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oh mm v-ua-uv uv.. ..a..-mn-Q Q -. 1 Yi 5. W. ,+- A -A 4, 5. as-L . I . . , . 1 6 1 . . . I 1 A 1 ' . C I bl R .- . . x Y' N. Y 4 . h . w . . Q , . ? . . Y 1 u . VI . R 4? ' a 2 P. . . L I Y Q . . x A -L n -.1 L ew if .frm if 4 W7 ,2- 5 ?x K 1 Ti' W ,,. 3 ui u 'ex L 55 5 5 Qi , A In . .f . fl ,x .Q , ' 2 5 V :VM Q -I ' 9:14 j: if , E if, 'ba 34, .1 73 iii H11 ' Yflri 'J ig? ,fi . '. A 'fl git 1,5433 s, Y 1 5.7 ,A - ,FJ13 :Vw i Yiw 1 MQ! Q x. ig g' 4 L' 51 Q P H 'Q-ii' . .. I "Qu 1 .-it f in I K jf. ff , Y i"'V5 '13 U -Y Kun.: ii , ,r ,1 3 . Q 11, . Q' 5 E .f . Q ! ' xQ,J"' EL.: f TZ' 3 ju "fp IA, , 1 - 14 5,115 'I P ' 7 ' . "'l,, ., ' -A 1 H Q. W! gm 1, Rs K 1 ., wi I- .-J i' 0711 1-'ug'xA, .5 I fiufi f I "1 4.3 5 1 ' v X. - m X. Y 3 1 x 8 1 1 i V s 1 "4 1 v -fu V 'M f V. Y rx V, , , i 1 ,I x X lv 1. - o I 1 ,rf 1 .evict - 1 - .... , , .,... , f .. , ,, .,. If T ' .....-.-M.. . . MU nuff' 74" B31-lmnnll fvv.nn5-nv-n.J-nl.-, I ..-5-an-1--.,a I- J 4 4 I 4 Q 7 .1 K .4 1 I i 1 v R 4 1 A ' W W I The G R I C FINDLAY FLATTER, Edltor JOE CASKEY, Busmesb Manager ji X QM -1 A r. V . , , ,v , . , H 0llEW0llll If, at some future time, glancing through this volume brings to you memories of the days spent at Tech, this annual shall have achieved its purpose. To the student hody of Tech, whose school T E loyalty is unsurpassed, we dedicate this volume as a slight evidence of our appre- ciation. ,- Cyp-I, X IITE ADMINISTRATION C L A S S E S PERSONALITIES A T H L E T I C S ORGANIZATIONS Vf V, 573' 4 .., K ff 'rg v. ,s. : .xv s, ' ' Skills A , '9' '37 . n gvwxf, ol. Q, fa. 4 ,mi-1 . R- ggi, "3 9 YQ, A 1. .'f 6790 :pl W' f. 'r'fy f v-. YZHBUHZ Qgmuuwa ali new wi nz: I uae an sae SHIQIZS fy.. '. me-Az ' QW X ff n W W -, , , , 1 7 " ' if ' 'WZ2 W , Z W .. - ' f " ff 1 f-vip "'ffPwNW4Q5gQ,Ni,7 2, W T ,, , ' wa. , , , ff ' ff f 'hw :li ,wh My f t A MMQW f 5 fvfW'0www'''1HHQIIIIHMHR!!HIanHQHanzQHQMMnswe5MmamMHQzuZasnwmwMMnamanzMHMHIMMMQMQQM5Wvanwmmmnnmwmmwmrunnnmnwmwwm 1 f '- 1 V: V , .. , ' 1 A , K i ' .tl h CE f1 ' i' M u "W 1 f .M. , , .Quiz 1+ ."'Ef' ,W, , e V pgf f-3, yn' ' , ' j-5 ' , . A A ' f.2 ' E I A In V-1 . , , ,a,, , , n--I - ' r ' 1 ' J'. U' 1 ' I A' f 1 ' f " . 1 -, .J f , . .,,.., f 1 , 0v 4 .LU ' ,r. The administration building contains class- rooms, school museum, and the offices of dean, registrar, president and other mem- bers of the faculty. Squarely facing the street, it impresses the newcomer at once, and because of its beauty, remains in his memory. Q z,f7.x 1 Q 4 W , f ff A W ,WN ., , ,,Mw,fMxWfN-. ..-.,,,......m,,-W I XIV X nfs QM W WN X 1 N4 raw! X2 Caraway Hall, resident hall for women students, is one of the newer buildings, and offers modern quarters for all women students, and is, of course, the focus of the boys' attention. I x ! 11 ,, ,LZ::.':.,.,.,4, ,,,,, --.S ..'t:. .. - S "1 K vw" ff 4 Mhz W4 f X1 W ,M X f W if ,ww The boys' dormitory, completely modern, offers superior living quarters for 210 stu- dents. It was remodeled by adding con- necting wings to the three dormitories formerly in use. It also contains apart- ments for the dean and assistant dean of l'I161'1. 4 4- s X 1: .J , .. N: X- '. 1 1 c,g,cf" ' I 'r' , A' ,.fx.'. ,. , . sv .3 . 1 ' v , 1 ,g!A. ' 4 " ...f .,-.. f....: v,,, 1 x .. If , b . Q.,,.g,, 1 ..'.-' . . ff: ,.- r-1.,:4.g4',:..-Q1f1A,,.. , .1 ., , ,HEL . . ,,,, ,Y , ML., ,I R. , .. V ,. ,U ,.,.-A--,:,w.. ..,..-,rw -,-,,., --q 134- 4.4 .. f..., , x ,- H I... , , .,,-L.q.. .-,, V.44....,:, u . ,, .W , ' . 1 1 v 1 'gif , .+- . ,,. W., ,'.,,.'.,,L.,5,, J..-. .1 ." XJ A 1.......1 V Bailey hall contains class rooms of agri- culture, sciences, and faculty offices. The entire first floor has been remodeled and occupied with laboratories of chemistry, dairying, and soils. Y XJQW' If Wm, 1' ,...M-- -fi' W ,f f ,,M, ,..,., .T A. A -'A 4 W f fm., ,aff ' "' ' M' 'ffpify' ' , ff! ff v f I f WWW' ,l y if ff M 1 ...ff ' ...- -- .- ..- Lll IB IRA 'Fi 1 w. 7 ff z , if ,Rf , ,WN E . ,M f2 !v:Mww""ff-"7'Wf ,, mg A X I 4-' -Q-5' 'ff f f'g 5-Z yy yMjf,f,7,L4f 'bn A-Q g' ' ft- M 77 ,I,E0f 4f,f 5Lif: x T I nffw The library was put into use in 1936. It is well equipped, lighted and has been en- riched with boolcs through the Carnegie Endowment until it ranks well up among the best in the state. ,.,f,.,.,.4., . .:Y,,q,,..,. ..,,--,.,,4-1. ?q..W,,,,.,-.. .AM . ,, - ,,. , U-fx V w..,,Zx,-nf, W... Q.. -mfg 'wi X .wx x XX V ali A Yf,w,,,,f Z , 0 5 vvnfmw .,,, f f f ww , . , ' , f W X- X Y V V! f ' ' i ff V ,uf 4 f ' 'I 'X up 2 IDIIN ING IHAILII. , ,cy ,wnfqy-wwwfmfww , M WWW- ,, M WW5,wW3V5f, Www 1, , M , ,wfgu 4' M4 ,W I , f , ,f ,4.,,..,-K-nur-Y-. We-,v -,Q--W L,,, mm f , w C, , ff, A 3 A A 1 ,, 0 , A Q f 34 ' ,, 4-1' ,, . ,L The dining hall, using student labor al- most entirely, has been enlarged to meet increased enrollment, and now presents a much improved appearance, inside and out. It is frequently used as a banquet hall by various outside organizations. - - 4 at an V- W. ...., . - , f ' . . -A , Q H Q 'mx 1 1 4. ' . 4 'N' ,'- A MV- , . if 1' fl-, ,, 'x' ' 5 . 'NH 'v V 41? -'r' "3-' 'I ' ,.A . 1 . V 1- Q -1. -Q -Q fyf. .4 Q. ,- :wg f 1.4 . . , - f xf ' ,,:'. -'V -Q . V' f , .Q- ' q - Q Y. ..- . -.P , ' .' -:Qw , I- ,-' -I '- Q U - -- - . . "r ,. ., A r Q. - . ' - . " --Qf v, W - - ' 5-Q M k. . . 1 Q , -4 5-A .Q .-Vx-1 L.,, , x : . W. .-,Ak .-. 5 - -Q Q ' ' H . ', - 'L' ' - "" ' - , . . 1 " '- "R A' " . " ,4.'. .l X I I . .' 1' ,-'Q' Av V-.fJ.vR,.'g.f Y ' . Q- ,V ., .- , ,Lf--,Q v :V ' . 5 ,Q x.-4 I . - Q n MQ, Li,.Yf . , Q 1 ., i -'. , A , J ,. f .. I f-f - -'- - . 1 . , . . .L Y . , Q, . -. -,-v "' . -' ' . ' 1 '. I ' 1' '-- 'Q' ' Q - ' . . . -Z ,.' Y , Tb Q - -V . - - ..i I-1 Q K., lx. 4, . L, . ' ,-g.. .fr .. I -. :Q gf' ,, V, . 'Q f .,Q - A - K -. .v .1 . ' , . . .. .- f . .' .' 'J . P .. .: Q... . - V' ' ,', .. 1 . , .Q . .A -,r - A.. b- , N .f,l.jy'wA f. V- . V - v - Q, A- Q, -. - Q' U Q.v,1, W. .,,,.Qy .- g - 1 -,- . .., .-- . . f gf , ' ' - Hz... 7 3.5 . .. . . .'.,,.', ' .- ' .5 ' -.- - ' - , -A ..-Mg, J I . 5 ..4-I H . - Q ,I 1 2 X ,Q..,., - 1 V H N y- .. " " 1 ,ri X., Q.. -J' .,,.- -3 .... .. 1 Q' , W .V Q.,,.A Q, 'AVA Hi 1 The Home Economics building houses the home economics classrooms and the college infirmary, located on its third floor. The faculty apartment building, formerly a girl's dormitory, was remodeled to fill the requirements of those faculty mem- bers wishing to live on the campus. , M' fy Zxvx ,? W fs wg, Wu ' 74 ', ,fri V ww? M' KZ' 'K rg' 9 ' Azz- ' ww Q Q :,, Z0 4'-mfiffiiwz' ,A 7 X J f m f 'ffl zf ,, ,Q v xx yy 'ff N V " Q ' k , fo V X , M' 1 A A' QWQSZWA f I: , . If 7 , fn' 7, X f "M ,Wf xw?ySWTfQZ,CxTg1Ms ff 0 ,L ' , f , X M, ,f YY27: f if , , 1' , ff -t W 1Q?,fWff,w,f,Q+.f , f 'H 1 Lf-WM Q-,f 46.31 mg f , 4 QA x Q, f ,mx ,,,, 45ffX,,Qf,, ,w,, ,,, f 1. f IVA, f f 5, , W f M ,ff ,g,,, 1: QSM ,WW ,,,fy,,? xii , , f , M f W 4 , l f Mx fy, M ,f , , O , , , A A , 19524 V X ,lx kymy f, R X The physical education building, put into use only this year, offers equipment for teaching this subject, offices for the teach- ers, class rooms, and a large floor space for indoor sports. It also contains the college post-office, bookstore, and the place known to everyone-the Techionery. W ADMINISTRATION 1 Y 'bi 1 ln Spa' , 1 ,.f fly. ' V: ' M lax! AU. ., l Tlx' 1111. MP5 klfml i- HQ! 12:11 1' , TU!! LL! lu ' H' ,H 1 Eve I 'Ny ! awk' wi P Hx L W? VW: rbi' , uhm M 2 I' , ly, n ,MJ 4, 211 l :Fw . M ,Ui ' Hall V, isahi 'iigll ,QM E 'EQ 5 Mill VU. iflx' milf I WV 1 12 3 ' 145-, W 1 lf xy, if W 11511 E' 2 3 1 4521, ' wi .vw Ut ,X ,if f I me . THE 193 AGRICIILA JOSEPH WILLIAM HULL, B. S., M. A. President Q . . 1932 Since 'Mr. I-Iullis appointment to the presidency of Arkansas Polytechnic col- lege, great changes have been brought about. Using all his efforts to that goal, he has brought Tech up from the rank and file to become the leading college of its kind in the state. New buildings replace old, outmoded structures, the college in all its branches is better equipped, a greater variety of courses, improved in quality, is offered. He truly deserves his position as one of the leading educators in Arkansas. 11 113 11111i1111, J. S. TURNER - DR. R. L. SMITH, SR. MRS. ETHEL COLE CUNNINGI-IAM . - W. H. Johnson . Board of Trustees - Ozark . n . Russellville Dardanelle i n Fort Smith ROY LEFLAR . Clinton COLLEGE CALENDAR September 6 , I . . Registration of Freshmen September 6 to 9 . . Orientation of Freshmen September 9 , . Registration of Sophomores September 10 November 12 . November 25 December 18 . January 3 . January 22 January 24 April 14 . April 19 . May 3 . May 22 . May 23 . , May 23, 24, 25 May 28 . . . Classes Begin . . Dad's Day . . Thanksgiving Day . Christmas Vacation Begins . . Classes Resumed . First Semester Ends SECOND SEMESTER Second Semester Begins Easter Vacation Begins . Classes Resume . Agri Day . Commencement . Graduation Exercises Final Examinations Second Semester EndS THE 193 AGRIUULA FACULTY JUANITA ANGEHR . Typing and Shorthand JAMES BELL .... N. Y.A. Instructor B. S. A., University of Arkansas. SIDNEY BLAKELY . .... French B. A. and M. A., University of Arkansas. LELA JANE BRYAN . Textiles and Clothing B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College. Dean of Women HELEN MCGREGOR COOLIDGE . Home Ec. B. S., University of Missouri, A. B., University of Missouri, M.A., Columbia University. NELSON PAY COOLEDGE . . . Psychology A. B., Iowa State Teachers, A. M., University of Missouri. ALFRED JACKSON CRABAUGI-I . . . English A. B., University of Arkansas, M. A., Columbia University. Vice-President of College I-IERMAN WAKEMAN DEAN . . Mechanics Certificate in Mechanical Arts, University of Ar- kansas. ini 193 iiiiiicoi CLAUD ALLEN HUGHES . . . Agronomy B. S.A., Mississippi A. Bc M., M. S., University Of Arkansas. TRUMAN MCEIVER ...... Cfvemistry B.S., Baker University, M. A., University cf Cal- orado, LILLIAN MAssiE ....... English B. A., University of Oklahoma, M. A., University of Arkansas. JOHN MORRIS . . . . Public Speaking B. A., Phillips Universit 5 M.A. Pl 'll' . i -- versityg B. D., Yale Uniiiersity, , N ips Lim I in " FACULTY THOMAS AI.I-'IIIIIJ Dl,'l...,XNIiY . . . History B,S,, Peabody' Ccllepie: lNl.A.. Peabody College. EONA HOOD FI-.RGUSON . Assistant Librarian fj, A., University of Arltnnsas. HENRY Eiixxnxno Huusox . Social Science B. A., Hendrix College: A. il.. Louisiana State University, f'0,1rjl,7 uf Tr.. .xml Baslqetlnrflg .-I rii.f1.:ii1 hit-zlnili' CO.n-in Ciicii If Axx HL'DSON . . Pl7jSiCd!EC1IlCdfl07'l HS., Okl.iliciz1.i .-X. it Xl.: Xl.S.. Oklahoma A. Ex M. Xiu 193 uni on F A C U L T Y CLYDE RUSSELL NICHOLS . . Engineering Q B.s. in EE., Texas A. at M., Ms in E.E., Texas A. 84 M. BESSIE THERECA PARKER . Home Economics B. S., Iowa State College, M. S., Iowa State Col- lege. MYRTLE BLANCI-IE ROUSH .S . . Librarian Library Work at George Peabody and Arkansas State Teachers College. U ALFRED NEIL SATTERFIELD . . Sf6WdTCI MILDRED S1-IELTON ...... Health St. Mary's Nurses Training School. Y EVERETT SPENCER TOMLINSONIV . . Botany B. S., Mississippi A. Sc M., M. S., Mississippi A. 85 M. JOHN EDWARD TUCKER . . . Chemistry B. S., University of Alabama, M. S., University of Alabama. Football Coach, Dean of Men ADLAI STEVENSON TURNER . . Mathematics B.C.E., University of Arkansas, M. S., Univer- sity of Arkansas. E 193 unlrol I I I ' T Y Gr-3oRc.r Rwoxm rL'RRINIlNIz . . Education A, li., Hcmlcrwn Stare Teaclrers College: BA S ' Ha-mlm-rson Suu- 'IQ1-flfllgfb College: 51.8. IGM! State College. A Mmzwx lXlONIC,,ONlI-RY Xx'lLLI-XSISON , Band Sludwd wxrlm Pre-zblcr and Hrcd of Central C0119 ge. XYfvlLl,I.-XFN! Oulu YOUNG . , Bmw, Drauglmonk Hmmncn College, CH.AR1.E,S XY. C. AL x5uL'm'. .lmm.1!Hu,flm:a'rv l5.S.:X.. Xlxmourx State Teachers Col- lvgvg 51,5 lf. l'r:xn-mix of .-Xrkansas. PAUL SCHULTZ ...... . .1114 fi.- B-M-, Henderson Browng Theodore liolmlmumn School of Musicg Boguslnwslci School of Nlmic. NTIIE 193 Sophomore Class Officors JOHN COWNE . . President JERRY BURNS . . Vice-President JANIS FULMER . . Secretary-Treasurer In the selection of sophomore officers, held soon after the opening of school, John Cowne, Greenwood, was elected president, Jerry Burns, Forrest City, vice-presi- dent, and Janis Fulmer, Booneville, secretary and treasurer. The sophomores were given the senior privilege in not being required to take final examinations, or to meet classes the last week of school. AGRICIILA Q3 Aunl1voL I ANDERSON Bnumow DL Sm, HMUBERT I-IUNNICUTT LEON um Nl Gnxxn Puaxsn H Huzmos . Ilwdllfdlidll firxgzrxuvrxrzg Qlst Sum., . . 1I,ci1h'JIi071 .mff .N-n'!c'lh'c' flat Sa:m.l . Ifnllllc' I1-CU!1U771iO . 51711 .NIJ .XC1c'71Cl' . :Ins .NIJ SCfc'Y1Cl' x f C k Nm . , . , ,-1lgr:'rfr:u' :J .Nlxvrz .'f' Uni .T . . . . .'l.f'h :4.'.':m' lm: u I V jqxw: Kbk- 'mtg N xi wx Sm xr I :-,gn A-f-5.5 gfmi Srml H1 b ,K".x::'. If NTI! 193 AGlllCOL i I Harmon, South, DuBose, Ray, McGinnis, Knight, Leonard, Hunnicutt, Anderson, Short. Student Council The student council is composed of representatives from the five departments of the college, headed by the president, all elected by the student body. The scope of the council's activities has been widened this year and now includes supervision of student dances, formal dinners, and other socials, and the student elections. For the first 'time they have had complete charge of the assembly programs. Male members have directed the new house club in the boy's dormitory. Special activities of the year include the special train to Conway, Thanksgiving, purchase of newspaper for the dormitories, lights for the armory, and representation at the student government meeting in Conway. Through their efforts, a new radio was secured for the boy's lounge. E I9 roshman Class Officers FIRMAN BYNUM . - Pfefidfnf og D. GAULT . . . Vice-President GUILA GRACE SATTERFIELD . - Sfffefdfy-Tffdfufff The above officers of the freshman class were elected in an election sponsored by the student council. They sponsored a barn dance which followed the precedent of the 1996 freshman class s ring J ff 5 1 r 1 ' l i 'Y The class was victorious in the inter-scholastic track meet held this P' - s PQ I! I K if lg 635 QQ 493 I' ' x 'Q ,V V V 1M c 'Jin' l'I nz, mv Mig u 5 sf H114 , . 4 Jzq i qi w LU? 151: I, ,i ikg If 15 ,V M. A 3 Vi ft 413' ,f e', - +5 l1 f3 " PM M AI: wi fig. i W H fp nwfiii . 1fME Iii!! 'U' wi , Yi u. up P EM ., i 4 wuz' 1 '1,'il'f Ya im ,I 1g: w i ie W? F155 ,x , .1 1 V4 ly H vi E! E211 ' ' '1 ,, 0 , 3: LQ-A. 1' v pg , 'Q p Nw 1.1 A I , I N! X ww 1 L., , 1- , ' H l 4,1 V, VH Hp W! is if s 'PHE 1938 AGRIUIILA Sopuomowgs 1 ini 193 teznlrot 41, , . ei ALFQRD. COLIN . .... . 10 fllx llufrllldlilfh ViCC,pH-,,dcr1t. Dinxng Hall fflulv ALLISQN, WOODROW ..... ANDERSON, BERNARD Hliilltllil xiwlif Lllllf ANDERSON, LUCILLE ..... ",Slv',x ilu' 'apple' uf ,lcrrfs fp: ARENDT, HARRY ....... Dean'5 Lust: Engxnec-r'5 fflulr ARNOLD, PATTY RUTH .... "A Tiny Girl that is just Right for a Great. Home Economics Club. ASHMORE, CHARLES RAYMOND . . . Party "A Ladies, Man" Masquers, Pep Squad. . Hartman Big. tU.m" 1 Q- f-j BAILEY, WILMA ......... H um 1 "Pleasant As 4 Friend or" Y. W. C. A. 56 as BAKER, RUTH ......... Rim-1-llnll. NAU All-f0ur1d Girl Wlvo Successfully f,',m1l,,,,,-. Work, Play and Study" Agri Maid, '37g Home Economics Club. BARTON, ROSA . "Be Happy, but Happy Tlvrungln Plum" - . . . . . . .lint-1,111.1 BASS, MILDRED . , , , ,,,' RHm,,,H,, "l'll be Merry ana' Free, I'll lat- S, 1 ft, X' ,1, 1 A If No One Cares for Mc, l'll ftluli' fm, ,Rpl-.i,l,l': in-X - - Heftm lite frcrtml llpllltdlltll fwrtlitlrtttezl ,HMA Hot Springg flag! KJIIYIN flu' Null llllfl' l P lv tlrc Sky . . .Yurtln Little Roflg jrum 015515,- - - Crosses "H,-dlp!-i ,md cAlWl'l'lfUlH!'!'J .X-JIUYJHN Bcgrt ful? Other" School-lNlastcr'5 Round Table: Student Council. APPLE. EZMA ......... Dardanelle Little Rock "xl Tlwng ,Nvriuinlm l'uuurJ .'i7tt-rdf True fvxymrrzerlt of' 46 Tll 193 AGRICIILA i BATCHELOR, JAMES ....... Sheridan I "'Pete7 is Possessed of High Ideals and Plenty of A mhitionu BEAVER, CLARK ...... Sterling, Nehr. "He Who Sings Frightens Away His Ills" V "T" Association, Quartet, Glee Club. BELL, COLUMBUS ....... A "As Dependable as Can Be? Found" Y. M. C. A. BELL, KIRTLAND ....... Little Rock "Wherever in the World I am, In Whatsoe'er Estate, I Have a Fellowship with Hearts, to keep and cultivate" Glee Club, F. F. A., President, Y. M. C. A. BELL, OPAL .......... "Sweet are the Hearts that Savour Contentv C-:lee Club, School-master's Round Table. BERTRAM, JOSEPH ..... M0nmOuth, "A Swell Guy, Need We Say More?', Masquers, F. F. A. ,ff-'W ,al QW M If . Smyrna . Hector BLACKSI-IIRE, JAMES ...... Bellefonte "The Silence of the Pyramids-Crumblingv Dining Hall Club. BLACKWELL, ANNA ....... Belleville "A Good Disposition is More Valuable than Gold Grange, Y. W. C. A. BLAIR, PERRY ...... . . Bentonville "Napoleon Had Nothing on Me" Glee Club. BLAKELY HOWARD ...... S herzd an Sometimes I Work, hut Usually I Play Pep Squad, Forestry Club. BOWERS, JOHN ....... Neosho, Mo "The Foresters are Already on His Doorstepi' F. F. A. .. BOWLIN, MADGE ....... Mulberry "I Wonder What It's All About" Home Economics Club. YD AVA ANDVRSON B0 , 1 ...... Crosggg 'Slug lfas All Ilre Altrilmtef of a Lady: lg'jm-fyify, Sirrrplicrty. Syrrlpdllvy. and Serenity" Deans List: President, Pep Squid: Home Economics Club. BRIDGES, HERBERT ,.... . Clarksville "'fN'0 'flvurrrlr' is an fxcellerit Allrlete, the lfpilurne of .Siricerityu "T" Association. BRIGGS, E. J .........,., p,,,,, "lt is Good to Lerigllven lo the Last a Sunny Moody' ......... Kenggff "rl Pleasure Seeker, and a Pleasure Finder" Dining Hnllg F. F. A.: Y. lvl. C. A. BROTHERTON, PAUL ...... Clvarleston "The All-ronrid .'1ll'le1e. 4 Loyal Teal? Supporter" "T" Association. BRUNSON, ERNEST ....... judsonia "The .Secret of Success if Corxstaricy of Purpose" Engineers Club: Student Council. l BURNS, JERRY ...... . Forrest City 'Izma Apple Thar?" "T" Associationg Glee Club, Quartet. CAMPBELL, DAVID ....... Russellville' "A Reserved Demeanor Hides His Person..ility" CAMPBELL, DOROTHY ...,.. Parkin "Business is Her Pleasure and Pleasure Her Business" Dining Hallg Glee Club, School-master's Roundtable. CAMPBELL, JAMES ........ Parkin "He Was Never Deep in Anything but 1,011-" Masquersg Glee Clubgl Soloist for Tech Singeis. ........ Hc'lc'!Itl I "Executive Ability Coupled witlv Person.ilitw" President, Pre-law, Agricola Staff. i CASKEY, JOE ......... 1 L., .hh . "The Sweetest Hours I'w: Spent, I Sp.-nr Among tlve 1.asses" l Glee Club? Pf9S1d9I1t, Masquersg Business Mnnagi-r, Agi'iiisl.i , F J W 9 THE E333 llllllllll CAUDLE, ORPHA ....... Russellville "Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantryv l Band, Home Economics. CHEEK, MARY JO ......... Hector "I Am Not Bound to Win, but Bound To Be True" Deans List, Home Economics, History Club, Y. W. C. A., Agri Maid, '37. CHURCHILL, OLIN ........ Hector "All Things Come to Him Who Waits" CLARK, SYBIL ........ A . . Havana "An Ounce of Mirth is Worth a Pound of Sorroivn Dining Hall Club. COCHRAN, KENTON ..... Russellville "Do Your Politicking Early is His Mottoi' Arka-Teclc Staff. COLEMAN, ANNA ....... Bluffton "What is There Given by the Gods More' Desirable Than a Happy Hour?" ngilqw ' lf, iB?IB COOPER, J. G ........... England 'A Dramatist and a Good Fellow" President, Masquers. COOPER, PAUL RAY ...... Russellville "His Life is Centered Around Musicl' Band, Orchestra. CORLEY, VELTA ........ Magazine "Quiet on Occasion- but Jolly at the Proper Time" Dining Hall, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics. COWAN, JAMES ........ Russellville "A Tennis Player Par Excellence" COWGER, CHARLES ....... Danville "industrious Fellow, Interested in Medicine" Dean's List, Pre-Med, Dining Hall. COWNE, JOHN ........ Greenwood "His Record at Tech Speaks for Itself" "T" Association, President, Soplmomoresg Football Co-cap- tain. DEKOSTER DALE pvrxcvr, lung HHH' eans List Glee CIuIJ Sghool mute-r R umIr.nIwIvg I If I 1',-HX ." story Club Dems Lm A L1 I I A HI HI H I I f 1,f4'.lx!4'r' .GIIIIIIL Cox, GI,IiIiX'I.fX . Xfwg. ,1 I rfllifvwjc' 7 If I I I f 111 K H I 1 I1 I1 c'V Trio: pq, 51,11 gdg CIM- fIuI IJ an I r Snoolmis S R0lH'ILIl-lI3It'. CRAIG, INIIiIDA ,IANI RI 6111116 "Nl K p H I 1 1 H ul' fg' I Hhwry Club: Pvp Squ- CRAYENS. MARY MDN A 'ffJpp1rn'I- Ncrrl .1 Br' Nf'.1g Dllilllg HJII: GI.-e Club CROOM, MARY . x' XXV' XJWI Iii' Bmurvg Ya-II I.e.lJcr, 'J CLYDE CRLINIIISY X,--:um Iutrvzlwm I pr fl If DANIELS. T. ,I. . . a ff'Ht'l xfmxl.-11. I RIHHSH3 L.: er Retzrmg Natur H1u' H r I Illufi-" X I I clflll HH IIIIKI' kink ZF- ,TH 193 AGRICIILA ELLIOT, WELDON ..... V "When the lflfifels Away, Weldorz Wonit Playv F.F. A. ERWIN, WALTER ....... Little Rock "Oh, Hour of All Hours, the Most Blessed on Earth, the Hour of Our Dinnersu Pep Squad, Glee Club, Forestry Club. EUBANKS, WELDON ....... Searcy "He Had Two Loves: Coffee anal His Trumpet" Masquers, Band, Orchestra. EVANS, KEITH .......... Cotter "There was a Youth, Once on a Time, ' Who Dearly Loved a Maid . Nlasquers, Engineer's Club. FALLS, JEANICEE ....... Russellville "Petite, with Ability and Enthusiasm" Masquers. FERGUSON, ILA ..... "Multum in Parvov . Pottsville FLAKE, JAMES ....... . Coal Hill "He'll Beat Out the Bluesv Band, Orchestra, Pre-Law. FLATTER, FINDLAY ....... Melbourne "He Says Little, Thinks Much" Deanls List, Pre-Med, Editor, Agricola. FOSTER, FLOYD ...... Mountain Home "Ambitious, Stualious, Plus the Other Things that Count" Engineer's Club. FOWLES, FRANCIS ....... Russellville "She Lets the Light Shine Thru Without Being in the Spot Herself" Dean's List, Pep Squad, History Club. FULMER, JAN IS ........ Booneville "Sweetness and Beauty Personifiealu Campus Queen, '37, Dean's List, President, Caraway Hall, Home Economics, Secretary, Sopbomores. FUNSTON, WARREN ...... Little Rock "When You Tell the Truth, You Don't Have to Remember What You Say" Band, Arka-Tech Staff. - ' ilili' . TH 9, IQULX "T" A550-:muon ll U UI I Bnndg Onhcnm GREER, HERMAN ..... . . . Allcinx "High Ideals: and Laudalvlr Purpurrsn HAGER, LISTON ........ Ban' n ill.- "An Outstanding Athlete and a Dulzgrnl H'urkn" Masquersg "T" Association. HALBERT, HENRY ....... Dt-lln, 1.4. "I Admit the Girls' just Cfdfllf Resist life" .lPre-Medg Masquersg Glee Clubg Pep Squad: Student Conn cn , HALL, ED' ..... . . . . . ljdhldllfuc' "The Great Outdoor: mn' Made for M.m" HAMILTON, GARNER , , A ,IW Prellaw Club. HA Clever l'oliticI.1n" HAMILTON, WILBURN .... I7 ., ., "lust Give Me Tirm' fur I NIMH X, if i t ' - 1 . Ill' Y R 'f fu. H Pre-Med. I It I llfly C fl GATTIN, MARVIN ...... 'lf fir llu - Benton rsn'l l"mJ .1 H10. Hr ,ilqlgff QM" GIBSON, GILES .......,, , H E "l'1l5I J! lrlxklf IH f OP u 1 'IJI . up . l Hupe,1H0p," GOODWIN, TRUMAN ....... x ',,,1,,,11e "H'lv.1t II l.Ifr Hltlwul J ligur? OOREI5, WIiSI.IiY ....... , pO,,,,,,,e Hlilvr Priifr uf SI, Pdlllvfkw GOTTLIEB, SIDNEY ..... N 'cn York, X, Y, "gl 'Ygriktr' Hilm Plranrs' llrt .guxatlverrxeryn Glcc Clulwg U4-.In': l.utg .-Xgncol.1 Smffg Agn. Club, GOVER. NIONTY ..... Hajvlcpmille, Ala. lmmrg' I1 xlnullvrr In.: liicrxmf' 3 lfngxm-rr's Club. 3. S if G 3' auf' , Il 1938 GRECQL HARDIN, JOE .......... Tupelo F. F. A., HARM ON, LERA VAN ........ Alix Home HASSE "A Good Heart is Better than All the Heads Pep Squad, Transfer from Harding College. HEARRELL, DAVE ...... N eosho, Mo. F . F . A., HENDERSON, DONNA ...... Scranton "Her Words Speak as Loud as Her Actionsm A HENDERSON, KENNETH ..... Lead Hill "Colonel Takes Command of All Situationsn F. F. A. "He Knows Exactly What Heis Ahoutv House Government Committee. "Loyalty, Sweetness and Efficiency Plusf' Economics, Student Council, LL, MARGARET ....... Searcy in the World" "He's 'Sittin' Bull, to Everyone" Forestry. HEN SON, GERALD ........ Osceola "Therein Nothing to be Gained hy Worryingl' Pre-Med, Pep Squad. HERNDON, ED ..... North Little Rock "A Movie Star in the Bud?', O "T" Associationg Agricola Staff, '37, I-HCKEY, GLEN ........ Dardanelle "The Only Way to Get Anywhere is to Start Where You Arev Dining Hall, School-Masters Roundtable. HICKEY, LEONARD ....... Clarksville "'Pearly' is an Athlete Whose Ayocation is Loren HIXON, IMA FAY ......... Paris "A Nose for Gossip, a Fertile Brain" Masquersg Dining Hall, Agricola and Arka-Tech Staffg , School-masters Roundtable, SHADOW. HOGAN, PAUL ....... 1 . Vilonia "Seldom Seen or Heard, hut Always There" ..,.. Tun 193 lunlvm HOl.l.OW'lil.l,, lNlAY0Nl.A. .... Russellwille "xl ll'.nf1.m, l'ru1:ura mlu Ihr field wf fralumrr ln" ff' , E HUDSON, 'l.'XMlzS ...,.. , Lam "Xflll'll' .MJ fjmrt" Hlarorv flulv lhnxng Hull HUNNICQLITT. DICK ....,., gem 'lffe' .'ld'uu1f tfvrre .nr 'fun Nudes lu fiery Q1,gm0,l: Hn Hun .mf Ihr Rxgffl Une' .Q 6 fJ,c..1.,,,,N3 .-Xnmmrnong Gln- Club: Student Council. . 'IACKSON, lfRNlfSTlNlf ..... Russellmille l "fu:'!' uv ,'lUJ'ls' .wJ fun" I , ' liandl. -" J ,, 'lEW'ffl.l.. .-Xl.l5ffRT ......... Hope "Ill Nprmf .Us .Um-new lxfcr 1511: P411 for Lzquor, l P411 ju' lllvmru, .xml Uv Rn! If: Spend' Fvvfxxfljsl' Q , JOHNSON, Num' LEE ,..... Gmfzlf "H'11l- .1 l.:IIlt liryl-ff, .: 14:1 1-: Fun, V Z I , ,, , . .. 1 , .'lr:J fluff: .HW H wit 'vi IVY ll-IW If DUN! 5 , , X Prp Sqlmdg Y XY' ff Ag Home lfeonsmxcs. .5 1 l' l if V ll , ,, 'H 1 '4 ,1 l wx il N gn n fi l ' ill ' 'l MA l QV JONES, LOIS . . .... . HJ7f1x1'7l "Capable and lrzdzaslriuusn 3 S lx Q JONES, LCN ....... .Uuurmzin Hmm :- l l l "Of Few Words. Sincere. Friendly" lv 1' Engineer's Club. N HQ? l le JONES, TED DEANE .... . R,..l.'11,,s: "A Vivaciom' Pc'f,YUlld1lfjH l L Band. l ' JURNEY, EMILY ...... . . fc,..l.11,.,K "A Conscierztious llfurkcr .md 171,11 U1 17,,,," Masquers. KASI-INER, EDWIN ...... E lnurxu rr A l H FF. A' One of Our Aflun- Cjfflfu-4',,f 4 ,,,,,,,.,,,,1,,x 8? Q Qi' KENT, ALLEN ,. .. H , . . . . . . 14-11111-Q ,Nl-,ine H55 PN! Hif Pmlwlcnn :lxlffr ju, A, 1g,.,,,H pm' KING CECIL DW A Brzllzant .Mznd wzth a We'l developed School Spzrzt Deans Llst Pre Law Band Orchestra Presldent Hxstory Cub KNIGHT ARCHIE llflalvern A Well lzked All round Student Masquers Pep Squad Presldent Student Counc1l KOEN ROSS Russellvzlle Success Comes to the Fellow Who Thznks He Can KOEN JOHN TOM Russellwlle An Athlete Searchzng or Knowledge T ASSOCIQCIOH KUMPE BERTIE Mablevale Reserwe and uzet Mznzmzze Her Abzlzty A Charmzng Personalzty Wzth d Deszre or Pleasure Band l LAN GSTON IRVIN Russellvzlle Hzs Dzsposztzon 15 Constantly Arnzable Band Masquers Glee Club LAUX HERBERT M orrzl ton Su erzng rom hzgh blond pressure Glee Club T Assouatxon LEACH DOUGLAS Gentry Per ect Coordznatzon Makes a Good Student LEONARD JEANETTE Russellville The Most Magnzfzcent Szgn of Wzsdom zs Contznual Cheer ulness Student Counc1l HISKOFY Club Pep Squad Deans Lxst Arka Tech Staff LINGLE GREER Coall-I1ll The More We Have Like Lzngle the Merrzer Well All Be LIN TON FLOYD Russellwlle A Quzet Lzkable Lad ,'l'll l93 Allllllllllfll 4 I v 5 - s 9 5 ' , ' ze n N - - ' f U , l Q . . . . .. ,, LANE, LOIS .......... Bellefonte . . . . f ,, H if ,Q f . I., JC . . .I . ' ll H MCGINNIS, CLYDE . . Rvgvfr A Man with H15 Pzpe Can Solve 411 Prublcvmu Masquers Student Council Edntor Arln Te lm: F. F. .-X. MCRAE JOHN El R.-no, om. Antlner Oklahoma Boy Mak Ctud. MARTIN ALFRED l.i11l.- RU,-K tu' Rmgu Pep Squad Forestry MASSIE JUANITA Ruvwllm :lla To You No Soul Shall Bear D t 1 N .S1r.m-gfy O er Wrorzg but Frzezzds nz ,Ill rl -1 Q.-J You Meet and Lover, tlv it ur Q'- MGSQUCIS Home Economics Pep Squld Dt m3 lm. Band 0 Wo lmlv flluk U cfnlitlllu Presd F 3' Hand L1 ml Jx lrzcmlf' LOONEY, GlfUlfCjlf ....,,, q1,a,g6mn l-.llfil Nl' ,itll lllwftlx JH' Htvf. Htllahfll MCALISTER, xlmelnzfzi .... , Hem "I llm Ilflnllht' l livlzcn' l ffgu' MCCLAIN, PAUL . . . . . . Russellwille "fmt ' .Nlwr-lrirzg' U Mtcoox, ALBERT ...... . . Locke "Ill Gu .Up Onn Qzucl ll'.n" MCFERRAN, JACK ......... Laraca "ll'rIl' Hu fzglwrnxg .-H'-zlxlw and lnlrlllgcnce. Hr'll .-llrurjrs Hr on Top" Yigxlance Commuter. MCFERRAN. JOE .... .... La 'sara "ll'lwI xlpplzn Io Our uf New Brollwrf .Usnl .-lpplm lu llv Ullwr" F. F. A. I w . . .'l1L!'Ix l - . .'l.'Ll'Ix MILLER FRED p,,,k,,, Oh Work Where 1s Thy Charm? In a L1 e o Ease I See No Harm T ASSOCIHEIOH MORGAN HARVEY Rm-gelly Ile Be Merry 1 You are Wise NELSON JUNE D091 y Watch this Fzghtzn Engineer Go' NELSON OSCAR Russell-vzlle His Hobby 1s Datzng NEWTON CARL Russellvzlle A Fellow Who Knows that a Smile zs the Universal Mode o Apparel Schoolmaster s Rountable GATES MARY Russellvzlle Deeds Were Ever Better Than Words OLDI-IAM CHARLES C lznton A uzet Boy wzth Practzcal Ideas History Club Glee Club OWEN LORENE Charleston Woman 15 Entitled to L1 e Liberty and the Pursuit o Man Y W C A Deans LISI Roundtable PARKER ORLIE f aba sh Wabash 1s just a Playboy at Heart President Pre Med Student Counc1l Glee Club PARKERSON CECIL 1 orman One o those Rare Fellows Who Knlows His Own Business anal Enough to Let the Other Fellows Alone Pre Med PATCHELL WESLEY ultman He Hides a Heart of Gold I l , . . . . . . . . . , l rr . : . , - JC J: me 77 - - ' ' u 7 . . . . . . . 1 rr . ,, , . . . . . . . . . E rr ' - -1 - :Q 7 u 0 0 1' I 0 1 0 rr - - ' v , .... . . . . H. . . - f J: 9 7 . . . . . . . . . L re JD 1 f l 7 . . ..... H. Q . . . . ,, Q . 7 . . . . . . . H. . . . J ' 3, . 7 ' . f . . . ., , . , 'IIT , . - . . . - . . 0 P' cr - M 2 ' 3 i ' TN." , I o u 1 I U 4 Y fl' if ' ' J 7, rr - 23 PATTISO'N, PAUL . . .... Little Rock "Well Satisfied with Hin 'Little Womanu' Engineer's Club. Tum 193 1GllIl' PRICE, CAROLYN . . . . . 'ffficivrrt ill Hcr H'urfq" PRICE, LOREDA ...... Spam num. UfQ.'.:. Msludiozu ana' 17111, nl 111 'Ill H 1 -'v . rr 1.1-Q-H Dean's Listg Roundtablcg Glee Club. PRIEST, ROSALYN .... .Yurllv l.m'fu Rmk "The 'AH-around Gul' .lf 'l'rclv" Pep Squadg Home Economics. PRIEST, RUSSEL . . . . .Yurllv , "Wf7at Should a 1111111 IL: fm! Ha .1 Quaffefi Glee Clubg "T" Association. RACKLEY, LENORA . . . . Mlrzdzcxtrioru .md i,'.1p.1Hr" RAGLAND, MARY ELIZAlSIi'I'H . HAY LikL'LIl7lL' :JY Sfu' ix flnrkllfyf Masquefsi P913 Squadg Glu- Cflulwg H4-.luty fz'11Y'm . lU.f11I,n4 . f7.1r.f.1m'..1 pA'I'TON. XY'II.I,I.'XNl IJ, 4 . HH. X,,frf,'.1 1111111 11-f In 1 f 1 111 D1-.u1'5 l.lSl1 f'11,.gn1n-ru flufv PAYNIQ, IORHNI HU l'1'111 AIJBKIIHJI w, PENIX. Hfausx 0Lf H Q -11771 Cjfqyt, ICH! ffgy Scfrzxg, Tum- 1 'H 'ixjmfv 11' ,iff ff-,J1111 . Lead' H1!! U,,,,ry .11 .1 Smut H l'l1l' Nam- lu Bld 1l H 'J I J U d PHILLIPS, vrsrmlblxff ..... . JW, ",-1g'n.n- .1!!rmf- lu ffm Uun 8141111611 PEARCLS, HOXYARD . . ,... 1.11116 R01-1 "Hu H .- H. H... .1.r1-' N'1g1I.lm'e ffonmuurrg fwlnqu- s Pu--l..n-3 "T" A550gmj0nA POWELI.. xl.-x1ec3L'1fR1'r15 1 . . 6111116.11011 Xfvggf 'lr' .ILJ x1!'!f'.!1 'U' I-:'L"t' Y XY' if :Xp fhzzrtf x fsxfi xl 3 ' 4., 46- AF 0 4:2 C Y: I N Y 193 ,THE GRIUIILA RANDOLPH, JOI-IN . . . . . "A Competent Student, Quick-witted, and Entlausiasticv Engineer's Club. RAY, JAMES .......... Mulberry "I ames is a T ical A ri Hail Rural America" f I vp g , Student Council, F.F. A., Grange. RAY, LORENA ......... V "Dark Clouds are Unknown to Heru RILEY, ROBERT ........ "Droll Humor and a Draivl Make Him Well-likedj, i Masquersg Glee Club. ROARK, VERNA LOU . . . . Green Forrest "Understood by Few, Liked by Manyu ROBERTS, CHARLES ..... . Booneville - " 'Squirref will be Missed Herev . . Altus Russellville Little Rock l ROBERTSON, KEITH .... Mountain Home "'D'0c, is No Whirlwind but He Gets Things Donev Pre-Med Club. ROBINSON, HARMON ..... Blytlleville "A Master of the 'Tavernacularnj Forestry. ROGERS, MARI-IEA ....... Russellville "A Clever Girl with an Unending Line of Witticism,' RUSSELL, I-IARMON ....... Vilonia "ln His Own Quiet Way He Manages to Get Aroundn RUTI-IVEN, RODERICK ...... C offer "He is Sure to Succeed because He Couples Personality and Ability" Engineers. RYAN, ANDY ........ llflilam, Mo. "He Had a Sousing Good Time at Tech" Engineers Club. 1 ! f il I fNl.1squers. SLAVEN, MARY ........ Ven: Fzarcrz "If Silence is Golderz: Sin' ir Pon'r!y-rlfifkfni' Tricg Beautyg History Clubg Roundtable. SMILEY, WAYNE ....... Rumfz'u:'f "The Marz that Laughs Muxt Survly 170 H'cff" Band. SMITH, TRAVIS . . . .... . Cfxuurz "Goa His U'ay, Affakcs ffricndf lg'.mJ'y' F. F. A. Grange. SOUTH, MARVIN ...,.... "Patient, Toferable, Likv.rI'fv: xl R1-.11 .N'f14,,I,-nf" Engineefs Club, SPAINHOUR, VELNIA . . . . . , 1,,,,,,U "Mild llflamzered and CIUUJ N,,f,4,,-J" SPRINGERNEALON . . - - - . A14Q!w.'.: fr I . , N ' -1 lllfflfd ,v Sl,-C-pin-L,,," QQ 77 - . A T ASSOCIZIIIOIIQ Arka-Tech Sf.1H Hdn fu ff SALNTON, GARYYN ,.--.. ff!4frc'H1iffe "ln-1 f,w'L'1l1: Vw' lfw Uf'f'f'1111 NU 1 "T" Axxmmllxon, SEEMAN. 0. fs .,,. ,.... 5 mffg.,,, 1-'HH I-Qvffwxu ffxm fm! Ill Krwrw l1'iN,,, lu fff 'M rwrw Y. M. ff. A, SEWELI., ROBERT ,......, D.Qm,, Q iuflfuuv. f'w:gw11.1.' nzlf' .1 Nlrrfqmg l'.7y.'Um,4',,y' AfI.4t1.Tg-gh and Agrlrola Smurf: If FA: Masqufrse SHOEXIAKER, BRUCE ...... Littfe R05 .'Hn.1m ,Nlrnzrxg fur Ike' Bc'-I. ,X vcr U zflzmg Iu N1Hrz"1Jz'r'4 President, Engnm-eng 151151111-M 31,111.19-r. Arka-Tech. SHORT, W'II.LI.-Rf-f ....... E1 Dorado I KJVK ,VUI .XU!'UJ'l. .XLV lj Xu Une life- ,rw .Urn Yell Leader, '5": lfnglnf-rug Student Councnlz Glee Club, 51515. AIARI.-XX ......... ft. Smith KVCIJ .1 Nzgf' rv' ffuwr HIM' Lim- .Un HJ .J .Nnufr Vw fqfu'-r UVM' HJ!L"' R Q . X 4 l i 9, 0-li 1 Glllg, lung.. X -rl 1 uf, 1Q1lfi1 lr RQ: oral: Club. r Srml ll g , 'lll 93 GBIC ' " " Y nl, STATON, GEORGE ........ Hackett "A Good Fellow Among Friends" Engineer's Club, Pep Squad. STOBAUGI-I, ROY ..... . Choctaw "Serious Minded, lndustrious' STORY, VEO ...... .... H ector "A Baslrful Boy with a Host of Friends" "T" Association. STROUD, LEE ROY ....... Cleveland "You Never Find Him Studying, but He is Up Among the Rest" SULLIVAN, RAE ......... G entry "'Swilley, Has No Respect for Age Unless Itln Bottledl' F. F. A. TAYLOR, FRANCIS ....... Pine Bluff "His Electrical Undertakings Have Made Him a 'live Wire' " F. F. A. TAYLOR, G. D ......... Russellville "To Laugh is Proper to the Mani' F. F. A. FEETER, BONNER ........ Pottsville "Inspiration Gomes from Eagernessn TEETER, LUCILLE ........ Potfsville "Wlrat Sound Delight a Quiet Life Affordsv TERRY, SALLY ........ Little Rock "A Lady Farmer-to-ben TI-IACKER, JANICE ........ Danville "A Human 'Gimme Pig"f Masquersg Beauty, Pep Squad. THOMPSON, HARLEY ..... Cave C reelz "Small Town Boy Makes Good" "Tn Association. l TUCKER,JUANITA . . . . . .ljdfclldllclllf "Capable and Lllldlfllllllllgu TIBISI:1.S. vcd 0 .....4.. L Pro-lYlv.l fflulw q lmmg Slvade lllml ffm .'l11 :lu uf 111drpn,Jfmt, .MJ f Jpdblllfjl Tll.l-lfY. IIONAIJJ . . . . ,TIwm1a,,, Home "If llll l 1 1 1- H1 xv '1111 If ffl! H'1ll,1lak,, llw ll'u1lJ lu Hrmxrlfn Trnmllvr fmm Arlmmqu College TINDALI-, BfiT'fY . . .....l'a11Buren , . . .Xunxr froplr 1.1111 br ifdfflfd 111 SU jfany P1 x ll' JH 171 LY' i Yell l.v.1Jc-ri Xlasquerag Y, W' C A 1 Pep Squajg Glee Club? o Doublc Trl ToLL1x'fsR, Louis ..,..,. 11,-Lean, TU, c If .1 ,lrst .xmf :ill ffwugr Www IIA' Preandvnt. "T" .'Xnolx.nnun. TUCKER. CHARLES ........ Uorrilton "1.:fr If .1 M-ng amz' Hr .Xmgs IIA' Quarlelg Glen- fflubg .-Xssormtrong Engmeers. TUCKER, H. A ...... . . . Permille TURNER, VIRGIL ...... . . 1,111 "He,: a Mailer of Affallers ffa1!1u1m1111fal" F. F. A., Student Manager, Dining Hall. TYLER, PIERCE ........ cl.Yl'l'H!'7ll7 "'Tim' is a Marx of fcn' Home Economics Club. WAITS, MAURINE . HA Sm ll J H Uldx VARDAMAN, LORENA ...... Klux! Hxff "Cf7eerfu1ne5s is the OffXl7c111! .J 4 f IVUULIHKWW . fl Illfkalgc' of f'fu'z'1j11l1g4-H Home Economxcs Club, WALLS, JAMES . . "You Hardly Know llflvcrx I .Hufln 1' X lcllxxlal I lfx 0 nfl Yer You Krmn' llflmcn llc l-11'l"m :I l.:kn'-. VJ-:J:J.:Ir ,vw 41.144 i'.:f.rvzma" Z9 3 1 X Shad, Him BIUQ re Chg. nz TU. orrilton P r r 33 ,f 1 fi. DX vi I frrymllf THE 193 AGIIICIILA WILKERSON, CLYDE ......, Mazyem "'Whitey' is a Gift to the Women" Yell Leader, Masquers, Gleei Club. WILLIAMSON, ROBERT ..... Russellville "The Quiet, Studious Engineern Engineer's Club. WILSON, WALDON .....i Purcell, Olqla. "Man Has Nothing Better To Do Than Eat, Drink and Be Merr " 2 7 Eng1neer's Club, "T" Association. WINTERS, ROBERT . . . Ore City, Tex. WISE, JAMES ........., Bauxite "He Was Born 'Wise' and is Adding to Itl' F. F. A., D'ean's List. YOUNG, ROBERT ..... . Russellville "A Smile for Everyonej' Engineer's Club. WARD, MAE ......... Alpena Pass "A Cheerful Disposition Coupled with Innocence Makes Her Attractive" Dining Hall, Grange, Y. W.C. A. WATSON, FRANCES ....... Des Arc "I-ler Quiet Good Nature Enhances Her Personality" Masquersg Pep Squad, Roundtable. WELCH, D ........... Havana ,"Of High Principles, with Little Interest in the 'Wealzeri Sex" F. F. A., Dean's List. WESTPI-IAL, CARL ..... . Litlte Rock "Be Silent, and Known ' Band, Engineer's Club. WI-IITE, DONALD ......... Gentry "All the Virtues Which Go to Make-up a Real Fellow" WIGGS, FRANK ......... Morrilton "What's the Use of Worrying?', H ,93 iGRIl!0L WREN, QUENTIN ........ LaCrosse "Iggy-guirig, liuuif .N'aIun'a"' F. F. A. YOUNG, CLARA ........ Pine Bluff ",-I .Slight inferiority Complex, but on the lVlwolc. Swell" Arlca-Tech Staff: Associate Editor, Agricola: History Clubs Roundtable. ZUBER, PAUL . . . . . . Van Buren "Luft on All Rolls, bu! He Ulu Top: in .Uarxjp Thing!" "T" Association It is with genuine regret that we come to the end of the school year with the thought in mind that we are to leave most of thc sophomores. among whom are I0 he found our closest friends. A few will remain united in attendance at other col- leges while the rest will have only memories of their friends at Tech. Good luck t0 all of you, wherever you may go, whatever you may do. -EDITOR. Q , 11951-4m5m Gllll' 193 UL Al LXKIS, ,ll '.'XfNIkI .-X .-XIIURIJ, ,-XRIPI5 .NNIDI-RSOTN. Gigli-NIQ .X'I'OR, Nl.-XRY IIIZAI HAII LY, CJ.-XRIJNPR H.-XKLR, .-XI fi! R I' li.-XI IJXYIN, ORM.-X H.-XRl'l,l IAI', Olllill. HLHSY, XYYIII1 bxggxand F11 'JACIIYIMV -UIUYZJCIVE Pvcafaorzzg, Fr. Smzzh li-1' Reno, Olqjl Ii 1111671543 R:4,:fef!1ilIf Hz. 'zmffe P H. N v- L L w. .UQ Doi Fr. 5- ,mol dll? Rune H-rr A --.. Y a fi V 'HIE 193 BROWN, THOMAS . BURNHAM, THOMAS BURNS, MARIE . BYNUM, FIRMAN . BYNUM, WILMA . CALDWELL, HARRY CAMP, EARL . CASH, BROUGH . CASH, DOLL . Centerville Lake Village . Hector Russellville Russellville . . Salem Ilflagazine Russellville Russellville AGIiIUOLA CASH, JOHNNIE MAE CAUTHRON, SAM . CHRISCO, BOYNE . COBB, GOLAN . . . CoC1-IRAN, ANDREW COFFMAN, QVALINE COLE, THOMAS L. . COOK, ERCHEL . . COOK, GUS . Russellville . Booneville Moutainburg . Dover . Harrison Russellville . North Little Rock . . Parks . . Eudora I9nm2ff'f' f' DAUGHERTY, ELSIE DAVIS, BILLIE . DAVIS, DAVID . DEEN, REED . . . DENTON, HILDON DICKSON, MARTHA DOOLEY, JESSIE DOVER, ELSIE . . DREWRY, VINETT BELLIE . IIJH IIIHCH fprvrn Iwvrr-I . IIUIW' . Ixillx . JIKIIUH . lI1'Hl'1III1' l7l'II1'1III1' IXIIIIIFIIID IIIQ' . lnrrf.-vi LOOK, ,IOI IN KII I IN I,'OI'I-', I II.-NRI ILS IQOXI-Y, IION COXYNI, IIOIIIRII' CR.-XXI1NS, I OIILNIZ IfR.-XXXIORIJ, KIL'RI,Y5 IQRIQXIIR XI.-XRXIN 4fl'MNO1fK. IIIN ID.-XNGI-RS, 'I'IIONl.-XS I i .Nwrlf 1.111115 RMI . l.111IfR0,g, - 4 Benton . Creennogj , Sfldllfon . D.zmiIIr ff Reno,OIzI.1, Lmle Rofk . . 01.1115 QQ- fwN 91' 'T' ' Qi 's- .I i I U I I N ' . 6 x. no 1 . I 0. Mm. f' N 1, N D1 . E Fl: D: E , , Cs. 1. 1 . C Y Fx K Y if . l r x Y. TII 193 AGRICIILA DUGGER, EVELYN . DUNN, MELVIN . DUVALL, AVIS . DYSON, J. C. . . ELKINS, HERBERT . ESSEX, ESTELLE . FAULKNER, LEONARD FISHER, CLINT . . . FLANAGAN, WATSON Russellville Booneville Russellville . Levy . Gentry . fasper Russellville Cedarville Charleston FLURRY, A. D. . . FORMBY, GERALDINE FRALEIGI-I, ROSANNE FRAZIER, LUCILLE . FRAZIER, WARREN . FREE, REBECCA . FREEMAN, IVA . FUDGE, LOY . . FULLER, GROVER . Dardanelle Jasper Belleville Summers Summers . Gould . . Ola .Melbourne Van Buren 6 193 ,1GRIl'0L 3 I x' Ilslldnlllfllt' . f'fc'c'l0l Rmirllrillc D H f mcllr fur! 11 1 .96- '-2' 1 A A i I-Ul.'I'ON, f'XNN:'x Dmda H T16 5 GANNIJI, KING Rumllyiue GA'l'lfS, f'.'.A.ROl.l. LMICROCIE C3A'l"IA'IN, Cf ff. I Haskell CAUI-T' JOE D- Dardanelle GEORGIE, W'."xNZA . . I Bm GHSSCN, ORRIN . . Hope GH.MORlf, RClsI1RT , . jasper GOl.DNl."xN. 3U:l.H."x . . . I'-ouke 2F fd 'T-'T' Al- .-'Q 6 1' 'Q 1 J Q D t In 1 Van Hmm . f ci A .HI ' A fflarkx 'IH1' lJ.nJ.1m'lf'r ' 6 is 1 Qu . .'Hfv:n v , ,-24' 2' 1, ' 'PII 193 GRIUIILA HARRIS, JOE . . , HARRIS, KATHERINE HARRIS, KEITH . . HARRIS, RODNEY . HART, EDITH . . HATCH, JAMES . HATFIELD, DON . HAWKINGS, EDDIE J HAZER, HARRY . OE . Ola . . Ola Lonsdale . Okay . Norman Daralanelle Denning Denning Little Rock HEARN, WILMA . . HELTON, BEATRICE . HELTON, SAM . HENDERSON, JUANITA I-IICKERSON, FLETA . . . HOBBS, RAY . . . I-IOLLABAUGH, SIMPSON HOLLEY, ODELL . . . HONOMICHEL, WALTER Greenwood . . Scott . Scott . Lamar Mansfield Fort Smith Marshall Centerville . Hackett 'III 193 Iuulrm 71-- 15 H 1' dihx ix 45N if I 'E lf 4? JONES, HOWARD . JONES, VONNIE MAE JORDAN, ROSEMARY KAMM, RICHARD . KEENER, LOLA . . KENEDY, FRANCIS . KENNEDY,HARoLD KHvNEY,RAG0N J KIRKPATRICK, JOHN . I :..-v::.x 'Y . In-wzm r IIA H UIQ - IH" C1 , IKHLF III IJ.: II 'IIN IIUAI X. '-I II IIl'IlSH'x I'-Ixlxl Il I Il 'I MUN II,-'-.I-'Ii IIl'fN'II R, I I SIU ,IA4 ks. xmsmi.-xl 1. JI xmxm, I Ii JI II II, IIARRY IUI INMYN, XY,-XX Nlz IONI S, II.-'-.SKI II R lf,,,ak,Wa: fl, FJVJFIOV .Iwfpfr .'IIzI:bwj, P111 BMJ Ckodan . .Norman H01 Sprirzgg .II:v2ff:eIaI l.I I' 1' l.Ir' I A' 'X' 5 Xin 193 iunLc-all KNIGHT, ORMAN . LEACI-I, SILVA BELL LEWIS, ALLEN . . LINTON, MARIAN LITTLE, LERRON . LOGAN, BESSIE . MCCRARY, JOI-IN . . . MCCLESKY, GUY , MCCLURE, WILLIAM . . Malvern . Gentry . Altlveimer . Hector . Mansfield . Alix Nortlv Little Rock . Forrest City . W'est Memphis I MCCLURE, JANET . . . MCCRADY, RAYMOND MCDANIEL, MARJORIE MCEERRIN, FERNE . MCC-,1-IEE, DEWARD . MCKEEHAN, OTIS . MCMILLAN, ROBERT MAJORS, JULIAN . . MALLET, FRANCIS . Dardanelle . Augusta Little Rock . Jasper fdagaziiie . Ozark Magazine Dardanelle Little Rofk HE 193 Y-11. MULLEN, PEARL . . . . MURPHY, LEE VERNON MURPHY, RITCHIE . . NALL, NEWTON . NEAL, LILLIAN . NEWKIRK, JOHN J. . . NEWTON, JAMES ED . NEWTON, WILLIAM . OLIVER, HAROLD . . Strawberry . . Dover A rkaclelphia . Sheridan Russellville . Jessieville Russellafille Rzlssellriile . Booneville GIIIUIIL MARTIN, LAWRENCE MARTIN, LEEMAN , MILLER, ALWIN . MILLER, MINOR, MOORE, MOORE, POLLY . PAULINE . MITCHELL MORRIS . MORAN, ALICE . MORGAN, BUFORD . - - Everton Le Mani. Tex, . Dardanelle . Parkin . Van Buren . Harrison . . Danville Van Buren . Russellville 5 THE 193 AGRICIILA OTWELL, ORELL . . . OWEN, ELIZABETH ANN OWENS, EMMA JO . . PARKER, ROBERT . . . PATTERSON, ELIZABETH PATTERSON, MARYANA PATTISON, DOROTHY . PATTISON, MILDRED . PATTON, JUANITA . . Hot Springs Fflountain Home . . Greenwood . Plummerville . Alpena Pass . Alpena Pass . . Little Rock . Little Rock . Little Rock PATTON, WILLIAM . . Poplar Grove PAYNE, MARCELLE . . PENDERGRASS, HOLLAND PERRY, JAMES . PHILLIPS, CARRIE . PHILLIPS, EDNA . PICKREN, KATHRYN . PIERCE, MALCOLM . PIERCY, DOLLY . Belleville Booneville Russellville Snowball . jasper . Sal em . Fouke . Lavaca THE 193 lllIiIl'0Ll - t 1 I , l REED, VIRGINIA . . . Russellville REYNOLDS, FRANCIS . . Little Rock RHOADS, LUCILLE . . Waldr'orz ROBB, ELDON . , Decatur ROBERTS, JAMES . . . . Booneville ROBERTS, MARY RUTH . . . Heclor ROGERS, PIELEN - . . Russellville RORIE, PAUL . . . A rlQaa'c'lplnla ROSE, GLEN - . . Rusfellvillc PIERCY, EUNEVA . PLUNKETT, VERNSE POOLE, HAYS . PRICE, THOMAS . RACKLEY, LORENE RAMER, C. A. . RANEY, EARL . . RASBURRY, JAMES . REED, TROY . . . Lavacg Russellville --Ola Ruxsellville . Poltnfille . England Marble Falls . Benton Booneville ix TH 193 AGRIUIILA ROSE, VERLIS . . Fzfppfn ROSS, ELIZABETH . , , Ruyyellyille ROWDEN, EUGENE . . . Little Rock SATTERFIELD, GUILA GRACE . .Russellville SATTERFIELD, HERSCHEL . . . Russellville scIssoN, KEATHLEY . , Danville scoTT, EDWARD . , Alma SELLS, HERMAN D. . . . owe SEXTON, JIMMIE . . . Mijudea SI-IELTON, EUGENYA SHILLING, MARY LEE SHINN, AVERY . SHINN, BONNER . . SHINN, GLADINE . . SHOEMAKER, HOLDEN SMITH, BUFORD . SMITH, JOYCE . SMITH, LEON . Plainview Russellville Russellville Russellville Russellville Little Rock Russellville Mt. I ud ea . Havana THE ISI3 GRIUIIL STEPHENSON, ADA STEWART, JANE . STINNETT, NOAH STOEHR, LESTER . STREETER, K. M. STRICKLAND, J. O. STRICKLAND, PEARL TAYLOR, GARDNER TAYLOR, JOSEPHINE . Dara'ar1elle . Greenwood Rawfefzderz .Springs . El Reno, Okla. . IfVil5on . Russellville . . R14,vyellz':'lle . N c nfp 0 rt . IfVlmrlo11 SMITH, SMITH SMITH SMITH, SMITH, MARTHADELI, . OPAL . RALPH . RUDOLPH . VERNON . SPARKS, VUARREN . . SPIKES, JOE PERRY . STEPHENS. ARTHUR STEPHENS. MADGE . X lfnlf Rock Rzmellville . .UL Ida , Ida Rffffellville . Des :Irs Smmrorium Russellville . Opal L 'PHE 193 AGRICIILA TI-IAXTON, TEDRICK TILLMAN, KATHLEEN TOLER, PI-IILLIP . . TREECE, BARTON . TROW, TI-IURMAN . TURNBOW, CALVIN . TURNER, RALPH . TURNEY, RUBY . TYGART, RUBY . . Camden . Dover Sheridan Marshall Russellville . Hector Newport Snowlaall Russellville USREY, CLARA . VANCE, ALFORD . XVARREN, EUGENE . WARREN, MILTON WARREN, MILDRED WATKINS, TOM . XVEBB, INA .... WHALEN, WIN F ORD K . Atkins Russellville Calico Rock Russellville Russellville . lwt. Ida Hector Smackover XVI-IITLOCK, DUDLEY . . . ElReno,Okla. x E g li? iii i V 1 it 5 V fi THE 193 WI-IITLOCK, RIDGE - - WI-IITTINGTON, NOLA . WI-IITTINGTON, DICK . WILI-IITE, IDA MAE . WINBORN, WOODROW . WOOTEN, CAROMEL . WRIGHT, URY . GIRIUIIL El Reno, Olga' - Cecil . . Mt.Ida . Marianna . Alma . Flippin . . Dardanelle With the close of the school year, we wish to extend to the freshmen of this year our congratulations on our suc ci b y cesses an our est wishes for the coming year at Tech. May you continue as you have started a ci h , n carry on t e Tech spirit. -SOPI-IOMORES. And cIon't he too hard on the freshmen next year. fEditor,s note, . r PERSUNALITIES L 1 I ,1 O 11 1 , : 1 11 111171 1 . 1 1 I .1 I 1 " 1 1 1 11 .1 U' 4 fi 1 1 1 111' ','1 wb ' 1 1 ' i 1 NYQ1 -N 1, 1 111- , . 1 1 - 11 '1 'B 1' 11 1 1 ,1 1 .V 1 1 , 1 1 11 N11 - ., 1,1 11 ,,, 'MN Q VA W. :V 3 X .xx -' 1 'i . 111 , 111 111 1 1 . I 1 .111 1 11 11 . 1:.' ,V N. !i:"1?qj,fU'.'7 ,EI . ,N W1,1' '. 1-11,11 .1 1 , L" 5 1l1 g 112 ,PX ,1 , 1 EV 1 1 :F 111 Sf", 1 11 1 ii 11 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 3 1 A 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 'l 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 I' ,1 F if 1 1 1.1 1 . W1 YE Q' 1 .- 'Q W 1 1 1 ,ax 1 - 1 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 Q W 1 4 a 15 , X .f Xjlwf Sw ' ., v K-.ff 65' 'X , , ' i I ' ,yyff X f 'wfffif 2 , v' 1 4 , :M XM' if X Hi Stzwdrtj Qlampus ueen Myra we 1 J E V xl ,L MM. 4, L! . Pi A v 'V' .. yl PM , 21' xi' ii wx 1 wr , 1, wr, 2 wi 1 X, , I yy ni 'Y My - I: 1 M f j i? wb' if fr, gli X, ,14 ' N ,, r- , ,A V ,l ,, ,i . ,X W 1. Mr 1 11 1 ' ff, f : ,,., ' . , ,, M, V wht 'G-Q af f MARY CIRQQM 11, vi. l r 5 v up , qw ,gin W 'Bidi z. U: u g" ,, i l i'Qi :Vw ll W 'LE Iii .f PM W: '4 , , EM rl 'A yr' ,ip ye: . ,y ,J , JI - I I : i M -H! M H51 fl? 1 li N V ,ii , P 'Vi "N v Huff ,Vi Icy 'IQ 'V W V .W 'i ,Ll Q! 411- ss N, is 0,2 x f5'S', , - , Q x U7f,, ,Q ' f H f ' ,, ' X 7 VW , A X W5 WW wf'S'f' ,Z Nix " 4157.2 V 1 Y IWARY SLAVEN 4 1, 43' 11 L . ,5. if ll I 'i ,,, , J, QWW tw ir! ww , , PL W L ,, xx V , WI, ' 1 V 'L vfff U Q .., ' ,. 3. ,Ng W 1 1 N, VV' W I wi r ,M 1 u 1 I vl 7 .1 , M H5 5 'V , f 52' T K VZ"" 3 , - 71 j NM315 THAQKER ,V ' ,gi i, I .ix W, ,wa , W4 fi W r., 1, 1 'H l ' mv. Q ,rm M' ,, FHM If 13 1 ' ,Vx 'X 1' IM! 1 1, 'Q if 1 IU N QW Q! JI' , 1' 2 . Ui ,, aff' M J N 'V' W if ' NM Lu ,' JU if :I ' w lr? 5 'W' J,N ',. Wm., ,r U- Y ' U" ,f F, V 1 J' -1 , M H 'I ,. 3 MAIRY EIDNA QIRAVENS w,w k M, ,. I 4' M lx ,M . it 14-' .M I 1 sv rr: igf 'lei X fel' ' UM fH -E . '11, 1' my I qw WI . ff, ., - :I ', ,IQN .4 ,r 27: Vu Jw 'Q W, ffm! '1 I ef' I I U I I I E W ,, r X I II,I I V if jf, I , I I, by f ,W I J 11: f I , ,....,, Q Mfw ELIZAIEIH IRAQIHANID W w A JA 'IV4 V I, 'T , I N 5, I .JV ,ei ,:11,N ' w I ,'. I 1. ,1 , 4' IW W ef .4--' z fu si M xr' W I l'. m 4 , 1 ' : 1 5 :Mr 1 ' I' Fi? 3, xi p GQI f ai'! J ,X , NV WS W :QQ 53: ,,! '-"1 1' ljgf, ' ' MQEQU Vg W fl W '4 .1 , WHO' In the election held especially for that purpose, the Campus Queen, Myra Jane Stewart, Green- wood, was elected. The candidates were all eligible for Beauty Queen, to be picked from photographs by some celebrity. After one judge was advised by his lawyer to cancel his agreement and another failed to make a selection as press time neared, it became necessary to impress Don McNeil into service as judge. Mr. McNeil is a well known radio personality, being an announcer for NBC as well as master of ceremonies on the NBC Breakfast Club Program. I-Ie readily accepted, and, after due deliberation, selected Miss Mary Slaven, Van Buren, as Beauty Queen. AS the annual was in the process of be- ing printed at the time, it was impossible to secure his photo and the selection, over his signature, in time that a facsimile might be printed in the annual, but the original letter will be avilable so that everyone may See it in a few days. RESULTS OF NWI-IO'S WHO CONTEST CONDUCTED BY WARREN FUNSTON IN THE ARKA-TECH Most Beautiful . . JANIS FULMER Cutest . . MARY CRooM Most Studious GENEVA DUNN Conceited . . . JANICE THACKER Musician . MARTHADELL SMITH Athlete , , , . ROSALYN PRIEST Best All-round Most Popular JUANITA MASSIE MARY CRooM Wittiest . . ELIZABETH ANN OWEN Pest . . . . . IMA FAY HIXON Baby . . ..... PALLIE BEST Boy Crazy . . MARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND Handsome . Most Studious Conceited . Mttsician . . Athlete . . Best All-round Most Popular Wirtiest . . Laziest . . Pest . Baby . Girl Craz . . BOYS . . . . J. G. COOPER . . SIDNEY GOTTLIEB . HOWARD PEARCE . . JAMES FLAKE . . CLARK BEAVER . JoHN CoWNE . . . JoE CASKEY . FRANCIS EDWARDS . . JAMES BIDDLE . . CHARLES TAYLOR . . JOE CASKEY . DICK HUNNICUTT -Arka-Tech. . -E., - Vg- '1-nQsln1IllI rw 1 . :fit-A ,Ai .ng V s"-dv. W., xl... vnu Li--...T V ':'yr""' F l l 1. A sunin'. 2. Wlmy hide it? 3. "Farley,' Rose in a blur of motion. 4. "Yes, I understand". 5. -?- 6. just another needle in her haystack. t, 7. He really is this tall! 3. Sornt-one droppfd 3 ltickvl. 1, Camera shy. 2, Ditto. 3. Looking for a hand-out 4. uMuggin". 5. Q'Wabash" demonstrates. 6. just resting a while. 7. Why upetev liked Cara way Hall. 3. At Roy,s. 9- 'QThey're going in" Z wld? '15 ,N .A. J 1 ,r L, 't .1 s .-,, a trance. S 1. Homecoming. 2. ?. 3. Hard-boiled. "I-Iello, kiddies." "Simone Simone" in some sort of 6. "Hairless" comes to Tech. ' 7. Nall, paying off. if? S. "Hold if!" 'E 5 5 i I, I . 9. Whiriimg for assembli 1, Ah, asleep at last. 2, 'cChesty'7. I " N GJMQL 3, Monday at the boy's dormitory. 4. "Are you incineratin' anything?" ,SI-'flrrizi 2 nz: air" stu: 5. "I sho do like chicken? Fizrhif 6. Q'Tige" togs out. f 7. Pets for a day. 4 ' ,,, n . 3. Just wait till next year! ,gi K Qcwhut ban: 77, ig ffllrmvnq 111' Flllfiam lxfm - l Li' gun. . ---fb Aff? 4 ' -1- 5 Jlllllulgg- ll 'vi 4 l 1. Waiting for their "fellers". 2. Where to? 3. Curvacious Croom, 4. Is 'oo hurt? 5. Cave man stuff, but slie lilces it. 6. Another natural! 7. A hot time was had by all. 8. Mobile music. 47. Thinlcing shout f0Ul23lll' lwoys? 1, "Keep your women at arm's length" 2, "I-lunlcv and Jimmie. 3. Two good arms between them. 4. "Loolca healiln 5. Could use a- shave. 6. "Hairless" Joe. 7- Snapper gets snapped. 8' B611 Hur. I .J-,, ' ,MM wmvwa-4-""" E 11,5 Vim! 'l , X Q- - ana:-'A -4' , . ? i Q ' VF! 5. N, M:-Z! x, X x wmmug-wfzzfangu -- - 1. Country boys. 2. Huh? 3. Lunch at the airport 4. Already at Tech. 5. Cramming. 6. It looked this way to several. ' i 7. Ulwlivlolls to thc QN.ll11t'I'l11.lI1. 1, WSEVX. 2, Not "S" Creek. 3. Resting. 4. "'Stop me if you've heard this onef, 5. Who's on the other end? 6. Tennis fshion. 7. Gossip? .JJ 1 ,0 wi 4 ,. ' . TL V. . ,.,, mlamww' ""-" ,wmv 5 lm f 111111 X 1111i ,V ix mg ' V Q s f P 1 psf: K 5 ff 9 bf .2 ' ga, wxgrmgrwfwrnvklwkf Q Mi' 2 Booms' 3. Wl1ere's the Rest of them? 4. Burning midnight' oil. 5. Treecl. 6. Comparing notes. 7- AFC all the girls in bed? SX 4 'NX t's Z. i . ' . AH' . tt 'T r I 4 ll K .. . A.-,-Lgffmnwwmwgww gil,-if H il w K r 5 w :Q Q il , 5' ,i l r . iw, 2 1 ?' if , 3 , :,25, .g X' .4 ,W X 5. ' f L s, f , ', ' QQ 3 1. Left to right: Ina Webb, Jack McFerran, attendantsg Earl Maxwell, king, Mary -lo Cheek, queeng Quentin Wren ancl Lorene Cravens, attendants. XXQIRIDY The King and Queen reigned Agri Day, May 3, which this year was featured by an unusually large number of floats and a magnificient fireworks display. if 'Y' Vi' N , Q ,MK 'X X7 .V F F AT H LET 1 C ,gl R . X A ' Y . ,1 11 fl - 4 "1 1 V w k , 1 1 ' w . E 5 i W r. 193 THE AGRICIILA The coaches in Working togs. Mentors ALFRED J. CRABAUGI-I Chairman Athletic Committee JOHN EDWARD TUCKER Head Coach of Football Under the coaching of John Tucker, Tech elevens have rolled up the remarkable record of 36 wins, 9 losses and 5 tied games. HENRY HUDSON Basketball ana' Track Coach Assistant Football Coach COWN E ZUBER John Cowne, giant tackle and co-captain elect of the 1937 Wonder Boys, was named on the all-state team for the first time this year. Cowne, who hails from Greenwood, earned his second letter at Tech in as many years of comp etition. A broken arm received in the Teachers game this year kept him on the sid: lines during the latter part of this season. Age, 19, height, 6 ft., 2 in., weight, 225. Lettered, high school 3 years, Tech, 2 years. All-STATE Liston Hager, co-captain of the 1937 squad and the sparkplug of the Wonder Boy running and passing attack, completed his third year of play at Tech'at the half-back position this season. Hager, who is from Batesville, was a unanimous choice for the all-state berth. 1-Ie is continuing his gridiron and scholastic career at State Teachers. . Age, 22, height, 5 ft., 7 in., weight, 175. Lettered at Tech 2 years, in high school 3 years. ov':til" u - x ,XL HAGER Paul Zuber, member of a family famous in Tech football history, starred at end for Van Buren high school for three years before entering Tech. Zuber, one of the most consistent players on the squad, earned two football letters and a berth on the all-state team dur- mg 1715 3 years at Tech. Zuber entered the University of Arkansas at mid-term. Age, 215 height, 6 ft., one in., weight, 175. M 53 , The wh Wx, Wm: hgh Umm, it 'ULU .qv -,,,.6..,,N mai It! 1717 ni-nz MIT -di if vii ran 5-,H .ra f 1 s '41 aff, I .ef w TE wx 1111891 REVIEW OF THE SEASGN Prospects for a winning 1937 eleven looked slim September 10 when a squad of 47 men, including only seven of 19 let- termen from the strong '36 team report- ed to Coach Tucker for the initial prac- tice of the season. State football writers shook their collective heads and scratched Tech from the list of contenders for the state championship. They could not see the fight, determination, and desire to win fostered by those 47 Wonder Boys which destined them to be one of the greatest elevens in Tech football history and brought them, at the season's end, Coach Tucker's praise as uthe fightingest team 1 have ever coached." Over a tough nine game schedule the Wonder Boys made the following record: Eight victories, one defeat. Two hundred and ten points scored, scored upon for 33 points-the best de- fensive record in the state. Playing the first five games of the season without being scored upon brought Tech national recognition. Thirteen of the players were named on One of the three all-state teams. Even though they didn't Win the state Championship, Tech's Wonder Boys re- ceived their share of football glory and were considered by many as the strongest college eleven in Arkansas. l Q A .. . ,Z Alford Beaver EIN? tti Burns Bynum? Liux - I-Iunnicutt: Hickey McClure Parker Pierce N C gflfft Salmol? Satterfielql 0 IVCF Tucker Wilstuii lllll TECH . , 13 BAcoNE ...... , 0 Playing their first game of the season under the new lights on Buerkle field, the Wonder Boys decisively defeated a heavy Becone In, dian eleven from Muskogee, Oklahoma. The Tech eleven, composed chiefly of non-letter- men, held the upper hand throughout the game and outplayed their opponents in every department. Dashes by Hager, Bridges and Hickey, and an end-around by Laux placed the ball on the Indian one-yard line from where Hickey scored the first touchdown, early in the first quarter. Bridges' kick for point was good. A forty-yard dash by Hickey in the middle of the third period accounted for the final tally. Cowne, Bynum and Pearce weft outstanding in the Tech line. TECH .......... 26 KANSAS STATE TEACHERS . 0 Sporting a vastly improved running and pass- ing attack, the Xvonder Boys handed the Goril- las of Kansasistate Teachers college a stinging defeat in the second game of the season. With "Mickey" Zuher, Tech's versatile left end, snagging passes and Beaver, Salmon, Bridges, and Hickey lugging the hall. Tech made it three decisive victories over the Gorillas in as many years. Led hv Pearce. Gattin and Bynum, the Tech line smeared the visitor's of- fense and repeatedly opened large holes in the Kansas line for the Tech hacks to scamper through. TECH . . . 13 HENDERSON ....... 0 The Vlfonder Bovs journeved to Arkadelpllia Cctoher S to meet Henderson State Teacheri for their first game of the season with an Ar- kansas rival. Coach Suddetlfs Reddies Wfff primed for the occasion ,md digplaved plcnfi' of file fllllif Hlwavs present at games lwfwffn these two schools. After plavinq on even M1115 for the first half. the Techinen istaged an aerial attack that netted the winning markers in Ili? third and fourth quarters. iliagcr YOSSCJAN Tolliver for the first score .ind to Zlllwf f-'f tlit' IICXY. litwtls U-.Img ,INN-,-ki A ,U-pr1gdt'll'll5f lWllt flux Rtwltlivs were imalwlt' I0 copi' Will' Techis power tluring the final periods. Winn 193 Marconi "W N in 5.x NM fy A awk Qqk: M. t'5llrg:i, '-'lin.,, :shi Wk 'm'3!tg:. 1 n mg, 3,2 33.85 tuna... rl: '- mm :ma IKE' ' btlif' zanumf . 1 !5.Q 1 K bf 'Squat mmf' Waffjvrii L: Q3 M4 rxjff N 1359, ings ,uf aff f-ff., 1.-rf :fp L ,ft fa Q' . nv 'J' .aff if if all N, 4 K.. -Q -. i ' , ' V E .. .. .. ,. ,,,. ,,,,, V ,Y s .nn 2 l I Whalen Gault: Green Davis Rollow TECH . . 1 ......... T . 33 NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA JUNIOR COLLEGE ...... 0 Wham! and an undefeated Norseman eleven from Miami, Okla., took it on the nose as the Tech powerhouse marked up its fourth consecutive victoryand marched into the national limelight as one of the few undefeated, untied, unscored on teams in the nation. The Oklahomans filled the open date on Tech's schedule left by the cancellation of football hy Magnolia. Both teams took to the air early in the game giving the fans a slight taste of grid-basketball but each team could complete only a small percentage of their at- tempts. Tech's running attack functioned perfectly with Hager, Hickey and Beaver carrying the mail on long dashes. The visiting team 'could not penetrate Tech's strong line in Tech territory. - Morelock Tyler Denton Hobbs TaYI0f ini 193 lunlcol, Q s 114, ,. i . X . , ' 5 vw.. 1 . Anderson Moore Winborn Fuller Elkins TECH .... t .......... 7 OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY ........ 0 In Indian territory, Tech's Wonder Boys downed a heavier O. C. U. Goldbug eleven for their fifth conseutive victory. The win placed them among the 5 teams with a perfect record for the year in the nation, and branded them as a worthy opponent for the all-important clash with State Teachers. Paul Zuber, end, scored the winning touchdown early in the first half on an end-around play from the 18-yard line. Bridges made the extra point to end the scoring for the night. By completing 11 of 12 attempted passes, the Tucker charges showed that the Arkansas boys could toss the leather. Long and accurate punts from the toe of Beaver, Tech fullback, aided in retarding the Goldbug attack. Bynum and Pearce were outstanding in the line. TECH ...... . . . . 9 STATE TEACHERS .... A ....... 13 It was a great battle, a full 60 minutes of sensational football played as only two of the most colorful elevens in Arkansas football history could have played it. The stage was per- fecty set, both teams untied and undefeated, the winner was conceded the state title by ob- servers. Teachers long winning streak was at stake and Tech with her goal line uncrossed in 5 previous games was attempting to secure revenge for a 13 to 9 defeat last year. 4, -,',..w '.' B'ddI I e i Turner R' Cowne Klnm'Y Patton ini 193 AGRI or A pass from Burnett to Estes, late in the fourth quarter turned defeat into victory for the Bears. It was a hard game for Tech to lose. Tech made 9 first downs to 10 for the Bearsg they made 359 yards from scrimmage as compared to 185 for their rivals. Tech was in possession of the ball on the Teacher's 7- yard line when the game ended. TECH . . . , 41 MONTICELLO ....... 14 After getting a slow start and playing on even terms for the first period, the Tech power- house came into its own and trounced the Boll Weevils, scoring almost at will. The passing of Booth, Weevil quarterback, was the out- standing feature of the Weevil attack. Zuber 5C0fCd 2 touchdowns from passes, Priest scor- mg 0116 via the Same route. Coach Tucker made substitutions frequently in the game which was marked by numerous long runs by the Tech backs. around left end for a score Bridges gO6S I Gattin intercepts af Hendflx' Beavers kicks out on the one-foot line. The successful end-around 193 giiitiizoi figs ,ia-w 4 ,ur gg ,M ,, -' -Y' Hager headed for a scoi'e, A clear field. It's hard on the linemen, Zuher on an end-around, w in P gt-L9 . -.r ' ', t . J, . , , K, Akita: K,-A -It -T '4,.,, . I -.zn. 'PQ 'l"F. e'14,..,,p ,, TECH .... O 54 SOUTHWESTERN 0 The Green and Gold squad limbered up at the expense of a highly-touted eleven from Winfield, Kansas, in a game more likeamck meet than football, before a large crowd of parents of Tech students here for the annual Dad's Day. Scoring when they pleased and pushingthe heavier team all over the field, the Wonder Boys amassed a total of 54 points, 20 of which were scored in the first quarter. Almost every player on the Tech squad got into the game for at least a few plays. TECH . .14 HENDRIX . 6 After being knocked ahout and outplayecl for three quarters the Tech powerhouse came to life again and ripped the Hendrix lineto pieces to score twice in the last quarter for tllf mos' spectacular last-minute rally' of the sea- son. Hendrix held a 6-point lead. W0I1ln the second quarter. and held it until Brirlgfi went over for a score and made the placement, in the middle of the final stanza. Hagffln' fCI'CCPIv.l a pass to score the second touCl1d0Wn a few seconds lwlore the game ended. The Xxvvlitltl' litavs sc'0rQc'l 5 first dowlh in Ill6l2Sf klU5U'U'I'. iliolliver. llagei. Xtilier. LSUX- H113 . to liits. utie i1l'.lxllI.lIlIM1 letterinen litlpmg hull ll'-l1 N l't'coi'd of no defeats on Tim' . I 1 v gn mg lliv. tinsimi tin-ti. K as as 'Tu 193 uni UM mug Una: :Kari :QQ agus . 4":. I' ', I. - sw 1 H ug 1 - in 1 wg - gfi, 'V 0 MH.- ,4- Tech's prospects for the 1938 season are very good if performance in spring practice is to be considered as evidence. Among new men showing up well are Ras- hurry, Covey, and Dale Miller. The returning non-lettermen are trying hard to make a good showing so that they may fill the shoes of the graduating players. A tentative eight-game schedule is topped by the Thanksgiving Day game sche- duled with State Teachers. HE 193 4 i I . N nal ... ' 'slum .QL -5 - .IA- Anderson Bridges Briggs Burnham TRACK Performing in weather more suitable for football than traclc, the freshman boys defeated the sophomores, 68 to 44. in the intramural track meet held on Buerlcle Field Friday afternoon, April 1. The affair was held as a preliminary tryout before the scheduled meet between Tech and Harding College the following Friday. ....' , . h B urns Colley Cook lflk I ns AGIIIUIIL v 1 l 7 1 . i i l E B2 -IL IN o gr: P wir . gt l , A '-A , 'Who A '..,. ji Fuller Ganner Hickey Holley Ralph Turner, freshman, Winning first in the 120-yard high hurdles, high jump, and broad jump, second in javeling and third in pole vault, rang up 19 points to win high scoring honors. Clark Beaver, sophomore, who Won first in the three weights, shot put, discus, and javelin, and third in broad jump, was second with 16 points. L' I Hudson Jones Leach M e 193 GRIUIIL V Ak ... V rv -Q '- 0 - -X l McGhee MaffiU F. Miuel' Three events, the mile run, the 880 relay, and the mile relay, were cancelled because of the cold which grew more severe later in the meet. The first and seconds in many events represented Tech in track meets held later during the year. .. .1 1 ' I' F 5 Q gr x1Oz , . ' v . - U . y Q- s-,t ,. , q H l' . x 2 at ' ,,3-mn, y t r d A t a .ie , r f hu. 101: Z: ,.t....,.,,af..a. gg ,g. Q ' t K L 'Y .' rf lx 5-1, if- , 'Sw 11.1 ,Q--1 ,R , X . V - Y . A .al s.:,, I 5 x N.-Q. Y., fixhbbxkl .. . r 4 mg ,Y K , K R ,Nix 1 . 'awggrl il ,t Q . S, X I F: .4 , 'j',30vv1-Q-x.a'wf,,,'3 rim. ti-4: 't , , - 3 X- h . . , x .. f ,st sa. s ,-.-.K A 1.. V . . ,tx .. -f-gg.. 1 A I,-sQ,,k,i.,. A 1 w, .N r 'WN' "7 Wat We N s-.116 -w ' ' - -'ns-M if-X - I ' .A Q wp: si. M btw M' s A -' ,- V ef--. - 1- N- x Q, an ' . H, ,N . -f-HQQ4. - ' r A., - ' X -acc: , -,..iQ3:1Q J. -N c ' . WIT. 2 1 A ., K 1 'VN' 'f' " ' 'x.-Du., , 1m ."'-4-ff' .s A I- x . . ., , - X , kqv' I - f"59V"f'.'5vA. 5' Y - - V xml., 3. A'U"Qm. wa- r:i1G.'?t"fs"f t:-se 'ff' . we ' " Q I n,,,q',"'Vi" e' . A' 1-Q' vw- , -E: "' ' , . -H, -..t , - .. we 4 , ,Lyra " ,C at 'jf I , .-N 'Jn . '- s - yu, - aw -. 1' J L 14 Morelock pnton pc... my l5m'.lI'Cl l Tum 193 AGRI 01,1 .14 Q M , w Reed Story l SfL'iClClaI1Cl. Turner 440-yard relay: Sophomores QMiller, Young, Results of the meet are: 100-yard dash: Fred Miller QSD, Hickey Bridges, HickeyD time, 45.4. QSD, Little time, 10.4. High jump: Turner Briggs, QSD, 220-yard dash Perry QFD, time, 23.8. 440-yard dash: QFD, time, 54.4. 880-yard dash: Reed Hud time, 2:07. 120-yard high hurdles: Turner QFD QFD, Holly QFD, time, 16.6. 220-yard low hurdles: Elkins QFD QFD, Holly time, 26.9. Little QFD, Reed Perry : Little QFD, Fred Miller QSD, Beaver QSD, height, 5 feet, 6 inches. Broad jump: Turner Strickland Trou distance, 21 feet, IM inches. Pole vault: Story QSD, Jones Turner QFD, height, 10 feet, 6 inches, Shot put: Beaver QSD, Bynum Gault QFD, distance, 41 feet, 1 inch. Discus: Beaver QSD , Gault , Morelock QFD, distance, 126 feet. Javelin: Beaver QSD, Turner Bridges QSD, distance, 152 feet. son QSD, , Ganner , Ganner Trow Ty Ier Wright Young Prospects for the season in traclc were very good because of the showing made by the freshmen in the intra-mural event, plus the return of several lettermen of last season. Three meets are scheduled before the state meet which will be held here again this year. TECH THIN-CLADS LOSE TO HENDRIX TECH WINS FROM U. OF A. FROSH wif, .-ve' - 565 if' Brotherton DeKoster Paul Brotherton, left-handed ace of the Tech five, was rewarded for his season of outstanding play by being named forward on the all-state quin- tet. Brotherton's accurate, one-handed shots Won him high scoring honors for the squad and were the deciding factors in winning several gf the games. Brotiierton, who hails from Charleston, graduates this spring. Harley Thompson, center and captain of the squad, whose great defensive play and the ability to recover the ball of the baclcboard made him in- valuable to the Tech five. From Cave Creek, he also graduates this year. Basketball Dale DeKoster, Sp611C01', Iowa, C0mP Thompson leted his second and last year at forward this season. lc ncl accurate paSS111S bran 6 excellent floor wor a him as one of the flashiest players in the state. Young Briggs Tyler vs? 1 . Sy 1 ! ,-45N ,w ff Turner W Story :X Oldham TECH VS. U. of A. Frosh Fayetteville U. of A. Frosh Fayetteville Hendrix Conway L. R. Jr. Col. Little Rock Hendrix Conway Henderson Arlcadelphia State Teachers Conway Arlc. College Batesville Harding Searcy Hendrix Conway Hendrix Conway Henderson Atlcadelphia L- R- jr. Col. Little Rock Harding Searcy Played Dec. 14 Dec. 16 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 jan. 14 5311.25 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 8 Feb. 4 Feb. 16 11613.18 Feb. 19 Feb. 25 Game Doviow Tech Brotherton Thompson Beavers Storey Brotherton Brotherton Thompson DeKoster Brotherton DeKoster Brotherton Denton DeKoster Brotherton Briggs Thompson Dare OUTSTANDING PLAYERS TECH QPPONENT Opponent ig' fi- Pf- f-P- f-g- fx. p.f.t Adams 15 2 3 Adams 17 7 5 Coleman 20 11 7 Laser 26 11 10 Harris 14 5 8 Suitor 26 4 10 Turner 17 4 15 Bray 10 3 7 Roe 86 Roe 26 6 9 Woolly 12 7 10 Wooley 20 6 8 No Data Available Ball 20 11 13 Roe 22 9 6 6 11 15 12 9 8 13 7 9 11 12 12 12 I L Young, Storey, Brothsrton, Oldham, Thompson, Tyler, Briggs, Turner. Deliosrer Tech's baslceteers, composed of five letterinen and four reserves, aided bv sev- eral capable freshmen, opened the 1937-38 season against a strong Universitv of Ar- kansas freshmen quintet and thriilled their supporters bv forcing the Hogs to extend themselves to win the game. Every game played in the new physical education building drew capacitv crowds and provided numerous thrills. Two close victories over Hendrix and the loss t0 Teachers by one point, made by virtue of ri foul shot alter the final whistle. WUC the outstanding encounters of the season. .ss X .ssc - X xivfgx ARKANSAS A. A. U. CHAMPS Ray Hobbs, 147 Ragon Kinney, 175 Jack McFerran 156 BOXING These three boys represented Tech in the state A. A. U. tournament and return- ed with three championships and the team trophy. Hobbs, who had never boxed until he came to Tech, won his semi-final bout by h A. A. U. Welterweight 8 knockout and won by a decision in the finals to take t e championship. l h h av weight crown last Kinney is a veteran amateur boxer. He won the ig t e y Year and was unopposed at this year's tournament. McFerran is a veteran of the '37 team. He has lost only one bout in his two years as middleweight contender for the Tech team. HE 1938 AGIHCIILA TECH BOXERS DRAW WITH U. OF A. MITTMEN DEEEAT CLARKSVILLE CLUB TECH WINS SECOND MEETING WITH U. OF A. BOXERS THREE A. A. U. TITLES WON BY TECH MITTMEN CHAMPION TECHMEN CO T0 NATIONAL A. A. U. MEET .Alfred Martin, lightweight, Mitchel Moore, welterweightg Francis Reynolds, featherweightg and Ridge Whitlock, bantamweightg combined with Kinney, Hobbs, and McFerran to fill out a well-balanced boxing team. 1 ir , I 1 .. H t M Q Martin 1 MOON R0Y'10ldS XY'hirlock llll l93 AGRlUOL . ,wi B 41- lvl Reynolds, Moore, Hobbs, Kinney, McFerran, Martin, Whitlock W For the first time at Tech members of the boxing squad will receive letters for their participation in this sportiwhich is rapidly becoming popular with the students. v Under the tutelage of student instructor Ragon Kinneyfithe Tech mittmen were victorious in every team encounter with theexception of a draw in their firstmeet- ing with the U. of A. fighters. Hobbs, Kinney, and McFerran were undefeated by State Competition, but all three lost bouts at the junior' national A. A. U. tourna- ment in Cincinnati. A V I i I V The girls gym classes, under the direction of Mrs. Henry Hudson, enjoy recreational fa- cilities in the new Tech gym. ,ffrtgw 51 N. 1 ... I URGANIZ TI A ,p... - 1 1 A-. .U ff 11 .Y !i A ' og . -A H. 'P' U ' sm .NN 4 , :Y , A . ,G Q, .,,,. . . ,, . 'Ama K -mtv ' -r1"v. ii x hianr UANI1 MARY WILNI MARIE Mus. T Om-1 Yen.: loan I F H 193 Aunlcom MARY EDNA CRAVENS -IUANITA TUCKER . QAVARY ELIZABETH ATOR ILMA BAILEY Im-ZIITXIBURNS ORPILIA COOLEDGE VELTA CAUDLE LOREN ORLEY E CRAVENS AY. W. C. A. OFFICERS . . President 'MARY JO CHEEK . . Vice-President ALMA DUBOSE . A MARY CRAVENS MARY JO CHEEK ALMA DUBOSE ANNA FULTON WANZA GEORGE WILMA HEARN A DONNA HENDERSON ROLL FLETA HICKERSON MAUD HUDSON MARY LEE JOHNSON PAULINE MINOR HELEN PENIX MARGUERITE POWELL VERNA LOU ROARK . Secretary . Treasurer EUGENYA SHELTON MADGE STEPHENS BETTY TINDALL JUANITA TUCKER RUBY TURNEY MAE WARD INA WEBB H 193 unlcom Funston Dunn A ,Q Al Reynolds Rowden Young McKeehan Sewell 1 'f' 5 Cole v Casey Fl?" -T. REPORTERS Hudson 55 -vi 6 Hollabaugh Q w-' Jeter ' Harmon Leonard fu- Oldham A gh ,Q 3- ls Parker N, Springer , X., 'MM 4' T Stephens Thacker CLYDE MCGINNIS . . Edxmr BRUCE SHOEMARER . . . . Bxmrzcsx Mhmzgcr WAIQREN FUNSTON . Axxociarc Edirur GENEN'A DUNN . flmrciaff Eu'ifur Ons MCKEIiHAN . . Sporty Ijrlirur ROBERT SEXY'EI,.I,. . . . . . . . Aevsivlmzt Spurlv Ifrfitm' EUGENE ROWDEN, T. I.. Color., FRANCIS REYNo1-ns . . . AA'A'iffclIIl,f tu ls!lK'i7IL'U' ,Wlrzilrllqur THE SHADOXVS: av- IMA FM' l'lIXSON MCGINNIS ffldfxlefx Yummy X R fi '43 9 O 'P' x I Sl lOlfN:XKl:R A Z Y l 2 1 1 P' i 'len lb b IU Q1 :S fi sa- L n.,. . 1. 1... u un- X .ins Iv:-furc thu Cllllalmns vauillunr llll lllil li Ill 01, THE RK .T E CH ARKANSAS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE h zea - vol. xv M lzUssl5f.lfVilILETxRkiii4sASf'Wlililllisiliixi-'OETEEEQ"gf 19 -d . ,, 37 -..-,- - I ' - Number 'lr Unscored On Wonder Bo s Battle Defending Champ ln llqmecollling Classic Tod! bl-ill One of Four UIDQIVI on College Trams ln Nalin: Outstanding Sth Pllyen to be in Came rrua unc: cnown utrscrso Oates!! of Game to Have Important Baring on Sure Colhp Rau Arkuuu Tech Wonder Boys po inlo Lrur homecoming gan-lr Fridny ugh: qminst the Clumpwn Arlan- liu Stale Teachers' Benn an one of the four remaining eollrze football mm over me entire nation thu. have not been scored upon so far lhis season According to ul Asocuitcd Pres rrlene a week sro. clevrn turns were left to compose :i lisl of mxghly defensiw squnda that had not permitted :ln oliponcnl lo cross- thl-ir goal Ulu season, Arlunws Tech bein: one of ihcsc' lclmn llovrc-vt'r. th! pat wet-k's football results han' diminuhcd mis hal to only sin' trams with this fine rzzord. Thr four lt-:ms still li-fl in the 'nee for the honor or main: nu wznln rcorrfi against them nrr Arli- lnsas Tech, ll:lrdln-Simmons, Wrist- 'fvi K-4ri'w:"y sw- 'runnin-r.. nnii snnmnni mifnnnr. 'rrnnrn--r, cnpn clmlrnn. Ulcnl and sux vinyo, Hardin-Simmons h4'nn vp.-n dau' '-if :mi week, but ani of inn, ,unit-5 Nina have mulcd n mul of IIU Winn ui nothing lar lhelr fqbon- cms, 'ma nm-nna Gini fin Kllnei played and UZ polntl West- ml Kentucky Slate 'fuchus come third with five frames and R2 polnu. 'bile Southeast Mixauri Tenchi-lm tome fourth with 7l points out of 'WY rum plnyea in far ini, year. Ben Record 'ri-.-lf- homecoming npponnni rm 'bm' vp -.ll -ini an offensive re Wfd- Morin: ws points nni of four :uw la rnnli nur inf -'innf' lor '-he hiebw number of wind mi-nd W My undzfuud umm in the rui- UOII However, Coach Woodsorfp Bars have hgd the-ir goal crossed Uiil susan by us opponent. Being I Junior College, Tech is forced to use pndiully l new line 'P lfdlrln the Burn thu season, 'hilt Sl-lie Teuhzrs will enter the time Friday nixht with about the Ilme line-up I-hat beat Tech ln lul I-I-wn'n l.ilL Mining from the Behr lllwv -in he wo less All-sate Dirfurnlen, James Ahlf, end, and Herbert Ball, center. along with Guard Odis nur. and Qunmrliuli Don Sunni, T::h'n ouutanding pllyen of laat Yu! Ire also musing which included Tulle Fred Croom, All-Suhr End H-lYl'lrd Snlord, ard All-Slntr Full bark Alvin Davin, Qnnmrlmk Ri-n wilson and other regulars in both lhe line and backfield, Wrnr game will nmnnl innny or formalities outnundlnz zrldlron per- lfra. and likely will feature n panting- duel betweun Captain llny- mond Bumett, the Tffnchum' alla me linlrlinrk, and Cunffaptain in 'fl' llazev, wnnalionnl Tear-.nrlnl mllnlh lt-ami. tional a vluinllrr nl' ff nur bricks in nflfiillnn in llirir glrmz Sues which includi- "Pi-nnnv' CTATJH. Coninlimln "nn" Tnllivrr, Lmuzfzfr. llrrllnri Hridrcx, and 'run hall-Chcrtly udwlwmi m 'im Howard Momylvlz crnnrnnnl, wlillr ,mp M th ':'m'YY and lzlrn Bflld- md dn 2 caclwrrare llfith Lid, new l:'K0""1H men in n llrolfcn umngd 'vu Montgomery who nc- dmmql or two Turht-rs lnurh- - llln1iTech lnsl. wamn, hath icnnlinnna tn Epi-337 in HOW THE Y START TF-CH Wt. Poo. TEACHERS Wt. COWNE .,.... 215 ...... -......LT , -..TURNER 180 zulaslz 165. ...,,. LE ..,. .HOLMAN zoa PEARCE 1800.-- ..-.-LG. , ,,,, WOODFORD 130 GATTIN ...., 190 ,,... .. .-.C .... MILLS ...-. ,, 175 BURNS ..,.,... iso .....,. ..., R u . ...WILLIAMS lso BYNUM .... -,, iso .... ...... R T . .HCONTI ,..,., ,, 208 LAUA ,, 185 .... ..RE, . ,.,SMlTH 173 TOLLIVER . iss .... -..UQ . ilonrcollsm' 141 HACER , ., 165,.,, ,..,.Ll-l . BALDRIDGE i, 182 snlilon iss.- ..-Rl-l ., BURNETT 182 HICEEY . .170 .. .. ,... F. . ., .BLACK . .. 160 Sophs May Get Class Rings Before ' Xmas Vacation Clan Members Urged to Place Orders This Weeltg Commit- tee Adopts New ,Design For the Knit lzlvlv ln Q' yours, Tvcll Sophomorcs arc' offered th- t opportunity ol gettin: cliff rings l-i .lccominpt to nn unliuunc--l mul. of President John Cowie. Pr:-1idn-nt Co-'nu nppivllilcd li com- mittee hm wevk to meet :i represen- tative of n jewelry company lo selvct n ring and ninln- nrrnngnnirnin rin- ordering. The Ting' design 'ls nlau ear as the entirely different this y college emblem will not nnpnnr on the jewelry The design may be mn ul the Pnlace Drug store Anuthcr ouianndlng feature of the :irrangemrnu made by the cornmittue is Lhc handling of the ring order, All their ordern with' students will ph-ce ll C. Carpenter, local jeweler, and the rings will be shipped to him Studrnu may pay for the ring, and ren.-ive them u soon u they arrive wait until ll members of the cluw have paid helen the rings are distributed. All who wish Lo get rings before he vacation an urged tu place an rdcr this week, according to Mr. Carpenter. He indicated, however, that another order might be made lnter in the yznr. F Mc-mben of Lhe committee were President Cowne, Jerry Burns, Janis Fulmer, Mary Elizabeth Ragluld. and will not be forced to a . I I o I I Janice Thuker, Dick llunnicutv., and Clyde McGinnis. MARIE WYS5 HEADS ROUNDTABLE CLUB Malia Wyss, Ilussellvlllu, wah elect ed nr.-.iarnl or ine Schuolmnsts-rk lbaundtablc Thursday night. Other officers elected are: Glvn Hivkvy, viwprenidrnl, Mnry slnrnn, ,errn- tgiry: and Alma Dulionc, lreasurrr, 'Thu program lol Thursday night lncluflud musical numbers by Miss ww nnrl ul..-vin cnx nnrl vinci Liflnul dlncurrions by Alma DuBosu :mil Lucille Amlcriaon. 4 Th., nn-rnliliriliin of i.niir-iminlrly luv'-my li about thi- nanle li- that of 'Intl r-muatur. - TECH BAPTIST STUDENT i UNION REORCANIZED Thr' Tech USU was rt-clrlgflnizrfd 1 i,.n,i.-rllny 4-vr-ning in inn rnnriinn cf renin. l rllnll,-nln lnfnring ine possibi lilies and advantages of ii local or lgnniznlinn dwcllssuzl by Dr Maxfivlf l l f Conway lljarrol., Bnnzini rnlnimr 0 Robert Parker, lreshmlm flon Plummerville. was vlecled pru-llulurl of the reorganized club. Tech Holds Wide Edge Over Bears In Former Games he ml. winrllr suis been .1 renl ll by slnl. ixnclnr. collrgt Tho nnni. played their lil-ri gnina in uw and 'mil inn lnrii- larsl gifnn il tht' near. in ms ily ii score of : ll, 2. 'mic ranchers were nlsr, vie. Only mace in rillnnn games have L , .. . . , . l nrini, inn ycgr, anfenling 'mn 19 0 ll. ' 'l'li: .num fur nnsl 1'mi.'rracni-rr ,gnllu-5 follow WARliliN Nllllllill T0 IHGH omni IN AT'L ll, ll. Recently,Chosen Star I-'armgr 0f'Al-knnuu Elected Third Vine President of Nationgl Body TGJRS S0 UTHERN STATES Officer Expfcled to Visit F. F. A- Orggmzntiom in Elevgn Slnles in South For :hr second time in three years Teri. student was nnrnna to n sh cflice in the National Future F9111-an uf Amerlnn nrgn ization when Eugene Warren, recentgl chan. en Sur Parnier of Arkiinsmi was elected third vice pnzsldent of the young: famcl-s at thc close of the nmnnnl P.F.A. convention in Kansas City. Andy Fulton, now ii student at ilir Univrsiiy of Arknns.-lf, held :he same office in 1935. .ivni-ren wnn chosen for ine penis' n over n field of twelve qspirants. r n candidate nnpcnrna heroin n cdnlmltlee who examined the aspir- lql: and who recommended the of- rirnr to inf convention nl ine fins- a hi inf: si-:Sion .ln lillinr llir dunes of :lie office Warren it-ill be expected to vigil alia lil-in. orgnnizniions in each nr lin- soazlwrn sinus before the 1938 na- :lonzil mnvunliun next full. l-le will lin in iimlilnglun next spnng for n fnnfrienri- of :lin national officcrsl ninl ni Riclmiund, Virginia, to nlienill n nnnrrlion nl in min--nl Fr f., lrgdnir. will ininn.iliQ hai alloztud lvnilrn sic-i for irnwling cxpcnecs -iii.-ing nit ,iw lle inrlnnlai- inni Should rim me nfnir wnvnnlwnnl lxt ?iiln1rnnr"l:enceriPlinlwi', 'lfliiifdal was elected presiafnl nn.i Lnivell Bland, color-nan, mrnuiry Fouri lU2U-Toth lu, 'learners ll, lil!!-Tech ov, Tenciim 0 luzz-Torn so, Teachers 0 lwa--'rrcli 25, Trainers 0. luzs-Tren 2l, 'rfncnm 0. luzc-nah 27, 'ranchers s lim-Tren 12, 'ranchers o. luzzs-Tenn 1, Teacher? o ivan.-'rncli 2, 'rennlirrn :J litfil-Tech 47, 'ranchers 7 lslz-'mn 26, 'reminrs o. 151:14-Tech za, Tnnrnm 0. was-Tech 39, Teachers 0 lszlo-'hai ls, 'rwcbnrn 19. lsal-Tern 11, 'lk-miers 71, viri- inefiarnlg were chosen, one for' unch of four regions in the United l Llrln Convention The convzntiun in session lust vsrfck N115 the lt'nY.h and U19 largest of the national organization, accord- ing to Warren, who returned to the 'campus Sntuday. Delegates were present fi-ern 47 slate, and the ici-- ritary of Hawaii. An estimated crowd of 8,000 F,F A. melnbcs al.- tended the convention and the Amer- lcan Royal livestock show '--:nk "Y" Official Visits 'Wolilhei ziigp-fits' Wins For Pep ame Campus Thursday Toni w Curry Jr., regional direc- tor of the Y lvl, c. A., visiiea ine "Wonder Peppers" is thu name chosen for the new pep squad. M- cording to results of the student elcc tion held early this week. The name rm nnggrmd by Avery sninn. Students were asked Lo subml! inning, for the cheering group ini: weak and the entire student body voted on air nnninn nuzsemd- N'- Shinn will receive A one dollar prize for the name, according to RaselYT' Priest, president of the club. .-.-zu:-i YWCA PLANS SERIES OF YOUTH PROGRAMS "Youth and Creative Living" li Mau: is the subject being studltrl by the YWCA in the clubs weekly mein. ings. The meeting Tuesday evening heard "Culture for My Inner lffesl snlll' discussed by Estelle llnriin: Y Hlwrsnnalily and creniivr Thinking", by Lorena Owens, nnll "lily Plrflgr to Myself" hy Marion Linton. The lzlliln rlnaing was given by Gladys f,.,,,,, ,mi un- nrnyrr by lllrs. N, lf. rgnulnligr The YWCA now lm n rneinlicinlllll if :ls unll ilu- urganiznliun meets .nnli 'ruwlny evening in llin Liiiln rnnnlfr. l,4:o:-f- r TURRENTINE HEADS ROTARY nnnn li. lt. Turrcntinc was cinn- rl nrrnlarni of the lncnl ltninrinn ' n meetlnlt in the city hall Thurs- iiy. Mr. Tnm-niine has been n-inln-r of -lin nnmry for NM -urn a n nd lil- been vice-president Tech campus Thursday, ln nn effort to interest students in nttcndlng the Natinnal Assembly of Student Chua- tian Associations. The meeting will be held in Oxford, Ohio, December 27 Lo January 1, and will be attend- ed by some 2,000 sludenls from ooo collegealand universities. Tech ia entidnd ur four student delegates and two faculty representatives. Mr. Curry wu entertained at a late afternoon tea given by Mia. Couledgc and the Y M. C. A. and Y W C A cabinet members .-...-,.,.-,- PRE-LAW5 WILL STUDY HIGH COURT DECISIONS lllnnil-ers of :lie Pre-Law club will study important dccisio snin-nrnn wnrl ni n rlnli nailing, according to Dick lrlnnniinll, pinni- dvnl. The members will bc nsfiunnfl ns of the inn decisions to Sindy ni nie nexl moi-ting: and will rnnic inn reports ,mf in inn year, llnnnlrnli announ cull. 'mn United States cornrninrni dn:-1, laugh: by Henry Hlldf-Ill. or lhc Pre.l.nw Club' will nlrn .lilly Quinn nr inc iniimrznni ww nssiimcil. b The club will ininnirnin nnin ln- 're-nionrry :ind uin rrr-:lui Clu ln L in -iccoratinly the physical educntluli Tech Celebrates Ho ecominglir ildy FESTIVITIES CHEDULED T0 OPE EARLY Tllllllslllll will CHAPEL PROGRAM MANY Allllvllil EXPECTH Night Game and Sport Dance to be New Feat- Wes of Afmual Event! Former Students to Direct Mammoth Pep ,Rally I Final plans for one of the most s ectacul ' m Tech lm-f0l".V were completed yestgrdny zxrilzl ljlsemgzzgiliiliiig are achaduled to start Thursday morning with :l chapel pro. gram directed by former students. Tech Downs Sooner Eleven For Fifth Victory of Season Wander Boy: Defeat Heavier Oklahoma City Univenity 7 to 0 to Keep Record Clean Battling a much heavier squad, ine Wonder Boys once more upset rin- anne cnn Friday night. when they lima out me olunhonin City Univvrsity Guldbngs 7-0 on the Snonol' field. 'rlw Goldbugsfholding Baylor to an .inly rnodfrnin victory earlier in the gear, was the rimi lnnrn ni gn down .without :i score LL-fore the Tech onslaught this season, placing Ihc Wonder Team as one of the loss 'han 'Ml :quads in thc nation with :rimless rt-cords. - Tech scored its touchdown early in in-i lil-at qudrtur keepin-5 ine ni:- lluilon vrll in hand -luring the re- niaillder al' tllc half, and stop-pad the aerial attack of the determined Ruzr in the third and fourth ziuvrtr-r. Vinyl Zwlsvn. end. druiover from, the eighteen yard line on an end- around play after a poor Oklahoma kick had put the Tech eleven in scoring position. Clll-'k Beaver, whose long well- placuil punts gave the Bugs trullbl: all night, kicked 53 yards, the bail rolling auf nr bounds nn :lin Bug live-yarn linc. V The University Attaempicd two play: before Nobles dropped brick to kick. Rushed hard by Firmzin Bynum Tech guard who spent most of the nlglll in the O.C.U. backfield, Noble barely got. his kick off and the ball went out of bounds on the Bug IB, from where Zuber made his run. Herbert. Bridges kicked from placement successfully an-1 the zcoing was over for the night, al- thougn it looked continually as if th: Sooner squad would pound its way across in the second half. The Oklahoma squad went into n nprnnfl formation in inc fourth quarter that saw them nuke most of'!.heir gains. Oarmuclf. 0.C.U. substitute, engineered the drive mal bmughz the lang! inin Tech wrri- mry init, Bynum nlngnlilhnnr .ln- lunfivc play and the pass intclccll' lionf of Beaver halted every attempt lo score, The Bugs had driven to the Tech clghlfyard llne when the linnl gun ended the grime. Both teams fought. hard during thc entire game, drawing repcaud pen: allies, six setting the Wonder Boys back 80 yards, and four coat the Goldbugs so yards. Beaver punted four times, avenu- ing 47 yards, keeping inn Butt? down the field 27 yards. The Oklahoma team ran entirely from their single wing-back forma- tion during the lim half, lloldimi e last half. .lack the sprund until th Rcvqls, injured quarterback, onine Iinlo llie struggle in the second quar ver to do what little threatening inn 0. C. U. illd in the first half. Holding penalties shopped inf lvonillir Team on two nilenipzs when uffiixzls, n-hu Q.-lrried the ball inim- tted offnnsfrs. :linn nlilinr lenrn, slw , l,i-:inn linger, grimy little back who 'ini I-'los-: for one of me lnnnesl v-uns of ine nay, SUPP0 20 nller n sprint of 35 ynfilsi WHS nie in inn fourth d to the Bug 1951 from lil!! gh quarter for knceinli Hvyr BUND- S building for Homwmmg' University lnllbnclt. on n num ff' , during the laat two lerrna. He sun- ,,,,.,,- 3 islllnnl nf was Charles Evans as im line organization. lContinued to Parr 33 The Homecoming program uri, enr will boast two entirely new lea ures, ia night football game and A ?P0l1 dance. A record crowd is expecled Lo nl- end the all important Tech-Teacher: for the Monday are ex- Y I t game I-'riday night. Tickets time were placed on sale morning and Tech officials peciirg n complete sell-out. Bm, 'renrlinrs ling sclindnlod n special train from Conway for me night. P., Rally nnria., The Alumni Association wiu con- tinue nn- in-ngrnin Thursday niglir wiiil n nlnrnnwili pep rally and bon- fire nn the Tech field. Immediately following the bnnfire, 'mn menu will forni a pninrnn parm. .nd rnni-nli downtown. No other pamde will be fenlnrna on me ni-ng.-nn. ns inn band and one linnery of the inlinnnl gnnill n-ill attend the Yen i wnnly rnn- al Danville Finlay. Onan inning in :ill Tech lniilllingn will be 0b::l've-l from 6 In 7-30 bei'-re the game giving former stud- ent.: and visitors an opportunity to we the 'reall lnlnrnvnnicnli and inf api-l-L iht- canipus. - .. Siurzly before the grime the Home coming sponsor, lllniy Eliznzmn lang- and,'will be presented with flowers l from the Tech team captain. The sponsor and nllellinnts, Jimis Fuln mer, Janice Tharker, Pallic BQSI, Lurbne Payne, Polly Miller, and Ted Dunno Jones will occupy a special lnix throughout the game. Sport Danze . Tlin sport dance and social will be held in the nrrnnry immediately after the game. All alumni are urged to attend the dance and register in the armory. Entertainments are plln ned for all who do nol. wish to flnnfn. A program presented by lnrrn cr students and directed by Paul Schultz will also be featured at the dance. No admission will be charged for visitors. The various clubs on the campus rate the Tech building! or the day, Prizes of seven, three nd one hall, and two dollars will be with Lhe most ttrnctively decorated buildings. .---:u:-4- MASQUER5 GIVE PLAY AT NIGHT CHAPEL Tlin Mnsqum will give inn plny, "A Marriage", by Clieoii nt -in assembly program in the armory Tuesday night, November lu, The play will be giben under the diluction of Miss Music ilponwr will deco f a awarded the clubs 3 . of lin- Masquers Club. In an rfrnrl to get niure scudenu to .iiznnd inn assembly prnrrninn nic rtudunt. council ling rnqnfnira nie llnnqnm to give their program at night. The nlnilinnrn Club will mornin inn faculty npn.-lninnlr llnilaing in the homrr-ninlnz day comm sg-finsur nd ily 'inn Alumni Association. The ,ignrluion is offering li prize for the :lin me .lmrninll inilliling on Minn. llnlwnining lm, ...-:n:-f-- NEAL Lsfms ENcl.lsl-l cuss Lillinn Neal. lznfsnllrilln, lcd uw clni, in scoring an nh-: il wed: English Lust ylvfn lvl V-'NK ircsllnlnn ash- rl--ml n:r.,..l:ng to Lillian nlnfizn. fr -,lin rznnlrli in-nnfnir Sli-1 r lble 1ll.dc- rl scale nl CLI nl a P911 Mc- vrth has lil, Q rn., slnlirnis, Pnllin Bill, lcrnry, nna ltr-mnf lwnlnrli, 51 lliiill nnfli iniil inf wanna n with n rcnrn of cs. ll .nil lg-n- dl 67, mir I ln- l l ileascd. i nr. lrioiiiln niiu n mar of so student: .ra Annnininliirly 2 inn r-nnrninlilnn lan wr-ri. 'rnn nina YZ- ternalinnal Dictionary test 'Mi given ini: el.. 5, in win- f-A ll 193 annum , -il-,-f T " , E W. 1 1 FINDLAY FLATTER Y rlcola . Editor FRANCIS REYNOLDS, Plvotograplyer ROBERT SEWELL . Sports Editor BETTY TINDALL . . Classes CLARA YOUNG . Associate Editor fl ov A 3 SUR?-1 1.5-4 Im F Hum IIE I93 AGRICIILA NORMAN CASEY . Organizations J. G. COOPER . Assjt. Bus. Mgr, IMA PAY HIXON . . .Humor HARRY JETER . Assistant Sports and Humor Staff JOE CASKEY Business Managef H 193 iiiiiioii - ri' OFFICERS C. A. HUGHES . - - - gpomor C. VV. C. AULSBURY ' Pwfsor EARL MAXWELL - ' Prmldent JAMES ROBERTS V'f"'P'mdCnt ALWIN MILLER Sffretary OREL OTWELL Tffdffffef VERLIS ROSE . - RCPOTM G. W. BOYD . llidffh D08 EUGENE WARREN . . . . . . - AU'1'iff'T Woodrow Allison Orba Baldwin Kirtland Bell Joe Bertram E. J. Briggs John Briggs john Bowers. G. W. Boyd Hial Brewer Lafayette Brown J. G. Cooper Leon Covey Merlys Crawford Vinett Drewry Loy Fudge Grover Fuller f. f. . Frank Grace Charles Gullettc Claud Hall joe Hardin Keith Harris Dave Hearell Odell Holly Kenneth Jacks Hai'ry Jeter Allen Kent Raymond lVlcGr Joe McFerran Clyde lVlcGinnis Frank McMillai1 Deward McGhee Earl Maxwell ndy haptol Alwin Nlillri' john Newkirlc Crt-l Orwell Xvcsley Palrhell blames Ray Troy Reed james Roberta Eldon Rolwlv Verlis Row l'larmOn Rolwinso O. lf. Scvman lidward Scott R0lWCI'l Sl'XVl'll l"l0lLl1'H Sl1Ul'l11.llil'I' l.eon Smith Ralph Smith Rudolph Smith Travis Smith NO.IllSliI11l0lI K. Bl. Strcetci' lee Rae Stroud Sullivan l'rancis Tai-lor GI D. Tavlor Ii-li l haxlon Harlcv 'l hoinpsdh l'lllt'l10 .Il'I CU l5,maltiXY'l1itc C arincl XX OOIN1 QIIUIIKHI XYITI1 In IH, Xxrlcli llix'XXi1gl1l H 6 - . af' I I fa F. I 0 7 1 l ,llll l93 G The campus F. F. A. chapter, with a membership of 62 is' the largest and one of the most active organizations on the campus. The chapter was founded in 1930 and was the first collegiate chapter formed in America. It is an affiliated chapter Whose main objective is to offer F. F. A. training to, future Smith-Hughes teachers and other agricultural leaders. - l F. F. A. as- The chapter is fortunate in having a vice-president of the nationa ' l sociation and two American Farmers among its members. The members are a so proud of the fact that they nominated the winning candidate for campus queen. lil 0L. Wm 193 unlcoii - H ii' Dining Hall Q' y an if lik .JM mir 283 WF :xx -Sign Club it v---'H' ng 4168 Ji ,R R Colin Alford Ezma Apple E. Briggs James Bell Lorcne Cravens Thomas Dangers Jack Hudson Jack McFerran Mary Slaven E BRIGGS . VIRGIL TURNER . 'W E' ROLL John Briggs James Blackshire Dorothy Campbell Martha Dickson Jesse Dooley Wanza George Lawrence Martin Marcelle Payne Troy Reed "' Sybil Clerk Velta Corley Nlary Cravcns Frank Grace Edith Hart Wfilma Hearn Virgil Turner Mae Ward Paul Zuher OFFICERS A-in 'Cz' ,, .elf Charles Cowger lma Fay HiXOI1 Glen Hickey Maud Hudson Lois 'lones Lola Keener Edward SQOII Nlartha D. Smith Miles Wfehh . X y . PTC.flC'l,C71f MARY E, CRAAXfl-fNS , , bccrvtam IUICIHC . Vice-President Svmi, CLARK . . . . . Rfpmter 'iw llll 193 lllilUOL ffqwx The Dining Hall Club has been one of the most outstanding clubs on the carn- pus. It is composed of students who are or have been employed inthe Tech dining hall. In their positions they come in contact with four-fifths of the student body and, because of their willingness and patience with the students they serve, they have made lasting friendships. Because of their positions the club members know and are known by more students than any other persons on the campus. I I I 193 AGRICULA I l- ,L -gms:-I :ega- Q3 ,ggx ' Q' U' A 3.5. 'QV' ,-av-4 'KSC fag:- WI Q4 'Nqlv' 'WC' 9- 1 -35- S MQ FLA -J BRUCE SHOEMAKER BILL SHORT . BILL PATTON . MARVIN SOUTH Engineers OFFICERS 11.4-I I'rE,mfc11f 3y,c.'x-hz H N 'nz'nr.1I'x- I r ' "1l7'N7' L L ..,.1 1Xcu'Ic1Il1-Q Oulu-IU CLYDE R. NICHOLS . .... , A , Spuumr I-IONCRARY MEMBISRS MRS. CLYDE R. NICHOLS A. S. Tuumufn I I, XY, U11-NN f IIE 193 mul ILA ROLL HARRY ARENDT E WALDON WILSON RNEST BRUNSON ROBERT L. WINTERS D. F. CAMPBELL R OBERT YOUNG ' KEITH EVANS BERNARD ANDERSON FLOYD FOSTER JAMES BATCI-IELOR HERMAN GRE ER G. A. GIBSON MONTY GOVER JUNE NELSON PAUL PATTISON WAYNE SMILEY - JOHN RANDOLPH CHARLES TUCKER GEORGE STATON ROBERT COWNE RODERICK RUTI-IVEN MARVIN CRUMP CARL WESTPHAL B. CUMNOCK LAWRENCE MARTIN ORIN GIBSON I-IAYS POOL , RAGON KINNEY WOODROW WINBORN Since its organization in 1928, the Engineers Club has been one of the most socially active clubs on the Tech campus. In connection with the annual Engineers Day, March 17, the club gives a dance for the student body as a culmination of its year's activities. These dances are well known for their exceptional decorations as well as superior entertainment value. ,Discussion of engineering achievements in the modern world feature the bi- monthly meetings held at the home of the sponsor. These gatherings will probably linger in the memories of the club members long after many of their other activities are forgotten. A grade average of "C" is required of any candidate for membership to the club. T 193 AGPIICIILA I . ' I :- W9 .3 a. 3 'O ' -it 19" . , W- lv! 'ir y ,Il 411 A2354 05 'P' asquers Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester JOE CASKEY . .... . President G. COOPER . . . . Presfdenf J. G. COOPER . . Vice-President CLYDE WILKERSON .... Vice-PreS1l1'ff1f JANICE FALLS . . Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH RAGLANU . . Secretafy EMILY JURNEY . . Secretary JUANITA MASSIE .... . Treasurer' CHARLES R. ASHMORE JUANITA ADAMS -JOSEPH BERTRAM PALLIE BEST JOHN KELLY COOK JOE CASKEY ROLL J. G. COOPER T. L. COLE KEITH EVANS JEANICE FALLS IMA FAY I-IIxON HENRY HALBERT LISTON HAGER EMILY JURNEY ROSEMARY JORDAN ARCHIE KNIGHT' IRVIN LANGSTON LILLIAN NIASSII-T, Spwmw J f 4? IIE 193 Agn em ,M 'Wy' ana 11.213 as-s Q as J it WW "f., DOR OTI-IY CAMPBELL HELEN JANE ROGERS CLYDE WILKERSON JUANITA MASSIE MARIAN SIMS ROBERT RILEY ELYDE BINZICGINNIS JANICE THACKER ROBERT SEWELL OLL L Y ELI-ER BETTY TINDALL I-IQWARD PEARCE ORENE AYNE LOUIS TOLLIVER ALICE MORAN MARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND FRANCES WATSON During the 1937-38 school year, the Masquers presented three plays: "The Marriage Proposal", by Anton Chekov, was given as an assembly pro- gram with Clyde McGinnis, Jeanice Falls, and Charles Raymond Ashmore in the cast. . "L k Wh ' Here", by Charles George, was presented before a large oo O S with a cast consisting of Clyde Wilkerson, Mary Elizabeth Ragland, T. L. Cole, R emar Jordan, and Pallie Best, Juanita Adams, Janice Thacker, Keith Evans, os y audience Frances Watson. b R b t St Clair was the last presentation with a cast "The Green Light", y O er . , including Jeanice Falls, G. Cooper, Ima Fay Hixon, Clyde Wilkerson, Juanita Massie, Dale DeKoster, Betty Tindall, Howard Pearce, and Helen Jane Rogers. K For the last play T. L. Cole acted as stage mana,qerJ. ' es ICOLA , :l TH 1938 QRICIILA, istory Club ROLL JOI-IN COW'NE ALMA DUBOSE NADINE DULANEY GENEVA DUNN FRANCES FOWLES SIMPSON I-IOLLABAUGI-I MEDA JANE CRAIG JACK HUDSON JUANITA ANGEI-IR COLIN ALFORD PALLIE'BEST NORMAN CASEY EARL CAMP MARY JO CI-IEEK ' Membership is limited to Z5 with a grade of 4 "Bn in history. The club sponsors the school mu- seum, and kept it open at regular periods. Two delegates were sent to the Southwestern conference of international relations clubs at San Antonio, Texas. It ranks highest in scholarship and received first prize for che best assembly program of the year. OFFICERS CECIL KING . . . . . President JEANETTE LEONARD . . Vice-Prexident CLARA YOUNG . . . Secretary CHARLES OLDI-IAM . . . . Treasurer NORMAN CASEY . Parliamentarian JEANETTE LEONARD LILLIAN NEAL CI-IARLES OLDI-IAM ROBERT PARKER CHARLES ROBERTS BONNER TEETER CLARA 'YOUNG DULANEX' KING 2 pl Q1 V all C 3 4 xx l- ' - L WYLIE BEEBY WILBURN HAMILTON CECIL PARKERSON H ' 3 1--'V . ' " " .3 ' --- ... , -gm .EUHHII ::-f f - -7- Y .Eigh- V. . ri...-391' ii :inf Pre-Med THOMAS BURNHAM T. L. COLE CHARLES COWGER T. DANIELS FINDLAY FLATTER The club, composed of students planning to enter medicine, dentistry, or nursing met bi-mOnth- ly on Wednesday nights. They sponsored a visit to GERALD HENSOIN GUY' V. MCCLESKEY ALICE MORAN ELIZABETH ANN OWEN CRLIE PARKER the medical school at Little Rock in the fall. The club was addressed at the meetings by Russellville Physicians. OFFICERS HENRY I-IALBERT . President fFirst Sem., GRLIE PARKER . . President fSecond Sem., WYLIE BEEBY ..... Vice-President FINDLAY FLATTER . . . Tredsicrer DR. R. L. SMITH . . . . Sponsor ' Co-Sponsor E. S. TOMLINSON . ,ii MILDRED PATTISON KEITH ROBERTSON PAUL RORIE ELIZABETH Ross W. O. TIBBELS TOMLINSON HALBERT THE 193 Malcom , -4 nu--1 Y. .C. . G. R. TURRENTINE - Sponsor KIRTLAND BELL O. E. SEEMAN ROLL . . . President JOE HARDIN . . Vice-President DAVE I-IEARELL JAMES RAY . Secretary-T1easurcr SIMPSON HOI-LABAUGH WOODROW ALLISON COLUMBUS BELL G. W. BOYD EARL CAMP ' CHARLES GULLE ELMO HUNTER WAYNE JOHNSON ALLEN KENT DOUGLAS LEACH TTE EARL MAXXYfEI-l, I ,, ,w, N, F. COOLEDGE Co-Sponsor GUY V. IVICCLESKEY RAYMOND IVICCRADY CLYDE MCGINNIS OREL OTWELL FRANCIS REYNOLDS EDWARD SCOTT BERNARD TURNER DONALD XVHITE A f IIE I l - 4 L 1' ROLL ALICE IVIORAN . . BUFORD MORGAN JOI-IN MCRAE . . . NIONTGOMERY GOVER LESTER STOEHR . . MARIAN LINTON . ORPHA CAUDLE . . WARREN FUNSTON . AL GENE JORDAN . ERNEsTINE JACKSON CARL WESTPHAL . IRVIN LANGSTON . J. C. DYSON . . JORDAN ,,,, PAUL RAY COOPER . VERNSE PLUNKETT GUY MCCLESKEY . CECIL KING . . . MARVIN WILLIAMSON The band appeared at Tenor Sax Tenior Sax . Clarinet . Clarinet . Clarinet Snare Drum Snare Drum . Piccolo Bass Horn Snare Drum . Piccolo Bass Drum Alto Horn Bass Drum . Trumpet . Trumpet Alto Horn Trombone . Director home football and bas- ketball games and at some games away from home. They also made appearance a County fair. c the Yell Band MARY CROOM 'Our "All-State" Drum Major THE 193 IGIIICIII ,..-.., 1 " 5 0 I 7 4 A 1 , fa ,ago , , I J, I lk ry, ,,Vf 1 x.,.,L, . , ,r IL ,Gif V 7' Orchestra RGLL MARTHA DELL SMITH . . Piano JOI-IN MCRAE . . Third Sax LESTER STOEI-IR . . First Sax MONTGOMERY GOVER . Second Sax CECIL KING . . Trombone VERNSE PLUNKETT PAUL RAY COOPER AL GENE JORDAN JAMES FLAKE , FERN IVICFERRIN . ,W HM First Trumpet Second Trumpet , . Bass Horn , Drums . . . SoIoi5t f ,I qv 9- 15 a .-'xx W.- X ' 'K In ,xiii 'x I. 'N A . I X I fx' X . I xx O oil 45- A15- We 'T ZS WF Aff '33 gb 'N 36- AVA ANDERSON Boro . ORPHA CAUDLE . . MARY Jo Ci-:EEK . Patty Ruth Arnold Ruth Baker Madge Bowlin Mildred Bass Home Economics OFFICERS . . President JUANITA MASSIE . , Treasure, . Vice-President RUTH BAKER . . . . Reporter . . Secretary LORENA VARDAMAN . , Historian ROLL Velta Corley Mrs. N. F. Cooledge Lorene Cravens Mary Jo Cheek Myra Jane Stewart Jimmie Sexton Gladine Shinn ' Pearl Strickland Clara Usrey Selma Elizabeth I-Iarkey ' Mary Lee Johnson Bertie Kumpe Polly Miller Juanita Massie Ava Anderson Boyd Avis Duvall I-elf! ,lane Bryan Janis Fulmer Bessie Parker Maurine Waits Ofplfa Caudle Anna Fulton Rosalyn Priest Ina Webb Ovaline Coffman Lera Van Harmon Helen Jane Rogers Lorena Vardaman S, The Home Economics Club, composed entirely of stuclents in that department, was organized in 1927 and mce then has played an important part in campus affairs. For the past two years the campus queen has been a member of the club. ,-0" HE 193 AGRI-UUL Q39 F- 7 36 Qi' N7 QQ '35 V 9?- Qo- :nf if 38 I30y's GIQQ Club f IIE ISI3 AGRICIILA CLARK BEAVER KIRTLAND BELL WOODROW BRAKEFIELD JERRY BURNS FIRMAN BYNUM JOE CASKEY GOLAN COBB JOHN KELLEY COOK J. JG. COOPER NORMAN CASEY DICK WI-IITTINGTON JOHN COWNE ROBERT COWNE DAVID DAVIS HILDON DENTON MELVIN DUNN JAMES FLAKE CARROLL GATES SIDNEY GOTTLIEB SAM HELTON RICHARD HUNNICUTT PAUL SHULTZJ . HAROLD KENNEDY IRVIN LANGSTON' GREER LINGLE I RALPH TURNER CALVIN TURNBOW R. B. MALLETT CHARLES R GLDHAM HOWARD PEARCE' ROBERT RILEY TOM ROGERSN. HARMON RUSSELL O. E. SEEMAN AVERY SHINN WILLIAM SHORT VERNON SMITH RUDOLPH SMITH NEALON SPRINGER WARREN SPARKS CHARLES TAYLOR CHARLES TUCKER , Director THE 93 GIllUOLA ',Af',, , .-JeL,, ,. 3 1-p1...,..-,nY --WW -V -- ' w ww 5 if W ,343 .f, , M X W 2 Q A -n-Q' W 3 W iff fa' Jar ' 1 N.. N QW -My IM. L img' as ' gf .,,,,!'SQ M l3irI'5 GIQQ Club PAUL SHULTZ . . . Director U III 193 i'iRl'0LA JUANITA ADAMS GELENE ANDERSON ANNA BLACKWELL RUBY BIGGS GLEEVIA COX MARY CRAVENS ILA FERGUSON MARIE HUDSON WANZA GEORGE WILMA HEARN BEATRICE HELTON IMA FAY HIXON PAULINE MINOR FERN MCFERRIN RCLL ELIZABETH ANN OWEN LOREDA PRICE VERADINE PHILLIPS MARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND LORENA RAY ELIZABETH ROSS GLADINE SI-IINN MARY SLAVEN ADA STEPHENSON JOYCE SMITH JOSEPI-IINE TAYLOR JANICE THACKER MILDRED WARREN THE l93 A-QR-I-UULA , UF' ,fh ' 'l , ,- 'ar' 'Q' if who Aw -... 'zz' 6 ,.,.y f"'?3i 36 -Rf' Gr' an n Va-we QS- '33 L WOODROW ALLISON, Master ANNA BLACKWELL, Pomona G. W. BOYD GENEVA DUNN ROSANNE FRALEIGH, Ass't. Steward ANNA FULTON, Treasurer FRANK GRACE DAVE HEARRELL HUGHES, TOMLINSON, HULL, Sponsors Gran O ROLL MAUD HUDSON, Ceres HARRY JETER OTIS MCKEEHAN ALFRED MARTIN, Gate-Keeper EARL MAXWELL, Steward ALWIN MILLER, Secretary GREL OTWELL, Chaplain JAMES RAY, Overseer lAMEs ROBERTS, Assislant Slcwarfl EUGENYA SHELTON RALPH SMITH TR,-XN"IS SMITH NOAH STINNETT TED TH.-xxTON SAI LY V-IGITRRY, lffom EUGFN If XVAIQ Rl-'N. 1-4 'CHITCT N AQ' X i H Volllfn f Tech Ar C A hz u'Gl'1 Slate I Wondf ,un for Zubfi wfl, OD JCTOSS added Burner! IJ his game s W he C. S. I' almost replace: a foul Hager xo run :ouchdc vpecratc Trail :Els sc lead. ' mn p Qu: hal alour I. god lir lust asl FUNS' DE' XY. ' Bounce Whos., U1 . N-axffl' YOU arc For 5 .hi A l . MU TC Xb., -3-king L ' Sfilfil -K I: Jil? Rx 'Q . ARPT l I i 574111 it l l 'l i 1 1 W i z L 1 3 THE IRKA-T ACK Volume 0 Russellville, Arkansas, Tuesday, February 30 1938 Number l H Techsters Win But Are Defeeated By Conway State Normal A hard fought gridiron battle was won by Tech last week when Conway State Normal school defeated the Wonder Boys by knocking a home run for six points in the last inning. Zube on his end play gained nine and one-half inches after a hard run across the long diamond. He was tackled near the net by "Rabbit" Burnett who already had three fouls to his credit and who later in the game struck ount. ' When Beavers kicked over the C. S. N. S. goal post the game was almost cinched. After the Normals replaced their goal, "Rabbit" kicked a foul which was interescepted by Hager who gave the pill to Bridges to run 25 yards northward for a 'touchdown which gave the 12000 spectators a thrill of their life. Trailing 3-0 at the half, the Nor- mals scored a touchdown for a 7-3 lead. Tech tallied to make another seven points, but was ruined in the last half-second when they were held about three inches-from the Normal's goal line. And Elid we have fun? just ask Hickey. FUNSTEN WILL ' DETERMINE WHO WHO'S W. Will Funsten wished to an- nounce that he will determine "Who Who's" next week in his pulmugated Chatter Column. If you are listed, - YOU are a good friend of Funsten. For Sale: One powerful high class Ford to anyone in need of a good Parking place fthat is, if you can get if started in order to parkj. For more information as to conditions SUCII as privacy and eetc., see joe uBHby" Raskey and Dick Hunicut- ter. Spring Holidays Begin On Juvember 14 Spring holidays will begin after classes are skipped Thursday after- 110011, Juvember 14, and will continue next Tuesday morning at 7:33 and one-fourth o'clock fbefore daylightj. The chilli dump will remain open according to Mr. Slatterpasture. -l-1 Advice To Techsters In promulgating your esoteric cogi- tations, or articulating your super- ficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psycological observa- tions, beware of platitudinous ponder- osity. Let your conversational com- munications possess a clarified con- ciceness, a compacted comprehensible- ness, colescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garru- lity, jejune bablement, and asinine af- fections. Let your extemporaneous descan-tings and unpremditated expla- tiations have intelligibility and vera- cious vivacity, without rhodemomon- tade or thrasonical bombast. Sedu- lously avoid all polysyllabic profun- dity, pompous prolixity, psittaceous vacuity, ventriloquial verbosity and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double- entendres, prurient jecosity, and pesti- ferous profanity, obscurant or appar- ent. In other words, talk plainly, briefly, naturally, sensibly, truthfully, purely. Keep from slang, don't put on airs, say what you mean, mean what you say. And, above all, don't use big words!--By no one in par- ticular. ,,,...r ,....-- jane Steward still insists that she is going to read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", how- ever, at the present she is more interi QQ 77 ested in a new hope to be HOVC entitled "You Too Can Have a Date Every Night." CUACH R U C K E R FOILS BQOTLEGGERS Much excitement dominated in the boy's dormitory last Thursday when Dean Rucker found 12 bottles of whiskey in Joe Raskey's room. Coach ordered the essence to be poured in the commode. A THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED: Joe pulled the cork from the first bottle and poured the contents into the commode, with the exception of one glass, which uGoat" Eddards drank. ' Joe extracted the cork from the second bottle and did likewise, with the exception of one glass which he drank. Joe then withdrew the cork from the fourth bottle and emptied the good old booze into the commode, except one glass which he drank. Joe pulled the cork from the fourth bottle and poured the con- tents into the glass which he drank. He pulled one bottle from the cork of the next drink and drank one commode out of it. Then he poured the next down the glass. Joe pulled the com-mode out of the next glass, and poured the cork down the bot- tle. He pulled the next cork out of coaches' throat and poured the com- mode down the bottle, then drank the glass. Then Joe corked the sink with the glass, bottled the drink and drank the pour. When Joe had everything emptied he steadied the house with l d one hand, counted the hott es an corks, which added up to 29. To be sure, he counted them again as they marched by. This time he had one thousand, six hundred and sisty-six, by number. As the house came by, he counted them the third time and finally he had all the houses, bottles, corks, and glasses except one house, one boy, one, bottle, and one which he drank. It was all coach's fault. commode THE IRKA TACK Campus Chatter Sensible People Published Weakly by Students of ARKANSAS COW COLLEGE Russellville Ark ciyae Mccsinry' e...... e..-- E diwf Bruce Cobbler -- Business Manager ' -ll-1 Reporters: Betty Stolet, Willie Flun- kett, Polk Adot, Ditty Ketchum. Lost Announcements Liston Bagerr, all-state hold back on the Wonder Boys football team last fall, will attempt to meet classes at Conway State Normal School for the next seven or eight years of his college career. He arrived in Con- way for his first time February 1, met all the co-eds the same night and enrolled between times. Bager, sixty- five pounder, hails from Battysville, has meant to meet classes for three years at Tech. Dubbed the "Flying Dutchman" Bagerr was a fast: even at carrying the ball. .L Betty Mindall, a student, is spend- ing a week end at Tech for the first time in two years. Janis Hulmer states emphatically that the Shadow is childish and she has decided to show them how it is done by announcing her position as reviser and general critic. Hunnicutt: "Who was that lady I saw you with last night?" Cooper: "That was no lady. That was my room mate-he just walks that way". , Do you know that long shirts are like prohibition? They cover a lot of old familiar joints. Adams and Free are in the market for a new sponsor for next fall. Place your application early to avoid the fall rush. For references as to abil- ity consult Ragland. A brilliant sophomore stated re- cently that the poor little girls of Car- away Hall reminded him of apart- ment house pets They re taken out so seldom, and then its only for a walk around the ca-mpus Dorothy Pattison: "I don't like handsome men: they are usually dis- agreeable." Norman Casey: "Oh, I don't know. I always try to be pleasant." Once in awhile you see a young college man coming home from a date with a school girl complexion on his coat lapel. It is rumored that a worm is a caterpiller who played strip poker. If a fella tries to kiss a woman and gets away with it he's a man: if he tries and doesn't get away with it, he's a brute, if he doesn,t dry, but would get away with it if he did try, he's a coward, but if he doesn't try and would have got away with it, if he had tried, he7s wise. The following were admitted to the college Infirmary, Ima Faye Hix- son, Ima Faye Hixson, Ima Faye Hix- son and Ima Faye Hixson. Howard Lakely, prohabitionist of Tech, plans a tour of Arkansas, lec- turing on "The Evil Effects of Al- cohol". - Editor Clyde McGinty has de- nounced his intentions of attending the U. of A. for another year at Tech. Incidentally, Margie McDan- iel also plans another year at Tech. : Open House: Paul Carpentry, Rob Biley, DOC Dibbels, and Keith Evans have announced the arrival of their new machinery for preparing the new concoction called 'fPurple Passionv. Please patronize your own college pro- ducers. The bride Rosanne Raleigh limp, ed meekly up the aisle on the arm of her father who was wheeled in his armchair by three of his great grand. clvildren She was arrayed in white and carried a boquet of white rose. buds. Her hair, though grey, was bobbed and she smiled and nodded ro acquaintances. The groom, Otis McKee, was able to walk unaided with the assistance of two handsome mahogany crutches. His head was bald, his false teeth chattered a little nervously. They were a couple who had waited until they could really afford to get married. i "Onion Head" Dinton is looking forward to newer and better looking girls next fall. If such should ap- pear on Tech's campus, please notify Dinton in his office, the college mu- seum. Found: One broken heart, easily repaired. Some Yankee who had a bad case of S. A., may have same by offering reward.-J. Masse. Stop and Swap with Brakefield: American Literature. Hairless Joe: "Let's cut classes today and go to the show". Goat Edwards: "Can't do if, Half' less. I need the sleep." Dedicated to all of them: A kiss, a sigh A fond good-bye And he was gone! A smile, a wink, Some other guy- And so the world moves OH! Even his best friend wouldn't .l19lP him-so he flunked the examinations. Emily Jurney: "Say, if'S Past mid- night. Do you think you can stay here all nightiw , Charles Raymond: .MGSSIB IH have to phone mother first- j E mit ow md! 5033 Stoty- Pattiscl K!Ge Boyd. Rpaj Mt. Ia H1311 "It way l' Win and Bi NI Coope1 "Th I!'I'h "Rh man. "Th "Lit Wee l "Ar K'I'l- model Kilo Turne :roi MCC and H NNY? lllrdal ' NCQ 'Iizzy "Rs "Tl "Ri BCHYQ "H 1 4 4 1 Z t- ll ISI3 AGRIULA l l t t7' 'U - llteading Between The y Lines Dedicated 5 To Techsters l "Behave Yourselfv, Marthadelle lsmith. 5 "What Every Boy and Girl Should lKn0w',,, Pallie Best and Kieth Evans. "Neighbor to The Sky", Cecil "Three Comradesn, Evans, Miller, 1 and Robinson. t "Of Mice and Men", Jack Hud- 'gon and Hairless Joe. "Peter Called the Greatv, Veo Story. 1 "Dominant Daughter", Mildred l Pattison. 1 "George Washington", G. W. Boyd. "Parade of the Animal Kingdom", Mt. Ida boys. "Books for Boys and Girls", Nor- man Casey and Dorothy Pattison. "It Can't Happen Here", Cara- way Hall. Winning Basketball", DeKoster 1 and Brotherton. ' "I Was a Sharecropperv, G. Cooper. "The Rains Came", King Ganner. "The Flirt", Janice Thacker. "Rhythm for the Rain", O. E. See- 111311. "The Farm", Eugene Warren. "Little Man, What Nown, Pee Wee Rowden. "American Beauty", Mary Croom. "The Road Back", Owners of T model. Tubong Remember", B u r n a r d urner. Hof Time and the River", "Rat". 'Tburageous Companions", Hixson Hllfl Young. "We Are Not Alonev, Knight and lordan. N l'Conversation at Midnight", Mary Lizzy? Ator. uRabble Rouser", Charles Cope. uTl1e Big Money", Sally Terry. "Rich Man, Poor Man", Clark Beavers. l'l'lonor Bright", Gus Cook. lContinued on Page 1521 BLESSED EVENT TAKES PLACE IN BOY'S DORM . Thirty-nine guests attended the first: birthday party ever given in the boys' dormitory last Monday, March 28, in Room 218. . Host Jimmie Blount, the good samaritan of the dor-mitory, planned theiparty in honor of Myrtle who earlier in the evening preyed upon his Sympathy to win a home, and a warm place in his tender heart. The first guest to arrive was Dr. Jerry Henson, who was sent a special invitation and urged, by all means, to 'be on time. Next came Charles Tucker dressed in his exotic, green checked formal pajamas and aristo- cratic looking lounging slippers. With him was Richard Hunnicutt attired in stylish red and green shorts and wearing white shoes without strings. Pershing Turner, the third guest, wore pongee slacks and glossed N. G. shoes. Hippo Pearce, who had evi- dently gone nudist, came unattired. Dale DeKoster and Dale lSlugJ Miller were on time, but retired to their boudoir to redress for the oc- casion. Francis Reynolds, photograph- er, and Harry Jeter, reporter, repre- sented the press very modestly. Charles Taylor with grace and poise, ushered guests to their places. The party began at 9:46 o'clock when Myrtle, the honored hostess, gave birth to Charles Richard, a three ounce boy displaying a beautiful color scheme. Mid-wife Hunnicutt seemed to be proud of its name. Charles Tucker almost exhausted said, "Ain't he cute" then resumed his duty as nurse. The party con- tinued at 10:30 when Pershing Hip Pearce, a three ounce girl arrived. James Junior, four ounce boy, ar- rived at 10:34 o'clock. In less than an hour later ca-me Dale Jet Daley, the runt of the family, named for Dale Miller, Dale DeKoster and an alert reporter. 1 At 1:30 am. Dr. Henson became nd retired. Fortunately Dr, Chesty McClesky was present to impatient a 'SHADOW Hippo Pearce has finally given Ragland the go-by. Nice work Rag- land while it lasted. Perhaps changing the name to Jimmie Lee might altar the differculties. Tibbles plans a long visit to sky- line just before finals. Well, can't blame you if you can study better there-but the moon, stars, etc. usu- ally enterfer too much for concentra- tion. Cox and Mallet have had quiet a lot of trouble over these week-end visitors. Oh well, you never did care for professors did you, Cox? Nelson sorta put the skids to Breakfield here laterly. Wonder if it's the boy or the car, Young. Campusology a la King is Camp- bell's and Cope's favorite dish. Ar- guments seems to be the chief in- gredient in order to spice it well. Fuller stepped by the wayside when a sailor came for a week-end inter- view with Waits. Can't you take it Fuller? Or can't you dish it out? Wonder what would happen to Betty Tindall if the Big Ben alarm clock in Bob's car should fail to ring and she would be late? Bob would certainly try to help out by using his persuasive ways with the Dean of Women. Wouldn't you, Bob? Something' s wrong somewhere with Biddle. He has not been seen with Free for sometime now. Guess Colby decided to take her back. Tough luck, Biddle! Martin has had a hard time with Stewart's guests. It was like this: Martin told Payne that he had to work and after his date failed to show up, all he had to do was to whistle like a romeo under Payne's lContinued on Page 152, take his place and wait patiently wbile Carrol Gates paced the floor hope- f lly. uThe cat closed her eyes and .purrefl meekly then rested in peace with ber family of four kittens. Thus closed the party.-Arka-Tech. READING BETWEEN TI-IE' LINES DEDICATED TO TECI-ISTERS .-ii-1 1Continued from Page 1511 "The Last Puritan", Sybil Clark. "Something of Myself for My Friends", "Goat" Edwards. "Meet Yourself as You Really Are", Charles Taylor. "Little Women", Margie McDan- iel. "Little Men", James Biddle. "Success", Bob Riley. "We Who Are About To Die", N. R. A. Students. 1'She Stoops to Conquerv, Becky Free. "The Rape of the Lockv, Warren Funsten. Freshman Parker says the shortest way to fame and fortune in the boys dormitory is to get a cake from home. I. F. I-'Iickerson and I-I. -litters wish to call your attention to the fact that this edition of the Irka-Tech is the .best that they can do so please do not be too harsh with the criticism. Members of Sanitation Board Signed, - Pukey McVomit, .,....,Ei!s13L.MfEf1eefxL .,.. , W-:-:-9:-:-:-:-Iizizizlgtgzzzz:3131313321235W1 111111 DQ YOU HAVE 111111 11111 1111 111111 Personal Problems 111111 1:1:1: iq 111111 111 111 ADVICE ON LOVE, IBUSI- 1111 111 11, 1111 NESS, AND FAMILY 111111 111 11111 QUARRELS A 11111 1,111 111111 11111 SPECIALTY. 111111 1 1 11111 T 1111 1:1:1: SEE 111 1 1111 Jeter and DeKoster 111111 1111, 1- 111111 Arguments Settled at a , 1111 Low Cost 111 111111 wififfff 2223232522222 13131319 New Salary Low-down How much can 'the business man- agers ofthe Arka-Tick and the Agric- ola steal under the new salary set up made by the campus big shots? The Arka-Tick business manager is given a one per cent commission on advertising obtained through interna- tional advertising obtained through Chinese services. Figured on the basis of 52.00 national and 51.00 interna- tional handled by the paper this year, the business manager of the paper would receeive 32M'cents. The business manager of t h e Agricola will be allowed a 4 per cent commission on club pages and the first ,Z1,000,333,222.00 worth of ads obtained and two and one-fourth cents onthe remainder. Under this setup our present business manager would receive sixty-two and one-fourth cents. Attention is called to the fact that the figures given above are not exact but the big shots can assure you that the amount will not exceed these fig- ures. Eiglflgl ' 55332555 111111 111111 111111 1:1:1: 111111 111111 111111 S ll y l 0 C k . 111111 111 111 11111 Loan Agency 111111 111111 111111 :1:1:1 , 111:11 SECURITY REQUIRED 111111 111 111 11111 ON ALL LOANS 111111 11111 I 111111 111 111111 11 Interest Cut One-half if Paid 1 111111 1 111111 111 11 11.1.1 Back Wzthm Twenty-two 1 1 1 1 111111 111111 One-fourth Seconds 1:1111 111111 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 ROOM 247 11:11 111111 11111 1 11 1 1 1 111111 111111 1 1 1 111111 111111 1,1111 111111 ig 111111 4 1 41 11 . 111111 111111 Irvin g and Cassey 111111 111 111 1 1----- 11 SHADOW 1Continued from Page 1511 window and whisper loudly, "Come on down, I clidnot have to work after all". Scotty hasn't made much progress with his red-headed gal. She's a high. tempered soul with a wicked wallop, Thacker definitely took Hunnicutt after a debated affair with Blount and Brown. You would too if De- Koster'd win a bank night, wouldn'r you, Massie? Brinkley lets D. Pattison know that all the boys at Tech rushed herfand said nice things to her, too. Must be that Holden shouldn't have dated Dot. Is that it, Margaret? Well, Brinkley, Ganner said he didn't even know your name, let along the extra niceties. Harmon and Gottlieb seem to have a nice affair started. But wait, New York's a fur piece away, Harmon. Editor McGinty, upon returning from the press convention which no one realized the significance of, im- mediately launched a revival cam- paign. There were no converts so he baptized himself in the shower. Ge:-t-I-:-:-:-:Az-:AZ-:-:AZ-:-1-:-:A:-:-1-:-:ii 11:11 11111 111 "Expandochest" 111111 111111 11111 111111 A FINE Tozvzc 111. 111111 .. 11111 111111 :1:1:1 11.1.1 GUARANTEED NOT TO 11.1.1 11111 RIP, TEAR, RUN DOWN 111 111111 YoUR LEG 0R SMELL 1.1.1, 111 BAD. BE HEALTHY AND 111 111111 BUILD YOUR BODY-1111.1 1:11 DON'T BE A RUNT! 111 1:1111 .. 1:1 111111 111 111111 McClesky and 111 1:1:l: 111 Pee Wee Rowden 11:1 ll 111 1 1Q - - - E31 1 l l 4 l x l el I ll Tvs S9 ISV v ludlYql ECO to welk after me Shel la Viflifil wallop, Ok Pllmxmicurr With Blount lld TOE Dg. ightv Uullllllt gh- ison lcmw that lished ierdand ff, Must nlt h wi dated rgaret Well he di 't even dong s extra ln seeui o have Bur ,New my, i mon. .i... lp011 ming 'ntion v- ich no ficancl f, im' I reviv Cam' .. convel S050 e show - W hesli ll lla NIC Qu NOT 01 RSM L BC? Y' and oWd .ff-"'-""" DG N lLLh ,. qw ,. nl ah W THE 193 AGRICIIL EINTISING Tum 1938 AGRICIILAI I I 1 4 9 I 9 Q33 15094: fate: Qeoqoq-QQQQQQQ IIQIUSSIEILILVIIILILIE CEIHMVIIIEQIEIIQ OIF QEQOIVIIIVIIIEIIQILIE 84 A4 AN INSTITUTION' FOR THE UPBUILDING of RUSSELLVILLE AND POPE COUNTY 65 AT THE SERVICE OF THE PUBLIC AT ALL TIMES -H4 A4 Office Located on the Ground Floor of Masonic Temple Q'- TELEPHONE 444 000t0oeoQoQQQQQ,, OOQQ QOQQQQQ I O O 0 0 0 0 0 ot:::pq::: otzz 0 li 0 O ll H 5 5 2 z 5 ! 5 0 O O 0 E z 2. ..,,,. - 1 1 4 1 otQttttttthQttttttctbtttttrtttttttQQQQQQQQQQQ- .- O 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 O 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 6 O I I O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 99:39 at 330 tab 6 page Q9 39:33 9:3 Loco P0036 c:9g-A -nc: - --Y --094 -A- . C .rr-rr Ag: Y-V- UI- ",O-:TQOO ' "' x e 2 The Bank of R A ll all 5 1. usse V1 e 5 RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS i C . 2 A Bank of Service and Safety 2 ESTABLISHED 1897 E 0 F EPAL RESERVE ' SYSTEM . or-'FICEES . A. J. Mathews .,,,,..-.-,.,,,,,-,-,-,,-- --,-,-- 4 . ---- Chairman 2 Geo. SQ Neal .... , .,.. -,,, ,-,.-,,, P r esident 2 B. L. Jenkins ...... ........ X fice-President ' Q. M. Reed ....... . ........ ...............,..-..... C a shier E M. J. Hickey ...... ' .... E ..... ....... A ssistant Cashier . Genevieve Harmon .....,. ....-..,..... B ookkeeper i Hervie Hill .................. ....... - .--Bookkeeper 2 Clarence Allison ....,.. - ......... -Bookkeeper 2 3 as -is 2 A 3 . Courteous Treatment Extended to Everybody E f 0 E E 3 Q 0 Deposits Insured By 5 0 'THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Q 0 a ' Washington, D, C. 2 3 55 35 z 0 S5000-Maximum Insurance for Each, Depositor-S5000 E 2 ,,oo0ooQoo o 3 ,QQQOCO9 t FOR REAL ENJOYMENT EAT Purity Ice Cream AND A Purity Butter MADE IN RUSSELLVILLE - -35 . f 5 We Cater to Parties e 55 PWZTQV fee Cream C0 ' 9 'QOOQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQ 5 -, Q . x 4. .v-------0-..--------------o..J -E 2 ie i 2 GLS O0 2- E 2 i 1 2 ?" QOOOOOOOOOQOQQQQQ-...--,,,4 E -E :l:: ? z 0 0 li 0 I 0- pc: -1Qe-- L - --it-lttz-51 ---:oor.eqs::t:-A--- A- -'---I-,-:----- - --v-L-:l:-:::::::14:: 3 IDIEQDIPILIES IEXIEIHANQEIE ' tCtt499t 933 IBAXNIIQ RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS as -s Capital Sl00,000.00' A' JIIOA W. White. ...........,.., ,, ,-,-,-, , ---,------- President ' A ' Ls B. McClure ..... Q ............. Vice-President E. C. Bradley- .........,,, ,.,.,,,,--.,,-,,M,--,, Cashier , C. E. Lemley ........................., Assistant Cashier Z J. M. Lewellyn ..A.... I -- ...... ., .................,,.. Teller A 1 A. M. Withers ....... A ......... ---Bookkeeper A . Hazel 'Gillispie .......... ..... . -g ..... Bookkeeper I Member of Federal Reserve System I I t A Deposits Insured By ' THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPGRATIGN ' - Washington, D.C. A -'F' 55 S5000-Maximum Insurance for Each' Depositor-S5000 ' --:,c::::,q::::1p4::::::::pocv---- mule 1933 lGlllUOLAeT QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ggg:3 oQoQQ IFOIQIIIENIDSITWIP .. .. .. THERE'S NOTHING OF AN EARTHLY NATURE MORE VALUABLE THAN FRIENDSHIP O v 44 65 Ice refrigeration is the friend of the entire family. It is an unfailing, unvarying guard- ian of food, flavor, weight and appearance, as welll as bacteriologieal condition. Like all true friends ICE is willing and-ready to give its life for you. 84 ARKANSAS-OKLAHOMA ICE CO. MANUFACTURERS OF DISTILLED WATER ICE Q-00909000 3999119903034 0133: 99993:-:soooaceraeecooaaeaaqceezoaceocacoo oecigeeoizqcccezoaeaadzza aearec 13:9 : 2- f"" ----------------mm--------Q----'----'-"""' z O O O O I I 0 O 0 O 0 I I 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 6 I I 0 I 0 O 0 O Ul.J oococccooo-QQQQQ-QQ 450015-3.,:-.,cAwA-----A-Q - '-A A- -A-3:14 '''-"'T'-----:vc-:,4:-v':,c-'I-v- IQIUSSIEILILNVIIILILIE lPlLllJlVlllEuIlN1E CAMPBELL, Prop. SANITAPTY PLUMB1NG P AUTOMATIC WATER SYSTEM l l l Vapor, Steam, and Hot Water Systems 113 East Main PHONE 282 55' 35 Russellville, Ark. Q E. H P Z 2 m fa 6 3 '15 P 2 1 Q gc-990 ' ---:po4:::: --A-19 - -1- -is-94: 94::t- ::r4:---f- Qa THE 1938 AGRICULA 1. :t00 READY-TO-WEAR MU-LINERY RUSSELLVILLE'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Supporting and Boosting Arkansas Tech SHOES HOSE, 'Sak' 0020090 Compliments of A SMITH-GARDNER CLINIC and ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Russellville Arkansas 0-Qeeote-Q Q-QQQ-QQQ Q - :l::1Qc:1a1::i ll ll ll tl O O O 0 0 0 E O 0 l 9 9 0 5 3 333-91030-cn 39:33 33:39-11- z z z z E E E l Q-Q--Q--ee-Q esac: Qqcee esaxoooetcccb so Q 0 3 91:091et:Qbctqbttct3tactttttttttttttttttttttattttt1 ,--- I i 06:3 QQQGO 93333933 QQQCCC ctcttibtttttbttqttttt Q-Q bbtitbtttttttttt 91:00-tate poaeooooooooocoocc 31C 0000093910-QQQQQQQQQ - - 1- - - " "':'tA""'-'-- -----:vo-ooo ---------av---- cowim-eoonwm cfmmsv CLOTHING, SHOES, AND FURNISHINGS "For Men and Young Menj' The Newest in Style . . A E The Best in Quality . . . '35 X WE ARE EXPERTS AT TAILO-RING OF SUITS+GARMENTS GUARANTEED 85 55 NUMEROUS SELECTIONS T .. nf 55 - YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A WEALCOME HERE Make Our Store Your Hangout . Q eooooooaoooo Compliments of Ritz and New Theatres e'6ALWA,YS THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT" -96 A 95 Henry A. Brownlee, City Manager Russellville A Arkansas ' -- --:p4:::p4:::n:::1::::::roc tttttttttti 3139tQvtt:Q ncaa-Qcfbccaacoeoqvo-:que ccceecoezooaoc noooccec-as 9999 Qcoooocooe II li nl 4: S -,,4::::p::p4:::,oc--J:--V 39,5j Peo O O 2 3 gggg cc:Q :oco9ccco::o3c3oc 993 0 6 0 Q 909430099000 94:00 I Iii ,,3qp:33t:Qscot:9 Q-sooo-00099 Good Equipment Makes a'Good Farmer Better, Horse Drawn Machines Power Farm- Equipment MCCORMICK DEERING DEALERS j INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS BLOUNT-BALDWIN COMPANY CONWAY RUSSELLVILLE FORT SMITH Substantial Saving on Your Fire Insuranee To Business Men and Home Owners: Can You Afford to Pay 25 Per Cent More Than Your Competitors or Neighbors? Discreet inquiry may reveal that your business associates, fellow club members, even your competitors, men whose judg-ment you esteem, have long carried their insurance in mutual companies. We do not ask you to blindly follow the judgment of these men but we do sug- gest that you give this subject of mutual insurance your careful consideration. The aggregate business of Mutual Insurance Companies reaches a figure so gigantic W6 can scarcely comprehend it. Such a business must of necessity be founded upon the soundest of principles--must have earned public confidence. Those who seek additional information may do so freely, comfortable in the knowledge that their inquiry incurs no obligation. MATHEWS INVESTMENT COMPANY, Inc. RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS MASO'NIC TEMPLE BUILDING TELEPHONE No. 67 i oo oQoQoooooQQQeo ooo0 , Q, QQggeoceccscooco-coooooccooooscoeoooococe so :ooo9C9999990999999993W 9 occ ooo :ces Qecqp 5 5 5 2 E E 1 1 ooooo oooooooooooccooooo QQOQQQQQOOOCCCV fcooooooo::accesoooooosoooooooooooooeocoocototot0 9"9999"" 1 l 9990:-to 90341-otegotooqcoooc-cette tesco Q Q 0-0999: 1 'Cavs QQQQQQQQQQQQQQC - B oooeaaoog cuc: -5----- Russellville, Arkansas - ' PRINTZESS COATS r 99996-33 ot Compliments of A Compliments of A SHINN 8: SON GARDNER-PATE k FUNERAL, HoME FUNERAL HUME Arkansas Burial Society LAD? ASSISTANT Instant Five Million Six Hundred AMBULANCE SERVICE Thousand Dollars Burial A . 319 South Commerce Protection v v r PHONE 368 Russellville, Arkansas 1 Russellville AIKRHSHS ,,94po399 IP' Cf.G, v5 Q FWF' 5' -1eTE,l"'1 dwg 5 ro -me mn- :S 'QU er- UIS w o I H-. F14 '-'l Fl me EI W O: wig Q52 ma 25' :Div 3-Ea-' G I 535522 33,2-'-'PE r-'R' QPU Qgiiim 5.9, :Tl Q Q p-151 a 2'-2 5 5 .-.31 ,QU G as U7 U1 Q m ' VJ pstlbll ' -QQQQIDQDQQH . 4 5 E .l 9:00 THE 1938 Malcom Ll. : WARD'S , I EAT SHIPLEY'S A A HOLSUM y ICE CREAM o "For Pleasant Results Try I BUTTEREG AND HONEY E KRUSHED WHEAT BREAD il WARD'S" Il i vs -is 5 ll SHIPLEY BAKING f E 0 C. C. Ward, Manager COMPANY Fort Smith, Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas C0mDliments of Ask Your Grocer C H E E K for Whoesale Grocer Co. Blue Mountain and Betsy Ross D B Canned Vegetables and Fruits AC 95- 55 Betsy Ross Coffee Wholesalers of ii Betsy Ross Tea S it Peacock Flour A JACK SPRAT and E it Bird Brand Shortening DEL MONTE FOODS ' EPLUNKETT - JARRELL it it at co. Atkins Arkansas "All Over Arkansasv ftoaeqooeqbteeqg, 2 00099 Q. 0 "'9??tt 9 QQQQQQQQQQQQQCQQQQQCOOQ l if 9,9 9999090900 oooococoaoooeooooooooo9ooooeoooooqoeoooocoooocoo 0000000999 9 -Q Alum 1938 lnnlcoii ---..------------ , ---------..----------------- -4 I 3,56 9-are zpszzpcc l l 3 5 : same: ooooocoaeagqg ' '99990?o:o ooeqeooe 3 z E ,O ,,,,,,,,,,l... A. M. VAUGHT THE LEMINGS COMPANY Q DRUGS and EVERYTHING "THE STORE OF CORRECT FASHIONS AND BETTER GARMENTS', A Russellville, Arkansas 3 lt's Smart To Wear Comfortable Shoes Friendly Five Florsheim Fortune SHOES FOR MEN Jacqueline Enna .lettick Paris Fashion SHOES FOR WOMEN - WIDTI-Is AAAAA to EEE Let Us Fit Your Feet oooo4voc-,c-- - Since 1900 PHONE 24 "The Rexall Store" Russellville, Arkansas - --934:-:p3t4:--1moo LINK-WAY STORES . COMPANY Everything in HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Russellville, Arkansas Phone No. 8 A THOMPSON "The Store of Economy Shoe Store oo9 -QQQQ -- I 9,490-6 00 ttt-03693 COMPLIMENTS OF CASKEY 8: SONS HARDWARE COMPANY A HARDWARE UNDERTAKER Instant Ambulance Servlce DES ARC ARKANSAS -- Let 30 Years of Experience BE YOUR GUIDE IN BUYING - l Ctttttt oeooeooooooocooooooot 1 96915 00004:-9 9090 HOME FURNISHINGS SAFELY GIVE US AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE You MERRITT FURNITURE STORES RUSSELLVILLE ARKANSAS 0o00000000000000000000o00 a COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE H. MATHER A 5224 MT" Street, Little Rock Arkansas -Representative of- Vestal Chemical Laboratories, Inc. ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 000000000 :0o-00: 304: - - - :r00000qv00004n-0000 000 000 - SANDUSKY HEADING COMPANY, INC. MAUFACTURERS OF , TIGHT BARREL STAVES AND HEADING FULL DRESSED BEER STAVES 0--0l.-.i..0i. RUSSELLVILLE ARKANSAS if li-ZiUll'U3ZIUl 3321233 0000000000 O0 4 1 3121111 ifiliiililiiiiiii 000 Q00000000000000o00000000000000o is-Z Q-00 60 I A fe in .- Qceeaceaeacoaeozccaecc03333 lllll 1938 lllllloll l 13393 ,,,, 000000-0099 Y 231 0-QQ., 0.9. Q Q oaqoaooeooo-og OOOQQQQQ 9:00:99 ?9930tt TRIBUNE PRINTING COMPANY PUBLISHERS 0F WEEKLY TRIBUNE and COMMERCIAL PRINTING The Printers of the BIGGER and BETTER ARKA-TECH RUSSELLVILLE AR KANSAS 900 D R I N K I I 'l ll ' ' I W "13 ew X 1' I THE PAUSE THAT REFRESI-IES A HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS R. F. R O Y S "HARDWARE SINCE 1873" Russellville GLASS PAINT 3335:-it-39 KREBS BROTHERS SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Equipment For Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals and Institutions N E UIPMENT AND UTENSILS Cl-IINA . GLASS - SILVER - KITCI-IE Q J AN ITOR SUPPLIES - PAPER GOODS - PAINT - SPORTING GOODS h A . ' Little Bock, Ark. 413-15 VVest Capitol ve 545000-QQQ 99999099 po3o0o aQ9oooQooo9c:o9C 9oo9oceoo 309009999 TIIE 193 All IILA A. J. Bowden Cleaner PHONE 182 COMPLIMENTS OF Treadway Electric Co., Inc. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES "Arkansas" First Electrical fobberv 206-210 Scogt Street LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS ce9e Little Model Cafe For Food That Satisfies Best Coffee on Earth or Anywhere Else Buford Smith, Prop. RUSSELLVIL Fred C' Burnett 85 Son We Have a Complete Llne of A ASCHCY School Supplles for Dependable Insurance of All Kinds REAL ESTATE - LOANS Pearson Hotel Bldg. Phone 78 ooco:o:9:oQooo 9:90091 Russellville Steam Laundry WE MAKE SPECIAL RATES TO' THE A TECH STUDENTS Floyd Ragsdale, Prop. Russellville Arkansas QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 3306 :Q bcagq oeatag l'l'IlE 193 Gautam Qttatctt 33: tctcc 30 99339999-:cocoa Smith's .Cafe Headquarters for Tech Students When in Town W. W. SMITH, Manager Russellville Arkansas Tom L. Spaulding Athletic Goods Co., Inc. WE CARRY ALL NATIONALLY AD VERTISED LINES 409 Main Street LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Taylor, The Florist 9393939 octet co:- 993 2 l 53:29 pez L -sec SZSLZZS-ZtZL3Zl33i Underwood Typewriters J. R. Morris v -- Factory Representative USED MACHINES BOUGHT - SOLD - RENTED 121 SO. Commerce Phone 333. Croom Brothers "The Store of Values" Pete Vaughn, Mgr. 55 55 Russellville Arlgansas COMPLIMENTS OF Russellville Sheet Metal MRS. W. V. TAYLOR, Prop. z A FLORAL DESIGNS C0- . CUT FLOWERS J. F. BULLOCK, Prop. Russellville Arkansas Russellville Arkv-11525 ' o COMPLIMENTS OF i COMPLIMENTS OF , 1 Western Auto Associate Russell S Store t Store as va 65 55 , M Russe11V111e AI'k3HS3S Russellville Arkansas Smith Shoe Shop ALL AROUND SHOE REPAIRERS Same Location 36333399 6- BRING YOUR TROUBLES TO Berry The Tailor 22 Yea1'S Q'Over Little Model Cafe" Back of Bank of Russellville A Russellville ArkanS21S j213 31 93909 Q33-91 caco9:Q 9 Royal Typewrlters R C Allen Adding Machines The Office 1 Supply M H D Coffee PNP 4 :'i ':"' Russellville Arkansas Mays Brothers Dealers in General Electric Kelvinators Philco and Zenith Radios oy s Cafe and Sandwich Shop ADJOINING TECH CAMPUS We Serve Only the Best ln Eats Plus Courteous Serwce Russellville Arlcansas McAl1ster Shoe Store Russellville Arkansas 333960 ttltttttttttttttt 9 963600003 Russellville Arkansas N u-Bake Shop Cakes and Pastries "Pleasin g Tech Students Our Specialtyp' Russellville Arkansas Dale' s Barber Shop Service With a Smile I Welcome 'Tech Students Back of Bank of Russellville Russellville Arkansas ocQoeoqq . Oclorless Cleaners and Tailors PHONE NO. 9 Russellville Arkansas 0oo0oooooooooo...ooooq ' - I 9 303:91-991 QQLQQQ-Qtccct-:Qc-3 Campbell' s Drug Store WELCOME TECH STUDENTS p T. C. Campbell, Prop. Russellville Arkansas Daily Courier Democrat fMember of the Associated Pressj 50c PER MONTH More Tech News and More Home News Than Any Other Paper at Any Price I 113 Boulder Avenue Phone Ne. 7 4 Russellville Arkansas Lewis S. Talley CLEANER Phone 21 Russellville Arkansas 9013339533903 C33 Q 3339039 r-Qeosoootottccbkctottt ttttt 'Q 5 3 I 2 0309609 3ccoca 99Qc994 oooo:Qo9oc Otoocggooc QQQQQQ-90001: - Tech' s New Book Store and Confectionery TEXT BOOKS b SANDWICHES SCHOOL SUPPLIES COLD DRINKS . SUNDRIES CONFECTIONS You Will Always Find a Welcome Here and Student Budget-Minded Prices JIM TUCKER, Manager Specializing in Yearbooks, Diplomas, Invitations, School Forms, Class Record Books, Ruled Forms, Binding ussellville Printing Cog J 521233 ::.'z.:2a'g !-.I Russellville,Arkamsns. 9,499 3 :990C990' 999909339 -t9Qq:::::o:::::bo--:b-q:-- -E 2 ss: i as GAS oo za- 1.-tv 55 ...... C2 ii F.. in QQQQQQQQQQQ 0999: 1939 :Q-9-Q4 octet 1 tCt0:o:og a:::3oc 33c9:3o0:t30C3 Cttttozqccoete 1 H 1 QEIUUYS STUDIO Photographs Live Forever! 65 56 THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY US 55 3 SPECIAL RATES TO TECH STUDENTS FOR EXTRA PHOTOGRAPHS - 55 35 for TECH A . . . first, lest am! always! ektcetcooceet-9109 3 :coo 9:3 z s 5 E 5 E 2 2 E z I THE 1938 AGRlC0l,A l :ii-1 mn Y K hi 1 rn, 4 ,Q Q, if .X f I ,HW ' , Mf' ff wif" f ,, A ', - DEs1GNERs + PHOTO-ENGRAVERS ' 1 r :mul L 6. ii .il F O! 3 ff: .4 ., 5-L .nf 5. . 7 X .. 1 . f 32 54 K as if r. . v. . N N, .1 9 1.- woes' 4675- 'f' mg r wr I A . f ,I X 't' . ' gy A ,SU Q X ' , 1. C'- 0 vf X X ,,a ,. -A -A. sl .A " 1+ ,: vf xl X, : 'N' v' 4- rf gsx, -. M ,. i Q IX :al 16 fs fx ,R 1 i . A 3 L 1 Y i 'Z 1 'I ' H A 3 . , k ., r ' ' ..-. -.v ,-3

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