, art and drama. Dale Olsen was appointed to the music depart- ment and is teaching Music History and Woodwind. A new instructor in Music Theory during the fall semes- ter was Martin Farrin. Three new courses added to the music department were Music Appreciatibn, which stressed the development of musical perception; So- cial History of American Music, a study of the Amer- ican musical trends; and Marching Band Techniques. The art department received a new instructor, Stephen Naegle, who taught Introduction to Art, Painting and Print making and drawing courses. The department also reinstituted architectural rendering. The speech department instituted three new courses: Argumentation and Debate, which is a study and practice of debating techniques; survey of Speech and Drama, an introductory course into the major areas of speech, Debate Workshop, case pre- paration and participation in public debate. ONE of the most admired and liked faculty members, "Chief" Wither- spoon introduces the band and football spirit :1 the Green-Gold game. JIM R. WEST, BA ED WILWERS, MFA Instructor Department Head Music Art terests and appreciation for music. Mrs. Joan Wainright is director of the orchestra. MR. ED WILWERS shows the beginning art students some of the BUBBA MADDEN, Roy Campbell, and Don Voker portray their true artistic features located about the Tech campus. roles as convicts in the play My Three Angels. 29 Liberal Arts Makes Additions GENE BOYETT, MA Assistant Professor History JOHN BURCH, MA WALTER CARR, MA Assistant Professor German Assistant Professor Political Science JOYCE DEMPSEY, E. SUE 0055, PhD GERALD EDGAR, MA Professor MA Assistant Professor English Associate Professor English MARY MAUDE Journalism JOHN GUENDLING, CLARENCE HALL, GALLAGHER, MA MA MFA Instructor Associate Professor Assistant Professor English Philosophy English ANN-IE lAU RE Blll. HUTMACHER, MA JAGGERS, MA Assistant Professor Assistant Professor English English 30 CHARLES JONES, Department Head Psychology Dr. Kenneth Walker replaced Dr. Tom Wilson as head of the Division of Liberal Arts. Dr. Wilson mov- ed to the position of vice-president of academic af- fairs. The Division of Liberal Arts includes a wide choice of majors e English, foreign languages, his- tory, journalism, political science, philosophy and so- ciology. The field of Social Rehabilitation Service has been added to the psychology department this year7 the only undergraduate curriculum in the state. Among changes which have been made in the Liberal Arts Division are courses for a combined English and speech major and honor courses in freshman English and social studies. History majors are required to have 12 hours of foreign languages for graduation instead of the previously required 18. The Junior Proficiency Test has also been changed. Previously, students had three chances to pass the test, now they have only one. Many new. courses have also been added. Addi- tions are: in English, Chaucer and 'French and Eng- lish Usage; in Geography, Geography of North Amer- ica, Geography of Latin America, and Geography of Asia; in hostory, The American Frontier; in psychol- ogy, Industrial Psychology and Problems in Psy- chology. . DR. KENNETH WALKER heads the liberal ans division at Arkansas Tech. Besides being a history professor, Dr. Walker is the author of several historical books. go , ME, 1' , WALTER CARR, assi tam professor of political science, is part of the staff made to help students acquire perspective for understanding confemporary problems. W. FROM notes 10 sleeping seems to be the range of activities for these students who are attending a class in Dean Hall, the "Libreal Ans" classroom building. DAVID KRUEGER, MA Assistant Professor History MICHAEL LINK, PhD Assistant Professor History LOUISE MOBLEY, MA Assistant Professor French DANIEL RAINES, lnstrucior English RUTH LAUX Instructor English BOBBY McCOOl, MA Instructor Liberal Arts RICHARD J. MORRISEY, PhD Associate Professor History TEDDIE RAINES, MA Instructor English FRANKLIN LEWIS, PhD Social Rehabilitation Services! P. K. MERRILL, PhD Department Head Sociology Assistant Professor Engiish JOHN ROLLOW, MA Associate Professor English 31 Various Languages: Available T v '5 47va I Lil V V '3 w! i X, x u A 1 f WILLIAM ROTHERT, JOHN RULE, MA MARGARET RULE, MA Assisfanf Professor MA Assistant Professor English Assistant Professor History English JOHN STIRIYZ, MA BOBBY V. TAYLOR, ELLEN WATSON, Assistant Professor MA MA French Assistanf Professor Instructor Geography English MICHAEL BAUGHER, a senior in ?he Liberal Ans department, seems intensely interested in the posting of a particular grade. FRENCH instructor, Mr. John Stiritz explains rhe use of a recorder 10 two of his siudents, Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Parker. DEAN HALL, main hideaway for Liberal Arts students is one of the most heavily populated buildings on Tech's very active campus. MRS. OLLER, assistant professor of Liberal Arts, mulls over theme rections with student, Ruth West, in a student-teacher conference. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Clarence Hall, holds informal discussions on various subiects in many of his Liberal Ans classes. COF- 33 A four-year ttgeneral engineering, course is among additions in the Division of Science and Tech- nology this year. Students enrolled in the department do not specialize until they go to graduate school. C. E. Padgett is chairman of the division. Other new courses in the division are Warm Water' F ish Culture, Histology, and Community Ecology in HERMAN BOUTWELL, CHARLES BRONCO, ELIMBEYH E 1 MS PhD BRYSON' ME the biology departmennt and Meteorology and Con- 1 Associate Professor Assocate Professor Assistant Professor servation in general science. Agnculture Physu's Horne Etonomlcs The biology department added three- new faculty members, Dr. Harlan McMillan, who teaches Verte- brate Zoology, Warm Fish Culture and Limnology; Dr. Gerald Hutchinson, who teaches Botany and Gen- etics; and Mr. Buford Tatum, who teaches Vertebrate Zoology, Comparative Anatomy and Human Physi- ology. E A new physiograph machine, costing $5,000 was purchased by the biology department. The department RICHARD COHOON. KENNETH COLE, RAYMOND COUSER, . . . MS MA PhD also purchased two new porallzme mlcroscopes, some t t tP f A ' t Professor . . . . Ass'sgglgrgfemr Asim'lopgfogsi" ssoc'Siilogy thln sectlons of rocks and mlnerals, and topographlc and geologic maps. The physics department purchased a new dual oscilloscope at a cest of $3,000. The de- partment of chemistry purchased six new Mettler P106N balances for the freshman General Chemistry course, and one new Coleman Carton-Hydrogen Ana- lyzer for Organic Chemistry. C. E. PADGET is chairman of Science and Technology, an area covering general science agriculture, home economics, engineering and math. HENRI. CRAWLEY, ALBERT DREWRY, W. G. EVERSOLE, PhD BS PhD .. t Associate Professor Instructor Professor Biology Electrical Engineering Chemistry ALBERT GILES, JOHN HOPPER, MA . E. E. HUDSON, MS Associate Professor MS Assistant Professor Mathematics Assistant Professor Geology General Science 34 I L ARTHUR M. JACOBY, TRUMAN McEVER, HARLAM McMILLAN; Ms MA PhD Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor Mathematics Chemistry Biology MAUDE MOORE, BOBBY G. MULLEN, GERALD M. O'NEAL, MS MA MS Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assisant Professor Mathem atics Mathematics Engineering MELVERN WATSON, head of the agriculture and home economics department, presents iunior James Austin a scholarship to study in the veterinarian field. TOM M. PALKO, CHARLES H. DONALD RICKARD, MCS PEARSON, MA MS Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistanf Professor General Science Mathematics General Science CHARLES SHELTON, JOHN E. BUFORD S. TATUM, MA SHOEMAKER, MS MS Instructor Instructor Assistant Professor Mathematics Mathematics Biology ONE OF THE greatest joys of the teaching profession is seeing a s-tudept dis- tover the answer to a problem. Just ask Gary Tucker, instructor m bxology. 35 WILLIAM W. TRIGG, GARY TUCKER, MA PhD Associate Professor Chemistry MELVERN WATSON, MS Associate Professor Argicuhure JAMES H. WILLIS, MS Assistant Professor Mathematics Instructor Biology JAMES T. WILLCUTT, MS Instructor Physics JOHN TUCKER, Ms Professor Chemistry WILLIAMS, MS Assistant Professor Home Economics ECOLOGY of Dardanelle Lake is the main interest here of Tom Palko and Leo Knoernschild. Mr. Palko is washing the seine ?0 called bacteria. SCIENCE and Technology professorsf. E. Hudson and Dr. Raymond Couser are no doubt discussing something "scientific" in a break between classes. DI Jmu- ....... - PHYSICS lab students often have 10 confer to gain ihe proper understanding of a project. SENIOR physics maior Jim Pfeifer experiments with sparks. WORKING with a chemical experiment, sophomore Skip Berry ought 10 watch what he's doing in place of looking at the camera. 38 Library Is Center Of Activity rm i x t GAIL ASHBROOK. MELINDA SUE BETTIE C. MS BROWN DICKERSON A5313": Librarian Acquisitions Assistant Circulation Assistant Library Library JOYCE McCAIN MLS HENDERSON, MLS ' Library Assistant Librarian Associate Library WILMA FIELDS, SHANNON M"' MARY WALKER S. KAYE WARFORD JANICE OWENS Cataloging Assistant Library Acquisitions Assistant Library Library Aside. from the faculty, the most important single instrument of instruction in the college is its library. The character of the library and moods of its admin- istration have much to do with the liberal quality of the education the students achieve. The Tomlinson Library headed by Mr. Vaughn, was much more than a simple repository for books. It was an integral part of the learning process in our college education. In the 1969-70 year in addition to 57,057 volumes, there could also be found 8,131 microfilms and 689 periodicals, an increase of 8,906 over the year before. An important asset of the library system was the professional staff who assisted the students in seek- ing information. Miss Wilma Fields was added to the staff during the year. The library was in the process of converting Gov- ernnmennt Documentns from Decument Office classi- fication number to the Dewey Decimal classification and changing to Zerox catalog cards for quicker service which gives more time for the use of the ma- terial itself. It MR. WILLIAM VAUGHN, head librarian, seems to find numerous iobs to keep Tomlinlon Library one of the most modem for the use of both the students and faculty. TWO TECH coeds also utilize the quiet atmosphere of the library to study for coming examinations. CONNIE SHEL'I'ON, a history maior from Deer, helps her sister with the procedures needed to run a library. MR. GENE BOYETT, instructor of History, finds the microfilm de- partment helpful in the preparation of his classes. . . as . SHE'S not the only one that thinks she's lost when fumbling . through the thousands of book shelves. 39 i h 1 40 ROBERT M. GUDGER Lieutenant Colonel MAX D; FOX Staff Sgt. EDWARD B. BRYSON Maior Assistant Professor Administrative:NCO Assistant Professor WILLIAM L. HOGG ALLEN R. JOHNSON CLARK D. MEEK Mtht. Mtht. Maior Sergeam Major Operations Assistant Professor .. "1.; JERRY C. MIX MARVIN; MITCHELL SSG HOUSTON W. Captain SMITH Instructor Assistant Professor Captain Assistant Professor COLONEL A. L. MORRISON, as head of the Arkansas Tech Military Science Department is responsible for coordination of the ROTC program at Tech. After eighteen years as a compulsory program, Tgchts Reserve Officefs Training Corp was made voluntary for incoming students beginning with the spring semester, 1970. C01. A. L. Morrison led the military staff in pro- ducing an outstanding group of ROTC cadets. The department stressed academic as well as physical ex- cellence in their cadets. The Military Science Department offered many activities and social organizations. Drill Team, Scab- bard and Blade, Rifle Team, Military Honor Society and Athena Troop 'were among the extracurricular ac- tivities. Besides the course work, the cadets put their texts to work by spending a weekend in war games and tactical exercises. A highlight of the yearts ac- tivities was the annual Military Ball sponsored by Scabbard and Blade. V The ROTC had 728 cadets enrolled in its courses. More than thirty seniors received their commissions after completing four years of training. : GUIDE ON bearers await their call for ROTC drill pradice.,.m,.mm nawumuaw "MW" www.vrn-t NH .,-,. m... .H...,,.A.. .. SAMUEL W. SMITH DON M. VICK Maior SSG Assistant Professor Supply Sergeant m1 xmm Hm m .x -. , SERGEANT MAJOR CARL GERLINGER receives the Army Commendatiow Medal for outstanding s ervice from Maior Clark D. Meek in a ceremony held this year. TIP ABERMATHY demonstrates skill in repelling for a Dad's Day audience. HOWARD WILSON $56 Instructor MEMBERS of Tech's ROTC Athena Troop also serve as hostesses at school functions. Here, Kay Gandy Gem and Carol Wheat greet Dad's Day visitors. 41 - m. mumgw-w..ey-eg-an?-wg..w-qummwn......-.. .7 . 1 Aw. . s n 0 Ch 3 Z .m a g r O. C h T Jeani Sullivant i PAM Carter receives assistance from three accounting majors in checking her calculations. Accountants Pledge Twice ACCOUNTING maiors study debits and credits for an upcoming exam. The Accounting Club had a profitable year be- ginning with a float in the Homecoming Parade which won third place. The float was a tribute to retiring Dean A. J. Crabaugh and displayed the title iiA. st got a tiger in his tank? Both semesters the club held a pledge period lasting a week and ended each with a picnic for both old and new members. A banquet was also held each semester with an Alumni Banquet in the spring honoring the clubs alumni and for the purpose of installing new officers. The Accounting Club sponsored a scholarship fund as it does annually with the scholarship award going to an outstanding accounting major. Forty-five members made up the Accounting Club this year which met on the first and third Friday each month and was entertained by guest speakers. Requirements for membership is six hours in ac- counting and a 2.5 grade point in accounting courses. "FRONT ROW: Ward; Van Es; Cox, Vice-President; Carter, Secretary; Jenks, Treasurer; Flusche, Corresponding Secretary,- Baurichter. SEC- OND ROW: McDonald, Henderson, White, Mitchell, Roberts, Morgan, Carley Sponsor. MEMBERS of a feature writing class aided the staff in preparing copy for the "Agricola." The class is helping here with cutlines and some body copy. Much Time Spent 0n Agricola ACCEPTING photography award at Arkansas College Publications award presentation is Joe Kennady from Dr. Summerlint at meeting. WITH a bubble of enthusiasm Assistant Editor Sullivan? discusses picture layouts with faculty advisor, Mr. Edgar. it I V.,Z,E,;N Production on the 1970 Agricola was the sole objective of the Agricola staff. This year the staff consisted mainly of journal- ism students who were interested in working on an annual publication. In October, the staff attended the Arkansas Col- lege Publications Association meeting in Little Rock along with the Arka Tech staff. The convention meets twice a year to award individual and divisional awards in various categories. The 1969 Agricola was awarded third place in general excellence and second place in photography. This yeafs staff consisted of Carol Adams as class section editor7 Jeani Sullivant as organization editor, Mike Kirkendall as sports editor and Donna Starr as school life editor. A BEGINNING news writing class helped with some of the concise organiaztion reports. This class appears to be involved in wrrifing it Up, as i? is. STRAINING to keep dry in their semi-annual rope pull with the engi- neers are members of the Tech Agri Club. F ollowing a rigorous initiation week, which in- cluded stunts dreamed up by the old members, the new Agri Club members were welcomed into one of the oldest and most active clubs on campus. The Agri Club serves to promote fellowship and a respect for the field of agriculture and to instill cooperation and leadership into the members. Heading the list of most looked-forward to events held by the club is the Agri-Engineers rope pull which is held each spring. Other events include being host to FF A Day participants, co-sponsoring a Home- coming F loat, a Christmas Party with the home eco- nomics majors, and other activities. The club spon- sors lectures by leading agriculturalists. Club members elect in cooperation with the home economics majors a king and queen to reign over the Agri Day festivities which include the rope pull, banquet, and dance. Through the Agri Club, agriculture majors are helped to develop socially and scholastically and to prepare for a career in one of the numerous fields ALTON ROPER brushes hair from a frozen six which has been used to freeze brand Tech cattle by Clarence Robberson. 0f agrlculture. FRONT ROW: Nordin; Brumbelow; McElroy; Smith, Presiden1;Wilson,-Walker;Williams,Secretary.SECOND ROW: Myers; Madden; Johnson J.; Patterson; Scott; Roper; Shepherd, Freshman Sentinel; Hoffarth, Parliamentarian; James. THIRD ROW: Boutwell, CoSponsor; Rhoda, Freshman Reporter; Shields, Treasurer; Marler; Crawford; - Deason; Brown; Watson, Co-Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Maxwell; Trowbridge, Sentinel; Savers; Wood, Vice-President; Hall; Bosnick; Johnson, R. f'ty " .1 , , -t 1-,. .. FRONT ROW: Harris; Swean, Second Vice-President; Jackson 5.; Blankenship; Whiley, First Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Burgess, President; Jackson 0.; Adams; Burgess; Crone, Secretary. Home Ec Develops Talents The American Home Economics Association held its initiation in September for the freshmen. Each girl received a copy of the traditional AHEA hand- book, a lighted candle, and a rose. Presiding officers for the year included Jana Burgess-President; Janice Whiley-First Vice-Pres- ident; Brenda Sweatt-Second Vice-President; Teresa Crone-Secretary; Rhonda Jones-Treasurer; Cathy Overby-Reporter; Sandy Jackson-A.W.S. Represent- ative; and Donna Hart-Historian. Sponsors for the organization were Mrs. Elizabeth Bryson, and Mrs. Martha Williams. The Arkansas Tech Chapter of the American Home Economics Association participated in many MODELING the latest suit fashions that were made during their Clothing activities. In February they served for the Dame,s Classes are six members of the AHEA. Club Tea and they served as hostesses for the FHA Federation meeting in April. Other activities included openhouse, State AHEA Convention in Little Rock, a Halloween Carnival booth, and a homecoming float. They also took part in the annual Agri Day which was held on May 5. The AHEA is composed of students interested in and majoring in Home Economics. ,,. e', l; ' ' e a3: . J; t . WHIPPING up delicacies for the Dame's Club Tea are two AHEA mem- bers, Jana Burgess and Sandy Jackson, in a foods class. AHEA members took turns manning the coffee table at Parents Day. Adams serves two early visitors. 47 48 . ' r, w. - ,., FRONT ROW: Singleton; Benson; Guhl, Second Vice-President; McAfee; Treffinger, Treasurer; Kinslow, Sergeam-at-arms; Kenady, Correspond- ing Secretary. SECOND ROW: Simmons; Hunt; Pickering, First VicePresident; Steele, Pledge, President; Carr; Bailey; Pearson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Tmh; Bartlett, President; Johnson; WoodaH, Historian; Morgan, Secretary,- Brown, Colley. Phi Theta Receives Charter The newly chartered Phi Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, has per- formed projects and services which have benefited the Tech campus by fostering leadership, friendship, and service to the students. The members are recognized by a trefoil designed button with the letter ttSh in the center which stands for services rendered to the student body and faculty, to youth and community in general, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as active citizens. The Phi Theta members achieved their goals by distributing publicity desk pads to all dorm rooms, assisting at the fall classification, directing the fresh- men to classes, helping to promote football during SCA Week, ushering reserved seats at the Abilene Christian game, and operating a book exchange for students during the fall and spring semesters. Officers of the Alpha Phi Omega were Jim Bart- lett, President; Mike Pickering, First Vice-President; Jim Guhl, Second Vice-President; Jim Treffinger, Treasurer; Johnny Morgan, Secretary; Joe Kenady, Corresponding Secretary; Rick Woodall, Historian; and Hays Kinslow, Sergeant-at-Arms. MEMBERS and guests gathered in the private dining room to discuss ac- tivities and make plans for the coming year. DR. PRATT was the first person to receive a scratch pad from Alpha Phi Omega chapter president Jim Bartlett. A .. m -...u.. ,- x-Mwm ,. I .1, . .m, . l! T I ' , 3' s t t -V ,, t , ' llL ; t . ' , FRONT ROW: Bromley D.; Callahan; Bagwell; Hill; Kuykendall, IAWS Contad; Mobley; Ray; Walton, Treasurer; Lambert, Secre- tary; Bromley K. SECOND ROW: Wiser; Patrick; Rogers; Welch, President; Morgan, Reporter; Morrison; Smith, 5., Parliamentarian; l Brewer; Gossett, State Secretary; Nebben. THIRD ROW: Smith, C.; Rabb; Clark, VicePresidem; Wilson; Haggard; Kyle; Richey; Trammell; Kuehn; Gilkey. The Association of Women Students makes all rules that govern Tech women students. The women on the council represent all the dormitories and womenls organizations on campus. This year the dress rules were revised and other rules updated during the bi-weekly council meetings. State officers were elected at the State AWS con- vention held at Hendrix College at Conway on Feb. 27-28. Ten women from Tech attended the state con- vention, which had as its theme tlToday-ls Scene: Interested, Inquisitive, Informed? The AWS has been concerned with several worth- while projects. One of the most worthy was the sup- port of a war orphan through money collected on penny nights. Other projects were a fortune telling booth at the Halloween Carnival and the sponsoring I w AWS Governs Tech Women WITCHING pots are good for felling fortunes. of a Senior Day for high school glrls mterested 1n ' t J 5 ,; attending college. The group of about 100 senior high 1 l school girls, who met in the Student Center Ballroom on Feb. 13 tan unlucky Fridayl, ,were provided with a program and question and answer session concern- ing college life. SUSAN Smith was one AWS member who was glad to have the meet- ings changed from 7:00 am, to noon. EDITOR Campbell gets a trim from Cox and Assistam Edivor Kirkendall. 66Arka-Tech Goes Editoria 9, The 1969-70 Arka-Tech moved from a firm basis of news reporting to a broader scope of news analysis and opinion. Letters to the Editor were frequent and biting. Columnists such as Gary Dennis and Carl Gottlieb added to the weekly publication and to-the- point analysis of campus issues, ROTC, TDixieK and Sjudent Senate spending gave readers insight on campus happenings. TechTs student publication produced more issues containing more pages than ever before, under the capable leadership of Roy Campbell, editor, and Mike Kirkendall, assistant editor, both formerly employed by the Southwest Times Record of Ft. Smith. The editor was elected by the student body. Assisting them were former Arka-Tech editor Donna Starr as associate editor, Joe Kenady and John Cox, business managers, and David Bevil and James Aus- tin as sports editors. Photographer was Larry Stroud. The Arka-Tech, a member of the National College Press Association, is eligible for state recognition through the annual awards program. The newspaper was published weekly and- distributed on Thursdays. SPORTS Editor Donna Starr edits copy for the PHOTOGRAPHER Larry Stroud does a self Arka Tech Spons Page. pervraii in the mirror. EDITOR Roy Campbell and Business Manager Joe Kennady look over a first semester edition. Cox became business manager for the second semester. e aawmwgm!x1 ,2 , FRONT ROW: White; Sweatt; Newton; Keaton 0.; Wiley. SECOND ROW: Evans; Watson,- Foster; Laster Jones W. THIRD ROW: Keaton A.; Jenkins; Willett, Treasurer; Henderson, Reporter; Alex- ander, Parliamentarian; Jackson, Secretary; Griffin. New Club Unites Black Students The Association of Black Students, a new organ- ization on campus, was recognized by the student and faculty senates on May 9, 1969. Since then, the ABS has sponsored memorial services for Dr. Martin Luther King. This. spring they promoted an Afrw American week, with a display in the student center on black culture. One of the purposes of the organization is to unite the black students on campus. Ranking high among their many goals is that of greater acceptance and recognition of black students. Plans include becoming affiliated with a national ABS officers look over spring activities. AfroAmerican week was one proiect on tap. organization. The national organization is militant, as will be this group e but militant only in the way of demanding respect and a fair shake. Scholarship funds, a talent bureau, and available speakers are advantages that will he received upon national affilia- tion. Members of the ABS hope to have classes in black culture added to the curriculum. They believe it should be incorporated into the required American Studies program so that all students may benefit from it. f ua-Wwww-f REBECCA DAVIS and Louis Alexander got a briefing from club president, Lester Moms, before one meeting began. 33 5' i rmuuumnm 2..., .w. . WA .......t......v."..q...pMnunrnmn,I .tv....-.-.-.-- . m. m, m V rw- n -wr-mm-w,,.,,.,.fMmm..-..v....w "w .. r.,..,.--.-...w-... H. . v V. Symphonic Band Dazzles The Tech Symphonic Band did it again! In December, the band played the final concert climax- ing the National Convention of the American School Band Directors Association in Hot Springs. And, as in 1966 at the National Convention of Music Educa- tors National Convention of the College Band Direc". tors National Association, the band received enthu- siastic standing ovation. The audience included AmericaTs finest high. school band directors and many outstanding univer- sity and college band directors. Letters and works of praise came from such people as: Glenn Cliff Bainum, Director Emeritus of Northwestern Univer- sity; Fred Ebbs, Director of University of Indiana; Paul Yoder, one of America,s most prolific compos- ers; Francis McBeth, ArkansasTs best known com- poser; and others from throughout America. The concert featured the new ttMusic for Prague, 1968,,,. and requests for tapes and recordings Of this perform- ance came from representative universities and high schools in many states. A concert in March featured Mr. James West, trumpet instructor, and Dr. John Nelsonts new tran- scription of ttSymphony No. 8h-Finale and Aaron CoplancPs ttThe Red Ponyf, a new film suite for band. v 'p n, A. A PERFORMANCE at one of the Symphonic Band concerts which the Divi- sion of Fine Arts provides each semester for students. In May, the music department Sponsored a Con- ducting Symposium featuring Dr. Fred Fennell, University of Miami, and former conductor of the Eastman Wind Ensemble. The workshop and concert attracted a capacity audience, and served as an appropriate finale for an exciting year. ' GENE WITHERSPOON directs the Symphonic Band in a concert at the National Con- vention of the American School Band Director's Association in Hot Springs. ,- k HIT 5" usuuun SU READING a parade down Garrison Avenue in Fort Smith before the Tech-Abilene Christian football game is the finest college band in Arkansas-Tech's own "Band of Distinction." Marching Band Performs The 1969-70' Arkansas Tech Marching Band reported three days early to prepare for the initial appearance in Fort Smithis Grizzly Stadium as Tech met Abilene Christian College, September 13. Ap- pearing in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock for the final game of the season as Tech met Arkansas AM81N, the band completed what many followers thought was the best ever for the Tech Marching Musicians. Featured this season were Drum Major, John Linder; featured twirlers, Denise Gilkey and Willie Cooper; and twirlers, Laura Wilkens and Emma Jo Patrick. During the final home appearance, the band com- bined with the itIron Cat", a popular rock band, to present such current favorites as iiSpinning Wheeli', iiLet the Sun Shine. 11W, and iiAquariusf, Jerry Laster, John Henley, and Wesley Smith were the special arrangers for the half-time music. It was really a full season-but for the first time in 20 years, the Tech hand did not appear at the Yell County Parade! THE big brass sound adds a great deal to any musical number. Tech's well-rounded marching band has it's share of brass and other instruments. MANY hours of practice 90 info the presentation of any fine show. The band spent a great deal of extra time perfecting each routine. LONG hours of practice pay off when a performance goes over well, such as the one at the half-fime of the homecoming game.,....u..-um .. .u..-V;.V$W..4u55w." w...;.r...y....w.m.a. ..-..w-..,y...m;..-...a,.m'.,..... ..:......'.M 5, Wlhiefa9 Observes Practice MR. GENE KhieH Witherspoon and Dr. Bill Baker watch with anticipation as the band prepares for the final ad. 55 HOWARD Ritchie introduces a combo which played at Homecoming. Band members promote music by participating in other organizations. Other Band Functions FRONT Line for the band halftime shows are Denise Gilkey, John Linder, Willie Cooper, Laura Wilkens, and Emma Jo Patrick. JOHN Linder, drum maior, looks over the trombone and bass sections of the band during a concert for the MAD Derby participants. WAITING for the signal to begin anI Educational TV program is the per- cussion section of the band and Director Witherspoon. J 3. n," 1'? o'. tn 1 ' ' nfv A FRONT ROW: Forrest; Shelton P.; Shel Rackley, Director; Graves; Watson; Sterling; Griffin; Burgess; h ;. . h Dicks; Crawford; Pickering; Kyle; Dobbs; Davidson; ton C.; Smith; Farley;Walker; Kuykendall, Co-Social Chairman; Brewer; Craft. SECOND ROW: . Jackson 5., Secretary; Bur ess- Routzon . THIRD ROW: St I- B President; Brown; Patterson; Jenkins; Browning; Jackson C.; O'Bar; Shores; 9 ' g ah, Done, Laster. FOURTH ROW: Rose, Missions Chairman; Harhcoat; Shelton D., Vice-President; Shelton L, Social Chairman. B.S.U. Activities Are Many BSU Director Marcus Rackley showed some club proiects to Tech students and parents in a parents day booth. P'm'r swam u THE center of activity was often found in the Union center, located across the street from the Tech campus. The B.S.U. is an organization of Baptist students who complement the activities of the church through its campus program. Itts purpose is to promote the spiritual and moral growth of the individual student in keeping with the philosophy and objectives of the Baptist faith. Throughout the year a wide range of social as well as religious activities are planned and carried out. Since the BSUts program is designed for the benefit of all Tech students, membership is open to students of all denominations. Activities for the year include a freshmen puny, daily vespers, state convention at Memphis, monthly parties, cell groups in the dormitories, mission pro- jects in Conway, intramural programs, and publica- tion of a paper, Icthus. The choir is one of the most enjoyable parts of BSU. During the school year it sings in a number of churches in the area. Socials are well sprinkled throughout the year for christians to meet one another and enjoy a fun time. BSU library is for your use in reading and books can be checked out. FRONT ROW: Dennis; Beard, Secretary-Treasurer; Brammer, Public Relations; Sampier, President; Coleman, VicePresident; Hoover; Starkey. SECOND ROW: Ward, Corresponding Secretary; Jeffers; Monts; Hunt; Weiss; Amaden. THIRD ROW: Adams, Sponsor; Morgan; Bartlett, Alumni Secretary; Pfeifer; Keener; Miller; Roberts,- Mitchell. Blue Key Is Campus Leader . Travis Adams, associate dean and assistant pro- fessor, was the sponsor for Blue Key. Officers of the organization for 1970 were Doug Roberts, President; Johnny Morgan, Vice-president; Jim Bartlett, Recording Secretary; Lawrence Fitting, Corresponding Secretary; Stanley Miller, Public Re- lations; and Charles Pfeifer, Alumni Secretary. The officers for 1969 were John Sampier, Presi- dent; Johnny Coleman, Vice-president; Travis Beard, Recording Secretary; Larry Ward, Corresponding Secretary; Ron Brammer, Public Relations; and J im Baxtlett, Alumni Secretary. Blue Key participated in Freshman orientation and classification, the Homecoming Parade, Dadts Day, AAUP, Counselofs Day Registration. They presented a Freshman Scholarship and the ttOutstand- ing Faculty, Award. They sponsored the 9Blue Key Variety Showh and took part in the annual Blue Key-Faculty Basketball game. They also worked with high school seniors to interest them in going to college . i . w. e and to Tech in particular. CHARLES Hunt and Travis Beard get pelted by water balloons at the Blue Key booth during the Marquise Carnival. - Blue Key is an organization whose members are chosen on the basis of their leadership and scholastic abilities. I t 1 BLUE Key members Doug Roberts, John Sampier, Bill Grabill, and John Coleman go over one of the club's programs. Cardinal Key Offers Service organization, whose members are chosen because of their leadership ability. The purposes of Cardinal Key are to recognize achievement in scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivities; to advance religion, patriotism and service by affording training for leadership in the college 1,1 community; and to develop worthy character by ap- 1 plication of the cardinal virtues to living. 1 : Each member is required to maintain the ideals 1 Cardinal Key is a womanis service and social E t h of the sorority, to support its functions, and to be- come well acquainted in its activities, with its con- stitution and bylaws. , The agenda for Cardinal Key included giving aid 1 to freshmen during classification and Blue Key? 1 A t v during Homecoming. They served as hostesses during 1 Esfzzttt. Kazszazmbm3:113:33,P3332: 350:1? Days Day, sponsored the Basketball Queens Contest, sold programs at games, promoted iTeacher's, Weekh, sponsored a Hawaii Supper for Tech Stu- 1 dents, participated in the National Convention in i Flagstaff, Arizona, and were the cmsponsors of the 1 ttOutstanding Faculty Award? Cardinal Key was treated to a drop-in tea by their sponsor Miss Maude Moore. Ml PRESIDENT Sandy Bittle and Marti Guinn look over their files for tip on past programs presented to the club. ii; Flux L t- ' SAMUEL Morse never had it so good as when the Cardinal Key girls sold telegrams which they also delivered quickly. FRONT ROW: Lambert, Alumni Secretary; Patrick; Bittle, President; Smith; Murphy; Mobley, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Hefley; Clark 3.; Welch; Niven; Quandr, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Moore, Adviser; Branch; Kyle; Shelton; Patterson; Clark E., 1 60 A GROUP of Cavaliers make good use of the many trash cans which the club placed around campus to help encourage campus pride. Successful Year For After a successful sponsoring of the Arkansas Valley Junior Miss Pageant this fall the Cavaliers got the ball rolling for a productive year. The Cavaliers assisted at football games and built a large banner supporting the Wonder Boys. The club repeated this year in winning the sportsmanship award and the Red Cross Blood Drive. Marrying Sam was on hand at the annual Mar- quise Carnival this year to aid each girl in roping her man. Basically a social-service organization, the club operates much like a fraternity while also performing various services for the college. ' The pledge periods were held this year lasting for nine weeks each to familiarize pledges with Club life. The spring semester ended with the clubs annual Red Carnation Ball and crowning of a new club sweetheart. The organization met every Wednesday night with approximately thirty members who represented every major field of study on campus. Cavaliers THE Junior Miss Contest which was sponsored by the Cavaliers was a success. Four club members work on decorations for the pageant. FRONT ROW: Reynolds; Houston, Pledge Niaster; Spivey, Parliamen tarian; Keaton; Moore; Brandt; Jones. SECOND ROW: McQuani, Pres- ident; Lee, Reorter; Bessill; O'NEaI; Cumnock, Secretary; Rommel, Sergeant-at-Arms; Ambrose, Corresponding Secretary. THIRD ROW: Rob- erts,- Thompson, Historian; Singleton,- Tyson, Historian,- Adams, Vice-President; Wells; Duncan, Sergeant-ai-Arms: Weiss. Chi Alpha Has New Center FRONT ROW: Kelley, Treasurer; Harris,- R. Russell; Lamb; Crouch; Lynch SECOND ROW: Ross, President Haston; Jack- son,- S. Ross Vice-President; Adams; Thompson; Walker; THIRD ROW: Richey, Secretary; AdCOCk; C- RUSSE"; Woodall; Conway; J. Ross; Cooper. Chi Alpha was sponsored by Clarence Roberson and Reverend Tommy Parker of the First Assembly of God Church in Russellville, Chi Alphats members met in a new center located on the Southwest Corner of the Tech campus. Chi Alpha is a religious organization composed primarily of Assembly of God students, but all stu- dents are welcome at the weekly meetings. On November 23 the Chi Alphats had a Thanks- giving dinner and on December 11 they held a Christmas party. They held a spiritual discussion on CHI ALPHA'S Don Ross and Rev. Tommy Parker, pastor, discuss plans for one of the organizations services at the Chi Alpha house. December 4, and a panel discussion on September 18. They sponsored a car wash on September 27 to raise money. They attended the annual Gulf Regional Retreat in Hot Springs, October 10-12. They competed in the finals of a volleyball tournament but were defeated by Southern State. President of the Chi Alphas is Donald Ross. Other officers are Male Vice-president, James Harris; F emale Vice-president, Suella Ross; Secretary, Carolyn Richey; Reporter, Aline Haston, and Treasurer, Rita Kelly. 3 DEVOTIONALS at the Chi Alpha Thursday night meeting are being presented by Ron Ross, Vice-President, of the religious organization. 61 i i , t ,. .mu; A . L " FRONT ROW: Judi Buresh, Kathy Porter, Sharon Bartle, Virginia Graves, Susan Smith, Kay Jacobs, Geneva White, Marsha Goslee, Greg Wood, Brent Murray, Randy Edwards, Vice7Presiden1; Eddie Abbott, Julie Nebben, Kerri Bromley, Martha Houchin, Dee Daniels, Ellen Hall, LaNeIIe Guhl, Jeanne Kamerling. SECOND ROW: Dianne McDonald, Barbara Haller, Suzena Glenn, Patrice Williams, Mary Tom Robinson, Dorothy Griffin, David Beecher, Max Fletcher, Travis Beard, Bobby Kilgore, Tommy English, Bill Wood, Bruce Hoover, James George, Donna Murphey, Debbie Bromley, Historian; Marlena Hickey, Brenda Sweat, Janice Burns, Rita Routzong, Sharon Demon. THIRD ROW: Karen Harris, Terry Davis, Nancy Potter, Sally Cory, Linda Bailey, Sue Niven, Michael Wright, Alan Long, Noel Morris, Wesley Smith, Dennis Butler, Roger Watturn, SteVe Mitchell, Ricky Moore, Joan Hinesly, La Donna Waldrop, Sharon McBee, Virginia Becton, Donna Hart. FOURTH ROW: Lillie Jenkins, Lissa Churchill, Kathy Murray, Nancy Caristianos, Ada Sue Potts, Publicity Chairman; Susan Amann, Jim Herndon, Merle Dickerson, Jim Wooley, Steven Toth, Willie Cooper, Lee Clark, David Babb, Kenneth Clark, Jim Starkey, President; John Pierre Smith, Barbara Sphinks, Rita Hcelzeman, Pam Berry, Martha Sanders, Jeannette lsaacks, Secretary-Treasurer; Karen' Swan. Choir Presents First Benefit 7 Ivy '1' V 5f W '- ' A first for Tech occurred this year when the . ; Cg U PPORT Tech Choir presented a benefit variety show on'; Octo- 7, O U R L O C 91 C ROTTP ber 24 and 25. The variety show was rcomposed of ,1 everything from Bach to ttpoph and went over quite $Qneolf $11,an ci Qot . $23 successfully. December 13 was the date of the annual Damest 73 00 Pm. Club Banquet and the choir presented a program of traditional Christmas Carols for them. Their own annual Christmas Concert was pre- sented to the Tech student body on Det ember 4. The concert consisted of three selections: TUns ist ein Kindgeburent, by Bach; TA Song of Thanksgiving by R. Vaughn Williams; and ttCoronation Masst, by Mozart. The Choir was accompanied during this WALTER Michel; directs the Tech Choir in at practice session with mem- program by Jim Starkey and Julie Nebben, as W611 bers of the Brass Choir adding to the'volume. . as a special brass ensemble. With money earned from their benefit show, the choir toured several of the larger cities in the area during the spring. The choir was composed of 86 students and was under the direction of Walter Michels. The choir officers were J im Starkey-President, Randy Edwards'- Vicepresident, Debbie Bromley-Historian, Ada Sue Potts-Publicity Chairman, and Jeannette Issacks-Sec- retary-Treasurer. 1 E 7 K oQJOrL; I - , Keir 540 f7 ,CLIb;A. , MRS. JOHN Wainright directs the CollegeCommunity Orchestra in a practice session before the fall concert presentation. Orchestra Gives TWO Concerts WATCHING their music intently are the trombone and bass violin sec- tions of the orchestra during their fall concert. A joint effort by the College and members of the community has resulted in the College-Community Orchestra which is directed by Mrs. John Wainright, instructor in string instruments. The orchestra is largely a project of the College string classes and a group of string preparatory students, assisted by capable woodwind, brass, and percussion performers. Two concerts are presented each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This year is the fourth year that the orchestra has been in existence. Personnel in the orchestra includes performers from Dardanelle, Russellville, and Arkansas Tech. Concertmaster for the orchestra is Quinton Gray of Dardanelle. Although the orchestra presents only two concerts a year, practice sessions are held throughout the year for various sections of the orchestra with all practicing as an orchestra several weeks in advance of the formal concerts. Assisting Mrs. Wainright with the orchestra was John Nelson, also of the Tech music staff. COLLEGE-Community orchestra members, 89-strong, pose for a picture before a concert and recording session. They present two concerts a year. 'zzmacwnW' ' en 63 VW h' .I.. 64 SOME of the words in engineering are baffling to non-engineers, but someone may help with a clear explanation. Engineers Honor St. Engineerts Day, including the Engineerts ban- quet, is the highlight of club activities for prospec- tive engineers at Arkansas Tech. During Engineefs Day, St. Pat and St. Patricia are announced and they reign over the St. Patricks Day dance which is held following the banquet. Traditionally, a rope pull is held with members of the Agri Club. The club provides opportunities for members to see the different types of engineering in action by providing school tours and film presentations. The club visits various industrial plants in the area, so that members may see engineering processes in use. Officers of the club are Dennis Hill, President; Charlie Sullivan, Vice-president; Margaret Miller, Secretary; and Tom Rehm, Reporter. Club sponsor is Charles Pearson. , 1M '11, CIMW 7 ' , l w umumr ' ' NY msr mm mm FT XIERNAI mm W FT DENNIS Hill, president of the Engineering Club, takes a close look at the world through a surveying transit. FRONT ROW: Bitter,- Astaats; Singleton, McCrory; Bearden; Rehm; Eakin; Barry; Schmoll. SECOND ROW: Scott; Hatfield,- Tinder; AustiniMiller, Set:- retary; Strang; Sullivan, Vice-President; Blankenship; Witherington. THIRD ROW: Fritschie; Davis; Smith; Toth; Ahrns; Wright; Hill P.,- BI" 13., Pres:- dent; Cartwright, Le Fevere. ' 234' ix FRONT ROW: Staggs, Sponsor; Wells; Bevil; Boodman; Cioppa; Blaylock; Medleck. SECOND ROW: Favre; Hobbs,- Whiteside; Har- : gis, Vice-Presidenf; Troutt; Bartlett, Secretary-Treasurer. THIRD ROW: Duderstadf; Cushing; Fitting, Program Chairman; Combs; Schwegler, President; Coombes; Brown. FCA Encourages F air Play DAVIS Daugherty and FCA President Bob Schwegler meet with their sponsor, Jim Sfaggs, to discuss a spring meeting. In 1967, at the end of the school year the Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes was initiated on the Tech campus. Since then the F. C. A. has grown into one of the most active huddle groups in the state. The purpose of the F . C. A. is to confront athletes and coaches with the challenge and adventure of following Christ and serving Him. It encourages participation in a church of the membefs choosing. Requirements for membership are that one be a varsity athlete and interested in serving Christ through his church and school work. As a group the F. C. A. visits a different church in the Russellville area each Sunday. Officers for the 1969-1970 year were Bob Schwe- ler, President; David Bartlett, Vice-president; and Lawrence Fitting, Social Chairman. A captain was elected from each sport to establish year round inter- est and theseecaptains were Paul Brown, Basketball; Tim Hargis, Baseball; and Davis Daugherty, Track. LAWRENCE Fitting, Social Chairman, and David Bartlett, Vice-President, talk over special plans for a huddle meeting. xx The French Club was chartered on the Tech 4 campus in late 1968 and has been increasingly .act'ive since that time. The theme of the French Club is to promote an interest in Franee and its customs. The French Club had many guests this year. Mr. Hans Ogilrie, a chef from Wiederkehefs Restaurant, proved to he a success with his demonstration on French cuisine. Also Mr. John Stiritz, a co-sponsor for the French Club, read from the French Bible. There was a French film, The Symphonic Pastorale, shown during the yearTs activities. A visitor from France, Mrs. Marie Freeman, also served as a guest speaker. She gave many interesting ideas and comments on the French and also gave the club members an opportunity to use their French with a native. The sponsors for the French Club are Mrs. Louise s . . MObley and Mr- JOhn Stiritz- 1113 Other foreign 1311' JOHN Stiritz, co-sponsor of the French Club, looks for some of the French guage teacher in the department sponsors the German Club members to help out during classification. Club. French Club Has Many Guests FRONT ROW: White; Taylor, Vice-Presidem; Benson; McAfee; Crotts, President; Greb. SECOND l ROW: Mobley, Co-Sponsor; Foster, Secretary; Pye; Browning; Jackson, Reporter; Lamb. E LEARNING a new language often takes hours of concentration and study as these members are finding out, but they learn. e ' , 1 MRS. lOUISE Mobley taught the French Club about the language of romance using flash cards, records and tapes in: class. Shields. The Geology Club was open to anyone who was interested in Geology. The club was sponsored by Richard R. Cohoon of the Geology Department staff. The Club conducted its annual field trip in Decem- ber and went to the Union Carbide Mine at Hot Springs and Magnet Cove, also near Hot Springs. A series of Astrogeology films-training films for the NASA astronauts-and a series of films dealing with oceanography, obtained from the Navy, ments as David Elliot, Charles Stewart, and Sid Vogelpohl learn. FRONT ROW: Drummond C., Secretary-Treasurer; Drummond 3.; Henderson 5.; Shewmake; Walter; Berry. SECOND ROW: Taylor; Cohoon, Sponsor; Henderson 6., Vice-Presidem; Gilbreath; Villines, President; Geologists Form Organization. SCALES Of Justice? No, but these measuring devices play a big pan: in Geology Club experi- RESULTS of battle may be seen in the many exhibits in 1he Geology Museum. were presented at the monthly meetings held on the first Monday of each month. In November, Dr. W. C. Difford, associate dean of Wisconsin University at Stephens Point, addressed the geology and biology seminars on job possibilities in oceanographic research. President of the Geology Club was Kenneth Villines, Vice-President was Glenn Henderson, and Secretary Treasurer was Charles Drummond. TERREL Shields, Mike Huber, and Lonnie Gilbreath v study oil deposits in a club experiment. The club was open to all interested students. FRONT ROW: Farley, VicePresident; Johnson; Drodz; Burch, Sponsor; Peters. SECOND ROW: Hambrich; Yeager, President; Jepson; ,Kinslow. Films Assist German Club The German Club was organized in late 1969. The membership extends to those students who are either enrolled in German or have been previously enrolled in German and who also take an active part in the functions of the group. The purpose of the German Club is for the mem- bers to improve their facility in German by using the language outside of class and to promote the study of German culture and literature. The activities of the club included a showing of slides by the clulfs sponsor, Mr. John Burch. Mr. Burch had made them while visiting Germany. There was also an exhibition of German coins presented by Paul Slaton. Members of the club were shown film strips of Germany to acquaint them to the countryhs scenery and people. MR. BURCH explains pronunciation to James Jepson and Carol Goddard. Offering students much practice was the main obiective of the club. UNDERSTANDING the geography of a country helps one to comprehend the spoken dialect. Hays Kinslow points out key spots to Jim and Ron. History Club Becomes Active 51 7 ' nix IA.WRENCE FIITING and Stan Miller discus: plans for a History, Political Science, and Prelaw Club meeting with Dr. Kenneth Walker. "LAND of Opportunity" is pointed out by Thomas Hunt to three of the club members. Map work plays a large part in the courses of history. The History, Political Science, and Pre-Law Club has worked to promote interest in these fields by attending the Model United Nations in Conway; a simulation of the General Assembly working in the field of diplomatic relations at the UN. in New York. They also participated in a discussion of the revision of the Arkansas Constitution with Mrs. Charles Wilkins, who was a member of the Arkansas Constitutional Revision Committee. Officers of the History, Political Science, and Pre-Law Club were Stanley Miller, who served as President; Mary Bonner who was Vice-Rresident; Suzy Drodz who worked as Secretary for the Club and Robert J . McAfee who was the clubs Treasurer. Members of the club who went to the UN. were Suzy Drodz, Robert McAfee, Linda Walker, Mary Robertson, Susie Chivers, Ken Colley, Marlin Hoge, and Kyle Treat. FRONT ROW: Walker; Chivers; Drodz, Secretary; Robertson; McAfee, Treasurer; Kendrick. SECOND ROW: Hart- wick; Hunt; Miller, President; Hoge; Thoma; Pickering, Bonner, Vice-Presidem. 69 TRAVIS Beard and Marietta Sterling look over a college placement maga- zine during a break at one of their meetings. Top HM; in Kappa Delta Pi SUSAN Stratton and Dr. Eldon Clary look over an agenda for one of the Kappa Delta Pi meetings which the club holds. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education. h 7v : V. W n, The purpose of the society is to encourage higher I h standards of education and to recognize students who excel in high personal standards and have a distinc- tion of achievement. This society is composed of students who exhibit a professional attitude that would enable them to grow into the field of education. The qualifications for membership into Kappa Delta Pi are that the individual be of junior standing in the upper 10 per cent of the student body. The member must also be enrolled in the Teacher Educa- tion Program. Among the activities of the society are programs that present topics of general education. There are also important topics presented concerning special- ized fields of education. FRONT ROW: Henry; Kennedy, President; Sterling, Secretary,- Carter. SECOND ROW: Moore, Co-Sponsor; Beard; Clary, Counselor; Shelton; Snow, Co-Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Grigsby; Sivils; Mason; Fuller; Hoover, President; Hunt, Recording Secretary; Wood 6.; Daye. SECOND ROW: English; Beard, Vice-President; Babb, Sergeant-at-Arms; Ritchie, Treasurer; Brammer, Corresponding Secretary; Wood, 3.; Under; Clark, K.; Sulina. THIRD ROW: Clark L.; Nettles, Reporter; Dunn; Dean,- Herndon; Starkey; Willett; Smith, Parliamentarian. Kappa Kappa Psi is Spirited KAPPA KAPPA PSI beat its own drum in parade, pushing Tech to a homecoming victory as well as helping make the parade successful. FRATERNITY'S band put plenty of musical pep into football pep rallies and meets where enthusiasm was needed. Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary hand fraternity and is composed of outstanding bandsmen. Its purpose is to promote campus leadership and foster a close relationship between the different college bands. Kappa Kappa Psi worked to build a better Arkansas Tech band. Kappa Kappa Psi represented'the band on Dadis Day with a booth and built a float for the Homecom- ing Parade. During the football season they sponsored all the pep bands and promoted much of the school spirit with a banner and fraternity sweatshirts. Along with Tau Beta Sigma, the Womenis band Fraternity, they hosted visiting bands with refreshments and services. The Delta Delta chapter and the Tech band were represented at the 50th anniversary National Conven- tion of KKY at Oklahoma State University with a display; and active participation in the National Intercollegiate band and convention activities. Miss Lissa Churchill, a sophomore history major from Atkins, was Kappa Kappa Psiis Sweetheart. President for KKY was Bruce Hoover. Other officers were Vice-president, Travis Beard; Secretary, Ch'ai'les Hunt; Treasurer, Howard Ritchie; and Reporter, Larry Nettles. w; 71 '5: 2J l ' " xx FRONT ROW: Merkel, Keary, Jewell, Sisco, Ferguson, lvester, Wilwers, Carter. SECOND ROW: Wilwers, Sponsor; Lamb, Norvell, Hogan, Dunlap, Naegle, Sponsor; Cockman, Vice-President; Eden, Shelton. Kappa Pi is Artful Fraternity Kappa Pi, Tech,s International Honorary Art Fraternity, is open by invitation to all art majors and minors. Kappa Pihs activities for the year started with the six week initiation period for nine perspective members, ending in a candlelight ceremony. Members took part in the Marquis Carnival by selling original paintings and artwork. A field trip to Blanchard Springs, Arkansas and picnic was scheduled in the fall. A Christmas banquet was held for all Kappa Pi members at Russellvillets new Ramada Inn. Guests- of-Honor at the event were Mr. and Mrs. Travis Adams. The Program included slides of Tech stu- dents, artwork and area landscapes. Officers for Kappa Pi during the year were Sally Carter, President; Leonard Cockman, Vice-president; Dorothy Brinkman, Secretary; Windy Wilwers, Treas- urer; and Dean Shelton, Parliamentarian. Mr. Ed Wilwers, head of the art department, sponsors the group; THE Marquise Carnival kept Kappa Kappa Pi members, Angela Ivester and- Bill Ho- gan, busy selling. ART students, Bill Eaton and Dean Shelton, are caught unaware and sur- rounded by art supplies and fixitives. STRANGE are the members of one of Tech's most prominent social clubs. These were iust part of the party atmosphere at the annual Carnival. Marquise Take Active Part MANY long hours of work went into the planning of the club's activitier. . . , . The Marqlnse IS 0118 Of Arkansas TeCh S SCIVICC Memebrs, Janet Sisco, Frances Hawk and Karen Trammell helped. and social organizations for women. The annual Marquise Carnival has become a favorite fall activity on campus for the entire Tech student body. Every club and organization takes part by sponsoring a money-making booth or con- cession. During Homecoming activities the Marquise took charge of the decoration of the Homecoming Counts platform. Being of service to the city of Russellville is included in the Marquise agenda. Serving at the Russellville Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball, sponsor- ing an Easter Egg Hunt at the day care center, and Christmas caroling at the Nursing Home are some of the more outstanding services this year. A one month pledging period'starting in early October entailed carrying raw eggs to classes, oper- ating lemonade stands, dressing as grade school children, and raking President Pratfs front lawn. Sponsors for the club are Mrs. Lu Adams and Mrs. Bonnie Baker. FIRST ROW: 'Whiley, Jackson, Ray, Bromley, Castle, 2nd Vice-President; Gossett, Reporter; Verser, Law, Mobley, Hefley, Treasurer. ISE.COND I-lOW: Adams, Sponsor,- Hawk, Brandt, Churchill, Bagweli, Nebben, Sisco, Smith, Rabb, Carruthers, Churchill. THIRD ROW: Trammell, HI", Carlstxanos, Wilson, Ruthven, Secretary; Clark, President; Keeton, Parvin, Historian; Branch, Baker. Sponsor. Weekly Meetings for MBSF FRONT ROW: Emerson, Foster, Sponsor; Gardner, George, Vice-President; Taylor, President. SECOND ROW: Foster, Secretary; George, Treasurer; Emerson, Grant, Grant. The Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship, Arkansas Techts chapter of the National MBSF, meets every Thursday night at the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Their pastor is the Reverend Lester Barnes. Activities of the MBSF began this summer with a watermelon feast for the summer students and during the Iyear a Hobo Day to raise money for a new piano for Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Chfistmas caroling at the Russellville Rest Home, MAKING plans for their weekly service meetings at Shiloah Baptist Church are Rev. and Mrs. Foster, along with Miss Taylor the club's president. devotional services and singspirations kept those students involved in the MBSF busy. Programs included missionaries from both India and Peru. In March the MBSF traveled to the Mis- sionary Baptist Church in Waldron to present their program. Officers for the MBSF are Beth Taylor, President; Ken Barnes, Vice-president; Pat Cox, Secretary- Treasurer; James George, Program Chairman; Joe TWO members of the MBSF are busily preparing a program for an upcoming devotional service. ii 5E am iii! 3:555 $- I-IRi-Kh FRONT ROW: Debbie Bromley, Eddie Abbott, Dianne McDonald Clark, SEATED: Julia Nebben. Madrigals Are Select The Madrigals are a select group of singers chosen by audition from throughout the college. During the year the Madrigals have sung at various civic and cultural functions as well as presenting programs for the Arkansas Tech student body. The Madrigal singers also help with the spring high school Madrigal competition which is held on the Tech campus. Besides helping with the conduct of the program, they also present demonstration num- bers. The Madrigals are under the direction of Walter Michels, who also directs the Tech choir. Assisting him as student director is Jim Starkey of Jackson- ville. Julie Nebben of Mountain Home is accompanist. uJAL .. .aAMh . . Brent Murray, Willie Cooper, Vld Beecher, Virginia Becton, James George, Linda Bailey, Steve Mitchell, Gregg Wood, Mary Robertson, Jeanette lsaacs, Da- Donna Murphy. BACK ROW: Jim Starkey, Lissa Churchill, Jim Herndon. Group ACCOMPANIST Julie Nebben helps the Madrigals during a practice session by playing The parts which they will sing alone later; ASSISTANT Director Jim Starkey looks over some literature and counts ,the time before one of the many practice sessions. Warford, John Gross, and John Smith listen in. SECRETARY Tom Tyler makes a phone call about a possible program while Bob Melfs PEMM Sparks Spirit PRESIDENT Bob Watrford checks a book with John Gross concerning some of the activities in which PEMM Clubs may engage. "l In an attempt to advance the standards of the profession and encourage co-operation among other clubs, faculty and alumni, the Ments Physical Educa- tion Majors and Minorg met once each month. In September the woments and Ments clubs co- sponsored a F reshmen-Faculty Mixer in the women,s gym. During the first regular meeting of the PEMM Club well over fifty new members were recognized. Homecoming found the PEMM Club busy on their float; aptly tagged gLaid to Rest On Beurkle Field? The State Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Convention was held at Little Rock Central High School November 6 and 7 and was attended by Techts PEMM Club leaders. The F ebruary meeting was a combined one with the Womenhs PEMM Club featuring guest-speaker Bill Nutter, track coach at State College. His topic pertained to psychological and motivational factors in physical education. FRONT ROW: Vaughn; Fisher; Hudson; Goodall; Breedlove; Ezell; Wood; Luckenbaugh. SECOND ROW: Brinkley; Warford, President; Crowley; Warner; Cioppa C.; McConnell; Vincent; Favre; Hall. THIRD ROW: Wills, Sponsor,- Paris; Marlowe, Vice-President; Roper; Parker; Thornton; Cioppa A.; Beg. nar. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence; Smith; Nollnar; Sadler; Schwegler; Slaughter,- Branch; Worley. AFTER 3 mass, candles are put back for future use. t Folk Mass New for Newmans The Newman Clust major function this year has been their instatement of the informal Folk Mass. Members and area guests attended the informal oc- casion. The highlight of the musical mass was the discussion period. The discussion period was de- signed to aid participants in gaining the fullest relig- ious experience they could receive from the mass. The Newman Club repeated the penny pitch, a money making project, at the Halloween Carnival as they had done the previous year. They sent contri- butions t0 worthwhile causes; Last year they con- tributed to Biafra and Reverend J oe Laurel in Ecua- dor. Officers of the Newman Club are, President, George L. Neumeier of Paris; Vice-president, Bill Wofford 0f Russellville; Secretary-Treasurer, Mar- lin Boyd Hoge, Jr. of Fort Smith; Dr. Henri Crawley, assistant professor of biology at Arkansas Tech, was the faculty advisor. Dr. Crawley proved very instru- ., , mental in the success of the club. , BILL talks with his priest after a Sunday night folk mass. FRONT ROW: Lusk; Jewell; Hubbard; Rhoda J.; Seibenmorgan; Rhoda D.; Carruthers; Mobley. SECOND ROW: Neumeier; Wofford, President; Bren- gard; Tofh; Ahrns; Pfeifer; Thorne; Gilmore; Pfeifer. FRONT ROW: Brown; Aitken; Rommel; Brandt; Ewing; Jones, First Sergeant: SECOND ROW: Shewmake; Pierce; Lacy; lngle; Simmons; Boone; Abernathy. THIRD ROW: Magby; Rice; Reid, Second Lieutenant; Schwegler, Executive Officer; Fowler; Corder; Amaden; Thornton. Pershing Rifles is Honorary PERSHING Rifles color guard members presented the flag at many civic and college functions as the organization's. public service. The National Society of Pershing Rifles is for Basic and Advanced Corp cadets. Pershing Rifles is a military honor fraternity organized for the service of the college and military science cadets. The training of Pershing Rifles is given always with the aim of developing all four of these attri- butes: intelligence, skill, sense of obligation, and love for their Country. The Pershing Rifles, although only begun in 1968, is already a very active organization in college functions such as ushering at football and basketball games, initiating a Ranger program for senior cadets. The club is represented by the Pershing Rifleis Drill Team in various drill competition. Pershing Rifles helped in the planned activities for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of ROTC. Major Samuel Smith is the advisor and Sandy Jackson is the sponsor from the Athena troop. Officers are John Thorton, Captain; James Hill- man, Executive Officer; Roger Lecy, Second Leiu- tenant; and Douglas Magby, First Sergeant. "THAT'S the way it is," explains Commander Gary Rowlands to two of his club members at a briefing session before a meeting. 79 GREAT skill was required in the "Pool Shoot" which the Club set up at the Halloween Carnival to raise money. Phi Beta is All Business Phi Beta Lambda is open to business and eco- nomics majors and minors. Members of the club participated in many activ- ities during the year including a car wash, a hayride to the Dardanelle Reservoir, A Christmas party, and the state convention. For the second year in a row the clubts Home- coming float won first prize in the parade and it was due primarily to the full participation and coopera- tion of all club members. Other activities in which the club participated in were the Marquise Carnival where they set up a fortune telling booth and a ttPool Shoot? Money raised through the activities is used to promote the clubts activities. Phi Beta Lambda was a co-host in seeing that Tech seniors could attend the Arkansas Careers Day held in Little Rock in December. Club members were given lectures by outstanding men in the business and economics field during their regular meetings. PARENTS' Day was a work day for Phi Beta Lambda members as they answered questions at their display booth. FRONT ROW: Savers; McBride; Keaton; Quandt V.; Carter R.; Quandt P., Secretary; Hulet; Bean; Hale; Durden. SECOND ROW: Potter; Khil- ling; Potts; Reed; Carter, C.; Jones; Davis; Binam; Freeman; Brent. THIRD ROW: Tyler, Sponsor; Holzhauer; Scott; McDonald;-Hassel:ircok; Reynolds; Horton, President,- Ross; Hays; Butler, Reporter. FOURTH ROW: Henderson, Treasurer; Lloyd; Patrick,- Roberts, Vlce-Presldent; Van Es; Rudell; Thomas; Richey; Murdoch, Sponsor. . way. Immmms..; t 82 i... g .7 - - , . V A . - FRONT ROW: Hutcheson; Dennis; Kendrick; Sterling; Gossett; Brittle; Summen; Kennedy; Ray. SECOND ROW: Gandy; Law; Monts; Boone; Clark; Welch; Wilson; Burgess; Martin; Hill. THIRD ROW: Crider; Seaton; Warford; Ritchie; Rowlands; Akridge; Zuber; Hoover; Luckenbill. FOURTH ROW: Brammer; Bridges; Vance; Starkey; Miller; Pickering; Bartlett; McCracken; R0554 . v0 Club Presidents F orm Council Presidents of all the dorms and clubs on campus compose the membership of the Presidents, Council. The Council acts as a communications body or action body to coordinate campus activities. Club members meet with Dr. Pratt, to discuss the problems and policies of the Tech campus. The Coun- cil offers Dr. Pratt advice on what students would like to see done on the campus. Meetings are held regularly at noon, so that the problems and policies can be discussed. Many of the overall campus movements were coordinated through the Council. A leadership conference was held before the spring and fall semesters during which an overview of the yearls work for both the students and faculty were discussed. The fall meeting was held on Petit Jean and the spring meeting at Blanchard Springs. Gary Dennis, president of the Student Senate, is also the student leader of the Council. SOME presidents were diverted by a camera, but Richard Allen and Howard Ritchie were too interested in the main activity. ,. h is FRONT ROW: Gilbert; Lusk; Hogins; Shelton; Moo Co-Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Lynch; Rice; A re, Vice-President; Fletcher, Reporter; Lewis, Co-Sponsor; Jones, Co-Sponsor; Van Dyke, Denison; Massey; White; Tackett; Zuber C., President; Anderson; Norwood. THIRD ROW: Wright; Johnson, Treasurer; Stillwell; Wells; Gilmore; Miller, VicePresident; Kendrick; Zuber M. Psychology Has Many Trips . The Psychology Club, which is composed of psy- DENNIS Wells and Carolyn Zuber check one of the rats used m many . . ' of the Psychology Club's experiments. chology majors and mlnors, has been very busy thls year. At the Marquise Carnival, their psychological testSeTtRate Your MateTT and the Van Alstyne Pice ture Vocabulary Test-were very popular. The club took field trips to the Children,s Colony in Conway, the IQ. Zoo in Hot Springs, and the Veteran,s Hospital and State Hospital. In addition, the club was entertained by speakers at their monthly meetings. The November speaker, Ron Formby, Tech Counselor, discussed entrance requirements for grad- uate school. The Christmas Party was a gala event for the members with psychological games and food. The climax of the year for the club was their annual banquet. Officers for the school year were Carolyn Daniel Zuber, President; Robert Miller, First Vice-president; Kathy Moore, Second Vice-president; Sandi Jennings, Secretary; Paul Johnson, Treasurer; and Marilyn Fletcher, Reporter. The club is sponsored by Miss Charles Jones, Bill Van Dyke, and Dr. Franklin Lewis. McDONALD, Hurdler, Fletcher and Moore discuss a model of the eye at one of their club meetings. 83 84 DAVID Reed sends a student to make a final check before leaving on the bus. R.ECISEATION and Parks maiors and their dates enjoy one of 1he Club's frequent pICnICS or outings which they hold during the year. FRONT ROW: Hutcheson; Roderique- Wiser; Wheat; Sorrels; Joseph; Trammell, Secretary; Reese; Wade. SECOND ROW: Linton, Publicity Chairman; Barton, Vice-Presidem; Adams, Project Officer; Balkman M.; Lowe; Rowlands; Reed, Sponsor; Gossage; Daugherty. THIRD ROW: Ross; Sexton; Catughman; Hugh- 1ower; Chudy; Timm; Heston; Kimmery R.; Thomson; Graves, Treasurer; Arne"; Newberry; Davis; Kella'r; Dowell, Sponsor; Ponder. The Arkansas Tech Recreation and Park Admin- istration Club is made up of students majoring and minoring in recreation administration. The organiza- tion was formed to unite in one organization all undergraduate students who are interested in recrea- tion and park administration, to protect the interest of students in situations where their professional interests are concerned, and to encourage study and research on matters of professional interest. Recreation and Park Administration Club spon- sored the Marina Derby last fall. This was a state boat show held at the Ramada Inn. Other activities they have sponsored is the SCOPE Committee tStudent Committee on Pollution of the Environ- menti, a deer drive at H0113. Bend Refuge and the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. The club has gone to Hot Springs National Forest on a field trip and plan to go to the Smoky Moun- tains this semester. The club meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month. David Mchcken is the president. The vice-president is C. G. Barton. Karen Trammell is secretary and Stan Graves is treasurer. The schedule for the Arkansas Tech Drill Team included many appearances throughout the state. They participated in half-time programs in Harrison, Clinton, Hot Springs, Mountain Home, Russellville, and Little Rock. They also performed in a number of parades and traveled as far as Louisiana, where they were part of the New Orleans Mardi Cras parades. As a highlight of that trip the Drill Team spent three days aboard the USS. Enterprise. This year the Drill Team merged with the Persh- ing Rifles and revised their uniforms. They added purple berets and white cravates. In order to meet their demanding schedule, the Drill Team members had to practice precision march- ing and drills from three to five days each week. The Drill Team sponsored a Turkey Shoot before Thanksgiving. Robert Pierce was the Drill Team Company Com- mander. The Drill Master was Roger Lecy and the Assistant Platoon Sergeant was Richard Rice. Drill Team Performs Widely FRONT ROW: Pierce, Commander,- Edwards, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Espy; Shreves; Epps. SECOND ROW: Shoemake, Assistant Squad Leader; Rho- da; Brawner; Schaeffer; Utley. THIRD ROW: Lecy, Drill Master; Fowler, Squad leader-Second Squad; Deason, Assistant Squad Leader-Third Squad; Mack; Shewmake C.; Gregory. BRAWNER'S M-l is being checked by Commander Pierce at Drill Team inspection. Mu FRONT ROW: Jepson; Widner; Mende; Humphrey; Larson; Miller, Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Smith, Sponsor; Sexton, Trainer; Carlson; Kaufman D., President; Gilmore; Kaufman 5.; Wilson, Coach. Rifle Team In College Matches The Tech Rifle Team, organized in 1954, has become an important part of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The team competed in the Arkansas Collegiate Rifle League plus the Fourth Army matches this year. Other teams in the league were Henderson State, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas State Univer- sity, and the University of Arkansas. The team also competed in the Invitational F iesta Match held in San Antonio in April. Besides meeting for the matches, the team held a picnic this spring for members and their dates. Officers of the club were David Coffman, Presi- dent; William Thomsberry, Vice-president; and Joe Miller, Secretary-Treasurer. Sponsor for the team was Capt. Houston W. Smith. -.-'r"-r.w-"--nm mrmm 3"! t v , " :5 ., 5 ., , RACKING his rifle following a practice session on the ROTC rjfle range is Jimmy Jepson one of the top marksman. CHECKING the score of a target in a practice session are David Kauffman, William Thornsberry and Scott Kauffman. 86 SPONSOR Herman Boutwell discusses some of the Club's proiects with members at one of the monthly meetings. As a member of the Arkansas Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, the Tech Rodeo Club is eligible to participate in rodeos held throughout the state. Points are acquired at each rodeo and at the end of the year these points are totaled and the club with the most points is awarded a team championship. Members of the Tech club practiced every week on stock which is owned by the Club. Members may be identified by the jackets which has the club insig- nia on them. Members also participated in the Homecoming parade by riding and carrying flags on their horses. A main highlight of the year was the big rodeo held May 8th and 9th. The rodeo was produced by Sam McCallie with the assistance of Tech cowboys and cowgirls. V Tech Rodeo Club members were also eligible to EVEN the feir sex participate in the annual Rodeo. participate in the rodeo. FRONT ROW: Brown V.,- Hampton,- George, First Vice-President; Brown D.; Hoffarth, President; Holland; Luckenbaugh. SECOND ROW: Johnson; Brumbelow; Hubbard, Shepherd; Gather, Secretary; Leach, Treasurer; Meador, Reporter; Stewart. THIRD ROW: Bout- well, Sponsor; Maxwell; Ferri; Ferguson; Eiler; Floyd; Patton, Second Vice-President; Kaufman. s, 88 CAPTAINS Turner and Baskin get together to study maneuver plan. Many upperclassmen participate in the club's activities. Scabbard, Blade is National ttEh Company of the 15th Regiment of the Na- tional Society of Scabbard and Blade was chartered on the Tech campus on December 8, 1962. To accomplish the objectives of the Scabbard and Blade, realistic training is provided for its mem- bers by sponsoring repelling, outings, and problems in night attacks which are used in the initiation of its, members also. This year the Scabbard and Blade helped in the promotion of ROTC by sponsoring National ROTC month on the Tech campus. The organizationk big event of the year was the annual spring Military ball. The Scabbard and Blade is composed of members selected by invitation from outstanding cadet offieers of the ROT C advanced course. The National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded to develop and foster the ideals and practices of military education in the United States. COMPANY Commander Bill Baskin explains the technique of running -a film proiector to Scabbard and Blade members. i . stir :3, .I , i t t t l FRONT ROW: George,- Aitken; Brandt; lngle, Treasurer; Ewing; Amaden; Jones. SECOND ROW: McDaniel; Martin; Reid; Corder; Thornton, Vice-President; Abernathy; Boone. FRONT ROW: Berry; Albert, Secretary-Treasurer; Ward,- Shores; Peters. SECOND ROW: Dobbs, Program Chairman; Pfeifer C.; Johnson; Jacobs,- Pfeifer J., President,- Cone, Vice-President. Scientists Give Help Sessions STEVE COLLINS studies a blood sample in one of the displays set Up for a lecture given by a medical technologist. Nl-IMATOHlG ' 3: CHIEMIST . . g; JIM PFEIFER, who is a physics laboratory assistant, helps students con- duct an electricity experiment in class. During he first month of the fall term the Science Club heard speeches by Tech professors Dr. W. W. Trigg and Dr. C. J. Bronco. Dr. Trigg, discussed analogue computers and Dr. Broncots topic was Industrial Scientific Research. For the rest of the fall semester the members held tthelp sessions" to aid fellow science students. These sessions were held on Tuesday night in McEver Hall to help anyone taking mathematics, chemistry, or physics. Members donated over 100 hours of help in this successful and rewarding program. In the spring the club helped in hosting the Spring 1970 meeting of the Arkansas Collegiate Academy of Science here at Tech. Dr. Trigg sponsored the club and Jim Pfeifer was president. Other officers were John Cone; Vice- presdent, Shelley Nichols; Secretary, and Mary Al- bert, Treasurer. 90 SIGMA Betas watch the workers as paint is applied to the 17 by 24 foot sign which the Club hung on l-40. Sigma Beta Wins Toilet Bowl The Student Senate, on September 2., 1969, formally and constitutionally approved the establish- ment of the newest mens social service organization on campus, Sigma Beta. During the course of the year the club engaged in many activities such as the construction of a 17 by 24 foot sign and hanging it in Atkins overlooking 1-40, doing the pre-game skit for the Tech-SCA game, passing out song and cheer sheets at games, and checking I.D.,s at dances. Sigma Beta also sponsored Miss Arkansas Tech, Miss Virginia Becton, in the Homecoming Parade and worked with the Student'Senate on campus pro- jects. Their club football team won this years first annual Toilet Bowl. The purposes of Sigma Beta are to install and promote a distinct and unique pride in Arkansas Tech, to establish active school spirit, support a more enthusiastic student awareness in the academic com- munity, develop a sense of responsible service to the college, and create a beneficial working relationship between the faculty, administration and the student body. Finally, Sigma Beta seekstto secure unified school support in all activities in which Arkansas Tech 'is represented. VIRGINIA Becton was made comfortable in the Homecoming Parade and presented to the public by the Sigma Beta Club. ' ' ' - - - - ' Vice- FRONT ROW: Young- West- Adams Publxcuty Officer; Padgett, Detherage, Brandenburg, Bagley. SECONP ROW. Bridges, . President; Crider, Priesident'; Howelll; Beard; Ritchie; Babb; Thomas; Hutchinson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Rickman, Master at Arms; Mrller; Bittle; Clarke, Secretary,- Nash, Treasurer; Shaddox; Linder. Large Membership in SNEA -4;- t :5. i . x , ' . 3; t; . 3;; ,;.; FRONT ROW: Cook; Evans; Jennings; Smith; Ray; Rowlands; Nation; Luebker! Crouch; Roberts; Walton; Martin, President. SECOND ROW: Carnahan; Kuykendall; Henry; Lee; Bailey; Rabb, Vice-President; Gandy; Cox; Moore; Canitwell; Robertson; Greve. THIRD ROW: Duggin; Hartwick; Wright; Hamil- ton; Wilson; Gilbreath; Denison; Russell; McDaniel; Bittle; Bratcher; Phillips; Kiersey. FOURTH ROW: Nunleman; Ross; Boothe; Brown; Goodier; Kyle, Secretary; Ruthvenr, Reporter; Shelton, Treasurer; Wagner; Patterson; O'Bar; Cooper; Fancher; Clary, Sponsor. The Student National Education Association is primarily an organization for students with a major or minor in education. Through this organization students may become acquainted with professional journals and hear speakers on new developments in the field of education. One of the most prominent speakers this year was Mrs. Griffin who was the principal of Sequayah. Speaking in October, she gave a report on the school system at the Sequoyah Elementary School. In De- cember four student teachers came to give a question NINE weeks of student teaching is required of all prospective teachers before they may be cenified. and answer session about practice teaching. The S.N.E.A. was represented at the State Con- vention and the club,s activities were climaxed by their annual spring banquet. Dr. Eldon Clary is sponsor of the club. Officers were Vernell Martin, President; Barbara Rabb, Vice-president; Carale Kyle, Secretary; Lois Shelton, Secretary and J ane Ruthven, Reporter. The Student National Education Association is one of the largest clubs on campus with over fifty members. TAKE part or become involved, is the attitude taken by student teachers who may become members of SNEA. To Happen The Student Senate is an organization of students for students interested in campus activities and events. It gives students a voice and a responsibility in student, faculty and administration communica- tions. The Senate provides leadership and understand- ing by holding tleadershipt conferences composed of students, faculty and administration, such as the Governofs Youth Council held last fall on Petit Jean that permits communication of ideas and opinions of all campus leaders and administration. Students ideas and involvment is concentrated by taking a stand on voluntary ROTC, providing enter- tainment at the Christmas formal, the Queen of Hearts dance, sponsoring buses to out of town sport- ing events, organizing pep rallies for SCA week, showing motion pictures and providing concerts and folk festivals. .v. 1! THE Annual Queen of Hearts dance brought pleasure for all. The lscand furnished entertainment for the formal event. ammumhmxtmw v. e SENATE President Gary Dennis explains the bicycle problem to Jim Tucker and Gary Rowlands, who is in charge of the bicycles. QUEEN of Hearts candidates were Jennings, Davis, Humphreys, Guinn, Hill, Rowlands, Gace, and Jacobs - all very pretty. DEAN Travis Adams listens intently to a Senate meeting discussion. Caroline Welch and Stan Graves seem concerned. Senate is Campus Nucleus . ' n w, 3i ,i. , '35.. ; - w . . . . FRONT ROW: Brewer; Rush,- Peters; Russell; Drozdz; Gossetf; Walton; Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Adams, Advisor; McQuain; Jones; Crider; McAfee, Par- liamentarian; Rowlands,Male Vice-President; Pruitt; Dennis, President. THIRD ROW: Melton; Graves; Miller; Stanfield; Johnson; Dickerson; Ruthven, Female Vice-President; Babb; Wheeler. LISTENING intently to another speaker are Siudent Senate members and President Gary Dennis at one of the weekly sessions. PRESIDENT Gary Dennis get: a little exercise moving the speaker's stand at the President's Council meeting last fall. 93 94 FRONT ROW: Fisher; Eoff; Herndon; Brandt, Parliamentarian; Blaylock; McConnell; Vincent, Sergeant-at-Arms; Hudson. SECOND ROW: Reid; Branch; Nelson; Goff; Parker; Hargis; Rommel; Trout; THIRD ROW: Capeheart; Thornton; Murphy; Hankton, Presi- dent; Lievsay; Melton,- Alexander; Shaw. FOURTH ROW: Wilson; Fitting; Hoing; Combs; Schwegler; Tooter,- Coombes; Brown. T Club Has All-Sports Banquet Several first year lettermen were added to the Arkansas Tech ttTh Club this year. The criteria for becoming a member of this athletic club is lettering in a varsity sportefootball, basketball, baseball, track, golf, bowling, or swimming. Among the clubts main functions are helping to promote athletics and to create a better image of the students engaging in inter-collegiate athletics. An all-sports banquet was given for the Wonder Boys by the college and Booster Club members. New ttT" Club members were recognized at the banquet. Lettermen received a green sweater for the first v year they letter, a gold sweater the second year, a jacket the third and a blanket for the fourth year in which they letter in qne 0f the sports. Officers this year are Terry Hankton, President; Clifton ttSlickt, Wilson, Vice-president; Davis Daugh- tre'y, Secretary; Chris McConnell, Treasurer; and Gene Hobbs, Reporter. "T" CLUB members are among the honorees at the barbeque dinners given to honor the students who are out for one sports. REPRESENTATIVES Paul Brown, Bob Schwegler, and Cliff Wilson each represents a sport - discuss possible "T" Club candidates. Athena is Beauty Beauty, brains and ability go into the construc- tion of a group such as Techis Athena Troop. The co-ed department of ROTC consisted of nineteen girls this year. Requirements for admission to the group are 2.00 or above grade everage, high morals and campus reputation. The name Athena was originated from the Greek Goddess daughter of Zeus. People all over Greece prayed to her and credit her with the invention of thread spinning, cloth weaving and the plow. She was pictured as a beautiful young woman, strong, kind and just. '- Perhaps the Athena Troop cannot be classed as goddessess but with their precision manuvers and colorful uniforms they certainly add to ROTC dis- play. Athena troop members serve as hostesses at the various formal functions which the department holds throughout the year. t . A- 1.7., i'i 1343': FRONT ROW: Wilson hroop commanded, Ray. CENTER: Gandy, Hill Jackson, son, Peach, Arnold, Moore, Whiley, Kuykendall, West, Rowlands. s1..v,t "- ATHENA TROOP commander, Col. Delores Wilson, from Ft. Smith serves at the receptiOn line for the ROTC Cadet Officers. 95 Tau Beta For Bandswomen To function in a service facility in connection with the Tech Band, to foster a closer relaton between college bands, to provide a pleasant and useful social experience for members, and to honor exceptional female members of the band are the primary pur- poses of Tau Beta Sigma. Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary sorority SOME Tau Beta.Sigma sorority members help. catalogue music in . the band bUIldmg as a part of their serwce to the College. for college bandswomen chosen on the baSIS of musicianship, attitude, and academic achievement. Their activities for this year included a car wash on October 12, a reception for wives of instructors, a reception for the alumni, a picnic for the band, a display at Dad,s Day, and a booth at the Marquise Carnival. Officers for the club are Marietta Sterling, President; Davis Henry, Vice-president; Julie Neb- ben, Secretary; Donna LaFevers, Treasurer; Coye Lee Killgore, Reporter; and Susan Smith, Parliamen- tarian. The club holds its meetings in Williamson Hall. THREE members of the sorority look over a folder displaying many of the band's honors in which the club participated. FRONT ROW: Killgore, Reporter,- Lefevers, Treasurer; Murphy,- S'rerling, Presidem; Smith, Far- liamentarian; Daniels. SECOND ROW: Clark; Burnett; Murray; Niven; Henry, VicePresident; Nebben, Secretary. t E ; i Vi i -x 3 l f" 3 FRONT ROW: Moorman, Vice-President; Akridge, President. SECOND ROW: Davis; Kaufman; Miller, Legal Representative; Beckner, Secretary- Treasurer. r w SEVERAL members of the Tech Timing Association admire Bob Moorman's 390 CID engine before an upcomingJace. DAVID Kaufman flags off Curt Bekner 6n the chevyi and Bob Moor; man at the starting line of Tech's drag strip. The Timing Association was organized in the spring of 1969 with Nick Akeridge as their president. The purpose of the organization is to sponsor drag- racing and work with the Arkansas State Highway Department in sponsoring highway safety. Besides their work with others in driving safety, the organizationis members stress safety in their meet- ing through talks and demonstrations. Elected officers for this year are: Curt Beckner, President; Bob Moorman, Vice-president; and David Kaufman, Secretary-Treasurer. The organization sponsored Curt Beckner at the San Antonio Drags last summer. Safety in Timing Asso ciation REV. MURIEI. H. Peters leads round table discussion. Wesley Provides Services The aim of the Wesley Foundation was to provide service to the students of Arkansas Tech. Its base of operations was the Wesley F oundation building located just South of the Tech campus. The purpose of the Wesley Foundation was to assist the students as they grew and developed. Their particular interest and emphasis was in the area of religious development. The Wesley Program attempted to develop the students socially by involving them in events which worked to promote fellowship and understanding between them. In order to do this, casual conversation, recorded music, and games were offered at Wesley and all students were encouraged to participate. Some of this yeafs activities included: a Tlisten- inu of the Southern State game, a tutoring program for underprivileged children, a weekend retreat, a seminar with Mrs. Jute Laspa as the guest speaker, a Thanksgiving Party and a Christmas Party. David Vance served as President of Wesley, and he was assisted by Don Peters who served as Vice- president. David Small was Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Tom Robertson was Reporter, Susan Hayes worked as District Chairman, Larry Ward was fel- lowship Chairman and David Elliot was the Dorm Co-ordinator. FRONT ROW: Drozdz; Bell; Bailey; Ward, Fellowship Chairman; Peters 0., Co-ordin-afor; Campbell. SECOND ROW: Elliot, Dorm- Co-ordi- nator; Cather; Mason; Robertson, Program Chairman; Scheible; Denison; Vance, President. THIRD ROW: Peters M., Director,- Burnett; Coleman, Representative; Johnson; Jacobs; Pickering; Stanfield. l - , ' ' z . . i? x ;...: t: t a a 0 a if A . t t FRONT ROW: Brown; Guhl; Widner; Taylor L, Secretary; Campbell; Stroud; Ward L., Treasurer; Roberts,- Ward J. SECOND ROW: Bradley; Adams; Gra- bl", PreSIdent; Zachary; Anderson,- Deislinger; Johnson J.; Scherberger; Shelton; Crawley, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Knoernschild; Carder; McCoIIum; Johnson G.; Rowland; Taylor, Vice-President; Boyles; Crump; Scherry. 1 Wildlife Club Explores Widely To foster an awareness of the need for wise use and proper management of our countryst resources was the main purpose of the Wildlife Club. The programs are of definite interest to all biological science majors, but membership is open to any Tech student. This years activities included a slide show and a discussion about the duties of a deer checker in reference to the Holla Bend Refuge. Some of the speakers included Larry Ivy and Fred Ward. The clubts' annual spring outing was a float trip. A couple of the many films presented were WI'he Woodchuckh and ttSo Little Time? While not a .very large organization the Wildlife Club was one of the lARRY Ward dissects a fish with the help of an instructor during the buSieSt organizations on campus With meetings on Fish Disease Workshop held at Tech in December. the first Tuesday of every month. This year the Wildlife Clubhs Scholarship went to Larry Ward, a Wildlife major from North Little Rock. Larry Ward worked for the Wildlife Club as Treasurer, Larry Stroud served as Reporter, Richard Shelton was Program Chairman; Linda Taylor was Secretary, Thomas Taylor was ViceaPresident, and Bill Grabill was President. Dr. Henri D. Crawley of the Biology Department supported the club by acting as their adviser. J. JOHNSON watches over the Wildlife display of mounted animals, skins, and other items during Parents Day. 001 'qnp eq; ow! qscu; 50 uou 4mm! ssnasgp b4 Buuaaw 2 Jam: sapgsaxd waplsaud an WW3d 'nlWWI'IS VHSIIVW 'sBuuaaw WWBd am y: auo Jo; m"; e dn Buguas u! ugwwns equew :sgssc Jaqouai Aex pue ugly"; EOAOI' 'u 2 'uoyuaAuog 91mg lemme 9111 01 saApemaseJdax 11105 pue oguogd Bupds e peq ospa qnp eql 'apemd SugmooamoH sq: 10; 1201; e plgnq o1 sqnm uogeaxoau Pug 831sz 9W pue WWHcI ssuaW P9u10! qnlD WWHJ guamoln aql 'Amad seunsglqg lemme sq; 112 was -91d 01 urexBOJd 'B pouueld uomqsal; 9111 qu0 non 4231px; xgaql 'sxaqulem ueurqsel; sq; go uogepgug 91p Ipyvx .Iaqomo u; H0 psums sapgAgoe SHnID mu 'INZWHd 539W sq; $0 Ieomdgool sq: s; pun Slogeux pue smugw uogvonpg IeogsAqJ sgoel ;o mausq 9:11 10; papuno; sum uopezyuegxo SFLL 'Hamoq ueN equew sum WWIIJ suamoAA sq; .10; .IOSIIOdS aql 'sAymuos -9.Idag 's'm'v-Aasprqj avof pun JauonH-AQIMBH epuam fuepmquemenmd-Jeqouea A93 flemseaxl 61ng mpeg fAmwxoaS-Jaqoueg ueof fluapysexd -so;A-sepfueqs epuem fwappmd-mmwng eqsmw :919M an unneid $191110 15A sq: 10; SIQOEHO C11113 WWEld awmov Hawom 'qauug DIMEH IJaJnSEBJl 5pm luauueg :pJeBGeH lsqqgg llloagN l'g JanUEd IJosuods '"amoa Malppm :MOH H1800! quepgsaJd 'mwums laAyewasaJdau SMV 'Msng MJmanas "f Jaqaueg lualueg Immg llagpooM lnamueg lqoea1 IUMOJg luewalunN :MOH amm- 'suleeH HHSWX Inuyued $13603 uopeaw Malmw lsqueqng lsueAa uauod :MOU CINO 'OES 'LpooMaa lladwlz 5412ngan Aunglqnd 'AalMEH lqEneqenoH Islaguea uuapgsaJd-aam 'samuqu :uguew luosuqor :uoqu :MOH LNOIH V 7 g y N . ,7 V' V ' V WI n YAF F orms For Freedom ' . 4 e f , s 43 W" Ax: Q. t t .1: MISS COOPER, recording secretary for the Young Americans for Freedom is working at a display table at the Dad': Day reception. On October 13 the Student Senate recog- nized the Tech chapter of YAF and gave it unanimous approval. This charter made Tech the third campus in the state with a chapter of the large national organization. Meetings of the Young Americans for Freedom were held in Dean the first and third Thursday of every month. Though the main goal of the organization was to increase its membership, the group took time to put up a booth at Registration for Dad,s Day and a table at the moratorium. They also sold badges at one of the games. The organization was sponsored by David Kruger of the History Department and Ron Brammer served as Chairman. Cary Burnett was Vice-Chairman, Mike Pickering-Reporter, Sue Cooper-Recording Secretary, Linda Dmm- Corresponding Secretary, and Pat Bowles- Treasurer. Robert McAfee held the positions of Representative to the State Board of Direc- tors and Publicity Chairman. At the beginning of the Spring Semester Bob McAfee also be- came Vice-Chairman while Gary Burnett be- came Chairman of YAF and Ron Brammer transferred to the University. WONT ROW: Bowles 8.; Bowles P., Treasurer; McAfee, Publicity Chairman and State Representative; Dunn, Corresponding Secretary,- Adams. SECOND ROW: Brengard; Cooper, Recording Secretary; Sullivant; Pickering, Reporter; Burnett, Vice-Chairman; Brammer, Chairman. 102 .. .5 FRONT ROW: Bell; Newton; Ellis; Farley; Kendrick R., President; Kendrick B.; Stiles; Benson; Kerr v r u" ady; Wallace. SECOND ROW: Walker; Denison; Rob- ertson; Baldwin; Scheible; Drozdz; Wheeler; Burnett; New; Leemger; Bishop. THIRD ROW: Griffin; Wheeler; Kinslow; Shewmake; Arnold; McQuain; Jackson; Sexton; Ross. FOURTH ROW: Colley; Toth; Hoge; Miller; Shaddox; Thomas; Steele; Campbell; Bevil. Republican is Dominant Party Tech,s Young Republicans played a leadership role as one of the most active organizations on the Tech campus. The local club was the largest Young Republican club in the state, as well as the largest organization on the Tech campus. The club began its year by holding a Tech National Nominating Convention to elect its officers for the year. The clubhs main emphasis this year was on the social aspect of the club. Instead of meetings, the club had sandbar parties, sing-ins, and picnics. The main theme of the club for this year was TWeWe Got A Good Thing Going", and TIth Fun to Be A Tech Young Republicafh The club participated in State Republican affairs by sending a large delegation to the State Young Republican Convention and by having several local members serving as State Young Republican officers. The club participated on the National level by sending Tech representatives to the National Young Republican Convention in Chicago, by having pages serve at the National Republican GovernorTs Confer- ence, and by sending members to the National Repub- lican Leadership Training School in Washington, D. C. As a leader in the service area on the Tech campus, the Young Republican played a vital part in the TTUp With AmericaT, program by distributing free ttGo-o-o America,, buttons to the Student Body. The club endorsed the concept of voluntary ROTC for Tech and sponsored a free dance for the Student Body. YOUNG Republican officers look over material on prospective candi- dates. . BELOW New and Hoge are waiting for a customer. RESPECT for the flag and the ideals for which it stands is shown' by the cadets and officers at a flag raising ceremony. ROTC Training For Future Officers Eight companies, four battalions, and a brigade constitute the organization of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. Col. A. L. Morrison presented the colors to Cadet Col. Larry Brandt at the beginning of the year and he has commanded the Corps as a Cadet Colonel, training them under the watchful eyes of the regular Army officers. ROTC at Tech has not only trained the cadets for possible duty as Army officers, but it has also given training in the structure of the defense establishment, showing the relationship between civilian and military authority. e However, this is the final year of compulsory ROTC for Tech male students. A voluntary program was approved by the Board of Trustees at a mid-year board session. The junior and senior years have always been voluntary. A highlight of the yearts activities for the ROTC was the Military Ball, attended by state and college dignitaries. A queen was selected for the hall, normal? 1y from the Athena Troop. The girls in the troop served as hostesses for all departmental social functions. Outstanding cadets were recognized at a special awards day in the spring semester. CADET Col. Larry Brandt heads the Brigade Staff consisting of David Aitken, Jerry Turney, Tip Abernathy, Bruce McQuian, Jerry Jones and Bussell Bloodwonh. SECOND Battalion Commander Curtis Barlow falks to his staff who are George Mitchell, Howard Amaden, Gregory Parks, Frank Ward, Vincent Ewing, and Joe Miller. FOURTH BaHalion Commander Mike Reid gives the orders for the day to his staff who are Gary Rowlands, Larry Terry, Phil Stewart, and Gregg Mathis. FIRST Battalion Commander Robert Sch- wegler discusses a problem with his staff Charles Martin, John VWlson, Rick Woodall, John Heath, and Jim Mitchusson. THIRD Banalion Commander J. W. Am- brose instructs his staff who are Gary Parvin, David Turner, Glenn Corder, Hays Kinslow, Michael Moore, and Michael Wheeler. mu. WA :4 COMPANY A - Harry VWIson, Commander; James Beard, Guidon Bearer; Roger House, First Sergeant. COMPANY C -- Joe George, Commander; Danny Medlock, Guidon Bearer; Michad Couch, First Sgt. COMPANY E - Bill Baskin, Commander; Bill Glisson, Guidon Bearer; Kirk Cooper, First Sergeant. COMPANY G - Ricky Moore, Commander; Jerry Leding, Guidon Bearer; John Mende, First Sergeant. COMPANY B - Gary Burnett, Commander; James Crawford, Guidon Bearer; Charles Sikes, First Ser- geant 5? COMPANY D - Joe Chappell, Commander; Paul Ed- wards, Guidon Bearer; Gary Yaerger, First Sergeant. I . f v; COMPANY F - Wesley McDaniel, Commander; Lanny Bosnick, Guidon Bearer; Mark Chronister, Firs? Sgt. COMPANY H - James Allison, Commander; Phil Fish- er, Guidon Bearer; Donald Rose, First Sergeant. 105 The Classes Carol Adams Seniors POSING in front of the W. 0. Young Student Center are Senior Class officers, William Boone Gem, Vice-Presidem; Bob Miller, President; and Glenda Ray, Secretary. Arkansas Tech seniors have devoted more time to their books than to activities of a class nature. How- ever, they did present a skit at one of the pep rallies and participated in the year end activities before graduation. Seventy-nine members of the class completed re- quirements for graduation in January. Bob Miller was among those who completed the requirments, so William Boone moved up from the vice-presidenfs slot to complete the year as head of the senior class. Members of the senior class also gave guidance to the underclassmen in all activities - academic, so- cial, recreation, and personal. Guidance given was' gained through four years of personal experience in college activities. BOB MILLER checks his post office box for Senior Class mail and personal mail. t h .I Q- m D 9335 t D 18th ABERNATHYM, JULIAN R. UIH, Roswell, N. M., English; Choir 1, 2, - Vice Pres. 2; Madrigals l, 2; Swimming 3; M.H.S. 3; Pershing Rifles 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. ADAMS, GLEN E., Southwest City, M0,. Biology; Science Club 4; Cavaliers 2, 3, 4, - Vice Pres. 4. ADAMS RICHARD GLEN, Hazen, Math; En- gineers Club 1, 2; Science Club 5. AITKEN. DAVID P., Scranton, Math; Scab- bard and Blade 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 3, 4. AKRIDGE JR., NICHOLAS. Cocoa, Fla., Gen- eral Business; Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Timing Association 4, 5. ALLISON, MVION KEITH, Hector, General Business. AMADEN. HOWARD, Lonoke, Accounting; Blue Key 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade. M.H.S. 3; Pershing Rifles 4; Senior Fellow 4; Stu. Sen. 4; Dean's List 1, 2; Presi- dent's Award 2; Who's Who 4. ANDERSON, BOB, North Little Rock, Mu- sic Education; Band 'I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; MENC 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 'l, 2, 3, 4, - Sec. 2, Pres. 3; Kappa Delta Pi, - Pres. 4; Blue Key 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Fellow. ANDERSON, KATHY SWAN, Mouniain Home. Elementary Education; Band 1, 2, 3; Young Republicans 2, 3, Engineering anl Math Club 1. ' BAGLEY, DAVID M, Joiner, English; Young Democrats 3. BALL, CAROLYN, Russellville, Biology; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4. - Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, 4; Agricola 2. BAll, ELIZABETH, Lonoke. Physical Edu- cation; AWS Rep. 1; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4, - Pres. 3; Marquise 3, 4, - First Vice Pres. 4. Beginning Of End For Seniors BANGS, GENE L, Booneville, Chemistry; Rifle Club 1; Science Club 4; Aquatic So- ciety 4. . BARlOW CURTIS 11., Fort Smith, Busmess; "T" Club; FCA. BARTLETT, SANDRA, Greenwood, Physical Education; PEMM Club 3, 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4,- Tennis 3. BARTON, C. G., Azark, Recreation and Park Admin; Recreation Club 1, 2, 3, - Vice-Pres. 4. BASKIN, WILLIAM B., Onark, Economics; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Young Repub- licans 2; Pershing Rifles 4; M.H.5. 2, 3. BAUGHER, MICHAEL, Nonhl Little Rock, Political Science Club 2, 3, 4; Young Re- publicanns 3, 4. BAURICHTER, GERALD, Russellville, Ao- counting. BEARD, TRAVIS H., Little ROCk, Muslc Edu- cation; Kappa Kappa P51 1, 2, 3, 4, - Vice Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Blue Key 3, 4, - Sec.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Presidents' Council 3; MENC 3, 4. 109 110 BERGMAN, CHUCK, Mountain Home, Science. BEVll, DAVID, Ozark, Physical Educa- tion; Pemm Club; Young Republicans; Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. - BEVIL, MARGARET, Hot Springs, English. BINZ, DENNIS E., Charleston, Hisfory; Newman Club 3, 4. BlRlSON, FREEDA J., Jasper, Elementary Education; SNEA 2, 3; Young Republicans 2. BITTLE, SANDY, Ola, Math; AWS 1, 3; Judi Board 1; President's Council 3, 4; Secretary Bryan 2, President 3; Cardinal Key, Secretary 3; President 4; Inter dorm Council 3; Kappa Delta Pi. BLACK, WILMA R., Hackeh, Physical Edu- cation; Pemm Ciub 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Track 3, 4. BOGY, EDWARD .l., Altheimer, Accounting. SENIORS Senior Senators See Victory BONE, MIKE N., Eatesville, Wildlife Man- agement; Wildlife Club 3, 4. BOOHER, CAROLYN JOYCE, Russellville, Elementary Education; A.W.S. 'l, 2, 3, 4; S.N.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4. BOONE, WILLIAM REYNALDO, Linle Rock, Political Science; DrilI Team 1, 2, 3; BSU 2, 3; Political Science Club 2, 3; Presidents' Council 3; Scabbard and Blade 3. BOOTHE, SHIRLEY M., Dardanelle, Busi- ness Education. BORLAND, JIMMY, Pickens, History. BRADLEY, lINDA JO, Russellville, Elemen- 1ary Education; SNEA 2. BRANCH, GARY DON, Russellville, Physi- cal Education; Football 1, 2, 3 4, Vice President 3; F.C.A. 3, 4; "T" Club 'I, 2, 3, 4. BRANCH, JANE .ANN KOPEL Fort Smith, Physical Education; Marquise 3, 4; Cardi- nal Keys 3, 4; Pemm Club 'I, 2, 3, 4. BRANDENBURG, RICHARD W., Russellville, General Busness; Newman Club; Football. BRANDT, CATHY 4COFFMANL Harrison, Economics; Marching Band; Maiarette 2,- Marquise 2, 3, '4, Vice President 3. BRANDT, lARRY, Harrison, Chemistry; Football 1, 2, A3, 4; "T" Club 2, 3, 4; Military Honor Society 2, 3; Pershing Rifles 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; ROTC Superior Cadet 3; ROTC Distinguished Military Student; Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Cavalier: 3, 4; Who's Who 3. BRIGHAM, TROY l.., Russellville, Account- ing Club 4; Phi Beta Lamba 4. SENATE President, Gary Dennis, and Vice-Presidenv, Jane Ruthven, show off one of the Tech sym- bols; a gold hat with a green "T", as they silemly tell their plans for the football season. BRINKMAN, DORTHY l.., Russellville, Art; Kappa Pi 2, 3, 4. BROMLEY, DEBBIE ANN, El Dorado, Music Education; Arkansas Tech Madrigal Singers; Choir; AWS Council; Judi Board. anowu, DONNA M., Ozark, Sociology. BROWN, PAUL D., Cedarville, Physical Education; PEMM Club; "T" Club; FCA; Varsiy Baskeball 1, 2, 3, 4,- All-AIC I, 2, 3. BRYANT, SAMMYE L, Springdale, Math; Student Senate 3. BURBECK, lINDA K., Orlando, Florida, Parks and Recreation,- Recrea1ion Club 3, BURGE, BEITI, Harrison, Physical Educa- tion; AWS 1, 2; Varsity Tennis 1,3; Basket- ball 1, 2; PEMM Club 2, 3, 4, Publicity Manager 2; WRA 1, 2, 3, State Treasurer 2; Marquise 2, 3, Treasurer 3. SURGE, Blll, Harrison, Math. BURNETT, GARY 12., Fort Smith, Business; Drill Team; Pershing Rifles; YAF 4. BUTLER, CAROLYN, Perryville, Physical Education; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mar- quise 3, 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4; AWS 3; Baskeball 1, 2, 3, 4, CGCaptain 2, 3; AAU All-Sate l, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sate WRA President 2. BUTLER, SUSAN, Alma, Business Education; Student Sena1e Secretary 2; Phi Beta Lambda 4, Reporter 4; Kappa Delta Pi. CABANISS, GEORGE M., Russellville; Young Republicans 4. 111 112 2CLARK, JAMES A., Dalton, Ga., General CAMPBELL, JOHN, Ozark, Mathematics, Engineering Club 'I, 2; Pep Club 2. CANTRELL, GARY, Harrison, Business and Economics. CARTER, PAMELA, Jasper, Accounting; Ac- counting Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Athe- na Troop 3, 4. 2 CATES, JACK T., Fort Smith, Recreation and Parks; Recreation Club 4. CHAPPELL, JOE F., For! Smiih, Poiitical Science. CHARTON, KAREN, Perryville, Elemenfary Education; SNEA 4; Marquise 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. CHIOLINO, PAUL, Fort Smith, Physical Education; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3; "T" Club 'I, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Pemm Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CHRONISTER, ALAN lEON, Dover, Mathe- matics; Presidents' Council 2, 3. CLARK, DIANNE 5., Memphis, Tenn., Music and Speech; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Madrigals 2, 3, 4,- Tech Little Theater 4, 5. CLARK, EUNA TIRK, Smackover, Music Education; Presidents' Council 3; Tau Beta Sigma 1, 2, 3, President 3, Vice-President 2; Marching and Symphonic Band; Major- en 1; Cardinal Key 3; Who's Who 3. Business; Phi Beta Lanbda 3, 4. CLARK, JOHN E., Fort Smith, Accounting. EGG-THROWING was a new cusmm on the Tech campus and many had trouble aiming their missile in the right direction. The audience was as well "egged" as the cheerleaders, but all recovered. SENIORS Tensions Relieved in a Yolk CLARK, KENNETH W., Smackover, Music Education; Band 'I, 2, 3, 4; Brass Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 2; Presidents' Council 3. CLAWSON, ELIZABETH A., Russellville, Sociology; Parks and Recreation 4. COCKMAN, lENARD, Jessieville, Design; Kappa Pi 3, 4. COGER, STEPHEN, Danville, Biology. COLEMAN, JOHN ROBERT, Alma, Hisiory; Wesley I, 2, 3, 4; Blue Key 3, 4, Vice- Presidem 4; Senior Service Fellowship Social Studies 4,- Rice University Honor Fellowship Political Science 4; Student Judicial Court 4. COLLINS, STEVEN CURTIS, Pocahontas, Mathematics. A CONE, JOHN 8., Melbourne. COOK, SANDRA, Cove, Elementary Edu- cation. CORDER, GLENN, North Little Rock, Wild- life Management; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 3, 4; Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4. COWAN, DAVID WALLACE, Russellville, Sociology; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Repub- licans 1, 2, 3, 4. COX, PHILLIP W., Magnet Cove, Account- ing; Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4. CRADER, JAMES, Greenland, Recreation; Sigma Beta 3, 4, President 4; Recreation Club 2, 3, 4; Turner Senate Representa; tive 4; Presidents' Council 4. CRAIG, ALAN C., Blackwood, N.J., Ele- mentary Education; Student Senate 4. CRAWLEY, SANDY M., Russellville, Ele- mentary Education; Newman Club 3; Agrcicla 3. CROOK, DAVID E., Lavaca, Sociology; Aristo Cri'z 3, 4; Secretary Critz Hall 4. CRUMBY, KATHLEEN M., North Little Rock, English; Concert and Marching Band 'I, 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; SNEA l, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL, JAMES W., Marshall, Accounting; Accounting Club 3, 4. DAUGHERTY, R. DAVIS, Russellville, His- tory; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Team I, 2, 3, 4; Cross- Country Team 'I, 2, 3, 4. DAVIS, JIM, Van Buren, Recreation and Parks Administration. DENNIS, GARY, Russellville, Sociology; Student Senate 2, 3, 4, President 4; Stu- dent Body President 4; Junior Class Presi- dent 3; Blue Key 3, 4, Vice President 3; Presidentsl Council 3, 4. 113 114 DENTON, lEANNE, Fort Smith, Physical Education; PEMM Club 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 3, 4; Homecoming Maid 2; Cheerleader Captain 2. 3, CoCapfain 4; Marquise Pledge Presiden' 2, Vice-Presi- den? 3; AWS thncil 3; Presidenfs' Council 3; WRA 2. DIXON, JACK L, Fort Smith, Accounting. DIXON, PAMELA ANN, Morrihon, Business Education. DUNCAN, 5085 P., North Little Rock, Math; Cavaliers 2, 3, 4. EASTER, LAURA lEE, Des Arc, Biology. EASTER, ROBERT J., Southwest City, Mo., Math; Pre-Med Club; lmramura! Basket- ball. ENGLISH, TOMMY C., Van Buren, Music Education; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chair 3, 4; Brass Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 8, 4; Orchestra 1, 2. EVANS, JACK 0., Linle Rock, Accounting; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 3, 4, 5; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Accounting Club 3, 4; "T" Club 1, 2, I SENIORS Bear Bonfire Brings Results EWING, VINCENT C., North Linle Rock, Wildlife Management; Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Military Hon- or Society 3; Pershing Rifles 3, 4; Science Club. FEATHERSTON, BARBARA ANN, Fort Smith, Sociology. FERGUSON, REBECCA, Booneville, English. FLANAGIN, SHERYL A., Russellville, Eng- lish; Senior Fellow. FLEENOR, RICHARD A., Harrison, General Business; Band 1, 2. FLETCHER, MARILYN SUE, Siloam Springs, Psychology; Student Senate 3, 4; BSU 4; Psychology Club Reporter 3, 4; Dean's List 3, 4. FLETCHER, MARION A., Atkins, Psycholo- gy; Psychology Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Roush Hall Vice-Presideni 4; Dorm Council 4. FLOURNOY, JAMES T., El Dorado, Biolo- 9Y; Wildlife Club 1, 2; Drill Team 1, 2. FLUSCHE, TIM, Subiaco, Accounting; Ac- counting Club 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 3, 4. FOSTER, CARLOTTA A., Morrilton, So- ciology; Psychology Club 3, 4; Dorm Council 4; AWS 4; Association of- Black Students 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 3, 4. FOSTER, NORMA WOOD, Russellville, Eng; lish; M.B.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3,.4. FUNK, PAT A., Mountain Home, Journal- ism-English. and Tom Teeter lead Wonderboy supporters meat fertilizing our field. SENIOR "T" Club members Chris McConnell, Slick Wilson on a Scroungy Bear GATTIS, JERRY DON, Paris, Accounting; Accounting Club. GEORGE, JOE 0., Casa, General Business; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Engineer's Club 1; M.B.S.F. 4, Secrefary 4. GILBERT, KEVIN A., Timbo, General Busi- ness; Engineering Club 1. GLEASON, SHARON I.. Dover, Sociology; Band. GOODIER, LINA, Dardanelle, Sociology; BSU 1; SNEA 4; Young Democrats 4. GRABILL, Blll, Jacksonville, Wildlife Man- agement; Blue Key 3, 4; Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, VicaPresident 3, Presi- deni 4; Presidenfs' Council 4; Senior Fel- low. GRABILL, llNDA, Dover, Music Education; Choir 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. GRANT, DANNY C., Bauxite, Accounting; Accounting Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundaiion 2. GRAVES, STANLEY M., Norman, Parks Ad- ministration; Recreation Club 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Student Senate 4; Paine Hall Representative 4; Dorm Counselor 3, 4; Dean's List 3. GRAY, RICKY 8., Russellville, Education. GREEN, CORBIN, Bonneville, Business. GREEN, DARLENE, Berryville, Math; French Club 1; AWS 'l, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4, 115 GREEN, STEPHEN, Harrison, Chemistry. GRIFFIS, DALE A., Skunk Hollow, Wild- life Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, 3, President 3; Bowling 4. GROSS, JOHN E., Fort Smith, Physical Edu- cation; PEMM Club; "T" Club; FCA; Bas- ketball 1,, 2, 3, 4; All-AIC 2, S; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GUINN, MARGARET A., Center Ridge, 56f ciology; Basketball 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key Secretary 3, 4. HALE, lARRY, Berryville, Agri-Business; Agri Club 2, 3. HALE, lORETTA, Berryville, Business Edu- cation, HALSEY, JANICE M., Greenbriar, Elemen- tary Education; AHEA 1, 2; SNEA 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. HANNA, DAVID M., Fort Smith, Account- ing. HARGIS, TIM M., Hunisville, General Busi- ness; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FCA 2, 3, 4. ' HARRIS, JAMES EDDIE, Fort Smith, Music; Band 3, 4, 5; Chi Alpha 3, Vice-Pres. 3. HARRIS, TOMMY LYNNIS, Hanford, Rec- reation and Parks; Recrea1ion Club 2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 1, 2. HARTWICK, MARY LOU, Atkins, History; SNEA 1, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Poli- tical Science Club 3; Senior Fellow 4. 'B'YEL fyou. iguys!", has been the trademark of Mr. Spirit, Bob Miller, for four years. Perhaps o s amlllar gray sweater With the fading patches can be converted into a Tech Victory flag. SENIORS Mr. Spirit Creates a Legend HASSEBROOK, DARYL LEE, Russellvme, General Business; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. HATFIELD, lARRY DON, Stuttgart Biology; Student Senate 4; Wildlife Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean's List. HAVENER, SUSAN, Mulberry, History; SNEA 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4; Student Senator 2; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 4. HAVENS, SHARON, Lonoke, Business Edu- cation; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. HAWKINS, CLINTON, Heber Springl, Business Administration. HAYS, JAMES 8., Hector, Political Science; Political Science Club 4. HEATH, JOHN B., McCrory, History; Wiid- life Club 1. HEFLEY, JANICE RUTH, Harrison, Ma?h.; Miss Tech '68; DuLaney Playmate 1, Home- coming Maid 2; AWS; Who's Who 3, 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4; Marquise 3, 4, Treasurer 4; SNEA; Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; WRA 1. HEFLIN, WANDA W., Russellville, Mathe. matics. HEIDENREICH, FRED, Plumerville, Account- ing. HENDERSON, RONNIE FORD, Jasper, Geo- logy Club 2, 3, 4. HENRICKSON, ROBERT ELLIS, Russellville, Mathematics. HENRY, KAREN 5., Dover, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; SNEA 4. HENSON, BETTYE G., Russellville, Ela- memary Education. HERNDON, lARRY E., Srungart, Business; "T" Club 2, 3, 4, FCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club. HICKS, GARY, Fort Smith, Psychology; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 3; Hist., Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 1, 2, Psychology Club; SNEA; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3. HIGDON, CHARLES F., Portsville, Mathe matics; Newman Club 1, 2. Hlll, WILLIAM TRUMAN, Russellville, General Business. HINSON, JIMMIE W., North Little Rock, Accounting; Accounting Club 4; Arisnr Critz Sports Editor 2, 3. HISSOM, JOE W., Fort Smith, History; Hist, Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 4. 117 HOLZHAUER, H. A., Gillette, General Busi- ness; Business Club 4. HOOVER, BRUCE D., Mena Music Educa- tion; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chair 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Presi- dents' Council 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. HORTON, lARRY D., Russellville, Ecbno- mics; Student Senate 3; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. HUDSON, DONALD R., Flippin, Education. HUDSON, RONALD COY, Flippin, Educa- tion. HUNT, CHARLES H., Dardanelle, History Education; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Recording Sec. 4; Blue Key 4; Hist, Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 4. HUNT, KENNETH D., Green ForESt, Phy- sical Education; Drill Team 'I, 2, 3, 4; PEMM Club 2, 3, 4; Presidents' Council 3. HUNT STEVE, Fort Smith, History; Hist, Pol. SCL, and Pre-Law Club 4. SENIORS Cheerleaders Spark Spirit HURTT, WILLIAM E., Russellville, Ac- counting; Accounting Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. JEFFERS, ROBERT 6., Ozark, Pre-Med.; Band I, 2, 3; Brass Choir 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Madrigal: 2, 3; Who's Who 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2; Blue Key 3, 4, Pres. 3; Pre-Med Club 3, 4; Presidents' Council 3. JEFFERSON, L. J., Morrihon, Art Education; Kappa Pi; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; ABS 4,- Senior Fellow 4. JENKS, JERRY C., Jasper, Accounting; Ac- counting Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Fellow 4; Young Democrats Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JENNINGS, SAND! K., Russellville, Ele- mentary Education; Homecoming Queen 2; DuLaney Playmate 'l, 3; SNEA 4; Psy- chology Club 4, Secretary 4. JENSEN, MICHAEL C., Hot Springs, History- Pre-Law; Hist, POL, Sci., and Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Presidents' Council 4; Interdorm Council 4. JEPSON, RICHARD C., Liftle Rock, Math.; . 4 I w. Salence Club; German Club 4. ' 3452:3333 P... WV; JOHNSON, GEORGE, Heber Springs, Fish- r eries. JOHNSON, JAMEY A., Benton, Pre-Ve1.; Agri Club 'I, 2, 3, 4; Rodeo Club 'I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Young Republicans 3; Presi- denfs' Council 3. JOHNSON, lANE C., Russellville, English; Senior Fellow 4. JOHNSON, lONNlE, Russellville, Business. JOHNSON, SANDRA R., Van Buren, Phy- sical Education; PEMM Club 2, 3,4; AWS 3,- Volleyball 2, 3. 118 Pant; 4' ,, 1225:; TECH?" "mg , " 4.9 . A .. 4 . WITH constamly changing routines and pep rallys Tech's cheerleaders, under the leadership of Francis Law, tried hard to maintain student inrerest and enthusiasm before and during the game. JONES, JERRY, Mansfield, Accounting; Cavaliers I, 2, 3, 4; Accounting Club 2, 3, Pershing Rifles 2, 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Cheerleader 3. JONES, MARVIN, Fort Smith, General Busi- ness; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. KARCZEWSKI, JOSEPH, Boundbrook, NJu English. KAYLOR, MARSHA B., Fayetteville, Physical Education; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3; Cardinal Key 3. KEARY, JANET L., Little Rock, Design. KEATON, ORA MAE, Stuttgart, General Business; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3, 4; ABS 3, 4; BSU 4. KEENER, MELVIN E., Atkins, Biology; Blue Key 3, 4; Senior Fellow 4. KEETON, JAMES 5., West Memphis, Re- creation; Cavalier 2, 3, 4; Hismrian 3; Recreation Club 3, 4. KEETON, JANET RAE, Berryville, Elemen- 1ary Education-History; Fresh. Sec., SNEA 3, 4; Marquise 3, 4, Pledge Mistress 4; AWS Council 3; Young Democrats 1. KELLAR, JAMES M., Morrihon, History; Golf Team 3. KILGORE, BOB, Fort Smivh, Music Edu- cation; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. I, 2, 3, 4; MENC 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans; Kappa Kappa Psi. KINSLOW, HAYS, Russellville, Chemisiry; Young Republicans, Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4. 119 KNIGHT, CYNTHIA A., Russellville, Eng- 9 lish; Baptist Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Agricola 2. KNOERNSCHILD, 150 F., Lamar, Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4; Agri Club 1; Critz Hall President 3. KYLE, CAROLE, Danville, Elementary Edu- j cation; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3,.4; ; Bryan Hall Vice-President 3, 4; Student 3 National Education Association 2, 3, 4; 2 Secreiary SNEA 4; Cardinal Key 4; Bryan Hall Counselor 4. LAMB, GERVASE W., Lonoke, General Business; Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. Maih.; Kappa Delta Pi 4; AWS Council 3, . 4, Secretary AWS 4; Cardinal Key-Alumni f Secretary 4; Roush Hall President 4; Presi- dent's Council; Wesley Foundation. lANGlEV, RUBY BISHOP, Russellville, Elementary Education. : lAW, FRANCES A., Ozark, Sociology; 1 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4,- Co-Captain 3; Cap- H iain 4; Young Democrats 1, 2; SNEA 2, 3; AWS Council 4; Presidents' Council 3, 4; Marquise 4. i l E lAMBERT, DANA mom, Fort Smith; lEE, HAZEL M., Timbo, Elemenfary Edu- cation. lEE, JOE, Fort Smith, Recrearion; Football 1,.2, 3, 4; Track 2; Recreation Club 2, 3, 4; "T" Club. . LEE, RONNIE D., Timbo, Elementary Edu- i cafion; Young Democrats 2, 3. ; lEGAN, MARY lYNNE, Jacksonville, Ele- mentary Education; SNEA 3, 4. LIN'I'ON, WILLIAM L, Scottsville, Recrea- tion; Recreation Club Publicity Officer. 1 l 1 i ? 4 I SENIOR Tom Teeter and friend initiate a freshman, Nina Hill of Bass, into the mysteries of dri- ving. The safe driving course taught by svudenv instruciors is one of the most popular courses. 120 SENIORS Instructing Offers Practice lITTLE, JERRY L, Morrihon, Accounting. llTTlE, JOSEPH, Fort Smith, Music; Chi Alpha 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Orchesira 4. llOYD, DAVID 6., Fanwood, New Jersey, General Business; Baptist Student Union. lOWE, CARROLL R., Greenwood, Recrea- tion and Parks; Recreation 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, 3. lUMPKIN, VIRGINIA, Dardanelle, English. LUSK, MARGARET, Booneville, Sociology; Young Democrats 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council 2; Recreation Club 4; Acquatic Society Secretary-Treasurer 4. McCONNEll, CHRIS W., Greenwood, Physical Education; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; AII-AIC 2, 3; Honorable Memion NAIA All District 3; "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; PEMM Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3; F.C.A. 2, 3. McCRACKEN, DAVID, Flippin, Parks and Recreayion; Dorm Counselor 3, 4; Recrea- 1ion Club 2, 3, 4, President 4. McDANlEl, SHIRLEY A., North Little Rock, Elementary Education; SNEA 4. McDANlEl, WESLEY L, For? Smi1h, Busi- ness; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. MCDONALD, CLEVE .I., Fort Smith, Ac- counting; Accounting Club 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Senior Service Fellow 4 McNElLl, NORMA, Desarc, Physical Edu- cation; PEMM Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 4; Volleyball 3, 4. McQUAIN, BRUCE, Fort Smith, Political Science; Cavaliers 2, 3, 4; President 4; Student Senate 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Young Republicans 4; Drill Team I, 2, 3. MADDEN, HAROLD W., Belleville, History. MANVIlLE, WILLIAM B., Brownsville, Texas, General Business; Presidents' Coun- cil 4; Paine Hall President 4. MARLOWE, EMMETT, Mariana, PhysICial Education; PEMM Club; Young Republicans. MARTIN, CHARLES, Sheridan, Parks and Recreation Administration; Recreation Club 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Student Senate 4; State Represeniavive fo the Na- tional Recreation and Parks Association 4. MARTIN, JAMES PATRICK, Goodyear, Ari- zona, Biology and Agriculture; Cavaliers 2, 3, 4; Agri Club 'I, 2, 3. MARTIN, VERNELL, Little Rock, Elementary Education; Bryan Hall Secretary 3; SNEA President 4. MASON, DOUGLAS, Clarksville, Music Education; Wesley Foundaiion l, 2, 3, 4; Vice-Presidem 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. MATHIS, PAM MARTIN, Russellville, Edu- cation. MATLOCK, MICHAEL R., Fort Smith, Math. MAXWELL, JIMMY, Ozark, History; His. Pol. Sci. and Pre-Law Club 3, 4. MELTON, DARRYL L., Trumann, Recreation and Parks; "T" Club; Recreation Clyb; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, ALL- AIC, NAIA ALLSTAR '69; Track 2, 3; Stu: dent Senate. MILHOLLAND, NANCY STEWART, Russell- ville, Elem, Ed.; French Club 1; SNEA l, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; AWS Council 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Whols Who 3. MILLER, ROBERT, Alma, Business; Drill Team I. MILLER, ROBERT 5., Camden, Psychology; Sigma Beta 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, Presi- dent 3, 4; Psychology Club Treas. 4, Vice- Pres. 4; Student Senate, Vice-Pres. 4; Senior Class Pres.; Presidents' Council; Turner Hall Treas.; Who's- Who 3, 4. MITCHELL, GEORGE C., Waldron, Account- ing; Pershing Rifles l; Blue Key 2; Ac- counting Club 3. MITCHELL, TROY DEAN, Stuttgart, Pre- Law; Interdorm Council 4; Dorm Counselor 4; Hist, Pol. Sci., and PreLaw Club 4'; Young Democrats 4. MOBLEY, SUSAN, Morrihon, Elem. Ed.; Marquise 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4; AWS 3, 4. MONTS, lESTER P., Little Rock, Music Ed. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 3; Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choir 5; Y. R. 3, 5; Blue Key 4, 5; ABS 4, 5; MENC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Kap- pa Kappa Psi l, 2, 3, 4, S. MORGAN, GEORGE H., Russellville, Ac- counting; Accounting Club 3, 4. MORRISON, DEANNA CAROLE, Marshall, Sociology; AWS 4; Syudent Counselor 4; Judi Board 4. MOSLEY, RICHARD, Paris, Business. NELSON, BILL W., Russellville, Recreaiion and Parks; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Recreation Club 3, 4; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; "T" Club I, 2, 3, 4. NEUMEIER, GEORGE lEO, Paris, General Business; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2. NIVEN, SUE DILLON, North Little Rock, Music Ed., Marquise 2, 3, 4; Tau 891a Sigma 2, 3, 4; MENC 'I, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. NORVELL, ROY D., Russellville, Political Science. OTT, TERRY, Flippin, Mathematics. PACK JR., SAMUEL EUGENE, Lonoke, Phy- sical Educafion; PEMM Club 3, 4; Dean's List 4. w Intramurals Big on . .- L. A... i DURING Intramural: all smdents got a chance to prove their athletic skills,- the lntramurals were organized on the basis of dormitories and took place in the spring as well as the fall semester. PARKER, CAROLYN, 5., Atkins, French; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Athena Troop 4. PARKS, BILLY, Van Buren, General Busi- ness. PARVIN, GARY, Springdale, Physical Edu- cation,- Football 1, 2, 3, 4; "TI' Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PARVIN, SUSAN FERGUSON, Lonoke, Phy- sical Education; Marquise 3, 4, Historian 3, 4; PEMM Club 'I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, AWS 3; Tennis 1. PAIRICK, RONALD, Harrison, Business; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4, PATTERSON, MARILYN KAY, Daanle. English; BSU 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4; Cardinal Key 4; French Club 3, Sec. 3. PATTON, BEVERLY, Harrison, General Busi- ness; Phi Beta Lambda 1, 2, 3, Sweetheart 2. FELT, DEBBIE, Plainview, Sociology; AWS 2, 3; WRA 2; BSU 1, Inlerdorm Council 4. PFEIFER, JIM, Morrilton, Physics; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; Presidents' Council 4; Dean's List 'I, 2, 3, 4. PIPKINS, PAUL K., Russellville, History; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Hist, Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 3, 4. PITTMAN, STEVE A., Russellville, Account- ing; FCA 1; Track 1; Cross Coumry L BSU 2, 3, 4. PYATT, MIRIAM QUINN, Russellville, Eng- lish; French Club 2; Senior Fellow. 123 QUANDT, PHYLLIS YVONNE, Russellville, Business Education; Phi Beia Lambda 1, 2, 3, Reporter 3, Sec. 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4, Almni Sec. 3, Trees. 4. RAIBLE, FRANCIS JOHN, Scranton, Ac- counting. RAMSEY, ROBERT LYNN, Salus, History and Education; Young Republicans. RAY, GLENDA, Fort Smith, Elementary Education; AWS Rep. 3; SNEA 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; Athena Troops 3, 4, Dep. Com- mander 4; Marquise 3, 4 RECTOR, DAVID B., Heber Springs, Ac; counting; Accounting Club 4. REESE JACQUELINE, Clarksville, Recrea- tion; AWS 2, 3, 4, St. Treas. 4; PEMM Club 3; Recreation 4; Tennis 2. REGINALD, TALLEY W. JR., Little Rock, Biology; Ark. Arch. Soc. REYNOLDS, DON, Fort Smith, General Busi- ness; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. RICHARDSON, lARRY, Linle Rock, Ac- counting. RICTHIE, HOWARD 5., County Line, Fine Arts; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 3, 4; Sigma Beta 3, 4; Brass Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 2; Madrigals 1, 2; MENC 2, 3,- Orch. 2, 3, 4; Presidents' Council 2, 3, 4. ROBERTS, BILLY DON, Lincoln, Sociology; Young Republicans 4; Hist, Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERTS, SUSAN, Fort Smith, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Athena chop 3; SNEA 3, 4. HELD the weekend before school started, the Siudent Leadership Conference was a rewarding exper- ience for those who were invited 10 i1 and who attended. The conference was held on Petit Jean. SENIORS Leadership Conference Held ROGERS, MARSHA 5., Hot Springs, Physi- cal Education; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS 4. ROMMELL, JOHN, Benton, Biology; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cavaliers 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 2, 3, 4; "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 8; MHS 2, 3. R055, BOB, Garfield, Biology; Wildlife Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. ROSS, DONALD, Scottsville, Parks and Re- creation; Recreation Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Alpha 3, 4, Pres. 4. ROSS, SUElLA MAE, Scottsville, Business, Education; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4; Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. ROUTZONG, RITA ANN, Eastville, Vir., Music Education; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. ROWE, ELAINE, Jasper, Sociology; SNEA 1, 2. ROWE, JAMES l.., Jasper, Physical Edu- cation; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ROWlANDS, GARY R., Hector, Recreation and Park Administration; Blue Key 3, 4; Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2; MHS 1, 2, 3; Pershing Rifles 4; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Recreation Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; Stu. Sen. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4. ROWLETT, VERNON E., Fort Smifh, Econo- mics. RUDEll, JAMES, Fort Smith, General Busi- ness; Young Republicans 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3, 4. RUSH, SANDIE 5., Paris, Elementary Edu- cation; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS 3; SNEA 3, 4; Stu. Sen. 4. RUSSELL, CATHY, Kingston, Business Edu- cation; Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTHVEN, JANE NAN, Mountain Home, Elementary Education; Stu. Sen. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; AWS 2, 3; Dorm Council 2; Recreation Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WRA 1; SNEA 4; Marquise 3, 4, Sec. 4. SABIN, JOYCE ANN, Hot Springs, Divi- sional Science; Agricola 3, 4; Young Re- publicans 2. SAMPIER, JOHN W., Rogers Biology; Jun. Pres., Blue Key 3, 4, Pres. 4; Stu. Sen. 2, 3; Wildlife Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 2; Presi- dems' Council 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHEIBLE, FRIEDA M., Dover, Sociology; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Re- publicans 3, 4; Psychology Club 4. SCHIMMEL, ELGIN W., Casa, Math. SCHWEGLER, BARTLEY ROBERT, Berryville, PEMM Club; "T" Club; FCA 3, 4, Pres. 4; Track team; Football 2, 3, 4; Presidents' Council 4. SEAY, GENE A., Morrilton, Math. 125 SENNING, PATRICK C., Wayton, Biology; Agri Club 1, 2, 3. SHADDOX, GUY JR., Pruett, Business; Young Republicans.' SHELTON, CONNIE I., Deer, Sociology; Psychology Club 4. SHELTON, DEAN, Lmle Rock, Art; BSU I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Senate 4. SHELTON, LOIS A., Pyet'r, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Cardinal Key 3, 4; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3; SNEA 4; Senior Fellow. SHOFTAW, LA DONNA LOUISE, Russell- ville, Elemenfary Education. SHORES, KENNETH, Alma, Math.; Science Club 4, Engineers Club 'I. SINGLETON, BRUCE, Fort Smith, Political Science,- Cavaliers 3, 4. SENIORS W. 0. Young Center SMITH, JOHN ALLEN, Clarksville, Physical Education; PEMM Club 3, 4. SORRELLS, JOE E., Atkins, Park and Re- creation; PEMM Club 'I, 2, Recreation and Parks Club 3, 4. STANLEY, GLENN H., Russellville; Wild- life Management. STERLING, MARIETTA lEE, LiNle ROCk, Music. Ed.; Tau Beta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Sec. 4; MENC 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orch. 2, 3, 4, National Intercollegiate Band '69; BSU; Senior Fellow. STEWART PHIL, Fort Smith, Music Edu- cation; Band 1, 2; Brass Choir 1, 2; Choir 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4. snuwsu, STEVE l. Dewitt, Psychology; Psychology Club 3, 4, Young Republica- tions 2, 3, 4. STRATTON, GARY, Russeilville, Physical Education; "T" Club. STRATTON, SUSAN, Russellville, Divisional Science. SULINA, MICHAEL E, Linle Rock, Music Education, Symphonic Band 1, .2, 3, 4; Marching Band 'I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 3. TAFF, CHERYL, Mulberry, Sociology. TAYLOR, llNDA, West Helena, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. TAYLOR, THOMAS N., Clarksville, Wild- life Management, Wildlife Club 4, Presi- dent 4, Cross Country 2. , .. 5 2 a..- l;,:;5srg;wjz;:;m ; SITUATED in the heart of the campus the Student Center was rarely without at least one or two people wandering around. 11 was the home of the Student Senate, Arka-Tech, Agricola and students. Io YOUNG STUDENT CENTER 9 c" TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Belleville, Political Science. TEAL, JAMES F., Hot Springs, Hismry. TEETER,'THOMAS M., G1en Ellen, 111., 510- logy; Track 1, 2, 3, 4, "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, NC Champion 2, 3, All American NAIA 2 PEMM Club 1; FCA 2, 3, 4. THOMPSON, RICHARD E. LitHe Rock, Gen- eral Business. THONE, MARY BETTY, Danville; Elemen- tary Education; Homecoming Queen 1. THORTON, RICHARD G., Fort Smith, Phy- sical Education; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard 8t Blade 3, 4,- Military Honor Society 3; Pershing Rifles 4; PEMM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FCA 3; Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Distinguish Military Student. TlLlEY, WllllAM D., Russellville, Mathe- matics. TIMM, ALBERT lELAND, Berryville, Parks and Recreation, Recreation Club 3, 4. TURNER, FRANKIE 1WILKERSON1, Fort Smith, Business Education; BSU 3; AWS Representative 3; Dorm Council 3; SNEA 3; House Manager Jones 3. TURNER, RIDDELL DAVID, Clarksville, Ac- counting. TURNEY, JERRY D., Harrison, Economics; Basketball 1, 2, 3; "1'" Club 1, 2, 3, Pershing Rifles 1, 2, 3, 4; Scabbard 81 Blade 3, 4. TYSON, DONNA QUINTON, Blytheville, English; Arka-Tech 2; Agricola 1, 2; Young Democrats 1, 2; French Club 2, 3. 127 3. 1.. l3 128 TYSON, JOHN T., Atkins, Recreation; Ca- valiers 3, 4, 5, 6, Sec. 5, Historian 6; Recreation 6; Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. SULINA, PATRICIA J., Alma, History. SUMMERVllLE, VERNON C., Benton, Wild- life Management. SWEEDEN, PEGGY ANN, Fort Smith, Busi- ness Education. SWOR, JAMES, Green Forest, Mathematics. VANCE, DAVID lEE, Russellville, Account- ing; Wesley Foundation 'I, 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 4; Presidents' Council 3, 4. VANES, LARRY, Russellville, General Busi- ness; Phi Beta Lambda 3, 4. VllLlNES, KENNETH PAUL, Dardanelle, Geology. VINCENT, TOM E., Toledo, Oh., Physical, EducaHon; PEMM Club 'I, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Dean's list 2, 3; FCA 2, 3, 4; "T" Club 3; Senion Fellow 4. VOGELPOHL, SIDNEY 5., Harrison, Geolo 9Y- VOLKER, DONALD, Wellington, N.J., Ari, Cavaliers 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 'I, In- terdorm Council 2, 3. WAGLEY, CECILIA DION, Fort Smith, Ele mentary Education; SNEA 4. WAKEFIELD, PEGGY 4GOWINL Russellville Business Education; Cardinal Key; 3, 4. AWS; Phi Beta Lambda 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4; Stu. Sen. 4; State Phi Beta Lambda Sec SNEA; MENC; Band 1, 2, 3; Maierene Senior Fellow. WALD, TOM RAY, Paris, Sociology. WALTER, DAVID R., Rogers, Geology; Geology Club 3, 4; Dean's List 3. WARD lARRY E'! North Little Rock, Fish- eries Management; Wildlife Club 'I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Key 3, 4, Corresponding Sec. 4. WARFORD, BOB H., Killeen Tex., Physi- cal-Education; PEMM Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Presidents' Council 4; Varsity Baseball. WARREN, JAMES A., Fort Smith, General Business. KENDRICK, RONNIE 5., Dover, History- Pre-Law; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3, 4; Theater Guild 2; Soph. Pres.; Student Senate Pres. 3; Presidents' 'Coun- cil 3, 4; Student Body Pres. 3; Hist, Pol. Sci. and Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4,- Who's Who 3, 4; Dean's List 3, 4; Stu. Ct. 4,- Psycholo- gy Club 3, 4; 51. Chairman Young Repub- licans 3; Blue Ribbon Committee 3; Task Force Member of White House Conf. on Youth Dissent. KENNEDY, JOHNNY, Havana, Sociology. SENIORS They Leave. Sad but Expectant WATSON, VIRGINIA l.., Locust Grove, Math; PEMM Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Tennis team 'I. WEATHERL, JAMES H., Mulberry, Socio- logy. WELCH, CAROLINE, Havana, Elementary Education,- AWS l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. WEll$,-DENNIS, Fort Smith, Psychology; Cavaliers l, 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 'I, 2; Presidents' Council 'I, 2, 3. WELLS, KENNETH A., Fort Smith, Account- ing; Cross Country I, 2; Track I, 2,- Ac- counting Club 1, 2. WELLS, TOMMIE lYNN, Fort Smith, Ac- counting; Accounting Club I, 2; Cavalier Sweetheart 1, 2; Queen of Hearts 1; Du- Iany Playmate I. WETZEL, CARL WILLLIAM, Russellville, Science. WHEAT, CAROL, Rapid City, 5.0., Young Republican: 3, 4; Athena Troops 3, 4, Brown Hall Sweetheart 3,- Recreation Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2. WHITE, TONY H., Fon Smith, Accounting; Accounting Club 3, 4. WILLIAMS, ADELE ANNE, Belleville, Eng- lish; yewman Club 'I, 2; Play Produdion 3; Junior Sec. wuson. HARRY 6., Siloam Springs, Eco- nomics; Football 1, 2, 3,- FCA 'l, 2; Hist, Pol. Sci., and Pre-Law Club 2. WILSON, JOHN M., Cotton Plant, History. WOLF, EDWARD J., Sctanton, General Busi- ness; Young Republican: Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Arka-Tech 2. WOODALL, RICK I.., McCrory, History; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4; Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. WRIGHT, MARY ANN, Pea Ridge, Math. YEAGER, SHIRLEY JEAN, Van Buren; Busi- ness Educaiion. YOUNG, JIM D., Benton, General Busi- ness; Track 'I; Presidents' Council 3; Inierdorm Council 3. ZUBER, CAROLYN DANIEL, Harrison, PSY3 chology; Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Fellow; Danforth Fellowship Nomi- nee 4. ZUBER, MICHAEL PAUL, Van Buren, Math and Science; President Young Democrats 3, President Council 3. 129 PRESIDENT Cynthia Gossett, Secretary Susan Dickson, and VicePresident Emmo Jo e aver Patrick made up the "Junior establishment." Under the leadership of Cynthia Gosset, Junior Class President, the Junior Council scheduled their meetings for every second month. There were around thirty council members; most of whom had been ask- ed to join, but a few had requested membership. All of the council members devoted a great deal of time and effort to the class projects. It was a duty of the council to select a class beau- ty; and they were also responsible for the speakers outside the Student Center during the Christmas sea- son. In October the Junior Council planned and pre- sented a skit at one of the pep rallies. JUNIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: Gossett, President; Brewer; Watkins; Pruitt,- Patrick, Vice-Presidem. SECOND ROW: Dickson, Secretary-Treas'urer; Austin; Bartlett; Pfeifer; Jones; Grace. JUNIORS Junior Class is Very Active ADAMS, MICHAEL D., Pea Ridge, Recrea- tion and Park Administration. AHNE, DAVID J., Scranton, General Science. ALBERT, MARY LOUISE, Russellville, Chem- istry. ALEXANDER, lOUIS, Norfh Little Rock, Pre-Pharmacy. ALLEN, ROSEMARY P., Canon Plant, Ac- counting. ALLISON, JIM, Lihle Rock, Mathematics. ANDERSON, JEFF, Agingdon, lll., Wildlife Management. ARNE'I'T, DICK, Harrison, Recreation and Parks Administration. ARNOLD, THESH, Harrison, English. AUSTIN, FRAN, Little Rock, Sociology. AUSTIN, JAMES R., Russellville, Agricul ture-Business. BABB, BARBARA, Russellville, Elementary Education. BAGWELL, MARY ANN, Paris, Mafhema- tics. BAILEY, LINDA R., Russellville, History. BAKER, DONALD RAY, Sage, Business. BANDY, JUNIOR lEE, St. Joe, Business. BARTLE, SHARON L, Mount Judea, Eng- lish-Philosophy. BARTLETT, JIM D., Fort Smith, PreMedical. BASKIN, ROBERT M., Little Rock, Music. BAURICHTER, KAREN, Russellville, Ele- meniary Education. BECKNER, CURTIS L, San Antonio, Tex., History. BENTLEY, JOHN FRED, Booneville, Busi- ness Economics. BERRY, WILLIAM l.., Dardanelle, Pre-Med- ical. BEWLEY, GARY, Russellville, History. 131 JUNIORS Requirements Met by Juniors BINAM, ROSEMARY, Alpena, Business Edu- cation. BING, BETTY .l., Cedarville, Accounting. BLACK, MYRIAM C., Fort Smith, History. BLAYLOCK, BENNIE L, Greenwood, Med.- Tech. BONDS, JOE M., Hughes, Physical Educa- tion. BRABEC, DON A., Dardanelle, History. BRADBERRY, JAMES R., Austin, Tex., Re- creation. BRENT, MARION, Lewisville, Accounting. BREWER, BECKY BELINDA, Lavaca, History. BREWER, PAT L, Onia, History Education. BRIDGES, Blll, Little Rock, Biology. BROWN, DAVID F., Russellville, Prthet. BULL, MRI" 6., Russellville, Pre-Med. BULL, lINDA 5., Siloam Springs, Mathe- matics. BURNETT, FRANQUE COLENE, Lavaca, Elementary Education. BURR, WILLIAM 11., Harrison, Parks and Recreation. BURROUGHS, SHIRLEY, Morrilion, Elemen- tary Education. CAllAHAN, BERTHA JEAN, Mulberry, Ele- mentary Education. CAPEHEART, STEVE R., Fort Smith, Maihe- matics. ,, CARNAHAN, CARMEN lYNN, Corning, History. CASTLE ,ELANA, Hot Springs, Elementary Education. GATES, MARILYN DEE, Hayward, Calif., Sociology-Psychology. CHILDERS, DUANE, Lamar, Accounting. CHOATE, ROLAND l.., Western Grove, Ele- mentary Education. 132 ARTS courses are required of students planning to teach but Elana Castle appears to be enioying one of her required subiects much more than would seem necessary. CLARK, BECKY, Escondido, Calif., Biology. CLARK, lEE, North Little Rock, Music, Edu- cation. COLLEY, KENNETH, Fort Smith, Political Science. COLLINS, SUE, Morrilton, Sociology. COLLYAR, COOKIE, Fort Smith, Elemen- tary Education. CONNELLY, CATHY, H01 Springs, Biology. COOMBES, lARRY E., Van Buren, Biology. COOPER, WILLIE l., Hope, Sociology. COSSEY, SANDRA, Russellville, Elementary Education. COWAN, DAVID M., Springdale, Account- Eng. COWELL, EDDIE, Mountain View, Wildlife. COX, lOIS, Magnet Cove, French. CRAWFORD, EDNA, Virginia Beach, Vir., Elementary Education. CRISP, CONNIE, Russellville, Accounting. CROSSMAN, PAUL N., Russellville, Ac- counting. CUMNOCK, MIKE, Van Buren, Business Administration. 133 CUMNOCK, PAM, Van Buren, Elementary Education. CUSHING, ROBERT C., Benton, Physical Education. COX, SUSAN, Greenwood, Elementary Education. DACUS, MARY, Russellville, Business Edu- cation. DALE, PATRICIA C., Russellville, Social Studies. D'ANGELO, FRED CARL, Pea Ridge, Chem- istry. DAUGHERTY, JAMES F., San Pablo, Calm, Parks and Recreation. DAVID, RONNIE L, Pea Ridge, Math. DAVIS, BOBBY RAY, Hot Springs, Ac- counting. DAVIS, CHAlMERS H., Altheimer, Mathe matics. DAVIS, DElMONT l., Russellville, Physical Education. DAVIS, DOUGLAS 0., Russellville, Parks and Recreation. DAVIS, HOWARD H., Searcy, History. DAVIS, MIKE, Berryville, General Business. DAVIS, REBEKAH I... Fort Smith, History. DAYE, RICHARD J., Mounrain Home, Mus- ic Education. DANCES are a favorite with most young people and Tech students are no exception as they got together in the Student Center Ballroom, known affectionately by the initials S. C. B. R. JUNIORS Ballroom Houses Activities DEVENAS, PAUL L, Waukegan, III., Poll- lcal Science. DICKSON, SUSAN WALKER, Benton, So- cialogy. DI PASQUALE, Ray M., Mt. Morris, New York, Recreation. D0535, STEVEN E., Melbourne, Physics. DOUGLAS, MARY IOU, Danville, Music. DRUMMOND, BARBARA, Little Rock, Gen- eral Business. DRUMMOND, CHARLES, Jacksonville, Geo logy. DUGGIN, DOROTHY, MT. Chester, Ele- mentary Education. DUNN, TIMOTHY, Russellville, Pre-Dental. DURHAM, JAMES ERIC, Searcy, Music Education. EDWARDS, BENNY, Bee Branch, Agricul- ture. ELLIOT, DAVID D., Paris, Geology. EMMERSON, JAMES 0., DeWitt, History. EMMERSON, JIMMIE D., Russellville, Mathematics. EOFF, ROY L, Harrison, Accounting. EWELL, BOB E., Prescott, Business. EWING, JAMES E., Deer, Sociology, FANCHER, JEAN, Kingston, Elementary Education. FERGUSON, JUDY l., Fort Smith, An Edu- cation. FITTING, lAWRENCE W., Fort Smith, Pre- Law. FLANAGIN, NELLIA, Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. FOSTER, FRED LEWIS, Hope, Parks and Recreation. FREEMAN, DENNIS ALTON, Paris, History. FREEMEN, RUTHA lEE, Dover, Business Education. 135 136 JUNIORS Students Patronize Cafeteria GANDY, KAY E., Hot Springs, Elementary Education. GASTON, THOMAS ANDREW, Russellville, Poolitical Science. GATLING, JAMES, Sheridan, Physical Edu- cation. GAYDON, BOBBIE, Dyer, Elementary Edu- cation. GEORGE, JUNE, Damkille, General Business. GEORGE, SAMMY R., Casson, General Business. GILBERT, PATI'I lYNNE, RUsselIVFHE, PSY- chology. GILBREATH, RUTH 5., Greenwood, Ele- mentary Education. GOSSETT, CYNTHIA, Hot Springs, Sociolo- 9Y- GREVE, DEBORAH ANN, Fort Smith, Ele- mentary Education. HALE, DANNY R., Halerown, History. HALL, DANNY, DeWiH, Agri-Business. HAllER, BARBARA 1., Yellow Springs, Ohio, Music Education. HAMILTON, KEN 0., Greenwood, Wildlife. HARRIS, DAVID, Crossetf, Sociology. HARVELL, GERALD, Roland, Oklahoma, General Business. HAWK, FRANCES, Pea Ridge, Physical Education. HAYWOOD, MICHEAI. 0., Greenway, Math. HAZELWOOD, Blll H., Prarie Grove, Med- ical Technology. HENDERSON, GLENN E., Stuttgart, Ac- counting. HENDERSON, lARRY E., Morrilton, Physi- cal Education. HENDRICKSON, 10 E., North Little Rock, Secretarial Science. HENRY ROSEMARY, Dardanelle, BUsiness Education. HILL, JAMES l... Morrilton, Agriculture. BUILT within the last few years, the Chambers Cafeteria is roomy and modern with a large staff in addition to the student workers. The cafeteria caters n01 only to residents but visitors as well. HILL, JANE E., Perryville, Elementary Edu- cation. HILL, NANCY LYNN, Bass, Elementary Education. HlLlMAN, JAMES L, Prairie Grove, Math. HILLMAN, llNDA POTTER, Gentry, Ac- counting. HIXSON, PAT, Ozark, Elementary. HOBB, STEPHEN R., Van Buren, Account- ing. HODGE, LARRY F., Harrison, General Busi- ness. HOGAN, WILLIAM P., For? Smiih, Fine Arts. HOING, JOE W., Coal Hill, Physical Eduh cation. HOWELL, KEM M., Pea Ridge, Recreation. HUDGINS, ROBEFT LEON, Brinkley, Math. HUFF, ERNEST W., Dyess, Physical Educa- tion. HUFF, MARGARET, Lepamo, Mathematics. HUNT, JOHN D., Eureka Springs, Elemen- tary Education. HUNT, lEOLA, Fort Smith Sociology. HUNT, THOMAS C., Dardanelle, Agricul- ture. 137 1 HURDLE, JOSEPH L, Russellville, Psycho- logy. ISAACKS, JEANNETTE MARIE, Alma, Mus- ic Education; JACKSON, BENNIE, Sheridan, Mathematics. JACKSON, DOUGlAS, Fort Smith, Pre- Medical. JACOBS, JAN C., Melbourne, Mathematics. .IEPSON, JAMES K., Little Rock, General Business. JOHNSON, DAVID HALL, Walnut Ridge, h Music Education. JOHNSON, PAUL, Little Rock, Psychology. JONES, GLORIA, Charleston, Elementary Education. JONES, WILLIAM DONALD, Russellville, Business Administration. JONES, WILLIE, Little Rock, Political Science. JOSEPH, JON J., Belle Vernon, Recreafion and Parks. KAUFMAN, DAVID A., Morrilton, Pre-Medi- cal. KELLAR, BRYAN, Fayetteville, Recreation. KENNEDY, DEBORAH, Fort Smith, History. KENNEDY, DINAH L., Havana, Mathema- tics. STUDYING is often attempted at the library and this appears to have been a good time for it. Without people around 10 interrupt him Curt became so absorbed he didn't see the photographer. h z I "f 138 JUNIORS Library Sets Mood for Study KHILLING, LINDA H., Magazine, Business Education. KIDDER, JUDY TURNER, Russellville, Busi- ness and Education. KINNINGHAM, PHILLIP ALAN, Osceola, Biology. KIRKENDALL, MIKE, Ft. Smith, History. KlECK, GERHAROT JOHN, Scranton, Eng- Iish. KNIGHT, VICKIE 6., Clarksville, Elementry Education. KEUHN, CAROL, Paris, Business Education. LACKEY, BILLY R. Russellville, Sociology. lAW, LINDA, Ozark, Business Education. lAYNE, TERRY, Fayetteville, Sociology. lEDlNG, LAWRENCE E., Ahus, Business. lEE, TRISHA ANN, Hot Springs, Elementary Education. lEGAN, KENNETH lINDEL, Russellville, Pre-Dentistry. LESTER, OLE'I'A M., Fort Smith, Accounting. lIMBIRD, ROBERT, Paris, Biology. lINDE, JOHN, El Dorado, Music Education. llNEBARGER, EDDIE, Hindsville, Parks and Recreation. LINTON, DALE, Belleville, Elementary Edu- cation. lOVETT, JO ANN, Fort Smith, Elementary Education. LOWE, RICKY lYNN, Paris, Parks and Re- creation. LUCKENBILL, TERRY, Reading, Penn., Gen- eral Business. lYNCH, PAUL A. Hot Springs, General Business McAFEE, ROBERT J., Hacken, History-Polis tical Science. MCDANIEL, LINDA KAY, Mt. Ida, Elemen- tary Education. 139 JUNIORS Tech Leaders Plan Activities McGREGOR, RONNA .I., Rogers, Elemen- tary Education. McKINNON, DON, Wing, Hisiory. MAGIE, SANDRA, Hot Springs, Physical Education. MARKS, JOEL H., Russellville, Geology. MASSEY, KATHY, Jerusalem, Elementary Education. MATHIS, LINDA SUE, Harrison, Elementary Education. MAUS, PAM, Hot Springs, Sociology. MAXWELL, BllllE, Booneville, Pre-Nursing. MELTON, ELIZABETH, 1., Little Rock, His- tory. MllHOllAND, GARY I.., Russellville, $o- ciology. MILLER, STAN, Pearcy, History. MITCHELL, KAY, Morrilton, Secretarial Science. MOBLEY, ROBERT J., Little Rock, History. MOORE, KATHY, Fort Smith, Psychology. MOORE, MARGARET l., Fort Smith, H'Is- Iory. MOORMAN, ROBERT D.-, Sulphur Springs, Animal Science. MORGAN, BRENDA KAY, Fort Smith, Eng- lish Education. MORGAN, JOHNNY K., Russellville, Chem- istry. MORRIS, DAVID, Russellville, Parks and Recreation. MORRIS, EDITH L, Little Rock, Elementary Education. MOUDY, JOHN MORRIS, Russellville, Mathematics. M'URPHY, JAMES C., Victoria, Tex., Econo- mxcs. MURRAY, BRENT THORNTON, Mountain Home, General Business. NASH, GREG L, Morrilfon, Accounting. 140 - vi Mm W uum - MMWWWW ., ' l AFTER a hard day of "student leader conferencing" well known Techsters like Kay Gandy, Bob Miller, and Nicholas Akridge relax as they think over today and prepare for tomorrow's activities. NElSON, CINDY lEE, Fort Smith, Elemen- 1ary Education. NETTLES, lARRY ALAN, Beebe, Music Edu- ation and Music. NOEBELS, SUNNIE, Paris, Art Education. NORDON, KERRY, London, Agriculture Business. NORRIS, LINDA, Atkins, Elementary Edu- i cation. NORVELL, JO, Russellville, An Business. NORWOOD, SHERRY, Morrilton, Psycho- logy. NUNNELEE, JIM, Paris, Economics. O'NEAL, DOYEL, Mount Ida, Mathematics. PARKER, DOUG, Fon Smith, Pre-Medicine. PAYE, Blll JR., Hot Springs, Business Ad- ministration. PATTON, MICHEAL DON, Harrison Medi- cal Technology. PATRICK, EMMA, Huntsville, Elementary Education. PAYTON, lARRY 0., Mountainburg, Gen- 3 era! Business. PEEVEY, ROBERT P., Fort Smith, Physical Educafion. PENNER, RODNEY, Siloam Springs, Physi- cal Education. 141 PFEIFER, CHARLES E, Morrilton, Math. PICKERING, MICHAEL 'W., Midwest City, Okla., Pre-Medicine. POTTS, CHARLES E., Rector, Math. POWELL, ANGIE, Green Forest, Biofogy. POYNTER, BOB, Texarkana, Parks and Re- creation. PRUIIT, EVELYN JO, Hiwasse, Accounting PRUITT, lARRY D., Hiwasse, Business. PURTELL, JANETTE, Russellville, Psycholo- gY. PYE, QUENTIN N., Lamar, Biology. PYlE, SCOTT RICHARD, Russellville, Ac- counting. QUANDT, VIRGINIA, Russellville, Busi- ness Education RICHARDSON, TERRY C., Russellville, Speech. RICHEY, CAROLYN SUE, Lead Hill, Busi- ness Education. RICHEY, FRANCES, Lead HiII, Accounting. RICHMOND, GARY DEAN, Waldron, Agri- cultural Business. RICKMAN, OSCAR E., Benton, Math. SADIE Hawkins Day brought out the latest in fashions as couples competed for prizes and the fun grew as the hillbillies got into the swing of things with an old-fashioned square dance. 142 JUNIORS Girl Chases Boy Dis'cretely RICKMAN, PHILLIP, Fort Smith, Recreation. RISTIG, KURT 6., Fort Smith, English. ROACH, DENNIS, Russellville, Accounting. ROBERTS, DAVID, Pine Bluff, Sociology. ROBERTS, DONALD l.., Hot Springs, Ele- menvary Education. ROBERTS, GEORGE DOUGLAS, Russellville, Accounting. ROBERTS, JUDY I... Hot Springs, Elemen- 1ary Education. ROBERTS, MADELYN D., Cape Coral, Fla., Elementary Education. ROBINSON, LAWRENCE N., North Little Rock, Pre-Dentistry. ROGER JOHN KEN, Fort Smith, Business. ROGERS, RON D., Russellville, Sociology. ROUW, OlEN, Fort Smith, Physical Edu- cation. ROUW, SUSAN, Fort Smith, Speech. ROWLAND, DANNY, Marvell, Wildlife Management. SANDERS, NANCY L, Mena, Elementary Education. SAVAGE, CONNIE JUNE, Alpena, Ele- mentary Education. SCHAFFER, BEVERLY ANN, Fayeheville, Sociology. SCHOONOVER, JANE, North Little Rock, History. SCHOONOVER, lEE, North Little Rock, Parks and Recreation. SCHRIVER, WILMA, Scranton, History. SEIFERT, DICKIE I.., Charleston, Economics. SHAW, TOMMY WAYNE, Marshall, Parks and Recreation. SHELTON, RICHARD, Little Rock, Fisheries Management. SIKES, DONALD C., Scranton, Parks and Recreation. 143 JUNIORS War and Peace Pondered SIMMONS, RICKEY C., Russellville, Math. SIMS, LENIS, Compton, Accounting. SISCO, JANET, Pea Ridge, Art SMALL, DAVID C., Russellville, Math. SMITH, JAMES CHARLES, Dardenelle, Phy- sical Education. SMITH, JOHN PIERRE, Little Rock, Music Education. SMITH, NORMAN, Russellville, History. SMITH, OWEN E., Mansfield, Agricultural Business. SMITH, SUSAN L, Little Rock, Music Edu- cation. SMITH, WESLEY, Mena, Music Education. SONDEREGGER, JERRY lYNN, Fort Smith, Civil Engineering. SPlllERS, MARGIE, Scranton, English. SPIVEY, SAMMY, Havana, History. STANDRIDGE, DENNIS H., Mt. Ida, Parks and Recreation Administration. STANDRIDGE, MARGARET ANN, Russell- ville, History. STANTON, WILLIAM E., Fort Smith, Gen- eral Business. STARK, LINDA M., Heber Springs, French and English. STARKEY, JAMES R., Jacksonville, Music Education. siEWARD, CAROLYN, Alma, Sociology. X STILES, MARC, Osceola, Math. : STROUD, LARRY DAUN'E, Batesville, Jour- ; nalism. STUMBAUGH, DAVID, Lamar, Business. SUMMIT'I', MARSHA ANN, Mount Ida, Phy- sical Education. SWEENEY, ANTHONY, Russellville, History. MORATORIUMS were ghe thing for the "in" school this year, and Tech was no exception. Tech held its moratorium in October on the same day that a number were held across the state and country. TABLER, SARAH JANE, Texarkana, Horne TANNER, GARY E., Van Buren, English. TARANTO, EDWARD, Fort Smith, General 1 Business. h TEAL, JAMES GAYLON, Atkins, Sociology. TENCLEVE, RONALD C., Scramon, Socio- logy. THOMAS, JOHNNY 0., Little Rock, Parks and Recreation. THOMPSON, MARGARET G., Fort Smith, History. THOMPSON, WARD K., Fort Smith, Ac- counting. THORNTON, JAMES M., Hot Springs, Pre- Med. THORNTON, JOHN, Hot Springs, Pre-Med. TOLE, lARRY, Fort Smith, General Business. TOWARD, DAVID PATRICK, Lincoln, Phy- sical Education. TRAMMELL, KAREN V., Valley Springs, Re- creation. TREFFINGER, JAMES PARKS, Fayetteville, Biology. TRIMBLE, JOHN W., Fort Smith, General Business. TROUTT, DANNY l.., Bergman, General Business. 145 146 YROWBRIDGE, NETTA, Ft. Smith, Elemen- tary Ed. . VANES, RONALD DALE, Russellville, Ac- counting. VllLlNES, JERRY, Harrison, Histosy. VllllNES, SHERRY, Harrison, Business. WADE, TONY A., Russellville, Biology. WAGNER, SHARON ANN, Mulberry, Ele- memary Ed. WALKER, JOHN DAVID, Russellville, Gen- eral Business. WALKER, LINDON D., Huntsville, Agri- culture. WALTERS, JUDY, Clarksville, Math. WALTON, JUDY A., Ft. Smith, Elementary Ed. WARD, WANDA K., Russellville, Math. WATKINS, SHARON, Hot Springs, English. WESLEY, JAMES L., Dardanelle, Account- ing. BOTANY instructor, Gary Tucker, spends a greai deal of his time trying to make his students understand what they see under his microscopes and what they see happening around them also. I JUNIORS Instructor Sees Little Things WEST, DANNY H., Prairie Grove, Biology. WEST, DARLENE, Harrison, Business Ad- ministration. WHITAKER, KATHY 5., Omaha, Neb., His- Tory. WHITE, GENEVA, Paris, Music Education. WHITTMORE, JIMMY E., Huntsville, Wild- life. WILES, WILLIAM THOMAS, Atkins History. WIllIAMS, MICKEY 3., Dardanelle, Phy- sical Education. WILLIAMS, TERESA D., Benton, Pre-Vet. WlLlE'I'T, RENEE W. P., little Rock, Music. WILSON, DELORES, Fort Smith, Elementary Education. WILSON, IRIS ANN, Ft. Smith, Elementary Education. WILSON, JAMES DOUGLAS, Benton, Phy- sical Education. WILSON, TERRY W., Russellville, General Swdies. WILWERS, WENDY C., Russellville, Art. WOOTEN, DANNY BOYD, Hector, English. WOOD, DARRYL GREGORY, Delaware, Music Education. WOOD, EDWIN l... Bee Branch, Agricul- ture Business. WOFFORD, WILLIAM D., Russellville, Mathematics. WORLEY, JOAN MARIE, Fort Smith, Medi- cal Technology. WRIGHT, DANNY L, Benton, Wildlife. WRIGHT, BOB, Mena Sociology. YOUNG, JOHN L, Plainview, Agriculture Business. YOUNG, OLIVER THOMAS, Western Grove, General Business. ZEIlER, ALOYSIOUS N., Little Rock, Agri- culture. 147 'sxaogp panels sq: pue SSEID alomoqdos 9111 uaamaq suognaogununuoo pp; 01 maumnsug ue pemsug sum 11 'Apoq Buglmmog e 1011 sem Igounog alomoqdog OILL 'alqyssod SB ueqo s12 199m 01 p911; pun amass mapms sq; u; slqggu Aep -sanLL no 19111 Aaql .qmom 'B aouo ;o umwgugux 9 19m pun smapms Amen: p pasodmoo sum Hounoo GILL 'sABM alqgssod Jaqm He 11; qoal peuoddns pm; $91qu qoal ssgw 9111 SP. qons $109!: -0.Id Iooqos mqlo Anew u; pawdgopmd AQILL qgounog gsmapgsola sq; ;o sgugpaaooxd mp, u; 199mm; eApoe me 3001 Aaql '1p1s B pamaseld pue Ana: dad a ;o 93.1er slow Kelp 19q0100 11; 051V ggemod 19310nd,, 139111 1991 prnoo s1u9pms 9191151 TBAIIZILIBD asgnbmw 91p, 13 tpooq -'B GEM. 953111191119 .Iaqomo UV 'JBOUI gugumoauon e se qons smogoxd 01 1mm spew Kaq; Aeuouz GILL 'sguxeS Huqmo; sq; m suooneq P103 Igounoo 9111 go sxaq -u191n 9109;0ch Anna: s1; 10; Aauoux asgex 01 19pm uI uhgmlndod pu'e sapn'euosmd Jyalp, pue $1IIQIIIQAQELIO'B 31; pm: dnoxB a s9 ssem 9101110 -qdog mp 11; $919111; Jyotp 51mm 01 ssaugugmm xgaql ;o sgseq 9x11 uo paqogd exam qul 191quan A1181 put? maumg uesng uopam mum sxaogyo sselo Aq uesoqo 919M Hounog ssaD axomoqdog 91p p $191111an 'aagu uaseak IPJEMOH luosuqor auappaJd-aam 'AeJqdumH lpooM Mpauuax :MOH mm."- 'wapgsaJd 'JalaaqM lJaploH luosguaalxemeM lspJEM 'Pi lauazeM :MOH ONODBS '5195d luosuaqou laqu MJNBJDGS 'uauma luosugqou :MOH INOld-1I3Nn03 EHOWOHJOS g p 'AJewJaas 'ueumg uesns pue QuapgsaJd 'JalaaqM aqgw QuaplsaJd-eom 'AaJ -quunH A1191 aJaM lpunoa ssep Aan e pue ssel z; "'y -r- f? 3 aJowoqdos aq; ;o SJaDIHo EIAIDV 8H ABBOTT, CARI. EDWARD, Fayetteville, Music Education. ADAIR, llOYD, Danville, Physical Educa- tion. ADAMS, CAROL, Theodore, Ala., General Studies. AHRNS, JOHN, Paris, Engineering. AllEN, RICHARD G., Morrilton, English. 'ALMOND, CINDY CAROL, Fort Smith, Med- ical Technology. ALPE, MICHEAL, Crawfordsville. ANDERSON, KENNETH E., Atkins, Psycholo- 9Y- ANDERSON, VICKI, Mulberry, Buslnen Education. AUSTIN, MIKE, Waldron, Engineering. BAILEY, DEBORAH I... Hot Springs, Ele- mentary Education. BAILEY, MICHAEL D., Russellville, Pre- Pharmacy. d W Sophomore Council is Continued BALDWIN, KAY, Hot Springs, Mathematics. BARNETT, DAVID .l., Everton, Mathematics. BARR, ROY V., Harrison, Engineering. BARRY, DENNIS A., Morrilton, Engineering. BEARD, JAMES D., Pea Ridge, Recreation and Parks Administration. BEARD, VICKI l., El Dorado, Elementary Education. BEARDEN, BOBBY R., Batesville, Electrical Engineering. BECTON, VIRGINIA A., Beebe, Muslc Edu- cation. BELL, SANDRA, Siloam Springs, Sociology. BENDER, BARBARA 6., Fort Smith, Socio- logy. BENSON, EDDIE, Hampton, English. BERGMAN, NANCY, Harrison, Sociology. 149 150 BERRY, JANAN, Pine' Bluff, Elementary Education. BETSIlL, DOYLE 6., Montreal, Quebec, Preiaw. . BILLINGS, REGINA I... Little Rock, Secre- tarial Science. BIRD, BRAD, Morrilton, Mathematics. BITTER, BRANT P., Springdale, Engineering. BITTLE, RANDY L, For! Smith, Business. BMCKBURN, DONNA M., Searcy, Elemen- tary Education. BLAGG, EDGAR, Booneville, Elementary Education. BLAGG, lEONARD R., Booneville, History. BLAKEMORE, BECKY, Fort Smith, History. BLANKENSHIP, WAYNE, Ozark, Agricul- tural Engineering. BLATY, DEBBIE, Russellville, Pre-Nursing. SOPHOMORES Second Year Proves Harder BLAYLOCK, THOMAS E., Morrilton, Ac- couming. BlEVINS, JANICE, Salem, Political Science. BONDS, JACQUELYN R., Russellville, Eng- lish. BOONE, DAN .l., Clinton, Agriculture. BOSNICK, LANNY, Moro, Agri-Business. BRABEC, BARBRA, Dardanelle, English. BRADLEY, ROBERT C. .IR., Clinton, Wild- life Management. BRA'I'CHER, LAYNE, Marianna, Elementary Education. BRECKENRIDGE, GLEN, Lake Village, Gen- eral Business. BROWN,DIANA LYNN, Hector, History. BROWN, IRA VAN ll, Pine Bluff, Wildlife. BROWN, RONALD, Knoxville, Agriculture. q 2 V g x 1 f 3 AS the sophomore slump moves in, the familiar lock of fatigue is shadowed on the faces of many students. Connie Goff and Sharon Link seem weary as their day comes to an end. BROWNING, BRENDA l.., Waldron, Eng- Iish. BROWNING, lINDA KAY, Waldron, His- tory. BURDICK, SANDRA l.., Atkins, Biology. BURESH, JUDI, Mountain Home, Elemen- 1ary Education. BURGESS, JANE M., Russellville, Home Economics. BURGESS, JUNE M., Russellville, Pre Nurs- ing. BURKES, KATHY, Little Rock, Elementary Education. BURNEIT, ANNETTE, Plainview, Sociology. BURNETT, SUSAN, KAYE, Mena, Sociology. BURROUGHS, LARRY LEE, Ho? Springs, Engineering. BUTLER, JANEY, WALDRON, Elementary Education. CALLAHAN, CHRIS C., Clarksville, Engl- neering. 151 CAMPBELL, Blll, Prairie Grove, Business. CAMPBELL, HOWARD l.., Harrison, Psy- chology. CAMPBELL, ROY DALE, Van Buren, English. CANTWELL, MARCIA l.., Alpena, Physical Education. GARISTIANOS, NANCY, Hot Springs, Elementary Education. CARLE, ELIZABETH JANE, Zion, Illinois, 1 History. CARRUIHERS, EMMA L, Morrilton, Gener- a'l Studies. CARTHWRIGHT, CURTIS R., Ozark, Elec- trical Engineering. CASTLEBERRY, SANDRA LYNN, Lamar, Elementary Education. CATHER, JUlIANN W., North Little Rock, General Studies. CAUDIE, JUNE L, Atkins, Elementary Edu- cation. VCAUDlE, lINDA N., Atkins, English. I DA.lE Corley taught accounting at the firs! of the year. But when Mr. Weedin died,Corley became achng head of the Business and Economics Division and his class was scattered to the wind. CAUGHMAN, KEVIN, Siloam Springs, Recreation. CHASTAIN, RONALD 5., County Line, Biology. CHEATHAM, MADELON J., Russellville, General Studies. CHEATHAM, TOMMIE, Demon, Texas, Wildlife Science. CHILDERS, JIM N., County Line, Parks and Recreation. CHRISTY, JOYCE, Ft. Smith, Physical Edu- cation. s CHRONISTER, MARK, Russellville, Pre- Dentistry. CHURCHILL, lINDA, Dover, Biology. CHURCHILL, LISSA l.., Atkins, History. CLAY, JERRY D., Greenwood, Accounting. COLE, EDWARD GDDIEL Linle Rock, Parks and Recreation. COMBS, CHARLIE D., Bradleyville, Mo. Physical Education. SOPHOMORES Business Classes Combined COOK, GARY, El Dorado, Radio. COOPER, JOE K., Morrihon, Engineering. CORY, SARAH E., Batesville, Biology. COUCH, MIKE K., Hartford, General Busi- ness. COX, PATRICIA A., Scranton, History. CRAWFORD, JAMES E., Virginia Beach, Va., Agriculture. CRENSHAW, SANDRA E., Booneville, Elementary Art Education. CRONE, TERESA D., Hot Springs, Home Economics. . CROOK, LARRY R., Crossett, General Stu- dies. CROSS, BOBBY J., Russellville, Engineering. CROSS, EARL C., Russellville, General Stun. dies. CROTTS, LINDA, Lamar, French. 153 CROW, MICHELLE, Russellville, Account- ing. DANIEL, BEVERLY, Dover, Pre-Optometry. DANIELS, DEE, Benton, Music Education. DAVIS, RONNIE E., Farmington, Physical- Education. DAVIS, SANDRA SUE, Scranton, General Svudies. DENISON, VICKIE lEE, Hot Springs, Gen- eral Studies. :' DICKERSON, MERLE, Russellville, Music Education. 1 DICKEY, MARGARET 6., Harrison, Secre- tarial Science. DRAKE, SHEILA A., Moumain Home, Busi- ness Education-Secrefarial Science. DRY, J. ALLISON, Biscoe, Chemistry. DUNN, WILLIAM BRYAN, Fort Smith, Gen- eral Business. DURDEN, MARGARET 0., Fort Smith, Ac- counting. SOPHOMORES Campaign Intrigues Students EAKIN, MARK E., Perryville, Engineering. EDDLEMAN, MICHAEL, Russellville, Art. EDWARDS, RANDY 0., Mt. Home, Social Work. ELLIOTT, SUZANNE, Dover, Elementary Education. ELLIS, LINDA, Little Rock, Mathematics. ELMORE, ZENA, Russellville, Elementary Education. ESPOY, RICHARD J., Fort Smith, Account- ing. EVANS, GLORIA, Bigelow, Elementary Education. EVANS, JOAN, Yellville, Physical Educa- tion. EZELL, ROY Blll, Harrison, English. EZEll, SHARON, Paris, Business Education. FANCHER, GAIL PATRICIA, Kingston, Phy- sical Education. 154 ELECTION of class officers played a large part in the activities of Tech students. Sopho- more Sue Gibbs and her friend seem quite intent in studying the campaign slogans. FARMER, DOYLE, Green Forest, General Studies. FEARS, COY, Van Buren, Business. FERRI, STEVEN, Lake Village, Agriculture. FISHER, PHILLIP L, North Little Rock, Gen- eral Business.- FLIPPIN, LUCIAN DOYLE, Flippin, Business. FOWLER, RONALD L, Plumberville, Gen- eral Business. FOX, GLORIA, Prairie View, Pre Med. FULLER, DAVID L, Mulberry, Agriculture. FULLER, JAMES M., Little Rock, Music Edu- cation. GARRET, DAVID, Plumberville, General Studies. GATES, SAMUEL JOE, North Little Rock, Chemistry. GEORGE, JAMES A. Ola, Music Education. 155 GEORGE, THURMON JR., Timbo, Pre-Med. GIBBS, SUE, Springdale, Physical Educa- tion. GIBSON, PAUL, For'resf City, Biology. GILBERT, DWIGHT, Mountain View, Physi- i l cal Education. s s s GILBREATH, LONNIE 3., Cincinnati, 0., Geology. , i GILES, JOE D., Farmington, English. I GISLER, VIRGINIA R., Fort Smith, Sociolo- I 9y. f GOFF, CONNIE L, Little Rock, English- ! Speech. GOFF, GARY, Little Rock, Parks and Re- creation. GOOCH, LEROY 6., Russellville, Physical Education. GOSLEE, MARSHA LOU, Hot Springs, Mus- ic. GRACE, KATHY, Sheridan, Business Edu- cation. THE gap from a freshman 10 a sophomore can often be quite Isrge. As a student finds him- self closer to graduation a maior must be chosen so one can plan his classes accordingly. .q,,.;m.g.u;l, V . 47M: 156 GRAY, JERRY K., Havana, General Busi- HESS. GREGORY, RONNIE D., Harrison, Wildlife. GRIFFIN, DAVID H., Atkins, General Stu- dies. GRIGSBY, ELVIS LYNN, Smackover, Music Education. GROSS, SANDY MARRISL Hot Springs, Ac- counting. GUHL, JAMES L, Bryan, Wildlife Manage- ment. HALBROOK, BRUCE, Center Ridge, Gen- eral Business. HALL, ALVIN, Marianna, Physical Educa- tion. HALL, ELLEN, Mansfield, Music Education. HALL, lESTER R., Russellville, Elementary Education. HAMBRICK, PHILLIP, Russellville, General Studies. HAMILTON, KAREN JAMEL, Harrison, Se:- retarial Science. SOPHOMORES Classification Requires Time HAMM, JERRY W., Harrison, Accounting. HAMMOND, KEITH A., Clarkesville, Gen- eral Business. HANKINS, VICKI, Dover, Physical Therapy. HARPER, EMILY, Benton, Home Economics. HARRIS, BILLY, Berryville, Physical Educa- j tion. ' ; HATFIELD, WILLIAM C., Russellville, Engi- nearing. HATHCOAT, CARYI. ANN, Harrison, Ele- mentary Education. HAWKINS, JAN, Dallas, Tex, Physical Edu- cafion. HAWLEY, GLENDA E., Prairie Grove, Phy- 3 sical Education. I HAYES, BARBARA, Springdale, Elementary Education. HAYES, SUSAN, Sand Lake, N.Y., French. HEBARD, ROY GENE, Van Buren, General Studies. 157 HEDRICK, RAY 0., Carlisle, Wildlife, Biology. HERNDON, JIM, Philadelphia, Penn., Mus- ic Education. Hill, DENNIS RAY, Ozark, Engineering. HINESLY, JOAN, Mountain Home, Gen- eral Business. HOBBS, GENE A., Springdale, Parks and Recreation. HOELZEMAN, RITA, Morrilton, Elemen- tary Education. .HOGINS, MARIA 8., Dover, Psychology. HOGUE, ROBERT P., Benton, Wildlife Man- agement. i HOLDER, PHILLIP 5., North little Rock, Ac- f counting. HOLSTIEN, PAMELA A., Midland, Elemen- Iary Education. HOLT, WILLARD R., Ola, Accouming. HOOPER, MARY .I., Russellville, Biology. SOPHOMORES Art is Not the Easiest Thihg HOUSE, ROGER, Waldron, Biology. HOWARD, AlAN E., Hartford, General Business. HUDSON, BILL W., Harrison, Pre-Med. HUDSON, DANNY R., Bauxite, Physical Education. HUGHES, EDWIN R., Searcy, Agricultural Business. HULET, JEANNIE C., Prairie Grove, Gen- eral Business. HUMPHREY, LARRY W., Hot Springs, Engi- neering. HUNT, RAYMOND L, Plainview, Agricul- tural Business. HU'I'CHESON, lElAND 6., Lead Hill, Parks and Recreation. HUTCHENS, VES'I'AI. L, Waldron, Math. INGlE, GARY, Mountain Pine, Biology. ISESY' WILLIAM ARTHUR, Morrilton, Pre- me . 158 .l v . m A 1 4 .1 x1. ART students spent a great deal of time and effort on their class work but they didn't always have very much to show for it, except perhaps an interestingly disarranged and messy palette. IVESTER, ANGELA, Russellville, Art. JACKSON, SANDY, Hot Springs, Home Economics. JAMES, ARTHUR, Havana, Agriculture. JEWELL, JEAN, North Little Rock, Art. JOHNSON, II, JOE FRANK, Malvern, Wild- life Management. JOHNSON, NANCY 5., Russellville, Math? matics. JOHNSON, RANDY L, Paris, Wildlife. JOHNSON, WILLIAM R., Russellville, Phy- sics. JONES, BILLY NEAL, Mt. Ida, Wildlife. JONES, CECIL, N., Dover, History. JONES, HAROLD E., Pea Ridge, General Swdies. JONES JOAN, Van Buren, General Studies. 159 JONES, RHONDA C., Fort Smith, Home Economics. KEATON, AUGUSTINE, Casscoe, Biology. KEELEY, RITA J0, RUSsellvilIe, Pre-Nursing. KEMP, STEPHEN, Ho? Springs, Accounting. KENNEDY, DON, Fort Smith, History. KENNEDY, LOYCE A., Fort Smith, Pre- Nursing. 1 KIBLER, MICHAEL R., Van Buren, Business. KILLGORE, COYE LEE, Yellville, Music Edu- cation. KIRK, GERITA KAY, Summers, Physical Educa1ion. KIRKHAM, CHARLOTTE SUE, Pine Bluff, Elementary Education. KREMERS, DON, Fort Smith, General Busi- 1 ness. KUYKENDALL DIANA, County Line, Ele mentary Education. "MY Three Angels" was produced by the Arkansas Tech Speech and Drama Department October 9 and 10. A hilarious comedy about Christmas, iv was presented in the Student Center Ballroom. 1 9 160 LAMB, PAULA, Perryville, Design. LANE, COLLINS A., Atkins, Accounting. lEACH, EMILY GRACE, Fayeneville, Physi- . cal Education. lECHNER, CONNIE L, Pine Bluff, Chemis- try. LEDING, JERRY A., Althus, Math. lEE, NANCY 3., Siloam Springs, History. lEE, STACEY, Fort Smith, Recreation. leFEVRE, JAMES l., Bentonville, Electrical in Education. leFEVRE, JAMES L, Bentonille, Electrical Engineering. lIEVSAY, ALVIN, Benton, Accounting. lINDSEY, JERRY, Moro, Physical Education. LINK, SHARON, B'ellville, English and Speech. SOPHOMORES Speech and Drama Give Play lONG, ALAN HALL, Highfill, English. McBRIDE, SHARON 1., Hot Springs, Ac- counting. McCLUNG, GARY, Mountain View, General Business. McCRAW, DONNA SUE, Parks, French. McENTYRE, DOYLE W., DardaneIIe, Fores- fry. MclNTOSH, KATHERINE A., Russellville, English. MgGHEE, KAY, Siloam Springs, Elementary Education. McMILLAN, EVELYN K., Mena, English and Journalism. MAGAR, LINDA KAY, Hattieville, Elemen- tary Education. MAGBY, DOUGLAS, Hot Springs, Engineer- ing. MANNER, MICKEY 0., Radcliffe, Physical Education. . MANSEll, CASSIE, Fort Smith, Elementary Education. 161 MANSKER, CAROLYN J., Morrilton, Ele- mentary Education MATHIS, PAUL I... Harrison, Agriculture Business. MAXWELL, PAUI. E.,V Booneville, Agricul- fure. MERKEL, KAREN E., Russellville, An. Rx NW: X 3x , . MERRIOTT, MIKE E., Hughes, General Stu- dies. MILLER, JOE C., Fort Huachuca, Political Science. MILLWOOD, JOYCE, Plainview, Secretarial Science. MITCHELL, NORMA L, Gravelly, Sociology. MITCHELL, STEVE, Hot Springs, Music Edu- cation. MOBLEY, MARJORIE, Morrilton, Account- ing. MOORE, BECKY L, Fort Smith, Elementary Education. MOORE, PAM, North Linle Rock, General Studies. SOPHOMORES Tarantellas Run in McEver MORRIS, MANCE FRANK, Keiser, Political Science. MYERS, GARY, Harrison, Recreation. MYERS, JANE, Harrison, Recreation. NATION, PATRICIA ANN, Briggsville, Ele- mentary Education. NEBBEN, JULIE, Mountain Home, Music Education. NEWLON, GRAYDON MARK, Fort Smith, General Business. NEWMAN, PATTY, Perryville, Business Education. NICHOLS, SHELLEY, Hot Springs, Math. O'BAR, SHIRLEY, County Line, Business Education. 1 I OLSEN, CHARLES PATRICK, Fort Smith, Electrical Engineering. OWEN, ROBERT H., Alma, Physical Edu- cation. OWEN5, NANCY ANN, Hartford, Secre- tarial Science. 162 IT would seem that Tech's McEver is a dangerous place to be with tarantulas running around, but he isn't really loose, and McEver doesn't have nes1s of tarantulas, iust lab specimens. PARKER, JIMMY E., Benton, Physical Edu- cation. PARKER, MELISSA, Fort Smith, Elememary Education. PERRY, STEVE l., Los Angeles, Calif., Busi- ness Administration. PETERS, DONALD W., Russellville, Matha matics. PHIFER, SUSAN, Sheridan, Business Edu- cation. PHILLIPS, DORIS KAY, Springfield, Va., Elementary Education. PITYMAN, PETE, Conway, Biology. PITTMAN, WILLIAM CHARLES, Hacken, Physical Education. PLUNKETT, KATHY 1., Hartford, Physical Education. PORTER, ROBERT T., Russellville, Accoum- ing. POTTER, JACKIE CHARLES, Dumas, Gen. eral Business. POTTS, ADA SUE, Ola, Business Education. 163 POTTS, STEVE, Springfield, General Busi- ness. PRESFIELD, FRANK E., Harrison, General Business. PREWITT, RONALD W., Russellville, Fores- try. REED, KATHRYN M., Hot,Springs, Gen- eral Business. REHM, TOM E., Perry, Chemical Engineer- ing, REUBELL, SHARON, Harrison, Business. RHODA, DEBORAH C., Clinton, Pre-Nurs- ing. RICE, CYNTHIA M., Charlston, Elementary Education. RICHMOND, NINA, Van Buren, English. RIDDLEY, BRENDA, Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. RIFFLE, RONALD, Sherry, Wildlife Manage- ment. RINKE, lEON, Altus, General Business. MANY bands entertained at the fall dances held in he ballroom. The Rock Creek Reunion seems to have been fairly effective in lending to the mood of soul for the night. ROACH, JOYCE, Russellville, General Busi- ness. ROBERTS, MARILYN M., Little Rock, Music Education. ROBERTS, ROY, Harrison, General Business. ROBERTSON, MARY, Hot Springs, His1ory. ROBINSON, HELEN 3., Little Rock, Ele- mentary Education. RODERIQUE, NANCY A., Springdale, Parks and Recreaiion. ROSE, DONALD F., Omaha, Agriculture. ROUTZONG, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Eastville, Va., PreLLaw. ROWE, WILBER lEE, Coffer, Recreation. ROWLANDS, JANIE, Hector, Elementary Education. RUSSELL, CHRISTINE .l., Rogers, English. RUSSELL, SHARON lEA, Hot Springs, Ele- mentary Education. SOPHOMORES Rock Creek Reunion Rocks RUSSELL, WILLIAM CHARlEs, Harrison, Re- creation and Parks. RYE, RICHARD, Fort Smith, Biology. SANDERS, MARTHA BELLE, Hot Springs, Music, Voice. SCHUTERMAN, MICHAEL 3., Paris, Ac- counting. SCHREIBER, JENIFER ANN, Pottsville, Eng- lish. SCOTT; DANNY, Dardanelle, Accounting. SCOTT, JAMES C., Ola, Business. SCOTT, PAUL .l., Waldron, Engineering. SCOTT, RONALD F., Hot Springs, Account- ing. SEARS, DARRELL E., Morrilfon, Pre Medi- cal. SEVERS, ANN CAROL, Berryville, Business Education. SEVERS, GEORGE-W. JR., B'erryville, Agri- culture-Business. 165 SEXTON, DARREI. F., Deer, Parks and Re- creation. SEXTON, NEAL R., Teaneck, N.J., General Studies. SHANKLES, WANDA ANN, Gentry, Physi- cal Education. SHEPHERD, VERONICA WENOKA, Sa!em, Maihemavics. SHIELDS, lYLE, Gentry, Agriculture. SHlPlEY, NORMAN W., Fort Smiih, Pre- Med. SHOPTAW, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Harri- son, Elementary Education. SIEBENMORGEN, CHARLOTTE, Scranton, General Business. SIKES, CHARLES W., Scranton, Sociology. SILZELL, JERRY T., Mountain Home, Agri- culture-Business. SIMPSON, ELAINE, Booneville, Art. SINGLETON, JAMES H., Morrihon, Engi- nearing. SLATER, CONNIE J., Van Buren, Psycholcr 9Y- SMEEK, LARRY PAUL, Booneville, PrevMed. SMITH, CATHERINE, Mena, Accounting. SMITH, JAMES C.., Mount Ida, Wildlife. SMITHSON, KATHY L, Bentonville, Busi- ness. SPENCER, THOMAS H., Hot Springs, Ac- couming. STANFIElD,' KINNEY ELAINE, Alma, Ele- mentary Education. STANLEY, JAMES 6., Pyen, Elementary Education. STATON, lARRY JOE, Magazine, Wildlife. STEVENS, DAVID, El Dorado, Accounting. SULLIVAN, CHARLES, Dardanelle, Engi- neerlng. SUMMERS, SHARON KAY, Mulberry, Ele- mentary Education. SOPHOMORES Fall finds Techsters Fallen o... A .5 -. 4n... gut: AS the fall season moved in Techsters found there was still a touch of spring left in the air. Willy Jones and Eileen Freeman seem content to walk together whispering sweet nothings. SWAN, KAREN 5., Mountain Home, Com- mercial Art. SWEAT, BRENDA, Russellville, Horne Eco- nomics. TAPP, PEGGY, Havana, Mathematics. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH Y., Adana, History. TAYLOR, GEORGE W., Clarksville, Pre-Vel. TAYLOR, JAMES HERBERT, Booneville, Busi- ness. TAYLOR, ROGER D., Booneville, Electrical Engineering. TAYLOR, STEPHEN 0., Pine Bluff, Geology. TEETER, V lVlAN FLOY, Pottsville, Math. THOMAS, CARL E., Jasper, Parks and Re- creation. THOMAS, RICHARD D., Russellville, Gen- eral Business. THOMPSON, EVELYN, Parks, Pre-Pharmacy. THORNE, FREDERICK P. JIL, Wes? Mem- phis, Pre-law. 'I'INDER, THURSTON ELDRED, Waldron, Mechanical Engineering. 101'", STEPHEN R., Pine Bluff, Engineering. TRUMBLE, JOHN A., Waldron, Geology. 167 TUCKER, BETH, Dardanelle, Business Edu- cation. TURNER, STEVE, Wynne, Parks and Re- creation. TYLER, DAVID C., Hot Springs, Acgzounting. TYLER, DEBORAH, Stuttgart, Mathematics. VAUGHN, JAMA KAYE, Fort Smhh, Psy- chology. VERSER, MARSHA KAY, Heber Springs. WADE, SHARON G., Pottsville, Parks and Recreation. WAGNER, PAMELA A., Fort Smith, Ele- mentary Education. WALDON, GENE BRUCE, Ozark, Pre-Med. WALKER, GARY, Metalton, Forestry. WALKER, LINDA, Hot Springs, History. WALKER, RICTOR 3., Hot Springs, Libe- ral Arts. WALKER, ROBERTA, Paris, Business Edu- ca1ion. WALTER, JAMES 5., Rogers, Wildlife Man- agement. WEAVER, SHARON KAY, Russellville, Ele- mentary Education. WESLEY, JOHN E., Russellville, Account- ing. ARKANSANS are not unaccustomed 10'a small rainfall or even a steady deluge. Often students say a walk in the rain is relaxing. Perhaps these girls were relaxed by taking a wet walk to class. SOPHOMORES Ways to Relax Improvised WEST, CAROLYN F., Fort Smith, General Business. WEST, RUTH, Valley Springs, English. WHEELER, MICHAEL E., Fort Smith, Gen- eral Business. WHILEY, SHARON, 1., Mansfield, Home Economics. WHITE, RICHARD 0., Cocoa Beach, Fla., General Studies. WHITE, SHIRLEY MARIE, Fort Smith, Ac- counting. ' wuns, TOMMY, Flippin, Geology. WHITLOCK, LOIS YVONNE, Mulberry, Ele mentary Education. WHITT, RALPH, Delta Junction, Alas., Phy- sical Education. WHITTEMORE, DANNY EUGENE, Hunts- ville, Wildlife Management. WllES, BRUCE, Gentry, General Studies. WILEY, ANES M., Blytheville, Biology. WILKINS, TIMOTHY MICHAEL, England. Wildlife. WISER, JUDY, L, Havana, Recreation. WITHERINGTON, PHILLIP, Hamburg, Engi- neering. WOOD, DARRYL GREGORY, Delaware, Music. WOOD, MIKE, Heber Springs, Accounting. WOOD, WILLIAM J., Fort Smith, Music Education. WRIGHT, JAMES A., Siloam Springs, Mathe matics. WRIGHT, WAYNE E., Hot Springs, Gan- eral Business. YEAGER, GARY, Russellville, English. ZACHARY, ROBERT L, Morrilfon, Wildlife Management. ZENKUS, JAMES J., Lamont, "L, Account- ing. ZIMPEl, JUDY K., Clarksville, Physical Education. 169 Freshmen Freshman class officers were elected in October but competition for the positions were 56 numerous that a run-off election had to be held for the presi- dency. Luther Hardin defeated Dan Leeman for the of- fice in the run-off. After his election Hardin appoint- .- i i 7 n; gt 7 FRESHMAN class officers are Denise Gilkey, Secretary; Lu Hardin, Presi- dent,- and Laura Wehon, Vice-Presidem. ed the Freshman Council which was designed to help with the projects which the class would undertake. Both candidates were for voluntary ROTC and helped with the work which eventaully gave the Col- lege voluntary ROTC. Freshmen also assisted in the various special events held by the College. FRESHMAN COUNClL-FRONT ROW: 'Livesay; Welton, Vice-President; Gilkey; Leeman! Haaser. SECOND ROW: Futrel, Representative,- Berry; Sullivant; Harrison; Wheeler; Jones. THIRD ROW: Hardin, President; Keller, Representative; Hoge; Wright; Hindsman; Lacy. ABBOTT, llNDA KAY, Fayetteville, Physical Education. ADAMS, JAMES A., Mulberry, General Business. ADAMS, MARY, Siloam Springs, Home 3 Economics. ADAMS, STEPHEN, Paris, General Studies. AlESSl, WILLIAM, Linle Rock, Geology. ALEXANDER, SUSAN L, Atkins, General Studies. ALLEN, CECIL, Cotton Plant, Accouming. AMADEN, JOE, Lonoke, Pre-law. AMANN, SUSAN ELAINE, Bradford, Ele- mentary Education. ANDERSON, MARY, Ozark, Secretarial Science. ANDREWS, BOYD L, Russellville, Business. APEl, REBA, Pine Bluff, Art. APPLER, JOE R., Hot Springs, Wildlife Management. :RNOLD, REX, Harrison, General Sm- Ies. ARY, CATHERINE ANN, Berryville, Ele- mentary Education. FRESHMEN Elections High on Frosh Agenda ATCHISON, JOY P., Omaha, History. ADCOCK, SHIRLEY, Mountainburg, Elemen- tary Education. AUSTIN, ANDY, Subiaco, Engineering. AYLOR, DOUGLAS, Magnet Cove, Physical Education. BAKER, BOB, Russellville, General Studies. VBAKER, MIKE, Russellville, Med-Tech. BAKER, ROBERT D., Vian, Okla., Physical Education. BANGS, JACKIE N., Bonneville, General Studies. BARTLETT, DAVID L, Russellville, General Studies. BASINGER, LARRY E., Hacke", General Studies. BATES, VICKI, Mount Ida, Elementary Edu- cation. BAUER, BE'I'SY ANN, Atkins, General Studies. BEAN, LINDA C., Russellville, Business Edu- cation. BEA'I'Y, ROBERT HUGH, Benton, Account- Ing. BEECHER, DAVID, Rogers, Music. BELL, BARBARA SUE, Hector, Music Edu- cation. BELL, GORDON 5., North Linle Rock, Pre- Med. BElL, SHARON C., Forrest City, General Studies, BELOT", ANGELO H. JR., Little Rock, Mus- ic Education. BERRY, PAM, Dover, Business Education. 171 BETNER, DANNY RAY, Clarksville, Physi- cal Education. BEWLEY, DAVID A., Russellville, General Studies. BICKERSTAFF, FLOYD W., Brinkley, Gen- eral Studies. BISHOP, NAOMI, Russellvilie, General Education. BIZZELL, DAVID R., Fort Smith, Business. BLAND, BECKY, El Dorado, Sociology. BLANKENSHIP, PAT l.., Hot Springs, Home Economics. BLEVINS, lOUISE D., Dardanelle, Math. BOGART, JAMES, Magazine, Business. BOTTOMS, DEBBY, Roland, General Science. BOYD, CHARLOTTE ANN, Hot Springs. Elementary Education. BOYLES, GARY, Lonoke, Wildlife. BOYLES, KENNETH, Harrisburg, Wildlife. BRANAN, THOMAS J., Lonoke, Art Design. BRAWNER, MICHEAl, Wynne, General Studies. FRESHMEN Enthusiasm BREEDLOVE, BILL, Fort Smith, Physical Edu- cation. BREITENSTEIN, JOHN, Pine Bluff, Electri- cal Engineering. BRENGARD, RICHARD .l., Paragould, Gen- eral Studies. BREWER, ROBERT R., Bergman, Account- mg. BRINKLEY, JOHN, Bradford, Physical Edu- cation. BROCK, WANDA, Alread, General Studies. BROMLEY, KERRY, El Dorado, Music Edu- cation. BROWN, DEANNA KAY, Ozark, Physical Education. BROWN, DONNA M., Hunisville, Biology. BROWN, RICHARD, Jeruselam, General Studies. BROWN, TERRY, Judsonia, PreMed. BROWN, TOMMY G., Yellville, Agriculture. BRUCE, CAROLE L, Fort Smith, General Studies. BRUMEBLOW, TERRY, Pine Bluff, Pre-Vef. BURCHFIELD, SUSAN, North Little Rock, Art. BURKHALTER, CAROL, North Lihle Rock. Engineering. BURNS, JANICE KAY, Hot Springs, Elemen- tary Educaiion. SPRRIS, JOHNNY L, Hector, General Stu- I93. BURRIS, ROBERT A., Little Rock, Fine Arts. BURRIS, VICKIE .l., Russiallville, Business. BUTLER, DENNIS, Alma, Music Education. BUTLER, GARY, Waldron, Mathematics. BUTTERBAUGH, RICHARD .l., Berryville, General Studies. BYERS, LARRY W., Mount Ida, Business Education. BYRINE, DAVID .l., Hot Springs, Engi- neenng. CAGIE, PAMELA 5., Ozark, General Stu- dies. CAMERON, DAN T., Fort Smith, Business. CAMPBELL, CAL, Hot Springs, General Business. CAMPBELL, LARRY 1., Green Forest, Gen- eral Business. CAMPBELL, NANCY L, North Little Rock, Elementary Education. CAMPBELL, PEGGY, Dallas, Tex., Wildlife. CANTRELL, lAURIE A., Harrison, Physical Education. CARLILE, KAY A., Fort Smith, General Business. CARLSON, DENNIS RICHARD, Russellville, Engineering. CARTER, CAROLYN, Dardanelle, General Business. CARTER, GAIL, Russellville, General Stu- dies. CARY, LINDA, Springdale, Sociology. CASEY, BILLY E., Waldron, Engineering. CATES, lYNA EllZAgETH, Prairie Grove, Accounting. CAWOOD, JANET K., Springdale, PreMed. 173 174 CHASTAIN, WILLIAM 5., Benton, General Business. CHILDERS, BOB, County Line, General Studies. CHITWOOD, GORDON 6., Fort Smith, Pre- Pharmacy. CHIVERS, lAURA sus, Siloam Springs, History. CHOATE, PAMELA SUE, Western Grove, Elementary Education. CHUDY, CAROL, Hazen, General Studies. CIOPPA, ANDREW H., Blauvelf, N.Y., Phy- sical Education. CIOPPA, CHRIS 1., Blauvelt, N.Y., Physical Education. CLARK, SANDRA A., Chafsworth, Ga., General Studies. CLAY, TERRY, Mt, Ida, General StudiES. CLUCK, DIANNE, Cedarville, English. COCKMAN, NANCY, Jessieville, Elemen- tary Education. COFFMAN, SAM L., Hector, General Stu- dies. COGAN, PEGGY, Clarksville, Secretarial Science. COGGINS, JACK E., Trumann, Pre-Demis- try. COLEMAN, CAROL A., Alma, Psychology. CONWAY, PAUL 5., North Little Rock, Ac- counting. COOPER, MARY SUE, Booneville, An Edu- cation. COPE, JIMMY N., Paris, Engineering. CORNWELL, DAVID, Dardanelle, Business. ANXIETY of freshman classification was refleded by Jane Livesay as she checked her tenta- tive classes. Many changes had to be made before final approval of schedules was given. ,2, FRESHMEN Fresh Ponder Classification COX, CINDEE, Fort Smith, Elementary Edu- cation. CRABILL, RITA lOUlSE, Havana, Recrea- tion. CRAFT, CHARLES, Fort Smith, Biology. CRANOR, HAlBERT, Forest Ciiy, Biology. CRAWFORD, MARGARET GALE, Dardanelle, General Business. CREWS, JAMES, Siloam Springs, Recreation. CROWLEY, DWIGHT L, Mulberry, Physical Education. CROUCH, BARBARA, Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. CRUMP, STEVE R., For! Smiih, Wildlife. DANIELS, lEE, Dardanelle, Physical Edu- cation. DAVIDSON, ANNA lOU, Russellville, Mathematics. DAVIS, STEVE, Waldron, Science. DAVIS, TERRY, Charleston, Mo., English. DENTON, SHARON JO, Waldron, Music Education. DePRlEST, MARTANNE, Barling, General Studies. DeWOODY, BRENDA, Gurdon, Physical Education. DICKS, BARBARA, Ozark, Nursing. DIXON, ROBERT D., Bellville, General Stu- dies. DOMERESE, KATHY, Fort Smith, General Studies. DORMOIS, DEBBIE, Fon Smith, Elemen- tary Educaiion. DORRID, SUZETTE M., Nonh Little ROCR, Elementary Education. DOSSETT, MARY, Knoxville, General Stu- dies. DOUGLAS, JIMMIE A., Danville, General Studies. DOUGLAS, ROBIN R., Searcy, General Studies. DOWNS, SYDNEY CLARA, Springdale, Ele- mentary Education. DRAKE, PATRICIA MARIE, Van Buren, Gen- eral Studies. DUDERSTADT, BRUCE, Gillan, General Business. DUKE, DONNA JEANNETTE, Glenwood, Secretarial Science. DUNN, LINDA K., Fort Smith, Business Education. DYER, MARY, Alma, Pre-Nursing. EDGAR, STEVE E., Russellville, Mathe- matics. EGREN, YERESE ANN, Little Rock, Music Education. EDMUNDSON, ROBERT GLEN, Gateway, Mechanical Eng. EDWARDS, JOHN, Mena, General Business. EDWARDS, PAUL WILLIAM, Fort Smith, General Business. 175 ELDERTON, JAMES L, Springdale, Gen- 1 eral Studies. ELLIS, MICHAEL, Berryville, General Stu- dies. EMBRY, JUDY KAY, Mena, General Studies. EMMETT, JAMES l.., Springdaka, Engineer- ing. EPPS, DAVID C., Poplar Bluff, Mo., Engi- neering. EVANS, HERBERT C., Little Rock, Agri- Business. EVANS, JEFF, Russellville, General Studies. EZELL, MICHAEL RAY, Paris, Physical Edu- canon. EZELL, SAM G., Booneville, General Stu- dies. 31 PALMER, CALVIN, Mount Vernon, Mo., 1: Social Science. FANNING, CARL, Berryville, General Stu- dies. FAVRE, ROBERT A., Piermont, N. Y., Phy- sical Educaiion. FELTNER, MARY JO, Prairie Grove, Ele' memary Education. i FERGUSON, CHARLES, Springdale, Gen- eral Business. FERGUSON, MARK R., Charleston, Physical Educaiion. FRESHMEN Bryan Houses 95 Women FERGUSON, MARSHA DALE, Harrison, Sec- retarial Science. FIELDS, PATTI A., Fort Smith, Elementary Education. FIELDS, RON 6., Fort Smith, General Stu- dies. FISHER, DWIGHT E., Bald Knob, Pre-Med. FlVEKlllER, RICKY, Fort Smith, Business. FLETCHER, CLARK 5., Mountain Home, Geology. FLOYD, RITA CAROL, Ola, General Stu- dies. 3 FORESEE, DONNA 5., Harrison, Business. ; ' FORREST, REBECCAH, Plainview, General Studies. ; FORSGREN, PAM A., Fort Smith, General Studies. FOWLER, lARRY, Jasper, Business. FRANKLIN, BILLY, Jerusalem, Business. FRANKLIN, MARVIN RAY, Parks, History. FREEMAN, ALLINE, Forrest City, Pre-Nurs- ing. FREEMAN, lYNNE, Russellville, Art. FREEMAN, PAUL, Morrilton, Wildlife. FREYALDENHOVEN, MARTHA L, Morrilton. General Studies. FULTON, STEPHEN P., Hot Springs, Gen- eral Business. FULBRIGHT, DEE ANN, Dardanelle, Gen- eral Studies. ? FUTRAL, CHARLES, Fort Smith, Accounting. i DURING the warm autumn months many students found the back porches of Bryan a nice place for a private conversaxion. With the approach of winter they sought the shelter of the dorm's lounge; GAGE, TRAVIS EDWARD, Ozark, General Studies. GAINES, RAY W., Ozark, General Studies. GAllOWAY, lARRY, Siloam Springs, Gen- eral Studies. GARRETT, SHARON KAY, Hot Springs, Elementary Education. GATES, BETTY JO, Dardanelle, Business Education. GEORGE, NANCY, North Little Rock, Gen- eral Studies. GEORGE, RICKY STEVEN, Russellville, Agri- culture. GIBSON, THOMAS, Berryville, Accounting. GILBERT, DWIGHT, Fayetteville, Recreation and Parks Administration. GILBERT, LARRY 6., Timbo, General Stu- dies. GllKEY, DENISE K., Enid, Okla., Elementary Education. GILlMORE, BRAD M., Jackson, Tenn., Busi- ness. GILMORE, STEPHEN MATTHEW, Clinton, General Studies. GLENN, SUZE'I'TA L, Fayetteville, Music. GLISSON, BILL M., Hot Springs, Political Science. GOODMAN, CHARLES ERNEST, Fort Smith. General Studies. GOODYEAR, HARRY HAKON; Newport, Music. GOSSAGE, RONNIE S., Ratcliff, Recreation and Park Administration. GOTTLEIB, MAMIE RUTH, Hot Springs, General Business. GILBERT, NANCY JOEY, Magazine, Gen- eral Studies. 177 178 GRAVES, VIRGINIA, Hot Springs, Music Education. GRAY, MICHAEL lEE, Van Buren, Music Education. GRAY, WALTER FRANK, Hector, General Studies. GREB, MARTHA A., Fort Smith, History. GREEN, RICHARD M., Mansfield, Engineer- Ing. GREENE, CONNIE, Lead Hill, Business. GREGORY, DANIEL, Hot Springs, Wildlife Management. GRESHAM, SUSIE, Benton, History. GRIFFIN, DOROTHY, England, English. GRIFFIN, JIMMY WILLIAM, Marshall, Agri- culture. GRIGG, VICKI, Berryville, Elementary Edu- cation. GRULKEY, JACKIE KAY, Eureka Springs, Mathematics. GUHl, LANELLE, Bryant, Music Education. HAASER, ANNETTE, Fort Smith, General Studies. HAGGARD, JANIE, England, Physical Education. HALEY, ELIZABETH, Fort Smith, Elemen- tary Education. HALL, BRENDA .l., Russellville, Elementary Education. HAMILTON, HARRY 6., Hot Springs, Ac- counting. HAMILTON, JOYCE, Mountainburg, Ele- mentary Education. HAMILTON, KENNETH 6., Harrison, His- iory. EARLY in his college career a fechster finds that siudying, though important, is not the only activity on campus. Thresa McPherson, Sigma Beta sweetheart, prepares for a night on the 'town. FRESHMEN DateS-Much of Campus Life "W HAMPTON, BARBARA, North Little Rock, English. HAMPTON, MICHEAL L, Little Rock, Music Education. HANNA, PAT, Fort Smith, General Smdies. HARDIN, KAREN ELAINE, Delaware, Art. HARDIN, LUTHER B., Searcy, Political Science. HARMON, DEBORAH ANN, Fort Smith, Education. HARMON, lINDA, Russellville, Mathemat- ics. HARNESS, STANLEY, Springdale, General Business. HARPER, CAROLYN, Eudora, Science. HARRIS, SHARON, Siloam Springs, Home Economics. HARRISON, DEE ANN, Augusta, Psychol- ogy. HART, DONNA lYNN, Hot Springs, Home Economics. HAYNES, CLAUDIA E., Mena, Music Ed. HEATHCOTT, JANIS, Scranton, General Studies. HEFLEY, TRISHA 1., Harrison, Elementary Education. HELMS, JIMMY, Hughes, General Studies. HENDREN, FRANCES A., Hot Springs, Gen- eral Studies. HENDRIX, MARVIN, Russellville, Business. HENLEY, GAYLON, Trumann, Recreation and Parks Administration. HENSLEY, JUDY ANN, Berryville, General Studies. HENSON, JERRY M., Cave Creek, Recrea- and Parks Administration. HETTEL, LINDA C., Russellville, Business and Economics. HICKEY, MARLENA, Pine Bluff, Sociology. HILL, INA SUE, Mt. Judea, General Studies. Hlll, NINA L, Bass, General Studies. HINDSMAN, TOMMY E., Russellville, Busi- ness Administration. HINTON, ELIZABETH, Fort Smiih, Business Education. HINTON, JANIE F., Fort Smith, General Studies. HOBBS, DORIS, Batesville, General Scu- dies. HODNETT, JAMES H., Fort Smith, Music Ed. HOFFARTH, DAVID D., Springdale, Agri- culture. HOGE, B. JUNIOR, Fort Smith, History. HOLLABAUGH, PAMELLA, Russellville, Business. HOLLABAUGH, PATRICIA D., Russellville, Physical Education. HOLLAND, MARVIN JR., Branch, Recrea- tion and Parks Administration. 179 HONOR, NANCY D., Springdale, Home Economics. HOOPER, CATHY, Russellville, English. HOWARD, ELAINE, Alpena, English. HOYLE, FRANK, Altus, General Studies. HOYT, JOHN, Morrihon, Accounting. ? HUBBARD, MARK ANTHONY, Russellville, General Studies. HUDSON, CECILIA D., Clarksville, Psy- chology. HUELLE, DOLLY, Russellville, General Stu- dies. HUMES, HERMAN D., Bryant, Fine Arts. HUMPHREYS, WILLETTE, Russellville, $o- ciology. HUNNICUTT, PAT, Wing, General Studies. INGRAM, BILL C., Russellville, Pre-Veteri- nary. IRWIN, TERESA JOYCE, Little Rock, Music Education. IZATT, KATHY, Fort Smhh, Sociology. JACKSON, ALAN R., Russellville, Art. i FRESHMEN Administrators Greet Fresh JACKSON, CHRISTINA L, England, English- French. JACKSON, DEBRA, Mountainburg, Home ' Economics. JACKSON, ETTRA 5., Tappahannock, Va., Art. JACOB, BELINDA, Russellville, Math. JACOBS, KAY, Russellville, Business Edu- cation. JAMElL, TERESA ANN, Russellville, Eng- lish and Journalism. JAMES, BARBARA G., Briggsville, Elemen- tary Education. JAMES, lANNY T., Pocahontas, Engineer- ing. JAMES, RITA, Mulberry, General Stu- dies. JAMES, TERRY lENN, Dogpatch, General Business. JENKINS, llLllE M., England, English. JOHNSON, ANN, Mulberry, Genera! Stu- dies. JONES, BUCKY, Morrilfon; Engineering. JONES, DEBBY KAY, Hartford, Englfsh. JONES, ELINOR KAY, Berryville, Education. JONES, GERALD W., Malvern, General Business. 5f JONES, JAMES EARL, Mount Ida, General " Studies. JONES, MIKE, Little Rock, Music Educa- 1ion. JONES, PATRICIA G., Ozark, Music Edu- ca1ion. JONES, VICKI, Greenland, Business. 180 EACH year Dr. Pratt and the administrative staff hold a reception for new students, Deloris Wilson and Becky CIark were two of the upper classmen who helped serve the refreshments. JORDAN, EDA L, Hot Springs, Art. KAMERLING, JEANNE, Fort Smith, General Studies. KAUFMAN, SCOTT H., Morrilton, Recrea- tion and Park Administration. KEARNEY, JOHN, Paris, Engineering. KEIFER, GLENNA J., San Francisco, Calif., Elementary Education. KELLER PAUL 0., Eudora, General Studies. KELLY, PAT ANN, Moro, Pre-Med. KENDRICK, BETI'Y, Dover, General Studies. KEYS, NANCY C., Dardanelle, Accounting. KINNEY, CATHERINE A., Coal Hill, Ele- mentary Education. KIRPATRICK, PHILLIP W., Malvern, Phy- sical Education. KNIGHT, ELIZABETH A., Siloam Springs, Physical Education. KREMERS, FRANCIS C., Atkins, General Studies. LACY, EDDIE L, Heber Springs, General Studies. LAMBERSON, TONI, Gentry, Home Eco- nomics. lANE, RONALD, Green Forest, Accounting. LANGFORD, DENNIS 0., Hector, General Studies. LANTRIP, MARILYN, England, General Studies. lARSEN, JOHN TAYLOR, Waukegan, HL, General Business. LATCH, NANCY 6., Heber Springs, Gen- eral Studies. 181 lEAPHEART, CHARLES E., Blackwell, Ele- mentary Education. LEDFORD, VICKIE SUE, Prairie Grove, Ele- meentary Education. ' lEEMAN, DAN A., Benton, Political Science. LEVY, NANCY E., Mena, Pre-Med. LEWELLYN, RONNIE D., Heber Springs, General Studies. lEWlS, VIRGINIA DALE, Benton, Med.- Tech. llENHART, DEBBIE E., Morrilton, Art. lITTlE, SUSAN C., Hot Springs, An. llVESAY, JANE, Fort Smith, Psychology. lOCKE, PAULETTE M., Fort Smith, General Studies. lOMAN, GERALD A., Prairie Grove, Eng- ineering. lOOPER, DAVID, Russellville, General Studies. lOWERY, DAVID W., North Little Rock, Accounting. lOWRlMORE, DENNIS DEAN, Mulberry, General Studies. LOWRY, FORREST BUTCHL Little Rock, Speech-Drama. lUCK, CAROLYN 11., Mountain Home, Ele- mentary Education. lUCKENBAUGH, JOHN WAYNE, Fon Smith, Physical Education. LUEBKER, MI'I'ZI, Stuttgart, Elementary Education. lUNSFORD, ALAN 5., North Little Rock, General Studies. lUNSFORD, BENNY M., Mena, Engineer- Ing. M' 3' 3 Igjtugf WILSON Hall, Tech's oldest dormitory, was newly remodeled in the Spring of 1969. The maiority of Ihe occupants are freshmen, as are Duane Roberts and his roommate. FRESHMEN Oldest Dormitory Remodeled lYNCH, FRANK, Hot Springs, General Stu- dies. lYNCH, JOY LAVON, London, Business Education. LYONS, MIKE EDWARD, Waldron, Gen- eral Studies. McALISTER, BILLY, Dover, Engineering. McBEE, SHERRY! 5., Mena, Music Educa- 1ion. McCAIN, KAY, Mulberry, Business Edu- caticn-Secretarial Science. McCOLlUM, DAVID, Pocahontas, Wildlife Management. McCOY, BOBBIE 6., Branch, General Busi- "655. McCRORY, PHILLIP, Hot Springs, Electrical Engineering. McDONAlD, lONNlE, Berryville, Educa- tion. McGEE, MARK 5., Ozark, General Business. McGETRICK, JOE, Springdale, Engineering. McINNES, DERONDA 5., Fort Smi1h, Gen- eral Studies. McKElLAR, MARK A., North Linle Rock, Music Education. McKENEY, GARY L, Russellville, Music Educaiion. McKINNEY, LEA ANN, Berryville, Elemen- tary Education. McMASTER, RONALD H., DeWitt, Account- ing. McNEW, JO LYNN, Dardanelle, Psycholo- 9y. McPHERSON, THRESA M., Heber Springs, General Siudies. MAGNESS, HENRY, Hartford, General Stu- dies. MALENSHEK, DAVID RICHARD, Mountain Home, General Studies. MALOCH, MARK l... El Dorado, General Studies. MANER, NANCY P., Fort Smith, General Studies. MARLER, JIMMIE WAYNE, Mountain Home, Agriculture. MARLEY PHYLLIS A., Fort Smith, English. MARLEY, SUSAN .IO, Elkins, Physical Edu- cation. MARSH, RANDALL, McCrory, Agriculure. MARTIN, BARBARA A., Springdale, Phy- sical Education. MARTIN, LARRY R., Western Grove, Math. MARVIN, KEN E., Fayetteville, General Business. ' MASSIE, DEBBIE, Dover, Psychology. MATSLER, ROBERT DENNIS, Mulberry, Chemistry. MEADOR, VICKI, Springdale, Physical Education. MEDLOCK, DANNY I.., Fort Smith, Gen- eral Business. MERCK, WILLIAM A. JIL, Little Rock, Engi- neering. 183 MILLER, MARGARET, Little Rock, Engineer- ingA MILROY, PATTI, Hot Springs, Education. MITCHELL, FRANCES. E., Pine Bluff, Edu- cation. k MOODY, VICKIE, Clarksville, Math. V MOONEY, lAWRENCE, Ozone, Wildlife. MOORE, BETTY LOU, Salem, Pre-Vet. MORGAN, MARILYN, Clarksville, General Studies. MORGAN, WYMAN 0., Fort Smith, History. MORRIS, ANITA DIANNE, Fayetteville, Education. MORRIS, PAT ANN, Morrilfon, General Studies. ' MORRIS, TERESA, Caner, General Busi- ness. MORRIS, WENDY, Fort Smith, History. MOUDY, MICHAEL A., Russellville, Gen- eral Studies. MULLINS, lARRY V., Russellville, Recrea- fion. MURDOCH, .IANIS, Hector, Business Edu- cation. ' ' FRESHMEN Science Required for F rosh MURPH, lES'I'ER L, Morrilton, Engineering. MURR, KEITH .l., Huntsville, Agriculture. MURRAY, WENDEll. CARL, Little Rock, Edu- cation. MYATT, CINDY ELAINE, Marshall, Gen- eral Studies. MYERS, DAVID, Altus, Pre-Vet. NALL, lOYD ANDERSON, North Little Rock, Wildlife. NEVILL, ANTHON'Y 3., Little Rock, Busi- ness. NEWMAN, lARRY, Berryville, Art. NEWTON, JERRY 5., Ozark, General Stu- dies. NICOLL, llNDA C., Springdale, Physical Education. NOBLE; DAVID 1., Little Rock, Education. NOGGlE, MIKE .l., Ozark, General Stu- : dies. NOllNER, GARY M., Springdale, Physical Education. NORMAN, ROY, Leadhill, Business. NUTTLEMAN, KAY, Rogers, Physical Edu- cation. OCHELTREE, GLEN DAVID, Rogers, Biol- ogy. OEEGARD, RALPH, Mountain Home, Edu- cation. 011', STANLEY 3., Marshall, Math. OVERBY, NORMA, Leadhill, General Stu- dies. , . owsu, DEBiIE F., Russellville, Education. 184 MANY science classes were held in "the pits" to the dismay of a number of students who dis- liked climbing up and down the huge cement stairs that all three of the pits are equipped with. PARHAM, JOHNNY I.., Atkins, Journalism. PARIS, FRANK A., Searcy, Physical Edu- 5 cation. PARKER, GEORGE, Atkins, Business. PARKER, llOYD C., Earle, Physical Edu- cation. PARKER, PAMELA R., London, General Studies. PARKER, ROY L, Charleston, Physical Edu- cation. PARRISH, DAN, Holly Grove, General Stu- dies. PATTERSON, PAUL, Gentry, Agriculture. PATTONh DENNIS, Clarksville, Engineer- mg. PATTON, GARY, Wooster, Agriculture. PATTON, TRISHA, Belleview, General Stu- dies. PAUL, ANGElA C., Harrison, Accounting. PENGUITE, ROBERT 0., Denver, Calm, General Business. PETERS, GARY L, Little Rock, Recreation. PHILLIPS, HOLLY A., San Antonio, Tex., General Studies. PHILLIPS, JOHN, Jasper, General Studies. PICKENS, PAULA, Berryville, Elementary Education. PIERSON, lYNDA LOUISE, Bull Shoals, Secretarial Science. PllKINGTON, RICKEY L, Heber Springs, General Studies. PORTER, KATHY, Greenwood, Music Edu- cation. POTTER, NANCY, Gentry, General Stu- dies. PRICE, CHARLES T., Russellville. PUGH, TIMOTHY, DeWi'rT, Chemisny. PUTMAN, DANNY. RAY, Hot Springs, Geol- ogy. PYE, DON, Perryville, Physics. RAINWATER, JIMMY, Paris, General Stu- dies. RAMBO, SHARLET A., Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. RAMSEY, RANDY A., Russellville, General Studies. REES, PAT 6., Omaha, Neb., Business Edu- cation. REEVES, WILLIAM R., Huntsville, General Studies. REHM, DANNY C., Morrilton, General Stu- dies. REIS, MARY C., Fort Smith, General Stu- dies. REW, RICHARD, Rogers, General Studies. REYNOLDS, JERRY L, Russellville, General Studies. RHINEHAR'I', PATRICIA, Paris, Secreiarial Science. RICHEY, JIMMY, Lead Hill, General Stu- dies. RlSLEY, BERNA lEA, Peel, Elememary Edu- cation. RISNER, SHARON KAY, Quitman, General Studies. ROACH, DIANA, Russellville, General Stu- dies. ROBBINS, STAN M., Forf Smith, Fine Arts. GETTING acquainted is a maior Step for freshmen; the annual mixer helped to solve this problem. What better way to get to know someone than by passing life savers on toothpicks to each other. ROBER, RICKEY, Scranton, Physical Edu- cation. ROBERTS, BELINDA, Mt, Ida, Secondary Education. ROBERTS, CAROL A., Siloam Springs, Psy- chology. ROBERTS, DUANE, Bergman, Wildlife Management. ROBERTSON, MARCIA, Fort Smith, Ele. mentary Education. ROBINSON, FRANKIE Jo, Dardaneue, Gen" eral Studies. ROBISON, STEPHEN .l., Fort Smith, Po- litical Science. ROBUS, BRUCE E., Heber Springs, Business. ROCHELLE, GENE P., Lonoke, Engineering. ROCOLE, CHRISTOPHER, Nail, General Stu- dies. ROE, WILLIAM, Fort Smith, Engineering. ROGERS, ANNA JENE, Paris, Art. ROGERS, MALENDA GAIL, Paris, General Studies. ROGERS, MARILYN JANE, Paris, General Studies. ROPER, ALTON NEWTON, Scranton, Agri- Business. ROPER, RONNIE l., Scranton, Physical Education. ROSS, GAIL M., Berryville, Education. ROSS, GLEN, Hot Springs, General Studies. ROSS, JAMES, Walbash, Mathematics. ROSS, TOM, Fort Smith, Political Science. FRESHMEN Mixer Acquaints Freshmen ROWAN, SHARON W., Hot Springs, Ele- mentary Educaiion. ROWE, WAYMON ANDREW JR., North Little Rock, Physical Education. RUSSELL, RUTH, Kingston, Mathematics. RUSSELL, SHARON, Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. RUST, MARY, Fort Smith, General Studies. SADLER, CHARLES A., Greenwood, Phy- sical Education. SAMPLE, JERRY L, Springdale, Account- ing. SANSING, WILLIAM L, Bergman, PhysF cal Education. SCHAEFFER, KENNETH 5., Garland, Tex., General Studies. SCHEIBLE, JAMES, Dover, General StudieS. SCHERRY, WALLY A., Fort Smith, Wildlife Management. SCHULTERMAN, MIKE L, Paris, General Studies. SCOGGINS, KAREN, Clarksville, Pre-Nurs- mg. SCOTT, LARRY D., Hazen, General Studies. SCOTT, LARRY G., Dardanelle,-Agricuhure. SHARUM, DANNY, Mena, General Studies. SHAW, JAMES M., Russellville, Elementary Education. SHELTON, PATRICIA, Deer, General Siu- dies. SHEPHERD, JIM, Springdale, Agriculture. SHERWIN, RAYMOND CHARLES, Little Rock Music Education. v w SHORT, BRUCE W., Mt. Ida, General 1 Studies. SHUFFIELD, CAROLYN J., Dover, Elemen- tary Educafion. SIMMONS, PHIL, Russellville, Biology. SIMPSON, RAYMOND LEWIS, Eudor$, Engineering. SIMMS, DONNA, Dardanelle, General Stu- dies. SKAGGS, GLORIA L, Huntsville, Elemen- tary Education. SMITH, BRAD 0. JR., Mt. Ida, General ; Studies. SMITH, CATHY lEE, Malvern, Elementary Education. SMITH, DON, Fort Smith, Pharmacy. SMITH, GARY E., Trumann, Engineering. FRESHMEN 66Iron Catg Play for Dance SMITH, llNDA 1., Ozark, Elementary Edu- cation. SMITH, MICHAEL lEON, Texarkana, Ac- : counting. " SMITH, RONALD, Fort Smith, Pharmacy. SMITH, TIM, Alpena, Physical Education. SMITH, WADE, Gentry, History. SNIDER, TED 6., Carlisle, Pre-Law. SPICER, RICK 0., Ridge City, Tex., Gen- neral Studies. STAATS, RAY'A., Stuttgart, Engineering. STAHL, ANGIE, Plainview, General Stu- dies. STANBERRY, PEGGY P., Danville, Elemen- tary Education. STANTON, MICK A., Fan Smith, General Business. STARK, BRENDA 6., Hector, Pre-NurSing. STARK, DALE CRAIG, Heber Springs, Gen- eral Studies. STATON, JOHN T., Magazine, Wildlife. STEEL, CHRIS A., Little Rock, Engineering. STEELE, HERBERT lEE, Hartford, Chemistry. STEPHENS, SALLY PAT, Clinton, History. STEWART, STEVEN 1., Charleston, Art. STILLWELL, DANNY C., DeWiH, General ' Studies. STOCKTON, MELBA, Mulberry, Secretarial Science. 188 u. 1 4.410 A' - h. 5.. t INFORMAL dances were sponsored by the Student Senate at the begivnning of the year. Various ! local bands provided the entertainment and many Techsters were on hand to "rock-out." STOKES, TOMMY I... Bruno, General Stu- dies. ' STONE, DONALD, Huntsville, Mechanical Engineering. STONESIFER, DONNA, Westfork, Business Education. STOUT, DONNA J., Springdale, Physical Education. STRICKlAND, BETSY 5., Annapolis, Md., t General Studies. t STUBBS, MIKE I.., Berryville, General Stu- dies. SULLIVAN, LUCINDA M., Coal Hill, Gener- al Business. SULLIVAN, TERRY M., Briggsville, Political Science. SULLIVANT, JEANI, Oklahoma City, Okla., English. SUMMITT, RICKEY L, Simms, General Stu- dies. SWINT, JOHN 5., Booneville, Accounting. TACKITT, MARTHA E., Morrilton, Psy- chology. TAYLOR, CHARLES P., Pocahontas, Engi- neering. TAYLOR, KATHY, Little Rock, Der'3n. TAYLOR, MARTHA SUSAN, Russellville, Pre-Nursing. TERRY, DAVID, Fort Smith, General Studies. THICKSTEN, JACKIE N., Alma, Art. THOMAS, ROY, Fort Smith, Pre-Med. THOMPSON, ALICE BERNELL, Mount Ju- dea, Business Education. THORNTON, SHARON K., Malvern, History. 190 THROCKMORTON, LANNY D., Bald Knob, Mechanical Engineering. TIBBELS, PAULA, Russellville, General Stu- dies. TREAT, KYLE 3., North Little Rock. TRIBULAK, NANCY ANN, Alma, Elemen- tary Education. TRUSTY, LINDA K., Russellville, General Studies. TRUSTY, ROGER, Subiaco, General Busi- nESS. TURBYFILL, CALVIN, Benton, Biology. VERNON, RICHARD K., Fort Smith, Busi- ness. VINCENT, ROBERT E., Toledo, 0., General Studies. VINES, JOE D., Trumann, Recreation and Parks Administration. WALDON, DONNA 5., Dover, History. WALDROP, TERRY CURTIS, North Little Rock, General Studies. WALKER, RUSSELL EUGENE, Ozark, Gen- eral Studies. WARD, EVELYN LORETTA, Russellville, General Studies. WARD, JOEL R., Little Rock, Wildlife Man- agement. WARD, MYRA GAIL, Fort Smith, Elemen- tary Education. WATKINS, KAREN 5., Charleston, Business. WATSON, DEBORAH A., Menifee, Pre- Nursing. WATSON, DEWEY, Hot Springs, Forestry. WYAT, MARY ELIZABETH, Decatur, His- tory. WEATHERFORD, lARRY R., Hot Springs, Social Studies. WELTON, LAURA, Hot Springs, Elementary Education. WESY, SHARON KAY, Ola, Mathematics. WESTBROOK, WILLIAM B., Cabot, Music. WHEELER, PATRICK GARY, Fort Smith, General Studies. LARRY HEATHCOAT and his girlfriend Nancy took advantage of a quiet minute in their busy sche- dules to converse with each other in relative privacy in front of the deserted Student Center. FRESHMEN Freshmen Number Over 500 WHITE, DAVID, Paris, Physical Education. WHITE, MIKE, Springdale, Business. WHITE, TWANA SUE, Fort Smith, Elemen- tary Education. WHITESIDE, JOHN N., Russellville, Psy chology. WHORTON, JAMES A., Paris, General Stu- dies. WIDNER, DENNIS, Alpena, Wildlife Man- agement. WILBANKS, DAVID, Russellville, Pre- Pharmacy. WILKINS, lAURA C., Russellville, Music. WILLEMS, JOAN l., Subiaco, General Stu- dies. WILLIAMS, CHARLES WAYNE, Norman, General Studies. WILLIAMS, PATRICE K., Siloam Springs, Music Education. WILLIAMS, VICKIE 6., Mulberry, General Studies. WILLIAMSON, DAVID BRUCE, Malvern, Music. WILLIS, SHEILA, Morrilton, General Stu- dies. WILSON, DWIGHT, Dardanelle, General Studies. WILSON, GAII. M., Fort Smith, Music. WILSON, MABLE, Atkins, Pre-Vet. WIMBERLY, JOHN ROBERT, Little Rock, Music Education. WINDER, lINDA, St. Joe, General Studies. WIRGES, VICKI l.., Morrilfon, Political Science. WISDOM, lARRY CLATON, Hecmr, Gen- eral Studies. WHITT, JAMES M., Alma, General Busi- ness. WOODARD, CAROLYN L, Danville, Ele mentary Education. WOODIEL, KAY, Spring Valley, N. Y., Phy- sical Education. WOOllEY, JAMES R., Fayetteville, Music Education. WORLEY, HERBERT lEE, Humsville, Physi- cal Educaiion. WORNER, RUDY, Fort Smhh, Physical Edu- cation. WRAY, CONNIE 5., Salem, Mathematics. WRIGHT, CURTIS R., Benton, Engineering. WRIGHT, DALE, Trumann, Accounting. YARBOUGH, DIANE, Russellville, Elemen- tary Education. YOUNG, JIM, PerryviHe, General Studies. YOUNGBLOOD, JERRY, BerryViIIE, General Studies. WRIGHT, MICHAEL Ra1cliff, Music Educa- tion. WRIGHT, SHIRLEY, Hatfield, Secretarial Science. 191 New Students Number 251 ASH, CARROLL, Rogers; Recreation. BASSE, KATHY, Rogers; English. BETSILL, DWAYNE, Russellville; Gen. Stud- Ies. BISHOP, DIANA, Green Forest; History. BOWDEN, MARY K., Booneville; Psychol- 09V- CAMPBELL, STEVEN, Clarksville; Gen. Busi- ness. CLAY, GRADY, Fort Smith; Recrea1ion. COSLET, NIKKI, London; English. CYPERT, DONAIAD, Little Rock; Accounting. EARNEST, MARGY, Rogers; Biology. EOFF, BRENDA, Russellville; Pre-Nursing. HAYWARD, JANIS, Dover; Hisfory. HILLMAN, JERRY, Prairie Grove; Gen. Stud- ies. HOOTEN, WILLIAM, Clarksville; Math. KING, FRED, Russellville; Pre-Nursing. KUHLMANN, DANNY, Waldron; Medical Tech. lECY, RODGER, Fort Smith; Biology. llTTlETON, ROBERT, Dardar'lelle; Engineer- ing. LUMBERT, DAVE, Fort Smith; Gen. Science. McGEHEE, KENNETH, Cocoa, Fla. McGUlRE, MICHAEL, Fort Smith; Biology. MARTIN, PAUL, Clarksville; Gen. Business. MORRIS, BARBARA, Mountain Home; Mafh. NEBBEN, JULIE, Mountain Home; Music. OPLIGER, JANE, Ft. Wayne, lnd.; Recrea- fion. PALMER, RAY, Russellville; Physical Edu- cation. PARKER, CAROLYN, Atkins; French. PEACH, HARRIET, Little Rock,- Psychology. PIEIRCE, MAUREEN, Quifman; Gen. Studies. ROBERTSON, MARCIA, Fort Smith; Elem. Education. " ;.4J Km: REGISTRATION is a complicated task for all, whether it be in spring or fall. Freshman. Vickie Linley gets assistance from a Blue Key member. SISCO, PAULINE, Everton, Elem. Education. SMITH, LINDA, Rogers; Sec. Training. STARLING, DAVID, Booneville, Accouming. CYPERT, DAVID, Little Rock; Accounting. THOMAS, JANA, Danville; History. THOMPSON, DAVID, Searcy; Engineering. THOMPSON, RUBY, London, Pre-Nursing. WOLBERT, LYNDA K., Sallisaw, Okla.; Edu- cation. WALDO, lINDA, Dover; Sociology. WALKER, DONNA, Hartford; Physical Edu- cation. WALKER, GARY, Midland; Physical Edu- cation. WHEELER, MIKE, Fort Smith; Gen. Studies. YOUNG, AURORA, Dover; Art. 193 The Sports Mike Kirkendall 194 Wonder Boys Bounce Back From Early Losses to Finish Second in Conference Plagued by a disastrous open- ing, a long list of injuries and hard luck at keeping a regular quarterback, the Wonder Boys came on to win six of their last seven football games to finish second in the AIC. Pre-season practice opened with 101 players reporting just . , . ten days before Techts season - g... '4' , 1 5 opener. Among them were 28 A, 3.. ' ' t , e I., 1 . . f' . w ' ' letermen from a team that fin- ,-.f; "J; :2; .'. . -.., .1 ,.. -. " : ished fourth in the NAIA and t 1 ' won the AIC championship with a 10-1 record. However, a quar- terback wasn,t among them and in a three-way battle, sopho- more defensive rover Phil Fish- er won over John Pirpich and Lawrence Fitting. Before a crowd of 5,000 in Fort Smith, Abiline Christian,s Jim Lindsay, the number one passer in college football the year before, engineered three second quarter touchdowns to defeat the Wonder Boys, 35-17. Fisher was injured in the game and Coach Dempsey called on freshman Pirpich to lead the Wonder Boys. Thus began the switching that went on all year: Pirpich subbing for Fisher; Fisher subbing for Pirpich; and sometimes Fitting subbing for Fisher and Pirpich. . The Wonder Boys went to Tahlequah, Okla., but came home defeated 48-7 against All- American candidate M a n n y Britt and a head coach who graduated from Tech. Scoring three touchdowns in three minutes of the second quarter, the Indians used five green and gold turnovers to make touchdowns. 0W6 just am- bushed ourselvesf Coach Demp- sey said after the game. "You dont make that many mistakes and expect to Win." TECH'S defensive squad failed to hold the Abilene Chrisvian offense, losing 35-17. 197 198 1 .2 5 JL. v 4 WINGBACK LAWRENCE Fitting filled in at quarterback against Tarleton State in what turned out to be Tech 5 best offensive game of the year. Tech, A8EM Battle to Tie; ALA . PIRPICH was eighth in AIC total offense. s In a battle of pre-season AIC favorites, Tech and Arkansas A8LM played to a 0-0 tie. The de- fensive game that featured a total of 23 punts was played at Russellvillets Bailey Field be- cause Buerkle Fieldts new lights were still being installed. The Wonder Boys held the B011 Weevils to 79 yards total offense, but the Tech offense could not reach paydirt. A Tech field goal attempt With 1 :30 left in the game died in the wind. The eventual league cham- pions, Henderson, and Tommy Hart were too much for Tech as the Reddies scored twice in the ,,Ha1ft,,,Friends too Much -e ' fourth quarter to win 28-14 at Arkadelphia. Hart, who set an AIC record for total offense, p1ayedsquar- terback, tailback 'an'dfiflanker- back, in the game and led such razzle-dazzle plays as a fake field goal and a double reverse that both led to touchdowns. Sophomore Larry B rown scored both Tech touehdowns in a third quarter rally that put the Wonder Boys ahead 14-12 going into the final quarter. Pirpich, who now was quarter- backing Tech, was injured late in the game. 4.4., MELTON reaches high to deflect a pass. .AAAA' , a. HERNDON was second in pass imerceptions. A CROWD'OF 7,200 saw the Arkansas Tech defense lead ihe way to a 9-2 win over SCA. 199 Heavy Rains Accompany F irst Victory Still looking for its first win, Tech went north to face the Lions of Missouri Southern and came home with a 34-0 shutout during a downpour. With Fisher out with a fever, Pirpich, recovering from his Henderson injury, took com- mand and scored two touch- downs. Brown scored once on a 26-yard run while defensive players, Steve Capehart and David Bartlett each picked up blocked punts for touchdowns. But the excitement wasnft over for the Wonder Boys. The bus was sidewiped twice on the way home e once by an expec- tant father racing a stork to the hospital. The football bus finally arrived in Russellville, with no highway injures, at 6:30 am. Sunday. Tech stopped arch rival State College of Arkansas 9-2 before a spirited crowd of 7,200 in the first game under the new lights at Buerkle Field. "The scroungy Bears0 scored first by trapping Pirpich in the endzone for a safety in the sec- ond quarter. But minutes later freshman Steve Carter caught a Pirpich pass for 40 yards and the TD. The TD came after a freak play many remember as the ffbackward forward pass? Pir- pich faded to pass but it was de- flected straight back across the line into the hands of a surprised Bill Nelson who ran for a first down. Robert DePriest kicked a 24- yard field goal in the third quarter for Techis first victory against the Bears at home in three years. 200 le-t ' ... L . ..'t-N a3 u a t2 . a CARTER and Herndon corral the Muleriders' stampede 30-12 in Tech's third victory. LEFT: Coach Dempsey eyes game action while contemplating sideline strategy. Late Tarleton Touchdown Spoils Tech9s Parents9 Day Tech turned in its best offen- sive performance of the year but still lost to Tarleton State 19-17 When the Texans scored with 26 seconds left in the Par- entst Day game at Buerkle Field. The Texans scored twice in the fourth quarter after a fist and helmet swinging fight that emptied both benches. All of Tech,s scoring came in the first half With freshman Steve Carter catching a pass, Brown diving three yards and DePriest kick- ing a field goal for the points. Fisher, starting for Pirpich Who was out With tonsillitis, was injured in the second quar- ter. Lawrence Fitting took over signal calling duties with only two brief spells by Pirpich Who was called out of the press box to suit out. -- . 3i 1 QUARTERBACK Phil Fisher, playing the second half with a fractured hand, tries to elude a herd of Harding Bison: in Tech's 28-22 victory. Homecoming A Success Brown, the leading rusher, in the AIC, scored three times and rushed for 160 yards, in Techis 30-12 victory over South- ern State at Magnolia. The Wonder Boys were down 12-7 at halftime before coming back for the victory. Roy Eoff and Larry Herndon strengthen- ed their one-two hold on most pass interceptions With three. Playing to the homecoming theme, tiTech Never Forgets," the Wonder Boys handed Oua- chita a 21-16 defeat. Ten Wonder Boys played their last home game of their careers. They were Clifton Wil- son, Gary Branch, Mike Reid, Paul Chiolino, Curtis Barlow, Bill Nelson, Darryl Melton, J ohn Rommel, Gary Parvin and Robert DePriest. 202 , RICK THONE hbovd snags a pass against Tarleton State. Soph Larry Brown Mglm grinds for a little extra yardage over the middle. A IILI. NELSON goes up and over the scrimmage line agains? State dllege of Arkansas. Nelson was the only experienced player in the backfield. 203 204 Green and Gold Pops Harding Bubble? HURDLING ONE Mulerider, Larry Brandt bears down on a Southern State ball carrier. Called the Cinderella team of the A10, Harding needed a vic- tory to clinch the conference crown, but Tech had other ideas as it stopped the Bisons 28-22 to stay in the conference race. The Wonder Boys built up a 28-8 lead and then held off a Bison rally by the leagueis top passer, Jerry Copeland. Sopho- more Brown scored twice and made 163 yards to become the fourth Tech player in history to break the 1,000 yard mark. Quarterback Fisher scored twice after subbing for starter Pirpich who was hurt on the second play. Fisher fractured his hand and played most of the second half with the injury. Tech, in the first meeting of an AIC school and Arkansas AM8zN, stopped the Golden Lions 21-7 at Little Rock. The Wonder Boys used end runs instead of up the middle plays against the Lions. ttWe knew from the first they were too big for us to run against up the middlefi said Dempsey. AM8zN,s interior line averaged 244 pounds per man. Techts largest player is Alvin Liev'say at 230 while AMgzN,s smallest tackle was 236 pounds. Six starters were out for Tech, including Carter, Who the Gazette, named the most excit- ing player in the league to watch. Pirpich scored twice and Brown scored once while the de- fense held in the last seven minutes of play to stop the Golden Lions. A crowd of 8,000 that included Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller and Lt. Gov. Mau- rice Brit watched in Memorial Stadium. 2We felt like we needed this one in order to have a success- ful season? said Dempsey. .. , V. . ; V -. . BOB DEPRIEST'S toe provided the Wonder Boys with almost a sure point after touchdown. This was DePriest's first year on the squad. DEMPSEY, Melton discuss strategy. Tech Sparkles In All-AIC Tilt Tech finished second in the con- ference behind Henderson. Had Henderson and Harding tied their 1ast ball games, Tech would have emerged AIC champions. F our Wonder Boys made the all- AIC team. Named by the coaches were Larry Branch, Bill Nelson, Darryl Melton and Clifton Wilson, a unanimous choice. Receiving honorable mention were Curtis Barlow, Larry Brown, John Rom- mell, Roy Eoff and Larry Brandt. Tech also came up with some top team and individual achieve- ments in statistics. Brown was the leading rusher with 1,118 yards in 270 carries for a 4.1 average. He was also fifth in total offense. His ten touch- downs earned him the third spot among AIC scorers. Freshman Pirpich was eighth in the league in total offense 01.15 yards mShing, 412 paSSingl and A SCA BEAR tackles quarterback Pirpich in a game Tech won -2 WeoreZseatos. ' scoring t32 pointsi. Eoffs nine pass interceptions earned him that title while team- mate Herndon tied for second with six thefts. Melton was third in punt returns with 221 yards in 22 carries; Nel- son was second in punting with 26 for 34.4 yard average, only .3 away from first; and Rick Thone vwas eighth in pass receiving with 25 catches for 224 yards. The Wonder Boys finished sec- ond in rushing; seventh in passing; fourth in total offense; and sixth in total defense. The all-star game against Hen- derson was practically an all Won- der Boy show with Wilson receiv- ing the outstanding lineman award and Nelson the moSt valuable back award. Nelson scored three touchdowns of three, six and 58 yards in the 45-6 rout of the Reddies that end- ed after a little over three quarters . , -. , :59 . because of a light failure. MCltOIl ROY EOFF intercepts an Abiline Christian pass with Darryl Melton helping on coverage. intercepted a pass and ran 40 yards for a TD. 206 ARKANSAS TECH FOOTBALL SQUAD-BOTTOM ROW: Bill Wright, Billy Harris, Ricky Pilkington, Larry Herndon, Roy Eof-f, Jerry Vaughn, Phil Fisher, Doug Bice, Jery Clay, Roy Parker, Steve Fisher and Gerald Har- vell. SECOND ROW: Mike Reid, Larry Brandt, Lanny Bosnick, David Bart- lett, John Pirpich, Gene Hobbs, Steve Carter, Phil Rogers, Randy Binle, Mickey Williams, Leonard Blagg, Jim Parker, Steve Capehart and Bob Cushing. THIRD ROW: Steve Kellar, Bruce Duderstadt, Lawrence Fitting, Bob Schwegler, Larry Burroughs, Bob DePriest, Paul Chiolino, Darryl Mel- ton, Charles Sedler, Curtis Barlow, Gary Parvin, Alvin Lievsay, Tony Cot- Scoreboard Tech 17 Abilene Christian 35 Tech 7 Northwest Okla. 48 Tech 0 Arkansas A81M 0 Tech 34 Missouri Southern 0 Tech 9 State College 2 Tech 17 Tarleton State 19 Tech 30 Southern State 12 Tech 16 Ouachita 16 Tech 28 Harding 22 Tech 21 Arkansas AMSIN 7 ., .mu he w- 1. ' h"! ton and Andrew Cioppa. FOURTH ROW: Bob Favre, Rod Penner, D 1..." on Kremers, Jeff Welch, Bill Nelson, Gary Branch, John Rommell, Joe Hoing, Joe Lee, Ed Harris, Albert Dickerson, Jim Pendergrass, Jim "Tex" Murphy, and Clifton "Slick" Wilson. BACK ROW: Head Coach Don Dempsey, Coach Don Sevier, Terry Wilson, Lloyd Parker, Chris Cioppa, Charles Goodman, David Betnar, Rick Thane, Larry Brown, Perry Goodell, Coach John Mont- gomery, Trainer Gary Goff, Equipment Mgr. Larry Sherrill, Assistant Trainer Robert Campbell and Coach Ron Toothaker. The Coaches DON DEMPSEY JOHN MONTGOMERY DON SEVIER RON TOOTHAKER All AIC Players GARY BRANCH BILL NELSON DARRYL MELTON CLIFTON WILSON 207 6agadwba o; - uoplueH Anal pue spuowpa uou se qans - name ;.0 Auuqe I5uldum! am "0 panaJ Moe HPUOM am 'uew "94 auo MNO HllM II new 178 "OPEN M9N E 18 6 uew 88 'puI tumoueH 176 SVSNVX 'LNHWVNHHOl V I V N 'Iew 17L NISWV SBSUBVV 9L 'RW 99 mmovno SL :IcIH'IH HNId 121301qu LI .LDIHLSIG 88 1191 emql $6 91215 uosmpuaH I8 LN'EIWVNHHOL D I V 61 1195 919H 69 9391103 395"?le 08 91 TR! MOIIL IL 91913 "IQWHOS EL 91 'an :3er 178 911213 uosxapuaH 03 OI T19:1 919H 18 xEJPWH 68 9 11921 919M L8 0 W 3 8H 9 ' T19:1 ' 9m'LL 69 V38 8L OE 'ugf 919ml. ZR ISHdBH mgqoeno 88 La 'uef 9mH "I76 : gIIIPJIBH III SZ 'Wf 919H 917 W'SV SEWEDFV I6 31 'uef QJQH 98 91mg umqmos 06 6 1121' 9.1mm. 69. 91mg uosxapueH 0L 9 '"31' 9191LI. 179 xI-IPUQH SL 63 '990 91911.1. 9ZI ems 59ng WON 9L ZZ '990 919H 06 NQWV SESWWV 176 OZ '990 919H- 178 "9951313 emoqeplo SL 61 'oaq :3qu 39 929mg sasumpv 91. 91 '390 919H 18 0 JO 3 HI ZI '99G 9-19H 98 V38 OOI 6 '090 913H 0L WFPWO 89 '090 QJQLLL 179 9391103 BugpmH g6 'OQCI 9191M Z9 WQV SBSHEPV 6L 63 'AON 912ml 179 emoqeplo 1saaquoN L9 83 'AON 9J9ILL 9L SSOH IRS 08 sz 'AON 91;,H 171. OOWSHOL OOI IZ 'AON 9mm 96 "M018 uqof 6L in 'A0N 91911. 179 JSDdVH BmOhWPIO 96 LI "AON 9191!.LI9 "395F110 12111011131510 69 HDHL 0L'696I PJBOQQJOOS 'aaumeqs II; 17986 AlgsxeAgun 13ndeg emoq 42pm maq sAog JQPIIOAA amp mggu men 23qu '69 19 9391103 uegqug emoqepto 01 IF? qoaL sesue QIIV 6LT WON emoqeplo u; uoseas 91p Buguedo $3qu 199A . 9m DIV any 11; 5191005 1191 do; sq; Buoum SBM squxog qptenbs am no uem 199mm, puooas GILL 'sppgdoq snopoquy-uou o1 anp squxog 5o saoyuas sq; 1s01 sAog Jepuom 9111 619A9Moq moseas sq; u; KIJ'eH '698961 11; uopueux alqmouoq sem squxoD pun smqmem DIV-HB 919M ssoxg pup. umoxg 'mOIl, Auueq pue uonlueH Anal 6saquxoog A1121 6squ103 pqu 6530.13 uqof mqu Ammo; mmoxg Ined 9.19M Asql 'uoseas 6'61 9 Incl; uauusugl Eugumwl uaAas 1mm uosees sq: pausdo uosdoq pmng qovog jueumumm Ieuopeu 91p u; same? 0M1 EupsBI 191p OI'ZZ SBM pIODQI uoseas Hmvo JFQILL 'pxooax V91 9 111.151 DIV QED 11; P111? paqsgug 6p9uueuu9pun pun pazgsmpun 6sAog Jepuojn aql 'Alyo 913311151 11; sEoABId VIVN 91p u; .H 1011mm gunuasaldex Aq 1129A guguugm 1e psxewno qoel sesumpv 5110MILIBQJ pm; 911an $1qu Bupooqs Alpeap Sugmqwog Amgqv 491131111 SIJOM'IIIBal saungog 1199i 808 I'llGHT: A Harding Bison is corralled. ABOVE: The cramped Stroupe Build- Ing often made thins a little too cozy as "sixth starter" Ronnie Edmonds and the Arkansas College cheerleaders found out. THE 1969- 70 WONDER BOYS: John Gross, David Combs, Terry Hankton, Paul Brown, Larry Coombes, John Gordon, Rusty Workman, Ronnie Hogue, Danny Trout, Tommy Shaw, Ronald Edmonds, Jimmy Ritchey, Richard Conner, and Roger Haney. 210 "IF THEY can't score they can't win" might have been a Wonder Boy philosophy as the Green and Gold threw up a tough defense all year. Ouachita Stalls for Final Winning Basket In their first home game, the Wonder Boys trounced Tougoloo College 100-74. Gross, celebrating his recent marriage, scored 26 points and rebounded 20 in the game. 7 That weekend, Tech captured the Green County Tournament in Tahlequah, Okla., by defeating Sul Ross 80-76 and host Northeast Oklahoma 67-64 in the finals. Coach Dopson called the victories 7a com- plete team effort all the wayf7 Sul Ross did not graduate a letterman from last year,s team. In the conference openers, the Wonder Boys de- feated Arkansas ASIM 79-62 and Harding 95-64 be- fore losing to AIC champions Ouachjta 70-68. In the see-saw battle of undefeated conference teams, Oua- chita held the ball for the final 2V2 minutes to get the final winning shot with seven seconds left. A 'DOUBLE-TEAMED Paul Brown passes to Tommy Shaw for a clear shot. Wonder Boys Smash Reddie Win Streak The Wonder Boys rebounded from the loss by defeating three AIC foes, State College of Arkansas 100-85, College of the Ozarks 114-81 and Arkansas College 76-68. However, Oklahoma Christian College, coached by former Wonder Boy Frank Davis, stopped the Tech win streak with a 84-75 victory at Russell- ville; Twoy nights later Tech downed Arkansas AM81N 94-90 to snap a seven-game winning streak of the Golden Lions. Despite AMSsz taller team $660 to 6621, averagey, Tech outrebounded them on the boards. Brown scored 33 points to pass the 2,000 point mark. After the Christmas break the Wonder Boys were demolished by Missouri Valley conference power North Texas State University 126-76. Dopson called the game 0a real challenge to the squad and said ttwe don1t have any business appearing on the same court with a top caliber team such as North Texas, but we feel that the big league competition will be valuable to us? Tech used 12 free throws in the last three minutes, six in the last 23 seconds, to defeat Hendrix 75-64 at Conway. In the next game the Wonder Boys ended Hendersonts 27-game home court winning streak with a last second shot, 70-69. The shot by Tommy Shaw put Tech ahead for the only time of the night. ABOVE: Paul Brown smashed Tech's all-time scoring record before mid- season. BELOW: Arkansas Tech's "thin ten" listen intently to Coach De ward Dopson for some midgame manipulations of their ranks. Brown, Gross Lead To vault into the new AIC playoffs, the Wonder Boys edged Southern State 73-71 in overtime. Brownis jump shot came with eight seconds left in the extra stanza. Gross took over the lead in the rebounding race between Mulerider Billy Barnes and went on to win the title. Arkansas Tech climaxed its regular season play with a 80-59 victory over Arkansas College, number two team in Division B. In his last home game Brown set a new AIC field goal record of 920 to beat the 01d mark of 912. In a playoff between the top teams of each divi- sion, Tech fell the first night to Henderson 94-18 to get third place in the AIC behind Ouachita and Henderson. Terry Hankton fouled outr-only the third time in his high school and college career to doiso. iiWhen you play Tech? the Reddie coach said, iiyou better plan to score some points. With their scorers you,re going to need them? Henderson took their coach to heart as four players were in double figures and the team scored 14 points in a row. ABOVE: Gordon, Gross and Conner play hot potato with an Arkansas College player in a game Tech won 80-59. LEFT: In the best home crowd of the season, Paul Brown shows why he is Tech's all-time high scorer and a unanimous aIl-AIC and all-NAIA district choice. Scoring, Rebounding Blowing a 20-point lead, the Wonder Boys had to overcome a 10-point deficit late in the game to stop Southern State 90-85 before starting the semester break. Returning from a 10-day recess, Tech topped Harding 111-94. Brown smashed the scoring record of 2,153 set by Kenny Saylors of the early 19605. 'The thin senior had led Tech scorers ever since breaking into the lineup as a freshman. It was also the first time since the early Oklahoma games that Tech had been, outfought on the backboards. In the second showdown of Division A leaders, Tech again fell to Ouachita 88-82. The Wonder Boys led most of the game but dropped behind with ten minutes to go. Both teams were 10-1 in conference play before the game. The Wonder Boys again came back with three AIC victories. Tech defeated SCA 78-69, College of the Ozarks 118-87 in the Mountaineers1 homecoming and Hendrix 89-81: Tech scored 10 points in the final 1:38 minutes to heat Hendrix. The Warriors had 19 turnovers to nine for Tech. Before the best home crowd of the season, Hen- derson squeaked by the Wonder Boys 84-81. A close one all the way, the game was not decided until the final 40 seconds. Tech just couldn,t control 69,, all- American Danny Davis. BELOW: Freshman Richard Conner finds tough sailing through the middle of the Arkansas College defense. RIGHT: John Gross shows he is heads above the SCA rebounders. Gross, Tech's top rebounder since he was a freshman, won the fight AIC rebounding race this year. 214 HUSTLE and the desire to win can often replace things some say are a The Stakes Were K. Next were the District 17-playoffs and a series of games that would have Arkansas Tech up in the clouds for over a week. In a string of ttupsetsh the Wonder Boys downed Ouachita, Arkansas AM81N and Hanover Undo College until Eastern New MeXico burst the bubble. Arkansas Tech first disposed of Ouachita, the only Division A team to beat them, to the tune of 75- 65. The only victory over the Tigers in two years came in a very unusual mannereBrown sitting 'out the second half and the use of a 7-minute freeze. Then in the playoff final, Hankton swished a 35- foot shot at the buzzer for a 76-74- win over AM81N. The Wronder Boys, the only state team to beat AM81N, nullified the Golden Lion,s superior heighth With outside shots. Hankton,s shot set off a wild celebra- tion on campus. A midnight pep rally by over 800 persons was climaxed with an announcement of no school the next day by Dr. Pratt. In the opening game at Kansas City, unseeded Tech used good outside shooting by Brown and Shaw to upset eleventh-seeded Hanover 94-88. Grossipulled down 21 of the team13 33 rebounds to corral the Panthers? Wayne Gabriel, 6191', 254. "must to win," as Tech proved with a district NAIA championship. C. in AM8ZN Thriller pounds, holder of 24 school records. However, two days later defending champion Eastern New Mexico ended hopes 84-81. The Grey- hounds overcame a nine point deficit in the second half to earn the victory. Brown,s 31 points won him scoring honors over all-American Greg Hyder of the sixth seed Grey- hounds. The AIC played this season under a new division- al set up. The final standings in Division A were Ouachita 16-2, Tech 15-3, Southern State 12-6, Hen- drix 5-13 and College of the Ozarks1-17. In Division B Henderson was 15-3, Arkansas College 8-10, Hard- ing 7-11, Arkansas A8IM 6-12 and State College 5-13. The year must certainly have put grey hairs on Coach Dopson1s head. Fifteen games were decided by six points or less and four won or lost on a final second desperetion shot. TI donTt know what makes them tick? Coach Dopson said. The squad is not tall and earned the title ttthin tenh for their lack of depth and size. How- ever, the ten with only two seniors proved they were big enough to win time and again when it counted most. Tech Lasts 2 Games In NAIA Tourney As a unit the Wonder Boys achieved many honors. Their accomplishments as a team are reflected in individual statistics. Four Techsters were among the top 20 AIC scorers and two among the top five rebounders. Brown ended the regular season with 621 points for a 23 point average to earn second place in AIC scoring. He broke the Tech scoring record and the AIC field goal mark along the way. Cross was tenth in AIC scoring with 418 points for a 15.5 average. Hankton tied for twelfth with 415 points for a 15.4 average. Shaw was seventeenth with 386 points for a 14.3 average. Cross was also the AICs top rebounder with 334 rebounds for a 12.4 average. Hankton possessed with very strong legs was fifth in the AIC with 282 re- bounds for a 10.4 average. Emu. TOMMY SHAW, 5' ll", pulls down WWW hum... r; , , . ,4 .r i BEFORE AND AFTER: Terry Hankton speeds down court only 2:21 before his 35-foot swisher beat Arkansas AM8:N and sent Tech to Kansas City. 215 The Winning Basket B JxSKETBALL - TOURNAMENT JOHN GROSS prevented a Hanover basket at Kansas City. Nothing More To Say PAUI. BROWN goes high to sink one against Hanover. gwrwaxx wwmmxx 218. WV , . , ' n7 FRONT ROW: Nelson, Vincent, Hudson, Bizzell, Morgan, Daugherty, Hughes, Dickerson. SECOND ROW: Vincent, Parker, Conway, Jones, Lunsford, Cotton, Leaphart. THIRD ROW: Coach Montgomery, Thornton, Douglas, Kellar, Welch, Teeter, Alexander, Wilson. TRACK Thinclads Take Fifth Place In 969 1969 AIC Track Results State College 73 Southern State 62V2 Harding 36 Ouachita Baptist University .................... 341k Arkansas Tech 27 Henderson State . 2636 Arkansas A81M , 201k Hendrix H 8 Colege of the Ozarks .......................... 0 The Arkansas Tech Track Wonder Boys finished fifth in the AIC track race in 1969. The thin clad Techmen proved to be strong in jump, relays, and distance events but noticeably thin in most field events. Outstanding track team members were Tomt Teeter of Glen Elyn, 111., who was winner of the AIC high jump for the past two years; Davis Daughtery of Russellville, leader of Techhs Cross Country AIC champs; and Rick Thornton of Ft. Smith, 880 runner- up in last years AIC meet. Other Wonder Boy track- men were Bill Sorrels, Mat Peeler, DonnieHall, Steve Pittman, J ack Evans, Tom Vincent and Edwin Huges. Home track events were held gt Russellville High School this year because of the delay in the installa- tion of thenew M-2 all-weather, Olympic style track. The track when completed will be the finest in the AIC. The 1969 Wonder Boy Cross Country team brought home the AIC crown thus ending Harding Collegehs six year dominance. Tech runners were Davis Daughtery, Edwin Hughes, David Bizzell, Richard Thornton and Robin Douglas. ttWe accomp- lished our mission,, said Tech track and cross country coach, John Montgomery. HIGH Hurdler, Jeff Weich, finds racing againsf the clock almost as tough competition as running in a regular meet. VAULTER Matt Peeler grimaces as he clears the bar. Tech N0. 1. in Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY-FIRST ROW: Wells, Vincent, DiPasquale, Bryant, Morgan. SECOND ROW: Coach Montgomery, Daugheny, Thornton, Douglas, Hughes, Bizell. VERSATILE is the word 10 describe Rick Uhunde0 Thornton. Al- though his main obiecfive is ihe 880, Rick also runs in the mile relay, the mile and cross country. , mm mm 1,; , h; - ; .. Mn, aax BOB Schwegler throws the discus in a record frying heave which fell short. mm. . , "n"! zq nap, . ?-,M....W.VM u DANNY HUDSON and Bill Nelson wind up a sprint relay even to help place Tech high in the AIC standings. r,- m .. .. .. - M wirm TOM TEETER trys to top it at 6'7i" to break the AIC high iump record. In 1968 Tom was named an NAIA All-Amer- ican and he is not far from a renewal of that title. a I , 222 BASEBALL Tech Takes Third Place A 6-6 conference record netted Arkansas Techts baseball team a third place finish in the AIC. The Techstefs also had 51213-8 over-all record for the 1969 season. Tech was the only AIC school to sweep a double- header from conference champion Ouachita Baptist University. The Wonder Boys lost only two games of the nine game non-conference schedule. Darryl Melton, at senior outfielder from Trumann, and Chris McConnell of Greenwood were both named to the 1969 All-AIC first team. First baseman Tim Hargis received Honorable Mention AH-AIC. Coach Don Dempsey awarded 14 athletic letters to the 1969 team. The lettermen were composed of two graduating seniors, two juniors, four sophomores, and six freshmen. This season 11 lettermen returned for AIC Competition. .' Results of the 1969 Season Team Westark Jr. College Mankato State Harding College Upper Iowa State Buena Vista Buena Vista Henderson College Arkansas A8zM Little Rock University Ouachita Baptist State College Southern State J ohn Brown University n 4::th '. BOTTOM ROW: Pilkington, McConnell, Hamilton, Johnson, Poynter, Hargis, Thomas, Bradberry, Blaylock, Allison. Lee, Ruthven, Pittman, Peters, Breedlove, Pittman, Granon, BACK ROW: Coach Dempsey, Jepson, Thone, Tech Opp. 1 0 Ngn-Ipoawppooowq pmgmpnoowmmw Walker, Nordin, Baker, Bird. Tech Opp. 7 0 6 4- 1 0 1 5 7 0 9 1 2 3 O 6 MIDDLE ROW: Bridges, Boyles, Bice, BOB Poynter beats a throw from third to home base by a step as the umpire watches to see that he hits home plate in one of Tech's games. THREE makes a crowd near home plate as Chris McConneI is greeted near home plate by his teammates following a score. JIM Allison kicks dirt up as he beats a throw back to first. 223 224 JACKSON lets go with a pitch that made him one of the leading hurlers for the Wonder Boys last season. . . . L ,L .....i ; L444. TIM Hargis takes a cut at a ball during one of the games which the Wonder Boys won in its 6-6 season. VICTORY brings smiles to the Tech players as they prepare to leave the field for a shower and then dinner at the Cafeteria or at home. SWIMMING Tech Swimmers Practice Elsewhere FRONT ROW: Coach Miller, Morris, Galloway, Henderson, C. Cioppa, A. Cioppa and Lynch. A team without a pool, but with spirit. The Arkan- sas Tech Swimming team practices at local motel swimming pools or at Hendrix College. Last yeafs swimming team members failed to score in the AIC swimming and diving meet, but they began the current year by scoring in a meet at Hen- drix. They scored in the 440-yard free-style relay. Members of this years team which was coached by Joe Miller were David Morrison of Russellville, Larry Galloway of Siloam Springs, Ronnie Hender- son of Jasper, Chris Cioppa and Andrew Cioppa of Tappan Zee, N. Y., and Francis Lynch of Hot Springs. A swimming pool is scheduled to be constructed when the new physical education plant is begun. PRACTICE sessions for the swimming team members are held at the motel swimming pools when they are not 10a crowded. 1969 RESU LTS Tech Harding State College Ouachita Southern State Arkansas College Henderson Ozarks Arkansas ASKM Arkansas Tech FRONT ROW: Longinotti, Rogers, D4Angelo, Giles, Poynter. BACK ROW: DiPasquale, Davis, Thome, Forst, and Terry. BOWLING Five Top Bowlers Eligible For Letters Members of the Arkansas Tech bowling team are as follows: Ray DiPasquale, Fred Thoma, Buddy Longinotti, Ken Rogers, David Terry, Bob Poynter, Ron Davis, Joe Jiles, Tom Frost, and F red DlAngelo. Ray DiPasquale and Ken Rogers return from last years team that finished third in A.I.C. competition. The team is coached by Deward Dopson. The team competes against other A.I.C. schools and participated in the A.I.C. tournament held at the end of the spring semester. The winner of this tourn- ament was the representative of Disrict 17 in the tournament at Kansas City. For the first time letters will be given for the men who participate in the bowling actiVity. The five men with the five highest averages will receive these letters. ' WITH precision and concentration, Ray DiPasquale delivers the ball in hopes of getting a strike. g' 9M ,1 Wt - . FIRST ROW: Gassaway, Dean Smith. STANDING: Houston, Sykes, Darter and Coach Gerlinger. GOLF Take AIC Fourth Year Arkansas Techis golf team won the Arkansas Intercollegiate Golf championship for the fourth year in a row. Sgt. Emil Gerlinger coached the team to the championship with the help of only one veteran from the previous championship team. Bubba Houston was the holdover from the previous AIC champs. The team also came in second in the National Intercollegiate of Athletics District 17 play-off with Little Rock University. Two of the veterans from the 1969 team played with the 1970 squad plus one retumee from the 1968 championship flight. The veterans were Houston, Arthur Smith, and' James Kellar. Kellar played on the 1.968 squad. Playing on the team this year were George Bentley and Kirk Cooper from Morrilton, Cal Camp- bell of Hot Springs, Calvin Falmer of Mt. Vernon, Luther Hardin of Searcy, James Herndon of Little Rock, Calvin Turbyfill of Benton, Rudy Womer of Fort Smith, Kellar, Smith and Houston. BUBBA Houston takes a swing a? a ball from the No. 1 fee at the Rus- sellville Country Club where local matches are held. AIC MEET Tech Arkansas Tech State College Hendrix Southern State Henderson Ouachita Harding Arkansas College 300-302 306-300 315-321 322-317 326-330 342-335 344-334 362-350 . Opp. 602 636 639 656 677 678 712 MEN'S TENNIS: Wilson, Horton, Teal, Pfeifer, Leeman, Jackson, and Bevil. Team Finished Second Arkansas Techis Menis Tennis team opened their season March 8 at Arkansas College with eight seniors and one junior. The netman started what appeared to be a promising year by winning their first seven games before they were downed by Northern Iowa State. They finished the season with a 15-4 season and irunner-up in the AIC Menis Tennis Tournament. David Krueger was coach of the team. Members of , j.- the team were Jimmy Dunn, senior from North Little , m .. --- F "T iiiii Rock, Don Frost; junior from San Carlos, California; V Gary Key, senior from Fort Smith; Gary Jefferson, senior from Russellville; Steve Efird, senior from Malvem; David Bevil, senior from Russellville; Kenny Phelps, senior from Harrison; David Cook, senior from Fort Smith; and Bill Vicks, senior from Fort Smith. .....".....,-., 1.. . I . CHARLES Pfeifer, returning Ietterman for the varsity squad, serves the tennis ball in an opening season game. TENNIS 2-2 Record For Season Arkansas Tech1s Women,s Tennis Team finished the 1969 season with a 2-2 conference record. The two victories were over State College of Arkansas and Hendrix College. On April 18 and 19 the Wonder-Ettes finished first in the doubles division in the State College Invitational Tournament. Members on the doubles team were Margaret Guinn of Center City and Kathy Whitaker from Omaha, Nebraska. Number one position on the team was held by Kathy Whitaker and Betti Burge represented number two. Other positions in their respective order were held by Margaret Guinn, Annette Reid, Susie Bartlett, and Carolyn Butler. Returning this season to Coach Patricia Gordon1s netters are Kathy Whitaker and Margaret Guinn. New members are Donna Lightfoot, of Austin, Terri Strickland from Russellville, Joyce Christy, Fort Smith, and Linda Abbot of Little Rock. The 1970 season began on March 21 in Russell- ville against Henderson State College. WOMEN'S TENNIS: Guinn, Strickland, Whitaker, Lightfoot, Chrisfy, REACHING way out to return a serve is Marty Guinn, lenerman from last year's squad. Coach this year is Pat Gordon. and Abbott. 230 BASKETBALL Wonder-Ettes Win Fom- The Wonderettes finished up their 69-70 season with a four win, five loss record. Returning letterwo- men led the team with Carloyn Butler, Marsha Rogers, Caroline Welch, Derita Kirk, Janie Schoon- over and Joyce Christy. The girls not only played schools in the AIC conference, but also schools from other areas. Uni- versity of Arkansas, and St. Edwards Nursing School in F ort Smith were outside contestants. New rules-of-court were on trial this year. Instead of the usual half-court conditions customary for girPs basketball, the full-court game was used. This new aspect is being used on a two year trial basis. Starting line-up for the Wonder-Ettes was Carolyn Butler, Marsha Rogers, Caroline Welch, Derita Kirk and Susan Ammans. The team placed second in the Arkansas Extra- mural Tournament. ' FRONT ROW: Schoonover, Richey, Marlye, Christy, and Walker. BACK ROW: Summin, manager; Welch; Kirk; Nanleman; Rodgers; Duke; Butler; Amann; Russell; Jenkins; Bartlett, manager; and Gathrighf, coach. En STUDENT body members turned out to watch Tech Wonderettes show their round ball ability. Saving a ball from going out of bounds is team member, Ruth Russell. GOING up and above for ma vital two points is a sophomore team member. Gerifa Kirk hails from Summers. CAROLINE Welch senior round baIIer from Havana comes in for a lay-up at one of the inner school events. Intramurals Open To All Male Students if l l 'L- 'ab SIDE line coaching proved to be nearly as much fun as actual game play. Manning the sides here are James Parliment and Jimmy Rowe. TRYING to block that point are Dickey Willis, Harold Pounders and David Keeling. Arkansas Tech offers a variety of team and individual intramural sports competition for all male students during the year. There is always round robin play in progress, and individual activities are scattered throughout. Primary objectives are to de- velop an interest in a variety of sports and recreation- al activities that will remain with the student after leaving the campus, to develop respect for sports- manship and fair play, and to develop leadership and fellowship qualities. Team participation is stressed by a tally of all points toward an All-Sports Championship. Intra- mural T-shirts are given to all individual and team winners in most sports, and a turkey goes to the win- ner and a goose egg to the loser of the turkey trot tcross countryl . Teams are chosen from one of three different groups: Dormitory or Married Housing, Club or Organization, and Off-Campus. Winners for this year were: Billy Harris tGolf Drivingl, Fred Thorne tTennis Singlesl, Larry Jefferson and Danny Lee- man tTennis Doublesl, Mike Hampton tTurkey Trotl, Johnny Thomas tBadminton Singlesl, Thomas and J . T. Bradherry tBadminton Doublesl, Richard Thompson tFootball Place Kickl, Jimmy Smith tFootball PassJ, Tucker Lower tVolleyl, Wayne Ruthven tTable Tennis Singlesl, and Jimmy Smith and Bob Warford tTable Tennis Doubles'l . By semester break Newman Club managed by George Neumeier was leading for the All-Sports Championship. KEEPING the ball in bounds is keeping the game rolling. Doing ltheir best are Gary Walker, Steve Capehart and Jim Parker. Pm , WW? $ a ,. S d'lWU Q9; 5 I NTRAMURAL l . 4 5 ; '2 A . NOT to be out done by any other sports, intramurals had game uni- TITLE holders in the events were Jim Smith, football pass, Richard Thomp- forms. White and green are modeied by J. T. Bradberry and John Thomas. son, football place kick and Mike Hampton, Turkey Trot. CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBAlI. TEAM-FRONT ROW: Jerry Lindsey, Mickey Haywood, Jim Allison and Lee SEhoonover. BACK ROW: Biil Parks, Jim Bradberry, John Thomas, Wayne Ruthven, Danny Wheeler, Ricky Hall and Richard Espy. $331345 73;. W IMYRAMUHAL P3545. ESAS $9 '22,, I'RTRAMURAL ' hNAMURAr 'NTRAMURAL Nb 233 The Activities , 'ewaiai Donna Starr 234' THE CAMPUS SCENE Patience The Key T 0 Class Sign-Up A new member of the campus scene meets his greatest source of frustration his first day at Tech and soon learns that patience is the key to the regis- tration and classification bedlam which opens each semester. Waiting out a line for registration, identification and classification, not to mention watching his money float through the necessary hands can be rather trying to the beginner, but Tech offers the student a chance to smooth his registration ruffled feathers with an evening social and a chance to meet new faces. If the social doesnit do the trick, there are plenty of activities the opening week of school to get things movmg. GETTING into the right class isn't always as easy as it looks here. MRS. PAULA Ragsdale accepts pre-registration data from a student who knows classifying is easier if its done early. MANY have to revamp their schedules around dosed classes. W: 5. $23.15;: '"V'Mx: THERE are forms to fill out. AFIER a long day of waiting, singing and standing in line, evening and a chance to meet new people. THE full term was the final semester for mandatory enrollment in ROTC ?raining at Tech. memw. mm... 238 ,p .54; 4., 5.. z I ' ' i ' " " to students of the sciences and rec- ENVIRONMENT IS art of learning at Tech as the grea surroundlng the campus provudes a vast ?pen classroom . reation studies. Gagy Dennis, Jane Ruthven, Gary Rowlands, C. L. Heston, Linda Burbeck and Willxe Cooper look over a big part of Tech's campus scene. THE CAMPUS SCENE Students Pursue i6Tech-kn0wledgeyi9 When a college is surrounded by a iilearning environmenfi such as Tech is, ifs hard to keep from picking up something new in the way of knowledge, even in walking to class. Students of the natural sciences and leisure sci- ences as well, find unlimited opportunity in Tech,s location. The college is one of few that will be able to boast a iiclassroom on the lake,, in the near future. Tech students in pursuit of iiTech-knowledge'y,, find their answers in many ways. For some on the end of a paint brush, for others with a pencil or microscope. The answers are here and iiTech- knowledgey,7 is finding them. ART student John Cox tries a new technique. "3 h J p 4 w x x mm Uni. -TAN "5 unen- THERE is a lot to learn in a science class, including getting in and out of the "pit!- ZOOLOGY students learn much about anatomy by disseding animals. M TASTING their wares are home economics students Sandy Jackson, ' - Janis Whiley, Toni Lamberson and Kathy Adams. INSTRUCTOR Albert Drury goes over a math problem with a student who asked for help. ' 239' MIKE ZUBER has his hands full of the ingredients for noon chow. BANDSMEN will tell you it takes a lot of work 10 "play" the way they do. THE CAMPUS SCENE Work-Study Means Long College Day College costs and many students keep up with the expense by taking campus jobs. For others study and extra curricular duties are a big enough job. There is work for those who want it through the work-study and special work programs on the campus. But a Tech studenths work can take many forms. Therehs club work, organizational work, schoolwork and just plain work. GAIL GRIMES puts in many hours as public service office assistant. 240 . SCIENCE students put in time trying to examine the effects of weight. CLUBS and organizations probably work hardest tqgether during one week more than any omen; Here a group puts together a banner to thwart the! SCA Bears. WM? 3109119? THE CAMPUS SCENE Students Offered Numerous Pleasures After the studies therehs still a lot of time for fun and any student can find the play hehs looking .for if he keeps tuned in on the campus scene. Intramural sports offered year round attract many and special activities vary from dances to egg throws. The campus, located within a stone,s throw of Lake Dardanelle, lures a number of students to fishing and water sports during the warmer months an attraction few other colleges can boast. her handsh as she participates in an egg throw. FLAG football is the most popular intramural sport on campus during fall months. WHEN the snow falls the snow flies on the! Tech campus. Scenes like this one were not uncommon during the winter months. 242 SOME use their free time to perfect a skill. THESE three archers seem to have found the safest piace to stand on range - nobody hits the target. STEVE PFIEFER'S idea of play may be a little bit off beat, but if it makes him happy . . . . V ,- SOME skills are more fun to learn than others. Campus toothh pick-lifesaver competition is tough. 243 mummmwcm... .-....v.,a.a...m.-..;.;..x..nm.-.z,. . a . mwswwnlW-wpmzjanumu THE CAMPUS SCENE After Class, Work -A Time. to Relax There are a lot of ways to unwind after the work-day is done and Tech students utilize just about all of them at one time or another. For many, the big lake provides an outlet for relaxation while others kill their spare time in the dorms, the student center or'just sitting on the steps watching the world go by. No matter how itts done, the important thing is that the campus scene provides a form of relaxation for everybody and in the midst of the frantic, day-to-day class routine every- body needs to unwind at one time or another. GEORGE HORN spends his extra hours in pri- vate concert. t lOOKS like Bob Cushing's favome pastime is eating. SOMETIMES relaxing is iust being wiyh a friend. PAUL BROWN iakes a bhaather from the regular roufine to catch up on 1he news. students show how to take it easy. What better way than in the hay? TECH I Ame. BEST LOOKING? - These two were standouts at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. w, LOOKS like show size was a handicap here. THE CAMPUS SCENE Student Stompers Off-Beat t0 Formal Dances were many and varied this year highlighted by the annual Sadie Hawkins shindig and another once- a-year event, the student senate spon- sored Christmas Formal. . Sadie Hawkins Day, a product of campus means more than a dance to Tech students. It,s a wild day of activity including an egg throw and a girl stalks boy chase Dogpatch-style. This yearhs Sadie Day was topped off with a dance featuring the Rock Creek Reunion. Dorm-sponsored dances were also popular like the annual Caraway social and of course the Dulaney Playmate dance. . . - . A e a breather between songs at the Caraway Hall dance. THE Studem Senate sponsored Christmas formal this year. THE Rock Creek Reunion one of the bener bands to appear here. THE CAMPUS SCENE ttAngels,9 Hit Campus In Speech Comedy ,Cherubs appeared at Arkansas Tech when ttMy Three Angels!" was presented by the Tech speech department. The ttangelsh of the play were really three convicts who came down from the roof they were repairing to help a family through its troubles on the Christmas season. The three convicts were played by Roy Campbell, Don Volker and Harold Madden. Portraying the family were Steve Mitchell as the inept father, Dianne McDonald, his long-suffering wife and Pat Kelly, the lovestruck daughter. Evil was added to the plot by Joe McCaskill as Uncle Henri and Forrest gB ,, - ' V lker look on as fellow convict-ange' uteh Lowe as h1 e . HAROLD MADDEN Gem and Don o, . . I'y S n phew Paul Roy Campbell makes out a will for the recently deceased vullaln. FORREST "BUTCH" lOWRY doesn't seem to want to go into the garden as Don Volker and Roy Campbell want him 10. 249 Ea a n5? Jaw u "Businessman Joseph reads from 3 Dear Marie Louise letter. ROY CAMPBELL as DON VOLKER as wife-murderer Jules, looks down on a fainted Pat Kelly. MORATORIUM speakers and an1i-war sympathizeri pause to remember. THE CAMPUS SCENE Moratorium, America Talks Spark Opinion Arkansas Tech students and faculty joined millions of Americans in honor- ing the war dead through a Vietnam Moratorium Day Program and several weeks later rallied on an "Up With Americah theme to air political feelings. A group of more than 400 students and faculty members heard speakersh views on the Vietnam War and took a moment of silence to Ijemember those who died in the conflict at the Morator- ium program. Some of the same Moratorium , . , speakers and others also addressed the REV. MURIEL PETERS said war "illogical". hUP With America? rally, a program geared toward talking up the country. '250 5;. .V I sucx WILSON, "Up With 1. h; America speaker? SOME expressed their views in other ways. ABOUT 400 students and faculty members came to hear Moratorium speakers. 251 nmamwnmw. Ml'lwu-nuhlvAEIJ-numluuhlln .. ' THE WINNER -- Phi Beta Lambda's entry "It's Time 10 Tame the Tiger." THE CAMPUS SCENE Homecoming Big Week for Tech Boosters iiTech Never Forgetsi, was the theme of home- coming at Tech this year-a theme which proved to hold a double meaning. The phrase was designed to honor former Tech Dean A. J. Crabaugh for 40 years of service at 'the college and the Wonder Boy grid team added even more flavor to the slogan with an unforgetahle 21-16 triumph over the Ouachita Tigers. Queen Linda Churchill reigned over the week,s homecoming activities which included a special reception for Dean Crahaugh, alumni events and the annual parade through downtown Russellville. The queen and her maids were presented in a pre-game ceremony. Phi Beta Lambda won first place in the float competition with its iiItis Time to Tame the Tiger,, float featuring Father Time dragging a Tiger. Massie Hall with its iiForget Heck, Not Techh float showing a Wonder Boy knocking a Tiger down in a ring was second followed by the Accounting Club,s entry, iiA. ' , - , , 135 Got a Tiger in His Tanki, showing a tiger and :31: gtiiicgvlao:pgg;1f;tzjgrn:del::;:omecoming activities. She was the. Dean,s traditional jeep. I 252 .52. aw. RUSSELLVILLE High School Band was one of several area bands joining in Tech homecoming festivities. event not only for the college but for the city as well. QUEEN Linda Churchill and her court view the Wonder Boys' assault on vh'e Ti.g;ars from a choice spot at the edge ' mannynmgnpu The downtown Russellville parade is 62W ' - of the field. b '9 mumwuuv-.n.,..m.umn,m Wmn:nuuuww ,w , 253 h . '1, l W QV x$ N ix; x N$XXXX xx M W 4W J": M17 M II W0 $. JOHN WHITESIDE cheers on the Wonder Boys his own way. Techsters show spirit DENISE GIlKEY, a halftime attraction. In different ways DON PETERS sells spirit balloons for the Sophomore Class. EVERYBODY stops in the center at least once during 1he day. The center houses the post office, ?he bookstore, the ballroom and the snack bar. THE CAMPUS SCENE Center Daily Stop For Most Students mum. The Student Center is mail from home, a card game, a coke, a place to study Of you like noiseL a place to meet friends, get in on the latest gossip or pick up quarters at the pool table. Almost everybody has to stop there at least once during the day and if the lure of the mail box doesnht bring a student in therefs always an evening activity going 611 in the ballroom to get him into the building. The Student Center isn,t just a place. It,s the center of college life. MANY come in each day for a morning paper. THE CENTER holds seveial forms of entertainment SOMEBODY has a few customers. HAn-uiaimijI-u-W THE SNACK BAR has its busier moments. msumhimunluam, .... . .-.. .";. ., . . . 257 MASSIE HALL spreads Yuletide cheer each year with a spe- cial door decoration contest and open house. "'l'APPING A KEG" isn't exactly allowed in the dorms, but some gem a kick out of frying. SIGNING OUT is a necessary evil of dorm life for girls. THE CAMPUS SCENE w Dorms Seem Like A Different World , I" H H" Get a student to quit complaining about chow hall food, no place to park and having .to walk to classes long enough and youhll probably discover that underneath the exterior hard-luck story of a ttdorm tenanth there lurks a student wildly happy with the congeniality of dorm living. Where there,s a will, therehs a way and students can usually manage to get around a dormitory obstacle with a little ingenuity. Habitual midnight snackers have the roughest lot in the dorms. Find- ing a snack is easy enough, but rustling up enough to feed the gang waiting in the room is something else. h But where is everybody when you need help with your studies or you,re ready to do a little spring cleaning? ll.l.l l lfl III lalglgll gt : 3, '-lit lltllll ,; t 3: 260 THE CAMPUS SCENE Off-Campus Living Takes Responsibility Off Campus living must be good, so many students are clamoring to get out and try it. Several proposals have come up in the student senate this year to allow off-campus freedom to any student who does not desire to live in a dorm but only one passed the student governing group which requested off-campus priviledges to senior students who did not wish to live in dorms. If youhre married, as most off-campus students are therehs no problem about where to live. Off- campus housing for married students provides two areas for Tech married students to take up resi- denchurrentine and Freeman Apartments. Days run too short for married students who must cram classes, work and marriage responsibilities into each day. MRS. Bill Nelson manages to keep busy with household chores. TRICYCLERS like Brad Nelson are tough to keep up with. the married student apartments. u, ma-a4. u m."- . t " h ,r W QUEEN SANDI - . - . . . . . V' . Humphrey and 7;: 3::ng- tfrom 16m Mam Gumn, Rebecca Davus, Jane HI", Queen Sand: Jennings, Jame Rowlands, Kathy Grace, Wllliet THE CAMPUS SCENE GARY DENNIS, student senate president, crowned the queer'ir. Valentine95 Day Theme of Dance Valentine,s Day doesntt go unnoticed on the Tech campus. Hearts and flowers bloom each Valentine season spurred on by a special campus election and evening fanfare led by the campus sweetheart, Tech,s Queen of Hearts. Sandi Jennings had the honor this year and in her court were Marti Guinn, Rebecca Davis, Jane Hill, Janie Rowlands, Kathy Grace, Williet Humph- rey and Kay Jacobs. Queen Sandi was crowned at the annual F eb. 14 Hearts Dance held in the Student Center Ballroom. THE annual Hearts Dance followed the coronation. THERE ARE THINGS TO DO . . . THERE ARE THINGS TO SIGN UP FOR . . . AND PEOPLE TO MEET . . . PROJECTS TO START MND FINISI'D . . . THE CAMPUS SCENE F rom the Beginning . 4 "g Things Start lOTS OF TIME TO BLOW YOUR HORN . . . THINGS TO JOIN IN. And Make New Fr iend's ..Learn to Lead..... College Is . . . ...ASOlo... . . . A Place to Remember 266 III I: I WWW M . ' ' ' "me$KkaKQQ ; '7 H' ' ,H ! pm," ,1" H Ill 'WP r ' r ,, IIHIM'II . lu' " I . , , . 1 v ' ' Wm M . ' ,1, III I u Ilmlilll . H mm m III" M I , v ' mm x X! H N Ix", W ,2 x K ' x ? . . ; X . : . : - v . - .. 3;; ; The College Year Is..... ....F0r Others The Ultimate Reward 268 , ru'a'n. N. ' ' 3.'. xx iss T ech M Becton lrginia V 270 Jane Hill Sandy Jackson Karen Swan 271 22:: .Z :2. g n l , a l M , m W m nhu a o m H h Pat Hollabaugh J ane Livesay Kay Jacobs Janice Whiley Queen of Hearts Sandy Jennings 2'74 Magna Cum Laude Caroline Welch h c e T a k r A S e M o N Y H a S S r e H m a C Janet Sisco 276 Paine Hall Linda Churchill Junior Class Susan Dickson 277 ROTC Ball Janice Whiley Young Republicans Linda Ellis 278 Sigma Beta Glenda Ray Sdabbard and Blade Thresa McPherson 280 St. Pat and St. Patricia Susie Gresham and Curt Wright , S JIM ..m S b V. L d n a w, m .e .c m a .J mvahhnu-yu- ., - um um :y' 33 Named to ths Who A committee of faculty members and students tion and the committee selected those that they selected the nominees for membership in the ths considered were best qualified for the honor. Thirty- Who. These nominees were chosen to be listed in the three juniors and seniors were chosen to be listed as publication ttths Who in American Colleges and Whth Who. Universities? Names were submitted for considera- HOWARD AMADEN, a senior accounting maior from Lonoke, was a Senior Service Fellow, member of Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Student Senate. He won the Superior Cadet Award and was a member of the Military Honor Society, and Dean's List. A music maior, BOB ANDERSON, sewed as president of Kappa Delta Pl, a Senior Fellow, and a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, Blue Key, Orchestra, MENC, and President's Council. Bob is a senior from North Little Rock. Who's Who selectee, JAMES AUSTIN, is a resident of Russellville. James is a iunior maioring in agri-business, he is a member of the Agri Club, YAF and Student Senate and he served as chairman for the 1970 Miss Tech Pageant. A iunior from Fort Smith, Who's Who selectee'JlM D. BARTLETT is maioring in pre-med. TRAVIS H. BEARD, a senior from Little Rock, was an active member of Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Delta Pi, Blue Key,Bandr, President's Council, and MENC. Travis is a music education maior. SANDY BIT'I'lE is a senior math maior from Ola. Her activities included having been both president and secretary of Bryan Hall, both secretary and president of Cardinal Key, and a member of AWS, Judi Board, President's Council, lnter-dorm Council, and Kappa Delta Pi. MRRY BRANDT, a senior from Harrison, was a member of "T" Club, varsity football, Military Honor Society, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, and Cavaliers. He was also the ROTC Superior Cadet, ROTC Distinguished Military Student, and on the Dean's List. Larry is majoring in chemistry. JOHN ROBERT COLEMAN, a senior history maior from Alma, served in Blue Key, Wesley Foundation, Student Judicial Court, and Sigma Beta. He also received the Senior Service Fellowship in Social Studies and the Rice University Honor Felldw- ship in Political Science. 282 Who's Who selectee BECKY CLARK is a ' ' ' ' i i ' . , , 'unlor malorlng in blology. Beck Is a member of Cardinal Key, Marquise, Association of Women Students, Presiytiient's Council, and Kappa Delta Pi. She was president of Mar if d i ' dent of AWS. Her home is in Escondido, Calif. q Ise an W35 Vlce-PFOSI- Senior EUNA TIRK CLARK activities included Tau Beta Sigma, Cardinal Key, Band, and Choir. Euna is a music education maior from Smackover. JUANITA CRESON, an elementary education major from New Blaine. Student body president, GARY DENNIS, is a senior from Russellville. His other activities included Blue Key, President's Council, Student Senate president. Gary is maioring in sociology. Who's Who selectee, ROY L. EOFF, is a iunior maioring in accounting. Roy is a member of Blue Key, FCA and the "T" Club. His home is in Harrison. Reporter of the Psychology Club, and a member of the Student Senate and Dean's List, senior MARILYN FLETCHER is a psychology maior. Her home is Siloam Springs. Positions of president of the Wildlife Club, Senior Fellow in Biology, and a member of Blue Key and the President's Council were achievements of senior BILL GRABILL . Bill is a wildlife management maior from Jacksonville. SUSAN HAVENER'S activities included SNEA, Cardinal Key, and Young Repub- licans. Susan is a senior history maior from Mulberry. The 1968 Miss Arkansas Tech, 3 DuLaney Playmate, Homecoming Maid, Marquise treasurer, the recipient of the Honor Scholarship and Math Scholarship, and a mem- ber of Cardinal Key, AWS, SNEA, Dean's List and WRA are among the many honors of JANICE RUTH HEFLEY. Janice is from Harrison and is majoring in math. RONNIE KENDRICK'S acitivities were numerous. He served as chairman of the Governor's Youth Council, Task Force member of White House Cenference on .Youth Dissent, and state president of the Young Republicans. Ronnie Is a senior history- pre-Iaw maior. 283 A senior psychology maior from Camden, BOB MILLER, served a's a Sigma Beta, president of the Newman Club, treasurer and vicepresident of the Student senate, Senior Class president, President's Council, treasurer of Turner Hall, ROTC, DMS, DMA, and recipient of the Intramural Manager of the Year and Bluemax Awards; Who's Who selectee, STAN MILLER is a iunior history maior from Pearcy. Stan is a member of the History, Political Science and Pre-Law Club, BSU and Student Senate. He also held the office of President for his freshman and sophomore class. President of Massie Hall and vice-president of Cardinal Key, SUSAN MOBLEY is also a member of Marquise, Newman Club, President's Council, lnter-dormt Coun- cil, and the AWS Council. She is a senior from Morrilton and is maioring in ele mentary education. Included in the activities of SUE DILLON NIVEN are Marquise, Tau Beta Sigma MENC, Marching and Concert Bands, Cardinal Key, and Kappa Delta Phi. Sue is a senior from North Little Rock and is maioring in music education. I I iii W . Kiwije JIM PFEIFER, a senior from Morrilton is majoring in physics. His activities list the Newman Club, Science Club, President's Council, Dean's List. A senior from Russellville, MIRIAM PYATT was a member of the French Club and a Senior Fellow. She is maioring in English. PHYLLIS YVONNE QUANDT, a senior business education maior, served a; secre- tary of Phi Beta Lambda and treasurer of Cardinal Key. Phyllis' home town is Russellville. ' Included in the activities of GARY R. ROWLANDS are Blue Key, Chi Alpha, Military Honor Society, Commander in Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Recrea- tion Club, and vice-president of the Student Senate. Gary is a senior from Hector and his major is Recreation and Park Administration. JANE NAN RUTHVEN, a senior from Mountain Home list her activities as Female vice-president of the Student Senate, AWS, IAWS Contact, Dorm Council, Recreation Club, WRA, reporter of SNEA, and secretary of Marquise. She is an! elementary edu- cation maior. President of Blue Key, Student Senate, presidem of his iunior class, President's Council, and the Wildlife Club are all activities included in the curriculum of senior, JOHN SAMPIER. John is majoring in biology and his home town is Rogers. . 3 284 WHO'? WHO selectees Jane Ruthven and Ronnie Kendrick take time out of their busy schedules for a short that in the student center. lOlS A. SHEL'I'ON, a senior from Pyatt, was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Cardinal Key, Baptist Student I-Union, AWS, SNEA, and a Senior Fellowship. She is maioring in elementary education. President of the Agri Club, a member of the President's Council, and an agri- culture lab assistant are a few of the activities of OWEN SMITH. Owen is a iunior from Mansfield and he is maioring in agriculture-business. Jacksonville 'is the home town of Who's Who seiectee JAMES R.- STARKEY. James is a junior and he is majoring in! music education. A senior from Little Rock, MARIETTA lEE STERLING w'as president of Tau Beta Sigma, secretary of Kappa Delta Pi, secretary of MENC, a member of the Band, Orchestra, Baptist Student Union, National Intercollegiate Band, and also the Senior Fellow in Music Theory. Her maior is music education. CAROLINE WElCH, a senior from Havana, is AWS president for 1969-70. She is maioring in elemeritary education. 285 ymww 17 .w , .IA 477., 1 r J. Cheerleaders Spark Spirit The cheerleaders attended an ICF Clinic at Fay- etteville during the summer of 1969. The girls placed second in overall competition. Under the direction of Francis Law the cheer- leaders returned to school a week early this year to make plans for upcoming spirit raising activities: Some of the activities included presenting a pep rally and skit for each football game and decorating goal posts for home games. Streamers were made available to the Wonderboy supporters who wanted to don the green and gold. Along with other campus clubs the cheerleaders made posters to help promote spirit. Judging of high school cheerleaders was also on the agenda. In March the girls traveled with the basketball team to the NAIA game in Kansas City. Francis Law was Tech,s entry in the Miss Cheer- leader of America Contest. 286 287 Tosh Arnold Jane Livesay dw-GI-IFOMI- . . . .V , . . .. . . .. . . . ., ,V . . V. . . . ; . ,. . .., . . . A . . . . M l! lh-lmn . H. . . , , .. . . . .. i ., Glenda Hawky Tibbols Paula ight io Kn Kathy Moore V ick Faculty Index A Adams, Travis, 18 Amaden, Linda 21 Anders, Volta, 28 Ashbrook, Gail, 38 Baker, Bill, 17 Balloun, Jack, 21 Bangs, Reda, 21 Bartlett, Heartsill, 18 Benson, Bill, 18 Boutwell, Herman, 34 Boyetr, Gene, 34 Brannon, Ruth, 28 Bronco, Charles, 34 Brown, Melinda, 38 Bryson, EdWard, 40 Bryson, Elizabeth, 34 Burch, John, 30 Bushong, Sallie, 21 Bynum, Firman, 18 C Canerday, Nancy, 21 Capehan, BeHy' Lue, 21 " " 5 Carr, Walter, 30 Casey, Minnie Lou, 21 Cate, Eleanora, 21 Chevallier, William, 24' Clark, Kay 21 Clary, Eldon, 26 Clemdms, Lillie, 21 Coffey, Margie, 21 Cohoon, Richard, 34 Cole, Kenneth, 34 Cole, Sandra 21 Collins, Bill, 18 Conley, Anna, 21 Connelly, Edward, 28 Carley, Dale, 24 Couser, Raymond 34 Cowan, Debby, 21 Crawley, Henri, 34 Crocker, Adele, 21 Cross, Loretta, 21 D Dempsey, Don, 26 Dempsey, Joyce, 30 1 Dickerson, Bettie, 38 Dopson, Deward, 26 Doss, Sue, 30 Dowell, Carroll, 26 Dowell, Martha, 26 Drewry, Albert, 34 E Edgar, Gerald, 18, 30 Eversole, W. G., 34 Ewell, Everett, 17 F Ferguson, Eunice, 21 Ferguson, Vernon, 21 Fields, Wilma, 38 Formby, Ron, 19 Fox, Max, 40 G Gallagher, Mary, 30 Gallagher, Mary, 30 Gafhright, Sarah, 26 Giles, Albert, 34 Godbey, Ora, 21 Gordon, Patricia, 26 Gowin, Gena, 24 Greenwood, Linnda, 21 Grimes, Gail, 22 Gudger, Robert, 40 Guendling, John, 30 H Hall, Clarence, 30 Hall, Peggy, 22 Hamilton, Johnnie, 19 Harfon, 8. L, 17 Heflin, Houston, 22 Helms, Don, 24 Henderson, Shannon, 38 Hindsman, Sam, 26 Hodges, Ann, 22 Hogg, William, 40 Hoppef, John, 34 Hudson, E. E., 34 Hurdle, Nancy, 22 Hutchmacher, William, 30 J Jackson, Neil, 19 Jacoby, Arthur, 35 Jaggers, Annie, 30 Jenon, Beffy, 22 Johnson, Allen, 40 Johnson, Marsha, 22 Jones, Charles, 30 Kiehl, Vicky, 28 Kllms, Bennie, 22 Krueger, David, 31 L Laux, Ruth, 31 Lemley, William, 24 Lewis, Floy, 22 Lewis, Franklin, 31 Link, Michael, 31 Long, Glennna, 22 Long, Herman, 24 Loveless, Billie, 22 Mc McCain, Joyce, 38 McCool, B. 13., 31 McCracken, Lottie, 26 McEver, Truman, 35 McGee, Jim, 26 McMillan, Harlan, 35 M Maff, Nicholas, 22 Marshall, Helen, 28 Martin, Inez, 22 Meek, Clark, 40 Merrill, P. K., 31 Michels, Walter, 28 Miller, Joseph, 26 Mitchell, Marvin, 40 Mix, Jerry, 40 Mobley, Louise, 31 Montgomery, John, 26 Moore, Maude, 35 Morgan, Jerry, 22 Morris, Barry, 24 Morrisey, Richard, 31 Morrison, Allen, 40 Mullen, Bobby, 35 MurdOCh, Jean, 24 N Naegle, Stephen, 28 Nelson, John, 28 Nelson, Sarah, 22 Newsome, Joyce, 22 O Oller, Rexann, 31 Olsen, Dale, 28 O'Neal, 6. M., 35 Owens, Janice, 28 P Padge", C. E., 34 Palko, Tom, 35 Palmer, Jean, 22 Parker, Barbara, 22 Pearson, Charles, 35 Pfeifer, Helen, 22 Pistole, Joe, 19 Presley, Jack, 19 Pridgin, lula, 22 Pyle, Laurice, 23 Ragsdale, Paula, 23 Raines, Daniel, 31 Raines, Teddie, 31 Rankin, Oren, 26 Reed, David, 27 Reid, Mattie, 23 Rexinger, Lena, 27 Rickard, Donald, 35 Roberts, Patsy, 23 Rollow, John, 31 Rotherf, William, 32 Ruff, Elbena, 23 Rule, John, 32 Rule, Margaret, 32 Sevier, Don, 27 Shelton, Charles, 35 Shinn, Helen, 23 Shoemaker, Johnn, 35 Small, Mime, 23 Snow, Claude, 27 Spanton, William, 28 Stiritz, John, 32 Steve", John, 28 Smith, Houston, 40 Smith, Samuel, 41 Spencer, Mary, 19 Staggs, James, 20 Tatum, Buford, 35 Taylor, Bobby, 32 Thompson, Clara, 24 Tilley, Sharon, 23 Tilley, William, 23 Toothaker, Linda, 23 Toothaker, Ronnie, 27 Torrance, Rose, 23 Triggl William, 36 TrouH, Barbara, 23 Tucker, Gary, 36 Tucker, John, 36 Turner, Jim, 20 Tyler, Thomas, 24 Vaughn, Bill, 38 Vick, Donald, 41 Wachtendorf, Par, 23 Wainrighf, Joan, 28 Wainright, John, 28 Walker, Kenneth, 30 Walker, Mary, 38 Warford, Kaye, 38 Watson, Ellen, 32 Watson, Melvern, 36 West, James, 29 Willclm, James, 36 Williams, Martha, 36 Willis, James, 36 Wills, Keith, 27 Wilson, Howard, 41 Wilson, Tom, 16 .Wilwers, Ed, 29 Witherspoon, Gene, 28 Young, R. A., 16 289 1'. -..w wm ,.. Student Index A Abernathy, Julian R., Roswell, NM, 109 Abbott, Carl Edward, Fayetteville, 149 Abbott, Linda Kay, Fayetteville, 171 ACCOUNTING CLUB, 45 Adair, Lloyd, Danville, 149 Adams, Carol, Theodore, Ala., 107, 149 Adams, Glenn E., Southwest City, Mo., 109 Adams, James A., Mulberry, 171 Adams, Mary, Siloam Springs, 171 Adams, Michael D., Pea Ridge, 131 Adams, Richard Glen, Hazen, 109 Adams, Stephen, Paris, 171 AGRICOLA, 44 AGRI CLUB, 46 AHEA, 47 Ahne, David J., Scranton, 131 Ahrns, John, Paris, 149 Aitken, David P., Scranton, 109 Akridge, Nicholas, Cocoa, Fla., 109 Albert, Mary L, Russellville, 131 Alexander, Louis, No. Little Rock, 131 Alexander, Susan L, Atkins, 171 Allen, Cecil, Canon Plant, 171 Allen, Richard 6., Morrilton, 149 Allen, Rosemary P.. Cotton Plant, 131 Allison, Jim, Little Rock, 131 Allison, Lavoin K., Hedor, 109 Almond, Cindy C., Fort Smith, 149 Aple, Michael J., Crawfordsville, 149 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 48 Amaden, Howard, Lonoke, 109 Amaden, Joe, Lonoke, 171 Amann, Susan E., Bradford, 171 Anderson, Bob, No. Little Rock, 109 Anderson, Kathy, Mountain Home, 109 Anderson Jeff, Agingdon, 111., 131 Anderson, Kenneth E., Atkins, 149 Anderson, Mary J., Ozark, 171 Anderson, Vicki, Mulberry, 149 Andrews, Boyd L., Russellville, 171 Apel, Reba, Pine Bluff, 171 Appler, Joe R., Hot Springs, 171 AQUATIC SOCIETY, 49 ARKA TECH, 50 Amer, Dick, Harrison, 131 Arnold, Rex, Harrison, 171 Arnold, Thesh, Harrlson, 131 Ary, Catherine A., Berryville, 171 Ash, Carroll, Rogers, 192 ASSOCIATION OF BLACK STUDENTS, 51 Atchinson, Joy P., Omaha, 171 Adcock, Shirley, Mountainburg, 171 Austin, Andy, Subiaco, 171 Austin, Fran, Little Rock, 131 Austin, James, Russellville, 130, 131 Austin, Mike, Waldron, 149 AWS COUNCIL, 49 Aylor, Douglas A., Magnet Cove, 171 Babb, Barbara, Russellville, 131 Bagley, David N., Joiner, 109 Bagwell, Mary A., Paris, 131 Bailey, Deborah L., Hot Springs, 149 Bailey, Linda, Russellville, 131 Bailey, Michael D., Russellville, 149 Baker, Bob, Russellville, 171 Baker, Donald Ray, Sage, 131 Baker, Mike, Russellville, 171 Baker, Robert D.. Vian, Okla. 171 Baldwin, Kay, Hot Springs, 149 Ball, Carolyn, Russellville, 109 Ball, Elizabeth, Lonoke, 109 BAND, 53, 54, 55, 56 Bandy, Junior Lee, 81. Joe, 131 Bangs, Gene L., Booneville, 109 Bangs, Jackie N., Booneville, 131 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION, 57 Barlow, Curtis, H. Fort Smith, 109 Barnett, David J., Everton, 149 Barr, Roy Vu Harrison, 149 Barry, Dennis A., Morrihon, 149 Bartle, Sharon L., Mount Judea, 131 Bartlett, David L, Russellville, 171 Bartlett, Jim D., Fort Smith, 130, 131 Bartlett, Sandra, Greenwood, 109 Barton, C. G., Ozark, 109 Basse, Kathy, Rogers, 192 Basinger, Larry E.. Hacks", 171 Baskin, Robert M., Little Rock, 131 Baskin, William BL, Ozark, 109 Bates, Vicki, Mt. Ida, 171 Bauer, Betsy Ann, Atkins, 171 Baugher, Michael, No. Little Rock, 109 Baurichter, Gerald, Russellville, 109 Baurichter, Karen, Russellville, 131 Bean, Linda C., Russellville, 171 Beard, James D., Pea Ridge, 149 Beard, Travis H., Little Rock, 109 Beard, Vicki L, El Dorado, 149 Bearden, Bobby R., Batesville, 149 Beaty, Robert Hugh, Benton, 171 Beckner, Curtis L, San Antonio, Texas, 131 Becton, Virginia, A., Beebe, 149 Beecher, David, Rogers, 171 Bell, Barbara Sue, Hedcr, 171 Bell, Sandra. Siloam Springs, 149 Bell, 5. Gordon, No. Little Rock, 171 Bell, Sharon C., Forrest City, 171 Belem, Angelo H., Little Rock, 171 Bender, Barbara 6., Fort Smiih, 149 Benson, Eddie, Hampton, 149 Bentley, John F., Booneville, 131 Bergman, Chuck, Mountain Home, 110 Bergman, Harrison, 149 Barry, Janan, Pine Bluff, 150 Berry, Pam, Dover, 171, 170 Berry, William, Dardanelle, 131 Betnar, Danny R., Clarksville, 172 Betsill, Doyle 6., Montreal, Quebec, 150 Betsill, Dwayne. Russellville, 192 Bevil, David, Ozark, 110 Bevil, Margaret, Hot Springs, 110 Bewley, David A., Russellville, 172 Bewley, Gary, Russellville, 131 Bickerstaff, Floyd W., Brinkley, 172 Billings, Regina l.., Little Rock, 150 Binam, Rosemary, Alpena, 132 Bing, Betty 1.. Cedarville, 132 Binz, Dennis E., Charlesfon, 110 Bird, Brad, Morrihon, 150 Birlson, Freeda J., Jasper, 110 Bishop, Dianna, Green Forest, 192 Bishop, Naomi, Russellville, 172 Biner, Brant P., Springdale, 150 Bittle, Randy L, Fort Smith, 150 Bmle, Sandy, Ola, 110 Bizzell, David R., Fort Smith, 172 Black, Myrian C., Fort Smith, 132 Black, Wilma R., HackeM, 110 Blackburn, Donna, Searcy, 150 Blagg, Edgar, Bonneville, 150 Blauq, Leonard R., Booneville, 150 Hlakemore Beckv. Forf Smith, 150 Bland. Beckv Eldoardo, 172 Blankenship, Pat L, Hot Sorinas. 172 Blankenship. Wayne. Ozark, 150 Blaw. Debbie. Russellville, 150 Blavlock. Bennv 1... Greenwood, 132 Blavlock, Thomas E., Morrilton, 150 Blevins, Janice. Salem, 150 Blevins, Louis D., Dardanelle, 172 BLUE KEY, 58 . . - Bogart, James, Magazine, 172 Bogy, Edward J., Altheimer, 110 Bonds, Jacquelyn, Russellvillo, 150 Bands, Joe M., Hughes, 132 Bone, Mike N., Batesville, 110 Booher, Carolyn J., RusselIville, 110 Boone, Dan J., Clinton, 150 Boone, William R., Little Rock, 110 Boother, Shirley M., Dardanelle, 110 Borland, Jimmy, Pickens, 110 Bosnick, Lanny, Moro, 150 Bottoms, Debby, Roland, 172 Bowden, Mark K.. Booneville, 192 Bowles, Beverly, Dumas, 101 Bowles, Pat, Tillar, 101 Boyd, Charlene, Hot Springs, 172 Boyles, Lonoke, 172 Boyles, Kenneth, Harrisburg, 172 Brabec, Barbara, Dardanelle, 150 Brabec, Don A., Dardanelle, 132 Bradberry, James T.. Austin, Texas, 132 Bradley, Linda Jo, Russellville, 110 Bradley, Robert C., Clinton, 150 Brammer, Ron, Fort Smith, 101 Branch, Gary Don, Russellville, 110 Branch, Jane Ann, Fort Smith, 110 Brandenburg, Richard W., Russellville, 110 Brandt, Cathy, Harrison, 110 Brandt, Larry, Harrison, 110 Branan, Thomas J., Lonoke, 172 Brather, Layne, Marianna, 150 Brawner, Michael. Wynne, 172 Breckenridge, Glen, Lake Village, 150 Breedlove, Bill, Fort Smith, 172 Breitenstein, John, Pine Bluff, 172 Brengard, Richard J., Paragould, 101, 172 Brent, Marion, Lewisville, 132 Brewer, Becky, Lavaca, 132 Brewer, Pat L, Onia, 130, 132 Brewer, Robert R., Bergman, 172 Bridges, Bill, Little Rock, 132 Brigham, Troy L, Russellville, 110 Brinkley, John, Bradford, 172 Brinkman, Dorothy L, Russellville, 111 Brock, Wanda, Alread, 172 Bromley, Debbie, El Dorado, 111 Bromley, Kerry, El Dorado, 172 Brown, David F., Russellville, 132 Brown, Deanna Kay, Ozark, 172 Brown, Diana L, Hector, 150 Brown, Donna M., Ozark, 111 Brown, Donna M, Huntsville, 172 Brown, Ira Van, Pine Bluff, 150 Brown, Paul D., Ceadarville, 111 Brown, Richard, Jerusalem, 172 Brown, Ronald, Knoxville 150 Brown, Terry, Judsonia, 172 Brown, Tommy G., Yellville, 172 Browning, Brenda L, Waldron, 151 Browning, Linda, Waldron, 151 Bruce, Carole L., Fort Smifh, 172 Brumeblow, Terry, Pine Bluff, 172 Bryant, Sammye L, Springdale, 111 Bull, Larry G., Russellville, 132 Bull, Linda 5., Siloam Springs, 132 Burbeck, Linda K., Orlando, Fla., 111 Burchfield, Susan, No. Little Rock, 172 Burdick, Sandra L, Atkins, 151 Buresh, Judy L, Mountain Home, 151 Burge, Betti, Harrison, 111 Burge, Bill, Harrison, 111 Burgess, Jane M., Russellville, 151 Burgess, June.J., Russellville, 151 Burkes, Ka?hy, Little Rock, 151 Burkhaher, Carol, North Little Rock, 172 Burnett, Annette, Plainview, 151 Burnett, Franque C., Lavaca, 132 Burnett, Gary R., Fort Smlth, 101, 111 Burnett, Susan, Mena, 148, 15" Burns, Janice Kay, Hot Springs, 172 Burr, William H., Harrison, 132 291 Burris, Johnny L., Hector, 172 Burris, Robert A., Little Rock, 172 Burris, Vickie J., Russellville, 172 Burroughs, Larry Lee, Hot Springs, 151 Burroughs, Shirley, Mcrrilton, 132 Butler, Carolyn, Perryville, 111 Butler, Dennis, Alma, 173 Butler, Gary, Waldron, 173 Butler, Janey, Waldron, 151 Butler, Susan, Alma, 111 Butterbaugh, Richard, Berryville, 173 Byers, Larry W., Mount Ida, 173 Byrne, David, Hot Springs, 173 C Cabahiss, George, Russellville, 111 Cagle, Pamela, Ozark, 173 Callahan, Bertha, Mulberry, 132 CalIahan, Chris C., Clarksville, 151 Cameron, Dan T., Fort Smith, 173 Campbell, Bill, Prairie Grove, 152 Campbell, Cal, H01 Springs, 173 Campbell, Howard L, Harrison, 152 Campbell, John, Ozark, 112 Campbell, Larry J., Green Forest, 173 Campbell, Nancy L, No. Little Rock, 173 Campbell, Peggy, Dallas, Texas, 173 Campbell, Roy Dale, Van Buren, 152 Campbell, Steven P., Clarksville, 192 Cantrell, Gary, Harrison, 112 Cantrell, Laura A., Harrison, 173 Cantwell, Marceia, Alpena, 152 Capehart, Sieve, Fort Smith, 132 CARDINAL KEY, 59 Caristianos, Nancy, Hot Springs, 152 Carke, Elizabeth, Zion, III., 152 Carlile, Kaay A., Fort Smith, 173 Carlson, Dennis R., Russellville, 173 Carnahan, Carmen L, Coming,- 132 Carruthers, Emma L., Morrilton, 152 Carter, Car'olyn, Dardanelle, 173 Caner, Gail, 'Russellville, 173 Carter, Pamela, Jasper, 112 Cartwright, Curtis R., Ozark, 152 Cary, Linda, Springdale, 173 Casey, Billy E., Waldron, 173 Castle Elana, Hot Springs, 132 Castleberry, Sandra, Lamar, 152 Cares, Jack, Fort Smith, 112 Cates, Lyna E., Prairie Grove, 173 Cares, Marilyn, Hayward, Calif., 132 Cather, Jullann, No. Little Rock, 152 Caudle, June L, Atkins, 152 Caudle, Linda, Atkins, 152 Caughman, Kevin, Siloam Springs, 153 CAVALIERS, 60 Cawood, Janet, Springdale, 173 Chappell, Joe, Fort Smhh, 112 Chancn, Karen, Perryville, 112 Chastain, Ronald, County Line, 153 Chasyain, William, Benton, 174 Cheatom, Madelon, Russellville, 153 Cheaiham, Tommie, Demon, Texas, 153 CH1 ALPHA, 61 Childers, Bob, County Line, 174 Childers, Duane, Lamar, 132 Childers, Jim N., County Line, 153 Chiolino, Paul, Fort Smith, 112 Chitwood, Gordon, Fort Smith, 174 Chivers, Laura Sue, Siloam Springs, 174 Choate, Pamela, Western Grove, 174 Choaie, Roland L, Western Grove, 132 COLLEGE CHOIR, 62 COLLEGE COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA 63 Christy, Joyce, Fort Smith, 153 PRODUCING TV tapes in an audio visual class are these students undier the supervision of Dr. Jim Ed McGee. 1 Chronister, Alan L, Dover, 112 Chronisfer, Mark N.. Russellville, 153 Chudy, Carol 5., Hazen, 174 Churchill, Linda, Dover, 153 Churchill, Lissa, Atkins, 153 Cioppa, Andrew, Blauvelt, N.Y., 174 Cioppa, Chris, Blauvelt, N.Y., 174 Clark, Becky, Escondio, Calif., 133 Clark, Dianne, Memphis, Tenn., 112 Clark, Euna T., Smackover, 112 Clark, James A., Dalton, Ga., 112 Clark, John E., Fort Smith, 112 Clark, Kenneth W., Smackover, 113 Clark, Lee, No. Little Rock, 133 Clark, Sandra, Chaisworfh, Ga., 174 Clawson, Elizabeth, Russellville, 113 Clay, Jerry D., Greenwood, 153 Clay, Grady, Fort Smith, 192 Clay, Terry, Mt. Ida, 174 Cluck, Dianne, Cedarville, 174 Cockman, Lenard, Jessieville, 113 Cockman, Nancy, Jessieville, 174 Coffman, Sam L, Hector, 174 Cogan, Peggy, Clarksville, 174 Coger, Stephen, Danville, 113 Coggins, Jack E., Truman, 174 Cole, Deward, Little Rock, 153 Coleman, Carol, Alma, 174 Coleman, Jobn, Alma,7113 Colley, Kenneth, Fort Smith, 133 Collins, Steven C., Pocahontas, 113 Collins, Sue, Morriltan, 133 Collyar, Cookie, Fort Smith, 133 Combs, Arlie D., Bradleyville, Mo., 153 Cone, John 8., Melbourne, 113 Connelly, Cathy, Hot Springs, 133 Conway, Paul 5., No. Little Rock, 174 Cook, Gary, El Dorado, 153 Cook, Sandra, Cove, 113 Coombes, Larry E., Van Buren, 133 Cooper, Joe K., Morrilton, 153 Cooper, Mary Sue, Bonneville, 107,174 Cooper,WiIIie, Hope, 133 Cope, Jimmy N., Paris, 174 Carder, Glenn, No. Little Rock, 113 Cornwall, David 12., Dardanelle, 174 Cory, Sarah E., Batesville, 153 Coslef, Nikki, London, 192 Cossey, Sandra, Russellville, 133 Couch, Mike K., Hartford, 153 Cowan, David M., Springdale, 133 Cowan, David W., Russellville, 113 Cowell, Eddie, Mountain View, 133 Cox, Cindee, Fort Smith, 175 Cox, Lois, Magnet Cove, 133 Cox, Patricia, Scranton, 153 Cox, Phillip W., Magnet Cove, 113 Cox, Susan Ann, Greenwood, 134 Crabill, Rita L., Havana, 175 Craft, Charles W., Fort Smith, 175 Craig, Alan C., Blackwood, NJ. 113 Cranor, Halbert, Forrest City, 175 Crawford, Edna, Virginia Beach, Va., 133 Crawford, James 5., Virginia Beach, Va., 153 Crawford, Margaret 6., Dardanelle, 175 Crawley, Sandy, Russellville, 113 Crenshaw, Sandra E., Booneville, 153 Crews, James, Siloam Springs, 175 Crider, James, Greenland, 113 Crisp, Connie, Russellville, 133 Crone, Teresa 0., Hot Springs, 153 Crook, David E., Lavaca, 113 Crook, R. Larry, Crossen, 153 Cross, Bobby J., Russellville, 153 Cross, Earl C., Russellville, 153 u... him PRACTICING for the homecoming festivities is a combo made up of Tech students. Crossman, Paul N., Russellville, 133 Crons, Linda, Lamar, 153 Crow, Michelle, Russellville, 154 Crowley, Dwight L., Mulberry, 175 Crouch, Barbara, Russellville, 175 Crumby, Kathleen M., No. Little Rock, 113 Crump, Steve 12., Fort Smith, 175 Cumnock, Mike, Van Buren, 133 Cumnock,, Pam, Van Buren, 134 Cushing, Robert C., Benton, 134 Cypert, David, Little Rock, 192 Cypert, Don, Little Rock, 192 D Dacus, Mary, Russellville, 134 Dale, Patricia C., Russellville, 134 D'Angelo, Fred C., Pea Ridge, 134 Daniial, Beverly, Dover, 154 Daniel, James W., Marshall, 113 Daniels, Dee, Benton, 154 Daniels, Lee, Dardanelle, 175 Daugherty, James, San Pablo, Calif., 134 Daugherty, R. Davis, Russellville, 113 David, Ronnie, Pea Ridge, 134 Davidson, Anna Lou, Russellville, 175 Da'Vis, Bobby Ray, Hot Springs, 134 Davis, Chalmer, Alfheimer, 134 Davis, Delmon', Russellville, 134 Davis, Douglas, Russellville, 134 Davis, Howard, Searcy, 134 Davis, Jim, Van Buren, 113 Davis, Mike, Berryville, 134 Davis, Rebekah, Fort Smith, 134 Davis, Rgnnie, Farmington, 154 Davis, Sandra, Scranton, 154 Davis, Steve, Waldron, 175 Davis, Terry, Charleston, Mo.. 175 Daye, Richard, Mountain Home, 134 Denison, Vicki, Hot Springs, 148, 154 Dennis, Gary, Russellville, 113, Demon, Leanne, Fort Smith, 114 Danton, Sharon, Waldron, 175 DePriest, Martannne, Barling, 175 Devenas, Paul L, Waukegan, Ill., 135 DeWoody, Brenda, Gurdon, 175 Dickerson, Merle, Russellville, 154 Dickey, Margaret, Harrison, 154 Dicks, Barbara, Ozark, 175 Dickson, Susan, Benton, 130, 135 Di Pasquale, Ray, Mt. Morris, N.Y., 135 Dixon, Jack, Fort Smith, 114 Dixon, Pamela, Morrilton, 114 Dixon, Robert, Belleville, 175 Dobbs, Steven, Melbourn, 135 Domerese, Kathy, Fort Smith, 175 Dormois, Debbie, Fort Smith, 175 Dorris, Suzette, No. Little Rock, 175 Dessert, Mary, Knoxville, 175 Douglas, Jimmie, Danville, 175 Douglas, Mary L, Danville, 135 Douglas, Robin, Searcy, 175 Downs, Sydney, Springdale, 175 Drake, Patricia, Van Buren, 154 Drake, Shiela, Mountain Home, 154 Dwmmond, Barbara, Little Rock, 135 Drummond, Charles, Jacksonville, 135 Dry, J. Allison, Biscoe, 154 DudersVadr, Bruce, Gillan, 175 Duggin, Dorothy, Chester, 135 Duke, Donna, Glenwood, 175 Duncan Babb, No. Linle Rock, 114 Dunn, Linda K., Fort Smith, 101, 175 293 294 Dunn, Timothy Russellville 135 Dunn, William B., Fort Smiih, 154 Burden, Margaret, Fort Smifh, 154 Durham, James E., Searcy 135 Dyer, Mary, Alma, 175 E Eakin, Mark, Perryville, 154 Earnest, Margy, Rogers, 192 Easter, Laura, Des-Arc, 114 Easter, Robert, Southwest Chy, Mo., 114 Eddleman Michael, Russellville, 154 Edgar, Steve, Russellville, 175 Edgen, Terese, Little Rock, 175 Edmungson, Robert, Gateway, 175 Edwards, Benny, Bee Branch, 135 Edwards, John, Mena, 175 Edwards, Paul, Fort Smith, 175 Edwards, Randy D., Mountain Home, 148, 154 Elderton, James L., Springdale, 176 Elliott, David, Paris, 135 Elliott, Suzanne, Dover, 154 Ellis, Linda, Little Rock, 154 Ellis, Michael, Berryville, 176 Elmore, Zena, Russellville, 154 Embry, Judy Kay, Mena, 176 Emerson, James, Dewitt, 135 Emerson, Jimmie D., RusseHville, 135 Emmett, James L., Springdale, 176 ENGINEERS' CLUB, 64 English, Tommy, Van Buren, 114 Eoff, Brenda, Russellvlle, 192 Eoff, Roy, Harrison, 135 Epps, David, PopIar Bluff, Mo., 176 Espy, Richard, Fort Smith 154 Evans, Gloria, Bigelow, 154 Evans, Herberto, Little Rock, 176 Evans, Jack, Little Rock, 114 Evans, Jeff, Russellville, 176 Evans, Joan, Yellville, 154 Ewell, Bob, Prescott, 135 Ewing, James, Deer, 135 Ewing, Vincent, No. Little Rock, 114 Ezell, Michael, Paris, 176 Ezell, Roy, Harrison, 154 Ezell, Sam, Booneville, 176 Ezel1, Sharon, 154 F Falmer, Calvin, Mount Vernon, Mo., 176 ' Fancher, Gail, Kingston, 154 Fancher, Jean, Kingston, 135 Fanning, Carl, Berryville, 176 Farmer, Doyle, Green Forest, 155 Favre, Robert, Piermonf, N.Y. 176 Fears, Coy, Van Buren, 155 Featherston, Barbara, Fort Smith, 114 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES, 65 Felfner, Mary, Prairie Grove, 176 Ferguson, Charles, Springdale, 176 Ferguson, Judy, Forf Smith, 135 Ferguson, Mark, Charleston, 176 Ferguson, Marsha, Harrison, 176 Ferguson, Rebecca, Booneville, 114 Ferri, Steven, Lake Village, 155 Fields, Patti, Fort Smith, 176 Fields, Ron, Fort Smith, 176 Fisher, Dwight, Bald Knob, 176 Fisher, Phillip, No. Little Rock., 155 Finining, Lawrence W., Fort Smith, 135 Fivekiller, Ricky, Fort Smith, 176 Flanagin, Neilla, Russellville, 135 Flanagin, Sherry, Russellville, 114 Fleenor, Richard, Harrison, 114 Fletcher, Clark, Mountain Home, 176 Fletcher, Marilyn, Siloam Springs, 114 Fletcher, Marion, Atkins, 114 Flippin, Lucian, Flippan, 155 Floumoy, James, El Dorado, 114 Floyd, Rita, Ola, 176 Flusche, Tim, Subiaco, 114 Foresee, Donna, Harrison, 176 Forrest, Rebeccah, Plainview, 176 Forsgren, Pam, Fort Smith, 176 Foster, Carlene, Morrilton, 114 Foster, Fred, Hope, 135 Foster, Norma, Russellville, 114 Fowler, Larry, Jasper, 176 Fowler, Ronald, Plumberville, 155 Fox, Bloria, Prairie View, 155 Franklin, Billy, Jerusalem, 176 Franklin, Marvin, Parks, 176 Freeman, Alline, Fdrrest City, 176 Freeman, Dennis, Paris, 135 Freeman, Lynne, Russel1ville, 176 Freemanl Paul, Morrilfon, 176 Freeman, Rutha, Dover, 135 FRENCH CLUB, 66 Freyaldenhoven, Martha, Morrilton, 176 Fuller, David, Mulberry, 155 Fuller, James, Little Rock, 155 Fulton, Stephen, Hot Springs, 176 Fulbright Dee Ann, Dardanelle, 176 Funk, Pat, Mountain Home, 114 Futral, Charles, Fort Smith, 170, 176 G Gage, Travis, Ozark, 177 Gaines, Ray, Ozark, 177 Galloway, Larry, Siloam Springs, 177 Gandy, Kay, Hot Springs, 136 Gatling, James, Sheridan, 136 Garrett, David, Plumberville, 155 Garrett, Sharon, Hot Springs, 177 Gaston, Thomas Andrew, Russellville, 136 Gates, Betty Jo, Dardanelle, 177 Gates, Samuel, No. Little Rock, 155 Gatling, James, Sheridan, 136 Gems, Jerry, Paris, 115 Gaydon, Bobbie, Dyer, 136 GEOLOGY CLUB, 67 George, James, Ola, 155 George, Joe, Case, 115 George, June, Danvil1e, 136 George, Nancy, No. Little Rock, 177 George, Ricky 5., Russellville, 177 George, Sammy R., Casson, 136 George, Thurmon, Timbo, 156 GERMAN CLUB, 68 Gibbs, Sue, Springdale, 156 Gibson, Paul, Forrest City, 156 Gibson, Thomas, Berryville, 177 Gilbert, D. Greg, Fayetteville, 177 Gilbert, Dwight, Mountain View, 156 Gilbert, Kevin A., Timbo, 115 Gilbert, Larry, Timbo, 177 Gilben, Nancy, Magazine, 177 Gilbert, Patti, Russellville, 136 Gilbreath, Lonnie, Cincinatti, 156 Gilbreath, Ruth, Greenwood, 136 Giles, Joe, Farmington, 156 Gillmore, M. Brad, Jackson, Tenn., 177 Gilkey, Denise, Enid, Okla., 170, 177 Gilmore, Stephen, Clinton, 177 Gisler, Virginia, Fort Smith, 156 Gleason, Sharon, Truth or Consequences, N.M., 115 Glenn, SuzeHa, Fayeneville, 177 Glisson, Bill, Hot Springs, 177 Goff, Cpnnie, Little Rock, 156 Goff, Gary, Lhtle Rock, 156 Gooch, Leroy, Russellville, 156 Goodier, Lina, Dardanell, 115 Goodman, Charles, Fen Smith, 177 Goodyear, Harry, Newport, 177 Goslee, Marsha, Hot Springs, 156 Gossage, Ronnie, Ratclif-f, 177 Gosseft, Cynthia, Hot Springs, 130, 136 Gottlieb, Mamie, Hot Springs 177 Grabill, Bill, Jacksonville, 115 Grabill, Linda, Dover, 115 Grace, Kathy, Sheridan, 130, 156 Grant, Danny, Bauxite, 115 Graves, Stanley, Norman, 115 Graves, Virginia, Hot Springs, 178 Gray, Jerry, Havana, 157 Gray, Michael, Van Buren, 178 Gray, Ricky, Russellville, 115 Gray, Walter, Hector, 178 Greb, Manha, Fort Smith, 178 Green, Corbin, Booneville, 115 Green, Darlene, Berryville, 115 Green, Richard, Mansfield, 178 Green, Stephen, Harrison, 116 Greene, Connie, Lead Hill, 178 Gregory, Daniel, Hot Springs, 178 Gregory, Ronnie, Harrison, 157 Gresham, Susie, Benton, 178 Greve, Deborah, Fort Smith, 136 Griffin, David, A1kins, 157 Griffin, Dorothy, England, 178 Griffin, Jimmy, Marshall, 178 Griffis, Dale, Skunk Hollow, 116 Grigg, Vicki, Berryville, 178 Grigsby, Elvis, Smackover, 157 Gross, John, Forf Smith, 116 Gross, Sandy, Hot Springs, 157 Grulkey, Jackie, Eureka Springs, 178 Guhl, James, Alexander, 157 Guhl, Lanelle, Bryant, 178 Guinn, Margaret, Center Ridge, 116 H Haaser, Annet, Fort Smith, 178, 170 Haggard, Janie, England, 178 Halbrook, Bruce, Center Ridge, 157 Hale, Danny R., Haletown, 136 Hale, Larry, Berryville, 116 Hale, Lorena, Berryville, 116 Haley, Elizabeth, FortSmith, 178 Hall, Alvin, Marianna, 157 Hall, Danny, DeWitt, 136 Hall, Brenda J., Russellville, 178 Hall, Ellen, Mansfield, 157 Hall, Lester R., Russellville, 157 Heller, Barbara J., Yellow Springs, Ohio, 136 Halsey, Janice, Greenbriar, 116 Hambrick, Phillip, Russellville, 157 Hamilton, Harry 6., Hot Springs, 178 Hamihon, Joyce, Moumainburg, 178 Hamilton, Karen Janel, Harrison, 157 Hamilton, Kenneth C., Harrison, 178 Hamilton, Ken D., Greenwood, 136 Hamm, Jerry W., Harrison, 157 Hammond, Keith A., Clarksville, 157 Hampton, Barbara, North Little Rock, 179 Hampton, Michel L., Little Rock, 179 Hankins, Vicki, Dover, 157 Hanna, David M., Fort Smith, 116 Hanna, Pat, Fort Smith, 179 Hardin, Karen Elaine, Delaware, 179 Hardin, Luther, Searcy, 179, 170 Hargis, Tim M., Huntsville, 116 Harmon, Deborah Ann, Fort Smith, 179 Harris, David, Crossen, 136 Harris, James Eddie, Fort Smith, 116 Harmon, Linda, Russellville, 179 , Harness, Stanley, Springdale, 179 Harper, Carolyn, Eudora, 179 Harper, Emily, Benton, 157 Harris, Billy, Berryville, 157 Harris, Sharon, Siloam Springs, 179 Harris, Tommy Lynnis, Hartford, 116 Harrison, Dee Ann, Augusta, 179, 170 Hart, Donna Lynn, Hot Springs, 179 Hartwick, Mary Lou, Atkins, 116 Harvell, Gerald, Roland, Oklahoma, 136 Hassebrock, Daryl Lee, Russellville, 117 Hatfield, Larry Don, Stuttgan, 117 Hatfield, William C., Russellville, 157 Hathcoaf, Caryl Ann, Harrison, 157 Havener, Susan, Mulberry, 117 Havens, Sharron, Lonoke, 117 Hayward, Janis, Dover, 192 Hawk, Frances, Pea Ridge, 136 Hawkins, Clinton, Heber Springs, 117 Hawkins, Jan, Dallas, Texas, 157 Hawley, Glenda E., Prairie Grove, 157 Hayes, Barbara, Springdale, 157 Hayes, Susan, Sand Lake, New York, 157 Haynes, Claudia E., Mean, 179 Hays, James B., Hector, 117 Haywood, Michael 0., Greenway, 136 Hazelwood, Bill H., Prairie Grove, 136 Heath, John B., McCrory, 117 Heathcon, Janis, Scranton, 179 Hebard, Roy Gene, Van Buren, 157 Hedrick, Ray D., Carlisle, 158 Hefley, Janice Ruth, Harrison, 117 Hefley, Trisha L, Harrison, 179 Heflin, Wanda W., Russellville, 117 Heidenreich, Fred, Plumerville, 117 Helms, Jimmy, Hughes, 179 Henderson, Glenn E., Stuttgart, 136 Henderson, Larry E., Morrilton, 136 Henderson, Ronnie Ford, Jasper, 117 Hendren, Frances A., Hot Springs, 179 Hendrickson, Joe, No. Little Rock, 136 Hendrickson, Robert Ellis, Russellville, 117 Hendrix, Marvin, RussellvilIe, 179 Henley, Gaylon, Trumane, 179 Henry, Karen 8., Dover, 117 Henry, Rosemary, Dardanelle, 136 Hensley, Judy Ann, Berryville, 179 Henson, Bettye G., Russellville, 117 Henson, Jerry M., Cave Creek, 179 Herndon, Jim, Philadelphia, Penn., 158 Herndon, Larry E., Stuttgart, 117 Henel, Linda C., Russellville, 179 Hickey, Marlena, Pine Bluff, 179 Hicks, Gary, Fort Smith, 117 Higdon, Charles F., Pottsville, 117 Hill, Dennis Ray, Ozark, 158 Hill, Ina Sue, Mt. Judea 179 Hill, James L, Morrilton, 136 Hill, Jane, Perryville, 137 Hill, Nancy Lynn, Bass, 137 Hill, Nina L., Bass, 179 Hill, William Truman, Russellville, 117 Hillman, James L, Prairie Grove, 137 Hillman, Jerry, Prairie Grove, 192 Hillman, Linda Potter, Genfry, 137 Hindsman, Tommy E., Russellville, 170, 179 Hinesley, Joan, Mountain Home, 158 Himon, Jimmie W., North Little Rock, 117 Hinton, Elizabeth, Fort Smith, 179 Hinton, Janie F., Fort Smith, 179 Hissom, Joe W., Fort Smith 117 HISTORY, POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PRE-LAW CLUB, 69 Hixson, Par, Ozark, 137 Hobbs, Doris, Batesville, 179 Hobbs, Stephen R., Van Buren, 137 Hodge, Larry F., Harrison, 137 Hodnen, James H., Fort Smith, 179 Hoelzeman, Rita D., Morrilton, 158 Hoffarth, David D., Springdale, 179 Hogan, William F., Fort Smith, 137 Hoge, Marlin 8., Jr., Fort Smith, 170, 179 Hogins, Maria 3., Dover, 158 Hague, Robert P., Benton, 158 Holder, Phillip 8., North Little Rock, 148, 158 Hollabaugh, Pamela, Russellville, 179 Hollabaugh, Pat D., Russellvillle, 179 Holland, Marvin Jr., Branch, 179 Holstien, Pamela A., Midland, 158 Holt, Willard R., Ola, 158 Holzhauer A., Gallett, 118 Honor, Nancy D., Springdale, 180 Hooper, Cathy, Russellville, 180 Hooper, Mary J., Russellville, 158 Hooten, William, Clarksville, 192 Hoover, Bruce D., Mean, 118 Horton, Larry D., Russellville, 118 House, Roger, Waldron, 158 Howard, Alan, Hartford, 148, 158 Howard, Elaine Alpena, 180 Howell, Ken, Pea Ridge, 137 Hoyle, Frank, Altus, 180 Hoyt, John, Morrilton 180 Hubbard, Mark Anthony, Russellville, 180 Hudgins, Robert Leon, Brinkley, 137 Hudson, Bill, Harrison, 158 Hudson, Cecilia, Carlsville, 180 Hudson, Danny R., Bauxite, 158 Hudson, Donald R., Flippin, 118 Hudson, Rondal C., Flippin, 118 Huelle, Dolly, Russellville, 180 Huff, Ernest W., Dyess, 137 Huff, Margaret, Lepamo, 137 Hughes, R. Edwin, Searcy, 158 Hulet, Jeannie, Prairie Grove, 158 Humes, Herman D., Bryanf, 180 Humphry, Larry W., Hot Springs, 148, 158 Humphrey, Willette, Russellville, 180 Hunnicutt, Pat, Wing, 180 Hunt, Charles H. Jr., Dardanelle, 118 Hunt, John D., Eureka Springs, 137 Hunt, Kenneth D., Green Forest, 118 Hunt, Leola, Fort Smith, 137 Hunt, Raymond, Plainview, 158 Hunt, Steve, Fort Smith, 118 Hunt, Thomas C., Dardanelle, 137 Hurdle, Jaseph L., Russellville, 138 Hum, William E., Russellville, 118 Hutcheson, Leland 6., Lead Hill, 158 Hutchens, Vestal L, Waldron, 158 lngle, Garf, Mountain Pine, 158 Ingram, Bill C., Russellville, 180 Irwin, Teresa Joyce, L1HIe Rock, 182 lsaacks, Jeanette Marie, Alma, 138 lsely, William Anhur, Morrilton, 158 Ivester, Angela, Russellville, 159 lzan, Kathy, Fort Smith, 180 295 J Jackson, Alan R., Russellville, 180 Jackson, Bennie, Sheraton, 138 Jackson, Christina L, England, 180 Jackson, Debra, MountainbErg, 180 Jackson, Douglas, Fort Smith, 138 Jackson, Ema, Tappahannock, Va., 180 Jackson, Sandy, Hot Springs, 159 Jacob, Belinda, Russellville, 180 Jacobs, Kay, Russellville, 180 Jacops, Jan C., Melbourne, 138 Jame", Teresa Ann, Russellville, 180 James, Arthur, Havanna, 159 James, Barbara G., Briggsville, 180 James, Lanny T., Pocahonta, 180 James, Rita, Mulberry, 180 James, Terry Lenn, Dogpatch, 180 Jeffers, Robert G., Ozark, 118 Jefferson, L. J., Morrihon, 118 Jenkins, Lillie M., England, 180 Jenks, Jerry C., Jasper, 118 Jennings, Sandi K., Russellville, 118 Jensen, Michael, Hot Springs, 118 Jepson, James K., Little Rock, 138 Jepson, Richard C., Little Rock, 118 Jewell, Jean, Nonh Little Rock, 159 Johnson, Ann, Mulberry, 180 Johnson, David Hall, Walnut Ridge, 138 Johnson, George, Heber Springs, 118 Johnson, Jamey A., Benton, 118 Johnson H, Joe Frank, Malvern, 159 Johnson, Lane C., Russellville, 118 Johnson, Lonnie, Russellville, 118 Johnson, Nancy E., Russellville, 159 Johnson, Paul, Little Rock, 138 Johnson Randy L., Paris, 159 Johnson, Rick, Harrison, 148 Johnson, Sandra R., Van Buren, 118 Johnson, William R., Russellville, 159 Jones, Billy Neal, Mount Ida, 159 Jones, Bucky, Morrilton, 180 Jones, Cecil N., Dover, 159 Jones, Debby Kay, Hartford, 180 Jones, Elinor Kay, Berryville, 180 Jones, Gerald W., Malvern, 180, 170 Jones, Gloria, Charleston, 138 Jones, Harold E., Pea Ridge, 130, 159 Jones, James Earl, Mount Ida, 180 Jones, Jerry, Mansfield, 119 Jones, Joan, Van Buren, 159 Jones, Marvin, Fort Smith, 119 Jones, Mike, Little Rock, 180 Jones, Patricia 6., Ozark, 180 Jones, Rhonda C., Fort Smith, 160 Jones, William Donald, Russellville, 138 Jones, Willie, Little Rock, 138 Jones, Vicki, Greenland, 180 Jordan, Eda L, Hot Springs, 187 Joseph, Jon J., Belle Vernon, 138 K Kamerling, Jeanne, Fort Smith, 181 KAPPA DELTA P1, 70 KAPPA KAPPA PSI, 71 KARATE CLUB, 72 Karczewskl, Joseph, Boundbrook, New Jersey, 119 Kaufman, David A., Morrilton, 138 Kaufman, Scott, Morrilfon, 181 Kaylor, Marsha, Fayeneville, 119 Kearney, John, Paris, 181 Keary, Janet, little Rock, 119 Keaton, Augustine, Casscoe', 160 Keaton, Ora Mae, Stuttgart, 119 Keener, Melvin, Atkins 119 Keeton, James 5., West Memphis, 119 Keeton, Janet Rae, Berryville, 119 Keifer, Glenna J., San Francisco, Calif., 181 Keller, Bryan, Fayeneville, 138- Kellar, James M., M9rrilton, 119 Kelldr, Paul, Eudora, 170, 181 Kelley, Rita Jo, Russellville, 160 Kelley, Pat Ann, Moro, 187 Kemp; Stephen, Hot Springs, 160 Kendrick, Betty, Dover, 187 Kendrick, Ronnie E., Russellville, 128 Kennedy, Deborah, Fon Smith, 138 Kennedy, Dinah L., Havana, 138 Kennedy, Don, Fort Smith, 160 Kennedy, John 0., Havana, 128 Kennedy, Loyce, Fort Smith, 160, 148 Keys, Nancy, Dardanelle, 181 Khilling, Linda H., Magazine, 139 Kibler, Michael, Van Buren, 160 Kidder, Judy Turner, Russellville, 139 Kilgore, Bob, Fort Smhh, 119 Killgore, Coye Lee, Yellville, 160 King, Fred, Russellville, 192 Kinney, Catherine A., Coal Hill, 181 Kinningham, Phillip Alan, Osceola, 139 Kinslow, Hays, Russellville, 119 Kirk, Gerita Kay, Summers, 160 Kirkendall, Mike, Fort Smith, 139 Kirkham, Charlotte Sue, Pine Bluff, 160 Kirkpatrick, Phillip W., Malvern, 181 Kleck, Gerhard? John, Scranton, 139 Knight, Cynthia, Russellville, 120 Knight, Elizabeth A., Siloam Springs, 181 Knight, Vickie G., Clarksville, 139 KnoErnschild, Leo, Lamar, 120 Kremers, Don, Fort Smith, 160 Kremers, Francis C., Atkins, 181 Kuehn, Carol, Paris, 139 Kuhlmann, Danny, Waldron, 192 Kuykendall, Diana, County Line, 160 Kyle, Carole, Danville 120 L Lackey, Billy R., Russellville, 139 Lacy, Eddie L, Heber Springs, 181 Lamb, Gervase W., Lonoke, 120 Lamb, Paula, Perryville, 161 Lamberson, Gentry, 181 Lambert, Dana Core, FortISrnith, 120 Lane, Collins A., Atkins, 161 Lane, Ronald, Green Forest, 181 Langford, Dennis D., Hector, 181 Langley, Ruby Bishop, Russellville, 120 Lantrip, Marilyn, England, 181 Larsen, John Taylor, Waukegan, Illinois, 181 Latch, Nancy 6., Heber Springs, 181 Law, Frances A., Ozark, 120 Law, Linda, Ozark, 139 Layne, Terry, Fayetteville, 139 Leach, Emily Grace, Fayetteville, 161 Leapheart, Charles, Blackwell, 182 Lechner, Connie, Pine Bluff, 161 Lecy, Rodger, Fort Smith, 192 Ledford, Vickie Sue, Prairie Grove, 182 Leding, Jerry A., Altus, 161 Leding, Lawrence E., Altus, 139 Lee, Hazel M., Timbo, 120 Lee, Joe, Fort Smith, 120 Lee, Nancy 8., Siloam Springs, 171 Lee, Ronnie D., Timbo, 120 Lee. Stacey, Fort Smith, 161 Lee, Trisha Ann, Hot Springs, 139 Leman, Dan, Benton, 170, 182 Lefevers, Donna Marie, Yellville, 161 LeFeure, James L, Bentonville, 161 Legan, Kenneth Lindel, Russellville, 139 Legan, Mary Lynne, Jacksonville, 120 Lester, Oleta, Fort Smith, 139 Levy, Nancy, Mena, 182 Lewellyn, Ronnie D., Heber Springs, 182 Lewis, Virginia Dale, Benton, 182 Lienhart, Debbie E., Morrillon, 182 Lievsay, Alvin, Benton, 161 Limbird, Ruben, Paris, 139 Linde, John, El Dorado, 139 Linebarger, Eddie, Hindsville, 139 Lindsey, Jerry, More, 161 Link, Sharon, Belleville, 161 Linton, Dale, Bellvllle, 139 Linton, William L, Scomville, 120 Little, Jerry L, Morrilfon, 121 Little, Joseph, For1 Smith, 121 Little, Susan, Hot Springs, 182 Littleton, Robert, Dardanelle, 192 Livesay, Jane, Fort Smith, 182 Lloyd, David, Fanwood, New Jersey, 121 Locke, Paulene M., Fort Smith, 182 Loman, Gerald A., Prairie Grove, 182 Long, Alan Hall, Highfull, 161 Looper, David, Russellville, 182 Loven, Jo Ann, Fort Smith, 139 Lowe, Caroll R., Greenwood, 121 Lowe, Ricky Lynn, Paris, 139 Lowery, David W., No. Little Rock, 182 Lowrimore, Dennis Dean, Mulberry, 182 Lowry, Forrest, Little Rock, 182 Luck, Carolyn R., Mountain Home, 182 Luckenbaugh, John Wayne, Fort Smith, 182 Luckenbill, Terry, Reading, Pa., 139 Lueker, Mitzi, Stuttgart, 182 Lumber1, Dave, Fort Smith, 192 Lumpkin, Virginia, Dardanelle, 121 Lunsford, Alan S., No. Little Rock, 182 Lunsford, Benny M., Mena, 182 Lusk, Margaret, Bconeville, 121 Lynch, Frank, Hot Springs, 183 Lynch, Joy Lavon, London, 183 Lynch, Paul A,, Hot Springs, 139 Lyons, Mike Edward, Waldron, 183 Mc McAfee, Robert, Hackett, 101, 139 McAlister, Billy, Dover, 183 McBee, Sherrye 8., Mena, 183 McBride, Sharon, J., Hot Springs, 161 McCain, Kay, Mulberry, 183 McClung, Garry, Mountain View, 161 McCollum, David, Pocahontas, 183 McConnell, Chris, Greenwood, 121 McCoy, Bobbie 6;, Branch, 183 McCracken, David, Flippin, 121 McCraw, Donna Sue, Paris, 161 McCrory, Phillip, Hot Springs, 183 McDanial, Linda Kay, Mount Ida, 139 McDaniel, Shirley A., North Little Rock, 121 McDaniel, Wesley L., Fort Smith, 121 McDonald, Cleve, Fort Smith, 121 McDonald, Lonnie, BerryviHe, 183 McEmyre, Doyle W., Dardanelle, 161 McGee, Kenneth R., Overland Park, Kansas, 192 McGee, Mark 5., Ozark, 183 McGetrick, Joe, Springdale, 183 McGhee, Kay, Siloam Springs, 161 McGregor, Ronna J., Rogers, 140 McGuire, Michael, Fort Smith, 193 Mclnnes, Deronda 8., FortASmith, 183 McIntosh, Katherine A., Russellville, 161 McKeIler, Mark A., North Little Rock, 183 McKenny, Gary L., Russellville 183 McKinney, Lea, Berryville, 183 McKinnon, Don, Wing, 121 McMas1er, Ronald H., Dewitt, 183 McMillan, Evelyn, Mena, 161 McNeill, Norma, Des Arc, 121 McNew, Jolynn, Dardanelle, 183 McPherson, Thresa, Heber Springs, 183 McQuain, Bruce, Fort Smith, 121 M Madden, Harold W., Bellville, 121 MADRIGALS, 76 Magar, Linda Kay, Hatfievilla, 161 Magby, Douglas, Hot Springs, 161 Magic, Sandra, Hm Springs, 140 Magness, Henry, Hartford, 183 Malenshek, David Richard, Mountain Home, 183 Maloch, Mark, El Dorado, 183 Maner, Nancy, Fort Smith, 183 Manner, Mickey, Rafcliffe, 161 Mansell, Cassie, Fort Smith, 161 Mansker, Carolyn, Morrilton, 162 Manville, William, Brownsville, Texas 121 Marks, Joel, Russellville, 140 Marler, Jimmie Wayne, Mt. Home, 183 Marley, Phyllls, Fort Smith, 183 o 11 1 4,114 .r. ?W'. .8 -' AMONG the winning costumes in the Sadie Hawkins Day festivities were these hillbilly costumes. Marley, Susan Jo, Elkim, 183 Marlowe, Emmett, Marianna, 121 MARQUISE CLUB, 74 Marsh, Randall, McCrory, 183 Martin, Barbara, Springdale, 183 Martin, Charles, Sheridan, 121 Martin, James Patrick, Goodyear, Arizona, 121 Martin, Larry R., Western Grove, 183 Martin, Paul, Clarksville, 193 Manin, Vernell, Little Rock, 121 Marvin, Ken, Fayetteville, 183 Mason, Douglas, Clarksville, 121 Massey, Debbie, Dover, 183 Massey, Kathy, Jerusalem, 140 Mathis, Linda Sue,'Harrison, 140 Mathis, Pam Martin, Russellville, 122 Mathis, Paul L, Harrison, 162 Mailock, Michael, Fort Smith, 122 Maisler, Robert Dennis, Mulberry, 183 Maus, Pam, Hot Springs, 140 Maxwell, Billie, Booneville,140 Maxwell, Jimmy, Ozark, 122 Maxwell, Paul, Booneville, 162 MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP 75 Meador, Vicki, Springdale, 183 Medlock, Danny L., Fort Smith, 183 Melton, Darryl, Truman, 122 Melton, Elizabeth, Little Rock, 140 MEN'S PEMM, 77 Merck, William, Little Rock, 183 Merkel, Karen, Russellville, 162 Marriott, Mike, Hughes, 162 Milholland, Gary L, Russellville, 140 Milholland, Nancy Stewart, Russellville, 122 Miller, Joe C., For! Huachuca, 162 Miller, Margaret, Little Rock, 184 Miller, Robert, Alma, 122 A'th r: 4418 . Miller, Robert Lee, Camden, 122, 108 Miller, Stan, Pearcy, 140 Millwood, Joyce, Plainview, 162 Milroy, Patti, Hot Springs, 184 Mitchell, Frances 5., Pine Bluff, 184 Mitchell, George, Waldron, 122 Mitchell, Kay, Morrilton, 140 Mitchell, Norma, Gravelly, 162 Mitchell, Steve, Hot Springs, 162 Mitchell, Troy Dean, Stuttgart, 122 Mobley, Mariorie, Morrilton, 162 Mobley, Robert, Morrilton, 140 Moms, Lester P., Little Rock, 122 Moody, Vickie, Clarksville, 184 Mooney, Lawrence, Ozone, 184 Moore, Becky L, Fort Smith, 162 Moore, Betty Lou, Salem, 184 Moorg, Kathy, Fort Smith, 140 Moore, Margaret, Fort Smith, 140 Moore, Pam, No. Little Rock, 162 Moorman, Robert D., Sulphur Springs, 140 Morgan, Brenda Kay, Fort Smith, 140 Morgan, George, Russellville, 122 Morgan, Johnny K, 140 Morgan, Marilyn, Clarksville, 184 Morgan, Wyman, Danville, 184 Morris, Anita Dianne, Fayeneville, 184 Morris, David, Russellville, 140 Morris, Edith, Little Rock, 140 Morris, Mance Frank, Keiser, 162 Morris, Pat Ann, Morrilton, 184 Morris, Teresa, Cotter, 184 Morris, Wendy, Fort Smith, 184 Morrison, Deanna Carole, Marshall, 122 Mosiey, Richard, Paris, 122 Moody, John Morris, Russellville, 140 Moudy, Michael, Russellville, 184 Mullins, Larry, Russellville, 184 Murdoch, Janis, Hector, 184 Murph, Lester, Morrihon, 184 Murphy, James C. Victoria, Texas, 140 Murr, Keith, Huntsville, 184 Murray, Brent Thorton, Mt. Home, 140 Murray, Wendell, Little Rock, 184 Myan, Cindy Elaine, Marshall, 184 Myers, David, Altus, 184 Myers, Gary, Harrison, 162 Myers, Jane, Harrison, 162 N Nall, Loyd Anderson, Nonh Linle Rock, 184 Nash, Greg L, Morrilton, 140 Nation, Patricia Ann, Briggsville, 162 Nebben, Julie, Mountain Home, 162 Nelson, Cindy Lee, Fort Smith, 141 Nelson, James W., Russellville, 122 Nettles, Larry Alan, Beebe, 141 Neumeier, George Leo, Paris,122 Nevill, Anthony, Linle Rock, 184 Newlon, Graydon Mark, Fort Smith, 162 Newman, Larry, Berryville, 1B4 Newman, Patty, Perryville, 162 NEWMANS' CLUB, 78 Newton, Jerry 5., Ozark, 184 Nichols, Shelley; H01 Springs, 162 Nicoll, Linda, Springdale, 184 Niven, Sue Dillon, North Little Rock, 122 Noble, David, Nonh Linle Rock, 184 Noebels, Sunnie, Paris, 141 Noggle, Mike J. Ozark, 184 Noller, Gary, Springdale, 184 Nordin, Kerry London, 141 Norman, Roy, Lead Hill, 184 297 Norris, Barbara, Atkins, 193 Norris, Linda, Atkins, 141 Norvell, Jo, Russellville, 141 Norvell, Roy D., Russellville, 122 Norwood, Sherry, Morrihon, 141 Nunnelee, Jim, Paris, 141 Nunleman, Kay, Rogers, 184 O O'Bar, Shirley, County Line, 184 Ocheltree, Glen David, Rogers, 184 Odegard, Ralph, Mt. Home, 184 Olsen, Charles Patrick, Fort Smith, 162 ONeal, Doyel, MT. Ida, 141 Opliger, Jane, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 193 On, Stanley, Marshall, 184 On, Terry, Flippin, 122 Overby, Norma, Lead Hill, 184 Owen, Debbie, Russellville, 184 Owen, Robert, Alma, 162 Owens, Nancy Ann, Hartford, 162 P Pack, Sammy, Lonoke, 122 Palmer, Ray, Russellville, 193 Parham, Johnny, Atkins, 185 Paris, Frank, Searcy, 185 Parker, Carolyn, Atkins, 123 Parker, Doug, Fort Smiih, 141 Parker, George, Atkins, 185 Parker, Jimmy, Benton, 163 Parker, Lloyd, Earle, 185 Parker, Pamela, London, 185 Parker, Roy, Charleston, 185 Parks, Billy, Van Buren, 123 Parrish, Dan, Holly Grove, 185 Parvin, Gary, Springdale, 123 Parvin, Susan Ferguson, Lonoke, 123 Pate, Bill, Hot Springs, 141 Patrick, Emma Jo, Hunisville, 130, 141 Patrick, Ronald, Harrison, 123 Patterson, Marilyn Kay, Danville, 123 Patterson, Paul, Gentry, 185 Patton, Beverly, Harrison, 123 Patton, Dennis, Clarksville, 185 Patton, Gary, Woster, 185 Patton, Michael, Harrison, 141 Patton, Trisha, Belleview, 185 Paul, Angela, Harrison, 185 Payton, Larry, Mountainburg, 141 Peach, Harriet, Little Rock, 193 Peevey, Robert, Fort Smith, 141 Pelt, Debbie, Plainview, 123 Penner, Rodney, Siloam Springs, 141 Penquite, Robert D., Denver, Colo., 185 Perry, Steve, Los Angelos, Calif., 163 PERSHING RIFLES, 79 Peters, Donald, Russellville, 148, 163 Peters, Gary, Little Rock, 185 Pfeifer, Charles, Morrihon, 130, 142 PHI BETA LAMBDA, 80 Phifer, Susan, Sheridan, 163 Phillips, Dorris Kay, Springfield, Virginia, 163 Phillips, Holly, San Antonio, Texas, 185 Phillips, John, Jasper, 185 Pickens, Paula, Berryville, 185 Pickering, Michael, Midwest City, 0k. 107, 142 Pierce, Maureen, Quitman, 193 Pierson, Lynda Louise, Bull Shoals, 185 Pilkington, Rickey, Heber Springs, 185 Pipkins, Paul, Russellville, 123 Pittman, Pete, Conway, 163 Pittman, Russellville, 123 Pittman, William Charles, Hacken, 163 P1unken, Kathy J., Hartford, 163 Porter, Kathy, Greenwood, 185 Porter, Roben, Russellville, 163 Porter, Jackie Charles, Dumas, 163 Potter, Nancy, Gentry, 180 Pom, Ada Sue, Ola, 163 Potts, Rector, 142 Pom, Steve, Springfield, 164 Powell, Angie, Green Forrest, 142 Poymer, Bob, Texarkana, 142 Presfield, Frank, Harrison, 164 PRESIDENTS' COUNC1L, 82 Prewin, Ronald, Russellville, 164 Price, Charles, Russellville, 186 Pruitt, Evelyn Jo, Hiwasse, 130,. 142 Pruitt Larry D.,Hiwasse, 142 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, 83 Pugh, Timothy, DeWitt, 186 Purtell, Janene, Russellville, 142 Putman, Danny Ray, Hot Springs, 186 Pyah, Miriam Quinn, Russellville, 123 Pye, Don, Perryville, 186 Pye, Quentin, Lamar, 142 Pyle, Scott Richard, RussellviIIe, 142 Q Quandt, Phyllis Y., Russellville, 125 Quandt, Virginia, Russellville, 142 R Raible, Francis John, Scranton, 125 Rainwater, Jimmy, Paris, 186 Rambo, Sharlef A., Russellville, 186 Ramsay, Randy A., Russellville, 186 Ramsey, Robert Lynn, Salus, 125 Ray, Glenda, Fort Smith, 124 RECREATION AND PARKS, 84 Rector, David 8., Heber Springs, 124 Reed, Kathryn M., Hot Springs, 164 Rees, Pat, Omaha, Nebr., 186 Reese, Jacquelyn, Clarksville, 124 Reeves, William R., Huntsville, 186 Talley, Reginald W., Jr., Linle Rock, 124 Rehm, Danny C., Morrilton, 186 Rehm, Tom 5., Perry, 164 Reis, Mary C., For? Smith, 186 RELIGIOUS COUNCIL, 85 Reubell, Sharon, Harrison, 164 Rew, Richard, Rogers, 186 Reynolds, Don, Fort Smith, 124 Reynolds, Jerry L., Russellville, 186 Rhinehart, Patricia, Paris, 186 Rhoda, Deborah C., Clinton, 164 Rice, Cynthia, Charleston, 164 Richardson, Larry, Little Rock, 124 Richardson, Terry C., Russellville, 142 Richey, Carolyn Sue, Lead Hill, 142 Richey, Frances, Lead Hill, 142 Richey, Jimmy, Lead Hill, 186 Richmond, Gary Dean, Waldron, 142 Richmond, Nina, Van Buren, 164 Rickman. Oscar E., Benton, 142 Rickman, Phillip, Fort Smith, 143 Riddley, Brenda, Russellville, 164 Riffle, Ronald, Sherry, 164 RIFLE CLUB, 86 Rinke, Leon, Alfus, 164 Risley, Berna Lea, Peel, 186 Risner, Sharon Kay, Quitman, 186 Ristig, Kurt 6., Fan Smith, 143 Ritchie, Howard 8., County Line, 124 Roach, Dennis, Russellville, 143 Roach, Diana, Russellville, 186 Roach, Joyce, Russellville, 165 Robbins, Stan M., Fort Smith, 186 Rober, Rickey, Scranton 187 Roberts, Belinda, Mt. Ida, 187 Roberts, Carol A., Siloam Springs, 187 Roberts, Duane, Bergman, 187 Roberts, Marilyn M., Little Rock, 165 Roberts, Billy Don, Lincoln, 124 Roberts, David, Pine Bluff, 143 Roberts, Donald L, Hot Springs, 143 Roberts, George Douglas, Russellville, 143 Roberts, Judy L., Hot Springs 143 Roberts, Madelyn D., Cape Coral Fla., 143 Roberts, Roy, Harrison, 165 Roberts, Susan, Fort Smith, 124 Robertson, Marcia, Fort Smith, 187 Robertson, Mary Tom, Hm Springs, 165, 148 Robinson, Frankie Jo, Dardanelle, 187 Robinson, Helen 8., Little Rock, 165, 148 Robinson, Lawrence N., North Little Rock, 143 Robison, Stephen, Fort Smith, 187 Robus, Bruce E., Heber Springs, 187 Rochelle, Gene P., Lonoke, 187 Rocole, Christopher, Nail, 187 RODEO CLUB 87 Roderique, Nancy A., Springdale, 165 Roe, William, Fort Smith, 187 Rogers, Anna Jene, Paris, 187 Rogers, John Ken, Fort Smith, 143 Rogers, Malenda Gail, Paris, 187 Rogers, Marilyn Jane, Paris, 187 Rogers, Marsha 5., Hot Springs, 125 Rogers, Ron D., Russellville, 143 Rommell, John, Benton, 125 Roper, Alton Newton, Scranton, 187 Roper, Ronnie L, Scranton, 187 Rose, Donald F., Omaha, 165 Ross, Bob, Garfield, 125 Ross, Donald, Scottsville, 125 Ross, Gail M., Berryville, 187 Ross, Glen, Hof Springs, 187 Ross, James, Walbash, 187 Ross, Suella Mae, Scottsville, 125 Ross, Torn, Fort Smith, 187 R.O.T.C. DRILL TEAM 85 Routzong, Michael Joseph, Eastville, Va., 165 Routzong, Rita Ann, Eastville, Va., 125 Rouw, Olen, Fort Smith 143 Rouw, Susan, Fort Smith, 143 Rowan, Sharon W., Hot Springs, 187 Rowe, Elaine, Jasper, 125 Rowe, James L., Jasper, 125 Rowe, Waymon Andrew, Jr., No. Little Rock, 187 Rowe, Wilber Lee, Cotter, 165 Rowland, Danny, Marvell, 143 Rowlands, Gary R., Hector, 125 Rowlands, Janie, Hector, 165 Rowlett, Vernon 13., Fort Smith, 125 Rude", James, Fort Smith, 125 Rush, Sandie 8., Paris, 125 Russell, Cathy, Kingston, 125 Russell, Christine J., Rogers, 165 Russell, Ruth, Kingston, 187 Russell, Sharon D., Russellville, 187 Russell, Sharon Lea, Hot Springs, 165 Russell, William Charles, Harrison, 165 Rust, Mary, Fort Smith, 187 ' Ruthven, Jane Nan, Mountain Home, 125 Rye, Richard, Fort Smith, 165 S Sabin, Joyce Ann, Hot Springs, 125 Sadler, Charles A., Greenwood, 187 Sampier, John W., Rogers, 125 Sample, Jerry L., Springdale, 187 Sanders, Martha Belle, Hot Springs, 165 Sanders, Nancy L., Mena, 143 Sansing, William L, Bergman, 187 Savage, Connie June, Alpena, 143 SCABBARD AND BLADE, 88 Schaeffer, Beverly Ann, Fayeneville, 143 Schaeffer, Kenneth E., Garland, Texas, 187 Scheible, Frieda M., Dover, 125 Scheible, James, Dover, 187 Scherrey, Wally A., Fort Smith, 187 Schimmel, Elgin W., Casa, 125 Schluterman, Michael, 8., Paris, 165 Schluterman, Mike L., Paris, 187 Schoonover, Jane, North Little Rock, 143 Schoonover, Lee, North Little Rock, 143 Schreiber, Jenifer Ann, Pottsville, 165 Schriver, Wilma, Scrantor'l, 143 SCIENCE CLUB, 89 Schweglier, Bartley Robert, Berryville, 125 Scroggins, Karen, Clarksville, 187 Sec", Danny, Dardanelle, 165 Scott, James C., Ola, 165 Scamiarry D., Hazen, 187 Scott, Larry G., Daranelle, 187 Scott, Pau! J., Waldron, 165 Scott, Ronald P., Hot Springs, 165 Sears, Darrell E., Morrilton, 165 Seay, Gehe A., Morrihon, 125 Seifert, Dickie L, Charleston, 143 Senning, Patrick C., Wayton, 126 Severs, Ann Carol, Berryville, 165 Severs, George W., Jr., Berryville, 165 Sexton, Darrel F., Deer 166 Sexton, Neal R., Teaneck, New Jersey, 166 Shaddox, Guy Jr., Pruit? 126 Shankles, Wanda Ann, Gemry, 166 Sharum, Danny, Mena, 188 Shaw, James M., Russellville, 188 Shaw, Tommy Wayne, Marshall, 143 Shelton, Connie 1., Deer, 126 Shelton, Dean, Linle Rock, 126 Shelton, Lois A., Pyan, 126 Shelton, Patricia, Deer, 188 Shelton, Richard, Little Rock, 143 Shepherd, Jim, Springdale, 188 Shepherd, Veronica Wenoke, Salem, 166 Sherwin, Raymond Charles, Little Rock, 188 Shields, Lyle, Gentry, 166 Shipley, Norman W., Fort Smith, 166 Shoptaw, LaDonna Louise, Russellville, 126 Shoptaw, Suzzanne Elizabeth, Harrison, 166 Short, Bruce W., Mount Ida, 188 Shore, Kenneth, Alma, 126 Shuffield, Carolyn, Dover, 188 Siebenmorgen, Charlotte, Scranton, 166 SIGMA BETA, 9O Sikes, Charles W., Scranton, 166 Sikes, Donald C., Scranton, 143 Silzell, Jerry T., Mountain Home, 166 Simmons, Phil, Russellville, 188 Simmons, Rickey C., Russellville, 144 Simpson, Elaine, Booneville, 166 Simpson, Raymond Lewis, Eudora, 188 Sims, Donna, Dardanelle, 188 Sims, Lenis, Compton, 144 Singleton, Bruce, Fort Smith, 126 Singleton, James H., Morrilton, 166 Sisco, Janet, Pea Ridge, 144 Sisco, Pauline, Western Grove, 193 Skaggs, Gloria L., Huntsville, 188 Slater, Connie J., Van Buren, 166 ALMOST missing their chair in a break-thelballoon contest is a Tech freshman who seems to be hoping not to fall on the floor. Small, David C., Russellville, 144 Smeek, Larry Paul, Booneville, 166 Smith, Brad 0., Jr., Mount Ida, 188 Smith, Catherine, Mena 166 Smith, Cathy Lee, Malvern, 188 Smith, Don, Fort Smith, 188 Smith, Gary E., Trumann, 188 Smith, James C., M1. Ida., 166 Smith, James C., Dardanelle, 144 Smith, John Allen, Clarksville, 126 Smith, John Pierre, Little Rock, 144 Smith, Linda J., Ozark, 188 Smith, Linda, Rogers, 193 Smith, Michael, Texarkana, 188 Smith, Norman, Russellville, 144 Smith, Owen 5., Mansfield, 144 Smith, Ronald, Fort Smith, 188 Smith, Susan L., Little Rock, 144 Smith, Tim, Alpena, 188 Smith, Wade, Gentry, 188 Smith, Wesely, Mena, 144 Smithson, Kathy L, Bentonville 166 S.N.E.A. 91 Snider, Ted 6., Carlisle, 188 Sonderegger, Jerry Lynn, Fort Smith, 144 Sorrels, Atkins, 126 Spencer, Thomaas H., Hot Springs, 166 Spicer, Rick D., Ridge City, Texas, 188 Spillers, Margie, Scranton, 144 Spivey, Sammy, Havana, 144 Staats, Ray A., Stuttgart, 188 Stahl, Angie, Plainview, 188 Stanberry, Peggy P., Danville, 188 Standridge, Dennis H., Mount Ida, 144 Standridge, Margaret Ann, Russellville, 144 Stanfield, Elaine, Alma, 166 Stanley, Glenn H., Russellville, 126 Stanley, James G., Pyatf, 166 Stanton, Mike A., Fort Smith, 188 Stanton, William E., Fort Smith, 144 Stark, Brenda G., Hector, 188 Stark, Dale Craig, Heber Springs, 188 Stark, Linda M., Heber Springs, 144 Starkey, James R., Jacksonville, 144 Starling, David, Booneville, 193 Staton, John T., Magazine, 188 Svafon, Larry Joe, Magazine, 166 Steel, Chris A., Little Rock, 188 Steele, Herbert Lee, Hartford, 188 Stephens, Sally Par, Clinton, 188 Sterling, Marietta Lee, Little Rock, 126 Stevens, David, El Dorado, 166 Steward, Caro1yn, Alma 144 Stewart, Phil, Fort Smith, 126 Stewart, Steven J., Charleston, 188 Stiles, Marc, Osceola, 144 Stillwell, Danny C., Dewih, 188 Stillwell, Steve L., Dewitt, 126 Stockton, Melba, Mulberry, 188 Stokes, Tommy L., Bruno, 189 Stone, Donald L, Huntsville 189 Stonesifer, Donna, Westfork, 189 Stout, Donna J., Springdale, 189 Stratfon, Gary, Russellville, 126 Shanon, Susan, Russellville, 126 Strickland, Betsy 5., Annapolis, Maryland, 189 Stroud, Larry Duane, Batesville, 144 Stubbs, Mikel, Berryville, 189 STUDENT SENATE 92, 93 Stumbaugh, David W., Lamar, 144 Sulina, Michael F., Little Rock, 126 Sulina, Patricia J., Alma, 128 Sullivan, Charles, Dardanelle, 166 Sullivan, Lucinda M., Coal Hill, 189 Sullivan, Terry M., Briggsville, 189 Sullivant, Jeani, Okla. City, Okla., 189 299 300 Summers, Sharon Kay, Mulberry, 166 Summerville, Vernon C., Benton, 128 Summm, Marsha Ann, Mount Ida, 144 Summin, Rickey L., Simms, 189 Swan, Karen 8., Mountain Home, 167 Swean, Brenda, Russellville, 167 Sweeden, Peggy Ann, Fort Smith, 128 Sweeney, Anthony, Russellville, 144 Swim, John 8., Booneville, 189 Swor, James, Green Forest, 128 T T CLUB, 94 Tabler, Sarah Jane, Texarkana, 145 Tackitf, Martha E., Morrilton, 189 Taff, Cheryl, Mulberry, 126 Tanner, Gary E., Van Buren, 145 Tapp, Peggy, Havana, 167 Taranfo, Edward, Fort Smith, 145 TAU BETA SIGMA, 96 Taylor, Charles P., Pocohomas, 189 Taylor, Elizabeth Y., Adona, 167 Taylor, George W., Clarksville, 167 Taylor, James Herbert, Booneville, 167 Taylor, Kathy, Little Rock, 189 Taylor, Linda, West Helena, 126 Taylor, Martha Susan, Russellville, 189 Taylor, Roger D., Booneville, 167 Taylor, Stephen D., Pine Bluff, 167 Taylor, Thomas N., Clarksville, 126 Taylor, William. Belleville, 127 Teal, James F., Hot Springs, 127 Teal, James Gaylon, Atkins, 145 Teeier, Thomas M., Glen Elynx, III., 127 Teeter, Vivian Floy, Pottsville, 167 Tencleve, Ronald G., Scranton, 145 WAITING to serve punch and cookies at the freshman mixer are members of the PEMM club. Terry, David, Fort Smith, 189 Thicksten, Jackie N., Alma, 189 Thomas, Carl E., Jasper, 167 Thomas, Janna, Danville, 193 Thomas, Johnny 0., Little Rock, 145 Thomas, Richard D., Russellville, 167 Thomas, Roy, Fort Smith, 189 Thompson, Alice Bernell, Mt. Judea, 189 Thompson, David, Searcy, 193 Thompson, Evelyn, Parks, 167 Thompson, Margaret 6., Fort Smith, 145 Thompson, Ward K., Fort Smith, 145 Thompson, Richard E., Little Rock, 127 Thompson, Ruby, Clarksville, 193 Thone, Mary Betty, Danville, 127 Theme, Frederick F., Jr., West Memphis, 167 Thornton, James M., Hot Springs, 145 Thornton, John, Hot Springs, 145 Thornton, Richard G., Fort Smirh, 127 Thornton, Sharon K., Malvern, 189 Throckmorton, Lanny D., Bald Knob, 190 Tibbels, Paula, Russellville, 190 Tilley, William D., Russellville, 127 TIMING ASSOCIATION, 97 Timm, Elbert Leland, B'erryville, 127 Tinder, Thurston Eldred, Waldron, 167 Tole, Larry, Fort Smith, 145 Tofh, Stephen R., Pine Bluff, 167 Toward, David Pa1rick, Lincoln, 145 Trammell, Karen, Valley Springs, 145 Treat, Kyle Bland, North Little Rock, 190 Treffinger, James Sparks, Fayetteville, 145 Tribulak, Nancy Ann, Alma 190 Trimble, John W., Fort Smith, 145 TrouH, Danny L., Bergman, 145 Trowbridge, Netfa, Fort Smith, 146 Trumble, John A., Waldron, 167 Trusty, Linda K., Russellville, 190 Trusty, Roger, Subiaco, 190 Tucker, Beth, Dardanelle, 168 Turbyfill, Calvin, Benton, 190 Turner, Frankie Wilkerson, Fort Smiih, 127 Turner, Riddell David, Clarksville, 127 Turner, Steve, Wynne, 168 Turney, Jerry D., Harrison, 127 Tyler, David C., Hot Springs, 168 Tyler, Deborah, Stuttgart, 168 Tyson, Donna Quinton, Blytheville, 127 Tyson, John T., Afkins, 128 V Vance, David Lee, Russellville, 128 VanEs, Larry, Russellville, 128 VanEs, Ronald Dale, Russellville, 146 Vaughn, Jama Kaye, Fort Smith, 168 Vernon, Richard K., Fort Smith, 190 Verser, Marsha; Kay, Heber Springs, 168 Villines, Jerry, Harrison, 146 Villines, Kenneth Paul, Dardanelle, 128 Villines, Sherry, Harrison, 146 Vincent, Robert E., Toledo, Ohio, 190 Vincent, Tom E., Toledo, Ohio, 128 Vines, qu D., Trumann, 190 Vogelpohl, Sidney S., Harrison, 128 Volker, Donald, Wellington, New Jersey, 128 W Wade, Tony A., Russellville, 146 Wade, Sharon 6., Pottsville, 168 Wagley, Cecilia Dion, Fort Smith, 128 Wagner, Pamela, Fon Smith, 168 Wagner, Sharon Ann., Mulberry, 146 Wakefield, Peggy Gowin, Russellville, 128 Wald, Tom Ray, Paris, 128 Waldo, Linda, Dover, 193 Waldon Donna 5., Dover, 190 Waldon, Gene, Ozark, 168 Waldrop, Terry Curtis, North Little Rock, 190 Walker, Donna, Hartford, 193 Walker, Gary, Metalton, 168 Walker, Gary, Hartford, 193 Walker, John David, RussellviHe, 146 Waker, Linda, Hot Springs, 168 Walker, Lindon D., Huntsville, 146 Walker, Rictor 3., Hot Springs, 168 Walker, Roberta, Paris, 168, 148 Walker, Russell Eugene, Ozark, 190 Walter, David R., Rogers, 128 Walter, James 5., Rogers, 168 Walters, Judy, Clarksville, 146 Walton, Judy A., Fort Smith, 146 Ward, Evelyn Loretta, Russellville, 190 Ward, Joel R., Little Rock, 190 Ward, Larry E., North Little Rock, 128 Ward, Myra Gail, Fort Smith, 190 Ward, Wanda K., Russellville, 146 Warford, Bob H., Killeen, Texas, 128 Warren, James A., Fort Smith, 128 Watkins, Karen 5., Charleston, 190 Watkins, Sharon, Hot Springs, 146, 130 Watson, Deborah A., Menifee, 190 Watson, Dewey, Hot Springs, 190 Watson, Virginia L, Locust Grove, 129 Wayt, Mary Elizabeth, Decatur, 190 Weatherford, Larry R., Hot Springs, 190 Weatherl, James H., Mulberry, 129 Weaver, Sharon Kay, Russellville, 168 Welch, Carolina, Havana, 129 Wells, Dennis, Fort Smith, 129 Wells, Kenneth A., Fort Smith, 129 Wells, Tommie Lynn, F6" Smith, 129 Welton, Laura, Hot Springs, 190, 170 WESLEY FOUNDATION, 98 Wesley, James L., Dardanelle, 146 Wesley, John E., Russellville, 168 West, Carolyn F., Fort Smith, 169 West, Danny H., Prairie Grove, 147 West, Darlene, Harrison, 147 West, Ruth, Valley Springs, 169 West, Sharon Kay, 01a, 190 Westbrook, William B., Cabot, 190 Wetzel, Carl William, Russellville, 129 Wheat, Carol, Rapid City, South Dakota, 129 Wheeler, Michael 5., Fort Smith, 169, 148 Wheeler, Patrick Gary, Fort Smith, 190, 170 Whiley, Janice, Mansfield, 193 Whiley, Sharon J., Mansfield, 169 Whitaker, Kathy 5., Omaha, Nebr, 147 White, Geneva, Paris, 147 White, Richard D., Cocoa Beach, Fla. 169 White, Shirley Marie, Fort Smith, 169, 148 White, Tommy, Flippin, 169 White, Tony H., Fort Smith, 129 Whitlock, Lois Y., Mulberry, 169 Whitt, Ralph, Delta Junction, Alaska, 169 Whittemore, Danny Eugene, Huntsville, 169 Whittmore, Jimmy E. ,Huntsville, 147 WILDLIFE CLUB 99 Wiles, Bruce, Gentry, 169 Wiles, William Th'omas, Atkins, 147 Wiley, Anes M., Blytheville, 169 Wilkins, Timothy, England, 169 Willett, Renee W., Little Rock, 147 Williams, Adele Anne, Belleville, 129 Williams, Mickey B., Dardanelle, 147 Williams, Teresa D., Benton, 147 Wilson, Delores, Fort Smith, 147 Wilson, Harry G., Siloam Springs, 129 Wilson, Iris, Fort Smith, 147 Wilson, James Douglas, Benton, 147 Wilson, John M., Cotton Plant, 129 Wilson, Terry W., Russellville, 147 Wilwers, Wendy C., Russellville, 147 Wiser, Judy L., Havana, 169 Witherington, Phillip, Hamberg, 169 Wofford, William D., Russellville, 147 Wolbert, Lynda, Marion, Ohio, 193 Wolf, Edward J., Scranton, 129 WOMEN'S PEMM, 100 Wood, Darryl Gregory, Delaware, 147, 169 Wood, Edwin L, Bee Branch, 147 Wood, Mike, Heber Springs, 169, 148 Wood, William J., Fort Smith, 169 Woodall, Rick L., McCrory, Wooten, Danny Boyd, Hector, 147 Worley, Joan Marie, Fort Smith, 147 Wright, Bob, Mena, 147 Wright, Danny L., Benton, 147 Wright, James A., Siloam Springs, 169 Wright, Mary Ann, Pea Ridge, 129 Wright, Wayne E., Hot Springs, 169 Y Yeager, Shirley Jean, Van Buren, 129 Yeager, Gary, Russellville, 169, 148 Young, Aurora, Dover, 193 Young, John L., Plainview, 147 Young, Oliver Thomas, Western Grove, 147 YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM, 101 YOUNG REPUBLICANS, 102 Young, Jim D., Benton, 129 Z Zachary, Robert L., Morrilton, 169 Zeiler, Aloysious N., Little Rock, 147 Zenkus, James J., Lemont, Illinois, 169 Zimpel, Judy K., Clarksville, 169 Zuber, Carolyn Daniel, Harrison, 129 Zuber, Michael Paul, Van Buren, 129 DESIGNING paper costumes was one of the games played at the freshman mixer sponsored at the beginning of the school year for entering students. ,N .. u - ,9 sf xx 301 ZOE! The End Environment-specifically the aggregate of all the external conditions and influences affecting the life and development of an organism. The word iienvironmentii has been in high usage in this yeafs vocabulary. College students have be- come more aware of their surroundings and have be- come concerned about pollution of the air and water. However, little has been said about pollution of the mind, since college campuses provide an environment that is conducive to investigation, to expansion of horizons, and to learning. Our environment for tomorrow has been shaped by what we have done this year. The editors of the 1970 Agricola hope that this chronicle of events will remind you of your college environment in future years. They hope it will be a hit and not a miss. 303

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