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-1-we-v' ..., Lil 1963 AGRICOLA Arkansas Polytechnic College VU 0049 S 0-1: 'Xl' -wg J' fliil 1925 Y ' QR? ' Ec ' g 4, A 0 5 f 3 :im 69' "Q 'Fl..n 0 5 I -Q: fi' S 9 N: 7 6 LL Pd Q A lj qffqy . sl G' ' ' f ' :fs New 'S sms . - Q Q : 3 saga E fif:...!:f 5 EE if' L M-: .Y ..,., ,. if , Lim s 1 1 was as s 3 ' .Xi Emacs . :VU ws glass an 9 1963 AGRICO Dedicated To M s. Nell Brummett Many a freshman woman has been clespondent over problems, acedemic or otherwise. In such cases, one always finds a dedicated counselor invaluable. Serving in this capacity as well as functioning in many other ways on the Arkansas Tech campus is Mrs. Nell Brummett, Dean of Women. Mrs. Brummett came to Tech in 1958 as of Women and has served as an instructor in guidance and counseling. In addition to these duties, Mrs. Brummett has represented the school for the Arkansas As- sociation of Women Deans and Counselors and the Arkansas Education Association. With all these activities, Mrs. Brummett deserves many accolades, and it is with great pride that this years' annual staff dedicates the 1963 AGRICOLA to Mrs. Nell Brummett. TABLE OF CONTENTS Miseellanea . . . . ...6 Administration . . . . . . . 42 Divisions .... . 54 Students . . . . . . . 73 Athletics . . . . 146 Personalities . . 174 Organizations . 190 Spring Students 243 Index ....... 252 1 ' -- -Y --- ---f-- - -------------? - - - --- 7 , -Y .Y -. ..Y.-.Y.-..I,., ,,, I -g Y I . I ' . I I YY - Y fn' .YY Y Y Y YY ,YYY-Y'Y YYY Y- Y YYYYYYYYY YY- 'Y Y-Y -YY YYY YY YY .Y- Y Y - - -' ' Y YY YY Y YY -Y ,Y YY YIIY -YY Y YYYYYYYYY .YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Y Y YY Y.I.I Y. I . I II,I ' 'I 'I . . - ' '- 7 V-Y Y YY Y Y YY.Y YY YY YY Y Y Y YIIY YIIYY Y YIIYIIY. YIIYYIIYIIIIYIIY YIIYIIIYIIYIIYIIYIIIYIIYIIYIIYIIYIIIYIIYYIIIYIIY IIY Y IIYIIY IIYIIYII I IIYIIYII IIYIIYIIIIYII I IIIIIII I IIYII III II II IIIIIYYIIIYIIIIII IIIIIIIII II II I. III III III-II. I II Y I . . Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y .YI -II XY. -Y . IIIII . - I 1 I-I 1 i L-Y I ' . .. vm ' I- YY I Y. . -YY . - Y I. .I I. I, . I , Y I. ,,,, . . .I YI Y . . 'f 'f ...I -,-, W Y YYY YYY YYYYY YY YYWY Y Y YY'-YYQYY-Y YQIY.-YYYIIIYYY-Y Y Y IIY I .YY-IIYII, IYIYIYYIIY Y NL I I----i-W ww.-.m 95.-.f -'.,, Y - f' Y- I -- f -. L-.Y.. I--4 -- .f,..I,,I..-v.. , . I Y ,YYYI,.I, - ' Y '- P - .Y -Y L Y . I K - YY: ' W ' '- 1- f' ' 1 YWYW Y Y YY Y YYY YYY MY E YYYYYY L V Y' YYY--4 -YYLPY." 'YJY '51 .- I- -I-'I - - II Y- YY Y YY -Y YY.Y,,-YW YY,Ym-Y..I.Y,QYY-1. . I Y Y .Y . .NYY -.Yg -I LY- . Y IY,I. . I. I Y,, TY I I- I YY I YYY YI M, YYY I-. .I Y: .MY YYY-Y WY. -YYY YY- ' - .- f WYYWYY - YWYYWY? YY-YYYYYY YYY YYIIIYWQY YY Y ' f-fifr. W V Yu YIQYIWUYM Y-YWYYYAYY YYYYYIIIYYIIIW YYYY YYYYYYYYY . . ' I YY YY .WY I Y wwwwxw. Y YY Y, I. if ' I. - I .. .,5gI I- - III Y - - K. . --- W E - ""Q--- - .. - 'M -- - I -Y WJ ZR ' ' 'I"-'--X ,I O- I , - . -- .- Y -W Y--"i ---- ---.Y . -, "' -W - -N-H - Lx - '--- ----N . . LY -- Y-11 51- .- -- ""' . .Y ""---YQ S--..-. ' -Y - ' - --Y . ' - - --Y 4. 1 I I I -- 5. . ., II - . I -mnw - - .fg Ia , f-Y 1 I! '11 " ' ' - N" ' 'fn ' f ., -Y K .. ...,,,gj' -5- . 1 . Y - 11-1 . .L- Y W ' ' '----- --L -- 14 i "' A ' iii- ' '..zi'i'1"L-L- 1- f .. . S' NT Y ,QIY 1..ll..- . L , -. - ' . Q N' - . I .---l-- '-rkj Y -- Y -gy " '--- Yf --W . . Y ' i .Y 1-f4"1' 'V ff., -- Y '---M M.. - " -'--- 1 1 Y- .JY "1 . Y,Y. . Y , ..- Y. - . f ----YH . Y 1 .Y ,-L...Y- 1 --11' Y T ..-R ------ ---- - . .Y I ---Y 1' . 1 - - .-.Mn H ' ' - Y . fi' . i I-V111 '1',,,j ! - ' II """' - Y h A -WI 1-Ii'-'Il I -Vyflfifi -34 dj -Q-.----. ,I ,YIIIIII -AIM ,Y IYIYIYI- I-- I I ' --'- V "I-' ' M MY.. I X--Y ' I I , :."ix:..ig' 1 Y "' - - ' - Y Y If L--LM ' 'l--ll " 4' FT' -- Y W YI- " --I. . I- H I A 1 . '--f.::.1LZJ"' 2.- I- I --V. -- . -.- v . ,AI I Y - YI .,, ur: Yi-gr 1 ' Y " ' I Y -f--- E5 -'-f rf: ' ' "" -N" --- ----. 4 . , - . . -- ' I - ..:v' Y .. , I . - Y" I L":L'iI'I YI -. -A I II ' I. I IWL. - 7I'II53Y r': ' -L ,Y ,. . .7 II P 'I 4 A EY -Y I, . 'V I II gIfiII,:g " Y-in W I III, Y .'.'Jj" 4 Y ugrfv' .Ij Y 'Y 'V-1"1iQ,1 " I I ,.'- j.':j"'-I-I. wg '- -3.41. W V U ' ' I -"I ' -I..IfQ - a' I . 'Y '. Y IIYY' -YYI Y- YY Y IY -YIYYI YY YIIY YYY :II II I I., ' 'W-w ' Y- I 7 Y ' -Y YY YY ., Y Y uv YYII---YY.Y YI-Y Y- Y Y - Y .Y - , Y - I N. ff ' . - 1" ' I4 Ya' . I ,YY I I I . I I , I Ia II., Y Y YY' - Y-Y YQ. .Y Y' YYYQYI YIYYY , Y I . ' 1 -. Y-,Y--. Y YY-,--Y'-. ,YY.""'.'jg, -- . - I5.,.g,.g.- Y .. - -Y . - 1' 4.- Y- YAY T'-' "' I , ju "7"fi'--" . Y 4-Q Y.-'I"'.'7"4?7'f?'-. A - ."4Y!4f' 'SIA -- -' .- Y..- .-ff.--1-'J .:.-" Y 1- Y-'f"-'1-Y-. . 4. . ,I -,LZ-can "-Uwe? Ujvlfn 5 .rg - ' '-fr"4 fn. V- ff o .--w '-TFT.-' Iw 1.-" " '-". ..f' 3" -.+Y' 'L' '.' -1 ' 'Y "'2F"1:1 ',.3-If f.4'.- "'W"' Y. '- Q '.-f"1xY?. ' -1 If - .,'Y fp' Q,.75 . .IYZT-'f,Y"fQ ,.g,. .Ifif --, I -' f-r IIff.'-. ' Y""- :Y-.Y-.fYI'f.f'f,-5 - iI .- "',. I .I Ig-11: 3-,5,.'q?:' I -Y..- --- ' L- ' . 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' 5-M42 ,, , . -., . , V , ...Q ,..v x .. ,M ., -,.,, - ,V X-XE -"wh, MN- IJ 'EJIW .i . Y ' 1,. r--4 I J 1 . W . ,kfm y ZT5 - -..TIF :Ill - YJ? ---M, Maxim W Q ' V-LA --5,7 ,M A tif! ' - V ,rig-,W ,. W V ' '- A C1 Q E " 4' 'T'---, V ' ' --l -f' t . . A . V x : ,, T, -, ,,,,- , I - . , 1' w i Q " ' - W"'-Qi, 5.1.3 ,fu X ' 41- 4 f- E2 . Q 4--sv ,P 5 tl: , '1 Q T la ' L--WW.- --my .W y w A 1 In--kv-. , g,, ,- 7 I ' . I Q7 -1"--fu nz' 1 ' 4 Y' L, p I gr ,E - 55 1- . : L V: R ' 1 r , -, I CV.. eff' -am. - , I A W' 'w i' X I f1 - we -455 gr - . Y . W F ,-T." ' aw.. , . UM... ""'- A i ' 'W' ' Tu, 9.1 B -' . ' L-ff. W f I1 1 , ' ! - - 'half ,, ',,f V I . ' - . L: '-if-54+ fa' . , "" ' . ,, g Z w ww. W Ek-RK? Q x R N N A 1 :vida 35, Y It mn liil if , Qifi5f'f:23 Wx' I M Aim- .MM fl E- as f,' A K -'agar Q M A-My w.....Mwf 'E H s sms B001 11 Miscellanea 'E B. 1 NH E.:,,g-N inks 1 Q sa mm Hingis F 1 A, ww J E E naw? . 'ml fl H-Efsmfi 15 1, E Wgwwf- i E,m,.',F?iE5H.m ea Q TEMLYF 2 M, nf. Q E M ,A y H! ,wykwb if wk H. Sgt -. ..-S -a f 2' 1 M ny, A W M, -414,35 , -f :hai Mx -if ,M 5 Q T w , f I , M Q - 'Sf Q' ' ffl A 525. ,ug A 3l'NX'S'i ',Fx' N? I37W'f'2a?"jj . W ,al n,. ,.zL'M Lf N v FM ,, ,Q fy 1 ww 4 r'-1. -ywmfaam 1 W3 M 221 1-111222 ii! ' ' I' Q-W v2x'W' nm 5 a:3g9:J3gYQg1X,, ', .4N,g,.' ,,g'fW,MLfl,,P! V Jay.. Q -1 V if f .3 'Quik 5 5 WMU: i..,waMQQ-M mmjwmpsw M Pg 5. - diavwguif'-lf, ,QL1-:wig-ig,5e1N'M Q . , z ,. ,mn r. , N -1 Mn afwffwu-as fi uw.- X 59252 X f f ,gff A WYE . g1il?ff"2W7'lW 2 Rf- if wgswwf- - W gg 1-. fzym, A 3 , Q Qzfgazi Q Wm 4 .J if. -W Y a E :mfg '- bm 22 E 2 "rf w i 's vs vw-1 ' .Y-.ff Exif iwgif w " W M Qiii T W K ef Q' 4 - fm R., . . Y- -.. ? H ssl ' 15 if 8 ' 13-51 1 Sf 1" f E gdb, Q ' E21 2979 . ' 5 YZ QU I Z B X. f " 'M , qw filing 1 IW X w Q im f B1 Wx Nh-:nz wg-we 'l ,V - ,,,,. ff . f 'fi XM "2ffi3z5f'i5" A 1 2 Zwislmsi. V gg , V . 3Aim,5i3 . 1 K ,I ,V M 4 51:5 . swf 1455 '- 5 -viii 1 , A :Z 3 A :.A.: LTTE: 5 if f 'IS' w 1' Q eg: ' ,.. . 2 , M, E - . M, ..g-Q., i is 914' A ...sf M , -15' 5' :.:.:.:Q::g, , W3 M ? .4 um X .gun Miscellanea-Part 1 Entertainment was not totally unheard of at our school. Besides the Student Council's numerous dances featuring big-named rock and roll bands and big-named records, we had recitals by the Modern Dance Club, assemblies cle- signed on a cultural level, innumerous club-sponsored ac- tivities, sports events, concerts by the band, the choir and the faculty, non-school sponsored get-togethers, and bridge. Generally the students had this attitude-if the school doesn't provide entertainment we'll provide it ourselves or pack our suitcases and find it. Talent arrived on the Tech campus wiih fheir guitars iuclced under their arms disguised as the +rio, "The Wayfarers". The French Club was ihe outstanding progenitor of ideas on 'lhe campus wiih a Hawaiian Luau and an non-prize-winning Eiffel Tower. The firsr siep iowards regisira-lion is 'lhe 'formaiion of a line which sfaris al Main, fravels fo ihe Library, and ends a+ ihe Boolc Sfore. Freshman soon found fha? college is a confinuous line. Fusion of Happiness and Headaches This is only anofher glimpse of lhe eiernal line +ha+ ihe naive freshmen are subiecled fo in +heir iniroducfory days of college. Q Rf, guzwl w Vw Xi a Iv' ' ZW N 5 ja' -:- Aaf A if wr u. f 1 4 Qi M , -Q, MMM . W t , . , Q M -fu ' xgx:i9Rr,.? . ,, V M Jw. fwimg g , X he 'zgffm . W Kg! HP.. ,gg M .rw ,WM ww Kiki if ? if? ,5 . if f :gg me ,Q .FM 5, as 9 aw, f W 1 ,ij , 5? X x 'WF -EE k- H 55522 H Siam' W, smasiasaM AMB ,..,.. ,...:a43a:snm '- f-an-1-M ff- .ea-at ,ai 5 Homecoming Honored As Usual Homecoming this year lived up to its reputation. Old grads swarmed the campus shaking hands and slapping hacks. The students, most of whom had been going without sleep working on floats tried to ignore or stay out of the way of the old alums, but it was hard. The first prize on floats was awarded to the Accounting Club for the advertisers' originality while the French Club made the original showing. my QL... . Y fe X f 9 . i V. g sig if 1 :xl 'li' f vi- W! M ' 25511 , NQSZQX P he v? sw -,wfi ww ,www 51:55 W Q-, 1 M. L sw, aa 1:3757 , . is ,fx Q, flifiw of ,f .5591 ,.a. V, li .P .. X 1 1 'Q wx X fx Y we , Ks . 5 v Q a, I Q -. 935' L 7 v Q Q 1 E ,. ww,--..,q 5 fi H '51 ,, t " v YP .2 'e .ff 5 -n -Wf 'ZR 3 s 3 K Absorbed in checking himself 'lo see if everyihing is in place, our hero is unaware of his audience. Junie Wesi' demonshaies lhe effecl' fhai hunger has on one's mind Limelighl' apparenily safisfies fhe ego. The laughing ai a shared iolie, ihe leaning of a head 'foward ihe oiher all coniribuied in making 'lhe piciure. W fr V M " Q ww MQWFXXXW A 2 X -X XX 13? M K Am 4 XL v ss. -X- , Www QM. XX mf WYSM ua seXXX.X,X - E?" X W ,fda ,gm XX X X XX X VM-X XX X YM I XWKZ, X4 VX, -QQ , H233 XWQLXL A, Q Q, , ,. A 5 2 T .A ,. hwfilw? M Xf- K,Ks25"3'Zf'53MfX,:N' .XZ-,5g,,QA'.XL-r W -1552 a ff , 3 M X X ,. 'X' W K We QS YM J A J 1 WXQW XX P M,XXXdw.,,,aX W X- .AXQ ' 'S 5 - is 1' Wfgaixv X N MX X XXXL, M N, W MX fiw W Q 'XXAXVXX-ff V, X, -- . X4.-.QM - W X W M .X XX X X f ,.1,A MM.,,,. WM, , ifffgig ' T?"-faiwx-M .:.MJ3e'fX:. -Fnnz. ,, .. MQXXM DQS: ff . 'XX X' -53g5:'W35'-5'5" My' 4 . X y ,Lf -. .z ,. EJ. , 4 ls? : ' ,,. '-':':-I-:sisF:-5:5E5E5Q...Ef . . E 2' F If :HH I X M E . X N X.T?wMifgw fx .M 3. . W I f,.A A 1 W 4 wr., In f 1 - if N X Wfiegg ff-Aw., , . X . . X X W W, NX: 1 M X , H' W M ,Q - X X ', .Lleydimg 'Q-fl, K N., an n Q -f 4X N W N Qs gf M-:M 1 ww- K F if- Um, KX X -:gi Ai? N M 1 Q 4 3 -X ,W W XW 4 , A W , X A ,XX , 1 , ' if ,if X X K X R, 7 W NCQ W f- - X , if M kM1,iX,MW ,X 3 LX X jr' X4 NM sMX N MX f X X f. K M A X ui A W, amy If X X ' X X ,A wwf: ., inn ., T is W f Es Q '22, Q wx " T 155 M Xi M 455 , , 4 N agua wg W , Qjf' A 359 ,LKQV V 3 'A Xl : felis , K F KQSSL.: ' f if X X 3ig'X,g Xa5 Q4,9L,gg5X 1 a 5 ' 2-. 1' , , .. W L L , :Si X 4 'Xfwm 1' E W2 M WV W X T 1 f S l21f'isX ,. X ,ggX"' My , W N. 5 X X . f 1 sung if . XX AX 'QSEWX L' fax ' XXXi'Mf'- ' :UXX .S .. H 3, ' N ' 7 ' Bs" XX HBE A - A Xgwfgikbk X -X MX :Em -W is . .X, num- it A K, XXX gz- sam . v 7 QQ , ,Q muh X A X, ,mf 3-W ' 5,1 XE XX X , B X XX, X ,X 1 1 1 ,XX X5 V I X is uf X 1 X EL , x 1 XX Q .- Z, . ..., .......... an K A 2,21 '-3 XX .EX.tX5X3:g:5:X5,bX5EX-' ggwi . ' , ........ if 11 -:-:-: -: .-2.5.5 X.: .X , XX 3 --'- X X mb:- c 1 7 E-M W QLTZQXXX X Xa 4.-H Miscellanea-Part 2 Arlcansas Tech and Arkansas State Teachers once again went to fantastic lengths to prevent the other from paint- ing, and as usuali both failed. ASTC was beside them- selves when they discovered that the mighty bear had been painted and promptly organized an exodus to invade Tech. ASTC felt very small when they discovered that local high school students were responsible for the prank. But Tech felt just as small when Teachers brushed paint on our ground in the midst of Freshmen guards. As juve- nile as it seems, a carload of undying Tech supporters journeyed to Teachers and painted the Bear only to find on their return, that high school students were responsible for the damage here. With those incidents, nothing of any importance occured except Teachers walked off with the AIC-Championship. When noi' in class or asleep, fhese Techs+ers engage in a 'favoriie campus sporf-siH'ing. Ancfher honor fha? freshmen receive is 'l'ha+ of guarding ihe campus againsr +he ASTC bears. Here 'rhe boys warm themselves wifh hof coffee. Six of Teclu's Wonder Boys manage fo loolr preHy foolish while giving ' fheir imifaiion of a pep rally. Foolish bui' effecfive. Pep Rallies Take Limelight 5Q,24Afv1,-4 U' 75:15. 1. Freshmen"Mill 'fry anyfhing io be iermed "okay" by fha upperclassmen and Andy Anders is certainly no excep+ion io 'fl-ue rule. l I .,-,, 5 .ngff 1 QX 3 -, 4. fy ,Q if-:nf " ' 3 Q. ,. 11,1 0 , 4, if i 1 5 L f ' WB-r ' 4 EW ? , 3. J' 1 -f -H w. -, W-... 1 1.5 If? J.. 1... Q v rw-533 K HI Y 1... iff 'sig EE: ', JA f if im 2 S - Egg S it-kv 1 ig' ' f, fig if Milifary Honor Socieiy pledges receive ins+ruc+ions for 'lheir iniiafion which in reali'l'y lurned ou'l' fo be a long, lonely 'lrelc in 'ihe woods sfarfing al' midnighi' anti ending somefime in 'Phe morning. Cader Sfewari, holding a foy rifle in his hand, benefifs 'From whal fhe army refers fo as a friendly briefing befween 'lhe officer and lhe enlisfed man. Al' leasi' fhai' is wha'l' fhe publicily laoolcs call H. I ' ' ful 1 any fi K 1 mi , U, 1 . hai .:s5s45.5, fy. 1 f t if I 1 um Z v W wg va 1' 1' x , .., f, fqwygb L -w bl ., .W , ,M 'xx 11 X 1' in 3 , f, Y -' - e'5'f- .,1 , wMii 1 I Km ,Qt I xg ,I YI :gf Qu. f 1 xfh 4 el QM 5. fm -Q MXN ,, xf , , !, 1 x ugxr,,X, i1?1?1'.S I is k4 h gfbuwi 7 , 3 , M 1.32 u Eff? AQ , "fu Z 4 h Q :ga nf w gfiggg.. ,gQg55,, S Af' I if 5 X ,iw Mnw y M 1 Q 'W ink MK, 3, ms mam 5 Q E527 P. ,. 2 ., MRM Mayan, 5 M1-a 12305 T32 MQ E F. H is www 1 My M 5 M N rWY:xr' Hx m,,MM..,f:' fx M T., My N , M , i 52555 mf 2355? gag-U' 5. X LMS? A sf -1 E ,M.m,w5ws?w 'kifrim ,- Q? QA' r-'E ax i M T my 7 :Q 3 M . M x M. .s' V' .. ' K Z . k -' ,Q J' , .. M, My . -,..,, xv-1M J X, Mm!-1 MM M. 4- Mk K ,QL .4 M AW 2 2 X 1 ws A E MF. M K A X Mx - x - ,x an mg K 3 ,. gb M. 1 15382 nv- ,M Leadership onferenee Held Rumors had it that this conference would be better organized and more successful than the previous one how- everg they were only rumors. As it was, the conference erupted into a major dispute and true to parliamentary procedure a committee was appointed to study the facts and at the latest report, the committee was still studying the facts. The session started early in the morning with adequate attendance and by nine o'clock, attendance was at its pealc but by mid-afternoon, the ones left were students who were argunig or students who were afraid that their class absences wouldn't be excused. The businessmen who gave their time and effort must be congratulated, especially those who were brave enough to tall: to an audience before nine in the morning. At the close of the session, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and in the words of a song, "It's over, all over". Overflowing ashfrays, pulling of hair, sfrewn tables, and heated 'lempers were generally the results of the ill-starred leadership conference. Berl' Carlion depicts the whole mood of the conference with his bored gaze into space. V Tech siuclenfs sirilre a respeciful aHHucle as fhe free is illuminafed. I+ is odcl ihai' only one ceclar free was worfhy of lighis. Teehsters Celebrate Christmas Affer +l1e free lighfing, Techsiers refired io 'Hue Sfudeni' Cenier Ballroom for 'Thai' savory cup of l1o'f chocolaie and a liH'le husfling. Massie inhaloi'l'an'l's decoraie fheir Chrisfmas free for fhe girls' parly in 'lhe frue Tech spirif of Chrisimas. Caraway celebraled Chrisfmas by 'their now-'ro-be-expecied dance and also added +o fhe Chrisimas spiri+ of Tech by lhe playing of Chrislmas carols. Techslers gaiher around +he piano and sing carols afler fhe free lighi- ing, The mood was quickly dispelled however: when cups of sleaming hor chocolafe were served. K l Cadeis receive sponser Nancy Harper, +l'1e senior represenfahve Girls wi+l1 biggesi' assefs and more impor'l'an'l friencls usually win adet Corps Receives Sponsers Dad's Day again served a two-fold purpose. As usual the dads were honored and the ROTC sponsers were presented. Serving as sponsers were Pat Day, freshman representativeg Jaunita Wesner, sophomore representativeg Jane Butler, junior representativeg and Nancy Harper, senior representative. The girls were chosen on the basis of poise, personality, beauty, and their contribution to campus life as evidenced by the candidates for this year. Harley Davis acfing as l'1os+ 'for fhe ROTC deparlmenr, serves -lhe sponsers punch a+ 'Hue annual 'lea given in +l1eir honor. ". . . and all of 'l'he kings men" mighf well be fha cufline for This piciure buf ii is only The Tech ROTC cadel' corps during fhe presenlafion of sponsors. Af leasf The cadef corps had praclice in sfanding siraighl. Looking much fhe parl' of +he demure ROTC sponser, Jaunila Wener, sophomore represenfalive accepis flowers from Cade? Maier Harley Davis. The ierseyecl-figure wilh Hs baclc 'lo The camera is Cade? Colonel Ken Necessary. ln lhe con+inualion of 'lhe series of leclures on cul- lure, Edgar A. Albin came 'lo our Alma Maier and presenfed a charming discussion on archiieclure. He was well received by lhe sludenls. bul' perhaps nel as well as Earle Spicer, ihe 'follc-singer. An harassed Barrie Davis lolzes lime oul for a cigare'He ancl gels his own picfure snapped 'for a change. The Dean of Men, Firman Bynum, llefli and 'lhe Direclor of Sfudenl' Affairs hold an informal conference on a problem. M'scella11ea-Part 3 This crane placing a slap of concrefe on Hue science build ing is only anoiher example of Tech's growfh as an esfablish ed insfifufion of higher learning. 6'-:g . . . 4 on , K - X Q? AQ s an Individual ports Bloom in pring After a bad winter, sports began to take over on the Tech campus. Lines began to form around the tennis courts, horseshoe stobs appeared around several of the dorms and found themselves in great demand. One of the high- lights of the new sports craze was the Blue Key-Faculty basketball game. The Blue Key may have gotten the pro- ceeds from the game for their scholarship fund, but the faculty walked into the winner's circle by an easy 15-point margin. Some of the boys who are less inclined to strenuous physical activity, especially those in DuLaney, got an early urge to get a good sun-tan and braved the early March winds to lie out in the sun for an hour or so, then walked around for the next several days complaining of sore backs. But at least the Tech campus managed to avoid the 50- mile hike craze-a fact which would definitely be to the students' credit. Or maybe everyone was just too lazy. Tennis courts suddenly became much more popular as the weather starred to warm up early in March, and every- body sfarfed fo shake off the winter +orpor. v ag- f Y we ss sei I tea , M a wi rem V ,Q n isis' s a 'Q xg i Q' 'Q s a W a an -mafia ,rl f,w,,gj-,lf a a a sill E 1 A . c. ,kk S3 W s r H.,.f E was xs , fl1fjt,TS,i'n , M mf Wi if -zz.-.Snr-ge-if fi - . .L :ir a rs . si S: M ,.,,.l KY , . W if a ., ,na 5 :een ,war .sa-, .,,,.,,,is.slQ wen z m 1 rs v v 2 it 1. a K Hai. c .- L We .aa-.f.. ,.,. X i 4. . s tifsa-,fir M M Q -Q -xsg A Q, a M La? I Maw 53 M , .W .Q . . ' .,., .ST La ia, -M:-I fexwlrg W- .a ,. is -a we wi 5. -w Q, Each session of the Nuclear Conference had excelleni' affendance. If a sfudeni' were inferesfed, he could cu-I' class for a session - provid- ed l1e would follow ll1e red 'rape marlters from classroom +o ballroom. iTeeh Hosts Nuclear Conference The Nuclear Conference, sponsored by the college, featured lectures by internationally prominent scientists and exhibits by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Atomic Energy Commission, and major instrument companies. The conference met with great success as evidenced by the attendance of students, instructors, and the many guests from over the state. Exhibifs af 'ihe conference were plentiful and absorbing. They offe ed a challenge fo any layman wl-no flioughi of affempfing an analysi me as. n san A 't IQ 1 wigs, K Aish Y' x. w L : Wi 2 M .. -33. ,. o sf FL 'V 'Wk Lv X V5 A A Q jaw! La W,.::.1f:-f K SW. ,2?m., if -Qu -H1 4 E B? I Q XA! . f 1 - ---- - ...: ,...:, Q 4 Qs F, People came 'lo H18 Conference and welcomed ll1e cllance 'for more knowledge of ll1e space age. High sclwolers welcomed flue chance of a vacaiion from classes. Top-Ranking Scientists Speak Dr. Willard Libby provoked +l1oughis concerning falloui and U. S. policy on nuclear weapons in a leciure delivered io si-udenis in -l'l1e LiHle Theafre. zgigfgi. j:iQi:i:i:" ' Ee W -' 5: H H if fi' f ..i!:!:2.1IEgE ,, 555 X' 3 Q ' B , wig :img-, ff H?',lm'g B? 14 Ak L M if -X ,ww win- . 1 L- '- 555:-EV . K . -H ,Q W W .. Q H w firm' 1, sf 1 aw-0 'ea f ,..s::-ease:-1-2-I-2-' va 1 5 52? ' M W 252:-:E: Q 'L.:-:-:-:-:-:-:- . , giz , wi d 'iw 1? ' "ff:2g::a::f:g'-' A 1 XPf5 iiggifmf L 5214 - f , .ws e ,W X 5 '- B mg fa . vs' ,Y 5 fax: 55 w ,H,.Q-'alla we - ess W H v af W "' !? f ffwzm N E 'va :::,5i51aE:'i ' rs W' H f QW . A H W M af- V 522 - 'fps 2 Eli' W' H H E Q E, H G . '8wW.2"'S , W V ':'::?i5iig,2,f B 'ngggg 5,2 Qxm QL if Q iii 1 SA Sk ' L .r my -wk ' Y ,., 1 . , , . H. . ::: SESQESYW w 1 , E " Z3 T-Z 1 Q3 2' W 1 wr W 'W rig g L fv vi 5 A W P1 T s , JW is 9,1 Q .U Ji: .:. -M - H S Q L 5 si: " ,Q 'f H E 2 ,Q 5 'lv S mm M 45 W E - W ,, M U ...:.: 5 ,Q E H ,NH x iii? Q H ' 53523-Q fi W 383,91 Q3 W MM xpxew ' -gf, ,. Ji, wg s wise ,Musa mt may xanax ww fzwgff , X T, A'wMp-Hwwafisi TF" -' El I sf sm msn ms na ma? x up x 'Nx- sv m Bob Lulce assumes 'ihe prepare-'lo-land posiiion afier iurn- ing info fhe wind from a Sunday afiernoon iump. 38 As a man falls from 7,200 feel, one would wonder whal' goes 'fhrough his mind. lncidenially, 'ihe piciure is noi' up- side down. This is added for all avid crilics. Even 'ihe girls falre an acfive inferesi- in parachuiing, as evidenced by Rexa Lusk helping Billy Kiehl af-ler his firsi' iump. . xi " iwisi. .YH vi, ,f 5 k ,fe K ' j gum , .. za , ,n., 'X sm 1 as 2, KV, X +1 A. 7 Q J x xi :T ww f N M 1, , 525 X a, . ii .. mfs K , Mia W SJW, Q -W ,QV Q.: 4 Q4 12 'X-1 1 1 Q M4 I t +1 in 1-my qv ,af , f. ffywsfi 3 wsu 4 M W Nr? X 'VMI f ' an 4 w.. mfmfd' .A-X ef wwf' .,..,..,W 1' mi fs 3, www W 3 Q U 3 , x,,1ziE'W"MVy7Wl MQ 1 3 'Q' 2:::.. .Q . ' A q Q 9, 'Q M -'tn . M ' vu , xv, . '1' Mg, t, ,TX x . Q 'gi Yu r -KRT L IN, - 'N Q 5 f Qu X.. in R . F352 di Qyw gi Jia Arlin Jones, in fhe governor's chair, ponders a quesrion. We'Il noi' repeai' 'rhe quesiion, buf we can say ihaf he did give an un equovical answer. These are noi' members of 'lhe legislafure, only members of fha Young Democra-is Club. Tech sfudenfs converge on 'l'he Arkansas Legislafure fo observe 'Phe ourwarcl process by which our sfafe r., ,.,... r. . 'ev' A Q M ' 'E w W " ' " Vw'i?'E?1f:?xa" x 4 9 W NK ,. Q i,??iZwgsgg5 ,, .,,, muse'-A -- . laws are made SMWQQEZE WEEE? B P1 E X WMM Hifi' mmm W my EQEHHNMM H E EE QEWQT. Qgfiy EMM iff: H ., ,W . V wx.,-5, . W-1 L .. M .,. s M NM, M M M4 Q . .9515 'izi-:FZ 451- 551'-1.. f 1 :ff ' :i ii ' 2 A 4 Ei -sz .v A HH' ,F- Mw. W Mr" . H . GSWPEL wx-,gg Mmg x ,Am M 1.L.. , M W fm . . ss :sq ,MM M M M h M . Ll in W wwjii. ,M Y Q. . f E 4 M ,,, gif M MX L .XM. , ,F mi., SM , JM -wgl My Mu 'K g' 'fx M Zz A- -1 -V M W 'N M. Q SS - N ' x Mm f JM - ,-mfg' M 'Harm "N '- - FI mmf' i .. SK M w 'V Q :xx mfg: A' W -vw 5555 ' Mxlrv . M .yi :I iff Y , H ,. 4. X 'N A .,-My -' Mm EM 2,13 fm ., nf M.gM MA. 5 if? X : M . N in F Q ml- MM '-- Q W -Vw Z I M NNMM ,Ma 5, W 7. 75355555 i M 4: , ,K M : xwigwif , ,M 'M ifxisf im if , W ef? 0 ,' K ,ifvgkw . ig? ,Mg M L 1- U W ld. w. .., S -Ak W, , ' ss a R Mm B Imax MB B is Book Two Administration if a ss Q4 sax in sms an Go ernor 01' al E. Faubu Orval E. Faubus is presently serving his fifth term as Governor of Arkansas, a record unequalled for this stare throughout its history. His rise to fame has been meteoric, starting from a small cabin near Huntsville and ending in the Executive Mansion. Board of Tru tees A group of men seldom seen on campus, but one which wields a great deal of policy- making power with the school, is the board of trustees. All four are business and professional men of Northwest Arkansas, and they devote untold time and energy to formulating new policies including long range building plans for the school. The President is A. Curtis Goldtrapg Vice-President is John E. Chambersg Secretary is Gene Waldong and other board members are Roy L. Baker, Jr., and W. Hull. A. Curtis Golclfrap, Forl' Smil'l1 v John E. Chambers Danville Gene Waldon Ozarli Roy L. Baker, Jr Harrison J. W. Hull, Russellville Pre ident J. . Hull Tech's president, J. W. Hull, has headed the college since 1932. He has guided its growth from a junior college to an accredited senior college. While one could hardly call his cigar an inseparable companion, no one can deny that he is seldom seen without it. A bright, engaging smile and a very hearty and ready laugh are the dominant characteristics of DR. KENNETH WALKER, Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor of History. His stu- dents will never forget the lectures given lay this former professor of History at the Air Force Aca- demy. His concern for his students has extended to killing wasps which entered the classroom during an exam, even though he has been known to dislike collegiate journalists. For a man whose undergraduate aspirations when at the University of Arkansas never included the thought of college administration work, A. CRABAUGH, Dean of Arkansas Tech, has done pretty well for himself. A former newspaperman, he has worked for the New York Times and the Associated Press in Little Rock. He has concen- trated on the improvement of instruction and the curriculum and formerly taught news-writing classes here. He also is a professor of English, but does not teach classes. l B. L. I-IARTON is now Registrar of the Col- lege, after having been Director of Public Infor- mation. In his former post, he acted as sponsor for many volumes of Arkansas Teclfs A gricola. A former Tech athlete, FIRMAN BYNUM NELL BRUMMETT, Dean of Women, han- dles disciplinary problems of women students. In addition, she provides guidance and counseling for students and has been known to tremble at plans of a spontaneous pep rally. is Dean of Men and Housing Supervisor. I-Ie keeps a close and unobtrusive watch on his students, often without their knowledge. More than once, he has seemingly been able to be in several places at one time, particularly when a poker game is in progress. The original Wonder Boy, JOHN TUCKER, played football on the Tech squad for several years, then went on to the University of Alabama, where he was graduated in 1931. He has coached at Tech and is presently Director of Student Af- fairs and Professor of Chemistry. Tech's library of some 32,000 volumes, housed in a modern fireproof and air-conditioned building, is presided over by MYRTLE BLANCI-IE ROUSH, who first came to Tech in 1929. The job of stretching limited funds from the state legislature to fit the needs of a constantly growing college belongs to R. A. YOUNG, Busi- ness Manager. He and his staff in Main Building keep a close guard on college funds and property. HEARTSILL BARTLETT runs the Tech bookstore in the best tradition of the super-sa.les- man. His kind and friendly smile greets each stu- dent who crosses his threshold and he is known to all for his generosity and open-handed policy in buying back old books. All students who like the Tech food owe a vote of thanks to PAUL FISER. He and his staff of trained professionals and student workers can really do wonders with the ingredients for a good meal, as any present or past Techester can readily testify. CARL STOKES is responsible for keeping the college's physical plant in top shape. He is also responsible for the buildings, the roads, and the sidewalks on the campus. if iii? f, in ff 1.13: . 4- ,i BeHy Jeffong Bill Benson: Boolrlceeoer, Clerk, Business Office Business Office Admini tration Aide John Hamilfon: Anifa Wa'Hs: Disbursing Officer: Checker. Business Office Business Office Joyce Newsom Mary Woods: Secrefary. Casliier, Business Office Business Office Anna Jean Dahllreg Secrefary fo Planf Supervisor PAQ qhlim N Www ', Q,a'? il f ,xiii Marge Winn: Secreiary, Regis+rar's Office Jeannie Boifs, Secrefary fo Regusirar Rose Torrence, Nurse x Mavis McCufcheon: Secreiary, Library Nancy Curran Asslsia ni' Libra rlan ,.,.,., Pearl S'lewal'l'. Nurse Bill Vaughn' Shannon Helnderfon Assisfanf Librarian Assisfanf Llbrarnan Emma Merrill. Secrelary lo Presideni Gerald Edgar. Public Informalion Service m Q m Im' m Eggs mm mm Bmmsm mm Bs m m xmqxm m Egg, mm mm m Emmmm Bm mmsgmn mm m ummm. imma m m 1. ,Q xi in m m is 1 m m m m m m mmm mmm mms mm mmm E W lmw mm ,A 1. m sms Bm .Wm mlm v mmm m m m im mm main mm mm m . 2 m :uw 15m ,.,W'f QM... - Jaclcie Crow, Assisfani Manager, W. O. Young Siudenf Ce nl'er mm m Carol Role, Secrefary io Dean Valera Tafe, Secreiary fo Public lnformaiion r 1 i l Arnefa Cooper. Sfeno-Clerll. W. O. Young Sludeni Cenfer Dr. Billy Balmer, Elizabefh Wrighl' Director of Posfmisfress Public Service M RWM u S 1 S S LYIECHNIC CO SCIENCE A PR TED KANSAS LEG HSLATU E F USES 6 ENGR M5595 ggbhm vew N i A UM DLU GRA 596i Wk 5ua1wweaLfQwi E 1 if Ls W, WNW Book Three Divisions Sandy Smee, Home Economics maior, ialzes an elm limb, a bird, and a 'few berries, and malres a 'Floral arrangement for a lable in Home Economics. griculture The departments of agriculture and home economics constitute the Division of Agriculture and Home Eco- nomics under the chairmanship of Melvern Watson. Cnly two years of college work are offered in the de- partment of agriculture while the home economics de- partment offers a four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Offerings in this division are varied, as well as being liberal in scope. Participation in extracurricular activities is encourag- ed by both departments. This is readily seen when we consider the successful Agri Day and FFA-FHA Day presented annually by this division. Judy Voss displays her winter floral arrangemeni' For 'rhe class lo see, comment upon and approve. MELVERN WATSON , MS Chairman of Division Agri.-HE. Div HERMAN BOUTWELL, MS Assistant Prof. Agri. ELIZABETH BRYsoN, BS Instructor Home Ergonomics MARTHA WILLIAMS, BS Instructor Home Economics Economics a mama- "a,:u fwfm ' E32 mv :aa 355221322 ag. aeLw'E , , nm L-, No this IS noi' the Unlversxiy of Arkansas' Razorbacks. The animals are top Tech hvesfock and e siudenfs are Tech Agra mayors as seen donng one of ihelr daily chores in an all-out efforl' +o become a farmer an gas Q asm aa gram a aa a Www ua, M , 1.1,-.W M M W W. Mt J, M i A Y mu is N H ..,.,,. .-A H, W ee We ' rf, -V'WMf5f'U i i i Q9 fy Lwf fW'J gig! A have it irewwd S9555 www? Sw if kxgwwffgi whgllei www Q Q19 MQW, Ni H' is wiih ihese modern office machines +l1a+ 'ihe Tech Business Aclminisfraiion maior can prepare for +he aufomaiion of our preseni-day world fig 5 Business dmini tration The courses of study in the Division of Business Admin- istration, under the chairmanship of Roy R. Weedin, are de- signed to provide professional training for young men and women who seek positions in business or in business teach- ing. The programs of study seek to provide such training as will enable the student to understand the structure, nature, and functions of the business ecenomy, managerial, social, and ethical aspects of business operations are stressed through- out the courses. A major purpose of the business curricula is to provide students with a well-rounded general education designed to enrich their private lives and to equip them better to accept civic and social responsibilities. As students before him, and as students will after him, this Techster painstakingly worlts the practice set for Accounting. ROY WEEDIN, MS Chairman of Division Assoc. Prof. of B.A. DALE CORLEY, MS Assistant Prof. Business Adm. GENA GOWIN, MS Assistant Prof. Business Adm. DON J. HELMS, MS Instructor Business Adm. TREZZIE PRESSLEY, MBA Instructor Business Adm. 'Wa' gil i Education will help this young boy fulfill his life's dream, whether ii' is 'lo be a drummer, siafesman, or advenfurer. Education The Division of Education, under the chairmanship of Dr. Oren R. Rankin, has as its purpose the task of providing guidance and professional courses for stu- dents who plan to teach in public schools. Any student who plans to teach in public schools may enroll in the Division of Education. All students who intend to re- ceive a degree in elementary education or to teach in physical education must enroll in this division. Those who elect to prepare for teaching in other fields may enroll in divisions appropriate to their interests in teach- ing. Students who elect a college program to prepare for teaching will complete their study in two stages as modern as and up-to-date as our latest missiles. This shelf of elemeniary 'lexiboclts represents a storehouse of ltnowledge for the child in thai ii' opens up an amazing new world For the mind In malcing a decision to enter the teaching profes- sion, students should' seriously ,consider the demands which this choice entails. Among these are scholarship and intellectual curiosityg an interest in children and young people and an understanding of their interests, problems, and developmentg a thorough understanding of their principles ancl skills of a specialized field of teachingg and an interest in and understanding of the role of the school in the American society. X new V . A division of Education is the Physical Education program in which various sports are taught, one being archery in which Mary Jess Tibbels is enrolled for a semester. OREN RANKIN, EdD Chairman of Division Professor in Education BILL BAKER, PhD Instructor Physical Education N ELL BRUMMETT, MEd Counseling and Guidance ELIZABETH BURGESS, MSE Assistant Professor Education DON DEMPSEY, ME Football Coach Instructor in Phy. Educ. SUSAN DUKE, BS Instructor Physical Education SAM HINDSMAN, MA Basketball Coach Assoc. Prof. of Phy. Educ. LOTTIE MCCRACKEN, MSE Associate Professor Education LENA REXINGER, MA Professor Elementary Education MARVIN SALMON, MS Head Football Coach Asst. Prof. of Education RAYMOND SCHARDEIN, EdD Associate Professor Education DON SEVIER, BS Assistant Coach Instructor in Phy. Educ. MARGARET WILSON , PhD Associate Professor Physical Education C. E. PADGETT, MA Chairman of Division Prof. of Mathematics ELLIOTT BROWN , ME Assistant Prof. Mathematics ,, "Wie HAROLD MCMILLEN W Instructor ' Engr. 8C Agri. Labs - C. R. WARNDOF, BS Assistant Prof. Engineering , 2 . The Department of Engineering under the chairman- ship of Claude E. Padgett, Jr. offers a two-year program in various engineering fields, which in its standard and variety of offerings is designed to prepare students ade- quately for admission to the junior year in universities and colleges giving baccalaureate degrees in engineering. The curriculum, although quite similar to those offered at other 0 0 colleges, may he modified to suit the needs of the individual student. The objectives of the engineering department of Arkan- sas Tech are to help the student form efficient study meth- ods and orderly mental hahitsg to train him in the basic and specialized concepts of engineering sciencesg and to develop a desire for continued growth as a professional man of high moral standards and ethics. Although the future engineers are surveying cow pastures instead ot city blocks, it is the thought behind the action which counts, and which will benefit society and industry in the coming years. v i W an .i Q-, aff' . L ' , 'gif e ' 1 fir -- ,L fm W ye L 5 -W ff flew, rw?-r , refs- M mf ,. r gg- p71,:n..- ,gms X T12 " I ww .fe HXQL-figlliif 1. ' ,!' A H 2 E 5 L , '-iztsig ff ' ' www .,. Y X , A TWTFQ Q 'H' jak : K K K , , 'SL ,. x w i 3: Q W7 EM, ,.:.., - 1 ma ' f ' A , . . iw :vt Q X Q , sf 1 D . , 'f r 1 5 5 s ' 2: Ns ff I -ew M1 ,,,,, Q 1 gifs? ij, 2: M- :U T -,Mfg .aW..Gfi1gz me As parf of fheir insfruciion, arf s+uden+s devofe coun+less hours and unmeasurable amounfs of energy fo 'rheir work. The arHs+'s concepf of a person, who we do noi know, fhai' is unimpor+an'l'. The imporfanf fad is fhaf a man's idea or ideals of life is picfured as he sees ihem. Feafure Twirler, Polly Sherman, siruis across fhe 'Foo+ball field showing fhar 'the Tech band considers glamour io be an imporfanf facfor for publicify. Fine Arts The Division of Fine Arts includes two departments, art and music. By the various strains of music issuing forth from the southwestern encl of the campus, the typical Tech- ster speedily assumes that the center of the music division is located at Williamson Hall. The recognition that has come from our music department has acted as a student-drawing advertisement for Tech. Tech is proud of its hand under the direction of Gene Witherspoon and its choir under the direction of Dr. John Wainwright. Both organizations have contributed greatly to the student life by offering programs with which the student may gain a deeper insight into the music of the GENE WIT HERSPOON, MS Chairman of Division Assoc. Prof. of Music LOREN BARTLETT, PhD Assistant Professor Music EDWARD CON N ELLY, MM Instructor Music JOAN LUCE, MM Instructor Music HELEN MARSHALL, MS Assistant Professor Art WILLIAM OWEN, MS Assistant Professor Art A masters. The Art Department, situated in Parlcer Hall, besides offering a Bachelor of Arts degree, offers an opportunity for the budding artist to receive instruction on the techniques of painting. The Art Department can also help a person interested in painting, architecture, and drawing. JOAN WAINRIGHT MA Instructor Music JOHN WAINRIGHT, EdD Associate Professor Music EDWARD WILWERS, MFA Assistant Professor Art l i l Tech's Marching Band brings much honor to 'ihe Fine Arts Division wiih its showmanship and top musical performance which cannot be underrated. 1 l I IM, Lan uage Literature Themes - whaf every freshman is 'laugl1+ fo dread in high school and in college finals +ha+ no exaggerarion was used. Wl1a'l' could be more characferislic of ihis deparfmenf +l'1an a grammar boolr, a language book, a liferafure boolr, or a +ape recorder? Under the very capable chairmanship of Dr. Lillian Massie, the Division of Language and Literature is comprised of four departments-English, foreign lan- guages, journalism, and speech. Two majors, both for the Bachelor of Arts, are offered: one in English, the other a divisional major which permits a concentration in French, speech, or journalism. The Division of Language and Literature provides in reality that formal education which the greatest minds of all times consider the ideal. The Division of Lan- guage and Literature, although the smallest in enroll- ment, lends enthusiasm to and wields the greatest and most productive influence on the student in assisting him toward the realization that there is much to learn, see, and accomplish. Trying hard to ignore 1-he camera, Miss Pricldy, English in- structor forgets, and the earth commences 'Io revolve again. LILLIAN MASSIE, PhD Chairman of Division Professor of English GUY ASHFORD, MA Assoc. Prof. English JOYCE DEMPSEY, BS Instructor English SUE DOSS, PhD Assoc. Prof. English GERALD EDGAR, MA Assistant Prof. Journalism B. CLARENCE HALL, MFA Instructor English LOUISE MOBLEY, BA Instructor French KATHERINE PRIDDY, MA Assoc. Prof. English CHARLES REED, MA Assoc. Prof. Speech ELIZABETH REED, MA Instructor English JOHN ROLLOW, MA Assistant Prof. English MRS. J. ROLLOW, MA Instructor English MARY sT. CLAIR, BA Instructor French athematics In the mathematics department, headed by Claude E. Padgett, Jr., studies lead either to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. A student in this field learns to appreciate the values of math and the effects it has had upon the growth of our culture. The department helps the student in acquiring important information and work ex- perience and in cultivating useful work habits and study skills. Another goal of the mathematics department is to enable the student to develop effective methods of thinking, useable skills, and intangibles symbolized by fairness of judgment and intellectual honesty. C. E. PADGETT, MA Chairman of Division Prof. of Mathematics GEORGE ANDERSON MA Instructor Mathematics JOHN HOPPER, MA Assistant Prof. Mathematics MAUDE MOORE, MS Assistant Prof. Mathematics BOBBY MULLEN, MA Assistant Prof. Mathematics Assistant Professor John Hopper loolcs dubiously af a problem on the blackboard as he explains if to his aifenhve class i i......-.i- ,4- Q 5 -sm my 'Eye ' 41-.Q 1-x-gm-v ' 1 E Bm i Pia A 1: Q . wr f W s me fm ef me ev ea .-5-:pi L. e x -as '- ,ima -:3 wqie- :Q .Q ' Emma 1 1555.5 xgfnqf , Y ff Y. Even cadei' officers can be human on 'ihe drill field as evidenced by fhese 'lwo socializing. However, i+ is io be remembered 'Thai' looih are cadei' officers, noi' lhe regular ROTC cadel whom 'ihey have under fheir command. Besides cleaning rifles, 'Phe ROTC man gels 'l'o clean shoes and buHons, which lhe Brass calls brass. r xx x N-Q X, Y X , 3 E E .... ME-5 , n,- E Q v e Q G 5 , Q E e 7' HSS ef fw- ,-2-2- ,f - G 1 1- --FS-:-rl U . X , Y. H WX 'iii-AMES ,. A Wy Fi sm Sianding a+ a'Heni'ion correcfly is anoiher cra'H' 'I-hal' the ROTC man is +augh+ 'lo beffer serve his couniry. ROTC The Department of Military Science is headed by Lt. Col. H. F. Antrim, PMS. The Federal Government main- tains, at Tech, a Senior Division of the Army Reserve Offi- cers' Training Corps. The general objective of the Army ROTC curriculum is to produce future officers possessing the qualities and attributes to help their progressive and continued development in the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States and in the Regular Army. The program is designed to provide the student with an appre- ciation of the national military organization of the United States of America, and to develop within the student those traits of leadership so necessary for success in any field of endeavor. The General Military Science QGMSJ Army ROTC Unit was established at Tech in 1952, being one of the first of its type in the United States. The majority of the Army ROTC Units now offer the GMS Program. Enrollment in this type unit affords the student the opportunity to be com- missioned in any arm or service of the Army. 'T'? . "". 7 '-" : ff "" 1m,gt,: LT. COL. H. F. ANTRIM PMSRT MAJOR PAUL J. A WILLETT 'M Asst. PMSRT ,P :-1- -A .i., . 15. 115 itiz 1:5 ,-1... Fi e"' CAPT. RONALD z SI-IOEMAKER Asst. PMSHT CAPT. CI-IAS. J. HUBBARD Asst. PMSBcT SFC RUSSELL D. YORK Chief Clerk M! SGT DON DANIEL Instructor Sf SGT G. T. FREELAND Instructor SGT. RALPH BALES Instructor SP5 BENNY ROBERTS Instructor a Lilce all good soldiers, the men loolr down 'the barrel of their rifle to see if it is clean and shiny. Offen are we iolcl ihal' lhe human body is a worlc of arf biologically speaking in 'this case. Do you agree? Science Under the direction of its chairman, Truman Mc- Ever, the Division of Science is composed of the depart- ments of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. A stress is placed upon the interrelationships of the fields of science other than the chosen major field. The planned program provides for a divisional ma- jor designed especially for those who plan to teach in the public schools. A more extensive program may be chosen which enables the student to continue his study in graduate school or to enter directly into the field of research and development, or any other field which requires a high degree of specialization. .A,. 55" W Wings if 1, V i,.Ms,+-1'- Chemistry saves man's life and malres his world a beiier place 'fo live in. The division supplies a program which provides adequate scientific training for students who may choose the study of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, and medical tech- nology. Two types of majors are offered by the Division of Science. A divisional major leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science. Departmental majors require more intensive concentration in a department and lead to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. By enrolling in the Division of Science, a student can become acquainted with fundamental principles which should enable him to understand the application of these principles to physical phenomena and life processes. new Two Techsfers ialie an acfive interest in their geology lab. TRUMAN McEVER, MA Chairman of Division Professor of Chemistry JOE L. BRADLEY Lah. Assistant JULIUS cocKE, Ms Instructor Geology BL Phy. Science RICHARD COHOON, MS Instructor Geology HENRI CRAWLEY, PhD Associate Professor Biology JACK G. DODD Instructor Physics E. E. HUDSON, ME Instructor Biology DWIGHT MOORE, PhD Professor Biology B. G. OWEN, MA Assistant Professor Biology EUGENE SHARP, MS Instructor Physics W. W. TRIGG, Ms ' Instructor Chemistry -1, f Q' ,Sk . Y' , Q' , x , . 'F 'ram N'-.. . fr . as 'G'-N fo A"xMk . . ,mi M he. EC' ii' 1- : L " , IWC ., - . wr iw. 'Q F fi' A1 IV P .wh , v, -1 mf: M"'w:, :WW 9 :I J r ,-af' -1 fe.. -Q - 4 ' Q 5' ' x Q. Q5-ew N "' f ,. gym I Qin 'ri 'X' Ei? 55 X , , P' Lf- Q Q' ' ff.. , I , ,Q W W5 . . -f"N 5' H ,V A Vffiyf W . -X G ' 'rf if fi . e it H I 3 "' Q me , gf" i L N- , X of , ,- we ,. 1 . . Q, P x X -K . . ff V, x rfjmi gff v gfgn. , I . A 7 S? 5' ' , ' . wg, .W .' sian. i K 5 4 fm- -.K gk QD 'S - . 5 'Q N XEQQEQ 1' .x P I ' 'Je A K i or 4 1 --'. . ' nh-' " e Mi- gf 1-M.,-,, . r A X K A -TN .N y : 5 3: Q '-1. t ' ,. Q JW? - ,Q 1 ..I ,NSS H 'fre U 4 X' Lf X " 1 'Q 1 l - A X Q ' 1 2 'K if 3, " 4 . A Vx ,Mug 7 -xr ,, , ., k we ., ,Q Nu I' 'lr S 9 iz bf'-w, ' 5 """'T "fm ef' ' 4 K 111 v fee. 1' f Q P nf N 1 Wu, tw w we if Ad -rx A M 5, it , Z in M 5 ff Q .vaniqa ' " -HS154. , J- J' V " In ml , W W A ,:. , 1 ' z . 'wg -, ws, av 4 .N Wy? Q U N rug' N "u',lQ,,W , N .rum ,fr I T ULAN EUQXALE' 5 X U -mm ma.. k . J H fe.,-fr 0- 3 Q we :J fs 2 'x , Na. in-M - 4' X. N9 i, X 1'4" H x N A , A, 1 'Y' uhm X JMmN'r.p, " 1.24 lvsimrxii ...rf ,, Q A Wham ,, , , . f any-.N W A V... iii' X 's 5?- .I A Mr? , .21 igggig WESYEI -15- 515925 i gg ,,ZQ'f'f .3515 -M, wg , - , A-.M BROTHERS IAI. From behind fhis desk Iecfures upon The rise of civilizaiion, man's laws, man's code of honor, and man's way of life are given. Social tudies Under its chairman, P. K. Merrill, the Division of Social Studies offers majors in the fields of political science, philo- sophy, history, psychology, economics, and sociology. The Division of Social Studies attempts to provide the student with opportunities for a well-rounded group of courses at the advanced level for the student interested in a major. The division provides an analysis of the social, eco- nomic, and political systems of today with emphasis upon the impact of the system upon relations, personal and social organizations, and -international relations. Another aim of the department is the development of a critical attitude and a scientific method of arriving at conclusions. The study and evaluation of systems of philosophy enables the student to arrive at a sound philosophy for himself. The Division of Social Studies has, as another objective, an understanding and appreciation of man's attempts to solve his social, politi- cal, and personal problems. P. K. MERRILL, PhD Chairman of Division Prof. of Sociology W. c. CHEVAILLIER, MA Assistant Prof. Economics CARLETON CURRAN, PhD Assoc. Prof. History CLARENCE HENDERSON, MA Instructor History CHARLES JONES, MS Assoc. Prof. Psychology DAVID WM. KRUEGER, MA Instructor History BENJAMIN MURDZEK, PhD Assistant Prof . History ELDRED PEYTON, JR. Instructor History 1. W. ROTE, MA Instructor Economics DONALD ST. CLAIR, MA Assistant Prof. Philisophy KENNETH WALKER, PhD Assoc. Prof. History Bc Pol. Science American Studies. taught by Dr. Mur- dzelr, is one of the more popular subjects on campus. Ii seems as though every student ialres if ai' one time or the other. 1.5 w If is wifh machines like fhis, fhaf sfudenfs in Vocalional Educafion can become adept in producfive inclusfry. Finding oui' whal' a car is, is of special inieresl' 'fo Hwis Techsfer as he inspecfs and learns. Vocational Education DAVE HAWKINS Instructor Auto Mechanics Arkansas Tech has complete and modern workshops for training students in auto mechanics. Through donation and purchase of machines and equipment released by the United States Army, the College has been able to expand greatly its training facilities in those fields. Equipment in the vari- ous shops is valued at more than ,Z200,000. Upon the satis- factory completion of the requirements of the course in auto mechanics, the student will he given a vocational certificate of merit. These courses, terminal in nature, are designed to enable the student to gain necessary proficiency as quiclcly as possi- lnle, so that he may take his place in productive industry. lnspecling a piece of machinery, fhis Vocational Educaiion siudenl quickly sees 'lhe cause of i'l1e worrisome problem. Mr. Haflrlrins explains rhe cause of the malfuncfioning fo his pupil, who lisfens in an appreciative silence. 3 5 E r 5 E z ! - f , - W- S, g ' my Hggg,,sy,ggl- L,a,L,e:xsa 'iw Q1r W .W.,. . , .r . ,, , -,,.,,., g,,. 4 W.. V 1.1 K., was E , 5 Y.. a 1 v LH Mmm' Q? mmm mn mn nm was mm mn mam an ,seam s Mm M Q- . Q Xiivwi' :W if J nw. " - sw- H H ms., "ww wwfflqm H ,ulwlge 1, ,1- ESQQQQ M W P3 -Hifi E . 5 LwwM.H.A M B001 Four tud nt This year's Student Council President is a young man of varied interests. Ronald C. Price, perhaps best known for his 4 years as end for the Wonder Boys football squad, is known to most of the student body as "Ron," The Business Administration major has also set records in the discus throw during his 4 years on the track squad. Besides sports, Ron's interests include hunting, fishing and reading, which is cen- tered around history. The council, under his leadership, has placed several benches around the campus, increased the number of all-student activities and has tried to extend hours of operation of the library so it will be more accessible to students during test weeks. aps, Gowns, and Seniors Officers President ................ Jack Wood Vice-President --- ........ Joe Zug Secretary-Treasurer ...... Jenifer Casner Reporter -- -- .... Robberta Banks ROBERT BAKER .... ROBERTA BANKS --- PAULA BERRY .... RONNIE BETHARD --- MIKE BREWER .... DONNA BIBLER .... SCARLET BIGGS ..... ELEANOR BIRKHEAD .... RALPH BOYD BOEN --- Dumas ---- Dardanelle ---- Dardanelle ------- Benton Mountain View --- Scottsville ---- Rogers ---- Paris --- Russellville -nr' :E -n-..,44"K fs si ? xi as ' ' M5 333311, JERRY LYNN BOUTWELL .... .... R ussellville JIMMY BOWDEN --- .... Russellville MIKE STEVEN BOYD --- .... Little Rock JACK BRADFORD .... --- Marshall CAROLE BRANDON --- .... Mulberry Fort Smith JERRY BRIDGES --- --- JIM BRYANT .... JAN BUFFORD ..... .. .... --- Van Buren - --- Fort Smith MARTHA NAN BULL --- .... Hector Smiling Franlr Fulmer, a prime example of a draffed man, seems 'ro aciually en- ioy himself while working on a girl's dormifory floai' for Homecoming Day. Helter-Skelter of Homecoming JOHNNY BURGESS --- -- JERRY BUTLER ....-. .... RUSSELL CALDWELL REED CAMPBELL .... .... -- .... Clinton North Little Rock North Little Rock North Little Rock GEORGE CARTER .... ....e B ooneville CHARLES CASEY .... .... S hrevepvrt, LB- JENIFER CASNER --- --- Russellville JOHNNY CLAYBORN --- Harrison LARRY CLAYTON ..... --.. Hazen if A JOHN V. COFFMAN MARY COFFMAN --- CAROLYN COMBS --- ------- BILL CORROTTO --- DICKIE CROW .... PAUL CRUM .... BILL CURTIS --- CARL DAILY -- Morrilton ---- Hector --- Osage ---- For: Smith ---- Cleveland --- Humphrey ---- Mariamm - Russellville JO ANNE DALE .... ..-- Dardanelle M I wr' Ev B Q zu s i wx : il a mi .4 I 1 . M is is is i X W 1 ',m um gf ,. 'LZ 74? . . ,., M, LBS! it 1 'A if Y is 65362 Q , i. 5 L ..pJi:w':g wif 1 W 3 i iiff -'ESQ ..X .. www. 1. .f:. , 7 x ww, im iw u if i is . .mgigigij . . , ., . , . is : " . . ..,, f . Mmm mi WW a mn x Wm -4 -W HARLEY C. DAVIS --- - ..... -.-- V an Buren PI-IYLLIS DAVIS --- -- Hartford TOMMY DAVIS .... - ..... --- Fon Smith RICHARD DELP --- GEORGE DUKE .... --- Reading, Pa. Black Springs RAMON ELKINS --- --- Fort Smith JOHN ENDSLEY M- -.- Wolf Bayou ELTON EPPLEY Green Forest HUBERT FOSHEE ,... .-- Paris BOBBY FRANCIS -- Mulberry DICK GARDNER --- .... Russellville GLENN GEURIAN Darclanelle JOHN GRANDJEAN Jacksonville BILLY GRAVES .... ..-- --- Jessieville DAVID GREEN .... .. .... --- Berryville TWEDELL GUNTER --- Cahn! LYNN HALLUM .... Marianna BETTY HANNA -..- --- Arsenal .:.,:. gf if fm lk 'T-R' l 5 Jul' I a...:-wvbd 3 135 W S? ggi JIM "WIMPY" I-IANKINS ...... --- Pelsor GLENDA GANNER HANNON .... -- Russellville ---- Van Buren NANCY HARPER ............... EDDIE HARRISON DON HATFIELD .... CHARLES HENLEY JANE HENRY .... JANICE HINKLE --- WENDELL HISE -.. ...... --- Wddron Fort Smith --- Little Rock ---- Russellville -..- Mountaain View -..--- Booneville LINDA HOLBROOK - Russellvxlle ORVALENE HOLBROOK Plamvlew CHARLES HUDDLESTON Fnppm PATRICIA HU DGEN S PAUL I-IURST ........ JOHN INGRAM ..... DICKEY JAMES ..... MARVIN JENKINS --- HARVEY A. JOHNSON Russellvrlle Dads, Sons, and a Game GEORGE LEONARD LINDA LINTON .......... MORGAN C. MAGNESS, Jr. --- DONALD MANN .... LEVOY MARCRUM .... DALE MARTIN .... WILLIAM WESLEY MARTIN --- RICHARD MARTIN DALE KENNETH MATHIS ARLIN JONES --- --- Malvern ZETTIE JONES --- -- Pottsville JAMES JUDY ---- --- Waldron K ' CARROLL KEMP --- M Dam,i11., MANUEL KEENE ,... .--- B gntgn EVERETI' KNIGHT van Bum. Q-Q GEORGE LANDRUM --- --- Jasper " T ROY LANE .........,. W, paris JOHN WENDELL LEE .... .... M Camry --- Walnut Ridge ---- Hector --- Hot Springs --- Flippin ------..-- Perryville North Little Rock ..-- Russellville --- Hot Springs --- Russellville 13 Trying very hard to appear collegiate, Tech- sters strike a pretentious air of engrossmeni' while siHing in the Student' Center, N"-?1?"v h Hum! Student Life Continues al.. BRENDA METCALF --- ED MONTGOMERY --- B. J. MOORE --- JAMES JEFFERY MORAN GLYNN MosLEY ...... ROBERT E. MCCRAY --- PAULA SUE McDANIEL KEN NECESSARY --- DANNY N EUMANN .... --- --- Booneville ---, Morrilton --- Fort Smith Walden, N .Y. -------- Paris -.. Benton --- Newport -- --- Rogers Eureka Springs GERALD NORTON JUDY oATEs ...... ERVIN PARKER .... CARROLL PAYNE --- ROBERT PICKETT .... MARY JO POWELL TRAVIS PRESLEY .... BOBBY PRICE .... CHARLES R. PRICE --- ----- Russellville --- Richmond, Va. ---- Havana --- Belleville --- Rogers ---- Russellville --- Marshall --- Russellville --- Fort Smith 1 -ws A . uban Crisis rips Campus Bei-ly Hanna and Berl' Carlion discuss even+s over books hardly opened be- cause of oufside reading preferences. BOB RYE ..... STEPHEN RYE -- JUDY SAMMONS -- DORIS SANDERS ....... BERNARDINE SCHIEFER JAMES MORGAN SCOTT BILL SHEPHERD --- JIMMY SHEPHERD .... SANDRA SMEE .... 3 4, ,, . -if 0 wee" eww ,, V ,.,,.,.,f, ,sw . , H -315,5 353B ' Eiga? is l ml ll 'W ww , is f f it 2: 7 'm5"'W?5" 7 f - ,Q rl dc.. li, x. I' --- Russellville ---- Hatfield ---- Russellville ---- Russellville ..----- Fox ---- Dardanelle -- Marianna --- Dardanelle --- Booneville RONALD PRICE -.. .... --- Jacksonville PERRY RALEY ....... .. .... .... H arrison FRANK A. RANSOM .... .. ....... Clarksyille KENNETH RAPIER -.. .... .... B enton ROBERT RENNIE ..... --- Paris DANNY H. RICHESIN ---- ..... .... H arrison PAUL RODEN .,.. - ........ .... V an Buren BOBBY ROLLINS --- .. ...... Dardanelle SI-HRLEY ROLLANS --- .... Danville ss mn ms mm I ss 'V "'5f:Z ' B H EEE . n I I .ffm I - -- -Il igiaaggaga-Qs1"'1 2 .E W E A ' 'QTEK 1:15 sl . . E Sie F3221 V' Eg .-, ,aan Lfmlwi X 5 E I I E smug: E B Eg M Mg L EJ I 1 w K I E .4 Us H5 .. ,. eg: .. . " A UR 5... v r .Q 4 2 Jr mg E H ge NH M S8 S8 gi ,R . N1 kgl. fd w fi.. .Q Ng. . E ww. .RL ..., Rim - .eggs ss pgs we sf I a H mga s num w: xx-H 1: - gmamr f mai s gy-gmfq' I I ,. fe M Q. X : Lge W -M 'gig I I ss 1. F . Q 2 ss-ss 90 fs ss a -vm if .,... 'Mil ll- if - :ll wwveu. gf .nh Q. . . fm" .fe mjgix ms ex.. WQSU' he M . I Q .. 'ill' W e I E F.. T If wiai I, ' 'E gl wi Hr a ms I Y , W 5 X M - K .. Til gg,-K.: : fi M .. iaQn'23E'3" K I ..,..? ' "si " 5 .-7-' . U ggfs' .xgwii :I QE I fl E? ihl x x WILLIE THRASHER .......................... Ozark BONITA TILMON ,.................,.... Dardanelle LEO TREAT ,............................... Marshall SUE TURNER ................................ Branch JAN TYLER ................................ Plainview NANCY VAN SICKLE LOIS LYNN VIRNAU ---------------- San Jose, Calif. Brinkley JOE E. WAGGONER ................ ....-. R ussellvllle VIRGINIA WAGGON ER ..............-.-. Russellville . M Y n5,,uW,,5,...- -i Q W fm-If nf WE E ' killil DUVALLA RUTH SMITH JOE SMITH ...,.E,...-.., KILLIAN SMITH ..... --- RICHARD F. SMITH ..... WATHA SNIDER ........ CLAUDINE STAIR ....... J. W. STEWART .......... Booneville LYNDA SYFERT .......... Batesville MARION E. TARKINGTON Dardanelle nm EL. ss W z ., mn mm B gs gm B .gfgz sg: 2 Z T A3 s W R Mis ,. WL" ms WEE H H-: 0 mnga :USES wx, n X tudies Dates Whirl ind Li ' . . . JAMES WARD ...........................M. Morrilton GARY WARE ............................ Fort Smith PATSY WARREN ..h..................... Little ROClC CHARLES WARNER .......................... Ozark ELLEN WATSON ............................ Atkins CAROLYN WELLS ......................... Harrison RANDY WEWERS ....................... Fort Smith ESTHER WILWERS ....................... Russellville BAZEL WINSTEAD .................... Hot Springs . . . Ends a hapter of Llfe RUSSELL WILLIAMS GERALD WISDOM - ----,---------------..---- Benton ---------,,-------------..,- Ozark JACK WOOD ..,.........H................... Camden JAMES WORKMAN - Waldron DEE WRESCHE ........H.................. Fort Smith JACK WRIGHT ............,................. Branch MARY BETH WRIGHT .................. Russellville CAROLYNE YOUNG ....................... Gravelly JOE ZUG ....................,................. Ola From rural route and city street From green mountains and fertile plains From wealth and perhaps poverty they came. These who thought Ancl those who cared These who worked ancl those who played These who studied and some who dicln't These who are the future --Bazel , .. if f'l77'--+- in ' 4 f H if -F'-2' -1? im-'lib 'SAE-illi ,rf ' -'- ag -2-'N Y ,-TE ft?-V 'Ili --i - f 4 Officers President ..... .......... T omilea Harvey Secretary ..... .... B ecky Nolen Treasurer --- ..... Janice Hinkle Reporter --- .... Barbara Sivley Bryan Hall leaders fall: over a problem on 'lhe dormifory sfeps. Br an Hall Casually accepting the sun's radiant beams, Lela Jane Bryan Hall successfully houses 101 Tech coeds. The dormitory's unique living arrangement offers variety and a topic of conversation to the dwellers. A suite is home for four girls, two inhabiting each end of the bath-divided suite. Bryan Hall's large, lovely lounge contains a television, a stereo, and comfortable furnishings, while during the study periods, excellent kitchen facilities provide the girls with those necessary night-time snacks. LINDA BACON ..,. --- Fort Smith JUNE BAKER .......... W... L ittle Rock JIMMIE SUE BALLARD --- I-- Benton ANN BELLER --- .... Batesville BEVERLY BOWDEN --- .... Russellville JOYCE BRAY ........ ,H Fort Smith SHIRLEY BRAZZEAL ...... .... H arrison LEIGHNORA BUCHANAN -- Texarkana CAROL BUCHER .... .... - ,- Mountain Home JILL BUELL ....... .. ..... -- Green Forrest JACKIE CHRISTINE -- ..... Gillett CAROLYN CODY --- .... Russellville KATHIE CORCORAN .... SANDRA DAHLKE ..... DORA DAVIS .... PAT DECKER .... Annanclale, Va. Mountain I-Iome -------L Paris Mountain View .,,'.' . is siwsuw Nessus, Esigkifsseii - ' K' l'Siegge3ei?eSf'i ee+v, ,. ,A A-MW, , ,YL ,,,,,M,4M,,, 7 E ,L 1: ,s 9-::"1:w?sii .. I I . ll H L' wilm' ' -:t . sz! : ' ., l . X is Al. - 5 65 s A if fQ'EQ Ss . Eswmizr if Sfss f emi .J HTF ., .I W S I Q31-, IRQ Qmnf E WWW gg in aegis U5 L U is n 3, lsr" ' Mis, t !'f5s,,?" yr ' vie, LEANATH DICKINSON --- ---. PEGGY DOUTHIT SHARON DREWRY DIXIE EARLYWINE SHIRLEY ETIEN --- ANNITA ESTES ,... --- JUDY FLAKE ..L.. MARILYN GOINES KAY GRIMMETT .... ---- SUSIE GROBER ..,,-,,,--- , ,,,, Russellville Russellville ..--- ---.. Marshall --- -- Stuttgart -- Benton Little Rock Coal Hill -- Atkins Little Rock Fort Smith LYDIAN N HANESWORTH ...... TOMILEA HARVEY LINDA HILL ....... KATHY HUBBARD BETTIE HUDSON --- SHELLEY HUDSON Mountain Home ---- North Little Rock - --- Russellville Mortilton --- Russellville --- --- Little Rock ANI 1 iw 30' f .... jf A, .f2"f M :AE a.E ..,, I ty ' was F v 'fir -54? .Ia ' K Lv? lf qui ,1 M to MQW , aff , arg I SHARON PARK --- LINDA PASSMORE .... DANA PICKLE --- BARBARA POPE .... DeWANDA PRATHER BARBARA PUGH --- NORMA RALEY ..,... VIRGINIA RICHESIN LINDA RUSSELL .... JOAN RYAN ....... LOUISE SCHEIBLE - DOROTHY SHEETS MENDEL SHIELDS ,-- BARBARA SIVLEY --- SARAH STOKES --- at s ' Tf:?'?Yi"ZmM'j"m'?' Wm iw- V ggi . .:,,i:l:.u. I .... :ilk 2133 21 1 " W5 , I I ee BQ ff gf sie 'fm 1' I.. .. "", "iI2f,' "wJI'..,,-4355 ' if iv 2:2-I. .ffl ' Q .:.!.I 5 -I - I E - '1' I-72,53 1, ' .V Q 15,4 -Q wig .., Iii: ' A K 55 X . e Perryville ----- Marshall --- Van Buren ---- Fort Smith Smaclcovet ---- Plainview --- Russellville Harrison Van Buren -- Blue Mountain --- Dover Dardanelle -- Batesville --- Danville --- Holly Grove ti 4 ty Q C' em ' .lx :zz ' '5 T eg 'US-'A""'w. A igem .. 2 J fs, sf wgwftxsiiilf-f vm! ELSIE JOHNSON --- JOYCE JONES ....,,....-, MARGARET NOEL JONES --- BRENDA JUDKINS --- -- JOHANNA KING .... MARY KNEIPKAMP .... VVILMA LAFFOON --- PAM LANG ...... BONNIE MAACK .,... CALENE MAROTZ --- PATRICIA MAY --- NANCY MILLS .... NANCY LEE MIZELL .... BARBARA McKINLEY --- VIRGINIA McNUTT --- BECKY NOLEN ..,. -- Little Rock ----- Cabot ---- Darclanelle --- Atkins ---- Arlington, Va. ---- Little Rock -----....- Dover Mountain Home ---- Little Rock ---.. Evanston, Ill. -- Danville ---- Paris ---- Little Rock t--- DeQueen ---- El Dorado --- Little Rock fi I ,Q . Pfihwf Eff: N if N is E I I ff S we Ht. ., v--55 Seiji , ,Sk , in N H 'ff an Celebrates 7th Year in W rx ,L F SSL. T 79:32AM N, 551 WSH- 35 ,195 , 53,5 umm? HQEC IW. ?gag3Q Aggie ,mise nag H? -E Q:-if LINDA THOMPSON .......... Plainview MARY JESS TIBBELS ......... Russellville NELTA TRITT .............. Prairie View JACKIE VENABLE North Little Rock JUDY VOSS ...,-............. Fort Smith JUNIE WEST .................. Harrison ERMA XXII-HTMAN ................ Paris JOAN WILSO'N ......H.A. Mountain View RETHA WYATT .....,,....,. Melbourne BETTY YOUN ES -------------- Harrison CAROL ZAHRINGER ,........,. Bauxire ' f XV N ' ll' rf X NS? Fir i ff 2, - f A A tr Q. g TUE, gi i s " 5 ' ,Ai 4 Q- I H I, -- - is m ents L34 lm, in ., , - wr,-: , , .,' ,QE C-'i'?""--1 ,Q-Q- Y L f 'llgllfliliff 1? 1 ID' 45" L, f-- f 3+ ff' Officers President ............... Linda Linton Vice-President .... ..... I ane Kaylor Secretary .... .... C arlene Schmoll Historian .... .... La vonne Wheeler Caraway girls gather around iheir piano during a break from sfuclies. Carawa Hall Caraway Hall, the oldest and most stately of the women's dormi- tories, traditionally gives Christmas music to the campus from atop its pillared entrance. The dorm's spacious lounge with its high ceiling and greenery help to create the Victorian atmosphere enmuntered by the guest at Caraway's annual Christmas dance. The flat roof of the Ha.ll's wings allows the girls to sun bathe privately and hang out wash during the warmer months of the year. AN N ANGEL ,,,,-,,..-.......... ...... W aldron VIRGINIA APPLE ................... --- Belleville PAT ARMER ,,,,-,-,,--,,,,...- .......,. C edarville GENE BAGGETT .................... -- Cedarville VERA BATES .......................... - Waldron BONNIE BEESON ......M............- --- Brailffirfl LEE BEESON ..,,........................ Bradford HEDDY BICKERS ..,...-....---........ Hattieville MATTIE BOSTIC .................... Athens, Tex. GLENDA BOSTICK H................. ......... 0 la LINDA BROWN ................ .....-- C edarville BARBARA BROWNING ............-..... Waldron LINDA BURDINE ........... ............. J asper MYRA BURGESS ..N.........-.......-...- I-Ohvke JEANNIE BURRUSS ..d..h..........F... Bradford KATHY CAMBELL .......d........ Mountain Home HQ H ::::::::a:::?:Q,.::: :::.:.:-2" . - - ':g .E .f I '- an :lxflgai B SS - E: HHH llff':': 'l' li ,I -:- -. ., V fi E ss Q E hm ...T KA X N - H H E l M . ...J HHH HHQHQ E I H AA w HHHQHY1 X :E 3 Mi ,I E ..... ..., . E M E .... E .E W 3 y ,U M 1 9 ' - H WEE H H I H A H Fx : ' W J, 5,953 -. if . Q 5 'x:5: H an E :I as F H W H A E 5 Q A I ' HH .f 5 E H EH M July E I A - gzinilgg H M ' ll if ZH Y, .Mfg a a K . H Haw :i:S.i:ii.?:i: gg H H mi ' H H H ' I A H H H H " " ww w gag :.:".:.:.:'5 H H - H H H - 5 . W HH - -' QE m age a ,. Ewa -, -. HQ W ' BF 'fiigfmifhwss a ggi WW? mmm gs M :.:-:.., HHH La I .. mmm A f ang WE Self 5: H la an A B A a W... M M ii. .7 'S , if I ' T WHQIH. . - Azh, . ..... H W Q ' ' - um ' .f A J. H . ...... ,.,.,., ...,... . Hum? K2 B E said E 2 up I W if X is x ui mx X' 'R K SS E I H I K B A I I A 'l E H J Y zz im H A f:-.wg gif:-' F Q - A . ' ll gg '- :'5:5f-EEEH .L 5, Q Y A E H gg N va. . fn. Him ' gig. H Y H H E H. 7 . ,. s "was-2' ' f is - A - 1 B SS I Z- HY ' W as K 'Q 9 B Ya E n m R H Y My H gp, nw mklifm .fs .Y W in - -fa H ,A HW' :H H H SS. :H H :iam H H- - Y 3 - 1-1 pyg- E 'Uh A if M ge H K E fig Q M E E mg E E' 'IH - . E E M Y Egg H . 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'K .:"' I .-:.-El:,,:,., M-'df 'Fl Q l f f AQ C I sn if M .g?m.M. I .3 3: I W U!- glljlallpjxx :H dm- will -awe , B Y? X, . Er H, sawn nasal B I a ami K SWB ra' vm E' 1 E. 1:3 9::.:.i:..: HHHYH A :EE E :.:' H .:--.: : 2:-: ma gi- a 2 H Q Q 5 H 2? H 215857 argl Q am Fm wal ggmml . I 52-he Aww: uma a a- .KH :I r araway Hall Retains Tradition SHARON FORD .................. Rogers JANICE FREEMAN ............ Cleveland JONLIN N E VICKI GALAROWITZ ..,. JEANETTE GILBERT Little Rock Tuclcerman RUBY GOODE ......H........... England JEAN GOREE .................. DRUCILLA GREGORY Springdale ------------ Jasper BARBARA GRIFFIN .............. Atkins Ea 52.223 E . EE W- . 5 EM 5 ? , 'X T a -wmArME1iA4aE'E E win N E. 5 5533 3 Q S E E E gm E -I--' , G Effie Awami E W r E E E E 2 M E M, M . .,... wi, , ASEE? . I ---- was E . ' " 1 4 2 W M T Z 5 EF -:ai : 2 I E5 E K E53 -' E J as-E ima M ., -f A T , iii.: 3 X E ' 1 M A . np ' W W T W Q -I 3 , E.. 'J M 3 U :gs ' ,J . H Zgw. ,. E . E Nia 3 Y -3- 22- ,. u :rs is 2 56235921 E -H' 'I '. iss- M M Wm? M ij, - X7 -: A . 2 i ,E A ,..:,-. I .Zn .,.,2 gf: Q -:-EP .-:-5 E T .. g if 5, ,X S :fl v f M an 5 Q si E wi' H A TE, Www: E -J any .:E:. .:::, J if Q ,kiwi M : N vi EE Ewa? f' -JE E Eg. I ' ma TLEW-1135.-Wi? ' use MXL ggfgina :Haig mae ee SA-SQ 5, ,5 " H glggsnm ,E E E - EH . 2-55952 , r. AEE E ALE E25 gin J:-B B ..1,. i -X W .2 -': K ...... ,E ,.,., E V : is is Xi: eng X F RYA MEN, V. ,,., I M all , ga P3315 E M i E gg., if M H E W? ' W M E H H: . E12 . . E i IE - 52,552 ' 5 i. ....:::L: 2-':.::?': W' 3- ' -1 ive v H 1 fs E 2 ' J .1 W 'I M Qi '1 - . E gg J , - 2' MM HE 1, 1' - 3' ::: 3. 1" rs. ,gf ' a . Q 5 . H 7 H Q E - . K 5' ' gf: gif., Y ,W M W . ' -M A E 'EM Q32 11. M, ' f M .Mi E . Q A X an A A s W A if S M W 3 A M 3 -::,.. i K A Z E K EK -9::! i 5 X, ., V., . Mrs. Norma Young, Housemofher of Caraway Hall, here is checking fhe sign oul' sheef, wonder J cw. 71 'W 51 :Q P5235 B E lgiqgg mm 15553 e Sexes vi Gf-2 E J A Em. E--r Am XE am UM? EWKQ ,. '3- ZONDRA HARRISON .......... Waldron H MARY ELLEN I-IICKS ............ Ozark LINDA HULL ............. Eureka Springs ,is DONNA HLITTON .......... Tuclcerman M MARILYN JAYNES .............-.. Casa BARBARA JONES .......... I-In springs JANE KAYLOR .................. Lavaca JOYCE KINSEY ...........-.. Mount Ida fgminz z -5125 EE as is f-I-13. ELAINE LOLLIS ............. ......-.. V an Buren JO LOVE ............. ................ - -- Vilonia REXA LEE LUSK ............. ......... B ooneville MARTHA MADDEN .............. ..... B elleville RUTH ANN MAGAR ................. Harrieville sr-IERRON MARSHALL ..............--- Marshall LINDA MAYHAN .................... Lirrle Rock DORIS MEDLOCK .........--------------- Ozark CLARA MAE MILLER ............. - .----- Alpena LINDA MILLER ............--...-.---- Little Rock DAPHINE McCONNELL .............. Greenwood HELEN MCDANIEL .............-....... Harrison BETTY SUE OSTENDORF .................. Paris EVA OWENS .........................----- Dover LINDA OWENS ......................... Waldron BETTY PARTAIN .......................... Story Iwnmms X I.. 2 'i'5ra' Q-I I 2' A-.1 I It I II In E3 :-I2 -II SSH III II --Im nw . --mag M be X I 'S is n ,I I 1: gi, R- M ,I- HZ E E Zn H I EI 5 A I B Si 5 LE . 2 I I " ' ," IIg- " M V M 'bl I A II E if H nan X ,fl H I , lf ,.. if .M r a Hr 27??fmII?II f'MH1?IIlffIiW E E :I 5 E Z: I K W :.. ,, I E ggi. 1 Z E B T . - -, ,I I IV SS "T ' ,' ' :-FSI. ,- . rv .- gn I I II E E - I I H " "S I 2 .. - - an I E . I I -I .. , I.,-,II . W as . I1 2 IX I z-I E I W 2 2 -, ug - I Wi. , Mi I .5.If-. I , 5 .I,5f,... , I I-.. 3.1 ' WL Q HH ' 1 .,. " . . W If H b I . li : I I . ' ' A - . f . .Mig -A I 5 - W I- f Sy? is - ni ' W M E I - .QZL I " M Ig wen ' I H H , - . ME: - WI 59.5 H. EEEI.: ' T ll fl E Q E :" 555. ' im 3 L II 2 ,f gig - "4 'iw ' fif if -- N I- QII' -M sw Ai I 5 I A I . l ' I W M . , . - I I . 3 25,6 Im' - A T T w Q Ir? Q I3 EEE . H I rg I - ' 5 I I I I I .. - ,. . , W E Ii I , , . E I I .1 I5 I I ' -' , I W I 'A I 2 . "ll 4:22.-, I Il I ' I 555 I I : " ' ' " H I I ,I I I ag: .......7 2 I .- .:.:., . I I I I I , . :.: nnnlnnn . 52 - I . ' N 5 E H fd as H H 5 . " ' I - ---- n - .2 gg I RI I "' I I H RE .5 A K . . . 2 - III-I ' ll? Q ,fu ' I L 'K ,. EQI . IEE . as - I 'M BEIQIII-I3 QIIIM E?IllI III In I 'i..I III E552 IWW III 23 WE Ing W, HIL Iwgm Hrmrg SES: B if I WH we YIQII- - T - I, I H I I . A -.: 5 1.5 i .vE:.:.: .. ...i I ..,. , F '- IL 'I L 2 MI as - I 1 I . . II . . m...I I .,. QW " .: : 3'l Ef -f W 5 5 W 31 E 5 .QQEIQQ 2 5 I -:xg M- ISIII " II II II 3 1. In assay xxwfx xr-I-mfr 2 II -Ins I I I II ..,:..u W I I L-,W f'L'EIIuL-2- I. .-. II- S 3 III K , T I HI II In II I 2 I Y? Q Eff' WE' . .IIE-I gf I I ,Ia -I I Z ,Af QIII A I F 'f ,Q ESI Ig: Y ge 2, .Il L' WI IH sk In In IEE III II I Q. -2 I I .w 5.a.w.w.S.w ...dxf T I rb'w ggSr-farm-Q Ixos I N1 ' I W ggH,g.fIffI:a Fig ,-1: I-:IQ ng - , - - IIIIQQII .. . I I WWI. I - -: I 523223 I I ' Li 3 E Q 2,,wr,,.-2 I 3 Iii" 22 , I 3 7 I ' v .. I A f-2vI":E '- A' 5. :. ' -' I I ,- R' ,: W K . fvwss, A - I.,,. I I. -I- A A E Q I :P Q4 5, I if ' ...l-If Eg .f , , - , gm..-.. WII-2 I 58 5- Ii - Mu : E -I I M m, ..,.,.,., I .32 ' ' + f ' I I I , I wrt I . r 1 X Im: 'BSL E. M? .: I ggzs . .U I 2 III III I -IWIQIH 22-1- E F32 II w In DANA PARTEE - ............... Marcella CLARICE PATE ---,--,,,, ...... B ooneville SALLIE PATTON ........ .....- H arrison DONNA PRIEBE ...... - .......... - Dover MARGARET PRUNTY ........ . .... Dover CAROLYN SUE REEVES ---- Jasper CONNIE REESE .............. Fort Smith CARLENE SCHMOLL ............ Atkins BETTY SCHUDDER .............. Paris GRETA ANN SI-IERRILL - Wddron PATTY SIEMS ......-----.------ DeWitt EUGENIA SMITH .........------ - Clark REGENIA SMITH ................ Ozark SUE SMITHERMAN .......... Hot springs LADONNA SOHL ............. Springdale I . , M W td PK Q 5 .II2 I'-I5 I I I 101 EVELYN SUE STARLING ...... Magazine ., .gmg Wu -mis l. Is' II I Ima mmm-,lv mm II2 m I S5 III I ng WSE H M II .W II I II BE EI is ME SSE II gag In an all-oui' effori' 'I'o keep sfudenfs on campus over ihe week-ends, fhe Sfudenf Council siarfed Hs celvacade of Saiurclay nigl1'I' frolics. ,Q 5 H Hg E5 ss ss n ss Q si Eli W, x as n z z mn iHi,gIwFu Rim x mm 3 mEfe swam W my ss Fun, Frolics, Sore Mus mlgs N 5 mm Q mms!-Ls E 255.5 'kim mama, , Q! ,M mm sm mga BM W., -UWM 1,55 ummm ms an mamma wa-X ., , waging NNE may ms : K Q -sg: - H is Egg if 2 ., , w X Q S MwgfQ ' w5 Haw Q if S M ' - - V Ir'-, Q Q 'X ffm? Q , , Q -ul gy: -umm s ss a W g ' " W W H W .. 1' V W z H. H . , . H Z K 1 if ,Z New K Y? L H me 4- x X Zi H C K H H M E S . Qi, 3 f .. H cles CAROLINE STRINGFELLOW .... Lonoke BONNIE JEAN TALLEY .................. Benton JUDITH THOMPSON .........-..... Center Ridge FRANCES TRAYLOR ..........-..-- --.-- S tar City' DARLENE VAUGHN ............. ..-...-. B enum SI-IELIA VILLINES .................. Andrews, Tex. VIRGINIA WALKER .................. F011 Smith NANCY WATKINS ............-....... Fort Smith CARMEN WEBB . .................... Dardanelle LAVONNE WHEELER .....----.------------ Deer JUDY WI-IITLOW ..............-..... Tuckerman CAROL WIELAND .................... Solgohachia FLOY JEAN WILSON ...........-...... Pea Ridge Massie Hall Massie Hall, the newest Tech women's dormitory is home for 100 Tech girls. Its air-conditioning, informal lounges, and kitchen facilities help to make. the ladies' stay more comfortable. The formal lounge affords suitable en- closure for the weekly dorm dance while the patio ancl its encompassing peek-a-boo fence offer suitable surroundings for the girls and their nightly guests. Hmmm mmmmmmnr-azmmsmmmm J "1 T1 L1 Flflrflffif 1-'1f,L.1t.1r.3i., L.. 1 EE 3.I3.'1fIDElT - 1 - 4 f i a--::Q: i-:-----:-- A-.'- ,-' . 3 - E Siig ifs dh ii iis ss mg V L 4 4 . J - , 1 , .7 3,-,-111121: - Officers President --- ...........,. Par Smeg Secretary --- ....... Juanita Wesner Treasurer --- ....... Diane VVilson Some of ihe sfudenfs in Tecl1's newesl' girl's dormifory fall: over plans for iheir weekly dance. 1 an l x' Y As 1 J s f 1 il Mrs. Evelyn Odom, Housemofher of Massie Hall, listens ai-lenfively 'lo one of her girls in a mofher-daughfer fallr. Massie Filled To Capacit ANN AKIN .......... --- Arlcadelphia TEDDIE ALDERMAN --- .... Rogers MARY ELLEN ALMAND ----- Russellville JAN E AN IBLE ................ Van Buren LYNNE AUSTIN --- .......... Wddron BETTY BALKMAN ...... PATRICIA BARNES --- EDRA BASSE --- SUE BATTLES .... MARTHA BOYD ..... North Little Rock ---- Hartford -- Rogers ---- Van Buren ---- McGahee JUDY BREITENBERG ....... Hot springs Lou ANN BURGESS --- JANE BUTLER ...,. ---- Clinton ---- Paris GLYN DA CARROLL .............. Cabot JUANITA CRAFI' ...... PAT DAY .... North Little Rock -- Hazen 54 5 QR- .--, . ,-iw viz, .1 ..:.,g,.,.: , .. . A -1- o,,, , A if 'Sf Q is K We if we an W ggi l 'Y y Qi Alf' ,Aff 4.1 3: f 3 , ,M ,S T A Il is " A 'A A ' 4 J iff.. ., - 'I' ' . . . 751 ,- 469 " ' - f .5..,, fg 9' ' , xNfNTQ ::f1, ' ' V Ye ' - , ..... - ' ' ATN' :IE.:.,-:-,.:.g+?gl32' "" 5 ?":':': My .,,. , hw, we 1 I N. 552 WE? A L ,, - . A, I V ., WW DONNA DELOZIER - SUZY DEMPSTER .... ROSELYN DENMAN LINDA EDWARDS - PAT ELLISON ...... BRENDA FARRELL VIRGINIA FINE -- SANDRA FOOKS -- CAROL FRANKLIN ...... MARY ANN GARDNER JAN ETTA GILBREATI-I --- CAROL JEAN GRADDY JANE GRAY ..... SHIRLEY HALEY --- VICKY HATFIELD --- GEORGIA HAYS -- ew ----- Van Buren --- North Little Rock ---- Fort Smith --- Russellville --- Perryville -- Cincinnati --- Russellville --- Paris ---- Dover -- Rison --- Benton K .,... Van Buren Bee Branch ifififi ...- Benton Fort Smith --- Smackover w 51 as u 5 'QW H I 3 W Q ,I 1-' 25 in fl E M- ,E ,ve fam x : - ii K a I I I ,, , I ,W 12 . lv Q K-AL aff I 2 5' 59 I iz ea at yea ' T all A . ly , E2 z?z5nKl .Urine 1- X W ' ,SQQYM I WHS? f in ' .Eta S E' iz: WMI ru J 'GN Q S wats, V5 Z age? X K XB, , ew-W . HARRIETT HERLACHER ...... ' North Little Rock GINGER I-IIXSON --- ............. Paris JOAN HOLLAND --- --- Cabot SARA HOPKINS --- --- Ozark ' L .w K W ' f , E gl EZWWWEMY "IEW S mf ii? W 35? I giifiim' I ist:,i:55,. - ., E egg HW . H H M H -1 , , H . Q 5 I W ,iz S 5 W kgwsga aa.. :Q 5.5 I if "1 W 2 H ai g gi I E ' ' - 2' I - I Sieaai 1 T an W I Q . V I 2 2 ' T 1 , a .t i s . ,X : " fini? g 5 , ' M W in g Q Fi a .. -5 - 'M W - ' a E, L - M Q 23 E 3 .wi F Q 5 it at H ,H - K .N M H H , '- . - A . 1 if , 5 Q H . . ' -Em ' -' W 1 I ' 1 ' " 3 3 ' ' le WE' H 5 . f fig , I 5 ' - ff w fx 3: 5 ggi X - Q I-2 ' ' 3 2: : L SW '. P -5 . . 3, I E " .W -L . 5 T4 ' ..:.:.:. i 5 EQ may W- , QQ- M Xi. f I , z -:-ig: 1' fi fi " 'fl' f z ' E? E is Q f I T ' - 555 ll 1' E 1 Si! ' a if ,. H s: lf- 1 5 S I E lg X. -:. F :aaa Y :Z '+- gig'-523 3,1 U L if B E S: ' IQ if ' , Eg: , ffl ' 55, ,. .... Wu" gi II is vi a v 4:1-. if 3 X , Lf mi Eiga' .Q . : I - :..:. .:. ,. fl , . .-.,:.mi:......:: ,., 1 M - we r I , 'W 2 - - . In I :m:f:i':::-- e.: mi 555' eb if by 1 QW I is E H E E f' Q .fx 2 B H H ,, E Halma!! - A ww me E JUDY HUGHES ...... MARY BETH HUGHES -.. ......... Searcy Fairborn, Ohio KAREN HUNDLEY --- .... Dardanelle JOYCE HUNT --- --- Havana MARY JO ISELY .... --- Morrilron JOY JONES .... .... W aldron BETTYE KING ....... .... F ort Smith CAROLYN LATIMER --- .... Searcy DELORES LISTER ...... North Little Roclc MARLA MARTIN --- ...... Danville MARLENE MILES --- --- Eureka springs JACKIE MILLER --- --- Benton ? av , YK. 1. A 'lx .a y ,-652 f s 4 fig ATV s freaky A yur' "ls:-:ff . . K N 1 i xx :-:E' ' fr t 1 s mn 3 K H x swf ,v v li -msn., 'L fi ' ,V ii Z :"' fx ,N me - -:c 455, 5 Y . .' , 'f . ." V L ia a Ease Q 3 M I si as was 'Ii 3:11 e te e f U .- 'ir-:. . f' " 4, ' i .. I J E 1 I D f AA , S I A A .T . I . ' -if M if. ,S , U -x egbikh 2,3 .L lg 1 5 gg .. ,QW 44...-5,51 . X 1, -. i. .ii ,I 1 fe f 13, ,V . .ae , 1 . 4 . my lr , H- is " ,V f fx ' ,gig ' W y - " V N 1 " : ,E .N W T1 sr f , .EEL W V ... . .I .IE EE - 1 I L . .vw 4 ,R My 3 ,L 7 355, .Ewa , ., ., C 1-if :.. ,. J.: - r w 5' ef DJ. 131: s . Q A . fn: -r ' A xg. M .i " f W 5 v .. ..... : ' Il.. gm KY - I ,nw ,A I 7 . .igjzamrisggfggi eggygggge v Q is ', , ?F"".Q 4. ' a B E if ' 8 a fs is W. A 55- I im , ,A ..., . . .5 , I . 'af 25 i - 'E' " "ii, ink k rr ' 'JR 1 ' ' 6 ' T ' W -sr" ,lf 45 , .::ea::, 7 -ff: :sv -5:g,3-f-1-'- 2. I 5 t l 5 .ix ,, .. wit 2 gas im . - .: ,. H ':: . e. .Q iw, N - f ,, -:sam ' H " L .T I y lru I L E, t w . , ' LJ W r ,,. ,, 106 4,I'E, 5 - 2. . . K BEVERLY RLCKMAN LYNDA ROBERTS -- ANNA SAUNDERS .... MARGIE SHAW --- POLLY SHERMAN .... DORIS JEAN SIKES BETTYE SLOAN ..... PAT SMEE .... TONI SMITH --- NAN STINNETT --- ELSA STUCKEY --- JUDY SYLVESTER ' ,ff ----- ---- Fort Smith -- Magazine --- Fort Smith --- Mccrory --- Prescott ---- Scranton ---.. Scranton --- Booneville ---- Springfield --- Silvan Hills -- Fayetteville ---- Benton NANCY TOMLINSON -- .... Harrison NANCY TULLER ....... ----- Little Roclc BRENDA VARDAMAN .......... Ozark BONITA WARD --.. -.... Prairie Grove :Q 'Liz s D ii' Yu: 'iq in f NK - , . .i i l? i A ,X POLLY ANN MOONEY -- VALERIE MONDAY --- LYNDA MURPHY --- --- JEANNINE MYERS --- CAROL NEMZICK .... HARRIET OLIVER .... SUSAN OUTLER ..... ROSE MARY OWENS .,.. .... KAREN PALUTIS .... KAY PARISH .... BETH POLK .... LYNN PORTER --- LINDA PRITCHARD --- CAROLYN RAULSTON .... JUDY REEVES ....... TOMMIE REID --- . f I .Ig X. . E Z ' ' x I ,.,. . ,,, - V , Y.: rs.. Q ---- Benton -------- Harrison North Little Rock ------ Fort Smith --- Chicago, Ill. ---- Greenwood ---- Hot Springs North Little Rock --- Scranton, Pa. -..- Damascus ---- Harrison ---- Harrison ---- Mulberry ---- Harrison ---L Benton --- Nlorrilton JRR 'W . if' Q ,g f . ., ,,"' , ,.,. ii. I E .ii W. - f -2. - 'f""'z1vfQezf .- V .W X ,L in L -X kg, .rv wfgazQ,,,5i ' Q5 A N 5 W Q r : ir., 2554 ,wi fi? ' MSN Juanifa Wesner and Lules Collard seem fo be debahng 'the Issue a+ hand Massie Holds Weeld Dance CATHERINE WARD --- DARLENE WAGNER --- MARY ANN WHITE --- TOMMIE SUE WILBANKS ANNE WILLIAMS --- DIANE WILSON --- MARIOLA WOOD --- Pine Bluff --.. Ozark --- Rogers Van Buren Russellville Mulberry Pangburn gf J lt i 15!5l5'i? " X ff egg agp? L EU r' X i fx '? Brown Hall On Dad's Day of this year, E. O. Brown Dormitory was dedi- cated at an open house ceremony. Being the newest dormitory, it houses on the first two floors our impressionable freshmen male stu- dents while the third floor is reserved for our still impressionable up- perclassmen. The new dorm has television facilities, laundry rooms, a large canteen area, and air-conditioning. It had a lovely grass lawn until the clorm's occupants became active in intramural football. Needless to say, the muddy marks of the dormls victory are also on its floors. Three drummers from Tech's outstanding band fake a brealr and share a iolte. H W M- E X5 ff W get f."'?'fiW' C, .I f SPSNZEPQ--EEK mei W mamma 5 . -gays? 2 3 sf? ,- gs HUBERT WILSON ALEXANDER ...... Little Rock JULIUS ANTHONY EUGENE ARMSTRONG --- BOB BEAVER .... HERBERT BLOUNT --- PAT BORDELON .... GEORGE BROOKS -- LARRY BROWNING MORGAN BRYANT RALPH C. BURNS --- TOMMY BUTTER .... DAVID CALDWELL TOMMY CAMERON BOB CARPER .... DAVID CARTER --- LEROY CHOATE --- ---- Bearclen --- Fort Smith --- Fort Smith ---- Little Rock ---- Searcy --- DeQueen -- Hope --- Fort Smith ---- Searcy --- Little Rock ---- Fort Smith --- Fort Smith Salisbury, Md. ---- Darclanelle --- Dardanelle wwfeg JAMES COKER --- North Little Rock CHARLES COLE .... ....... F ort Smith LAYN E COLLUMS ---- Bee Branch JAMES R. COOK --.. .... Green Forrest STEVE COUTCHIE KENNETH COX --- BOBBY CROW --- JERRY DAVIS .... --- Bentonville --- Hot Springs' --- Dardanelle --- Waldron GARLAND DERDEN Jr. --, --- Stuttgart EUGENE DUDERSTADT ........ Gillett DAVID DUKE .... .... N orth Little Rock JOHN I. EASLEY --- ....... Van Buren LARRY EIKLEBERRY ......... Datclanelle FREDDIE F ARROW .... Frankford, Germany BILL FLETCHER ...... --- Byrant JOHNNY FLETCHER .... --- Bryant im 54-,., -bij Mrs. Josephine Bixler is going through her 'first year as housemofher ai Brown Hall. I+ seems thai' room check is a rifual performed in all the dorms, much fo everyone's annoyance. Plush New lVIen's Dorm pens THOMAS Q. FRENCH --- --- Bee Branch RODNEY G. GARNER .... Fourche Valley MIKE GEREN .......... ..... F ott Smith MURLE GU-.BREATH ...... Siloam Springs JAMES BYRON GILLESPIE Jr. -- Marianna LARRY GOFF ................ Little Rock DALE GOSSIEN ......,. North Little Rock HAROLD K. GRIMMETT .... Little Rock I-IOMER GROSS .... MIKE GRAVES .... JAY HAAS .,,.....,. RUSSELL HALLIDAY --- JAMES 1-IELTON .... ED HENDERSON ...S........ JOHNNY H. HENDERSON --- Little Rock --- Stuttgart ---- El Dorado --- Van Buren ----- Hector Tulsa, Olala. Magnet Cove GLEN HENDREN ----------...- El Dorado G9- .rw-dr' 148' WOODY HENRY --- --- Luxora RAY HENTHORNE H.... ......,... B enton RAYMOND HICKERSON North Little Rock JAMES HIXSON -- - - ............ Paris RONNIE HOLLEMAN --- --- Searcy JOHN HOOK ......... .... C larksville CHARLES E. HORTON --- --- Mayflower TOMMY HUTTO --- .... Damascus KEITH JAMES -- --- Searcy TERRY JAMES ---- ..-- Benton BILL JELKS .......... .... J oneshoro CPIARLES JOHNSON ..r. --- Siloam Springs RONNIE KNIGHT --- --- Dumas JAMES LAWSON --- --- McCrory DON LEE M.... --- Waldron JOE MARCUM --- ---- -- Berryville '10 1 X 'XF H Ri 'N i. 'M Q JOEL MARKS --- JAMES MARTIN .... JERRY McGUIRE --- CHRIS MEYER .... ---- Lonolce --------- Atkins Mountain Home --- Russellville TED MILHOLLAND ...... Oscoda, Mich. GENE MISER ........ MIKE MONTGOMERY ---- Pleasant Plains ------- Benton RICHARD MORRIS --- .... Hot Springs JAMES R. MYERS .... MILTON NEAL --- ---- Van Buren ..-- Mountain Pine EDDIE NEUMEIER --- .... Fort Smith NICKY NEUMEIER --- .... Fort Smith BILL NICHOLS .... .... N orth, Little Rock JIMMY NIVEN ..... ...... R ussellville MARTIN NORTHUP --- --- Fort Smith KENNETH D. O'NEAL .... -- Ozark JAMES ORGAN --- JIM PATTERSON ..,. JAMES M. PIPKINS --- JERRY RAYBURN --I ALVIN RICHARDSON -- Fort Smith ..-- Fort Smith ---- Alma --.. Benton ----- Alpena KEIL RIEGER .... .... - - Evanston, Ill. TONY RILEY ...... New Town Square, Pa. JERRY ROBERTSON --- JERRY ROGERS .... MIKE RUSSELL ........... ROBERICK RUTHVEN SID SEWELL --, DAVID C. SHARP --- --- Cicero, Ill. --- Bee Branch - Siloam Springs Mountain Home --- Fort Smith -------t- Little Rock EDMUND COOK SHEARER -- Fort Smith MICHAEL SHINN --- MIKE SI-IUPE --- GLENN SKIPPER .... LEON SNEED ........... DWIGHT SUTTERFIELD .... --- GENE SWEAT ...,...... ROBERT TOBIN --- GLEN TRUITT .......... RONALD LEE TWYFORD DARRELL WALKER --- GARY WALLIS --- RONALD WARK --, FREDDY WILLIAMS -- ROBERT WILKS .... ----. Magnet Cove ---- Stuttgart --- Pine Bluff --- Little Rock Mountain View ----- Newport ---- Camden ---- Decatur -..----- Searcy Siloam Springs ---.. Rogers --- Alpena --- Clinton --- Havana Critz Hall An individualist in its yellow color and its "T for Tech" design, Critz I-lall suffers great popularity. The indirect lighting and variable ventilation encourages the boys to go to bed early and to get up early. The dormitory has a large television lounge, a lovely wallc to the campus and its own course in pulling successful pranks. 3 M2 s E I Te."J' JMf"'l- I-' 1 'fir 5 1."'Qr-4 1' , ' I 5 , a 'Z J, if ,, ,,- ,fel -WL H I 1 ' F- - A n- L ' Q Y, . .4 t ,. , -1 -,.. 1 ' -4' 1-'s ' 1 ILA: . - ', ... . " ,--- 5 - mf T - r ' C' - "1 " 41 B 'T - Q'-Liz' 'T g' .- Tl -?4- 5 -i'.15- , - --" . :' AQ ci rf' -J 1 f V w-,. Officers President ............. Reed Campbell Vice-President ....... Terry Gravenmier Secretary-Treasurer - .... John Patton 'ii Mrs. F. T. Neary, Cri+z housemofher, fakes fime oui' from her duties 'lo write a IeHer. 'gl-."1, aware' N my , , Y V X , --... R rt-Vmlziw 1:-us: E5 ' fin V ,, 1 iw :FLEX DAVID KNOERNSCHILD DAVID LAFONTAINL--- ROBERT C. LANE .... RUSSELL MANN --- LARRY MARTIN .... JAMES N. MASON ........ MIKE METCALF ........ VVILLIAM M. McENTIRE TRAVIS NELSON --- JOHN E. PATTON .... STAN PHILLIPPY --- JULIAN POST --- JOE RIDDLE ......... AUGUST RUBRECHT --- JIMMY SMITHSON --- ---- L-.. Lamar --- Fort Smith ---- Springdale -L,L-Crossett ---- Batesville Siloam Springs --.. Batesville ----- Marshall --- Benton --- Booneville --- Fayetteville --- Hot Springs --- Fort Smith --- Rogers --- Marshall JOE D. STUBBLEFIELD ...... Fort Smith DOUG ADAMS --- TONY BAUER .... JESSE C. BOUNDS -- WILSON BRILEY .... JAMES REX CANTRELL Fort Smith ---- Scranton' Fort Smith Fort Smith --- --- Stuttgart ANCEL R. CARLON --- I-Iattieville JERRY CARRINGTON ..... ,, sm city DOYLE DENNIS ...... M Flippin TOMMY EsTEs --- Van Buren DENNIS GANT ..... Fort smith RANDY GAUWAIN --- ..,. Garfield TERRY GRAVENMIER - Little Rock BRADPORD GRANT, JR. -- .... Malvern MANUEL HoLcoMB .... L... B iscoe WILLIAM I-IYLTON .,-. ---- Morrilton BEUFORD KEENE ..... -,-- Benton 'Xxx- Crilz officers SH' in flneir lounge and hash oui' 'lhe wowrld's problems: if flwey could only be proven Bffedlvb ritz Becomes Known For Its Deeds CARLTON TUCKER --- JAMES TURNER --- ANDY WHITFIELD .... BILLY WILFONG --- JAMES THOMAS WILLCUT DELVIN R. WILLIAMS --- JIMMY YOUNG --, - Delaware -- Havana Calico Rock For: Smith --- Atkins ---- Havana -- Morrilton i,.1'::"- :E . ..f , . 1 W I 'Q X ul Lu U :- -Q, au!- f'L':C'.l E 5 -gas: 4 L, ,!4-'Q " 4" Q-le 9 V digg. Officers President ............ Glenn Earlywine Vice-President ........ Barry Pitaniello Treasurer -- John Rath and John Pledge: Reporter ................. Arlin jones DuLaney Hall's 'Favorife among all 'lhe Tech housemofhers is Mrs. Lillie Clemen+s, who is reviewing some of fhe material she lreeps posted on the lounge laulleiin board. DuLa1'1ey Hall Housing 102 -male students, Dulsaney Hall partici- pates vigorously in ROTC maneuvers every Thursday afternoon. The dorm's television facilities and air-con- ditioning are well taken advantage of by the bays. Du- Laney placed in the I-Iornecoming Parade with their float representing a fountain UQ, a feathered hat f?j, a purple plant VIRGIL ADCOX .... ALVA APPLING --- RONALD ARGO --- GEORGE BARBER --- --- Hot Springs --- Pine Bluff -- DeValls Bluff --- McCrory CHESTER BARNER, JR. -- ...... Marmacluke JoE BARTEE -U - LOYDE BEAM ...... JIMMY BOHANNAN --- DALE BRATTON ,-- ROY BRITT ,-- JIMMY BROWN N, HOGAN BLEDSOE .... LEON BREWER M- RONALD BRYANT --- PI-IILLIP BULLOCK --- - North Little Rock --- Hot Springs -- Osceola --- Benton -----..--..- Gurdon North Little Rock ---- Lake Village ------ Mena ---- Murfreesboro -- Eureka Springs ROBERT F. BUNCH --- .... Wm Memphis JON M. BUNTENBAH -- Honolulu, Hawaii FRED BURNETT --- WILLIAM V. BUSH --- JAMES CARTER -- RAY CARTER .......... North TOMMIE CHAPMAN - CARL M. CLEAVENGER JOHN CoATEs .... Dardanelle Little Rock --- Paris Little Rock Russellville Fort Smith --- Casa LILES COLLARD --- BENNY COOPER .... BILL DAVIS .... DAVID DUFFY --- JERRY DUVALL .... JIM EDSON .... PAUL FISER ...... WII.LIAM F. FORT --- Little Rock Melbourne --- Stuttgart Pine Bluff --- Benton Fort Smith --- Morrilton Fort Smith CURTIS LLOYD ........ LESLIE LOVETT .... ROSS MARTIN --- DOUG McKINNEY -- JIMMY OJNEAL --- North Licrle Rock ----- Forr Smith ---- Dumas ---- Mulberry ---- Branch JOHN PARRISH .... .. ......... Mulberry JOHN PHILLIPS .... BARRY PITANIELLO --- ---- ---- F orr Smith Fort Smith JOHN PLEDGER ................ Danville THOMAS RAYMOND PORTER - Harrison WARREN RODGERS --- GARY RICHARDSON -, Wayne, N eb. ..- .... Pine Bluff WILLIAM ROBERTSON DAVID ROBINSON --- GLEN DUKE ROBNETT -LL --- Harrison - --, Greenwood -------- Srurcgarr JAMES SIKES .......... North Little Rock GEORGE FOUGEROUSSE LARRY GAYLOR L... PAUL GODWIN ..,. DONIS HAMILTON --- J. F. HARRISON .... LARRY HAWKINS --- THOMAS HENRY .... HOWARD HICKS .... RAY HIGI-ITOWER .... HAROLD HILL ..,. JAMES HOLDER .... JAMES HOPKINS --- JOHN T. 1-IURLEY --- JERRY JACKSON .... LARRY LAFEVERS --- P1-IILLIP LEDBETTER -- --- .... Morrilton --- Harrison --- Hot Springs ---- Lirrle Rock --- Rogers ---- Morrilton ----- Malvern Westem Grove --- Gillert --- Perryville ----- Marshall Heber Springs ------ Alpena ,--- Tulsa, okla. ---- Russellville L .... Fort Smith These Ivy League genflemen oiherwxse referred fo as DuLaney officers llsien as fhelr leader speaks Dulaney Boosts ROTC orale ---- Branch -- Pine Bluff West Memphis -- Texarkana - Green Forest FREDDY WARD Mountain View JAMES B WOOD --- Little Rock -51.-1 1-Qin i ' Q s - ' ' ,- x si?T5'e7v , ' -, I . ,. T p , I ' A' : ww ill, I: - , - - ' ' : ' -' Af i it - it 1 -- 2, Q qt. . E A-P' I : ,. - , I f 2 ll K C' - - 1 I Z- ' Wg? jlliizf ' f.,-fa ML-L 1 PC' -' l E-I?-L-3 V lxjrgztiff ' . f- I --- api- H t , J +1 Hg es a With ROTC pyrotechnics on first floor and the explosive power of the Wonder Boy athletic participants on second floor, Hughes Hall deserves compassionate con- sideration as a. Tech dormitory. Often referred to as the "Rock Dorm", Hughes houses most of Tech's varsity athletes on second floor with the ROTC supply room and rifle range encompass the first floor. FREDDY ALBRIGHT --- DONALD BEBEE ........ -- LYSLE "BUTCH" CASEY .... C. L. CLAYBORN ....... BILLY CURTIS .... LARRY D. DANE .... LARRY DOPSON .... DANNY GILBERT .... FRANKLIN GRAHAM -- CHARLES HART ..... CHARLES HOLT .... TOMMY HOLT .... DUDLEY JOHNSON .... CHESTER KEY --- --- Dallas, Tex. - Minsfield, La. ---- Lircle Rock ---- Harrison --- Marianna --- Russellville --- Smaclcover --- Booneville -- Springdale ---- Morrilron --- Springdale --- Ozark ---- Benton --- Marianna RONNIE KILGORE .... .... F err Smith EDWARD LENGGENHAGER - Sweet Home TOMMY MADDOX ............ Little ROCk LYNN MITCHELL ..... --- Minsfield, La. BOB MCELROY .... .... L ittle Rock TOM NOVAK --- .... Russellville WILLIAM PEW --- --- Atkins BARNEY PHILLIPS .... ..... P aris PHIL PHILLIPS --- --- Springdale JIM RUSH --- --- Hamburg JIM SIMPSON ...... .... Cl arksville ROBERT STRATTON ..--- ---- Van Buren SONNY ZACHARY --- .... Springdale Prlhlllllg hl 7 1 -3 is - -4 .,,, l j P ig 4 is g g ' '- ' rig-L ' ,L 4:- Fqisfzffgea' '-- ' ' Officers President ........,. --- Don Jackson Vice-President .... .... J im Workman Secretary ,... --- Robert Baker Treasurer .... Leroy Marcum Mrs. Norman Young, Tucker Hall Housemoiher, caiches up on some magazine reading in her apartment Tucker Hall In suite design, Tucker Hall, named for Mr. John Tucker, stands out as one of the most popular upperclass housing units on the campus. Its arrangement in suites for eight men offers opportunity for communal study and rec- reation. Often we see the spirit of its occupants in the form of lively posters telling the Bears where to go. As the dorm houses 106 students without television facilities, one might expect a high grade point. LANNY ASHLOCK --- .... Fourche Valley LEWIS BAKER .... DONALD BEARD --- DAVID BELL --- CALVIN WAYNE BILLINGSLEY LELAND BULL ................., MANFORD BURRIS --- JOI-INY BUSBEE --- ALVIN CHINN .... QUINTON COOPER .... GLEN CURTIS .... JAMES CURTIS .... BARRIE DAVIS --- JIM DOBBS ...... --- DANIEL DUVALL .... BOB DUVALL ..,. -------- Dumas ---- Fayetteville ...... Risen --- --- Danville --- Belleville ---- For: Smith --- Marshall --- Siloam Springs --- Harrison --- West Fork --- Ozark ---------- Benton North Little Rock --- Fayetteville --- Dayton, Ohio 38 ROBERT ETIEN --- .... Benton LARRY EVANS --- --- Morrilton FRANK FULMER .... --- Fordyce BILL GARNER --- --- Booneville TOMMY GRAY --- .... Waldron JOE GREEN ........... .... E norton SHELVON GREGORY -- Jnooon LESLIE HAVENS --- --- Cedarville JERRY I-IOCOTT .... Mansfield JOHN M. HOLLAND --- --- Benton DAVID 1-IOPSON --- --- DoQooon CHARLES HOWARD .... .... Fort Smith RICHEY LEE HUNTER ...... Lead Hill DON JACKSON ....... --- Mori-ilron DONALD JOHNSTON .... .... Oz ark JOHN JUDKINS -..- .... Dardanelle DONALD PRIDGIN --- JIM RESIMONT .... WAYNE REYNOLDS .... FREEMAN RILEY --- STEPHEN SMITH ...... WILLIAM STEWART MIKE STUART ..... DON TARVER ........ EDWARD A. TUCKER f --- Scranton ---- Russellville ---- Bauxite --- Hot Springs Clarksville, Tenn. --- Ozark --- Bradford --- Little Rock ----- --- Hamburg MICHAEL UN DERWOOD .... Morrilron JAMES WALSH ........ North Little Rock ROY WEATHERFORD --- --- Newport JIMMY YOUNG .... ---- Booneville THOMAS LEE KARNES BILLY KIEHL .... TOM KIMMONS ---- CLELL LEWIS --- BILL LONGLEY ------- JOHNNY McDONALD BOBBY NEWLON --- DAVID NEWMAN ----- ---- -------- Vannclale North Little Rock ---- Fort Smith ---- Clinton ---- Magazine --- Dardanelle ---- Fon Smith ---- Alma JACK NEWSOM ---- THOMAS NICHOLS ---- SEXTON ORMS -.-- MACK OSBORN --.- CHARLES PETERFISH GEORGE PETERS --- --- Magazine --- Mabalvala --- Fayetteville --- Paris ---- Rogers ---- Piggorr L 1,5 B'1le e,e B 3 N3 ' fb E' C' 1 , 27 ' si i ff'-i , T 1 if V1 M! ' ' 9' UAB 'QQ' -"' .. e - i E r ll - A, 1. l I f il 'QE E' A1 fl' n ai A f,:": 1' 1, l i ' f Q5 1 H - 5. Q: 'E -.74 ' Y... A S" 2 1 : -v ia'-..'5 A37 -. ' L- ' . 1 2 . - X -ff f--- ---X' Wilson Hall Home of most freshmen boys, Wilson Hall is the largest dormi- tory on campus. Those people standing in line at the cafeteria can look to the west and see this lovely building, and many times these same people can reach out and touch the rough, red, briclc surface of Wilson. The dorm is under the supervision of upperclassmen who serve as counselors. Also, Mr. Bynum, Dean of Men, has an office adjacent to the television lounge. Wilson houses 220 students and closes its doors at 9:00 P.M. - f- 47- 41:21 fffggxn, ,,-5?- Officers President ....,......... Ronnie Russell Vice'Presiclent --- .... johnny James Secretary .... A,.- T ony Meeks Reporter --- ..... Bob Martindale - Y - , is ,Elf si 5 ' si, it These four 'fun-loving young Wilson Hall officers pool lheir brainpower fo decide which young lady will be graced wiih whose presence tonight. lg,- ll' is a very familiar sighl' 'lo Wilson inhabilanfs +o see Mrs. Oma Slocum sewing: however, al' 'lhis momen-l' she is checking 'l'l1e signoul' sheefs. Largest Freshman Class Arrives ALFRED MICHAEL AHERN -- Magnolia FARAMARZ AJDARI VOLTA O. ANDERS GCRDON ASHEL .... CARL BARGER .... JACK BAYER .... --- Tehran, Iran ---- Camden ---- Gillett -------- Quirman Hicksville, N. Y. JAMES BELL --- .... Gillecr JIMMY BEST --- --- Rarcliff ALFRED EOGDEN .... .... c lifron, N. J. DANIEL BOSHEARS .... Pei-ryville CHARLES BOYD --- --- DeWitt LARRY BRACKEN .... ---- Fort Smith CHARLES REX BREED ........,. Paris BILL BURNETT .... .... C levelancl, Ohio JERRY CANANT --- ...... Perryville KENNY! CARLTON .... .... L mls Rock MICHAEL CASEY .... CHARLES CHASTAIN --- DON L. CLARK ..... GREGORY CLOUGH --- LARRY DWIGHT COCHRAN JAMES COLE .... JIMMY COLEMAN -- RONALD CORNELIUS -,- GEORGE WAYNE DAVIS --- KENNETH DAVIS ....... JOHNNY DEAN .... STEVEN DEVORE --- DONALD DIEMER --- JIMMY DUNN ............. MON TF ORD EDGINGTON .... CHARLES EZELL ......... ------ Cecil County Line ---- Fort Smith - --- Lowell --- Mansfield Tuclcerman --- Jessieville Thayer, Mo. -- Horatio --- Benton --- Alma -- Springdale --- Guion ---- DeQueen -- Gravette ---- Harrison 2 gh A H 5 w.'. .Jug : . ,.1 I 'ig I .f.'-'i - - . A-'E Q Sen iizz . Z - n if 42556 RANDY FILIPPELLI ,.... .... F or: Smith ROBERT FREYALDENHOVEN -- Morrilton GARRY GARNER .......... Fourslae Valley DANNY GASALBERTI WILLIAM M. GATTIN FRANK GEBBIA, JR, ...... RICHARD GILLISPIE - BILL GLADDEN --- JOHN GOODE ....... Rutherford, N .J . ------------ Benton Lynbroolc, N. Y. ------ Camden Westem Grove ----- -- Hatton THOMAS MICHAEL GRAY ..,. Fine Arts DWIGHT GREER ........... --- Benton MIKE GRESS ........ Falls Church, Virginia MICKEY GRIFFIN .... OWEN GUESS ..... --- Flippin --- Des Arc DEAN HAMILTON .... --- Perryville BOBBY HAMM .... --- Harrison gl W wi N.. 1 2 f t 7 N 53 X f LOUIS HAMMONDS LERRELL E. HARRY DON HAWKSLEY - LONNIE I-IEFT --- ALBERT HESTER -- BOB I-IIGHFILL -- HARRY HODGES .... JIMMY HOGAN .... TOM HOOVER ..... - .... Cove ----- Fort Smith Mountain Home -- - ,-- Paris --- Benron --- Lirrle Rock ---- Lamar --- Fon: Smitlx ------ ---- Eureka Springs THOMAS ROGER HORAN .... ........ M cGehee BOBBY HOWARD --- --- Homersville, Mo. RICHARD ISOM --- -- Ola PAUL JAY ..... --- Little Rock JOHNNY JAMES --- .... Springdale KENNTI-I JEWELL .... --- Dumas DONALD KEADY ..... .... L ittle Rock E .453 5 'ff :':" 2 ,- A ,i.. Q i,. W E EE .. Q ,4.. J EE: . - . iw 'i zz. E M Ez?" -1v' lf. 'V i ' ,135-45 Z ,, - Y 1- b b Y W AY M RICHARD KEY --- --- Augusta PHIL KING .... --- Fort Smith GARRY KIZER --- --- Star City DONALD KREBS --- --- Bentonville GARY KUYKENDALL .... Ozark 128 MIKE LAFOLLETTE -- ROBERT LEE .... JOHNNY LoTT --- JAMES R. LUKE .... PAUL LYNCH --- DON MARCRUM --- F. H. MARTIN --- JERRY MARTIN ..... -- --- Fort Smith ---- Alezander ---- Mena ----- Eudora ---- Hot Springs --- Perryville ---- Harrison --------- Fort Smith ROBERT A. MARTINDALE -- Hot Springs TI-IAD MASTERS .... .... B entonville BUCKY MAYS .... --- Wilson ' Z if Sl gf E , 'I 9 ln'fen+ly waiching -lhe iable, These freshmen plus one Dad hold iheir breaih and say "Ahh," as fhey admire a model of ihe Dardanelle Dam. Freshman Begin A College Year 'I' Ju.. lf mmrxg Q '58 1 - A Mk V ,tg5ifi,5g,',,i,, - I 53 53581-g ,E ,z I ' Q ' W I fi A A! M H ' in ' - W: S M - N --1 - Q:-E',, ' v : F ' E 5 ,ff X gen I H 5 - , , :. :: f if ff . P ,. A Q ---- be .. Q. , 4 A . Seo' I gr - H 5 5542 A ., f R f , i .gf I - R fi " f. . ' LARRY MAYTON .... TONY MEEKS ..,....., ABDOLREZA MOBARAK DON MOORE .... ROY MORRIS --- RANDY MOSS ..... WENDELL MYRICK .... --- Malvern --- Hot Springs --- ,-- Iran --- Sherrill --- For: Smith --- Harrison --- Chimes DURAND McCARRELL ....,... Fort Smith ROBERT McCREADY .... LEON McLEAN .... LORIN McLOUD .... LARRY NEAL --- LARRY NESMITH ,-- JERRY L. OWENS ....... JOHN C. PENNYLEGION RICHARD PETRONIS --- East Chicago, Ill. M-- Greenwood --- Huntsville ---- Deer --- Hot Springs --- Hot Springs - Annandale, Va. ---- Austin, Tex. JOE PISTOLE ......H DARRELL PLUMLEE .... JAMES POINDEXTER RONNIE PRITCHETT GARY RAPER .... FRANCIS RAIBLE ....,... BILL RAINWATER ,... C. A. RAMER --- CHARLES RAMSEY .... TOM REDTKE .... JOHN REEVES ,...,. TOMMY RICHARDS - L - Branch --,- Harrison L- - - Belleville L - - - Atkins ---- --- Dumas Morrison's Bluff ---- Springdale L- Fordyce --,- Des Arc -- Lombard, Ill. --- Lonoke --- Benton WENDELL RILEY .........,, Plainview JERRY ROBSON ..... Portsmount, N.H. RONNIE RODGERS . ........ Greenwood RODNEY ROE ..... WALT ROETTER .... ---- Fort Smith --- Belleville GEORGE ROSS --- RONNIE RUSSELL M- JAMES RUTLEDGE --- VACHARA SAE LIM -- RALPH SCHUMACHER FRANK sc:oTT ..I..r. JERRY scoTT .,.... BEN CALVIN SETZER .... BILLY SHADWICK .... FRANCIS DALE SHARP CHARLES SHOCKLEY BILL SILVER .....,C... RALPH SIMMONS .... RONNIE SMITH --- JAMES SOLLER --- North Little Rock ----- Salem, Mo. --------- Branch Bangkok, Thailand -LL --- Mountain Home --- Mount Ida --- Dardanelle --- Licrle Rock -------- Dumas - Mountain Home --- Springdale --- Yellville -----DeWin ---- Mount Ida ---- Rarcliff DALE SWINDLE ..................... - Mount Ida M E 1 , 5 gWgEg?fwQ g-g g E? skim fl la w Q tail' , 'VA Ti M Mu5-f,fM. tm vqy! School plrlt Everyone shows inferesi' in fhe game excepl Ray Por+er who smiles for flue camera. X' ff.-wr X- GEORGE TANNER LARRY TAYLOR TERRY THODE Y... .... MAURICE TILLERY BILL TUCKER --- GARY TURNER --- LONNIE TURNER --- LARRY UDEY --- .JIMMY VEST .... DAVID WADE ,... --- FRANK WAGNER BILL WALKER --- ---- -Lv Motrilton --- .... Russellville Omaha, Neb. --- Benton Hot Springs ---- Ofarlc ---- Ozark --- Bauxite --- Branch Little Rock -M Casa --,- Benton WAYNE THOMAS WALKER ...... Gillett KENNETH WALTON --- .... Newport GENE WEATHERALL --- --t Dardanelle JAMES EDDIE WHITE ,.I. I-I ughes Relgns Supreme SiHing wifh 'Four undergraduaies, Mx a 'five-year man ponders his mis- lalces during his college career. Wilsonites Enjoy A Coke TOMMY WHITE --, RICHARD WHITE .... ---- Hot Springs ---- Lead Hill ROBERT WHITING .... --- Gilbert MORRIS WICKLIFFE --- Benton JIMMY L. WILLIAMS ..w. Mansfield WAYNE WILLIAMS --- Smaclcover FRED WILLIS .... -M Dardanelle STEVE WILSON .... --- Batesville NOLEN WINFORD -..- ..... Greenwood LARRY WOOD --- Mountain Home FREDDIE YOUNG -- .... Little Rock F W W , .. . Mfr. .if : ,JL if-is 11. .rv .Q f f is ? " - 4.7- g,:Q-1-.I4'2g ,-,Y -4 Y A -It -. as 434 c liiluilfifif s arried Students Faculty, Turrentine, and now the new Freeman Apartments corn- prise the college facilities for housing many of the married students who attend Tech, and their either expected or already air-breathing progeny. These apartments, having truthfully only their garbage cans in common, are economically designed as concerns floor space, closet storage, and the pocket book. Turrentine is furnished while both Freeman and Faculty have only kitchen facilitiesg other furniture to be furnished by occupants. vig, Ji i9'PX na- saab B as is Wwe GARY HAMILTON ..... JACK HAMM ...... -- DONNIE HARLAN ....... MARY HOPE I-IARLEN -..- CAROLYN HENLEY .... KENNETH HIGGINS --- --- Fort Smith -- Mount Judea Mount Vernon Mount Vernon --- Russellville ..-- Lamar GLENNETTE HOGAN ........ Mortilton JOHN HOGAN .... RICHARD A. HOLDEN --- CAROLINE HOWARD --- DON HOWARD ..,. BOB HUDGENS --- ---- Morrilton --- Hardy --- Little Rock ----- Camden --- Fayetteville JOHN RAY JOHNSON .... -- Monticello P1-1YLL1s JONES .... -- Benton RONALD T. JONES .... .. .-e... Benton ii H . Q N Fa. ij V Q lzff ja 134 JASPER LI'I'I'LE ..... --- Bontonville DENNIS AITKEN .... .... S cranton LUTHER BEARDEN --- Batesville JOHN BELL ...... ---- H egtgr ROBERT BOLDING --- .... Bald Knob RONALD BRAZIL .... --- Perryville GEORGE COSTON --- --- --e- Camden D. A. DAHLKE --- Mountain Home DALE DAVIS --- -- Vandetvoort CAROLE DAY --- CHARLES DAY --- GERALD DENSON JANIS DENSON .-.. BETTY PAYNE DOWNS --- MICHAEL D. DOWNS .... - WILLIAM GREEN ...... .... MARSHA GRIFFIN ---- -----.. Hazen - --- DeVa1Is Bluff --- Bonneville Booneville ------ Bryant - Mountainburg Mountain Home --- Prescott ' 3 'fa I ,.,.. 3: Nik J li . , 'f . L sf' -, Sk . nv' W JM. :qv 1 JIMMY MILUM ..... --- Pyatt GLEN MCCUTCHEN ........... M- Harrison CARROL WAYNE McDANIEL .... -- Perryville HERSHEL McELROY ........... --- McCrory VERLU MCELROY -- --- McCrory CHARLES NAIL W, L-- Batesville ARLEN RAMSEY --- -- DeQueen 1. W. RAMSEY, Jr. -- --- Benton ROY ROGERS --- .... Mountain Home BRUCE STAIR ............ ..... I-I aber Springs ROBERTO STADTHAGEN .,.. Managua, Nicaragua BETTY JO STEWART ..a. .... B ooneville DORSEY F. STRINGFELLOW --- .... Brinkley FRED TATE ....... ...... .... B oon eville CARL THOMPSON .... --- Waldron JUDITH THOMPSON .... --- Waldron New Student Apartments pen Re by TOMMY THOMSON .... North Little Rock HAROLD L. TURNER --- BUTCH WADE --- GEORGIA KIZZIAR WADE RONNIE WATTS .... VERNON WELLS --- CARLOS WOODSON .... -- Havana --- Paris ------ Ratcliff ---- Perryville Fort Smith ---- Stuttgart 199. -Q- ,- --U .. 1. -"'-.1-1 -1 1 Q 1 - -:l'H'PH NWI itfssgi: X 'X ff- ampu There is today at Arkansas Tech a great trend among the students to live off-campus, but there is an even greater trend by the administration to lceep students on campus. Green Houses, White Houses, Big Houses, and Robertson House furnish rooms and private apartments to those students deserving a more con- tinental or a more thorough education. But we also have those off-campus students from Russellville and neighboring towns who are fortunate enough to commute back and forth between the comforts of home and on-campus classes. In an ettort to prove that Tech wants friendly student-teacher relations mu- sic instructors, Gene Witherspoon and Loren Bartlett, till in for the ROTC boys in the band at Dad's Day. WAYNE ANDREWS -- PEGGY ANTRIM ...... ROBERT ARMSTRONG .... TOMMY ASHWORTH --- BILL BARBOREK --- DORIS BARGE --- SHIRLEY BARNES --- BOB BARTON --- ORVILLE BAXTER --- ELIZABETH BEST ..... MARILYN BOCKSNICK .... ROY BOCKSNICK ...... JERRY DOUGLAS BRANCH .... --- LARRY BRANCH --- SUE BRIGGS ..... BETTY BRIGHAM --- 'QS v' M A Rami ii:--fs 'L H ? ' 1 -Q- if ' Ax W 5, x I -1- 4' .1 ,qw W, A' :..:fg' "-.::: ' 1'-'es if 'f Sees? it 1 -2 gs is-ew 55515, ,QT E A 'wg' ..V X gg?-2 Russellville Russellville Dardanelle --- Paris Russellville ------ --- Pottsville Russellville Russellville Russellville --- Gilletr Russellville - - London Russellville Russellville Russellville --- Dover sie ::g :5 5g ' . H 2355 e 2 1 .:- e1-.::'.ge- 5: -,zz-: :.: fs EEE ,.,. 2 2 3 gels! - - -1 ..,,,.. T. I s Q E3 HHH ls' U m Q ' ' sift 2 EI, 5 S, ,, L 3 E hi 5352? " ' y in I' ,W ,Q .,.,., , . gs." ex: : :Q Q we Q " I e gi if-hs, I 5: egg, E i .. ., .. s ,.,l,.:. -1. 4,-will QJJEI. Q- ,emu-1,- ,E--E .J Ks! mf, . ,, .,M, fggwf' 1 sw - ' A91 1 fl -Q.,-:W eggs -Mi. . JOHN BRISCOE --- JERRY BRISTER --- JAMES BROWN --- KELLY BRYCE ,... BOB BUCHANAN --- ---- Russellville ---- Darclanelle --- Dardanelle ---- Hector - -- - Russellville JOANNE BURNET .--- --- Russellville CHARLES CANERDAY BERT CARLETON --- Pl 'ILIP CARLETON ---- CH, RLES CASERIO -- THC TAS CASNER -- DAVID CHAMBERS --- -------- Russellville --- Russellville --- Russellville --- Russellville -- Russellville --- Rodgers JACKIE CHAMBERS -------. Russellville HARVEY CLINTON ---- JERALD COGER -- LYNN COLLINS ---- Wilmington, Del. --- Danville -- Atkins His consfernafion mirrored on his face, ihis Techsfer fries io figure oui' a prob- lem in flue paper's daily crossword puzzle. OC Students Take Mornln Break ROBERT COOPER Wxllxamstown NJ GERALD DARE ANN DAVIS MORTON L DEETER CI-IERYL DENTON ALZIE DONOVAN ALICE RUTH DOVER CHARLES F EBERLING JESSY EDMONSON GLENDA EOFF LARRY JOE EPPERSON DOLORES ERNEST BETTY JEAN FARRIS JERRY FERGUSON TOLLY FLATT Jr Russellville Russellville Morrxlton Russellville Hector Russellville Hot Springs Lamar Moreland Van Buren Rogers Plainview Russellville Cabot ALETRYCE FOSTER .......... Russellville sara BOB GARRIGUS .......,.. PAULA KAYE GARRIGUS DAVID GEURIAN -- JOHN GLENN --- DONALD GRAY --- ROBERT GREESON .... CYRUS GROVER ,... CONNIE HAMILTON --- MARY ELLEN HARBIN ,L NANCY HARELSON .... JAMES HARMON --, ALICE HARRIS .... BETTY Lou HARRIS JAMES I-IEFLEY -- KURT HEIDGEN .... BILLY HEMMER ..I. --- Russellville --- Russellville --- Dardanelle --- Pocrsville - - - Dardanelle - -- - Clarksville -- , L Russellville L- - - Hecttor - -- Russellville --- Russellville ---- Russellville uses' L- Hector s Russellville --- Atkins ---- Paris - Russellville ff 'QT i 'mx . R .W . J'-Ia .: . 21315 Q H R W ....... gr , H ze W SEXY 2 is 1 MWF? Q fm' izz ., -- af' JEANEANE HENDERSON -W KATHY HODGES --- --- JAN HOGAN .............,,, JAMES DAVID HOLLADAY s-- Atkins Dardanelle Russellville ------ Ozark REX HOOBLER .... - Harrison JERRY HOSTETTER ,-- Russellville JAMES HOWELL ,.... .... R ussellville SONYA HOWARD .... LI.. C larksville GEORGE HUDGENS .... --.,- Van Buren RICHARD HUNT ....,. .... I-I arrison JUDITH HUTCHERSON ...... Russellville LARRY HUNTER s..... --- Lead Hill RAY IDEKER JOE IVEY JOE G. JAMELL .............. Stuttgart a Russellville GERALD JOHNSON .............. Atkins - 2 , A, ' JOHN C. MARTIN ..7. -- - DEWELL MAY -- BILL MERRILL .... DENNIS MILLER --- PAUL MILLER L-, BOBBIE MOORE --- HERSI-IALL MOORE JANE MOORE ,.... JIMMY MOORE --- PATRICIA MULLER JEAN MURDOCK --- JAMES McALISTER WILLA McALISTER KATIE McCONNELL --- -- Russellville Danville Russellville Augusta August Russellville Belleville Russellville. Russellville Russellville - - - - Atkins Russellville Russellville - Dardanelle DONNA MCCORKLE -- ,- Russellville REBECCA MCDONALD --- --- Dardanelle WAYNE JONES -- JACK KELLAR LAVETA KELLY .... LESLIE KEMP .L,. ELAINE KERSEY ,-- JANIE KINSLOW --- LARRY KINSLOW --- MAURICE KOLEMAN MARY LAW --, DENNIS LEE .-... ROSSETTE LINKER GEORGE LLEWELYN CHARLES LOTT -- LLOYD LYNN -- LARRY MARABLE --- JEARL MARS .... xv if I , wig 22 E A l lv?" f - - - Pocrsville - - -- Morrilron --- Russellville - - - Hot Springs North Little Rock Russellville ---- Russellville --- Russellville ---- Russellville -- Russellville - - Russellville , - -.. Hector --- Dardanelle ..-- Russellville -- Hector Russelliville H 4-H .R YQ' "ww fv 15' su, Noi' knowing whelher fo smile for flwe cameraman in froni' of her or 'For 'Phe cameraman behind fha cameraman. Huis lass is lhoroughly confused. Poses, Pictures, and Results XX: . . .X X iz- QJIXXEEQFX XX X B X X X' Q .. kj Y. Ezi. X ,., EL:,. X X gf X X s K. X X X X X X X XX X 25? 5? wg X ll X X X ,, X W WX QXX X54 XX X1 H2 gi EX ws Nfl? 'G- W R -we 'M 'v""F Wdmf, XXXXXX .X X XXXXXX 231 HK 5X5'ZgXX ETTBSQF ,EXXXX X sg. I X XX M2 iff: ,ezizay XXX 5 I XTQQXXXJ ,X A sg, . wailm 12 l X-X 1 X we TX if? X X. EDDIE NEAL .... BETH NELSON --- ------- Indiania Houston, Tex. N ELDA NEW .......... .... R ussellville JAUNITA C. NICELEY SUE NORTON ...... ---- -- Dover --, Vendor CAN DACE OGILVIE .... .... R ussellville BERT PAGE, JX. - JURLENE PARKER -L TOMMY PARKER .... MIKE PEELER ...E BOBBY PHILLIPS ...... GEORGE M. PHILLIPS .... CALVIN POWELL -,- DONNY PRICE -- JEAN PRICE ..... MICKEY PULLEN .... ---- Russellville ---.. Atkins ---- Charleston --- Russellville --- Paris -I Plainview --- Russellville --- Russellville -- Russellville --- Russellville SAMMY RAMEY .A.. --- Darclanelle RONALD RIMER 5.g. --- Dover ELVA LEE ROGERS --- --- Russellville PAT RUSSELL L, --- Russellville ALTON RYE .... --- csesseie VERNON RYE E... --- Russellville KENNY SAYLORS .... .,.. P vets JIMMY SEWELL ee.. ,L Aclcins WENDELL SEXTON ,....- Mountain Heine R. L. SHIELDS, JR, ..... Russellville MARY SHINN ,..e --- Russellville HENRY SHREVE .L.. L-- Fayetteville JANE SILVY .,....... -L Russellville RUTH ANN SIMPSON --- --- Russellville SHIRLEY SINGLETON ,-- --- Dover BEVERLY SMITH .,... L... v enclor ii R .. W, . .sg M W M I 'ei ,ie -I ,. 4 -:g iii A' I Yam JOHN R. SMITI-I .... L ...L --- MICKEY SMITH --- MIKE SMITH .... WALLACE SMITH --- JAMES IRA SPARKS --- STEVE STALLINGS ..... MARY ANN STANFIELD JIMMY STRAND --- MICHAEL SWEEN EY --- ---- BETTY MARIE TAYLOR DANNY TEETER .... NEIL TEETER .... RONALD TEETER ,,.. HAROLD THOMAS -- BILL TOWNSEND ..,, JIMMY E. TROST .... RL we 3 M , -,I ee' elf-i Little Roclc Russellville Russellville ---- Imboden Russellville Piggorr Darclanelle Dardanelle Russellville Dardanelle Russellville Russellville Russellville --- Russellville Booneville Green Forest. as an QE :rg :gifs ' will ,,xn5l..xw ALFRED VON SEEBURG CHARLOTTE WADE --- JAMES E. WARD .... WILLIAM WALKER L... JACK WARNDOF ........ --- BETTYE ANN WEEDEN --L----- Harrison Russellville ---- Morrilron ----- Paris Russellville Russellville WILLIAM WATKINS .... .... D arclanelle BILL WENGER ....... JERRELL WHITE --- LEWIS WEIR ........ CHARLES L. WHITE .... .... ADA H. WILLARD .... NORRIS WHITFIELD --- JERRY DON WILLIAMS DICKIE WTLLIAMSON --- --- LINDA WILSON --- --- Atkins -- London Russellville Russellville --- Plainview Calico Rock --- Hector Russellville Russellville Winter Moves in at Last Game Fearing Hue camera's imparfial eye, one lonely soul sinks info oblivion. Spirit hown at nnual Bonfire MIKE WILSON ...i...... ,..i CHRIS WITHERSPOON HAROLD WOODARD ..,iii ..... TERRY WOODS ....... .... RAYMOND YOUNG .... ..... THOMAS YOUNG --- Russellville Russellville Clarksville Russellville Dardanelle in--- Louisville -By Approximately 400 Techsters The fire's glow lends a ghosfly appearance 'lo lhe cheerleaders as fhey vainly fry fo whip up some spiril in lhe imparlial Tech sluclenl' body 15' V .4 W3 X -1 J 'QA I 72: gi Lu E EE sd iz 5 , 'E Mi BT :iff 2, ma if 2: um Q: if 'M is-W ' I Fm .,.. 5 sis 1: gm in H . H my A ' W fi ff , 55' 5 Q 5: L UAH 'M , "' .f 55, 1 fl 3 .wsu , as gf l 5' Q 1 '- .L ' E 92- ' " .s zsia -P Hg '5 xy 4- 4 Y' Q ,F ., , iibfgw ' kiwi if 7 .4 m mf any gjgmma mn mm an-au, as ws n Ss nm ss was Ns YM FP, H, 5236 ss'--1-X . lm Z. E V mm ms me ,,. .MF www ,M E H-mr ms w ms E55 was w-a H I xx ?,,. ma ms' Book Five Athl tics ms Left to right. First Row: ,Terry Williams, jerry Dickinson, Barney Phillips, Louis Besancon, Glynn Mosley, Bill Curtis, Danny Gasalherti. Tommy Holt, Larry Epperson, Ronald Brazell, Terry Olson, Billy Curtis, Danny Harmon. Second Row: Charles Albright, Milce Smith, Chester Key, Ken Necessary, Clell Louis, C. L. Clayborn, George Russell, B. J. Webb, Jim Rush, Bill McClain, Truman Pew, Charles Hart, Butch Casey. Third Row: Dudly Johnson, Ronnie Kilzore, Larrv Dopson, Dick Gardner, Lynn Hallum, James Dowdy, Sammy Zachary, David Paul Edmonson, Tommy Maddox, Gary Staggs, Ed Lenggenhaker, B. J. Moore, Carroll Kemp. Fourth Row: Coach Marvin Salmon, Dickie james, James Talley, Ronald Arkansas Tec is 1962 onder Boys sen. W.. ,.. Price, John Rath, David Jones, Phil Phillips, Danny Gilbert, Garry Lee, Robert Stratton, Larry Branch, Larry Dane, Tommy Parker, Coach Don Dempsey. Fifth Row: Bob Hudgens, Franklin Graham, Troy Rhea, Ray Lumpkin, Tom Novac, Bill Shepherd, Carlos Woodson, Glen Earlywine, ,lim Simpson, George Leonard, Bob McElroy, Donald Clark, Coach Don Sevier, Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 1962 SCOREBOARD Northeast Oklahoma State Harding College Arkansas A M Southern State Jacksonville fAla.J State Arkansas State Teachers Southeast Oklahoma Henderson State Ouachita College College of the Ozarks Tomilea Harvey Sharon Drewry mx a -14133: Qs . . 1 san Q ,E sa Q K2 H Q 5? , wg .::,:--:.: my H: :AME T Q-E, E ,E E fam - H 1 Q H A . . .HQ .. sf. 5 " gm 31? - LM K 1 2 H ,fx K gif MQW: ff . rx M 3? ev 4' 5 . s Jackie Venable Brenda Marcalf Willa Nell Page Left to Right: Willa Nell Page, Brenda Metcalf, Tomilea Harvey, Sharon Drewry, Jackie Venable. Center: Scarlett Biggs The Cheerleaders are elected hy the Student Council in the spring after going through a week of practicing. There are three things to say about the cheerleaders: QU Why aren't more girls interested in becoming a cheerleader? Q21 Wfhy isn't the Student Council inter- ested enough to he present at the elections? Q31 Our present cheerleaders do a marvelous joh. Scarlett Bigg Captain Don Sevier Coaches Marvin Salmon, Don Dempsey, and Don Sevier are to be congratulated for giving us the 1962-63 football team. Tech opened with an easy victory over Northeast Okla- homa of 30-13 and then went into a struggle with Harding College to emerge victorious with a score of 7-0. The Wonder Boys then met Arkansas ASZM in a 16-0 decision and celebrated Homecoming by a win over Southern State 24-6. Next the Tech team ventured out-of-state and limped hack with a 7-7 tie with Alabama which was followed hy the catastrophe with Teachers of a 14-7 score, their favor. Making a front line stand, Tech came hack to defeat Southeast Oklahoma 13-7, Henderson State 20-10, Ouachita 23-13, and College of the Ozarks 28-0. X Don Dempsey Marvin "Shorty" Salmon All-AIC Seven Tech players were chosen for All-AICg four on the defensive team and three on the offensive team. Co-captain Bill "Sleepy" Curtis was chosen offensive halfhaclc as well as receiving honorable mention in Little All-American. Bill Shepherd was placed as offensive end and Ken Necessary was selected as offensive guard. Gaining the spotlight on defense were James Dowdy, guardg Larry Dopson, centerg Co-captain Ed Montgomery, centerg and Diclcie James, end. Bill Curtis Halfback Ken Necessary Bill Shepherd Guard End DICKIE JAMES JAMES DOWDY End Guard ED MONTGOMERY LARRY DOPSON Center Center 1 M L M I Carroll Kemp, Tech fullback, digs for yardage in the Tech-Teachers game Tec vs State Teachers The State Teachers Bears took control of the AIC champion- ship race by forcing Arkansas Tech to swallow its first defeat in the state in 27 games. The margin was 14-7. The Bears produced quick touchdowns at the start of each half, and threw a brutal wall in front of the Wonder Boy's of- fense at all but one crucial point. ASTC 's eighth play from scrimmage following the first kick- off was a 56-yard touchdown run by fullback Steve I-Iathcote. The junior from Little Rock Central burst into the clear in the middle of an off-tackle belly play, and no one had an angle on him. Defensive end Dickie James chased him forlornly across the goal. Only 4:25 of playing time had elapsed. Tech's tying touchdown came just before the half on a hurry- up 46-yard drive belonging almost exclusively to quarterback B. J. Moore. Arn interception off Moore by ASTC's Johnny Sim- mons on the Bears' 41 opened the way for the clincher. ASTC player Grubbs advanced to Teclfs 31 and then the Bears drew a penalty back to the 34. Herbie Cook threw the only completed pass for Teachers and Bill Tiner fell between two Tech defend- ers on the three. Hathcote scored his second touchdown on two carries. Coy Clark's second conversion made it 14-7 with 11:45 in the third quarter. Tec vs uachita The Ouachita Tigers threw for a couple of touchdowns in a really fast fashion before the Wonder Boys climbed off the deck, shoolc their heads, and fought to a 23-13 decision over the stub- born Tiers, who did their best to make their Homecoming memorable. Tech was behind after the Tigers had run one play, 7-0. The first quarter ended with Ouachita on the Wonder Boy's one and Tech holding a very slim 10-7 lead on a 25-yard field goal by Sonny Zachery. Ouachita went ahead, 13-10, on the third play of the second quartet, but Tech was on top again at the half 16-13. Ouachita spent the latter stages of the game trying to lceep Tech out of its danger zone, as they did in a 6-6 tie at Russellville last year. Tech dicln't break through until Bill Curtis broke for 52 yards to the Ouachita four with 2:20 to playg then B. Moore's third touchdown pass of the day hir end Bill Shepherd on the goal line, as the issue was formally resolved. Ed Montgomery, Tech co-captain, iniercepfs a pass fo stop a drive by Ouachita Bill Curhs Tech All American shows the spark thai' won him this honor as he digs for extra yardage against College of the Ozarks Tec vs C of 0 Halfback Bill Curtis pushed his season's rushing total to 1,028 yards in Arkansas Tech's 28-0 victory over College of the Ozarlcs. The 150-pound Marianna senior carried 24 times for 185 yards, including touchdown runs of one and 58 yards. Tech scored on its first possession. Fullbaclc Carroll Kemp hustled the opening kickoff 52 yards to the Ozarks' 30. Six plays later, B. Moore passed to end Bill Shepherd for the final yard and a TD. Late in the second quarter, Czarlcs held Tech on downs on the Mountaineers' nine, and drove all the way to the Wonder Boy's 20. Larry Dopson intercepted Vernon Adair's pass and ran it back 85 yards. Dickie James threw the block that enabled him to go all the way. It was 14-0 at the half. ' Tech drove 85 yards in the third period, Curtis traveling the last yard. He started the drive with a 31-yard run. Early in the fourth quarter, Curtis broke for 58 yards. Sonny Zachery lciclced all four conversions. Tec vs Southeast klahoma Tommy Parker, a 185-pound fullback, play- ing for the injured Carroll Kemp, scored from one yard out on a drive that had started on the opening kickoff as Arkansas Tech subdued the Southeastern Oklahoma Savages 13-7 in a game played at Durant. The Savages came back with fire in their eyes as they moved the hall 45 yards, on the passing of their little left-handed quarterback, for a score early in the second quarter. Tech also scored their second TD in the second quarter as B. Moore threw a pass to AI Mitchell for the six points that later proved tobe the winning one. Zachary kicked the PAT to give the Wonder Boys their sixth victory in seven games. A Tech defender brealrs up an almost perfecf pass Tec Vs Harding Curtis shows his great abilify as he oufleaps a defender fo sei' up a Tech TD Quarterback B. Moore on the play hooked up with half- back Bill Curtis on a 47-yard pass for a touchdown and a 7-0 lead over the Harding Bisons. Tech had a large bulge in statistics, which may surprise the 3,000 or so witnesses. It was a close game, as close as the score suggests, because one team or the other always seemed in serious trouble. Defensive heroics and an amazing run of freak plays treated the Wonder Boys and the Bisons impartially. The Tech home run came after I-Iarding received the opening kickoff and Jerome Prince kicked dead on the Tech 48. Curtis ran smack into a defense stacked to his strength and then took a pitch-out from Moore for five yards. On third down, the 150-pound Marianna senior, Bill Curtis, caught the Harding secondary cold and took Moore's pass near the far side line at the 20 and scooted on across. Freshman end Sonny Zachery kicked it to 7-0 with 3:40 gone in the first quarter. B J Moore proves he has the ability 'fo run +l'ne ball as well as pass and lticli. He has been the field general through two great seasons Arkansas Tech's Wonder Boys fashioned a 16-0 victory over Arkansas AacM in as fierce a hitting match as you'll ever see this or any other year. The Wonder Boys got their points this way. First, on a sus- tained drive before the B011 Weevils settled firmly to the business at handg then on what they call a "break,'g and on a sizzling 34- yard field goal by freshman Sonny Zachery, who delivered with six seconds to play. The Boll Weevils never put together any sustained threat, and they played 60 minutes without penetrating the Tech 20. Tech muscled its way into scoring territory twice and delivered twice. The Wonder Boys also got an easy one in the third quarter that enabled Shorty Salmon to breath a bit easier the rest-of the way. Tech cracked the Weevils for its first touchdown in the latter stages of the first quarter. Bill Curtis, who was to carry 21 times for 73 hard-earned yards, chewed up most of a 42-yard drive and quarterback B. Moore kept for the touchdown. Tech vs Northeast klahoma Bill Curtis, Arkansas Tech's 150-pound A11-AIC halfback, opened the new season with three touchdowns and 119 yards as the Wonder Boys thrashed Northeast Oklahoma, 30-13. Northeast fumbled on its 43 the second play after the kickoff and Tommy Holt recovered for Tech on the visitors' 43. On fourth down from the 22, Zachery kicked his field goal. Northeast speedster Floyd Butler, broke over tackle and went 76 yards to score in the second quarter, cutting the Tech margin to 10-6. The Wonder Boys responded with a 54-yard, nine-play drive, climaxed hy a five-yard touchdown run by Curtis. It was 17-6 at the half. Northeastern quarterback Charles Butler hit F. Butler with a pass at midfield and the halfhack took it the rest of the way for his second TD. It was a 67-yard play. Bill Cowan converted, with 15 seconds left in the third period. Curtis ran back the kickoff 24 yards to the Tech 34 and the Wonder Boys covered the remaining distance in seven plays, with two more major penalties thrown in. Curtis scored from the four. Sonny Zachery, a freshman lineman from Springdale, kicked three conversions and a 32-yard field goal for Tech. A fumbled snap muffed his fourth PAT attempt. Sonny Zachary shows fhe form fhaf won him the berth as No. I placemenf man Quarterback B J Moore shows perfect form in getting 'this punt off, despite +he rush 'From opposing lmemen In fhe game Tec vs Alabama Arkansas Tech, going for 25 regular season wins, had their apple cart upset by a bigger jacksonville team as they found the game ending in a 7-7 tie. The Gamecocks drew first blood as they managed to break through the Wonder Boys line and block a punt at midfield. The Alabama squad then moved some 60 yards when right halfback Arland Carter cut our guard and dashed the last five yards to paydirt. Quarterback Lamar Caldwell converted. Both sides threatened during the rest of the game. Jacksonville moved to the Tech 10, but the Wonder Boy's defense heldg and from here, Tech made its game-tieing move. Sleepy Curtis moved the ball to the 30 on three carries. B. Moore passed to Bill Shepherd who was put down on the Gamecoclc's 30-yard line. B. J. Moore then passed to Curtis who moved the pigskin to the one where fullback Carroll Kemp smashed over for six points. Sonny Zachery booted that especially important PAT. Teo vs Southern tate Paced by Gary Lee and James Dowdy, Tech's defensive line took advantage of Southern State's mistakes and either scored or set up all of the Wonder Boy's touchdowns as they rolled to a 24-6 victory before a Homecoming crowd of 7,500. In the first period Gary Lee broke through the Mulerider line to block a punt on the 30. Three plays gained a total of six yards so Shorty Salmon called on his freshman placekicker, Sonny Zachery, and he kicked a 24-yard field goal to give Tech a 3-0 lead. Later, Tech's George Leonard picked up a fumble made by Mulerider halfback Danny Greenfield and dashed 65 yards to give rhe Wonder Boys a 10-0 lead as the first quarter came to an end. Early in the second half, Tech's Danny Gilbert blocked an- other Southern State punt and received the ball on the fifteen. Six plays later, quarterback B. Moore hurled over the goal line and Sonny Zachery's kick put the margin at 17-0. Tech's final counter came when Bill Curtis took a punt on his 35-yard line, cut behind a block by James Dowdy, got next to the wall of blockers Tech had set up and out-distanced the Mule- riders in a 65-yard dash for a TD. The ball goes up for grabs, as Tech's 'fullback Carroll Kemp is hif hard by 'Iwo players In a Tech game B J Moore shows fha calmness under pressure ihaf won him honorable menfion on fhe All-AIC Team for l962 63 Tec vs Henderson Arkansas Tech scored two fourth quarter touchdowns to de- feat Henderson 20-10. With Tech trailing, 10-6, Bill Curtis took a punt on Tech's 41 and raced to the Reddie eight. It was a pass from B. Moore to Ronnie Prince that secured the touchdown with Sonny Zachery kicking for the extra point. Next Ed Montgomery picked off Tom Coyle's pass on the Henderson 39. Curtis scored: and Zachery again kicked for the extra point. In the first quarter, Henderson had a 7-0 lead when John Benefield picked up a Tech fumble which allowed Duke Wells to score. Tech bogged down midway in the second quarter at midfield hut when Moore went back to punt, the snap sailed over his head and he was run down on his own 14. Henderson took over but couldn't move and Troy Tilson kicked the field goal perfectly from the 20. -x is We H wet District NA A Champs en we ooorcoo W a o 1 QW - were 'P' an si FIRST ROW: Rarchford, Boley, Bamer, Clayborn, Bradford, LaFevers, Jones. SECOND ROW: Needham, I-Iicks, McKinney, Saylors, Gattline, Coates, Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Robinson. 77 L.R.U. 67 L.R.U. 106 Ark College 72 So. State 93 Ozarks 76 A.S.T.C. 74 La. Tech 82 Ouachita 60 ARM 86 Harding 78 Hendrix 66 Henderson 1 13 So. State 92 La. Tech 76 Ozarks 93 A.S.T.C. 50 Hendrix 63 55 73 57 76 77 78 84 61 91 64 72 66 63 66 78 58 Tech AGLM Tech Harding Tech Ouachita Tech Henderson Tech Ark. College AIC PLAYOFFS Tech Hendrix Tech Ouachita Tech AGCM NAIA DISTRICT' PLAYOFFS Tech 87 Ouachita Tech 61 Ouachita NAIA TOURNAMENT, KANSAS CITY Tech 59 Grambling Coach Sam Hindsman Several words can be applied to the performance of this years' basketball team-determined, fighting, courageous, never-say-die-but better yet apply the title that distinguishes an Arkansas Tech team, "Wonder Boy". Coach Sam Hindsman had trouble from early sea- son finding a system that would fit the capabilities of his small but dead-eyed shooters. He tried them all. First, he used five all the way, next, liberal substitution, run and shootg and finally jelled with a pressing, gun- ning two platoon system. The Wonder Boys responded and winning once again, they avenged earlier defeats of the season. Only a few days before the NAIA Tourney, the Boys lost the league's leading scorer, Little All-Ameri- can, Kenny Saylors, with an arm injury. Despite this, the team went on to win two of its last three scheduled games. TECH 77 - LRU 63 Playing host to the Little Rock University Trojans for the season opener, the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys had little trouble with the smaller but vigorous Trojans. Tech took an early lead and was well in command at half time 42-43. The game was then turned over to the reserves. Chester Barnet sank 10 points, trailing Saylors' high of 30. "Nubin" Boley outmaneuvers a tough Tiger defense to score 39 points in a game that put Tech in Kansas City. nm . is Techs Larry LaFevers clrlves around three Southern State Mulernders add two points to the lopsided Arkansas Tech vxctory TECH 67 LRU 55 The first game on the road was a return match with Little Rock University Start mg cold the Wonder Boys were unable to connect for a goal the first five minutes of play By the end of the half Tech had kept the baskets hot by scoring 32 points in a 15 minute period and had a comfortable lead of 37 20 Saylors collected 24 points while Nub bin Boley was second high with 11 points TECH 106 ARKANSAS COLLEGE 73 Kenny Saylors poured in 47 points for a high mark in his career and led the Wonder Boys to an easy victory in their first conference game of the season. Saylors also grab- bed 18 rebounds to crush the Scots on the boards 79- 35. That and a balanced scoring attack which featured 11 Tech players proved to be too much for the 'till- now unbeaten Scots. Scranton freshman, John Need- ham collected the Wonder Boys' one hundredth point with over three minutes left to play. It was the first time in two seasons for the Wonder Boys to break the century mark. TECH 72 - SOUTHERN STATE 57 Southern State, out to upset the defending AIC champions, threw a scare into the Techsters for the first half, but gave way to Saylor's shooting. In the second half Saylors hit 25 out of his 30 total points. With 1:02 remaining in the game, the Muleriders held a 26-24 lead when Larry LaFevers scored two free throws plus a field goal to give the Tech cagers a 28-26 lead that was never relinquished. Playmalcer Bob Ratchford added 13 points and LaFevers donated 12. Tech hit 42 per cent from the field, Southern State hit 28 per cent. TECH 93 - COLLEGE OF THE OZARKS 76 Ten Wonder Boys moved into the scoring column and pranced to an easy victory over the Mountaineers. The Wonder Boys played for three minutes before Doug McKinney made the first basket on a tip-in. Ozarks, cold a.nd unable to break through a tight Tech defense, played five minutes without a tally. LaFevers contributed 18 points. Saylors continued to lead the conference by adding 35 points to the final score. "Burr" iKenny Saylorsl demonstrates the All-American form as he grabs a Tech rebound in an exciting game with Louisiana Tech. Doug McKinney proves rebounding ability as he soars high above an A8cM Weevil for the ball on the Tech court. STATE TEACHERS 77 - TECH 76 The AIC's biggest rivals met once againg both undefeated, both confident, and both looking forward to the AIC crown. Teachers led most of the way, but the score was tied three times in the final two minutes of play. Tech led only once in the final minutes of play. Tech led only once in the final minutes on two free throws by Boley which put Tech ahead 62-60. The Bears rallied to score 5 points in the final 60 seconds, and to take the win- neris laurels. Saylors had a cold night but managed to collect 26 points, 10 of which came from the free throw line. Archie Jones came in, collected 2 swishers and looked like Tech's salvation until an injury put him out. Boley kept the Wonder Boys in the game with a steady head and grabbed rebounds from the Bears and pumped in 16 points. LOUISIANA TECH 78 - TECH 74 The Won- der Boys journeyed to Ruston, Louisiana, to play a strong Louisiana Tech team. Still nursing their wounds from the Teachers game, Tech fought the Bulldogs hard, but their efforts proved futile. Saylors' 35 points in this game placed him in the number three spot of the nation in small-college scoring. Jones and McKinney each put in 10 points. ,Wise 1 . fi Q J' W- U, 2 x ah :ii -is .wx l Bob Rafchford U01 hesitates briefly in fhe closing seconds and pulls 'l'l1e AEM game oul' of the fire for Tech. TECH 78 - HENDRIX 64 It took eleven Tech players plus an improved pressing defense to put Tech back into the winners' column. Coach I-Iindsman used the two platoon system-new to recent Tech fans but an old trick to the longstanding followers-to get his "Boys" on the victory road once more. Faltering at times, looking bright at others, the Wonder Boys press- ed and pressured the Warriors to give Tech a much- awaited victory. Tech hit 28 of 64 from the field, Hen- drix managed 20 of 54. The rebounding was almost even, with Tech leading 45 to 44. OUACI-IITA 84 - TECH 82 This was Ouachita's first win on a Tech court since 1947, when the Baptists fought hard and furious to a storybook finish. It was a thriller from start to finish. In a six-second span Tech broke a 0-0 tie and jumped into a 17-10 lead over the Tigers. A 21-21 tie occurred but Tech's Larry LaFevers made 10 points and Tech ended up with a. comfortable lead of 53-41 at half-time. After half-time, Ouachi- ta pressed to a 77-77 tie with five minutes remaining in the game. Having tied the score, Ouachita stalled for 1:52 and made the winning 2 points with three seconds left. ARKANSAS AezM 61 - TECH 60 The luckless Wonder Boys, fighting desperately to stay alive in the AIC race, led the AGLM Boll Weevils at times by a slim margin before a capaci- ty crowd of 2,500 at Monticello. ASCM, trailing by one point, froze the ball the final minute and gambled on a twenty-five foot jumper by Charles Cobb, and Tech lost another close one. I-IARDING 91 - TECH 86 Another game on the road, which brought the fifth straight loss by a scant margin, made Tech fans shake their heads in disbelief. The Wonder Boys were unable to find a defense that would check I-Iarding, despite a 44 point production by Saylors. The Bisons received their first victory over a Tech team. For Tech, Larry I..aFevers and Kenny Saylors scored into double figures. Due fo fhe usual overflowing crowd 'For fha annual Teachers-Tech game fhere was hardly playing room,much less sifting space. Here Bobby Rafchford husfles info 'lhe crowd for a loose basltefball. l l HENDERSON 72 - TECH 67 It was Henderson's first win over Tech in 15 years and both sides played hectic and 'frenzied ball. Tech returned colder the second half and only made 20 points in the final twenty minutes, repeatedly missing open shots while Henderson moved on. The Reddies led 65-63 with four minutes remaining. The Techsters went two and a half minutes without a point, and in the meantime, Henderson was putting its win on record. TECH 113 - SOUTHERN STATE 66 Coach Hindsman unveiled two poised and determined teams which alternated every five minutes. Tech outshot and outplayed a helpless Southern State team. Saylors, leader of the first unit, tallied for 24 points, as did Boley, leader of the second unit. Both men added to the total score with 10 rebounds each. TECH 92 - LOUISIANA TECH 63 The Wonder Boys remembered an earlier loss to Louisiana Tech and used the two platoon system which paid off as the pressing Techsters subdued their high-rated opponents. Eight men accounted for ninety of the Wonder Boys' points and 11 made the scoring column. The Wonder Boys had more rebounds than Louisiana Tech f49 to 431 and the Wonder Boys scored 34 out of 69 field shots. The Bulldogs accounted for Z3 of 55 for their field shots. Archie Jones C521 grabs a rebound from an unidentified A8mM player. If was during this game 'thai' 'the Wonder Boys cleihroned the AIC leading Weevils. TECH 76 - COLLEGE OF THE OZARKS 66 Tech, still in the process of polishing its two platoon system, met the same system in a counter-attack from the Nlountaineers. The Wonder Boys and Mountaineers ran and shot at a furious pace for forty minutes. Tech led 36-31 at the half. However, the Wonder Boys out- played the Ozarks Mountaineers with a stall and on foul shots. Boley and Saylors scored 14 points each. TECH 93 - TEACHERS 78 No Wonder Boy team ever looked more polished, or ever pleased a capacity crowd at Tech as did Hindsmz-1n's two units. It was obviously Tech's game from the start, but the bewildered Bears stayed and fought. Tech led all the way but at half time, Teachers had climbed within 4 points of the Boys. With 6:56 to go, Tech led by 17 and toyed with a hapless Bear team for the remainder of the game. No outstanding individual could be picked for this game unless he was from the Wonder Boy squad. HENDRIX 58 - TECH 50 The Wonder Boys were unable to find the basket, making only 14 per cent from the floor the first half. After trailing the whole game, the Wonder Boys finally admitted their first defeat to the Hendrix team since 1956. Kenny Saylors and Larry LaFevers connected for a total of 24 combined points for the Tech team. Doug McKinney C301 intercepts a pass aimed tor Ouachita. Chester Barner of Tech needed plenty ot room to get off this two pointer against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs from Rustin, Louisiana. TECH 86 - ARKANSAS ASLM 79 Starting fast and pressing all the way, the Wonder Boys dominated the game from the first. The Tech cagers had a 20 point advantage over the league-leading Weevils. ARM returned fighting and All-American Kenny Saylors was retired from the game with an injury. The remainder of the game was hectic and fans saw a tremendous amount of violations which were in the Boll Weevils' favor. The gap in the score began to close in the final minutes. It was Ratchford's accuracy from the charity line which pressured the Weevils and eventually was to send the Boll Weevils home minus a crown. Boley and Claborn both tallied 14 points each to lead the Techesters in scoring. TECH 73 - HARDING 69 The Wonder Boys trailed the Harding Bisons for almost the entire game-at one instance they were 13 points hehind. Their hig comeback came in the last few minutes, with Larry LaFevers' field goal after grabbing a loose ball, making it 69-all. "Nuhbin" Boley was fouled dur- ing -.a field goal try and made both free throws, then put the win on ice with two more charity tosses in the final five seconds. Boley's 19 points for the night were good for high point honors. Tech was hitting only 27 per cent from the field - and tasted defeat at the hands of the league-leading Tigers. Ouachita grah- bed an early lead and never let up. Ahead 39-34 at the half, the the Tigers kept a firm grip on their lead and added to it through the remaining period. Boley tallied 16 points, while Barner and Needham trailed with 14 and 10 points respectfully. Kenny Sa lors moves in to we teammate Lar LaFevers I4 aid l Y 9' fy 1 J amid a passle of Bears. After-game! activities were also exciting. Kenny Saylors 1321. twice Little All-American and AlC's leading scorer, waits for the iip-off. TECH 97 - HENDERSON 69 The first half was an even contest, hut the Wonder Boys came alive in the second half to push out an easy victory. The Reddies froze the ball for the final three minutes, keep- ing Tech from hitting the century mark. LaFevers led the Tech attack with 20 points. Barner and James weren't far behind, racking up 17 and 11 points. s X 1 FIRST ROW: M. Goines, P. Antrim, C. Combs, B. Pugh, S. Biggs, J. Freeman, SECOND ROW: Miss Susan Duke, D. Vaughn, P. Davis, E. Johnson, S. Derrik, Tibbels, J. Campbell, L. Thompson, W. Laffoon, B. Snow, Coach, Dr. Margaret Wilson. Barbara Pugh scores fwo points and shows 'Phe 'Form which won her an All-AAU nod for 'Phe second year in a row. Wilma Laffoon also placed on the All-AAU second team. irls' Basketball The Wonder Girls, coached by Dr. Margaret Wilson and assisted by Miss Susan Dulce, started the season as a dark horse in AAU circles, but they were the first and only team to beat a consistent winner, the Ouachita Sextette. By tournament time, the Wonder Girls had moved into Stuttgart and were regarded as the team to beat, but were defeated in the semi-finals by the hometown girls. This year the Wonder Girls recorded larger crowds and more support from the student body - both at home and on the road - than had been apparent before. Two Tech girls were named to the All-AAU team. Barbara Pugh was named to the first team, and Wilma Laffoon re- ceived second team honors. 1963 Baseball and Track Teams of X , T , V, W, v- V I , 1 ., ' ,,, 3 ,sf 1... Q fi, -1 1 qi E' my ,X l ' i 'L Qyx Q 6 J all f il ii , C if 5 .. l ip... 5 FIRST ROW: Parrish, Wilson, Mosley, Turner, Swinclel, Metcalf, Scott. SECOND ROW: Talley, Ashmore, Clayton, Winfred, Burnett, Graven- meier, Scott, Coach Don Dempsey. THIRD ROW: McKinney, Burnett, Robinson, Seitz, Simpson, Waldord, Rapier, Cole. Because of the incompleteness of the spring sports, we have eliminated them for this year in order to he alive to give a complete record next year. In the 1964 AGRICOLA, spring sports for the 1962-63 season will be given full coverage. FIRST ROW: Petronis, DuVall, Matrox, Keyes, Curtis, Michell, Curtis. SECOND ROW: Coach Marvin Salmon, Branch, Smith, Rush, Basancan Phillips, Taylor, Pilgram, Price. 1- 9 . ' I ff gif- wg . Book Six Personalities HO' HO ELECTED E0 1963 JACK WOOD, Camden senior, is drum major of the marching band. He is a member of the Student Council, Blue Key, and Military Honor Society. Jack is Band President and Senior Class Presi- dent. He plays saxaphone with the Tech Esquires and was president of his sopho- class. HARLEY DAVIS, Van Buren sen- ior, is a member of the Men's PEMM Club, Commander of the Military Honor Society, and executive officer of the ROTC Battalion. Twenty-three students were elected to the collegiate version of Who's Who this year. Wl70's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities is a. national publication designed solely for the purpose of honoring outstanding college men and women. Stu- dents are first nominated for this recognition by the Student Council and they are selected and approved by the faculty. The four criteria used in considering stu- dents for nomination are scholarship, participation and leadership in extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to the college, and promise of future usefulness. TOMILEA HARVEY, North Little Rock, junior. She is AWS secretary and WRA President. She was 1960-61 Home- coming Queen, a cheerleader, and was Battle Group Sponsor in ROTC in 1961- 62. RONALD PRICE, Jacksonville sen- ior, is Student Council President. For four years Ron has been a member of the "T" Club, a football and Track letter- man. He is also in the Business Admini- stration Club. LOIS VIRNAU, Brinkley senior is a member of the bancl, choir, Cardinal Key, AWS, and secretary of the BSU. JUDY SAMMONS, Russellville sen- ior, is a Fine Arts major and the Town Girl representative member of Cardinal Key and AWS. PAUL GODWIN, Hot Springs jun- ior, has been in the Military Honor So- ciety three years, in the band and the dance band. BILL CURTIS, Marianna senior, was co-captain of the football team this year, a three year letterman in football, member of the "T" Club, ancl Battalion S-4 in ROTC. He was president of his junior class and All-AIC halfbaclc last year. i KEN NECESSARY, Rogers senior, is the ROTC Battle Group Commander and has been in the Military Honor Society four years and the "T" Club three years. GEORGE HUDGENS, Dardanelle senior, is majoring in social studies. He is a -member of the Blue Key, French Club, BSU and is Battalion S-3 in ROTC. JOE ZUG, Ola senior, is president of Blue Key and a member of the Student Council. He is also vice-president of the Accounting Club and is on the Leader- ship Planning Committee. JACK WRIGHT, Branch senior, is an education major. He was president of SNEA. for three years, vice president of his Junior Class, is an officer in Blue Key and a member of the Military Honor Society for four years. x PAULA SUE MCDANIEL, Newport senior, is a past President of AWS, Card- inal Key President, AWS Judiciary Board chairman, Choir member for four years, ROTC Sponsor 1960-1961, Junior Class Officer, and a Who's Who selection for 1961-62. KENNETH CROUCH, Russellville junior, is majoring in accounting. He is vice-president of the Accounting Club, and a member of the Student Council, and was president of his sophomore class. SCARLETT BIGGS, Rogers senior, majoring in education. She is cheerleader captain, a member of WRA, Student Court, AWS Judiciary Board, Cardinal Key, Les Danseurs, and PEMM Club. JENIFER CASNER, Russellville sen- ior, is majoring in engineering and mathe- matics. She is vice-president of the Cardi- nal Key and a member of the BSU and AWS. JANICE I-IINKLE, Mountain View senior, is a member of Cardinal Key, Choir, and is Co-chairman of the Judici- ary Board in AWS. Janice is also a dorm officer and is majoring in home eco- nomics. ROBERT RENNIE, Paris senior, was Co-editor of 1962 Agricola and holds a Senior Fellowship in Business Administra- tion. He was a reporter for his Junior Class and a Student Council Represent- ative. DONNA BIBLER, Scottsville junior majoring in engineering and mathematics She is a member of the Science Club BSU, and AWS Council. 7 '?'WG-f?3:iLz fs-J Q' afbfaf :I 3352. Q: -4 K - -. A -A - -' 2 2sffirii??5H-if -f W5 M - - -, , -2 ww fv -4 - , . S , 9' wg '-'A . ss .wg 2v6:Mwf,3.w'f--KH .5-,gm -- .X Sf .gf ,QA ,, -A -Li :5'r:e?w5's:'5Pf:5?f5PK?K-S?2QES2ifSM?dfQ'ings' Mww FT- WT, - -4 .. ,,f,,,2J?E: 5 ,Q W ,fix Aw -Q f- ' L Q. . ,U f. , xg, ,V L 1:--. '-2+ .- im. .z---fy- ,J -. Q. - I A fi 'fair' S-'EL A- A ff f f V, V , X f n , ' 4 -X ' , Y , Z, ' Y 'S3fw20g,,qg.g U ff-,.w1-fx iw ly , was-,WM -5 'H-'W-fem-fwy la' Q-' W- ,T M w 4 fi 'f W 5 N W - gs., ., S Q fx, M may-2 wg W f df-:ww---' A I-'izq , ff gf gsm-Q fmxeff Sir' ,f -fi' -- J , ,f ki YE MMS:-.-.,-..,5f .M 5? Q? gee K- Q A ' 1 , fs, 1.2,- -f 'pf-if' ff i, Kg H , az?-Jaw VK ' L- -- 7145 gs W y H f 4 , 1,5 ' A 5,1 , M f -A 5 Q ,wir 'Q , -L Q, f ul f V' 2- V , b " .1 X 1 fi gn: X: K -V, , MZ Q: 'Q 'iv S ,, A X M -- . W Ross M SS RKAN AS TE mg ,155 . u Z xxzk ' ww zw ,ijgw ' fi S y Q .5 S N H 5 -- ,mg 3 Q ' f 2 . 5-1- 2 7 F '1 ig? ' give' .1 1 v .A f , M12 5 v W' 1 I Haw 'E 5, ,V W Q: s X .HA W ,fx ', is iif es 1-,vfwvi-gwT?Q ' NJ? .W .x N ' m f JW ML, ., I . wif 5 Q Q ZS E X Z N Q ,gig UW' X Q :uma Dori eau Sikes GRICO EE Dixie Earlywine HOMECQMING QUEEN J anis Freeman ARKA-TECH QUEEN Scarlett Biggs LADY OF THE APPLE BLOSSOM Jane Henry ESQUIRE QUEEN E -2 K W W Q M -. W l, W E W ,, H W M W- W W . . -awww v-WH w S . W 1 H Q W . - M . 5 W , M W Q , E E M 1, -W W 2, W - W- - af- -M '.,,- 3253935 .... , H M b - ' - gi mf B H - W W ,H - -1 W " :g: lf.. W S .ffm H ,, W v L H5 Z HH Na . ..M W-1 . -?.3,1,M.5Qg J was E ss-W x -aM :iiisdxffr--,Wi ,H ,S 1 fm., . Ma -5 .M . . .. W - Y H - M I my .. . . Q.-.KE - S., WW' f :ggi -2 5 M M lm' H : E L W Ja W Z Ei . 3 'A E H . Ig M W WM Haw W,-L,-r , NM. . -. , 5 MLM 3-1 -B -A ' V- . . MM J. ..-M if if MM. H" K. MM . AQ- , -- I w 'T 1 . H ' ,--jf-. W-5155 W M fi- ! H .I WW - : 5 5 .L QQ: ' 'WHS' P - 1-M-WW- WW---. ! W Q- T M' A ' - 'M 3. ' . MM . gf-, - i af T . .fff 1 QM? T -Q Q 7 . Q? ,. 2 1 - fl W- 1 L f- . W W. ,--. W M QW W ,W - WW - ,-W., ' .W I1 "-me -- .6 M 2 -W- f W W, -IF.,-W, ,N . W W .1-. -W 5- '-if f . M ' Q A W ' 1 J W gm is xi wx --?1"i'?-'Mgvgf' , W M v - 1 wr Q 5-HWL 5 zfvg-L B . W W- W '-si:-sings If - - A--gui E . WM nn X W,q MW.- x E M ss 2 a Q -- 'TS an Ein Q a W, - M. -- Wiz-454 nWW5wE mu EE OF HEART Toni Lister 186 BL E KEY SWEETHEART Pat Smee -.-MW:: H., - ,- :-E 3wfji'VffQ"fffM'WMFMW :-Q-ss e"M-'-KSN-'.w--: - -. Hg W W .if-We i.?"V'5S35' 'FT' MMT 11- .N W M- ww i, H ML W, . . M , ,... . .5 E 35 -W I ,hm fp -:W Ii! H ' -EW-EM 12-11-4- .4 . 55 QM in--x W ., YH. ,. 'ww w ., . MMWW .xs- x 'u x Hu -A w X x mu v .. .,.W 3 mm Q pf ww sv mm--Q :xi MQ- -Q, -Wu X W M.. z- 1 -W f-J? MQELM -W, ...M-,mn W si . g Q E S ss gg sz mmf Q E HEY? new Q WF J. an mn Q-E -vas. - ,. -.1 mgiiij EB -3-Z W WZ .-,WMEWEM R E 5? ms mn an E 5 ss my .QWH xx .Q mmm nm mg .ffm-H QQ Efmummm am .H- ,. -3-QQ mg- MW .,. . .W zz G ss ss a a TE? is B Em V3 Ei SB gm H? my EE 55- agen -1 .H :E- X-Wan-gag . .3 am Egg mgsgxxmg w we-Q mm SE 'Q-E525 fgimhfmgf Xi IEBEEH' Wm LE 'ELQH-Wi ifhimitsjii .sunmngmm mgmmsgg be Ms-fvw imma Qian Simms msxsmgmx WEEE BEER H-H em am ss P.. W LW? ' Q.-Q Wg! WE E ml iff W l EQ, Sw 53 gm Q H 1 5 fm gfwi gsm - W H bw -A-mx :fe-' S E B - ' -an , ml nm! Q E ml Era P91 nl E. E . -,mfg mba! -n ss, ss ax . E! mx- -my ss f ss -MMM M M MM M M M M M . M M MM MM MsMMMMWFM,E5qnM,.,.E,:m.E M.. M- : 'nl BNHH E B W : EMEEMMM MMM Krsna ML-Mn Ms.'f:-M'-M-MMf.M.H:M G Wg .HMM .,, ML M: .,MM.M-T -51 if ' 'win MM 'Q-lg:5s .:.?5-1 .:.-sjwz xM E H: E S E E M..sQgE-.2-Egg. M Mia: H W M M M B an M E MH EM! E HM si F M H M M S . MMM. H MMP- 525, M M H fr Mm: -- M Mu A M M- -M .. . 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M -M MMMQ M.-J M59 KM :M ,mgM12a?s3MgW-HEMMMM - MfMMMMMsMQM.:.Mm? i H MWEEM ZMIEMQ mgigismmgi 5' Unis- ?f25MW1vf1gisTQEgi W . wM:W M M M- My M H AGRI KIN v 1 M in M, A....... -M-M . Lanny Ashlock M 5 .MM , :.:.MM.-MM,-, M: W 5 mmf is. 1 M..-.M - mir?-L NT .ug MM M AGRI Q EE H M M wwf MRM. mg asks? M MBMMWS M M- w MM, MMM 2 M Zi vi -- E M M MMR mas Ann Beller 2 E M misss Mmm EE MM- M BEM wg MME MM MM gm M MM M MM MM M WM gms MM SPM MM EE BE QB I gig? K, M HMHMWMH MM QM rm' 5 MMT? Ma 'wi nm 8 EMM V M H' Mmm M M Hs :MW-G' :fl m Mx-.MMM ME M M L45 www Wd 's warm 's www isa ummm' KNAW WB BREW IEEE 595 Bikini gf: gggmssx S158 Sf ZFKBSXKEHEFQ ELYEKEZ E EERE .1 GI EER'S KING Freddle Young my we mf aw v ms ff m2'3R gl Q 1 5 X ml mm as Ewa nam s was KSA 5 13 w mg A fx!! zz ss mal B W sf an Q is mm mn E wnmw W H Exams aww 3 Lx iam mm Bam m a was EB' ms mm Essay ' Wag: as an D Qs wap' 'W ms v ms was :snug mm mm: mm as H8835 ' M 1-2. H-. .X su-. ma n f H x gn 5 u w ss a Q, ss E ss an ss a ss MEHW Q 2 E. ww. 'He xx H eg Q E 515 WE as am- HE E 5 H H gg x QAM m ,s Q wqmi ' ::..2:5: .... ,W SS H :::5::E' .....I.I.I.Il H H -.:.::: H H f B 2 ' 2225: -Rf W H ..... H Q 5 .af::f:. ,, S -gs 222:12 ,- z H H H . ..... 2: W H Q -:, Q A ssl: in Old members discuss new business. -Rai is W i ff gay, W Q. mean XM ' V' is sueefw- if mx an Accounting lub President ......,.... ., ,.Ak....,..,... .- ........ Bobby Price Vice President A..........,......... ...... K ennerh Crouch Treasurer .,..,.... ,.--.. ..,,h... ,. ...........,,. Elton Epley S ecre tary .....,.,.g , - ...,,.. .. .......A.g5,.. Ramon Elkins The Accounting Club has been organized at Tech for only three years, but in that time it has already become a campus leader. Membership is open to junior or senior accounting majors with above average grades. New members are initiated in both spring and fall semesters. The club helps to bring its members in contact with actual practice of their chosen job and also helps to develop moral, scholastic, and professional attainment in its members. ,,,, 5 W-,. .L.,,s., is H i X ek, .1 - ,--Ji gg. s mn iw , i A ear.. Xl 7 rf?-vaeiigg egg: i - :ARES XB X uri , ,, A, . . . . New members get the word on fl-ie clubs dC'l'lVI'l'l9S for The year. sig H, it WJ,g.5iE mxinggmiigg E.. msg5g5Z?,,s,.i,.gf4a mu mgE.2,.m..5a-H Kristi" Eff. -iF2e:s?9mr5f2f'..Fi ggi mgjejgggjs if s Q H"s--E-rj mrfffjsax as fi 'K if wife is ' N f- We i H H Nami H min if an! W Eg: Si 3 i Exe mmm M raw, nu! Zig 2 :awww ima :E was as may egm f H isa :ae isa 1 wmwasias M sawing M. i f r W s fi it si it ll' 'M Q fl ,wt H 'ff YU: time BS- s-Hsin WFSW "W i x K ol raw sm- T ,- ,gj it a, S.-awe as we. ae ff 71 , NW LX K f Lie- 'fffft' -W 2 xii Wu 'iw H L 3125 5 M e My ":. Ki A K EE EN NV 4 iii wfff .Zvi Jim- Zsigmffgh ENE' -:iff ' W ei ..W..L M 5i.siQEa.Egn,w M R Q: i 2- x ' r-54 '-5 we ' 1' 'MV fsm, 5 A N .Q it e , ggi. e , :Q , ies 'GH-gg:n'iii21fe'5 ii Qi 1523-r fwgif E H-if unwise - , ,,:--smeriegge, . we age-miie-si U U Si A X 51 ,. 5 mi! gjj 25-A RH' - Li- 1 5 lf?.E 2 --P. wfm :MQ ,. -QE!! +154 r -W-,H as ,Meme - S if X as .sits -1SJii,,5,,gN? .l,ifi.s?.: -:gi ,, 'fy iggggfnggwizge .,..1 'se ess e Q, S. ejggi ?1-MDfl:-W- i S8 'WS X! Sz: M- gg: T .Www .. 1 K us i Energy! s-iff ,ing Mr A X H EH IX-TM 7 new x Visiijgiig tgkrzgagdfgliggiilgg, - 2 X -eg as ufa- W iz is-mf-Aff? E Jleemw -eww' W K X i E 2 Q xv is ref W Eli. nm is .. lub President ....... ----. Charles Warner Sr. Vice President --- ..,. Ray Wade Vice President .... .... R ex Hoobler Secretary-Treasurer .... --- Barbara Pugh The Business Administration Club made themselves known last fall when they decided to begin a program to recruit stu- dents for the Business Administration Division. They sent out brochures to high school students all over the state in which they stressed the advantages of Tech's BA Division. Many campus leaders come from the BA4 Division. Mr. Pressley answers questions concerning the field of business. Noted for his sense of humor, he is a 'favoriie with the club. Club members listen afieniively fo one of their numerous spealrers. New Agris have to put up with a lol before +hey become olcl Agris. Members watch what is probably a demonstration of the arf of hand washing. ,-if 4 k,M . er mei W minimise? . H nul F srrftfil ?'e - 4 1 ri lub President .................,....---..,.,,,-, David Hopsqn Vice President ...... ,, ..... .H..........,..... Junior Sewell Secretary ................---.....,......... jimmy Young Treasurer ......... .. .......................... Gene Sweat The present day Agri Club is made up of fifty-two members who truly lcnow the meaning of dirt and its association to the fingernails. Membership is made up of both active and associate members. Any Tech student regularly enrolled in the division of agriculture is entitled to become an active member upon payment of club dues. Following termination of active membership status, the mem- ber automatically becomes an associate member. The club, doing little or nothing on its own, in conjunction with the Colhecon Club, promotes the yearly Agri Day celebra- tion which is high-lighted by the traditional Agri King and Queen Coronation complete with fur-trimmed robes and wooden scepters. The group does take a lovely picture, and we might add, at their own convenience. Q 'rc E time sg u u manga g5f?.L e wi S 'lf sa-Qi 6 ' 5 if 3553 rag me we : sign wg? ,Q ..N. A.H.E. . President ..... --- Ann Beller Vice President ..... .. .e... --- Glenda Bostick Secretary ..... ....... ...... P a t May Treasurer .- ,...................,.,...,e... Carlene Schmoll As if one didn't know, the A.H.E.A. fFHA on a college levelj, is an organization for students majoring in Home Eco- nomics and a sister organization to the illustrious Agri Club. Principle activities of the club include participation in state, province, and national home economics conventions. It also acts jointly with the Agri Club in sponsoring Agri Day and the an- nual FFA-FHA meeting. The primary interest of the organization is to stimulate in- terest in and to foster the development of creative leadership. One of the local florisis demon sfraies Yuleiicle decorafions. One of 'Phe firsi' meetings of a suc- cessful year - Well done girls. an Cardinal Key President ..,M............................ Paula McDaniel Vice President ................ .- ............. Janice Hinkle Treasurer .................................. Jenifer Casner Cardinal Key.,organizecl at Tech in the spring of 1958, is a national honor society to recognize achievement and leadership in scholarship and extra-curricular activities. Junior and senior women who meet the requirements of good scholarship, proven ability in campus affairs, and good character are selected each year. e An annual event held by this organization is the Christmas tree lighting for the student body held just before the Christmas holidays. ee me .. V ik. ifiegigi is , . s M s r e s is S 5 1 - wr l is as-.2133 H.. sl M Wiiffg E na E 5 E? we '12 H5 5 T? ,iz e . e ess H e w ' H ' WH. , e-wide s str is 2 sit? B Q 5 late -was xg sc H sk is is e is me Ne? was 'kia 3 - s Q escjsg tj-13332 at gage: a " as a ss EP if axe X Y s?,s6 ,'fE- 'ffm ,eggs m..12,w-M Naseem ,ei wi .5 ...L 33 . Y w k A -K , - 1 5 ,. A Q 5 '55 .W ' '- 7 f' is B . 1 F s rum . no si N U U ' K-,X we A- ve 1 is a if ei if F, sg ,523 mg , .E Zwsmsmsgg rx B aria BS me , H K '- , 5 --.:: -:.: 1 a gr is - s at F s X it s se. se, E, H fmt. , ees. 1 w M s ee H W., is se- es- H seg t frkt Sets sts gisseemif - ss:-AJ byi We-v Sir-K-XE SS' E EE W xx as s : e E B e s . KKK E E S8 I E S B E ':' W is s as e 1 si I.: .assesses as Sits. B s s E We N K 5555 - Wfgwfa Jailed? awhile Dr. Wainwright leads the annual Christmas caroling sponsored by the Cardinal Key. Members listen to the president as they discuss future plans. Mrs. Brumme'H emphasizes a point +o two of ihe members. After a penny night the fhoughi' in every boy's mind is "Was if worth if?" -Q n n' -s. ., ,.,. ,Q .V M G .tgps .55 imit- E ss, ,S . , x 2 B ea 1 rw, sf . 9 ,.,, fig, -ur x- vf s s i : s ig-r i.:.. New i it-.-if 2 9-is so are an Hs? a eerie-Her EH-Mt. BB-i si., ess Mums. si Us s Eggs it gms E SSH Q main EE whatever assente- y . K 5 1 .5 H - May-2- ,. if 3 .rs,'., ri gsm Y i w - s . 3 - T73 rc 3 - fr-in MW:-fa N ni X-iv Q-2 Q 4 EV . st gr. ui- ,gf . V W 32 sei L . e-x i rib? Q 2 xii-i.-in-x - 1""'.,Z I my . I l ,E ? r O ASSOC13t6d Wome tudent President .,...H.....,.,................,..... Lois Virnau Vice President ..,....... .. ...,...s,,.....,. Paula lVlcDaniel Secretary ,...........................H,.. Tomilea Harvey Treasurer .........,.................. ..- Dewanda Prather The Association of Women Students engulfs every woman student into their organization. It is democratic in the sense that women are represented by a chosen few on the governing council. The council is composed of the elected officers, representatives from each dormitory and each class, housemanagers and presi- dents of each dormitory, and any women editors of campus pub- lications. Each year the AWS sponsors the election of the Lady of the Apple Blossom. This is the highest honor any woman in college may receive. The senior to whom this honor is awarded is con- sidered hy her fellow women students as the outstanding girl on campus and as the girl who has contributed most to college life during her undergraduate days. aw rr 1- s EPR mm: Xi s 5 s E s bi ea if ag , tiff A ' Y W sf wmv, The new officers receive lasi' minute expianaiions of iheir duiies as officers. The wide awake members of +he club lisien fo the inspiring Coach Dempsey. T Club President ...... .... L ynn I-Iallum Vice President --- --- Chester Barner Treasurer .... ..... - - ...... ...... G len Mosley The Arkansas Tech "T" Club is composed of the bearers of the coveted green-and-gold varsity letter, the highest athletic award given by Tech in basketball, football, track, and baseball. The club raises money through the pre-season Green and Gold games in football and basketball and the sale of football programs. Other functions of the organization include an annual picnic and an initiation at which no photographers are allowed, hence no pictures. Blue Key President ...........H..........-.... - - ........ Joe Zug Vice President ........................... Johnny Clayborn Corresponding Secretary .......A........... George Hudgens Recording Secretary .......................... Jaclc Wright The Blue Key National Honor Fraternity is one of the fore- most national honor organizations for college men. Juniors and seniors who have distinguished themselves in their studies and have demonstrated leadership ability and high character are eli- gible for membership. The Tech Chapter of Blue Key continues to he one of the most active organizations of the campus, as it was last year - but that isn't saying much. The Blue Key-Faculty basketball game and the annual spring variety show help to raise funds to he awarded in the form of a semester scholarship to a deserving freshman male student. Blue Key also sponsored the Homecoming Parade, and in co-operation with the Student Council, sponsored two Leadership Conferences for student leaders on campus. gzgasw -H wav? 1 in Q 5 if if? , S 1 i 4 Q . W 5' gf , Q Y- in F Members watch as Roberf Rennie explains the meaning of Blue Key symbol. Members stand 'For the swear- ing in. omen's Recreation ASSOCl3t10H President .... A... W ilma Laffon Vice President --- ....... Jess Tibbels S ecre tary .... .... L inda Thompson Treasurer --- H-- .... --- Mary Beth Wright The Women's Recreational Association strives to promote a physical fitness program and to provide recreational activities for women students whether the activities be in the form of a 50-mile hike or a fast and furious hockey game. However, Dr. Wilson has a lot to do with the club. In order to be a member, one must be an active participant in intramural sports. Another form of the club's physical fitness program is a male and female physical ex- hibicion. Mr. Sportsman is chosen by votes at a penny each and Miss Arkansas Tech comes close to a beauty contest in that girls display their talents and attributes. W0men's PEM lub President ....... ...... E dra Basse Vice President .... --- Willa Nell Page Secretary ..... --- Jackie Christine Treasurer cc- .... - ...... ---- a-- Carolyn Combs The women's Physical Education Majors and Minors Club encourages the understanding of physical education at Arkansas Tech. It also works to broaden information and participation along professional lines. Membership is open to all Tech women who are majoring or minoring in physical education. The club,s activities are supervised by Dr. Margaret Wilson. f-Cf One of the club's goals is 'fo make every girl a dream for every male. A+ a meeting, The girls are 'taught mouth-io-mouth respi- ration. They are using a dum- my, OK? 201 Stud nt Council President .H... .... R onnie Price Vice President ....... --- .... johnny Phillips Female Vice President --- .........-.. Scarlett Biggs Secretary-Treasurer --,-- -,-- -- .,.. .l .... Carlene Schmoll Government on Arkansas Tech campus belongs to the student, according to the Student Council. Besides giving the students government, the council provides dances, and, well, dances. Not only does the council think of the students' social needs, but physical needs as well in the form of stone benches strategically placed on campus. The governing body also regulates the consti- tutions of all campus organizations. In addition it sponsors a Lead- ership Conference each semester which all the campus organiza- tions attend. During the spring semester, the president and both male and female vice-presidents are elected by the entire student body. Rep- resentatives to the council are elected by each division, the number of representatives being determined by the enrollment of that division. The secretary-treasurer of the Student Council is elected by the council itself. The Student Council does sponsor some very fine dances. Please note that Tech girls dance more refined than the local high school girls who attend Tech dances. The leader loolts on disgustingly as a 'few members of the Student Council nod, nearly napping, at one of the infrequent meetings. There are not many there because some didn't ltnow they were meeting - some don't ltnow they meet - some don't ltnow. Court members pose for this piciure as H' is impossible fo get a picture of 'them in action - there is none. Prosecuting Attorney Biggs gives a de- fendani' a scornful look as she swears him IH. 225' 17 f' . gzz ' A ... 1 s, A . s. . Z s H , nl Q gf . M M .:.:::..:.2. 1 Hmm - . nl: is B58 Bi : 4 sw. HN Q... .. W ii H 5 str v in N -is . K, w sm 'zz M? EE Wm is is H.- - s Tm- sg fw - ss -3 1 K ss? is sl gif 2512 3 7 S s 'E S - as s x as .E is gazsfgssn Q E vi ii mg gasp n 51: 9 2: 1 s si s ' gf s vm i 33 12. Sk i' Q as ins ii sz ma ss smsrgsss ' msn ss KW ' mmggs is ESQ 2 V 5 ss if SESS 3 ,rw s sms? 8 giigtss . ,us . l 5 i ss: sw. ' ii Zgigsigii sis . .wgsi-. rss. s s I P 253 '5 it W E sis H s B B V E fi -.-as mga if .Urs i may x 1- ii!! If H B' !?EE:s::E.:f: Us at s 5 . "" ' '. H :g:g:Q:L..- 2:2 lil A222 H- 5'- QM 1 .K si s M 5 ' is ms xsngmlhw was Bm H-is ss nz 1 rw s -s : ss ss -iss -si-,ass MM agar -.ess is r- ,i- s is s s ss: ze ,, . E w.u.s i Mr I is i as sn as ' f U .:. ji yjiltiig , EM, -- ' it-,wig my i ... .,., ... ... e .. . :N-rss :wg ' sax K f I 1 ss Nm me ma an as as E ms sas ms as wr sn HA gift?-., 'z 4 .ilijh vw: -fs :Q iysnsuir ii 1 i , we ' fy , g 1 I E sr ,I , W We K' Y " .. . Stud nt ourt Chief Justice ..................s.........., johnny Phillips Prosecuting Attorney ...,..,,.,.,.-.,, ,-, -,---, Scarlett Biggs Bailiff -.-............-...........s...... Barry Pitaniello RCCOrCler ..-s.-.......................... Caroline Howard Student Court made an issue out of punishing offenders but it turned out to be all talk, until the court itself was embarrassed by the informality of its tl.'i3.lS. After a shaky beginning, the court clid gain equilibrium and made an attempt at justice. Serving as Chief Justice is the first vice-president and the second vice-presi- dent serves as Attorney General. ! 1 is at While frying to 'Find some explanaiion for the planfs, members discuss 'iheir Nuclear Conference and its effect on the lives of the Tech sfudeni' body. EE Science Club President ..........H.. .- .................... Richard Smith Vice President --- ..... .. .................... Hubert Foshee Secretary-Treasurer .............,........... Wallace Smith The Science Club and the Science Department of Arkansas Tech are to be congratulated for their active participation in the Nuclear-Energy Conference held on our campus this spring semes- ter. The Agricola salutes such controlled energy. The Science Club is composed primarily of math and science majors amounting to twenty-six members who seek to relate the scientific experience. You can imagine the flunking student's frustration. The new science building and its facilities will enable this club to sponsor activities such as lectures, demonstrations fof a scien- tific natui-ei, trips, and seminars to provide its members the op- portunity of learning from others. QE ,M M545 ' 4 WI? Q ,gm " News Am Members lisien as Walace Smiih tells his ideas about fhe NEC, which ' rhe club started. Y Tech Honor Society President .........H........................ Harley David Vice President ..... -, ..... .. .............. Johnny McDonald Secretary ............,..................... Carolyn Cody Treasurer ---.,-. .........e.e.....,........... Robert Rennie Membership in the Tech Honor Society is limited to those junior and senior students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 f4.50 under the 6-point systemj or better. By honoring outstanding scholarship, this organization seeks to en- courage scholastic achievements at Arlcansas Tech. Another of its major functions is to make its members aware of the many scholarships and fellowships that are available to outstanding students who plan to do graduate work. As a social organization the Tech Honor Society fosters in- ter-departmental fellowship among top-ranking students. Two spealrers, Johnny McDonald and Carolyn Cody, share a single rosfrum while advising a group of freshmen. Q, , in - ' agar Bi if X s A group of scholastic leaders look over a sample comic sfrip of Gorf, an iconoclasfic froglydyfe, and begin fo wonder about some .of fhe il-:ings they have learned. F A class looks over some eye-appealing +rea'l'- menf of an Ogden Nash epigram. Artist's and Designeris Guild President ..... --- Ronnie K. Wans Vice President .... ........ D on Lee Treasurer ..... -- William Shyroclc S ecre tary -M ---..-..-.,-- -- --- ----- joe Bai-tee The majority of the displays and exhibits seen on the Tech campus is the worlc of the Artists and Designers Guild. This group is responsible for most of the school publicity which in- volves art work. The cluh meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The 1963-1964 Tech catalogue is a product of the Guild. Taking a coke break, 'rhe fufure arfisis of America discuss curreni af fairs in fheir 'Field and affairs of 'tha campus. Mrs. Helen Marshall, ari insfrucfor, offen has iroulzle pariing culfure upon reluciani' Techsiers. If you weren'+ there you will never guess who these young lovelies are. A local French matron spealts to the club. What +ime does the next plane leave for France? French lub President ....... uuu....uu.u...,.u.... J ohnny McDonald Vice President ...,.u... M- --.. .............. Jack Warndof S ecre tary-Treasurer .... , ,,.,....u.............. Pat Smee Reporter ....A....... .. ................. .,... - -- joan Ryan M we President. Easily the most active and ingenious club on the Tech campus, Le Cercle Francais fThe French Clubl is interested in promotihg a deeper interest in the language, culture, and ideology of France, and in denouncing deGaulle as France's recognized This objective now amended is more readily seen when we considerrthat their monthly programs consisted of a discussion of French politics headed by Dr. Carleton Curran, a discussion of French painting by Helen Marshall, a talk on the "night life of Paris" by Micheline Morrison, and many other interesting subjects too numerous to note. The French Club has proved its ingenuity time and time overg We have only to remember their entry in the Homecoming Parade, the Luau and the fabulous Masque Ball held annually. Engineering and Math Club members get ready +o leave a meeting. Engineer' Club President .... ..... - - Bill Fletcher Vice President -., -- Sid Sewell S ecre tary .... .... - N- Robert Etien Treasurer --- ..... .. .-- .... --- Robert Cole The Engineer's Club is an honorary scholastic organization formed with the purpose of promoting the advancement of en- gineering and fellowship and social advancement among the mem- bers of the club and other student associates. With forty-six members, this club only be vociferous on campus in the Spring at which time they sponsor Engineers' Week. During the week the club elects Saints Pat and Patricia, prints a special issue of the student newspaper in some shade of green, and has a tug-of-war with the Agri students over a pile of goodies which the engineers invariably win. Also in a period of two semesters time, this group is a major point of interest to en- gineers and they discuss events pertaining to the fieldi of en- gineering. ae s is was A-M , 11-nw .44 xi 1: M I' sr ri -4 X ,W -fag 'S W as 4 XE i is 131 -is nr WSP ss- s Ei its x as ,E . H :gr sssxa fg- 1 Egg ii . if ia Q , if 'Vu i fx sr ru The Young Democrats usually have other rhings to do af their meetings besides loolr pretty for -I-he cameraman. Youn Democrats President ......... .- .,..,.,,,........... Jon M. Buntenbah Male Vice President .. .,............,.a,.. J. Frank Harrison Female Vice President ........ -. ................. Lynn Craft S ecre tary .....e....,... -. ..........,,...., Wayne Reynolds Treasurer .......... .. ........ - .,............ Jackie Knight Tech's Young Democrats Club has become known on campus this year mainly through the activities of its president, Jon Bun- tenbah. The club sponsored a party on Mount Neho one cold winter night, then made their next project a. trip to Little Rock to watch the state legislature in action. One girl, reporting on the trip, said she learned that one's feet hurt when one stood on them for long periods of time. mem be rs Q 3 1 W X i lil i Z M ii .,,3.3jgsf. 1 r x Mer - K- Erma i ,iw ui i ins x i i iw jsgrgrx ful" , .Mx , President Jon Bunfenbah clarifies a poinl For several of 'Phe Young Democrats. r . .i,.. r- :'1'T'LlL M215-41,-..,,. 2 NVQ s wfuil' ll ii L its i kwa -2 . meme X 2 . . T, ,se ,Ass E. s Esau Hauser-Sires., ...v " gp2NewQtu3nvJM+W2+w liuviux Qiegagjiwiiuijsuiw,Mimi Kwixirwgssie-X-syillllxihnug Mag ii xi ws ggi li siisngmii ,gm iwilnni f fs.rMd???a?.- K iso .., .N I gfsig Y. 55. s i we s i ,, in ' 4? .' , 'ssiZ'fK ' . res W ' W.,-xx:.:- -e v. if--fic ... Mass - ...M new ..1,,,,..,,,... ww: Ui---'ff-: ii Messier H Jmwssisl mf,im,ri,,U,,,M,ni M. ,isWiQmp,Wi,,Mw -le i Lisrljsgjiis -qw ' X . Wesgluif , He, if: if i.. X 1 New-f o+l1er Q s :ag tamsin--g , E Wrifggxlrgrl Q T : is E T ..., .. ., H 3 ,g., 1 X is . ,,...s,... a x is i w r f ii f V fr a Xixiisw.. kiwi xi is r s JL lg sig! h!i'f"l'l': . ,A , xii an is -H nm Ei Theatre Guild President ..... - -,.- Roy Lane Vice President .... .... D on Wolfe Secretary ...... .... B everly Rickman Treasurer .... ---,.--- -- ---, Grover Partee Tecl1's Theatre Guild is made up of students from several divisions who are interested in theatrical activity and in cultivat- ing tastes for that which is best in drama. It is out of these principles that the students have presented plays as "Oedipus the King". With the joint effort of the Humanities Department and the Theatre Guild, "Death of a Salesman" was presented the spring semester. Tl'1ere's more to a play than spealting lines, 'this lass finds. The young man in lhe center loolts as 'lhough he needs advice from Grover. The Young Republicans' president ponders a ques- Hon from +he floor. Some clubs have members who come early lo meer- ings - a+ leasi' we hope ihat is noi' 'lheir enfire membership. Young Republicans President .... --- Raymond Elkins Vice President --- -M Robert Carpet Secretary .... ...... R obert Pearson Treasurer -... ..... .... E d ward Henderson Besides the mass migration to Winrock Farm for a free meal, the Young Republicans held meetings for the year's activities. The purpose of the Club is to develop all Tech Young Repub- licans into an intelligent, aggressive, and co-operative group. However, Tech's branch goes along with the majority of Re- publicans in the state. Lutheran College Leagu President ..... --, johnny Fletcher Vice President --- .-- David Knoernschild Secretary-Treasurer -- - ..... Patty Siems The Lutheran College League is an organization formed this year with the purpose of providing worship and fellowship for Lutheran students on the campus. For worship the Lutheran League has a candle-light vesper every other weelc for students who wish to attend. For fellowship, the Lutheran League sponsors recreational activities such as hay- rides and banquets. The Lutheran League also sponsors many service projects. Some of these were Christmas caroling and showing a movie about the Reformation Period to the students. Fellowship and informal singing provide some of 'rhe a'H'rac+ions of ihe new club. The Lutheran League is ihe newest religious or ganizaiion on lhe Tech campus. Mefhodisf siudenfs are proud of iheir new building. Siudenis 'Find +ha+ cooperaiion pays off on a proiecf. MAH 2 .1 ' 5.4 Wes ey Foundation President .... --- Paul Godwin Vice President --- ..., John Smith Secretary .... --- Louise Schieble Treasurer .,..... --- .... ..... A lfred Newman Wesley Foundation has gained in popularity on campus since the completion of their eye-catching building. The Foundation provides an opportunity for Methodist students to continue their association with the Methodist Church in a collegiate atmosphere. The purpose then is to aid the student in realizing his true Christ- ian identity both through worship and intellectual striving. Activities are basically the same as other religious groups on campus -- Sunday morning and evening services, weekly discus- sion groups and the joining of hands in true Christian brother- hood with other religious organizations for the presentation of campus-wide Easter and Thanksgiving services. Siudents get a chance for dis- cussion on fopics ai' BSU. Baptist students gather 'round 'Phe piano aH'er a meeiing. BSU President ......... ,- ........................ Robert Rennie Vice President ......,....... - ......... -,-- George Hudgens Secretary ........v........ .. ................ Barbara Jones The Baptist Student Union as the crow flies, stands some- where between Tech and Mortiltong to he more exact it is east of Caraway Hall. During the first semester of this year, the BSU shared its facilities with a group of most appreciative Methodists who were having their union rebuilt. The basic objective of the BSU is to deepen the students' Christian understanding and commitment through a campus pro- gram that compliments the church. This objective is accomplished through a group movement of worship and devotional experience, fellowship, responsible church stewardship, and an examination of academic disciplines from a Christian angle. Membership is open to any student who upon his own initia- tive applies for membership in and puts his greatest effort into this movement. i nm 1: swans My fs Newman lub President ---..- .... Barbara Griffin Vice President .... .... M ilce Peeler Secretary .... A.... Ann Baller Treasurer --- ...........e,.... ......,.... D olores Ernst Representing the Catholic faith on the Arkansas Tech campus, the Newman Club serves as a discussion group on matters per- taining to both social and religious events and controversies. The meetings which are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month are generally lectures and discussion groups. Newman Club exists on the campuses of some 500 colleges and universities. Their purpose is three-fold: religious, educa- tional, ancl social. r K - K Wig? Nxgmgawigiamgg xmnmijga was W E nm si KEE me fu The members fake a break cluring 'Phe meeting and look over the rehearsal schedule of evenis. mx .Y we ' -N Que rx, ss new n M me ,H egg magna H ,au E-me . ss c H E gs S s was EKFW' -:SMS fa --W5 rm NEWS me D W : we E L A .. or 5 f ravi' -EY' H N ee? M5 96 sf D . we . jiggs'rglm,sJs?2wr 'gs:Q2s sr in ty- We K - V B- M a, .:. .. H N :. I cf' ,m i M - 4 'gui .gee B W msmms d- s sa? Q B as ME Presldent ...e........................... Dewanda Prather Vice President .....-........................ George Duke Secretary-Treasurer ........................ Glenda Hannon The Music Educators National Conference is the Tech music depattmenfs organization for majors who plan to teach music as a profession. It is the purpose of this organization to provide the student with a better understanding of the problems confront- ing the music educator. And a noteworthy objective it is, but it deals only with the problems of a musical nature , not the prola- lems of the world. Si? nigger Q' it as H rise BB SSB Mais' smilies -,Qt QMW mifw wwe Wm 2- 22.81 Ms F' as 'jim Q-'gsghssige samsung! L QM magazine. Musicians sifling down wifh 'lheir cups of nectar mighf well be lhe cufline. However, if is only 'lhe MENC loolcing al' 'lheir naiional Kappa Kappa Psi President ..... --- Bill Stewart Vice President --- --- Paul Godwin Secretary-Reporter --- --- Arlin Jones Treasurer --- -- -- .... --- Wendell Hise Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary fraternity for college bands- men who have proved themselves in the musical field. This group does a great deal of secret worlc for the campus, and to this day we note their success as a club by how secret they keep these secret tasks. It is to be mentioned here and now that all those gross untruths said about this group in last year-'s annual are not true. Justice is yours, dear Kappa Kappa Psi, whoever you are. Members ot Kappa Kappa Psi pay their dues to Wendell Hise, treasurer, tor the initiation tee. While listening to instructions, the KKP's take a cigarette brealr. Lisiening +o records is a favorite pastime' of ihe members. The new pledges attempt to gain favor by cleaning out +l1e record shelf. iurn ,, , lnrfurfr Tau Beta Sigma President ..... -- Dewmda Prather Vice President - .... .... S haron Payne Secretary-Treasurer --- -- ...,... Junie West The other set of Greeks on campus is the Beta Nu Chapter of the Tau Beta Sigma. Although it is small in size, its activities are large in scope. Each year the group sponsors a number of social functions for all members of the band. It honors outstand- ing musiciansg it promotes the welfare of rhe college laandg and it provides healthier relationships between college bandwornen. iiiiiiil l si :L 'l I .Q Q, ew: Q 3 Q H Q S Q Ei Z E 'Tai :ii Ei::5::::H:Q: V gs, ,-flfisii President ..............,........,........... ack Wri ht g Vice President .................. ....... - - ..... Perry Raley Secretary .........H.......................... Zettie Jones Treasurer ........H. ..... ..................... T w ila Dunn The aims of the.Student National Education Association are to deepen the students interest and broaden his knowledge of the field of education. In an effort to fulfill their aims, the club holds a meeting every other Monday night to discuss what edu- cation is in today's America and how it stands in comparison to other professions. The activities of the club include the promo- tion of National Education Week and attendance at the state convention. Members tell di:-ly iolces about col- lege instructors. These young ladies will teach our children? Meeting' future teachers is always a pleasant experience. Fall semester presidenl' Jackie Ven- able falres +he limelight. The pro gives 'the amaieurs a pep +aIlr before 'l'he big 'lesl' - who will be chosen for Les Danseurs. es Danseurs President --- -- jackie Venahle Secretary ..... -- -,- ...... Glennette Hogan In its fourth year, Les Danseurs is still looked on as a popular entertainment group, with the very generous and unselfish advice offered hy Dr. Margaret Wilson, the club's sponsor. It is an organization devoted to the furthering of understanding and ap- preciation of the modern dance. Recitals are presented each fall and spring semester. It is at these recitals that the club associates with the members of the modern dance physical education class. Philosoph lub President .... .... C hris Witherspoon Vice President ....,. .... R oy Weatherford Secretary-Treasurer ...o... --- Mary Beth Wright Tech's Philosophy Club is now a two-year-old organization which is dedicated to rational discussion of philosophical ques- tions. The meeting times are irregular, as are membership require- ments. There has even been some debate at times that the Phil- osophy Club is not an official organization because the Student Council has not approved a constitution for it, but its members have genially persuaded most of the students to accept its cle facto existence. Four of 'rhe promineni' members of the club in an unsuccessful aH'emp'l' fry 'lo show the evils of manltind on the earth. One lone philosopher in a favori+e philosopher's posilion, mediiafes on what he has read. v'v Ss ,sn ss Em SLE RFQ Egmjixig NM- ,aww mix N. mx FQKFSA' E . gfshn W :Vi sh.. , w Mk J, . . , P' ma ,.,L,.-md M ww, H wxw-'S' .MW ,H W. ,VH ww -53. .wwmm H E H mx Zigi , Q . if J" ss -ww uf H :mifgw aug az EE ww V Eur B: JAMES BURGE, BARRIE DAVIS Photographers ' A 1 1-fm, QISQQS Es S QQ 5,'Fj..,2s..f 'fm Fe s'2'?w5S: wzsf A iw msgs we w BILLY KIEHL Photography Editor 222 M ang H sy: H 525 s 5 W 4 gricola -,'::5:- A :I tif ' S8 iw ish ' gi :E wx V E 21 . ,Q B E ,Q :wi ,M ms ss K A E Q ff M a . Q ,M J vii, 'ss -zz bfi'-, ss 'Saw x-5 A' 43? . V. 4. H 'Q 4 .fm wa SUE CRABTREE Editor-in-chief BARBARA POPE, LINDA HILL, JIMMIE SUE BALLARD Typists ss S.: 21' X' ii: . X JIM "WIMPY" HANKINS JUNE BAKER ROY LANE Sports Editor Division Editor Administration Editor MARGIE SHAW Personalities Editor VIRGINIA NELL McNUTT Organizaitions Editor GEORGE CARTER KATHIE CORCORAN Class Editor Copy Editor 4 GEORGE CARTER Editor BILLY KIEI-IL, JAMES BURGE, BARRIE DAVIS Photographers Arka-Tee First Semester 'Sings' -Sw?-S Qfw JOANNE BURN ETT Business Manager ED HENDERSON Sports Editor 1 M mg? 5 53,5 N H ,eww nl JOHNNIE McDONALD Cartoonist ROD RUTHVEN Sports Editor Second Semester GEORGE CARTER Business Manager lawn.. um. mm fa- 4 ' ' n- :mn-N... ma' 1...-M GARRY GARNER Editor CADET LT. COLONEL KENNETH NECES SARY commands the ROTC Infantry Battalion. Colo- nel Necessary is a Distinguished Military Student and will receive a regular army commission as a second lieu- tenant in Armor upon graduation. attalion CADET MAJOR HARLEY DAVIS is the Execu- tive Officer for the Battalion and coordinates the acti- vities of the Staff. Major Davis is a Distinguished Mili- tary Student and will receive a regular army commission as a second lieutenant in the Infantry upon graduation. taff The Battalion is composed of a Headquarters Company and five rifle companies. The Headquart- ers Company includes the Band and Drill Team. These six companies are all under the control of the cadet commander and his staff. The mission of the staff is to assist the cadet commander in training the cadet corps into a sharp precision unit. This training reaches its climax with the annual Fourth Army IG Inspection conducted lay a team of officers from the Fourth Army Head- quarters. For the spring semester Cadet Major Stephen Rye was selected as the Executive Officerg Cadet Capt. Donald Gray as the S-13 Cadet Capt. Don Hatfield as the S-45 and Cadet Sgt. David Dahlke was selected as the Bn. Sgt. Major. CADET SGT. MAJOR CARL CLEVENGER Battalion Sgt. Mlajor CADET CAPTAIN JACK WRIGHT Battalion S-1 CADET CAPTAIN PAUL RODEN Battalion S-Z CADET CAPTAIN BILL CURTIS Battalion S-4 CADET MAJOR GEORGE HUDGENS Battalion S-3 CADET CAPTAIN CADET IST LT. Joseph Smith Don Hatfield Headquarters Company is commanded by Dis- tinguished Military Student Captain Joseph Smith and his executive officer Lt. Donald Hatfield. HQ Com- pany has two elements in its commandg the ROTC Band and the Drill Team. The Band, commanded hy Lt. Boen, furnishes march cadence for the cadet corp at each drill and is a vital part of the Battalion parade ceremonies held at Federal Inspection. The Drill Team is composed of volunteers from the corps and represents the ROTC department at activities throughout the state. Headquarters Compan A a .A Y L K ,X JU, . A wiv we g LR , ffaif- Qs, -, 'nreig ,fl Q .H W 2, af, f N 3,5 ag f , 4 ,- t1 ,1 FIRST ROW: Lt. Boen, O'Nea1, Nichols, Marlar, Graves, Bordelon, Horan, Anders. SECOND ROW: Gillespie, Mayton, Cox, Mars, Walton Holleman, Eilcleberry, Barloorek. THIRD ROW: Meyer, Knight, Martin, Myers, Gray, Applmg, Teeter. FOURTH ROW: Bradberry, Clough Morris, Stallings, Rutledge, Merrill, Chapman. 228 .lf-l""" Hi 1 i - ii W' IM. Wwwi TY- FIRST ROW: Cantrell, Thocle, Rucldell, Knoerschilcl, Gordon, Hemmer, Resimont, Lynch, Reeves. SECOND ROW: lst Lt. Dee Wrcsche, Weatherall, Chambers, Fay, Wallis, Harry, Teeter, Crow. THIRD ROW: Ledhetter, White, LaFolIette, Bracken, Hixsong Radtke. COLOR GUARD: L. S. Louert, G. R. Hendren, G, E. Ross, G. R. Russell. Drill Team Representing the Tech ROTC Department, the precision marching drill team performs at activities throughout the state. Highlighting the performances was an exhibition at the annual Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. Other performances included the Homecoming Pa- rade and Dads Day ceremonies. Spii' shines, brass, and precision ai' homecoming. " ' V ' - - - ,.,,, . " -e- i' x 'V f . Q. I :III . ,I ,.iII..j. :XJ I . , .I I .5 Ieg. II II ,.1.,,u! III I! AI . ILIQIIM... M 5 uf! .,.. .: I I, :-: ' - II ,I gm' I ,, I-51 , -: ', 1' , ' M fiiksisie :Pf .r ' Q, Pr YJ , -ef' w J " . ' -3 1 er M? Ngjgm , eggaalgf .. ,,., Q . -,-gg - "-V 5 ..,.. QV f' Q , s. i A if WHEQEQ?-.Z - 555 5 "" 'V' vin: 1" A -- .- f-E: , . 5 gxlliwelgiilillliigail 'elif-fly? E filf?Ji?lZlSi ,a "" - : ' A V " i - - 1 w w M -M- : F -' " ---- : '- .- ., . Wg "EC: ,. . g ' " ,W - 'Xf f iv :H -. 'N A H." HM '-X H X as QN ' 1 inf fx ,f "'i 2 I' A ' - i F- . li 2 - ' . , +G --is- II . ... . Mi ,I I I II III I. I I Ip .I ,M I N I I, I-.I if .-I-L - lush' .,,.., - f fm. - 1 Degree is 'J aw. we .. 3 . . ., . ,, , N. ,.., A . .,.. it g , BN.. ie. , ie '-1 --I t.. 5.:If V QAQ- -- I' III QIIIII., I Q M933 2 '. 5 5352 aa H E I III- I .. Q I II! MSFQEIZIIE 'j III I-If? ., gigs .. ., I ,IIIIIIi I 4 I IIII...I , III :.:. II .. QB!! KI,h ' ,., eg, H. .,:, Q., ... -' Q : -- H' Q S.: - 1 " 4 "" . "" f eel? H 5 . Z '- We 'Q 1 '-"' .., ,. - R 1 if , . aI r" I-1 III--aa? -I .. I I IIIIIII 'II-:a:.:. E I 53 5 - I II . IIIII sz . IIfII,:S- I II Ig III. ,EIB I. IEI w ax E H: wan 53155 5 II, I 3 iv I III X 1 - f ,., 5. ee., . :a: vane in :rec si sv. L 1 a , f' lifeeifiee 2 efegeis' g eiggtg E A 5 4 4, I Ilya W . -WMI I 5a?gfggi2,g.f,aeIgBQfQ ,XE EIEQEQQQQIQ - Mawr ,ef N 1: W 1 fs - ff mi ii w f :V vigmeli' will W Qli.1gl3I if-f gin: -W Milly! X .M M ...z N., ii . V.. , ,y I I 51 gf - r -we -M'-an-xii , wSial.,,, ,-was ii .- ' - 'V ' ii T223 S5532 5 m' if"!?HE.fs -:ff f V Q 7 I ' 5 I ,I 1: If " 1 T nigfgfg .: 2:2 5 if 15 we ii: xl N in ff f . 2 -- .zz-5,-1... " '- 1 . - Q 11. we a 2 6? 1 I .. A s , i.II If If - ., ?-I II L: . 1' - e ,, ee Q r--' 4 of 11 Q R ' " f e Stag e M .Q ' -el 3 -, W I - lf' A ' ' ' ' "' f "fl- E K J - W 5. "" 1 , X Ffffff: We H H Q, '51 If V 4 . , i 1 229 Commanding Company A is DMS Cadet Capt. Franlc Fulmerg the executive officer is Cadet lst Lt. Dickey James. Platoon leaders are Cadet Lts. Carl Yates, James Workman, and Robert Baker. The platoon sergeants are Ray Henthorne, Robert Beaver, and Wesley Little. CADET CAPTAIN CADET IST LT. Frank Fulmer Dickey James ompan A L L . A .s. 4. V It FIRST ROW: Lt. C. W. Yates, Lt. J. M. Workman, Lt. R. L. Baker, MfSgt. 1, W. Wesley, MfSgt. R. I. Beaver, Mfsgt. R. A. Henthome, lst. Sgt. R. K. Whiting. SECOND ROW: Willcutt, Ramsey, Brown, Baxter, Ownbey, Willis, Reynolds, Swindle, Twyford, Baxter, Ward, Millwin, Riley. THIRD ROW: Turner, Glenn, Tarver, Wilks, Tobin, Soller, Robnett, Page, Freyaldenhaven, Greene, Rye, I-Iamilton, Pavatt, Darrell. FOURTH ROW: Ramer, Silver, Ramsey, Sweat, Shryock, McClellan, Marcmm, Patterson, Basinger, Jones, Talley, Sneed, Marcam, Hunt, Slceets. FIFTH ROW: Mays, Rye, Cook, Key, Coure, Ashworth, Neal, Cross, Thomson, Phillips, Kilgore, Brazell, Elsom, McElroy. ' SIXTH ROW: Rice, Elmbrosh, Petefish, Duclerstadt, Casey, Shupe, Casey, Hamilton, Mimms, Key, Bumett, Carleton, Pullen, Hill. Cadet Captain George Leonard, DMS, is com- 1' mander of Company B3 Cadet lst Lt. Hubert L. Foshee is the executive officer. Platoon leaders are: Cadet Lts. Perry W. Raley, Larry Clayton, Ed Montgomery, and Larry Williams. First Sergeant is Roy Weatherford, and platoon ser- geants are james Howard, Rodney Roe, Harry Northup, and Bill Luce. CADET CAPTAIN CADET IST LT George Leonard Hubert Foshee A . 51,63-eei.t....-. FIRST ROW: 1fSgt. R. C. Weatherford, Lt. L. Williams, Mfsgf, B. Luce, MfSgt.f H. M. Northup, Lt. E. A. Montgomery, MfSgt. J. D. Howard, Lt. P. W. Raley. SECOND ROW: Wood, Richardson, Walker, Riley, McAlester, Newsom, Lee, Rogers, Rhea, Sharp, Williams, White, Rogers, Bearden, White, Ramey. THIRD ROW: Hylton, Breed, Woods, Sweeney, McLean, Haas, Hopkins, Lee, Martin, White, Pittman, lVIcCracy, Stair, Pittman, Newman. FOURTH ROW: Robinson, Taylor, Yarbrough, Aitken, Pridgin, Smith, Russell, Nolen, Finkenlainder, Green, Duffy, Fletcher, O'Neal, Henry, McCarrell, Carlton, Rush, Jury, Phillips, Frank, Cole, Jones, Henry, Scarbrough, Robertson, Owens, Young, Filippelli. SIXTH ROW: Abernathy, Zachary, Kent, Cavant, Luke, Armstrong, Hawksley, Nichols, Wray, Moss, Lumpkin, Sewell, Hoyle, Hef- ley. SEVENTH ROW: Hawkins, Gossien, Coker, Turner, Fiser, Hunter, Hickerson, Gappa, Gauwain, Lennenhagen, Highfill, Brescae, Wood, Kimmons. EIGHTH ROW: Adams, Coates, Bell, Dilbeck, Denson, Casper, Milholland, White. The commanding officer of C Company for first semester was Cadet Captain Jack Bradford, and the executive officer was Cadet 1st Lt. Carroll Payne. Second semester, Cadet Captain Hubert Foshee was commander, and Cadet Lt. James Workman was the executive officer. Platoon leaders were Cadet Lts. Bobby Price, Robert Pilgrim, Johnny Clayborn, and Carl Daily. CADET CAPTAIN CADEI' 1ST LT, .lack Bradford Carroll Payne e , .-....,-,rr- s , A .... , ,V , ta... S -c':"' "fQ.,,..,,. -MMffe"""" gi Y WY V s KY, -WH bg MJA -YY K, .,..,,.-,-f ,. 3 --A-,,,, ,,,.,- , ,,.. YW v - , , FIRST ROW: Lt. B. J. Price, Lt. R. R. Pilgram, Lt, J. Clayborn, Lt. C. R. Daily, MfSgt. Watts, MfSst. Piraniello, MfSit. Garner, MfSgt, Lane, lst Sgt. R. E. York. SECOND ROW: Bledsoe, Henderson, Newman, Scotts, Hicks, McGurie, Miller, Branch, Havens, Pate, Brasel, Masters, Young, Griffin, Price. THIRD ROW: Martindale, Hopson, Mann, Ramsey, Smith, Whitfield, McDaniel, Gilbert, Whitlow, Ruby, Thompson, Cochran, Sharp, Miser, FOURTH ROW: Geren, Siedenschwarz, Phillips, Udey, Porter, Keady, Martin, Hart, Martin, Meeks, Shockley, Millsap, Kendrick, Bell, Farrow. FIFTH ROW: McClain, Rayburn, Barger, Lawson, Greer, Heft, Wilson, Hocott, Etien, LaFevers, Jelps, Harrison, Walsh, Hutto, Wilson. SIXTH ROW: Henderson, Moore, Gamer, Burns, James, Meeks, Neal, Young, Dickinson, Trusty, Mitchell, Tucker, Duvall, Moore. SEVENTH ROW: Howell, Parsons, Boshears, Rogers, Bebee, Martin, Hollard, Gray, Piles, Bruce, Skipper, Hunter, Alexander, Davis, Fletcher. EIGHTH ROW: Carlon, Barnett, Pistole, Cameron, Smith, Hoover. Company D commanding officer is DMS Jack Wood, the executive officer is Cadet lst Lt. Donald Gray. Platoon leaders are Cadet Lts.: Jimmy Shepherd, Harvey johnson, and R. N. Wade. Platoon sergeants are Robert Duvall, john Shoptaw, and C. L. Clayborn. CADET CAPTAIN CADET IST LT Jack Wood Donald Gray ompan - PN Q1 by - A Ai 5. ' , 4 . W 1 , - FIRST ROW: Lt. J, H. Shepherd, Lt.,I-I., A. Johnson, Lt. R. N. Wade, MfSgt. Duvall, MfSgt, Shoptaw, MfSgt. Clayborn, lst Sgt. D. A. Dahllcej SECOND ROW: Ratchford, Piplcins, Gattin, Rachel, Colluins, Ward, Watkins, Gladden, Graham, Neal, Deeter, Wickliffe, Gress, Cooper, Besancom. THIRD ROW: Pennylegion, Evans, Hfxson, Tanner, Holt, Ruthven, Garalberti, Diiton, Shinn, Hodges, Hester, Mestas, Howard, Barber, E-pperson. FOURTH ROW: Bradshaw, 'Hight,',Maddox, Harrell, Sutterfield, Kuykendall, Bratton, Poindexter, Miller, Cornelius, Coston, Bunten- bah, Curtis, Mason. FIFTH ROW: Roetter, Armstrong, johnson, Guess, Chinn, Schumacher, Carrington, Pew, Harissis, Dare, Pearson, Chastain, Scott, Foster. SIXTH ROW: Phillippy, Richards, Boyd, Niven, Bullock, Goode, Bryant, Cole, V V I Echo Company commander is Cadet Captain Steve Rye, DMS, the executive officer is Cadet lst Lt. Bazel Winstead. Platoon leaders are Cadet Lts.: Jerry Bridges, Tom- my Parker, and James Faught. Platoon sergeants are Bill Stewart, Arch jones, and James Staggs. First Sgt. is James Silces. CADET CAPTAIN CADET 1ST LT. Sf9Pl'19n RY0 Bazel Winstead - 4 Ds. L A A FIRST ROW: Lt. J. Bridges, MfSgt. W. Stewart, Lt, W. L Faught, Mfsgt. A. M. Jones, Lt, T. R. Parker, MfSgt. J. G. Staggs, lst Sgt. J. B Sikes. SECOND ROW: Dean, Winclle, Griffin, Weather-ton, Ezell, Nooak, Busbee, Underhill, Simmons, Holt, Hogan, Best, Gatling, Teeter THIRD ROW: Hightower, Bocksniclc, Goff, Teumer, Anthony, Judlcins, Harpending, Williams, Shaclwiclc, Harlan, Partee, Nail, Johnston, Sewell FOURTH ROW: Payton, Gilhteath, Hostetter, Smithson, Beard, Browning, Gillespie, Brooks, Bogdan, Brown, Taggart, Needham, Branch, Butler Caldwell. FIFTH ROW: Vest, Gross, Bull, Grover, DuVall, Land, Truitt, Davis, James, Roible, Ashlock, Stratton, Bowlin, Algur. SIXTH ROW: Tucker, Casner, Petronis, Coutchie, Walker, King, Raper, Hamm, Young, Bush, Peeler, Edgington, McCumber, Halliday, Kizer. 1 B 5 x .pgs casa? M FIRST ROW: Cadet Sgt. Maj. Carl Clevenger, Cadet Ist Sgt. James Silces, Cadet lst Sgt. Robert Whiting, Cadet lst Sgt. D. A. Dahllce Cadet lst Sgt. Paul Godwin, SECOND ROW: Cadet Maj. Harley Davis, Cadet Capt. Jack Wright, Cadet Lt. Col. Ken Necessary, Cadet Capt Frank Fulmer, Cadet Lt. Perry Raley. Scabbard and Blade Company E, 15th Regiment of Scabbard and Blade was organized this year in the Tech ROTC Department with ten charter members. The National Commander personally conducted the initiation ceremonies and pre- sented Colonel Harold Antrim, Professor of Military Science, the national charter for the company. Membership in the group is restricted and is by in- vitation only. An individual must possess outstanding qualities of leadership, patriotism, efficiency, and honor to be considered for membership. The purposes of the Scabbard and Blade are primari- ly to raise the standard of military education in Ameri- can colleges and universities, to unite in closer relation- ship their military departmentsg to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officersg and to promote friendship and good fellowship among cadet officers. Captain U- ...,. ..... J ack L. Wright lsr Lt. --- --- Carl M. Cleavenger 2nd Lt. ec..c... e... J ames B. Sikes lst Sgr, --,a,,,- .... Frank E. Fulmer H - L C FIRST ROW: Harley Davis, Frank Fulmer. SECOND ROW: Ken Necessary, Perry Raley, Jack Wood, George Leonard, jimmy Shepherd, Stephen Rye, Jack Wright, Joe Smith, Hubert Foshee. Tl-HRD ROW: Ronnie Watts, Charles Chastain, W. G. Stewart, Carl Cleavenger, Robert Duvall, Harry Northup, James Sikes, Roy Weatherford. FOURTH ROW: Charles Shupe, Leslie Havens, Robert Whiting, Robert Etien, Glenn Rice, James WiUcutt, Layne Collums, Richey Hunter. FIFTH ROW: David Dahlke, Paul Godwin. Militar Honor Society The Military Honor Society is composed of out- A Officers , standing military- students. The organization strives to Commander --U ---------u U- Harley Davis promote fellowship and high scholarship, to provide op- portunity for military leadership through actual prac- Executive Officer --- --- Frank Fulrner ticeg and to afford useful training in the social graces Adjutant ---an H Carl Cleavenger for military activities. , , To be eligible for membership, a military student First Sergeant --- .... Jimmy Shepherd must have an average of "B" in Military Science' he . ' . -A .,... ..r. S lc must pass the scrutiny of the Board of Governorsg and Sergeant at rms James I es he must engage in one of the most interesting iniriations Parliamentarian M.------- -- David Dahlke on the campus. PIO N ----nn Perry Raley One formal military banquet is held each year in addition to other social functions held each month. Funds for these activities are raised by ushering at athletic activities. .9 N Q wi! 1 1 FIRST ROW: Charles Newman, Ray Harrell, Raymond Young, Larry Browning, Don Tarver, Bobby Howard. SECOND ROW: James Weath- erton, Russell, Holliday, Tom Cameron, jay Haas, James McAlister, Danny Price, jack Bayer. Rifle Team Expert marlcsmanship is the goal of each member of the ROTC Rifle Team. Coached by Sgt. Ralph Bales, the team holds meets with the other members of the Arkansas Collegiate Rifle League: Ouachita Baptist College, Henderson State Teachers College, and Arkan- sas State College. Eight matches are held each year. Four are held at Tech and the rest are held at the other three league schools. With each snap of the trigger, Mardi Gras went through the mind of each member of the team. The team competed at the Tulane-Loyola Mardi Gras Invi- tational Rifle Match at New Orleans this year. The team also participated in the Fourth U. S. Army Rifle Meet at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. Under the sponsorship of Major Paul Willett, the team was officially recognized at a club with a consti- tution approved by the Student Council. President .... Vice President Treasurer ,.... Reporter -.--- Officers --- Ray Harrell ----- Don Tarver Charles Newman -,- Tom Cameron ,-..i...-..-n-L -, ,Lin lima Teo Choir mong Finest In Region IST SOPRANOS: Vera Bates Bonnie Beeson Frankie Burnett Camilla Jean Burris Jackie Chambers Mary Gardner Jan Gray Barbara Griffin Johanna King Peggy Looper Paula McDaniel Greta Allen Mendel Shields Nancy Tuller Sheila Villines ZN D SOPRANOS: Glenda Bostick Barbara Browning Vicky Hatfield Betty Hudson Judy Hutcherson Llewellyn Leigh Jane Moore Lynda Murphy Lynn Porter Mary Shinn Sue Turner jo Wentz IST ALTOS: Linda Burdine Kathy Corcoran Sue Crabtree Roselyn Denman Deanna Dunn Marian Eudy Drucilla Gregory Shirley Haley Margaret Jones Betty Scrudder Mariola Wood ZND ALTOS: Lee Beeson Beverly Bowden Jane Butler Sandra Dahlke Twila Dunn Brenda Farrell Barbara McKinley Becky Nolan DeWanda Prather Judy Reeves Ann Williams TEN ORS: Wayne Andrews Alva Appling Paul Godwin Jack Kellar Robert Nelson Danny O'Neal Rodney Roe Michael Sweeney BASSES Andy Anders Ralph Boen Dennis Brooks Jimmy Chapman Thommy Chapman Larry Dane Gerald Denson George Duke Russell Halliday Roy I-Iankins Ronnie Knight Bill Merrill Bill Nichols Jim Niven Sexton Orms Charles Ramsey Glenn Robnett Alton Rye Donald Stubblefield Neil Teeter Daniel Watson ACCOMPANTST: Vicky Hatfield Arkansas Tech7s choir of this year was one of the finest and most widely-acclaimed. Although over one-third of the choir was freshmen, under the capable leadership of Dr. John Waiiiwright, the group has proved to be one of the most publicized in the South. The choir performed at many on and off-campus functions. They presented concerts, one with a brass choir as accompanists, and performed at informal meetings. Two of these were the Tech Christmas tree-lighting ceremony and the City of Russellville Christmas parade and songfest. The November 16 Dad's Day found the choir as host to a reunion of former Tech- choir members. In addition to the regular concert presented by the student choir, the combined group of choir and former members presented a program. Directors for this event were Dr. Wainwright and two former conductors of the choir. The 85 man group is made up of both music majors and in- terested students. From the choir the ensembles are chosen. W0men's Trio J e C- I Outstanding Talents Featured in Ensembles Male Quartet Concert Band Personnel FLLJTES: Lois Lynn Virnau Catherine Ward Elizabeth Peer Lynda Murphy Jan Hogan Georgia Hays Susie Grober PICCOLO: Catherine Ward ENGLISH HORN: Dr. Loren Bartlett BASSOONS: Wendell Hise . Sid Sewell Jerry Taggart B-FLAT CLARINETS: Bill Nichols jack Wood Dr. Loren Bartlett Pat Ellison Mike Eubanks Paul Godwin Betty Ballcman Barbara McKinley Ken Cox Glenda Hannon Richard Morris Carol Franklin James Martin Carolyn Latimer Don Hatfield Shirley Brazzeal ALTO CLARINETS: Margie Shaw Rita Miley Simpson BASS CLARINETS: Richard Peer Pat Smee 240 joan Holland Mickey Jo Smith ALTO SAXOPHONES: Ray Idaker Gregory Clough ' Larry Mayton Dana Pickle Junie West TEN OR SAXOPHONES: Leighnora Buchanan Bill Barborek Richard Isom BARITONE SAXOPHONES: Wilson Briley Robert Willingham Billy Bob Loftin FRENCH HORNS: Arlin Jones Ed Marlar Roger Cook Ralph Boen Bill Smith Bill Stewart Wayne Walton CORNETS: Chris Witherspoon Ronnie Bryant Roy Hankins Tommy Chapman Dennis Brooks Robert Nelson Keil Rieger Glenn Robnett Dixie Earlywine Robert Martindale James Rutledge Bill Tucker Thomas Hora11 TRUMPETS: Ronnie Holleman Mr. Don Owen Dan Ramsey Thomas Horan Bill Merrill BARITONES: Alva Appling Donis Hamilton Brill Shyrock TROMBONES: Neil Teeter Floyd Bradberry James Gillespie Ray Carter Ronnie Knight Bonita Ward BASS TROMBONES Charles Thompson Chris Meyer BASSES: Andy Anders Randy Zook Dale Martin Mike Graves Tommy Gray STRING BASS: Jackie Miller PERCUSSION: Steve Stallings Rusty Meyers Jearl Mars Danny O'Neil Rod Ruthven Larry Eikleberry KEYBOARD PERCUSSION: Sharon Payne Mary Shinn TYMPANI: Roselyn Denman fee., . H4 KH' .Q M- is 2 z isiiiis' 3 E The Tech Concert Band was accorded its highest honor in many years when it was selected from competitive auditions to participate in the Music Educators National Conference at St. Louis February 12-15. The bandpresented a concert and served as a clinic band for the marching clinic. The group received very high praises and acclaim for its performance. Mr. Fredrick Wilkens, noted flutist, performed with the hand at one of the spring concerts on campus. Also well-lcnown saxophonist, Fred T-Iemke, presented a solo accompanied by the Tech hand at St. Louis. In other exents in the state, the concert hand played for the opening session of the Arkansas Education Association at Little Rock in'Gctober. The hand also presented concerts at the high schools" of Mountain Home and Harrison. Music Educator Honor Tech Band Mr. Witherspoon introduces Fredrick Willrens ai' a conceri' on campus. 3 3 The Tech band presents a concerl' on campus in prepara+ion for its St. Louis trip fo MENC. Tech Band Honored ational Moe Jack Wood is president of this year's band and is its drum major. Other officers are: Ronnie Bryant, Vice-Presidentg Betty Balk- man, Secretary-Treasurerg and Larry Eikleberry, Reporter. Members of the Arkansas Tech Concert Band were paid one of their highest honors in recent years when it was announced that the group had been invited to be a guest band at the Music Educators National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri during February. The group was selected by competitive auditions and was the only college band in the state to attend. The staff members, Gene Witherspoon, Loren Bart- lett, and Don Owen, along with the band members worked long hours in rehearsals to get their program ready. The band presented a concert on the campus be- fore it left on the three day trip. The band received many letters of congratulations both before and after the trip, excerpts of some are printed on the next page. In St. Louis, the band presented its concert of varied literature, including a number with its guest soloist, Mr. Fred Hemke, a noted saxophonist. The band was also the clinic band for a marching clinic held by the director of the University of Missouri Band. In this meeting, the group played several kinds of marching music in- cluding its version of Gridiron Stereo with the dispersing of the band into three units or "spealcers". "As Governor of Arkansas, it is a distinct pleasure to congratulate all of you on your selection as a par- ticipant at the Music Educators National Conference to be held in St. Louis February 12-15, 1963. The fact that you attained this honor through competitive audi- tions certainly reflects great credit not only upon your director and yourselves as well . . ." Orval E. Faubus, Governor, State of Arkansas "I want to take this opportunity to tell you I was very well impressed with your fine band and the splen- did interpretation which you gave to the excellent litera- ture that you selected for MENC at St. Louis. Yours is one of the best bands I have heard for a school the size of APC. You are to be congratulated for the fine students you draw to your school and the instruction and fine leadership you are giving them . . ." Kenneth N. Cuthbert, Dean, School of Music North Texas State University "Chief" receives a congratulatory ltiss 'From his wife after band's successful per- formance in S+. Louis. Mr. Witherspoon and Dr. Bar1'le'H' fall: lo Fred Hemlte, the saxaphone- soloist who played with the band at MENC. "The concert was an exhilirating experience to all who were fortunate enough to hear it. Your program- ming was solid without being tiring and tedious. Con- gratulationsf' James Neilson, Past President College Band Directors National Association "The outstanding quality of the music program at Arkansas Polytechnic College, particularly its concert band, is recognized throughout the state, particularly by those of us who have some responsibility for public edu- cation in Arkansas. The products of the Tech music program are having a tremendous impact on the music programs in our public schools." Arch W. Ford, State Commissioner of Education "The Tech band for several years has come to be known as one of the most, if not the most, outstanding band in the state of Arkansas. The influence of this or- ganization educationally, culturally, and civic-wise, has been even more than state-wide. The citizens of Russell- ville take great pride in having such an outstanding group of musicians represent the college, the City of Russellville, and the State of Arkansas." C. A. Hughes, Mayor, City of Russellville ft1.lQ J This year's maioreHes, from leH fo righi' are: Joan Holland: Joy Jones: Margie Shaw, capiaing Sharon Payne: Pai' Day: and Carolyn Latimer. The girls did solo and group rouiines af 'Phe 'foofball games and per- formed ai' 'flue from' of fhe Band during parades. Arkansas Tech Marching Band Arkansas Tech's marching hand, "Arlcansas' Band of Distinction," has shown itself this year to be one of the finest 'ever. Although over half of the 96 member group were newcomers to the Tech hand, the band proved to be one of excellent marching ability and musicianship. After long hours of rehearsal time, the hand presented its shows at the football games. Besides appearing at all home football games and the Tech-AGCM game at Pine Bluff, the marching band per- formed at several parades during the year. A The hand, which was Linder the direction of Gene Witlxerspoon andlits drum major, .lack Wood, was one of the mainstays of the campus spirit. Members pro- vide pep hands for pep rallys. ,. , Georgia Hays is +l'1e newesl member of +his year's feafured iwirlers. She is shown wearing iheir new green and silver uni- form. ' Polly Sherman is 'Phe ofher half of ihq feafured iwirlers. Polly has bei-:ri-'a fea- +ured fwirler for fhe pas? 'Three yeerg. "Arkansas Band of DiStiHCti0H,, JEARL MARS Asst. Drum Major l JACK WOOD Drum Major lg!" J Esquires SAXOPHONES: TROMBONES: TRUMPETS: Jack Wood James Gillespie Ronnie Holleman Bill Nichols Neil Teeter Ronnie Bryant Ray Idalcer Floyd Bradberry Roy Hankine Paul Godwin Ronnie Knight Tommy Chapman BASS VIOLA: DRUMS: Dan Ramsey Andy Anders Steve Stallings DIRECT OR: The Arkansas Tech Esquires, "Arlcansas' Finest Col- lege Dance Band," are known throughout the region and state for their musical ability and as an entertain- ment group. This year the hand switched their major emphasis from dance hand literature to the newer contemporary music. The "lah hand" as it was called, served as a test band, playing a variety of concert jazz rather than only dance music. The band, however, did not completely abandon the playing for dances. They performed at several on a.nd off-campus engagements, including the Arkansas All- State Band Clinic dance early in March. Under the direction of Mr. Don Owen, the Esquires have proved themselves to be one of the outstanding musical groups of the area. Mr. Don Owen Mr. Don Owen, the dance band director con femplaies 'Phe group's nexi' worlc This year marlced the first performance of a regular brass choir. Although the music department had had some brass groups previously, this year marlced their first concert. The eighteen-man choir presented its concert early in December, under the direction of Don Gwen. Owen is the head of the brass instrument department at Tech. Their music was varied, from church music of the 1500's to modern contemporary worlcs. All was well-re- ceived by the audience. The brass choir also presented music with a Nstereoi' effect. The band was in two groups on both sides of the audience. The music used was originally to be played in churches, with bands at both ends of the building. In addition to the brass choir, the music department has various woodwind groups and a seven-man percus- sion ensemble. Personnel TROMBONES: Neil Teeter Floyd Bradberry James Gillespie Ronnie Knight FRENCH I-IORNS: Ed Marlar Roger Cool: Wayne Walton Bill Smith TUBA: Andy Anders BARITONE: Alva Appling PERCUSSION: Rusty Meyers TYMPANI: Roselyn Denman TRUMPET S: Roy Hanlcins Robert Nelson Tommy Chapman Ronnie Bryant Ronnie Holleman Dan O'Neal Brass Choir akes Debut . Z in at-', Y i:F'!':'.' AV, . JA., A K F C ' N' 5' . :- ." 3 I . 1 Y .4 ,,-. 1. - , -. ,nh ' , r , , T552 Hg 1' . - 11151 . ,uf -'5.-3 0 " 5 -' T". 7 .'3w5'..a""5' gr Q...-'ff V-'.w,-gl? - I 1'-. 1-,af -- iff. iff . 'L.j-'?572Q"":f"'::" Al -' " J" .' 5 ' 'I 1 " " Z 'ff-74.-"ls, . lf' I-"' , .f-4','f'-fi-',5l"5359'. -. ', P . ,. , V, .,,...,q -, Ju- if-,rv-.,.,.. 5 r dm! rr ,, ,,.n ,Mk .,. . '-'ff " 'fx' 'f ' JI! '- Wkriv' 95" -1... - ' V f-- 'wh' ':-gfw, ,. --. .5- ' if Y , ' f,--'r -:gj,gj.',3"' ' .:,-+,,1J,"" WW- ,j' ' , " 4 "' ,. g '. f- -'ef' -pig-A-A-1"-X . it T , ,"..A,'i fan pf- , 4 ' . 'Qr. - All V-s 3 1' r f' .' 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Paragould Farrell, Bill ,,,,,.........,.... , .... Fayetteville Harmon, Ken ,.....,.....,... Poteau, Oklahoma Hyatt, john ................ -- Johnston, Laney Honolulu, Hawaii ,-----------------..----- Ozark Meeks, Paul ..........-...-...- --- HCI' SDl'iI12S Moudy, Larry ...................... Belleville Norvell, Wayne .................... Harrison Payne, Davicl ....................... Belleville es Carter, David .................... Dardanelle Chapman, Jimmie .................. Russellville Collins, Kenneth ...................... Rogers Deathriclge, Ruth ............ Mountain Home Dooly, Gene ....... .-, ...s.....,....... Lavaca Humphreys, Paulette ................ Russellville P1lgr1m, Linda ............... -------- Crossett Pilgrim, Robert ...................... Crossett Sims, John .............,........ Hot Springs Turner, Sue ......... ......... B ranch Wentz, Jo ..............uu... ----- Fort Smith V., .Q K, -gi-,ae , ,S ,, 3 ii a gg , E 5 : .if I . ' ,v 1 W is if - 1 : ' A 4 X new M E ,J 395' gf 355:23 2: A - Y , V51 - ' 1 23 . .-aw' :-:-as-5 .W Vg X 1 ,mae mn use raw ij, e e mea up an as a lui? e el nge My 5 55, ggeigg-if W saw BE B ' gin-egg. E Y .. . - ' . 9 V - M 1' ff ee M2322 f V 2,5 ask? ffigxif. .,l ' , .12-LE' , M V, S s Q W ,tg ,5 if sea: ' Wa? ix ,rga-n mbfm --js --at-5, , .,,. ,.'4B 1 M AHS e :gee ,M- .basin mg, v we if I J EEK: ,K X M , Q Sym: Q W 1 Jas i ,, gs- mn -at ll i if mmgvs if A f :le A 3 Y Q . -4-fl W X Q gs Regisirafion occurred once again, and as usual, whafever was handy was used for a 1-able io fill ou+ fhe cards. my my A X Q5 , . 2 f r i 5 H13 W gr .. pring Brings New tudents fam Q-M 'ra any Emma? - w rwsf -' H :H H K , V gan , ar Q, zzisgim szirgrg 5:21 r f ffm: :fm Q ' .A . W .. , ' - Q " 5 ig , ' I:f5: ?Qf,ff' ' fre Z W M 'Wk ur Snug? :fi f " ' X3'if3E"m.u A ? M -Wi - . Y , ,, ' mr -f a - ares- 1 ' Payton, Ronnie ............ ...... H or Springs 'j' ,fri 'W --wwf ' . . Y -LW . in gg :I rf X ,,A, 4? Sonderegger, jerry - ,,.. - .......... For: Smith L Na ' 3 3 H5 Walkord, Robert ......... ......... F orr Smith I uk 1433-V --- ...gizf Y ,..-. .,f ai' 2 , P 255135 5 nn X iG'i:i!f1::r BEET? 221: -. Y. I Syn H H 1 Mgr? " "CZ H mm M ..2 'fp f 2,,,I-3:2 - 5'-1:-5' 253: ' "M Bealfdetl, Arla ........-.. , ,.,.------ Springdale 7 gy? ' ' 1 , - L Byram, Mama ......... ,....,,M,, -,-,,- P 3 pkg K .A Drewrv, Margle ....-. -- ..... .... - ----- Cumrod M zzz 3 fa-,ggvvlm B W E K H H 1? H I M KX Qj A ' N' ,jifgwwjc 5 .5 5 ' WL W ,Q V Q rs ms S: nm, SEE 'aygwag gkz zwxsigz 55 ,3 , giigfji, L xmw - - - -- ' 1 -- ::-:-:-:- :: 3 mf -:-F" 1 K gxwafg 3 umm . ,., , , , . W .5: -.-. ' . 5, Q Q F" V I K fe' P H Fenclley, Janet ......, -...-....... - Hot Springs su U. , C F ree, Dianne .... ,....-........, ,...., H ,,,, f- ' , fr Dumas is sfwxmsq 'T f 1 N 43 QW mf H w ffm Wm xr K f l I ,ffl R . A an 4'- Q5 U 1 ' xi , ' 1, 55 Griffin, Barbara ....,................... Atkins Q K f 5 Lister, Toni ........,......, N orrh Lircle Rock H H R W- H 'if 1 ss 1 nu. .. I 1 N fg :Q E? rn diary? H Q Q i E 5 55 51 ' Le. . U Z Eilggiiifgifi i Q53 5 ? Iifwfkif U W me j if nv' '.,"im ?"gQg'igiffQfHj" H T7 Y Fi." 2:5 5' ' H , W - :IQ'f:f'.::" 2:15-i :.'L.,. H 2 M r z iff " EV-4 ' 1 :QE Metcalf, Sondra .............. ---un Magfield z 3' 5' af Mffrgan, Beth ....... -- ........ ..... M orrilum H - f. W- '73 - Schmoll, Carlene ..,....... - .....,,- ,--, A fkins V E:,F""": ,rf ,A I, , ,, E ,m,u,, A Wesner, Juanita ............. -M Siloam Springs JK - 3:4 5. -4 . ' 4 5 M V W -- , f, X - ...amix - ' vu 5 M1 nu A Swv ,Q Y wx, , mv xm ff A syn VQW 4 m .. Z an rf ew 251 SENIORS BAKER, ROBERT5 p. 81: Accountin Club 34 8 9 ' BANKS, ROBERTA5 P. 81: AWS Council 35 BSU 1,2,35 Class Reporter 45 Ju- diciary Board 3. BERRY, PAULA5 p. 81: Colhecon 1,2,35 AWS 1,35 SNEA 4. BETI-IARD, RONNIE5 p. 81: Parachute Club 3,4, President 3, Club Safety Officer 4. BREWER, MIKE5 p. 81. BIBLER, DONNA5 p. si: Cardinal Key 35 AWS Council 2,35 BSU 1,2,3, En- rollment Chairman Summer 25 Choir 15 Science Club Board of Governors 2,35 Caraway Hall Officer 2,3. BIGGS, SCARLETT5 pp. 81,151,179: Student Council Female Vice-President 45 Student Court 45 Cardinal Key 45 AWS Council 45 Les Danseurs 1,2,3,45 WRA 1, 2,3,4, President 2, Recorder 3, Reporter 15 PEMM Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleaders 2,3,4, Captain 4. ' BIRKHEAD, ELEANOR5 p. 81: Choir 15 Band 25 Cardinal Key Correspond- ing Secretary 25 AWS Council 3. BOEN, BOYD RALPH5 p. 81: Band 1,2,3,45 MENC 1,2,3,45 Male Quartet 1,25 BSU 1,2,3,4. BOUTWELL, JERRY5 p. 81: BSU 1,2,45 Engineer's Club 2,45 Science Club 2,3, 45 Theatre Guild 2. BOWDEN, JIMMY5 p. 81: Accounting Club 3,4. BOYD, MIKE, P. 81: Busi- ness Club 45 T Club 4. BRADFORD, JACK, pp. 81,23O: T Club 1,2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 45 PEMM Club 1,2,3,4. BRANDON, CAROLE5 p. 81: AWS 3, Judicial Board Secretary 35 WRA 2,3,45 PEMM 2,3,4. BRIDGES, JERRY5 p. 81: T Club 45 PEMM 4. BRYANT, JIM5 p. 81: T Club 2,3,4, President 4. Index BUFFORD, JAN5 p. si: WRA 2, SNEA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2. BULL, MARTHA NAN5 p. 81. BURGESS, JOHNNY: p. 82: T Club 35 PEMM Club l,2,35 Baseball 2,3. BUTLER, JERRY5 pp. 82, 183. CALDWELL, RUSSELL5 p. 82: Band 4. CAMPBELL, REED5 p. 82: Arka-Tech 3,45 Wesley 15 Artists and Designers Guild 2,3,45 Critz Hall Vice-President 3, President 4. CARTER, GEORGE5 pp. 82,223,224,22'5: Arlca-Tech Editor 2,3,45 Business Man- ager 45 Lang.-Lit. 2,35 Jun- ior Jaycee of the Month. CASEY, CI-IAIRLES5 P. 82. CASNER, JENNIFER5 pp. 825170: Cardinal Key 3,4, Recording Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 AWS 3,4, Treasurer 45 BSU 1,25 Choir '1,2,35 Class Secretary- Treasurer 45 Leadership Conference Planning Com- mittee 3. CHAPMAN, JIMMY5 p. 250. CLAYBORN, JOI-INNY5 p. 82: Blue Key 3,4, Vice- President 45 T Club 1,2,3,45 PEMM Club 3. CLAYTON, LARRY5 p. 825 Band 25 Baseball 2,3,45 T Club 4. COFFMAN, JOHN, p. ss. COFFMAN, MARY, p. as. COLLINS, JOB, p. 250. COMBS, CAROLYN, P. 83. CORROTTO, BILL5 p. 83: Newman Clubg PEMM Club l,2. . CROW, DICKIE5 p:"83: Accounting Club 4. CRUM, PAUL5 p. 83: Ac- counting Club 4. CURTIS, BILL5 pp. 83, 225,177: T Club 1,2,3,45 Class President 35 Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Track 1,2,3,4. DAILY, CARL5 p. 83: Ac- counting Club 3,4. DALE, JO ANNE5 p. 83: Choir 1,25 Colhecon 1,2. DAVIS, HARLEY5 pp. 83,224,176: PEMM Club 1,2,3,45 ROTC Battalion Executive Officer 45 Foot- ball' 1,25 Scabbard and Bladeg Military Honor So- ciety 3,4, Commander 45 Distinguished Military Stu- dent5 Who's Who 4. DAVIS, PHYLLIS5 p. 83: BSU 3,45 WRA 45 SNEA 45 Basketball 3,4. DAVIS, TOMMY5 p. 83: Transfer from Fort Smith ,Iunior College. DEATI-IERAGE, BILLIE RUTH: p. 250. DELP, RICI-IARD5 p. 83: Newman Club 3,4. DOOLY, GENE5 p. 250. DUKE, GEORGE5 p. 83: BSU 1,2,3,45 MENC 2,3,45 Vice-President 45 Choir 1,2, 3,4, Vice-President 45 Band 25 Drill Team 1. ELKINS, RAYMOND5 p. 83: Accounting Club 3,4, Recording Secretary 45 Young Republicans 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Blue Key 4. ENDSLEY, JOHN5 p. 83. EPLEY, ELTON5 p. 83: Accounting Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. FOSI-IEE, HUBERT5 pp. 83,229: BSU 2,3,45 Blue Key 3,45 Military Honor Society 3,45 Student Coun- cil 45 Science Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 Agricola Staff 3,4. FRANCIS, BOBBY5 p. 84: BSU 2,3,4. GARDNER, DICK5 p. 84: T Club 3,4. GEURIAN, GLENN 5 p. 84. GRANDJEAN, JOHN5 p. 84. GRAVES, BILLY5 p. 84: Accounting Club 2,3,4. GREEN, DAVID5 p. 84: SNEA 4. GUNTER, TWEDELL5 p. 84: Class President 15 Pre- Law Club 3,45 Young Dem- ocrats 4. I-IALLUM, LYNN5 p. 84: T Club 45 PEMM Club 45 Baseball 15 Football 45 Ten- nis 1. HANNA, BETTY5 P. 84. HANKINS, JIM5 p. 84. HANNON, GLENDA G.5 p. 84: Tau Beta Sigma 1,2,3,45 MENC 2,3,45 Choir 1,35 Band 1,2,3,4. HARPER, NANCY5 p. 84,1831 WRA 35 BSU 1,2, 3,45 Cheerleader 25 ROTC Sponser 4. HARRISON, EDDIE5 p. 84: Science Club 3,4. HATFIELD, DON5 pp. 84,226: Band 1,2,45 Student Council 3, Vice-President 35 Student Court 3, Prosecut- ing Attorney 35 Pre-Law Club 4, President 4. HENLEY, CHARLES5 p. 84. HENRY, JANE5 pp. 84, 184: AWS Council 45 Card- inal Key 4, Reporter 4. HINKLE, JANICE5 pp. 84,179: BSU 1,2,3,4, Coun- cil 3,45 Cardinal Key 4, Alumni Officer 45 AWS Cotmcil 3,45 Colhecon 1,2, 3,4, State Chairman of Ark- ansas Colhecon Clubs 45 Choir 1,2,3,4. HISE, WENDELL5 p. 84: Band 1,2,3,45 Kappa Kappa Psi 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Theatre Guild 2,3,45 Wes- ley Foundation 15 Philoso- phy Club 35 French Club 45 Science Club 3. I-IOLBROOK, LINDA5 p. 85. HOLBROOK, ORVA- LENE5 p. 85. HUDDLESTON, CHAR- LES5 p. 85: Arka-Tech 45 BSU 1,2,3,45 PEMM 1,2, 3,45 Intramural Director 45 Basketball 1,2,3. I-IUDGENS, PATRICIA5 pp. 85,179: Colhecon 3,45 Les Danseurs 3,4, President 4. I-IURST, PAUL5 p. 85. INGRAM, JOI-IN5 p. 85: Football 1,2,3,45 T Club 1, 2,3,45 PEMM Club 3,4. JAMES, DICKEY5 pp. 85, 228: T Clubg Football 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2. JENKINS, MARVIN5 p. 85: Artists and Designers Guild 1,2,3,4. JONES, ARLIN5 p. 86: Band 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,49 Brass Choir 1,2,35 Wood Wind Quintet 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 MENC 1,2, 3,45 Band Officer 1,2,35 DuLaney Dorm Officer 1,2, 45 Kappa Kappa Psi 2,3,4, Officer 3,4. JONES, ZETTIE5 p. 86: SNEA 3,4, Secretary 45 Senior Service Fellowship BA Division. JUDY, JAMES, P. ss: BA 4. KEMP, CARROLL5 p. 86: T Club 2,3,45 PEMM Club 2,35 Choir 2,3. KEENE, MANUEL5 Art- ists and Designers Guild 1, 2,3. KNIGHT, EVERETT5 p. 86: Young Republicans 3,4. LANDRUM, GEORGE5 p. 86: PEMM Club. LANE, ROY5 p. 86. LEE, JOHN WENDELL5 p. 86: Wesley 1. LEONARD, GEORGE5 pp. s6,177,229: T Club 1,2, 3,45 Military Honor So- ciety 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2. LINTON, LINDA, p. ae: Cardinal Key 35 AWS Council 35 BSU 1,2,3, De- votional Chairman 35 SN- EA 1,35 Science Club 25 Caraway Hall President 3. MAGNESS, MORGAN C.5 p. 86. MANN, DONALD I-1.5 p. 86. MARCRUM, LEVOY5 p. 86: Accounting Club 3,4. MARTIN, DALE, p. ss: Kappa Kappa Psi 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,4. MARTIN, WILLIAM WESLEY5 p. 86: Account- ing Club 2,3,4. MARTINDALE, RICH- ARD5 p. 86: Accounting Club 3,4. MATHIS, KENNETH5 p. 86. METCALF, BRENDA5 pp. 87,150: Student Coun- cil 2,35 AWS Council 2,35 Wesley 1,2,3,45 Les Dan- seurs 1,2,3,4, President 35 WRA 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4. Index MONTGOMERY, ED5 p. 87: T Club 1,2,3,45 Cap tain of Football Team 4. MOORE, B. 1.5 p. 87: T Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3, 45 Newman Club l,2,3,4. MORAN, JAMES JEF- FREY5 p. 87: Transfer from Orange County Col- lege. IVIOSLEY, GLYNN5 p. 87: T Club 1,2,3,45 PEIVIIVI Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4. MCCRAY, ROBERT E.5 p. 87: Wesley 1,25 Accounting Club 4,5, Reporter 55 Du- Laney Dorm President 3,4. McDANIEL, PAULA SUE5 pp. 87,1781 BSU 1, 25 Choir 1,2,3,45 Girls' En- semble 1,2,35 Brigade Spon- sor 35 Miss Arkansas Tech 25 Bryan Hall President 35 Leadership Conference5 Who's Who 3. NECESSARY, KEN5 pp. 87,224,177: Newman Club 1,2,3,45 T Club 2,3,45 Mil- itary Honor Society 3,4. NEUMANN, DANNY 5 p. 87: German Club 45 SNEA 45 Young Republi- cans. NORTON, GERALD5 p. 88. OATES, JUDY, P. ss: Agricola 35 Arlca-Tech 35 Choir 3. Parachute Club 3. PARKER, ERVIN5 p. 88: Transfer from Harding. PAYNE, CARROLL JACK: PP- 88,230: Young Democrats 1,3,4. I PICKETT, ROBERT5 P. 88: SNEA 35 Choir 35 Parachute Club 3,4. PILGRIIVI, ROBERT R.5 p. ss. T Club 1,2,a,4, PEMM Club 1,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,4. POWELL, MARY JO5 p. 88. PRESLEY, TRAVIS5 p. 88: Who's Who 3. PRICE, BOBBY5 p. 88: Accounting Club 3,4,5, President 4. PRICE, CHARLES5 p. 88: SNEA 3,4. PRICE, RONALD5 pp. 89, 176,80: Student Council 4, President 45 T Club 1,2,3,45 PEMM Club 45 Football 1, 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4, AIC Discus Record. RALEY, PERRY5 p. 89: SNEA 3,45 Military Honor Society 3,45 Scabbard and Blade 4. RANSOM, FRANK A.5 p. 89. RAPIER, KENNETH5 p. 89. RENNIE, ROBERT5 pp. 89,179: Student Council 3, 45 Agricola Co-editor 35 Blue Key 3,45 Reporter 3,45 BSU 1,2,3,4, Enlistment Chairman 3, President 3,4, State Vice-President 45 Ac- counting Club 3,45 Who's Who 35 Tech Honor Soci- ety 3, Vice-President 35 Class Reporter 35 Blue Key Scholarship 15 Western Ar- kansas Telephone Co. Scho- larship 45 Senior Fellowship, BA 45 Brown Hall Coun- selor 4. RICHESIN, DANNY5 p. 89. RODEN, PAUL5 pp. 89, 225: Blue Key 3,45 Choir 15 Chi Alpha 3,4, Vice-Pres- ident 35 Accounting Club 2,3,4, Recording Secretary 3. ROLLINS, BOBBY: p. 89. ROLLANS, SHIRLEY5 p. 89. AWS 45 Bryan House- manager 45 BSU 1,2,3,45 WRA 1,2,3,4, Recorder 35 PEMM 1,2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Bryan Hall Treas- urer 4. RYE, BOBg p. 89: Ac- counting Club 35 Wesley 3. RYE, STEPHEN 5 pp. 89, 232: Accounting Club 35 Drill Team 35 Military Honor Society 3,45 Scab- bard and Blade 4. SAMMONS, JUDY, pp. 89,176: Cardinal Key 3,45 AWS Council 3,45 Les Danseurs 25 Choir 1,2,3. SANDERS, DORIS5 p. 89. SCHIEFER, BERNAR- DINE5 p. 89: Cardinal Key 45 Newman Club 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 25 Social Studies Senior Fellowship 45 Caraway Hall Treasurer 2. SCOTT, JAMES MOR- GAN5 p. 89: Science Club 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4. SHEPHERD, BILL5 p. 89: T Club 2,3,4. SHEPHERD, JIMMY5 p. 89: Drill Team 2,35 Mili- tary Honor Society 2,3,45 BA Club 45 Accounting Club 2,3. SIMS, JOHN5 p. 89: Sci- ence Club 2,3,45 Young Democrats 2,3,4. SMEE, SANDRA5 p. 89: Band 1,2,35 Majorette 1,2, 35 Tau Beta Sigma 1,25 Colhecon 1,2,4, First Vice- President 25 Agri Maid 15 Queen of Hearts I5 Wes- ley 1,2,3,4, Secretary 25 Homecoming Maid 2,35 ROTC Sponsor 2,35 Tennis Team 25 Cardinal Key 2,3, 45 Class Secretary 25 AWS Council 35 Massie Hall President 35 WRA 35 PEMM Club 35 Who's Who 35 Arlca-Tech 3. SMITH, DUVALLA RUTH5 p. 90: SNEA 3,4. SMITH, JOE5 pp. 90,226: Newman Club 1,2,3,45 Ac- counting Club 2,3,45 T Club 2,3,45 Military Honor Society 3,4. SMITH, KILLIAN5 p. 90: Arlca-Tech 3,4. SMITH, RICHARD F.5 p. 90: Blue Key 45 Military Honor Society 35 Who's Who 35 Science Club 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Leadership Conference 95 Dean's List l,2,3,4. SNIDER, CAROL WA- THA5 p. 90. STAIR, CLAUDINE5 p. 90. STEWART, W.5 p. 90. SYFERT, LYNDA5 p. 90: WRA 1,2,45 PEMM 25 SNEA 1,2,4, Secretary 2. TARKINGTON, MAR- ION5 p. 90: Accounting Club 3,4. THRASHER, WILLIE5 p. 90: BA 4. TILMON, BONITA5 p. 90: SNEA 4. TREAT, LEO5 p. 90. TURNER, SUE5 p. 90: Wesley 1,45 WRA 1,35 SNEA 1,45 Choir 1,2. TYLER, JAN3 p. 90. VAN SICKLE, NANCY 3 p. 90: SNEA 3,43 Band 2, 33 Tau Beta Sigma 3,43 WRA 4g Tennis Club 23 Bryan I-Iall Intramural Chairman 4g BSU 23 Orch- estra 2. VIRNAU, LOIS3 pp. 90, 177: Cardinal Key 3,43 AWS Representative 1,33 Tau Beta Sigma 1,2,3,43 AWS Council 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4g BSU 1,2,3,43 MENC 3,4, Vice-President 33 Choir 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 Who's Who 3. WAGGONER, JOE3 p. 90. WAGGONER, VIRGIN- IAQ p. 90: SNEA 4. WARD, JAMES3 p. 91: German Club 13 Philosophy Club 2. WARE, GARY, P. 91. WARREN, PATSY3 p. 91: French Club 43 SNEA 43 BSU Executive Council 2,33 Theatre Play and Stu- dent Director 2g Young Democrats 4. WARNER, CHARLES3 p. 91: BA Club 4. WATSON, ELLEN3 p. 91: French Club 3,43 Sen- ior Fellowship LL 4. WELLS, CAROLYN3 p. 91: SNEA I,2,3,4Q Theatre Guild 1,2, Corresponding Secretary 1,2. WENTZ, JO3 p. 90. WEWERS, RANDY3 p. 91: Newman Club 3,4,53 Young Democrats 53 BA Club 53 Agricola 43 Intra- mural Sports 3,43 Student Court 4. WILWERS, ESTHER3 p. 91: Dearfs List 3,4. WINSTEAD, BAZEL3 pp. 91,232: Band 1,2,33 Ger- man Club 3,43 Parachute Club 3,43 Young Republi- cans 4. WISDOM, GERALD3 p. 91. WITHERSPOON, CHRIS3 p. 250. WOOD, JAICKS PP. 92, 231,243,176: Student Coun- cil 33 Blue Key 3,43 Kappa Kappa Psi 2,3,4Q Choir 3g Band 1,2,3,43 Esquires 1,2, 3,43 Military Honor Soci- Index ety 2,3,43 Who's Who 33 Parachute Club 4. WORKMAN, JAMES3 p. 92: BA Club 43 Vice-Presi- dent of Tucker Hall. WRESCI-IE, DEE3 p. 92: Wesley Foundation 3,43 SNEA 43 Drill Team 3,43 Science Club 2. WRIGHT, JACK? PP. 92, 225,178: Student Court 3s Blue Key 3,4, Recording Secretary 43 Wesley Foun- dation 2,3,4, Council 3,43 SNEA 1,2,3,4, President 4, Vice-President 33 Military Honor Society 2,3,4. W R I G H T, M A R Y BETH3 p. 92: AWS Council 43 Les Danseurs 2, 3,43 WRA 2,3,43 PEMM 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 23 Philosophy Club 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. YOUNG, CAROLYNE3 p. 92: Les Danseurs 2,33 WRA 23 SNEA 4. ZUG, JOE3 pp. 92,1781 Drill Team 1,23 Student Council 3,43 Blue Key 3,4, Corresponding Secretary 3, President 43 Accounting Club 3,4, Vice-President 33 Class Vice-President 43 BSU 1,2,3,43 Leadership Conference 43 Dormitory Counsellor 3,4. STUDENTS ADAMS, DOUG3 p. 114. ADCOX, VIRGIL3 p. 117. AI-IERN, ALFRED3 p. AITKEN, DENNIS3 p. 134. AJDARI, FARAMARZQ p. 126. AKIN, ANN3 p. 104. ' ALBRIGHT, FREDDY3 p. 121. ALDERMAN, TEDDIE3 p. 104. A L E X A N D E R, HUBERT3 p. 109. ALMAND, MARY EL- LEN3 p. 104. ANDERS, VOLTA O., JR.3 p. 123. ANDREWS, WAYNEQ p. 137. ANGEL, ANNQ p. 99. ANIBLE, JANE3 p. 104. ANTHONY, JULIUS3 P. 109. ANTRIM, PEGGY3 p. 137. APPLE, VIRGINIA3 p. 99. ARPLING, ALVA3 P. 117. ARGO, RONALD, P. 117. ARMER, PAT, P. 99. A R M S T R O N G, EUGENEQ p. 109. A R M S T R O N G, ROBERTQ p. 137. ASHLOCK, LANNY, P. 123. ASI-IWORTI-I, TOMMY3 p. 137. AUSTIN, LYNNE, P. 104. BACON, LINDA, P. 95. BAGGETT, GENE, P. 99. BAKER, JUNE3 P. 95. BAKER, LEWIS, P. 123. BALKMAN, BETTY, P. 104. BALLARD, J I M M I E SUE3 p. 95. BARBER, GETRGE3 p. 117. BARBOREK, BILL3 p. 137. BARGE, DORIS3 p. 137. BARGER, CARL3 p. 126. BARNER, CHESTER, JR.3 p. 117. BARNES, PATRICIA, P. 104. BARNES, SHIRLEY3 p. 137. BARTEE, JOE3 p. 117. BARTON, BOB3 p. 137. BATES, VERA3 p. 99. BASSE, EDRAQ p. 104. BATTLES, SUE3 p. 104. BAUER, TONEY, P. 114. BAYER, JACK, P. 126. BAXTER, ORVILLE, P. 137. BEAM, LOYDE3 P. 117. BEARD, DONALD, P. 123. BEARDEN, ARIA3 P. BEARDEN, LUTI-IER3 p. 134. BEAVER, BOB, P. 109. BEBEE, DONALD, P. 121. BEESON, BONNIE, P. 99. BEESON, LEE3 P. 99. BELL, DAVID, P. 123. 126. BELL, JAMES, P. BELL, JOI-IN, P. 134. BELLER, ANN, P. 95. BEST, ELIZABETH, P. 137. BEST, JIMMY, P. 126. BICKERS, HEDDY, P. 99. BILLINGSLEY, CAL- VIN3 p. 123. BLEDSOE, HOGAN3 p. 117. BLOUNT, I-IERBERT3 p. 109. BOHANNAN, JIMMY3 p. 117. BOLDING, ROBERT3 p. 134. BOCKSNICK, MARI- LYN3 p. 137. BOCKSNICK, ROY LEE3 p. 137. BOGDEN, ALFRED, P. BDRDELON, PAT, P. 13cgSHEARS,DANIEL3 P. BQSTICK, GLENDA3 P. BSOSTIC, MATTIE, P. 99. BOUNDS, JESSE, P. 114. BOYD, CI-IARLES3 p. 126. BOYD, MARTHA3 p. 104. BOWDEN, BEVERLY3 p. 95. BRACKEN, LARRY, P. 126. BRANCH, JERRY, P. 137. BRANCH, LARRY, P. 137. BRATTON, DALE3 p. 117. BRAY, JOYCE, P. 95. BRAZIL, RONALD, P 134. BRAZZEAL, SHIRLEY p. 95. BREED, REX3 p. 126. BREITENBERG, JUDY p. 104. BREWER, LECNQ p. 117 BRIGI-IAM, BETTY3 p 137. p. 194. 123. BURRUSS, JEAN, P. 99. BRIGGS, SUE, P. 137. BRILEY, WILSON, P 114. BRISCOE, JOHN, P. 137. BRISTER, JERRY, P. 137. BRITT, ROY, P. 117. BROOKS, GEORGE, p. 109. BROWN, JAMES, p. 137. BROWN, JIMMY, p. 117. BROWN, LINDA-, P. 99 BROWNING, BAR- BARA, p. 99. BROWING, LARRY, p 109. BRYANT, MORGAN, p 109. BRYANT, RONALD, P. 117. BRYCE, KELLY, P. 137. BUCHANAN, BOB, P 137. BUCHANAN, LEIGH- NORA, p. 95. BUCHER, CAROL, P. 95 BUELL, JILL, P. 95. BULL, LELAND, P. 123. BULLOCK, PHILLIP, P. 117. BUNCH, ROBERT, P 117. BURDINE, LINDA, P 99. BURGESS, LOU ANN, BURGESS, MYRA, P 99 BURNETT, BILL, P. '126f BURNETT, FRED, P. 117. BURNETT, JOAN NE , p. 137. BURNS, RALPH C., P 109. BURRIS, MANFORD, p. BUSBEE, JOHNNY, p. 123. BUSH, WILLIAM V., p. 117. BUTLER, JANE, P. 104. BUTLER, TOMMY, P. CCISLDWELL, DAVID, P. IQJAIVIERON, TOMMY, P. CAMPBELL, JOYCE, P. CAMPBELL, KATHY, P. EISIANANT, JERRY, P. 126. Index CANERDAY, CHARLES, P. 127. CANTRELL, JAMES, P. l"l" 'P mm 4 E38 E ZI22 Q 'um 39 EE F' O P 'PFVE 53,- 3331 pd. F" O Z 32 G ITI T' FU 'F . QS 14 2 O E 'P p. 117. CARLTON, KENNY, 121. 'U 114. CARNAHAN, NAN, 95. CARPER, BOB, P. 109. CARRINGTON, JERRY, p. 114. CARROLL, GLYNDA, p 104. CARTER, DAVID, p. 109 CARTER, JAMES, PI 117. CARTER, RAY, P. 117. CASERIC, CHARLES, p. 137. CASEY, BUTCH, P. 121 CASEY, MICHAEL, P 1 27. CASNER, THOMAS, p 1 37. CATE, KARLENE, P. 99. CHAMBERS, DAVID, p 137. CHAMBERS, JACKIE, p 137. CHASTAIN, CHARLES, p. 127. CHOATE, LEROY, p 109. CHAPMAN TOMMIE, p. 117. , CHINN, ALVIN, p. 123 CHRISTINE, JACKIE, PI 95. CLARK, DON L., P. 127. CLAYBORN, C. L., P 121. CLINTON, HARVEY, P 137. CLOU GH, GREGORY, p. 127. COATES, JOHN, p. 117. COBB, LINDA, P. 99. COCHRAN, LARRY, p. 127. COGER, JERALD, p. 137. COKER, JAMES, P. 109. COLE, CHARLES, P. 109. COLE, JAMES, P. 127. COLE, PAULA, P. 99. COLEMAN, JIMMY, P. 127. COLLINS, LYNN, P. 137. COLLARD, LILES, p. 117. COLLUMS, LAYNE, P. 109. COOK, JAMES, P. 109. COOPER, BENNY, P. COOPER, QUINTON, P. COOPER, ROBERT, P. LEOSTON, GEORGE, P. LZORCORAN, KATHIE, p. 95. CORNELIUS, RONALD, p. 127. COUTCHIE, STEVE, p. 109. COWIE, CAROLE, p. 99. COX, KENNETH, p. 109. CRAFT, LYNN, P. 109. CROUCH, KENNETH, p. 178. CROUCH, LINDA, p. 99. CROW, BOBBY, p. 109. CURTIS, BILLY, p. 121. CURTIS, GLEN, P. 123. CURTIS, JAMES, p. 123. DACE, JUDY, p. 99. DAHLKE, D. A., P. 134. DAHLKE, SANDRA, P. P P 95. DANE, LARRY, P. 121. DARE, GERALD, P. 13s. DAVIS, ANN, p. 138. DAVIS, BARRIE, p. 123 DAVIS BILL, p. 117. DAVIS DALE, p. 134. DAVIS, DORA, p. 95. DAVIS, GEORGE, p. 127. DAY, ADA, p. 99. DAY, CAROLE, p. 134. DAVIS JERRY' p. , , 109. DAVIS, KENNETH, P. 127. DAY, CHARLES, P. 134. DAY, PAT, P. 104. DEAN, JOHNNY, P. 127. DECKER, PAT, P. 95. DEETER, MORTON, p. 138. DELOZIER, DONNA, P. 105. DEMPSTER, SUZY, P. 105. DENMAN, ROSELYN, p. 105. DENNIS, DOYLE, p. 114. DEN SON, GERALD, p. 134. DENSON, JANIS, P. 134. DENTON, CHERYL, P. 138. DERDEN, GARLAND, P. 109. DERRICK, SHIRLEY, P. 99. DEVORE, STEVEN, P. 127. DICKARD, MA.GGIE, p. 99. DICKINSON, LEA- NATH, p. 95. DIEHLE, MARY JANE, p. 99. DIEMER, DONALD, p. 127. DOBBS, JIM, P. 123. DONOVAN, ALZIE, P. 138. DOPSON, LARRY, P. 121. DOUTHIT, PEGGY, P. DOVER, ALICE R., P. IIOWNS, BETTY P., P. SOWNS, MICHAEL, P. IEIIEWRY, SHARON, P. 95. DUDERSTADT, EU- GENE, p. 109. DUFFY, DAVID, p. 117. DUKE, DAVID, P. 109. DUNN, DEANNA, P. 99. DUNN, JIMMY, P. 127. DUNN, TWILA, P. 99 DUVALL, BOB, P. 123. DUVALL, DANIEL, P 117. EARLYWINE, DIXIE, P 95. EASLEY, JOHN, P. 109 EBERLING, CHARLES, p. 138. EDGINGTON, MONT- FORD, p. 127. MONSON, JESSEY, p. 138. EDSON, JIM, p. 117. EDWARDS, LINDA, p 105. EIKLEBERRY, LARRY, p. 109. ELLISON, PAT, p. 105. EOFF, GLENDA, p. 138. EPPERSON, LARRY, p. 138. ERNST, DOLORES, P. 138. ESTES, ANNITA, P. 93. ESTES, TOMMY, p. 114. ETIEN, ROBERT, p. 123. ETIEN, SHIRLEY, p. 95. EUDY, MARIAN, P. 99. EVANS, LARRY, P. 123. EZELL, CHARLES, p. 127. FARRELL, BRENDA, p. 103. FARRIS, BETTY, P. 138. FARROW, FREDDIE, P. 109. FENDLEY, JANET, P. 93. FERGUSON, JERRY, P. 138. FINE, VIRGINIA, P. 105. FISER, PAUL, P. 117. FLAKE, JUDY, P. 93. FLATT, TOLLY, P. 138. FLETCHER, BILL, P. 109. FLETCHER, JOHNNY, P. 109. FLOYD, SAMMIE JO, P. 99. FOOKS, SANDRA, p. 105. FORD, SHARON, p. 100. FORT, WILLIAM F., p. 117. FOSTER, ALETRYCE, p. 138. FOUGEROUSSE, GEO- RGE, p. 118. FRANKLIN, CAROL, p. 105. FREEMAN, JANICE, p. 100. FRENCH, THOMAS Q., p. 110. FREYALDENHOVEN, ROBERT, p. 127. FULMER, FRANK, p. 123. GALAROWITZ, VICKI, p. 100. GANT, DENNIS, p. 114. GARDNER, M A R Y ANN, p. 105. GARNER, BILL, p. 123. GARRIGUS, BOB, p. 139. GARRIGUS, PAULA, p. 137. GARNER, GARRY, P. 127. GARNER, RODNEY, p. 110. GASALBERTI, DANNY, p. 127. GATTIN, WILLIAM M., p. 127. GAUWAIN, RANDY, p. 114. Index GAYLOR, LARRY, P. 11s. GEBBIA, FRANK, P. 127 GEREN, MIKE, P. 110. GEURIAN, DAVID, P 139. GILBERT, DANNY, p 121. GILBERT, JEANETTE, p. 100. GILBREATH, JANET- TA, p. 105. GILBREATH, MURLE, p. 110. GILLESPIE, JAMES, P. 110. GILLISFIE, RICHARD, p. 127. GLADDEN, BILL, p. 127. GLENN, JOHN, P. 137. GODWIN, PAUL, p. 118. GOFF, LARRY, P. 110. GOINES, MARILYN, P. 95. GOODE, JOHN, P. 127. GOODE, RUBY, P. 100. GORDEN, ASI-IEL, P. 123. GOREE, JEAN, p. 100. GOSSIEN, DALE, P. 110. GRADDY, CAROL, P. 105. GRAHAM, FRANK, P. 121. GRANT, BRADFORD, P. 114. GRAVENMIER, TERRY, p. 114. GRAVES, MIKE, P. 110. GRAY, DONALD, P. 139. GRAY, JANE, p. 105. GRAY, THOMAS M., P. 127. GRAY, TOMMY, P. 123. GREEN, JOE, P. 123. GREEN, WILLIAM, p. 134. GREER, DWIGHT, p 127. GREESON, ROBERT, p. 139. GREGORY, DRUCILLA, p. 100. GREGORY, SHELVON, p. 123. GRESS, MIKE, P. 127. GRIFFIN, BARBARA, P 100. GRIFFIN, MARSHA, P 134. GRIFFIN, MICKEY, P 127. GRIMME'I'I', HAROLD, p. 110. GRIMMETT, KAY, p. 95. GROBER, SUSIE, p. 95. GROVER, CY RUS, p. 139. GUESS, OWEN, p. 127. GROSS, HOMER, p. 110. HAAS, JAY, p. 110. HALEY, SHIRLEY, p. 103. HALLIDAY, RUSSELL P. 110. HAMILTON, CONNIE P. 139. HAMILTON, DEAN, P 127. HAMILTON, DONIS, P. 118. HAMILTON, GARY, P 134. HAMM, BOBBY, P. 127 HAMM, JACK, P. 134. HAMMONDS, LOUIS, p. 128. HANESWORTH, ANN, p. 95. HARBIN, MARY EL- LEN, p. 139. HARELSON, NANCY, p. 137. HARLAN, DONNIE, P. 134. HARLAN, MARY H., P. 134. I-IARMON, JAMES, p. 139. HERLACHER, HARRI- ETT, p. 105. HARRIS, ALICE, p. 139. HARRIS, BETTY LOU, p. 139. HARRISON, J. F., p. 118. HARRISON, ZONDRA, p. 100. HARRY, JERRELL E., p. 128. HART, CHARLES, P. 121. HARVEY, TOMILEA, 93. HATFIELD, VICKY, P. 103. HAVENS, LESLIE, P. 123. HAWKSLEY, DON, p. 128. HAWKINS, LARRY, p. 118. HAYS, GEORGIA, P. 103. HEFLEY, JAMES, P. 139. HEFT, LONNIE, P. 128. HELDGEN, KURT, P. 139. HELTON, JAMES, P. 110. HEMMER, BILLY, P. 139. HENDERSON, ED, P. 110. HENDERSON, JEAN- EAN, p. 139. HENDERSON, JOHN H., p. 110. HENDREN, GLEN, p. 110. HENLEY, CAROLYN, p. 134. HENRY, THOMAS, p. 118. HENRY, WOODY, p. 111. I-IENTHORNE, RAY, p. 111. I-IESTER, ALBERT, p. 128. HICKERSON, RAY, p. 111. HIGHFILL, BOB, p. 128. HIGGINS, KENNETH, p. 134. HICKS, HOWARD, p. 118. HICKS, MARY ELLEN, p. 100. I-IIGHTOWER, RAY, p. 11s. HILL, HAROLD, P. 118. HILL, LINDA, P. 93. HIXSON, GINGER, P. 103. HIXSON, JAMES, P. 111. HOCOTT, JERRY, P. 123. HODGES, HARRY, p. 128. HODGES, KATHY, p. 139. HOGAN, GLENNE'I'I'E, p. 134. HOGAN, JAN, p. 139. HOGAN, JIMMY, p. 128. HOGAN, JOHN, p. 134. HOLCOME, MANUEL, p. 114. HOLDEN, RICHARD A., p. 134. HOLDER, JAMES, p. 118. HOLIDAY, JAMES D., P. 139. HOLLAND, JOAN, p. 105. HOLLAND, JOHN M., p. 123. HOLLEMAN, RONNIE, p. 111. HOLT, CHARLES, p. 121. HOLT, TOMMY, p. 121. HOOBLER, REX, p. 139. HOOK, J. C., p. 111. I-IOOVER, TOM, p. 128. HOPKINS, JAMES, p. 1 18. HOPKINS, SARA, P. 105. HORSON, DAVID, P. 123. HORAN, THOMAS R., p. 128. HORTON, CHARLES E., P. 111. HOSTETTER, JERRY, P. I-IOWARD, BOBBY, P. IEIOWARD, CAROLINE, IHIORJARD, CHARLES, IQIOQARD, DON, P. 134. HOWARD, SONYA, P. I-IOWELL, JAMES, P. 139. HUBBARD, KATHY, P. 95. HUDGENS, BOB, P. 134. 1-IUDGENS, GEORGE, PP. 139,225,178. HUDSON, BETTIE, P. 95. HUDSON, SHELLEY, p. 95. HUGHES, JUDY, P. 105. HUGHES, M A R Y BETH, P. 105. HULL, LINDA, P. 100. HUNDLEY, KAREN, P. 105. HUNT, JOYCE, P. 105. HUNT, RICHARD, P. 139. HUNTER, LARRY, P. 139. HUNTER, RICHEY, p. 123. HURLEY, JOHN T., p. 118. HUTCHERSON, JUDY, p. 139. I-IUTTON, DONNA, p. 100. HUTTO, TOMMY, P. 111. HYLTON, WILLIAM, P. 114. IDEKER, RAY, P. 139. ISELY, MARY JO, P. 105. ISOM, RICHARD, P. 128. IVEY, JOE, P. 139. Index JACKSON, DON, P. 123. JACKSON, JERRY, P. 118. JAMELL, JOE G., P. 137. JAMES, JOHNNY, P. 128. JAMES, KEITH, P. 111. JAMES, TERRY, P. 111. JAY, PAUL, P. 128. JAYNES, MARILYN, P. 100. JELKS, BILL, P. 111. JEWELL, KENNETH, P. JOSHNSON, CHARLES, JOHNSON, DUDLEY, JOHNSON, ELSIE, P. 96. JOHNSON, JOHN RAY, JOIEINSITON, DONALD, JOHNSTON, GERALD, JONES, BARBARA, P. 100. JONES, JOY, P. 105. JOYCE, P. 96. JONES, JONES, MARGARET, P. 96. JONES, PHYLLIS, P. 134. JONES, RONALD T., P. 134. JONES, WAYNE, P. 140. JUDKINS, BRENDA, P. 96. JUDKINS, JOHN, P. 123. KARNES, TI-I O M A S LEE, p. 124. KAYLOR, JANE, p. 100. KEADY, DONALD, p. 128. KEENE, BEUFORD, P. 114. KELLAR, JACK, P. 140. KELLEY, LAVETA, P. 140. KEMP, LESLIE, P. 140. KERSEY, ELAINE, P. 140. KEY, CHESTER, P. 121 KEY, RICHARD, P. 128. KIEHL, WILLIAM, P. 124. KILGORE, RONNIE, P. 121. KIMMONS, TOM, P. 124. KING, BETTYE, P. 105. KING, JOHANNA, P. 96. KING, PHIL, P. 128. KINSEY, JOYCE, P. 100. KINSLOW, JANIE, P. 140. KINSLOW, LARRY, p. 140. KIZER, GARRY, p. 128. KNEIPKAMP, MARY, P. 96. KNIGHT, RONNIE, P. 1 1 1. KNOERNSCHILD, DAVID, P. 114. KOLMAN, MAURICE, p. 140. KREBS, DONALD, p 128. KUYKENDALL, GARY, p. 128. LAFEVERS, LARRY, p 118. LAFFOON, WILMA, p. 96. LAFOLLETTE, MIKE, p. 128. LAFONTAIN, DAVID, P. 114. LANE, ROBERT C., p. 114. LANG, PAM, p. 96. LATIMER, CAROLYN, P. 105. LAW, MARY, P. 140. LAWSON, JAMES, P. 117. LEDBETTER, PHILLIP, P. 118. LEE, DENNIS, p. 140. LEE, DON, p. 111. LEE, ROBERT, p. 128. LEWIS, CLELL, p. 124. LENGGENI-IAGER, ED 5 P. 121. LINKER, ROSSETTE, P 140. LISTER, DELORES, p 105. LISTER, TONI, PP. 106, 185. LITTLE, JASPER, p. 134 LLEWELYN, GEORGE, p. 140. LLOYD, CURTIS, P. 118. LLOYD, LYNN, P. 140. LOLLIS, ELAINE, P. 101 LONGLEY, BILL, P. 124 LOTT, CHARLES, P. 140 LOTT, JOHNNY, P. 128 LOVE, JO, P. 101. LOVETT, LESLIE, P. 118. LUKE, JAMES R., P. 128. LUSK, REXA. LEE, P 101. LYNCH, PAUL, P. 128. McALISTER, JAMES, p. 140. McALISTER, WILLA, p. 140. MCCARRELL, DUR- AND, p. 128. MCCONNELL, DA- PHINE, p. 101. M c C O N N E L L, KATIE, p. 140. MCCORKLE, DONNA, p. 140. MCCREADY, ROBERT, p. 128. MCCUTCHEN, GLEN, p. 135. MCDANIEL, CARROL W., p. 135. McDANIEL, HELEN, P. 101. MCDONALD, JOHNNY, p. 124. McD'ONALD, REBEC- CA, p. 148. MCELROY, BOB, p. 121. McELROY, HERSHEL, P. 135. MPELROY, VERLU, P. 135. MPENTIRE, WILLIAM M., p. 114. MCGUIRE, JERRY, p. 111. MCKINLEY, BARBARA, p. 96. McKINN EY, DOUG, p. 1 18. MCLEAN, LEON, P. 128. MPLOUD, LORIN, P. 129. MPNUTT, VIRGINA, P. 96. MAACK, BONNIE, P. 96. MADDEN, MARTHA, p. 101. MADDOX, TOMMY, p. 121. MAGAR, RUTH ANN, p. 101. MANN, RUSSELL, P. 114. MARABLE, LARRY, P. 140. MARCRUM, DON, P. 121. MARCUM, JOE, p. 111. MARKS, JOEL, P. 111. MAROTZ, CALENE, .p. 96. MARTIN, F. H., p. 128. MARTIN, JAMES, p. 111. MARTIN, JOHN C., p. 140. 96. PETE, CLARICE, P. 101 MARTIN, JERRY, p 128. MARTIN, LARRY, p 114. MARTIN, MARLA, p 105. MARTIN, ROSS, P. 118 MARTINDALE, ROB- ERT A., p. 128. MARS, JEARL, p. 140. MAIRSHALL, SHERRON, p. 101. MASON, JAMES N., P. 114. MASTERS, THAD, P. 128. MAY DEWELL' 140 , , P. . MAY, PATRICIA, P. 96. MAYHAN, LINDA, P. 101. MAYS, BUCKY, p. 128. MAYTON, LARRY, P. 128. MEDLOCK, DORIS, P. 101. MEEKS, TONY, P. 128. MERRILL BILL' . 140 2 9 P ' METCALP, MIKE, P. 114. MEYER, CHRIS, P. 111. MILES, MARLENE, P. 105. MILHOLLAND, TED, P. 111. MILLER, CLARA MAE, P. 101. MILLER, DENNIS, P. 140. MILLER, JACKIE, P. 105. MILLER, LINDA, P. 101 MILLER, PAUL, P. 140. MILLS, NANCY, P. 96. MILUM, JIMMY, P. 135. MISER, GENE, p. 111. MITCHELL, LYNN, p. 121. MIZELL, NANCY LEE, D. 96. MOBARAK, ABDOLRE- ZA, p. 128. MONDAY, VALERIE, p. 106 MONTGOMERY, MIKE, p. 111. MOONEY, POLLY, p. 106. MOORE, BOBBIE, p. 140. MOORE, DON, P. 12s. MOORE, HERSHELL, p. 140. MOORE, JANE, P. 140. MORRIS, 111. Index MORRIS, ROY, p. 129. MOSS, RANDY, P. 129. MULLER, PATRICIA., P. 140. MURDOCH, JEAN, p 140. MURPHY, LYNDA, p 106. MYERS, JAMES R., P 111. MYERS, JEANNINE, P 106. MYRICK, WENDELL, p 129. NAIL, CHARLES, P. Iss. NEAL, EDDIE, P. 141. NEAL, LARRY, P. 129. NEAL, MILTON, p. 111. NELSON, BETH, P. 141 NELSON, TRAVIS, P NEMZICK, CAROL, P NJESMITH, LARRY, P NZEUMEIER, EDDIE, P. NEUMEIER, NICKY, P NELDA, P. 141. NEWLON, BOBBY, P. ILIEWMAN, DAVID, P 124. NEWSOM, JACK, P. 124 NICELEY, JAUNITA p. 141. NICHOLS, BILL, P. 111 NICHOLS, THOMAS, P I MOORE, JIMMY, p. 140. RICHARD, p. 124. NIVEN, JIMMY, P. 111. NOLEN, BECKY, P. 96. NORTHUP, MARTIN, p. 111. NORTON, SUE, p. 141. NOVAK, TOM, P. 121. OGILVIE, CANDACE, p. 141. OLIVER, HARRIET, p. 106. O'NEAL, JIMMY, P. 118. O'NEAL, KENNETH, P. 111. ORGAN JAMES, P. 112 ORMS, SEXTON, P. 124: OSBORN, MACK, P. 124. OSTENDORF, BETTY, P. 101. OUTLER, SUSAN, P 106. OWENS, EVA, P. 101. OWENS, JERRY L., P 129. OWENS, LINDA, p. 101. OWENS, ROSE MARY, p. 106. PAGE, BERT, JR., p. 141. PALUTIS, KAREN, p. 106. PARISH, KAY, P. 106. PARK, SHARON, P. 96. PARKER, JURLENE, P. 141. PARKER, TOMMY, P. 141. PARRISH JOHN- P. 118 PARTAIN, BETTY, PI 101. PARTEE, DANA, P. 101. PASSMORE, LINDA, P. PATTERSON, JIM, P ILZTTON, JOHN E., P PQTTON, SALLIE, P IRCIEIELER, MIKE, P. 141. PENNYLEGION, JOHN, p. 129. PETEFISH, CHARLES, p. 124. PETERS, GEORGE, p 124. PETRONIS, RICHARD, p. 129. 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'CLUBS TAU BETA SIGMA DeWanda Prather Lois Lynn Virnau Sharon Payne Junie West Pat: Ellison Roselyn Denman Betty Balkman Jackie Miller Barbara McKinley Linda Murphy Georgia Hays Jan Hogan Joan Holland Mary Shinn Dixie Earlywine Dana Pickle Prissy Buchanan Carol Latimer MENC DeWanda Prather George Duke Glenda Hannon Thomas Gray Lois Lynn Virneau Jackie Chambers Roselyn Denman Bill Nichols Vickie Hatfield Pat Ellison Greta Sherrill Cheryl Denton Linda Murphy Andy Anders Margaret Jones Wayne Andrews Eddie Marlar Larry Mayton Charles Thompson Ralph Boen Prissy Buchanan FRENCH CL UB Linda Edwards Keith James James Ira Sparks Wayne Keene Beverly Rickman Joan Ryan Pat Smee Linda Crouch June Baker Kay Davis Jon Buntenbah Jack Warndof James Turner Freddie Farrow Tony Riley Roy Lane Johnny McDonald Alice Harris Ellen Watson Larry Skeets Kathy Hodges John Aulgur George Hudgens Mike Underwood Frankie Burnett Betty Brigham Mary Stanfield Judy Whirlow WESLEY FOUNDATION Jerry Butler Faye Foster Joan Holland Thad Masters Larry Moody Jim Resimont Pat Smee Nancy Van Sickle Lou Burgess Jan Gilhreath Bettie Hudson Bill Merrill Rosemary Owens Rod Ruthven Dick Smith Eddie White Judy Dace Paul Godwin Dona McCorkel Pat May Raymond Porter Ralph Schumaker Sarah Stokes Anne Williams Montford Edington Paul Godwin Russell Mann Chris Meyer Lynn Porter Louise Scheihle Bill Tucker Jack Wright Shirley Etien Mary Hicks Larry Martin Jimmy Moore Jolene Parker Jane Silvy James Turner Elizabeth Wright BSU Teddie Alderman Ann Angel Betty Balkman Roberta Banks Carl Barger Vera Bates Bonnie Beeson Dorma Bibler Beverly Bowden Joyce Bray Rex Breed Barbara Browning James Bruce Jill Buell Linda Burdine Myra Burgess Jean Burruss Marna Byram Jerry Canant Jerry Carrington Jenifer Casner Linda Cobb Larry Cochran Paula Cole Layne Collums Sue Crabtree Dickie Crow Kay Davis Phyllis Davis John Dean Doyle Dennis Maggie Dickard George Duke Deanna Dunn Jimmie Dunn Twila Dunn Linda Edwards Ramon Elkins Par Ellison Annita Estes Tommy Estes Sammy Jo Floyd Sharon Ford Carol Franklin Janice Freeman Dennis Gant Mary Gardner Bill Garner Garry Garner Rodney Garner William Gattin Richard Gillespie Jan Gray Susie Grober Owen Guess Index Louis Hammonds Nancy Harper Zondra Harrison Nick Harrissis Leslie Havens Lonnie Heft Robert Highfield Thomas Hoover Tom Horan Charles Huddleston George Hudgens Richey Hunter Richard Hunt Johimy James Kenneth Jewell Elsie Johnson Barbara Jones Margaret Jones R. C. Lane, Jr. Linda Linton Elaine Lollis Paul Lynch Daphine McConnell Leon McLean Jerry Martin Marla Martin Jim Mason Bucky Mays Rita Miley Jackie Miller Nancy Mills Ahdolreza Mobarak Valerie Monday Polly Mooney Larry Nesmith Bill Nichols Becky Nolan Harriet Oliver Ronnie Payton John Pennylegion Barbara Pope DeWanda Prather Margaret Prunty Barbara Pugh Norma Raley C. A. Ramer Bobby Reeves Robert Rennie Wendell Riley Shirley Rollans James Rutledge Betty Scrudder Margie Shaw Polly Sherman Mike Shupe Eugenia Smith Regenia Smith Greta Sherrill Sarah Stokes Dale Swindle Bonnie Talley Larry Taylor Nancy Tomlinson Frances Traylor Larry Udey Shelia Villines Lois Virnau Judy Voss Clara Wagner Frank Wagner James Walsh Eddie White Tom White Robert Whiting Lee Whiting Delvin Williams Jim Williams Beverly Wilson Larry Wood Retha Wyatt Betty Younes Joe Zug YOUNG REPUBLICANS Ramon Elkins Bob Carpet Robert Pearson Ed Henderson Tony Riley Harvey Clinton Chuck Eberling Everett Knight Richey Hunter Jack Bayer Bryce Mobley Phil Bullock Dennis Jackson Stewart Rynone Danny Newman Quentin Cooper STUDENT COUNCIL Ronnie Price Scarlett Biggs Johnny Phillips Joe Zug Pat Smee Jo Wentz Robert Rennie Ken Crouch Jack Bradford Mike Shupe Carlene Schmoll Ronnie Bryant l Hubert Foshee Johnny Fletcher Charles Day ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS Ronnie Watts Bill Stewart Carol Nemzick Bill Shryock Larry Eikleberry Barrie Davis Leanath Dickinson Mike Graves Cyrus Grover Paul Jay Billy Kiehl Don Lee Thad Masters Don Watson AWS JUDICIARY BOARD Paula McDaniel Janice Hinkle Scarlett Biggs Carolyn Cody Judy Flake Donna Bibler Martha Boyd Pat Smee Roberta Banks AWS Lois Virnau Paula McDaniel Tomilea Harvey Sue Crabtree DeWanda Prather Jane Henry Judy Sammons Janice Hinkle Leanath Dickinson Jane Kaylor Donna Bibler Pat Smee Doris Jean Sikes Shirley Rollans Linda Linton X Nan Carnahan Kay Parrish Jan Gilbreath Scarlett Biggs Mary Ann White Sharon Drewry Judy Flake Elsie Johnson Junie West Judy Oates Peters Mary Beth Wright Betty Younes Jean Goree Mary Pearson Carolyn Cody Martha Boyd SNEA Jack Wright Pat Baily Dee Wresche Bonnie Beeson Carolyn Wells Lee Beeson Virginia Waggoner Marilyn Bocksnick Nancy Van Sickle Jan Bufford Sue Turner Lou Burgess Bonita Tilmon Linda Burdine Judith Thompson Manford Burris Linda 'Sy fert Joyce Campbell Toni Smith Judy Dace Regenia Smith Eugenia Smith Ada Day DuValla Smith Cheryl Denton Tommie Reid Deanna Dunn Twila Dunn Perry Raley Marian Eudy Charles Price Sharon Ford Joe Pistole Jan Gilbreath Danny Neumann Zettie Jones Linda Miller Pat Miller ACCOUNTING CLUB Ray York Robert Baker Bob Price Anita Owen John Shoptaw John Rath Wesley Martha Calvin Billingsley Levoy Marcrum Jimmy Bowden Robert Rennie Burl Harris William Green Paul Roden Robert McCray Leonard Carpenter Calvin Clayborn Donald Johnson Don Jackson Robert Whiting Joe Smith Don Helms Dale Corley Seth Taylor Joe Zug Erwin Tarkington Ken Crouch Bob Garrigus James Curtis Index Lonnie Crow Elton Epley Carl Daily Ramon Elkins Doyle Dennis Dale Davis BA CLUB Michael Boyd Barbara Browning John Easley Chuck Eberling Donald Gray Kurt Heidgen Rex Hoobler Zettie Jones James Judy George Leonard Robert Luke Gene Murdock Ken Necessary Conrad Norton Barbara Pugh Jimmy Shepperd Barbara Sivley W. Thrasher Ronnie Twyford Butch Wade Georgia Wade Joe Waggoner W. R. Walker Charles Warner Randy Wewers Retha Wyatt SCIENCE CLUB Earl Yarbrough Dee Wresche Ed Wickliffe Freddy Ward Judy Thompson Wallace Smith Stephen Smith Richard Smith John Smith John Sims Ruth Ann Simpson Jerry Scott James Scott James Pipkins Dana Pickle Betty Partain Dale Martin John Hopper Richard Holden Thomas Henry Eddie Harrison Hubert Foshee Layne Collums Johnny Busbee Myra Burgess Evelyn Brinkman Marilyn Bocksnick Donna Bibler Loyde Beam KAPPA KAPPA PSI Ronny Bryant Paul Godwin Wendell Hise Arlin Jones Bill Stewart Neil Teeter Jack Wood Andy Anders Dennis Brooks Larry Eikleberry Ronnie Knight Robert Nelson Danny O'Neal Ronnie Halleman Bill Smith Ralph Boen W OM EN ,S PEM M Peggy Antrim Edra Basse Arlene Beard Scarlett Biggs Carole Brandon Linda Burdine Jackie Christine Carolyn Combs Kathie Corcoran Janis Denson Maggie Dickard Dolores Ernst Shirley Etien Sammie Jo Floyd Sandra Fooks Jan Gilbert Marilyn Goines Bettie Hudson Shelley Hudson Elsie Johnson Wilma Laffoon Polly Mooney Willa Nell Page Clarice Pate Shirley Rollans Polly Sherman Brenda Snow Judy Sylvester Betty Taylor Mary Jess Tibbels Darlene Vaughn Tommie Wilbanks Mary Beth Wright ENGINEERS' CLUB Bill Fletcher David Bell Mike Shupe Sid Sewell David Newman Robert Etien Charles Cole John Fletcher Ben Setzer John Reeves Gregory Clough Carl Thompson Bill Barborek James Walsh Rexa Lee Lusk Sue Smitherman Ken Finkenbinder John Holland Tommy Richards David Fisher Peggy Antrim Jimmy Weatherton David Knoernschild Vachara Sae Lim James Organ Billy Curtis Leon Sneed Bryce Mobley Jim Niven Freddie Young Glen Hendren Linda Russell Butch Canerday Ronnie Tripp James Cole Stephen DeVore John Trusty Rex Breed Dale Gossien Janice Freeman Jim Vest Carol Bucher Tom Novak Frances Traylor James Hopkins Lonnie Heft Tommy Ashworth Kenny Carlton Jim Carpenter Jessie South Ronald Ownbey Eugene Armstrong Aibdolreza Molarak Faramarz Ajderi Louis Besancon Sonya Howard Nan Carnahan John W. Smith Bill McClain Bob Stratton AGRI CLUB John Patton Leslie Havens Curtis Lloyd Don Cravens Jerry McGuire Jimmy Young Michael Casey Leslie Kemp Bob Cook Don Moore James Carter Richard Hickson Quinton Cooper Jerry Carrington Richey Hunter David Hopson Bob McCready Bob Crow Glenn Truitt Mickey Sweeney Bob Barton Vernon Ingram Rayford Windle Bob Cooper Darrell Walker Randy Gauwain Jerry Canant Francis Sharp Jim Williams Charles Shockley Lonnie Turner Martin Northup Jack Aikman Bill Townsend Gary Wallis Bill Garner Jim Bell Junior Sewell Owen Guess Lanny Ashlock Charles White Gene Sweat Frank Scott Don Krebs Johnny Juclkins Richard Hunt Layne Collums Norris Whitfield Gary Hamiliton James Hixson James Mason Ancel Carlon LUTHERAN LEAGUE Alva Appling Doris Barge Louis Besancon Marilyn Bocksnick Lee Bocksnick Index Evelyn Brinkman Eugene Duderstadt Charles Eberling Johnny Fletcher Bill Fletcher Mike Graves David Kirk Mary Kniepkamp David Knoernschild Dee Lister Toni Lister Thomas Radtke Walt Roetter Patty Siems LaDonna Sohl Wayne Walker Marian Eudy Donna Priebe BLUE KEY Bob Beaver Bert Carleton Johnny Clayborne Joe Collins Ken Crouch Raymond Elkins Hubert Foshee Frank Fulmer Jack Hamm George Huclgens Johnny McDonald Robert Rennie Paul Roden Richard Smith Wallace Smith Jack Wood Chris Witherspoon Jack Wright Joe Zug WRA Elsie Johnson Kathy Corcoran Linda Syfert Barbara Pugh Marilyn Goines Wilma Laffoon Carolyn Combs Janis D'enson Tomilea Harvey Jess Tibbels Marian Eudy Willa Nell Page Diane Wilson Polly Sherman Janie Wilson Jackie Christine Sammie Jo Floyd Brenda Snow Jeanette Gilbert Carol Brandon Pat Barnes Phyllis Davis Delores Ernst Mary Beth Wright Tommie Wilbanks Joyce James Shirley Etien Pat May Judy Antrim Donna McCorkle Sharon Park PHILOSOPHY CLUB Jack Warndof Vance Coffman Jim Ward Chris Witherspoon Bert Carleton Mary Hicks Dick Smith Tommy Martin Jim Moran Mary Beth Wright Roy Lane Manyel Keene Wayne Keene Jack Wood Ray Ideker ' Linda Holbrooke Jon Butenbah Johnny Phillips Jane Henry Pat Smee Lois Virnau Maurice Kolman Tom Kimmons Larry Brocke Bill Martin Wendell Hise Nan Carnahan Frankie Burnett Bill Stewart Basil Winstead Danny O'Neal Randy Zook Sonja Howard Anna L. Jaggers Roberto Stadthagen Elaine Kersey Bernadine Scheifer Nan Scinnett Delores Ernst Sallie Jo Patton Phil Carleton Don Hatfield Jim Lowe Wayne Andrews YOUNG DEMOCRATS Linda Hill James Poindexter Jack Knight Clell Lewis Lewis Baker Patsy Warren David Green Ray Porter Leland Bull Monte Strong Johnny Phillips Carol Payne Margaret Jones Barrie Davis Shirley Haley James Sikes James Brown Ann Akin Randy Wewers Billy Kiehl John Sims John Pennylegion Kay Davis James Edson Barbara Pope Judy Whitlow Harold Hill David Bell Lynn Porter Linda Edwards Jon Buntenbah J. Frank Harrison Wayne Reynolds Lynn Craft Edit0r's otebook by Sue Crabtree A would-be writer should never write unless he has some- thing to say. After the writer has decided he does have some- thing to say, it is for the reader to decide the validity of the writer's decision. I believe that I have something to say. A lot of what I have to say is of a personal nature while other portions are of a more general area. PERSONAL GLIMPSES If pleasure is good, then this year for me has been good. Cornparatively speaking, it has been my best, it has been pleasurable. The greatest reason for this has been the persons with whom I've been associated. Conversationally, the most pleasurable of these was George Carter, whom I must objectively admit, is wittier than I. Other controversial pleasures ranged from with through in- trospective assistance, religion, the hows of species continuation, and the "ins", "outs" and "borderlines." I There was: Mr. Edgar, who insisted on identifying me with the traditional idea of a scatter-brain female, Kathie, who used to straighten me out and temper my extremism, Roy, who volun- teered for any type work except typing and who typed, Margie, the worldis most pleasant person, Wimpy, who punnecl his way into everyone's sub-conscious, Judy who has been my closest friend until marriage us did part, Billy, who would do or sell anything for a picture, Barrie, who spent his time dodging work and assignments, the Agri's, who added a spark to the Organ- izations section, June, who, by being quiet, was fun to be with, and good old Nell and I had better stop before my heart fills so full of good feelings that I need a cardiograph. 'SB is . I W Q3 N ' Q sg Sees 1 give-5,2114-a , X -. ' A? A 'vw 2 of Q ' we 1 E-stab . tt . i all ABOUT TI-IIS YEARBOOK There is bound to be some controversy over this particular book. The book was designed to be entertaining. The most prevalent, if not the best source of entertainment on the campus is the practice of "cutting". Some sections are cutting, thus entertaining. For instance, in speaking of a float in the Home- coming Parade, we say, "We're always for the underdog? This is not intended as an insult to that float. It merely means that we thought that'this comment was funny. If the reader will take a "fun-loving" attitude toward these sections, they will he enjoyable, if not, the reader will he offended. Some readers will be offended. This is the price of humor. MISCELLANEA Here I would like to say something nice about Sharon Park: something nice about Sharon Park. Dean Bynum is a most competent person working with students on this campus. It is unfortunate that he is handi- capped by the widespread characteristic of young adults, a re- sentment to any kind of authority. He does not deserve such resentment. It is unfortunate that so many kinds of architecture are represented on the campus. Dean Hall and the Art Building should be razed to the ground and trapaulins erected. A very good year. 0 X

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