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Campus Life Page 1 8 Organizations Page 80 Greek Life Page 1 32 Athletics Page 1 86 Administration Page 282 Academics Page 312 INDIAN 1988 VOLUME 65 ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Campus Life At Creates Memories For most of us it probably seemed that summer had just begun when suddenly it was mid August and time for school. For some of us it was just another year; for others who would be entering college for the first time there was a feeling of both excitement and fear; still others would travel from dis- tant countries and various cultures to join us at Arkansas State University. Somehow, the old and the new, those from near and far, would unite to form the student body of ASU. This diversified group known as the student body collectively was none the less made up of individuals. These individuals met together for long lec- tures, competed together as members of intramural teams, partied together as clubs and social organizations, and finally discovered that an entire year had passed and that the student body as they had known it would soon cease to exist. Only memories would linger in the minds of those who had made them. Memories can be made at ASU through many organized activities and organizations such as athletics, Greeks, clubs, religious organizations, and student government. This means that students must balance their time be- tween the extracurricular a nd the academic. The well-rounded students real- ize the importance of getting involved and taking advantage of all ASU has to offer. It is through campus life and activities that students form new friendships and deepen old ones that possibly will last a lifetime. Campus life at ASU is the element that allows friendships, organizations, and interac- tions to flourish. Each student can determine his level of involvement in campus life at ASU. For some it will be a level of involvement that transcends academics, for others involvement will take a backseat to the pursuit of knowledge. Some few may almost balance the two equally. But regardless of the degree to which a student involves himself in campus activities, there is an involvement that binds the entire student body together at ASU - Indian Pride! Trey Bailey of Paragould shows his Indian Spirit by leading the crowd in a cheer. Students try and beat the heat with a Coke. Warm weather finds many students outside between classes. ?. Arkansas State University Making faces at the crowd seemed to come easy for these two students during Play Fair. Doug Acuff, Springdale; Kevin Baskins, Wynne; Rob Colbert, Osceola; and Chris Puryear, Jonesboro, watch the Tau Kappa Epsilon vs. Sigma Phi Epsi- lon intramural football game. 3 Convocation Increase Opportunities At the entrance to Olympic Drive, a plaque proudly dis- plays the names of Arkansas State university ' s Olympic medal winners. The placement of that special marker com- memorating the achievement of dreams is especially appro- priate, for at the end of Olympic Drive stands another monu- ment to the achievement of dreams - ASU ' s Convocation Center. The 18.3 million dollar arena is indeed a focal point of ASU and will serve the city as well as the Midsouth region as a gathering place for educational, cultural, athletic, and convention activities. The Convocation Center has already been put to use for graduation, Ice Capades, and George Strait. Other events included Hank Williams, Jr., and Night Ranger. The 10,523 seat arena is unique in design. Because of the floating roof structure there are no support columns to obstruct the view of anyone in the audience. There is not a bad seat in the arena. The Convocation Center is complete with a running track, volleyball and basketball courts. It also has meeting rooms, offices, and dressing facilities. Not only will the Convocation Center be an asset to the community, but it will greatly enhance opportunities of all ASU students because of the varied activities that it can pro- vide. Hank Williams, Jr., entertainer of the year, plays to a sell out crowd. KM 2 Hank Williams, Jr. sings to all his rowdy friends. 4 George Strait entertains the audience with his special brand of music. George Strait sings to a near capacity crowd. Center Events ASU ' s Convocation Center, a 1 0,523 seat arena, is the center for many activities such as meetings, concerts, basketball, shows, graduation, and special events. Graduation The commencement exercise held on May 8 at 7:30 p.m. was the first activity held in the Convocation Center. Governor Bill Clinton was the chief speaker to the 635 graduates. " As the world, as a whole, becomes more and more competitive having an edu- cation becomes more and more impor- tant, " said Clinton. " I know the future de- termination of our welfare in the world is going to be our education. " Of the 635 graduates, 7 graduated with a specialist degree, 94 with masters, 479 with bachelors, and 55 with associate degrees. Graduating with honors were Kay But- terfield of Kent, Ohio and Clarissa McClain of Warren. A minimum of 3.5 GPA and a top 10 ranking of students in their respective colleges is required. Graduating magna cum laude were 24 students. Students graduating cum laude totaled 25. A reception for the graduates and guests immediately following the ceremo- ny was sponsored by the ASU Alumni As- sociation. Governor Bill Clinton, President Eugene Smith and other administrators watch the graduation ceremony. 6 An over-view of the 635 graduates. These students eagerly await the awarding of their degrees. Dr. C. Calvin Smith and other faculty watch the processional. ' Governor Bill Clinton gives his speech on the importance of education for a brighter future. The A-State band provided the music for the ceremony under the direction of Mr. O ' Conner. These graduates listen attentively to Governor Clinton ' s remarks on education. Faculty members proudly watch the graduates receive their diplomas. Bob Schaffer explains the rules of " Simon Says. Springfest consisted of a va- riety of events including a prelimi- nary 5 kilometer fun-run on March 28. The run was open to anyone in an attempt to expand Springfest and include more peo- ple from Arkansas State Univer- sity and the community. Jerald Spencer of Harrisburg won the men ' s division and Phyllis Bird of Jonesboro won the women ' s cat- egory. I k f Jeniffer East and David Corbett test a new form of relay races. Stacey McBride of El Dorado re-lives her childhood. Eric Scott of Germantown and Donna Carman of Forrest City take a break from the Springfest activities. The Springfest events on April 1 were held from noon to 1 a.m. Some of these events in- cluded frisbee golf, an egg toss, the obstacle course set up by the ROTC, and ooze ball - which is volleyball played in a mud pit. Carnival-type booths were also set up by various community groups. The number of booths was down this year due to the $25 entry fee this year. The win- ning teams in the intramurals competition included Regulator Guys II, and independant group in Level I and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity in Level II. These were announced at a dance in the New Pavillion that night. Chairman of the Springfest committee, Joe Greggory of Piggot, said, " the goal of Springfest is to give everyone on campus a day to have fun in an effort to raise money for a student scholarship. " More than $1,000 was raised. Mr. Simon Says has been a tradition at Springfest for the past years. Bob Schaffer, who has appeared on the " Battle of the Network Stars, " was master of ceremonies. Radio station KASU broad- cast live segments throughout the day from outside the Reng Center. Rich Carvell, instructor in radio-television and station manager, said interviews were conducted about every 20 min- utes. Bob Schaffer, " Mr. Simon Says, " was master of ceremonies for the most successful event of the day. New Student Beginnings Each year, approximately three days before clas- ses, new students enter onto the ASU campus. These students are provided valuable ASU experience through New Student Orientation. The three day program has the following specific goals: - to assist new students in defining their purpose for at- tending Arkansas State University and developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, and peers. - to help students understand ASU ' s expectations of them, and what they can expect from ASU. - to provide information concerning services available to students. - to create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, pro- motes positive attitudes, and stimulates a new excite- ment for learning. All of these goals are achieved in part by the follow- ing activities: ASU ' s Largest Icebreaker, ASU Presi- dents Reception, guided tours, educational sessions, meet the Dean, tips from professors, Greek Life picnic, Organizational Fair, Orientation Festival, reception for minority groups, movies, and a concert. The Student Government Association plays a signif- icant role by providing over 40 student assistants and the overall responsibility of implementing the program. A total of 15 departments participate in the program. Without the outstanding cooperation of over 100 stu- dents, and staff a comprehensive program such as this would not be successful. New Student Orientation is a great way to begin college life at ASU. Organizational Fair allowed new students to find out what ASU has to offer. Jose Feliciano and Anna Talbot direct the ASU band. New Students register for the many prizes given away by Coca-Cola Co. Al Green leads the Playfair crowd in the fun and games. Freshman Orientation At AS fhe Student Government Association sponsored PLAYFAIR which allowed new New students get acquainted at PLAYFAIR. students to meet new friends. Head Basketball Coach Nelson Catalina gets new students fired-up about A- 5tate Athletics. International Students The enrollment of Inter- national Students at Arkansas State is continuing to rise. There is an increasing interest for education at the University as forty-four different coun- tries are represented. The main interest of study in- cludes: Computer and Infor- mation Sciences, Business and Management, Business and Office, and Engineering. Though they come for an edu- cation, many students learn the different aspects of Ameri- can culture as do the students of ASU learn of many foreign cultures. Khairil Othman (Malaysia), Saiful Abdul Manef (Malaysia), Fawed Adil (Pakistan), Clement Oigbokie (Nigeria), and Priyanga De Silva (Sri-Lanka) attended the International Food Festival that is held annually. i Josephine Omar (Malaysia), Caroline Bussutil (Malta), and Nu Ngygen (Vietnam) exhibit their displays are the Interna- tional Student Association. Anser Sanjrani (Pakistan) works in the Student Affairs office at ASU. At Arkansas State University Athletics At Arkans Athletics is an intricate part of Arkansas State. It has brought A-State national recognition by competing against nationally rank- ed teams, participation in NCAA playoffs, and athletics that have gone to play professional sports or to participate in the Olympics. Also, our new basketball facility has brought a variety of events and a number of new basketball recruits to this area. With A-State ' s football and basketball teams in a new confer- ence, the Indians will be playing bigger and better competition, and will need now more than ever that great " Indian Uprising. " The A-Team performs for the new students at the Orientation program held prior to the fall 1987 semester. hi? Head football Coach Larry Lacewell watches the toss before the game starts. Kurt Russell ( 96) makes a diving effort at an Ole Miss player. Coach " Cat " gets a new cut that he promised his players for their twenty wins. as State University Bill Templeton, assistant Athletic Director, addresses new students at New Student Orientation. mm tmmmmmmmmmmmammt mmm mm mmmmmmmmm m Bmi mmm mBm Quarterback Dwane Brown prepares for the snap during the ASU vs Ole Miss football game. 15 ASU Celebrates Constitution A) Guest speakers at the celebration were Terry Hukabee, Dr. Mi- cheal Dougan, Rodney Slater. Julia Lansford sang the National Anthem. B) The ROTC color guard presented the colors at the celebration. C) Janie Orick, Sharon Shipp and others found a seat by the Arch to watch. September 17, at the arch, was the setting of a bicentennial celebration of the United States Consti- tution. There were trumpet fanfares, a presentation of colors by the ROTC color guard, a 21 -gun salute, and a dramatic reading of the preamble to the consti- tution by Terry Huckabee. Rodney Slater, Highway Department Comis- sioner for this area and Director of Governmental Af- fairs for ASU, gave some patriotic remarks pertain- ing to the Constitution to a group of spectators. These spectators endorsed the principles of this fa- mous doctrine by adding their names during a cere- monial signing. The Wellness Fair, sponsored by Arkan- sas State University ' s Counseling Services and ASU Student Health Services, was held February 22-24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Ballroom of the Carl R. Reng Center. The main objective of the Wellness Fair was to provide accurate information and health screenings to ASU students, faculty, and em- ployees. Free health screenings for anemia, blood pressure, body fat composition, hear- ing, and visual checks were some of the ac- tivities at the Wellness Fair. Several exhibits such as drinking and driving, mental health, sexuality, world peace, health foods, cancer, nutrition, and stress management were also available. " Take charge of Your Health, " " Exercise: Nuts and Bolts, " and " Aids: What You Should Know, " were the topics of sem- inars available. A course in CPR was also of- fered. Co-Sponsors in the Wellness Fair were Ambi Athletic Schoes, American Cancer So- ciety, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Arkansas Department of Health, ASU Clinical Services, ASU College of Nursing Health Professions, ASU Food Services, ASU Physical Education Depart- ment, Baker Health Care Specialities, Baptist Student Union, Brooks Sports Center, Dr. Ronald Burnett, Church of Christ Student Center, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Crowley ' s Ridge Development Council, Inc., Diet Center, Inc., Dr. Pepper Bottling Comp a- ny, Paragould; Enhancements, Greenleaf Center, Dr. George Haynes, George W. Jack- son Mental Health Center, K-Mart, Dr. Paul Kaiser, Merle Norman, Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro, Missionary Baptist Student Fel- lowship, Northeast Arkansas Rolling In- dians, Inc., Physical Therapy, PA, St. Ber- nard ' s Regional Medical Center, The Trim Gym, Wal-Mart, and the Wesley Foundation. CAMPUS LIFE organizations who ' s who greek life athletics administration academics Springfest Books Put Aside For Afternoon Of Activities Tania Dement, of Gosnell, prepares to serve in the ooze ball competition. The obstacle course proved to be a challenging, as well as muddy event. With reports and interviews broadcast- ed live from outside the Reng Center, KASU filled the airway with excitement and offered listeners a glimpse of what was taking place on the Arkansas State University campus that first day of April, 1987. Over 1500 students participated in the annual event known as Springfest. Each year students eagerly await to trade an afternoon of classes and academic schedules for fun and the welcoming of spring. This year was no exception as scores of students turned out to try their hand at the greased pig con- test, frisbee golf, and the egg toss. Others seemed to just enjoy watching the events and walking around the carnival type booths on the Reng Center parking lot which were set up by various organizations and offered food, souvenirs, and games. Joe Gregory of Piggott chaired the Springfest Committee comprised of student leaders from various organizations. The Springfest Committee worked extremely hard to insure a successful afternoon. Since its debut in 1 981 , Springfest has been known as an annual scholarship fund raiser. Over $1 ,000 was raised for student scholarships at the 1987 Springfest. To help raise that money, the Springfest Committee put together a day of varied activities espe- cially designed as an effort to reach students who normally do not participate in campus events. A 5K fun run, held on March 28, was the preliminary event to an afternoon of diverse activities held on April 1 . Activities included tug-of-war and ooze ball, for example. An- other favorite activity was Simon Says which featured Bob Schaffer, who has appeared on " Battle of the Network Stars, " as master of ceremonies. A challenging obstacle course spon- sored by ROTC representatives attracted many students in the intramural competition. A " Play Hog Ball " booth invited students to throw tennis balls at U of A Razorback T- shirts. A dance at the new pavilion ended the day of events. With the conclusion of the dance, it was obvious the hard work the Springfest Committee put in organizing the day had paid off. Springfest was indeed a success. 20 ' Springfest Bob Schaffer involves the crowd during a game of Simon Says. Brent Rotten of Tahlequah, OK, Libby Graham of Mountain Home, and Mark Clark of Earle, This competitor realizes this event is more difficult than it looks, struggle to win the tug-of-war competition. Campus Life 21 Winners Announced Larry Cox, of St. Louis, won $100 in the greased pig contest sponsored by the Twin Towers Dorm Council. Cox snatched the pig in 0.36 seconds. At the dance, the day ' s intramural winners were announced. Winners in- cluded: Regulator Guys II, an indepen- dent group in Level I; Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity in Level II; Jerald Spenser of Harrisburg, fun run, men ' s division; and Phyllis Bird of Jonesboro, fun run, wom- en ' s category. This ooze ball competitor prepares to spike the ball. The problem is not trying to catch the greased pig, its trying to hold onto it. 22«Springfest Students get into the spirit by buying Springfest T-shirts. R. E. Lee (Bobby) Wilson V presented Lawrence T. (Tommy) Dillard of Manila the R. E. Lee Wilson Citizenship Award during the Student Honors Luncheon at Arkansas State University. President ' s Scholars Tommy Dillard, of Manila, was the recipient of the 54th annual R. E. Lee Wilson Award. The Wilson Award is trie highest hqnor an undergraduate can re- ceive and is based on citizenship, ser- vice, and academics. Dr. A. J. Langlois, professor of hor- ticulture, chaired the selection commit- tee which consisted of one faculty repre- sentative from each college. Dr. Lan- glois said he wanted to keep emphasis on activities and not necessarily on grades; however, grades are important. The Wilson Award is named for Robert E. Lee Wilson, one of the first major contributors to Arkansas State College. Mr. Wilson served on the Board of Trustees from 1917 until his death in 1933. His personal interest and impact on the university during the early years helped develop and establish a pattern for excellence. Established in 1979, President ' s Scholars are selected from each college of the university. The scholar in each col- lege is the graduating senior with the highest overall grade point average, with at least a 3.75. Dr. Eugene W. Smith, president of ASU, presented the Presi- dent ' s Scholar awards. The recipients and their respective colleges of the President ' s Scholar aw ard were Ross Cockburn of Tampa, Florida, Arts and Sciences; Jessica T. White of Marianna, Business; Carol Denise Woods of Little Rock, Communi- cations; Beverly Baldwin Aycock of DeValls Bluff, Education; Lee Petty of Burdette, Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Sciences; Tracey Ann Law of Paragould, Nursing and Health Profes- sions. 24 -Convocation of Scholars Distinguished Service Award recipients were Kimberly A. Anderson of Jonesboro, Lawrence T. Dillard of Manila, Joe Gregory of Piggott, Jeff K. Hankins of Pine Bluff, Mary Allison Shanklin of Piggott, and Laurie Washam of Bryant. Distinguished Service Awards Distinguished Service Award recipi- ents are selected by the Honors Awards Committee of the university from nom- inations by faculty, staff, and students. Honorees, among the university ' s out- standing citizens, are recognized for their scholarship, contributions to stu- dent life and involvement in university activities. Campus Life«25 The tension grew as the final minutes of the Pi Kappa Alpha sponsored 1987 Miss ASU pageant approached. One lucky girl would be named Miss ASU and go on to com- pete in the Miss Arkansas Pageant. The finalists were announced: fourth runner-up, Shona Joy of Paragould; third runner-up, Laura Stewart of Jonesboro; sec- ond runner-up, Stephanie Stutts of Manila; and first runner-up Lisa Martin of Harrisburg. Then the suspense ended as Angie Boyd of Manila was crowned Miss ASU. Angie is no stranger to the pageant scene. She was 1986 Miss Northeast Arkan- sas and participated in the Miss Arkansas Pageant last summer. She was fourth run- ner-up in the 1984 Miss ASU pageant and was Miss Arkansas Teen USA in 1 983. Angie then placed in the top ten at the Miss Teen USA pageant in Florida. The result of those pageants produced several awards. By winning Miss ASU, Angie added to her list a $300 scholarship and a sil- ver cup. Angie also won the talent competi- tion with a gymnastics routine to a song from the Broadway musical Cars. Contestants of the pageant and their sponsors were as follows: Joni Hampton of Hickory Ridge, sponsored by Greenleaf Flo- rist and Dr. Dean A. Tyrer; Kelly Lynn Rober- son of Helena, sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi; Laura Lee Stewart of Jonesboro, spon- sored by Zeta Tau Alpha; Mary Beth Cham- bers of Jonesboro, sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon; Angela Nanette Boyd of Manila, sponsored by Boyd Turf Farm; Jacquelyn Gail Hosinski of Jonesboro, sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta; Julie Ann Jones of Bly- theville, sponsored by Sigma Chi; Lisa Renee Martin of Harrisburg, sponsored by Phi Mu; Stephanie Suzanne Stutts of Manila, spon- sored by Chi Omega; Cindy Lu Childress of Jonesboro, sponsored by The Tanning Shed; Jennifer Lynn Wilson of Bono, spon- sored by Lambda Chi Alpha; Stephanie Margo Pierce of Jonesboro, sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon; Shona Lynn Joy of Para- gould, sponsored by the Baptist Student Union; and Carol Lee Lovelace of Jones- boro, sponsored by Twin Towers Dorm Council. 26«Miss ASU Joni Hampton amazes the audience with her piano playing ability. Laura Stewart astounds spectators with her voice. Shona Joy really adds feeling to her song. Campus Life»27 A senior in high school has the feel- ing of being on top, of having arrived. But it seems that just as the senior be- gins to enjoy his exalted position, some- thing happens. Almost overnight he is transformed from the big man on cam- pus to the lowly, inexperienced, much malig ned college freshman. That sud- den transition can make the beginning of the college experience difficult for some. Freshman Orientation at Arkan- sas State University is designed to ease that transition, for the next years are most important, and chances are the better start new students have, the eas- ier the coming years will be. The years of study to follow will change and mold students ' lives forever. Even though freshmen are on the bottom, it is here that the foundation is laid for the future. Of course, part of being a freshman is being stared at by upper classmen those first few weeks of school. The ba- sic insecurities of freshmen seem to stand out. However, freshmen possess a quality that is often gradually lost by upper classmen and only a few are able to retain it. This quality is the excitement freshmen feel about the future. Fresh- men are travelling the road to becoming whomever they are going to be and anx- ious to " be someone. " Of course, along the way upper classmen will continue to feel superior but young and inspired, the freshmen go on dreaming, hoping someday to be a lawyer, accountant, teacher, or whatev- er they desire. For they know they are only limited by how big or little they choose to dream. Maybe somewhere along the way upper classmen will re- capture a vision and be reminded of that first year of college and the excitement once felt about the future and thereby dare to dream and experience a new zest for learning. 28«Freshman Orientation Campus Life-29 An Introduction To College Life And ASU Freshman Orientation marks the dawning of a new adventure - college. Each year about three days before the fall semester begins, new students ar- rive on the Arkansas State University campus. This early arrival for Freshman Orientation helps in-coming freshmen adjust to college life through a series of planned activities. Freshman Orienta- tion also provides information about stu- dent services and suggests what is ex- pected from ASU students as well as what students can expect from the uni- versity. Freshman Orientation also seeks to promote good relations with faculty, staff, and peers. In August of 1987, approximately 1200 students arrived at ASU for Fresh- man Orientation from near and far, a bit nervous with a touch of anxiety, ready to pursue the challenge that was set be- fore them. The three-day event began on Sunday with the ASU President ' s Re- ception, tours of the campus, Playfair, and a movie. Meet the Dean and Tips from the Professor made up Monday morning followed by Greek Life Picnic, educational sessions, and a reception. Tuesday ' s line-up consisted of the Or- ganizational Fair, Getting in the Spirit, Sorority Rush Orientation, and a foreign student reception. The finale of the three-day event was the Concert Under the Big Top Tuesday night. To make an event like Freshman Orientation successful it takes many people and hard work. Alyce Heeb of Harrisburg played a significant role as chairperson and was coordinator of sev- eral events. The Student Government Association assisted her by supporting and implementing the program, along with fifteen departments, over 100 stu- dent helpers, and the Student Affairs Of- fice. Together they helped create an in- formational and positive beginning for freshmen entering ASU. 30 Freshman Orientation These two students take time out to relax and study before entering the Lab Science Building. Campus Life«31 An Indian Days Reception, held at the Holiday Inn and hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Indian Days Committee on Sep- tember 25, kicked off the second annual three day event known as Indian Days. The event took place September 25-27 and was sponsored by Arkansas State University and the Greater Jonesboro Chamber of Com- merce. The purpose of Indian Days is to encour- age families of students to become ac- quainted with ASU, campus life, and the community. This was accomplished by pro- viding various activities throughout the weekend. Saturday ' s line-up consisted of ASU President ' s Continental Breakfast, hosted by President Smith, ASU Faculty, and ASU Alumni Association, and sponsored by Hays Food Store; ASU Hospitality Room (Informa- tion Center), hosted by Goodwill Ambassa- dors; ASU Walking Tours, hosted by Student Government Association; ASU Open Hous- es, Jonesboro City Tours, hosted by Jones- boro Women of Today, and sponsored by United Federal Savings Loan; Jonesboro Merchants ' Indian Days Sales, Indian Days Pep Rally, sponsored by Simmons Bank; In- dian Parents Bar-B-Que, sponsored by Jonesboro Jaycees; and to top off the day, ASU vs. East Texas State University football game. Sunday concluded the three-day event with Parent ' s Day at Jonesboro Churches and Ice Capades at the Convocation Center. In order to make a weekend of this na- ture successful, it takes many people. Over 1 00 community sponsors were involved as well as faculty, students, and community leaders. Members of the Indian Days Com- mittee from ASU were Dr. Rick Stripling, co- chairman; Ruth Hawkins, Tom Trevathan, Dr. Gil Fowler, Tom Manning, Dr. J. Larry Wil- liams, Carroll Albritton, Dr. Dan Hoyt, Bill Templeton, and Mark Belk. 32« Indian Days Dr. Rick Stripling and Mrs. Eugene (Ann) Smith watch as Dr. Eugene Smith, president Indian Days encourages families to take advan- of ASU, cuts the Indian Days Celebration Cake made by Country Boy Bakery. tage of all the activities offered. Joyce Dean and her band provided music for everyone ' s enjoyment at the Indian Days Bar-B-Que held at the New Pavilion. Campus Life«33 Don Denny, Associate Dean of Students and a guest " bartender " at the non-alcoholic bar during Alcohol Awareness Week, serves Jim Haynes, Food Services Director. Janie Bosche, Jonesboro Helpline, and a representative of Crowley ' s Ridge Develop- ment Council provided information to students about alcohol. National Collegiate Alcohol Aware- ness Week was celebrated October 1 9- 21 at Arkansas State University. Spon- sored by the Counseling Services and the Office of Student Affairs, the event included an exhibit table in front of the Student Government Association of- fices in the Carl R. Reng Center. Cynthia Bryant, counselor, said the exhibit pro- vided information about the DWI ' s, mon- itoring drinking, drinking while pregnant, and drinking responsibly. Videos were also shown. Participating in the exhibit table, Bryant said, was Caroline Elkins, Fred Quails and Lowell Bowden of Crowley ' s Ridge Development Council; Janie Bosche of Jonesboro Helpline; Captain Bob Smith of the Jonesboro Police De- partment; and Captain Bobby George of the ASU Department of Public Safety. Stadium cups and buttons were given away at the table. A panel discussion was held Tues- day, October 20. Topics were " Alcohol and the Law, " " Physical Effects of Alco- hol " , and " Psychological and Social Ef- fects of Alcohol. " Panelists for the discussion includ- ed Robert Cox, assistant professor of nursing at ASU; Val Price, a Jonesboro attorney; Chuck Bullock, substance abuse treatment supervisor at Greenleaf Center, Inc.; Captain Bob Smith of the Jonesboro Police Department; and Chief Ken Copper, director of public safety at ASU. The observance concluded Wednesday, October 21 , with a non-al- coholic bar in the Reng Center in front of the SGA office. Drink mixes were pro- vided by ASU Food Services and Direc- tor Jim Haynes. Guest " bartenders " in- cluded Brad Baker, director of housing; Mark Belk, SGA president; Coach Nel- son Catalina, head basketball coach; Dean Don Denny, associate dean of stu- dents; Jane Hill, Panhellenic president; Randy Hoggard, Interfraternity Council president; Scott Lewis, executive assis- tant to the president; Dr. Mossie Rich- mond, vice president for student affairs; Eric Scott, SGA vice president; Dr. Helen Steger, assistant professor of counselor education; Jack Sugg, Instructor in physical education; Wendell Williams, counselor for student support services; and Ivy McGee, NPHC president. 34 ' Alcohol Awareness Only one hundred and ten years ago, a race that was considered slaves has produced what may be one of the most vivid examples of how our nation has responded to the drive of success by its members. This example is Judge Carl B. Stokes. For Black Americans, Stokes ' life has been a series of ' firsts ' . He became the subject of international awareness when he was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Cleveland in 1967. This marked the first time a black person had been elected in a predominately white com- munity. Stokes was also the first to be directly elected to all three branches of government — the legislative, the exec- utive, and the judicial. Adding to his list of firsts, Stokes became the first black Democrat in the history of Ohio to be elected to the Ohio General Assembly. Members of the As- sembly, at that time, were elected coun- ty-wide and Cuyahoga County ' s popula- tion was only 14% black. Stokes was then re-elected in 1 964 and 1 966. Today, Stokes remains the only Black person ever to be elected county-wide to Ohio ' s state legislature, and also a non-judicial position. Stokes holds several honorary de- grees, some of which include University of Cincinnati, Cleveland Marshall Law School, Lincoln University, Boston Uni- versity, and North Carolina A. T. Uni- versity. He is also registered in Who ' s Who in the World, Who ' s Who in American Politics, Who ' s Who in American Law, Celebrity Register, Men of Achievement, Martindale-Hubbell Law Dictionary, Who ' s Who in Black America, and nu- merous other publications and directo- ries listing Black Americans for specific achievements. Stokes ' organizations and affilia- tions include The Cleveland Council on World Affairs, National League of Cities, President Elect (1970), Advisory Board, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and Ohio Bar Asso- ciations, and the New York State Bar As- sociation. Stokes has written several publications including " The Urban Crisis, " " Survival of the Nation, " and " Promises of Power. " Carl B. Stokes«35 Thanksgiving Dinner Kicks Off The Holiday Season For about four years, administra- tors have been serving the annual Thanksgiving dinner for Arkansas State University students, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. They assume this re- sponsibility as well as busing tables, or whatever else that needs to be done. This is an opportunity for students to see administrators out of the office and to help encourage good relationships between both groups. Dr. Linda Parchman was the official cake server for the Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Rick Stripling, Assistant Dean of Students, helps serve Thanksgiving dinner to some hungry ASU students. Bill Fisher, Director of Purchasing, checked stu- dents in for dinner. Students enjoy the annual Thanksgiving dinner served by ASU faculty and administra- tors. 36«Thanksgiving Dinner Dr. Eugene Smith, president of ASU and accompanied by his wife Ann, made the opening Santa Ciaus passed out candy to the people at the remarks for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. ceremony. Arkansas State University Tribal Tones helped bring in the festive holiday season by singing Christmas carols at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. 37 Homecoming A-State At The Top Students, faculty, and alumni alike showed their pride and support of Ar- kansas State University and gathered to once again claim " A-State At The Top. " The homecoming celebration took place November 4-7. Many alumni came back to recapture the spirit, renew old friendships, and continue traditions. The festivities began with the elec- tion of the Homecoming Court and the 1987 Little Mr. and Miss ASU. Alpha Omicron Pi sorority also began selling mums - a 25-year tradition. Wednesday night, November 4, be- gan the activities with ASU Night at Piz- za Inn on Caraway Road. Many students turned out to officially kick off the cele- bration and enjoy discounts on pizza. Thursday night continued the Homecoming event with a pep rally and bonfire at Indian Stadium. At 6 o ' clock p.m. on Friday, the Homecoming Parade rolled down Cara- way Road beginning at the Craighead County Fairgrounds and ending at Indi- an Stadium. Following the parade was a chili supper and a dance at the Armory. Music at the dance was provided by " Rock ' R " and " Detail. " Homecoming Day started bright and early with a 4 o ' clock to 10 o ' clock pancake breakfast at Mack ' s Restau- rant. Following the breakfast was a 5K Run which began behind the Reng Cen- ter. Several tailgate parties were held before the game at Indian Stadium. The festivities were officially ended after the Homecoming Dance that night. ■ ■ V » mm if « • " " ' am ' ' ' i if- ■ 4 This football player watches the Homecoming game from the sideline. The bon fire is an annual Homecoming event. 38« Homecoming ASU Cheerleaders lead students in a cheer at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Campus Life«39 At 12:30 Saturday, the pre-game show began, which included a perform- ance by the Arkansas State University Marching Indian Band, presentation of the colors by the ROTC and the Home- coming Court. During halftime two distinguished alumni were presented: Dr. Russell D. Harrington and Dr. Robert Blanchard. Harrington, a 1 966 graduate of ASU and a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fra- ternity, is now president of the Arkansas Baptist Medical System. One of his greatest honors was achieving the level of Fellow in American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE). It is the highest professional honor for a person in his field. He is also a board member of the Baptist Medical Systems Foundation, past president of the Arkansas Administrators Forum, a board member of the Quapaw Area Council of Boy Scouts and is involved in numerous other organizations. Robert Blanchard, a 1951 graduate, was president of Sigma Pi fraternity for half a year and was a member of the Ar- kanstaters which was a leadership orga- nization whose members " tried to be good emissaries with the student body and community, " Blanchard said. Blanchard now lives in Tampa, Flor- ida, which he has called home for the past 25 years. He serves as chairman and chief executive officer of W. R. B. Enterprises which is a holding company for highway equipment dealerships and real estate. The projects of which Blanchard is most proud include his work with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the Florida State Fair authority and as a trustee for the University of Tampa. 40«Homecoming Majorettes lead the band in the Homecoming parade. Jimmy McClain prepares to release the balloons during Homecoming. BBaH H HHBH HBB i HBBB HHB i HHHHH J Dr. Russell D. Harrington is all smiles as he receives the dis- tinguished alumnus award. Dr. Robert Blanchard holds his plaque proudly as he is hon- ored as a distinguished alumnus. Campus Life-41 Homecoming Fayeth Williams Crowned 1987 Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen Fayeth Williams of Batesville reigned over the Homecoming game after she and her court, along with Lit- tle Mr. and Miss ASU, were announced and presented during pre-game festivities. The 1987 Homecoming Court members were Fayeth Williams, queen, Alyce Heeb of Har- risburg, Monica Troillett of Searcy, Becky Bishop of Jonesboro, and Vanessa Roberts of Johannesburg, South Africa, maids. Little Mr. ASU was Matthew Sean Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee. Little Miss ASU was Jennifer Renee Hubbard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hubbard. Mark Belk crowns Arkansas State University ' s 1987 Homecoming Queen Fayeth Williams. Becky Bishop and Monica Troillett watch the game. Mark Belk, Student Government Association president, with Little Mr. ASU Matt Lee and Little Miss ASU Jennifer Hubbard. 42«Homecoming Myce Heeb escorted by Jimmy Heeb and representing University Hall Dorm Coun- Monica Troillett escorted by Ralph Troillett and representing Chi Omega. Becky Bishop escorted by Ronald Bishop and representing Tau Kappa Epsilon. Vanessa Roberts escorted by Dion Cantu and representing Phi Mu. Campus Life«43 Campus Life-47 Campus Life Indescribable Campus Life means many different things to the students who find them- selves involved in it. There are so many facets of campus life that one student ' s perception of it and activity in it may be totally different from another ' s. These candid shots portray only some aspects of that indescribable " campus life. " Cyndi Hess works on an assignment. Jay Becknell performs some skateboard tricks. I i I ! These students study while working at the P.E. Complex. Campus Life«49 Presidential Debate Held In Dallas Election year brings with it new as well as old faces, speeches, campaigns, and debates. One such debate was held in Dallas, Texas, February 18-20, in preparation for the March 8 primaries, which is known as Super Tuesday. Eight students from Arkansas State University had an opportunity known to few. They attended the presidential de- bate. Representing ASU were Eric Scott, Mitzi Langlois, Kathy Des- granges, Mark Belk, Alyce Heeb, Charles Lee, Randy Hoggard and Steve Watkins. Their departure at 3:00 a.m. one Thursday landed them in Dallas. The de- bate, which began that night, was held on the campus of Southern Methodist University and began with the Demo- cratic Presidential candidates. The stu- dents were in a separate room from the candidates and viewed the debate from a monitor. After the debate, Gary Hart, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Gov. Michael Du- kakis, and Sen. Al Gore came and an- swered questions from the 200 students participating. A random selected poll of Demo- cratic voters, sponsored by The Dallas Morning News, declared Jackson the winner of the debate, followed by Gore and Hart. Friday, the Republicans squared off. After the debate, Vice-President George Bush, accompanied by Mrs. Bush, John Tower, and Roger Stau- bach, addressed the students. Again The Dallas Morning News took a poll and found Bush to be the win- ner, followed by Kemp. Governor Michael Dukakis Mrs. George Bush, Senator John Tower, Roger Staubach Reverend Jessie Jackson 50«Presidential Debate Campus Life 51 The First B.S.A. Musical Production October began several months of work, when Black Students Association began the thought of producing the first black musical production at Arkansas State University. On February 10-1 1th, that dream became a reality with The Wiz, which was a part of commemorat- ing Black History Month. Each produc- tion played to sell out crowds in the Reng Center Ballroom. The play was directed by two ASU students, Kimber-ley Harris and Regina West. Also, to be noted, The Wizwas re- hearsed and performed without any ad- ministrative, technical or financial assis- tance. A major factor contributing to the success of The Wiz was Mrs. Robbie Lyle, director of PASS Upward Bound Program. Mrs. Lyle served as motivator, sole supporter, and as an access to open closed doors and channels. Mrs. Lyle also assisted in bringing in four stu- dents from the drama department to help just before the opening of The Wiz. These students were Phillip Baumgar- ner, contacts and programs; Kim Thor- ton, make-up; Emily Bratton, technical director; and Sheila Darby, lighting and sound. Cast members, from left to right, are Rick Thompson, Scarecrow; Calvin No- ble, Tin man; and Helena Cannon, Dorothy. Pictured here are Rick Thompson, Scarecrow; and Kimberly Harris, Crow. 52 The Wiz Brighton Beach Memoirs First Production Of The Season The first production of the 1987-88 Arkansas State University theater sea- son was Brighton Beach Memoirs. Brighton Beach Memoirs is an autobio- graphical account of Neil Simon ' s child- hood days in Brooklyn, New York. The play is set in 1937, during the Depres- sion, in crowded, lower-class circum- stances. The play revolves around a week in a struggling Jewish household and em- ploys family miseries as the cause for such issues as sibling resentments, par- ent-child, relationships, and hunger in a poverty situation. Brighton Beach Memoirs was first presented in 1982 and starred Matthew Broderick. Brighton Beach Memoirs was Neil Simon ' s 20th play to appear on Broadway and the first in a trilogy that includes Bioloxi Blues and Broadway Bound, each autobiographical. The cast at ASU consisted of John R. Rainwater (Eugene), Denise Webb (Blanche), Mary Sparks (Kate), Mecy McGehee (Laurie), Shona Joy (Nora), Donnie Keshawarz (Stanley), and Jim Lively (Jack). The play was under the di- rection of Terry Huckabee, assistant professor of theater and director of dra- ma at ASU. John R. Rainwater, as Eugene, portrayed the main character in the first theater produc- tion of the season, Brighton Beach Memoirs. Jim Lively, as Jack, portrayed the father. 54» Brighton Beach Memoirs Mecy McGehee, as Laurie, was constantly babied throughout the play. Donnie Keshawarz, as Stanley, and John R. Rainwater, as Eugene, are involved in another sibling disagreement as Jim Lively, as the father, sits passively reading the newspaper. Jack (Jim Lively) was a salesman by trade in Birghton Beach Memoirs, Shona Joy, as Nora, talks about being in an off Broadway show an autobiographical account of Neil Simon ' s childhood. throughout the show. Campus Life 55 Hippolytus ASU Theater Presents A Greek Tragedy Hippolytus, by Euripedes, was pre- sented by the Arkansas State University Theater under the direction of Teresa Mitchell. According to Mitchell, Euri- pides uses the Greek goddesses Aphro- dite, the goddess of love, and Artemis, the goddess of continence, to symbolize the human struggle with emotions and honor. The story is personified by Phae- dra who has an overpowering passion for her stepson, Hippolytus, and The- seus the husband father who is blinded by revenge. All three are destroyed by their sense of honor. The cast of characters included Re- gina West, Aphrodite; Donnie Kesher- warz. Hippolytus; Angel Roberts, Phae- dra; M. Louise Sparks, Nurse; Jim Live- ly, Theseus; Cassandra M. King, Arte- mis; Wade Hughes, Messenger; W. Grant Froman, Kevin Hightower, George Forbes, Bob Bidewell, Kristen Harp, Kris Davis. Chorus; Phillip Baumgarner, Jae Bell. Lee Cagle. Servants; Sherri Dees and Joe Bonner, Musicians. The Greek Chorus, Kris Davis, Bob Bidewell, and George Forbes, mourns Hippolytus ' banishment. Donnie Kesherwarz portrays Hippolytus. The Chorus, George Forbes, Bob Bidewell, Grant Froman, Kris Davis, Kevin Hightower, and Kristen Harp, is in disbelief about Phaedra ' s sin. 56» Hippolytus Campus Life 57 Legislative Weekend Decision Makers Visit The Campus Over the past 7 or 8 years. Legislative Week- end has become an important event. Each year Ar- kansas Legislators are invited to the campus for a weekend The purpose of Legislative Weekend, according to Dr. Eugene Smith, president of Ar- kansas State University, is to invite the decision makers about our budget to see our campus. Most of them don t. in the course of their everyday lives, drive to Jonesboro They ve expressed to us that they welcome the opportunity to see the campus They have to deal with legislation every legislative session that deals with this campus Don Tilton, Vice President for University Rela- tions, serves as coordinator for Legislative Week- end. According to Til ton. planning involves a broad based group of people, including students, members of administration, from the community at large to the food services and physical plant. " A variety of activities are planned for the leg- islators and their wives Events are kept on a low- key type atmosphere which range from social to informative, dinners, gatherings, and relaxation. Gov. Bill Clinton is pictured with Jerry Bookout, local state senator 58 Legislative Weekend Gov. Bill Clinton participates in the dedication of the Convocation Center. mat Dr. Eugene Smith, ASU president addresses the capacity crowd. Campus Life«59 International students make up a significant part of the student population at Arkansas State University. During the 1987-88 school year, 348 international students were enrolled ASU, a figure up 5% from the 1 986-87 school year. Of the number enrolled, 52% are Malaysians and 15% are Saudis. However, even with such a signifi- cant international population, many ASU students do not get to know personally these foreign students. Perhaps we should be reminded that these foreign students are potential world leaders, and it is to our advantage to get to know them. According to Lawson Lau, author of " The World At Your Doorstep, " one- third to one-half of the world ' s top posi- tions in politics, business, education and the military will be filled in the next 25 years by foreign students attending col- leges and universities in the United States. Many prime ministers and presi- dents from various countries have stud- ied in the U. S. For example, Jose Napo- lean Daurte, El Salvador, studied at Norte Dame and Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Malawi, attended the University of Chicago and Meharry Medical Col- lege in Tennessee. Mark D. Rentz in Newsweek said, " The strategic possibilities of forging friendships are so beneficial that Rich- ard Berendzen, president of American University in Washington, D. C, has ad- vocated increased governmental sup- port for international education. The ' future leaders of the developing world, ' he has said, not only get a diploma in the United States but also gain ' some under- standing of our culture ranging from our form of government to our sports, from our TV to our food, from our business life to our spiritual life. ' The political be- nefits are obvious. The next wave of world leaders is here. Influence the world; go out and make a foreign friend. " These international students enjoy themselves at Springfest. Pictured here from left to right are Ms. Wilma Hahn, Abu Bakar Dahanan, Wan Merican, Abdul Jalil, President Smith, and Dr. Rich- mond . President Smith presented a " key ' ' to Jonesboro and " Voices Of State " book to Jali and Merican , from the Malaysian Student Department in Washington, D.C., who visited ASU to observe Malysian student life. Vanessa Roberts, from South Africa, watches for the ball. Two of the tennis team members are Vicki Gieson and Jo Clark. Highlights Of Your Year The 1988 Indian Staff would like to dedicate this page to you. Some of you will feel that you were not adequately covered in the yearbook. You are prob- ably right. This annual serves as a memory book. However, with over 8,000 stu- dents on campus it is virtually impossi- ble to capture everyone ' s memories and activities. All we as a staff can do is hope to hit a few highlights of the year. The rest is now up to you. 62- Do-It- Yourself Campus Life«63 Graduation A New Beginning On December 18, 1987, years of study culminated for 372 students as they received their diplomas from Ar- kansas State University. For many, this marked the end of studying, research, and exams; for others, this graduation exercise served as a stepping stone to higher education and achievement. Dr. John Churchill, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Hendrix College in Conway, addressed the assembled graduates at ASU ' s Convocation Cen- ter. Then, much to the delight of families and friends, each graduate ' s name was called as he crossed the stage to receive from President Smith the symbol of his completion of requirements as pre- scribed by ASU. In addition to these usual activities of graduation with the necessary pomp and circumstance, this occasion pro- vides a time of reflective thought for the graduates even as they stand at the brink of a new beginning. Having arrived at ASU much less informed than they are now, they have been introduced to new concepts and differing opinions. As a re- sult, they have broadened their horizons and reevaluated their own beliefs and values. Hopefully, this process of re- evaluation has challenged the students to discard some old ideas, gain insight into new innovative concepts, and even- tually reaffirm those values that should remain constant. Because of this, the ASU experience will remain a part of the graduates ' lives forever. Dr. John Churchill speaks during graduation exercises. Dr. Calvin Smith, Assistant Dean, represented the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Robert Hoskins, Dean of College of Communications, converses with colleagues before graduation. 64 ' Graduation Students anxiously await the receiving of their diplomas. • Statler Brothers 21 Years Of Success Sylvia performs before a sold-out crowd. Sylvia gets the crowd to clap as she performs during the Statler Brothers concert, which was spon- sored by the Union Board. On March 21, 1987, the Statler Brothers brought 21 years of success into the Arkansas State University field- house. Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune and Don Reid have received nu- merous honors from the record indus- try, massive sales from the record-buy- ing public, respect from critics, and an unending loyalty from their long-stand- ing fans. The Statlers have plenty of memo- ries about their debut in 1965. A young quartet, they were competing for Ameri- ca ' s attention during the musical explo- sion of British rock and American soul. They released a single called " Flowers On The Wall, " and the country quickly embraced this new group. The song went to 1 country, sold a million cop- ies, and brought the Statlers the first two of their three Grammy Awards. Since then, the Statler Brothers have had at least two or three hits a year. They have been named Vocal Group Of The Year by Music City News for fifteen years, and have received the same honor from the Country Music Associa- tion nine times. Founding " brothers " Harold Reid, Don Reid and Phil Balsley brought Jim- my Fortune into the group in 1982. The Statlers already respected Fortune ' s vo- cal ability and soon learned he was an excellent song writer. His Statlers ' hits " Elizabeth " and " My Only Love " both reached Number One on the country charts, and were voted Best Song of the Year by Music City News subscribers in 1985 and 1986. " My Only Love " also earned a National Songwriters Award. In addition to their consistent popu- larity, the most sustaining factor throughout the Statlers ' long career has been their active participation in commu- nity and music industry causes. In 1970, they were the first musical group to or- ganize and star in a fund-raising jambo- ree, which is now an annual concert at- tended by overflow crowds. Even with television and recording offers to go " national, " the yearly Fourth of July event has remained a home town show strictly for their fans. They also chaired the Entertainment Industry Council for the Prevention of Drug Abuse in 1985. 66 -Statler Brothers The Statler Brothers are Harold Reid, Don Reid, Phil Balsley, and Jimmy Fortune. Campus Life«67 Night Ranger First Rock Concert In Convocation Center In the middle of their " Big Life " tour, Night Ranger rocked the Arkansas State University campus. Night Ranger per- formed the first rock concert held in the Convocation Center. The group ' s pro- duction featured 300 computerized light, according to guitarist Jeff Watson, and scheduling included 1 50 cities as well as Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zeal- and. Night Ranger formed a band in the early 1980 ' s in the San Francisco Bay area but waited two years to get a record contract. " Every record company in America turned us down twice, " said bass guitarist Jack Blades. Their debut album, Dawn Patrol, was released in 1982 on Boardwalk Records, though Camel MCA Records later took the band and the album and has since sold over one million copies. The group ' s second album, Midnight Madness, gave the band their first big hit. The LP spent over a year on Bill- board ' s Hot 100 chart, sold 1.8 million copies and produced a Top Five Pop single, " Sister Christian. " ASU Union Board sponsored the October 21st " Big Life " concert. Big Life, the group ' s fourth album, features the single " Secret of My Success, " writ- ten for a Michael J. Fox film released earlier this year. This Helix band member really gets into the song. Night Ranger ' s keyboardist adds a special flair to the song. Night Ranger brings its " Big Life " tour to ASU. 68 -Night Ranger Night Ranger sings their smash hit " Sister Christian. " One of country music ' s kings, George Strait, rode into Arkansas State University ' s Convocation Center to per- form a spectacular show to a near ca- pacity crowd. With his Greatest Hits LP just being certified Platinum by the Recording In- dustry Association of America for sales in excess of a million units, George Strait is indeed headed Strait for the top. At the same time, the R. I. A. A. declared his first two LPs 1 981 ' s Strait Cowboy and 1982 ' s Strait From The Heart have achieved Gold Record status. Each has now sold more than 500,000 copies. This means seven of the first eight Strait LPs now has a Gold Record award. Only the Christmas LP has not been a million dollar maker. The ninth release, Ocean Front Property made album history as the first album ever to debut at No. 1 on the Bill- board country popularity chart. George Strait has accumulated sev- eral awards. In 1986, Strait won Music City News Male Vocalist of the Year, CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Billboard Overall Top Artist, and Billboard Top Male Artist. Awards in 1985 include CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Acad- emy of Country Music Male Vocalist, CMA Album of the Year, Academy of Country Music Album of the Year, to name a few. Television appearances include CMA Awards Show, Academy of Coun- try Music Awards Show, Entertainment Tonight, This Year on Country Music, Austin City Limits, Hee Haw and Nash- ville Now. Holly Dunn performs for the crowd. 70 ' George Strait Holly Dunn was the opening act for the George Strait concert. Campus Life»71 Hank Williams, Jr. and two " platinum " albums for sales in ex- cess of 1,000,000, and recordings with American musical legends Ray Charles, Wil- lie Nelson, John Lee Hooker, Ernest Tubb, and Huey Lewis. Hank is also no stranger to television ap- pearances. Hank has had several, some of which include The Ed Suiyvan Show, The To- night Show, Good Morning America, David Letterman Show, ABC News, 20 20, Hee Haw, Nashville on The Road, and Entertain- ment Tonight. But, the most exciting features of the ca- reer of Hank Williams, Jr., lie ahead; at the age of 38, he presides over a vast entertain- ment empire whose offices are headquar- tered just a few miles from his residence in Paris, Tennessee. He is still a young man and expects at least another 20 years with his musical skills intact. And that ' s a staggering thought - the ca- reer milestones Hank Williams, Jr., has al- ready posted are enough to merit his inclu- sion in the Country Music Hall of Fame, right alongside his father. Hank Williams, Jr. is an ac- complished instrumentalist with almost any stringed in- strument, some of which in- clude guitar, banjo, piano, bass and steel guitar, and the harp. Hank ' s first professional performance was at the age of eight in Swainsboro, Georgia, where he sang " Lovesick Blues. " Hank Williams, Jr., who Billboard maga- zine calls " unbelievable, " took his 1 .5 million dollar stage show on the road in 1987. This new stage is complete with a series of ramps and platforms which also house the stage amplifiers and hide them from view. An added extra of the show is a computer con- trolled intricate lighting system. This entou- rage requires 34 personnel, two customized Silver Eagle buses, along with three 18- wheel tractor trailers to carry the tons of spe- cial equipment. " This is as state-of-the-art as it gets, " says Robert A. Roth, who along with James K. Chapmen and Ian Knight designed the ■show for Source Point Design, Inc., of Atlan- ta, Georgia. " Even though Hank is known as a country artist, he also has a wide appeal among the young rock audience as well. What we have actually done is create the first high-tech country-rock show. It ' s one of the most ambitious projects we ' ve worked on and it ' s certainly the most ambitious show ever taken on the road by a Nashville-based performer, " enthuses Roth, whose numer- ous credits include The Jackson ' s " Victory Tour " and Madonna ' s " Virgin Tour. " Hank, 1987 Country Music Entertainer of the Year, brought his " state-of-the-art " show to Arkansas State University ' s Convo- cation Center. Hank has always prided him- self on giving fans their money ' s worth and fans know this. Billboard magazine says, " His fans run from blue collar workers up to the Hollywood in-crowd. " And, the fans flocked from all over to form a capacity crowd and as a result produces the first sold- out concert in the Convocation Center. Hank has been influenced by music since his early years. Music could always be heard at the Williams house where a number of musicians spent much time teaching Hank Jr. musical tricks. Among these were Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Brenda Lee, and Johnny Cash. Among Hank Jr. s personal favorites were Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Chubby Checker. The result of such a musical beginning has helped make Hank the legend he is to- day. The past few years have seen Williams accumulate many awards, honors, certifica- tions, and musical relationships. In the past eight years alone, he has won awards from both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. Hank has also received 1 1 song writing honors from Broad- cast Music, Inc., seven 1 singles and seven 1 albums, 13 R. I. A. A. " gold " certifications for album sales in excess of 500,000 copies 72-Hank Williams, Jr. Earl Thomas Conley Conley Brings Country To A-State Just in the few short months that the Convocation Center has been in operation, it has proven to be an asset to the community as well as surrounding areas. The Convoca- tion Center has increased economy and helped put Jonesboro on the map. So far, Arkansas State University has hosted several athletic events, meetings, and special shows in the new arena. Also, some top entertainers in the music industry have performed concerts. One concert was Earl Thomas Conley. Several fans turned out to see Earl Thomas Conley in concert Conley ' s band aids him in the performance. Earl Thomas Conley brings his own brand of country to A-State. Earl Thomas Conley 73 Carl R. Reng In Memory move, the legislature was convinced by Reng and his supporters to rename the institution Arkansas State University in recognition of both its va st growth in the past, and the need to expand its educational services to a wider area of Arkansas. The bill was signed by Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller on January 17, 1967, and the change took effect July 1 that year. Dr. Reng ' s tenure at ASU completed a long career in the field of education that be- gan in his native town of Iowa in 1932. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Buena Vista College, he took his first job as principal and coach at Cooper High School. Three years later, he was named superinten- dent of the Huxley, Iowa, Schools. Continuing his own education, he com- pleted a master ' s degree at Drake University in 1940. The same year he assumed the su- perintendency in Dunlap, Iowa, a position he held until he began four years of service in the Navy in 1 943. He left the military as a lieu- tenant commander in the Naval Reserve. He went back to college, completing ai doctorate in education at the University of! Missouri, then came to Arkansas as head of the School Administration Division of the Graduate School at the University of Arkan- sas in Fayetteville. From there he was employed by the ASC Board of Trustees, beginning his 24-year tenure in Jonesboro in 1951. During his ca- reer with ASU, Dr. Reng was a member of numerous professional and acholastic orga- nizations, including Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi and the American As- sociation of School Administrators. He served on the Southern Regional Ed- ucation Board, the state Constitutional Revi- sion Study Commission, the Arkansas Coun- cil on Economic Education, the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club. During the 1962-63 year, Dr. Reng served as District Governor of Rotary District 615 and in 1963-64, he served as Rotary Information and Extension Counselor for five Rotary dis- tricts. Dr. Carl R. Reng became President of Arkansas State College in 1951. This arch marked the en- trance to historic Wilson Hall. Under Reng, Arkansas State College became Ar- kansas State University in 1967. Dr. Carl R. Reng, a native of Sioux Rap- ids. Iowa who served 24 years as the fourth president of Arkansas State University, died at age 77. He was best known for spearheading the drive in 1967 when the institution suc- ceeded in achieving his dream of university status for what was then known as Arkansas State College. In essence, the change in name recognized his vigorous enthusiasm and effective leadership which had led to a time of unprecedented growth for the institu- tion. Reng came to ASC in 1951 when the small regional college had an enrollment of only 863 students and the faculty numbered 82. When he retired in 1975, the school had evolved to a major educational institution with over 7,300 students, taught by a faculty of 342 persons. The university ' s student center was named in his honor in 1964, a recognition the Board of Trustees granted for his demon- strated leadership and ability in many areas, including expansion of the school s physical plant. At the time of his retirement, the ASU Herald reported that every building on the campus had either been built or renovated during his tenure, including two that were un- der construction at that time. Highlighting the list of facilities which were built or at least begun during his tenure were the Dean B. Ellis Library (1963), the Reng Center (1964), the Administration Building, the Fine Arts Center, the Laborato- ry Sciences Center, Indian Stadium, the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Complex, and four multi-story residence halls. As a result, the value of the physical fa- cilities has increased by over $42 million. While his record in construction pro- gress was more in the public eye, his aca- demic achievements were just as significant. The number of baccalaureate degree pro- grams more than tripled, from 21 up to 69, while he was president. A graduate degree program was begun in 1 955 and it grew steadily. In 1 969, the edu- cational specialist programs were added. The number of faculty members holding the doctorate degree was only 1 1 at the time he came to Jonesboro in 1951 , and had jumped to 166 by the time he retired. The academic achievements and expan- sion of facilities were vital to the success of the college ' s aim for university status. He told a reporter at the time of his retirement, " We tried three times to get university status (twice prior to 1967). We got it after strength- ening our faculty and doing our homework with the legislature before they met. " Despite the forces which opposed the 74«Carl R. Reng Also he was a member of the First United Methodist Church Jonesboro Elks Lodge 498 the Masonic Lodge and Shrine He was a member of the board of directors of Citizens Bank Among his many honors he was listed in the Who s Who editions for America American Education and the South-South- west He received honorary doctorate de grees from Hendnx College in 1965 and from Buena Vista in 1952 He also received medals for distinguished civilian service from the Army Paul Lutterloh, and H. L. Parks present a certificate to Carl Reng for ASU ' s support of rice production in Northeast Arkansas. Campus Life»75 The Year In Review Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, was a key official in the plan to finance anti-government rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. In testimony before the-lran-Con- tra hearings in Washington, North became somewhat a celebrity. An earthquake that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Southern California in October. It was not a catastrophic quake, but the damage was extensive. A barge filled with 3,128 tons of garbage became a national joke and a symbol of the na- tion ' s worsening problem with solid waste management. Miss Michigan, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, a nurse who shook up the talent competition with a Polynesian dance, was j crowned Miss America 1988. President and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope John Paul II when he arrived in Miami to begin a nine- city tour of the United States. . The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco celebrated its 50th birthday. About 250,000 people jammed onto the bridge for the anniversary walk across the span. Another 500,000 packed the bridge approaches but were denied access because the engineers feared the span could not support the weight. Two of the top entertainers of the year were Madonna and Whitney Houston. The Dow Jones industrial stock average droppd 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday, October 19. Some called it a " crash, " others called it a " meltdown " and others called it " Black Monday. " Whatever it was it stripped $500 billion from the market value of U.S. securities. The Year In Review In an effort to keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation, the United States began in July to escort vessels to protect them from Iran. In September the U S Navy blew up an Iranian ship that was caught laying mines in the Gulf Several mines were confiscated President Reagan talks with Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev during arrival ceremonies at the White House. The two superpower leaders held a three-day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agreement. Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker said fare- well to the PTL ministry in March Jim Bakker resigned after confessing to a sexual encounter with a young woman Tammy Bakker bowed out of the broadcasts to undergo treatment for drug dependency. A 24-day strike by the NFL players ended in Mid-October when the union capitulated and went tc court instead of trying to fight the club owners at the bargaining table. Dennis Conner, the man who lost the America s Cup in 1983. won it back four years later The Stars and Stripes completed a 4-0 sweep over Australia s Kookaburra III in the race that took place in Australia 78 .The Year In Review Lee Marvin Jackie Gleason Lome Greene Fred Astaire who epitomized Hollywood s elegance for 25 years dancing in top hat and tails with Ginger Rogers and other stars died of pneumonia in June at the age of 88 Liberace the glittering showman and pianist who captivated fans for four decades with an inimitable personal and musical style died quietly at his home in February at the age of 67 John Huston who directed such films as The Maltese Falcon and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. died m his sleep in August at the age of 81 Lee Marvin the gravel voiced Oscar winne r who died in August at the age of 63 was remembered by colleagues as an actor who really was among the good guys even though he often portrayed the hard as nails rogue Jackie Gleason the rotund Great One who got laughs and riches as a blustering bus driver in the television series The Honeymooners, died in June at the age of 71 Lome Greene who for 14 years played the firm but gentle father to three sons on television s Bonanza died in September at the age of 72 Campus Life 79 campus life organizations WHO ' S WHO greek life athletics administration academics The Student Govern- ment Association is the highest organiza- tion of student gov- ernment and is com- posed of every regu- larly enrolled student at Arkansas State University. It continu- ally offer programs and services to ASU students including Lost and Found, Book Hotline, Bike Rental and the Student Dis- count Card. Kayla Thomas, Laurie Hink, Adrienne Eftekhari, Mitzi Langlois, Leith Mills, Kathy Turner, 2nd row: Laura Burns, Doug Acuff, John Elk, Randy Hoggard, Paul Gunter. Greg White, Charles Lee, Fayeth Williams 1 83 Stephanie Zolmann. Marcie Bynum, Laura Harris, Stephanie Mcintosh, Heather Kirk, Amy Kelley, Renee Hall. 2nd row: Kelly Jo Brooks, Lisa Steedman, Valerie Eskridge. Phil Welkes. Steve McRae. Brian Wiedower, Rick Thompson, John Evans, Kevin Church, Lee Ann Edmunson, Brenda Brinkly, Renae Curtis. Julie Taylor. Society Of Physics Students This organi- zation is open to all students in- terested in physics. It provides a social forum and study group for all involved. Jolene Mclntare, Linda Bauer, Kathy Turner, 2nd row: Dr. L. A. Mink (adv.), James E. Skipper (pres.), Jonathan Warren, Norman J. Bowen, Jr., Enrien Fermi, William Hardy. American Society Of Agri. Engineers The purpose of this orga- nization is to promote the interests of agricultural engineering students rel- ative to their professional advancement American Society of Agricultural Engineers. W. R. Crumpton (adv.), Brad Smithee (sec), Robert Merrill (pres.), Kenneth Wixon, 2nd row: Greg Brady, John Hillman (scribe), Mike Heggie (vice-pres.) Mechanical Engineers The purpose of the Amer- ican Society of Mechani- cal Engi- neering is to help stu- dents in de- veloping a professional attitude in the area of engineering and to stim- ulate interest in mechani- cal engineer- ing. Bill Moss (treas.), Chawng Che Man (sec), Brian Griffith, 2nd row: Hoshang Hormasji (pres.), Larry Byrd (adv.), Melissa Clapp. Plant Science Club The Plant Science Club pro- motes opportunities and social sciences. Danny Moore, Lisa Harrison (pres.), Dr. M.E. Bradford (adv.), 2nd row: Gary Allen, Sterling Clifton (vice-pres ), Marty Orr (treas.), Thomas Scales (rep.), Scott Williams. 85 Patricia Freudiger. Chene Bentley, Bridget Gately (pres.). 2nd row: E R Ramey. Larry Clowers. Roy Cunningham, Larry Nutbrock, Dr. Dison (adv.) Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary fraternity which supports theater ac- tivity. John R. Rainwater (vice-pres.), M. Louise Sparks (pres.), 2nd row: Lisa Kent (sec), Kevin Hightower (treas.) American Chemical Society This organi- zation pro- vides intel- lectual stim- ulation through pro- fessional as- sociation along with experience in presenting technical material to audiences, fosters pro- fessional spirit among members, and instills pride in chemistry and chemi- cal engineer- ing. America Chemicrl Yoke Fong, Mary Jo Shaver (sec.-treas), Colin Hestes (pres.), Jolie Derdris-Waig, Aileen Grizzle. 2nd row: Dr. Mark Draganjac (adv.), Ahmed Shateri- Mirabadi. David Minick, Mike Martin, AN Kasin, John Cude (vice-pres.) Association Of Computer Machinery This group promotes an increased knowledge of the sci- ence, de- sign, devel- opment, construction, and applica- tions of modern computing machinery. 87 Gail Davidson, Greg Williamson, 2nd row: Sheila Smith, Roberta Buchanan, 3rd row: Kirk Hicks, Bruce Lan, 4th row: Johnnie Roberts. Albert Bachman, Robert Rossa (adv.) Leah Williams, Joseph A Mabley, Cara Cheesman, 2nd row: Lon Jackson, Vickie Kersey, Mitzi Jones, Terry Alcorn, Gaylon Austin. Melanie Randolph, 3rd row: Chuck Joiner, Wayne Evans, Earnestine W. Campbell, Dana Elkins, Haselena Henry, Reda V, Kimble, Karen Burrow, Edna Gaskin Phi Alpha Theta This organi- zation strives to promote a greater un- derstanding of history. Mark Stanberry, Veanette Seimel, Teresa Ellis, Scott Akndge. 2nd row: Barry Burkheart, Wes Pillow, Charlotte Power, Matthew Duffie, Vickie DeMent, Dr Robin L Anderson (Spon ), Jim Freeman. Daniele M. Hartsell, John L. Lee II, Karen McCoy, Phil Cate, Wayne Carr Kappa Mu Epsilon The function is to: (1) fur- ther the in- terest of math in undergraduates, (2) help real- ize the role of math in development civilization, (3) provide society with recognition for outstand- ing math majors. Becky Clifton (pres.), Brian Wiedower (treas ). Steve Smith, Tim DeSalvo, Nancy Crumpton, Dr, Rodger Abernathy (adv ) Law Society Of ASU The Law So- ciety pro- motes inter- est and knowledge in the law and or legal professions. Brenda McKinion (vice-pres.), Colleen Dublin, Amelia Wright, Anita Perkins (pres.). Christine Speakman. Bill Gilespie (sec.-treas.); Edna Hargi 89 ASU Forensics Team Karen Moore, Blake Edwards, Laura Cooper, Mecey McGehee, Sonya Flynn, 2nd row: Rick Thompson, Andrea Harper, Helen Leniear, Kim Harris, Doug Acuff Pi Kappa Delta The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta frater- nity is to promote public speaking and debate and to par- ticipate in such individ- ual events as poetry, prose, and dramatic in- terpretation. The ASU Forensics Team is composed of students who meet general eligi- bility re- quirements and partici- pate in intra- mural and intercollegiate debate. Mecey McGehee, Sonya Flynn, 2nd row: Andrea Harper, Doug Acuff 3rd row: Karen Moore, Helen Leniear, Laura Coo- per, Randy L. Story ASU Art Director ' s Club gives commercial art students the opportunity to involve them- selves in commercial art on a pro- fessional level. Craig Evanson, Debbie Johns, Mark Foltz, Tim Walker, Roy Thomas (pres.), Chris Cafford, Melin- da Burcham, Don Richardson Seated: Curtis Steele (adv.), Rose Ann Hancock, Gretta Neal, Christy Chaney, Victor Chalfaut Art Directors Club Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota is a national professional music fraternity for women. Dan Sheets (SAI Faculty Sweetie), Dr. James Patty (SAI Faculty Sweetie) , Kim Wheeler (vice-pres.), Guyla Bump, Diana Jackson (pres.), Peggy Jef- fries, Sharon Peebles, Beth Fleming, Kimberly Mc- Kinley, Jo Adams, Donna Varner, LeAnne Foust, Alesia Veasley, Dawn Hines, Sonya Gregory, Julia Lansford (SAI faculty advisor) SAI Singers This is a singing group of women made up of members of Sigma Alpha lota who are music majors and minors. Sonja Gregory, Kimberly McKinley, LeAnne Foust, 1st row: Jo Adams, Kim Wheeler, Dianna Jackson INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION o R G A N I Z A T I O N S An organization to provide meaningful contact with men and women from different countries for the purpose of learning, and understanding different cultures. Front row: (left to right) Josephine Omar, Caroline Busuttil (Secretary), Nhu Nguyen, Jean Lloyd Bradberry 2nd row: Iqbal Hasan, Tammy Healy, Sam Healy, Sam Leow, Ho- shang, Hormasil, Diwakar J. Reddy, Wai- Keung Ip, William Allen, faculty advisor; 3rd row: Fawad Adil, (President), Kristine Davis, Dianne Conaway, Pradeep Mishra, (Trea- surer), Malvinder Singh, Ahmed AN Yusuf, Shahzad AN ALPHA EPSILON RHO To promote interaction between stu- dents and professionals in the broadcast in- dustry. William Oswalt, (President), Renette Smith (Vice-Pres. Sec), Crystal Hollis, Lori Moore, 2nd row: Phillip Lewallen, Kevin Corkran, Steve Atkins, (Treasurer), Kim Brandon, Jack Heston, Kent Armstrong (P.R.), Mr. Kenneth Lang (Adv.) Dr. Engelken, Rick Simpson, Emmet Smith, David Moss, Russel Crouch, bot- tom: Hoshang Hormasji, Neal Sanders, Wendell Wells, Ken Cole The purpose of the organization is to create a deeper appreciation and interest in engineering, and to encourage fraternal relations among engineering students. The object of the club is to motivate interest in the medical arts, and to promote and per- petuate the fellowship of its members through social partici- pation, and to further the aims of Arkansas State University. Gale Horton, Dianne Conaway, Cassie Newm- eyer, Nhu Nguyen, Sharon Hansard, 2nd row: Donald Newton (adv.), Jeff Barber, Bill Henry, Michele Evyan, Tim Burns, 3rd row: Stephen Locke, Eric Babcock, Rob Grummer, David Phil- lips, Tim Cater Medical Arts Club Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu ' s purpose is to recognize and improve schol- arship in the social sciences, to foster an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, and to promote a better under- standing of others with different opinions and institutions. Leah Williams (vice-pres.), Dianne R. Todd, Kris Holloway (sec), Edna Hargraves, 2nd row: Regina Cooper (treas.), Charlotte Power (pres.), Wes Pil- low The Delta Nu Alpha Student Transportation Club is a national student fraternity to promote a greater knowledge of traffic and transportation among business majors. Danita Nelson (pres.), Mary Gray, Dr. Dan Hoyt (adv.), 2nd row: Jeff Brown (2nd vice-pres.), Jerrilyn Hill, David Caldwell, Michelle Wilson, 3rd row: Randy Holden, Chris Forrest, Marv Whitney, Dwayne Gallagher (1st vice-pres.) 1 Delta Nu Alpha Accounting Club The Ac- counting Club at ASU is a profes- sional orga- nization for students majoring in accounting. (1st row), Cheryl Cannela-Pierce (sec ), Glenda Magee, Sandra Miley, Cynthia Wheeless, (pres.), Clay Sloan, (2nd row) Christy Moseley (vice-pres .), Eric Bailey, Stacey Bouland. Debbie D Chappell, Marva Dollar, Nancy Holbrook, Pam Langston APICS The Ameri- can Produc- tion and In- ventory Con- trol Society, (APICS), ex- ists to pro- mote a pro- fessional at- titude among stu- dent mem- bers toward an under- standing and acceptance of the sci- ence of pro- duction and inventory control there-by ad- vancing the general wel- fare of the industrial economy. Tyson Teel (pres.); Tommy Davis. Jr. (treas.), J. R. Hess (Vice Pres.), Karen Tate. Cheryl Cannela-Pierce, Stacy Bouland. 2nd row: Cora Martin, Joe A, Harp, Bill Black. Doug Scott, Azman Awang DPMA The Data Processing Managing Association strives to develop a better under- standing of the nature and the functions of data pro- cessing. To supply its members in- formation of the most current methods, and to assist them in sol- ving their in- dividual data processing problems is the chief concern of this organi- zation. (1st row), Teresa Burn, Angela Hinson (adv.), Carol Diggs, Tamala Apple, Supavadee Prommasa (pres.), Jim L. Terry (vice-pres), (2nd row), Carla Jo Chapman, Pattie Grant, Jennifer Smith, Swee Har Lam, Nikki Brown, (3rd row), Ricky Marshall. Eddie Overstreet, John Barham, Yimin Budivan, Antonio Bairagji, Dr. Don Roberts, Phillip A Clark, Wesley Smith, Dana Lewis, Jackie Branch, Dr. C. Hinson. Finance Club © § 3 % jl 9 The purpose of the Fi- nance Club is to provide a vital com- munication link between students and faculty, and to provide experiences conducive to the discov- ery and de- velopment of leadership qualities in finance stu- dents. Lai Ga Chuan. Lai Choon Tong. Lori Daigle (pres.), Beverly Sanders 2nd row: William M. Williams (adv.). Misty Parrish, William M Pikel. Nigel Williams, Stan J. Sloan 95 C Phi Beta Lambda o I I e g e O f B u s ■ I n e s s Shawn Webster, Marva Davis, Kim Todd (1st vice-pres .), Larry Dale (adv.), 2nd row: Stephen H Bruce, Renita Dulaney, Eddie Overstreet (vice-pres), Heather Buri (sec.-treas ) Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi is an honor- ary society for business education majors only, with a 3.0 or above GPA. The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, strengthen the confi- dence of students in themselves, and under- standing of American business en terprise. 96 Georgia Hale, Hugh Chapman, Julie Johnson (vice-pres), Bliss Winnmgham (pres.), 2nd row: Janelle Ray (rep .), Jamie Jamison (sec.-treas.) NSSLHA The purpose of the ASU chapter of the National Student Speech Lan- guage and Hearing As- sociation is to promote interest in the profes- sions of Speech Pa- thology and Audiology and to in- volve stu- dents in an awareness of the issues facing the field of com- municative disorders. Kneeling: Alan Bowman, Ruthellen Cunnally, Melanie Burns (vice-pres). Janet Watson, Kandy Dawson, Cindy Difani, 2nd row: Karen Patterson (adv.), Patty Davis, Lisa Hogue, Lisa Martin, Karen Shackelford, Paula McKnight, Arlinda Adkerson, Greta Hale, Paula Wray, Joan Roberson (adv.), 3rd row: Beth Scott, Karen Ricker (pres ), Lisa Hutchison (sec.-treas ), Kerry Arnold. Pam Greenway, Jeanne Burlie, Carol Lovelace, Liz Lynaugh, Carla Young, Sonia Nix. Twyla MacDonald, M Lisa Grabowski. Robin Dowler tudent Council For Exceptional Children The purpose of this council is to promote awareness of the needs of exceptional children and their parents in Northeast Ar- kansas and to inform stu- dents of their opportunities in educating ex- ceptional chil- dren. Dr. Jim Calder (co-adv ), Theresa Gates (pres.), Kathy Frost (sec), Tonya George (vice-pres ). 2nd row: Frances Richardson, Teresa Gause, Johanna Bragg. Suetta Veatch, Dr Louis Semrau (adv.). ACEI A student branch of the national organization, emphasis upon young children (in- fancy, early adolescence). Mark Orlick. Vivi Jayroe (pres.), Nancy Bacot (co-adv), Karen Gambil, 2nd row: Earl Batton (vice-pres), Brenda Glover, Dr Carolyn Tyree, Dr. Carolyn Bowers (adv ), Phyllis Castleberry Modern Dance Club The Modern Dance Club channels en- ergies for talented indi- viduals in dance and provides an outlet for would-be choreograph ers, and a chance to perform in educational programs. Con McVay, Lori Hamilton, Dana Barnett, Daniele Murphy Hartrell 2nd row: Mary Wade. Ted Schreck, Donna Gayle Hendrix (pres ), Alta Burns (sponsor), Gaylon Tyner, Kerry Norton. The purpose of this pro- fessional ed- ucation fra- ternity shall be to further the individ- ual welfare of its mem- bers and to foster scien- tific research in the fields of health, physical rec- reation, and safety edu- cation. Phi Epsilon Kappa Psi Chi Rhonda Cloinger, Joel Connely, Tom Adams, 2nd row: Ross Friesen, Gary Albright, Patricia Welch The purpose of this club is to ad- vance the science of psychology and to en- courage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the indi- vidual mem- bers. LaWanda Prince, Vickie Brewer. Dr Robert Johnson (adv .), Roy Cunningham (pres.). 2nd row: Jo Aston (sec). Laneel Lovelace, Angela West. Alicia Hubbard. Sonya Rorex, Ada Walker, Shenl Middleton, 99 o f NAEA The student chapter of Na- tional Art Education Association is to promote professional activities among future art teachers. d Eric Bryant, Dale Case (pres.), Donna James Hobbs, Dr. Charlotte Jones (adv.), not pic: Shana Williams (vice-pres.) A pre-professional organiz tion which strives to develop an u derstanding and appreciation the teaching profession. It provide a voice for students in matters c fecting education. It also promofr leadership and a professional at tude among students interested teaching. Carol Lovelace (hist.), Mary Orlick (pres.), Karen L Donna Johnson, Carol Goldsmith, Kim Beckett, V Ann Cash, Sherry Bolding (sec), Earl R. Batton, ; row: Frances Richardson, Susan Schoessel, St lene Giles, Barbara Rush, Karri Mabry (vice-pre Gwen Reeves, Judith Dement, Terri Kieffner, The Benson, Letha Morris, Dr. Emma Sue David: (adv.), Jeff Whittingham (state-pres.), Karen Gam Denise Yount, Angela Moore u Student Nurses Association c For students enrolled in tr college of Nursing and Health Pr fessions. I Joan Boyd, Mary Ann Francis, Gaylynn Wilde (vie pres.), Suzette Todd, Sherry Gipson, Terri Selvidg Donna Burge, Elizabeth Coles, 2nd row: Debt Brown, Karen Reynolds, Cathy Wixted, Annel Chunn, Reba Wadley, Kim Riley, Rebecca Norma Dawnyal Wickersham, 3rd row: Vickie Binkle Debbie Rowland, Debra Thompson (treas.), Jen Williams, Jerald Hill, Kelly Ivy, Angie Boahm; (pres.), Lavanda Moore, Kathie Sullivan 100 Baptist Student Union The BSU is open to any stu- ient, as over 400 different students )articipate in BSU activities each r ear, to help them grow in under- itanding of the Christian faith and o help them in any area of their life it ASU. ;t row: Teresa Wooten, Maria Kittell. Angie Warren, Tim Coop, Don ■adley. Julie Scott. Tanya Hogan, Michele Mason, Jill Wood, Jim uge. Dannie Wright, Janae Shatley (pres.). Stephanie Thompson, anne Conaway. Brenton Manning, Kim Clark, Clinton Smith, Wendy rkindall. Sheila Person, Marie Gray, 2nd row Mona Cole, Mark Fin- y. Melanie Shirey, Candy Mooneyham, Gina Foster. Michelle Shatley, ;vin Inman, Joseph A Mobley, Missy Quails. Lillian Wheeless, Kalled jnaidi. Ginger Brand, Joni Washburn, Vivian Sheets, Marsha Light, ichael Gipson. Angela Scott, Suzanne Spann, Candi Cain, Jack iller, Bethany Teal, Milissa Jones, 3rd row: James Johnson Jr , Jay nannon. Jim Bigger, David St John, Lori Brantly. Les Davis, Angela xford, Jeff Rogers, Nancy Loggins, Rodney Stovall. Stephen St. air. Phillip Thompson, Annette Campbell, Terry L. Hogard, James uthrie. Greg Dills, Laura McKee, Julie Cole, Kevin Poff III, Linda Alll- n, Suzy Taylor. Connie Goodman. LaDonna Ivy, Todd Kirk, Wong ai Kit, Pang Tse Liang, 4th row Stephen Haynes, Lee Randolph, Tony idd, Janya Laws, Kaavin Scaccia, Bryan Glenn, Cheryl Robertson, 3lley Campbell. Todd Wages, Nancy Schlenker, Mary Wade, Ronny :roud, Susan Saunders, Hal Saunders, Terry Lemmg, Rusty Tit- vorth, Chris L. Britt, Donna Lester, Brett Christofferson, Regyna ood, C. Trent Broussard, Larry Williams. Jonathan Davidson. Jeff hittingham, Ten Taylor. Bruce Venable (assoc. dir.), Arliss Dickerson jr.) Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation pro- vides Christian fellowship for ASU students. 1 st row: Denise Gullickson, Lisa Hagar, Wesley Bent- ley, Patrick Bentley, 2nd row; Angela Dobbs, Tim Pierce, Bridget Gately, Kris Davis, Lauri Harris, Caro- line Busuttil, 3rd row: Sean McCourt, Paul Gunter, Paula Sprinkle, Neil Gately, Rev. David Bentley, Nick Furr, Both Durham, Tony Harris, Joe Howard The Church of God in Christ is o provide immediate and continu- ng fellowship for matriculating stu- lents who are members of a Church of God in Christ and for any )ther students interested in Chris- ian fellowship. larolyn Smith, Josephine Flowers, Alesia Veasley, Linton E. Davis (pres.), Edward Crawford COGIC 101 Graphic Arts Club The Graphic Arts Club is for any stu- dent who has complet- ed or is now enrolled in a printing course. Malvinder Singh, Ambrose C Ezeigbo, Pradego Mishra, Barry Bryant (Sec ). Bobby Wandell (Vice-pres.). Chris Almond (Pres.), Arvn Sen (P.P..; Herald Staff The Herald of Arkansas State Uni- versity is a semi-weekly student newspaper. Its articles are written and edited by students. Cheryl Brightwell. Larry R Young, Gerri Farmer (co-editonal), Cindy Reeves (copy ed), 2nd row: Ellen Seay (co-ed ). Greg Harton (managing ed ), Kathy Allred (rep ), Audrey Lott (features ed ), 3rd row: Suzy Taylor (campus ed ), Bill Snow, Jr. (photo ed ), Jennifer Floyd Gordon (campus ed ). John Dunn, Angela Jackson (copy ed.). Steve Watkins, (editor), Dr. Gil Fowler (advisor). PRSSA The Public Relations Student So- ciety of America ac- quaints stu- dents with the field of public rela- tions and with profes- sional practi- tioners. Clymesa Foxworth, Dave Brady, Nancy Schlenker, Sonya Chandler, Fayeth Williams, Dana Cable, Mitzi Langlois (vice-pres), Diana M Despain (treas.), Trish Isbell. 2nd row: Boyd Christopher Irby, Jack Bridges, Ten Goodman (pres ), Stacey Paudert. Dana Tyrer (PR director), Anthony Childress, Vicki White (sec). Sigma Delta Chi This journal- ism club provides an avenue for professional development of its mem- bers and journalistic service to our campus and commu- nity. 103 Tonia Pennington, Larry R. Young. Cindy Reves (sec. -treas.), 2nd: cont: Jennifer Floyd Gordon, Ellen Seay. Kathy Alfred. Audrey Lott, 3rd row: Suzy Taylor (vice-pres), Greg Harton (pres ). Bill Snow, Jr., John Dunn, Steve Watkins. ASU Secretaries Club O R G A N I Z A T The Black Students Association was established to develop univer- sity spirit among black students and inter-racial harmony; to promote high academic standards; and to enhance social life on the Arkansas State Uni- versity campus. Zanilla Webb, Littice Bacon, Edna Har- graves, Michelle Russ, Donald Lovett. 2nd row: Edwin Thomas, Rochelle Dixon, Helen Linear, Kimberly Harris, Sandy Thompson. BSA Christ On Campus ASPA The American Society of Per- onnel Administration students hapter is affiliated with national rganizations of executives with 0,000 members and 300 profes- ional chapters and 200 student hapters in 50 states. met Lee, Damta Nelson. Randy Lyles, Dr. Dan nyt. 2nd row: Jeff Brown. Cora Martin. Karen ite. Leslie C Stilwell. Jaynette Hineline. 3rd row: II Black, Jerrilyn Hill, Tammera Batterton, Crystal Parmenter. Greg White, Marie Wright. HONORS ASSOCIATION The purpose of this organiza- tion is to foster social contact, the exchange of ideas among honor students and faculty, and encour- age intellectual freedom, achieve- ment and growth among its mem- bers. Kenneth Neely, Sharon R. Hansard. Sheila Person. Cody Pendergist, Tim Burns, Connie Stemhoff. 2nd row: Sheila McReynolds, Gina Colbert, Dominique Hallett, Laurie Hinck. 3rd row: Dianne Conaway, Laura Burns. Kathy Turner, Cassie Neumeyer. Marsha Clowers, Susanne Ramer, Larisa Donis, Cynthia L. Sellers, Dr. Bill Berry ASU Republicans seek to arn about politics by participat- g in political events and dis- jssing civic affairs in their vari- js organizational projects. slie Jackson, Sheila Person, Sharon Lewis, ane R. Todd. 2nd row: Jimmy Patterson, John air, Catherine Davi s, Trent Broussard, Cynthia Hers. 3rd row: Russ Lewis, Stephen Goad, Ta- c Krindli, Boyd Christopher Irby, Todd A. Smith, thony Childress, Richard A. Simpson, Dr. Susan wer. Dr. James Greenwald. ASU Republicans Arkansas Hall Dorm Council The dorm council is composed of students living within each hall and involves residents in the prin- ciples of self-govern- ment through re- sponsible leadership. Mecy McGehee (historian), Lana Sumpter (vice-pres). Lisa Hagar (pres.). Sharon Robinson (rep ), Rosa Reed (rep ), Maria Teeter (rep ), Karen Wallis (R.A.), Purcela Barnhardt (rep ), Jacqueline Smith (rep.) ASU Circle K Club This club is sponsored by the Ki- wianis Club of Jones- boro and is a member of Circle K In- ternational. Its purpose is to provide the opportu- nity for lead- ership and development on campus and in the community. Dominique Hallet (pres.), Dr. Sandra Burns (adv.), Dr. James Myshka (adv.), William P. Oswalt (vice-pres.), Clinton Smith (sec). Emily Bratton. Beth Gryner. Kris Davis (treas ), Andrew D. Hill Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi National Service fraternity for stu- dents who show promise academically and in leadership. Lee Ann Vaughn. Kim Clark, Janet Slatton, Kris Davis. Mike Schreck. Hoshang Hormasji. 2nd row: Melynda Rounds, Gwen Reeves, Andrea Atwill. Sherry Barnes. Pam Callis. Dominique, Janell Zeug. Michell Brooks. Melissa Leonard. Cindy Kegly. Carolyn Julie Koechlein. Tommy Davis, Jr., Ginger Taylor. Ginger 1 07 Brand, Scott Smith, 3rd row: Kimberly Tedder. Cathy Wixted, Dana Beard Barnett. Kelly O ' Suin. Robin Taylor, Stacy L. Davis. Lon Moore. L. Renee Benson, Ladona Moore. Billy Parks. Greg Harlon, Joni Washburn. 4th row: Eric Isbill, John Thomas. Catherine Calloway, Selly Henry, Regina Byrd, Greg Slayton, Dale Case, Jeff Tacker, Andy M. Bogue. Danny Moore. Wendell Wells. Julie Cole, Misty Parrish, Kevin Turner, Sondra Sims. G Malaysian Students Association To provide a common meet- ing place for the promotion of cul- tural and social interests and to further understanding among all Malaysian students. i Abu Baker Gahaman, Haslinda Abd Rahman, Haz- izi, 2nd row: Fatahai Ariffin A. Bakar, Alids Gaacob, Mahd Ariff o r g a n ■ i z Model UN The purpose of this organi- zation is to promote education about international relations among members and the public. Cynthia L Sellars (sec.-treas.), Zhang Chidong, E. Michelle Russ, Carol Caldwell, Charles Hartwig (sponsor), 2nd row: Bill Gillespie (sec. -general), Anthony Durham, Eric Blount, Edward P. Nesbitt, Billy Don Blancett, John Zagarella, Samuel S. Stanton, Jr., S. A. " Hawk " Macheak. Photo Flow The purpose of this organi- zation is to provide a diversity of educational and informative pho- tographic programs and to pro- mote interest in photography throughout the campus. Juanita Banks, Larry R. Young, 2nd row: Jennifer Hicks (sec), Greg Harton, Diana M. Despain, Frank Robertson (vice-pres.), Bill Snow, Jr. (pres.), Richard Limbert, John Thomas (adv.) University Hall Dorm Council The University Hall Dorm Council conducts the business of the hall and is composed of stu- dents living within the hall. Its pur- pose is to involve residents in the principles of self-government through responsible leadership. Jane Ann Westerfield (vice-pres.), Sandy Pickens (pres.), Cody Pendergist, Vicki Adams (sec), 2nd row: Michelle Sevatson, Rosemary Franklin, Julie Scott, Randy Robinson, 3rd row: Angela Colcla- sure, Heather Buri, Regina Byrd, Jennifer Pannel (treas ), Susannah Overstreet Jnion Board Coordinators The purpose of the Union Board is to provide educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs for the benefit of the university community and to help develop sound leadership through the planning and execu- tion of these programs. Cynthia D. Merrilat (concerts), Karla Ashlock (vice- pres.), Matt Doyle (pres.), Michael Holliday (cultur- al enrichment), 2nd row: Benjamin J. Lee (films), Kristine A. Davis (special events), Lisa Renee Kent (promotions), Tamala J. Dement (dance) UB Concert Committee Provides diversified musical Bntertainment in a concert setting : or the university. This area ' s pro- gramming will attempt to expose :he student to live entertainment of national prominence. Jeff Specoli, Jon Harper, Pamela McFarlm, Lauren Riddle, Lora Spence, Amy Yersak, Hela Mansfield, Amy Foreman, Maria Kittell. LaReecia Johnson, Beniamin J Lee. 2nd row: Kelly Penn, Jeff Mel- lencamp, Christy Dedman. Guy Hanks. Lisa Kent, Mark Zarlingo, Steve Chordas VIII, Tamela Dement, Stefanie Ritter, Kris Davis, Jim D Coppage, Tim Pierce, 3rd row: Michelle Morrison, John W. Weeks, Larisa Donis, Anthony J. Barbarotto. Kirk Erickson, Mark Francis, Tommy Crowell, Cynthia D Merillat. Tom Youngman, Steve Pirtle, Rob Harper, Not Pictured: Yvonne Thompson. Sharon Allen, Michael Holliday, Angela Dobbs. Jim Ragsdale, David Miller. Michqael Holland, Lori Broadway. Kevin Shirley, Alan Meyer. Den- nis Terry " Zeke G e n e r a I O r g a n ■ i z a t ■ i o n s UB Dance Committee 110 This program area is respon- sible for planning and making all arrangements for Union Board sponsored dances to be held on campus. Tamela Dement (coordinator), Yvonne Vanderwiel, Tim Pierce, Angela Dobbs, Janet Goocher Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honorary society for freshmen. It provides fellowship for first semester freshmen who have excelled academically. Tim Jones, Michael Harston, Kevin Turner (vice- pres.), Chris Puryear (pres.), Sam Gennuso (adv.), Jimmy Brown, Mike Schreck (sec.-treas.), 2nd row: Stephen Locke, Tim Koch, John Ward, Jeff Hollister, Paul Banks, Glenn Pearson, Ronnie Fox Twin Towers Dorm Council This dorm council is com- posed of residents of Twin Towers and serves to involve the members in the principles of self-government through responsible leadership. Robert Waddell (pres.), James D. Tate (Sr. vice- pres.), 2nd row: Charles Smith (vice-pres.), Christo- pher J. McAlee (sec), not pictured: Dave Blackburn (parliamentarian) I Ranger Platoon Top row: (left to right), Scott Davis, Brian Baker, William Barrentine, Michael Hubbard, Jon Gann, Andrew Hill. 2nd row: William Robinson, Jeffrey Ezekiel, David McPhink , Christopher Shy, Toby Simers. 3rd row: Regina Meredity, Rebecca Perkins. 4th row: James Middlebrook To develop leadership through the use of small unit tactics and patrolling. To compete in in- tercollegiate meets with col- lege and uni- versities within the 3rd ROTC Region. Block and Bridle Club Semi-profes- sional and semi-social or- ganization for students inter- ested in live- stock (prefera- bly for animal science and pre-vet majors, or anyone in agriculture). 1st row: Phyllis Mayfeild, Phil Wilkes, (Treasurer), Robin Vaughn, Grace Vuduress, Karen Fowler Herrington, (Presi- dent), Robby Hall: 2nd row: Dr. J. H. Keene, (Advisor), Lance Sims, Terry Doyle, Jerry Clemons, (Marshall), Bill Soden, (Vice-President), Dr. Warren North, (Advisor) ±AA Alpha Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Alpha was es- tablished to en- courage pro- fessionalism among agri teachers and to encourage unity among vocational edu- cation instruc- tors. Donna Wilcox, Jimmy Hall, Robin Rhea, Tracie Cupp, Kellie Harvill, Amos B. Rougar, (adv.), 2nd row: Robert Loug, Gerald Cooper, Kyle Killough, James R. Myers, 3rd row: Dewayne Gillean, Tim Turnbow, Junior Rougeau, Sharon Crumpton, Tim White, Steve Beck FFA The purpose of the FFA is to advance vo- cational educa- tion in agricul- ture in public schools of Ar- kansas; to pro- vide recreation- al and educa- tional activities for students in- terested in ag- riculture; to en- courage coop- erative effort among trainees and students interested in agriculture. Dewane Gilleau (pres)., Jimmy Hall, Robyn Rhea, Tracie Cupp, Kellie Harvill, Amous B. Rougeau (adv.), 2nd row: Robert Leng, Gerald Cooper, Kyle Killough, James R. Myers, 3rd row: Donna Wilcox, Tim Turnbow, Junior Rougeau, Shawn Crumption, Tim White, Steve Beck Tau Beta Sigma An honorary Drganization :hat serves to Dromote the sxistence and velfare of the jniversity sands. 1 st row: Pam Patton: (Treas.), Patti Leinenbach, (Vice Pres.), Lynn Knutson, (Sec), Tina Peacock, (Pres.), Lisa Lyons, (Histori- an) 2nd row: Stephanie Simpson, Carch Felts, Jeanne Casey, Lisa Hacker, Diane Cook, 3rd row: Jon Myers, Psi Guy, Peggy Jeffries, Robbie Jean Martin, Kerry Colburn, back middle: John Broadway Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is an honor- ary educational fraternity. Its purpose is to recognize out- standing contri- butions to edu- cation. It en- deavors to maintain fel- lowship and quicken pro- fessional growth among its members. Debbie Medlin (secretary), Trena Hickinbotham (V.-Pres.), Gaybreia Williams (Pres.), Loretta Bookont (faculty), Dr. De- borah Smith (advisor), Dr. Carolyn Tyree (faculty counselor). 113 campus life ORGANIZATIONS who ' s who greek life athletics administration academics Who ' s Who . . . From ASU WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES has furthered the aims of higher education by rewarding and recognizing the indi- vidual academic excellence on a national level. In late August of each year at the beginning of the fall semester, the Who ' s Who campus selection committee is formed. Three students, including the chairman of the committee, are appointed by the President of the Student Government Association (SGA). Three administrators are appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, and three faculty members are appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate. The committee is composed of nine voting mem- bers, with the Vice President of Student Affairs and the As- sistant Dean of Students serving as ex-officials. To be considered for selection to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, students must apply, with application forms being available in the SGA office and in the Office of the Dean of each individual college. Individual committee members review each appli- cation and select his her top 60 candidates. The number of candidates is set by the National Who ' s Who organiza- tion based upon the student headcount population of the participating institution. The 1987 edition of Who ' s Who consisted of the names of 60 students, who each received a majority vote of the local committee. Based upon the recommendations from the campus selection committee, the editors of the annual directory have included t he names of the 60 stu- dents based upon four primary criteria: academic achieve- ment, citizenship and service to the institution and commu- nity, leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, and potential for future development. Particular attention in the selection process is solely directed toward the need to have representatives from all colleges and from various ethnic constituents of the University. All 60 of these young people join an elite group of this country ' s most outstanding campus leaders selected from more than 1,400 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and in several foreign na- tions. Angela Caddell Baxter Elementary Education Gamma Beta Phi ' Dean ' s LisfNational Education Assoc. Rebecca C. Bishop Biology Science Education Alpha Gamma Delta ' ASU Majorette ' Gamma Beta Phi 117 Dina Lorraine Borgeson Marketing Alpha Lambda Delta ' Dean ' s LisfGamma Beta Phi Cheryl Cannella-Pierce Accounting 118 Accounting Club Dean ' s LisfStudent of Distinction Tracy A. Buster Marketing Phi Mu ' Dean ' s List ' Alpha Lambda Delta Christopher Carlisle Zoology Tri Beta Dean ' s List ROTC Dale Robert Case Trent Kevin Clayton Art Education Vocal Music Education Gamma Beta Phi National Art AssociatiorTArt Students Union Gamma Beta Phi ' ASU Concert Choir ' Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Angela Meek Colclasure Tommy Davis, Jr. Marketing Management Gamma Beta Phi ' Chi Omega ' American Marketing Association Gamma Beta Phi ' Dean ' s LisfHonor ' s List Colleen Dublin Radio Television, Pre-Law 120 Women in Communications ' Law Society Alpha Epsilon Rho Julia Ann Eubanks-Plunkett Instrumental Music Education Honor Roll ' ASU Marching BancTASU Concert Choir Bonnie Elizabeth Fleming Tonya Leigh George Instrumental Music Education Elementary Education A SU Marching Band Dean ' s LisfSigma Alpha lota Gamma Beta Phi Alpha Gamma Delta ' ASU Majorette Teri Michelle Goodman Julia A. Goodwin Public Relations Journalism Marketing Kappa Tau Alpha Dean ' s LisfPhi Eta Sigma American Marketing Association ' Honor ' s List ' Program Committee 121 Tony M. Gould Printing Management Phi Kappa Phi Dean ' s List ' Graphic Arts Club Edna Livingston Hargraves Political Science Pi Gamma Mu l_aw Society Baptist Student Union 122 Katherine Hart Nursing Alpha Gamma Delta Honor ' s list Panhellenic Council Thomas Gregory Harton Journalism Photo Flow ' Dean ' s List ASU Herald Patricia Lynn Isbell Journalism Public Relations ASU Herald Honor ' s LisfBaptist Student Union Peggy Lynn Jeffries Instrumental Music Education ASU Flute Choir ' ASU Wind Ensembles ' ASU Concert Band Lori Ann Johnson Radio Television Phi Mu Alpha Epsilon Rho Pi Kappa Delta Tim Koch Secondary Eduction Alpha Epsilon Rho ' Honor ' s LisfPi Gamma Mu 123 124 Helen Leshawn Leniear Speech Communications Pi Kappa Delta ' Honor ' s LisfGamma Beta Phi Phillip Lewallen Radio Television Alpha Epsilon Rho Dean ' s LisfStudent Relations Carol Leigh Lovelace Speech Pathology ASU Tribal Tones Baptist Student Union ' Circle K Club Robert Russell Mackey Political Science Model UN ' Honor ' s List ROTC 125 Elisa Deanne Masterson Ivy Valencia McGee English Zoology Alpha Omicron Pi Dean ' s List Gamma Beta Phi Panhellenic Council Alpha Kappa Alpha Quality Circle Nhu Thi Nguyen Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi ' Tri Beta Stefanie Ann Osborn Computer Science Gamma Beta Phi ' Kappa Mu Epsilon ' Alpha Omicron Pi Richard Christopher Puryear Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon Dean ' s List Tau Kappa Epsilon Dana Rasmussen Finance Gamma Beta Phi ' Dean ' s List ' Finance Club 127 Mary Jo Shaver Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta ' Dean ' s List Phi Mu Colette Susanne Sheridan Elementary Education 128 ASU Marching Band Phi MiTTau Beta Sigma Amy M. Shelton Business Administration Alpha Omicron Pi Dean ' s List Alpha Lambda Delta William Jennings Stanley Accounting ASU Football Team Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Gamma Sigma Mark E. Trusty Marketing Phi Beta Lambda ' Yearbook Editor Sigma Chi Kathy L. Turner Mathematics Chi Omega ' Dean ' s LisfMath Club 129 130 Angela Joy West Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha Dean ' s LisfPsi Chi Cynthia Suzanne Wheeless Accounting Accounting Club ' Computer Club Concert Choir Brian Keith Wiedower Mathematics Pi Kappa Alpha Dean ' s List ' Kapp a Mu Epsilon Denise D. Yount Elementary Education Gamma Beta Phi Kappa Delta Pi ' NEA Program Jeff L. Whittingham Elementary Education College Republicans Baptist Student Union Choir campus life organizations who ' s who GREEK LIFE athletics administration academics Greek Life The members of fraternities and so- rorities learn to bal- ance their life be- tween school work and social functions. This in return will help later in life when they must balance a schedule of even more activities. They have to learn to set priorities on what must be done and what they want to do, therefore learning to budget their time better. Brad Lewis, Dean Davidson and Kyle Penter, Kappa Alpha, support ASU against Ole Miss. 134 Alan Gentry enjoys the afternoon outside the Tau Kappa Epsilon house. Greek Candids The ladies of Chi Omeqa anxiously wait on the start of fingerbowl activities. Sigma Phi Epsilon Fite Nite The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon sponsor the an- nual event of Fite Nite. The event is sponsored to raise money for St. Jude ' s Research Hospital. Each fraternity spon- sors a member to com- pete in Fite Nite. The men are divided up into the dif- ferent weight categories to provide for more even competition. Each sorority sponsors a member to compete in " Miss Knockout, " which is a beauty and popularity contest. Angela Gaud, Phi Mu, was named " Miss Knockout. " The girls walk around the ring holding up a card telling which round it is. Mike Heggie, Sigma Phi Epsilon, defeats Jack Heston, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lamberth " ties it up " with his opponent. Rodney Elmore, Sigma Phi Epsilon, wears his opponent down. A left cross is countered by a right punch The representatives from each sorority inform the crowd of each from Whitlash. round in the fight. Shannon Holland, Alpha Omicron Pi, Jennifer Alpe, Chi Omega, Amy Cavenor, Alpha Gamma Delta, Angela Gaud, Phi Mu, and Laura Stewart, Zeta Tau Alpha, were the repre- Sigma Chi Derby Days The men of Sigma Chi fra- ternity coached the sorori- ties in the Derby Days events. During the week there is a derby snatch and a " Derby Darling " contest. The events include the bal- loon shave, the balloon bust, the zip and strip, a duck race and a mystery event. The ducks are judged in their costumes. The mystery event includ- ed the sororities ' coaches. Each sorority made a cake on their coach ' s head. For the balloon bust, two girls from each sorority put on overalls and stuffed them with balloons. The girls had to pop each other ' s bal- loons without touching them. Points were totaled for each event and first, sec- ond, and third place tro- phies were presented. AOPi won Derby Days. Also, the winner of the the " Derby Darling " gave the money to the philanthropy of their choice. Greg Ozbun and Dan Sexton of the Sigma Chi fraternity were emcees for the day ' s events. INTENTIONAL H FRATERNITY THETACHI CHAPTER The men of the Theta Chi Chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity share their brotherhood with the sororities on Derby Day. 140 Mary Kathryn Pittman and Debbie Grimm of Zeta Tau Alpha enjoy the Derby Days activities. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha are the sororities that participated in Derby Days. The girls relax at the Sigma Chi house before the events begin. Bob Andrews with a birdseye view of the events. Cami Smith and Tamie Cavette of Alpha Omicron Pi and Melissa Ellis and Debbie Grimm of Zeta Tau Alpha in the balloon bust. Laura Maxwell of Alpha Gamma Delta and her coach Don Fowler, in the zip and strip. James Pierce cooked hot dogs for everyone. 141 AOPi Songfest The Alpha Omicron Pi sorority strongly supports the National Arthritis Foundation as its international philan- thropy. Arthritis is the nation ' s number one crippling dis- ease. It afflicts over 50,000,000 Americans and about 265,000 Arkansans annually. Research is of prime concern to the foundation because there has been no cause or cure yet discovered. " Songfest " is an annual event sponsored by AOPi to raise money for their worthy cause. Stephanie Dickson of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority in the spotlight from one of the Beach Boys songs. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, and Lambda Chi Alpha combined their efforts to perform a Beach Boys medley. Phi Mu, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon in the train headed toward Clarks- ville. 142 Leigh Depoyster and Garland Martin in a selected Mon- keys hit. James Mott of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Laura Stewart of Zeta Tau Alpha win AOPi Songfest with a medley of Elvis songs. 143 ZETA Follies The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha raise money for their philanthropy annually with Zeta Follies. National Asso- ciation for Retarded Children received $700, the Cot- tage of Hope received $100 and the Children ' s Colony received $100. Trophies are awarded to the winners. Alpha Gamma Rho won first place with a song about the ASU vs. U of A basketball game. Joe Massey and Jack Boles of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity won Zeta Follies. The two men sang " U of A tradition. " Stacy Collin presented them with the trophy. Darin Beckwith representing Tau Kappa Epsilon in Zeta Follies. Pat Edwards, David Ezell, and Chris Crye of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity competed with " PiKA Blues. " 144 Melanie Carter, Deidre Duan, Stacy Lamb, and Gina Watson of the Phi Mu sorority competed in Zeta Follies with " Beverly Hillbilly Rap. " Chris Ramsey, Bill Wood, Greg Fletcher, Mike Devezier, Greg Corley, and Robbie Ballmen of Tau Kappa Epsilon paid tribute to USA for Africa. 145 Miss Greek Pledge The men of Lambda Chi Alpha hold the annual event of Miss Greek Pledge in which pledges of the sororities compete for the title. The sororities and fraternities sponsor selected pleges in the competition. The proceeds went to the American Cancer Society and The Jackie Morgan Surgery Fund. Michelle Weser, Alpha Gamma Delta, Won evening gown competition; Dana Chatham, rep- resenting Pi Kappa Alpha, won talent and the title of Miss Greek Pledge; Lee Ann Weston representing Sigma Chi, won costume competition Gina Colbert, Chi Omega, won the swimsuit competition. Keith Lacewell asked LeeAnn Weston, Alpha Gamma Delta, a question. Lee Ann represent- ed Sigma Chi. 146 Miki Davis, Phi Mu, received second runner-up; Alissa Reynolds, Phi Mu, received first runner-up; Dwana Chatham is Miss Greek Pledge 1987. Interfraternity Council Championship As the season came to a close, the men in the interfraternity coun- cil battled against each other for the football championship title. The men of Pi Kappa Alpha defeated the men of Lambda Chi Alpha for the title during this championship game. Mark Rees, Pi Kappa Alpha, stopped Joe Simpson, Lambda Chi Alpha. Tim Turlington, Pi Kappa Alpha, tries to allude Don Horton, Lambda Chi Alpha. Kent Bridger, Pi Kappa Alpha, " sacks " the Lambda Chi Alpha quarterback. Phi Mu Mr. Greek Adonis In 1 963, the Phi Mu sorority adopted Project HOPE (Health Opportunity for People Everywhere) as its national phi- lanthropy. Since then, Phi Mu has raised more than $500,000 to help Project HOPE in its work to improve health care in the U.S. and developing countries. Pledges from the fraternities com- pete for the title of Mr. Greek Adonis. The men are judged in sportswear, tal- ent and a toga. Keith Hopkins, of Phi Kappa Alpha, represented Alpha Gamma Delta in a " Rambo dance. Jeff Ball " rapped " for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ken Kruk from Alpha Tau Omega with his version of an L. L Cool J song. Pike Lil ' Olympics The money raised in Pike Lil ' Olympics goes to the Jackie Morgan Fund. The events include tug-o-war, relay, chariot race, egg throw and pyramid, all of which take place in the mud. First place went to Chi Omega. Also, the Pi Kappa Alpha pledges compete in a beauty contest with a lit- tle help from the sororities. Joe Stewart races through the mud. David Johnson of Pi Kappa Alpha models his attire for the competition. Amanda Miller, Michelle King, Stephanie Bolding, Mark Elmore, and Joe Stewart play tug-o-war. Coaches Mark Elmore and Joe Stewart carry Melissa Weser through the mud pit during the relay race. A Pike covered in mud? The Pike pledges display their wardrobe after a visit to the sorority suites. 151 TKE Ladies ' Fingerbowl Tammy West, Chi Omega, reaches for quarterback Carla Heston ' s flag. The Chi Omega ' s wait for Carla Heston, quarterback, to call for the ball to be snapped. 152 The Phi Mu sorority break from huddle to start their next play of the game. The crowd cheers their favorite team to victory. 153 TKE Men ' s Fingerbowl The day of TKE Finger- bowl started with each so- rority dressing up a TKE pledge in a toga and a cheerleader outfit. Then, the events started with a pa- rade. Each sorority competed in other contests. The ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi won the spirit contest, the banner contest, the skit contest, and they raised the most money. The Alpha Gamma Deltas won the window con- test. A plaque was given to each sorority for their partic- ipation. People donating money received a plaque from St. Jude ' s. The ladies ' game match- ed the Phi Mu ' s against the Chi Omega ' s. The men ' s game consisted of the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon against the men of Pi Kappa Alpha. The men of Pi Kappa Alpha were the victors of the football game. The TKE ' s try to block quarterback Tim Sandborn ' s pass. TKE pledges dress up for fingerbowl. Jerry Brawley is an AOPi cheerleader and Bjorn Skoog is Elvis. Todd Phipps, Pi Kappa Epsilon, hustles after Scott " Smooth " Smith ' s flag. " " " i " 155 Tim Turlington, Pi Kappa Alpha, tries to evade Todd Gibson and Jeff Byars of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Greek Intramurals The fraternities and sororities compete in different sports against one another. The sports include- football, volleyball, pick- leball, basketball, softball, soc- %i: F ' im Mike Ashford represents the The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon battle the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon on the football field, men of Tau Kappa Epsilon on the tennis court. Racquetball is a sport enjoyed by fraternities and sorori- Lee Ann Edmonson, Michelle Holmes and Tammy Donner play basketball for Alpha Gamma ties. Delta. 156 Greek Composites The Greek system at Arkansas State University is governed by three different councils. The councils are made of members of the different fraternities and sororities. The Interf raternity Council is the local governing council for fraternity chapters at ASU whose national organizations are members of the National Interf ra- ternity Conference, Inc. Its purpose is to develop and maintain a close cooperative partnership between its member fraternities at all levels of the university, and to protect the general welfare of the Greek systems at ASU. There are nine IFC members at ASU. The Panhellenic Council is the local governing body for the five National Panhellenic sorority chapters on campus. It is responsible for local Panhellenic operations in accord with the NPC unanimous agreements, policies and procedures. Its purpose is to maintain on a high plane fraternity life and interfraternity relations within the university. The National Panhellenic Council of ASU is currently composed of seven national Greek sororities and or fraternities at ASU. It promotes interaction through joint meetings and other means for the exchange of information. The council also engages in cooperative educational programs, activities, communi- ty services, and serves as the united voice for the historically black Greek organizations on campus. Alph 1a Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta was founded May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. Their colors are red, green and buff. The flowers are red and buff roses. Their mascot is the squirrel. The Epsilon Zeta chapter is celebrating its fortieth year on the Arkansas State University campus. Alpha Gamma Delta Founders Memorial Foundation provides scholarship aid for undergraduate and graduate members and furnishes grants for charitable, scientific and educational programs. In support of the internationally adopted philanthropy, Diabetes, alumnae and undergraduate members work to find a cure for diabetes through financial support of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in the U.S.A., and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Canada. Lynn Battershell Ranae Bean Lori Berryman Kim Bishop Rebecca Bishop Allison Blankenship Paula Blume Stephanie Bolding Marci Bynum Carol Camp Amy Cavenor Beth Chambers Dwana Chatham Kathryn Cruce Amy Dean Paige Deweese Stephanie Dickson Tammy Donner Amy Doyle Lee Ann Edmonson Jennifer Edwards Adrienne Eftekhari Valarie Eskridge Michelle Evyan Amy Ferguson Stacey Finney Tanya Golden Michele Govington Renee Hall Katie Hart Summer Henley Misty Herndon Melissa Holden Michelle Holmes Julie Jones Michelle King 159 Leah Lamar Bilinda Lane Mitzi Langlois Cindy Lewallen Audrey Lott Stephanie Mcintosh Karri Mabry Michelle Mason Tern Maynard Amanda Miller Missy Miller Michelle Morgan Cathy Oldham Gina Oldham Ginger Owens Sheila Padgett Jennifer Pannell Sheila Payne Leslie Pickering Shan Rhodes Beth Rogers Shannon Sammons Daya Seymore Lynn Sitz Laura Smith Tracy Sparks Shawna Starnes Kelli Statler Jami Stewart Missy Stotts Deana Stauser Jennifer Sutton Lee Ellen Thomas Mun Thomas Melissa Thorpe Marty Wallis Melissa Weser Michelle Weser Lee Ann Weston Cindy Williams Lana Wood Wendy Worring 160 161 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi was founded January 2, 1 897, at Barnard College in New York. The Sigma Omicron chapter was founded February 26, 1 949 at Arkansas State University. Their color is cardinal, and their flower is the jaxqueminot rose. Alpha Omicron Pi Research Fellowship is awarded annually for study in the field of arthritis and related diseases. Ruby Fund gives aid for members in need. The Diamond Jubilee Foundation awards undergraduate and graduate study scholarships and fellowships, undergraduate chapters and alumnae chapters sup- port the local Arthritis Foundation or the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society and aid in a variety of charitable funds. Vicki Adams Elizabeth Alderson Robin Bennett Dana Binns Kathy Bird Stacye Blackwell Jennifer Bradford Robin Brewer Brenda Brinkley Kelly Jo Brooks Tiffany Bruton Leslie Butler Regina Byrd Donna Carman Nan Catalma Caroline Cate Jamie Cavette Karyn Cavette Allison Cecil Paula Childres Pnscilla Condra Renea Curtis Anna Curtright Deanna Daily Carol Davis Gina Davis Tania Dement Chris Dennis Kathy Desgranges Pam Douglass Kim Doyle Mary Helen Forrester Gail Grace Lori Hamilton Joni Hampton Alyce Heeb 162 Autumn Hensley Melissa Herrington Rhonda Herrington Sue Higgins Julie Hill Audrey Hindsley Krissy Hodges Shannon Hollan Shelly Holle Havilyn Horner Sherry Horton Kim Hulett Lori Jackson Dana Johnson Meredith Kiest Mychelle Kleypas Alice Lachat Gena Lane Melanie Lassonde Michelle Marchand Alisa Martin Maria Martin Elisa Masterson Tommie Leigh McClendon Janet McGill Alison Miller Leith Mills Kay Morgan Clarissa Musick Jennifer Osborn Stefanie Osborn Susannah Overstreet Jamie Perry Sheila Person Karen Pickens Sandy Pickens Debbie Poellot Jill Rice Camilla Richards Beth Ritter Kelly Roberson Jodi Roberts 163 Georgia Robinette Sandy Robinson Michelle Rogers Niki Russell Melody Shahegh Tern Schull Amy Shelton Julia Slayton Caml Smith Melissa Stewart Carla Taylor Melanie Tinker Lisa Trigubetz Sarah Wiggins Fayeth Williams Rhonda Williams Jennifer Wilson Leah Wright Chi Omega The Chi Omega Foundation offers education and leadership training activities, as well as, award scholarships for active members. One such award is the National Achievement Award presented periodically to an American woman for notable achievement. Other activities of Chi Omega are philanthropic projects. These projects are pursued in local communities by each active and alumni chapters. A special fund maintains the Greek Theater at the University of Arkansas. This site commemorates Chi Omegas founding and is used for university functions. Virginia Adams Jo Adams Susan Allensworth Jennifer Alpe Amy Ames Kristi Anderson Wendy Barnett Alisa Branum Dana Cable Angela Caldwell Susan Campbell Phyllis Castleberry Stacy Catt Sonya Chandler Rhonda Chappie Missy Clark Stacy Clark Claire Cockrum 164 Gina Colbert Angela Colclasure Audria Coleman Stephanie Coleman Mekelle Crotts Lisa Davis Laura Dlxen Jacquelyn Drake Carol Duncan Crista Dunston Allison Elphingston Julie Franks Danna Gammil Renee Gammil Stacy Grimm De De Harper Laura Hearn Sarah Hicks Jennifer Hilburn Jane Hill Laurie Hinck Shyron Holcomb Mary Hosinski Kristy Hubbard Karen James Julie Jenkins Kelly Jones Dana Hawkins Carol Kelley Kristy Kochel Sharon Lewellen Jennifer Lile Stacy McBryde Amy Miller Kelly Moore Tracy Moore Melissa Morse Stephanie Quarles Deonna Robbms Renee Rucker Mary Rush Dee Dee Savage 165 Scottie Scarbrough Sarah Shelton Cindy Shipman Karmen Smittle Lisa Spears Christy Terrell Monica Troillett Kathy Turner Severina Vanagunas Kelly Washington Jill Wessell Tammy West Wendy Wilkison Valerie Wilson Jill Wood Leigh Ann Yahnkee Mary Young Phi Mu Phi Mu was founded on January 4, 1852 at Wesleyan College. Macon. Georgia. Their colors are rose and white. The flower is the enchantress carnation. The lion is their mascot. Phi Mu gives aid to project HOPE in developing the skills and techniques of the American Medical Professions to other peoples of the world in their environments, adapted specifically to their needs and way of life. They help to provide toy carts for children in hospitals. Social Service Endowment funds for grants in child welfare and education work. Alpha Memorial Fund provides loans and scholarships to members, and the Phi Mu Foundation awards scholarships, fellowships and grants in aid. Dianne Allen Neva Beshears Jeanne Burhe Lori Bush Tracy Buster Lee Campbell Tammy Carter Kathy Cavitt Lisa Chapman Paula Davenport Lori Davis Miki Davis Leigh DePoyster Robin Dunbar Ann Marie Estes Kathy Evans Virginia Henderson Mary Hlavach 166 Amy Hughes Terri Jackson Lori Johnson Amy Kelley Stacy Lamb Tammy Lawrence Deean Leon Jackie Lovell Annah Martin Lisa Martin Evelyn McKenna Lisa McLemore Julie Meier Robin Newton Judi Ortman SB Stacey Paudert Rita Porter Alissa Reynolds I . ■ Stacy Reynolds Vanessa Roberts Michele Sevatson Mary Jo Shaver Angela Sheridan Colette Sheridan Karen Slaughter Katen Smith Sherrie Snow Patricia Staudt Jennifer Stillwell Julie Taylor Ellen Templeton Vonette Templeton Candy Trammell Barbara Walker Lisa Walker Christy Wilson Jennifer Winningham 167 Felicia Hunter, Tresa Sheard, Gwendolyn L. Lobb Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15, 1898 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The colors are steel gray and turquoise blue. The flower is a white violet. Their mascot is the bunny. The Zeta Omicron chapter, was founded at Arkansas State University May 12.1968. Zeta Omicron celebrated its twentieth year by moving into their new suite at University Hall. Since 1 928 Zeta has worked in and contributued funds for health services. More recently, from 1 947 to1 970, aid was given to the cerebral palsied in cooperation with the National Easter Seal Society. Since 1970, Zeta has worked with the Association for Retarded Citizens, providing handbooks, films and other informational materials as guidelines for parents and teachers working with the handicapped. The Zeta Tau Alpha Crown Development Trust Fund, Inc., administers a scholarship loan fund, a matching grant scholarship program; nine Founders ' grants for graduate students; and numerous other grants available to members and non-members. Interfraternity Council 1 st row: Billy J. Bowles Jr. (Parliamentarian), Ivy V. McGee (President), Eric Bailey (1 st Vice-President), Eric J. Humphrey III (Treasur- er). 2nd row: Anthony Williams, Felix Ruffm, Rodney Seawood, Scottie Lackland, Tony Robinson Alpha Gamma Rho The Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at Arkansas State University on November 10, 1973. Their flower is the pink rose and their formal is the Pink Rose Ball. Alpha Gamma Rho has the annual " Hog Roast " in the spring. Scott Anderson Steve Beck Michael Bounds Mark Browning David Courtney Eddie Dean Alpha Phi Alpha Mark Ferguson J. A. Hayles Robert Jones Kelly O ' Neal Keith Rogers Aaron Sims Lance Sims Lynn Smith Jeffrey Taylor Charles Tosh Phil Wilkes The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity was founded December 4, 1905 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The Theta Epsilon chapter at Arkansas State University represents the largest in the state. Theta Epsilon is aided in its struggle to serve the community by their Little Sis organization, the Alpha Roses. They have helped organizations such as the March of Dimes, and helped sponsor a haunted house at the E. Boone Watson Community Center and raised funds for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas. mdmimtih Sherman Armstrong Bobby Brown Jerome Burnette Ricky Greer Rodney Lockett Tim Magsby L. W. Massie Calvin Meriwether Clement Oigbokie Ronnie Smith Anthony Williams Rickey Winfrey 171 Tony Wolfe Greg Woods Rodney Wright Alpha Tau Omega Jim Bigger Tedd Bigger Blair Cartwright Victor Chalfant Steve Chordas Alex Franks Jill 7 f mIH Gary Henry Steve Hill Wade Hughes Tim Ingram Kenneth Kruk John McCoy r WB |3 Ted Schreck Keith Turner Gaylon Tyner Greg White Tom Youngman Kappa Alpha 8 f 1 i 1? V ' it 1 1 ■H All Larry Wilson Chris Wooldridge Joe Zimmerman Dean Davidson Neal Dean Steven Douglas Walter Dunn Andy Gliemann Bryon Greene Mike Hamley Scott Higginbotham Robert Hill Keith Houchin James Hudson Brian Huff James Jarvis Jason Johnson John Johston Steven Mills Kelly Konecny Robert Lawrence Jim Leonard Thomas Lewis Kenny Long Stephen Mills Steve Montogomery Michael Morris Robbie Mosley Ken Murphree Kyle Penter John Peterson Kevin Pulliam Greg Slayton Bobby Smith James Smith Greg Spears Keith Waddle Kevin Waller Joe Williams 173 Lambda Chi Alpha The lota Theta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was installed in 1959. The chapter maintains its own chapter house that was built in 1986. Lambda Chi Alpha is active in all major ASU activities. The chapter performs several charity projects throughout the year. The Miss Greek Pledge Contest is one project that the chapter sponsors. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston in 1909. Currently, the fraternity has more than 220 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Lambda Chi Alpha is the third largest national fraternity with over 182,000 members. Hank Allen Scott Allen Randy Anderson Rodney Baker Brendan Baldridge Dewey Barnes Russel Bettis Dean Bowles Jeff Brecklein Brian Brener David Caldwell Richard Carvell, Jr. Keith Chitman Marsh Davis Steven Douglas Russel Dunaway Warren Dupcope Mark Fowler Todd Gray Keith Hall Eric Hatley Kyle Hendrix Nick Hess Bo Higginbotham Don Horton Ricky Hurst Michael King Chad Kruizenga William Lackey Donald Layne Scott Manley Tony Manley Michael McSpadden John Merguie David Merrel Darin Montogomery A in mm fe ' fk n MM h jti ft JWk p : FPf pi ! P 1 " MM 174 inn rarffe i - Li C l fl ii Omega Psi Phi Pete Murphy Greg Pickle Bryan Pribble Kevin Quinn Phillip Reed Robbie Roedel Scott Scrape Joe Simpson Sam Stanton Jim Steam Tal Taggart Trey Taylor Tim Utley Rodney Vaughn Mike Wade Jeff Whatley Steve Whitmire Rick Yancey 1 st row: Eric Bailey (President), Demetrus Jones (Keeper of Finance). 2nd row: Scottie Lackland, Rodney Seawood, Felix Ruffin, Tony Robinson (Keeper of Peace) Phi Beta Sigma Seated: Gerald Cole (Vice President Treasurer), Billy Bowles (President), Standing: (left to right), Brian Coleman, Josh Williams, Dwayne Brown, Steve Thompson, Mark Washington, Brian Moore, Bobby Clemmons, Ryan Williams, Dwayne Scott, Gerald Bailey (Secretary), Lynn Burks, Greg Lee. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded March 1, 1868 at the University of Virginia. The Delta Theta chapter was founded at Arkansas State University on March 13, 1948. This chapter sponsors Miss ASU and Pike LiT Olympics to raise money for their philanthropy. Lil ' Olympics raised $2100.00 for the Jackie Morgan Fund which was the largest single contribution to the fund. The Delta Theta chapter is a seven time winner of Pi Kappa Alpha ' s highest award, Robert Adger Smythe Award. Only ten " Pike " chapters in the nation receive this award each year. Only two other " Pike " chapters have won the Smythe Award more than Delta Theta. Stan Alple Richie Austin Eric Babcock Keith Baltz Jimmy Bass Todd Bates 176 r Daren Berry Michael Bolding Brad Breeding Kent Bridger Robert Brooks Glen Burnett lift A 4 Ronald Cates Gary Clay Steve Clayton Rodney Creason Bart Crisp Christopher Crye Bert Dargie Bret Dargie Hugh Dickinson Doug Dupwe Jeff Edgar Pat Edwards Mark Elmore David Ezell Derek Falls Craig Farrell Martin Ferguson Tim Fires Todd Green Rob Grummer Keith Hamlett Sean Hammond Ron Hillers Mark Hollan Keith Hopkins Kevin Hopkins Jeffrey Housley David Johnson Paul Kerst Brian Lagomarcino Jamie Laramore Donald Larson Stephen Locke Gene Metcalf Alan Miles Greg Miller 177 Randy Minton Chad Niell Patrick Noland Ray Osment Jeff Owen Glen Burnett Todd Phipps Hurley Ragar William Raspbelly Mark Rees Jeff Rice Blake Rogers Bill Ross-Novsky Bryan Ruggen Nathan Sanders Thomas Scales Eric Scott Jamie Smith William Stanley Joe Stewert Jason Stumph Tony Swanner Jeff Tabor Jeff Tabor Brant Tomlinson Kevin Turner Mark Wallace Terry Watson Mark Webb Matt Whiteside pi jp k % jp s. ■ii Brian Wiedower Neyl Williams Scott Williams Sam Wimpy 178 Sigma Chi The Theta Chi chapter, the 197th chapter of the International Fraternity of Sig ma Chi, was founded at Arkansas State on Januaray 10, 1987, Not even a year old yet, the Sigma Chi chapter has grown from 23 members and pledges to a strong 40 members and pledges. The Theta Chi chapter has many philanthropic services which include their local philanthropy, the Arkansas Childrens Hospital. In addition to this they help out the Lion ' s Club with its White Cane week. Their national philanthropies are the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Cleo Wallace Center, a home for minimum brain damaged children. Along with these philanthropies, they also participate in campus organizations, intramurals. and other Greek functions. ... iMib tM k iMtMiMi Bob Andrews Matt Basinger Russel Betts Freddy Bowen Richard Byrum Mark Coy Neal Crawford Erick Crews Jose Feliciano Don Fowler Gary Gestring Jeff Glover Timothy Griggs Robert Herzig Jonathan Ishmael Montey Jetton Jason Johnson Will Johnson John Keisker Martin Garland J. J. Mayo Gregory McElhanon S. Eric McGuire Todd Myatt Greg Ozbun Kelly Panneck James Pierce Vince Provenzano Taylor Rothrick Jeffrey Rubin Earl Scott Stephen Taylor W. Todd Thomas Jeff Throesch Mark Trusty Larry Wells 179 Scott Winningham Sigma Phi Epsilon For the past eight years Sigma Phi Epsilon has sponsored " Sig Ep Fite Nite " and started a fall tradition known as " Sig Ep Slam. " The money raised from this year ' s events will benefit St. Judes Children ' s Hospital. Sigma Phi Epsilon has emerged as the largest fraternity nationally. Vance Austin Jason Ballard Jeff Bauerlein Randy Campbell Heath Conyers Tony Dailey Kelly Dallas Scott Davis Michael Dobbins Steve Doyle Rodney Elmore Bruce Engleman Kirk Erickson Jimmy Eudy Joe Fiddle Tim Fowler Stephen Gray Clyde Hackworth Chad Herintage Jack Heston Paul Himsteadt James Holt Carl Johnson Jeff Johnson Jerry Jordan Kevin King J. R. Lamberth Robert Lawrence Frederick Linder Scott Lindsey ■mjLf ' ■ £ Mi m £ »l nil J jj He " . ' y v " - - JH Hb « Mmm 180 ill in jig " ill lil ■ i it ill € Gaylen McGee Neal Mitchell Mark Morgan Craig Peterson Douglas Peterson Chris Phares Ronnie Pool James Riddle Tim Shepard Wayne Sanders Mark Shelton Sam Shinault Greg Stormes Brett Sullivan Tim Vann Darin Walton Webb Wiseman Guy Younger Sigma Pi On February 26, 1 897 Tau Phi Delta was founded at Vincennes, Indiana. On February 1 1 . 1 907 the name was changed to Alpha chapter of Sigma Pi fraternity The Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi received their charter on March 7, 1948 which made the first nationally chartered fraternity on this campus In March of 1988 Sigma Pi was the first to celebrate its 40th anniversary at Arkansas State. The Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi here at Arkansas State recognizes their national philanthropy, MS, and also several local ones such as White Cane Dav March of Dimes Walkathon, and ringing bells with the Salvation Army. Jeff Adams Rusty Adams Floyd Baker John Baldwin Dale Barnes William Barnett Ricky Bishop Richard Buford Johnnie Clark Mark Clark Bobby Cole John Dahlem Wayne Darr Donald Dugan Lowell Fenner Brian Ford John Gregson Brant Hanguist 181 Jim Holbrook Roger Honey Brian Lambert John MacPherson Ricky Marshall Brian Nelson Sean Owens Victor Parker Dwyatt Pschier Brent Rotton Mike Sifford Dewayne Smith Matt Stewman Matt Swearington Bryan Taylor Michael Taylor Dennis Terry Bryan Thielemier Glen Thomas Arunas Vanagus Bill Watson James Wong Kurt Zen-Ruffinen it Tau Kappa Epsilon Douglas Acuff Jeff Aitkens Chris Almond Mark Arnold Mike Ashford Jeff Ball Robert Ballman Tod Bartholomiew Darin Beckwith Ralf Beilhardt Mark Belk Scott Berry 182 Al til 1 11 Si ml HBkL ' a U i t 11 t V - Barry Blackwell Jerry Brawley, Jr. Bill Brown Kevin Clark Brian Clem Rob Colbert Greg Corley Craig Cornett Robert Costantini Glenn Curtis Mike Devazier John Doherty Paul Doss Drue Ford Daren F owler Ronnie Fox Jason Garder Alan Gentry Jeff Hall Jeff Hargrove Ron Harris Randy Hoggard Mel Jackson Dave Johnson Benjie Johnson Joel Johnston Brandon Jones Tim Jones Doug Kee Ken Kennemore Michael Knowlton Kyle Linson Jimmy Mac Mike McKullar Wayne McKinney Lance Meadows Mike Meeker James Mott David Oakes Dennis Overton Jerry Papert Joe Parks 183 The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon enjoy a break from Spring Rush. Kappa Alpha Psi 1 st row: Torrence L. Tuberville (Historian), Greg Jones 2nd: Jimmy Neal, Patterson G. Johnson, Harold Blood, Kelly Jones, Randall Darrick Jeffers, Preston Maddox, George E. Green Jr. (Treasurer), Eric J. Humphrey (Polemarch). 185 Randy Cole, Tau Kappa Epsilon, with two ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi. campus life organizations who ' s who greek life ATHLETICS administration academics 1 987 A-State Football 1987 FOOTBALL SEASON ASU 20 NORTHWEST LOUISIANA 23 ASU 35 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE ASU 10 OLE MISS 47 ASU 77 EAST TEXAS STATE 22 ASU 17 MCNEESE STATE ASU 37 LOUISIANA TECH 3 ASU 33 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS 9 ASU 21 MEMPHIS STATE 21 ASU 27 NORTH TEXAS STATE 20 ASU 34 LAMAR 20 ASU 21 NORTHEAST LOUISIANA 31 NCAA l-AA PLAY-OFFS ASU 35 JACKSON STATE 32 ASU 28 NORTHERN IOWA 39 Head Coach Larry Lace well Head Coach Larry Lacewell took his first step on a long road to division 1-A football this year by going to independent status. Some might think that this could have been a big obstacle, but what about losing thirteen starters, seven of which were all-Southland Conference players last year. Coach Lacewell faced a long season with a young team but pulled off a great year with deter- mination and just raw talent. The Indians left the South- land Conference in which it had been a member for 24 years with qualifications for the National Championship Play-offs the past three. Lacewell ' s team had an im- pressive 8-4-1 record this 1987 season. A-State Finishes 2nd The Arkansas State Indians had a fine season in 1987. With an overall record of 8-4-1, the Indians went farther than expected with such a young team. A-State got off to a slow start this year with an ago- nizing defeat to Northwest Louisiana 20-23. The Indians jumped back with a win over Mississippi College 35-0 but got stomped the next weekend by the Ole Miss Re- bels 47-10. This loss apparently pumped A-State up be- cause they squashed East Texas State 77-22. The In- dians shut McNeese off 1 7-0 and romped over Louisiana Tech 37-3. Southern Illinois, the Salukis, didn ' t get away from the Indian massacre either. They were scalped 33- 9. Memphis State halted a four game winning streak with a 21-21 tie. Both teams had a chance to claim the win in the final minutes but neither could pull it off. On Home- coming the North Texas State Eagles gave ASU a run for their money but A-State pulled off the win 27-20. The Indians went down to Lamar and outscored them 24-20. ASU had a chance to share the conference title with Northeast Louisiana but blew a 21 point lead and lost 31 - 21. This left the Indians with a 7-3-1 record and some hope for a bid to the NCAA play-offs. Hope became reali- ty when the Indians were set to play Jackson State in the first round of play. ASU beat them 35-32. In the second round Northern Iowa beat A-State 39-28. Fred Barnett, from Gunnison, Miss., tries to get around four North Texas players. 7 1 i 22 . Greg Lee, a cornerback from Pine Bluff, takes an Ole Miss opponent dowr with one arm. A-State Gets Off To Slow Start A-State and North Texas seem to be playing " twister ' Junior Andre Tate breaks free down field. 191 Turnovers Kill ASU A-State didn ' t expect such a large def- icit going down to Oxford, Mississippi, Sept. 19, but a large deficit is exactly what they got. The Ole Miss Rebels rolled over ASU 47-10. It didn ' t ease matters much when the Indians helped the Rebels score 17 points with three fumbles, on our end of the field. Thanks to a 14 play, 61 yard drive at the end of the first half that cut the deficit to 27-7, A-State had one last chance to make a game of it. The Indians just couldn ' t make it happen. ASU ' s passing game got nowhere against the Ole Miss defense that returned nine starters from last year. It was ASU ' s worst defeat since the 45-7 loss to Northeast Louisiana in 1983. (A) Scott Roper nails a 32 yard field goal. (B) Lyvell Blake ( 28) fights for an extra yard. (C) Linebacker Wayne Hudson cools off by a fan on the sideline. Memphis State And ASU Finish The ASU Indians battled the Memphis State Tigers to a 21-21 tie Halloween night. ASU had a chance to win with a 47-yard field goal attempt by Scott Roper in the last 18 seconds but it fell short into the MSU end zone. A-State rallied in the final minutes with the help of a 72-yard drive by quarterback Dwane Brown and a score by John Chism on a 9-yard run. A-States defense did a good job in denying Mem- phis State on two possessions inside the 5 and again held in the final minutes when linebacker Foot Daley sacked MSU quarterback Tim Jones on the fourth down with one-half yard to go. ASU defeated MSU last year 30-10 and tied the Ti- gers in 1983 14-14. (A) A-State ' s defense lets nothing through!!! (B) Cornerback Greg Lee gives an enthusiastic " high five " to split end Fred Barnett. (C) Fred Barnett from Gunnison, Miss., scores a touchdown against MSU. With A Tie Talent Pulls A-State Through First Year As Independents A-State had a very successful record of 7-3-1 going into the NCAA play-offs. The Indians almost came away with a win in their last game with Northeast Louisiana when they had a 21-0 lead in the first half but gave it up with a 31-21 loss. Northeast went on to win the National Championship. A-State was beaten in the second round of play by Northern Iowa. (A) ASU and Mississippi College square off fc an Indian win 35-0. (B) Quarterback Earl Easley from West Merr : phis, makes a pass during an East Texas gam ' (C) Earl hands off to fullback John Chism fror i Earle. (D) Defensive end Ron Hitlers from Delhi, low; | prepares to squash the Mississippi Colleg 8 quarterback. How About That Defense . . . What About That Offense Charlie Fredrick Named Kodak Ail-American Ron Hillers, defensive end, successfully sacks the Ole Miss quarterback. The 1 987 Indian Football Team FRONT ROW Jerald Patterson, Derrick Toney, Tyrone Jones, Byron Matthews, Scott Roper, Greg Zachry, Tim Smiley, Stacey McGee. Todd Horton, Cleveland Jones, Ronald Broussard, SECOND ROW: Roy Johnson, Brett Phipps, Dwane Brown, Ray Roso, Fred Barnett, Jim Bob Branch, John Chism, Gerald Baily, Greg Lee, Putzer Dayton; THIRD ROW: Chris Collier. Dennis Forrest, Marty Nutter. Melvm Shelley. Carlos Sharp, Lyvell Blake, Earl Easley. Marvin Houston. Russell McDaniel, Bernard Williams, Brad Bolton. Richard Kimble, Andre Tate; FOURTH ROW: Greg Jones, Larry Harris, Benjamin Kee, Frank Richards, Andy Boone, Jerry Moore, Cliff Plunkett, Lewis Davis, Ken Hicks, Jeff Plank, Anthony Williams, Robert Veasley. Tyrone Golden, Jimmy Neal, Perry Darby; FIFTH ROW: Keith Kellar, Bill Stanley. Don Palmer. Keith Davis. Derek Dean, Tony Walton, Jim Wiseman, Dwayne Scott, Todd Stone, Steve Watkins. Mike Ray, Tom Hills. Wayne Hudson, Brian Lagomarcino, Billy Johnson. Schan Hill. Matt Miles; SIXTH ROW: Charlie Fredrick, Lee Holmes. Allen Landry, James Waldrop, Sean Morris, Kenneth Nelson, Byrone Greene, Jamie Smith, DaleSchenk, Richard Diamond, Joe Fears, Craig Ware, Barrett Byrd, Lawrence Mays, Steve Sampson, Kennenth Reid, John Moellers. Ron Hillers, Foot Daley; SEVENTH ROW: Managers, Mike Evans, Trey Neal, James Riddle. Marvin Miller, Bryan Piggot, Rex Bnghtwell, David Swift, Radora Pyle, Keith Harms, Kirk Was- ington, George Wilson, Raymond Dyson, Kirk Russell, Terry Crossley, Vincent Ross, Eric Haley; Trainers. Jeff Haynes, Mike Bumbalough, Jean Hardy, Roy Hardy, Jeff Darr, Wendy Holmes, Johnny Robinette. Clyde Hackworth, Jason Smith, EIGHTH ROW: trainer Ken Hubbard, Doug Hanlon, Gary Withrow, David Mitchell, Steve Caldwell. Ron Calcagni. Tim Keane, Head Coach Larry Lacewell, Assis. Head Coach Eldon Hawley, Jerry Castor, Clint Ledbetter. Mark Robbins. Rick Petri, Phil Davis, Don Hoggard, Ron Carroll. Wiseman Named Ail-American Jim Wiseman a 6-3, 255 lb. senior from Winches- ter, Mo., was named to the Associated Press All- America Team for 1987. Wiseman, an all-american honorable mention and all-Southland conference pick last year did a good job for the Indians this year playing center. Junior Marvin Houston sees it. Catches it. Some A-State players take a breather during a game. Down . . . Set . . . Hut!!! And makes a good play!! Reflections Of Another Successful Season Lady Indian Volleyball First year head coach Chris Poole had his work cut out for him as he inherited a program with six newcomers and a schedule that included 26 of 32 matches on the road. The team finished the season with an 8-24 record. The Lady Tribe non-con- ference schedule included the likes of Ole Miss, Baylor, Okla- homa, Wichita State, Alabama - Birmingham and Eastern Illi- nois. On a bit more positive note, ASU wound up 4-2 in American South Conference play and in third place behind Lamar and New Orleans. Hitters Missy Welch of Kilgore, Texas and Pat Clark of Essex, Missouri were named to the ASC All-Confer- ence team at the end of the sea- son. Missy Welch attempts to spike the ball as Shelly Kirby prepares to cover. S3 . 7 M T | ill A »«•■! ' «- -SEt» Coach Chris Poole sits back and observes the game with much concentration. Karen Toth had only 4 service errors in 1 01 games. Here, sh ■ plays her abilities on the front line. ii i Front row: Shelly Kirby, Kathryn Yauger, Stacy Williams, Jeanie Hardy, Pat Clark, Missy Welch, Middle row: Jennifer Wilson, Meredith Keist, Dee Dee Kindrick, Christy Franks, Pam Cox, Karen Toth. Back row: Coach Chris Poole, Coach Jackie Kirbo. ■Shelly Kirby prepares to dazzle us with her serve. The starting line-up offers each other support before a game. 209 A Tough Season Missy W of Kilgore, Texas, sets the ball for the Lady Indians. Pat Clark displays one of the 214 kills she made this season. Teammates offer Pam Cox support after an unbelievable play. Missy Welch leaps to defend the Lady Indians. Missy Welch skies over the net to block the ball, with coverage from Christy Franks. 213 1987-88 SEASON RECORD 18-12 American College VA Commonwealth Lamar Memphis State Houston Missouri-Rolla Samford Saylor LSU Southwest Missouri Coastal Carolina UALR Southwest Louisiana Morgan State Missouri-Kansas City Oral Roberts Southern Mississippi Oral Roberts New Orleans Southwest Louisiana Lamar Pan American Louisiana Tech Memphis State Middle Tennessee State New Orleans Lamar Pan American Louisiana Tech Missouri-Kansas City Head Coach Nelson Catalina The 1 987-88 Mens (A) Junior Greg Williams shoots over a Lamar player (B) Williams shoots a power lay up (C) Junior Rhon Johnson looks for an open player. ASU Wins ASU competed in some stiff competi- tion this year in the Running Joe Classic, but came out on top with a win over Baylor 64-43. Other teams in the tournament were Mississippi Valley and Samford Uni- versity. (A.) Center Greg Williams towers a shot over a Baylor opponent (B.) John Tate shoots a jumper for a possible two. (C.) " Bo " Brown shoots one of his exciting reverse layups. ASU Downs Oral Roberts 76-72 The Indians clowned Oral Roberts University 76-72 at home, and earlier beat them 84-61 in Oklahoma. John Tate was high scorer in both the away and home games. He scored 25 and 18 points re- spectively. Bobby Collins led in reboun- ding in the away game and " Bo " Brown led at home with 1 1 . (A) Ken Trice, a transfer from Northwest Mississippi Junior College drives in. (B) John Tate shoots over an ORU player. (C) Greg Wil- liams powers two in. i " Bo " Brown looks for an open player. (B.) Bobby Collins looks another assist. (C.) Kyle James is back up guard for the Indians. I Bobby Collins from Godfrey, Illinois, slams the ball in for two. ASU Loses Twice To New Orleans (A.) Point guard Carl Archer shoots a three pointer. (B.) Ed Louden, another three point specialist, fires one up. (C.) John Tate shows great form with a shot from under the goal. Indians Beat La Tech 81-67 The Indians beat Louisiana Tech University 81-67 coming off a four game losing streak. John Tate dominated in scoring and re- bounding with 30 and 12 points re- spectively. (A.) Greg Williams gets positioned down low for a turn around shot. (B.) John Tate, the games leading shooter, shoots for two. (C.) Point guard. Kyle James, starts the play. L VMlf 7 ?fe V ylL ' n 50 r Indians Have s (A) Bobby Collins makes an excellent move to the goal. (B) Collins tries to re- bound an Indian shot. (C) Ed Louden shoots a three pointer. (D) Carl Archer and the ref stop to see whats going on! D Good Season If;; N.E. LOUISIANA COLORADO STANFORD STATE UNIVERSITY 1 987-88 SEASON RECORD 16-13 Indiana State Murray State Southwest Baptist Memphis State Dial Classic Mississippi College UALR Baylor Texas Arlington St. Louis Alabama Mississippi College New Orleans Southwestern Louisiana Arkansas College Lamar Pan American ™ Memphis State Missouri-Kansas City New Orleans Southwestern Louisiana Lamar Pan American St. Louis Northern Lights Tournament UALR Lady Indians — A Growing Contender (C) Fields fights for the ball against two opponents. (D) Senior Vicki Romine pre- pares to shoot a free throw. D The Beginning ... Of A Winning Tradition 1 1 Sophomore center Claudette Clay of Gladewater, Texas, attempts to add Shelly Spears of Springfield, Mo., leaps high to rebound a shot, two points for the Lady Indians. Another Growing Part Of The Sum Rebound ASU Finishes With Good Season Arkansas State University 1987 Schedule Central Michigan Oklahoma City Pan American New Mexico State New Mexico State Murray State Murray State Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Ole Miss Tennessee-Martin Tennessee-Martin Arkansas-Little Rock Northeast Louisiana Northeast Louisiana Northeast Louisiana Northeast Louisiana Memphis State Memphis State Christian Brothers Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Arkansas-Little Rock Christian Brothers Harding Harding Delta State Delta State Memphis State Memphis State Northeast Louisiana 8-9 3-4 2- 15 5-0 0-4 0-4 6-11 0-15 3- 5 3- 13 4- 9 8- 10 0- 6 4- 2 9- 11 5- 4 4-6 2-12 8- 4 1- 4 0-10 4- 2 0- 2 1- 2 9- 13 10- 2 1-6 9- 6 5- 2 10- 5 1-0 11- 6 4- 10 5-6 !-1 1988 Baseball Schedule March 7 Sam Houston St March 8 Central Michigan March 9 Oklahoma March 10 Pan American March 11 Pan American March 12 Sam Houston St. March 16 .jflg Central Arkansas March 19 Arkansas-Little Rock March 20 Arkansas-Little Rock March 22 Ole Miss JL March, si 23 Christian Brothers March 26 Central Arkansas March 27 Southeast Missouri March 30 Murray State April 1 Murray State April 2 Tennessee-Martin April 6 Memphis State April 7 Harding April 9 Southwestern Louisiana April 10 Southwestern Louisiana April 12 Ole Miss April 13 Christian Brothers April 14 Harding April 16 Lamar April 17 Lamar April 20 Memphis State April 23 Louisiana Tech April 24 Louisiana Tech April 26 Delta State April 30 New Orleans May 1 New Orleans 240 1 988 Baseball Season The 1 987 Season Losing Battle A-State Baseball . The 1 988 Indian ■ Jamie Jarvis Kenny Johnson Jeff McElrath Derek McCord Baseball Team ASU Track Arkansas State University ' s men ' s track team has grown stronger, through the years. In May 1987 ASU held an open track meet. Andrew Elgin won the 1 00-me- ter dash and 200-meter dash. Steve Arm- strong took second in the 400-meter and Darren Moore got third in the 400-meter and 200-meter. Craig Hagan and Scott Shaffer won second and first respectively in the pole vault. The Convocation Center will attract a variety of new recruits because of the in- door track facility. (A Craig Glover gains the lead going into the curve. (B George Green stretches before his event. A Bigger, Faster, Stronger A Growing Part Of The Sum (A) Andrew Eglin passes a Central Mississippi opponent during a track meet. (B) Craig Hagan successfully makes it over the pole. (C) David Rodely hurls the disc to distances unknown. The 1 987 Arkansas Jeff Hardwick Danny Green Gregory James Ben Covey John Collins Victor Johnson Ralf Bielhard Kelly Riley Craig Glover David Rodley f Andy Mooneyhan George Green Maurice Butler Luis Rodriguez William Beasley Curtis Aaron David St. John Harold Blood Jeremy Stockert Darren Moore State Men ' s Track Team Tim Stubbs Leon Molton Tim Whitt team Steve Armstrong Steve Wiggens 1 988 Track Schedule Guy Kochel Head Coach Jay Flanagan Asst. Track Coach INDOOR Dec. 7 ASU All-Corners Jan. 15 ASU Indoor Relays Jan. 29 Pizza Inn-door Classic Feb. 5-6 Indian Invitational Feb. 13 ASU Invitational Feb. 27 American South Conference Championship Mar 5 Last Chance Championship Mar. 11-12 NCAA Championship OUTDOOR Dec 7 ASU All-Corners Mar. 19 ASU Open Mar. 26 ASU Invitational Apr. 2 Alabama Invitational Apr. 9 ASU Classic Apr. 16 Mississippi State Triangular Apr. 23 Kansas Relays Murray State Twilight Meet Apr. 29-30 American South Conference Championship May 14 ASU All-Corners May 20-21 Gatorade Classic June 3-4 NCAA Championship June 16-18 USA-Mobil Championship July 15-23 U.S. Olympic Trials Sept. 23- Olympic Games Oct. 2 Run ning With The Best When you say women ' s track at ASU one name always seems to come to mind, Monika Klebe. ASU ' s premier female athlete qualified for the NCAA Championships in 1986 and owns four school records in- doors. The Lady Indians should have a well rounded team for years to come with versatile run- ners like Klebe. (A) Monika Klebe takes the lead in the 100-rneter hurdles. (B) Patricia James and Monika Klebe sprint to the finish line. 254 Women ' s Track Team Eva Farneby from Bolinas, Sweden, soars through the air into the long jump pit. Hurdling Into A Bright Season It ' s not always fun and games. The 1 987 ASU Sharon Mudford Tina Collins Debra Callahan Women ' s Track Team A (A.) Front row: Jim Pool, Mike Satterwhite, Brian Cole. Back row: Eric Sandstrom, Todd Reaume, Dave Daily, Coach Able. (B.) Eric Sandstrom watches as the ball goes down the fairway. (C.) Todd Reaume must have sliced the ball by the look on his face. (A.) Concentration is part of the game. (B.) Jim Pool chips the ball out of the rough. (C.) Mike Satterwhite and Todd Reaume take practice swings. c . : ■ ' - The 1988 Women ' s Tennis Team (A.) Kneeling: Vanessa Roberts, Vicki Giesen, Nichola Tiernan. Standing: Coach Marcia Williams, Scottie Scarbrough, Angela Caldwell, Joanne Clark. (B.) Scottie Scarbrough practices for upcoming games. B 1988 Tennis Schedule Fph S ni ith A PQt Miqqhi iri Qtato OUUUIvvCOl IVIIooUUI I OlCHt? Soi jthwp t Ranti t Feb 6 Tl r 1 UIOQ Fph 1Q 1 c iiQiana Toph I— UUIOICU Id 1 t?UI 1 Fph ?o ni ithprn l liQQiQQinn,i ouuu ici 1 1 i viiooiooiuui INIUMUIIO OICHC Feb. 27 aauoUI I rcdy 1 Minnie Qtato Mill lUlO O IcllC IVICU Ul I I Ininn J IIUI 1 Ininn Ul IIUI 1 March 18 1 V I dl vy 1 1 1 w Murrav Statp Marrh 1 Q IVlCll Ul I I %j 1 CI II Icoocc let L Lctl luuy a. Fvanevillp Marrh 2S-26 Rni ithprn Mieeieeinni Invitational IVlCll Ul 1 C-Z) IVIdllUINo QlcUC April 2 ArU ' QncsQ-l ittlo Rnrl Mi txcll lodo l—l lilt? iiUUrx Tpnnpccpp_|W|Qrtjn 1 t l II It OOUU IVlCll IN 1 April 7 Louisana Tech April 8 Southwest Missouri State April 9 Murray State April 1 2 Tennessee-Martin April 15 Southern Mississippi April 19 Memphis State April 25 Arkansas-Little Rock April 28-29 American South Conference Championship The 1 987-88 Cheerleaders A s t a t e S P ■ i r ■ i t Captain Candy Trammel, Cindy Childress, Jennifer East, Janeene Camp, Debbi Korns, Kirk Smith, Trey Baily, Brian McKee, Co-Captain Ken Kennemore, Kurt ZenRuffinen, Don Larson. Candy Trammel was again named to the all-american cheerleading list. She also choreographed her squads national routine that got them an eighth place trophy. Janeene Camp does a chant during a time out. G o S t a t e (A) Jennifer Aipe, Captain Rhonda Chappell, Candy Cooper, Wendy Barnett, Tracy Moore, Dee Dee Harp- er, Co-Captain Tania Dement, Angela Goad, Angie Yates, Julie Meyers, Caria Young, Co-Captain Misty Shaw, Julie Campbell. (B) Misty Shaw of Jones- boro, was honored by being chosen as an all- American pom-pon girl. (C) Dee Dee Harper " jams " during a routine at halftime. (D) Candy Cooper intensely watches the game. The 1987 Indian Marching Band The Pep Band has done a great job this year getting the crowd fired up in the new Convocation Center, as seen in the pictures. Majorettes Add Sparkle To Halftime The 1987 majorettes are: Daya Seymore, Angela Wright, Melissa Weser, Paula Bloom, Missy Holden, Lisa Martin, Karen Rose, Tamberly King, Michelle Weser, Kathryn Cruce, and Jami Stewart. ASU Athletics Athletic Administration Larry Lacewell-Director Bill Davidson-Assistant Bill Templeton-Assis- Gina Bowman-Sports of Athletics, Head Foot- Athletic Director tant Athletic Director Information Specialist ball Coach Jerry Schaffer-Sports Richard Johnson-Head Chris Poole-Head Vol- Guy Kochel-Head Track Information Director Baseball Coach leyball Coach Coach Jerry Ann Winters-Head Neil Abel-Ticket Manag- Marcia Williams-Head Nelson Catalina-Head Women ' s Basketball er, Head Goif Coach Tennis Coach Basketball Coach Coach Coaching Staff Eldon Hawley-Assistant Head Football Coach, Offensive Line . ■ Don Hoggard-Defen- sive Ends v Gary Withrow-Offen- sive Line, Recruiting Coordinator Steve Caldwell-Line- backer Coach I Tim Keane-Defen- sive Secondary Rick Petri-Defensive Line Dickey Nutt-Assistant Basketball Coach Leighton McCrary-Assistant Basketball Coach Jay Flanagan-Assistant Track Coach David Mitchell-Running Backs Mike Malham-Aca- demic Counselor Ron Carroll-Head Ath- letic Trainer Ken Hubbard-Equip- ment Services Manager Phil Davis-Quarter backs campus life organizations who ' s who greek life athletics ADMINISTRATION academics 28 Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton Dr. Eugene Smith 285 Board Of Trustees The governing body of Arkansas State University is the Board of Trustees, com- posed of five members, one of whom is ap- pointed each year by the Governor of Arkan- sas for a period of five years. Each appoint- ment must be confirmed by the Senate of the General Assembly. The function of the board is legislative, and the board determines the general policies of the University and approves the expenditure of its fund. A. Wayne Hartsfield, Searcy B. Hasselle McCain, West Memphis C. Larry Ross, Little Rock D. Dennis Zolper, Jonesboro E. Bonnie Shaver, Wynne, Chairperson VICE PRESIDENT INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT MRS. RUTH HAWKINS VICE PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY RELATIONS MR. DON TILTON 289 290 Dr. Laurence Boucher Dean of Arts Sciences Dr. Lonnie Talbert Dean of Business Dr. Vance Sales Dean of Education Dr. Donald Kedzie Dean of Agri. Engineering Dr. John Beadles Dean of Graduate School Col. David W. Taylor Head of Military Science Dr. Robert L. Hoskins Dean of Communications William Allen Dean of Fine Arts ■ 1 Dr. Mary Sees Dean of Nursing Health Prof. 291 Administration Gary Albright, Recreation Coordinator Carroll Albritton, Director Convocation Center Brad Baker, Director Housing Barbara Baker-Cameron, Coordinator Alumni Relations Bill Berry, Director Honors Program Dr. Clint Boals, Coord, of Off-Campus Activities. Phil Bridger, Director Auxiliary Barbara Broadaway, Director Catering Cynthia Bryant, Counselor Student Affairs Ron Carmack, Director Physical Plant Mary Coles, Museum Registrar Ken Cooper, Director Public Safety Gerald Craig, Director Student Financial Aid Bill Davidson, Asst. Dir. Athletics Tim Dean, Asst. Dir. Convocation Center Don Denny, Assoc. Dean of Students Bubba Fender, Placement Adv. Career Plan- ning Placement Bill Fisher, Director Purchasing Joe D. Gammill, Director Farming Mike Gleghorn, Asst. Dir. Reng Center Dolores Gorton, Student Health Nurse Wilma Hahn, Director International Programs Mary Ann Haines, Placement Coord. Career Planning Placement Bill Hansard, Director Library Dr. Afak Haydar, Director Saudi Customs Project Victor Hill, Financial Aid Officer Dr. Frances Hunter, Director of Development Donald L. James, Business Manager Dr. Charlott Jones, Director Museum Kathy Jones, Asst. Dir. Mgmt. Systems Planning Alice Larson, Director Housekeeping Scott Lewis, Exec. Asst. to the President Ron Looney, Director Publications and Cre- ative Services Robbie Lyle, Director PASS Dr. Greta Mack, Dean Admissions Records Tom Manning, Director Alumni Relations J.W. Mason, Director Personnel Services Jenifer Rice-Mason, Asst. Dean of Students Kathy Masters, Inst, in Developmental Studies Cheryl McClurg, Admissions Representative Leonard McDaniel, Asst. Registrar Mary Lou McDaniel, Asst. Dean of Students Tom Moore, Director News Information Services zock, Asst. Dir. Financial Aid Phi! Pickle, Communications Network Manager Diann Rayburn, Internal Auditor William Richter, Director of Media Saudi Project Sharon Shipp, Credential Analyst Admissions Records 292 Rodney Slater, Director Governmental Relations Dr. C. Calvin Smith, Asst. Dean of Arts Sciences Linda Smith, Counselor Student Affairs Sam Spurlock, Asst. Controller Freedia J. Stewart, Tutor Coordinator PASS Dr. Herman W. Strickland, Director Professional Education Programs Dr. Rick Stripling, Asst. Dean of Students Robin Syderenko, Inst, of English Saudi Project Yasmin Talib, Asst. Family Service Saudi Project Bill Templeton, Asst. Dir. Athletics Dr. Karen Sturdivant Toombs, Director Admissions Linda Touchstone, Wigwam Manager Tom Trevathan, Research Associate Jerry Unger, Assoc. Bookstore Manager Ken Watkins, Counselor Student Affairs Les Watson, Controller Dr. J. Larry Williams, Dean Continuing Education Wendell Williamson, Counselor PASS Gregory Williams, Staff Programmer Saudi Project 293 Administrative Support Staff Karla Ashlock, International Programs Jimmie Ballinger. Special Education Dianne Barnes, College of Arts Sciences Sandra Benesh, Dean ' s Office- College of Business Rosene Bilbrey, Dean ' s Office- College of Business Sandra Blankenship, Museum Kathryn Booher, Management Systems Planning Paula Bradberry, Student Affairs Marilyn Brewer, Honors Program Peggy A. Brown, Biological Sciences Johnny Carter, Vending Alice Chandler, Chemistry Tracey L. Covert, Dorm Director- Housing Karen Daniels, Admissions Records Sheila Dunlap, Office of Finance Brenda F. Dunn, Athletics- Indian Club Debi Dunning, Convocation Center Renee Emerson, Dean ' s Office- College of Agriculture Carol Findley, English, Philosophy Languages Jean Fisher, Dean ' s Office- College of Agriculture Tamara L. Gamble, Graduate School Glenda L. Gann, Museum Exhibit Specialist Janice Gilbert, Admissions Records Ruth Goodwin, Office of Finance Frankie Gnsham, University College Tracy M. Guest, Agricultural Research Loubeth Hames. Dean ' s Office- College of Education Maxine Hannah, Admissions Records Peggy Henderson, University Relations Lisa Henry, Saudi Project B. Sue Hogue, History Peggy Hunt, Professional Education Programs Jan Hurd, Dean ' s Office- Admissions Records Syrena Johnson, Agricultural Research Donna Kirksey, Journalism Printing Clarice Lovelace, Union Board Marty Luster, President ' s Office Joyce McEwen, Dean ' s Office - College of Communication Jeanette Millsap, Art Betty Minton, College of Engineering Darlister Mitchell, Administrative Assis. Presi- dent Brenda Morris, Agriculture Vocational Train- ing Unit Robin Mouzy, Computer Services a Sanders, English, Philosophy, Languages Gail Siddell. International Programs Jackie Simmons, Alumni Relations Maxine Smith, Agricultural Engineering Winona Thiel, Dean ' s Office- College of Arts 294 Sciences Anne E. Thompson, Accounting Gaylene R. Timmons, College of Communications Carol Tinsley, Student Affairs Lois Travis, Small Bus. Devel. Center Shirley Wiles, Academic Affairs Rhonda Wood ard, Auxiliary Ronda Woodruff, Political Science Library Staff College Of Arts And Sciences Department Of Biological Science Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, prof. chm. Dr. Harvey Barton, prof. Dr. William W. Byrd, prof. Dr. Stanley N. David, assis. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehring, assoc. prof. Dr. Earl Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Ms. Phoebe A. Harp, temp. inst. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, prof. Dr. James Hutchison, prof. Dr. W. Donald Newton, assis. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc. prof. Dr. Edward L. Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmerman, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley E. Trauth, assis. prof. Department Of Chemistry Department Of Computer Science, Mathematics, And Physics Dr. Dewey Sifford, prof. chm. Dr. J. Edward Bennett, prof. Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, prof. Mrs. Jannie Barrett Huffman, temp. inst. Dr. G. David Jimmerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc. prof. Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, prof. Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, prof. Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, prof. chm. Dr. Roger W. Abernathy, assis. prof. Dr. John B. Bennett, assoc. prof. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, prof. Mrs. Linda F. Clemons, inst. Mr. Daniel 0. Felts, inst. Mr. Eric Lijewski, temp. inst. Ms. Denise Manning, temp. inst. Mr. Elmer C. Mayes, temp. inst. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc. prof. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. prof. Ms. Diana H. Pennington, temp. inst. Ms. Kathy Roberts, temp. inst. Mr. Johnnie Roberts, assis. prof. Mr. Kirby Roe, temp. inst. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, prof. 297 Dr. Charles R. Carr, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. James B. Burleson, prof. Dr. Catherine Calloway, assis. prof. Dr. J. Scott Darwin, assis. prof. Dr. Marilyn Fontane, assoc. prof. Mr. Sammy Gennuso, assis. prof. Ms. Martha Jane Gill, inst. Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, prof. Mr. Alan Hickman, temp. inst. Dr. Jeffrey Hoeper, assoc. prof Dr. George Horneker, assis. prof Dr. C. Norman Lavers, prof Dr. Rick Lott, temp, assis. prof Mrs. Claire Lyons, inst Dr. Frances Malpezzi, assoc. prof Dr. Thomas Moisan, assoc. prof. Mr. Logan Moon, assis. prof. Mr. Edward Reilly, inst. Ms. Ellen H. Robinson, inst. Ms. Sara Schell, temp. inst. Mr. Craig Smith, temp. inst. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, assoc. prof. Miss Lois Ann Swisher, assis. prof. Mrs. Nancy Young, inst. Department Of English, Philosophy and Languages Dr Charles Hartwig, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. Michael G. Fullington, assoc. prof. Dr. Jane Gates, assis. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, prof. Dr. Ross Marlay, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley Vanagunas, prof, r Richard D. Wang, temp. inst. Department Of Political Science 298 Department Of History Roger Lambert, prof, and chm. Robin Anderson, assoc. prof. Larry Ball, prof. Billy Berry, assis. prof. Michael Dougan, prof. Dr. Charles L. Kenner, prof. Dr. C. K. McFarland, temp. inst. Dr. Timothy Ross, prof. Dr. Dennis Rousey, assoc. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Alexander Syderenko, assoc. prof. Department Of Sociology, Social Work, And Geography Larry Clowers, assis. prof, and chm. Julia Burkhart, assis. prof. Jack Dison, assoc. prof. Patricia Freudiger, assoc. prof. James Harrison, assis. prof. Dr. Jerry King, assis. prof. Dr. Dan Morse, prof. Dr. Larry Nuttbrock, assis. prof. Mr. Emmett Presley, assis. prof. Dr. Hubert Stroud, prof. Dr. Stephen J. Tricarico. assis. prof. 299 College Of Business Dr, Owen B. Moseley, prof, and chm. Mr. Alan Campbell, assis. prof. Mr. Terry Dancer, assis. prof. Mrs. Margaret Hoskins, temp. inst. Dr. Coy N. London, assoc. prof. Ms. Mary Malone, temp. inst. Ms. Ernestine Steward, temp. inst. Dr. Shirl Strauser, prof. Ms. Patricia A. Toney, inst. Dr. Robert E. Whitis. assoc. prof. Mr. Dalton Whitt, assis. prof. Dr. Jerry Crawford, prof, and chm. Dr. Lawrence R. Dale, assoc. prof. Mr. Daniel Ashley Hester, temp. inst. Dr. John Kaminarides, prof. Dr. Gary Latanich, assoc. prof. Mr. William E. Miles, temp. inst. Ms. Melodie Philhours, temp. inst. Mr. Jeffrey R. Pittman, assis. prof. Dr. J. Rex Pulley, prof. Dr. Fuad Talib, assis. prof. Dr. Richard W. Taylor, assoc. prof. Dr. William Williams, assoc. prof. Department Of Accounting Department Of Business Administration And Economics 300 Department Of Computer Information Systems Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, prof, and chm. Mrs. Ruby C. Chittenden, temp. inst. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, assoc. prof. Dr. Georgia Hale, assis. prof Mrs. Angela Hinson, temp. inst. Dr. Charlotte W. Hinson, assis. prof. Mrs. Dorothy L. Peters, inst. Dr. Donald B. Roberts, prof Dr. Ralph Ruby, Jr., prof. Ms. Loretta Sansom, inst. Mr. Clay Watson, inst. Mrs. Ann Whitney, temp. inst. Mr. Richard B. Williams, inst. Mrs. Mary L. Wood, assis. prof. Department Of Marketing And Management Dr. Charles W. Ford, prof, and chm. Dr. Kamvar Farahbod, assis. prof Dr. Wilfred S. Fisher, assis. prof Ms. Jaynette Hineline, assis. prof. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, prof. Ms. Gail I. Hudson, assis. prof. Dr. Douglas Huffman, assoc. prof Mr. Laddie Logan, inst. Dr. William B. Olson, assis. prof. Dr. Stephen Replogle. assoc. prof. Dr. Emelda Williams, assoc. prof. Mr. Charles Yauger, assis. prof. 301 College of Communications Department Of Journalism And Printing Dr. Joel T. Gambill, assoc. prof, and chm. Mr. Eugene Ballard, assis. prof. Mr. Robert J. Bridges, inst. Dr. Thomas V. Dickson, temp, assis. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler, Jr., prof. Mr. Robert W. Kern, inst. Mr. John Marlin Shipman, inst. Mr. John B. Thomas, inst. Department Of Radio Television Mr. Charles L. Rasberry, prof. Mr. Richard A. Carvell, inst. Dr. Charles M. Cranston, assis. prof. Mr. Michael B. Doyle, inst. Mr. Kenneth R. Lane, inst. Mr. Martin Massen, Facilities Director Dr. Gary W. Melton, assis. prof. Dr. Randall K. Scott, assis. prof. 302 College of Education Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department Of Special Education And Speech Pathology Dr. Linda Parchman, prof, and acting chm. Dr. Thomas M. Adams II, assoc. prof. Mrs. Cindy Albright, inst. Mrs. Rosalie Barber, dir. of Intramurals Dr. David Burgess, assis. prof. Mrs. Alta Burns, assis. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, assis. prof. Dr. James DeVazier, prof. Mrs. Charleen Dobson, temp. inst. Mr. Ross Friesen, inst. Dr. Wilbert Gaines, assis. prof. Ms. Kathy Hudson, temp. inst. Mr. Gary Leibrock, inst. Danny Rainwater, equip, clerk Mrs. Frances Smallwood, assis. prof. Mr. William J. Sugg, inst. Miss Pat Welch, inst. Dr. Philip Waldrop, assoc. prof. Dr. James Calder, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. Roberta Daniels, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph Justin III, prof. Ms. Karen Patterson, inst. Dr. Emilio Perez, assoc. prof. Mrs. Joan Roberson, inst. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, assoc. prof. 303 Dr. Robert F. Abbott, prof, and chm Dr. Edmund Barnette, prof Dr. John L. Burns, prof Dr. Beverly DeWater, assis. prof Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof Dr. Robert D. Johnson, prof. Dr. Craig Jones, assoc. prof. Dr. Alvin McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger, assis. prof. Department Of Counselor Education And Psychology Dr. Beverly Boals, assoc. prof, and chm. Mrs. Nancy Bacot, inst. Dr. Sandra Bone, assoc. prof. Mrs. Loretta Bookout, inst. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul Burge, prof. Dr. Fredda D. Carroll, assis. prof. Dr. William G. Chance, prof. Dr. Baron Conaway, prof. Dr. Burton Crosswait, Jr., assoc. prof. Dr. Emma Sue Davidson, assis. prof. Dr. Carolyn Tyree, assis. prof. Dr. Mildred Vance, prof. Dr. Regina Watkins, assis. prof. Department Of Elementary Education 304 Department Of Educational Administration And Secondary Education College Of Agri., Eng., App. Sciences Department Of Agriculture Dr. Albert L. Mink, prof, and chm. Dr. Larry Byrd, assis. prof. Dr. R. C. Clifft, assoc. prof. Dr. W. R. Crumpton, assis. prof. Dr. Robert Engelken, assoc. prof. Dr. J. D. Gillanders, assoc. prof. Mr. Perry Isbell, inst. Dr. Thomas J. Parson, assis. prof. Dr. Lyle G. Rhea, assoc. prof. Department Of Engineering Em 306 College Of Fine Arts Department Of Music Dr. William Holmes, assis. prof, and chm. Dr. Neale Bartee, assoc. prof. Mr. Joe David Bonner, inst. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. Mr. Robin Dauer, inst. Mrs. Sherri S. Dees, inst. Mr. Ken Hatch, inst. Mr. Richard Jorgensen, inst. Dr. M. Ellis Julien, assis. prof. Dr. J. D. Kelly, prof. Mrs. Julia Lansford, assoc. prof. Mr. David Niederbrach, assoc. prof. Mrs. Harriet Abernathy O ' Neal, inst. Dr. James Patty, prof. Dr. Daniel Ross, assoc. prof. Mrs. Sandra Seay, inst. Mr. Alfred Skoog, assoc. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. Ann Swaty, assis. prof. Dr. Theron Waddle, assis. prof. Department Of Speech Communications and Theater Arts Dr. Ovid L. Bayless, prof, and chm. Mrs. Linda Clark, assis. prof. Dr. Marguerite Coe, prof. Mr. Terry Huckabee, assis. prof. Mrs. Theresa Mitchell, assis. prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, assis. prof. Mr. Dennis White, inst. 307 Department Of Art Mr. William Rowe, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. Mr. Roger Carlisle, assoc. prof. Mr. Thomas Chaffee, assoc. prof. Mr. Ronald Clayton, assis. prof. Dr. John Cunnally, assis. prof. Dr. Valerie Hutchison, assis. prof. Dr. Charlott Jones, assoc. prof. Mr. John Keech, assoc. prof. Mr. Evan Lindquist, prof. Mr. Greely Myatt, assis. prof. Mr. Curtis Steele, assis. prof. Military Science SSG 308 College Of Nursing And Health Prof. Department Of Health Professions 1 Department Of Nursing Dr. R. Whitney Williams, assoc. prof, and chm. Ms. Edna Holmes, inst. Ms. Mary J. Rutherford, assis. prof. Mr. Frank Stevens, assis. prof. Mr. Raymond Winters, assis. prof. Dr. Grace R. Whitis, prof, and chm. Mrs. Beverly Bartels, assis. prof. Mrs. Nellie T. Caffery, inst. Ms. Martha Caldwell, assis. prof. Mr. Robert Cox, assis. prof. Mrs. Mary Hartwig, assoc. prof. Ms. Diane C. Meador, assis. prof. Dr. Karen K. Olson, assis. prof. Mrs. Barbara Rubin, assis. prof. Mrs. Lois Snider, inst. Mrs. Annette Stacy, assis. prof. 309 Mr. Bill Owens, of Searcy, makes note of an Issue during an ASU board meeting. W. Hassell McCain, of West Memphis, seriously thinks over one of the nany issues brought up at an ASU board meeting. Scott Lewis, executive assistant to the President, listens intently during an ASU board meeting. - STAT£ , Don Tilton, V P. for University Relations, takes time out from his busy schedule to pose for the yearbook pho- tographer. 311 campus life organizations who ' s who greek life athletics administration ACADEMICS Graduates Scott H. Akridge, Kensett Amer M. Al-Shafei, Saida, Lebanon Michael D. Armstrong, Jr., Jonesboro AmyJo M. Baldoni, Eldred, PA James F. Ball, Monette Tom J. Barber, Jonesboro Jay R. Barnett, Jonesboro Mary K. Barnes, Forrest City Troyce D. Barnett, Cave City Paulie L. Baumgarner, New York, NY L. Baumgarner, Jr., Independence, KS Jeff J. Bennett, West Memphis Cheryl J. Bentley, Jonesboro Charles R. Bidewell, Paragould Myra J. Biggers, Trumann Richard L. Billingsley, Violet Hill Mary A. Bishop, Jonesboro Toby I. Blattner, Conway Deborah J. Bowden, Paragould Jean L. Bradberry, Jonesboro Carolyn F. Buchanan, Marmaduke Kathy A. Burns, Franklin Marvin L. Burton, West Memphis Pamela S. Byrd, Henderson, NC Lisa R. Carter, Marked Tree Job D. Caspall, Walnut Ridge Kim Fee Chai, Pahang, Malaysia Fook Oon Chong, Malaysia Bridget R. Chrisco, Bassett Robert D. Coe, Jonesboro Donna D. Coggin, Jonesboro Arby Cole, Sabah, Malaysia Charles Coleman, Forrest City Jo Ann Coleman, Jonesboro Barbara L. Collins, Jonesboro Lori A. Collomp, Jonesboro Billy R. Cooper, Jonesboro Lyndell J. Cooper, Boswell Rebecca L. Cooper, Trumann Marilyn A. Copeland, Jonesboro Timothy W. Copeland, Blytheville Johnny W. Cude, Leachville Ruthellen Cunnally, Jonesboro Patricia L. Cutshell, Jonesboro Kim H. Danley, Walnut Ridge Glenda S. Davis, Bay Jesse L . Davis, Newport Phillip C. Davis, Norwalk, CA 314 Michail A. DeHaan, Jonesboro Vickie A. DeMent, Rector Bert G. Dickey, West Memphis Rudy L. Dillard, Corning Ralph F. Doyle, Peoria, IL John M. Duffie, Harahan, LA Tracy D. Duncan, Blytheville Jeffrey B. Dunst, Grand Rapids, Ml Jill A. Dycus, Jonesboro Lay Chan Ee, Pahang, Malaysia Cindy L. Elmore, Jonesboro Asghale Etemadi, Mashad, Iran Shelia J. Evans, Brookland Jamie L. Fain, Newport Lamar K. Faught, Jonesboro Betty S. Faupel, Cherry Valley Beth R. Faur, Sikeston, MO Donnis K. Feild, Jonesboro M. Doug Fletcher, Hot Springs Patricia T. Franks, Batesville James E. Freeman, Arkadelphia Michelle L. Gaines, Jonesboro Bridget A. Gately, Jonesboro Luis J. Garcia-Rey, Mexico, Mexico Marie A. George, Lake City Grayson E. Gordon, West Plains, MO Judy L. Gossett, Piggott juuy l. uubbBii, r-i yyuu Mary F. Gray, Jonesboro " Greenway, Kennett, MO F. Griffin, DeWitt Mary J Susan Beth Haizlip, Paragould Nancy R. Halbrook, Jonesboro Khalid Harbi, Jonesboro Tariq S. Harbi, Jonesboro Montie J. Hardy, Forrest City William S. Hardy, Tuckerman Deann R. Harmon, Jonesboro Stanley E. Harp, Jonesboro Carl Harris, Maynard Marty L. Harvill, Paragould Mary J. Hatley, Blytheville M. Ann Hays, Jonesboro Marianne Hays, Jonesboro Kirk A. Hicks, Walnut Ridge Sue B. Hightower, Jonesboro Teresa B. Hinton, Laurel, MS Lai-Lai M. Ho, Hong Kong Melva K. Hodges, Jonesboro Lisa Hogue, Weiner Pamela G. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Betty S. Hopper, Jonesboro J. Todd Howell, Arkadelphia Debbye K. Hubner, Jonesboro John S. Ilangkovan, Kuala Lumpur, W. Malaysia 315 Steven F. Ivy, Forrest City Susan S. Jarrett, Walnut Ridge Lurene D. Jeffers Cindy M. Johnson, Jonesboro Dorothy A. Johnson, Tyronza Ella F. Johnson, Marianna Gregory A. Johnson, Chicago, IL Marvyne R. Jones, Brinkley Megat F. Junid, Kuaca Lumpur, Malaysia Billy G. Justus, Powhatan Carolyn R. Kachevas, Maynard Brenda F. Keech, Jonesboro James E. Kelly, Des Moines, PA Dawn M. Kent, Batesville Farooq Khaliq, Jonesboro Jackie M. Kirbo, Magazine Bobby L. Kirkwood, Newport Augustine A. Lado, Khartoom, Sudan Gary W. Lambert, Jonesboro Charles J. LaMendola, Huntington, NY Ellen G. Lampkins, Paragould Shih-Yung B. Lan, Taiwan, Rep. of China Karen J. Lassiter, Jonesboro Wilma A. Leach, Willow Springs, MO Martha A. Lewis, Trumann Bee Chai Lim, Pahang, Malaysia Julia A. Lindsey, Hardy Diane A. Little, Jonesboro Jim Lively, Ft. Walton Beach, FL Darryle A. Long, Hughes Bock Thai Lor, Pahang, Malaysia Denise Lott, Jonesboro Kimberly A. Lybrand, Osceola Samuel C. Madu, Nigeria Billy J. Madison, Newport Mitchell K. Marks, Fair Oaks Michael L. Martin, McCrory Janice K. May, Marianna Clarissa F. McClain, Warren John D. McClellan, New Edinburg Patricia J. McFall, Doniphan, MO Barbara S. McGuire, Jonesboro Normah Md-Yosoff, Malaysia Deborah K. Medlin, Walnut Ridge Larry B. Melmon, Fresno, NJ Cynthia D. Merilatt, Cherokee Village Peter T. Metzler, Goshen, IN Melody Miller, Corning Said S. Mohamed, Saudi Arabia Yvetta A. Myers, Blytheville ay A. Nabors, Portageville, MO Karen R. Neal, Beebe irilyn D. Newsome, Jonesboro iobin P. Nichols, Jonesboro 316 Don E. Noblin, Lake City Paul D. Norman, Jonesboro Kimberly J. Nourizadeh, Jonesboro Joyce E. Nuttbrock Ehigiator I. Oaiya, Nigeria Gary C. Oltmann, Stuttgart Mable Parks, Jonesboro Crystal D. Parmenter, Rector Pennie M. Ptlueger, Kennett, MO Molly H. Posey, Jonesboro Cynthia R. Price, Naylor, MO Todd F. Prothro, Rose Bud Sandra E. Rahim, Pine Bluff John R. Rainwater, Marianna Julie A. Randleman, Rector Carmen L. Renfroe, Dardenelle Sherlita N. Reeves, Paragould Kenneth G. Renshaw, Piggott Austin B. Richards, Jonesboro R. Jane Richardson, Walnut Ridge Rebekah A. Romero, Jonesboro Jeff J. Rutherford, Jonesboro Anthony D. Sagely, Rogers Beverly M. Sandvos, Mountain Home Lisa H. Sanford, Jonesboro Sarrninah BT Sapari, Johor, Malaysia Donald L. Sexton, Strawberry Karen J. Shackelford, Walnut Ridge Yaya Sharif, Selangor, Malaysia Ahmad Shateri-Mirabadi, Iran Clarence R. Shaw, Blytheville Gene Simmons, New York, NY Linda M. Sims, Monette Clay Sloan, Walnut Ridge Stan J. Sloan, Walnut Ridge Harold G. Souheaver, Paragould Edward C. Spann, Recife, Brazil Gregory E. Spears, Forrest City Mark R. Stanberry, Pittsburg, TX Leshia K. Stevens, Jonesboro L. Sue Stewart, Lonoke Mark A. St. Pierre, Jonesboro Joseph M. Strenfel, Poplar Bluff, MO Edward L. Stuart, Jonesboro Rita M. Tabalujan, Jakarta, Indonesia Suhaila BT Taib, Johor, Malaysia Lisa L. Talley, Jonesboro Harjono Tanoto, Jakarta, Indonesia Dennis R. Thielemier, Pocahontas Glenda F. Thompson, Steele, MO Ruth A. Tilghman, Walnut Ridge Kwan F. To, Hong Kong Sheila M. Turner, Jonesboro Nancy L. VanPatten, Searcy 317 Rosemary Ward, Jonesboro Wanjeng Wang, Taipei, Taiwan Veronica A. Warren, Rockford, IL, Business Administration Janet L. Watson, Manila, AR Kay Williams, Jonesboro, Math Meredith C. Williams, Jonesboro, Rehab Counseling Bliss K. Winningham, Bradford Janice M. Wolf, Waipahu, Hawaii Mark A. Wright, Batesville Robin A. Yates, Paragould Ross T. Yingling, Paragould Zanariah BTE Mohd Zaham, Johor Bahru Joffor, Malaysia Syed N. Zakaria, Kuantan, Malaysia Saleem Q. Zawawi, Honolulu, Hawaii, Finance Terry L. Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro, Speech Communications Theatre Arts Karen K. Zipfel, Cabot Seniors Alicia A. Abbott, Newark, Elementary Ed. Fatahai Abu-Bakar, Pahang, Malaysia, Finance Douglas A. Acuff, Springdale Amy M. Adams, Brinkley, Elementary Educa- tion Leslie K. Adams, Holly Grove, History Political Science Teresa N. Adams, Jonesboro, Accounting Niza Abd. Halim, Johore, Malaysia, Business Administration Shahidan Abdullah, Malaysia, Management Marzuki Adnan, Ampang City, Selangor, Finance Rozalzee Abdul Razak, Malaysia, Business Finance Felicia A. Adams, Junction City, Kansas, Business Administration Hasma Ahmad, Malaysia, Marketing Clifton P. Akers, Jonesboro, Political Science Terry A. Alcorn, Jonesboro, Social Work Craig S. Allen, Poplar Bluff, MO, Agri-Busi- ness Henry L. Allen, Jonesboro, Political Science Katie M. Allen, Marianna Deanna J. Allison, Cooter, MO. Business Ed- ucation Kellie L. Allison, Walnut Ridge, Medical Technology Yousef S. Almehaisan, Riaydh, Saudia Arabia, Computer Information System Christopher W. Almond, Carlisle, Printing Management Obaid Almutairi, Saudi A rabia, CIS Teresa M. Alongi, Jonesboro, Zoology Darlene D. Andrews, Hickory Ridge, Account- ing Tamala T. Apple, Leachville. Computer Info. Systems Kevin R. Arms, Charlotte, Physical Education J. Kent Armstrong, Little Rock Sandy C Arnn, Cave City, Early Childhood Elem. Ed. Cindy R. Arnold, Walnut Ridge, El. Ed. Kerry A. Arnold, Alicia, Speech Pathology Melissa G. Asher, Corning Deborah D. Asher, Neelyville, MO. Elementary Education Eddie J. Ashmore, Blytheville, Manufacturing Technology Stephen R. Atkins, Mammoth Spring, R TV - Theatre Arts Gaylon R. Austin, Kennett, MO, Social Work Myleta D. Austin, Kennett, MO, Elementary Education Azizah Aziz, Kelantan, Malaysia, Computer Science Richard L. Batley, Parkin, Agri. Business Econ. Sonya L. Baldwin, Crossett, Computer Sci- ence Stephen O. Ballard, Corning Victoris Banter. Brookland, Math Education Billy D. Barnett, Marked Tree, Political Sci- ence Carolyn A Barnett, Batesville, Busmess- Mgmt. Debbie K. Barnett, Jonesboro. Accounting William E. Barnett, Keiser, Finance Roger B. Barnhill, Paragould Tammera L. Batterton, Wasilla, Alaska. Business Management Earl R. Batton, Paragould 319 Jeff W. Bauerlein, Newnata Penny L. Baumgarner, Sioux City, IA, Theatre Arts Phyllis Lynn Baumgarner, New York, NY, Theatre Arts Phillip Baumgarner, Traveling, Theatre Arts Donna J. Bearden, Jonesboro, Social Work Beth N. Bearden, Osceola, Elementary Education Donald R. Bearden, Jonesboro William J. Beasley, Lake City, Wildlife Management Steve L. Beck, Searcy Atwood J. Bell, Jonesboro, Marketing Mark A. Belk, Hoxie, Finance Rhonda S. Bell, Corning, Early Childhood Elementary Education Debra A. Bennett, Helena, Business Education Janet R. Bennett, Blytheville, Elementary Education Larry W. Bennett, Judsonia, Agriculture Business Dallas G. Benson, Jonesboro Lavonda A. Berryhill, Cave City, Nursing Administration Susan R. Beshears, Blytheville Edward W. Bigger, Marion Michael D. Bilbrey, Smithville, Agronomy Kerry L. Bilyeu, Tyronza Kathy J. Bird, Kewanee, MO, Medical Technology Tula I. Birge, Jonesboro, Nursing Harry D. Bishop, Paragould William E. Black, Jonesboro, Business Management Brigitte A. Blackwell, Corning, Business Information Computer Systems John A. Blair, Little Rock, Marketing Management Deanna L. Blalock, Jonesboro, Special Education Tammy Blankenship, Turrell. English Education Michael R. Blasengame, Pine Bluff, Computer Information Systems Leith Blocker, Jonesboro, Engineering Angie J. Boatman, London England, Nursing Karamjit Singh Bogha, Ipoh, Malaysia, Engineering Angela K. Boiley, Colt, Social Science Michael P. Bolding, Bald Knob Sherry K. Bolding, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Stephanie D. Bolding, Bald Knob, Journalism Mark A. Book, Piggott, Social Science Andy Boone, Hickory Ridge Timothy A. Boozer, Jacksonville, Computer Information Systems Dina L. Borgeson, Henderson, Marketing Kelly A. Bourland, Blytheville, Marketing Freddy L. Bowen, Hampton Kimberly S. Bowen, Psychology Cindy A. Bowers, Paragould Norma J. Bowen, Jr., Trumann Keith W. Bowman, Dierks, English Karen J. Bradberry, Corning Seay Braden, Senath, MO, Elementary Education Bradley, Jonesboro, Business Administration idway, Jonesboro, Biology D. Brady, Walnut Ridge, Agriculture Engineering Joh _ Bragg, Chicago, IL, Special Education Kimberly D. Bra Mammoth Springs, Social Work 320 Linda D. Braswell, Jonesboro Beverly F. Bray, Mammoth Springs, Radiologic Technology Christine E. Brewer, Pleasant Hill, Nursing Bill R. Bridger, Jonesboro, Computer Information Systems Judy G. Bridges, Pocahontas, Early Childhood Education Juan C. Brito, Venezuela, Computer Science Tony Brodell, Jonesboro, Marketing Angela E. Brown, Clarendon, Elementary Education Dwane M. Brown, Memphis, TN Kristy D. Brown, Melbourne, Elementary Education Letha S. Brown, Jonesboro, Nursing Rob C. Brown, Georgetown, Ont., Canada, Marketing Stephen H. Bruce, Jonesboro, Business Administration Eric C. Bryant, Portageville, MO, Art Education Geneva M. Bryant, Hayti, MO, Elementary Education John P. Buchanan, Marmaduke, Elementary Education Yimin Budiman, Jonesboro, Computer Information Systems Carole M. Buffalo, Carlisle, Business Administration Dutch Burfield, Jonesboro Kenny Burden, Cash Suetta Burge, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Barry S. Burkheart, Marmaduke, Social Science Education Melanie A. Burns, Walnut Ridge, Speech Pathology Russell L. Burns, Jonesboro Karen L. Burrow, Thida Tracy A. Buster, Memphis, TN, Marketing Caroline Busuttil, Mzabba, Malta Betsy A. Butler, Jonesboro, Business Administration J. Dawn Butler, Brookland Leslie A. Butler, North Little Rock Thomas E. Butler, West Memphis, Marketing Rebecca A. Byars Holman, Forrest City, Elementary Education Linda M. Byrd, Largo, FL, Elementary Education Jeff D. Cagle, Palestine, Math Education Linda M. Cagle, Palestine, Early Childhood Education Pamela A. Callis, Rives, MO, Math Education Cathy E. Calvert, Blytheville, Social Work Janeene L. Camp, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Carolyn M. Campbell, Trumann Earnestine Campbell, Forrest City, Elementary Education Mary L. Campbell, Blytheville, Elementary Education Wendy Y. Campbell, Walnut Ridge, English David W. Carmack, Jonesboro, History Donna L. Carman, Forrest City Wayne Carr, Rector, Social Science Regina G. Carroll, Earle, Elementary Education Keri D. Carson, Walnut Ridge, Zoology Lisa R. Carter, Brookland, Administrative Services Jeris Ann Cash, Blytheville, Elementary Education Laura K. Cash, Trumann Phyllis Castleberry, Memphis, TN, Preschool Elementary Education Blair Cartwright, Margarittaville Dale R. Case, Lepanto, Art Education Tim Cater, Manila, Zoology 321 Donna L. Cato, Poplar Bluff, MO, English Jamie D. Cavette, Marvell, Finance Kathy R. Cavitt, West Memphis, Elementary Education Dana R. Chadwick, Rector Joo Bee Chai, Kedah, Malaysia, Electrical Engineering Carla J. Chapman, West Helena, Computer Information Systems Hugh T. Chapman, Horseshoe Bend Lisa J. Chapman, Wynne Mary B. Chambers, Jonesboro, Word Processing Rusty H. Chambers, Memphis, TN, Marketing Cara L. Cheesman, Pine Bluff, Social Work Lou Anne Childers, Blytheville, Elementary Education B. J. Chipman, Osceola, Physical Education Greg A. Clairday, Jonesboro, Marketing Pamela J. Clark, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Phillip A. Clark, Jonesboro, Computer Information Systems Donna F. Clark, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Mia D. Clark, Corning, Early Childhood Education Mark W. Clark, Earle, Marketing Angela A. Clark, Newport, Nursing Jeff E. Clayton, Jonesboro Tommy G. Clark, Jonesboro Trent K. Clayton, Wynne, Vocal Music Education Susan D. demons, Osceola, Elementary Education Anita C. Clifton, Jonesboro, Accounting Rhonnda S. Cloinger, Bono, Physical Education Gracie I. Clifton, Dell, Nursing Edna E. Cobb, Blytheville, Social Work Betty G. Cochran, Mammoth Springs, Biology Angela M. Colclasure, Little Rock, Marketing Gerald D. Cole, Jonesboro, Geography Paul Cole, Paragould, Personnel Management Randy E. Cole, Van Buren, Finance Sonya L. Cole, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Cindy R. Coleman, Corning, Accounting David Coleman, Forrest City, Psychology Stephanie B. Coleman, Holly Grove Tim Collie, Melbourne, Criminology Russ R. Collier, Dexter, MO Jerry W. Collier, Dexter, MO Norman A. Collins, Atlanta, GA, Management Dianne M. Conaway, Jonesboro, Zoology Patty A. Cook, Cherry Valley, Elementary Education Leslie B. Coop, Jonesboro Gerald W. Cooper, Melbourne, Agriculture Education Michael R. Cooper, Wynne Regina C. Cooper, Calico Rock, Social Science Education Rowdy Cooper, Palestine, Mathematics Jeff D. Cope, Eldorado, Music J. Kevin Corkran, Helena, Radio-Television Sherry D. Coulter, Chicago, IL, Speech Diane C. Counts, Hardy, Elementary Education Leslie Couturier, Memphis, TN, Radiology Betty J. Cox, Paragould, Elementary _ Education Dee A. Cox, Hickory Ridge Deborah P. Cox, Waldenburg Donald W. Cox, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Pamela E. Cox, Bono, Public Relations Pamela S. Cox, Doniphan, MO, Elementary Ed. Cary Crain, Jonesboro James G. Cramer, Peoria, IL, Civil Eng. Dasie L. Crawford, Leachville Lana Creel, Light, Office Adm. Melvene E. Crews, Paris, TN. Russell L. Crouch, Trumann Cindy K. Cunningham, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Lee M. Cunningham, Paragould Roy C. Cunningham, Kennett, MO, Psychology Chris E. Dacus, Jonesboro, Wildlife Management Lesa A. Dacus, Jonesboro Abu Bacar Dahanan, Perak, Malaysia, Accounting Lori A. Daigle, New Orleans, LA, Finance David S. Dailey, Jonesboro Deanna M. Dailey, Kennett, MO, Marketing James D. Dalton, Ellsinore, MO Yvette M. Dalton, Dayton, OH Sheila E. Darby, Forrest City, Criminology Shelly Joe Datton, Bono, Med. Tech. Mary E. Davenport, Jonesboro, Computer Information Sys. Gail S. Davidson, Blytheville, Computer Sci. Beverly K. Davis, Poplar Bluff, MO, Accounting Carol L. Davis, Des Arc, Marketing Catherine A. Davis, Little Rock, Computer Information Sys. Gary M. Davis, Poplar Bluff, MO James W. Davis, Jonesboro, Music Kathy Davis, Clinton, Radio-TV Kristina R. Davis, Jonesboro, Nursing Linda J. Davis, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Marva A. Davis, Marston, MO, Business Adm. Margaret Jackie Davis, Forrest City, Eng. Ed. Michael Dean Davis, Minturn Patty Davis, Jonesboro Rhonda K. Davis, Newport Tommy Davis, Jonesboro, Business Management Bobby G. Dean, O ' Kean, Management Bernard J. DeClerk, Pocahontas Hollie M. Denton, West Memphis, Accounting Connie A. DePriest, Brinkley, Business Adm. Wendy A. Depriest, Searcy, Business Adm. Diana Monroe Despain, Lake City, Journalism - P.R. John M. Dickey, Jonesboro, Finance Tommy L. Dicus, McCrory Landon Wade Dilday, Newport, Zoology Lee Dodson, Arkadelphia, Physical Ed. Marva J. Dollar, Jonesboro, Accounting Kelly L. Dooley, Jonesboro Camille Downs, Jonesboro, Accounting William D. Downs, Arkadelphia 323 Matthew Doyle, Hoxie, Accounting Colleen Dublin, Salem, Pre-law William Dudley, Harrisburg, Real Estate In- surance Renita Dulaney, Forrest Deborah Dunigan, Caraway, Early Childhood Education Gena Dunkerson, Caraway, Computer Infor- mation Systems John Dunn, Van Buren, Journalism Matthew Dust, Pocahontas Sharon Dust, Henderson, TX, Marketing Vickie Eads, Pocahontas, Computer Informa- tion Systems Cynthia Eagan, Blytheville Wesley Eddington, Paragould, Psychology Ginger Edgar, Jonesboro Beverly Elizandro, Blytheville, Social Science Ronda Elliott, Blytheville, Accounting Jim Ellis, Piggott Mark Elmore, Pine Bluff, Business Adminis- tration John Elway, Denver, Colorado, Agriculture Business Economics Barry Erwin, Jonesboro, Finance David Eubanks, Cardwell, MO Steve Eubanks, Carryville, Agri Business David Evans, Paragould DeAnna Evans, Trumann, Elementary Educa- tion Russell Evans, Jr., Marianna, Agriculture - Business Terri Evans, Blytheville, Business Administra- tion Craig Evensen, Daytona Beach, FL, Graphic Design Roxanne Everhart, Harrisburg, Graphic De- sign Michele Evyan, Blytheville, Zoology Moses Exechinweoke, Nigeria, Criminology Pamela Fagan, Gatewood, MO, Journalism Dorothy Farris, Batesville, Nursing Edwin Faughn, Paragould, Graphic Design Dee Feild, Jonesboro Carla Felts, Jonesboro Marty Felts, Marion, Pre-Dental Mark Ferguson, Searcy, Public Relations Beverly Ferris, Jonesboro, Business Manage- ment Tom Fielder, Frankfort, IL, Finance Charlotte Fields, Forrest City, Ph Amy Fitts, Brinkley, Physical Education Bonnie Fleming, Kansas City, MO, Music Ed- ucation John Fleming, Osceola, Wildlife Management Johnny Fleming, Keiser, Physical Education Josephene Flowers, Hughes Deborah Folis, Memphis, TN, Physical Educa- tion Mark Foltz, West Memphis, Graphic Design Yoke Fong, Malaysia, Chemistry Brian Ford, Osceola Lisa Ford, Tyronza, Nursing Susan Foreman, Gamaliel, Business Adminis- tration Donna Foster, Pocahontas, Elementary Edu- cation Sharon Fountain, Salem, Elementary Educa- tion LeA nn Fowler, Wheatley, Office Administra- tion Jerry Fowler, Jonesboro, Computer Informa- tion Systems 324 « 1 i Edet Frank, Oron, Nigeria, Computer Informa- tion Systems Mark Franzen, Stuttgart, Ag Bus. Monica Fraser, McCrory, Nursing Iris French, Harviell, MO Pamela French, Fisher, Nursing Stephen French, Tuckerman Nicole Fries, Sherwood, ELED Vickie Fulbright, Wynne, Elementary Educa- tion Dwayne Gallaher, Memphis, TN, Marketing Martin Gallaher, Paragould Lana Gander, Beech Grove, Nursing Van Gardner, Little Rock, Finance Edna Gaskin, Harrisburg, Social Work Neil Gately, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Kimberly Gatlin, Paragould John Gatling, Helena, Philosophy Wilma Gatling, Forrest City John Gay, Newport, Physical Education Elise Gemberling, Gideon, MO, Computer In- formation Systems Tonya George, Kennett, MO, Elementary Edu- cation Brenda Gibson, Bono, Nursing Todd Gibson, Jonesboro, Marketing Trans- portation E. Sharlene Giles, Paragould, Elementary Ed- ucation Joseph Gill, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Business Janet Gilliaum, Newport, Agri. Business Kevin Gilmore, Braggadocio, MO, Ag. Busi- ness Danny Glover, Wynne, History Carol Goldsmith, Senath, MO, Elementary Ed- ucation Early Childhood Teri Goodman, Cape Girardeau, MO Julie Goodwin, Calion, Marketing Lois Gosney, Weiner, Business Administra- tion Tony Gould, Jonesboro, Printing Management Patricia Grant, Sherwood, Computer Informa- tion Systems Mary Gray, Poplar Bluff, MO, Marketing Stephen Gray, Blytheville, RTV Carolyn Green, Wynne, Early Childhood Elem. Ed. Daniel Green, Toronto, Canada, Business Ad- ministration Randy Green, Sidney, Marketing Tami Greenway, Paragould, Health Physical Education Ricky Greer, Memphis, TN Constance Grimes, Hardy Aileen Grizzle, Monticello, Chemistry Aaron Grobe, Dexter, MO, Finance Lori Guinn, Arbyrd, MO, Nursing Danny Gullett, Pocahontas, Physical Educa- tion Paul Gunter, West Memphis Johnny Guthrie, Batesville, P.E. Brett Hacker, Bryant Bonnie Hackley, Doniphan, MO, Elementary Education Rosemary Hafner, Toledo, Onio S. Craig Hagan, Boulder, CO, Physical Educa- tion Dianna Hager, Jonesboro, Graphic Design Chris Hagler, Wynne, Elementary Education Janet Hagood, Pocahontas, Early Childhood Elem. Ed. 325 Stan Haigwood, Newport, Management Greta Hale, Marianna, Speech Pathology Bryan Hall, Jonesboro, Psychology Coun- seling Education Terri Hamilton, Helena, Computer Information Systems Boyce Hamlett, Kennett, MO Michael Hamley, Melbourne, Accounting Joni Hampton, Hickory Ridge, Physical Edu- cation Noor Hamzah, Kota Bhru, Kelantan, Malaysia, Civil Engineering Pam Handley, Tupelo, Physical Education Kay Hanebrink, Jonesboro Lavern Hardy, Forrest City, Business Admin- istration Roy Hardy, Genoa, Physical Ed. William Hardy, Paragould, Mathematics Frances Hare, Wynne, Elementary Education Rex Harmon, Corning, Management Keith Harms, Ackley, IA, Business Adminis- tration Janet Harp, Hoxie, Computer Science Barry Hardin, Keiser, Physical Education Ricky Harrell, Monette, Social Science Jodone Harris, Kennett, MO, Elementary Edu- cation Karen Harris, Strawberry, English Renita Harris, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Manage- ment Sales Scott Harris, Jonesboro, Accounting Victoria Harris, Jonesboro, Nursing Katie Hart, Hornersville, MO Greg Harton, Little Rock, Journalism Julie Harvey, Jonesboro Lisa Hawkins, Leachville Marsha Hawkins, Kennett, MO, Real Estate Tara Haydar, Jonesboro, Medical Technology Tracey Haynes, Jonesboro William Haynes, Prescott, Biology John Hays, Jonesboro Shari Hays, Jonesboro, Studio Art Tammy Healy, Mammoth Spring Alyce Heeb, Harrisburg, Marketing Laura Heern, Jonesboro, Elementary Educa- tion Mike Heggie, Kensett, Agri Engineering Roger Helms, Smithville, Animal Science Anna Henderson, Jacksonport Madra Henderson, Marked Tree, Computer Science Kathryn Hendrix, Jonesboro, Elementary Edu- cation G. W. Henson, Jonesboro, Political Science Kenneth Herren, Paragould Renee Hess, Wynne, Early Childhood Educa- tion Samantha Hess, Wynne, Elem Ed Early Child- hood Colin Hester, Paragould, Chemistry Jack Heston, Desha, Communications (Radio-TV) Jennifer Hicks, Caruthersville, MO, Public Re- lations Emmitt Hill, Wynne, Computer Science Jerrilyn Hill, Whitehouse, TX, Mgmt Melessa Hill, Jonesboro Melvin Hill, Engineering Ron Hillers, Delhi, IA, Finance 326 John Hillman, Carlisle Michael Hiner, Ft. Blackmore, VA, Pre-Den- tistry Judy Hinton, Doniphan, MO, Nursing Jeffrey Hitt, Jonesboro, Chemistry Jamaludin HJ. Zakaria, K-Kurau, Perak, Ma- laysia Donna Hobbs, Ravenden, Art Education Marian Hockaday, Newport Barry Hodges, Forrest City, Physical Educa- tion Laura Hofmann, Lincoln, Accounting Kathy Hogan, Kennett, MO, Special ED ELED Sarah Hogan, Jonesboro, Social Work Christi Hogue, Jonesboro, Zoology Randall Holden, Trumann, Management Lisa Holder, Paragould Michael Holliday, Augusta, Business Manage- ment Crystal Hollis, Forrest City, Radio TV Kris Holloway, Sheridan, Urban and Regional Affairs Kimberly Holt, Marianna, English ED Kevin Hopkins, Pine Bluff Cara Hopp, Vilonia, Psychology Hoshang Hormasji, Lahore, Pakistan, Engi- neering (Mechanical Electrical) Charlon Horton, Sulphur Rock Curt Howard, Strawberry Daniel Howard, Jonesboro, Music Education Alicia Hubbard, Wichita, KS, Psychology Art Hubbard, Dell, Computer Information Systems Karen Hubbard, Blytheville, Management Donna Hudson, Doniphan, MO, Elem. Ed. Early Childhood Ginger Hufstedler, Pocahontas Wade Hughes, Waterford, Ml, Criminology Drama Eric Humphrey, Miami, FL, Criminal Justice Ricky Hurst, Nimmons, Agriculture Business Economics Zahari Husin, Terengganu, Malaysia, Market- ing Brent Hutchison, Jonesboro, Management Mohamed Iqbal, Penang, Malaysia Patricia Isbell, Jonesboro, Journalism-Public Relations Cathy Isch, Newport, Music Education Emily Jackson, West Memphis, Elementary Education Lori Jackson, Sikeston, MO, Social Work Terri Jackson, Luxora, Finance Wanda Jackson, Paragould, Sp. Ed - EL ED Abdul Jamaludin, Tawau Sabah, Malaysia, Fi- nance Jamie Jamison, Paragould, Business Educa- tion James Jarvis, Ellsinore, MO, Real Estate Ins. Vivi Jayroe, Palestine, Early Childhood Ele- mentary Randall Jeffers, Brinkley, Criminology Peggy Jeffries, Jonesboro Robert Jennings, Augusta, Business Manage- ment Robert Jett, Tyronza Debbie Johns, Paragould, Fine Arts (empha- sis in Graphic Design) Carl Johnson, Steele, MO, Agri. Bu. Dana Johnson, Cooter, MO Donna Johnson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Julie Johnson, Cave City, Business Education 327 Kami Johnson, Harviell, MO, Computer Infor- mation Systems Lori Johnson, Pocahontas, Radio TV Broad- casting Rodney Johnson, West Helena, Business Ad- ministration Terri Johnson, Chicago, IL, Business Victor Johnson, East St. Louis, IL Ina Jolliff, Manila Alan Jones, Jonesboro, Accounting Bernard Jones, Pawtuckett, IA Mitzi Jones, Viola, Social Work Ronda Jones, Hoxie, Elementary Education Tim Joseph, Searcy, Business Management Mazmi Kamal, Alor Petar Malaysia, Computer Science Mike Kelley, Walnut Ridge Sloane Kelley, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood EL. ED Keith Kellam, Cotton Plant, Plant Science Lye Khoo, Penang, Malaysia, Business Fi- nance Leisa Kieffner, Paragould Lynda Kimble, Joiner, Criminology Mary King, Winchester, TN, Psychology Paul King, Gosnell, Business Administration Ron Kingston, Paragould, Agriculture Busi- ness Frankie Kisner, Pocahontas, Criminology Mark Kneibert, Poplar Bluff, MO, Physical Ed- ucation Mary Knowles, Paragould, Business Adminis- tration Lynn Knutson, Little Rock Sa-Hoi Koo, State University, Bus. Admin. Cynthia Kraft, Ft. Thomas, KY Vicki Kuykendall, Marmaduke, Accounting Becky LaGore, Kennett, MO, Elementary Edu- cation Choon Lai, Selangor, Malausia, Business Fi- nance Ga Chuan Lai, Malaysia, Finance Swee Har Lam, Singapore, Computer Infor- mation Systems Brian Lambert, Parkin Tracy Lamberth, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Elementary ED Gerald Lambie, Egypt Jackie Lang, Paragould Pamela Langston, Norfork, Accounting Nancy Larsen, Paragould, Social Science Gayla Lashley, Paragould, Marketing Sandy Laurence, Bono, Medical Technology Angie Layne, Jonesboro, Business Adminis- tration Boon Lee, Penang, Malaysia, Business-Fi- nance Derek Lee, Jonesboro Greg Lee, Pine Bluff, Criminology Janet Lee, Jonesboro, Management Helen Leniear, North Little Rock, Speech Communications Phillip Lewallen, Lynn, Radio TV Broadcasting Thomas Lewallen, Montezuma, KS, Com- munications ;.ewellyn, Grubbs, Elementary Educa- tion Newport, Business Administra- tion orrest City, Plant Science ernon Lindsey, Maiden, MO 1 Linn, Forrest City, Music ED Rodii kett Pine Bluff, Journalism 328 Linda Lockhart, Hughes Tracy Loomis, Blytheville, Nursing Randal Looney, Oil Trough, Wildlife Manage- ment Audrey Lott, Blytheville, Journalism-News Edi torial LaNeel Lovelace, Blytheville, Psychology Donald Lovett, Strong, Radio-TV Jimmy Lowery, Harrisburg Randy Lyles, Rector, Management Lucy Lynn, Paragould, Special Education Mary Lynn, Chicago, IL, Nursing Lisa Lyons, Stuttgart Karri Mabry, Jonesboro, Elementary Educa- tion Teddi Mabry, Paragould Samuel Macheak, Bald Knob, Political Sci- ence Nancy Mackey, Newport, Music Education Robert Mackey, Jonesboro, Political Science C. Preston Maddox, Tallahasse, FL Susan Mahon, Hickory Ridge, Business Ad- ministration Jerry Malone, Gallatin, TN, Journalism-Public Relations Myron Mann, Jr., Harrisburg Jeanette Marks, Hardy, English Janice Marshall, Keiser, English Charles Martin, Jr., Willow Springs, R TV Clint Martin, McCrory Cora Martin, West Helena, Office Administra- tion Lisa Martin, Harrisburg, Speech Pathology Robin Martin, Batesville, Nursing Ruth Martin, Paragould, Sociology Beverly Mason, Harrisburg, Accounting Alice Massey, White Oak, MO, Elementary Education Donald Massey, Marianna Keith Massey, White Oak, MO, PE Allen Masters, Trumann, Marketing-Transpor- tation Linda Mathis, Wynne, Business Administra- tion Benita Matlock, Memphis, TN, Nursing Steve May, Jonesboro, Finance B. J. McAfee, Wilson, Physical Education Christopher McAlee, Imboden Russell McAllister, Paragould, Wildlife Man- agement Charles McCarty, Osceola, Business Adminis tration Jimmy McClain, Kennett, MO Teresa McClure, Paragould, Accounting Derek McCord, Wardell, Ml, P.E. History Christi McCormick, Kennett, MO, Math Edu- cation James McCormick, Colt Kenneth McCoy, Jonesboro, Social Work Tena McCoy, Paragould, Nursing Peggy McCrackin, West Memphis, Elementa- ry Education Darla McCreless, Paragould, Biology Educa- tion Sheila McCurley, Forrest City Tommy McDonald II, Bragg City, MO Laura McFarlin, Jonesboro Ivy McGee, Marion, Chemistry Ellen McGinnis, Marianna, Zoology 329 Mitch McGrew, Baker, Louisiana, Physical Education Veronica McGriff, Blytheville Deborah McGuire, Senath, MO, Social Work William McKisson, Jonesboro, Finance Lisa McLemore, Alexander Hazel McPherson, Paragould, Accounting Christopher McQuay, Jonesboro, Computer Science Greg Meek, Hot Springs, R-TV Elizabeth Mefford, Mammoth Spring, El ED Jerris Meredith, Senath, MO, Special Educa- tion Robert Merrill, Forrest City, Agri Eng. Gene Metcalf, Leachville, Radio-TV Thomas Micheli, Paragould, Elementary Edu- cation Stewart Michels, Mishawaka, IN, Wildlife Management Denita Miller, Blytheville, Business Adminis- tration Donna Miller, Doniphan, MO, Elem Ed Spec. Ed Guy Miller, Blytheville Jack Miller, Bono Robert Miller, Helena, Zoology Stephen Miller, Paragould, Accounting Tracy Miller, Brookland, Business Economics Amanda Mills, Bay, Accounting Bridgette Mills, Jonesboro Steven Mills, Jonesboro, Marketing Tim Mills, Pine Bluff, Engr. David Minick, Rector, Chemistry Stan Mitchell, Paragould, Math Shelia Mobley, Piggott, Criminology Bukhari Mohd, K. Kangsar Malaysia, Finance Isa Rohaimi Mohd, Perak Malaysia, Marketing Noor Azmi Mohd, Malaysia, Marketing (Trans- portation) Rush Ardiana Mohd, Kedah Malaysia. Finance Cecelia Moore, Jonesboro, Nursing Daniel Moore, Corning, Business Administra- tion E. Carolyn Moore, Leachville, Business Com- puter Information Systems Johnny Moore, Bay, Marketing Lavanda Moore, Viola, Nursing Wade Moore, Jacksonville, Criminology Joanna Moraitis, Chicago, IL Marsha Moran, Earle, English Mark Morgan, Harrisburg, Agn-Busmess Economics Norma Morgan, Jonesboro, Nursing Letha Morris, Jonesboro, Elementary Educa- tion Clayton Morrow, Turrell, Elementary Educa- tion Jeff Moses, Jonesboro, Finance Mitch Mosley, Business Management Bill Moss, Oxford, Mech. Engr. David Moss, Oxford, Elect. Engr. Greg Moss. Caruthersville, MO, Physical Edu- cation lat, Secondary Education 3, Horseshoe Lake, Theater Arts n, Electrical Engineering Miguel Muk ,r,-Monagas Venezuela, Civil Engr. Laura Mullins, Paragould, Business Education 330 Pamela Murphy, Ironton, MO, Elementary Ed- ucation Rohaizat Mustaffa, Kedah Malaysia James Myers, Jr., Fisk, MO Jon Myers, Texarkana Gretta Neal, Cave City, Graphic Art Jon Neal, Sturkie Joy Newberry, Beech Grove, Nursing Robert Newberry, Paragould, Personnel Mgmt. Nhu Nguyen, Jonesboro, Zoolog y Darla Nichols, Senath, MO Karen Nichols, Jonesboro Carla Nicholson, Swifton, Early Childhood Ed- ucation Jeffrey Nickell, Doniphan, MO, Business Adm. Brenda Nicks, Marianna, English Lori Noblin, Jonesboro Tammie Nolen, Caruthersville, MO, Adminis- trative Services Glenda Norrid, Holland, MO, Nursing Sheila Northern, Steele, MO, Speech Patholo- gy Todd Norfish, Little Rock, P.E. Richard Nutt, Paragould, Agri. Business Peggy O ' Connor, Poplar Bluff, MO, Elementa- ry Education Cathy Oldham, Jonesboro, Marketing E. Jeanette Oldman, Harrisburg, Business Ad- ministration Zuraidah Omar, Johore, Malaysia Boon Ong, Houston, TX Mary Orlick, Paragould, Elem. Education Willis Osban, Lepanto, General Science Stefanie Osborn, Jonesboro, Computer Sci- ence Tammy Osborn, Amagon, Elementary Educa- tion William Oswalt, Forrest City Khairil Othman, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Elec- trical Engineering Jeff Owen, Jonesboro, Marketing Nancy Owens, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Edu- cation Angela Oxford, Springdale, Elementary Edu- cation Todd Parisi, Chesterfield, MO, Social Sci- ences Chris Parker, Paragould, Computer Science Pam Parker, Paragould, Elementary Educa- tion Billy Parks, Alicia, Medical Technology Joe Parks, Osceola, Computer Science John Parks, Blytheville, Physical Education Singh Parminder, India, Printing Technology Misty Parrish, McDougal, Finance Danny Patterson, Paragould, Manufacturing Tech. Jerold Patterson, Memphis, TN, Criminology Stacy Paudert, West Memphis, Journalism- Public Relations Jimmy Perkins, Bono, Agriculture Business Economics John Perry, Jonesboro, Real Estate Insurance Johnny Perry, Wynne, Social Science Ed. Sherry Perry, Osceola Debbie Peters, Griffithville, Early Childhood Education Ricky Philhours, Leachville, Nursing Bobby Phillips, Jonesboro, Agricultural Busi- ness Leslie Pickering, Jonesboro, Social Science James Pierce, Jonesboro, Agriculture Busi- ness Economics 331 Pam Pierce, Pocahontas, Social Work Patricia Pigg, Doniphan, MO Wm. " Tiny " Pike, Dewitt, Finance Penny Pillow, Paragould, Accounting Wes Pillow, Cardwell, MO, Social Science Randy Pinson, Jonesboro, Physical Education Julie Plunkett, Bono Fernando Poe, Jr., Angeles City, Philippines, Business Adm. David Porter, Jonesboro, Plant Science Charlotte Power, Jonesboro, Social Science Peggy Powers, Pocahontas, Radio-Television Robert Prichard, Pocahontas LaWanda Prince, Jonesboro, Psychology Dametra Proffitt, Dyess, Medical Technology Djuana Prothro, Romance, Early Childhood Elem Ed. Dinah Pryor, Wynne Jason Pulles, Milwaukee, Wl, Computer Infor- mation Systems Charisse Quarles, Blytheville, Marketing Ronald Radchff, Pocahontas A. Rashid Rahman, Kyantan Malaysia, Fi- nance James Rainwater, Paragould, General Studies Mark Ramsey, Jonesboro, Personnel Man- agement Melanie Randolph, Russellville, KY, Social Work Dana Rasmussen, Sidney, Business Finance Lisa Rattler, Poplar Bluff, MO, Administrative Services Janelle Ray, Trumann, Business Education Kevin Ray, Caruthersville, MO Kara Raydar, Blytheville, Biology Regina Ragan, Marmaduke, Finance Mike Reece, Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Kimberly Reed, Wynne, Early Childhood Elem Ed Gwen Reeves, Bono, Elementary Education Carolyn Reid, Kennett, MO, Elem. Ed. Stuart Reid, Toronto Ontario Canada, Finance Cindy Reves, Crossett, Journalism John Reynolds, Paragould Stacy Reynolds, McCrory, Early Childhood Elem. Ed. Paul Rice, Carlisle, Radio Television Ken Rich, Neelyville, MO, Physical Education E. Diann Richardson, Knobel, Administrative Services Karen Ricker, Corning, Speech Pathology Tosknella Riddle, Cotton Plant, Nursing Virginia Riddle, Fort Smith, Elementary Ed.- Early Childhood Ronald Riggs, Paragould, Business Adminis- tration Kelly Roberson, Helena, Business Manage- ment Scott Roberson, Jonesboro, Finance Debra Roberts, Marmaduke, Nursing Jeffrey Roberts, Searcy Roberts, Lepanto, Secondary Educa- tion iertson, Jr., Caruthersville, MO, Advertising James Robinett, Pocahontas n. Jonesboro, Marketing n, Carlisle, Accounting Teresa Roe, Manila. Early Childhood Educa- tion 332 Elizabeth Rogers, Jonesboro, Early Child- hood Elem. Ed. Vicki Romine, Rector, Physical Education Steve Rorex, Weiner, Physical Education Gayle Ross, Sulphur Rock, Education - Biolo- gy Barry Rossell, Marked Tree, Data Processing John Rossnofsky, The Bluff, Zoology D. Brent Rotton, Tahlequah, OK Brent Rougeau, Jonesboro, Ag. Ed. Tammy Rudkin, Gideon, MO Jason Runsick, Swifton, Ag. Business Barbara Rush, Senath, MO, Early Childhood James Russell, Hardy, Accounting Shazatul Sabidin, Kuantan-Pahang, Malaysia, Political Science Halila Salahuddin, Kelantan, Malaysia Nooraishah Salleh, Johore, Malaysia Steve Sampson, Crestview, FL Kraig Sanders, Jonesboro, Marketing Ruth Sanders, Salem, Early Childhood Educa- tion Sharon Sartin, Jonesboro, Early Childhood El. Ed. Lara Sartini, Marion, Speech Pathology Mike Satton, Kennett, MO, Business Mgmt. Robert Saunders, Lepanto Thomas Scales, Kennett, MO, Plant Science Dawna Schatzley, Paragould Dale Schenk, West Burlington, IA, Physical Education Susan Schoessel, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed- ucation Douglas Scott, Poplar Bluff, MO, Finance Eric Scott, Germantown, TN, R-TV Gary Scott, Jonesboro, Physical Education John Scott, Sedgwick, Bus. Ad. Tammi Scott, Manila, Elem. Ed. Bobby Seal, Piggott, Business Administration Clark Secrease, Fisher Freda Shaken, Jonesboro, Nursing Bruce Shannon, Blytheville, Music Ed. Lana Sharley, Campbell, MO, Elementary Ed. Early Childhood Mary Shaver, Wynne, Chemistry Bonnie Shaw, Thida Deborah Sheard, Hayti, MO, Health Service Adm. Tresa Sheard, Hayti, MO, Computer Informa- tion System Vivian Sheets, Hoxie, Accounting Deborah Shepard, Paragould Colette Sheridan, West Plains, MO Brenda Shockley, Paragould, Fine Arts Sandra Siddell, Mayflower Mark Simmons, North Little Rock, Journal- ism-News Ed Lance Sims, West Plains, MO Shan Sinnan, Kelang Malaysia, Computer Sci- ence Steve Sipa, Jonesboro Amanda Sites, Jonesboro, Biology James Skipper, England, Physics Scott Skoog, Jonesboro Donna Slaton, Wilson, Business Education Alfred Smith, Osceola, Accounting 333 Beverly Smith, Turrell Carrie Smith, Jonesboro, Business Adminis- tration Dana Smith, Paragould, Social Science Daniel Smith, Disney, Marketing Hana Smith, Cave City James Smith, Olney, IL, Business Mgmt. Janis Smith, Kennett, MO, Elementary Ed Kirk Smith, Steele, MO, Phy. Ed. Lisa Smith, Walnut Ridge, Business Ad. Mary Smith, Paragould, Elementary Education Melinda Smith, Leachville, Special Ed Penny Smith, Tyronza, Radiologic Technology Roger Smith, McCrory, Computer Science Sandra Smith, Melbourne, Nursing Sheila Smith, Blytheville, Computer Science Steve Smith, Paragould, Computer Science Trina Smith, Viola, Elementary Ed. Wesley Smith, Hardy, Computer Information Systems Mark Smithee, Hoxie Sherry Sneed, Walnut Ridge, Marketing Rusty Snelson, Bradford, Nursing Brooks Snider, Jonesboro, Physical Educa- tion Paul Snodgrass, Hoxie, Social Science Victoria Snodgrass, Pocahontas, Accounting Bill Snow William Soden, Tuckerman Angela Sorrell, Myrtle, MO, Elem. Ed. Early Childhood James Southern, Steele, MO Tracy Sparks, Kennett, MO, Marketing Russ Spencer, Doniphan, MO, Business Mgmt. Doris Spradling, Poplar Bluff, MO, Nursing Paula Sprinkle, Bono, Elem. Ed. Jamie Staggs, Memphis, TN, Elem. Ed. Tim Stallings, Jonesboro, Real Estate Stephen St. Clair, Jonesboro Linda Steese, Dardanelle, Graphic Design Jeanette Steimel, Pocahontas, Social Science Altha Stephens, Jonesboro Kim Stephens, Johannesburg, South Africa, Physical Education Sandra Stevens, Jonesboro Alvin Stewart, Jonesboro Dana Stewart, Steele, MO Laura Stewart, Fort Smith, Finance Jeremy Stockert, Minot, MD, Zoology-Pre- Med Charles Stockton, Jonesboro, Plant Science Ellen Stoddard, Ozark Acres, Elementary Ed- ucation Jeannie Stone, Jonesboro, Mathematics Andrew Strabala, Sigma Chi, MO, Economics troud, Melbourne, Early Childhood ED . Mountain Home, Fine Arts ally Sullivan, Burdette, English tt, Pocahontas, Finance Surnpter, Marked Tree Debra Sutterfield, West Memphis, Elem. Edu- cation Early Childhood 334 Kean Tan, Kelang Selangor, Business Mar- keting Brian Tate, Jonesboro, Criminology Karen Tate, Amagon, Business Administration Ginger Taylor, Kennett, MO, Medical Technol- ogy Joseph Taylor, Brookland, Computer Science Lance Taylor, Jonesboro, Social Science Lisa Taylor, Monette, Zoology Mark Taylor, Blytheville, Radio TV Michael Taylor, EIDorado, Marketing Peggy Taylor, Corning, Elem. ED Robin Taylor, Corning, Biology Virginia Taylor, Forrest City Deborah Teague, Monette Tyson Teel, Alicia, Business Management E. Vonette Templeton, Jonesboro, Sociology Jim Terry, Jonesboro, Computer Information Systems Kathy Theoharis, Germantown, TN Edwin Thomas, Rolling Hills, CA, Health Ser- vices Administration Kayla Thomas, Jonesboro Leslie Thomas, Jonesboro, Accounting Roy Thomas, Paragould D. Gail Thompson, Paragould Debra Thompson, Newport, Nursing J. Renee Thompson, Jonesboro, Marketing John Thompson, Brinkley, Ag Business Keith Thompson, Jonesboro, Zoology Stephanie Thompson, Paragould, Social Work Teresa Throgmorton, Wynne, Music Educa- tion Nancy Tippy, Wilson, Early Childhood Dianne Todd, Jonesboro, Social Science Michael Todd, Parkin Suzette Todd, Camden, Nursing Candy Trammell, Jonesboro, Elementary Physical Education Marshall Trantham, Needham, Marketing (Transportation) Marna Travis, Jonesboro, Marketing Wanda Treat, Batesville, Elem Education Mark Trusty, Strawberry, Marketing Tim Turnbow, Walnut Ridge Lesley Turner, Solgohachia, Radio-TV Patricia Turner, Colt, Elem. ED James Tyner, Jonesboro, Public Relations Edward Van Halen, Stuttgart, Music Elizabeth Vaughn, Earle, Nursing Alesia Veasley, Osceola Suetta Veatch, Campbell, MO, El. Ed-Spec. Ed. Terry Verkler, Jr., Kansas City, KS Cheryl Vichkon, Cave City, Nursing Randi Vincent, North Little Rock, Graphic De- sign Debra Volner, Harrisburg, Special Education Elementary Education Grace Vudures, Harrisburg, Animal Science Pre-Vet Robert Waddell, Marvell, Real Estate Insur- Bob Waldrop, Port Charlotte, FL, Physical Ed- ucation Kala Walker, Peach Orchard Phyllis Walker, Pocahontas, Elementary Edu- cation 335 Tim Walker, Jonesboro, Graphic Design Arlee Wallace, Turrell, Social Work Mark Wallace, Kennett, MO, Finance Patrick Walsh, Manila Valeria Walter, Marianna Regma Ward, Oxford, Marketing Glenda Warren, Newport, Medical Technology Vincent Washam, Mammoth Spring Joni Washburn, Hughes, Marketing Steve Watkins, Monette, Public Relations Bill Watson, Earle Laverne Webb, Marked Tree, Social Work Sandra Webb, Marianna, Accounting Zanilla Webb, Augusta, Accounting Karyn Webber, DesArc, Early Childhood Elem. Education Beth Weisbrod, Poplar Bluff, MO, Business Administration Lawrence Weisenbach, Jonesboro Russell Wells, Cape Girardeau, MO, Radio TV Leisa Wesley, Rector, Early Childhood Elem. Education Angela West, Little Rock, Psychology Tammy West, Harrisburg, Health Services Ad- min. Kimberly Wheeler, Wynne, Vocal Music Edu- cation Cynthia Wheeless, Walnut Ridge, Accounting E. Suzanne White, Paragould Greg White, Fairfax, VA, General Studies Verlon White, Parkin, Physical Education Richard Whitehorn, Kennett, MO, Marketing Duanne Whitt, Jonesboro, Real Estate In- surance Sarah Wiggins, Jonesboro Gay Wilde, Jonesboro Louis Wilhoite, Jonesboro, Radio TV Barry Wilkes, Cave City, English Rita Willbanks, Trumann, Medical Laboratory Technology Cindy Williams, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Education Fayeth Williams, Batesville, Public Relations Gaybie Williams, Forrest City, Elementary Ed- ucation Jeri Williams, Jonesboro, Elementary Educa- tion Joe Williams, Brinkley, Business Administra- tion Leah Williams, Jonesboro LeAnn Williams, Jonesboro Ray Williams, West Ridge, General Studies Richard Williams, Kennett, MO, Agriculture Shana Williams, Paragould, Art Education Stacy Williams, Jonesboro, Physical Educa- tion Tim Williamson, Marion, Agri. Business Ellen Wilson, Earle, Elementary Education John Wilson, West Memphis, Graphic Design Michelle Wilson, West Memphis, Marketing Sandra Wilson, Poplar Bluff, MO, Business Management Vinfrey, Forrest City, Marketing rchester, MO, Physical Edu- cation Iryant, Early Childhood Ele- mentary Education Janette Withrow, lesboro, Elementary Edu- cation Eugene Wittlake, Jonesboro 336 Hoppy Wong, Jonesboro, Math Alan Wood, Jonesboro, Psychology Kyle Wood, Stuttgart, Chemistry Mary Wood, Caraway, Nursing Bobby Woodell, Searcy, Printing Brian Woods, Rector, Finance Deborah Woods, Jonesboro, Nursing Paula Wooldridge, Mammoth Spring, Special Education Elem. Education Andrea Worsham, Paragould, Special Educa- tion Elem. Education Allison Wright, Blytheville, Elementary Educa- tion Henri Wright, Dyess, Elementary Education Robert Wright, Jonesboro, Business Adminis- tration Leigh Wyatt, Jonesboro, Plant Science Alias Yaacob, Malacca Malaysia, Manage- ment Sandra Yarber, Doniphan, MO, Elementary Education Tammy Yarbrough, Steele, MO, Elementary Education Layne Yawn, Jonesboro, Elementary Educa- tion Cathy Young, West Memphis, Elementary Ed- ucation Sherry Young, Jonesboro, Marketing Greg Zachry, Camden Saifulbauhri Zainal, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Marketing Rosilawati Zainol, Taiping, Malaysia, Urban Affairs Joe Zimmerman, Mountain Home, Business Management 337 Juniors Aamad Abas, Besut, Trengganu, Malaysia Adrus Abdul Rahman, Batu Pahat, Johor, West Malaysia Mohd Abdul Rahman, Melaqa, Malaysia Nancy Abernathy, Harviell, MO Fadzilah Abu Bakar, Malaysia Aziz Abu-Shammaleh, Gaza, Palestine Brian Adams, Monette Danny Adams, N. Little Rock David Adams, Jonesboro Rusty Adams, Memphis, TN Vicki Adams, Vanndale Rodney Adell, Toronto, Canada Arlinda Adkerson, Paragould Roslan AHamid, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Ma- laysia Jasser Al-Akshan, Saudi Arabia Mohammad Alam, Rawaldindi, Pakistan Pete Alexander, Cash Mary Allen, Forrest City Kathy Allred, Bono Mohamed Alodaiby, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Adel Al Ohaly, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Sultan Al-Otaibi, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Rashed Alothman, Jonesboro Omar Alsaras, Jonesboro Ronald Altom, Heber Springs Janet Alumbaugh, McCrory Mary Alumbaugh, McCrory Jerry Anderson, Batesville Pamela Anderson, Cave City Scott Anderson, Paragould Jodi Anding, Lake City, MN B rad Andrews, Paragould Charles Armstrong, Jonesboro Steven Armstrong, Pine Bluff Wallace Aspinwall, Waldron Paul Austin, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Minnie Avant, Forrest City Rhonda Averett, Kennett, MO John Avery, Magnolia Albert Bachman, Wynne Kelly Baggett, Jonesboro Deleisa Bailey, Searcy Mable Bailey, Forrest City John Bailiff, Dexter, MO Lisa Baker, Walnut Ridge Jason Ballard, McRae Jerry Ballard, Gosnell Kevin Ballowe, Des Arc Terri Baltz, Pocahontas Karen Banks, Helena Brett Barber, Jonesboro Jeff Barber, Lake City Maria Barber, West Helena Becky Barch, Luxora John Barham, Mountain View Lori Barksdale, Jonesboro Judy Barnes, Blytheville Sherry Barnes, Dyess Carrie Barr, Paragould Edith Bass, Doniphan, MO Linda Bartlett, Paragould Edmond Bastiampillai, Malaysia 338 Donna Bauer, Paragould Gregory Baugh, Jonesboro Maria Beard, Wynne William Beasley, Bowling Green, KY Lisa Beaver, Piggott Lorrie Beaver, Piggott Bradford Beck, Jonesboro Mary Ann Becker, Steele, MO Kimberly Beckett, Poplar Bluff, MO Darin Beckwith, Hot Springs Laura Belk, Hoxie Jennifer Bell, Cabot Lisa Bennett, Egypt Tywana Bennett, Brookland Debora Benny, Glencoe Jean Benson, Kennett, MO Thelma Benson, Blytheville David Berk, Jonesboro C. Scott Berry, Blytheville David Berry, Marked Tree Lori Berryman, Stuttgart Russel Betts, Black Rock Phyllis Bickerstaff, Marvell Martha Bieber, Jonesboro Melisa Bigger, Batesville Angela Biggers, Lepanto Kimberly Bishop, Jonesboro Ricky Bishop, Pine Bluff Anise Black, Pocahontas Mitzi Blake, Wynne Allison Blankenship, Jonesboro Harold Blood, Stuttgart William Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, MO Dottsie Boak, Fayetteville Sherry Boggs, Portia Andy Bogue, Jonesboro Lisa Booher, Jonesboro Donna Boudreaux, Jonesboro Stacy Bouland, Jonesboro Rhonda Bounds, Warm Springs Shawn Bowers, Gosnell Debra Boyles, Jonesboro Linda Bradford, Kennett, MO Dave Brady, West Memphis Bobby Bragg, Imboden Paul Branch, Modesto, CA Wilma Brandon, Jonesboro Becky Brann, Swifton Versie Branscomb, Marianna Barry Branscum, Dixie Christine Bregy, Little Rock James Brewer, Success Jo Brewer, Dyess Melissa Brewer, Jonesboro Robin Brewer, Paragould Vickie Brewer, Hoxie Tammy Brewington-Ward, Paragould Deborah Brewster, Crawfordsville Tami Brickell, Jonesboro Charles Bridges, Forrest City Marty Bridges, Hoxie Cheryl Brightwell, Jonesboro Carol Brittingham, Paragould James Brittingham, Paragould Cynthia Brogdon, Paragould Steven Brookreson, Poplar Bluff, MO Bobby Brown, Blytheville Dana Brown, Pocahontas Donall Brown, Blytheville Jimmy Brown, LaGrange Steven Brown, Jonesboro 339 Tammy Brown, Trumann William Brown, Malibu, CA Mark Browning, Brinkley Winston Bruce, Jonesboro Willis Brumley, Athelstan Cyndi Brunson, Jonesboro David Bufkin, Jonesboro Joe Bujarski, Waldron Scott Burcham, Marked Tree Annette Burdyshaw, Bono Jeanne Burlie, Alexander Glen Burnett, Maiden, MO Karen Burns, Jonesboro Laura Burns, Walnut Ridge Mary Burns, Fisher Paula Burroughs, Jonesboro Linda Burrow, Jonesboro Dara Burruss, Bradford Scott Burton, Batesville Samantha Bushe, Brinkley Johnny Butler, Paragould Barrett Byrd, Lake Village Belinda Byrd, Paragould Dana Cable, Sherwood Angela Caddell, Cherry Valley Patricia Cagle, Pocahontas Angela Caldwell, Jonesboro Eddy Caldwell, Lake City Myra Callahan, Kennett, MO John Callens, Caruthersville, MO Susan Campbell, Earle Carla Carlow, Marianna Barry Carlton, Newport Deborah Carlyle, Hazen Terri Carmack, State University, AR Pamela Carroll, Palestine Jana Carter, Ellsinore, MO Jessie Carter, Steele, MO Melanie Carter, Kennett, MO Sherry Carter, Marked Tree Terry Carter, Jonesboro Trisha Carter, Valley View Tena Cartwright, Osceola Jeannie Casey, Collierville, TN Belinda Cate, Paragould Stacy Catt, Turrell Thomas Cerrato, Eau Claire, Wl Mary Chambers, Osceola Sonya Chandler, Memphis, TN Christy Chaney, Mountain Home Debbie Chappell, Paragould Paul Chappue, Cabot Stephen Chenault, Jonesboro Melody Childers, Pine Bluff Paula Childres, Marion Cindy Childress, Blytheville Steve Chordas, Hubbard, OH Deanie Christian, Strong R. Annette Chunn, Paragould Loretta Clapp, Jonesboro Melissa Clapp, Jonesboro Brad Clark, Jonesboro Elizabeth Clark, Luxora Johnnie Clark, Corinth, MS Kimberly Clark, Jonesboro Lelia Clark, Newport Pat Clark, Essex, MO Stacy Clark, Rogers Brent Clayton, Wynne 340 Steve Clayton, Jonesboro Evelyn Clemens, Jonesboro Angela Clemmer, Marianna Henry Clifton, Wheatley John Clifton, Wheatley Lisa Cline, Paragould Christine Clopp, Walnut Ridge Kelly Coans, Blytheville Gwen Cobb, Kankakee, IL Dawn Cochran, Doniphan, MO Carl Cole, Horseshoe Bend Robert Cole, Pocahontas Andy Coleman, Jonesboro Sherrie Collins, Paragould Linda Colosimo, Pocahontas Pricilla Condra, Harrisburg Joel Conley, Paragould Jim Cook, Palestine Lynette Cook, Brinkley Diane Cook, Sedgewickville, MO Carroll Cooper, Cushman Cynthia Cooper, Jonesboro Kimberly Cooper, Corning Roger Cooper, Paragould Ronald Cooper, Bono L. David Corbett, Alicia Greg Corley, Little Rock Larry Cox, Harviell, MO Anthony Crews, Paragould Sara Cunningham, Jonesboro Lisa Curtis, Harrisburg Kimberly Daggett, Caraway Charles Dallas, Patterson Kelly Dallas, Wynne Paula Davenport, Forrest City Clinton Davis, Jonesboro Debbye Davis, Forrest City Deborah Davis, Doniphan, MO Donald Davis, Blytheville Kimberly Davis, Jonesboro Marlisa Davis, Waldenburg Milinda Davis, Keiser Scott Davis, Reyno Kelly Dean, Joiner Teresa Deaviser, Palestine Kenneth Deckelman, Harrisburg Linda Dedman, Bay Donna DeGood, Cash Judith Dement, Blytheville Tania Dement, Gosnell Les Dennie, Little Rock Chris Dennis, Walnut Ridge Lynn Denton, Rohwer Stephanie Denton, Paragould Mohd Deraman, Pasir Puteh, Kelanian, Ma- laysia Laura Derbes, Blytheville Randy DeRoeck, Jonesboro Kathleen Desgranges, Poplar Bluff, MO Paul Diamond, Thunderbay, Ontario, Can- ada Michael DiGaetano, Forrest City Michelle Dillahunty, Hughes James Dillion, Atlanta, 3A Rochelle Dixon, Chicago, IL Rochelle Dixon, Chicago, IL Michael Dobbins, Wynne William Donovan, Jonesboro Michael Dorsey, Jonesboro Sherry Douglas, Marion Steven Douglas, Bay Amy Doyle, Jonesboro Joanna Draper, Wynne 341 Walter DropBottom, Cave City Lance Duck, Whitton Russell Dunaway, Bay Susan Duncan, Osceola Nancy Dunlap, Thayer, MO Wayne Dunn. Trumann B. Ray Durston, W. Memphis Jeffery Dutton, Kensett Cathrine Dye, Kennett, MO William Easley, West Memphis Don Edmiston, Paragould Adrienne Eftekhari, Osceola Vic Elam, Dexter, MO ReGina Elder, Brookland Shukor Elias, Malaysia John Elk, Delray Beach, FL Dana Elkins, Paragould Melissa Ellis, Wynne Teresa Ellis, Blytheville Susan Elms, Wynne Robert Elovitz, Helena Zainal Endut, Malaysia Bruce Engelmann, Benton Barb Erickson, Paragould Christina Ervin, Batesville Jimmie Eudy, Kensett Gerald Evans, West Helena Lisa Evans, Wynne Ambrose Ezeigbo, Aguata, Anambra Siaie, Nigeria Craig Farrell, Jacksonville Philip Faughn, Paragould Joe Fears, Inkster, Ml Jose Feliciano, Wichita, KS K. Denise Felton, Mountain Home Mickey Felts, Jonesboro Cheryl Ferguson, Viola Vickie Ferguson, Jonesboro Stacey Finney, Batesville Tim Fires, Lepanto Joe Fisher, Walnut Ridge Nicki Flannigan, Jonesboro Kelly Fleming, Jonesboro Doyle Fletcher, Hot Springs Mark Fletcher, Pocahontas Stacey Fletcher, Doniphan, MO Kyle Ford, O ' Kean Gregory Foreman, Cave City Dennis Forrest, Earle Mary Forrester, Tyronza Howell Foster, Paragould Andy Foust, Swifton Daren Fowler, Wheatley Diane Fowler, North Little Rock Don Fowler, Blytheville Lara Fowler, Jonesboro Mary Francis, Jonesboro Craig Frayer, Lake City Rita Freeman, Steele, MO Virginia Freeman, Doniphan, MO David Freligh, Paragould Treadus French, Marion Wesley Frier, Pocahontas Kathy Frost, Manila Amy Fulco, Jonesboro Susan Futrell, Vanndale Robert Gahr, Wynne Stan Gaither, Hoxie Antrim Gates, Cois, OH ' ■ esa Gause, Memphis, TN Pam Gazaway, Jonesboro Milissa Gentry, Walnut Ridge Michael George, Wynne Abdullah Ghadeer, Jonesboro Mark Gibbins, Caruthersville, MO Holly Gibson, Marmaduke Kelly Gibson, Paragould Kimberly Gibson, Jonesboro Valerie Gibson, Marmaduke Lisa Gilbreath, Hardy William Giles, Paragould Debra Gilliam, Searcy Sherry Gipson, Jonesboro Bryan Glenn, Fisher Brenda Glover, Lake City Angela Goad, Jonesboro Stephen Goad, Jonesboro Pamela Godair, Olive Branch, MS Charles Golden, Steele, MO Tanya Golden, Pine Bluff Lorre Gookin, Piggott Connie Goolsby, Blytheville James Gossett, Jonesboro Jason Gould, Mexico City, Mexico Sherrie Gould, Marmaduke Robin Grantham, Brookland Gary Graves, Blytheville Erik Gray, Lexa George Green, Hollywood, CA Jimmy Green, Hoxie Pam Greenway, Harrisburg Jennie Griffin, West Helena John Griffin, Jonesboro Brian Griffith, Pocahontas Deborah Grimm, Jonesboro C. Greye Grisham, Jonesboro Christopher Gross, Salem Donna Gross, Salem Frank Guiltner, Monette Michelle Gulledge, Poplar Bluff, MO George Gurley, Kennett, MO Carl Guthrey, Corning Paul Gutierrez, Cherokee Village Shaunda Guy, Forrest City John Hafner, Jonesboro Carla Hagler, Piggott W. Glenn Hagler, Sikeston, MO Eric Haley, Mustang, OK James Hall, Mountain Home Pamela Hall, Blytheville Air Force Base, AR Pernell Hall, Couch, MO Dominique Hallett, Jonesboro Mohdyusof Hamid Michelle Hamilton, Pine Bluff Anne Handford, Batesville Rodney Hannah, Jonesboro Criss Hannon, Trumann Becky Hansmann, Poplar Bluff, MO Sandra Harbison, Marked Tree Daniel Harbour, El Dorado Lisa Hargrave, Rector Cynthia Harguess, Walnut Ridge Tim Harmon, Kennett, MO Claudia Harris, Risco, MO Mary Harris, Lepanto Robyn Harris, Pocahontas Ronald Harris, St. Louis, MO Shirley Harris, Paragould Tony Harris, Harrisburg Tammy Harrison, Osceola Keith Harvey, Paragould 343 Kellie Harvill, Beech Grove Iqbal Hasan, Karachi Pakistan Frankie Hatton, England Donna Hawkins, Walnut Ridge Julie Hawkins, Blytheville Troy Hayes, Weldon Jim Haynes, Brinkley Jim Haynes, St. Louis, MO Kathy Haynes, Blytheville Richard Head, Boomtown James Heard, Jr. Bob Heath, Jonesboro Ralph Hedden, Batesville Dana Hefner, Beech Grove Royce Helms, Smithville Daif Hendawi, Jordan Donna Hendrix, Pine Bluff Douglas Hendrix, Trumann Gaye Hendrix, Jonesboro Troy Hendrix, Jonesboro Donna Henry, Jonesboro Lisa Henry, Jonesboro William Henry, Pine Bluff Karen Herrington, Melbourne Cyndi Hess, Hickory Ridge Rachel Hess, Wynne Shayne Hess, Wynne Roxann Hibbs, Walnut Ridge Joe Hicks, Owl City Vernon Hicks, Brinkley Will Hiebert, Winona, MO Linda Higginbotham, Augusta Natalie Hilburn, Walnut Ridge Eric Hill, Texarkana Jerald Hill, Jonesboro Julie Hill, Pocahontas Tracy Hill, West Memphis Laura Hinck, Jonesboro Audrey Hindsley, Marvell Mary Hlavach, P eoria, IL Sherill Hogan, Naylor, MO Michelle Hogard, West Memphis Sharon Hogue, Piggott Jim Holbrook, Danville Shannon Hollan, Wynne Shelly Holle, Chesterfield, MO Phillip Holloway, Bono L. Ruth Holmes, Marked Tree James Holt, Leachville Tina Holt, Kuna, ID Sonya Honeycutt, Cash David Hopp, Vilonia Lori Horness, Cabot Don Horton, St. Charles, AR Jacquelyn Hosinski, Jonesboro James Hostetler, Marvell Carla House, Lepanto Leslie House, Hardy Nola Houston, Jonesboro Connie Howard, Black Oak Janet Howard, Jonesboro Jennifer Howard, Blytheville Michael Hubbard, Cherry Valley Mark Huckaba, Forrest City Lawrence Hudson, Fairdealing, MO Lisa Hudson, Mountain Home Lois Hudson, Brinkley Wayne Hudson, Mountain View, MO Karen Huey, West Memphis 344 Brian Huff, Walnut Ridge Mark Huffman, Corning Todd Hulett, Swifton Felicia Hunter, Hot Springs Shirley Hurst, Jonesboro Jerri Hutchinson, Grubbs Kimberly Hutton, Blytheville Hollis Inboden, Bono Carla Irvin, Jonesboro James Isbell, Jonesboro Eric Isbill, Jonesboro Shamsul Ismail, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia J. Michael Jackson, Beebe Richard Jackson, Paragould Tammy Jackson, Walnut Ridge Timothy Jackson, Brookland Mary Jacob, Forrest City Lola James, Elaine Patricia James, Crawfordsville David Jamieson, Jonesboro Lydia Jansen, Jonesboro Julianne Jarrell, Blytheville Michael Jayroe, Palestine Montey Jetton, Jonesboro Billy Johnson, Antlers, OK Jeff Johnson, Sikeston, MO Lisa Johnson, Jonesboro Belinda Jones, Memphis, TN Demetrius Jones, West Memphis Gene Jones, Forrest City Jill Jones, Senath, MO John Jones, Wynne Julie Jones, Blytheville Monique Jones, Moro Regina Jones, Cherry Valley Susan Jones, Warden, MO Suzanne Jones, Paragould Tim Jones, Jonesboro Jacqueline Jordan, Marianna Patricia Judd, Lafe Leah Jumper, Blytheville Gaylon Justus, Salem Paula Kackley, Gobler, MO Rick Kelley, Walnut Ridge Randell Kemp, Ravenden Kelly Kennedy, Heber Springs Sharon Kennedy, Bono Ken Kennemore, Osceola Lisa Kent, Batesville David Kerley, West Memphis Sandra Ketchum, Hornesville, MO Hashim Khaliq, Jonesboro Lateef Khan, Toronto, Canada James Kidd, Jacksonville Terri Kieffner, Newport Tracy Kiest, Little Rock Rodney Killingsworth, Las Vegas, NV Reda Kimble, Forrest City B. Michele King, Cave City Rhonda King, Campbell, MO Teresa King, Des Arc Theresa Kinkade, Lake City Arnette Knight, Crawfordsville Aubrey Knight, II, Stuttgart Tim Koch, Morrilton Hooi Kuek, Penang Malaysia Steve Kueter, Paragould Andrea Kukura, Jonesboro Sonya Lackey, Newport William Lackey, Batesville Scottie Lackland, Earle 345 Mark Laffoon, Jonesboro Steven Laffoon, Jonesboro Stacy Lamb, Jonesboro Philip Landers, Cave City Bryan Lane, Senath, MO Victoria Langley, McRae Mitzi Langlois, Jonesboro Charles Lee, Jonesboro Karen Lee, Bono Kimberley Leek, Caruthersville, MO Russell Leggett, Gosnell Patti Leinenbach, Belle Mead, NJ Grace Lemmonds, Greenway Theng Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Cindy Lewallen, Jonesboro Sharon Lewellen, Gentry Dwight Lewis, Black Rock Jarrod Lewis, Poplar Bluff, MO Marsha Light, Jonesboro Rob Lindley, Clarendon Carol Little, Leachville Thian Liu, Huching, Sarawak, Malaysia Trevor Lloyd, Jonesboro Tim Lockett, Bald Knob Shana Lomax, Hornesville, MO Lucinda London, Grubbs Bobby Long, Leachville Kenny Long, West Memphis Robert Long, Hardy Terry Long, Maynard Judi Loop, Maiden, MO Carol Lovelace, Jonesboro Larry Lovelace, II, Blytheville Angela Lovell, Neward Mary Lovern, Jonesboro Lydia Mabbitt, Doniphan, MO Joyce Mackey, Jonesboro Glenda Magee, Pocahontas Berta Mahler, Marianna Tony Manley, Brookland Catherine Manziel, Tyler, TX Michelle Marchand, Stuttgart Lisa Maree, Helena Valerie Marr, Vanndale Jimmy Marshall, Newark Debbie Martin, Mountain Home Garland Martin, Jonesboro Lance Martin, West Memphis Latrinda Martin, Senath, MO Malcomb Martin, Holland, MO Maria Martin, Hickory Valley, TN Matthew Martin, Jonesboro Sheila Martin, Little Rock Charles Masingale, Paragould Sherry Mason, Marked Tree Sandra Massey, Melbourne Tim Massey, Mt. Pleasant Elisa Masterson, Wauchula, FL Clark Matheny, Maynard Julie Mayes, Jonesboro Phyllis Mayfield, Cabot Lisa Mayhan, Jonesboro Mark McAfee, Wilson la McCallister, Pocahontas q McCane, Dexter, MO John McClure, Hardy ia McCourt, Sherwood Glenda McCoy, Paragould Feiecia McCullum, Joiner Onvia McDaniel, Bradford 346 Yvonne McDonald, Jonesboro Jeff McElrath, Grubbs Mark McEntire, Walnut Ridge Melinda McFarland, Hickory Ridge Jim McGaughey, Forrest City Chita McGee, Hernando, MS Danice McGee, McCrory Mary McGhee, Germantown, TN Stephen McGuire, Blytheville Jolene Mclntare, Bruno Lori McKenzie, Germantown, TN Paula McKnight, Jonesboro Michael McLaurin, Ironton, MO Anthony McMickle, Wynne Sharon McMickle, Wynne Jeff McMillin, Lake City Yuzainee Md Yusoff, Kota Bhru, Kelantan, Malaysia Debra Medcalf, Paragould Danny Mefford, Paragould Howard Melton, Saffel Karen Metheny, Paragould Sheril Middleton, Sulphur Rock Dennis Miles, Mountain Home Donna Miles, Jonesboro Alison Miller, Forrest City Debra Miller, Light James Miller, Doniphan, MO Jane Miller, Monette Kimberly Miller, Calico Rock Lamarcia Miller, Walnut Ridge Lisa Miller, Kennett, MO Michael Miller, Paragould Stewart Miller, Augusta Ellis Mills, Forrest City Adam Miskun, Selangor, Malaysia Beverly Mitchell, Jonesboro Stan Mitchell, Jonesboro Ginger Mitts, Swifton Joseph Mobley, Osceola Adnan Mohd Daud, Penang, Malaysia Mat Mohdsom, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Yusfi Mohd Yusof, Pahang, Malaysia Paul Molitor, Milwaukee, Wl Ronnie Montgomery, Swifton Jamilyn Moon, Trumann Carrol Moore, Cherry Valley K. Gregg Moore, Carryville Sarah Moore, Batesville David Morgan, Jonesboro David Morgan, Bay Leah Morgan, Fagus, MO Sarah Morgan, Senath, MO Larry Morgeson, Poplar Bluff, MO Michael Morris, West Memphis Melinda Morse, Blytheville Melissa Morse, Jonesboro W. Scott Morse, Poplar Bluff, MO Thomas Moss, Trumann Stacy Moune, Jonesboro Sharon Mudford, Fouke Lynda Muench, Sikeston, MO Kim Murphy, Wynne Sharon Nash, Tyronza Trey Neal, West Memphis Kenneth Neely, Bono Beverly Nelson, Wilson David Nelson, Fort Worth, TX Jackie Nelson, Marion Nancy Nelson, Batesville Cassondra Neumeyer, Jonesboro 347 Kevin Newberry, Jonesboro Chee NG, Malaysia Dzuy Nguyen, Blytheville Penny Nichols, Harrison Steven Nichols, Greenwood Theresa Nicol, Jonesboro Chad Niell, Jonesboro Nik Nik Ramlee, Pasir Puteh, Melantan, Malaysia Jimmy Nor, Jonesboro Shannon Norris, Swifton Paul Nowlin, Steele, MO Kellye Odon, McCrory Jeff O ' Donnell, Pocahontas Earnest Oldman, Harrisburg Chad Oliver, Strawberry Jeanie Oliver, Salem Wesley Oliver, DeValls Bluff Bill Olson, Batesville Josephine Omar, Malaysia Ramlee Omar, Jeram, Malaysia Kelly O ' Neal, West Memphis Tina Orman, Crawfordsville Lorraine Orr, Jonesboro Marty Orr, Poplar Bluff, MO Judy Osment, St. Louis, MO L. Sonja Overton, Heth Bradley Owen, Paragould Kelley Owens, Lake City Don Palmer, Brandon, MS Veronica Panneck, Jonesboro Tonya Parnell, Wilson Scott Parton, Piggott Kirit Patel, Hayti, MO Robin Patten, Paragould Jon Patterson, Cave City Kevin Patterson, Bay Angela Patton, Jonesboro Leannett Payne, St. Louis, MO Joseph Pearce, Creswell, N.C. Laura Peer, Jonesboro Jeffery Pennington, Jonesboro Tonia Pennington, Sikeston, MO John Perry, Poplar Bluff, MO Daniel Peterson, Jr., Forrest City Terry Phelps, Cherokee Village David Phillips, Arbyrd, MO Levanda Phillips, Turrell Bretta Phipps, Marion Bru Phipps, Marion Sandy Pickens, Hot Springs Michael Pickney, Paragould Roanne Pilgrim, Lepanto Kevin Pillow, Paragould Janet Pittmen, Rector Mary K. Pittman, Hughes Carol Plumlee, Salem Tamra Pogue, Pocahontas Sarah Poole, Kennett, MO Karen Porterfield, Joiner Lisa Price, Osceola Jacinda Prince, Bay Michael Propes, Hardy Monica Pulley, Blytheville Hanna Purdy, Newport Richard Puryear, Jonesboro Kevin Quinn, Elaine Willie Rachel, Maud, TX Chris Ramsey, Jonesboro Karen Ransom, Jonesboro 348 Anna Rawls, Paragould Deiadra Redden, Trumann Jon Reddick, Maynard Phillip Reed, Marianna Mark Rees, Jonesboro Kenneth Reid, Los Angeles, CA Mark Reiman, Newport Patricia Rhein, Jonesboro Linda Rhew, Bradford Diane Rhoads, Violet Hill Jake Rice, Manila Laura Rice, Biggers Kelli Richards, Jonesboro Elisha Richardson, Mountain View Frances Richardson, Jonesboro Richard Richardson, Malvern Charles Richey, Marmaduke Regina Richey, Paragould Lauren Riddle, Mansfield Helen Rider, Paragould Brian Rigsby, Osceola Kimberly Riley, Tuckerman Beth Ritter, Columbia, IL Mark Roberson, Jonesboro Alisia Roberts, Tuckerman Angel Roberts, Poplar Bluff, MO Anita Robinson, Newport Tony Robinson, Earle Phil Rocconi, Camden Connie Roden, Blytheville Robbie Roedel, Valley View Paul Rogers, Jonesboro Cynthia Roper, Viola R. Scott Roper, Coppell, TX Lee Rorex, Jonesboro Sonya Rorex, Paragould Dana Ross, West Memphis Sunny Ross, West Memphis Anita Rowe, Paragould Teddy Rowell, Luxora Paul Rucker, West Memphis Scott Ruff, Jonesboro Bryan Ruggeri, Pine Bluff Kimberly Rupard, Searcy Elsie Rush, Evening Shade Kirk Russell, Griswold, IA Raed Sadi, Amman, Jordan Ardith Samuels, Jonesboro Teeto Sanchez, Daytona Beach, FL Mitchell Sanders, Hot Springs Jeffery Sanford, Bradford Michael Saracini, Kansas City, MO Ibrahim Saras, Zerga, Jordan Charles Sartin, Brinkley Brian Sawyer, Kennett, MO T. Craig Scallions, Jonesboro Don Scarbrough, Jr., Marvell Sandi Schuchardt, Wynne Mary Seals, Blytheville Ellen Seay, Rector Paul Seegraves, Rector Barry Sellers, Aurora, IL Cynthia Sellers, Vilonia Joseph Semaan, Kiayaa, Lebanon Arun Sen, Calcutta, India Sonja Settles, North Little Rock Tamilselvan Shanmuggam, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Darla Sharpe, Lepanto Amy Shelton, Paragould Sarah Shelton, West Memphis Harold Shoemaker, Jonesboro 349 Deanna Shook, McRae Jo Shutt, Cardwell, MO Mike Sifford, Pocahontas John Simon, Blytheville Karen Simpson, Jonesboro Steven Sinclair, Pine Bluff Wesley Sloan, Trumann Brian Smith, Pine Bluff Charles Smith, Blytheville Christopher Smith, Campbell, NY Clinton Smith, Joiner Jamie Smith, Blytheville Jan Smith, Jonesboro Jerome Smith, West Ridge John Smith, Monticello Julie Smith, Wilson Karen Smith, Jonesboro Lynn Smith, Poplar Bluff, MO Marcia Smith, Cave City Ronnie Smith, Steele, MO Shelli Smith Steve Smith, Osceola Susan Smith, Pocahontas Veronica Smith, West Memphis Stacey Smithee, Monette Tim Smithey, Searcy Karmen Smittle, West Memphis Marsha Sorg, Pocahontas Angela Southerland, Pocahontas Suzanne Spann, Recife, Brazil Barbara Spears, Jonesboro Doyce Spinks, Piggott Paul Spradlin, Quitman, AR Becky Spurlock, Batesville Kathryn Staggs, Osceola Cherye Stanfill, Paragould William Stanley, Augusta Shawna Starnes, Caraway Alice Startup, Walnut Ridge Robin Stauffer, Jonesboro Jim Stearns, Walnut Ridge Scott Stepp, Marianna Kevin Stevens, Jonesboro Kenneth Stewart, Kennett, MO Kimberly Stewart, Piggott Lanny Stewart, Paragould Jennifer Stilwell, Chillicothe, MO Judy Stone, Paragould Leslie Stone, Jonesboro Darla Strabala, Tavares, FL Denise Strickland, Jonesboro Janette Strong, Hot Springs Ronald Stroud, Wynne Hayley Sullivan, Smithville Susan Sullivan, Pocahontas Jay Summerlin, Little Rock Krissi Sutterfield, Jonesboro Tony Swanner, West Memphis Paul Swift, Piggott Stacy Tanner, Lake City Paul Tarver, Jonesboro Jean Tate, Jonesboro Diane Taylor, Batesville Michael Taylor, Jonesboro Rosa Taylor, Blytheville Toni Taylor, Memphis, TN Bridget Teel, Alicia Hian Teng, Serembah, Malaysia Eddie Thomas, Jonesboro 350 Wendy Thomas, Tuckerman Anita Thompson, West Helena Janna Thompson, Heber Springs Julie Thompson, Doniphan, MO Phillip Thompson, Jonesboro Valene Thompson, Little Rock Yvonne Thompson, St. Louis, MO Jay Thornton, Campbell, MO Phyllis Throesch, Pocahontas Shelby Thurman, Kennett, MO Lee Tiffany, Blytheville Jodi Tillman, Blytheville Karen Tipler, Bragg City, MO Bill Tippitt, Lake City Farron Toler, Paragould Joe Towles, Manila Angela Treat, Marianna Lisa Trigubetz, North Little Rock Caroline Trimble, Hardy Tommy Trivitt, Ash Flat Dennis Truxler, Walnut Ridge Mingsing Tsai, Taipei, Taiwan Benny Tunstall, Delaplaine Emma Turner, West Memphis Judy Turner, Pine Bluff Kathy Turner, Jonesboro Keith Turner, St. Louis, MO Kerry Turner, Piggott Sharon Turney, Manila Becky Tyler, Lepanto Payton Tyler, Lepanto Laurie Uran, Jonesboro Ahmed Uthaimeen, Saudi Arabia Dan Utley, Hardy Leslie Vail, Jonesboro Timothy Vann, Cabot Mitchell Verkler, Black Rock Mark Vest, Trumann R. Alan Vest, Jonesboro Carolyn Vincent, West Helena Stacy Vincent, Nettleton Julie Von Kanel, West Helena Jason Walker, Pocahontas Jaye Walker, Walnut Ridge Kay Walker, Stuttgart Lee Wallace, Portageville, MO Paul Wallace, Bald Knob Linda Wallis, Smithville Janet Walton, Jonesboro Carolyn Ward, Osceola Judy Ward, Blytheville Sandi Ward, Jonesboro Mark Washington, Brinkley Marie Watkins, Jonesboro Allan Watson, West Memphis Angela Watson, Jonesboro Chris Weaver, Jonesboro Kelley Webb, Mt. Pleasant Mark Webb, Trumann Oliver Weedlehopper, Jonesboro Gina Weeks, Harrisburg Stefanie Weidman, Blytheville Mark Welch, London, England Wendell Wells, Bradford Betty Wess, Harrisburg Betty White, Pocahontas Dee White, Manila Lisa White, Stuttgart Naomi White, Kennett, MO Sherry White, Jonesboro Joy Whitford, Judsonia 351 William Whitten, Mishawaka, Indiana Brian Wiedower, Greenbrier Michelle Widowsky, Gosnell Loretta Wilburn, Germantown, TN Mark Wilcoxon, Poplar Bluff, MO Carolyn Wilder, Wilmoth Kim Wildman, Blytheville Cathy Wilford, Blytheville Martha Wilhoite, Jonesboro Linda Wilkey, Benton, IL Dionne Williams, McCrory Donna Williams, Cherry Valley Gayla Williams, Senath, MO Gerald Williams, Manila Jenia Williams, Bono Larry Williams, Bernie, MO Marianne Williams, Paragould Patricia Williams, Blytheville Ralph Williams, Lakeview Robert Williams, Jonesboro Donna Williford, Pocahontas Daphne Willis, Forrest City Clarissa Wilson, Paducah, KY Kim Wilson, Paragould Steve Wilson, Hickory Ridge Teresa Wilson, Jonesboro Jennifer Wmningham, Bradford Nancy Winslow, Forrest City Kevin Wise, Bay Kennett Wixson, Fisher Cherie Wood, Trumann David Wood, Williford Mitchell Wood, Holcomb, MO Cheri Woolard, Corning Kimberly Worthen, Murphysboro, IL Charles Wright, Stuttgart Thomas Wright, Gosnell Michael Wyatt, Hayti, MO Traci Wyse, Jonesboro Wendy Yarbrough, Jonesboro William Yazel, Kansas City, MO Fee Yong, Malaysia Kimela Youmans, Cleveland, AL Carla Young, Newport Derrick Young, Brinkley Doug Young, Memphis, TN Lora Young, Corning Tom Youngman, Peoria, IL Jaafar Yusof. Klumpur, Malaysia Victor Zitzelbergen, Maynard Sophomores Mufahuddin Abd. Razak, Grik, Perak, Malaysia Adnan Abdullah, edah, Malaysia Haslinda Aboul Rahman, Johore, Malaysia Jeff Adams, Memphis, TN Joette Adams, Egypt Leigh Adams, Trumann Charles Agent, Blytheville Vickie Akins, Pocahontas Debbie Albright, Jonesboro Stacey Albritton, Jonesboro John Alexander, Williford Shahzad AN, Hyderabad, Pakistan Susan Allenswort, West Memphis Michael Allman, Piggott Khalid Al-Nokhailan, Jubail, KSA Jennifer Alpe, Crawfordsville Mark Alphin, Jonesboro Khaled Al-Senaidi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Cheryl Angle, Scott City, MO Cherylynita Ansley, Wynne Angela Arnold, Paragould Timothy Arwood, Jonesboro Logan Ashabranner, Jacksonville Amanda Ashby, Germantown, TN Vemetria Ashford, Conway Phyllis Ashlock, Bay Kimberly Ashmore, Blytheville Tera Atkins, Mammoth Spring Andrea Atwill, Portageville, MO Cindy Atwood, Marmaduke, AR R. Joelle Aubrey, Mena Richard Austin, Leachville Kathy Bagley, Pine Bluff Glynn Bailey, Paragould Roseana Bailey, Tuckerman Brian Baker, Jonesboro Jerry Baker, West Memphis John Balch, DeQueen John Baldwin, Parkin Robert Balfe, Ash Flat Kenneth Ballard, Hickory Ridge Rob Ballman, Wynne Suzanne Baltz, Pocahontas Miles Bandy, Leachville Charles Banks, Stuttgart Linda Banks, Forrest Paul Banks, Forrest City Anthony Barbarotto, Pine Bluff Catherine Barnes, Springdale Dewey Barnes, Lepanto Jewell Barnes, Bono Martin Barnes, Newport Dana Barnett, Newport James Barnett, Bay James Barr, Jonesboro William Barrentine, Tunica, MS Nina Bassett, Blytheville Sandi Baureis, Heber Springs Jon Beach, Jonesboro Kristy Beal, Jonesboro Kalf Beilhardt, Parthenon Guy Bell, Cherry Valley Rebecca Bell, Marked Tree 353 Stacey Bell, Harrisburg William S. Bell, Cherry Valley Murphy Bennett, Jonesboro Leisa Benson, Kennett, MO Richard Benson, Piggott Shawnda Benson, Swifton Tronda Benson, Swifton Daren Berry, Jonesboro Sherrill Berry, Bradford Nelda Bettis, Bono Jim Bigger, Marion Vickie Binkley, Jonesboro Phyllis Bird, Jonesboro Kimberly Birmingham, Jonesboro Sheri Bishoff, Mountain Home Sharon Blackburn, Hoxie Barry Blackwell, Wynne Stacye Blackwell, Pocahontas Barbara Blanchard, Jonesboro Bryan Blankenship, Thayer, MO Michael Blount, Pocahontas Paula Blume, Piggott Mia Boden, Jonesboro Derek Bohanan, Stuttgart Jill Bookout, Jonesboro David Bores, Jonesboro Sheila Box, Piggott Paul Boyd, Cash Donna Bradberry, Jonesboro Don Bradley, Forrest City Robin Bradshaw, Manila Danna Bradsher, Jonesboro John Bramucci, Earle J. B. Branch, Camden Tiffany Brannon, Osceola Pamela Bratton, Steele, MO Jeff Brecklein, Walnut Ridge Michael Breece, Datto Brad Breeding, Mountain View Lori Brewer, Violet Hill Charles Brewington, Tyronza Rex Brightwell, Batesville Keith Brink, Williford Judy Brinkley, Jonesboro Mark Brinkley, Bay Bonnie Britt, Wynne Nancy Britton, Arbyrd, MO Lori Broadway, Smithville Michell Brooks, Lepanto Beau Brothers, Luxora Bobbi Brown, Paragould Carrie Brown, Augusta Corbin Brown, Wynne Debbie Brown, Marked Tree Karen Brown, Jonesboro Kimberly Brown, Harrisburg Michelle Brown, Walnut Ridge Philip Brown, Jonesboro Regina Brown, Corning Timbo Brown, Lepanto Alva Brumley, Black Rock Gene Brumley, Walnut Ridge Daniel Bufkin, Jonesboro Dennis Bullock, Cardwell, MO Chris Bundy, West Memphis Donna Burge, Gainsboro Heather Buri, Cypress, TX Billie Burns, Jonesboro Carolyn Burns, Blytheville Colette Burns, McGehee 354 Dana Burns, Hoxie Chuck Butler, Jonesboro Audwin Byles, Forrest City Kristin Byrd, Pine Bluff Robert Byrd, Blytheville Candace Cain, Sherwood Annette Caldwell, Paragould James Caldwell, Jonesboro Greg Callens, Dogskin, MO Deborah Campbell, Marianna Frank Campbell, Newport Lesia Campbell, Corning Helena Cannon, Memphis, TN Selena Caplinger, Harrisburg Cynthia Carlton, Paris, France Letty Carpenter, Trumann Elsie Carr, Jonesboro Tracy Carr, Trumann Theresa Carrell, Paragould Pamelia Carroll, Marmaduke Linda Carson, Jonesboro Carl Carter, Jr., Little Rock Rick Carter, Jonesboro Cassandra Cassidy, Turrell Cynthia Cassidy, Turrell Jeff Cassidy, Blytheville Tammy Casteel, Jonesboro Amy Cavenor, West Memphis C. Victor Chalfant, Mountain Home JoAnna Chandler, Harrisburg Tami Chandler, Harrisburg Glen Charles, Takoma Park, MD James Chastain, Pocahontas Jeff Chastain, Pocahontas Lisa Cheers, Earle Melissa Chipman, Brookland John Chism, Earle Keith Chitmon, Jonesboro Rex Christian, Jonesboro Ed Clapp, Jonesboro Joanne Clark, Sydney, Australia Kevin Clark, Jonesboro Kim Clark, Batesville N. Gail Clark, Jonesboro Walt Clark, Newport Claudette Clay, Gladewater, TX Lynda Clem, Trumann Sharon Clements, Biggers Penny Clevenger, Jonesboro Bett Cloinger, Jonesboro Sheila Clubb, Hickory Ridge Damon Cluck, Piggott Wendy Coates, Fordyce Tammie Cobb, Paragould Anthony Coffel, Paragould David Coker, Walnut Ridge Lisa Colbert, Magnolia Kerry Colburn, Egypt Brian Cole, Searcy Jim Cole II, Reyno Julie Cole, Jonesboro Chaweewan Coleman, Jonesboro Michael Coley, Jonesboro Creighton Collier, Birdeye Larry Collins, Grenada, MS Penny Collins, Ellsinore, MO Jeff Combs, West, MS Tammy Comer, Jacksonville Sheila Connelly, Newport Richard Constant, Caruthersville, MO 355 Deborah Cook, Jonesboro Gloria Cook, Jonesboro Hope Cooper, Weiner Donna Copeland, Dexter, MO Louis Corpier, Millington, TN David Costello, Pine Bluff Beverly Cox, Jonesboro Mitzi Cox, Paragould Stephanie Cox, Paragould Beth Crabree, Saffell William Craft, Marked Tree Angela Craig, Powhatan Melisa Cranford, Monette Linda Crider, Corning Stan Crisler, Walnut Ridge Lana Croom, Jonesboro William Cross, Marianna Leslie Crowder, Pine Bluff Shirleen Crumpton, Marion Tim Cunningham, Neward Tracie Cupp, Paragould Ginger Curry, Paragould Wayne Curtis, Corning Mari Dallmann, Salem Melissa Daniel, Osceola Perry Darby, Jonesboro Bradley Darnell, Smithville Jeff Darr, Corning Kent Darr, Corning Connie Davis, Little Rock Jill Davis, Jacksonville Kristine Davis, Columbia City, IN Stacy Davis, Star City Tammy Davis, Trumann Kanda Dawson, Kennett, MO Derek Dean, Cherokee Village C. A. Dedman, Bay Charles Dedman, Bay John Dehm, Jonesboro Tamela Dement, Mountain Home Leigh DePoyster, Newark Linda DeShaw, Pocahontas Kim Despain, Lake City Mike Devazier, Forrest City Tracie Dicus, Walnut Ridge Sherri Dillon, Paragould Laura Dixon, Black Rock Zandra Dockery, Hernando, MS Tammy Donner, Piggott Brenda Dorsey, Jonesboro Curtis Dortch, Paragould Pamela Douglass, Osceola Janet Dowdy, Rector Dawn Downs, Jonesboro Kimberly Doyle, Jonesboro Jackie Drake, Jonesboro June Duke, Jonesboro Robin Dunbar, Williford Carol Duncan, Wynne Pamela Dunn, Jonesboro Crista Dunston, West Memphis Doug Dupwe, Jonesboro Anthony Durham, Trumann Lovetta Dusch, Qulin, MO Barbara Dwyer, Paragould Sherry Dye, Walls, MS Raymond Dyson, Jr., Pine Bluff Timothy Eads, Jonesboro Diane Earls, Rector 356 Brenda Easley, Jonesboro M HA Rhonda Easley, West Memphis Sonja Eaton, Jonesboro Ozalla Echols, Thibodaux, LA Martha Ecker, Lake City Gina Eddy, Fisk, MO Susan Edgeller, West Plains, MO Lee Edmondson, Walnut Ridge Michael Ellis, Pocahontas Rodney Elmore, Carlisle Kirk Erickson, Hot Springs Valerie Eskridge, Walnut Ridge Dana Evans, West Helena Kathy Evans, Lepanto William Evans, Pocahontas Sunnie Ewing, Batesville Jeffrey Ezekiel, Tyronza Jody Fallin, Fort Smith Lisa Farley, Paragould S. Brent Farmer, Manila Jami Farris, Mountain View Sheray Featherston, Greenway Cindy Feezor, Charleston, MO Angela Fehs, Walnut Ridge Amy Ferguson, Kennett, MO Mark Ferren, Judsonia Sharron Fevold, Goldfield, IA Marguerite Finch, Alicia Melissa Fisher, Newport Robert Fite, Pine Bluff Tisha Flanigan, Harrisburg Amy Flannigan, Manila Scott Fleischmann, Little Rock Larry Flemon, Jonesboro Michael Fletcher, Jonesboro Elizabeth Flotard, New Milford, N.J. Sonya Flynn, Mammoth Spring Sherry Foley, Ash Flat Dorothy Ford, Harrisburg Jennifer Fort, Walnut Ridge Leslie Fortenberry, Mountain Home Lee Foster, Portageville, MO Steven Foster, Paragould Tim Foster, Paragould LeAnne Foust, Forrest City Mark Fowler, Walnut Ridge Timothy Fowler, Blytheville Ronnie Fox, Osceola Clymesa Foxworth, Hot Springs James Frakes, Portageville, MO Julie Franks, Mountain View Linda French, Harviell, MO Diane Fritz, Maiden, MO Robert Fry, Rector Anita Fryer, Colt Geoffrey Futrell, Wynne Linda Gaines, Walnut Ridge Rebecca Gall, Jacksonville Mark Gann, Williford Gwendolyn Garrett, Osceola Jerry Garrett, West Memphis Michael Garrett, Haynes Pamala Gaskin, Vanndale R. Michele Gatlin, Jonesboro Alan Gentry, Olive Branch, MS Letraonna Gentry, Holcomb, MO Mark Gerdes, Jonesboro Hamed Ghol am, Jonesboro Lisa Gibson, Bono Jerri Gilbert, Jonesboro Steven Giles, Paragould 357 Robin Gill, Pocahontas Bradly Gillette, Jonesboro Karen Gillham, Walnut Ridge, AR Tony Gilmore, Liverpool, England Lionel Gibson, Jonesboro Michael Gipson, Jonesboro Vonda Gleghorn, Wiseman Andy Gliemann, Jonesboro Kim Gomer, Paragould Janet Goocher, Pewaukee, Wl Michael Goodnight, Jonesboro Kristina Goodwin. Newport Gregg Gordon, Hot Springs Gail Grace, Jonesboro Jacqueline Graham, Palestine Almeda Gray, Helena Elizabeth Grayham, Mountain Home Chris Green, Mountain View Jeffrey Greene, Paragould Sonya Gregory, Newport Timothy Griggs, Blytheville Connie Grobe, Dexter, MO Robert Grummer, Batesville Teresa Guiltner, Brockwell Clyde Hackwort, Pocahontas Rhonda Hafer, Jonesboro Julie Hafner, Jonesboro Annalisa Hagar, Tuckerman Abbas Haider, Jonesboro Ray Halbert, Jr., Palestine, AR Steve Halbelt, Forrest City Dianna Hall, Paragould Karen Hall, Jonesboro Renee Hall, Benton Heidi Hamilton, Bay Tabitha Hamilton, Bay Lisa Hammon, Paragould Sean Hammond, Jonesboro Jackie Hampton, Newport Rhonda Hancock, Jonesboro Rose Hancock, Knobel Tracey Hancock, Jonesboro Guy Hanks, Jonesboro Sharon Hansard, Jonesboro Brantly Hanquist, Laramie, WY Gwyn Harbour, Newport Jeanne Hardy, Genda Kathy Harelson, Trumann Kenneth Hargrove, Rector Sherlie Harmon, Lafe Sherri Harmon, Jonesboro Terri Harmon, Jonesboro Heather Harp, Jonesboro Laura Harper, Hardy Richie Harrall, Jonesboro Pherba Harrell, Kennett, MO Deneika Harris, Piggott Kimberly Harris, Little Rock Laura Harris, West Helena Michael Harston, Bassett Mitchell Harvill, Beech Grove Jeff Hartwig, St. Charles, MO Anthony Hatchett, Cotton Plant Angela Hankins, Earle Dana Hawkins, Newark Richard Hawkins, Portageville, MO Mike Hawthorne, Searcy Carl Hayes, Hernando, MS Tammy Hayes, Brookland 358 Zenna Hayes, Arlington, TN Jerry Haynes, Black Rock Susan Haywood, Piggott Heather Heath, Wynne Cheryl Heavrin, Jacksonville Beth Henderson, Scott City, MO Michelle Henry, Kennett, MO Autumn Hensley, Blytheville Rhonda Herrington, Luxora Julia Hess, Wynne Karla Hickinbotham, Salem Larry Hickman, Harrisburg Karen Hicks, Parkin Derrick Higgins, Arbyrd, MO Kelly High, Jonesboro Andrew Hill, Maynard Jennifer Hill, Campbell, MO Mary Hitt, Harrisburg Sandra Hill, Forrest City Dawn Hines, Tuckerman Kean Ho, Pusing, Perak Melinda Hodges, Jonesboro Roxanne Hogue, Jonesboro Troy Hogue, Jonesboro Melissa Holden, Jonesboro Doyne Holifield, Piggott Diana Holland, Newport Sandra Hollaway, Wynne Cathy Holleman, Lepanto Jeffrey Hollister, Walnut Ridge Larry Holmes, Jonesboro Michelle Holmes, Paragould Roger Honey, Newport Timothy Hood, Mobile, AL Pamela Hooper, Steele, MO James Hopper, Jonesboro Havilyn Horner, Jonesboro Kristi Horrell, Marmaduke Danielle Horton, Gilmore Heather Howard, Texarkana Michael Howard, Paragould Jerri Howington, Lepanto Connie Hubbard, Cherry Valley Sherry Huffman, Jonesboro Jeff Hufstedler, Imboden Anthony Hulen, Swifton Charles Humphries, Salem Randy Hunt, Evening Shade Stan Hunt, Paragould Ron Hunter, Leachville Suzanne Hutchinson, Hickory Ridge Jodie Huth, Fort Smith Robert Inman, Blytheville Boyd Irby, Jonesboro Kelly Ivy, Paragould LaDonna Ivy, Paragould James Jackson, Jonesboro Judy James, Leachville Stephanie Janes, Paragould David Jauch, Pine Bluff Jessie Jenkins, Jonesboro Teresa Jenkins, Blytheville Phyllis Jennings, Clarendon Judy Jernigan, Trumann Angie Johnson, Mt. Pleasant Carl Johnson, Forrest City David Johnson, Ballwin, MO Kelly Johnson, Delaplaine Paul Johnson, Pleasant Plains Benjamin Johnston, Luxora Bobby Johnston, Luxora 359 Brandon Jones, Steele, MO Jimmy Jones, Cherry Valley Paul Jones, Rives, MO Polly Jones, Cash Tim Jones, Osceola Shirley Kausler, Cord Doug Kee, Union, MO John Keisker, Jonesboro Tony Kellar, Greenbrier Shannon Kelley, Wynne Shari Kelso, Jonesboro Kimberley Delton, Jonesboro Patricia Key, Elaine Hattie Keys, Dermott Patrick Kimberland, Jonesboro Kevin King, Pine Bluff Lisa King, Naylor, MO Ometris King, Hot Springs Tamberly King, Bono Todd Kirk, Hillstadt, IL Ronda Kissee, Paragould Mary Knight, Bono Julie Koechlein, Jonesboro Debbie Korns, Cape Girardeau, MO David Kreis, Augusta Pamela Kyle, McCrory Keith Lacewell, Fort Smith Dale Ladd, Lake City Choon Lam, Singapore Leah Lamar, Cordova, TN Trent Lamb, Caraway Jesse Lamberth, Jonesboro Gary Lancaster, Jr., Caruthersville, MO Shawn Lancaster, Walnut Ridge Bilinda Lane, Bono Kanoi Langley, Blytheville Beth Langston, Sage James Lankford, Rector Jamie Laramore, Kennett, MO Dawn Lawrence, Williford Teresa Lawrey, Hardy Brett Lawson, Jonesboro Annette Lee, Cave City Benjamin Lee, Chicago, IL Michael Leibrock, Jonesboro Deann Leon, Benton Melissa Leonard, Corning Kathy Lewallen, Jonesboro Charlott Lewis, Earle John Lewis, Jonesboro Darren Lillard, Charlotte Fred Lindner, Pocahontas Timothy Lindsey, East Peoria, IL Stephen Locke, Jonesboro Matthew Long, Hardy Jackie Lovell, Marianna Laura Lovrien, Jonesboro Jamie Low, Kennett, MO Carla Lowe, North Little Rock Kimberly Lowe, Bay W. Shannon Luke, Paragould Danielle Luker, Forrest City Janet Lundry, Jonesboro Twyla MacDonald, Blytheville Mark Maddox, Jonesboro Thomas Magnum, Los Angeles, CA Timothy Magsby, Caruthersville, MO Sankar Maitr, Calcutta India Sandra Malloy, Monette 360 Lisa Malone, Imboden Jerri Mann, Newport Brenton Manning, Fort Smith Pamela Manning, Bono Billy Marlin, Cave City Melinda Marrero, Blytheville Vanessa Marrs, Wynne Amy Martin, Trumann Annah Martin, Harrisburg Jerry Martin, Trumann Karen Masner, Monette Mary Mason, Memphis, TN Lee Matheson, Horseshoe Lake Byron Matthews, Blytheville Scott Matthews, Weiner Teresa Mattix, Jonesboro Shelia Mauppin, Marianna Linda May, Mammoth Spring Tonya May, Beech Grove Jerry Mayo, Blytheville Donna McAfee, East Prairie, MO Stacey McBryde, North Little Rock Johnny M cCain, Manila Lisa McCamey, Brookland Leslie McCasland, Bono Rachel McCoy, Memphis, TN Mike McCullar, Osceola Andrea McDaniel, Senath, MO Russell McDaniel, Memphis, TN Vesta McDaniel, Palestine Janice McDonald, Forrest City Gregg McElhanon, Blytheville Terri McFarland, West Memphis Pamela McFarlin, Hardy Curtis McGee, Stuttgart Carolyn McGinnis, Newport Donna McGinnis, Marianna Lorie Mcintosh, Marmaduke Brian McKee, Paragould Lisa McKenzie, Clarendon Brenda McKinion, Lepanto Kimberly McKinley, Fort Smith Amanda McKinney, Jonesboro Wayne McKinney, Jonesboro Sandy McKuin, Bernie, MO Michele McLeskey, Piggott Eugene McNeely, Newport Tammie McNully, Judsonia Sam McQuay, Jonesboro Shelia McReynolds, Ravenden Springs Sherry McWilliams, Manila Natalie Melton, Paragould Regina Meredith, Cherry Valley John Merguie, Jonesboro Calvin Meriwether, Hernando, MS Lori Merrill, Memphis, TN Cindy Kegley, Corning Kelhe Metheny, Paragould Alan Meyer, Anchorage James Middlebrook, Wynne Candice Middleton, Paris, France Cherie Midgett, Wynne Harold Miles, Harrisburg Amy Miller, Pine Bluff Greg Miller, Leachville Karen Miller, Fair Oaks Shannon Minton, Hazen Kristi Misak, Jacksonville Pradeep Mishra, Delhi, India David Mize, Walcott John Moellers, Pine Bluff 351 Elizabeth Moles, Harrison Darin Montgomery, Daxter, MO Tammy Moody, Waldron Allen Mooneyham, Heber Springs Candace Mooneyham, Jonesboro Danny Moore, Jr., Marked Tree Darren Moore, Marianna Jacqueline Moore, Jackson, MS Jester Moore, Wynne John Moore, Jonesboro Jon Moore, Jonesboro Kandace Moore, Forrest City Kelly Moore, West Memphis Ladona Moore, Corning Lori Moore, Star City Tony Moorehead, Tuckerman Richard Mooring, Trumann James Morgan, Weiner Jay Morgan, Jonesboro Melody Morgan, Hardy William Morgan, McCrory Brian Morris, Cabot Earline Morris, Neelyville, MO Lou Morris, Osceola Sean Morris, Conway Sanora Morrison, Bay Mitzi Morton, Paragould Gina Moss, Oxford Norma Moss, Mammoth Spring Step hanie Moss, Poplar Bluff, MO Takushi Motono, Morovan Hokaido, Japan James Mott, Jr., Caruthersville, MO Angie Mullins, Jonesboro Tammy Mullins, Hickory Ridge Sheilah Mumford, Jonesboro Joshua Murphy, Blytheville Ronald Murphy, Pocahontas Aaron Myatt, West Memphis Jay Nance, Trumann Bryan Neal, Trumann Crawford Neal, Jonesboro Judy Neal, Searcy Barbara Nelson, Jonesboro Danny Nelson, Jonesboro Dayla Newsom, Jonesboro Kevin Newsom, Paragould Amy Nichols, Marked Tree Sonia Nix, West Memphis Kelvin Noble, Helena Norma Noles, Paragould Rebecca Norman, Batesville Lori Northern, Jonesboro Becky Nunnally, Whitton Morris Nutt, Bono Laura Odom, Paragould Almeda Ogle, Oxford Kelly Oguin, Charleston, MO Leslie Old, Mountain Home Anne Oprean, Ash Flat Judi Ortman, Jonesboro Tommy Osborn, Caraway Ray Osment, Weiner Eddie Overstreet, Thayer, MO Dennis Overton, Malvern Charlotte Owens, Oxford Ginger Owens, Wynne Phillip Owens, Wynne Richard Owens, Marion Sara Owens, Trumann 362 Brian Padgett, Mountain Home Tse Liang Pang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tanna Parnell, Cherry Valley Teresa Parnell, Blytheville Sarah Parr, Clarendon Tina Patterson, Palestine Cliff Patton, Batesville Pamela Patton, Bono Maria Payne, Paragould Sheila Payne, Ft. Smith Glenn Pearson, Jonesboro Cami Pendergist, Marion Sandra Pendergrass, Pocahontas Annette Pennington, West Memphis Michael Penter, Blytheville Anita Perkins, Bono Jamie Perry, Osceola Michael Perry, Poplar Bluff, MO Lola Phillips, Cleveland, TN Kevin Phipps, Paragould Karen Pickens, Walnut Ridge Greg Pickle, Jonesboro Vickie Pickrell, Mountain Home Kevin Pierre, Jonesboro Mitzi Pierce, Leachville Audra Pillow, Paragould Sandy Pillow, Paragould Nanci Piper, Little Rock Karen Pitcher, Delaplaine James Pitman, Maynard Kristi Poe, Jonesboro Deborah Poellot, North Little Rock T. K. Poff, Melbourne, Australia Heath Poindexter, Kennett, MO Penny Ponder, Senath, MO Jim Pool, Chico, CA Thomas Powell, Ch erokee Village Jeri Powers, Pocahontas Doug Pratt, Paragould Candice Prevett, Paragould Christine Price, Earle Richard Pridmore, Newport Jamie Prince, Harrisburg Mike Puckett, Caraway Robert Pugh, Paragould J. Mark Pulley, Roanoke Rapids, N. Caroli- na Jeffrey Puryear, Jonesboro Kelly Putnam, Bernie, MO Alireza Rad, Tehran Iran Michael Raibley, Texarkana Gerry Rainbolt, Rector Kelley Rasor, Pine Bluff Eleanor Reams, Jonesboro Cindy Reece, Maple City, Ml Judy Reed, Bono Brian Reid, Jonesboro Pamela Redd, Wynne Kevin Reed, Rison Tiffany Rentner, Mountain Home Lisa Reynolds, McCrory Rufus Reynolds, Paragould Terri Rhoads, West Memphis Stanley Richardson, Reyno Tammy Richardson, Paragould Vince Richardson, West Memphis James Ritter, Weiner Pamela Roach, Jonesboro Theresa Robert, Paragould Jodi Roberts, Pocahontas Norma Robinson, Kennett, MO Sharon Robinson, Marvell 353 Tracie Robinson, Wynne Luis Rodrigues, Sao Paulo, Brazil Jeff Rogers, Gosnell Steven Romine, Rector Bridgitte Rone, Paragould Sherry Rook, Jonesboro Gina Rorex, Walnut Ridge Ray Roso, Tulsa, OK Christopher Ross, Blytheville Melynda Rounds, Batesville Angle Rowland, Paragould Judy Rowland, Bono Debbie Runyon, Tupelo Scott Rushing, Harrisburg Patricia Russell, Salem Sherry Russell, Jonesboro Glinda Ryan, Trumann Nancy Ryan, Paragould Shannon Sanders, Monette Joe Sanderson, Poplar Bluff, MO Mark Sandy, Jonesboro Anser Sanjrani, Karachi, Pakistan Younus Sanjrani, Pakistan Mike Satterwhite, Batesville Cheryl Scallions, Jonesboro Jeffrey Schafer, Pocahontas Nancy Schlenker, Sherwood Mike Schreck, Jonesboro Robert Schroeder, West Plains, MO Terri Schull, Jonesboro Suzanne Scifres, Pine Bluff Julie Scott, West Memphis Robert Scott, Helena Susan Sealy, Helena Linda Seel, Sedgwick Rhonda Sellers, Blytheville Ron Sellers, Gosnell Michele Sevatson, Cherokee Village John Seymour, Jonesboro Lizarina Shaari, Malaysia Deborah Sharp, Jonesboro Michelle Shatley, Jonesboro Tina Shaw, Dierks Matthew Sheets, Jonesboro Richard Shelton, Manchester, MO Robert Shelton, Portia Tim Shepard, Corning Mitchell Shidler, West Memphis Glenda Shipley, Rector Kevin Shirley, Jonesboro Sandra Shuck, Hardy Tim Shuttleworth, Mountain View Tobias Simers, Blytheville Jeriann Simmons, Jonesboro Kim Simpson, Jonesboro Stuart Simpson, Jonesboro Jan Sims, Paragould Sondra Sims, Forrest City Malvinder Singh, New Delhi, India Khien Siow, Malaysia Lynn Sitz, Jonesboro Paul Sitzes, Texarkana Patty Sivley, Marmaduke Jenny Skaggs, Piggott Janet Slatton, Paragould Greg Slayton, Paragould Becky Smart, Tuckerman Deann Smead, Kingsland Alvin Smith, Lake View 364 Awanna Smith, Bono Bobby Smith, Melbourne Brett Smith, West Memphis Cami Smith, Pine Bluff Frank Smith, Winthrop Keri Smith, Monette Kimberly Smith, Kennett, MO Patsy Smith, Paragould Robyn Smith, Monette Scott Smith, Corning Michael Smithson, Trumann Bobby Sorg, Pocahontas Kenneth Sowers, Gould Michele Spain, Jonesboro Darrell Speakes, Lake City Christine Speakman, Bay Kelley Speer, Marmaduke Lora Spence, McCrory Rodney Spencer, Jonesboro William Spencer, Kennett, MO Kenton Spicer, Caruthersville, MO Angie Stallings, Jonesboro Howard Stanley, Jonesboro Jonnye Stanley, Jonesboro Eugenia Starnes, Jonesboro Kelli Statler, Walnut Ridge Pamela Statler, Egypt Susan Steger, Jonesboro Frank Stein, Transylvania, TN Sean Stem, Jonesboro Sandra Stepp, Hendersonville, NC Judy Stevenson, Poplar Bluff, MO Troyniticia Stewart, Marvell Lori Stonecipher, Molcomb, MO Stephanie Stout, Trumann Christy Strait, Jonesboro Michael Strenfel, Poplar Bluff, MO William Stricklin, Jonesboro Tammy Stroud, Melbourne Cecil Stuart, Salem Timothy Stubbs, Little Rock Joan Sullivan, Jonesboro Tonya Sullivan, Poplar Bluff, MO Lana Sumpter, Mountain Home Dean Swick, Pocahontas Jeff Tabor, Memphis, TN Jeff Tacker, Marked Tree Ed Talib, Honolulu, Hawaii It Choon Tan, Island Park, Penang Penny Tarver, Jonesboro Steven Tate, Piggott Timothy Tate, Paragould Toni Tate, Paragould Angela Taylor, Trumann Audra Taylor, Marmaduke Bryan Taylor, West Memphis Jeff Taylor, Hoxie Jeffrey Taylor, Ravenden John Taylor, Cave City Leigh Anne Taylor, Searcy Stephanie Taylor, Hope Stephen Taylor, Forrest City Kimberly Tedder, Paragould Michael Tedder, Newark Ellen Templeton, Jonesboro Dennis Terry, West Memphis Holly Terry, Rector Bryan Thielemie, Pocahontas Daniel Thomas, Newport Glen Thomas, Newport Yolonda Thomas, Newport 365 366 Tyler Thomason, Pine Bluff Kenneth Thompson, Wynne Rhonda Thompson, Bono Tara Thompson, Steele, MO William Thompson, Cabot Kenny Throgmartin, Jonesboro Tiffani Tillman, Texarkana Charles Todd, Black Oak Kimberly Todd, Thayer, MO Johnnie Toney, Forrest City Dennie Toombs, Paragould Laura Toombs, Jonesboro Jay Towell, Pocahontas William Tramel, Steele, MO LeAnn Travis, Jonesboro Trey Trey, Memphis, TN Debra Trusty, Bryant Dean Tucker, Manila Kevin Turbeville, Jonesboro Stefanie Turbeville, Jonesboro Susan Turner, Bradford Scotty Turner, Jonesboro Marty Turner, Hardy Kristie Turner, Piggott Kevin Turner, Jonesboro Jackie Turner, Forrest City Dorothy Turner, Wynne Dawn Turner, Jonesboro Janet Utley, Caruthersville, MO Lisa Utley, Marion Tim Utley, Jonesboro Marty Vancil, Holcomb, MO Amy Vanderbilt, Jonesboro E. Yvonna Vannada, Piggott David Vaughn, Brookland Lee Vaughn, Theodosia, MO Laura Vaught, Hickory Ridge Greg Vincent, Bay Mary Wade, North Little Rock Reba Wadley, Searcy Thomas Walden, Paragould Brad Walker, Paragould Candace Walker, Beech Grove Richard Walker, Paragould Rodney Walker, Jonesboro Victoria Walker, Forrest City Bentley Wallace, Memphis, TN Lola Wallace, Mountain View Harold Wallin, Marked Tree Karen Wallis, Mountain Home Michael Walton, Trumann John Ward, Trumann Mary Ward, Osceola Susan Ward, Calico Rock Tammy Ward, Jonesboro Teresa Ware, Luxora Jonathan Warren, Jonesboro Leigh Washington, Paragould Jeff Watkins, Judsonia Terry Watson, Kennett, MO Karen Weaver, Paragould John Weeks, Palestine Lisa Weisenbach, Jonesboro Billy Weitkamp, O ' Kean Missy Welch, Kilgore, TX Betty Wellman, Piggott Stanley Wells, Dumas Tabitha Wells, Jonesboro Jill Wessell, Paragould Arlin West, Maynard f i if V ) Robert West, Jonesboro Sheri Weston, Jonesboro Catherine Wharton, Jonesboro Pamela Wheaton, Jonesboro Greg White, Trumann Kevin White, Harrisburg Kevin Whitehead, Augusta Matt Whiteside, Charleston, MO Steven Whitmire, Jonesboro Stan Whitt, Harrisburg Dawnyal Wickersham, Newark Stephen Wiggins, Ft. Smith Donna Wilcox, Greenbrier Tony Wilcox, Paragould Paul Wilhoite, Wynne Philip Wilkes, Violet Hill Debora Wilkins, Marianna Anna Williams, Jonesboro Anthony Williams, Memphis, TN Candy Williams, Piggott Kelly Williams, Piggott M. Shey Williams, Caraway Mary Williams, Jonesboro Pamela Williams, Marion Rhonda Williams, Pine Bluff Sherry Williams, Trumann Cheryl Willie, West Helena Darryl Willis, Malvern Barbara Wilson, Bono Greg Wilson, Batesville Harvey Wilson, Marianna Jennifer Wilson, Bono Larry Wilson, Sidney M. Valerie Wilson, Jonesboro Audra Winningham, Newport Scott Winningham, Harrisburg Melissa Winters, Vanndale Wilburn Wiseman, Pocahontas Cathy Wixted, Jonesboro Tony Wolfe, Hernando, MS Helen Wolverton, Oxford Charlie Wood, Parkin Walter Woodie, Pine Bluff Richard Woodruff, Trumann Dana Woodward, Jacksonville Landis Worlow, Jonesboro Wendy Worring, Stuttgart Jeff Worsham, Keiser Donna Wratten, Jonesboro Paula Wray, Jonesboro Cynthia Wright, Batesville Helen Wright, Pine Bluff Kevin Wright, Hoxie Lisa Wright, Paragould Ronnie Wright, Paragould Kathryn Yauger, Jonesboro Angie Yates, Marion John Yates, Jonesboro Lee Yee, Pahang, Malaysia Amy Yersak, Maiden, MO April York, Senath, MO Anita Young, Memphis, TN Ann Young, Blytheville Mike Zamora, Paragould Mark Zarlingo, West Memphis Shannon Zeimet, Newport Janell Zeug, West Memphis Stephanie Zolman, Arbyrd, MO 367 Freshmen Anthony Adams, Walcott Crysta Adams, Forrest City David Adamson, Lepanto Deanna Addington, Weiner Karla Ahrent, Corning Dawn Akers, Detroit, Ml Robbie Akers, Colliersville, TN Jacob Albers, Little Rock Elizabeth Alderson, Forrest City Abraham Al-Gomllas, Saudi Arabia Abdullah Al-Hazzaa, Saudi Arabia Felicia Allen, Camden Kenneth Allen, Jonesboro Louis Allen, Blytheville Michael Allen, Marion Rebecca Allen, Grubbs Robie Allen, Walnut Ridge Andrea Allison, Bryant Jerry Allison, Harrisburg Linda Allison, Hot Springs Stan Alpe, Crawfordsville Pam Alston, Caruthersville, MO Charlotte Amabile, North Little Rock Amy Ames, Harrisburg Bertha Anderson, Hughes Deborah Anderson, Lake City Donald Anderson, Cord Eugenia Anderson, Cardwell, MO Gayla Anderson, Jonesboro James»Anderson, Jonesboro Kristi Anderson, Jonesboro James Andrade, Ravenden Cary Andrews, Wynne Vikki Anhalt, Fort Smith Clovis Anthony, Caraway Rowe Arends, Maiden, MO Annie Arnet, Magness Jackie Arnold, Walnut Ridge Mark Arnold, Joiner Barbara Arras, Hardy Deborah Augustin, Jonesboro James Averitt, North Little Rock Hollie Ayers, West Helena Hollie Ayers, West Helena Lombeido Aymacana, Ecuodor April Aymond, Paragould Tina Babb, Risco, MO Eric Babcock, Batesville DeeDee Bailey, Beech Grove Lynn Bailey, Floral Janice Baine, Tyronza Joseph Baird, Mablevale Debra Baker, Campbell, MO Leslie Baker, Newport Rodney Baker, Dermott Timothy Baker, Blytheville Brendan Baldridge, Bono Bill Baldwin, Newark Jeffrey Ball, Wynne Tracie Ball, Paragould Baltz, Mountain View Penny Banks, Jonesboro 368 Brenda Barber, Batesville Mike Barber, Jonesboro Paul Barden, Little Rock Johnny Barger, Melbourne Joe Barker, Newport Dale Barnes, Wynne Kay Barnes, Turrell Pamela Barnes, Newport Judy Barnett, Maynard Linda Barnett, Trumann Wendy Barnett, Southaven, MS Toni Barnhill, Jonesboro Brad Bartelt, Bay Tod Bartholomew, Union, MO James Bashaw, Dalton Kamran Bashir, Jhelum Pakistan Kevin Baskins, Wynne Brian Bass, Jonesboro James Bass, Fordyce Steve Bass, Glenwood Clay Bassham, Wynne Todd Bates, Maynard Lynn Battershell, West Memphis Jonathan Beal, Fisher Michael Beam, Atlanta, GA Debbie Bean, Jonesboro Darren Beard, Los Gates, CA Michael Beasley, Jonesboro Trena Beasley, Moro Patty Beatty, Cherokee Village Michael Beaumont, Jonesboro Eddy Bedard, Jonesboro Rhonda Beeler, Jonesboro Christine Behnke, Burlington, VT Jae Bell, Alexandria, VA Jacque Bennett, Bald Knob Robin Bennett, Jonesboro Patrick Benson, Marianna Vicky Berry, Jonesboro Neva Beshears, Wynne Troy Best, Jonesboro Elizabeth Bethea, Pine Bluff Russell Bettis, Bono Norman Betts, Newport Cindy Bickers, Pleasant Plains Dana Binns, Cabot Tracy Bilderback, West Memphis Sharon Biles, Paragould Lisa Birmingham, Jonesboro Gina Bishop, Salem Dana Black, Jonesboro Kimberly Black, Paragould Kirt Black, Texarkana Cindi Blaho, Paragould Lyvell Blake, Jr., Memphis, TN Thomas Blakeney, Little Rock Darrin Block, Weiner Goldie Bobbitt, Lake City Kevin Bobbitt, Searcy Steven Boggs, Paragould Bridgette Bohanning, Paragould Susan Boland, Lepanto Jeannie Bolin, Jonesboro Kimberly Boling, Paragould Vicki Boling, Jonesboro Brad Bolton, Montezuma, GA Stephen Bone, McCrory Sharyl Book, Piggott Rebecca Boone, Campbell, MO Marva Booth, Williford Tammy Boozer, Paragould 359 Joe Borden, Jonesboro Michael Bounds, Monette Dean Bowles, Dexter, MO Donya Boyster, Newport Arlette Bradford, Rector Rebecca Bradford, Paragould Bobbi Bradley, Newport Tory Bradley, Mena Valerie Bradley, McCrory Rose Brady, Jonesboro Scott Brady, Walnut Ridge Leslie Bragg, Newport Anthony Brainerd, Mountain Home Shawn Brandon, Trumann Richard Branham, Dexter, MO Bert Branson, Collierville, TN Lori Brantly, Mountain Home Alisa Branum, Harrisburg Tari Braswell, Kennett, MO Emily Bratton, North Little Rock Jerry Brawley, Jr., Osceola Bill Brennan, Blytheville Annie Brewer, Trumann Brian Brewer, Jonesboro Kristin Brewer, Lake City Patrick Brewer, Jonesboro Teresa Brewer, Jonesboro Vanessa Brewer, Cash Gerry Brewington, Jonesboro Michael Bright, Newport Christal Brightwell, Jonesboro Philip Brimingham, Lepanto Allen Brinsfield, Newport Shelia Bristol, Walnut Ridge David Britt, Pocahontas James Britt, Paragould Timothy Britton, Sedgwick Barbara Broadway, Pocahontas Steven Brock, Newport Kevin Broeffle, Jonesboro Ricky Brogdon, Cushman Kelly Brooks, Kennett, MO Kimberly Brooks, Jonesboro Trent Broussard, Fort Smith Christi Brown, Weiner Dale Brown, Stuttgart Kim Brown, Osceola Terri Brown, Marked Tree Timothy Brown, Helena Winston Brown, Brooklan Becky Browning, Caraway Hollie Browning, Bono Gregory Bruner, Jonesboro Ronda Bruns, Anchorage, Alaska Danny Brustrom, Newark Tiffany Bruton, Collierville, TN Rhonda Bryant, Jonesboro G. Richard Buford, Newport Alan Bull, McCrory Waylon Bullock, Trumann Shelly Bunch, Marion Edward Bundy, Jacksonport Anthony Burcham, Cardwell, MO Melinda Burcham, Lepanto David Burnett, Hickory Ridge Eric Burns, Walnut Ridge Joy Burns, Stamps Melissa Burns, Magness Carolyn Burris, Piggott 370 Deborah Burrow, Jonesboro Jakey Burrow, Black Rock Jackie Burrows, Marked Tree Cindy Bush, West Memphis Lori Bush, Fordyce Phyllis Bush, Deering, MO Freddy Butler, Batesville Kathy Butler, Blytheville Patty Butler, Swifton Belinda Buxton, Paragould James Byars, Memphis, TN Kim Byers, Little Rock Marci Bynum, Searcy William Cagle, Morrilton Bryan Cain, Jonesboro Jeri Caldwell, Lake City Debra Callahan, Benton Ann Callison, Jonesboro Carol Camp, Ulm Annette Campbell, West Memphis Brad Campbell, Earle Julie Campbell, Pocahontas Kelley Campbell, Marmaduke Lea Campbell, Cabot Lee Campbell, Harrison Ginger Cantrell, Memphis, TN David Caradine, Jonesboro Greg Carpenter, Jonesboro Kevin Carpenter, Paragould Debby Carr, Pocahontas Jennifer Carriger, Palestine Brad Carson, Jonesboro Channon Carter, Jonesboro Frankie Carter, Paragould Gary Carter, Jonesboro Jason Carter, Harrisburg Joseph Carter, Brinkley Kelli Carter, Mountain Home Laura Carter, Jonesboro Melissa Carter, Steele, MO Tammy Carter, Bono Wendy Carter, Paragould David Cartwright, Concord Connie Cascio, Pine Bluff Connie Cascio, Pine Bluff Stephanie Casey, Heth Nan Catalina, Jonesboro Caroline Cate, Little Rock Ginger Cate, Corning Tim Cate, Baton Rouge, LA Michael Cathcart, Jonesboro Katrina Causey, Walnut Ridge Karyn Cavette, Marvell Patrick Chamberlain, Brookland Cheryl Chambers, Jonesboro Christy Chambers, Jonesboro Dana Chamblee, Walnut Ridge Lip Chang, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Susan Chapmon, Paragould Marvin Chappell, Harrisburg Patrick Cherry, Williamsburg, VA April Childress, Luxora Scott Childress, Jonesboro Michelle Chism, Hattieville Carmen Christenberry, Brookland Brett Christoffersen, North Little Rock Angela Clairday, Jonesboro Bobby Clark, Kennett, MO Jason Clark, Wynne Missy Clark, Arkadelphia Adam Clay, Monette 371 1 Jeffery Clayton, Jonesboro Terri Cleaver, Clinton Tracy Cleghorn, Paragould Brian Clem, Jonesboro Todd Clements, Harrisburg Timothy Clemons, Jonesboro Marsha Clowers, Jonesboro Billy Coates, Pocahontas Betty Cochran, Salem Claire Cockrum, Pine Bluff Wanda Cody, Lake City Robert Coe, Marmaduke Janet Cofield, Bono Melinda Coker, Brunswick, TN Chad Colbert, Bay Gina Colbert, Campbell, MO James Colbert, Osceola Kenneth Cole, Manila Marilyn Cole, Jonesboro Mona Cole, Jonesboro Rebekah Cole, Hoxie Darran Coleman, Paragould Hazel Coleman, Jonesboro Chris Collier, Moro Donna Collins, Mammoth Spring Julie Collins, Walnut Ridge Sean Combs, Paragould Terry Combs, Paragould Lee Congleton, Pine Bluff Bobbie Conner, Bono Wendy Conway, Trumann Heath Conyers, Corning Les Cook, Mountain Home Sherrie Cook, Paragould Amy Cooksey, Jonesboro John Cooley, Hughes Teresa Cooley, Cord Timothy Coop, Jonesboro Blaine Cooper, Piggott Candy Cooper, Jonesboro Cathy Cooper, Walnut Ridge Crae Cooper, Weiner Gregory Cooper, Newport Kyle Cooper, Jonesboro Micky Cooper, Harrisburg Thomas Cooper, Forrest City William Cooper, Calico Rock Michelle Copeland, Marmaduke Leslie Corbett, Jonesboro Angela Corn, Rector Sherry Cornelison, Leachville Lisa Cornish, Lepanto Robert Costantini, Miami, FL Teresa Cottrell, Palestine Charles Couey, Oxford, MS Joan Counts, Jonesboro David Courtney, Pocahontas Sheryl Courtney, Marion Michele Covington, Jonesboro Annette Cox, Lepanto Kimberly Cox, Holly Grove Tricia Cox, Harrisburg Anthony Cox, Paragould Mark Coy, Paragould Wade Cozart, West Memphis Scott Crabb, Helena Gregory Crabtree, Saffell Karen Craine, Blytheville Edward Crawford, Heth 372 Steve Crawford, Pine Bluff Brian Crayton, Blytheville Algie Crenshaw, Caruthersville, MO Heath Crider, Corning Tony Cripe, Gosnell Darren Criss, Trumann Marilyn Crocker, Jonesboro Chris Crosskno, Blytheville Mekelle Crotts, Jonesboro Terry Crow, Rosemark, TN Tonia Crowson, Paragould Kathryn Cruce, Brinkley Teresa Culbertson, West Memphis Tanya Cullison, Pocahontas Lesley Cupp, Paragould Michele Cupp, Paragould Paul Cupp, Paragould Glenn Curtis, McCrory William Curtis, Haunes Judith Curton, Trumann Anna Curtright, Wynne Patrick Cypert, Searcy Barbara Dacus, Jonesboro John Dahlem, Mena Casey Dale, Fisher Danyell Daley, Little Rock David Daniels, Grubbs Jeff Daniels, Carlisle Kenneth Daniels, Tyronza Ann Darden, Parkin Brad Darr, West Memphis Tracy Darty, Wilson Larry Dauck, Pocahontas Scott Daugherty, Kennett, MO Angela Daughhetee, Peach Orchard Lisa Davenport, Monroe Lewis Daves, Jonesboro Jonathan Davidson, Jonesboro Barbara Davis, Fordyce David Davis, Bono Gary Davis, Paragould Jeff Davis, Tuckerman John Davis, Jacksonville Julie Davis, Paragould Kasandra Davis, Jonesboro Lisa Davis, Earle Lori Davis, Wynne Robin Davis, Brookland Scott Davis, Paragould Sherwin Davis, Wheatley Susan Davis, Piggott Terry Davis, Hoxie Shelly Deal, Mountain Home Amy Dean, Blytheville Johnny Dean, Alma Mary Beth Dean, Oil Trough Matt Dean, Walnut Ridge Thomas Dean, Paragould Christine Dedman, Bay Karen Dedrick, Jonesboro Edward Deen, Mountain Home Carl Dees, Piggott J. Allison DeFries, Tumbling Shoals Shonna Delaware, Little Rock Warren DeMars, Harrisburg Kim DeMent, Paragould Teresa Dement, Jonesboro Michael Denison, Walnut Ridge Leah Deniston, Rector Ruble Denkerson, Walnut Ridge Wendell Dennis, Paragould 373 Darren Dent, Jonesboro Danette Denton, Fordyce Jeff Dewberry, West Helena Paige Deweese, Collierville, TN Richard Diamond, Memphis, TN Hugh Dickinson, Blytheville Melanie Dickinson, Marmaduke Stacey Dickson, Jonesboro Stephanie Dilday, Walnut Ridge Leah Dillin, Jonesboro Greg Ditto, Walnut Ridge Hal Divine, Memphis, TN John Dixon, Augusta Angie Dobbins, Marianna Angela Dobbs, Hoxie Betty Dockins, Corning Gayla Dodson, Bono Peggy Doll, Powhatan Larisa Donis, Batesville Janice Dorman, Monroe Atara Dorsey. West Memphis Dale Doss, Turrell Sandy Douglas, Bono Steven Douglas, Marion George Dover, Marked Tree Jesica Dow, Jonesboro Kimberly Dowdy, Paragould Cindy Dowell, Batesville Robin Dowler, Paragould Cheryl Doyle, Strawberry Lorrie Doyle, Walnut Ridge Juana Dozier, Jonesboro John Driggers, North Little Rock Phil Drope, Jonesboro Bryan Drummond, Monette Donald Dugan, Little Rock Tonya Duke, Cardwell, MO Chris Duncan, Forrest City Michael Duncan, Brinkley Roberta Duncan, Bono Nathan Dunman, Lake City Waylon Dunn, Marked Tree Kevin Dust, Pocahontas Melvin Dycus, Trumann Amy Dyer, Stuttgart Shawn Easley, Harrisburg Vicki Easter, Fisher Gary Echols, Reyno Chris Edrington, Beech Grove Lana Edwards, Paragould Melissa Edwards, Piggott Michael Edwards, Paragould Tahnya Elder, Jonesboro Teresa Elkins, Piggott Randall Elledge, Pocahontas Carol Elliott, West Memphis Donald Elliott, Berryville Richard Ellison, Forrest City Mary Elphingstone, Forrest City Brent Elrod, Jonesboro Monica England, Paragould Timothy England, Trumann Jennifer Ennis, Corning Teri Ennis, Pocahontas Gale Ervin, Highland, IL Ann Marie Estes, Southaven, MS bbie Ethridge, Paragould Rhonda Etter, Jonesboro Beth Evans, Jonesboro 374 Cindy Evans, Jonesboro John Evans, Collierville, TN Suzanne Everett, Paragould Audrey Fair, West Memphis Maleah Fairley, Osceola Heather Fant, Wynne Eva Farneby, Bollnas, Sweden Ramona Faulkner, Paragould Daniel Felts, Jr., Jonesboro John Felty, Stanford Carol Fenelon, Cherokee Village Cherish Fergeson, Jonesboro Connie Ferguson, Bay Kevin Findley, Milton, IA Mark Finley, Trumann Valerie Fisher, Marion Karen Fisk, Jonesboro Janet Fister, Houston, TX Jennifer Flannigan, Manila Debra Flemon, Jonesboro Jennifer Fletcher, Onia Danny Flippo, Jonesboro Shayne Florer, Williford Terri Foley, Ash Flat Schan Folsom, Cabot Scott Ford, Newport April Fordham, Paragould Amy Foreman, Gamaliel Joey Forrest, Searcy Jackie Fortenberry, Brookland Tammye Fortenberry, Swifton Maria Fortner, Newport Keith Foster, Swifton W. Chris Foster, Jonesboro William Foster, Jonesboro David Fountain, Jonesboro Sarah Fowler, Ash Flat Scott Fowler, Blytheville Tony Fowler, Turrell Robin Fox, Newport Sheila Fox, Marked Tree Kristie Francis, Trumann Mark Francis, Little Rock John Frank, Cherry Valley Valerie Franklin, Blytheville David Franks, Lepanto Sherri Franks, Jonesboro Jennifer Freeman, Jonesboro Penny Freeman, Jacksonville Shelly Freeman, Jonesboro Stacey Freeze, West Memphis Pete Freire, Corning Kelly French, Jonesboro Michael French, Jonesboro Michael French, Valley View Deena Fry, Rector Kenneth Fry, Piggott Shane Fudge, Newark Tracy Fuller, Arbyrd, MO Michael Fulmer, Sherwood Shirlene Furnish, Jonesboro Nickolas Furr, Paragould Linda Gage, Jonesboro Tiffany Gage, West Memphis Linzy Gall, Walnut Ridge Robert Gambill, Jonesboro Renee Gammill, Jonesboro Jon Gann, Rector Jason Gardner, Harrisburg Patricia Garrison, Little Rock Jennifer Gartman, Jonesboro 375 Kimberly Garver, Bono Lynley Gasaway, Jonesboro Greg Gates, Newport Katrina Gates, Little Rock Mikki Gatlin, Paragould Elaine Gatson, Poplar Grove Sammy Gennuso, Memphis, TN Michael George, Lake City Gary Gestring, Fordyce Chris Gibson, Jonesboro Glenn Gibson, Marmaduke Mechelle Gibson, Jonesboro Shannon Gibson, Walnut Ridge Mary Beth Giles, Paragould Jesse Gillean, Delaplaine Randy Gillespie, Turrell Stacy Gillette, Jonesboro Chad Gillmore, Batesville Jeff Glover, Jonesboro Beverly Goad, Jonesboro Lathan Godfrey, Cardwell, MO Tyron Golden, Arkadelphia Cindy Gonser, Paragould Kathy Gooch, Jonesboro Charnelsa Goodman, Corning Amy Goodwin, Jonesboro Eric Gordon, West Memphis Tim Gould, Jonesboro Regina Graddy, Jonesboro Dana Graham, Keiser Rusty Graham, Keiser Marie Gray, Pocahontas Michael Gray, Conway Steven Gray, Jonesboro Carlet Grayson, Holly Grove Stephen Greaux, Jonesboro Jill Green, West Memphis Linda Green, Campbell, MO Todd Green, Pine Bluff Tracy Green, Hoxie Darrell Greene, Dermott John Greene, Cherry Valley Lindy Greene, Mammoth Springs C. Darlene Greenway, Jonesboro Felecia Greer, Wynne John Gregson, Earle Ruby Grice, Stuttgart Jimmy Griffin, Jonesboro Danny Griffith, Marvell Sheila Griggs, Forrest City Stacy Grimm, Jonesboro Rebecca Grimshaw, Jonesboro Mike Gross, Little Rock David Groves, Brookland Elizabeth Gryner, Keiser Mark Guess, Rector Sherry Guest, Brookland Denise Gullickson, Alpena Wanda Gunn, Paragould George Guthrie, Lake City James Guthrie, Coloma, Ml Sherry Haertling, Piggott Michele Haigwood, Tuckerman Kevin Hale, Walnut Ridge Tony Haley, Hector Chuck Hall, Lake City Karen Hall, Moro Keith Hall, Jonesboro Robert Hall, Mountain Home 375 Daniel Hamilton Brinkley Lori Hamilton, Langhorne, PA Regina Hamilton, Moro Lee Hammon, Paragould Jan Hammond, Little Rock Steve Hammond, Salem Bonita Hampton, Marianna Sherri Hamrick, Harrisburg Dorothy Hand, Pocahontas William Hand, Jr., Jonesboro Dena Handford, Jonesboro Crystal Haney, Monette Mark Haney, Corning Heath Hannon, Trumann Michelle Hansen, West Memphis Jack Hardin, Jr., Tupelo Jim Ed Hardin, Jonesboro Ronnie Hardin, Tupelo Ta ' Wanda Hardrick, Detroit, Ml Jill Hare, Memphis, TN Kevin Harlson, Harrisburg DeDe Harper, Jonesboro Jon Harper, Hardy Mona Harper, Paragould Deborah Harpole, Delaplaine Tanya Harrell, Monette D. Michelle Harris, Jacksonville, FL Doris Harris, Clarkdale Drew Harris, Jonesboro Joyce Harris, Clarkedale Kimberley Harris, Wynne Larry Harris, Jr., Memphis, TN Lisa Harris, Marked Tree Lisa Harris, Saffell Mary Harris, Clarksdale Mary Harris, Paragould Rhonda Harris, Little Rock Robert Harris, Marked Tree Ronda Harris, Matthews, MO Ellen Hartley, Marion Wendy Hartman, Maumelle Dana Hartrup, Jonesboro Tina Harvey, Harrisburg Christopher Hatley, Jonesboro Russell Hatley, Jonesboro Teresa Hatter, Osceola Ann Hawes, Bay Bridgette Hawkins, Earle Kerin Hawkins, Leachville Tammy Hawkins, Jonesboro Stephanie Hawthorn, El Dorado William Hayden, Jr., Brookfield, Wl Toni Hayes, La Habra, CA Carmen Haynes, Black Rock Clay Haynes, Osceola Anna Hayse, Jonesboro Shannon Hazelwood, Trumann Kevin Hedden, Thayer, MO Truitt Hegwood, Pine Bluff Virginia Henderson, McGehee Stephanie Hendon, Dyess Robie Hendrix, Paragould Darrin Henning, Little Rock James Henriksen, Jr., Tuckerman Anita Henry, Manila Bryan Henry, Searcy Russell Henry, Manila Heather Heringer, Jonesboro Misty Herndon, Osceola Steven Herren, Caruthersville, MO Wayne Herren, Paragould 377 James Herring, Imboden Carla Herrington, Mt. Pleasant Melissa Herrington, Osceola Les Hershey, Germantown, TN Nicholas Hess, Wynne Beverly Hickey, Bay Sarah Hicks, Pine Bluff Leroy Higginbotham IV, Dermott Scott Higginbotham, Stuttgart Clifton Higgins, Marked Tree LaVatia Hightower, West Memphis Jennifer Hilburn, Jonesboro Tammy Hilburn, Batesville Cassie Hill, Paragould Christina Hill, Bartlett, TN Doug Hill, Marvell Jeanne Hill, Paragould Julie Hill, Forrest City Laurisa Hill, Blytheville Margaret Hill, Walnut Ridge Noel Hill, Jonesboro Robyn Hill, Cherokee Village Sharon Hill, Jonesboro Tom Hills, Mountain View, MO Mary Hinkle, Jonesboro Cindy Hinson, Jonesboro Marie Hitt, Harrisburg Ha Hoang, Jonesboro Van Hoang, Jonesboro Janet Hoepel, Paragould Hoppy Hoffman, Jonesboro Jack Hogan, West Memphis Tamara Hogan, Searcy Tanya Hogan, Searcy Stephanie Hogue, Jonesboro David Holcomb, Pine Bluff L Trent Holcomb, Piggott Jerry Holden, Jonesboro Melissa Holifield, Piggott Virginia Holifield, Paragould Mark Hollan, Wynne Constance Holland, Pocahontas Lela Holland, Hoxie Wanda Holland, Memphis, TN Rosetta Holley, Crawfordsville Helen Holliday, Marianna Danny Holloway, Pocahontas Wendy Holman, Trumann Lee Holmes, Memphis, TN Wendy Holmes, Bay Bret Holt, West Memphis Byron Holt, Jonesboro Joy Holt, Swifton William Holt, Leachville Woodrow Holt, Gilmore Rob Hood, Earle Stormy Hood, Little Rock Keith Hoover, Jonesboro Tommy Hoover, Poplar Bluff, MO Keith Hopkins, Pine Bluff David Hopper, Mountain View Alia Horton, Mountain Home Sherry Horton, Oil Trough Martha Hosinski, Jonesboro Mary Hosinski, Jonesboro Jeff Housley, Jonesboro -ion Breckenridge, Beedeville John Houston, Trumann Joe Howard, Warren Monica Howard, Jacksonville Christine Howell, Little Rock Maggie Howell, Piggott Audra Howerton, Paragould Kristy Hubbard, Jonesboro Ronny Huber, Campbell, MO Shelly Huddleston, Fordyce James Hudson, Jonesboro Tracie Hudspeth, West Memphis Amy Huffine, Paragould Beth Huffine, Paragould Stephanie Huffman, Jonesboro Amy Hughes, McCrory Johnny Hughes, Camden Craig Hunt, Paragould Lisa Hunt, Wynne Syed Hussain, Jonesboro Brad Hutcheson, Jonesboro Kerry Hutchinson, Cash Randi Hutchison, Trumann Jackquline Hutson, Jonesboro Ley Hyde, Paragould Carlas Hynum, Dewitt Robert Inabinet, Helena Yvonne Ingram, Jonesboro Johnathan Ishmael, Jonesboro Christine Ivy, Marmaduke Charles Jackson, Balch Claudette Jackson, Memphis, TN Jill Jackson, Newark Leslie Jackson, Jonesboro Martha Jackson, Pocahontas Melvin Jackson, Doniphan, MO Bryan Jaramillo, Jonesboro Joyce Jaynes, Trumann Tammy Jayroe, Palestine Dale Jeffers, Hughes Eric Jemison, Jonesboro Julie Jenkins, Marion Erin Jennings, Forrest City Ronald Jeter, Paragould Tommy Johns, Tuckerman Catherine Johnson, Jacksonville Daisy Johnson, Jonesboro David Johnson, Valley View Donald Johnson, Jonesboro Edward Johnson, West Ridge James Johnson, Jr., Marked Tree Jamie Johnson, Rives, MO Jason Johnson, Stuttgart Joel Johnson, West Memphis Patricia Johnson, Hoxie Rodick Johnson, Memphis, TN Scott Johnson, Newark Stephanie Johnson, Corning Susan Johnson, Naylor, MO Tara Johnson, Wynne Tracy Johnson, Cabot John Johnston, Marion Bonita Jones, Monticello Carla Jones, Blytheville Cleveland Jones, Reform, AL Darren Jones, West Memphis Gary Jones, Jonesboro James Jones, Paragould Joel Jones, Senath, MO Karen Jones, Marianna Lana Jones, Trumann Leann Jones, Little Rock Lori Jones, Jonesboro Marsha Jones, Wilson 379 ! Mary Jones, Desha Matt Jones, Conway Milissa Jones, Newport Phillip Jones, Earle Roger Jones, Newport Robert Jones, Alleene Darryl Jordan, Mineral Springs Jerry Jordan, Piggott Shawn Jordan, Clarkston, MO A. Sue Jorn, Jonesboro Maurice Jorn, Jonesboro Martin Joseph, Jonesboro William Joslin, Lake City Anthony Judd, Marshall Rusty Julian Kevin Kapales, Hoxie David Kawsler, Cord Michael Keating, Kennett, MO Valerie Kegley, Piggott Linda Keller, Jonesboro Amy Kelley, Wynne Michael Kelley, Pine Bluff Debra Kelso, Walnut Ridge Freda Kemp, Jonesboro Jeff Kenley, Memphis, TN Donnie Keshawarz, Jonesboro Laurie Kester, Bono Bin Kew Mohammed Khaliq, Jonesboro Mohammad Khan, Toronto Ontario Canada Sonya Kibler, Paragould Meredith Kiest, Little Rock Masahiro Kihara, Nagano, Japan Brenda Killion, Pocahontas Kimberly Kimble, Corning DeeDee Kindricks, Kilore, TX Cindy King, Marion Craig King, Harrisburg Denise King, Jonesboro Michael King, Henderson, NV Phillip King, Gosnell Ricky Kinley, Little Rock Shelly Kirby, Dexter, MO Heather Kirk, Cabot Julia Kirk, Paragould Wendy Kirkindall, Jonesboro Consuela Kisling, Jonesboro Maria Kittell, Little Rock Diane Klepzig, Doniphan, MO Mychelle Kleypas, Little Rock Jim Kluge, Marmaduke Charlotte Knight, Newport James Knight, Augusta Ken Knotts, Pocahontas Michael Knowlton, White Hall Betty Koeller, West Memphis Dowell Koller, Newport Kelly Konecny, Slovak Jim Kordsmeier, Little Rock Rami Kridli, Zerka, Jordan Tarek Kridli, Zerq, Jordan Chad Kruizenga, Dermott Kenneth Kruk, Brookfield, Wl in Kruse, Kirksville, MO ;;eter, Pocahontas Alice Lachat, Wynne Amy Ladd, Bay a Laird, Gosnell Daniel Lamb, Hoxie 380 Eddie Landreth, Corning Marsha Lands, Jonesboro Gena Lane, Monette Melissa Lane, Jonesboro Rhonda Lane, Marked Tree Sean Lane, Paragould Terria Lane, Brookland Larry Langley, Walnut Ridge Amy Langston, Mountain Home Kelli Langston, Arbyrd, MO Melanie Lassonde, Jonesboro Bradley Latham, Beech Grove Pennie Lawman, Jonesboro Janya Laws, Forrest City James Lawson, Jonesboro Steve Leder, Ulm Dede Lee, Jonesboro Paul Lee, Searcy Ron Lee, Searcy Terri Leming, Malvern Michael Lemke, Hickory Ridge Robert Lemmons, Jonesboro Connie Lemons, Jonesboro Regina Lenderman, Paragould Lois Leon, Wheatley James Leonard, Horn Lake, MS Chee Leow, Kuala Lumpur Ronette Lepley, Paragould Donna Lester, West Memphis Cleverlon Letbetter, Prattsville Brad Lewis, Dell Cecilia Lewis, Senath, MO Linda Lewis, Earle Stephanie Lewis, Forrest City Tonnetta Lewis, Marianna Tracey Lewis, Brookland William Lieblong, Paragould Jay Light, Alicia Jennifer Lile, Pine Bluff Richard Limbert, Weiner Rhonda Lindley, Clarkton, MO Michael Lindsey, Rector Veronica Lindsey, Jonesboro Cindy Linebaugh, Hoxie Shelly Linebaugh, Walnut Ridge R. Kyle Linson, West Plains, MO John Little, Monette Brad Littlejohn, Parkin Mark Littleton, West Helena Derek Lloyd, Cash Walter Lockley, Cherry Valley David Loe, Jonesboro Ira Logan, Lexa Patrick Logan, Hernando, MS Charles Long, Brookland Jennifer Long, Bono June Long, Harrisburg Alyssa Lott, St. Louis, MO Patty Lovrien, Jonesboro Tommy Lovrien, Wynne Tammy Lowe, Blytheville David Lowery, Jonesboro Wayne Lowery, Trumann Tina Lowry, Hot Springs Stacy Loy, Germantown, TN Verlin Luna, Poplar Bluff, MO Anna Lundry, Pocahontas Chris Lutes, Blytheville Anthony Maggitt, Wynne Shirley Mallison, Jacksonville Brian Malone, West Memphis 331 Kelly Malone, Fisher Jo Mangrum, Caraway Terri Mangrum, Beech Grove Michael Manie, Blytheville Robyn Mann, Newport Helen Mansfield, Mountain Home William Manville, West Plains, MO Ann Marconi, Crawfordsville Michael Marconi, Crawfordsville Nichole Marilyn, North Little Rock Lyne Marlow, Hardy Hoyt Marshall, Paragould Rachel Marshall, Brookland Ricky Marshall, Bay Candice Martin, Charlotte Cindy Martin, Mammoth Spring Jackie Martin, Pine Bluff John Martin, Willow Springs, MO Mark Martin, Jonesboro Robert Martin, Jonesboro Tony Martin, NewNata Johnny Mason, Newport Michele Mason, Bald Knob Sara Mason, Marked Tree Sandi Massanelli, Pine Bluff Donna Massengill, Weiner Charles Massey, Blytheville Debra Massey, Trumann Heather Matheson, West Memphis Dayanne Matthews, Cherry Valley Nedra Matthews, Wynne Terris Matthews, Wynne Michelle Mathis, Dallas, TX Chad Maxwell, Blytheville Marcy Maxwell, Camden Tisha Maxwell, Paragould Paula May, Weiner Derick Mayberry, Bono Ronda Mayes, Jonesboro Bernard Mayfield, Memphis, TN Lawrence Mays, Jr., Pine Bluff Frederick McAfee, Wilson Michelle McAfee, Caraway Anita McAffry, Lake Village Angela McAnally, Lake City Lisa McBride, Jonesboro Patrick McCammon, Wynne Robert McCarroll, Paragould Karissa McCarter, Springfield, MO Rebecca McCarty, Pine Bluff Rachelle McCauley, Kirby Melissa McClain, Kennett, MO Tommie McClendon, Marianna Ken McCollum, Marion Michael McCourt, Sherwood James McCoy, Jonesboro Vince McCrosky, West Memphis Kelli McCurley, Calico Rock Cobi McDaniel, Rector Darla McDaniel, Arbyrd, MO Freddie McDaniel, Jr., Wynne Stan McDaniel, Jonesboro Neil McDole, Jonesboro McDonald, West Memphis Robert McDonald, Mountain Home McDonald, West Memphis mnon McDoniel, Bearden i McEntire, Walnut Ridge Robert McFall, Leachville 382 Rick McFerrin, Marked Tree Bridget McGarraugh, Paragould Barry McGee, Brookland Kellie McGee, Bradford Walter McGee, Piggott Mecy McGehee, Sherwood Janet McGill, Earle Michael McGinnis, Jonesboro Peyton McGinnis, Jonesboro Randall McGinnis, Newport Angela McHalffey, Trumann Lee Mclllwan, Fisher Stephanie Mcintosh, Marvell Tanya McKay, Rector Laura McKee, Forrest City Evelyn McKenna, RoseBud Nelson McKenzie, Earle Karen McKinney, Jonesboro Lilly McKinney, Jonesboro Kelly McKnight, Cherry Valley Rodney McLaughlin, Paragould Lee McLean, Keiser Melisa McLean, Wilson Michael McMullin, Harrisburg Terry McNatt, Lake City Steven McRae, Foreman Charles McRay, Jonesboro Michael McSpadden, Melbourne Corrine McVay, Sherwood Jeffrey Meacham, Searcy Robert Means, Gosnell Matthew Meares, Morrilton Ricky Medlock, Bono R. Michael Meeker, Paragould Michele Mellon, Augusta Brian Melton, Jonesboro Brad Menard, Gillett David Metheny, Maynard Ava Meurer, Caraway M. Hazizi M. Hanafiah, K.L. Lian Malaysia Yen-Kang Miau, Jonesboro Alan Miles, Paragould Charles Miles, McGehee Amanda Miller, Searcy Bobbie Miller, Kennett, MO David Miller, Rogers Janet Miller, Piggott Missy Miller, Searcy Tim Miller, Paragould Jeff Milligan, H.S., AR Paul Minton, Bono Joanna Miranda, Malaysia Dawn Mitchell, Campbell, MO Diana Mitchell, Paragould Michelle Mitchell, Harvey, IL LaWanda Mize, Cave City Nadine Mizer, Redmond, OR Jeffrey Mock, Pocahontas Hope Molock, Bauxite Amy Montogomery, Trumann E. Ann Montogomery, Cash Heather Montogomery, Wynne Steve Montogomery, West Memphis Angie Moon, Bay Audrey Mooney, Forrest City Kevin Mooney, Hughes Andrew Moore, Poplar Bluff, MO Bonnie Moore, Jonesboro Brian Moore, Osceola Eugene Moore, Memphis, TN Jerry Moore, Memphis, TN 383 Karen Moore, Little Rock Krista Moore, Pine Bluff Spencer Moore, Jonesboro Tabitha Moore, Paragould Theresa Moore, Paragould Tracy Moore, Memphis, TN Valerie Moore, Memphis, TN Yolanda Moore, Chicago, IL Dennis Morgan, Jr., Trumann Jack Morris, Jonesboro James Morris, Dierks John Morris, Marked Tree Kevin Morris, Hunter Lisa Morris, Beebe Christy Moseley, Jonesboro Kathy Moser, Paragould Tony Moss, Harrisburg Willie Muchlin, Marion Sandra Mudford, Fouke Debbie Mullen, Walnut Ridge Tar a Mullen, Monette Jeri Mullins, Bono Jerry Mullins, Jonesboro Karen Mullins, Jonesboro Ken Murphree, Marion Blair Murphy, Walnut Ridge Brandy Murphy, West Memphis Jimmy Murphy, Sedgwick Michael Murphy, Bono Clarissa Musick, Blytheville Richard Myers, Jonesboro Tracy Myers, Blytheville Jeanine Nailling, Paragould Starla Neal, Mountain Home Patti Neely, Senath, MO Monica Nelsen, Murfreesboro Brian Nelson, San Antonio, TX Donna Nelson, Lafe Karen Nelson, Bryant Laura Nelson, Maynard Will Newberry, Paragould Jo Ann Newcomb, Lake City Jennifer Newman, Senath, MO Jennifer Nichols, Keiser John Nichols, Pocahontas Becky Nicholson, Ash Flat Donald Nicholson, Searcy Brian Niswonger, Pocahontas James Nolan, El Dorado Mike Norris, Walnut Ridge Kerry Norton, North Little Rock T. Leighanne Nunn, Paragould Shanda Oates, Center Ridge Laura Ogle, Oxford Gina Oldham, Fayetteville Philip Oliver, Stuttgart Julie Orloski, Little Rock Susan Orr, Jonesboro James Osborne, Parkin Cathy Othman, Jonesboro Mohammed Othman, Port Dickson, Malay- sia Mark Owen, Paragould Bonnie Owens, Washington Byron Owens, Paragould David Owens, Paragould Gayla Owens, Mountain Home Kimberly Owens, Brinkley Montogomery Owens, Maiden, MO Sean Owens, Maumelle 384 Kent Overshine, Beech Grove Keith Pace, Hoxie Melissa Pagan, Harrisburg David Palmer, Wynne Donald Panhorst, Marmaduke Danny Pankey, Blytheville Kevin Parker, Mountain Home Ralph Parker, Jonesboro Melissia Parks, Newport Harold Parsons, Wynne Sheila Parsons, Judsonia Randy Passmore, Bono V. Neil Passmore, Jonesboro Tammie Pate, Lepanto Manish Patel, Paragould Urvi Patel, Paragould Sheri Patterson, Hughes Shirley Patterson, State University John Patton, Kennett, MO Randy Patton, Bono K. Leanne Payne, Jonesboro Lesia Payne, Kennett, MO Sarah Payne, Senath, MO Susie Payne, Paragould Don Pearson, Marked Tree Floyd Pearson, Portia Brett Peeples, Blytheville Brian Penn, North Little Rock Core y Penn, Hazen Terri Penn, Jonesboro Virginia Penn, Strawberry Dorinda Pennington, Jonesboro Jennifer Pepper, Little Rock Dale Peppers, Jonesboro Kevin Perry, Paragould Sheila Person, Searcy Craig Peterson, Blytheville Cassie Petty, Burdelle Calvin Pettye, Jonesboro Mark Pfeffer, Lilbourn, MO Chris Phares, Searcy Marcus Phelix, Marion Jenry Phillip, Linia, OH Angela Phillips, Monette Loretta Phillips, Wynne Stephanie Pickering, Bono Rober Pickle, Jonesboro Cheryle Pierce, Paragould Paul Pierce, Jonesboro Timothy Pierce, Batesville Michael Piercy, Manila Danny Pigmon, Kennett, MO Brian Pigot, Jonesboro Susie Pillow, Jonesboro Gregory Pinkston, Tuckerman Kimberley Pipes, Jonesboro Stephan Pittman, Monette Robin Pitts, Monette Julie Plumlee, Salem Cliff Plunkett, Little Rock David Plunkett, Blytheville Mark Poe, Lake City Julia Poff, Paragould Janet Pope, Jonesboro Essie Potter, Jonesboro Kelly Potts, Piggott Carolyn Prater, Jonesboro Tim Prater, Maynard Andrea Pratt, Marmaduke Bryan Pribble, Wynne Catherine Price, Paragould 385 Felicia Price, Earle Kellie Price, Jonesboro Miriam Price, Lepanto Freddy Prince, Jonesboro Kathy Proctor, Piggott Kevin Province, Jonesboro D. Dwyatt Pschier, Greenwood Rhonda Puckett, Bono Robert Puryear, Jonesboro Sharlet Putman, Williford Radora Pyle, Danville J. Wade Quick, El Paso William Quilhot, Gassville Shahid Qureshi, Batesville Donna Ragsdale, Lake City James Ragsdale, Mountain Home Laura Rainwater, Lynn D. Susanne Ramer, Jonesboro Melody Ramsey, Paragould Carolyn Rand, Lake City Willie Raspberry, Kennett, MO Ada Ratliffe, Newport John Ray, Jonesboro Vincent Ray, North Little Rock Linda Razer, Blytheville R. Lee Reams, Maiden, MO Kristie Reece, Lake City Danny Reed, Alport S. Shane Reed, Concord Maryruth Reiser, Jonesboro Wendy Reiser, Jonesboro Christopher Reyna, Merkel, TX Alissa Reynolds, McCrory Beth Rice, Beech Grove Camilla Richards, Jonesboro Brad Richardson, Osceola Jarrod Richey, Bono Melissa Rickey, O ' Kean James Riddle, Pocahontas Jason Riggins, West Memphis Greg Riley, Pine Bluff Kelly Riley, Dallas, TX Scott Riley, Lilbourn, MO Stefanie Ritter, Mountain Home Beth Robbins, Manila Betty Robbins, Locust Grove Deonna Robbins, Arkadelphia Matthew Roberson, Jonesboro Troy Robert, Jonesboro Lonnie Roberts, Jonesboro Rebecca Roberts, Pine Bluff Cheryl Robertson, Marmaduke Karen Robertson, McCrory Todd Robinett, Jonesboro John Robinette, Sheridan Chad Robinson, Paragould James Robinson, Cotton Plant James Robinson, Paragould Kelly Robinson, Rector Kenneth Robinson, Newport Lisa Robinson, Paragould Louise Robinson, Crawfordsville Randy Robinson, Parkin Tina Robinson, Marvell Marty Rodgers, Bay sty Rodriquez, Jonesboro sn Rodriguez, Paragould m3S Roe, St. Louis, MO Tina Roedel, Jonesboro 386 John Rogers, Little Rock -Ik Johnny Rogers, West Memphis Michelle Rogers, Macomb, IL Gary Rolland, Wynne Matthew Rolland, Monette Donna Rollins, Jonesboro Michael Rorex, Harrisburg Teresa Rose, Pocahontas Lisa Ross, Caruthersville, MO H. Taylor Rothrock, Blytheville Mandy Rouse, Pine Bluff Chris Rousey, Jonesboro Steven Rowell, Little Rock Charles Rowland, Beech Grove Rachele Rucker, Parkin Shani Rudi, Paragould Marvin Ruehl, Brinkley Patricia Ruff, Corning Mary Rush, Marion Tony Rusher, Trumann John Rusk, Stuttgart Niki Russell, Forrest City Theresa Russell, Corning Robert Rutherford, Paragould Stephen Ryan, Harrisburg Audra Sailors, Blytheville Rebecca Sain, Jonesboro Michelle Sample, Poplar Bluff, MO Jody Sanders, Williford Jon Sanders, Lake City Leslie Sanders, Jonesboro Nathan Sanders, Monette Tana Sanders, Caraway Glenita Saunders, Lepanto Susan Saunders, Lepanto Gary Saylors, Corning John Scaccia, Sherwood Lonzell Scaife, Marvell Scottie Scarbrough, Marks, Lesa Schafer, Pocahontas Jas on Schmidt, Greenway Kimberly Schmidt, Hoxie Stacy Schmidt, Jonesboro MS Andrew Schneider, Jonesboro David Schratz, Pocahontas Ted Schreck, Jonesboro Tammy Schug, Paragould William Schult, Bartlett, TN Angela Scott, Searcy LeJan Scott, England Rickey Scott, Marked Tree David Scrivner, Osceola Lonnie Scudder, Jr., Paragould Keri Sears, Walnut Ridge Melanie Sedbrook, Hot Springs Village Jennifer Seiler, Doniphan, MO Daya Seymore, Jonesboro Emily Shackleford, Bee Branch James Shackelford, Hardy Lisa Shaffer, Pocahontas Melody Shahegh, Russellville James Shannon, Marion Carlos Sharp, Memphis, TN Anthony Shaw, Paragould Kirk Shaw, Batesville Felecia Sheard, Hayt, MO Rodney Shelley, Fisher Tammy Shelton, Swifton Angela Sheridan, Jonesboro Cindy Shipman, Kennett, MO Melanie Shirey, Lewisville 337 Christopher Shirley, Newport Gary Shreve, Paragould Scott Shumate, Stuttgart Mohd Elias Shun, Malaysia Chris Shy, Dexter, MO Charles Sifford, Jonesboro Gregory Simpson, Sulphur Rock Patricia Simpson, State University Richard Simpson II, Jonesboro Stephanie Simpson, Jonesboro Aaron Sims, Pottersville, MO Elizabeth Sims, Holly Grove Sherry Sims, Paragould Ulaunda Sinclair, St. Louis, MO Pat Skillern, Sherwood Sonya Skimahorn, Walnut Ridge Johnny Skinner, Holly Grove M. Bjom Skoog, Jonesboro Audra Smith, Searcy Bryan Smith, West Helena Bryan Smith, Lake City Carolyn Smith, Holly Grove Clarence Smith, Fisher Danny Smith, Tyronza Davetta Smith, Hot Springs Herbert Smith, Newport Jacqueline Smith, Steele, MO Jason Smith, Wilson Keith Smith, Wilson Laura Smith, Little Rock Laura Smith, Jonesboro Mary Smith, North Little Rock Michael Smith, Paragould Randy Smith, Tyronza Randy Smith, Swifton Scott Smith, Dexter, MO Shawn Smith, Jonesboro Stephen Smith, Parkin Susan Smith, Monticello Tammy Smith, Palestine Vickie Smith, Forrest City Wesley Smith, Marmaduke Jennifer Snelgroes, Viola Jason Snodgrass, Mountain Home Mavis Snow, Jonesboro Sherri Snow, McGehee Rodney Snyder, Cave City Michael Soden, Tuckerman Jacqueline Soroka, Brookland Mandy Southard, Mountain Home Lindell Southerland, El Paso Vicki Sparks, Paragould Nathan Spears, Jonesboro Shelley Spears, Springfield, MO John Speed, Earle Nancy Spillman, Beech Grove Samuel Stanton, Texarkana Matt Stark, Charleston, MO Melissa Stark, Jonesboro Stephanie Stark, Heber Springs Graham Starling, Forrest City Mark Starling, Poplar Bluff, MO Patricia Staudt, Jonesboro Lisa Steedman, Yellville Ellen Steele, West Memphis Jennifer Steele, Marked Tree Greg Steen, Marked Tree Tonja Stegall, Wheaton, IL Connie Steinhoff, Hot Springs Village David Stevens, Walnut Ridge Patty Stevenson, Birdeye Wilma Steward, Senath, MO Jami Stewart, Lake City Melissa Stewart, Memphis, TN Wendy Stewart, Horn Lake, MS Matt Stewman, Mena Max Steyer, Lafe Mark Stidham, Searcy Deborah Stokes, Piggott Thomas Stoll, Ravenden Greg Stormes, Knobel Melissa Stotts, Jonesboro Christina Stout, Jonesboro Deidre Strickland, Paragould Lara Strickland, Hector Stephanie Stricklin, Jonesboro Tonya Stringer, Jonesboro Wendy Stringer, Jonesboro Debbie Stuart, Salem Al Stukenborg, Germantown, TN Jason Stumph, Memphis, TN Amy Sumpter, Marked Tree Jesse Suttles, Jonesboro William Swain, Batesville Buddy Swan, West Memphis Eddie Swanner, Jonesboro Chuck Sweet, Batesville J. Scott Tabor, Paragould Peggy Tabron, Forrest City Patricia Taggart, Forrest City Nazar Talib, Honolulu, Hawaii Tammy Talley, Ash Flat Sok Tau Kevin Tate, Amagon Senora Tate, Marvell Shellie Tate, Bono Becky Taylor, Hughes Cleo Taylor, Paragould Elizabeth Taylor, Corning John Taylor, Jr., Paragould Julie Taylor, Wynne Laura Taylor, Searcy Marta Taylor, Mammoth Spring Paula Taylor, West Memphis Ronnie Taylor, Paragould Scott Taylor, Paragould Tena Taylor, Paragould Brian Teague, Waldenburg Bethany Teal, Newport Charles Teal, Hope Maria Teeter, Little Rock S. Michele Templeton, Waldenburg Christy Terrell, Jonesboro Nick Thielemier, Pocahontas Bert Thomas, Wynne Drew Thomas, Newport Eddie Thomas, Wabbaseka Felicia Thomas, Brinkley Jacquelynne Thomas, West Memphis Joel Thomas, Mena Kevin Thomas, Poplar Grove Kristie Thomas, Tuckerman Muri Thomas, Harrisburg Olivia Thomas, Jonesboro Stacey Thomas, Black Oak William Thomas, Blytheville Amber Thompson, Cave City Bobby Thompson, Little Rock Christine Thompson, Searcy Craig Thompson, Jonesboro 389 Jeffery Thompson, West Plains, MO Gerry Thompson, Newport Rick Thompson, Monticello Damien Thorn, Devils Fork, MA Mark Thorn, Greenbrier Chris Throesch, Pocahontas Jeff Throesch, Jonesboro Kim Throesch, Pocahontas Christopher Throgmartin, Blytheville Margaret Tidwell, Tuckerman DeAnne Timms, Ventura, CA Todd Tiner, Bay Melanie Tinker, Hoxie Willie Tinzie, Marianna Wendy Tolbert, West Memphis Derrick Toney, Memphis, TN Larry Tosh, Jonesboro Evelyn Tousant, Forrest City Melissa Townsend, Dexter, MO Teresa Toy, Batesville Leslie Trammell, Batesville Lori Trammel, Manila Jay Trebilcock, Jonesboro Tommie Tribble, Caraway Melissa Triplett, Jonesboro John Tune, Gosnell Keith Tunstall, Flint, Ml Chris Turner, Tichnor Dennis Turner, Manila John Turner, Jonesboro Natalie Turney, Jonesboro Gaylon Tyner. Jonesboro Tammy Tyson, Powhatan Angela Uekman, Little Rock Warren Underwood, Portageville, MO Carole Upshaw, Marked Tree Joseph Ussery II, Trumann Sara Utnage, Jonesboro Donald Valentine, Trumann Harold Vallot, III, Dermott Judy Vandergriff, Ravenden Springs Tina Vandergriff, Pocahontas Yvonne Vanderweil, Walnut Ridge Robin Vaughn, Dyess Tammy Vaughn, Fordyce James Veldheer, Holland, Ml Jimmy Vest, Melbourne Donna Vick, Trumann Lorinda Vickers, Lepanto Michael Vowell, Rector Dana Vuncannon, Jonesboro Todd Wages, Jonesboro Paul Wagner, Marked Tree Tim Wagner, Mountain Home Christi Walker, Beech Grove Christine Walker, Jonesboro Helen Walker, Cave City Jimmy Walker, Jonesboro John Walker, Mountain Home Lisa Walker, Wynne Patti Walker, Colt Sonya Walker, Pocahontas Wade Walker, Knobel Cheryl Wallace, Bald Knob Derry Wallace, Helena Kevin Waller, West Memphis Sammy Waller, Paragould Marty Wallis, Piggott Wendy Walls, Corning 390 Stacey Walter, White Hall i Kassie Walton, Bucksnort, TN Keely Walton, Bucksnort, TN Monika Walton, Newport Keely Ward, Forrest City Michael Ward, Helena Vickie Ward, Jonesboro S. Kraig Ware, Dallas, TX Jay Warhurst, Wilson Angie Warren, Osceola Andy Watkins, Jonesboro Becky Watkins, Trumann Reginald Watkins, North Little Rock Sabrina Watkins, Marion Sandra Watson, Paragould Linda Watts, Bay Jennifer Weathers, Brookland Shanda Weathers, Salem Chris Weaver, Cash Denise Weaver, East Prarie, MO Kelly Webb, Willow Springs, MO Teresa Webb, Senath, MO Pamela Webster, Jonesboro Shawn Webster, Bay Leah Welch, Joiner Cathy Wellman, Osceola John Wells, Dumas Larry Wells, Fordyce Phillip Wells, Des Moines, IA Melissa Weser, Dumas Michelle Weser, Dumas Larry West, Harrisburg Philip West, Hughes Lee Ann Weston, Jonesboro Thomas Wheeler, Jr., Hardy Lillian Wheeless, Jonesboro Jackie Whitaker, Lepanto John White, Jonesboro Pamela White, Newport Shannon White, Harrisburg Sonya White, Vanndale Johnny Whitener, Hayti, MO Amy Whitley, Bono Cynthia Whitlock, Bay Danny Whitmire, Hoxie Tim Whitt, Jacksonville Barbara Wickersham, Magness Janice Wilburn, Palestine Bradley Wilcox, Valley Lee, MD Mathew Wilkerson, Wynne Cathy Wilkin, Paragould Melissa Wilkins, Paragould Tim Wilkins, Paragould Felicia Willett, Jonesboro Andrew Williams, West Helena Angela Williams, West Memphis Arnesa Williams, Blytheville Bernard Williams, Memphis, TN Christopher Williams, Blytheville Crystal Williams, Jonesboro Gary Williams, Paragould Herman Williams, Forrest City Joyce Williams, Wynne Kenneth Williams, Memphis, TN Kimberly Williams, Marianna Kimberly Williams, Caraway Neyl Williams, Germantown, TN Norman Williams, Black Oak Patrick Williams, Palestine Ryan Williams, Joiner Tammy Williams, Trumann 391 Tammy Williams, Harrisburg Tracie Williams, Blytheville Sean Williams, McCrory Victor Williams, West Helena Helen Willis, North Little Rock Melissa Willis, North Little Rock Jeanette Willmuth, Cave City Bruce Wilson, Leachville Cary Wilson, Portageville, MO Christy Wilson, Brookland George Wilson, Memphis, TN Laura Wilson, Festus, MO Michelle Wilson, Earle Stacey Wilson, Smithville Terrilyn Wilson, Poplar Bluff, MO Tracy Wilson, Harrisburg Sam Wimpy, Jonesboro Pamela Windmon, Driver Brett Winstead, Trumann Kristi Witt, Harrisburg Chuck Wofford, Paragould Tim Wolf, Paragould Thomas Wolfe, Searcy Sai Kit Wong, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Brian Wood, Jonesboro Carol Wood, Paragould Jill Wood, Jonesboro Lana Wood, Searcy Stephanie Woodard, State University Stacey Woodruff, Jonesboro Michelle Woods, Paragould Rebecca Woods, Pine Bluff Terrie Woods, Imboden Carla Woodson, Bono Gregory Wooldridge, Jonesboro Kelli Wooten, Holly Grove Susan Wooten, Jonesboro Teresa Wooten, Forrest City Beth Wray, Marked Tree Angela Wright, Piggott Judy Wright, Corning Whitney Wright, Marked Tree Cheryl Wyatt, Rector Jean Wycoff, Caraway LaTina Wynne, Keiser Ami Wyse, Little Rock Leigh A. Yahnke, Marvell Candy Yancey, Knobel Patricia Yancey, Brinkley Randy Yancey, Melbourne Richey Yancey, Melbourne Rusty Yancey, Melbourne Michelle Yanosick, Ft. Smith Todd Yarbrough, Elaine Mary Yates, Hardy Mellissa Yates, Paragould Jeff Yopp, Paragould Richard Yopp, Jonesboro Scott York, Osceola Akira Yoshida, Yokohama, Japan Robert Youmans, Jonesboro Amy Young, Memphis, TN Jodi Young, Hot Springs Mary Young, Wynne Todd Young, Knobel Omar Younis, Brasilia-Brazil Betsy Zachry, Camden John Zagarella, Cambridge, MA Bill Zellmer, Heber Springs Sherry Zolman, Cardwell, MO 392 Reflections in time We are saddened by the loss of a fellow student - Thanh C. Ly, of Marianna - who died on November 17, 1987. 393 Second Semester Students Graduate Students Seniors Diane J. Andrews, Tilton Lewis L. Bishop, Mountain Home Keith J. Boles, Hazelton, Idaho, Radio-TV Melissa J. Bracy, Hickory Ridge, Physical Education Janet E. Bradshaw, Blytheville, Social Work Frieda J. Burge, Cave City Paul D. Calderin, Texarkana, TX David S. Dunham, Jonesboro, Elec. Engr. T. Keff Eubanks, Rector, Social Science Majdi E. Fakhoury, Amman, Jordan, Mechanical Engr. Greta L. Felts, Harrisburg, Business Education Karen L. Flowers, Jonesboro, Radiological Technology Douglas B. Hanlon, Caney, Kansas, Radio TV Laverne L. Hanssler, Jonesboro, Elementary ED Edna L. Hargraves, Marianna, Political Sci- ence Debbie A. Hedge, Weiner Terry L. Hogard, West Memphis Jerome Humphrey, Haynes Mattie F. Johnson, Magnolia, CIS Ricky L. Kee, Augusta, Psy. Vicki L. Kersey, Jonesboro, Social Work Bobby F. Lowery, Jonesboro, BSN Nursing Diana L. Lowery, Flippin John J. MacPherson, Carmel, CA Jolie M. Mayes, Manila, Radiologic Technology Michael A. McDaniel, Jonesboro Jeffery D. Michael, Hughes, Business Administration Johnny W. Moore, Bay, Marketing Khairil W. Othman, Seremban, Malaysia, Electrical Engr. Patricia E.Rains, Jonesboro, Social Work Jerry L. Rapert, Osceola, Real Estate Ins. Neysa L. Rhoads, Marion Christie L. Rhodes, Jonesboro, Psychology Lee Rogers, West Memphis Donna A. Sanders, Viola, Early Childhood- Elementary Ed. Penny L. Smith, Tyronza, Radiologic Technology Angela J. Sulcer, Woodland Hills, CA, Chemistry Maria D. Sullivan, Leachville, Psychology Mark A. Taylor, Blytheville, Radio TV Michael N. Walker, Brockwell, Elementary Education Myrett J. Warren, Forrest City Denise Webb, Lonoke, Radio TV Karla R. Williams, Jonesboro William H. Wonka, Stuttgart, Engineering Sandra E. Young, Tyronza 395 Juniors Curtis L. Aaron, Jacksonville Dorothy V. Alsup, Walnut Ridge Brent G. Arant, Paragould Lee Anne Armstrong, Marvell Shirley S. Austin, Dyess Deedra J. Blanchard, Jonesboro Tammy M. Brannon, Pocahontas. Karla D. Buckley, Jonesboro Tracy R. Burgess, Cardwell. MO Tami L- Duke, Paragould Patsy L Dunlap, Leachville Pam K. Estes, Mountain Home Greg S. Fletcher, Paragould Judi A. Flowers, Maiden, MO Sharon K. French. Pocahontas Steven C Hendry. Lone Rock. AR Letha A. Hill, Parkin Taryn K. Hill. Hardy Sharon C Jackson, Little Rock Stephanie J Johnson, Tulsa, OK Joseph M. Jones, Rector Norvella F. Kennedy, Ganaliel Penny L. Lawrence. Melbourne Nancy F. Lewis, Bly theville Eric L Lindquist, Jonesboro Kathy S. Lowery, Jonesboro Joe A. Messer, Williford Odas E. Parsons, Griffithville Leannett P. Payne, St. Louis, MO David Pierce, Jonesboro Patricia A Preston, Batesville Michael D Ray. Oklahoma City. OK Mohd A Samah, Johor. Malaysia Mark E Shelton, Beebe Judith R Shoffner, Searcy Eva J. Spurgin, Palestine Debbie L Swick, Maynard Jeanna J. Taylor, Jonesboro Marcus L Trotter, Pine Bluff Clarence A. Ungerank, Pocahontas Shasta C. Wooten, Marianna Ban S Yeung. Hong Kong, China Jama M. York, Monette 396 Sophomores Cherry B. Akins, Jonesboro Todd A. Bartholomew, Weiner Paul D. Brown, Blytheville Jim Burns, Hot Springs Deborah L Burrow, Jonesboro Lisa M. Callaghan, Philadelphia, PA Donna S. Clark, Tuckerman Kevin D. Church, Jonesboro Wallace B. Colbert, Osceola Tanja Y. Coleman, Stuttgart Steven G. Crawford, Rector David J. England, Jonesboro Jacqueline C. Going, Caruthersville, MO Morris W. Green, Fort Myers, FL Theresa A. Guy, Osceola Kelly A. Hearn, Blytheville Angie D. Hicks, Manila Tim M. Ingram, Rector Abdul S. Ishak, Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia Thomas M. Killen, Philadelphia, MS Amy L. Knapp, Lepanto Virginia M. Koons, Pocahontas Christie L Kriner, Jonesboro Rebecca D. Lambert, Pocahontas Regina A. Lamberth, Jonesboro Darrell W. Martin, Marion Deanna Mayes, Jonesboro Regina K. McCoy, Newport James T. McDowell, Pocahontas Kathy A. McFadden, State University Shelia M. Mills, Fort Smith Elizabeth A. Moles, Harrison Debby S. Renshaw, Trumann Jill A. Rice, Jonesboro Daniel L. Rumsey, Moore, OK Brin A. Schaechtel, Pocahontas Dawn L. Shockley, Sheridan, WY Dave N. Smithwick, Jonesboro Devin D. Smith, McCrory Rhonda C. South, Paragould Randy E. Steadnam, Marion Rhonda C. Taylor, Jonesboro Keith D. Trammell, Memphis, TN Kimberly B. Vaughn, Jonesboro Eric Velmeis, Mena Richie A. Wages, New York, N.Y. Karen D. Warren, Osceola Geat T Wee, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia George C. White, Helena Midge M. Wilson, Wilson Tracy D. Wilson, Newport Jason B. Young, Leva 397 Freshmen Kendish Alsayari, Sharorah, Saudi Arabia Willie R. Bailey, Luxora Russ W. Ball, Jonesboro Vernan E. Barnes. Jonesboro Michael J. Bean, Atlanta, GA Stephen K. Beavers, Fairfield Bay Bryan J. Bevei, West Plains, MO William S. Brackeen, Batesville Susan E. Brackin. Cooter. MO Brenda K. Brady, Hoxie Michelle E. Brazzell, Mountain Home Mark D. Brown, Caruthersville, MO Dwayne Campbell, Birdsong Sherry A. Carpenter, Jonesboro heng B. Chai, Alor Setar Keday, Malaysia Rodney L. Chambers, North Little Rock Mun W. Chye, Petaling Jaya Selangor Tammy R. Clark, Hattiesburg, MS Chris A. Clouse, Hardy Emily S. Collier, Paragould William B. Colston, Blytheville Kenny N. Cooper, Mammoth Spring B. Diane Cottingham, Jonesboro Donald C. Dalton. Pocahontas JoAnn Davis, Jonesboro Jeannie B. Dollins, Paragould Thomas E. Duncan, Ash Flat Patsy L. Dunlap, Leachville Betty J. Eagan, Paragould Glenn S. Evans, Dexter, MO Kelly L. Ferrara, Jonesboro Paul D. Forrester, Tyronza Mark E. Francis, Little Rock Barbara A. Fultz, Marmaduke Ed E. Gann, III, Jonesboro Troy Gibson, Jonesboro Yiam C. Goh.Triang, Malaysia Betty A. Golden, Jonesboro Wesley J. Haggans, Forrest City James L. Hagler, McCrory Jeannette A, Harding, Fairfield Bay Randy L. Harrall, Jonesboro Janel V. Hart, Morrilton Darene Henderson, Jonesboro Michael J. Henderson, McCrory Selena C. Henderson, Montrose Gary W. Henry, Jonesboro Wanda D. Hensley, Mountain Home Nancy L. Hickin. Dallas, TX Lindal D. Hill, Ravenden Springs Nanci D. Hill, Jonesboro Renee M. Hill, Ravenden Springs Julie A. Hollins, Marked Tree Marc R. Hoskins, Kennett, MO Mark D. Howard, Ava, MO Janice M. Hunt. Memphis, TN jmela J. Hutton, Dermott gung Ip, Hong Kong sey R. Jackson, Newport ). Kirksey, Paragould Chnsi • I Lorenzen, Wynne - Marvin, Paragould 398 lm; i (viasood, Jonesboro Beverly J. Mayes, Jonesboro Butch W. McFadden, State University Scott Mears, Newport Tenny L. Musgrave, Little Rock Renee N. Nichols, Pine Bluff Tammy G. Nolen, New Madrid, MO Mary E. Nunemaker, Newport Manani Omar, Malaysia Murphy R. O ' Neal, West Memphis Robert B. Packard, Jonesboro Michael D. Plumley, Jonesboro Tina A. Renshaw, Trumann Dolores Richardson, Jonesboro Doug E. Robinson, Port St. Joe, FL LaWanda Scott, Wynne Thiam L. Sha, Tnang Pahang, Malaysia Bonnie S. Smallwood, Jonesboro Nan E. Snider, Monette Charles F. Stahr, Manila Robert D. Stearns, Walnut Ridge T. R. Tedford, Momence, FL Chooi C. Teng, Negiri Sembichn, Malaysia Ronda J. Turner, St. Louis, MO John D. Washburn, Corydon, IN Keddrin G. Weber, Marion Dana D. Wells, Trumann Carol L. Wiles, Hardy Maurice L. Wilson, Earle Jonathan D. Witt, Searcy Lorrie I. Wofford, Jonesboro Diane Woods, Turrell Index -A- Curtis L. Aaron, 396 Aamad T Abas, 338 Alicia A. Abbott, 319 Niza Abd, Halim, 319 Mufahuddin Abd, Razak, 353 Asms Abdul Rahman, 338 Haslinda Aboul Rahman, 353 Mohd A Abdul Rahman, 338 Rozaizee Abdul Razak, 319 Adnan B. Abdullah, 353 Shahidan Abdullah, 319 Nancy F. Abernathy. 338 Azim A. Abualrahi, 394 Fadzilah AbuBaker, 338 Fatahai Abu-bakar, 319 Aziz F Abu-Shammaleh, 338 Douglas A. Acuff, 319 Amy M Adams, 319 Anthony N. Adams, 368 Brian L Adams, 338 Crusta J. Adams, 368 Danny L Adams, 338 David D Adams, 338 Felicia A. Adams, 319 Jeff B. Adams, 353 Joette Adams, 353 Leigh B. Adams, 353 Leslie K, Adams. 319 Rusty B. Adams, 338 Teresa N. Adams, 319 Vicki S. Adams, 338 David W. Adamson, 368 Deanna L. Addington, 368 Rodney L, Adell, 338 Arlinda D. Adkerson, 338 Marzuki Adnan, 319 Charles W Agent, 353 Roslan A. Hamid, 338 Hasma Ahmad, 319 Karla L. Ahrent, 368 Clifton P. Akers, 319 Dawn Akers, 368 Robbie E Akers, 368 Cherry B. Akins, 397 Vickie L. Akins, 353 Scott H, Akridge, 314 Jasser, M Al-Akshan, 338 Mohammad K Alam, 338 Jacob J Albers, 368 Debbie A Albright, 353 Stacey L Albritton, 353 Terry A, Alcorn, 319 Elizabeth A Alderson, 368 John J Alexander, 353 Pete E. Alexander, 338 Ibrahim Al-Gomllas. 368 Abdullah S Al-Hazzaa. 368 Shahzad All, 353 Craig S. Allen, 319 Felicia M, Allen, 368 Henry L Allen, 319 Katie M. Allen, 319 Kenneth S Allen, 368 Louis D. Allen. 368 Mary C. Allen, 338 Michael D Allen, 368 Rebe ;ca Allen, 368 Robie W. Allen, 368 Susan L. Allenswort, 353 Andrea F. Allison, 368 Deanna P. Allison, 319 Jerry D. Allison, 368 Kelhe L. Allison. 319 Linda A. Allison, 368 Michael S, Allman. 353 Kathy J. Allred, 338 Yousef S Almehaisan, 319 Christopher W. Almond. 319 Obaid Almutairi, 319 Khalid A. Al-Nokhailan. 353 Mohaned I. Alodaiby, 338 Adel AlOhaly. 338 Teresa M Alongi, 319 Sultan SS Al-Otaibi. 338 Rashed A. Alothman, 338 Jennifer G. Alpe, 353 Stan E Alpe. 368 Mark A, Alphin, 353 Omar M Alsaras. 338 Kendish Alsayari, 398 Khaled M, Al-Senaidi. 353 Amer M. Al-Shafei, 314 Pam M, Alston, 368 Dorothy V Alsup, 396 Ronald D Altom, 338 Janet L. Alumbaugh, 338 Mary B. Alumbaugh, 338 Charlotte R Amabile, 368 Amy L, Ames, 368 Bertha M, Anderson, 368 Deborah R. Anderson, 368 Donald W Anderson, 368 Eugenia G Anderson, 368 Gayla J. Anderson, 368 James R. Anderson, 368 Jerry P. Anderson, 338 Knsti A. Anderson. 368 Pamela L. Anderson. 338 Scott Anderson. 338 Jodi L. Anding. 338 James Andrade, 368 Brad D. Andres, 338 Vary L. Andrews. 368 Darlene D Andrews, 319 Diane J. Andrews, 395 Cheryl L, Angle, 353 Vikki J Anhalt, 368 Cherlynita L Ansley, 353 Clovis J, Anthony, 368 Tamala T Apple, 319 Brent G, Arant, 396 Rowe W. Arends, 368 Kevin R. Arms. 319 Charles G. Armstrong. 338 J, Kent Armstrong, 319 Lee Anne Armstrong, 396 Michael D. Armstrong, Jr., 314 Steven Arnstrong, 338 Annie A Arnet, 368 Sandy C, Arnn, 319 Angela M Arnold, 353 Cindy R Arnold, 319 Jackie L. Arnold, 368 Kerry A. Arnold, 319 Mark E. Arnold, 368 Barbara A. Arras, 368 Timothy L Arwood, 353 Logan L. Ashabranner, 353 Amanda G Ashby. 353 Deborah D Asher, 319 Melissa G, Asher, 319 Vemetria L Ashford, 353 Phyllis A. Ashlock. 353 Eddie J. Ashmore, 319 Kimberly R Ashmore. 353 Wallace L. Aspinwall, 338 Stephen R, Atkins, 319 Tera R. Atkins. 353 Andrea L. Atwill, 353 Cindy D Atwood, 353 Joelle R. Aubrey. 353 Deborah K Augustm. 368 Gaylon R. Austin, 319 Myleta D Austin. 319 Paul W. Austin, 338 Richard J Austin, 353 Shirley S. Austin, 396 Minnie L. Avant, 338 Rhonda K Averett. 338 James M. Averitt, 368 John D, Avery, 338 Holhe A, Ayers, 368 Lombeodo A, Aymacana, 368 April A Aymond, 368 Azizah Aziz, 319 -B- Tina L, Babb, 368 Eric S. Babcock, 368 Albert L. Bachman, 338 Kelly W. Baggett, 338 Kathy E, Bagley, 353 Angela K. Bailey, 320 DeeDee D Bailey, 368 Deleisa L. Bailey, 338 Glynn C. Bailey, 353 Lynn Bailey, 368 Mable M Bailey, 338 Richard L, Bailey. 319 Roseana B Bailey, 353 Willie R Bailey. 398 John R. Bailiff, 338 Janice M Bame, 368 Joseph C, Baird, 368 Brian A. Baker. 353 Debra K. Baker, 368 Jerry L. Baker, 353 Leslie A. Baker, 368 Lisa J. Baker. 338 Rodney H. Baker, 368 Timothy B Baker. 368 John L. Balch. 353 AmyJo M- Baldoni, 314 Brendan L. Baldridge, 368 Bill S, Baldwin, 368 John L, Baldwin, 353 Sonya L. Baldwin, 319 Robert C Balfe, 353 James F, Ball, 314 Jeffrey G. Ball, 368 Russ W. Ball. 398 Tracie D. Ball, 368 Jason K Ballard, 338 Jerry D, Ballard, 338 Kenneth N Ballard, 353 Stephen O Ballard, 319 Rob D. Ballman, 353 Kevin L. Ballowe, 338 Stephen E Baltz. 368 Suzanne G, Baltz. 353 Terri R, Baltz, 338 Miles J. Bandy, 353 Charles E, Banks, 353 Karen R, Banks, 338 Linda Banks, 353 Paul R. Banks, 353 Penny R Banks, 368 Victoria L. Banter, 319 Anthony J Barbarotto, 353 Brenda L Barber, Brett H Barber, 338 Jeff Barber, 338 Maria A. Barber, 338 Mike J Barber, 369 Tom J, Barber, 314 Becky J, Barch, 338 Paul E, Barden, 369 Johnny Barger, 369 John E. Barham, 338 Joe S. Barker. 369 Lori A. Barksdale, 338 Catherine A, Barnes, 353 Dale D. Barnes, 369 Dewey L Barnes, 353 Jewell D Barnes, 353 Judy A, Barnes, 338 Kay Barnes. 369 Martin G, Barnes, 353 Mary K. Barnes, 314 Pamela A Barnes, 369 Sherry K, Barnes, 338 Vernan E Barnes, 398 Billy D. Barnett, 319 Carolyn A. Barnett. 319 Dana L. Barnett, 353 Debbie K. Barnett, 319 James L Barnett, 353 Jay R. Barnett, 314 Judy D, Barnett, 369 Linda M Barnett, 369 Troyce D. Barnett, 314 Wendy M Barnett. 369 William E, Barnett, 319 Roger B. Barnhill, 319 Toni L. Barnhill, 369 Carrie L Barr, 338 James R. Barr, 353 William J. Barrentine, 353 Brad K. Bartelt, 369 Tod G, Bartholomew, 369 Todd A. Bartholomew, 397 Linda B. Bartlett, 338 James M, Bashaw, 369 Kamran Bashir, 369 Kevin S. Baskins, 369 Brian D. Bass, 369 Edith J. Bass, 338 James P Bass, 369 Steve L, Bass, 369 Nina L Bassett. 353 Clay C. Bassham, 369 Edmond Bastiampillai, 338 Todd R Bates. 369 Lynn E, Battershell, 369 Tammera L Batterton, 319 Earl R. Barton. 319 Donna J, Bauer, 338 Jeff W, Bauerlein. 320 Gregory A. Baugh, 339 P L Baumgarner, Jr., 314 Paulie L Baumgarner, 314 Penny L. Baumgarner, 320 Phillip Baumgarner, 320 Phyllis L Baumgarner, 320 Sandi J, Baureis, 353 Jon L. Beach. 353 Jonathan L. Beal. 369 Kristy L. Beal, 353 Michael J, Beam, 398 Michael J. Bean, 369 Debbie K Bean, 369 Darren M Beard, 369 Maria A. Beard, 339 Beth N. Bearden, 320 Donald R. Bearden, 320 Donna J, Bearden, 320 Michael E. Beasley, 369 Trena M. Beasley, 369 William J Beasley, 320 William M, Beasley, 339 Patty A. Beatty, 369 Michael A Beaumont, 369 Lisa E. Beaver, 339 Lome I Beaver, 339 Stephen K, Beavers, 398 Bradford D Beck, 339 Steve L Beck. 320 Mary A. Becker, 339 Kimberly R Beckett, 339 Darin R. Beckwith, 339 Eddy Bedard, 369 Rhonda L Beeler, 369 Christine H, Behnke, 369 Kalf C. Beilhardt, 353 Laura L, Belk, 339 Mark A. Belk, 320 Atwood J. Bell, 320 Guy D. Bell, 353 Jennifer A Bell. 339 Jae D. Bell. 369 Rebecca J Bell. 353 Rhonda S. Bell, 320 Stacey L. Bell, 354 William S Bell, 354 Debra A, Bennett, 320 Jacque L Bennett, 369 Janet R. Bennett, 320 Jeff J. Bennett, 314 Larry W. Bennett, 320 Lisa A. Bennett, 339 Murphy T. Bennett, 354 Robin L, Bennett. 369 Tywana M. Bennett, 339 Debora A Benny, 339 Dallas G Benson, 320 Jean A, Benson, 339 Leisa R Benson, 354 Patrick L Benson, 369 Richard B, Benson, 354 Shawnda L Benson, 354 Thelma S. Benson, 339 Tronda L Benson, 354 Cheryl J, Bentley, 314 David C. Beck, 339 C. Scott Berry, 339 Daren M Berry, 354 David C. Berry, 339 Sherrill L. Berry, 354 Vicky L. Berry, 369 Lavonda A, Berryhill, 320 Lori L. Berryman, 339 Neva K Beshears, 369 Susan R Beshears, 320 Troy W. Best, 369 Elizabeth A. Bethea, 369 Nelda J. Bettis. 354 Russell S Bettis, 369 Norman W, Betts, 369 Russel L Betts, 339 Bryan J. Bevel, 398 Cindy J. Bickers. 369 Phyllis A, Bickerstaff, 339 Charles R. Bidewell, 314 Martha E Bieber, 339 Edward W Bigger, 320 Jim Bigger, 354 Melisa G Bigger, 339 Angela A Biggers, 339 Myra J. Biggers, 314 Michael D Bilbrey, 320 Tracy L, Bilderback, 369 Sharon K. Biles, 369 Richard L. Billingsley, 314 Kerry L Bilyeu, 320 Vickie L. Binkley, 354 Dana L Binns, 369 Kathy J, Bird. 320 Phyllis J. Bird, 354 Tula I. Birge, 320 Kimberly M Birmingham, 354 Lisa G Birmingham, 369 Sheri L. Bishoff, 354 Gina M, Bishop, 369 Harry D. Bishop, 320 Kimberly A. Bishop, 339 Lewis L. Bishop. 395 Mary A Bishop. 314 Ricky J. Bishop. 339 Anise M Black, 339 Dana L Black, 369 Kimberly R. Black, 369 Kirt V Black, 369 William E Black, 320 Sharon E. Blackburn, 354 Barry E Blackwell. 354 Brigitte A Blackwell. 320 Stacye M Blackwell. 354 Cindi R. Blaho. 369 John A. Blair, 320 Lyvell Blake, Jr., 369 Mitzi G Blake. 339 Thomas J Blakeney, 369 Deanna L Blalock, 320 Barbara A Blanchard, 354 Deedra J Blanchard, 396 Allison Blankenship, 339 Bryan L Blankenship, 354 Tammy M Blankenship, 320 Michael R Blasengame, 320 Toby I. Blattnor, 314 Damn W, Block, 369 Keith Blocker, 320 Harold W Blood, 339 William H Bloodworth, 339 Michael A Blount, 354 Paula G Blume, 354 Dottsie A, Boak, 339 Angle J, Boatman. 320 Goldie M Bobbin, 369 Kevin Bobbitt, 369 Mia D, Boden, 354 Sherry L. Boggs, 339 Steven R Boggs, 369 Karamjit S. Bogha. 320 Andy M. Bogue. 339 Derek R Bohanan, 354 Bridgette D. Bohanning, 369 Susan S, Boland, 369 Michael P Bolding, 320 Sherry K. Bolding, 320 Stephanie D Bolding, 320 Keith J, Bolew. 395 Jeannie L Bolin. 369 Kimberly D. Boling, 369 Vicki D Boling, 369 Brad D. Bolton, 369 Stephen A Bone, 369 Lisa K. Booher, 339 Mark A, Book, 320 Sharyl L Book, 320 Jill L. Bookout, 354 Andy Boone, 320 Rebecca J, Boone, 369 Marva G Booth, 369 Tammy L Boozer, 369 Timothy A Boozer. 320 Joe L. Borden, 370 David M Bores, 354 Dina L. Borgeson, 320 Donna C Boudreaux, 339 Stacy L. Bouland, 339 Michael W Bounds, 370 Rhonda M Bounds, 339 Kelly A. Bourland, 320 Deborah J Bowden, 314 Freddy L, Bowen, 320 Kimberley S. Bowen. 320 Norman J, Bowen, Jr. 320 Cindy A. Bowers, 320 Shawn Bowers, 339 Dean S. Bowles, 370 Keith W Bowman, 320 Sheila A. Box, 354 Paul A. Boyd, 354 Debra C, Boyles, 339 Donya K. Boyster, 370 William S Brackeen, 398 Susan E Brackin, 398 Melissa J Bracy, 395 Donna S- Bradberry, 354 Jean L Bradberry, 314 Karen J. Bradberry, 320 Dana S. Braden, 320 Arlette E. Bradford, 370 Linda S. Bradford, 339 Rebecca A. Bradford. 370 Bobbi A. Bradley. 370 Don L Bradley, 354 Gene E Bradley, 320 Tory A Bradley, 370 Valerie M, Bradley, 370 Janet E. Bradshaw, 395 Robin M Bradshaw, 354 Danna B Bradsher, 354 Dena L. Bradway, 320 Brenda K. Brady, 398 Dave H Brady, 339 Greg D. Brady, 320 Rose M Brady. 370 Scott A Brady. 370 Bobby L. Bragg, 339 Johanna Bragg, 320 Leslie S. Bragg, 370 Anthony T, Brainerd, 370 John A. Bramucci, 354 J B Branch. 354 Paul Branch, 339 Shawn E Brandon, 370 Wilma L. Brandon. 339 Richard A. Branham. 370 Becky A Brann, 339 Kimberly D, Brannan, 320 Tammy M Brannon, 396 Tiffany A Brannon, 354 Versie C Branscomb, 339 Barry L Branscum, 339 Bert G Bransom, 370 Lori Brantly, 370 Alisa R. Branum. 370 Linda D Braswell, 321 Tari L. Braswell, 370 Emily G. Bratton, 370 Pamela J. Bratton, 354 Jerry W Brawley, Jr., 370 Beverly F. Bray, 321 Michelle E Brazzell, 398 Jeff Brecklein, 354 Michael A. Breece, 354 Brad J, Breeding, 354 Christine A. Bregy, 339 Bill T. Brennan. 370 Annie M. Brewer, 370 Brian P. Brewer, 370 Christine E. Brewer, 321 James J Brewer, 339 Jo Brewer, 339 Kristin M, Brewer, 370 Lori D. Brewer. 354 Melissa L Brewer, 339 Patrick D, Brewer, 370 Robin L Brewer, 339 Teresa A, Brewer, 370 Vanessa K, Brewer, 370 Vickie R Brewer, 339 Charles Brewington, 354 Gerry L Brewington, 370 Tammy L Brewington-Ward, 339 Deborah S, Brewster. 339 Tami C, Brickell, 339 Bill R. Bridger, 321 Charles T, Bridges, 339 Judy G. Bridges, 321 Marty L. Bridges, 339 Michael S Bright, 370 Cheryl L Brightwell, 339 Christal L. Brightwell, 370 Rex J. Brightwell, 354 Philip R Brimingham, 370 Keith M. Brink, 354 Judy B Brinkley, 354 Mark A, Brinkley, 354 Allen L. Bnnsfield, 370 Shelia G. Bristol, 370 Juan C, Bnto. 321 Bonnie F. Britt. 354 David M Britt, 370 James L. Britt, 370 Carol Brittingham, 339 James G Brittingham, 339 Nancy J. Britton, 354 Timothy G. Britton, 370 Barbara J, Broadway, 370 Lori A Broadway, 354 Steven J. Brock, 370 Tony Brodell, 321 Kevin K Broeffle, 370 Cynthia D. Brogdon. 339 Ricky L. Brogdon, 370 Steven W, Brookreson. 339 Kelly J. Brooks. 370 Kimberly Kimberly A. Brooks, 370 Michell S. Brooks, 354 Beau K Brothers, 354 Trent Broussard, 370 Angela E. Brown, 321 Bobbi R Brown, 354 Bobby M, Brown, 339 Carrie P Brown, 354 Christi P, Brown, 370 Corbin L. Brown, 354 Dale Brown, 370 Dana L. Brown, 339 Debbie K. Brown, 354 Donall Brown. 339 Dwane Brown, 321 Jimmy D, Brown, 339 Karen K, Brown, 354 Kim M. Brown, 370 Kimberly A. Brown, 354 Kristy D. Brown, 321 Letha S. Brown, 321 Mark D, Brown, 398 Michelle D. Brown, 354 Paul D. Brown, 397 Philip D Brown, 354 Regina C. Brown, 354 Rob C. Brown, 321 Steven W. Brown, 339 Tammy M. Brown, 340 Terri A. Brown, 370 Timbo D. Brown, 354 Timothy E. Brown, 370 William F Brown, 340 Winston E. Brown, 370 Becky L Browning, 370 Hollie E. Browning, 370 400 Mark A Browning, 340 Stephen H Bruce. 321 Winston C Bruce. 340 Alva E. Brumley. 354 Gene H. Brumley, 354 Willis E. Brumley, 340 Gregory D. Bruner, 370 Ronda R, Bruns, 370 Cyndi A. Brunson, 340 Danny L, Brustrom. 370 Tiffany M Bruton, 370 Eric C. Bryant, 321 Geneve M, Bryant, 321 Rhonda C, Bryant. 370 Carolyn F. Buchanan, 314 John P. Buchanan, 321 Karla D, Buckley, 396 Yimm Budiman, 321 Yimin Budiman, 321 Carole M Buffalo, 321 Daniel A, Bufkin, 354 David L. Bufkin. 340 Richard G, Buford, 370 Joe W. Bujarski, 340 Alan W Bull. 370 Dennis Bullock, 354 Waylon E. Bullock, 370 Shelly L. Bunch, 370 Chris W, Bundy, 354 Edward A. Bundy, 370 Anthony R Burcham, 370 Melinda S Burcham, 370 Scott R. Burcham, 340 Kenny Burden, 321 Annette R Burdyshaw, 340 Dutch Burfield, 321 Donna M, Burge, 354 Frieda J Burge, 395 Suetta Burge. 321 Tracy R Burgess, 396 Heather L. Buri, 354 Barry S. Burkheart, 321 Jeanne M Burl.e. 340 David P. Burnett. 370 Glen A. Burnett, 340 Bilhe R. Burns, 354 Carolyn S. Burns, 354 Colette D. Burns, 354 Dana T. Burns, 355 Eric T. Burns, 370 Jim Burns. 397 Joy B Burns, 370 Karen F. Burns, 340 Kathy A. Burns, 314 Laura L Burns, 340 Mary D. Burns, 340 Melanie A Burns, 321 Melissa D Burns, 370 Russell L. Burns. 321 Carolyn R. Burns, 370 Paula D Burroughs, 340 Deborah L Burrow. 370 Deborah L Burrow, Jakey C Burrow, 371 Karen L. Burrow, 321 Linda M. Burrow, 340 Jackie D. Burrows, 371 Dara K. Burruss, 340 Marvin L. Burton, 314 Scott A. Burton, 340 Cindy J. Bush, 371 Lori D. Bush, 371 Phyllis D. Bush, 371 Samantha L. Bushe, 340 Tracy A. Buster, 321 Caroline Busuttil, 321 Betsy A Butler, 321 Chuck E, Butler. 355 Freddy E. Butler, 371 J. Dawn Butler, 321 Johnny R, Butler. 340 Kathy J. Butler, 371 Leslie A, Butler, 321 Patty M, Butler, 371 Thomas E. Butler, 321 Belinda D. Buxton. 371 James J Byars, 371 Rebecca A Byars, 321 Kim R. Byers, 371 Audwm O. Byles, 355 Marci K Bynum. 371 Barrett. Byrd, 340 Belinda K Byrd, 340 Kristin H Byrd, 355 Linda M. Byrd, 321 Pamela S. Byrd, 314 Robert L Byrd, 355 -c- Dana Y Cable, 340 Angela R. Caddoll. 340 Jeff D. Cagle. 321 Linda M, Cagle, 321 Patricia A Cagle. 340 William L Cagle, 371 Bryan K Cain, 371 Candace M Cain, 359 Paul D. Calderm. 395 Angela D Caldwell, 340 Annette Caldwell, 355 Eddy L, Caldwell, 340 James T Caldwell, 355 Jeri E. Caldwell, 371 Lisa M, Callaghan, 397 Debra A Callahan. 371 Myra L, Callahan. 340 Greg A. Callens, 355 John B. Callens, 340 Pamela A Callis, 321 Ann M. Callison, 371 Cathy E Calvert, 321 Carol A. Camp, 371 Janeene L Camp, 321 Annette G. Campbell, 371 Brad G. Campbell, 371 Carolyn M. Campbell. 321 Deborah C. Campbell, 355 Dwayne Campbell, 398 Earnestine Campbell, 321 Frank M. Campbell, 355 Julie L Campbell, 371 Kelley D, Campbell, 371 Lea Campbell, 371 Lee M. Campbell. 371 Lesia M. Campbell, 355 Mary L. Campbell, 321 Susan D. Campbell, 340 Wendy Y. Campbell, 321 Helena S. Cannon, 355 Ginger K Cantrell. 371 Selena G. Caplinger, 355 David A. Caradine, 371 Carla J. Carlow, 340 Barry A. Carlton, 340 Cynthia D. Carlton. 355 Deborah L Carlyle. 340 David W. Carmack. 321 Tern S. Carmack. 340 Donna L, Carman, 321 Greg T, Carpenter, 371 Kevin M, Carpenter, 371 Letty M. Carpenter, 355 Sherry A. Carpenter, 398 Debby S. Carr, 371 Elsie M. Carr, 355 Tracy L. Carr, 355 Wayne Carr, 321 Theresa R. Carrell, 355 Jennifer G. Carriger, 371 Pamela K. Carroll. 340 Pamelia J. Carroll. 355 Regina G Carroll, 321 Brad A. Carson, 371 Keri D. Carson, 321 Linda R Carson, 355 Carl L Carter, Jr., 355 Channon M. Carter, 371 Frankie A, Carter, 371 Gary D. Carter, 371 Jana K Carter, 340 Jason T. Carter, 371 Jessie G. Carter. 340 Joseph T. Carter, 371 Kelli M. Carter, 371 Laura J. Carter, 371 Lisa R. Carter, 314 Lisa R. Carter, 321 Melanie D Carter, 340 Melissa R. Carter, 371 Rick A. Carter, 355 Sherry L. Carter. 340 Tammy J. Carter, 371 Terry Carter, 340 Trisha A, Carter, 340 Wendy J. Carter, 371 Blair Cartwright, 321 David L. Cartwright, 371 Tena M. Cartwright, 340 Connie A. Cascio, 371 Dale R. Case, 321 Jeannie E Casey, 340 Stephanie H, Casey, 371 Jens A Cash. 321 Laura K. Cash, 321 Job D. Caspall. 314 Cassandra S. Cassidy. 355 Cynthia M. Cassidy. 355 Jeff Cassidy, 355 Tammy G. Casteel, 355 Phyllis L Castleberry. 321 Nan C. Catalina. 371 Belinda K Cate, 340 Caroline B Cate, 371 Ginger L. Cate. 371 Tim C. Cate. 371 Tim O. Cater, 321 Michael W. Cathcart. 371 Donna L. Cato, 322 Stacy A. Catt, 340 Katrina A. Causey, 371 Amy J. Cavenor, 355 Jamie D. Cavette. 322 Karyn G Cavette. 371 Kathy R. Cavitt, 322 Thomas W. Cerrato, 340 Dana R. Chadwick, 322 Joo B. Chai, 322 Kheng B Chai, 398 Kim F. Chai. 314 C Victor Chalfant, 355 Patrick S. Chamberlain, 371 Cheryl L Chambers, 371 Christy S. Chambers, 371 Mary B Chambers. 322 Mary K. Chambers. 340 Rodney L Chambers, Rusty H, Chambers, 322 Dana D Chamblee, 371 JoAnna M. Chandler, 355 Sonya D. Chandler, 340 Tami C. Chandler. 355 Christy M. Chaney. 340 Lip H. Chang. 371 Carla J. Chapman, 322 Hugh T. Chapman, 322 Lisa J. Chapman, 322 Susan R. Chapmon, 371 Debbie D Chappell, 340 Marvin J. Chappell, 371 Paul E Chappue, 340 Glen L Charles, 355 James D Chastam. 355 Jeff D Chastam, 355 Lisa L Cheers, 355 Cara L. Cheesman, 322 Stephen R. Chenault. 340 Patrick S. Cherry, 371 Lou A Childers. 322 Melody R Childers. 340 Paula A. Childres. 340 April D. Childress, 371 Cindy L. Childress, 340 Scott A. Childress, 371 B J. Chipman, 322 Melissa G Chipman, 355 John Chism, 355 Michelle L. Chism, 371 Keith A. Chitmon, 355 Fook O. Chong, 314 Steve W. Chordas, 340 Bridget R. Chnsco, 314 Deanie M. Christian, 340 Rex A Christian, 355 Carmen L. Chnstenberry, 371 Brett A. Christoffersen, 371 R. Annette Chunn, 340 Kevin D. Church, 397 Mun W Chye, 398 Angela L. Clairday, 371 Greg A. Clairday, 322 Ed R. Clapp, 355 Loretta L. Clapp. 340 Melissa M. Clapp. 340 Angela A Clark, 322 Bobby D. Clark, 371 Brad A. Clark, 340 Donna F. Clark, 322 Donna S Clark, 397 Elizabeth L. Clark. 340 Jason D. Clark, 371 Joanne P. Clark, 355 Johnnie O. Clark, 340 Kevin A. Clark, 355 Kim G. Clark. 355 Kimberly A. Clark, 340 Lelia F. Clark, 340 Mark W. Clark, 322 Mia D. Clark, 322 Missy Clark, 371 N. Gail Clark, 355 Pamela J. Clark. 322 Pat A. Clark, 340 Phillip A. Clark, 322 Stacy L. Clark, 340 Tammy R Clark. 398 Tommy G Clark. 322 Walt W Clark, 355 Adam S. Clay, 371 Claudette N. Clay. 355 Brent S. Clayton, 340 Jeff E. Clayton. 322 Jeffery J. Clayton. 372 Steve H. Clayton, 341 Trent K. Clayton, 322 Terri M. Cleaver, 372 Tracy D. Cleghorn 372 Brian E. Clem, 372 Lynda S Clem, 355 Evelyn M. Clemens, 341 Brett L. Clement. 394 Sharon R Clements, 355 Todd M. Clements, 372 Angela E. Clemmer, 341 Susan D. Clemons, 322 Timothy W. Clemons, 372 Penny S Clevenger, 355 Anita C. Clifton, 322 Gracie I. Clifton, 322 Henry S. Clifton, 341 John L Clifton, 341 Lisa L. Cline. 341 Bett E Cloinger, 355 Rhonnda S. Cloinger, 322 Christine E. Clopp, 341 Chris A. Clouse, 398 Marsha L. Clowers, 372 Sheila J. Clubb, 355 Damon N. Cluck, 355 Billy Coates, 372 Wendy R. Coates, 355 Edna E Cobb, 322 Gwen L. Cobb, 341 Tammie L Cobb, 355 Betty A. Cochran, 372 Betty G. Cochran, 322 Dawn E. Cochran, 341 Clarie E. Cockrum. 372 Wanda L. Cody, 372 Robert Coe. 372 Robert D. Coe. 314 Kelly A. Coans. 341 Anthony R. Coffel. 355 Janet R. Cofield, 372 Donna D. Coggin, 314 David L Coker, 355 Melinda L. Coker. 372 Chad D. Colbert, 372 Gina E. Colbert, 372 James R. Colbert. 372 Lisa L. Colbert. 355 Wallace B Colbert, 397 Kerry L Colburn, 355 Angela M Colclasure, 322 Arby Cole, 314 Brian K. Cole, 355 Carl D. Cole, 341 Gerald D. Cole, 322 Jim A Cole, 11, 355 Julie A Cole, 11 Kenneth L. Cole, 372 Marilyn D. Cole, 372 Mona G. Cole, 372 Paul Cole, 322 Randy E. Cole, 322 Rebekah L. Cole, 372 Robert J. Cole, 341 Sonya L. Cole. 322 Andy C. Coleman, 341 Charles Coleman, 314 Chaweewan Coleman, 355 Cindy R. Coleman, 322 Darren L Coleman, 372 David Coleman, 322 Hazel D. Coleman. 372 Jo Ann Coleman, 314 Stephanie B Coleman. 322 Tanja Y. Coleman, 397 Michael T. Coley, 355 Tim Collie. 322 Chris R. Collier, 372 Creighton Collier, 355 Emily S. Collier. 398 Jerry W. Collier. 322 Russ R. Collier, 322 Barbara L. Collins. 314 Donna S. Collins. 372 Julie A. Collins. 372 Larry L. Collins. 355 Norman A. Collins, 322 Penny J. Collins, 355 Sherrie R. Collins. 341 Lori A Collomp, 314 Linda M. Colosimo, 341 William B. Coslton, 398 Jeff K. Combs, 355 Sean W. Combs. 372 Terry D. Combs, 372 Tammy L Comer, 355 Dianne M Conaway, 322 Pnscilla R. Condra, 341 Lee Congleton, 372 Joel B. Conley, 341 Sheila M. Connely, 355 Bobbie C. Connor. 372 Richard T. Constant, 355 Wendy M. Conway, 372 Heath D. Conyers, 372 Deborah L. Cook. 356 Gloria F. Cook, 356 Jim R. Cook, 341 Les F. Cook, 372 Lynette M. Cook. 341 Patty A. Cook, 322 S. Diane Cook, 341 Sherrie A, Cook. 372 Amy L. Cooksey, 372 John L. Cooley, 372 Teresa A. Cooley, 372 Leslie B. Coop. 322 Timothy A. Coop. 372 Blaine Cooper, 372 Billy R. Cooper, 314 Candy J. Cooper, 372 Carroll L. Cooper, 341 Cathy M. Cooper, 372 Crae Cooper, 372 Cynthia A. Cooper. 341 Gerald W. Cooper, 322 Gregory D. Cooper, 372 Hope M. Cooper, 356 Kenny N. Cooper, 398 Kimberly R. Cooper, 341 Kyle W. Cooper. 372 Lyndell J. Cooper, 314 Michael R. Cooper, 322 Micky T. Cooper. 372 Rebecca L. Cooper, 314 Regina C. Cooper, 322 Roger D. Cooper, 341 Ronald A. Cooper, 341 Rowdy Cooper, 322 Thomas W. Cooper, 372 William W. Cooper, 372 Jeff D. Cope, 322 Donna K. Copeland, 356 Marilyn A. Copeland, 314 Michelle J. Copeland, 372 Timothy W. Copeland. 314 David L. Corbett, 341 Leslie R. Corbett, 372 J. Kevin Corkran, 322 Grey K. Corley. 341 Angela R Corn. 372 Sherry A, Cornelison, 372 Lisa M. Cornish, 372 Louis T. Corpier, 356 Robert S. Costantini, 372 Davis S. Costello, 356 B Diane Cottingham, 398 Teresa V. Cottrell, 372 Charles B, Couey, 372 Sherry D. Coulter, 322 Diane C. Counts, 322 Joan C. Counts, 372 David B. Courtney, 372 Sheryl L. Courtney. 372 Keskue Couturier, 322 Michele L Covington, 372 Annette T Cox, 372 Betty J. Cox, 322 Beverly S. Cox, 356 Deborah P. Cox, 323 Dee A. Cox, 323 Donald W. Cox, 323 Kimberly M. Cox, 372 Larry W. Cox, 341 Mitzi L. Coz, 356 Pamela E. Cox. 323 Pamela S. Cox. 323 Stephanie M. Cox, 356 Tricia R. Cox. 372 Anthony M. Cox. 372 Mark T. Cox. 372 Wade W. Cozart. 372 Scott A. Crabb, 372 Beth L Crabtree, 356 Gregory D. Crabtree, 372 William W Craft, 356 Angela R. Craig, 356 Cary L. Crain, 323 Karen R, Craine, 372 James G. Cramer. 323 Melissa A Cranford, 356 Dasie L. Crawford, 323 Edward M. Crawford. 372 Steve M. Crawford, 372 Steven G. Crawford, 397 Brian L. Crayton, 373 Lana K. Creel, 323 Algie L, Crenshaw, 373 Anthony R, Crews, 341 Melvene E. Crews, 323 Heath Crider, 373 Linda S. Crider, 356 Tony M. Cripe, 373 Stan W. Crisler. 356 Darren D. Criss. 373 Marilyn L. Crocker. 373 Lana G. Croom, 356 William R. Cross. 356 Chris A. Crosskno, 373 Mekelle D. Crotts, 373 Russell L Crouch, 323 Terry M, Crow, 373 Leslie E Crowder, 356 Tonia R. Crowson, 373 Kathryn L. Cruce, 373 Shirleen Crumpton, 356 Johnny W. Cude. 314 Teresa M. Culbertson, 373 Tanya K. Cullison, 373 Ruthellen Cunnally, 314 Cindy K, Cunningham, 323 Lee M, Cunningham, 323 Roy C. Cunningham, 323 Sara A. Cunningham, 341 Tim B. Cunningham, 356 Lesley L. Cupp. 373 Michele N. Cupp, 373 Paul E. Cupp. 373 Tracie S Cupp. 356 Ginger R Curry. 356 Glenn H. Curtis, 373 Lisa G. Curtis, 341 Wayne Curtis, 356 William E Curtis. 373 Judith A Curton, 373 Anna M, Curtright, 373 Patricia L. Cutshall, 314 Patrick H. Cypert, 373 -D- Barbara J. Dacus, 373 Chris E. Dacus, 323 Lesa A. Dacus, 323 Kimberly R, Daggett, 341 Abu Bakar Dahanan. 323 John W Dahlem, 373 Lori A. Daigle. 323 David S. Dailey, 323 Deanna M Daily, 323 Casey S, Dale, 373 Danyell L Daley. 373 Charles R. Dallas. 341 Kelly G. Dallas. 341 MariBeth Dallmann, 356 Donald C. Dalton, 398 James D. Dalton, 323 Yvette M. Dalton, 323 Hashem Damirian, 394 Melissa G Daniel, 356 David N. Daniels, 373 Jeff Daniels, 373 Kenneth R. Daniels, 373 Kim H. Danley, 314 Perry Darby, 356 Sheila E. Darby, 323 Ann Darden, 373 Bradley M. Darnell, 356 Brad K. Darr, 373 Jeff N. Darr, 356 Kent Darr, 356 Tracy R. Darty, 373 Lisa G. Davenport, 373 Mary E, Davenport, 323 Paula Davenport, 341 Lewis A, Daves, 373 Gail S. Davidson, 323 Johathan E Davidson, 373 Barbara M. Davis, 373 Beverly K. Davis. 323 Carol L. Davis, 323 Catherine A. Davis, 323 Clinton E Davis, 341 Connie D. Davis, 356 David W. Davis, 373 Debbye L, Davis 341 Deborah A, Davis, 341 Donald J, Davis, 341 Gary M Davis, 323 Gary N Davis, 373 Glenda S. Davis, 314 James W. Davis, 323 Jeff J Davis, 373 Jesse L. Davis, 314 Jill C. Davis. 356 JoAnn Davis, 398 John D, Davis. 373 Julie A Davis, 373 Kasandra L. Davis, 373 Kathy L, Davis. 323 Kimberly S. Davis. 341 Kristina R. Davis, 323 Knstine A. Davis, 356 Linda J. Davis, 323 Lisa R. Davis, 373 Lori E. Davis, 373 Marlisa L. Davis. 341 Margaret J. Davis, 323 Marva A, Davis. 323 Michael D. Davis. 323 Milinda K. Davis, 341 Patty Davis, 323 Phillip C, Davis, 314 Rhonda K Davis, 323 Robin D. Davis, 373 Scott K. Davis, 373 Scott W. Davis, 341 Sherwin D. Davis, 373 Stacy L Davis. 356 Susan R. Davis, 373 Tammy J Davis, 356 Terry S. Davis, 373 Tommy Davis, 323 Larry A. Dauck, 373 Scott A Daugherty, 373 Angela D. Daughhetee, 373 Kanda L, Dawson, 356 Shelly L. Deal, 373 Amy S. Dean, 373 Bobby G Dean. 323 Derek A. Dean, 356 Johnny Dean, 373 Kelly M, Dean, 341 MaryBeth Dean, 373 Matt B Dean, 373 401 Index Thomas 0. Dean, 373 Teresa L. Deaviser, 341 Kenneth L. Deckelman, 341 Bernard J. DeClerk, 323 C. A. Dedman, 356 Charles A. Dedman, 356 Christine Dedman, 373 Linda J. Dedman, 341 Karen R. Dedrick, 373 Edward R. Deen, 373 Carl R. Dees. 373 J. Allison DeFries, 373 Donna L DeGood, 341 Michael A. DeHaan. 315 John A, Dehm, 356 Shonna S. Delaware, 373 Warren P. DeMars, 373 Judith A, Dement, 341 Kim D. DeMent, 373 Tamela J. Dement, 356 Tania L. Dement, 341 Teresa K. Dement, 373 Vickie A. DeMent, 315 Michael A, Denison, 373 Leah A. Deniston, 373 Ruble F. Denkerson, 373 Les Dennie, 341 Chris M. Dennis, 341 Wendell C. Dennis, 373 Darren C. Dent. 374 Danette M. Denton, 373 Holli M. Denton, 323 Lynn A Denton, 341 Stephanie L, Denton, 341 Leigh A, DePoyster, 356 Connie A. DePriest, 323 Wendy A, DePriest, 323 Mohd A Deraman. 341 Laura L. Derbes, 341 Randy R, DeRoeck, 341 Kathleen M. Desgranges, 341 Linda L DeShaw, 356 Diana M Despam, 323 Kim A Despam, 356 Mike W. Devazier, 356 Jeff W, Dewberry, 374 Paige E, Deweese, 374 Paul D. Diamond, 341 Richard C, Diamond, 374 Bert G Dickey, 315 John M. Dickey, 323 Hugh A, Dickinson, 374 Melanie L. Dickinson, 374 Stacey L. Dickson, 374 Tommy L. Dicus, 323 Tracie L. Dicus, 356 Michael D. DiGaetano. 341 Landon W. Dilday, 323 Stephanie F Dilday. 374 Michelle D Dillahunty, 341 Rudy L. Dillard. 315 Leah R Dillim. 374 James J. Dillion, 341 Sherri L. Dillon, 356 Greg Ditto, 374 Hal H. Divine, 374 John W. Dixon, 374 Laura L. Dixon. 356 Rochelle Dixon. 341 Angie Dobbins. 374 Michael G. Dobbins. 341 Zandra J. Dockery. 356 Angela L. Dobbs, 374 Betty J. Dockins, 374 Gayla R. Dodson, 374 Lee Dodson, 323 Peggy Doll. Marva J. Dollar. 323 Jeannie B. Dollins, 398 Lansa P. Donis, 374 Tammy L Donner, 356 William T Donovan, 341 Kelly L. Dooley, 323 Janice J. Dorman, 374 Atara L. Dorsey. 374 Brenda J. Dorsey, 356 Michael T, Dorsey. 341 Curtis J. Dortch, 356 Dale E. Doss, 374 Sandy D. Douglas, 374 Sherry L. Douglas, 341 Steven R. Douglas, 341 Steven W. Douglas. 374 Pamela G. Douglass, 356 Jesica L. Dow, 374 Janet R. Dowdy, 356 Kimberly G. Dowdy, 374 Cindy L. Dowell, 374 Robin R. Dowler, 374 Camille Downs, 323 Dawn M. Downs. 356 William D. Downs. 323 George K. Dover, 374 Amy C Doyle, 341 Cheryl R. Doyle, 374 Kimberly S. Doyle, 356 Lorrie A. Doyle, 374 Matthew B. Doyle, 324 Ralph F. Doyle. 315 Juana C. Dozier. 374 Jackie S. Drake, 356 Joanna L. Draper, 341 John S. Driggers, 374 Walter F. DropBottom, 341 Phil B. Drope, 374 Bryan M. Drummond, 374 Colleen S. Dublin. 324 Lance H Duck. 342 William B. Dudley, 324 John M. Duffie, 315 Donald D Dugan, 374 June A Duke, 356 Tami L. Duke. 396 Tonya R. Duke. 374 Renita D. Dulaney, 324 Pussell B. Dunaway, 342 Robin D. Dunbar, 356 Carol M Duncan, 356 Chris L. Duncan, 374 Michael Duncan, 374 Roberta A. Duncan, 374 Susan J. Duncan, 342 Thomas E. Duncan, 398 Tracy D Duncan, 315 David S. Dunham, 395 Deborah R. Dunigan. 324 Gena L Dunkerson. 324 Nancy I Dunlap, 342 Patsy L. Dunlap, 396 Patsy L. Dunlap, 398 Nathan R. Dunman, 374 John C. Dunn, 324 Pamela L. Dunn. 356 Waylon L. Dunn. 374 Wayne D. Dunn, 342 Jeffrey B Dunst, 315 B Ray Dunston, 342 Crista C Dunston, 356 Dolig W. Dupwe, 356 Anthony W. Durham, 356 Lovetta L. Dusch, 356 Kevin W. Dust, 374 Matthew E. Dust, 324 Sharon R. Dust, 324 Jeffery W. Dutton, 342 Barbara A. Dwyer, 356 Jill A. Dycus. 315 Melvin G. Dycus, 374 Catherine D. Dye. 342 Sherry L. Dye, 356 Amy J. Dyer, 374 Raymond N. Dyson. Jr.. 356 -E- Timothy W. Eads. 356 Vickie L. Eads. 324 Betty J. Eagan, 398 Cynthia K Eagan, 324 Diane B. Earls. 356 Brenda A. Easley. 356 Rhonda K. Easley, 357 Shawn D. Easley, 374 William E. Easley, 342 Vicki K. Easter. 374 Sonja J. Eaton, 357 Gary W. Echols, 374 Ozalla J. Echols, 357 Martha J. Ecker, 357 Wesley R. Eddmgton. 324 Gma R. Eddy. 357 Ginger M. Edgar, 324 Susan G Edgeller, 357 Don W. Edmiston, 342 Lee A. Edmondson, 357 Chris S. Edrington, 374 Lana F. Edwards. 374 Melissa A. Edwards. 374 Micael B. Edwards, 374 Lay C. EE, 315 Adrienne W. Eftekhari. 342 Vic A. Elam, 342 Jahnya D. Elder, 374 ReGina D. Elder. 342 Shukor Elias, 342 Beverly A. Elizandro, 324 John M. Elk, 342 Dana D. Elkins, 342 Teresa J. Elkins, 374 Randall K. Elledge, 374 Carol L. Elliott, 374 Donald J Elliott. 374 Ronda L. Elliott. 324 Jim Ellis, 324 Melissa K. Ellis. 342 Michael W. Ellis, 357 Teresa M. Ellis. 342 Richard B. Ellison, 374 Cindy L. Elmore, 315 Mark A. Elmore, 324 Rodney F. Elmore, 357 Susan E. Elms, 342 Robert S Elovitz, 342 Mary A Elphingstone, 374 Brent D. Elrod. 374 John R. Elway, 324 Zainal Endut, 342 Bruce W. Engelmann, 342 David J. England, 397 Monica L. England, 374 Timothy D. England, 374 Jennifer G. Ennis, 374 Ten L. Ennis, 374 Barb J. Erickson, 342 Kirk R. Erickson, 357 Christina M. Ervin. 342 Gale S. Ervin, 374 Barry E. Erwin. 324 Valerie E. Eskridge, 357 Ann Marie Estes, 374 Pam K. Estes, 396 Asghar Etemadi, 315 Debbie L. Ethridge, 374 Rhonda S. Etter, 374 David A. Eubanks, 324 Steve R. Eubanks. 324 T. Keff Eubanks, 395 Jimmie W. Eudy, 342 Beth A. Evans. 374 Cindy L. Evans. 374 Dana L. Evans, 357 David A. Evans, 324 DeAnna E. Evans, 324 Gerald W. Evans. 342 Glenn S. Evans, 398 John W. Evans. 375 Kathy L. Evans. 357 Lisa C. Evans. 342 Russell E. Evans, Jr., 324 Shelia J. Evans, 315 Tern L. Evans, 324 William D. Evans, 357 Craig L Evensen, 324 Suzanne A. Everett, 375 Roxanne J. Everhart, 324 Michele R. Evyan, 324 Sunnie J. Ewing, 357 Moses C Ezichinweoke. 324 Ambrose C Ezeigbo, 342 Jeffrey E. Ezekiel, 357 -F- Pamela M. Fagan, 324 Jamie L. Fain. 315 Audrey R. Fair, 375 Beth R Fair. 315 Maleah M. Fairley, 375 Majdi F, Fakhoury, 395 Jody A. Fallin, 357 Heather M. Fant, 375 Lisa R. Farley, 357 S. Brent Farmer, 357 Eva S. Farneby, 375 Craig M Farrell, 342 Dorothy L. Farris, 324 Jami A. Farris, 357 Ramona A Faulkner, 375 Edwin W. Faughn. 324 Philip R. Faughn. 342 Lamar K. Faught, 315 Betty S. Faupel, 315 Joe Fears. 342 Sheray Featherston, 357 Cindy L. Feezor, 357 Angela M. Fehs, 357 Carla D. Felts, 324 Daniel O. Felts. Jr.. 375 Greta L. Felts, 395 Marty A. Felts, 324 Mickey A. Felts. 342 Dee Feild, 324 Donnis K. Feild, 315 Jose L. Feliciano, 342 K. Denise Felton, 342 John A. Felty, 375 Carol J. Fenelon, 375 Cher ish R Fergeson, 375 Amy M. Ferguson, 357 Cheryl A. Ferguson, 342 Connie M. Ferguson, 375 Mark S. Ferguson, 324 Vickie L Ferguson, 342 Kelly L. Ferrara, 398 Mark E. Ferren, 357 Beverly Ferris. 324 Sharron S. Fevold, 357 Tom S. Fielder, 324 Charlotte L. Fields. 324 Marguerite K. Finch, 357 Kevin F. Fmdley, 375 Mark A. Finley, 375 Stacey J Finney, 342 Tim W. Fires, 342 Joe A Fisher, 342 Melissa A. Fisher, 357 Valerie V. Fisher, 375 Karen J. Fisk. 375 Janet G. Fister, 375 Robert A. Fife, 357 Amy L. Fitts, 324 Tisha R Flanigan, 357 Amy J. Flannigan, 357 Jennifer J. Flannigan, 375 Nicki L Flannigan. 342 Scott R. Fleischmann, 357 Bonnie E. Fleming, 324 John T. Fleming, 324 Johnny L. Fleming, 324 Kelly R. Fleming, 342 Debra D. Flemon, 375 Larry D Flemon, 357 Doyle L. Fletcher, 342 Greg S. Fletcher, 396 Jennifer D. Fletcher. 375 M. Doug Fletcher, 315 Mark H. Fletcher, 342 Micheal R. Fletcher, 357 Stacey D. Fletcher, 342 Danny K. Flippe, 375 Shayne S. Florer, 375 Elizabeth A. Flotard. 357 Josephene Flowers, 324 Judi A Flowers, 396 Karen L. Flowers, 395 Sonya F. Flynn, 357 Sherry A. Foley, 357 Terri L. Foley, 375 Deborah L. Folis. 324 Schan E. Folsom, 375 Mark L. Foltz, 324 Yoke K. Fong, 324 Brian K. Ford, 324 Dorothy D. Ford. 357 Kyle A. Ford, 342 Lisa C Ford, 324 Scott A Ford. 375 April R. Fordham, 375 Amy J. Foreman, 375 Gregory D. Foreman. 342 Susan L. Foreman. 324 Dennis D. Forrest, 342 Joey L. Forrest, 375 Mary H. Forrester, 342 Paul D. Forrester, 398 Jennifer L. Fort, 357 Jackie S. Fortenberry, 375 Leslie M Fortenberry, 357 Tammye J. Fortenberry, 375 Maria A. Fortner, 375 Donna M. Foster, 324 Howell R. Foster, 342 Keith A. Foster, 375 Lee Ann Foster, 357 Steven C. Foster, 357 Tim J Foster, 357 W. Chris Foster, 375 William S. Foster. 375 David W. Fountain. 375 Sharon E. Fountain, 324 Andy Foust, 342 LeAnne Foust, 357 Daren W. Fowler, 342 DeAnn Fowler, 324 Diane L. Fowler, 342 Don E. Fowler, 342 Jerry J Fowler, 324 Lara Q. Fowler, 342 Mark A Fowler, 357 Sarah R. Fowler, 375 Scott A. Fowler. 375 Timothy B. Fowler. 357 Tony L. Fowler, 375 Robin L. Fox, 375 Ronnie L. Fox, 357 Sheila Fox, 375 Clymesa D. Foxworth, 357 James T. Frakes, 357 Kristie J. Francis, 375 Mark E. Francis, 375 Mark E. Francis, 398 Mary A Francis, 342 Edet 0. Frank. 325 John D. Frank. 375 Valerie E. Franklin. 375 David D. Franks. 375 Julie R. Franks. 357 Patricia T Franks, 315 Sherri A. Franks, 375 Mark R Franzen, 325 Monica R. Fraser. 325 Craig A Frayer. 342 James E Freeman. 315 Jennifer L. Freeman, 375 Penny J. Freeman, 375 Rita K. Freeman. 342 Shelly E Freeman. 375 Virginia K Freeman, 342 Stacey R Freeze, 375 Pete G. Freire. 375 David L. Freligh, 342 Iris A, French, 325 Kelly A. French. 375 Linda L. French. 357 Michael E. French, 375 Michael W. French, 375 Pamela K French, 325 Sharon K. French, 396 Stephen L. French, 325 Treadns J. French, 342 Wesley M. Frier, 342 Nicole M. Fries. 325 Diane K. Fritz. 357 Kathy A Frost, 342 Deena G. Fry, 375 Kenneth S. Fry, 375 Robert E. Fry, 357 Anita R Fryer, 357 Shane M. Fudge, 375 Vickie L. Fulbright. 325 Amy L. Fulco, 342 Tracy L. Fuller, 375 Michael R. Fulmer, 375 Barbara A. Fultz, 398 Shirlene A. Furnish, 375 Nickolas B. Furr, 375 Geoffrey C. Futrell. 357 Susan L. Futrell, 342 -G- Linda L. Gage, 375 Tiffany L. Gage, 375 Robert J. Gahr, 342 Linda K. Gaines, 357 Michelle L. Gaines, 315 Stan R. Gaither, 342 Linzy T. Gall, 375 Rebecca Gall. 357 Dwayne A. Gallaher, 325 Martin L. Gallaher, 325 Robert A. Gambill, 375 Renee S. Gammill, 375 Lana W. Gander, 325 Ed E. Gann, 111. 398 Jon B. Gann, 375 Mark D Gann. 357 Luis J. Garcia-Rey, 315 Jason T. H. Gardner, 375 Van L. Gardner, 325 Gwendolyn K. Garrett, 357 Jerry W. Garrett. 357 Michael A. Garrett, 357 Patricia C. Garrison. 375 Jennifer G. Gartman, 375 Kimberly D. Garver, 376 Lynley E. Gasaway, 376 Edna F. Gaskin, 325 Pamala L. Gaskin, 357 Bridget A. Gately, 315 Neil A. Gately, 325 Antrim A. Gates, 342 Greg R. Gates, 376 Katrma M Gates, 376 Kimberly D. Gatlin. 325 Mikki M Gatlin. 376 R. Michele Gatlin, 357 John W. Gatling, 325 Wilma J. Gatling, 325 Elaine Gatson, 376 Teresa L Gause, 342 John T. Gay, 325 Pam J. Gazaway, 342 Elise Gemberling, 325 Sammy Gennuso, 376 Alan B. Gentry, 357 Letraonna K, Gentry, 357 Mihssa J. Gentry, 343 Marie A. George, 315 Michael D. George. 376 Michael W. George, 343 Tonya L. George, 325 Mark O. Gerdes, 357 Gary D. Gestring. 376 Abdullah M. Ghadeer, 343 Hamed H. Gholam, 357 Mark A. Gibbins, 343 Brenda F Gibson, 325 Chris L. Gibson, 376 Glenn A. Gibson, 376 Holly E. Gibson, 343 Kelly K. Gibson, 343 Kimberly R. Gibson, 343 Lionel G Gibson, 358 Lisa L. Gibson. 357 Mechelle A. Gibson, 376 Shannon L Gibson, 376 Todd W. Gibson, 325 Troy Gibson, 398 Valerie J. Gibson, 343 Jerri Jo Gilbert. 357 Lisa G. Gilbreath, 343 E Sharlene Giles, 325 MaryBeth E. Giles. 376 Steven R. Giles, 357 William J. Giles, 343 Joseph M. Gill, 325 Robin D. Gill, 353 Jesse D. Gillean, 376 Randy J Gillespie, 376 Stacy D. Gillette, 376 Karen M. Gillham, 358 Debra J. Gilliam, 343 Janet L. Gilliaum. 325 Bradly B. Gillette, 358 Chad N. Gillmore. 376 Kevin L. Gilmore, 325 Tony J. Gilmore, 358 Michael G Gipson. 358 Sherry K. Gipson, 343 Vonda K Gleghorn, 358 Bryan H. Glenn, 343 Andy G. Gliemann, 358 Brenda D. Glover. 343 Danny W. Glover, 325 Jeff M. Glover. 376 Angela A. Goad, 343 Beverly J. Goad. 376 Stephen R. Goad, 343 Pamela K. Godair, 343 Lathan R. Godfrey, 376 Yiam C. Goh, 398 Jacqueline C Going, 397 Betty A. Golden, 398 Charles S. Golden. 343 Tanya L. Golden. 343 Tyron J Golden, 376 Carol D. Goldsmith, 325 Kim D. Gomer. 358 Cindy J. Gonser. Kathy R Gooch, 376 Janet L. Goocher, 358 Charnelsa L. Goodman, 376 Ten M. Goodman, 325 Michael B. Goodnight. 358 Amy B. Goodwin. 376 Julie Goodwin. 325 Kristma S. Goodwin, 358 Lorre E. Gookin, 343 Connie A Goolsby, 343 Eric J Gordon, 376 Grayson E. Gordon. 315 Gregg L. Gordon. 358 Lois M. Gosney, 325 James A. Gossett, 343 Judy L. Gossett, 315 Jason I. Gould, 343 Sherrie L. Gould. 343 Tim W. Gould, 376 Tony M. Gould, 325 Gail A. Grace, 358 Regina L. Graddy, 376 Dana J. Graham, 376 Jacqueline D. Graham. 358 Rusty L. Graham, 376 Patricia L. Grant. 325 Robin L. Grantham. 343 Gary D. Graves, 343 Almeda Gray. 358 Erik Gray, 343 Marie B. Gray. 376 Mary F. Gray, 315 Mary K. Gray, 325 Michael S. Gray. 376 Stephen H. Gray, 325 Steven T. Gray, 376 Elizabeth A. Grayham, 358 Carlet D. Grayson. 376 Stephen T. Greaux, 376 Carolyn V. Green. 325 Chris D. Green, 358 Daniel B Green, 325 George E Green, 343 402 Jill R. Green. 376 Jimmy Green, 343 Linda K. Green, 376 Morris W. Green, 397 Randy W, Green, 325 Todd C Green, 376 Tracy M. Green, 376 Darrell K. Greene. 376 Jeffrey J. Greene, 358 John B. Greene, 376 Lindy V. Greene. 376 C. Darlene Greenway. 376 Mary J Greenway, 315 Pam E. Greenway, 343 Tami J. Greenway, 325 Felecia A, Greer, 376 Rickey Greer. 325 Sonya K. Gregory. 358 John E. Gregson, 376 Ruby C. Grice. 376 Jennie M. Griffin, 343 Jimmy A. Griffin, 376 John H. Griffin, 343 Susan F. Griffin, 315 Brian K Giffith, 343 Danny P. Griffith, 376 Sheila R, Griggs. 376 Timothy W. Griggs, 358 Constance D. Grimes, 325 Deborah J. Grimm, 343 Stacy S. Grimm, 376 Rebecca S Grimshaw, 376 C, Greye Grisham, 343 Aileen L. Grizzle, 325 Aaron K Grobe. 325 Connie G, Grobe, 358 Christopher Gross. 343 Donna □, Gross. 343 Mike L. Gross. 376 David W. Groves, 376 Robert E- Grummer, 358 Elizabeth A. Gryner, 376 Mark P. Guess. 376 Sherry L Guest, 376 Frank Guiltner, 343 Teresa L. Guiltner, 358 Lori G. Guinn, 325 Michelle K, Gulledge, 343 Danny E, Gullett, 325 Denise L, Gullickson, 376 Wanda L Gunn, 376 Paul E. Gunter, 325 George R. Gurley. 343 Carl L. Guthrey, 343 George D. Guthrie, 376 James D. Guthrie, 376 Johnny W. Guthrie, 325 Paul J. Gutierrez, 343 Shaunda T. Guy. 343 Theresa A. Guy, 397 -H- Brett L. Hacker, 325 Bonnie L. Hackley. 325 Clyde L. Hackwort, 358 Sherry D Haertling, 376 Rhonda D. Hafer, 358 John F. Hafner, 343 Julie A. Hafner, 358 Rosemary Hafner, 325 S, Craig Hagan, 325 Annalisa Hagar, 358 Dianna L Hagar, 325 Wesley J Haggans, 398 Carla Y. Hagler, 343 Chris L. Hagler, 325 James L. Hagler, 398 W. Glenn Hagler, 11, 343 Janet A. Hagood, 325 Abbas M, Haider, 358 Michele E. Haigwood, 376 Stan I. Haigwood, 326 Beth Haizhp. 315 Ray Helberl, Jr. 358 Steve A. Halbert, 358 Nancy R- Halbrook, 315 Greta A Hale. 326 Kevin D Hale, 376 Eric T. Haley, 343 Tony R. Haley, 376 Bryan K Hall. 326 Chuck E. Hall, 376 Dianna L. Hall. 358 James M. Hall, 343 Karen G Hall, 358 Karen R. Hall, 376 Keith A. Hall. 376 Pamela D Hall, 343 Pernell D. Hall, 343 Renee Hall, 358 Robert S. Hall. 376 Dominique Hallett. 343 Mohd Yusof Hamid, 343 Daniel R. Hamilton, 376 Heidi J. Hamilton. 358 Lori A. Hamilton. 377 Michelle Hamilton, 343 Regina K Hamilton, 377 Tabitha L Hamilton, 358 Tern L. Hamilton. 326 Boyce L Hamlett. 326 Michael L. Hamley. 326 Lee T. Hammon, 377 Lisa M. Hammon, 358 Jan A. Hammond, 377 Sean L. Hammond, 358 Steve G Hammond, 377 Bonita T. Hampton, 377 Jackie M Hampton, 358 Joni Hampton, 326 Shern Y. Hamrick. 377 Noor H. Hamzah, 326 Rhonda A Hancock, 358 Rose A. Hancock, 358 Tracey L. Hancock, 358 Dorothy P. Hand, 377 William L Hand. Jr., 377 Anne C Handford. 343 Dena C. Handford, 377 Pam G. Handley, 326 Kay L. Hanebrmk. 326 Crystal E. Haney. 377 Mark A. Haney. 377 Guy R. Hanks, 358 Douglas B. Hanlon. 395 Rodney L. Hannah, 343 Criss A. Hannon, 343 Heath B. Hannon, 377 Brantly W. Hanquist. 358 Sharon R. Hansard, 358 Michelle M Hansen, 377 Becky A. Hansmann, 343 Laverne L. Hanssler, 395 Khalid Harbi, 315 Tariq S. Harbi, 315 Sandra D. Harbison, 343 Daniel B. Harbour, 343 Gwyn M. Harbour, 358 Jack K. Hardin, Jr., 377 Jim Ed E. Hardin, 377 Ronnie E Hardin, 377 Jeannette A, Harding, 398 Ta ' Wanda R. Hardrick. 377 Jeanne R. Hardy. 358 Lavern Hardy. 326 Montie J. Hardy. 315 Roy E. Hardy, 326 William S. Hardy, 315 William W. Hardy. 326 Frances K. Hare, 326 Jill M. Hare, 377 Kathy J. Harelson, 358 Kenneth L. Hargrave, 358 Lisa D. Hargrave, 343 Edna L. Hargraves. 395 Cynthia G. Harguess, 343 Kevin D. Harlson, 377 DeAnn R. Harmon, 315 Rex A. Harmon, 326 Sherhe A. Harmon, 358 Shern L. Harmon, 358 Terri L. Harmon, 358 Tim E. Harmon. 343 Keith W. Harms, 326 Heather D. Harp. 358 Janet L. Harp, 326 Stanley E. Harp, 315 DeDe J. Harper, 377 Jon D. Harper, 377 Laura L. Harper. 358 Mona K. Harper, 377 Barry L. Hardin, 326 Deborah D. Harpole, 377 Randy L. Harral. 398 Richie L. Harral, 358 Phebba C. Harrell, 358 Ricky L. Harrell, 326 Tanya L. Harrell, 377 Carl Harris, 315 Claudia M. Harris, 343 D. Michelle Harris, 377 Deneika K. Harris, 358 Doris A. Harris. 377 Drew Harris. 377 Jodone L. Harris. 326 Joyce A. Harris, 377 Karen R. Harris, 326 Kimberley L. Harris, 377 Kimberly M. Harris, 358 Larry H. Harris, Jr., 377 Laura K. Harris. 358 Lisa L. Harris, 377 Lisa M. Harris, 377 Mary A. Harris, 377 Mary A. Harris, 343 Mary K. Harris. 377 Renita J. Harris, 326 Rhonda L. Harris, 377 Robert C. Harris, 377 Robyn Harris, 343 Ronald K. Harris. 343 Ronda K. Harris, 377 Scott Harris, 326 Shirley J. Harris. 343 Tony R Harris, 343 Victoria J. Harris, 326 Tammy M. Harrison, 343 Michael A Harston, 358 Janel V. Hart, 398 Katie L. Hart, 326 Ellen L. Hartley, 377 Wendy S. Hartman, 377 Greg Harton, 326 Dana L Hartrup, 377 Jeff S. Hartwig, 358 Julie Harvey. 326 Keith T. Harvey, 343 Tina K. Harvey, 377 Kellie L. Harvill. 344 Marth L. Harvill, 315 Mitchell R. Harvill, 358 Iqbal Hasan, 344 Anthony L. Hatcheft. 358 Christopher G. Hatley, 377 Mary J. Hatley, 315 Russell E. Hatley, 377 Teresa M. Hatter, 377 Frankie L. Hatton, 344 Ann M. Hawes, 377 Angela C. Hawkins, 358 Bridgette Hawkins, 377 Dana J. Hawkins. 358 Donna R Hawkins, 344 Julie J. Hawkins, 344 Kerin L. Hawkins, 377 Lisa M. Hawkins, 326 Marsha D Hawkins, 326 Richard L. Hawkins. 358 Tammy R Hawkins. 377 Stephanie A Hawthorn, 377 Mike A Hawthorne, 358 Tara N. Haydar, 326 William L. Hayden, Jr., 377 Carl Hayes, 358 Tammy L. Hayes, 358 Toni S. Hayes, 377 Troy D. Hayes, 344 Zennia M. Hayes, 358 Carmen D. Haynes, 377 Clay S. Haynes. 377 Jerry W. Haynes, 359 Jim Haynes. 344 Jim F. Haynes, 344 Kathy D Haynes, 344 Tracey C. Haynes, 326 William J. Haynes, 326 John T. Hays. 326 M. Ann Hays. 315 Marianne Hays, 315 Shan R. Hays, 326 Anna L. Hause. 377 Susan Haywood. 359 Shannon D. Hazelwood, 377 Richard Head. 344 Tammy L. Healy, 326 James R. Heard. Jr., 344 Kelly A. Hearn, 397 Bob D. Heath, 344 Heather L. Heath, 359 Cheryl R. Heavrin, 359 Kevin M. Hedden, 377 Ralph S. Hedden, 344 Debbie A. Hedge, 395 Alyce Heeb, 326 Laura Heern, 326 Dana J. Hefner, 344 Mike A. Heggie, 326 Truitt S. Hegwood, 377 Roger L. Helms, 326 Royce L. Helms, 344 Daif J. Hendawi. 344 Anna L. Henderson, 326 Beth Henderson, 359 Darene Henderson, 398 Madra Henderson, 326 Michael J. Henderson, 398 Selena C. Henderson, 398 Virginia L. Henderson, 377 Stephanie S. Hendon, 377 Donna G. Hendnx, 344 Douglas A. Hendrix, 344 Gaye L. Hendrix, 344 Kathryn D. Hendrix, 326 Robie J. Hendrix, 377 Troy D. Hendrix. 344 Steven C. Hendry, 396 Darrin K. Henning, 377 James E. Henriksen, 377 Anita K. Henry, 377 Bryan E Henry, 377 Donna Henry, 344 Gary W. Henry, 398 Lisa K. Henry, 344 Michelle Y. Henry, 359 Russell D. Henry, 377 William W. Henry, 344 Autumn M. Hensley, 359 Wanda D. Hensley, 398 G. W. Henson, 326 Heather F. Heringer. 377 Misty S. Herndon, 377 Kenneth A. Herren. 326 Steven D. Herren. 377 Wayne Herren. 377 James M. Herring. 378 Carla S. Hernngton, 378 Karen S Hernngton, 344 Melissa R Hernngton, 378 Rhonda R. Hernngton, 359 Les D. Hershey. 378 Cyndi D. Hess, 344 Julia E. Hess. 359 Nicholas W. Hess. 378 Rachel Hess. 344 Renee P. Hess. 326 Samantha G. Hess. 326 Shayne Hess, 344 Colin A. Hester, 326 Jack Heston. 326 Roxann Hibbs, 344 Beverly G. Hickey, 378 Nancy L. Hickin, 398 Karla J. Hickinbotham. 359 Larry D. Hickman, 359 Angie D. Hicks. 397 Jennifer M. Hicks. 326 Joe W. Hicks, 344 Karen J. Hicks, 359 Kirk A. Hicks, 315 Sarah R. Hicks, 378 Vernon W. Hicks. 344 Will C. Hiebert, 344 Leroy Higginbotham IV, 378 Linda D. Higginbotham, 344 Scott A. Higginbotham, 378 Clifton C. Higgins, 378 Derrick G. Higgins, 359 Kelly E. High, 359 LaVatia U. Hightower. 378 Sue B. Hightower, 315 Jennifer L. Hilburn, 378 Natalie A. Hilburn, 344 Tammy R. Hilburn, 378 Andrew D. Hill. 359 Cassie M. Hill, 378 Christina M. Hill. 378 Doug B. Hill, 378 Emmitt L. Hill, 326 Eric G. Hill, 344 Jeanne S. Hill, 378 Jennifer J. Hill, 359 Jerald R. Hill. 344 Jernlyn M. Hill. 326 Julie A Hill. 378 Julie J. Hill. 344 Launsa R. Hill, 378 Letha A. Hill, 396 Lindal D. Hill, 398 Margaret E. Hill, 378 Melessa F. Hill, 326 Melvin R. Hill, 326 Nanci D. Hill, 398 Noel J. Hill. 378 Renee M. Hill. 398 Robyn R. Hill, 378 Sandra K. Hill, 359 Sharon K. Hill. 378 Taryn K. Hill, 396 Tracy L. Hill. 344 Ron S. Hillers, 326 John R. Hillman. 327 Tom P. Hills, 378 Laura J. Hinck, 344 Audrey E. Hindsley, 344 Michael R. Hiner. 327 Dawn C. Hines, 359 Maiy A. Hmkle, 378 Cindy D. Hinson, 378 Judy D. Hinton, 327 Teresa B. Hinton, 315 Jeffrey W. Hitt, 327 Marie D. Hitt, 378 Mary R. Hitt, 359 Jamaludin Hj.Zakaria, 327 Mary E. Hlavach. 344 Kean W. Ho, 359 Lai-Lai M. Ho. 315 Ha T. Hoang, 378 Van T. Hoang, 378 Donna J. Hobbs, 327 Marian C. Hockaday, 327 Barry E. Hodges, 327 Melinda K. Hodges. 359 Melva K. Hodges. 315 Janet A. Hoepfl, 378 Hoppy Hoffman, 378 Laura L. Hofmann, 327 Jack K. Hogan. 378 Kathy H. Hogan, 327 Sarah C. Hogan, 327 Shenll W. Hogan, 344 Tamara E. Hogan. 378 Tanya E. Hogan, 378 Michelle D. Hogard, 344 Terry L. Hogard, 385 Christ! T. Hogue. 327 Lisa Hogue. 315 Roxanne R Hogue, 359 Sharon A. Hogue. 344 Stephanie J. Hogue, 378 Troy Hogue, 359 Jim R. Holbrook. 344 David B. Holcomb, 378 L. Trent Holcomb, 378 Jerry L. Holden. 378 Melissa J Holden. 359 Randall D. Holden, 327 Lisa G. Holder, 327 Doyne L. Holifield, 359 Melissa S. Holifield, Virginia L. Holifield. 378 Mark H. Hollan. 378 Shannon Hollan. 344 Constance S. Holland, 378 Diana L. Holland, 359 Lela G. Holland. 378 Wanda B. Holland. 378 Sandra M. Hollaway. 359 Shelly L. Holle. 344 Cathy L. Holleman, 359 Rosetta Holley. 378 Helen A. Holliday. 378 Michael T Holliday. 327 Julie A. Hollins. 398 Crystal T. Hollis, 327 Kimberly A. Hollis. 394 Jeffrey S. Hollister. 359 Danny L Holloway. 378 Kris D. Holloway. 327 Phillip R. Holloway, 344 Wendy R. Holman, 378 L. Ruth Holmes, 344 Larry L Holmes. 359 Lee D Holmes, 378 Michelle D Holmes, 359 Wendy C. Holmes. 378 Bret L. Holt, 378 Byron K. Holt, 378 James S. Holt. 344 Joy A. Holt, 378 Kimberly A. Holt, 327 Tina L. Holt. 344 William D. Holt, 378 Woodrow V. Holt, 378 Roger D. Honey, 359 Sonya L Honeycutt, 344 Rob L. Hood, 378 Stormy N. Hood. 378 Timothy D. Hood, 359 Pamela J. Hooper, 359 Pamela G. Hooten, 315 Keith B. Hoover, 378 Tommy R, Hoover, 378 Keith D. Hopkins, 378 Kevin E. Hopkins. 327 Cara L Hopp, 327 David L Hopp, 344 Betty S. Hopper, 315 David D. Hopper, 378 James T. Hopper, 359 Hoshang D. Hormas|i, 327 Havilyn Horner, 359 Lori L. Horness, 344 Kristi K. Horrell. 359 Alia L. Horton. 378 Charlon G. Horton. 327 Danielle D. Horton, 359 Dan H. Horton, 344 Sherry A. Horton, 378 Jacquelyn G. Hosinski, 344 Martha S. Hosinski, 378 Mary C. Hosinski, 378 Marc R. Hoskins, 398 James M. Hostetler, 344 Carla R House. 344 Leslie A. House, 344 Jeff P. Housley. 378 Breckenndge Houston. 378 John D. Houston. 378 Nola J. Houston, 344 Connie S. Howard, 344 Curt L. Howard, 327 Daniel B. Howard, 327 Heather L. Howard, 359 Janet S. Howard, 344 Jennifer E Howard, 344 Joe P. Howard, 378 Mark D. Howard, 398 Michael P. Howard. 359 Monica M Howard, 378 Christine M. Howell. 379 J. Todd Howell. 315 Maggie J. Howell, 379 Audra R. Howerton. 379 Jerri Howington. 359 Alicia A. Hubbard, 327 Art Hubbard. 327 Connie R. Hubbard, 359 Karen Hubbard, 327 Kristy L. Hubbard, 379 Michael D. Hubbard, 344 Ronny F. Huber, 379 Debbye K. Hubner, 315 Mark S. Huckaba, 344 Shelly L. Huddleston, 379 Donna L. Hudson, 327 James R Hudson, 379 Lawrence P. Hudson, 344 Lisa J. Hudson, 344 Lois A Hudson, 344 Wayne A. Hudson, 344 Tracie L. Hudspeth, 379 Karen E. Huey, 344 Brian P. Huff, 344 Amy M. Huffine. 379 Beth D. Huffine. 379 Mark A. Huffman, 345 Sherry S. Huffman. 359 Stephanie P. Huffman. 379 Ginger K Hufstedler. 327 Jeff Hufstedler, 359 Amy D. Hughes, 379 Johnny C. Hughes, 379 Wade S. Hughes, 327 Anthony Hulen, 359 Todd A. Hulett. 345 Eric J Humphrey, 327 Jerome Humphrey, 395 Charles H. Humphries. 359 Craig J. Hunt, 379 Janice M Hunt, 398 Lisa J. Hunt, 379 Randy W Hunt, 359 Stan F. Hunt, 359 Felicia A Hunter, 345 Ron E. Hunter. 359 Ricky Hurst, 327 Shirley F. Hurst, 345 Zahan Husin, 327 Syed M. Hussain. 379 Brad B. Hutcheson, 379 Jerri M. Hutchinson, 345 Kerry S. Hutchinson, 379 Suzanne M. Hutchinson, 359 Brent A. Hutchison, 327 Randi J. Hutchison, 379 Jodie M. Huth, 359 Jackquline K. Hutson, 379 Kimberly A. Hutton, 345 Pamela J. Hutton, 398 Ley Hyde, 379 Carlas F. Hynum, 379 John S llangkovan. 315 Robert M. Inabuiet, 379 Hollis K. Inboden, 345 Tim M Ingram, 397 Yvonne M. Ingram, 379 Robert K. Inman, 359 Wai K. Ip, 398 Mohamed A. Iqbal, 327 Boyd C. Irby, 359 Carla D. Irvin. 345 James B. Isbell, 345 Patricia L. Isbell. 327 Eric L. Isbill, 345 Cathy D. Isch. 327 Abdul S Ishak. 397 Johnathan S. Ishmael, 379 Shamsul A. Ismail, 345 Christine R. Ivy, 379 Kelly D Ivy, 359 LaDonna C. Ivy, 359 Steven F, Ivy, 316 -J- Charles K. Jackson, 379 Claudette J. Jackson, 379 Emily A. Jackson, 327 Michael J. Jackson, 345 James A. Jackson, 359 Jill J. Jackson, 379 Kasey R Jackson, 398 Leslie L. Jackson. 379 Lori L. Jackson. 327 Martha Jackson. 379 Melvin D. Jackson, 379 Richard B Jackson, 345 Sharon C. Jackson, 396 Tammy A. Jackson. 345 Tern L. Jackson, 327 Timothy S Jackson, 345 Wanda F. Jackson, 327 Mary K. Jacob, 345 Abdul R. Jamaludin, 327 Judy L. James, 359 Lola B. James, 345 Patricia M. James, 345 David H Jamieson, 345 Jamie M. Jamison, 327 Stephanie C. Janes, 359 403 Index Lydia L. Jansen, 345 Bryan W Jaramillo, 379 Julianne D. Jarrell, 345 Susan S. Jarrett, 316 James S. Jarvis, 327 Davi d K Jauch, 359 Joyce B. Jaynes, 379 Michael K. Jayroe, 345 Tammy L. Jayroe, 379 Vivi L. Jayroe. 327 Dale E. Jeffers, 379 Lurene D Jeffers, 316 Randell D, Jeffers, 327 Peggy L Jeffries. 327 Eric B. Jemison, 379 Jessie Jenkins, Jr., 359 Julie D. Jenkins, 379 Teresa J. Jenkins, 359 Erin E. Jennings. 379 Phyllis D Jennings, 359 Robert D. Jennings, 327 Judy L Jernigan, 359 Ronald P. Jeter, 379 Robert E Jett. 327 Montey E. Jetton, 345 Debbie L Johns, 327 Tommy Johns, 379 Angie R Johnson, 359 Billy D. Johnson, 345 Carl A. Johnson, 359 Carl W. Johnson, 327 Catherine M Johnson, 379 Cindy M. Johnson, 316 Daisy B Johnson, 379 Dana L. Johnson. 327 David E. Johnson, 379 David T. Johnson, 359 Donald E. Johnson, 379 Donna E Johnson, 327 Dorothy A Johnson, 316 Edward Johnson, 379 Ella F. Johnson, 316 Gregory A Johnson, 316 James Johnson, Jr 379 Jamie L Johnson. 379 Jason K Johnson, 379 Jeff A. Johnson, 345 Joel L Johnson. 379 Julie A. Johnson, 327 Kami R. Johnson, 328 Kelly A Johnson, 359 Lisa J. Johnson, 345 Lori A Johnson, 328 Mattie F. Johnson. 395 Patricia L. Johnson, 379 Paul L Johnson. 359 Rodney P Johnson. 328 Rodrick D. Johnson, 379 Scott Johnson, 379 Stephanie J. Johnson, 396 Stephanie M Johnson, 379 Susan E. Johnson, 379 Tara B Johnson, 379 Tern N Johnson, 328 Tracey L Johnson, 379 Victor Johnson. 328 Beniamin R Johnston, 359 Bobby J. Johnston, 359 John T. Johnston, 379 Ina J. Jolliff, 328 Allan Jones. 328 Belznda J Jones. 345 Bernard J Jones, 328 Bonita A. Jones, 379 Brandon R Jones, 360 Carla D. Jones, 379 Cleveland D. Jones, 379 Darren E. Jones, 379 Demetrius A. Jones, 345 Gary W. Jones, 379 Genie Jones. 345 James B Jones, 379 Jill A. Jones, 345 Jimmy W. Jones, 360 Joel K. Jones, 379 John P Jones. 345 Joseph M. Jones. 396 Julie A. Jones, 345 Karen D. Jones, 379 Lana D. Jcnes. 379 Leann R. Jones. 379 Lori R. Jones, 379 Marsha K. Jones, 379 Marvyne R. Jones, 316 Mary I. Jones. 380 Matt D. Jones, 380 Milissa Jones, 380 Mitzi E. Jones. 328 Monique L. Jones. 345 Paul F. Jones. 360 Phillip G. Jones, 380 Polly R. Jones, 360 Regina L Jones, 345 Robert E. Jones, 380 Roger C. Jones, 380 Ronda F. Jones, 328 Susan G- Jones. 345 Suzanne M Jones, 345 Tim R. Jones, 345 Tim W. Jones. 360 Darryl K. Jordan, 380 Jacqueline M. Jordan. 345 Jerry D. Jordan, 380 Shawn A. Jordan 380 Rhonda L. Jorden, 394 A. Soe Jorn, 380 Maurice G. Jorn, 380 Martin Joseph. 380 Tim M. Joseph, 328 William H. Joslin, 380 Anthony R Judd, 380 Patricia J Judd, 345 Rusty Julian, 380 Leah M. Jumper, 345 Megat F Junid, 316 Billy G. Justus. 316 Gaylon G Justus, 345 -K- Carolyn R. Kachevas. 316 Paula J Kackley, 345 Mazmi Kamal. 328 Kevin R. Kapales, 380 David G. Kawsler, 380 Shirley F, Kausler. 360 Michael A. Keating, 380 Doug E. Kee, 360 Ricky L. Kee, 395 Brenda F. Keech, 316 Cindy D. Kegley, 361 Valerie P. Kegley. 380 John W. Keisker, 360 Keith M. Kellam, 328 Tony S. Kellar, 360 Linda L. Keller. 380 Amy S. Kelley, 380 Michael B Kelley, 380 Mike P. Kelley, 328 Rick A. Kelley. 343 Shannon M. Kelley, 360 Sloane G. Kelley, 328 James E. Kelly, 316 Debra G Kelso, 360 Shan F. Kelso, 360 Kimberley D Kelton, 360 Freda J. Kemp, 380 Randell L Kemp, 345 Jeff R. Kenley. 380 Kelly M. Kennedy, 345 Norvella F Kennedy, 396 Sharon A. Kennedy, 345 Ken Kennemore, 345 Dawn M. Kent. 316 Lisa R. Kent. 345 David A. Kerley, 345 Vicki L. Kersey, 395 Donnie R Keshawarz, 380 Laurie M Kester, 380 Sandra G. Ketchum, 345 Bin W. Kew, 380 Patricia A. Key, 360 Hattie M. Keys. 360 Farooq Khaliq, 316 Hashim A. Khaliq, 345 Mohammed S. Khaliq, 380 Lateef U. Khan, 345 Mohammad A. Khan, 380 Lye I Khoo, 328 Sonya R Kibler, 380 James G. Kidd, 345 Leisa G. Kieffner, 328 Ten S. Kieffner. 345 Meredith L Kiest. 380 Tracey A. Kiest, 345 Masahiro Kihara. 380 Thomas M. Killen, 397 Rodney Killingsworth, 345 Brenda D. Killion. 380 Patrick A. Kimberland, 360 Kimberly A. Kimble, 380 Lynda F. Kimble, 328 Reda V. Kimble. 345 DeeDee L. Kindricks, 380 B. Michele King, 345 Cindy J. King, 380 Craig D. King, 380 Denise M. King, 380 Kevin A. King, 360 Lisa A. King, 360 Mary M King. 328 Michael J King. 380 Ometris E. King, 360 Paul E. King, 328 Phillip King, 380 Rhonda K King. 345 Tamberly C. King. 360 Teresa P. King, 345 Ron Kingston, 328 Theresa L. Kinkade. 345 Rickey L. Kinley. 380 Jackie M. Kirbo, 316 Shelly L. Kirby, 380 Heather Kirk, 380 Julia L. Kirk. 380 Todd H. Kirk, 360 Wendy J. Kirkindall, 380 Sheila J. Kirksey, 398 Bobby L. Kirkwood. 316 Consuela R. Kisling, 380 Frankie L. Kisner, 328 Ronda D. Kissee, 360 Maria T. Kittell, 380 Diane M. Klepzig, 380 Mychelle L. Kleypas. 380 Jim E. Kluge, 380 Amy L. Knapp. 397 Mark F. Kneibert, 328 Arnette Knight. 345 Aubrey A. Knight, 11, 345 Charlotte Y Knight, 380 James M. Knight, 380 Mary M. Knight, 360 Ken D. Knotts, 380 Mary E. Knowles. 328 Michael K. Knowlton, 380 Lynn D. Knutson. 328 Tim L. Koch. 345 Julie A. Koechlein, 360 Betty J. Koeller, 380 Dowell R. Koller, 380 Kelly K. Konecny, 380 Sa-Hoi Koo. 328 Virginia M Koons, 397 Jim C. Kordsmeier. 380 Debbi A. Korns, 360 Cynthia L. Kraft. 328 David S. Kreis, 360 Rami T. Kridli, 380 Tarek T.A. Kridli. 380 Christie L. Kriner, 397 Chad T. Kruizenga, 380 Kenneth J. Kruk Kevin L Kruse, 380 Hooi T. Kuek, 345 Martha L. Kueter, 380 Steve L. Kueter, 345 Andrea L Kukura, 345 Vicki L Kuykendall, 328 Pamela R. Kyle, 360 -L- Keith A Lacewell, 360 Alice B. Lachat, 380 Sonya D Lackey. 345 William P. Lackey. 345 Scottie D. Lackland, 345 Amy J. Ladd, 360 Dale Ladd. 360 Augustine A. Lado. 316 Mark D. Laffoon, 346 Steven L. Laffoon. 346 Becky A. LaGore, 328 Atooh Y. Lai, 328 Ga Chuan Lai. 328 Saundra Y Laird, 380 Choon K. Lam, 360 Swee Har Lam, 328 Leah M. Lamar, 360 Daniel G. Lamb, 380 Stacy L. Lamb, 346 Trent R. Lamb, 360 Brian Lambert, 328 Gary W. Lambert 316 Rebecca D Lambert, 397 Jesse A Lamberth. 360 Regina A Lamberth, 397 Tracy E. Lamberth, 328 Gerald L. Lambie. 328 Charles J LaMendola. 316 Ellen G. Lampkins. 316 Shih-Yung B. Lan, 316 Gary L. Lancaster, Jr., 360 Shawn C Lancaster, 360 Philip A. Landers, 346 Eddie R. Landreth. 380 Marsha A. Lands, 381 Bilinda G Lane, 360 Bryan H. Lane, 346 Gena L. Lane, 381 Melissa L. Lane, 381 Rhonda L. Lane, 381 Sean D. Lane, 381 Terria L. Lane, 381 Jackie E. Lang, 328 Kandi Langley, 360 Larry L Langley, 381 Victoria M. Langley, 346 Mitzi M. Langlois, 346 Stephen G. Langlois, 394 Amy V. Langston, 381 Beth L. Langston. 360 Kelli A. Langston, 381 Pamela D. Langston, 328 James M Lankford, 360 Jamie E. Laramore, 360 Nancy Larsen, 328 Gayla J. Lashley. 328 Karen J. Lassiter, 316 Melanie C. Lassonde, 381 Bradley S Latham, 381 Pennie R Lawman, 381 Dawn T. Lawrence, 360 Penny L. Lawrence, 396 Sandy L. Lawrence, 328 Teresa G Lawrey, 360 Janya R. Laws, 381 Brett E. Lawson, 360 James M. Lawson, 381 Angie N. Layne, 328 Wilma A. Leach, 316 Steve L. Leder. 381 Annette L Lee, 360 Beniamin J. Lee, 360 Boon H. Lee, 328 Charles K. Lee, 346 Dede T. Lee, 381 Derek Q. Lee, 328 Greg L. Lee, 328 Janet L. Lee, 328 Karen J. Lee, 346 Paul O. Lee, 381 Ron D. Lee, 381 Kimberley P Leek. 346 Russell L. Leggett, 346 Michael T. Leibrock. 360 Patti A. Leinenbach, 346 Terri A. Leming, 381 Michael L. Lemke. 381 Grace D. Lemmonds, 346 Robert M Lemmons. 381 Connie D Lemons, 381 Regina G Lenderman, 381 Helen L. Leniear, 328 Deean Leon, 360 Lois J. Leon. 381 James W Leoanrd, 381 Melissa C. Leonard, 360 Theng N Leong, 346 Chee S. Leow. 381 Ronette Lepley, 381 Donna L. Lester, 381 Cleverlon A Letbetter, 381 Cindy E. Lewallen. 346 Kathy C. Lewallen, 360 Phillip L Lewallen. 328 Thomas J Lewallen. 328 Sharon K Lewellen, 346 Marsha F. Lewellyn, 328 Bud Lewis, 381 Cecilia A, Lewis, 381 Charlott Lewis, 360 Dwight Lewis, 346 Jarrod L Lewis, 346 John M. Lewis, 360 Linda K. Lewis, 381 Martha A Lewis, 316 Nancy F Lewis. 396 Robert W Lewis, 328 Stephanie A Lewis, 381 Tonnetta Y Lewis, 381 Tracey M Lewis, 381 Burl A Lieblong, 328 William B Lieblong, 381 Joey L. Light, 381 Marsha K. Light, 346 Jennifer Lile, 381 Darren K. Lillard, 360 Bee Chai Lim, 316 Richard D. Limbert, 381 Rhonda G. Lindley, 381 Rob Lindley, 346 Fred W. Lindner, 360 Eric L. Lindquist, 396 Julia A. Lindsey, 316 Michael E. Lindsey, 381 Timothy A Lindsey, 360 Vernon S. Lindsey, 328 Veronica D Lindsey. 381 Cindy A Lmebaugh, Shelly L. Lmebaugh, 381 Cindy C. Linn, 328 R. Kyle Linson, 381 Carol L. Little, 346 Diane A. Little. 316 John D. Little. 381 Brad Littlejohn, 381 Mark H. Littleton, 381 Thian Y. Liu, 346 Jim Lively, 316 Derek C. Lloyd. 381 Trevor W. Lloyd. 346 Stephen W. Locke, 360 Rodney M. Lockett, 328 Tim R. Lockett. 346 Linda F. Lockhart, 329 Walter K. Lockley, 381 David H Loe, 381 Ira T. Logan, 381 Patrick G. Logan, 381 Shana D Lomax, 346 Lucinda L. London, 346 Bobby E. Long, 346 Charles D. Long. 381 Darryle A Long, 316 Jennifer H. Long, 381 June A. Long, 381 Kenny L. Long, 346 Matthew S Long, 360 Robert J. Long, 346 Terry L. Long, 346 Tracy L. Loomis, 329 Randal J. Looney, 329 Judi L. Loop, 346 Bock T. Lor. 316 Bock T. Lor. 394 Christopher J Lorenzen, 398 Alyssa T. Lott. 381 Audrey G. Lott, 329 Denise Lott. 316 Carol L. Lovelace, 346 LaNeel Lovelace, 329 Larry D. Lovelace, 11, 346 Angela M Lovell, 346 Jackie B Lovell, 360 Mary K Lovern, 346 Donald J. Lovett, 329 Laura D Lovrien, 360 Patty C. Lovrien. 381 Tommy Lovrien, 381 Jamie E. Low, 360 Carla Y. Lowe, 360 Kimberly M Lowe, 360 Tammy S Lowe, 381 Bobby F Lowery, 395 David R. Lowery, 381 Diana L. Lowery, 395 Jimmy D. Lowery. 329 Kathy S. Lowery, 396 Wayne J Lowery, 381 Tina M Lowry, 381 Stacy A. Loy. 381 W Shannon Luke, 360 Danielle Luker, 360 Verlin G. Luna, 381 Anna M. Lundry, 381 Janet A. Lundry, 360 Chris S. Lutes, 381 Kimber ' y A Lybrand, 316 Randy S. Lyles. 329 Lucy Lynn, 329 Mary K. Lynn, 329 Lisa A. Lyons, 329 -M- M. Hazizi M. Hanafiah, 383 Lydia A. Mabbiee, 346 Karri A. Mabry, 329 Teddi D Mabry, 329 Twyla J. MacDonald, 360 Samuel A Macheak, 329 Joyce A. Mackey, 346 Nancy A Mackey, 329 Robert R. Mackey, 329 Zvillie J. Macklin, 384 John J. MacPherson. 395 C Preston Maddox, 329 Mark H. Maddox, 360 Billy J. Madison, 316 Samuel C. Madu, 316 Glenda S Magee. 346 Anthony D Maggitt, 381 Thomas L Magnum, 360 Timothy Magsby, 360 Berta C. Mahler, 346 Susan L. Mahon. 329 Sanuar Maitr, 360 Shirley A. Mallison, 381 Sandra J Malloy. 360 Brian L. Malone, 381 Jerry Malone, 329 Kelly D. Malone, 382 Lisa M. Malone, 360 Jo A. Mangrum, 382 Terri L. M angrum, 382 Michael B. Manie, 382 Tony G. Manley, 346 Jerri A. Mann, 361 Myron W. Mann, Jr., 329 Robyn L. Mann, 382 Brenton L. Manning, 361 Pamela M Manning, 361 Helen L. Mansfield. 382 William B Manville. Jr.. 382 Catherine A Manziel. 346 Michelle Marchand, 346 Ann M. Marconi, 382 Michael T. Marconi, 382 Lisa C. Maree, 346 Nichole N Marilyn. 382 Tracy A. Markham, 394 Jeanette D. Marks, 329 Mitchell K. Marks, 316 Billy W. Marlin, 361 Lyne L. Marlow, 382 Valerie M. Marr, 346 Melinda B. Marrero, 361 Vanessa Marks, 361 Hoyt E. Marshall. 382 Janice D. Marshall, 329 Jimmy L. Marshall, 346 Rachel D. Marshall, 381 Ricky L. Marshall, 382 Amy J. Martin, 361 Annah L. Martin, 361 Candice S. Martin, 382 Charles E. Martin, Jr., 329 Cindy R. Martin, 382 Clint A. Martin, 329 Cora H. Martin, 329 Darrell W Martin, 397 Debbie S. Martin, 346 Garland L. Martin, 346 Jackie R. Martin, 382 Jerry L. Martin, 361 John K. Martin, 382 Lance P Martin, 346 Latrinda Martin, 346 Lisa R. Martin, 329 Malcomb T. Martin, 346 Maria A. Martin, 382 Maria S. Martin, 346 Matthew B. Martin. 346 Michael L. Martin, 316 Robert E. Martin, 382 Robin R. Martin, 329 Ruth M. Martin, 329 Sheila R. Martin. 346 Tony Martin, 382 Guy E. Marvin, 398 Charles D. Masingale, 346 Karen M. Masner, 361 Beverly J. Mason, 329 Johnny G. Mason, 382 Mary E. Mason, 361 Michele A. Mason, 382 Sara A. Mason, 382 Sherry L. Mason, 346 Imran Masood, 398 Sandi G. Massanelli, 382 Linda M. Massen, 394 Donna Massengill, 382 Alice F. Massey, 329 Charles B Massey, 382 Debra S. Massey. 382 Donald R. Massey, 329 Keith E. Massey, 329 Sandra L. Massey. 346 Tim P. Massey, 346 Allen L. Masters, 329 Elisa D. Masterson. 346 Clark L. Matheny. 346 Heather R. Matheson, 382 Lee Matheson, 361 Linda J Mathis, 329 Michelle M. Mathis, 382 Benita A. Matlock, 329 Byron C. Matthews, 361 Dayann F. Matthews, 382 Nedra J. Matthews. 382 Scott E. Matthews, 361 Terns G. Matthews, 382 Teresa J. Mattix, 361 Shelia F. Mauppin, 361 Chad E. Maxwell. 382 Marcy L. Maxwell. 382 Tisha R. Maxwell. 382 Janice K. May, 316 Linda S. May, 361 Paula G May, 382 Steve May. 329 4 04 Tonya S. May, 361 Derick L. Mayberry. 382 Beverly J Mayes, 399 Deanna Mayes, 397 Julie M. Mayes, 346 Julie M. Mayes, 395 Ronda J Mayes, 382 Bernard V. Mayfleld. 382 Phyllis A. Mayfield, 346 Lisa M. Mayhan, 346 Jerry J Mayo, 361 Lawrence E. Mays, Jr., 382 B. J. McAfee, 329 Donna F. McAfee, 361 Frederick S. McAfee, 382 Mark B, McAfee, 346 Michelle Ft. McAfee, 382 Anita A. McAffry, 382 Christopher J. McAlee, 329 Russell B. McAllister, 329 Angela L. McAnally, 382 Lisa C. McBride. 382 Stacey R. McBryde, 361 Johnny W. McCain, 361 Rhonda G. McCallister, 346 Lisa S. McCamey, 361 Patrick P. McCammon, 382 Doug V McCane, 346 Robert G. McCarroll, 382 Karissa D. McCarter, 382 Charles P McCarty, 329 Rebecca L. McCarty, 382 Leslie □. McCasland, 361 Rachelle L. McCauley. 382 Clarissa F. McClain, 316 Jimmy K. McClain, 329 Melissa A. McClain, 382 John D McClellan, 316 Tommie L McClendon, 382 John M. McClure, 346 Teresa M. McClure, 329 Ken O McCollum, 382 Derek McCord, 329 Chnsti McCormick, 329 James G McCormick, 329 Glenda I McCoy, 346 James B. McCoy, 382 Kenneth D. McCoy. 329 Rachel L. McCoy, 361 Regina K. McCoy, 397 Michael S. McCourt. 382 Patricia A McCourt, 346 Tena M. McCoy, 329 Peggy L McCrackin, 329 Darla G. McCreless, 329 Vince J McCrosky, 382 Mike D. McCullar, 361 Felecia R. McCullum, 346 Kelli A. McCurley, 382 Sheila R. McCurley. 329 Andrea D. McDaniel, 361 Cobi L. McDaniel. 382 Darla S McDaniel, 382 Onvia F. McDaniel, 346 Freddie L. McDaniel, Jr., 382 Michael A. McDaniel, 395 Russell A. McDaniel, 361 Stan T. McDaniel, 382 Vesta V. McDaniel, 361 Neil W. McDole, 382 Janice D. McDonald, 382 Janice M McDonald, 361 Robert S. McDonald, 382 Rochelle L. McDonald, 382 Tommy G. McDonald, 11, 329 Yvonne J McDonald, 347 Shannon G. McDoniel, 382 James T. McDowell, 397 Gregg P McElhanon, 361 Jeff W. McElrath, 347 Diane M McEntire, 382 Mark A. McEntire. 347 Butch W McFadden, 399 Kathy A McFadden, 397 Patricia J. McFall, 316 Robert D McFall. 382 Melinda G. McFarland, 347 Terri L. McFarland, 361 Laura L. McFarlin, 329 Pamela S. McFarlin, 361 Rick M. McFerrin. 382 Bridget McGarraugh, 383 Jim L. McGaughey, 347 Barry R McGee. 383 Chita R. McGee. 347 Curtis A. McGee. 361 Danice A McGee. 347 Ivy V. McGee, 329 Kelhe McGee, 383 Walter L. McGee, 383 Mecy M. McGehee. 383 Mary E. McGhee, 347 Janet A. McGill, 383 Carolyn S. McGinnis, 361 Donna W McGinnis, 361 Ellen L. McGinnis, 329 Michael S. McGinnis, 383 Peyton W. McGinnis. 383 Randall L McGinnis, 383 Mitch L. McGrew, 330 Veronica S. McGriff, 330 Barbara S McGuire. 316 Deborah K. McGuire, 330 Stephen E. McGuire, 347 Angela L McHalffey, 383 Lee A. Mclllwan, 383 Jolene E. Mclntare. 347 Lorie D. Mcintosh, 361 Stephanie P. Mcintosh, 383 Tanya L. McKay, 383 Brian D. McKee, 361 Laura A. McKee, 383 Evelyn R. McKenna, 383 Lish U. McKenzie. 361 Lori A. McKenzie, 347 Nelson J. McKenzie, 383 Brenda L. McKinion. 361 Kimberly A. McKinley, 361 Amanon L McKinney. 361 Karen L. McKinney, 383 Lilly B McKinney, 383 Wayne L. McKinney, 361 William T McKisson, 330 Kelly A. McKnight 383 Paula D McKnight, 347 Sandy K. McKuin, 361 Rodney L. McLaughlin, 383 Michael C McLaurin, 347 Lee A. McLean. 383 Melissa S. McLean, 383 Lisa M McLemore, 330 Michele L. McLeskey. 361 Lee A. Mclllwan. 383 Jolene E. Mclntare, 347 Lorie D. Mcintosh. 361 STephanie P. Mcintosh. 383 Tanya L. McKay, 383 Brian D. McKee, 361 Laura A. McKee, 383 Evelyn R. McKenna, 383 Lish U. McKenzie, 361 Lori A. McKenzie, 347 Nelson J McKenzie, 383 Brenda L. McKinion, 361 Kimberly A McKinley, 361 Amanon L. McKinney, 361 Karen L. McKinney, 383 Lilly B. McKinney, 383 Wayne L McKinney, 361 William T. McKisson, 330 Kelly A. McKnight 383 Paula D McKnight, 347 Sandy K. McKuin, 361 Rodney L. McLaughlin, 383 Michael C. McLaurin, 347 Lee A. McLean, 383 Melissa S. McLean, 383 Lisa M. McLemore. 330 Michele L. McLeskey, 361 Anthony P. McMickle, 347 Sharon D. McMickle. 347 Jeff S. McMillian, 347 Michael G. McMullin, 383 Terry M. McNatt. 383 Eugene W. McNeely, 361 Tammie L McNully, 361 Hazel C McPherson, 330 Christopher L. McQuay, 330 Sam T. McQuay, 361 Steven G. McRae, 383 Charles E. McKay, 383 Shelia M. McReynolds, 361 Michael E. McSpadden, 383 Corrien M McVay, 383 Sherry L. McWilliams. 361 Normah Md-Yosoff, 316 Yuzainee Md.Yusoff, 347 Jeffrey A. Meacham, 383 Robert E Means, 383 Matthew H. Meares, 383 Scott Mears, 399 Debra D. Medcalf, 347 Deborah K. Medlin. 316 Ricky O. Medlock. 383 Greg P Meek, 330 R. Michael Meeker, 383 Danny Mefford, 347 Elizabeth G Mefford. 330 Michele J. Mellon, 383 Lorry B. Melmon, 316 Brian L. Melton, 383 Howard D. Melton, 347 Natalie C. Melton, 361 Brad C. Menard. 383 Jerris L. Meredith, 330 Regina M Meredith, 361 John D. Meeguie, 361 Cynthia D. Merillat, 316 Calvin L Meriwether, 361 Lori P Merrill, 361 Robert E. Merrill, 330 Joe A Messer, 396 Gene C. Metcalf. 330 David H. Metheny. 383 Karen J Metheny. 347 Kellie S Metheny. 361 Peter T. Metzler. 316 Ava J. Meurer. 383 Alan L. Meyer. 361 Yen-Kang Miau. 383 Jeffery D. Michael, 395 Thomas M. Micheli, 330 Stewart F. Michels. 330 James J. Middlebrook, 361 Candice L. Middleton, 361 Sheril W. Middleton. 347 Cherie A. Midgett. 361 Alan K. Miles, 383 Charles M. Miles, 383 Dennis K Miles, 347 Donna F. Miles. 347 Harold D. Miles, 361 Alison Miller. 347 Amanda G. Miller, 383 Amy L. Miller, 361 Bobbie S. Miller, 383 Davis B. Miller, 383 Debra N. Miller, 347 Denita R. Miller. 330 Donna G. Miller. 330 Greg S. Miller, 361 Guy L. Miller. 330 Jack L Miller. 330 James D Miller, 347 Jane P. Miller, 347 Janet L. Miller, 383 Karen D Miller. 361 Kimberly S. Miller, 347 Lamarcia J. Miller, 347 Lisa A. Miller, 347 Melody Miller. 316 Michael S. Miller, 347 Missy L. Miller. 383 Robert D. Miller, 330 Stephen J. Miller, 330 Stewart A. Miller, 347 Tim M. Miller, 383 Tracy J. Miller, 330 Jeff Milligan, 383 Amanda B. Mills, 330 Bridgette A. Mills, 330 Ellis D Mills, 347 Shelia M Mills. 397 Steven D Mills, 330 Tim P. Mills. 330 David L. Minick, 330 Paul A Minton, 383 Shannon R. Minton, 361 Joanna C. Miranda. 383 KristiX. Misak. 361 Pradeep C. Mishra. 361 Adam M Miskun. 347 Beverly B. Mitchell, 347 Dawn M. Mitchell, 383 Diana J. Mitchell. 383 Michelle A. Mitchell. 383 Stan A Mitchell, 330 Stan R. Mitchell, 347 Ginger L. Mitts, 347 David A. Mize, 361 LaWanda K. Mize, 383 Nadine J. Mizer, 383 Joseph A. Mobley, 347 Shelia V. Mobley, 330 Jeffrey R. Mock, 383 John D. Moellers, 361 Said S. Mohamed, 316 Ahmad R. Mohd Bukhari, 330 Adnan Mohd Daud, 347 Rohaimi Mohd Isa, 330 Azmi Mohd Noor. 330 Ardiana Mohd Rush. 330 Yusfi Mohd Yusof, 347 Tarmizi Mohdsom Mat, 347 Elizabeth A. Moles. 362 Elizabeth A. Moles. Paul Molitor. 347 Hope C. Molock. 383 Amy A. Montogomery, 383 Darin W Montogomery. 383 Darin W Montogomery, 361 E. Ann Montogomery Heather L Montogomery, 383 Ronnie L. Montogomery, 347 Steve H. Montogomery, 383 Tammy M Moody, 362 Angie R. Moon, 383 Jamilyn E. Moon, 347 Audrey Mooney, 383 Kevin E. Mooney, 383 Allen T. Mooneyham, 362 Candace D. Mooneyham, 362 Andrew F. Moore, 383 Bonnie S. Moore, 383 Brian K. Moore. 383 Carrol C Moore, 347 Cecelia B. Moore. 330 Daniel E. Moore, 330 Danny L Moore. Jr., 362 Darren W. Moore. 362 E Carolyn Moore. 330 Eugene Moore, Jr., 383 lester Moore, 362 Jacqueline Moore, 362 Jerry L. Moore. 383 John D. Moore, 362 Johnny W. Moore, 330 Johnny W Moore, 395 Jon E. Moore, 362 K. Gregg Moore. 347 Kandace M Moore, 362 Karen Moore, 384 Kelly L Moore, 362 Krista L. Moore, 384 Ladona R. Moore, 362 Lavanda A. Moore, 330 Lori A. Moore, 362 Sarah M Moore, 347 Spencer J. Moore, 384 Tabitha M. Moore, 384 Theresa L. Moore, 384 Tracy R. Moore, 384 Valerie Y. Moore, 384 Wade A. Moore, 330 Yolonda Y. Moore, 384 Tony Moorehead, 362 Richard H. Mooring, 362 Clayton T. Morrow, 330 Joanna Moraitis, 330 Marsha L. Moran, 330 David A. Morgan, 347 David W. Morgan. 347 Dennis J. Morgan. Jr . 384 James D. Morgan, 362 Jay D. Morgan, 362 Leah F. Morgan, 347 Mark Morgan, 330 Melody D. Morgan, 362 Norma L. Morgan, 330 Sarah J. Morgan, 347 William L. Morgan. 362 Larry B. Morgeson, 347 Brian P. Morris, 362 Earhne K. Morns, 362 Jack L. Morris, 384 James E. Morris, 384 John K. Morris. 384 Kevin D. Morris. 384 Letha A. Morris. 330 Lisa M. Morris, 384 Lou A Morris, 362 Michael G. Morris, 347 Sean D. Morris, 362 Sandra J. Morrison. 362 Melinda K. Morse, 347 Melissa C. Morse, 347 W. Scott Morse. 347 Mitzi J. Morton, 362 Christy A. Moseley, 384 Kathy I. Moser, 384 Jeff S. Moses, 330 Mitch Mosley, 330 Bill C. Moss, 330 David C. Moss, 330 Gina S. Moss, 362 Greg L. Moss, 330 Linda E. Moss, 330 Norma J. Moss. 362 Stephanie A Moss, 362 Thomas E Moss, 347 Tony K. Moss, 384 Takushi Motono, 362 James G. Mott. Jr. 362 Deidra R. Mounce. 330 Stacy C. Moune. 347 Mazen M. Mrayan, 330 Sandra E Mudford, 384 Sharon K. Mudford, 347 Lynda C. Muench, 347 Miguel A Mukel. 330 Debbie K Mullen, 384 Tara L. Mullen. 384 Angie Mullins, 362 Jeri A. Mullins, 384 Jerry G. Mullins, 384 Karen E. Mullins, 384 Laura L. Mullins, 330 Tammy C. Mullins, 362 Sheilah E. Mumford, 362 Ken M. Murphree, 384 Blair Murphy, 384 Brandy K. Murphy, 384 Jimmy W. Murphy. 384 Joshua Murphy. 362 Kim D Murphy. 347 Michael G. Murphy, 384 Pamela L Murphy, 331 Ronald A. Murphy, 362 Tenny L. Musgrave, 399 Clarissa M. Musick, 384 Rohailat Mustaffa, 331 Aaron T. Myatt, 362 James R. Myers, Jr., 331 Jon H. Myers, 331 Richard A. Myers, 384 Tracy A. Myers, 384 Yvetta A. Myers, 316 -N- Ray A. Nabors, 316 Jeanine C. Nailling, 384 Jay W. Nance. 362 Sharon D. Nash, 347 Bryan S. Neal, 362 Crawford Neal. 362 Gretta Neal. 331 Jon R. Neal, 331 Judy C. Neal, 362 Karen R. Neal, 316 Starla G. Neal. 384 Trey L. Neal, 347 Kenneth A. Neely, 347 Patti L Neely, 384 Monica L. Nelsen, 384 Barbara L Nelson. 362 Beverly K. Nelson, 347 Brian A. Nelson, 384 Danny W. Nelson, 362 David E Nelson. 347 Donna J. Nelson. 384 Jackie Nelson, 347 Karen Y. Nelson, 384 Laura G. Nelson, 384 Nancy P. Nelson, 347 Cassondra F. Neumeyer, 347 Joy D. Newberry, 331 Kevin B Newberry, 348 Robert A Newberry, 331 Will E. Newberry. 384 Jo Ann Newcomb, 384 Jennifer S Newman, 384 Dayla A Newsom, 362 Kevin N Newsom, 362 Marilyn D. Newsome, 316 Chee L. Ng. 348 Dzuy T Nguyen, 348 Nhu T Nguyen, 331 Amy R Nichols, 362 Darla J Nichols. 331 Jennifer L. Nichols. 384 John L Nichols. 384 Karen L. Nichols, 331 Penny D. Nichols, 348 Renee N. Nichols, 399 Robin P. Nichols, 316 Steven D. Nichols. 348 Becky D. Nicholson, 384 Carla D Nicholson, 331 Donald R Nicholson, 384 Jeffrey S. Nickell, 331 Brenda L. Nicks, 331 Theresa C. Nicol, 348 Chad L. Niell. 348 Nik Sharom Nik Ramlee, 348 Brian D Niswonger, 384 Sonia Y. Nix, 362 Kelvin J. Noble, 362 Don E. Noblin, 317 Lori S Noblin, 331 James P Nolan, 384 Tammie E. Nolen, 331 Tammy G. Nolen, 399 Norma D. Noles, 362 Jimmy Nor, 348 Todd W. Norfish, 331 Paul Norman. 317 Rebecca J. Norman. 362 Glenda R. Norrid. 331 Mike A. Norris. 384 Shannon Norris. 348 Lori D Northern. 362 Sheila P. Northern, 331 Kerry K. Norton. 384 Kimberly J Nourizadeh. 317 Paul L. Nowlm. 348 Mary E Nunemaker. 399 T. Leighanne Nunn. 384 Becky L Nunnally. 362 Morris G. Nutt, 362 Richard R. Nutt, 331 Joyce E. Nuttbrock. 317 -o- Ehigiator I. Oaiya. 317 Shanda R. Oates. 384 Peggy L O ' Connor, 331 Kellye E. Odom, 348 Laura H. Odom. 362 Jeff W. O ' Donnell. 348 Almeda R. Ogle, 362 Laura K Ogle. 384 Kelly C. OGuin. 362 Leslie M. Old. 362 Cathy E Oldham, 331 Gima M. Oldham, 384 E. Jeanette Oldman, 331 Earnest A. Oldman. 348 Chad D. Oliver, 348 Jeanie D. Oliver. 348 Philip D. Oliver, 384 Wesley E. Oliver, 348 Bill Olson, 348 Gary C. Oltmann. 317 Josephine Omar, 348 Mariani Omar. 399 Ramlee Omar. 348 Zuraidah Omar, 331 Kelly O ' Neal, 348 Murphy R. O ' Neal. 399 Boon H. Ong. 331 Anne M Oprean, 362 Mary K. Orlick, 331 Julie J. Orloski, 384 Tina K. Orman, 348 Lorraine S. Orr, 348 Marty B. Orr, 348 Susan K. Orr. 384 Judi K. Oilman, 362 Willis E. Osban, 331 Stefanie A. Osborn, 331 Tammy T. Osborn, 331 Tommy L. Osborn, 362 James W Osborne, 384 Judy E. Osment, 348 Ray F. Osment, 362 William P. Oswalt, 331 Cathy L. Othman, 384 Khairil W. Othman, 395 Khairil W. Othman, 331 Mohammed F. Othman, 384 Kent L Overshine. 384 Eddie R Overstreet, 362 Dennis A. Overton, 362 L Sonia Overton. 348 Bradley H. Owen. 348 Jeff Owen. 331 Mark A Owen. 384 Bonnie A. Owens, 384 Byron J. Owens, 384 Charlotte M. Owens, 362 David S. Owens, 384 Gayla D. Owens, 384 Ginger R. Owens, 362 Kelley L. Owens, 348 Kimberly J Owens, 384 Montgomery R Owens. 384 Nancy L. Owens, 331 Phillip B Owens, 362 Richard J. Owens, 362 Sara A. Owens, 362 Sean G. Owens, 384 Angela F. Oxford, 331 -P- Keith L Pace, 385 Robert B. Packard, 399 Brian K. Padgett, 362 Melissa D. Pagan, 385 David S. Palmer, 385 Don Palmer, 348 Tse L. Pang, 363 Donald J. Panhorst, 385 Danny J. Pankey, 385 Veronica L Panneck 348 Todd Pansi, 331 Chris M. Parker. 331 Kevin S. Parker, 385 Pam J. Parker, 331 Ralph D. Parker, 385 Billy W Parks. 331 Joe G Parks, 331 John F. Parks. 331 Mable Parks. 317 Melissa A. Parks, 385 Crystal D Parmenter. 317 Singh Parminder. 331 Tanna J. Parnell, 363 Teresa D. Parnell, 363 Tonya R. Parnell, 348 Sarah A. Parr, 363 Misty D. Parrish, 331 Harold E. Parsons, 385 Odas E. Parson. 396 Sheila A. Parsons, 385 Scott D. Parton, 348 Randy L. Passmore, 385 V. Neil Passmore. 385 Tammie K. Pate, 385 Kirit M. Patel, 348 Manish Patel, 385 Urvi Patel. 385 Robin T. Patten. 348 Danny W. Patterson. 331 Jerald D. Patterson, 331 Jon K. Patterson. 348 Kevin R. Patterson, 348 Sheri K. Patterson, 385 Shirley G. Patterson, 385 Tina Patterson, 363 405 Index Angela C Patton, 348 Cliff D. Patton. 363 John K. Patton, 385 Pamela J. Patton, 363 Randy M Patton, 385 Shelly J Patton, 323 Stacey R Paudert. 331 Leanne K Payne, 385 Leannett P. Payne, 348 Leannett P. Payne. 396 Lesia A. Payne. 385 Maria M. Payne, 363 Sarah A, Payne, 385 Sheila D, Payne, 363 Susie S- Payne, 385 Joseph L Pearce, 348 Don J, Pearson, 385 Floyd R Pearson, 385 Glenn A Pearson, 363 Brett J.E. Peeples, 385 Laura E Peer, 348 Cami B Pendergist, 363 Sandra D Pendergrass, 363 Brian K. Penn, 385 Corey O Penn, 385 Terri S. Penn, 385 Virginia L, Penn, 385 Annette Pennington, 363 Dorinda G Pennington. 385 Jeffery S Pennignton. 348 Tonia R. Pennington. 348 Michael K Penter, 363 Jennifer S Pepper, 385 Dale L Peppers, 385 Jolie E, Perdrix-Dang, 394 Anita S. Perkins, 363 Jimmy K. Perkins, 331 Jamie L. Perry, 363 John A Perry, 348 John D. Perry. 331 Johnny M. Perry, 331 Kevin M Perry, 385 Michael □. Perry, 363 Sherry J. Perry, 331 Sheila K Person. 385 DePbie R Peters, 331 Craig A. Peterson, 385 Daniel G Peterson, Jr.. 348 Cassie A Petty, 385 Calvin E Pettye, 385 Mark D. Pfeffer, 385 Pennie M Pflueger, 317 Chris L Phares, 385 Marcus J. Phelix, 385 Terry L Phelps, 348 Ricky J. Philhours, 331 Jenry J. Phillip, 385 Angela R Phillips. 385 Bobby G. Phillips, 331 David L. Phillips, 348 Levanda J. Phillips, 348 Lola A Phillips, 363 Loretta Phillips. 385 Bretta A Phipps, 348 Bru A Phipps, 348 Kevin Phipps, 363 Karen K Pickens, 363 Sandy S. Pickens. 348 Leslie E Pickering, 331 Stephanie G. Pickering. 385 Greg A. Pickle, 363 Rober E, Pickle. 385 Michael A. Pickney, 348 Vickie R. Pickrell, 363 Cheryle J Pierce. 385 David Pierce. 396 James D Pierce, 331 Kevin D. Pierce, 363 Mitzi D Pierce, 363 Pam G. Pierce, 332 Paul E Pierce, 385 Timothy E. Pierce, 385 Michael R. Piercy, 385 Patricia F. Pigg, 332 Danny L Pigmon, 385 Brian C Pigot. 385 Wm Tiny ■ M Pike, 332 Roanne Pilgrim, 348 Audra E. Pillow, 363 Kevin D. Pillow, 348 Penny L. Pillow. 332 Sandy D. Pillow. 363 Susie L. Pillow, 385 Wes E. Pillow, 332 Gregory V. Pindston. 385 Randy G. Pinson, 332 Nanci K. Piper, 363 Kimberley M. Pipes, 385 Karen L Pitcher. 363 James A Pitman, 363 Janet L. Pittman, 348 Mary K. Pittman, 348 Stephan D. Pittman, 385 Robin S. Pitts, 385 Carol A. Plumlee, 348 Julie A. Plumlee, 385 Michael D. Plumley. 399 Cliff W. Plunkett, 385 David R. Plunkett, 385 Julie A Plunkett, 332 Fernando M. Poe. Jr., 332 Kristi C. Poe, 363 Mark A Poe, 385 Deborah A. Poellot, 363 Julia A. Poff, 385 T. K. Poff, 363 Tamra R, Pogue. 348 Heath A Poindexter, 363 Penny L. Ponder, 363 Jim Pool, 363 Sarah J. Poole, 348 Janet F. Pope. 385 David D. Porter. 332 Karen D Porterfield. 348 Molly H. Posey, 317 Essie J. Potter. 385 Kelly L. Potts. 385 Thomas J. Powell. 363 Charlotte A Power. 332 Jen L. Powers. 363 Peggy S. Powers. 332 Carolyn J Prater. 385 Tim A Prater, 385 Andrea G Pratt, 385 Doug Pratt, 363 Patricia A. Preston, 396 Candice M. Prevett. 363 Bryan A. Pribble, 385 Catherine A Price, 385 Christine L. Price, 363 Cynthia R Price, 317 Felicia M. Price, 386 Kellie L. Price, 386 Lisa S. Price, 348 Miriam A. Price, 386 Robert B Pnchard, 332 Richard M. Pndmore. 363 Freddy R Prince, 386 Jacinda A Prince. 348 Jamie H. Prince. 363 LaWanda P Prince, 332 Kathy M Proctor, 386 Dametra C Proffitt, 332 Michael B. Propes, 348 D|uana J. Prothro, 332 Todd F. Prothro, 317 Kevin B. Province. 386 Dinah Pryor, 332 D. Dwyatt Pschier, 386 Mike R. Puckett. 363 Rhonda A. Puckett, 386 Robert K Pugh, 363 Jason G Pulles. 332 J. Mark Pulley, 363 Monica A Pulley, 348 Hanna J. Purdy, 348 Jeffrey W Puryear, 363 Richard C. Puryear, 348 Robert D Puryear. 386 Sharlet S. Putman, 386 Kelly L Putnam, 363 Radora M Pyle, 386 -Q- Chansse M. Quarles, 332 J Wade Quick, 386 William R Quilhot, 386 Kevin P. Quinn, 348 Shahid R. Qureshi, 386 -R- Willie D. Rachel Alireza K. Rad, 363 Ronald W Radcliff, 332 Donna A. Ragsdale, 386 James P Ragsdale. 386 Sandra E. Rahim, 317 A Rashid Rahman. 332 Michael J. Raibley, 363 Gerry Rainbolt, 363 Patricia E Rains, 395 James D Rainwater, 332 John R. Rainwater, 317 Laura A. Rainwater, 386 D Susanne Ramer, 386 Chris H. Ramsey, 348 Mark D. Ramsey. 332 Melody A Ramsey. 386 Carolyn R. Rand. 386 Julie A. Randleman. 317 Melanie M. Randolph. 332 Karen M Ransom, 348 Jerry L Rapert, 395 Dana L. Rasmussen, 332 Kelley L. Rasor, 363 Willie G. Raspberry, 386 Ada F Ratlitfe, 386 Lisa R. Rattler, 332 Anna K. Rawls, 348 Janelle B. Ray. 332 John C Ray, 386 Kevin D. Ray, 332 Michael D Ray, 396 Vincent S. Ray, 386 Kara L. Rayder, 332 Linda A. Razer, 386 Regma A Reagan, 332 Eleanor M Reams, 363 R Lee Reams, 386 Pamela D. Redd. 363 Deiadra J. Redden. 349 Jon L Reddick, 349 Cindy A. Reece, 363 Knstie A. Reece, 386 Mike N. Reece, 332 Danny L. Reed, 386 Judy B. Reed, 363 Kevin L. Reed. 363 Kimberly J. Reed, 332 Phillip L. Reed, 349 S. Shane Reed. 386 Mark W. Rees. 349 Gwen F. Reeves. 332 Sherlita N. Reeves. 317 Brian G. Reid, 363 Carolyn V. Reid, 332 Kenneth N, Reid. 349 Stuart A. Reid. 332 Mark B. Reiman, 349 Maryruth Reiser, 386 Wendy A. Reiser, 386 Carmen L. Renfroe, 317 Debby S. Renshaw, 397 Kenneth G Renshaw. 317 Tina A. Renshaw, 399 Tiffany L. Rentner, 363 Cindy M. Reves. 332 Christopher A Reyna. 386 Alissa G. Reynolds, 386 John K. Reynolds. 332 Lisa G. Reynolds. 363 Rufus Reynolds. 363 Stacy J. Reynolds, 332 Youseti Reza. 394 Patricia A. Rhein. 349 Linda K. Rhew, 349 Diane M. Rhoads. 349 Neysa L. Rhoads, 395 Tern R Rhoads, 363 Christie L. Rhodes, 395 Beth Rice. 386 Jake Rice, 349 Jill A Rice, 397 Laura A. Rice, 349 Paul A. Rice, 332 Ken G. Rich. 332 Austin B. Richards, 317 Camilla L. Richards, 386 Kelli S. Richards, 349 Brad A. Richardson. 386 E Diann Richardson, 332 Elisha M Richardson, 349 Frances G. Richardson, 349 Dolores Richardson, 399 R Jane Richardson, 317 Richard A Richardson, 349 Stanley K Richardson, 363 Tammy G Richardson, 363 Vince W. Richardson, 363 Charles K Richey, 349 Jarrod H. Richey. 386 Regma K. Richey. 349 Karen R. Ricker, 332 Melissa L. Rickey, 386 James L Riddle, 386 Lauren A. Riddle, 349 Tosknella Riddle, 332 Virginia K. Riddle, 332 Helen R. Rider. 349 Jason B. Riggms. 386 Ronald S. Riggs, 332 Brian K. Rigsby, 349 Greg E. Riley, 386 Kelly W. Riley, 386 Kimberly A Riley, 349 Scott A. Riley. 386 Beth J. Ritter. 349 James G Ritter. 363 Stefanie N. Ritter, 386 Pamela S. Roach, 363 Beth A Robbms. 386 Betty R. Robbms. 386 Deonna L. Robbms, 386 Kelly L Roberson, 332 Mark W. Roberson, 349 Matthew V Roberson, 386 Scott V. Roberson, 332 Theresa L. Robert. 363 Troy D Robert, 386 Ahsia I. Roberts, 349 Angel J. Roberts, 349 Debra L Roberts, 332 Jeffrey R. Roberts, 332 Jodi B. Roberts, 363 Lonnie R Roberts. 386 Rebecca L. Roberts, 386 Sherry Y. Roberts. 332 Cheryl D. Robertson, 386 Franklin E. Robertson, Jr., 332 Karen V. Robertson, 386 James W Robinett, 332 Todd Robinett, 386 John W. Robinette, 386 Anita D, Robinson. 349 Chad W. Robinson, 386 Doug E. Robinson. 399 James E Robinson. 386 James R Robinson. 386 Kelly L. Robinson, 386 Kenneth D. Robinson, 386 Lisa M. Robinson, 386 Louise Robinson. 386 Mark R Robinson, 332 Norma J. Robinson, 363 Randy Robinson, 386 Sandra L. Robinson, 332 Sharon Y. Robinson, 363 Tina M Robinson. 386 Tony L. Robinson. 349 Tracie A Robinson, 364 Phil Rocconi, 349 Connie K Roden, 349 Marty Rodgers. 386 Luis H. Rodrigues, 364 Christy M. Rodriguez, 386 Ruben Rodriguez, 386 Teresa G. Roe, 332 Thomas D. Roe, 386 Robbie E. Roedel, 349 Tina L Roedel. 386 Elizabeth C. Rogers, 333 Jeff Rogers, 364 John P. Rogers. 386 Johnny R. Rogers. 387 Lee Rogers, 395 Michelle K. Rogers, 387 Paul B. Rogers, 349 Gary M. Rollad, 387 Matthew C. Rolland, 387 Donna L. Rollins, 387 Rebekah A Romero, 317 Steven E Romine, 364 Vicki L. Romine, 333 Brigitte L Rone. 364 Sherry L. Rook, 364 Cynthia M. Roper, 349 R. Scott Roper, 349 Gina L. Rorex. 364 Lee A. Rorex, 349 Michael L. Rorex, 387 Sonya L. Rorex, 349 Steve J. Rorex. 333 Teresa K. Rose, 387 Ray P Roso, 364 Christopher S. Ross, 364 Dana L. Ross, 349 Gayle C. Ross, 333 Lisa D. Ross, 387 Sunny C. Ross, 349 Barry N. Rossell. 333 John W. Rossnofsky, 333 H. Taylor Rothrock, 387 D. Brent Rotton, 333 Brent T. Rougeau, 333 Melynda J. Rounds, 364 Mandy A. Rouse, 387 Chris L. Rousey, 387 Anita J. Rowe. 349 Steven A. Rowell. 387 Teddy W. Rowell, 349 Angle S. Rowland, 364 Charles L. Rowland, 387 Judy E. Rowland. 364 Paul A. Rucker, 349 Rachele Rucker, 387 Shani A. Rudi. 387 Tammy R. Rudkin, 333 Marvin A. Ruehl, 387 Patricia A. Ruff. 387 Scott R. Ruff. 349 Bryan D Ruggeri, 349 Daniel L. Rumsey, 397 Jason B Runsick, 333 Debbie C Runyon, 364 Kimberly A. Rupard, 349 Barbara L. Rush. 333 Elsie M. Rush, 349 Mary E, Rush, 387 Tony Q. Rusher, 387 Scott G. Rushing, 364 John H. Rusk. 387 James S. Russell. 333 Kirk G Russell, 349 Niki C. Russell, 387 Patricia K Russell. 364 Sherry K Russell, 364 Theresa L Russell, 387 Jeff J Rutherford. 317 Robert K. Rutherford, 387 Glinda C. Ryan, 364 Nancy J Ryan, 364 Stephen M Ryan, 387 -s- Shazatul N Sabidin, 333 Raed M. Sadi, 349 Thanud Sae-Rian, 394 Anthony D Sagely. 317 Audra L. Sailors. 387 Rebecca F. Sain, 387 Halila Salahuddin, 333 Nooraishah Salleh. 333 Mohd A Samah, 396 Michelle A. Sample, 387 Steve O. Sampson, 333 Ardith J Samuels, 349 Teeto Sanchez, 349 Donna A. Sanders, 396 Jody S. Sanders. 387 Jon D. Sanders. 387 Kraig M Sanders, 333 Leslie Sanders, 387 Mitchell L. Sanders, 349 Nathan G. Sanders, 387 Ruth A. Sanders. 333 Shannon E Sanders. 364 Tana M. Sanders, 387 Joe D, Sanderson. 3 64 Beverly M Sandvos. 317 Mark R. Sandy. 364 Jeffery A Sanford, 349 Lisa H Sanford, 317 Anser A, Sanirani, 364 Younus Sanjrani. 364 Sarminah B Sapan. 317 Michael T Saracini, 349 Ibrahim M. Saras. 349 Charles M. Sartin. 349 Sharon K. Sartin, 333 Lara L. Sartini, 333 Mike Satterwhite. 364 Glenita A Saunders. 387 Robert H. Saunders, 333 Susan M Saunders. 387 Brian D. Sawyer, 349 Gary D. Saylors, 387 John K. Scaccia, 387 Lonzell Scaife, 387 Jeffrey G. Schafer, 364 Thomas V. Scales. 333 Cheryl Scallions, 364 T. Craig Scallions. 349 Don Scarbrough, Jr., 349 Scottie L Scarbrough. 387 Brin A. Schaechtel. 397 Lesa M. Schafer. 387 Dawna J. Schatzley. 333 Dale A. Schenk, 333 Nancy R. Schlenker, 364 Jason W. Schmidt. 387 Kimberly R Schmidt, 387 Stacy L Schmidt. 387 Andrew L. Schneider. 387 Susan O. Schoessel. 333 David R. Schratz, 387 Mike K Schreck. 364 Ted J. Schreck, 387 Robert L. Schroeder, 364 Sandi D Schuchardt, 349 Tammy J. Schug. 387 Terri L. Schull. 364 William C Schult, 387 Suzanne Scifres. 364 Angela R Scott. 387 Douglas R. Scott, 333 Eric M. Scott, 333 Gary W. Scott, 333 John P Scott, 333 Julie D, Scott, 364 LaWanda Scott, 399 LeJan S Scott, 387 Ricky W, Scott, 387 Robert K. Scott, 364 Tammi E. Scott, 333 David T Scrivner, 387 Lonnie M Scudder, Jr. 387 Bobby D. Seal, 333 Mary H. Seals, 349 Susan C. Sealy, 364 Ken Sears, 387 Ellen R. Seay, 349 Clark C. Secrease, 333 Melanie J, Sedbrook, 387 Paul L. Seegraves, 349 Linda G. Seel, 364 Jennifer H. Seller, 387 Barry R. Sellers, 349 Cynthia L. Sellers, 349 Rhonda S Sellers, 364 Ron G Sellers. 364 Joseph J, Semaan. 349 Arun Sen, 349 Sonia A. Settles, 349 Michele L. Sevatson, 364 Donald L. Sexton, 317 John E. Seymour, 364 Daya D. Seymore, 387 Thiam L. Sha, 399 Lizarina Shaari, 364 James C Shackelford, 387 Karen J. Shackelford. 317 Emily E. Shackleford. 387 Lisa K. Shaffer, 387 Melody I Shahegh, 387 Freda F. Shaken, 333 Tamilselvan Shanmuggam, 349 Bruce E. Shannon, 333 James G, Shannon, 387 YaYa Sharif, 317 Lana S. Sharley, 333 Carlos B. Sharp, 387 Deborah D. Sharp, 364 Darla K Sharpe. 349 Ahmad Shateri-Mirabadi, 317 Michelle D Shatley, 364 Mary J. Shaver, 333 Anthony D Shaw. 387 Bonnie J. Shaw, 333 Clarence R. Shaw, 317 Clarence R Shaw, 394 Kirk A. Shaw. 387 Tina D. Shaw, 364 Deborah P Sheard, 333 Felecia G. Sheard, 387 Tresa M. Sheard, 333 Matthew D. Sheets, 364 Vivian C. Sheets. 333 Rodney D Shelley, 387 Amy M. Shelton, 349 Mark E. Shelton. 396 Richard M Shelton, 364 Robert L. Shelton, 364 Sarah E. Shelton, 349 Tammy M. Shelton, 387 Deborah K Shepard. 333 Tim L. Shepard. 364 Angela D. Sheridan. 387 Colette S Sheridan, 333 Mitchell C, Shidler. 364 Glenda D Shipley. 364 Cindy R. Shipman, 387 Melanie A, Shirey, 387 Christopher A. Shirley, 388 Kevin R. Shirley, 364 Brenda L. Shockley. 333 Dawn L Shockley, 397 Harold L Shoemaker. 349 Judith R. Shoffner. 396 Deanna M, Shook 350 Gary L Shreve, 388 Sandra J- Shuck, 364 Scott E. Shumate. 388 Mohd E. Shun, 388 Jo N. Shutt, 350 Tim C. Shuttleworth 364 Chris A. Shy, 388 Sandra E Siddell. 333 Charles A Sifford, 388 Mike L. Sifford. 350 Tobias W, Simers, 364 Gene Simmons, 317 Jeriann Simmons, 364 Mark E. Simmons, 333 John L. Simon, 350 Gregory G Simpson, 388 Karen L Simpson, 350 Kim Simpson, 364 Patricia J Simpson. 388 Richard D Simpson, 11, 388 Stephanie L. Simpson, 388 4 06 Stuart L. Simpson, 364 Aaron E. Sims. 388 Elizabeth A Sims. 388 Jan Sims. 364 Lance Sims 333 Linda M. Sims, 317 Sherry K Sims, 388 Sondra K Sims, 364 Steven D. Sinclair, 350 Ulaunda Y Sinclair. 388 Malvinder Singh, 364 Shan Sinnan, 333 Khlen M. Siow. 364 Steve Sipa, 333 Amanda M. Sites, 333 Lynn J. Sitz, 364 Paul D Sitzes. 364 Patty L. Sivley. 364 Jenny L. Skaggs, 364 Pat B. Skillern, 388 Sonya A. Skimahorn, 388 Johnny Skinner, 388 James E. Skipper, 333 M. Bjorn Skoog, 388 Scott A. Skogg, 333 Donna Slaton, 333 Janet K. Slatton. 364 Greg Slayton. 364 Clay Sloan, 317 Stan J. Sloan, 317 Wesley Sloan, 350 Bonnie S Smallwood, 399 Becky L. Smart, 364 Duann H. Smead, 364 Alfred H, Smith, 333 Alvin B. Smith, 364 Audra E. Smith. 388 Awanna L Smith, 364 Beverly F. Smith. 334 Bobby N. Smith, 365 Brett A. Smith, 365 Brian D. Smith, 388 Brian D. Smith, 350 Bryan W. Smith, 388 Cami L. Smith, 365 Carolyn L, Smith. 388 Carrie L, Smith. 334 Charles E. Smith, 350 Christopher S, Smith, 350 Clarence W. Smith, 388 Clinton Smith, 350 Dana C, Smith, 334 Daniel L, Smith. 334 Danny A, Smith, 388 Davetta R, Smith, 388 Devin D. Smith, 397 Frank J. Smith. 365 Hana S- Smith, 334 Herbert J, Smith, 388 Jacqueline A. Smith, 388 James M. Smith. 334 Jamie A, Smith. 350 Jan L. Smith. 350 Janis L. Smith, 334 Jason C, Smith, 388 Jerome L Smith, 350 John A. Smith, 350 Julie L. Smith. 350 Karen R. Smith. 350 Keith E Smith. 388 Keri D. Smith. 365 Kimberly M. Smith, 364 Kirk A. Smith, 334 Laura L. Smith, 388 Laura S. Smith. 388 Lisa L. Smith, 334 Lynn W. Smith, 350 Marcia D. Smith, 350 Mary A. Smith, 334 Mary C. Smith. 388 Melmda K. Smith, 334 Michael L. Smith, 388 Patsy Smith. 365 Penny L. Smith, 334 Penny L. Smith, 395 Phillip H. Smith. 394 Randy E. Smith, 388 Randy G. Smith. 388 Robyn M. Smith, 365 Roger S Smith, 334 Ronnie D Smith. 350 Sandra A Smith, 334 Scott Smith. 365 Scott D, Smith, 388 Shawn M, Smith, 388 Sheila G. Smith. 334 Shelli R- Smith. 350 Stephen A. Smith, 388 Steve C Smith, 350 Steve R. Smith. 334 Susan R. Smith, 388 Susan R. Smith, 350 Tammy L, Smith, 394 Tammy R, Smith, 388 Trina S. Smith, 334 Veronica J. Smith, 350 Vickie L, Smith, 388 Wesley M. Smith. 388 Wesley S. Smith, 334 Mark B. Smithee, 334 Stacey S, Smithee, 350 Tim Smithey. 350 Michael S. Smithson, 365 Dave N. Smithwick, 397 Karmen D. Smittle, 350 Sherry A, Sneed, 334 Jennifer L. Snelgroes, 388 Rusty L. Snelson, 334 Brooks Snider, 334 Nan E Snider, 399 Jason B. Snodgrass. 388 Paul M. Snodgrass. 334 Victoria M. Snodgrass, 334 Bill L. Snow, 334 Mavis L, Snow. 388 Sherrie K. Snow. 388 Rodney G. Snyder, 388 Michael D. Soden, 388 William D. Soden, 334 Bobby E, Sorg, 365 Marsha L. Sorg. 350 Jacqueline S. Soroka. 388 Angela G Sorrell, 334 Harold G- Souheaver, 317 Rhonda C. South, 397 Mandy J, Southard, 388 Angela R Southerland, 350 Lindell W, Southerland, 388 James M. Southern, 334 Kenneth Sowers. 365 Michele R. Spain. 365 Edward C. Spann, 317 Suzanne D Spann, 350 Tracy A. Sparks, 334 Vicki K, Sparks, 388 Darrell G. Speakes, 365 Christine D. Speakman. 365 Barbara J. Spears, 350 Gregory E. Spears. 317 Nathan W. Spears. 388 Shelley D. Spears. 388 John G. Speed, 388 Kelley M Speer. 365 Lora L. Spence, 365 Rodney A- Spencer, 365 Russ Spencer, 334 William B, Spencer, 365 Kenton P. Spicer, 365 Nancy A. Spillman. 388 Doyce B Spinks Paul Spradlin. 350 Doris G. Spradling, 334 Paula A, Sprinkle. 334 Eva J, Spurgin, 396 Becky F. Spurlock. 350 Jamie D. Staggs, 334 Kathryn L. Staggs, 350 Charles F. Stahr, 399 Angie B. Stallings. 365 Tim W. Stallings. 334 Mark R. Stanberry. 317 Cherye G, Stanfill, 350 Howard Stanley, 365 Jonnye L Stanley, 365 William J. Stanley, 350 Samuel S, Stanton, 388 Matt Stark, 388 Melissa C, Stark, 388 Stephanie I. Stark, 388 Graham S- Starling, 388 Mark W. Starling, 388 Eugenia R. Starnes, 365 Shawna G, Starnes, 350 Alice A, Startup, 350 Kelli L. Statler. 365 Pamela A. Statler, 365 Patricia L, Staudt, 388 Robin T. Stauffer, 350 Stephen L, St. Clair. 334 Randy E Steadnam. 397 Jim E. Stearns, 350 Robert D. Stearns, 399 Lisa M Steedman, 388 Ellen M. Steele, 388 Jennifer A. Steele, 388 Greg K Steen, 388 Linda K Steese. 334 Ton|a M. Stegall. 388 Susan E. Steger, 365 Jeanette K Steimel, 334 Frank N. Stein, 365 Connie A Steinhoff, 388 Sean W. Stem. 365 Altha L. Stephens. 334 Kim Stephens, 334 Sandra M. Stepp, 365 Scott J. Stepp, 350 David M. Stevens, 388 Kevin M. Stevens, 350 Leshia K. Stevens, 317 Sandra Y. Stevens, 334 Judy R, Stevenson, 365 Patty D, Stevenson, 389 Wilma J. Steward, 389 Alvin R. Stewart, 334 Dana B Stewart, 334 Jami D. Stewart, 389 Kenneth E. Stewart. 350 Kimberly D. Stewart, 350 L. Sue Stewart, 317 Lanny H. Stewart, 350 Laura L. Stewart, 334 Melissa G. Stewart, 389 Troyniticia Stewart. 365 Wendy M. Stewart, 389 Matt T. Stewman, 389 Max A. Steyer, 389 Mark A. Stidham. 389 Jennifer J. Stilwell, 350 Jeremy M. Stockert, 334 Charles W. Stockton, 334 Ellen E. Stoddard, 334 Deborah A. Stokes, 389 Thomas L. Stoll, 389 Jeannie Stone, 334 Judy P. Stone, 350 Leslie J. Stone, 350 Lori A. Stonecipher, 365 Greg S. Stormes, 389 Melissa L. Stotts, 389 Christina A. Stout. 389 Stephanie S. Stout, 365 Mark A .St. Pierre, 317 Andrew E. Strabala, 334 Darla W, Strabala, 350 Christy D .Strait, 365 Joseph M. Strenfel, 317 Michael B. Strenfel, 365 Deidre L. Strickland, 389 Denise Strickland, 350 Lara A. Strickland, 389 Stephanie R. Stricklin, 389 William A. Stricklin, 365 Tonya Stringer, 389 Wendy R. Stringer. 389 Janette E. Strong, 350 Ronald E. Stroud, 350 Tammy M. Stroud, 365 Tamyra W. Stroud, 334 Cecil D. Stuart, 365 Debbie L. Stuart, 389 Edward L. Stuart. 317 Timothy D. Stubbs, 365 Ellen M. Studnar, 334 Al J. Stukenborg, 389 Jason T Stumph. 389 Angela J. Sulcer. 395 Hayley A. Sullivan. 350 Joan C. Sullivan, 365 Maria D. Sullivan. 395 Sally S. Sullivan, 334 Susan M. Sullivan, 350 Tonya R. Sullivan, 365 Jay Summerlin, 350 Robyn S. Summitt. 334 Amy L Sumpter. 389 Lana K. Sumpter, 365 Susan Sumpter, 334 Debra D. Sutterfield. 332 Krissi Sutterfield. 350 Jesse Suttles, 389 Mike L. Sutton, 333 William L. Swam. 389 Buddy H. Swan, 389 Eddie E. Swanner, 389 Tony K. Swanner, 350 Chuck S. Sweet, 389 Dean M, Swick, 365 Debbie L. Swick, 396 Paul D, Swift, 350 -T- Martinus P Tabalu|an, 394 Rita M. Tabaluian, 317 J. Scott Tabor, 389 Jeff B. Tabor, 365 Peggy L. Tabron, 389 Jeff W, Tacker, 365 Patricia A. Taggart, 389 Suhaila B. Taib. 317 Ed F. Talib. 365 Nazar F. Talib, 389 Lisa L. Talley. 317 Tammy D. Talley, 389 It C. Tan. 365 Kean H. Tan, 335 Sok K. Tan, 389 Stacy J. Tanner. 350 Hariano Tanoto, 317 Paul R. Tarver, 350 Penny G Tarver, 365 Brian E. Tate, 335 Karen D. Tate, 335 Kevin F. Tate, 389 M. Jean Tate, 350 Senora E Tate, 389 Shelhe G. Tate, 389 Steven L. Tate, 365 Timothy J. Tate, 365 Ton! H Tate. 365 Angela M. Taylor, 365 Audra D Taylor, 365 Becky L. Taylor, 389 Bryan K. Taylor, 365 Cleo D. Taylor, 389 Diane E. Taylor, 350 Elizabeth L. Taylor, 389 Ginger A. Taylor, 335 Jeanna J. Taylor, 396 Jeff B, Taylor, 365 Jeffrey B. Taylor. 365 John D. Taylor, Jr. 389 John F. Taylor, 365 Joseph J. Taylor, 335 Julie H. Taylor. 389 Lance W. Taylor, 335 Laura D. Taylor, 389 Leigh A. Taylor. 365 Lisa E. Taylor. 335 Mark A. Taylor, 395 Mark A. Taylor, 335 Marta J. Taylor. 389 Michael L. Taylor. 335 Michael V. Taylor. 350 Paula M Taylor, 389 Peggy R. Taylor. 335 Rhonda C. Taylor. 397 Robin L Taylor, 335 Ronnie J. Taylor, 389 Rosa R. Taylor, 350 Scott P. Taylor, 38 Stephanie L. Taylor, 365 Stephen B. Taylor, 365 Tena A. Taylor, 389 Ton! M. Taylor, 350 Virginia L. Taylor, 335 Brian H. Teague, 389 Deborah J. Teague, 335 Bethany A. Teal Charles Teal, 389 Kimberly A. Tedder, 365 Michael R. Tedder, 365 T. R Tedford. 399 Bridget T. Teel. 350 Tyson T. Teel, 335 Maria A. Teeter, 389 Vonette E. Templeton, 335 Ellen A. Templeton, 365 S. Michele Templeton, 389 Chooi C. Teng, 399 Hian C. Teng, 350 Christy L. Terrell, 389 Dennis E. Terry, 365 Holly L. Terry. 365 Jim L. Terry, 335 Kathy A. Theoharis, 335 Bryan Thielemie, 365 Dennis R. Thielemier, 317 Nick T. Thielemier, 389 Bert Thomas, 389 Daniel J. Thomas. 365 Drew Thomas. 389 Eddie D. Thomas. 350 Eddie F. Thomas, 389 Edwin D. Thomas, 335 Felicia D. Thomas, 389 Glen A. Thomas, 365 Jacquelynne A Thomas, 389 Joel A. Thomas, 389 Kayla A Thomas. 335 Kevin B. Thomas, 389 Kristie N. Thomas, 389 Leslie S. Thomas. 335 Mun A. Thomas, 389 Olivia S. Thomas, 389 Roy L. Thomas, 335 Stacey E. Thomas, 389 Wendy N. Thomas, 350 William T. Thomas, 389 Yolonda C. Thomas, 365 Tyler Thomason, 366 Amber K. Thompson, 389 Anita S. Thompson, 351 Bobby E. Thompson, 389 Christine E. Thompson, 389 Craig W. Thompson. 389 D. Gail Thompson, 335 Debra L. Thompson, 335 Glenda F. Thompson, 317 J. Renee Thompson, 335 Janna M. Thompson, 351 Jeffery D. Thompson, 390 Jerry L. Thompson, 390 John K. Thompson, 335 Julie R. Thompson, 351 Keith E. Thompson, 335 Kenneth B Thompson, 366 Phillip M Thompson, 351 Rhonda S. Thompson, 366 Rick Thompson, 390 Stephanie L. Thompson, 335 Tara M. Thompson, 366 Valerie J. Thompson, 351 William E. Thompson. 366 Yvonne Y. Thompson, 351 Damien S. Thorn, 390 Mark R. Thorn, 390 Jay W. Thornton, 351 Chns A. Throesch. 390 Jeff A. Throesch. 390 Kim L Throesch, 390 Phyllis A. Throesch. 351 Christopher S. Throgmartin, 390 Kenny H. Throgmortin, 366 Teresa A. Throgmorton. 335 Shelby A Thurman, 351 Margaret J. Tidwell. 390 Lee L. Tiffany, 351 Ruth A. Tilghman, 317 Jodi L. Tillman, 351 Tiffani C. Tillman, 366 William E. Timmons. 394 DeAnne M Timms, 390 Todd L. Tiner, 390 Melanie L. Tinker, 390 Willie C. Tinzie, Jr. 390 Karen D. Tipler. 351 Bill W. Tippitt, 351 Nancy L. Tippy, 335 Kwan F. To. 317 Charles L. Todd, 366 Dianne R. Todd. 335 Kimberly R. Todd, 366 Michael Todd, 335 Suzette S. Todd, 335 Wendy F. Tolbert, 390 Farron R. Toler, 351 Derrick W. Toney, 390 Johnnie M. Toney, 366 Dennie C. Toombs, 366 Laura A. Toombs, 366 Larry D. Tosh. 390 Evelyn Tousant, 390 Jay Towell. 366 Joe M. Towles, 351 Melissa J Townsend, 390 Teresa L. Toy, 390 William B. Tramel. 366 Lori A Trammell, 390 Candy R. Trammell, 335 Keith D. Trammell, 397 Leslie A. Trammell. 390 Marshall D. Trantham, 335 LeAnn B. Travis, 366 Marna L. Travis, 335 Angela D. Treat, 351 Wanda F. Treat, 335 Joy E. Trebilcock, 390 Trey Trey, 366 Tommie L. Tribble. 390 Lisa A. Trigubetz. 351 Caroline S. Trimble, 351 Melissa D. Triplett, 390 Tommy G. Trivitt, 351 Marcus L. Trotter, 396 Debra D. Trusty, 366 Mark E. Trusty. 332 Dennis C Truxler, 351 Mingsing Tsai. 351 Dean Tucker, 366 John S Tune, 390 Benny R. Tunstall, 351 Keith D. Tunstall, 390 Kevin L. Turbeville, 366 Stefanie E. Turbeville, 366 Tim S. Turnbow. 335 Chris S. Turner, 390 Dawn M Turner, 366 Dennis B. Turner, 390 Dorothy L. Turner, 366 Emma L. Turner, 351 Jackie L. Turner, 366 John C. Turner, 390 Judy D. Turner, 351 Kathy L. Turner, 351 Keith A. Turner. 351 Kerry E. Turner, 351 Kevin T. Turner, 366 Kristie S. Turner, 366 Lesley S. Turner. 335 Marty Turner, 366 Patricia A. Turner, 335 Ronda J. Turner, 399 Scotty D. Turner, 366 Sheila M. Turner, 317 Susan D. Turner, 366 Natalie J. Turney. 390 Sharon K. Tumey, 351 Becky L. Tyler, 351 Payton R. Tyler, 351 Gaylon H. Tyner, 390 James P. Tyner, 335 Tammy V. Tyson, 390 Carole J. Upshaw, 390 Laurie A. Uran, 351 Joseph E. Ussery, 11, 390 Ahmed M. Uthaimeen, 351 Dan E. Utley. 351 Janet L. Utley, 366 Lisa G. Utley, 366 Tim D. Utley, 366 Sara S. Utnage, 390 -V- -u- Angela M. Uekman. 390 Warren R. Underwood, 390 Clarence A. Ungerank, 396 Leslie R. Vail, 351 Donald M. Valentine, 390 Harold J. Vallot, 111, 390 Marty R. Vancil, 366 Amy L. Vanderbilt, 366 Judy M, Vandergriff, 390 Tina L. Vandergriff, 390 Yvonne C. Vanderwel, 390 Edward VanHalen. 335 Timothy J. Vann, 351 Yvonna E. Vannada, 366 Nancy L. VanPatten, 317 David L. Vaughn, 366 Elizabeth A Vaughn, 335 Kimberly B. Vaughn, 397 Lee A. Vaughn, 366 Robin D, Vaughn, 390 Tammy T. Vaughn, 390 Laura J. Vaught, 366 Alesia S. Veasley. 335 Suetta B Veatch. 335 James L. Veldheer, 390 Eric Velmeis, 397 Mitchell D. Verkler, 351 Terry F. Verkler, Jr., 335 Jimmy Q. Vest, 390 Mark A. Vest, 351 R. Alan Vest, 351 Cheryl A. Vichkon, 335 Donna D. Vick, 390 Lorinda S. Vickers, 390 Carolyn D. Vincent. 351 Greg T. Vincent. 366 Randi K. Vincent, 335 Stacy L. Vincent, 351 Debra A. Volner, 335 Julie VonKanel, 351 Michael K. Vowell, 390 Grace Vudures, 335 Dana A. Vuncannon, 390 -w- Robert G. Waddell, 335 Mary D. Wade, 366 Reba F. Wadley, 366 Richie A. Wages. 397 Todd Wages. 390 Paul J. Wagner, 390 Tim A, Wagner. 390 Thomas E. Walden, 366 Bob Waldrop, 335 Brad W. Walker, 366 Candace M. Walker, 366 Christi L. Walker, 390 Christine Walker, 390 Helen J. Walker, 390 Jason H. Walker, 351 Jaye W. Walker, 351 Jimmy S. Walker, 390 John L. Walker, 390 Kala R. Walker. 335 Kay A. Walker, 351 Lisa M. Walker, 390 Michael N. Walker, 395 Patti M. Walker, 390 Phyllis A. Walker, 332 Richard D. Walker, 366 Rodney D Walker, 366 Sonya C. Walker. 390 Tim B. Walker, 336 Victoria A. Walker, 366 Wade V. Walker, 390 Arlee Wallace. 336 Bentley E. Wallace. 366 Cheryl L. Wallace. 390 Derry D. Wallace. 390 Lee A. Wallace. 351 Lola R. Wallace. 366 Mark M. Wallace. 336 Paul D. Wallace, 351 Kevin B. Waller, 390 Sammy L. Waller. 390 Harold D. Wallin, 366 Karen R. Wallis, 366 Linda C. Wallis, 351 407 Index Marty J Wallis, 390 Wendy B Walls, 390 Patrick F. Walsh, 336 Stacey D Walter. 390 Valeria M. Walter, 336 Janet F. Wa lton, 351 Kassie Walton, 391 Keely L, Walton, 391 Michael D Walton, 366 Monika L Walton, 391 Wan|eng Wang, 318 Carolyn D Ward, 351 John C. Ward, 366 Judy Ward, 351 Keely Y Ward, 391 Mary R. Ward, 366 Michael W. Ward, 391 Regina A, Ward, 336 Rosemary Ward, 318 Sandi J, Ward, 351 Susan D. Ward, 366 Tammy E Ward, 366 Vickie D. Ward. 391 S. Kraig Ware, 391 Teresa A. Ware, 366 Jay Warhurst. 391 Angie C Warren, 391 Glenda D Warren, 336 Jonathan L, Warren, 366 Karen D. Warren, 397 Myrett J Warren. 395 Veronica A Warren, 318 Vincent E Washam, 336 John D Washburn, 399 Joni F, Washburn, 336 Leigh K, Washington, 366 Mark A. Washington, 351 Andy L Watkins, 391 Becky L Watkins, 391 Jeft T Watkins, 366 Marie K. Watkins, 351 Reginald L, Watkins, 391 Sabrina L, Watkins, 391 Steve W Watkins, 336 Allan W. Watson, 351 Angela L, Watson, 351 Bill A. Watson, 336 Janet L. Watson, 318 Ron D. Watson, 394 Sandra J. Watson, 391 Terry L Watson, 366 Linda L. Watts. 391 Jennifer L, Weathers, 391 Shanda R Weathers. 391 Chris M. Weaver, 391 Chris W. Weaver, 351 Denise A Weaver, 391 Karen L, Weaver, 366 Denise Webb, 395 Kelly D. Webb, 351 Kelly M, Webb, 391 Laverne Webb, 336 Mark Webb, 351 Sandra K Webb. 336 Teresa K, Webb, 391 Zanilla A Webb, 336 Karyn L, Webber, 336 Keddrin G. Weber, 399 Pamela R Webster, 391 Shawn A, Webster, 391 Geat T Wee, 397 Oliver Weedlehopper, 351 Gina M, Weeks. 351 John W. Weeks, 366 Stefanie K, Weidman, 351 Beth A. Weisbrod, 336 Lawrence A Weisenbach, 336 Lisa A. Weisenbach, 366 Billy D. Weitkamp, 366 Leah D. Welch, 391 Mark B. Welch, 351 Missy D. Welch, 366 Betty C, Wellman, 366 Cathy L Wellman. 391 Dana D. Wells, 399 John C Wells. 391 Larry G. Wells. 391 Phillip C. Wells. 391 Russell Wells, 336 Stanley A Wells. 366 Tabitha L. Wells, 366 Wendell E. Wells, 351 Melissa Weser, 391 Michelle Weser. 391 Leisa G. Wesley, 336 Betty H Wess, 351 Jill D Wessell, 366 Angela J. West, 336 Arlin L. West, 366 Larry W West, 391 Philip P West, 391 Robert L West, 367 Tammy M West. 336 LeeAnn Weston. 391 Sheri L Weston. 367 Paula K. Wewers. 394 Catherine L Wharton, 367 Pamela J, Wheaton, 367 Kimberly K. Wheeler, 336 Thomas C, Wheeler, Jr., 391 Cynthia S Wheeless, 336 Lillian J Wheeless, 391 Jackie J. Whitaker, 391 Betty J White. 351 Dee White. 351 Suzanne White, 336 George C. White, 397 Greg B White. 336 Greg D. White, 367 John W White, 391 Kevin M, White. 367 Lisa R. White, 351 Naomi White, 351 Pamela K. White, 391 Shannon L. White, 391 Sherry L. White, 351 Sonya Y. White. 391 Verlon White, 336 Kevin F Whitehead, 367 Richard M Whitehorn, 336 Johnny S Whitener, 391 Matt C. Whiteside, 367 Joy A Whitford, 351 Amy L Whitley, 391 Cynthia M Whitlock, 391 Danny S, Whitmire, 391 Steven G. Whitmire, 367 Duane D Whitt, 336 Stan C, Whitt, 367 Tim D. Whitt, 391 William J Whitten, 352 Barbara L, Wickersham, 391 Dawnyal M Wickersham, 367 Brian K. Wiedower, 352 Sarah L Wiggins. 336 Stephen A. Wiggins, 367 Michelle M Wikowsky, 352 Janice Wilburn, 391 Loretta M. Wilburn, 352 Bradley E, Wilcox, 391 Donna T. Wilcox, 367 Tony L Wilcox, 367 Mark W, Wilcoxon, 352 Gay L Wilde, 336 Caruth E Wilder, 352 Kim R. Wildman, 352 Carol L Wiles, 399 Cathy A Wilford, 352 Louis V, Wilhoite, 336 Martha A. Wilhoite, 352 Paul E. Wilhoite. 367 Mathew Wilkerson. 391 Barry A. Wilkes, 336 Philip N Wilkes. 367 Linda Wilkey, 352 Cathy J, Wilkin, 391 Debora A. Wilkins, 367 Melissa A Wilkins. 391 Tim J Wilkins, 391 Rita A. Willbanks, 336 Felicia S. Willett, 391 Andrew J. Williams, 391 Angela L Williams, 391 Anna E Williams, 367 Anthony T. Williams, 367 Arnesa D Williams, 391 Bernard M, Williams, 391 Candy R. Williams, 367 Christopher B, Williams, 391 Cindy L. Williams, 336 Crystal D, Williams, 391 Dionne M. Williams, 352 Donna N. Williams, 352 Fayeth L Williams, 336 Gary J Williams, 391 Gaybie Williams, 336 Gayla D Williams, 352 Gerald L. Williams, 352 Herman T. Williams. 391 Jenia L Williams, 351 Jeri S, Williams, 336 Joe B. Williams, 336 Joyce M Williams, 391 Karla R Williams, 395 Kay Williams. 318 Kay M. Williams. 394 Kelly A Williams. 367 Kenneth A. Williams, 391 Kimberly J. Williams, 391 Kimberly L Williams. 391 Larry D Williams, 352 Leah B Williams, 336 LeAnn Williams, 336 M Shey Williams, 367 Marianne Williams. 352 Mary B. Williams, 367 Meredith C, Williams, 318 Neyl Williams, 391 Norman L. Williams, 391 Pamela R Williams, 367 Patricia Williams, 352 Patrick Williams, 391 Ralph A. Williams. 352 Ray R. Williams, 336 Rhonda I Williams, 367 Richard S, Williams. 336 Robert G. Williams, 352 Ryan E. Williams, 391 Sean H Williams, 393 Shana L Williams, 336 Sherry D. Williams, 367 Stacy D Williams. 336 Tammy C Williams, 391 Tammy M, Williams, 392 Tracie L, Williams, 393 Victor B, Williams. 393 Tim Williamson. 336 Cheryl R. Willie, 367 Donna L. Williford, 352 Daphne I. Willis, 352 Darryl C, Willis, 367 Helen K, Willis, 393 Melissa J Willis, 393 Jeanette K Willmuth. 393 Barbara A Wilson, 367 Bruce T. Wilson, 393 Cary L Wilson, 393 Christy R, Wilson. 393 Clarissa A. Wilson, 352 Ellen A. Wilson, 336 George C. Wilson, 393 Greg D Wilson, 367 Harvey W. Wilson, 367 Jennifer L. Wilson, 367 John W. Wilson, 336 Kim E. Wilson, 352 Larry Wilson, 367 Laura L. Wilson. 393 M Valerie Wilson. 367 Maurice L. Wilson. 399 Michelle D, Wilson, 376 Michelle L. Wilson, 393 Midge M Wilson, 397 Sandra K. Wilson, 336 Stacey G. Wilson, 393 Stevie Wilson, 352 Teresa D. Wilson, 352 Terrilyn L. Wilson, 393 Tracy D. Wilson, 397 Tracy L. Wilson. 393 Sam O. Wimpy, 393 Pamela E Windmon, 393 Rickey E. Winfrey, 336 Audra K Winningham. 367 Bliss K. Winningham. 318 Jennifer B Winningham, 352 Scott C. Winningham, 367 Nancy L. Winslow, 352 Brett D. Winstead, 393 Melissa A. Winters, 367 Kevin J. Wise, 352 Jim J. Wiseman, 336 Wilburn L, Wiseman, 367 Rhonda M. Withers, 336 Janerte K Withrow, 336 Kristi L Witt, 393 Jonathan D Witt, 399 Eugene L Wittlake, 337 Kenneth O. Wixon, 352 Cathy Wixted, 367 Chuck Wofford. 393 Lorrie I. Wofford Janice M Wolf, 318 Tim T Wolf, 393 Thomas M, Wolfe, 393 Tony A. Wolfe, 367 Helen M Wolverton, 367 Gregory W. Woolndge, 393 Kelli Wooten, 393 Susan J Wooten, 393 Hoppy K. Wong. 337 Sai K, Wong, 393 William H Wonka. 395 Alan A. Wood, 337 Brian R. Wood, 393 Carol R. Wood, 393 Charlie L Wood, 367 Cherie R Wood, 352 David R, Wood, 352 Jill L, Wood, 393 Kyle K. Wood, 337 Lana R. Wood, 393 Mary A Wood, 337 Mitchell D, Wood, 352 Stephanie Y Woodard. 393 Bobby G Woodell, 337 Walter F. Woodie, 367 Richard C Woodruff, 367 Stacey D Woodruff, 393 Brian L. Woods, 337 Deborah K Woods, 337 Diane Woods, 399 Michelle R. Woods, 393 Rebecca S. Woods, 393 Te rrie Woods, 393 Carla J Woodson, 393 Dana L Woodward, 367 Cheri J. Woolard, 352 Paula K. Wooldridge, 337 Shasta C Wooten, 396 Teresa L Wooten. 393 Landis R Worlow. 367 Wendy S. Worring. 367 Andrea L Worsham. 337 Jeff L. Worsham, 367 Kimberly A Worthen, 352 Donna M, Wratten, 367 Beth S. Wray, 393 Paula J Wray, 367 Allison L. Wright, 337 Angela R Wright, 393 Charles L. Wright. 352 Cynthia R, Wright. 367 Helen Wright, 367 Henri Wright, 337 Judy M, Wright, 393 Kevin G Wright, 367 Lisa R. Wright, 367 Mark A. Wright, 318 Robert D. Wright. 337 Ronnie K Wright, 367 Thomas D. Wright, 352 Whitney L Wright, 393 Cheryl D, Wyatt, 393 Leigh A Wyatt, 337 Michael S. Wyatt, 352 Jean A. Wycoff, 393 LaTina D Wynne, 393 Ami L Wyse, 393 Traci L Wyse, 352 -Y- Alias Yaacob, 337 Leigh Ann Yahnke. 393 Candy D Yancey, 393 Patricia A. Yancey. 393 Randy R Yancey, 393 Richey A. Yancey, 393 Rusty D Yancey, 393 Michelle A Yanosick, 393 Sandra K, Yarber, 337 Tammy C, Yarbrough, 337 Todd E Yarbrough, 393 Wendy A Yarbrough, 352 Angie D. Yates, 367 John M. Yates, 367 Mary J. Yates. 393 Melissa C. Yates. 393 Robin A. Yates, 318 Kathryn Yauger, 367 Layne L Yawn, 337 William T. Yazel. 352 Lee W. Yee. 367 Amy M. Yersak, 367 Ban S Yeung, 396 Ross T, Ymgling, 318 Fee M. Yong, 352 Jeff A. Yopp. 393 Richard D, Yopp. 393 April L. York, 367 Jama M. York, 396 Scott D. York. 393 . Akira Yoshida, 393 Kimela H Youmans, 352 Robert W Youmans, 393 Amy J. Young, 393 Anita G Young, 367 Ann R. Young. 367 Carla J. Young, 352 Cathy M Young, 337 Derrick C. Young, 352 Doug C. Young, 352 Jason B Young, 397 Jodi L. Young, 393 Lora A. Young, 352 Mary M. Young, 393 Sandra E Young. 395 Sherry D Young, 337 Todd L. Young, 393 Tom G. Youngman, 352 Omar W, Younis, 393 Jaafar Yusof, 352 -z- Betsy Zachry, 393 Greg Zachry, 337 John D. Zagarella, Jr. Zanariah B Zaham. 318 Saifulbauhri Zainal, 337 Rosilawati Zamol, 337 Syed N. Zakaria. 318 Mike R. Zamora. 367 Mark A. Zarlinoo, 367 Saleem Q Zawawi. 318 Shannon Zeimet, 367 Shannon K Zeimet, 367 Bill C. Zellmer, 393 Janell M, Zeug, 367 Terry L. Ziegenhorn, 318 Joe M Zimmerman, 337 Karen K. Zipfel, 318 Victor S Zitzelbergen, 352 Sherry L Zolman, 393 Stephanie R Zolman, 367 408 The Indian Staff 1988 Dr. Rick Stripling Advisor Mark Belk SGA President Charles Lee Managing Editor Melonie Knight Editor-in-Chief LeAnn Williams Campus Life Editor Selena Caplinger Organizations Editor Sheila Smith Greek Life Editor Tania Dement Sports Editor Mark Trusty Class Editor Connie Steinhoff Editors Assistant J. D. Witt Photographer Vince Provenzano Photographer Todd Bartholomew Photographer Keith Waddle Photographer Keri Carson Secretary Lou Ann Morris Secretary Deanie Christian Secretary Shey Williams Secretary 40$ The 1 988 Indian Staff If you think putting together a four hundred page yearbook is an easy task, I challenge you to try it. A publication of this size can never material- ize into true form without a good staff. The 1988 Indian Staff took a monumental task, page by page, and reduced it to a well polished record of student life at Arkansas State University. Special thanks goes to Charles Lee and Melo- nie Knight who spent many long hours insuring that the ASU student was receiving the best quality yearbook. Their search for excellence was always prevalent at each deadline. Presented on the following pages is the 1988 Indian Staff. Without question, I ' m proud of each and every one of them. Rick Stripling Ph.D. Assistant Dean of Students Indian Advisor In its second year as a part of the Student Government Association ' s organization, the yearbook has been fully re- stored as a source of pride for students of Arkansas State University. This is due in no small part to the amount of student interest and participation which is evident from the time the staff is chosen until the time when the books have been distributed. In close cooperation with office of Student Affairs, the Indian is now under complete student control. Editors for the Indian are chosen by the Student Activities Quality Cir- cle Committee, which is composed of presidents of various student organizations. The yearbook staff answers direct- ly to the Managing Editor who in turn answers to the Stu- dent Government Association President and Student Sen- ate. Since the SGA has taken over the production of the Indian, student interest has risen sharply, with nearly fifty applications accepted for thirteen positions on the year- book staff. It is my hope that this interest will continue to grow in order to insure that each edition of the Indian will serve as a meaningful remembrance of the time and effort which has been devoted to academic achievements and enhancements here at Arkansas State University. I commend the efforts of those peop le who were in- struments for placing the responsibility of the production of the Indian where it belongs, in the hands ' of the stu- dents. I believe that we will all benefit from this move as long as students continue to actively participate in every step of the production process — from selection to distri- bution. With the assistance of Dr. Rick Stripling and the Office of Student Affairs, I believe that these past two editions of the Indian have built a strong foundation on which we can continue to grow. Mark Belk Student Government Association President Yet another year has passed since the Student Government Association has taken over operation of the Indian. This being the second year under the SGA meant that my staff had to meet a challenge of producing a book of equal quality as last years. I feel we have done that. Although there may be some people who feel that this publication does not represent every aspect of Ar- kansas State University, the staff has done an outstanding job in putting together a four hundred page book. For these students we have overlooked or offended, I apologize. It was not my inten- tion nor the intention of anyone on the staff to purposely misrep- resent you. Though the staff was responsible for putting the book to- gether, there are some people I must mention, for without them, this publication would not have been possible. Thanks to: - Clarice Lovelace. Without her hard work and typing skills, we would have never made it through the class section. - Tom Moore and all the people in public relations for their information and pictures they gave in a minutes notice. - Mark Belk and his staff for their continual support throughout the year. Last, but definitely not least, Dr. Rick Stripling. As the Indian Advisor, he served as no other person ever could. I know that the staff has shortened his life by at least five years, yet his con- stant demand for quality and excellence has yet to cease. To the students of Arkansas State, I encourage you to get involved with the Indian. You are the ones responsible for the publication of the Indian. I thank you for giving me the chance to serve ASU as best as I could. Thanks to you! Charles Lee Managing Editor, 1988 Melome Knight, Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Rick Stripling, Assistant Dean of Students, prepare the finishing touches on the 1 988 Indi- an. This years Indian Staff worked many long, hard hours putting together the yearbook. Our special thanks goes out to all of the following staff members who have devoted their time and effort. Clockwise from top left: Selena Ca- plinger, Organizations Editor; Mark Trusty, Class Editor; Sheila Smith, Greek Life Editor; Deannie Christian, Work Study. nrj Srown ' s Graduation Supplies Awofds Co, Inc m M U10 Franklin St n r« JonesDoro Arkansas 72401 FHfe (501)-Q32-d832 |HM Representing Waisworin Publishing Companv .L Campus Life Page 1 8 Organizations Page 80 Greek Life Page 1 32 Athletics Page 1 86 Administration Page 282 Academics Page 312

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