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EXPANDING TRADITIONS IN . . . CAMPUS LIFE " Campus life makes every aspect of school enjoyable. " Pam Cox ORGANIZATIONS " Organizations give students the oppor- tunity to meet others with whom they have common goals. " Selena Capliger GREEK LIFE " Greek Life provides a true sense of belonging. " Stephenie Graff ATHLETICS ADMINSTRATION ACADEMICS " Athletics is an understanding of mind and body through selected sports. " Andy Barrett " The Administration and Faculty provide the mechanism in which the university operates. " Dianne Todd " Students share a common goal to excel in academics and their majors. " Dianne Todd page 162 page 258 page 286 INDIAN 1987 VOLUME 64 ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY EXPANDING TRADITIONS WITH Construction of the Convoca- tion Center began in March 1985. The pictures illustrate the various stages of the new facility. Arkan- sas Governor Bill Clinton toured the building to examine the new addition to the A-State campus. The students are anticipating the naming of the new construction. Some have expressed their desire to " Call It BUBBA " . Whatever the official name may be, the convo- cation center is an addition to ASU that Arkansas should be proud to have in its state. (Pictures donated by Tim Dean " 86 " ) Athletic Director Larry Lacewell and President Eugene Smith show Governor Bill Clinton a new tradition in the making. The Convocation Center will serve as the marque for Arkansas State Uni- versity and will be the focal point for edu- cational, cultural, athletic, and conven- tion activities for the entire Northeast Ar- kansas region and Midsouth region. It will become a unique activity center re- flecting the vitality and joyful life of ASU and the greater Jonesboro area. The $18.3 million arena has 10,523 seats that can be moved back with the push of a button. There is no seat with a view obstructed by a support column, because of the unique floating roof structure. The upper level of the arena will have a permanent running track, seven volleyball courts, and three bas- ketball courts. The eight and one-half stories high building will have a main scoreboard in the center of the arena, complete with graphics. The Convocation Center will be viewed as a valuable asset to the com- munity and will have a significant impact on the improved quality of life on cam- pus. Expanding traditions, such as this arena, show a uniform effort for the bet- terment of Arkansas as a whole. EXPANDING ENROLLMENT Enrollment has reached record heights this year at ASU. This makes the second straight year for record setting attendance. Presently 8,504 students are enrolled. This number is up 58 students from the previous re- cord of 8,446 students last fall. In addi- tion to the incoming freshmen, 100 new students enrolled at ASU this fall, according to Karen Toombs, Director of Admissions. The freshman class number is down from previous years. This is due to the end of the " baby boom " era which has resulted in fewer students graduating from high school. The largest loss of students, 62, occu- red in the freshman class. The highest gain was 72 in the Jr. class. Ms. Toombs stated that ASU is pleased to be able to increase enrollment in spite of declining incoming freshman. The enrollment classification breaks down as follows: Freshman - 3,057 stu- dents; Sophomore - 1,432 students; Junior - 1 ,287 students; Senior - 1 ,465 students; Graduate - 1 ,048 students; Unclassified - 215. Ms. Toombs stres- sed that recruitment of new students was an important campus-wide con- cern. Equally important is the retention of students presently enrolled. ENTERTAINMENT TODAY AT ARKANSAS STATE ARKANSAS STATE OFFERS With Arkansas State expanding, student s are of- fered diverse surroundings. Our campus is filled with beautiful landscape from one end to the other. Nature is all around us, and if that is not enough, a ten minute drive can put you truly back to nature. With Jonesboro at our doorstep, students are of- fered many opportunities to participate in community activities, as well as recreational activities. DIVERSE SURROUNDINGS The campus itself offers activities to keep students busy, many of which are locat- ed in the Carl R. Reng Center or originate there. The Reng Center has everything from a bookstore to a gameroom. It also houses some of the University ' s major organiza- tions, such as the Student Government Association, the Union Board and the Year- book office. In the recent years, the Bookbus and Trading Post have given the ASU bookstore competition in the book and supply business. Both are within walking distance of ASU. Just off campus, Carr ' s Grocery and the newly constructed Benton Center offer con- venience for a variety of needs. EVERLASTING FRIENDSHIPS AR MADE AT ARKANSAS STATE lull! Academics are not the only things Arkansas State provides for students. With more than 8,000 students on our campus, there ' s a friend for every- one. Friends are made everyday. These friend- ships are strong and may last a lifetime. The different organizations on campus are bonded together by people with similar interests and emphasized by friendship. Also, sisterhood and brotherhood are stressed in the sororities and fraternities here at ASU. Arkansas State is unified through these many friendships and acquain- tances, even those of our alumni. 1 1 EXPANDING CAMPUS OPPORTUNITIES ASU offers a variety of activities and opportunities for students. The campus is surrounded by various businesses and quick-shops. The campus itself is equipped with various gathering places for students such as game rooms and lounge areas in buildings. People who have as diverse interests as acting and cheerleading will find much opportunity to excel at ASU. Intramural sports pro- vide fun for participants and spectators alike. The university continues to main- tain its tradition of meeting the needs of the students and the society in which they live. (a) ASU Indian gives support at games, (b) A student takes a break to write a letter and sip a diet coke, (c) These students relax on the grass as they watch the intramural games. 12 CAftftSS ASU A GREAT COMBINATION (a) Can ' s Grocery offers near-by services for ASU students, (b) Terry Zigginhorn successfully portrays " Charlie " in " The Foreigner " , (c) Andy Barrett and Mike Asford prepare for a game of tennis, (d) Candy Trammel and Tim Wilmuth cheer the fans on at the Ole Miss game, (e) These students enjoy a game of pool during a break from classes. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ASU offers a variety of extra curricular activ- ities. With the expansion of Arkansas State, the number of activities that is offered is steadily in- creasing. For example, the Convocation Center will bring bigger events and celebrities to ASU, The extension of the Laboratory Science Build- ing shows the rising interest in our science pro- gram. This will inevitably lead to opportunities for anyone interested. Along with the expansion of campus, the tradition of ASU encompasses involvement. In- tramurals are a part of the University ' s tradition. With more than 30 intramural activities, there is a sport for everyone. Athletics at ASU spans deep into our history. Arkansas state is forever expanding regionally and nationally, and our stu- dents are encouraged to get involved. EXPAND WITH ARKANSAS STATE Arkansas State University has an abun- dance of professional organizations in which students may actively participate. These organi- sations benefit and encourage their members in seeking various degrees and jobs. Social organizations are also provided for :he students. Fraternities and sororities aid stu- dents in many aspects of college life. For the most part, their main objective is to help their members grow in all aspects of social life. Extra curricutar activities and organizations Drovide ASU ' s students with a valuable experi- 3nce that may remain with them long after their college career ends. These activities also help to construct one ' s character through discipline and responsibility. ASU truly has it all. The only way to experience it, is to " LIVE IT " . 15 STUDENTS AT WORK AND PLAY ASU students spend their free time in vari- ous ways. Some prefer to play a game of tennis on one of the many tennis courts, while others choose to be spectators. Meal preparation is a task that commuter students may encounter. Computers are the interest of many, and the Reng Center provides a place for people to visit between classes. A student ' s free time is as valuable to the student as the classroom time. The freshmen pictured here " played " at Playfair, part of Freshman Orientation. Students with ta- lents in the Fine Arts exercise them through painting, etc. Studying is also a vital part of the free time of college stu- dents. Some students, having nothing better to do, pose for the camera. Still others become violent and attack inno- cent photographers as they approach. The variety of ways M am — in which free time is spent demonstrates the diversity of the students here at ASU. 17 Nv A CAMPUS LIFE 19 MISS ASU The Miss ASU pageant, spon- sored by the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraterni- ty, was held in March 1986. Pictured above are the winners. They are (Left to right): Sheila Marlin of Jonesboro, 2nd alternate; Candy Trammell of Jonesboro, Queen; Carol Reinhart of Stuttgart, 1st alternate. Along with the crown and title, Candy also received many other obli- gations to fulfill during her reign. One of which was participating in the Christmas parade. Here she is pic- tured waving at the crowd during her ride down Caraway road. Candy also represented ASU at the Miss Arkansas pageant where she received the Miss Congeniality award. enjoyed by all who attended. 21 SPRING FEVER PLAGUES ASU STUDENTS During springfest Springfest has become an important event each spring for ASU students. Since its beginning in March, 1 981 Springfest has provided students with a break from the regular academic activities of college life. Each fall the Springfest committee begins planning for the one day event. Weekly meetings are held in order to insure the events success. The committee is comprised of student leaders from various student organizations. The overall purpose of Springfest is to provide avenues to raise money for student scholarships. Also, the festival provides an opportunity for interaction among students, faculty, and the Jonesboro community. Springfest has proven to be a tradition at ASU. COUNTRY MUSIC MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR PERFORMS AT ASU Country Music Star George Strait appeared in concert April 3rd 1986 at the old Indian Field- house. Strait has been well rec- ognized throughout the country music industry for his accom- plishments. In 1984 and 85 he was awarded the Country Music Awards male vocalist of the year and Album of the year. He has appeared on numer- ous television shows to include Austin City Limits, Entertain- ment Tonight, and The CMA awards show. Strait has had a long series of number one singles that include: The Chair, Amarillo by Morning, and You Look So Good In Love. The George Strait Concert was co-sponsored by the Union Board and Little Wing Produc- tions. Each year the U.B. at- tempts to bring in the top names in music. However, the size of the fieldhouse has placed res- trictions on the appearance of big name concerts such as Lion- el Richie, Kenny Rogers, and Bob Seger. With the opening of the New Convocation Center students hopefully will no longer have to travel to Memphis for events normally held in the Mid South Coliseum. NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION INTRODUCES NEW STUDENTS TO COLLEGE LIFE New Student orientation has become an invaluable part of an entering students post-second- ary experience at Arkansas State University. Rick Stripling Director of Student Activities who organized the three day event believes that orientation exists for a variety of reasons. " The most prevalent purpose of a well-executed orientation pro- cess includes; easing a stu- dents ' transition from high school into college; minimizing the anxiety level of the incoming student and his her parents; and introducing the student to peo- ple, policies and resources of Arkansas State University. The program at ASU attempts to combine a variety of methods to assist the student in becoming integrated into a campus com- munity and into college life in general. The overwhelming suc- cess of the new student orienta- tion has been a result of several ASU departments contributing 100% plus. " INDIAN DAYS AT A-STATE M -T ■ Indian Days St rpt. lb IH. 19 6 Greater J ' »iw»i ' om (. h . t i ........ ... i ; .;! J om tioi o Indian nays Wccki n l Sept. 26 IH, 19H6 tffc mm ton Uwlerr«tti it«r Jon. vt..n .. m I Join shot l Indian Days Wffktntl Sept. 16 IH, 1986 v t ||«MM Sl.ilv I iiKrrtil) Indian Days Weekend was held September 26-28, 1986. The event was hosted by Arkansas State and the Greater Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce for parents of current students. mam I BSA HOLDS ANNUAL TALENT SHOW The likes of Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston surfaced for the Black Student Association Talent Show held in the Reng Center. ASU EMPLOYEES Get in the spirit Of Halloween Above: Cashier ' s Window (left to right) Charlene Walton and Janice Woodruff Below: Office of Finance Back row: Nancy Deedley, Fran Lard, Carol Byrd, Front row: Sharon Lee, Paulette Faulkner. Financial Aid Office (left to right) Kathy Lambie and Joyce Rone BLIZZARD OF EXPANDING TRADITIONAL HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES To get the mood set for Homecoming, the SGA held a contest to determine the best theme for the week activities. To enter, all that was required was a $1 entry fee and submission of your suggestion. Andy Barrett, of Harrisburg won the contest with the theme " You ought to be in Pictures. ' ' Activities to get the gala event started included election of the court and choosing the 1986 Little Mr. Miss ASU. The Alpha Omicron Pi sorority also began the annual mum sell which has become a tradition for over 25 years. Homecoming activities began with a bonfire held Thursday, November 15 at the stadium. Then on Friday night the SGA weathered the sleet and snow to sponsor the homecoming parade. The parade was followed by a chili supper and a dance at the Armory co-sponsored by the SGA and the Union Board. Saturday morning events began with the SGA 5K run. Later that morning was the Alumni Brunch, and 50 year reunion luncheon. The activities after the ballgame included Greek open houses, Alumni Association Dance and Lettermens reception. A) Homecoming maid Rhonda Withers of Bryant waves at the crowd during the parade. B) Crista Dunston of West Memphis demonstrates how the voting machines work, as she casts her vote for the homecoming court. C) Inspired by the movie " Top Gun ' ' , this float built by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and the Chi Omega sorority placed 1st in the me- chanical float division. D) This float, built by the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternities was modeled after a movie theater and was entitled " Indian Joe Flew over the Cardinals Nest. " It took 1st place in the stationary float division. E) Tim Hightower of Sidney, Rusty Adams of Memphis, TN, and Mark Clark of Earle prepare for the 5K run. F) Participants in the 5K run on Saturday morning before homecom- ing take off at the starting line. G) Cadet Staff Sergeant Rodney Stovall of Lepanto and Susan Sumptner of Marked Tree enjoy the Military Ball. H) Cadet Staff Sergeant Guy Younger, of Maynard, Lynn Hoskins and 2nd L T Mark Hoskins, both of Jonesboro, took time out to pose for the camera during the Military Ball. 33 PRE-GAME ACTIVITIES A) Sarah Shewmaker of Paragould, Ken Kennemore of Osceola, Gina Rodery of Memphis, 77V, show their enthusiasm for the homecoming game. B) Before kick-off, the Screaming Eagles Sports Parachute Team, from 101st Air Assault Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky landed on the field and pre- sented the American flag. C) Dr. William T. Branch of Tampa Florida was hon- ored as the 3rd annual Distinguished Alumnus of ASU. He is pictured here with his wife, the former Mary Cox. D) SGA President Joe Greggory of Piggett is pictured here giving Little Mr. and Miss ASU Benjamin Run- nels and Emily Ballard instructions before walking onto the field. E) ASU Marching Alumnus Choir performed during half time of the ballgame. F) Anthony Withers and Marvin Neloms grimace as they stretch before the game. G) Dustin Faulkner of Harrisburg was chosen " Indian of Week " during homecoming. This event was spon- sored by Pizza Inn. H) The Golden Anniversary of the 1936 ROTC gradu- ating class was honored at half-time by President Eu- gene Smith and Colonel Necessary. H 35 HOMECOMING 86 You ought to be in pictures L to R: Beth Chambers, Rhonda Withers, Queen Leith Mills, Vickie Newton, Candy Trammel! Representing PI Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Candy Trammel!. Representing Chi Omega Sorority, Rhonda Withers. Representing Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Vickie Newton. Representing Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Beth Cham- bers. 37 BANGLES ROCK INDIAN FIELDHOUSE The Bangles rolled into the old ASU Fieldhouse Nov. 4, 1 986 on a part of their North American tour. The Bangles concert was presented by the Union Board in an effort to bring up and coming artists to the ASU campus. With the release of their second album a number one single " Walk Like An Egyptian " stayed on the Billboard charts for 4 con- secutive weeks. Other number one singles were Manic Monday, If She Knew What She Wants, and September Girls. 39 1 986 FALL GRADUATION EXPANDING TRADITIONS AT ASU During the fall semester of 1985, the Student Government Association began to receive suggestions from the student body concerning the implementation of a Decem- ber graduation. A bill was then developed by the SGA staff and presented to the senate. After the bill went through committee, where overall interest and feasibility were studied, it was passed by the senate. On February 14, 1986, the SGA bill was presented to the University Board of Trus- tees by members of the SGA staff. The Board directed Dr. Eugene Smith, ASU pres- ident, to study the recommendation and make the final decision. A survey was developed and mailed to 300 students who were eligible for gradua- tion at the end of the fall semester. The re- sponse was so overwhelming that Dr. Smith answered that ASU would hold it ' s first fall commencement on Saturday, December 20, 1986. Attorney General Steve Clark delivered the commencement address to the 368 stu- dents who received degrees. 41 CONVOCATION OF SCHOLARS WILSON AWARD WINNER Arkansas State University held its annual Convocation of Scholars the week of April 14- 18, 1986. Highlighted by the traditional ceremonies for honors students and recognition of outstanding faculty, the university featured appear- ances by noted lecturers and public fi- gures. Steve McFerron, president of the Alumni Association, spoke briefly during the Student Honors Luncheon. The Wil- son Award, the Distinguished Service Awards and the President ' s Scholars were named during Convocation of Scholars Week. The Wilson Award is presented to the outstanding graduate of the university. The recipient exemplifies qualities of char- acter, determination, involvement and aca- demic achievement. This honor is bestowed in memory of R. E. Lee Wilson, a member of the Board of Trustees of ASU, whose per- sonal interest in the development of the uni- versity established a pattern for excellence. Rhonda Gail Davis of Bono, received the R. E. Lee Wilson Citizenship Award from Mike Wilson a descendent of the man for whom the award is named. Miss Davis graduated from ASU in May 1986 with a degree in speech communications. PRESIDENT ' S SCHOLARS Dr. Eugene W. Smith, president, pre- sented the President ' s Scholar Award to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in each college of the university. The seven President ' s Scholars and their respective colleges are (from left) Margaret Maxey of Bates- ville, Arts and Sciences; Beth Holmes of Jonesboro, Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Sciences; Lexie Sullivan of Smithville, Education; Jim Shemwell of Jonesboro, Business; Betty Jo Gunter of Jonesboro, Nursing and Health Pro- fessions; Caterina L. Neal-Craig of Au- gusta, Communications; and Lee Anne Dublin of Blytheville, Fine Arts. DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS The Distinguished Service Awards are presented in recognition of service and involvement in the university. All of the recipients have numerous academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Five recipients of the Distinguished Ser- vice Award (DSA) were named. They were (from left) Paula Gibson o f Jones- boro, John J. Drake of Hot Springs, Rhonda Gail Davis of Bono, Carl M. Briggs of West Memphis and Michael Holt of Leachville. Distinguished Service Award recipi- ents are selected by the Honors Awards Committee of the University from nom- inations by faculty, staff and students. 43 HIDDEN TALENTS SURFACE IN Intramurals offer a wide range of athletic events to provide exercise and entertainment to Arkansas State stu- dents. If you ' ve ever watched any of the events, you ' ve noticed that hidden ta- lents seem to surface. People who can ' t walk and chew gum at the same time, so to speak, seem to come alive and move the ball down the field, spike the ball to the floor, or shoot the hoop. The games which are played in the P.E. complex or on the intramural fields, offer a replacement to sitting in the dorm room and provides a way for the stu- dents to stay in top shape. Join an Intra- mural team — you don ' t know what you ' re missing. INTRAMURALS . . . SPORTING FUN FOR EVERY ONE WATCH OUT GLOBETROTTERS! ASU ' S OWN VERSION OF BASKETBALL FUN Maty Lynn (18) keeps close defensive tabs on her opponent. 49 | tch McGrew grabs a rebound over a member of Fat City as Roger Rose (25) ■ d Mark Needham (43) look on. AFTER (between) HOURS The University of Arkansas vs. Ar- kansas State issue escalated through- out the year. AT WORK AND PLAY The individuals who attend concerts at the Fieldhouse basically see what happens once they have taken a seat, the lights go out and the artist moves to center stage. During the performance is really a time for a Union Board Concert Committee member to catch his her breath. But not for long because their roles change from stage hands to security. Many people are not aware that the day of show activities usually begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends approximately 4:00 a.m. the next day. The day of show activities are preceeded by 4-6 months of contacting agencies and ne- gotiating dates and prices. Once a group has ac- cepted an offer and con- tracts are signed, all the de- tails must be taken care of. These details can be as spe- cific as removing the red and green M M ' s from the bag. The concert committee has always been complimented by their endeavors by many major promoters. 55 Ricky Skaggs and T. Graham Brown performed before 11 loyal fans January 24, 1987 in the Fieldhouse. The crowd brave; freezing rains and hazardous road conditions in order to spen a special evening with two of country music ' s biggest stars. Graham Brown opened the stage with a mixture of rhythm ar blues from his current top 20 album. R I C S K A K G Y G Ricky Skaggs took the stage at 9:10 p.m. and played for T 2 hours through a series of bluegrass to traditional country to gospel. Skaggs was named the Instrumentalist of The Year by Cash Box Magazine in 1985. He demonstrated his ability on stage by playing the acoustic and electric guitars, the fiddle and the mandolin. Skaggs was one of the youngest members to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Hall of Fame. Also in 1 985 he was selected as the Country Music Associa- tions Entertainer of the Year. The concert was spon- sored by the Union Board. 38 SPECIAL The 38 Special concert on February 13, 1987 was one of the biggest production shows ever in the Field- house. Approximately 4 tons of sound and lighting were suspended from the ceiling. The Union Board Concert committee spent a total of 23 straight hours from load in to load out. The Wild-Eyed Southern Boys from Jacksonville clearly presented their form of contemporary American Rock ' N ' Roll at ASU. Their appearance on campus was part of a two week college tour throughout the Southern United States promoting their new released album " Strength in Numbers. " DRAMA IN ACTION A (C) Leslie Rhiddlehoover and Dan Addington provide some of their best performances during " Foreigner. " C I ASU EXPANDS FACILITIES Ground breaking cere- monies were held September 15, 1987 for the new addition to the Laboratory Science Building. The $5.48 million project will add a wing 200 feet long and 50 feet wide between the existing Laboratory Sci- ences Building and the Com- munications building, the 4,000 square feet facility was expected to take approxi- mately ten years to complete. The new addition would pro- vide extensive (hi-tech instru- ments) for botany, cell biolo- gy, and chemistry. The New Dairy complex located on Longhorn Drive con- tains state of the art dairy equipment. The dedication was held on October 24, 1986. Bill Alexander was on hand to speak in the show barn. The new facility replaces the old dairy complex which had been in op- eration for fifity years. 61 EXPANDING Although it cannot be documented, it is safe to say that more international students have come to ASU in the last five years than enrolled at ASU in the preceding 25 years. As a result of the University ' s policy of encourag- ing international education on the ASU cam- pus, the number of foreign students on our campus has increased almost ten times in five years: from less than 40 to about 400. We now have international students from 40 countries: from Australia to Venezuela, from every continent of the world, representing most of the major ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. We have had Ful- bright scholars on our faculty; we have sent exchange students overseas; we have wel- comed foreign students in our community. Their stay affects our lives, individually and collectively, locally and nationally, even obviously, sometimes imperceptibly. For ex- ample, we now have stores and restaurants that sell foreign food; it is estimated that for- eign students spend over $2 million per year in the local economy; international education- al efforts at ASU provide full time employment for about thirty persons on ASU campus; many of our International graduates have re- turned home to assume positions of respon- sibility; ASU is a partner in international devel- opment, in building bridges for international peace. Since all of us do not get an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world to see how close we really are to each other as fel- low travellers on planet earth, it is wonderful to have foreign students and faculty on our campus. A- STATE Mt. I. Lakra, Secretary of Education from the Embassy of India, was escorted around campus by Malvinder (middle) and Parminder (far right) Singh. jO These two pages are dedicated to those ASU students who feel their coverage in this yearbook was not appropriate. PLACE PHOTO HERE PLACE PHOTO HERE My college days INSERT COPY HERE PLACE PHOTO HERE PLACE PHOTO HERE PLACE PHOTO HERE 65 ORGANIZATIONS 67 SGA Index Accounting Club 82 ACEI 87 ACS 81 Alpha Epsilon Rho 84 Alpha Lambda Delta 77 Alpha Psi Omega 89 American Society of Agricul- tural Engineering 81 APICS 76 Arkansas Hall Dorm Council 86 Arkansas Print Club 74 Art Director ' s Club 71 ASPA 90 Association of Computing Machinery 91 ASU Color Guard 70 Beta Gamma Sigma 87 Block and Bridle Club ... 86 Chi Alpha 80 Church of Christ Student Center 75 College Republicans 85 Future Farmers of American 88 Gamma Beta Phi 77 Gamma Sigma Sigma.... 76 Graphic Arts Club 72 Herald Staff 79 IEFE 88 Indian Princesses 72 International Student Asso- ciation 75 Kappa Delta Pi 93 Kappa Kappa Psi 93 Kappa Mu Epsilon 73 Kays Hall Dorm Council 74 Livestock Judging Team 88 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship 92 Model UN 92 Modern Dance Club 87 National Student Speech Language and Hearing As- sociation 81 Nursing Students Association 94 Panhellenic Council 89 PEM Club 70 Phi Epsilon Kappa 84 Phi Eta Sigma 71 Photo Flow Club 79 Pi Kappa Delta 90 Pi Omega Pi 85 PRSSA 95 Psi Chi 85 Ranger Platoon 73 Secretaries Club 82 Sigma Alpha lota 95 Sigma Alpha lota Singers 95 Social Work Club 91 Society of Professional Journalists 79 Student Council for Excep- tional Children 79 Student Government Asso- ciation 68-69 Student National Education Association 80 Tau Beta Sigma 92 Tri Beta 78 Twin Towers Executive Council 72 Union Board Concert Com- mittee 78 Union Board Officers .... 71 University Hall Dorm Council 76 Wesley Foundation 94 Wome n in Communications 91 The Student Government Association is the highest organization of student government and is composed of every regularly enrolled student at ASU. The responsibilties of the SGA are that of service to and representation for the entire student body. Some services avail- able to students through the SGA include the lost and found, the book hotline, bike rental, student discount card, and homecoming. (A) Joe Gregory-Pres. (B) Russell Evans-V. Pres. (C) Mark Belk-Staff Director (D) Melanie Williams-P.R. (E) Eric Scott-Treas. (F) Mark Young-P.R. (G) David Benson-Student Services Director. SGA SENATORS a) Upper Level at Large- Saleem Zawawi; Tommy Dillard- Pres. Pro Tem- pore; Doug Acuff- Parlia- mentarian b) Lower Level at Large- Donna Gayle Hendrix; Jackie Hosinski; Stephanie Graff c) Lower Level Educa- tion- Dominique Hallet; Laurie Hinck; Dede Red- den d) Upper Lev el Arts and Sciences- Ron Roades; Mark Clark; Kendall Kirby e) Lower Level Arts and Sciences- Drue Ford; El- isa Matterson; Mike Todd f) Military Science- Mike Ashford g) Lower Level Business - Mark Webb; Jimmy McClain; Bill Watson; Scott Berry; Amy Doyle; Clinton Smith h) Lower Level Engineer- ing, Agri., and App. Sci- ences- Hoshang Hor- masji; Upper Level Engi- neering, Agri., and App. Sciences- Ron Kingston i) Upper Level Education- Paul Gunter; Tommy Ford; Rodger Troxel j) Upper Level Business- David Doyle; Allison Shanklin; Pat McCarty; (not pic.) Mark Ramsey k) Upper Level Nursing and Health Professions- Katie Hart: Lower Level Nursing and Health Prof.- (not pic.) William Barrentine; Upper Level Fine Arts- Jo Adams; Lower Level Fine Arts- (not pic.) Stephanie Dickson I) Lower Level Communi- cations- Mitzi Langlois; Upper Level Commun- ciations- Suzanne Ray m) University College- Dave Butler; Mike Clay- ton; Kevin Goodin; David Sales; Brian Rigsby; (not pic.) Craig Cornett n) Freshman Senators- Laura Toombs; Misty Shaw; Heather Huffman; Kent Bridger; (not pic.) Cami Smith 69 ASU COLOR GUARD The purpose of the color guard is to carry and protect the flag of the United States, the flag of Arkansas, and the flag of their platoon. Perry Turner, Jerome Smith, Donald Lovett, Sandy Thompson, Mike Ashford The Physical Education Majors Club functions to awaken a wide and intelligent interest in Health, Physi- cal Education, and Reaction and to advance the students of the profes- sion. Row 1: B. J. Chipman, Cord McLaurin. Steve Rorex, Boyce Hamlett. Murugas Silvaratnam, Wayne Sanders. Pres. , Row 2: Melissa Daniel, Melissa Bracy, Jeanie Harper, Beverly Booth, Karen Miller, Kim Stephens, Carta Wofford, Annette Burdyshaw, Johnny Fleming, Row 3: Marilyn Allen, Rhonda Cloinger, Marilssa Kerr, Gia Taylor, Melody Cox, Sharon Mudford, Michelle Gaines, Joel Conley, Lewis Bishop, Row 4: B. J. McAfee, Janet Brewer, Karin Telle, Semona Hawkins, Troy Gramling, Earl Easley, Marques Mealing, Richie Allensworth, Row 5: Kenneth Rich, Paul Seagraves, David Shaw, Jimmy Lowrey, Danny Gullett, Wayne Hudson, Jim Wiseman, Joe Boon, Rob Lindley ART DIRECTORS CLUB The purpose of the ASU Art Directors Club s to give commercial art students the opportuni- y to involve themselves in commercial art on a Drofessional level. 1st row: Craig Evensen, Gretta Neal, Evelyn Fritts. 2nd row: 7mdy Vinson; Curtis Steele, Faculty sponsor; Robert Porter; -ranees Webb, Pres.,; Diane Fowler, Patti Landers The purpose of the Union Board is to provide educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs for the benefit of the University community and to help develop sound leadership through the planning and execution of these programs. Maria Wheeless, V-Pres.; Scott Moye, Pres.; Rhonda Mynatt, Sec. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honor- ary society for freshmen. It provides fellowship for first semester freshmen who have excelled academically. ' Left to right) Sam Genusso, Jimmy Brown, Tony Gould, Bobby Mills, Mark Huffman, Tim Boozer, Charles Smith, Todd Hulett, Richard Farmer. GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB For any student who has completed or is now enrolled in a printing course. 1st row: Tracey Hartert, Pres.; Jan Floyd; 2nd row: Eric Rooney, V. Pres.; Boyd Laney; Chris Almond. TWIN TOWERS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The purpose of the Twin Towers Execu- tive council is to involve residents in prinic- pals of self government through responsible leadership. 1st row: Vince L. Adams, Treas.; Paul Rice, Pres.; 2nd row: Keith Lacewell, 2nd V. Pres.; Monty C. Martin, Parliamentarian; James Tate, 1st Parliamentarian; James Tate, 1st V. Pres.; Not pictured: Jerry Malone, Sec. INDIAN PRINCESSES ie Indian princesses ' purpose i ootball players. pose is to re- Rosa Reed, Tilda Crafton, Teresa Gause, Jeanette Withrow, Tracy Sparks, Sarah Parr. RANGER ' LATOON The purpose is to pro- vide practical exercises in small unit tactics for both conventional and uncon- ventional type warfare with particular emphasis on pa- trolling, orienteering, and mountaineering. 1st row: Captain Joe Hines, John Weeks, Mark Robinson, Mike Ashford, Jeff Hutchison, 2nd row: Staff Sgt. Ray Pandell, Guy Younger, Lloyd Johnson, James Tate, Kevin Goodwin, Andrew Hill, Jeff Middlebrook, Tom Steger, 2nd row: Master Sgt. Elmer Fore- man, Jerry Smith, Brian Earls, Steve Thompson, William Barrentine, Christopher Carlile, William Craft, Michael Hubbard, William Smith 1st row: Dr. Tom Bishop, Advisor; Karyn Infield, Pres.; Daphne Eagan, V. Pres.; Jim Washam, Treas.; Ray Hunter, Sec; Robert Perkins, Reporter; 2nd row: Neal San- ders, Charles Skelton, Mark Belk, Steve Smith, Tim DeSalvo, Nancy Crumpton, Patty nthony; Not pictured: Carol Cornell, Dr. R. P. Smith, Adv.; Dr. J. L. Linnstaedter, ?orr.-Sec. KAPPA MU EPSILION The Arkansas Alpha Chap- ter of Kappa Mu Epsilon has functions (1) to further the inter- est of math in undergraduate programs. (2) to help realize the role of math in development of western civilization; (3) to pro- vide a society of recognition for outstanding math majors. 73 ARKANSAS PRINT CLUB The purposes of the club are to encour- age print-making and collecting, to derive benefits from cooperative purchasing of supplies, and to raise funds to assist in print- making objectives. 1st row: Lori Noblin, Melissa Worthington - Pres.; 2nd row: Evan Lindquist, Adv.; Shah Hays, Tywana Bennett, Paula Wewers, Rosanna Morgan, Shirley Bearden. KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL The Kays Hall Dorm Council is com- posed of students living within the hall; their purpose is to involve residents in the princi- pals of self-government through responsible leadership. 1st row: Elvon Reed, Pres.; Diana Williams, V-Pres.; Margaret Purnell, Sec; 2nd row: Kelly Kennedy, Kimberely Brannan, Bliss Winningham, Tracey Co- vert, Beth Moles, Daphne Willis, Anita Thompson STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN ' The Student Council promotes aware- ness of the needs of exceptional children and their parents in Northeast Arkansas and to inform students of their opportunities in educating exceptional children. 1st row: Dr. Louis Semrau, Co-Adv.; Jerris Meredith, Treas.; Johanna Brag, Pres.; Leigha Miller, Sec; Mrs. Janie Cruce, Adv. 2nd row: Kathy Frost, Nancy Home, Wanda Hill, Wanda Jackson, Suetta Veatch, Linda Byrd, Debbie Stockinger. CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER The purpose is to pro- vide fellowship, friendship, and teaching - all of which make the foundations of a better life. 1st row: Rupert Yen; Penny Collins; Terri Johnson; Sandy Arnn; Sony a Pomtree; Tracy Brooks; 2nd row: Rich- ard Akins, Campus Minister; Jeff Webb; Steve Russell; Jodie Huth; Christy Moseley, Kerry McCright; Scott Harris; Kelley Rasor; Bryant Perry; Brad Howard INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION An organization to provide meaningful contact with men and women from different coun- tries for the purpose of learning and understanding different cul- tures. 1st row: Norifan Ahmat, Monika Winquist, Ruku Veerasamy, Juan Ospina, Jill Dyeus, Cristina A. Ferretto, Kuganes Veerasamy, Hitoe Iwanami, Nhu Nghyen; 2nd row: HosLang Hormasji, Tadashi Kusano, Akinori Tabata, Takushi Motono, Praba - S. Brabaakaran, Khoo Lye Imm, Lee Boon Hwa, Alngtaiee Mohammed, Alnetaig Yazeed, Iqbal Hasan; 3rd row: Saleem Zawawi. Fawad Adil, 75 Priyanga De Silva, Anoushak Farzad, Akira Yoshida, Masahiro Kihara, Megat Mond Yatim, Clement Oigbokie, William Allen, Advisor UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL The purpose of the council is to involve residents in the principals of self-govern- ment through responsible leadership. 1st row: Tracy Hartert; Lisa Brooks; Tammy Yarbrough; 2nd row: Leanne Reilly; Jan Simpson; Jill Flitter; Sandy Robinson; 3rd row: Lisa Gardner; Sandy Pickens, V- Pres.; Laurie Washam, Pres.; Katherine Williams, Sec; Cody Pendergist; Gwendolyn Cobb; Katie Hart, Treas. mmm APICS The American Production and Inventory Control Society promotes a professional at- titude among student members toward an understanding and acceptance of the sci- ence of production and inventory control thereby advancing the general welfare of the industrial economy. 1st row: Arnold Ray Shaw; Tyson Teel; Marva Dol- lar; Rebecca A. Hendon; Kelly Bourland; Cindy Jack- son; Doug Scott. Not pictured: Hershel Jones; Jr. Hess GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sigma is a national ser- vice sorority. 1st row: Evelyn Jenkins, Wyvonia Rutherford; 2nd row: Benita Matlock, Marie Smith, Celeste Mcin- tosh; Brenda Whitaker GAMMA BETA PHI Gamma Beta Phi is a national service fraternity for students who show promise academically and in leadership. 1st row: Nannette Henderson. Marva Dollar. Dominique Hallett. Susan Stalnaker. Jena Gibson. Gwen Reeves. Lavanda Sherrill, Kelly Davis. Barbara McGuire. Kerry McCnght. Jetta Petty. Bliss Winntngham. Tebrah Grimmer. Ginger Taylor. Katherine Davis, Catherine Calloway, Assist. Adv.: 2nd row: Martha Carter, Larry Helms. Melinda Hodge. Kathy Keith. Nita Thompson. Dana Rasmussen. Joni Washburn. Rebecca Ramsey. Donna Gayle Hendrix. Angela Caddell. Lesley Stracner. Pam Callis. Crystal Parmenter. Carole Buffalo. Hoshang Hormasji - Treas.. John Blair. Nancy Crumpton. Wendell Wells: 3rd row: John Thomas. Adv., Jim Washam. Michael Holt. Greg Harton. Ross Cockburn. Dale Case. David Trantham. Terrie White. Billy Parks. Kann Telle. Karen Davidson. Mark Welch. Virginia Adams. Danny Moore. Pam Holden. Suzanne Jones. Gary Cooper. Doc Farmer ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a National Scholastic Honor Soci- ety for Freshmen. 1st row: Elvon Reed, Historian; Elisa Masterson, Sec; Karen Fowler, Treas.; Kim Clark, V-Pres.; Marsha Light, Pres.; 2nd row: Melinda Hodge; Cheryl Nave; Stacy Bouland; Patti Leinenbach; Suz- anne Jones; Mary Lou McDaniel, Adv.; Not pictured: Teresa Ray, Editor 77 BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA BETA stimulates interest, scholar- ly attainment and investiga- tion in the biological sci- ences; to promote research for undergraduate majors to promote the dissemination of information and new in- terpretations; to promote bi- ology. First row: Michele Evyan, Suzanne Jones, Lavanda Sherrill, Beth Fair, Stan Trauth Second row: Daniel Rapert, Jan Simpson, Dianne Conaway, Steve Chordas, Laura Maxwell UNION BOARD CONCERT COMMITTEE This committee provides diversified musical enter- tainment in a concert setting for the University. First row: Donna Copeland, Tammy Dement, Sandy Salazar, Jill Davis, Deana Satterwhite, Fayeth Wil- liams, Judy James, Karen Pitcher, Carta Wofford, Teresa Cunningham Second row: Lesley Elkins, Betsy Butler, Tim Ingram, Amy Yersak, Angela Williams, Kris Davis, Stacey Finney, Lance S. Dunlap, Cindy Mathews, Karla Ashlock, Randy Kemp, Dennis Terry SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS The purpose is to provide an avenue for professional development of its members and to provide journalisitc service to our campus and community. 1st row: Angie Davis, Lori Webb, Cynthia Fulton, V.- Pres.; Keith Moore, Treas.; Jeff Hankins, Pres.; Greg Harton PHOTO FLOW CLUB The purpose of this organization is to provide a diversity of educational and in- formative photographic programs and to promote interest in photography through the campus. 1st row: Cynthia Fulton; Lori Webb, Sec; John Tho- mas, Adv.; 2nd row: Rodney Lockett; Steve Chenault; Greg Harton HERALD STAFF The Herald is the campus newsletter published by ASU and operated as a labora- tory experience for students in journalism and printing. 1st row: Suzy Taylor, News Editor; Trish Isbell, Copy Editor; Angie Davis, Feature Editor; Cynthia Fulton, Managing Editor; Lori Webb; 2nd row: John Dunn, Sports Editor; Keith Moore. Campus Editor; Rodney Lockett. Co-Editorial Page; Greg Horton, Assist. Photo Editor; Steve Watkins, Editorial Page NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND HEARING ASSOCIATION SNEA is a pre-professional organization which strives to develop an understanding and appreciation of the teaching profession. It provides a voice for students in matters affect- ing education. SNEA also pro- motes leadership and a pro- fessional attitude among stu- dents interested in teaching. 1st row: Dr. Sue Davidson, Adv.; Pamela Clark, Sec.-Treas.; Susan Armstrong; Lana Sharley; Vearlene Burns; Annette Christian. 2nd row: Paula Sprinkle, V.-Pres; Jeff Whittingham, Pres.; Mary Orlick; Melinda Hodge; John Buchanan; Debbie Stockinger CHI ALPHA Chi Alpha ' s purpose is to encourage Christian activity and provide opportunity for Christian witnessing, train- ing, worship, service, and fellowship on university campuses. 1st row: Donna Ferguson, V.-Pres.; Allen Mooneyhan, Donna Allen, Hist.; Ronnie Montgomery; Andy Mooneyham; Barbara Smith, Pres. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of the ASU Chapter of The National Student Speech and Hearing Asso- ciation is to promote interest in the profes- sions of Speech Pathology and Audiology and to involve students in an awareness of the issues facing the field of Communicative Disorders. 1st row: Janna Cherry, Bridgette Chrisco, Donna Allen, Melanie Burns, Lori Gott; 2nd row: Beth Ford, Rene Reeves ACS The American Chemical Society pro- vides intellectual stimulation through pro- fessional association and experience in presenting technical material to audi- ences. 1st row: Pam Kirby; Melanie Fiala, Pres. 2nd row: Jessie Mastin, John Cude, Tom Black, David Min- ick, Ahmad Shateri-Mirabadi AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING The purpose of this organization is to promote the interests of agricultural engi- neering students relative to their profession- al advancement and to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 1st row: John Hillman, Greg Brady, Mike Heggie, Brad Smithee, Kenneth Wixon. 1 st row: Tina Steward, Advisor; Sandy Prince; Nancy Hooten; Kerry McCright; 2nd row: Lynn Hannah, V-Pres. ; Marva Dollar; Cheryl Cannella-Pierce; Hazel McPherson; Nannette Henderson; 3nd row: Rebecca Ramsey, Sec; Rudy Dillard, Pres.; Elizabeth Hiatt, Treas.; Joe Riddle; Terrie White; Laura McKee; Laura Hofmann; Cindy Wheeless. SECRETARIES CLUB The purpose of the Secre- taries Club is to promote good public relations for ASU and take advantage of every opportunity to render a service. II I 1 1st row: Marilyn Brewer; Joyce McEwem; Sue Hogue; Helen Foster, 2nd row: Virginia Brewer; Jean Fish- er; Janice Hurd; Peggy Brown; Jeanette Millsap; 3rd row: Gail Siddell; Ronda Woodruff; Ouida Fulgham; Joy Cobla; Waomi Shaffer; Marie Chamber; Betty Higgins HONORS ASSOCIATION The purpose is to foster social contact, the exchange of ideas among honor students and faculty, and encourage intellectual free- dom, achievement and growth among its members. 1st row: Jana Gibson, Jodie Huth, Lesley Peters, Cody Pendergist, Dominique Hailett; 2nd row: Sharon Hansard, Jim Washam, Gary Phillips, Kevin Goodin, Kenneth Neely, Fayeth Williams YOUNG DEMOCRAT CLUB " An organization to promote student in- volvement, education, and practical experi- ences in politics. " 7s? row: Tommy Powell; Michelle King; Preston Archer, Pres.; Anthony Hulen, Dr. Charles Hartwig Advisor: not pictured: Dr. Jane Gates, Advisor DELTA NU ALPHA TRANSPORTATION CLUB This national student fraternity pro- motes greater knowledge of traffic and transportation among business majors. 1st row: Mark Wright, Treas.; Michael Coleman; George Curnutt, Pres.; Clement Oigbokie; David Lim Teng-Hooi, Sec; Dr. Dan Hoyt, Adv. 83 ALPHA EPSILON RHO The purpose is to pro- mote interaction between students and professionals in the broadcasting indus- try. First row: Lesley Stracner; Kris Davis; Donna Loyd, Sec; Beth Marie, V.-Pres.-Treas.; Keith Boles, Pres.; Sec- ond row: Kent Armstrong; Chuck Smith; H. K. Porchis; Van Wilhoite; Clyde Williams, Jr.; Bill Richter; Paul Rice; John McCoy; Steve Atkins; Jim Treese PHI EPSILON KAPPA The purpose of this pro- fessional education fra- ternity shall be to further the individual welfare of its members and to foster scientific research in the fields of health, physical, recreation, and safety ed- ucation. First row: Silvaratnam Murgasu; Cindy Albright; Gary Chandler; Bryan Russell; Second row: Jeanie Harper, Pres.; Kim Anderson, V.-Pres.; Pat Welch; Kellie Shanks; John Hosinski; Frances Smallwood; Third row: Thomas Ad- ams, Adv.; Ronnie Harper, Treas.; Larry Scaife; Gary Albright; Alta Burns; Jeff Rider; Jess White; Karin Tele; Not pictured: Palmer Scales, Sec. Kathy Hudson PSI CHI " To advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of individual members. " First row: Katherine Williams, V.-Pres.; Anaicka Tilgha- nan, Pres.; Second row: Cara Hopp, Treas.; Mel Spen- cer; Fred Felt; Robert Johnson, Adv.; Angela West, Sec. COLLEGE REPUBLICANS ASU Republicans seek to learn about politics by participating in political events and discussing civic affairs in the various or- ganizational projects First row: Tammie McNully; Cynthia Sellers, Sec; Shar- on Lewis; Second row: Vincent L. Adams, V. -Chairman; Mario Machado; Chris Hazel; Russ Lewis, Chairman; Not pictured: Boyd Irby; Todd Smith, Treas. PI OMEGA PI Pi Omega Pi is an honor society for Business Education majors only with a 3.00 or above GPA. First row: Bliss Winningham; Jetta Petty; Donna Hobbs; Second row: Karla Ashlock; Laura Mullins; Johnnie Moore; Carolyn Moody; Lisa Lumpkin. 85 BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB Semi-professional and semi-social organization for students interested in live- stock, preferably for animal science and pre-vet majors, or anyone in agriculture. 1st row: Dr. G. W. Tibbetts - Adv.; Robyn Theobald, President; Janet Beck; Grace Vudures; Robyn Rhea; Dr. Myron Cole - Vice Pres.; Karen Fowler - Treas.; Phil Wilkes. 2nd row: Lance Sims; Steve Eakins - Reporter. 3rd row: J. H. Keene - Adv. ; Rodney Wiedower - Marshal; Lisa Harrison; Mark Herrington; Bill Soden - Photogra- pher.; Terry Van Doyle; W. A. North - Adv. ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUNCIL The Arkansas Hall Dorm Council is com- posed of students living within each hall. Their pur- pose is to involve resi- dents in the principles of self-government through responsible leadership. 4 a?. First row: Tosknella Riddle; Carol Hodge; Benita Matlock; Erica Brown. Second row: Melinda Hodge, Pres.; Kath- eyParr, V.-Pres.; Karyn infield, Sec; Judy Winkle, Treas.; Annette Frey, Historian; Third row: Bonne Hills; Josanne Sammut; Rebecca Perkins; Shannon Rennicke; Donna Miller; Jacqueline Jordan; Gwendolyn Lewis. MODERN DANCE CLUB The Modern Dance Club channels ener- gies for talented individuals in dance, pro- vides an outlet for would be choreogra- phers, and perform in educational dance programs. Standing: Debbie Guyer; Cheryl Gregory; Melissa Bracy; Donna Gayle Hendrix, Pres.;Angie Layne; Chris- tina Lee; Carol Wood BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment among students of business and administra- tion to promote the advancement of educa- tion in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business activities. First row: Terrie White; Donald W. Hendon, Adv.; Laura Hoffman, Sec.-Treas.; Nancy Hooten; Second row: Re- becca Ramply; Rudy Dillard; Elizabeth Hiatt; Siva Ni- thiananthan, V-Pres.; Lynn Hannah, Pres.; Rebecca Hendon; Kerry McCraight; Tina Steward ACEI The Association for Childhood Educa- tion International is an organization which places emphasis upon young children (in- fancy and early adolescence). A student branch of a larger national organization. First row: Karyn Webber; Beth Rogers, Sec; Marsha Griff en, V.-Pres.; Second row: Melinda Hodge; Judy Winkle; Vearlene Burns; Robyn Doyle; Dr. Jack Hogins, Co- Adv.; Emily Scroggs, Pres.; Not pictured: Mrs. Nancy Bacot, Co- Adv. 87 LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM The Livestock Judging team competes with other colleges in judging livestock. First row: Keith Klemmer; Myron Cole; Rodney Wie- dower; Steve Eakins; Second row: Brent Schmiegelow; Dr. G. W. Tibbetts - Coach; BillSoden, Asst. Coach; Ter- ry Doyle; Not pictured: Steve Davis; Robert Passmore; David Veasman; Eric Stark FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The purpose of the ASU FFA is to advance vocational education in agricul- ture in public schools of Arkansas; to provide recreational and educational ac- tivities for students interested in agricul- ture; to encourage cooperative effort among trainees and students interested in agriculture. First row: Dr. Myron Cole, Adv.; Robyn Rhea; Robyn Theobald; Terry Van Doyle, Pres.; Lisa Har- rison; Rodney Wiedower, V.-Pres.; Amos B. Roug- eau, Adv.; Second row: Rodger Helms; Phil Wilkes; Chad Oliver; Tim Turnbow; Kevin E. McKenzie; David Shelton m The ASU Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers at- tempts to advance the professional develop- ment of students interested in electrical en- gineering as a profession. First row: Neal Sanders, Sec.; David Moss, Treas.; Dr. Engelken, Adv.; Mike Slayton, Pres.; Second row: Patty Anthony; Robert Perkins; Faramarz Soleimani; Russell Crouch, P.R.; William Hardy WJHELLENIC COUNCIL Sorority policies and standards are maintained through the Panhellenic Council composed of repre- sentatives of each group. First row: Jane Hill, P.R.; Mary AKathryn Pittman, Treas.; Laurie Washam, Sed.; Cindy Busbee, V.-Pres.; Alyce Heeb, Pres.; Second row: Christina Lee; Sonya Chandler; Christine Bregy; Laura Maxwell; Kim Bishop; Lisa McLemore; Susan Mullen; Jill Ritter; Fayeth Williams; Linda Smith, Asst. Advisor ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary fraternity which supports theater activities. First row: Terry L. Ziegenhorn, Treas.; John R. Rainwater; Melissa L. Wakefield, Pres.; Deidra R. Mounts, V. Pres.; Second row: Dr. Carol Pratt, Adv.; WadeS. Hughes; pearl Q. White; Lisa Connie Kent; Deana Satterwhite; Third row: Anita Mann; Robert Giles Flack; Phillip W. Grant Frowman; Tony Blackman; Cynthia D. Merillat, Histo- rian 89 ASPA The student chapter of the American Society for Personnel Administration is affiliated with national orga- nization of executives with 30,000 members and 300 professional chapters in 50 states. First row: Nanci Cornwall, Treas.; Sandra Trevathan; Kelly Bourland; Jana Gibson; Second row: Dr. Dan Hoyt, Adv.; Stefanie Perkins, Project Director; Arnold Ray Shaw; Greg Rooks; Crystal Parmenter; Jaynette Hincline, Faculty Sponsor; Third row: Cathy Elder; Rhonda Gibbs; Mark Robinson; Clement Oigbokie; Michael Coleman; Terry Chambers, Sec; Mark Wright, Pres.; Karen Davidson; V.-Pres. PI KAPPA DELTA The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta Fraternity is to pro- mote public speaking and debate and to participate in such individual events as poetry, prose and dramatic interpretation. First row: Gary Phillips; Barbara McGuire; Dawn Kent; Karen Wallis; Laura Cooper; Second row: Andrea Harper; Kim Harris; Randy Storey; Lori Johnson; Doug Acuff; Karen Lewallen; Helen Leniear; Dominique Hallett WOMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS, INC. WICI unites members for the purpose of promoting the advancement of women in the field of communica- tions; to work for the first amendment rights and re- sponsibilities of communicators, to recognize distin- guished professional achievements and to promote high professional standards throughout the communi- cations industry. Beth Marie; Cynthia Fulton; Donna Loyd; Lori Webb, Pres. ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTING MACHINERY This organization was established in or- der to promote an increased knowledge in the science, design, development, construc- tion, language, and applications of modern computing machinery. First row: Bala Maniam; Donna Ferguson; Martha Car- ter; Second row: Robert Rossa, adv.; Kirk Hicks; Kitty Sundahl; David Croom; Jimmy Gossett; Dr. Robert P. Smith; Adv. SOCIAL WORK CLUB The ASU Social Work Club provides an opportunity for social work majors to be- come acquainted with each other in the field of social work; to develop professional ethics and standards for social work person- nel; to encourage training opportunities and experience for social work majors. First row: Sherry Lace, P.R.; Dr. Julia Burkart, Adv.; Jo- seph Mobley; Kathy Parr; V.-Pres.; Cindy Rice, Pres.; Second row: Reda Kimble; Pat Sayeors; Arlee Wallace; Barbara Long, Sec. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT The Missionary Baptist Student Fellow- ship is a group of Christian college students who represent Christ to the college campus and provide Christian Fellowship to all who will receive. The main purpose is to strength- en the lives of young Christians and to share Christ with our fellow man. First row: Tammy McNully; Terri Cleaver; Carmon Mounts; Viola Cossey; Michelle King; Second row: Me- linda David; Angle Davis; Tracy Hill; Deleisa Bailey; Phil- lip Lewallen; Misty Parrish; Third row: Joe Looney; John Taylor; Ben Barylski; Philip Landers; David Cossey; Jimmy Gossett TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma is an honorary orga- nization that serves to promote the exis- tence and welfare of the university bands. First row: Alesia Vealsey, Hist; Patti Leinenbach, Treas.; Lynn Knutson, Sec.; Peggy Jeffries, V.-Pres.; Tina Peacock, Pres.; John Dulaney, Psi Guy; Second row: Laura Moore; Pam Patton; Diane Cook; Jeannie Casey; Michelle Hogard; Dianna Riley; Lisa Lyons; Carta Felts; Melody Childers; Peggy Powers. MODEL UN Open to students in any major anc class, the model UN prepares student dele gations and participates in state and region al intercollegiate Model UN meetings by studying contemporary world issues and practicing parliamentary procedure. First row: Bill Gillespie; Edward Nesbitt; Dominique Hal- let; Second row: Dale Thomas; Eric Blount; Paul Hogue; Scott Costello; Third row: Charles Hartiviz; Bill Barnett; S. A. " Hawke " Macheak; Cindy Sellers; Clifton Leon Richmond KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is an hon- orary educational fraternity. Its purpose is to reco gnize outstanding contributions to education. It endeavors to maintain fellowship and quicken professional grow- th among its members. First row: Carolyn Buchanan; Dail De Payten; Marilyn Hogan; Bliss Winningham; Second row: Debora Craig; Marlene Shannon; Stephanie Emerson; Melinda J. Hodge; Pamela Curtis; Third row: Melanie Burns; Sharon Osier; Mary Armstrong; Fourth row: Burton Crosswait; Sharon F. Midkiff; Brenda Allen; Shirley Dodson; Fifth row: Suetta Burge; Kathryn DeRoick Hendrix; Pah Alpe; Sixth row: Eldon Kerr; Timothy Ryan; Ruth Clark; Pa- mela Burrow; Jane Barnhill; Seventh row: Melinda Parker; Lena King; Carol Grinder KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary organization that serves to promote the exis- tence and welfare of the University Bands. First row: John Dulaney, Historian; Bruce Shannon, Corr. Sec; Steve M. Harcrow, Recording Sec; Jon Myers, Pres.; Tina Peacock, Sweetheart; Second row: Michael Smithson; Eddie Jernigan; Daniel Felts; David Carson Berry; Richard Vantreece; John Long; David Sanderson; David Pierce; David Berk; Michael Coley; David Sitzer; James Barr First row: Cindy Copeland; Josanne Sammut; David Curtis, 1st Semester Member at Large; Second row: Neil Gately, Pres. ; Bridgett Gately, Member at Large; Annette Fry; Lisa Hagar; David Bently, Minister; Cynthia Fulton; Jenni Floyd, Secretary NURSING STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The ASU Nursing Associ- ation is for students enrolled in the College of Nursing. First row: Lois Snider; Lawanda Sherrill; Cynthia Brogdon; Belinda Douglas; Second row: Harriett Whitley; Polly Raible; Diane Barnes; Tina Hunter; Rhonda Stewart; Jana Carter; Melodie Dunnam; Sandy Smith PRSSA The purpose of the The public Relations Student Society of America is to acquaint students with the field of public relations and with professional practitioners. Robert Swearengin - Adv.; Rhonda Mynatt; Renee De- prow; Teri Goodman; Cheryl Allen; Fayeth Williams, V- Pres.; Henrietta Walker, Pres.; Dean Hoskins; Not pic- tured: Trish Isbel; Vicki Carroll; Mia Conley; Pam Cox; Gerri Farmer; Dana Gossett; Jennifer Hicks; Johnny Hodges; Jerry Malone; Lisa McLemore; Stacey Pau- dert; Franklin Robertson; Danica Rust; Keith Sanders; Kim Smith; Pam Smith; Barbara Tanner; Peyton Tyner; Vicki White; Melanie Williams; Tammi Williamson; Karen Wright; Mark Young SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha lota is a national profes- sional music fraternity for women. Moore; Jo Adams; Peggy Jeffries; Bottom row: Dr. Theron Waddle, Asst. prof, of music, SAI Sweetie; Johnny Peoples, SAI Beau; Kim Wheeler, Pres.; Gay la Bump, V.-Pres.; Beth Fleming; Nancy Owens; Julia Lansford, Associate prof, of music, SAI Faculty Coun- selor SIGMA ALPHA OTA SINGERS The Sigma Alpha lota Singers are a singing laboratory and performance group. Top row: Nancy Owens; Karen Bridger; Jo Adams; Lau- rie Hink; Front row: Kim Wheeler; Dianna Riley WHO ' S WHO 97 WHO ' S WHO AT ASU . . . WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES has furthered the aims of higher education by rewarding and recognizing the indi- vidual academic excellence on a national level. In late August of each year at the beginning of the fall semester, the Who ' s Who campus selection committee is formed. Three students, including the chairman of the committee, are appointed by the President of the Student Government Association. Three administrators are appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, and three faculty mem- bers are appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate. The committee is composed of nine voting members, and the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Director of Student Activities serve as ex-officials. To be considered for selection to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, students must apply, and application forms were available in the SGA office and in the Office of the Dean of each college. Each committee member reviews each application and se- lects his her top 58 candidates. The number of candidates is set by the National Who ' s Who organization based upon the student headcount population of the participating insti- tution. The 1986 edition of Who ' s Who carried the name of 57 students, who individually received a majority vote of the local committee. Based upon the recommendation from our campus selection committee, the editors of the annual directory have included the names of these stu- dents based upon four criteria: academic achievement, cit- izenship and service to the institution and community, leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, and potential for future development. Particular attention in the selection process is directed toward the need to have re- presentatives from all colleges and from various ethnic constituents of the University. These young people join an elite group of this coun- try ' s most outstanding campus leaders selected from more than 1,400 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and in several foreign na- tions. Outstanding students have been distinguished by this honor for more than a half century. This is one more example of expanding the tradition of excellence at Arkan- sas State University. Douglas Allen Acuff History Pi Kappa Delta Tau Kappa Epsilon SGA Senator Virginia Ann Adams Marketing Gamma Beta Phi Dean ' s List Chi Omega Christopher W. Almond Printing Management Arts Club Dean ' s List Tau Kappa Epsilon Kathy J. Bird Medical Technology Medical Arts Club Dean ' s List Alpha Omicron Pi John W. Block Marketing Second Lieutenant ROTC Pamela Ann Callis Mathematics Education Gamma Beta Phi Dean ' s List ' Honor Roll 99 Dion Alfonso Cantu Mark Clark Criminology Chemistry Phi Alpha Theta Pi Gamma Mu Sigma Phi Epsilon s.G.A. senator Deans List Sigma Pi Daphne Eagen Russell E. Evans Jr. Mathematics Education Agriculture - Business Gamma Beta Phi American Chemical Society Kappa Mu Epsilon SGA - Vice President Agricultural Research Team 101 Michelle Evyan Thomas Stewart Ford Zoology Pre-Med Social Science Education Alpha Lambda Delta Dean ' s List Alpha Gamma Delta Dean ' s List Gamma Beta Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Gamma Beta Phi Cynthia Ann Fulton Journalism News Editorial Herald Staff Society of Professional Journalists Ronald David George Accounting Accounting Club Dean ' s List Tau Kappa Epsilon James Brian Gray Tracy Amanda Hartert Zoology Printing Management Medical Arts Club Gamma Beta Phi Kappa Alpha Order Graphic Arts Club Rotaract Club Student Development Committee 103 Lori Henson Speech Pathology Gamma Beta Phi ASU Homecoming Maid Alpha Gamma Delta Melinda Jane Hodge Early Childhood Education Gamma Beta Phi Dorm Council Alpha Lambda Delta Johnny K. Hodges Hoshang Dara Hormasji Health Services Administration Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Sigma Pi SGA Senator Engineering Club Gamma Beta Phi Tterican Society of Personnel Administration Gamma Sigma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta ASU Homecoming Maid Gamma Beta Phi Delta Sigma Theta Nancy An Mackey Shannon D. Malone Music Education Accounting Finance Tau Beta Sigma ASU Ban Alpha Lambda Delta Baseball Team Accounting Club Sigma Pi Crystal Dawn Parmenter Business Administration Accounting Club Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Beta Lambda Johnny Peoples Music Education ASU Marching Band Phi Mu Alpha Madrigal Singers Cody L. Pendergist Fine Arts Art Directors Club SGA Senator Resident Assistant Lesley Ann Peters Radio Television Broadcasters Society ASU Honors Association Gamma Beta Phi Data Supavadee Prommasa Business Administration Processing Management Assoc. Gamma Beta Phi Phi Theta Kappa Jill Leslie Ritter Computer Science TKE Order of Diana Panhellenic Council Alpha Omicron Pi Eric Mitchell Scott Radio Television SGA Treasurer Gamma Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Freedia Jean Stewart Business Administration Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Sigma Sigma Lesley Suzanne Stracner Radio Television ha Epsilon Rho Women in Communications Club Gamma Beta Phi Karin Kay Telle Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa ASU Softball Team PEM Club 109 Cynthia Ann Thayer Rehabilitation Counseling SGA Senator Medical Arts Club Zeta Tau Alpha Robyn Theobald Animal Science Pre-Vet Block Bridal Club Arkansas Poultry Federation Scholarship Intra mural sports Patricia H. Thomas Photojournalism Photo Flow Photo Editor Herald Gamma Beta Phi Roger Lee Troxel Biology Education Gamma Beta Phi American Assoc. for Respiratory Therapy Sigma : Laurie Renee Washam Toni Washburn Radio Television Marketing Alpha Epsilon Rho Dorm Council Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Beta Phi Accounting Club Alpha Lambda Delta Lori L. Webb Kimberly Wheeler Community Journalism Music Education Photo Flow Club Herald Editor Sigma Delta Chi Gamma Beta Phi Sigma Alpha lota SAI Singers Mark Young Journalism Public Relations SGA Public Relations Gamma Beta Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon WHO ' S WHO Among Students In AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES COLLEGES 777 s is to certify that The aforementioned students have been elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges in recognition of outstanding merit and accomplishment as a student at ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY 1986 - 1987 113 GREEK LIFE ■I 115 119 M I S S G R E E K P L E G E 1986 Pictured Left to right: Stephanie Stutts, First Runner-up; Jennifer Wilson, Miss Greek Pledge; Jill Rice, Second Runner-up. Miss Greek Pledge sponsored by Lamb- da Chi Alpha, took place on November 18, 1986 at the Forum. There were 21 girls entered in the pag- eant this year, each representing a various sorority or fraternity on campus. Jennifer Wilson was named Miss Greek Pledge 1986. Jennifer was sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha. First runner-up was Stephanie Stutts, sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon. Second runner-up was given to Jill Rice, who was sponsored by Lambda Chi Al- pha. Contestants were judged on swimsuit, evening gown, costume and a non-serious talent. Lambda Chi Alpha sponsors Miss Greek Pledge every year in order to raise money for their philanthropy which is the American Cancer Society. MR. GREEK ADONIS Mr. Greek Adonis is well on its way to becoming an excellent tradition at Arkansas State. It is sponsored an- nually by the ladies of Phi Mu, to raise money for their philanthropy, which is Project Hope. Mr. Greek Adonis consists of fraternity pledges who compete in several different areas. They include sports- wear, toga, formal wear and talent. This year ' s winner of the title of Mr. Greek Adonis was Greg Pickle who was sponsored by Lambda Chi Al- pha. Pi Kappa Alpha Lil ' Olympics 1986 The men of Pi Kappa Alpha sponsor Lil ' Olympics every year in order to raise money for their philanthropy which is cerebral palsy. Lil ' Olympics consists of various games in which all the sororities compete along with their coaches. The excitment of Lil ' Olympics is highlighted by the pit that is dug especially for the mud re- lays. Pictured are some highlights from the day. Alpha Gam finds Pot of Alpha Gam 14 Phi Mu 8 The Men of Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsor Fingerbowl annually to raise money for their philanthropy, which is St. Judes Research Center. Highlights of the day include a fraternity and sorori- ty football game. Gold at Fingerbowl ' 86 TKE 28 - KA 8 FINGERBOWL ' 86 Fite Nite is an annual event at Arkansas State. It is sponsored by the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity in or- der to raise money for their philanthropy, which is St. Judes Research Hospital. Each Fraternity sponsors a member to compete in Fite Nite. The competition usual- ly continues for two consec- utive nights. Fite Nite has become an annual tradition at Arkansas State Univer- sity. Left: Becky Bishop is named ' Miss Knockout " during Fite Nite festivi- ties. She was representing Alpha Gamma Delta. Looking on from left to right, are Holly Jackson repre- senting Zeta Tau Alpha and Candy Trammel! representing Phi Mu. F T E N I T E 8 6 131 . ... 1 97TH SIGMA CHI CHAPTER Arkansas State University welcomed the Sigma Chi Franternity onto its campus on Saturday, January 10, as the Interna- tional Fraternity installed its 197th under- graduate chapter. The 31 members of Nu Sigma Chi, the local fraternity on campus, were initiated in ceremonies and became charter mem- bers of the Sigma Chi chapter. The group, which was founded in Jan- uary, 1985, with the intention of becoming a Sigma Chi chapter, was installed by members of the Sigma Chi chapter from the University of Arkansas, assisted by members from Oklahoma State University and the University of Tulsa. Several area alumni were involved with the chapter ' s installation, including lo- cal businessmen William Rainwater and Robert Oliver; Don Stone, President of Simmons First National Bank of Joneboro; W. R. Stephens, Chairman of Stephens, Inc.; Arkansas State Head Football Coach Larry Lacewell; and Randy Odom, a Pro- fessor at Arkansas State. Sigma Chi officials participating in the ceremonies included the International President and Vice President and the Re- gional Director of Sigma Chi ' s undergrad- uate chapters in Arkansas and Oklahoma. On Saturday evening, the group gathered at the Reng Student Center on the Arkansas State campus for an Installa- tion banquet. The Sigma Chi chapter at Arkansas State is the Fraternity ' s second under- graduate chapter in the state of Arkansas. In addition to its 197 campus chapters throughout 43 states and four Canadian provinces, the Sigma Chi Fraternity has 120 active alumni groups and more than 150,000 living members, student and alumni. It was founded in 1855 at Miami University, Ohio, and is headquartered in Evanston, Illinois. A: Sigma Chi local advisors Robert Craig (left) and Clint Relyea (right) shake hands. B: Sigma Chi National President Keith Sorenson (right) presents an award to Don Stone, President of Simmons Bank, for getting the charter at ASU. C: ASU Sigma Chi President David Pritchitt (center) accepts charter from Keith Sorensen (left) and George Jernisen. (right) CHARTERED AT ASU ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Debbie Barnett Lori Berryman Becky Bishop Kim Bishop Allison Blankenship Paula Blume Stephanie Bolding Kim Bright Amy Cavenor Beth Chambers Shannon Collard Mitzi Cox Stephanie Cox Lana Croom Vonda Davis Stephanie Dickson Tammy Donner Amy Doyle Jennifer Edwards Adrienne Eftekhari Michele Evyan Amy Ferguson Tonya George Tanya Golden Stephenie Graff Melody Greer Laura Guinn Katie Hart Summer Henley Leann Hodges Melissa Holden Jacki Hosinski Allison Johnston Julie Jones Leah Lamar Bilinda Lane Mitzi Langlois Cindy Lewallen Audrey Lott Karri Mabry OS) Melinda Marrero Jennifer Mathews Terri Maynard Laura Maxwell Michele Morgan Letha Morris Cheryl Nave Cathy Oldham Ginger Owens Sheila Padgett Jennifer Pannell Leslie Pickering Suzanne Ray Shari Rhodes Dee Dee Riggs Cindy Robertson Beth Rogers Dana Ross Emily Scroggs Allison Shanklin Lynn Sitz Tracy Sparks Holly Springhart Becky Sprinkle Kathy Staggs Shawna Starnes Kelli Statler Deana Strauser Jennifer Sutton LeEllen Thomas Melissa Thorpe Kelly Wadlington Laurie Washam Cindy Williams Janette Withrow Founded: Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, May 30, 1904 Colors: Red, Buff, and Green Flower: Red and Buff Roses 139 ALPHA OMICRON PI Vicki Adams Kim Archer Martha Bayless Jennifer Beard Sondra Beaty Kelly Billington Kathy Bird Stacye Blackwell Jennifer Bradford Robin Brewer Brenda Brinkley Hollie Browning Leslie Butler Regina Byrd Donna Carman Jami Cavette Allison Cecil Cheryl Cheek Paula Childres Priscilla Condra Leslie Coop Cindy Crawford Renae Curtis Deanna Daily Carol Davis Gina Davis Tania Dement Chris Dennis Deya DeVorak Pam Douglass Kim Doyle Hollie Drewry Rosemary Franklin Lisa Gardner Michelle Gordon Gail Grace Greye Grisham Joni Hampton Robyn Harris Alyce Heeb Rhonda Herrington Julie Hill Audrey Hindsley Krissy Hodges Shannon Hollan Shelly Holle Havilyn Horner Kim Hulett Lori Jackson Dana Johnson Becky Lawing Rene Maclin Michelle Marchand Alisa Martin Maria Martin Elisa Masterson Alison Miller Leith Mills Kay Morgan Stefanie Osborn Susannah Overstreet Kelly Owens Karen Pickens Sandy Pickens Julie Pittman Julie Pressey Jill Rice Beth Ritter Jill Ritter Kelly Roberson Georgia Robinette Sandy Robinson Gala Rose Terri Schull Amy Shelton Leigh Shelton Kelly Shoemaker Sandy Simmons Angie Smith Cami Smith Tracy Spurlock Gayla Story Lisa Trigubetz Sarah Wiggins Carole Williams 141 Fayeth Williams Melanie Williams Rhonda Williams Jennifer Wilson Traci Winney Chi Omega Jo Adams Virginia Adams Susan Allensworth Jennifer Alpe Amanda Berry Christie Boeckmann Kimberly Bookout Robin Boyd Dana Cable Angela Caldwell Susan Campbell Phyllis Castleberry Stacy Catt Sonya Chandler Rhonda Chappie Cara Cheesman Stacy Clark Angela Colclasure Stephanie Coleman Julie Cottam Laura Dixon Jacquelyn Drake Suzanna Dries Carol Duncan Crista Dunston Julie Franks Tebrah Grimmer Carla Gschwend Dana Hawkins Heather Heath A O Pi Founded: Barnard College, Columbia Uni- versity, New York City, January 2, 1897 Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Chi Omega Founded: University of Arkansas, Fayette- ville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Laura Heern Jane Hill Jennifer Hill Laurie Hinck Heather Hoddinott Kelly Jones Carol Kelley Deobrah Korns Robin Leake Christina Lee Sharon Lewellen Laura Lovrien Vicki Marotti Stacey McBryde Laura McFarland Amy Miller Melissa Morse Lori Payne Glenda Phillips Stephanie Quarles DeDe Redden Renee Rucker Amy Sanford Wendy Schalit Susan Scroggs Sara Shelton Karmen Smittle Susan South Lisa Spears Stephanie Stutts Rebekah Taylor Monica Troillett Kathy Turner Severina Vanagunas Suzie Watkins Leigh Webb Cheri Wells Tammy West Wendy Wilkison Danna Williams Katherine Williams Valerie Wilson Rhonda Withers Suzanne Wright PHI MU Dianne Allen Kim Anderson Lynda Bass Lisa Booher Angie Brewer Jeanne Burlie Samantha Bushe Tracy Buster Cindy Buzbee Melanie Carter Kathy Cavitt Lisa Chapman Janna Cherry Renee Clay Shelly demons Kelly Crisp Paula Davenport Leigh Depoyster Dawnel Douglas Deidre Dunn Brenda Easley Kathy Evans Pamela Fagan Angela Goad Kris Goodwin Dana Gossett Tamara Hardesty Betty Haycraft Jennifer Hicks Mary Hlavach Heather Huffman Catherine Hughes Lisa Ivie Terry Jackson Lori Johnson Stacy Lamb Kristi Latham Deaan Leon Jackie Lovell Lisa Martin Hollye McCrum Lisa McLemore Lori Merrill Susan Mullen Susan Neely Robin Newton Sonia Nix Judi Oilman Stacy Paudert Margo Pierce Rita Porter Angie Reeves Robyn Rhea Angie Roberts Vanessa Roberts Michele Sevatson Misty Shaw Colette Sheridan Karen Slaughter Karen Smith Ceila Stegall Amy Stutts Beverly Taylor Lisa Booher Vonette Templeton Lara Thompson Laura Toombs Eileen Wade Wendy Walls Martha Wilhoite Founded: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, January 4, 1852. Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation ZETA TAU ALPHA Carla Adkins Karen Black Christine Bregy Letty Carpenter Esther Chu Andrea Crane Kim Daggett Kasey Deuchler Gena Dunkerson Melissa Ellis Jackie Etherton Cindy Fong Susan Graves Debbie Grimm Lori Horness Pam Kirby Nancy La Rue Shirl Magness Penny Pflueger Jenny Piatt Mary K. Pittman Shannon Rennicke Tiffany Rentner Kelli Richards Lisa Sitzer Shelia Smith Jamie Staggs Staci Tosh Julie Von Kanel Mandie Walts Angela West Lisa White Darla Wilson Founded: Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898 Colors: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue Flower: White Violet Sitting (left to right) Gregory Tate, Rodney Wright, and pictured is Martin Bur ton, Rodney Lockett, Mark Sim- L. W. Massie. Standing Rickey Greer, Rodney Johnson, mons, Herbert Versie, Andre Watson, and Winked Win- Bobby Brown, Keith Porchia, and Gregory James. Not ston. Alpha Roses pictured are (sitting) Letha Hill, Daphne Wil- Wendy Thomas, and Ricky Greer (coordinator). Not pic- lis, La Rita Martin, and Gennora Reed, (standing) Anita tured are Patricia Roddy, Mauria Pegues, and Wanda Green, Dolores Thomas, Juanita Simmons, Endee Tate, Hampton. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Scott Anderson Ronald Anthony Kelly Baggett Mark Browning Jerry Clemons David Courtney Tony Elmore Mark Ferguson Roger Helms Charles Hollis Chad Kelly Ron Kingston Keith Klemmer Mark Kneibert Jeff LeWallen Kelly O ' Neal David Shelton Greg Sheppard Lance Sims Lynn Smith G. W. Tibbetts Charles Tosh David Veasman Philip Wilkes Kevin Wooten JvjH ■ ' j n Alpha Tau Omega Jim Bigger Ted Bigger Jeff Bracker Blair Cartwright Richard Caulk TO ■in IS AIM 1 « 9 ■ 1 1 Greg White Derek Young Burhan Zaidan Mark Zarlingo Steve Chordas Louis Corpier Jimmy Craig Mohamad Ebrit Wayne Floyd Alex Franks Van Gardner Garth Gatlin Wade Hughes Michael Lapio Darrell Martin Mark Mullins Ken Pell Glenn Smith Michael Sundahl KAPPA ALPHA Richard Aysen Derek Bohanan Jimmy Brown Kenneth Brown Jay Butler Gary Collins Mike Covey Charles Dalton Dean Davidson Brent Davis Kevin Decker Mike Dehaan Blake Duncan Daniel Dunn Walter Dunn 149 Scott Earlywine Alan Frazier Brian Gray Byron Greene Robert Hill Jason Hyde Skipper Kelley Steve Kline Clete Knight Robert Lawrence Jim Leonard Jack Lewis Kenny Long Kevin Long Edmund Mahony Steven Mills Michael Morris Robbie Mosley Danny Nelson Gary Nelson Gary Oltmann Keith Parker Scott Parton Michael Penter John Peterson Kevin Pulliam Franklin Robertson Ron Sellers Lance Shackelford Mitch Shidler Clay Siems James Smith Stephen Smith Scott Spears Mike Tabor Jeff Tabor Joey Taylor Jeff Wells Clark Wilkerson Joe Williams Larry Wilson Kenny Wright Joe Zimmerman Lambda Chi Alpha it 1 j l M mm In H AH i. l Hank Allen Jeff Barber Dewey Barnes Greg Baugh Tyler Bennett Jeff Brecklein David Caldwell Keith Chitmon Kerry Denton Steve Eubanks Todd Girtman Todd Gorton Kevin Harvey Keith Hollis Don Horton Ricky Hurst Rick Kelly Ken Kelso Jay Kline Donald Layne Frank Love Paul Martin Allen Masters John Merguie David Merrell Pete Murphy Brent Panneck Greg Pickle Randy Pinson Mike Puckett Phillip Reed Hal Rees Scott Roberson Robbie Roedel Barry Rogers Kraig Sanders Joe Simpson Sean Stem Jeff Stotts Jon Stotts 151 Tal Taggart Tim Utley Rodney Vaughn Mike Wade Jeff Whatley III Steve Whitmire Gary Wilkins Rick Yancey ■ j PI KAPPA ALPHA Eric Allen Daren Berry Michael Bolding Jeff Bonds Steve Bowen Kent Bridger Charles Broadway Robbie Brooks Glen Burnett Newell Butcher Ronald Cates Jason Clay Steve Clayton Thad Cockrill Scott Costello Bart Crisp Steve Crow Chris Crye Dee Davis Brian Dunston Doug Dupwe Pat Edwards Mark Elmore David Ezell Derek Falls mkm m -Jm JUL Ja 2P aim At l MM At £k Martin Ferguson Tim Fires Jeff Hankins Robbie Harris Craig Harrison Kevin Hopkins Kevan Inboden Paul Kerst Curtis Kirkpatrick Brian Lagomarcino Bryan Lane Don Larson Stephan Locke Pa trick McHaney Gene Metcalf Randy Minton Chad Niell Stanley Nutt Ray Osment Jeff Owen Kevin Parker Glen Pearson Dale Pickard Kevin Pierce Blake Rogers Greg Rooks Scott Roper Bill Ross Thomas Scales Todd Schell Eric Scott Brent Schmiegelow Tony Skidmore Bill Stanley Andy Stepka Joe Stewart Tony Swanner Jeff Tacker Scott Taylor Tyler Thomason Steve Thompson Brant Tomlinson Kevin Turner Terry Watson Mark Webb Sigma Phi Epsilon Ronald Abmeyer Vance Austin Jeff Bauerlein Mark Bell Mark Brazeale Butch Butcher Randy Campbell Dion Cantu John Casad Chris Charette Kelly Dallas Scott Davis Mike Dobbins Steve Doyle Tim Doyle Rodney Elmore Bruce Engelman Tim Fowler David George Stephen Gray Terry Gray Greg Grefrath Steven Golden Clyde Hackworth Brad Hart i M Am mm llllll B J ■ill v 4: ■■■■■■I Chad Heritage Jack Heston John Hillman Paul Hillman Paul Himstedt James Holt Carl Johnson Jeff Johnson Paul Jones Tim Jones Kevin King Robert Lawrence Terry McCallie Bill McNeil Greg Week Neal Mitchell Mark Morgan Paul Lynn Nowlin Russ Owens Douglas Peterson William Pike Bobby Prichard Joe Riddle Shannon Sanders Wayne Sanders Cliff Schafer Mark Shelton Tim Shepard Sam Shinault Brent Stone Brett Sullivan Charles Todd Tim Vann Darin Walton Stanley Whitt Webb Wiseman Brian Woods Guy Younger Sigma Pi Jeff Adams Rusty Adams Mauro Alburez Rodney Armstrong Brian Baker Floyd Baker John Baldwin William Barnett Duane Bell Shane Bell Phillip Berg Jeff Bishop Ricky Bishop Johnie Clark Mark Clark Ross Cockburn Bobby Cole Rusty Counce Rodney Cox T. Grant Creason Wayne Darr Michael Elam Mark Foltz Mark Griggy Brad Gissom Brant Hanquist Lowell Hazel Tim Hightower Mark Hitchings Kevin Hodges Jim Holbrook Paul Johnson Joey Kaiser Brian Lambert Marty Lilly Scott Long John MacPherson Shannon Malone Tim Mills James Osborne Sigma Pi participates in the annual chariot race during half-time at a football game. Sigma Chi Bob Andrew Preston Archer Russell Berts Freddy Bowen Jim Brumley J Amt m Am 5 W§mmmmmmmaWmmmmmm fflB SSS£imm AmWmm. mm David Corbett Paul Curtis Hashem Damirian David Depoyster Don Fowler A It ml M Timothy Griggs Bobby Herzig Don Hopkins Will Johnson John Keisker Todd Myatt Jeffrey Nickell Greg Ozbun Tracy Pillow Lane Pippin M M mm David Pritchett Vince Provenzano Don Ray Mark Robinson Eric Rooney Daniel Sexton Mark Trusty Michael Witt TAU KAPPA EPSILON Doug Acuff Everett Adamson Chris Almond Mike Ashford Michael Barger David Barnes Ernie Barnett Darin Beckwith Mark Belk Scott Berry Barry Blackwell Michael Bland Paul Branch Tim Brown William Brown Earl Carter Glenn Carter Tim Cater Kevin Clark Mike Clayton Brian Clem Wallace Colbert Randy Cole Craig Cornet Leslie Covington Jim Cramer Tommy Dillard John Doherty David Doyle Chris Eckert John Elkins Drue Ford Tommy Ford Brian Foster Daren Fowler Alfred Garza Alan Gentry Mark Gibbins Todd Gibson Kevin Goodin 159 Jeff Griffith Ken Gyllenbogel Ron Harris Randy Hoggard Scott Hyde Joel Johnston Brandon Jones Ken Kennemore Kendall Kirby Lynn Lancaster Michael Leibrock Pat McCarty Jimmy McClain Mike McCullar Wayne Mckinney Bill McKisson Lance Meadows Joe Messer Jeff Moore James Mott David Needham David Oates Joey Owens Carey Pfeifer James Philpot Demetrios Podaras Brian Poellot Mike Pinegar Burt Pruett Chris Puryear Jeff Puryear Lawson Quinn J. David Rader Mark Ramsey Jerry Rapert David Raymond Brian Rigsby Scott Ruff Scott Smith Michael Southern Greg Spence Eric Stark Jerald Straight Jay Sweat John Sweat mlm i v hm m JU- Wmm mlm Mm? ■ i WmlM mm m mm i m mmxm mm I m: Mmwm A Ami mm mmm Inlnl An ml mm mtkmixm M Paul Tarver Kirkley Thomas Mark Vest Tim Williamson Bill Wood Mark Young OMEGA PSI PHI SWEETHEARTS OMEGA PSI PHI SWEETHEARTS: (first row) Carmella Parr- Secretary, Dinah Pryor, Ter- esa Gause- Vice-President, Elaine LaGrone- Treasurer, Janice Berry- President, (second row) Colette Burns, Felecia McCullun, Beverly Gause- Sgt. at Arms, Itina Williams, Lean- nett Payne, Wallace McGaughy- Advisor, (not pictured) Annette Lewis, Shirley Eskridge. 161 TRADITIONS IN . . . C3FSF I m 11 I ' ATHLb 1 ICS 163 INDIANS EXIT THE SOUTHLAND Arkansas State leaves the Southland Confer- ence as the 1 986 champions. The tribe had an excel- lent 12-2-1 season. Within this record, they boasted a 5-0 conference record and the Indians went 3-1 in post season play; losing only to Georgia Southern in the Division l-AA finals held at Tacoma, Washing- ton. The Indians, also, were 1-1-1 against Division l-A teams — defeating Memphis St., losing to Mis- sissippi St., and tying Ole Miss. ASU exceeded their excellent season by plac- ing 20 players on the All-Southland Conference team — 10 on offense and 10 on defense (first second teams). Also, head coach Larry Lacewell re- ceived 2 awards, Southland Conference Coach of the Year and American Football Coaches Associa- tion l-AA Region 5 (includes 1 states) Coach of the Year. The Indians SLC victory took them to the Divi- sion l-AA playoffs. The tribe easily won their first two games, beating their opponents by 41 points each time. The Semi-final game against E. Kentucky proved challenging, but ASU prevailed and won a trip to the l-AA National Championship game in Ta- coma, Washington. In the Diamond Bowl at Taco- ma, ASU lost to Georgia Southern. Even though the Championship game was disappointing, we were all proud of our team for making it so far. ASU finished the season 2 among the nation ' s l-AA teams. The 1986 Arkansas State football season is merely a reflection of the expanding traditions in sports here at ASU. The Indian Uprising has begun and gets stronger each year. With everyone ' s sup- port ASU will continue to grow . A) Quarterback Dwane Brown makes the first decision of the triple option play on a hand-off to Rickey Jemison against Ole Miss. B) Dennis Forrest gives us the classical foot- ball pose as he prepares to stiff-arm a NE Louisiana defender. The freshman from Earle had 78 yards on 11 carries against NLU. CONFERENCE WITH TOP HONORS INDIANS FINISH SEASON 12-2-1 And ranked 2 in Division l-AA M rkansas State Footl Record: 12-2-1 Southland Conference Champions Arkansas State 22- 7 Southern Illinois Arkansas State 21 - NW Louisiana Arkansas State 30-10 Memphis State Arkansas State 10-10 Ole Miss Arkansas State 44- E. Texas State Arkansas State 9-24 Mississippi State Arkansas State 20-17 Louisiana Tech Arkansas State 23 - 14 McNeese State Arkansas State 43-21 N. Texas State Arkansas State 56- 7 Lamar Arkansas State 26-21 NE Louisiana l-AA TOURNAMENT Arkansas State 48- 7 Sam Houston State Arkansas State 55 - 14 Delaware Arkansas State 24 - 10 Eastern Kentucky DIAMOND BOWL TACOMA, WASHINGTON Arkansas State . mk 21 - 48 Georgia Southern ....... A) Close but no cigar — Arkansas State played a strong Ole Miss team in Oxford, Mis- sissippi before a crowd of 26,500. ASU tied the University of Mississippi 10-10. B) In the Tacoma Dome at Tacoma, Washing- ton, head coach Larry Lacewell receives the National Runner-up for Division l-AA Champi- onship Award from the NCAA Director of Championships, Jerry Miles. C) Senior quarterback Dwane Brown, of Memphis, Tenn., calls the signals at the line as ASU exercises their familiar no-huddle of- fense. 167 ALL - SOUTHLAND FIRST TEAM OFFENSE CONFERENCE CHARLIE FREDRICK - NOSEGUARD HONORABLE MENTION AP ALL-AMERICAN VINCENT BARNETT - FREE SAFETY HONORABLE MENTION AP ALL-AMERICAN MARVIN NELOMS - DEFENSIVE END SECOND TEAM AP ALL-AMERICAN FIRST TEAM DEFENSE SECOND TEAM OFFENSE STEVE SAMPSON - PUNTER CAZZY FRANCIS - SPLIT END RON RICHARDSON ■ GUARD BORIS WHITESIDE ■ RUNNING BACK SECOND TEAM DEFENSE CLINT LEDBETTER - DEFENSIVE TACKLE ANTHONY WITHERS - LINEBACKER DAN MILLER ■ LINEBACKER ELBERT SHELLEY - STRONG SAFETY Head Coach Larry Lacewell HEAD COACH LARRY LACEWELL l-AA REGION V AND SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE COACH OF THE YEAR Arkansas State head football coach Larry Lacewell was selected l-AA Region V Coach of the Year by the American Football Coaches Association for the second year in a row Lacewell also received SLC honors in 1986 as well as in 1985. He became the twenty-first head football coach at Ar- kansas State University in 1978. Since then, he has guided the tribe to a 45-26-3 status. He is the winningest active coach in the Southland Conference. A-STATE WHIPS RIVAL MEMPHIS STATE A) Senior quarterback Mark Robbins makes a quick decision to pitch or run while execut- ing the option play against Memphis State. B) The Liberty Bowl scoreboard reflects that ASU has control of the ballgame with little time remaining. C) ASU ' s offense lines up in preparation to run one of the many plays that gave them a win over MSU. B The tribe improved its record to 3-0 with a win over l-A oppo- nent Memphis State. Playing in the Liberty Bowl before a crowd of 35,000, ASU overcame a Memphis State lead at the half (10-6), to defeat the Tigers. Senior quarterback Mark Robbins, of Senatobia, Mississippi, rushed for 142 yards on 23 carries to lead the tribe to their third victory. Elbert Shelley was Robbins ' counterpart on defense. The four year letterman from Trumann recovered 2 fumbles and inter- cepted a MSU pass to set up ASU ' s last touchdown. Arkansas State took control when noseguard Charlie Fredrick sacked the MSU quarterback on the Tiger 7. This set up a 1 yard plunge by senior running back Boris Whiteside, and gave the tribe a 20-10 lead with 3:28 to go in the third quarter. Scott Roper kicked his third field goal of the night with 13:43 to go, and ASU had a 23- 10 lead. Arkansas State won the game 30-10. The win marked the first time ASU had beaten Memphis State since 1975 when they won 29- 10 in the same Liberty Bowl Stadium. ASU ' s high spirit and determination is one element of the Tribe ' s success 1 i s .4 J Running backs Rickey Jemison and James McCarley slap a low five after McCarley ran a four yard touch- down against Northeast Louisiana to put ASU ahead 20-7. B) Determination and intimidation ap- pear to be what Dan Miller uses as de- fensive tactics. C) The Arkansas State Indians run onto the field at Ole Miss — fired up and ready for the Rebels. 173 COLD SOUP - ASU TIES OLE MISS A tie is like cold soup. The Indians got a taste of cold soup when they went into Oxford, Mississippi un- beaten at 3-0 and left with, still, an unblemished re- cord, but 3-0-1. ASU tied Ole Miss 10-10. head Coach, Larry Lacewell, was quoted as saying " We didn ' t come to tie and we ' re not satisfied with it, but, at the same time, I ' m very, very happy with our football team. " he had every right to be proud, because the In- dians held the Rebels to a mere 14 yards rushing on 32 attempts. The tribe ' s de- fense caused six fumbles - recovered 3 - and intercep- ted 1 pass, enroute to hold- ing Ole Miss to 191 yards in total offense. Arkansas State jump- ed out to a quick lead when Scott Roper hit a 30 yard field goal with 9:45 to go in the first quarter. The Indian ' s tough l-A opponent came right back. With 47 seconds to go in the half, the Rebel quarterback ran a 12 yard touchdown on a third-and- seven option play. Ole Miss went into the lockeroom with a 7-3 lead. The Rebels started the second half by forcing a fumble and recovering at the ASU 28. Indian fans began to wonder. The tribe held, and Mississippi settled for a 38 yard field goal, Ole Miss 10 - ASU 3. Twenty-one minutes later with 6:07 to go, Richard Kimble plunged into the end zone from one-yard out to make the score Ole Miss 10 ASU 9. Roper added the extra point and it was locked 1 0-1 0. ASU had one last chance with 1 :59 left in the ballgame. Rickey Jemison broke runs of 14 and 15 yards to put the tribe in field goal range. With 4 seconds to play, Scott Roper missed a 47 yard field goal attempt - one of the very few he missed this year. Rickey Jemison impressed the crowd of 26,500 with 106 yards on 24 carries and Fred Barnett had 4 re- ceptions for 63 yards - including his longest reception of the season - a 33 yarder. A) Boris Whiteside, of Kennett, Missouri, charges for- ward to cross the Oie Miss 20 yard line. B) SACK! - ASU ! assured the Ole Miss sophomore quarterback, Osgood, all day. Noseguard Charles Fre- drick, of Rogers, sacked the Rebel quarterback while attempting to pass. Fredrick had 7 sacks on the year from his noseguard position. D6» ja ' Vu Wins Southland Conference November 23, 1985 - Arkansas State played NE Louisiana in Monroe, La. It was the last game of the season and both teams were undefeated in the Southland Confer- ence. The stakes - the Southland Conference Championship ASU came from behind to win 31-23. November 22, 1986 - Northeast Louisi- ana travelled to Jones- boro, AR to play Arkan- sas State - the last game of the season and both teams were undefeated in the Southland Confer- ence. A-State held off a fourth quarter NLU comeback to win 26-21 . Dejavu or what? Before a crowd of 10,086, Dwane Brown hit Cazzy Francis with a 52 yard pass to give ASU a ££3 10-7 lead at halftime. Scott Roper gave ASU their biggest lead at 23-7 when he hit a 20 yard field goal. NLU fought back with 14 points in the fourth, but ASU held off to win 26-21 . Dennis Forrest had his best game - rushing 11 times for 78 yards. Also, Scott Roper was 4 for 5 in field goals including a 47 yarder to give ASU a 13-7 lead in the third quarter. A) The tribe swarms a NLU ball carrier to tackle him on the ten yard line. B) Vincent Barnett blocks a NLU punt to set up a 30 yard field goal by Scott Roper. This gave ASU some breath- ing room a 26-15 late in the fourth quarter. A) Rickey Jemison appears to hop over the line of scrimmage and into the secondary where he will turn on the speed. B) Sophomore Don Palmer, of Brandon, Mississippi, signals the rest of the de- fense as he sets up in his defensive end position. C) The CELEBRATION be- gins. Fans, players, cheer- leaders, and coaches swarm onto the field after the final gun went off. D) THE FINAL SCORE!!!! D6 • ja ' Vu — TRIBE DOWNS NE LOUISIAN Wins Southland Conference November 23, 1985 - Arkansas State played NE Louisiana in Monroe, La. It was the last game of the season and both teams were undefeated in the Southland Confer- ence. The stakes - the Southland Conference Championship ASU came from behind to win 31-23. November 22, 1986 - Northeast Louisi- ana travelled to Jones- boro, AR to play Arkan- sas State - the last game of the season and both teams were undefeated in the Southland Confer- ence. A-State held off a fourth quarter NLU comeback to win 26-21 . Dejavu or what? Before a crowd of 10,086, Dwane Brown hit Cazzy Francis with a 52 yard pass to give ASU a Wm 10-7 lead at halftime. Scott Roper gave ASU their biggest lead at 23-7 when he hit a 20 yard field goal. NLU fought back with 14 points in the fourth, but ASU held off to win 26-21 . Dennis Forrest had his best game - rushing 1 1 times for 78 yards. Also, Scott Roper was 4 for 5 in field goals including a 47 yarder to give ASU a 13-7 lead in the third quarter. A) The tribe swarms a NLU ball carrier to tackle him on the ten yard line. B) Vincent Barnett blocks a NLU punt to set up a 30 yard field goal by Scott Roper. This gave ASU some breath- ing room a 26-15 late in the fourth quarter. 1986 ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — FRONT ROW: Jerald Patterson, Darryl Muhammad. Vincent Barnett. Michael Adams, Scott Roper. Greg Zachry. Cazzy Francis. Stacey McGee. Todd Horton. Robert Dempsey. Mark Robbins. Doug Laws. SECOND ROW: Brett Phipps Dwane Brown, Ray Roso. Fred Barnett. Jim Bob Branch. John Chism. Keith Trammel!. Greg Lee. Demetrius Hayward. Dennis Forrest. Marty Nutter Anthony Franklin. Melvm Shelley. Keith Davis. THIRD ROW: Nikita Johnson. Earl Easley. Marvin Houston. Russell McDaniel. Willie Holmes James McCarley Houston Chaffin. Richard Kimble. Andre Tate. Gre Jones. Homer Rhodes. Casey Hill. Elbert Shelley. Frank Richards. Boris Whiteside Ricky Jemison. Steve Watkms. FOURTH ROW: Robert Veasley. Marvin Neloms. Anthony Withers. Anthony Williams. Andrew Elgin RoySias Jimmy Neal. Shawn Hammond. Keith Kellar. Bill Stanley. Don Palmer. Tony Adair. Derek Dean, Tony Walton, Jim Wiseman. Dwayne Scott Todd Stone, Carl Woodham, Doug Block. FIFTH ROW: Tom Hills. Wayne Hudson. Brian Lagomardino. David Rodely, Ron Richardson. Clint Ledbetter Charlie Frederick, Randy Barnhill, Allen Landry, Bob Waldrop, Sean Morris. Kenneth Nelson, Byron Green, Jamie Smith, Dale Schenk, John Suskle. Tim Smiley, Keith Huffman, Bobby Downs, Barret Byrd, John Block. SIXTH ROW: David Swift (manager). Wayne Orton (manager). Mike Witt (manager), Freddy Bowen (manager). Gerald Bailey. Steve Sampson. Kenneth Reid. Andy Boone, John Moellers, Ron Hillers, Foot Daley. Keith Harms. Fred Barnes. Darin McCray. Raymond Dyson. Kirk Russell. Terry Crossley. Michael Davis. Dan Miller. Clyde Hackworth (trainer). Jeff Darr (trainer). Kim Anderson (trainer). Lee Adams (trainer). SEVENTH ROW: Rex Bnghtwell. (manager). Mike Evans (manager). Ken Hubbards (equipment supervisor), Mark Willis (grad asst). Jerry Castor (grad. asst.). David Colbert (grad asst). Gary Withrow (offensive line). Rick Petri (defensive line). Steve Caldwell (linebacker). Coach Larry Laceweil (head coach and athletic director). Tim Keane (defensive coordinator defensive secondary). David Mitchell (running backs). Don Haggard (defensive ends). Ron Calcagm (quarterbacks). Eldon Hawley (offensive line). Doug Hanlon (receiver). Troy Neal (manager). Byran Barrett (manager). Ron Carroll (head trainer). Mike Bumbal- ough (trainer). Andy Commer (trainer). Roy Hardy (trainer). A-STATE WINS THREE IN POST Arkansas State won its first three post season games with relative ease, but the final game in Tacoma, Washington, proved too tough for our Indians. Sam Houston State University was the first to hit the dust. On November 29. 1986, in Jonesboro, ASU held SHSU to 150 yards in total offense to destroy Sam Houston 48-7. SHSU tied the game 7-7 in the first quarter, but after that it was all ASU. Rickey Jemison gained 157 yards on 14 carries to lead all rushers. The ASU defense held their opponent to 4 completions on 22 passing attempts and intercepted 3 passes. The tribe advanced to the quarter finals against Delaware at Newark, Delaware. In thirty degree weather ASU demolished its second opponent 55-14. Rickey Jemison again dominated, carrying 17 times for 159 yards, including a 72 yard TD run in the first quarter. Defensively, Dan Miller and Elbert Shelley each had nine tackles. ASU moved on This time the tribe came home for the semi-final game against Eastern Kentucky EKU was a tougher team, but ASU kept control of the game and prevailed 24-10 Elbert Shelley, of Trumann, led the tribe in tackles with 11, and Dan Miller, of Ft. Myers. Fla., intercepted 2 passes. ASU ' s next destination - Tacoma, Wash - site of the 1986 Division l-AA Championship game. (Diamond Bowl). The game was played in the Tacoma Dome The Indians had high hopes but Georgia Southern had an All-American quarter- back in Tracy Ham. Georgia Southern defeated Arkansas State 48-21. Despite the score ASU faired well statistically. Freshman Richard Kimble, of Forrest City, carried 13 times for 134 yards Charlie Fredrick led ASU in tackles with 12 and Anthony Withers and Dan Miller had 10 each, also. The key to winning the game was to stop Georgia Southern quarterback Tracy Ham, he had 486 all purpose yards. Even though the tribe lost, we were proud of them. The Indians received a police escort from Memphis to Jonesboro when they came home. Way to go Indians! A) Dwane Brown lets a pass fly against Georgia Southern; Dennis Forrest waits anxiously on the other end hoping it will get by the GSU defender. Notice the bleachers - empty - the championship game was held in Tacoma, Washington, many miles from faithful A-State suppor- ters. B) Time to scramble! - Brown breaks the pocket against Sam Houston. C) Rickey Jemison churns out yardage against Delaware. This run was a 72 yard TD that gave ASU a 14-0 lead with 4:24 to go in the first quarter. D) " A quick spin would be helpful " - Bo- ris Whiteside needs a tricky move to elude this EKU defender. - — — 9 mr SEASON, BUT LOSES IN FINALS A) In the Championship game, Marvin Neloms, of Memphis, Tenn., flies high in the air attempting to stop the elusive Georgia Southern quarterback, Tracy Ham. B) After an ASU fumble, fullback Richard Kimble drags an Eastern Kentucky defender down. C) Arkansas State held its first post-season opponent, Sam Houston State, to 150 yards in total offense. Here, the swarming ASU Defensive line stops another Sam Houston St. rushing attempt. D) Fullback Richard Kimble plows through the line for short yardage and a first down against Eastern Kentukcy. 177 THE TRIBE HAS WINNINGEST A) Marvin Neloms dives to sack the Delaware quarterback. ASU destroyed Delaware 55-14. B) Snapshot! - Marvin Neloms is caught daydreaming of a championship after the NLU game. C) Eastern Kentucky is History! We ' re going to Tacoma! D) Dwane Brown catches a McNeese State defender looking and cuts upfield. SEASON IN ASU HISTORY A) Tony Walton, of Water Valley, Mississippi, is enthused about the Ole Miss game. B) TERROR! The ASU defense gets set against NE Louisiana. A-State held its opponents to an average 1 1.9 points per game. C) Dennis Forrest eyes the EKU defender trying to decide which way to cut. D) All-SLC Center Jim Wiseman, of Winchester, Missouri, prepares to snap the ball to SLC Offensive Player of the Year Dwane Brown. ASU FOOTBALL - REFLECTIONS OF A SEASON LADY INDIANS HAVE ROUGH SEASON The 1986 Lady Indian Volleyball Team had a rough schedule this year. Playing in five tournaments, exclud- ing the SLC tourney, the Indians won the Evansville Tournament and also placed in the St. Louis University Tournament. Needless to say, the ASU volleyball team did not live up to their expectations this season. With five fresh- man on the ten member squad, the Lady Indians lacked experience for this season but look promising for the years to come. The tribe was 8-24 in 1 986 but will return nine players next year and have set their goals towards a winning season. A) Sophomore Jerri Duckworth makes a defensive play on the back line. B) Missy Welch, of Kilgore, Texas, leaps high to spike a ball as Jeanie Holland prepares to cover. C) Terri Duckworth and Senior Andrea Crane celebrate a good play with a " high ten. " ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Kneeling L to R: Jennifer Wilson, Andrea Crane, Pam Cox, Stacy Williams, Jenni Humphrey, Jean Holland. Standing L to R: Kim Anderson, trainer, Sherri Darby, Missy Welch, Terri Duc- kworth, Christy Franks, Jamie Dack, Coach Cheryl Buckmeier A) Against SEMO, Missy Welch and Jeanie Holland sky over the net to block a shot. B) Successful spike? Missy Welch resorts to power against Murray State. Jennifer Wilson, of Bono, prepares to cover. 183 YOUNG TEAM SHOWS PROMISE A) Lady Indians take time out between games to think the situa- tion over, " Are we going to win this one or not. " B) Freshman Jeanie Holland sets the ball for the Lady Indians. C) READY AND WAITING - The Lady Indian Volleyball team awaits the arrival of an opponents serve. ASU 2 - 3 ARKANSAS - LITTLE ROCK ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY TOURNAMENT ASU 2 - 1 TULSA ASU 1 - 2 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ASU 2 - 1 ST. LOUIS ASU 1 - 2 TULSA ASU 3 - MURRAY STATE ASU - 3 TENNESSEE ASU 2 - 3 OLE MISS ORAL ROBERTS INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT ASU - 3 NORTHEAST LOUISIANA ASU 2 - 3 MEMPHIS STATE ASU - 3 ORAL ROBERTS ASU 1 - 3 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI EVANSVILLE TOURNAMENT ASU 3 - 1 UNIV. OF EVANSVILLE ASU 3 - INDIANA STATE ASU - 3 OLE MISS ASU 2 - MURRAY STATE ASU 2 - WESTERN KENTUCKY ASU 1 - 3 SOUTHWESTERN LOUISIANA ASU - 3 MEMPHIS STATE ASU 2 - 3 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ASU - 3 TEXAS ARLINGTON ASU - 3 NORTH TEXAS STATE ASU 1 - 3 LAMAR MISSISSIPPI STATE TOURNAMENT ASU 1 - 3 OLE MISS ASU ■ 3 MISSISSIPPI STATE ASU ■ 2 ALABAMA - BIRMINGHAM ASU 2 • 3 ARKANSAS-LITTLE ROCK ASU 1 - 3 NORTHEAST LOUISIANA ASU 1 - 3 MEMPHIS STATE ASU 3 - 2 McNEESE STATE SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT ASU 3 SLC Lamar ASU 2 3 SLC North Texas State A) POETRY IN MOTION - Jeanie Holland, of Hiliard, Ohio, un- leashes one other powerful serves. Holland led the Lady Indians with 37 service aces. B) The ball is set by Senior Andrea Crane as Jeanie Holland ap- proaches the net ready for the kill. BUMP, SET, SPIKE! LADY INDIANS IN ACTION B ■ A) Against SEMO, Missy Welch and Jennie Holland block an at- tempted shot. B) Senior Andrea Crane sets as Jeannie Holland approaches the net and prepares to KILL the ball. C) Against the back line, Pam Cox, keeps the " volley " going with this bump. D) Jeannie Holland, of Hilliard, Ohio, leaps high to kill the ball against SEMO. Holland had 170 kills for the Lady Indians. i i n I ' n ' 4M 187 INDIANS LEAVE THE FIELDHOUSI Finishing 19-1 1, the Indians tied an ASU record for most wins in the regular season - 19. The other record season, was in 1951 , when the tribe went 1 9-5. ASU passed another milestone by defeating Memphis State 61-60 in the Mid-South Coliseum. The win marked the first time the In- dians have beaten MSU since 1954. Indian Basketball is on the uprise. With the addition of the Convoca- tion Center to the ASU campus, the tribe will be able to schedule big name teams in the seasons to come. With everyone ' s support, ASU basketball will continue to be an expanding tradition. A) Senior Brad Goshien shoots a short jumper against Texas-Arlington. ASU beat UT - Arlington to win the Citizens Bank Runnin Joe Classic. B) Steve Wiedower, of Greenbrier, controls the offense from his guard position. C) The last regular season tip-off in Indian Fieldhouse. John Tate appears to get the better of the McNeese player. WITH STYLE AND FINISH 1 9-1 1 INDIANS PLACE SECOND A) Senior Reggie Gordon, of Mem- phis, Tenn., looks for the open man against Louisiana Tech. B) Carl Archer, of Plain field, Ind., brings the ball across halfcourt against North Texas State. C) Steve Wiedower looks to pass the ball to a teammate. D) John Tate skies to get the opening tip against Louisiana Tech. ASU lost in overtime to LTU 61-58. IN SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE A) Senior David Lewis returns to his feet and focuses his attention to something off the court. B) Ballet or basketball? Steve Wiedower shows us his aerobat- ic ability. C) Freshman Rhon Johnson, of Little Rock, displays his form and touch by shooting over this North Texas State defender. 191 ROUNDBALL — AN ASU TRADITION A) Carl Archer, of Plainfield, Ind., dribbles around a North Texas defender, even though he is fouled. B) " Set it up " , Steve Wiedower, of Greenbrier, controls the offense from his guard position. C) Form and technique are Alan Smith ' s secret to hitting free throws. D) Freshman Greg Williams, of Sparkman skies to put the ball in the hole against Arkansas Express. AFTER THE TIP-OFF THE EXCITEMENT BEGINS! A) Rhon Johnson battles to tip the ball in the hole. B) John Tate, of Pine Bluff, leaps way above the rim to shoot over this Sacramento State defender. Tate led the team in scoring - averaging 16 points a game. C) Alan Smith, of Ft. Wayne, Ind. , puts up a running jumper against North- east Louisiana. Tate steals the ball . . . He ' s going for the slam! WHOOOOSH! A-STATE AND THE DUNKSHOT . . . A WINNING TRADITION A) SLAM! FOUL! 2-POINTS ' and all that good stuff. B) Freshman Rhon Johnson has his own one-handed style. POSS ARKANSAS STATE 4 BASKETBALL The dunk shot is the most exciting shot in basketball. ' ' How can this be? " , you ask. " When the player shoots that shot he is only inches away from the goal; he can hardly miss. " , you say. Well, it must be the power and force a player puts into slamming the ball through the hoop. Maybe its the aggression he lets loose when he slams it through the goal and rattles the backboard and rafters. Whatever the reason for its popularity, the excitement it stirs up among the players and fans is overwhelming A) Sometimes a player has to climb another player to get to the hoop. Here, Reggie Gor- don unleashes his ability. B) Forward John Tate fills the bottom of the net with this slam. C) Senior Reggie Gordon scares the opposition with his slam dunks. D) Even though its an easy shot, the slam can be missed, as Reggie Gordon shows us. wmm ARKANSAS STATE BASKETBALL REGULAR SEASON RECORD: 19-11 SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE: 5-5 ilversword Invitational Tournament ASU 63-79 Missouri ASU 57-65 Va-Commonwealth ASU 69-54 Chiminade ASU 61-73 Louisiana State ASU 85-72 Southern Mississippi Citizens Bank Classic ASU 85-58 TX-San Antonio ASU 85-58 TX-Arlington ASU 85-47 East Texas Baptist ASU ' 61-60 Memphis State ASU 65-47 Jackson State Sooner Invitational Tournament ASU 57-77 Oklahoma ASU 87-81 Chicago State Sacramento State Jackson State Tennessee State Northeast Louisiana Louisiana Tech (OT) McNeese State Lamar North Texas State Pan American Florida International North Texas State Tennessee State (OT) Northest Louisiana Louisiana Tech Lamar McNeese State Southern Mississippi Pan American A) Rhon Johnson concentrates before a free throw try. He shot 62% from the line this season. B) Brad Goshien, of Bryant, puts coverage on the ball against Sacramento State. C) Goshien bombs from 3-point range. He was 14 of 27 from the 3-point line. D) Center Reggie Gordon shoots a short jumper against McNeese State. Gordon had 22 points in the game. BASKETBALL - AN EXPANDING TRADITION AT ASU HSWwH tawi A) Freshman Greg Williams establishes his 6- 9 frame in a good post position. B) Sophomore John Tate leaps high to tip the ball. C) Guard Steve Wiedower stops the fast break and sends the ASU offense in motion. 7 A) Bobby Collins, of God- frey, III., releases this shot against Sacramento State. B) Coach Nelson Catali- na is 51-36 in his three years as head coach here at ASU. C) Guard Carl Archer uses his ball handling ability to dribble around this defender. D) Rhon Johnson shows us his style of defense. 201 INDIANS LOSE A HEARTBREAKER A B Arkansas officials and legislators couldn ' t put a game together between ASU and the University of Arkansas, so the National Invitational Tournament did. Arkansas State trav- eled to Fayetteville Friday March 13 to play the University of Arkansas in the first round of the NIT- The pressure and tension from the long-awaited game was about to be released. In the opening minutes, the stunned Razorback crowd of 7,500 saw the Indians jump to a quick lead, 12-4. The Hogs struggled to come back and cut the lead to five with 9:52 left in the first half. The tribe came to play and proved it. They dominated in the next three minutes building their ledd to 21-9. It was back and forth until halftime and ASU led 29-20. The first ten minutes of the second half belonged to the Indians. Catalina ' s crew took con- trol of the game and buiit a 51-30 advantage with 10:40 to play. Not only did the basketball team take over the ASU fans and the Indian band ruled Barnhill Arena from their " nose bleed section " seats. It was not long until fatigue set in on ASU. The Hogs were playing with thirteen men and the tribe rotated eight. The Razorback fans got back into the game and the Hogs dwin- dled the ASU lead to virtually nothing. Missed freethrows hurt the Indians late in the game and the Hogs rallied to outscore ASU 29-8 and tie the game 59-59. In overtime, the Hogs took an early lead, but a three-pointer by Steve Wiedower put the tribe in front for the last time, 64-63. Arkansas responded with a short lumper and a slam dunk to give the U. of Arkansas a 67-64 win. Steve Wiedower had 19 points to lead all scorers and John Tate had 18 points and 14 rebounds. It had to be fate that the two teams had the opportunity to play each other. If either team would have played differently on certain occasions during the season, such as their respective conference tournaments or conference games, one or the other might have gone to the NCAA tournament or may never have received an invitation to the NIT and the game would not have been played A) John Tate stuffs this one home against the Hogs. 8) The line to get tickets started 24 hours before the tickets went on sale. C) Brad Goshien looks to pass around a Hog defender. TO ARKANSAS IN OVERTIME state ty Reggie Gordon lays the ball in and receives his fifth foul on the charge (or is it?) B) Coach Nelson Catalina had the tribe ready for the game and did an excellent coaching job. C) Fatigue was one of the biggest factors against ASU. John Tate begins to feel it late in the game. The Lady Indians had their best season ever as a Division I team. They fin- ished 18-9 overall and 8-4 in the Southland Conference, which was good enough to get them second place. ASU beat the first place team, Northeast Louisiana, twice in the regular season. The tribe missed a NCAA Tournament bid by two points when NL U defeated Southwestern Louisiana in their last game of the sea- son-78-77. The women ' s basketball program is on the uprise and will continue to be with everyone ' s support. A) Senior Quintella Jackson concentrates on thegoal during a free throw attempt. B) Eva Brehe, of Bay, Missouri, takes the ball to the hoop. C) Andrea Kukura, ofJonesboro, brings the ball across half court against Lamar. SEASON EVER AS DIVISION I TEAM i LADY INDIANS PLACE SECOND A) During a time out, Coach Jerry Ann Winters explains the simple tac- tics it takes to win. B) Ouintella Jackson, of East St. Louis, Illinois, makes an abrupt stop to shoot the ball. C) A sure two points, Eva Brehe has the ball inside the lane. L i: . vv.., . . . . , I IN THE SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE A) Vicki Romine, of Rector, looks to pass the ball to a teammate. Romine had 50 assists during the ' 87 season. B) Beth Penn, of Gosnell, dribbles around a defender on her way to the goal. C) COUNT ' EM! Melissa Young shoots a short jumper against Missouri- St. Louis. 207 LADY INDIAN BASKETBALL IS A) Guard Beth Perm, ofGosnell, dribbles across half court against Tex- as-Arlington. The Lady Indians won the game 69-58. B) Senior Quintella Jackson, of East St. Louis, III., plays aggressive defense on her opponent. C) The Lady Indians are ready to rebound, but there won ' t be one, Zen- nia Hayes is shooting. AN EXPANDING TRADITION AT ASU FROM TIP-OFF TO THE FINAL BUZZER NEVER A DULL MOMENT ASU LADY INDIANS BASKETBALL RECORD: 18-9 Southland Conference 8-4 (2nd) V Hawaiian Tropic Classic ASU 71-86 Appalachian State ASU 79-91 Cumberland Shocker Shootout ASU 71 -90 La Salle ASU 83-76 TX-EI Paso ASU 59-70 Evansville ASU 74-63 Butler ASU 95-81 AR-Little Rock ASU 62-42 Tulsa ASU 92-73 Missouri-St. Louis ASU 68-54 St. Louis Univ. ASU 72-71 Northeast Louisiana ASU 85-80 Southwestern Louisiana ASU 67-75 Memphis State ASU 69-58 TX-Arlington jo oo North Texas State ASU 71-78 Lsmsr ASU 70-91 McNeese State ASU 84-77 Evansville ASU 77-58 AR-Little Rock ASU 80-77 Northeast Louisiana ASU 75-71 Southwestern Louisiana ASU 74-78 TX-Arlington ASU 75-80 North Texas State ASU 84-54 Lamar ASU 83-77 McNeese State ASU 77-54 College of Ozarks ASU 63-60 Tulsa i A) Sophomore Eva Brehe shot 70% from the free throw line. Here, she shows us her style for this consistency. B) Quintella Jackson shoots for the basket. She led the team in scoring, averaging 18 points per game. TAKING IT TO THE HOOP! B BASEBALL INDIANS FINISH 11 The 1986 Baseball Indians won nine of their last twelve ball games, to finish with a record of 20-21. The Indians were 8-9 in SLC action and won three games in the Citrus Tournament- including two victories over the University of Kansas. With twelve returning letter- men and four Junior College transfers, the tribe is looking strong in 1987. They start the season on March 9 in Edinburg, Texas, where they ' ll play in the Palm Valley Tournament. Also, Coach Rich Johnson is looking for a strong finish in the tough Southland Conference. Baseball is an expanding tradition at ASU and with a little support the pos- sibilities are endless. A) Catcher Bill Murray gets set to throw an opponent out. B) Steve Kline fields the ball as pitcher Steve Carson covers first base on a squib hit. C) Lyn Brown, of Alberta, Can- ada, unleashes one of his pow- erful throws to first base. D) Eyeing the catcher in his wind- up, Steve Carson, ofJonesboro, prepares to throw another strike. B STRONG IN 1 986 SEASON I A) " I ' m gonna knock the cover off the ball " , Dennis Stout, of Tuckerman, prepares to swing ai a strike, B) . Pitcher Steve Carson prepares to unleash a frightening fastball. C) Bill Murray positions his batting glove for maximum batting proficien- cy. D) Lyn Brown throws another oppo- nent out from his shortstop position. 215 ASU BASEBALL FEVER CA TCH IT! THE 1987 INDIAN 191 Ik. Kevin Arms — Student Assistant Brian Dunston — out- field Eric Babcock — first base, outfield Kevin Hall — infield Blake Barber — pitcher Pi. a K z ) Craig Harrison — sec- ond base I Lyn Brown — infield Steve Carson — first base, pitcher ( ) James Jarvis — catcher Darren Lillard — outfield Jeff McElrath — pitcher Mitch McGrew — pitcher Bill Mitchell — outfield Todd Nortier — outfield ml 1 John Parks — outfield 1 Johnny Perkins — catch- mm ■ Kevin Pirece — outfield m Tony Sagely — Student Assistant David Shelton — outfield Dewey Smith — catcher BASEBALL TEAM t. 1986 Arkansas State Baseball Record- 20-21 Southland Conference 8-9 Citrus Tournament ASU 5 - 4 Kansas ASU 7- 13 Pan American ASU 3- 10 Oklahoma ASU 13- 11 Kansas ASU 7- 4 Pan American ASU 1 - 2 Central Michigan ASU 2 - 3 Kansas ASU 7 - 8 Murray State ASU 4 - 6 McNeese State ASU 3- 6 McNeese State ASU 2- 5 McNeese State ASU 4 - 12 Mississippi ASU 5- 2 Lamar ASU 3- 9 Lamar ASU 2- 4 Lamar ASU 6 - 2 Harding ASU 11 - 3 Harding ASU 1 - 3 Tenn. -Martin ASU 7- 6 Tenn. -Martin ASU 7- 1 North Texas State ASU 3- 2 North Texas State ASU 11 - 10 North Texas State ASU 3- 4 Mississippi ASU 4 6 Mississippi ASU 12 13 Christian Brothers ASU ■ 5 Louisiana Tech ASU 11 ■ 7 Louisiana Tech ASU - 6 Louisiana Tech ASU 5 - 6 Central Arkansas ASU 5 - 4 Central Arkansas ASU 9 - 6 Harding x . ASU 4 - 3 Harding ASU 2 - 1 Texas-Arlington ASU 6 - 2 Texas-Arlington ASU 1 - 4 Delta State ASU 8 - 2 Delta State ASU 2 - 1 Christian Brothers ASU 3 - 4 Northeast Louisiana ASU 1 - 5 N ortheast Louisiana ASU 4 - 3 Northeast Louisiana ASU 4 ■ 3 Rhodes 1987 Arkansas State Basebal Palm Valley Tournament Central Michigan (1) Oklahoma City (1) Oklahoma (1) Pan American (1) New Mexico State (1) New Mexico State (1) Murray State (2) Harding (2) Louisiana Tech (2) Louisiana Tech (2) Mississippi (1) ' enn. -Martin (2) Memphis State (2) Arkansas-Little Rock (1) Northeast Louisiana (2) Northeast Louisiana (2) Christian Brothers (1) Louisiana Tech (2) Louisiana Tech (2) Mississippi (1) Murray State (2) Arkansas-Little Rock (1) Christian Brothers (1) Harding (2) Delta State (2) Memphis State (2) Northeast Louisiana (2) Northeast Louisiana (2) March 9 Away March 10 Away March 11 Away March 12 Away March 13 Away March 14 Away March 17 Away March 19 Away March 21 Away March 22 Away March 26 Away March 29 Away March 31 Home April 1 Awaf% April 4 Home April 5 Home April 8 Home April 11 Home April 12 Home April 15 Home April 16 Home April 18 Home April 22 Away April 23 Home April 28 Home April 29 Away May 2 Away May 3 Away PREPARATION FOR THE ' 87 SEASON MEN ' S TRACK - ON THE MOVE UPWARD ASU track is on the uprise. A-State has con- sistently produced athletes that have become national and international competitors - this year is no different. Coach Guy Kochel has his team working harder than ever for the 1987 indoor and outdoor season, and the NCAA champion- ships. Like all other sports, support is needed for our track team to give them that extra win- ning edge. With this edge, our track team will continue to be an expanding tradition. A) Steve Armstrong, of Pine Bluff, placed first in the 440 yard dash in the Northeast Louisana Invitational (Indoor) with a time of 49.40. B) David Rodely, of DuQuoin, III., strains to throw the discus. C) The spirit is won or lost at the starting blocks. Leon Marlton, of Anahuac, Texas, gets set for this sprint. B V: Hi A) Sophomore George Green warms up for the triple jump. B) Pole Vaulters Scott Shaffer and Craig Hagan take a time out to think over the situation during practice. C) The track team in practice. THE 1987 ARKANSAS 5TATE MEN ' S TRACK TEAM David Rodely Luis Rodriguez Scott Shaffer David St. John Tim Stubbs 4 WOMEN ' S TRACK - FASTER FURTHER, HIGHER A) Sharon Lewellen, of Gentry, leaps high to get over the bar, B) Sharon Mudford and Melody Cox keep pace with each other during a practice ses- sion. C) Sophomore Monika Klebe, of Kit, Sweden, keeps her rhythm going while running the hurdl er THE 1987 ASU WOMEN ' S TRACK TEAM Felicia Adams Melody Cox Yvette Dalton Eva Farneby Patricia James Monika Klebe Valerie Lee Sharon Lewellen Mia Lindholm Katy Lovern Sharon Mudford GOLF TEAM PREPARE r La SI ty Tom M 7 er, of Corinth, Mississippi, sets up for a long putt on a lazy, late afternoon. B) Freshman Mike Satterwhite putts from the edge of the green. C) Senior Tim Joseph, of Searcy, putts uphill, against the wind, the ducks quacking, and the sun in his eyes. TOUGH TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE The 1987 Indian Golf team gets into the swing of things February 1 8 in Jasper, Texas. There, they play in the Stephen F. Austin Invitational. After spring break, the tribe travels to Tampa Florida to compete at the University of Tampa. With the completion of that tournament, the team has a two-day rest in Florida. On March 13, the Indians play at Florida Inter- national University in Miami. Leaving the tropics and taking a two week rest, our golf team tees off in Cleveland, Missis- sippi in the Delta State Invitational and then travels to Ken- tucky to play in the Eagles Invitational on April 3. The South- land Conference tournament will be held at North Texas State and the Indians look to do well there. The final tourna- ment for the tribe is in Nashville, Tenn. There, they will com- pete in the Vanderoilt Invitational. A) Members of the Indian Golf team practice their putting at Jonesboro Country Club. B) Junior Van Gardner, of Little Rick, gets set for a long putt. C) Michael Satterwhite, of Batesville, shows us the correct technique for hitting the ball. 231 vC ARKANSAS STATE CHEERLEADERS A TRADITION IN SPIRIT A) Our A-State Cheerleaders pose with ASU President Dr. Eugene Smith at the Memphis State pep rally held at the Pea- body Hotel in Memphis, Tenn. B) WE WON! The Arkansas State Cheerieading squad ex- pressed their happiness when the final gun went off against NE Louisiana and gave A- State their second SLC cham- pionship in as many years. A varsity team cannot be complete without spirit. It is spirit that holds a team together. It provides hope when hope is lost. When our team gets behind, the Arkansas State Cheerleaders find hope and help bring us to victory with that binding element known as spirit. The ASU Cheerleaders have a tradition in spirit. The ASU Cheerleaders are experienced to say the least. The twelve member squad returned six from last year ' s group, and, also, recruited three from the 1 986 Junior Varsity squad. A-State ' s spirited acrobats are also faithful. They followed the football In- dians to all road games, except one, including the Championship game in Tacoma, WA. So remember, the next time the Indians get behind, don ' t give up, glance at the cheerleaders, they sure hav- en ' t. A) Senior Gina Rodery flashes her pearly whites to the camera. B) During pre-game warmup at Ole Miss, Captain Tim Willmuth balances Cindy Childress — in mid-air — without a net. C) Sophomore Stephanie Dickson prepares for a routine during the home game against NE Louisiana. 233 wMiiiiiii nmwwi— — ARKANSAS STATE CHEERLEADERS Front row: Stephanie Dickson, Gina Rodery, Candy Trammell, Sarah Shewmaker, Cindy Chil- dress, Joni Hampton. Second row: Kurt Zen- Ruffinen, Ken Kenne- more, David Corbett, Tim Willmuth, Newell Butch- er, Brian McKee. A) Junior Tim Willmuth, Captain, and Senior Can- dy Trammell, Co-Cap- tain. A-TEAM SHINES WITH EXCELLENCE Halftime at ASU is not boring. The Marching Indian Band enter- tains at footbai! games and the A-Team fascinates us at basketball games. The A-Team performs at most all basketball home games and even followed the Indians to Pine Bluff when they played S. Mississippi. In National competition, the A-Team placed fourth out of seventy squads. Also, three were nominated for NCAA Superstar All-American Pom-Pon — Angie Boyd, of Manila, Sidona Hill, of West Memphis, and Rhonda Withers, of Bryant. Miss Withers was selected for the award. A) The A-team puis the wave into motion with a style all their own. 8) Rhonda Chappie, of West Memphis, and Jennifer Alpe, of Bishop Srynein Memphis, Tenn., finds interest in something at an A-State bas- ketball game. C) An a-team member is required tohave a certain dancing quality. Tammy Yarbrough, of Steele, Mo., shows us her quality. c A) Two A-team members. Misty Shaw, of Nettleton, and Shannon Hollan, of Wynne, take time out from the excite- ment of the game to flash a smile and a wave. B) That dancing quality comes out again. This time Jennifer Alpe shows us her style. C) YEA! Senior Co-Captain Carta Gschwend, ofJonesboro, shakes her oom-Dons and smiles for the camera. THE A-TEAM IN ACTION. . .ZZTI THE 1 987 A-TEAM 1987A-Team FRONT ROW: Tammy Yarbrough, Carta Gschwend - Co-Captain, Rhonda Withers - Co-Captain, Sidona Hill- Captain, Barbara Walker, Melissa Morse. SECOND ROW: Rhonda Chappie, Misty Shaw, Tania Dement, Angie Boyd, Lisa Utley, Shannon Hollan, Monica Troilett, Jennifer Alpe. A) " All American " Pom Ron Super Star Rhonda Withers of Bry- ant. B) Co-Captain Rhonda Withers, Captain Sidona-Hill, Co-Captain Carta Gschwend. TENNIS ANYONE? . . . 1986 NETTERS FINISH 1 1-7 imam m The Indian Tennis Team was 4-7 on March 25, 1986 when Murray State traveled to Jonesboro to play the tribe. ASU defeated the ladies of Murray State 9-0. After that, the Indians never experienced defeat again. They finished with seven straight wins to end the season 1 1 -7. In the Southland Conference championships, the Indians didn ' t fare too well, placing fifth and winning three of twelve matches. Angela Caldwell, of Jonesboro, finished 20-3 on the season and the doubles team of Kim Stephens, of Benoni, South Africa, and Jeannie Stone, of Pine Bluff, had the best double record - 15-6. A) Jeannie Stone completes her backhand swing. She finished 14-8 in 1986 and won 7 out of her last 8 matches. B) Junior Leanne Reilly is at the net and ready to put the ball away. C) Sophomore Angela Caldwell unleashes her powerful swing while concen- trating on the ball. HIGH HOPES AND DETERMINATION ARE SET FOR THE 1987 SEASON The 1987 Tennis Team has high hopes and determination for the 1987 season. With all seven members from the ' 86 squad returning, the Indians are looking to go farther in the Southland Conference Championships than they did in 86. A) Junior Kim Stephens prepares to hit the ball with her powerful backhand. B) Sophomore Joanne Clark, of Sidney, Australia, eyes the ball in preparation of her forehand swing. C) Form and poise are needed to win in tennis. Sophomore Vanessa Roberts shows us her style. THE 1987 INDIAN TENNIS TEAM Angela Caldwell Joanne Clark A FAMILIAR SIGHT AT ASU BALLGAMES THE INDIAN FAMILY A) Princess Karen Fow- ler sits proud on the tra- ditional black horse. B) Indian uprising at Ole Miss. David Veasman joins Princess Julie and Chief Mark at Oxford, Mississippi to help the tribe defeat the Rebels. C) Princess Julie at a pep rally held in front of Sim- mons Bank. exercising excellence Marching Indian Band in action! The Arkansas State Marching Indian Band is an exciting part of ASU athletics. Our Band arouses spirit when support is low. It inspires us when inspiration is needed. And, it also gives us added pep when the Indians score or fight for victory. The Marching Indians, under the direction of Tom O ' Conner, display spectacular performances before football games and at halftime. Entertain- ment is the main function of the band, but it also has many latent functions. One is the enjoyment and involvement felt by all those participating . Another, as we have all felt, is the inspiration and pep it gives us when we need it the most. Anna Talbot and Jose Feliciano do an excellent job of leading the band on and off the field. Under their guidance, the Marching Indian Band has performed over eight successful shows. In addition, the majorettes and fla- gline add a sparkle to the sharpness of the band ' s performance. With the pride in excellence ASU ' s Marching Indian Band has given us it will continue to be a expanding tradition at Arkansas State. A) Robbie Martin, of Huntington Beach, California, plays the xylaphone at halftime of the Old Miss game. B) Drum majors, Jose Feliciano and Anna Talbot take time to pose for a picture during the pep rally at the Peabody Hotel before the game with Memphis State. C) Amy Linstrom and Sherry Bradford assist the band by playing the marching French horn during Homecoming festivities. c ir t it k i n ft til i •v.:. ' ' 4 i ii A) Under the direction of Jose Feliciano, Ar- kansas State s Mar- ching Indian Band form our University ' s tradi- tional letters before a crowd of 26,000 at Ole Miss. B) The beat is set on the bass drum by Brian Thompson, as the band plays the familiar Indian fight song. C) It takes plenty of concentration to play the tuba. Gary Davis shows us his method of concentration during Homecoming. B C 251 MAJORETTES DAZZLE THE SPECTATORS AND HIGHLIGHT BAND MPs Arkansas State Majorettes and Drum Majors: Top Row: Jos Feliciano, Julie Jones, Al- lison Shanklin, Paula Bloom, Jerri Maynard, Tonya George, Amanda Berry, Lisa Martin, Anna Talbot. Bottom Row: Missy Holden, Danna Gossett, Tamberly King, Becky Bishop, Karen Rose. A) Arkansas State Majorettes dazzle the crowd once again with their routine. B) Majorette Missy Holden, of Jonesboro, shows the crowd at Ole Miss her talent. THE INDIAN BAND PERFORMS WITH STYLE A) With their perform- ance, the brass section sets the stage for the band ' s spectacular Homecoming show. B) The rhythm is set by John Long during the Homecoming game against Lamar. C) Chuck Martin, of Wil- low Springs, Mo., plays his trombone during halftime activities against Northeast Loui- siana. 253 BEHIND THE SCENES OF ASU ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Larry Lacewell — Direc- tor of Athletics — Head Football Coach Gina Bowman — Sports Information Spe- cialist Jerry Ann Winters — Head Women ' s Basket- ball Coach Bill Davidson — Assis- tant Athletic Director Richard Johnson — Head Baseball Coach Neil Abel — Head Golf Coach Bill Templeton — Assis- tant Athletic Director Cheryl Buckmeier — Head Volley and Soft- ball Coach Marcia Williams — Head Tennis Coach Jerry Schaeffer — Sports Information Di- rector Guy Kochel — Head Track Coach Nelson Catalina — Head Basketball Coach COACHING STAFF Eldon Hawley — Asst. Head Coach and offen- sive line Gary Withrow — Offen- sive Line and Recruiting Coordinator Steve Caldwell — Line- backers David Mitchell ning Backs — Run- Don Hoggard — Defen- sive Ends Mike Malham — Aca- demic Counselor Tim Keane — Defensive Secondary Leighton McCrary — Assistant Basketball Coach Ron Calcagni — Quar- terbacks Bob Ward — Assistant Basketball Coach Rick Petri — Defensive Line Ron Carroll — Trainer Ken Hubbard — Trainer ASU ATHLETICS- AN EXPANDING TRADITION IN EXCELLENCE 257 ADMINISTRATION 259 GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS BILL CLINTON PRESIDENT OF ASU ■■■■■■■ ■HHHHBHMHHMHHl DR. EUGENE SMITH 261 BOARD Of TRUSTEES The governing body of Arkansas State University is the Board of Trus- tees, composed of five members, one of whom is appointed each year by the Governor of Arkansas for a period of five years. Each appointment must be con- firmed by the Senate of the General As- sembly. The function of the board is leg- islative, and the board determines the general policies of the university and approves the expenditure of its fund. A. Bonnie Shaver, Wynne B. Wayne Hartsfield, Searcy C. Larry Ross, Little Rock D. Hassell McCain, West Memphis E. Jerry Watkins, El Dorado, Chairman F. Members of the Board take time out from a meeting for a picture. 263 DR. VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DONALD KONOLD VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT AFFAIRS DR. MOSSIE RICHM OND VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE MR. ARLIS JOHNSON VICE PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY RELATIONS MR. DON TILTON 265 VICE PRESIDENT INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT MRS. RUTH HAWKINS ASSOC. VICE PRESIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS DR. STANLEY WILLIAMS Dr. Laurence Boucher Dean of Arts Sciences Dr. Vance Sales Dean of Education Dr. John Beadles Dean of Graduate School Dr. Lonnie Talbert Dean of Business Dr. Donald Kedzie Dean of Agri. Engineering LTC Kenneth Necessary (retired) Head of Military Science Dr. Robert Hoskins Dean of Communications Dr. Harold Copenhaver Dean of Fine Arts Dr. Mary Sees Dean of Nursing Health Prof. 267 ADMINISTRATION Gary Albright, Recreation Coordinator Carroll Albritton, Director Convocation Center Abdulrasoul Aljaaf, Family Assistant Support Oliver Armstrong, Treasurer Brad Baker, Director of Housing Bill Berry, Director of Honors Program Eddie Black, Food Production Manager Dr. Clinton W. Boals, Coord, off-Campus Ac- tivities Phil Bridger, Director of Auxiliary Barbara Broadaway, Dir. of Catering Cynthia Bryant, Counselor-Student Affairs Ron Carmack, Dir. of Physical Plant Mike Cleghorn, Asst. Dir. of Student Union Earl Clements, Food Production Super. Mary Coles, Museum Registrar Ken Cooper, Dir. of Public Safety Gerald Craig, Dir. of Financial Aid Catherine Darling, Financial Aid Officer Bill Davidson, Assistant Director Athletics Tim Dean, Asst. Dir. of Convocation Center Don Denny, Associate Dean of Students Bill Fisher, Director Purchasing Genna Gallegly, Trio Tutor Joe D. Gammill, Dir. of Farms Dolores Gorton, Student Health Nurse Wilma Hahn, Acting Dir. of International Programs Bill Hansard, Dir. of Library Dr. Afak Haydar, Dir. of Saudi Customs Project Jim R. Haynes, Dir. of Food Services Jane Hays, Institutional Lodging Coord. Philip Jackson, Saudi Project Accounts Officer Don James, Business Manager Dr. Charlott Jones, Dir. of Museum Gerald Jones, Asst. Dir. Small Business De- velopment Kathy Jones, Asst., Dir. of Mgmt. Systems Planning Kayleene Keith, Dir. of CESL John L. Kerst, Dir. Multi-Media Saudi Project Scott W. Lewis, Asst. to the President Ron Looney, Dir. of Creative Services Robbie Lyle, Snstr. in Developmental Studies Greta S. Mack, Dean of Admissions and Records Tom Manning, Director of Alumni Relations Dr. J. W. Mason, Dir. of Personnel Services Jennifer Rice-Mason, Asst. Dean of Students Kathy Masters, Instructor Developmental Studies Marshall Matthews, Collections Officer Cheryl McClurg, Admission Representative Leonard McDaniel, Assistant Registrar if Mary Lou McDaniel, Asst. Dean of Students Dr. Linda McFarland, Instructor Tom Moore, Dir. of News Information Services Janie Orick, Admissions Representative Barbara Perdzock, Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid Phil Pickle, Communications Network Manager Diann Rayburn, Internal Auditor Don Rowlett, Production Manager Linda Smith, Counselor Student Affairs Sam Spurlock, Asst. Controllor Dr. Herman Strickland, Dir. of Professional Education Programs Rick Stripling, Dir. of Student Activities Bill Templeton, Assistant Director Athletic Dr. Karen Sturdivant Toombs, Dir. of Admis- sions Linda Touchstone, Wigwam Manager Tom R. Trevathan, Research Associate Barbara Turpin, Asst. Dir. of Alumni Relations Jerry Unger, Asst. Manager of Bookstore Melvin V. Wamock, Programs Coord. Agriculture Ken Watkins, Counselor Student Affairs Andre G. Watson, Admissions Representative Les Watson, Controller Ed Welch, Dir. Computer Services J. Larry Williams, Dean of Continuing Education Wendell Williams, Counselor 269 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT STAFF Jimmie Ballinger, Special Education Dianne Barnes, College of Arts Science Sandra Benesh, Dean ' s Office - College of Business Kathryn Booher, Management Systems Planning Paula Bradberry, Student Affairs Marilyn Brewer, CESL Peggy A. Brown, Biological Sciences Alice Chandler, Chemistry Sheila Dunlap, Office of Finance Debi Dunning, Convocation Center Renee Emerson, Dean ' s Office - College of Agriculture Carol Findley, English, Philosophy Language Jean Fisher, Dean ' s Office - College of Agriculture Frankie Grisham, University College Loubeth Hames, Dean ' s Office - College of Education Barbara Harrell, Library Peggy Henderson, University Relations Lisa Henry, Saudi Customs Project B. Sue Hogue, History Syrena Johnson, Agricultural Research Donna Kirksey, Journalism Printing Marty Luster, President ' s Office Joyce McEwen, Dean ' s Office - College of Communication Jeanette Millsap, Art Betty Minton, Agriculture Engineering Darlister Mitchell, Administrative Assistant President Brenda Morris, Agriculture Vocational Training Unit Robin Mouzy, Computer Services Gail Siddell, International Programs Maxine Smith, Agriculture Engineering Winona Thiel, Dean ' s Office - College of Arts Sciences Carol Tinsley, Student Affairs Lois Travis, Small Business Development Center Shirley Wiles, Academic Affairs Rhonda Woodruff, Political Science LIBRARY STAFF 271 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES BSSsBBMBHSSraBMBI Dr. V. Rick McDaniel, prof, and chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, prof. Mr. William H. Byrd, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley N. David, assis. prof. Dr. Roy Gehring, assoc. prof. Dr. Earl L Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George Harp, prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. W. Donald Newton, assoc. p rof. Dr. Larry A. Olsen, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc. prof. Dr. Edward L. Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, assoc. prof. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Dr. Stanley E. Trauth, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY 1 a PI Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, prof, and chm. Dr. J. Edward Bennett, prof. Dr. David M. Chittenden, prof. Dr. Miles Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Mark Draganjac, assis. prof. Dr. Paul Gwinup, prof. Mrs. Janie Barrett Huffman, temp. inst. Dr. G. David Jimmerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul Nave, assoc. prof. Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, prof. Dr. David Vosburg, assoc. prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, prof. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, l IATHEMATICS, AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, prof, and chm. Dr. Roger Abernathy, assis. prof. Dr. John B. Bennett, assoc. prof. Dr. Thomas Bishop, prof. Mrs. Linda F. demons, inst. Mr. Daniel O. Felts, inst. Dr. Raymond Gazik, prof. Mrs. Sarah Gore, temp. inst. Ms. Denise Manning, temp. inst. Mr. Elmer Mayes, temp, assis, prof. Dr. H. E. McCloud, assoc. prof. Dr. Lawrence Mink, assoc. prof. Ms. Deborah Parker, temp. inst. Ms. Diana Pennington, temp. inst. Mr. Johnnie C. Roberts, assis. prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, assis. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard Tangeman, prof. 273 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH, PHILOSOPHY, AND LANGUAGES Dr. Charles R. Carr, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. James Burleson, prof. Ms. Catherine Calloway, temp. inst. Dr. William M. Clements, prof. Dr. J. Scott Darwin, assis. prof. Dr. Marilyn Fontaine, assoc. prof. Mr. Sam Gennuso, assis. prof. Ms. Martha Jane Gill, inst. Dr. Steffan Gutzeit, prof. Dr. Lyman Hagen, prof. Dr. Jeffrey Hoeper, assoc. prof. Dr. George Horneker, assis. prof. Dr. C. Norman Lavers, prof. Dr. Scott Lowe, temp, assis. prof. Mrs. Claire Lyons, inst. Dr. Frances Malpezzi, assoc. prof. Mr. Wayne McLaurin, assis. prof. Dr. Thomas Moisan, assoc. prof. Mr. Logan Moon, assis. prof. Dr. George Peek, prof. Mr. Edward Reilly, inst. Ms. Ellen Robinson, inst. Ms. Sara Shell, temp. inst. Ms. Virginia Shepherd, temp. inst. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, assoc. prof. Miss Lois Ann Swisher, assis. prof. Mrs. Nancy Young, inst. ' to W . ! — 7 rf f S 4 Dr. Charles Hartwig, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. Michael Fullington, assoc. prof. Dr. Jane M. Gates, assis. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, prof. Dr. Ross Marlay, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley Vanagunas, prof. Mr. Richard Wang, temp. inst. DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Dr. C. Roger Lambert, prof, and chm. Dr. Robin L. Anderson, assoc. prof. Dr. Larry Ball, prof. Dr. Bill Berry, assis. prof. Dr. Michael B. Dougan, prof. Mr. Robert L. Jones, inst. Dr. Charles Kenner, prof. Dr. C. K. McFarland, prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, prof. Dr. Dennis C. Rousey, assoc. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, assoc. prof. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY, SOCIAL WORK, AND GEOGRAPHY Dr. Larry Clowers, assis. prof, and chm. Dr. Julia Burkhart, assis. prof. Dr. Jack Dison, assoc. prof Dr. Patricia Freudiger, assoc. prof. Dr. James Harrison, assis. prof. Dr. Jerry Kin g, assis. prof. Dr. Dan Morse, prof. Dr. Larry Nuttbrock, assis. prof. Dr. John Pardeck, assoc. prof. Mr. Emmett Presley, assis. prof. Dr. Hubert Stroud, prof. Dr. Stephen Tricarico, assis. prof. 275 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Dr. Owen B. Moseley, prof, and chm. Mr. Terry Dancer, assis. prof. Dr. Coy N. London, assoc. prof. Ms. Mary Malone, temp. inst. Dr. Louella M. Moore, assis. prof. Ms. Ernestine Steward, temp. inst. Dr. Shirl Strauser, prof. Ms. Patricia Toney, inst. Dr. Robert Whitis, assoc. prof. Mr. Dalton Whitt, assis. prof. Dr. Jerry Crawford, prof, and chm. Ms. Sharon Ashcraft, temp. inst. Dr. Larry R. Dale, assoc. prof. Dr. John Kaminarides, prof. Dr. Gary Latanich, assoc. prof. Dr. Bobby McGough, prof. Mr. William E. Miles, temp. inst. Ms. Melotiie Philhours, temp. inst. Mr. Jeffrey R. Pittman, assis. prof. Dr. J. Rex Pulley, assoc. prof. Mr. Luis Rodriguez, assoc. prof. Dr. Fuad Talib, assis. prof. Dr. Richard Taylor, assoc. prof. Dr. William M. Williams, assoc. prof. DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING m I A m J iSIr Isg ' t ■ l ft. 1 4. k DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMICS Q I DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT 1 Dr. Robert L Ferralasco, prof, and chm. Mrs. Ruby Chittenden, temp. inst. Dr. Rebecca Collins, assoc. prof. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, assoc. prof. Dr. Georgia Hale, assis. prof. Mrs. Angela Hinson, assis. prof. Dr. Charlotte Hinson, assis. prof. Mrs. Dorothy Peters, inst. Dr. Donald B. Roberts, prof. Dr. Ralph Ruby, Jr., prof. Ms. Loretta M. Sansom, inst. Ms. Veronica Smith, inst. Mr. Clay Watson, inst. Mrs. Ann Whitney, temp. inst. Mr. Richard B. Williams, inst. Mrs. Mary L. Wood, assis. prof. Dr. Charles W. Ford, prof, and chm. Dr. Kamvar Farahbod, assis. prof. Dr. Wilfred S. Fisher, assis. prof. Dr. Donald W. Hendon, prof. Ms. Jaynette Hineline, assis. prof. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, prof. Ms. Gail I. Hudson, assis. prof. Dr. Douglas Huffman, assoc. prof. Mr. Laddie Logan, inst. Dr. William B. Olson, assis. prof. Dr. Steven Replogle, assoc. prof. Dr. Emelda Williams, assoc. prof. Mr. Charles Yauger, assis. prof. 277 COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONS Dr. Joel T. Gambill, assoc. prof, and chm. Mr. Eugene Ballard, assis. prof. Dr. Thomas V. Dickson, temp, assis. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler, Jr., prof. Mr. Robert Kern, inst. Mr. John M. Shipman, inst. DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM AND PRINTING Mr. Charles L. Rasberry, prof, and chm. Mr. Richard A. Carved, inst. Dr. Charles M. Cranston, assis. prof. Mr. Michael B. Doyle, inst. Mr. Kenneth R. Lane, inst. Dr. Gary W. Melton, assis. prof. Dr. Randall K. Scott, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF RADIO TELEVISION fc l COLLEGE OF EDUCATION )EPARTMENT OF HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION AND SPEECH PATHOLOGY Dr. John P. Hosinski, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. Thomas M. Adams, II, assoc. prof. Mrs. Cindy Albright, inst. Mr. Gary Albright, recreation coordinator Mrs. Rosalie Barber, dir. of intramurals Dr. David Burgess, assis. prof. Mrs. Alta Burns, assis. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, assis. prof. Dr. James DeVasier, prof. Mr. Ross Friesen, inst. Dr. Wilbert Gaines, assis. prof. Dr. Linda Parchman, prof. Mrs. Frances Smallwood, assis. prof. Mr. William J. Sugg, inst. Miss Pat Welch, inst. Dr. Jess R. White, prof. Dr. Phillip Waldrop, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. James Calder, assoc. prof. Dr. Roberta Daniels, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph Justen, III, prof. Ms. Karen Patterson, inst. Dr. Emilo Perez, assoc. prof. Mrs. Joan Roberson, inst. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, assoc. prof. 279 Dr. Robert F. Abbott, prof, and chm. Dr. Edmund Barnette, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Mrs. Nola Christenberry, inst. Dr. Beverly DeWater, assis. prof. Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, assoc. prof. Dr. Craig Jones, assoc. prof. Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELOR EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Beverly Boats, assoc. prof, and chm. Mrs. Nancy Bacot, inst. Dr. Sandra Bone, assoc. prof. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul Burge, prof. Dr. William G. Chance, prof. Dr. Baron D. Conaway, prof. Dr. Burton Croswalt, Jr., assoc. prof. Mrs. Janie Cruce, temp. inst. Dr. Emma Sue Davidson, assis. prof. Dr. Jack Hoggins, assoc. prof. Dr. Michael Tunnell, assis. prof. Dr. Mildred B. Vance, prof. DEPARTMENT OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND SECONDARY EDUCATION Dr. Keith D. Rogers, prof, and chm. Dr. Marjorie Bradford, assoc. prof. Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, assis. prof. Mr. Bert Greenwalt, inst. Dr. J. H. Keene, prof. Dr. A. J. Langlois, prof. Dr. A. W. Tennille, prof. Dr. G. W. Tibbetts, assis. prof. Dr. Darrell Widick, assis. prof. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Dr. Albert L. Mink, prof, and chm. Dr. Larry Byrd, assis. prof. Dr. R. C. Clifft, assoc. prof. Dr. W. R. Crumpton, assis. prof. Dr. Robert Engelken, assoc. prof. Dr. J. D. Gillanders, assoc. prof. Mr. Perry Isbell, inst. Dr. Thomas J. Parsons, assis. prof. Dr. Lyle G. Rhea, prof. DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Dr. William Holmes, assis. prof. Dr. Neale Bailee, assoc. prof. Mr. Joe D. Bonner, inst. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. Mrs. Sherri S. Dees, inst. Mr. Ken Hatch, inst. Mr. Richard Jorgensen, inst. Dr. M. Ellis Julien, asst. prof. Dr. J. D. Kelly, assoc. prof. Mrs. Julia Lansford, assoc. prof. Mr. David Niederbrach, assoc. prof. Mrs. Harriet O ' Neal, inst. Dr. James Patty, prof. Dr. Daniel Ross, assoc. prof. Mr. Bonner Ruff, assis. prof. Mrs. Sandra Seay, inst. Mr. Alfred Skoog, assoc. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. Ann Swaty, assis, prof. Dr. Theron Waddle, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH COMMUNICATION AND THEATER ARTS Dr. O. L. Bayless, prof, and chm. Mrs. Linda Clark, assis. prof. Dr. Marguerite Coe, assoc. prof. Mr. Terry Huckabee, assis. prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, assis. prof. Mr. Dennis White, inst. 283 Dr. William Allen, assoc. prof, and chm. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. Mr. Roger Carlisle, assoc. prof. Mr. Thomas Chaffee, assoc. prof. Mr. Ronald Clayton, assis. prof. Dr. Charlotte Jones, assoc. prof. Mr. John Keech, assoc. prof. Mr. Evan Lindquist, prof. Mr. Greely Myatt, assis. prof. Dr. Karl Richards, prof. Mr. William Rowe, assoc. prof. Mr. Curtis Steele, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF ART MAJ Steve Skillern, assis. prof. CPT Donald A. Haney, assis. prof. CPT Joe P. Hines, assis. prof. CPT Robert A. Johnson, assis. prof. CPT Dana D. Thompson, assis. prof. SGM Garry D. Faughn, chief inst. SSG Raymond M. Pandell, personnel manager 2nd LT Kevin D. Melton I ' ft 1 . mwi 1 COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS it ' Dr. Whitney Williams, assoc. prof, and dir. Ms. Sharon L. Johnson, assis. prof. Mrs. Mary J. Rutherford, assis. prof. Mr. Frank Stevens, assis. prof. Ms. Edna Holmes, inst. Mr. Ray Winters, assis. prof. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING Dr. Grace R. Whitis, prof, and dir. Mrs. Beverly Bartels, assis. prof. Mrs. Nellie T. Cafferty, inst. Ms. Martha Caldwell, assis. prof. Mr. Robert L. Cox, assis. prof. Mrs. Bonnie Deuter, assis. prof. Mrs. Betty Easton, assis. prof. Mrs. Mary Hartwig, assoc. prof. Ms. Diane C. Meador, assis. prof. Dr. Karen K. Olson, assis. prof. Mr. Roger Richey, inst. Mrs. Barbara Rubin, assis. prof. Mrs. Lois Snider, inst. Mrs. Annette Stacy, assis. prof. Mrs. Harriett Whitley, assis. prof. 285 ACADEMICS 287 GRADUATES Joe K. Adams, Jonesboro Sheila C. Adams, Senath, MO Abdelrnhman T. Alfayez, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Rashid M. Al-Homaid, Buvaidah, SAUDI ARABIA Cheryl M. Allen, Cherokee Village Haif S. Al-Otaiby, Jonesboro Emmanuel C. Alozie, Umuowa Owerri, NIGERIA Marwan A. Amer, Jonesboro Mary K. Armstrong, Jonesboro Lisa A. Barnes, Jonesboro Myrlan G. Barnett, Jr., Swifton James W. Beck, Jr. West Memphis Anna M. Bishop, Jonesboro Mary A. Bishop, Jonesboro Ronald E. Bishop, Jonesboro Sharon B. Blackford, Marion Renee R. Bland, Walnut Ridge Jack C. Boles, Ward Sherry L. Bookout, Jonesboro Lynn T. Breckenridge, Earle Mitchel T. Brewer, Jonesboro Rodney A. Bridges, Salem Freda J. Briscoe, Newark J. Mary Brown, Marvell Joyce Brown, Wynne Pamela S. Byrd, Henderson, N.C. Dana S. Cameron, Jonesboro Sue Carlyle, Diaz Michael K. Carr, Thayer. MO Leta M. Carruth, Lexa Kevin W. Chambers, Doniphan, MO Virginia K. Chapman, Forrest City Carla S. Clifton, Steele, MO Melinda B. Cobb, Lake City Robert D. Coe, Jonesboro David L. Colbert, Little Rock Arby Cole, Kota Xmabaly, Sabah MALAYSIA Mary H. Cole, Trumann Nancy C. Coleman, Jonesboro Karen L. Collier, Piedmont, MO Bill R. Cooper, Jonesboro Roger A. Cooper, Cherry Valley Robert P. Cowles, Jonesboro Jeanette L. Cox, Jonesboro Elizabeth M. Craft, Jonesboro Paula E. Craft, Jonesboro Susan C. Crafton, Jonesboro Celeste A. Creamer, Weiner (w. Darrell W. Crisler, Walnut Ridge David G. Croam, Newport William V. Dailey, Emerson Kumtong W. Damar, Jos, NIGERIA Thomas E. Davis, Jonesboro Tina A. Davis, Memphis, TN Byron L. Dickinson, Jonesboro Charles T. Duffel, Jonesboro Steve O Dunson, Stryker, OH Jill A. Dycus, Jonesboro Nabil El-Saqa, Kuwait, KUWAIT Susan C. Emison, Jonesboro Anna R. Estes, Monette Asghar Etemadi, IRAN Lamar K. Faught, Jonesboro Danny W. Ferguson, Forrest City Stephanie Finlay, Falls Church, VA Karen B. Finley, Manila Marti A. Finley, Monette Marion D. Fletcher, Hot Springs Len T. Frey, Mammoth Spring Edward A. Friar, Doniphan, MO Merrilee Gaither, Hot Springs Thomas W. Garner, Jonesboro Stephanie L. Gibson, Bay Roger D. Gipson, Jonesboro James A. Gossett, Success Lori S. Gott, Jonesboro Mary F. Gray, Jonesboro Jeff L. Green, Pine Bluff Nancy R. Halbrook, Jonesboro Terry G. Hamilton, Dell Daniel W. Hamm, Osceola Maria Hammond, Paragould Khalid S. Harbi, Jonesboro Tariq S. Harbi, Jonesboro Margaret L. Harp, Russellville Mohd D. Hassan, Kelantan, MALAYSIA Cheryl A. Hausing, Chicago, ILL Phillip D. Healy, Paragould Rebecca A. Hendon, Jonesboro Kirk A. Hicks, Walnut Ridge Sue B. Hightower, Jonesboro Paul B. Hogue, Hazen Alfred J. Holland, Paragould Larry D. Hosman, Marked Tree Sharon D. Houston, Paragould Jerry C. Hubbard, Jonesboro Kathy L. Hudson, O ' Kean Karyn J. Infield, West Helena Edward J. Jernigan, Paragould Cindy M. Johnson, Jonesboro Ella F. Johnson, Marianna Patsy J. Johnson, Jonesboro 289 Charles Jones, Hughes Jim H. Jones, Cherry Valley W. Jane Jones, Walnut Ridge AN D. Kasiri, IRAN Gary M. Keith, Myrtle Beach, S.C. Brenda K. Kelley, Jonesboro James E. Kelly, Marianna Brenda K. Knight, Fisher Jane N. Kurek, Jonesboro Judy C. Landreth, Rose Bud Zelma M. Lang, Paragould Albert D. Latham, Marked Tree Stephen M. Leahy, Davenport, IA Julie M. Leake, Rector Robert D. Lee, Blytheville Julia A. Lindsey, Hardy Darryle A. Long, Hughes Linda G. Lunde, Jonesboro Lisa A. McDonald, Paragould Libby M. McGrew, Paragould Mitchell K. Marks, Fair Oaks Michael L. Martin, McCrory Mark T. Mitchell, Independence, KA Linda R. Moore, Jonesboro Andrew A. Morris, Kansas City, KA Daniele W. Murphy, Mountain View Abubakar B. Musa, Kuantan, MAYAYSIA Michael J. Nash, Blytheville Robert G. Neal, Jr. Augusta Darrell W. Nolen, Evening Shade Masoud Nourizadch, Jonesboro Robert D. Nowlin, Blytheville Ehigiator I. Oaiya, Benin, NIGERIA Ebenezer B. Ogunmusesan, NIGERIA Harold N. Okocha, Lincoln, NB Ernest M. Ott, Jonesboro Carol L. Overbay, Paragould Jean A. Pardeck, Jonesboro Mable Parks, Jonesboro Denise K. Peacock, Heth Stefanie G. Perkins, Osceola Margaret A. Peters, Marked Tree Gary L. Phillips, Hickory Ridge Scotty S. Pierce, Hoxie Barbara C. Pitcock, Jonesboro Ruth K. Plaster, Jonesboro S nya M. Pomtree, Augusta Robert L. Porter, Pine Bluff Mark D. Potter, Walnut Ridge Patty Price, Paragould Supavadee Prommasa, Bangkok, THAILAND Udom Prommasa, Bangkok, THAILAND Sandra E. Rahim, Pine Bluff Thomas H. Rainwater, Walnut Ridge John B. Ramsey, Jonesboro Julie A. Randleman, Rector Dennis W. Reid, Cherokee Village Earnest B. Reeves, West Memphis Sherlita N. Reeves, Paragould Cecilia D. Reiman, Waldenburg Bajgiran S. Reziain, Jonesboro Michael L. Roberts, Jonesboro Martha L. Robinson, Newport Kimberley D. Rogers, Paragould Rena A. Rogers, Maynard William A. Richter, Cicero, IL Luis A. Rivera, San Sebastian, PUERTO RICO Walter E. Russell, Jackson, MS Teresa L. Rutherford, Jonesboro Richard M. Schluter, New Orleans, LA Kathy B. Scott, Jonesboro Alan V. Seagrave, Jonesboro Carletta F. Settlemoir, Paragould Becky A. Sewell, Russellville Shahirullifa Shamiul Ambia, MALAYSIA Ray A. Sharpe, Pine Bluff Ahmad Shateri-Mirabadi, Tehran, IRAN Gregg J. Sheppard, Reydell Rena S. Sherman, Jonesboro Jerri M. Simpson, Jonesboro Lisa K. Sitzer, Weiner Ralph D. Slatton, Trumann Clay Sloan, Walnut Ridge Cynthia D. Sloan, Walnut Ridge Beverly E. Smith, Blytheville Brian H. Smith, Jonesboro Robin M. Smith Jacksonville Allison P. Snider, Monette Freedia J. Stewart, Keiser Hazell Stiff, Jr., Philadelphia, PA Gregory F. Stokes, Violet Hill Randy L. Story, Brookland Cynthia H. Stuart, Melbourne Mildred S. Sullens, Hoxie Jerri K. Summers, Jonesboro Paul M. Summitt, Jonesboro Cyndi A. Thayer, Jonesboro Jack Thompson, Palestine Randy D. Tilmon, Osceola Beulah G. Timmons, Jonesboro James C. Umfress, Helena Lynn Van Patten, Searcy Ruku A. Veerasamy, Peraling Jaya, MALAYSIA Addelyn L. Via, Jonesboro Debra J. Walden, Jonesboro Keith A. Walton, Jonesboro Wan Muhammad M. Wan Mansor, Kuaza Lumpur, MALAYSIA Douglas K. Ward, Jonesboro 291 SENIORS Aziz Abdul, Malaysia, Civil Engineering Zufidah Abdul-Majid, Penang, Malaysia, Computer Science Ronald Abmeyer, Kennert, MO Mohd Ab-Rahman, Malaysia Jon Acuff, Memphis, TN Zella Adams, Jonesboro, Nursing Everett Adamson, Osceola, Sociology Adegboye Adebayd, Nigeria, Marketing Hasma Ahmad, Malaysia, Marketing Scott Akridge, Kensett, Social Science Ahmad, Al-Amoud, Saudi Arabia Mauro Alburez, Jr., Guatemala City, Guatemala, Business Admin. Terry Alcorn, Jonesboro Crystal Alexander, Bono, Medical Technology Eric Allen, Jonesboro, Marketing Teresa Allen, Poplar Bluff, Mo, Finance Richard Allensworth, West Memphis, Physical Education Kellie Allison, Walnut Ridge Yousef Al-Mehaisan, Jonesboro, Computer Information Systems Susan Alston, Little Rock, Management Ebrahim Amiri, Shiraz, Iran, Engineering Kim Anderson, Jonesboro, Physical Educa- tion Darlene Andrews, Hickory Ridge Diane Andrews, Tilton Diane Annunziata, Paragould, English Patty Anthony, Haynes, Mathematics Preston Archer, Forest City, Political Science Susan Armstrong, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Melissa Asher, Corning Rober Auler, Gideon, MO, Special Education Myleta Austin, Kennett, MO Vance Austin, Blytheville Albert Bachman, Wynne Angela Bailey, Colt, Education Carl Bailey, Jr., Beech Grove, Accounting Richard Bailey, Parkin, Agri. Engineering Dana Baker, McCrory, Elementary Education Blake Barber, Lake City, Zoology Junior Barham, Timbo, Agri. Education Rodney Barker, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Jane Barnhill, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Randall Barnhill, Hoxie, Physical Education David Barnes, Jonesboro, Marketing Diane Barnes, Clarkton, MO, Nursing Terry Barry, Blytheville, Radio-TV Jeff Bartell, Cherokee Village, Mechanical Engineering Jennifer Bass, Paragould, Graphic Design Laura Bass, Jonesboro 293 Lynda Bass, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Linda Bauer, DeQueen Lynn Bauschlicher, Corning John Bax, Oxford, Geography Sondra Beard, Forrest City Shirley Bearden, Jonesboro, Commerical Art Deanna Beasley, Jonesboro, Computer Information Sys. Janet Beck, Wynne, General Agri. Earl Bell, Jonesboro, Accounting Mark Bell, Hickory Plains Janice Benham, Roseland, Business Admin. Dovie Bennett, Newport, Speech Pathology David Benson, Piggott, Accounting Geoffrey Bentley, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Agri. Engineering Robert Bentley Jr., West Memphis, Real Estate-Ins. Phillip Berg, Jonesboro Rose Berry, Jonesboro, English Edward Bigger, Marion, Physical Education Jan Biggs, Paragould, Marketing Jim Blackburn, Kennett, MO, Real Estate-Ins. Vicki Bland, Jonesboro, Medical Technology Douglas Block, Caruthersville, MO John Block, Hot Springs, Marketing J. D. Bodry, Tyronza, Physical Education Karamjit Bogha-Singh, Ipoh, Malaysia Keith Boles, Hazelton, ID Cassandra Bonds, Newport Kimberlie Bookout, Beebe, Education Janie Borden, Colt, Elementary Ed. Steven Bowen, Annandale, VA Robert Boxley, Marked Tree Teresa Boyd, Piggott, Social Studies Walter Bracken, Jr., Jonesboro, Nursing Melissa Bracy, Hickory Ridge, Physical Education Greg Bradley, Gould, Radio-TV Steven Bradley, Clinton Dena Bradway, Jonesboro, Biology Gregory Brannon, Newport, Physical Ed. Tracy Braswell, Newport, Nursing Michael Bridges, Paragould, Music Education Lavvi Brink, Jonesboro, Special Education Cathey Brogdon, West Memphis Lisa Brooks, Osceola, Psychology Angelia Brown, Harrisburg Nursing Erica Brown, Columbus, OH, Computer Information Sys James Brown, Oxford, Computer Science Jamie Brown, Paragould, Marketing Kenneth Brown, Brookland, Chemistry Kevin Brown, Rector Nikki Brown, Paragould, Computer Information Sys. iona Brown, Fisher, Speech Pathology nita Browning, Jonesboro, Accounting ircia Brucks, Blytheville AFB, Special Education Jonesboro, Business Admin. Jimm Brumley, Marion, English Angela Bryan, Lepanto, Math Education Carolyn Buchanan, Marmaduke, Early Childhood Ed. Dane Buford, Batesville Michael Bumbalough, Searcy, Biology Education Kenny Burden, Cash Jana Burdin, Jonesboro, Special Education Cathy Burk, West Helena, Elementary Education Tom Burnham, Bytheville, Agri., Business Lynn Burns, Rockuale, TN Vearlene Burns, Marked Tree Donna Burris, Piggort Ann Butler, Dixie Cynthia Buzbee, Little Rock, Business Admin. William Byrd, Jonesboro Jeffrey Cagle, Palestine Kelly Caldwell, Rector Albert Camp, Paragould, Physical Education Rita Cansler, Cherry Valley, Elementary Education Dion Cantu, Mountain Carroll, Criminology Lisa Carter, Brookland, Office Admin. Lisa Carter, Marked Tree, Physical Education Martha Carter, Jonesboro, Computer Science Peggy Carter, Wynne, Elementary Education Job Caspall, Walnut Ridge, Accounting LeAnn Caudle, Gosnell, Accounting Rick Caulk, Little Rock, Marketing Terry Chambers, Jonesboro, Personnel Mgmt. Hugh Chapman, Horseshoe Bend, Business Education Janna Cherry, Corning, Speech Pathology B. J. Chipman, Osceola Georgia Chism, Jonesboro, Accounting Bridget Chrisco, Bassett, Speech Pathology Annette Christian, Forrest City, Elementary Education Kristi Cissell, Wilson, Botany Jill Clark, Jonesboro, Marketing Jason Clay, Jonesboro, Marketing Renee Clay, Hardy, Marketing Shawn Clark, Forrest City Barbara Clayton, Campbell MO, Art Education Rocky Clements, Jonesboro, Agri. Education Betty Cochran, Mammoth Spring, Wildlife Mgmt. Ross Cockburn, Tampa, FL., Philosophy Thad Cockrill, Marion, Journalism Scott Colbert, Monette, Agri. Business Tammie Colburn, Egypt, Computer Info. Sys. Gerald Cole, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Lorrie Cole, Jonesboro, Computer Info. Sys. Myron Cole, Bono, Animal Science Rena Cole, Pocahontas, Elementary Education David Coleman, Forrest City Leah Coleman, Bono Michael Coleman, Paragould, Personnel Mgmt. Tim Collie, Melbourne, Criminology 295 Lori Collomp, Jonesboro John Commer, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV Glen Conley, Jonesboro, History Mia Conley, Cotton Plant, Public Relations Cindy Copeland, Helena, Radio-TV Ricky Cornish, Monette, Zoology Cynthia Cotton, Driver, Early Childhood Educ. Rusty Counce, Jonesboro, Agri. Business Tracey Covert, Sherwood, Computer Info. Sys. Robin Crafton, Paragould, Marketing James Cramer, Peoria, IL, Civil Engineering Leslie Crane, Lola, KS, Physical Education Donna Crews, Harrisburg, Nursing Terry Crider, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Kelly Crisp, Marvell, Early Childhood Ed. Robert Crumpton, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Johnny Cude, Leachville, Chemistry Eddie Cummings, Jonesboro Jon Cunningham, Jonesboro, Business Admin. Roy Cunningham, Kennett, MO. Psychology Donald Dabney, Jonesboro Charles Dalton, Marianna, Marketing Sharon Darby, Forrest City, Computer Info. Sys. Lim David, Malaysia, Marketing Karen Davidson, Bradford, Business Admin. Angela Davis, Fort Smith, Journalism Brenda Davis, Jonesboro, Photo Journalism Brian Davis, Mammoth Spring, Finance Catherine Davis, Little Rock, Accounting Connie Davis, Hornersville, MO, Elementary Ed. Donna Davis, Blytheville, Office Admin. Kelly Davis, Mountain View, Accounting Lee Davis, Blytheville, Sociology Michael Davis, Magnolia Perry Davis, McCrory, Medical Tech. Susan Davis, Fayetteville, Early Childhood Ed. Terry Davis, Jonesboro, Music Vonda Davis, Walnut Ridge, Zoology Michael Dawson, McCrory, Accounting Bobby Dean, O ' Kean Jerry Decker, Swifton, Radio-TV Kevin Decker, Gosnell, Medical Technology Mike DeHaan, Pocahontas, Business Mgmt. Vickie DeMent, Rector, Social Studies David DePoyster, Newark Rene DeProw, Warm Springs, Journalism Timothy DeSalvo, North Little Rock, Mathematics Landon Dilday, Newport Lawrence Dillard III, Manila, Computer Science Rudy Dillard, Corning, Accounting Larry Dobbs, Walnut Ridge Robert Dobyns, Jonesboro, Sociology Deborah Dollins, Neelyville, MO, Elem. Ed. Harold Dorton, Trumann Belinda Douglas, Campbell, MO, Nursing David Doyle, Osceola, Marketing Matthew Doyle, Hoxie, Accounting Tim Doyle, South Portia, Agri. Business Kern Drake, Paragould, Art Ed. Renita Duhaney, Forrest City Carmen Dunbar, Little Rock, Social Work Blake Duncan, Little Rock Michael Dunlap, Harrison, Finance Celesk Dunn, Pocahontas Melody Dunnam, Jonesboro, Nursing Randall Dunnam, Jonesboro, Printing Tech. Vanessa Dunnick, Memphis, Personnel Mgmt. Matthew Dust, Pocahontas Van Dye, Gideon Daphne Eagan, Corning Lisa Earwood, Jonesboro, Management John Eaton, Jonesboro, Journalism Mohamad Ebrik, Sidon, Lebanon, Computer Science Chris Eckert, St. Louis, MO Wes Eddington, Paragould Anthony Edwards, Humboldt, TN, Music Ade Egberongbe, Lagos, Nigeria, Printing Tech. Robin Ellington, Paragould, Elem. Educ. Scott Ellington, Brookland, Agri. Education Mark Elmore, Pine Bluff, Business Admin. Tony Elmore, Brookland, Agriculture Pamela Ensley, Forrest City, Special Education James Estes, Cave City, Radio-TV Sharon Eubanks, Jonesboro, Medical Tech LaDonna Evans, Dermott, Business Admin. Beth Fair, Sikeston, MO Zoology Anoushak Farzad, Tehran, Iran, Medical Tech. Betty Faupel, Cherry Valley, Elementary Educ. Ronald Felts, Walnut Ridge, Business Finance Cristina Ferretto, Lima, Peru Anita Finch, Kennett, MO, Business Educ. Karen Flemon, Jonesboro, Nursing Bonnie Fleming, Kansas City, MO Mike Fletcher, Jonesboro, Zoology Monica Fletcher, Lake City Jean Floyd, Jonesboro, Printing Wayne Floyd, Jonesboro, Psychology Christopher Forrest, Cash, Business Mgmt Rhonda Forrest, West Helena, Office Admin Ava Fortson, Bay, Personnel Mgmt. Edet Frank, Nigeria, Computer Info. Sys. Charles Frazier, Fordyce, Business Admin. Richard Frazier, Benton, Radio-TV James Freeman, Jonesboro, Management Pamela French, Fisher Evelyn Fritts, Scottsdale, AZ. Printing Tech. Letitia Fritz, Arbyrd, MO, Office Admin. Annette Fry, Hope, History 297 Susan Fulbright, Mt. Pleasant, Speech Pathology Martin Gallaher, Paragould Meng Gan, Malaysia, Marketing Janet Garrison, Myrtle, MO, Accounting John Gatling, Helena, Philosophy Rhonda Gibbs, Tupelo, Personnel Mgmt David Gibson, Jonesboro, Speech Communication LaJana Gibson, Jonesboro, Business Admin. Judy Gibson, Senath, MO, English Carolyn Gifford, Corning, Elementary Education Valerie Gifford, Jonesboro, Accounting Stewart Gilliam, Osceola, Computer Info. Sys. Todd Girtman, Alexandria, LA Robert Godwin, Poplar Bluff, MO, Finance Katherine Goodin, Bald Knob, Zoology Kristen Goodwin, Jonesboro, Public Relations Tonya Gookin, Ft. Smith Kim Gower, Pollard Joseph Grabowski, Jonesboro, Special Education Everett Grant, Paragould, Business Education Beth Grantham, Kennett, MO, Early Childhood Ed. Baleria Gray, Belzoni, MS Brian Gray, Jonesboro, Zoology Mary Gray, Poplar Bluff, MO, Marketing Kimberly Greenway, Jonesboro Dean Greer, Jonesboro, Political Science Joseph Gregory, Piggott, Accounting Marsha Griffin, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Jonelle Grigsby, Jonesboro Tebrah Grimmer, Marianna, Radio-TV Patti Gryner, Joiner, Elementary Education Carla Gschwend, Jonesboro, Finance Cyndy Gunn, Clarksville, English Education Teressa Guntharp, Hoxie, Elementary Education Christie Gurley, Holcomb, MO, Elementary Ed. Suzette Guy, Marianna, Office Admin. ™, I W W Donna Haas, Horseshoe Bend, Social Work William Hackworth, Hoxie, Social Science Christopher Hagler, Wynne Crandal Hagler, Wynne John Hall, Earle, Speech Pathology Kevin Hall, Lake City Twylla Hall, Ashflat, Management Joni Hampton, Hickory Ridge, Physical Ed. Noor Hamzah, Kotabharv, Malaysia, Civil Engineering Lisa Hancock, McCrory, Music Ed. Jeff Hankins, Pine Bluff, Journalism Douglas Hanlon, Caney, KS, Physical Education Frances Hare, Wynne DeAnn Harmon, Jonesboro, Accounting Tammy Harmon, Black Oak, Elementary Education Angela Harris, Hoxie, Accounting Jane Harris, Forrest City, Elem. Educ. Ginniel Harris, Marvell, Nursing Admin Karen Harris, Strawberry, English Craig Harrison, Bryant, Accounting Donna Harrison, Forrest City, Finance Kimberly Harrison, Bel Air, MD, Finance Tracy Hartert, Chesapeake, VA, Printing Mgmt. Barbara Hartwell, West Memphis, History Melissa Hawley, Marmaduke, Elementary Ed. Barry Hay, Blytheville, Finance Mark Hearyman, Bald Knob, Physical Education Bradley Heckamnn, Harrisburg Eunice Heffington, Jonesboro, Nursing Michael Heggie, Kensett, Agri, Engineering Larry Helms, Maynard, Accounting Nannette Henderson, DeWitt, Accounting G. W. Henson, Jonesboro Lori Henson, Wynne, Speech Pathology Beth Hervey, Harrisburg, Accounting Jill Hess, Wynne, Business Admin. Kim Higginbothan, Pocahontas, Speech Pathology Carl Hill, Wynne Debbie Hill, Jonesboro, Elementary Education Sidona Hill, West Memphis, Early Childhood Ed. Suzanne Hill, Forrest City, English John Hillman Carlisle Bonne ' Yvonne Hills, Mountain View, MO Michael Hilton, Melbourne, Agri. Ed. Barbara Hinkle, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Melinda Hodge, Maynard, Early Childhood Ed. Johnny Hodges, Keiser, Health Services Admin. Tanya Hoffman, Keiser, Nursing Donald Hofmann, North Littlerock Terry Hogard, West Memphis, Music Ed. Billy Hogue, Bay, Accounting Pam Holden, Lake City, Elem. Ed. Donna Holt, Strawberry, Office Admin. Nancy Hooten, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Michael Horton, St. Charles Daryl Houchin, Fisher, Agri. Business Carla Houston, Trumann, Marketing Kara Howard, Bono, Office Admin. Sharon Hoyt, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt Donna Hudson, Doniphan, MO, Elem. Ed. Shelly Hudson, O ' Kean Ginger Hufstedler, Pocahontas Debbie Hughes, Jonesboro, Med-Tech Wade Hughes, Wateroford, Criminology Barry Hulett, Swifton, Accounting Donald Hunter, Jonesboro, Math Shuhaimi Husain, Kuantan, Malaysia, Management Debbie Hutchins, Newport, Marketing Scott Hyde, Blytheville Betty Iguabonmwen, Nigeria, Social Work Cindy Jackson, Blytheville, Computer Info. Sys. Joy Jackson, Paragould, Zoology 299 Lisa Jackson, Corning, Business Admin. Roxanne Jackson, Harrisburg Abdul Jais, Johore, Malaysia Jamie Jamison, Paragould Linda Jansen, Pocahontas, Business Admin. Susan Jarrett, Walnut Ridge, Psychology Evelyn Jenkins, Blytheville, Health Services Admin. Robert Jett, Tyronza Barbara Johnson, Holly Grove, Office Admin. Donna Johnson, Jonesboro Hendra Johnson, Forrest City, Business Ed. Joseph Johnson, Rosedale, MS, Business Admin. Renee Johnson, Neelyville, MO, Computer Info. Sys. Lori Johnson, Pocahontas Martha Johnson, Imboden, Elem, Ed. Michael Johnson, Paragould Rodney Johnson, West Helena, Business Admin. Vonda Johnson Grubbs, Music Ed. Allison Johnston, Jonesboro, Marketing Keith Johnston, Paragould, Agri. Business Sherri Joiner, Rector, Nursing David Jones, DeQueen, Social Science Eric Jones, McCrory, Agri. Business Hershel Jones, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Kenneth Jones, Stuttgart, Journalism Martha Jones, Marion, Philosophy Robert Jones, Senath, MO, Computer Science Ronda Jones, Hoxie Megat Junid, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Finance Billy Justus, Powhatan, Wildlife Mgmt. Tara Kegley, Corning, Math Ed. Karen Kelly, Jonesboro, Nursing Susan Kennedy, Forrest City, Early Childhood Ed. Eldon Kerr, Monette, Math Mansoor Khan, Pakistan, Marketing Debbie Killion, Pocahontas, Radio-TV Michele King, Cave City, Pre-law Betty King, Newakr, Elem. Ed. Kendall Kirby, Manila, Computer Science Pamela Kirby, Leachville, Chemistry Education Keith Klemmer, Goobertown, Agri. Business John Kline, Gilmore, Management Steve Kline, St. Petersburg, FL, Marketing Lisa Kocher, Harrisburg, Management William Koettel, Newport, Business Admin. Thomas Kroepfl, Osceola, Radio-TV Sherry Lace, Cherry Valley, Social Work Phillip Ladd, Hayti, MO, Computer Science Becky LaGore, Kennett, MO Terri Lamberth, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Jerry Lane, Newport, History Don Larson, Jonesboro Kenneth Lathrop, Hughes, Computer Info. Systems Tracey Law, Paragould, Medical Tech. Blackie Lawless, Los Angeles, CA, Elect. Engr. James Lawrence, Swifton, Marketing Jeffrey Lawrence, Couch, MO, Agri. Business Denice Lawson, Mananna, Business Admin. Sonja Lea, Jonesboro, English Robin Leake, Forrest City, Business Admin. Clint Ledbetter, Fort Smith, Physical Education Hee Lee, Penang, Malaysia, Marketing John Lee, II, Piggott, Social Studies Navie Lee, Damascus, Speech Pathology Roger Leonard, Hickory Ridge, Data Processing Sharon Lewis, Jonesboro, Business Admin. Burl Lieblom, Forrest City Barabara Lindsey, Caruthersville, MO, Elem. Ed. Cindy Linn, Forrest City, Music Ed. Timothy Littleton, Marvell, Business Admin. Kevin Lloyd, Jonesboro, Accounting Janette Loar, Jonesboro, Math Judy Lockley, Cherry Valley, Elem. Ed. Louis Lombardo, Batesville, Industrial Mgmt John Long, Newport, Music Ed. Joe Looney III, Alma, Personnel Mgmt. Terri Looney, Oil Trough, Psychology Judi Loop, Maiden, Mo, Early Childhood Ed Bock Lor, Malaysia, Business Finance Meng Low, Penang, Malaysia Donald Luther, Holcomb, MO, Accounting Dee Lybrand, Osceola Nancy Mackey, Newport, Music Ed. Russell McAllister, Paragould, Zoology Clarissa McClain, Warren, Sociology Johnny McCluskey, Little Rock Beverly McCollum, Ash Flat, Accounting Kenneth McCoy, Jonesboro, Social Work Peggy McCrackin, Calico Rock, Elem. Ed. Darla McCreless, Paragould Kerry McCright, Pocahontas Hollye McCrum, Clarendon, Art William McDaniel, Jonesboro Curtis McGee, Beebe, Business Admin. Julie McGough, Jonesboro, Sec. Science Karen McGough, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Barbara McGuire, Jonesboro, Speech Communication Laura McKee, Newport, Accounting Kevin McKenzie, Brinkley, Agri. Business William McKisson, Jonesboro, Computer Info. Sys. Lindy McKuin, Bernie, MO, Early Childhood Ed. Maryann McLean, Poplar Bluff, MO, Early Childhood Ed. William McNeil, Seaton Dump, Agri. Business Cleveland Maddox, Tallahassee, FL, Physical Ed. Melinda Manis, Olathe, KS, Early Childhood Ed. Cynthia Maples, Earle, Criminology Mary Marcom, Jonesboro Sheila Marlin, Jonesboro 301 Janice Marsh, McCrory, Elem. Ed. Phillip Marshall, Joiner, Accounting Douglas Masters, Arbyrd, MO Cara Martin, West Helena, Business Ed. Laura Maxwell, El Dorado, Zoology Darren May, Sedgwick, Computer Info. Sys. Kenneth May, Jonesboro, Radiology Terri Maynard, Jonesboro Marove Mealing, Detoriot, Ml, Computer Science Vitalia Medina, Venezuela, Health Care Admin. Deborah Medlin, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Debra Melton, Jonesboro, Office Admin. Dana Merguie, Jonesboro, Speech Pathology Cynthia Merillat, Cherokee Village, Dramatic Arts Maria Mertens, Paragould, Personnel Mgmt. Rex Metheny, Monette, Physical Ed. Thomas Micheli, Imboden, Elem Ed. Cathy Miller, Holly Grove, Med. Tech. Jerry Miller, Marmaduke Leigha Miller, Kennett, MO, Special Ed. Robert Miller III, Helena Ronnie Miller, Newport, Criminology Randel Minton, Bono, Pre-med Connie Mitchell, Wynne, Elem. Ed. Ellen Mitchell, Jonesboro, Assoc. Deg. Nursing Sheila Mitchell, Jonesboro, Nursing Paul Mitts, Tulsa, OK, Physical Ed. Denise Modelevsky, Jonesboro, Psychology Norliza Mohamed-Young, Malaysia, Marketing Ahmad Mohd-Bukhari, Kangsar, Malaysia, Finance Carolyn Moody, Jordan James Mooney, Ravenden Springs, Info. Sys. Johnnie Moore, Caruthersville, MO, Business Ed. Jeff Moore, Olive Branch, MS, Med. Tech. Keith Moore, Jacksonville, Journalism Laura Moore, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Daniel Moose, Jonesboro Rosanna Morgan, Blytheville AFB John Morris, Jonesboro, Real Estate Ins. Mark Morris, Forrest City, Music Ed. Sandra Moser, Poplar Bluff, MO, Public Relations David Moss, Oxford Scott Moye, Harrisburg Jon Myers, Texarkana, Music Ed. Robert Myers, Blytheville, Accounting Rhonda Mynatt, Mount Pleasant, Public Relations Kurt Naumann, DeQueen, Social Science Ed. Susan Neely, Senath, MO, Business Admin. Terrence Nelson, Turrell Newberry, Harrisburg, Agri. Business .sanna Newberry, Paragould, Zoology ss Nichols, Jonesboro, Math Ed. Nicholson, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. ickell, Doniphan, MO, Business Admin. Tammie Nolen, Caruthersville, MO, Office Admin. Cherry Norris, Judsonia Pamela Norris, Werner, Elem, Ed. Todd Norfier, Little Rock Charles Norton II, Poplar Bluff, MO, Civil Engineering Zainudin Nor, Malaysia, Accounting Richard Nutt, Paragould, Agri. Bus. James Nwokeabia, Anambra, Nigeria, Business Admin. Jonathan Odoh, Nigeria, Political Science Karen Ogumusesan, Jonesboro, Business Econ. Teresa Oldham, Hoxie, Zoology Jeanette Oldman, Harrisburg, Bus. Admin. Gary Oltmann, Stuttgart, Agri. Bus. Carolyn O ' Neal, Doniphan, MO Bryan Osborne, Jonesboro Sharon Osier, Newport, Elem. Ed. Meleah Overman, Monette, Sociology Norah Overstreet, Georgetown, Accounting George Owens, Jr., Wynne, Real Estate Ins. Russ Owens, Lake City Sophocles Parapanos, Cyprus, Bus. Admin. Debra Parish, Neelyville, MO, Elem. Ed. Chris Parker, Paragould, Computer Science Melinda Parker, Senath, MO, Business Ed. Joe Parks, Osceola, Computer Science John Parks, Blytheville Crystal Parmenter, Rector, Bus. Admin. Kathey Parr, Forrest City, Sociology Joseph Parris, Hot Springs, Computer Science David Passalaqua, Hoxie, Management Kim Patteson, Jonesboro, Sec. Ed. Anthony Patton, Benton, Political Science Vonda Pearson, Lepanto, Early Childhood Ed. Robert Pell, Jr., Clinton, IA, Med. Tech. Cody Pendergist, West Memphis, Graphic Design Johnny Peoples, West Plains, MO, Music Ed. Rita Perkey, Cave City, Nursing Robert Perkins, Bono, Mathematics Beatrice Perry, Wynne, Social Science Ed. Cleo Perry III, Forrest City, Management Debbie Peters, Griffithville, Elem. Ed. Lesley Peters, St. Charles, MO, Radio-TV Charles Petty, Sedgewick, Finance Jetta Petty, Arbyrd, MO, Bus. Ed. Lee Petty, Burdette Pennie Pflueger, Kennett, MO, English Dolan Phelix, Marion, Radio-TV Dora Phelps, Monette. Elem. Ed. Teena Phillips, Monette, Social Science Winford Phillips, Clover Bend, Agri. Ed. William Pike, Almyra, Finance Penny Pillow, Paragould, Accounting Michael Pinegar, Gregory, Bus. Admin. Mark Pinkerton, North Little Rock, Physical Ed. 303 Lane Pippin, Doniphan, MO, Political Science Brian Poellot, N. Little Rock, Med. Tech. Mary Pogue, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Rita Porter, Little Rock, Radio-TV Donna Porterfield, Joiner, Speech Pathology Misty Powell, Alton, MO, Early Childhood Ed. Sara Pretty, Marked Tree, Management Cynthia Price, Naylor, MO Donna Prichard, Lexa, Info. Sys. Sandy Prince, McCrory, Accounting Beverly Pruett, Paragould, Med. Tech. Kelly Purtee, Jonesboro Betty Radcliff, Jonesboro, Social Work Polly Raible, Grady, Nursing James Rainwater, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Stacey Rainwater, Jonesboro Robert Ralph, Oldsmar, FL Lisa Rattier, Poplar Bluff, MO, Office Admin. Genncra Reed, Heth, Radio-TV Karen Reed, Blytheville, Radio-TV Tammy Reeder, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Leigh Reeve, Wynne, Radiologic Tech. Angela Reeves, Palestine, Special Ed. Carol Reinhart, Stuttgart, Med. Tech. Max Reynolds, Harrisburg, History Cynthia Rice, Mountain View, Social Work Donna Richardson, Pocahontas, Math Ed. John Richardson, Holly Grove, Marketing Lynsol Richmond, Dyess, Agri. Business Lisa Rickman, Senath, MO, Elem. Ed. Tosknella Riddle, Cotton Plant Jeffrey Rider, Walnut Ridge, Physical Ed. Rebecca Rider, Batesville, Speech Pathology Ronald Riggs, Paragould, Business Admin. Jill Ritter, Columbia, IL, Computer Science Ronald Roades, Los Angeles, CA, Zoology Mark Robbins, Senatobia, MS, Zoology Audrey Roberts, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Lynn Roberts, Jonesboro, Agri. Business Jeffrey Roberts, Searcy Lorrie Roberts, Mountain View, Speech Pathology William Roberts, Marmaduke, Accounting Edie Robertson, Harrisburg, Nursing John Robertson, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Cindy Robinett, Jonesboro, Office Admin. Rickey Robinson, Newport, Industrial Mgmt. Dorothy Rogers, DeValls Bluff, Early Childhood Ed. James Rogers, Pocahontas, Social Science Lee Rogers, West Memphis, Criminology Greg Rooks, Keiser, Personnel Mgmt. Eric Rooney, Elgin, SC, Printing Deedra Rosamond, Forrest City, Marketing Gala Rose, Jonesboro Joan Rose, Cash, Elem. Ed. William Rose III, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Barry Rossell, Marked Tree, Data Processing Myra Ruminer, Jonesboro, Social Work William Rupard, Jonesboro, Agri. Business Steven Russell, Hardy Luann Russell, Swifton, Early Childhood Ed. Margaret Russell, Paragould, Nursing Danica Rust, Rector, Journalism Osama Sabbagh, Saudi Arabia, Engineering Anthony Sagely, Rogers David Sales, Jonesboro, Computer Science Blanche Sanders, Blytheville, English Gregory Sanders, Jonesboro, Journalism Martin Sanders, Jonesboro Neal Sanders, Cabot Ramona Sanders, Wynne, Radio-TV Wayne Sanders, Blytheville, Physical Ed. Sharon Sartin, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Amy Sanford, Jonesboro, Chemistry Pat Schaeffer, Jonesboro, Social Work Cliff Schafer, Carlisle, Agri. Bus. Brent Schmiegelow, Rogers, Agri. Bus. Donna Schroyer, Gideon, MO, Art Mary Schumacher, Sikeston, MO, Nursing Jacqueline Scoggins, Holcomb, MO, Journalism Douglas Scott, Poplar Bluff, MO, Finance John Scott, Sedwick, Bus. Admin. Emily Scroggs, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Susan Scroggs, Jonesboro, Marketing Bobby Seal, Piggott, Bus. Admin. Elizabeth Seaton, Jonesboro, Nursing Patricia Seibert, Batesville, Elem. Ed. Robert Shackelford, Jonesboro, Psychology Edna Shadowens, Caraway, English Larry Shadowens, Warren Scott Shaffer, Arvanda, CO, Radio-TV Mohd Shafie, Malaysia, Elect. Engineering Allison Shanklin, Piggott, Accounting Kathleen Shannon, Fort Dix, NJ, Zoology Yaya Sharif, Malaysia, Management David Sharp, Jonesboro Arnold Shaw, Wayne, Data Processing David Shedd, Manila, Graphic Design David Shelton, Kensett, Agri. Ed. Deborah Shelton, Manila, Nursing Lawanda Shenill, Viola, Nursing Deborah Shepard, Paragould Sarah Shewmaker, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Gail Siddell, Mayflower, Computer Info. Sys. Ava Simmons, McCrory, Elem. Ed. Linda Simpson, Jonesboro Steve Simpson, Jonesboro, Zoology Deanna Sims, Jonesboro John Sims, Paragould, Computer Info. Sys. 305 Linda Sims, Monette, Psychology Curtis Singleton, Harrisburg Vickie Singleton, West Memphis, Accounting Amanda Sites, Marianna, Secondary Ed. Geraldine Skyles, Lakeview, Business Admin. Donna Smalley, Corning, Early Childhood Ed. Jeron Smart, Piggott, Health Services Admin. Barbara Smith, Wynne, Criminology Dewey Smith, West Memphis, Marketing Diann Smith, Caldwell, Elem. Ed. Glen Smith, Searcy Gwendolyn Smith, Cave City, Business Ed. James Smith, Olney, IL, Business Mgmt. Marie Smith, Lexa, Accounting Mary Smith, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Michael Smith, Monette Pamlir Smith, Marvell, Marketing Phillip Smith, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Renette Smith, Pine Bluff, Speech Pathology Rosilyn Smith, Little Rock, Radio-TV Sandra Smith, Melbourne Sheila Smith, Blytheville Susan Smith, Carlisle, Med. Tech. Karen Soles, Forrest City, Early Childhood Ed. Edward Spann, Colt, Biology Scott Spears, Forrest City, Bus. Mgmt. Paulia Spurlock, Jonesboro, Computer Info. Sys. Malcolm Stallings, Little Rock, Radio-TV Eric Stark, Wynne, Agri. Bus. Linda States, Jonesboro, Bus. Fin. Randall Statler, Egypt, Accounting Becky Steele, Jonesboro, Journalism Altha Stephens, Jonesboro Carolyn Stevens, Turrell, Nursing Teresa Stevens, Hayti, MO, Special Ed. Amy Stewmon, Brinkley, Accounting Laura Stickler, Paragould, Physical Ed. Julia Stiles, West Memphis Leslie Stilwell, Fairdealing, MO, Business Admin. Kellene Storey, Batesville, Info. Sys. Andrew Strabala, St. Louis, MO. Economics Robert Strahan, Pocahontas Kathryn Sundahl, Myrtle, MO, Computer Science Lana Sullins, Bono, Nursing John Suskie, Little Rock, Marketing Michael Sutton, Murfreesboro, NC, Printing Mgmt. Jeffery Tabor, Paragould Mike Tabor, West Memphis, Bus. Admin. Tammy Taggart, Augusta, Radio-TV Kamarudin Taha, Malaysia, Computer Science Barbara Tanner, Jonesboro, Public Rel. Wade Tate, Jonesboro, Computer Science Edie Taylor, Paragould, Biology Gwendolyn Taylor, West Heiena, Computer Info. Sys. 4S» Lance Taylor, Jonesboro, Social Sciences Rebekah Taylor, PineBluff, Radio-TV Virginia Taylor, Forrest City Karin Telle, Poplar Bluff, MO, Physical Ed. Robyn Theobald, Cotter, Pre-Vet Leslie Thomas, Jonesboro, Accounting Monica Thomas, West Helena Teresa Thomas, Manila, Elem. Ed. AnneMarie Thompson, Jonesboro Keith Thompson, Jonesboro Nita Thompson, Murfreesboro, Radio-TV Stephanie Thompson, Paragould Teresa Throgmorton, Wynne Anaicka Tilghman, Walnut Ridge, Psychology Brenda Tindell, Brookland Franklin Toddy III, Corunna, Ml, Radio-TV Loretta Tompkins, Qulin, MO, Elem. Ed. Candy Trammell, Jonesboro, Physical Ed. James Treece, Possum Grape, Radio-TV Roger Troxel, Boston, MA, Pre-Med Sheila Turner, Brookland, Psychology Karen Tweddell, Blytheville, Management Pamela Tweddell, Blytheville, Journalism Dona Tyler, Pocahontas, Accounting Cynthia Ussery, Jonesboro, Accounting Allen Vincent, Bay, Computer Info. Sys. Catherine Vorwald, St. Louis, MO, Elem. Ed. Eileen Wade, Smithville, Management Alva Wadley, Paragould, Finance Ronald Wallace, Mountain View, Accounting Linda Walters, Paragould Kevin Ward, Blackwell, OK, Zoology Laurie Washam, Bryant, Radio-TV Beth Washburn, Blytheville, English Timmy Washburn, Hughes, Engineering Dillon Watkins, Jonesboro Kevin Watkins, Batesville Janet Watson, Manila, Speech Pathology Stacy Wayland, Walnut Ridge, Advertising Claudia Weathers, Brookland. Special Ed. Debbie Webb, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Eddie Webb, West Helena Paula Webb, Excelsior Springs, MO, Early Childhood Ed. Rhonda Webb, Bono, Political Science Karyn Webber, Des Arc, Early Childhood Ed. Karen Weir, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Russell Wells, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Claude West, Little Rock, Computer Info. Sys. Sandy Wheaton, Harrison, Art Ed. Lori Wheeler, Doniphan, MO, Special Ed. Leslie Wheeler, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Richard Whitehorn, Kennett, MO, Accounting Ricky White, Jonesboro Terrie White, Marion, Accounting 307 Tim White, Ravenden Springs Sheila Whitmire, Newport, Med. Tech. Duane Whitt, Jonesboro, Real Estate Ins. Stacy Widner, Jonesboro Robin Wiedeman, Corning Wayne Wiggins III, Jonesboro, Finance William Wilcoxson, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Admin. Louis Wilhoite, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Ciark Wilkerson, Bentonville, Advertising Dirk Willett, Kennett, MO, Bus. Mgmt. Clyde Williams, Jr., West Helena, Radio-TV Gaybie Williams, Forrest City Jeff Williams, Hope, Art Mari Williams, Portageville, MO, Public Rel. Regina Williams, Poplar Bluff, MO Steven Williams, Jonesboro, Physical Ed. Steve Williams, Jonesboro, Social Science Ed. Thomas Williams, Paragould Greg Williamson, Pocahontas Tim Williamson, Marion, Agri. Bus. Brenda Wilson, Hayti, MO Charles Wilson, Jr., Earle, Agronomy Chris Wilson, Wynne, Accounting James Wilson, Jonesboro, Physical Ed. Cheryl Winfrey, Forrest City, Marketing Judy Winkle, Mammoth Spring, Elem. Ed. Perry Winn, Jonesboro, Accounting Bliss Winningham, Bradford, Bus. Ed. Anthony Withers, Little Rock, Radio-TV Rhonda Withers, Bryant, Elem. Ed. Janette Withrow, Jonesboro Starla Wolf, Fisher, Nursing Raymond Wong, Malaysia, Computer Info. Sys. Kyle Wood, Stuttgart Randy Wood, Jonesboro Jacqueline Woodard, Blytheville, Computer Science Brian Woods, Rector Finance Debbie Woods, Alton, MO, Photojournalism David Woosley, Cabot, Marketing Johnny Worsham, Keiser, Agri. Bus. Suzie Wortham, DeWitt James Wright, Hoxie, Agri. Bus. Karen Wright, Jonesboro, Public Rel. Kenny Wright, Piggott, Marketing Tony Wrinkles, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Leigh Wyatt, Jonesboro Richard Wyatt, Jonesboro, Bus. Admin. Reba Yates, Mill Spring, MO, Nursing Rupert Yen, West Memphis, Marketing Wanda Yopp, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Cathy Young, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Cynthia Young, Steele, MO, Elem. Ed. Derek Young, Paragould, Sociology Gregory Young, Little Rock, Radio-TV JUNIORS Ahmad Abas, Malaysia Niza Abdul Hallm, Malaysia Haida Abd. Hamid, Malaysia Zulkefli Abu Hassan, Malaysia Shahidan Abdullah, Malaysia Saiful Abdul Manaf, Malaysia Rozaizee Abdul Razak, Malaysia Douglas Acuff, Springdale Amy Adams, Brinkley Felicia Adams, Junction City, KS. Jo Adams, Jonesboro Virginia Adams, Pocahontas Marzuki Adnan, Malaysia Scott Ahrent, Corning Fatahai A. Bakar, Malaysia Clifton Akers, Jonesboro Mansour Al-Ajmi, Saudi Arabia Abdul Al-Arfaj, Jonesboro Craig Allen, Poplar Bluff, MO. Donna Allen, Hoxie Henry Allen, Jonesboro Laura Allen, Hornersville, Mo. Christopher Almond, Carlisle Hamdan Al-Najrani, Jonesboro Tamala Apple, Leachville Kent Armstrong, Little Rock Sandy Arnn, Cave City Cindy Arnold, Walnut Ridge Kerry Arnold, Alicia Paula Arnold, Bono Karla Ashlock, Imboden Eddie Ashmore, Blytheville Stephen Atkins, Mammoth Spring Obaid Atmutairi, Saudi Arabia Gaylon, Austin, Kennett, MO Kenneth Austin, Dyess Azizah Aziz, Malaysia Azriyati Azman, Malaysia Janariah Baharom, Malaysia Clifford Bailey, Doniphan, MO Keith Bailey, Paragould Sonya Baldwin, Crossett Jerry Ballard, Gosnell Victoria Banter, Brookland Brett Barber, Jonesboro Billy Barnett, Marked Tree Debbie Barnett, Jonesboro Vincent Barnett, Benoit, MS William Barnett, Keiser Roger Barnhill, Paragould Elizabeth Batterton, Franklin Jarvis Beard, Camden Jennifer Beard, Jonesboro Donna Bearden, Jonesboro Linda Bearden, Jonesboro William Beasley, Paragould William M. Beasley, Bowling Green, KY Mark A. Belk, Hoxie Rhonda Bell, Corning William Bell, Caruthersville, MO Tracie Bergman, Pocahontas Amanda Berry, Walnut Ridge Michael Bilbrey, Smithville Kerry Bilyeu, Tyronza Kathy Bird, Kewanee, MO Harry Bishop, Paragould Lewis Bishop, Mountain Home Tammy Bishop, Paragould Sally Black, Batesville Steven Blancett, Harrisburg Tammy Blankenshipp, Turrell Michael Blasengame, Pine Bluff Eric Blount, Gosnell, Hawaii Carl Boles, Salem Michael Bolding, Bald Knob Stephanie Bolding, Bald Knob Jeffrey Bonds, Lepanto Lisa Booher, Jonesboro Mark Book, Piggott Andy Boone, Wynne Dina Borgeson, Henderson Kelly Bourland, Blytheville Cheryl Bowen, Trumann Daniel Bowen, Trumann Freddy Bowen, Hampton Lisa Bowman, Osceola Robyn Boyd, West Memphis Debra Boyles, Jonesboro Karen Bradberry, Corning Melissa Braden, Poplar Bluff, MO Jennifer Bradford, Warren Kim Bradley, Newport Janet Bradshaw, Blytheville Greg Brady, Walnut Ridge Johanna Bragg, Chicago, IL Paul Branch, Lakewood, Colorado Tamara Brandon, Lake City Regena Branum, Rector Beverly Bray, Mammoth Springs Jeff Breckenridge, Beech Grove Christine Brewer, Pleasant Grove Jo Brewer, Dyess Shana Brewer, Corning William Bridger, Jonesboro Judy Bridges, Pocahontas John Broadaway, Jonesboro Tracy Brooks, Kennett, MO Belinda Brothers, Osceola Angela Brown, Clarendon David Brown, Alberta, Canada Willis Brown, Hughes Barry Bryant, Jonesboro Karen Bryson, Paragould Roberta Buchanan, Blytheville Karla Buckley, Jonesboro Yimin Budiman, Jonesboro Carole Buffalo, Carlisle Dutch Burfield, Jonesboro Suetta Burge, Joneboro Barry Burkheart, Marmaduke Jeanne Burlie, Bryant Karen Burrow, Thida AK Tammy Burnett, Hickory Ridge Melanie Burns, Walnut Ridge Marvin Burton, West Memphis Scott Burton, Batesville Tracy Buster, Memphis, Tn Jim Butler, Harrisburg Lellie Butler, No. Little Rock Thomas Butler, West Memphis Barrett Byrd, Lake Village Angela Caddell, Cherry Valley Linda Cagle, Palestine 311 David Caldwell, Marianna Pamela Callis, Horners ville, MO Cathy Calvert, Blytheville Janeene Camp, Jonesboro Vickie Camp, Paragould Cheryl Campbell, Jonesboro Mary Campbell, Blytheville Watson Campbell, Forrest City Wendy Campbell, Walnut Ridge Ronnie Cantrell, Osceola Christopher Carlile, Paragould Terri Carmack, Jonesboro Donna Carman, Forrest City Larry Carr, Osceola Wayne Carr, Rector Steve Carson, Jonesboro Beth Carstens, Piggott Lorie Cartwright, llliopolis, IL Blair Cartwright, Utopia Dale Case, Lepanto Tim Carter, Manila Jamie Cavette, Marvell Dana Chadwick, Rector Dana Chailland, Kennett, MO Carla Chapman, West Helena Lisa Chapman, Wynne David Chappell, Turrell Mary Chambers, Jonesboro Jason Chandler, Jonesboro Cara Cheesman, Pine Bluff Donna Chism, West Memphis Esther Christian, Fayetteville Greg Clairday, Jonesboro Michael Clam, Berryville Angela Clark, Newport Donna Clark, Paragould Martin Clark, Reyno Monty Clark, Hardy Rita Clark, Tuckerman Frankie Clay, Harrisburg Nicky Clayton, Trumann Susan Clemons, Blytheville Gracie Clifton, Blytheville Janette Cockrum, Jonesboro Angela Colchasure, Little Rock Paul Cole, Paragould Randy Cole, Van Buren Robert Cole, Pocahontas Cindy Coleman, Corning Stephanie Coleman, Holly Grove Barbara Collom, Jonesboro Dianne Conaway, Jonesboro Joel Conley, Paragould Patty Cook, Cherry Valley Leslie Coop, Jonesboro Mike Cooper, Wynne Kimberly Cooper, Corning Regina Cooper, Calico Rock Jeff Cope, Western Grove Jeff D. Cope, El Dorado Jim Coppage, Forrest City David Corbett, Alicia John Corkran, Helena Sherry Coulter, Texarkana, TX Diane Counts, Hardy Graham Coveney, Jonesboro Betty Cox, Paragould Pamela Cox, Bono Penny Crain, Brookland Cindy Crawford, Kennett, MO Beverly Creach, Pocahontas Lana Creel, Walnut Ridge Janet Crego, Corning Melvene Crews, Paris, TN Melinda Cross, Charlotte Jessie Crosson, Vann Dale Russell Crouch, Trumann Gail Crow, Bono Jill Crow, Memphis, TN Steve Crow, Kennett, MO Christopher Crye, Germantown, TN Lee Cunningham, Paragould Jamie Dacus, Marston, MO Lesa Dacus, Jonesboro Lori Daigle, Gretna, LA David Dailey, Jonesboro Deanna Dailey, Kennett, MO Kelly Dallas, Wynne James Dalton, Ellsinore, MO Yvette Dalton, West Carrollton, OH Renee Daniels, Paragould Allyce Darby, Jonesboro Mary Davenport, Jonesboro Gail Davidson, Blytheville Ken Davidson, Colt Beverly Davis, Poplar Bluff, MO Brent Davis, Bald Knob Carol Davis, Des Arc Clifford Davis, Hardy Constance Grimes, Hardy Donald Davis Jr., Roe Gary Davis, Poplar Bluff, MO Linda Davis, Jonesboro Patricia Davis, Jonesboro Rhonda Davis, Newport Scott Davis, Reyno Steve Denton, Tyronza Derrick Difani, Pocahontas Michael DiGaetano, Forrest City Rosa Dixon, Birdsong Michael Dobbins, Wynne Marva Dollar, Jonesboro Joel Dolleton, Blytheville Debbie Donner, Leachville Steven Douglas, Bay Camille Downs, Jonesboro William Downs III, Arkadelphia Steve Doyle, Portia Eddie DuBar, Jonesboro William Dudley, Harrisburg Susan Duncan, Osceola Deborah Dunigan, Caraway Gena Dunkerson, Caraway Philip Dunn, Paragould Scott Durham, Harrisburg William Easley, West Memphis John Eason, Little Rock Ginger Edgar, Jonesboro Steve Edgar, Jonesboro Ronald Edmiston, Jonesboro Ben Elam, Dexter, MO Andrew Elgin, St. Louis, MO Shukor Elias, Malaysia Debra Elliott, Walcott Jim Ellis, Piggott Greta Ellzey, Harrisburg Bruce Engelmann, Benton Kevin Estes, Harrison Steve Eubanks, Piggott 313 David Evans, Paragould Pam Evans, Jonesboro Michele Evyan, Blytheville Pamela Fagan, Gatewood, MO Dee Farmer, Jonesboro Sandra Farmer, Trumann Jose Feliciano, Wichita, KS Carla Felts, Jonesboro Mickey Felts, Jonesboro Mark Ferguson, Searcy Beverly Ferris, Jonesboro Charlotte Fields, Forrest City Joyce Files, Jonesboro Amy Firts, Brinkley John Fleming, Osceola Johnny Fleming, Keiser Allison Fletcher, Jonesboro Melissa Fletcher, Forrest City Josephene Flowers, Hughes Deborah Folis, Bartlett, TN Mark Foltz, West Memphis Cindy Fong, Hughes Tommy Ford, Harrisburg Donna Foster, Pocahontas Gary Foster, Blytheville Howell Foster, Paragould Denise Fount, Kennett, MO Daren Fowler, Wheatley Jerry Fowler, Turrell Monica Fraser, McCrory Iris French, Harviell, MO Becky Friar, Doniphan, MO Martha Frost, Williford Kathie Fussell, Jonesboro Dwayne Gallaher, West Memphis Lana Gander, Beech Grove Lisa Gardner, Little Rock Van Gardner, Little Rock Rebecca Garrett, Mt. Pleasant Edna Gaskin, Harrisburg Neil Gately, Ft. Smith Sharon Gates, Tuckerman Kimberly Gatlin, Paragould Teresa Gause, Memphis, TN John Gay, Newport Jane Gebhart, Waldenburg Len George, Wynne Angie Gibson, Jonesboro Kimberly Gibson, Jonesboro William Gibson, Jonesboro Sharlene Giles, Paragould Joey Gill, Walnut Ridge Janet Gilliaum, Newport Craig Glover, Griffin Charles Golden, Steele, MO Carol Goldsmith, Senath, MO Scott Goodman, Cape Girardeau, MO Teri Goodman, Cape Girardeau, MO Julie Goodwin, Calion Connie Goolsby, Blytheville James Gossett, Jonesboro Shirley Graham, Forrest City Patricia Grant, Sherwood Stephen Gray, Blytheville Alicia Green, Newark Anita Green, Newport Carolyn Green, Wynne Daniel Green, Toronto Lisa Green, Cave City Randy Green, Sidney Rickey Greer, Memphis, TN Kathy Grimes, Light Cynthia Grisham, Jonesboro Sabrina Grissom, Jonesboro Aaron Grobe, Dexter, MO Tim Grubb, Warren, Ohio Laura Guinn, Paragould Lori Guinn, Monette Paul Gunter, West Memphis Carl Guthrey, Corning Johnny Guthrie, Batesville Sharon Guthrie, Weiner Paul Gutierrez, Cherokee Village Bonnie Hackley, Doniphan, MO Brett Hacker, Bryant Mark Hackney, Osceola Janet Hagood, Pocahontas Stan Haigwood, Newport Theresa Halcombe, Walnut Ridge Anita Hale, Marianna Greta Hale, Marianna Terri Hamilton, Helena Boyce Hamlett, Kennett, MO Sherry Harbi, Piggott Sherry Harbison, Marked Tree Anita Hardy, Forrest City Edna Hargraves, Marianna Rex Harmon, Corning Joe Harp, Hoxie Jodone Harris, Kennett, MO Renita Harris, Jonesboro Victoria Harris, Jonesboro William Harris, Jonesboro Debbie Harrison, Jonesboro Lisa Harrison, Jonesboro Sandra Harper, Trumann Katie Hart, Hornersville, MO Greg Harton, Little Rock Julie Harvey, Jonesboro Eddie Haskell, Beaverville Donna Hawkins, Walnut Ridge Marsha Hawkins, Kennett, Mo Jeff Haynes, Prescott John Hays, Jonesboro Bob Heath, Jonesboro Alyce Heeb, Harrisburg Laura Heern, Jonesboro Roger Helms, Smithville Anna Henderson, Jacksonport Joseph Henderson, Piggott Madra Henderson, Marked Tree Brett Hendrix, Wynne Ruby Henfling, Imboden Shirley Henson, West Memphis Valerie Henson, Paragould J. R. Hess, Wynne Renee Hess, Wynne Samantha Hess, Wynne Angela Hester, Kennett, MO Anita Hester, Paragould Jack Heston, Desha Roxann Hibbs, Walnut Ridge Jennifer Hicks, Caruthersville, MO Tommy Higgins, Jonesboro Greg Hill, Batesvile Jane Hill, Paragould Lynn Hill, Whitehouse, TX Melessa Hill, Holly Grove Robert Hill, Batesville Ron Hillers, Delhi, IA 315 Katy Hindman, Tyronza Judy Hinton, Doniphan, MO Jamaludin HJ.Zakaria, Malaysia Sandra Hobbs, Moro Kathy Hogan, Pocahontas Kathy Hogan, Kennett, MO Sarah Hogan, Jonesboro Michael Holliday, Augusta Crystal Hollis, Forrest City Kris Holloway, Sheridan Kevin Hopkins, Pine Bluff Cara Hopp, Vilonia David Hopp, Vilonia Hoshang Hormasji, Pakistan Sherry Horner, Arbyrd, MO Charlon Horton, Sulphur Rock Todd Horton, Rogers Lori Horness, Cabot Mary Houart, Jonesboro Carie Howard, Paragould Arthur Hubbard, Jr., Blytheville Karen Hubbard, Blytheville Sharon Hughes, Marked Tree Kimberly Hulett, Jonesboro Todd Hulett, Swifton Eric Humphrey III, Los Angeles, CA Felecia Hunter, Hot Springs Brent Hutchison, Jonesboro Lisa Hutchunson, Swifton Mohd Iqbal Mohd, Malaysia Trish Isbell, Jonesboro Eric Isbill, Jonesboro Kim Isom, Rector Emily Jackson, Clarkedale Lori Jackson, Sikeston, MO Terri Jackson, Luxora Stephen Jaco, Helena Marhainis Jamaludin, Malaysia Paula Jamison, Marmaduke James Jarvis, Ellsinore, MO Danny Jennings, Augusta Debra Jernigan, Blytheville Carl Johnson, Steele, MO Dana Johnson, Cooter, MO Leatha Johnson, West Memphis Angela Jones, Kennett, MO Bryan Jones, Wilson Kellie Jones, Piggott Larinda Jones, Walnut Ridge Tim Joseph, Searcy Katherine Keith, West Plains, MO Keith Kellar, Cotton Plant Harold Kelley, Joiner Sloane Kelley, Walnut Ridge Randell Kemp, Ravenden Dawn Kenley, Pine Bluff Kelly Kennedy, Heber Springs Imm Khod Lye, Malaysia Leisa Kieffner, Paragould Lynda Kimble, Joiner Reda Kimble, Forrest City Deborah King, Poplar Bluff Mary King, Miami, OK Mark Kneibert, Poplar Bluff Clete Knight, West Memphis Lynn Knutson, Little Rock Cynthia Kraft, Ft. Thomas, KY Steve Kueter, Jonesboro Steven Laffoon, Cardwell, MO Ga Lai, Malaysia Choon Lai, Malaysia Swee Har Lam, Singapore Tracy Lamberth, Jonesboro Pamela Lambregtse, Jonesboro Sandra Landry, Jonesboro Gayla Lashley, Paragould Rob ert Lawrence, Steele, MO Sandy Lawrence, Bono Allison Laws, Forrest City Jane Laws, Forrest City Boon Lee, Malaysia Derek Lee, Jonesboro Helen Leniear, No. Little Rock Melanie Leonard, Jonesboro Ronette Lepley, Paragould Phillip Lewallen, Lynn Thomas Lewallen, Blytheville Marsha Lewellyn Grubbs Felicia Lewis, E. St. Louis, IL Gwendolyn Lewis, Earle Jarrod Lewis, Poplar Bluff, MO Robert Lewis, Newport Martin Lilly, Jonesboro Pauline Linam, Paragould Vernon Lindsey, Maiden, MO Terry Lisenby, Horn Lake, MS Steve Little, Corning Linda Lockhart, Hughes Barbara Long, Harrisburg Tracy Loomis, Blytheville Audrey Lott, Blytheville Donald Lovett, Strong Ed Lowden, Madison, IN Chip Lumpkin, Oil Trough Lisa Lyons, Stuttgart Karri Mabry, Jonesboro Teddi Mabry, Paragould Mario Machado, Blytheville Samuel Macheak, Bald Knob Robert Mackey, Paris Louella MaGee, Newport Susan Mahon, Hickory Ridge Melody Main, Corning Rhonda Malloy, Manila Jerry Malone, Gallatin, TN Myra Malone, Fisher Catherine Manziel, Poplar Bluff, MO Dan Marino, Cherry Valley Jeanett Marks, Hardy Valerie Marr, Cherry Valley Alisa Martin, Bertrand, MO Anthony Martin, Jonesboro Chuck Martin, Willow Springs, MO Clint Martin, McCrory LaRita Martin, West Helena Lisa Martin, Harrisburg Rudi Martin, Paragould Beverly Mason, Harrisburg Tracy Mason, Marmaduke Alice Massey, White Oak, MO Donald Massey, Marianna Keith Massey, Holcomb, MO Allen Masters, Trumann Benita Matlock, Memphis, TN Charles Mayes, Jonesboro Billy McAfee, Jr., Wilson Christopher McAlee, Imboden Charles McCarty, Osceola Jimmy McClain, Kennett, MO Christi McCormick, Kennett, MO Tena McCoy, Paragould Sheila McCurley, Forrest City Tommy McDonald, Bragg City, MO Danice McGee, McCrory Ivy McGee, Marion Stacey McGee, Pine Bluff Mitch McGrew, Baker, Louisiana Deborah McGuire, Senath, MO Patrick McHaney, Kennett, MO Celeste Mcintosh, Marion Lori McKenzie, Germantown, TN Lisa McLemore, Alexander Kevin McMasters, Bay Jeffery McMillin, Lake City Christopher McQuay, Jonesboro Charles Mears, Harrisburg Greg Meek, Hot Springs Danny Mefford, Paragould Gene Metcalf, Leachville Jeffery Michael, Hughes Patrick Millbrook, Mt. Pleasant, CA Debra Miller, Beech Grove Denita Miller, Blytheville Donna Miller, Doniphan, MO James Miller, Doniphan, MO Steve Miller, Paragould Tracy Miller, Brookland Sandra Miley, Jonesboro Angela Mills, Rector Bridgette Mills, Jonesboro Leith Mills, Forrest City Robert Mills, Mountain View Steven Mills, Jonesboro Adam Miskun, Malaysia Shelia Mobley, Piggott Adnam Mohd, Malaysia Pohaimi Moho Isa, Malaysia Ardiana Mohd, Malaysia Mat Mohdsom, Malaysia Andrea Moller, Jonesboro Diana Monroe, Lake City David Montgomery, Poplar Bluff, MO Daniel Moore, Corning Judy Moore, Paragould Joanna Moraitis, Chicago, IL Marsha Moran, Earle David Morgan, Jonesboro Mark Morgan, Harrisburg Norma Morgan, Jonesboro Letha Morris, Jonesboro Clayton Morrow, Turrell Bill Moss, Oxford Greg Moss, Caruthersville, MO Mazen Mrayan, Malaysia Miguel Mukel, Venezuela Walter Murphy, Bassett James Myers, Fisk, MO Carl Neal, West Memphis Gretta Neal, Cave City Mary Neely, Osceola Andrea Nelson, Marmaduke Danita Nelson, Paragould Nancy Nelson, Batesville Sonya Nesler, Blytheville Joy Newberry, Beech Grove Nhu Nguyen, Jonesboro Audrey Nichols, Tyronza Karen Nichols, Jonesboro Carla Nicholson, Swifton Lori Noblin, Jonesboro Ronald Oates, McGehee Peggy O ' Connor, Poplar Bluff, MO Randal O ' Donnell, Pocahontas Cathey Oldham, Jonesboro Wesley Oliver, De Vails Bluff Bill Olson, Batesville Ramlee Omar, Malaysia Zuraidah Omar, Malaysia Boon Ong, Malaysia Mary Orlick, Paragould Stefanie Osborn, Jonesboro Willes Osborn, Lepanto Judy Osment, St. Louis, MO William Oswalt, Forrest City Dereta Othman, Malaysia Hayati Othman, Malaysia Noor Othman, Malaysia Kelly Owens, Lake City Jeff Ozbun, Bono Deanna Patterson, Walnut Ridge Jerald Patterson, Memphis, TN Pam Parker, Paragould Billy Parks, Alicia Shelly Parton, Bono Lisa Parr, Kennert, MO Misty Parrish, McDougal Stacey Paudert, West Memphis Karen Payne, Kennert, MO Tina Peacock, Heth Connie Pendergrass, Pocahontas Robin Peppers, Jonesboro Jimmy Perkins, Bono John Perry, Wynne John Perry, Jonesboro Sherry Perry, Osceola John Peterson, Tichnor Bobby Phillips, Jonesboro Levanda Phillips, Turrell Linda Phillips, Powhatan Doyne Pierce, Jonesboro James Pierce, Jonesboro Pam Pierce, Pocahontas Tammie Pierce, Bay Patricia Pigg, Doniphan, MO David Pigue, Paragould Joey Pillow, Paragould Kimberly Pillow, Paragould Wes Pillow, Cardwell, MO Janet Pittman, Rector Mary K. Pittman, Hughes Ronda Piwinski, Bloomington, IL Deanna Poe, Paragould Tamra Pogue, Pocahontas David Porter, Jonesboro Rita Porter, No. Little Rock Charlotte Power, Jonesboro Peggy Powers, Pocahontas Julie Pressey, St. Louis, MO Jodi Price, Blytheville Dametra Proffitt, Dyess Djuana Prothro, Romance Todd Prothro, Rose Bud Vince Provenzano, Cave City Betty Pulford, Jonesboro Jason Pulles, Milwaukee, Wl Barry Pylant, Jonesboro Harry Quarrels, Palestine Abdul Rahman, Malaysia Mark Ramsey, Jonesboro Jerry Rapert, Osceola 31 g Dana L. Rasmussen, Sidney Janelle B. Ray, Trumann Kevin Ray, Caruthersville, Missouri Regina Reagan, Marmaduke Gwen Reeves, Bono Stuart Reid, Jonesboro Dena Reinbott, Harviell, Missouri John K. Reynolds, Paragould Stacy J. Reynolds, McCrory Wendy A. Reynolds, Searcy Mark L. Rezanka, Heber Springs Christie L. Rhodes, Jonesboro Kim D. Rice, Manilla Paul A. Rice, Carlisle Frank Richards, Bauxite Karen R. Ricker, Corning Sharon K. Riem, Hernando, MS Deanna H. Riggs, Jonesboro Dianna L. Riley, Maiden, MO Abby N. Roach, Jonesboro Calvin N. Roach, Cave Creek Rebecca L. Roark, Ravenden Kelly L Roberson, Helena Scott V. Roberson, Jonesboro Mara Jane Roberts, Jonesboro Franklin E. Robertson, Jr., Caruthersville, MO Anita D. Roberson, Newport Mark R. Robinson, Jonesboro Sandy L. Robinson, Carlisle Patricia A. Roddy, Newport Gina M. Rodery, Memphis TN Elizabeth C. Rogers, Jonesboro Larry C. Rollins, Jr., Marked Tree Vicki L. Romine, Rector Scott R. Roper, Coppell, TX Karen J. Rose, Jonesboro Susan A. Rose, Marmaduke Rhonda Ross, Marked Tree Tammy R. Rudkin, Gideon, MO Jason B. Runsick, Swifton, AR Barbara L. Rush, Senath, MO Elsie M. Rush, Evening Shade Kirk G. Russell, Griswold, IA Ardith J. Samuels, Jonesboro Josanne Sammut, Malta Ruth A. Sanders, Salem Suzette C. Sanders, Jonesboro Sarminah T. Sapari, Malaysia Patricia A. Saylors, Corning Jerry V. Scott, Jr., Everton Tammi E. Scott, Manila Paula L. Sears, Walnut Ridge Dana L. Seay, Rector Paul L. Seegraves, Rector Barry R. Sellers, Jonesboro Rick Sellers, Judsonia Terri L. Selvidge, Little Rock James M. Semsel, Annandale, N.J. Daniel L. Sexton, Strawberry Freda F. Shaker, Jonesboro Patricia P. Shanks, Jonesboro Lana S. Sharley, Campbell, MO Janae E. Shatley, Paragould Mary J. Shaver, Wynne Deborah P. Sheard, Hayti, MO Tresa M. Sheard, Hayti, MO Larry J. Sheehy, Poplar Bluff, MO Vivian C. Sheets, Hoxie Elbert V. Shelley, Trumann Bryan W. Shipman, Brookland Kelly A. Shoemaker, Germantown, TN Paula J. Shrable, Manila Sandra E. Siddell, Mayflower Lesia L. Simmons, Marmaduke Sandy K. Simmons, Stuttgart Lance E. Sims, Pottersville, MO Steven D. Sinclair, Pine Bluff Parminder Singh, N. Delhi, India Steve Sipa, Jonesboro James E. Skipper, Carlisle Donna F. Slaton, Wilson Alfred H. Smith, Osceola Beverly F. Smith, Turrell Carrie L. Smith, Jonesboro Betty Jo Smith, Marianna Dana C. Smith, Paragould Daniel L Smith, Sidney Edye A. Smith, Little Rock Emmett F. Smith, Paragould Jerry L. Smith, West Ridge John K. Smith, Paragould Julie L. Smith, Wilson Lisa L. Smith, Walnut Ridge Lynn W. Smith, Poplar Bluff, MO Melinda K. Smith, Leachville Ronald H. Smith, Jonesboro Roger S. Smith, McCrory Scott C. Smith, Cape Girardeau, MO Steve C. Smith, Osceola Steve R. Smith, Paragould Wesley S. Smith, Hardy Mark B. Smithee, Hoxie Sherry A. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Rusty L. Snelson, Bradford Walter B. Snider, Jonesboro Paul M. Snodgrass, O ' Kean Victoria M. Snodgrass, Pocahontas Bill C. Snow, Doniphan, MO James M. Southern, Steele, MO Richard J. Spades, Black Rock Barbara J. Spears, Lake City Dennis L. Spence, Oil Trough Greg Spence, Wynne Donna L. Spencer, Doniphan, MO Doris G. Spradling, Poplar Bluff, MO Paula A. Sprinkle, Bono Angela G. Sorrell, Myrtle, MO Tim W. Stallings, Jonesboro Dean W. Stanley, Chicago, IL Belinda D. Stanf ill, Caruthersvile, MO Lora Starr, Jonesboro Robin T. Stauffer, Jonesboro Dana B. Stewart, Steele, MO Michael L. Stevenson, Poplar Bluff, MO Jeanette K. Steimel, Pocahontas Kevin M. Stevens, Jonesboro Sandra Y. Stevens, Jonesboro Debbie J. Stockinger, Paragould Chuck Stovall, Osceola Rodney D. Stovall, Lepanto Jamie D. Staggs, Memphis, TN Linda K. Steese, Monette Thomas S. Steger, Cocoa Beach, FL Amy V. Stutts, Southaven, MS Angela J. Sulcer, Woodland Hills, CA Kenda G. Sulcer, Osceola Robyn S. Summitt, Pocahontas Sally S. Sullivan, Burdette Susan Sumpter, Marked Tree Debra D. Sutterfield, Jonesboro 321 Jennifer L. Sutton, Kennett, MO Edward A. Swann II, Newport Abdul R. Tamaluoin, Jonesboro Carl G. Tanner, Wynne Krista K. Taggart, Augusta Brian E. Tate, Jonesboro James D. Tate, Moro Karen D. Tate, Amagon Marvin L. Tate, Lake City Christi L. Taunton, Camden Scott D. Taylor, Pine Bluff Ginger A. Taylor, Kennett, MO Joseph J. Taylor, Brookland Joyce W. Taylor, West Memphis Mark A. Taylor, Blytheville Mary F. Taylor, Jonesboro Michael L Taylor, EIDorado Peggy R. Taylor, Corning Timothy L Taylor, Jonesboro Nanette R. Teeter, Steele, MO Vonette E. Templeton, Jonesboro Douglas W. Thomas, Jonesboro Kayla A. Thomas, Jonesboro Cary L. Thompson, Jonesboro Gail D. Thompson, Paragould Debra L Thompson, Newport John K. Thompson, Brinkley Kimberly J. Thompson, Paragould Tana G. Thompson, Paragould Terrie J. Thompson, Trumann Phyllis A. Throesch, Pocahontas Shelly R. Thurman, Harviell, MO Debbie L. Tinsley, Marmaduke Nancy L. Tippy, Wilson Kimberly R. Tompkins, Blytheville Marshall D. Trantham, Needham Mark E. Trusty, Strawberry Tami J. Tudor, Natural Dam Tim S. Turnbow, Walnut Ridge Perry L. Turner, Jonesboro Sharon K. Turney, Manila James P. Tyner, Jonesboro Danny E. Utley, Hardy Linda K. Utley, Jonesboro Waum W. Valdez, Coctez, Columbia Tammy R. Vance, Wynne Alesia S. Veasley, Osceola Terry F. Verkler, Jr., Kansas City, KS Cheryl A. Vichkon, Cave City Debra A. Volner, Harrisburg Grace Vudures, Harrisburg Robert G. Waddell, Marvell Charles E. Wadlington, Shaw, MS Betty A. Walker, Jonesboro Henryetta D. Walker, Jonesboro Kala R. Walker, Knobel Tim B. Walker, Jonesboro Arlee Wallace, Turrell Mark M. Wallace, Kennett Patrick F. Walsh, Manila Valeria M. Walter, Moro Regina A. Ward, Oxford Vincent E. Washam, Mammoth Spring Joni F. Washburn, Hughes Mark A. Washington, Brinkley Kim D. Watkins, Harrisburg Steven W. Watkins, Monette Bill A. Watson, Earle Cindy K. Watson, Jonesboro Sherry M. Weaver, Charlotte Denise Webb, Lonoke Leigh A. Webb, North Little Rock Zanilla A. Webb, Augusta Cynthia K. Webster, Blytheville Beth A. Weisbrod, Poplar Bluff, MO Lawrence A. Weisenbach, Jonesboro Angela J. West, Little Rock Leatrice R. West, Malvern Tammy M. West, Harrisburg Karen L. Wheeler, Paragould Cynthia S. Wheeless, Walnut Ridge Mary C. Wheeless, Delaplaine Brenda M. Whitaker, Marion Carolyn C. White, Forrest City Verlon White, Parkin Jim M. Wilcox, Greenbrier Gay L. Wilde, Jonesboro Cindy L. Williams, Jonesboro Diana G. Williams, Marion Fayeth L. Williams. Batesville Jeri L. Williams, Jonesboro Jeri S. Williams, Jonesboro Karen A. Williams, Parkin Leah B. Williams, Jonesboro Lori M. Williams, Jonesboro Stacy D. Williams, Jonesboro April D. Williamson, Jonesboro Cheryl D. Willis, Forrest City Darla K. Wilson, Tavares, FL James A. Wilson, Desha James K. Wilson, Poughkeepsie John W. Wilson, West Memphis Michelle D. Wilson, West Memphis Sandra K. Wilson, Poplar Bluff, MO Venetta R. Wilson, Cherry Valley Rickey E. Winfrey, Forrest City Jim J. Wiseman, Winchester, MO Janie S. Wisham, Bono Kenneth 0. Wixson, Fisher David A. Woodard, Jonesboro Paula K. Woolridge, Mammouth Springs Ruth Woolridge, Paragould Sue A. Worlow, Sedgwick Allison L. Wright, Blytheville Henri Wright, Dyess Alias Yaacob, Malacca, Malaysia Ann M. Yost, Piggott Melissa Young, Damascus Guy C. Younger, Maynard Layne L. Yawn, Jonesboro Saifulbakhn Zainal, Uvala Lumpur, Malaysia Rosilawati Zamol, Malaysia SOPHOMORES Abubakr Abdullah, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia Anthony Adair, Maiden, MO Brian Adams, Monette Danny Adams, N. Little Rock LaDonna Adams, Bono Michael Adams, Cleveland, MS Rusty Adams, Memphis, TN Vicki Adams, Vanndale Vincent Adams, Huntsville, AL Jean Adcock, Jonesboro Lori Adcock, Jonesboro Rodney Adell, Brinkley Carla Adkins, Stuttgart Kathy Allred, Bono Mohamed Alodaiby, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Raid Alsadi, Amman, Jordan Ronald Altom, Heber Springs Pamela Anderson, Cave City Scott Anderson, Paragould Bobby Andrew, Brookland Brad Andrews, Paragould Lora Arnold, Harrisburg Charles Armstrong, Jonesboro Steven Armstrong, Pine Bluff Sheila Arnell, Corning Rebecca Ashmore, Blytheville Rhonda Averett, Kennett, MO John Avery, Magnolia Kelly Baggett, Jonesboro Azman Baharudin, Selangor, Malaysia Brian Baker, Jonesboro Ginger Baker, Poplar Bluff, MO Jerry Baker, West Memphis John Balch, DeQueen Kenneth Ballard, Hickory Ridge Patricia Ballard, Portia Suzanne Baltz, Pocahontas Terri Baltz, Pocahontas Miles Bandy, Leachville Karen Banks, Helena Michael Barger, Cooter, MO John Barham, Mountain View Daron Barker, N. Little Rock Lori Barksdale, Brookland Catherine Barnes, Springdale Dewey Barnes, Lepanto Timothy Barnes, Blytheville James Barnett, Bay Kimberly Barnett, Maumelle Carolyn Bass, Paragould Tim Bates, Pocahontas Earl Batton, Paragould Jeff Bauerlein, Newnata Greg Baugh, Jonesboro Teressa Beard, Little Rock Rick Beaver, Imboden Bradford Beck, Jonesboro MaryAnn Becker, Steele, MO Laura Belk, Hoxie Jennifer Bell, Pangburn Stephanie Bell, West Memphis Tywana Bennett, Brookland Marc Benton, Hot Springs 1 David Berk, Jonesboro Scott Berry, Arkadelphia David Berry, Marked Tree Lori Berryman, Stuttgart Angie Biggers, Lepanto Shirley Birmingham, Jonesboro Kimberly Bishop, Jonesboro Anise Black, Pocahontas Karen Black, Osceola Allison Blankenship, Jonesboro Bryan Blankenship, Thayer, MO Terri Blankinship, Lilbourn, MO Dana Bledsoe, Campbell, MO Harold Blood, Stuttgart Chris Bodry, Tyronza Susan Bogan, Clarksville, TN Zanny Bogan, Earle Sherry Boggs, Portia Timothy Boozer, Jacksonville Stacy Bouland, Jonesboro Shawn Bowers, Gosnell Max Bowie, Newport Lynda Box, Piggott Sivasambu Brabaakaran, Sri Lanka Bobby Bragg, Imboden Dave Brady, West Memphis JimBob Branch, Camden Doug Brand, Jonesboro Becky Brann, Swifton Tammy Brannon, Pocahontas Linda Brannum, Cardwell, MO Barry Branscum, Lake City Debra Breckenridge, Jonesboro Christine Bregy, Little Rock Eva Brehe, Hermann, MO Angie Brewer, Jonesboro Melissa Brewer, Jonesboro Robin Brewer, Paragould Vickie Brewer, Hoxie Tammy Brewington-Ward, Paragould Tami Brickell, Jonesboro Karen Bridger, Marked Tree Cheryl Brightwell, Jonesboro Sandra Brightwell, Jonesboro Carol Brittingham, Paragould Cynthia Brogdon, Paragould Bobbi Brown, Paragould Bobby Brown, Blytheville Corbin Brown, Wynne Dana Brown, Pocahontas Jimmy Brown, La Grange Nikki Brown, Monette Steven Brown, Jonesboro Timothy Brown, Clarkton, MO Mark Browning, Brinkley Gene Brumley, Walnut Ridge Willis Brumley, Osceola Cyndi Brunson, Jonesboro Mae Bryant, Jonesboro Tracy Bryant, Jonesboro John Buchanan, Marmaduke Dennis Bullock, Cardwell, MO Joe Bujarski, Waldron Scott Burcham, Marked Tree Annette Burdyshaw, Bono Glen Burnett, Maiden Laura Burns, Walnut Ridge Virginia Burr, Paragould Paula Burroughs, Jonesboro Linda Burrow, Jonesboro 325 Hugh Burson, West Helena Margaret Burton, Camden Samantha Bushe, Brinkley Paul Butcher, DeWi tt Rebecca Butcher, Paragould Brenda Butler, Brinkley Clina Butler, Caruthersville, MO Janetta Butler, Goobertown Maurice Butler, West Helena Dana Cable, N. Little Rock Darrell Cagle, Pocahontas Ray Calaway, Wynne Susan Campbell, Earle Lisa Carroll, Paragould Linda Carson, Forrest City Lisa Carson, Lepanto Jana Carter, Ellsinore, MO Jessie Carter, Steele, MO Patricia Carter, Valley View Paula Carter, Jonesboro Tena Cartwright, Osceola John Casad, Memphis, TN Mary Chambers, Osceola Sonya Chandler, Memphis, TN Christy Chaney, Mountain Home Rhonda Chappie, West Memphis Mary Chappuis, Jonesboro Chris Charette, Jonesboro Larry Chastain, Lake City James Cheers, Harvey, IL Holly Childers, Brookland Melody, Childers, Pine Bluff Paula Childres, Marion Cindy Childress, Blytheville Ruth Chunn, Paragould Keith Churchill, Caraway Kevin Clapp, Jonesboro Melissa Clapp, Jonesboro Kimberly Clark, Jonesboro Kimberly Clark, Jonesboro Johnnie Clark, Forrest City Gail Clark, Jonesboro Stacy Clark, Rogers Sue Clark, Hardy Mike Clayton, Wynne Steven Clayton, Jonesboro Angela Clemmer, Marianna Cara demons, Piggott Jerry demons, Jonesboro Virginia Cleveland, Delaplaine Henry Clifton, Wheatley Rhonda Cloinger, Bono Pam Coats, Batesville Gwendolyn Cobb, Kankakee, IL David Coker, Walnut Ridge Tony Colbert, Beebe Carlton Cole, Jonesboro Andy Coleman, Bono Brian Coleman, Stuttgart Elizabeth Coles, Jonesboro Russ Collier, Dexter, MO Priscilla Condra, Harrisburg Susan Conlon, N. Little Rock Gloria Cook, Jonesboro Jim Cook, Palestine Lynette Cook, Brinley Ronald Cooper, Bono Tonja Copeland, Strawberry Craig Cornett, Siloam Springs Ernest Cornish, Monette Ricky D. Courtney, Forrest City Michael Covey, Walnut Ridge Melody Cox, Greenbriar Rodney Cox, Clinton Christine Crafton, Piggott Tilda Crafton, Gideon, MO Ginger Crawford, Jonesboro Anthony Crews, Paragould Carolyn Crouse, Brookland Tonny Crowson, Piggott Nancy Crumpton, Jonesboro Yvette Crutcher, Batesville Harold Culp, II, Lewisville, TX Sara Cunningham, Jonesboro Jill Cupp, Paragould Brent Curtis, Lead Hill Cathy Curtis, Clarendon Kevin Curtis, Bernie, MO Linda Curtis, Jonesboro Lisa Curtis, Harrisburg Dan Curtwright, Jonesboro John S. Dacus, Jonesboro Abubakar Dahanan, Perak, Malaysia Tony Dailey, Lonoke Kimberly Daggett, Caraway Charles Dallas, Patterson Jeff Darr, Corning Paula Davenport, Forrest City Kathy Davidson, Bradford Glenda Davis, Bay Kim Davis, Jonesboro Susanne Davis, Germantown, TN Tony Davis, Trumann Robin Dawson, Pocahontas Josephene DeBrosse, Paragould Les Dennie, Little Rock Randy DeRoeck, Jonesboro Priyanga DeSilva, Kwwnegala, Sri Lanka Teresa Dickinson, Jonesboro Stephanie Dickson, Jonesboro Tracie Dicus, Walnut Ridge Marcia Dodd, Knobel Michael Dorsey, Jonesboro Sherry L. Douglas, Marion Donna Driver, Jonesboro Colleen Dublin, Leslie Lance Duck, Whitton Terri Duckworth, Odenville, AL Paula Dudley, Jonesboro Denene Dukes, Marmaduke Russell Dunaway, Jonesboro Jeffrey Duncan, West Plains, MO Wayne Dunn, Trumann Ray B. Dunston, West Memphis Doug Dupwe, Jonesboro Louetta L. Dusch, Qulin. MO Sherry Duvall, Wynne Tammy Eads, Jonesboro Brian D. Earls, Batesville Becky East, Cape Girardeau, MO Francine Edinburgh, Forrest City Don Edmiston, Paragould Donald Edwards, Jonesboro Adrienne W. Eftekhari, Osceola Cindy Elder, Brookland Regina Elder, Brookland Christy Eldridge, Marion John Elkins, Osceola Ronda Elliott, Blytheville Melissa Ellis, Wynne 327 Susan E. Elms, Wynne Robert S. Elovitz, Helena Zalnal Endut, Malaysia Karen J. English, Pocahontas Jim L. Ermert, Corning Christina M. Ervin, Batesville Lisa C. Evans, Wynne Carla M. Fant, Little Rock Craig M. Farrell, Jacksonville Bruce W. Fegley, Gosnell K. Denise Felton, Mountain Home Martin L. Ferg, Wynne Cheryl Ferguson, Viola Jerry Ferrell, Walnut Ridge Al Fezar Bobbie Fmdley, Jonesboro Tim Fires, Lepanto Robert Flack, Fayetteville, NC Stacey Fletcher, Doniphan, MO Gregory Flood, Steele, MO Joan Florer, Williford Jennifer Floyd, N. Little Rock Roger Foley, Ash Flat Denise Ford, Jonesboro Kyle Ford, Walnut Ridge Drue Ford, Harrisburg Warren Formon, Jonesboro Mary Forrester, Tyronza Lisa Foster, Pleasant Plains Scott Foust, Swifton Don Fowler, Blytheville Karen Fowler, Melbourne Lara Fowler, Jonesboro Alex Franks, Mountain View Amy Fulco, Jonesboro Susan Futrell, Vanndale Susan Gaither, Hoxie Karen Gambill, Jonesboro Sherry Gandy, Jonesboro Tim Garwood, Melbourne Antrim Gates, Columbus, OH Milissa Gentry, Walnut Ridge Melinda Gerber, Jonesboro Mark Gibbins, Caruthersville, MO Lisa Gibson, Bono Lisa Gilbreath, Hardy Debra Gilliam, Searcy Brenda Glover, Lake City Angela Goad, Jonesboro Stephen Goad, Jonesboro Tanya Golden, Pine Bluff Kevin Goodin, Hot Springs Donna Goodson, Jonesboro Jeffery Gookin, Piggott Michele Gordon, Wynne Constance Gore, Paragould Karen Gorham, Memphis, TN Sherrie Gould, Marmaduke Stephanie Graff, El Dorado Bridgette Granberry, Marianna Angela Grant, Pine Bluff George Green, Tupelo, MS Angela Greene, Malvern Pam Greenway, Harrisburg Brian Griffith, Pocahontas Deborah Grimm, Jonesboro Barbara Grisham, Jonesboro Christopher Gross, Salem Donna Gross, Salem John Hafner, Jonesboro Jack Hailey, Paragould Barbara Hall, Texarkana, TX Pernell Hall, Couch, MO Karen Hallett, Jonesboro Karen Hamilton, Jonesboro Frances Hancock, Paragould Jimmie Hancock, McCrory Tracey Hancock, Jonesboro Anne Handford, Batesville Brant Hanquist, Cabot Lance P. Hankins, Oil Trough Rodney L. Hannah, Jonesboro William Hansard, Jonesboro Sandra D. Harbison, Marked Tree Daniel B. Harbour, El Dorado Terri Harmon, Melbourne Rickey Harrell, Monette Robyn Harris, Pocahontas Michael Harston, Bassett Jennifer Harvey, Jonesboro Linda Harvey, Brookland Kellie Harvill, Beech Grove Iqbal Hasan, Karachi, Pakistan Frankie Hatton, England Jerry Hayfurt, Elaine Jim Haynes, Brinkley Kathy Haynes, Blytheville Rodney Haynes, Jonesboro Cheryl Heavrin, Jacksonville Debbie Hedge, Weiner Royce Helms, Smithville Daifallah Hendawi, Jordan Donna Hendrix, Pine Bluff Terry Hendrix, Marked Tree Troy Hendrix, Jonesboro Sharon Henninger, Jonesboro Hazelene Henry, Paragould Lisa Henry, Jonesboro Chad Heritage, Biggers Robert Herzig, Strawberry Bridgette Hess, Wynne Terry Hibbard, Portia Angie Hicks, Manila Tammy Hiebert, Winona, MO Natalie Hilburn, Walnut Ridge Jerald Hill, Jonesboro Julie Hill, Pocahontas Paul Himstedt, Lonoke Laurie Hinck, Jonesboro Deborah Hinds, Jonesboro Letha Hill, Parkin Audrey Hindsley, Marvell Barry Hinson, Paragould Pete Hoelscher, Pocahontas Melissa Hogan, Pocahontas Michelle Hogard, West Memphis Betty Hogue, Jonesboro Lee Hogue, Weiner Jim Holbrook, Danville Richard Holden, Lake City Shannon Hollan, Wynne Shelly Holle, Chesterfield, MO Cheryl Holley, Swifton James Holt, Leachville Ruth Holmes, Marked Tree Tina Holt, Kuna, Idaho Leslie Hope, Jonesboro Kimberly Hord, DeWitt Jacquelyn Hosinski, Jonesboro Charlotte Hoskins, Jonesboro 329 Nola Houston, Jonesboro Curt Howard, Strawberry Jane Howard, Little Rock Michael Howard, Paragould Diane Howe, Ocala, FL Jerri Howington, Lepanto Michael Hubbard, Cherry Valley Lois Hudson, Brinkley Brian Huff, Walnut Ridge James Huffman, Popla Bluff, MO Ricky Hunt, West Memphis Zahari Husin, Malaysia Jerri Hutchinson, Grubbs Hollis Inboden, Bono Penny L. Inness, Ravenden Mary Irby, Jonesboro Carla Irvin, Jonesboro Ahmad Ismail, Georgetown, Malaysia Angela Jackson, Walnut Ridge Brett Jackson, Batesville Michael Jackson, Beebe Regina Jackson, Newport Richard Jackson, Paragould Tammy Jackson, Walnut Ridge Timothy Jackson, Brookland Judy James, Leachville Lola James, Crawfordsville Patricia M. James, Crawfordsville David Jamieson, Jonesboro Vivi Jayroe, Palestine Montey Jetton, Jonesboro Demita Johnson, Wynne Julie Johnson, Cave City LaReecia Johnson, St. Louis, MO Lloyd Johnson, Doniphan, MO Sam C. Johnson, Jonesboro Bobby Johnston, Luxora Carolyn Joiner, Madison Andrew Jones, Jonesboro Demetrius Jones, West Memphis Julie Jones, Blytheville Kimberly Jones, Wynne Mark Jones, Kieser Mitzi Jones, Viola Sheri Jones, Earle Suzanne Jones, Paragould Tim Jones, Jonesboro Tim Jones, Osceola Jacqueline Jordan, Marianna Patricia Judd, Lafe Leah Jumper, Blytheville Gima Junkersfeld, Pocahontas Krissy Kellar, Des Arc Jeanie Kelley, Manila Jim Kelley, Wynne Rick Kelley, Walnut Ridge Ken Kennemore, Osceola Lisa Kent, Batesville Lateef Khan, Toronto Canada Dina Kieffner, Paragould Rhonda King, Campbell, MO Theresa Kinkade, Lake City Todd Kirk, Joiner Sheryl Kitchens, Kennett, MO Pamela Klutts, Campbell, MO Tim Koch, Morrilton Janice Kroeter, Jonesboro Andrea Kukura, Jonesboro Tommy Lackey, Jonesboro Delisa Lackland, Earle Scottie Lackland, Earle Mark D. Laffoon, Jonesboro Stacy Lamb, Jonesboro Philip Landers, Cave City Eddie Landreth, Corning Allen Landry, Jonesboro Bryan Lane, Senath, MO Sandy L. Lane, Senath, MO Kandi Langley, Blytheville Mitzi Langlois, Jonesboro Janet Lankford, Evening Shade Catherine Larry, Moro Cynthia Late, Maynard Rebecca Lawing, Memphis, TN Penny Lawrence, Melbourne Rob Lawrence, Rector Brett Lawson, Jonesboro Patti Leinenbach, Hillsborough, NJ Grace Lemmonds, Greenway Cindy Leonard, Corning Sharon Lewellen, Gentry Annette Lewis, Brownville, TN Dwayne Lewis, Black Rock Jill Lewis, Dell Marsha Light, Jonesboro Rob Lindley, Clarendon Charlie Littlefield, Nashville Thian Liu, Kuching, Malaysia Trevor Lloyd, Jonesboro Paula Locke, Corning Lucinda London, Grubbs Bobby Long, Leachville Kenny Long, West Memphis Kevin Long, West Memphis Sandra Loggains, Melbourne Alan Love, Melbourne Larry Lovelace, Blytheville Angela Lovell, Newark Teresa Lovell, Clarendon Mary Lovern, Jonesboro Inez Lunsford, Hardy Bill Lumpkin, West Memphis Etta Manning, Jonesboro Michelle Marchand, Stuttgart Vicki Marotti, Crawfordsville Jimmy Marshall, Newark Debbie Martin, Mountain Home Garland Martin, Jonesboro Matthew Martin, Cherokee Village Sheila Martin, Little Rock Dwayne Masingale, Paragould Mechelle Mathis, Little Rock Linda Maxwell, Trumann Valerie Mayo, Haynes Mark McAfee, Wilson Rob McCall, Jonesboro Douglas McCane, Dexter, MO James McCarley, Memphis, TN John McCoy, Stonewall Penny McDaniel, Bay Jeff McElrath, Grubbs Melinda McFarland, Hickory Ridge Mary McGhee, Germantown, TN Deanna McGonigal, Doniphan, MO Stephen McGuire, Blytheville Catherine Mclven, Harrisburg Angela McKinness, Lepanto Paula McKnight, Jonesboro Charmine McNutt, Jonesboro Boyd McMasters. Bay 331 Evelyn McMasters, Lakecity Anthony McMickle, Wynne Sherry McWilliams, Munila Tammy Melton, Brockwell John Merguie, Jonesboro Karen Metheny, Paragould Donna Miles, Jonesboro Alison Miller, Forrest City Kimberly Miller, Calico Rock Lisa Miller, Kennett, MO Michael S. Miller, Paragould Michael S. Miller, Utopia Stewart Miller, Augusta Brenda Minton, Bono Robin Mitchell, Wynne Stan Mitchell, Jonesboro David Mize, Walcott Joseph Mobley, Osceola Ronnie Montgomery, Swifton Wilma Montgomery, Paragould Bobby Moody, Walnut Ridge Jami Moon, Trumann Angela Moore, Paragould Carrol Moore, Cherry Valley Chris Moore, Jonesboro Danny Moore.Jr., Marked Tree Melissa Moore, Kensett Janetta Moorman, Little Rock Jeffery Morgan, Piggott William Morgan, McCrory Larry Morgeson, Poplar Bluff, MO Michael Morris, West Memphis Carter Morrison, White Hall Todd Morrow, Neelyville, MO Melinda Morse, Blytheville Melissa C. Morse, Jonesboro Jeff S. Moses, Jonesboro Stacy Mounce, Jonesboro Sharon Mudford, Fouke Lynda Muench, Sikeston, MO Tammy Mullins, Hickory Ridge Sharon Nash, Tyronza Cheryl Nave, Memphis, TN Steven Neal, Augusta Shirl Nelson, Newport Cassondra Neumeyer, Jonesboro Kevin Newberry, Jonesboro Theresa Nicol, Swifton Chad Niell, Jonesboro Paul Nowlin, Steele, MO Daniel Nyitrai, Paragould David Oakes, Osceola Jeff O ' Donnell, Pocahontas Chad D. Oliver, Strawberry Jeanie Oliver, Salem Josephine Omar, Malaysia Kelly O ' Neal, Marion Vickie Orick, Paragould Tina Orman, Crawfordsville Lorraine Orr, Jonesboro Marty Orr, Poplar Bluff, MO Mickey Osborne, Batesville Bradley Owen, Paragould Michael Owens, Bernie, MO Levada Overton, Heth Kenneth Palmer, Brandon, MS Veronica Panneck, Jonesboro Karri Parish, Jonesboro Keith Parker, Marianna Richard Parker, Marvell Tonya Parnell, Wilson Sarah Parr, Clarendon Lisa Paschal, Brinkley Danny Patterson, Paragould Jeffery Patterson, Trumann Melissa Patterson, Paragould Angela Patton, Jonesboro Cynthia Paul, Jonesboro Malcolm Payne, Helena Sharon Peebles, Augusta Jeff Pennington, Jonesboro Tonia Pennington, Sikeston, MO Johnny Perkins, Harrison Rebecca Perkins, Jonesboro John Perry, Poplar Bluff, MO Terry Phelps, Jonesboro Ricky Philhours, Leachville Carl Phillips, Corning David Phillips, Arbyrd, MO Glenda Phillips, Searcy Treena Phillips, Monette Sandy Pickens, Hot Springs Betty Pierce, West Memphis Charles Pierce, Jonesboro Kevin Pillow, Paragould Steve Pirtle, Jonesboro William Pittman, Jonesboro Brad Poindexter, Wynne Glenda Porter, Rector Karen Porterfield, Joiner Jill Powell, Jonesboro Jeff Preston, Bono Patricia Preston, Batesville Linda Price, Jonesboro Richard Pridmore, Newport Jacinda Prince, Bay Linda Prince, Newport Marsha Prokenpek, Caraway Mark Propes, Hardy Knight Province, Jonesboro Robert Pueblo, Batesville Richard Puryear, Jonesboro Betty Pyland, Paragould Kevin Quinn, Elaine Jon Radar, El Dorado Jeff Ramsey, Wynne Mary Range, Osceola Cliff Ratton, Marked Tree Anna Rawls, Paragould Patricia Ray, Paragould Don Ray, Blytheville Michael Raymond, Earle Dede Redden, Trumann Arthur Reed, Malvern Elvon Reed, Heth Judith Reed, Pocahontas Phillip Reed, Marianna Robbie Reedel, Valley View Carolyn Reid, Kennett, MO Kenneth Reid, Texarkana Shannon Rennicke, Weiner Laura Rice, Biggers Diann Richardson, Knobel Frances Richardson, Jonesboro Wynndolyn Richardson, Helena Regina Richey, Paragou ld Brian Rigsby, Osceola Kimberly Riley, Newport Beth Ritter, Pine Bluff Sharon Roberson, Forrest City 333 Angel Roberts, Poplar Bluff, MO Shelly Roberts, Success Vanessa Roberts, Johannesburg, South Africa Barbara Robertson, Rector Tony Robinson, Earle William Robinson, Brookland Barry Rogers, Jonesboro Paul Rogers, Jonesboro Peggy Rogers, Hardy Cynthia Roper, Viola Lee Ann Rorex, Jonesboro Sonya L Rorex, Paragould Caroline S. Ross, West Memphis Sharon A. Rothwell, Springdale D. Brent Rotton, Tahlequah, OK Cindi R. Rowlett, Trumann Marie Rowlett, Lafe Bryan D. Ruggeri, Pine Bluff Sandra D. Rush, Little Rock Sherri K. Russell, Jonesboro Ismail Saleh, Malaysia Said Saleh, Pendang Kedah, Malaysia Belinda M. Sample, Kennett, MO Greyson R. Sanders, Fisher James R. Sanders, Marvell Rosanne J. Sanders, Fisher Shannon E. Sanders, Monette Donna E. Sandlin, Reyno T. Craig Scallions, Jonesboro Don Scarbrough, Marvell Sandi D. Schuchardt, Wynne Judd D. Schug, Lake City John A. Schwarz, Weiner Kathryn M. Scott, Batesville Amy B. Scroggs, Jonesboro Rodney Seawood, Forrest City Cynthia L. Sellers, Blytheville Arunabha Sen, Birmingham, AL Alana G. Shannon, Jonesboro Tammy F. Sharp, Jonesboro Amy M. Shelton, Paragould Mark E. Shelton, Beebe Sarah E. Shelton, West Memphis Sam T. Shinault, Jonesboro Harold L. Shoemaker, Jonesboro Mike L. Sifford, Pocahontas Brent D. Simpson, Piggott Karen L. Simpson, Jonesboro Belinda K. Sims, Pocahontas Tony L. Skidmore, Jonesboro Sharon D. Skipper, Tyronza David W. Sloan, Trumann Angela K. Smith, Bald Knob Brian D. Smith, Pine Bluff Cassandra S. Smith, Kennett, MO Charles E. Smith, McDougal Clinton Smith, Joiner Hana S. Smith, Cave City Jamie M. Smith, N. Little Rock John A, Smith, Monticello Karen R. Smith, Jonesboro Penny L. Smith, Tyronza Norma S. Smith, Jonesboro Norman D. Smith, Newport Robert E. Smith, III, Pocahontas Shirley J. Smith, Tyronza Trina S. Smith, Viola Veronica J. Smith, West Memphis Stacey S. Smithee, Monette Dave N. Smithwick, Jonesborc Pam M. Sneed, Bald Knob Bobby L. Snider, Jonesboro Ron South, Jonesboro Mary L. Sparks, Chicago, IL Elizabeth S. Spell, Gideon, MO Holly L. Springhart, West Memphis Becky K. Sprinkle, Jonesboro Tracy L. Spurlock, Lake City Kathy L. Staggs, Osceola Cherye G. Stanfill, Paragould John L. Stanfill, Manila Patricia J. Statler, Rector Tommy W. Stephens, West Helena Scott J. Stepp, Marianna James F. Stewart, Blytheville Roosevelt Stewart, Jr., Helena Monica G. Stimach, Jonesboro Gayla M. Story, Clinton Joyce Stout, Piggott Denise Strickland, Jonesboro Patrise Strickland, Jonesboro Janette E. Strong, Hot Springs Melinda L. Stults, Cherry Valley Brett W. Sullivan, Lonoke Susan M. Sullivan, Datton Jay Summerlin, Little Rock Krissi Sutterfield, Jonesboro Tony K. Swanner, West Memphis Debbie L. Swick, Maynard Paul D. Swift, Piggott Lori L. Tackeberry, Senath, MO Ed F. Talib, Jonesboro Kean H. Tan, Malaysia Alaina S. Tanner, Ash Flat Michael R. Tarry, Paragould Paul D. Tarver, Jonesboro Andre Tate, Orlando, FL Brenda K. Tate, Batesville Machelle D. Tate, Crawfordsville Anthony W. Taylor, Corning Beverley A. Taylor, Forrest City Diane E. Taylor, Batesville John F. Taylor, Cave City Karen S. Taylor, Batesville Michael Taylor, Jonesboro Bridget T. Teel, Alicia Daniel J. Thomas, Newport Kirkley A. Thomas, Jonesboro Lee E. Thomas, Harrisburg Roy L. Thomas, Paragould Tina K. Thomas, Newport Wendy K. Thomas, Tuckerman S. Tyler Thomason, Pine Bluff Anita S. Thompson, West Helena Phillip M. Thompson, Jonesboro Regina G. Thompson, Piggott Robin L. Thompson, Jonesboro Sandy L. Thompson, El Dorado Valerie J. Thompson, Little Rock Pamela M. Thornbrough, Hoxie Tammy J. Timms, Lake City Bill W. Tippitt, Lake City Larry D. Towell, Leachville Sherri L. Townsend, Marianna Kevin Trevathan, Jonesboro Lisa A. Trigubetz, N. Little Rock Caroline S. Trimble, Hardy Tommy G. Trivitt, Ash Flat Gary W. Tucker, Warm Springs Nancy C. Tucker, Jonesboro 335 Kevin L. Turbeville, Jefferson Athenia L. Turner, Clearwater, FL Judy D. Turner, Pine Bluff Julie E. Turner, Tuckerman Kathy L. Turner, Jonesboro Marty L Turner, Hardy Denis J. Utley, Hardy Leslie R. Vail, Jonesboro Timothy J. Vann, Cabot E. Yvonna Vannada, Piggott Kimberly B. Vaughn, Jonesboro Laura J. Vaught, Hickory Ridge Robert E. Veasley, Cherry Valley Mark A. Vest, Trumann Richard A. Vest, Jonesboro Tim D. Vest, Jumbo Sid Vicious, Goobertown Stacy L. Vincent, Nettleton Richard M. Vogel, Kansas City, KS Julie Von Kanel, West Helena Reba F. Wadley, Searcy Jason H. Walker, Poc ahontas Karen Walker, Walnut Ridge Michael N. Walker, Brockwell Fawne S. Wallace, Ft. Smith Rodney D. Wallen, Jonesboro Linda C. Wallis, Smithville Tony Walton, Water Valley, MS Judy M. Ward, Blytheville Debora S. Watkins, Jonesboro Marie K. Watkins, Jonesboro Allan W. Watson, West Memphis Ella M. Watson, Kensett Chris W. Weaver, Jonesboro Karen L. Weaver, Lafe Mark L. Webb, Trumann Leasie T. Weekly, Brinkley Gina M. Weeks, Harrisburg Lisa F. Weinstock, Jonesboro Tom A. Weisenbach, Maynard Mark B. Welch, Joiner Jon P. Wellman, Piggott Ronnie L. Wells, Batesville Betty H. Wess, Harrisburg Jill D. Wessell, Paragould Jane A. Westerfield, Pine Bluff Robert J. Whatley, Jacksonville Maria V. Wheeless, Jonesboro Lisa R. White, Stuttgart Terry J. White, Smithville Debra A. Whited, Monette Clifton E. Whitlock, Bay Brian K. Wiedower, Greenbrier Jill M. Wiggs, Dexter, MO Loretta M. Wilburn, Germantown, TN Patricia A. Wilborn, Hughes Tony L. Wilcox, Paragould Carolyn E. Wilder, Wilmut Martha A, Wilhoite, Jonesboro Linda W. Wilkie, Benton, IL Wendell W. Wilkie, Benton, IL Gary D. Wilkins, Weiner Dionne M. Williams, McCrory Donna N. Williams, Cherry Valley Gayla D. Williams, Senath, MO Jenia Williams, Bono Joe B. Williams, Brinkley Pamela R. Williams, Marion Rick L. Williams, Jonesboro Rochelle L. Williams, Batesville Robert C. Williamson, Jonesboro Donna L. Williford, Pocahontas Daphne I. Willis, Forrest City G. Larry Wilson, Sidney John N. Wilson, Joiner Steven K. Wilson, Hickory Ridge Teresa D. Wilson, Jonesboro Dara E. Wimpy, Jonesboro Traci L. Winney, West Helena Jennifer B. Winningham, Bradford Nancy L. Winslow, Forrest City Glen A. Wisdom, Poplar Bluff, MO Burns C. Wise, Jr., Hughes Kevin J. Wise, Jonesboro Carla Y. Wofford, Corning David R. Wood, Williford Natalie C. Wood, Paragould Shawn R. Wood, Kennett, MO Cheri J. Woolard, Corning Landis R. Worlow, Jonesboro Cynthia R. Wright, Batesville Terrence S. Wright, Corning Thomas D. Wright, Gosnell Nita K. Wyatt, Rosie Patrick J. Wynn, Hughes Rick Yancey, Oxford Tammy C. Yarbrough, Steele, MO Wendy A. Yarbrough, Jonesboro John M. Yates, Cloverdale Kathryn Yauger, Jonesboro Jia C. Yee, Malaysia Jama M. York, Monette Kimela H. Youmans, Jonesboro Ann R. Young, Blytheville Lora A. Young, Dalto Sandra K. Zimmerebner, Pine Bluff Victor S. Zitzelberger, Maynard FRESHMEN Carla Abraham, Little Rock Daniel D. Adams, Jonesboro Dawn M. Adams, Paragould Jeff B. Adams, Memphis, TN Trenton M. Adams, Brinkley Traci L. Adkins, North Little Rock Cherry B. Akins, Jonesboro Vickie L. Akins, Pocahontas Darlene E. Albert, Caribou, Maine Debbie A. Albright, Salem Tink A. Albright, Mountain Home John J. Alexander, Williford Fahad S. Al-Fahad, Jonesboro Stacy L. Alford, Forrest City Hamad S. Al-Hefeji, Riyadh Saudi Shahzad AN, Hyderabad, Pakistan C. Keith Allbritton, Paragould Diane E. Allen, Hardy Felicia M. Allen, Camden Nikki L. Allen, Kennett, MO Peyton L. Allen, Salem Sharon L. Allen, Forrest M. Scott Allman, Piggott Khalid A. Al. Nokhailan Mary B. Alumbaugh, McCrory John Alvarez, Monette Lisa A. Amos, Ft. Smith Jeff L. Anderson, Marion L. D. Anderson Jr., Blytheville Sheila R. Anderson, Ft. Smith Phyllis D. Andrews, Walnut Ridge Stephanie L. Andrews, Marion Dory L. Arnold, Paragould Karen E. Arnold, Jonesboro Thomas G. Arnold, Jonesboro Rodney A. Armstrong, Marion Sherman Armstrong, Jonesboro Donna S. Arrington, Bernie, MO Timothy L. Arwood, Jonesboro Dwayne Ashley, Parkin Audrey F. Atkinson, Manila Andrea L. Atwill, Portageville, MO Rebecca J. Aubrey, Mena Deborah K. Augustin, Jonesboro Cherylnita L. Ausley, Wynne John H. Austin, Earle Richard J. Austin, Leachville Charles W. Aynt, Blytheville Eric S. Babcock, Batesville Littice M. Bacon, Pine Bluff Kendel S. Baggs, Hardy Kathy E. Bagley, Pine Bluff Brenda A. Bailey, West Memphis Roseann B. Bailey, Tuckerman Robert W. Baker, Piggott Laticia D. Baldridge, Gosnell John L. Baldwin, Parkin Robert C. Balfe, Ash Flat Elmer D. Ball, Newport Kenneth E. Ball, Jonesboro Kendall Ballentine, Steele MO Robert D. Ballman, Wynne Keith Baltz, Pocahontas Linda Banks, Forrest City Paul R. Banks, Forrest City Anthony J. Barbarotoo, Pine Bluff Donna B. Barber, Jonesboro Mike J. Barber, Jonesboro Jeff A. Barker, Rector Timothy B. Barker, Jonesboro Barry W. Barkley, Jonesboro Scott A. Barnes, Bay Tina M. Barnes, Camden Ernie Barnett, Wynne Linda M. Barnett, Trumann Purcela Barnhardt, Marianna James R. Barr, Jonesboro William J. Barrentine, Tunica, MS Andrew D. Barrett, Harrisburg Melissa M. Bastel, West Memphis Todd A. Bartholomew, Weiner Jeff L. Barton, Pine Bluff Edmond Bashampillai, Malaysia James M. Bassinger Richard Bass, Walcott Nina L. Bassett, Blytheville Todd R. Bates, Maynard Todd R. Baugh, Bono Jamie D. Baxley, North Little Rock Jonathan L. Beal, Fisher Brenda J. Bean, Marianna Dana L. Beard, Newport Sondra M. Beaty, Bono Kimberley K. Beene, Hughes Christy M. Beeler, Paragould Michael D, Beck, North Little Rock Guy D. Bell, Cherry Valley Janice K. Bell, Ravenden Rachel L. Bell, Lafe Rebecca J. Bell, Marked Tree Stacey L. Bell, Harrisburg William S. Bell, Cherry Valley David S. Belok, Jonesboro Tyler Bennett, Jonesboro Leisa R. Benson, Kennett, MO Patrick L. Benson, Marianna Richard B. Benson, Piggott Ricky L. Benson, Swifton Shawnda L. Benson, Swifton Tronda L. Benson, Swifton Daren M. Berry, Jonesboro Vicky L. Berry, Jonesboro Nelda J. Bettis, Bono Norman, W. Berts, Jr., Newport Jim Bigger, Marion Angela D. Bilyeu, Tyronza Vickie L. Binkley, Jonesboro Jeffery C. Birmingham, Tuckerman Kimberly M. Birmingham, Jonesboro Sheri L. Bishoff, Mountain Home Christine C. Bishop, Paragould Jeff L. Bishop, Memphis, TN Debra L. Black, Forrest City Denise B. Blackford, Marion Sarah J. Blackshear, Jonesboro Barry E. Blackwell, Wynne Lona J. Blackwell, Pocahontas Stacye M. Blackwell, Pocahontas Barbara A. Blanchard, Jonesboro Michael A. Bland, Little Rock David R. Blevins, Corning William H. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, MO Michael A. Blount, Pocahontas 39 Paula G. Blume, Piggott Barbara A. Boatman, Earle Mia D. Boden, Jonesboro Christine K. Boeckmann, Wynne Andy M. Bogue, Jonesboro Derek R. Bohanan, Stuttgart Jimmy L. Bohannan, Osceola David W. Bolding, Kennett, MO Jeannie L. Bolin, Hardy Kirk D. Bolliera, Benton Kelleen M. Bookout, Wiseman Tim W. Booth, Walnut Ridge Erika L. Borgeson, Henderson Janet A. Bowman, Jonesboro Sheila A. Box, Piggott Linda M. Boyd, Jonesboro Paul A. Boyd, Cash Michael T. Boyland, Wynne Melissa A. Brackett, Eagle River, Alaska Robin M. Bradshaw, Manila Danna B. Bradsher, Jonesboro Kimberly A. Branch, Earle Patricia K. Branch, Earle Ginger C. Brand, Harrisburg Tiffany A. Brannon, Osceola Versie C. Branscomb, Marianna Donna J. Breece, Datto Michael A. Breece, Datto Jeff J. Brecklein, Walnut Ridge Lori D. Brewer, Violet Hill Kent P. Bridger, Jonesboro Kimberly B. Bright, Marion Rex J. Brightwell, Batesville Allen L. Brinsfield, Newport Keith M. Brink, Williford Brenda C. Brinkley, Jonesboro Judy B. Brinkley, Jonesboro Teresa A. Briscoe, McGehee Bonnie F. Britt, Wynne Mendy E. Britton, Marion Charles L. Broadway, Deering Dan B. Brooks, Jonesboro Derek F. Brooks, Jonesboro Michell S. Brooks, Lepanto Carla A. Brown, North Little Rock Christine M. Brown, Walnut Ridge Dane L. Brown, East Prairie, MO Debbie K. Brown, Marked Tree Jerry D. Brown, Brookland Kimberly A. Brown, Harrisburg Michelle D. Brown, Walnut Ridge Norman E. Brown, Marked Tree Regina C. Brown, Corning Rhonda C. Brown, Trumann Tania L. Brown, Jonesboro Timbo D. Brown, Lepanto Tommie R. Brown, Earle Hollie E. Browning, Bono Lisa K. Bruce, Jonesboro Alva E. Brumley, Black Rock Johnnie M. Bryant, Forrest Ruthann C. Buckley, Edmondson Crystal M. Buford, Little Rock Rebecca A. Bunch, Jonesboro Charles W. Burdin, Jonesboro Heather L. Buri, Houston, TX Jerome Burnette, Harrisburg Carolyn S. Burns, Blytheville Colette D. Burns, McGehee Dana J. Burns, Walnut Ridge Deanna M. Burns, Paragould Eric T. Burns, Walnut Ridge Robert W. Burns, Lafe Tim I. Burns, Jonesboro Toney D. Busby, Trumann Charles E. Butler, Jonesboro Patty M. Butler, Swifton W. Blake Byars, Ft. Smith Audwin Byles, Forrest City Rene Bynum, West Helena Regina A. Byrd, Kennett, MO Annette Caldwell, Paragould Carol A. Caldwell, Jonesboro James T. Caldwell, Jonesboro Greg A. Callens, Dogskin, MO John B. Callens, Caruthersville, MO Lesia M. Campbell, Corning Stephen C. Campbell, Cherry Valley Helena S. Cannon, Memphis, TN Selena G. Caplinger, Harrisburg David A. Caradine, Jonesboro Shannon R. Cardwell, Newport Dan J. Carius, Batesville Barry A. Carlton, Newport Cynthia D. Carlton, Paragould Wen F. Carman, Forrest City Jonathan L. Carmichael, Caraway Letty M. Carpenter, Trumann Elsie M. Carr, Jonesboro Tracy L. Carr, West Memphis Theresa R. Carrell, Paragould Carla M. Carter, Des Arc Channon M. Carter, Jonesboro David A. Carter, Batesville David L. Carter, Jonesboro Laura J. Carter, Jonesboro Melanie D. Carter, Kennett, MO Teresa R. Carter, Newport Cassandra S. Cassidy, Turrell Cyn thia M. Cassidy, Turrell Jeffrey L. Cassidy, Blytheville Belinda K. Cate, Paragould Michael W. Cathcart Amy J. Cavenor, West Memphis Allison E. Cecil, Marion Houston R. Chaffin, Memphis, TN Carldon V. Chalfant, Lakeview JoAnna M. Chandler, Harrisburg Tami C. Chandler, Harrisburg Rex Chapman, Lexington, KY Paul E. Chappue, Cabot James D. Chastain, Pocahontas Jeff D. Chastain, Pocahontas Cheryl R. Cheek, Jonesboro Lisa L. Cheers, Earls Melissa G. Chipman John Chism, Earle Keith A. Chitmon, Jonesboro William S. Chrestman, West Memphis Carmen L. Christenberry, Brookland Doanie M. Christian, Strong Linda S. Christeon, Paragould Rex A. Christian, Jonesboro Kevin Church, San Francisco, CA Hurshel D. Clairday, Jonesboro Ed R. Clapp, Jonesboro Deanna M. Clark, Lake City Kevin A. Clark, Jonesboro Kim G. Clark, Batesville Melissa J. Clark, Germantown, TN Nancy F. Clark, Paragould Delores A. Clayton, Jonesboro Brian E. Clem, Jonesboro Tony A. Clem, Trumann Lynda S. Clem, Trumann Terri M. Cleaver, Clinton James A. Cliff, Swifton Damon N. Cluck, Piggott Wendy R. Coates, Fordyce Tammie L. Cobb, Paragould Anthony R. Coffel, Paragould Lisa L. Colbert, Beebe Wallace B. Colbert, Osceola Jacquelyn L. Cole, Paragould Jamie R. Cole, West Memphis Julie A. Cole, Jonesboro Malinda C. Cole, Harrisburg Marilyn D. Cole, Jonesboro Tammy J. Cole, Paragould Stacey L. Coleman, Jonesboro Tanja Y. Coleman, Stuttgart Michael T. Coley, Jonesboro Julie A. Collins, Black Rock Lance F. Collins, Harrisburg Penny J. Collins, Ellsinore, MO Rodney W. Collins, West Memphis Tammy L. Comer, Jacksonville Lisa R. Compton, Jonesboro Sheila M. Connelly, Newport Shawn W. Cook, Walnut Ridge Stefanie L. Cook, Pine Bluff Hope M. Cooper, Weiner Laura A. Cooper, Grandin, MO Micky T. Cooper, Harrisburg Roger D. Cooper, Paragould Terry C. Cooper, Weiner Donna K. Copeland, Dexter, MO Shellie L. Copeland, Jonesboro Mark A. Corbett, Maynard Kenneth W. Corbit, Harrisburg Dawn R. Cornman, Caruthersville, MO Thomas L. Corpier II, West Memphis David S. Costello, Pine Bluff Julie A. Cottam, West Memphis David B. Courtney, Pocahontas Kimberly D. Covington, Paragould Beverly S. Cox, Jonesboro Mitzi L. Cox, Paragould Stephanie M. Cox, Paragould Steven E. Coy, Brookland Stacey M. Cozart, Osceola Beth Crabtree, Saffell Brad W. Crabtree, Batesville Marietta T. Crabtree, Paragould William W. Craft, Marked Tree Angela R. Craig, Powhatan Ralph E. Crain, Jr., Jonesboro Kenneth O. Crawford, Marmaduke Sidney O. Crawford, Jonesboro Eric N. Credit, Mayflower Janet L. Crider, Ft. Myers, FL Linda Crider, Corning Lhea G. Grim, Senath, MO Bart R. Crisp, Jonesboro Stan W. Crisler, Walnut Ridge Lana G. Croom, Jonesboro Amanda Crosby, Batesville William R. Cross, Marianna Terrence M. Crossley, Little Rock Leslie E. Crowder. Pine Bluff Derrick L. Cullison, Jonesboro Jeffrey M. Cummings, Rector Kevin R. Cummings, Bay Teresa R. Cunningham, Walnut Ridge Tim B. Cunningham, Newark Tracie S. Cupp, Paragould John E. Cureton, Cash Michelle L. Curtis, Jonesboro Wayne Curtis, Corning Pamela A. Dale, Newport John S. Daniel, Camden Melissa G. Daniel, Osceola Winnie J. Daniel, Heth Perry J. Darby, Jonesboro Melinda K. David, Traskwood Minyard D. Davidson, West Memphis Claude L. Davis, Gosnell David W. Davis, Bono Gary K. Davis, Harrisburg Gina L. Davis, Bono Jill C. Davis, Jacksonville Julie A. Davis, Paragould Kristine A. Davis, Columbia City, IN Phillip A. Davis, Jonesboro Ronda L. Davis, Desha Stacy R. Davis, Star City John A. Dehm, Jonesboro Leigh A. DePeystu, Newark Derek A. Dean, Cherokee Village Gene E. Dearen, Imboden Tammy J. Dement, Mountain Home Robert J. Dempsey, Cedar Hill, TX Leah A. Deniston, Rector Joanna L. Denton, Batesville Kim A. Despain, Lake City Kasey E. Deuchler, Bono Mike W. Devazier, Forrest City Deya C. DeVorak, Des Arc Allen L. Dewitt, Black Oak Melonie M. Dicello, Bono Cindy C. Difani, Pocahontas Sherri L. Dillon, Paragould Laura L. Dixon, Walnut Ridge Stephen B. Dixon, Marmaduke Zandra J. Dockery, Hernando, MS Betty J. Dockins, Corning R. Allen Dodson, Arkadelphia Jeannie B. Dollins, Paragould Jennifer P. Donohue, Jonesboro Tonya L. Donahue, Lonoke Tammy L. Donner, Piggott Brian W. Doudna, West Memphis Dawnel L. Douglas, Jonesboro Pamela G. Douglass, Osceola Pam A. Dowdy, Marmaduke Robin R. Dowler, Paragould Kimberly S. Doyle, Bono Lorrie A. Doyle, Hoxie Juana C. Dozier, Jonesboro Jacquelyn S. Drake, Jonesboro Paul B, Dreher, Grady Suzanna C. Dries, Peoria, IL Lisa R. Duffy, Midway Timothy D. Duffy, Newport Robin D. Dunbar, Williford Carol M. Duncan, Cherry Valley Katie A. Dunivan, Kennett, MO Lance S. Dunlap, Jonesboro Daniel F. Dunn, Bald Knob Deidre D. Dunn, Goshen, IN 343 Ruthie A. Dunn, Paragould Walter J. Dunn, Jonesboro Crista C. Dunston, West Memphis Melvin G. Dycus, Trumann Raymond N. Dyson, Pine Bluff Brenda A. Easley, Jonesboro Suzanne T. Eason, Lepanto Jennifer L. East, Marked Tree Sonja J. Eaton, Jonesboro Ozalla J. Echols, Thibodaux, LA Stacy L. Eddington, Tuckerman Lee Ann Edmondson, Walnut Ridge Jennifer L. Edwards, Prescott Kippy D. Edwards, Reyno Phillip D. Edwards, Piggott Tina J. Edwards, Batesville Anthony D. Eggers, Jonesboro Vic A. Elam, Dexter, MO April A. Eldridge, Paragould Lesley M. Elkins, North Little Rock Mari E. Elkins, Mountain Home Teresa J. Elkins, Piggott Danny L. Ellis, Whitton Michael W. Ellis, Pocahontas Rodney F. Elmore, Carlisle Rodney J. Elwood, Jonesboro Janice V. Emerson, Jonesboro Timothy D. England, Trumann Kirk R. Erickson, Hot Springs Doni T. Ervin, Jonesboro Ray Ervin, Paragould Sherry L. Eskridge, Earle Valerie E. Eskridge, Walnut Ridge Calvin F. Evans, Jonesboro Dana L. Evans, West Helena William D. Evans, Pocahontas Jeffrey E. Ezekiel, Tyronza Christy D. Ezell, Jonesboro Carolyn A. Fagan, Helena Mark E. Fagan, Trumann Derek C. Falls, Jonesboro Ronda K. Farley, Warm Springs Kenneth A. Farmer, McCrory S. Brent Farmer, Manila Pamela E. Faught, Jonesboro Bart J. Faulkner, Harrisburg Theresa L. Faulkner, Paragould Lois Fears, Jonesboro Sheray Featherston, Greenway Cindy L. Feelor, Charleston, MO Tim E. Felks, Caraway Angela M. Felts, Walnut Ridge Amy M. Ferguson, Kennett, MO Carla J. Fesler, Paragould Redena J. Fields, Lake City Marguerite K. Finch, Alicia Stacey J. Finney, Batesville Laura E. Fisher, Jonesboro Melissa A. Fisher, Newport Pam B. Flanigan, Piggott Amy J. Flannigan, Manila Anthony F. Flemon, Jonesboro Larry D. Flemon, Jonesboro Mark H. Fletcher, Pocahontas Rebekah L. Fletcher, Hot Springs Lisa A. Floyd, Jonesboro Sonya F. Flynn Mammoth Spring Dorothy D. Ford, Harrisburg Tommy J. Ford, Jonesboro Jennifer L. Fort, Walnut Ridge Leslie M. Fortenberry, Mountain Home Ardith D. Foster, Jonesboro Brian Foster, Jonesboro Tim J. Foster, Paragould LeAnne F. Foust, Forrest City Andrea L. Fowler, Sanford Mark A. Fowler, Walnut Ridge Tim B. Fowler, Blytheville Linda A. Fox, Marion Robert J. Fox, Tyronza Ronnie L. Fox, Osceola Clymesa D. Foxworth, Hot Springs Jim F. Francis, Jonesboro Julie R. Franks, Mountain View Tammy E. Frazer, Blytheville Pete G. Freire, Corning Tonia M. Frego, Conw ay Kelly A. French, Jonesboro Diane K. Fritz, Maiden, MO Angela D. Froman, Rector Jeffery L. Fry, Hoxie Robert E. Fry, Rector Jody A. Fallin, Fort Smith Ruthi Futrell, Jonesboro Rebecca Gall, Jacksonville Michael K. Gatlin, Jonesboro Leah K. Gambill, Jonesboro Janis L. Gammon, Jonesboro Mark D. Gann, Williford Mona K. Gardner, Paragould Kyle D. Garner, Hot Springs Melody D. Garner, Hardy Gwendolyn K. Garrett, Osceola Michael A. Garrett, Haydes Lynley E. Gasaway, Jonesboro Cathy M. Gaston, Little Rock John K. Gates, Jr., Memphis, TN Tammy A. Gathright, Monette Mikki M. Gatlin, Paragould R. Michele Gatlin, Jonesboro Alan B. Gentry, Olive Branch, MS Christopher G. George, Manila David G. George, Corning Jerry M. George, Paragould Lirn T. George, Bald Knob Michael D. George, Lake City Mark O. Gerdes, Jonesboro Dave L. Gipson, Jonesboro Debbie A. Gibson, Jonesboro James S. Gibson, Jonesboro Kirk A. Gibson, Waterford, Ml Scott G. Gibson, Jonesboro Shane G. Gibson, Jonesboro Jerri J. Gilbert, Jonesboro Steven R. Giles, Paragould Robin D. Gill, Pocahontas Vicki S. Gillean, Jonesboro Bradly B. Gillette, Jonesboro Karen M. Gillham, Walnut Ridge Chad N. Gillmore, Batesville Tony J. Gilmore, Marianna David H. Glascock, Blytheville Gillian G. Glover, Hoxie Beverly J. Goad, Jonesboro Terri L. Goff, Leachville Kim D. Gomer, Paragould Brenda L. Gonzales, Paragould Janet L. Goocher, Pewaukee, Wl Kristina S. Goodwin, Newport Jennifer L. Gookin, Piggott 345 Tammy J. Gordon, Piggott Gail A. Grace, Jonesboro Jacqueline D. Graham, Palestine Pamela K. Graham, Walnut Ridge Karen L Grandia, Jonesboro Almeda Gray, Helena Elizabeth A. Grayham, Mountain Home Carl H. Green, Egsex Ctr., VT Chris D. Green, Mountain View Mark R. Green, Clarendon Marthelius Green, Jacksonville Michael S. Green, Pine Bluff Glynna L. Greene, Jonesboro C. Darlene Greenway, Jonesboro Kevin W. Greer, Jonesboro Melody D. Greer, Blytheville Greg R. Grefrath, Germantown, TN Cheryl L. Gregory, Hot Springs Sonya K. Gregory, Newport Gorden M. Gregson, Jonesboro Gary D. Griffin, Brookland Laura R. Griffin, Jonesboro Cynthia M. Griffith, Jonesboro Timothy W. Griggs, Blytheville Ralph E. Grisham, West Memphis James B. Grissom, West Memphis Connie G. Grobe, Dexter, MO Darrin L. Grogan, Paragould Alan S. Groves, Brookland Michael W. Guiltner, Monette Teresa L. Guiltner, Brockwell B. Darlene Gulley, Harrisburg Gregory W. Gunby, Blytheville Gary S. Gunn, Jonesboro Wanda L. Gunn, Paragould George Gurley, Kennett, MO Kerry D. Gyngard, Caraway Clyde L Hackworth, Pocahontas William T. Hafford, Jonesboro Abbas, M. Haider, Jonesboro Ray Halbert, Jr., Palestine Tina Hale, Lake City Keith D. Hall, Lake City Mary K. Hall, Pocahontas Sarah J. Hall, Grandin, MO Kim A. Hallmark, Jonesboro Christene D. Hamilton, Jonesboro Heidi J. Hamilton, Bay Tabitha J. Hamilton, Bay Stephen L. Hammell, Trumann Jeff N. Hammon, Paragould Jackie M. Hampton, Newport Michael R. Hampton, Paragould Rhonda A. Hancock, Jonesboro Rose A. Hancock, Knobel Alisa L. Hankins, Pine Bluff Guy R. Hanks, Jonesboro Sherry L. Harden, Kennett, MO Marianna F. Hardin, Paragould Jeff T. Hargrove, Holly Grove Dale Harlan, Jonesboro Sherri L. Harmon, Melbourne Roy 0. Harness, West Memphis Denice A. Harp, Paragould Andra Y. Harper, Little Rock Laura L. Harper, Hardy Richard S. Harper, Hoxie Richie L. Harral, Jonesboro Donna M. Harris, Jacksonville, FL Holly A. Harris, Blytheville Jimmy H. Harris, West Memphis Kimberly M. Harris, Little Rock Robert D. Harris, Jonesboro Robert E. Harris, Kennett, MO Wanda R. Harris, Rector Angela A. Hart, Harrisburg Spencer W. Hartmann, Utica, NY Kevin L. Hartsfield , Jonesboro Keith T. Harvey, Paragould Tina K. Harvey, Harrisburg Angela C. Hawkins, Earle Dana J. Hawkins, Newark Lisa M. Hay, Blytheville Betty G. Haycraft, Forrest City Charles A. Haydon, New Orleans, LA Zennia M. Hayes, Arlington, TN Jerry W. Haynes, Black Rock Todd M. Haywood, Bridgeton, MO Lowell C. Hazel, New Orleans, LA Ginger L. Head, Jacksonville Donna M. Heard, Trumann Kelly A. Hearn, Blytheville Heather L. Heath, Wynne Simone F. Heeb, Harrisburg Edith E. Henderson, Scott City, MO Keri L. Henderson, Harrisburg Douglas A. Hendrix, Jonesboro Russell T. Henley, Charlotte Summer L. Henley, Pine Bluff Greg O. Henry, Cherry Valley Lisa L. Henry, Black Oak Michelle Y. Henry, Kennett, MO Robin E. Henry, Jonesboro Jimmy L. Henson, West Memphis Velina E. Herod, Trumann Mark A. Herrington, Sidney Rhonda R. Herrington, Luxora Karla J. Hickinbotham, Salem Eddie Hicks, Marked Tree Jeanette Hicks, Dermott Joseph W. Hicks, Walnut Ridge Karen J. Hicks, Parkin Mary D. Higdon, Trumann Derrick G. Higgins, Arbyrd, MO Kelly E. High, Jonesboro Andrew D. Hill, Maynard Casey A. Hill, Cherry Valley Jennifer J. Hill, Campbell, MO Renee M. Hill, Ravenden Steve Hill, Emmet Tracy L. Hill, West Memphis Beverly R. Hillhouse, Caruthersville, MO Dawn C. Hines, Tuckerman Daina K. Hinton, Lepanto Tina M. Hix, Jonesboro Ha T. Hoang, Jonesboro Randell O. Hobbs, Forrest City Heather L. Hoddinott, St. Louis, MO Jeanise A. Hodge, Maynard J. LeAnn Hodges, Trumann Melinda K. Hodges, Jonesboro Roxanne R. Hogue, Piggott Stephanie J. Hogue, Jonesboro Troy L. Hogue, Piggott Melissa J. Holden, Jonesboro Bennett D. Holder, Paragould Doyne L. Holifield, Piggott Constance S. Holland, Pocahontas Diana L. Holland, Newport Jeanne R. Holland, Hilliard 347 Charles M. Hollis, Greenway Jeff S. Hollister, Walnut Ridge Larry L. Holmes, Jonesboro Charles R. Holt, Newport Woodrow V. Holt, Gilmore Roger D. Honey, Newport Sonya L. Honeycutt, Cash Havilyn Horner, Jonesboro Kristi K. Horrell, Marmaduke Danielle D. Horton, Gilmore Lynn C. Horton, Agnos Paula M. Horton, Caraway Leslie A. Hoskins, Jonesboro Vickie A. Householder, Corning Bert W. Houston, West Memphis John D. Houston, Trumann Heather C. Howard, Texarkana Connie R. Hubbard, Cherry Valley J. Renee Hubbell, Jonesboro Tammy L. Hubble, Jonesboro Daryn D. Huber, Jonesboro Patrick E. Huckabee, Pocahontas Karen E. Huey, West Memphis Beth D. Huffine, Paragould SherryS. Huffman, Jonesboro Robert J. Hufstedler, Imboden Joe E. Hughes, Walnut Ridge Anthony Hulen, Swifton Jenni K. Humphrey, Kingwood, TX Randy W. Hunt, Evening Shade Sherry S. Hunt, Marianna Ron E. Hunter, Leachville Lisa M. Hurd, Bono Rudy R. Hutchins, Marked Tree Jeff J. Hutchinson, Jonesboro Tammy M. Hutchinson, Swifton Jodie M. Huth, Fort Smith Jason S. Hyde, Jonesboro Todd H. Hyde, Tyler, TX David K. Imboden, Hickory Ridge Billy K. Inboden, Bono Tim M. Ingram, Rector Robert K. Inman, Blytheville Boyd C. Irby, Little Rock Sharon J. Isbell, Jonesboro Lisa K. Ivie, Sikeston, MO LaDonna, C. Ivy, Paragould James A. Jackson, Jonesboro Tabatha J. Jackson, Marianna Stephanie C. Janes, Paragould Michelle L. Jaramiello, Jonesboro David K. Jauch, Pine Bluff Reginald Jemison, Jonesboro Timothy R. Jenkins, Texarkana, TX Phyllis D. Jennings, Clarendon Shannon L. Jennings, Forrest City Judy L. Jernigan, Trumann Billy J. Johnson, West Memphis Carl A. Johnson, Forrest City David T. Johnson, Ballwin, MO Edward F. Johnson, Osceola Jennifer Johnson, McGehee Lorraine V. Johnson, Forrest City Paul L. Johnson, Pleasant Plains Rosa E. Johnson, Jonesboro Sandi R. Johnson, Jonesboro Sharon D. Johnson, West Memphis Timothy L. Johnson, Paragould Brandon R. Jones, Steele, MO Gregory S. Jones James B. Jones, Paragould Jerry L. Jones, Smithville Jimmy W. Jones, Cherry Valley Kelly J. Jones, Pocahontas Kimberly S. Jones, Smithville Lance A. Jones, Cash Paul F. Jones, Rives, MO Polly R. Jones, Cash Tanya M. Jones, Joiner Robin L. Jorgensen, Des Moines, IA Kim A. Justus, Jonesboro Joey M. Kaiser, Marion Savvus J. Kaminaride, Jonesboro Missy A. Kapales, Hoxie Stefani R. Kappelman, Bay Cindy D. Kegley, Corning Val P. Kegley, Piggott Carol D. Kelly, Walnut Ridge Danny L. Kelley, Jonesboro Chad O. Kelly, Pocahontas Stephen G. Kelly, Batesville Kimberley D. Kelton, Jonesboro Freda J. Kemp, Jonesboro Patricia A. Key, Lambrook Hattie M. Keys, Dermott Jennifer B. Killough, Caraway Patrick A. Kimberland, Jonesboro Kimberly D. Kinard, Grubbs Mike D. Kinard, Weiner Angela K. King, Walnut Ridge Jeffery L. King, Blytheville Kevin A. King, Pine Bluff Kelly L. King, Pocahontas Lisa A. King, Naylor, MO Ometius E. King, Hot Springs Tamberly C. King, Bono Treva M. Knight, North Little Rock Julie A. Koechlein, Jonesboro Deborah A. Korns, Cape Girardeau, MO Tseng-Chen Kung, Taipei, Taiwan Chris A. Kyser, Camden Bonnie M. Ladd, Pine Bluff Jodi L. Ladd, Bay Choon Koi Lam, Singapore Leah M. Lamar, Cordova, TN Trent R. Lamb, Caraway Mohammed Lamy, Jonesboro Gary L. Lancaster, Jr., Caruthersville, MO Shawn C. Lancaster, Walnut Ridge Bilinda G. Lane, Bono Rhonda L. Lane, Marked Tree Terria L. Lane, Brookland Beth L. Langston, Sage James M. Lankford, Rector Stacey Y. Larsen, Jonesboro Kristi D. Latham, Sikeston, MO Tami G. Latta, Campbell, MO Angela L. Lartus, Paragould Fonda A. Lawman, McCrory Pennie R. Lawman, Jonesboro Dawn T. Lawrence, Williford John D. Laws, Forrest City Barbara J. Lawson, Heth Annette L. Lee, Cave City Benjamin J. Lee, Chicago, IL Stacy D. Lee, Jonesboro Young J. Lee, West Memphis Valarie L. Lee, Jonesboro Laura L. Leech, West Memphis Shawnna P. Lefler, Clinton 49 Michael T. Leibrock, Jonesboro Loretha Lemmons, Marion Deean Leon, Benton James W. Leonad, Horn Lake, MS Melissa C. Leonard, Corning Tracy E. Leonard, Jonesboro Cleverlon A. Letbetter, Prattsville DeWayne E. Lewis, Higginson Francis R. Lewis, Manila Tonnetta Y. Lewis, Marianna Harrison D. Lewis, Black Rock Darren K. Lillard, Charlotte Valerie D. Lincoln, Jonesboro Michael E. Lindsey, Rector Tim A. Lindsey, East Peoria, IL Stephen W. Locke, Jonesboro Nancy P. Loggins, Jonesboro Julie A. Lombardo, Batesville Scott S. Long, Marion Greg S. Lovell, Harrisburg Jackie B. Lovell, Marianna Laura D. Lovrien, Wynne Jamie E. Low, Kennett, MO Carla Y. Lowe, North Little Rock Kim M. Lowe, Monette W. Shannon Luke, Paragould Danielle C. Luker, Forrest City Jerrie C. Luna, Harrisburg Ronald J. Lyons, Bono Twyla J. MacDonald, Blytheville T. Renee Maclin, Portageville, MO Frank A. Macon, Jonesboro Mark H. Maddox, Jonesboro Odessa M. Maez, Grubbs Lisa M. Malone, Imboden Melinda C. Malone, Fisher Jerri A. Mann, Newport Timothy M. Mansfield, Powhatan Melinda B. Marrero, Blytheville Charmee M. Marsh, Hot Springs Billy W. Marlin, Cave City Pamela R. Marlowe, Benton Harbor, Ml Amy J. Martin, Trumann Annah L. Martin, Harrisburg Carlynn M. Martin, Little Rock Darrell W. Martin, Marion Kenny R. Martin, Caraway Laura M. Martin, Batesville Lorna Y. Martin, West Helena Karen M. Masner, Monette Mary E. Mason, Memphis, TN Linda L. Matheson, Hughes Jennifer L. Mathews, Walnut Ridge Melanie J. Mathis, Violet Hill Byron C. M atthews, Blytheville Cindy L. Matthews, Imboden Teresa J. Mattix, Jonesboro Tisha R. Maxwell, Paragould Krystal D. May, Bay Paula E. May, Lepanto Deanna Mayes, Jonesboro Julie M. Mayes, Manila Lisa M Mayhan, Jonesboro Mary L. Maynard, Jonesboro Donna F. McAfee, East Prairie, MO Kellye S. McAnear, Little Rock Stacey R. McBryde, El Dorado Cindy L. McCain, Manila Terry R. McCallie, Carlisle honda G. McCallister, Pocahontas Leslie D. McCasland, Bono Shelah V. McCord, Paragould Patsy A. McCourt, Sherwood James B. McCoy, Jonesboro Johnathan B. McCoy, Jonesboro Joseph B. McCoy, Jonesboro Rachel L. McCoy, Memphis, TN Susan L. McCoy, Leachville Margaret A. McCracken, Kennett, MO Brent L McCullar, Paragould Mike D. McCullar, Osceola Andrea D. McDaniel, Senath, MO Onvia F. McDaniel, Bradford Vesta V. McDaniel, Palestine Janice D. McDonald, West Memphis Janice M. McDonald, Forrest City Jenny McElhaney, Vilonia Don P. McFall, Pocahontas Laura A. McFarland, Peoria, IL Mildred P. McFarlin, Scott Pamela S. McFarlin, Hardy Curtis A. McGee, Stuttgart Carolyn S. McGinnis, Newport Angie L. McHalffey, Trumann Cindy L. McHalffey, Little Rock Jackie L. McHalffey, Trumann Teresa L. Mclllwain, Fisher Jeffrey S. Mcintosh, Beverly Hills, CA Lorrie D. Mcintosh, Marmaduke R. Faye McKay, Steele, MO Lisa A. McKee, Jonesboro Nelson J. McKenzie, Earle Brenda L. McKinion, Lepanto Kimberly A. McKinley, Fort Smith Wayne L. McKinney, Jonesboro Sandy K. McKuin, Bernie, MO Richard H. McLurty, New Albany, MS Eugene W. McNeely, Newport Tammie L. McNully, Judsonia Sam T. McQuay, Jonesboro Sandra D. McQuay, Jonesboro Shelia M. McReynolds, Ravenden Springs Lance R. Meadows, Osceola Robert E. Means, Gosnell Sally A. Meech, North Little Rock Danual P. Melton, Bono Terry W. Melton, Paragould Regina M. Meredith, Cherry Valley Rhonda R. Meredith, Augusta Melissa R. Meredith, McCrory Calvin L. Meriwether, Hernando, MS Lori P. Merrill, Memphis, TN Joe A. Messer, Williford Kellie S. Metheny, Paragould James S. Meyer, Benton Lori A. Michaels, Mountain Home James J. Middlebrook, Wynne Candice L. Middleton, Jonesboro Cherie A. Midgett, Wynne Amy L. Miller, Pine Bluff Angela M. Miller, Corning Gerald A. Miller, Paragould Greg S. Miller, Leachville Karen D. Miller, Fair Oaks Terrie L. Miller, Corning Thomas F. Miller, Corinth, Ml Harold D. Miles, Harrisburg Holly A, Mills, Rector Kristi K. Misan, Jacksonville Pradeep C. Mishra, India 351 Larry K. Mitchell, West Memphis Stan A. Mitchell, Paragould Tammy L. Mitchell, Beech Grove Ginger L. Mitts, Swifton Lawrence R. Mize, Walcott Anissa D. Mobley, Paragould John D. Moellers, Pine Bluff Beth A. Moles, Harrison Timoth y C. Mooney, Ravenden Springs Andy B. Mooneyham, Heber Springs Candace D. Mooneyham, Jonesboro Janet R. Moore, Maynard Jon E. Moore, Jonesboro Jonathan L. Moore, North Little Rock Kandace M. Moore, Pine Bluff Ladona R. Moore, Corning Lori A. Moore, Star City Monica L. Moore, Corning Sandi D. Moore, Jonesboro Bryan Morgan, Harrisburg James D. Morgan, Weiner Michelle A. Morgan, Osceola Brenda J. Morris, Paragould Sean D. Morris, Conway Sandra J. Morrison, Bay Michelle D. Morrison, Desha Stanley K. Morrow, Paragould Gina S. Moss, Oxford Melissa K. Mote, Lake City James G. Mott, Jr., Caruthersville, MO Carmen S. Mounts, Powhatan Alene L. Mullins, Jonesboro Delesa A. Mullins, Trumann Emmie L. Munns, Trumann Ken M. Murphree, Marion Kathy A. Murphy, Jonesboro Ronald A. Murphy Pocahontas Aaron T. Myatt, West Memphis Charles R. Myers, Sedgwick Douglas F. Myers, Blytheville Gabriele Nachtigall-Hinson, Berlin, West Germany Chris A. Nagel, Tuckerman Carye L. Nancy, Williford Jay W. Nance, Trumann Kenneth A. Neely, Bono Tina L. Neely, Ash Flat Gary R. Negrow, Hardy Byron W. Nelson, Jonesboro Danny W. Nelson, Jonesboro Anthony C. Nettles, Manila Dayla A. Newsom, Jonesboro John C. Newsom, Paragould Kevin N. Newsom, Paragould Robin M. Newton, Hot Springs Sonia Y. Nix, West Memphis Kelvin Y. Noble, Helena Debbie L. Nolen, Cardwell, MO Norma D. Noles, Paragould Shannon Norris, Swifton Lori D. Northern, Jonesboro Becky L. Nunnally, Tyronza Morris G. Nutt, Bono Marty L. Nutter, Duavoin, IL Debora A. Odam, Jonesboro Billie A. Odle, Memphis, TN Kenneth W. Odom, Camden Laura H. Odom, Paragould Almeda R. Ogle, Oxford Kelly C. O ' Guin, Charleston, Ml Jami J. O ' Neal, Batesville Ann M. Oprean, Ash Flat Cathy L. Oprean, Ash Flat Jim Orey, Piggott Susan K. Orr, Jonesboro Judi K. Ortman, Jonesboro Tommy L. Osborn, Caraway James W. Osborne, Parkin Ray F. Osment, Weiner Sandra Oudahkes, Gideon, MO Susannah N. Overstreet, Searcy Richard L. Owen, Marion Charlotte M. Owens, Oxford Ginger R. Owens, Wynne Phillip B. Owens, Wynne Greg L. Ozbun, Bono Lee Ann Pack, Lake City Brian K. Padgett, Mountain Home Sheila R. Padgett, West Memphis Geneva V. Palmer, Cardwell, MO Tse L. Pang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jennifer L. Pannell, Jacksonville Jay C. Parnell, Trumann Tanna J. Parnell, Cherry Valley V. Neil Passmore, Jonesboro John W. Pate, Gosnell Pramod K. Patel, Blytheville Urvi Patel, Paragould Shirley G. Patterson, Caraway Tina Patterson, Palestine Tracy R. Patterson, North Little Rock Cliff D. Patton, Batesville Pamela J. Patton, Bono Lori L. Payne, Trumann Maria M. Payne, Paragould Susanne E. Payne, Blytheville Glenn A. Pearson, Jonesboro Sandra D. Pendergrass, Pocahontas Virginia L. Penn, Strawberry Dorinda G. Pennington, Jonesboro Michael K. Penter, Gosnell Anita S. Perkins, Bono Judy D. Perrin, Monette Bryant Perry, Tuckerman Michael D. Perry, Poplar Bluff, MO Douglas E. Petersen, Blytheville Carey L. Pfeifer, Jonesboro Jimmy C. Phillips, Corning Paul E. Phillips, Deering, MO Brett Phipps, Marion Ronnie K. Phipps, Paragould Jenny L. Piatt, Dell Dale C. Pickard, Weiner Frazier Pickens, McCrory Karen K. Pickens, Walnut Ridge Greg A. Pickle, Jonesboro Daniel S. Pickney, Black Rock Kevin D. Pierce, Jonesboro Mitzi D. Pierce, Leachville Audra E. Pillow, Paragould Gary L. Pillow, Paragould Sandy D. Pillow, Paragould Nanci K. Piper, Roland Pamela K. Pippenger, Jonesboro Karen L. Pitcher, Delaplaine Julie A. Pittman, Jonesboro Tammy E. Platz, Lake City Robert D. Plumley, Byron Billy R. Poe, Pocahontas Rodney W. Poe, Jonesboro Deborah A. Poellot, North Little Rock 353 William S. Poerhoff, Bald Knob Sonya L Ponda, Walnut Ridge Penny L. Ponder, Senath, MO Linda F. Pope, Paragould Neil W. Popejoy, Trumann Melissa S. Potter, Paragould Thomas J. Powell, Cherokee Village Michael R. Prather, Caruthersvile, MO Carla R. Pratt, Jonesboro Charles D. Pratt, Paragould Catherine A. Price, Paragould Christine L. Price, Earle Lisa J. Price, Beebe Jesse L. Priddy, Jonesboro Glenda L. Prince, Paragould Jamie H. Prince, Trumann Connie L. Proctor, Piggott Jeffery B. Pruett, Boerne, TX Mike R. Puckett, Caraway Kenny R. Pugh, Paragould Kevin B. Pulliam, Walnut Ridge Carol J. Purcell, Paragould Jeffrey W. Puryear, Jonesboro Kelly L. Putnam, Bernie, MO Stephanie D. Quarles, Blytheville Beth Quinn, West Plains, MO Michael J. Raibley, Texarkana Tina J. Raines, Holland, MO Laura B. Rankin, Valley View Jeff D. Ransone, Jonesboro Kelley L. Rasor, Pine Bluff Robin R. Ray, Maumelle Roger A. Ray, Poplar Bluff, MO Eleanor M. Reams, Jonesboro Terry L. Reaves, Piggott Pamela D. Redd, Wynne Michelle L. Reddick, Jonesboro Allen D. Reding, Bono Jimmy D. Reeves, Caraway Mona S. Reeves, Caraway Brian G. Reid, Jonesboro Tiffany L. Rentner, Mountain Home Lisa G. Reynolds, McCrory Randy S. Reynolds, Jonesboro Rufus Reynolds, Paragould Robyn L. Rhea, Forrest City Terri R. Rhoads, West Memphis Charles D. Rice, Maynard Jeff A. Rice, Jonesboro Andrew W. Richardson, Jonesboro Vince W. Richardson, West Memphis Mark A. Richie, Bay Daniel Richter, Ft. Worth, TX Edie R. Rickman, Senath, MO Carol M. Riley, Jonesboro Kim M. Ring, Imboden Teri J. Robbins, Trumann Deana M. Roberts, Naylor, MO Mike E. Roberts, Paragould Sherri G. Roberts, Jonesboro Dorothy Robertson, Cherokee Village Alicia R. Robinson, Paragould April M. Robinson, North Little Rock Rick Robinson, Jonesboro Sharon Y. Robinson, Marvell James P. Rocconi, Camden Christy M. Rodriguez, Jonesboro Jeffrey A. Rogers, Gosnell Josie Rogers, Forrest City Rodney G. Rogers, Jonesboro Brigitte L Rone, Paragould Scott B. Roofe, Piggott Gina L. Rorex, Walnut Ridge Louis W. Rose, Leachville Vincent Ross, Memphis TN Melynda J. Rounds, Batesville Angela S. Rowland, Paragould Deborah J. Rowlett, Trumann Barry L. Rudd, Jonesboro Joseph D. Ruden, Memphis, TN Felix D. Ruffin, Blytheville Michael B. Ruggeri, Pine Bluff Deborah C. Runyon, Tupelo Gregory S. Rushing, Harrisburg Glinda C. Ryan, Jonesboro Shamblia L. Ryan, Paragould David L. St. John, Bernice, LA Sandra Salazar, Hornersville, MO Mike D. Satterwhite, Batesville Ryne D. Sandberg, Spokane, WA Kymara Sanders, West Memphis Leslie A. Sanders, Jonesboro Mario Sanders, Blytheville Joe D. Sanderson, Poplar Bluff, MO Mark R. Sandy, Jonesboro Deborah D. Savage, Marion Carol S. Sawyers, Kennett, MO Cheryl R. Scallions, Jonesboro Jeffrey G. Schafer, Pocahontas Shaun M. Schaffer, Jonesboro Nancy R, Schlenker, Sherwood Doug S. Schmittler, Gideon, MO Mike K. Schreck, Jonesboro Julie D. Scott, West Memphis Mary E. Scott, Sedgwick Scott R. Scrape, Jonesboro June A. Scroggins, Harrisburg Lonnie M. Scudder, Jr., Paragould Spencer E. Segle, Jonesboro Jeri A. Seais, Newport Susan C. Sealy, Nelena Keri L. Sears, Walnut Ridge Ronald G. Sellers, Blytheville Michele L. Sevatson, Cherokee Village Robin H. Shadowens, Fordyce Deborah D. Sharp, Jonesboro Rodney D. Sharp, Jonesboro Michelle D. Shatley, Jonesboro Alicia C. Shaw, Brookland Jay F. Shaw, Jonesboro Matthew D. Sheets, Jonesboro Trisha L. Sheets, Jonesboro Joe J. Shelby, Bono Melvin C. Shelley, Trumann Debbie A. Shelton, Newport Leigh A. Shelton, Manchester, MO Robert L. Shelton, Portia Thomas E. Shelton, Manila Tim L. Shepard, Corning Michael D. Sheridan, Apt Mitchell C. Shidler, West Memphis Glenda D. Shipley, Rector Tim C. Shuttleworth, Mountain View Clay C. Siems, Stuttgart Lisa G. Sifford, Pocahontas Tobias W. Simers, Blytheville Jan Sims, Paragould Sherry K. Sims, Paragould Juanita Simmons, Hernando, MS Shirley A. Simmons, Jonesboro 355 Glenn R. Simpson, Sherwood Jay J. Simpson, Bono Kevin L. Simpson, Manila Kim Simpson, Jonesboro Patricia J. Simpson, Paragould Stuart L. Simpson, Jonesboro Judy L. Sitz, Jonesboro Paul D. Sitzes, Texarkana Patty Silvey, Marmaduke Jenny L. Skaggs, Piggott Janet K. Slatton, Paragould Karen M. Slaughter, Marianna Khien M. Slow, Malaysia Linda R. Smallman, Bay Deann H. Smead, Kingsland Awanna L. Smith, Bono Bobby N. Smith, Melbourne Brett A. Smith, Marion Cami L. Smith, Pine Bluff Charles B. Smith, Little Rock Dannie D. Smith, Ravenden Deron A. Smith, Paragould Frank J. Smith, Winthrop Jayne M. Smith, Jonesboro Jennifer D. Smith, Steele, MO Jennifer P. Smith, Hot Springs Keri D. Smith, Monette Kim M. Smith, Kennett, MO Marcia D. Smith, Cave City Randy G. Smith, Swifton Robyn M. Smith, Monette Scott Smith, Corning Sharon L. Smith, Brinkley Tommy V. Smith, Jonesboro Wilbur Smith, Wynne Michael S. Smithson, Trumann Nan E. Snider, Monette Sherry L. Snow, Paragould Bobby E. Sorg, Pocahontas Dale G. Sorg, Pocahontas Urbano Soto, Parkin Angela A. Sowell, Shirley Kenneth Sowers, Gould Michele R. Spain, Jonesboro Connie S. Spangler, Trumann Jody L. Sparks, Salem Christine D. Speakman, Bay Deloris A. Spencer, Paragould Rodney A. Spencer, Jonesboro Clifford A. Spradling, Grubbs Shawna G. Starnes, Caraway Kelli L. Statler, Walnut Ridge Norma J. Statler, Kennett, MO Brad W. Staton, Paragould Sean W. Stem, Jonesboro Judy R. Stevenson, Poplar Bluff, MO Joe A. Stewart, West Memphis Karen M. Stewart, North Little Rock Mark A. Stidham, Searcy Mark P. Stockli, Jacksonville Thomas L. Stoll, Ravenden Jonathan W. Stotts, Jonesboro Stephanie S. Stout, Trumann William B. Strahan, Pine Bluff Jerald R. Straight, Earle Stacia K. Stratton, Jonesboro Mike B. Strenfel, Poplar Bluff, MO Lisa L. Stricklin, Wynne Stephanie R. Stricklin, Jonesboro William A. Stricklin, Jonesboro Cecil D. Stuart, Salem Tim D. Stubbs, Little Rock Lana K. Sumpter, Mountain Home Michael K. Sundahl, Myrtle, MO Tonya R. Sullivan, Poplar Bluff, MO Tracy A. Sullivan, Burdette Billie A. Suthern, Dyess Charlotte A. Sutterfield, Newport Gayla R. Tabor, Paragould Jeff B. Tabor, West Memphis Jeff W. Tacker, Marked Tree Tal T. Taggart, Augusta Kevin F. Tate, Amagon Robert M. Tate, Lake City Steven L. Tate, Piggott Timothy J. Tate, Paragould Audra D. Taylor, Marmaduke Bobby T. Taylor, Jonesboro Br yan K. Taylor, West Memphis Jeff B. Taylor, Hoxie Jeffrey B. Taylor, Ravenden Springs Joey D. Taylor, West Memphis Scott D. Taylor, Paragould Stephanie L. Taylor, Hope Stephen B. Taylor, Forrest City Teresa A. Taylor, Cherry Valley Trey Taylor, Memphis, TN Kimberly A. Tedder, Paragould Michael R. Tedder, Newark Poula J. Tedder, Caruthersville, MO Larry K. Tefteller, Carlisle A. Ellen Templeton, Jonesboro Hian C. Teng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Rosemary A. Tennille, Jonesboro Dennis E. Terry, West Memphis Tony A. Thiel, Paragould Bryan J. Thielemier, Pocahontas Benjamin F. Thomas, Brinkley Glen A. Thomas, Newport Glenn D. Thomas, Jonesboro James R. Thomas, Mountain View Kelly W. Thomas, Hayti, MO William T. Thomas, Blytheville Yolonda C. Thomas, Newport Kenneth B. Thompson, Wynne Lara M. Thompson, Monticello Michael A. Thompson, Pocahontas Steve R. Thompson, Jonesboro Terry L. Thompson, Newport Troy L. Thompson, Tyronza Melissa A. Thorpe, Collierville, TN Brian R. Thorn, Mountain Home Charles L. Todd, Black Oak Janet L. Todd, Germantown, TN Tina A. Tomlin, Jacksonville Brent A. Tomlinson, Jonesboro Lucinda S. Toney, Datton Dennie C. Toombs, Paragould Jay Towell, Pocahontas Holly F. Trammel, Gilmore Keith D. Trammell, Memphis, TN Ronald R. Tress, Paragould Sheila M. Tribble, Walnut Ridge William C. Trice, Earle Connie J. Tripod, Paragould Allen L. Trotter, Jonesboro Joycelyn A. Troupe, Memphis, TN Tracy D. Troutman, Jonesboro Andy R. Tucker, Jonesboro Bobby D. Tucker, Manila 357 Kammie M. Tucker, Lepanto Danis L. Turk, West Memphis Kristie S. Turner, Piggott Natalie J. Turney, Jonesboro Patricia A. Tyson, Pine Bluff Lisa A. Umholtz, Clarendon Christopher C. Ussery, Paragould Janet L. Utley, Caruthersville, MO Lisa G. Utley, Marion Severina K. Vanagunas, Tucson, AZ Yo landa K. Vance, Brinkley Marty R. Vancil, Holcomb, MO Amy L. Vanderbilt, Jonesboro Tonya S. Vanhonr Marmaduke Debra A. Vann, McCrory Terri R. Vann, Little Rock Donna J. Varner, Forrest City Lee A. Vaughn, Theodosia, MO Maxie D. Vaughn, Jonesboro Eric Velmers, Mena Robin A. Venson, Pocahontas Tammy M. Vest, Melbourne Maxine V. Victoria, Jonesboro James D. Vinson, Jonesboro Michael K. Vowell, Rector Mary L. Waddell, Jonesboro Russell J. Wagster, Newport Elizabeth I. Wamock, Paragould Thomas E. Walden, Paragould Ada R. Walker, Walnut Ridge Barbara J. Walker, Cabot Candace M. Walker, Beech Grove Christine Walker, Parkin George S. Walker, Stuttgart Helen J. Walker, Cave City Richard D. Walker, Paragould Scot D. Walker, Jonesboro Victoria A. Walker, Forrest City Bentley E. Wallace, Mountain View Naomi C. Wallace, Monette Harold D. Wallin, Marked Tree Karen R. Wallis, Mountain Home Donald L. Walls, Paragould Sara K. Walls, Cardwell, MO Rose M. Walsh, Mammoth Spring Mark A. Walton, Jonesboro Michael D. Walton, Trumann Rhonda J. Walton, Paragould Amanda J. Walts, Jonesboro Loretta R. Ward, Rector Mary R. Ward, Osceola Tracy L. Ward-Gates, Walnut Ridge Teresa A. Ware, Luxora Jonathan L. Warren, Bono Leigh K. Washington, Paragould Tara L. Washington, Memphis, TN James K. Watkins, Jonesboro Jeff T. Watkins, Judsonia Steve D. Watkins, Cape Girardeau, MO Garland L. Watlington, Wynne Angela L. Watson, Jonesboro Henry H. Watson, Wheatley Terry L. Watson, Kennett, MO Linda L. Watts, Bay Richard A. Watts, Wynne Jennifer L. Weathers, Brookland Darian J. Weaver, McCrory Donna G. Webb, Jonesboro Alice F. Webster, Blytheville Ronna A. Webster, Jonesboro John W. Weeks, Palestine Jeff S. Weir, Bay Tina F. Weisenbach, Maynard Billy D. Weitkamp, O ' Kean Missy D. Welch, Kilgore, TX Betty C. Wellman, Piggott David L. Wells, Paragould Kenneth R. Wells, Earle Tabitha L. Wells Jonesboro Doug R. Welty, Osceola Angela A. West, Batesville Billy W. West, Jonesboro Robert L. West, Jonesboro Sheri L. Weston, Jonesboro Catherine L. Wharton, Jonesboro Katherine A. Wheaton, Harrison Pamela J. Wheaton, Jonesboro Sands C. Wheeler, Paragould Dee D. White, Manila George C. White, West Helena Greg D. White, Trumann Matt C. Whiteside, Charleston, MO Cynthia M. Whitlock, Bay Steve G. Whitmire, Jonesboro Stanley C. Whitt, Harrisburg Monica S. Whitworth, Jonesboro Tammy L. Whorton, Campbell. MO Barbara L. Wickersham, Magness Dewnyal M. Wickersham, Newark Tony L. Wiggins, Jonesboro Jeff L. Wiles, Searcy Paul E. Wilhoite, Wynne Mathew E. Wilkerson, Wynne Philip N. Wilkes, Violet Hill Debora A. Wilkins, Marianna Angela C. Williams, Rector Anthony D. Williams, Magnolia Danna M. Williams, Searcy Marvin R. Williams, Bono Paul H. Williams, Clarkton, MO Rhonda L. Williams, Pine Bluff Sherry D. Williams, Trumann Cheryl R. Willie, West Helena Darryl C. Willis, Malvern Greg D. Wilson, Batesville Darlene Wilson, Hardy Jennifer L. Wilson, Bono M. Valerie Wilson, Jonesboro Rodney Wilson, Memphis, TN William B. Wilson, Walnut Ridge Krisa L. Winn, Lebanon Ohio Melissa A. Winters, Vanndale Wilburn L. Wiseman, Pocahontas Cathy Wixted, Jonesboro Chuck T. Wofford, Paragould Tony A. Wolfe, Hernando, MS Helen M. Wolverton, Oxford Gwyn M. Womble, Newport Carol R. Wood, Paragould Charlie L Wood, Parkin Gina C. Wood, Jonesboro Shara S. Woodell, Searcy Carl W. Woodham, Cherry Valley Walter F. Woodie, Pine Bluff Richard C. Woodruff, Trumann Carolyn S. Woodrum, Harrisburg Terrie L. Woods, Imboden Tammy M. Woodson, Paragould Miranda L. Wooldridge, Paragould Stefanie E. Wooten, Jonesboro 359 Kimberly A. Worthen, Murphysboro, IL Donna M. Wratten, Jonesboro Paula J. Wray, Jonesboro Dana M. Wright, Lepanto Helen Wright, Pine Bluff Judy M. Wright, Corning Kevin G. Wright, Hoxie § Lisa R. Wright, Paragould Nina M. Wright, Corning Ronnie K. Wright, Paragould Suzanne L. Wright, West Memphis Whitney L. Wright, Marked Tree Scott R. Wyant, Jonesboro Candy D. Yancey, Knobel Rickey A. Yancey, Melbourne Angie D. Yates, Marion Amy M. Yersak, Maiden, MO Rhonda R. Young, Paragould Jaafar B. Yusof, Malaysia Mike R. Zamora, Paragould Rudolph L. Zangerl, Jonesboro Mark A. Zarlingo, West Memphis Janell M. Zeug, West Memphis Stephanie R. Zolman, Arbyrd, MO 361 SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS Betty L. Alexander, Wilson Marwan A. Amer, Jonesboro Michael D. Armstrong Jr., Jonesboro Michael L. Armstrong, Jonesboro Cynthia A. Arnn, Sidney Evelyn A. Banks, Movo Donald H. Bowen, Searcy Larry G. Brawner, Wynne William N. Burge, Cave City Tom Burton, Jonesboro Carolyn L. Childress, Paragould Chern P. Chua, Johore, Malaysia Becky Clifton, Steele, MO James A. DeVazier Jr., Jonesboro Keith A. Dockins, Kennett, MO Antoine Drakeford, Chicago, ILL Paul L. Eldridge, Jonesboro Athena M. Evans, McCrory Joette Gipson, Hoxie Paula S. Gragg, Maynard Jerry C. Greenwell, Trumann Kimberly L. Harrell, Monette Suzanne K. Hogue, Jonesboro Link Hubbard Jr., Augusta Betty J. Huitt, Manila Joseph A. Jones, Marion Belinda J. Madujibeya, Little Rock Samuel C. Madujibeya, Owerri, Nigeria Balasundram Maniam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Brian Martin, Charleston, SC Ramona B. Mathews, Jonesboro Donna C. Masters, Arbyrd, Mo Patricia L. McGrew, Paragould Alex McKinney, Blythville Walter E. Meshaka, Miami, FL Eddie F. Mitchell, Jonesboro Ben Payne, Trumann Cheri L. Pierce, Batesville Michael S. Pierce, Lepanto Austin B. Richards, Jonesboro Thomas R. Sanders, Lepanto Alex S. Sekwat, Khartoum, Khartoum Michael J. Sherman, Sikeston, MO Lesia J. Sloan-Phillips, Black Rock Ann Sorensen, Trumann Gregory E. Spears, Forest City Timothy W. Steward, Augusta James M. Todd, Parkin Sarah B. Wagster, Piggott Amelia X. Waters, Wynne Meredith C. Williams, Jonesboro Meta K. Winters, Jonesboro Janice M. Wolf, Waipahu, HA Qidong Zhang, Shanghai, China Terry L. Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro SENIORS Greg Austin, Walnut Ridge, Finance Sandra S. Austin, Keiser, Elementary Ed. Sammie J. Baker, Little Rock, Marketing Teresa A. Ball, Caraway, Marketing Brigitle A. Blackwell, Corning, Computer Info Systems Kimberly S. Bowen, Jonesboro, Psychology Frieda J. Burge, Cave City Kenneth W. Calhoun, Elaine, Elementary Ed. Greg J. Caroa, Poplar Bluff, Bessie E. Cates, Jonesboro, Business Pamela K. Condon, Popular Bluff Tena M. Crowe, Maynard Roy A. Cuthbert, Alton, MO, Education Michael D. Davis, Minturn Terry M. Donahue, Lonoke Terry V. Doyle, Lynn, Animal Science Kimberly R. Edington, Biggers, Business Ad- min. Janet L. Edwards, Harrisburg, Office Admin. Guy L. Elder, Gosnell, Marketing LaDonna Evans, Business Admin. Abraham F. Fakhoury, Chicago, IL, Zoology Vickie L. Fulbright, Wynne, Elementary ED. Tammie A. Gadberry, Monette, Marketing Steve M. Harcrow, Warren Scott A. Hendrix, Jonesboro, Computer Sci- ence Elizabeth A. Wiatt, Paragould, Accounting Danny J. Hill, Jonesboro, Mechanical Engineering Dawn R. Jenkins, Damascus, Special Ed. Elem. Ed. Franklin A. Jones, Jonesboro, Accounting Vicki L. Kersey, Jonesboro William J. Kirkland, Jonesboro Pamela D. Langston, Norfolk, Accounting Sandra J. Leaks, Blytheville, Elementary Ed. John J. MacPherson, Carmel, CA Tracy A. Meurrier, Hughes Anastasia Moore, Jonesboro Laura L. Mullins, Paragould, Business Admin. Karen R. Neal, Beebe, Social Science Khairil Walid B. Othman, Seremban, Malaysia Vetrice L. Peoples, Earle Brad V. Perkins, Wynne Dennis W. Perryman, Independence, MS Melanie M. Randolph, Jonesboro Rodney A. Richard, Little Rock, Bus. Marketing Virginia K. Riddle, Fort Smith Robert K. Roe, Jonesboro W. Rossnovsky, Yugoslavia, Zoology a M. Satterwhite, Batesville, Radio-TV Joel D. Sharp, Jonesboro Gary D. Stanford, Gulfport, MS, Business Management Ellen M. Studnar, Mountain Home, Fine Arts Torrence L. Tuberville, Porkin, Industrial Management Sylvia Ward, Jonesboro Andy D. Warhol, Traveling, Dramatic Arts Joseph E. Weir, Bay William T. Yazel, Kansas City, MO, Education Harrison R. Young, West Memphis, Engineering 365 JUNIORS Dane L. Adams, Paragould William W. Adams, Holly Grove Mable Bledsoe, Helena Karen S. Bobrowski, Walnut Ridge Laura K. Cash, Trumann Mark W. Clark, Earle Julie G. Corkern, Hernando Rick D. Covey, Jonesboro Dee A. Cox, Jonesboro Cary L. Crain, Jonesboro Clayton D. Davis, Walnut Ridge Robert P. Dixon, Black Rock David S. Dunham, Jonesboro Pamela L. Dunn, Jonesboro Diane L. Fowler, North Little Rock Joel French, Marion Grant Froman, Rector Annie R. Garrett, Earle Wilma J. Gatling, Forrest City Saleem Ghias, Quetta, Pakistan Ahmad Fadhil Haji Udin, Malaysia Phillip Holloway, Bono Roger A. Hoofman, Jonesboro Alicia A. Hubbard, Wichita, KA Franklin D. Hughey, Jonesboro Katherine L. Jackson, Lexa Darrell R. Kersey, Black Rock David C. Koons, Pochahontas Gary W. Lambert, Jonesboro Scott Levins, Jonesboro Charles R. Martin, Poughkeepsie Clark L. Matheny, Maynard Thomas T. Merrier, Hughes Sharon K. Miller, Jonesboro Mark Roberson, Jonesboro Susan O. Schoessel, Jonesboro Frank W. Seaton, Jonesboro Shanmuganathan Sinnan, K lang, Malaysia Sheryl M. Solida, Bald Knob Stephen L. St. Clair, Jonesboro Scott Staudy, Hot Springs Deborah R. Taylor, Helena Kimberlee Thornton, Batesville David K. Walker, Poplar Bluff Amy D. Whitmore, Hoxie Susan C. Williams, Jonesboro Alan A. Wood, Jonesboro SOPHOMORES Jodi L. Anding, Lake City Lorrie I. Beaver, Piggott Joey A. Bell, Ravenden Tim A. Bennett, Maynard James G. Brittingham Evonda L. Campbell, Wynne Tom D. Clark, Jonesboro Randall A. Clymer, McCaskill Kerry L. Calburn, Egypt Sonya L. Cole, Jonesboro Thurman D. Cossey, Jonesboro Brad M. Darnell, Smithville Russell E. Deckard, Thayer, MO Barbara I. Edmondson, Walnut Ridge Bonita B. Espinoza, Jonesboro Future M. Freeman, Newport Robert J. Gahr, Wynne Pamela J. Gazaway, Pocahontas Diana S. George, Harrisburg Robert J. Gibson, Jonesboro Adrian D. Haywood, Memphis, TN Andrea C. Hill, Jonesboro Sharon A. Hogue, Piggott Tracey A. Holt, Bay Leslie House, Hardy Earlie Huntery, Marianna Stephanie L. Jones, Walnut Ridge Virginia M. Koons, Pocahontas Tammy A. Lawrence, Beebe Russell L. Leggett, Gosnell Charles K. Lee, Jonesboro Linda K. Lerrin, Doniphan Chuck Long, Paragould Angela K. Lowery, Little Rock Joyce A. Mackey, Jonesboro Kevin E. McCleskey, Pocahontas Danny R. Mitchell, Ravenden Kyle R. Moore, Trumann Charles V. Munos, Jonesboro Christopher M. Needham, Jonesboro Kevin R. Patterson, Bay Laura E. Peer, Jonesboro Chris L. Ramsey, Jonesboro Mary L. Range, Osceola Veronica L. Scurlock, Osceola Darla K. Sharpe, Lepanto Richard M. Shelton, Manchester, MO Becky L. Smart, Tuckerman Lane K. Smith, Swifton Steven W. Smith, Jonesboro Kimberly D. Stewart, Piggott Tommy L. Stickel, Paragould Swee C. Tan, Sembilan, West Malaysia David L. Suiter, Jonesboro Jane E. Tillman, Doniphan, MO Sherry L. Tucker, Jonesboro Kevan T. Vangilder, Paragould Philip A. White, Los Angeles, CA Kevin B. Williams, West Memphis Vaughn D. Wisdom, Bono Robert W. Wilson Jr., Marianna Ban S. Yeung, Hong Kong 367 FRESHMEN Jeanetta Alexander, Jonesboro David W. Applegate, Maiden, MO Janice E. Ballard, Walnut Ridge Kristy L. Beal, Jonesboro Chantelle L. Barber, Hoxie Irwin J. Becnel, Jonesboro Cindy J. Bush, West Memphis Norman E. Bowles, Earle Brad J. Breeding, Mountain View Johannah B. Broeffle, Jonesboro Lori A. Broadway, Smithville Cathleen B. Brown, Paragould Sharyl L. Book, Piggott Marrin J. Chappell, Harrisburg Penny S. Clevenger, Paragould Kenneth W. Corbit, Harrisburg Aretha Coleman, Marianna Linda S. Cutshall, Jonesboro Donald W. De Bach, Harrisburg Larry A. Dauck, Pocahontas Regina A. Davis, Paragould Tracy L. Davis, Paragould Annie M. Dorris, Cherry Valley Phil B. Drope, Jonesboro June A. Duke, Jonesboro David D. Dwerr, Bono Wilma A. Dycus, Jonesboro Rhonda S. Etter, Jonesboro John D. Frank, Cherry Valley Valerie V. Fisher, Marion Anthony H. Franklin, Memphis, TN Michael W. French, Weiner Belynda D. Gammill, Jonesboro Renee S. Gammill, Jonesboro Hannah C. Gatling, Forest City Tina D. Gillespie, Grubbs Linda L. Goetting, Mountain Home Betty J. Gollihugh, Jonesboro Regina L. Graddy, Jonesboro Robert G. Griffin, Jonesboro Robert E. Grummer, Batesville Keith Hamlett, Kennett, MO Albert M. Harris, Hot Springs Amy E. Harris, Chatfield Doris A. Harris, Clarkdale Joyce A. Harris, Clarkedale William R. Helm, Cotton Plant Beverly G. Hickey, Bay Kristie L. Hilliard, Jonesboro Anthony L. Holt, Swifton Maggie Howell, Piggott Calvin R. Hunt, Pocahontas Cynthia E. Hutcheson, Newark Kerry S. Hutchinson, Cash Wai Keung A. Ip Jill C. Jackson, West Memphis Martin Joseph, Klang, Malaysia Alice S. Jorn, Jonesboro Debra G. Kelsa, Walnut Ridge Chandra A. Kemp, Jonesboro Rickey L. Kinley, Little Rock Leigh A. Kirklin, Rector Kathy E. Ladymon, Clarkton Regina A. Lamberth, Jonesboro Joe N. Lane, Smackover Kim F. Leong, Malaysia Patrick G. Logan, Hernando Matthew S. Long, Hardy Vickie D. Lowery, Harrisburg Sekhak Maitra, Calcutta India Frank M. Martin, Jonesboro Rachel R. Mauldin, Jonesboro Robert G. McCarroll, Paragould Yen-Kang Miau, Jonesboro Joanna C. Miranda, Selangor James A. Moore, Jonesboro Heather N. Moore, Mountain Home James E. Morris, Dierks Chee L. Ng, Malaysia Kathy L. Parker, Lynn Melissia A. Parks, Newport Vickie R. Pickrell, Mountain Home Heath A. Poindexter, Kennett, MO Thomas S. Powell, Jonesboro Ted D. Quails, Washington D.C. Jeff T. Ralph, Jonesboro Chris V. Randall, Osceola Todd D. Reaume, Chatham, Canada Brian D. Reddick, Jonesboro Carol L. Reddick, Marmaduke Kim S. Reeves, McCrory Maryruth Reiser, Jonesboro Jill A. Rice, Jonesboro Travis Roach, Hughes Tena R. Roberson, Batesville Ruben Rodriguez, Paragould Charles L. Rowland, Beech Grove Tony Q. Rusher, Trumann Deborah K. Scroggins, Marked Tree Sherry D. Sellars, Lake City Cathy J. Sexton, Monette James C. Shackelford, Hardy Felecia G. Sheard, Hayti, MO Mark E. Shelton, Mountain Pine Rickey L. Slagley, Switton Kenny D. Smith, Pocahontas Tammy R. Smith, Palestine Darrell G. Speakes, Lake City Jonnye L. Stanley, Jonesboro Randall J. Stewart, Crawfordsville Lori A. Stonecipher, Holcomb, MO Christina A. Stout, Jonesboro Tonya C. Stringer, Jonesboro Charles S. Sweet, Batesville Shellie G. Tate, Bono Tami M. Taylor, Jonesboro Rebecca Tice, Blytheville Margaret J. Tidwell, Tuckerman Joni R. Travis, Jonesboro Michael E. Vassiliades, Nicosia, Cyprus Angelia A. Wallis, Bono James D. Walker, Jonesboro Judy L. Watkins, Sherman, MS Keith W. White, Pocahontas Mary B. Williams, Marked Tree Harvey W. Wilson, Marianna Charles E. Wise, Hughes Jeffrey L. Worsham, Keiser Fee M. Yong, Jonesboro Anita G. Young, Memphis, TN 369 -A- Ahmad Abas, 310 Niza Abd Halim, 310 Haida Abd Hamid, 310 AbuBaier Abdullah, 324 Shahidan Abdullah, 310 Saiful A. Abdul Manaf, 310 Rozaizee Abdul Razak, 310 Aziz Lokman Abdul, 293 Zufidah Abdul Majid, 293 Ronald 0. Abmeyer, 293 Carla Y. Abraham, 338 Mohd Affendy Ab-Rahman, 293 Zulkefli Abu Hassan, 310 Douglas A. Acuff, 310 John, C. Acuff, 293 Anthony S. Adair, 324 Amy M. Adams, 310 Brian L. Adams, 324 Dawn M. Adams, 338 Daniel D. Adams, 338 Danny L. Adams, 324 Felicia A. Adams, 310 Jeff B. Adams, 338 Jo A. Adams, 310 Joe K. Adams, 288 LaDonna L. Adams, 324 Michael G. Adams, 324 Rusty B. Adams, 324 Shain C. Adams, 288 Trenton M. Adams, 338 Vickie S. Adams, 324 Vincent L Adams, 310 Virginia A. Adams, 366 William W. Adams, 366 Zella M. Adams, 293 Everett N. Adamson, 293 Dane L. Adanis, 366 Jean Adcock, 324 Lori L. Adcock, 324 Adegboye J. Adebayd, 293 Rodney L Adell, 324 Carla R. Adkins, 324 Traci L. Adkins, 338 Marzuki Adnan, 310 Hasma Ahmad, 293 Scott E. Ahrent, 310 Fatahai Ariffin Ai Bakar, 310 Clifton P. Akers, 310 Cherry B. Akins, 338 Vickie L. Akins, 338 Scott H. Akridge, 293 Mansour M. Al-Ajmi, 310 Ahmad S. Al-Amoud, 293 Abdul M. Al-Arfaj, 310 Darlene E. Albert 338 Debbie A. Albright, 338 Tink A. Albright, 338 Mauro A. Alburez Jr., 293 Terry A. Alcorn, 293 Betty L Alexander, 362 Crystal K. Alexander, 293 Jeanetta Alexander, 368 John J. Alexander, 338 Fahad S. Al-Fahad, 338 Stacy L Alford, 338 Hamad S. Al-Hejeji, 338 Abdelr uhman T. Alfayez, 288 Rashid M. Al-Hamaid, 288 Shahzad Ali, 338 Keith Allbritton, 338 Cheryl M. Allen, 288 Craig Allen, 310 Diane E. Allen, 338 Donna A. Allen, 310 Eric K. Allen, 293 Felicia M. Allen, 338 Henry L. Allen, 310 L-iura R. Allen, 310 Nikki L. Allen, 338 Peyton L. Allen, 338 Sharon L. Allen, 338 Index Teresa A. Allen, 293 Richard D. Allensworth, 293 Kellie L. Allison, 293 Scott Allman, 338 Kathy J. Allred, 324 Yousef S. Al-Mehaisan, 293 Christopher W. Almond, 310 Hamdan F. Al-Najrani, 310 Mohamed I. Alodaiby, 324 Khalid A. Al-Nokhailan, 338 Haif S. Al-Otaiby, 288 Emmanuel C. Alozie, 288 Raid M. Alsadi, 324 Susan E. Alston, 293 Ronald D. Altom, 324 Mary B. Alumbaugh, 338 John Alvarez, 338 Marwan A. Amer, 288 Marwan A. Amer, 362 Ebrahim Amiri, 293 Lisa A. Amos, 338 Jeff L. Anderson, 338 L. D. Anderson, Jr., 338 Pamela L. Anderson, 324 Kim A. Anderson, 293 Scott W. Anderson, 324 Sheila R. Anderson, 338 Jodi L. Anding, 367 Bobby Andrew, 324 Brad D. Andrews, 324 Darlene D. Andrews, 293 Diane J. Andrews, 293 Stephani L. Andrews, 338 Diane M. Annunziata, 293 Patty J. Anthony, 293 Phyllis D. Andrews, 338 Tamala T. Apple, 310 David W. Applegate, 368 Preston D. Archer, 293 Charles G. Armstrong, 324 Kent Armstrong, 310 Mary K. Armstrong, 288 Michael D. Armstrong Jr., 362 Michael L. Armstrong, 362 Rodney A. Armstrong, 338 Sherman Armstrong, 338 Steven Armstrong, 324 Susan K. Armstrong, 293 Sheila V. Arnell, 324 Cynthia A. Arnn, 362 Sandy C. Arnn, 310 Cindy R. Arnold, 310 Davy L. Arnold, 338 Karen E. Arnold, 338 Kerry A. Arnold, 310 Lora L. Arnold, 324 Paula A. Arnold, 310 Thomas G. Arnold, 338 Donna S. Arrington, 338 Timothy L Arwood, 338 Melissa G. Asher, 293 Dwayne Ashley, 338 Karla M. Ashlock, 310 Eddie J. Ashmore, 310 Rebecca A. Ashmore, 324 Stephen R. Atkins, 310 Audrey F. Atkinson, 338 Obaid M. Al-Mutairi, 310 Andrea L. Atwill, 338 Rebecca J. Aubrey, 338 Deborah K. Augustin, 338 Cherylnita L. Ausley, 338 Gaylon R. Austin, 310 Greg Austin, 364 John H. Austin, 338 Kenneth H. Austin, 310 Myleta D. Austin, 293 Richard J. Austin, 338 Sandra S. Austin, 364 Vance H. Austin, 293 Rhonda K. Averett, 324 John D. Avery, 324 Charles W. Ayat, 338 Rober L. Ayler, 293 Azizah Aziz, 310 Azriyati Azman, 310 -B Eric S. Babcock, 338 Albert L. Bachman, 293 Lisa M. Bacon, 338 Kelly W. Baggett, 324 Kendel S. Baggs, 338 Kathy E. Bagley, 338 Tanariah Baharom, 310 Azman Baharudin, 324 Angela K. Bailey, 293 Brenda A. Bailey, 338 Carl E. Bailey Jr., 293 Clifford R . Bailey, 310 Keith L. Bailey, 310 Richard L. Bailey, 293 Roseann B. Bailey, 338 Brian A. Baker, 324 Dana L. Baker, 293 Ginger D. Baker, 324 Jerry L. Baker, 324 Robert W. Baker, 338 Sammie J. Baker, 364 John L. Batch, 324 Laticia D. Baldridge, 338 John L. Baldwin, 338 Sonya L. Baldwin, 310 Robert C. Balfe, 338 Elmer D. Ball, 338 Kenneth E. Ball, 338 Teresa a. Ball, 364 Janice E. Ballard, 368 Jerry D. Ballard, 310 Kenneth N. Ballard, 324 Patricia D. Ballard, 324 Kendall Ballentine, 338 Robert D. Ballman, 338 Keith A. Baltz, 338 Suzanne G. Baltz, 324 Terri R. Baltz, 324 Miles J. Bandy, 324 Evelyn A. Banks, 362 Karen R. Banks, 324 Linda Banks, 339 Paul R. Banks, 339 Victoria L. Banter, 310 Anthony Barbarotoo, 339 Blake Barber, 293 Brett H. Barber, 310 Chantelle L. Barber, 368 Donna B. Barber, 339 Mike J. Barber, 339 Michael D. Barger, 324 John E. Barham, 324 Junior R. Barham, 293 Daron D. Barker, 324 Jeff A. Barker, 339 Rodney D. Barker, 293 Timothy B. Barker, 339 Barry W. Barkley, 339 Lori A. Barksdale 324 Catherine A. Barnes, 324 David B. Barnes, 293 Dewey L. Barnes, 324 Diane Barnes, 293 Lisa A. Barnes, 288 Scott A. Barnes, 339 Timothy J. Barnes, 324 Tina M. Barnes, 339 Billy D. Barnett, 310 Debbie K. Barnett, 310 Ernie Barnett, 339 James L. Barnett, 324 Kimberly R. Barnett, 324 Linda M. Barnett, 339 Myrlan G. Barnett Jr., 288 Vincent C. Barnett, 310 William E. Barnett, 310 Purcela Barnhardt, 339 Jane Barnhill, 293 Randall G. Barnhill, 293 Roger B. Barnhill, 310 James R. Barr, 339 William J. Barrentine, 339 Andrew D. Barrett, 339 Terry L. Barry, 293 Jeff Bartell, 293 Todd A. Bartholomew, 339 Jeff L. Barton, 339 Edmond Bashiampillai, 339 James Matthew Basinger, 339 Carolyn S. Bass, 324 Jennifer I. Bass, 293 Laura L. Bass, 293 Lynda R. Bass, 294 Richard Bass, 339 Nina L. Bassett, 339 Melissa M. Bastel, 339 Tim P. Bates, 324 Todd R. Bates, 339 Elizabeth L. Batterton, 310 Earl R. Batton, 324 Linda A. Bauer, 294 Jeff W. Bauerlein, 324 Greg A. Baugh, 324 Todd R. Baugh, 339 Lynn A. Bauschlicher, 294 John C. Bax, 294 Jamie D. Baxley, 339 Jonathan L. Beal, 339 Kristy L. Beal, 368 Brenda J. Bean, 339 Dana L. Beard, 339 Jarvis Beard, 310 Jennifer D. Beard, 310 Sondra F. Beard, 294 Teressa C. Beard, 324 Donna S. Bearden, 310 Linda D. Bearden, 310 Shirley D. Bearden, 294 Deanna L. Beasley, 294 William J. Beasley, 310 William M. Beasley, 310 Sondra M. Beaty, 339 , Lorrie I. Beaver, 367 Rick L. Beaver, 324 Bradford D. Beck, 324 James W. Beck, Jr., 288 Janet L. Beck 294 Michael D. Beck, 339 Mary Ann Becker, 324 Irwin J. Becnel, 368 Kimberly K. Beene, 339 Christy M. Beeler, 339 Laura Lynn Belk, 324 Mark A. Belk, 310 Earl H. Bell, 294 Guy D. Bell, 339 Janice K. Bell, 339 Jennifer A. Bell, 324 Joey A. Bell, 367 Mark E. Bell, 294 Rachel L. Bell, 339 Rebecca J. Bell, 339 Rhonda S. Bell, 310 Stacey L. Bell, 339 Stephanie L. Bell, 324 William A. Bell, 310 William S. Bell 339 David S. Belok, 339 Janice L. Benham, 294 Dovie M. Bennett, 294 Tim A. Bennett. 367 Tyler Bennett, 339 Tywana M. Bennett, 324 David B. Benson, 294 Leisa R. Benson, 339 Patrick, L. Benson, 339 Richard B. Benson, 339 Ricky L. Benson, 339 Shawnda L. Benson, 339 Tronda L. Benson, 339 Geoffrey Bentley, 294 Robert T. Bentley, II., 294 Marc D. Benton, 324 Phillip J. Berg, 294 Tracie S. Bergman, 310 David L. Berk, 325 C. Scott Berry, 325 Daren M. Berry, 339 David C. Berry, 325 L. Amanda Berry, 310 Rose A. Berry, 294 Vicky L. Berry, 339 Lori L. Berryman, 325 Nelda J. Bettis, 339 Norman, W. Berts, Jr., 339 Edward Wyly Bigger, 294 Jim Bigger, 339 Angie A. Biggers, 325 Jan A. Biggs, 294 Michael D. Bilbrey, 310 Angela D. Bilyeu, 339 Kerry L. Bilyeu, 311 Vickie L. Binkley, 339 Kathy J. Bird, 311 Jeffrey C. Birmingham, 339 Kimberly M. Birmingham, 339 Shirley F. Birmingham, 325 Sheri L. Bishoff, 339 Anna M. Bishop, 288 Christine C. Bishop, 339 Harry D. Bishop, 311 Jeff L. Bishop, 339 Kimberly A. Bishop, 325 Lewis L. Bishop, 339 Mary A. Bishop, 288 Ronald E. Bishop, 388 Tammy R. Bishop, 311 Anise M. Black, 325 Debra L. Black, 339 Karen E. Black, 325 Sally E. Black, 325 Jim R. Blackburn, 294 Denise B. Blackford, 339 Sharon B. Blackford, 288 Sarah J. Blackshear, 339 Barry E. Blackwell, 339 Brigitte A. Blackwell, 364 Lona J. Blackwell, 339 Stacye M. Blackwell, 339 Steven D. Blancett, 31 1 Barbara A. Blanchard, 339 Michael A. Bland, 339 Renee R. Bland, 288 Vicki L. Bland, 294 Allison Blankenship, 325 Bryan L. Blankenship, 325 Tammy M. Blankenship, 311 Terri K. Blankinship, 325 Michael R. Blasengame, 311 Dana L. Bledsoe, 325 Mable Bledsoe, 366 David R. Blevins, 339 Douglas L. Block, 294 John W. Block, 294 Harold W. Blood, 325 William H. Bloodworth, 339 Eric L. Blount, 311 Michael A. Blount, 339 Paula G. Blume, 340 Barbara A. Boatman, 340 Karen S. Bobrowski, 366 Mia D. Boden, 340 Chris Bodry, 325 J. D. Bodry, 294 Christina Kay Boeckman, 340 Susan E. Bogan, 325 Zanny R. Bogan, 325 Sherry L. Boggs, 325 Karamjit S. Bogha Singh, 294 Andy M. Bogue, 340 Derek R. Bohanan, 340 Jimmy L. Bohannan, 340 David W. Bolding, 340 Michael Patrick Bolding, 311 Stephanie D. Bolding, 311 Carl B. Boles, 311 Jack C. Boles, 288 Keith J. Boles, 294 Jeannie L. Bolin, 340 Kirk D. Bolliera, 340 Cassandra A. Bonds, 294 Sharyl L. Book, 368 Lisa K. Booher, 311 Mark A. Book, 311 Kelleen M. Bookout, 340 Kimberlie C. Bookout, 294 Sherry L. Bookout, 288 Andy Boone, 311 Tim W. Booth, 340 Timothy A. Boozer, 325 Janie L. Borden, 294 Dina L. Borgeson, 311 Erika L. Borgeson, 340 Stacy L. Bouland, 325 Kelly A. Bourland, 311 Jeffrey B. Bowds, 311 Cheryl A. Bowen, 311 Daniel J. Bowen, 31 1 Donald H. Bowen, 362 Freddy L. Bowen, 311 Kimberley S. Bowen, 364 Steven W. Bowen, 294 Shawn Bowers, 325 Max O. Bowie, 325 Norman E. Bowles, 368 Janet A. Bowman, 340 Lisa D. Bowman, 31 1 Lynda C. Box, 325 Sheila A. Box, 340 Robert W. Boxley, 294 Linda M. Boyd, 340 Paul A. Boyd, 340 Robyn A. Boyd, 311 Teresa L. Boyd, 294 Michael T. Boyland, 340 Debra C. Boyles, 311 Sivasambu P. Brabaakaran, 325 Walter M. Bracken, Jr., 294 Melissa A. Brackett, 340 Melissa J. Bracy, 294 Karen J. Bradberry, 311 Melissa M. Braden, 311 Jennifer D. Bradford, 311 Greg D. Bradley, 294 Kim A. Bradley, 311 Steven T. Bradley, 294 Janet E. Bradshaw, 311 Robin M. Bradshaw, 340 Danna B. Bradsher, 340 Dena L. Bradway, 294 Dave Brady, 325 Greg D. Brady, 311 Bobby L. Bragg, 311 Jo hanna L. Bragg, 311 Jim Bob Branch, 325 Kimberly A. Branch, 340 Patricia K. Branch, 340 Paul Branch, 311 Doug A. Brand, 325 Ginger C. Brand, 340 Tamara D. Brandon, 311 Becky A. Brann, 325 Gregory J. Brannon, 294 Tammy M. Brannon, 325 Tiffany A. Brannon, 340 Linda F. Brannum, 325 Versie C. Branscomb, 340 Barry L. Branscum, 325 Regena T. Branum, 311 Tracy L. Braswell, 294 Larry G. Brawner, 362 Beverly F. Bray, 311 Debra Ann Breckenridge, 325 Jeff R. Breckenridge, 311 Lynn T. Breckenridge, 288 Jeff J. Brecklein, 340 Donna J. Breece, 340 Michael A. Breece, 340 Brad J. Breeding, 368 Christine A. Bregy, 325 Eva M. Brehe, 325 Angie Brewer, 325 Christine E. Brewer, 311 Jo Brewer, 31 1 Lori D. Brewer, 340 Melissa L. Brewer, 325 Mitchel T. Brewer, 288 Robin L. Brewer, 325 Shana D. Brewer, 311 Vickie R. Brewer, 325 Tammy L. Brewington-Ward, 325 Tami C. Brickell, 325 Karen Lee Bridger, 325 Kent P. Bridger, 340 William R. Bridger, 311 Judy G. Bridges, 311 Michael S. Bridges, 294 Rodney A. Bridges, 288 Kimberly B. Bright, 340 Cheryl L. Brightwell, 325 Rex J. Brightwell, 340 Sandra A. Brightwell, 325 Keith M. Brink, 340 Lavvi L. Brink, 294 Brenda C. Brinkley, 340 Judy B. Brinkley, 340 Allen L. Brinsfield, 340 Freda J. Briscoe, 288 Teresa A. Briscoe, 340 Bonnie F. Britt, 340 Carol Brittingham, 325 James G. Brittingham, 367 Mendy E. Britton, 340 Charles L. Broadway, 340 John R. Broadway, 311 Lori A. Broadway, 368 Johannah B. Broeffle, 368 Cathey, D. Brogdon, 294 Cynthia D. Brogdon, 325 Dan B. Brooks, 340 Derek F. Brooks, 340 Lisa E. Brooks, 294 Michell S. Brooks, 340 Tracy L. Brooks, 31 1 Belinda G. Brothers, 311 Angela E. Brown, 311 Angelia M. Brown, 294 Bobbi R. Brown, 325 Bobby M. Brown, 325 Carla A. Brown, 240 Cathleen B. Brown, 368 Christine M. Brown, 340 Corbin L. Brown, 325 Dana L. Brown, 325 Dane L. Brown, 340 David L. Brown, 311 Debbie K. Brown, 340 Erica L. Brown, 294 James P. Brown, 294 Jamie L. Brown, 294 Mary Brown, 288 Jerry D. Brown, 340 Jimmy D. Brown, 325 Joyce Brown, 288 Kenneth E. Brown, 294 Kevin L. Brown, 294 Kimberly A. Brown, 340 Michelle D. Brown, 340 Nikki J. Brown, 325 Nikki S. Brown, 294 Norman E. Brown, 340 Ramona L. Brown, 294 Regina C. Brown, 340 Rhonda C. Brown, 340 Steven W. Brown, 325 Tania L. Brown, 340 Timbo D. Brown, 340 Timothy J. Brown. 325 Tommie R. Brown, 340 Willis Brown, 311 Hollie E. Browning, 340 Mark A. Browning, 325 Renita L. Browning, 294 Lisa K. Bruce, 340 Stephen H. Bruce, 294 Marcia L. Brucks, 294 Alua E. Brumley, 340 Gene H. Brumley, 325 Jimm N. Brumley, 295 Willis E. Brumley, 325 Cyndi A. Brunson, 325 Angela L. Bryan, 295 Barry B. Bryant, 311 Johnnie M. Bryant, 340 Mae L. Bryant, 325 Tracy Bryant, 325 Karen N. Bryson, 31 1 Carolyn J. Buchanon, 295 John P. Buchanon, 325 Roberta L. Buchanon, 311 Karla G. Buckley, 311 Ruthann C. Buckley, 340 Yimin Budiman, 31 1 Carole M. Buffalo, 311 Crystal M. Buford, 340 Dane E. Buford, 295 Joe W. Bujarski, 325 Dennis W. Bullock, 325 Michael L. Bumbalough, 295 Rebecca A. Bunch, 340 Scott R. Burham, 325 Kenny L. Burden, 295 Charles W. Burdin, 340 Jana L. Burdin, 295 Annette R. Burdyshaw, 325 iutch Burfield, 31 1 Frieda J. Burge, 364 Suetta D. Burge, 31 1 William N. Burge, 362 Heather L. Buri, 340 Cathy M. Burk, 295 Barry S. Burkheart, 31 1 Jeanne M. Burlie, 31 1 Glen A. Burnett, 325 Jerome Burnette, 340 Tammy A. Burnett, 31 1 Tom Burnham, 295 Carolyn S. Burns, 340 Colette D. Burns, 340 Dana J. Burns, 340 Deanna M. Burns, 341 Eric T. Burns,341 Laura L. Burns, 325 Lynn B. Burns, 295 Melanie A. Burns, 31 1 Robert W. Burns, 341 Tim I. Burns, 341 Vearlene W. Burns, 295 Virginia Burr, 325 Donna D. Burris, 295 Paula D. Burroughs, 325 Karen L. Burrow, 31 1 Linda M. Burrow, 325 Hugh C. Burson, 326 Margaret E. Burton, 326 Marvin L. Burton, 31 1 Scott A. Burton, 31 1 Tom Burton, 362 Toney D. Busby, 341 Cindy J. Bush, 368 Samantha L. Bushe, 326 Tracy A. Buster, 311 Paul N. Butcher Jr., 326 Rebecca L. Butcher, 326 Brenda A. Butler, 326 Charles E. Butler, 341 Clina S. Butler, 326 Janetta D. Butler, 326 Jim T. Butler, 311 Leslie A. Butler, 311 Maurice Butler, 31 1 Ann Butler, 295 Patty M. Butler, 341 Thomas E. Butler, 311 Cynthia L. Buzbee, 295 Blake Byars, 341 Audwin Byles, 341 Rene Bynum, 341 Barrett E. Byrd, 311 Regina A. Byrd, 341 Pamela S. Byrd, 288 William W. Byrd, 295 -c- Dana Y. Cable, 326 Angela R. Caddell, 311 Darrell W. Cagle, 326 Jeffery D. Cagle, 295 Linda M. Cagle, 311 Ray H. Calaway, 326 Annette Caldwell, 341 Carol A. Caldwell, 341 David M. Caldwell, 312 James T. Caldwell, 341 Kelly A. Caldwell, 295 Kenneth W. Calhoon, 364 Greg A. Callens, 341 John B. Callens, 341 Pamela A. Callis, 312 Cathy E. Calvert, 312 Dona S. Cameron, 288 Albert W. Camp, 295 Janeene L. Camp, 312 Vickie D. Camp, 312 Cheryl W. Campbell, 312 Evonda L. Campbell, 367 Lesia M. Campbell, 341 Mary L. Campbell, 312 Stephen C. Campbell, 341 Susan D. Campbell, 326 Earnestine Campbell, 312 Wendy Y. Campbell, 312 Helena S. Cannon, 341 Rita S. Cansler, 295 Ronnie L. Cantrell, 312 Dion A. Cantu, 295 Selena G. Caplinger, 341 David A. Cvadine, 341 Greg J. Carda, 364 Shannon R. Cardwell, 341 Dan J. Carius, 341 Christopher B. Carlile, 312 Barry A. Carlton, 341 Cynthia S. Carlton, 341 Sue Carlyle, 288 Terri S. Carmack, 312 Donna L. Carman, 312 Wen F. Carman, 341 Jonathan L. Carmichael, 341 Letty M. Carpenter, 341 Elsie M. Carr, 341 Larry D. Carr, 312 Michael K. Carr, 288 Tracy L. Carr, 341 Wayne Carr, 312 Theresa R. Carrell, 341 Lisa L. Carroll, 326 Leta M. Carruth, 288 Linda L. Carson, 326 Lisa M. Carson, 326 Steve B. Carson, 312 Beth E. Carstens, 312 Carla M. Carter, 341 Channon M. Carter, 341 David A. Carter, 341 David L. Carter, 341 Jana K. Carter, 326 Jessie G. Carter, 326 Laura J. Carter, 341 Lisa R. Carter, 295 Lisa R. Carter, 295 Martha S. Carter, 295 Melanie D. Carter, 341 Patricia A. Carter, 326 Paula J. Carter, 326 Peggy L. Carter, 295 Teresa R. Carter, 341 Tim W. Carter, 364 Blair Cartwright, 312 Lorie A. Cartwright, 312 Tena M. Cartwright, 326 John C. Casad, 326 Dale R. Case, 312 Laura K. Cash, 366 Job D. Caspall, 295 Cassandra S. Cassidy, 341 Cynthia M. Cassidy, 341 Jeffrey L. Cassidy, 341 Belinda K. Cate, 341 Bessie E. Cates, 364 Michael W. Cathcart, 341 LeAnn Caudle, 295 Rick Caulk, 295 Amy J. Cavenor, 341 Jamie D. Cavette, 312 Allison, E. Cecil, 341 Dana R. Chadwick, 312 Houston R. Chaffin, 341 Dana K. Chailland, 312 Carldon Chalfant, 341 Kevin W. Chambers, 288 Mary B. Chambers, 326 Mary K. Chambers, 326 Terry Chambers, 295 Jason A. Chandler, 312 JoAnna M. Chandler, 341 Sonya D. Chandler, 326 Tami C. Chandler, 341 Christy M. Chaney, 326 Carla J. Chapman, 312 Hugh T. Chapman, 295 Lisa J. Chapman, 295 Rex Chapman, 341 Virginia K. Chapman, 288 David G. Chappell, 312 Marrin J. Chappell, 368 Rhonda K. Chappie, 326 Paul E. Chappue, 341 Mary T. Chappuis, 326 Chris J. Charette, 326 James S. Chastain, 341 Jeff D. Chastain, 341 Larry D. Chastain, 326 Cheryl R. Cheek, 341 James C. Cheers, 326 Lisa L. Cheers, 341 Cara Cheesman, 312 Jana M. Cherry, 295 Holly A. Childers, 326 Melody R. Childers, 326 Paula A. Childres, 326 Carolyn Lee Childress, 362 Cindy L. Childress, 326 B. J. Chipman, 295 Melissa G. Chipman, 341 Donna B. Chism, 312 Georgia A. Chism, 295 John Chism, 341 Keith A. Chitman, 341 William S. Chrestman, 341 Bridget R. Chrisco, 295 Linda S. Christen, 341 Carmen L. Christenberry, 341 Annette Christian, 295 Doanie M. Christian, 341 Esther R. Christian, 312 Rex A. Christian, 341 Chern P. Chua, 362 Ruth A. Chunn, 326 Kevin Church, 341 Keith 0. Churchill, 326 Kristi K. Cissell, 295 Greg A. Clairday, 312 Hurshal Dean Clairday, 341 Michael E. Clam, 312 Ed R. Clapp, 341 Kevin L. Clapp, 326 Melissa M. Clapp, 326 Angela A. Clark, 312 Deanna M. Clark, 341 Donna F. Clark, 312 ! Jill M. Clark, 295 Johnnie Clark, 326 Kevin A. Clark, 341 Kim G. Clark, 341 Kimberly A. Clark, 326 Kimberly G. Clark, 326 Mark W. Clark, 366 Martin L. Clark, 312 , Melissa J. Clark, 341 i Monty M. Clark, 312 ' N. Gail Clark, 326 ) Nancy F. Clark, 342 Rita G. Clark, 312 3 Shawn D. Clark, 295 Stacy L. Clark, 326 . Sue A. Clark, 326 Tom D. Clark, 367 Frankie J. Clay, 312 Jason B. Clay, 295 K. Renee Clay, 295 Barbara S. Clayton, 295 Delores, A. Clayton, 342 Mike 0. Clayton, 326 Nicky W. Clayton, 312 Steven H. Clayton, 326 ! Terri M. Cleaver, 342 Brian E. Clem, 342 Lynda S. Clem, 342 Tony A. Clem, 342 Rocky W. Clements 295 Angela E. Clemmer, 326 Cara M. demons, 326 Jerry H. demons, 326 Susan D. demons, 312 Virginia A. Cleveland, 326 Penny S. Clevenger, 368 James A. Cliff, 342 Becky Clifton, 362 Carla S. Clifton, 362 Gracie I. Clifton, 312 Henry S. Clifton, 326 Rhonnda S. Cloinger, 326 Damon N. Cluck, 342 Randall, A. Clymer, 367 Wendy R. Coates, 342 Pam J. Coates, 326 Gwendolyn L. Cobb, 326 Melinda B. Cobb, 288 Tammie L. Cobb, 342 Betty G. Cochran, 295 ' Ross E. Cockburn, 295 R. Thad Cockrill, 295 Janette L. Cockrum, 312 Robert D. Coe, 288 Anthony R. Coffel, 342 David L. Coker, 326 David L. Colbert, 288 Lisa L. Colbert, 342 Scott R. Colbert, 295 Tony Colbert, 326 Wallace B. Colbert, 342 Kerry L. Colburn, 367 Tammie A. Colburn, 295 Angela M. Colclasure, 312 Arby Cole, 288 Carlton D. Cole, 326 Gerald D. Cole, 295 Jacquelyn L. Cole, 342 Jamie R. Cole, 342 Julie A. Cole, 342 Lorrie A. Cole, 295 Malinda C. Cole, 342 Marilyn D. Cole, 342 Mary H. Cole, 288 Myron S. Cole, 295 Paul Cole, 312 Randy E. Cole, 312 Rena Sue Cole, 295 Robert J. Cole, 312 Sonya L. Cole, 367 Tammy J. Cole, 342 Andy C. Coleman, 326 Brian D. Coleman, 326 Cindy R. Coleman, 312 David W. Coleman, 295 Leah M. Coleman, 295 Michael L. Coleman, 295 Nancy C. Coleman, 288 Stacey L. Coleman, 342 Stephanie B. Coleman, 312 Tanja Y. Coleman, 342 Aretha Colemon, 368 Elizabeth A. Coles, 326 Michael T. Coley, 342 Tim E. Collie, 295 Karen L. Collier, 288 Russ R. Collier, 326 Julie A. Collins, 342 Lance F. Collins, 342 Penny J. Collins, 342 Rodney W. Collins, 342 Barbara J. Collom, 312 Lori A. Collomp, 296 Tammy L. Comer, 342 John A. Commer, 296 Lisa R. Compton, 342 Martha D. Conaway, 312 Pamela K. Condon, 364 Priscilla R. Condra, 326 Glen M. Conley, 296 Joel B. Conley, 312 Mia E. Conley, 296 Susan M. Conlon, 326 Sheila M. Connelly, 342 Gloria F. Cook, 326 Jim R. Cook, 326 Lynette M. Cook, 326 Patty A. Cook, 312 Shawn W. Cook, 342 Stefanie L. Cook, 342 Leslie B. Coop, 312 Bill R. Cooper, 288 Hope M. Cooper, 342 Kimberly Renae Cooper, 312 Laura A. Cooper, 342 Micky T. Cooper, 342 Mike R. Cooper, 312 Regina C. Cooper, 312 Roger A. Cooper, 288 Roger D. Cooper, 342 Ronald A. Cooper, 326 Terry C. Cooper, 342 Jeff Cope, 312 Cindy M. Copeland, 296 Donna K. Copeland, 342 Shellie L. Copeland, 342 Tonja L. Copeland, 326 Jim D. Coppage, 312 L. David Corbett, 312 Mark A. Corbett, 342 Kenneth Wayne Corbit, 342 Kenneth W. Corbit, 368 Julie G. Corkern, 366 John K. Corkran, 312 Craig A. Cornett, 326 Ernest L. Cornish, 326 Ricky Cornish, 296 Dawn R. Cornman, 342 Thomas L. Corpier II., 342 Thurman D. Cossey, 367 David S. Costello, 342 Julie A. Cottam, 342 Cynthia E. Cotton, 296 Sherry M. Coulter, 312 Rusty Counce, 296 Diane C. Counts, 312 David B. Courtney, 342 Ricky D. Courtney, 327 Graham, D. Coveney, 312 Tracey L. Covert, 296 Michael H. Covey, 327 Rick D. Covey, 366 Kimberly D. Covington, 342 Robert P. Cowles, 288 Betty J. Cox, 312 Beverly, S. Cox, 342 Dee A. Cox, 366 Jeannette L. Cox, 288 Melody A. Cox, 327 Mitzi L. Cox, 342 Pamela E. Cox, 312 Rodney Cox, 327 Stephanie M. Cox, 342 Steven E. Cox, 342 Stacey M. Cozart, 342 Beth Crabtree, 342 Brad W. Crabtree, 342 Marietta T. Crabtree, 342 Elizabeth M. Craft, 288 Paula E. Craft, 288 William W. Craft, 342 Christine J. Crafton, 327 Robin A. Crafton, 296 Susan C. Crafton, 288 Tilda M. Crafton, 327 Angela R. Craig, 342 Cary L. Crain, 366 Penny Y. Crain, 312 Ralph E. Crain, Jr., 342 James G. Cramer, 296 Leslie S. Crane, 296 Cindy L. Crawford, 312 Ginger L. Crawford, 327 Kenneth O. Crawford, 342 Sidney O ' Neal Crawford, 342 Beverly A. Creach, 313 Celeste A. Creamer, 288 Eric N. Credit, 342 Lana R. Creel, 313 Janet R. Crego, 313 Anthony R. Crews, 327 Donna J. Crews, 296 Melvene E. Crews, 313 Janet L. Crider, 342 Linda Crider, 342 Terry H. Crider, 296 Lhea G. Crim, 342 Darrel, W. Crisler, 289 Stan W. Crisler, 342 Bart R. Crisp, 342 Kelly M. Crisp, 296 David G. Croom, 289 Lana G. Croom, 342 Amanda Croshy, 342 Melinda F. Cross, 313 William R. Cross, 342 Terrence M. Crossley, 342 Jessie O. Crosson, 313 Russell L. Crouch, 313 Carolyn Crouse, 317 G. Gail Crow, 313 Leslie E. Crowder, 342 Jill S. Crowe, 313 Steve C. Crowe, 313 Tena M. Crowe, 364 Tonny M. Crowson, 327 Nancy L. Crumtpon, 327 Robert E. Crumtpon, 296 Yvette E. Crutcher, 327 Christopher Crye, 313 Johnny W. Cude, 296 Derrick L. Cullison, 343 Harold E. Culp III., 327 Eddie R. Cummings, 296 Jeffrey M. Cummings, 343 Kevin R. Cummings, 343 Jon S. Cunningham, 296 Lee M. Cunningham, 313 Roy C. Cunninghamm, 296 Sara A. Cunningham, 327 Teresa R. Cunningham, 343 Tim B. Cunningham, 343 Jill D. Cupp, 327 Tracie S. Cupp, 343 John E. Cureton, 343 Brent Curtis, 327 Cathy R. Curtis, 327 Kevin S. Curtis, 327 Linda C. Curtis, 327 Lisa G. Curtis, 327 Michelle L. Curtis, 343 Wayne Curtis, 343 Dan E. Curtwright, 327 Roy A. Cuthbert, 364 Linda S. Cutshall, 368 -D- Donald W. DaBach, 368 Donald W. Dabney, 296 Jamie D. Dacus, 313 John S. Dacus, 327 Lesa A. Dacus, 313 Kimberly R. Daggett, 327 Abubakar, Dahanari, 327 Lori A. Daigle, 313 David S. Dailey, 313 Deanna M. Dailey, 313 Tony L. Dailey, 327 William V. Dailey, 289 Pamela A. Dale, 343 Charles R. Dallas, 327 Kelly G. Dallas, 313 Charles H. Dalton, Jr., 296 James D. Dalton, 313 Yvette M. Dalton, 313 Kumtong W. Damar, 289 John S. Daniel, 343 Melissa G. Daniel, 343 Winnie J. Daniel, 343 Renee Daniels, 313 Allyce M. Darby, 313 Perry J. Darby, 343 Sharon A. Darby, 296 Brad M. Darnell, 367 Jeff N. Darr, 327 Larry A. Dauck, 368 Mary Etta Davenport, 313 Paula M. Davenport, 327 Lim David, 296 Melinda K. David, 343 Gail S. Davidson, 313 Karen L. Davidson, 296 Kathy L. Davidson, 327 Ken S. Davidson, 313 Minyard D. Davidson, 343 Angela R. Davis, 296 Ber K. Davis, 313 Brenda K. Davis, 296 Brent R. Davis, 313 Brian S. Davis, 296 Carol L. Davis, 313 Catherine J. Davis 296 Claude L. Davis, 343 Clayton D. Davis, 366 Clifford M. Davis, 313 Connie G. Davis, 296 Constance Davis, 313 D avid W. Davis, 343 Donald A. Davis Jr., 313 Donna M. Davis, 296 Gary K. Davis, 343 Gary M. Davis, 313 Gina Leigh Davis, 343 Glenda S. Davis, 327 Jill C. Davis, 343 Julie A. Davis, 343 Kelly A. Davis, 296 Kim S. Davis, 327 Kristina A. Davis, 343 Lee A. Davis, 296 Linda J. Davis, 313 Michael Chief Davis, 296 Michael D. Davis, 364 .■■ a M. Davis, 313 0. Davis, 296 p A. Davis, 343 Regina A. Davis, 368 Rhonda K. Davis, 343 Rhonda L. Davis, 343 Scott W. Davis, 313 Stacy L. Davis, 343 Susan L. Davis, 296 Susanne J. Davis, 327 Terry L. Davis, 296 Thomas E. Davis, 289 Tina A. Davis, 289 Tony L. Davis, 327 Tracy L. Davis, 368 Vonda Gale Davis, 296 Michael T. Dawson, 296 Robin L. Dawson, 327 Bobby G. Dean, 296 Derek A. Dean, 343 Gene E. Dearen, 343 Josephene S. De Brosse, 327 Russell E. Deckard, 367 Jerry R. Decker, 296 Mike A. DeHaan, 296 John A. Dehon, 343 Tammy J. Dement, 343 Vickie A. DeMent, 296 Robert J. Dempsey, 343 Leah A. Deniston, 343 Les Dennit, 327 Joanna L. Denton, 343 Steve K. Denton, 313 Leigh Ann DePeyster 343 David R. DePoyster, 296 Rene L. Deprow, 296 Randy R. DeRoeck, 327 Timothy E. DeSalvo, 296 Priyanga C. De Silva, 327 Kim A. Despain, 343 Kasey E. Deuchler, 343 James A. De Vazica, Jr., 362 Mike W. Devazier, 343 Deya C. DeVorak, 343 Allen L. Dewitt, 343 Melonie M. Dicello, 343 Byron L. Dickinson, 289 Teresa R. Dickinson, 327 Stephanie L. Dickson, 327 Tracie L. Dicus, 327 Cindy C. Difani, 343 Derrick J. Difani, 313 Michael P. Di Gaetano, 313 Landon Wade Dilday, 296 Larrence T. Dillard III., 296 Rudy L. Dillard, 296 Sherri L. Dillon, 343 Laura L. Dixon, 343 Robert P. Dixon, 366 Rosa M. Dixon, 313 Stephen B. Dixon, 343 Michael G. Dobbins, 313 Larry A. Dobbs, 296 Robert W. Dobyns, 296 Tandra J. Dockery, 343 Betty J. Dockins, 343 Keith A. Dockins, 362 Marcia L. Dodd, 327 R. Allen Dodson, 343 Marva J. Dollar, 313 Joel N. Dolleton, 313 Deborah G. Dollins, 296 Jeannie B. Dollins, 343 Terry M. Donahue, 364 Tonya L. Donahue, 343 Jennifer P. Donohue, 343 Debbie D. Donner, 313 Tammy L. Donner, 343 Annie M. Dorris, 368 Michael T. Dorsey, 327 Harold K. Dorton, 296 Brian N. Doudna, 343 Belinda Dees Douglas, 297 Dawnel L. Douglas, 343 Pamela G. Douglas, 343 Sherry L. Douglas, 327 Steven R. Douglas, 323 Pamela G. Douglass, 343 Pam A. Dowdy, 343 Robin R. Dowler, 343 Camille Downs, 313 William D. Downs III., 313 David M. Doyle, 297 Kimberly S. Doyle, 343 Lorrie A. Doyle, 343 Matthew B. Doyle, 297 Steve Doyle, 313 Terry V. Doyle, 364 Tim Doyle, 297 Juana C. Dozier, 343 Jacquelyn S. Drake, 343 Kern P. Drake, 297 Antoine Drakeford, 362 Paul B. Dreher, 343 Suzanna C. Dries, 343 Donna E. Driver, 327 Phil B. Drope, 368 Eddie L. DuBar, 313 Colleen S. Dublin, 327 Lance A. Duck, 327 Terri L. Duckworth, 327 Paula C. Dudley, 327 William B. Dudley, 313 Charles T. Duffel, 289 Lisa R. Duffy, 343 Timothy D. Duffy, 343 Renita D. Duhaney, 297 June A. Duke, 368 S. Denene Dukes, 327 Russell, B. Dunaway, 327 Carmen Y. Dunbar, 297 Robin D. Dunbar, 343 Carol M. Duncan, 343 Jeffrey R. Duncan, 327 R. Blake Duncan, 298 Susan J. Duncan, 313 David S. Dunham, 366 Deborah R. Dunigan, 313 Katie A. Dunivan, 343 Gena L. Dunkerson, 313 Lance S. Dunlap, 343 Michael L. Dunlap, 297 Celeste M. Dunn, 297 Daniel F. Dunn, 343 Deidre D. Dunn, 343 Pamela L. Dunn, 366 Philip B. Dunn, 313 Ruthie A. Dunn, 344 Walter, J. Dunn, 344 Wayne D. Dunn, 327 Melody A. Dunnam, 297 Randall A. Dunnam, 297 Vanessa Kaye Dunnick, 297 Steve 0. Dunson, 289 B. Ray Dunston, 327 Crista C. Dunston, 344 Doug W. Dupwe, 327 Scott Durham, 313 Lovetta L. Dusch, 327 Matthew E. Dust, 297 Sherry M. Duvall, 327 David D. Dwerr, 368 Jill A. Dycus, 289 Melvin G. Dycus, 344 Wilma Ann Dycus, 368 Van DeWayne Dye, 297 Raymond N. Dyson, 344 -E Tammy R. Eads, 327 Daphne G. Eagan, 297 Brian D. Earls, 327 Lisa C. Earwood, 297 Brenda A. Easley, 313 William E. Easley, 313 John R. Eason, 313 Suzanne T. Eason, 344 Becky East, 327 Jennifer L. East, 344 John K. Eaton, 297 Sonja J. Eaton, 344 Mohamad A. Ebrik, 297 Chris M. Echert, 297 Ozalla J. Echols, 344 Stacy L. Eddington, 344 Wes R. Eddington, 297 Ginger M. Edgar, 313 Steve T. Edgar, 313 Francine L. Edinburgh, 327 Kimberly R. Edington, 364 Don W. Edmiston, 327 Rowald L. Edmiston, 313 Barbara I. Edmondson, 367 Lee Ann Edmondson, 344 Anthony T. Edwards 297 Donald P. Edwards, 327 Janet L. Edwards, 364 Jennifer L. Edwards, 344 Kippy D. Edwards, 344 Phillip D. Edwards, 344 I Tina J. Edwards, 344 Adrienne W. Eftekhari, 327 Ade Egberongbe, 297 Anthony D. Eggers, 344 Ben R. Elam, 313 I Vic A. Elam, 344 Cindy L. Elder, 327 Guy L. Elder, 364 Regina D. Elder, 327 April A. Eldridge, 344 Christy A. Eldridge, 327 . Paul L. Eldridge, 362 ; Andrew L. Elgin, 313 Shukor Koe Elias, 313 John K. Elkins, 327 Lesley M. Elkins, 344 Mari Beth Elkins, 344 | Teresa J. Elkins, 344 Robin D. Ellington, 297 Scott A. Ellington, 297 Debra L. Elliott, 313 Ronda L. Elliott, 327 Danny L. Ellis, 344 Jim Ellis, 313 Melissa K. Ellis, 327 Michael W. Ellis, 344 Greta L Ellzey, 313 Mark A. Elmore, 297 Janice V. Emerson, 344 Susan C. Emison, 289 Rodney F. Elmore, 344 Tony Dean Elmore, 297 Susan E. Elms, 328 ; Robert S. Elovitz, 328 : Nabil El-Saqa, 289 Rodney J. Elwood, 344 Zainal Endut, 328 Bruce, W. Engelmann, 313 Timothy D. England, 344 Karen J. English, 328 Pamela, S. Ensley, 297 Kirk R. Erickson, 344 Jim L. Ermert, 328 ' Christina Marie Ervin, 328 Doni T. Ervin, 344 Ray Ervine, 344 Sherry L. Eskridge, 344 Valerie E. Eskridge, 344 Bonita B. Espinoza, 367 Anna R. Estes, 289 James H. Estes, 297 Kevin L. Estes, 313 Asghar Etemadi, 289 Rhonda S. Etter, 368 Sharon D. Eubanks, 297 Steve R. Eubanks, 313 Athena M. Evans, 362 Calvin F. Evans, 344 Dana L. Evans, 344 David A. Evans, 314 LaDonna Evans, 364 LaDonna Evans, 297 Lisa C. Evans, 328 Pam R. Evans, 314 William D. Evans, 344 Michele R. Evyan, 314 Jeffrey E. Ezekiel, 344 Christy D. Ezell, 344 -F- Carolyn A. Fagan, 344 Mark E. Fagan, 344 Pamela M. Fagan, 314 Beth R. Fair, 297 Abraham F. Fakhoury, 364 Jody A. Fallin, 345 Derek C. Falls, 344 Carla M. Fant, 328 Ronda K. Farley, 344 Doc Farmer, 314 Kenneth A. Farmer, 344 S. Brent Farmer, 344 Sandra L. Farmer, 314 Craig M. Farrell, 328 Anoushak Farzad, 297 Lamar K. Faught, 289 Pamela E. Faught, 344 Bart J. Faulkner, 344 Theresa L. Faulkner, 344 Betty Susan Faupel, 297 Lois Fears, 344 Sheray Nmi Featherston, 344 Cindy L. Feezor, 344 Bruce W. Fegley, 328 Jose L. Feliciano, 314 Tim E. Felks, 344 K. Denise Felton, 328 Angela M. Felts, 344 Carla D. Felts, 314 Mickey A. Felts, 314 Ronald W. Felts, 297 Martin L. Ferg, 328 Amy M. Ferguson, 344 Cheryl A. Ferguson, 344 Danny W. Ferguson, 289 Mark S. Ferguson, 314 Jerry S. Ferrell, 328 Cristina A. Ferretto, 297 Beverly A. Ferris, 314 Carla J. Fesler, 344 Al Fezar, 328 Charlotte L. Fields, 314 Redena J. Fields, 344 Joyce A. Files, 314 Anita Finch, 297 Marguerite K. Finch, 344 Bobbie G. Findley, 328 Stephanie A. Finlay, 289 Karen B. Finley, 289 Marti A. Finley, 289 Stacey J. Finney, 344 Tim W. Fires, 328 Laura E. Fisher, 344 Melissa A. Fisher, 344 Valerie V. Fisher, 368 Amy L. Fitts, 314 Robert G. Flack, 328 Pam B. Flanigan, 344 Amy J. Flannigan, 344 Bonnie E. Fleming, 297 John T. Fleming, 314 Johnny L. Fleming, 314 Anthony F. Flemon, 344 Karen M. Flemon, 297 Larry D. Flemon, 344 Allison A. Fletcher, 314 Marion D. Fletcher, 289 Mark H. Fletcher, 344 Melissa D. Fletcher, 314 Mike Fletcher, 297 Monica H. Fletcher, 297 Rebekah L. A. Fletcher, 344 Stacey D. Fletcher, 328 Gregory A. Flood, 238 Joan Florer, 328 Josephene Flowers, 314 Jean P. Floyd, 297 Jennifer J. Floyd, 328 Lisa A. Floyd, 344 Wayne Floyd, 297 Sonya F. Flynn, 344 Roger D. Foley, 328 Deborah L. Folis, 314 Mark L. Foltz, 314 Cindy Fong, 314 Denise S. Ford, 328 Dorothy D. Ford, 344 Kyle A. Ford, 328 R. Drue Ford, 328 Tommy J. Ford, 344 Tommy Ford, 314 Warren H. Formon, 328 Christopher T. Forrest, 297 Rhonda L. Forrest, 297 Mary H. Forrester, 328 Jennifer L. Fort, 344 Leslie M. Fortenberry, 345 Ava D. Fortson, 297 Arditn D. Foster, 345 Brian Foster, 345 Donna M. Foster, 314 Gary Foster, 314 Howell R. Foster, 314 Lisa J. Foster, 328 Tim J. Foster, 345 Denise D. Fount, 314 LeAnne F. Foust, 345 Scott A. Foust, 328 Andrea L. Fowler, 345 Daren W. Fowler, 314 Diane L. Fowler, 366 Don E. Fowler, 328 Jerry J. Fowler, 314 Karen S. Fowler, 328 Lara Q. Fowler, 328 Mark A. Fowler, 345 Tim B. Fowler, 345 Linda A. Fox, 345 Robert J. Fox, 345 Ronnie L. Fox, 345 Clymesa D. Foxworth, 345 Jim F. Francis, 345 Edet O. Frank, 297 John D. Frank, 368 Anthony H. Franklin, 368 J. Alex Franks, 328 Julie R. Franks, 345 Monica R. Fraser, 314 Tammy Frazer, 345 Charles Frazier, 297 Richard D. Frazier, 297 Future M. Freeman, 367 James R. Freeman, 297 Tonia M. Frego, 345 Pete G. Freire, 345 Iris A. French, 314 Kelly A. French, 345 Michael W. French, 368 Pamela K. French, 297 T. Joel French, 366 Len T. Frey, 289 Becky D. Friar, 314 Edward A. Friar, 289 Evelyn K. Fritts, 297 Diane K. Fritz, 345 Letitia G. Fritz, 297 Angela D. Froman, 345 W. Grant Froman, 366 Martha P. Frost, 314 Annette L. Fry, 297 Jeffrey L. Fry, 345 Robert Earl Fry, 345 Susan M. Fulbright, 298 Vickie Leneal Fulbright, 364 Amy L. Fulco, 328 Kathie J. Fussell, 314 Ruthie Futrell, 345 Susan L. Futrell, 328 -G- Tammie A. Gadberry, 364 Robert J. Gahr, 367 Merrilee Gaither, 289 Susan J. Gaither, 328 Rebecca Gall, 345 Dwayne A. Gallaher, 314 Martin L. Gallaher, 298 Michael K. Galtin, 345 Karen L. Gambill, 328 Leah K. Gambill, 345 Belynda D. Gammill, 368 Renee S. Gammill, 368 Meng Lan Gan, 298 Lana W. Gander, 314 Sherry J. Gandy, 328 Mark D. Gann, 345 Lisa M. Gardner, 314 Mona K. Gardner, 345 Van Gardner, 314 Kyle D. Garner, 345 Melody D. Garner, 345 Thomas W. Garner, 289 Annie R. Garrett, 366 Gwendolyn K. Garrett, 345 Michael A. Garrett, 345 Rebecca S. Garrett, 314 Janet R. Garrison, 298 Tim A. Garwood, 238 Lynley E. Gasaway, 345 Edna F. Gaskin, 314 Cathy M. Gaston, 345 Neil A. Gately, 314 Awtrim, A. Gates, 328 John K. Gates Jr., 345 Sharon J. Gates, 314 Tammy A. Gathright, 345 Kimberly D. Gatlin, 314 Mikki M. Gatlin, 345 R. Michele Gatlin, 345 Hannah C. Gatling, 368 John W. Gatling, 298 Wilma J. Gatling, 366 Teresa L. Gause, 314 John T. Gay, 314 Pamela J. Gazaway, 367 Jane E. Gebhart, 314 Alan B. Gentry, 345 Milissa J. Gentry, 328 Christopher Glen George, 345 C. Len George, 314 David G. George, 345 Diana S. George, 367 Jerry M. George, 345 Linn Tonya George, 345 Michael D. George, 345 Melinda D. Gerber, 328 Mark 0. Gerdes, 345 Saleem Ghias, 366 Mark A. Gibbins, 328 Rhonda L. Gibbs, 314 Angie C. Gibson, 314 David W. Gibson, 298 Debbie A. Gibson, 345 James Shawn Gibson, 345 Judy C. Gibson, 298 Kimberly R. Gibson, 314 Kirk A. Gibson, 345 LaJana S. Gibson, 298 Lisa L. Gibson, 328 Robert J. Gibson, 367 Scott G. Gibson, 345 Shane G. Gibson, 345 Stephanie L Gibson, 289 William T. Gibson, 314 Carolyn S. Gifford, 298 Valerie N. Gifford, 298 Jerri Jo Gilbert, 345 Lisa G. Gilbreath, 328 Sharlene Giles, 314 Steven R. Giles, 345 Joey Gill, 314 Robin D. Gill, 345 Vicki S. Gillean, 345 Tina D. Gillespie, 368 Bradly Bryan Gillette, 345 Karen M. Gillham, 345 Debra J. Gilliam, 328 Stewart C. Gilliam, 298 Janet L. Gilliaum, 314 Tony J. Gilmore, 345 Chad N. Gillmore, 345 Dave L. Gipson, 345 Joette Gipson, 362 Roger D. Gipson, 289 Todd A. Girtman, 298 David H. Glascock, 345 Brenda D. Glover, 328 Craig A. Glover, 314 Gillian G. Glover, 345 Angela D. Goad, 328 Beverly J. Goad, 345 Stephen R. Goad, 328 Robert M. Godwin, 298 Linda L. Goetting, 368 Terri L. Goff, 345 Charles S. Golden, 314 Tanya L. Golden, 328 Carol D. Goldsmith, 314 Betty J. Gollihugh, 368 Kim D. Gomer, 345 Brenda L. Gonzales, 345 Janet L. Goocher, 345 Katherine R. Goodin, 298 Kevin N. Goodin, 328 Scott P. Goodman, 314 Teri Michelle Goodman, 314 Donna J. Goodson, 328 Julie A. Goodwin, 314 ' risten A. Goodwin, 298 r istina S. Goodwin, 345 , ' affery S. Gookin, 328 Jennifer L. Gookin, 345 Tonya D. Gookin, 298 Connie A. Goosby, 314 Michele Gordon, 328 Tammy J. Gordon, 346 Constance J. Gore, 328 Karen D. Gorham, 328 James A. Gossett, 314 James A. Gossett, 289 Lori S. Gott, 289 Sherrie L. Gould, 328 Kim D. Gower, 298 Joseph J. Grabowski, 298 Gail A. Grace, 346 Regina L. Graddy, 368 Stephenie L. Graff, 328 Paula S. Gragg, 362 Pamela K. Graham, 346 Jacqueline Denise Graham, 346 Shirley R. Graham, 314 Janis L. Grammon, 345 Bridgette F. Granberry, 328 Karen Lyn Grandia, 346 Angela R. Grant, 328 Everett E. Grant, 298 Patricia L. Grant, 314 Beth T. Grantham, 298 Almeda Gray, 346 Beleria O. Gray, 298 J. Brian Gray, 298 Mary F. Gray, 289 Mary K. Gray, 298 Stephen H.Gray, 314 Elizabeth A. Grayham, 346 Alicia A. Green, 314 Anita R. Green, 314 Carl H. Green, 346 Carolyn V. Green, 314 Chris D. Green, 346 Daniel B. Green, 314 George E. Green, 328 Jeff L. Green, 289 Lisa A. Green, 314 Mark R. Green, 345 Marthelius Green, 346 Michael S. Green, 346 Randy W. Green, 314 Angela A Greene, 328 Glynne L. Greene, 346 C. Darlene Greenway, 346 Kimberly B. Greenway, 298 Pam E. Greenway, 328 Jerry C. Greenwell, 362 Dean Greer, 298 Kevin W. Greer, 346 Melody D. Greer, 346 Rickey Greer, 315 Greg R. Grefrath, 346 Cheryl L. Gregory, 346 Joseph W. Gregory, 298 Sonya K. Gregory, 346 Gorden M. Gregson, 346 Gary D. Griffin, 346 Laura R. Griffin, 346 Marsha L. Griffin, 298 Robert G. Griffin, 368 Brian K. Griffith, 328 Cynthia M. Griffith, 346 Timothy W. Griggs, 345 Jonelle H. Grigsby, 298 Kathy A. Grimes, 315 Deborah J. Grimm, 328 Tebrah A. Grimmer, 298 Barbara A. Grisham, 328 Cynthia G. Grisham, 315 Ralph E. Grisham, 346 James B. Grissom, 346 Sabrina D. Grissom, 315 Aaron K. Grobe, 315 Connie Gale Grobe, 346 Darrin L. Grogan, 346 Christopher Gross, 328 Donna D. Gross, 328 Alan S. Groves, 346 Tim D. Grubb, 315 Robert E. Grummer, 368 Patti C. Gryner, 298 Carla A. Gschwend, 298 Laura D. Guinn, 315 Lori G. Guinn, 315 Michael W. Guiltner, 346 Teresa L. Guiltner, 346 B. Darlene Gulley, 346 Gregory W. Gunby, 346 Cyndy A. Gunn, 346 Gary S. Gunn, 346 Wanda L. Gunn, 346 Paul E. Gunter, 315 Teressa J. Guntharp, 298 Christie Y. Gurley, 346 George Gurley, 346 Carl L. Guthrey, 315 Johnny W. Guthrie, 315 Sharon L. Guthrie, 315 Paul J. Gutierrez, 315 Paul J. Gutierrez, 315 Suzette M. Guy, 298 Kweey D. Gyngard, 346 -H Donna M. Haas, 298 Brett L. Hacker, 315 Bonnie L. Hackley, 315 Mack E. Hackney, 315 Clyde L. Hackworth, 346 William P. Hackworth, 298 William T. Hafford, 346 John F. Hafner, 328 Christopher L. Hagler, 298 Crandal L. Hagler, 298 Janet A. Hagood, 315 Abbas M. Haider, 346 Stan I. Haigwood, 315 Jack D. Hailey, 329 Ahmadfadhil Hajiudin, 366 Ray Jr. Halbert, 346 Nancy R. Halbrook, 289 Theresa W. Halcombe, 315 Anita N. Hale, 315 Greta A. Hale, 315 Tina Hale, 346 Barbara A. Hall, 329 John W. Hall, 298 Keith D. Hall, 346 Kevin D. Hall, 298 Mary K. Hall, 346 Pernell, D. Hall, 329 Sarah J. Hall, 346 Twylla A. Hall, 298 Karen D. Hallett, 329 Kim A. Hallmark, 246 Christene D. Hamilton, 346 Heidi J. Hamilton, 346 Karen R. Hamilton, 329 Tabitha L. Hamilton, 346 Terri L. Hamilton, 315 Terry G. Hamilton, 298 Boyce L. Hamlett, 315 Keith Hamlett, 368 Daniel W. Hamm, 298 Stephen L. Hammell, 346 Jeff N. Hammon, 346 Maria N. Hammond, 289 Jackie M. Hampton, 346 Joni Hampton, 298 Michael R. Hampton, 346 Noor H. Hamzah, 298 Frances, D. Hancock, 329 Jimmie E. Hancock, 329 Lisa C. Hancock, 298 Rhonda A. Hancock, 346 Rose A. Hancock, 346 Tracey L. Hancock, 329 Anne C. Handord, 329 Brant W. Hanguist, 329 Guy R. Hanks, 346 Alisa L. Hankins, 346 Jeff K. Hankins, 298 Lance P. Hankins, 329 Douglas B. Hanlon, 298 Rodney L. Hannah,329 William D. Hansard, 329 Khalid S. Harbi, 289 Sherry T. Harbi, 315 Tariq S. Harbi, 289 Sandra D. Harbison, 329 Sherry L. Harbison, 315 Daniel B. Harbour, 329 Steve M. Harcrow, 364 Sherry L. Harden, 346 Marianna F. Hardin, 346 Anita Hardy, 315 Frances K. Hare 298 Edna L. Hargraves, 315 Jeff T. Hargrove, 346 Dale Harlan, 346 DeAnn Harmon, 298 Rex A. Harmon, 315 Sherri L. Harmon, 346 Tammy R. Harmon, 298 Terri L. Harmon, 329 Roy O. Harness, 346 Denice A. Harp, 346 Joe A. Harp, 315 Margaret L. Harp, 289 Andra Y. Harper, 346 Laura L Harper, 346 Richard S. Harper, 346 Sandra M. Harper, 315 Richie L. Harral, 346 Kimberly L. Harrell, 362 Rickey L. Harrell, 329 Albert M. Harris, 368 Amy E. Harris, 368 Angela L. Harris, 298 D. Jane Harris, 298 Donna M. Harris, 346 Doris A. Harris, 368 Ginniel Harris, 298 Holly A. Harris, 346 ! Jimmy H. Harris, 347 Jodone L. Harris, 315 I Joyce A. Harris, 368 Karen R. Harris, 299 Kimberly M. Harris, 347 Renita J. Harris, 315 Robert D. Harris, 347 Robert E. Harris, 347 Robyn Harris, 329 Victoria S. Harris, 315 Wanda R. Harris, 315 William S. Harris, 347 Craig Harrison, 299 Debbie L. Harrison, 315 Donna L. Harrison, 299 Kimberly K. Harrison, 299 Lisa L. Harrison, 315 Michael A. Harston, 329 Angela A. Hart, 347 Katie L. Hart, 315 Tracy A. Hartert, 299 Spencer, W. Hartmann, 347 Greg Harton, 315 Kevin Hartsfield, 347 Barbara V. Hartwell, 299 Jennifer L. Harvey, 329 Julie Harvey, 315 Keith Harvey, 347 Linda K. Harvey, 329 Tina K. Harvey, 347 Kellie L. Harcill, 329 Iqbal Hasan, 329 Eddie Haskell, 315 Mohd Davd Hassan, 289 Frankie L. Hatton, 329 Cheryl A. Havsinr, 289 Angela C. Hawkins, 347 i Dana J. Hawkins, 347 il Donna R. Hawkins, 315 Marsha D. Hawskins, 315 j Melissa K. Hawley, 299 i Barry C. Hay, 299 I Lisa M. Hay, 347 Betty G. Haycraft, 347 l Charles A. Haydon, 347 ' Zennia M. Hayes, 347 Jerry F. Hayfort, 329 Jeff Haynes, 315 I Jerry W. Haynes, 347 Jim F. Haynes, 329 Kathy D. Haynes, 329 II Rodney E. Haynes, 329 • John T. Hays, 315 i Adrian D. Haywood, 367 i Todd M. Haywood, 347 Loweel, C. Hazel, 347 Ginger L. Head, 347 Phillip D. Healy, 289 Donna M. Heard, 347 Kelly A. Hearn, 347 Darin M. Hearyman, 299 Bob D. Heath, 315 Heather L. Heath, 347 Cheryl R. Heavrin, 329 Bradley N. Heckmann, 299 Debbie A. Hedge, 329 Alyce A. Heeb, 315 Simone E. Heeb, 347 Laura K. Heern, 315 Eurnice E. Heffington, 299 Michael A. Heggie, 299 William R. Helm, 368 Larry G. Helms, 299 Roger L. Helms, 315 Royce L. Helms, 329 Daifallah J. Hendawi, 329 Anna Lee Henderson, 315 Edith E. Henderson, 347 Jospeh C. Henderson, 315 Keri L. Henderson, 347 Madra Henderson, 315 Nannette Henderson, 299 Rebecca A. Hendon, 289 Brett W. Hendrix, 315 Donna Gayle Hendrix, 329 Douglas A. Hendrix, 347 Scott A. Hendrix, 364 Terry L. Hendrix, 329 Troy D. Hendrix, 329 Ruby Henfling, 315 Russell, T. Henley, 347 Summer L. Henely, 347 Sharon L. Henninger, 329 Greg O. Henery, 347 Hazelene D. Henry, 329 Lisa K. Henry, 329 Lisa L. Henery, 347 Michelle Y. Henry, 347 Robin E. Henry, 347 G. W. Henson, 299 Jimmy L. Henson, 347 Lori M. Henson, 299 Shirley J. Henson, 315 Valerie R. Henson, 315 Chad A. Heritage, 329 Velina E. Herod, 347 Mark A. Herringtyon, 347 Rhonda R. Herrington, 347 Beth A. Hervey, 299 Robert Herzig, 329 Bridgette S. Hess, 329 J. R. Hess, 315 Jill R. Hess, 299 Renee P. Hess, 315 Samantha G. Hess, 315 Angela H. Hester, 315 Anita J. Hester, 315 Jack Heston, 315 Elizabeth A. Hiatt, 364 Terry E. Hibbard, 329 Roxann Hibbs, 315 Beverly G. Hickey, 368 Karla J. Hickbotham, 347 Angie D. Hicks, 329 Eddie Hicks, 347 Jeanette Hicks, 347 Jennifer M. Hicks, 347 Joseph W. Hicks, 347 Karen J. Hicks, 347 Kirk A. Hicks, 289 Tammy L. Hiebert, 329 Mary D. Higdon, 347 Kim S. Higginbotham, 299 Derrick G. Higgins, 347 Tommy B. Higgins, 315 Kelly E. High, 347 Sue B. Hightower, 289 Natalie A. Hilburn, 329 Andrea C. Hill, 367 Andrew D. Hill. 347 Carl David Hill, 299 Casey A. Hill, 347 Danny J. Hill, 364 Debbie F. Hill, 299 Greg H. Hill, 315 Jane Hill, 315 Jennifer J. Hill, 347 Jerald R. Hill, 329 Julie J. Hill, 329 Letha A. Hill, 329 Lynn Hill, 315 Melissa F. Hill, 315 Renee M. Hill, 347 Robert B. Hill, 315 Sidona S. Hill, 299 Steve Hill, 347 Suzanne P. Hill, 299 Tracy L. Hill, 347 Ron S. Hillers, 315 Beverly R. Hillhouse, 347 Kristie L. Hilliard, 368 John R. Hillman, 299 Bonne ' yvonne ' Hills, 299 Michael R. Hilton, 299 Paul M. Himstedt, 329 Laurie J. Hinck, 329 Katy Hindman, 316 Deborah K. Hinds, 329 Audrey E. Hindsley, 329 Dawn C. Hines, 347 Barbara L. Hinkle, 299 Barry W. Hinson, 329 Judy D. Hinton, 316 Daina K. Hinton, 347 Tina M. Hix, 347 Jamaludin HJ-Zakaria, 316 Ha J. Hoang, 347 Randell, 0. Hobbs, 347 Sandra R. Hobbs, 316 Heather L. Hoddinott, 347 Jeanise A. Hodge, 347 Melinda J. Hodge, 299 J. Le Ann Hodges, 347 Johnny K. Hodges, 299 Melinda K. Hodges, 347 Pete D. Hoelscher, 329 Tanya L. Hoffman, 299 Donald J. Hofmann, 299 Kathy A. Hogan, 316 Kathy H. Hogan, 316 Melissa G. Hogan, 329 Sarah C. Hogan, 316 Michelle D. Hogard, 329 Terry L. Hogard, 299 Betty Jean Hogue, 329 Billy L. Hogue, 299 Lee Hogue, 329 Paul B. Hogue, 289 Roxanne R. Hogue, 347 Sharon A. Hogue, 367 Stephanie J. Hogue, 347 Suzanne K. Hogue, 362 Troy L. Hogue, 347 Jim X. Holbrook, 329 Melissa J. Holden, 347 Pam L. Holden, 299 Richard B. Holden, 329 Bennett D. Holder, 347 Doyne L. Holifield, 347 Shannon E. Hollan, 329 Alfred J. Holland, 289 Constaine S. Holland, 347 Diana L. Holland, 347 Seanne R. Holland, 347 Shelly L. Holle, 329 Cheryl L. Holley, 329 Michael T. Holliday, 316 Charles M. Hollis, 348 Crystal T. Hollis, 316 Jeff S. Hollister, 348 Kris D. Hollway, 316 Phillip Holloway, 366 Ruth L. Holmes, 329 Larry L. Holmes, 348 Anthony L. Holt, 368 Charles R. Holt, 348 Donna M. Holt, 299 James S. Holt, 329 Tina L. Holt, 329 Tracey A. Holt, 367 Woodrow V. Holt, 348 Roger D. Honey, 348 Sonya L. Honeycutt, 348 Roger A. Hoofman, 366 Nancy S. Hooten, 299 Lesli A. Hope, 329 Kevin E. Hopkins, 316 Cara L. Hopp, 316 David L. Hopp, 316 Kimberly L. Hord, 329 Kimberly L. Hord, 329 Hoshang D. Hormasji, 316 Havilyn Hornor, 348 Sher ry A. Horner, 316 Lori L. Horness, 316 Kristi K. Horrell, 348 Charlon G. Horton, 316 Danielle D. Horton, 348 Lynn C. Horton, 348 Michael D. Horton, 348 Paula M. Horton, 348 Todd Horton, 316 Jacquelyn G. Hosinski, 329 Charlotte L. Hoskins, 329 Leslie A. Hoskins, 348 Larry D. Hosman, 289 Mary Lou Houart, 316 Daryl Keith Houchin, 299 Leslie House, 367 Vickie A. Householder, 348 Bert W. Houston, 348 Carla J. Houston, 299 John D. Houston, 348 Nola J. Houston, 330 Sharon D. Houston, 289 Carie L. Howard, 316 Curt L. Howard, 330 Heather L. Howard, 348 Janet S. Howard, 330 Kara S. Howard, 299 Michael P. Howard, 330 Diane E. Howe, 330 Maggie J. Howell, 368 Jerri E. Howington, 330 Sharon K. Hoyt, 299 Alicia A. Hubbard, 366 Arthur L. Hubbard, 316 Connie R. Hubbard, 348 Jerry C. Hubbard, 289 Karen M. Hubbard, 316 Link Jr. Hubbard, 362 Michael Dale Hubbard, 330 J. Renee Hubbell, 348 Tammy L. Hubble, 348 Daryn D. Huber, 348 Patrick E. Huchabee, 348 Donna Low Hudson, 299 Kathy L. Hudson, 289 Lois A. Hudson, 330 Shelly G. Hudson, 299 Karen E. Huey, 348 Brian P. Huff, 330 Beth D. Huffine, 348 James K. Huffman, 330 Sherry S. Huffman, 348 Ginger K. Hufstedler, 299 Robert J. Hufstedler, 348 Debbie A. Hughes, 299 Joe E. Hughes, 348 Sharon R. Hughes, 316 Wade S. Hughes, 299 Franklin D. Hughey, 366 Betty J. Huitt, 362 Anthony Hulen, 348 Barry O. Hulett, 299 Kimberly B. Hulett, 316 Todd A. Hulett, 316 Eric J. Humphrey, 316 Jenni K. Humphrey, 348 Calvin R. Hunt, 368 Ricky A. Hunt, 330 Randy W. Hunt, 348 Sherry S. Hunt, 348 Donald Ray Hunter, 299 Earlie L. V. Hunter, 367 Felicia A. Hunter, 316 Ron Hunter, 348 Lisa M. Hurd, 348 Shuhaimi Husain, 299 Zahari Husin, 330 Cunthia E. Hutcheson, 366 Debbie M. Hutchins, 299 Rudi R. Hutchins, 348 Brent A. Hutchison, 316 Jeff J. Hutchison, 348 Jerri M. Hutchison, 330 Kerry S. Hutchison, 368 Lisa D. Hutchison, 316 Tammy M. Hutchison, 348 lie M. Huth, 348 Jason Hyde, 348 Scott F. Hyde, 299 Todd H. Hyde, 349 -I- Betty Iguagbonmwen, 299 David K. Imboden, 348 Billy K. Inboden, 348 Hollis K. Inboden, 330 Karyn J. Infield, 289 Tim M. Ingram, 348 Robert K. Inman, 348 Penny L. Inness, 330 Wai Keung Amas IP, 368 Mohd Aslam Iqbalmohd, 316 Boyd C. Irby, 348 Mary F. Irby, 330 Carla D. Irvin, 330 Sharon J. Isbell, 348 Trish L. Isbell, 316 Eric L Isbill, 316 Ahmad Sobri Ismail, 330 Kim D. Isom, 316 Lisa K. Ivie, 348 LaDonna C. Ivy, 348 -J- Angela M. Jackson, 330 Brett A. Jackson, 330 Cindy A. Jackson, 299 Emily A. Jackson, 316 James A. Jackson, 348 J. Michael Jackson, 330 Jill C. Jackson, 368 Joy L. Jackson, 299 Katherine L. Jackson, 366 Lisa G. Jackson, 300 Lori L. Jackson, 316 Regina K. Jackson, 330 Richard B. Jackson, 330 Roxanne J. Jackson, 300 Tabatha J. Jackson, 348 Tammy A. Jackson, 330 Terri L. Jackson, 316 Timothy S. Jackson, 330 Stephen W. Jaco, 316 Abdul G. Jais, 300 Marhainis Jamaludin, 316 Judy L. James, 330 Lola B. James, 330 Patricia M. James, 330 Stephanie C. James, 348 David H. Jamieson, 330 Jamie M. Jamison, 300 Paula D. Jamison, 316 Linda M. Jansen, 300 Michelle L. Jaramillo, 348 Susan S. Jarrett, 300 James S. Jarvis, 316 David K. Jauch, 348 Vivi L. Jayroe, 330 Reginald Jemison, 348 Dawn R. Jenkins, 364 Evelyn R. Jenkins, 300 Timothy R. Jenkins, 348 Danny Jennings, 316 Phyllis D. Jennings, 348 Shannon L. Jennings, 348 Debra L. Jernigan, 316 Edward J. Jernigan, 289 Judy L. Jernigan, 348 Robert E. Jett, 300 Montey, E. Jetton, 330 Barbara A. Johnson, 300 Billy J. Johnson, 348 Carl A. Johnson, 348 Carl W. Johnson, 316 Cindy M. Johnson, 289 Dana L. Johnson, 316 David T. Johnson, 348 Demita Johnson, 330 Donna E. Johnson, 300 Edward F. R. Johnson, 348 Ella F. Johnson, 289 Hendra K. Johnson, 300 Jennifer Johnson, 348 Joseph N. Johnson, 300 Julie A. Johnson, 330 LaReecia D. Johnson, 330 Leatha R. Johnson, 316 Lloyd W. Johnson, 330 Lori A. Johnson, 300 Lorraine V. Johnson, 348 Martha J. Johnson, 300 Michael T. Johnson, 300 Patsy J. Johnson, 289 Paul L. Johnson, 348 Renee Johnson, 300 Rodney P. Johnson, 300 Rosa E. Johnson, 348 Sam C. Johnson, 330 Sandi R. Johnson, 348 Sharon D. Johnson, 348 Timothy L. Johnson, 348 Vonda K. Johnson, 300 Allison L. Johnston, 300 Bobby Joel Johnston, 330 Keith A. Johnston, 300 Carolyn L. Joiner, 330 Sherri L. Joiner, 300 Andrew D. Jones, 330 Angela D. Jones, 316 Brandon R. Jones, 348 Bryan D. Jones, 316 Charles Jones, 290 David A. Jones, 300 Demetrius A. Jones, 330 Eric W. Jones, 300 Franklin Allan Jones, 364 Gregory S. Jones, 348 Hershel G. Jones Jr., 300 James B. Jones, 349 Jerry L. Jones, 349 Jim H. Jones, 290 Jimmy W. Jones, 349 Joseph A. Jones, 362 Julie A. Jones, 330 Kellie D. Jones, 316 Kelly J. Jones, 349 Kenneth T. Jones, 300 Kimberly M. Jones, 330 Kimberly S. Jones, 349 Lance A. Jones, 349 Larinda K. Jones, 316 Mark A. Jones, 330 Martha J. Jones, 300 Mitzi E. Jones, 330 Paul F. Jones, 349 Polly R. Jones, 349 Robert A. Jones, 300 Ronda F. Jones, 300 Sheri L. Jones, 330 Stephanie L. Jones, 367 Suzanne M. Jones, 330 Tanya M. Jones, 349 Tim R. Jones, 330 Tim W. Jones, 330 W. June Jones, 290 Jacqueline M. Jordan, 330 Robin L. Jorgensen, 349 Alice S. Jorn, 368 Martin Joseph, 368 Tim M. Joseph, 316 Patricia J. Judd, 330 Leah M. Jumper, 330 Megat F. Junid, 300 Gima M. Junkersfeld, 330 Billy G. Justus, 300 Kim A. Justus, 349 -K Joey M. Kaiser, 349 Savvus, J. Kaminaride, 349 Missy A. Kapales, 349 Stefani R. Kappelman, 349 AN D. Kasiri, 290 Cindy D. Kegley, 349 Tara T. Kegley, 300 Val P. Kegley, 349 Gary M. Keith, 290 Katherine E. Keith, 316 Sherry S. Lace, 300 Tommy H. Lackey, 330 DeLisa L. Lackland, 330 Scottie D. Lackland, 331 Bonnie M. Ladd, 349 Jodi L. Ladd, 349 Phillip D. Ladd, 300 Kathy E. Ladymon, 368 Mark D. Laffoon, 331 Steven L. Laffoon, 316 Becky A. LaGore, 300 Ga C. Lai, 316 Choon Lai, 317 Coon Koi Lam, 349 Sweehar Lam, 317 Leah M. Lamak, 349 Stacy L. Lamb, 331 Trent R. Lamb, 349 Gary W. Lambert, 366 Regina A. Lamberth, 369 Terri J. Lamberth, 300 Tracy E. Lamberth, 317 Pamela K. Lambregtse, 317 Mohammed Lamy, 349 Gary L. Lancaster, Jr., 349 Philip A. Landers, 331 Eddie R. Landreth, 331 Judy C. Landreth, 290 Allen D. Landry, 331 Sandra D. Landry, 317 Bilinda G. Lane, 349 Bryan H. Lane, 331 Jerry P. Lane, 300 Joe D. Lane, 369 Rhonda L. Lane, 349 Sandy L. Lane, 331 Terria L. Lane, 349 Zelma M. Lang, 290 Kandi M. Langley, 331 Mitzi M. Langlois, 331 Beth L. Langston, 349 Pamela D. Langston, 364 Janet S. Lankford 331 James M. Lankford, 349 Catherine Larry, 331 Stacey Y. Larsen, 349 Don E. Larson, 300 Gayla J. Lashley, 317 Cynthia A. Late, 331 Albert D. Latham, 290 Kristi D. Latham, 349 Kenneth E. Lathrop, 300 Tami G. Latta, 349 Angela L. Lattus, 349 Tracey A. Law, 300 Rebecca A. Lawing, 331 Blackie K. Lawless, 301 Fonda A. Lawman, 349 Pennie R. Lawman, 349 Dawn T. Lawrence, 349 James L. Lawrence, 301 Jeffrey A. Lawrence, 301 Penny L. Lawrence, 331 Rob Lawrence, 331 Robert F. Lawrence, 317 Sandy L. Lawrence, 317 Tammy A. Lawrence, 367 Allison P. Laws, 317 Jane A. Laws, 317 John D. Laws, 349 Barbara J. Lawson, 349 Brett E. Lawson, 331 C. Denice Lawson, 301 Sonja e. Lea, 301 Stephen M. Leahy, 290 Julie M. Leake, 290 Robin L. Leake, 302 Sandra J. Leaks, 364 Clint D. Ledbetter, 301 Annette L. Lee, 349 Benjamanin J. Lee, 349 Boon Hwa Lee, 317 Charles K. Lee, 367 Derek Lee, 317 Hee Long Lee, 301 John L. Lee, 310 Navie L. Lee, 301 Robert D. Lee, 290 Stacy D. Lee, 349 Young J. Lee, 349 Valarie L. Lee, 349 Laura L. Leech, 349 Shawnna P. Lefler, 349 Russell L. Leggett, 367 Michael T. Leibrock, 350 Parti a. Leinenbach, 331 Grace D. Lemmonds, 331 Loretha Lemmons, 350 Helen L. Leniear, 317 Deean Leon, 350 Cindy A. Leonard, 331 James W. Leonard, 350 Melanie L. Leonard, 317 Melissa C. Leonard, 350 Roger B. Leonard, 301 Tracy E. Leonard, 350 Kim Fong Leong, 369 Ronette Lepley, 317 Linda K. Lerrin, 367 Scott Levins, 366 Cleverlon A. Letbetter, 350 Phillip L. Lewallen, 317 Thomas J. Lewallen, 317 Sharon K. Lewellen, 331 Marsha F. Lewellyn, 317 Annette Lewis, 331 De Wayne E. Lewis, 350 Dwayne Lewis, 331 Felicia A. Lewis, 317 Francis R. Lewis, 350 Gwendolyn R. Lewis, 317 Harrison D. Lewis, 350 Jarod L. Lewis, 317 Jill M. Lewis, 331 Robert W. Lewis, 317 Sharon R. Lewis, 301 Tonnetta Y. Lewis, 350 Burl A. Lieblory, 301 Marsha K. Light, 331 Darren K. Lillard, 350 Martin E. Lilly, 317 Pauline A. Linam, 317 Rob Lindley, 331 Barbara J. Lindsey, 301 Julia A. Lindsey, 290 Michael E. Lindsey, 350 Tim A. Lindsey, 350 Vermon Scott Lindsey, 317 Cindy L. Linn, 301 Terry L. Lisenby, 317 Steve W. Little, 317 Charlie A. Littlefield, 331 Timothy L. Littleon, 301 Thian Yu Liu, 331 Kevin L. Lloyd, 301 Trevor W. Lloyd, 331 Janette M. Loar, 301 Paula E. Locke, 331 Stephen W. Locke, 350 Linda F. Lockhart, 317 Judy A. Lockley, 301 Patrick G. Logan, 369 Sandra C. Loggains, 331 Nancy P. Loggins, 350 Julie A. Lombardo, 350 Louis A. Lombardo, 301 Lucinda L. London, 331 Barbara D. Long, 317 Bobby E. Long, 331 Chuck Long, 367 Darryle A. Long, 290 John A. Long, 301 Kenny L. Long, 331 Kevin L. Long, 331 Matthew S. Long, 369 Scott S. Long, 350 Tracy L. Loomis, 317 Joe L. Looney III., 301 Terri D. Looney, 301 Judi L. Loop, 301 Bock Thai Lor, 301 Audrey G. Lott, 317 Alan B. Love, 331 Larry D. Lovelace II., 331 Angela M. Lovell, 331 Greg S. Lovell, 350 Jackie B. Lovell, 350 Teresa A. Lovell, 331 Mary K. Lovern, 331 Donald J. Lovett, 317 Laura D. Lovrien, 350 Jamie E. Low, 350 Men Chua Low, 301 Ed Lowden, 317 Carla Y. Lowe, 350 Kim M. Lowe, 350 Angela K. Lowery, 367 Vickie D. Lowery, 369 W. Shannon Luke, 350 Danielle C. Luker, 350 Bill J. Lumpkin, 331 Chip L. Lumpkin, 317 Jerrie C. Luna, 350 Linda G. Lunde, 290 Inez M. Lunsford, 331 Donald G. Luther, 301 Dee Lybrand, 301 Lisa A. Lyons, 317 Ronald J. Lyons, 350 -M- Karri A. Mabry, 317 Teddi D. Mabry, 317 Twyla J. MacDonald, 350 Mario Machado, 317 Samuel A. Macheak, 317 Joyce A. Mackey, 367 Nancy A. Mackey, 301 Robert R. Mackey, 317 T. Renee Maclin, 350 Frank A. Macon, 350 John Joseph MacPherson, 364 Cleveland, P. Maddox, 301 Mark H. Maddox, 350 Belinda J. Madujibeya, 362 Samuel C. Madujibeya, 362 Odessa M. Maez, 350 Louella MaGee, 317 Susan L. Mahon, 317 Melody A. Main, 317 Sekhar Maitra, 369 Rhonda D. Malloy, 317 Jerry Malone, 317 Lisa M. Malone, 350 Melinda C. Malone, 350 Myra L. Malone, 317 Balasundram Maniam, 362 Melinda S. Manis, 301 Jerri A. Mann, 350 Etta L. Manning, 331 Timothy M. Mansfield, 350 Catherine A. Manziel, 317 Cynthia Maples, 301 Michelle Marchard, 331 Mary K. Marcom, 301 Dan Marino, 317 Jeanette D. Marks, 317 Mitchell K. Marks, 290 Billy w. Marlin, 350 Sheila G. Marlin, 301 Pamela R. Marlowe, 350 Vicki G. Marotti, 331 Valerie L. Marr, 317 Melinda B. Marrero, 350 Charmee M. Marsh, 350 Janice L. Marsh, 302 Jimmy L. Marshall, 331 Phillip S. Marshall, 302 Alisa K. Martin, 317 Amy J. Martin, 350 Annah L. Martin, 350 Anthony S. Martin, 317 Brian S. Martin, 362 Cara Martin, 302 Carlynn M. Martin, 350 Charles R. Martin, 366 Chuck Martin, 317 Clint A. Martin, 317 Darrell W. Martin, 350 Debbie S. Martin, 331 Frank M. Martin, 369 Garland L. Martin, 331 Kenny R. Martin, 350 LaRita Y. Martin, 317 a M. Martin, 350 R. Martin, 317 Lorna Y. Martin, 350 Matthew B. Martin, 331 Michael L. Martin, 290 Rudi M. Martin, 317 Sheila R. Martin, 331 Dwayne C. Masingale, 331 Karen M. Masner, 350 Beverly J. Mason, 317 Mary E. Mason, 350 Tracy M. Mason, 317 Alice F. Massey, 317 Donald Ray Massey, 317 Keith E. Massey, 317 Allen L. Masters, 317 Donna C. Masters, 362 Douglas E. Masters, 302 Clark L. Matheny, 366 Linda L. Matheson, 350 Jennifer L. Mathews, 350 Ramona B. Mathews, 362 Melanie J. Mathis, 350 Byron C. Matthews, 350 Cindy L. Matthews, 350 Mechelle L. Mathis, 331 Benita A. Matlock, 317 Teresa J. Mattix, 350 Rachal R. Mauldin, 369 Laura E. Maxwell, 302 Linda D. Maxwell, 331 Tisha R. Maxwell, 350 Darren K. May, 302 Kenneth L. May, 302 Krystal D. May, 350 Paula E. May, 350 Charles W. Mayes, 317 Deanna Mayes, 350 Julie M. Mayes, 350 Lisa M. Mayhan, 350 Mary L. Maynard, 350 Terri A. Maynard, 302 Valerie Mayo, 331 Billy Joe McAfee Jr., 317 Donna F. McAfee, 350 Mark B. McAfee, 331 Christopher, J. McAlee, 317 Russell B. McAllister, 301 Kellye S. McAnear, 350 Stacey R. McBryde, 350 Cindy L. McCain, 350 Rob F. McCall, 331 Telly R. McCallie, 350 Rhonda G. McCallister, 350 Douglas v. McCane, 331 James E. McCarley, 331 Robert G. McCarroll, 369 Charles P.McCarty, 317 Leslie D. McCasland, 351 Clarissa F. McClain, 301 Jimmy Keith McClain, 317 Johnny L. McCluskey, 301 Kevin E. McCleskey, 367 Beverly N. McCollum, 301 Shelah V. McCord, 351 J. Christi McCormick, 317 Patsy A. McCourt, 351 James B. McCoy, 351 John F. McCoy, 331 Johanthan B. McCoy, 351 Joseph B. McCoy, 351 Kenneth D. McCoy, 301 Rachel L. McCoy, 351 Susan L. McCoy, 351 Tena M. McCoy, 318 Margaret A. McCracken, 351 Peggy L. McCrackin, 301 Darla G. McCreless, 301 Hollye A. McCrum, 301 Brent L. McCullar, 351 Mike D. McCullar, 351 Sheila F. McCurley, 318 Andrea D. McDaniel, 351 Onvia F. McDaniel, 351 Penny L. McDaniel, 331 Vesta Venice McDaniel, 351 William R. McDaniel, 301 Janice D. McDonald, 351 Janice M. McDonald, 351 Lisa A. McDonald, 290 Tommy G. McDonald, 318 Jenny McElhaney, 351 Jeff W. McElrath, 331 Don P. McFall, 351 Laura A. McFarland, 351 Melinda G. McFarland, 331 Mildred P. McFarlin, 351 Pamela S. McFarlin, 351 Curtis A. McGee, 351 Curtis L. McGee, 301 Danice A. McGee, 318 Ivy V. McGee, 318 Stacey A. McGee, 318 Mary E. McGhee, 331 Carolyn S. McGinnis, 351 Deanna S. McGonigal, 331 Libby M. McGrew, 290 Mitch L. McGrew, 318 Patricia L. McGrew, 362 Julie A. McGough, 301 Karen C. McGough, 301 Barbara S. McGuire, 301 Deborah K. McGuire, 318 Stephen E. McGuire, 331 Angie L. McHalffey, 351 Cindy L. McHalffey, 351 Jackie L. McHalffey, 351 Patrick H. McHaney, 318 Teresa L. Mclllwain, 351 Celeste Mcintosh, 318 Jeffrey S. Mcintosh, 351 Lorie D. Mcintosh, 351 Catherine M. Mclven, 331 R. Faye McKay, 351 Laura A. McKee, 301 Lisa A. McKee, 351 Kevin E. McKenzie, 301 Lori A. McKenzie, 318 Nelson, J. McKenzie, 351 Brenda L. McKinion, 351 Kimberly A. McKinley, 351 Angela K. McKinness, 331 Alex McKinney, 362 Wayne L. McKinney, 351 William T. McKisson, 301 Paula D. McKnight, 331 Lindy L. McKuin, 301 Sandy K. McKuin, 351 Richard H. McLarty, 351 Maryann H. McLean, 301 Lisa M. McLemore, 318 Boyd R. McMasters, 331 Evelyn McMasters, 332 Kevin W. McMasters, 318 Anthony P. McMickle, 332 Jeffery S. McMillin, 318 Eugene W. McNeely, 351 William J. McNeil, 301 Tammie L. McNully, 351 Charmine Y. McNutt, 331 Christopher L. McQuay, 318 Sam T. McQuay, 351 Sandra D. McQuay, 351 Sheila M. McReynolds, 351 Sherry L. McWilliams, 332 Lance R. Meadows, 351 Marque Smokey " G " Mealing Robert E. Means, 351 Charles R. Mears, 318 Vitalia Y. Medina, 302 Deborah K. Medlin, 302 Sally A. Meech, 351 Greg P. Meek, 318 Danny W. Mefford, 319 Danual P. Melton, 351 Debra E. Melton, 302 Tammy A. Melton, 332 Terry W. Melton, 351 Regina M. Meredith, 351 Rhonda R. Meredith, 351 Melissa R. Meredith, 351 Dana L. Merguie, 302 John D. Merguie, 332 Cynthia D. Merillat, 302 Calvin L. Meriwether, 351 Lori P. Merrill, 351 Maria A. Mertens, 302 Walter E. Meshaka, 362 Joe A. Messer, 351 Gene C. Metcalf, 318 Karen J. Mehteny, 332 Kellie S. Metheny, 351 Rex W. Metheny, 302 James S. Meyer, 351 Thomas T. Meurrier, 366 Tracy A. Meurrier, 364 Yen-Kang Miau, 369 Jeffery D. Michael, 318 Lori A. Michaels, 351 Thomas N. Micheli, 302 James Jeffrey Middlebrook, 351 Candice L. Middleton, 351 Cherie A. Midgett, 351 Donna Ft. Miles, 332 Harold D. Miles, 351 Sandra K. Miley, 318 Patrick W. Z. Millbrook, 318 Alison S. Miller, 332 Amy L. Miller, 351 Angela M. Miller, 351 Cathy F. Miller, 302 Debra N. Miller, 318 Denita R. Miller, 318 i Donna G. Miller, 318 Gerald A. Miller, 351 Greg S. Miller, 351 James D. Miller, 318 Jerry M. Miller, 302 Faren Denese Miller, 351 Kimberly S. Miller, 332 Leigha G. Miller, 302 Lisa A. Miller, 332 Michael S. Miller, 332 Robert D. Miller III, 302 Ronnie M. Miller, 302 Sharon K. Miller, 366 Steve J. Miller, 318 Stewart A. Miller, 332 Terrie L. Miller, 351 Thomas F. Miller, 351 Tracy J. Miller, 318 -Angela G. Mills, 318 Bridgette A. Mills, 318 Holly A. Mills, 351 Leith Mills, 318 Robert E. Mills, 318 iSteven D. Mills, 318 Brenda Minton, 332 Randel B. Minton, 302 Joanna C. Miranda, 369 : Kristi Kim Misan, 351 Pradeep Chandra Mishra, 351 , Adaar Miskun, 318 Connie O. Mitchell, 302 Danny R. Mitchell, 367 Eddie F. Mitchell, 362 Ellen R. Mitchell, 302 (Larry K. Mitchell, 352 Mark T. Mitchell, 290 Robin L. Mitchell, 332 Shelia L. Mitchell, 302 Stan A. Mitchell, 352 Stan R. Mitchell, 332 Tammy L. Mitchell, 352 Ginger L. Mitts, 352 Paul M. Mitts, 302 David A. Mize, 332 Lawrence R. Mize, 352 Anissa D. Mobley, 352 Joseph A. Mobley, 332 Sheila J. Mobley, 318 Denise C. Modelevsky, 302 John D. Moellers, 352 Norliza Mohomed-Yunus, 302 Ahmad R. Mohd Bukhari, 302 Ardiana Mohd. Rusli, 318 Mat Tarmizi Mohd. Som, 318 Pohaimi Moho Isa, 318 Adnam Mohol Daud, 318 Deth A. Moles, 352 Andrea M. Moller, 318 Diana Monroe, 318 David D. Montgomery, 318 Ronnie L. Montgomery, 332 Wilma M. Montgomery, 332 Bobby G. Moody, 332 Carolyn R. Moody, 302 Jami E. Moon, 332 James E. Mooney, 302 Timothy L. Mooney, 352 Candace D. Mooneyham, 352 Andy B. Mooneyhan, 352 Anastasia Moore, 364 Angela R. Moore, 332 Carrol C. Moore, 332 Chris P. Moore, 332 Daniel E. Moore, 318 Danny L. Moore Jr., 332 Heather N. Moore, 369 Janet R. Moore, 352 Jeff Moore, 302 Johnnie T. Moore, 302 Jon E. Moore, 352 Jonathan L. Moore, 352 Judy C. Moore, 318 Kandace M. Moore, 352 Keith E. Moore, 302 Kyle R. Moore, 367 Ladona R. Moore, 352 Laura A. Moore, 302 Linda R. Moore, 290 Lori A. Moore, 352 Melissa A. Moore, 332 Monica L. Moore, 352 Sandi D. Moore, 352 Janetta E. Moorman, 332 Joanna Moraitis, 318 Marsha L. Moran, 318 Bryan Morgan, 352 David A. Morgan, 318 James D. Morgan, 352 Jeffrey N. Morgan, 332 Mark M organ, 318 Michelle Anne Morgan, 352 Norma L. Morgan, 318 Rosanna M. Morgan, 302 William L. Morgan, 332 Larry B. Morgeson, 332 Andrew A. Morris, 290 Brenda J. Morris, 352 James E. Morris, 369 John H. Morris, 302 Letha A. Morris, 318 Mark E. Morris, 302 Michael G. Morris, 332 Sean D Morris, 352 Carter W. Morrison, 332 Michelle D. Morrison, 352 Sandra J. Morrison, 352 Clayton T. Morrow, 318 Stanley K. Morrow, 352 Todd R. Morrow, 332 Daniel A. Morse, 302 Melinda K. Morse, 332 Melissa C. Morse, 332 Sandra J. Moser, 302 Jeff S. Moses, 332 Bill C. Moss, 318 David C. Moss, 302 Gina S. Moss, 352 Greg L. Moss, 318 Melissa K. Mote, 352 James G. Mott Jr., 352 Stacy C. Mounce, 332 Carmen S. Mounts, 352 R. Scott Moye, 302 Mazen M. Mrayan, 318 Sharon K. Mudford, 332 Lynda C. Muench, 332 Miguel Angel Mukel, 318 Alene L. Mullins, 352 Delesa A. Mullins, 352 Laura L. Mullins, 364 Tammy C. Mullins, 332 Emmie L. Munns, 352 Charles V. Munos, 367 James R. Muove, 369 Ken M. Murphree, 352 Daniele W. Murphy, 290 Kathy A. Murphy, 352 Ronald A. Murphy, 352 Walter W. Murphy Jr., 318 Abu Bakar Bin Musa, 290 Aaron T. Myatt, 352 Charles R. Myers, 352 Douglas F. Myers, 352 James R. Myers, Jr., 318 Jon H. Myers, 302 Robert L. Myers, 302 Rhonda A. Mynatt, 302 -N- Gabriele Nachtigall, 352 Chris A. Nagel, 352 Carye L. Nance, 352 Jay W. Nance, 352 Michael J. Nash, 290 Sharon D. Nash, 332 Cheryl P. Nave, 332 Kurt J. Naumann, 302 Carl L. Neal, 318 Gretta E. Neal, 318 Karen R. Neal, 364 Robert G. Neal Jr., 290 Steven L. Neal, 332 Christopher Mark Needham, 367 Kenneth A. Neely, 352 Mary Kim Neely, 318 Susan A. Neely, 302 Tina L. Neeley, 352 Gary R. Negrow, 352 Andrea D. Nelson, 318 Byron W. Nelson, 352 Danita L. Nelson, 318 Danny W. Nelson, 352 Nancy P. Nelson, 318 Shirl A. Nelson, 332 Terrence Nelson, 302 Sonya T. Neslor, 318 Anthony G. Nettles, 352 Cassandra F. Neumeyer, 332 Gregory S. Newberry, 302 Joy D. Newberry, 318 Kevin B. Newberry, 332 Leanna Newberry, 302 Dayla A. Newsom, 352 John C. Newsom, 352 Kevin N. Newsom, 352 Robin M. Newton, 352 Chee Long Ng, 369 Nhu T. Nguyen, 318 Audrey L. Nichols, 318 James C. Nichols, 302 Karen L. Nichols, 318 Carla D. Nicholson, 318 Joyce A. Nicholson, 302 Jeffrey S. Nickell, 302 Theresa C. Nicol, 332 Chad L. Niell, 332 Sonia Y. Nix, 352 Kelvin Y. Noble, 352 Lori S. Noblin, 318 Darrell W. Nolen, 290 Debbie Lynn Nolen, 352 Tammie E. Nolen, 303 Norma D. Noles, 352 Zainudin Nor, 303 Cherry L. Norris, 303 Pamela S. Norris, 303 Shannon Norris, 352 Lori D. Northern, 352 Todd W. Nortier, 303 Charles E. Norton II, 303 Masoud Nourizadch, 290 Paul L. Nowlin, 332 Robert D. Nowlin, 290 Becky L. Nunnally, 352 Morris, G. Nutt, 352 Richard R. Nutt, 303 Marty L. Nutter, 352 James Azubuikem Nwokeabia, 303 Daniel Nyitrai, 332 -0- Ehigiator J. Oaiya, 290 David W. Oakes, 332 Ronald C. Oates, 319 Peggy L. O ' Connor, 319 Debora A. Odam, 352 Billie A. Odle, 352 Jonathan Chidi Odoh, 303 Kenneth W. Odom, 352 Laura H. Odom, 352 Jeff W. O ' Donnell, 332 Randal E. O ' Donnell, 319 Almeda R. Ogle, 352 Kelly C. O ' Guin, 352 Ebenezer B. Ogunmusesan, 290 Karen L. Ogunmusesan, 303 Harold N. Okocha, 290 Cathy E. Oldham, 219 Teresa A. Oldham, 303 Jeanette Oldman, 303 Chad D. Oliver, 332 Jeanie D. Oliver, 332 Wesley E. Oliver, 319 Bill Olson, 319 Gary C. Olymann, 303 Josephine Omar, 332 Ramlee Omar, 319 Zuraidah Omar, 319 Carolyn D. O ' Neal, 303 Jami J. O ' Neal, 352 Kelly O ' Neal, 332 Boon H. Ong, 319 Ann M. Oprean, 353 Cathy L. Oprean, 353 Jim Orey, 353 Vickie R. Orick, 332 Mary K. Orlick, 319 Tina K. Orman, 332 Lorraine S. Orr, 332 Marty B. Orr, 332 Susan K. Orr, 353 Judi K. Ortman, 353 Willis E. Osban, 319 Stefanie A. Osborn, 319 Tommy L. Osborn, 353 J. Bryan Osborne, 303 James W. Osborne, 353 Mickey S. Osborne, 332 Sharon K. Osier, 303 Judy E. Osment, 319 Ray F. Osment, 353 William P. Oswalt, 319 Dereta Othman, 319 Hayati Othman, 319 Khairil Walid B. Othman, 364 Noor Far Idah Othman, 319 Ernest M. Ott, 290 Sandra Oudahkes, 353 Carol L. Overbay, 290 Meleah R. Overman, 303 Norah C. Overstreet, 303 Susannah N. Overstreet, 353 Levada S. Overton, 332 Bradley H. Owen, 332 Charlotte M. Owens, 353 George E. Owens Jr., 303 Ginger R. Owens, 353 Kelly L. Owens, 319 Michael D. Owens, 332 Phillip B. Owens, 353 Richard J. Owens, 353 Russ L. Owens, 303 Greg L. Ozbun, 353 Jeff B. Ozbun, 319 -P- Lee Ann Pack, 353 Brian K. Padgett, 353 Sheila D. Padgett, 353 Geneva V. Palmer, 353 Kenneth D. Palmer, 332 Tse Liang Pagn, 353 Veronica L. Panneck, 332 Jennifer L. Pannell, 353 Sophocles P. Parpanos, 303 Jean A. Pardeck, 290 Debra G. Parish, 303 Karri X. Parish, 332 Chris M. Parker, 303 Kathy L. Parker, 369 Keith A. Parker, 332 Melinda L. Parker, 303 Pam J. Parker, 319 Richard K. Parker, 332 Billy W. Parks, 319 Joe G. Parks, 303 John F. Parks, 303 Mable Parks, 290 Melissia A. Parks, 369 Crystal D. Parmenter, 303 Jay C. Parnell, 353 Tanna J. Parnell, 353 Tonya R. Parnell, 333 Kathey R. Parr, 303 Lisa R. Parr, 319 Sarah A. Parr, 333 Joseph L. Parris, 303 Misty D. Parrish, 319 Lisa C. Paschal, 333 David L. Passalaqua, 303 V. Neil Passmore, 353 John W. Pate, 353 Pramod K. Patel, 353 Urvi Patel, 353 Danny W. Patterson, 333 Deanna K. Patterson, 319 Jeffery S. Paterson, 333 Jerald D. Paterson, 319 Kevin R. Patterson, 367 Kim Patterson, 303 M. Melissa Paterson, 333 Shirley G. Paterson, 353 Tina Patterson, 353 Tracy R. Patterson, 353 Angela Patton, 333 Anthony S. Patton, 303 Cliff D. Patton, 353 Pamela J. Patton, 353 Shelly J. Patton, 319 Stacey R. Paudert, 319 Cynthia W. Paul, 333 Ben Payne, 363 Karen L. Payne, 319 Lori L. Payne, 353 Malcolm T. Payne, 333 Maria M. Payne, 353 Susanne E. Payne, 353 K. Denise Peacock, 290 Tina R. Peacock, 319 Glenn A. Pearson, 353 Vonda L. Pearson, 303 Sharon L. Peebles, 333 Laura E. Peer, 367 Robert K. Pell Jr., 303 Cody L. Pendergist, 303 Connie L. Pendergrass, 319 Sandra D. Pendergrass, 353 Virginia L. Penn, 353 Dorinda Gayle Pennington, 353 Jeff Pennington, 333 Tonia R. Pennington, 333 Michael K. Penter, 353 Johnny R. Peoples, 303 Vetrice L. Peoples, 364 Robin E. Peppers, 319 Rita L. Perkey, 303 Anita S. Perkins, 353 Brad V. Perkins, 364 Jimmy K. Perkins, 319 Johnny L. Perkins, 333 Rebecca L. Perkins, 333 Robert L. Perkins, 303 Stefanie G. Perkins, 290 Judy D. Perrin, 353 Beatrice Perry, 303 Bryant Perry, 353 Cleo C. Perry III., 303 John Perry, 319 John A. Perry, 333 John D. Perry, 319 Michael D. Perry, 353 Sherry J. Perry, 319 Dennis Wayne Perryman, 364 Debbie R. Peters, 303 Lesley A. Perers, 303 Margaret A. Peters, 290 Douglas E. Peterson, 353 John L. Peterson, 319 Charles S. Petty 303 Jetta L. Petty, 303 Lee J. Petty, 303 Carey L. Pfeifer, 353 Pennie M. Pflueger, 303 Dolan D. Phelix, 303 Dora A. Phelps, 303 Terry L. Phelps, 333 Ricky J. Philhours, 333 Bobby G. Phillips, 319 Carl Dan Phillips, 333 David L. Phillips, 333 Gary L. Phillips, 290 Glenda G. Phillips, 333 Jimmy C. Phillips, 353 Levanda J. Phillips, 319 Linda D. Phillips, 319 Paul E. Phillips, 353 Teena M. Phillips, 303 Winford Rudd Phillips, 303 Brett Phipps, 353 Ronnie Kevin Phipps, 353 Jenny L. Piatt, 353 Dale C. Pickard, 353 Frazier Pickens, 353 Karen K. Pickens, 353 Sandy S. Pickens, 333 Greg A. Pickle, 353 Daniel S. Pickney, 353 Vickie R. Pickrell, 369 Betty J. Pierce, 333 Charles D. Pierce, 333 Cheri L. Pierce, 363 Doyne D. Pierce, 319 James D. Pierce, 319 Kevin D. Pierce, 353 Michael S. Pierce, 363 Mitzi D. Pierce, 353 Pam G. Pierce, 319 Scotty S. Pierce, 290 Tammie Sue Pierce, 319 Patricia F. Pigg, 319 David C. Pigue, 319 William " Tiny " M. Pike, 303 Audra E. Pillow, 353 Gary L. Pillow, 353 Joey W. Pillow, 319 Kevin D. Pillow, 333 Kimberly D. Pillow, 319 Penny L. Pillow, 303 Sandy D. Pillow, 353 Wes E. Pillow, 319 Michael W. Pinegar, 303 K. Mark Pinkerton, 303 Nanci K. Piper, 353 Pamela K. Pippenger, 353 C. Lane Pippin, 304 Steve R. Pritle, 333 Karen L. Pitcher, 353 Barbara C. Pitcock, 290 Janet L. Pittman, 319 Julie A. Pittman, 353 Mary Kat Pittman, 319 William Johnny Pittman, 333 Ronda R. Piwinski, 319 Ruth K. Plaster, 290 Tammy E. Platz, 353 Robert D. Plumley, 353 Billy R. Poe, 353 Deanna R. Poe, 319 Rodney W. Poe, 353 Brian A. Poellot, 304 Deborah A. Poellot, 353 William S. Poerhoff, 354 Mary L. Pogue, 304 Tamra R. Pogue, 319 Brad Poindexter, 333 Heath A. Poindexter, 369 Sonya M. Pomtree, 290 Penny L. Ponder, 354 Sonya L. Ponder, 354 Linda F. Pope. 354 Neil W. Popejoy, 354 David D. Porter, 319 Glenda S. Porter, 333 Rita M. Porter, 319 Robert L. Porter, 290 Donna S. Porterfield, 304 Karen D. Porterfield, 333 Mark D. Potter, 290 Melissa S. Potter, 354 Jill B. Powell, 333 Misty Hill Powell, 304 Thoma J. Powell, 354 Thomas S. Powell, 369 Charlotte A. Power, 319 Peggy S. Powers, 319 Michael R. Prather, 354 Carla R. Pratt, 354 Charles Doug Pratt, 354 Julie A. Pressey, 319 Jeff C. Preston, 333 Patricia A. Preston, 333 Sara J. Pretty, 304 Catherine A. Price, 354 Christine L. Price, 354 Cynthia R. Price, 304 Jodi L. Price, 319 Linda D. Price, 333 Lisa J. Price, 354 Patty Price, 290 Donna J. Prichard, 304 Jesse L. Priddy, 354 Richard M. Pridmore, 333 Glenda L. Prince, 354 Jacinda A. Prince, 333 Jamie H. Prince, 354 i Linda K. Prince, 333 Sandy D. Prince, 304 Connie L. Proctor, 354 Dametra C. Proffitt, 319 Marsha F. Prokenpek, 333 Supavadee Prommasa, 290 Udom Prommasa, 290 Mark Propes, 333 Djuana J. Prothro, 319 , Todd F. Prothro, 319 Vince J. Provenzano, 319 Knight Province, 333 Beverly J. Pruert, 304 Jeffery B. Pruett, 354 Mike R. Puckett, 354 Robert E. Pueblo, 333 Kenny R. Pugh, 354 Betty L. Pulford, 319 Jason G. Pulles, 319 Kevin B. Pulliam, 354 Carol J. Purcell, 354 Kelly M. Purtee, 304 Jeffrey W. Puryear, 354 Richard C. Puryear, 333 Kelly L. Putnam, 354 Betty J. Pyland, 333 Barry E. Pylant, 319 -Q- Ted D. Quails, 369 Stephanie D. Quarles, 354 ■ Harry Lee Quarrels, 319 Beth Quinn, 354 Kevin P. Quinn, 333 -R- Betty J. Radcliff, 304 Jon D. Rader, 333 Sandra E. Rahim, 290 Abdul Rashid Rahman, 319 Polly A. Raible, 304 Michael J. Raibley, 354 Tina J. Raines, 354 James D. Rainwater, 304 Stacey D. Rainwater, 304 Thomas H. Rainwater, 290 Jeff T. Ralph, 369 Robert W. Ralph, 304 Chris L. Ramsey, 367 Jeff H. Ramsey, 333 John B. Ramsey, 291 Mark D. Ramsey, 319 Chris V. Randall, 369 Julie A. Randleman, 291 { Melanie M. Randolph, 364 | Mary L. Range, 333 ! Mary L. Range, 367 j Laura B. Rankin, 354 Jeff D. Ransone, 354 ! Jerry L. Raped, 319 Dana L. Rasmussen, 320 Kelley L. Rasor, 354 Lisa R. Rattler, 304 Cliff A. Ratton, 333 ! Anna K. Rawls, 333 i Don S. Ray, 333 Janelle B. Ray, 320 • Kevin D. Ray, 320 i Patricia A. Ray, 333 Robin R. Ray, 354 Roger A. Ray, 354 Micheal D. Raymond, 333 Dennis W. Read, 291 Regina A. Reagan, 320 Eleanor M. Reams, 354 Todd D. Reaume, 369 Terry L. Reaves, 354 Pamela D. Redd, 354 Dede J. Redden, 333 Brian D. Reddick, 369 Carol L. Reddick, 369 Michelle L. Reddick, 354 Allen D. Reding, 354 Arthur L. Reed, 333 Elvon Reed, 333 Gennora A. Reed, 304 Judith F. Reed, 333 Karen Y. Reed, 304 Phillip L. Reed, 333 Robbie E. Roedel, 333 Tammy L. Reeder, 304 Leigh A. Reeve, 304 Angela A. Reeves, 304 Earnest B. Reeves, 291 Gwen F. Reeves, 320 Jimmy D. Reeves, 354 Kim S. Reeves, 369 Mona S. Reeves, 354 Sherlita M. Reeves, 291 Brian G. Reid, 354 Carolyn V. Reid, 333 Kenneth Reid, 333 Stuart A. Reid, 320 Cecilia D. Reiman, 291 Dena G. Reinbott, 320 Carol J. Reinhart, 304 Maryruth Reiser, 369 Shannon C. Rennicke, 333 Tiffany L. Rentner, 354 John K. Reynolds, 320 Lisa G. Reynolds, 354 Max D. Reynolds, 304 Randy S. Reynolds, 354 Rufus Reynolds, 354 Stacy J. Reynolds, 320 Wendy A. Reynolds, 320 Saeed Rezaian-Bajgiran, 291 Mark L. Rezanka, 320 Robyn L. Rhea, 354 Terri R. Rhoads, 354 Christie L. Rhodes, 320 Charlie D. Rice, 354 Cynthia R. Rice, 304 Jeff A. Rice, 354 Jill A. Rice, 369 Ken D. Rice, 320 Laura A. Rice, 333 Paul A. Rice, 320 Rodney A. Richard, 364 Austin B. Richards, 363 Frank Richards, 320 Andrew W. Richardson, 354 Diann Richardson, 333 Donna L. Richardson, 304 Frances G. Richardson, 333 John D. Richardson, 304 Vince W. Richardson, 354 Wynndolyn C. Richardson, 333 Regina K. Richey, 333 Mark A. Richie, 354 Lynsol B. Richmond, 304 Daniel Richter, 354 William A. Richter, 291 Karen R. Ricker, 320 Edie R. Rickman, 354 Lisa G. Rickman, 304 Tosknella Riddle, 304 Virginia K. Riddle, 364 Jeffrey D. Rider, 304 Rebecca L. Rider, 304 Sharon K. Reim, 320 Deanna H. Riggs, 320 Ronald S. Riggs, 304 Brian K. Rigsby, 333 Carol M. Riley, 354 Dianna L. Riley, 320 Kimberly A. Riley, 333 Kim M. Ring, 354 Beth J. Ritter, 333 Jill L. Ritter, 304 Luis A. Rivera, 291 Abby M. Roach, 320 Calvin N. Roach, 320 S. Travis Roach, 369 Ronald D. Roades, 304 Rebecca L. Roark, 320 Mark A. Robbins, 304 Teri J. Robbins, 354 Kelly L. Roberson, 320 Mark Roberson, 366 Scott V. Roberson, 320 Sharon D. Roberson, 333 Tena R. Roberson, 369 Audrey P. Roberts, 304 Angel J. Roberts, 334 C. Lynn Roberts, 304 Deana M. Roberts, 354 Jeffrey R. Roberts, 304 Lorrie A. Roberts, 304 Mary J. Roberts, 320 Michael L. Roberts, 291 Mike E. Roberts, 354 Shelly E. Roberts, 334 Sherri G. Roberts, 354 Vanessa E. Roberts, 334 William T. Roberts, 304 Barbara T. Robertson, 334 Dorothy Robertson, 354 Edie Robertson, 304 Franklin E. Robertson, Jr., 320 John H. Robertson, 304 Cindy D. Robinett, 304 Alicia R. Robinson, 354 Anita D. Robinson, 320 April M. Robinson, 354 Mark R. Robinson, 320 Martha L. Robinson, 291 Rick Robinson, 354 Rickey L. Robinson, 304 Sandy L. Robinson, 320 Sharon Y. Robinson, 354 Tony L. Robinson, 334 William M. Robinson, 334 James P. Rocconi, 354 Patricia A. Roddy, 320 Gina M. Rodery, 320 Christy M. Rodriguez, 354 Ruben Rodriguez, 369 Robert K. Roe, 364 Barry T. Rogers, 334 Dorothy J. Rogers, 304 Elizabeth C. Rogers, 320 James S. Rogers, 304 Jeffrey A. Rogers, 354 Josie Rogers, 354 Kimberley D. Rogers, 291 Lee Rogers, 304 Paul B. Rogers, 334 Peggy Rogers, 334 Rena A. Rogers, 291 Rodney G. Rogers, 354 Larry C. Rollins Jr., 320 Vicki L. Romine, 320 Brigitte L. Rone, 355 Scott B. Roofe, 355 Greg A. Rooks, 304 Eric D. Rooney, 304 Cynthia M. Roper, 334 R. Scott Roper, 320 Gina L. Rorex, 355 Lee Ann Rorex, 334 Sonya L. Rorex, 334 Deedra D. Rosamond, 304 Gala L. Rose, 304 Joan Rose, 304 Karen J. Rose, 320 Louis W. Rose, 355 Susan A. Rose, 320 William Mark Rose III, 305 Caroline S. Ross, 334 Rhonda Ross, 320 Vincent Ross, 355 Barry N. Rossell, 305 John W. Rossnovsky, 364 Sharon A. Roth well, 334 D. Brent Rotton, 334 Melynda J. Rounds, 355 Angela S. Rowland, 355 Charles L. Rowland, 369 Cindi R. Rowlett, 334 Deborah J. Rowlett, 355 Marie Rowlett, 334 Barry L. Rudd, 355 Joseph P. Ruden, 355 Tammy R. Rudkin, 320 Felix D. Ruffin, 355 Bryan D. Ruggeri, 334 Michael B. Ruggeri, 355 Myra J. Ruminer, 305 Jason B. Runsick, 320 Deborah C. Runyon, 355 William D. Rupard, 305 Barbara L Rush, 320 Elsie M. Rush, 320 Sandra D. Rush, 334 Tony Q. Rusher, 369 Gregory S. Rushing, 355 J. Steven Russell, 305 Kirk G. Russell, 320 Luann R. Russell, 305 Margaret J. Russell, 305 Sherry K. Russell, 334 Walter E. Russell, 291 Danica J. Rust, 305 Teresa L. Rutherford, 291 Glinda C. Ryan, 355 Shamblia L Ryan, 355 -s- Osama M. Sabbagh, 305 Anthony D. Sagely, 305 Sandra Salazar, 355 Ismail Saleh, 334 Said Saleh, 334 David F, Sales, 305 Josanne Sammut, 320 Belinda M. Sample, 334 Ardith J. Samuels, 320 Ryne D. Sandberg, 355 Blanche L. Sanders, 305 Gregory K. Sanders, 305 Greyson R. Sanders, 334 James R. Sanders, 334 Kymara Sanders, 355 Leslie A. Sanders, 355 Mario Sanders, 355 Martin K. Sanders, 305 Neal W. Sanders, 305 Ramona L. Sanders, 305 Rosanne J. Sanders, 334 Ruth A, Sanders, 320 Shannon E. Sanders, 334 Suzette C. Sanders, 320 Thomas R. Sanders, 363 Wayne D. Sanders, 305 Joe D. Sanderson, 355 Donna E. Sandlin, 334 Mark R. Sandy, 355 Sarminah T. Sapari, 320 Sharon K. Sartin, 305 Deana M. Satterwhite, 364 Mike D. Satterwhite, 355 Amy E. Sauford, 305 Deborah D. Savage, 355 Carol S. Sawyers, 355 Patricia A. Saylors, 320 Cheryl R. Scallions, 355 T. Craig Scallions, 334 Don Scarbrough, 334 Pat D, Schaeffer, 305 Cliff S. Schafer, 305 Jeffrey G. Schafer, 355 Shaun M. Schaffer, 355 Nancy R. Schlenker, 355 Richard M. Schluter, 291 Brent A. Schmiegelow, 305 Doug S. Schmittler, 355 Susan O. Schoessel, 366 Mike K. Schreck, 355 Donna A. Schroyer, 305 Sandi D. Schuchardt, 334 Judd D. Schug, 334 Mary D. Schumacher, 305 John A. Schwarz, 334 Jacqueline E. Scoggins, 305 John P. Scott, 305 Julie D. Scott, 355 Kathy B. Scott, 291 Kathryn M. Scott, 334 Mary E. Scott, 355 Tammi E. Scott, 320 Scott R. Scrape, 355 Deborah K. Scroggins, 369 June A. Scroggins, 355 Amy B. Scroggs, 334 Emily A. Scroggs, 305 Susan J. Scroggs, 305 Lonnie M. Scudder, Jr., 355 Veronica L. Scurlock 367 Alan V. Seagrave, 291 Bobby D. Seal, 305 Jeri A. Seals, 355 Susan C. Sealy, 355 Keri L. Sears, 355 Paula L. Sears, 320 Elizabeth S. Seaton, 305 Frank W. Seaton, 366 Rodney Seawood, 334 Dana L. Seay, 320 Paul L. Seegraves, 320 Spencer, E. Segle, 355 Patricia A. Seibert, 305 Alex S. Sekwat, 363 Barry R. Sellers, 320 Cynthia L. Sellers, 334 Rick Sellers, 320 Ronald G. Sellers, 355 Sherry D. Sellers, 369 Terri L. Selvidge, 320 James M. Semsel, 320 Arunabha Sen, 334 Carletta F. Settlemoir, 291 Michele L. Sevatson, 355 Becky A. Sewell, 291 Cathy J. Sexton, 369 Daniel L. Sexton, 320 James C. Shackelford, 369 Robert Shackleford, 305 Edna Y. Shadowens, 305 Larry E. Shadowens, 305 Robin H. Shadowens, 355 Scott W. Shaffer, 305 Mohd M. Shafie, 305 Freda F. Shaker, 320 Shahirul lifa Shamsul Ambia, 291 M. Allison Shanklin, 305 Patricia P. Shanks, 320 Alana G. Shannon, 334 Kathleen A. Shannon, 305 Yaya Sharif, 305 Lana S. Sharley, 320 David E. Sharp, 305 Deborah D. Sharp, 355 Joel D. Sharp, 365 Rodney D. Sharp, 355 Tammy F. Sharp, 334 Darla K. Sharpe, 367 Ray A. Sharpe, 291 Ahmad Shateri-Mirabadi, 291 Janae E. Shatley, 320 Michelle D. Shatley, 355 Mary J, Shaver, 320 Alicia C. Shaw, 355 Arnold R. Shaw, 305 Jay F. Shaw, 355 Deborah P. Sheard, 320 Felecia G. Sheard, 369 Tresa M. Sheard, 320 David W. Shedd, 305 Larry J. Sheehy, 320 Matthew D. Sheets, 355 Trisha L. Sheets, 355 Vivian C. Sheets, 320 Joe J. Shelby, 355 Elbert V. Shelley, 320 Melvin C. Shelley, 355 Amy M. Shelton, 334 David W. Shelton, 305 Debbie A. Shelton, 355 Deborah A. Shelton, 305 Leigh A. Shelton, 355 Mark E. Shelton, 334 Mark E. Shelton, 369 Richard M. Shelton, 367 Robert L. Shelton, 355 Sarah E. Shelton, 334 Thomas E. Shelton, 355 Lawanda A. Shenill, 305 Deborah Kaye Shepard, 305 Tim L. Shepard, 355 Gregg Sheppard, 291 Michael D. Sheridan, 355 Michael J. Sherman, 363 Reba S. Sherman, 291 Sarah S. Shewmaker, 305 Mitchell C. Shidler, 355 Sam T. Shinault, 334 Bryan W. Shipman, 320 Glenda D. Shipley, 355 Harold L. Shoemaker, 334 Kelly A. Shoemaker, 321 Paula J. Shrable, 321 Tim C. Shuttleworth, 355 Gail P. Siddell, 305 Sandra E. Siddell, 321 Clay C. Siems, 355 Lisa G. Sifford, 355 Mike L. Sifford, 334 Tobias W. Simers, 355 Ava L. Simmons, 305 Juanita Simmons, 355 Lesia L. Simmons, 321 Sandy D. Simmons, 321 Shirley A. Simmons, 355 Brent D. Simpson, 334 Glenn R. Simpson, 356 Jay J. Simpson, 356 Jerri M. Simpson, 291 Karen L. Simpson, 334 Kevin L. Simpson, 356 Kim Simpson, 356 Linda Y. Simpson, 305 Patricia J. Simpson, 356 Steve L. Simpson, 305 Stuart L. Simpson, 356 Belinda K. Sims, 334 Deana R. Sims, 305 Jan Sims, 355 John A. Sims, 305 Lance E. Sims, 321 Linda M. Sims, 306 Sherry K. Sims, 355 Steven D. Sinclair, 321 Parminder Singh, 321 Curtis R. Singleton, 306 Vickie L. Singleton, 306 Shanmuganathan Sinnan, 366 Steve Sipa, 321 Amanda M. Sites, 306 Judy L. Sitz, 356 Lisa K. Sitzer, 291 Paul D. Sitzes, 356 Patty Busby Sivley, 356 Jenny L. Skaggs, 356 Tony L. Skidmore, 334 James E. Skipper, 321 Sharon D. Skipper, 334 Geraldine M. Skyles, 306 Rickey L. Slagley, 369 Donna F. Slaton, 321 Janet K. Slatton, 356 Ralph D. Slatton, 291 Karen M. Slaughter, 356 Clay Sloan, 291 Cynthia D. Sloan, 291 David W. Sloan, 334 Lesia J. Sloan-Phillips, 363 Khien Meng Slow, 356 Donna S. Smalley, 306 Linda R. Smallman, 356 Becky L. Smart, 367 Jeron D. Smart, 306 Deann H. Smead, 356 Alfred H. Smith, 321 Angela K. Smith, 334 Awanna L. Smith, 356 Barbara M. Smith, 306 Betty J. Smith, 321 Beverly E. Smith, 291 Beverly F. Smith, 321 Bobby N. Smith, 356 Brett A. Smith, 356 Brian D. Smith, 334 Brian H. Smith, 291 Cami L. Smith, 356 Carrie L. Smith, 321 Cassandra S. Smith, 334 Charles B. Smith, 356 Charles E. Smith, 334 Clinton Smith, 334 Dana C. Smith, 321 Daniel L. Smith, 321 Dannie D. Smith, 356 Deron A. Smith, 356 Dewey J. Smith, 306 Diann Long Smith, 306 Edye A. Smith, 321 Emmett F. Smith, 321 Frank J. Smith, 356 Glen N. Smith, 306 Gwendolyn A. Smith, 306 Hana S. Smith, 334 James M. Smith, 306 Jamie M. Smith, 334 Jayne M. Smith, 356 Jennifer D. Smith, 356 Jennifer P. Smith, 356 Jerry L. Smith, 321 John A. Smith, 334 John K. Smith, 321 Julie L. Smith, 321 Karen R. Smith, 334 i Kenny D. Smith, 369 ; Keri D. Smith, 356 i Kim M. Smith, 356 Lane K. Smith, 367 : Lisa L. Smith, 321 Lynn W. Smith, 321 Marcia D. Smith, 356 Marie A. Smith, 306 Mary A. Smith, 306 Melinda K. Smith, 321 Michael A. Smith, 306 Phillip H. Smith, 306 Penny L. Smith, 334 I Norma S. Smith, 334 Norman D. Smith, 334 Pamlir R. Smith, 306 Randy G. Smith, 356 Renette Smith, 306 Robert E. Smith, III, 334 j Robin M. Smith, 291 Robyn M. Smith, 356 Roger S. Smith, 321 Ronald H. Smith, 321 Rosilyn M. Smith, 306 Sandra A. Smith, 306 I Scott Smith, 356 Scott C. Smith, 321 : Sharon L. Smith, 356 j Sheila G. Smith, 306 ; Shirley J. Smith, 334 ' Steve L. Smith, 321 Steve R. Smith, 321 Steven W. Smith, 367 !; Susan K. Smith, 306 Tammy R. Smith, 369 Tommy V. Smith, 356 Trina S. Smith, 334 Veronica J. Smith, 334 Wesley S. Smith, 321 Wilbur Smith, 356 Mark B. Smithee, 321 Stacey S. Smithee, 334 Michael S. Smithson, 356 Dave N. Smithwick, 334 Pam M. Sneed, 335 Sherry A. Sneed, 321 Rusty Lynn Snelson, 321 Allison P. Snider 291 Bobby L. Snider, 335 Nan E. Snider, 356 Walter B. Snider, 321 Paul M. Snodgrass, 321 Victoria M. Snodgrass, 321 Bill C. Snow, 321 Sherry L. Snow, 356 Karen L. Soles, 306 Sheryl M. Solida, 366 Ann A. Sorensen, 363 Bobby E. Sorg, 356 Dale G. Sorg, 356 Angela G. Sorrell, 321 Urbano Soto, 356 Ron South, 335 James M. Southern, 321 Angela A. Sowell, 356 Kenneth Sowers, 356 Richard J. Spades, 321 Michele R. Spain, 356 Connie S. Spangler, 356 Edward C. Spann, 306 Jody L. Sparks, 356 ' Mary L. Sparks, 335 Darnell G. Speakes, 369 Christine D. Speakman, 356 Barbara J. Spears, 321 Gregory E. Spears, 363 Scott Spears, 306 Elizabeth S. Spell, 335 | Dennis L. Spence, 321 j Greg Spence, 321 Deloris A. Spencer, 356 Donna L. Spencer, 321 Rodney A. Spencer, 356 Clifford A. Spradling, 356 Doris G. Spradling, 321 Holly L. Springhart, 335 Becky K. Sprinkle, 335 Paula A. Sprinkle, 321 Paulia J. Spurlock, 306 Tracy L. Spurlock, 335 Jamie D. Staggs, 321 Kathy L. Staggs, 335 Malcolm O. Stallings, 306 Tim W. Stallings, 321 Belinda D. Stanfill, 321 Cherye G. Stanfill, 335 John L. Stanfill, 335 Gary D. Stanford, 365 Dean W. Stanley, 321 Jonnye L. Stanley, 369 Eric N. Stark, 306 Lora Stark, 321 Shawna G. Starnes, 356 Linda States, 306 Kelli L. Statler, 356 Norma J. Statler, 356 Patricia J. Statler, 335 Randall L. Statler, 306 Beth W. Staton, 356 Robin T. Stauffer, 321 C. Scott Staudt, 366 Stephen L. St. Clair, 366 Becky S. Steele, 306 Linda K. Steese, 321 Thomas S. Steger, 321 Jeanette K. Steimel, 321 Sean W. Stem, 356 Altha L. Stephens, 306 Tommy W. Stephens, 335 Scott J. Stepp, 335 Carolyn E. Stevens, 306 Kevin M. Stevens, 321 Sandra Y. Stevens, 321 Teresa T. Stevens, 306 Judy R. Stevenson, 356 Michael L. Stevenson, 321 Timothy W. Steward, 363 Dana B. Stewart, 321 Freedia J. Stewart, 291 James F. Stewart, 335 Joe A. Stewart, 356 Karen M. Stewart, 356 Kimberly D. Stewart, 367 Randall J.Stewart, 369 Roosevelt Stewart, Jr., 335 Amy L. Stewmon, 306 Tommy L. Stickel, 367 Laura A. Stickler, 306 Mark A. Stidham, 356 Hazell Stiff, Jr., 291 Julia A. Stiles, 306 Leslie C. Stilwell, 306 Monica G. Stimach, 335 David L. St. John, 355 Debbie Stockinger, 321 Mark P. Stockli, 356 Gregory F. Stokes, 291 Thomas L. Stoll, 356 Lori A. Stonecipher, 369 Kellene L. Storey, 306 Gayla M. Story, 335 Randy L. Story, 291 Jonathan W. Storts, 356 Christina A. Stout, 369 Joyce Stout, 335 Stephanie S. Stout, 356 Chuck Stovall, 321 Rodney D. Stovall, 321 Andrew E. Strabala, 306 Robert D. Strahan, 356 William B. Strahan, 356 Jerald R. Straight, 356 Stacia K. Strarton, 356 Mike B. Strenfel, 356 Denise Strickland, 335 Patrise Strickland, 335 Lisa L. Stricklin, 356 Stephanie R. Stricklin, 356 William A. Stricklin, 356 Tonya C. Stringer, 369 Janette E. Strong, 335 Cecil D. Stuart, 357 Cynthia H. Stuart, 291 Tim D. Stubbs, 357 Ellen M. Studnar, 365 Melinda L. Stults, 335 Amy G. Stutts, 321 David L. Suiter, 367 Angela J. Sulcer, 321 Kenda G. Sulcer, 321 Mildred S. Sullens, 291 Lana R. Sullins, 306 Brett W. Sullivan, 335 Sally S. Sullivan, 321 Susan M. Sullivan, 335 Tonya R. Sullivan, 357 Tracy A. Sullivan, 357 Jay Summerlin, 335 Jerry K. Summers, 291 Paul M. Summitt, 291 Robyn S. Summitt, 321 Lana K. Sumpter, 357 Susan Sumpter, 321 Kathryn D. Sundahl, 306 Michael K. Sundahl, 357 John T. Suskie, 306 Billie A. Suthern, 357 Charlotte A. Sutterfield, 357 Debra D. Sutterfield, 321 Krissi Sutterfield, 335 Jennifer L. Sutton, 322 Michael B. Sutton, 306 Edward A. Swann, II, 322 Tony K. Swanner, 335 Charles S. Sweet, 369 Debbie L. Swick, 335 Paul D. Swift, 335 -T- Gayla R. Tabor, 357 Jeff B. Tabor, 357 Jeffrey L. Tabor, 306 Mike W. Tabor, 306 Lori L. Tackeberry, 335 Jeff W. Tacker, 357 Krista K. Taggart, 322 Tal T. Taggart, 357 Tammy C. Taggart, 306 Kamarudin HJ Taha, 306 Ed F. Talib, 335 Abdul Rahman Tamaluoin, 322 Kean Heng Tan, 335 Swee C. Tan, 367 Alaina S. Tanner, 335 Barbara J. Tanner, 306 Carl G. Tanner, 322 Michael R. Tarry, 335 Paul D. Tarver, 335 Andre Tate, 335 Brenda K. Tate, 335 Brian E. Tate, 322 James D. Tate, 322 Karen D. Tate, 322 Kevin F. Tate, 357 Machelle D. Tate, 335 Marvir, L. Tate, 322 Robert M. Tate, 357 Shellie G. Tate, 369 Steven L. Tate, 357 Timothy J. Tate, 357 Wade S. Tate, 306 Chrsiti L. Taunton, 322 Anthony W. Taylor, 335 Audra D. Taylor, 357 Beverely A. Taylor, 335 Bobby T. Taylor, 357 Bryan K. Taylor, 357 D. Scott Taylor, 322 Deborah R. Taylor, 366 Diane E. Taylor, 335 Edie K. Taylor, 306 Ginger A. Taylor, 322 Gwendolyn A. Taylor, 306 Jeff B. Taylor, 357 Jeffrey B. Taylor, 357 Joey D. Taylor, 357 John F. Taylor, 335 Joseph J. Taylor, 322 Joyce W. Taylor, 322 Karen S. Taylor, 335 Lance W. Taylor, 307 Mark A. Taylor, 322 Mary F. Taylor, 322 Michael L. Taylor, 322 Michael Taylor, 335 Peggy R. Taylor, 322 Rebekah A. Taylor, 307 Scott D. Taylor, 357 Stephanie L Taylor, 357 Stephen B. Taylor, 357 Tami M. Taylor, 369 Teresa A. Taylor, 357 Timothy L. Taylor, 322 Trey Taylor, 357 Virginia L Taylor, 307 Kimberly A. Tedder, 357 Michael R. Tedder, 357 Poula J. Tedder, 357 Bridget T. Teel, 335 Nanette R. Teeter, 322 Larry K. Tefteller, 357 Karin K. Telle, 307 A. Ellen Templeton, 357 E. Vonette Templeton, 322 Hian C. Teng, 357 Rosemary A. Tennille, 357 Dennis E. Terry, 357 Cyndi A. Thayer, 291 Robyn L. Theobald, 207 Tony A. Thiel, 357 Bryan J. Thielmeier, 357 Kayla A. Thomas, 322 Benjamin F. Thomas, 357 Daniel J. Thomas, 335 Douglas W. Thomas, 322 Glen A. Thomas, 357 Glenn D. Thomas, 357 James R. Thomas, 357 Kelly W. Thomas, 357 Kirkley A. Thomas, 335 Lee E. Thomas, 335 Leslie S. Thomas, 307 Monica D. Thomas, 307 Roy L. Thomas, 335 Teresa G. Thomas, 307 Tina K. Thomas, 335 Wendy K. Thomas, 335 William T. Thomas, 357 Yolonda C. Thomas, 357 S. Tyler Thomason, 335 Anita S. Thompson, 335 Anne Marie Thompson, 307 Cary L. Thompson, 322 D. Gail Thompson, 322 Debra L. Thompson, 322 Jack Thompson, 291 John K. Thompson, 322 Kenneth Brian Thompson, 357 Keith F. Thompson, 307 Kimberly J. Thompson, 322 Lara M. Thompson, 357 Michael A. Thompson, 357 Nita K. Thompson, 307 Phillip M. Thompson, 335 Regina G. Thompson, 335 Robin L. Thompson, 335 Sandy L. Thompson, 335 Stephanie L. Thompson, 307 Steve R. Thompson, 357 Tana G. Thompson, 322 Terrie J. Thompson, 322 Terry L. Thompson, 357 Troy L. Thompson, 357 Valerie J. Thompson, 335 Brian R. Thorn, 357 Pamela M. Thornbrough, 335 Kimberlee Thornton, 366 Melissa A. Thorpe, 357 Phyllis A. Throesch, 322 Teresa A. Throgmorton, 307 Shelly R. Thurman, 322 Rebecca Tice, 369 Margaret J. Tidwell, 369 R. Anaicka Tilghman, 307 Jane E. Tillman, 367 Randy D. Tilmon, 291 Tsrnmy J. Timms, 335 Seulah G. Timmons, 2S1 Srenda S. Tindell, 307 Debbie L. Tinsley, 322 Bill E. Tippitt, 335 Nancy L. Tippy, 322 Charles L. Todd, 357 James M. Todd, 363 Janet L. Todd, 357 Franklin J. Toddy II., 307 Tina A. Tomlin, 357 Brant A. Tomlinson, 357 Kimberly R. Tompkins, 322 Loretta S. Tompkins, 307 Lucinda S. Toney, 357 Dennie C. Toombs, 357 Jay Towell, 357 Larry D. Towell, 335 Sherri L. Townsend, 335 Candy R. Trammell, 307 Holly F. Trammell, 357 Keith D. Trammell, 357 Marshall D. Trantham, 322 Joni R. Travis, 369 James H. Treece, 307 Ronald R. Tress, 357 Kevin Trevathan, 335 Shelia M. Tribble, 357 William C. Trice, 357 Lisa A. Trigubetz, 335 Caroline S. Trimble, 335 Connie J. Tripod, 357 Tommy G. Trivitt, 335 Allen L. Trotter, 357 Joycelyn A. Troupe, 357 Tracy D. Troutman, 357 Roger L. Troxel, 307 Mark E. Trusty, 322 Torrence L. Tuberville, 365 Andy R. Tucker, 357 Bobby D. Tucker, 357 Gary W. Tucker, 335 Kammie M. Tucker, 358 Nancy C. Tucker, 335 Sherry L. Tucker, 367 Tami J. Tudor, 322 Kevin L. Turbeville, 336 Danis Linn Turk, 358 Tim S. Turnbow, 322 Athenia L. Turner, 336 Judy D. Turner, 336 Julie E. Turner, 336 Kathy L. Turner, 336 Kristie S. Turner, 358 Marty L. Turner, 336 Perry L. Turner, 322 Sheila M. Turner, 307 Natalie J. Turney, 358 Sharon K. Turney, 322 Karen L. Tweddell, 307 Pamela J. Tweddell, 307 Dona Rene Tyler, 307 James P. Tyner, 322 Patricia A. Tyson, 358 -u- James C. Umfress, 291 Lisa A. Umholtz, 358 Christopher C. Ussery, 358 Cynthia K. Ussery, 307 Danny E. Utley, 322 Denis J. Utley, 336 Janet Leigh Utley, 358 Linda K. Utley, 322 Lisa G. Utley, 358 -V- Leslie R. Vail, 336 Waun W. Valdez, 322 Severina K. Vanagunas, 358 Tammy R. Vance, 322 Yolanda K. Vance, 358 Marty R. Vancil, 358 Amy L. Vanderbilt, 358 Kevan T. Vangilder, 367 Tonya S. Vanhorn, 358 Debra A. Vann, 358 Terri R. Vann, 358 Timothy J. Vann, 336 E. Yvonna Vannada, 336 Lynn Van Patten, 291 Donna J. Varner, 358 Michael E. Vassiliades, 369 Kimberly B. Vaughn, 336 Lee A. Vaughn, 358 Maxie D. Vaughn, 358 Laura J. Vaught, 336 Alesia S. Veasley, 322 Robert E. Veasley, 336 Ruku A. Veerasamy, 291 Eric Velmers, 358 Robin A. Venson, 358 Terry F. Verkler Jr., 322 Mark A. Vest, 336 Richard Alan Vest, 336 Tammy M. Vest, 358 Tim D. Vest, 336 Addelyn L. Via, 291 Cheryl A. Vichkon, 322 Sid Vicious, 336 Maxine V. Victoria, 358 S. Allen Vincent, 307 Stacy L. Vincent, 336 James D. Vinson, 358 Richard M. Vogel, 336 Debra A. Volner, 322 Julie Von Kanel, 336 Catherine M. Vorwald, 307 Michael K. Vowell, 358 Grace Vudures, 322 -w Mary L. Waddell, 358 Robert G. Waddell, 322 Eileen L. Wade, 307 Alva V. Wadley, 307 Reba F. Wadley, 336 Charles E. Wadlington, 322 Russell J. Wagster, 358 Sarah B. Wagster, 363 Debra J. Walden, 291 Thomas E. Walden, 358 Ada R. Walker, 358 Barbara J. Walker, 358 Betty A. Walker, 322 Candace M. Walker, 358 Christine Walker, 358 David K. Walker, 366 George S. Walker, 358 Helen J. Walker, 358 Henryetta D. Walker, 322 James D. Walker, 369 Jason H. Walker, 336 Kala R. Walker, 322 Karen Walker, 336 Michael N. Walker, 336 Richard D. Walker, 358 Rodney A. Walker, 336 Scot D. Walker, 358 Tim B. Walker, 322 Victoria A. Walker, 358 Arlee Wallace, 322 Bentley E. Wallace, 358 Fawne S. Wallace, 336 Mark M. Wallace, 322 Naomi C. Wallace, 358 Ronald L. Wallace, 307 Harold D. Wallin, 358 Angelia A. Wallis, 369 Karen R. Wallis, 358 Linda C. Wallis, 336 Donald L. Walls, 358 Sara K. Walls, 358 Patrick F. Walsh, 322 Rose M. Walsh, 358 Valeria M. Walter, 322 Linda K. Walters, 307 Keith A. Walton, 291 Mark A. Walton, 358 Michael D. Walton, 358 Rhonda J. Walton, 358 Tony Walton, 336 Amanda J. Walts, 358 Elizabeth I. Wamock, 358 Wan Muhammad Maznin Wan Mansor, Douglas K. Ward, 291 Judy M. Ward, 336 Kevin L. Ward, 307 Loretta R. Ward, 358 Mary R. Ward, 358 Regina A. Ward, 322 Sylvia G. Ward, 365 Tracy L. Ward, 358 Teresa A. Ware, 358 Andy P. Warhol, 365 Jonathan L. Warren, 358 James O. Washam, 292 Laurie R. Washam, 307 Vincent E. Washam, 322 Beth S. Washburn, 307 Jodi F. Washburn, 322 Timmy R. Washburn, 307 Leigh K. Washington, 358 Mark A. Washington, 322 Tara L. Washington, 358 Amelia X. Waters, 363 Debora S. Watkins, 336 Dillon A. Watkins, 307 James K. Watkins, 358 Jeff T. Watkins, 358 Judy L. Watkins, 369 Kevin A. Watkins, 307 Kim O. Watkins, 322 Marie K. Watkins, 336 Steve D. Watkins, 358 Steven W. Watkins, 322 Garland L. Watlington, 358 Allan W. Watson, 336 Angela L. Watson, 358 Bill A. Watson, 322 Cindy K. Watson, 322 Ella M. Watson, 336 Henry H. Watson, 358 Janet L. Watson, 307 Linda L. Watts, 358 Richard A. Watts, 358 Robert Bryan Watts, 292 Ron D. Watson, 292 Terry L. Watson, 358 Stacy Wayland, 307 Claudia E. Weathers, 307 Jennifer L. Weathers, 358 Chris W. Weaver, 336 Karen L. Weaver, 336 Darian J. Weaver, 358 Sherry M. Weaver, 322 Denise Webb, 323 Eddie Webb, 307 Debbie J. Webb, 307 Donna Gail Webb, 358 Leigh A. Webb, 323 Mark L. Webb, 336 Paula R. Webb, 307 Rhonda R. Webb, 307 Zanilla A. Webb, 323 Karyn L. Webber, 307 Alice F. Webster, 358 Cynthia K. Webster, 323 Ronna A. Webster, 358 Leasie T. Weekley, 336 Gina M. Weeks, 336 John W. Weeks, 359 Jeff S. Weir, 359 Lisa F. Weinstock, 336 Joseph E. Weir, 365 Karen C. Weir, 307 Beth A. Weisbrod, 323 Lawrence A. Weisenbach, 323 Tina F. Weisenbach, 359 Tom A. Weisenbach, 336 Billy D. Weitkamp, 359 Mark B. Welch, 336 Missy D. Welch, 359 Betty C. Wellman, 359 Jon P. Wellman, 336 David L. Wells, 359 Kenneth R. Wells, 359 Ronnie L. Wells, 336 Russell Wells, 307 Tabitha L. Wells, 359 Doug R. Welty, 359 Betty H. Wess, 336 Jill D. Wessell, 336 Angela A. West, 359 Angela J. West, 323 Billy W. West, 359 Claude G. West, 307 Leatrice R. West, 323 Robert L. West, 359 Tammy M. West, 323 Jane A. Westerfield, 336 Sheri L. Weston, 359 Catherine L. Wharton, 359 Robert J. Whatley, 336 Pamela J. Wheaton, 359 Katherine A. Wheaton, 359 Sandy K. Wheaton, 307 Karen L. Wheelen, 323 Ike Wheeler, 292 Leslie C. Wheeler, 307 Lori E. Wheeler, 307 Sands C. Wheeler, 359 Cynthia S. Wheeless, 323 Maria V. Wheeless, 336 Mary C. Wheeless, 323 Mimi K. Whistle, 292 Mimi K. Whistle, 292 Brenda M. Whitaker, 323 Carolyn C. White, 323 Dee D. White, 359 George C. White, 359 Greg D. White, 359 Keith W. White, 369 Lisa Rene White, 336 Philip A. White III., 367 Ricky D. White, 307 Susan E. White, 292 Terrie S. White, 307 Terry Joe White, 336 Tim E. White, 308 Verlon White, 323 Debra A. Whited, 336 Richard M. Whitehorn, 307 Matt C. Whiteside, 359 Clifton E. Whitlock, 336 Cynthia M. Whitlock, 359 Amy D. Whitmire, 366 Sheila L. Whitmire, 308 Steve G. Whitmire, 359 Duane D. Whitt, 308 Stanley Whitt, 359 Monera S. Whitworth, 359 Tammy L. Whorton, 359 Barbara L. Wickersham, 359 Dawnyal M. Wickersham, 359 Stacy L. Widner, 308 Robin L. Wiedeman, 308 Brian K. Wiedower, 336 Tony L. Wiggins, 359 Wayne M. Wiggins III., 308 Jill, M. Wiggs, 336 Patricia A. Wilborn, 336 Loretta M. Wilburn, 336 Jim M. Wilcox, 323 Tony L. Wilcox, 336 William F. Wilcoxson 308 Gay Lynn Wilde, 323 Carolyn E. Wilder, 336 Jeff L. Wiles, 359 Louis V. Wilhoite, 308 Martha W. Wilhoite, 336 Paul E. Wilhoite, 359 Clark Wilkerson, 308 Mathew E. Wilkerson, 359 Philip N. Wilkes, 359 Linda W. Wilkie, 336 Wendell W. Wilkie, 336 Debra A. Wilkins, 359 Gary D. Wilkins, 336 Dirk L. Willett, 308 Angela C. Williams, 359 Anthony D. Williams, 359 Clyde F. Williams, Jr., 308 Cindy Lee Williams, 323 Danna M. Williams, 359 Diana G. Williams, 323 Dionne M. Williams, 336 Donna N. Williams, 336 Fayeth L. Williams, 323 Gaybie L. Williams, 308 Gayla D. Williams, 336 Jeff A. Williams, 308 Jenia Williams, 336 Jeri L. Williams, 323 Jeri S. Williams, 323 Joe B. Williams, 336 Karen A. Williams, 323 Kevin B. Williams, 367 Leah B. Williams, 323 Lori M. Williams, 323 Mari M. Williams, 308 Marvin R. Williams, 308 Mary Beth Williams, 369 Meredith C. Williams, 363 Pamela R. Williams, 336 Paul H. Williams, 359 Regina Williams, 308 Rhonda L. Williams, 359 Rick L. Williams, 336 Rochelle L. Williams, 336 Sherry D. Williams, 359 Stacy D. Williams, 323 Steven K. Williams, 308 Steve R. Williams, 308 Susan C. Williams, 366 Thomas H. Williams, 308 April D. Williamson, 323 Greg A. Silliamson, 308 Robert C. Williamson, 337 Tim C. Williamson, 308 Cheryl R. Willie, 359 Donna L. Williford, 337 Cheryl D. Willis, 323 Daphne I. Willis, 337 Darryl C. Willis, 359 Brenda Tipler Wilson, 308 Charles Ellis Wilson, Jr., 308 Chris E. Wilson, 308 Darla K. Wilson, 323 Darlene Wilson, 359 G. Larry Wilson, 337 Greg D. Wilson, 359 Harvey W. Wilson, 369 James. A. Wilson, 323 James E. Wilson, 308 James K. Wilson, 323 Jennifer L. Wilson, 359 John N. Wilson, 337 John W. Wilson, 323 M. Valerie Wilson, 359 Michelle D. Wilson, 323 Robert W. Wilson Jr., 367 Rodney Wilson, 359 Sandra K. Wilson, 323 Steven K. Wilson, 337 Teresa D. Wilson, 337 Venetta R. Wilson, 323 William B. Wilson, 359 Dara E. Wimpy, 337 Cheryl L. Winfrey, 308 Rickey E. Winfrey, 323 Judy A. Winkle, 308 Krisa L. Winn, 359 Perry D. Winn, 308 Traci L. Winney, 337 Bliss K. Winningham, 337 Jennifer B. Winningham, 337 Monika Maria Winquist, 292 Nancy L. Winslow, 337 Melissa A. Winters, 359 Mete K. Winters, 363 Glen A. Wisdom, 337 Vaughn D. Wisdom, 367 Burns C. Wise Jr., 337 Charles E. Wise, 369 Kevin J. Wise, 337 Jim J. Wiseman, 323 Wilburn Lee Wiseman, 359 Janie S. Wisham, 323 Anthony C. Withers, 308 Rhonda M. Withers, 308 Janatte K. Withrow, 308 Kenneth O. Wixson, 323 Marshall B. Wixson, 292 Cathy Wixted, 359 Carla Y. Wofford,337 Chuck T. Wofford, 359 Janice M. Wolf, 363 Starla T. Wolf, 308 Tony A. Wolfe, 359 Helen M. Wolverton, 359 Gwyn M. Womble, 359 Raymond F. Wong, 308 Alan A. Wood, 366 Becca J. Wood, 292 Carol R. Wood, 359 Charlie L. Wood, 359 David R. Wood, 337 Gina C. Wood, 359 Kyle K. Wood, 308 Natalie C. Wood, 337 Randy J. Wood, 308 Shawn R. Wood, 337 David A. Woodard, 323 Jacqueline Woodard, 308 Shara S. Woodell, 359 Carl W. Woodham, 359 Carl W. Woodham, 359 Walter F. Woodie, 359 Richard C. Woodruff, 359 Carolyn S. Woodrum, 359 Brian L Woods, 308 Debbie L. Woods, 308 Terrie L. Woods, 359 Tammy M. Woodson, 359 Cheri J. Woolard, 337 Miranda L. Wooldridge, 359 Paula K. Wooldridge, 323 Ruth Wooldridge, 323 David J. Woosley, 308 Stefanie E. Wooten, 359 Landis R. Worlow, 337 Sue A. Worlow, 323 Jeffrey L. Worsham, 369 Johnny L. Worsham, 308 Suzie Wortham, 308 Kimberly A. Worthen, 360 Donna M. Wratten, 360 Paula J. Wray, 360 Allison L. Wright, 323 Cynthia R. Wright, 337 Dana M. Wright, 360 Helen Wright, 360 Henri Wright, 323 James M. Wright, 308 Judy M. Wright, 360 Karen A. Wright, 308 Kenny a. Wright, 308 Kevin G. Wright, 360 Lisa R. Wright, 360 Nina M. Wright, 360 Ronnie K. Wright, 360 Suzanne L. Wright, 360 Terrence S. Wright, 337 Thomas D. Wright, 337 Whitney L. Wright, 360 Tony W. Wrinkles, 308 Scott R. Wyant, 360 Leigh Ann Wyatt, 308 Nita K. Wyatt, 337 Richard V. Wyatt, 308 Patrick J. Wynne, 337 -Y- Alias Yaacob, 323 Norhayati Yaacob,292 Candy D. Yancey, 360 Rick Yancey, 337 Rickey A. Yancey, 360 Tammy C. Yarbrough, 337 Wendy A. Yarbrough, 337 Angie D. Yates, 360 John M. Yates, 337 Reba E. Yates, 308 Kathryn Yauger, 337 Layne L. Yawn, 323 William T. Yazel, 365 Jia Chi Yee, 337 Rupert Yen, 308 Amy M. Yersak, 360 Ban S. Yeung, 367 Fee Ming Yong, 369 Wanda L. Yopp, 308 Jama M. York, 337 Ann M. Yost, 323 Kimela H. Youmans, 337 Anita G. Young, 369 Ann Rene Young, 337 Cathy M. Young, 308 Cynthia C. Young, 308 Derek J. Young, 308 Gregory Antonio Young, 308 Harrison R. Young, 365 Lora A. Young, 337 Mark T. Young, 309 Melissa Young, 323 Melvin Young, 309 Rhonda R. Young, 360 Sherry D. Young, 309 Guy C. Younger, 323 Reza Yousefi, 292 Jaafar Bin Yusof, 360 -z- Zanariah Zaham, 309 Saifulbakhri Zainaz, 323 Rosilawati Zainol, 323 Brenda S. Zamora, 309 Mike R. Zamora, 360 Rudolph L. Zangerl, 360 Mark A. Zarlingo, 360 Saleem Q. Zawawi, 309 Janell M. Zeug, 360 Qidong Zhang, 363 Terry L. Ziegenhorn, 363 Sandra K. Zimmerebner, 337 Victor A. Zitzelberger, 337 Stephanie R. Zolman, 360 INDIAN STAFF Advisors Note: This edition of the Indian represents the vitality and innovativeness of the 1986-87 yearbook staff. From the beginning of the year, time ticked away as they planned, dreamed, and worked- and now their accomplishments are presented on the previous pages. As their advisor, it has been a pleasure for me to share in their talents, enthusiasm, and ability in completing this monumental task. Without a doubt, this years staff (listed below) is a credit to Ar- kansas State University. They are, (Front row left to right), Alyce Heeb, Selena Caplinger, Andy Barrett, Stephenie Graff, Pam Cox. (Top row), Phillip Mar- shall, Michelle King, Keith Waddle, Charles Lee, Drue Ford, Rupert Yen. Dr. Rick Stripling The 1987 Indian Staff 389 This year ' s Indian Staff put forth much effort i ' completing the yearbook. Those persons dedicate, to the excellence of this years Indian were, clod wise from top left; Pam Cox, Campus Life Edito j Drue Ford, Photographer; Selena Caplinger, Orga nizations Editor; Michelle King, Photographer. . B) Teresa Briscoe ■ C) Melonie Knight D) Valerie Gifford IE) Stefanie Cook c This edition of the Indian represents the rebirth of an era. The Indian staff was once a vibrant student organization that since the latter half of the 1970 ' s had dwindled to a student organization struggling to survive the last few years. Several factors caused this; however, they are not as note- worthy as the events which have led to a rekindled yearbook spirit. This past summer there was much deliberation over the future of the Indian. It was evident that the productive relationship which the Indian once enjoyed with the Office of Public Relations - its home for many years - no longer existed. Unwilling to let the Indian perish, the Student Government Association proposed that the yearbook operation be intergrated into its organization. In close cooperation with the Office of Student Affairs the transition to student control was completed. With students playing a larger role in the organization of the yearbook, the Indian has experienced a return in student interest not enjoyed since the " Golden Age " of the late 1960 s and early 1970s. More than 40 applications were received for the 12 staff positions. Se- lection of the three top editors was made by the Student Activities Quality Circle Committee. Those editors then picked their staff. In all, over 60 stu- dents were involved throughout the selection process either as applicants or as a part of the selection committee. So as to protect the interest of all ASU students, the Managing Editor of the Indian answers directly to the SGA President and the Student Senate. It is my belief that this has been an important step for the university, the students, and the Indian. It is once again a true student publication de- serving of the kind of pride that students and faculty alike once had for it. This year has provided the Indian with a solid, student - led base to rebuild upon. I have no doubt that this new-found success will continue so long as students remain actively involved in the entire yearbook operation - begin- ning with selection and ending with final copy. - Joe Gregory, SGA President - Joe Gregory, SGA Presi Rupert Yen, Photography Editor ■ TjVffKSKJifflflHB Our search for excellence in this years Indian has brought us to this end. An end that would not have been possible without the dedication, loyalty, and persistence of the entire staff. Others deserving our appre- ciation are: - The SGA, for having placed the year- book directly in the control of the stu- dents. - Dr. Rick Stripling and the Student Af- fairs Staff for their aid in helping the Indian Staff get started and carrying us throughout the year. - The Work Study students assigned to the yearbook; without whom there would be no yearbook. Though we cut several deadlines close, we never gave up our quest for quality. We are proud to present this years Indi- an and have confidence that it will continue to build upon this new foundation and excel for years to come. Phillip Marshall, Managing Editor Alyce Heeb, Editor-in-Chief 395 □□ EM Brown ' s Graduation Supplies Awards Co., Inc 1410 Franklin St. Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401 (501)-932-4832 Representing Walsworth Publishing Company I ! EXPANDING TRADITIONS IN . . . CAMPUS LIFE " Campus life makes every aspect of school enjoyable. " Pam Cox ORGANIZATIONS " Organizations give students the oppor- tunity to meet others with whom they have common goals. " Selena Capliger GREEK LIFE " Greek Life provides a true sense of belonging. " Stephenie Graff page 18 page 66 page 114 ATHLETICS ADMINSTRATION ACADEMICS " Athletics is an understanding of mind and body through selected sports. " Andy Barrett " The Administration and Faculty provide the mechanism in which the university operates. " Dianne Todd " Students share a common goal to excel in academics and their majors. " Dianne Todd page 162 page 258 page 286

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