Arkansas Tech University - Agricola Yearbook (Russellville, AR)

 - Class of 1948

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Arkansas Tech University - Agricola Yearbook (Russellville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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V V --if-W V V V .f. f-pf ,4 ' ,M ..,,. ,..- ..,....4..-.9 5.1.--,--A-.......,-.+':.yg-fx - ---- - - P - -"wf'--1:-1q-fvf.'--1+-1-rg,-g--4:1-11 a -w---V--N is J, is , ,ff A V!-5, oi . M ng' l 4l l l li f f 2 lllllIElllIllll Whether they leave Tech to take their place in life or transfer to another college, students of Tech have a common bond which creates en- during friendships and fosters good citizenship. They are to be found in the high offices of the land and in less conspicious positions, but all are doing a job which reflects creditably upon Tech and the training they received here. To them, the students of Tech, we respectfully dedicate this Agricola. 4 , vvf' ". W.A-,fwmmw:wumQ,wW,1vm:awww-m-aw.-awwnew -wfczrw 52. VFW nm 'fn A n-'n1"s'c K' :1fT:igi'?'u3fQ, , my A '1' 'LFFKS ? ' wM"4-3339 ':' ., -4 Ji, w L - X I ' ' -- f' 11:24 Q--1' X-mx f 1 A j5Qi,.,Rg.L3,. 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Ozark, Arkansas Dr. Jones , PTf'Sf!16H1 of L!ni11e1'.s1'ty of Arkansas Ethel C. Cllllllllllgllkllll . . Ilardzmelle, ATIHIVISIIS Granville Cook . Rzlssellville, ATkfl7lSlIS Iohn E. Chambers , Ilamfille, Arlmnsas Robert L. Smith Russelhfillzf, Arlmvzsns " 5 HIUUHU Left: GUY W. ASHFORD English Department B. A. Nebraska Stateg M. A. University of Texas DAVE ATCHISON Woodworking C. W. C. AULSBURY Head of Animal Husbandry De- partment V B. S. Southeastern Missourig M. S. University of Arkansasg Gradu- ate work, Iowa State Q Right: CRAIG M. BLEv1Ns Engineering Department B. S. Kansas State Teachers Col- legeg Graduate Work, Colorado State of Educationg Graduate Work, Kansas State Teachers College C. W. BOCK Chemistry Department Ph. D., Ohio State University LELE JANE BRYAN Home Economics Department B. S. Kansas State Agricultural College incuwuu Left: Fmtnukick A. BUECHEL, JR. English Department B. A. University of Texasg BI. A. North Texas State Teachers Collegeg Graduate work in Edu- cation, University of Kansas RAYMOND BURNETT Physical Education Department B. S. E. Arkansas State Teachers College T. J. COLE English Department B. S. West Texas State Teachers Collegeg Graduate work, Univer- sity of Colorado. Right: Mas. NIAGGIE NIAE DAVIS Mallzzfmatirs Department A. B. Ek M, A. Baylor University HERINTCJN YVAKENIAN DEAN lWaf'l1i71e Shop Mechanical Arts, U. of A. ISHAM W. DILLAHA Plzysirs Department A. B. Arkansas Stale Teachers Collegeg M. A. George Peabody College Q2- 4' HICUHU Left: T. A. DULANEY History Department B. S. 8: M. A. George Peabody Collegeg Graduate work Ohio State University MORTON DWORSHAK Chemistry Department Duluth Junior College Sc Anti- och College, Ohio BONNIE EAST, JR. Director of Related Training University of Arkansasg Univer- sity of Oklahomag Ft. Smith, Arkansas Junior College Right: hlARIE EASTERVVOOD Chemistry Department A. B. 8: M. S. University of Mississippig Graduate work, Uni- versity of Texas Auzze GRIBBLE .llatllematifs Dejlarlment B. S. li. University of Arkuiiszxs M. l-IALE ll'UU!i1l'IH'kiP1g lllllllllll Left: ELNIER HUEY HAM Math Department: Guidance and Counseling B. S., Sam Houston State Teach- ers Collegeg Graduate Student, S.H.S.T'.C., Huntsville, Texas DAVE W. HAWKINS Auto Mechanics Instructor MARTHA HEASLEY Cox Speech Department B. A. Arkansas Collegeg M. A. University of Arkansas: Gradu- ate study, University of Wiscon- sin Right: JAMES A. HEDRICK Business Administration Depart- ment B. A., North Texas State Teach- ers Collegeg M. A., North Texas State Teachers College SAM F. HINDSMAN, JR. Physical Education Department B. A. Memphis State Collegeg M. A. University of Alabama CLAUDE A. HUGHES Agriculture Department Director B. S. Mississippi A. 84 M.g M. S. University of Arkansas: Gradu- ate study University of Wiscon- sin if HIUUHU Left: MAX A. -IETER Department of Animal Hus- bandry V B. S. A., University of Arkansasg M. S., University of Arkansas ROLAND JOHNSON Business Administration Depart- ment B. S. North Texas State Collegeg M. S. North Texas State College CHARLES JONES Psychology Department B. A. Galloway Woman's Col- legeg M. A. University of Ark- ansas Right Lois M. KUYKENDALL Home Economics Department Director B. S. Oklahoma A. 8: M.3 M. S. Oklahoma A. 84 M. LOWELL ALVIN LOGAN Biology Department B. A. Degree, Henderson State Teachers Collegeg M. S. Degree, University of Arkansas ELMER L. LovETr Vlfoodworking Industrial Supervision and Fore- manship Certificates University of Arkansasg Industrial Psycho- logy Certificate and job Instruc- tion Training Certificate from War Department . 53' Rs..-f i ii lllllllllll Left: TRL'lIAN E. BICEVER Arts and Scienreg Chemistry B. S. Baker Universityg M. S. Colorado University VEDA jo M CGLATHERY Physiral Education Department, Physical Education for Women B. S. E. Arkansas State Teach- ers College, Conway, Arkansasg Graduate WVork, University of Arkansas LILLIAN BIASSIE English Department B. A. University of Oklahoma, Master of Arts, University of Arkansas Right: P1ERcE K. BIERRILL Social Science and Aviation B. A. and M. A. University of Oklahoma DALE L. BIITCHELL Arts and Sciences B. S. Oklahoma A. 8a M.g M. S. Oklahoma A. 8: M. BIAUDE MOORE Mathematics and Housemother of Parker Hall B. A. Arkansas College, Bates! ville, Arkansasg Graduate Stu- dent, University of .Arkansas Hlllllllll Left: lVlABEL EDNA NIYERS Business Department B. S. Oklahoma A. Xa M. College lAIARY C. REINHARDT Spanish and Englixh Depart- ments B. S. E., University of Arkansasg M. A., Teachers College. Col- umbia University JOHN E. RoLLow English A. B. Degree and M., A., Uni- versity of .Arkansasg Graduate work at the University of Colo- rado Right: PAUL ROSENBAUNI Physics Department B. S. University of Arkansas RUTH S. SHERMAN Iidueatian Department B. A. Dakota lvesleyan Univer- sityg NI. A, University of South Dakota PAUL D. SHULTZ lleazl of Musir' Departnzent D llzuthclor of Music. Henderson- llrown College: Post-Graduate. Henderson State Teachers Col- legeg Graduate Student, Theo- dore Bohhnaun School of Mu- sirg Student. Christiansen Chor- al School: Graduate Student. Boguslawski College of Music' HIEUHU Left: KATHLEEN SLOAN English and Music Departments B. M. North Texas Stateg M. M. North Texas State Mom' SMITH Division of Engineering B. S., Kansas State Teachers Col- legeg M. A. Colorado State Col- lege of Education E. S. TOMLINSON Arts and Science Master of Scienceg Mississippi A. ze M. College Right: JOHN E. TUCKER Chemistry, Head Arts and Sci- ences Divisions B. S.g M. S., Alabama University ADLAI S. TURNER Head, Division of Engineering B. C. E. and M. S. University of Arkansas G. R. 'IQURRENTINE Education A. B., Henderson Collegeg B. S.. Henderson Collegeg M. S., Iowa State College dim 25355552 ff sf 4? U4 gif ... ,,..,., ,.., . fa A , f V R:-, fffw ij it . Left: MELVERN WATSON Agricultural Department ' B. S. AA., University of Arkansasg Graduate Work, University of Arkansas ROY R. WEEDIN Head, Division of Business Ad- ministration B. S., University of Arkansasg Graduate work in Business Edu- cation, Stillwater, Oklahoma VIRGINIA SUE WILLIAMSON Music B. M., North Tenias State Teach- ers Collegeg M. W., North Texas State Teachers College Right: MARVIN M. WILLIAMSON Band EMBRY WILSON Radio Announcing Frederick H. Speare Profession- al School of Radio, Hollywood. Calif. . HlHl HIUUHU Head Librarian Peabody Collegeg University of Arkansas JUANITA GRETCHEN TUCKER Assistant Librarian B. S. Arkansas State Teach- ers Collegeg B. S. in L. S., George Peabody College ' MRS. LOWELL A. LOGAN Assistant Librarian B. A. Henderson State Teach- ers College Right: CHARLES C. SHARP Disbursing Officer ROBERT A. YOUNG Business Manager EARLENE TEETER Assistant Registrar HHHIHIVWHHIIUH U HUHIHHQIHHHUH IHULQ Left: BP Rvy c 1 GRAY Bookkzrjur , PAUL FISER Stfumd XV H Rl'BLE Alflllllgff of Tech imwry Right: IACQUICLINE CAIWPBELL NIRS XDLA1AxRYOID Asszsmnl Iiookkrcpffz Xlakx PRMLLX SFl'7'f'f!lVY In Presirlwzl 4 Secretm'y ro Business Manager is 1 HUH1HIHHHHIIUH IHULQ cerned with its sincere interest in the wel- fare ol the students. No method of screen- ing could be completely correct, but this department has all but eliminated the hu- man error involved. Under the guidance ol' Elmer I-lam, the department has become a must for students who are undecided about their aptitudes. The cut shows the initial interview. The guidance department does not A M? Council and Guidance Although just in its second year at Tech, the Counseling and Guidance De- partment has Won the respect of all con- Z it .. . ,. rfkx I u tell people what to take. It only reveals to them where their greatest aptitudes lie and leaves the final decision up to them. The various tests are helpful in determin- ing the nature of the student's capabilities. Of course all students aren't fortun- ate enough to secure the assistance of such a charming person, but all are given indi- vidual attention. , The results of all tests are kept a secret, even from the guidance personnel. The tests are graded by a key, and results are kept in locked compartments. Mr. Daniels and Mr. Harrelson are two members of the Veterans Administration who have given much of their time to help students get in the fielcl they are most fitted for. 1W sEau7Y:vA"' :" ' ""'i'Ws1w 'F f Sh' The student governing body Tl-II: STUDFNT CCDUNCII. DON MACKAY IQVELYN C.XR'I'liR QIANIICS NU'1"1' MARCO Mc'KOX IL if W JAMES MASUN President Q K, If 1 OSCAR POOLE ANN MURRAY BUCK SADLER l'ir'ff-I'J'f'.sirIw1l Sffrrelzzry T7'!?IlSIll'Fl' JAMES VVHITE BETTY HARMES DAVID CLEVELAND PAUL SCHRODER ELLIS MQINTOSH A. 3 f QI-I-ICLQS ev 31111: 1000 0,01 'OGGNL from Yi-0011011 01000. 11. ewce 10 e 0100 01001: moo. 1 1:01011 foe wee 151,000 we 1.0003 voooggn, ' 1:4 oxxc 1eeeo0 11615 121011. 'Ae 001505 me 1110915 0 1 'o'0o0g301'. 11, was ooo of Woe-0 new 130011011 010 593 11 1 1400 f1gQo.'r.+ or 001 ... 011 1' ook., 0.00 0.015 io? boo novo 'oo '0 9 0.01.39 101 110 eevyeo one 09111, on 10'i101b111e. 1:2 1115.0 e 401-3 o10e 000 ren 001. 0 of 'De I 1 X169 W 1100 12001. 1161-' e 1091 vi 111191 to We see ob no 6 9- 9951 1610 'Seb 01000 . . .0100 'oeoeuee vie 01610 0000 wee, 000 1 99-15 011100 'Une 130115 10-ee. 1:10 ne 'oe 0.10 me 01111 e 11'o'o1e of '01 . g1'4e 10110 oweoqgvb. 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W I "" -. u ':rs,,5E, M ,V s S ims. my . ff g?ngsX2a,s2i5Kf5 ' sig- I iff 'g 8555525 Qfeggif 'Hia 3kS'li5S'i5 54. vii Q'6i?+f'5' 1 :55, .g?5xgQ,QgS'j3Q1Qf?fQ:522532155 . . , YH w ., P, -A+ , . ...,. H x -. ,W if 'w A my Sw - SQ, A . mw.q.Q....-.?.,g, li Ama 'se-M,Ma.,"2L.1m.:',l J gi gi walgmemb wsif' 'si'-y,,,fw'w.n'a1Y'3 Ev . U? WW W eag5 2'-"'-. WA, , 14, , Lf, QS J Qlqfflzili Q - f 25Q f5gfvl?ii1g w,g e4?rX M VE iii f s fg, H A 33f'g3i',. gl 1-1f? NY ' - .,,. , A If: J 'M Wf 3? 65+-w p 32559 '- -,V 2 ..,, , 'Y Q vxvlm , ,, M Q V ,ff Q 'M if Mwarww W Q' Q- 3' -SQ 3 X ef g - 1 W' K ww' A f 7 M A ., .A . . , -ex ' .. ... ,., .. . , A , , ,V . .uf ,, , .yn ,fi ,,,-3 1 .M V :L , , if hz ,V KKK LU f f-2' S, 2, sw - ' K ,, -' ' ggmkl, in SA B . K X .L lk Ay, A .n. ,, W .,,. , . , gg- .. Wx .95 .6 ,. ' H Q fi www x ,'fXg3P1 , Avg . o , . 1- -wav wanna 11 ,sf 5? hz 5 KL ,, ,E 'if W-, p ,ge Q 51:35 'ik Q New 4555? .. wb , as . i , . 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It's really very simple, it says here. illicit sure is za big light you have there lellzn- Going lro-g giggiilh' oh! that .is one ol the new :ur- port lights isn't it? HLCt's listcn to Sclnilmcrlfs Un- linishccl Symphony by .loc Bun- anna and his Bunclifl Music Appreciation class, that is. S 5 it 0 , W A. Qgl Jl S. , of F 4, I wonder il .Xhnagcnc and Louise know what tlury'rc inak- ing. From thc clouhtlul look on Miss Kuykcndz1ll's fave, I think she is wondering too. 'AXVhat was that lust SCIIILIILL Mrs. Myers? I czm't quite what I havc writtc11 hcrc never did undcrstzmcl how one could road slmortllzmd how. F""" r r , ' iii 3 F 3, M? gr: f 1 , H117 H12 'i'55'57295,f, 1 W3 j :Er QW f' . 2 123 HH' S wh 2 I 9391? 51-sn' V J 'L gust, get ev-ofvwr Qui? ei -gwxfe, and me wi :H 'Sw 'iiesvgfb an-qm 'ma Gowuafgz 'so we :mr iaawmlxi 'Gezasil 934e.'5 'QEe1v5.-95.5-. BAA ee. 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'S saw SJ 6'Lc'iiSW'if xnaowf, men S. mea-ce, sugar.. mm Savannas 'cams 102-6. been 'facvwpge-ta wg 'este-as E Q 'Coe game. ws roogm-Woe sam me mama Goacxs Ranma? aw-'e2 s 559 in and 'ncaa 'cream no mm gms A2 and gww. f2"0fe g1'q 'Gwf.1gs:1G we sate. we L i L 5 give 96u10xa6.e A2 points. amd aiw-2 'we miebawe was fkisw-f-mesa, me deoaded 'ao ga gunna and gum 'vaem 'Due gave. 'Sf'53g1f0W3',5si'92sZX'i'93 'media apofbagw-raise be go ahead sub 'Gai-'G 'mem aims? g's.1f1S.ueg, "if1DwiQN4'21 ec an 'one ssvcfe-seems ci Bette? felabwns, we lab when 9945 Sad shaved ai -we 'aaa 93.9.-Sed an-5 'iwsswe ' T. some 'iwfgaee 'sexag,-:wb ,969-15 and H6955 5, .1 maxs si image moons iw: Sei? aww wa 'ma Saufo'nsf1gw Gef.!saLefw'g,1fefHGQms'3tui5gMQQ3f?i2ffw1giig 'M 1 f541w'f'ff f'93'9'? ivvwe-1'L, W-64 wi-'G 'GY9'5,'P1"?'4,Sf?f'fBY+f"fAfffSfqf1Wf1 W5?31j5 M'-f aff "iffwf if 5f-P195 nugfg f-'iff'-SmWQ5'fWyS5H?lfw'm5fi5'4f?ifffME 1 .wif 1w1Q fffsvffwvfwfv1?hf v'S-elfsff wg vsbwvvwwiffwlffhwww'fwfwvfwfifmi f atty? Wg? E i fgg,g,f5,wf,f5,fg,f,,,g,Hgwxfiaxawiwiislieff faxing was 'cm iw-aww wma vena 'we muse Smmase vi 'me -sofxdi 9 me av?-jwemgnw 'QG1-'mag 'fA:vs.e. me me-ee -av-cm 'wa ws qc-wma 'eww -sew. S me 'oo wwe 'we 'own ward Mg its - memes sfo -wa. uw ov-we us- 1 e-efm that it is-.sie -'Gas 'se ai-rw, 6-9.6 lewrsfiiv 'Eve fieessvoera cfxai o Q1 okaiwing ba 5 S9 'QQ look! 'L 'va' Uwvov- sw . K. 'said S. T an 6. gym-das and Y -ned some 'Q-era YL 'wo 'Dad wa- Said 'MG was an 'O'x.mfm 'vw -scams ana no c:,-ami, and same me UL Sim -making, qpo es mace dwg wwswb 536. 'Wen S. 'Do 'fo Quant 'bo 'Lo-Ml. flow: awww, X X H 'ln IUUHJHH . . 2 ' v . 7 E 2 .1.,. eifi .315 , 1 I "r .s'vlf . , fs ' af' JOHN E TUCKER Back in 1919, a husky high-school youth of Rus- sellville decided to continue his prep school training at Arkansas Tech. With the exception of three years since that time, that man has made Tech his home. john Edward Tucker, football coach, head of the Chemistry Department, Dean of Men, and acting Vice- President of Tech, is one of the traditions at Tech. His great football experience, coaching, and leader- ship have played a great part in making Tech the school it is today. As a player for the Green and Gold in the days of the original Wonder Boys, Tucker has had no equal. He was a Coach's dream. He galloped through opponent's lines like they were not there at all. He passed, he ran, and he kicked. Because of him, the Army at West Point issued Tech an invitation to play at West Point in 1923. Tech became the first team west of the Mississippi River to play Army. Tucker graduated from Tech in 1925 with a B. S. Degree and immediately joined the Tech Chem- istry Department, teaching high school chemistry for four years. But it was back to the gridiron for him, this time at the University of Alabama, as a member of the famed Crimson Tide eleven he went to the Rose Bowl with them on January 1, 1930. However, Mr. Tucker was not just a wandering football star. He received his B. S. Degree from Alabama in 1931 and his M. S. in chemistry and cera- mics in the spring of 1932. In 1933, he succeeded Coach E. O. Brown as head coach of the Wonder Boys and he has guided their destiny with a skilled hand ever since. SAM H I NDSMAN Sam Hindsman, on September l, joined the Arkansas Tech athletic department. He became the head basketball coach, Di- rector of the Men's Physical Education Pro- gram, and football line coach at Tech. The new mentor will receive his Master's De- gree in Physical Education from the Uni- versity of Alabama this summer. He holds his B. S. degree from Memphis State Col- lege. He was one of the spark-plugs that led the l947 Wonder Boys to the state championship. RAYMOND BURN ETT Raymond Burnett returns to the scene of many athletic triumphs. He was an all- stater in the backfield for Tech in the late thirties, a boxer of much renown, and an all-round athlete. In baseball, he was a star outfielder and well kno'wn for his home-run hitting. He played profession- al football for one year. As head coach of Little Rock High School, he has an enviable record. In his three years at Little Rock, his teams lost three games, tied three games and won the state title two years. EUGENE KEETON Eugene Keeton, big 200 pounder, who played his prep football for Russellville high school, was an excellent defensive man. And last year was named to the all state intercollegiate eleven mainly because off this. He was also named as co-captain of the Wonder Boys along with Gilbreath. A Wonder Boy gridder before the war, Keeton returned last fall and was switched from his old halfback post to help the weak- er flanks. He is continuing his career as an athlete with our strong rival, the Ark- ansas State Teachers Bears. BILLY GILBREATH Billy Gilbreath, a trim 165 pound fleet footed triple threat at tailback was one of the main cogs of the Wonder Boys this year. He was named one of the co-captains, elect- ed to the all state team, and lettered in basketball and baseball. Gilbreath played his high school ball at Batesville, where he was an all round star in almost every sport. He is continu- ing his football career with Alabama's Crimson Tide. ALI. STATE BILLY HUIE ...,.. Guard SAMMY SANDERS . . End ROY WHITE . . Tackle GENE HARWOOD . . Back EUGENE KEETONE, Eacl SAMMY SANDERSP, End HAROLD McCEHEElI, Encl MACK LONCE, Encl BILL MORRIS+, Encl JACK BURNS? Encl WALLACE PARKER, Eacl BILLY CHRISTENBURY, Eacl DAVE BECTON, End PAUL MELTON, Encl BILL STANCILP, Tackle ROY WHITEI, Tackle BOB LUEKENP, Tackle MIKE CARROLLA, Tackle CLAUDE CRAWFORD, Tackle BILL LEWISP, Tackle WALTER TULLOS, Tackle JEFF ELLIS, Tackle BILLY HUIEP, Guard NEILL ROBINSI, Cuaccl HAROLD WILSONP, Cuarcl ED MlCHAEL+, Cuarcl BERT MULLENS, Cuafcl CARL NVILLIAMSP, Guard RALPH SCOTT, Guard BOBBY WILSON, Guard DAVID LUDWICKII, Center JACK CHRISTY+, Center HAL STANCIL, Center ALBERT BENIGHTSF, Center LAWRENCE PERKINS, Ceacel- WALTER NUCKOLS, Center ELLIS McINTOSHfff, QB KENNETH CRAYE, QB BOB ARMITACE, QB W. A. BENNETT, QB TRACY NORWOOD, QB HAROLD BARTLETT, QB VANCE MILLS, QB WILSON KELLP, RH GENE HALLA, RH W. C. HUEE, RH IVILLIAM WRIGHT, RH BILLY GILBREATHSI, LH JIMMY ALBRIGHTSF, LH CARL WEATHERTONII, LH HAPPY REED, LH BILL STAUFER, LH LINUS L. LEE JR., LH ALBERT DICKEY, LH CARL LUEKEN, LH WINNFIELD SMITH, LH ORWIN MCCOLLUM, LH GENE HARWOODII, FB DUKE HERLEINP, FB JOHN TOWNSENDIF, FB JERRY JAMAR, FB JACK PRESLEY, FB MILLER FORD, GUARD MARCUS IVVALDEN, HB 'P Indicates Lettelfmen TH E FOOTBALL YEAR Arkansas Tech's NVonder Boys kept intact their record of not hen ing lost a game to an Arkansas teaxn since l94l as they swept to then third straight Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference Title. For the sec ond season in a row, they dropped one tilt - the fifth game u were invincible against all Arkansas foes. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech THE RECORD 32 VVestern Union 0 34 Eastern Okla. A.SQM. 7 35 College of the Ozarks 0 20 Magnolia A. Xa M. 0 0 Central Oklahoma 41 7 Ouachita 6 35 Arkansas A. Sc M. 0 28 Henderson State Teachers 6 32 Hendrix U Tech stops the Reddics cold at the line of scrimmage. ELLIS MCINTOSH Back BILL STANCIL Tackle WILSON KELL Back Although Harwood was stopped on the line on this play the Wonder Boys rolled over Hendrix 32 to 0. JIMMY ALBRIGHT Back VValden rounds end as the lBabyj Won- der Boys wall: over Poteau fr. College 52 to 0. CARL WILLIAMS Guard ED MICHEAL Guard PHIL I-IERLEIN Back Harwood "noses" over for a touchdown against Hendrix. KEN N ETH GRAY Back Hendrix just couldnt stop those Wovzder Boys. GENE HALL Back JACK BURNS End ALBERT BENIGHT Center lik zlfzylzmlyls ball as big Hoy VVl1ite goes into the air. BILL LEVVIS Tackle DAVID IJUDWICK Center You name it, I'll mail you the pic- ture. JACK CHRISTY Center I K BOB LU EKEN Tackle CARL aaI:IflfI45hwEATHER1'oN Back EEL .wx Af . I "r" XL BILL MORRIS End MIKE CARROLL Tackle NEIL ROBBINS Guard Queen illlilffff' and maids Preflifiing II R wirfory PFW Invasion of Little Rock George slz ows them how Docx' llzis IL rodeo is I Stand up and help 'F Blazes! S'115jJe1zcle1's, tie and mouth W Look at hm' ev'-ah mouth ust pmcticing 106 gives the hand zz lzzmd VVTIl11f1i7lg the Y1igl'7',.S' tail 41. The 111151 yet Pep rally in Little Rock IVF zwnzf "A I1rl1"' Here zur slam! like lzirds in the ZL"HIfI'Tl26'.Y.K' Horn lzflls Tmrlzmxs' Ihr sad rzffuns' IVF go! file 71fgf'7'yS tail Wflzm' romffs HFXU Tvs The 1nfo1'ning after the nigh! before If zuzzs ll tough fight, but we took them Yea! Tech Is Everylmdy HHPIM Coffef 110111 3:00 fl. DI. Pretty! Ilt7I'f they? Heads or tails? Mzlddy, ain't they? George and his little joy makers 1 "' wk, M4 A , ,X X1 Nm on mme wean womdarxng, imma courses Tas are aa 'uri-0.6 ei rx-M25 to em: wecpwa-'ae 1. vyeawp 'six -goo. aromas shew. 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Q'fm ' ' T 7 M BBN weve, ' ' w4f " F 'am W Q XM w,,, fv, K Q, TJ 'f 'W-ff Q' Nl ............L.. ...L... m 3P"!' CHIQQLQ SOP!-IOMORE OI-I-ICI: QS ROSS ADAMS Presi dent JAMES YVHITE EVELYN MORRISON AIOE FLETCHER Vice-President Secrelnry-Treaszzrer Iifporier ADAMS, C. Ross . . . VVarren, Ark. Arts and Sciences ADAMS, DONALD . . . Clarksville, Ark. Agriculture AIJKINS, SAM T. . North Little Rock Engineering AIRMAN, BRIICE L. . . . Bluffton, Ark. Agriculture ALLISON, RKDBERT G. . . St. Louis, MO. Engineering ALVERSON, lX'lARY ELIZABETH Dardanelle, Ark. Business Administration ANDFRS, RKJBFRT V. . . North Little Rock Engineering ANDERSON, GEORGPI H. . Lead Hill, Ark. Business Administration .ANDERSON, HARVEY B. North Little Rock Business Administration ANDREWS, GEORGE F .... Cecil, Ark Engineering ARNOLD, ADLAI F .... Russellville, Ark Agriculture BAILEY, LOUIS E. . . Benton, Ark Engineering BARLONV, OXVEN GENE . North Little Rock Engineering BARTLETT, HAROLD L. . Russellville, Ark Education BARTI.ETT,RONELL D. . . Russellville, Business Administration BASSETT, LIANI-I . , . Greenwood, Arts and Sciences BENTON, BILLY F. . . Little Rock, Business Administration BENTON, GENE , .... Searcy, Music Ark Ark Ark Ark BOWLING, CLARENCE C. . . Salem, Ark. Agriculture BOYDSTON, DENVEY L. . . . Rogers, Agriculture BRACR, jo ANN . . . Cotter, Home Economics BRADLEY, TOM B ..... Clinton, Agriculture A BRAMLETT,J1M L. . . . Pocahontas, A rts and Sciences BRASHEARS, THOMAS , . Huntsville, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark BREWER, CAROLYN . . North Little Rock Arts and Sciences BRINKMEYER, KEITH . Long Beach, Calif. Arts and Sciences BROOKS, JACK N ...,. Sheridan, Ark. Arts and Sciences BETTICRTON, VVAYMON A .... Alma, Business A drninistration BLAc:R clAl.VlN.X. . . . Perryville, A gricultu re BLAIR, BILLY D .... Melbourne, Agriculture BLACKNIAN, ALVIN W. . . Huntington, Business Administration BLACKA'IAN,ROY . . Huntington, Business Administration BLEVINS, LRE, JR. . Little Rock, Izngineerzng BOL1N, VERNON R .,.. leeledo, Agriculture . BONAM, Movxsrz C. , . Fouke, Business A din inislmlion BONE, LOWELL D. . . Bald Knob, Business Administration Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark ? BROWN, ALFRED A,.,. Clarendon, Ark. Business Adminislralimz BROWN, RICHMOND L. .,O,, Pottsville, Ark. Business A dmirz istmtimz BROXVN, ROl5P1R'l' A ...., Paris, Ark. Business A dm inistratiolz BROWN, SHERMAN E. , . North Little Rock A gricu It u re L BUFFALO, A. BURTON ..... England, Business A dminisiratimz BUFFALO, VANN . . England, Business Adm1'nist1'alim1 BULL, JOE . . . . , Mansfield, Agrirulture BULL, JOHNNY . . . . . Mansfield, Arts and Sfienfes BURKHALTER, FRANK .,,. Rogers, Engineering Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. BURNETT, DON A ...... Little Rock, Agriculture BURNS, JAMES R .,.,..,,. Ozark, A Hs and Scien ces BURNS, JOE F. ....,., Mansfield, Business A dministra tion BUTLER, DELBERT F ..,,.. Newport, Pre Dental CA1N,JAMEs NVILSON , , . Mansfield, Education C-ALDXVELL, DICK . . . . Little Rock, Business A dmin1'st1'nti0n CALHOUN, GALE ....,,.. Searcy, Business Administrrltion CALLAN, BEXTA , ..... Branch, Education CAMP, FANNIE ,...... Sheridan, Business Adfninislmtion Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark CAVANESS, GEORGE ,A.., Yellville, Ark. Engineering CAv1NEss, JOHN ....,. . Ola, Ark. Engineering CHANCY, XVANDA B. .,...... Ozark, Ark. Business Administration CHENAULT, RICHARD L. . . North Little Rock Engineering CHRISTIANSEN, lXil'LRYL N. . . Stuttgart, Ark. Agricullzlre CHRISTY, JACK ,...... Lake Village, Ark. Engineering COCKMAN, RAN'BIlRN ,... Mt. Valley, Ark. Business Administration COE, lXIARY ALICE ...,,. Newport, Ark. Education COFFMAN, CLEAMO . . . North Little Rock Vocational CAMPER, .JOHN T ...... Center Ridge, Ark. Arts and Sfiences CARI., JOE M. . ...... Gentry, Ark. Business .-1 rlininislrntion CARLTON, JACK . , , Swain, Ark. Arts and Sf'I.f?IIl'I'S CARXIACK, CHARLES W. . North Little Rock Engineering CARROLL, AIIKF B. . , . Horatio, Ark. Agrirziltzire CARSON, JOHN ..,, Mountainhurg, Ark. . Physiml Edzzrmion CARTER, Ev1a1.YN . , . Pine Blull, Ark. , Ii Hsin ess A din in isl ra t ion CASTEEL, lXl.xRY CHLOIC . Forrest City, Ark. Business tidIIIilIiSflYliI'0II CATON, CQRADY B. . ,,... Lavaca, Ark. Agriezillzrre COFFMAN, D, W ...,,.. Hector, Business Administration COLE, F. NEAL, JR. . . Walnut Ridge, Engineering COLLINS, SANIMYE B .,... Plainview, Home Economics CONDRY, CURTIS W ..., . . Mansfield, Education Cook, KENNETH ...... Hamburg, Business Administration COTTINGHAM, WM. s.... Prescott, Business Administration COUCH, WM. THOMAS ...., Parkin, Engineering COYVAN, HELEN .I .... . . Russellville, Business Administration COWN'ELL,DEVOEH .,,. . . , . .Deer, Arts and Sciences Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark COWVLING, DAN C ...,., Fort Smith, Ark. Engineering Cox, JOSEPH C ....... Corning, Ark. Arts and Sciences Cox, ROBERT D. ...... Chebanse, Ill. Business Administration CUSACK, WARREN ..... Fulton, N. Y Engineering DAFFORD, PHILLIP ..,., Alexandria, La Arts and Sciences DANIELS, BOBBY LEE .,.. Dardanelle, Ark Agriculture DANIELSON, ELLOUISE . . . Russellville, Ark Business Adrninlstration DAVIDSON, AIELBA .... Russellville, Ark Business Administration DAVIS, ALFRED E .,... Morrilton, Ark Arts and Sciences DoLI'I1I., GEORUI41 . .,,,. Lamar, Ark. If Izgineeri ng DoLITTI,Ic, HARRY, -IR. . , . Allendale, N. -I EIlgl71667'I'IIg DRIVER, EDWARD .,..... Appleton, Ark. Business AdnI1'nistrfIIi0n DROYVN, HARRX ',.... Calico Rock, Ark. Pre-rlfledical DRYDEN, KVM. ..,., Council Bluffs, Ia. Agriculture DUNCAN, LEROI' .,...... Benton, Ark. Engineerilzg DUNN, DELNIA D. ..... XVest Monroe, La. A Tis and Sciences DUNN, KVM. E .... , , . Dardanelle, Ark. Business Adminhstmtimz EDWARDS, CHARLIQS .... Mt. Judea, Ark. Agriczzlture IDAVIS, EDDIE M. . . X'Valdron, Ark l':IIg'I.ll667'l'lIg DAVIS, FoS'I'IcR C .,.. Prescott, Ark. Bzzsiness f1f1WlI'lII.Yfl'IIfl0l1 DAVIS, lVAI:rI2R E .... , , Hot Springs, Ark. Agrir'11lII11'e lJlil.I.lNGF1R, -IDE . , . . Ashdown, Ark. AgTlfll1fIlTI? DIcwIsERRx', tIllNIlXIlli , . . , , . Ozark, Ark. H11sine.S.t fldminislrnlion IJICKEY, Rox' . . . . . , Hoxie, Ark. liducalion IJICKSON, CLIFFORD . . , Hot Springs, Ark. Agrirzlllure IJIXON, 'TROY . . .... Harrison, Ark. liizgirzeerirzg IJIXON, X'VAI,I.Ac:b1 XVM. . . , South Gate, Calif. 13u.sines.s AdNZflII.Sf7YIff0ll ELLIS, . . .... Dzardanelle, liIIg'ineeri11g r ELSI.AND1'1R, JOHN ...... Driver, li11q'ir1eeI'1'r1 ge r E ENOLES,TAI,MAcIE . , , . . , ,OIIizI, AgricI1IlI1I'e ELSREN, HAROLD C. ,..A ,,.. P aris, Business Adllzirzistralimz ESNIOND, LESLIE ..... , Corning, Home Ec'oI1mnic's EUBANKS, JOE TOM ...... Searcy, Iingineerirzg EVERETT, CLYDE T. ....... Benton, li11g1'neeI'ing FALLS, THOMAS B. ...... Pottsville, lid7,lC'f1lI.071 FANOHER, TOM YV. ...,..., Osage, Bzlsiness AdIIIlilIfSfTIllfUl1 Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark 2 FERGUSON, Dick ...,..., Salem, Ark Agriru Iture FICKES, CAROLINE .,.,. Russellville, Ark Ed'lllTlll'i07Z FITZGERALD, C. H ..,.. Cotton Plant, Ark Agriculture FLECHER, JOE , ,.... Bald Knob, Ark Physical Education FORSI-IE, XVILFORD .,..., Lead Hill, Ark Agriculture FOSTER, ALVIN li. .,,. Moumainview, Ark Pre-Dental FUDGE, ROBERT M. ..... Cave City, Ark Agricultizre FIYDGE, THOMAS G. ,...., Cave City, Ark Ag1'I'6'1l Iture FULCHICR, DAVID M ..,.. . Detomi, Ark Engineering GooniER, GEORClk1 ,,... Dardanelle, Ark Pre-lvlediml Goss, GPiORGli ,.,. El Dorado, Ark Business Adnziliislralion ciOSSli'l"l', RIARY -loN .,,. Plainview, Home Economics Ark GRAHAM, BOBBY . . . Wfalnut Ridge, A grz'cultz11'e GRAY, KENNETH ....,.., Paris, Educalion GRAY, lXl1iI.VIN . . . Center Ridge, Ag1'1'cz1It'zn'e GREEN, GEORKQIZ O .,.,. Stuttgart, A ris I1 nd Sfienres GRIEFN, IRA ,,....., Thornton, Iiducaiion GREEN, M. YV. .... . . Malvern, Engineering Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark FUI,I.liR'l'ON, XVALTICR . . Valley Springs, Ark Iingineering FURNISH, EUGENE T. .,.. Kansas City, Mo Agr1'c11lt1n'e GARNFR, LYNDA1. D. .,,.. Prescott, Ark 1':l1g'lII6ETllIg' GEoRcsE, JOHN B ...,,..,, Bass, Ark Business Adminisimlion GIBSLJN, BETTY E ....,. Russellville, Ark Business Administration GIBSON, KIOHN V ....,, Charleston, Ark Arls and Sriezzfes G1sT, -IAMEs H ..,... Solgohaehia, Ark Agrifllltzlre CQLIDXVELL, GEoRcE , .,,. Alexander, Ark Engineering GODBEY, XVM. JACK .,..... Atkins, Ark Pre-Medifal Q1 GR1FFEv, CHARLES ,.., Booneville, Ark. Arts and Sciences GRINIES, RAY ...,. Bald Knob, Ark. HllSfII6S.Y Adnzinistrzzlirnz GR1sx-IAM, IRA XV. ..,,. Hot Springs, Ark. En neeri ng GRISHAM, ROBl'iRT . . . North Little Rock Engirzeering GRLIBISS, R0l5ER'l' , ..,..,. Camden, Ark. Arts and Sciences GUILING, XVILLARD , , , , Morrilton, Ark. Ellgirleering GLl'l'HRlP1, KERMIT . . Yellville, Ark. Business Adn1i11istr11lio11 I'lAI.BR0OK4, EUDALL ,..... Clinton, Ark. Agriculture HALL, IZILAND . . , . Scotland, Ark. Business Administration HALL, PAUL .,...,.. Atkins, Ark. Arts and Sciences HAMMES, NORh'IAN YV. , . . Anoka, Minnesota Arts and Sciences I'lAMMONS, BURTA BELL , Forrest Citv, Ark. Physical Education HANEY, JAINIES .,...... Atkins, Ark. Business Adrnz'n1'stratz'0n HANNA, D. E ...... Marked Tree, Ark. Arts and Science HANNA, VIRGINIA , . . Russellville, Ark. BllSI716'5S Administration HARLJRAVPIS, Bos ....,.. Bigelow, Ark. Business Ad7lll.fII.Sf7'Ilfl'0l1 HARMES, BETTY ........ Dover, Ark. Arts and Sciences HARPER, DAVID ....... Mansfield, Ark. Arts and Sciences Hl'INDRIX, LLOYD ...A,.. Benton, Agrifulture HENLEY, EDRA JUNE .... Jerusalem, Horne Econoniicfs HENRY, ANNETTIC ......, Pottsville, Business Adniinistmtion HERLEIN, PHIL ...,..... Helena, Business A dniinistration HiBBs, FREDA .....,,. Subiaco, Arts and Sciences HICKEY, BAILEY ...., Clarksville, Physical Education HICKEY', CHARLES ..4..... Dover, Agriculture HICKMON, L. J .,..,, Russellville, Engineering Hicks, JAMES H ...,.. Dardanelle, Vocational Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark HARPER, DEAN ....... Malvern, Agriculture HARv1soN, clLAllDli . . , , lilm Springs, Arts and Srienres LIARXVOOD, GENl'l ....., Fort Smith, Education HARYN'OOD, NORAIAN .... Morrilton, Business Administration HAYVKINS, JOE ,...... Clarksville, Engineering t L HAX'ES, CHAUNQLEY L. ,... Harrison, Engineering HAYDEN, JEFFREY C. . . Locust Grove, Arts und Sciences LIEFLI-LY, JAlX1ES .,.... Mt. Judea, Business Administration l-IENDICRSONV, GERALD ..... Scranton, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. HILGER, LOYVICLL ,...... Iudsonia, Engineering HOLLIS, GERALD ...,... Mlaldron, Engineering HOLINIES, PEGGY ......... Cotter, Business Administration HOLT, GILBERT ....i..,. Dyer, Arts and Sciences HOLT, ARTHUR ...... Marked Tree, Arts and Sciences Hook, WARREN ......,. Ratcliff, Agriculture HOPSON, CHARLES ...,.,. Mt. Pine, Engineering HOTTINGER, FRED ..,..,.. Dover, Agriculture HOUSE, HANSERD ...,,..., Onia, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark x X l HUFF, WILBUR C. ..s..., Carlisle, Ark. Engineering Hou: BILLY .st.s.,., Memphis, Tenn Arts and Sciences HURLEY, BETTY ...,,,.. Hector, Ark Home Economics HUTCPIERSON, CHARLENE . . Dardanelle, Business A drn inistration HYATT, JOHNNIE ,,...,. Benton, Arts and Sciences HYDER, HAROLD ,,..,.. Russellville, Arts and Sciences IRVIN, JAMES A .,..... Russellville, Engineering lRv1N, JOHN ......, Russellville, Agriculture IvY, TED M. ......... McGehee, Engineering Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark if i i JONES, ROBERT ....... Russellville, Ark. Education JONES, STANLEY RAY .,.... England, Ark Business Aclininistration JULIAN, lXIARY JANE ..,.. Little Rock, Ark Home liconmnics KAUFMAN, FERD ...... Little Rock, Ark. Arts and Sciences KEETON, GENE ,...... Russellville, Ark. Physical Education KELL, XV1LsON ,..,.... Imboden, Ark. Education KEI.TERBORN, ROBERT C. . . Caseville, Mich Business A dininistmtion KIRKPATRICK, SM1'rH ,..,. , . . Paris, Ark Arts and Sciences KLEPPER, JOHN , ,..... Harrison, Ark Engineering JAc:ksON, Nlflll. ,...... . Atkins, Agriculture JACKSON, OLON ..,..... Brinkley, Engineering Business A dm inisti'ation JANIIESON, JAIVIES ..,.. . Ft. Smith, -Business Adininistration JENKINS, RALPH ...... Little Rock, Vocational ACOBS, RICJHARIJ .,........ Tull, Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark JOHANSEN, HAROLD YV. , . , Russellville, AgTlACIlIi1lT8 JOHNSON, BERNARD .... , . . Ft. Smith, Engineering Ark JOHNSON, L. D. ......,. Flippin, Eng: neerl ng Ark JONEs, JEAN ...,.., Russellville, Business Administration Ark IQNIGHT4, l'llRON ,.,.... Clinton, Agrif'11Itui'e LAFFOON, CHARLES ...,... Dover, Business Al1IlIilIliSfP'Ilii0lI LANKFORD. PAU1 .... Evening Shade, Ag-rir ullure LANKFORD, R. BILLY ..,... Clinton, , Agriculture LAVASQUE, lNlII,'l'0N ...., Russellville, Business Administration LAWS, CHARLEs L .,,. . . Mulberry, Agriculture LEMONS, LEYVIS ,..,,.. Corning, Agriculture LILLICRAP, JOHN E. ....., Osceola, Engineering L1NEBAc:k, LAWRENCE , . . Ft. Smith, Arts and Sciences Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark LINN, CONAL ....,. Morganton, Agriculture Ark. LIVELY, JOSH , ...... Harrison, Ark Business Administration LOGAN, DENVER L . - .,.,.. Barber, Ark Education LONG, MACK ...,.... Memphis, Tenn Business Administration LOONEY, LEAMON ,..,. Hattieville, Agriculture LOONEY, KVM ....... Plumerville, Business Administration LOVELADY, GEORGE , ..... Dover, Business Administration Low, BOB ,....,,.. Brinkley, Pre-Medical LOXVDER, R. N. ,........ Paris, Business Administration Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark lXIc:DAN1r:L, IQALPH A. ..... Subiaco, Ark Business Administration M1-LELDUFF, BILL ....., Marianna, Ark Physical Education lXlCCvINLEY, HAROLD ,,,... Bauxite, Ark Physical Education RICILROY, EDYVARD ...... Russellville, Ark Arts and Sciences lNlClLROY, Jim R ..l. ..,. O zark, Ark Agriculture lX'IC1NTOSH, ELLIS ..,.. Batesville, Ark Physical Education lXlCKliNZIE, JACK ....... DeXVitt, Ark Agriculture MCKOY, lX'lARGO .,., Holly Grove, Ark. Hom e licon om ics M c:CoRMIc:K, HERMAN .,...,., Aly, Ark. Agriculture 6 Loyu, Horam' .,,...., Camden, Arls and Sciences Lunwlck, IJAVID ,..,... Ft. Smith, Education Llll'lKl'lN, CARL ,...,.,. Helena, Business Adnzinislration LUEKIQN, BOB ....... Helena, Business Administration RICBRIDE, EDGAR , , , , Dardanelle, Education lXlCC.AB1i, RIYLICS ....... Adona, Business Adnzinistraliorz RICCAIN, KENNPI'l'H .,,.,.. Dover, Business Administration M CCARVER, ORAN .,... M cRae, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark lXlCCOLLUM, ORWIN .....,. Tulsa, Okla V371 Business Administration . , i It li lXlCLAUGHLlN, NINA ,,,. Tuekerman, I Business A dm in istmtion AICNIILLION, JOIC ..A.. Little Rock Iifzgirzeering AIABRY, OLVIN A .,.. . , , Chula A griru Ii Il re lNIABRY, O, M ...,.A.,. . Chula, ,I ,I Ark 'Xrk 'Xrk Ark Agriculture NIABRY, ROBERT F. , . . Clarendon, Ark Engineering lXIACKAY, JOHN D. , . El Dorado, Arkansas I 11r1gzneer1ng NIACUNIBER, LESTER H ..... Audubon, Iowa Agricultzzre AICGUIRE, VINCENT .,,.. Ft. Smith, Ark. Arts amI'S1'ienres lXIAINARD, lXIARY LOUISE .... Ozark, Ark. Ed1llYIfI'0Il lXlAI.LEY, JOHN R. ...,.,.. Linla, Ohio El'Igi7I661'f7Ig' AIARKS, LESLIE D. . , . . Booneville, Arts and Sffences AIARKS, ROBERT L. . . , . Booneville, Engineering MAsoN, BETTY L. . . . ., Centerville, BIl5f77t'?S.S Al1'II7flIlSflYIfI'0l'I AIARTINV, XVYINI-AN L. . Havana AgTl!'IIlfIU'ft' lXlAR'l'lN, FLOYD L. . . , . Harrison, Business A dm in1'.st1'nZ1'on AIASON, EARL lX'lILTON .,., Newport, A rls and Sffenres AIASON, JAMES L ......,, Swifton, Agricultzlre M ASSEY, JIM ....... Morrilton, Business A dministmtion Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark MINNIS, WILLIAM K ..A.,.. Atkins, AgTiC1llf1.l1'E? MOBLI:I', ALFRLII lIgFFLRsON , . Mt. Ida, Arts and Sfierzres Ark. 1Al'li. Ark. lNION'1'GOlWERY, XVILLIAM EARL Clarksville, Agricilltzlre MOORI1, GEORILP1 ,.... Dardanelle, Agriclzltzrre BIOORIQ, NVILLIAIII L. , . Booneville, 1ingineeI'11'1g BIOONEY, RICIHARID G. . . . Poyen, E11g111ee1'i11g BIORRIS, BILL .AR'l'Hl'R . . Batesville, lidzlmlirm BIORRIS, CLARI-INCIC E .,., Russellville Arls and Srienres NIORRIS, JAIVII-ZS ...,, Mt. Home Engineering Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark lXIATTHl-AVS, BILLY VV. .,,... Atkins, Ark. Arts and Sc1'e1'1zfffs MRnI.I1Y, BILLY R. . , . Lubbock, Texas Arts and Sci611rc'.s lXlFI.'I'0N, PAUL C. . , , . Booneville, Ark. BllSf7lF.YS Admi111'sl111lf011 All-TTCALF, JUNIAIY . . . , Mansfield, Ark. li11g111ee1'i11g lXlICKLliNVlGHT, l'III'I.I.Is MARII11 . Dardzmelle lfIl1ll'l1fl'0H MILsNI-:R, CARL H ..., Clhzarleston, Ark. AgTl!'1llflllY? BIILLNI-ZR, MAX F ...,.. . Ola, Ark. 1f11g111eeri11g BIILLIGAN, WILLARII XV. . . . Scottsville, Ark. BIIsi1' Acl111i111'.vl1'fIl1o11 BIINNIS, ELIIANOR ...., Swilton, Ark. flllllllf lir'o110111i1fs MORRISON, EVELYN .,.... Judsonia Ark. Arts and Sriences RIORROYV, VVILLIAM T. . . Center Ridge Ark. Engineering' lXl0UDY, PAUL ....... Danville, Ark. Agriculture lXl0UNT, JAlXIl-TS XVILBUR . Harrison, Ark. Engineering lXIUI.LENlX, OTIS P. ,,....., Oden Ark. Agriculture lXl'UNCY, HENRY R. . . . . Melbourne, Ark. Agriculture RIURDOCH, INIEZ ....... Atkins, Ark. Education AIURPHY, ALBERT EDWARD . North Little Rock Agriculture MURRAY, ANN ...,,.. Des Arc, Ark. Agriculture 'Q' NIYERS, JAMES FRANKLIN ..... Helena, Izngzneerzng NELSON, DAN L ....... Sheridan, Business Administration Q' Ark Ark. NELSON, FRANK HERBERT . . Batesville, Ark Engineering NESTOROEE, VVILLIANI A. . Lupton, Colorado Arts and Scienees NPZYVKIRK, ALVIN W .,., Jessieville, Engineering NEXS'AIAN, JABIES R ....... Dumas, Engineering NICROLS, CHARLES F ..... Morrilton, A rls and Sciences NOBI,k1S, JAMES D ..,.... Star City, Engineering NOGGLES, C .,..... Vilonia, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark rixfk PALMER, RAX'lNIOND E. , . . Russellville, Business Administration PALMER, ROBERT C .... Russellville, Business Administration PARETTE, HOARD P ...., Morrilton, Agriculture PARISH, ERNEST T. ....,. McCrory, Vocational PARK, GEORGE ,..... Morrilton, Agriculture PARKER, DON WALLACE . . Russellville, Physical Education PARKER, ELIZABETH ..t, Dardanelle, A rts and Sciences PARKER, NVAYLAND A. . . , . Barling, Engineering PATTERSON, CARL A. , . . Stuttgart, Arts and Sciences Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark. Ark. NORWOOD, TRACY B .,.,. Nashville, Education NLVTT, JAMEs E., IR ..... , Benton, Business Administration OATES, WILLIAM O .,... Pottsville, Agriculture OLIPHANT, B. R., JR .... Clarendon, Business Administration OLIPHANT, THOMAS ELMO . Clarendon, Agriculture O,NEAL, iXlERLli ....... Scotland, Business Administration ONVENS, BOBBIE -IRAN ..... Bigelow, Education OwENs, EDWARD M. ...... Newport, Business Administration Oz1ER, HUGPI, KIR ..,.... Harrison, Agriculture QP Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark PAULICR, PAUL RAYMoND . Library, Penn. Engineering PINCRNLY, BUDDY , . . Ft. Sinitli, Business Adminislmlimz PlCNDliRCRAF'l', CHARLES Ross . s Abbott, Business Adn1ini.stralim1 PIENIX, Rox' L .... XVestern Grove, A griru ltu re I'lcNNiNo'1'oN, KIANICIC . . . Russellville, Business AdH7I4I7f.YflYlf1'UlI PETERSON, AIoHN XV. .... Charleston, Arts and Sriemvas PFTRAY, -IOSFPH, JR .,.... Malvern, Agriruliure PICTTER, ALVIN L ..,... Stuttgart, Pre-Medirnl PFEIFER, ERNEST ...l. Dardanelle, Agrifulture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark PHIFICR, 'THOMAS A ..,, Judsonia, Ark Business Admin1'st1'ation's, Bl-1'l"l'li ,,,,.. Augusta, Ark BIl.S'lII6SS Adnifnistration PHl1.1,lPs, D. . . . . Malvern, Ark Agrir11llure Poii1.,xRD, .-ARLICIC IQRXVIN , , Union Hill, Ark Agrirzzllurc Po1,1,ARD, CONNIIC CHARLES , Union Hill, Ark figrirulfzzre Porroczk, IJONALD Lula . . Harrison, Ark Business AdHII.7IlSfTI1fl0ll Pooug, EDXVARIJ L. . . Oklahoma City, Okla Arfs and Sf'1'6lIf'6S Pool.:-3, LJSCAR I.YNDoN . . Horatio, Ark liizgffieerirzg l'owici.1., SHr11,i.Y R .,,..,. Stamps, Ark Engineering t . RICHARIJSON, W. R ...., Melbourne, Ark. A Agriculture RIDLEY, NCJRNIA JUNE , . Mountain Pine, Ark. Education RING, RALPH ......, Morrilton, Ark. Arts and Sciences RoARR, JOHN WILLIAM . . Pangburn, Ark Business Administration RoGERS, STUART E .... Bentonville, Engineering Ross, JAMES B. ..... Little Rock, Engineering ROYVLE1"I', LONNIE WILSON .... Guy, Engineering ROYS, PHILLII' A ..,.., Ft. Smith, Engineering RUBLE, JAMES C ...... Harrison, Business Administration Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark. PRESLEY, JACK lXllLLFR , . North Little Rock Education PRESLEY, JEAN D. .... Pine Bluff, Pre-Dental PRICE, GUY L. . . . . Russellville, A gricu lture t PRINCE, BETTY Lou , . Morrilton, Business Adininistration PRINCE, lXlARY SUE . lXlorrilton, Business Adrninistrntimt READING, flARl.AN Siloam Springs, Agriculture t REc'1'oR, Llil-I 'TATPI , . Mclbourrie, Business Administration REED, JINI . . . . Springdale, Agriculture REYNOLDS, LILLIAN ....,. Atkins, Education Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark RUPPEL, DONALIJ B. , New Kensington, Pa. A rts and Sfienres RLJTLEIDISIAI, Lovin L ...,, Belleville, Ark. h?7gI?'lE6'TIIIg SADLER, BUCK . Pine Bluff, Ark. BZISIVTIGSS Adnzinislrnlimz SANDERS, SAMMY C. . . Little Rock, Ark Adnzinistralion SAWYER, AIACR H .,,.. Little Rock, Ark. Arls and Srienres SAWVYBR, FRANK . . . . , . Lavaca, Ark, Engineering SCHROFDFR, PAUL T. , . . Los Angeles, Calif. Engineerzng SCOTT, AIILTON B ...... , Benton, Ark. 1 Agrirzzlture SCOTT, RALPH L ....... Ft. Smith, Ark. Physical Edlzfrzlion SCOTT, RPZHCL1 S. . . . . . Darclzmelle, Agrirzlltzlre SEATON, GEORGE VV .,.... Osceola, A rls and Sciences SLZAY, DALE G .,,.... Calico Rock, Business Administration SELBY, VINCENT ...... Lamar, I'.ng1ne:?r1 ng SRLPH, ROGER A ..... . , Mansfield, Ag7'I.FllIf1lT8 SENGEL, HARRY B. ,.,,, Ft. Smith, lingineering SEXTON, IBIOGENF ..... Strawberry, Home Economics SLZXTON, PAUL . , . ,... Dowdy, Engineering SHADDOX, RCJl5L1R'l4 G. , , NVestern Grove, Iingineering Ar k Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark SPINNENWEBER, IOE ..... Little Rock, Ark. A Agriculture STANCIL, BILL ...A.... Earle, Education STANLEY, ROBERT E. ...4.. Clinton, Business A dininistration STANLEY, WINDEL ,.... Mansfield, Business A dininistratzon STARK, BILL ..,....,. Hoxie, Agriculture STARR, WALTER O ..... Harrison, Engineering STEPHENS, JAMES K ...... Hartman, Engineering STEVENSON, JEAN ..,.. Greenwood, Business Administration STEVENSON, BIARDIE .,... Russellville, Arts and Sciences Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. SHELTON, RAY ......... Ola, Business A drninistration SHINN, IAMES O. H .... Russellville, K Business Administration SHIPLEY, L. M ......,. Harrison, Engineering L Ark Ark Ark. SKINNER, JAMES B. ..... Quitman, Agriculture SMITH, lX'IARlE .....,.,. Benton, Business Adrninistration SMITH, lXfIARSHALL C. . . Siloam Springs, Engineering SMITH, ROBERT D. ..... . Ft. Smith, Business Administration SPANN, HERBER'1' ....... Benton, Arts and Sciences SPEARS, RUTH ...... Appleton, Agriculture Ark. Ark. Ark Ark. Ark, Ark STEPHENS, KERMIT ...... DeWitt, Engineering STOVER, ROBER In F .,A... Harrison, Engineering STYLES, JIMMIE .,,.. Alexander, Agriculture SULLIVAN, DON H .,..... Lonoke, Engineering SWAIN, G. B., JR. , . , . . . . Aly, Agriculture SWAN, GEORGIA ...., Forrest City, Physical Education TAOKETT, DEWEY ,..,.. England, Arts and Sciences TAYLOR, CHARLIE M ....,.. Rison, Agriculture TAYLOR, FRANK .,.. Mountain Pine, Business Administration Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark. Ark. TAYLOR, WILLIAM .... Russellville, Agriculture TAYS, GEORGE .,....,, Barling, Pre-Medical TEETER, JAMES ROBERT . , Russellville, Agriculture TEMPLETON, WILLIAM .,.... Levy, Engineering THOMASON, JOE ...... Russellville, Business Administration THOMAS, GORDON ....,. England, Business A drninistration THOMPSON, JOHNIE DEE 4 , . 4 Jasper, Engineering THURMAN, DON G. , ....... Rison, Agriculture THURMAN, RAYMOND ...... Barling, Education Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. V1NsoN, JOE ........ Dover, Ark. Business Adininistration VINZAN1', RUTH ...,.,. Augusta, Ark. Home Economics VIRE, ALv1N ...,,... . Ozark, Ark Agriculture t VIRE, DALLAS ....,, . . Ozark, Ark Engineering VIRE, VERLIN ......... Ozark, Ark A gricul ture WVAGGONER, lNlEI.VlN S .... . . Osceola, Business Administration VVAIT, IJARXVIN ...., Academy Hill, Engineering VVALKER, ANNA ....., Plainview, Home Ecfonoin ics WALKER, PATSY ANN . , Siloam Springs, Business A dininistiution Ark Ark Ark Ark. VINOLSON, CREED C .,,.. . . . England, Ark. Business Adrninislmiion TULJRER, OSLIAR L .... . . Jackson, Miss. Agricziiture VTULLOS, VVALTI-IR LEE ,.... Bigelow, Ark. Agriculture TIYRNER, GLYN DALTON .,..,, Dover, Ark. Engineering TURRENTINE, HUGH O. . . North Little Rock Business Administration TU'l'Hll.I., lXlAURlCE ,.... Stuttgart, Ark. Engineering TYLER, HYATT O .... . . Lonsdale, Ark. Agriculture UNDI-ZRHILI., HENRX' E. . . . Russellville, Ark. Education VINES, lNlARGARIiT .,.,., Emmett, Ark. A its ri nd Srienves AVA1.Kl-IR,'IwRl1fN'I' . . . Pcrrv, lizzsiness Adl1lfIIf.S'fNlffUII Ark Ark Ark ,Ax 1' Incl Ark Ark Arr: 'Xrk AvAL'I'liR5, filiRlSliR'l' YV. Liltlc Rock, 1S11.s'1'11es.s' X1lll1IfIII'.S'fVIlfffHI XVAL'rrQRs, lXIARc:rL1,1,Us . . , , Hosty, ElIgf7I6L'VfIIg' XVATRIAS, C:,,u1OL7RN C arlcstou, li1'zgir1effrir1g XVA'rR!Ns, AIICAN . Iflzmmrond, lizfsirmss Aclnzizzislrzzlzinz AA.7A'l'EilNS, RALPH , , Cllrurlcston, lizzxzzlzfss Adu1i11i.s'lrz1!.Arn1 XVuA'r11r1R'rON, CARL Clarksville, EdllC'Ilf1AUII AAVEHB, C. XV., . Portia, f!grir'::li11r:f Vvlili-1 .IUANITA . Russellville, Bll.S'1'7Iff.S'S fidn1f:1i.slrf1l1'm1 XV1cs1.1-ir, Cl.-XROLYN r.,. Dardauclle, Ark Home Economics XVr1s'rFALL, BYRON . , , . Nashville, Ark f1gl'I.f'llll'llT6 AVHITE, IJOROTHY , . . . Morrilton, Ark Bzcsiness Administrnliwz XVHITE, Jfxmrzs H. ...... Havana, Agriculture NVHITE, SAMU1-11. D. ....., Oden, Arts and Sciences XVHl'1'ECOT'l'ON, ORr1rrA .... Danville, Arls and Scierlfes XVHITI-'ll-LLD, NV M. .,...., Ozark, lingineering AVHORTON, V. CHRls'r1NE . . . London, Arls and Scierzzfes AVILCOX, E'rHr1l. .,.,, Dardanelle, Home Economics Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark BRADLEY, Vr:s'1'lcR ........ Rector, Ark. Voeational BRENTS, BEN, AIR. ..,,.. Cleveland, Ark. Vocational BROYVN, lXIAuR1c:L F. ..,.. . . Paris, Ark. Vocatimml COWLES, B. R. ....,...,. Hasty, Ark. Vocational NIORRIS, LEO E ....... Mt. Home, Ark. Vomtional REYNOLDS, DAVID .... North Little Rock Vocational SISOO, NORBTAN ....... Delmar, Ark. Vorraticnml SNIITH, R1OHARD .,.... Syracuse, N. Y. Voealional VVESLEY, ClHARLFS ..... Dardanelle, Ark. Vocaiioizal NVILLIAMS, FLOYD C. ,... Springdale, Engineering YVILSON, ClLAUDli H. .... Russellville, Engineering NVILSUN, JOAN ..... Siloam Springs, Business Administration AVILSON, -I. C ........ Helena, Engineering XVORRALL, DOROTHY ,..,.. Benton, Business A dinin istmtzon AVORRALI., THOMAS ..... , Ola, A gricu I tu re XVRHQHT, ERMALIALNE ,,.. Strawberry, B uxiness A dm in istmlion X'VR1OH'r, HENRY L ..... Jacksonville, Education XVYRICR, HAI.. A. ,..,,,.. Neosho, Agrirzzllzire Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. NIO. Xrk Xrk -Xrk Xrk And tlzele I um lat on my back at Z0 O00 eel' dL ,.,,,.,- -a sm FQESI-IMAN CD!-HCI: QS SA M UEL WVI LSON President PAT OVERBY BOB BLANKINSHIP Secretary-Tre11s111'ff r Vice-Prfsiflerzt YADABIS, LEXVlS .....,., XVarren, Engineering ADKINS, ROSEMARY ..... Little Rock, Business Administration ALBRIGHT, JACQUELINE .... Plainview, Business Adininistration ALBRIGHT, JIMNIY ...,.. Little Rock, Education IXNDREXVS, JOHNNIE .... Walnut Ridge, Arts and Seienees ASHFORIJ, lXlAR'l'HA R ..,. Russellville, Arts and Seienees BAKER, AARON ........ Shirley, Agriculture BANISTER, TOMMY G ...... Osceola, Business Administration BARLOYV, JAMES ...,.. Pittsburgh, Agriculture BARRY, xIAc:KsoN E ..... Plainview, Business A din in istration BARTON, NEIL VANLJE .... Greenbrier, Physieal Education BAsHAM, WM. PARKER ,... Huntsville, A grieu lture Ark Ark. Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Pa Ark Ark Ark AVEY, YVILLIAM H. ,,.... Clinton, Business Administration AWDREY, VERN LEw1s ,,.... Lurton, Agriculture BAOGETT, JOHN B. ..... Fayetteville, Pre-M ed iral BA1LEY, EUGENE C .... . . . Waldron, Business Administration BAKER, JUNE ,,... Mountain Horne, Home lieononzics BAKI-IR,lI1iRRY LEE . . . Mountain Horne, Business Administration BA'rt:HELoR, ELTON E. ..... Marvell, Agrieulture BAUGH, BILLY ....... Mulberry, A grieultu re BEATTY, lXlARX '...,... Harrison, Education BEc:'roN, DAVE FRANKLIN ,.... Beebe, Business Administration BEEsoN, fiERALlJ L. ...., Horatio, Business Adzninistration BELL, ARNOLD T ...... Van Buren, Arts and Sciences Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark BELL, JAMES M ..,.,. Fort Smith, Business Administration BENIGHT, ALBERT . . No. Little Rock, Education BENNETT, WM. A ......,. Paris, Education BENTON, BUDDX '..... Little Rock, Business A dm in istration BIBLITR, l'Il'lLl-1N IMODELL . . . Scottsville, Home Economics BLALOCK, DALE G. ...... Hector, Arts and Sciences Ark. Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark BLANKENSHIP, BOB ...., Huntsville, Pre-Dental BLACKMAN, JIMMY ...... Brinkley, Business Adrninistration BLACKVVOOD, LEON C ....... Deer, A rts and Sciences BLACKWVOOD, KVM. ARTHIIR .... Olvey, Arts and Sciences BOLIN, PATRICK B. ..... Greenwood, Agriculture BONE, JACK ..,........ Oxford, Business A dnl in istration Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark BOOKOIIT, EUEL O. ,,,.. Russellville, Arts and Sciences BORCI-IERT, DONALD L. ..... Stuttgart, Agriculture BOXVEN, DAVID ,....., Hartford, Education BOYVFN, LARRY ......, Hartford, Arts and Sciences BRADFORD, NORMAN ..... Plainview, A rts and Sciences BRAGG, ROY LEE ,...... Elkins, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark BRANCH, ROBERT B. ..... Russellville Arts and Sciences BREAZI-LAL, JACK T. ..... El Dorado, Pre-Medical BRECKENRIDCE, GI,I11N ..,.. Beedeville Arts and Sciences BRIENTS, CARL REED ..... Cleveland, Business A dininistration BRIGGS, DWAIN E ..... . . . Bergman, Engineering BRINCLE, VIRGINIA CI-IARLENE Russellville, Business Adrninistration x Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. BRINGLI-1, Al1.r115N .,,, l.ittle Rock, Brrsirless Adnzinistration IQROOKS, RCPBIAIR1' A. ,.,.. Russellville, Arts and Sc'iem'es J BROYVNING, JOANN . . . Mclfadden, Home lffr'fn1m11irs BRUNIBI-1I.OXV, JA1x11cs P. . . Detonti, B11sz'1'1ess Administration BUCHER, Liao W. . . . . Heber Springs, Agriczrltzrre BUNCH, ROY B. ..,,, . Kingston, Business Adnzilnslrrztion CALLAN, lXlARY K. ..,... Fort Smith, Business Administration CAMERON, YALVIS .... . . Eaton, Arts and Sriences CAMPBICLI., CHARLES F. . Eureka Springs, Aviation CARGILIC, PATSY AIIQAN ..,,.. Rogers, Home Er'0n0n1ir's CARGILIZ, THoMAs Ii ....., Rogers, l':f'lgll'IUCl'iHg CARLISLE, l"lAROI.D Detonti, BIISt7IFSS Ad1l'ltlIl.YflYlft!llI Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark liukcncss, CLARIQNCIQ H. Siloam Springs, Prehllenlul BLIRGICSS, STANLEY CARTIQR Russellville, Business Ad71IfIItSf7Ylft07l BURRIS, ANNA AIAN111 ..,, Russellville, Arts and Srienfes BU'I'LI'TR, E ...,.,,,,. Paris, Business Adnzinistmlion BYRA M, Lr1sT1aR VVADI-I .... Melbourne, lfdllffllftml CA1.nwr1l.i., FoRREs'r E. . No. Little Rock, Arts and Sr'ienr'es CARNRY, lXlARY D. . . . , Parkin, Musff CARTER, -lor Wr:s1.EY, JR. .... Paris, Agriculture CARVICR, WA1,'rr1R RAY . . Pine Bluff, Engineering CAsTI,EmiRRY, GEORCIIAZ A. , Nashville, Agriruliure CASTIQFI., lxll-ZNARD ...., Gassville, Arts and Srierzres CHEs'rER, IJYVANE . . . . Plainview, AgTfl'Illll1TC Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ar k Ark Ar k CI-IILES, DAVID S. ,.,,,.. Osceola, Business Administration CHIVICRS, ALDEN BUDDY . . . Clarendon, Engineering Y I t CILANTON, JOE . , . .,.. , Dyess, Education CLARDY, EDWARD ...,.. Malvern, Engineering 1 k K 1 w - CLARK, .ALBERT L ...., Port Smith, Engineering CLARK, KENNITIH L .... Fayetteville, Agriculture Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. CLARK, LEE OLA ..,... Russellville, Education CLARK, WALTER, JR .,.,... Biscoe, Business Administration CLEVELAND, DAVID ..... Little Rock, Arts and Seienres COATNEY, VIR'l'lJS V .... . . Rudy, Business Administration clOI.LII-1, IDAVID D. . . . . Batesville, Engineering COLLIER, JAMES E ..... Van Buren, Engineering ...r Ve, Y' CONDRY, CARL lilili ,,., Mansfield, Ark. Cox, BEVERLY JUNE . Blue Mountaiim, Education Business Administration CONKLIN, klAROl.D , . , Powell, Ohio COx,1iARI. ....., . . . Steye, Prg.MgdjmI Engineering CONWVAY, CAROL LYN .... Lonoke, Ark CRANFORD, ALBERT D. . . Alma, Business Administration EHgi?1661'fHg COOK, WM. E. ....., . . . Ola, Ark CRAVVFORD, CLAUD ..... Dardanelle, P1-62.1951711111 Engineering COOPER, EIIGENIQ . , . . . Morrilton, Ark CROSS, ANNA lX'lAlC . . . Huntingtoii, Arts and Srienees lwll-Ylif flOW'GliR, IJAVID ...,.. Kansas City, MO. CULPS, HARRY LEE .... Hot Springs, Agriculture Engineering Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark DAcus, ROI!!-IRT XV. A... Russellville, liducatirm DALTON, GENE . . ,...... Ola, Business Administration DAMRON, JUNE A .,.,,. . . Booneville, Business A dm inistration DAVIS, ALVIN T. l,..,.. Imboden, lidzleation DAYVSON, DOROTHY . Mountain Home, Business A dministrrztion DFxJARNP11'T,, PREsLEv L. . Little Rock, lzrzgzneerzng DORROVGH, WM. M. .,.. Little Rock, Agriculture DUCK, JAIvIEs ..t,.,. Mt. Judea, Pre-Mediml EDYVARDS, JOI-IN NV. ..,., Mt. Judea, Agriculture ELKINS, CARROLL DAYTON , . Booneville, Business A dm inistration ELLIS, FLOYD D. ...,.... Lonoke, Arts and Srienres EOFE, HERBIAZR1' J. .... Shirley, Arts and Srierures Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Nw-- DEI.LIs, fJSCAR XV. . . . Perry, Ark Agrifulture DIENNISTUN, JOE TOM . . . . Alma, Ark Eugizzeering DICE, Junv . . . Forrest City, Ark Pre-Medirul DICKEY, ALBERT B. ,..,. Booneville, Ark Arts and Srienres DIc:REv, BIAXINPI L. , . . Mt. Judea, Ark Edumtion DCJI,I.AR, HARl.l11NE . Deer, Ark Business Adminislrrztioiz ERAlWBER'l', GERALD , . , Brooklyn, Miss. Agrirulture ERVING, BAILET '....,. Harrison, Ark. Business A dmiuistrrztion ETHRIDGI-1, E. G. . , ,.,., Fouke, Ark. Agrifuliure EVANS, CJHARI.Es E. . . . . Des Arc, Ark. Business Administration EWING, FRANCES FAYI-1 . . . Red Rock, Ark. Eduratimr EXVINC, I-ll-1RBliR'l' . . . . . Scranton, Ark. Arts and Srieuees sd FAIN, JAMES H .A.,,.. Lead Hill, Ark. Arts and Scienres FAULRNER, BILLY JUNE . . . . Mena, Ark. Business Administration FERGUSON, S. A ....... Bluffton, Ark. Engineering FINTON, BETTY Io s...,. Clinton, Ark. A Education FISFR, ALLEN ...... Morrilton, Ark. Business Adniinislmtion FISHER, LOUIS CECIL .... Friendship, Ark. Agrifultizre FITE, lA'lARY F. .....,. Arkadelphia, Business Administration FLOYD, DON S ...... Charleston, Arts and Sciences FORD, AIAMES li. .,..... Scranton, Edumtion FORD, lX'llLLER C. ..... Lake Village, lingineering FRANKLIN, THOMAS T. . . Little Rock, Ifngineering FRFEMON, GARF1'l"l' , , , . . . Ola, Agrirzzltzzre Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. FROST, BUFORI1 . , . . Parks, Ark Business fi!1'Nll?IiSfl'f1ffOlI FULMIIR, EARL ....... Scranton, Ark Arts and Scienfes fQAN'l', IJICNNIS B. . Russellville, Ark Business A rlnzinislmtifm fQARLAND, WVILBUR ..., . Corning, Ark Business Azlministrution CQARNICR, CARI. D. . . San Bernardino, Calif. Education GASTON, SAMUEL . . . Harrison, Ark Arts and Sciences I W flA'I'TlNGliR, AIARY B. .... Des Arc, A rls and .S'r'ie1Ir'es C EORGE, CLENICVA ,..,... Danville, H ome lirrnzonzirs CLILBERT, AIARY -IRAN Booneville, Arls and Srienres fl0DBl-1Y, lJOR0'l'HY . . . . Atkins, lidzirnlimi CONCE, XVILLIAM . . . . Piomlzill, Engineering Q L L , GORDON, CHARLIE . . Center Ridge, A grim Itzzre Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark CQRAF, EUGENE L ...... Mulberry, Arts and Sciences Ark GRAVES, C. A., JR ..,..,. Sheridan, Ark Engineering GRAVES, JOHN M. ..... Delaware, Ark Agriculture GREEN, BILLY J .....,. Lead Hill, Ark Agriculture fLREGOIRE,, Louls ..,.. San Fernando, Calil' Engineering CQRIFFIN, lXlARY ..... Russellville, Business A dministration HALE, JOHN W. ,,,... Greenwood, Engineering HALL, DOUGLAS ........ Helena, Agrirulture HALL, GENP1 .,.,,, Little Rock, Physical Education HAMILTON, JOHNNIE G. .... Harrison, Arts and Srienees l'lAMlXI, DOYNIC . . , . . Mt. Judea, Agrirulture HANKS, EARNI-:sr ..... Calico Roek, Business A dill inistration Ark Ark. Ark. Ark Ark. Ark Ark. fiRIMMETT, ROSE ....,.. Atkins, Horne Eronornics fiROVER, KVM. EUGENE , . . Harrison, Vocational fiUENTI-LR, BERNARD . . ,No. Little Rock, Engineering GlJ'l'HR1E, Kl'1NNk1TH ,.... Yellville, Business Administration HYXKIKLER, JoHN H. . Mountain Home, Business Administration l'lAI.l-1, HAZEI. ,.,.... Bellville, Arts and Sfiences HARKREAIJER, GORDON , . . Greenwood, Engineering HARCJN, EIIWARIJ ...,, Dardanelle, Engineering HARRISJ, RIrssELL . .... Sheridan, Home Economics HARRIS, JIMMY ...... Yellville, Business Administration l'lARTXVICK. B. H. ........ Goy, Business Administration HAVERSON, EIJHADDY ,... Elin Spring, Engineering Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. .A ii HAskINs, Bora . Mt. Home, Ark. HENRY, EMILY ...,,, Pottsville, Ark Business A dmiuistmtion H o IH e Em TI om :FS I-IATITIELII, RoY Y...,. Denning, Ark. HENSON, KIACK .,.... Pottsville, Ark Erzgineering ffgrirzzltzzre HAXVKINS, ANI'rA . . . . . Mt. Home, Ark. HICKNIAN, CARRoI.I.E ..YY. A'V2ll'l'6l'l, Ark Business'r11ti0rI B1lSI'71f?.S'.Y AdIlII.7IiSfl'lIfl0II I-lAzI.I1'r'I', AIARTIN , . . , San Diego, Calif. HICIQS, BILLY D ....,.. Stuttgart, Ark 1':?1gf71l?0TZ'?1g Ag1'irI1l1'I1re l'll-lARN,Kl'1NDRICK . , , . . Greenwood, Ark. HICLl'I'I'OYN'P1R, KIZNNI-:TH R. , , l3L1tesville,,XI'k lizzgineerinf 1':IlQl7lff'6'l'l.VZQ' HEFLIN, CRAIIY ..... SD2iTdZlIlCll6, Ark. HII,I,, ARCIIIL B. .5 . , Parks, Ark Business Admirzislralion HllSI'lICSS AdIIlI'lIlSflYlflO7I HIIII.. A. . . , , . Star City, Ark lizzgilleering HII.I., 4IoIINNII1 , ...,, Booneville, Ark Eduration Hocus, 1-ll'1RBER'l' ,.... Center Ridge, Ark. BI1siIIe.s.s Aclzninislmtiorz HKD1,lDIiR, EMILY SIIIQ .,,. Hot Springs, Ark Home Economics HoI,I.AIaAI'r:H, JOHN ,..,. Cleveland, Ark Agriru It ure HoI.I.LNBIct:K, VVM. B. Oklahoma City, Okla Business Adminislmtion HoI,LowI1I.L, LIQNA FkAxc:Ics Little Rock, Home f'll'UfIOIllfI'.9 HOI.'I', .DON E. . . . XfVestern Grove, liusiness AdllIf71lSll'IIfl0l'I HoL'I', ILIQNE ..,..,, Mt. Judea, Ed1lI'IIll.lIH HOI,T, KVM ...,.,,. Bentonville, Arts and Sc1'e1'I1'es HOL1'SFORlJ, JEAN ,,.,. Fort Smith, Arts and Scienres HOLYFIELID, RUBY .,,. Hattieville, Education Ar k A r k Ar k Ark Ark Ark HoTT1Nr:1-ZR, CHARLlcs ...,,, Dover, Agricu Hu re Hown, JAMES ...,... . Lexa, Vornfional PIUBBARD, Dick ..A,., Little Rock, liizgineeriiig' Hl'nsoN, AIARTHA NAN .... Fordyce, Home EC'0lIOIIli!'S HULNEFILD, PAUL ..... Gregory, Agriculture fll7NEYCUT'l', Rox' G .,,, Arkadelphia, Agririiltzire JAr:RsoN, CLARA , T Morrilton, Business i4d77?i7IiSfTl1ii07I JAc:RsoN, AIARTHA ....... Atkins, Business Admiliisiralion JAc:RsoN, RCDBER1 ..,.,. Hardy, Engineering JAMAR, Josr:PH P .,... , Lonoke, Pre-Nlediral JAMEs, NELSON D. ..... Searcy, Business Administration JARRETT, FRANKLIN , . . , . Harrison, A rls and Sriences A r k Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark l'IUNl11YCll'l"l', TRRRRLL D. . , Arkadelphia, Agrimillure I-ILTTCHHRSON, JAMES ,,.. Dardanelle, Business Administraliori HUTSITN, VELTA .,... Russellville, Business Administration IRONSIDIC, JOR ,,..,... Bradford, Agririzltiire lRv1Nc:, NANc:x '..,... Morrilton, Home Economics JACRlx1oRE, BILLY JOE . . . Russellville, Business AdIIIi7IiSf7Y1fi0H JENNINcs. BILLY Jo A Clinton, Home Erorzomics JicNNlNc:s. ROY G. .,,.,.. Clinton, A grim: ltiire JRNNlNcs. YVINNIF , , , , Moro, Home Ermmmirs JOHNSON, l'IOYI-1'l'Tl'I ..... Mabelvale, A griru II Il re JoHNsoN, THONIAS ,.,.... Luxora, AgTiCIlif1lT6 Joivrs, AIARTHA ,.,.. Little Rock, Arls and Srienres Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark -jONEs, lNlARY ANN ...., Russellville, liusiness ALlIl1llll'SfTIIfI'0I1 KATZ, VAN .... XfVest Nleniphis B1I.S'fll6.S'S Adizzinislraliorz Kr:L1.1QY, IONADA ANN , . . Booneville, A A rls and Sffenrrfs KliNNrim', A. , , . . . Greenwood, A Ag"rir'11lt11re L Klub, .ARDEN ..,, Parris, Arts and Sf'lC'lII'l?.S' KING, BROOKS ,...l.,l Blul'l'LOn, A Q'l'll'Illfll7'l' Y , , Ark Xrk Ark 'Xrk .Xrk Ark Kisb1R, WM. . ..... Russellville, Arls and Scierzrnv KOCJNE, N1ci,xiA FAYI2 . , Clleveluncl, Plry.SlC0l lfducatimz KRi-zur-1G111R, RCJl5l'IR'l' V. , , . Malvern, 1':llgfI1Kl?Tlil1g KIWKICNDALL, Ensi-31. ..,, Paris, l31zsimf.s'.s AIl'1l1fI'IlSf7YllI'07I Krrii, NON. , ,.... Atkins, Ii11si11rfs.s' AllIlIll1IiSl7'Illl0ll IAVFOON, HELEN . . . Russellville, Home lif'1mon1ir's '56 LARGr-:N'r. H1c1.rtN .,,., Booneville, Ark :lrls and Sfierinas LAUHON, EI.1.1s ,..,... . Altus, Ark lfrlgirzeerirzg' LAw1,riss, -I. C. , , . . Holly Grove, Ark. AgTll'1llfLlTf? LEDBE'r'rr1R, JEANINE ,,.., Huntsville, Ark. Edumtion LEDBLTTER, PEGGY ..., . Pyatt, Ark. Pre-M edical LEYVIS, NIARY EVA ...,,. lklorrilton, Ark. Business fldministrzztion Llawls, ROY ,..,., . , Hartford, Arls and S1'ie111'es 1.1Nr1s, NVM. . . ..... Iiearden, l'frzgi1'1eer1'r1g LU!-"l'lN, BUNA , . . . Russellville, liduuzlion LUFTIN, PAUL ..,... Witt Springs, Education LOFTIN, PHEBE ,..... Russellville, Education LONG, ELIZABETH ,...,. Russellville, Arts and Sciences Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark LOVETT, JACKIE .,.... Booneville, Airs and Scieiires LYNN, IARCHIE ...,A.. Garland, Engineering AICCLURKIN, Joi-IN D. ..A.. Mulberry, Agriculture lX'ICCORMAC, EILEEN ,,,., Dennard, Home Economies AICCIORBIAC, DICK D. , , , Choctaw, A gricultuie NICDILL, GUY ..,.. Lake Village, Agriculture MARTIN, DAINION ,,.,,.. Adona, Pre-Medical AIARTIN, G. E. ,..... Lake Wales, AgTil'lllf1l7'K AIARTIN J. D. ..,.., Mansfield, Pre-Medical NIARTIN, Rlll'l'A NIAIC ..,.. Fallsville, Education AIASON, JAMI:s A. .,.. Center Ridge, MAssI:Y, Physical Education 'THOMAS ..... Scotland, Edumtion Ark Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark Fla Ark Ark Ark Ark AICINTYRE, RAY M. .... Ft. Smith, Iingineering AICKINNI-iY, HFRISIQRT . . . Warren, Business Adniinistrutiori MCNEAL, KVM. K ....... Nimrod, Agriculture AIARKS, ARTHUR ...... Booneville, Engineering AIARSH, AJANIES L. . . , . . Atkins, Business Administration lX1ARTIN, ALICE .,.,.. Russellville, Arts and Sciences MAYFII1I.u, CARMELITA . . Hindsville, Mlisir' lVIERCHAN'l', RAYMOND C. , . , Horatio, Business Adrninislmlimz AIPIRRII-I'l"l', CARI. E. ..., Hot Springs, Business Administration lYIETCAI,F, JOHN P. , ,.,.., Lamar, lzngzneering AIICHAICL, EDWARD . . . . Pine Bluff, Business Administmlion NIILLS, VANCE ,,... . . Augusta, Business Aduiinistmlion Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark MILLWEE, JOE ..,... Pine Bluff, Ark. AIURDOCH, KATIL ....,... Atkins, Arts and Sciences Educutirm iXION'I'GOBI1iRY, iALAVERN . . Lzivacfa, Ark. NELSON, JAMES R .,..,, Slieridun, Home El'0IIUlI1fC'S lirzgirzeerilzg lN'lORGAN, jAN1c:E ....... Newport, Ark. lXlliW'l'0N, WIQBB O .... . . . Harrison, Business Adn1i21i.sl1'ntim1 lizzsiriess AdlI'II'7IlSf1YIfli07I AIORGAN, PIOXVARD ,.,, , . lflippin, Ark. NIQLROLS, KOYV1' .,.., XVestern Grove, 1f7'Igf7l8f?7'fIIg' Iidumifmz AIOUSICR, IDAVID .,,,...r Humphrey, Ark. NlSl.l"R, AIAc:klli .,...... Morrilton, If11gi1'1eer'i11g lizzsiness Adminislmlimz MULLIQNS, BERT ...,,,, Tulsa, Okla. Norris, Vl41RNlJN .......... Ola, Arts and S!'1'f'IIFli'S 1511.r1'r1e.fs A dlI1lIIfSf'lYlff0lI Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark Ark Ark. NORDIN, CHR1sTRN1-1 ..,. Russellville, Ark. Owi:Ns, SARAH 1.111147 .... Sulphur Rock, Business AdlllilIi.Yt7'llfi!17I liusimfss Adrrziniszfmlion OATIES, JERRY ...,. , Little Rock, Ark. PAcnc, Bn.1.11c C ....... Bellville, Arts and Sfiffmves 1'1'e-Medical OLLPZR, REXANN ...,.. Russellville, Ark. PARKER, Ll-ZONARIJ , . No. Little Rock, Arts and Sciences lirzgineerirzg O,NIiAL, C1.nvroN . . , . . XVzn'ren, Ark. PARR1sH, KIANICE ,,,... Russellville, linsiness Adnzirzistratiorz Business Admirlistration ORRIKLK, E. SHARRON . , . Booneville, Ark. PARSHALL, R1TA ..,,.. Rogers, Home Economics B1L.S'Iil'26.Y.S' Administmliolz OVIQRBEY, PA'rR1c:1A R .... Clarksville, Ark. PEARCR, -lov LLOYD ..... Danville, Home Ecrmonzifs Engineering Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark PELTON, FRANCIS ,,A.. Clarksville, Ark. A1 ts and Sciences PERKINS, LAYVRENCE . . Baton Rouge, La. Physical Education PETERS, BIARY SUI-1 .,.l,.. Mellrory, Physical Education PHILLII's, FINos ,l.. . Booneville, Agriculture PIERCE, JANIES L. ...., Bayou Meto, Engineering P1LEs, CHARLES .,..,., Ft. Smith, lungzneerzng RACIKl.l41Y, VVANDA JUNE . . Pottsville, Business Administration RABIl'1X',HARNION H. , . . . . Russell, Agriculture RANkLX', GALENA .,,l,. Marble Falls, Home Economics RASBliRRX', CQENI-QVA ,,,.. . Benton, Arls und Sciences RAusc1H, BENNIE ,..... Greenwood, Agricullure REED, GI-IARLI-Ls li .,.... . . Cotter, Arls and Sciences Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark. Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark PILLSTROBT, DE ESTA ROSE ..,, Altus, Pre-Nledical PLACRER, IARVEY ...... Scranton, Agriculture PoI.INsREY, GERALD L. . . . Russellville, Arts and Sciences PREsLEY, CLYDE . . .... Damascus, Agriculture PRICE, RP1lSA . . , . . . Greenwood, Business Adminislmtion PUMPHREY, L. H .,.,.. Lead Hill, Business Adminislration REEvEs, RIissELL , . . . Green Forest, Business Adnzinistrulion Rl-1X'NOl.lDS,EARNk1S'l' . , , Scotland, Engineering RICIHISON, GHARLEs ...,. Fort Srnith, Business Adnzinislrution IQIDGEXVAY. VIRGINIA .... Forrest City, liducation Rises, RONAI.D WV ....... Attica, Engineering t I RoBERsoN, ROBP1R'l' L. ,.,.,. Benton, Agriculture Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark RoIsERTs, ALTON E. A A , Little Rock, Edzzcalimz ROBERTS. AIARGARICT ANN A A A Newport, Business Administration ROIsERTsON, RAlJl'Il.I. .,.., Mulberry, langz H8617 ng Rc mIsER'I'sON, STANIAEY S. .... Harrison, B11.s'1'111fss AdlllilIl'.S'fTI1fiI1H llOClQRS, l.1cwIs D ..... Little Rock, Pl'K-lilfffdilflll ROGERS. ROY A ..,,. Osceola, Agricultzlre Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark ROLLINS, PAUL C. A A A A Newark, Ark Agrfru Itzi re RONVl.ANlJ, PATSY C. , A Danville, Ark H nine Efrononz 'vs SAXVYER, C .AAAA Little Rock, Ark Engineering SAYVYICR, LUTHER J .AA. McClelland, Ark Engineering SCOTT, ALMAGILNE A NO. Little Rock, Ark Home Efononzirs SCOTT, LESTER F. AAAA Cross Roads, Ark Agriculture SCOTT, PHILLIP H AAAAAA Huntsville, Ark. Engineering SELF, -IAMICS F. AAAAAAA Havana, Ark. Business Administration SIAIAVA, CARLOS ARTURO A Berlin, lil Salvador A rts and Sciences SICXTON, .ALTHA FAYE ,AAA A Dowdy, Ark. Business Administration SHELTON, CALVIN VV .AAAAAAA Ola, Ark. Engineering SHIPP, XVENIJELL A A A A A Formosa, Ark. A gricu It ure SHOCK, LEYVIS A A A,AAAA Enola, Education SHORT, ROBERT A. AAAAA jacksonville, Arts and Scienres SHREEVE, RALPH A,AAA,A , Ozark, Agriculture SIMMONS, BETTY JO AA..AA Newport, Education SIMS, VERNON L. AAAAAAAAAA Ola, Engineering SMALL, BRYAN T. AAAAA Holly Springs, Engineering Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. SNIl'l'H',rA1,lfRliD D. A A A A Booneville, Ark. liizsiness Adniinistratioii SMITH, BILLY A A A Hot Springs, Ark. Agricizlture SMITH, DoRo'rHY JEAN A Hot Springs, Ark. Arts and Sciences SMITH, FAV li. .AAAAA Huntsville, Ark. Engineering SMITH, KIAMICS L. A AAAA Antlers, Okla. Arts and Sciences SMITH, PAIILINE A A A A Hartford, Ark. Physical Education SPIZARS, LIITHILR T., jk. AAAA XVarren, Ark. Engineering SPEARS, l'lRl'll'll.AND A AAAA Conway, Ark. Agricultiire SPIQNCER, IJARXVIN A Little Rock, Ark. Educzztion SPINKS, I-ll'1YXVARD AAAAAAA Helena, Ark. Engineering SPIAIRLoc1k KIAMES L. A A A Huntsville, Ark. Agricultzire S'rAFFoRu .ALMA A A A Belleville, Ark. Arts and Sciences SMITH, SMITH, RANIKJNA AAAAAAAAA hlesup, Business Adrninistration SMITH, Rocsilk V. A A A A A Clinton, Agriculture Rox' A Hartford, Arts and Sciences SMITH, NVM. B .AAA A Mountain Home, Education SMITH, KVM. LEYVIS A A A A Aplin, Agriculture SORRELS, PAUL -I. A A A A Lowell, Business Administration S'I'AI'FFER, BILL A A A A Pine Bluff, Arts and Sciences STI-1IiLE, Hl'll.l'IN A A A Huntsville, Education STEYVART, JOAN A A A A Hot Springs, Home Economics STIRITZ, -IIQAN AAAAAAA Harrison, Arts and Sciences S'roNn, GliRAI-lJ E. AAAAAAA Beebe, Engineering' 1 t t , S'roUT, JACK A A A . A A A xvlllg, A I ts 'and Sciences Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark Ark STRAHAN, -IOYCIE ,..AA.,, Dierks, Business Administration STRONG, HARI.I-IX' H. .,..,A, Lzivznezi, A rts and Scienres STVART, YVM. M. . , , . Mcfleliee, Engineering SLYLLIVAN, ELROY '... . . XVHITCII, Business Adniinislmtion SLVLLTVAN, FLOYD R. . ...,, Paris, Arts and .S'r,'iem'es SULLIVAN, THOMAs YV .,,., Briggsville, Agriculture r-FIIUNIAS, ,lor , . , , Russellville, Arts and Sr'ienf'es THOMAs, SADH-1 . Russellville, Business Adniinistmtion VTHOMPSON, lXIliLBA . Scirzinton, Business Adniinislration THORNTON, IJOROTHY ..,, Morrilton, Business Administration r1lII,l.EY, RAY . , , , Big Flat, Agriculture TI1.l.MAN',BE'l"l'YAI1J . . . Dardzinelle, Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. SUMML2Rs, HAZEL LET: . Heber Springs, Ark Business Administrfilion SXVAPES, R1iX'A , . . , . Russellville, Ark Business Arlministration 'IlAYI.OR, CIIRISTICNE , Donaldson, Ark Business Administration 'TAYLOR,Cv1ERAI.DlNli , , . Huntsville, Ark lidzimtimi '1lAYLOR, XV. CL'R'l'1s . . Lewisville, Ark lidiimtzlni VTHOMAS, FRANK , . Russellville, Ark. A rls and Sciences TITTLR, DII.I.ARD C. ,... Benton, Business Administration TRAv1s, B. j. . . . DeWitt, lingineering TREAT, KRRN L. . . , Flippin, Arts and Scienfes TRIPP, BILLIE . . Hector, Home Erononzics TRLPELLV, LONNIE G. , . . . 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M rw Alling, Laverna X .ir F .E Q. m if s lf " Abbot, Ralph Aday, Bonnie C. Allen, Juanita Ayers, S. T. Barnes, Alohn F. Batchelor, X'Vatt A. Nl. X' 'K QB 'Qi , N in Q S- 4 gi SUMMER SCHOOL Berry, iloe Burl Benhain, Betty Blevins, R. C. Bostick, Ona Brents, Ben Brixley, l1lI'Il12l Lou Brown, Maurice F. Brown, Melvin Burris, XVihna K. Burton, Mitchell Cassity, NVilber1 Caviness, Lloyd H. Chambers, Clara Cheatham, Fayma Clark, james l,. Clauser, Samuel Clowers, Carl Cooper, Edward Crow, Estelle Daniels, Aleen Davis, Paul Delore, .Xlny Farris, Paul H. Ferguson, Coy D. Franklin, Pearl Fudge, Kenneth Goodall, Thomas Goss, Helen R. X' ? fr I.. Hague, Herbert Haggard, John R. Hickey, Ihna Hickey, John D. Hudson, Dale .I SUMMER SCHOOL Hyde, Benjamin Koone, Jim jones, Cethal Alones, Edward jones, June Hughes, Mfihna jean Jordan, Mittie Huie, Wilma Mae Kilgore, Helen ohnson, lreneh Lee, Linius L. Lettleton, Robert McBride, Ruby McClure, Mrs. Louis McClure, K. Mabry, O. M. Matthews, lVallaee Mathis, Harold D. Marlin, .-Xnthel ll. Martin, Norman Merritt, jewel Miller, XV. M. Mills, Lonnie Mobley, Virges Maher, John T. Morgan, Mrs. D. Mosley, Tommie Moudy, Louise Neal, Inez C Newton, Mrs. Joe ' , y R . ii , aai R it . ,gt Nichols, Charlene Nichols, Charles F. Rachel, Mattie Ramsey, Lena H. Rankin, Aloe Reed, Iva P. Reynolds, David SUMMER SCHOOL Rinehart, XVallac'e Robertson, Albert Sadler, Sherrye Selph, Roger Sheppard, Doris Sherrill, Velva Shockley, Alton Schultz, Herbert Smith, Hugh Snider, Edith li. Speak, Ruby- Ruth Spicer, Carl Talialerro, Maurice Thoniasson, XV. Tyler, Hyatt D. Vinson, Sue X'Vzills, Arlie XVe5tl'alls, listher YVhitlield, Corine XVhite, Joy XVhitl'ield, Irene l ff' 'M X'Vhitl'ield, XVni. T Hlillcox, Evelyn xVllll2ll1lS, Ruth Young, lrene SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS ISIANHANI. UIJCNDON I.. Nlullmcrrr. Ark. .'IQ'VIf'IlflllI't' BISHOP, YICNIA lllcxclzmfl. Ark. lizlsimfss Arlnzilrisimlimz ISREAYIQR, CII.AY'IOX Paris, Ark. lf7lQ'IlIC'f'I'IIIg IIRUAYN, AYOODROAY I-Iarrisrm. Ark. Iiusirzeavx Arlnzirzislmlioiz CARVIER, If. R. Slrcrirlan, Ark. Husirzrxs Atlmirzislralimz CA'I'L1'Q'I"I'. RIKIHA RIJ Cilurcuclon. Ark. AQP'Il'll1flll'f' CHIiS'lINIl'l'. EDGAR Pine Bluff. Ark. 1fIIg'Il1t'l'I'I7Ig IJAIGNIiAUL'I'. HARROIJD Clarksville. Ark. AgI'II'1lllIlI'f' IDIQAY BERRY, CLICRALIJI N Ii Omrk. Ark. lf1l1lr'11lim'1 FORI2, EARL R. Spnrkman. Ark. AgI'I!'IlIIIl7Y' IIERNIAN. NIARION H. North I.illlc Rock. Ark. Ag'I'IClllIIUY' I-IORION. BII.I. NI. Harriscm. Ark. lflzgilzewilzg' QIOHNSION, GARLAND D. Brinkley, Arkansas ff7lg'I!Il'f'l'IIIg -IPDKINS. I5II.I,Y RAY Atkins, Ark. ,4grirultur1' NIc'KNIGH'I', LONXIIC AY. Ilcc Brzrmh. Ark. liflumlimz AIANNING. FVGIQNIZ L. DeQuccn. Arkansas Ifr1g'irzz'w'ing is K SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS XIARTIX. HARLIS l.iIlK'0lIl. Ark. Agrif'ulI1n'e MASON, liVl'1Rli'l"l' Ccnlcr Ridgc. Ark. lfflllfllfiflll MILLS. CIHARLIZS B. A llfllllll, Ark. AgI'i!'lllI1ll'l' MURPHY. CARL Mt. 11121. Arkansas !1gI'fI'IllfllI'l' ODOM. DOYLIC Dzlmzlscius. Ark. ,4grir'11l11H'z' l'ARIi'l"1'E. l.Ol'ISE Nurrilton, Ark. llumzf 1ff'0HOIIlfl'S PARSON. -IACK D. Alena. Ark. l'fllgilI6'f'ViIIg PAYNE, R. M. Nlurslmll. Ark. Agrirzzlfzzn' l'lC l'l-IRS. EDXYARD H. Alc'Cl'0ry. Ark. li14.x'im'x.v Arllzrirlimlrzziiorz SHAYY. ELTCLICNIQ Crmwzry. Ark. .-lgrirlllizlnf SHICLDOX. WAI. A. Osceola, Ark. 1flIQiIl6f'I'iIlg S,ISl'QYlCXS0X. XYICLIJON Yilouiu. Ark. Ag'ISiI'lllfll!S!' SVLGS. CARROLL Russcllvillc. Ark. Arlx and Sriwzrzav 'll'RNI3Y. ARDITH llzxrrison. Ark. l','11gi11ffw'i11g WAGLICY. VAN JR. llzlrrismm, Ark. li11.s'i11e'.y.s' A!lIlIf7lf.Yf?Y1fi071 XYFILS. CQIADYS Grccn Forest. Ark. lizlumlirm XYILSON. XYll,l.lAN'I K. Knuxxille. Ark. Arls 111111 Sr'if'm1's CARAWAY CAPERS l. The Grand March fl. Goodnight. Ladies 2. Fcmnality Reigns 5. The Finishing Touch 6. Poised fi. After the Ball is Over CARAWAY CAPERS Ladies! please!! 4. lfllTChC2ll'S6l 'lwhcrc must bc zm casicl' way 5. Slll'1J1'iSC!! Cilllillillfg up on thc lzllcsl gossip 6. Fillics K L CARAWAY CAPERS l. "Georgia", Sa1ita's little helper Vance loses his uppers 6. Making points 2. Dot gives the boys a break 4. Boodling and eating 7. Did you lose it or fix it 5. Booclling lab im .5 33 F Q, , .. 7 qu 5 iir 343.515,- M 2 s-ff -- 1 12.55521 5? ,, i525-iiifiii? s,.b-5v?f."f?-'1-- - .Fug -.- ' 1 fir? I.. ,L Www . Wg .V 3, 3, 1 QP 531513, -.. 92325 -Q 5 ,Sw -Q ...ap 5 raw., . 1 lf. S E in., E' Q F K "in, W H ' ,A U , vi? ' 'Q-., 1-Vfgwf,-A I - mm 1',5Z52if-Mjapi-,,Qlgf-55141. ...yn ,. V, '- A 7 I . , ' ,, --'ffl 2, jg, : M "V-.YW ggi-1 - , 5 L if: Yi- -V '- " ' , , B! fsfwf i ww CARAWAY HALIL Q' ,Q Wuwww uhm , .uw v . .A is . 4 x 555.5 . 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Prior to coaching at A.S.T.C. last year, he coached cage teams of N.L.R.H.S. He develop- ed a smooth working team at Teachers last winter. His team defeated Tech, 46-45, in the semi-finals of the state cage tournament last winter. At Tech this season, with little ma- terial to Work with, he turned out a smooth working team which lost only nine, and won eleven games. ! , i Gus Carmack, 6-foot-l l-2 inch captain of the Wonder Boys, calls his home North Lit- tle Rock. He is a two-sport star. He was one of the mainstays on last year's basketball team. A defensive standout, as Well as a scoring threat at all times, Gus was a valuable man to the Wfonder Boys. In the 1947 Baseball Season, he was again a standout. One of the clubis leading hitters, he began the season at third base, and ended behind the bat when hitting receivers became scarce. In either game, Gus plays with his heart, and that is what it takes. w BOB LUEKIQN FRANK NELSON JAMES COLLIIQR llwzlel' fgllllfd Iforzuarrl BILL MORRIS KIIM CAIN I"nrzu11nI Gun rd Azmtlzer OIIIC' for ffm hooks IIS 'l'!7Ilf'll6l'X roll up Il folzwilzzillg T'fI'fOJ'3'. 71l'Fll 38 - T1frlCl11'1's 57. V . V L . i l ylfw, gg, , , A s14gf5gi2Hsg,,Q6'??'!f5 1 71 AGEEEIX- Q. 'X ff' , ' Y L11QA-1 '-Q., f-1 Iggy , ': 'L I' LX fr- 115 j- fi 123' ., A. g , V fl: x' mf - QW, V 3Zi,,-a- X V ,Nm-' ,JA if .ff 3 xr- ' 'iw 2 LA Q 33535 J 9 5 3 ? I, 4. Q is Q 3 W 4 w 13. .5 fi 5 X x I :1 X L ., fav -1 .. TSP? li .HY .,., ff 1 fi f K W , 1 0 n gigs A 5 J 'f 5 9342 a .lf P gf Q s ' 3 S fii' H. A ? Q2-,Q fr V ,1,,i ,Z D. .g n A , i ..g: ,f5f?i'QI.-55? "" z A,', f . 2rfIf2'Z'2' , 5 L, Sif- A W gf., 1 K , f 9 I '43 ,, , Q Q E i H. 4 Jw A 1' mx M ,Ev ff q X, W-"'f A Vf em ,by K V ww f . J, ,. aw., V fi S Some guys have all the luck. N'V01'lQll1g up an zippeiite. Boy, will Lhey be disappointed. A XVOYIIIYS eye View of Trailer Town. , , y lheres been some changes inacle. Must be waiting on Pappy. You clon'L think they are going in clo you? There is 21 chicken in every crowcl. Passionate Roclenls-Eager beavers that is. new sew emo eexo 'oe -sented 'oo new wi b me 'soy-bog, 1,1-Wvrmee. 'L 'bold bun 'S' 'Gee wee 'voeq 'servo eo good. -:tivo 159 eevv euneeom the gum. mee fa emo. 'oe -me beeing vm. eeeo 'emo www i's-guise -few- e 'Ueer Sims XM tooww-be '5 gelxow ebfxoeo genie 'eo 'L aan-A-eg, 'eo mem: 'mem faieexi 'mee o'ceog,e ewotw. Be eeio 'oe woob-dow goxog 'oo voe iiggiwe vwvo eoowmer ietxo , eoovtser girl, end 'oe -new-'Leo be 'Oe awe 'nie Q 1 'one other girl. 'S 503.6 wma 'S. qmfo eo bo see 'me bed., 'out S. g,oeeee6. Woe fellow ecfcoee would 'Loan me 'ni D'q3'c93:S'5bavaouoqqQnv M' ,V I ,Q Vnyy ,K g W I f 4 ,.k, 7' " - fx , ,, The 216959 agie 16'C6 good, We Yzeab Dec! Ou! oi Sbabe Qeeobefe. We we 9. oougne of 'woe ikggobe on beexxntoex woemoube, 'out ,493 rooms?-me sexo me eookdow see oohnxog 'oeoxxv-'mek ebovb we -mfg Uoem iexxoee wma vfooeveeo ooze . 'S. 'Goto Wm S. TGOXBOOGK3- 'Li e ietlovl mee e'v5AA Wo'i?ee'Gm.-og M. moe e beowxoex wooeveoxxb , eno- eibe-r vigor irprvye eeiz 5.0 'voe-5 'L'Lg,oi'e6. 'oe -see teeny o-om. A Sq -cooggfwee eoxo me 'oem bww emwee wee 'Cee'L'x:g bard, we 'L"'c0'x.c'1 'fvxfe 5- oxdohc 'ixgxrce 'ro -me eo nerd, Noeoe-nee eome oi 'me iexloee meow 'xeejkog do-so oo 530. ' , Vibe? 'one ixgowe wie ee-wee one oi 'mee 'ymogee 'Li me ge-Ie 'oooeeb deeaeiooe. 'Ae sexo be oxoew xmooeevs,-g eee no-aw 'Yeoh ooexo 'Loee vlkfvci one Suogyog. Be Seto 'oz use 3oe'e -5-noe eoooggrs gwxxeeg no 'oe'-5 ow,-sexi some gxeeeee. - is Q11 eo-,ne 'moo oo.-9 room e.-no emo 'oe hge! ee Moxa Dempsey coolo owe 'soon See 'nexus in novcwiog Stew. 1 eexnea him 'Li me bee ev ef eeee Demigeeq iight. Ke sem oo, 'owe ne got. been for 519.62 'xo Qeweeg' e place io-: e club eeoe-M011 end e 'nozzle of mile, eco- 'ee imgoved. ees 50-S me we 'free nerve 'oe emerge agony 'eps-fc, -queen eo-ale. 'come eogfooeq. f 'sig foomchebe eeio 'oe servo oii io? one oi 'voem eoofeee xo 'Gore ments are oi eexi dei e-nee. 'Exe sexo Woe get exl eu. 'Leeeooe bob Noe ooeb :owe foxeveeo 'mee eofoe ox-ace 'oeoeoee me got txeov. wgnoexseo out oi 'aim 'wwe before '00 decided 'oo 'cxvcom 50610 8-'39-'S . 'ilexxzq Saw, Uwe gow 'oo go 'so 9. ffmxe eobvoxeo, 'Woe doe Bowes . iooficmm, She 7 "Red" Tuller came to Tech in September, 1946 as student boxing coach. Being a quiet sort of guy, Ed could probably have gone through Tech without attracting much atten- tion except his boxing team developed a habit of winning. In fact, his team won the Novice Championship in the Golden Gloves tourna- ment in l94'7 and 1948. Ed's boys placed sec- ond both years in the AAU novice division. "Reds" personal boxing record indicates he knows a boxing glove from a catcher's mitt. He was state AAU and Golden Gloves champ- ion in his weight division for three years. Ed is a native of North Little Rock and an Arts and Science major. What are you trying to do, scare him to death Dafford? BOXERS HERB VVALTERS QIIQFF MOBLEY HAROLD TRIPP EDDIE DAVIS C. W. NVEBB BOXERS xl. W. MOUNT STANLEY ROBERTSON SAMMY SANDERS JERRY ERAMBERT IMLLARD TITTLE BOXERS TOM EUBANKS "MUL,E" PRESLEY JAMES TEETER GEORGE CASTLEBERRY VANCE MILLS Look at the high jump Dogpatch style Adams is not the only one who has a Harem ls the punch spiked, or have the sopho- mores come through yet? Eureka Ql'Ve found it.j Ugh! too much Sadie Hawkins Dance Mail Call YVho's behind the eight-ball Jump session The perfect "T" "Little Bulln beats it out Hot senders Class in Calnpusology Jr. Robin Hoods Cox draws a Crowd 1 Oeer Sim . X '5-sei run 'Xxvoo a reel character 'ood-erg . X ies 11953-WL's.rsg, down 'me exoevfelva Ween 'wwe ie'S.'Lowl robe offer me. 'Exe -gyewgeo. me -eg and sexo 'oe was reeX .eorr-3 and Peewee 'Xi X fee herb. X ease. no X16 been weaving 'oo 'neue e oXoeer Xooy. an 'croe eog,re'-meg on 'C-'oe ew-ef f 1 vemc eocl X neo' 'pam never ,boom vrme. rI'D'5,Xe 'ne WBBVDSXQXOQ, -me ' 'Eg 'Moo 'one -fear fooovo on wg oooer oXe'oe, me 'emo me -sw 'oe 'dee so Q X .Q V A e-poveedr, 'om 'ro do-o"o wwe sense 'oo me., ,Q-QVQQ-Q'Q,.Q-fig ueerb. 198' 'dee f1, we we we 'wow wee- eeewewfewweeeeeefeeezveew - ey rrerr XmaawoX1wdwwpwewwuvveeM6fevWWwe6wm ' XM. 'woo oe xaeuaeo oii mvmoX'S-og -aoxnevoxog, about 'mere Yseiug, 'ooo 1091113 piwoovo and Coe-K.eXXoe on 'Gee can-Que . Q A X X views oo oo-em 'oo 'woe Xeouxooers and Xxeoed an order for e come. Xeoere 'see e gg,-QX exvoiog, new 'oo me, erm X eexsee 'ner , X reeX irkeoclbg XXV-e Xi X oxorwo wean 'oar oo vue Eweche Xie.-swxoe Geese. 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'W' wziwfqeh - f fwmiz- ,au ' Qi tw? fl V23 in N 'A .x M A '?5.x,,W 35 "5 'lf-Q Mx. ,Uk e , W V W 'af H 'few 2 W ' A W Vx M- 1 1 533 4 2' N . ,FSYFA V . SEQ V ,fLf" iff, .' 7, if W R ww Eg, Z it Q. 71 -4 may A , . Q .5 f wr . 1: Qwfgwi , Q, f N vw wriwv wwf: M P Q wsiifsv kim . , Ji xi QB if A 5K?5"f'? ::.' 55?-av' '.,.,, . 4 .,... .. ':: 5 ,g Ya ' ff mm f A www nz y W if gk +, Q Q4 gil: 'isdn f ,vga 4, Y fi , 5 1 ii f S. S' 2 5 'i 'Lu Ixw Q 3, ia 9 X Q Z A A M,,,,.ww 9 mf ff sign' Z' fwwf "" "' ,. x ff f' v is , .A may 'Eff .Sf 9517, my 5 Q Q 1 N W ax I ..,. sifwvyf 'et M 5 Q .:1' IX Q :N 1 ai , "Q' 2' k V ,Q J 551 M zq- tz, , Q. ws 5 X 9 4. af 4,1 g r w W- ,W 'N P J fWM WV gi X'?i"",w , 49 . ew A 425 As f, C ,QT , ' , A ,Q .S ' SP if wb f"' ENGINEERS QUEEN Joycie Strohcm ENGHQEERS KHQG PhH Roys 0 K AGRI KING Jim Reed QUEEN OF HEARTS Mary Griffin . :,1kL,6Qj, .-4 - f. Q s L'.v.'. ,. 'Q Q.-2 V, - -Wm. ,- f,45.,4.a- V 'lFe"'45'1 V.-f W w- m . if M-Nf'.,:5:v- Q.. 2, .wx ::y,:'f LL..,: .. I , K I , M55 ,Q , . , 1-'QE-v W. k 5.5 L" vggjlf .3 QQ- 'f LFE 'E ,vi Y ..,.. k ,Z 'ii Y N., --9 , M- l. .f .' 113-f 1- ,. 1:5 3 wa Ti ' f 'i ,1j7,:v:' , 'f -mf' 1 43:52 ..-1.6, FOOTBALL QUEEN Janice Pennington AGRICOLA QUEEN Bexfc Collon rmrs xusov I, . .. . , . . , President of the student body worked for the good of everyone. The students knew when james was elected to this post that the student government was in good hands. GEORGIA SWAN worked hard for this honor. Georgia is Advertising Manager of the XYomen's Athletic Association, a mem' ber of the Agricola staff, is on the Arka-'l'ech staff. is on the Executive Council of Caraway Hall. Georgia is a P.E. Nlajor. GENE HARWOOD is one of 'l'ech's best football players. He has lettered two years and was elected to the .Xll-State team in the lfull-back position this year. Gene is a P.E. major. ROSS AD.-HIS is one of the few people who has made the Whos Xfho two times. but nothing happens on the campus that Ross doesnt have his hand in it. Ross is Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor of the .-Xrka-Tech. A member of the Arts and Science division. he is also President of the Sophomore Class. and is a member of the History Glub. JANE JULIAN fa sophomore in the Home Economics Divisionj was cheer leader for two years, was on the Dean's list two semesters, is President of YVomen's Federation. is President of Parker Hall, Manager of EHA. Day, and is a member of the Home Economics Club. OSCAR POOLE was an Engineering major. Oscar was President of the Freshman Class last year, he was Vice P the Student Council, he played football one year, and was an active l ' ' resident of mem Jcr of the Engineers Club. ALFRED DAVIS of the Arts and Science division has worked hard in two jobs this year, these jobs required most of his time. Al is Editor of the Agricola, and is engaged in making the movie "Life at Tech". HERBERT YVILSON KELL is a I'.E. major. He lettered one year in Football, one year in Basketball, and two years in Baseball. Kell is a member of the History Club, and of the Association. BILLY GILBREATH lettered three times in each of three sportsg Football, Basketball, and Baseball. He was a member of the Pre-Med Club. and of the Association. BILLY HUIE. President of the Association, was a letterman for three years in Football Q41-46-47j. He is a sophomore in the I'.li. division. WI-IGS WI-ICD FERD KAUFMAN made quite a name for himself on the Tech campus with his camera. Iferd is the Staff photographer for both the Agricola and the Arka-'l'ech, he is a member of the Engineers Club, and is the official photographer for the school. BURTA BliI.I.E HANIMONS is a very active l'.E. major. Burta Belle is President of the IVomen's Athletic Association, was a Football maid, an engineers maid, a member of the Agricola staff, o11e of the "Shadow" reporters for the Arka-Tech, has been a majorette for two years, and is on the Executive Council of Caraway Hall. JOHN D. NIACKAY is a member of the Student Council. and of the Engineers Club. Don is majoring in Petroleum Engi- neering. BILL AND PAT NIEDLEY are the two most promising music majors at Tech. Bill and Pat have formed a two piano team. they are planning to start on a professional tour in the near future. . in-...L ...-1 h-L. .,.- We W. 5 K H gn 3 ,M 3? SQ Zi J? ii: has as '15 X lx xr el H fi F355 .,.... 5 .. Hz, 1 x 3 2 1 w W M X ,gs ga we 6 4. we Q gag 1 9' 'f W A EEE? 1? , ., gf . :H- ., ..... -:y,5..5:.,.,: : ,M 1. Hpfrv ,wf sg,:,5veQ5g:g,5- -:,: :- - , . 'vgwqx J uw .. ., wg? N fx ' ji flffjlf, :af gf -A 635347 W lzgw ,V ' :EIS 134 5 W 91 , H ,,,.. , .W . , fl ? 'N-ly. 1 q HM. ..... h Q !'-: "II" - Q in if Z, ? 5 g 'Y J - 5' 45 M' .. " 'W N ,1 2:1 E fa iii QI s 4 SQ 4 vi X963 V M' i ff Ziijglifz . i U G 2:..fg21-2:-,,:5 "ig,: .ziigiii '- Q . -as Z 'H' if if Qiifffi Q1 Sadie Hawkins Day Looks good doesn't it? What are you looking al Phil? Lena! 'Nuff said. Looking at the characters in the background it is hard to tell whether that is a inach- ine gun or Z1 guitar in the ease. Agri Dance Paul Rollins is being initi- ated into the Agri Club. Confidentially, I think some- one is pulling his leg - at least thats what it looks like. Only three boys to two girls . . . l thought the ratio was live to one! .f l. XVQ won by a nose 2. You'll be sorry 3. Bull session 913585. 4. Straighi coke, Red? i 5. Louisiana was never like Lhis 6. You had better gel ouL of the way 1. Expensixe shampoo 8. Spring Cleaning Dale? BOYS' DORM 'N ,Hans Mai-4 when "-42' , . :fswvm pw A X m wtvhfv 4, ,, Y fa Wi- we u or Siam ovoev deg me ooo my roommate mee -solvlxog, eofoee 'one eeeo o ooefoomer owe o evaeooae ooo on ooo e ooooee -:oo-no 'oie seem. 1 eexaeo ro-3 foowleoe if 'mio 'Lo-av e rece 'Lo oe-a evgxee. 'ee sexo oo, 'oe 'oooxa an K-'oo E-rsq,'mee-we 01,-aio. Be S ooowo remember voioo. 'L vos ohio ooo ue some goo use goo mee-o 'oo-ri to ee, one im U9 'Yue ee 'mg e Kee? '50 but 5 01? 'WL 'LL oem? oo. Yi 'CXLGXI oeropoe , eco oodvr eobioo Benq, gpg wee vcgiog, 'oo rw 'wo 'fee e 911 Woo wee going oexxeo 'rw-'Lo e eooxaef of a item, oekneo X1-are vmeks 'Gee fteoylwcemer-doe foe moemg neo 'oo oemig e elioe 'Q-exe o.-oo 'Loo use YG. X5-9 roommate emo 'moe-3 ees 'Lobe oi ow-'oe on 'Coe 'woe oxfxg one Woe -vented xo wee 'Goo SN.ix.P.. , ooo voeg 'ooo bert on o teoxmoxoelahg. 'Ae gave me e 1'Le'o oi reqowemeobe for 'one o ohioe. 'Lo oooexr 'oo goao 'ooo faieborg okob -goo owe bo 'oe e eeveevo gene-cwoxoo Dexooofeb , ooo eeleexo ev erfgvme goo new Wtlooorown Wilson' e or Yreoulxo 'Deieoo ?xooee11e'L'G' ss oeroe mentioned. in ocoe-C no gone P-ggi Sure goo. move 'so move eww ixogefoekle bor eiefeblg een exvog oi nitrogen xo 'mix , ooo. wwe some oxebenb felebwe eo on loose vgifee crepe oi 'Enom wa-gone 'Goree one one in o-roof to gow. 'Goo Yweoxo Cfxofo goo node 'oo eb 26, eigo e gixeooe never 'oo Lxebeo 'oo eos We iiibeen for axes everg 50 whwnbeo, owner' e xeeb new 'xo 'voiee wie io order 'oo gow 'Une 5-Qeoxerx rx 9-at 'Doooe' ie e Serene eu Bevex' e "9o1.e'coV one B. PL. Gxoto oobeo 'iofc e1-oe e 'fine 'CL -QL 'tele corn. 'o Xee gs. or KB 193016 . evkkoe GUNS obs 1105 'Leo X1 W0-5055 1 -duo woo 'nee quartet eeeo we eo LQ.. of e M1 'oeeioee xixoiooel., 'oo wproooor-oe 'go oo 'woe leer, eil -u ibebbef me "wh 'oo oxetxogoieu YJ " . in order 'co 3 o Ywexoxngooo eve '0 e o'Lg,e-1 . To e. we 'iowa swoon who oeemoge. in 'beet iowa- eb -goof 9356 5 Wo? eb-not exote L05 Y-oo 'ole glee Vo on 9 oo e Se oX1i0 61500 ew: up 'oo 'CL 539 11 one oe evoooom neo '0 13010. node 'Go wwe, ooo 'oe e 'e "6oog,xe-moo new D. G. Sei 'o e Go-cone 5. o- eeer, oo vo ever eb 'Gee 045 W . 'f!1'L1Xie. eoome 'oo poem Gloo 'goo -0,9-we never 'bo 'NYE 'voeq ere 'Une Glo ot e Yin Yioe 'Yoo eo eeq 'Q ooo vo? 'owe '31-5513 gleam see we 'oo 'L Xl emo Woe 1'e-mieo 6. gfomiee find our, 'bo 3010 fc, 'ooo oeuggcvo ooo. ou 'Gene iiteetme, e e TGXB 'Go be 9, oo -goo. 'Q- 'ce e mee , cfm 'Woe Y Kee, eo Xe -JAX Xe oroer i0.'3'0XX The if ever S U9-e'5:C 'xi 'goo Defi emo 'ye willing gm when 'oo gow. 'Cree 'See 'Least one game oi ofoecv-se 'moe ooo blow. in order 'oo 3 eeeo e-'G lee-ew 'Uwe Dr. 'Andere wow e QT eeortobxoo tm oXe'5.o Ebgxieo eo poop oegwog eiidoibe 'io-2 e dozen oiov- eeowxoe. Home 'So 01930 goo. move 'oo eqxee 'oo pefpeboobe 'woe who-f 'Loom Noooeexnxie ie e ofoogge , ooo oogovyo not X-Meri using, P-not Sexoixoex e ?xeeo'g-'wma Yeooemee. W3 foowgsmeme emo me -aooxo meme o-on e Veer. of reopfweme-o'oe io-c 'one ovoef on-foe if 1 -:lee irfoereebeo. 1 eeao 'yo euro -nee e oog vieeow vo. Your pei., ,Dice UDUHHIZHHUHQ r B.A. BOB LLTEKILN Presirlmzl CLUB LIOCK DAVIS Vic-e-l're.sident ucqncflinc Albright Hurvcy Anderson Buddy Benton jackson Bc-rry BUDDYE PINCKNEY JOE BURNS Secreizlry Reporter Bobby Brown Earl Butler Dick Caldwell Mary Clzlllzm liyclyn Carter Xvilllilil Bess Chanccy Xllaltcr Clark Kenneth Cook gh gil inmgl W x Robcrl Cox Robcrt XV. lJ2ll'llS Clllzlrlcs E. EYZIIIS Billy .Inna Fzinlkncr B. A. CLUB Mary Frances Fite George Goss Rohert Hardgrave Norman Harwood Annette Henry Carrolle Hickman Arthur Holt Peggy Holmes Velta Hutson Stanley Jones Mack Long, Nina McLaughlin Floyd Martin Earl Mason VVillard Milligan Vance Mills Nelson James Vernon Noles James E. Nutt Edward Owens Janice Parrish Reba Price Mfanda june Rackley Lee Tate Rector James C. Ruhle Buck Sadler Dale G. Seay Alta Fay Sexton Marie Smith Ramona Smith R. li. Stanley Alcan Stevenson Betty -fo Tillman Melha Thomlmson Trent WValker Ulita XVeir Juanita NVeir Dale XVilkerson Carl XVilliams AGRI CLU B OFFICERS Hl'1NRX' MUNCY, AIR .... . Presirlmzl HIQRMAN D. Nlczilolullcx Vibe-Presidmzl HIQRMAN E. XVORKMAN . . S6?l'P'C?fIlT3' Nl41Al. JACKSON . Trenslner HUWARD PARr1'l"l'1i ...., Iiejzoilei' Agri Club Initiation Party AGRI CLUB Aikman, Bruce Lynn Brown, S. E. Bull, Joe Castelberry, George Caton, Grady Chester, O. D. Clark, Kenneth Dryden, XVilliam Edwards, KI. XV. Engles, Talmage Fitzgerald, C. H. Fisher, Louis Foresee, Xvilfer Freeman, G. XV. Fudge, Robert Fudge, T. G. Graham, Bobby E. Harper, Dean Hickey, Charles Robert Hollabaugh, John Huenefeld, Paul AGRI CLUB Hu n neycut, Terrel johnson, Hoyette Kennedy, AI Lankford, Paul Lawless, C. Lemons, NVilliam Lewis Mabry, Olvin A. Mabry, Olzy M. Mason, James Martin, Wyman L. McCarver, Orall McDill, Guy McNeal, Billy Murphy, Albert Murray, Allll Oats, Willianl Oliphant, Thomas Price, Guy Phillips, J. D. Pollard, Arlee Pollard, Connie AGRI CLUB Reed, .lim Rainey, Harman H. Richardson, XV. R Robertson, Robert Rollins, Paul Scott, Lester Sexton, Paul E. Skinner, James B. Smith, Willialli Stark, Bill Swain, C. B. Tester, James Thurman, Don Tyler, Hoyte Vire, Verlin Worrall, Thomas B. Wfeare, Robert H. Mfebb, C. NV. XfVhite, -Iarnes White, Robert lVhite, Samual D. I XDLAI S. EIQVRNER CRAIG M. BL1iv1Ns Mom' E. SMITH Spmzsm' C'n-Sponsor C0-Sjwnsov' ENGINEERS CLUB Bon ANDERS lolz Tom 1imsANxs PI-l1L Rovs BILL TEM1'I.lCTON D1c:K CHIQNAULT President K Vive-P1'eside11t Sccrelary Trerzsu fer Sergea I1 Z-at-A rms ENGINEERS CLUB Robert Grey Allison George F. Andrews Frank Burkhalter Dan Cowling Albert Creech, Jr. Eddie Davis Troy Dixon Harry Doolittle, Jr. John E. Elslandcl John H. Hale L. D. Johnson Ferd Kaufman John Lillicrap Bob Mabry Don Mackay William L. Moore Ray Pollick Rodney Powell Harry Sengel james K. Stephens Maurice Tuthill Clay Watkins Dan Watt Carroll Wilson ,, C 14, THE RADIO VOICES "We, the Mike Cllierk the lpana Smile, Billy Ray is giving with the Com- mercial, Barnes is getting reacly to simulate Gabe. Oates and Hlayblack getting the "on" signal from Riley This will really slay them, Gene. Bookout is trying to get Petc to play something hy Danny Kovana. 1 Hou dlcl this get in I oolxs like a hunch ol' I-Inman Beings. OF TOMORROW ond the People" . President .Iirn Smith spinning one. . Viee-President Gerald Pol- insky giving the latest news, direct froin the wires of As- sociated Press. . Secretary - Treasurer l'Vood- son's look indicates the Radio Club is solvent. .A'lXly New 19118 XVehster's Collegiate says that pronun- ciation is ohseletel'-Gentle inen, Our instructor, Nr. XVilson. Feltner is operating. Kirk eould be doing anything - maybe even posing. Nowiatney and Shoekley - that thar is a teletype nia- Chine. Heatlicott uiust have fluff- ed - George is giving him the look. Don't you have enough nukes fellows? l'll loan you ll slightly used 88-.X. ALBERT BENIGHT GENE HALI, KENNETH GRAY JACK CHRISTY PHIL HERLEIN AIIKE CARROLL VVILSON KELL EUGENE KEETON T Club CLIQNIC HARwoo1m DAv1n Lm:w1c:R CARL XVILLIAMS AIIMMY ALRRIGH1' Presizlent lf'f1'e-President Serrelnry Reporter Bos LIIEREN ELLIS MCINTOSH CARL XVEATHERTON BILL STANCIL BIACK LONG ED RIICHAEL DARXN'lN SPENCER BILL AIORRIS HQIAYBIRDU NUTT ALL - STATE ROY WHITE SAMMY SANDERS BILL HUIE BILLY GILBREATH VEDA JO MCGLATHERY BURTA BELLE HAMMONS Spmzsm' President W, A. A. BEXTA JEAN CALLAN BETTY PRINCE GEORGIA SWAN Vice-President Sf'cretary'T1'eas11rev' Advertising Mnnagew Tl.e II16'III!h"!'A' nzunit llle reium of the lbledges Going tlzmugh the zvrn'lc.s.' Big CllTl.SfII1lI5 party for IVo11z1erl1oys Pledges all dressed up and ready lu go W. A. A. MEMBERS jo Ann Brace Mary Chloe Casleel Wanda Bess Chaney Judy Dice Mary Alice Coe Belly Harms Annette Henry Edna June Henley Betty Hurley Nelnia Koone Ianice Morgan . K Evelyn Morrison Ann lXlurrary Inez Murdock Margo MeKoy Jean Stevenson Nina VVells Seated: Standing: Sammy Collins Joan Stewart Mary Jon Gossett Joan Browning Betty Hurley Ruth Vanzant Miss Bryan Almogene Scott Miss Kuykendall Jane Julian Carolyn VVesley Louise Parrett Ethel Wilcox Margo McKoy BET HOME EC CLUB Pat Rowland Billie Jennings Marilyn Webb Imodell Bibler Billy Tripp Emely Henery Glena Rainey Russell Harris TY HURLEY MARY JON Gosslsrr CAROLYN WESLEY SAMMY CoLL1Ns RUTH VINZANT Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Reporter pufwvww-QM 1 Xlr. 'IQ A. ljlllkillty lilizubcrh Long Robe-rl Autry Brookm Mrs. '11 A. DuLaney Bill Seaton Marty Sevcnson Ross Adams Ruth Spears Robert C. Kelterborn Norma Ridley james O. H. Shinn Betty Sue Harms Norman Hummes Thomusine DuLancy Norman A. Zerrcll HISTORY CLUB Blu. SIQATON RUTH SP1iARs E1.1zAB12'1'u Lame: President Vice President Treasurer B. S. U. Sea SFI F111 i lm Suc .-Xslmlorc Marilyn XVCIJIJ KIQIIHICC l,2ll'iSll Rlllilll XVcir xlczm XVUYSIHIIII Aluzmilu XVcir Armfl nm' .Sfllllllfllg XVCVIIUII Nolcs Vlvtllll lfumlgc Robert Iimoks H211 XVy1'icik Robcrl Slzmlcy lillcm lizllcgllclcn' Dean XX'ilkc1'so11 Wesley Foundation Fiont row: Second row: Milton Scott Mr. Hull Mrs. Hull Mary Mainarcl Miss Moore Helen Cowan Elizabeth Long Alice Gubble Ethel Wilcox Billy Jo Jennings Ramona Smith Amogene Scott Billie Trip Buclclye Pinkeny Buck Sadler Mary Chloe Casteel Ralph Scott jim Reed Rev. Cooley james R. Teeter Harry Doolittle Jim Ross Johnny Hyatt From left lo right: Roy Rogers Sadie Thompson Russell Harris joe Toni EUlJ2lllkS Freda Hibbs james K. Stevenson Leonard Parker Stewart Rogers Allen Fiser lllanda Bess cillllllify Olen Taylor Adel Oller Rebena Thompson Sliervenu Tlloinpson Hal NVyrick Band Mary Bealy Burta Bell lrl2llllIl1OIlS Nelson -lznnes Pat Overlay Bob Curtwrigln William Couinghznn XVilbur Garland Hill Blair jo Ann llrzrfe Ralph Xllutkins Christine Norton Ferd Kzrulnizan Marvin x'Vllll2lIIlSOl1 The U in Ilze back Bill Slaulfer James Collier C. A. Graves, Bexlzi Czrllun Lewis Adams Bernard Gunter Carroll Elkins klzunes Hlood ylinnny Yancey Bobby lludson Bob Casey Dewey Tzrekett Robert Srnilli Aluekie Lowery joe Cox Iioltouz mtv, Irff Ollcr, Rox Ann Harris, Russell Ht-nry, liniily Rztncy, Gztlcna Shultz, Pztul D. llOlllCS, Pcggy .Io Bassett, .Iztne XVilson, Shirley rig Clliztiicicy, XVztndzt Bess Bringlc-, Clliarlcnc .S'ff'm1rl row: Irving, Nanny Hawkins, Anita Owens, Sara Lee Roberts, Nlztrgztrct Carter, Evelyn Stewztrtl, lloztn Clarnt-y, Dorctltzt Nlecllcy, Put Hibbs, Fretlzt Clwoir Third 1'r1t1 'Z Sztwycr, .lurk H Ford, ylznncs Elkins, Clztrrol Peterson, Alolm Hyzttt, tlollnny Gisliznn, Irzt Scott, Milton Bztrry, .Iztckson Bull, jot' I"011rtl1 rout: Parks, George' lfullcrton, Vaughan Cllcvclztncl, 1J2lVlll Htinnittttt, Terrell Vllllllllililll, Rztytnontl Medley, Billy Crosby, Don Crosby, George- Kcnnccly, .Xl l'lllI1l1lCllII, Roy -Q 3 Wx , was ff 1 First row: Carlos Selva Leon Blackwood -ICH Hayden Harry Drown SHITOIIC1 row: Sam X'Vils0n Bob Blzmkcnship Gilbert Holt Peggy Lcdbcttcr pre Rl L I ns NIR. L. LOGAN I H Szdf 211 .S' O'Rita XVl1itccotton Third row: Billy Page ylcrry Erzmilmcrt Dclbcrt Butler Billy Matthews John X'Vclc'h l'0lH'flI mtv: Charlie Hlilsou Cllarcnce Burgess BILLY PAM-3 Vim Piwsirlmll Cllillorcl Dickmm Gcnc Mcifluirt' Mr. 1,ogzu1 Fifth mtv: Frcimmt llolimon -Ioltn XVlllJ2lllliS .Ioscph Ulillis lorry 'Izmiur Gcorgc Tziyn Ralph Scott I'Ecm' 1,laiml-'.'1"l'1cR Bw: Bi xxkl xx Ser. - 'l'1'f'11.s'. Rr, rn Il 1'r1'.rir1'er1 I Bonrnn, Nloyesc' Brown, Robert Byrznn, 1,1-stcr Bull, -lnllnny Clonclry, Curtis Dennis, Clzlrtcr Curm-r, Curl Hall, lilnncl CL1'il'l'cx', Cllmznlcs Hill, Alnllnny llnlyllivlcl, Rnln' R,xYxmNn 'l'Hl'kx1,xx Bon BROWN l'ln1m1 1,01-"MLN P,x1'I. llAI.I. l'i1'1'f1Jr'c'5irIw1f Sl'I'l'I'lIll'y'-TI'f'!l.YI1l'H7' IQEIJUTIPJ' A. C. E. Club Hill, .Xrchic Hull, Paul Kcllcy, Gcrulcl Loltcn. Pllclx' Loltin, lfllllll 1,052,2lll, Denver Xlillllillll, Mary Xlznrtin, Rllctzl Nlzmson, Earl Scott, Ralph 5l,CL'lc, Helcn Snnlll, Uriah Slnilll, XVlniliclc Tznylor, Ccrzllclinc Slriclcls, Rznynmnd Louisc Tlrmnas, Frank llnmlcfrllill, Ha-nn Vincs. Nlzlrgzlrct Xllncluclr, Kznic- XV:n1l. Betty T lxwcl, flllilfltls Slmcrnlzin, Ruth Gerald explains . . . "never spin a prop when the switch is on . . . we lose niore good instructors that way." Come now boys, we all know that when two or three fliers get together sea stories start flying. 5 2 E t E 5 2 Z1 gm ?, If af , "Poli, Allen Chiel' Mechanic V. R. Wlestbrook Instructor Beech Laughter Instructor "Shorty" John Elnier Hardin, Instructor Gerald Crabtree Instructor . joe Sneed Instructor David Fulcher Student Instructor ' K... there I was at 20,- 000 feet, with ping pong balls all around ine . . How did you get in there twice Shorty? Ralph Gaines A. Sc E. Mechanics HQ a HQ SERVICE COMPANY NATICDNAI. QI7 ENGINEEQS f vwumuuam.,.. COMPANY "A" GUAIQD CQMBAT BATALLIQN Policeirzc 1 Carolyn Iwllshivzg up. Dinner for that haw! working man. Who gets zvlmk les.s'mfz.' The little .Mason does not suffer for attention. Contentment Cigarettes fm' Hubby. Typical. Clay .stands back and watches. M'Sf , W 1 "f'9?iQ3,, fab? Mia ww A .1 k E 4 R, jg , Q? ii iff? 4 .gf W! 2 if 3' i 2 --M., Nmuwm 'vu .,1,,m,,W ,H ,Y . A , . W. i77k?"x M QQ. 'SM 5 'lil 1? six Q, hwy. f ,mv . igfwpv 'gm Lam ' M 51 755531 x 'wzgfsmf - 3325.2 Lsggfgx Jzfsfxsf , 'ww k IK we wwf 1, 8 WM, ., HW f.,,, ,.-..,,-'gg' r ' x 3 72 - Z 1 sal ' A 'cog la no pad. H volog, W g,oo6. os - o 9-no 'Q 908 log wi I 3 E Deaf Slam ww toommabo gust coma '5:cx'c.o 'obo 'coma Be solo boo so and ao, P-mae-'Yoon :savor ooolel spflo good obo-ob bln, l solo gwgbo 'QB 19,2-A never clone gbgbu 'Ao sold bbs boo! bo baoivb. 'Bo sold be woe o 'Q' 'ln 5009 and be wo repo we-cg no-no of boo lash oo loaves owl Queen -1l9.5'D."C' 3 xox-9.5 scum me il owls. ' lo for wma. 'Elo solo: be Newview?'L1WW2i5oWwWia5'YeoYff4'De-56' M l l 'Ooe girl no woe golog, out -fllbb was going ook, vilbb eomobosl-3 else, bob boob be was oooeollog blgfboli wulbb aoobbof girl. 'Toe eovoof oi 'mb 9.1159-'Yeob le. a bog oamofl 9.6-lor. 'ibls Lxdlot la aoofbafarlbet . YM roommate saga 'obo ool-3 reason be -mwbea aporbs la no 'gets 'me D651 some ai! 'ooo ball gsm-oo. l blfil boob l ilglfeo 'vols Odom really luaoo. sports beoouee e, afoot o foot snow: lo pool, ago l ew bln olevilng, obloo once. XM voomnxabe sold no ooulo be mfoog. vos xxggcloole. ls o obovoobor called bog --Q N500-as all about oowlagepofo if-.o moans vos- Soogmeob Da-'5 . vogfeeolng, be wiki H1001 bold vols Bowie be 5 Bo solo- me Said. be l bee 'Une xplnbo 'Yoo bead 'oo Bo la reall-3 o bf' VDTGV-S 'OW fa from bbo 489.-3 ale boob . 'Toe other fl-'food e-owe oi gui bbab l boo ivlbte Q ls a "Gui-e'C-lug, S 9 -eww wo ofiivo MGLQ ole. on so-3 log a or oo vooi em? NJ-'G 'Gb 155' sooo wo tho 6. ab m1iS9'f'B ball e 'oo W3 'Pb Be 5530 'GOT o ow o ooo 'o ll 910 lk 'coo WO-ab 'G 'le woe golog o 'few 6-'lddb UB- e bo 339-wie 9 would av-o 165' orcl o ye, be eb we o moo 'oo sa? 12 l- me one 'aloe 'mole 'goat 'bw ocll lbotlol abou 9-gal ob mov-log, 'm::'x'N'fb 'obo-ago beoao o -so f2lg,o1-'od 'yo use 'oo bool es bolxemo lo llvo and le lo'-5, o 'Elll 1953 Qloo. among voted. lb 6. dofelal 9. oboe l'll m9-ll 'bb-le 9 flow: b S 6 o 'Cf 4 'L -8 C 'Q 'S eff o b oolbo . 5. acl 6. A -fx 5 OWS 6 Q blob. 6 -so 5 qu 5 l , -o.6.cl15, Z 'C-old fo. b ll 199 g, on ebmtp cloacll are 9 cleog 'S ami . u 530. 0-QA.. ff 0 Agfa-,ge WM MM, A, Wfa NWI aww, ,ww Www wax Mm ,k 3- www, MQ ww f, gk, ' A wk A ,r- BQ 35 E 'Gsm 'wig-f ff' l K P izmsmvdwli A L' I 8 ik an M mm E, UUIHICHIIUHQ NUKBER 22 Students on Joint meehni will be t 1 in l li , iii Bltllliiii Ollice and Ch arch 'Tech s J. 'f' 2 S ii :iw lx I 1, f., i l 1 Seventeen Students, tlne Faculty Member 'ected In Arka-Tech S o's 0 of Student Bod Caraway Hall Now Only Light Voting In Has Recepiionists Receptionists now greet guests in Caraway Hall four nighos e Student Body i Poll week, Wednesday, Friday, Satur- uns, mambe, were elwwdwggw, diy' 5 d Sunday mghts' Huh sitions in a wide-open Student B night tgxere will be two reception' ists in the lounge. These recep- We tiinste are girls who live in Cars- Seventoen students and one far:- iesda ody Whcfx Who context held dr y. Despite mach publicity for the Ways Thel' Sfmt me 35953 'Sk contest, voting was rather light. whom they wish to see and go to with ,slightly Wm. 250 haunts being the office and tell the hostess on cast The emiye Madam body was duly- Thi? DEW' SYSWW ellmlnfws eligible for the contest, and voters U", "l'l"'S5'lY of 'lub 31169 WDW missed very few students in mek. to the office window. mg their seyemianm In fact, 1,055 candidates were nominated r the '73 positions in fo .., the content and several others re- . h Stelnway waved nonlinrations for writefin . "honors," Ins I oi a i he el 1 ta mor: lhailiu me ixogltion welxallang on Julian. Bill Morris, and Ross Ad- in Music Instructor of avia- favorite margin, with instructor, run- A total of 29 teuhs ominated for the honor. ipular honors went to H Little Rock. and Roos ri-en. Jane won hy n 'i over Butts Belle vhile Ros :had xi com- ii over .lack "Mule" Russellville, won contest for with Freda the runnarovup. Batesville athletic candidates in the ost Handsome Boy. trailed in second Big Flirts the Biggest Flirts, pmvi-rl very Murrilton, Gallon, and Jeff won by one slim ".lnybird" Nutt. Camden. easily 'or Best Dressed n the runner-up Isle . mans, Newport, it Dressed Girl, -kcr coming in and no rela- edged Luther Mary who OVGI' won by had polled any amount ol votes. L4 aelwrs from Mary Harrison, had lit- wlnmng the honor of da Johnson Perry e Girl Palsy Cargile nib, defeat' By Sturgis Wilson One moment you'ro calmly inside a classroom looking window. contemplating when into the mom walks and offers You nn make some "easy" "boy is this a me over till the again." two of us, Pete and L Paul Heck, who is and assistant to SHano7gF?nds Pulling Curtail tag t N Ea T lc , 8 an 0 sy ...'lf,..-ri Ross Alum stuck curtain. I was an coni that I rain the house At the and alas the curtain: shriek, "open G8 by "Mule" est Boy. Succeed n, made :i rr the Most d Kaufman Q fren, won Iirlifm' In Clzifl -of mf- Graff, the team of rin smooth sake," and closed them so of each :ct that Freshman Test David 0. Shaw, arts and science we only had n, "bold" lenrnlng to from Memphis, Tennessee, x mold from a grade of 1.18 was the high- P7093 on the Nelson-Denny d Vocabulary Test glvf semester to all entering for second place with A were Edgar Cheonutt, William R. Babb. Terry, l-lot scorers were Canton, Ohio, and Clayton Brower, Paris, 4 f the lirlend- Q Hammons rs went. to ,vor "Mule" - by is con- ,thlefel Bill Morris toyxpede field of ll! nominees in the contest for Best Boy Athlete, Wilson Kell was 1 close second. Pat Overlay. Hartman, won han- dlly over a select field ln the nee for Best Girl Athlete. Nearest her was Bunn Belle Hummons. J:-me Julien and Ross Adams walked off with the Miss and Mr. Peisonality contests. .lane was followed in the poll by Russell Harris and Joycie Strahan. Ross held a lead ovrr a large field, with Billy Hula running second, Sidellgltts cs! Election Severe! oddltlss appeared in the Qiloatlaimd on Peg! ti- JHNI SMITH DAN COYVLING Assistant Editor Business Marzciger Joy: FLETCHER FERD KAUFMAN Assistant Sports Editor Photographer? N in is gs"5f,1wl- 6 WM in NORMA RIDLRY B1e'1"1'Y1c HARMs H rfpo rte rs VAN RUSH RUTH SPEARS RejJ01'teAr.s' JANICE NIORGAN ,ARDEN KIDIJ R6plI7'fF7'.S CLIQORGIA SWVAN JUDY DICE Reportmfs 552 o A,,,....-r-My , WWW S, , N vw ,wan ,XWWWM JACK BARNES FERD KAUFMAN SLLOU' VVTUW Plzoiogmjlhef' I GEORGIA SYVAN JOE BURNS Czmzjms Sport DON RUPPEL "PEANUT" PARKER Polyteclmic Social BURTA BELLE HAMMGNS JOE MCMILLION JUDY DICE Social Assiszfanf P0lyl6f'!I7'liC Assistm1 t Cmnjms Assistfmt V" W ' W . I Y l 1 l 1 iff l 1 Y A U I ,, ovmfmowmw wx- 4. V ,. -.+:'::,.-:-.f.cws4:wz-',wr:-

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