Arkansas Tech University - Agricola Yearbook (Russellville, AR)

 - Class of 1946

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Arkansas Tech University - Agricola Yearbook (Russellville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,fa A - 4 M y 3 af Q N, A I N 14 A M j 1 ,wk A fr 8 , , ,4 1 I A I , , , . , x ' ' vf,w,4 ,- v- M M 0 , 1- --1..:'.:w x x el j hh-ix FRQM THE Student Body Arkansas Tech Russellville, Arkansas Dear Friends: The Agricola Staff, through many hours of enjoyable work, has tried to bring to you an annual packed full of memories of the happy, care-free, and informal days that you had at Arkansas Tech. It is our hope that you will find some joy and gladness in turning through these pages. If you receive only a small portion of the joy we have had in giving it to you, we will feel that we have achieved our purpose. I wish to express my thanks to the staff for their never-tiring and ever-ready attitude that they had throughout the year. Sincerely, The Editor my M5355 ...Q ' -J , ,Up ,110 xx. ,V , ,yy Q.. we A 'Sk 71: X vp . :in T94 ffl X'w...,.,.,L,, w 1 ' wwe- Y, .mn X -. ,rf x A .45 W 4 ..L, 4 . 1 6 ,K I. W' nv W A .. L 1 -.. , it 4 fx 'P y .F , xx. . ,J I I fa wiv mg, . -.9 'V' f-Sl if ' Wallin -we , 5. .gig 125112 if xiii . l-Y'?": ' W.. i 9, . DEDICATION 5555 the former students of Arkansas tlytechnic College who, on every ntmerit and every sea, served nerica during the Second World vyrigm ar- -those who will not come Jij . rck and those who have or will and to those other veterans of 3 great conflict who are now trolled in this college or who will 2-in short, to all Tech veterans, e stall ot the l946 Agricola, with fectiorxate gratitude and pride, at sdicates this volume. The Editor. 55?r mggkgt 5523 1511 -3 if 'H ' 2 .f if sf 2 ? 1'-wg ' sv" ' ' r ' 1 r " ,U gf? if f fig ti .1 ss A -- ,HW-wr.,..f is-4s . v ' -,V ' rf. Q ess r-uw -smqzgjf' tiff? V 4? 7' -..0f,5ffsihfU?'ff' , wg'-if-11, '+wi?f'7x- - if tx ae. .nw 'Pg ' H 4 ml Q5 W - , fer. t-asf" ' r l, t' ,,-Q.-319, " 1,3-1-1.34 w , -Nz:-wr:',t" , sw , ,M kg r, 'fwrfgms-.,-.2955-,bv--mf' ew t,t4'Yf'-4-,-.r-li? 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'i Q- "W f - 1: if see' W ' T, , 1 gf Q:-is L lfiiiii-3 Kiggilq -:ff-f' may z 1 ff if if ,H S' :A-1: Af, fA:,r'rwf1fM,r,,L ' J. v ' "'ffrtJw,iv-tl iffcwt wr. t, 'Wy' .y'5fs,'--air' , Wngvfuffr - ff 1. w-E.:-ff Mfrs.: 25693: gfQ :f'f.v-:::s,s2'fagE 1,5314 ,Q , wr, ,,g-yp.3,g,gni .- - . M .5ff,a, 4 A .Q 1 , ft Q F: Qu Ma. Ewffg ggv k ,:, in QA ,f r V up-, 5..N?:.Q!5gjge5g:iN, , . 182. , g ,'w:q3f12,-fffiffingia' -as . 1 .1: Ai - ' fd ' . , 1 ' ..' f 155 Q- ' ., rig, 1-Q-Q-'fr ., ,, f"Ftf'SY'fW1 fP:?' f 54, v at , i i vffh' f'?f'i::S,f2rwi"i gr.: N an- 4, A 5.11--?:af" 'iff swzsacr' -t wav ur la,ss.fQ"." -T' .1 . ig-',.'?fw1k'w'f:1'-sci' 1:---rw: 1- . ,"""" A4Jlr NNNM lII"' nl!! A..,,,. ,...1l Q N ,. ..u IU In , H... Nm... MH... .nuunu f rllllfl W ,1.1..1 ,1.,, Nm ',.,... H hh ll I VI U... .::lln"H::iii'l' 4... dmmwl LMA 1 ..,'.h "-.., mmmmmmm lmmmmmmm ....,, 1 Nmwmm, mmww Ill., I nunul ' MN -ull ...funn .,,4 WWW HJNWMM IMWWL- mmmmmv 'INN I 'IHNHNH M I ,.. L L 4... NNOQO5 BY- BILLY WITT CAMU5ELL MUSIC BY Q ann use aonoon - -" onus. D. scwuurz andanfe, relfgfwo, maesfoso M FF? X E f-if X 1. AL'MA MA-TER, AL' MA MA-TER. MAY VVE LIFT OUR, 2. AL-MA MA-Til, AL'MA MA' Tip-, CHERISHID DEA ' CON X i f X X, -F3,x ,1 EYES TO THE! , MAY THY GLORY AND THY HON' on OF OUR YOUTH, RAD-IANT IM ' BLEM. SHIN- 'NG SYM' BOL , D P 5 M 1 XE r Xqo S acceferando Bl Fon E'ln. OUR DES-TIN 'Y' MAY TUV CO ' LOB! GREEN AND GOLD OUR Gulol THAT LEADS U5 ON T0 TRUTH. DOWN LlFl'5 PATH WAY .tAMlNG Fon US. A i . F j refsrdando LOY - AL HEARTS FOR- l'lR BN ' TNQALL. AND TRY MEM RY LEAD U5 EVER BY THY Ll GNT"i, SHUULD WI FAL' TER. F F 1 5 - X I F FI ref. LIVI FOR-IV-Ill IN TNI HIARTS or US ALL, THIN Rl-3101114.13 BV TMY SPIRITS GLOH - ION-I3 MIGHT. T z, X EI 1 xg Cx , X E Wi -f N V5 4. , Q 4 1: ,f A flflk-Maw , 4 Y 'N LW. Q, 0 -11- i'1 , ' W , , 'L A Ww,q,,,4,,,.Q i , Af ,,ff,,, A Q - W A . , ' v Q H-. 1: ,Q . w , 'lsr-1: - . - .. L, . . 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K k Mfr: f' ' ' 1 'M " AWA' ' .,,fj1'N?,'u A' 13,,:e.i.g., A.: ' 5. ,, , - 9 We-vi F f ff 'f A' ,favg-wg A , ,A 1 , W ' , A, raw, ,, A AAA. f w A AA A ,LAA A AA,AAAAA ' A :A Q, -A , .,,,,, AA A 'm AAAAA K , A .A 1, 'i!,2S,fs,.- V :wl2ie'i1W , , -, K' .ffff SV , J, J -,W Y ' -ii-'wiv ' , -fh,.qg,Mfg, gig if , Vj'15795KgS,L Q-ffffa-sh Viiw' 3,"g41f1Rw 'i '11 li' ff ff " ,..""""""w Sir' '4' 3' K-f -' ' Y - gs'-.:.,,ff fi- Ii QW- i 1 f iq f K K V 1-"i.NLsw'1 fir, "'3ff"?'1? 'M K ,1'4i:-f fr- .J " ' 1' . V - -'K " "cvs V' - -M 'J' -. ,- "A: .V fi- -,Y-, ' f 359 . ,,s' QU, 'ESV JN' -4 -'Qi f WW' .. 'A - -M tw' A f- A-,,, , 5,1 f , , AAAAAAASQWA, , AWA VA AAYAA1, A Qi, A,fA,AMA. 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A f- A ,Anya eaivsa imfvn- v'f: nf m f B E N LA N E Y GOVERNOR ,4lllll' STATE OF ARKANSAS OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR MTTLE Rock September 27, 19u5 To the Agricola Staff and Students Arkansas Polytechnic College Russellville, Arkansas Greetings: Arkansas Polytechnic College is rich in tradition. Its place has been one of eminence in the world of education. Throughout this school year you have made a noteworthy contribution to the greatness of this institution. For this I com end you and express my appreciation. The people of Arkansas have a right to be proud of their achievements. I know that I am speaking the sentiment of all Arkansans when I say we face the future with confidence and with a determination to build a greater State. Sincerely, Ben Laney Governor N N ww R x . z V 'iv -W4 --naar'--i if Board of Trustee .... JOHN E. CHAMBERS GRANVILLE COOK I. S. TURNER ETHEL C4 CUNNINGHAM ROBERT L. SMITH Danville, Ark. Rgssellville, Ark. . Ozark, Ark. Dczrdcmelle, Ark. Russellville, Ark. , A K CPicture Missingj 5 79595 'f 51939-8 .w--,V ., . 11.5 , , , Jr x yW,n.-gn ..,,,. .,.., . 'Y - , , ' .f YQ? 'If' lf' A 3LYf.i-N75 k'fi1EEvf37,.:."'-1'I-imfflfl' 421,12 EL .j,L'?L ' U A, . 1, . 1 wgp,yf,fW'-g,.,ha,,..'gX,nf,-554-..,,,wfjg,Iw k I A ' 4.1.25'nzinagfgfff-tiff,-2,'1I?.?55?2Ex5ffgij-S.,ggg:f,Qhffif .I , 1 - . A ff - Q ,V V H: .L Lf,Q..,fL..,,Lzif1--mg ,Y .,N,k...:,A..,w .,1,2,f,,,Q. 4, , , ig .,:,'L,1M w2mzq.3:aug5,,,5? .Q 5 -M-veffv' . Q- uf,qy,f, . LEW., ,,, X Y 3, '.:,-Twp, , -ff' f ' W f bw ff - die, 1- if-fffaifv , :fw2.:.1:.f, nmvqpwx:Q:a2,eaf-Q wr-.qw 'f ---12. '- .A Iwi-'fsi-W f-f ,"'aigJfAz1 'Wt A 4, -"' Yl':y',Lf71-if ' ' 631' 9"'!!f dministrative Aides ..... MR. SHARP? MRS. MORGAN MISS LLEWELLYN MR. FRELMAN M153 CALDWELL STUDENT X df Q E QEQ1, CCLINCIL N X Q 0 I ELIZAB STEV K Q 2 BOB DAVE ATCHINSON Woodshop FACULTY C. W. C. AULSBURY Animal Husbandry BSA., Southeast Missouri State Teachers College M.E.E., University ot Arkansas Graduate Student, Iowa State College. IX. M. ALLEN Cliicf Mechanic of Airport BETTY T. CIALONE Physical Education A. S., Arkansas Polytechnic College B. S., in Physical Education, Ckla- horna A. CS M. H. W. DEAN Mechanics, Drafting Certificate in Mechanical Arts, Uni- versity ot Arkansas. LELA l. BRYAN Textiles and Clothing B. S., Kansas State Agricultural Col- lege. Graduate Student, Kansas State Agri- cultural College, University ot Colo- rado, University ot Tennessee. ACLILTY l. W. DILLH-lA Physics A. B. Ark. State Teachers College. M. A., George Peobody College. Graduate Student, Vanderbilt, Uni- versity of Colorado. THOMAS A. DULANEY History B. S. Peabody College, M. A., Pea- body College. Graduate Student, Ohio State Univer- sity. PAUL FISER Physical Education A. B., Arkansas College ,A-..,. MBS. HOWARD GODFBEY Home Economics B. S. University of Arkansas M.S., University of Tenn. 4 Graduate Student, University at Ala bama. MARTHA HEASLEY English A. B., Arkansas College M. A., Universiry of Arkansas L. S. HORTENBOWER Business Adm. B. A., Oklahoma State Coiieqe. 'MLW :gag ..-..--f" it , 6 K3 mx 559 ' sis: ,2 . 5 tg' , i , 5 f,13wk ,.,3h'V.Mk iii ' WWI? ' , . fy- :W wa' f ,fa 1 . f -:!'I:E?a': ASM xi MSE Q53 .1 :g Q,Qn fM, 5g Zw lR+iz'1Sf4i ffT 157 ':, ' f':Ff: 'P AQ- iw "' Y f at x L, K fill . egg are 5fiz',,,,-,g ,f.,f'f,mf. V - ye. 5. ,,,- A.,f , QW, . in .iw f Q fp gs Pr LILLIAN MASSIE English B. A.,University oi Qkiothorno. M. A., University ot Arkoinsus. Groduote Student, University ot Min- nesotor. P. K. MERRILL B. A., University of Okiohomo. M. A., University of Qkiohonio. Grcrduote Cftudent, University ot Qiciuf honici. TRUMAN MQEVER Chemistry B. S., Boker University. M. A., University oi Coiorotdo. Groduote Student, University of Kcrnsos, University of Coiorodo. ACLIL PAUL D. SHULTZ Music B. M., l-leriderson College. Graduate Student, l-leridersoii Col' lege, Theodore Bohlman School oi Music, Boguslawski College of MU- sic. . MYRTLE ROUSH Librarian University of Arkansas. George Peabody College. E. S. TOMUNSCN Biology B. S., Mississippi A. df M. College M. S., Mississippi A. CS M. College. in ww, A vs f rf, fdf. ,Q Ere Q skmzegi gs 1 .L S56 1 . l MR. WESTBROOK MARVIN M. WILLIAMSON Fliqht Irtetructor MUSfC t t F A c u LTSY me-sum VIRGINIA SUE WILLIAMSON CARL YJ. BUCK A. D. RUDOLPI-I Music Chemistry and Math English i3.Mus., North Texfrs State Terxchers A. B. cmd A. M., University ot Mtn- A. B., WG.-fitern Stcite Teachers Cot College. souri. Ieqe, Kentucky. Rh. D. Qhie State University. Grciducite Sttidertt, Duke University. Grctcittfrte Stucterit, Cerrtett University. HQWW amy in J P-'S gy?" gv wg V., Q .. X Q w li53 """:J'L"wzg? A' ifegzgiw Paibswff 2 .f'w"' , 3-"f5zQF,?,2X.9-ff fw 14,3 awww, 'wQ1xg5"E'mfZ??,f,-r,sQ5iQ.. vigil ivlilffwl LMI Um it fnjwf-Sf f if Q JL fiigw ' fx A 1, 9 y , g 52 , xx 'fag Library 1 i 1 Gymnasium Dining Hall 51 Y 5, D 'S L I TIER. w L Y Fine Arts ,....,M--Q-L..,,v-0 V- ...- ,,,.- ...-Q..-.,..q. ,,,,.,.-- ,,...--- ,......- vxx - Bailey Hall New Boys' Dormitory Armor A 1 .x .b .,,, 7 Q - , fa' I Q Q1,,g,- j .. 1 1--ff 'mlfhg ra, , lv ' , 5 Aww rf.. lyrxgi' 1 A fi-4-gli: " -7,15 V fuk A 'W+!'7'kl ' 1 w'v"efJ gin' f 4 fb J S K VV RLQQM 3 K 1 A ,V ...E W5 WW . ,. .R if . " MMA- ff 1,13 f X 5 A rs ,pu-'- Un4ef"ood Mn .rf"" My v f 1 1, veglgglgglui qv.- I , ., A f'-xx, . Ak ln ' .Jb. ,,w.4' l,'! .gig M 2 "W " 5 if '4 M Y ei? ' ww qfwmfl X 2 - 0 , j ' ' ' ref wwf' . Q i W u,'-1,1M.J:i3e."?7"1'! '42 ' - .ni .v:'v.Tvagi,4x33f'-Irv... , - -.J 1., ., .,uu4s.L.LQ4..:,Lg.,. ,, - . - ., . Sophomore Gfficers TOE STEWART WALTER P. GILMORE TROYLENE RAMSEY TESSE LEE GRACE Vice-President President Secretary and Treasurer Reporter Ernest Iefterson Allen Letha Fern Barton Delores Beard Daisy Pauline Benharn Russellville, Ark. Moreland, Ark. East Detroit, Mich. Alma, Ark. Paul B. Blackman Samuel Sterling Blalock Ianelda Burris Travis B. Cason Forester, Ark. Cotton Plant, Ark. Appleton, Ark. Pine Bluff, Ark. loe A. Cialone Earl Dean Crosswhlte Earl Robert Fore Ft. Smith, Ark. Harrison, Ark. Friendship, Ark. Aubrey Fowler Vlfalter P. Gilmore jesse L. Grace Dumas, Ark. Tyler, Texas Danville, Ark. M. Elizabeth Formby Alma, Ark. Mary Helen Green Booneville, Alk. Mary Frances Green E. Kerrol Griffin larnes H. Haynes Robert Euqene Hefner Lead Hill, Ark. Mulberry, Ark. Ft. Smith, Ark. Liitle Rock Ark. lohn Edward Hilliard Ama Varea Hill G. W. Hoqins loyce Bernice Hollaway Russellville, Ark. Dover, Ark. Dover, Ark. Liltle Rock, Ark. Bobby lock Hopper C. B. Hudson, lr. I-Ioskel T. lnmon Iohn Alien lohrison Russellville, Ark. Mi ludeo, Ark. Bradford, Ark. Mi. ludeoz, Ark. Willie Bernyce Iories George Albert Iories Doris lome Kcrtcheside Lillie Ann Kiober Appleton, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Russellville, Ark. Dardonelle, Ark. Bennie Evelyn Kunze Marvesi A. Lawson Doriha Ann Leach Charles L. McGreW Plainview, Ark. Calico Rock, Ark. Dutch Mills, Ark. Harrison, Ark. Toe Dick Mobley Arlie Dean Morris Rebecca lane Phillips Io Ella Pierce Mt. Ida, Ark. Appleton, Ark. Dardaneile, Ark. Leachviiie, Ark. Edward B. Pope Troylene Ramsey Iames F rank Resirriaont I. Edmond Roux New Orleans, La. Russellville, Ark. Dinninq, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Dessa Dodd Nellita lane Shultz lohn Thomas Shaffer Bobby Io Shepherd lurzo, Alaska Parkin, Ark. Russellville, Ark. Dardanelle, Ark. Eugene C. Smith Ioseph Vol Stewart Doris Iane Stone Andrew I. Stover Little Rock, Ark. Huntsville ,Ark. Magazine, Ark. Little Rock, Ark Frances Louise Suqq Mary Summers B. L. Tatum Sue E. Tucker Russellville, Ark. Dardanelle, Ark. Danville, Ark. Dover, Ark. Iolmes H. Turnlison Andrew I. Turner Hamburg, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Lorene Annu Wesley Sydncr Ruth Young Dczrdanelle, Ark. Dover, Ark. I, C. Barber Ralph Brownlee Harold Buell A Roy Burriss Batesville foiner Green Forest Russellville Neil Byram Georqe Cathey james Chambers Cecil Courtney Melbourne Evening Shade Russellville Vicm, Olfla. l Second Semester A HQ I. C. Dobbs lohn Douthitt Tohn Drummond lohn Durnond Melbourne Batesville Hot Springs Delflfiif Robert Fiser Wallace Gay Grady Hays Claud A. Hughes Little Rock Atkins Russellville Russellville Second Semester Fames lsbell Al Gene Gordon Ann Knautt L. D. Owens Little Rock Russellville Hector Pyatt William Penix Robert Richardson Charles Robertson Curtis Sceller Western Grove Lead Hill Russellville Mansfield Second Semester W,W , A , YY Robert Spears Iomes Strickland Appleton Appleton I une Tcdkrnqton Russellvrlle Second Semester 3 fi YE I2 ft in IACK WILLIS IO MARTIN HOWARD SMITH MARY WHILLOCK Vice President Secretary cmd Treasurer President Reporter S L George Archer Little Rock W. H. Avery Clinton leanette Baker Russellville loe Berry Russellville Edqar C. Arnn Alton Athey Sidney Hector Rex W, Bailey Arnos Baker Enola Shirley Eugene Bennett Thelma L. Bequette Centerville Lowell Randolph Biqqs Ann Blake Plainview Plainview 'Nilliam E. Atkinson Perryville Darrel Baker Russellville Billy Berry Dover Iarnes C. Bohannon Mulberry 4 4 .. I l Q Rupert Bond Dover Ruby Nell Burris Hector William P. Chism Lanty Gerald Crabtree Atkins Q I. E. Bradley Damascus I. F. Butler Flippin Orville S. Clark Shirley Albert I. Creech Rogers Hale Brown Batesville Bobbye Lee Cathey M orril ton Bill Cloer Springdale Virqil Danielson Russellville Mary T. Buckman Bellville Rosetta Chapman Bigelow Eldon Coffman Russellville Betty Davis Little Rock I A l i Laverne Davis Sidney Carolyn Dickerson Russellville Billy Dunahoo Altus Charlie Durham Hamburg Paul E. Davis Morrilton I. C. Dodd Benton Patty Grace Duncan Springfield Noma K. Duvall Russellville loe E. Dean North Little Rock Sarah Nell Douthitt Batesville Nyna Dunn Huntington Cleo I. Eason Bison Oris Allen Deshazo Boswell David Ducker Calico Rock lohn Durbin Little Rock Eva Io Ewing Dover ff, A '4w',12 i"'If"'A ink X ary 1 fr f , ,,..f:,,,., ,-.. ,. ..,,.., . I -Cf. .,,' . 'dl . ae. 'Wy is Grace Evatt Vilonia Rufus Fitzhuqh Little Rock Buford Frost Parks Kenneth Gray Paris Pauline F aucett Coal Hill Ioe Fletcher Bald Knob Iesse Leroy Fulton Daz danelle Carolyn Griffin Russellville Howard , W. Faulkner Russellville Iimrnie Franklin Appleton Betty Lou Gideon Russellville Douglas Griffin Jerome Harry Fite ' Arkadelphia Eugene Franks Calico Rock Amy Sue Grant Russellville Louis Griaqs Marianna X W. T. Guinn Booneville Frances Nell Harrod Belleville Audna Ruth Holmes Harrison Marilyn Hurt DeWiii Lester Hall Hartman Lavenia Henry Russellville W. D. Huqqins Ozark Harvey lohns Paris Loreva Ham Walter Hardist Russellville Reydell Bobby Henson Truman Hill Pottsville Russellville Billy Huie Aron Hurst Morrilton Paris Marqarette Iohnson Lonnie lohnson Ola Texarkana er, Ir. , l 'SGT Iune lones Green Forest Edmond Kendrick Russellville Henry VV. Lott Hot Springs Althea Io Martin Mansfield Robert Iones Russellville Margaret E. Lovell Russellville Charles Lyons Dardonelle lames Martin Pottsville Sarah lane lones Pottsville Paul Lewis Pigqott Neal Marlin Bald Knob Iirnmie Martin Dardanelle Winona Iudkins Atkins Wayne Littleton Darclanelle lean Marsh Russellville lo Ella Maxwell Russellville v Wanda Faye McBride M orril ton Mary Io Moore Russellville Billie Nichols Dover Blake Partain Booneville Albert Meqee Damascus Imogene Morrow Batesville Bobbye Nisler M orril ton Glenn Patton Belleville Eugene Menees Quitman R. A. Nelson Booneville Gordon Page Little Rock Mae Payne Harrison Mary Miller Paris Eli Newman Holly Grove Pat Parks Russellville lohnie Mae Person Dardanelle I 4 -4M:,:-g. . f i ' - ' -v ' ,w. . . J, , . s limrnie Dean Petillo Russellville Fredrick Qualls Quitman Sidney Reeves Truman June Robertson Russellville Carl I. Pope New Orleans, La. Neita B. Rackley Little Rock Edward E. 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Reed Russellville Earl Ridgeway North Little Rock David Roderick Russellville Roman C. Pluqqe Hartman Carl Reinke Manchester, Iowa Georqe Riley Hamburg lames Rowland Benton Shelley Powell Stamps Corba Prince M orril ton W. I. Rimmer Guy William Rowland Benton Second Semester Leonard Russell Bentonville Alton Shockley Lamar Clyde Spamm Benton William Stahl Siloam Springs Gerald Rutherford Gentry Robert Sloan Russellville Weldon Sparnm North Little Rock Tom Stroud Evening Shade Iohn A. Scott Dardanelle Floe Smith M cGehee Theodore Spanke Hartman Robert Stoker Patterson Lester Shaver Batesville Hugh Smith Russellville Sam Stathakis Little Rock Loyl Swain Waldron Second Semester Earl Sullivan Coal Hill Frank Thacker Little Rock Thomas Vines Russellville Tom Willet Ioiner I. P. Summers Datclanelle Virginia Thompson Green Forest Harper Wade Little Rock Floyd Williams Springfield William Terrell Benton E. S. Tomlinson Russellville Troy Walls Cleveland Herman Wilson Quitman , lr., William Templeton Levy Cecil Vaughn Russellville A Elizabeth Willet Joiner Iames Wilson Helena Second Semester Forest Wisdom Robert White Robert Whittield Louis Vtlhitford Little Rock North Rittle Rock Russellville Centerville Second Semester E 2 3 r 1 s 1 Q Q I E I W Lani, 'MM S, f f. . Bennie Kunze 1-Cl yg JOHN ROBERT POWERS A 6 I I C Y C 9 l 7 247 PARK AVENUE NEW YOIK CITY I7 January 2nd, l945 Miss Bobby Jo Shepherd Edilor, The Agricola Arkansas Polytechnic College iussellville, Arkansas Dear Miss Shepherd: li has been a greal pleasure lo selecl your NAgricola Queenf The pholographs ol lhe candldales which you submllled were all so allracllve lhal l found ll dillicull lo choose lhe winners. ll was also exlremely dilflcull lo reach a decision wilhoul aclually seeing the candidales and lalking lo lhem. The winner, Mary Carolyn Summers, was chosen on the basis ol characler, personalily and inlelli- gence, as well as for nalural beauly. My choice was ln- lluenced, ol course, by my greal inleresl in and admiration for lhe Nalural Girl. ll any ol lhe parlicipanls are ever in New York, if would be a pleasure lo see lhem. Wilh besl wishes lo lhe conleslanls, lo lhe sludenls of Arkansas Polylechnic College, and lo lhe slall ol lhe Agricolag l am Sincerely yours John Robert Powers M ary Summers Jo Martin Q is k 5. f--053555537 vw -Q, sxzifim f 2 QE A ,,. . Qfifg, L. vfsffif W1 :'lhw15Mff Q, R. Vx' K Q, Sag ' 5' 4 K' 1 F 4.4 A I1 GPL , ,, ., -: ",,- grikfltga Nr Mm 54 N QQ 'J an K f,,,W,1, yf Y M ' K Pat Park if .xffsggc .,f --x.x.,. 1, .f , Y.K,,kX . x. M, 1 'xv Iewell Battles Audna Holmes Ralph Brownlee, Kina Mary Helen Green, Queen Pauline Benham Frank Fells WHOS WHO 'ada -K 12 0. Most Beautiful Most Handsome IO MARTIN CARL SORRELS If Q 5, Z, 3 2 U 2 x 5 Ei Q E ij. 5 5 3 ww. S ,.wW,.,,,4,,, E Ii Most S tudious Most S tudious SHARA DOUTHITT EUGENE SMITH W, gig? wwe' f - X Q F .W .p 5 24 I Ir., M! , VN. m-Ilvim Most Popular I Most Popular BERNICE HOLLOWAY . STEED WHITE Cutest Wittiest BETTY DAVIS IOE DICK MOBLEY 5 Q UK K it Q PM bm ,Y I 35 A-. 11 i - Q ' -2? , A 5 .,,, X ,QQ QW .f,, KY, ,295 5. -F1 .Z My ' 'F ,Mx J ,, fggefva S, H K - w. ..., 7 , I F, i s i 1 1 n ,, Q, ia ,li V K Qgw A' '1 yy i WT pe g, :sf P' W. , x 5 Amwwgf? ful f, lm ARKANSAS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE 1wss1a1.1.WI.1.E. .uzlmvsss November 5, 1945 Miss Bobbye Jo Shepherd Editor of thelllgfirola earlffiss Shepherd: The Who 's Who Committee has today selected the following as the outstanding members of the student body: Bobbye Jo Shepherd Eugene Smith Jessie Lee Grace Aubrey Fowler Be th Formby Lillie A-T121 Klober Joe D. Mobley Dolores Beard These students were or criteria set up ber working ' Who li selected without having any nomination to guide the Committee. Each Committ independently nominated ten students I' st and from the lists nominated the e' nated by the highest number of Commit for your Who's Who list for l9 W s ee mem- or the Who's ight who were nomi- tee members were selected 46. Yours very truly, WHO'S WHO COM TEE 797 QV 4-'glitz , 57 J N gl I . I I 'Yr f If, - Zora we Bobbye Jo Shepherd Y K, iii- 1355 , J: -' Q ,V LS ifiwfggl' -A1252 .. ' N' ' mbsf W ,, . -- - .fi 'Hi L1 fig ' fsfi' EQ W W YI aw , X A gif ,L Q ' . , L ..-4. av --1 21. A.-A: 'za' 5? ,,.,. z ... W as , M , 'N 58 5 ?. X N , H 2 a - 1 K P 'QQ , ff fig: , gakvyg j'Wms1fw- 3-MSQQQ, 'www 5 ,M TA 1 7? fa W :ggi , , . K mf fi .. L x "z'm4'9fm'V ' ,- ., an f -,W ,3 , mi W k ag 1 , 5 1 ' WWE 'PFW IV Z HUM , I Q 5 .,Q,..u,, Qs. 5, N, N L-lf LL.'f Q Wmmm Jesse Lee Grace ini, w--"' v 'nw ,I my mm WHS 'QR 'iw up mmm ...MW Hmm 'iw as me FE? FH W JIM EN H? we mfg -fr, 5 we 1HQ'Qi4'Jw1a:w,- qeqvgm tH:9s.wvwQ-w sm sv Q sw-up-, ,HH ummm MNH' milf 9'T?ff: umm awwuwe- mga. as mr ms. .M Fl Mt? -5i4?'993' UH 4516 i9MiI'Y WY QElY355EHA'S,ei2iiav S':?4a'xQti5?Qtiw2Eww-zxsz Q me a25f?:sx.,fw-N EIWWXWK 9' .1 were fuk all w i'e5i55Bi3"5Sp fx .,,,5,- me gig, , AL., 55, 5351 Aubrey Fowler M pw. -if ,ff ,W 35 Q ws, 5 ti, 2 , , is if NN"'x. Q. S 1 15? ,ax warg! 3' , in . , x Q f ,, ' K Sesigiiiiiirfwlv Lillie Ann Klober Joe Dick Mobley 1 llf Delores Beard 7 7-H - - - 11--, C ff Q w N"-v-. INN X ., 1. Mu X , gm. mums-M, If W i E Y 5 1. Let me see now-A. B. C 2. A busy spot every day. W ia - mn t ii. fm. .shrill my P9193-L H e--p-155136 neg, W M .L . 1, , mme: Sat-nlgelir-xii PM " ' "Caraway Cuties." Dardanelle bound. A11 dressed up and plenty of place to go. 'What is there about Iesse, qirls? Some of the second floor qanq. Not a care in the world. Q W SM mv. :,annmm:M:M.C,w.??,,f 1.A11 roads led to the becmery. 2. The final line up. 3. Is that buloney, Davis. 1. Working mon MoGrew. 2, Dig deep. 3. Source of thot ole Tech milk. 4. Chow hounds. eww 1 Fi ,Mull lgne and lmogene burn- ing mid-night oil. Children! Children! "Mom" takes over gi Q house meeting. Home EC. girls enter- tain. A wg Who's it tor??? The deom's list-cmd those who mode it. Little Roy ireshens up o bit. Nothing like o good checker qorrne, eh Pope? Potty cmd crooners. Thcrt's it Maryv- humor him. Hey, the qdme's out front! Doris cmd Iohuson Holley cmd Iones qoin' places. Nobody could be thol hdppy. No new sight- lesse ond Mory. Lil ond Roy hold- ing up the techion- ery. n -,,.... mm 4 .f"'Q gi 5 Ain't it the Truth! The Siewaris. Visiting planes at the airport. Tower and hangar be- fore the fire. f" trizi.. tgiitfattitfttid KL Thanksgiving day spectators. Marie getting that admiring look from Whitey. Qur cheer leaders at Conway. Dad's day game. --eBay was it cold? Yeaaaa Green. lust getting a good look around. On the bencl'1ePres. Hull and former Tech students. Pauline, Bobbie, Sydna, and sack lunches. Six bashful laelles. Four familiar faces-- alter Sunday dinner. Baldy, Gussie, lohnnie, and Trotter relax. Pop and Haynes laugh ing it over. That's Whafs called in difference. Play time in the lounge Swinging to the Tech ionery luke Box. J' . fi 'R .N lntormal house meottma. He-man l. C. BOl'1LIlHlCH. Ann Blake cuttiu' up. Marie Smith . . . Looks like Pine Knob. The Fowlers . . . Glenda and Cobb. Swina it George. Steed tellinq lane all about it. Hey! Whatcha got up that sleeve, Bud. And then There are those who study. Relaxing in the hay's lounge. Theres always some- thing lo Cla. W if I Q, A 4 .a 1:1-:'jj'I.'4sE?'E'f2:2fZF:3 Ff ' n M I vw' EQ?f5ggszL.'2'ff1fs-ff 'Y' Lfi. i IA- 1 V, lays, g , 11 'kfgfif . 23,5 ' 3, -: Eli? 3 Flash:-gi 4 i E4 ,Q E 1 A 5 3 N HI 1? at, Ji ef . f- 1 ' ggi? gf ii, ry it L .... ix X M M-W y Q X is, , ,Q fm gf A-ax in KW gm.. Q . ms Techionery Closing time-everybody out. B. A. student uses dictcrphone. Dining hull girls shinninq up. 1. Decm on her way to Little Rock. 2. Now I wonder what or who they've treed?????? 3. Thc1t's loving her Blclckmcm. 4. The Smith's studying-YYEA. filmnm-sxmewwewr-,...,,,,. 9731 V I . ,f4'M"l"""-f-Lx. N XM-N- ,wif 5 . s Q xg-,J kj XX 2 ,V wi ,Af fi' ,vc ,,-" 4 N L, l...f1""' W Eg ,,....,--""" - ' L Y v. xr f- . Lfwx- ,. .K Q, ,..Q,,.. , if E is ,, ., A . . , Y , ,I ' -? .A Y W ,Vi xm ' , ' H 1 'A '21 - 4 Q . V , Y , Q A I . . x 'S' ,2?fx3,'l'Q.':st? ff .. --N -. H E .1 ' . Sf 'Nm 11' 7, , Jgiflf ,za 6 ' J, Nu I V 5 if . ' K 5' N WM, .. L? Xxv. F YK,- ky., Y. , xv. Q f X1-, , A E, ui- 4 " v H 5 f mf 1 45 A 1 5 .A ':,1-':'J,:1A'-imfz'-F H 1 TL -- M-PM ..,.',,,,4.y.m,. L, .L ,Q LQ. , . x, , PM 'gk' , L. f 4, T - i .MM I J , A i 212 , - 3 FE? if' i " I 'Q if: . W intl. ., 2. in Bacone Indians vs. Tech -,,Here North East Center vs. Tech ,ce-,Here Henderson State Teachers Vs. Tech,,,sHere Ouachita vs. Tech , ,, ,,There State Teachers vs. Tech ,, Here Henderson State Teachers vs. Tech There Ouachita vs. Techn S , ,Here State Teachers vs. Tech There Kenneth Gray fakes to Thompson and fades to pass in the Teachers game. The score-65-O. Sorrells picks up 15 yards against Northeast Center. Score l4-O The hardest garne of the season was with the LSU Indians from Northeast Center at Monroe. Neither team was able to dent the others defense during the first half lout in the second half Tech broke loose. Grace passed to Crosswhite for the first score and later in the fourth quarter Grace intercepted a pass and ran sixty yards for the final touchdown. BUD MOBLEY Tackle-"All State" lACK WlLlilS Fullhaclc HAROLD WILSON Guardfullll State" gi ',A ,Wy H X r 11, V FW'i'mTgmVsH - ::w5,xz,-me,ffwf ' Q flfisifffffw' 'i'G1V11:,-1 A ,. gVi'ffl gg f5V,,g5i'VL3.x,l , .wp-115 , fVV..V-'gVL5V,fi', , , V,q1iys3'V' gg Q' V , - eVg5zVz?:zV:: .VVVVV ' ggi-V. QZN-wfVV5'1,.V V , ' A " Vlifzl .gf 8, , ,Ai ,V.-f , A 9' ',im1f , 11 ka w . Ig, ,? A div ,iw I is Q 9: ff' ,JN v , 1 xi fi 'W ul V, V. ,f-J!" W? P'i+f0l"r f:esf'S"5Swi336.lSIS3'P'!'5h.V 'K 9V'l"vl'Wf iff-'11'x"'-'W'1 39, Mwfhiibi-1T1i MQAW'fT V'f"f VV! Y: ,V- A I wV,WV- ,- -N , ww xi ,M ik fx-,M V:,,.,,' 61 :5 Vw , my., .. 4 .M ,V - 1:-f.V- -fffffssw ,V I -V, , I, . -- H A .Viz 351 Q: . if v'V,L F5'A' Z V ' Q , A 'H' fx M V ' w if 1V Qfwffw, 'iff Vp fi W V. ,VV Q 5 Y mf W V Q .15 be A " 2 Qing, M , . im 1 . V . . a ?....., 4-5. ,523 g ix 2 .5 L , CAPTAIN AUBREY "COBB FOWLER All State "Cobb" circles end for another Wonder Boy touchdown in the TurkeyDay Tussei. Again the Tech Wonder Boys run the State Teachers Bear over the mountain, by a score of 48 to 0. In the previous game the Wonder Boys ran the bear so tar over said mountain that he just got back in time for the Thanksgiving game, by a score of 65 to O. PAUL WATKINS BLAKE PARTAIN Centef Left End HAROLD SMITH Tackl e I. C. BQHANNAN Lei! End KENNITH GRAY Qual terbock STEED WHITE GuC1Id "!-XII State" ,M-nfs Q39 Bibi QQEQFE-wi' ar -1 QA, Bs .Y 861' 4 W 1 , U52 wx , S ':.,:z---fer,--1,-: . ,AH-ff.-.-,gg-,: ,N 31-W ' -. 2454 f " ' K 1' al' l iigwlvfpgs im.-Psi " " fp' 11 k ' k -VIS-1Z?31ifiwz3 M x A X P i 'f mil s S Q .4 , rs Y - - X, f Y WN 1 Q F ' W1 , 'ZL1?f7T,,f' L f A , 53,5 1. v f AQ V ,, MLZ,, . 'M W??9?iW3Qw2Q? :Wi S . m,P??'i55i5fs2fff7? V Q 3f5f?fii'ff 1 I 1, Q ll, , Q , L , , 2,Qm,,,,vfY: . ,gb -fff:sgM1215,gw W1 dwf v iii -' -2,51 .m2gffiaE4.fY'gx, 115, A . 3 ., ,, ,xl I -2 .Q 1, 1-,g,sxggfQg 1, 1, wg 4-?J1'1::'fQV W I-I.,-'xi'megs-f1?f?fff5if'ff-mlgggsli' lawn? ' ' 5 5 QQQQQM 'fix , ' gi, is Q ,gg xy. 9 , , 1 ,B A W5 , 4 N 6 gm K 7 ,, 5 ' -355, ' " we KW.. , Eh we , ,, , if, . M gg. ,fi wx 5-fmkfkx. fasffiggg, 7,1 A :,:,,., 1 yy- i.u,,yw,ff, -'sn Wi., ' if?-ef U , V, Q . . aigifie 'SWL-.2 . i ww Mg, .1,,,,.i1 ff 1433.1 ks? gf 531 . 'QW 241442. A . A Au, K 'iw X A. K ,Q X- ba M tg, , kr V Q if ,ax .sfir 1 , -A., A -gf Q ,N -, vuww , iw Qu K E: , gi.: .JU , . M M ,V ,-, l W3 44,1 xji X -A W "av Wi " sa,..g sz A ,mf KS . . vim p K uv .f?'g, my hL,i. jf. W My W, . 'Mn A rm Q Nw ig, ,QA ,, . -gag. K Q 535,51 .. L? . A.. M T.. 1, . M 4, , - ' . av ,, A f V P 45.52 V .L - 'V ,.., 1 ' , - . d,SQwf5451Lr. - X . K, aifgffig-gfgw ' fm 8 . " 3151 5, , ' WF , A 1 yu V 1 ww . f ' wg-'f'Y5gs zs 'f sw1?'?'sx - 41... . .yr -- 2 .. Y ,, . Q... W h 3 .g k kk jeff - Q 5. fcfffiiw v k ., .. " in wg sy, ' 5,g,fs.m 2 A f Q ,. f f L2 - 2 . W' .W 15.1. . - .- . , '5 gf , rm ng ,ff .4 f' ' f it as ix an 5 if 1 4 nf Q. ak p fi ,f 'QSM sg f 1 W 4 Ml, 1 4 QW A w 2 9 ,E 1 - V .- A 1 Y 1 -,ff ff?-I1 xr R K. ' " 1..:wk.w::s"., 7-wgfggf - H M A 1 M. ' 1 1 . f f N... M. Y K i Wffmwf . 7 A i V A ,.,,.., ,..,., . ,-..- f v ,, V' My-I , ' ' A' ga, ,- f Jsf,. ffffrz'sf T' ' 55: I.: i .J W... , ., 7 If , - Qgby U wwf cw A' r My W Y? ,- . V, M M 1 1 - . K ' ,X ,U A . -,s.Q,.w- . ' ,,,g,k.::-gqgmg Mkgua..,.p:..'t'L'ai. , 5 ZW 12 W is W-Q3 V i? 2 5Hw,,m,.,g.M,,,i. 1' VWim'f" M 'mf g xw- '45,-IU XSL ' "XM . 1 , . gi, X. at 'Wx ,Q V' L g- is 9 ' ,ghifgh'-4 Y - .. W.. -I A Wg ? gf . , W q W7 "M , Y' ' 'N 4,45 ' ' A , , .-w.333"" ZL A A ff " Vi-Wgiviv TWU .ima A. . , f 4 11 z, 1 I Z"'?1'E?Tf'!F'?F'fYPfHii'5'?'Yfff '!'5'FZ"'i'ff"W,'fW HW J 3 HERMAN CRABTREE Tackle DARRELL BAKER Cenler GALE WESTOVEER Tackle CARL SOBBELS IESSE LEE GRACE IACK WILLIS "COBB" FOWLER ALTON SHOCKLEY IIERMAN CBABTBEE STEED WHITE IIMMIE TOMLINSON HAROLD WILSON BUD MOBLEY THOMAS VINES Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas C Oh! Arkansas Arkansas Tech 30 Bacone Indians Tech 14 L. S. U. CN.E.C Tech 22 Henderson W. Tech 31 Ouachita sss, - Tech 65 State Teachers Tech 25 Henderson .T Unhappy dayl!D Tech 26 Cuachita s,,,s Tech 48 State 'Teachers Tech ,300 Op The Crowd roars as Cobb scores aqarn lst. Row: W. D. Green, Business Manaaerg Paul Fiser, Manager 2nd Row: Robert White Dave Rowland Charles Lyons Iohn Douthitt William Montgomery Kenneth Anderson Billy loe Hardin Robert Fiser 3rd Row: larnes Cfist Donald Webb lunior Carson Gene Huett Frank Resimont Charles Gist Fay C'Dell Mack Long Bill y Gilbreath lusl like cr rooster fight. Careful Pepper, he'll mash your nose to CI pulp. Nelson, quit that holdiuq- ASKETBALL SCHEDULE Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Two other qames were ptayed Wrth Arkansas State Teachers and College ot th Ozarks come ot the open dates were played mth mdependent teams BILLY GILBREATH Forword IAMES BEARDEN Cenier I. C. BARBER Guard IOHN DOUTHITT Forward EARL DEAN CROSSWHITE Forward IUNE TALKINGTGN NEIL BRYAN Forward Forward IESSE GRACE ALTON SHOCKLEY Guard Guard BLAKE PARTAIN I. C. DOBBS Guard Guard IUEL CARUTHERS IOHN "DOC" STANFORD Forward Center W' hex 5b,g,mg,fe:s5yf V N55 Mfwgg Yamm, ,sw gg K X, w1R?fLs? J'iff? 4ii55? ?m2zf- ,figw , migzf "f:iJi'g-Yfifffwyfffl K ' ' 7 L"-fl?'f?'fQ57.' ' ,- , Q1 ' QQ. wzisvfzxiffig 'sz' ' ,4 fffff- H :J-m-if-. fsffgfsfz ':':ffK5E1y' agwg. -72145452521 1 f f 34215235 ' we Y X. 1 'W g, be M aw fem. fe www 'Z 551575, +2 fi mf, , xiii: 4 - b y f 'eff ffff' IX - was X J 'V 1 , 2 Q 2 mfg sr, -1- Q? .5 4312 SEP ,i ws 56,561 wb, . K waz f. 3, we pgs 'SW I 31 was 3 S m ,Ek '.T'r,. KSN--f Asia . X W 1 N 4, sf J ff , F ,, V, MH 1 X.-wx, W1 Vg. Wf ,. .1 Q.. 'Q if mn- 'if gg V45 'A -if '5i'+: ,Q , S w,fv!E :nz N5 A 4, 4 ,uf A 51 M3 y WMM , WMM , 4, X 4 if , fi? A' A E uzigvf sgw'-ik WK, ge ,,L, Y ,, My I xii Q .1 hid-as And A m, M , W ff Jw ? f , 4 JA' , ,Q an ' W .' M- k R .1 My J " .f 3 , - :V Q 2 M if Q ' ffwf 5 f 1-yfcq: wa. 'A K 'A ,- + , ., , i S I 7 ' a A.: V" ff wi, f p N f 1 I , 5, , .f L - y V. V 'S , , ,Mp T 5 if n .5 ig- H gun -w 'V VF ' ' ' s JK N fm, They're really beating it out. You're missing "D" flat. Choir rehearsal. Making wash bottles. Couple of Aqrfs that are octucdly working. Mr. Tommy cmd his Botany class. Tech Skymen. Here's ihe way you should do it! Contact! ..... 5' a,'f Drilling but not for oil. Coin you get it buck to- gether? Learning to operate the lathe. Future Engineers. Mary Helen 111 Q Lomb. Clothing slums. Four prize Hmm nomic studouts. Alright boys, don qe-Ning sick mow. N . . up - '95 ie Q Y on X E 1 xl ',,, . ff S' 4.-2 y if vw- 1 X X r M 'QQ' Q91 ir P" W . . ,L Ha . Q V fr ff ,MW ff :fb , 5 - . V' erro .. "' W we M5 Q , ,Q t Hey Ioe, Here closs I wont in. Everyone is out but Pauline. Punt formation. 's the of step Leorrning to bowl. it 4. : f1fs5', AW' Aa if G A - .-QQ? -' vw "by A ,inur- v-047 Q ' i F +' ' 4 , , ir K V M f A.: be 4, sf xmfzif Q'f Lfrik Mink' 5 i 'Ka 41:35.45 K' Q51 2 """" 'Y'-Q!-r fi' f ,, ,..,.. ,, wii , ,si ,Mai Aww. f 5. , fiiii-i,.,q1 Q 'f ,A mu. iff 1 "fi .Fa fa-1, x1:g',.,4,,xf, Q... dw 'Q 'WH ,...,..,4-K x P I F ag? Q: 'i . . 1 gf Z5 if mf . Sm A3 , .izawiw w ifwfwzr ,J eseifmiy my Qfffiii 2 fl , 3 . S Q 3 ,. i 1 S 5557 li W M ,..,w.5. , WD ,,.,, A- 4 QM l,, 6,L V, mi W ., ,Q 1 S 3 7 x J ... A QA., , , 3Ag,L i is , if ig 12 fig H, S ii 1 ik 3,12 5 S533 1 was K- A rv Q 1 H 5 my ft. 3 an 1' 7 5 SUIT Ig.. a Hia Q -ss-Nr 'V-M M Yi A5 ,wx F51 W gi Mm Formal Proaram ai Caraway Girikl Heros your Chance Reqisieriria seniors. Home Economics initiation. VVIUGTG would you like to qo next, Seniors? Theres thot line oqoin. Hunqry? You bei. Whot courses did you soy you offered Mr. Hull? 1. Reunion. 2. Vlhy I remember bank when-e-. 3. Coffee Hour. 4. Bock home wiih the ole Qflflq SQQQT? ADIE H WKINS D Y 1. They're off! 2. Shaking them out. 3. Look what I caught. QM- J., -, rag., Qi X ig? R M d,,, . . 6 ff 1 X- 3 Q 1 LIV, fiiifg L - f I jgqv i ,. ..', Viril- 3.,15f.w A f tg Q 11 1 s 2 if if 3 k 2 , 315' I '3 - , 3 ,L .Az 3 Wm W-A-.QI Hale Brown fan- ning the breeze at the Christmas Dance. Why so solemn? Refreshments at ihe Home Eco- nomics Buildinq. You said it, Dad. My Vl- f i v r B S1-mg, 4 Q , W" A,-wx 'fr'-1-.. --.if 'f Efsafs -. .ww 'W 'S 'Z 9? 2 s-Ig: 1' 1 3 1 3 5..f5, 2:-A 1 E ' 2 Q VM 555553315 ?4if5Y"2 if 25 S K x A I VA! fi! Sli ,mi-ETX? 1 511,11 ' f J f f I ' , pf 'jqn Vw. WZ' ,fi "Vim, , qv, , . ,j ff 'A' ' ii-s- f 1 -- 1 J i i ei 'QMQJTECI-iN!Q CEJLioiN:i1,5sii:,a, 'nil' ET:-X"fa Sf' '-?j'. i'l:, A HAL BROWN 'The Shadow" Y EUGENE SMITH Editor NORMA DUVALL Feature Editor G. W. HOGINS Business Mcmoqer Reporters: Louise Waller David Ducker Wanda McBride Morvest Lawson Both Formby REPORTERS DESSA DODD PAUL DAVIS KERROI. GRIFFIN NYNA DUNN DOLORES BEARD IUNE ROBERTSON m iCarolyn Dickerson, lPayne, 4.80, Mary Pi l Jix Teachers Tuma' M3Y0F of ltfiiivnifffiliie Gordon Addresses 0 T h F T . nleeb. S0fTle new me y clifhe latest dream Four new ineinbers have be Mr. J W I is Carl Solnh Ln mhivd to the .unch faculty H of an we vgt lull cayg-I ' S DAUS DAY han Gordon,former Tech stu- three former ones have returnt in "Trailer Tdmns V TECHSIC 250 and holder of the Congres- members are Mi-ss Mar November 26, Yciiiht CLAS E Tucker used his .is ey, Mi. J. Xl. Dillaha, presenting ,I I Coach John . t me ouaclvl Dave Atkinson, and Mrs. A. organization pan to tire squad to defea he annual Hal-tenbower. Former teac ment. Ml, Ifjna .-'Oli il Tigers, 26-0, its :amber 22. gh!! have rmumiliu U- :heed of a S'0Vei-iiiiiiiii Dadis Day gl'T:l'ii',s wilns to Sevenl at the C0110 . . ' br-ingS - . H0 inmht Thi'5 i ew S ihute.iUOu,p fo work will with no 1OBdle:B0YS rolled HP int E T1.H,1e,. Town, The Won e hang in .11 firs Medal of Honor, made the lpal address at the Dad's Day hy, November 22. former naval lieutenant is a te of Arkansas Tech, in nd of the University of 621s School of Law, in 1939 raduating he started prac- w in Morrilton in part- ablei 7 W Yards net ru? ers were far from in The group present at tl downs. Thcn'glE0ued up 202 yards There were 22 students oii Ig unanimously ac outclasSCd,8 d wns. D an and CGD! h X1 first 0 n game Deanvs list for the secont Or, reconliigloceiiied to e1ect wigoth teams pwyedd ahclegename 1 a weeks of the fall semester. alderynen. sufel' uri with Oniy '25 Fix For Ofinsides 0 art Rogers, a sophomore Four wards X of which W9 divid' were est-Hbli al gjmes Out' . 5 made th-e Yiunitsmigt the twenty-eights too many strong cross wind ke2SClubs, and president of average with . n 0 four grou 3 A Very d kick-off Hveffxg ore class. He lettered .ea h, . D f , an engineerinkthsse and the residence ofoea the Funnix: Zihked off five tixfxizl '34-'35, football '33- . . groups el 1 w TC nd Pu ' ' behind him weito r ected an 31d 0 ' d average 8 . 34, and WHS V1Ce'P1'9Sl' - epresent them- e for 8 47-yar 39-Yard average ' Lettermen's Club, "T" d , Th - - for H . 30 an sciences if-H e following' were 91 four times licked one time for , and a reporter on the 5.58 and Robert Earl Rus4:Ji Tillie offices of govemnigifl The Tigers armed Sgx times for a Arka-Tech. After en- riculture, with a 5.57. recordefryfirilimayorg W, p' Gnm'o yardS gnavsragen CS are Naval Air Corps in Others on the list wer. ,urer R ,H . E. Crabtrey, trei 36-YM ,nd auowed few Pass Aer f 1941, he received his tion: Mary Summers, 5.5C Wardi. ' Sludef, alderman F- ,Tha ws Ong point. The Wsnwas 13, 1942, at JBCRSOH- . . on C ir r Wesley, 5.47, Wanda Witi Second ward ovengton, mderma Titres' hiaved one pass, ,lhifwo at- . He was stationed 4.88, Billie Nickols, 4.50, del. , 5 and A. M, S - BOY hi ring '42 and went to ViY1S0Y1i 450- wa Id1a'n, Third Ward. The lift' al 2009 . ei Tigers were 1943. He returned . r 1 OU t U . . . The arts and scienc 11 S unoccupied at th F icS Un., Qlub me .1-m1r'TTi'5 acific Theater in Sep- me f 0v10"' use the ment claimed the large: EI. . 1 Home be 6 Egohon gr 2' in 1 d ember of last year and was dis- ect ry of students: Patty Du beginniriznif will be h Tli9Kl'?03x,ht', F3C5Kud,,,g, W. 'gm harged from the service in Oc- Bentonville, grade-point Stewart is dent. Close Marsh, arts Sara Douthitt, 5.41, Waller, 5.295 Troylen In business administ and Winona Judkins, In home economics . each Sgm dd! -5 election or 1, - ' es Tues iconomic A 9 election Q 2 Come Ol twig S cials of th of howl ,dar ,X 4.933 and Jo Martin, 4. Hflvrailer eTg8yV?nment. point she X coniinitxsxm n is .- Y. . vriul - por . only ta X oi. ir-1 canggy game, as a meeting Y Qu ill'-XIII Gi-een, Pxuladna Sk to findo all the town's res Maw HC S,ugLgS, ant a . name. new and Perm Frlillccs n coiunviwe hchuhqiia . igcml -WCC Evgttti Formby, 5.00, Mary Whilloc 5.00, and Audna Holmes, 4.59. Pnlvin Wilson Shelton, eng SOClE Annual Program Dance The annual program dance w held in Caraway Hall Friday e ening, November 9. The girls 1 Caraway planned and arrange for the entire program. The pr gram consisted 'of twelve dani numbers. Between the sixth an seventh dances, President J. Y Hull crowned Bennie Kunze Car pus Queen. Carol Cialone carri+ the crown. T have tried all week to find out why Betty Davis is called "Pinky" by about half the enroll- ment of Tech, but no can do. I guess the ole SHADOW is just plain dumb. A faint murmuring rumor has ricocheted off my dome that one Mr, "Wait" Wilson journeyed from Argenta to Russellville dur- ing the holidays. To be more spe- cific, it was December 30. "Wart" was ably accompanied by "Little Fod" Fitzhugh. Upon arrival, Mr. Wilson planned to visit Miss Car- roll Griffin. The army also grant- ed a Mr. Palmer a three-day pass. Results: Mr. Wilson returned to South' Levy lArgenta1 the follow- X, ing morning to take care of some B unexpected business. 1 gill, CFLNXOYQYBQ 1 Deal 's clwlm QYO x 'Urge BC commt tmeni Ware N' nd LXXCY her' J asiwtk iq chiil Whillosmmittee v ,Qityufa bench. QT fin- . elecl , , war H Blind. ,ng of X' Ccivvcslklk. hxstot. x X-XolmC5' Socia L, calllvtic club lxllidikc-dlby night A Tuebk . ,meeting , yilill ant rt ting moved V W ' Margate Home EC B - Sam Stathaikis, Howard Faulkner., club Gnome , with his brother, Edward, raduate of Tech and a na- er, and their father. 'i was very active on the 51 . rit Tech, not only in ath- also scholastically. He mber of the History and ber of this year. He received "T" INITIATION In case anyone may ask, the fellows who have been running about the campus with large yel- low "T's" hung around their necks and who have been doing all kinds of strange things, are being init- iated into the "T" Association, an atheletic organization. The initiation began Monday, January 7, and ended Monday, January 14. During this time the fellows had to do anything an old member asked of them, from sine'- ing in the Tcchionery to sitting under a table to eat lunch. The students who were initiat- ed were J. C. Dodd, J. C. Rohan non, Jack Willis, Carroll Trimble, Steed White, Kenneth Gray, How- ard Smith, Roy XVhite, Gail West over, Phillip Wilcoxon, Alton Shockley, Bill Cloer, Harold Wil- son, Darrell Baker, Paul VVntkins. Herman Crzibtrey, Blake Partin. ind the business manager, Rufus, Fitzhugh. Football ohedulo -.ei we Wilt stature Visitors Entertained e MDV ER B0 XR ST 8 A . we 'mole' tl WOND KN 'WE 1 P-fwm Q .at the flineav EXCEL oc 1-ec0rd:e0v.i0n :ingot n S ,khe Y100 dagesxyng Choxae 91110 ha 'TOD gxa gl tb S i ul i IWW Ui Nm Oi 1 K oe' Eval 'alba Q Nt-arly1,000 dads and mothers, Slilit' illlvt'-t'ollt'' to colleges have an iinpre bel' ol' cziritliildtcs for I At Tech fifty rncn are for practice. The 1945 football s announced by Coach J er is as follows: lOctober 4 tnight- dians, Muskogee, Oklzxl sellville. October 11 tnightl Center' L. S. U., Monroe, scllville. October 18 tniight J- State Teachers, Arkride scllville. October 25 tnighti College, Arkadelphia, A November 1 tnightl State Teachers, Conw- ville ' . d November 8 flllgllie 6 ct-rim L. s. U., rsitiii 8 th, roe, La. in November 16 td: We State Teachers, Ar M November 22 ing College, Ai-katiei fb uiep November 29 and F0 fe . - I-, adelphia. O U Pm . afo U roi fini! .xl wat be X BY . 9.157 YK OV Q0 otbzillw - Q we X Tec :B rx0 cow VW 5. ode tai - coil, - . . . .. ,- is been resuincil. and several ok un we cpu ' 19 V5 0 Fluh efuilfofs 'md mm' Lumts ai Q ri rt . , dxe?yoVe akntgtratxoowall Wie Sec ited thc campus Ixoveinber 22, ssivu 1 i w dm Q0 X , , ,i . 10ml Y' Y'-v h 9' . the d il . ftu'celebrate the revival ot Dads i - - at .. ids it 'Tec ,tb -- all r 5 HH. tl B0 9 ca ' W NU Yew 0 Ulm 'OC' at Tech. The all-day cele- g'01l1 " Ymon adj! lit t i 19819 Q V 00 Q0 I h he COXXQQ Sxtlctml Ln end mms il on began at nine Thursday L pl . 6 i- t X ds . Y - W . Y , - . . . . h BYV time is it cottctff' skew ning with the registration, and - 1 1- if ' i i,hm',1f , U toce lafcgtiifc X teams with a dance Thursday m n uc U Qt wkwtl A ow, itat K ich tx ll f '- , C0 ugxilo lutn oclock an usstmbly -1 1 , 1 ' , , , -. . . .. , won I an vnu 'ole uv or ld in the armory. Coach ionrx T " trivia vxmsf . C' P he me e 5.1111 Q Q ite lu strciicsacker presided at this pro- Olytvch mbers fNor held 'mi' C of n ' their allege - o . , . . the S Xu-Altlilxxstrzxtitixx W me t-TS. ollowing an invocation A Fypx WU ,tmitsl mmcll erend Perry Stone, pas- Lz 'Sh , 8 1 -4.1.3-,, -1 1 .D .N I t' A , nnual Hlbto. . X1-URS . MU of the Christian Church in Hou Olemb ban I Th, CI I R I' Se, , . Qu ' : , ' . Ht. Ruests with til 12, at if mils Enmmx A ' lle, Joe Stewart made the 8 'J 17 'i ll mi C' address. J0e's father, Carl lpl after, - nd M meh 'l1'1no-. X AHS hell - A hrisf- as tojmk. J02mDULa,,elbe bfi, Ill "1 I"rii1,,,.c H111 the Coiiego art, delivered the response, E Heasle Stmaster Sha!-fy' S Tho 'I A ight- Dppemsg .Tech in its work in' Ofghefy and ML and Misjr Wiijt 0!fl"i'fl1'f1tiruiig f ng the destiny of the men Miss Zulfy wer' P- K. M Ure of MI tliiistiiiglx btllftirwd thg Omen of tomorrow." Slfeg 0-H516 eguest 9 music 'I If and pp , i - flle wide, college choir under the di- ch , .V V rl. . 01' ma of 'M8n,,g8Ve 8 iDea,1IillS'rwill,iINl fri:-iiishwilbtiwf' Thom of Paul Shultz sang Bor- . nxb l. xg scnption Img-,ng short U Tl, L Hhellri f, -l Thom, kv's "Cherubin Song, Number 0 E ,,- ' 'On 1 IS - f h had the :L 1-iiowsi CIM! ifiiiiimiv. my and ..Bmak Forth, O Y op age, M eharag-te .8 u best of mm' to N JO Q 'NS filiiqi-VS utious Heavenly Light,' by U3 all I7 e W. . I ri Mod Erectug from Pi-Ytrdents Ofytltziiiinif-112 the 1-m.,,:h. Miss Oleevia Cox of Par- H' 01- dl Merrill S the Ne leyns 8 an i W, Ch Si S and ' Wim 71 State Teachers gi S01 tThanksgivin Nov 'A Thus far, , Xgv-aw look very pr tnatib V candidates m 011599 On of showing. qu-at X - N Fifteen vetera 'Wilt team this year be' are former Tech X o Fowler, former Steed white of W? veterans are Bill xv! field, Mablevaleg end, Little Rockg H ' . ucv. -Soi?" YAYUX gow 'kv YW ved that '1-Sight u , .. . - , ck. em Ma p fo an Fhf'f'f'oii,,,1-N ich only h U tht' Stihl, who attended Tech in '38, I h 1 . o n Doop M-ffl this pmpggs that jtmpleted the musical part of the ' l' 1- . . ,mwmi vets wer-0 - O' 'ogram bv singing' Goddard'a bl Dok , ss' . Q- V, ' - 9 8863118 of T5 Fo the 8 111120 to gm'wllic-ImyinglllQU during Lullaby" from "Jocelyn," "My b erin moltrg ,, of the A T I ' Hmmm. E Sl'0Q4i1 ohannaf' by Grieg, and 'The Big Ar b Stein.-A-'I QPEC11 r' 1 rown Bear," by Nannazucca. by the must b T'1'1'1JFN'1' Hill- 1 Nathan Gordon was introduced - .- to L . BA swim xml x 'i -'O .KQX ' t Xe. Wah BUCXNQ-YQLX 'lm Ml I QCC ' q' QM 1. CY goilcvl NNN ll . D 30 XQYM . VX- ,ox SQ greftggn BV? Ygfcv K8 0. rwbel , V. Cosa NYS., X t xmmgte VNC, X3 . 9,0 XV' 0 H1140 X336 xvoib or ' i t QX X center, Little' Roc Shinn, Russellvilleg guard, Bentong J. C. Benton, Howard Faul . 5 11 . bgoftail, Vrulbacli' Xiltlw' phYSiC2ll examination on S c m os d of students sellvilleg Jesse Fulton,l i ' 1 v 09' Qptem- 0 p e Raymond Cason, backfie Gym- QNX. MC., Bob Stoker, Patterso V Shockley, end, Lamar, ielson, Russellvilleg Dar field, Freeman, and H guard, Batesville. ,txt NW - - . ix. s -YY back-' .R Tvwxliwtii. wvxbkkio Mme' Ninn A eve? ' V' 3 C' B0 pavtlinsqexxvtllt cb . r xitlba quatlcv qiw all l . Sqft More v gov ,. The exami rell Ofiafls' qgllclf ix, ., bt of an T i th Russellvilleg Sidney Ree C l 'Maxim 'Mei li "T5"or'L't all B YQ odd is that them down. tod yo e f S " . Bfi"v'flI,IiYS"'QEe'se,, m,iac'rioNs ovsu Men, 0 XA Aqkt u W lx xr e 1 T X x C- Snuth' PTC- X ld ck- tg Sw err" I he Student L lt nents have 3 C ' xtl ' ' lt " , - r - gba Yo tu h dt par . Q X u hm all of t e H-egcmmwcs for X at as 80000 Viotl . AQC- AAXQX l ,gk-' 1 I rl, Gyfk Rugby 5 XXAY1 CY., ,xii mal School I 'o veg' RO One nice thing about Dessa and by Mr. Tucker, and his address completed the program. Immediately after the assembly pictures were taken of the guests 'n front of the administratiorl uilding. After lunch in the cafeteria the guests assembled at Buerkle Field so V Blsmxv witness the football game be- Juneau, Alaslifli Sgocmevy Lainar,veen John Tucker's undefeated! istrationg Alton Fomkby' Mui-'onder Boys, and the Ouachita Agricu1turc1ABem mics' and lb- gers. Corsages of yellow chry- berryy Home Econoboro' ANS and nthemums were presented to the by SteMFD'iCX:le5 ' others of the football boys. l Scienc f 41 EXAMINATIONS nee at the armory cli- cch students were given a e day's activities. An cnt, . , nu km" C HU1lt'll fumou " T01 ' - i recruit their X Councilmtn . v he council- Tliaobii' Dardanelle, . gf, NS' GQVL Qntllll Nnft I Ylme Lily AUT? bert Stoker. PMN? Educmlonl iq. Dessa Schncidiw n Engmee " - ess, Admin- ' XX , , , . Cher 26, by Dr. lx. A. Siler and etteville High School and XN.xQ gt. 'Miss Bernice " i. , , ed the mu- phia you took? Boy that back seat of the A grand t Tech kldg q The Home Economics Club en- vgl lagt Mutertained the Agri boys and the Home Economics Club I don't have to track Doris lx, do you think Van would like that trip to Arkadel- ' I just sit and wait, - - th r would-be Wonde r ag' E821 Crosswhite, Hz1r'1'iZoki1C?S Y' igggsiurs niougm henitlghey ffme' I m the ShaSCll00l1Tl3St0I'S .ROUTtdt8bl6 with Dunahae, Altus: Edward D ddon dpu ta ?r3n .Tin we kltS ln the Llttle Thfjlltel' 8nd Russellville: Hal Wilson, guar us' 0 . ' an ge marne wit ' as OUP C0UDl'0lk dancing in the Armory. Wed- xv I' PM W , v W A I out letting the Shadow, know. like we did esday night. November 6. S There are a few girls on carrying the permarwl ture from our lounge. llll be be furniture after all b tthemj sitting in the sql every time we pass. i The Fourth of July ha been celebrated in the dl It seems that our "Reve last week just loves fire 4 Did anyone see Kerrol t. night? She was on her picking up the remains of -a broken peanut butter Mrs. Morgan tells us that The romance ohm i i to 'OPENER F l Carawab' Capers I WONDER BOYS WIN 1 ithinii Sccmei , ROM OZARK ome bugs llwmniei The Tech Wonder B0 q the - 4 y- ca thllcc llw Ullwl. nighiback strong, after suffering tx uc - too much htni-defeats at the hands of Ca .till um l what Wally Chaffee, to overpower the Collengl. Psulin-,l hall llwtjof the Ozarks quintet, 6 0to 21l . ' Nil ntht din: l ,elq on Januar 8 , sect Y . This was T hi ng to ken? al l R ,lfirst confere ec S lt se,-nisbuxiiite Iseason. me game for the 1946 F rm Y Beth 0 yan have lb The 'Wonder Boys Slarled fast ln We me of. S y takmg an mfly lead, which to bg llltlllx l the dithey retained throughohut the . by-Ulf' 8 game. Th - M0 did Sue Wythe 4- . :efcom at the Gnd of i why illusions her l'hy:ifT' He is 9 cute doc Tech Letters 27 Players Tech Smothers Ouachita, 31 -0 The Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys downed a traditional rival by handing Ouachita a 31-0 defeat at Aikadelphizi, October 25. This was the fourth victory for Coach John 'l'ucker's charges in as many tries. Coach Tucker used two teams and might has run up a terrific score had he let Aubrey Fowler, his triple-threat halfback, carry 'the.ball often enough. As it was, owler broke loose and outran he Tiger secondary for 84 yards before the fans hardly had settled clean our rooms and get A suddellw ln their Seats the food, the mice would lea Come to here the Ril Coach John Tucker announced Gahl 282 Yards alone' B casgwvictory- 'gafthat 27 football letters will be The Womlel. Boys rolled up 282 Did someone say that anofhei Mlllg f warded for the 1945 football sea-l,ul.dS nel ruslllng wllll 13 flrst heard Bernie coming? If yo lily ig the CfiCr-EOD' out of this mlmbel' many downs while the Tigers netted 80 hide your crackers and pe Says' hope ndqalare expected to return next sea- yards and Six first downs. Tech butter. She is bound to be ll ll. romancegeason. gry' Q ecimolit' doe8llMC' There seems to be an overfl :llc clown t+l'Gl. ing fountain up on second flxl 'bc the r 3 just south of the main entran Ml along fvl-all It seems to be located in ro COTQ case yclhan number 211. Bette Davis cou and alll explain what I mean. wil Nona,-y, leyi Would someone ask Troylenrgilcghteiieti. dl howl shevlikes to sleep without nlllklng hi slr ma ress. wa,-A If you hear someone moping u RIC. B R the hall every night about 11, it' onli. Ibby. No one else could get glad' SW around that slow.' ome things Those who earned leters are Paul Watkins, Rogers, J. C. Bo- hannon, Mulberry, Earl Cross- white, Harrison, Gail Westover, Rogers, Thomas Vines, Russell- ville, Blake Partin, Booneville, Roy White, Benton, Jack Mobley, Morrilton, Herman Crabtrey, At- kins, Alton Shockley, Lamar, J. C. Dodd, Benton, Harold Wilson, North Little Rock, Steed White, Bauxite, Sam Stathakis, Little Rock, James Tumlison, Hamburg, Darrel Baker. Russellville, How- :ompleted seven passes out of 11 attempted for 169 yards, with one intercepted. The Tigers never went to the air, missing the services if their passer, Quarterback John enior Day at Tech October ll On October 11, the second An- nual Senior Day will be observed ut Tech. Invitations have been extended to at number of high "s will arrive in the af- Could anyone tell me who l' said, "I have lost my razor, I would appreciate it if the per who borrowed it would bring over the Christn To start with couple, Roy Whi' Klober, seem to off. Roy thinks home." Do logigize it new .Lui Other news on under the table, phone to coach game. Matrimony: . couldn't stand tc Dessa back aft Clubs an epartments Baptist Students Union The following Baptist studen nave been elected to serve on t Executive Council of the Bapt- Student Union: President, Sar Douthitt, first vice president, D lores Beard, second vice-presidei Mary Frances Greene, third vie president, Althea Joe Martin, m sic director, Laverne Davis, pu licity director, Norma Duvall, Su day School representative, Walls Raley, B. T. U. representatixllolng lo lsglll nuptials: Doris Possibilities: Wil girl. from the ole SH lf you think are being demtl ard Smith, Little Rock, all in th line, and Howard F brey For Gray, Par dale, Philll roll Trimbl rells. Atk Knob, and ville, in thi Roy Fitzhi as studen so it was wedding bells. Ketchesid Van Brooks, Bobbye HenSl4 tdo you know the grooms n liams plus and Mr, Russell plus hon Congratulations to all C ADOW. the U. S. messed up Jillian. lO0k wha Earl Cros nededck Quang' lllow about this, Earl. Seven Baptist students repr ..Bell bollom lmusers an, sented Tech at the Baptist St, of blue' dent Union in Little Rock in O Ale lalllllg Hazel Hankin htober' away from you!" l 0 'ehools in Western Arkansas, and schools, representing Basketball Schedule 'have already accepted. Announced At least fourteen been scheduled for Boy cagers in their son. Two games are before the Christmas iregister in the Admin- ilding. Dinner will be the w0nderie.cz1feteri1i, beginning games have 1945461 sealln. After dinner there to be paye irogram in the Little hohdays' sisting of group sing- The schedule thus far is as fol- ome alldmss by Eu- IOWSI iith, pl-esitiene of the Dec. 13-Camp Chaffee, here. lcll followed by 3 wi Dec. 15-Camp Chaffee, there. .rank MCAMM, Super- Jan. 8-College of the Ozarks,- lhe Danville 'Schools here' l 'ally in charge of the Jan. 11--Hendrix, here. ,mlolsl The program Jan. 16-Henderson, here. , -l-llealel. wlll be l-Ol- Jan. 22-College of the Ozarks, loolball game between there- lm-th East center, L. Jan. 25-Ouachita, here. ll Monroe' Louisiana. Feb. 12-Hendrix, there. the gymnasium wlll Feb. 15-Ouachita, there. Ltlvltlesl Feb. 20-Henderson, there. llttee ln charge of the Two games will be played with lual Senlol. Day ls the Arkansas State Teachers and lMl.' Paul Shultz, Ml.. two more will also be played with and Mr. pierce K. the College of the Ozarks. Some of the open dates will be played .bm approximately 48 with independent teams. Expected to attend. 1,038 Seniors Visit Campus The second annual senior day Tech was held Thursday, Oetob 11, 1945. A total ot' 1.038 hi school seniors representing schools from 17 different count were guests on the Tech campi 1 Those students arriving in il, .,. afternoon made tours of the cab pus under the direction of Tlb students. Several of the visit A who had traveled for some p tance, were house guests in C F way Hall and in the Boys' Do U, tory over night. GL A steak supper was SQ,-W, 511 'Q tween the hours of 4:30 and, A short assembly was course armory betwen 7:00 do to0i June Robertson as C V013 Jeanne gene Smith, president all espe 1 ' 6 'ent council and edito Tlgglggy Walt igire and ka-Tech, delivered th l 1101156 Xooks 95 x address. Mr. Frank llket 25 fast- iight theTe'1q Superintendent of Scho WB . tow a ville, was the spokesm Faint is back - t' h - ' ' tm 'I asf sen mg t e seniors in th who won k sands Dan to to Smlth's welcome. A ,UAS spontaneous e 3 t' sem 1 . hafh p 1 mee ing x Mccuew xl ixrst C on and as soon as the pep thou concluded. the students m Eng M? pollx oi themgxo to the football stadium. W . o seeing . ' - , but iam ious football game, the exa Dany N113 thx! we he? mosphere was created to ent what 15 wglkm final Phase of the Seniors' D. Wm and .ghgt Tech. This final phase yy. Sawrdaycanlcouxd t c and B: S Q C H we 902169 than dr GIRLS' PHYSIC Freshman Reception The annual freshman receptio was given in the lounge ot' Cara- way Hall on Friday night, Sep- tember l5. Approximately om h E undred twenty-five students ann uests were present. The receiving line was header, b ty Duncan played the piano foi the dancing. Throughout the evening Mis! Lela Jane Bryan. Mrs. Howar- Godfrey. Mrs. Joe Cialone, Mis Lillian Massic. Miss Virginia Su VVilliamson, Miss Mary Fathry Malone, and Miss Mary Caldwe poured punch. 1 I J b it a ,. n im. ii the students in the cafeteriatml- 1300 v Y. n 531,11 y Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hull. Patl V -- X . ef A as Y -T Nlnramatlc-'3 Clllb 1 Hello there, good people. Well! Among other thin,l3etty IJ. didn't find me last week, 17111 brought back so here I go again. Tochlcamlius since ' I just couldn't believe my eyes .23 Will' is the Dramati last Friday night when I saw Wi- ., Monday T111-Ellf, Onona Judkins with that handsome "Red" Tatum, and bingo the little lady steps out Saturday night with Wallace Raley. I do believe I'm going to have to get my brother this name i Shadow, tool to help me watch Nell Herrod. Sunday night she came into the Steak House with the boy friend from home, and I i - . . . Col- hc staff 101' 1110 19.15 14' Rioo' a m0C'11UI-F Wil -1 has been iianiell , -A I A Little Theater for 1' U't"'1i'e Jo sii i 1 Ji the 011 wi-tered in my ii - e 1 1 -V - 2 p z 4 . l Lid . A- Dar 1 . . I rlie Dean Morris ,A Ml'1"'1tics. Miss Martha Ss - . . A- i . li N-lim Qd'1t'r: .lt-este Ibfelllmlmod hm' Plans for :HW 0 bu' . it ' if'-are - ' A P i sinmss nian-1,0 - organization w S '1'-1110111052 llloimt Id, CL' Int -The m0lTlb01'S votgq uliiyilliss Illaiiager, li' a5S'S1the use of the name ' -Ure editors and yh M l Monday night, O 5,Ui1CW?1'11'.Y Hi oclf,0t0ifl"l'seeond meetii .ufus Fitzhugh just had to talk eslwi o her for a moment. Then, just ap it all off, she promised Bo- on. on Monday, that she not date anyone but him. elieve I'm safe in saying that and Hogins are through. It like the little beauty from ilton is that way about a in California, while Hogins ry much interested in McEv- ittle photographer, Sara Dou- whom he took to church ay night. oor little Jackie Jones, she and tain had a spat over the week- and Partain went to State chers and dated her best friend ckie just couldn't stand itg he phoned Partain from the ' .k House, and he almost broke getting to her. Anyway. nn K1 fiber, Dart n , x ' ll th Stevenson, J n Ot I-1' 'BD in Ig ld b VO ean's List E3 1 - 0oneviH,.. H nd ' U ' shin: Sterlin Pillar, iv, J, ,mf ,E-4' .longgy Link , s th, liLiss0H,,Hh,, , o Sara Nell Douthitt, Batesville' ilor freshman in arts and science, led l d viith a g1'ade'1 X t b Y ' the studtn 0 F 6 hours P0 . - ' . for fall' 12, - ' nu .H tl and 1 gt hx, liennedhn t. 4101 YC me Baker a 1-day ve 1 tt. d 3 i t average of 515 011 1 m t six weeks of the ' the firs ii nter semester. . ids Louise waiier, Mon-ilton' so a freshman 3113 and Sclence udent, ru Qi-age of 5.53 on 17 hours. The complete Deans islet, 33 read in assembly, by divisions fol Arts and Science: HY h'tt Batesville 16 hours, 5 Ida Louise Waller 17 hours 553 John ThomaS Dgut i . is ' ' Monu- ton, 1 - 3 9Shaffer, Russellville, 13 1101111 35. 9 ' all . Q ' c ' it ' ' ' M ' , 19 n J r it 0 Brown B wi ' vl l , a st ZIV C 4 nked second with an was rx t 561100 I I Q9 H W 1' UZ dow ' 9, I-T well now. rold Ray tW'artl XVilson sure ishing cute little Carolyn Grif- nd it just tickles her to lows: S a Neu' ht 9 r a 9 stove bv I i X111 8 de tw 1 little Smiles me 1 21 nsi l. .lo tJitterbugl Jones and Presley are so quite about budding romance that itt a shame to disturb themg just keep my big mouth Y 38 Jesse Lee Grace Danville, 5 hours, 533 Patty Grace Dun- Morrilton 16 hours 500 -19311 Hn, . arsh Russellville 19 hours 482, e Dick Mobley, Mt- Ida Zurs 4.745 and Jean Shultz, Pal'- kin, 19 hours, 4253 Education: Thelml Lowell 16 hours, 5.25g and L0 rs Sammy Nl 911 N l Ni 9 he l l ows' t rlie McGrew is mighty blue, Lea Bequet - r a good reason. Just when ned as though the romance A ei The girls' kick L -ba a An he the 1 e' ' 4 Que 19 hou lrene Wesl8Yv Dar an ' year tCharlie and Jane leaded November 2 11193 defeated the .final games of t Contest between ' was about to blossom complications set in. Jane 'harlie a date 'Saturday lhen phoned him and broke 4.82. . Business Administration: Marge S 'th, Russellville, 16 hours, 4.6 , .zzz ...W 151'0u"S' i climaxed t lin which 1:12 :tieeli-S A535 and June Robertson" Rus-girlie goes to town full of eliminated. Sellvillei 16 hours' 4'50,' wilson and there sits Janie and Because of 4 Engineering: C91Vm Olltstand h urs, 4.59. . . , Shelton, Olly 17 0 . No one in the Home Economic Chai Department 01' the Agrlculture Dt S1 will just ask June, Im during the t Ournam , en -qi will show you the cute Were selected as al Rirls are Rosetta Marsh, Mae payn Stell, Johnie Person l-s 'ir that Steed gave her. gs it that "Cotton" Daniel- p tment made the Dean's List E211 top ranking' student in H195 de artments were Eugene Bennet p bycemei-viiie. 17 hours, 3.72, asm' dn' lture and Beth F0l'mbYi Mul' cu , Plberry, 17 hours 4-'24, Home EC 0, s, Bo ob Sy ow acr t s saying that the guy who il the telephone should have UV' Joe Martin, B pe? Beth Formby, add The girls are n tumbling and othQ,. in a ro 0- lfriendly looks Betty and f giving each other looli vt' course this tickles Sam ob omics. I-Mew, l Again Bearden and Crosswhite N 4 wks like Betty Davis is hav- led the .W0Yld9!' BOYS, Bearden D0fthe8lt Center hmpetition from a certain Sinking SIX flelfl gfiali efeat Sta owlled, 14.0 Little Rook-cheer up, Bet' foul shots for a tota o D didnvt stay long. and Crosswhite five f edThe Tech Wonder Boys defeat. t's the matter, Willett? Ia for 10 points. Lloyd Geo L' gptawerful North East Centerfs getting Patty back? Or drix ace of laSli year, led i ' " eleven 071 0Ct0ber 11, have her in the first place? 14 00 The grand t d tors with three field g ed t ' D S an S were fill- d like Fowler on a hundred- four free' throws for a to 8 Schooci capficlty by visiting high dash. Polflts- 4 2' The ganiimors and regular fans, tice that the big smile on TECH 4541 HENDR Kees from th was.packed with thrills Robertson's face? Could Crosswhitef101 F Geo John Tue . el 0PellUlg second till theFS escorting her to Danville Carson 161 F Bo Bearden 1161 C Merriwet McGrew C41 G VVHTTYI3 Garec Q41 G Berryh Substitutes-Tech: Bohn 661, Wilcoxon 451, Shockley Stanford CI1, Fowler, Talkin, Trimble, and Partain. Coach final whistle bl der BOYS wr' Punts, interce t Sw, with blocked Fday. night have anything to 'reeii Won . if attempted f' ip e passes' and an 'th lt? U Hnnasv to their in the C1 -ie d goal by ROY White te, shy, little Sara D. is hav- ham ,fmney half 05mg seconds of the firstbusy weekends. What else do n 'll' 3 A ' expect with Screech, McGraw,l geaSO ,, Tech made fiv f' he steve gained 10 e lm downs and H ainst l 5 yards from S ' ag in Conw compared to four first dgnmmagepfa ogins ringing the phone off ll at Caraway? rs wns and e all envy Becky Phillips for Hendrix: Oliver ,QL Mm iege Be' Zsoigzis :Et for the visitors. The school spirit. Did a,,oo,,.. .iM 421. King, Duncan, Henry P11 vicwfy' through theoysf made 40 Ya1'dSIost Studious: Eugene S. Smith and Huffakef- The Tech Pm ed passes on me? complet- Calvin.W. Shelton. if , ' 9 the Indi ost Conceited: Carroll Trimble at-n,Shin1 pleted three for ,T R0 ' 11 I TMEE Gene Hefner. S 0 C I E T Tiigldtgbile Reorganizes ,ESS osvgsgs ,on pe- est Athlete: Aubrey Fowler C Oolmaste USVS Filly - 'sifam ri Qti 1 Jesse Lee Grace and Jia I 0 X 3 9 TS KO 1 9 A f c ub for students SELEC guess Ad? exectgd 25632, White. 0 th . e Education The Bu mei and, rx mean yeSl' st Popular: Steed White and been reorganized f till' me 0 .A if Dad's Day Dance ctive f . U 8 te pai' I" - - -- .ee een: Eire Grace. A special Dad's Day dance The Salida lienod of of ll' TECH, ALMA MATER st: Joe D. Mobley held in the Armory' TliursdaA25 en s'met on The Faulkner. ening November 22. All stuc ' alld orgalllzed, sele 5eilAlma Mater Alma M t ff Tfavls Casoll and dads 'mothers and Special qfolloyivlng officers: Walla t0lMay we liftlour eyes lloeltlhee ' 1 1 pre ' ' 1- I were invited. The Van Buren hjregdjgt, Lorene Wesl oIMay thy glory and thy honor ist Pest: Hale Brown School orchestra played fors ' Mary Frances 1Be for e'er our destiny, liiite. eCretaTy-treasurgrL,,.-- May th I S our lOyal hearts for ter en thrall, and Rey and tB b B L Tatum and nite M . dancing. V!'J-E-IELEI-E-u',4,, It y co ors, green and cold, 5 a y: . . ' I 'nr urn Sadie Hawkins Dance The annual Sadie Hawi was held in the Armory night, November 17. Fra Harrod and Jimmy Tuml the prizes for the best L Staff Named Eugene C. Smith, Little! editor of the Arka-Tech ha g ed the staff for the college ll this year. The assistant editor is E. Hefner of Little Rock. Other members of the stai George Jones, Little Rockg I DuVall, Russellvilleg Beth F U Mulberry, David Duckcr, Rockg Wanda McBride, Moll Kerrol Griffin, Mulberryg W Robinson, Russellvilleg Louis b ler, Morriltong and Nynab Huntington. The business staff con:W G. W. Hogins, Dover, nic Marvest Lawson, Calico De Dolores Beard, Detroit, Nme Paul Davis, Hector, E. 15 Clinton, assistants. l-.I i en The Down h . IAnd,thy mem'1'y live forever fln the hearts of us all. Y 5 defeated lAlma Maller, Alma Mater, Wonder eB2sarSiol,S of fChci-ished beacon of our you drix Coils? in the Tech ERadiant emblem, shining , 54 t0 ' Tech tool u symbol, Arka-Tech w . ow, Januaryb four mmm Guide that leads us on to truth,l ad after 3 O ' througllol Down llf9'S Pathway beaming nd held it rd : fOr US, Zllab' 3 er, the he awe- Holvev narrowed lllead us ever by thy llgllt- Walrlors two Pflshould We falter, then restore' ng , d to . fiV9'p0mt leasecondS of tbl! us' . . the first few 'By thy spmt's glorious mightll mit. at heir tifn'-i-f- 1 ,-re... .24 I The SSW h , . S 1-Ecu 15 for Tec . .-o:cN. ARKAINSA HOUR XB n E Tucker h GIVES COFFEE the . ounced that l nests attended . . Practice ' 150 g off Wlll About . k 535 . in mak ough the Wonder poiyteehnic Collegefat 5 to 6-30. e HS good a sh ' lNovember 31 'om l dl asket ball as they haveoxiin H031 e Schooi colors, green an 811, at least d. throughwl We h e T , OP9 so. gold, were US iece he first . Th center? ill be a game of the S98 decorations' Large arrangemen non conferen ble was 2 Ce one the ta h mums, amp Chaffee at F h sani O rt . 11 w c YY Cember 13. A rectumsmlth if lifhgr corner were large ,F nt - engag in e . U kansas Tech is scheduled for D nts with Ar Qtr the Tech hom ecem na letters. s like Joe "Poppa" Stew- having that same old doc- Able. - Hawkins Day is a long th .ff but Ibby S. and Betty already started the chase. iope it's a happy ending. Charlie, you're supposed to in the library, not on the steps. ls Nell the teacher? VG at first sight," remarks Hefner about .lo Martin. :ould he help it? These sl!! ou haven't met Carolyn Grif- 'line forms on the right. a good looking car too! attraction: She gets to after the 7:30 dead-line. iit be that red attracts yway, that is how it is vson and Kathleen R. t this has been going on the for t -l.. lile of this week is "Bar- , and Betty Patterson. o have it bad. lp boy from Booneville iround any more since iends started to school dl t en- in all e c en X Ourt, gre M'-I wee .g A TECH WU DER BUYS 22, HE DERSU , .T ...- The Tech Wonder Boys remain- ed unscored on by defeating the Henderson "Reddies," 22-0 before 3,000 fans at Buerkle Field Friday night, October 18. Coach John Tucl-cer's charges scored once in the second quar- ter and twice in the third quarts-r. Reddies, who never threatened, by rolling up twelve first downs and 254 yurals not from scrimmage as The Wonder Boys outclussed h WUTEDEDER BUY DEFEAT BACU , S0-0 The Wunder Boys lil-15 football wuson Field 'l'llurs1l:tj,' night out tln- lmimn- lwyt-tv. Ultl... MI ut K fivlfl. t'o:44h .lol.n 'lutltt li:ul gl tn-lil tiny. sqm uu.llt:i mal tml-.4-ul tl wr liwn sniirvinnaut to the U5 .gulls yitim tlnms. 'I'ln- W: it-ltr lllty- l open'-tl the :at But-yklv ily fnuttlvxu fiom Blus- V. on al wt -el nlulrtt 1 ng' in I-vi-ij. , . If -Ln. mrfl ue tttuiy-:limi 4 I ltr tht- lr-- it .tl tlw us'- vftr- in intl zu-1 do it-st f1u.rvtw,nhult lo it n r. 1411 twin la ,xl -. uw. in ill- .llinu up tif- 'l'lv gums- uns muikt-nl in mm pl nultn--. ln: for 'lvcll lol ILS gurlls and fum for Bm-on t-tr 20 yiizfl-. Um- of lrclfs ywnnltlr- czlml' uh-vi zz Tech lip'-lnaimkt-v rushed zu punto: and thu- to-1 them l5 yards. Tr... i.,-, ...fum ..,.1.l M-4 THE ARE CURED 0 lmnliu-s of thx' game. WU DER BUYS Tech Downs Reddies, 25-6 Thu Henderson "Reddies" of Ar- lcadelphia became the first team to cross the Tech goal line in six games. The Reddies made their only score by advancing 83 yards with four passes and a couple of short ground gains in the final period. The Henderson boys were plugging at Tech's weakest point, pass defense. Tech played a clean game throughout, being penalized seven times for 55 vm-fh -..x.:l,. .Lf v-.1 STA 'lne vyonuer ooys uutpiayeu ., their hosts in racking up 17 first downs and 365 yards net rushing. The Reddies made 10 first downs' and 127 yards net. Tech'a first score came as the climax to an 82-yard .march with Willis, Tremble, Sorrella, and Rv. ler moving the hall to within inches of pay dirt. Willil :muh- ed over. 'SO A Tech's undefeated, unscored on Wonder Boys downed their tradi- tional foe, the State Teachers' Bears, 65-0, before a large crowd. This was Te4:h's fifth shut-out victory. Coach Tucker used his evntire squad, rolling up two touchdowns' in each of the first three quarters and four in the final period. GAIN 387 YARDS The Wonder Boys gained 387 yards rushing, with 13 first downs as compared to 98 yards and 11 first downs for the Bears. -W THE WU DER BUYS FINA Teachers completed four out of 17 attempted for 26 yards with four interceptions. 1 E TEACHERS, 0 GAME 1 r 5 2 E S w w E 1 NWS may-1-4 8.-Mwmgggy-1 W. M Y , . .L . . 1 Xmiwwwfsifehxmw ex, 'Q' fa-ww Q E The Engineers Clulo ci Arkansas Tech was first organized in i928 to pro- mote more interest in engineering and to provide a social organization to take part in the functions of the school. This year, as in the past, the club remained one oi the most active on the campus, and sponsored some of the best dances ot the year, including the Annual Christmas Dance and the St. Patricks Day Ball A. l, Stover Travis R. Cason Oris Allen Deshazo Billy C. Dunahoo President Edward Hilliard Betty Smith Haskell Inman Robert Hefner Secretary Patricia Lou Park Sidney Reeves Walter P. Gilmore Blake Partain Treasure, Fred Tomlinson Eugene Smith Harold Wilson Bob Stoker Sterling Blaylock Vice-President Charles McGreW Mr. I. W. Dillaha Sponsor Wilson Shelton lohn Leroy Burbin Eugene Menees Frank Resimont Melforcl Sharp N-'E-r.."u.:, 1 ii lanelda Burris Dolores Beard Pauline Benham Ann Blake Mary Buckman Nyna Dunn Grace Evatt lo Ella Pierce Mrs. Howard Godfrey President Sponsor MEMBERS Pauline Faucelt Bobhye lo Shepherd Beth Formby Edna Faye Stell Mary Helen Green Frances Suaq Kerrol Griffin Charkene Vaughn Audna Ruth Holmes Lucy Ware Dorthea Ann Leach Mary Whillock Dean Morris Sydna Ruth Younq ff? lo Ella Pierce f Mr. Paul Eisor Sydna Rulh Younq Beth Eormlvy loo Mobley .Sccfcfary SUCIISCI Treasuzer President Vice-Presidoizl Paulina Be-nham Bobbie Cathey William P. Chism lolin Davis Laverne Davis Paul Ed Davis David Duclcer Grace Evolt Jessie Lee Grace W. T. Guinn G. W. Hoqins Neal Marlin limrnie Martin Charles McGrew Eugene Menees Mary Miller Vifallace Haley lames Rankin B. L. Tatum Bobbie Teeler Howard Wayland lack Willis Wayne Wood ., Q 3 . ' if G. W. Hoqins Mr. E. S. Tomlinson Bruce Neal Choaie Rufus Fitzhuqh Alion Shockley Cecil L. Cox Cleo I, Eason President Sponsor Vice-President Reporter Siudeni Council Hep. Treasurer Secretary Ernest Allen Edgar Arnn William Atkinson Rex Bailey Eugene Bennei Ruberi Bonds William P. Chism Earl Dean Crosswhiie Harry File, Ir. Robert Earl Fore limmy D. Granklin Buford Frost Alberi McGee Glenn Patton Iimmie D. Petillo Iarnes Rankin larnes E. Roux Robert Earl Russell Harold Smiih Paul Sione B. L. Tatum Howorcl Wayland .'. ' R ' -i RJ, Anf Lillic Ann Klober Dessci Dodd Mrs. Belly Ciclone Bennie Kunze Mary Helen Green lJI9SlCl9Hl Vice-President Sponsor Secretary and Treasurer Reporfer Thcrfs CI lot of wind. Suzy This is CI lol of fun. Pauline Benhcrni Mary Summers Io Martin Icmette Baker Deiores Beard icnelclcr Burris Bobbie Ccxihy Pony Duncan Neil Dunn Eva Io Ewing Bern Formby Mcry Frances Green Bobbie Henson Bernice Iones Winorxcx iudkms CI? Doris Keiciisidc iemn Mcusii Mae Payne ioiiniz Person Trcyienc Hurneoy M1110 Shultz viiililiifl Slifgir Eciwr ijczyns Sthii QfiLkXI'iCliLI V'.lli'ji1l1 Sue ViI1L'L'?Ili Mary Wiiiilenik Martini Wiliirrrzrs ieun Wiison Wander Vlitherspo Sydnrr Ycunq OU WALLACE RALEY Student Council Representative NORMA DuVALL Publicity Cliairrnan REVEREND FRITZ E. GOODBAR Sponsor MARY FRANCES GREENE Devotional Chairman LAVERNE DAVIS Music Director Q TI-IELMA BEQ UETT Secretary DELORES BEARD Vice-President SERAI-I NELL DOUTHITT President IO MARTIN Social Chairman DORIS STONE Treasurer Edmund Roux Bernice l-lollowory Billy H. Trotter William P. Chism Ann Blolce Edword Hilliard lrnoqene Wdlls lohnie Moe Person limmy Tumlinson Morie Stormett Nilo Buckley Robert Fore MQW Willock lone Shultz Horry Flte Rufus Fitzhuqh Walter pi Gilmore Bobbie lo Shepherd Sterlinfr Blrryloclc Reverend Crrfvens Mory lo Moore Mory Summers Morvest Lowson President Vine-President Sponsor Hefrecrlion Chczirmon Secretory and Treasurer Program Choirmcm ,fl vw! Billy Shoemake lohnie Mae Person Betty Davis President VirefPresident Secretary Amos Baker leanette Baker Letha Fern Barton Thelma Bequette Anne Bee Blake Clara Rosetta Chapman Toe Cialone lim Cook Cevil Cox Paul Edward Davis Carolyn Dirkrrson Norma Duvall Crave E, Evatt Eva lo Ewing Billy loe Fletcher Aubrey Fowler Betty Lou Gedeon Amy Sue Grant Carolyn Griffin William Thomas Guinn Lorena Hamm Franres Nell Harrod Lavenia Henry Billy lames Huie Maraarette lohnson lacqueline Tones Winona Iudkins Benny Evelyn Kunze Dortha Ann Leach Margaret Leavell Neal Marlin loella Maxwell Eli Newman Bernice lones Mrs. llortenboer Treasurer Reporter Sponsor Mary Miller lack B. Mobley Peggy Moody R. A. Nelson Bobby Nisler Pa.ricia Lou Parks Velma Mae Payne Mary Kathleen Presley Neita Beth Backley Wanda lune Robertson Dessa Schneider Marie Smith Sam Stathakis Ioe Stewart Laura Marie Stormint Bobbie Sue Teeter Hazel Eloise Trichell Billy Howard Trotter Sue Elizabeth Tucker Virginia Tucker Charlene Vaughn lmo lean Walls Lorene Ann Vtfesley Peggy lean West Steed White Phillip Willcoron Martha Lou NVllllf'IIllS lack Willis Billie Ieanne Wilson Wayne Woods Boxie Yarbrough - 'k . Am 1s'f'Wf1tM M--haevtwle 1 f fn- Mary Frances Green Lillie Ann Klober Lorene Wesley Mr. G. R. Turrenline Wallace Haley Mary Cummers Sec.-Treas. Student Council Rep. Vice-President Sponsor President Reporler Thelma Ba-quelie l, C. Bohannon Bobbyo Cathy Robert Louis lones Sarah lane lones Mary lo Moore lmoaene Morrow Billie Nichols Floye Pills Kaihaleen Roark Doris Slcne Sue Vinson lmo lean Walls Roy While Evelyn Ruth Vlfillctox Wanda Witherspoon lirnrny Martin Charles Lyons Howard Faulkner G W HOGINS WANDA IUNE ROBERTSON ROBERT EARL EORE President Sterling Blaylock Albert Creech Betty Davis Paul Davis V. L. Danielson Patsy Duncan Audna Ruth Holmes Bernie Holloway Vice-President Robert Hooper George lones Bennie Kunzie Wanda McBride Eli Newman Becca Phillips William Rush Edmond Roux lohn Shatter lane Schultz Ebby Stevenson Edna Faye Stell Sam Stathakis Secretary lda Louise Waller Mary Willock LOHENE WESLEY President IOHN SHAFFER Vice-President DORIS STONE Secretory-Treasurer NORMA C. DUVALL Reporter IDA LOUISE WALLER Pczrliczmentczricm MR. T. A. DULANEY Sponsor Mary Summers Lillie Ann Klober Bobbye Io Shepherd Desso Dodd Dortheo Ann Leoch Wham, Edgar Arnn Thelma Bequette lanelda Burris Lavern Davis Patsy Duncan Billy Dunnahoo Beth Eormby Mary P. Greene Kerrol Griffin Audna Ruth Holmes W. D. Huggins Billie Huie Bennie Kunzie Neal Marlin lean Marsh Wanda McBride PeQQJY Moody Mary lo Moore Dean Morris Bobbye Nisler lohnie Mae Person Mary Presley Kathaleen Roark Stewart Rogers MARVIN "GEORGE" WILLIAMSON Director Robert Russell Dessa Schneider lane Schultz Flora Belle Smith Elizabeth Stevenson Doris Stone Paul Stone lmo lean Walls lfolqar Arm: Allen Alhey leanette Baker Laverne Davis Betty Davis Carolyn Dickerson Patty Duncan Nyna Dunn Norma Duvall Virqil Danielson H-award Faulkner Carolyn Grittin Bernice Holloway Bobbie lack Hopper Edward Hilliard Narqarette lohnson Bernice lones Alaene lordan Dorthea Leach Althea lo Martin MR. PAUL SCHULTZ Director 'Wanda Faye lVlcBrifl Mary lo Moore Sam Stathalcis lane Schultz Paul Stone Bolobye lo Shepherd Virginia Tucker Buth Wilcox lean 'Wilson Lucy Ware i, swf Z -I Q' W Hifi E2 gg. SH fa. ,sl ., 'W' i, A 12,3 i J g J gf Q . EEA 1 J X" 1555,-, A 'mf .,,. a 'D ' 2 W f , ,vi ,A,A,V, w gi 4 , K f Ji, Q V A . ,. - V, W A , MM yy K 'Y 'New 1- 4 ,S , I --'feng A ff? A is rxhm W k-:A- 1 lvtvl :-, Q ' ga I 5 EW I ' -if Q? W ' '1 K N? ' - , f 'W Q2 3 Y ., 3 -2" " . h 1 f W Q Z 6 :W V 5 ' A7 -YA fy . -....,. A SF X , 1 A':- 2 L M, 1 Q " ,A W f 5551 , fl 7-5 7 li krh, , ., K - , W f Q ca W gr K M, K sg' .,.. 5 Q .2 -F W , 2. if 4 gg, . "L: - , 5, k 1-z .,., - fix. ff A .,w. I l if 44 " ,, ,W Q I f I if :', 1 A v K 53 f we . .Q f M f, : 52 K f ,Q 5 Q 55. as l ,W tl-1? wr' -Q x si-ea x f wff J Q Z Al W V '-f-ex iff Vx,-ai. - A Q .gg ,A ,Aa ,- A,, A Q V- f wywifwi' AU, 'wa-. -- 4 'ww Y' A., 4241: , X ' Aff, 1 , , AV V- vf-:VV'?'1i5'!"i, 'QA . 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KX' 2i:21,MYVSi" W " -wmgqxggfv Q A AA., A qAxA A ,AA: yy Jiwgu, 12.4 G W l-logins Mr E S Tomlinson Bruce Neoil Choate Rufus Fitzhuqh Alton Shockley Cecil L Cox Cleol Eoxson President Sponsor Vice-President Reporter .Student Council Hep Treasurer Secretory William Atkinson Hurry Fite, Ir. Iimmie D. Petillo Paul Stone 4 4, '. X eel ill Lillie Ann Klober Dessci Dodd Mrs. Belly Cicilone Bennie Kunze Mary Helen Green !Dl9Sld9UI VicefPtesident Sponsor Secreiary and Treasurer Reporfer Thofi's CI lol of Wind. Sexy this is CI lol of lun. Puuline Bonham Merry Summers lo Morlin Icrnelte Boker Delores Beord loneldcx Burris Bobbie Colhy Polly Duncan Nell Dunn Evil Io Ewing Beth Formby Mory Frances Green Bobbie Henson Bernice lones Winono ludiqins GZ? z Doris Kolclisipl lefrn MlIlSll Moc Payne lolinio Person Troylono l-i'1lll lame Sliullg 'lllnzlifr Sliugll 0 so il Epilnr l' ryrz iw" ll Clirnlcfmz Von Sue Vllllffflll 'lllll Mfrry VVIiilloc'l4 Murlliu Williczllus leon Wilson Wl,IUdC1 Willis: Sydnrr Young rspoon WALLACE RALEY Student Council Representative N ORMA DuVALL Publicity Chairman REVEREND FRITZ E. GOODBAR Sponsor MARY FRANCES GREENE Devotional Chairman LAVERNE DAVIS Music Director THELMA BEQ UETT Secretary DELORES BEARD Vice-President SERAH NEIL DCUTI-IITT President IO MARTIN Social Chairman DORIS STONE Treasurer Edmund Roux Bernice Holloway Billy H. Trotter Edward Hilliard lrnoqene Walls lohnie Mae Person Marie Stormeit Nita Raclcley Robert Fore lane Shuliz Harry File Rufus Fitzhuqh Prlil ie lo Shepherd Sierlina lilaylorlc Reverend Cmvens Mary lo Moore Mary Summers William P. Chism Ann Blake lirnmy Tumlinson Mary Willock Walter P. Gilmore Marvest Lawson Piesident Vine-President Sponsor Recreation Chairman Sccrelary and Treasurer Program Chairman 19' lily Shoemake lohnie Mae Person Betty Davis President Vice-President Secretary Amos Baker Ieanette Baker Letha Fern Barton Thelma Bequette Anne Ree Blake Clara Rosetta Cha loe Cialone lim Cook Cecil Cox Paul Edward Davis Carolyn Dickerson Norma Duvall Graco E, Evott Eva lo Ewinq Billy loe Fletcher Aubrey Fowler Betty Lou Gedeon Amy Sue Grant Carolyn Griffin William Thomas Guinn Lorena Hamm Frances Nell Harrod Lavenia Henry Billy lames Huie Maraarette lohnson Iacaueline Iones Winona ludlfins Benny Evelyn Kunze Dortha Ann Leach Marcyaret Leave-ll Neal Marlin loella Maxwell Eli Newman Bernice lones Mrs. Hortenboer Treasurer' Reporter Sponsor Mary Miller lack B. Mobley Peqqy Moody R. A. Nelson Bobby Nisler Patricia Lou Parks Velma Mae Payne Mary Kathleen Presley Neita Beth Rackley Wanda lune Robertson Dessa Schneider Marie Smith Sam Stathakis loe Stewart Laura Marie Stormint Bobbie Sue Teeter Hazel Eloise Trichell Billy Howard Trotter Sue Elizabeth Tucker Virqinia Tucker Charlene Vauqhn lrno lean Walls Lorene Ann Vlfesley Peqqy lean West Steed White Phillip Willcoyon Martha Lou VVillicriiis lack Willis Billie le-anne Wilson Wayne Woods Roxie Yarbrouah -M as , - K' rr w - .. .as mmm. . G R T t' Wallace Hale Mary Cummers Mary Frances Green Lillie Ann Klober Lorene Wesley Mr. , . urren me y Sec 7 eas Student Council Rep. Vice-President Sponsor President Reporter Thelma Bnquetto L C. Bohamion Bobbye Cathy Robert Louis Icnes Sarah lane lanes Mary lo Moore Imogene Morrow Eillie Nichols Floye Pitts Kathaleen Ro-ark Doiis Stone Sue Vinson lmo lean W'alls Roy White Evelyn Ruth Vifillcox Wanda Witherspoon Iimmy Martin Charles Lyons Howard Faulkner ...T ,,. W? Q47 ww' G W HOGINS WANDA IUNE ROBERTSON ROBERT EARL FORE President Sterling Blaylock Alloert Creech Betty Davis Paul Davis V. L. Danielson Patsy Duncan Audna Ruth Holmes Bernie Holloway Vice-President Robert Hooper George lones Bennie Kunzie Wanda McBride Eli Newman Becca Phillips William Rush Edmond Roux lohn Shatter lane Schultz Ebby Stevenson Edna Faye Stell Sam Stathakis Secretary lcla Louise Waller Mary Willoclc LOHENE WESLEY President I OHN SI-IAFFER Vice-President DORIS STONE Secretory-Treasurer NORMA C. DUVALL Reporter IDA LOUISE WALLER Pofrliomeniorion MR. T. A. DULANEY Sponsor Mory Summers Lilhe Ann Klober Bobbye Io Shepherd Desso Dodd Dortheo Arm Leach Edgar Arnn Thelma Bequette Ianelda Burris Lavern Davis Patsy Duncan Billy Dunnahoo Beth Eormby Mary F. Greene Kerrol Grittin Audna Ruth Holmes W. D. Huggins Billie Huie Bennie Kunzie Neal Marlin lean Marsh Vtfanda McBride PeCJQY Moody Mary Io Moore Dean Morris Bobbye Nisler lohnie Mae Person Mary Presley Kathaleen Roark Stewart Rogers MARVIN "GEORGE" 'WILLIAMSON Director Robert Russell Dessa Schneider lane Schultz Flora Belle Smith Elizabeth Stevenson Doris Stone Paul Stone lmo lean Walls Fdqar Arnx. Allen Athey Ieaneiie Boker Laverne Davis Beiiy Davis Carcivn Dickerson Patty Duncan Nyna Dunn Norma Duvall Vircril Danielson Howard Faulkner Carolyn Griiiin Bernice Holloway Bobbie lack Hopper Edward I-Iiiiiard Marqareiie iohnson Bernice Iones Alqene Iordan Dorihea Leach Aiihea Io Martin MB. PAUL SCHULTZ Director Wanda Fave McBrid Mary Io Moore Sam Siaihakis lane Schuliz Paul Sfone Bobbye Io Shepherd Virqinia Tucker Buih Wiicox lean Wiisoii Lucy Ware xw, H A As gl? ' v gif e iff W ,W .. 3 .,,- Iwi M , hm? 'Q 4 i I gk 'W' , 1 f:-, f -' L, 1 Q V , V. 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