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za.. 'Q S Q y , L B , P y. ks 12, ,r rl k 4 . L w w 1. E :D -:gg-Q' h ""' E1 an V, 1. EQ 1' fl V :Ts V- 5 i- 'X si ' TECH ,ZVV b uf. Q, Q L .1 ' ' f Zi? W7 ,fm kt ,If .,ZpZ,,g,fQj2, f ' 9:13 fy' if af-:ffzf:2'Qz.f ,gg?j,jQ4Zf mg'-f',2f4f'.L, f X, 9 41 I ff f ,uf 711 X ff 'fi' ff ff, f , WL a 14 11 W X4 f ' f f f 7 MQW, If 1 1 1 of fi 1' f ,ff , ,Air Z 'W'.wff'. ZW wa "Aff, 4 fp Iyyz 'g,,'fgf4.Lff,44. fy , I 2311325551 155' . ,fb ., ,.,v 75, , I XYZ. 79791v, - X, ff f , W' ef. K gy! mfyfzxog X . IN A EWH J ED fy!! aff? .. .vffgzgjgfgzol "-' ,-Q53 V314 17, - IFE AT IN 1 . Presented by SIMPSON I-IOLLABAUGH JOHN N EWKIRK Editor Business Manager dz. mf ima gjrf sirimf of rlcan mx fair DEDIC-ATION dn file sm Cgfe belief flmf undef Az, zmamhp CCA will cozzfirzue fo QJMW in file fume M if has in ffm pad, we Jdicaie fha 1939 Gfqfzwla ig . . . Jzoseplz Qnffiam We who bring you the 1939 Agricola have hut one purpose in mind. And that is to give you a pictorial record of life at Tech in 1939 in such a manner that these pleas- ant realities of today may become, as the years go by, the cherished memories of to- morrow. BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX . ADMINISTRATION . . . CLASSES . FEATURES . ACTIVITIES . . ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS :fib , f R cross ffm Gcmzpus . . . Home of women students and, tlaere- fore, the center of campus sofial life is tlre beautiful and modern Caraway Hall. .xl -tif x a 6,1 . uv I 1 U7 J . ' if ,X f we Behind stately columns, in the beautiful, new Library Building, students pursue the activity which is the excuse for their be- ing-study. H -Awq H 'QM i3f'14Lf' V ,Q , ggww V in Qu fl df s 1 The men's dormitory houses superior living quarters for students, apartments for the dean and assistant dean of men, and two recreational lounges. In the new Physical Education building students meet P. E. classes, train for inter- collegiate or intramural sports-or relax in the Techionery from the whirl of col- lege life. Bordered by trees, flowers, and shrubs, the Presidenfs Home is one of the most beautiful buildings on the campus. i .V -W ff .,,mwm,a..,,,, AWG. Q ,nl X V V . . . . .4 V Mft!" wi 3' x x K Ag' 'f'f'T""'i'3?1f4VfQ"MM""'2x+ i.,.,.f,1..M...,.,,1 K ' ' f..'1f'w,,1Qqg.if'aa 3-gf if +1 -L K Niagra -1:1 ' ' ,f A- 7 - f uf f , -. Zh -K 7 - N- V g ' 'W K .W 11. , W , S .Q "kk Zimffbwkf-fwjfgfgjgfgsyfgfllg'gf ' - . , . - K, :.u."'4-,,,,,,k ,, f,,j"nm W as M L.7xNw'wa,gq?dtiELma ,911-, '-ww . x S., -....,. -s... ...., -S, -Q... -- , - mu ,W-m LJ'-1f.,.,,.J ,av M- : mir mm nam NY we-1 H-wk QS, ,,,,.,N- A f 731 5 J . aw? xrzffggg 5 'k , . , -m..Q.-- xL.,,...ALi.nm..g.l R i 4, 31 ,gf-53 W v,'. YS sz fx v 5 3541 via ,gli-QQf?' W. a 4 nik!! fy hf 21 fw- QW- Z5, , ,R ww. 3 ,-1 E 1 3 'S V X ,. if 56 ef , 1 1 3 ggi' gyms gfxwws y E- ERYR gk - 1 9, , A-'h ' 1 go ,W .lim , b gg. - W 1 , ii. - -. ig A gi. - ,R . . sw wg K. Q, , .i . . K K K . T .3 Q55 f N' 1' 5 2 2 is fm' ' A if W i 5 0525, x 1' if S Q 6 K if I' F324 i ll 'ii A x ls, 1 A . . Tfiifiilsf -R L R . L L .. . V-ii. f .za-g, - I ' if aw F . Ye .ir 'E -ff if A - L-733'-fq gag: L 151 , ' r av i 4' 1. GOVERNOR CARL E. BAILEY BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. S. TURNER . JOHN E. CHAMBERS . . . l MRS. ETHEL COLE CUNNINGHAM l W. H. JOHNSON . ROY LEELAR . . Ozark Danville Dardanelle For: Smith Clinton Governor Bailey in April appointed Judge John E. Chambers, Danville, to mem- bership in the Board of Trustees. Judge Chambers replaced Dr. R. L. Smith, Rus- sellville, whose term had expired. I'-I y x 3 Q ek t 1 ,gas Sf: ' ' iw ii' 5 . 3 3 5? 'fn , 1 .i . -x - x,ae,f-ff-Q-gps V 3, F Gr? . 5 JOSEPH WILLIAM HULL, B. S., M. A. President . . . 1932 In the few years of his presidency, W. Hull has led Arkansas Tech in a pro- gram of improvement which has never let up. His program of betterment has tangible results in the erection of new and modern buildings, including Caraway Hall, the Library, and the Physical Education building, as well as the remodeling of the older structures. In other ways Mr. I-Iull's desire for progress has been felt: enrollment has steadily increased, and courses of study and facilities for study have been enlarged and improved, in short, the college in all its branches has progressed. The students admire and respect Mr. Hull for his leadership and executive abil- ity. And they like him immensely for his friendship and for his interest in their problems-the problems of youth. ' ,.i, k'.i 2 , V i it 1 .. 'iff min 3 Af -f . A 'fi if , a -- . ma. .V 2 ' -' ' ' . K ' 1. My S fifhfiim M W W . ti sei, . . Wg' an : 1 we 'E' S , f -I 'Q M Wg, We 5 1 C' . 3 i ' J fy Y. . 5 W .gbf , Y if , e 4- ' . f p K V V' f 5 ' N 2, f- ff W It My in ,K . . I., L . I A . , , ' 1,1 H 1 I". . - - , f i .f TT Sf a .dgwaa hwiimmi 55321 JC. 5 m:t,i...sSEg9ij ii W 754571, ,gfiz-c...sf,.pi. W 0 s .an 1 fl i H 1 9. H e 53 'lx ALFRED CRABAUGH ..... Englixlz Vice-President of College A. B., University of Arlcansasg M. A., Columbia University. ALFRED NEIL SATTERFIELD . . Steward FRUMAN MCEVER . .... Chemistry B. S., Baker Universityg M. A., University of Colorado. G. R. TURRENTINE ..... Edufation Dean of College A, B., Henderson State Teachers Collegeg B. S., Henderson State Teachers Collegeg M. S., Iowa Stare College. THOMAS ALFRED DULANEY . . . History B. A., Peabody Collegeg M. A., Peabody College, JUANITA ANGEHR . Typing and Slvorllvarzcl Serretary to President CECIL ANN HUDSON . Plvysiral Education B. S., Oklahoma A. 61 M4 M, S., Oklahoma A. Bl M. HENRY EDWARD HUDSON . . Social Science B. A., Hendrix Collegeg M. A., Louisiana State University. Basketball and Track Coarlv Axsistant Foiotlvall Coach .'-i I' ugffi Q I ' i .Q wr. X?-'gi gh f.,gL,r Eff axe is The sg? '- i'5i?,.:3Y." Q 725 .ss .. . s- li-:-222 MILDRED SHELTON ...... Healib St. Mary's Nurses Training School. CARYL GMNES .... Pbysical Education B. A., University of Indiana. EDNA Hoon FERGUSON . Assistant Librarian B. A., University of Arkansas. MARVIN MONTGOMERY WILLIAMSON . Band Studied with Preisler and Brod of Central Col- lege. MYRTLi4 BLANCHE ROUSH . . . Librarian Library Woi'k at George Peabody and Arkansas State Teachers College. CHARLES JONES . . . . . Pfycbology B. A., Galloway Collegeg M. A., University of ' ,M Arkansas. CHARLI-IS W. C. AULSBURY, Animal Husbandry B. S. A., Southeast Missouri State Teachers Col- legcg M. S., University of Arkansas. IOHN EDWARD TUCKER . . Chemistry Football Coacbg Dean of Men B. S., University of Alabamag M. S., University of Alabama. my + X 1 2 fiilili-1551i JI? Q :.,.. ., i iw. . salsa- . ..s2,.,..:E . .. .. .Q 15,55-r .. -1.5-E -'ze -e - --:z ffw:'-f- f Mei 7"- 1 '-,.' V i fiiww ' ii' 55' 1 ' ' ' sf 'xffza' TJ- We 3 - -fi . I W., - . . C, y, -ian. , .Q ,,,Qa.s.ssg3., .V , 2' .'-L.', ... v: -i '2-f.. ...,. j :.""-:. ir,i1 " ii,ie:1 .. X -if 4' ""' .... , 2,1 1 t ' - i lei! f'i' . M L S . K E . -f ' 1 : if 4 - I f A fm, 55 .' 'sZ'?2E'i . s .zsff -.. I Q ' as fi.-fQsfLi5ff?iig1 - Wife? ' -i W s . . ' ,W 1121vm-1i1?Essiw' .,-:?312kRia: .samsfsmmfi as M.,-Msg-,,:, r..-., imfig. ,r,s,.M,.g,s -.e:. -L. Ugg' F2 if Q s K W V+ .fi 4 W O, Vai ' f 'R 'nas 'X YW' L L - - . .- .. .. 4512. ,. ..,.. . K' V' S Q5 W . p ,W fl in J ' l FOSTER ROACH ...... Chemistry B. S., University of Arkansas, M. S., Oklahoma A. Ba M. Evmzmr SPENCER 'TOMLINSON . . Botany B. S., Mississippi A. 51 Mg M. S., Mississippi A. Bc M. JAMES BELL . . . N. Y. A. Instruatur B. S. A., University of Arkansas. SIDNEY BLAKELY . . .... Frcnr-lv B. A. and M. A., University of Arkansas. MARY S-UE WOOD . . . Plume Economics B. S., University of Arkansas, M. S., University of Tennessee. PAUL SCHULTZ ....... Music B. M., lhlcnclcrson Brown, Theodore Bohlrnann Schccl of Music, Boguslawski School of Music. LELA .IANE BRYAN . Textiles and Clothing Dean of Woiizen B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College. CLYDE RUSSELL NICHOLS . . Engineering B. S. in E. E., Texas A. 61 M., M. S. in E. E., Tcxas A. 86 M. 'D . . ' is 3 Ni f is . fx HOWARD GODFREY . . Physical Education B. S., University of Alabama. HERMAN WAKEMAN DEAN . . Mechanics Certificate in Mechanical Arts, University of Arkansas. MARY BAIN ........ English B. A., University of Alabamag M. A., Peabody College. CLAUDE ALLEN HUGHES . . . Agronomy B. S. A., Mississippi A. 6: M., M. S., Univers- ity of Arkansas. ADLAI STEVENSON TURNER . Mathematics B, C. E., University of Arkansas, M. S., Uni- versity of Arkansas. WILLIAM OMER YOUNG . Secretary Draugl1on's Business College. LILLIAN MASSIE ....... English B. A., University of Oklahoma, M. A., Uni- versity of Arkansas. L, , , A . . sawn. . f vzssqhz sg,-.ik , ,, is .N , . Q-A ,..,. ,:.. . . ,, Qi Y i' 3 w'1'3.? ' f . Ma 5, is V Mi- 2 H sssasrs if- wil an y W- .. a,,,, s, , .- - . A, . 4 , - V L 1 E A 'if R- e' 1' , if 9- , . .. .. -fee 1 + zz? S-s ' ' . is iii. wx f' -. C' ' ' is Y A 5 sggiw if-I . ' fs- A Z Vai .-A I Q A s 4, L.. .. ... , .e , A -1: A it 1 ax1:f.r I . NS 5 U Q i , 1 I , ' v 1 bA , n I at . f O fe .. S , w 1'2" -w,L ,B p f"'h sm ., - ,, . -inezfgzz T has 7 , .- si ' . ' . 'ff 7"-'9lT'3mf215s. A STUDENT ADMINISTRATION In the fall elections the sophomore class selected Tim Tyler, Greenbrier, presi- dent, Bob Cowne, Greenwood, vice-president, and Neil Hosey, Pocahontas, secretary- treasurer. The freshmen elected Dan Stephens, Choctaw, president, Bill Beeson, Clarks- ville, vice-presidentg and Mickey Thomas, Parthenon, secretary-treasurer. Top Row:Sophomore Officers-Tyler, president, Cowne, vice-president, Hosey, secretary-treasurer, Bottom Row: Freshmen Officers-Stephens, president: Beeson, vice-president: Thomas, secretary-treasurer K-as ' ff 1 Is . me 7 3 -15221 f f ,fqaasj 4 ff-4 T1 X 2. S' A, . ' H- Xijgirj11.L,., ' Q. 'EVM 25? diff? ISI , , , 1?3 f' j , 5 I as ew THE COUNCIL VERLIS Ross . ODELL HOLLEY T. L. COLE . JOE NICFIQRRAN . fist scm.j . CHARLES MCCLURE MEMBERS . Agriculture AgricuiturC . Agricuiture Agriculture ORLIE PARKER . flst sem.j Arts and Scienfes DICK PIUNNICUT . fist sem.j Arte and Scienfes FIRMAN BYNUM . 12nd sem.j Arte and Scicnfes . . Arty and Sficnfss .IOSEPHINE TAYLOR . Edufation EARL D. CAMP . Education CHARLES TLJCKER Uhr scmj . Engineering B. CUMNOCK . . . Engineering HAYS Pool. . 12nd sem.j . . Fnginvcring EUGENE WARREN: Pff"'id9'7f ANNA FULTON . . Home Econmnicx A LW' --'ii 41+ A ' fi-' 2 ' A - - i'ff T i"'f 'ifilfii Xiiif 3 A Q A A it LA ii ' 1,1 H f M titi V 1 fat . fi i A iiiiii it A Liiii A iiii M if tiii ALAAL - iff in iiii iiti, Aii y ne w m ,. aa y y 8 K I K H I, . y I STUDENT ADMINISTRATION The Student Council, composed of representatives from the five college de- partments and the president, all elected by the student body, serves as a medium X between the students and the faculty. Hy Hg MI! . , . V .J 47? The council had complete supervision of all student ele io , ma dinners, v student dances, and other socials. It succeeded in securing a wellxib e and igh- ly interesting calendar of assembly programs this earl ' if U K ' Top row: Rose, lVlcFerran, lVlcClL1re, Holley, Par er. X Middle row: Hunnicur, Bynum, Cole, Taylor, Camp. Bottom row Tucker, Cumnock, Pool, Fulton. ,Mugs B' in at J 'Q it S' .ef fggxluixff i 5 R ff .T I i I A U a 2 5 t 'Q 'Q 5" N ,Ji 'R -K ,X X I - TT ,,,, X ' , ,f-.bxiXX,g, If x ,353 ,R X .X, 1.4 , X x x mf! 4 si' J -M 'A f 411' E 3 Y ,4 , 2 3, f ,M . Q. x, Ti? 5 1-, 51 f K V M Q N M. W fy MX 3 H , 4 , 1 1 . f'.f,f'?'T'f'f-- ., M.11gfg1,,,Q. A ,L ' ' -W ' 7 J., , Av ,f 7, A,,L4?Qx?M:M., -Q ,, . . 4 : gf A, 37, M j W 'kv 4 Y? . L- , N V? ,, fl-if-2 2 .AL L v ,Ie V, ,f . M 'Y 'Y .SA GPHCMGRES ADAMS, JUANITA ..... England Education . . . Masquers, Glee Club '38, Pep Squad '38, '39. ALEORD, ARDIS ...... Russellville Arts . . . Football 337, Glee Club 338339. ANDERSON, BERNARD . . North Little Rock Engineering . . . Engineers, Club, Baseball, '38, ,393 T Associa- tion. ANDERSON, GELENE ..... Mulberry Home Economics . . . Glee Club, '38, YWCA, Home Economics Club. BAKER, ALBERT El Reno, Okla. Engineering. . . . . . Wattensaw YMCA, Pep Squad. BALDWIN, ORBA Agriculture . . . FFA, l BASINGER, REX Arts. M ulberr ,1 . . . Huntsville BEEBY, WYLIE Arts . . . President, Pre-Med Club. BELL, CAROLINE ...... Atkins Arts . . . Transfer from College of Ozarks, Society Editor Arka- Tech, ,39, Masquers, Dining Hall Club. BEST, PALLIE ...... McCrory Arts . . . History Club, Masquers, Homecoming Maid, ,383 As- sociate Editor Agricola, y39, Dean's List, '38, ,39, Who's Who, '39. BIDDLE, JAMES .... Arts . . . Football, '38, T Association. Little Rock BLACKSHIRE, JAMES .... Engineering . . . Student Manager Dining Hall, Engineers' Club. Bellefonte BLGUNT, JAMES . Engineering. Little Rock BOYD, GEORGE W ..... Agriculture . . . Grange, '38, YMCA, FFA. Lavaca wwaiiaff, ' l f . 'P .. . - I . iii"-1 S- . .. 5 v Sggisazaxyiif-wraggg f-iff' i 1Wg,,z,.stfaf9g ggi K, ,gaf:sz?Ef .if - wifi-'f'1.:: :r 7 is 5- - i ' 't Li by -. 1 - -. - ga-.ffizl .- -. , gymszirm f E- 1 . -. fe.: A 'M W..f"'1'ff i t 91: - ' 1 F .. ' - -, . M, A, .Nil , N , I ,ii Q D ,,, wg . A, ,W ., . M A K 9, , if . ' . ' ' s A' i ' ff '. , ii'-4' W . WWW' " 'h" . ,af-,,e.:4 1 f ri tw, 5,33 1-4 fa 4- gg -. ., if , so f .fm It ii v if O' 3 A f , -'h' V K I- ft J I , I ' 3 a 1:13 .-. , . , . f - 1 I P9 2: A . A N 3 l .5 .5 i. ., s , , . A w l L ' BOYD, GLADYS . Lavaca Arts. BREEDLO'VE, SHERMAN . . Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable. BREWER, HAL . . . Agriculture . . . FFA. BRIDGES, HERBERT .... Agriculture . . . Football, '37, '38, Baseball, '37, '37, T Association, Forestry Club. BRIGGS, ERNEST . Agriculture . . . Grange, '37. BROWN, LAFAYETTE . . . North Little Rock Agriculture . . . FFA, Boxing, '39, Dean's List, '38, '39. BURNS, JERRY ...,. Forrest City Arts . . . Glee Club, Quartet, Football, '37, '38, T Association. BYNUM, FIRMAN ..... Arts . . . Football, '37, '38, Student Council, President Fresh- man Class, '38, President T Association, '39. BYNUM, WILMA ..... Arts. . .Associate Editor and Columnist Arka-Tech, Classes Editor Agricola. BYRD, CLIFTON ..... Fort ,Smith Agriculture . , . Transfer from Northeastern Teachers College of Oklahoma. CAMP, EARL D. . . . . . Education . . . President Schoolmasters Roundtable, History Club, President Baptist Student Union, President, YMCA, Pep Squad, Student Council, Glee Club, D'ean's List, '38 ,'39, Who's Who, '39 CAMPBELL, DAVID . . Engineering . . . Engineers' Club. CASH, MRS. DOLL . Education. CASH, ,IOI-INNIE MAE Education. Deer Van Buren Clarksville '38, Track, Kensett Russellville Ritmellville Magazine Russellville Snowball Snowball AUDLE ORPHA . Russellville Education YWCA Home Economxcs Clubg Band. HURCHILL OLEN . Hertor OBB GOLAN . Dover Education Glee Club 38 Schoolmasters Rountable. ,LOFF OVALINE . Russellville North Little Rock Masquers Colummst for Arka Techg Organizationsg 1or Agrlcola Secretary Student Council Pre-Med Clubg JOHN KELLEY North Little Rorli meermg Masquers Glee Club Cheer Leader, '38, 39. COOPER PAUL RAY Winchester, Ky. COPE CHARLES Little Rock COWNE JOHN . Greenwood Arts President Sophomores 38 Football Co-Captain, '38g All State Tackle 37 HISKOEY Club Glee Club, '38g Chairman Vlgll8nC6 Committee 37 T Association Orchestrag Who's Who COWNE ROBERT . Greenwood Ergmeerlng Engineers Club Quartet Glee Clubg vice- . Scranton YWCAg Dining . Danville EI Reno, Okla. . Little Rock Engineering President Engineers Club Student Councilg - . . L V . , . if f . - . ., , -, .. .,,-7,419.1 L 1 , 3- , .. -,,r.5,f.Af fn .. ull, ,,, L..,., 1 ,,-f pri 2 5. -ur X-wks 'Z :QQ .W ,. ...rf . +,,..,,,, A - , f I ' :Mgt-v..f t-'milf -vssfzigts ter , . vis,r2f1,1Hrr so .1 1 - east- . ., nz,LL ,, L.:L, ,,,.,, ..:, ,L5,,. . , N,Lk-, . - . L1,. - . .. , 1 in ' -tfuwifsxsszf, 1:1 .fi-W :il , f.-'s?i1.fa.w:e1x . .swf W M fl " xl A I gi DAUGI-IERTY, ELSIE . . . . Van Buren Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtableg YWCA, Dining Hall Club. DAVIS, LEO Agriculture. DEEN, REED . . Elizabeth . . Paris Engineering . . . Engineers' Club. DENTON, HOWARD . Engineering . . . Glee Club '38, T Association. Waldron Basketball '38g.Engineers, Club, DICKSQN, MARTHA BELLE . . . Belleville Education . . . Sclxoolmasters Roundtable, Dining Hall Clubg YWCAg Dean's List, '39. DISHONGH, SHELTON . . . . Gravelly Agriculture . . . Transfer from Henderson Teachersg Glee Club, ,39 DOOLEY, JESSE . . Arts . . . Dining Hall Club. DOVER, ELSIE Education. DREWRY, VINETT . . . Belleville . Russellville Western Grove Engineering . . . Dean's List, '39, DUGGER, EVELYN Arts . . . History Club. DUNN, MELVIN . . Arts . . . Glee Club, History CI DYSON, J. C .... Engineering . . . Band, YMCA. ELKINS, MRS. HERBERT . Russellville . . Booneville ubg Masquers. . . North Little Roclz . . . Russellville Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtableg Home Economics Club '38, ELKINS, HERBERT . . . . Russellville Engineering . . . Track, 38, '39, Engineers, Club, T Association. lfi. .. g if es .gg Xa J . X x X J 1 P xrl' I QQ H. V RTW A 'K f 43, ' rf .l ,J J. sf, xi a 'Ti iff- J, Y. xl 'Q lx u s sf 5 ff D 145 if. FAULKNER, LEONARD Russellville Engineering. FLURRY, A. D. . Russellville Arts. FRAZIER, W. G. Summers Agriculture. FREE, REBECCA . . . Gould' Arts . . . History Club, Masquers. FREEMAN, IVA ...... Ola Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable, Dean's List, 39. FUDGE, LOY . . Melbourne Agriculture . . . FFA. . Fort Smith FULLER, GROVER . . . Agriculture . . . FFA, Track, 38, '39, Baseball, '38, '39, T Association. Dardanelle FULTON, ANNA ..... Home Economics . , . Agri Day Queen, '39, Student Council, '39, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Grange, '38. . . . . . Russellville GANNER, KING Engineering . . . Track, '38, '39, Engineers' Club, T Association, Business Manager Engineers' Edition of Arlca-Tech, '39, ' GATES, CARROLI .... . Little Rock ! Arts . . . Glee Club, Baseball '39. GATTIN, MARVINA . . . Russellville Arts . . . Football, '37, '38, T Associalton . i GAULT, JOE D. ..... Dardanelle Arts . . . Football '39, T Association, Vice-president Freshmen, '38. GOODWIN, PAUL ..... Strawberry Arts . . . History Club, YMCA, Baptist Students' Union, Dean's List, '38, Schoolmasters Roundtable. GRACE, FRANK .... . Dardanelle Agriculture . . . Student Manager Dining Hall, President Din- ing Hall Club, Grange, '38, ,gm W . . . il .gigs KK 'Wg S 2 A Q68 NH gf ,ws if gg Kg Ns? if sf K sf WIS iw ff l mrs K Q S J .ts fi' as q I ' if s M S Sw Us gg,-1 WL, 9 , , ..., ., 2',i,'i"k'b: i""'3fVlf -- W' . lfwesfffaf-fwiw of f H M. 2 m-:rw-, .. sg.-s.. s.. fsqw-'.,.... .s'...,fss..t V A- .- as-.. ' . ..K , fu,-,'...... . wf ss-. f f : . srs' . , A . ll?-ww-xhtm l . K .. .acr e -. ey or ,xslt 'V K s-5-ff' fiiifiz .a is "tam K. ff H . .W-N... X ,ql .. , , . 5 ,, ,.t..,,,,. , Q ,,.,.,,,.,.,s, ., , ., jg, , fr., A. .. , L, , My . .,.. 2. , A M, , Jhlli 3 Ai '- jigsa w-.fG:.-':E3 . , vu- M sts Urns, , .. I 'wil--ss lzfti 1 s ., Q- f - . . A .- - Y- T, - f K fl ' . 5 'kilt K K r' A " K 0 :H mfr -iv ., .3 . 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Forestry Club. HALL, CLAUD .... North Little Rock Agriculture , , . President Fcrcstry Club, HAMILTON, MARY ALICE . . . MOTTilfO71 Arts . . . Transfer from Henderscn State Tca.hers. HARKEY, SELMA ELIZABETH . . Darclanelle Home Economics . . . Homecoming Queen, 39, President Home Economics Club, YWCA,'Masquers, Who's Who, 39. HARRIS, BONNIE LEE ..... Aplin Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable, YWCA, Dining Hall Club, Pep Squad. HARRIS, JOE .... . Dardanelle Engineering . . . Dean's List, '38-739. HARRIS, KATHRYN . . Dardanelle Arts . . . Dean's List, 38, '39. HARRIS, KEITH . . . . . Lonsdale Agriculture . . . Agri Day King, 39, FSA. HART, EDITH .... . Norman Home Economics . . . Dlnlng Hall Club. HATCH, JAMES ..... Darclanelle Engineering . . . Band, Engineers' Club, Lgtans List, '38. HA,YNES, VANCE . . . Clvarleslon Agriculture . . . Baseball, '39. HAZER, HARRY . . . Little Rock Engineering . . . Glee Club, '39, HEARN, WILMA . . . . . Greenwood Education . . . YWCA, Dining Hall Club, Glee Club, Baptist Students' Union, WP? fi' x i-,., HELTON, SAM . . . . Scott Agriculture . . . Glee Club, '38. HENDERSON, JUANITA . . Lamar Home Economics . . . Glee Club, '39. HICKERSON, FLETA .... Huntington Arts . . . YWCA, Schoolmasters Roundtable, D'ean's List, y39. HICKEY, LEONARD . . . . Clarksville Agriculture . . . Football '37, '38, Baseball '38, 339, Track ,38, '39, T Association. HOBBS, RAY . ..... Fort Smith Agriculture . . . Boxing, '38, '39, State A. A. U. Champion, i38. HOLLABAUGH, JOHN . . . . Leflie Engineering . . . Transfer from Arkansas State College, Deanys List, '39, HOLLABAUGH, SIMPSON . . . Marshall Arts . . . Editor 1939 Agricola, President History Club, Feature Writer for Arlca-Tech, '38, Masquers, YMCA, ,38, Dean's List, '38, '39, Whois Who, 339. HOLLEY, ODELL ..... Centerville Agriculture . . . FFA, Student Council, Assistant Business Man- ager Agricola, '39. HONOMICHEL, WALTER Hackett Arts. HOSEY, NEIL ...... Pocahontas Education . . . Campus Queen, '39, Schoolmasters Roundtable, Masquers, Baptist Students, Union, Pep Squad, Secretary-Treas- urer Sophomores, i39. HUDSON, MAUD ..... Clvarleslon Education . . . YWCA, Dining Hall Club, Grange, '38, I-IUNNICUT, RICHARD .... Benton Arts . . . Football '37, '38, T Association, Glee Club, ,38, Stu- dent Council. HUNTER, ELMO . Mulberry Engineering . . . YMCA. HYTREK, FRAN K .... Tekamab, Neb. Arts . . . Orchestra, '39, Baseball, '39. I A ii 33 . 2 ig, , is .Q 4 Q 5 1 Q st Z, ..,,.. ., , .,,,- . s 'Ne-ag as s V ' 3 iz, i rx is LW' '4 if f M, Q li gr M i c as 'il Q L ii, , H 1 an e 3 -s ag S 45, 1 at is 4 t We is , , , , W ,,,. , A . .. ' , i 1 11,5 . . 5. i--., . i ., .. -fi., , I Q 1 .L -f A ' ' ' A ' ' -' A, 1 ' C Q? Jiri 5 . 26 S ' .ff 3 ' N ' . - l, , . ' 'ig 1 '- '.e, . 1 s- -' if K -v X' - i f . ' 'i i - ,. re ' , ii gm ,,,., ,,., 4 ' H Mm " l X , ' -f' . 3 1 9 ' ,'., if 'i., 1' ' 1 7 . ' L if? if ' - ' ft- f a 4 :A f t , if --,' , if , , Lf 3 .',i' ' "" l W 'ti" L f i ' 0 5" f 1 K 'lui' YQ., " "U" A 3 my A 'T ' w 3 T i? 'i"'i"' 'Life -5'-'Q' ff- 72.9 .- . f . . A L t 3' X , , . iw f 2 s K .. :ns , gc.. ..-7,951-sgfggf-'m3,,g,,5,.g,, as 1 Q .wmimm :MA mai wa egg ,aka ,ri.i,, .,,. its 1,' A 0 Y , iw.. rv 8 A I kkrk K K V:'k K , I I A I it -..-A 4 1 .5 . ,Q'. - iff? tl v fl . M h . . . . - , . .... ' .Q mg, . N ' A ,,-.. Y,,QA V f A AAvY- Jill A ,X ' V is 4 E JACKS, MARSHALL .... Pine Bluff Agriculture . . . YMCA, FFA, Forestry Clubg Dearfs List, 39. JENNINGS, C. B. . . . Clinton Arts. JETER, HARRY ...... Norman Agriculture . . , Arlca-Tech Staff, ,385 Agricola Staff, '38, FFAg Grange, ,385 Masquers. JOHNSTON, FRANK Booneville Agriculture. JONES, HASKELL . . Mansfield Arts . . . Pre-Med Club. JONES, HOWARD . ..... Vilonia Agriculture . . . Track, V389 FFAg T Association. JORDAN, ROSE MARY .... Booneville Home Economics . , . Masquersg Baptist Students' Union. KEENER, LOLA . . . . . . Danville Education. . . Dining Hall Club, Schoolmasters Roundtable, YWCA. KINNEY, RAGON ..... Hartman Engineering . . . Engineers' Clubg Boxing Coach, 38, '39g State A. A. U. and Golden Gloves Championg Glee Club '38g T As- sociationg Whoys Who, '39. KIRKPATRICK, ROY . Green Forest Arts . . . Cheer Leader. KNIGHT, ORMAN .... Malvern Arts . , . Business Manager Arlca-Tech, '39. Danville Agriculture. v LANGSTON, IRVIN . . . Russellville Arts . . . Glee Clubg Band, Masquers. LAYL, HAZELDINE .... Pocahontas Education . . . Transfer Arkansas State Collegeg Schoolmasters Roundtableg Baptist Students' Uniong Masquersg Dean's List, '39. B LEACI-I, SILVA ...... Gentry Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable, YWCAg Dining Hall Club. LESSLEY, MARY FRANCES . . . Mulbeiry Arts . . . Transfer College of Ozarks, Bandg Baptist Students, Uniong Glee Club. . 1 l l LEWIS, ALLEN ...... Altlveimer W Agriculture . . . Forestry Clubg Dean's List, '38, '39, f LINTON, MARION ..... Heclor Arts . . . Arlca'Tech Staff, 739g Drum Major, ,39g Glee Club, Who's Who, '39, McALISTER, MARDEE Hector Education. NICCLESKEY, G. V ...... Forrest City Arts . . . Pre-Med Clubg YMCA, Band. 4 MCCLURE, CHARLES . . . Wes! Men1pl7i5 Agriculture . . . Student Councilg Football, ,37, '38, T Associa' tiong Chairman Vigilance Committeeg YlVlCAg Whois Who, ,39. MCCLURE, JANET . Dardanelle Arts . . . Pep Squad, l MCDANIEL, MARGIE .... Liltle Rock Arts. . .Baptist Students' Union, Six-point Honor Student 739. McFERRAN, JOE ...... Lavaca Agriculture . . . FFA, Student Councilg Dining Hall Club. l MCGEHEE, DEWARD Magazine 1 Agriculture . . . FFA. MCILROY, ROBERT .... . Cass Arts . . . Transfer from University of Arkansas. MCMILLAN, FRANK Magazine Agriculture . . . FFA. MAJORS, JULIAN . . Dardanelle 5 gygz 'fix ' Arts . . . History Club. L i ',-L' 3 1 , sg. .aa- :... -: nf , .r wt i as , ag A- WWE N.. .. sigwk iw 1 2 ,te , as Lu new lxliiii 5 -Wim' ffrftrawmg Eg? Li A556 5 HF QM. at ' Rig 'tr wi is Y My JS 41,5331 i ef E Y if N? W1 ri' Ya ,speed ,Q -ER ,, .,,. . 'if X' I -"1 7 i ' , i --'lin Egg, g 3 A ,y Q. U- ist. -'await ,, ,. ., . . . ye fge- . wt .L :ga-1-mm..-w. .ww -fa -- ,s -H ,. ., . . ,, .. . f . V - A J V W ' s't' U " ' " -5 , ::. ,, , r - .L iw ' - . -. s f ya, f yr -'gr-' -NH gt, f 1 vnfezwi ? if We is K' J-fa s -. at 'F' M ' .. -- . V - it - " - - ' di or 't atm . Hesse ,,. ' -'Jr LE.: , "at j:.If:, '. f pn X, . f? . r --"fff. 'j, ff- J f .L T' '-rig ' fgj.Q'f', -' ,, -, , f.:i ' : L ww ,,., ...W .,. . ,. ' is it w in si .K 'rw .. 5 A 1 0 . l Ai . . R A N A - K.: If J W i.'-i QA1, fAL ,-,'.V ,kALA:b' ,kf. -,'-, .. . 'A I N IVIALLETT, FRANCIS . . . Lillle ROCIQ Q. Engineering . . . Glee Club, '38, MAY, CHESTER . Paragould Agriculture. J MILLER, ALWIN ..... Dardanelle , Agriculture . , . FFAg Grange, '38, Arlca-Tech Staff, '38, MILLER, ROY DALE .... Siloam Springs Education . . . Baseball, ,38, '39, History Club, President Masquersg T Association, Schoolmasters Roundtable, Who's Who ,39 MINOR, PAULINE ..... Van Buren Education . , . YWCA, Glee Club, Pep Squad, Schoolmasters Roundtable. MITCHELL, JOHN BOYD .... Osceola Agriculture . . . Transfer Phillips University, Forestry Club, FFA, YMCA. MOORE, MORRIS . Danville Engineering. MORAN, ALICE ...... Van Buren Arts . . . Masquersg Pre-Med Clubg Band. MORELOCK, ERNEST ..... Clarksville Engineering . . . Track, '38, '39, Football, '38, T Association. MORGAN, BUFORD . . . Russellville Arts . . . Masquersg Bandg Orchestra MURPHY, L. V ...... . Dover Arts . . . History Club, Dcan's List, '39, NEAL, LILLIAN ...... Russellville Arts . . . Six-point Honor Student, Dean's List, '38, '39, His- tory Clubg Who's Who, '39. NEWKIRK, JOHN . . . . . Iessieville Agriculture . . . Business Manager Agricola, '39, Agri Day At- tendant, '39, FFA. NEWTON, STANLEY . . . Russellville Engineering . . . Engineers' Club. HHH an I O'NEAL, LOUISE Van Buren Home Economics. O',NEAL, NORA JEAN Scotland Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable OTWELL, OREL . Hot Springs Agriculture . . . President FFA Grange 38 YMCA PARKER, ORLIE . Wabash Arts . . . Student Council Football 38 President Pre Med Club, T Association. PARKER, ROBERT . Plummerwlle Arts . . . Editor Arka-Tech 39 Sports Editor Agricola 39 President History Club, Feature Writer for Arlca Tech 38 Dean's List, '38, PATTERSON, ELIZABETH Alpena Education . . . Six-point Honor Student 39 Deans List 38 '39, Schoolmasters Roundtable PATTERSON, MARY ANNA Alpena Education . . . Six-point Honor Student 39 Deans List 38 '39, Schoolmasters Roundtable PATTISON, D'OROTHY Llttle Rock Home Economics . . . Cheer Leader 38 39 Deans List 38 PAlTTISOlXl, MILDRED Little Rock Arts . . . Pre-Med Club, Agricola Staff 39 Pep Squad PAYNE, MARCELLA Belleville Education . . . Dining Hall Club Schoolmasters Roundtable PEARCE, HOWARD Little Rofk Education . . . Football, 37 38 Football Captain 38 All State Guard, '38, President T Association Pre Law Club 38 Whols Who, '39, PHILLIPS, VERADINE Home Economics. PICKREN, KATI-IRYN Home Economics . . . P PIERCE, MALCOLM . Agriculture . . . FFA. A.-. I r ,H 'C 'lf if ygfpw W .M 4 'Y' WLM .ee -fl. -. ,. ,rg a s M W -f v :sb ax vi fs M. . pk., A, ,,,,+.,..1 .WJ L , , ,xy ,, . I , J L , ,. I . .sem A .gigggg ,,,,,.a K , W 0 ' ' ' r t , -- ,ii f 'g-ikfsg, I 75' . , H , . ' , fi35Ps.....,,M V vw. J .. ,wif-f--fr U 1. A f,-.. f,f5,,z,,4.ae54, 1 3 . 5, ,,.,, - ,,.,,f.,5t,,s . W. .1 13l,,,,,, 4 .7 . ..,.,,..,- I iw 1 . - 1 at f PM .. I A I p! A , Q H H ,. x1 5 , . f , 35" ,. IN! 'Q T V '- , W f Lf , . A - . Waeicigj . - 4 'W i t , . . t' af X f Wi PIERCY, DOLLY .... . Lavaca Education . , . Schoolmasters Roundtable. PIERCY, EUN EVA ...... Lavaca Education , , . Schoolmasters Roundtable, Dean's List, '39, POOL, HAYS ........ Ola Engineering . . . Student Council, Engineers, Club. RACHEL, LAVIENA . . . Russellville Education. RACKLEY, L'ORENE . . Pottsville Education . . . Pep Squad. W RAMER, C. A. . . . England Agriculture. RANEY, EARL .... . Marble Falls Education . . . Dean's List, '38, '39. REED, TROY ...... Booneville Agriculture. . . FFAg Dining Hall Club, Track, '38, '39, T Association. REED, VIRGINIA . . I . . . Russellville Arts . . . Dining Hall Club, Pep Squad. REYNOLDS, FRANCIS .... Little Rock Engineering . . , Agricola Staff, ,38, '39g YMCAg Masquersg Cheer Leader. RILEY, ROBERT . . .. . . . McGel7ee Engineering . . , Masquersg Glee Club, Engineers, Club. ROBB, ELDON . . . . Decatur Agriculture . . . FFA, YMCA. ROBERTS, JAMES ..... Booneville Agriculture . . . Agri Day Manager, '39, FFA, Baptist Student Uniong Grange, '38, ROBERTS, MARY RUTI-I .... Moreland Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable, Deanis List, 39. 'N ROBERTSON, BOYCE ..... Fouke Agriculture . . . Transfer Texarkana Junior College, Clubg YlVlCAg FFA. ROBINS, CARL . . Agriculture. ROGERS, HELEN JANE .... Home Economics . . . President Masquersg Home Club, YWCA. RO'GERS, TOM . . . Arts . . . Glee Club. ROLLOW, WRAY ALLEN . . Arts . . . Quartetg Glee Club. ROSE, GLEN .... . Agriculture . . . Dean's List, '38, ROSE, VERLIS ...... Agriculture . . . Postmaster, ,38, '39g FFAg Studen ROSS, ELIZABETH . . . . Arts . . . Pre-Med Club, Pep Squad. SALMON, GARVYN ..... Dining Hall Norman . Earle Economics Russellville Jonesboro Russellville . Flippfn t Council. Russellville Russellville Agriculture . . . Football, '37, ,38g Baseball, ,385 Forestry Club, T Association. SATTERFIETLD, GUILA GRACE . . Russellville Education . . . Sclxoolmasters Roundtableg Secretary-Treasurer Freshmen, '38, SCHNEIDER, JOHN . Agriculture. SCISSON, KEATHLEY . . Arts. SCOTT, EDWARD ..... . Foulke Danville . Alma Agriculture , . . FFAg Dining Hall Clubg YMCAg Forestry Club. SEXTON, JIMMIE ..... Home Economics . . . Home Economics Club. Ml. Judea , ,,,. .:., :h,1 f T ff k'h,. 4 ...-. . , ., , , .,.:, , yivy ii L y'A1 A Asa A A . S 'Q me " 'W 1: 'wt ff A K A ff 1 ff any f Q Jw. sv A if M ' xi, Q s A Q is A sw fi, E sf . ,QM it . W' 6, fr Qiifwif is 5 , 5 g-.-- . . . jg, ,,mg,V ,,f1,g',431M,,, , me Q ui , , f ,P ea. -'4 2 S 4 , 1- ages - T, . sg P A c, P pf N .. lt .FN T . j -. -1 I 5,:i.s 5z3fa:,Qc: f22fi:fi,,..fsmzfw- twig K is an 2. 52 1 A R. . . as I.. , .E rm, , . . .,. S s, ,si , A ,Q , ss .t. ,. c as t 1 xr' S : ' .,, is - fl t A ,fezkgwc ei 45 W S , ,,.,.r 7, A if , in 4 as g A A 1.5 mis, ... f 1 5 sw Q e K5 Snag, ,JU , f Y, 2 2 M A if Aa, ,gaps ii M wk sa X ,FMA wages i ,Q xi ,N si K ge, q.i,M K Us A , A -. ' . , tt.-r-:. - . I EES: gat Myg 57411,-frzg, 1 3-2-:ww sv:i...:1'-sw-A 1, af SI-IELTON, EUGENYA Arts . . . YWCA, Grange, 38, Pep Squad. SHILLING, MARY LEE Education . . . Schoolmasters SI-HNN, BONNER Arts. SI-IINN, GLADINE . Home Economics , . . Glee Club, Pep Squad: Club. SHQEMAKER, HOLDEN Agriculture . . . FFA, President YMCA. SIKES, PHILIP Engineering. SMITH, JOYCE . . Education . . . Glee Club, '3 SMITH, LEON . . Agriculture . . , FFA, Dean SMITH, MARTHADELLE Education . . . Orchestra. SMITH, VERNON . Engineering . . . Glee Club, SPARKS, WARREN . Arts . . . Glee Club . . . . . Russellville Arts . . . Agricola Staff, ,395 Arka-Tech Staff, '38, STEPHENS, A. G. . STEVENSON, ADA . Arts . . . Glee Club, '38, STEWART, JANE . Home Economics . . Club, Pep Squad. 8. 's List, '38, '39. , '38, Arka-Tech Staff, '39. . Campus Queen, 38, Home Economics . . . Plainview . . . . Ola Roundtable. . Russellville . Russellville Home Economics . . . . Little Rock . Hector . . Mt. Judea . . . . . Havana E . North Little Rock . . Russellville 738. . . . . Des Arc . Ozark . . . . Greenwood 5 2 41 STOBAUGH, ROY . Clvoctaw Education . STORY, VEO ....... Hector Arts . . . Basketball, ,38, '39, Track, '38, '39, Baseball, '38, '39, T Association, Deanls List, 38. STRICKLAND, O. . . . Russellville Arts . . . Track, '38, '39, T Association STRICKLAND, PEARL .... Russellville Home Economics . . . Home Economics Club. TAYLOR, BERTRAM . Nimrod Agriculture. TAYLOR, CHARLES ..... Newport Arts . . . Football, '38, Boxing, '39, Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion, ,395 T Association. TAYLOR, JOSEPI-IINE ..... Wharton Education . . . President Caraway Hall Organization, Student Council, Schoolmasters Roundtable, Masquers, Glee Club, 38, Pep Squad, Who's Who, '39. TILLMAN, KATHLEEN ..... Dover Education . . . Schoolmasters Roundtable, Pep Squad. Q ' ON' QAAA-bl!!! . 1 y TRICKEY, D. J. 6' . North Little Rock Agriculture . . . Trans er tate Tefliers. TRIPP, ELVIN . . . Hector Education. TUCKER, CHARLES ..... Morrilton Engineering . . . Football, 37, ,385 Engineers, Club, Glee Club, Quartet, Student Council, T Association. TURNBOW, CALVIN . Hector Arts . . . Glee Club. TURNER, BERNARD . . Maracaibo, Venezuela Engineering . . . Pep Squad, YMCA. TURNER, LYNELL . Dover Agriculture. fl A W 1 J W l ff.. Q V2 'X ww ag sm N I Newport ationg Glee Snowball Belleville Greenbrier Agriculture President Sophomores 39 Basketball, 38, ,399 USREY CLARA . Atkins Home Economics Assistant Agn Day Manager ,395 Home VANCE ALFRED Russellville WARREN EUGENE Calico Rock Agriculture President Student Council Star Farmer, Ar- kansas Vlce president Nat FFA Grange 38 Whos Who, y39. WARREN MILDRED Russellville WARREN MILTON Russellville WEBB INA . Hector Home Economics Agri Day Maid 38 YWCAg Home WEBB LOIS Hector WHITLOCK DUDLEY El Reno, Okla. WHITLOCK RIDGE EI Reno, Okla. Engineering Boxing 38 Engineers Club, Dean's List, '39g WINBORN WOODROW . Alma WOOTEN CARMEL flippin Agriculture FFA Editor Agri Edition ArkaTecl1. WRIGHT URY Dardanelle DQ.,.C?mQf.,:9J2x.4.. - mf-+3wwA,.ff'fM5.s8, mfrwmbih AA, QMJVMMLA WM? MM ESI-IMEN gee N ARNOLD, HARVEY Agriculture ARP, RUTH . Home Economics BABB, ROBERT . Agriculture BABCOCK, LLOYD Agriculture BAILEY, CHARLES Arts BALDWIN, IKEY Agriculture BALL, ALTON . Agriculture BALL, CLEO Arts BARDEN, KENNETH Engineering BARKER, TROYCE:'Ic4AE Home Economics BARNETT, RAY Agriculture BARTON, BEULAH , Education I 3,,,,,,.,,- BARTON, MARY NELL Education. BARTLETT, ODELL . Arts BASS, OSCAR Agriculture BATSON, ANNETTE Home Economics BEEBY, JACK . Arts BEESON, WILLIAM Arts BELL, MARVIN . Education BENHAM, RAYMOND Agriculture BENTLEY, EARL . Engineering Neu'ark . Ozark Hartford Decatur . Miller Beaudry England Ravenden Pocahontas Magazi1ze Gentry Morelarzd Ruxsellville Russellville Danville Dardanelle Huntsville Clarksville Garland . Alma Morrilton ie- ' 1wfa:r1vnfrt- -efw'fwwfwH--- U 3 f X , 1-,fr.rt,m.xQ.wtzt.,,t,,,r :tau I-, -f I W? 3 it L if f' W I fm1.' , Q BERKELEY, LOUISE . Arts BERRY, CHARLES IRA Agriculture BEWLEX, AMA BELLE Education BEWLEY, EVELYN Arts RIDDLE, ALBERT . Agriculture Home Economics iii . . , sfellville ssellville N, QDOVH Urbanette BIGGER, FRANKIE LOUISE . , E Forester BLYTHE, LINDON Agriculture BONNER, CLAYTON Agriculture BOUNDS, FAY Engineering BOWDEN, JACK . Engineering BOWERS, WILLIAM . Arts BRADFORD, GEORGE Agriculture BRADLEY, A. B. . Agriculture BREWER, IRENE . Home Economics BROGDON, GEORGIA Education BROGDON, LOIS Education BROWN, HAROLD Engineering BROWN, JAY J. . Engineering BRYAN, GRACE . Home Economics BUEL, V. E. . Engineering BUELL, HAROLD DEAN Agriculture eenbrier rleston . ,Ozark I ssellville . Cave City . Marshall Clinton . Dover Mountainburg Mourztairlburg Ft. Smith Little Rock I-Iarrimn . Paris Green Forest - JE if H fi, .,.,, V. , J tv, , - Q .dv-My 'iw Z' YP 'U , U i 11 + U JB 'Q I . 5: . ,Sf ' i H . A -":2w- 1' :gf is. , 5 'dfijffa ' 5 I ii I 0 J 5 t . BULLOCK, ANNA . Education BURLESON, REX . Agriculture BURRIS, ADLISSA . Home Economics BURRIS, RUTH . Education BUTLER, NOEL Arts BYRAM, NEIL . Agriculture CAID, WILBUR . Agriculture CALLAN, WILLIS Engineering CAMPBELL, BILLY WITT Arts CANNON, WALTON Engineering CARTER, GEORGE Arts CARTWRIGHT, J. D. . Education CAVINESS, TOM . . Arts CHAMBERS, ANNA LOU Education CHAMBERS, WINFRED Agriculture CHANDLER, GAYLE Engineering CHAPPELL, IMOGENE . Arts CHEEK, ARNOLD . Engineering CHRISCO, BOYNE . Agriculture CHRONISTER, EVELYN Home Economics CHURCHILL, R. L. . Arts I 'N ,, Hector . Everton Russellville . Russellville Benton Melbourrie . Leslie . Ft. Smith lValnut Ridge Dardanelle . Perryville . Adam: . Bluffton . Hector . Nashville Little Rock . ZWcCrory . Pyatl Mouritairzburg Rusxellville Hector 063, f 1-Q -ss. x...,e, .. e.. .4i':?W51 C fb . A .L.V A ,f . Ji, , A K,-Kg1 7 , --:, t ier- '1.' ,, . 'fi -"L 4 11 1 .,-L- , L-,- 1 iiei O ,L JJ , l A M ' it , 6 i t J e Ll I , D - it Efgff. L " .L ,K JV A, mQm ,, Y . mn- ix ON M V -...ff 11, A , I A ' Atet , V, ,Fl f. ' :. CLARK, CLYDE . . Centerville V' ::' J A -,'i i i y W S., Agriculture . CLAYTON, ELOY JEAN . Aplin L, .'-q - ge t L3 Home Economics E I Iv " 3l t K L COMPTON, LLOYD Wm spfmgf A r Education 1' W :-' H COVEY, LEON . Benton Agriculture CRABTREE, DOUGLAS Helena Agriculture CRITZ, JAMES Rusxellville Engineering CROSSNO, MARY DELL . Paris 1 Home Economics Q gy ' CROSSNO, THELMA . . Paris 1 14" Education K A "i' X 5 DANEHOWER, SAM . Forrexr Cin ,' , Agriculture ,L , , 4 5, 35:13 is f Hi"eJ.-.'QI-- DANIEL, WILLIAM . . I'V3'n'1e Agriculture 'gy DANIEL, GARLAND . Camden Agriculture DANNER, JOHN . . Fr. Smith Engineering N , ."':-' I .ai lp! DAVIS, GEORGE . . . Fl- Sfrliflv Agriculture DEAN, HELEN LOUISE Home Economics DEAN, VIRGINIA Arts DeLONG, EDWARD Agriculture DICKEY, RALPH . Engineering DODSON, FRANK Arts DOUGLAS, JOE . Agriculture DUNN, MESCAL . Home Economics ELLIS, JACK . Arts , Alma . Camden . Ilflorriltou Parthenon . Ozark Bentonville Greemvooa' Russellville ,.,,'fy,.- than , ELLISON, ORLIE . Agriculture ELROD, FLOYD Engineering ENGLAND, HASKELL Agriculture ENGLAND, IDUS . Arts FERGUSON, JAMES Arts FERGUSON, JOE LEE . Agriculture FERGUSON, KATIE ELLEN Education FISHER, RAYMOND . Agriculture FISHER, ROY . Agriculture FLIPPIN,' ELMA Education FLOYD, DAVIS . Education FORESEE, WAYNE Agriculture FREEMAN, VIRGIE . Education FULMER, NVILLIAM . Arts GALLAHER, MILTON Engineering GANT, HILTON . Arts GARDNER, JANICE . Home Economics GORMAN, I-IAZEL . . Oden Little Rocglv' Rfsuellville ' ..c-' . Russellville . Russellville . Booneville . . Pottsville o England . Wright . fI'Iippin . Lavaca Lead Hill Russellville Booneville . Pihe Bluff - . Greenwood Russellville . Cherry Hill' Agriculture GARRETT, CHARLES . Stillwell, Okla. Agriculture GATTIN, EARL . Benton Agriculture GENTRY, LEO , Conway Q ' Education 5:56 5? ii I. i"'Ff 7"A ,3ifTiE'f'-i??Zf",Q2- 1 Jw' f,-r ffm- ' s' 1 ',--'7'w, were .t " -fran-Q3 ' f -fa-W te, - 3 ' ' J tg' '-" F , ,, . J. .- 7' ' f- fi 'f '-af f: -T 'if -,aft ' :', , ,..:,, A f- ' L' , 2 . fcfgfiif! 7. , 1 'iff 5 -' 1 Fe-F55 X sv' ' f ffl,-W,,,e,l , my A , Q -. ., left- 1: :,1f,.uz at- -if If am- - M. v,,4 f 5 MLM.-. 'jf . - Q- 1: -- sf- , V Jw L, . .. ,. ,.,t. , . ,,,, , , . ,, A , . , 's . 2 - 3- ' . . ' ' 'E . . 5 I 5 75 'S tii' F I 'F 1 s . 1 , , - X, -'-.-. ,,', Q K f ' ' B -etl- I 2 . 1 tl.' it ,E tll. . 4 w to ' yt-si if f--f- 1 vt - - f . ',w-wwf f- .g it- k.ft -ff it-QV, ..,. , , - .ti , wp , ,, K , M. Q4 Tl , ".t' A - , 'A r. 3 I '-it' ,t ,"'- A ' 1' - 'tt' 0 A .Q J ,- .l,L I ' . J D I xv' I J 3 3, A L , h-Qf J W I 'Ne A-305 L IQ l 1-lv - is ff iiamw Awww- eQJ...G, A.s.i,a.1.: e A me ' V' I I A X I X GEORGE, JOE . . C iron Agriculture fv 'Q GILBREATI-I, PEARL ...... Alix Education GIMLIN, JOHN , Dale Education ' -- ' GIMLIN, LOIS . -. Dale ' Education 1 7' ' ' GOODNER, LIONEL . ,-- . 'S 3 Odin Q Agriculture I ' ' I ' " ,Q 3 I ii GORDON, SARA LEE. . , . worrilton Arts i U . X GORDON, TERREL Giegnnlood I , in A ' j g Agricubure X - ' X' A b ,gg L -A ' I we A GOSSIEN, ALFRED .Nort Little Rock I 'Q gf Agriculture ' t GRANT, JAMES EARL .... - Runellville ' ,::' Engineering X A GREENE, VIRGINIA . . Ft. Smith I L - Home Economics I I i GREER, PATRICIA . . . . Ozark I-3 1 ggi 'f xml if Home Economics ' 3 EMA I ' I GROSS, FRED EUGENE . . . Lonolze . ,f .J Agriculture 4 . :fi ."' I ii ii Y . 1 bi I! i fl k GUSTAFSON, JAMES . K Y . . . Searcy Arts H i L . Z? GUTHRIE, MELBURNE . . Lime Rock .5 I L, , AQ-Q ig g Engineering ' K 1 HAIRE, JAMES . Danville ' Agriculture ..V. i' 'M ' QQ .,-,. 51, . A I-IALBROOK, WINONA Cleveland Education - I-IAMES, RUSSELL . Cenlerville Agriculture HAMILTON, JOE . . Paris Arts HAMILTON, JOHN . Pangburn Arts HANEY, ERVIN . . Atkinx I Agriculture ,aw HARDIN, LUTHER . Tupelo ,, Lk ' Agriculture X 2 5' if A W - f M HARDWICK, GEORGE . Paris Engineering HARKEY, VIRGINIA . Russellville Arts HARRIS, WILLIAM C. . . Omaha, Neb. Engineering HARRIS, VVILLIAIVI P. . Waldron Engineering HATCHETT, JOHN . Clinton Arts HATHAWAY, ELIZABETH . Little Rock Arts I-IAYNES, PAUL . . Ratcliff Agriculture I-IELTON, ZOE . . Scot! Agriculture HENRY, LUCILLE . Thornburg Home Economics HENSON, EVELYN , Rusfellville Education HICKEY, RUSSELL . Cl-ferry Hill Agriculture - HICKMAN, GERALD England Agriculture HIGGINS, HANFRED . . Harmony Agriculture HILL, I. E. MIKE . Ft. Smith Arts ' HOLDERBY, GEORGE . . Globe, Arizona I Engineering HOLLAND, RUSSELL . . Little Rock Engineering I-IORNE, R. . Danville Agriculture HOUSE, LLOYD . Perryville Agriculture , I I HOUSTON, HOWARD . . Booneville K , I Arts me it A A 1, 9 HOWARD, JAMES PAUL . . Little Rock . ,.'. YI f iie, 33: Arts I : I 5 U V I II it . 5 if ,,--- HUDSON, CURGUS JIM . . Parthenon ,, f "' . Education Q . . 5 " " l iiig ., -i'i f .-.-' S " ll ' A I ' i. i.i-i eee.'e. I am " A xe.. . ' V. f " I 3 if l'rVi ,... - . Q ii - A 2 - x"' ' '-1: k ' "" , - .. . .,,.. , ,--', 7 ,,,,.., .. "', 'i',,.- gf ,,,! I ,kguz I , I .,,. I, MM.. A ., 'f X ' ' .",.. I I Q .. .cg K Q9 x i , Q '- r, ei J Q5 A J lg if A RJ HUDSON, GERALDINE . . M07Eld11d Education HUGGINS, JAMES . Ozark Engineering HUNTER, XWILLARD . Mulberry Agriculture HUTCHINSON, FRANK . . Russellville Agriculture HUTTO, WILSON . . Varner Arts JACKSON, TI-IERON . Mulberry Agriculture JAMES, FRANK . Van Buren Engineering JAMES, JEWELL BETH . . Russellville Arts JAMES, RAYDUS . Wavelaiid Engineering JENNINGS, ROBERT Hot Springs Engineering JOHNSON, MARCELLA . Gassville Arts JONES, BILLIE LOUISE Russellville Education JONES, ERWIN . Scot! Agriculture JONES, MARY SUE . Pawn Education JONES, ROBERT . . Harrison Engineering JORDAN, AL GENE . . Russellville Arts JORDAN, EMMA, DALE . . Roswell, N. M. Arts KARR, MARGARET . Altus Education KAYLOR, WALTER . . Van Buren Agriculture KEATHLEY, EVELYN . Danville Home Economics KEATHLEY, LOUISE , Danville Education 'H .fill 5 , ww! fr-as 1 3:-ir Sli' 1 Q 5:-Tig N , ,,,. J ,,., . X it , J , -1 KEE, PAT . . Little Rock Agriculture KEELING, HAROLD . - .ldfpff Arts KEELING, JOE . - ld-VPU Arts KEENER, ELBERT Atkim Agriculture KEETON, JAMES . . Rusxellville Agriculture KIMBERLIN, JAMES . Atkins Agriculture - KING, EMMA GRACE . Morrilton Home Economics KOEN, JOSEPHINE Rursellville Education KOEN, VIRGINIA . . Russellville Arts KRAUS, JACK . Clarkfvillt Engineering LACKEY, JERRAL . England Agriculture LANGFORD, ERMA . Rumellville Home Economics LAUGHLIN, MINNIE . North Little Rock Education LEE, WILLIAM . Malvern Engineering LEMLEY, ELSIE . . Dover Education LEWIS, HAZEL . . Greenwood Home Economics LEWIS, ODELL , Danville Arts LEWIS, O. J. . Ola Agriculture LINCK, IKE K. . . Flippin Agriculture LINDSEY, BUFORD . Pine Bluff Agriculture LINGLE, HERSHEL . Mulberry S Education iw 73 i i ii i lif' ,QQ ..J.., , ic, WM I i,,, , it ,. itci ,,tic ,, ccii .A ,tc. i,ti I ., ., , J , , .,,N v 3 ,-.., ,, ' "21 fa z'. .hh I ':', V or J .'-- :-- 1 :bf -. -Lf Q V ::.s 1.l 4 'Q '-1 . ' W . 'H .,.- . ' A -it 'A ' flll rf H V- -.'. -a-..' . if .,-: t:-- , iiiiif I -1 0 ' ' 1 1 I I - L i ' "J -- ., . V5 yl ' Whig wg? 'V .ri '-... .17 ' f ggi Ll f Qi iv' "" Q "" 1 er? i i r W W fx ee at A sig ,, . 0 , - ' T ' A-11.-Q -we . - ' ,V , ' s f N21 V 1 ri' -. ,s ' if if - ,, J. J in ' V I L ' nfl ' iiffffii ' A 'Q K I A. xr,V,. ir' , mi. .,,L A A , , .l ' gtfrffs , .I ,O r . A 1 5. - , - 1. .Q 3-rag A L - aw 5 J W if - K- L 'A 1' A f..- N A "' . , K' i , K t ff-4' , ffifiigiif Arg:-Lggif X ,. ,. ' M - - . - - 1 f 4..fQgv I I s ,ir ht: 'ri 1 N 5 xiii 1 kk X K is when taiwan M. - T . , rc - :5,r,e fe A-wglmfreir ' frwxwzgef LITTLE, JOHN MAURICE Arts LUCK, ANNETTE Home Economics LYNCH, HERMAN . Agriculture MCALISTER, JOHN Arts McCLAREN, BEN Agriculture MCCOLLUM, ERNEST Engineering McDADE, EVERETT Agriculture McGEHEE, HAROLD . Engineering McILROY, BONNIE LEE Education MCILROY, THERESA FAYE Education McLAN E, SETH Agriculture McLEAN, ROY . Agriculture McNUTT, NAN . Arts MACK, JAM ES Education MAHON, LUCILLE , Education MAJORS, ELWIN Agriculture MAJORS, LELAND . Agriculture MALONE, JAMES . Engineering MARTIN, MAB . Education MARTIN, MILDRED . Home Economics MAYHAN, VIRDELLE' Arts Russellville Russellville . Luxora Russellville Springfield Little Rock England Ft. Smith . Cass . Ozark Clarksville . Everton . Springfield Girard, Ohio Russellville . Belleville . Belleville Hot Springs Hartman . Mena Little Rock. ag RY' MEEK, JAMES Engineering MILHOAN, JOE Engineering MILLER, JANE Home Economics MILLNER, JAYNE Arts MILLS, EDWIN . Engineering MINICK, RALPH Arts MITCHELL, OVA LEE Education MITCHELL, REBA Home Economics MORGAN, MARYNELLE Arts , I MOTEN, JAMES . Agriculture JI' i MYERS, VERN L. 'Q Agriculture NEAL, BARBARA Arts NEWMAN, RUSSELL . Engineering NICHOLS, RUTH ALICE Education NOGGLE, HOWARD . Agriculture NORRIS, BILL . Engineering OATS, MORRIS . Agriculture OGILVIE, HARLOW Engineering OLIVER, ALTON . Arts OLIVER, JAMES Arts OVERBY, GEORGE . Agriculture . Russellville . Paris . Paris . Ola . Hartford Eureka Springs Russellville Midlfind, Calif. xf' , , Russellville ' Q f s -Y .s if fasper l . Perryville . Morrilton . Greenbrier . Mt. Judea . Vilonia . Little Rack . Russellville . Harmony . Magazine . Magazine . Lamar . ' 5' F 35? Iwi Q ,W erik :S Q9 I f X in ai xqge K S., K 1 if I 1 , I if ei- , 3 lit ,K Y N , mexigl time , ,.,,,, , x.,, ,,.. Q.q,. . , M .. uw . Y. :ww-A-M. L' - .W f .1 uf v:.H41h.ri. r-:, . ,,f . Qe:sff-X-,133 fhwfzzfq v .1-wwzgrfri 4, V fin. -,. fi1,9,f,i5iW53,1.,,. ., -if-i, - ,in , 4 gg ,Jw ,I-.mfeigfqfl i -. ' 1 7 ,. isiiqgsmg. X L. , mix. , . , 'I i OWENS, GLADYS Education PADGETT, FRIEDA . Home Economics PARKER, EUGENE . eu ? f E E" E i , . ' R 1 Agriculture PARNELL, RICHARD . Engineering PARSLEY, GERALD . Agriculture PATTERSON, JAMES Agriculture PATTON, HUBERT . Agriculture PEARCE, LLOYD Engineering PENIX, OTIS Agriculture PERKINS, ROBERT . Agriculture PERRYMAN, ANNA FAYE Home Economics PETERSON, TOMMIE . Agriculture PHILPOT, HARRIS . Education POOL, THOMAS Engineering POWELL, CLOTHA . Education POWELL, DREXEL Agriculture POWELL, MAX . Engineering PRESTON, SUE Education PRICE, KENNETH Engineering PRICE, LLOYD Arts PRUITT, JAMES Arts QI , ,. .:1...,, ,. V. , ,, f, ,V A 1, mggrf, f ., . , ,,,' w,fifL?'giiS1wff!-y Wig?" . .maxi-I 1 ' A fi fi it if 4 . W K Fi . .EQM Q, 1 ff. . 1 ' :I -' 52853 'L ??'1'X45fi '23 L. if-I if A' 35:1 QW I N ., 241:52 , - 3,5 55 3. ,gi g - A W ,. Q-1, . Q SE lifi AL" Y -- .5551,g---fifif ww lzsf A i if r . '52, , . ' " is-,. :Ji K , 5. , -A -- ..f.,. I . Hector , . Rusxellville I . Morrilton . Russellville . Lead Hill . Biscoe . Danville Little Rock . Everton ' . Ratcliff . Calico Rock . Belleville Cherry Hill . Ola . Booneville Booneville . Farrexter . Van Buren . Mulberry . Rursellville Levy I if ,J 1 14: ,, J '35 Y, e 2 'X iz - ,ili-1 is 55 M5-I PRUITT, ,IONAH . . Arts PRIVITT, NORMA RUTH Education RAGLAND, HARRY Engineering RANEY, OLIVER . Arts RASBURRY, JAMES . Agriculture RAY, VIRGINIA . Home Economics REASONER, OTHO . Engineering REDWINE, MARY AGNES Arts REECE, ROBERT . Agriculture REEVES, WILFORD OSCAR Engineering REID, RENA SUE Home Economics RENFROE, BILLY . Education REYNOLDS, LEONARD Arts ROBERTS, TREVA . Home Economics ROBINSON, ROY . Arts ROGERS, MARY FAYE Home Economics ROWLAND, REID . Arts RUCKER, MARION . Arts RUSSELL, CHARLES . Arts SALMON, MARVIN Arts SATTERFIELD, JACK Engineering . fasper . Shirley . Fr. Smith jasper , Benlan . fllullzerry Russellville Vlfalnut Ridge . Norman , Lonsdale Russellville . Dyer . Magazine . Harrison Van Buren Russellville . Hector . Benton , Belleville . Russellville . Belleville p . W M, Q 1 1 has E . ,L,. I ggi, L, lik. SCOTT, LILA FRANK Education SCOTT, MORGAN . Agriculture SHADDOX, DOROTHY Education SHARP, ALLIE MAUD Home Economics SHEPHERD, IMOGENE Home Economics SKELCHER, JANE . Agriculture SMITH, ESTON . Agriculture SMITH, FLOYD . Agriculture SMITH, FRED . Agriculture SMITH, HUDSON . Agriculture SNEED, HUBERT Engineering SPAULDING, RUTH Arts SPURLOCK, ERNEST Agriculture STAFFORD, FREDERICK Arts STAFFORD, LEWIS Arts STAFFORD, THURSTON . Agriculture STALLINGS, TURNER Agriculture STANG, MILLARD . Engineering STEPHENS, DAN Arts STEVENSON, BILLY Agriculture STRANG, EXINE Home Economics Dover . Belleville . Russellville . Danville Russellville Russellville . Danville . Malrlcvale . Mablevale North Little Rock . Berryville . Russellville . Huntsville Green Forest Lavaca . Belleville Van Buren Russellville . C li octizw Sallisaw, Okla. . Lavaca , .1 in 1 , V -f, , 4,-its--zu---9 Z ,i22:Za R'-fl Wil., 1, i if, K, m. , . 3 1 sem: STRANG, ADELBERT Agriculture STROUD, DURWARD Engineering STROUPE, ALMON Arts SULLIVAN, KIPP . . Agriculture TANKERSLEY, DORABEL Education TATUM, JOHN , Agriculture TAYLOR, GLADYS . Home Economics TEAGUE, DECK CARL Agriculture TEETER, KATHRYN . Home Economics TEETER, CORA Arts TERRELL, ROBERT Agriculture TI-IATCI-IER, JEAN . Agriculture THOMAS, MICKEY Education THOMPSON, MADISON Arts TIBBELS, WILLIAM Arts TOBEY, ROBERT . TRIPP, MARGUERITE Education TROTTER, PERRY VAN Education TUCK, VIRGINIA LEE Arts TUCKER, KATHLEEN Arts TULL, RAYMOND . Agriculture Lavaca . Formosa Paris Evening Shade . Ft. Smillv . Lead Hill Pine Bluff Mountav1iburg . Poltsville . Pottsville Murfreesboro . Roland . Parthenon . Russellville Evening Shade . Russellville . Harrison . Dover . Poittsville . Mabelvale - Xe --rm vi -yn 11- or " "T zwf'fi,p v'r -' A. J- wt f 1- If A., . vi si Q is iw my T Q -at fi 1 wwf in Wi L ! g if mfg H wi ,ir 'K' if It ZX 3 W I' 41' I za, 8 fl X 2 im img . I J if . , j .tg , se W, -fray ,-5 F., . W i ' 1, , - , 2513?-z -- 1 ' If Asif .. . . V wk-S' Q -i a K , - ,. p rg Q. '- 1 sw , . . L --H - 1, . f le' gf' Q '55, o ge lg , - , -,S - , ,, i sag f Y W.: N 5- 59 ,view -, -, if A -, iz, L 13 'i f f' I 'Z ' 13 Witter Nik E -gi , f .. 3 . W I -, " fs f X 2 -Q i" Q - - 1, W 'EW TURNER, MARGUERITE Arts VESTAL, LAURA . Home Economics VOSS, GWENDOLYN Arts WAGE, ROBERT . Engineering XVALDRIP, IVA LOUISE Home Economics XVALKUP, BERT Agriculture WALLACE, ROBERT Arts WAYNE, ROBERT Agriculture WEAVER, WILLIAM Engineering WEESE, JOHN Arts WELCH, EWELL Agriculture WEST, ROBERT . Engineering WESTERFIELD, KATHERINE Home Economics WHITAKER, BRYANT . Engineering WILDER, WOODROW Arts WILLIAMS, CARL , Agriculture WILLIAMS, IMOGENE . Home Economics WILLIAMS, JOHN Engineering WILLIAMSON, JACK . Agriculture WILLIAMSON, RUTH ELLEN Home Economics WILLIAMSON, VIRGINIA SUE Arts 0 W 1 5 , i I if X Q W :Gln ,,, '- iii wi QQ UN . Dmfer . fmfrmzg N145s'cH1'illc Litllc Rock illuro Hmnimz Km',mlI1'zllc Engimzcl' ll'1A.1!'l'CfH rl lm.: Hizrtzzm . lnzzfrzuz Dclunii Hoomwrflc iI1.1fw 771 lam ff7'U'I'C Sf 7'rI7lV!7l' rry Litlic Rock Greciziwad Nzzxicffafzllc Rzlsfcllvzlla ,tg I S - WITCHER, ROY Arts WOODSON, JOHN Engineering WRAY, GILMEP Agriculture WRIGHT, ' Edufiifr ww' WRIGHF WRIf 3-If--wwf I' xv, E4-5: ,iv S , as 3 fig it 5 Jam. A ,K gk , 6-zz Q f M354 'gf AQ ' mx ,-v, , ik ? fir W f f Q Q1 if xx ,FQ 3, mf. .gsj ,- S Av Qxgf5ggt.5 f, -, Q f ' , 1w,'wifg2 , mr wi 335 F35 fgyi , 3 aff' 2 'Mm ,ff Q - . fy ' T A 3 ' .5Qy. f, ,. A G5-g.51ggQ.1ffr5QvLk , if i Q iv,-LFMYY . . v g ins. -T - Gif 1' ffwfyfgx ff 2 wi sqm A.-0 YQ, Wfi' N 8 i P f A ,fmggk W X?-. H "iam f: ,Q x Qi 7-V ' PM " ,Q All Tl2:??'i,.22,f Tifigffq' ri? fx f , 15218 S ff S q L' A ad, , VVI-IO'S WHO OUTSTANDING EUGENE WARREN-Because he was president of the Student Council ,393 Winner of Tech,s Star Farm- er award '38g vice-president of National FFAg adviser of Tech FFA '38g and lecturer of Tech Grange '38, EARL D. CAMP-Because he was president of School- masters Roundtableg president of Baptist Students, Uniong President of YlVICAg Recording Secretary Stu- dent Councilg a frequent member of the Dean's Listg and a member of the History Clubg Wonder Peppers, and Glee Club. PALLIE BEST-Because she was Associate Editor of The 1939 Agricolag vice-president of the History Club, first semesterg Homecoming Maid '38g often a mem- ber of the Dean's Listg and a member of the Pep Squad 738, and the Masquers Club '38, '39. HOVVARD PEARCE-Because he was co-captain of the Wonder Boys '38g an all-state guard '38g president of the T Associationg and a member of the Masquers, Pre-Law Club, and Glee Club. if l 'Y ng.. CHARLES MCCLURE-Because he was a two-year letterman in footballg chairman of The Vigilance Com- mittee '39g and a member of The Student Council, T Association and YMCA. DALE MILLER-Because he was president of the Mas- quers Club ,39g secretary of the T Association '39g vice- president of History Club '39g and a two-year letter- man in baseball. SELMA ECLIZABETH HARKEY-Because she was Homecoming Queen '38g president of The Home Ec Club '39g secre tary of The MHSQLICFS Club ,393 and a member of Pep Squad '38 and YWCA '39. ROBERT PARKER-Because he was Editor of The Arlca-Tech '39g vice-president of A. C. P. A.g president and International Relations delegate of History Club '39g sports editor of Agricola '39g feature writer Arlca-Tech ,385 and a member of The Dean,s List '38, WHO'S WHO CUTSTANDING MARION LINTON-Because she was a very col- orful Drum Major for the Band, and a member of the Glee Club and Arlca-Tech staff. LILLIAN NEAL-Because of her scholastic ability as shown by her six-point grade averages, and because she was secretary of the History Club. JOHN COWNE-Becatise he was co-captain of the '38 Wonder Boysg an all-state tackle '37g vice-president of the T Association: chairman of the Vigilance Com- mittee ,37g president of the sophomore class ,383 and a member of the Glee Club and Orchestra. SIMPSON HOLLABAUGH-Becatlse he was Edi- tor of the 1939 Agricolag president of the History Club, first semesterg Feature writer for the Arka-Tech '38g an occasional member of the Dean's Listg and a member of the Masquers Club. JO TAYLOR-Because she was president of Cara- way Hall Organization ,393 secretary fsecond semesterl of Masquers Club '39g vice-president of Schoolmasters Roundtable ,393 and a member of The Student Coun- cil ,39, the Pep Squad 38, and the Glee Club '38, BILL NORRIS-Because he was Editor of the Engi- neers' Edition of the Arka-Tech '39g and a member of the Engineers' Club and the Dean's List. RAGON KINNEY--Because he was student boxing coach '38-'39g state Golden Gloves and A. A. U. light- heavy championg and a member of the Engineers' Club '38-,39 and the Glee Club ,38. DAN STEPHENS-Because he was president of the freshman class ,393 and "Mayor" of Red Hill '39, WHO'S WHO Method of Selection A faculty committee composed of A. Crabaugh, chairman, C. R. Nichols, A. S. Turner, Lillian Massie, and C. W. C. Aulsbury was appointed by the editor of The Agricola to select a list of outstand- ing students who would make up the Who's-Who. The faculty committee in turn picked three students, Robert Park- er, Lillian Neal, and Eugene Warren, to assist in the selections and become mem- bers themselves. The combined faculty- student committee selected the remaining members. fDL-awing by Petty-used courtesy ESQUIRE MAGA- ZINE, Copyright 1938 by Coronet-Esquire Ccngpanyj .Miss yfeifujgfosey GHWZPLU Qllgefl For her beauty, ber charm, and her friendliness, the students of Arkansas Tech voted Neil Hosey Campus Queen. ff 1' , A.,f :ggi .M 9 X m 'Q' if 1 f is, S, X 'Z ,- '- ug V a X. u-10 ff f? I 1 .Miss jmoqelze Glmppell Beaufy Queen Mr. George Petty, of ESQUIRE, picked Miss Imogene Chappell to be the Beauty Queen of the 1939 Agricola. X ., , W i X f 52:13 ':':gx- if X ' - 'QW' Cgmma grace :king eaufy 1 1 1 -bilfff L: lil? 'I 'ISr.1e:- , aff' E 'FVQQF .. - x ' "'-.-it 7. '1- ,M L :E KWH. Wfeisw. 1 QE J Z?fig,q,5Y,., 5 yu k "A E' 71 25. ,gg "1 .Miss Cgvefyiz jfeaflzfey 3 e 6l LL f y Vw WIC? Miss Mrqinia Qreene 3 6 H LL If y Q Xin 3 gm 'f ,L ,V , if fa .,. .Miss Sefnza Efizabeflz gfarkey gfomecominq Queen a,M,, , '55, iiljfz, 'kick '55 1' f' 2W gs? V ,625 i w , ' lei? gig, X ,, , Q J xg .,.J! Q 1' 2 , Zzflff -4' Q 1. PHDTCGRAPICALLY S P E A K I N G The Graphic Goes to a Football Game And catches Mr. McEver in one of his lighter moments on the special. as he dons the Drum, Major's headgear and demonstrates his idea of a fan dance . On the sta- tion platform Mallett and Linton and Rollow an d Greene truck on down to the suave swing of George and his hand .... Beneath the smiling faces of Taylor and Chappell protruding from the coach window is 'QOnion Head" Denton7s head . . . Lessley, hell lyre and all, patiently awaits her one and only, Al Gene . . . Pre-game pep in the Arm- oryg the freshmen girls real- ly looked swanlcy in full dress-for hed. f 'Q fav, 1, if' ' ' P. Q-neu yi 4-L Vg? .. 1 Q? 2 1' H Sf, CZ? if? xx :A . E' - X wx fa: sl Q 1 5 if xx, M H Q f fi A X 2 , ., Q E :,, .1 v V if il' I W 3 1 3, Q jwjgai' A? Q -Mac y 4 . 9 M.. A mmm yy .1 ,I . 1 . X "fi , .5 'XM'-W, .W wi 9 f by A, M' L :Q iw I wi K V x Sf f 5 ag . N, X3 55l :+ Ji fg? xi gmsf M: W if ,, - 3 RXQ' 3 X 3 M., ,G Q ,I as The Graphic Steps Out And catches Kirkpatrick pre- paring to do rhe some . . . Cole, Parker and Minick co- operate to get George P. in- to a board-front shirt . . . George swings his Golden Greens into St. Louis Blues . . . President Hull, in over- alls and sombreo, gets into the spirit of the thing at the Freshman Barn Dance . . . Speaking of clancing, this is the way Ted Shawn ancl his troupe do it in "O Lib- ertaclf' 3 Rf 1 . , Qi - 'Q 4515 . , 4, V ff -V-yff-fa, M 4222? -. avg -, 4 ' K N, Q ...y,ma3J J- 2 es 3 . 1 Q. A 5 A 4 7... X fir fx, 3. ' fa ' AY' ' +1 A ' -. - gg-A, ,ff ' 2-- X W ' gg f, , , N 5' i 'Lmf . L5A L ,f f ' 2 gi: 1 gg ' f' -ff .. ' f - ' ' SSA 'ME YT' W, . . 1:4 My 2, q ' Lgilisjg, ' ,Y b R X 'ld , - --- The Graphic v1S1tS the Dorms Over to Caraway Hall to find Hudson and Daugher- ty, having washed the hair, polished the nails, etc., pre- paring for bed . . . Helen Jane knits as Selma E. stud- ies . . . Green knocks off a little shuteye as the camera- man wends his stealthy way . . . you name the expres- sion of Jane Miller's face . . . "Man in the hallu . . . Back to the boys' dorm to Kimherlin's houdoir to find hinx studying, no less, fa: cgi: gy e if 15 il' S .1 .ff z-Q ,A fig I 7 iam, Shadow boxingg someone must have rung a bell . . .to get the best effect of this next picture turn the page to one side and see Hairless Joe and Pershing Turner limber up in a Sunday morning wrestling match . . . Holland and Butler polish the canines . . . Shorty,s like that-he for- gets to take off his clothes to take a shower . . . An innocent crap gameg everybody knows that they arenit playing for 'ckeeps' ,... Our editor Parker must have delusions about Greek Gods or something.. .Ladd studying-looks like the course is anatomy from the cover of the book . . . Bill Lee gets into a comfortable position and so on into the night . . . Contents of bottle unknown. Here and There with the Grapluc Lewis and Cravens are cam- era-shy, hut Becky nonchai- antiy eats her cookie as the flash goes off . . . Proof that members of the Home Ec Department have confi- dence in their ability is shown hy their eating their own cooking . . . Satterfieid, Harris and Payne walk right into the mouth of the cam- era. Newlcirlc may be flirting with the waitress, and then again, he may be just hoping for an extra dessert . . . the one on top is Bill Patton . . . Harlcey seems to be all upset about something. Maybe it's the saclc lunch she,s preparing to eat . . . The campus clothed in natureis white gar- ment and bathed in moonlight . . . Tarzan rolls Selma E. in the snow for the Graphicls benefit . . . Depicting the height of optimism-going to the Conway game in the Wlw . . . Pallie's expres- sion could hardly be said to show intense interest in Medieval History, and Hazeldine has no ex- pression at all because shels asleep . . . In the library . . . Impromptu concert in the boys, dorm . . . Mail from home . . . The principles in this drama are Holcie and Virginiag he must have got fresh. Arouncl the punch howl at the Program Dance . . . General in his Sunday-go-to-meetin's . . . Raclcley, Balclwin, Harlcey, ancl Dyson attack their Dacl,s Day lunches . . . Leap frog . . . Again we say ignore the signs . . . Cope was a very disgusted fellow at the Ouachita game . . . Ar last Lit- tle Nell gets done right by . . . Miss Jones in a shower of snowballs . . The Army wearily march- es up Maiii on its return to home and a hath . . . Engineers' initiation . . . Nlarthadelle wants to know just what you can see through one of the things. as. ig L,,LL ' 315714-r , DAD'S DAY Shown above are the dads and mothers of Tech students as they assembled on the campus to celebrate Dad's Day, November 11, 1938. They are a part of the 600 who were guests of the college and their sons and daughters on that day. Since the celebration of Dad's Day this year coincided with Armistice Day, the occasion was made a double holiday with the American Legion assisting the col- lege in the program. The attendance of 600 mothers and dads broke all previous records. The Tech football team performed admirably for the parents and swamped the Bacone Indians, 62 to 6. s is fi 5551121 is H' as 253' fg ii?-5219 UF' , -wfffk ff ia? M' Left to Right: Evelyn Keathley, Tim Tyler, Keith Harris, King. Anna Fulton, Queen, AG AMES RoBERTs, MANAGER john Newlcirk, and Maids, RI DAY Central figures in Techis celebration of the Twelfth Annual Agri Day, May 2, were Keith Harris, King, Anna Fulton, Queen, Tim Tyler and John Newlcirlc, Attendants, and Evelyn Keath- ley and Helen Louis Dean, Maids. Agri Day this year was featured by the appearance of Mr. F. A. Silcox, chief of the United States Forestry Service, who spoke in As- sembly and helped to dedicate the new Forestry Building in Russellville. Largely responsible for the success of the Day was James Roberts, Booneville, who, in his capacity as Agri Day Manager, had charge of all plans for the celebration. f ' ' 3 , if 5 ml-w1lrnqng,"""' 4 FLT nge, g 3, 'WL N., PUBLICATICNS ROBERT PARKER Editor EDITORS WGRD We have published the Arka-Tech this year with two aims in view, first, to give thorough coverage to campus news and second, through editorial comment, to promote reforms, criticize occasionally, and praise where credit is deserving. Whether we have been successful in achieving these aims is non for us to judge. The liberal "hands-off" policy of the administra- tion with regard to both the editorial and news con- tents of The Arka-Tech has served to make freedom of the press here more than a phrase. Perhaps a closer faculty supervision would result in a better pub- lication, but then it would no longer be truly a stu- dent newspaper. To the business men of Russellville for their gen- erous patronage of the Arka-Tech advertising, and to the columnists and reporters who have faithfully done the vital but unspectacular work of getting out a paper, I wish to express my personal appreciation, for they have helped to make the editor's lot an easier one. So it is with real regret that I write "thirty,' to the year's work. . ARKA- x ' w ' l I BYNUM HILL SPARKS BELL COLE BEESON TECH MORGAN MINICK Tuck ER LEE DAVIS WILMA BYNUM MIKE HILL BILL BEESON . WARREN SPARKS . CAROLINE BELL . ORMAN KNIGHT Business Manager . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . . Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor . Society Editor T. L. COLE . . . Columnist VIRGINIA HARKEY . . Reporter MARION LINTON . . Reporter MARYNELLE MORGAN . Reporter RALPH MINICK . . Reporter KATHLEEN TUCKER Reporter WENDELL OLIVER Reporter EUGENE ROWDEN . . Reporter BUSINESS STAFF BILL LEE . . Assistant Business Manager GEORGE DAVIS . . Assistant Business Manager THE 1939 SIMPSON HOLLABAUGH -if Edilor EDITOR'S WORD Once more an edition of the Agricola is completed and ready for distribution. Needless to say, the staff sincerely hopes that it meets with the approval of every student. In the make-up of this book emphasis has been placed on informal pictures for the simple reason that we believe these informal pictures are what the students want. We be- lieve that these pictures are the best means by which college and college life may be depicted. The method by which the Beauties and members of Whois-Who were selected was used because we believe that this is the fairest way to select the most beautiful and most outstanding students. I wish to express my sincere thanks to the people who made this book possibleg to the few students who saw fit to give their time and work for the book without hope of rewardg to Mr. Crabaugh whose advice and help were neededg and to the photographer, engraver, and printer whose patience and understanding were appreciated. COLE BYNUM BEST PARKER AGRICOLA . ff5A""" Q. lk STAFF JOHN NEWTQRK Business Manager +95-Y' STEPHENS REYNOLDS CUMNOCK i PALLIE BEST . T. L. COLE . WILMA BYNUM ROBERT PARKER ARTHUR STEPHENS B. CUMNOCK . FRANCIS REYNOLDS MILDRED PATTISON ODELL HOI,IEY . Associate Editor Organizations Editor . . Classes Editor . Sports Edimr , Plwtograplzy . Plwzograpluy . Photography Calendar . Assistan! Business Maizager HOLLEY PATTISON PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE A. CRABAUGH, Chairman A. S. TURNER C. R. NICHOLS HENRY HUDSON C. A. HUGHES STUDENT MEMBERS T. L. COLE EARL D. CAMP ANNA FULTON USICA PAUL SCHULTZ Ardis Alford Annette Batson Frankie Biggcrs Billie Cainploell Anna Lou Clwamherfa john Kelley Cool: Rohert Cowne Jimmie Critz Virginia Dean Shelton Disliongh Melvin Dunn. Jack Ellis Hilton Gant THE MIXED CHCRUS . . . llircrwr MARY FRANc:i2s LESSLEY . . . Arcompanut Carroll Gates Sara Lee Gordon Fred Gross Alfred Gossien Virginia Harkey Bill ldarris Wiiiimna Halhrook Elizaheth I-iathaway Harry I-lazer Wiliiia Hearii Juanita Henderson Lucille I-Ienry Bob Jennings Marcella johnson Mary Sue Jones Al Gene Jordan Emma Dale Jordan Ragon Kinney Irvin Langston Marion Linton Marynelle Morgan Rohert Oats Oliver Raney Billy Renfroe Mary Faye Rogers Wray Allen Rollow Elizaheth Ross Lila Frank Scott Gladine Shinn Ruth Spaulding joe Stolnaugh Exine Strang Mickey Thomas Madison Thompson Marguerite Turner Ralph Turner Calvin Turnbow Dick Teague Clara Usrey Jerline Wriglit Virginia Sue Williamson ENSEMBLE PAUL SCHULTZ . . . Director BILLY CAMPBIflLL . . Suloisf QUARTET Bob Cowne, Wfray Allen Rol- low, -lack Ellis, Al jene jordan TRIO Mickey Thomas, Virginia Sue Willialiison, Sara Lee Gordon. THE ORCHESTRA PAUL RAY COOPER BILL P. HARRIS JOI-IN COWNE RUDY MORGAN MIKE HILL . B. CUMNOCK AL GENE JORDAN BILL MORSE . BUFORD MORGAN MAR'fHADEI.I.E SMITH . . . Trumpet Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone Bass Horn . Drums Clarinet Piano MARVIN XWILLIAMSON Clarzner Buford Rudy Win'f Err Li' Tw Q N E-. x 'dxf ...QL .M 1,641 1 SLN NY we I UN 'A ex.. N. I w at Q 5 Hx. S IYSQS K . K ww . xuylevh , sx ff -Q A vw. mw.nm,.,1aww-vb ek vm. avr MENTORS A. CRABAUGH Cfmirman Atlvlctif Commiltvc JOHN E. TUCKER HEAD COACH . . . Football and Bascball HENRY HUDSON ASSISTANT COACH . . Football HEAI7 COACH . . Track and Bascbafl HOWARD GODFREY DIRECTOR . . . Muff Pkysiral Edzcfation First ROW: Taylor, Hunnicut, Burns, Tucker, Pearce, Wilson, Parker. Second Row: Salmon, Keeton, Biddle, Morelork, Bynum, Hickey, Elrod, Gattin Tfvira' Row: Anderson, Elkins, Gunner, Raslnurry, Alford, Miller, Jones, Turner Iioznlfv Row: lVlcCluI'e, Denton, Tyler, Strickland. T ASSOCIATION OFFICERS HOWARD PEARCE . . President . OHN COWNF . . Vice-Prexialeizl DICK HUNNICUT . . Secretary-Treasurer ROLL Bernard Anderson Leonard Hickey Clark Beavers Ray Hohlus Bill Beeson James Biddle Herbert Bridges Firman Bynum John Cowne Herbert Elkins Floyd Elrod Grover Fuller King Ganner Marvin Gartin Joe D. Gaul: Vance Haynes Dick Hunnicut Howard Jones James Keeton Ragon Kinney Charles McClure Dale Miller Ernest Morelock Orlie Parker Howard Pearce James Rasburry Troy Reed Garvyn Salmon Second' Smizesfcr . FIRMAN BYNUIVI Herslicl Satterfield Veo Story J. O. Strickland Charles Taylor Charles Tucker Ralph Turner Tim Tyler Waldon Wilson Ridge Wliitlock Coach Tucker Coach Hudson Truman McEver Alf Satterfield Mark Craig BILL BEESQN DALE MILLER FOGTBALL LEADERS.. HOWARD PEARCE Co-captain Howard Pearce was an inevitable choice for an all-state berth this year. His ability and wil- lingness to work made him co-captain of his team. Because of John Cowne7s absence from the line-up the duties of leadership on the field fell squarely on the shoulders of Captain Pearce. FIRMAN BYNUM Firman "Nig" Bynum was a regular tackle last year, earned all-state honors this year, and was elected co-captain of the 1939 eleven. Nig,s aggressiveness and fierce rushing inspired the saying that he played most of his games in the opponents' backfields. GARVYN SALMON A three year letterman, Garvyn "Peanut" Salmon starred most brilliantly in the last game of his career at Tech-the one with State Teachers last Thanksgiv- ing. That one game, more than any other, probably earned for him his position on the AP all-state eleven. JOHN COWNE Letterman his first year, all-state his second and co-captain this year is the record of big john Cowne. Injuries received in last year's AST game kept him from active competition this year, but he proved a valu- able assistant to Coach Tucker in building a line so weakened by his absence. The referee shows nice form in following the play as Little Salmon slarts a 50-yard run in the Bacone game. Hickey cuddles the ball inches over the goal line in the Mi4rray game. 86650 N THE SEASON... For any other team a successful seasong for Tech an off year. Four victories, two defeats, and a couple of tied games-142 points against 82 for their op- ponents-tliatls the record of the 1938 Wonder Boys. Facing one of the toughest schedules theyld seen in years, a schedule in which setups were conspicuous hy their absence, The Arkansas Tech boys tied two games before hitting their stride to down the ever-fight- ing Henderson Reddies. Central Teachers of Edmond, Oklahoma, and Hendrix were the next victims of the inspired Green and Golds, who met their first Waterloo against Ouachita. The Bacone Indians were no match for the re- vived Techmen, and the season closed with a heart- rending Thanksgiving loss to State Teachers. Not given to second-guessing, Coach Tucker re- fused to alibi his defeats. But the tale might have been different had injuries not henched hy Clark Beavers most of the season and kept Herbert Bridges out of the ATC game. TECH .... . 14 MURRAY AGGIES ..... 14 Meeting the three-time junior college champions of Oklahoma in the seasonls inaugural, Arkansas Tech, doped to emerge second best, outplayed the Nlurray Aggies of Tishomingo, but were able to gain only a tie. The Aggies secured an early seven-point lead, but lost it in the second quarter as Ralph Turner snagged MCCLUKE WYAC-lfi.L6 SPLIDGGS HESEITON BA on -li BACK two touchdown passes and Bridges converted at both opportunities. However, the Aggies came back in the last quarter to push over the tying touchdown and conversion. Teclfs aerial attack functioned well, and netted 214 yards of gain. The Green and Gold men count- ed 14 first downs to Olclahoma's two. TECH ....... . 0 KANSAS STATE TEACHERS . . 0 Still failing to display the brand of football to which Tech fans are accustomed, the Wonder Boys battled the Kansas Teachers through sixty scoreless minutes. Two rugged lines stalemated ground attempts, so both teams tool: to the air. Tech made 68 yards by passing, Pittsburg made 117. The Teachers threatened more often and drove deeper into Tech territory, but Techis misses were by smaller margins. Once in the closing minutes: a Tech receiver missed a pass by inches after eluding the Pitts- burg defense deep in Pitt territory. Beavers suffered a lcnee injury which was serious ly to handicap him throughout the season. TECH ......... 26 HENDERSON STATE TEACHERS 15 The twice-tied Techmen gritted their teeth, resolved to win, and proceeded to do so at the expense of the Henderson Reddies the next Friday night. Flashing Salmon on an end-around in the Teachers game. Bridges, fry for conversion is blocked in the Edmond game at Ft. Smilfv. the first real brilliance they had shown this season, th: Wonder Boys counted four touchdowns before allowing the Reddies to score. A Hendersoii razzle-dazzler in which the ball changed hands four times was halted on the Tech ten yard line, and the Redclies scored a minute later on a plunge. Then, with the spectators beginning to leave the stands and the timelceeper fingering his gun, Hen- derson completed a pass from the Tech 23 for another touchdown, the last of the game. TECH ......... 19 CENTRAL TEACHERS COLLEGE of EDMOND, OKLAHOMA . . 18 The Valuable toe of Herbert Bridges .shifted the tide Techward as next weelc's game drew into the third quarter. Relying mainly on their ground game, Tech nev r theless scored first on a pass from Bridges to Beeson, then watched Central push over two touchdowns. Nlore- lock scored on an end around, and Bridges place-kicked squarely through the uprights to put Tech in the lead. Pearceis pass interception and an eleven-yard plunge by Bridges placed the ball in position for Keeton to plunge over on the next play. Taking the next kickoff behind his own goal line, Thompson of Central twisted 103 yards down the field to give the spectators their biggest gasp and ffentral their last touchdown and final serious bid. HUNNIGQT TAYLOR GUARD BURNS GUARD Bmnot-E TACKL6 TECH . . . 14 HENDRIX .... . . O Hendrix College,s fighting Warriors proved a tough bite for Tuclcer's men, but the Wonder Boys surged through to take a fourteen point decision. Scoreless but far from thrill-less, the game went into the third quarter. With the fans beginning to wonder if they were about to witness another zero-zero deadlock, Gault grabbed a Warrior fumble deep in Hendrix territory, paving the way for a touchdown pass, Bridges to Nloreloclc. Moments later Bridges broke through the line for 50 yards and another touch- down. TECH . . . 0 OUACHITA ......' . 14 A muddy field, together with Leo Westbrook's an- noying habit of punting out of bounds inside Teclfs ten yard line, combined to bring about Teclfs first downfall. Features of the game were the outstanding de- fensive play of "Nig,, Bynum and Orlie Parker, and the Bridges-to-Morelock passing attack. Both of Duachita's touchdowns resulted from pass interceptions- one deep in Tiger territory early in the game and the other on the Tech thirteen-yard line late in the game. Tech's band and a small group of followers braved the cold and rain to see the game. TECH.. ..62 BACONE . . . . . 6 Determined to get revenge on somebody for the defeat the week before, the Wonder Boys trampled the A successful pass play - Salmon to Hickey - at State Teachers. E' W-uuwmta-Amr THE SQUAD Bacone Indians of Muskogee, Oklahoma, beneath the terrific score of 62 to 6 before the visiting Dads. Tech scored two touchdowns before the crowd was well seated, then continued the pace to ring up eight more. But even so, there was no "star,,' as the list of players making Tech's ten touchdowns included nine names, Morelock, Gault, Hamilton, Hickey, M. Salmon, G. Salmon, Anderson, and Keeton, the only lad who scored twice. Feather accounted for Bacone's lone tally. The subs saw plenty of action that day. TECH ......... 7 ARKANSAS STATE TEACHERS . . Z1 It just wasn,t in the cards for Tech to win-a sad summary of the Teachers game. Tech outgained the twice-crowned champions, out- passed them, made more first downs, but for the first time in history came out on the losing end of a Thanks- giving game. The Wonder Boys failed to capitalize on six scoring chances, the teachers had four scoring opportunities and made good on three of them. The game was nearly over, Teachers were three touchdowns ahead, and the cold-benumbed spectators were beginning to drift toward the gates when Hickey brought the stands to life by carrying the ball 35 yards on a statute of liberty play for a touchdown. He kick- ed the point after touchdown, and the 1938 season was over. THE COACHES 5 . S!" .N 2 '1':"" : f ' S ' COACH TUCKER COACH HUDSON IN BRIEF. TECH Sept. 23 . . 14 Murray Aggies Oct. 7 . . 0 Pittsburg . Oct. 14 . . 26 Henderson . Oct. ZZ . . 19 Central Teachers Oct. Z8 . . 14 Hendrix . Nov. 4 . . 0 Ouachita . Nov. ll . . 62 Bacone . . Nov. 4 . . . 7 State Teachers Total . . 142 Total As They Meet in 1939: TECH Vs. . . . . fOpenj Edmond Teachers at Edmond Henderson, Arlcadelphia . Murray Aggies, here Hendrix, Conway . Ouachita, here . . . . . . . f Open Datej . . . Concordia of Moorehead, Minn., here ftentative,j State Teachers, here . . Sept. 22 Sept. 29 Oct. 13 Oct. 21 Oct. 27 Nov. 3 Nov. 10 Nov. 17 Nov. 30 OTHER SPCRTS TYLER Story goes high above his guards to score in the Ouachita game. STORY KEE BASKETBALL TI-IE SEASON With only two lettermen reporting for practice last Decem- ber, Coach Hudson looked over his squad, surveyed the crop of freshmen, f"Tall and green," he saidj, and grimly set to work to build a team. Captain Tim Tyler and Hildon Denton, letter- men, and Ralph Turner formed a nucleus from which to start, and the coach soon found in Pat Kee a consistent scorer and heady floor man, and in Harold McGehee a six-foot four-inch forward who knew how to take advantage of his height to sink goals. These five, together with lanky, sharpshooting Clyde Clark, buck- led down and with persistent work and the Tech spirit that re- fused to be discouraged by early setbacks, formed a late-season team that knocked off Henderson, Harding, and even the pow- erful Hendrix quintet. Kee, McGhee, Clark, "ShortyM Salmon and "Doi, Stanford, all freshmen who lettered this year, make the outlook for next yearls team the brightest in several seasons. Wishing to give his untried freshmen a chance to display their wares before pitting them against the best quintets of the state, Coach Hudson matched early-season games with rhe Per- ryvilie All-Stars and the Hector Independents. In four games with these teams the Techmen emerged victorious, defeating the All- Stars 30-25, and 29-26, and the Hector team, 40-16 and 53-22. The inaugural of the conference schedule saw Tech easily trim the Little Rock Jayces 63 to 21 in Russellville. Kee was high point man with 19. Meeting their first real competition, the Techmen lost to Hendrix, 34 to 40, January 10. 1V1cGehee hit his stride to ring up 13, but Smith of Hendrix was high with 16. Next game was on the Hendrix court, and the Warriors again emerged on top, 32 to 44. Smith, of Hendrix, was tops with 12 points, and Kee made 11. Following a 12-day lay-off for exams, the Woiider Boys, strengthened by the addition of Story to the lineup, entertained the Harding Bisons and won 60 to 50. Kee and Story made 17 and 16, respectively. McGef7ee sinks a free throw in the game with Henderson. SALMON TURNER CLARK STANFORD MCGEHEE Noscuss The start of Tecffx Win over Henderson. Kee, with eight points, led the Techmen in scoring, but State Teachers, paced by Turner with 11, outlasted the Wonder Boys, 33 to 22, in Conway, January 28. Embarking on a three-game road trip, Tech first met Hen- derson in Arkadelphia February 2. Kee accounted for 13 points, but the Reddies emerged on top, 32 to 39, with Ramsey scoring 16. The Wonder Boys crossed the highway to meet Ouachita the next night, but were unable to contend with the Tiger's one-man scoring machine, Willard Goodwin, who made 29 points. Story accounted for 15 as Ouachita won, 48 to 44. Story took charge to register 18 points as the Techmen defeat- ed the Muleriders, 46 to 41, at Magnolia, February 4. In a return game February 7, Magnolia again succumbed to the sharpshooting Wonder Boys, and lost a 50-36 decision. Clark's accuracy netted him 13 points and scoring honors. Entertaining Ouachita the next night, the Green and Golds watched Goodwin sink six field goals and eight foul shots for 20 points and scoring honors. Kee and Story made 15 each, but Tech lost 37 to 44. Defensive play featured Tech's next home game February 10 as State Teachers won, 25 to 19. Kee was top scorer with 11. With the season going into the stretch, the Techsters played host to Henderson, February 14, and licked the Reddies, 33 to 21. Story paced Tech with 14. The Wonder Boys next visited the Little Rock Junior Col- legians and added another victory to their record. Kee scored 16 to contribute to Tech's 39-18 win. Traveling on to Searcy, Tech lost a heart-breaking but thoro- ughly exciting game to Harding. Final score: Tech 56, Harding 57, as Roe, of the Bisons, made 19, and 1V1cC1ehee and Clark led Tech with 14 points each. The Techmen journeyed to Conway to meet Hendrix the third time. Behind the leadership of Smith, who accounted for 23 points, the Warriors chalked up another victory, 57 to 39. Facing Hendrix again in the last game of the regular season, Tech finally found the right combination and scalped the War- riors, 47 to 44. Kee was leading scorer with 20 points. STATE AAU TCURNAMENT, CONWAY Drawing the Conway Cubs, an independent NYA team, in the first round, the Wonder Boys had little difficulty winning hy a 54-32 count. 1V1cGehee led the Tech offensive with 13 points, but Tisdale took game honors with 14. But State Teachers, defending champs, proved another story. Paced by Turner, who made 13 points, the Bears piled up a 47 to 29 score in their march to another championship. lV1cGehee again toolc Tech scoring honors with 10 points. Story sinks one as Ouachita players look on. WITCHER HUDSON H-L ' "o' 'sf-wwe' , WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.. Largely responsible for the growth in popu- larity of inter-collegiate boxing at Tech is stu- dent coach, Ragon Kinney. In his two years coach he and his boxers have brought five state championships to Tech as well as national recog- nition in the Chicago and San Francisco tourna- ments. He has seen the sport elevated to inter- 3.5 collegiate status with the participants receiving at college letters. Two champions, Kinney and Brown, at Ilncy prepare for tfn' Chicago fmcrmmzvrlt. STUD!-1NI' COACH RAGON KINNEY Kinney has a remarkable record in boxing: l-le is State A. A. U. and Golden Gloves light- heavy championg he was a quarter-finalist in the Chicago Golden Gloves tournament, and a mem- ber of Chic:-1go's team in the inter-city matches with New York. As this is written Kinney is preparing to attend the San Francisco A. A. U. meet, and if he shows up to his expected form, he will be seriously considered for a berth on rhe United States Olympic team in 1940. BOXING Three Arkansas Tech boxers, Ragon Kinney, light-heavyweight, Charles Taylor, heavyweight, and Harold Brown, lightweight, came through with flying colors at the Fort Smith Golden Gloves Tournament, February 18, won state championships, and became eli- gible to carry Arkansas' colors to the Tournament of Champions in Chicago. Of the other Tech entries in the tourney, Jack Beeby won two fights before he was kayoed by the heavier Bill Stroup, who also knock- ed out Ray Hobbs, another Tech entry, in the finals. Billy Callan, featherweight, was defeated in the pre- lims. Successfully past the Fort Smith meet, the three, Kinney, Brown and Taylor, entered the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament - Kinney and Brown as ama- teurs with experience but Taylor as a rank novice. Kin- ney advanced to the quarter-finals by winning three fights before he finally lost a decision, which the crowd lustily booed. Taylor and Brown won two bouts each and reached the quarter-finals before being defeated. The Chicago officials were so impressed by Kin- ny,s showing, even though he was defeated, that they invited him to wear Chicago's colors in the inter-city match with New York. Kinney accepted and fought and won his bout for the Chicago team. BROWN TAYLOR I-loans BEEBY L. BROWN CALLAN QTHE SEASON Besides participating in the several tournaments, the Tech boxers met Boys' Clubs from Coal Hill and Lit- tle Rock, an Independent team from Ada, Oklahoma, the Rogers AAU squad, and the Hendrix team in the only intercollegiate match of the year. Coach Kinney's inexperienced squad of first year men won one bout, lost three, and tied one in the sea- sonis inaugural with Coal Hill Boys, Club at Tech on the night of December 1. Bimbo Bentley, 137-pound slugger, scored the first of his three knock-outs in as many fights when he gained a technical K. O. Buddy DeLong fought to a draw, while Johnnie Mitchell, Orel Otwell and Jay Brown lost their bouts by decisions. With one match under their belts the Tech pugs met the Ada, Oklahoma Independents and slugged out a 3-2 victory over the visitors. Bimbo Bentley and Jay Brown each won his fight when his opponent failed to answer the third round bell. Zoe Helton, in his only fight of the year, tossed haymakers right and left to win a decision. Jack Beeby, in his season's de- but, was knocked out in the third, and Buddy DeLong was out-pointed. Bimbo Bentley gained his third knockout of the season, and jay Brown punched out a decision in the bouts with Rogers, and then Tech stopped winning for the night. Lafayette "Bones" Brown and Jack Beeby were outpointed while Billy Callan received a technical knockout, and Glen Rose was kayoed. REVIEWED In the feature bout of the Tech-Lit- tle Rock Boys, Club matches, state light- weight champ Harold Brown, who enter- ed Tech at the semester, lost a close de- cision to Jesse Clements, and Ray Hobbs, state welter-champ who had also just re- entered school, was lcayoed in the third by Marion Herman. Jack Beeby won Tech's only victory for the night with a second round knockout, and Billy Callan and Jay Brown lost by technical knock- outs. ln the only intercollegiate competition of the year, in which Coach Kinney used only first year men, the Tech pugs defeat- ed the Hendrix squad, 4-Z. Buddy De- Long, Bob Mcllroy, James Ames, and Jay J. Brown won hard-fought bouts, and as- sured Tech the match. Charles Taylor, fresh from the roar of the Chicago crowds, lost a Z-I decision to Rodney Shaw whose left proved to be the Bambinois undoing. Ury Wriglit, in his first fight, came up woosy on the count of nine in the third round, and the fight was stopped. Bimbo shoots a left ana' Newby, of Ada, Oklahoma, wixcly ducks. In preparation for tfvc Fort Snzitfn tournament. Av the Banibino began to nfona'er about Sfvandv luft, "Anal in this canfnafv, at tflzc-tfvirty-fin' and 41 fiairf HICKEY HAY NES STORY GATES MILLER BASEBALL As spring football practice ended and Coach Tucker turned his attention to building a baseball team, he found for material a host of freshmen and six let- termen from the 1938 squad: Grover Fuller, pitcher, Hunk Anderson, pitcher, Vance Haynes, first baseman, Leonard Hickey, center field, Veo Story, third base- man, and Dale Miller, left field. WEESE I-IoUs'roN ANDERSON HYTREK WALKUP SAr.MoN NoGG1.Es TURNER FULLER BouNos In their first appearance of the year the Techmen lost a close game to the Greenbrier Independents by a score of 5-4. Hardin, freshman pitcher, held the visi- tors to five hits, and Shorty Houston, another freshman, did yoeman work at his shortstop position as well as batting in two of Tech's runs. In the course of the season the Tech team played one college nine, Harding, as well as semi-pro teams including Scranton, Ft. Smith, Greenbrier, and Paris. STANFORD! I-IARDIN GANT DoUGLAs Tum. ELKINS CLARK MORELOCK GIMLIN LOGAN TURNER TRACK Eight lettermen, including two first place winners in the state meet, from last year,s squad formed the nucleus for the 1939 traclc team. King Ganner, hurdles, Troy Reed, mile, 880, and relays, Veo Story, pole vault, Ernest Morelock, javelin, dashes, and relays, Grover Fuller, 4405 O. Strickland, dashes and relays, Ralph Turner, dashes, broad jump, high jump, and relaysg and Herbert Elkins, dashes and relays, were the seasoned performers around whom Coach Hudson built his squad. In the freshmen Coach Hudson found material to fill out a well-balanced squad. Among the freshmen who showed up Well in early season practice were: Clyde Clarlc, high jump, hurdles, and javeling Roy Witclier, clashes, jim Hudson, half and mile, Brooks Logan, dashes and broad jump, james Oliver, pole vault and javelin, Marvin Salmon, pole vault and relays, and Fred Gross, broad jump and pole vault. HUDSON OLIVER TYLER GANNER HOLLEY STRICKLAND MILHOAN WHITAKER SALMON REED FULLER ROUTZONG One of the features of the track season this year was the appearance of Glen Cunning ham, the Kansas star who runs the mile faster than any other man who ever lived I his demonstration here on April 11 he very easily outdistanced his Tech competition Troy Reed and Jim Hudson, and ran the mile in 4:31 before a large crowcl on Beurlcle Fielcl April 14 April 21 April Z8 May 3 May 8 STORY THE 1939 TRACK SCHEDULE: Gnoss . . . Freshman-Sophomore Met! . . . . . Hendrix at Conway . . . . . Teachers at Conway Warner jr. College and U. Of A. Frosfv at Frqetlevllle . . . . State Meet at Ruxsell rlle HAMILTON WITCHER MILLER ., 4 Y, Q MRS. Cacir HUDSON Director 009 9 6 GIRLS' SPORTS Shown here are scenes taken from the activities of the Girls, Physical Education during the year: the grand finale of the 1938 Dance Revue, shots taken in P. E. classes, and archery groups. GIRLS' SPORTS Archery, V S'S, Tennis, H :.,- A Volley Ball, A "' 5 ,. . ' S , and class exerc1ses 'fizffg fi' A : . gi Q - 5 T f , , -,', , , Miss CARYL GAINES Director z" Q J., r 3:5 ' "wx, L ,SX v,A 5 ' R gil? 1-.. A ef X i 45? 'T f.1 .,fE gr, -gf 1 N WQWL SEWWMMW QQ WK, W 21 WW M ' A 8 0 , J l may I iv , I ae L , fr-Q 'N is W X. "' ' A Ll , ll A scst A 1 ' L E .. W , - . . M ., . M K . scHooLMAsTERs il ROUNDTABLE OFFICERS EARL CAMP . . . President JOSEPHINE TAYLOR . . Vice-President i PAULINE FAULKNER . Secretary-Treasurer GUILA GRACE SATTERFIELD . . Reporter G. R. TURRENTINE . . . Sponsor Miss CHARLES JONES . . Sponsor Beulah Barton Mary Nell Barton Marvin Bell Sherman Breedlove Earl Camp Anna Lou Chambers Golancl Cobb Elsie Daugherty Martha Dickson Avis Elkins Iva Freeman Pearl Gilbreath Lois Gimlin Winona I-lalbroolc Bonnie Harris Fleta Hickerson Neil Hosey Geraldine Hudson Billie Louise jones Charles Jones Mary Sue Jones Lola Keener Josephine Koen Minnie Laughlin ROLL Hazeldine Layl Silva Leach Elsie Lemley Hershel Lingle Bonnie Lee Mcllroy Lucille Mahon Dale Miller Pauline Minor Nora Jean O'Neal Elizabeth Patterson Mary Anna Patterson Dolly Piercy Euneva Piercy Marcelle Payne Sue Preston Norma Ruth Privett Mary Ruth Roberts Guila Grace Satterfield Mary Lee Shilling Josephine Taylor, Kathleen Tillman Mickey Thomas Ruby Tygart The Schoolmasters Roundtable, composed of students in the Education Department, presents to its members very interesting pro- grams including such themes as music ap- preciation, travelogues, and other educational features. -'E 4' tr!" 'RF use fs: -ci' hd, N 'MF .sf , . 5 J e ff ins Q , aa! K v . I Vrkrk gm, 6 ,.-'11?2:Fikf'S-.'-H -1 if f 1 , , ' ' f QT? ,n i'?'fi,HE4?.sa? 17 r 1 if , f .Li X , ,-- Pew z 3 Z.. - ui :fp-grtzfwiifqi. . fi ' wet 1? . W A '- ' ' "U - i li? - 13 51 1339 21" Q13 A ' f ' at '- ,rise v X 12 ,43 9 5 fm i I , it -- ef -Te -J W' Jrfefsm- fffwii 'fav W- rw-'am K 1' " , - J 4 5' W he I' we HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS SELMA ELIZABETH HARKEY . . President CLARA USREY . . . Vice-President LORENE CRAVENS . . Secretary INA WEBB . . Treasurer MARY SUE Wooo . Sponsor Organized in 1927 and active since then, the Home Economics Club has a long record of service. The club has for its aims the stimu- lation of interest in the art of homemaking, the creation of a bond of friendship among girls taking the same work, and to inform Home Eco- nomics students of the opportunities offered by the profession. The Home Ec Club cooperates with its af- filiate, the FFA, and this year was very help- ful in making Agri Day a success. This year the active sponsorship of the club was taken over hy Miss Mary Sue Woocl, head of the Home Economics Department. f ' at rt - 5 i-" 4 'tit Q' -A 9 J ' Y mi 1 ,.,,,, ' eff' it .h by s S ' Wztsliiffi N ' I' -I I . ,. Q -Q J 0 - ' 5? 'N I - ' , ,. L- ' 'E If R 2 I 1 4, ,gig IT if 1 -'L .42 2 . r. - K ' fx "1 53, A y h, :1 .., K . . . I , I r i L,LQ fe THE MEMBERS Mary Sue Wood Gelene Anderson Ruth Arp Troyce Mae Barker Irene Brewer Grace Bryan Adlissa Burris Evelyn Chronister Floy jean Clayton Ovaline Coffman Lorenc Cravens Helen Louise Dean Mescal Dunn Anna Fulton Janice Gardner Virginia Greene Patty Greer Selma I-Iarkey Lucille Henry Emma Dale Jordan Evelyn Keathley Emma Grace King Erma Langford Annette Luck jane Miller Reba Mitchell Frieda Padgett Anna Faye Perryman Kathryn Pickren virginia Ray Treva Roberts Helen jane Rogers Mary Faye Rogers Iimmie Sexton Allie Maud Sharp Imogene Shepherd Gladine Shinn jane Stewart Exine Strang Pearl Strickland Gladys Taylor Kathryn Teeter Clara Usrey Laura Vestal Louise Waldrip Ina Webb Katherine Westerfield Imogene Williams Ruth Ellen Williamson Willene Younger if W Q E -, .- 1' - -.-, yt! if aim ,Sf sl, was at We a I-'I 'WI Sings 'ef N53 S5475 1135? M Q Q mi 0 'Sf f5fu 'U 6329i3,"?.n X I Q QQL1 O J, ,sw X, 1 L KCQZDQJQQ 3 iguiwgdgg Ng, QQQYQQ SNHW Whalod Q QQ od 9 M BAMWDOCRMHMNT QOBER7 COWNE WCEPRE5 NNI? N U MAPWN CPUMP PEC 56-CVFALL 539 ELRA HNCH PEC SECV SPRWG Q Z? PAGOIV KINNL-V SGTATAPM5 Q3 6 462.4 .v 700 0 J? 66900, 6,5613 669 fl! DZV 6 xl J WO yo' AVP? O 9099 'fffys-,pfgzagglyfw 3 7 15' 47 v Q, 0 Syfhofy NL X 2 'Wh' QOQV KOQQQ K5 94.11612 fi 4 0 O X' 62 9 Q? Q l' maid fx X39 v Q Q1 Imzul 14 Q 9 iz P L-1 V009 hui Q sa Lsaagg O QLEQ N' ZF ICI. QXU' W S C7 'X 0, v i ' fm ,I A ? x 4 A X X Ax uw PF Q N fy vi 9 . A 0 W 3 Q3 Lu - Z L - A C3 HAV5 POOL-SECVV TPL-AS I 6 E ' ' fs - H - -I , N7 7 95 Us QOS XA 7 2395 W Q Qxseggbfvxf QQ 9 3 2 yy SQA - c fb V Q QOX 9 2 A 2 gs Nh. The Engineers' Club sponsors one of the red-letter Clays of the school year-Engineersl Day, when they honor St. Patrick. The Engi- neers' Dance, held in connection with the Day, was this year one of the outstanding campus social affairs. ft ". N? ft Qgiit L M f f 'Q s , ' . f , ! 3:3 1 Q -ij 'J-Ejigis 3' ,1 if :r1,.:F-' 'E fziiffiillsif iii? , fi-' me if Z-5,1 "T get sf!" ' , ' Q . " , t V . . is gl- 11 .- ' L ' r- , . H2555 , FMU g ' . ,ff-it ' deff,-, 4' ZTfifT55,w:SiZ - M - ' , X f H374 A ws- V ,, w . X31 tstsia f, tif.,-my flwfi-it-'fits-gripe ,A ' ,sf H mlm: . A 7-Q wg 1.: 4 Yu, V. ,M . ,t mygfg2i,g,gv-.Mgtf3w,i V .15 fr M gym ,V Membership in the club is limited to the outstanding students in the Engineering De- partment, and a "C" average is required of any candidates for membership. ,--AA 'V g ir' 'TQ' D , H - " f "-"ff"3" :- 'T-1' -LLM -xxx, --.,.,.,a...... -fl ' -'J ..?ix'9J, dr ' ' ii du We xl-5 I :Vw I -Q sr,re m e i it V f L ti A4 x s rw Q33 wa an f 17 .ae .5-es? -W . -I 25 P X ' I'-I 'WF' M- . . W fm... :L E ' 5? IA me A .S-X 1 HISTORY CLUB OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester SIMPSON HOLLABAUGH . ROBERT PARKER President PALLIE BEST . .... DALE MILLER Vice-President LILLIAN NEAL . . . EVELYN DUGGER Secrelary ROBERT PARKER . . . OLEN CHURCHILL Treasurer EARL D. CAMP . . SIMPSON I-'IOLLABAUGH Parliamentarian T. A. DULANEY . Sponsor ROLL Thomasine DuLaney Simpson Hollabaugh fHon0rary Member, Mary Sue Jones Julian Majors Dale Miller L. V. Murphy Lillian Neal Robert Parker Ruth Spaulding Cora Teeter Mickey Thomas Kathleen Tucker Virginia Sue Williamson Juanita Angehr Pallie Best Earl D. Camp Olen Churchill Evelynl Dugger Melvin Dunn Beclcy Free Paul Goodwin Virginia I-larlcey Composed of students whose grades in His- tory are four point or better, the History Club is one of the most exclusive organizations on the campus. Membership is by invitation and is lim- ited to twenty-five. Discussions of current events, foreign and domestic affairs, and subjects of historical inter- cst predominate in the bi-monthly meetings. For the second successive year the club sent delegates to the International Relations Club con- clave, held this year at the Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee. The club was represented by Robert Parker, Dale Miller, Lillian Neal, Vir- ginia Sue Williamson, and T. A. DuLaney, sponsor. -- . ' I ' 52 . W , iS'2iK15f':lIQ - gif'-' ' -' -I I Zifglf -LLF' ffllfzif.-...fry " 212351 - 2 g,2:',L TR I. .f s " I f'?"i- . " :MWF ' 1 - We Q , xl 6 Q A A f I . W W img? fy' A , K . . . in 1 1, : E',5+ffT1Z1 iiifi' . ., 'Mf t liii3i3?Zl'fiE?i?if 1 WILQYT X 'F ' Y' 'i't W -il? 513552: ef. . 11 13523113113 5 - 3 f 7 .I W 'A' .7 . 'S .9 :JtA'iff2'rf3..3a21i , I . 1 -A - I si A I 'fill . 1' ..-I '+ -f '- ' f , x f ,. , 0' F' . - Zi-I ze- " . 'p f , iitjyf , A . f FS' , .52g,Q..f , , I ' , ai? 4'-V K' E, - f, . . -- K 2 , if V. . a - A z ills .' I. .1 Q: fill-, f if-N I 1' N P 1 L' -1xi2i'fR.. I -EW? - L -- - -1' - Q rf ' - W fr "f ' ia we-RSM ' M-1e...ws2M.fa1fa,w2safea,g..s,-,M wL.,.,, -,a.,.,.I:,.,.4gs3sae3' if 152, si amaasq E sl " J I " A r - - ' - 'un' to I A . A A 33 GN l BAPTIST STUDENTS' UNION EARL D. CAMP PAUL Goonwiw . LUTHER HARDIN . Rosa MARY JORDAN NEIL I-IOSEY . . HOWARD GODFREY Earl D. Camp Paul Goodwin Luther Hardin Hazeldine Layl Terrel Gordon Rose Mary Jordan Neil Hosey Wilma Hearn . President Vice-Prcsidenf Vice-President . Secretary . Treamrer Faculty Adviser Mary Frances Lessley Howard Godfrey Alton Oliver james Roberts Minnie Laughlin Margie McDaniel Imogene Shepherd Garland Daniel The purpose of the B. S. U. is to serve as a connect- ing link between the Baptist student and the local Baptist church and to promote and correlate the activities of the various unit organizations-the Sunday School, the B. Y. P. U., and the Y. W. A. Membership in the B. S. U., is contingent upon membership in one of these unit organiza- tions. This year, the first year of organized B. S. U. work on the Tech campus, three representatives were sent to the All-Southern Baptist Student Conference in Memphis, Ten- nessee. The officers of the B. S. U., together with a rep- resentative from each unit organization form the B. S. U. Council. 'N R' mi? asm 1 03" J '-4 W -qs LY , R, gy -gig? T 5 at T . 1-1, is . SP7 I, fe 7 R 5511 MI 9 sg ,NI ,R . AV is 'lig R MASQ UERS CLUB OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HELEN JANE ROGERS . . . DALE lX4ILLER President T. L. COLE . . . JOHN KELLEY Coox Vice-President SELMA E. HARKEY . . . Jo TAYLOR Secretary ALICE MORAN . .... ALICE MORAN Treasurer SIDNEY BLAKELY , E Sponsor The Masquers Club has long had the reputa- tion of being one of the outstanding campus or- ganizations. This year's club was no exception. Two plays, He Airft Done Right By Nell and Brother james, were presented to large audi- ences. Mr. Sidney Blakely, sponsor, was especially helpful to the members in many ways, and his previous experience in professional clramatics was very beneficial. The club is proud of the fact that the Bat- tery Queen, Homecoming Queen, Campus Queen, and yearbook Beauty Queen are members of its organization. E T K Q, ' f :P - I . , ,, I, ,. .. fra, In fs - aaa -Q ff RN, -. -rf-we -'ww' iam-ents-rfsfitsw -fs, W- ' .. ' 'A 9 K, X' .sifllfwiiii f J' .. ' Q 1 -N a' -f1gx.g9w:wf f , -fe J- ' 'nt f. I f,rf.-55,321-:,:yL, - , I N - , f gggrgf lon. .--kgrl-fy 4 .gl f -,rs 3 A -. Q: W ,fsaf,'-- gm. we , - ,, S f . . 5,41 I I ' , fe ' r gizgig, A -, I L , I GE 1 Mg - , 'lf or , w 1 A , - 9 "K ' Q4' ' I 1 -- I - G- I - . . I ' ' -"- ' .. W W2 I not 5 , , ww , I I - R . X .,,, , as 1. as , A W, A ,.. .t a I was K It F -sas I' I. I 0 N swwgf . W. sa, me RI S ' fffffifajii ' zieiil wi? I n ' f if 21 I K- ' ' S . ,. , f I . W, , ,,, N w Y Q 1 3, KV ' A X 7 W Hfe lfi THE MEMBERS Sidney Blakely Iuanita Adams jack Beeby Caroline Bell Pallie Best Harold D. Buell Imogene Chappell T. L. Cole John Kelley Cook Melvinl Dunn Rebecca, Free Virginia Greene Fred Gross Selma Elizabetlx I-larkey Simpson Hollalwaugh Neil Hosey james Paul Howard Frank Hutchinson Harry Jeter Rose Mary jordan Irvin Langston Hazeldine Layl Annette Luck Virdellev.Mayl1an Dale Miller Ralph Minick Alice Moran Buford Morgan Marynelle Morgan Richard Parnell Howard Pearce Mary Agnes Redwine Francis Reynolds Bob Riley Helen Jane Rogers Jo Taylor Bryant Whittaker ygg g 93 1 DINING HALL CLUB X 'K I 4. Q St I as , 5' aj, 5. V e - - -X h l l OFFICERS FRANK GRACE . President ' i . . l JOE MCFERRAN . Vzce-Prerzdent y LORENE CRAVENS . Secretary-Treasurer ALF SATTERFIELD . Sponsor E. S. ToML1NsoN . Sponsor 'IK5 Established in the fall of 1934 for the purpose of promoting closer fellowship among the student employees of the dining ball, the Dining Hall Club has been social- ly one of the most active of the campus or- ganizations. Because of their work which brings them in daily contact with most of the student bod , the members form erha s the best- Y P P known group of students on the campus. The club's dances and socials are popu- lar campus affairs. 53 " 0 it ies I l fl Li-.- J 1 ii.' 'Zz I '1 '?'LfTF x ,QFMP M. r I'-WP?" ,- we ,. are A-,b.V I J ,V , ., Joins . 1. X. ,... I ...- I J Rx i ":r ' " . ff' ' """ - v s! I it' M r . y, " I X ,,-. fi: " ' " " " .,.,. f .L,. . S' LLLL-L V K-0 fg K .1 sis", ' is 5 . ..A,. A V K. , sg A . . I - 1-lj ' ' ' I w f 1 ' i 2 f L ' ' ' of H -. W ll 5 'A.- ' N . -"' if V m - - . I 1' ' .,,.g ' THE MEMBERS Alf Satterfield E. S. Tomlinson Caroline Bell Raymond Benham Evelyn Bewley James Blackshire Rex Burleson Lorene Cravens Elsie Daugherty Martha Dickson I-Iilton Gant Frank Grace Earl Grant Bonnie Lee Harris Edith Hart Wilma Hearn James Paul Howard Maud Hudson J. D. Huggins Louise Keathley Lola Keener Silva Leach Joe McFerran Elwin Majors Leland Majors Pauline Minor james Oliver Marcelle Payne virginia Reed Boyce Robertson Edward Scot: Thurston Stafford Turner Stallings Raymond Tull W sa Ill as 'Ss 4. ISI ISI YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION ANNA FULTON MAUD HUDSON FLETA HICKERSON LORENE CRAVENS INA WEBB . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter The Young Woman's Christian Association, sister organization of the YMCA, conducts many of its activities in cooperation with the IVlen,s Y. This year the two organizations working together furnished a playroom in the Physical Education Building. Short devotional services, followed usually by social hours, make up the programs for the YWCA. at ',' - - 5 y etit in 9 J o n L ,y , QF?r.:1gri:.:g,x,f,:Vr!1 5 in I ie, Lr.L ,.k,KVVk A . , . 5iL?.J.ik,L E Vi gay ,'AA' A ., , ' ' l Etfi-Tv 493 S . ' wi any .x t 5 -S -- .'1fi1. ' 'girl --.', if fa 1. - ,fl 3 L B J ,., ','-, 1 ' re. I .hh ' H q os- 1 a 1' ta fx. 1 ggsaisrimxs in lrr ,j,,L:Lg:i.l...,.V i- K .. gw.1-,: A EJ ., YQ? F ' Y - ,. LL- 1 fi ,-'. 2:52,-llif' gs: -f .-'iff - gf- ' X1 We . I - ,-'L, ' - A A was K gm. i.211g,1 . ' s ' ,, is ii fivifpgf LL-.. azz ,. B- L',.'- fm if ,,-' . X I . -"- gi Vkkh , - isis - KX WL,VL k.,L. 7' X A K THE MEMBERS Gelene And erso n Troyce Mae Barker Evelyn Bewley Frankie Biggm Gladys Boyd Irene Brewer Anna Bullock Floy jean Clayton Lorene Cravens Mary Dell Crossno Thelma Crossno Elsie Daugherty Martha Dickson Anna Fulton Selma E. Harkey Bonnie Lee Harris Wilma Hearn Lucille Henry Fleta Hickerson Winona Halbrook Maud Hudson Marcella Johnson Mary Sue Jones Lola Keener Emma Grace King Minnie Laughlin Silva Leach jane Miller Gladys Owens Clotha Powell Helen. Jane Rogers Pearl Strickland Gladys Taylor Mickey Thomas Laura Vestal Ina Webb Lois Webb Jerline Wright WONDER PEPPERS OFFICERS T. L. COLE . . . President l l JOHN KELLEY COOK . . Vice-President JANE STEWART . . Secretary-Treasurer MRS. CECIL HUDSON Sponsor Cheer Leaders DOROTHY PATTISON JOHN KELLEY COOK TOMELA WRIGHT JOHN KIRKPATRICK FRANCIS REYNOLDS The Wonder Peppers, better known as Pep Squad, displayed many colorful and in- tricate formations at Tech's football games this year. lVluch of the praise for this organization is due to the efforts of its sponsor, Mrs. Cecil Hudson, to whom goes the credit for its being heralded by state papers as the most colorful unit in the state. J The group accompanied the football l team to games at Fort Smith and Conway be- sides appearing at all home games. J., .. . '.. R wk JM ' P ' 1. - ,naliifeit i 2 If- -' -r - V... - 142-fzfrf-znf:e sir we-:wi rw -S - M- '-am S --fs--1..w,e..A..., W f -- . L -1 u . I i ..,. , . QE. - tar fs iq- W, . jr.-Q. 7 M ei ..-MQ, - W I-,N 2,53 -V - .... f as . - I I- S O I 1 M W r eg N' -2' im f ,I W -f-- "H, '31 ' E- - R it we Img W G -' , 'f "' .:, v '.. ,K 1,35 5 ii QQZQQQ-gal' 'QA K A , .K K I K N g , Zwkgwf IN . :mix I in Q, ,Fw ,R if E., 7 - . . - 4 L, . .L Ape ,e .. 3.151 I1 '. . K , . K satis, .QA A 4 . f g M X S ,.., I , I 4 - I 1 ' A s V " T'A7'fM .2113-W l - fi-ffifveiif Lf? -if 'T ' 1: . -- V- " f - n ' i W . .J. .J . i THE MEMBERS T. L. Cole Mrs. Cecil Hudson Juanita Adams Ruth Arp Orba Baldwin Troyce Mae Barker Annette Batson Harold D. Buell Earl Camp Imogene Chappell Boyne Chrisco John Kelley Cook Garland Daniel George Davis Mescal Dunn Milton Gallaher Janice Gardner Lois Gimlin Alfred Gossien Virginia Greene Fred Gross Luther Hardin Bill Harris Bonnie Harris Elizabeth Hathaway George Holderhy Neil Hosey Jewell Beth James Marcella Johnson Roy Kirkpatrick Annette Luck Janet McClure Theresa Faye Mcllroy Virdelle Mayhan Mildred Martin Jayne Millner Ralph Minick Paulme Minor John Boyd Mitchell Marynelle Morgan Alton Oliver Dorothy Pattison Mildred Pattison Anna Faye Perryman Kathryn Pickren Norma Ruth Privett L,Orene Rackley Virginia Ray Virginia Reed Francis Reynolds Mary Faye Rogers Elizabeth Ross Allie Maud Sharp Eugenya Shelton Gladine Shinn Imogene Shepherd Ada Stevenson Jane Stewart Deck Teague Kathryn Teeter Kathleen Tillman Bernard Turner Gwendolyn Voss Mildred Warren John Williams Tomela Wright lam . 'V Q' 6 'lee-Q" ag 4 we ff? E if -'S m 5 Z -f the ,gt YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester HOLDEN SHOEMAKER . . . EARLD. CAMP President EARL D. CAMP .... ALTON OLIVER Vice-President FRANCIS REYNOLDS . . GARLAND DANIEL Secretary-Treasurer HOWARD GODFREY . . . G. R. TURRENTINE Faculty Advixers The Young Men's Christian Associa- tion, cooperating With the national council, intends to develop the physical, the intel- lectual, and the spiritual life of the student. Indeed, a momentous task. A short devotional service, usually fol- lowed by a social hour, was held every Tues- day evening of the school year. This year the YMCA, cooperating with the, YWCA, furnished a room in the Physical Education Building with games for the- purpose of pro- moting good-fellowship among the students of the college. Three joint meetings each month with the YWCA did much toward pushing the two organizations forward. we 1 it ,?,.s'ix , f' I if 7 A so A i . ' - ' I ' ' ' f at . 'AAI W W A"' 9' f -A ' fl" I ' I ' ' wid'-5 ,... I A g " if 30 .L.- Q gi' ,,., 1 f ' fi -i-, 6 4, Q ky 1 j I Q y ' ' I I 42-It-A"-gif?-A.. , , . - .. f . -- , A V H . -ur V.. --,-.--me , ., S yf ,, ... ' ' ' ? 1 , Y Y - 5 , , 1' 1 -' I M A J' W ,A tag .f-, V ' , ' ' I i ,. , , f .2 Las , ' n .. -' A .... L A A . Es fi E A 1 . ff: E I in . C . . , . W - D2 .. 'Q . mt Q 3 jgvffmtg- ,V-, if :jeg if . at ewfam AA-,w,.s,.:, . A , asa,-at I'tQt.,:f.f?s.iaL,.Is.zss, ww. iiaa..,,g5. fts t,,, 4 M E L t v ,J GN 8 il i 'bs I W . I yi w it il Ni ' s THE MEMBERS G. R. Turrentine Howarcl Godfrey Orba. Baldwini Kenneth Barden Rex Basinger George W. Boyd' Earl D. Camp Winfred Chambers Sam Danehower Bill Daniel Garland Daniel George Davis J. C. Dyson Roy Lee Fisher Paul Goodwin Terrel Gordon Earl Grant Fred Gross john Hamilton Luther Hardin George Holderby Raydus james Hershel Lingle Everett McDade Ralph Miniclc john Boyd Mitchell Charles McClure james Oliver Alton Oliver Orel Otwell I-Iarris Philpot Drexel Powell Francis Reynolds Leonard Reynolds Eldon Robb Boyce Robertson Edward Scott Holden Shoemaker Turner Stallings Billy Stevenson john Tatum Raymond Tull Jack Williamson Jack Yaeger Bernard Turner OFFICERS First Semester OREL OTWELL . JOE MCFERRAN . LEON SMITI-I . I KEITH HARRIS . ODELL I-IOLLEY . EUGENE WARREN . I Second Semester TURNER STALLINGS . I KIPP SULLIVAN . LAFAYETTE BROWN ELDON ROBB . PAUL HAYNES GARLAND DANIEL . FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA . President Vice-President , Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Adviser . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Reporter A d riser The Future Farmers of America, with an enrollment of 68, is the largest club on the campus and one of the most active. Because of its size and the ability of its members to cooperate, it is usually a power in campus politics. Two American Farmers, the highest honor . that the National organization can grant, are Warren and Garland Daniel. I' r, l members of the Tech FFA. They are Eugene I if , il. 3,553 ALT X' , , ' 5 g . - I ,. I - . f-It 3 .T 'Q -, , R I -A R I - . - iris? as 'Ii' it .f 1-if-gsi 1- Ev RSD -, ,as f I A - 12 4311 F' ' S . K i f I - al' L, ,sg ,,. A jk sagem- s 1, A ,. K- K U - 5.5-gg -5 K gg - sf IX I,,xk1,v?'s: A K l I., IL 2, 333 wg - 35,2 meth: ' ,ig . A .RiA. :sa,' a:. - l ll , "1 I T - 1 I 0 A 3 : J is , TV s 2 s. ., K T . gtg ,,,. . il l if ' ' ' rstlsfiffifs if-33 -' -' rf' 3 ' if 1 I I atiizfw A p f s- -- iin' Ki ' ails W l s The Tech FFA was organized in 1930 and was the first collegiate chapter formed in America This year it was granted Arkansas Collegiat Charter Number l. THE MEMBERS C. W. C. Aulsluury, Sp0n5o1Loy Fudge C. Ai Hughes, Sponsor Harvey Arnold Ikey Baldwin Orba Baldwin A. B. Bradley Hal Brewer Lafayette Brown George W. Boyd H. D. Buell Rex Burleson Leon Covey Douglas Crabtree Murlys Crawford Boyne Chrisco Sam Danehower Bill Daniel Garland Daniel George Davis Joe Douglas Orlie Ellison Roy Fisher Grover Fuller Joe George Franlc Grace Luther Hardin Keith Harris Claucli Hall Paul Haynes Odell Holley Marshall Jacks Raydus James Howard Jones Walter Kaylor Joe Maman Deward McGehee Frank McMillan Alwin Miller john Boyd Mitchell john Newkirk Orel Orwell Jerrell Parsley Malcolm Pierce ,X " fi 4 t 76 CQXOG Nl 1'.1 G1fgW'3 'Z ' D w we , .f L, asa. gf ifzfzgwr I , il fr, W. Us r ,Wx . A M . .r 4 I r . my l atr 5 , inf Ein- S rg , L, ,l ,gi cv? 513,23 K 5 as ' nf' ,V for . , wwe my -- -ffrew 1. wrm THE MEMBERS Drexel Powell Robert Reece Troy Reed Bud Reeves Eldon Robb james Roberts Boyce Robertson Verlis Rose john Schnieder Edward Scott Morgan Scott Holden Shoemaker Floyd Smith Leon Smith Turner Stallings Aclelbert Strang Kipp Sullivan Robert Terrell D. J. Trickey Eugene Warren Ewell Welch Jack Williamson Gilmer Wfray ARMERS Op UFE AMER: UT CA I Q Ury Wright 4.0 N safr s V42 ,J ,Z ji f .gl " WS "KW-'f wt Q1 1 with 8 f Q ,,a,t , y , nf! : 'X eww Mag! yY.y,i: i'.i iilf i'e2eL ,EM W .WMM ,ew ADVERTISING IRIUSSIEILILVIIILILIE lElI'1AlVIIIEnIEIR IOIF CUOIVIIIVIIIEIIQQEIE AN INSTITUTION FOR THE UPBUILDING of RUSSELLVILLE AND POPE COUNTY AT THE SERVICE OF THE PUBLIC AT ALL TIMES Office Located on the Ground Floor of Masonic Temple TELEPHONE 444 The Bank of Russellville RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS A Bank of Service and Safety ESTABLISHED 1897 A. J. Mathews Geo. S. Neal- R. L. Jenkins L. M. Reed - - M. J. Hickey - ..... MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM OFFICERS - Cl1Zll1'lllZlll -- - ---President - - -- Vice-President - Cashier -- -Assistant Cushiei Genevieve Harmon - - - - Bookkeeper Hervie Hill - - - ---- -- - - Bookkeeper Clarence Allison - - - - - - -- - Bookkeeper X 39 Courteous Treatment Extended to Everybody 9? 96 Deposits Insured by THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Washington, D. C. S5000-Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor S5000 Q FOR REAL ENJOYMENT EAT Purity Ice Cream AND Purity Butter MADE IN RUSSELLVILLE W e Cater If0 Pcufhes KPwrity Ice Grecun Go IPIEQDIDILIES IEMEIHANIE E BAN N RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS 96 95' Efficient and Courteous Service Capital Sl00,000.00 Jno. NV. NYl1ilc I AAA Prcsidenl L. 13. NIcCl11l'e . - .Vicc-l'1'cside11t Ii. C. lhulcllcy . . I I I Czlshicl' C. li. Lcmlcy 'AAAA -Assislzml Czlshicr J. M. Lcwcllyn - - . . - I .Tcllcr A. M. NYithe1's I I . .--Bookkeeper Hazel Gillispic . . - I Bookkeeper 96 76 ACCOUNTS SOLICITED Member of Federal Reserve System Deposits Insured by THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Washington, D. C. 96 96 S5000-Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor-S5000 IFIIQIIIENIDSIHITIID .. .. .. THERE'S NOTHING OF AN EARTHLY NATURE MORE VALUABLE THAN FRIENDSHIP Ice refrigeration is the friend of the entire fam- ily. It is an unfailing, unvarying guardian of food, flavor, weight and appearance, as well as a bacteriological condition. Like all true friends ICE is willing and ready to give its life for you. ARKANSAS-OKLAHOMA ICE CO. MANUFACTURERS OF DISTILLED WATER ICE RIUSSIEILILVIIILILIE IIDILIUIVIIIBIINQE SP IHIEPUVIINCE CID.. F. E. CAMPBELL, Prop. SANITARY PLUMBING AUTOMATIC WATER SYSTEM Vapor, Steam, and I-lot Water Systems PHONE 282 113 East Main Russellville, Ark , , . applying to yearbook problem: dw samc sound principles the architect uses . . . working in cooperation with pim- tographer, pnntcr, and cuvcr nxnnufnrmrcr to the benefit of the staff. PEERLESS ENGRAVING CQ LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ARTISTS ' DESIGNERS ' PHOTOJENGILAVERS The Diary of ? ? ? Sept. 4. Dear Diary: Well, Ilm finally at college. Goshl Something I've dreamed ol for years and years. I-Iere at Tech I shall ex- ccll-well, maybe not scholas-I mean in books but there are better fields for me. Get what I mean, Diary? Wish I knew someone around here. Sept. 5. Well, the roommate arrived today. I didn't know they still created tyrants like her, and if that isn't enough shels a sophomore. She said something about Freshmen rules, but more of that later. A11 morning I stood in line and got sunburned. Then I are in the din- ing hall and, Diary, the cutest boy ate at the table I did. I-Iis name is Eugene Warren. Just found out that he's President of the Stu- dent Council, and has nothing to do with the girls. I'l1 see about that. All the kids got ta- gether in front of the dormitory and shook hands and went home. Some fun. Sept. 6. Tests, tests. If that's all they are going to give around here Ilm going home right now. They had what they call Freshman Night. tonight, and lo and behold our group won the prize-a jar of candy. I played the part of a female toredore and that handsome jim Kim- herlin was the bull, and in the end we trucked off together, right on to the campus and to the dormitory. Hels darling. Sept. 7. Classes started today-Ye Gods- they told me to buy dozens of books, but, that is not whaQ I came to school for. james Paul Howard and I got acquainted today-he's to be the drum major-oh, man! Also I made myself known to Robert Parker as I hear he's editor of the paper, and what I need is pub- licity. Sept. 8. Met Howard Pearce, captain of the football team. Conceited, I'm told. Sept. 9. Well, we got to stay out until 10 tonight, and guess who I had a date with- fohn Kelley Cook-whotta man. Sept. 14. Freshman rules started today, and they made me buy a silly little old green arm band, and informed me that I was to wear it all the time-even to bed. No make-up-that slays meg I look like the side of a barn without make-up. Dorothy Pattison made me lead a yell in the Techionary this afternoon, they tell me she was yell leader last year-I guess I showed her how it's done. Freshman Reception tonight. More handshaking. Sept. 17. I'm now a member of the pep squad. They had a meeting tonight and elect- ed T. L. Cole president. What's he gat that makes everyone like him? Sept. 18. I guess you know Rose Mary jordan and Margie McDaniels made me polish eight pairs of white shoes tonight. Sept. 21. My first college football game. We played Murray and tied, 14-14. I mean Ralph Turner went to town in that game- gotta meet that man. Herbert Bridges wasnit had, either. Sept. 22. Dorothy Pattison, Tomela Wright, ,lohn Kelley Cook, Roy Kirkpatrick and Fran- cis Reynolds are the cheer leaders for this year. Made my first college dance tonight. Went with Buddy Oliver, and boy, can he dance. He told me to treat him just like a sister. Sept. 26. Diary this is the craziest place. Tonight Pallie Best and Alice Moran made me sing the Alma Mater and all the football songs. They say that the Best girl is always in love. Sept. 30. We elected Dan Stephens presi- dent of our class, which made the Privett girl very happy. Oct. 5. Arka-Tech out today but no Shad- ow, clon't like that. Oct. 13. They elected Selma E. Harhey I-Iomecc-ming Queen today. foe D. politicked all day in, Main and I guess he got results. Oct. 15. Joined Masquers Club tonight and after the initiation can't say Ilm so enthusiastic about it. Didn't Chappell look cute as Daisy Mae? boys have to Oct. 17. All rh-3 Freshmen grow beards for Homecoming. Won't they look nice? Oct. 19. Marthadelle Smith must be some woman, Diary. She keeps two or three on the string all the time-it's George Davis and Mike Hill now. Oct. 23. Went on special train to Ft. Sm'th and beat Edmond 19-18. Coming back on the special the lights went out-O, boy! Oct. 24. Pallie Best is going with Conlon Ladd now. Who next? ' HTECHIONERYH Maintain the convenience and service to campus life this place offers by patronizing it as has been the refreshing custom ot' others during the two years of its existence. linjoy "that good old fellowship" where students meet, as well as the many good things to drink and eat here. Alsog a line ot' student necessities is handled along with the regular textbooks and school supplies. It is the aim ot' the management and employees ot' this in- stitution to cooperate with the College Officials, the Instructors, the various student organizations :md the students in making Tech El better school to attend. You will always find 11 welcome, and prices very l'C2lS0ll- able. JIM 'l'l7CKl'lR, Manager. i D R I N K E I THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES BARNS'ECHLlN STUDIO Photographers for Agricola CONWAY ARKANSAS LION OIL REFINQING COMPANY EL, nomxno, ARKANSAS - - - T. H. BARTON, President Compliments of llll'1lE NIEW STCIQIE CURLEE CLOTHES STETSON HATS IN RUSSELLVILLE SINCE 1895 Archer Hose Cneocinia Frocks S.. A.. WAILINIEIR "Prescription Compounding Our Specialty" A Full Line of NATIONAL ADVERTISED DRUGS and DRUG SUNDRIES "King's Chocolates" '55 95' RUSSELLVILLE, ARK. Phone 57 Next to The Bank of Russellville Oct. 26. Trickled over to assembly to hear Dr. jones tell of what happened at Munich, whatever it was that happened there. Oct. 8. Homecoming. We beat Hendrix 14-0. Lots of alumni around and lots of ex- cited sophomores. We had to dress in p. jfs for the pep meeting, but it was fun. Oct. 29. Well, Bryan has ditched Slvoernali- er, Bridges, Dunn, etc. to marry the kid back home. Oct. 30. Got my beauty snapped for the Annual today. Nov. 4. Ouachita beat us 14-0, horrible, but our team really tried. Nov. 9. Editor Parker finally picks his staff, and can you imagine that George Davis being on it. Nov. ll. Pop's here, it's Dad's Day. We fair smeared Bacone 62-6 for the benefit of the paters. Nov. 12. Dean's List announced today. Wouldn't it be grand to know as much as that six-pointer Lillian Neal. Guess I'm dumb. Nov. 13. Linton and Mack seem to have quite a case. Personally, I prefer Southern Genelemen. Mack is slightly toward the egot- istical side, too. Nov. 14. We all have to wear "Beat Teach- ers" signs on our backs from now until Thanks- giving. You know I don't think that is a bad idea. Nov. 15. The Studor Brothers presented a chapel program tonight. Sounded exactly Ar- kansas hill-billy music, but it really was Swiss. Nov. 16. That Layl thinks she has Huniii- cutg just wait until Thacker gets back on the campus. Nov. 17. Very stiff "Program Dancev in the lounge tonight. Step-one-two-slide- step, et cetrag yes, you didn't dare do more. Dear M. Dunn, would that I had your lazy smooth line-even when you're bored. We all flocked to the punch bowl like a bunch of pigs, but that was the only moment when we could relax. I invited Bill Witt Campbell, not bad. Nov. 22. Bear meat tonight! Looks like the whole town is up in arms to help us beat Teach- ers. Pep Meeting after supper. Everybody, including faculty, almost cried-and some did. Nov. 24. Well, we didn't beat Teachers- they beat Tech 21-7. Coming back on the spe- cial I sat with Bridges in the car where all the football men were. We didn't play bridge. Nov. 25. Ted Shawn and his dancers ap- peared tonight. But no one could truthfully say that he enjoyed it. It was over our heads. Even joe Harris couldnit explain it to me. Nov. 26. Freshman Barn Dance. l-lay and everything. Sue Preston and Odell Holley won the prize for the best dressed farmers. 'Fraid my date, Billy Fulrner, don't remember much about the evening. Dec. 2. Well, I guess I won,t have a chance with Cope, Tiny Reclwine has him under con- trol. Dec. 3. Tiny Redwine, Chappell, and Stew- art were campused tonight for throwing dust pans down the hall. However, M. Pattison is the real campused queen of the dormitory. Nothing ever happens to me. Dec. 4. Neil I-Ioxey is elected Battery Queen. What's the matter with these men? I think my average is slipping. Dec. 6. Over to the legitimate theatre to see Little Nell, Marynelle Morgan done right by. Dec. 7. Football dance, tonight-glorious time. Dated "Romeo" Morelock. Whatta manl Bynum and Beeson are co-captains for next year. Apparently Beeson had a good t'me even though his woman was campused. Dec. 8. Those poor boys going into the T Association. I-low the members beat them! Dec. 9. Battery Dance. Everyone had a merry time. Tommy Rogers may have dated D. Pattison, but he didnit forget by a long shot that I was there. Dec. 10. The campus is littered with silly little old high school Home Ec's, topwaters. Dec. 13. Merry time shooting firecrackers in the dorm. Miss B. is in Jonesboro. Dec. 15. Xmas party in the lounge for un- der-privileged children. Guess Caraway has a heart after all. Dec. 17. Off for home and the Christmas vacation. Jan. 1. Well, the grind starts again. Guess who met me at the Train-none other than B017 Riley-Diary, I rate. Jan. 6. In the dog house just because I leaned out of a window and kissed Woody Brakefiela' after he so graciously trotted to the Techionary to get me a sandwich. Jan. 7. We beat Little Rock C. in basket- ball tonight-I guess we showed them "city slickersf' Jan. 13. Sport Dance tonight in the arm- ory. Wiley Beelvy won the prize. My date- Mallet-couldn,t win a hog-calling contest. Jan. 18. Semester exams. Wish now I had listened to mama. READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY W RUSSELLVILLE'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Supporting and Boosting Arkansas Tech SHOES HOSE Compliments of Ritz and New Theatres ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR TECH STUDENTS Henry A. Brownlee, City Manager RUSSELLVILLE ARKANSAS Jan. 20. The campus is aroused over the Cumnock-Stephens feud over Privett. Nobody ever fights over me. jan. 22. Passed everything in the exams. Wheel jan. 24. Game with Harding and we won, 60-50. I like Kee-and Story too. jan. 30. Grand President's Ball-large time -good crowd. McClesleey should attempt to have a clear head when out with Pattie. Feb. 1. To the armory and assembly tonight to heat Dr. Albert tell of Americals chances for neutrality. Would know more about it if I hadn't sat by Hickey-he just donlt want to be cultured. Feb. 3. Went skating in the armory with Herman lynclv. Too bad that he canlt skate as well as he can dance. He spent most of his time dusting off the floor. Feb. 11. Dance tonight-a mild affair. J. O. and Pattison should have kept their friend from climbing over the rail and dropping from the balcony. Cumnock and Warren were quick to pitch him out. Feb. 14. I'd just like to know who sent me an old Maid comic Valentine-signed "Hit- lerv-bet it was that imbecelic King Ganner. Feb. 15. Met the new P. E. teacher today, Miss Gainey. Shels taking a class-including me-to ASTC for the festival today. Think I like her. Feb. 16. Caraway Tea Dance-too many women-it was vice versa. How the women rushed Hairless joe. March 3. Student Council Dance-and very very few there. These Tech boys prac- tically refuse to take dorm girls to the dances- why, I don't know. Anyhow, little fimmfe Critz thinks he got a break! March. 5. Kinney, Brown and that conceit- ed Taylor got back from Chicago today. Gee, those guys are the class in boxing. March 8. Realwine, Parker, Davis, and Pat- tison play bridge in the lounge every evening. Imagine that George Davis playing a mild game like bridge. Hels slowing up or some- thing. March 10. Bowery Dance. Ganner looked perfect and Marynelle Morgan looked like a little bar-fly. I wonder if Ladd-they call him NI-lit The Bottle"-could dance if he were sober. He sho can when he' isn't. Marcli 14. A whiz-bang of a boxing match tonight. H. Brown called the match. Speak- ing of H. Brown I could go for his crooked rmile in a "beeg,' way. March 17. Engineers' Day-Good thing it doesn't come but once a year. They tell me that the Boys' dorm was practically wrecked. March 18. Engineers' Dance-and a glori- cus time was had by all-that is, all who could remember it. March 23. Spring Holidays-enough said. March 25. To Little Rock for the Tech party at the Casino. About 40 there. Ronfden forgetting his Dixie, didn't have any trouble but 1 mean the best-looking girl at the party- personage-was Noel including my honorable Bnllerls date. How he must ratel Came by into handsome Bill Harris at the Races. Hot Springs and ran Weaver and jolly Bill Their faces were rather long, though. March 27. Again the campus is littered with the little High School Kiddies. Met some of my country cousins, a bit embarrassing for il person who has come up in the world. March 31. Spring football game-looks like we will have a swell team next year. The announcing was terrible. We went exclusive and attended a Topwater dance, which looked like a Tech dance, only most of the people were sober. Date, Bob Cowne. April 4. These long warm days just make me too lazy for words-1 go to sleep in class, of all places. I want to go home, and it wonlt be long. April 10. Got Glen Cunningham's auto- graph today. April 12. The park is a popular place and becoming more popular all the time. Gee, what a place to spend the twilight hours. I was there but not alone. Spring's getting me. April 20. Everybody is getting all excited about the coming student elections. We are going to elect student council president, editors, business managers, and all.Joe McClure asked me to vote for him for president and darned if I donlt think 1 will. April 25. Made up my mind to vote for Boly West, too. Don't know about the others. May 3. You have to hand it to those Agris because they really can toss a dance. I and date Pat Kee enjoyed it. It was pretty dark at the dance but-nevertheless. May 15. Got my yearbook today, and pro- ceeded like everyone else to get it full of auto- graphs and bright sayings and the like. Oh, that candid shot at me, it wasn't complimentary at all. May 20. Graduation days are here and don't those sophomores look dignified in cap and gown. Said goodby to my one and only, and today I leave for home. But I'l1 be back next year-and Oh, what fun, ,,,,,,, COUNTY OFFICIALS Hays Gibson c I c .L ceccee .County Judge D. A. Bewley ...... , aaaa c Sheriff and Collector J. N. Alford I lrrl County Clerk J. T. Murphycec , County Treasurer Reuben Chenowith I .Tax Assessor W ee DISTRICT OFFICIALS Audrey Strait eeee eeee eeeee c c . L Circuit Judge W. B. Langford c ,Circuit Clerk R. M. Priddy-. e eecc Prosecuting Attorney J. B. Ward I Chancellor Judge Boyd Keathley I I Court Reporter Burnett-Wyss Lumber Co. Manufacturers of YELLOW PINE LUMBER YELL COUNTY OLA, ARKANSAS A. M. VAUGHT COMPANY 'LTHE STORE OF CORRECT FASHIONS AND BETTER GARMENTSH Russellville, Arkansas THE LEMINGS DRUGS and EVERYTHING Since 1900 Phone 24 "The Rexall Store" Russellville, Arkansas It's Smart to Wear Comfortable Shoes Friendly Five Florsheim Fortune SHOES FOR MEN Jacqueline Enna .Iettick Paris Fashion SHOES FOR WOMEN WIDTHS AAAAA TO EEE Let Us Fit Your Feet THOMPSON ShoeStore LINK-WAY STORES COMPANY Everything in Hardware and Furniture Russellville, Arkansas Phone No. 8 We Save You Money TRIBUNE PRINTING COMPANY PUBLISHERS OF WEEKLY TRIBUNE and COMMERCIAL PRINTING The Printers of The BIGGER and BETTER ARKATECH RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS ARKANSAS FUEL OIL CO. CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS ACME TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES Bob Little Service Station Canerday Bros. Service Station On Main Street No. Ark. Ave. MAX TAYLOR, Retail Distributor HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS R. F. ROYS "Hardware Since 1873" Russellville PAINT Phone 101 GLASS KREBS BROTHERS SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals and Institutions CHINA, - GLASS . SILVER . KITCHEN EQUIPMENT AND UTENSILS JANITOR SUPPLIES . PAPER GOODS - PAINT - SPORTING GOODS 413-15 West Capitol Avenue Little Rock, Ark. Good Equipment Makes a Good Farmer Better Horse-Drawn Machines Power Farm Equipment McCORMICK DEERING DEALERS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS BLOUNT-BALDWIN COMPANY CONWAY RUSSELLVILLE FORT SMITH Substantial Saving on Your Fire Insurance TO BUSINESS MEN AND HOME OWNERS: Can You Afford to Pay 25 Per Cent More Than Your Competitors or Neighbors? Discreet inquiry may reveal that your business associates, fellow club members, even your competitors, men whose judgment who esteem, have long carried their insurance in mutual companies. 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Arkansas Tech University - Agricola Yearbook (Russellville, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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