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I INDIAN ' 86 1986 INDIAN STAFF EDITOR: MARK SIMMONS ASSISTANT EDITOR: JOE FRENCH GREEK EDITOR: PAUL CALDERIN SPORTS EDITOR: MARK YOUNG ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR: ELLEN LAMPKINS CAMPUS LIFE EDITOR: TIMOTHY COY HEAD PHOTOGRAPHERS: KEITH L. WADDLE AND K. TODD GASKINS PUBLISHED BY WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY COVER ARTWORK BY DAVID SHEDD YEARBOOK THEME BY JENNIFER BRADFORD 2 ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION 18 STUDENTS 38 DIVERSITY 92 ORGANIZATIONS 140 SPORTS 178 CAMPUS LIFE 228 GREEKS 294 IN 1986, ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Around the latter part of August, college students attending Arkansas State University anxiously wait the first day of school. However, a college student s first day of school is vastly different than a high school student ' s first day of school. To an ASU student it means just another semester toward his preparation of the real world, and for others it is the final step. To some, it may mean another headache of paying rent and other bills, because the luxury of living at home with their parents who erased their memory of being out on their own. To others, it means rekindling old friendships, pursuing higher goals, and being a part of campus life. But all must admit, that whatever each hopes to achieve during his college experience depends entirely upon him. The next few pages are pictorial excerpts from the campus experience, whether it is giving blood to the Red Cross, going to a fraternity or sorority dance, eating in Woodlands cafeteria, or studying. Because of the various growing areas of ASU, it is becoming increasingly recognized as what it has always been; an excellent school, which is under the careful expertise of ASU Presidnet Dr. Eugene Smith and his administration. So, we can say that ASU is on a roll ' ' (definitely). Students checking over their schedules. A form of transportation BECOMES " ASU ON A ROLL " (DEFINITELY) " Mow much? " A pretty face always helps. And you owe " I ' m glad that s over withl Everyone can relate to this. Okay. I heard you. 5 STUDENTS TAKE TIME TO RELAX Watching the world go by. After the excitement of the first day of classes fizzles out, the students begin to get into the swing of things. That means studying, chatting with close friends, and just being themselves. It ' s sort a chance to escape the drudgeries of the real world and glide along. It ' s a time to put your real reason for going to college off, at least temporarily. Is she worried or what? Studying can only increase anxieties. STUDENTS SHARE COMMON GOAL Slinging that famous Woodlands Hash. QUEST OF HIGHER EDUCATION Being among your peers, in which we all share a common goal of higher education, is probably the most important aspect of college life. It really doesn ' t matter if you share a class with someone from a town you ' ve never heard of because it makes the situation all the more interesting. That ' s what college life is all about. Being on a roll at ASU is the hodgepodge of it. Silhouette of lovers on a fall afternoon. And another form of transportation. TAKING IT ALL in AMD ENJOYING THE CAMPUS EXPERIENCE HOMECOMING WEEK PROVIDES STUDENTS Showing out during Homecoming Week Now. you give blood differently today. ' ' I bet that s good. Smoking in bed is a no-no. Too much junk food can kill youi A nurse checks the blood supply. WITH GOOD AND BAD TIMES Taking a break from marching. A neglected instrument. The week of Homecoming many students went on about their business as usual. However, for many students it was a busy weekend, in which their small, but important parts made it a perfect weekend, despite the cries of Mother Mature. It included the band rehearsing for their wonderful half-time show, and the Red Cross organizing their annual blood drive. The excitement of homecoming proved to be a stimulant for the students, but unfortunately the wrong kind. There were a few car accidents that got the Campus Securi- ty on the move and the Jonesboro fire department was called out to put out a fire in Twin Towers dormitory. But everything even- tually worked out well. Turn to the next pages and you ' ll see just how special it was. Too much excitement. Some dummy locked their keys in the car HOMECOMING WEEKEND AT ASU. Must ' ve seen a skunk! ASU Inhabitants Taking Time " I want Huffman for Physical Science. To Study and Smile I really do want (o know. I work hard for the money BILL CLINTON GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS EUGENE SMITH PRESIDENT ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Wayne Hartsfield Hassell McCain Searcy West Memphis 22 I Bonnie Shaver Wynne Rogers H. Ford Chairman Joiner Jerry Watkins El Dorado ARLIS JOHNSON VICE-PRESIDENT FINANCE !4 DONALD KONOLD VICE- PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS MOSSIE RICHMOND VICE- PRESIDENT STUDENT AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Gary Albright, Recreation Coordinator Brad Baker, Dir. of Mousing Rosalie Barber, Dir. of Intramurals Dr. Bill Berry, Dir. of Honors Program Eddie Black, Food Production Manager Dr. Clinton W. Boals, Coord. Off-Campus Activities Phil Bridger, Dir. of Auxiliary Enterprises Barbara Broadaway, Dir. of Catering Ron Carmack, Dir. of Physical Plant Thomas Carter 111, Admissions Counselor Earl Clements, Food Production Super. Mary Coles, Museum Registrar Ken Cooper, Dir. of Public Safety Gerald Craig, Dir. of Financial Aid. Catherine Darilng, Financial Aid Officer Don Denny, Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs Joe D. Gammill, Dir. of Farms Mike Gleghorn, Asst. Dir. of Student Union Wilma Mahn, Acting Dir. of International Programs Bil Mansard, Dir. of Library Ruth Mawkins, Dir. of Development Public Relations Dr. Afak Haydar, Dir. of Saudi Customs Project Jim R. Haynes, Dir. of Food Services Jane Mays, Institutional Lodging Coord. Philip Jackson, Saudi Project Accounts Officer Don James, Business Manager Lauren L. Jamison, Admissions Counselor Dr. Charlott Jones, Dir. of Museum Kathy Jones, Asst. Dir. of Mgmt. Systems Planning Kayleene Keith, Dir. of CESL John L. Kerst, Dir. Multi-Media, Saudi Project Scott W. Lewis, Asst. to the President Cindy Livingston, Graphic Artist, P.R. Ron Looney, Dir. of Creative Services Dr. Greta S. Mack, Dean of Admissions and Records Tom Manning, Dir. of Alumni Relations Dr. J. W. Mason, Dir. of Personnel Services Marshall Matthews, Collections Officer Leonard McDaniel, Asst. Registrar Mary Lou McDaniel, Asst. Dean of Students Tom Moore, Dir. of News Information Services Barbara Perdzock, Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid Phil Pickle, Communications Network Manager Jennifer Rice-Mason, Asst. Dean of Students Shari Prince, Admissions Counselor Diann Rayburn, Internal Auditor Sam Spurlock, Asst. Controller Dr. Merman Strickland, Dir. of Professional Education Programs Rick Stripling, Dir. of Student Activities Dr. Karen Sturdivant Toombs, Dir. of Admissions Linda Touchstone, Wigwam Manager Barbara Turpin, Asst. Dir. of Alumni Relations Jerry Unger, Asst. Manager of Bookstore Melvin V. Wamock, Programs Coord., Agriculture Ken Watkins, Student Life Counselor Les Watson, Controller Dr. J. Larry Williams, Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Stanley Williams, Dir. of Management Systems Planning 27 DEANS DR. LAURENCE J. BOUCHER Dean of Arts and Sciences DR. M. VANCE SALES Dean of Education DR. MARY C. SEES Dean of Nursing and Health Professions DR. LONNIE TALBERT Dean of Business DR. DONALD P. KEDZIE Dean of Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Sciences DR. JOHN K. BEADLES Dean of Graduate School DR. ROBERT L. HOSKINS Dean of Communications DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER Dean of Fine Arts LTC KENNETH J. NECESSARY Professor of Military Science COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPT. OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton prof. William W. Byrd, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley N. David, asst. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. W. Donald Newton, asst. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc. prof. Dr. Edward L. Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley E. Trauth, asst. prof. DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, chm. Dr. David M. Chittenden, prof, and asst. dean of college Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Mark Draganjac, asst. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, prof. Jannie Barrett Huffman, temp, instr. Dr. G. David Jimerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc. prof. Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, MATH AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, chm. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, prof. Jackie S. Black, temp, instr. Linda F. Clemons, instr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, prof. Sarah Gore, temp, instr. Diana Hester, temp, instr. Elmer Mayes, asst. prof. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. prof. Deborah Parker, temp, instr. Kirby C. Roe, temp, instr. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, asst. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc. prof. Veronica D. Smith, temp, instr. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, assoc. prof. 29 DEPT. OF ENG., PHILO. AND LANG. Dr. Charles R. Carr, chm. Dr. James B. Burleson, prof. Catherine Calloway, temp, instr. Dr. William M. Clements, prof. Dr. J. Scott Darwin, asst. prof. Katherine Estill, temp, instr. Dr. Marilyn Fontane, assoc. prof. Sammy Gennuso, asst. prof. Martha Jane Gill, instr. Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, prof. Dr. Jeffrey Moeper, assoc. prof. Dr. George Homeker, asst. prof. Frances Hunter, instr. Dr. C. Norman Lavers, prof. Claire C. Lyons, instr. Dr. Frances Malpezzi, assoc. prof. Wayne McLaurin, asst. prof. Dr. Thomas Moisan, assoc. prof. Logan Moon, asst. prof. Dr. George Sherman Peek, prof. Edward C. Reilly, instr. Ellen H. Robinson, instr. Sara Shell, temp, instr. Virginia Shepherd, temp, instr. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, assoc. prof. Lois Ann Swisher, asst. prof. Nancy Young, instr. DEPT. OF HISTORY Dr. C. Roger Lambert, chm. Dr. Robin L. Anderson, assoc. prof. Dr. Larry Ball, prof. Dr. Michael Dougan, prof. Robert L. Jones, instr. Dr. Charles Kenner, prof. Dr. C. K. McFarland, prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, prof. Dr. Dennis C. Rousey, assoc. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Ross Marlay, acting chm. Dr. Michael G. Fullington, assoc. prof. Dr. Darwin Gamble, temp. asst. prof. Dr. Jane McBride Gates, asst. prof. Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, assoc. prof. Dr. Marcus Pohlmann, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley Vanagunas, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF SOC, SOCIAL WORK AND GEOG. Dr. Larry Clowers, chm. Dr. Jack Dison, assoc. prof. Dr. Patricia Freudiger, assoc. prof. V) Dr. James Harrison, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry King, asst. prof. Dr. Dan Morse, prof. Dr. Larry Nuttbrock, asst. prof. Dr. John T. Pardeck, asst. prof. Emmett Presley, asst. prof. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEPT. OF ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm. W. Terry Dancer, asst. prof. Louella Mann, asst. prof. Melodie Jordan Philhours, instr. Philip H. Siegel, asst. prof. Keith W. Smith, asst. prof. Tina Steward, temp, instr. P atricia A. Toney, instr. Dr. Robert E. Whitis, assoc. prof. Dalton Whitt, asst. prof. DEPT. OF BUS. ADM. AND ECON. Dr. Jerry Crawford, chm. Dr. John Kaminarides, prof. Dr. Gary Latanich, assoc. prof, and asst. dean of college Dr. Bobby C. McGough, prof. Dr. Roland T. Mullins, prof. Jeffrey R. Pittmann, asst. prof. Dr. J. Rex Pulley, assoc. prof. Luis Rodriguez, assoc. prof. Fuad Talib, asst. prof. Dr. Richard W. Taylor, assoc, prof. DEPT OF INFO. SYSTEMS AND BUS. ED. Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, chm. Larry Adams, temp, instr. Ruby C. Chittenden, temp, instr. Dr. Rebecca Collins, assoc. prof. Dr. William Gehman, assoc. prof. Dr. Georgia Male, instr. Angela Cossey Minson, temp, instr. Dr. Charlotte W. Hinson, asst. prof. Dorothy L. Peters, instr. Dr. Donald B. Roberts, prof. Dr. Ralph Ruby Jr., prof. Loretta Sansom, temp, instr. Ann Whitney, temp, instr. Mary Lou Wood, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MKT. AND MQMT. Dr. Charles W. Ford, chm. Kamvar Farahbod, instr. Dr. Wilfred S. Fisher, asst. prof. Dr. Donald W. Hendon, prof. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, prof. Gail Hudson, instr. Dr. Douglas Huffman, assoc. prof. Laddie Logan, instr. Dr. William B. Olson, asst. prof. Dr. Stephen Replogle, assoc. prof. Dr. Emelda Williams, assoc. prof. Charles Yauger, asst. prof. COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONS DEPT. OF JOURN. AhD PRINTING Dr. Joel T. Gambill, chm. Eugene Ballard, asst. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler, prof. Homer Hallett, printer II Adrian L. Headley, asst. prof. Robert W. Kern, instr. Tommy L. Mumert, temp, instr. Bobby G. Ruff, print shop foreman John Marlin Shipman, instr. DEPT OF RADIO-TELEVISION Charles L. Rasberry, chm. Dr. Adrian K. Anast, asst. prof. Roy E. Barnhill, chief engineer Richard A. Carvill, instr. John E. Cramer, asst. prof. Michael B. Doyle, instr. Kenneth R. Lane, instr. Dr. Gary W. Melton, asst. prof. Doug Rogers, engineer COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEPT. OF COUMS. ED. AND PSY. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, chm. Dr. Edmund Barnette, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Dr. Beverly DeWater, asst. prof. Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, assoc. prof. Dr. Craig Jones, assoc. prof. Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger, asst. prof. DEPT. OF ED. ADM. AMD SEC. ED. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, chm. Dr. John M. Enger, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Dr. Carl F. Vaupel Jr., prof. Dr. Donald E. Wright, prof. DEPT. OF ELEM. ED. Dr. Beverly Boals, chm. Nancy Bacot, instr. Dr. Sandra Bone, assoc. prof. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Burge, prof. Dr. William Q. Chance, prof. Dr. Baron D. Conaway, prof. Dr. Burton Crosswait Jr., assoc. prof. Janie Cruce, temp, instr. Dr. Emma Sue Davidson, asst. prof. Dr. Mildred B. Bance, prof. DEPT OF HEALTH, P. E. AND REC. Dr. John P. Hosinski, chm. Dr. Thomas M. Adams, asst. prof. Cindy Albright, instr. Dr. David Burgess, asst. prof. Alta Burns, asst. prof. Gary L. Chandler, temp, instr. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. Dr. James DeVazier, prof. Wilbert Gaines, asst. prof. James Jackson, instr. Dr. Linda Parchman, prof. Frances Smallwood, asst. prof. William J. Sugg, instr. Pat Welch, instr. Dr. Jess R. White, prof. DEPT. OF SPEC. ED. AND SPEECH PATH. Dr. Phillip Waldrop, chm. 53 Dr. James Calder, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph Justen 111, assoc. prof. Karen Patterson, instr. Dr. Emilio Perez, assoc. prof. Joan Roberson, instr. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, assoc. prof. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE Dr. J. H. Keene, acting chm. Dr. Marjorie Bradford, asst. prof. Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, assoc. prof. Bert Qreenwalt, instr. Dr. J. A. Hayles, prof. Dr. A. J. Langlois, prof. Dr. A. B. Rougeau, prof. Dr. A. W. Tennillle, prof. Dr. Q. W. Tibbetts, asst. prof. Dr. Darrell Widick, asst. prof. Dr. Floyd Wright, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF ENGINEERING Dr. Albert L. Mink, chm. Dr. R. C. Clifft, assoc. prof. Dr. W. R. Crumpton, asst. prof. Dr. Robert Engelken, asst. prof. Dr. J. D. Gillanders, assoc. prof. Perry Isbell, instr. Dr. Thomas J. Parsons, asst. prof. Dr. Lyle G. Rhea, prof. COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEPT. Or ART Dr. William Allen, chm. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. Roger Carlisle, asst. prof. Thomas Chaffee, assoc. prof. Ronald Clayton, asst. prof. John Keech, assoc. prof. Evan Lindquist, prof. Dr. Karl Richards, prof. William Rowe, assoc. prof. Curtis Steele, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MUSIC Dr. William Holmes, dim. Dr. Neale Bartee, assoc. prof. Joe David Bonner, instr. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. Sherri Sandow Dees, instr. Ken Match, instr. Richard Jorgensen, instr. Dr. M. Ellis Julien, asst. prof. Dr. J. D. Kelly, assoc. prof. Julia Lansford, assoc. prof. Harriet Abemathy O ' Meal, instr. Dr. James Patty, prof. Dr. Daniel Ross, assoc. prof. Sandra Seay, instr. Alfred Skoog, assoc. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. Ann Swaty, asst. prof. Dr. Theron Waddle, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF SPEECH COMM. AMD DRAM. ARTS Dr. Ovid L. Bayless, chm. Linda Clark, asst. prof. Dr. Marguerite Coe, assoc. prof. Terry Huckabee, asst. prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, asst. prof. Dennis White, instr. COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Beverly Battels, asst. prof. Nellie T. Caffery, instr. Martha Caldwell, asst. prof. Bonnie Deuter, asst. prof. Betty Easton, asst. prof. Sr. Patricia Findley, asst. prof. Edna Jones Holmes, instr. Sharon LaRuth Johnson, asst. prof. Diane C. Meador, asst. prof. Karen K. Olson, asst. prof. William Pedigo, instr. Kathy Plaster, instr. 35 Roger Richey, instr. Shirley Richmond, asst. prof. Barbara nichols Rubin, asst. prof. Lois Snider, instr. Annette Stacy, asst. prof. Dr. Grace R. Whitis, prof. DEPT. OF MILITARY SCIENCE MAJ Johnny L. Dillard, asst. prof. MAJ Elzie S. Skillern, asst. prof. CPT Donald A. flaney, asst. prof. CPT Joe P. Mines, asst. prof. CPT Dana D. Thompson, asst. prof. SQT Qarry D. Faughn, chief instr. SFC Jerrell L. Kimbrell, instr. SSQ Raymond M. Pandell, personnel mgr. DEAN B. ELLIS LIBRARY STAFF Janet Bland, head order lib. Willis Brenner, documents lib. Hadean Lee, head circulation lib. Marsha Miller, periodicals ref. lib. Hancy Sue Schell, head catalog lib. Terrie Sypolt, head reference lib. PASS-TRIO PROGRAMS Qenna Qallegly, TRIO tutor Kathy Masters, developmental studies instr. JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS AT WORK " I ' m on a Sure commercial. Okay, guys, don ' t worry. This is not a spread on just two girls. These girlsjust happen to make up the whole jr. varsity cheerleading squad. This shows that quality doesn ' t come in large quantities. The guys who are their partners didn ' t want their picture made so that was alright too. These cheerleaders cheered at every home game for the women ' s basketball team. Thanks. Qo A-Statel It ' s hard to smile when you re In this position. Graduate Assistants Shirley A. Anders, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Karen M. Anderson, Cave City, Physical Ed. Matthew T. Anderson, Libertyville, III., Music Benson Aworunse, nigeria, Agriculture Jim Barksdale, Hoxie, Business Adm. Timothy A. Beaver, Viola, Political Sci. Tony K. Blackman, Campbell, Mo., Speech Dra- ma Schantell C. Bowden, Osceola, Speech Drama Mary J. Brown, Paragould, Reading Ken Q. Carlew, Qermantown, Tenn., Political Sci. Janet S. Carnett, Kennett, Mo., Business Adm. Teresa A. Corbitt, Jonesboro, History Sandra S. Cozart, Osceola, Special Ed. riada E. Dailey, Heber Springs, Special Ed. Thomas E. Davis, Jonesboro, Rehabilitation Coun. Antoine Drakeford, Chicago, 111., Political Sci. Allen R. Earls, Rector, Counselor Ed. Jay E. Ellis, Jonesboro, Agriculture Nathan E. Qairhan, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Harold J. Gist, West Memphis, Public Adm. Alan A. Qumbel, Kansas City, Mo., Political Sci. Cheryl A. Hausing, Chicago, 111., Art Ehiorobo Izekor, nigeria, Agriculture Thomas S. Jacques, Jonesboro, Journalism Loretta M. Jamieson. Hardy, Speech Path. Joe H. Moore, Manila, Radio-TV Bruxie n. Myshka, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Stan G. Ozier, Thida, Agriculture Ed. Raymond A. Perren, Haylor, Mo., Agriculture Gary L. Phillips, hickory Ridge, Speech Drama Joseph D. Pierce, north Little Rock, Business Adm. Laura J. Pink, Mountain Home, Special Ed. Lee A. Redmond, Isola, Miss., Mathematics Mildred J. Roy, Lambrook, Speech f Drama Helena M. Ruhl, Piggott, Business Adm. Tim n. Slape, Sun Valley, Idaho, Political Sci. Ricky Steiner, Jonesboro, Political Sci. Timothy W. Steward, Augusta, Biology Kathryn Sturdivant, Jonesboro, Mathematics Robin Sydorenko, Jonesboro, English Cyndi A. Thayer, Jonesboro, Rehabilitation Coun. Yoo-Kwee Too, Malaysia, Business Adm. DeAnne Vivrette, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Dana E. Wellborn, Pocahontas, Rehabilitation Coun. Terry L. Ziegenhom, Jonesboro, Speech 6f Drama Graduate Students Anthony D. Abadom, Nigeria Moughari A. Aghaye, Iran Karen E. Bandy, Pocahontas James P. Bryan, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Johnny R. Butler, Paragould Robert D. Coe, Jonesboro Ronnie Collins, Forrest City Jane B. Connolly, Pennsauken, N. J. Dennis E. Corbitt, Jonesboro Mashem Damiran, Jonesboro Venantius U. Egbulem, Nigeria Robin D. Ellington, Paragould Bankole A. Evvedemi, Nigeria Marcia A. Hamilton, Bono Terry L. Hamilton, Dell Daniel W. Hamm, Osceola Becky L. Haynes, Mountain Home Phillip D. Healy, Paragould John P. King, West Memphis John U. Lajubutu, Nigeria Kevin D. Melton, Newport Siva Nithiananthan, Malaysia Okezie N. Okeh, Nigeria Godson C. Okocha, Jonesboro George O. Onochie, Nigeria Susan Riley, Tuckerman Nora Marie Seals, Helena Becky A. Sewell, Russellville Sharjrullize Shamsul-Ambia, Malaysia Cynthia H. Stuart, Oxford James S. Sweazy, Gassville Yazdani G. Syed, Pakistan Jennifer J. Teel, Alicia Keith A. Walton, Jonesboro Winfred Winston, Louise, Miss. 39 Seniors Bobby J. Abbott, hot Springs, Medical Tech. Zakaria Abdallat, Jordan, Engineering Zufidah Abdul-Majid, Malaysia, Computer Sci. Tamariah Abdul-Rahman, Malaysia, Finance Day Abernathy, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Ed. James H. Adams, Fisk, Mo., Zoology Joe K. Adams, Paragould, Social Sci. Everett N. Adamson, Osceola, Sociology Zamani Ahmad, Malaysia, Business Adm. Mauro A. Alburez Jr., Guatemala, Business Adm. Betty L. Alexander, Wilson, Social Sci. Ed. Sandy S. Anderson, Marianna, Accounting Chesley L. Armstrong, Thayer, Mo., Accounting Lawanda L. Ballard, Oil Trough, Physical Ed. Gary W. Barch, Luxora, Business Adm. Shawn A. Bamett, Jonesboro, Accounting Troyce D. Barnett, Batesville, Agriculture Ed. John D. Baxley, McRae, Plant Sci. Jon M. Belmar, Florissant, Mo., Criminology Robert L. Bennett, Jonesboro, PAIR Management Dallas G. Benson, Jonesboro, Management Sharon B. Blackford, Marion, Speech Path. Lauri A. Bledsoe, Wynne, Medical Tech. Angelia L. Blevins, Maynard, Special Ed. Kara S. Blocker, Leachville, Accounting Dena E. Bolar, Paragould, Marketing Beverly S. Booth, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Molly Borgeson, Henderson, Accounting Layne Bourland, Blytheville, Education Danice R. Boyle, Little Rock, Finance Sandra K. Bramblett, Sulphur Rock, Agri. Bus. 8f Econ. Jacque Breazeal, Jonesboro, Graphic Design Fl. Kent Brewer, Pleasant Grove, Agri. Bus. Econ. Carl M. Briggs, West Memphis, Sociology Teresa A. Britt, Pocahontas, Speech Path. Sherri G. Brooks, Kennett, Mo., Marketing Darren L. Brown, Bono, Radio-TV Karin K. Brown, Zion, Elementary Ed. Lewis G. Brown, Palatka, Fla., Business Mgmt. Lisa D. Brown, Augusta, Accounting Seniors Regina A. Brown, West Memphis, Zoology Teresa K. Brubeck, Sikeston, Mo., Dramatic Arts Jennifer A. Brumley, Black Rock, Special Ed. Jerry L. Buchanan, Gideon, Mo., Physical Ed. Cheryl L. Buck, Blytheville, Zoology Randall W. Buckley, Redlands, Calif., History Michael P. Budak, St. Louis, Mo., Management Qeraldine S. Bunn, Cave City, Fine Arts Frieda J. Burge, Cave City, General Studies William N. Burge, Cave City, Agriculture Ed. Eric F. Burns, Little Rock, Radio-TV Olivia K. Burton, Wynne, Business Adm. Maureen Rose Butler, Hew Rochelle, n. Y., nursing Dana L. Bynum, Searcy, Pre-Law Cynthia G. Caldwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Early Childhood Dona S. Cameron, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Kim D. Campbell, Clarkton, Mo., Physical Ed. Sherry A. Campbell, Alicia, Data Processing Susan K. Campbell, West Memphis, Physical Ed. Lori A. Caples, Bono, Medical Tech. Greg J. Carda, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Finance Byron K. Carle, Monette, Real Estate Ins. Joyce A. Carlock, Marianna, Business Adm. Barbara G. Carpenter, Searcy, Elementary Ed. Iva J. Carter, Trumann, nursing Lisa M. Chappell, McCrory, Biology Ed. Michael A. Chappell, McCrory, Agronomy Ding Zhen Chen, China, Marketing Cynthia G. Cherry, Jonesboro, Accounting Valerie K. Cherry, Blytheville, Business Adm. Debbie D. Chesser, McRae, Biology Ed. Kelly L. Christopher, tloxie, Elementary Ed. Shirley A. Clark, Jonesboro, Accounting Kelley P. Cobb, Rector, Zoology R. Thad Cockrill, Marion, Journalism Shearry L. Coffman, Poplar Bluff, Mo., nursing Tammy D. Cole, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Brad A. Collins, Mammoth Spring, Social Sci. Kevin K. Collins, West Memphis, Political Sci. Paula R. Cooper, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. 41 Seniors Sheree F. Cox, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Debora J. Craig, Lake City, Elementary Ed. Donald B. Craig, Mountain View, Accounting Ted L. Dail, Jonesboro, Geography Kim Horrell Danley, Marmaduke, Elementary Ed. Ellen L. Darr, Monette, Public Relations Darwin L. Davis, Jonesboro, Sacred Music Jazqueline M. Davis, Lake City, Early Childhood Ed. Lelia M. Davis, Wynne, nursing Pamela A. Davis, Lake City, Marketing Lisa E. Day, Fort Smith, Radio- TV Robert F. Dean Jr., Blytheville, Physical Ed. Timothy L. Dean, Pocahontas, Business Adm. Virginia A. Dean, Troy, Tenn., Early Childhood Ed. Rebecca E. Deaton, Manila, Early Childhood Ed. James K. DeClerk, Pocahontas, Finance Susan K. Delap, Lincoln, Zoology Charlotte A. Denny, Lancaster, Ky., Zoology Mary L. Dent, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Tommy D. Dent, Steele, Mo., Criminology Tomilea L. Dillon, Lonoka, Plant Sci. Troy W. Dillon, Lonoke, Plant Sci. Terry L. Dodson, Hayti, Mo., Biology Petri D. Dorsey, West Memphis, Speech Path. John J. Drake, Hot Springs, Physical Ed. Trena A. Driskill, Steele, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Carla Renee Dryden, Stuttgart, Early Childhood Ed. Lee Anne Dublin, Blytheville, Instrumental Music Ed. Bryan PL Duffel, Jonesboro, Finance Elaine Duffner, Jonesboro, Accounting John R. Dulaney, Floxie, Instrumental Music Ed. Dale L. Duncan, Cabot, Animal Sci. Jill A. Dycus, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Kimberly S. Eanes, West Memphis, Elementary Ed. Piancy C. East, Manila, Elementary Ed. Lisa F. Eaton, Qlencoe, Accounting Merilyn U. Edmond, Lexa, Psychology Thian Chai Ee, Malaysia, Finance Mohammad Eghlidos, Iran, Medical Tech. Fawzi El-Alami, Palestine, Mechanical Engr. 42 Seniors Shelly S. Ellenburg, Marvell, Computer Sci. Gertrude J. Ellingson, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Judy K. Ellis, Maynard, Computer Sci. Karen N. Eubanks, Manila, Speech Path. Anthony R. Evans, Pocahontas, Political Sci. Susan E. Evans, Mernando, Miss., Early Childhood Ed. John K. Farmer, Dumas, Agri, Bus. 8f Econ. Brad M. Taught, Jonesboro, Social Sci. Melanie Featherston, Piggott, Marketing Connie M. Feild, Jonesboro, Social Science Ed. Karen J. Ferguson, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Ed. John Field, Leachville, Marketing Jayne M. Finch, Paragould, Accounting Marti A. Finley, Monette, Elementary Ed. Harold C. Fitts, Brinkley, Agri. Bus. Econ. Laura E. Fitzwater, Erie, 111., Social Work M. Doug Fletcher, Hot Springs, Wildlife Mgmt. Karen P. Flowers, Wynne, Special Ed. Cynthia A. Floyd, Forrest City, Early Childhood Ed. Richard D. Frzier, Benton, Radio - TV Micheale D. Futch, Wynne, Criminology Natalie R. Gardner, Harrison, Early Childhood Ed. Freddy L. Gentry, Kennett, Mo., Computer Sci. Jesse R. George, Dallas, Tex., Public Relations Lisa Carole George, Jonesboro, Social Science Ed. Hossein S. Ghoreishi, Iran, Electrical Engr. Kim R. Gibson-Roberson, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Trena L. Gilbert, Lake City, Business Adm. William L. Gillespie, Jonesboro, Business Econ. Kay Gilmore, Jonesboro, Finance Donna R. Ginn, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Sue Gleghorn, Oxford, Accounting Randy L. Glenn, Lynn, Agriculture Ed. Rhonda K. Gonzalez, Osceola, Marketing Katherine R. Goodir, Bald Knob, Zoology Mark J. Gorton, Dahlonega, Ga., Management Chela G. Gossett, Jonesboro, Office Adm. James A. Gossett, Success, Computer Sci. Douglas M. Graham, Reyno, Transportation Mgmt. Rita D. Granberry, Little Rock, Biology Ed. Seniors Suzzanne E. Green, Essex, Vt., Journalism Sherry R. Qreenway, Mountain View, Elementary Ed. Rick S. Gregory, Pocahontas, Finance Susan P. Gretzmier, Osceola, PAIR Management Donald W. Guinn, Arbyrd, Mo., PAIR Management Clifford D. Guy, Osceola, Criminology Ivory Gwin, Turrell, Computer Sci. Dianna L. Magar, Jonesboro, Graphic Design Edie F. Flail, Augusta, English Gail L. Hall, Mewport, riursing Janet L. Hall, West Memphis, Data Processing Tariq S. Harbi, Iraq, Electrical Engr. David S. Harris, Hope, Mechanical Engr. Lisa T. Harris, Marked Tree, English Ed. Michael B. Harris, West Memphis, Computer Sci. Ronald F. Harris, Lonoke, Accounting Tammy L. Healy, Mammoth Spring, Mathematics Waylon D. Heathscott Jr., Kensett, Computer Sci. Brenda L. Helms, Maynard, Psychology Cindy L. Herring, Hot Springs, nursing Leigh Ann Hestand, Paragould, Computer Sci. Theron A. Hightower, Hot Springs, Computer Sci. Brenda G. Hinds, Harrisburg, Computer Sci. Lai-Lai M. Ho, Hong Kong, Marketing Terry B. Hoggard, Piggott, Agriculture Vivian A. Holder, West Helena, Office Adm. Susan D. Hollis, Paragould, nursing Beth A. Holmes, Bay, Plant Sci. Stephen B. Holmes, Paragould, Accounting William B. Holt, Manila, Public Relations Christopher A. Hopper, West Memphis, Instru. Music Ed. Rosa Lee Horner, Cardwell, Mo., Elementary Ed. Michelle Horton, Gilmore, Mathematics Susan M. Horton, Tyronza, Early Childhood Ed. Mark D. Hoskins, Fayetteville, Computer Sci. Bob E. House, Heber Springs, Real Estate Ins. Phillip David Hout, newport. Business Adm. Kathy Lasha Hudson, O ' Kean, Physical Ed. Jimmy R. Hutchison, Batesville, Animal Sci. William M. Hutton, Kennett, Mo., Agri. Bus. Econ. 0 v 14 Seniors Trena L. Hyde, Jonesboro, Social Work Emeka B. Ibeachum, Nigeria, Business Adm. Mastura Ibrahim, Malaysia, Finance John S. Ilangkovan, Malaysia, Computer Sci. Marlette M. Inboden, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Karyn J. Infield, West Helena, Mathematics Teresa L. Isbell, Bay, Elementary Ed. Danny C. Ivy, Amagon, Political Sci. Amy E. Jenkins, DeWitt, Early Childhood Ed. Edward J. Jernigan, Paragould, Computer Sci. Christopher M. Jester, Osceola, Business Mgmt. Marian L. Johnson, Caraway, Medical Tech. Timothy L. Johnson, Pocahontas, Political Sci. Marcella Jones, Paragould, Business Adm. Leslie L. Jordan, Monticello, Accounting Anthea M. Joyner, Trumann, Sociology Robert L. Keller, Sikeston, Mo., Agri. Bus. Econ. Nancy L. Kennedy, Helena, Transportation Mgmt. Robin M. Kennon, Hickory Ridge, Journalism Rhonda L. Kissee, Paragould, Elementary Ed. John R. Knight, Bald Knob, Business Mgmt. Lauren D. Krigbaum, Jonesboro, Accounting Ching Tze Kuan, Malaysia, Computer Sci. Mildred F. Lace, Cherry Valley, Elementary Ed. Ellen Q. Lampkins, Paragould, Journalism Albert Woody Latham, Marked Tree, Political Sci. Kirk L. Landreth, Biggers, Business Adm. Laura A. Lay, Heber Springs, Mathematics Sandra J. Leaks, Blytheville, Elementary Ed. Rebecca L. Leary, Batesville, Civil Eng. Tina D. Lewis, Cave City, Psychology Barry F. Lillard, Charlotte, Agri. Bus. Econ. Penny R. Little, Rector, Medical Tech. Ricky A. London, DeValls Bluff, Mathematics Lisa R. Lott, Bernie, Mo., Speech Path. Jerry C. Love, Frenchmans Bayou, Public Relations David Lovelace, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Donna L. Loyd, Wilson, Radio-TV Robin S. Loyd, Wilson, Elementary Ed. Sheri D. Lung, West Plains, Mo., Music Ed. 45 Seniors Charlotte K. Lutes, Blytheville, Accounting John S. Lynn, Paragould, nursing Jeannette L. NacPherson, Carmel, Calif., Management Balasundram Maniam, Malaysia, Computer Sci. Susan K. Marshall, Joiner, Accounting April S. Martin, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Karen L. Martin, Jonesboro, Economics Marcia K. Martin, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Michael L. Martin, McCrory, Chemistry Mary Martin, Malaysia, Computer Sci. Daniel Martin Jr., Trumann, Finance Joe B. Massey, Osceola, Animal Sci. Teresa A. Mathews, Hot Springs, Graphic Design Darren K. May, Sedgwick, Data Processing Walter L. Mayhew, Des Arc, Agronomy Tina L. Maynard, Monette, Accounting Lori A. McClain, Wynne, Early Childhood Ed. Dana L. McElyea, Osceola, Radio-TV Patricia Jane Rice McFall, Doniphan, Mo., Elementary Ed. Rena L. McEatter, Batesville, Mathematics Catherine R. McQinnis, Marianna, Marketing Julie A. McQough, Jonesboro, Secretarial Sci. Sam P. McQuire, Thayer, Mo., Radio-TV William T. McKisson, Jonesboro, Data Processing Terri L. McKnight, Jonesboro, Data Processing Eric F. Mejia, DeWitt, Pre-Law Gordon E. Miller, Leachville, Accounting Melody G. Miller, West Plains, Mo., Vocal Music Ed. William B. Miller, Jonesboro, Accounting Bridget A. Misenheimer, Little Rock, Data Processing Loria V. Mitchell, Marvell, PAIR Management Mary E. Mitchell, St. Louis, Mo., Medical Tech. Michael A. Mitchell, north Little Rock, Agri. Bus. Paul M. Mitts, Tulsa, Okla., Physical Ed. norzaiton Mohd-nor, Malaysia, Marketing Judy A. Moody, Bald Knob, English Ed. Lynn M. Moody, Colt, Social Studies Precious B. J. Moore, Blytheville, Computer Sci. Jeff A. Morgan, West Memphis, Medical Tech. Pamela D. Morgan, Gosnell, Elementary Ed. 46 Seniors Patricia F. Morris, Osceola, Social Work Becky Murphy, Caruthersville, Mo., Agri. Bus. Sf Econ. Caterina L. heal, Augusta, Journalism Mark A. Heal, Lepanto, Radio-TV Rebecca D. Meal, Kennett, Mo., Criminology Tammy R. Heal, Maiden, Mo., Instrumental Music Ed. Nedra C. Nichols, Walnut Ridge, Elementary Ed. Randy K. Molen, Caruthersville, Mo., Real Estate St Ins. Delilah A. Nowell, Elaine, Elementary Ed. April S. Nowlin, Blytheville, Accounting James I. Mwakudo, Nigeria, Marketing Benedict I. Nwokeforo, Atlanta, Qa., Agri. Bus. Econ. Ehigiator I. Oaiya, Nigeria, Animal Sci. Elizabeth H. Oates, Lusk, Wy., Physical Ed. Karen L. O ' Connor, Walnut Ridge, PAIR Management Clement A. Oigbokie, Nigeria, Business Adm. Azubuike E. Okoye, Little Rock, Finance James D. Oldham, Floxie, Public Relations George M. Osborn, Jonesboro, Finance Odessa S. Osborne, Kennett, Mo., Medical Tech. Jeff J. Owen, Paragould, Physical Ed. Tommy W. Parkinson, Paragould, Wildlife Mgmt. Lisa L. Patterson, El Dorado, Accounting Bryant E. Pearson, Russellville, Political Sci. Donna L. Peebles, Smithville, Nursing Mark Q. Pender, Senath, Mo., Political Sci. Lynn M. Perkins, Franklin, Data Processing Stefanie Q. Perkins, Osceola, PAIR Management Kathy J. Pierson, Evening Shade, Marketing Sonya M. Pomtree, Augusta, English Melissa E. Potter, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Nursing Vickie S. Prater, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. James D. Presley, Jonesboro, Zoology Mark A. Price, West Helena, Business Mgmt. Donna J. Prichard, L xa, Information Systems Supavadee Prommasa, Thailand, Computer Sci. Udom Prommasa, Thailand, Business Adm. Sherry E. Pulley, Wynne, Early Childhood Ed. Tracy Q. Purser, Senath, Mo., Business Adm. Steven J. Purtee, Jonesboro, Accounting 47 Seniors Bill 5. Pyland, Paragould, Physical Ed. Gary B. Rainey, Paris, Political Sci. David A. Ramsammy, Guyana, Manufacturing Mgmt. Julie A. Randleman, Rector, Social Work Leveta Ray, Jonesboro, Accounting Kathy Reagan, Senath, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Kevin A. Reagan, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Barbara J. Reid, Jonesboro, Marketing Brenda J. Rhodes, Cherokee Village, Elementary Ed. Douglas Richardson, Elizabeth, Accounting Jeri A. Richardson, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. Jeaneen A. Rigsby, Osceola, Social Science Ed. Carol J. Rikard, Hardy, Physical Ed. Scott E. Riley, Peel, Computer Sci. Kimberley A. Ring, Cherokee Village, nursing Stephanie K. Risinger, Wappapello, Mo., Medical Tech. Sherry L. Roberts, Forrest City, Elementary Ed. Robbie L. Robinson, Kennett, Mo., Psychology Tracey A. Rose, Mount Vernon, Ohio, Early Childhood Ed. Jane Ann Rouse, Judsonia, English Ed. Cherie Rowlett, Trumann, Elementary Ed. Brian K. Ruminer, Doniphan, Mo., Elementary Ed. Monta Lea Russell, Leachville, Nursing Jeff J. Rutherford, Jonesboro, Economics Ruby Shirleen Sando, Kennett, Mo., English Carl S. Sayles, Forrest City, Art Ed. Karen E. Schisler, Jonesboro, Accounting Kathy B. Scott, Jonesboro, Busin ess Mgmt. Mohd Mahayadin Shafie, Malaysia, Electrical Engr. Denise K. Shaw, Mount Pleasant, Office Adm. Whitney A. Shelton, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Gregg S. Sheppard, Reydell, Agri. Bus. Econ. William D. Sheridan, Bryant, Chemistry Lavanda A. Sherrill, Viola, Biology Lori L. Shouse, Blytheville, Early Childhood Ed. Sue Shrum, Senath, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Linda F. Shuck, Blytheville, Elementary Ed. Scott A. Siler, Palestine, Radio-TV Jerome Sims, Little Rock, Criminology John A. Sims, Paragould, Data Processing 48 Seniors Danette Sisco, Osceola, Accounting Cubie L. Smith, Poplar Bluff, Mo., nursing Greg F. Smith, Paragould, Accounting Jim L. Smith, Jonesboro, Marketing Robin M. Smith, Jacksonville, Biology Ed. Tammy Lynne Smith, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Allison P. Snider, Monette, Accounting Stan D. Snodgrass, Orlando, Fla., Civil Engr. Faramarz Soleimani, Jonesboro, Electrical Engr. Karen L. Soles, Forrest City, Early Childhood Ed. Harold Q. Souheaver, Paragould, Psychology Glen L. Spargo, Cherry Valley, Computer Sci. Connie L. Sparks, Paragould, Computer Sci. Cynthia C. Spencer, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Crystal G. Squires, Blytheville, Music Ed. Jeffrey D. Stacey, Kennett, Mo., Political Sci. Dorothy E. Starnes, Mot Springs, Journalism Jill A. Steinegger, Jonesboro, Social Science Ed. Freedia J. Stewart, Keiser, Computer Sci. Rhonda C. Stewart, North Little Rock, Public Relations Gregg Stillwell, Jonesboro, Accounting Kim S. Stimson, Newport, Marketing Carey D. Stone, Jonesboro, Sacred Music Rhonda C. Stone, Pocahontas, Accounting Kevin L. Storey, Batesville, Accounting James R. Sulcer, Woodland Mills, Calif., Marketing Michael A. Sullens, floxie. Physical Ed. Janet A. Sutton, Mountain View, Information Systems Michael B. Sutton, Murfreesboro, N. C, Printing Mgmt. Hope R. Swanner, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Beth Tackett, Stuttgart, Radio-TV Judy K. Tackett, Trumann, Elementary Ed. Anita F. Talburt, Viola, Medical Tech. Barbara J. Tanner, Jonesboro, Public Relations Richard A. Tate, Walnut Ridge, Elementary Ed. Amanda S. Taylor, Pine Bluff, Elementary Ed. Doris L. Taylor, Luxora, Social Work Kelly M. Taylor, Jonesboro, Accounting Rose M. Taylor, McGehee, Marketing Shirley A. Taylor, Luxora, Journalism 49 Seniors Steven D. Taylor, Lorado, Computer Sci. Kevin Scott Tefteller, Carlisle, Plant Sci. James H. Thomas, DeSoto, Mo., Radio-TV Pamela O. Tibbs, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Wendy B. Tibbs, Memphis, Tenn., Elementary Ed. Larry O. Todd, Judsonia, Finance Mama L. Travis, Jonesboro, Marketing James H. Treece, Possum Grape, Radio-TV Darrick L. Tucker, Memphis, Tenn., Computer Sci. Myra B. Tuggle, Lepanto, Mathematics Ed. Hester J. Turner, Eorrest City, Elementary Ed. Loretta Turner, Tyronza, Office Adm. Linda C. Tusing, Dell Accounting Sunday O. Utaegbulam, Nigeria, Marketing Meleia L. Utley, Rector, Drama Donna M. VanWinkle, Cave City, Psychology Vickie M. Vaught, Paragould, Business Adm. Eric D. Voigt, Wynne, Business Adm. Alva V. Wadley, Paragould, Finance Denise L. Walker, Hughes, Elementary Ed. John O. Walker, Oxford, Social Science Ed. Loretta K. Walker, Trumann, Early Childhood Ed. Patti J. Wallace, Elementary Ed. Robert P. Wallace, Crawfordsville, Mathematics Ed. Mary E. Wallis, Mountain Home, Education Lori A. Walters, McQehee, Mathematics Ed. Charles T. Ward, Sturkie, Mechanical Engr. Sharon L. Warnick, Hoxie, Elementary Ed. James O. Washam, Jonesboro, Finance David T. Watkins, Bono, Agriculture Engr. Lance A. Watkins, Jonesboro, Finance Paulette Watson, Caraway, Art Ed. Veda E. Watson, Jonesboro, Social Work Mary Jane Watt, Paragould. Radio-TV Tonia S. Weatherford, West Memphis, English Rhonda R. Webb. Bono, Pre-Law Jill F. Weeks, Harrisburg, Medical Tech. Kenneth J. Welch, Jonesboro, Advertising Karen S. Wheatley, Searcy, Marketing Ike Wheeler, Swifton, History 50 Seniors Judy L. White, West Memphis, Accounting Ken White, Jonesboro, Accounting Lisa C. White, Harrisburg, Business Adm. Michelle M. White, West Helena, Elementary Ed. Cynthia L. Williams, Pine Bluff, Business Adm. Jawanda L. Williams, Brinkley, Accounting Laurie L. Williams, Lafe, Business Mgmt. Rosalyn A. Williams, Helena, Chemistry Ed. Steve R. Williams, Cherry Valley, Physical Ed. Judy C. Willis, Cave City, Medical Tech. Lettie T. Winfrey, Forrest City, Management Gregory N. Wiseman, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Political Sci. Jacqueline Woodard, Blytheville, Psychology Joe W. Woolverton, Gideon, Mo., Agri. Bus. Econ. Jeffrey K. Worlow, Sedgwick, Marketing Ricky G. Wortham, Rose Bud, Agriculture Ed. Lori A. Wright, Campbell, Mo., English Ed. Yin Siew Yip, Malaysia, Accounting Tommy L. Young, Tuckerman, PAIR Management Cynthia L. Young, Marked Tree, Real Estate Ins. Couple no. 1 and A flea is on her necK. Couple no. 2 on The newlywed Game Juniors Abu Bakr Abdullah, Malaysia Shahidan Abdullah, Malaysia Patricia Adams, Jonesboro Melvona C. Ahart, Tuckerman Scott H. Akridge, Kensett Crystal K. Alexander, Jonesboro Linda L. Allen, Pocahontas Tim 5. Allen, Dyess Andrea K. Alley, Marked Tree Yousef Al-Mehaisan, Saudi Arabia Gary L. Anderson, Osceola Darlene D. Andrews, Hickory Ridge Diane J. Andrews, Tilton Diane M. Annunziata, Paragould Patty J. Anthony, Haynes Ronald E. Anthony, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Angela C. Arnold, Paragould Alan J. Bailey, Trumann Clifford R. Bailey, Doniphan, Mo. Sammie J. Baker, N. Little Rock Teresa A. Ball, Caraway Jill C. Ballard, Moro Junior R. Barham, Timbo Karen A. Barkovitz, Mayti, Mo. Linda J. Barnett, Cardwell, Mo. Carrie L. Barr, Paragould Jeff Bartell, Cherokee Village Lynda R. Bass, Jonesboro Tam mera L. Batterton, Wasilla, Ak. Brad Bauer, Paragould Phillip L. Baumgarner, Traveling Shirley D. Bearden, Jonesboro Deanna L. Beasley, Jonesboro Christopher N. Beaver, Hernando, Miss. Mark A. Belk, Walnut Ridge William A. Bell, Camthersville, Mo. Willis F. Bell, Des Arc Phillip J. Berg, Jonesboro Jan A. Biggs, Paragould Phillip J. Birmingham, Jonesboro William E. Black, Jonesboro Jimmy R. Blackburn, Kennett, Mo. Brigitte A. Blackwell, Corning Ingrid J. Blake, Little Rock Jordan E. Blinne, Mountain View, Mo. Douglas L. Block, Camthersville, Mo. John W. Block, Hot Springs Jo-Qina Bokony, Alexander Keith J. Boles, Hazelton, Idaho Terry R. Bowden, Trumann Becky S. Bowie, N. Little Rock Kenny L. Bowren, floral Teresa L. Boyd, Piggott Melissa J. Bracy, Hickory Ridge Denise M. Braden, Newport Greg D. Bradley, Gould Patsy A. Bradley, Hardy Steven T. Bradley, Clinton Susan L. Bradshaw, Camden Gregory J. Brannon, Newport Brett Bray, Pine Bluff Wesley Bricker, Marion Judy L. Britt, Paragould Lisa E. Brooks, Osceola Erica L. Brown, Columbus, Ohio Jamie L. Brown, Paragould Kenneth Earl Brown, Brookland Kevin L. Brown, Rector Nikki S. Brown, Paragould Ronald H. Brown, Jonesboro 52 Juniors mm hr AAA f is n m T-l )k l H f ex gs v V njr 3 I I F? Tana M. Brown, Monette Stephen M. Bruce, Jonesboro Jimm M. Brumley, Marion Angela L. Bryan, Lepanto Carolyn F. Buchanan, Marmaduke Dane F. Buford, Batesville Michelle L. Burger, Bellwood, III. Vearlene Burns, Marked Tree Cindy Burton, Corning Ann Butler, Lake City Cynthia L. Buzbee, Little Rock Kenneth W. Calhoon, Elaine Dee Callison, Jonesboro Steven P. Campbell, Marion Mary J. Campo, Hot Springs Cynthia M. Canada, Batesville Dion A. Cantu, Mt. Carroll, III. Lisa R. Carter, Brookland Mark A. Carlson, Ash Flat Christi Carlyle, Newport Martha S. Carter, Jonesboro Job D. Caspall, Walnut Ridge Tim W. Cater, Manila Janet L. Caudell, Colt Rick Caulk, Sweden Debbie D. Chappell, Paragould Janna M. Cherry, Corning Lesley A. Chrisco, Monette Annette Christian, Forrest City Bobby J. Clark, Paragould Mia D. Clark, Corning Jason B. Clay, Jonesboro Betty Q. Cochran, Mammoth Spring Brenda S. Colburn, Brookland Gerald D. Cole, Jonesboro Diana S. Coleman, Jonesboro Michael L. Coleman, Paragould Tim E. Collie, Melbourne Lori A. Collomp, Jonesboro Steven L. Combs, Qrubbs Mia E. Conley, Cotton Plant Gary R. Cooper, Thayer, Mo. D ' Wayne Cooper, Senath, Mo. Cindy M. Copeland, Helena John K. Corkran, Helena Brenda D. Corpier, Hughes Cynthia E. Cotton, Driver Graham D. Coveney, Jonesboro Tracey L. Covert, N. Little Rock Leslie S. Crane, lola Kelly M. Crisp, Marvell Johnny W. Cude, Leachville Mike Culver, Biggers George E. Curnutt, Hardy Tina K. Curtis, Jonesboro Donald W. Dabney, Marked Tree Chaties H. Dalton Jr., Marianna Sharon A. Darby, Forrest City Sheila E. Darby, Forrest City Karen L. Davidson, Bradford Angela R. Davis, Fort Smith Brian S. Davis, Mammoth Spring Connie C. Davis, Hornersville, Mo. Donna M. Davis, Blytheville Kelly A. Davis, Mountain View Marva A. Davis, Marston, Mo. Perry D. Davis, McCrory Steve W. Davis, Newport Susan L. Davis, Fayetteville Vonda Gale Davis, Walnut Ridge 53 Juniors Michael T. Dawson, McCrory Cynthia L. Deeds, Bensenville, III. Belinda L. Dees, Campbell, Mo. Mike A. DeHaan, Pocahontas Rene L. DeProw, Warm Springs Timothy E. DeSalvo, N. Little Rock Brenda Q. Dicus, Newport Rudy L. Dillard, Corning Rosa M. Dixon, Birdsong Harold K. Dorton, Trumann Eric V. Douglas, Tuckerman David M. Doyle, Osceola Terry V. Doyle, Lynn Rikki R. Duclos, Blytheville Carmen Dunbar, Little Rock Billie B. Duncan, Marion John C. Dunn, Van Buren Gary R. Dutton, Wilmington, Del. Van DeWayne Dye, Bragg City, Mo. Shelly A. Dyer, West Memphis Vickie L. Eads, Pocahontas Ginger M. Edgar, Jonesboro Anthony T. Edwards, Humboldt, Tenn. Ella O. Ellingson, Jonesboro Scott A. Ellington, hew Orleans, La. Kelly A. Ellis, Jonesboro Debbie J. Elumbaugh, Batesville Paul J. Evans, Ravenden Russell E. Evans Jr., Marianna Beth R. Fair, Sikeston, Mo. Kim D. Falk, Jonesboro Debra A. Farr, Marvell Larry E. Farris, Biggers Gilbert W. Felts, Cotter, Mo. Mickey Felts, Jonesboro Ronald W. Felts, Walnut Ridge Donna B. Ferguson, Tuckerman Beverly A. Ferris, Jonesboro Melanie C. Fiala, Harvey, La . Sonya L. Fielder, Jonesboro Anita Finch, Kennett, Mo. Teresa Kim Fincher, Kennett, Mo. Cynthia R. Fitzhugh, Batesville Karen M. Flemon, Jonesboro Wayne Floyd, Rector Mark L. Foltz, West Memphis Ralph L. Forbis, Paragould Lisa C. Ford, Tyronza Christopher T. Forrest, Cash Rhonda L. Forrest, West Helena Mark R. Franzen, Grady Charles A. Frazier, Fordyce Evelyn K. Fritts, Scottsdale, Ariz. Annette L. Fry, Hope Kayla D. Fulmer, Walnut Ridge Cynthia A. Fulton, Little Rock Tammie A. Gadberry, Monette Janet R. Garrison, Myrtle, Mo. Debby A. Gary, Chicago, III. K. Todd Gaskins, Memphis, Tn. Rhonda L. Gibbs, Tupelo Kevin L. Gilmore, Braggadocio, Mo. Joette Gipson, Lauratown Melissa A. Glenn, Fisher Lisa K. Glover, Holcomb, Mo. Kelley R. Goodson, O Kean Kristen A. Goodwin, Jonesboro Keith F. Granberry, Jonesboro Beth T. Grantham, Kennett, Mo. Andrew A. Gray, Jonesboro IN ■ JSki 54 Juniors Baleria O. Gray, Belzoni, Miss. Dean Greer, Jonesboro Rickey Greer, Memphis, Tenn. Curtis J. Griffin, Jonesboro Patti C. Gryner, Jonesboro Teressa J. Guntharp, Hoxie Christie Y. Gurley, iiolcomb, Mo. Sharon L. Guthrie, Weiner William P. Hackworth, Hoxie Craig Hagan, Boulder, Colo. Anna L. Hagar, Tuckerman Carol A. Hale, Marianna Olivia A. Hall, Weiner Tywlla A. Hall, Ash Hat Lisa C. Hancock, McCrory Laverne Hanssler, Lawrenceville, h. J. Steve M. Harcrow, Warren Lavern Hardy, Forrest City DeAnn R. Harmon, Jonesboro Tammy R. Harmon, Black Oak Keith W. Harms, Ackley, Iowa Carol J. Harper, Walnut Ridge Jerry R. Harper Jr., West Plains, Mo. Angie L. Harris, Hoxie Karen R. Harris, Strawberry Pamela L. Harris, Thayer, Mo. Renita J. Harris, Jonesboro Craig Harrison, Bryant Chris D. Hart, Carlisle Tracey A. Hartert, Chesapeake, Va. Melissa K. Hawley, Marmaduke Jim F. Haynes, Colt Bradley N. Heckmann, Harrisburg Michael A. Heggie, Kensett Nannette Henderson, Humphrey Rebecca A. Hendon, Jonesboro Joe S. Henry, Dumas Lori M. Henson, Wynne Jill R. Hess, Wynne Samantha G. Hess, Wynne Elizabeth A. Hiatt, Paragould Danny J. Hill, Jonesboro Sidona S. Hill, West Memphis Ron S. Millers, Delhi, Iowa Bonne Yvonne Hills, Mountain View, Mo. Bobby W. Hobbs, Trumann Donna D. Hobbs, Jonesboro Melinda J. Hodge, Maynard Johnny K. Hodges, Keiser Tanya L. Hoffman, Keiser Donald J. Hofmann, N. Little Rock Terry L. Hogard, West Memphis Paul B. Hogue, Hazen Sandy E. Holleman, Osceola Kris D. Holloway, Sheridan Chris Holt, Jonesboro Kimherly A. Holt, Marianna nancy S. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Kevin Hopkins, Parkin Daniel B. Howard, West Plains, Mo. Shelly G. Hudson, O Kean Ginger K. Hufstedler, Pocahontas Wade S. Hughes, Hardy Barry O. Hulett, Swifton Shuhaimi Husain, Malaysia Halim B. Idris, Malaysia Betty J. Iguergbonmwen, Nigeria Arthur G. Jackson, Pinole, Calif. Cindy A. Jackson, Blytheville Gerald Jackson, Forrest City Juniors Joy L. Jackson, Paragould Jamie M. Jamison, Paragould Linda M. Jansen, Pocahontas Myleta D. Jefferson, Kennett, Mo. Dawn R. Jenkins, Damascus Sandra D. Jenkins, Pocahontas Alonzo J. Jiles, Altheimer Barbara A. Johnson, Holly Grove lona C. Johnson, Molly Grove Lori A. Johnson, Pocahontas Renee Johnson, Neelyville, Mo. Ronnie E. Johnson, Fairfax, n.J. Syrena D. Johnson, Leachville Terri n Johnson, Wilson Allison L. Johnston, Jonesboro AnneMarie Johnston, Jonesboro Keith A. Johnston, Paragould Belinda S. Joiner, Paragould David A. Jones, DeQueen Deanna A. Jones, Cooter, Mo. flershel G. Jones Jr., Jonesboro Kenneth T. Jones, Stuttgart Martha J. Jones, Marion Peter G. Jones, Wynne Robert A. Jones, Senath, Mo. Anthony P. Jordan, Gideon, Mo. Megat F. Junid, Malaysia Tara T. Kegley, Corning Susan M. Kenndey, Forrest City Dawn M. Kent, Batesville Bill Kernodle, Wynne Eldon R. Kerr, Monette Mahera Fatima Khaliq, Pakistan Leisa G. Kieffner, Paragould Sharon D. Kilpatrick, West Memphis Beverly M. King, Cave City Pamela K. Kirby, Leachville Prankie L. Kisner, Pocahontas Donnie C. Kissinger, Jonesboro John L. Kline, Gilmore Ralph S. Kline, St Petersburg, Fla. Mary A. Knight, Crawfordsville Jackie R. Knighten, n. Little Rock William S. Koettel, Newport Jeffery W. Kreis, Augusta Sherry S. Lace, Cherry Valley Becky A. LaGore, Kennett, Mo. Steve G. Langlois, Jonesboro Donald E. Larson, Jonesboro Annette Larue, Tuckerman Kenneth E. Lathrop, Hughes James L. Lawrence, Swifton Jeff A. Lawrence, Couch, Mo. Denice Lawson, LaGrange Robin L. Leake, Forrest City Clint D. Ledbetter, Fort Smith Gregory L. Lee, Pine Bluff Hee Long Lee, Malaysia Lara L. Lee, Mountain Home Melanie L. Leonard, Jonesboro Roger B. Leonard, Hickory Ridge Ronette L. Lepley, Paragould David L. Letterman, Indianapolis, Ind. Andy Lieblong, Forrest City Teng-Hooi Lim, Malaysia Barbara J. Lindsey, Steele, Mo. Amy L. Linstrom, Blytheville Janette M. Loar, Leachville Rodney M. Lockett, Pine Bluff John A. Long, Newport St, Juniors Terri D. Looney, Oil Trough Kerry L. Lowe, Cherokee Village Sheryl L. Lowery, Harrisburg Lisa A. Lumpkin, Oil Trough Donald Q. Luther, Molcomb, Mo. Teresa Dee Lybrand, Osceola Mario Machado, Blytheville Susan L. Magar, Batesville Melinda S. Manis, Olathe, Kan. Elizabeth A. Marie, Mot Springs Charles Martin, Willow Springs, Mo. Cora Martin, West Helena Kelli J. Martin, Blytheville Monty C. Martin, Batesville Beverly J. Mason, Harrisburg Donald R. Massey, Marianna Allen L. Masters, Trumann Douglas E. Masters. Arbyrd, Mo. Jessie B. Mastin, Caraway Linda Mathis, Earle Charles E. Matlock, Osceola Terri A. Maynard, Jonesboro Russell B. McAllister, Paragould Beth L. McBride, Brinkley Phyllis D. McClendon, Osceola Teresa M. McClure, Paragould Bridget A. McCourt, Sherwood Kerry L. McCright, Pocahontas Hollye A. McCrum, Clarendon Lisa A. McDonald, Paragould Tommy Q. McDonald II, Kennett, Mo. Ellen L. McQinnis, Marianna Mitch L. McGrew, Baker, La. Barbara S. McQuire, Jonesboro Laurie A. McKee, Newport Kevin E. McKenzie, Clarendon Johnny L. McLean, Keiser Maryann McLean, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Paul R. McLoughlin, Sarasota, Fla. Kevin W. McMasters, Bay Vitalia Y. Medina, Venezuela Deborah K. Medlin, Walnut Ridge Cynthia D. Merrilat, Jonesboro Joe A. Merrill, Jonesboro Maria A. Mertens, Paragould Patrick Z. Millbrook, Jonesboro Cathy F. Miller, Holly Grove Leigha Q. Miller, Kennett, Mo. Kerry B. Mitchell, Senath, Mo. Sherry K. Mitchell, Harrisburg Shelia J. Mobley, Piggott Zaiton Mohd-Moor, Malaysia Rafe D. Montgomery, Dexter, Mo. Jeff Moore, Olive Branch, Miss. Johnny W. Moore, Bay Keith E. Moore, Jacksonville Mark Morgan, Harrisburg Qaye L. Morrison, Marion David C. Moss, Oxford Eddie Murphy, Detroit, Mich. Rhonda A. Mynatt, Mt. Pleasant Taplah Nafiah, Malaysia Lauri hall, Lake City Dee Anna Neal, Camden Qretta E. Meal, Cave City Karen R. heal, Beebe Lillie A. Heal, Lepanto Gregory S. Newberry, Harrisburg Robert A. Newberry, Paragould Cassandra E. Michols, Jonesboro S7 Juniors Michelle K. Nicholson, Festus, Mo. Robin Nix, Jonesboro Tammie E. Nolen. Caruthersville, Mo. Zainudin Nor, Malaysia Mark N. Norman, Couch, Mo. Cherry L. Norris, Judsonia Pamela Norris, Weiner Charles Norton II, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard R. Nutt, Paragould Stanley G. Nutt, Jonesboro Azubuikem Nwokeabia, Nigeria Ronald C. Oates, McQehee Fletcher E. O ' Cain, Lonoke Alan Oldman, flarrisburg Jeanette Oldman, flarrisburg Chuck R. Orton, Peoria, HI. Tammy T. Osborn, Bay Sharon K. Osier, Newport Khairil Walid Othman, Malaysia Meleah R. Overman, Monette Norah C. Overstreet, Georgetown Anita Overturf, Sauget, III. Kelly L. Owens, Lake City Rodney Owens, Clarendon Angela F. Oxford, Springdale Melinda L. Parker, Senath, Mo. Kathey Parr, Forrest City Joseph L. Parris, Hot Springs David N. Paschall, Jonesboro Anthony S. Patton, Benton Karen L. Payne, Kennett, Mo. Letitia G. Payne, Arbyrd, Mo. Tina R. Peacock, fleth Vonda L. Pearson, Lepanto Robert K. Pell, Clinton, Iowa Cody L. Pendergist, West Memphis Jimmy K. Perkins, Bono Julie A. Perkins, Bono Mary A. Perkins, Blytheville Robert L. Perkins, Bono John W. Perry, Millington, Tenn. Sam C. Person, Blytheville Debbie R. Peters, Griffithville Lesley A. Peters, St. Charles, Mo. Charles S. Petty, Sedgwick Jetta L. Petty, Arbyrd, Mo. Lee J. Petty, Burdette Teena M. Phillips, Monette James D. Pierce, Jonesboro Joyce A. Pierce, Jonesboro William M. Pike, Almyra Michael W. Pinegar, Gregory Lane Pippin, Doniphan, Mo. Harvey K. Porchia, Chicago, III. Robert L. Porter, Pine Bluff Donna J. Powell, West Plains, Mo. Dametra C. Proffitt, Dyess Harry L. Quarrels, Palestine Polly A. Raible, Grady Thomas H. Rainwater, Walnut Ridge Jerry L. Rapert, Osceola Janelle B. Ray, Trumann Leigh Anne Reeve, Wynne Ernest B. Reeves, West Memphis Donna D. Reginelli, Marion Leanne M. Reilly, Peoria, III. Deanna R. Reithemeyer, Sedgwick Paul A. Rice, Carlisle Rodney A. Richard, Little Rock Austin B. Richards, Jonesboro 58 Juniors Donna L. Richardson, Pocahontas Ronald D. Richardson, Malvern Cynthia D. Rickman, Kennett, Mo. Janette K. Rickman, Paragould Lisa Q. Rickman, Senath, Mo. Rebecca L. Rider, Batesville Pashia L. Ridge, Portia Karen Riley, Bassett Sharon R. Riley, Bemice, Mo. Christopher R. Ring, Little Rock Kevin L. Rippy, Marmaduke Jill L. Ritter, Pine Bluff Jeffrey R. Roberts, Searcy Lorrie A. Roberts, Mountain View William T. Roberts, Marmaduke Cindy D. Robinett, Jonesboro Rickey L. Robinson, Newport James S. Rogers, Pocahontas Lee Rogers, West Memphis Greg A. Rooks, Keiser Eric D. Rooney, Elgin, S.C. Deedra D. Rosamond, Forrest City Gala L. Rose, Jonesboro Joan Rose, Cash Wilma K. Rose, Jonesboro John W. Ross, Pine Bluff Barry M. Rossell, Marked Tree James S. Russell, Hardy Luann Russell, Swifton Blanche L. Sanders, Blytheville heal W. Sanders, Austin Ruth A. Sanders, Salem Erik L. P. Sandstrom, Sweden Amy E. Sanford, Jonesboro Kelly D. Sanner, Des Arc Sharon K. Sartin, Jonesboro Deana M. Satterwhite, Batesville Pat D. Schaeffer, Jonesboro Joseph F. Scheller, Knobel Dale Schenk, West Barlington, Iowa Donna A. Schroyer, Gideon, Mo. Douglas R. Scott, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jeffrey L. Scott, Newport Elizabeth S. Seaton, Jonesboro David E. Sharp, Jonesboro Don G. Sharp, Jonesboro Ann B. Shaw, Forrest City Arnold R. Shaw, Wynne David W. Shedd, Manila Daniel T. Sheets, Jonesboro Deborah K. Shepard, Paragould Eric Shoffner, Newport Gail P. Siddell, Mayflower Lisa A. Siler, Bradford Lesia L. Simmons, Marmaduke Mark E. Simmons, N. Little Rock Jan L. Simpson, Stuttgart Steve L. Simpson, Jonesboro Tammy A. Sisk, Oil Trough Paul M. Skuban, Cabot Geraldine M. Skyles, Lakeview Vicki L. Skyles, Midway Emmett M. Slayton, Jonesboro Donna S. Smalley, Coming Jeron D. Smart, Piggott Angelia M. Smith, Garner Barbara M. Smith, Wynne Dewey J. Smith, West Memphis James M. Smith, Olney, III. Kirk A. Smith, Steele, Mo. Juniors Lynn W. Smith, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Marie A. Smith, Lexa Mark A. Smith, Kennett, Mo. Rosilyn M. Smith, Little Rock Sandra A. Smith, Melbourne Sheila Q. Smith, Blytheville Stephen D. Smith, Stuttgart Suzanne R. Solley, Pine Bluff Susan L. South, Piggott Russ Spencer, Maynard Robin P. Spicer, Morganza, La. Maryj. Stacy, Trumann Tim W. Stallings, Jonesboro Susan R. Stalnaker, Imboden Sandra Jo Standefer, Jonesboro Dean W. Stanley, Chicago, III. Eric Stark, Wynne Linda C. States, Jonesboro Jim E. Stearns, Walnut Ridge Ceila J. Stegall, Kennett, Mo. Alvin R. Stewart, Jonesboro Amy L. Stewmon, Brinkley Laura A. Stickler, Paragould Julia A. Stiles, West Memphis Leslie C. Stilwell, Fairdealing, Mo. Angela C. Stokes, Chicago, III. Ralph E. Stombaugh, Jonesboro Kellene L. Storey, Batesville Jeffery W. Stotts, Jonesboro Rodney D. Stovall, Lepanto Ellen M. Studnar, Mountain Home Mildred Sue Sullens, Floxie Maria D. Sullivan, Jonesboro Kathryn D. Sundahl, Myrtle, Mo. Debra S. Sutterfield, Jonesboro Jeffrey L. Tabor, Paragould Mike Tabor, West Memphis Tammy C. Taggart, Augusta Suhaila Taib, Malaysia Garry W. Taylor, Cherry Valley Qia J. Taylor, Paragould Jeff Taylor, Walnut Ridge Lisa E. Taylor, Monette Rebekah A. Taylor, Pine Bluff Virginia L. Taylor, Forrest City Karin K. Telle, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Robyn L. Theobald, Cotter Steve A. Thiel, Paragould Sherry A. Thielemier, Pocahontas Patricia H. Thomas, Jonesboro Teresa Q. Thomas, Manila Debra L. Thompson, Newport Keith E. Thompson, Jonesboro Stephanie L. Thompson, Paragould Kim Thornton, Batesville Janet R. Throesch, Jonesboro Anaicka Tilghman, Walnut Ridge Demetra E. Tillman, Kennett, Mo. Leslie J. Tinsley, Tuckerman Kwan Fat To, Hong Kong Franklin J. Toddy, Corunna, Mich. Candy Renna Trammell, Jonesboro Roger Troxel, Reyno Christopher Tucker, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Jerry W. Tucker, Jacksonville Dona Rene Tyler, Pocahontas James P. Tyner, Jonesboro Cynthia K. Ussery, Jonesboro Roland L. Ussery, Paragould Elizabeth Ann Vaughn, Earle IS 3 teL ft ' ; wmm (ft 4 ft m U Ik 4 f 1 Mm ■ j r Juniors Mary A. Vaughn, Festus, Mo. Randi K. Vincent, M. Little Rock Tomi L. Vincent, Gregory Reba A. Vuncannon, Trumann Eileen L. Wade, Smithville Randy Wade, Jonesboro Melissa L. Wakefield, Decatur, III. Ronald L. Wallace, Mountain View Billy J. Ward, Hughes Timmy R. Washburn, Hughes Qayle L. Watson, Paragould Stacy Wayland, Walnut Ridge Keith Weaver, Pompano Beach, Fla. Debbie J. Webb, Paragould Paula Webb, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Karyn L. Webber, Des Arc Karen C. Weir, M. Little Rock Russell Wells, M. Little Rock Sandy K. Wheaton, Harrison Jessica White, Forrest City Mary M. White, Hernando, Miss. Terrie S. White, Marion Laura L. Wilhite, Lincoln Louis V. Wilhoite, Jonesboro Clyde F. Williams Jr., Helena Jeff A. Williams, Hope Melanie Williams, Portageville, Mo. Thomas H. Williams, Paragould Greg A. Williamson, Pocahontas Tammi F. Williamson, Hope Brenda Tipler Wilson, Caruthersville, Cheryl L. Winfrey, Forrest City Judy A. Winkle, Mammoth Spring Bliss K. Winningham, Bradford Rhonda M. Withers, Bryant Mo. Gregory A. Young, Little Rock Mark T. Young, Blytheville Melvin Young, Osceola Ruzina Zainuddin, Malaysia Starla T. Wolf, Weiner Cheryl L. Wood, Agnos Kathy L. Wood, Newport Kyle K. Wood, Stuttgart Mary A. Wood, Caraway Carol D. Woods, Little Rock Debbie L. Woods, Alton, Mo. Amelia S. Wright, Tyronza James M. Wright, Hoxie Melony A. Wroten, Dyes s Debbie J. Wyatt, Jonesboro Fred E. Yarbrough, Reyno Susie Yarbrough, Jonesboro Wanda L. Yopp, Jonesboro Mother helping her child. The Bloody Mary. Sophomores Douglas A. Acuff, Springdale Hamid Norizan Ahmat-Abdul, Malaysia Clifton Akers, Jonesboro Mope Akins, Van Buren Charlene E. Allen, Reyno Donna A. Allen, Hoxie Charles A. Allison, Steele, Mo. Christopher W. Almond, Carlisle Rhonda S. Anderson, Caraway Bobby Andrews, Brookland Folorunso F. B. Arijegbe, Nigeria Sandy C. Amn, Cave City Cindy R. Arnold, Walnut Ridge Karla M. Ashlock, Imboden Dana M. Autry, Senath, Mo. Eric L. Bailey, Luxora Sharon L. Bailey, Hughes Lee Brent Baker, Trumann Brett H. Barber, Jonesboro William E. Barnett, Keiser Ranae E. Bean, Jonesboro Jennifer Beard, Jonesboro Linda D. Bearden, Jonesboro Kimberley A. Bell, Memphis, Tenn, Rhonda S. Bell, Corning Clynis A. Benefield, Wynne Carol S. Benson, Trumann Kerry L. Bilyeu, Tyronza Kathy J. Bird, Kewanee, Mo. Lewis L. Bishop, Mountain Home Rebecca C. Bishop, Jonesboro Pamela L. Black, Osceola Teresa L. Black, Batesville Bryan L. Blankenship, Thayer, Mo. Stephanie D. Bolding, Bald Knob Lisa K. Booher, Jonesboro Mike E. Book, Piggott Dina L. Borgeson, Henderson Kelly A. Bourland, Blytheville Cheryl A. Bowen, Trumann Freddy L. Bowen, Hampton Willie F. Bowens Jr., West Memphis Robyn A. Boyd, West Memphis Qreg D. Brady, Walnut Ridge Paul Branch, Denver, Colo. Tamara D. Brandon, Trumann Kimberly D. Brannan, Mammoth Spring Beverly F. Bray, Mammoth Spring John R. Breckenridge, Dermott Shana D. Brewer, Corning Anna L. Brodell, Jonesboro Monica L. Brogdon, Caruthersville, Mo. Angelia M. Brown, Harrisburg Tammy M. Brown, Trumann Timothy J. Brown, Clarkton, Mo. John P. Buchanan Jr., Marmaduke John W. Buchanan, Walnut Ridge Bryan W. Buck, Paragould Sherry D. Buckelew, Harrisburg Carole M. Buffalo, Carlisle Barry S. Burkheart, Marmaduke Jeanne M. Burlie, Bryant Melanie A. Burns, Walnut Ridge Steven D. Burrow, McCrory Tracy A. Buster, Memphis, Tenn. Dawn Butler, Qoobertown Duke C. Butler, West Memphis Jay E. Butler, West Memphis Yevette Butler, Forrest City Linda M. Byrd, Jonesboro 1,2 Sophomores Angela Rochelle Caddell, Cherry Valley Greg O. Carr, Greers Terry Donna L. Carman, Forrest City Terri S. Carmack, Jonesboro Vickie D. Camp, Paragould Wendy Y. Campbell, Walnut Ridge Keri D. Carson, Walnut Ridge Dorothy C. Carter, Forrest City Lisa R. Carter, Marked Tree Blair Cartwright, Sweden Lorie A. Cartwright, llliopolis, III. Dale R. Case, Lepanto Jason P. Casey, Collierville, Tenn. Kathy R. Cavitt, West Memphis Rusty Chambers, Jonesboro Melissa D. Chambliss, Oil Trough Lisa J. Chapman, Wynne Jarrod L. Childers, Trumann Blayn Chipman, Forrest City Fook Oon Chong, Malaysia Steve W. Chordas, Hubbard, Ohio Annette Chunn, Paragould Rebecca S. Chwalek, Centerville, Iowa Donna F. Clark, Paragould Kyla M. Clark, Wynne Mark W. Clark, Earle Nicky W. Clayton, Trumann Trent K. Clayton, Wynne Angela M. Colclasure, Little Rock Cindy R. Coleman, Corning Linda M. Colosimo, Pocahontas Dianne M. Conaway, Jonesboro Sharron D. Cook, Pine Bluff Shasta J. Cook, Marianna Donna L. Cooper, Newport Mike R. Cooper Jeff D. Cope, Jonesboro Larry D. Corbett, Alicia Timothy L. Covington, Jonesboro Pamela E. Cox, Bono Samantha D. Cox, Marmaduke Elizabeth J. Craig, Lake City Walter L. Crawford, Paragould Beverly A. Creach, Pocahontas Sandra M. Cribbs, Wynne Melinda F. Cross, Charlotte Billy W. Dacus, Jonesboro Lesa A. Dacus, Jonesboro Deanna M. Daily, Kennett, Mo. Ken S. Davidson, Colt Donald A. Davis Jr., Roe Jackie E. Davis, Bono Jodi L. Davis, Cabot Joseph L. Davis, Wynne Patty Davis, Jonesboro Rhonda K. Davis, Newport ScoU W. Davis, Reyno Fonda K. Dennis, Fisher Steve K. Denton, Tyronza Ramona Dilworth, Cotton Plant Marva J. Dollar, Jonesboro Steven R. Douglas, Bay Joanna L. Draper, Wynne Holli S. Drewry, Jonesboro Lisa D. Dunham, Weiner Deborah R. Dunigan, Caraway Gena L. Dunkerson, Caraway Pamela L. Dunn, Jonesboro Sharon R. Dust, Pocahontas Catherine D. Dye, Kennett, Mo. Sophomores Lay Chan Ee, Malaysia Ben R. Elam, Dexter, Mo. Wyndol L. Elder, Brookland Greta L. Ellzey, Harrisburg Angela S. Emmons, Holcomb, Mo. Bruce W. Engelmann, Benton Bonita B. Espinoza, Jonesboro Kevin L. Estes, Harrison Julie Ann Eubanks, Bono Terri L. Evans, Blytheville Michele R. Evyan, Blytheville Chike M. Ezechinweoke, Higeria Pamela M. Fagan, Qatewood, Mo. Edna M. Farmer, Batesville Ronald E. Farnsworth, Winfield, Kan. Jose L. Feliciano, Wichita, Kan. Carla D. Felts, Jonesboro Cristina A. Ferretto, Peru Jeffrey Lynn Fitch, Hernando, Miss. Amy L. Fitts, Brinkley riichi L. Flannigan, Jonesboro John T. Fleming, Osceola Johnny L. Fleming, Keiser Greg A. Flood, Steele, Mo. Josephene Flowers, Hughes Karen L. Flowers, Brookland Cindy Fong, Hughes Tommy Ford, Harrisburg Susan L. Foreman, Gamaliel Michael R. Fort, Piggott Daren W. Fowler, Wheatley Mary A. Francis, Jonesboro Edet O. Frank, Higeria Monica R. Fraser, McCrory Charles E. Fredrick, Rogers Pamela K. French, Fisher Stephen L. French, Tuckerman Kathie J. Fussell, Jonesboro Susan Jeannette Gaither, Hoxie Dwayne A. Gallaher, West Memphis Michelle Gambill, Jonesboro Lisa M. Gardner, Little Rock Rebecca S. Garrett, Mount Pleasant Theresa L. Gates, Hernando, Miss. Kim D. Gatlin, Paragould Beverly J. Gause, Memphis, Tenn. John T. Gay, Newport Tonya L. George, Kennett, Mo. Kimberly R. Gibson, Jonesboro LaJana S. Gibson, Jonesboro Tracy D. Gibson, Benton Janet L. Gilliaum, Newport David L. Godwin, Marion Ricki D. Goings, Williford Christy J. Goodman, Blytheville Julie A. Goodwin, Calion Brenda E. Gossett, Lake City Karla D. Graves, Blytheville Leroy T. Green, Kennett, Mo. Randy W. Green, Sidney Ricky L. Green, Mountain View Bobby J. Greene, West Memphis Debra J. Gregg, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sabrina D. Grissom, Jonesboro Aaron K. Grobe, Dexter, Mo. noble D. Grogan, Willow Springs. Mo. Cyndy A. Gunn, Cave City Lori A. Guthrie, Arbyrd, Mo. Paul Gutierrez, Hardy Brett L. Hacker, Bryant m 4 " % i 1 ft r v 1 » 1 A IP I , 1} V ' dlv- 5 i 1 i Sophomores ml at v • ft ill AAA pop " iflll 1 S3 Janet A. Hagood, Pocahontas Anita N. Hale, Marianna Greta A. Hale, Marianna Kimberly Hamilton, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Boyce L. Hamlett, Kennett, Mo. Harvey L. Hanna, Harrisburg Lavern Hardaway, Heth Teresa L. Hardesty, Blytheville Anita Hardy, Forrest City William W. Hardy, Paragould Janet L. Harp, Hoxie Joe A. Harp, Hoxie William S. Harris, Jonesboro Greg Harton, Little Rock Tammy R. Hatfield, Paragould Tara N. Haydar, Jonesboro Stephen K. Haynes, Blytheville Alyce Heeb, Harrisburg Roger L. Helms, Smithville Madra Henderson, Marked Tree Wayne A. Hendrix, Hoxie leresa M. Henry, Paragould Valorie R. Henson, Paragould Rachel A. Hess, Wynne Anita J. Hester, Paragould Roxann Hibbs, Walnut Ridge Jennifer Hicks, Caruthersville, Mo. Lisa L. Higgins, Jonesboro Andrea C. Hill, Jonesboro Jerrilyn M. Hill, Wynne Letha A. Hill, Parkin Misty L. Hill, Alton, Mo. Katy Hindman, Tyronza Michael R. Hiner, Mountain View, Mo. Robert L. Hinkle, Osceola Mary E. Hlavach, Peoria, III. Fay O. Holcomb, Corning Lisa G. Holder, Paragould Belinda S. Holland, Lafe Michael T. Holliday, Augusta Elizabeth C. Holt, Paragould Jane Holt, Nettleton Kevin E. Hopkins, Pine Bluff Hoshang D. Hormasji, Pakistan Sherry A. Horner, Arbyrd, Mo. Todd Horton, Rogers Todd A. Hulett, Swifton Eric Humphrey, Chicago, III. Felicia A. Hunter, Hot Springs Allen O. Hurst, Little Rock Trish L. Isbell, Jonesboro Terri L. Jackson, Luxora Tammy Gayle James, Jonesboro Paula D. Jamison, Marmaduke Jose-Luis I. Jaramillo, Chile Peggy L. Jeffries, Jonesboro Debbie L. Johns, Paragould Dana L. Johnson, Cooter, Mo. Demita Johnson, Wynne Leatha R. Johnson, West Memphis Carolyn L. Joiner, Madison Bryan D. Jones, Wilson Eric W. Jones, McCrory John P. Jones, Wynne Alvin J. Kearbey, Jonesboro Katherine Keith, West Plains, Mo. Harold F. Kelley, Joiner Mike P. Kelley, Walnut Ridge Sloane G. Kelley, Walnut Ridge Randell L. Kemp, Ravenden 65 Sophomores Dawn M. Kenley, Pine Bluff Dina L. Kieffner, Paragould Jerry Kifer, Jonesboro Robbie M. Kimberling, Fisher Lynda F. Kimble, Joiner Reda V. Kimble, Forrest City Rhonda M. King, Paragould Paula A. Kinman, Paragould Pamela D. Klutts, Campbell, No. Laura L. Knight, Little Rock Lynn D. Knutson, Little Rock Qa Chuan Lai, Malaysia James C. Larue, Tuckerman Qayla J. Lashley, Paragould Sandy L. Lawrence, Bono Donald J. Layne, Corning Christina Lee, Dumas Karen J. Lee, Bono Lisa B. Lee, West Memphis Sharon L. Lenderman, Walnut Ridge Helen L. Leniear, N. Little Rock James S. Levins, Jonesboro Phillip L. Lewallen, Lynn Thomas J. Lewallen, Blytheville Gwendolyn R. Lewis, Earle Bee Chai Lim, Malaysia Barbara D. Long, flarrisburg Cathy A. Long, Cord Frank Long, Marianna Tamara L. Long, Newport Bock Thai Lor, Malaysia Audrey Q. Lott, Blytheville Kathy M. Loudermilk, Marked Tree Chip L. Lumkin, Oil Trough Karri A. Mabry, Jonesboro John MacPherson, Carmel, Calif. Shirl A. Magness, Cabot Susan L. Mahon, Hickory Ridge Melody A. Main, Corning Myra L. Malone, Fisher Alisa K. Martin, Bertrand, Mo. Clint A. Martin, McCrory Jerry L. Martin, Trumann Lisa R. Martin, flarrisburg Robbie Martin, Huntington Beach, Calif. Rudi M. Martin, Paragould Tracy M. Mason, Marmaduke Clark Matthews, Maiden, Mo. B. J. McAfee, Wilson Christopher J. McAlee, Imboden Lisa D. McBroome, Bono Charles P. McCarty, Osceola Jimmy K. McClain, Kennett, Mo. James Q. McCormick, Colt Cherie McCoy, Marion Tena M. McCoy, Paragould Bridgette C. McDonald, Peoria, 111. Angela K. McKinness, Lepanto Lindy L. McKuin, Bernie, Mo. Lisa M. McLemore, Alexander Jeffery S. McMilin, Lake City Sherri Q. McMullen, Tuckerman Donna L. McNeal, Wynne Hazel C. McPherson, Jonesboro Charles R. Mears, Harrisburg Danny J. Meek, Salem Jeffery D. Michael, Hughes Donna R. Miller, Corning Michael L. Miller, Jonesboro Paula A. Miller, Wynne ft (fS j f i a n r w f - i |||| fk M (7 (X t Mm !,(, Sophomores Leith Mills, Forrest City Robert E. Mills, Mountain View Steve D. Mills, Nettleton David L. Minick, Rector Jamilyn E. Moon, Trumann Daniel E. Moore, Corning Judy C. Moore, Paragould Joanna Moraitis, Chicago, III. Carroll A. Moran, Jonesboro Paul W. Morrison, Spartanburg, S.C. Clayton T. Morrow, Turrell Bill C. Moss, Oxford Greg L. Moss, Caruthersville, Mo. Lisa A. Moss, Cave City Thomas E. Moss, Trumann Darryl M. Mohammad, Decatur, Qa. Robin A. Mullen, Portia Silvaratnam Murugasu, Malaysia Steven L. Neal, Augusta Kim rieely, Osceola David C. nelson, Fort Worth, Texas Vickie D. Newton, Bearden Nhu T. Nguyen, Jonesboro Audrey L. Nichols, Tyronza Carla D. Nicholson, Swifton Nik Nazila Nik-Ahmad, Malaysia Teddy W. Nix, Luxora Lori S. Noblin, Jonesboro Nancy J. Noe, Harrisburg Lushon B. Noel, Little Rock David W. Oakes, Osceola Leslie D. Oldham, Moxie Bill Olson, Batesville Sister Erin-Marie O ' Neal, Jonesboro Mary K. Orlick, Paragould Stefanie A. Osborn, Jonesboro Judy E. Osment, St. Louis, Mo. Marjorie D. Ozbirn, Cherokee Village Laura L. Palmer, Senath, Mo. Billy W. Parks, Alicia Crystal D. Parmenter, Rector Lisa Parr, Kennett, Mo. Scott D. Parton, Piggott Rajool Patel, Paragould Danny W. Patterson, Paragould Deanna K. Patterson, Walnut Ridge Shelly J. Patton, Bono Anita C. Pemberton, Jonesboro Vetrice L. Peoples, Earle John L. Peterson, Tichnor Bobby Q. Phillips, Jonesboro Doyne D. Pierce, Jonesboro Pam Q. Pierce, Pocahontas Tommie Sue Pierce, Bay Kimberly D. Pillow, Paragould Ronda R. Piwinski, Sherwood Sheryl E. Poole, Paris Clint W. Porter, Morrilton Peggy S. Powers, Pocahontas Joel D. Presley, Jonesboro Linda D. Price, Jonesboro Yvonne Jeanette Price, Jonesboro Linda K. Prince, Newport Everina E. Pulliam, Kennett, Mo. Betty J. Pyland, Paragould Charisse M. Quarles, Blytheville John R. Rainwater, Marianna Dana L. Rasmussen, Sidney Susanne L. Ray, Leachville Micheal D. Raymond, Earle 67 Sophomores Greg O. Reece, West Memphis Arthur L. Reed, Malvern Donna J. Reeves, Mount Pleasant Qwen F. Reeves, Bono Carolyn V. Reid, Kennett, Mo. Stuart A. Reid, Jonesboro Debby S. Renshaw, Jonesboro Katherine I. Ressalam, Jonesboro Cindy M. Reves, Crossett Stacy J. Reynolds, McCrory Wendy A. Reynolds, McCrory Frank Richards, Bauxite Clifton L. Richmond, Dyess Karen R. Ricker, Corning Tosknella Ridde, Cotton Plant Lesley A. Robbins, Paragould Scott V. Roberson, Jonesboro David S. Roberts, Corning Susie Roberts, Hernando, Miss. Vanessa E. Roberts, South Africa Franklin E. Robertson, Caruthersville, Mo. Lytania L. Robinson, Mew port Mark R. Robinson, Jonesboro Sandy L. Robinson, Carlisle Susan M. Robison, Trumann William M. Robinson, Brookland Sherry L. Rook, Jonesboro Susan A. Rose, Marmaduke Rebecca J. Ross, Pocahontas Tammy R. Rudkin, Gideon, Mo. Scott R. Ruff, Jonesboro Jason B. Runsick, Swifton Shazatul Moor Sabidan, Malaysia Ike Sanders, Chicago, III. Martin K. Sanders, Jonesboro Suzette C. Sanders, Jonesboro Sarminah Bt. Sapari, Malaysia Brian D. Sawyer, Kennett, Mo. Anita J. Sayger, Carlisle Patricia A. Saylors, Corning Dana L. Seay, Rector Ellen R. Seay, Rector Rick Sellers, Judsonia Janae E. Shatley, Paragould Mary Jo Shaver, Wynne Harold D. Shaw, Jonesboro Vivian C. Sheets, Hoxie Colette S. Sheridan, West Plains, Mo. Paula J. Shrable, Manila Jo N. Shutt, Cardwell, Mo. Sandra E. Siddell, Mayflower Sandy K. Simmons, Stuttgart Jerri M. Simpson, Jonesboro Lance E. Sims, Pottersville, Mo. Steven D. Sinclair, Pine Bluff Parminder Singh, Jonesboro Shanmuganathan Sinnan, Malaysia Steve Sipa, Jonesboro Daniel L. Smith, Sidney Edye A. Smith, Little Rock Hall M. Smith, Cherokee Village Jamie D. Smith, Marston, Mo. Scott C. Smith, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Stephen R. Smith, Forrest City Steve R. Smith, Paragould Wesley S. Smith, Hardy Mark B. Smithee, Hoxie Robert A. Smythe, Memphis, Tenn. Sherry A. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Rusty L. Snelson, Bradford 68 Sophomores Victoria M. Snodgrass, Pocahontas Henrietta Sorg, Pocahontas Dennis L. Spence, Oil Trough Doris Q. Spradling, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Paula A. Sprinkle, Bono Becky F. Spurlock, Batesville Tracy L. Spurlock, Lake City Nesan S. Sriskanda, Sri Lanka Jamie D. Staggs, Memphis, Tenn. Belinda Stanfill, Caruthersville, Mo. Lora Stark, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Starks, Earle Linda K. Steese, Monette Jeanette K. Steimel, Pocahontas Laura L. Stein, Jonesboro Kim Stephens, South Africa Barbara Stewart, Chicago, III. Rhonda Q. Stewart, Paragould Donna D. Stoner, Lexa Melisa Q. Sturch, Batesville Amy L. Stutts, Southaven, Miss. Angela J. Sulcer, Dallas, Texas Laura S. Sumpter, Marked Tree Krista K. Taggart, Augusta Penny G. Tarver, Jonesboro Brian Tate, Jonesboro Karen D. Tate, Amagon Joseph J. Taylor, B rookland Mark A. Taylor, Blytheville Mary F. Taylor, Jonesboro Richard V. Taylor, Paragould Tyson T. Teel, Alicia April D. Thomas, Jonesboro hancylea Thomas, Wynne Roy L. Thomas, Paragould John K. Thompson, Brinkley Kimberly J. Thompson, Paragould Nita K. Thompson, Murfreesboro Pamela M. Thornbrough, Hoxie Phyllis A. Throesch, Pocahontas Robin R. Tidwell, Bono Carla E. Timms, Porter, Texas Angel E. Tomasovsky, Searcy David L. Trammell, Jonesboro Marshall D. Trantham, needham Wanda F. Treat, Batesville Tommy Q. Trivitt, Ash Flat Doris L. Tuberville, Parkin Richard T. Tucker, Jonesboro Alesia S. Veasley, Osceola Cheryl A. Vichkon, Cave City Andrew J. Vincent, Kennett, Mo. Stacy L. Vincent, Nettleton Julie VonKanel, West Helena Keith L. Waddle, Pine Bluff Geneva Walker, Kennett, Mo. Mark M. Wallace, Kennett, Mo. Valeria M. Walter, Moro Stephen F. Walton, Little Rock Regina A. Ward, Oxford Vincent E. Washam, Mammoth Spring Joni F. Washburn, Hughes Mark A. Washington, Brinkley Bill A. Watson, Earle Sherry M. Weaver, Charlotte Denise Webb, Lonoke Beth A. Weisbrod, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lawrence A. Weisenbach, Pocahontas Kris L. Weldon, Memphis, Tenn. Dana C. Wendell, Marmaduke 69 Sophomores Angela J. West, Little Rock Tammy M. West, Jonesboro Kimberly K. Wheeler, Wynne Verlon White, Parkin Jeff L. Whittingham, Jonesboro John A. Whyte, Ghana Sarah L. Wiggins, Jonesboro Barbara A. Wilburn, Forrest City Paula A. Wiley, Joiner Rita A. Willbanks, Trumann Carole A. Williams, Southaven, Miss Cindy L. Williams, Jonesboro Fayeth L. Williams, Batesville Karla Williams, Weiner Kevin B. Williams, West Memphis Lana Williams, Beech Grove LeAnn Williams, Jonesboro Lori M. Williams, Jonesboro Maggy L. Williams, Grubbs Shannon D. Williams, Bono Susan C. Williams, Jonesboro Kent T. Williamson, Paragould Robert C. Williamson, Humphrey Darla K. Wilson, Tavares, Fla. John N. Wilson, Joiner Michelle D. Wilson, West Memphis Audra K. Winningham, Newport Jim J. Wiseman, Winchester, Mo. Janette K. Withrow, Jonesboro Alan A. Wood, Jonesboro Deborah K. Woods, Jonesboro Ruth A. Wooldridge, Paragould Jane Word, Brinkley Andrea L. Worsham, Paragould Allison L. Wright, Blytheville Henrietta Wright, Dyess Kyle A. Wylie, Kennett, Mo. Rhonda C. Wyse, Jonesboro Tammy C. Yarbrough, Steele, Mo. Carla J. Young, Newport Joe Zimmerman, Mountain Home Artistic endeavor The beauty o( a mua oath. Freshmen Letraonna K. Abmeyer, Kennett, Mo. Anthony S. Adair, Maiden, Mo. Brian L. Adams, Monette Danny L. Adams, N. Little Rock Sheryl A. Adams, Caraway Vicki S. Adams, Vanndale Donna S. Addison, Osceola Carla R. Adkins, Stuttgart Lori A. Alderson, Forrest City Austin L. Aldridge, Wynne Pete E. Alexander, Cash Susan L. Allensworth, West Memphis Ronald D. Altom, Meber Springs Lisa Q. Anderson, Marrisburg Pamela L. Anderson, Cave City Brad D. Andrews, Paragould Michelle A. Andrews, Jonesboro Steve Armstrong, Pine Bluff Traci L. Armstrong, Pocahontas Angela M. Arnold, Bald Knob Yemetria L. Ashford, Conway Lee Aspinwall, Waldron Rhonda K. Averett, Kennett, Mo. Sharon E. Baber, Piggott Michael S. Back, Cardwell, Mo. Kelly J. Baggett, Jonesboro Brian Bailey, Evening Shade Deleisa L. Bailey, Searcy Kevin D. Bailey, Jonesboro Susan M. Bailey, Dalton Ginger D. Baker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Julia A. Baker, Viola Tommie S. Baker, Jonesboro John L. Balch, DeQueen James A. Baldwin, Kensett Danette Ballard, Portia Miles J. Bandy, Leachville Karen R. Banks, Helena Linda Banks, Forrest City Jeffery L. Barber, Lake City John E. Barham, Mountain View Daron D. Barker, M. Little Rock Lori A. Barksdale, Jonesboro Cathy A. Barnes, Springdale James L. Barnett, Bay Kim R. Barnett, Maumelle Andrew D. Barrett, Harrisburg Phyllis L. Baxter, Wynne Teressa C. Beard, Little Rock Shannon K. Beasley, Paragould Lisa E. Beaver, Piggott Lorrie I. Beaver, Piggott Darin R. Beckwith, Mot Springs Christy M. Beeler, Paragould Laura L. Belk, Hoxie Dale J. Bell, Marked Tree Melissa L. Bell, Cave City Charles S. Berry, Blytheville Lori L. Berryman, Stuttgart Donna Q. Beshears, Beedeville Russel L. Betts, Black Rock Rebecca A. Bibb, Pocahontas Arthur W. Billington, Kennett, Mo. Kimberly A. Bishop, Jonesboro Scott Bishop, Denver, Colo. Shawn M. Bishop, Sikeston, Mo. William E. Bixby, Jonesboro Karen E. Black, Osceola Suetta D. Black, Jonesboro David O. Blackburn, Biggers 71 Freshmen Cindy D. Blackwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Leslie A. Blair, Batesville Robbie Blalock, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Allison Blankenship. Jonesboro Dana L. Bledsoe, Campbell, Mo. Harold W. Blood, Stuttgart Bill Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Zanny R. Bogan, Earle Amos A. Bolden, Weiner Timothy A. Boozer, Jacksonville Bett E. Bost, Jonesboro Max O. Bowie, Newport Ollie R. Bowles, Earle Jana L. Bowman, Osceola Lynda C. Box, Piggott Joan Crow Boyd, Pocahontas Sivasambu Brabaakaran, Sri Lanka Bobby L. Bragg, Imboden Kimberly A. Branch, Earle Becky A. Brann, Swifton John D. Brecheen, flarrisburg Christine A. Bregy, Little Rock Eva M. Brehe, Hermann, Mo. Angie Brewer, Jonesboro Christine E. Brewer, Pleasant Grove Vickie R. Brewer, Hoxie Tami C. Brickell, Jonesboro Cheryl L. Brightwell, Jonesboro Michelle D. Britnell, Trumann Ben n Britton, Wynne Bruce A. Brodell, Pocahontas Howard A. Brodell, Jonesboro Micheal Q. Bromley, N. Little Rock Scott M. Brooks, Jonesboro Tracy L. Brooks, Kennett, Mo. Bobbi R. Brown, Paragould Bobby M. Brown, Blytheville Corbin L. Brown, Wynne Dawn L. Brown, West Memphis Edward M. Brown, Mammoth Spring Jimmy D. Brown, LaQrange Michelle D. Brown, Walnut Ridge Hikki J. Brown, Monette Pamela C. Brown, Brookland Mark A. Browning, Brinkley Alva E. Brumley, Black Rock Willis E. Brumley, Osceola Christy J. Bryant, Trumann Susan J. Bryant, Jonesboro David L. Bufkin, Jonesboro Joe W. Bujarski, Waldron Scott R. Burcham, Marked Tree Annette R. Burdyshaw, Jonesboro Glen A. Burnett, Maiden, Mo. John L. Burns, Blytheville Laura L. Burns, Walnut Ridge Mary D. Burns, Weiner Rebecca A. Burns, Weiner Paula D. Burroughs, Jonesboro Deborah L. Burrow, Jonesboro Linda M. Burrow, Jonesboro Hugh C. Burson, West Helena Margaret E. Burton, Camden Scott A. Burton, Batesville Paul N. Butcher Jr., DeWitt Rebecca L. Butcher, Paragould Brenda A. Butler, Brinkley Maurice Butler Jr., West Helena Rhonda A. Byford, Jonesboro Kelly D. Cagle, Peel 72 Freshmen Ray H. Calaway, Wynne Evonda L. Campbell, Wynne Stephen C. Campbell, Jonesboro Angela D. Canamore, Paragould Barry A. Carlton, Newport Pam Carlton, Beedeville Donna M. Carmack, Hardy Lisa L. Carroll, Paragould Linda L. Carson, Forrest City Lisa M. Carson, Lepanto Jana K. Carter, Ellsinore, Mo. Sherry L. Carter, Marked Tree Trisha A. Carter, Jonesboro Tena M. Cartwright, Keiser Carrol P. Carwell, Cherry Valley Jeannine E. Casey, Collierville, Tenn. Horace P. Cash, Wilson Belinda K. Cate, Corning Andrea S. Cathey, Pine Bluff Mary K. Chambers, Osceola Christy M. Chaney, Mountain Home Paul E. Chappue, Cabot Chris J. Charette, Warren Melody R. Childers, Pine Bluff Paula A. Childres, Marked Tree Richard T. Childress, Cabot Hooi Loon Chong, Malaysia Rachel Q. Chrestman, Harrisburg Angela M. Chrisco, Jonesboro Donald E. Clark, Paragould Greg Clark, Bono Kimberly A. Clark, Jonesboro Rita G. Clark, Tuckerman Stacy L. Clark, Rogers Walt W. Clark, Newport Kim C. Clausen, Tuckerman Sheri M. Claxton, Paragould Forrest B. Clayborne, Paragould Delores A. Clayton, Jonesboro Linda S. Clayton, Trumann Mike O. Clayton, Wynne Angela E. J. Clemmer, Marianna Ginger Cleveland, Delaplaine Gracie I. Clifton, Blytheville Gwendolyn L. Cobb, Kankakee, III. Keith B. Cockrell, Little Rock Jeffrey T. Cockrum, Monette Kerry L. Colburn, Egypt Beatrice Cole, West Memphis Shirley A. Cole, Jonesboro Andy C. Coleman, Bono Brian D. Coleman, Stuttgart Elizabeth A. Coles, Jonesboro Kimberly Conley, Neelyville, Mo. Jimmy R. Cook, Palestine Lynette M. Cook, Brinkley Terri M. Cook, Alicia Carroll L. Cooper, Batesville Julia A. Cooper, Jonesboro Leslie R. Corbett, Jonesboro Greg K. Corley, Little Rock Craig A. Cornett, Gentry Daniel L. Cottingham, Dyess Micheal H. Covey, Walnut Ridge Brian C. Cox, West Memphis Candace L. Cox, Marmaduke Carla S. Cox, Lepanto Gwendolyn R. C ox, Nashville, Tenn. Kerri D. Cox, Sherwood Tilda M. Crafton, Gideon, Mo. 73 Freshmen Ginger L. Crawford, Jonesboro Dale D. Cresswell, Heber Springs Lana Q. Croom, Jonesboro Tonny M. Crowson, Piggott nancy L. Crumpton, Jonesboro Harold E. Culp, Lewisville, Texas Sara A. Cunningham. Jonesboro Jill D. Cupp, Paragould Toni Currie, Jonesboro Renae C. Curtis, Clarendon Brett Curtis, Lead Hill Dan E. Curtwright, Jonesboro Sandy K. Dacus, Jonesboro Kimberly R. Daggett, Caraway Abu ' Bakar Dahanan, Malaysia Patricia A. Dale, West Memphis Melissa Q. Daniel, Osceola Shirley L. Damall, Qepp Paula Davenport, Forrest City Emil R. David, Jonesboro Kathy L. Davidson, Bradford Andrew C. Davis, Lynn Dena L. Davis, jonesboro Joseph T. Davis, Cherry Valley Kimberly A. Davis, Pine Bluff Lori A. Davis, Jonesboro Milinda K. Davis, Keiser Susanne J. Davis, Qermantown, Tenn. Tony L. Davis, Trumann Gregory K. Deckard, Hardy Tania L. Dement, Gosnell Les C. Dennie, Little Rock Chris M. Dennis, Walnut Ridge Elizabeth J. DePew, Campbell, Mo. Stephanie L. Dickson, Jonesboro Tracie L. Dicus, Walnut Ridge Michael W. Dinsmore, Weiner Marcia L. Dodd, Knobel John P. Doherty, Wynne Donna J. Donahue, Monette Tammy R. Dooley, Jonesboro Michael T. Dorsey, Paragould George B. Doty, Hughes Sherry L. Douglas, Marion Anthony R. Dowdy, Marmaduke Dawn M. Downs, Jonesboro Ann M. Dozier, N. Little Rock Lance A. Duck, Tyronza Terri L. Duckworth, Odenville, Ala. Tommy DuLaney, Hoxie Jeffrey R. Duncan, West Plains, Mo. Robyne B. Duncan, Forrest City David S. Dunham, Jonesboro Juanita R. Dunlap, Thayer, Mo. nancy I. Dunlap, Thayer, Mo. Sandra R. Dunlap, West Helena William K. Dunn, Greenway Brian R. Dunston, West Memphis Sherry M. Duvall, Wynne Tammy R. Eads, Jonesboro Stacy L. Eddington, Tuckerman Don W. Edmiston, Paragould Chris L. Edrington, Paragould Adrienne W. Eftekhari, Osceola Cindy L. Elder, Brookland Regina D. Elder, Brookland Jill G. Eldridge, DeWitt Melissa K. Ellis, Wynne Tresa K. Elms, Batesville Jim L. Ermert Jr., Corning p h E .■ ML 74 Freshmen Jacqueline Etherton, Jacksonville Dana L. Evans, West Helena DeAnna E. Evans, Trumann Lisa C. Evans, Wynne Tanya M. Evans, Ravenden Tammy J. Exum, Harrisburg Ronda K. Farley, Warm Springs Rhonda Q. Farmer, Parkin Craig M. Farrell, Jacksonville Barbara R. Farris, Batesville Denise Felton, Mountain Home Martin L. Ferguson, Wynne John S. Fernimen, Ravenden Jerry S. Ferrell, Walnut Ridge Carl A. Fisher, Memphis, Tenn. Kimberly A. Fisher, Harviell, Mo. Robert Q. Flack, Sherwood Doyle L. Fletcher, Mot Springs Judi A. Flowers, Maiden, Mo. Coy D. Flynn, Carlisle Brian K. Ford, Jonesboro Drue Ford, Harrisburg Mary H. Forrester, Whilton Angie A. Foster, Lepanto Scott A. Foust, Swifton Don E. Fowler, Blytheville Karen S. Fowler, Melbourne Bill Q. Fraley, Russellville Timothy J. Franklin, Pine BlufT Cheryl L. Frazier, Lexa Tim Q. Frazier, Bay Bobby O. Freeman, Newark Michael Freeman, West Chester, Ohio Darren E. French, Walnut Ridge Laura K. Fukey, Northlake, III Terry L. Fulfer, Salem Susan L. Futrell, Vanndale Robert J. Qahr, Wynne Jerry W. Garrett, West Memphis Edna F. Qaskin, Harrisburg Melody Jo Qassaway, Paragould Antrim A. Gates, Columbus, Ohio Sharon J. Gates, Tuckerman Michael K. Gatlin, Jonesboro Donna S. Geater, Clarendon Milissa J. Gentry, Walnut Ridge Kim B. Gill, Bay Michael G. Gipson, Jonesboro Bryan H. Glenn, Fisher Brenda D. Glover, Lake City Elizabeth C. Godwin, Biggers Michelle L. GofF, Harrisburg Jackie C. Going, Caruthersville, Mo. Michele Gordon, Wynne Karen D. Gorham, Memphis, Tenn. Sherrie L. Gould, Marmaduke Debbie A. Guyer, Stuttgart Stephenie L. Graff, El Dorado Angela R. Grant, Pine Bluff Robin L. Grantham, Brookland Scott J. Graves, Marvell George E. Green, Tupelo, Miss. Marthelius Green, Jacksonville Robert L. Green, N. Little Rock Denise Greenway, Paragould Pam E. Greenway, Harrisburg Kelly L. Greve, Fisk, Mo. Jerry W. Grevel, Paragould Jennie M. Griffin, Barton Laura R. Griffin, Jonesboro 75 Freshmen Deborah J. Grimm, Jonesboro Chris Gross, Salem Angela D. Grubbs, Germantown, Tenn. Jim L. Grubbs, Hew port Michelle D. Gullett, Drasco Kenny W. Gunter, Hickory Ridge George R. Gurley, Kennett, Mo. Theresa A. Guy, Osceola Darlene R. Hall, Black Rock Pernell D. Hall, Couch. Mo. Dominique Hallett, Jonesboro Karen R. Hamilton, Jonesboro Tracey L. Hancock, Jonesboro Fawntina S. Hankins, Jonesboro Chad M. Hanley, Beedeville William D. Hansard, Jonesboro Sandra D. Harbison, Marked Tree Kristy S. Harpin, Camp Terri L. Harmon, Melbourne Elizabeth D. Harper, Dittmer, Mo. John C. Harris, Cherry Valley Linda Jean Harris, Bay Marsha A. Harris, Jonesboro Robyn Harris, Pocahontas Donna M. Harrison, Harrisburg Michael A. Harston, Bassett Jim D. Hart, Biggers William Hartman, New Hartford, N.Y. Jennifer L. Harvey, Jonesboro Scotty L. Harvey, Brookland Tina K. Harvey, Harrisburg Iqbal Hasan, Pakistan Anthony Hatchett, Cotton Plant Frankie L. Hatton, England Donna J. Hawkins, West Memphis Kerin L. Hawkins, Leachville Tammy L. Hayes, Brookland Craig S. Heathscott, Kensett Cheryl R. Heavrin, Jacksonville Darlene Hedge, Paragould Debbie A. Hedge, Weiner Simone F. Heeb, Harrisburg Daifallah Hendawi, Jordan Tresa D. Henderson, Imboden Donna Gayle Hendrix, Pine Bluff Jon D. Hendrix, Evening Shade Donna C. Henry, Jonesboro Hazelene D. Henry, Paragould Lisa K. Henry, Jonesboro Han Herring, Clarendon Mark A. Herrington, Mount Pleasant Robert V. Herzig, Strawberry Paula J. Hickman, Jonesboro Angie D. Hicks, Manila Misty Hicks, Risco, Mo. Natalie A. Hilburn, Walnut Ridge Kimberly L. Hill, Lepanto Tracy L. Hill, West Memphis Laura J. Hinck, Jonesboro Jamaludin Hj-Zakaria, Malaysia Hoppy Hoffman, Jonesboro Melissa G. Hogan, Pocahontas Michelle D. Hogard, West Memphis Ronald L. Hogue, Weiner Jim R. Holbrook, Danville Shelly L. Holle, Chesterfield, Mo. Cheryl L. Holley, Swifton Lynn R. Hollis, Cardwell, Mo. Sheryl T. Hollis, Brookland Tina L. Holt, Kuna, Idaho 76 Freshmen Tracey A. Holt, Bay Sonya L. Honeycutt, Cash Jason W. Moots, Rector Lesli A. Hope, Jonesboro Jacquelyn Q. Hosinski, Jonesboro Charlotte L. Hoskins, Jonesboro Loretta L. Hoskins, Fayetteville Cathelene J. Hoskyn, Stuttgart James M. Hostetler, Marvell Earl E. House Jr., Wynne Ginger D. House, Hickory Ridge Leslie House, Hardy Nola J. Houston, Jonesboro Janet S. Howard, Jacksonville Elisabeth D. Howe, Paragould Tony L. Hoyle, Warren Michael D. Hubbard, Cherry Valley Lisa J. Hudson, Mountain Home Lois A. Hudson, Brinkley Brian P. Huff, Walnut Ridge Barbara A. Hughes, Poplar Grove Penny D. Hulen, Black Rock Lisa M. Hundley, Bay Jason W. Hunn, Paragould Ashley P. Hunter, Benton Jerri M. Hutchinson, Grubbs Marilyn Inghram, West Memphis Natalie A. Ingram, Walnut Ridge Ahmad Sobre Ismail, Malaysia Jamie L. Ivie, Melbourne Jim G. Ivy, Forrest City Angela M. Jackson, Walnut Ridge Brett A. Jackson, Batesville Kelley Jackson, riewport Michael Jackson, Beebe Tammy Jackson, Walnut Ridge Timothy S. Jackson, Brookland Greg James, Hernando, Miss. Judy L. James, Leachville Lola B. James, Wabash Patricia M. James, Crawfordsville Orslynee S. Jeffers, Brinkley Pamela D. Jennings, Clarendon David T. Johnson, Ballwin, Mo. Lisa M. Johnson, Swifton Lloyd W. Johnson, Doniphan, Mo. Margaret J. Johnson, Forrest City Rodney J. Johnson, Reyno Steve L. Johnson, Swifton Garry G. Jolliff II, Manila Jill A. Jones, Senath, Mo. Julie A. Jones, Blytheville Mitzi E. Jones, Calico Rock Sheri L. Jones, Earle Suzanne M. Jones, Paragould Suzette Y. Jones, Clarendon Tim R. Jones, Jonesboro Tim W. Jones, Osceola Jacqueline M. Jordan, Marianna Leslie Jordan, DeWitt Ginger R. Kambanis, Jonesboro Phyllis Kaywood, Chicago, 111. Melanie A. Kelley, Hot Springs Rebecca J. Kelley, Manila Rick A. Kelley, Walnut Ridge Leah R. Kelso, Trumann Shari F. Kelso, Jonesboro Sandi M. Kemper, Trumann Charles R. Kennemore, Osceola Lisa R. Kent, Batesville Freshmen Michael S. Kidd, Marion Richard Kimble, Forrest City Michael King, Dalton Rhonda K. King, Campbell, Mo. Paul M. Kirkdoffer, West Memphis Ronnie D. Kissinger, Bradford Sheryl L. Kitchens, Kennett, Mo. Allen A. Knight, Stuttgart Tim L. Koch, Morrilton Mary E. Koster, Clinton Andrea L. Kukura, Jonesboro Scottie D. Lackland, Earle Gerald W. Laden, Osceola Donna J. Lamb, Paragould Stacy L. Lamb, Jonesboro Philip A. Landers, Cave City Bryan H. Lane, Senath, Mo. Sandy L. Lane, Senath, Mo. Mitzi M. Longlois, Jonesboro Janet S. Lankford, Evening Shade Michael A. Lapio, Salem Rhonda L. Larue, Tuckerman Brett E. Lawson, Jonesboro Julie A. Leach, Kennett, Mo. Cordell E. Lee, Osceola Cynthia Siew B. Lee, Malaysia David Lehr, West Memphis Patti Leinenbach, Millsboro, M.J. Grace Lemmonds, Greenway Sharon K. Lewellen, Gentry Harrison D. Lewis, Black Rock Sherman D. Lewis, Black Rock Charlie Littlefield, Nashville Trevor W. Lloyd, Jonesboro Paula E. Locke, Corning Sandra C. Loggains, Melbourne hancy P. Loggins, Jonesboro Bobby E. Long, Leachville Pamela D. Long, Trumann Alan B. Love, Melbourne Carol Lovelace, Jonesboro Larry D. Lovelace, Blytheville Angela K. Lowery, Little Rock Angela D. Madden, Walnut Ridge Suzanne Madden, Hickory Ridge Odessa M. Maez, Grubbs Clay Malone, Newport Ollie M. Manis, Jonesboro Etta L. Manning, Jonesboro Michelle Marchand, Stuttgart Craig Marlow, West Memphis Vicki Marotti, Crawfordsville Patricia A. Marrall, Swifton Vanessa Marrs, Wynne Esther R. Marshall, Ward John A. Marshall, Murfreesboro Kenny R. Martin, Caraway Stacy O. Martz, Salem Sherry L. Mason, Marked Tree L. W. Massie, Hernando, Miss. Elisa D. Masterson, Wauchula, Fla. Julie M. Mayes, Trumann Melanie A. Mayes, Kennett, Mo. Valerie Mayo, Haynes Mark B. McAfee, Wilson Rob f. McCall, Jonesboro Sheri McCann, Trumann Sherry R. McClanahan, Mountain View Patsy A. McCourt, Sherwood James B. McCoy, Jonesboro f p v ! w jjfe f f i , VP r } P 1 W- j - f s£i . J ' I W m W P 1 ii i w ■ 1 © Ci 78 Freshmen John F. McCoy, Pontiac, Mich. Felecia R. McCollum, Joiner Holly E. McDade, Little Rock Linda R. McDaniel, Paragould Roger L. McDaniel, Clarkton, Mo. Kevin L. McDonald, Harrisburg Jeff W. McElrath, Qrubbs Mark A. McEntire. Walnut Ridge Danice McQee, McCrory Marty W. McQinnis, Jonesboro Merrilee M. Mclntyre, Bentonville Brian O. McKee, Jonesboro Lori A. McKenzie, Qermantown, Tenn. Kari A. McKinney, Paragould Paula D. McKnight, Jonesboro Kristie L. McLaughlin, Paragould Leslie D. McMullin, Trumann Shari R. McMatt. Sherwood Charmine Y. Mcriutt, Jonesboro Karen D. Meins, Pine Bluff Donna K. Melton, Couch, Mo. Judy L. Melton, Batesville Melissa R. Meredith, McCrory John D. Merguie, Jonesboro Karen J. Metheny, Paragould Alison S. Miller, Forrest City Kay Y. Miller, Little Rock Lisa A. Miller, Kennett, Mo. Marty N. Miller, Bryant Michael S. Miller, Woodbridge, Va. Pamela M. Miller, Wynne Amanda B. Mills, Bay Mary L. Mitchell, Jonesboro Ginger L. Mitts, Swifton David A. Mize, Walcott Pfoor A. Mohdsaleh, Malaysia Ronnie L. Montgomery, Swifton Terri M. Montgomery, Marked Tree Angela R. Moore, Paragould Danny L. Moore, Marked Tree Darren W. Moore, Marianna Kristi L. Moore, Sherwood Melissa A. Moore, Kensett Gary L. Morgan, Jonesboro William L. Morgan, McCrory Larry Morgeson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Melissa D. Morris, Williford Michael G. Morris, West Memphis Carter W. Morrison, White flail Melissa C. Morse, Jonesboro Stacy C. Mounce. Jonesboro Antoinette E. Mount, Kensett Sharon K. Mudford, Fouke Sharon D. Mash, Tyronza Jon R. Meal, Sturkie Kenneth A. rieely, Jonesboro nancy P. nelson, Batesville Cassondra F. nuemeyer, Jonesboro Crystal D. norman, Jonesboro Shannon norris, Swifton Jeff O Donnell, Pocahontas Rebecca Ogilvie, Mountain View, Mo. Debra L. Olson, Jonesboro Harvey G. Olson, Maiden, Mo. Zuraidah Omar, Malaysia Micheal P. O ' Neal, Marion Anne M. Oprean, Ash Flat Catherine L. Oprean, Ash Flat Vickie R. Orick, Paragould Marty B. Orr, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 79 Freshmen Mickey 5. Osborne, Batesville Dereta Othman, Malaysia Eddie R. Overstreet, Thayer, Mo. Levada S. Overton, Heth Bradley H. Owen, Paragould Danny L. Owens, Lepanto Dianna L. Owens. Sedgwick Sherry A. Owens, Wynne Sandra K. Parchman, Forrest City Cheryl R. Parker, Evening Shade Richard D. Parker, Marvell Sarah A. Parker, Jonesboro Sheila R. Parnell, Elaine Sarah A. Parr, Clarendon Melissa Patterson, Paragould Jimmilee E. Patty, Jonesboro Leannett P. Payne, St. Louis, Mo. Tim S. Payne, Blytheville Tracey D. Pendegraft, Caraway Barbara L. Pendergrass, Pocahontas Jeff Pennington, Judsonia Rebecca S. Perkins, Jonesboro John A. Perry, Poplar Bluff, Mo. David L. Phillips, Arbyrd, Mo. Qlenda Q. Phillips, Searcy Treena J. Phillips, Monette Sandy S. Pickens, Hot Springs David Pierce, Jonesboro Kellye J. Pierce, Manila Stephanie M. Pierce, Pine Bluff Tammy N. Pitman, Maynard Danna R. Pittman, Prescott MaryKat Pittman, Hughes Carrie L. Pollard, Jonesboro Savannah P. Pollock, Osceola Sherry Porter, Little Rock Karen D. Porterfleld, Joiner Carla R. Pratt, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Prentice, West Memphis David E. Price, Pine Bluff Jesse L. Priddy, Jonesboro Richard M. Pridmore, Newport Jacinda A. Prince, Bay Sharon C. Privett, Harrisburg Knight Province, Jonesboro Patience D. Pruitt, Lonoke Douglas H. Pry, Newport Rhonda C. Pugsley, Lorado Cindy Q. Pulliam, Newport Clinton J. Pulliam, West Memphis LaVonda R. Purnell, Wynne Chris R. Puryear, Jonesboro Penny E. Quails, Trumann Colby K. Quinn, Bernie, Mo. William D. Rabeneck, Stuttgart Billy J. Ragan, Wynne Jeffrey H. Ramsey, Wynne Barbara A. Randleas, Brasfield Kenneth W. Raney, Hot Springs Jeff D. Ransone, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Raspberry, Holcomb, Mo. Don Ray, Blytheville Melissa L. Ray, Pine Bluff Deiadra J. Redden, Trumann Elvon Reed, Heth Wendy K. Reeves, Pocahontas Shannon L. Rennicke, Weiner Randy S. Reynolds, Jonesboro Rufus Reynolds, Paragould Laura A. Rice, Biggers ii Jtt 7Tu " Freshmen Eulalee D. Richardson, Knobel Frances Q. Richardson, Jonesboro Regina K. Richey, Paragould Brian K. Rigsby, Osceola Kimberly A. Riley, Newport Beth J. Ritter, Pine Bluff Teri J. Robbins, Trumann Angel J. Roberts, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Denetia L. Roberts, Pine Bluff Tony T. Roberts, West Memphis Regina M. Robinson, West Memphis Wilse L. Robinson, Clarendon Robbie E. Roedel, Jonesboro Sherry A. Roeder, Earle Betty S. Rogers, Jonesboro Paul B. Rogers, Jonesboro Brigitte L. Rone, Paragould Cynthia M. Roper, Viola Ronnie E. Ross, floxie Sunny Ross, West Memphis Cindi R. Rowlett, Trumann Martha L. Russell, Jonesboro Julie A. Sandborn, Jonesboro James R. Sanders, Marvell Younus Sanjrani, Jonesboro Charles M. Sartin, Brinkley Tina L. Scales, Jonesboro Craig Scallions, Jonesboro Sandra J. Scarlet, flolcomb. Mo. Wendy M. Schalit, Campbell, Mo. Judd S. Schug, Lake City John A. Scharwz, Weiner John T. Schwent Jr., Imboden Amy B. Scroggs, Jonesboro Veronica L. Scurlock, Osceola Rodney Seawood, Forrest City Yvonne M. Sessums, Cardwell, Mo. Alana Q. Shannon, Jonesboro Amy M. Shelton, Paragould Donna K. Shelton, Kennett, Mo. Sarah E. Shelton, West Memphis Thomas E. Shelton, Manila Vicki L. Shepherd, Marianna Carla M. Shipman, Brookland Harold L. Shoemaker, Jonesboro Amy R. Shoffner, Newport Payton R. Shortnacy, Lepanto Rebecca J. Simmons, Evening Shade Shirley A. Simmons, Jonesboro Fay Sims, Paragould Jan Sims, Paragould Tony L. Skidmore, Jonesboro Wesley Sloan, Trumann Angela K. Smith, Bald Knob Brian D. Smith, Pine Bluff Charles E. Smith, McDougal Clinton Smith, Joiner John A. Smith, Monticello Johnnie B. Smith, Qosnell Karrie A. Smith, Trumann Marcia D. Smith, Cave City Melinda K. Smith, Leachville Penny L. Smith, Tyronza Rhonda Q. Smith, Lepanto Robert E. Smith, Pocahontas Ronnie D. Smith, Steele, Mo. Susan K. Smith, Tuckerman Veronica J. Smith, West Memphis Stacey S. Smithee, Monette Karmen D. Smittle, West Memphis HI Freshmen James M. Snead, Jacksonville Pamela M. Sneed, Bald Knob Bobby L. Snider, Jonesboro Scott W. Southern, Wynne Carol J. Spargo, Cherry Valley Michele R. Spain, Jonesboro Christine D. Speakman, Bay Lisa D. Spears, Jonesboro Elizabeth S. Spell, Gideon, Mo. Donald R. Spence, Kennett, Mo. Sheila D. Spencer, Bay Becky K. Sprinkle, Jonesboro Vicki D. Stacy, Knobel Leslie A. Stafford, Vanndale Kathryn L. Staggs, Osceola Ryan W. Stalcup, Blytheville Kelly M. Stanton, Benton Patricia J. Statler, Rector Rebekah R. Steed, Leachville Shelly E. Steele, Success Serge Y. Stephenson, Dew York, N.Y. Scott J. Stepp, Marianna Kimberly D. Stewart, Piggott Kipp R. Stewart, Wilson Margaret A. Stewart, Jonesboro Rhonda J. Stewart, Jonesboro Paul C. Stokes, Chicago, III. Susan L. Stone, Paragould Qayla M. Story, Clinton Stephanie S. Stout, Trumann Deana S. Strauser, Jonesboro Denise Strickland, Jonesboro Patrise Strickland, Jonesboro Janette E. Strong, Mot Springs Jay K. Summerlin, Little Rock Charles A. Summers, Mountain View Krystal D. Sutterfield, Jonesboro Buddy H. Swan, West Memphis Debbie L. Swick, Maynard Qayla R. Tabor, Paragould Paul E. Tab ron, Chicago, 111. Mark A. Tacker, Marked Tree Stephanie C. Tacker, Lepanto Anna M. Talbot, Trumann Ed F. Talib, Jonesboro Alaina S. Tanner, Hardy Paul D. Tarvar, Jonesboro Will W. Tate, Jonesboro Anthony W. Taylor, Corning Demetrius Taylor, Forrest City Jennifer Taylor, Walnut Ridge Randy B. Taylor, Salem Tami M. Taylor, Ash Flat Vicki L. Taylor, Little Rock Alan Lynn Teague, Marked Tree Bridget T. Teel, Alicia Lisa A. Templeton, Lansing, III. Wendy K. Thames, Tuckerman Danny Thomas, Beedeville Tina K. Thomas, McCrory Tyler Thomason, Pine Bluff Benjamin L. Thompson, Kennett, Mo. Helen S. Thompson, Paragould Phillip M. Thompson, Jonesboro Tara L. Thompson, Paragould Valerie J. Thompson, Little Rock Steven L. Thurmor, Pine Bluff Phyllis I. Tilley, Jonesboro Brigitte D. Tillman, Walnut Ridge Tammy J. Timms, Lake City m A . 9 f f f r.. l ft m m n i . i 82 Freshmen Millie B. Tipton, Clarendon Farron R. Toler, Paragould Gil Tomlinson, Lonoke Deborah J. Tousant, Forrest City Larry D. Towell. Leachville Karen S. Treadaway, Paragould Angela D. Tripp, Springdale Monica A. Troillett, Searcy Debra D. Trusty, Strawberry nancy C. Tucker, Jonesboro Ronnie L. Tucker, West Memphis Sondra R. Tunstall, Blytheville Kevin L. Turbeville, Jefferson Athena L. Turner, Largo, Fla. Julie E. Turner, Tuckerman Jonathan S. Turner, Lepanto Kathy L. Turner, Jonesboro Keith A. Turner, St. Louis, Mo. Vivian D. Tyler, West Memphis Kevan T. Vangilder, Paragould Mike C. Verser, Meber Springs Carolyn D. Vincent, West Helena Christine Crafton Wade, Piggott Jeffery L. Waggoner, Pocahontas Russell J. Wagster, Newport Danny L. Waldrip, Moro Christy W. Walker, Jonesboro Gary D. Walker, Weiner Rodney C. Walker, Osceola Rodney D. Walker, Jonesboro Shelly Walker, Brookland Lola R. Wallace, Jonesboro Sheila D. Walters, Trumann Erma R. Washington, Little Rock Pam D. Watkins, Paragould Ranett Watkins, Batesville Allan W. Watson, West Memphis Regina R. Watson, Forrest City Sherry C. Watson, Memphis, Tenn. Patricia A. Watts, Trumann Jackie R. Ware, Jonesboro Chris W. Weaver, Jonesboro Sabrina H. Webb, Tuckerman Leasie T. Weekly, Brinkley Gina M. Weeks, Harrisburg Heath A. Welch, Beebe Mark B. Welch, Joiner Jon P. Wellman, Piggott Cheri L. Wells, Paragould Crystal S. Wells, Kennett, Mo. Wendell E. Wells, Bradford Jane A. Westerfield, Pine Bluff Jeff Whatley, Jacksonville Maria V. Wheeless, Jonesboro Hubert Whitby, Wynne Lisa Rene White, Stuttgart Phillip A. White, Jonesboro Sherry L. White, Jonesboro Tina [. Whitfield, Detroit, Mich. Brian K. Wiedower, Greenbrier Patricia A. Wilbom, Hughes Loretta Marsha Wilbum, Forrest City Teresa C. Wilbum, Sikeston, Mo. Martha A. Wilhoite, Jonesboro Gary D. Wilkins, Weiner Wendy K. Wilkison, Brinkley Catherine Ann Williams, Wynne Dionne M. Williams, McCrory Donna N. Williams, Cherry Valley Gayla D. Williams, Senath, Mo. 83 Freshmen Itina Williams, Joiner Maley A. Williams, El Dorado Mary Beth Williams, Marked Tree Shirley A. Williams, Jonesboro Kara E. Willingham, Memphis, Tenn. Daphne I. Willis, Forrest City Pearl L. Wilson, Forrest City Teresa D. Wilson, Jonesboro Tracy E. Wilson, Bay Jennifer B. Winningham, Bradford Charles E. Wise, Hughes Kevin J. Wise, Jonesboro Carla Y, Wofford, Success Natalie C. Wood, Paragould Tim W. Wood, Cherry Valley Janet L. Woods, Jonesboro Stefanie E. Wooten, Jonesboro Deborah S. Workman, Jonesboro Landis R. Worlow, Jonesboro Kimberly Worthen, Murphysboro, III. Paula J. Wray, Jonesboro Charles L. Wright, Stuttgart Anthony W. Wroten, Dyess Paige J. Wynn, Fayetteville Patrick J. Wynn, Hughes Rick J. Yancey, Oxford Wendy A. Yarbrough, Jonesboro Jia Chi Yee, Malaysia Amy M. Yersak, Maiden, Mo. Jama M. York, Monette Joey N. York, Alicia Donna D. Young, Salem Rene Young, Blytheville Tim D. Young, Marion Ulysses Young, Tuckerman Tom Q. Youngman, Chillicothe, Mark L. Yount, Bloomfield, Mo. Rosilawati Zainol, Malaysia Mike R. Zamora, Paragould Kris K. Zepecki, Corning Thomas M. Ziclinski, Osceola All dressed up and no place to go. im hungry. ' A rainy smile. Associate Degrees nursing (ASH) 4 - t Im iW Rosemarie A. Throesch, Pocahontas Office Administration (AS) Deidra Carter, Wynne Zella Adams, Lake City Tracy T. Ashburn, Jonesboro Renee B. Brink, Hardy Lisa A. Flanrey, Paragould Ruth Qutterman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sandra A. Hicks, Manila Susan A. Hundley, Bay Pamela D. Jeter, Paragould Donna L. Jones, Monette Sue H. Lambert, Cardwell, Mo. Linda K. Leach, Coming Dolores J. Roe, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Carmen A. Rowland, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Barbara J. Spears, Lake City HI, A good time piggyback ride. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Karen L. Collier, Piedmont, Mo., Social Work GRADUATE STUDENTS Basheer S. Abu-Jalalah, Palestine Jim Beck, West Memphis Dennis L. Calaway, Jonesboro Bill R. Cooper, Jonesboro Eric R. Lijewski, Hot Springs Donna C. Masters, Arbyrd, Mo. SENIORS Md. Radzi Adbul-Rahman, Malaysia, Urban Reg. Affairs Allisa D. Boling, Paragould, Business Adm. Charles E. Bruce, Little Rock, Accounting John K. Farmer, Dumas, Agri. Bus Econ. Marion Douglas Fletcher, Mot Springs, Wildlife Mgmt. Valerie M. Gifford, Jonesboro, Accounting Lori S. Qott, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Mary A. Green, Campbell, Mo., Physical Ed. Janet L. Hefner, Newport, Elementary Ed. Billie S. Hoggard, Caraway, Elementary Ed. 86 SENIORS Michael C. Holt, Leachville, Computer Sci. Kathy B. Johnson, Rogers, Political Sci. Lauren D. Krigbaum, Jonesboro, Accounting Leonard L. Noland, Center Ridge, Computer Sci. Joyce E. Nuttbrock, Mankato, Minn., Psychology Julie A. Perdue, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Computer Sci. Steven J. Purtee, Jonesboro, Accounting Cindy L. Seesengood, Paragould, Graphic Design Debbie L. Trotter, Batesville, Computer Sci. Kelly J. Vaupel, Jonesboro, Public Relations JUNIORS V Preston D. Archer, Forrest City Sonya L. Baldwin, Crossett Martha F. Bayless, Jonesboro Donald R. Bearden, Jonesboro Jana R. Biesk, Cottage Hills, III. Karen J. Bradberry, Coming Jimm Brumley, Marion Renee K. Clay, Hardy Rhonnda S. Cloinger, Bono Ross E. Cockbum, Tampa, Fla. Scott R. Colbert, Monette David W. Coleman, Forrest City Vonda Gale Davis, Walnut Ridge Matthew B. Doyle, Hoxie Edward French, Fairfax, Va. Mark O. Gatlin, Fairfax County, Va. Brenda E. Gossett, Lake City Lisa C. Hancock, McCrory Tim E. Harmon, Kennett, Mo. Victoria V. Harris, Jonesboro Rebecca L. Harrison, Vanndale Charlotte A. Herring, DeValls Bluff Beth A. Hervey, Harrisburg Carl D. Hill, Wynne Phillip R. Holloway, Bono Karen M . Hubbard, Blytheville Ray H. Huff, West Helena Choon Yeong Lai, Malaysia Gerald L. Lambie, Egypt Joey D. LeMay, Newport Judy A. Lockley, Cherry Valley Meng Chua Low, Malaysia Valerie W. Massey, Trumann Alice L. Miller, Cash Charles A. Moody, Blytheville 87 JUNIORS Leanna Mewberry, Paragould Teresa A. Oldham, Hoxie Barbara A. Olloway, Lexa Johnny R. Peoples, West Plains, Mo. Penny L. Pillow, Paragould Janet L. Pittman, Memphis, Tenn. Kelly M. Purtee, Jonesboro John H. Robertson III, Jonesboro Patricia A. Saylors, Coming Susan J. Scroggs, Jonesboro Barry R. Sellers, Jonesboro Allison Shanklin, Piggott Bruce E. Shannon, Blytheville Steve L. Simpson, Jonesboro Parminder Singh, India Randy L. Stevens, Jonesboro Torrence L. Tuberville, Parkin Carl R. Vaughn, Brookland David C. Veasman, Jonesboro Kuganes Veerasamy, Malaysia Lori L. Webb, Onia SOPHOMORES Teresa M. Alongi, Jonesboro Kerry A. Arnold, Alicia Angela A. Clark, Newport Regina C. Cooper, Calico Rock Kelly Q. Dallas, Wynne Pamela L. Davis, Jonesboro Randy R. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Michael P. DiQaetano, Forrest City Cindy Fong, Hughes Timothy D. Qrubb, Warren, Ohio Terri L. Hamilton, Helena Masjaliza Hamzah, Malaysia Kellie L. Harvill, Beech Grove Lisa M. Hawkins, Leachville John T. Hays, Jonesboro Eric J. Humphrey, Chicago, III. Lisa C. Johnson, Clarendon Gene Jones, Forrest City Clete A. Knight, West Memphis Charles P. McCarty, Osceola Marvin McGee, Turrell Angela R. Mills, Hot Springs Tereska M. Moore, Qulin, Mo. Stefanie A. Osborn, Jonesboro Connie L. Pendergrass, Pocahontas Darrell D. Pickney, Jonesboro MaryKat Pittman, Hughes Charlotte A. Power, Jonesboro Kevin D. Ray, Caruthersville, Mo. Patricia A. Rhein, Jonesboro Georgia A. Robinette, Jonesboro Terri L. Selvidge, Little Rock Bryan W. Shipman, Brookland Donna Slaton, Wilson Jerry L. Smith, West Ridge 88 SOPHOMORES Roanne Smith, Lepanto James M. Southern, Steele, Mo. Kean Meng Tan, Malaysia Matthew S. Webb, Woodacre, Calif. Beth A. Weisbrod, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Valarie L. Whitmore, Newport Carole A. Williams, Southaven, Miss. FRESHMEN Brian L. Adams, Monette Fa wad Adil, Pakistan Dawn Akers, De troit, Mich. Susan Q. Akers, Jonesboro Darlene E. Albert, Caribou, Maine Susan L. Allensworth, West Memphis Michael D. Barger, Cooter, Mo. Dewey L. Barnes, Lepanto Mary Ann Becker, Steele, Mo. Lisa Q. Birmingham, Jonesboro Patsy L. Boatner, Senath, Mo. LaTonga R. Bonner, Forrest City Erika L. Borgeson, Henderson Robin L. Brewer, Paragould Kristen B. Brncic, Conway Angela D. Caldwell, Jonesboro Eddy L. Caldwell, Lake City Robb E. Capps, Jonesboro Ralph E. Crain, Jonesboro Elbert Crume, Tyronza Harold E. Culp II, Lewisville, Texas Rochelle Dixon, Chicago, III. William T. Donovan, Jonesboro Susan M. Easton, Hot Springs Karen J. English, Pocahontas Gem L. Farmer, Jonesboro Tammie D. Flowers, St. Louis, Mo. Jim F. Francis, Jonesboro Kathy A. Frost, Manila Tanya L. Golden, Pine Bluff Pamela K. Graham, Walnut Ridge Sandra J. Hawkins, Jonesboro Judy D. Hoffman, Jonesboro Shannon E. Hollan, Wynne Dana J. Huff, West Helena James S. Huskey, Strawberry Wanda F. Jackson, Paragould Robert Johnecheck, Caruthersville, Mo. Jeff A. Johnson, Leachville Leonardo A. Juan, Honolulu, Hi. Cassandra M. King, Jonesboro Mark D. Laffoon, Jonesboro Robin S. Lambert, Pine Bluff Eric Lockhart, Forrest City Holly E. McDade, Little Rock Kerry D. Miles, Paragould Rohaizat Mustaffa, Malaysia Cheryl P. Nave, Jonesboro Freeland E. Obed, Mokil Island, USTTP1 Angela M. Pipes, Jonesboro Steve R. Pirtle, Jonesboro Sonya L. Rorex, Paragould Shannon E. Sanders, Monette Steve V. Shannon, Bono Deborah A. Smith, Ravenden norma S. Smith, Jonesboro 89 FRESHMEN Stacey S. Smithee, Monette Qayla L. Sparks, Paragould John F. Taylor, Cave City Vicki L. Thomas, DeSoto, Mo. Bill W. Tippitt, Lake City Caroline S. Trimble, Hardy Rukumany Veerasamy, Malaysia Reba F. Wadley, Searcy Michael M. Walker, Brockwell John C. Ward, Trumann Kristy E. Whitworth, Marianna Wilburn L. Wiseman, Biggers Michael L. Wright, Harrisburg Jama M. York, Monette BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (AS) Paul B. Power, Jonesboro SOPHOMORES Chuck F. Long, Paragould Little Miss Bo-peep has a lot to tell Mother Goose. Some of the junior varsity cheerleaders take up breakdancing moves. 90 DIVERSITY BEHIND THE SCENES FOR SHAKESPEAREAN A Micheangelo in the making. fainting the big rock, in a big country . . . The Shakespearean play, " As You Like It " debuted at ASU after a ten-year absence of any Shakespearean play being performed on campus. According to Theresa Mitchell, director of the play, " This is a pastoral play about the pursuit of love. In the play the audience gets to see four different views of love. " The play was presented to capacity crowds at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 26-27 and March 1. Ten years is a long time without Shakespeare, guys. Stop all the gossip, girl. Easy does it. COMEDY-DRAMA " AS YOU LIKE IT " NEVER A DULL MOMENT The Herald is the most widely read newspaper on the ASU campus - however, it is the only newspaper on campus. The Herald does do an excellent job with the campus stories and faculty interviews. From the direction of its adviser, Mr. Tommy Mumert, it ' s headed in the direction of becoming a brother to the new York Times. Just think of the valuable experience everyone is achiev- ing. Another staff conference? OAK RIDGE BOYS BRING THEIR " SEASONS " TOUR TO ASU The Oak Ridge Boys were the biggest thing to hit ASU since the Pointer Sisters last year. The Oak Ridge Boys sold out both of their shows. The UB again gave ASU exactly what they wanted. One Concert-goer, ecstatic over meet- ing them said. They were so nice. I loved them! " He should be in Q.Q. " Indian heritage, huh? Stopl In the name of Elvira. Back-up musicians MOTHER AND FATHER, THIS IS THE YOUR MONEY) - ON GROCERIES, ASU Student shopping for toothpaste. See. students do buy books. FOOD, AND THER NECESSITIES WORKING STUDENTS PART THREE WE GOTTA MAKE A LIVIMG SOMEHOW Another Dlllard s smile. BUT SOMEONE ' S GOTTA DO IT Getting those jeans together at Dillard s. I wear my sunglasses at night, so I WORKING MAKES US INDEPENDENT AND Barbara s girls from ASU catering. A happy sacker at Kroger. DETERMINED TO EVALUATE OUR PRIORITIES ONE THING WE ALL LIKE - GETTING OUR And where do you work? PAYCHECKS AND GETTING OFF WORK The busboy at the wigwam. ASU SYMPHONIC BAND REMAINS The ASU Symphonic Band remained one of the best in state this year. They played on several occasions at concerts within and outside the ASU area. They played at the annual jazz festival to a capacity crowd. Here are scenes from practice prior to performance. Flaying a bluesy tune. VISITOR TO ASU RANGE FROM GOVERNOR Several important people made their trek to ASU this year. Among those were journalist Char- layne-Hunter-Gault, Governor Bill Clin- ton, and Ray Charles. Clinton came to an ASU bas- ketball game while Hunter spoke on problems in South Africa. Ray Charles gave a concert in early October which was a sellout. We appreciate their coming and sharing with ASU their unique qualities. Charlayne HunterUault speaks about South Africa JOURNALIST TO MUSIC LEGEND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS COME FROM A foreign student from Germany. Small wonder, huh? SCENES OF OUR FACULTY AT WORK in THE OFFICE, READING, AND CHATTING Mr Terry Huckabee chats with a patron of the A5U theater 1 19 SEE, OUR FACULTY ARE PEOPLE TOO A professor walks to class. The lady from Saks Fifth Avenue, Mrs. Mancy Young, smiles for the camera. SECRETARIES— MORE TO COME SOON! Shopping at Kroger is Dianna Sanders. The UB secretary takes a call. JAMES BROWN, BILLY IDOL, AND MADONNA Tarzan Boy from Baltimora. Go ahead and jam Madonna. Livin in America 123 WHO ' S WHO AT ASU The Who ' s Who section of the yearbook is designated to honor the brightest and best students of ASU; but not necessari- ly in that order. These students are selected from applications based on their leadership ability, scholastic achievement, and community involvement. Applications are open to any junior or senior who has a 2.5 higher QPA. Last December, the selected students were honored at a banquet held in the Carl R. Reng Center Ballroom. This was made possible by the committee composed of administrators, faculty, and students who reviewed the submitted applications. Fifty-six were selected from ASU and are among the 1200 honored nation-wide. Congratulations to these students who represent their respective colleges. As the cliche says, " These are our future leaders " only seems fitting. Trite, but true. ENGINEERING NURSING Mark Alan Belk Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Electrical Engineering -Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. Scholarship ■Vice-Chairman of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ■Tju happa t.psilon fraternit) Melissa E. Potter Poplar Bluff, Missouri nursing -President of Student nurses Association ■Sigma Theta Tau -Health rair Karen DeClark Bandy Pocahontas, Arkansas Business Administration ■President of American Society for personnel Administration ■research assistant in the Transportation Management Program -Real Estate and Insurance Departmental Award, 1985 Lisa Diane Brown Augusta, Arkansas Acounting -Officer in Zeta Tau Alpha sorority -Accounting Club -Gamma Beta Phi HAS ITS OWN SHARE OF WHO ' S W HO Karen Michelle Evans Green Forrest, Arkansas Finance Dalton A. Farmer Jr. Jonesboro, Arkansas Marketing •Phi Beta Lambda officer •Finance Club -Marching Indian Band -Senator in SOA •President of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity •Gamma Beta Phi honorary John Qennings Jonesboro, Arkansas Business Management -Officer in Pi Kappa fraternity -Beta Qamma honorary -Directed fund raiser for Humane Society Joseph Winfield Gregory Piggott, Arkansas Accounting -Treasurer of Student Government Association -Vice president of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity -Dean Moore Leadership Scholar Award " WE ARE THE WORLD " OF Carla Gschwend Jonesboro, Arkansas Finance -Indian Maiden for football program •Officer in Chi Omega sorority -Gamma Beta Phi Allison Lea Johnston Jonesboro, Arkansas Marketing -Alpha Gamma Delta sorority -Gamma Beta Phi honorary -LEAD Staff Michael Crandell Holt Leachville, Arkansas Computer Information Systems -Data Processing Management Association -LEAD StafT -Honors program Elli J. Kaminarides Jonesboro, Arkansas Business Administration -President of Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Debater Award -Fencing Club BANKERS, REALTORS, MANAGERS, Lauren D. Krigbaum Jonesboro, Arkansas Accounting Eric Foster Mejia Dewitt, Arkansas Pre-law -Treasurer of Accounting Club -Alpha Lambda Delta honorary -Gamma Beta Phi honorary Honors Program -Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity Tnterfraternity Council Senator Kurtis D. Reed Jonesboro, Arkansas Business Management -Officer in American Society for Personnel Administration -Data Processing Management Association -Beta Gamma Sigma honorary Mehnda Leigh Parker Senath, Missouri Business Education Pi Omega i ' i business majors honorary ■Phi beta I ambda -Data Proc essing Management Association AND BUSINESSMEN — THE ONES THAT Mary Allison Shanklin Piggott, Arkansas Accounting -SGA senator ■Alpha Gamma Delta secretary and treasurer •Majorette for Marching Indians James R. Sulcer Jr. Woodland Hills, California Marketing •American Society of Personnel Administrators •SGA Senator •Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity -Sports Medicine Scholarship -Vice president of Phi Mu sorority -USVBA Volleyball team Kim Anderson Jonesboro, Arkansas Physical Education John Joseph Drake Hot Springs, Arkansas Physical Education ■President of Tau Kappa F.psilon -President of Gamma Beta Phi Phi f.psilon Kappa honorary physical education fraternity 129 NURTURE OUR EDUCATION PROCESS Paula Susan Gibson Jonesboro. Arkansas Early Childhood Education •Vice President of Pi Kappa Psi -1985 Homecoming queen -Award winner in Alpha Gamma Delta sorority Annette Mill Sikeston, Missouri Psychology -co-author of psychological research which will be published soon -State vice president of Baptist Student Union -Psi Chi honorary Amy Elaine Jenkins Devvitt, Arkansas Early Childhood Education -Kappa Delta Pi honorary -President of Alpha Omicron Pi -LEAD Staff t Maureen Qeralyn McFadden Longwood, Florida Psychology 1 1 i n ' is team four years Mpl i amma Delta sorority officer -Psi f hi honorary Kimberly Bridger Wilbanks Jonesboro, Arkansas Early Childhood Education -Association for Childhood Education -SGA Senator Alpha Omicron Pi sorority officer Wendell Williams Jonesboro, Arkansas Rehabilitation Counseling -President of Kappa Alpha Psi -Senator in SGA -Rehabilitation Counselors Association THE COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS SALUTES Elizabeth Day Abernathy Jonesboro, Arkansas Vocal Music Education -four-year member of Concert Choir -Sigma Alpha lota professional fraternity -Gamma Beta Phi honorary Teresa Kay Brubeck Sikeston, Missouri Dramatic Arts -roles in ASU dramatic arts productions -Best Actress Award past two years -Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic honorary Rhonda Gail Davis Bono, Arkansas Speech Communication -President of Phi Beta Lambda business group -Lt. Governor for Pi Kappa Delta speech and debate honorary -national Phi Beta Lambda Extemporaneous Speaking Award ITS ' FUTURE STREEPS, PICASSOS, AND OLIVIERS Lee Anne Dublin Leslie, Arkansas Instrumental Music Education -First Chair clarinet in Symphonic [Sand -Sitima Alpha lota professional music fraternity •Tau Beta Sigma honorary band sorority Melody Q. Miller West Plains, Missouri Vocal Music Education Gary William Poffenbarger Arkadelphia, Arkansas Music Education ■Vice president of Sigma Alpha Iota •cone ert choir •Women ' s Chorus ■President of [Sand Council -Tuba Euphonium Ensemble -Kappa Kappa f ' si honorary THE FUTURE JENNINGS, HALBERSTAMS, Clyde Wayne Bass Waldron, Arkansas Radio-Television •Arkansas Broadcasters Association Scholarship •Alpha Epsilon Rho professional society -Sigma Pi fraternity Elizabeth Ann Marie Hot Springs, Arkansas Radio-Television •Vice president of Women in Communications •Curriculum committee for radio-television Alpha Epsilon Rho Dana Leigh McElyea Osceola, Arkansas Radio-Television •President of Alpha Epsilon Rho -Intern for WMC Channel 5 in Memphis -President of Modern Dance Club WALTERS, REPRESENT COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONS Carol Denise Woods Little Rock, Arkansas Radio-Television -Secretary of Phi Mu -Women in Communications -Election Commission THESE ARE OUR " . . . DOCTORS, James H. Adams Fisk, Missouri Pre-Medicine -Student Government Association Senator ■Rifle Team -Mas conducted Zoological research that he will present to a convention later this year Cheryl L. Buck Blytheville, Arkansas Zoology -Medical Arts Club -Alpha Lambda Delta honor society -Sloan Memorial Scholarship Martha Sue Carter Jonesboro, Arkansas Computer Science Association for Computing Machinery President of Qamma Beta Phi LEAD Stall Deborah K. Chappel Jonesboro, Arkansas English Education •Lambda lota Tau literature honorary Honors Association -Key Memorial English Scholarship 135 LAWYERS, POLITICIANS TOO " Susan Delap Lincoln, Arkansas Zoology •Lady Tomahawk basketball and volleyball Medical Arts Club officer •Beta Beta Beta Biology honorary Charlotte A. Denny Blytheville, Arkansas Zoology •Officer Wives Club Scholarship -Beta Beta Beta -Biology Lab assistant Lawrence T. Dillard III Manila, Arkansas Computer Science Jack L. Jackson II Beebe, Arkansas Mathematics Officer of fan Kappa t.psilon ■Gamma Beta f ' fii olticer -Senator in 5QA -President of Kappa Mu Lpsilon -Diamond Brass Quintet -Marching Indian Band WHO ' S WHO in THE COLLEGE Edward John Jemigan Paragould, Arkansas Computer Science Albert D. Latham Trumann, Arkansas Political Science •Data Processing Management Association -Marching Indian Band -President of Kappa Kappa Psi Band fraternity -Director of College Republicans -Marching Indian Band -Kappa Kappa Psi officer OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Kim Kelly Simpson Jonesboro, Arkansas Biology •President of Beta Beta Beta -Medical Arts Club •Baptist Student Union Myra Beth Tuggle Lepanto, Arkansas Mathematics -Officer in Phi Mu sorority -Kappa Mu Cpsilon honor soi icty Gamma Beta Phi honor society Lisa K. Sitzer Weiner, Arkansas Computer Science •Zeta Tau Alpha sorority -Phi Kappa Phi honorary -Alpha Lambda Delta honorary Jamie King Wright Blytheville, Arkansas Chemistry -Presidential Scholar -Gamma Beta Phi society ■Student Orientation Staff Snow was never so funny. 139 Accounting Club The Accounting Club operates in scholas- tic, professional and social aspects. The Joseph Welborne scholarship is presented annually to an accounting student displaying excellence is scholarship and extracurricular activity. The people you see in the photo will be our future CPAs. What an occupation! figures, figures, and more figures. Left to Right, first row: Micheal Molt. Tina Maynard. Linda Tusing. Joyce Loyd. Second row: Crystal Parmenter. Allison Snider. Judy White. Cindy Cherry, Marcia Martin. Robyn Luff. Third row: Gerald Jones, Rudy Dillard, Kara Blocker, Wade Johnson, Rene Taylor, Lauren Krigbaum, Elizabeth Hyatt, Keith Smith, advisor. Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Epsilon Rho, the national Broadcast- ing Society, is an organization which strives to meet and become aquainted with professionals in the field through seminar and panel discus- sions. It also helps the students to learn the trade of being behind the camera which pro- vides valuable experience in the job market. Yes, " This is John Doe, reporting for MSA-TV, Jonesboro. " That s what it ' s all about. Left to Right, first row: Sam McGuire. Beth Marie. Rebekah Taybor, Mary Jane Watt. Dana McElyea. Lisa Day, Kris Holloway Beth Tackett. Second Row: Gary W, Melton, advisor, Joe Moore, Tony Wrinkles. Randy Myers. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is the national Scho- lastic Honor Society for freshmen. Officers are Mary Francis, president; Sandy Robinson, vice- president; Fayeth Williams, historian, and Cindy Reeves, editor. Left to Right, first row: Mary Anne Francis, Deanna Patterson, Hhu Hguyen. Sandy Robinson. Susan Sumpter. and fayeth Williams. Second Row: Dina Borgeson, Dianne Conway, Elizabeth Craig, Melinda flodge. and Cindy Reeves. 142 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary fraternity for dramatic arts and the theatre. The ASU Chapter is the Lambda, Lambda Cast. The original chapter dates from 1955, and it was reactivated in 1980. Alpha Psi members take active roles in the production of the plays presented by the ASU Drama Department, both on-stage and off-stage. Left to Right, first row: Pat Roberts. Sara Saliba. Sharon Liska. Teresa Brubeck, Lisa Balch, Tammy Holmes, and Neleia Utely. Second Row: Randy Story. Qrant Froman. Jimmy Craig. Tony Blackman, and Philip Baumgarner. Alpha Roses The Alpha Roses are the beautiful girls that help the Alpha Phi Alpha brothers in their efforts to raise money for the various community projects that they do. They also serve as hosts for the social functions of the fraternity and we think they are good PR. Right, guys? Left to Right, first row: LaRita Martin, Wanda Hampton, and Qennora Reed, second row: Letha Hill. Maria Pegues, Endee e, LaTonya Robertson, Carla Young, and Sharon Bailey. American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society is an organization that is made up of future chemists. They gain first-hand experi- ence with experiments that they do to test certain aspects of things relating to ASU. Left to right, first row: Warren Jackson. Melanie Fiala. Mary Jo Shaver. Maria Hammond. Second row: Timothy Hightower, Michael Martin, Willie Sheridan, David Mini ck, Dr. Paul have, advisor. 143 Art Director ' s Club The Art Director ' s Club is an organization composed of our future Qaugins, Rembrandts, and Picassos. They are a mixture of all the art professions and is open to anyone majoring or minoring in art. Left to Right, first row: Dog Doe, Beth Rutherford. Jacque Brazeal. Tony Cooper. Allison Fletcher, Cody Pendergeist, Janeene Craig, Sandy Lane. Mary Ann Becker, Gayla Williams, Dickran Paulias. Second row: Teresa Williams. Kathi Parker. Frances Webb. Shari Idayo, Cindy Vinson, Robert Porter, Lillian White, Kevin Brown, Steven Martin. Frank Hockstetler, Jeff Williams, and Curtis Steele, advisor. AS PA ASPA (American Society of Personnel Ad- ministrators) is an organization that is com- posed mostly of business administration ma- jors. The object that they hope to acheive is to expose the ASU student to the real world of business through guest speakers, films, and visits to various business firms. Left to Right, first row: Dr. Dan floyt, advisor, Janette Hineline, advisor, Cindy Young, Gladys Lewellen, Karen O ' Connor Tommy Young, Susan Qreitzmier, Kathy Scott, Jeanne McPherson, Karen Davidson. Second row: Donald Guinn, Robert Bennett, Brian Smith, Michael Coleman. Third row: Kurt Reed. Karen Bandy, Micheal Wells. M ' Lissa Travis, Debbie Hughes Karrie Sims. Maria Merters. Association of Childhood Education ACEI focuses on children from infancy through early adolescence; and it also helps its members grow in their roles as teacher educators, teacher in training, supervising education admin- istrators, librarians, and other career offers. Led to Right, first ro.v: Karyn Webber, Melinda Manis, Laura Holly-Gentry, Emily Scroggs, Sue Shrum, Linda Cole, Tish Haynes. Carolyn Buchanan. Melinda Hodge, Beth Grantham, and Suzy Davis. 144 - ] Block Bridle Club The members of Block Bridle are devoted to assisting and promoting the Animal Hus- bandry field. They also help in helping schools have similar programs and often go to the schools to speak to them about their field. After all, if we have destroy our cars, these will be the people to talk to. Left to Right, first row: Ellisa Flynn, Rhonda Stanley, Rodney Weidower, Janet Caudell, Dale Duncan, Steve Eahins, Cindy Griffin, and Dr. Q. W. Tibbetts, advisor. Second row: fl. Keene, Robyn Theobold, Randy Jones. Mope Swanner. Doug Rupard, Tony Elmore. Bill Soden, and Steven Bray. COQ1C The Church of God In Christ club is very active throughout the whole school year with Bible Study in the Wesley Foundation, a spring pageant titled " Miss COG1C " and a concert which is held annually in the Reng Center Ballroom. Right, first row: Alesia Veasley, Vetrice Peoples. Angela Stokes, and Precious Moore. Second Row: Clinton Davis, s. Johnny Perry. Debra Gary, Jesse Carter. College Republicans The College Republicans are of course, for our remaining president, Ronald Reagan. Their chief objective is to convince students that the conservative way is the right way and they also help state representatives and legislatures on their campaigns in trying to influence the student vote. Left to Right, first row: Kevin Reagan. Rene Young, Robert Green, Tracy Willyard, Spencer Martmann. Second Row: Ben Hudson, Mario Machado. Albert Latham. Todd Childress, and David Johnson. 145 Chi Alpha Chi Alpha is a national organization of students in higher education who unite to express the personal claims of Jesus Christ to their campus community and call others into their relationship with him. The group is within the mainstream of Pentecostal (charis- matic) truth and is under the oversight of the assemblies of God. Chi Alpha takes its name from Christian apostoli, Christ s sent ones " . Left to right, first row: Tammy Sharp, Mm Thompson. Janis Thompson. Barbara Smith. Linda Collosino. Alana Shannon. Second Row: David Paschall, Elizabeth Craig, Debora Craig, Donna Allen. Chris Jester. Third row: Bobby Abbott. Jeff Morgan. Ronnie Montgomery, Ivory Qwin Color guard The Color Guard is yet another phase of the ASU ROTC program. Left to right, first row: Wade Tate. Second Row: Dion Cantu. Ronald D. Roades. T. J. Gorton, Ronnie Miller, Alvin Stew; Len Qeorge. Council for Exceptional Children The Council for Exceptional Children is an organization that specifically adheres to the handicapped or emotionally disturbed child. Their future occupation will be how to deal with these children in a constantly changing complex world as ours. They will be the ones that help the children adjust to it. Left to right, first row: Leigha Miller, Laura Pink. Melanie Kelley. Second row: Micheal Harris. Debbie Gary, Dr. Louis Semrau. advisor. DPMA The Data Processing Management Associa- tion is an organization for students who are interested in the field of computer data process- ing. With the kind of classes these students go through, they get more than on the job experi- ence. Most of the time you will see these students in the computer center on campus getting the programs done that they were assigned in class. Some people have all the fun. Left to right, first row: Marry Taylor, Ereedia Stewart, Santosh Krishna, Kuan Ching Tze, Supardee Frommasa, Erica Brown Second row: Connie Sparks, Micheal Holt. Janet Hall, Janet Sutton. Melinda Parker Donna Pritchard. Angela Henson, Bill McKisson, Leonard Moland, Helena Ruhl, Shelly Ellenburg, Claire Rouse, Lynn Perkins, Dr, Charlotte Hinson, advisor, Marty Van Zant. Third row: Debbie Trotter, Arnold Ray Shaw, Claude West. Micheal Harris. Bernie Simpson, James Cravens. Engineering Club These people in this club obviously want to be engineers. That ' s why they take all those hard engineering courses because they want to be the ones to take the blame if a superstructure falls down. Seriously, these people work hard and they are smart in more than two ways because engineering is one of the best fields to go into today. The money ' s not bad either. Left to right, first row: Stan Snodgrass. Joe Sartini. Second row: Ed Norton. Rebecca Leary, Doug Riddle. Forensics Team This is one organization that has a distinc- tion above the rest. It is nationally ranked as one of the 10 best clubs for impromptu, oratory, debate, and other aspects of a speech tourna- ment. It goes to several tournaments a year such as Lousiana Tech, U of A at Fayetteville, Oklahoma State University, and others. Keep up on the good work, guys! Left to right, Barbara McQuire, Rhonda Davis. Schantell Bowden, Karen Lewellen, Gary Phillips. Helen Leniear, Paige Grisham. Douglas Acutf Randy Story, Tony Blackman 147 IEEE The ASU Student Chapter of IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) is part of the quarter million members around the globe making it the largest technical professional engineering society in the world. Student members make up approximately 15 percent of the worldwide membership and is continually growing. This chapter concentrates on giving the students first hand experience in the growing field by having them work on assignments that the real professionals do. eft to right, first row: Basheer Abu-Jalah, David Moss, Keith Stacy, Garland Martin, Meal Sanders, Lugmann Abi Ahmed. Second Mike Slayton, Tracy Smith, Robert Hinson. Joel Presley, Ray Hunter, and Dr. Robert Engelken, Advisor. International Students Association The International Student Association is a club that you can find every - from all corners of the world. At ASU it helps make the foreign students feel at home where they learn most of the American cultures. This is good for the ASU students who live in America because they visit a foreign country simply by listening to the students and it sure beats air fare. Left to right, first row: Cristina Ferreto J., Jill Dycus. Moshang Mormasji. Nhu Mguyen. Iqbal Hasan. Edet frank, Yazdani Syed. Second Row: Godson Chukwukamadu Okocha, Mohamed Kumail Dehradunwala. Terry Hamilton, Priyanga De Silva, Bi Baker. Advisor, Klaus Stute. Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma is a new addition to the ASU campus. It ' s been around for about three years and has provided special service instructions to its members. Their main purpose is to serve humanity in all the capacities that they can, which includes visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and churches. Left to right, first row: Freedia Stewart, lona Johnson. Second row: Carolyn Thompson, Wyvonia Rutherford. Kappa Alpha Psi Sweethearts The KA Psi Sweethearts, again, like the Alpha Roses, and the Nu Gamma Alpha Ladies, are part of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. They do similar activities such as helping their brothers raise money for the fraternity through car washes, dances, and other forms, while hosting the parties that they have. Mow all they need is the Playboy bunny costume. From Left to Right, first row: Tammy Duckworth. Sheila Aus. Second row: Cynthia Maples, Regina West, Angela Green, Sandra Hobbs, Lisa Jones, and Cynthia Canada. Livestock Judging Team One of the most important aspects that this club does is the help judge livestock at the Craighead County Fair. At this time they use their learned expertise in judging the various livestock that run through the gates. From left to right, first row: Jimmy Hutchinson. Rhonda Stanley. Sheryl McDole. Dale Duncan. Second Row: Bill Soden. ie B. Massey, Steven Bray. David Fort, and advisor Dr. Q. W. Tibbitts. Modern Dance Club The Modern Dance Club consists of students who are interested in a variety of styles of dance. The different dances performed include tap, ballet, jazz, and aerobics. The club members not only enjoy dancing for fun, but performs on various occasions. If you enjoy dancing, this is the club that will challenge you through your own individu- alism and creativity through the interpretation of dance. Left to right. First row: Julie Perdue. Pamela Morgan. Kim Ring. Donna Hendrix. Mary Knight. Carole Williams. Lisa nenry. and Mrs Alia Burns, advisor. Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship The Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship is one of the many religious organizations on cam- pus at ASU. It gives students the oppurtunity to experience the Christian lifestyle through weekly Bible studies, church-related activities and other forms of Christian life. They also seek other students in hopes of becoming a member. Left to Right, first row: Rhonda Jorden, Pamela Anderson. Michelle King, Angela Davis, Marita Brown, Teresa Edwards, Ray Edwards, Josh Edwards, and Phillip Lewallen, Second Row: Chrissy Sterling, Kim Eanes, Judy White, Deleisa Bailey, Gale Peeples, Dorothy Starnes, and David Avery. Third Row: Joe Looney. Tammy Cossey, Misty Parrish, Mike Cooper, Joe Davis, Philip Lauders, Jimmy Qossett. Thurman Cossey, and Thomas Priest. MS IV Class And Coordinator This is another form of ASU ROTC program. This is especially for freshmen who seek an eventual career in the military and also who seek the traits of leader- ship, discipline, and other attributes the military proudly boast about. Here we see the future general of the supposedly incoming wars, but who wants to talk about wars now? Left to Right, first row: H. Kent Brewer, Major Elzie S. Skillern, Coordinator. Second Row: CLT David Q. Croom, CCF Mark Moskins. CCPT Scott Riley, and CLT Steve Bowen. Third Row: CLT John Block, CCPT Robert T. Summers, CMAJ Micha J. Carr. CCPT Kevin D. Melton, and CMAJ Stanley G. Mutt. national Association For Jazz Educators This club is specifically for music education students who want to become jazz educators. They are a rare breed but with one heck of a mission in the palm of their hand. They wish to preserve the American-made sound that is stead- ily losing ground. After all jazz started with the great men such as Handy, Ellington, and Basie. And we do need someone to carry the torch. Polfenbarqer. Matt Anderson. Jason Casey. Brett Macklei 150 Nu Gamma Alpha Ladies The Nu Gamma Alpha Ladies are the little ladies that belong to the Mu Gamma Alpha fraternity. Like the Alpha Roses, they support the brothers in their projects and also at most of the football games because most of the members are football players. After all they do need some support after a hard day of practice in the rain, sun, and wind, right? Left to right, first row: Paula Israel. Barbara Johnson, Baleria Gray. Kim Johnson, and Sandra Dunlap Panhellenic Council The Panhellenhic Council is a club that represents each sorority on campus with a member. Its duty to let sororities know when they are out of line and also has a rule book on the pledging of a sorority, which they help with at the beginning of each semester. Left to right, first row: Beth Tachett, Jill Ritter, Alyce Meeb, Susan South Jane Mill Physical Education Majors Club The P. E. Majors Club consists of virtually every member of the majors because it is open to everyone. One of the big things that they do is the Special Olympics that is held every spring in which all members participate. Left to right first row: Kenny Hubbard. Janet Clark, Liz Oates. Lawanda Ballard Second Row: Steve Rorex Kirk Smith, Sheryl Lowery, Karen Anderson. Andrea Alley Third Row: Clyde Hastings, Gary Qreen, Sharon Mudfred, Kim Anderson. Carol Rikard. rourth Row: Jim Montgomery. Melody Cox. Virginia Taylor. Laura Stickler. Fifth Row: Ted Bigger, Vanessa Roberts, Karin Telle, Gia Taylor. Sixth Row: Brett Gibson, Pam Handle, Gary Scott, Scott Miller. Seventh Row: Terri Shatlcy. Joni Hampton. Freddie Bowen. Silvaratuane Marugaus, Jimmy Ward, Sharon Lewellen. Eighth Row: Amy Fitts. Marlisa Kerr. B. J. Chipman, Henri Wright, Preston Maddox. Brad Goshien. Greg Moss, ninth Row: Kim Stephens, Steve Wiedower. Johnny Fleming. B. J. McAfee. 151 Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda is an organization that is composed up of members who major in business at ASU. Its goal is give students first-hand experi- ence in the business world. They attend lectures from guest speakers and other activities. Left to right, first row: Renita Browning. Melinda Parker. Shelley Walker. Steve Russell. Jetta Petty, Tracy Hancock, DeAnn Johnson. Chela Qossett. Second row; Dr. Bob Ferrolasco. advisor, Michael Mills, Karen Davidson, Mike DeHaan, Frant Katton. Marshall Graham. Steven Mills, David Jones. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is the honorary physical educa- tion majors club. These students must maintain a 3.5 or higher grade point average in order to become a member. We salute you guys. Left to right, first row: LeWanda Ballard, Carol Rikard, Jill Ross, Kim Anderson, Liz Oates, Karin Telle, Karen Ander Secorvd row: Kim Campbell, Clyde Hastings, Bill Qrogan, Ronnie Harper, Larry Scaife. Philosophy Club The Philosophy Club is one of the most interesting clubs on campus. The club meets bi- weekly and often has an ASU professor lecture on various topics. One of the most controversial so far was Dr. Qreenwald ' s lecture on " The Existence of God ' . It serves as a point of stimulation for all students who question the status quo. Left to right, Lerone Wimbley, Dr. Thomas Grimes. Lynda Bauer. Dr. Charles Carr, Beverly Smith. Cora Forrest, Ross Cockburn. Pops Ensemble The Public Relations Student Society of Amer- ica is another strong organization on campus. It relies heavily on the input of several public relations personnel that come visit and lecture at their bi-weekly meetings. The group usually goes to several luncheons where they meet other professionals and establish contacts that will later help them when they graduate. Left to right, first row: Bilie Sue ftoggard, Mrs. Sandra Seay. advisor. Susan White Second row: Cynthia Fulton. Pamela Morgan, Cindy Copeland. Third row: Laura Lay, Karen Lewellen. Bridget McCourt. Donna Loyd. Fourth row: Rodney Killingsworth, Beverly Smith. James Baldwin. Julie McQough. Keith Boles. PRSSA The Public Relations Student Society of America is another strong organization on campus. It relies heavily of the input of several public relations person- nel that come visit and lecture at their bi-weekly meetings. The group usually go to several luncheons where they meet other professionals and establish contacts that will later help them when they graduate. Left to right, first row: Cynthia Fulton, Vihki Carroll, Melanie Williams, Rene DeProw, Shirl Magness. Second row: Adrian padley, advisor. Mark Young. Ellen Darr. Rhonda Stewart. Laura Felts, Kim Caruthers, Psi Chi Psi Chi is the national honor society. It is dedicated to the promotion of the academic excellence and interest in the sciences, particular- ly psychology. It is one of the many organizations that ASU should be proud of, because throughout all the mediocre the world has to offer, they strive for the best. Left to right, first row: Wanda Lee. Anaicka Tilghmal, Annette Mil. Second row: Dr. Bob Johnson, advisor. Angela West. Rick Long. 153 Sigma Alpha Iota The Sigma Alpha lota Singers are a select vocal ensemble comprised up of the members of the Epsilon Gamma chapter of SA1. The singers frequently preform for civic and professional organizations, schools and at other SAI functions. Left to right, first row: Elizabeth Fleming, Kim Wheeler. Melody Miller, Kathleen Barnes. Quyla Bump, Laura Moore, Carolyn Campfleld, Julia Lansford, advisor. Second row: Johnny People, nancy Owens, Day Abernathy, Crystal Squires, Peggy Jeffries, LeeAnne Dublin. Helen Simmins. and Julie Eubanks. Ranger Platoon The Ranger Platoon is part of the Military Science Program at ASU and consist of dedicated men to fight for the well-being of our country. At this program the men are trained in infantry tactics that are known across the battlefield and are also taught how to survive in the wild. Who knows? They might be the next Green Berets. John Wayne starred in a movie under that name. Left to right, first row: C FTC H. Kent Brewer, C MAJ Micheal J. Carr. Second Row: Mike Ashford, Perry L. Turner, Dion Cantu, C LT John S. Block. Third row: CCPT Mark Hoskins, SFC Ronald D. Roades, SFC T. J. Gorton, SFC John F. Morse, SFC Alvin R Stewart. ROTC ROTC is the biggest part of the Military Science program at ASU. It is to enhance the future career of someone who wants to go into the army at the end of their graduation. By doing so, if one enters the ROTC program as a freshmen and continues in until they graduate they will be a 2nd Lt. in any camp they wish to stay at. t first row: Loyd McBride, Wade Tate. Sheila Darby, Mike Ashford, Brian Tate, Davey Sales. Second row: John J. I it Pher: Riggs Alvin Stewart. Wayne Darr. Rodney Johnson. Robert Newberry. Third Row: Dawn Rene Jenkins, Ronnie ' erry I i ner, Micheal L. Duniap Dion Cantu. Len George. Fourth row: Tony Sullivan, John F. Morse. Ronald D. Roades. T.J. Gorton. Sociology Club The Sociology Club is a club that deals with the social aspects of the community. It is composed up of students who wish to pursue their careers in the social work area. They view lots of films, presenta- tions, and conferences to get the feel for what they are about to enter. Left to right, first row: James Snead, Melissa Hill. Trena Hyde. Betty Radcliffe. Second row: Sherry Lace. Pat Morris, Donna Bearden, Ronda Piwinski. Third row: Julie Ramdelman, Cindy Rice, Julia Burkhart, Kathey Parr. Barbara Long. Carmen Dunbar Student Government Association Staff The SQA Staff is probably one of the most influential organizations on campus, because the students back it. It has a staff that diligently works hard on the behalf of the students and it shows because the administration and faculty do listen to these future leaders. It is just what it says. Left to right, first row: Carl Briggs. Allison Shanklin, Annette Mill, Doug Acuff, Vickie riewton. Second Row: Russell Evans, Gregory, Dillon Watkins. SNEA The SMEA is part of a nationwide organization which is students who are concerned about the education of America. The Student national Educa- tional Association views and evaluates education on a periodic basis, in addition to attending regional and national conferences. Left to Right, first row. Brenda Gossett. Beth Grantham. Sue Shrum. Melinda Manis, Sherry Roberts, Dr. Sue Davidson, advisor Second row: Jeff Whittingham Linda Cole Vonda Pearson, Suzy Davis, Carolyn Buchanan and John Buchanan. 155 Tau Beta Sigma Left to right, first row: Ashley Hunter. Sheri Claxton, Michelle Mogard. Jeannie Casey, Peggy Powers, Carla Felts, Lisa Gibson, Bevery Creach. Second row: Rita Beasley. Kathy Loudermilk, Gary Poflfenbarger. Tina Peacock, Alesia Veasley, Kerry Colburn. Third row: nancy Owens. Sherry Lacey, Melody Childers. Patti Leinenback. Fourth row: Monica Brogdon, Dianna Riley, Lisa Lyons. Kathleen Barnes. Laura Moore. Lorrie Weedham, Lynn Knutson. Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary sorority for band. The main purpose of this organization is to assist the band director. They accomplish this through social and service pro- jects. They give annual Christmas concerts and raise money through dances that they give to the various charities. Their motto is " Tau Beta Sigma for greater bands. ' ' ASU Trombone Choir The ASU Trombone Choir is another part of ASU s constantly expanding band. They give periodic recitals and other concerts. Their main function is to learn how to play in an orchestra, in which they concentrate on symphony music to cater to their craft. Left to right, first row: Tom Mason. Grant Jordan. Sherridan Colette, Tom Anderson, Diana Riley. James Molbrook. Chr Molt, Gary Szucs. Second row: Stan Mall. Keith Mays, Jason Casey. Rod Chestnut. Allen Masters. Brett Macker, Randal Spurgil David Dees, heal Bartee, Adv. Twin Towers Dorm Council The Twin Towers Dorm Council is a group of men who fight for the better part of their dorm. Their bi-weekly meetings are held as to air gripes about certain aspects of the dorm, such as vandalism. They give an annual Christmas party to the dorm residents and have raised money to make the dorm feel more like home. They have in the past bought ice machines and TVs to help the dorm. Left to right, first row: James Tate. Gary Barch. Ronnie Harper Second row: Arnold Ray Shaw. Doug Rust. Richard Whitehom, Alonzo Jiles. James Baldwin. Rickey Wooten. Kevin Brown. Devaudrey Hodges, Craig Evenson. i 56 Union Board Coordinators The Union Board is an administrative office of student volunteers, who provide a university-wide programmed activities. Its role is to provide educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs for the benefit of the university commu- nity and to help develop sound student leader- ship. They also plan major concerts and last year brought the hot Pointer Sisters here. This year they brought Ray Charles and plan to bring Oak Ridge Boys in the spring. Left to right, first row: Steve Langlois, Tim Dean. Diane Todd. Second row: Rhonda Mynett, Rhonda Stewart. Scott Moye. Petri Dorsey. Ken Welch. Union Board Members The Union Board committee members assist the coordinators in any endeavor that they choose. During the first of each semester, the UB office employs a wide campaign to get student volunteers to become mem- bers in such activities as the concert committee, the co- curricular committee, and the cultural enrichment committee. They volunteer alot of their time and the UB should be proud. Left to right, first row: Dana Wendell, Carla Wofford, Rhonda Stewart. Petri Dorsey, Phyllis McClendon. Lisa Kent. Tammi Hjiamson. Second row: Jami Staggs, Karla Ashlock. Kimberlee Thornton. Deana Satterwhite, Michelle White, Melanie riala. Trd row: Charlotte Herring. Linda Colosimo. Rhonda Anderson. Teresa Wilson, Anthony Evans, Letha Mill, Angela Tucker, Sanne Wren. Matthew Dust. Donnie Kissinger. University Hall Dorm Council The University Mall Dorm Council is much like the Twin Towers Dorm Council in which they act accordingly to the student wishes. They also employ a Judicial Board to help them sort out problems when a girl is caught sneaking a guy into her room after hours. But that ' s all in the college life. At any rate, this dorm council is one that is A- okay with its residents. Left to right, first row: Tammy Yarbrough. Kelly Vaupel. Renee Dryden, Lisa Brooks. Carolyn Thompson Second row: Stacy Clark. Phyllis Castelberry. Amy Sanford, Jill Ritter. Third row: Donna Carman, Leith Mills. Maureen McFadden. Christy Goodman, Alyce Meeb. Laurie Washam. Suzanne Kay. 157 Gamma Beta Phi Left to right, first row: Michael PI. Arul. Donald W. Cox, Mary Ann Francis. Barbara Mcguire, Cristi Squires. Lesley Stracaner, Susan Stalnaker, Jim Washam. Second row: Pthu Plguyen, Moshang hormasji, Kathy Keith. Greg Horton, Danielle Murphy, Martha Carter. Third row: Cathy Davis. Sharon Knight. John Eason. Fourth row: Misty Mill, Doc Farmer, LaJana Gibson, Bill Downs, James Presley, Suzanne Wren, Christine Brewer, Rudy Dillard, Leigh Anne Reeve. Fifth row: Joel Presley, Misty Parrish. Angela West. Sheila Smith, Ricky Greer, Karen Davidson. Sixth row: Jessie Martin. Ross Cockburn. Cathryn Calloway. Dr. John Thomas. Seventh row: Dale Case, Joseph Taylor. Larry Weisenbach, Angela Patton, Michelle Euyan, Ginger Taylor, Eighth row: Pianette Henderson, Linda Steese, Kim Gastlin, Amanda Beery, Kelly Davis, Lavonda Sherrill, Joni Washburn, Crystal Parmenter. Plinth row: Ptita Thompson, Keith Walfon, Donna Allen. Melanie Burns, Vivian Sheets, Alesia Veasley, Debby Penshaw, Julie Perdue. Barbara Long. Tenth row: Carol Buffalo, Janet Harp, Pern Blanston, Susan Rose, Danny Mooer, Vickie Plewton. Helen Leneiar. (To read this one should stop and Karen Davidson and the sixth row coming forward) Gamma Beta Phi is one of the largest organiza- tions on campus and is open to an student who main- tains a 3.2 QPA. The group relies on its intellectuals by having monthly guest speakers and other stimulat- ing activities. Gam- ma Beta Phi in- itiates several members each se- mester to start off a new batch of the " smarties " . Left to right, first row: Lisa Day. Lesley Strickner, Kelly Ellis, Emily Lard, Beth Marie, Second row: Caterina Pieal, Cynthia Fulton, Lori Webb. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is yet another service fraternity specifically for the band. Throughout the year they raise money to help the fraternity and the band. Each year Kappa Kappa Psi hosts a marching band contest which is one of their top money making projects. Left to right, first row: Bruce Shan- non. Steve flarcrow. John Long, Kath- leen Barnes. Eddie Jernigan. Second row: Jerry Martin, Glen Wisdom, Henry Qatlin, Wade Morrison. John Dulaney, Mr. O ' Connor, advisor. Third row: David Burke, Chris Hopper Richard Vantreece, Terry Hogard. Fourth row: David Pierce. Gary Poffenbarger. Tim Chapman Woody Latham, Jon Myers, fifth row: Tommy Mason, Daniel Gro- gan. Stewart Gilliam, Grant Brinkle. Donald Massey. United Voices Gospel Choir The United Voices Gos- pel Choir is one of the largest black organiza- tions on campus. It gives four annual gospel con- certs each year. One of the best is the Gospel Extravaganza. where they invite other gospel choirs from various uni- versities and colleges to perform If you haven t heard them yet, you re missing out on a lot. Left to right, first row: Rev. Saul Peters III, Har- vey Porchia. Donald Mas- sey. Jr.. Micheal Holliday, Daren Barker, Clyde Wil- liams. Jr., Gerald Cole. Gregory Young, Will Sav- age. Jr. Second row: Dor- othy PeteYs, advisor, S- erry Mason, Wanda Hampton. Donna Coo- per, Marva Davis. Lavern Hardaway, Pearl Wilson. Terri Johnson, Cynthia Maples, Leaned Payne, Theresa Guy. Lisa Glad- ney. Lisa Early. Demita Johnson. Shirley Esk- ridge. Anita Thompson. Third row: Phyllis McClendon, Jacqueline Jordan, Letha Hill, Olli Bowles, Sharon Mash. Maria Pegues Helen Len- iear, Zanilla Webb, Terry Donahue, Carolyn Vin- cent, Itina Williams Cheryl Prazier, Shasta Cook. Gwendolyn Lewis. 159 THIS IS WHERE WE SPEND THE BEST Physical Education and Health Center. Continuing Education Laboratory Sciences Center Tine Arts Center n 1 1 p if try. ( ft f m m M f r if tf nil IIIHIM i « E I I i I f « 1 P ■ S r I . L - r 1 » -k I i ' : P r J c £ E £-6 - p i- ; it f I i f e i t a p » B 1 i I 1 8 M P 1 2 1 41 I 7777771 Twin Towers Post office Administration Building AND WORST FOUR YEARS OF OUR LIVES 161 DELTA TAU ALPHA Officers: Rodney Wiedower - president Randy Jones - secretary Steve Davis - treasurer Robert Passmore - reporter Rodney Wiedower - public relations director First Row. (I to r). Randy Jones. Steve Davis, Rodney Wiedower, Troyce Barnett, Dr. Amos Rougeau. advisor Second Row, Stan Ozier, Ricky Wortham. Robert Passmore. Junior Barham. Todd Prothro, Edward Brown. KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is the national honorary fraternity for math majors. The society ' s main purpose is to promote an appreciation for mathe- matics. They sponsor guest speakers and many other social activities throughout the year. Dr. Tom Bishop and Dr. R.P. Smith are the advisors. (L to R), Dennis Smith, Jim Washam. Becky Clifton, Jack Jackson, Karyn Infield. KAPPA TAU ALPHA Kappa Tau Alpha is a national society dedicat- ed to the recognition and promotion of scholar- ship in the field of journalism. KTA honors students who have distinguished themselves in the field of mass communications, and to be considered for membership, a student must have a minimum 3.50 (B + ) overall grade point average on a 4.0 scale. The national KTA was founded in 1910 at the University of Missouri. Of the more than 270 full- time journalism programs in the United States, only about 70 have been granted KTA chapters and are allowed to offer memberships each year. H. mm- ■ mil— it m (L to R). Clyde W. Bass. Carol Woods, Mari Johnson, Beth r-iane, riichael Jai 162 BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Black Student Association is involved in many activities throughout the year, but the Miss Ebony is one of the biggest events they sponsor. Shirley Taylor is the association ' s president. (L to R), Josephine Nowers, Robert Mittelread, Helene Lanier. Shirley Taylor, Billy Davis. YOUNG DEMOCRATS Officers: Michele King - president Mark Pender - vice president Kelly Ellis - secretary Dr. Jane Gates - advisor (L to R). Mark Fender. Dr Jane Gates. Michele King. Kelly Ellis. Oary Rainey. not pictured. Emily Lard and Dr Mark Pohlmann SECRETARIES CLUB The Secretaries Club is a group of ASU secretaries who work in various departments around campus. Officers include, Ouida Fulgham, president. Front Row. (I to r). Sue Mogue. Joyce McEwen. Jeanette Millsap. Tami Oamble, Second Row, Winona Thiel. Gail Siddell, Betty Higgins. Ouida Fulgham. MODEL UNITED NATIONS The Model United nations is a simulated version of the real operation, which deals with the foreign policy of a given country. The ASU delega- tions attend two competitions during the year, including Conway, which is the Arkansas Model, and St. Louis, which is the Midwest Model, and they brought back one general excellence award from each of them. (L to R). Roberto Cabrini, Banhole Ewedemi, Tim Beaver, Billy Barrett. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA Officers: Andrew Skoog - president Phillip Sawyer - vice-president Trent Clayton - secretary Glen Tanner - treasurer Johnny Peoples - ritual director John Hays - historian Don Hoffman - warden Dan Sheets - alumni secretary First Row, (I to r). Glen Tanner. Trent Clayton, Grant Jordan. Johnny Peoples. Bruce Shannon, Second Row, John Mays. Rod Plunkett. Grayson Gordon, Brett Hacker, Jon Adams. Meil Gately, Back Row, Don flofmann. Jason Casey, Andrew Skoog, Phillip Sawyer. Gene McDonald. Ron Guess, Dan Sheets. RIFLE TEAM The ASU Rifle Team has had its fourth undefeated season in a row. They were 14-0 during the 1985-86 season. They also won the Arkansas Rifle League Championships for the fourth year in a row. The team competes in various tourna- ments around the country, and they were invited to the largest college invitational tournament in the country at Nicholas State University. Front Row. (I to r). Guy Younger. Fenny Smith, Alaina Tanner, Jerry Lane, Mark Hutton. Second Row, Sgt. Jerry Kimbrell. Matt Dust, Chris Carlile, Greg McCormick, Hershel Jones, James Adams. SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is the Spanish Honorary Society Chapter. During Foreign Language Week, the group installed six new members. They also sponsored a Spanish language table throughout the year. Elsbeth Washburn. Laura Hopkins. Sherri McKay, Gail Siddell, Kay Field, Lois Swisher, advisor UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL — I The University Mall Dorm Council is made up of resident assistants and wing representatives, who organize various activities and meetings for the University Hall residents. Julie Hyde is the council ' s president. (L to R), Julie Hyde, Mia Conley, Linda Smith, advisor, Natalie Gardner, Cindy Buzbee, Susan Evans. STUDENT MENC 3 The Music Educators national Conference is the organization that serves as leader and spokes- man for music education in the United States. The conference ' s purpose is to provide opportunities for professional development for college students of music education through on-campus activities of the chapter and participation in state, division, and national meetings of the organization. (L to R), Andrew Skoog. Rita Beasley. Trent Clayton, Frances Richardson. Glen Turner Plot Pictured: Sandra Seay and Dr James D. Kelly, advisors. PI OMEGA PI Pi Omega Pi is the national honorary fraternity for leading students in business education. Mem- bers must maintain a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Jetta Petty is the organization ' s president. Front Row, (I to r). Bliss Winningham, Jetta Petty, Melinda Parker, Karla Ashlock, Back Row, Everett Grant, Dr. Rebecca Coll advisor. Becky Johnson, Lisa Lumpkin HONORS ASSOCIATION Students, who are taking Honors courses, are eligible to participate in this association, which serves primarily as a conduit between the Honors Program office and all Honors students. They sponsor many social and academic events during the year, such as the Springfest " Kissing Jail. " They also participate in the Lecture- Concert series, and if possible attend the Regional and national Honor Conferences. Front Row. (I to r). Julie VonKanel. Jana Gibson, Elvon Reed. Back Row. Lesley Refers. Debbye Turner. I athy Turner, Laura Hinck. BETA BETA BETA Tri Beta is the national recognition fraternity for outstanding students in biological sciences. Dr. Stan Trauth is the group ' s advisor. Front Row. (I to r), Dr. Stan Trauth, Teresa Oldham. Cheryl Buck, Suzanne Jones. Phyllis Chaffin, Kim Simpson, Debbye Turner, Back Row, Larry Lawrence, James Presley, Doug Fletcher, Brent Blakely, Dianne Conaway. ACM The Association for Computing Machinery is for anyone who is interested in the computer sciences. The association s purpose is to pro- mote and advance the study of science and techniques of computer utilization. They spon- sor Job Control Seminars and instructions on the use of the Harris computer. V; Mansor. Third Row, Dr. Robert Rossa. Charles Scanlon, Bemie Simpson, Theron Hightower. Siva Nilhiananthan Mot pictured. 1c in Young. PRINTER ' S ASSOCIATION The Printer ' s Association gives printing and graphic arts students hands on experience in the field. Dale White and Robert Kern are the advisors, and Mark Davis is the president. Sitting. (I to r). Dale White. Tracy Hartert. Evelyn rntts. Jean Moyd, standing, Wayne D Dunn. Michael Sutton Dalton Davis Fric Rooncy, Sam Kayca. STUDENT NURSING ASSOCIATION APICS The American Production and Inventory Control Society Officers include, Dr. Stephen Replogle, advisor, and Tammy Smith president. Front Row: (I to r), Janet Camett, Tammy Smith, Kathy Scott, Second Row, Jim Smith, Dr. Stephen Replogle, advisor, Rich i LAMBDA IOTA TAU Lambda lota Tau is the International honorary fraternity for outstanding juniors and seniors majoring in literature. (L to R), Lori Wright, Robin Syderenko, Shirleen Sando, Martha Long. Dr. Logan Moon, advisor. UPPER AND LOWER LEVEL AT LARGE ARTS AND SCIENCES UPPER AND LOWER LEVEL (Top to Bottom), Ron Rhoads. Tommy Dillard, Mark Fender. Randy Wade. Douglas Acuff, James Adams. Steve Sinclair. FRESHMEN SENATORS UPPER LEVEL BUSINESS (Top to Bottom) Todd Girtman. Steve Mills. Bill McKisson, Allan Byrd, Allyson Shanklin. 170 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (Top lo Bottom), Tommy rord. Bill Watson. Stefanie Osborn. Karrie Kochel, Mm Toler. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: (L to R). Becky Sewell. Fatti Grant, Leslie Blair, Second Row, Lori Wilhite, Marie Wheeless, Rhonda Pugsley, Beth Weisbrod, Vivian Sheets, Janae Shatley. Dawn Kent, Denise Porterfield. Diann Richardson, Angela Oxford, Kenneth Mealy, Third Row, Tammy Smith. Debbie Cox, Angie Mills. Suzanne Taylor. Sandy Wheaton, Karen Gorham. Stephanie Thompson. Susanne Davis, Tammy Taylor. Carole George, Les Dennie, Betsy Adkins, Fourth Row. Arliss Dickerson. Don Hofmann. Danny Mamm. Mark Anderson, Trish Isbell, Jell Whittingham. Todd Kirk. Bryan Hall, Susan Gretzmier. Ginger Taylor, Blanch Baker, John Block, Joni Washburn, Lillie Fears. David Blackburn Dianne Conaway, Cindy Reeves. Fifth Row. Todney Stovall. Keith Inman. Dannie Wright, Scott Patton. Tim Boozer, Leslie Corbett, Moshang Mormasji, Steve Thurmon, Scott Bishop. Craig McAllister, Greg Corley. Al Presley. Sixth Row. Clinton Smith, Mike Sutton, Philip Thompson. 17j SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists, is an honor- ary organization dedicated to the improvement of the press and to promote it as an instrument of free- dom. It is the largest and most repre- sentative and active society dedicated to good journalism. The group sponsors several campus activities, including a four-mile run and Journalism Day. rirst Row: (Lett to Right), Dr Marlin Shipman. advisor. Lori Webb, Cynthia Fulton. Cindy Reeves, Caterina Neal, Second Row, Dorothy Starnes. Joanna Gregory. Emily Lard, Jeff Hankins and Ken Welch. PHOTO FLOW Photo Flow is a small, but active group, which stress an interest in photography as a profession and a hobby. Membership is open to students of all majors. The club sponsors a photo contest every year. First Row: (L to R). Lori Webb. Debbie Woods. Second Row. Sharon Knight. Marty Ward, Joanna Gregory. HERALD STAFF Dorothy Stames - Editor Lori Webb - Managing Editor Emily Lard - Campus Editor Cynthia Fulton - Editorial Page Editor Keith Waddle and Colleen Dublin - Sports Editor Steve Watkins - news Editor Becky Williams - Copy Editor Marty Ward - Photo Editor Tommy Mumert - Adviser Front Row: (L to R). Emily Lard, Cynthia Fulton, Becky Williams, Keith Waddle, Second Row, Dorothy Starnes, Colleen Dublin, Lori Webb. Marty Ward, Steve Watkins, Tommy Mumert INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fratemity Council is an organization made up of represen- tatives of each fraternity on campus. This body serves as the united voice of the fraternity system and pro- vides services to the Greek commu- nity as a whole. (L to R) Mark Belh. David Woosley. Craig Sanders, Mark Young. Sitting, Dillon Watkins. FFA The Future Farmers of America Officers: President - Troyce Barnett Vice-President - Stan Ozier Adviser - Dr. Amost Rowgeau First Row: (L to R), Rodney Wiedower, Robert Fassmore. Randy Jones, Steve Davis. Troyce Barnett, Dr. Amos Kowgeau. adviser, :ond Row, Stan Ozier, Terry Doyle, Junior Barham, Todd Frothro. Edward Brown. ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUNCIL Officers: President - Melinda Hodge Vice-President - Cindy Stuart Secretary - Karyn Infield Treasurer - Annette Fry Front Row: (L to R). Bonne Mills, Terrie White. Cheryl Gall. Jaime Ivie, Annette Fry, Kim Mall, Dionne Jefferson. Frica Brown. Second Row, Diane Fowler. Cara Smith. Judy Winkle. Jennifer Floyd. Beth Mitchell. Cindy Stuart. Melinda Modge, Karyn Infield. SHAKESPEAREAN COMEDY COMES BACK here we go around the merry-go-round. Tell me all about it. I can ' t find her. Okay go on. The play " As You Like It " was a huge success for the ASU Drama Department. The amount of time spent in rehearsal and making the elaborate costumes was well worth it. It had been a mere ten years since William Shakespeare had graced the ASU theatre. We hope next time it won ' t be so long. 174 TO ASU AFTER A TEH-YEAR ABSENCE I want to sing an aria Coco Banana at work CAMPUS CRITTERS 1986 Indian photographers. L76 PART OF ASU K. Todd, I hope you re happy now. your squirrels are here. More squirrels. A-State Indians Show Their Championship Style Against Ole Miss Another one bites Ihc dust. ASU s swarming defense stops opponents again. They Didn ' t Win, But They Showed The Rebels a Few Good Tricks They Want: A Good Game Mother never told me that there would be days like this The wish-bone is worked to perfection. Ole Miss couldn t quite handle the ball. ASU Indians Clinch number 40 heads for the end zone. Football isn t all glory. District Conference Title A-State piles it on. Mo. 36 runs for his life. Indians warm up before the game. 187 INDIANS LOOK FOR CONFERENCE TITLE i i Qoshlen g :! 188 1 189 I ' KI FORCE AS THE SEASON MOVES ON Qordon battles inside. 191 STATE EASILY BATTLES TOUGH AND Tate goes to the bucket. 192 UNEXPECTED TROUBLESHOOTING OPPONENTS ASU INDIANS CREATE THEIR 194 OWn DISTINCT STYLE OF ROUNDBALL The tribe battles inside. INTRAMURALS PROVIDE FUH AMD EXCITEMENT ASU Girls Volleyball Manages Strong Mo. 22 goes for the volley Peace, man. peace. It ' s always hard to keep your team ' s morale up during an off-season, but some coaches never have any problem with that. This is the case of Cheryl Buckmeier who manages to pull this off without a hitch. The Lady Indians struggled with a disappointing season record, but nevertheless they are looking toward both a new season and road to begin their climb to their former winning status. The ASU support of the Lady Indians was a big factor in the maintaining of their morale which always help. We know you ' re good - they just don ' t. •| got it. I got itr Determination Despite a Losing Season THE LADY INDIANS FIGHT AND Lady Indians hustle on defense. STRUGGLE TO REGAIN FORMER STATUS Get her get her! 201 THE FUTURE McENROES, CONNORS, ASHES, Perfect form in the sun. AND QERALITIS ' ALSO PRACTICE AT ASU THE FUTURE EVERTS, GOOLAGONG, A UFO in the distance, hear me? I hit it again, I ' m getting good. AND KINGS PRACTICE AT ASU I like those shorts. Wow! I actually hit the ball! 205 GREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTGF The Sigma Pi ' s go back to the Roman Age. SEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORT GREEK You dropped it. GREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORT QR We love that basketball. There ' s Helen of Troy again. EEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORT GREEK Brace-lock, huh? 209 GREEKS PORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORT GR Our sport is man-hunting. However, they ' re not any at ASU. E KSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEK What a view. GREEKS PORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGIS EEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREE Watching the action go by. GREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGli EKSPORTSGREEKSPORTSGREEKSPOR TSQREEK Frisbee for oars, that ' s a bit difficult. A REAL SWING Eric Sandstrom Patricia James Monikae Klebe 218 MENS TRACK — Mike Adams Steve Armstrong Robbie Blalock RUNNING FOR GLORY Maurice Butler BASEBALL: NEXT TO APPLE PIE, AMERICA ' S FAVORITE — i- - to 1 f Will Coleman LWVBi Jeff McElrath J J Tim Collie Brian Dunston Brian Wiedower CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CANDIDS CAMPUS LIFE CANDIDS CAMPUS LIFE CANDIDS CAMPUS LIFE CANDIDS Springfest ' 85 Becomes Another Ecstatic Celebration of the Upcoming Spring. Springfest is the time of the year when professors let their students out of classes at exactly 12 noon. Although, this is unusual in some aspects, it is not to the students. ASU formally begins its own unique celebration of the awakening of spring. During the day, a fun-run, egg toss, mud volleyball, pie-throwing, eating contests, and special guest performers all accumulate on the campus to share spring with the students. This year, the one and only " Simon Sez ' made a special guest appearance through a contract made up by the Union Board and performed for the ecstatic audience and held a prize of o ver $1,000 for the winner. Even though we had no winner, it was nonetheless a funny experience, and often embarrassing situation for the participants. Also, the faculty gets into the act with a night filled with comedy, skits, and other parodies. It was held in Wilson Auditorium and ended the whole day with a bang. And, so we can only hope for an even better Springfest 85 this year. Do you see him over there? Simon Sez can keep you doing almost anything for money! numerous Fun Games Such as Mud Volleyball And Tug-O-War Test Students ' Endurance A photographer in a tree going snap, click, snap. Season Opener " Hot L Baltimore " The season opener for the 1985-86 ASU Drama Department was the play Hot L Baltimore " by Lanford Wilson. It played to somewhat packed audiences for a two-week run in early October at Wilson Auditorium. The play chronicles the lives of a group of people in a run-down hotel, which is to be torn down in a couple of months. Characters such as a brother and sister buying a farm out in the desert from a radio station advertisement, a prostitute talked into moving in with her pimp, a young man ' s search for his grandfather, and other idiosyncracies make this play a treat. After their performances at ASU, the play was submitted to the regional national College Theatre Festival competition held in Little Rock. My water is freezing, Mister! Yeah. I ' m listening. 238 Is a First-Rate Success! Dean B. Ellis, the pseudonym for ASU ' s library is indeed the gathering place for all of ASU ' s studious stu- dents. It is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 12 nightly for the students who work on long overdue research paper, last- minute studying for finals (that ' s when the place rises from the dead) and on weekends the hours are just a little bit limited. However, not everyone uses the library just for studying. They use neet friends and talk and gossip, some studying - maybe five of the time they are in there, seiess, D. B. Ellis is a good to study. Sounds like a PR commercial. I wonder where this book goes. Time to relax and take off my shoes. For Those Studious, Hard-working Students I think she knows how to polish her own nails. No. It ' s not. It ' s right here 1 241 ASU Museum Presents Authentic Heritage The ASU Museum, under the direction of Charlott Jones, assistant professor of art, has grown considerably since its begin- ning. In December it celebrated its 50th anniversary on the ASU campus. Each year at Christmas time, the museum sells toys, wooden crafts, and other trinkets to help with its renting of collections. Recently, the museum had a collection of religious artifacts which was quite a treat. As you can see from the above pictures, this is real pioneer life. As part of the museum ' s permanent collection, you don ' t just have to glance at the pictures. You can go see n real life, just like a movie! Where s the microwave, the refrigerator, the toaster, the miiirrmiiiimuimiii ™ ™ ■ " ,.. ,„ ,i«,n the kilr hrn Somebody needs to clean the Kitchen Monkeys are experimented with in there Working Students Part 1: From Salesman Today, college students do not work just to have money in their pocket. These days, it ' s a must to work if you want to survive in the world. So determined students go out and seek work anyway they can get it. And, so what if you ' re slinging hash at McDonald ' s or staying on your feet four to five hours at Dillard ' s a night, you won ' t be doing it all your life. It ' s just a stepping stone to bigger and better things that await you. But one thing that we all have in common, is the paycheck. Mow sweet it is! Don t look at me that wayl To Biologists - All for $3.35 KAYS HALL HOSTS A Yo baby Maybe she will Well, where s my riny? YEAR-END CHRISTMAS BASH FOR STUDENTS Kays Hall decided to give its residents a year- d Christmas bash this year. It was a good idea. ie girls were each invited to bring a guest with e dorm lifting the tab for it all. While some just t and took everything in, others danced and ate z night away. They had to because finals were xt week so it was a last blast affair. Vogue models of the year ASU MAJORETTES ADD SPICE Thanh you, thank you! Okay, so the majorettes wear skimp; suits and like to show off their legs, bu you ve got to admit they ' re good at il However, through laborous practicing c their techniques they allow the fans to se a very polished performance. As my grand mother would say, " I don ' t see how the don ' t catch their death of cold out there! ' That just what comes with it granny, the already know that. TO THE HALFTIME SHOWS ASU MARCHING BAND AND ITS FLAG ASU Rockettes CORPS ADD EXPERTISE AND STYLE FOR FANS ASU S P. E. COMPLEX OFFERS A quartet watching a fun technique. The Physical Education Complex at ASU offers stu- dents a wide variety of sports and recreation to keep them- selves fit and in tip-top shape. These include gymnastics, weight training, racquetball, swimming and karate. So these are the ones who would like to grace the ad of the national Diary Association wants their mo- dels to look on the " Good Body commercials. The agony of weight training. A WIDE VARIETY OF RECREATION The agony continues for the body builder. And down she goes. KARATE AND RACQUETBALL PLAY PARTS IN HELPING STUDENTS STAY FIT AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SEMESTER, Standing in line gives you time to talk. THE WORDS FEES ' AND ' LINES ' BECOME ONE Every time a new semester fall around, the students dread it because of having to stay in line so longjust to pay. Howev- er, there are a few tips around this. First get in line early, way early so you will much quicker to get out and have just a little bit of patience because it ' s not that easy having a thousand or so kids asking for their card. finally made it. Just think. You could be next! TKE FRATERNITY GIVES ITS ANNUAL I ' m a first-time giver, can you tell? RED CROSS BL OOD DRIVE AT ASU I ' The Blood Drive was another success at ASU this year. Sev- eral hundred stu- dents gladly trooped down the corridors of the Reng Center to deposit some of their life source - blood. The actual process of giving blood may tend to erase some of the memories of being a good Samari- tan, but they did not last long. After about a good night ' s sleep and plenty of liquids you ' ll be fine. Thinking about all the lives they re saving DESPITE PETTY CRITICISM, WOODLANDS Woodlands cafeteria in the Reng Center at ASU has been around for almost as long as the school itself. But for many incoming freshman it ' s a new experience, and the butt of their many jokes. Of course, one doesn ' t expect Mom ' s cooking because you surely won ' t get it. However, before one complains about anything, remember, never judge a man or anything for that matter, before you have walked a mile in his shoes. After that mile, your feet are probably killing you so much that you forgot what your complaint was. At any rate, the cafeteria does an excellent job of catering to the needs of over 3,000 students, day in and day out. Could you do that? Service with skill. CAFETERIA " IS A GOOD PLACE TO EAT " Back for seconds. The manual dishwashers. What a selection. " IF YOU HEED ME — CALL ME " , CAUSE The Wigwam is the place for commuter students. They serve a wide variety of dishes, but stay true to their mexican entree s. Even at 6:30 in the morning this place is buzzing. Lunchtime is even more hectic. Students and faculty alike faithfully come day after day after day. It ' s another " good place to eat " . Perfecting those fries. I ' LL BE IN THE WIGWAM " Some faculty members talking to students. You ready? Class in five minutes. 263 " SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND " " Slow Dance on the Killing Ground " marked the directorial debut of Asst. Prof, of drama, Mr. Bobby Simpson. The play ran from Jan. 31-Feb. 1. The show was a complex play dealing with three characters immersed in their own mind-boggling prob- lems. The show ' s leading char- acter Randall manipulates the other two characters with his intelligent and biting sarcasm. By making the other two charac- ters, Rosie and Mr. Glass, shed their problems it gives him time before he tells his story. It was a great night in the theatre and attempted to deal with a prob- lem of ASU ' s drama department — there has never been a black in a leading role in a play until now. Kudos of praise go out to Simpson for his insight and initiative. Make-up is applied to Randy Story before the show. v ■ ST II nil i ■ MARK SIMPSON ' S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT ASU S PHYSICAL PLANT COMES It ' s good when you have a repairman at home and even better if you have one on campus-many in fact. The Physical Plant has a full- time job keeping the campus neat and in good shape. Their duties range from picking up litter to repair- ing heaters and air-conditioners in the many buildings. Sharpening his tools Almost Miller time Don t cut your fingerl FREE OF CHARGE TO HEEDED REPAIRS Measuring doorways 267 ASU PROFESSOR DESIGN ARKANSAS ' Arkansas Statehood 1 8 16- 1986 Old State House Little Roek Literally, a work of art. " Thanks so much for coming. ' SESQUICENTENNIAL STAMP Discussing ASU s new honor. And the final congratulation accepted. Arkansas State University and the Craighead County Sesquicentennial Committee honored Roger Carlisle, Associate Professor of Art and his wife by having a tea in the Administration Building lobby on the ASU campus Jan. 21. As we all know, the reason for this was because Carlisle was the man behind the stamp that was part of a sesquicentennial effort by the state of Arkansas. Me is the man whose design was chosen among several entries. By being the designer of the stamp, Carlisle holds two honors . It is also the first stamp to be issued in 1986, and that reception was held in Little Rock on Jan. 3. So you can see that ' ASU is on a roll. " SQA AT WORK Can I help you? A grin is almost as good as a smile. This year the SQA has broken the mold of being an organization just for the Greeks but instead have shifted their emphasis successfully to the students. Thanks to a dynamic staff headed by Carl Briggs the staff engineered a great homecoming celebration and reiterated the borrow-a-bike program. However, when it came to the SGA ' s infamous stance on mid-term grade reports being sent home, it was again unresolved. And I wonder who will have the coveted honor of being SGA president next year? The president Is always willing to help a fellow student. HELPING ASU STUDENTS THE DAIRY BARM - AM ASU RELIC never say Tire! in a crowded theatre. Before the fire. The Dairy Bam which had been a fixture at ASU since its inception, was destroyed by a fire in early February. The facilities, which are the agr i students stomping ground was deemed " obsolete and antiquated " by a faculty spokesman. The bam will make way for a parking lot for the new Convocation Center. The new dairy bam will be a state-of-the-art and high-tech facility. This will give the agri students even more hands-on experience in the dynamic state of dairy product producing. THAT GOES UP in FLAMES SIMPLY RAILROADS ft Others view the RR as a tragic suicide aspect A familiar sight. The railroads are ei- ther things of beauty bringing the harsh reali- ties of this mad world in perspective or the sub- ject of curses by angry drivers in a hurry. They add a sense of nostalgia to Jonesboro with the beaten-up railroads give the viewer a memo- ry of how it used to be. THE A-TEAM REFLECTS The A-team is ASU ' s own Solid Gold dancers. The girls who com- pose the team get down in their leotards and reeboks. They provide halftime fun for the audience at all the home men ' s basketball games. These girls practice hard to polish their moves and it shows. Says A- Team member Debbie Burrow: " It was the best time in my college year - all the girls were like a family — we all had dreams of becoming Rock- ettes. " Unfortunately girls, new York is a far cry from Jonesboro, so you might set your sights on becoming a member of the Jonesboro Follies. Good luck to you. (This is all in fun!) Let s see those pearly whites! Say cheese Being on the A-team requires much concentration. ASU PRIDE AND SPIRIT 277 PRACTICE, HARDWORK AND DEDICATION ASU CHEERLEADERS These are all the hyper people at ASU who have found a good way to rid themselves of their nervous energy. They rant, rave, pound, jump, and scream with delight at the opponents of every ASU game. When ASU wins they are ecstatic. When they lose they are devastated. And this is their life. They live for these moments of carry- ing on ASU spirit. They are definitely on a roll. And so what if they weren ' t ranked in the top ten in cheerleading statistics? They are still number one in our book - but they know that too! Clap your hands. Don ' t you dare drop me! ALWAYS THERE Don t drag me down! We II take you on! Solid Gold comes to ASU. We won! SPRING BRINGS OUT ■■III m 1 ■ All of a sudden it seemed that spring had come upon us. But it was still mid February. We were being tricked. Regard- less of whether mother nature was playing tricks on us, ASU took full advantage of this early start on spring. Of course, it didn ' t last but what the hell. We enjoyed it anyway. The next weekend, when every- one was driving around in T-tops and convertibles a gusty wind of 40 made everyone shudder and put them back - until spring officially started. 1 love sunshine. " The sun is a great escape. THE BEST IN EVERYONE Discussing the Alpha convention. Sun worshipers 285 INTERNATIONAL NIGHT IS The exotic dancer begins to move. International night was another success for ASL). It centers around the customs and traditions of many foreign students that attend ASU. The audience experiences an Arabian marriage, exotic dancing, and a variety of fine food for the palate. There was also a fashion show that highlighted Malaysian and Indian fashions. According to one faculty member, " it was an exhilarating tradition. " Some native singing from a foreign land. 286 AN ANNUAL SUCCESS SCUBA DIVING — A CLASS No running on deck! Talk about a tigh t fit! Okay, all you Jacques Cousteau fans - here ' s a chance to try your knack at it. This is a place where you are free of seaweed, poisonous eels and other dangers of sea life. You get to do this in an olympic-size swimming pool at ASU. This is scuba diving class that always has a waiting list. The class meets once a week and gives the students a certified scuba diving license. Okay, now it ' s time to start treasurer hunting. WITH A SPLASH I hope this doesn ' t hurt. 289 STUDENTS LEARNING The surveying students are always around with their tripods gaining invaluable experience. They are the future Murphy ' s of the world. They may not have his laws but they have his style. We thought we ' d just get them in action for a future reserve. Keeping on surveying they ' re doing a good job. TO SURVEY OUR LAND 291 ART STUDENTS USE EVERY ASPECT One thing about the art classes at ASU is that they are taught by some of the best art instructors in Arkansas. The instructors allow the students first-hand experience in every aspect. You might see an art class on the grounds while walking to class, sitting under a shaded area, intent upon their work. This is what it ' s all about - giving the students a real feel for their feelings they put on paper via the brushes and paint. Looks good, mister. Artists like to do it with fingers. A picture within a picture. Sketching a view of Kays Field. OF ASU FOR EXPERIENCE AND STYLE So. that s what the Herald is used for. 293 A PHI MU CAPTURES THE COVETED Uncle Samantha wants you! Striking that seductive pose. PRIZE OF BEING " MS. GREEK PLEDGE " There you are! You re perfect I Tell me girls, is it okay or not? KAPPA DELTA HOSTS ANNUAL WALK-A-THON Well, gang lets get this show on the road ZETA PUTS ON ITS FOLLIES FARCE ASU s Gangster Union. ASU S GREEKS RAISE AN INDIAN Oh no, it ' s those Tekes stealing the show! The AOPi s look too pretty to cheer. f$ in Give it back, now! Phi flu sorority shows its spirit. You could always count on the Greeks to shed the i differences and raise hell (for a good cause) during the week pep rallies. After all, it ' s ASU their cheering on. That ' s the w 1 to go Greeks! Qo, A-State. go! The chi-O s get into the act. UPRISING FOR THE WEEKLY PEP RALLIES Here we go, here we go, fixing to cruise THE ALPHA GAMS WINS THIS YEAR ' S The few . . . the proud . . . the " Mud Mommas ' . This year it was the Alpha Gams who came away as the Mud Momma Champions, but it was a close race as each sorority battled in the infamous Pi Kappa Alpha Li ' l Olympics ' mud pit. They began with the search of the firehat which the AOP ' s found again for the third consecutive year. Other events included the limbo competi- tion which Alpha Gam won, the egg drop which the Kappa Deltas won, and the pyramid competition won by the Phi Mus. The most memora- ble event of the fall is the icky, oozing, mucky mud pit in which the relays took place. One by one, each girl vied to champion the mud pit, most unsuccessfully. Yes, the Pi Kappa Alpha Lil ' l Olympics - a dirty job that somebody had to do. and the winner is. Human inventiveness shines through PIKE LIT OLYMPICS BY 9 POINTS PIKE LIT OLYMPICS PRESENTS ITS Scrambling up to see who won the pageant. UNIQUE BEAUTY PAGEANT - FOR FRATS ONLY How Dout my cnech? 0t ' The audience. SIG EP FITE NITE ' 85 - THESE These girts added a bit of glamour to the dreary and often nerve-wracking charity event PICTURES SAY IT ALL - AND MORE The two boxer eye each other lor a lew minutes before they decide to light into each other YOU DON ' T MISS AN OMEGA ' S BBQ OR AN ALPHA ' S JAMMIN ' DANCE TEKES Win THEIR FINGERBOWL, WHILE Some teams strive to make it to the Super Bowl, but at Arkansas State the Greek teams hope to make it the Fingerbowl. This year the chosen opponents for the Teke team were the Sig Eps who failed to break " that winning tra- dition " . In the game between the sororities, it was the Chi-O ' s who barely defeated the AOPi ' s. Although the AOPi ' s lost the game, they still managed to come away with the first place spirit trophies and in window decorat- ing. The Alpha Gams took first place for do- nating the most money to the event. Teke s a winner. Another Helen of Troy. THE CHIOS DEFEATED THE AOPI ' S Wild, man wild ALPHA GAMMA DELTA First Row Dana Bynum. Sandy Tanner. Alisa Flynn, Julie Hyde. Laura Felts, Janelle Brown, Suzanne Timms, Paula Qibson Second Row, Emily Scroggs, Laura Maxwell. Laurie Washam, Tracy Sparks, Cathy Oldham, Michele Evyan, Kathy Crawford, Tonya George. Edye Smith, Allison Shanklin Third Row, Leslie Pickering, Janette Withrow, Stephanie Bolding, Jennifer Sutton, nicole Weir, Lori Menson, Kathie Qoodin, Sheila Marlin, Letha Morris, Vonda Davis. Laura Quinn, Debbie Barnett Fourth Row. Deana Strauser, Beth Rogers. Jill Lewis, Karri Mabry, Suzanne Ray, Dana Ross, Allisan Johnston, Carroll Moran, Tammy Yarbrough, Becky Bishop, Dee Dee Riggs, Molly Springhart, Katie Mart, Julie Malcolm, Beth Chambers Fifth Row, Allison Wright, Simone Weir, Maley Williams, Natalie Milbum, Kim Bishop, Tanya Golden, Allison Blakenship, Cheryl nave, Stephanie Stout Cindy Lewallen. Mitzi Langlois, Stephanie Dickson, Becky Sprinkle, Amy Doyle, Amy Scroggs, Martha Lowe, Lana Croom. Jackie Mosinski, Jill Bookout, Dawn Downs, Michelle Andrews, Kerri Kochel. Stephanie Graff ALPHA GAMMA RHO First Row, Dr. Jasper Hayles. adviser, Eddie Lomax, Mark Kneibert, Melen Smith, house mother. Jack Boles, Jeff Lewallen Second Row, Melvin Womack, advisor. Dr. Walt Tibbetts, adviser, Kent Brewer, Ron Anthony, Kelly O ' neal, David Veasman, Tony Elmore, Kevin Wooten. Don Malone. John Lewallen, Robert Keller Third Row, Barry Lillard, Tony Wilcox, Keith Klemmer, Ron Kingston. Cooper Taylor. Scott Anderson, Troyce Barnett, Jim Hutchinson, Joey Hughes, Joe B. Massey. Lance Sims, Jerry Clemmons, Kelly Baggett, Terry Hoggard riot Pictured Mark Yount. Bob Heal, Cliff Rose, Mark Browning, Hubert Whitby, Lynn Smith. Jon Wellman The AQR ' s are basically a fraternity for men interested in any aspects of farming. They were the first fraternity to have their own house - and still have the largest. They like everyone else do a good job - and believe me, milk is not their favorite drink. First Row, Stacey Rainwater, Chris Brewer, Sandy Smith, Regina Ward, Cara Clemmons, Missy Braden, Lome Beaver Second Row, Kent Brewer, coordinator, Susan Smith, Ricki Lewallen, Michelle Guziewicz. Cindy Griffin, Robyn Theobold, Stephanie Gibson. Ruth Ann Thompson. Rhonda Gibbs, Lisa Siler, sweetheart. Sandra Keith, Kelly Baggett, assistant coordinator not Pictured. Mary Kay Shepherd. Cindy Roper. Rhonda Starley, Cheryl McDole, Tammy Weaver, Bridget Misenklimer, Melissa Bell. Kelly Greve 313 Taking care of that PGA punch. ALPHA OMICRON PI ROW 1. Sandy Simmons. Angela Qrubbs, Michelle Marchand. Alison Miller. Dana Johnson. Shannon hollan, Kim Mord, Fayeth Williams, Kelly Shoemaker, Cindy Hovis, Sarah Wiggins ROW 2, Kathy Bird, Kelly Owens, Laura Crawlord, Sherry Carter, Carol Carwell, Alisa Martin, Elisa Masterson, Traci Winney. Sandy Robinson, Patience Pruitt, Julie Mill ROW 3, Tracy Spurlock. Priscilla Condra, Amy Shelton, Angela Smith, Pam Sneed, Beth Ritter, Shelley Molle, Sidona Mill, Deanna Daily, Kim Mullett, Wendy Reeves, Robyn Harris, Sandy Pickens, Tisha Flannigan ROW 4, Melinda Booth, Carolyn Wyatt, Alyce Meeb, Carole Williams, Susan Walsh, Jamie Cavette. Jennifer Beard, Stephanie Manford, Melanie Williams, Carol Davis, Leslie Butler, Donna Marrison, Jill Ritter, Leslie Coop, Beth Tackett, Paulia Spurlock, Martha Bayless, Michelle Kennon, Libby Seaton, Joni Mampton. Mary Swindle, Qreye Qrisham. Kelly Billington, Cindy Crawford, Lori Jackson, Qina Kelly ROW 5, Amy Jenkins, Jennifer Bradford, Ranee Dryden, Susan Evans, Misti Smith, Molli Drewry, Deana Reeves, Janie Tanner, Kim Archer, Leith Mills, Karrie Sims, Julie Pressey, Georgia Robinette, DeAnn Aycock, Kelly Jones, Lisa Gardner, Karen Wheatley, Stephanie Osborn Looking at places to go on spring break. The motto of this sorority concerns America ' s most lovable animal the panda. They give an annual Roseball which proceeds go to a charity. The AOPi ' s are also a strong supporter of the Indians. Dpi heads the Panheilenic Council. ALPHA TAU OMEGA From left to right: First Row. Brian Bailey. Mark Qrismar, Mark Qa tlin, Van Gardner. Craig Snow, Wade Hughes, Mac Fakhouy. Malcolm Stalling. Richard Mead. Rick Dickinson, Ken Pell, George Bearden, Jimmy Emery. Jim Ermert. Jr. Second row: Dan Carious, Rick Caulk. Garth Gatlin, Blair Cartwright, Mike Miller. Ted Bigger. Steve Chordas. Momo Elasrik, Alex Franks, Greg White, Keith Cockrell, Roger Bruce, Randy Wiggins, Robert Pueblo, Dan Patterson, Will Muggin. The ATO ' s are a distinct group of guys. They are more down-to-earth than the rest of the fraternities. The simply like to have a good time. The ATO ' s are also loyal to their frat - when Jim Craig performed in the play Godspell ' last spring they helped pack the house. Frrom left to right: rirst row: Linda Steese. Dana Seay. Natalie Gardner Angel Roberts Second row: Carol Reinhart. Pam Fagan, Lisa Sturch. Third row: Angie Lowery. Molly McDade. Mollye McCrum. Susan ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA First Row, Stephanie Barnes. Renea Sheard. Marilyn Edmond Second Row. Deneen Agnew. Connie Webster, Carolyn Thompson ■ Yes, Big Sister. The AKA ' s are the lovely ladies in pink and green. Don ' t worry, they ' re not preps but strong and determined women on the move. As the picture can tell - it shows no bias. They sponsor the annual homecoming Greek Show and several dances through the year. having a rush party. ALPHA PHI ALPHA First Row. Rodney Johnston, John Mall, Pete Jones Second Row, Greg Tate, Rodney Wright, Marvin Burton, Rodney Lockett. Keith Forchia, Lee Redman. Rickey Greer, Bobby Long, Winfred Williams The Master Tammer and Mixer at work. CHI OMEGA From left to right, first row: Sharon McClatchey, Leslie Jordon, Allyson Barber. Lisa Kocher. Mallie Bridges. Amy Sanford, Charlotte Lutes, Carla Qschwend. Second row: Kimberlie Bookout, Rhonda Withers, Vicki Williams, Susan Scroggs. Sonja Lea, Rebekah Taylor, Jane Mill, Cara Cheesman, Diane Meise, Kristy Whitworth, Holly Hester, Katherine Williams, Susan South, Cynthia Melton, Robin Leake. Third row: Renee Rucker. Lynn Raynor. Dana Cable. Deiadra Redden. Laurie Hinck, Debbie Wilson, Katrina Moye. Jo Adams. Christina Lee, Kellie Fisher, Stacy Jo Strickland, Sharie Burroughs-, Angela Colclasure. Robyn Boyd, Phyllis Castleberry. Laura Heern, Virginia Adams, Debrah Grimmer, Stephanie Coleman, Leigh Webb. Fourth row: Rhonda Chappie, Sarah Shelton, Oina Bruce, Stephanie Sharp, Wendy Schalit. Stacy Clark, Karmen Smithee. Cheri Wells, Susan Allenworth, Cilenda Phillips, Sonya Chandler, Amanda Berry, Martie Warrington, Monica Troillett, Melissa Morse. Lisa Spears. Anna Talbot. Tammy West. Vicki Marotti. The Chi O s party at a Sigma PI party. DELTA SIGMA THETA Robbie L. Lyle, sponsor, Michelle White. President. Tammi Williamson, Sgt At Arms. Rose Taylor, Loria Mitchell, Kelly Ellis, Karen Lewellan not pictured, Annette Christian, Treas.. Rebecca Harrison, Sec . Carol Meely. VPres. These ladies of yellow and red that go coo- coo " and quack-quack " are very serious despite their initiation practices. This year, the Delta ' s hosted a program saluting Dr. Martin Luther King and other famous civil rights activists. KAPPA ALPHA From left to right, first row; Alan Byrd. Kevin Decker, David Lehr, Jay Butler, Paul KirkdofTer, Lynn Teague, Danny Waldrop, Robert Lawrence. Second row: Skipper Kelly, Carl Brown, Steve Smith, Keith Parker, Larry Rollins, Jr., Lance Smith, Clark Wilkerson, Scott Earlywine, Gary Buffington. Third row: Britt Mill, Bryan Barrett, Chad Dalton. Clete Knight, Brent Davis, Jimmy Smith, Robbie Mosely. Craig Yancey. Jay Erwin, Mike Detlaan, Brian Smith, Pete Robertson, Brian Gray. Bob Herod, and Steve Mills. Fourth row: Blake Duncan. Mike Stephenson, Keith Houchin, Lance Shackleford, Gary Oltmann. Gary Nelson. Bryan Watts. Alan Frazier, Kenny Wright, Marvin Smith, III, Steve Kline, Joe Zimmerman, Scott Spear, Stanley Wells. Okay, which one will get her? Those KA ' s can really break! These are the ' fine southern gentlemen ' who honor General Robert E. Lee and bow to the flag of Dixie. The KA ' s throw many parties and cavort with the Chi Omegas - their sister sorority. KAPPA ALPHA PSI v First Row, Micheal Cline. Rodney Richard Second Row, Jerome Sims, Bruce Dawson, Stacey McQee, Patrick Z. Millbrook. Ronald Richardson, Anthony Withers, Jerome Humphrey III, Preston Maddox hot Pictured, Derrick JefTers, Torrence T Uberville Kappi Alpha Psi, is one of the black fraternities on campus whose symbol is the playboy sign. So you know what these guys are up to. They love red and white, Kappa Sweethearts, gold and partying. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA The Lambda Chi ' s just wanted to show the yearbook editor what they thought of not having composites. Believe me it was not an easy transition, now, the Lambda Chi ' s are celebrating because they are the third fraternity to move off-campus in their own house. Top Row, Hal Rees, Todd Qirtman, Bernard Simpson, Doug Brewer, David Carter, Jeff Stotts. Brent Fanneck Standing, Kraig Sanders. David Mohn, JefT Whatley, Neil Morgan, Delane Flogan, David Caldwell, Mike Wade, Keith hollis, George Osborne. Wade Johnson, Robert Wright, Frank Love, Jim Stearns, Hank Allen, Rick Hurst, Steve Eubanks Kneeling, Greg Baugh, Robbie Crawford, Kirk Redmon, Fhilip Reed, Greg Moore. David Merrill, Todd Gorton, Kenny Gunter, Kerry Denton. Robbie Roedel, Jeff Barber, Jon Stotts 322 NU GAMMA ALPHA Fly West, Troy Hawthorne, Roy Sias, Oscar Willis, Bobby Gaston, Ray Brown, Carter Crawford, Vincent Barnett The Nu Gam ' s are basically the football fraternity. All members are also on the ASU football team. So these are the rough guys in maroon and white. Watch out! The riu Gam ladies step. Go ahead girls, jam nU SIGMA CHI Row 1, Bobby Merzig, Ronnie Kissinger. Eddie Black, Donny Hopkins. David Pritchett Row 2. Clint Relyea. advisor, Freddy Bowen. Nark Trusty, Jimm Brumley, Don Fowler, Alan Armstrong Steve Smith, Bob Andrews, Jeff Mickell. Erick Crews, Mashem Damirian Row 3, Robert Craig, advisor, Russell Betts, Lane Pippin, Preston Archer, Andy Strabala, Eric Rooney, Mark Robinson, Bobby Floyd, Blayn Chipman, Vince Provenzano, Dan Sexton. Tracy Pillow not Pictured, Jeff Owen. Brad Owen. David Depoyster. Bryan Glenn. David Smithwick. Steve Armstrong The Mi; Sigma Chi ' s are a relatively new fraternity on campus. They started the year out with a bang by celebrating " Derby Days ' . Currently they ' re in the process of becoming part of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Good Luck. PHI MU Row 1, Beverly Taylor. Sherry Roberts, Kelly Vaupel. Candy Trammel. Tammy James. Natalie Gardner. Stacey Lamb. Cindy Williams, Jana Cherry Row 2, Bridhette Blackwell. Colette Sheridan. Eileen Wade, Michelle Minton, Margo fierce. Mary Jo Shaver. Lisa Booher. Tamara Hardesty, Tammy Taggart Row 3. Cindy Buzbee, Tammy Long, Sherri Thomas, Carol Woods. Susan Mullens, Laura Long, Stephanie Perkins, Amy Stutts Row 4, Danna Qossett, Angie Roberts, Kelli Crisp, Jeanne Burlie. Karen Smith, April Thomas Row 5, Cathy Cavitt, Vonnette Templeton. Renee Clay, Celia Stegall, Angie Reeves, Lisa Sturch, Cindy Coleman, Jennifer Hicks, Stacey Paudert, Traci Buster, Susan Meely, Liz Dupew, Terri Jackson Row 6, Lisa McLemore. Barbara riagle. Linda Bass, Joanna Draper, Paula Miller, Myra Tuggle, Pam Fagan, Chris Goodwin, Sarah Guntharp, Debbie Wyatt, Gina Watson, Holley McCrum, Belinda Dees, Martha Hilhoite The Phi Mu sorority uses the lion as their symbol. They sponsored the " Mr. Greek Adonis " contest this year which promises to become an annual event. Phi Mu s show spirit at a pep rally. 325 PHI BETA SIGMA 1 From left to right: Billy Bowles, Al Quarrels, Luther Jude. Gerald Cole, Kenneth Jones, and Mark Willis, The Phi Beta Sigmas are the men in the blue and white. They are pretty good steppers and have won many awards for their expertise. One thing they do like is canes, and plenty of them. PI KAPPA ALPHA From left to right: First row: Tyler Thompson. Scott Oraves. Marty Yates, Scott Adcoch, Rob Wright, Bryan Lane. Jason Chandler, Donald Cates. Simmion Weir, Kevin Imboden, Kevin Parker, Newall Butcher Kirk Williams, Coleman Dairy. Second row: Blake Rodgers, Tim Sandborn. Bo Suiter, Dewayne Feice, Doug DePree. Tony Skidmore. Todd Schell, Billy Ray Dunston, Steve Clayton, Will ?, Erick Scott. Kris Crye, Paul Codry, Robby Brooks, Towny Sparks, Thad Cockrill. Paul Kerst, and Alex Farmer. Third row: Qen Medcalf. Randy Barnhill, Don Mills, Mark Reece, Mick McQaughn, Mike Catchcart. Martin Ferguson, Randy Hallett, Daniel White, Jeff Owen, Mike Dowden, James Steelman, Tim Turlington, Jack Bell, Greg Rookes, Tad Rogers, Dewayne Cooper, Stanley Mutt. Fourth row: Steve Bowen. John Jennings, Brent Smiglow, Jason Clay, David Moseley, Tim Covington, Jeff Bonds, Steve May, Craig Harrison, Steven Mix. Fifth row: Mark McMend. Kelly Sutton. Scott Williams, Dee Davis, Randy Mitten, Thomas Scales. Brent Muggins, Pat Bell, Mark Smith, Jamie Cooper, Willy Papase, Mark Elmore, Chris Ring. Sixth row: Curtis Kirkpatrick, Qary Dutton. Steve Crow, Mark Clark, Bill Ross, Vince Richmond, Ronnie McEntire, Bill Stanley, Kevin Loyd, Mike Langford, Bill Byrd, Qary Mosbly, Dan Larson. Seventh row: Mark Wallace. Kevin Hopkins Chris Wake, Rusty Chambers, and Mike Shores. The Pike are known as the extremely preppy and milk- and-cookie boys, but anybody who has gone to one of their parties will tell you different. The fraternity at ASU hosted their regional conference at ASU last spring which is the first they were able to host. Good luck on trying to get another one. But I heard it was g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d! 327 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Row 1. Chris Schurat, Mark Beagle. Cliff Schafer. Chris Hart, Brett Sullivan Row 2, Coy Flynn, Terry Oreg, Bruce Ingleman. Jerry Asgundo. Brian Woods Row 3. Mark Breazle, Scott Davis, Meal Mitchell, Randy Campbell Bobby Frichard, Kevin Ward, Freddy Yarbrough, Sam Schenalt, Steven Molt Row 4, Darryl Crissler, Russ Owens, Byron Holloway, Rob Larence, Tim Doyle, Paul Hemstendt Row 5, Jeff Blank, Wade Mendrix, Brent Stone, William Pike The AOPi s at a pajama drop-in with the Sig cps. The Sig EPs sponsor the annual Fite Nite " each at ASU held in the fieldhouse each spring. But don ' t get them wrong - not all of them are fighters - they ' re more lovers if you ask them. 328 SIGMA PI Row 1, Rusty Counce, Brian Ford. Steve Clift. Dillon Watkins. Dennis (Boggie) Carter, Victor Parker Row 2. John Baldwin. Ken Welch. Phillip Berg. Brian Lambert. Pres. Shannon Malone. Rod Cox Row 3. Mark Griggy. Jeff Roberts. Tim Mightower . Urbano Soto. Cliff Cammerata. Mark Clark. Bill Watson. Monty Bradford, Mark Hitchings Row 4, Brant Manquist. Floyd Baker. Zen. Rusty. Joe Vernon, Tim Mills, Mauro Alburez, Bobby Cole. Jim Pitman. Ricky Bishop, Barry Qriffy, Wayne Darr Top, Harrison Young ZETA TAU ALPHA The Zeta ' s are a serious group of women. All of them are smart and intellectural - but that doesn ' t mean they don ' t party. They throw an annual " White Violet Ball ' ' every spring. 1st Cindy Fonz. Susan Smith. Julie Von Kanel, Molly Jackson. Jackie Etherton, Kelli Richards, Qena Dunkcrson, Darla Wilson, Debbie Grim, Renee Baldwin Row 2, Patsy McCourt, Angela West, Melissa Bell. Staci Tosh, Natalie Bonds, nancy LaRue, Pamela Kirby, Sheila Smith, Karen Black, Christine Bregy Row 3, Vicki Taylor, Lisa Sitzer. Angela Mills. Michelle Guziewicz, Mary (V Pittman. Jamie Stags, Susan Graves. Suzie Worthan. Lisa White, Patsy Bradley, Chris Crafford hot Pictured, Lisa Graves, Sue Fuches. Dana Williams, Rachel Garza, Pennie Pflueger, Tammy Duncan, Shannon Rennicke. Debbie Cox. Andrea Crane, Tomi Lyn Vincent 330 TAU KAPPA EPSILOH From left to right, first row: Richard Wyatt, Brian Foellot. Second row: Randy Cole, Joe Gregory, David Sales, Larry Williams, David Rader, Lawson Quinn, Jeff Moore. Jimmy McClain, Tony Cooper. Third row: Todd Gibson. Mark Belk. Tommy Ford. Kendall Kirby, Tommy Dillard. Doug Acuff. Winston Bruce, Mark Young, Scott Hyde. Fourth row: Mark Cecil. Steven Wyatt. Tim Cater, Ronnie George, Fat McCarty. Proctor Gamble, Jimmy Fodaros. Jon Cissell. G. Q. Garza. Earl Carter. Greg Spence. Bill McKisson. Fifth row: Tim Williamson. Everett Adam- son, Jeff Griffith, Len George. Randy Hoggard, Micheal Finegar. David Meed- ham. Scott Hendrix, David Lovelace, Tim Brown, Randy Wade. Sixth row: John Sweat. Steve Harris, Keith Rebstock, Eric Stark, Matt Webb, Steve Bradley, Ken Gyllebogel, Ron Harrison. From left to right, first row: John Ellis, Chris Almondjoy, Kevin Goodin, Scot Southern, Jose-Luis Jaramillo, Mark Gib- bons, Daren Fowler Mike Clayton. Darin Becker. Second row: David Oaks. Tin Truong. Chris Puryear. Micheal Barger Brian Rigsby. Matthew Hardin. John Sey mour, Glen Carter. Third row: Gary Jollifl Greg Ross, Les Covington, Bill Wood Micheal Southern, Warren Childress, Da vid Doyle, Craig Cornett, Tim Jones Fourth row: Robbie Gahr, Scott Berry Kirkley Thomas, Jerry Rapert, Mike Ash ford, Wes Slown. Jarrod Childers, Mark Vest, Andy Barrett. Drew Ford. Wayne McKinney. The Teke fraternity is the larg- est fraternity on campus. They were the second fraternity to move off campus in recent years. Even though everyone kids that the TKE fraternity is the easiest to become a pledge (Tau Kappa everybody) they have some hel- luva members. 331 MORE GREEK SPORTS More Derby Day photos. MORE GREEK SPORTS NEW FRATERNITY, NU SIGMA CHI, HAS ITS Watching one of the bed wrecks MAY ' 85 MARKS THE FIRST ANNUAL In April of 1985 the IFC got togeth- er and decided to have an all-Greek Festival, including both black and white. As you can tell, it was a suc- cess. Let ' s sincere- ly hope that the i blacks participate next year because I this is truly a way to bring everyone to- gether. Just like Sade sings on her first album " Diamond Life " " why can ' t we live together ' . Get out of my kitchen, man! ALL GREEK FESTIVAL Mere comes that sinking feeling YOUNG GREEKS I was a poor Italian peasant girl. " You have the whitest teethl " Me Tarzan • you Jane I GREEK CANDIDS Give you what you need. GREEK CAN D IDS AOPi ' s on the move. Lambda Chi s out sunbathing. GREEK CANDIDS The AQR ' s and the Phi Mus together. You missed it. GREEK CANDIDS Aren ' t they cute. 1 still can ' t figure out what they ' re doing. 345 GREEK CANDIDS now, what are you guys looking at? ' ■ .4,1 17 4 A The Pike house? Mr. Sigma Pi. 347 Index -A- Anthony Abadom, 39 Bobby J. Abbott, 40 Zakaria Abdallat, 40 Abu Bakr Abdullah, 52 Shahiban Abduclah, 52 Zufidah Abdulmajid, 40 Mdradzi, Abdulrahman, 98 Iahariah Abdulrahman, 40 Day Abernathy, 40 Letraonna Abmeyer, 71 Basheer Abu-Jalalah, 98 Douglas Acuff, 62 Anthony Adair, 71 Brian Adams, 71 Danny Adams, 71 James Adams, 40 Joe Adams, 40 Patricia Adams, 52 Sheryl Adams, 71 Vicki Adams, 71 Zella Adams, 85 Everett Adamson, 40 Donna Addison, 19 Fawad Adil, 68 Carla R. Adkins, 71 Mdughari Aghale, 39 Melvona Ahart, 52 Hamid Attmat-Abdul, 62 Zamani Ahmad, 40 Clifton, Akers, 62 Dawn Akers, 68 Susan Akers, 68 Mope Akins, 62 Scott Akridge, 52 Darlene Albert, 68 Mauro Alburez, 40 Lori Alderson, 71 Austin Aldridge, 71 Betty Alexander, 40 Crystal Alexander, 52 Pete Alexander, 71 Charlene Allen, 62 Donna Allen, 62 Linda Allen, 52 Tim Allen, 52 Susan Allensworth, 71 Andrea Alley, 52 Charles Allison, 62 Yousef Al-Mehaisan, 52 Christopher Almond, 62 Teresa Alongi, 88 Ronald Altom, 71 Shirley Anders, 38 Gary Anderson, 52 Karen Anderson, 38 Lisa Anderson, 71 Matthew Anderson, 38 Pamela Anderson, 71 Rhonda Anderson, 62 Sandy Anderson, 40 Bobby Andrews, 62 Brad Andrews, 71 Darlene Andrews, 52 Diane Andrews, 52 Michelle Andrews, 71 Diane Annunziata, 52 Patty Anthony, 52 Ronald Anthony, 52 Preston Archer, 87 Folorunso Arijegbe, 62 Chesley Armstrong, 40 Steve Armstrong, 71 Traci Armstrong, 71 Sandy Arnn, 62 Angela Arnold, 52 Angela Arnold, 71 Cindy Arnold, 62 Kerry Arnold, 88 Tracy Ashburn, 85 Yemetria Ashford, 71 Karla Ashlock, 62 Lee Aspinwall, 71 Dana Autry, 62 Rhonda Averett, 71 Benson, Aworunse, 38 -B- Sharon Baber, 71 Michael Back, 71 Kelly Baggett, 71 Alan J. Bailey, 52 Brian Bailey, 71 Clifford, R. Bailey, 52 Deleisa L. Bailey, 71 Eric L. Bailey, 62 Kevin D. Bailey, 71 Sharon L. Bailey, 62 Susan M. Bailey, 71 Ginger, D. Baker, 71 Julie A. Baker, 71 Lee B. Baker, 62 Sammie J. Baker, 52 Tommie S. Baker, 71 John L. Balch, 71 James A. Baldwin, 71 Sonya L. Baldwin, 87 Teresa A. Ball, 52 Danette Ballard, 71 Jill C. Ballard, 52 Lawanda L. Ballard, 40 Karen E. Bandy, 39 Miles J. Bandy, 71 Karen R. Banks, 71 Linda Banks, 71 Brett fi. Barber, 62 Jeffery L. Barber, 71 Gary W. Barch, 40 Michael D. Barger, 89 John E. Barham, 71 Junior R. Barham, 52 Daron D. Barker, 71 Karen A. Barkovitz, 52 Jim Barksdale, 38 Lori A. Barksdale, 71 Cathy A. Barnes, 71 Dewey L. Barnes, 89 James L. Barnett, 71 Kim R. Barnett, 71 Linda J. Barnett, 52 Shawn A. Barnett, 40 Troyce D. Barnett, 40 William E. Barnett, 62 Carrie L. Barr, 52 Andrew D. Barrett, 71 Jeff Bartell, 52 Lynda R. Bass, 52 Tammera L. Batterton, 52 Brad Bauer, 52 Phillip L. Baumgamer, 52 John D. Baxley, 40 Phyllis L. Baxter, 71 Martha F. Bayless, 87 Ranae E. Bean, 62 Jennifer Beard, 62 Teressa C. Beard, 71 Donald R. Bearden, 87 Linda D. Bearden, 62 Shirley D. Bearden, 52 Deanna L. Beasley, 52 Shannon K. Beasley, 71 Christopher N. Beaver, 52 Lisa E. Beaver, 71 Lorrie I. Beaver, 71 Timothy A. Beaver, 38 Darin R. Beckwith, 71 Jim Beck, 86 Mary Ann Becker, 89 Christy M. Beeler, 71 Laura L. Belk, 71 Mark A. Belk, 52 Dale J. Bell, 71 Kimberley A. Bell, 62 Melissa L. Bell, 71 Rhonda S. Bell, 62 William A. Bell, 52 Willis F. Bell, 52 Jon M. Belmar, 40 Glynis A. Benefield, 62 Robert L. Bennett, 40 Carol S. Benson, 62 Dallas G. Benson, 40 Phillip J. Berg, 52 Charles S. Berry, 71 Lori L. Berryman, 71 Donna G. Beshears, 71 Russel L. Betts, 71 Rebecca A. Bibb, 71 Jana R. Biesk, 87 Jan A. Biggs, 52 Arthur W. Billington, 71 Kerry L. Bilyeu, 62 Kathy J. Bird, 62 Lisa G. Birmingham, 89 Phillip J. Birmingham, 52 Kimberly A. Bishop, 71 Lewis L. Bishop, 62 Rebecca C. Bishop, 62 Scott Bishop, 71 Shawn N. Bishop, 71 William E. Bixby, 71 Karen E. Black, 71 Pamela L. Black, 62 Suetta D. Black, 71 Teresa L. Black, 62 William E. Blac ' n David O. Blackl Jimmy R. BlackL. Sharon B. Blackford, 40 Tony K. Blackman, 38 Brigitte A. Blackwell, 72 Leslie A. Blair, 72 Ingrid J. Blake, 52 Robbie Blalock, 72 Allison Blankenship, 72 Bryan L. Blankenship, 62 Dana L. Bledsoe, 72 Lauri A. Bledsoe, 40 Angelia L. Blevins, 40 Jordan E. Blinne, 52 Douglas L. Block, 52 John W. Block, 52 Kara S. Blocker, 40 Harold W. Blood, 72 Bill Bloodworth, 72 Patsy L. Boatner, 89 Zanny R. Bogan, 72 Jo-Gina Bokony, 52 Dena E. Bolar, 40 Amos A. Bolden, 72 Stephanie D. Bolding, 62 Keith J. Boles, 52 Allisa D. Boling, 86 LaTonga R. Bonner, 89 Lisa K. Booher, 62 Mike E. Book, 62 Beverly S. Booth, 40 Timothy A. Boozer, 72 Dina L. Borgeson, 62 Erika L. Borge son, 89 Molly Borgeson, 40 Bett E. Bost, 72 Kelly A. Bourland, 62 Layne Bourland, 40 Schantell C. Bowden, 38 Terry R. Bowden, 52 Cheryl A. Bowen, 62 Freddy L. Bowen, 62 Willie F. Bowens, Jr., 62 Becky S. Bowie, 52 Max O. Bowie, 72 Ollie R. Bowles, 72 Jana L. Bowman, 72 Kenny L. Bowren, 52 Lynda C. Box, 72 Joan M. Boyd (CrowL 72 Robyn A. Boyd, 62 Teresa L. Boyd, 52 Danice R. Boyle, 40 Sivasambu P. Brabaakaran, 72 348 Melissa J. Bracy, 52 Karen J. Bradberry, 87 Denise M. Braden, 52 Greg D. Bradley, 52 Patsy A. Bradley, 52 Steven T. Bradley, 52 Susan L. Bradshaw, 52 Greg D. Brady, 62 Bobby L. Bragg, 72 Sandra K. Bramlett, 40 Kimberly A. Branch, 72 Paul Branch, 62 Tamara D. Brandon, 62 Becky A. Brann, 72 Kimberly D. Brannan, 62 Gregory J. Brannon, 52 Beverly F. Bray, 62 Brett Bray, 52 Jacque Breazeal, 40 John D. Brecheen, 72 John R. Breckenridge, 62 Christine A. Bregy, 72 Eva M. Brehe, 72 Angie Brewer, 72 Christine E. Brewer, 72 Kent Brewer, 40 Robin L. Brewer, 89 Shana D. Brewer, 62 Vickie R. Brewer, 72 Tami C. Brickell, 72 Wesley Bricker, 52 Carl M. Briggs, 40 Cheryl L. Brightwell, 72 Renee B. Brink, 85 Michelle D. Britnell, 72 Judy L. Britt, 52 Teresa A. Britt, 40 Ben n. Britton, 72 Kristen B. Brncic, 89 Anna L. Brodell, 62 Bruce A. Brodell, 72 Howard A. Brodell, 72 Monica L. Brogdon, 62 Michael G. Bromley, 72 Lisa E. Brooks, 52 Scott M. Brooks, 72 Sherri G. Brooks, 40 Tracy L. Brooks, 72 Angelia M. Brown, 62 Bobbi R. Brown, 72 Bobby M. Brown 72 Corbin L. Brown, 72 Darren L. Brown, 40 Dawn L. Brown, 72 Edward M. Brown, 72 Erica L. Brown, 52 Jamie L. Brown, 52 Jimmy D. Brown, 72 Karin K. Brown, 40 Kenneth E. Brown, 52 Kevin L. Brown, 52 Lewis G. Brown, 40 Lisa D. Brown, 40 Mary J. Brown, 38 Michelle D. Brown, 72 riikki J. Brown, 72 Mikki S. Brown, 52 Pamela C. Brown, 72 Regina A. Brown, 41 Ronald H. Brown, 52 Tammy M. Brown, 62 Tana M. Brown, 53 Timothy J. Brown, 62 Mark A. Browning, 72 Teresa K. Brubeck, 41 Charles E. Bruce, 86 Stephen H. Bruce, 53 Alva E. Brumley, 72 Jennifer A. Brumley, 41 Jimm Brumley, 53 Willis E. Brumley, 72 Angela L. Bryan, 53 James P. Bryan, 39 Christy J. Bryant, 72 Susan J. Bryant, 72 Carolyn F. Buchanan, 53 Jerry L. Buchanan, 41 John P. Buchanan, Jr., 62 John W. Buchanan, 62 Bryan W. Buck, 62 Cheryl L. Buck, 41 Sherry D. Buckelew, 62 Randall W. Buckley, 41 Michael P. Budak, 41 Carole M. Buffalo, 62 David L. Bufkin, 72 Dane E. Buford, 53 Joe W. Bujarski, 72 Geraldine S. Bunn, 41 Scott R. Burcham, 72 Annette R. Burdyshaw, 72 Frieda J. Burge, 41 William N. Burge, 41 Michelle L. Burger, 53 Barry S. Burkheart, 62 Jeanne M. Burlie, 62 Glen A. Burnett, 72 Eric F. Burns, 41 John L. Burns, 72 Laura L. Burns, 72 Mary P. Burns, 72 Melanie A. Burns, 62 Rebecca A. Burns, 72 Vearlene Burns, 53 Paula D. Burroughs, 72 Deborah L. Burrow, 72 Linda M. Burrow, 72 Steven D. Burrow, 62 Hugh C. Burson, 72 Cindy Burton, 53 Margaret E. Burton, 72 Olivia K. Burton, 41 Scott A. Burton, 72 Tracy A. Buster, 62 Paul N. Butcher, Jr., 72 Rebecca L. Butcher, 72 Ann Butler, 53 Brenda A. Butler, 72 Dawn Butler, 62 Duke C. Butler, 62 Jay E. Butler, 62 Johnny R. Butler, 39 Yevette Butler, 62 Maureen R. Butler, 41 Maurice Butler, Jr., 72 Cynthia L. Buzbee, 53 Rhonda A. Byford, 72 Dana L. Bynum, 41 Linda M. Byrd, 62 -C- Angela R. Caddell, 63 Kelly D. Cagle, 72 Dennis L. Callaway, 86 Ray H. Calaway, 73 Angela D. Caldwell, 89 Cynthia G. Caldwell, 41 Eddy L. Caldwell, 89 Kenneth W. Calhoon, 53 Dee Callison, 53 Dona S. Cameron, 41 Vickie D. Camp, 63 Evonda L. Campbell, 73 Kim D. Campbell, 41 Sherry A. Campbell, 41 Stephen C. Campbell, 73 Steven P. Campbell, 53 Susan K. Campbell, 41 Wendy Y. Campbell, 63 Mary J. Campo, 53 Cynthia M. Canada, 53 Angela D. Canamore, 73 Dion A. Canto, 53 Lori A. Caples, 41 Robb F. Capps, 89 Greg J. Carda, 41 Byron K. Carle, 41 Ken G. Carlew, 38 Joyce A. Carlock, 41 Mark A. Carlson, 53 Barry A. Carlton, 73 Pam Carlton, 73 Christi Carlyle, 53 Donna M. Carmack, 73 Terri S. Carmack, 63 Donna L. Carman, 63 Janet S. Carnett, 38 Barbara G. Carpenter, 41 Greg O. Carr, 63 Lisa L. Carroll, 73 Keri D. Carson, 63 Linda L. Carson, 73 Lisa M. Carson, 73 Deidra Carter, 85 Dorothy C. Carter, 63 Iva J. Carter, 41 Jana K. Carter, 73 Lisa R. Carter, 53 Lisa R. Carter, 63 Martha S. Carter, 53 Sherry L. Carter, 73 Trisha A. Carter, 73 Blair Cartwright, 63 Lorie A. Cartwright, 63 Tena M. Cartwright, 73 Carrol P. Carwell, 73 Dale R. Case, 63 Jason P. Casey, 63 Jeannie E. Casey, 73 Horace P. Cash, 73 Job D. Caspall, 53 Belinda K. Cate, 73 Tim W. Cater, 53 Andrea S. Cathey, 73 Janet L. Caudell, 53 Rick Caulk, 53 Kathy R. Cavitt, 63 Mary K. Chambers, 73 Rusty Chambers, 63 Melissa D. Chambliss, 63 Christy M. Chaney, 73 Lisa J. Chapman, 63 Debbie D. Chappell, 53 Lisa M. Chappell, 41 Michael A. Chappell, 41 Paul E. Chappue, 73 Chris J. Charette, 73 Ding Zhen Chen, 41 Cynthia G. Cherry, 41 Janna M. Cherry, 53 Valerie K. Cherry, 41 Debbie D. Chesser, 41 Jarrod L. Childers, 63 Melody R. Childers, 73 Paula A. Childres, 73 Richard T. Childress, 73 Blayn Chipman, 63 Fook Oon Chong, 63 Hooi Loon Chong, 73 Steve Chordas, 63 Rachel G. Chrestman, 73 Angela M. Chrisco, 73 Hesley A. Chrisco, 53 Annette Christian, 53 Kelly L. Christopher, 41 Annette Chunn, 63 Rebecca S. Chwalek, 63 Angela A. Clark, 88 Bobby J. Clark, 53 Donald E. Clark, 73 Donna F. Clark, 63 Greg Clark, 73 Kimberly A. Clark, 73 Kyla M. Clark, 63 Mark W. Clark, 63 Mia D. Clark, 53 Rita G. Clark, 73 Shirley A. Clark, 41 Stacy L. Clark, 73 Walt W. Clark, 73 Kim C. Clausen, 73 Sheri M. Claxton, 73 Jason B. Clay, 53 Renee K. Clay, 87 Forrest B. Claybome, 73 Delores A. Clayton, 73 Linda S. Clayton, 73 Mike O. Clayton, 73 Nicky W. Clayton, 63 Trent K. Clayton, 63 Angela E. J. Clemmer, 73 Ginger Cleveland, 73 Gracie I. Clifton, 73 Rhonnda S. Cloinger, 87 Gwendolyn L. Cobb, 73 Kelley D. Cobb, 41 Betty G. Cochran, 53 Ross E. Cockbum, 87 Keith B. Cockrell, 73 R. Thad Cockrill, 41 Jeffrey T. Cockrum, 73 Robert D. Coe, 39 Shearry L. Coffman, 41 Scott R. Colbert, 87 Brenda S. Colburn, 53 Kerry L. Colburn, 73 Angela M. Colclasure, 63 Beatrice Cole, 73 Gerald D. Cole, 53 Shirley A. Cole, 73 Tammy D. Cole, 41 Andy C. Coleman, 73 Brian D. Coleman, 73 Cindy R. Coleman, 63 David W. Coleman, 87 Diana S. Coleman, 53 Michael L. Coleman, 53 Elizabeth A. Coles, 73 Tim E. Collie, 53 Karen L. Collier, 86 Brad A. Collins, 41 Kevin Que Collins, 41 Ronnie Collins, 39 Lori A. Collomp, 53 Linda M. Colosimo, 63 Steven L. Combs, 53 Dianne M. Conaway, 63 Kimberly A. Conley, 73 Mia E. Conley, 53 Jane B. Connolly, 39 Jimmy R. Cook, 73 Lynette M. Cook, 73 Sharron D. Cook, 63 Shasta J. Cook, 63 Terri M. Cook, 73 Bill R. Cooper, 86 Carroll L. Cooper, 73 Donna L. Cooper, 63 D ' Wayne Cooper, 53 Gary R. Cooper, 53 Julia A. Cooper, 73 Mike R. Cooper, 63 Paula R. Cooper, 41 Regina C. Cooper, 88 Jeff D. Cope, 63 Cindy M. Copeland, 53 Larry D. Corbett, 63 Leslie R. Corbett, 73 Dennis E. Corbitt, 39 Teresa A. Corbitt, 38 John K. Corkran, 53 Greg K. Corley, 73 Craig A. Cornett, 73 Brenda D. Corpier, 53 Daniel L. Cottingham, 73 Cynthia E. Cotton, 53 Graham Coveney, 53 Tracey L. Covert, 53 Michael M. Covey, 73 Timothy L. Covington, 63 Brian C. Cox, 73 Candace L. Cox, 73 Carla S. Cox, 73 Gwendolyn R. Cox, 73 Kerri D. Cox, 73 Pamela E. Cox, 63 Samantha D. Cox, 63 Sheree F. Cox, 42 Sandra S. Cozart, 38 Tilda M. Crafton, 73 Debora J. Craig, 42 Donald B. Craig, 42 Elizabeth J. Craig, 63 Ralph E. Crain, 89 Leslie S. Crane, 53 Ginger L. Crawford, 74 Walter L. Crawford, 63 Beverly A. Creach, 63 Dale D. Cresswell, 74 Sandra M. Cribbs, 63 Kelly M. Crisp, 53 Lana G. Croom, 74 Melinda F. Cross, 63 Tonny M. Crowson, 74 Elbert Crume, 89 riancy L. Crumpton, 74 Johnny W. Cude, 53 Harold E. Culp, II, 74 Mike Culvert, 53 Sa ra A. Cunningham, 74 Jill D. Cupp, 74 George E. Curnutt, 53 Toni Currie, 50 Brea Curts, 74 Renae C. Curtis, 74 Tina K. Curtis, 53 Dan E. Curtwright, 74 -D- Donald W. Dabney, 53 Billy W. Dacus, 63 Lesa A. Dacus, 63 Sandy K. Dacus, 74 Kimberly R. Daggett, 74 Abu Bakar Dahanan, 74 Ted L. Dail, 42 Dada E. Dailey, 38 Deanna M. Daily, 63 Patricia A. Dale, 74 Kelly G. Dallas, 88 Charles H. Dalton, Jr., 53 Hashem Damirian, 39 Melissa G. Daniel, 74 Kim Morrell Danley, 42 Sharon A. Darby, 53 Sheila E. Darby, 53 Shirley L. Darnall, 74 Ellen L. Darr, 42 Paula Davenport, 74 Emil R. David, 74 Karen L. Davidson, 53 Kathy L. Davidson, 74 Ken S. Davidson, 63 Andrew C. Davis, 74 Angela R. Davis, 53 Brian S. Davis, 53 Connie C. Davis, 53 Darwin L. Davis, 42 Dena L. Davis, 74 Donald A. Davis, Jr., 63 Donna M. Davis, 53 Jackie E. Davis, 63 Jacqueline M. Davis, 42 Jodl L. Davis, 63 Joseph L. Davis, 63 Joseph T. Davis, 74 Kelly A. Davis, 53 Kimberly A. Davis, 74 Lelia M. Davis, 42 Lori A. Davis, 74 Marva A. Davis, 53 Milinda K. Davis, 74 Pamela A. Davis, 42 Pamela L. Davis, 88 Patty Davis, 63 Perry D. Davis, 53 Rhonda K. Davis, 63 Scott W. Davis, 63 Steve W. Davis, 53 Susan L. Davis, 53 Susanne J. Davis, 74 Thomas E. Davis, 38 Tony L. Davis, 74 Vonda Gale Davis, 53 Michael T. Dawson, 54 Lisa E. Day, 42 Robert Dean, 42 Timothy Dean, 42 Virginia Dean, 42 Rebecca Deaton, 42 Gregory Deckard, 74 James DeClerk, 42 Cynthia Deeds, 54 Belinda Dees, 54 Mike DeHaan, 54 Susan Delap, 42 Tania Dement, 74 Les Dennie, 74 Chris Dennis, 74 Fonda Dennis, 63 Charlotte Denny, 42 Mary Dent, 42 Tommy Dent, 42 Steve Denton, 63 Elizabeth DePew, 74 Rene DeProw, 54 Randy DeRoeck, 88 Timothy DeSalvo, 54 Stephanie Dickson, 74 Brenda Dicus, 54 Tracie Dicus, 74 Michael DiGaetano, 88 Rudy L. Dillard, 54 Tomilea L. Dillon, 42 Troy W. Dillon, 42 Ramona Dilworth, 63 Michael W. Dinsmore, 74 Rochelle Dixon, 89 Rosa M. Dixon, 54 Marcia L. Dodd, 74 Terry L. Dodson, 42 John P. Doherty, 74 Marva J. Dollar, 63 Donna J. Donahue, 74 William T. Donovan, 89 Tammy R. Dooley, 74 Michael T. Dorsey, 74 Petri D. Dorsey, 42 Harold K. Dorton, 54 George B. Doty, 74 Eric V. Douglas, 54 Sherry L. Douglas, 74 Steven R. Douglas, 63 Anthony R. Dowdy, 74 Dawn M. Downs, 74 David M. Doyle, 54 Matthew B. Doyle, 87 Terry V. Doyle, 54 Ann M. Dozier, 74 John J. Drake, 42 Antoine Drakeford, 38 Joanna L. Draper, 63 Holli S. Drewry, 63 Trena A. Driskill, 42 Carla Renee Dryden, 42 Lee Anne Dublin, 42 Lance A. Duck, 74 Terri L. Duckworth, 74 Rikki R. Duclos, 54 Bryan M Duffel, 42 Elaine Duffner, 42 John R. Dulaney, 42 Tommy A. Dulaney, 74 Carmen Dunbar, 54 Billie B. Duncan, 54 Dale L. Duncan, 42 Jeffrey R. Duncan, 74 Robyne Duncan, 74 David Dunham, 74 Lisa Dunham, 63 Deborah Dunigan, 63 Gena Dunkerson, 63 Juanita Dunlap, 74 nancy Dunlap, 74 Sandra Dunlap, 74 John Dunn, 54 Pamela Dunn, 63 William K. Dunn, 74 Brian Ray Dunston, 74 Sharon R. Dust, 63 Gary R. Dutton, 54 Sherry M. Duvall, 74 Jill A. Dycus, 42 Catherine D. Dye, 63 Van Dewayne Dye, 54 Shelly A. Dyer, 54 -E- Tammy R. Ends, 74 Vickie L. Eads, 54 Kimberly S. Eanes, 42 Allen R. Earls, 38 nancy C. East, 42 Susan M. Easton, 89 Lisa F. Eaton, 42 Stacy L. Eddington, 74 Ginger M. Edgar, 54 Don W. Edmiston, 74 Merilyn U. Edmond, 42 Clair L. Edrington, 74 Anthony T. Edwards, 54 Lay Chan Ee, 64 Thian Chai Ee, 42 Adrienne W. Eftekhari, 74 Venantius U. Egbulem, 39 Mohammad Eghlidos, 42 Fawzi M. El-Alami, 42 Ben R. Elam, 64 Cindy L. Elder, 74 ReGina D. Elder, 74 Wyndol L. Elder, 64 Jill G. Eldridge, 74 Shelly S. Ellenburg, 43 Ella O. Ellingson, 54 Gertrude J. Ellingson, 43 Robin D. Ellington, 39 Scott A. Ellington, 54 Jay E. Ellis, 38 Judy K. Ellis, 43 Kelly A. Ellis, 54 Melissa K. Ellis, 74 Greta L. Ellzey, 64 Tresa K. Elms, 74 Debbie J. Elumbaugh, 54 Angela S. Emmons, 64 Bruce W. Engelmann, 64 Karen J. English, 89 Jim L. Ermert, Jr., 74 Bonita B. Espinoza, 64 Kevin L. Estes, 64 Jacqueline M. Etherton, 75 Julie Ann Eubanks, 64 Karen ft. Eubanks, 43 Anthony R. Evans, 43 Dana L. Evans, 75 DeAnna E. Evans, 75 Lisa C. Evans, 75 Paul J. Evans, 75 Russell E. Evans, Jr., 54 Susan E. Evans, 43 Tanya M. Evans, 75 Terri L. Evans, 64 Michele R. Evyan, 64 Bankole A. Ewedemi, 39 Tammy J. Exum, 75 Chike M. Ezechinweoke, 64 -F- Pamela M. Fagan, 64 Beth R. Fair, 54 Kim D. Falk, 54 Ronda K. Farley, 75 Edna M. Farmer, 64 Gerri L. Farmer, 89 John K. Farmer, 43 Rhonda G. Farmer, 75 Ronald E. Farnsworth, 64 Debra A. Farr, 54 Craig M. Farrell, 75 Barbara R. Farris, 75 Larry E. Farris, 54 Brad M. Fa ugh t, 43 Melanie Featherston, 43 Connie M. Feild, 43 Jose L. Feliciano, 64 Denise Felton, 75 Carta D. Felts, 64 Gilbert W. Felts, 54 Mickey Felts, 54 Ronald W. Felts, 54 Donna B. Ferguson, 54 Karen J. Ferguson, 43 Martin L. Ferguson, 75 John S. Femimen, 75 Jerry S. Ferrell, 75 Cristina A. Ferretto, 64 Beverly A. Ferris, 54 Melanie C. Fiala, 54 John Feild, 43 Sonya L. Fielder, 54 Anita Finch, 54 Jayne M. Finch, 43 Teresa " Kim " Fincher, 54 Marti A. Finley, 43 Carl A. Fisher, 75 Kimberly A. Fisher, 75 Jeffrey L. Fitch, 64 Amy L. Fitts, 64 Harold C. Fitts, 43 Cynthia R. Fitzhugh, 54 Laura E. Fitzwater, 43 Robert G. Flack, 75 Nicki L. Flannigan, 64 Lisa A. Flanrey, 85 John T. Fleming, 64 Johnny L. Flemming, 64 Karen M. Flemon, 54 Doug Fletcher, 43 Doyle L. Fletcher, 75 Marion D. Fletcher, 86 Greg A. Flood, 64 Josephene Flowers, 64 Judi A. Flowers, 75 Karen P. Flowers, 43 Karen L. Flowers, 64 Tammie D. Flowers, 89 Cynthia A. Floyd, 43 Wayne Floyd, 54 Coy D. Flynn, 75 Mark L. Foltz, 54 Cindy Fong, 64 Ralph L. Forbis, 54 Brian K. Ford, 75 Drue Ford, 75 Lisa C. Ford, 54 Tommy Ford, 64 Susan L. Foreman, 64 Christopher T. Forrest, 54 Rhonda L. Forest, 54 Mary H. Forrester, 75 Michael R. Fort, 64 Angie A. Foster, 75 Scott A. Foust, 75 Daren W. Fowler, 64 Don E. Fowler, 75 Karen S. Fowler, 75 Bill G. Fraley, 75 Jim F. Francis, 89 Mary A. Francis, 64 Edet O. Frank, 64 Timothy J. Franklin, 75 Mark R. Franzen, 54 Monica R. Fraser, 64 Charles A. Frazier, 54 Cheryl L. Frazier, 75 Richard D. Frazier, 43 Tim G. Frazier, 75 Charles E. Fredrick, 64 Bobby O. Freeman, 75 Michael Freeman, 75 Darren E. French, 75 Edward J. French, 87 Pamela K. French, 64 Stephen L. French, 64 Evelyn K. Fritts, 54 Kathy A. Frost, 89 Annette L. Fry, 54 Laura K. Fukey, 75 Terry L. Fulfer, 75 Kayla D. Fulmer, 54 Cynthia A. Fulton, 54 Kathie J. Fussell, 64 Micheale D. Futch, 43 Susan L. Futrell, 75 -Q- Tammie A. Gadberry, 54 Robert J. Gahr, 75 riathan E. Gairhan, 38 Susan J. Gaither, 64 Dwayne A. Gallaher, 64 Michelle Gambill, 64 Lisa M. Gardner, 64 Matalie R. Gardner, 43 Jerry W. Garrett, 75 Rebecca S. Garrett, 64 Janet R. Garrison, 54 Debby A. Gary, 54 Edna F. Gaskin, 75 K-Todd Gaskins, 54 Melody J. Gassaway, 75 Antrim A. Gates, 75 Sharon J. Gates, 75 Theresa L. Gates, 64 Kim D. Gatlin, 64 Mark O. Gatlin, 87 Michael K. Gatlin, 75 Beverly J. Gause, 64 John T. Gay, 64 Donna S. Geater, 75 Freddy L. Gentry, 43 Milissa J. Gentry, 75 Jesse R. George, 43 Lisa Carole George, 43 Tonya L. George, 64 Hossein S. Ghoreishi, 43 Rhonda L. Gibbs, 54 Kimberly R. Gibson, 64 Kim R. Gibson-Roberson, 43 LaJana S. Gibson, 64 Tracy D. Gibson, 64 Valerie ft. Gifford, 86 Trena L. Gilbert, 43 Kim B. Gill, 75 William L. Gillespie, 43 Janet L. Gilliaum, 64 Kay Gilmore, 43 Kevin L. Gilmore, 54 Donna R. Ginn, 43 Joette Gipson, 54 Michael G. Gipson, 75 Harold J. Gist, 38 Sue Gleghom, 43 Bryan H. Glenn, 75 Melissa A. Glenn, 54 Randy L. Glenn, 43 Brenda D. Glover, 75 Lisa K. Glover, 54 David L. Godwin, 64 Elizabeth C. Godwin, 75 Michelle L. Goff, 75 Jackie C. Going, 75 Ricki D. Goings, 64 Tanya L. Golden, 89 Rhonda K. Gonzalez, 43 Katherine R. Goodin, 43 Christy J. Goodman, 64 Kelley Renee Goodson, 54 Julie A. Goodwin, 64 Kristen A. Goodwin, 54 Michele Gordon, 75 Karen D. Gorham, 75 Mark J. Gorton, 43 Brenda E. Gossett, 64 Chela G. Gossett, 43 James A. Gossett, 43 Lori S. Gott, 86 Sherrie L. Gould, 75 Stephenie L. Graff, 75 Douglas M. Graham, 43 Pamela K. Graham, 89 Keith F. Granberry, 54 Rita D. Granberry, 43 Angela R. Grant, 75 Beth T. Grantham, 54 Robin L. Grantham, 75 Karla D. Graves, 64 Scott J. Graves, 75 Andrew A. Gray, 54 Baleria O. Gray, 55 George E. Green, 75 Leroy T. Green, 64 Marthelius Green, 75 Mary A. Green, 86 Randy W. Green, 64 Ricky L. Green, 64 Robert L. Green, 75 Suzzanne E. Green, 44 Bobby J. Greene, 64 Denise Greenway, 75 Pam E. Greenway, 75 Sherry R. Greenway, 44 Dean Greer, 55 Rickey Greer, 55 Debra J. Gregg, 64 Rick S. Gregory, 44 Susan P. Gretemier, 4 4 Kelly L. Greve, 75 Jerry W. Grevel, 75 Curtis J. Griffin, 55 Jennie M. Griffin, 75 Laura R. Griffin, 75 Deborah J. Grimm, 76 Sabrina D. Grissom, 64 Aaron K. Grobe, 64 noble D. Grogan, 64 Chris Gross, 76 Timothy D. Grubb, 88 Angela D. Grubbs, 76 Jim L. Grubbs, 76 Patti C. Gryner, 55 Donald W. Guinn, 44 Michelle D. Gullett, 76 Alan A. Gumbel, 38 Cyndy A. Gunn, 64 Kenny W. Gunter, 76 Teresa J. Guntharp, 55 Christie Y. Gurley, 55 George R. Gurley, 76 Lori A. Guthrie, 64 Sharon L. Guthrie, 55 Paul Gutierrez, 64 Ruth M. Gutterman, 85 Clifford D. Guy, 44 Theresa A. Guy, 76 Debbie A. Guyer, 75 Ivory Gwin, 44 -H- Brett L. Hacker, 64 William P. Hackworth, 55 Craig Hagan, 55 Anna L. Hagar, 55 Dianna L. Hagar, 44 Janet A. Hagood, 65 Anita N. Hale, 65 Carol A. Hale, 55 Greta A. Hale, 65 Darlene R. Hall, 76 Eddie F. Hall, 44 Gail L. Hall, 44 Janet L. Hall, 44 Olivia A. Hall, 55 Pernell D. Hall, 76 Twylla A. Hall, 55 Dominique Hallett, 76 Karen R. Hamilton, 76 Kimberly K. Hamilton, 65 Marcia A. Hamilton, 39 Terri L. Hamilton, 88 Terry Hamilton, 39 Boyce L. Hamlett, 65 Daniel W. Hamm, 39 Masjaliza Hamzah, 88 Lisa C. Hancock, 55 Tracey L. Hancock, 76 Fawntina S. Hankins, 76 Chad M. Hanley, 76 Harvey L. Hanna, 65 William D. Hansard, 76 Laverne L. Hanssler, 55 Tariq S. Harbi, 44 Sandra D. Harbison, 76 Steve M. Harcrow, 55 Lavern Hardaway, 65 Teresa L. Hardesty, 65 Kristy S. Hardin, 76 Anita Hardy, 65 Lavern Hardy, 55 William W. Hardy, 65 DeAnn R. Harmon, 55 Tammy R. Harmon, 55 Terri L. Harmon, 76 Tim E. Harmon, 87 Keith W. Harms, 55 Janet L. Harp, 65 Joe A. Harp, 65 Carol J. Harper, 55 Elizabeth D. Harper, 76 Jerry R. Harper Jr., 55 Angie L. Harris, 55 David S. Harris, 44 John C. Harris, 76 Karen R. Harris, 55 Linda Jean Harris, 76 Lisa T. Harris, 44 Marsha A. Harris, 76 Michael B. Harris, 44 Pamela L. Harris, 55 Renita J. Harris, 55 Robyn Harris, 76 Ronald R. Harris, 44 Victoria J. Harris, 87 William S. Harris, 65 Craig Harrison, 55 Donna M. Harrison, 76 Rebecca L. Harrison, 87 Michael A. Harston, 76 Chris D. Hart, 55 Jim D. Hart, 76 Tracy A. Hartert, 55 William S. Hartmann, 76 Greg Harton, 65 Jennifer L. Harvey, 76 Scotty J. Harvey, 76 Tina K. Harvey, 76 Kellie L. Harvill, 88 Iqbal Hasan, 76 Anthony L. Hatchett, 76 Tammy R. Hatfield, 65 Frankie L. Hatton, 76 Cheryl A. Hausing, 38 Donna J. Hawkins, 76 Kerin L. Hawkins, 76 Lisa M. Hawkins, 88 Sandra J. Hawkins, 89 Melissa K. Hawley, 55 Tara N. Haydar, 65 Tammy L. Hayes, 76 Becky L. Haynes, 39 Jim F. Haynes, 55 Stephen K. Haynes, 65 John T. Hays, 88 Phillip D. Healy, 39 Tammy L. Healy, 44 Craig S. Heathscott, 76 Waylon D. Heathscitt Jr., 44 Cheryl R. Heavrin, 76 Bradley N. Heckmann, 55 Darlene Hedge, 76 Debbie A. Hedge, 76 Alyce Heeb, 65 Simone F. Heeb, 76 Janet L. Hefner, 86 Michael A. Heggie, 55 Brenda L. Helms, 44 Roger L. Helms, 65 Daifallah Hendawi, 76 Madra Henderson, 65 Mannette Henderson, 55 Tresa D. Henderson, 76 Rebecca A. Hendon, 55 Donna Gayle Hendrix, 76 Jon D. Hendrix, 76 Wayne A. Hendrix, 65 Donna C. Henry, 76 Hazelene D. Henry, 76 Joe S. Henry, 55 Lisa K. Henry, 76 Teresa M. Henry, 65 Lori M. Henson, 55 Valerie R. Henson, 65 Charlotte A. Herring, 87 Cindy L. Herring, 44 nan Herring, 76 Mark A. Herrington, 76 Beth A. Hervey, 87 Robert V. Herzig, 76 Jill R. Hess, 55 Rachel A. Hess, 65 Samantha G. Hess, 55 LeighAnn Hestand, 44 Anita J. Hester, 65 Elizabeth A. Hiatt, 55 Roxann Hibbs, 65 Paula J. Hickman, 76 Angie D. Hicks, 76 Jennifer M. Hicks, 65 Misty Hicks, 76 Sandra A. Hicks, 85 Lisa L. Higgins, 65 Theron A. Hightower, 44 Natalie A. Hilburn, 76 Andrea C. Hill, 65 Carl D. Hill, 87 Danny J. Hill, 55 Jerrilyn M. Hill, 65 Kimberly L. Hill, 76 Letha A. Hill, 65 Misty L. Hill, 65 Sidona S. Hill, 55 Tracy L. Hill, 76 Ron S. Hillers, 55 Bonne Yvonne Hills, 55 Laura J. Hinck, 76 Katy Hindman, 65 Brenda G. Hinds, 44 Michael R. Hiner, 65 Robert L. Hinkle, 65 Jamaludin HJ-Zakaria, 76 Mary E. Hlavach, 65 Lai-Lai M. Ho, 44 Bobby W. Hobbs, 55 Donna D. Hobbs, 55 Melinda J. Hodge, 55 Johnny K. Hodges, 55 Hoppy Hoffman, 76 Judy D. Hoffman, 89 Tanya L. Hoffman, 55 Donald J. Hofmann, 55 Melissa G. Hogan, 76 Michelle D. Hogard, 76 Terry L. Hogard, 55 Billie S. Hoggard, 86 Terry B. Hoggard, 44 Paul B. Hogue, 55 Ronald L. Hogue, 76 Jim R. Holbrook, 76 Fay O. Holcomb, 65 Lisa G. Holder, 65 Vivian A. Holder, 44 Shannon E. Hollan, 89 Belinda S. Holland, 65 Shelly L. Holle, 76 Sandy E. Holleman, 55 Cheryl E. Holley, 76 Michael T. Holliday, 65 Lynn R. Hollis, 76 Sheryl T. Hollis, 76 Susan D. Hollis, 44 Kris D. Holloway, 55 Phillip R. Holloway, 87 Beth A. Holmes, 44 Stephen B. Holmes, 44 Chris Holt, 55 Elizabeth C. Holt, 65 Jane Holt, 65 Kimberly A. Holt, 55 Michael C. Holt, 87 Tina L. Holt, 76 Tracey A. Holt, 77 William B. Holt, 44 Sonya L. Honeycutt, 77 Nancy S. Hooten, 55 Jason W. Hoots, 77 Lesli A. Hope, 77 Kevin Hopkins, 55 Kevin E. Hopkins, 65 Christopher A. Hopper, 44 Hoshang D. Hormasji, 65 Rosa Lee Horner, 44 Sherry A. Horner, 65 Michelle Horton, 44 Susan M. Horton, 44 Todd Horton, 65 Jacquelyn G. Hosinski, 77 Charlotte L. Hoskins, 77 Loretta L. Hoskins, 77 Mark D. Hoskins, 44 Cathelene Hoskyn, 77 James M. Hostetler, 77 Bob E. House, 44 Earl E. House Jr., 77 Ginger D. House, 77 Leslie House, 77 riola J. Houston, 77 Phillip David Hout, 44 Daniel B. Howard, 55 Janet S. Howard, 77 Elisabeth Diane Howe, 77 Tony L. Hoyle, 77 Karen M. Hubbard, 87 Michael D. Hubbard, 77 Kathy Lasha Hudson, 44 Lisa J. Hudson, 77 Lois A. Hudson, 77 Shelly G. Hudson, 55 Brian P. Huff, 77 Dana J. Huff, 89 Ray H. Huff, 87 Ginger K. Hufstedler, 55 Barbara A. Hughes, 77 Wade S. Hughes, 55 Penny D. Hulen, 77 Barry O. Hulett, 55 Todd A. Hulett, 65 Eric J. Humphrey, 65 Lisa Moon Hundley, 77 Susan A. Hundley, 85 Jason W. Hunn, 77 Ashley P. Hunter, 77 Felicia A. Hunter, 65 Allen D. Hurst, 65 Shuhaimi Husain, 55 James S. Huskey, 89 Jerri M. Hutchinson, 77 Jimmy R. Hutchison, 44 William M. Hutton, 44 Trena L. Hyde, 45 -I- Emeka B. Ibeachum, 45 Mastura Ibrahim, 45 352 Halim B. Idris, 55 Betty Iguergbonmwen, 55 John S. Ilangkovan, 45 Marlette M. Inboden, 45 Karyn J. Infield, 45 Marilyn Inghram, 77 natalie Ingram, 77 Teresa L. Isbell, 45 Trish Isbell, 65 Ahmad S. Ismail, 77 Jaime L. Ivie, 77 Danny C. Ivy, 45 Jim Q. Ivy, 77 Ehiorobo Izekor, 38 -J- Angela M. Jackson, 77 Arthur Q. Jackson, 55 Brett A. Jackson, 77 Cindy A. Jackson, 55 Gerald Jackson, 55 Joy L. Jackson, 56 Kelley Jackson, 77 Michael Jackson, 77 Tammy A. Jackson, 77 Terri L. Jackson, 65 Timothy S. Jackson, 77 Wanda F. Jackson, 89 Thomas S. Jacques, 38 Greg James, 77 Judy L. James, 77 Lola B. James, 77 Patricia M. James, 77 Tammy Gayle James, 65 Loretta M. Jamieson, 38 Jamie M. Jamison, 56 Paula D. Jamison, 65 Linda M. Jansen, 56 Jose-Luis I. Jaramillo, 65 Orslynne S. Jeffers, 77 Myleta D. Jefferson, 56 Peggy L. Jeffries, 65 Amy E. Jenkins, 45 Dawn R. Jenkins, 56 Sandra D. Jenkins, 56 Pamela D. Jennings, 77 Edward J. Jemigan, 45 Christopher M. Jester, 45 Pamela D. Jeter, 85 Al onza J. Jiles, 56 Robert P. Johnecheck, 89 Debbie L. Johns, 65 Barbara A. Johnson, 56 Dana L. Johnson, 65 David T. Johnson, 77 Demita Johnson, 65 Iona C. Johnson, 56 Jeff A. Johnson, 89 Kathy B. Johnson, 87 Leatha R. Johnson, 65 Lisa C. Johnson, 88 Lisa M. Johnson, 77 Lloyd W. Johnson, 77 Lori A. Johnson, 56 Margaret J. Johnson, 77 Marian L. Johnson, 45 Renee Johnson, 56 Rodney J. Johnson, 77 Ronnie E. Johnson, 56 Steve L. Johnson, 77 Syrena D. Johnson, 56 Terri N. Johnson, 56 Timothy L. Johnson, 45 Allison L. Johnston, 56 AnneMarie Johnston, 56 Keith A. Johnston, 56 Belinda S. Joiner, 56 Carolyn L. Joiner, 65 Garry G. Jolliff II, 77 Bryan D. Jones, 65 David A. Jones, 56 Deanna A. Jones, 56 Donna L. Jones, 85 Eric W. Jones, 65 Gene Jones, 88 Hershel G. Jones Jr., 56 Jill A. Jones, 77 John P. Jones 65 Julie A. Jones, 77 Kenneth T. Jones, 56 Marcella Jones, 45 Martha J. Jones, 56 Mitzi E. Jones, 77 Peter G. Jones, 56 Robert A. Jones, 56 Sheri L. Jones, 77 Suzanne M. Jones, 77 Suzette Y. Jones, 77 Tim R. Jones, 77 Tim W. Jones, 77 Anthony P. Jordan, 56 Jacqueline M. Jordan, 77 Leslie D. Jordan, 77 Leslie L. Jordan, 45 Anthea M. Joyner, 45 Leonardo, A. Juan, 89 Megat F. Junid, 56 -K- Ginger R. Kambanis, 77 Phyllis Kaywood, 77 Alvin J. Kearbey, 65 Tara T. Kegley, 56 Katherine E. Keith, 65 Robert L. Keller, 45 Harold F. Kelley, 65 Melanie A. Kelley, 77 Mike P. Kelley, 65 Rebecca J. Kelley, 77 Rick A. Kelley, 77 Sloane G. Kelley, 65 Leah R. Kelso, 77 Shari F. Kelso, 77 Randell L. Kemp, 65 Sandi M. Kemper, 77 Dawn M. Kenley, 66 nancy L. Kennedy, 45 Charles R. Kennemore, 77 Susan M. Kennedy, 56 Robin M. Kennon, 45 Dawn M. Kent, 56 Lisa R. Kent, 77 Bill Kernodle, 56 Eldon R. Kerr, 56 Mahera F. Khaliq, 56 Michael Shane Kidd, 78 Dina L. Kieffner, 66 Leisa G. Kieffner, 56 Jerry Kifer, 66 Sharon D. Kilpatrick, 56 Robbie M. Kimberling, 66 Lynda F. Kimble, 66 Reda V. Kimble, 66 Richard J. Kimble, 78 Beverly M. King, 56 Cassandra M. King, 89 John P. King, 39 " Michael King, 78 Rhonda Kaye King, 78 Rhonda M. King, 66 Paula A. Kinman, 66 Pamela K. Kirby, 56 Paul M. Kirkdoffer, 78 Frankie L. Kisner, 56 Ronda L. Kissee, 45 Donnie C. Kissinger, 56 Ronnie D. Kissinger, 78 Sheryl L. Kitchens, 78 John L. Kline, 56 Ralph S. Kline, 56 Pamela D. Klutts, 66 Allen A. Knight, 76 Clete A. Knight, 88 John R. Knight, 45 Laura L. Knight, 66 Mary A. Knight, 56 Jackie R. Knighten, 56 Lynn D. Knutson, 66 Tim L. Koch, 78 William S. Koettel, 56 Mary E. Koster, 78 Jeffery W. Kreis, 56 Lauren D. Krigbaum, 45 Ching Tze Kuan, 45 Andrea L. Kukura, 78 -L- Mildred F. Lace, 45 Sherry S. Lace, 56 Scottie D. Lackland, 78 Gerald W. Laden, 78 Mark D. Laffoon, 89 Becky A. LaGore, 56 Choon Yeong Lai, 87 Ga Chuan Lai, 66 John I). Lajubutu, 39 Donna J. Lamb, 78 Stacy L. Lamb, 78 Robin S. Lambert, 89 Sue li. Lambert, 85 Gerald L. Lambie, 87 Ellen G. Lampkins, 45 Philip A. Landers, 78 Bryan H. Lane, 78 Sandy L. Lane, 78 Mitzi M. Langlois, 78 Steve G. Langlois, 56 Janet S. Lankford, 78 Michael A. Lapio, 78 Donald E. Larson, 56 Annette Larue, 56 James C. Larue, 66 Rhonda L. Larue, 78 Gayla J. Lashley, 66 Albert ' Woody " Latham, 45 Kenneth E. Lathrop, 56 Kirk L. Laudreth, 45 James L. Lawrence, 56 Jeff A. Lawrence, 56 Sandy L. Lawrence, 66 Brett E. Lawson, 78 Denice Lawson, 56 Laura A. Lay, 45 Donald J. Layne, 66 Julie A. Leach, 78 Linda K. Leach, 85 Robin L. Leake, 56 Sandra J. Leaks, 45 Rebecca L. Leary, 45 Clint D. Ledbetter, 56 Christina Lee, 66 Cordell F. Lee, 78 Cynthia Siew Lee, 78 Gregory L. Lee, 56 liee Long Lee, 56 Karen J. Lee, 66 Lara L. Lee, 56 Lisa B. Lee, 66 David Lehr, 78 Patti A. Leinenbach, 78 Joey D. LeMay, 87 Grace D. Lemmonds, 78 Sharon Lenderman, 66 Helen L. Leniear, 66 Malanie L. Leonard, 56 Roger B. Leonard, 56 Ronette Lepley, 56 David L. Letterman, 56 James S. Levins, 66 Phillip L. Lewallen, 66 Thomas J. Lewallen, 66 Sharon K. Lewellen, 78 Gwencolyn R. Lewis, 66 Harrison Dwight Lewis, 78 Sherman D. Lewis, 78 Tina D. Lewis, 45 Andy Lieblong, 56 Eric R. Lijewski, 86 Barry F. Lillard, 45 Bee Chai Lim, 66 Teng-Hooi Lim, 56 Barbara J. Lindsey, 56 Amy L. Linstrom, 56 Penny R. Little, 45 Charlie Littlefield, 78 Trevor M. Lloyd, 78 Janette M. Loar, 56 Paula E. Locke, 78 Rodney M. Lockett, 56 Eric Lockhart, 89 Judy A. Lockley, 87 Sandra C. Loggains, 78 Nancy P. Loggins, 78 Ricky A. London, 45 Barbara D. Long, 66 Bobby E. Long, 78 Cathy A. Long, 66 353 Chuck F. Long, 90 Frank Long, 66 John A. Long, 56 Pamela D. Long, 78 Tamara L. Long, 66 Terri D. Looney, 57 Bock Thai Lor, 66 Audrey Q. Lott, 66 Lisa R. Lott, 45 Kathy M. Loudermilk, 66 Alan B. Love, 78 Jerry C. Love, 45 Carol Lovelace, 78 David Lovelace, 45 Larry D. Lovelace, 78 Meng Chua Low, 87 Kerry L. Lowe, 57 Angela K. Lowery, 78 Sheryl L. Lowery, 57 Donna L. Loyd, 45 Robin S. Loyd, 45 Chip Lumpkin, 66 Lisa A. Lumpkin, 57 Sheri D. Lung, 45 Charlotte K. Lutes, 46 Donald G. Luther, 57 Teresa Dee Lybrand, 57 John S. Lynn, 46 -M- Karri A. Mabry, 66 Mario Machado, 57 Jeannette MacPherson, 46 John MacPherson, 66 Angela D. Madden, 78 Suzanne Madden, 78 Odessa M. Maez, 78 Susan L. Magar, 57 Shirl A. Magness, 66 Susan L. Mahon, 66 Melody A. Main, 66 Clay Malone, 78 Myra L. Malone, 66 Balasundram Maniam, 46 Melinda S. Manis, 57 Ollie M. Manis, 78 Etta L. Manning, 78 Michelle Marchand, 78 Elizabeth A. Marie, 57 Craig Marlow, 78 Vicki Q. Marotti, 78 Patricia A. Marrall, 78 Vanessa Marrs, 78 Esther R. Marshall, 78 John A. Marshall, 78 Susan K. Marshall, 46 Alisa K. Martin, 66 April S. Martin, 46 Charles E. Martin Jr., 57 Clint A. Martin, 66 Cora Martin, 57 Daniel Martin Jr., 46 Jerry L. Martin, 66 Karen L. Martin, 46 Kelli J. Martin, 57 Kenny R. Martin, 78 Lisa R. Martin, 66 Marcia K. Martin, 46 Mary Martin, 46 Michael L. Martin, 46 Monty C. Martin, 57 Robbie Jean Martin, 66 Rudi M. Martin, 66 Stacy D. Martz, 78 Beverly J. Mason, 57 Sherry L. Mason, 78 Tracy M. Mason, 66 Donald Ray Massey, 57 Joe B. Massey, 46 Valerie W. Massey, 87 L. W. Massie, 78 Allen L. Masters, 57 Donna C. Masters, 86 Douglas E. Masters, 57 Elisa D. Masterson, 78 Jessie B. Mastin, 57 Teresa A. Mathews, 46 Linda Mathis, 57 Charles E. Matlock, 57 Clark Matthews, 66 Darren K. May, 46 Julie M. Mayes, 78 Melanie A. Mayes, 78 Walter L. Mayhew, 46 Terri A. Maynard, 57 Tina L. Maynard, 46 Valerie Mayo, 78 B. J. McAfee, 66 Mark B. McAfee, 78 Charistopher J. McAlee, 66 Russell B. McAllister, 57 Beth L. McBride, 57 Lisa D. McBroome, 66 Rob F. McCall, 78 Sheri McCann, 78 Charles P. McCarty, 66 Jimmy K. McClain, 66 Lori A. McClain, 46 Sherry McClanahan, 78 Phyllis D. McClendon, 57 Teresa M. McClure, 57 James Q. McCormick, 66 Bridget Ann McCourt, 57 Patsy A. McCourt, 78 Cherie McCoy, 66 James B. McCoy, 78 John F. McCoy, 79 Tena M. McCoy, 66 Kerry L. McCright, 57 Hollye A. McCrum, 57 Felecia R. McCullom, 79 Molly E. McDade, 79 Linda R. McDaniel, 79 Roger L. McDaniel, 79 Bridgette McDonald, 66 Kevin L. McDonald, 79 Lisa A. McDonald, 57 Tommy Q. McDonald, 57 Jeff W. McElrath, 79 Dana L. McElyea, 46 Mark A. McEntire, 79 Patricia Jane McFall, 46 Rena L. McFatter, 46 Danice A. McQee, 79 Marvin McGee, 88 Catherine R. McQinnis, 46 Ellen L. McQinnis, 57 Marty W. McGinnis, 79 Julie A. McGough, 46 Mitch L. McGrew, 57 Barbara S. McGuire, 57 Sam P. McGuire, 46 Merrilee M. Mclntyre, 79 Brian D. McKee, 79 Laurie A. McKee, 57 Kevin E. McKenzie, 57 Lori A. McKenzie, 79 Angela K. McKinness, 66 Kari A. McKinney, 79 William T. McKisson, 46 Paula D. McKnight, 79 Terri L. McKnight, 46 Lindy L. McKuin, 66 Kristie L. McLaughlin, 79 Johnny L. McLean, 57 Maryann H. McLean, 57 Lisa M. McLemore, 66 Paul R. McLoughlin, 57 Kevin W. McMasters, 57 Jeffery S. McMillin, 66 Sherri G. McMullen, 66 Leslie D. McMullin, 79 Shari R. McMatt, 79 Donna L. Mcrieal, 66 Charmine Y. McMutt, 79 Hazel C. McPherson, 66 Charles R. Mears, 66 Vitalia Y. Medina, 57 Deborah K. Medlin, 57 Danny J. Meek, 66 Karen D. Meins, 79 Eric F. Mejia, 46 Donna K. Melton, 79 Judy L. Melton, 79 Kevin D. Melton, 39 Melissa R. Meredith, 79 John D. Merguie, 79 Cynthia D. Merillat, 57 Joe A. Merrill, 57 Maria A. Mertens, 57 Karen J. Metheny, 79 Jeffery D. Michael, 66 Kerry D. Miles, 89 Patrick Z. Millbrook, 57 Alice L. Miller, 87 Alison S. Miller, 79 Cathy F. Miller, 57 Donna R. Miller, 66 Gordon E. Miller, 46 Kay Y. Miller, 79 Leigha G. Miller, 57 Lisa A. Miller, 79 Marty N. Miller, 79 Melody G. Miller, 46 Michael L. Miller, 66 Michael S. Miller, 79 Pamela M. Miller, 79 Paula A. Miller, 66 William B. Miller, 46 Amanda B. Mills, 79 Angela R. Mills, 88 Leith Mills, 67 Robert E. Mills, 67 Steve D. Mills, 67 David L. Minick, 67 Bridget A. Misenheimer, 46 Kerry B. Mitchell, 57 Loria V. Mitchell, 46 Mary E. Mitchell, 46 Mary L. Mitchell, 79 Michael A. Mitchell, 46 Sherry K. Mitchell, 57 Ginger L. Mitts, 79 Paul M. Mitts, 46 David A. Mize, 79 Shelia J. Mobley, 57 Zaiton Mohd-Noor, 57 Norzaiton Mohn-Hor, 46 Moor A. Mohd-Salleh, 79 Rafe D. Montgomery, 57 Ronnie L. Montgomery, 79 Terri Montgomery, 79 Charles A. Moody, 87 Judy A. Moody, 46 Lynn ft. Moody, 46 Jamilyn E. Moon, 67 Angela R. Moore, 79 Daniel E. Moore, 67 Danny L. Moore, 79 Darren W. Moore, 79 Jeff Moore, 57 Joe H. Moore, 38 Johnny W. Moore, 57 Judy C. Moore, 67 Keith E. Moore, 57 Kristi L. Moore, 79 Melissa A. Moore, 79 Precious Moore, 46 Tereska M. Moore, 88 Joanna Moraitis, 67 Carroll A. Moran, 67 Gary L. Morgan, 79 Jeff A. Morgan, 46 Mark Morgan, 57 Pamela D. Morgan, 46 William L. Morgan, 79 Larry B. Morgeson, 79 Melissa D. Morris, 79 Michael G. Morris, 79 Patricia F. Morris, 47 Carter W. Morrison, 79 Gaye L. Morrison, 57 Paul W. Morrison, 67 Clayton T. Morrow, 67 Melissa C. Morse, 79 Bill Moss, 67 David C. Moss, 57 Greg L. Moss, 67 Lisa A. Moss, 67 Thomas E. Moss, 67 Stacy C. Mounce, 79 Antoinette E. Mount, 79 Sharon K. Mudford, 79 Darryl M. Muhammad, 67 Robi A. Mullen, 67 Becky Murphy, 47 Eddie Murphy, 57 Silvaratnam Murugasu, 67 Rohaizat Mustaffa, 89 Rhonda A. Mynatt, 57 Bruxie N. Myshka, 38 354 -n- Taplah Mafiah, 57 Lauri nail, 57 Sharon D. Nash, 79 Cheryl P. Have, 89 Caterina L. Meal, 47 DeeAnna Heal, 57 Qretta E. neal, 57 Jon R. neal, 79 Karen R. neal, 57 Lillie A. neal, 57 Mark A. neal, 47 Rebecca D. neal, 47 Steven L. neal, 67 Tammy R. neal, 47 Kenneth A. neely, 79 Kim neely, 67 David C. nelson, 67 nancy P. nelson, 79 Cassondra F. neumeyer, 7 Gregory S. newberry, 57 Leanna newberry, 88 Robert A. newberry, 57 Vickie D. newton, 67 nhu T. nguyen, 67 Audrey nichols, 67 Cassandra E. nichols, 57 nedra C. nichols, 47 Carla D. nicholson, 67 Michelle K. nicholson, 58 nik nazila nik-Ahmad, 67 Siva nithiananthan, 39 Robin nix, 58 Teddy W. nix Jr., 67 Lori S. noblin, 67 nancy J. noe, 67 Lushon B. noel, 67 Leonard L. noland, 87 Randy K. nolen, 47 Tammie E. nolen, 58 Zainudin nor, 58 Crystal norman, 79 Mark n. norman, 58 Cherry L. norris, 58 Pamela norris, 58 Shannon norris, 79 Charels norton II, 58 Delilah A. nowell, 47 April S. nowlin, 47 Richard R. nutt, 58 Stanley Q. nutt, 58 Joyce E. nuttbrack, 87 James nwakudo, 47 Benedict nwokeforo, 47 Azubuikem nwokeabia, 58 -O- David W. Oakes, 67 Ehigiator I. Oaiya, 47 Elizabeth H. Oates, 47 Ronald C. Oates, 58 Freeland E. Obed, 89 Fletcher E. O ' Cain, 58 Karen L. O ' Connor, 47 Jeff W. O ' Donnell, 79 Clement A. Oigbokie, 47 Rebecca L. Ogilvie, 79 Ebenzer Ogummusesan, Okezie n. Okeh, 39 Godson C. Okocha, 39 Azubuike E. Okoye, 47 James D. Oldham, 47 Leslie D. Oldham, 67 Teresa A. Oldham, 88 Alan Oldman, 58 Jeanette Oldman, 58 Barbara A. Olloway, 88 Bill Olson, 67 Debra L. Olson, 79 Harvey G. Olson, 79 Zuraidah Omar, 79 Erin-Marie O ' neal, 67 Michael P. O ' neal, 79 George O. Onochie, 39 Anne M. Oprean, 79 Catherine L. Oprean, 79 Vickie R. Orick, 79 Mary K. Orlick, 67 Marty B. Ott, 79 Chuck R. Orton, 58 George M. Osborn, 47 Stefanie A. Osborn, 67 Tammy T. Osborn, 58 Mickey S. Osborne, 80 Odessa S. Osborne, 47 Sharon K. Osier, 58 Judy E. Osment, 67 Dereta Othman, 80 Khairil Walid Othman, 58 Meleah R. Overman, 58 Eddie R. Overstreet, 80 norah C. Overstreet, 58 Levada S. Overton, 80 Anita Overturf, 58 Bradley li. Owen, 80 Jeff J. Owen, 47 Danny L. Owens, 80 Dianna L. Owens, 80 Kelly L. Owens, 58 Rodney Owens, 58 Sherry A. Owens, 80 Angela F. Oxford, 58 Marjorie D. Ozbirn, 67 Stan G. Ozier, 38 -P- Laura L. Palmer, 67 Sandra K. Parchman, 80 Cheryl R. Parker, 80 Melinda L. Parker, 58 Richard K. Parker, 80 Sarah A. Parker, 80 Tommy W. Parkinson, 47 Billy W. Parks, 67 Crystal D. Parmenter, 67 Sheila R. Parnell, 80 Kathey Parr, 58 Lisa Parr, 67 Sarah A. Parr, 80 Joseph L. Parris, 58 Scott D. Parton, 67 David n. Paschall, 58 Rajool Patel, 67 Danny W. Patterson, 67 Deanna K. Patterson, 67 Lisa L. Patterson, 47 Melissa Patterson, 80 Anthony S. Patton, 58 Shelly J. Patton, 67 Jimmilee E. Patty, 80 Karen L. Payne, 58 Leannett P. Payne, 80 Lititia G. Payne, 58 Tim S. Payne, 80 Tina R. Peacock, 58 Bryant E. Pearson, 47 Vonda L. Pearson, 58 Donna L. Peebles, 47 Robert K. Pell Jr., 58 Anita C. Pemberton, 67 Tracey Pendegraft, 80 Mark G. Pender, 47 Cody L. Pendergist, 58 Barbara L. Pendergrass, 80 Connie L. Pendergrass, 88 Jeff Pennington, 80 Johnny R. Peoples, 88 Vetrice L. Peoples, 67 Julie A. Perdue, 87 Jimmy Keith Perkins, 58 Julie A. Perkins, 58 Lynn M. Perkins, 47 Mary A. Perkins, 58 Rebecca L. Perkins, 80 Robert L. Perkins, 58 Stefanie G. Perkins, 47 Raymond A. Perren, 38 John A. Perry, 80 John W. Perry, 58 Sam C. Person, 58 Debbie R. Peters, 58 Lesley A. Peters, 58 John L. Peterson, 67 Charles S. Petty, 58 Jetta L. Petty, 58 Lee J. Petty, 58 Bobby G. Phillips, 67 David L. Phillips, 80 Gary L. Phillips, 38 Glenda G. Phillips, 80 Teena M. Phillips, 58 Treena J. Phillips, 80 Sandy S. Pickens, 80 Darrell D. Pickney, 88 David Pierce, 80 Doyne D. Pierce, 67 James D. Pierce, 58 Joseph D. Pierce, 38 Joyce A. Pierce, 58 Kellye J. Pierce, 80 Pam G. Pierce, 67 Stephanie M. Pierce, 80 Tommie Sue Pierce, 67 Kathy J. Pierson, 47 William M. Pike, 58 Kimberly D. Pillow, 67 Penny L. Pillow, 88 Michael W. Pinegar, 58 Laura J. Pink, 38 Angela M. Pipes, 89 Lane Pippin, 58 Steve R. Pirtle, 89 Sammy n. Pitman, 80 Danna R. Pittman, 80 Janet L. Pittman, 88 MaryKat Pittman, 80 Ronda R. Piwinski, 67 Carrie L. Pollard, 80 Savannah P. Pollock, 80 Sonya M. Pomtree, 47 Sheryl E. Poole, 67 Harvey K. Porchia, 58 Clint W. Porter, 67 Robert L. Porter, 58 Sherry Porter, 80 Karen D. Porterfield, 80 Melissa E. Potter, 47 Donna J. Powell, 58 Charlotte A. Power, 88 Paul B. Power, 90 Peggy S. Powers, 67 Vickie S. Prater, 47 Carla R. Pratt, 80 Rhonda L. Prentice, 80 James D. Presley, 47 Joel D. Presley, 67 David E. Price, 80 Linda D. Price, 67 Mark A. Price, 47 Yvonne Jeanette Price, 67 Donna J. Prichard, 47 Jesse L. Priddy, 80 Richard M. Pridmore, 80 Jacinda A. Prince, 80 Linda K. Prince, 67 Sharon C. Privett, 80 Dametra C. Proffitt, 58 Supavadee Prommasa, 47 Udom Prommasa, 47 Knight Province, 80 Patience D. Pruitt, 80 Douglas H. Pry, 80 Rhonda C. Pugsley, 80 Sherry E. Pulley, 47 Cindy G. Pulliam, 80 Clinton J. Pulliam, 80 Everina E. Pulliam, 67 LaVonda R. Purnell, 80 Tracy G. Purser, 47 Kelly M. Purtee, 88 Steven J. Purtee, 47 Chris R. Puryear, 80 Betty J. Pyland, 67 Bill S. Pyland, 48 -Q- Penny E. Quails, 80 Charisse M. Quarles, 67 Harry L. Quarrels, 58 Colby K. Quinn, 80 -R- William D. Rabeneck, 80 355 Billy E. Ragan, 80 Polly A. Raible, 58 Gary B. Rainey, 48 John R. Rainwater, 67 Thomas H. Rainwater, 58 David A. Ramsammy, 48 Jeffrey H. Ramsey, 80 Barbara A. Randleas, 80 Julie A. Randleman, 48 Kenneth W. Raney, 80 Jeff D. Ransone, 80 Jerry L. Rapert, 58 Dana L. Rasmussen, 67 Rebecca A. Raspberry, 80 Don Ray, 80 Janelle B. Ray, 58 Kevin D. Ray, 88 Leveta Ray, 48 Melissa L. Ray, 80 Suzanne L. Ray, 67 Michael D. Raymond, 67 Kathy Reagan, 48 Kevin A. Reagan, 48 Deiadra J. Redden, 80 Lee A. Redmond, 38 Greg O. Reece, 68 Arthur L. Reed, 68 Elvon Reed, 80 LeighAnne Reeve, 58 Donna J. Reeves, 68 Earnest B. Reeves, 58 Gwen F. Reeves, 68 Wendy K. Reeves, 80 Donna Denise Reginelli, 58 Barbara J. Reid, 48 Carolyn V. Reid, 68 Stuart A. Reid, 68 Leanne M. Reilly, 58 Deanna R. Reighemeyer, 58 Shannon L. Rennicke, 80 Debby S. Renshaw, 68 Katherine I. Ressalam, 68 Cindy M. Reves, 68 Randy S. Reynolds, 80 Rufus Reynolds, 80 Stacy J. Reynolds, 68 Wendy A. Reynolds, 68 Patricia A. Rhein, 88 Brenda J. Rhodes, 48 Laura A. Rice, 80 Paul Allen Rice, 58 Rodney A. Richard, 58 Austin B. Richards, 58 Frank Richards, 68 Donna L. Richardson, 59 Douglas Richardson, 48 Eulalee Richardson, 81 Franc es Richardson, 81 Jeri A. Richardson, 48 Ronald Richardson, 59 Regina K. Richey, 81 Clifton L. Richmond, 68 Karen R. Ricker, 68 Cynthia D. Rickman, 59 Janette K. Rickman, 59 Lisa G. Rickman, 59 Tosknella Riddle, 68 Rebecca L. Rider, 59 Pashia L. Ridge, 59 Brian K. Rigsby, 81 Jeaneen A. Rigsby, 48 Carol J. Rikard, 48 Karen Riley, 59 Kimberly A. Riely, 81 Scott E. Riley, 48 Sharon R. Riley, 59 Susan Riley, 39 Christopher R. Ring, 59 Kimberley A. Ring, 48 Kevin L. Rippy, 59 Stephanie K. Risinger, 48 Beth J. Ritter, 81 Jill L. Ritter, 59 Luis A. Rivera, 86 Lesley A. Robbins, 68 Terri J. Robbins, 81 Scott V. Roberson, 68 Angel J. Roberts, 81 David S. Roberts, 68 Denetia L. Roberts, 81 Jeffrey R. Roberts, 59 Lorrie A. Roberts, 59 Sherry L. Roberts, 48 Susie Roberts, 68 Tony T. Roberts, 81 Vanessa E. Roberts, 68 William T. Roberts, 59 Franklin Robertson, 68 John H. Robertson, 88 Cindy D. Robinett, 59 Georgia A. Robinette, 88 Lytania L. Robinson, 68 Mark R. Robinson, 68 Regina M. Robinson, 81 Rickey L. Robinson, 59 Robbie L. Robinson, 48 Sandy L. Robinson, 68 William M. Robinson, 68 Wilse L. Robinson, 81 Susan M. Robison, 68 Dolores J. Roe, 85 Robbie E. Roedel, 81 Sherry A. Roeder, 81 Betty S. Rogers, 81 James S. Rogers, 59 Lee Rogers, 59 Paul B. Rogers, 81 Brigitte L. Rone, 81 Sherry L. Rook, 68 Greg A. Rooks, 59 Eric D. Rooney, 59 Cynthia M. Roper, 81 Sonya L. Rorex, 89 Deedra D. Rosamond, 59 Gala L. Rose, 59 Joan Rose, 59 Susan A. Rose, 68 Tracey A. Rose, 48 Wilma K. Rose, 59 John W. Ross, 59 Rebecca J. Ross, 68 Ronnie E. Ross, 81 Sunny Ross, 81 Barry M. Rossell, 59 Jane Ann Rouse, 48 Carmen A. Rowland, 85 Cherie Rowlett, 48 Cindi Renee Rowlett, 81 Mildred J. Roy, 38 Tammy R. Rudkin, 68 Scott R. Ruff, 68 Helena M. Ruhl, 38 Brian K. Ruminer, 48 Jason B. Runsick, 68 James S. Russell, 59 Luann Russell, 59 Martha Louise Russell, 81 Monta Lea Russell, 48 Jeff J. Rutherford, 48 -S- Shazatul Sabidin, 68 Julie A. Sandborn, 81 Blanche L. Sanders, 59 Ike Sanders III, 68 James R. Sanders, 81 Martin K. Sanders, 68 Meal W. Sanders, 59 Ruth A. Sanders, 59 Shannon E. Sanders, 89 Suzette C. Sanders, 68 Ruby Shirleen Sando, 48 Erik Sandstrom, 59 Amy E. Sanford, 59 Younus Sanjrani, 81 Kelly D. Sanner, 59 Sarminah Sapari, 68 Charles M. Sartin, 81 Sharon K. Sartin, 59 Deana M. Satterwhite, 59 Brian D. Sawyer, 68 Anita J. Sayger, 68 Carl S. Sayles, 48 Pa tricia A. Saylors, 68 Tina L. Scales, 81 Craig Scallions, 81 Sandra J. Scarlet, 81 Pat D. Schaeffer, 59 Wendy M. Schalit, 81 Joseph F. Scheller, 59 Dale A. Schenk, 59 Karen E. Schisler, 48 Donna A. Schroyer, 59 Judd S. Schug, 81 John A. Schwarz, 81 John T. Schwent Jr., 81 Douglas R. Scott, 59 Jeffrey L. Scott, 59 Kathy B. Scott, 48 Amy B. Scroggs, 81 Susan J. Scroggs, 88 Veronica L. Scurlock, 81 riora Marie Seals, 39 Elizabeth S. Seaton, 59 Rodney Seawood, 81 Dana L. Seay, 68 Ellen R. Seay, 68 Cindy L. Seesengood, 87 Barry R. Sellers, 88 Rick Sellers, 68 Terri L. Selvidge, 88 Yvonne Michelle Sessums, 81 Becky A. Sewell, 39 Mohd M. Shafie, 48 Sharirulliza Shamsul-Am- bia, 39 Allison Shanklin, 88 Alana G. Shannon, 81 Bruce E. Shannon, 88 Steve V. Shannon, 89 David E. Sharp, 59 Don G. Sharp, 59 Janae E. Shatley, 68 Mary Jo Shaver, 68 Ann B. Shaw, 59 Arnold R. Shaw, 59 Denise K. Shaw, 48 Harold D. Shaw, 68 David W. Shedd, 59 Daniel T. Sheets, 59 Vivian C. Sheets, 68 Amy M. Shelton, 81 Donna K. Shelton, 81 Sarah E. Shelton, 81 Thomas E. Shelton, 81 Whitney A. Shelton, 48 Deborah K. Shepard, 59 Vicki L. Shepherd, 81 Gregg S. Sheppard, 48 Colette S. Sheridan, 68 William D. Sheridan, 48 Lavanda A. Sherrill, 48 Bryan W. Shipman, 88 Carla M. Shipman, 81 Harold L. Shoemaker, 81 Amy R. Shoffner, 81 Eric Shoffner, 59 Payton R. Shortnacy, 81 Lori L. Shouse, 48 Paula J. Shrable, 68 Sue Shrum, 48 Linda F. Shuck, 48 Jo N. Shutt, 68 Gail P. Siddell, 59 Sandra E. Siddell, 68 Lisa A. Siler, 59 Scott A. Siler, 48 Lesia L. Simmons, 59 Mark E. Simmons, 59 Rebecca J. Simmons, 81 Sandy K. Simmons, 68 Shirley A. Simmons, 81 Jan L. Simpson, 59 Jerri M. Simpson, 68 Steve L. Simpson, 59 Fay Sims, 81 Jan Sims, 81 Jerome Sims, 48 John A. Sims, 48 Lance E. Sims, 68 Steven D. Sinclair, 68 Parminder Singh, 68 Shanmuganathan Sinnan, 68 Steve Sipa, 68 Danette Sisco, 49 Tammy A. Sisk, 59 Tony L. Skidmore, 81 Paul M. Skuban, 59 Geraldine M. Skyles, 59 Vicki L. Skyles, 59 Tim M. Slape, 38 556 Donna Slaton, 88 Emmett M. Slayton, 59 Wesley Sloan, 81 Donna S. Smalley, 59 Jeron D. Smart, 59 Angela K. Smith, 81 Angelia M. Smith, 59 Barbara M. Smith, 59 Brian D. Smith, 81 Charles E. Smith, 81 Clinton Smith, 81 Cubie L. Smith, 49 Daniel L. Smith, 68 Deborah A. Smith, 89 Dewey J. Smith, 59 Edye Arlene Smith, 68 Greg F. Smith, 49 Mall M. Smith, 68 James M. Smith, 59 Jamie D. Smith, 68 Jerry L. Smith, 88 Jim L. Smith, 49 John A. Smith, 81 Johnnie B. Smith, 81 Karrie A. Smith, 81 Kirk A. Smith, 59 Lynn W. Smith, 60 Marcia D. Smith, 81 Marie A. Smith, 60 Mark A. Smith, 60 Melinda K. Smith, 81 norma S. Smith, 89 Penny L. Smith, 81 Rhonda Q. Smith, 81 Roanne Smith, 89 Robert E. Smith HI, 81 Robin M. Smith, 49 Ronnie D. Smith, 81 Rosilyn M. Smith, 60 Sandra A. Smith, 60 Scott C. Smith, 68 Sheila Q. Smith, 60 Stephen D. Smith, 60 Stephen R. Smith, 68 Steve R. Smith, 68 Susan K. Smith, 81 Tammy Lynne Smith, 49 Veronica J. Smith, 81 Wesley S. Smith, 68 Mark B. Smithee, 68 Stacey S. Smithee, 81 Karmen D. Smittle, 81 Robert A. Smythe, 68 James M. Snead, 82 Pamela M. Sneed, 82 Sherry A. Sneed, 68 Rusty L. Snelson, 68 Allison P. Snider, 49 Bobby L. Snider, 82 Stan D. Snodgrass, 49 Victoria M. Snodgrass, 69 Faramarz Soleimani, 49 Karen L. Soles, 49 Suzanne R. Solley, 60 Henrietta Sorg, 69 Harold Q. Souheaver, 49 Susan L. South, 60 James M. Southern, 89 Scott W. Southern, 82 Michele R. Spain, 82 Carol J. Spargo, 82 Glen L. Spargo, 49 Connie L. Sparks, 49 Gayla L. Sparks, 90 Christine D. Speakman, 82 Barbara J. Spears, 85 Lisa D. Spears, 82 Elizabeth S. Spell, 82 Dennis L. Spence, 69 Donald R. Spence, 82 Cynthia C. Spencer, 49 Russ Spencer, 60 Sheila D. Spencer, 82 Robin P. Spicer, 60 Doris G. Spradling, 69 Becky K. Sprinkle, 82 Paula A. Sprinkle, 69 Becky F. Spurlock, 69 Tracy L. Spurlock, 69 Crystal G. Squires, 49 riesan Sriskanda, 69 Jeffrey D. Stacey, 49 Mary J. Stacy, 60 Vicki D. Stacy, 82 Leslie A. Stafford, 82 Jamie D. Staggs, 69 Kathryn L. Staggs, 82 Ryan W. Stalcup, 82 Tim W. Stallings, 60 Susan R. Stalnaker, 60 Sandra Jo Standefer, 60 Belinda D. Stanfill, 69 Dean W. Stanley, 60 Kelly M. 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Treece, 50 Caroline S. Trimble, 90 Angela D. Tripp, 83 Tommy Q. Trivitt, 69 Monia A. Troillett, 83 Debbie L. Trotter, 87 Roger Troxel, 60 Debra D. Trusty, 83 Doris L. Tuberville, 69 Torrence L. Tuberville, 88 Christopher R. Tucker, 60 Darrick L. Tucker, 50 Jerry W. Tucker, 60 nancy C. Tucker, 83 Richard T. Tucker, 69 Ronnie L. Tucker, 83 Myra B. Tuggle, 50 Sondra R. Tunstall, 83 Kevin L. Turbeville, 83 Athena L. Turner, 83 Hester J. Turner, 50 Julie E. Turner, 83 Jonathan S. Turner, 83 Kathy L. Turner, 83 Keith A. Turner, 83 Loretta Turner, 50 Linda C. Tusing, 50 Dona Rene Tyler, 60 Vivian D. Tyler, 83 James P. Tyner, 60 -U- Cynthia K. Ussery, 60 Roland L. Ussery, 60 Sunday Utaegbulam, 50 Meleia L. Utley, 50 -V- Kevan T. Vangilder, 83 Donan M. VanWinkle, 50 Carl R. Vaughn, 88 Elizabeth Ann Vaughn, 60 Mary A. Vaughn, 61 Vickie M. Vaught, 50 Kelly J. Vaupel, 87 Alesia S. Veasley, 69 David C. Veasman, 88 Kuganes Veerasamy, 88 Rykumany Veerasamy, 90 Mike C. Verser, 83 Cheryl A. 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Williams, 83 Itina Williams, 84 Jawanda L. Williams, 51 Jeff A. Williams, 61 Karla Williams, 70 Kevin B. Williams, 70 Lana K. Williams, 70 Laurie L. Williams, 51 LeAnn Williams, 70 Lori M. Williams, 70 Maggy Lee Williams, 70 Maley A. Williams, 84 Mary Beth Williams, 84 Melanie Williams, 61 Rosalyn A. Williams, 51 Shannon D. Williams, 70 Shirley A. Williams, 84 Steve R. Williams, 51 Susan C. Williams, 70 Thomas H. Williams, 61 Greg A. Williamson, 61 Kent T. Williamson, 70 Robert Williamson, 70 Tammi Williamson, 61 Kara Willi ngham, 84 Daphne I. Willis, 84 Judy C. Willis, 51 Brenda Tipler Wilson, 61 Darla Kaye Wilson, 70 John N. Wilson, 70 Michelle D. Wilson, 70 Pearl L. Wilson, 84 Teresa D. Wilson, 84 Tracy E. Wilson, 84 Cheryl L. Winfrey, 61 Lettie T. Winfrey, 51 Judy A. Winkle, 61 Audra K. Winningham, 70 Bliss K. Winningham, 61 Jennifer Winningham, 84 Larry D. Winslow, 87 Winfred Winston, 39 Charles Elton Wise, 84 Kevin J. Wise, 84 Gregory N. Wiseman, 51 Jim J. Wiseman, 70 Wilburn L. Wiseman, 90 Rhonda M. Withers, 61 Janette K. Withrow, 70 Carla Y. Wofford, 84 558 Starla T. Wolf, 61 Alan A. Wood, 70 Cheryl L. Wood, 61 Kathy L. Wood, 61 Kyle K. Wood, 61 Mary A. Wood, 61 Natalie C. Wood, 84 Rebecca J. Wood, 39 Tim W. Wood, 84 Jacqueline Woodard, 51 Carol D. Woods, 61 Debbie L. Woods, 61 Deborah K. Woods, 70 Janet L. Woods, 84 Ruth A. Wooldridge, 70 Joe W. Woolverton, 51 Stefanie E. Wooten, 84 Jane Word, 70 Deborah S. Workman, 84 Jeffrey K. Worlow, 51 Landis R. Worlow, 84 John R. Worlund, 39 Andrea L. Worsham, 70 Ricky Q. Wortham, 51 Kimberly A. Worthen, 84 Paula J. Wray, 84 Allison L. Wright, 70 Amelia S. Wright, 61 Charles L. Wright, 84 Henrietta Wright, 70 James M. Wright, 61 Lori A. Wright, 51 Michael L. Wright, 90 Anthony W. Wroten, 84 Melony A. Wroten, 61 Debbie J. Wyatt, 61 Kyle A. Wylie, 70 Paige J. Wynn, 84 Patrick J. Wynn, 84 Rhonda C. Wyse, 70 -Y- Rick J. Yancey, 84 Fred E. Yarbrough, 61 Susie Yarbrough, 61 Tammy C. Yarbrough, 70 Wendy A. Yarbrough, 84 Jia Chi Yee, 84 Amy M. Yersak, 84 Yin Siew Yip, 51 Wanda L. Yopp, 61 Jama M. York, 84 Joey N. York, 84 Carla J. Young, 70 Cynthia L. Young, 51 Donna D. Young, 84 Gregory A. Young, 61 Mark T. Young, 61 Melvin Young, 61 Rene Young, 84 Tim D. Young, 84 Tommy L. Young, 51 Ulysses Young, 84 Tom Q. Youngman, 84 Mark L. Yount, 84 Reza Yousefi, 39 -Z- Rosilawati Zainol, 84 Ruzina Zainuddin, 61 Brenda S. Zamora, 87 Mike R. Zamora, 84 Kurt H. Zen-Ruffinen, 88 Kris K. Zepecki, 84 Terry L. Ziegenhorn, 38 Thomas M. Zielinski, 84 Joe M. Zimmerman, 70 THAT ' S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR 361 PHOTOS BY Keith Waddle Head Photographer YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Keith Waddle Top picture • Little Blue Belle . Right picture • Help Me Build a Snowman! Won first place in the U.S. Air force (SAC) Photo Contest. DRAMA AMD PHOTOGRAPHY BY TRICIA THOMAS PEOPLE Dillon A. Watkins WE ' RE REALLY GLAD THIS SPECIAL LADIES Becky I just want to say how wonderful you are. I know many times I must have gotten on your nerves with my scatterbrained antics. You ' re wonderful, truly. You were always there to help me out - remember when you banged the wall? Jackie, I ' m going to miss your notes everyday telling me that Tom needed to see me. You and your always pleasant disposition, you make me sick. Just kidding, you were a very big help, you helped keep Tom from killing me. YEARBOOK IS FINISHED! Paul, do whatever the hell you want to. I don t care. WE ' RE THE ONES BEHIND THIS Joe French, assistant editor, and Michele King, one of our great photographers take time for a posed photo. You think we ' ll win this year ' s Equal Opportunity Employer award? BOOK - FIVE PERCEPTIONS OF ASU MARK YOUNG SPORTS EDITOR ELLEN LAMPKINS ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR 373 DEADLINES WERE THE WORST - RIGHT? ASSISTANT EDITOR BUT THE STAFF REALLY WORKED HARD Photography: Dillon Watkins. Hair: J. Micheal s. Shoes: Mippotamus. Sweater: Boston Traders Shirt: Calvin Klein. Shorts: Qenerra. Socks: Boston Traders. Model: M.S. Train furnished by Cotton Belt. " Mark, remember when you laughed out loud in Dr Fowler s class? That was so funny. " EDITOR S NOTE: It is now 5:50 a.m., March 3, 1986 and I am finishing up the last pages of this year s yearbook and 1 am about to burst with glee. It has been a long. Ion long year. I sincerely hope that this yearbook will be a good one and you in your later years will look back upon it and relive your college experience. You se I helped make it. Just kidding, most of my friends already know my dry humor. Before 1 go on. let me thank some very special people who have h elped me cling to my sanity. My mother and stepfather who I bitched to every weekend about my yearbook woes, and my wonderful grandmother who has more sen: than I do in her little thumb. Tom Manning, you are too much. I know that 1 gave you a year ' s worth of ulcer, but it ' s over. You ' re just a one-in-a-million gu Jackie and Becky, you know how I feel about you all. And don ' t let me forget my right-hand man, Joe. 1 can ' t believe you actually stayed up with me and work on everybody else ' s pages but our own. I told you this before, and I ' ll tell you again, 1 am truly indebted to you for the rest of my life. You ' re a great friend. 1 my other best buddy, John Allen, who happens to be sitting by the typewriter as I type out this legacy. Again, there goes my humor. One thing about the caption please do not bring a libel suit against me. They were done in fun. 1 hope you like them. Debbie, baby, my sweet baby, thanks for the release of tension at Cahoots. That was my second home. God! Who do I have to thank now? Oh!, my editors, that ' s who. Thanks so much for your diligent and effortless work. Yc really made this a real experience. But seriously, folks, like the picture says: I ' m gone. It ' s been fun. P.S. I feel like I ' ve been running up that hill in between da with my cities in dust like Tarzan Boy riding in a black car touching roses and I realize I can ' t get there from here and still 1 wonder how to be a millionaire wi love and pride in this world of destruction . . . See how delirious I am, it ' s 6:00 injthe morning and I ' m exhausted and hungry and me and John Allen, Debbi Leigh Ann, Paul, and Denise are going to Larry ' s and ' N Cahoots tonite for Modem Music night. -MARK 376 " i| Brown ' s Groduatlon Supplies ft Awards Co 410 ffanklin St Jonesboro. Arkansas 72401 (501)-°32-4832 Representing Wals worth Publishing Company □ □ ma

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