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INDIAN ' 85 Editor Stephen Coy Assistant Editor Ellen Lampkins Campus Editor Mark Simmons Greek Editor David Lovelace Sports Editor John Allen Sims Head Photographer K. Todd Gaskins Published by Walsworth Publishing Company Cover artwork by Garen Shrader Title page artwork by Teresa Williams ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY EVENTS 18 CAMPUS LIFE 32 GREEK 82 3P0RTS 130 ORGANIZATIONS 192 CLASSES 248 3 i I We come to ASU seeking the college experience. " The best years of our lives " we are told — therefore we pursue a fulfilling four years. No one easily defines college life and everything it entails, but our experience and memories leave an indelible impression etched in our minds. Perhaps the contribution of little things express it best. Who you meet, where you meet, and how you meet them. 6 This is the beginning place where many lifelong friendships begin. Friendships discovered through the day-to-day routines that are often taken for granted. Few realize the influence this time brings. Years later we will hear a familiar statement and look back to these years; our protection from the real world with a subtle air of optimism. It is this time that gives us direction for the future and a longing for the past. 9 13 15 18 EVENTS 19 ASU CELEBRATES 75th ANNIVERSARY 75 YEARS OF TEACHING, RESEARCH AND SERVICE DIAMOND JUBILEE 1909 : STATE AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL Arkansas State has grown district agricultural school Today It serves not only tfie region, but also the internet It initially trained nig in modern techniques of fart i economics, while providing a Today there are nine separate Graduate School, and an indeo Science Department . Outstanding leadership a the decades have erablec; the survive economic difficulties fluctuations to Decooe a lead force in the state. This is a story of evolu change; visions for the futur research; service. 1984 : ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Homecoming Generates Activity SPRINGFEST ' 84 - A SPLASHING SUCCESS April 11, was a day of fun, games, and music as the campus and local community celebrated Springfest ' 84. The purpose of the Festival held each Spring, is to raise money for scholarships and to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, administration, and the community to join together. This years Springfest was also a part of the ASU 75th Anniversary Celebration. ' 28 29 31 32 CAMPUS LIFE 33 Faculty Follies " Becomes Annual Event Showcasing Faculty Talent " Faculty Follies " was first present- d last year as part of the 75th nniversary celebration coming in with ollaboration with the annual Spring- ;st. Because the program was such a access they decided to make it into an nnual event. The faculty did several unique and any acts much to the pleasure of the udience. There was an all-girl jughead and, storytelling, a Marilyn Monroe npersonation, blues singing, banjo laying, an aerobics farce called " Burn ' s iouncing Buns " , and a jazz band, luring the week of the show students ere allowed to vote for their faculty lember in a collage of categories such 3 " Most Preppiest " , " Most 60ish " , Most Emotionless " and others. X AVION " Sends its Brand oi }ock ' n Soul to ASU " XAVION " was described as " one of smphis ' hottest rock bands " and apparently U ' s Union Board along with the rock n ' soul a, Hall and Oates thought so. On October 17, i band performed before a " standing- im-only " crowd at the New Pavilion complete h very unique renditions of the Top 40 hits ng with their own Top 40 hit, " Eat Your art Out " , which had rather extensive airplay MTV. In November XAVION began touring h Hall and Oates on their world tour :oming the opening act. Remember you saw here first. We Ain ' t Afraid of No Blood! " Remember the phrase the smash summer hit movie " Ghostbusters " and the hit; single by Ray Parker, Jr. about, " I ain ' t afraid of no ghosts! " On September 6 several ASU students were chanting, " I ain ' t afraid of no needles! " as they volunteered their blood in ai blood drive sponsored by the ASU ROTC. The blood drive was held in the ASU Armory and over 450 students donated blood. This shows you that despite the fears of pain, the needles nott being stuck in the vein, and other ludicrous myths, that the Redl Cross has a way of knocking | these down. 38 Mickey Gilley " Countrifies " ASU Mickey Gilley, the club owner whose bar " Gilley ' s " was featured in the movie ' Urban Cowboy " came to ASU on October L2 where at 8 p.m. he performed with his ' Urban Cowboy Band " in the ASU Fieldhouse before a capacity crowd of over 1,500. The concert was sponsored in part by the ASU Union Board ' s concert committee. fThe committee helped to set up the concert and in appreciation they got the chance to view Gilley ' s bus, where many (as you can (tell) took pictures with him. ASU Honors Club Holds Annual Fall Picnic The ASU Honors Association held it annual " Welcome Back " picnic on September 6, 1984. The picnic was held in the Old Pavilion where the menu consisted of the usual. Several members of the faculty who teach honors courses were on hand to congratulate the new members with words of advice and humor. Jimmy Brumley, a sophomore from Marion said that, " Being in the honors courses allows the student to argue, debate, and have discussion on certain issues that directly or indirectly affect us as a whole " . The association has over 30 members and being continually recognized as one of the most influential clubs; peer pressure-wise, on campus. " STILL MAX " Provide Hilarious Comedy " Still and MAX " was a ventriloquist act out of Grand Rapids, Michigan that came to perform at ASU through contacts from the Union Board. The man behind the dummy (Max) was Jimmy Still, a twenty-four year old who has been a professional for over 10 years. This is mildly surprising for some to believe but it ' s true. " Still and MAX " have traveled with such comedy greats as George Kirby, Pearl Bailey, and Red Skeleton. About four years ago Still decided to venture into the college circuit. They performed at ASU on October 16 doing teasers for the show at noon and 5 p.m. The two hour show was presented at 7:30 p.m. Despite the weather condition (tor- nados and heavy thunderstorms) they managed to pull in over 100 people in the Indian Lounge. The Success Renaissance Faire Make )f the t a Tradition at ASU After the success of the Renaissance Faire last year, which was sponsored rough cooperation between the history department and the fine arts department; was decided that it would become an annual affair. This year it was held on ptember 29 at the New Pavilion from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They expected only out 500 students to attend but over 1,000 attended. The faire offered jousting, archery, and juggling contests. There was also jdievel drama, fortune telling, wandering minstrel shows, madrigal singers, and lakespearean drama along with the unusual arts and crafts. A contest to select " Lord and Lady of the Faire " . However, on a modern note there was a giant ;een TV where the Renaissance Faire people could watch an odd game called ootball " and view the ASU-Texas A M game. Fashions Unlimited For ASU ' s Omega " Fashions Unlimited III " , the third annual fall fashion show sponsored by the Omega Psi Phi Sweethearts was held November 8, 1984 in the Carl R. Reng Center Ballroom. The fashion show had seven contestants, all vying for the first place prize of a trophy and a $75.00 gift certificate from the Colony Shop in Jonesboro. The contestants were Leslie Hoskins, Lisa Gladney, Kimberly Barnes, Gloria Starks, Robyn Stevenson, Kathy Davis, and Jackie Nelson. Kimberly Barnes was the winner, while Gloria Starks and Kathy Da vis received first and second-runner up prizes. m m ( ) [II " : Another Success 3 si Phi Sweethearts Joan Mondale Visits ASU Campus Joan Mondale, wife of the Democratic presidential hopeful, Walter Mondale used her trip to the Arkansas State University campus on September 18 to rap the policies of incumbent President Reagan. Mrs. Mondale criticized Reagan for not revealing a plan to cut the federal deficit. She said the Reagan administration is not leveling with the American public on the real reasons why they cannot lower the deficit. Tuesday morning during her tour of the ASU museum and several pottery exhibits and the art gallery she then told a group of supporters what her plans are for extending the arts and sciences as First Lady if her husband wins in November. She also toured the greenhouses located by the physical plant and emphasized the importance of soybean research. After her short speech she flew to Little Rock. 46 COGIC Tells the World THE OMEGAS AND THE KAPPAS THROW One of the first things that ASU students look forward to is the annual dances that several fraternities have. A regular meeting place for the dances is the BSA suite which is in the basement of the nursing building. It is there that the sounds of the favorite rap songs and other favorite " jam " is held. 18 ANNUAL FALL ASU RENG RIFLES HARD AT WORK INDIAN FAMILY DOES MORE THAN THE RAIN DANCE INTRAMURALS: A FALL TRADITION Intramurals always mark the beginning of the fall semester ati ASU. Ready and willing to leave afternoon classes to go and slip:) into the old and comfortable I warm-ups and sweats; completer with the bruised leather tennis •« shoes, each student participating I becomes the Arthur Ashe, Tonyv Dorsett, or Mary Decker thati they dreamed of being. Even 9 only for one afternoon. Intramur- als are not only ways of attaining campus spirit but they are just i plain and simple fun. OF SPORTS MIXED 57 ASU ' S Spirit Comes In The Form )f Musical Instruments - The Band Arkansas State University ' s band, the ASU Marching Indians carried the spirit of ASU whether we lost or won jin our competition. From basketball to football we never lost the rhythm of the Indian beat. This year, one of the band ' s many events were cancelled due to bad weather, including the annual Band Day. It was the first time in over 20 years that it had been cancelled ecause of inclement weather. ROTC: THE OF ASU ROTC spells discipline for many military-minded students at ASU. It not only means getting up at 5:30 every Thursday and going through a couple hours of PT (physical training) but of getting ahead in the world. A lot of students scoff at the ROTC program but it ' s one of the best things that ASU has going for it. It ' s needed on campus and that ' s another reason why Heather Lowe, sophomore, of Blytheville gets up every Thursday to do her PT without any regrets. " It ' s the best thing that ever happened to me, " she said. DISCIPLINING ' BROOKLAND " PERFORMS FOR ASU " Brookland " , a band based here in Jonesboro was receiving quite a bit of exposure for a while. It played at several Union Board dances to more than enthusiastic crowds. It is a band worth seeing twice - and more. ASU CHEERLEADERS BECOME The ASU Cheerleaders have always been good, but never this good. This year they were named one of the Top Ten cheerleading teams in the nation by the NCA (National Cheerleading Association). This is the first time that ASU has ever achieved this honor. And so they help keep this torch of spirit burning ever so brightly. A TOP TEN TEAM OF SPIRIT MAJORETTES: MORE THAN A GOOD HALFTIME SHOW OF LEGS JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS SHOW SPIRIT AT WOMEN ' S iOME GAMES SNOW HITS ASU CAMPUS AGAIN - AND AGAIN! Debbie Turner competed i; I the talent competition of th r Miss Arkansas State Univer sity Pageant and won thai award and then turned around and won the title c ' Miss ASU Thursday, Fet ruary 12. Turner, a sop! omore from Jonesboro won $400 scholarship and a chant ) to compete in the Mis! Arkansas Pageant. WINS MISS ASU PAGEANT BRIGGS WINS SGA ELECTIONS 72 INTERNATIONAL NIGHT — A FESTIVE SUCCESS 75 Photographs by Kent Stubblefield Photographs by Clarissa McClain 79 Photographs hy Thomas I Kroepfl - 81 82 GREEKS 83 86 88 89 94 0m 96 TKE FINGERBOWL ' 84 101 Fingerbowl ' 84 14 ArA 7 103 KA WALKATHON 104 VEISS GREEK PLEDGE 107 109 no Ill Greek Organizations Deaundra Bacot Debbie Barnett Becky Bishop Stephanie Bolding Renee Bollinger Elaine Bosche Janelle Brown Lorili Butcher Dana Bynum Traci Carlson Nancy Chamberlin Beth Chambers Susan Cobb Tammie Colburn Robin Crafton Kathy Crawford Kelly Crisp Vonda Davis Sherrie Dupwe Jane Elmore Michele Evyan Laura Felts Alisa Flynn Jeri Garland Kim Gatlin Tonya George Paula Gibson Kathie Goodin Mischelle Grady Lesli Gray Laura Guinn Lori Henson Julie Hyde Theresa Ishmael Cindy Johnson Allison Johnston Kathy Kessinger Karri Mabry Maureen McFadden Shelia Marlin Denise Martin Laura Maxwell Fairy Meador Dana Merguie Jill Mitchell Carroll Moran Letha Morris Carol Newberry Cathy Oldham Debbie Oldham Amy Pardew Leslie Pickering Jody Raley Suzanne Ray Dee Dee Riggs Cindy Robertson Alpha Gamma Delta if V, Karen Williams Janette Withrow Tammy Yarbrough Lisa Robinson Beth Rogers Dana Ross Laura Ross Emily Scroggs Dawn Sechrest Allison Shanklin Jane Shedd Edye Smith Tracy Sparks Holly Springhart Julie Stone Leslie Sullins Jennifer Sutton Sandy Tanner Suzanne Timms Ann Vaughn Lisa Wallace Laurie Washam Nicole Weir Cindy Williams Alpha Gamma Rho Robert Anderson Troyce Don Barnett Bruce W. Beck Jack Boles Kent Brewer J. L. Clingingsmith Sr. Patrick J. Clingingsmith Glen A. Cunningham John J. Douglas Tony Elmore Glen Fleming Jeff F. Goode Allen Griffin Frank Guiltner John Hutchinson Robert Keller Ronnie Kingston Keith A. Klemmer Barry Lillard Donal Malone Robert G. Neal Jr. Mike Richardson Cliff Rose Craig Shackleford Lance Sims Cooper Taylor David C. Veasman Dean Wallace 113 Kevin Wooten Dr. Gene Aist, advisor Dr. J. A. Hales, advisor Dr. G. W. Tibbetts, advisor Melvin Womack, advisor Alpha Omricon Pi Kim Archer Terri Ashford DeAnn Aycock Martha Bayless Jennifer Beard Tammy Belk Kelly Billington Kathy Bird Melinda Booth Jennifer Bradford Kim Bridger Leslie Butler Jan Carmen Jamie Cavette Sandra Clay Donna Colburn Karri Collins Leslie Coop Cindy Crawford Carol Davis Karen Davis Kris Davis Holli Drewry Renee Dryden Susan Evans Lisa Gardner Greye Grisham Stephanie Hanford Joni Hampton Donna Harrison Alyce Heeb Julie Hill Cindy Hovis Leslie Hudson Lori Jackson Amy Jenkins Kellie Jones Gina Kelly Michelle Kennon Wendy Kirkwood Terri Jo Lamberth Leitfa Mills Yvette Norris Stacy Osborn Stefanie Osborn Kelly Owens Julie Pressy Deena Reeves Jill Ritter ' 1 V ft m m ■ - m A IF % ■ I n - IT - Sarah Wiggins Carole Williams Melanie Williams Karen Wright Kelly Roberson Georgia Robinette Gala Rose Libby Seaton Sandy Simmons Karrie Sims Misti Smith Paulia Spurlock Karen Stanford Mary Swindell Beth Tackett Janie Tanner Susan Walsh Karen Wheatly Alpha Tau Omega I ran 1 Ti h Ml Ski IP Thomas Adams Robert Bell Doug Brown Roger Bruce Noel Burge Rick Caulk Steve Chordas Phillip Cissell Nelson Cook Joe Davis Daniel Dennis Rick Dickinson Mohamad Ebrik Wayne Floyd Blair Gartwright Mark Gatlin Don Harding Scott Hatley Joe Henry Wade Hughes Mel Hutchins Lee Kneibert Edward Krieger Kent Marts William Olson Ken Pell Bruce Pryor Tim Slape Glen Smith Malcolm Stallings Greg White Todd White Ramdy Wiggins Boyd Wright Sandra Brewer, sweetheart 115 Alpha Kappa Alpha Deneen Agnew Stephanie Kaye Barnes Merilyn Uneise Edmond Patricia " Kris " Maxwell Carolyn Thompson U f Walleon Bobo Marvin Burton John Hall Rodney Johnson Peter Jones Rodney Lockett Marque Mealing Alpha Phi Alpha Gregory Tate Winfred Winston Chi Omega Jo Adams Virginia Adams Shannon Armbrust Allyson Barber Traci Beith Lori Bell Tracie Bergman Paulette Boeckmann Kimberlie Bookout Hallie Bridges Robin Boyd Sharia Burroughs Christi Carlyle Phyllis Castleberry Cara Cheesman Angela Colcjasure Frances Cockrum Julee Cole Stephanie Coleman Margaret Cooper Judy Cychol 1 f 1 W fed Nancy Elphingstone Kellie Fisher Sherry Flanigan Jill Ford Sally Gaither Laurie Geurin Tebrah Grimmer Carla Gschwend Holly Hatfield Laura Heern Diane Heise Holly Hester Jane Hill Lin Hill Joanna Hooper Mallory Hurt Karen Jett Staci Jones Leslie Jordan Lisa Kocher Michelle Lamberth Janie Lanman Sonja Lea Robin Leake Christina Lee Liz Littlejohn Lynn Lowry Charlotte Lutes Sarah Mathes Sharon McClatchey Teddi Mabry Cheryl Mayo Cynthia Melton Lynn Raynor Donna Rhoads Amy Sanford Susan Scroggs Susan South Cindy Spears Stacy Strickland Rebekah Taylor Leslie Trail Lisa Tribble Karen Turner Suzanne Van Patten Cindy Vinson Faith Vollman Tammy Waid Debbie Washburn Suzie Watkins Leigh Webb Holly Westmoreland Patricia Wiggins Katherine Williams Vickie Williams Rhonda Withers 117 Kappa Alpha Richie Allensworth Richard Ayson Carlton Bagwell Jim Beck Gregory Brandon Kenneth Brown Jay Butler Alan Byrd Greg Carda Joe Cashion Loren Gates Lee Cobb Johnny Cude Charles Dalton Kevin Decker Mike DeHaan Scott Earlywine Alan Frazier Brian Fratesi Scott Garwood Curtis Gentry Paul Goode Boyce Hamlett Peter Hayes Keith Houchin Keith Johnson David Jones Skipper Kelley Steve Kline Keith Lacewell Russell Leggett Jack Lewis Mitch McGrew Kevin Melton Blake Mesenbrink Michael Mills Chet Morrisett Tim Munn Gary Nelson Gary Oitmann Thomas Palese Jimmy Romine David Skelton Gregory Smith Joel Smith Glen Spargo Scott Spears Mike Stephenson Jackie Stevens Mike Tabor Dusty Trail Bryan Watts Clark Wilkerson Marshall Wixson Kenny Wright Craig Yancey 118 Denis Campbell, Rose Dr. Charles Ford, Faculty Advisor Sam Gennuso, Faculty Advisor Kappa Delta mf ■- I Susan Baker Melissa Bracy Nancy Carter Iris Chastain Cindy Cockrill Crystal Coleman Karen English Beth Fair Annyece Gilleylen Kathy Johnson Christine Joplin Sandra Keith Nancy Kennedy Kim Pegg Cindy Reves Sherry Rook Charlotte Scanlon Rhonda Simpson Dona Stiffler Lori Walters Catharine Wassom Lambda Chi Alpha n I Hank Allen Max Braswell Doug Brewer Jeffery Clayton Robbie Crafford Todd Girtman Todd Gorton Ken Haywood Delane Hogan Keith Hollis Don Horton Ricky Hurst Jay Johnson Ken Kelso Joel King Randy Knowles Frank Love Eric Mejia Doug Nienhaus Larry Nichols Jimmy Oldham Hal Rees Barry Rogers Bryan Rogers Steve Rudkin Gregory Sanders Kraig Sanders Joel Sharp Jeff Simmons Bernard Simpson Joe Simpson Jim Stearns Jeff Stotts Joseph Trimble Mike Wade David Webb Sandes Wheeler Robert Williams Steve Williams Susan Orsi, Crescent Girl Warren Dupwe, Advisor it KB? it ' BHHHHi ft V ' f " 4 • ■ppn IF IKJ In Omega Psi Phi Kneeling: Billy Joe Ward; first row, left to right: Gheric Bruce, Kelvin Taylor, Kennett Townsend, Carl Sales, Wallace McGaugh; second row: Dolan Phelis, Darrell Peters, Kevin Collins. Phi Mu r £ Cheryl Allen Kim Anderson Lisa Ann Barnes Roxanne Brown Debbie Burns Traci Buster Cindy Buzbee Shawnd Caillouet Sue Ellen Carter Janna Cherry Renee Clay Mia Clark Cindy Coleman Cabrina Davis Belinda Dees Tempa Dempsey Natalie Gardner Sara Guntharp Jennifer Hicks Terri Jackson Laura Long Tami Long Holley McCrum Jana McLane Lisa McLemore Barbara Nagle Susan Neely Julie Palmer Stacey Paudert Stephanie Perkins Tammy Randolph Glenda Richardson Sherry Roberts Jackie Russel Mary Jo Shaver Jana Skinner Helen Smith Karen Smith Karen Soles Celia Stegall Tammy Taggart Penny Tarver April Thomas Candy Trammel Karen Tweddel Kelly Vaupel Eileen Wade Lisa Watkins Cindy Williams 121 Pi Kappa Alpha Stephen Adams Jack Bell Pat Bell Michael Bolding Jeff Bonds Greg Bonner Steven Bowen Brett Bray Chris Brengard Michael Budak Ross Burrow Bill Byrd Bob Clark Brad Clark Jason Clay Thad Cockrill D ' Wayne Cooper Jamie Cooper Tim Covington Steve Crow Chris Crye Gary Dutton Mark Elmore Alec Farmer Brad Faught Mike Fletcher Price Gardner Phillip Gillespie Michael Hales Jeff Hanking David Hardy Craig Harrison Clyde Hastings Charley Hilburn Kevin Hopkins Bret Huggins Tommy Kennett Paul Kerst Curtis Kirkpatrick Donald Larson Gar Lile Kevin Lloyd Ronnie McEntire Mark McMinn Michael Mann Steve May Gene Metcalf Gordon Miller Ross Morgan Robin Nix Stanley Nutt Jeff Owen Bart Ozbun Willie Papich Mark Pender Jim Ramer 122 Wit V V OKI 1 j r — - If H - i BBk ' BB B3BBL ' ' BBS IbbKbI m bbbIbI Jit bbhbbf ' SH flH mm HH ' mm Am i If 4ft HAM Kyle White Dawn Sechrest, Dreamgirl Beth Rogers, Pledge Class Sweetheart Vince Richmond Tad Rogers Greg Rooks Bill Ross Mike Russell Thomas Scales Todd Schell Brent Schmiegelow Eric Scott Michael Shores Barry Sims Mark Smith Towny Sparks Christopher Spivey Mike Steele Andrew Stepka Bucky Stewart James Stidman Mark St. Pierre Kelly Sutton Mike Sutton Scott Taylor Chris Wake Mark Wallace Daniel White Jon Wilbanks Dirk Willett David Woosley Sigma Phi Epsilon Ronald Admeyer Jerry Agsunod Vance Austin Mark Beegle David Belcher Mark Bell Beau Braden Randy Campbell Dion Cantu Mark Chambliss Marty Cloud Darrel Crisler Tommy Daniel Scott Davis Steve Doyle Tim Doyle Guy Elder Bruce Engelmann Doyn Ennis Dan Fortmann Terry Gray 123 Chris Hart John Hillman Michael Hoggard Byron Holloway Rick Howard Kevin Kegley Chris King Jon Kitta Phillip Laden Willy McCallie Mack McFarlin Bill McNeil Eddy Martin Walter Mayhew Greg Meek Chuck Mitchell John Mooney Lee Moore Trey Neal Fletcher O ' Cain William Pike Jack Richardson Joe Riddle Larry Riggs Paul Romans Wayne Sanders Cliff Schafer Mark Shidler Ray Stewart David Vann Kevin Ward Russell Wilson Freddie Yarbrough 1 Jul • A 1 4 1 Hn lH BhHk « : » ! ' j ill .? f t- ■ f Sigma Pi John Baldwin Clyde Bass Roy Bass Phillip Berg Clifford Cammarata Dennis Carter Johnnie Clark Ross Cockburn Randall Cooper Rusty Counce Rodney Cox Ty Creason Bryan Earll Jay Ellis Mark Foltz Brian Ford Kevin Gayle Mark Griggy Mark Hitchings Jeffery Hollis Roger Hudson 13 1 in it 1 Em Jwf 1 124 ft n Robert Ferralasco, Advisor Earl Hanebrink, Advisor Laddie Logan, Advisor Ken Schoenborn, Advisor Douglas Lambert Marty Lilly Duncan McGinnis John MacPherson Shannon MaLowe Paul Moore Jerry Morgeson Victor Parker Joseph Patrick David Pearson Gary Schirmacher Jeffrey Stacey Curt Stubblefield Eddie Sutton Michael Taylor Stephen Taylor Charles Uhlig Joseph Vernon Dillon Watkins James Wong Kurt Zen-Ruffinen Tau Kappa Epsilon - ' V- - mm MWi m X j HVo. Re — ■ - Eg Doug Acuff Bryant Baker Chris Baker Mark Belk Kevin Bentley Phillip Blaxton Andy Boone Tim Brown William Brown Winston Bruce Kenny Burden Clay Carlock Earl Carter John Carter Tim Cater Mark Cecil Jon Cissell Greg Cole Anthony Cooper Kevin Cothern Buddy Courtney Stephen Coy Clay Cozart James Cramer Mark Davis Tommy Dillard John Drake Dwight Duckworth 125 Bryan Duffel Chris Eckert John Eckert Scott Ellington Mickey Felts Tommy Ford Glenn Foster Barry French John Gamble Jim Garner Alfred Garza Mark Genshaw Ronnie George Todd Gibson Keith Glaub Flash Gorton Chris Graves Joseph Gregory Lance Gregory Todd Gregory Jeff Griffith Mark Hahn Jerry Halsell Chris Hardy J. D. Hatridge S. W. Hawley Barry Hay Scott Hendrix Patrick Henn Phillip Holloway Scott Hyde Wally Jackson David Jacobs Jamie Johnson Chris Jones Gary Kellems Kendall Kirby James Kissinger Jacques Larose David Lovelace Jimmy McClain William McKisson Price Marshall David Martin Scott Martin Bobby Milam Jeff Moore Rich Nelson Ed Nesbitt Teddy Nix Phil Osment Joey Owens Robert Owens Brant Perkins Jim Pickle Mike Pinegar Demetrios Podaras Brad Poindexter Brian Pollett Bart Ponder David Rader Mark Ramsey Keith Rebstock Ronald Roades Greg Ross Scott Ruff Scott Simpson Mickey Smith Scott Smith Dennis Sorrows Greg Spence Bill Staggs Andy Stallings Ricky Stanley Eric Stark Stubee Stark Kevin Statler James Sulcer John Sweat Joseph Sweat Bruce Trice Bruce Truitt Scott Waddell Randy Wade Jeff Whitson David Woodard Stephen Wyatt John Yauger Mark Young Judy Cychol, sweetheart Clif Chamberlain, advisor Zeta Tau Alpha IrL; i! fl Cheryl Black Dina Borgeson Brenda Bowman Lisa Brown Debbie Butler Teresa Derfler Patti Dooms Paula Dudley Tammy Duncan Cindy Edwards Vicky Fox SuBeth Fuches Terry Grammar Karla Graves Susan Graves Michelle Guziewicz Mary Irby Holly Jackson Melinda Kalb Laura Knight Nancy LaRue 127 130 SPORTS INDIANS DROP OPENER TO TIGERS 132 INDIANS ROMP OVER CHATTA- NOOGA ■1 R •I % 135 137 ] 38 139 141 INDIANS ADVANCE WINNING SEASON 143 INDIANS EMBRACE A WINNING SEASON AND A PLAYOFF BID 145 147 149 150 INDIAN BASKETBALL TAKES NEW DIRECTIONS 157 159 161 PRACTICES BEGIN FOR P TENNIS ■ TEAMS « J TRACK SEASON GETS OFF TO AN EARLY START 1 166 167 169 ASU ' S POLE VAULTING EXCELLENCE CONTINUES i X 170 L72 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL GAINS NEW SUPPORT 177 Intramurals Stimulate 178 179 181 182 Tomahawks Get Noticed 186 187 Tomahawks Jump Into Action 189 191 192 ORGANIZATIONS Accounting Club (First Row, 1 to r) Judy White, Susan Marshall, Tina Maynard, Sheryl Deen, Joe Reed, (Second Row) Karen Shirley, Leslie Koonce, Rick Eddleman, Allison Snider, Becky Haynes, Lauren Kingbaum, Jill Melton, (Third Row) Pat Nave - Advisor, Claude Graves, Lynette Martin, Don Covey, Donald Baltz, Mark Tyler, Keith Smith Advisor. AECI (First Row, 1 to r) Laura Holly Gentry, Hallie Bridges - President, Lisa Ann Barnes, Kelly Crisp, (Second Row) Sue Shrum, Nancy Bacot - Sponsor, Charlotte Potts, Dr. Jack Hogins - Sponsor, Nita Lee, Beth Grantham, (Top Row) Wendy Tibbs, Beverly Baldwin, Kerri Henderson. AERho (First Row, 1 to r) Renita Harris, Debbie Killion, Lisa Day, Mary Jane Watt, Sharon Autry. (Second Row) Tony Wrinkles, Sam McGuire, Cherry Norris, Rich Frazier, Joe Trimble, Russell Wells, (Third Row) Bryan Earll, Randy Myers, Darlene Sullivent, Wendell Dorman, Jr., Todd Parisi. Alpha Angel Society (1 to r) Ursula Jackson, Gennora Reed, Letha Hill, Lynne Washington Alpha Lambda Delta (First row) Clarissa McClain, Allison Shanklin, Kelly Ellis. (Second row) Vonda Gale Davis, Lauren Krigbaum, Allison Johnston, Debby Joyner. American Chemical Society (First Row) Elaine Taylor, Willie Sheridan, David Reid, Warren Jackson, Mike Martin, Maria Hammond. (Second Row) Paul Nave, Advisor, Andy Gray, Bobby Perry, Sherri Keene, Kevin Ives. American Production and Inventory Control Society (First row) Dr. Douglas Huffman, Advisor, Becky Haynes, Christine Williams, Stefanie Perkins, Christi Marler. (Second row) Janet Carnett, Mary Ann Myers, Kim Kilker, Sharon Motil, Darrell Gifford, Wade Eanes. Arkansas Hall Dorm Council (First row) Priscilla Ann Brown, Caterina Neal, Melinda Hodge, Cindy Hodge, Darlene Thompson, Annette Fry. (Second row) Mary E. Mitchell, Karen Parr, Andrea Cox, Rita Granberry, Denise K. Shaw. ALPHA TAU ALPHA (First Row) Amos B. Rowgeau, Troyce D. Barnett, Rodney Weidower, Randy Jones (Second Row) Billy Burge, Robert Passmore, Steve Davis, Phillip Johnson, Joey Austin. BETA GAMMA SIGMA 198 (First Row) Audrey Young, Cheryl Deen, Carol Frizzel, Ann Whitney, T. E. Quast, Jr. (Second Row) Karen Bandy, Lynette Martin, Elli Kaminarides. J BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB ■.-I (First Row) Frank Guiltner, Sherry Keene, Rodney Wiedower, Dawn Butler, Linda Bearden, Grace Vudures, Kelly Dean, Cindy Griffin, G. W. Tibbetts, Advisor (Second Row) Hope Swanner, James Richardson, Rhonda Stanley, Kim Harrell, Janet Caudell, Troyce Barnett, Russ Griffin, Jeff Goode, P. K. Jackson (Third Row) James Keene, Robert Passmore, Allen Griffin, Glen Cunningham, Bruce Beck, Glenn Harrell, Rusty Lange, Jack Boles, Tony Elmore, Steve Dacus. CHI ALPHA (First Row) Renita Renee Throgmartin, Shelby Steimel, Trena Gilbert, Brenda Corpier, Elizabeth Holt, Donna Ferguson, Donna Allen (Second Row) Debora Craig, Barbara Smith, Bobby Abbott, Jeanie Pruett, Mitchell Marks, Ivory Gwin, Chris Jester (Third Row) Robert Courtney, Jeff Morgan, Barry Hodges, Terry Collins, DeWayne Hobbs, Tim Andrews, David Shedd. Cogic Club (First Row) Precious Moore, Cynthia Conley, Jennifer Sims, Harry L. Quarrels, (Second Row) Brenda Jones, Chicurby Crayton, Debra Gary, Valerie Baker. College Republicans (First Row) Debbie L. Killion, Joe K. Adams, Sherry Freeman, Kathi Rice, Carey Stone, Tim Slape, (Second Row) Jonna Croswhite, Rodney J. Davis, Philip Cullins, Sharon Riley, Kevin Reagan, Sandy Boling. (Third Row) Ben Hudson, Albert " Woody " Latham, R. Kent Stubblefield, Steven G. Ivy, Russ Lewis, Walter S. Warfield, John Rounds, Michael Dunlap. Data Processing Management Association (Fir st Row) Arnold Rayshaw, Kuan Ching Tze, Sherry Campbell, Janet Sutton, Delores Gaskin, Donna Prichard, (Second Row) Michael Holt, Dr. Charlotte Hinson-Adviser, Gina Simmons, Carol Frizzell, Janna Kegley, James Stephenson, Tracy Dillehay, Janet Hall (Third Row) Bart Rowe, Debbie Trotter, Angela Hinson, Rodney Jumper, Kay Haskins, Laura Long, Marty Vanzant, Leonard Noland, Lynn Redwine. Delta Tau Alpha 201 (First Row) Troyce D. Barnett, Tomilea Dillon, J. A. Hayles (Second Row) Randy Jones, Troy Dillon, Robert L. Johnson, Joey Austin, Terry Doyle. Engineering Club Dr. Rick Clifft, Lance Cooper, Susie Scott, Lisa Hinds, Boyce Bonham, Bryan Taylor. (Second row) Robert Clark, Randy Nations, Renee Goodrich, Keith Pendergraft, Doug Moore, Darrell Dunlap. Future Farmers of America 202 (First row) Becky Murphy, Tomilea Dillon, Joan Hess, Amos B. Rowgeau, Advisor (Second row) Terry Van Doyle, Roger Lee Helms, Troyce D. Barnett, Dewayne Hobbs, Rand Hutton, Billy Burge, Philip Johnson, Troy Dillon, Robert Owens. Gamma Beta Phi (First row) John Thomas, Advisor, Brenda Nash, Tim Slape, Martha Carter, Carol Woods, Lisa Barnett, Joanna Gregory. (Second row) Karen Stanford, Willie Sheridan, Laura Stickler, Dianne Kertz, Melinda Hodge. (Third row) Greg Pulley, Arinola Adebayo, Elaine Taylor, Teresa Oldham, Carla Clifton, Linda Jansen. Gamma Sigma Sigma Patricia Toney, Advisor, Iona Johnson, Carolyn Thompson, Freedia Stewart, Vera Neal. 203 HERALD STAFF Rodney Lockett, Ellen Lampkins, Dorothy Starnes, Julie Hout, Laura Moellers, Edwina Davis. HONORS ASSOCIATION (First Row) Danica Rust, Christina Lee, Jana Gibson, Lesley Peters, James Washam. (Second Row) Debbye Turner, Daniele Murphy, Elli Kaminarides, Jimmy Brumley, Eric Mejia. Institute Electronic Electrical Engineers (First Row) Chuan Lee, Sherry Smith, Tadashi- Oshiro (Second Row) Judy Spence, Tariq Harbi, Saleh Alotaibi. INDIAN PRINCESSES Jeannie Rains, Laura Ross, Dawn Sechrest, Karen Jeff, Carla Gschwend. Kappa Alpha Psi Sweets (First Row) Dianne House, Cassandra Robinson, Leslie Hoskins, Angela Griffith, Valinda Smothers, Natalie Farmer, (Second Row) Brenda Lee Lucas, Debra Joyner, Regina West, Sandra Hobbs, Sheila Aus, Sherry House. Kappa Kappa Psi (First Row) Allen Masters, Michael Bridges, Brad Smith, Richard Goss, Lora Dorton - sweetheart, John Long, Albert " Woody " Latham, Bobby W. Hobbs, Second Row) Jimmy Bushong, Chris Holt, Bruce Shannon, (Third 206 Row) Stewart Gilliam, Glen Spargo, Terry Hogard, Jack Jackson, (Fourth Row) Daniel Grogan, Randall Pinkston, Bryan Cozart, Michael DiGaetano, Kevin Dorton, Richard Frazier, (Fifth Row) Steve Harcrow, Chris Hopper, Grant Brinkle, John Dulaney, Jon Myers, (Sixth Row) Tom Mason, Jason Casey, Stan Hall, Timothy Chapman, Willie Sigears, Donald Massey, Gary Poffenbarger. Kappa Mu Epsilon (First row) Denise Manning, Vicky Brumley, Lynne Shelton, Diana Hester, (Second row) Tom Bishop, Katherine Sturdivant, Judy Spence, Frank Shaw. Lambda Iota Tau Michael Pettengall, Gayla Turner, Logan Moon, Advisor, Sara Teague, Jim Yates. Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship (First row) Rick Robertson, Tammy Cossey, Wade Eanes, Teresa Edwards, Ray Edwards, Director, Doug Moore, Joe Looney. (Second row) Angie Davis, Michelle King, Lynne Hill, Karen Gossett, Tammy Pankey, Lynne Skelton, Karen Chism, Clare Morris, David Avery. (Third row) Kim Eanes, Sarah Richardson, Judy White, Gale Peebles, Mary Jane Crow, Dianne Hester, Misty Parrish, Dorothy Starnes, Jan Hall. (Fourth row) Bill Adams, Steve Sinclair, Jimmy Gossett, David Cossey, Perry Turner, Jimmy Chism, Jay Morris, Bryan Taylor, Glen Spargo. Model United Nations (First row) Doug Acuff, Joseph Dunlap, Bryant Pearson, Rena McFatter, Ellen Darr, Gary Rainey. (Second row) Bill Gillaspie, Kathi Rice, Bonkole H. Ewedenn, Bob Mackey, Daniel Harbour, Steve L. Kirksey. (Third row) Randall Griffin, Paul Branch, Russ Lewis, Billy Barnett, Charles Hartwig, Clifton Richmond. MODERN DANCE CLUB (First Row) Alta Burns, Advisor, Julie Perdue, Janetta Dobbs (Second Row) Daniele Murphy, Vanessa Tyson, Renita Burgess (Third Row) Debby Burns, Dionne Jefferson. NATIONAL ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (First Row) Cindy Bond, Annette Stoker, Shannon Harvey (Second Row) Terry Evans, Jeff Eubanks, Charlott Jones, Advisor. NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION John C. Bax, April Martin, Lisa Lott, Sue McQuay, Elizabeth Noe, Lori Reeves, Lena Dent. OMICRON DELTA EPSILON 210 (First Row) Price Marshall, Felix, Theodore Quast, Randy Kesserling, Roland Mullins, J. Varzendah, (Seated) Dr. Jerry Crawford, Advisor. Panhellenic Council (First Row) Beth Tackett, Judy Cychol, Iris Chastain, (Second Row) Susan South, Dona Stiffler, Cindy Buzbee, Jill Ritter, Mary Lou McDaniel, Advisor. Physical Education Majors (First Row) Karin Telle, Laura Stickler, Luann Hester, Teresa Ryan, Karen Anderson, Kim D. Campbell, (Second Row) Janet Clark, Sharon Shipp, Steve Williams, Jim Franks, Johnny Fleming, (Third Row) Victor Cravens, Vickey Thompson, John Means, Wayne Keith Hawkins, Steve Kirk, (Last Row) Mary Green. Pi Gamma Mu (First Row) Jane Petty, Carole George, (Second Row) Loyd Price, Leta M. Carruth, (Third Row) Daniel W. Johnson, Randy Roebuck. Pi Sigma Alpha (First Row) Kathy Rice, Gary Rainey, (Second Row) Loyd Price, Leta M. Carruth, Daniel W. Johnson. Phi Kappa Delta (First Row) Regina West, Elli Kaminarides, Rhonda Davis, (Second Row) Clifford " Sketch " Cobb Jr., Randy L. Story, D. Price Marshall, Jr., Doug Acuff. Philosophy Club (First Row) Dr. Thomas Grimes, Lerone Wimbley, Linda Bauer, Beverly Smith, (Second Row) Mike Downing, Dr. Adrian Anast, Brian Smith, (Third Row) Tim Beaver, David Freudiger, Susan Watson, Mark Pippenger. Pops Ensemble (First Row) Tammy Rowlett, Karen Lewellen, Cynthia Fulton, Julie McGough, Janiece Simmons, Tracy McDonald, (Seated) Sandra Seay - Director. PRSSA 214 (First Row) Mark Simmons, Emerlee Rhea, Cynthia Fulton, (Second Row) Raphael Onwuzuruigbo, Brenda Nash, (Third Row) Robin Crafton, Shirley A. Taylor, Felicia Richmond, (Fourth Row) Laura Felts, Bart Holt, (Fifth Row) Rick Dickinson, Barbara D. Williams, Ellen Darr, (Sixth R ow) Jerry C. Love, Sue White, Carol Langston. PSI CHI (First Row) Nichola Duan, Dawn Brooks (Second Row) Nancy Reddick, Rick Long, Robert Johnson. RANGER PLATOON (First Row) Kent Brewer, Dion Cantu, (Second Row) Kyle Hikson, Alvin Stewart, Mark Gorton, Sgt. Major James Isley, Advisor. 215 RIFLE TEAM (First Row) Coach Don Pinkerton, Captain Jerry Lane, James Adams, Melanie Fiala, Charles Lacy, Coach Jerry Kimbrell, (Second Row) Dave Statler, Kyle Wood, Mark St. Pierre, Matt Dust, Hershel Jones, Ross Morgan, Mark Hutton. SGA SENATE (First Row) Bill Adams, Susan Murphy, Carol Woods, Kathy Johnson, April Thomas, David Webb, (Second Row) Tempa Dempsey, Julie Palmer, Cindy Buzbee, Cheryl Mayo, Jennifer Bradford (Third Row) Vickie Newton, Laurie Washam, Scott Martin, Mike Todd (Fourth Row) Glenda Richardson, Micheal Bolding, Bryan Duffel, Samuel Ndupu, (Fifth Row) John Gamble, Scott Ellington, David Hundley, Mark Gorton, (Sixth Row) Dillon Watkins, Alec Farmer, Jim Sulcer, Russel Evans. SGA STAFF (Seated) Kevin Reagan - Vice-President, Ken Hendrix - President, Clint Relyea - Staff Director (Standing) Jeannie Rains - Public Relations, Stan Brown - Treasurer, Laura Ross - Secretary. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA (Top Row) Carolyn Campfield, Lora Dorton, Nancy Owens, Melody Miller, Day Abernathy, Christie Squires, Leslie Blanks, (Bottom Row) Frank Travis, SAI Guy, Pam Phillips, Julie Stone, Carla Wells, Lee Anne Dublin, Carole George. SOCIETY OF PHYSICS Tadashi Oshiro, Linda Bauer, Judy Spence, Sherry Smith, Chuan Lee, Dung Hoang. SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS (First Row) Felecia Richmond, Kenneth Welch, Emily Lard, Dorothy Starnes, Julie Hout. (Second Row) Joanna 218 Gregory, Nancy White, Lori Webb, Laura Moellers, Carol Langston. Sociology Club (Seated) Lauretta Adams, Cindy Counce. (Second row) Catherine Jacques, Dr. Jerry King, Advisor, Wesley Adams. Student Council for Exceptional Children (Seated) Jeannie Campo, Melanie Kelley. (Back row) Laura Pink, Vicki Wood, Angelia Nolan, Jennifer Williams, Pam Unslye, Dr. Semrau. TAU BETA SIGMA (First Row) Kathleen Barnes, Lorrie Needham, Renee Weatherford, Richard Goss, Cristie Squires, Shelly Evans (Second Row) Connie Shedd, Tina Peacock, Renee Clay, Susan Sumpter, Peggy Powers, Colette Sheridan, Carla Felts, Anna Talbot (Third Row) Jo-Gina Bokony, Marcia Stockton, Lisa Lyons, Sandra Smith, Kathy Loudermilk, Beverly Creach, Dana LaBella (Fourth Row) Nancy Womble, Tammy Neal, Peggy Jeffries, Sheri Lund, Alesia Veasley, Karen Rose (Fifth Row) Rhonda Davis, Cheryl Wood, Tomi Lyn Vincent, Robbie Martin, Lora Dorton. UNION BOARD COORDINATORS (First Row) Rick Stripling, Felecia Richmond, Mike Todd, Petri Dorsey, Helen Dust, Mark Simmons (Second Row) David Carmack, Carol Langston, Tim Dean, Heather Lowe, Kenneth Welch. STUDENT MENC (First Row) Day Abernathy, Tammy Cossey, Sandra Seay, Co-Sponsor, Kim Wheeler, J. D. Kelly, Co-Sponsor (Second Row) Frank Travis, Trent Clayton, Janiece Simmons, Darwin Davis, (Third Row) Ron Guess, Glen Tanner, Andrew Skoog, John Hays. STUDENT NURSES (First Row) Faith Vollman, Diana Barnes, Tiehna Meek (Second Row) Missie Porter, Robin Clem, Connie Highfill, Julia Robinson, Terri Smith, Pam Fagan (Third Row) Fairy Meador, Diannia Hall, Suzanne Wren (Fourth Row) Nellie Caffery, Advisor, Suzanne Clark, Rick Long, Diane Friday. First row: Greg Pulley, Cheryl Huskey, Mike Turner, Donnie Kissinger, Colleen Threm, Nancylea Thomas, Debra Stidham, Phyllis McClendon, Helen Dust, Penny Smith, Debbie Payne, Kimberly Peabody. Second row: Debbie Geater, Cindy Hudgins, Cindy Roper, Ann Woodard, Vonda Simer, Angela Tucker, Suzanne Wren, Matt Dust, Melinda Hodge, Emily Lard, Don Bowen. Third row: Phillip Smith, Regina Brown, Leatrice Brown, Jannette Jefferson, Kim Thornton, Deana Satterwhite, Cindy Merrillat, Donna Grills, Lynn Perkins, Linda Jansen, Mark Tyler. University Hall Dorm Council 222 Renee Dryden, Mary Swindoll, Carla Gschwend Second row: Beth Tackett, Amy Sanford, Laurie Washam, Kathie Goodin, Karen Morgan Third row: Tempa Dempsey, Carolyn Thompson, Dee Walters, Jeanne Burlie, Mia Conley. University Hall Judicial Board (1 to r) Julie Hyde, Jill Lewis, Beth Tackett, Melanie Williams, Michelle White. Art Directors Club 223 (Clockwise from top) Kathi Parker, Derek McCormick, Teresa Williams, Pat Houston, Stan Chrisman, Jane Ward, Frances Webb, Joan Curtis, Cindy Seesengood, Dwayne Masingale, Terry Pearson. OMEGA PSI PHI Front Row (1 to r) Cheryl Winfrey, Ramona Oilworth, Jawanda Williams, Mia Conley. Back Row, Glennis Davis, Janice Berry, Beverly Gause, Kelvin Taylor, Diann Jackson, Yvette Holland, Ingrid Blake. ASPA 224 Front Row (1 to r) Clint Relyea, Audrey Young-Roberts, Stefanie Perkins, Maria Latting, Dr. Dan Hoyt, Second Row, Kenneth Hendrix, Mark Hitchings, Eugene Gilmor, Melanie Featherston, Tommy Young, John Hoover, Gladys Lewellen, Brenda Emery, Michele Cassidy, Kenneth Townsend, Third Row, Clement Oigbokie, Brian Smith, Keith DeClerk, Michael D. Mills, Richard Duffel, Robert Bennett, Wilson Pipkin. NEWMAN CLUB Front Row (1 to r) Brian Macintosh, John Jones, Pat Clingingsmith, Bruce Macintosh, Second Row, Larry Weisenbach, Dennis Tarver, Back Row, Dennis Calaway, Jason Pulles, Ellen Lampkins, Tami Havlik, Paul Gutierrez, and John Fee. SOCIAL WORK CLUB Front Row (1 to r) Dr. Julia Burkart, Kathy Parr, Marilyn Henn, Back Row, Freida Burge, Dr. John Pardeck, Susanne Vickers. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOC. Front Row (1 to r) Mahera F. Khalia, Carmen Maduro, Jill Dycus, Pratap Mathus, Second Row, Mohd Saad Kamaryl, Moradali Daryabar, Michael Maduro, Miguel A. Mukel, Samuel Ndupu, Last Row, Robert Baker - Advisor, Nesan Sriskanda, Mauro Alburez Jr., Manolo Arabadjis. PHOTO FLOW " i Front Row (1 to r) Rodney Lockett, Tricia Thomas, Keith Waddle, Cathy Wassom, Second Row, Diane Kertz, Jeff Caplinger, Marty Ward, Brenda Nash, Caterina Neal, Debbie Woods, Last Row, Sharon Knight, Rob Kinder, Lori Webb, Joanna Gregory, Kelli Tucker, Jim Emerson, John Thomas - Advisor. A-TEAM Front Row (1 to r) Angie Harris, Amy Pardew, Rhonda Withers, Teresa Ishmael, Middle Row, Angie Brown, Jackie Nelson, Sidonia Hill, Cindy Hovis, Jennifer Beard, Top Row, Gina Kelly. 228 WHO ' S WHO Joe Adams Paragould Social Science Terri Ashford Cave City Business Administration Karen M. Anderson Cave City Physical Education Deaundra Bacot Jonesboro Marketing Carl Briggs Max Braswell West Memphis DeWitt Sociology Radio-TV Paulette Boeckmann Lauren Beith Wynne Wilson Pre-Physical Therapy Radio-TV 231 Dawn Brooks Jonesboro Psychology Carolyn Campfield Paragould Vocal Music Education Stanley Joe Brown Jonesboro Pre-Med Traci Carlson Rogers Accounting Robin K. Clem Jonesboro Nursing Victor Cravens Jonesboro Physical Education 233 Cheryl Deen Walnut Ridge Accounting Dwight Duckworth Manila Pre-Med Lora Dorton Trumann Music Education Lillie M. Fears West Helena Public Relations 234 Nathan Gairhan, Jr. Jonesboro Business Administration Trena Gilbert Lake City Business Administration 235 Robert House Michelle Lamberth Heber Springs Jonesboro Real Estate and Insurance Zoology ?36 2arol Langston 3alem Public Relations Sheila Gaither Matthews Walnut Ridge Accounting Barry Ledbetter Jonesboro Business Administration Cheryl Mayo Bloomfield, Mo. Computer Science 237 Mark McGough Jonesboro Accounting Susan Murphy Little Rock Radio-TV Laura Moellers Pine Bluff Journalism Brenda Nash Jonesboro Public Relations Z!aterina Neal ugusta Advertising Deborah Oldham Fonesboro Accounting Jeffrey Nichols Delaware City, Del. Printing Technology Pamelia Phillips West Memphis Music Performance 239 William Price Jonesboro Political Science Clint Relyea Edgewater, Fla. Personnel Management Kevin Reagan Jonesboro Computer Science Steven Rose Walnut Ridge Business 240 Aark St. Pierre Mickey Smith onesboro Arkadelphia [oology Radio-TV " rystal Squires Paula Stafford Uytheville Marked Tree lusic Education Business 241 Audrey Young Jonesboro Business Adminstration Jonathan C. Adams Jonesboro Vocal Music Education Andrew Skoog Jonesboro Music Performance 242 CAMPUS SITES LABORATORY SCIENCE CENTER MIDI- ARABIAN CENTER 244 KAYS HALL DORMITORY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING WILSON HALL CARL R. RENG CENTER NEW STUDENT PAVILLION DEAN B. ELLIS LIBRARY 247 248 ADMINISTRATION 249 BILL CLINTON GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS Eugene Smith President Arkansas State University ARKANSAS Rogers H. Ford Wayne Hartsfield Joiner Searcy BOARD OF TRUSTEES Hassell McCain Jerry Watkins West Memphis El Dorado Arlis Johnson Mossie B Vice-President Vice-Pi Finance Student 254 hmond Donald Konold ident Vice-President ffairs Academic Affairs Administrative Staff Gary Albright, Recreation Coordinator Brad Baker, Asst. Dir. of Housing Rosalie Barber, Dir. of Intramurals Dr. Bill Berry, Dir. of Honors Program Eddie Black, Asst. Dir. of Food Services Phil Bridger, Dir. of Housing Barbara Broadaway, Food Production Super.- Catering Ron Carmack, Dir. of Physical Plant Earl Clements, Food Production Super. Mary Coles, Museum Registrar Ken Cooper, Dir. of Public Safety Gerald Craig, Dir. of Financial Aid Catherine Darling, Financial Aid Officer Vernard Davis, Asst. Dir. of Student Union Don Denny, Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs Sidney Ellis, Counselor Joe D. Gammill, Dir. of Farming Wilma Hahn, Acting Dir. of International Programs Bill Hansard, Dir. of Library Ruth Hawkins, Dir. of Development Public Relations Dr. Afak Haydar, Dir. of Saudi Customs Project Jim R. Haynes, Dir. of Food Services Jane Hays, Institutional Lodging Coord. Thomas Hill, Dir. of Academic Testing Ernest Howell, Dir. of Auxiliary Enterprises Philip Jackson, Saudi Project Accounts Officer Don James, Business Manager Lauren Jamison, Admissions Representative Charlott Jones, Dir. of Museum Kathy Jones, Asst. Dirl of Mgmt. Systems Planning Kayleene Keith, Dir. of CESL John L. Kerst, Dir. Multi-Media, Saudi Project Scott W. Lewis, Asst. to the President Cindy Livingston, Graphic Artist, P.R. Ron Looney, Dir. of Creative Services 256 Administrative Staff Dr. Greta Mack, Dean of Admissions Records Tom Manning, Dir. of Alumni Relations Dr. J.W. Mason, Dir. of Personnel Services Dr. Mitchell Masters, Coord, of Community College Teaching Program Marshall Matthews, Collections Officer Leonard McDaniel, Asst. Registrar Mary Lou McDaniel, Counselor for Women Tom Moore, Dir. of News Information Services Barbara Perdzock, Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid Phil Pickle, Communications Network Manager Jenifer Rice - Mason, Counselor Brenda Shelton, Internal Auditor Sam Spurlock, Asst. Controller Dr. Herman Strickland, Dir. of Professional Education Programs Rick Stripling, Dir. of Student Activities Karen Sturdivant Tooms, Dir. of Admissions Linda Touchstone, Wigwam Manager Barbara Turpin, Asst. Dir. of Alumni Relations Jerry Unger, Asst. Manager of Bookstore Melvin V. Wamock, Programs Coord., Agriculture Les Watson, Controller Dr. Larry Williams, Assoc. Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Stanley Williams, Dir. of Management Systems Planning 257 DR. MARK S. AUBURN Dean of Arts and Sciences DR. LONNIE TALBERT Dean of Business DR. ROBERT L. HOSKINS Dean of Communications DR. M. VANCE SALES Dean of Education DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER Dean of Fine Arts Deans DR. DONALD KEDZIE Dean of Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Science BEVERLY BARTELS Acting Dean of Nursing and Health Professions LTC KENNETH NECESSARY Professor of Military Science 258 College of Arts and Sciences DEPT. OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, prof. William W. Byrd, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley N. David, asst. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. W. Donald Newton, asst. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc. prof. Dr. Edward L. Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley E. Trauth, asst. prof. DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, prof. Dr. David M. Chittenden, prof. Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, prof. Jannie Barrett Huffman, instr. Dr. G. David Jimerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul Nave, assoc. prof. William N. Smith, asst. prof. Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, MATH AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry Linnstaedter, prof. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, assoc. prof. Jackie S. Black, instr. Christopher Breazeal, instr. Linda McNear demons, instr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, prof. Sarah Gore, instr. Dr. Martin A. Guest, asst. prof. Elmer Mayes, asst. prof. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. prof. Deborah Parker, instr. Paul Pilla, instr. Kirby C. Roe, instr. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, asst. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc. prof. 259 Veronica D. Smith, instr. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, assoc. prof. Dr. W. F. Wei, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF ENG., PHILO. AND LANG. Dr. Charles R. Carr, assoc. prof. Dr. James B. Burleson, prof. Catherine Calloway, instr. Dr. William M. Clements, prof. Dr. J. Scott Darwin, asst. prof. Dr. Marilyn Fontane, assoc. prof. Sammy Gennuso, asst. prof. Martha Jane Gill, instr. Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, prof. Dr. Jeffery Hoeper, assoc. prof. Dr. George Horneker, asst. prof. Frances E. Hunter, instr. Dr. C. Norman Lavers, prof. Holly Lewis, instr. Claire C. Lyons, instr. Dr. Frances Malpezzi, assoc. prof. Kent Markle, instr. Wayne McLaurin, asst. prof. Dr. Thomas Moisan, assoc. prof. Logan Moon, asst. prof. Dr. George S. Peek, prof. Edward C. Reilly, instr. Ellen H. Robinson, instr. Sara Shell, instr. Virginia Shepherd, instr. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, assoc. prof. Lois Ann Swisher, asst. prof. Nancy Young, instr. DEPT. OF HISTORY Dr. C. Roger Lambert, prof. Dr. Robin L. Anderson, assoc. prof. Dr. Larry Ball, prof. Dr. Michael Dougan, assoc. prof. Dr. W. James Green wald, assoc. prof. Robert L. Jones, instr. Dr. C. K. McFarland, prof. Linda McFarland, instr. Gail Murray, instr. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, prof. Dr. Dennis C. Rousey, assoc. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Alexander Sydore nko, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, assoc. prof. Dr. Michael G. Fullington, assoc. prof. Dr. Jane McBride Gates, asst. prof. Dr. Ross Marlay, assoc. prof. 260 Dr. Marcus Pohlmann, assoc. prof. Dr. Stanley Vanagunas, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF SOC, SOCIAL WORK AND GEOG. Dr. Larry Clowers, asst. prof. Dr. Jack Dison, assoc. prof. Dr. Patricia Freudiger, asst. prof. Dr. James Harrison, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry King, asst. prof. Dr. Dan Morse, prof. Dr. Larry Nuttbrock, asst. prof. Dr. James T. Pardeck, asst. prof. Emmett Presley, asst. prof. Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, assoc. prof. Dr. Stephen J. Tricarico, asst. prof. College of Business DEPT. OF ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, prof. Larry Adams, instr. Dr. Felix Amenkhienan, asst. prof. Terry Dancer, asst. prof. Louella Mann, asst. prof. Patricia L. Nave, instr. Keith Smith, asst prof. Ernestine Steward, instr. Danette Stewart, instr. Patricia Toney, instr. Dalton Whitt, asst. prof. DEPT. OF BUS. ADM. AND ECON. Dr. Jerry Crawford, prof. Clif Chamberlain, instr. Dr. John Kaminarides, prof. Dr. Gary Latanich, asst. prof. Dr. Bobby McGough, prof. Dr. Roland Mullins, prof. Jeffrey Pittman, asst. prof. Dr. J. Rex Pulley, assoc. prof. Dr. Theodore Quast, assoc. prof. Luis Rodriguez, asst. prof. Fuad Talib, asst. prof. Dr. Richard W. Taylor, assoc. prof. Dr. William Williams, assoc. prof. 261 DEPT. OF INFO. SYSTEMS AND BUS. ED. Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, prof. Ralph Benefield, instr. Ruby C. Chittenden, instr. Steve Cohen, instr. Dr. Rebecca Collins, assoc. prof. Dr. Ed. French, asst. prof. Dr. William Gehman, assoc. prof. Angela Cossey Hins on, instr. Dr. Charlotte Hinson, instr. Dorothy Lyle Peters, instr. Dr. Donald Roberts, assoc. prof. Dr. Ralph Ruby Jr., prof. Ann Whitney, instr. Bill Winters, instr. Mary Lou Wood, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MKT. AND MGMT. Dr. Charles W. Ford, prof. Kamvar Farahbod, asst. prof. Dr. Wilfred S. Fisher, asst. prof. Dr. Donald W. Hendon, prof. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, prof. Dr. Douglas Huffman, assoc. prof. Laddie Logan, instr. Dr. William B. Olson, asst. prof. Dr. Stephen Replogle, assoc. prof. College of Communications DEPT. OF JOURN. AND PRINTING Dr. Joel T. Gambill, assoc. prof. Eugene Ballard, asst. prof. Erie P. Cleveland, asst. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler Jr., prof. Homer Hallett, printer II Adrian L. Headley, asst. prof. Robert W. Kern, instr. Dorothy H. Powell, asst. prof. Bobby G. Ruff, print shop foreman John Marlin Shipman, instr. DEPT. OF RADIO - TELEVISION Charles L. Rasberry, prof. Dr. Adrian K. Anast, asst. prof. : 62 Roy E. Barnhill, chief engineer Gene Cagle, instr. Richard A. Carvell, instr. John E. Cramer, asst. prof. Kenneth R. Lane, instr. Dr. Gary W. Melton, asst. prof. College of Education DEPT. OF COUNS. ED. AND PSYCH. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, prof. Dr. Edmund Barnette, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Beverly DeWater, instr. Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, assoc. prof. Dr. Craig Jones, assoc. prof. Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof. Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger, asst. prof. DEPT. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, prof. Dr. John M. Enger, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Dr. Carl F. Vaupel Jr., prof. Dr. Donald E. Wright, prof. DEPT. OF ELEM. ED. Dr. William G. Chance, prof. Nancy Bacot, instr. Dr. Beverly Boals, assoc. prof. Dr. Sandra Bone, assoc. prof. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Burge, assoc. prof. Dr. Baron D. Conaway, prof. Dr. Burton Crosswait Jr., assoc. prof. Dr. Emma Sue Davidson, asst. prof. Dr. Jack Hogins, assoc. prof. Dr. Mildred B. Vance, prof. DEPT. OF HEALTH, P.E. AND REC. Dr. John P. Hosinski, assoc. prof. Dr. Thomas M. Adams II, asst. prof. Cindy Albright, instr. 263 Dr. David Burgess, asst. prof. Alta Burns, asst. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. Dr. James DeVazier, prof. Dr. Cheryl Ellis, asst. prof. Wilbert Gaines, asst. prof. Gladys Hudgins, assoc. prof. James Jackson, instr. Gary Leibrock, instr. Dr. Linda Parcbman, assoc. prof. Frances Smallwood, asst. prof. William J. Sugg, instr. Pat Welch, instr. Dr. Jess R. White, prof. DEPT. OF SPEC. ED. AND SPEECH PATH. Dr. Phillip Waldrop, assoc. prof. Dr. James Calder, assoc. prof. Janie Cruce, instr. Dr. George Y. Herndon, prof. Dr. Joseph Justen III, prof. Karen Patterson, instr. Dr. Emilio Perez, asst. prof. Dr. Cheryl Rivers, asst. prof. Joan Roberson, instr. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, assoc. prof. College of Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Sciences DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE Dr. L. E. Brinkley, assoc. prof. Dr. Marjorie Bradford, asst. prof. Dr. J. L. Davenport, assoc. prof. Dr. J. A Hayles, prof. Dr. J. H. Keene, prof. Dr. A J. Langlois, prof. Dr. A B. Rougeau, prof. Dr. A. W. Tennille, prof. G. W. Tibbetts, asst. prof. Dr. Darrell Widick, asst. prof. Dr. Floyd Wright, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF ENGINEERING Dr. Albert L. Mink, prof. Dr. R. C. Clifft, assoc. prof. Dr. W. R. Crumpton, asst. prof. Dr. J. D. Gillanders, assoc. prof. Perry Isbell, instr. Dr. Thomas J. Parsons, asst. prof. Dr. Lyle Rhea, prof. Dr. P. S. Shackelford, assoc. prof. Gary Don Vincent, instr. College of Fine Arts Dr. Marguerite Coe, assoc. prof. Terry Huckabee, asst. prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, asst. prof. DEPT. OF ART Dr. William Allen, asst. prof. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. Roger Carlisle, asst. prof. Tom Chaffee, assoc. prof. Ronald Clayton, asst. prof. Evan Lindquist, prof. Don Osborn, assoc. prof. Dr. Karl Richards, prof. William Rowe, asst. prof. Curtis Steele, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MUSIC William Holmes, instr. Harriet Abernathy, instr. Dr. Neale Bartee, assoc. prof. Joe David Bonner, instr. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. Sherri Sandow Dees, instr. Ken Hatch, instr. Richard Jorgensen, instr. Dr. M. Ellis Julien, asst. prof. Dr. J. D. Kelly, assoc. prof. Julia Lansford, assoc. prof. Thomas O ' Connor, instr. Dr. James Patty, prof. Dr. Daniel Ross, asst. prof. Sandra Seay, instr. Alfred Skoog, assoc. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. Ann Swaty, asst. prof. Dr. Theron Waddle, asst. prof. DEPT. OF SPEECH COMM. AND DRAM. ARTS Dr. Ovid L. Bayless, prof. 265 College of Nursing and Health Professions Nellie T. Caffery, instr. Martha Caldwell, asst. prof. Bonnie Deuter, asst. prof. Betty Easton, asst. prof. Sister Patricia Findley, asst. prof. Edna Jones Holmes, instr. Sharon LaRuth Johnson, asst. prof. Karen K. Olson, asst. prof. William Pedigo, instr. Kathy Plaster, instr. Roger Richey, instr. Shirley Richmond, asst. prof. Barbara Nichols Rubin, asst. prof. Angela Schmidt, instr. Lois Snider, instr. Annette Stacy, asst. prof. Department of Military Science MAJ Edwin L. Clapp, asst. prof. MAJ Johnny L. Dillard, asst. prof. CPT Donald A. Haney, asst. prof. CPT Joe P. Hines, asst. prof. CPT Kenneth D. Schoenborn, asst. prof. 2nd Lt. Jay Woods, student recruitment SGM Garry D. Faughn, chief instr. SGM James F. Isley, chief instr. MSG Antonio S. Barcinas, instr. SFC Jerrell L. Kimbrell, instr. SFC Donald L. Pinkerton, instr. SSG Raymond M. Pandell, personnel mgr. 2S6 Intensive English Program Dr. Alvin Dean-Deibert, asst. prof. Robert Freud, instr. PASS TRIO Programs Nola Christenberry, asst. inst. Kathy Masters, instr. Gene Sampson, instr. Dean B. Ellis Library Staff Janet Bland, head order lib. Willis Brenner, documents lib. Nadean Lee, head circulation lib. Marsha Mille r, periodicals ref. lib. Nancy Sue Schell, head catalog lib. Terrie Sypolt, head reference lib. Ella Ward, Catalog lib. 268 STUDENTS 269 Graduate Assistants Susan K. Ballweg, Enid, Okla., Music Paul D. Barrett, Batesville, Educational Adm. Mary F. Bishop, Ada, Okla., Journalism Sandra G. Blake, Waldo, Biology Ron K. Bramlett, Jonesboro, Counselor Ed. LeeAnn Bruton, Steele, Mo., Elementary Ed. Earma Byrd, Moro, Business Adm. Sarah M. Cain, Jonesboro, Music Suzanne W. Callahan, Jonesboro, Music Leta M. Carruth, Lexa, Political Sci. Denise Copenhaver, Plattsmouth, Neb., Biology Cynthia A. 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Todd Jirkovsky, Sterling Heights, Mich., Drama Carole H. Johns, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Daniel W. Johnson, Camden, Political Sci. Luann Jones, Hoxie, Elementary Ed. Amy C. Keathley, Union City, Tenn., Radio-TV Sherry Lacey, Houston, Miss., Music Dianne Lawler, Jonesboro, Educational Adm. Larry H. Lawrence, Rector, Biology Barry Ledbetter, West Memphis, Business Adm. Louis Lee, Hong Kong, Business Adm. Walter D. Marlin, N. Little Rock, Bus. Adm. Marcellars Mason, St. Louis, Mo. Ed. Adm. Sue McQuay, N. Hollywood, Calif., Speech Path. 270 ■ Graduate Assistants Vickie L. Moore, Blytheville, Mathematics Stephen Moulton, Columbia, Ohio, Biology Carol Niederbrach, Jonesboro, Music Carla Nimocks, Forrest City, Speech Path. Elizabeth Noe, Harrisburg, Speech Path. Bright E. Ohonsi, Nigeria, Public Adm. Anya I. Ojiabo, Nigeria, Agriculture Michael J. Pettengell, Jonesboro, English Daniel S. Phillians, Jonesboro, Music Jerry A. Pillow, Paragould, Agriculture Pamela J. Pilote, Jonesboro, Rehab. 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Ibrahim, Malaysia Graduate Students Michael N. Ikeagwuani, Nigeria Tyopine E. Imande, Nigeria Michael L. James, Searcy Jane M. Jamison, Jonesboro Roselinda S. Johnson, Jonesboro Gary L. Jones, Jonesboro Susanne D. Jones, Cherokee Village Judy L. Kever, Batesville Sherita L. Lacy, Newport Patricia E. LaRue, Jonesboro Lillian Ruth Lee, Paragould Anita K. Lindley, Paragould Mary G. Lytle, West Memphis Mary A. Malone, Jonesboro Debbie K. Manasco, Marianna Barbara Gale Mathis, Pocahontas Phyllis R. Meier, Paragould Diane J. Midkiff, Hoxie Carl F. Miller, Judsonia James N. Miller, Trumann Carla S. Moore, Manila Joe H. Moore, Manila Louise F. Moore, Blytheville Ralph Moore, Viola Walter H. Neasbitt, Jonesboro Philip D. Parnell, Forrest City Kevin G. Perrin, Paragould Tammy L. Phillips, Walnut Ridge Patricia Porterfield, Jonesboro Mack Y. Ramsey, Baton Rouge, La. Sherlita N. Reeves, Paragould Tina M. Richardson, Kennett, Mo. Susan Riley, Tucker-man Debby E. 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Charles A. Austin, Pine Bluff, Business Econ. Sharon L. Autry, Jonesboro, Radio-TV DeAnn R. Aycock, Jonesboro, Psychology Deaundra A. Bacot, Jonesboro, Marketing Lisa G. Bailey, Steele, Mo., Elementary Ed. Dwight H. Baker, Alicia, Management Randal K. Baker, Piggott, Business D. P. Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas, Accounting Doug A. Baltz, Jonesboro, Zoology Sandy D. Baltz, Jonesboro, Graphic Design David C. Bandy, Corning, Management Karen E. Bandy, Pocahontas, Real Estate Ins. Sharon K. Banks, Jonesboro, Marketing Seniors Ralph E. Barker, Blytheville, Accounting Lisa Ann Barnes, Lepanto, Early Childhood Ed. Scotty W. Barnes, Campbell, Mo., Criminology Jay R. Barnett, Maynard, Elementary Ed. Don L. Barrett, Senath, Mo., English Terry L. Barry, Blytheville, Radio-TV Catherine L. Beal, Fisher, Elementary Ed. Timothy A. Beaver, Viola, Political Sci. Bruce W. Beck, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Econ. Angela D. Beeler, Bradford, Data Processing Lauren J. Beith, Wilson, Radio-TV Deloise J. Belin, Crossett, Computer Sci. Tammy D. Belk, Mountain Home, Marketing Lori E. Bell, Hot Springs, Data Processing Robert L. Bell, Tampa, Fla., Computer Sci. Willis F. Bell, Des Arc, Data Processing Gloria Belune, Venezuela, Data Processing Linda Fay Bennett, Walnut Ridge, Psychology Elizabeth A. Benson, Alton, Mo., Elementary Ed. Cheryl J. Bentley, North Little Rock, Sociology David H. Bergmann, Waldron, Plant Sci. Susan J. Bickers, Pleasant Plains, Social Work Linda J. Bigness, Batesville, Computer Sci. Emily A. Bingham, Marked Tree, Finance Mary A. Bishop, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgmt. Susan A. Black, Osceola, Economics Terry A. Blackburn, Kennett, Mo., Marketing Tony K. Blackman, Campbell, Mo., Speech Drama Trent J. Blackshare, Piggott, Finance Larry D. Blalock, Cash, Accounting Leslie R. Blanks, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Ed. Linda J. Bledsoe, Campbell, Mo., Elementary Ed. Martha Anne Bobbitt, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Walleon Bobo, Tuckerman, Psychology Donald S. Boggs, Searcy, Geography Larry S. Bond, Marion, Management Boyce D. Bonham, Bono, Agricultural Engr. John F. Bonner, Jonesboro, Finance Kim P. Bonner, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Paul J. Bookout, Jonesboro, Political Sci. 275 Seniors Elaine A. Bosche, Jonesboro, Zoology Schantell C. Bowden, Osceola, Speech Comm. Martin W. Bowen, Bald Knob, Business Adm. Jamie S. Bowlin, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Cheryl A. Bowling, Blytheville, Business Adm. Jordan B. Boyd, Memphis, Tenn., Criminology Joyce Bracy, West Helena, Office Adm. Sandra K. Bramblett, Sulphur Rock, Agri. Bus Sandra K. Brand, Alicia, Journalism Connie L. Brannon, Lepanto, Data Processing Lori A. Bray, Jonesboro, Psychology Junelle Breckenridge, Dermott, Business D. P. Brooke E. Breeding, Mountain View, Journalism Darrell E. Brewer, Pocahontas, Physical Ed. Kimberly K. Bridger, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Joyce L. Brown, Augusta, Elementary Ed. Regina A. Brown, West Memphis, Zoology Wesley R. Brown, Hope, Philosophy Donna L. Bruce, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Gheric E. Bruce, West Memphis, Political Sci. Vicky A. Brumley, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Frederick A. Bryson, Paragould, Business Adm. Michael P. Budak, St. Louis, Mo., Accounting Daniel R. Burdyshaw, Jonesboro, Marketing Freida J. Burge, Cave City, Social Work Don A. Burke, Stuttgart, Marketing Mary J. Burton, Swifton, Music Performance Kathy Bush, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Darwin David Cagle, Rector, Plant Sci. Rebecca A. Caldwell, Wynne, Business Mgmt. Barry G. Callahan, Wynne, Radio-TV Judy P. Camden, Salem, Elementary Ed. Cindy L. Campbell, DeSoto, Mo., Physical Ed. Sherry A. Campbell, Alicia, Data Processing Brett W. Carlile, Paragould, Radio-TV Traci L. Carlson, Rogers, Accounting David L. Carnal, Senath, Mo., Business D. P. Janet S. Carnett, Kennett, Mo., Management Constance O. Carr, Pocahontas, Accounting Chester G. Cary, Batesville, Zoology 276 Seniors Michele Cassidy, Armorel, Business Mgmt. Pamela L. Cavitt, Reyno, Accounting Kathy D. Cecil, Steele, Mo., Mathematics Ed. Ping-Zhen Chen, China, Data Processing Michael S. Chenault, Jonesboro, History Stan R. Chrisman, Jonesboro, Commercial Art Elizabeth K. Christie, Paragould, Zoology Robert Clark, Cherokee Village, Engineering Suzanne Clark, Manila, Nursing Terana D. Clark, Paragould, Finance Charles A. Clay, Monette, Agri. Bus. Econ. Gregory Lamont Clay, N. Little Rock, Graphic Design Sandra D. Clay, Jonesboro, Marketing Jeff S. Clayton, Wynne, Accounting Robin K. Clem, Jonesboro, Nursing Christine Clingingsmith, Mt. Prospect, 111., Special Ed. Jim Bob Clingingsmith, Jonesboro, Management Cynthia S. Cockrill, Wynne, Computer Sci. James W. Coker, Jonesboro, Accounting Scott J. Colbert, Campbell, Mo., Criminology Gregory W. Cole, Harrisburg, Agri. Bus. Econ. Tracy S. Cole, Piggott, Accounting Karen L. Collier, Piedmont, Mo., Social Work Leslie Collins, Pocahontas, Marketing Ronnie L. Collins, Forrest City, Agri. Bus. Econ. Sherrie A. Collins, Wynne, Accounting Kelli S. Conley, Piggott, Marketing Robert L. Cook, Alicia, Social Work Lance R. Cooper, Paragould, Engineering Debbie S. Copeland, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Loureta L. Copeland, Brookland, Early Childhood Ed. Robert F. Courtney, Dumas, Physical Ed. Donald E. Covey, Leachville, Accounting Stephen Coy, Paragould, Marketing Sandra S. Cozart, Osceola, Special Ed. Dana R. Crabtree, Jonesboro, Nursing Charles -Wesley Crain Jr., Jonesboro, Philosophy Joe A. Craig, Paragould Accounting Chicurby D. Crayton, Stuttgart, Criminiology Suzanne L. Crocker, Lake City, Data Processing 277 Seniors David G. Croom, Newport, Computer Sci. Ginger K. Croom, Manila, Elementary Ed. Tony R. Cross, Dexter, Mo., Art Charles L. Cummings, McCrory, Finance Joy E. Cunningham, Tuckerman, Early Childhood Ed. Lisa A. Curnutt, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Captola P. Curry, Lepanto, Special Ed. Walter E. Danley Jr., Memphis, Tenn., Art Ed. Moradali Daryabar, Iran, Agricultural Engr. Alex David, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Joseph S. Davidson, Sage, Political Sci. Angela J. Davis, Ravenden Springs, Business Ed. Cabrina R. Davis, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Special Ed. Deann Davis, Paragould, Marketing Edwina C. Davis, Enola, Journalism Kathy L. Davis, Hope, Dramatic Arts Laura L. Davis, Holcomb, Mo., Accounting Mark A. Davis, Osceola, Business Adm. Rodney J. Davis, Jonesboro, Political Sci. Gary T. Dawson, Germantown, Tenn., Radio-TV Penny R. Dawson, Paragould, English Ed. Robert F. Dean Jr., Blytheville, Physical Ed. Marvin C. Dearien, Mountain View, Agri. Bus. Econ. Cynthia L. Deeds, Bensenville, 111., Data Processing Cheryl K. Deen, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Earlene L. deGolyer, Fowlerton, Ind., Accounting Susan K. Delap, Lincoln, Zoology Tracy A. Dillehay, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Bieu V. Dinh, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Wendell Dorman Jr., Jacksonville, Radio-TV Lora G. Dorton, Trumann, Instrumental Music Ed. Trena A. Driskill, Steele, Mo., Education Dwight D. Duckworth, Springdale, Pre-Med Charles R. Duffel, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Rodger D. Dunigan, Black Oak, Pre-Med Tammy R. Dunkerson, Caraway, Business Adm. Nichola F. Duran, Forrest City, Nursing Gina A. Dycus, Trumann, Marketing Volina E. Dyer, Newport, Nursing Jeanetta A. Eagle, Des Arc, Accounting 273 Seniors Wade A. Eanes, West Memphis, Management David B. Earll, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Allen R. Earls, Rector, Social Sci. John M. Eckert, Hazelwood, Mo., Radio-TV Jeannie Diane Eddington, Newport, Elementary Ed. Rick W. Eddleman, West Helena, Accounting Merilyn U. Edmond, Lexa, Psychology Mohammad Eghlidos, Iran, Medical Tech. Mouaffak Adel El-Gabi, Syria, Mechanical Engr. Lesa L. Elms, Batesville, Early Childhood Ed. Brenda P. Emery, Tuckerman, Data Processing Danny J. Emery, Paragould, Data Processing Mike D. England, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Accounting Melissa D. Engle, Piggott, Finance Anna R. Estes, Monette, Elementary Ed. David R. Estes, Poughkeepsie, Agri. Bus. Econ. Keff Eubanks, Rector, Art Ed. Jerris A. Evans, West Ridge, General Studies Jerry L. Evans, West Ridge, General Studies Linda K. Fann, Jonesboro, Nursing Carol Farmer, Memphis, Tenn., Accounting Lamar K. Faught, Jonesboro, Plant Sci. Makka L. Faulkenberry, Bay, Accounting John W. Fee II, Pocahontas, Journalism Charles A. Fincher, Searcy, Agri. Bus. Econ. Clark W. Fitzpatrick, Batesville, Wildlife Mgmt. Sherry L. Flanigan, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Ricky L. Floyd, Searcy, Agri Bus. Econ. Sheri J. Flynn, Humphrey, Social Work David O. Fort, Beebe, Agri. Bus. Econ. Karen A. Forte, Texarkana, Radio-TV Daniel R. Fortmann, Blytheville, Geography Glenn W. Foster, jonesboro. Marketing Claude S. Foushee, Newport, Business Adm. Vicki L. Fox, Little Rock, Computer Sci. Betty L. Franklin, Forrest City, Accounting Samuel E. Franklin, West Memphis, Pre-Law Brian R. Fratesi, Pine Bluff, Agri. Bus. Econ. Deborah Y. Frederick, Blytheville, Radio-TV Kenneth W. Freemyer, Helena, Chemistry 279 Seniors Len T. Frey, Mammoth Spring, Accounting Terry L. Frierson, Jonesboro, Accounting Carol A. Frizzell, West Helena, Data Processing Pat Fuerer, Blytheville, Public Relations Lennie S. Fuller, Paragould, Special Ed. Jim D. Futrell, Jonesboro, Accounting Thomas C. Gadberry, Forrest City, Business D. P. Tracy J. Gaither, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Price C. Gardner, Little Rock, Accounting Jim H. Garner, Wynne, Finance Natalie S. Garrott, West Memphis, Elementary Ed. Daniel S. Garwood, Melbourne, Industrial Mgmt. Tammie J. Gaskill, Paragould, Computer Sci. Delores D. Gaskin, Newport, Business D. P. Bobby J. Gaston, Webb, Miss., Criminology Michael L. Gauf, Jonesboro, English Alton I. Gayle, Atlanta, Ga., Specia l Ed. Bryan K. George, Trumann, Accounting Laurie L. Geurin, Hot Springs, Physical Ed. Brett W. Gibson, Marmaduke, Zoology Philip W. Gibson, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Darrell W. Gifford, Paragould, Personnel Mgmt. Annyece M. Gilleylen, Tuckerman, Management Andrea C. Gilliam, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Eugene Gilmore, Wynne, Business Mgmt. Greg L. Ginn, West Memphis, Computer Sci. Belinda L. Glenn, Lynn, Early Childhood Ed. Rhonda K. Gonzalez, Osceola, Marketing Mark E. Goodwin, Cabot, Dramatic Arts Terry K. Gott, Jonesboro, Accounting Paula S. Gragg, Maynard, Business D. P. Harrison Graham Jr., Jonesboro, Business D. P. Lewis R. Graham, Benton, Business Adm. Rita D. Granberry, Little Rock, Zoology Mary F. Gray, Jonesboro, Music Cecelia W. Green, Steele, Mo., Special Ed. Mary A. Green, Campbell, Mo., Physical Ed. Mellony B. Gaston Green, Helena, Psychology Joanna V. Gregory, Weiner, Journalism Allen M. Griffin, Paragould, Animal Sci. 280 Seniors Randall G. Griffin, Brinkley, Political Sci. Robin R. Grills, Violet Hill, Data Processing Sara B. Guntharp, Pocahontas, Business Adm. Jesus S. Hadid, Venezuela, Mechanical Engr. Lee C. Hailey, Paragould, Business Adm. Roxannc R. 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Mary B. Hester, Marion, Elementary Ed. Emmitt L. Hill, Wynne, Computer Sci. Penny D. Hill, Marvell, Early Childhood Ed. Phoebe B. Hill, Doniphan, Mo., Speech Drama Marilyn M. Hingst, Blytheville, Plant Sci. Cynthia S. Hodge, Pocahontas, Journalism Dena M. Hodge, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Data Processing Candace L. Holcomb, Jonesboro Zoology Jeff L. Holifield, Paragould, Business Adm. Mary A. Holifield, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Jacqueline Y. Holland, West Helena, Accounting 281 Seniors John D. Holliman, Blytheville, Political Sci. Jeffery L. Hollis, Jonesboro, Finance Lisa A. Hollowell, West Helena, Elementary Ed. Beth A. Holmes, Bay, Agronomy Lisa C. Hooten, Gideon, Mo., Medical Tech. John K. Hoover, Jacksonville, Fla., Marketing Carla J. Hopper, Caruthersville, Mo., Nursing Vesta M. Horton, Marion, Marketing Leslie A. Hoskins, St. Louis, Mo., Business Adm. Teresa D. Hoskins, Paragould, Finance Elizabeth D. House, Memphis, Tenn., Radio-TV Carla J. Houston, Trumann, Marketing Pat Houston, Little Rock, Art Julie L. Hout, Monette, Journalism Don Howton, Palestine, Accounting Kenneth J. Hubbard, West Memphis, Biology Ed. Stephen W. Hubbard, Blytheville, Real Estate Ins. Holly J. Hudspeth, DeWitt, Early Childhood Ed. Shawn D. Hudspeth, DeWitt, Agri. Bus. Econ. Julia Ann Hughes, Kennett, Mo., Radio-TV Renee Irene Hull, Jonesboro, Sociology Ruth A. Hunter, Paragould, Accounting Linda A. Hurst, Paragould, Special Ed. Lisa D. Hurst, Newport, Early Childhood Ed. John G. Hutchison Quitman, Agri. Bus. Econ. Yvonne L. Hutchison, Rector, Spanish James R. Hutton, Kennett, Mo., Agri. Bus. Econ. Allen J. Hyatt, Memphis, Tenn. Business D. P. John A. Igbinoba, Nigeria, Business D. P. Azhari Ismail, Malaysia, Agri. Bus. Econ. Steven F. Ivy, Forrest City, History Rosemary L. Jackson, Bay, Marketing Melvin S. James, Memphis, Tenn., Management Monica A. Jansen, Jonesboro, Accounting Tim G. Jarrett, Paragould, Finance Randall D. Jeffers, Brinkley, Computer Sci. Tammy F. Jeffries, Mountain View, Management Willa M. Jenkins, Pocahontas, Elementary Ed. Becky A. Johnson, Leach ville, Business Ed. Deborah D. Johnson, Brookland, Accounting 232 Seniors Ella F. Johnson, Marianna, Nursing Hendra K. Johnson, Forrest City, Business Ed. Michelle A. Johnson, Little Rock, Business Adm. Phillip W. Johnson, Cave City, Agriculture Ed. Russell K. Johnson, West Memphis, Business Adm. Stanley E. Johnson, Paragould, Science Ed. William D. Johnson, West Ridge, Botany Dorothy D. Johnston, Helena, Data Processing Deborah D. Jones, Longview, Texas, Elementary Ed. Henry P. Jones IV, Jonesboro, Radio-TV John A. Jones, Pocahontas, Business Mgmt. Rodney G. Jumper, Paragould, Business D. P. Fred S. Justus Jr., Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Mark K. Justus, Light, Agri. Bus. Econ. Cassie Kauffman, Nederland, Texas, Speech Path. Kelley M. Kauffman, Fordyce, Marketing Alan S. Keen, West Helena, Transportation Mgmt. Janna M. Kegley, Piggott, Data Processing Rodney Z. Kegley, Carlisle, Plant Sci. Brenda Billingsley Kelley, Franklin, Social Sci. Ed. Terry D. Kelley, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. Tommy John Kennett, Leachville, Mechanical Engr. Tim L. Kersey, Paragould, Health Services Adm. Renee Ketchum, Steele, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Mahera Fatima Khaliq, Pakistan, Data Processing Rafi Khan, Canada, Data Processing Tommie L. Kifer, Holland, Mo., Accounting Kimberly J. Kilker, Rogers, Management Robert D. Kinder, Weiner, Communications Nancy L. King, Yellville, Radio-TV Nataline C. King, Paragould, Finance Suzanne L. King, Paragould, Sociology Tammie L. King, West Helena, Business D. P. Martha A. Kirby, Vanndale, Special Ed. Richard L. Kneibert, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Radio-TV Aretha Knight, Crawfordsville, Accounting Barbara F. Knuckles, Jonesboro, English Ed. Keith Lacewell, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Nancy N. LaFerney, Marion, Business Ed. James P. Laird, Paragould, Mathematics 283 Seniors John O. Lajybutu, Nigeria, Agri. Bus. Econ. Gina L. Lambert, Blytheville, Accounting Michelle A. Lamberth, Jonesboro, Pre-Med Judy C. Lamp, Jonesboro, Nursing William E. Landis II, Hoxie, Elementary Ed. Lacinda Lane, Senath, Mo. Elementary Ed. Art A. Larmi, Mountain Home, Philosophy Maria A. Latting, Cardwell, Mo. Business Mgmt. Laura A. Lawrence, Omaha, Neb., Graphic Design Julie M. Leake, Rector, Psychology Gaye D. Leder, West Memphis, Speech Path. Je rry F. Lee, Wynne, Agricultural Ed. Nita K. Lee, Searcy, Early Childhood Ed. Phil R. Leslie, Booneville, Radio-TV Cyril C. Lester, Richmond, Ind., Business Adm. Richard D. Lewallen, Trumann, Philosophy Jill Lewis, Kennett, Mo., Social Work Russ K. Lewis, Batesville, Political Sci. John D. Liddle, Beebe, Psychology Eric R. Lijewski, Hot Springs, Computer Sci. i ll i la [ Liz L. Littlejohn, Hot Springs, Radio-TV Susan K. Loften, Paragould, Computer Sci. Gwendolyn L. Logan, Earle, Business Adm. Harold R. Long, DeWitt, Nursing Jeffery A. Long, Amagon, Marketing Joe L. Looney, Alma, Manufacturing Mgmt. Jerry C. Love, Frenchmans Bayou, Journalism Travis R. Love, Clinton, Agricultural Ed. Robin S. Loyd, Wilson, Elementary Ed. Brenda L. Lucas, Crawfordsville, Business D. P. Joann Luttrell, Kensett, Special Ed. Terrie K. Lyles, Kennett, Mo., Elementary Ed. Michael L. Maduro, Venezuela, Marketing Denise D. Manning, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Sidek B. Mansor, Malaysia, Business Adm. Mitchell K. Marks, Fair Oaks, Wildlife Mgmt. Tammy L. Marlin, Cave City, Special Ed. Dorothy F. Marshall, Birdsong, Early Childhood Ed. Lynette E. Martin, Newport, Accounting Scott D. Martin, St. Louis, Mo., Marketing 284 Seniors Kent M. Marts, Springdale, Journalism Bertha L. Mathis, Cotton Plant, Radio-TV Mary E. Mathis, Cotton Plant, Accounting Renee Mathis, Corning, Special Ed. Sheila D. Matthews, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Patricia A. Maxwell, Marion, Health Services Adm. Kim her L. May, Paragould, Radiologic Tech. Walter L. Mayhew, Des Arc, Agronomy Cheryl L. Mayo, Bloomfield, Mo., Computer Sci. Hadi Mazaheri, Iran, Medical Tech. Lucinda J. McArthur, Harrisburg, Special Ed. Anthony R. McBride, Waukegan, 111., Business Adm. Kimberly A. McClintock, Wynne, General Studies Allecia D. McClish, Jonesboro, Journalism Beverly S. McCollum, Ash Flat, Accounting Barbara L. McCord, Memphis, Tenn., Marketing Jerry McCormick, Jonesboro, Data Processing Catherine R. McGinnis, Marianna, Marketing James R. McKinney, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgmt. Kimberly D. McKnight, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. Jana L. McLane, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Computer Sci. Johnny L. McLean, Keiser Wildlife Mgmt. Miriam S. McNeely, McCrory, Physical Ed. Kenneth B. McVey, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Zoology Normah Md.Yosokf, Malaysia, Finance Steven S. Meents, Wooldridge, 111., Communications Kevin D. Melton, Newport, Business Mgmt. Shirley R. Miles, West Helena, Accounting Fred L. Miller, Paragould, Journalism Kenneth A. Miller Brookland, Radio-TV Nancy G. Miller, Jonesboro, Journalism Timothy S. Miller, Pocahontas, Psychology Michael D. Mills, Jonesboro, Management Sherry L. Mitchell, Cherry Valley, Medical Tech. Laura L. Moellers, Pine Bluff, Journalism Lawrence R. Moffett, Little Rock, Finance Jeff N. Moody, Blytheville, Accounting John L. Mooney, West Memphis, Criminology Jimmy V. Moore, Weiner, Computer Sci. Kenny R. Moore, Manila, Wildlife Mgmt. 285 Seniors Marcus R. Moore, Hornersville, Mo., Agri. Bus. Econ. Terrence D. Moore, Moro, Agricultural Engr. Tonya A. Moore, Rector, Data Processing William Alan Moore, Marion, Plant Sci. J. P. Morris, Jonesboro, Marketing Sandra J. Moser, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Public Relations Charles L. Moss, Caruthersville, Mo., Marketing Demos G. Mouskis, Cyprus, Manufacturing Mgmt. Susan J. Murphy, Little Rock, Radio-TV Terri L. Murphy, Hardy, Elementary Ed. MaryAnn Myers, Jonesboro, Personnel Mgmt. Randy W. Myers, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Melvin E. Nance, Newport, Mathematics Brenda D. Nash, Benton, Journalism Linda F. Nash, Tyronza, Early Childhood Ed. Vera M. Neal, Augusta, Accounting Tonna E. Nelms, Brookland, Marketing Van E. Nelms, Brookland, Data Processing James R. Newsom, Marmaduke, General Sci. Rosemarie Newton, Newark, Early Childhood Ed. Vai T. Nguyen, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Jeffrey D. Nichols, Delaware City, Del., Printing Tech. Randall J. Nicholson, Ash Flat, Agriculture Ed. Doug R. Nienhaus, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Joseph A. Nnamani Jr., Nigeria, Political Sci. Jay Norris, Hardy, Music Ed. Ebenezer B. Ogunmusesan, Nigeria, Accounting Joel D. Olive, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Raphael N. Onwuzuruigbo, Nigeria, Pre-Med Susan P. Oris, Des Arc, Marketing George M. Osborn, Jonesboro, Finance Jeff G. Overbey, Jonesboro, Data Processing Bart B. Ozbun, Senath, Mo., Finance Stan G. Ozier, Thida, Agricultural Ed. Sara L. Palmer, Senath, Mo., Elementary Ed. Diane Friday Pardew, West Memphis, Nursing Cherie E. Payne, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elementary Ed. John B. Payne, Trumann, Political Sci. Kima L. Payne, Monette, Elementary Ed. Bryan Keith Pendegraft, Caraway, Engineering Seniors Mickey Penosky, Joliet, 111., History Mike Perdzock, Jonesboro, Finance Brant Perkins, Jonesboro, Accounting Carolyn Ann Perkins, Norphlet, Early Childhood Ed. Lynn M. Perkins, Franklin, Business D. P. Stefanie G. Perkins, Osceola, Industrial Mgmt. Raymond A. Perren, Naylor, Mo., Agronomy Cleo C. Perry, Forrest City, Accounting Edra L.Perry, Osceola, Elementary Ed. Joe R. Perry, Forrest City, Marketing Yota L. Petero, Black Rock, Mathematics Pamelia S. Phillips, West Memphis, Vocal Music Ed. Joseph D. Pierce, North Little Rock, Business Adm. Teresa L. Pierce, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Patricia Pilcher, Jonesboro, Nursing Laura J. Pink, Mountain Home, Special Ed. Wilson R. Pipkin, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Mark A. Pippenger, Brookland, Zoology Robert L. Pippenger, Bradford, Accounting Stephen D. Pitts, Ola, Radio-TV Carol A. Plummer, St. Charles, Mo., Computer Sci. Bonita E. Poe, Forrest City, Elementary Ed. Eddie A. Pogue, Paragould, Fine Arts Mary G. Powell, Blytheville, Zoology Melody J. Powers, Pocahontas, Marketing Rhonda G. Prince, Tuckerman, Business D. P. Elvin B. Pulley, Turrell, Physical Ed. Vickie L. Pyle, Blytheville, Elementary Ed. Walter D. Quails, Jonesboro, Criminology Diana M. Ramey, West Helena, Elementary Ed. Risa Ramsey, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., Nursing Karen L. Rash, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. Kimberlon M. Reaves, Chicago, 111., Elementary Ed. Nancy J. Reddick, Maynard, Psychology Joe D. Reed, Lake City, Accounting Marianna K. Reeves, Paragould, Computer Sci. Brian A. Rega, Ash Flat, Radio-TV David P. Reid, Jonesboro, Chemistry Faith C. Rhea, Forrest City, Elementary Ed. Austin B. Richards, Jonesboro, Mathematics 287 Seniors James G. Richardson, Desha, Animal Sci. Sarah A. Richardson, Corning, Accounting Felecia J. Richmond, Dyess, Public Relations Lisa G. Rickman, Senath, Mo., Elementary Ed. Wayne A. Ridgle, Little Rock, Personnel Mgmt. Larry L. Riggs, West Memphis, Business D. P. Carol J. Rikard, Hardy, Physical Ed. Thomas P. Riley, Peel, Business Adm. Bobbie M. Robb, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Robin A. Robb, Paragould, Accounting James L. Roberts, Trumann, Economics Joe Roberts, Palestine, Physical Ed. Richard A. Roberts, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Theresa G. Roberts, Lake City, Special Ed. Rick L. Robertson, Magnet Cove, Mathematics Robin G. Robertson, Leachville, Special Ed. James A. Robinson, Pocahontas, Art Julia M. Robinson, Jonesboro, Nursing Lisa L. Robinson, Rector, Public Relations Martha L. Robinson, Newport, Office Adm. Melvin Robinson, Earle, Business Adm. Kim G. Rodgers, Paragould, Accounting Leigh F. Roebuck, Jonesboro, Finance Glen C. Rolland, Monette, Business Adm. Darryl W. Rose, Cash, Data Processing Steven P. Rose, Walnut Ridge, Accounting William M. Rose, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Joyce L. Rossel, Riverside, 111., Data Processing Rodney M. Rouse, Piggott, Agri. Bus. Econ. Bart M. Rowe, Stanford, Business D. P. William D. Rupard, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Econ. Lisa G. Russell, Paragould, Radio-TV Jeff J. Rutherford, Jonesboro, Sociology Paula S. Rutland, West Memphis, Social Science Ed. Teresa D. Ryan, Walnut Ridge, Physical Ed. Christine E. Sago, Reyno, Criminology Ronnie H. Samuel, Trumann, Computer Sci. Carmen C. Sanchez, Venezuela, Plant Sci. Lanan D. Sanders, Hazen, Medical Tech. Scott A. Sanders, Jonesboro, Criminology .-■8 Seniors Nahro Y. Saoud, Iraq, Engineering LeAnn R. Scarff, Jonesboro, Graphic Arts Gary P. Schirmacher, Woodridge, 111., Business Adm. Gerald C. Schreck, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Vincent A. Schreck, Jonesboro, Accounting Janet L. Scott, Wynne, Business Adm. Susan E. Scott, Salem, Civil Engr. Dawn Sechrest, West Memphis, Elementary Ed. Judith L. Seesengood, Paragould, Accounting Terry L. Selby, Leachville, Geography Lisa L. Sellers, Gosnell, Computer Sci. Joseph J. Semaan, Lebanon, Computer Sci. Mark A. Settlemoir, Paragould, Journalism Robert Craig Shackelford, Germantown, Tenn., Plant Sci. Deea L. Shannon, Bald Knob, Early Childhood Ed. Kathleen Alice Shannon, Harrisburg, Zoology Larry M. Shannon, Jonesboro, Marketing Joel D. Sharp, Jonesboro, Political Sci. Beverly F. Shaw, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Abdulwahab H. Shehada, Egypt, Civil Engr. David N. Shelton, Rector, Business Mgmt. David W. Shelton, Kensett, Agri. Bus. Econ. Ronnie E. Sherrell, Bragg City, Mo., Radio-TV Teddy D. Shields, Bono, Communications Sharon Lee Shipp, Jonesboro, Physical Ed. Karen R. Shirley, Bono, Accounting Angela D. Sifford, Batesville, Radio-TV Scott A. Siler, Palestine, Education James W. Simington, Pocahontas, Mechanical Engr. Gina M. Simmons, Blytheville, Computer Sci. Glenda K. Simmons, Gould, Business D. P. Yvonne Simmons, Jonesboro, English Ed. Kevin B. Simpkins, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Kim K. Simpson, Jonesboro, Zoology Rhonda L. Simpson, Clarendon, Elementary Ed. John A. Sims, Paragould, Data Processing David Singh, Sliver Spring, Md., Medical Tech. Tharmarajah Sinnan, Malaysia, Computer Sci. James D. Sisk, Oil Trough, Agri. Bus. Econ. David R. Skelton, Dell, Medical Tech. 289 Seniors Lynne Ann Skelton, Blytheville, Mathematics Scott A. Skelton, Kennett, Mo., Business D. P. Tim N. Slape, Compton, Public Relations Bradley E. Smith, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Gregory L. Smith, Osceola, Business Mgmt. James E. Smith, Paragould, Computer Sci. Mary A. Smith, Pocahontas, Accounting Mickey Smith, Arkadelphia, Radio-TV Patricia J. Smith, Marion, Mathematics Ed. Retta J. Smith, Wilson, Elementary Ed. Rita D. Smith, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elementary Ed. Robin M. Smith, Jacksonville, Zoology Roger D. Smith, Cherry Valley, Physical Ed. Susan L. Smith, Chesterfield, Mo., Special Ed. Terri A. Smith, Doniphan, Mo., Nursing Stephanie G. Smithwick, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV George J. Soest Jr., St. Louis, Mo., Data Processing Towny Sparks, Kennett, Mo., Accounting Judy L. Spence, Paragould, Mathematics Robin L. Spencer, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Cindy D. Spinks, Rector, Physical Ed. Christopher R. Spivey, Rogers, Economics Penni L. Sprinkle, Bono, Pre-Med Jeffrey D. Stacey, Kennett, Mo., Political Sci. Paula K. Stafford, Marked Tree, Office Adm. Emilie Y. Statler, Egypt, Early Childhood Ed. Kevin R. Statler, McGehee, Marketing Robin K. Stayton, Pocahontas, Elementary Ed. Walter R. Steele, James Mill, Marketing Bonita M. Stevens, Milwaukee, Wise, Office Adm. Brenda C. Stewart, England, Radio-TV Ray F. Stewart Jr., Pine Bluff, Industrial Mgmt. Timothy W. Stewart, Batesville, Business D. P. Weldon T. Stewart, Steele, Mo., Marketing Anthony T. Stiff, Bozeman, Mont., Business Adm. Randy C. Still, Jonesboro, Agricultural Engr. Karen D. Stoker, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Julie A. Stone, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Ronald L. Stovall, Blytheville, Business Adm. Mark A. St. Pierre, Jonesboro, Zoology 290 Seniors Norma L. Stracener, Keiser, Public Relations Robert K. Stubblefield, Luxora, Business Adm. Sherry L. Suit, Mena, Biology Leslie Sullins, Blytheville, Finance Betty L. Summers, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Lewis E. Tanner, Hardy, Computer Sci. Bryan D. Taylor, Judsonia, Engineering Cathy M. Taylor, Marianna, Computer Sci. Edie K. Taylor, Paragould, Plant Sci. Frank F. Taylor, Marmaduke, Personnel Mgmt. Johnethan C. Taylor, Jonesboro, Sociology Katrina C. Taylor, Rector, Finance Valerie M. Taylor, Blytheville, Nursing Cuarlstine Thomas, West Helms, Early Childhood Ed. Danny H. Thomas, Jonesboro, Psychology Alton L. Thompson, Doniphan, Mo., Nursing Betty L. Thompson, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Darlene Thompson, Pine City, Computer Sci. Pansy J. Thompson, Newport, Radio-TV Peter B. Thompson, Pine Bluff, Industrial Mgmt. Margaret A. Thornberry, Traskwood, Medical Tech. Donald C. Thornton, Mammoth Spring, Elementary Ed. Kenneth E. Townsend, Little Rock, Management Mary Jo Tracer, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Leslie L. Trail, Forrest City, Elementary Ed. Bruce A. Trice, Stuttgart, Radio-TV Joseph C. Trimble, Hardy, Radio-TV Darrick L. Tucker, Memphis, Tenn., Data Processing Kelly G. Tucker, St. Louis, Mo., Public Relations Steve T. Tucker, Donna Anna, N. M., History Tim G. Tucker, Wynne, History Twyla R. Tucker, Essex, Mo., Elementary Ed. Pamela D. Turbyeville, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. E. Ellsworth (Tad) Turner IV, Memphis, Tenn., Accounting Gayla L. Turner, Poplar Bluff, Mo., English Ed. Karen S. Turner, West Memphis, Elementary Ed. Michael J. Turner III, Deerfield, 111., Business Adm. Mark A. Tyler, Pocahontas, Accounting Felix I. Ugwu, Nigeria, Economics Jim C. Umfress, Helena, Elementary Ed. 291 Seniors Ed L. Underwood, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Tony Uthoff, Monette, Agri. Bus. Econ. Tammy L. Utley, Beebe, Agri. Bus. Econ. Dawn L. Van Valkenburg, Paragould, Accounting Bradley W. Vaughn, Brookland, Business Adm. Leslie S. Vaughn, Jonesboro, Marketing Cindy J. Verkler, Black Rock, Accounting Ronald W. Vest, Cave City, Agri. Bus. Econ. Kim D. Vestal, Bay, Finance DeAnne Vivrette, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Charles W. Wait, Scottsdale, Ariz., Business Adm. Johnny O. Walker, Brockwell, Social Sci. Linda F. Walker, Kennett, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Tracie L. Wall, Holly Grove, Elementary Ed. Mary A. Walton, Mountain Home, Business Ed. Renee Walton, Trumann, Marketing Transportation Janet R. Wann, Jonesboro, Nursing Billy J. Ward, Hughes, Physical Ed. Kathryn E. Ward, Caruthersville, Mo., Elementary Ed. Paula M. Ward, Cord, Office Adm. Amelia X. Waters, Wynne, Special Ed. Lisa A. Watkins, Marvell, Business Adm. Paul W. Weatherford, Southside, Animal Sci. David N. Webb, Rector, Finance Reginald C. Webb, Gatewood, Mo., Business Adm. Anthony A. Weir II, Walnut Ridge, Physical Ed. Lisa R. W eisenbach, Maynard, Elementary Ed. Anna R. Wells, Blytheville, Sociology Carla R. Wells, Blytheville, Music Ed. Linwood W. Wells II, Paragould, Agriculture Michael O. Wells, Blytheville, Chemistry Phyllis K. West, Blytheville, Special Ed. Tony R. Wheatley, Steele, Mo., Marketing Marilyn M. White, Parkin, Business Adm. Teresa Agee White, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Todd A. White, Fairfax, Va., Marketing Stanley G. Whitlow, Strawberry, Accounting Jeffrey A. Whitson, Little Rock, Public Relations Jon S. Wil banks, Jonesboro, Industrial Mgmt. Brenda S. Wilcox, Cave City, Elementary Ed. Seniors 1 i Janice M. Wilcox, Gurdon, Elementary Ed. Tonecia L. Wilkinson, Jonesboro, Marketing Barbara D. Williams, Thayer, Mo., Public Relations Dora J. Williams, Bald Knob, Public Relations Janice L. Williams, Newport, Elementary Ed. Marty A. Williams, Cherry Valley, Accounting Robin L. Williams, Marmaduke, Speech Path. Ted J. Williams, Paragould, Agri. Bus. Econ. Trent Williams, Paragould, Marketing Amber S. Willie, Paragould, Accounting Calvin G. Willoughby, Kennett, Mo., Data Processing Earl E. Wilson, Jonesboro, Accounting Farrell E. Wilson, Cabot, Data Processing Jodi B. Wilson, Neelyville, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Patricia A. Wilson, Joiner, Office Adm. Michael H. Winberry, Piggott, Music Sonya J. Winningham, Jonesboro, Journalism Elizabeth A. Wood, Jonesboro, Social Work Jana E. Wood, Searcy, Radio-TV Lee P. Woodruff, Jonesboro, Zoology Kim A. Woosley, Cabot, Business Ed. Donna J. Worlow, Jonesboro, Personnel Mgmt. Dallen D. Wright, Belleville, 111., Physical Ed. Gary B. Wright, Piggott, Business Adm. Stacy M. Wyse, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Cathryn Gail Yates, Paragould, Agriculture Laurie A. York, Senath, Mo., Finance Monya K. York, Doniphan, Mo., Accounting Audrey P. Young, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Derek J. Young, Paragould, Sociology Brenda S. Zamora, Paragould, Zoology Jaafar H. Zayat, Lebanon, Agricultural Engr. Nanci Jones Zimmer, Jonesboro, Fine Arts Sandra J. Zirkle, Delaplaine, Business Adm. 293 Juniors Bobby J. Abbott, Hot Springs Zakaria Abdallat, Jordan Zuleffends Abo-Majid, Malaysia Zufidah Abdulmajid, Malaysia Rahman Abdul, Malaysia Day Abernathy, Jonesboro Barbara K. Ackeret, Jonesboro James Adams, Fisk, Mo. Joe Adams, Paragould Jon Adams, Jonesboro Stephen Adams, Walcott Valerie Adams, Paragould Wesley Adams, Lafe Everett Adamson, Osceola Ahmad Al-Amoud, Saudi Arabia Mauro Alburez, Guatemala Eric Allen, Jonesboro Lisa Allen, Jonesboro Marilyn Allen, Dermott William Allen, Little Rock Richie Allensworth, West Memphis Gary Anderson, Osceola Lisa Anderson, Stuttgart Sandy Anderson, Marianna Michael Andrews, Ravenden Springs Kevin Arms, Charlotte Tammy Arms, Flippin Mary Armstrong, Patterson Diane Atherton, Pocahontas Robert Auler, Gideon, Mo. Muhammad Aziz, Memphis, Tenn. Khairil Baharin, Malaysia Sammie Baker, N. Little Rock De ' Lisa Balentine, Newport Barbara Ball, Newport Susan Ball, Trumann Lawanda Ballard, Oil Trough Gary Barch, Luxora Robert Barker, Jonesboro Ken Barksdale, Jonesboro David Barnes, Jonesboro Kimberly Barnes, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mary Barnes, Forrest City Stephanie Barnes, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Shawn Barnett, Jonesboro Troyce Barnett, Batesville Randy Barnhill, Walnut Ridge Clifton Barr, West Memphis Jeff Bartell, Cherokee Village Clyde Bass, Waldron Celene Batey, Paragould John Bax, Oxford Karen Baxter, Jonesboro Shari Bay, Paragould Edwina Beal, Fisher Gina Bearden, Jonesboro Shirley Bearden, Bradford James Beck, Marked Tree Sarah Beck, Jonesboro Mark Beegle, Pocahontas Mark Bell, Hickory Plains Jon Belmar, Florissant, Mo. Dallas Benson, Jonesboro Kevin Bentley, West Memphis James Berg, Jonesboro Thurman Beshears Jr., Wynne Dee Biddle, West Helena Jeffrey Biggs, Maynard Cheryl Black, Jonesboro Debra Black, Lexa l v jp Juniors Jim Blackburn, Kennett, Mo. Sharon Blackford, Marion Lauri Bledsoe, Wynne John Block, Hot Springs Kara Blocker, Leachville Chlo Bobrowski, Walnut Ridge Margaret Boeckmann, Wynne Douglas Boever, Remsen, Iowa Terri Bogan, Jonesboro Jo-Gina Bokony, Alexander Dena Bolar, Paragould Allisa Boling, Paragould Denise Boling, Paragould Holly Borgeson, Henderson Layne Bourland, Blytheville Debbie Bowden, Paragould Don Bowen, Searcy Billy Bowers, Jonesboro Mark Bowers, Cash Brenda Bowman, Doniphan, Mo. Dianna Bowman, Brookland Kenny Bowren, Floral Darla Boyd, Paragould Terie Blair Boyette, Jonesboro Danice Boyle, Little Rock Walt Bracken Jr., Jonesboro Melissa Bracy, Hickory Ridge Kim Brandon, Dexter, Mo. Lisa Brandon, Jonesboro Gregory Brannon, Newport Max Braswell, DeWitt Tracy Braawell, Newport Brett Bray, Pine Bluff Stan Brehm, Mountain Home Debbie Brew, Mountain Home Kent Brewer, Pleasant Grove Bill Bridger, Jonesboro Dana Bridger, Jonesboro Hallie Bridges, Harrisburg Jeff Bridges, Kennett, Mo. Michael Bridges, Paragould Carl Br iggs, West Memphis Teresa Britt, Pocahontas Jeffrey Broadway, Pocahontas Thomas Brocksmith, Paragould Sherri Brooks, Kennett, Mo. Darren Brown, Bono Jeff Brown, Jonesboro Karin Brown, Zion Kenneth Brown, Brookland Lewis Brown, Palatka, Fla. Lisa Brown, Augusta Mary Brown, Marvell Rox Anne Brown, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Stacie Brown, Jonesboro Stan Brown, Jonesboro Teresa Brubeck, Sikeston, Mo. Jerry Buchanan, Gideon, Mo. Randall Buckley, O ' Fallon, 111. James Buffington, West Memphis Dane Buford, Batesville Geraldine Bunn, Cave City William Burge, Cave City Sandra Burgess, Pocahontas Shane Burnett, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Janet Burnham, Rector Bobby Burns, Piggott Jimmy Bushong Jr., Trumann Lawrence Butler, Jonesboro Maureen Butler, New Rochelle, N.Y. 295 Juniors Alan Byrd, Palestine Alvin Byrd Jr., Lexa Cindy Caldwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Daniel Caldwell, Blytheville James Caldwell, Wynne Kelly Caldwell, Rector Kenneth Calhoon, Elaine Dona Cameron, Jonesboro David Campbell, Wynne Kim Campbell, Clarkton, Mo. Susan Campbell, West Memphis Cynthia Canada, Batesville Lori Caples, Bono Greg Carda, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Byron Carle, Monette Joyce Carlock, Marianna Mark Carlson, Ash Flat Michael Carr, Peel Iva Carter, Trumann John Carter, Jr., Hampton, Va. Johnny Carter, Jonesboro Peggy Carter, Cherry Valley Shelia Carter, Earle Sue Carter, Marvell Lynn Carwile, Wynne Loren Cates, Marked Tree Bryan Cattanach, Peekskill, N.Y. Janet Caudell, Colt Mark Cecil, Steele, Mo. Nancy Chamberlin, North Little Rock Brenda Chapman, Osage Beach, Mo. Deborah Chappel, Jonesboro Iris Chastain, Holly Grove Cynthia Cherry, Jonesboro Valerie Cherry, Blytheville Deborah Chesser, Searcy Jennifer Childers, Joiner James Chipman, Manila Georgia Chism, Jonesboro Sharon Chism, Hornersville, Mo. Kelly Christopher, Hoxie Keith Chunn, Paragould Howard Cissell, Lithonia, Ga. Jon Cissell, Atlanta, Ga. Kristi Cissell, Wilson Phillip Cissell, Jonesboro Allen Clark, Paragould Janet Clark, Portia Jill Clark, Jonesboro John Clark, Marmaduke Johnnie Clark, Colt Linda Clark, Anchorage, Ak. Odis Clark, Macon, Ga. Leslie Clausen, Tuckerman Mark Clayton, Campbell, Mo. Mary Clayton, Wynne Terry Clayton, Jonesboro Rocky Clements, Jonesboro Beth Clemons, Piggott Billy Clifft, Jonesboro Carta Clifton, Steele, Mo. Mike Clingingsmith, Arlington Hgts., 111. Kelley Cobb, Rector William Cobb, Corning Thad Cockrill, West Memphis Shearry Coffman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Scott Colbert.. Monette Brenda Colburn, jonesboro Donna Colburn, Egypt Tammie Colburn, Egypt 36 Juniors Athena Cole, Jonesboro Tammy Cole, Paragould Michael A. Coleman, Thayer, Mo. Michael L. Coleman, Paragould Brad Collins, Mammoth Spring Karri Collins, Forrest City John Commer, Pine Bluff, Mo. Rick Cook, Black Oak Anthony Cooper, Little Rock Jamie Cooper, Rogers Janette Cooper, Harrisburg Kim Cooper, Jonesboro Cindy Copeland, Helena Marsha Hall Copeland, Pocahontas Shelley Cornelison, Rector Ricky Cornish, Monette Tammy Cossey, Jonesboro Charles Costantino, Jonesboro Berry Cothern, Jonesboro Buddy Courtney, Wynne Graham Coveney, Canada Andrea Cox, Mountain Home Lori Cox, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Robert Cox, Marianna Rose Cox, Floral Sherree Cox, Jonesboro Bryan Cozart, Blytheville Clay Cozart, Wynne Kimberly Crabtree, Wynne Anna Crafford, Fisk, Mo. Cary Crain, Brookland Leslie Crane, Iola, Kan. James Cravens, Bay Victor Cravens, Jonesboro Gayla Crawford, Rector Nancy Crawford, Jonesboro Marilyn Criss, Trumann Homer Crook, Valley Springs Joni Croom, Marion Roger Crouch, Hickory Ridge Mary Crow, Cave City Rhonda Cude, Hoxie Lee Cunningham, Paragould Jill Cupp, Light Paul Curtis, Corning Judith Cychol, Peoria, 111. Chris Dacus, Jonesboro Ted Dail, Jonesboro David Dallas, Wynne Kim Horrell Danley, Marmaduke Sandi Darnell, Jonesboro Ani Daud, Malaysia Donna Davidson, Oil Trough Angela Davis, Ft. Smith Darwin Davis, Jonesboro Karen Davis, Bald Knob Kevin Davis, Jonesboro Kristi Davis, Bono Lelia Davis, Wynne Mona Davis, Piggott Pamela Davis, Lake City Rhonda Davis, Bono Sharon Davis, Blytheville Steve Davis, Newport Eugene Davison, Marvell Lisa Day, Ft. Smith Ginger Dean, Troy, Tenn. Timothy Dean, Jonesboro Rebecca Deaton, Manila William Decker, Gosnell 297 Juniors Mike DeHaan, Pocahontas Charles DeHart, Paragould Craig DeLille, Millington, Tenn. Tempa Dempsey, Senath, Mo. Charlotte Denny, Lancaster, Ky. Brad Dent, Jonesboro Mary Dent, Jonesboro Tommy Dent, Steele, Mo. Hal Detrick, Jonesboro Tim DeVore, Des Arc Rick Dickinson, Jonesboro Brenda Dickson, Doniphan, Mo. Tomilea Dillon, Lonoke Troy Dillon, Lonoke Cathy Dixson, Jonesboro Janetta Dobbs, McCrory Lee Dodson, Arkadelphia Terry Dodson, Hayti, Mo. Lisa Dortch, Rector Tim Doyle, Portia John Drake, Hot Springs Lisa Drumm, Palos Heights, 111. Renee Dryden, Stuttgart Lee Anne Dublin, Blytheville Bryan Duffel, Jonesboro John Dulaney, Hoxie Renita Dulaney, Forrest City Debra Dunavant, Caruthersville, Mo. Carmen Dunbar, Llitle Rock Dale Duncan, Cabot Linda Duncan, Bradford Tammy Duncan, Osceola Darrell Dunlap, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gary Dutton, Rogers Jill Dycus, Jonesboro Vickie Eads, Pocahontas Janet East, Tyronza Lisa Eaton, Glencoe Eric Eccles, Alton, Mo. Jimmy Edington, Biggers Jonathan Edington, Biggers Kimberly Edington, Biggers Cythia Edwards, West Memphis Kerrie Edwards, Jonesboro Adewunmi Egberongbe, Nigeria Venantius Egbulem, Nigeria Fawzi El-Alami, Detroit, Mich. Darrell Elkin, Hot Springs Gertrude Ellingson, Jonesboro Angela Ellis, Clarendon Judy Ellis, Maynard Tony Elmore, Brookland Michelle Emery, Caraway Pamela Ensley, Forrest City Gregg Esenwine, Bono Britt Estes, Dumas Sharon Eubanks, Jonesboro Karen Evans, Green Forest Kim Evans, Harrisburg Russell Evans Jr., Marianna Stacy Evans, Marmaduke Susan Evans, Nesbit, Miss. Terry Evans, Kennett, Mo. Craig Evensen, Memphis, Tenn. Majdi Fakhoury, Chicago, 111. Dalton Farmer Jr., Jonesboro John Farmer, Dumas Michaela Farmer, Newport Edwin Faughn, Paragould Brad Faught, Jonesboro Juniors Jim Featherston, West Memphis Melanie Featherston, Piggott Connie Feild, Jonesboro Laura Felts, Walnut Ridge Ron Felts, Walnut Ridge Lantha Felty, Stanford Karen Ferguson, Walnut Ridge Christy Ferrell, Caruthersville, Mo. John Field, Leachville Anita Finch, Kennett, Mo. Jayne Finch, Paragould Karen Finley, Manila Kimberly Finley, Walnut Ridge Marti Finley, Monette Kellie Fisher, North Little Rock Selma Fisher, Jonesboro Polly Fisk, Piggott Harold Fitts, Brinkley Laura Fitzwater, Erie, 111. Velma Flanigan, Jonesboro Douglas Fletcher, Hot Springs Michael Fletcher, Jonesboro Karon Flowers, Wynne Cynthia Floyd, Forrest City Kim Floyd, Rose Bud Wayne Floyd, Rector Alisa Flynn, West Memphis Kenneth Foltz, West Memphis Ralph Forbis, Paragould Robyn Ford, Weiner Charlie Fowler, Weiner Terry Fowler, Turrell James Franks, Lepanto Mark Franzen, Stuttgart David Freudiger, Jonesboro Creig Frierson, Blytheville Sandra Fruland, Rogers Shana Vangilder Fulks, Rector Pamela Funchess, Bono Micheale Futch, Wynne Tamara Gamble, Jonesboro Natalie Gardner, Harrison Debra Gary, Jonesboro Rocky Gates, Newport John Gennings, Jonesboro Mark Genshaw, Seaford, Del. Ronnie George, Wynne Phyllis German, Maiden, Mo. Cynthia Gibbs, Jonesboro Tina Gibbs, Jonesboro David Gibson, Lake City Melinda Gibson, Jonesboro Paula Gibson, Jonesboro Stephanie Gibson, Bay Trena Gilbert, Lake City William Gillespie, Jonesboro Stewart Gilliam, Osceola Susan Gist, Paragould Joey Glaub, Jonesboro Bennie Gleghorn, Oxford Bolinda Gleghorn, Salem Randy Glenn, Lynn Terry Glenn, Jonesboro Robert Godwin, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jeff Goode, Grifflthville Renee Goodrich, Jonesboro Chela Gossett, Jonesboro James Gossett, Success Douglas Graham, Reyno Timothy Granger, West Memphis Juniors Everett Grant, Paragould Bert Gray, Wheatley Mary Gray, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Rose Green, Braggadocio, Mo. Lance Gregory, Wynne Rick Gregory, Pocahontas Sandra Gregory, Wheatley Todd Gregory, Wynne Kelly Gregson, Jonesboro Sherri Gresham, Wynne Susan Gretzmier, Osceola Bernard Griffin, Hardy Cindy Griffin, Jonesboro Martha Griffin, Jonesboro Bill Grogan, Paragould William Grussemeyer, Jonesboro Bobby Guess, Jonesboro Betty Gunter, Piggott Clifford Guy, Osceola Fahad Gwaiz, Saudi Arabia Ivory Gwin, Turrell Donna Haas, Horseshoe Bend Anna Hagar, Tuckerman Pamela Hager, Pocahontas Maryann Halferty, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Angel Hall, Bono Anne Hall, Jonesboro Diannia Hall, Hardy Janet Hall, West Memphis Paula Hall, Tyronza Kimberly Hamilton, Paragould Maria Hammond, Paragould Lisa Hancock, McCrory Sharon Haney, Munfordville, Ky. Gale Hanna Jr., Luxora 1 A I Susan Harding, Little Rock David Hardy, Blytheville Roy Hardy, Genoa George Harguess, Walnut Ridge Jerry Harper, West Plains, Mo. Michael Harris, West Memphis Ronald Harris, Scott Tanya Harris, Lonoke Sue Harrison, Blytheville Cliff Hart, Wynne Wade Hart, Jonesboro Michael Harvey, Paragould Nubli Hashim, Malaysia John Hatridge, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Tamara Havlik, Stuttgart Semona Hawkins, Morley, Mo. Barry Hay, Blytheville Harriett Hayes, Jonesboro Lisa Haynes, Bald Knob Melana Hayes, Blytheville Tammy Healy, Mammoth Spring James Heard Jr., Hoxie Bradley Heckmann, Harrisburg Jennifer Heeb, Harrisburg Eunice Heffington, Jonesboro Greta Heidbreder, Corning Angela Heise, Blytheville Jennie Menard, Walcott Scott Hendrix, Jonesboro Teresa Hendrix, Trumann G. W. Henson, Jonesboro Bobbie Heskett, Jonesboro Richard Hess, Wynne Holly Hester, Jonesboro Kirk Hicks, Walnut Ridge 300 Juniors Patrea Hicks, Brookland Jan Highfill, Paragould Theron Hightower, Hot Springs Charlton Hildreth, Hot Springs Danny Hill, Jonesboro Linley Diane Hill, Hot Springs Shannon Hilliard, Blytheville Michael Hilton, Melbourne Misti Hind, Trumann Brenda Hinds, Harrisburg Lisa Hinds, Jonesboro Mark Hitchings, Searcy Mohd Saad HJ, Malaysia Tuan Hoang, Jonesboro Dewayne Hobbs, Colt Barry Hodges, Forrest City David Hodges, Jonesboro Danny Hogan, Pocahontas Delane Hogan, Jonesboro Billie Hoggard, Caraway Rhonda Hoggard, Neelyville, Mo. David Hohn, Diaz Katherine Holdren, Mountain Home Dane Hollis, Hickory Ridge Susan Hollis, Paragould Byron Holloway, West Memphis Floyd Holmes, Turrell Stephen Holmes, Paragould Kimberly A. Holt, Marianna Kimberly G. Holt, Jonesboro Micheal Holt, Leachville William Holt, Manila Joy Hood, Brinkley Donald Hopkins, Corning Laura Hopkins, Harviell, Mo. Christopher Hopper, West Memphis Lona Horn, Cabot Phillip Horn, Paragould Deborah Horton, West Memphis Lisa Horton, DeWitt Michelle Horton, Gilmore Mark Hoskins, Fayetteville Bob House, Heber Springs Phillip Hout, Newport Cindy Hovis, Little Rock Angela Howard, Edmondson Kara Howard, Bono Susan Hubbard, Newport Sherry Huddleston, Wynne Cindy Hudgins, Cabot Ben Hudson, Chillicothe, 111. Kathy H udson, O ' Kean Donna Huff, Blytheville Audrey Hughey, Jonesboro Barry Hulett, Swifton Christopher Hulett, Swifton Mitzi Hulett, Jonesboro William Hull, Booneville Mallory Hurt, Jonesboro William Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Scott Hyde, Blytheville Trena Hyde, Jonesboro Marlette Inboden, Jonesboro Karyn Infield, West Helena Diana Ivory, Marvell Arthur Jackson, Pinole, Calif. Gerald Jackson, Jonesboro Holly Jackson, DeWitt Mark Jackson, Blytheville Roxanne Jackson, Carmel, Calif. 301 Juniors Warren Jackson, DeWitt Lisa Jaggers, Marion Monica James, Ravenden Springs Terry Jamieson, Hardy Terri Jamison, Doniphan, Mo. John Jenkins, Walnut Ridge Eddie Jernigan, Paragould Karen Jett, Corning Robert Jett, Tyronza Alonza Jiles, Altheimer Cindy M. Johnson, Jonesboro Cindy R. Johnson, West Memphis Iona Johnson, Holly Grove Jay Johnson, Walnut Ridge Marian Johnson, Caraway Michael Johnson, Paragould Scott Johnson, Pine Bluff Syrena Johnson, Leachville Vonda Johnson, Grubbs Bryan Johnston, Jonesboro Kenneth Jones, Longview, Texas Lonnie Jones, Cardwell, Mo. Marcella Jones, Jonesboro Randall Jones, Poughkeepsie Christine Joplin, Doniphan, Mo. Leslie Jordan, Monticello Luther Jude, Crawfordsville Richard Kahl, Germantown, Tenn. Elli Kaminarides, Jonesboro Tara Kegley, Corning Ricky Keith, Arlington, Texas Gary Kellems, Steele, Mo. Robert Keller, Sikeston, Mo. Brian Kelly, Jonesboro Nancy Kennedy, Helena Dawn Kent, Batesville Cheril Kerby, Helena Deborah Kiestler, Lorado Jonna Kincade, Imboden Glenda King, Dalton Steven Kirk, Etowah Steve Kirksey, Jonesboro Bobby Kirkwood, Newport Ronda Kissee, Paragould James Kissinger, Jonesboro Keith Klemmer, Brookland John Kline, Gilmore Ralph Kline, St. Petersburg, Fla. John Knight, Bald Knob Patricia Knight, Walnut Ridge Sharon Knight, Walnut Ridge Kurt Knodell, Ellsinore, Mo. Lisa Kocher, Harrisburg William Koettel, Newport Sharon Kolb, Searcy Laura Koonce, Blytheville Edward Krieger, Little Rock Thomas Kroepfl, Osceola Ching Kuan, Malaysia Phillip Laden, Steele, Mo. Scott Laffoon, Paragould Terri Lamberth, Jonesboro Gerald Lambie, Egypt Ellen Lempkins, Paragould Sandra Landis, Bay Phillip Ladd, Hayti, Mo. Emily Lard, Jonesboro Jacques Larose, Memphis, Tenn. Annette Larue, Tuckerman Nancy LaRue, Wilson Juniors Kenneth E. Lathrop, Hughes Tracy A. Law, Jonesboro Jamie L. Laws, Forrest City Sandra J. Leaks, Osceola Rebecca L. Leary, Batesville Clint D. Ledbetter, Ft. Smith Sharon E. Lee, Jonesboro Lori A. Lewallen, Jonesboro Mark E. Lewallen, Bentonville Tina D. Lewis, Cave City Barry F. Lillard, Charlotte Barbara J. Lindsey, Steele, Mo. Kerrie A. Linton, Yellville Sharon A. Liska, West Memphis Penny R. Little, Rector Jeffrey Littlejohn, W. Memphis Edward E. Loggains, Melbourne Michael D. Loggins, Harrisburg Ricky A. London, DeValls Bluff Jerry E. Long, Pocahontas Laura L. Long, Little Rock Stephen J. Loop, Maynard Lisa R. Lott, Maiden, Mo. Robyn L. Luff, Jonesboro Sheri D. Lung, West Plains, Mo. Charlotte K. Lutes, Blytheville John S. Lynn, Paragould Stephen G. Lyon, Jonesboro Robyn L. Lyons, Henderson Preston Maddox, Tallahassee, Fla. Benny Malone Jr., Little Rock Shannon D. Malone, Pine Bluff Logan B. Manatt, Jonesboro Pamela S. Mangrum, Monette Jacquelyn L. Mannon, Blytheville Lisa A. Mantooth, Jonesboro Cynthia A. Maples, Earle Mary K. Marcom, Jonesboro Sandra L. Marlowe, Jonesboro April Martin, Cherokee Village Daniel Martin, Trumann David W. Martin, Jonesboro Kelli J. Martin, Blytheville Marcia K. Martin, Walnut Ridge Michael L. Martin, McCrory Steven W. Martin, Jonesboro Delinda K. Mason, Paragould Tom Mason, Bradford Joe B. Massey, Osceola Douglas E. Masters, Arbyrd, Mo. Teresa A. Mathews, Hot Springs Maria L. Maxwell, N. Little Rock Darren K. May, Sedgwich Reda A. May, Jonesboro Tina L. Maynard, Monette Tonya D. Mays, Steele, Mo. Russell B. McAllister, Paragould Amy M. McBride, Brinkley Maxine McBride, Jonesboro Charlotte A. McBryde, Star City Lori A. McClain, Wynne Kenneth D. McCoy, Jonesboro Mack McCuan, Clarendon Kevin W. McCullough, Reyno William R. McDaniel, Jonesboro Dana Jones McElyea, Osceola Byron R. McEntire, Walnut Ridge Maureen McFadden, Longwood, Fla. Rena L. McFatter, Batesville Julie A. McGould, Jonesboro 303 Juniors Sam P. McGuire, Thayer, Mo. Sherri L. McKay, Harrisburg Richard G. McKenzie, Marked Tree Terri L. McKnight, Jonesboro Mark E. McMinn, Newport Kris E. McSwain, Jonesboro Linda J. McWayne, Trumann Nikki J. Mead, Jonesboro Marque S. Mealing, Detroit, Mich. Sue A. Medlock, Jonesboro Eric F. MeJia, DeWitt Dana L. Merguie, Jonesboro Cynthia Merillat, Cherokee Vil. Mary I. Merrill, Jonesboro Robert E. Merrill, Paragould Joyce A. Merriman, Jonesboro Maria A. Mertens, Paragould Pat L. Michie, West Memphis Amy E. Miley, Forrest City Patrick Millbrook, Jonesboro Becky J. Miller, Clarendon Cathy Miller, Holly Grove Gordon E. Miller, Leachville Leigha G. Miller, Kennett, Mo. Melody Miller, West Plains, Mo. Michael D. Miller, Hickory Ridge Tom P. Mills, Pine Bluff Bill W. Milton, Murray, Ky. Leah M. Minton, Bono Loria V. Mitchell, Marvell Mary E. Mitchell, St. Louis, Mo. Michael A. Mitchell, N.L.R. Brenda K. Mobley, Jonesboro Charles W. Mobley, Osceola Denise C. Modelevsky, Jonesboro Norzaiton Mohd-Nor, Malaysia Joseph W. Monday, Judsonia Sheila A. Monroe, Caraway Bill W. Moore, Paragould Cynthia L. Moore, Manila Johnnie Moore, Caruthersville, Mo. Keith E. Moore, Jacksonville Precious B. J. Moore, Blytheville Cecilia A. Morgan, Harrisburg Jeffrey A. Morgan, West Memphis Pamela D. Morgan, Gosnell Ross A. Morgan, Blytheville Garner Morrisett, West Memphis Rebecca Moser, Melbourne Mitch Mosley, Walnut Ridge Dana M. Moss, Glencoe Joyce M. Moss, Poplar Grove David Mote Jr., Jonesboro Deidra R. Mounce, Hughes Randall S. Moye, Harrisburg Daniele W. Murphy, Mountain View Rhonda A. Mynatt, Mt. Pleasant Erica L. Myra, Piggott Taplah Nafiah, Malaysia Barbara L. Nagle, Kennett, Mo. Greg Nail, Brookland Lauri Nail, Lake City Michael J. Nash, Blytheville Caterina L. Neal, Augusta Felecia Neal, Wynne Mark A. Neal, Lepanto Rebecca D. Neal, Kennstt, Mo. Robert G. Neal Jr., Augusta Tammy R. Neal, Maiden, Mo. Lorrie E. Needham, Yellville 304 Juniors Gregory Newberry, Harrisburg Donna Newcom, Jonesboro Danita Newcomb, Blytheville Janice Newton, Jonesboro Thanh Nguyen, Trumann Lawrence Nichols, Walnut Ridge Jeffrey Nickell, Doniphan, Mo. Siva Nithiananthan, Malaysia Robin Nix, Jonesboro Mehran Noini, Jonesboro Angelia Nolan, Knobel Leonard Noland, Center Ridge Cherry Norris, Judsonia April Nowlin, Blytheville Richard Nutt, Paragould Stanley Nutt, Jonesboro Joyce Nuttbrock, Jonesboro Benedict Nwokeforo, Tifton, Ga. Fletcher O ' Cain, Lonoke Cynthia O ' Donnell, Pocahontas Azubuike Okoye, Little Rock Deborah Oldham, Jonesboro James Oldham, Hoxie Mark Oldham, Jonesboro Earnest Oldman, Harrisburg Vicky Oliver, Paragould Fred O ' Neill, Myrtle, Mo. Charles Osborn, Corning Stacy Osborn, Jonesboro MeLeah Overman, Monette Norah Overstreet, Georgetown Jeff Owen, Paragould Lisa Owen, Jonesboro George Owens Jr., Wynne Nancy Owens, Jonesboro Robert Owens, Wynne Sharon Owens, Forrest City Willie Papich, Jonesboro Kenny Parish, Bay Kathi Parker, Jonesboro Tommy Parkinson, Paragould Joe Parks, Osceola Rhonda Parnell, Forrest City Karen Parr, Forrest City David Paschall, Jonesboro Robert Passmore, Guy Kimberly Patterson, Carlisle Lisa Patterson, El Dorado Shannon Patterson, Salem Debbie Payne, Beedeville Mitzi S. Payne, Paragould Bryant Pearson, Russellville Terry Pearson, Forrest City Donna Peebles, Smithville Robert Pell Jr., Clinton, Iowa Julie Perdue, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brad V. Perkins, Wynne John Perry, Millington, Tenn. D. W. Perryman, Independence, Miss. Darla Pettengell, Jonesboro Mark E. Petty, Earle Jeffery L. Phillips, Marmaduke Kathy Pierson, Evening Shade William Tiny Pike, Almyra Charles C. Pillow, Piggott Penny Pillow, Paragould Janet Pippenger, Jonesboro Vincent Pittman, Helena Demetrios Podaras, Houston, Texas William Poe, Sheridan 305 Juniors Gary Poffenbarger, Arkadelphia Michael Pollock, Osceola Sonya Pomtree, Augusta Bart Ponder, Jonesboro Glynn Pope, Weiner Robert Porter, Pine Bluff Melissa Potter, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Arliss Powell, Mammoth Spring David Powell, Hornersville, Mo. Vickie Prater, Rector James D. Presley, Jonesboro Sara J. Pretty, Marked Tree Bobby Prichard, Pocahontas Donna Prichard, Lexa Dawn M. Propes, Hardy Beverly Pruett, Paragould Randal Puckett, Ravenden Bryan Pugh, Jonesboro Tracy Purser, Senath, Mo. Steven J. Purtee, Jonesboro Ricky D. Quails, Evening Shade Susan Jill Quails, Lake City Odessa M. Quarrels, Palestine David M. Quinn, Lindenhurst, 111. Ronald Radcliff, Pocahontas Polly Raible, Grady Gary Rainey, Paris James D. Rainwater, Marianna Carol A. Raley, Jonesboro Julie Randleman, Rector Siti Zaleha Rasid, Malaysia Lisa R. Rattler, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Glen Ray, Fort Smith Leveta Ray, Blytheville Lynn T. Raynor, Searcy Kathy Reagan, Senath, Mo. Kevin Reagan, Jonesboro Hal R. Rees, Jonesboro Earnest B. Reeves, West Memphis Denise Reginelli, Marion Barbara J. Reid, Jonesboro Susan L. Reynolds, Batesville Brenda Rhodes, Cherokee Village Maureen A. Rice, Bragg City, Mo. Rodney A. Richard, Little Rock Anita Richardson, Viola Donna Richardson, Pocahontas Doug Richardson, Elizabeth Jeri Ann Richardson, Walnut Ridge Ronald Richardson, Malvern John Richmond, Poplar Grove Lynsol B. Richmond, Dyess Gail Ridge, Newport Jeaneen A. Rigsby, Osceola Sandra G. Riley, Wynne Scott E. Riley, Peel Ronald Roach, Jonesboro Laura L. Robbins, Paragould Kim R. Roberson, Jonesboro John Robert, Kelso, Mo. Carol O. Roberts, Murray, Ky. Leonard B. Roberts, Lexa Sherry L. Roberts, Forres t City James W. Robinett, Pocahontas Jane L. Robinson, Leachville Rickey L. Robinson, Newport Scott A. Roethlisberger, Hardy James F. Rogers, Jonesboro Kimberley D. Rogers, Paragould Faith D. Holland, Monette Juniors Jimmy Romine, Little Rock Greg Rooks, Reiser Laurie Rose, Jonesboro Paula Rose, Jonesboro Tracey Ross, Mount Vernon, Ohio Jackie Ross, Walnut Ridge Jane Rouse, Judsonia Jackie Rowe, Doniphan, Mo. Kelly Rowe, Jonesboro Carmen Rowland, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Greg Rowland, Pocahontas Mary Rowlett, Trumann Myra Ruminer, Jonesboro Jacqueline Russell, Mammoth Spring Margaret Russell, Paragould Mike Russell, N. Little Rock Paulette Russell, Rector Beth Rutherford, Jonesboro Nancy Ryan, Paragould Reginald Saffell, Jonesboro Tony Sagley, Rogers Robin Saito, Jonesboro Elizabeth Sanderlin, Jonesboro Gregory Sanders, Jonesboro Ramona Sanders, Wynne Gil Sandholzer, Pompano Beach, Fla. Shirleen Sando, Kennett, Mo. Hamdan Sarabani, Malaysia Joe Sartini, Marion Phillip Sawyer, Redfield Debbie Scarff, Jonesboro Ron Scarpa, Winter Haven, Fla. Pat Schaeffer, Jonesboro Laurie Scheer, Lafe Rebecca Scheiderer, Roe Ami Scheving, Earle Karen Schisler, Jonesboro Joe Scott, Hayti, Mo. Kathy Scott, Birmingham, Ala. Cindy Seesengood, Paragould Patricia Seibert, Batesville Mastura Selamat, Malaysia Kala Selvadurai, Malaysia Jihad Semaan, Lebanon Dawn Sensmeyer, Poplar Bluff, Mo. David Sharp, Jonesboro Don Sharp II, Walnut Ridge Melody Shatley, Jonesboro Ann Shaw, Forrest City Denise Shaw, Mount Pleasant Frank Shaw, Forrest City David Shedd, Manila Jane Shedd, Paragould Debbie Shelton, Kennett, Mo. Deborah Shelton, Manila Dewey Shelton, Rector Whitney Shelton, Paragould Susan Shempert, Jonesboro Jim Shemwell, Blytheville William Sheridan, Bryant Lavanda Sherrill, Viola Mark Shidler, Crawfordsville Gregory Shirley, Hot Springs Brenda Shockley, Paragould Doug Shouse, Terre Haute, Ind. Sue Shrum, Senath , Mo. Lisa Siler, Bradford John Simon, Blytheville Bernard Simpson Jr., Jonesboro Joe Simpson, Jonesboro 307 Juniors Scott E. Simpson, Jonesboro Barry W. Sims, Marvell Karrie L. Sims, Jonesboro Lisa L. Singleton, Walnut Ridge Danette Sisco, Osceola Lisa K. Sitzer, Weiner Lorrie A. Skinner, Brinkley Scott A. Skoog, Jonesboro Stephanie C. Skyrme, Tuckerman Chuck F. Slabaugh, Parkin Brian E. Smith, Joiner Cubie L. Smith, Neelyville, Mo. Dennis P. Smith, Viola Greg F. Smith, Paragould Penny M. Smith, Beedeville Robert A. Smith, Tyronza Susan K. Smith, Des Arc Tammy Lynne Smith, Jonesboro Tracy D. Smith, Jonesboro Wallace J. Smith, Black Rock Douglas E. Smithwick, Senath, Mo. Allison R. Snider, Monette Stan Snodgrass, Jonesboro Craig E. Snow, Rector William D. Soden, Tuckerman Karen L. Soles, Forrest City Harold Souheaver, Paragould John Soward, Trumann Glen L. Spargo, Cherry Valley Connie L. Sparks, Paragould Jeffery M. Speak, West Memphis Cindy L. Spears, Jonesboro Mel P. Spencer, Wynne Paulia Spurlock, Jonesboro Crystal G. Squires, Blytheville Lena A. Stackhouse, Newport Mary J. Stacy, Trumann Lynn 8 tailings, Jonesboro Diana L.Stanczak, Paragould Sandra Jo Standefer, Jonesboro Donna R. Stanfill, Marion Rhonda R. Stanley, Paragould Richard R. Stanley, Wynne Eric N. Stark, Wynne Stuart L. Stark, Wynne Dorothy E. Starnes, Hot Springs Jim E. Stearns, Walnut Ridge Wesley Steele, Canada James D. Stephenson, DeWitt Mike Stephenson, West Memphis Jackie Stevens, Judsonia Lisa Stevens, Newport Freedia J. Stewart, Reiser Gloria Stewart, Widener James E. Stidman, Paragould Gregg Stillwell, Jonesboro Leslie Stilwell, Fairdealing, Mo. Kim S. Stimson, Newport Susan A. Stoker, Senath, Mo. Safronia F. Stokes, Mountain Home Ralph E. Stombaugh, Jonesboro Carey D. Stone, Jonesboro John C. Stone, Senath, Mo. Johnnie L. Stone, Walnut Ridge Ray E. Stone, Walnut Ridge Rhonda C. Stone, Pocahontas Kevin L. Storey, Batesville Randy L. Story, Brookland Jeffery W. Stotts, Jonesboro Bobby S. Straha, Pocahontas II - - ■ Juniors Jerry L. Stroud, Dardanelle Jackie K. Studdard, Jonesboro Jim Sulcer, Woodland Hills, Calif. Michael A. Sullens, Hoxie Lexie Sullivan, Smithville Bill J. Summers, Weiner Robert P. Summers, Bradford Kelly Summitt, Pocahontas Janet A. Sutton, Jonesboro Mike L. Sutton, Kennett, Mo. William Swails, Jacksonville, Fla. Hope R. Swanner, Jonesboro Beth Tackett, Stuttgart Georgia Tackett, Jonesboro Tammy C. Taggart, Augusta Barbara J. Tanner, Jonesboro Sandy Tanner, House Springs, Mo. Cassandra E. Tatum, Benton Amanda Taylor, Pine Bluff James E. Taylor, Tuckerman Keith Taylor, Corning Steven D. Taylor, Lorado Jennifer J. Teel, Alicia Kevin Scott Tefteller, Carlisle Jim L. Terry, Jonesboro Gerry A. Thielemier, Pocahontas Steve Thielemier, Memphis, Tenn. Sam J. Thigpen, Trumann Carolyn Thompson, Pine City Janis L. Thompson, Lake City Ben Threadgill, Calhoun City, Miss. Sharen K. Tibbs, Jonesboro Wendy B. Tibbs, Dyersburg, Tenn. Stacey Tiffany, Blytheville William C. Timbs, Marked Tree Suzanne R. Timms, Jonesboro Larry O. Todd, Judsonia Sarah E. Tolewitzke, Jonesboro Joe M Towles, Manila M ' lisa E. Travis, Jonesboro James H. Treece, Possum Grape Debbie L. Trotter, Batesville Bruce Truitt Jr., Seaford, Del. Gregory J. Tucker, Jonesboro Myra B. Tuggle, Lepanto Patricia A. Turner, Forrest City Sandy Jo Turner, Jonesboro Linda Tusing, Dell Vanessa K. Tyson, Memphis, Tenn. Charles Uhlig Jr., St. Louis, Mo. Charlotte King Upshaw, Dalton Meleia L. Utley, Rector Kevin T. Vane, San Diego, Calif. Kathy J. Vangilder, Rector Kevin W. Vannada, Piggott Donna Vanwinkle, Cave City Carlos R. Vargas, Venezuela Vickie M. Vaught, Paragould Charles E. Vick, Marked Tree Tomi Vincent, Searcy Becky Vinson, Batesville Eric D. Voigt, Wynne Faith Ann Vollman, Jonesboro Brian E. Vredingburgh, Trumann Reba A. Vuncannon, Trumann Robin L. Waddell, Carlisle Eileen L. Wade, Smithville Tammy L. Waid, Little Rock Keith Walker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Carole A. Wallace, Hayti, Mo. 309 Juniors Cornell Wallace, Turrell Patti Wallace, Trumann Mary A. Wallis, Hoxie Mary E. Wallis, Mountain Home Susan Walsh, Hot Springs Lori Walters, McGehee Joy Walton, Delaplaine Keith Walton, Jonesboro Charles Ward, Sturkie Donald Ward, Paragould Jimmy Ward, Valley View Walter Warfield, Gunnison, Miss. Sharon Warnick, Hoxie Myrett Warren, Forrest City Timmy Washburn, Hughes Sundra Washington, Tyronza Catharine Wassom, Cabot David Watkins, Bono Lance Watkins, Batesville Cindy Watson, Trumann Herbert Watson, Earle Janet Watson, Manila Veda Watson, Jonesboro Mary Watt, Paragould Bryan Watts, Osceola Derwin Weaver, Pompano Beach, Fla. Deanna Webb, Leachville Frances Webb, Onia Paula Webb, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Rhonda Webb, Bono Bill Weeks, Jonesboro Joseph Weir, Bay Kenneth Welch, Jonesboro Alison Weld, Fisher Claude West, Little Rock Varegele West, Sikeston, Mo. Karen Wheatley, Searcy Sandy Wheaton, Harrison Ike Wheeler, Swifton Cindy White, Harrisburg Dedira White, Lepanto Jessica White, Forrest City Judy White, West Memphis Kelli White, Blytheville Ken White, Jonesboro Kenny White, Marion Lisa White, Harrisburg Mary White, Des Arc Michelle White, West Helena Susan White, Russellville Sheila Whitmire, Newport Robert Whitney, Rector Charles Whittom, Jonesboro Steve Wicker, Jonesboro Robin Wiedeman, Corning Rodney Wiedower, Guy Patricia Wiggins, Jonesboro Johnnie Wilborn, Hughes Clark Wilkerson, Bentonville Jean Wilkerson, Jonesboro Brad Wilkins, N. Little Rock Steven Williams, Jonesboro Becky Williams, Jonesboro Bobby Williams, Bono Cindy Williams, Pine Bluff, Mo. Diana Williams, Marion Eddie Williams, West Memphis Jacqueline Williams, Paragould Judy Willis, Cave City Oscar Willis, Memphis, Tenn. 310 Juniors John Wilson, West Memphis Lettie Winfrey, Forrest City Larry Winslow, Forrest City Greg Wiseman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Marshall Wixson, Fisher Kathy Wood, Newport Mary Ann Wood, Caraway Deborah Woods, Jonesboro Jeff Woodsmall, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Donn Woody, Steele, Mo. Joe Woolverton, Gideon, Mo. David Woosley, Cabot Tammy Worley, Bald Knob Suzanne Wren, Pocahontas Donnie Wright Jr., Gosnell Lori Wright, Campbell, Mo. Jeffery Wyatt, Oil Trough Keith Wycoff, Paragould David Wynn, Hot Springs Jodi Wyse, Jonesboro Craig Yancey, Atlanta, Ga. Freddie Yarbrough, Reyno William Yazel, Kansas City, Mo. Cindy Young, Steele, Mo. Daronda Young, Campbell, Mo. Melvin Young, Osceola Michael Young, Santa Ana, Calif. Tommy Young, Tuckerman Ruzina Zainuddin, Malaysia Joann Zaremba, Batesville Kurt Zenruffinen, Jonesboro Terry Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro Zaidah Zin, Malaysia Steven Zoldak, Jonesboro 311 Sophomores Ronald O. Abmeyer, Kennett, Mo. Muhd A. Abrahman, West Malaysia Zulkefli Abu-Hassan, Malaysia Karen E. Adams, Trumann Ottis L. Adams, Jonesboro Deborah J. Adkins, Kennett, Mo. Scott Ahrent, Corning Marty L. Alexander, Jonesboro Noor Z. Ali, Malaysia Henry L. Allen, Jonesboro Rhouis E. Allen, Jonesboro Teresa A. Allen, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Melinda N. Allison, Steele, Mo. Kimberly A. Anderson, Jonesboro Michael W. Anderson, Hickory Ridge Rhonda S. Anderson, Black Oak Diane M. Annunziata, Paragould Judy A. Archer, Lepanto Carolyn A. Armstrong, Camden Lisa A. Armstrong, Little Rock Mohamad B. Aroff, Malaysia Cheri M. Attaway, Bradley Vance H. Austin, Blytheville Richard M. Ayson, Conway Alan J. Bailey, Trumann Randall B. Baker, Lake City Robert C. Baker, Jonesboro Beverly Baldwin, Hazen Pierre L. Balentine, St. Louis, Mo. Blake Barber, Lake City Julia D. Barnes, Clarkton, Mo. Linda J. Barnett, Cardwell, Mo. Lisa A. Barnett, Searcy Carrie L. Barr, Paragould Jennifer I. Bass, Paragould Lynda R. Bass, Jonesboro Tammera Batterton, Wasilla, Alaska Linda A. Bauer, DeQueen Charles R. Baughn, Swifton Debbie L. Bearden, Rector Donna J. Bearden, Jonesboro William J. Beasley, Paragould Melanie Beazley, Forrest City Bradford D. Beck, Jonesboro Steve L. Beck, Searcy David L. Belcher, Heber Springs Mark A. Belk, Walnut Ridge Atwood J. Bell, Jonesboro Denny Biggs, North Little Rock Pat A. Bishop, Jonesboro Thomas M. Black, Batesville William E. Black, Jonesboro Mike W. Blades, Joneboro Ingrid J. Blake, Little Rock John P. Blaxton, Jonesboro Douglass Block, Carthersville, Mo. Gregory H. Blount, Pocahontas Paula J. Boden, Jonesboro J. D. Bodry, Tyronza Sheila L. Boeckmann Michael P. Bolding, Bald Knob Reba L. Boldon, Little Rock Jerry Booker, Warren Joe W. Boon, Tyronza Andy Boone, Wynne Sara A. Boone, Jonesboro Melinda L. Booth, Jonesboro Daniel J. Bowen, Trumann Norman Bowen, Jr., Trumann Billy J. Bowles, Little Rock Sophomores Danita J. Bowman, Lake City Angie N. Boyd, Manila LaDonna S. Boyd, Paragould Teresa L. Boyd, Piggott Karen J. Bradberry, Corning Barry F. Braden, Senath, Mo. Greg D. Bradley, Gould Jami A. Bradley, Newport Patsy A. Bradley, Hardy Randy D. Bradley, Jonesboro Raymond S. Bradley, Newport Adam R. Bradshaw, Kennett, Mo. Jana K. Bradsher, Paragould Leanne Brawner, Wynne John C. Brengard, Paragould Doug E. Brewer, Jonesboro James B. Brewer, Jonesboro Sandra N. Brewer, Dyess Wesley Bricker, Marion Larri L. Brink, Kennett, Mo. Renee B. Brink, Hardy Leslie G. Brinkle, Osceola Juan Brito, Venezuela Judy L. Britt, Paragould Ollie F. Britt, Paragould Steven Brookerson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jamie L. Brown, Paragould Leatrice Brown, West Memphis Lisa R. Brown, Fisher Loresa A. Brown, Cushman Nikki S. Brown, Bono Patricia A. Brown, Brookland Tana M. Brown, Monette Teresa D. Brown, Cash Renita L. Browning, Jonesboro Stephen H. Bruce, Jonesboro Winston C. Bruce, Jonesboro Jimm N. Brumley, Marion Angela L. Bryan, Lepanto Barry B. Bryant, Jonesboro Tim L. Bufford, Trumann Kenny Burden, Cash Renita R. Burgess, Earle Patricia L. Buri, Jonesboro April S. Burlison, Brookland Tom Burnham, Blytheville Kathy A. Burns, Piggott Ross J. Burrow, Jonesboro Steven D. Burrow, McCrory Cindy Burton, Corning Gail Butler, Forrest City Cynthia L. Buzbee, Little Rock Belinda K. Byrd, Marmaduke Marilyn K. Byrd, Bay Melissa F. Byrd, West Memphis Dawn M. Caffery, Jonesboro Karen J. Caid, Heber Springs Clifford S. Cammarata, Yellville Kemuel L. Camp, Jonesboro Randy F. Campbell, Lonoke Wendy Y. Campbell, Walnut Ridge Dion A. Cantu, Mt. Carroll, 111. Jeffery J. Caplinger, Little Rock Christi Carly le, Newport Earl M. Carter, Steele, Mo. Martha S. Carter, Jonesboro Nancy E. Carter, Jonesboro Kim J. Caruthers, Horseshoe Bend Joe F. Cashion II, Leachville Job D. Caspall, Walnut Ridge 313 Sophomores Tammy G. Casteel, Jonesboro Timothy W. Cater, Manila Scot Chailland, Kenneth, Mo. Susan L. Chance, Rison Stacey L. Chaplain, Jonesboro Janna M. Cherry, Corning Steve J. Chesser, Paragould Annette Christian, Forrest City Bobby J. Clark, Paragould Brad A. Clark, Jonesboro Lisa V. Clark, Little Rock Mary A. Clark, Bono Rebecca R. Clark, Grubbs Shirley A. Clark, Jonesboro Jason B. Clay, Jonesboro Kristal D. Clay, Harrisburg Renee Clay, Hardy Pat Clingingsmith, Arl. Hgts, 111. Marty R. Cloud, Blytheville Clifford T. Cobb, Forrest City Susan L. Cobb, El Dorado Linda K. Cobbs, Clarendon Ross E. Cockburn, Tampa, Fla. Jan L. Cockrum, Black Oak Gerald D. Cole, Jonesboro Julee J. Cole, Paragould LaTonya L. Cole, Brookland Linda C. Cole, Harrisburg Lorrie A. Cole, Jonesboro ' Myron S. Cole, Boro Paul Cole, Paragould Crystal K. Coleman, Jonesboro Dianna S. Coleman, Jonesboro Barbara J. Collom, Jonesboro Lori A. Collomp, Jonesboro Steven L. Combs, Grubbs Mia E. Conley, Cotton Plant Cindy L. Cook, Pocahontas Jeri S. Cooper, Jonesboro Nita L. Cooper, Jonesboro Tonja L. Copeland, Lynn Brenda D. Corpier, Hughes Kevin D. Cothern, Searcy Dina E. Couch, Brookland Wendy G. Couch, Jonesboro Deborah P. Cox, Waldenburg Frances K. Cox, Pine Bluff Robin A. Crafton, Paragould Deborah J. Craig, Lake City James G. Cramer, Peoria, 111. Andrea M. Cramer, Essex, Mo. Lana K. Creel, Light Don J. Cremeens, Jonesboro Donna J. Crews, Harrisburg Kimberly D. Crews, Steele, Mo. Kelly L. Crisp, Jonesboro Kelly M. Crisp, Marvell Barbara L. Crow, Paragould Jonny W. Cude, Leachville Dian Culbreath, Ashdown Leslie E. Culp, Ft. Lee, Va. Paul D. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Tina K. Curtis, Jonesboro Charles H. Dalton, Marianna Allyce M. Darby, Jonesboro Sharon A. Darby, Forrest City Ellen L. Darr, Monette Wayne O. Darr, Hardy Dennis R. Davenport, Paragould Karen L. Davidson, Bradford 314 Sophomores Brian S. Davis, Mammoth Spring Donna M. Davis, Blytheville Jacqueline M. Davis, Lake City Jodi L. Davis, Cabot Karen R. Davis, Luxora Margaret A. Davis, Lake City Nancy M. Davis, Blytheville Perry D. Davis, McCrory Vonda G. Davis, Walnut Ridge Dale A. Dawson, Jonesboro Robin L. Dawson, Pocahontas Jeff J. Dean, Paragould Jerry R. Decker, Swifton Belinda L. Dees, Campbell, Mo. Winfrey A. Denney, Germantown, Tenn. David R. DePoyster, Newark Rene L. DeProw, Warm Springs Timothy E. DeSalvo, N. Little Rock Lawrence T. Dillard III, Manila Ramona Dilworth, Cotton Plant Kellie D. Dollins, Paragould Terry M . Donahue, Lonoke Cary T. Donohue, Jonesboro Damon D. Dortch, Batesville Deborah R. Dortch, Florence, Ala. Cathy L. Douglas, Blytheville Camille Downs, Jonesboro Matthew B. Doyle, Hoxie Chris Dudley, Swifton William B. Dudley, Trumann Frank L. Dunivan, Kennett, Mo. Micheal L. Dunlap, Harrison Philip B. Dunn, Paragould Randy A. Dunnam, Jonesboro Helen M. Dust, Pocahontas Matthew E. Dust, Pocahontas Daphne G. Eagan, Corning Kimberly S. Eanes, West Memphis Mohamad A. Ebrik, Lebanon Paul N. Eddington, Jonesboro Daniel L. Eddy, DeWitt Ginger M. Edgar, Jonesboro Guy L. Elder, Blytheville Ardrinnie L. Eldridge, Jonesboro Shelly S. Ellenburg, Marvell Ella O. Ellingson, Jonesboro Donna M. Ellis, Lafe Jim Ellis, Piggott Mark E. Elmore, Pine Bluff Charles W. Embach, Earle Cynthia R. Ervin, Memphis, Tenn. Bobby D. Eskew, McCrory James H. Estes, Poughkeepsie Karen N. Eubanks, Manila Miriam E. Eubanks, Little Rock Donna J. Evans, Jonesboro Holly A. Farley, Blytheville Debra A. Farr, Marvell Larry E. Karris, Biggers Angela B. Featherston, Dexter, Mo. Mickey A. Felts, Jonesboro Donna B. Ferguson, Tuckerman Beverly A. Ferris, Jonesboro Charlotte L. Fields, Forrest City Scott P. Finch, Alicia Cynthia R. Fitzhugh, Batesville George R. Flagg, Manila Karen M. Flemon, Jonesboro Mark L. Foltz, West Memphis Kristie D. Ford, Paragould 315 Sophomores Christopher T. Forrest, Cash Rhonda L. Forrest, West Helena Angela G. Fowler, Walnut Ridge Jo K. Fox, Batesville Cazzy B. Francis, Orange, Texas James R. Freeman, Jonesboro Clark Frein, Brinkley Edward J. French, Fairfax, Va. Pamela K. French, Fisher John L. Fritz, Senath, Mo. Susan M. Fulbright, Mt. Pleasant Cynthia A. Fulton, Little Rock Carey D. Futrell, Paragould Tammie A. Gadberry, Monette Michelle L. Gaines, Jonesboro Sally D. Gaither, Walnut Ridge Tracy L. Gammill, Newport Van L. Gardner, Little Rock Kimberly D. Garrison, Myrtle, Mo. Mark O. Gatlin, Fairfax, Va. Phillip B. Gatling, Helena Elise Gemberling, Gideon, Mo. Curtis Gentry, Marianna Lisa C. George, Jonesboro Patricia L. Geraci, Quincy, 111. Charlotte R. Gerdes, Jonesboro Randal K. Gerdes, Jonesboro Nanette Gerlach, Holly Grove Kimberly R. Gibson, Jonesboro Tanya M. Gibson, Jonesboro William T. Gibson, Jonesboro Myrna A. Gilliam, Harrisburg Kevin L. Gilmore, Braggadocio, Mo. Todd A. Girtman, Alexandria, La. Keith V. Glaub, Jonesboro James W. Glidewell, Hoxie Wiley G. Goad, Paragould Ricki D. Goings, Williford Susan M. Gooch, Jonesboro Kathie R. Goodin, Bald Knob Natalie L. Goodrich, Jonesboro Kristen A. Goodwin, Jonesboro Lois M. Gosney, Weiner James A. Gossett, Jonesboro Gary L. Grace, Jonesboro Troy S. Graddy, Piggott Mary K. Grady, Cardwell, Mo. Teresa M. Grammer, Floral Beth T. Grantham, Kennett, Mo. Claude D. Graves, Bono Andrew A. Gray, Jonesboro James B. Gray, Jonesboro Melinda M. Gray, Walnut Ridge Bobby J. Greene, West Memphis Sherry R. Greenway, Mtn. View Dean Greer, Union City, Tenn. Joseph W. Gregory, Piggott Curtis J. Griffin, Jonesboro Janice M. Griffin, Elaine Marsha L. Griffin, Jonesboro Angela R. Griffith, Bearden Betty Jo Griffith, Des Arc Jeff A. Griffith, Jonesboro Laura C. Griffith, Norton, Kan. Kenneth M. Griggy, Okla. City, Okla. Jonelle H. Grigsby, Jonesboro Ed Grisham, Jonesboro Carla A. Gschwend, Jonesboro Frank Guiltner, Monette Timothy C. Gunn, Rector 316 Sophomores Teressa J. Guntharp, Hoxie Christie Y. Gurley, Holcomb, Mo. Michelle Guziewicz, Weiner Dianna L. Hagar, Newport David A. Hall, Manila Kevin D. Hall, Lake City Olivia A. Hall, Weiner Twylla A. Hall, Ash Flat Donna B. Hammon, Walnut Ridge Kelly M. Hammonds, Trumann Joni Hampton, Hickory Ridge Stephanie A. Handford, Jonesboro Jeff K. Hankins, Pine Bluff Criss A. Hannon, Trumann Laverne Hanssler, Lawrenceville, N. J. Steve M. Harcrow, Warren Lavern M. Hardaway, Heth Barry L. Hardin, Keiser Chris A. Hardy, Blytheville Lavern Hardy, Forrest City DeAnn R. Harmon, Jonesboro Carol J. Harper, Walnut Ridge Russell L. Harral, Jonesboro Rick L. Harrell, Monette Angie L. Harris, Hoxie James S. Harris, Forrest City Pamela L. Harris, Thayer, Mo. Renita J. Harris, Jonesboro Steven S. Harris, Jonesboro Robert C. Harrison, Bryant Ruth A. Harrison, Forrest City Chris D. Hart, Carlisle Julie Harvey, Jonesboro Luann Harvey, Swifton Marty L. Harvill, Paragould Dan S. Hass, Wynne Zuraidah B.T. Hassan, Malaysia Scott Hatley, Mountain View Kristi Haynes, Jonesboro Charles E. Hembrey, Black Rock Nannette Henderson, Humphrey Debra L. Henley, Trumann Joe S. Henry, Dumas Rhonda L. Henry, Lonoke Lori M. Henson, Wynne Charlotte A. Herring, DeValls Bluff Jill R. Hess, Wynne Karen D. Hess, Wynne Luann M. Hester, Jonesboro Wilbur C. Hiebert, Winona, Mo. Kevin J. Hightower, Mammoth Spring Carl D. Hill, Wynne Kevin S. Hill, Gassville Melvin R. Hill, Black Oak Sidona S. Hill, West Memphis John R. Hillman, Carlisle Van B. Hinds, Jonesboro Carla D. Hines, Mountain View Robert L. Hinkle, Osceola Lai-Lai, M. Ho, Hong Kong Carol L. Hodge, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Johnny K. Hodges, Keiser Tanya L. Hoffman, Keiser Donald J. Hofmann, N. Little Rock Terry L. Hogard, West Memphis Michael T. Hoggard, Little Rock Paul B. Hogue, Hazen Pam L. Holden, Lake City Kris D. Holloway, Sheridan Chris Holt, Marked Tree 317 Sophomores Elizabeth C. Holt, Paragould Nancy S. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Kevin Hopkins, Parkin Casey H. Horner, Paragould Michael D. Horton, St. Charles Sherry F. House, Lexa Kenny J. Howard, Walnut Ridge Mechelle A. Howard, Walnut Ridge Karen M. Hubbard, Blytheville Kelly R. Hudson, O ' Kean Shelly G. Hudson, O ' Kean Ginger K. Hufstedler, Pocahontas Daniel J. Hundley, Bay Ron D. Hundley, Trumann Susan A. Hundley, Bay Stan F. Hunt, Paragould Donald R. Hunter, Jonesboro Linda K. Hunter, Paragould Shuhaimi B. Husain, Malaysia Debbie L. Hutchins, Guion Lisa D. Hutchinson, Swifton Kristine E. Hutto, Helena John Ilangkovan, Malaysia Brad Isbell, Jonesboro Teresa L. Isbell, Bay Danny C. Ivy, Weiner Rod E. Ivy, Beebe Cindy A. Jackson, Blytheville Joy L. Jackson, Paragould Shelia A. Jackson, Jonesboro Teresa L. Jackson, Paragould Jacqueline L. James, Little Rock Jamie M. Jamison, Paragould Linda M. Jansen, Pocahontas Kimberly Jo Jaques, Piggott Susan S. Jarrett, Walnut Ridge Gayle R. Jarvis, Mt. Pleasant Jannette M. Jefferson, West Memphis Evelyn R. Jenkins, Blytheville Christopher M. Jester, Osceola Barbara A. Johnson, Holly Grove Deloris Johnson, Holly Grove Greg P. Johnson, Jonesboro JacQuline Y. Johnson, Pocahontas Jeff S. Johnson, Malvern Lesa C. Johnson, Brookland Mattie F. Johnson, Magnolia Rodney P. Johnson, West Helena Sharon K. Johnson, Searcy Allison L. Johnston, Jonesboro Keith A. Johnston, Paragould Belinda S. Joiner, Paragould Sherri L. Joiner, Rector Chris R. Jones, Olive Branch, Miss. David A. Jones, DeQueen Deanna A. Jones, Hornersville, Mo. Donna J. Jones, Paragould Eric W. Jones, McCrory Gerald L. Jones, Paragould Hershel G. Jones, Jr., Newport Kenneth T. Jones, Stuttgart Kim M. Jones, Pocahontas Larinda K. Jones, Walnut Ridge Staci E. Jones, Paragould Tony Jordan, Gideon, Mo. Rusty Julian, Corning Megat F. Junid, Malaysia Mansoor A. Kahn, Pakistan Zarinah Karim, Malaysia Harold F. Kelly Jr., Joiner Sophomores Karen M. Kelly, Trumann Ann M. Kennedy, Walnut Ridge Paul A. Kerst, Jonesboro James E. Kesterson, Little Rock Jerry L. Kifer, Jonesboro Debbie L. Killion, Pocahontas Sharon D. Kilpatrick, West Memphis Margie J. Kimmel, Jonesboro Betty S. King, Newark Beverly M. King, Cave City Ron A. Kingston, Paragould Kendall L. Kirby, Manila Pamela K. Kirby, Leachville Carissa G. Kirk, Tyronza James C. Kirkpatrick, Holly Grove Donald W. Kirkwood, Forrest City Donnie C. Kissinger, Jonesboro Mary A. Knight, Crawfordsville Leslie S. Koettel, Newport Leslie L. Koonce, Joiner Jeffery W. Kreis, Augusta Lauren D. Krigbaum, Jonesboro Steve L. Kueter, Paragould Mildred F. Lace, Cherry Valley Kevin D. Lacer, Cooter, Mo. Charles S. Lacy, Newport Becky Ann LaGore, Kennett, Mo. Sue H. Lambert, Cardwell, Mo. Sherri R. Lancaster, Harrisburg Sonya L. Landers, Cave City William B. Lane, Bono Stephen Langlois, Jonesboro Ozella M. Larry, Portageville, Mo. James C. Larue, Tuckerman Albert D. Latham, Marked Tree Jeffrey A. Lawrence, Couch, Mo. Laura A. Lay, Heber Springs Sonja E. Lea, Bono Robin L. Leake, Forrest City Gregory L. Lee, Pine Bluff Lara L. Lee, Mountain Home Sharon L. Lenderman, Hoxie Roger B. Leonard, Hickory Ridge Ronette L. Lepley, Paragould James T. Lewellyn, Cash Marsha F. Lewellyn, Grubbs Dana C. Lewis, Corning Robert Lewis, Newport Martin E. Lilly, Jonesboro Eric L. Lindquist, Jonesboro Amy L. Linstrom, Blytheville Kevin L. Lloyd, Jonesboro Rodney M. Lockett, Pine Bluff Eddie Lomax, Hornersville, Mo. Terri D. Looney, Oil Trough Jay S. Lovrien, Cherry Valley Kerry L. Lowe, Ash Flat Donna L. Loyd, Wilson Joyce A. Loyd, Osceola Ronald L. Luper, Strang, Okla. Randy S. Lyles, Rector John J. MacPherson, Carmel, Calif. Mei-Mei Y. Mai, Hong Kong Donal L. Malone, Arbyrd, Mo. Brenda K. Mangum, Blytheville Melinda S. Manis, Olathe Kan. Elizabeth A. Marie, Hot Springs Tauny L. Marlar, Paragould Sheila G. Marlin, Jonesboro Barry Wayne Marshall, Birdsong 319 Sophomores Craig C. Marshall, Brinkley Virgil G. Marshall, Wynne Anthony S. Martin, Jonesboro Charles Martin Jr., Willow Spgs., Mo. Cora Martin, West Helena Jeff D. Martin, Caraway Lance P. Martin, West Memphis Mary Martin, Malaysia Robbie Martin, Huntington Beach, Calif. Susan Annette Martin, Jonesboro Donald R. Massey Jr., Marianna Valerie W. Massey, Trumann Jessie B. Mastin, Caraway Charles J. Matthews Jr., Fisher Laura E. Maxwell, El Dorado Charles W. Mayes, Jonesboro Rebecca Mayes, Jonesboro Joey Mayhan, Jonesboro Terri A. Maynard, Jonesboro James A. Mays, Steele, Mo. Beth L. Mc Bride, Brinkley Willy T. McCallie, Carlisle Clarissa McClain, Warren Mona M. McClelland, West Memphis Greg J. McClendon, Brockwell Teresa M. McClure, Paragould Bridget A. McCourt, Sherwood Mary L. McCoy, Jonesboro Kerry L. McCright, Poc ahontas Cheryl A. McDole, Brookland Lisa A. McDonald, Paragould Mack O. McFarlin, Piggott Carolyn E. McFatridge, Turrell Stacey A. McGee, Pine Bluff Beverly A. McGhehey, Black Rock Shannon L. McGowan, Bernie, Mo. Mitchell Lynn McGrew, Baker, La. Celeste Mcintosh, Marion William T. McKisson, Jonesboro Lindy McKuin, Bernie, Mo. William S. McNeil, Lonoke Melinda J. McPherson, Paragould Belinda K. McQuay, Jonesboro Greg P. Meek, Hot Springs Cynthia P. Melton, Newport David W. Meredith, Hot Springs Joe A. Merrill, Jonesboro Gene Metcalf, Leachville Jeff A. Mickey, Jonesboro Janet M. Millay, Paragould Jeff S. Miller, West Plains, Mo. Robert D. Miller, Philadelphia, Penn. Ronnie M. Miller, Newport Steve J. Miller, Paragould Valeria A. Miller, Cotton Plant Steven D. Mills, Jonesboro Kim D. Milner, Bono Chuck F. Mitchell, Jonesboro Dennis C. Mitchell, Trumann Sherry K. Mitchell, Harrisburg Tim J. Mitchell, Jonesboro Paul M. Mitts, Jonesboro Shelia M. Mobley, Piggott Joseph J. Monroe, Jonesboro Wilburn D. Monroe, Paragould Stephany Montecinos, Springfield, Mo. Drew C. Montgomery, Jonesboro Rafe D. Montgomery, Dexter, Mo. Brett W. Moore, Cordova, Tenn. Jeff Moore, Olive Branch, Miss. Sophomores Donald M. Morgan, Harrisburg Jerry A. Morgan, Harrisburg Jerry F. Morgan, Violet Hill Mary A. Morgan, Franklin Letha A. Morris, Jonesboro Shandrey D. Mosbey, Jonesboro Frank J. Moser, Little Rock Jeff B. Moskop, Sedgwick David C. Moss, Oxford Greg L. Moss, Caruthersville, Mo. Jesse O. Murray, Harrisburg Jon H. Myers, Texarkana Roland W. Nash, Kennett, Mo. Kurt J. Naumann, DeQueen Lillie A. Neal, Lepanto Lucinda L. Neely, Paragould Susan A. Neely, Senath, Mo. Rich A. Nelson, Jonesboro Robert A. Newberry, Paragould James C. Nichols, Jonesboro Lori Noblin, Jonesboro Tammic E. Nolen, Caruthersville, Mo. Zainudin Nor, Malaysia Mark E. Norman, Couch, Mo. Pamela S. Norris, Weiner Charles E. Oakes, Kennett, Mo. Ronald C. Oates, McGehee Andrea M. O ' Brien, Forrest City Karen L. O ' Connor, Walnut Ridge Jeanette Oldman, Harrisburg Gary C. Oltmann, Stuttgart Ben H. O ' Neal, Searcy Wendy G. Orr, Jonesboro Rusty D. Ort, Piggott Robert W. Orton, Monticello Jeffrey T. Osborn, Corning Lee A. Osborne, Parkin Sharon K. Osier, Newport Phil G. Osment, Weiner Anita S. Overturf, Sauget, 111. Glendia Dale Owens, Marmaduke Kelly L. Owens, Lake City Rodney Owens, Clarendon Russ L. Owens, Lake City Angela F. Oxford, Springdale Jeff B. Ozbun, Bono Kelley A. Paige, Newport Julie A. Palmer, Senath, Mo. Tammy R. Pankey, Bay Sophocles P. Parapanos, Cyprus Amy M. Pardew, Jonesboro Todd Parisi, Chesterfield, Mo. Chris M. Parker, Paragould JoAnn Parks, Jonesboro Donna K. Parnell, Trumann Kathey R. Parr, Forrest City Joseph L. Parris, Hot Springs Lynn D. Parrish, Corning Letitia G. Payne, Hornersville, Mo. Tina R. Peacock, Heth Vonda L. Pearson, Lepanto Cody L. Pendergist, West Memphis John R. Peoples, West Plains, Mo. Mark Perkins, Blytheville Mary A. Perkins, Blytheville Kimberly Persons, Harrisburg Lesley A. Peters, St. Charles, Mo. Elizabeth L. Pettit, West Memphis Charles S. Petty, Walnut Ridge Jane W. Petty, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sophomores Jetta L. Petty, Arbyrd, Mo. Pennie M. Pflyeger, Kennett, Mo. Dora A. Phelps, Monette Christopher H. Phillips, Turrell Stan G. Phillips, Paragould Teena M. Phillips, Monette Doyne D. Pierce, Jonesboro ' James D. Pierce, Jonesboro Joyce A. Pierce, Jonesboro Mark Pinkerton, N. Little Rock Randy G. Pinson, Jonesboro Lane Pippin, Doniphan, Mo. Keith S. Pitts, Marked Tree Brian A. Poellot, N. Little Rock Donna S. Porterfield, Joiner Joy L. Potts, Aurora, Colo. Laura L. Pratt, Mountain Home Terry A. Pratt, Rector Karen A. Primm, Jonesboro Sandy D. Prince, McCrory Dametra C. Proffitt, Dyess Jeanette D. Pruett, Hardy Bruce N. Pryor, Searcy Sherry L. Pulley, Wynne Jerri L. Quails, Black Oak Harry L. Quarrels, Palestine Ann Marie Quinn, Tucson, Ariz. Jon D. Rader, El Dorado Thomas H. Rainwater, Walnut Ridge Johanna M. Raley, Wynne Janelle B. Ray, Trumann Byron A. Reagan, Dyersburg, Tenn. Gennora A. Reed, Heth Kurtis D. Reed, Jonesboro LeighAnne Reeve, Wynne Angela A. Reeves, Palestine Deena M. Reeves, Pocahontas Leanne M. Reilly, Peoria, 111. Deanna R. Reithemeyer, Sedgwick Maria E. Reynolds, Paragould Patricia A. Rhein, Jonesboro Jan D. Rhoads, Marked Tree David E. Rice, Waldo Glenda A. Richardson, Kennett, Mo. John D. Richardson, Holly Grove Charles K. Richey, Marmaduke Steve T. Richey, Marmaduke Janette K. Rickman, Paragould Doug A. Riddle, Pocahontas Joe T. Riddle, Pocahontas Scott Riggs, Paragould Sharon R. Riley, Bernie, Mo. Kevin L. Rippy, Marmaduke Abby M. Roach, Jonesboro Ron Roades, Thousand Oaks, Calif. Mark A. Robbins, Senatobia, Miss. Angela R. Roberts, Forrest City James F. Roberts, Blytheville Johnie B. Roberts, Oneida Lorrie A. Roberts, Mountain View William T. Roberts, Marmaduke Cindy G. Robertson, Paragould Edie Robertson, Harrisburg John H. Robertson, Jonesboro Cindy D. Robinett, Jonesboro James Robinson, Calif. City, Calif. Mark R. Robinson, Jonesboro Scott Robinson, Newport Patricia A. Roddy, Newport Bill W. Rogers, Kennett, Mo. :;22 Sophomores Cynthia S. Rogers, Jonesboro Jerri M. Rogers, Jonesboro Onnie L. Rogers, Jonesboro Rolan Bryan Rogers, Jonesboro Renee A. Rorex, Jonesboro Deedra D. Rosamond, Forrest City Gala L. Rose, Jonesboro Joan Rose, Cash Bill Ross, Pine Bluff Rhonda Ross, Marked Tree Sandra G. Ross, West Memphis Angela J. Rowlett, Swifton Terri L. Rudd, Newport Jason B. Runsick, Swifton Jacki Lynn Rushing, Bernie, Mo. James S. Russell, Hardy Douglas L. Rust, Rogers Leslie G. Rust, Batesville Dorothy J. Sammons, Manila Amy E. Sanford, Jonesboro Sharon K. Sartin, Jonesboro Deana M. Satterwhite, Batesville Patricia A. Saylors, Corning Cliff S. Schafer, Carlisle Brent A. Schmiegelow, Rogers Emily A. Scroggs, Jonesboro Susan J. Scroggs, Little Rock Paula L. Sears, Walnut Ridge Margaret-Ann Sewell, Tumacacori, Ariz. Daniel L. Sexton, Saffell Mohd Mahayadin Shafie, Malaysia Mary A. Shanklin, Piggott Bruce E. Shannon, Blytheville Patti C. Shannon, Joiner Arnold R. Shaw, Wynne Elbert Shelley, Trumann Timothy R. Shelton, Swifton Deborah K. Shepard, Paragould Sarah S. Shewmaker, Paragould Ester R. Shipp, Saffell Garen B. Shrader, West Memphis Linda F. Shuck, Blytheville Willie E. Sigears, Marianna Jeff Simmons, Jonesboro Lesia L. Simmons, Lafe Mark E. Simmons, North Little Rock Trudi J. Simmons, Jonesboro Denni E. Simpson, Jonesboro Jan L. Simpson, Stuttgart Steve L. Simpson, Jonesboro Linda M. Sims, Monette Parminder Singh, India Jane Sisk, Brookland Paul M. Skuban, Cabot Vicki J. Slaughter, Wynne Emmett M. Slayton, Jonesboro David M. Sluder, Walnut Ridge Donna S. Smalley, Corning Barbara M. Smith, Wynne Beverly F. Smith, Turrell Deanna L. Smith, Searcy Dewey J. Smith, West Memphis Helen M. Smith, Imboden James M. Smith, Olney, 111. Joe P. Smith, Melbourne Leah A. Smith, Lake City Marie A. Smith, Lexa Mark E. Smith, Kennett, Mo. Renette Smith, Pine Bluff Sandra Smith, Melbourne 323 Sophomores Stephen D. Smith, Stuttgart Todd S. Smith, Corning Mark B. Smithee, Hoxie Valinda P. Smothers, Miami, Fla. Bobby W. Sneed, Nettleton Troy E. Snell, Jonesboro Glendon B. Snider, Jonesboro Walter B. Snider, Jonesboro Kim E. Snyder, Paragould Suzanne R. Solley, Pine Bluff Susan L. South, Piggott Timothy S. Spears, Forrest City Gregory G. Spence, Wynne Russ G. Spencer, Doniphan, Mo. Lesleye L. Spikes, Monette Janet P. Sproling, Forrest City Trent L. Stacy, Delaplaine Jamie D. Staggs, Caraway Malcolm O. Stallings, N. Little Rock Tim W. Stallings, Jonesboro Susan R. Stalnaker, Imboden David V. Statler, Pocahontas Scott Staudt, Hot Springs Ceila J. Stegall, Kennett, Mo. Shelby J. Steimel, Pocahontas Laura L. Stein, Jonesboro Andrew P. Stepka, Jonesboro Robin R. Stevenson, Joiner Alvin R. Stewart, Jonesboro Rhonda G. Stewart, Paragould Vickie A. Stewart, England Laura A. Stickler, Paragould Debie J. Stockinger, Paragould Donna D. Stoner, Lexa Kellene L. Storey, Batesville Rodney D. Stovall, Lepanto Andrew E. Strabala, St. Louis, Mo. Melisa G. Sturch, Batesville Tammy E. Sullins, Blytheville Russell N. Sullivan, Paragould Tony R. Sullivan, Jonesboro Janie L. Summers, Bradford John Thomas Suskie, Little Rock Corinda D. Sutherland, Swifton Edward A. Swann II, Newport Joseph P. Sweat, Jonesboro Mary R. Swindoll, Lake Cormorant, Miss. Jeffery L. Tabor, Paragould Mike W. Tabor, West Memphis Kamarudin Taha, Malaysia John Talley, Ash Flat Carl G. Tanner, Wynne Leean R. Tanner, Piggott Gregory Tate, Marianna Starla R. Tate, Amagon Wade S. Tate, Jonesboro David L. Taylor, Forrest City Garry W. Taylor, Cherry Valley Jeff Taylor, Walnut Ridge Lance W. Taylor, Jonesboro Lisa E. Taylor, Monette Rebekah A. Taylor, Pine Bluff Ronnie J. Taylor, Bay Virginia L. Taylor, Forrest City Karin K. Telle, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James H. Thomas, DeSoto, Mo. Patricia H. Thomas, Jonesboro Toni L. Thomas, Lafe Debra L. Thompson, Newport Stephanie L. Thompson, Paragould Sophomores Tracy L. Thompson, Jonesboro Colleen L. Threm, Peel Pamela O. Tibbs, Jonesboro Robin R. Tidwell, Bono Ruth A. Tilghman, Walnut Ridge Demetra E. Tillman, Kennett, Mo. Kwan Fat To, Hong Kong Russell T. Tooley, Grubbs Staci L. Tosh, Jonesboro Johnny B. Toton, Portageville, Mo. Jerry W. Townsley, Batesville John J. Trahan, W. Milford, N.J. William J. Trail, Forrest City Candy R. Trammell, Jonesboro Michelle R. Treece, Jonesboro Roger L. Troxel, Reyno Torrence L. Tuberville, Parkin Henry C. Tucker, Pine Bluff Tami J. Tudor, Natural Dam Debrah L. Turner, Jonesboro Kelly J. Turner, Salem Sheila M. Turner, Paragould Rene Tyler, Pocahontas James P. Tyner, Jonesboro Pam D. Ungerank, Jonesboro Peyton Upton, West Memphis Deirdre E. Vance, Poplar Bluff, Mo. David L. Vann, Cabot Suzanne M. Van Patten, Searcy Carl R. Vaughn, Brookland Mary A. Vaughn, Festus, Mo. Joseph G. Vernon, West Memphis Randi K. Vincent, Searcy Cindy E. Vinson, Jonesboro Debra A. Volner, Harrisburg Catherine M. Vorwald, St. Louis, Mo. Denise L. Wachowski, Mountain Home Michael R. Wade, Jonesboro Randy Wade, Jonesboro Loretta K. Walker, Trumann Lisa A. Wallace, Bald Knob Dee F. Walters, McGehee Janet F. Walton, Jonesboro Kelly A. Ward, Mountain View Kevin L. Ward, Jonesboro Freddy J. Ware, Luxora Glenda D. Warren, Newport Veronica A. Warren, Pocahontas Laurie R. Washam, Benton Beth S. Washburn, Helena Kevin A. Watkins, Batesville Kevin R. Watkins, Trumann Roger L. Watkins, Bono Corinna J. Watson, Littleton, W. Va. Leslie J. Watson, Jonesboro Paulette Watson, Caraway Stacy Wayland, Walnut Ridge Claudia E. Weathers, Brookland Ava D. Webb, Bay Lori L. Webb, Onia Connie Webster, San Francisco, Calif. Annetta L. Weisenbach, Maynard Phillip W. Welch, Osceola Sherry L. Welch, Trumann Russell Wells, Hot Springs Paula Wewers, Jonesboro Karen L. Wheeler, Paragould Gregory B. White, Fairfax, Va. Karen L. White, Jonesboro Ricky D. White, Jonesboro 325 Sophomores Rodney A. White, Pine Bluff Richard M. Whitehorn, Kennett, Mo. Brenda M. Whiteker, Marion Barbara K. Whitson, Marked Tree Kimberly D. Whitt, Harrisburg Laura L. Wilhite, Lincoln Louis V. Wilhoite, Jonesboro Dana M. Wilkins, Turrell Rita A. Wilbanks, Trumann Dirk L. Willett, Kennett, Mo Charles E. Williams, Hughes Karen A. Williams, Parkin Jennifer C. Williams, Brinkley Karla Williams, Weiner Maggy L. Williams, Grubbs Mari Williams, Portageville, Mo. Shannon D. Williams, Bono Sherri L. Williams, Sherwood Stacy A. Williams, Jonesboro Thomas H. Williams, Paragould Greg A. Williamson, Pocahontas Kent T. Williamson, Paragould Tim C. Williamson, Marion Charles E. Wilson Jr., Earle Gregory T. Wilson, Corning Jayme F. Wilson, Weiner Lisa A. Winberry, Covington, Tenn. Cheryl L. Winfrey, Forrest City Teia J. Winn, Lafe Kimberly A. Winship, Moko Jim J. Wiseman, Winchester, Mo. Rhonda M. Withers, Bryant Janette K. Withrow, Jonesboro James K. Wong, Canada John K. Wood, Jonesboro Kyle K. Wood, Stuttgart David A. Woodard, Jonesboro Brian V. Woods, Rector Carol D. Woods, Little Rock Regina Woods, McCrory Johnny L. Worsham, Keiser Brenda A. Wright, Marked Tree James M. Wright, Hoxie Kenny A. Wright, Piggott Melony A. Wroten, Dyess Rhonda C. Wyse, Jonesboro Susie Yarbrough, Jonesboro Yin S. Yip, Malaysia Wanda L. Yopp, Jonesboro Cynthia L. Young, Marked Tree Harrison R. Young, West Memphis Joy D. Young, Sherrill Mark T. Young, Blytheville Greg E. Zachry, Camden Syed Nordin Zakaria, Malaysia Saleem Q. Zawawi, Saudi Arabia Freshmen Rick Abel, Harrisburg Kim Abshure, Cash Douglas Acuff, Springdale Bill Adams, Holly Grove Jo Adams, Jonesboro Kelly Adams, Paragould LaDonna Adams, Bono Lee Adams, Paragould Virginia Adams, Pocahontas Nellie Adcock, Jonesboro Carroll Addington, Jonesboro Sandra Addington, Jonesboro Khalid Ahmed, Qatar Hyesook Ahn, Korea Jean Alexander, Bay Donna Allen, Hoxie Elton Allen, Ash Flat Gary Allen, Marion Andrea Alley, Marked Tree Sandy Allgyer, Marion Andrea Allison, Harrisburg Charles Allison, Steele, Mo. Thomas Allmon, Memphis, Tenn. Chris Almond, Carlisle Dana Anderson, Jonesboro Scott Anderson, Paragould Teresa Anderson, Hickory Ridge Bobby Andrews, Brookland Debbie Andrews, Hickory Ridge Kim Archer, DeWitt Charles Armstrong, Jonesboro Sandy Arnn, Cave City Cindy Arnold, Walnut Ridge Pamela Arnold, Hoxie Ricky Ashby, Paragould Karla Ashlock, Imboden Dana Autry, Senath, Mo. John Avery, Magnolia Mattie Baggett, Batesville Carol Bagwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Azam Bahaman, Malaysia David Bailey, Jonesboro Donna Bailey, West Memphis Eric Bailey, Luxora Keith Bailey, Bono Sharon Bailey, Hughes Albert Baker, Jonesboro Bryant Baker, Jonesboro Laura Baker, Paragould Lee Baker, Trumann Margaret Baker, N. Little Rock Robert Baker, Piggott John Baldwin, Parkin Doyle Ballard, Tuckerman Amanda Baltz, Pocahontas Raymond Baltz, Pocahontas Dollie Baney, Harrisburg David Banks, Guion Mikki Banks, Brinkley Brett Barber, Dallas, Texas Donald Barker, Trumann Rodney Barker, Jonesboro Debbie Barnett, Jonesboro Mary Barnett, Cash William Barnett, Reiser Derreck Barnhill, Jonesboro Roger Barnhill, Paragould Tina Barton, Rogers Roy Bass, Waldron Tammy Bassett, Jonesboro 327 Freshmen James Baumunk, Elizabeth Ranae Bean, Jonesboro Jennifer Beard, Jonesboro George Bearden, Rector Linda Bearden, Jonesboro Sandra Bearden, Pine Bluff Charlotte Beasley, Paragould Lisa Beasley, Jonesboro Rita Beasley, Paragould Irwin Becnel, Jonesboro David Beebe, N. Little Rock Susan Beedle, W. Chicago, 111. Traci Beith, Wilson Kim Bell, Memphis, Tenn. Rhonda Bell, Corning Sharon Bell, Marked Tree Mary Bennett, Jonesboro David Benson, Piggott Rick Benson, Swifton Marc Benton, Hot Springs Tracie Bergman, Pocahontas Amanda Berry, Walnut Ridge Tamara Berry, Piggott Richard Bess, Gorham, 111. Tamera Bibb, Pocahontas Larry Bigger, Marion Christine Biles, Jonesboro Dana Bill, Blytheville Kerry Bilyeu, Tyronza Phil Bingham, Jonesboro Kathy Bird, Kewanee, Mo. Jeffrey Birmingham, Tuckerman Brett Bisbee, Little Rock Clydia Bishop, Jonesboro Rebecca Bishop, Jonesboro Pamela Black, Osceola Sally Black, Batesville Teresa Black, Jonesboro Virginia Black, Newport Ruth Blackburn, Corning Deanna Blalock, Jonesboro Bryan Blankenship, Thayer, Mo. Penny Blanks, Jonesboro Don-Andre Blansett, Pocahontas Michael Blasengame, Pine Bluff Angela Boatman, London, England Joni Boden, Jonesboro Chris Bodry, Tyronza Stephanie Bolding, Bald Knob Lisa Booher, Jonesboro Mark Book, Piggott Deborah Booth, Caraway Michelle Boozer, Bono Dina Borgeson, Henderson Tracy Bost, Pine Bluff Kelly Bourland, Blytheville Freddy Bowen, Hampton Leah Bowers, Cash Shawn Bowers, Blytheville Jana Bowman, Osceola Joey Bowman, Marianna Robyn Boyd, West Memphis Marcas Boyster, Newport Jennifer Bradford, Warren Alex Bradsher, Trumann Pamela Bradsher, Harrisburg Greg Brady, Walnut Ridge Kathaleen Bragg, Luxora Paul Branch, Fort Smith Kay Lynn Brand, Walnut Ridge 328 Freshmen Becky Brann, Swifton Kim Brannan, Mammoth Spring Linda Bannum, Paragould Barry Branscum, Dixie Beverly Bray, Mammoth Spring Tracy Brazeal, West Memphis Timothy Brents, Paragould Christine Brewer, Pleasant Grove Jo Brewer, Dyess Shana Brewer, Corning Tami Brickell, Jonesboro Charles Brietz, Harrisburg Gerald Britton, Wynne John Broadaway, Jonesboro Howard Brodell, Jonesboro Kevin Broeffle, Jonesboro Cynthia Brogdon, Paragould Monica Brogdon, Caruthersville, Mo. Donna Broge, Ravenden Lance Brooks, Holly Grove Angelia Brown, Harrisburg Dana Brown, Pocahontas James Brown, Jonesboro Larry Brown, Leachville Lena Brown, Hawaii Pamela Brown, Brookland Paul Brown, Blytheville Tammy Brown, Trumann Timothy Brown, Trumann Tolliver Brown, Kennett, Mo. William Brown, Marianna Roger Bruce, West Memphis Alan Bryant, Jonesboro Barry Bryant, Jonesboro Carolyn Buchanan, Marmaduke John P. Buchanan, Marmaduke John W. Buchanan, Walnut Ridge Sherry Buckelew, Trumann Carole Buffalo, Carlisle Tony Burdyshaw, Jonesboro Brian Burke, Raleigh, N. C. Barry Burkheart, Marmaduke Jeanne Burlie, Bryant Mary Burns, Newport Melanie Burns, Walnut Ridge Vearlene Burns, Marked Tree Sharia Burroughs, Scott City, Mo. Rebecca Butcher, Paragould Dawn Butler, Goobertown Leslie Butler, N. Little Rock Lisa Butler, West Memphis Yevette Butler, Forrest City Angela Caddell, Cherry Valley Stephanie Cagle, Leachville Shawnda Caillouet, Heber Springs Brad Caldwell, Dixie David Caldwell, Marianna Courtney Calvin, Rector Janeene Camp, Jonesboro Linda Camp, Paragould Vickie Camp, Paragould Karen Campbell, Lonoke Logan Campbell, Gateway Vanolynn Campbell, Newport Terry Camper, Brinkley Andrea Canter, Wynne Micky Carlew, Balch Chris Carlile, Pargould Sandra Carnal, Senath, Mo. Theresa Smith Carrell, Paragould 329 Freshmen Keri Carson, Walnut Ridge Steve Carson, Jonesboro Dorothy Carter, Forrest City Melanie Carter, Kennett, Mo. Mike Carter, Jonesboro Blair Cartwright, Springdale Lorie Cartwright, Illiopolis, 111. Dale Case, Lepanto Jason Casey, Collierville, Tenn. Travis Cashion, Pollard Jeffrey Cassidy, Blytheville Jamie Cavette, Marvell Kathy Cavitt, West Memphis Rhonda Cecil, Parkin Dana Chadwick, Rector Beth Chambers, Jonesboro Rusty Chambers, Jonesboro Mark Chambliss, Marion Michael Chandler, Wilson Steven Chaplain, Jonesboro Lisa Chapman, Wynne Timothy Chapman, Hot Springs Sherry Chappel, Jonesboro Elizabeth Cheatham, Harrisburg Jami Cheek, Searcy Cara Cheesman, Pine Bluff Joanna Cheshier, Jonesboro Jarrod Childers, Trumann Rebecca Chipman, Paragould Donna Chism, West Memphis Lisa Chism, Calico Rock Stephen Chordas, Hubbard, Ohio Lesley Chrisco, Lake City Eric Chrisman, Jonesboro Keith Churchill, Caraway Rebecca Chwalek, Centervile, Iowa Dean Clairday, Jonesboro Linda Clairday, Bay Kathleen Clapp, Jonesboro Angela Clark, Newport Billy Clark, Walnut Ridge Donna Clark, Paragould Joanne Clark, Australia Johnnie Clark, Forrest City Mark Clark, Earle Mia Clark, Corning Tommy Clark, Jonesboro Walt Clark, Newport Michael Clarkson, Forrest City Kim C. Clausen, Tuckerman Sherry Clay, Jonesboro Forrest Clayborne, Paragould Barbara Clayton, Jonesboro Brent Clayton, Wynne Trent Clayton, Wynne Melissa Clements, Marmaduke Don Clifft, Bono Julie Cobbs, Leachville Mark Cobb, Harrisburg Michael Cobb, Jonesboro Norman Coffman, Jonesboro Angela Colclasure, Little Rock Bobby Cole, Pocahontas Kenneth Cole, Manila Stephanie Coleman, Holly Grove Toni Coleman, Gilmore Theresa Coles, Jonesboro Donna Compton, Jonesboro Dianne Conaway, Jonesboro Pat Cook, Black Oak Freshmen Shasta J. Cook, Marianna Terri M. Cook, Alicia Leslie B. Coop, Jonesboro Eddie W. Cooper, Melbourne Kim R. Cooper, Corning Michael R. Cooper, Wynne Ronald A. Cooper, Bono Jeff D. Cope, Jonesboro Leigh A. Copeland, Paragould Kenny B. Copley, Cooter, Mo. Larry D. Corbett, Alicia Norman E. Cornish, Warren Kala R. Cottle, Knoble Timothy L. Covington, Jonesboro Donald W. Cox, Jonesboro Samantha D. Cox, Marmaduke Jeffery D. Crafford, Des Arc Elizabeth J. Craig, Lake City Bryan Crane, Rison Melissa A. Cranford, Monette Angela Crawford, Gosnell Cathy J. Crawford, Pocahontas Beverly A. Creach, Pocahontas Jimmy E. Creecy, Trumann Anthony R. Crews, Paragould Donald E. Crews, Lepanto Stacy A. Crisler, Cash Melinda F. Cross, Charlotte Jonna R. Croswhite, Harrison Thomas R. Crouch, Cherry Valley Steve C. Crow, Kennett, Mo. Elbert Crume, Tyronza Chris L. Crye, Germantown, Tenn. Mike Culver, Biggers Tammy D. Cunningham, Walnut Ridge Joan G. Curtis, Jonesboro Dema C. Curtner, Memphis, Tenn. Billy W. Dacus, Jonesboro Deanna M. Daily, Kennett, Mo. Charles R. Dallas, Patterson Todd D. Dallas, Dumas Dennis W. Daniel, Trumann Jamie W. DeVault, Senath, Mo. Mary E. Davenport, Lake City John K. Davidson, Paragould Ken S. Davidson, Forrest City Leslie D. Davidson, Melbourne Audra A. Davis, Newport Carol L. Davis, Des Arc Donald A. Davis Jr., Roe Gary M. Davis, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jackie F. Davis, Bono Joseph L. Davis, Wynne Lisa A. Davis, Jonesboro Lisa G. Davis, Osceola Lorenzo Davis, Winter Garden, Fla. Melissa A. Davis, Corning Michael W. Davis, Blytheville Myron C. Davis, Monette Patricia M. Davis, Jonesboro Pearlie M. Davis, Rector Scott W. Davis, Reyno Troy L. Davis, Jonesboro Rita J. Davison, Manila Kelly M. Dean, Joiner Sheila L. DeBruce, Jonesboro Kelly L. Deckard, Jonesboro Bernard J. DeClerk, Pocahontas Charles A. Dedman, Bay Gary S. Denis, Piggott 331 Freshmen Fonda K. Dennis, Fisher Mary B. Dennis, Forrest City Connie A. DePriest, Brinkley Randy R. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Robin A. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Mary K. Despain, Lake City Carolyn M. Dhority, Proctor Michael P. DiGaetano, Forrest City Rudy L. Dillard, Corning Traci J. Dixon, Jonesboro Jami L. Dockins, Oxford Wayne Dockins, Melbourne Marcia L. Dodd, Knobel Charles B. Doddridge, Jonesboro Barbara C. Doll, Paragould Kelly L. Dooley, Wynne Patti R. Dooms, England Ricki M. Dorton, Jonesboro Steven R. Douglas, Bay Paula M. Dowdy, Rector William D. Downs, III, Arkadelphia Gloria Y. Dowty, Reiser Steve E. Doyle, Walnut Ridge Holli S. Drewry, Jonesboro Paula C. Dudley, Trumann Russell B. Dunaway, Jonesboro Blake Duncan, Batesville Joe L. Duncan, Hayti, Mo. David S. Dunham, Jonesboro Kevin H. Dunham, Jonesboro Victor J. Dunigan, Cardwell, Mo. Gene L. Dunkerson, Caraway Catherine D. Dye, Kennett, Mo. Steve D. Eakins, Louisville, Ky. Gregory S. Earlywine, Stuttgart William E. Easley, West Memphis Greg A. Eaton, Cherry Valley Marilyn R. Eaton, Wynne Christopher A. Ebi, Nigeria Richard E. Eccles, Heber Springs John T. Eddleman, Aubrey Brad Edgar, Jonesboro Judy L. Edwards, Paragould Kathy A. Edwards, Ward Mike A. Edwards, Paragould Shayne C. Edwards, Melbourne Ben R. Elam, Dexter, Mo. Michael E. Elam, Berryville Regina D. Elder, Brookland Wyndol L. Elder, Brookland John M. Elk, Delray Beach, Fla. Dana D. Elkins, Paragould Ken W. Elliott, Walnut Ridge Chris Ellis, Jonesboro Karla Chandler Elrod, Jonesboro Donna R. Emery, Paragould Angela S. Emmons, Holcomb, Mo. Karen J. English, Pocahontas Doyn H. Ennis, Corning Barry E. Erwin, Jonesboro Bill G. Erwin, Paragould Bonita B. Espinoza, Jonesboro Julie A. Eubanks, Bono Susan N. Eubanks, Gosnell John D. Evans, Green Forrest Terri L. Evans, Blytheville Michele R. Evyan, Blytheville Tammy J. Exum, Harrisburg Moses C. Ezechinweoke, Nigeria Pamela M. Fagan, Gatewood, Mo. Freshmen Edna M. Farmer, Newport Natalie A. Farmer, Little Ro ck Richard E. Farmer, Newport Steve A. Farmer, McCrory Dorothy L. Farris, Batesville Philip R. Faughn, Paragould Joel D. Felkins, Bono Mark S. Ferguson, Searcy Greg W. Finch, Mountain View, Mo. Jimmy D. Finley, Cherry Valley David G. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Joe A. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Amy L. Fitts, Brinkley Nicki Flannigan-Hays, Jonesboro Lisa A. Flanrey, Paragould John T. Fleming, Osceola Deborah A. Fletcher, Bay Gregory A. Flood, Steele, Mo. Joan Florer, Williford Josephene Flowers, Hughes Karen L. Flowers, Brookland Michael E. Floyd, Marion Roger D. Foley, Ash Flat Donnie R. Folkes, Kennett, Mo. Cindy Fong, Hughes Jaronda U. Forbs, Paragould Brian K. Ford, Jonesboro Kyle A. Ford, Walnut Ridge Tommy Ford, Harrisburg Tommy S. Ford, Jonesboro Angela R. Foreman, Blytheville Billie J. Fortenberry, Hoxie Howell R. Foster, Paragould Lisa J. Foster, Pleasant Plains Cindy A. Fowler, Pine Bluff Daren W. Fowler, Wheatley Diane L. Fowler, N. Little Rock Jerry L. Fowler, Turrell Colleen A. Fowls, Vero Beach Fla. Mary Ann Francis, Jonesboro Robbie G. Franks, Bono Steve W. Franks, Mountain View Monica R. Fraser, McCrory Sherry L. Freeman, Brinkley Tim L. Freeman, Paragould Barry A. French, Jonesboro Darren E. French, Walnut Ridge Edward L. French, Jonesboro Stephen L. French, Tucker man Tim French, Rector Kimberly D. Fry, Marmaduke Pamela J. Futrell, Bay Elizabeth J. Gage, Bay Susan J. Gaither, Hoxie Dwayne A. Gallaher, West Memphis Michelle Gambill, Jonesboro Lisa M. Gardner, Little Rock Alan J. Garrett, Dyess Belinda C. Garrett, Jonesboro William L. Garrett, Cave City Timothy A. Garwood, Melbourne Neil A. Gately, Fort Smith Theresa L. Gates, Hernando, Miss. Kim D. Gatlin, Paragould Kim A. Gauding, Heber Springs Beverly J. Gause, Memphis, Tenn. John T. Gay, Newport Kevin E. Gayle, Newport Debbie J. Geater, Clarendon Tonya L. George, Kennett, Mo. 333 Freshmen Yasmin Ghazali, Malaysia Valerie Gibbs, Hoxie LaJana Gibson, Jonesboro Sloane Gibson, Walnut Ridge Tracy Gibson, Benton Lisa Gilbreath, Hardy Joseph Gill, Walnut Ridge Kim Gill, Jonesboro David Gilliam, Hartford, Mich. Melissa Gilliam, Paragould Janet Gilliaum, Newport Sherry Gipson, Jonesboro Steve Glenn, Lake City Barry Glover, Little Rock Stephen Goad, Jonesboro David Godwin, Marion Patricia Gonser, Paragould Paul Goode, McGehee Christy Goodman, Blytheville William Goodpasture, Jonesboro Julie Goodwin, Calion Katrina Goodwin, Jonesboro Jeffery Gookin, Piggott William Gosney, Weiner Brenda Gossett, Lake City Dana Gossett, Piggott Karen Gossett, Corning Lorre Gossett, Piggott Tony Gould, Jonesboro Rosalyn Grady, Detroit, Mich. Pierce Gragg, Monticello Patricia Grant, Sherwood Karla Graves, Blytheville Debra Green, Marked Tree Randy Green, Sidney Ricky Green, Mountain View Shirley Green, Jonesboro Angela Greene, Malvern Joe Grenno, Weiner Rickey Greer, Memphis, Tenn. Barry Griffey, Jonesboro Donna Grills, Violet Hill Tebrah Ann Grimmer, Marianna Barbara Grisham, Marked Tree William Grisso, Heber Springs Brenda Grissom, Jonesboro Sabrina Grissom, Jonesboro Samantha Grissom, Jonesboro Aaron Grobe, Dexter, Mo. Noble Grogan, Willow Springs, Mo. Terry Grooms, Paragould Tim Grubb, Huntington, W. Va. Laura Guinn, Paragould Cyndy Gunn, Cave City Wanda Gunn, Paragould Kenny Gunter, Hickory Ridge Deborah Guntharp, Pocahontas Lori Guthrie, Arbyrd, Mo. Sharon Guthrie, Weiner Paul Gutierrez, Cherokee Village Ruth Gutterman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jay Hagg, Trumann Tim Haas, Jonesboro Brett Hacker, Bryant Cherie Haggard, Walnut Ridge Anita Hale, Marianna Greta Hale, Marianna Michael Hales, Jonesboro Frankie Hall, Batesville Pamela Hall, St. Louis Mo. 334 Freshmen Robert E. Hall, Marvell Kimberly Hamilton, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Marcia A. Hamilton, Bono Mike G. Hamilton, Mount Pleasant Boyce L. Hamlett, Kennett, Mo. Felicia Hammett, Jonesboro Wanda P. Hampton, Marianna Frances D. Hancock, Paragould Laura L. Hanks, Jonesboro William D. Hansard, Jonesboro Tonya J. Hansen, Jonesboro Daniel B. Harbour, Paris Kim A. Hardaway, Melbourne Teresa L. Hardesty, Blytheville Millard C. Hardin, Tupelo Don R. Harding, Sherwood Richard Lee Hargrave, Rector John M. Harguess, Walnut Ridge Alvin R. Harp, Winter Garden, Fla. Janet L. Harp, Hoxie Joseph P. Harper, Paragould Gary W. Harpole, Delaplaine Cathy J. Harris, Thayer, Mo. Charles B. Harris, Melbourne Deneika K. Harris, Piggott Freddie Harris, Atlanta, Ga. Linda J. Harris, Bay Nylea M. Harris, Paragould William S. Harris, Jonesboro Lisa L. Harrison, Jonesboro Mary Ann Harrison, Jonesboro Paul G. Harrison, Jonesboro Mary C. Harrolle, Mountain View Sheri S. Harsson, Marked Tree Greg Harton, Little Rock M W if ' Larry Harvey, Paragould Tammy Hatfield, Paragould Derek Hatler, Oil Trough Teresa Hausman, Pocahontas James Hawkins, Cooter, Mo. Lisa Hawkins, Leachville Melissa Hawley, Marmaduke Tanya Hayden, Jacksonville Karin Hayes, Pocahontas Charla Hayes, Smithville John Hays, Jonesboro Michalle Hays, Brookland Alyce Heeb, Harrisburg Laura Heern, Jonesboro Terrie Helms, West Memphis Kathy Hembrey, Paragould Cheryl Henderson, Weiner Judy Henderson, Weiner Madra Henderson, Marked Tree Brett Hendrix, Wynne Gaye Hendrix, Jonesboro Wayne Hendrix, Hoxie Patrick Henn, Jonesboro Robin Henry, Tyronza Teresa Henry, Paragould Valerie Henson, Paragould Catherine Herd, Jonesboro Anita Hester, Paragould Terry Hester, Maiden, Mo. Terry Hibbard, Portia Roxann Hibbs, Walnut Ridge Jennifer Hicks, Caruthersville, Mo. Joe Hicks, Walnut Ridge Angela Higginbotham, Paragould Dana Higginbotham, McCrory 335 Freshmen Lisa Higgins, Jonesboro Tommy Higgins, Jonesboro Kim Hildreth, Hot Springs Brian Hill, Little Rock Elizabeth Hill, Paragould Jerrilyn Hill, Wynne Julie Hill, Pocahontas Letha Hill, Parkin Melessa Hill, Holly Grove Robert Hill, Batesville Stephen Hill, Jonesboro Vondia Hill, Cave City William Hill, Biggers Shannon Hilliard, Jonesboro Michael Hillis, Campbell, Mo. Vince Hilt, Mountain Grove, Mo. Pamela Hindman, Tyronza Deborah Hinds, Jonesboro Sandy Hinshaw, Jonesboro Judy Hinton, Doniphan, Mo. Pamela Hix, Jonesboro Dung Hoang, Jonesboro Bobby Hobbs, Truman n Frank Hochstetler, Jonesboro Elaine Hockman, Mountain View, Mo. Melinda Hodge, Pocahontas Devaudrey Hodges, Portageville, Mo. Jerry Hoepfl, Lafe Fay Holcomb, Corning Belinda Holland, Lafe Melody Holland, Portia Cheryl Holley, Swifton Michael Holliday, Augusta Billie Hollis, Jonesboro Barry Holloway, West Memphis Carol Holmblad, Paragould Karen Holt, West Memphis Karen Hood, West Memphis Wade Hood, Paragould Joanna Hooper, Blytheville Chuck Hope, Jonesboro Kevin Hopkins, Pine Bluff Jon Horton, Paragould Bruce House, Jonesboro LuAnne Howard, Lynn Jeri Howe, Paragould Beth Howell, Piggott Lane Howerton, Paragould Jerri Howington, Lepanto Eddie Hoyt, Cabot Mary Hubbart, Hoxie Bobby Hubble, Jonesboro Amanda Huchingson, West Memphis Gary Huckabay, Lafe Becky Hudson, Brookland Leslie Hudson, Stuttgart Roger Hudson, Luxora Wayne Hudson, Mountain View, Mo. Karen Huey, West Memphis Paula Huffman, Cherry Valley Bret Huggins, Jonesboro Donna Hughes, Imboden Jerry Hughes, Rogers Sharon Hughes, Marked Tree Wade Hughes, Hardy Kim Hulett, Jonesboro Todd Hulett, Swifton Eric Humphrey, Madison Robert Hundley, Jonesboro Debora Hunt, Rector 5- id Freshmen Randy Hunt, Evening Shade David Hurley, Jonesboro Allen Hurst, Little Rock John Hurst, Nimmons Cheryl Huskey, Viola Douglas Huston, Jacksonville, Fla. Kerry Hutchinson, Grubbs John Hutson, Paragould Lisa Hutton, Walnut Ridge Toby Hutton, Walnut Ridge Damon Hyde, Paragould Betty Iguagb onmwen, Nigeria Brian Imboden, Cherry Valley Robin Inzer, Trumann Eric Isbill, Jonesboro Shane Ishmael, Jonesboro Darlene Ishmon, Wynne Richard Jackson, Paragould Terri Jackson, Luxora Ursula Jackson, Little Rock Rhonda James, Jonesboro Carrie Jantz, Arvada, Colo. Linda Jarvis, Mount Pleasant Mark Jefferson, Osceola Peggy Jeffries, Jonesboro Ronda James, Portageville, Mo. Susan Jameson, Jonesboro Paula Jamison, Marmaduke Claudette Jennings, Marked Tree Pamela Jennings, Clarendon Pam Morton Jeter, Paragould Belinda Johnson, Jonesboro Celene Johnson, Little Rock Dana Johnson, Cooter, Mo. Gary Johnson, Hope Kim Johnson, Little Rock Lawrence Johnson, Blytheville Leatha Johnson, West Memphis Lori Johnson, Holcomb, Mo. Rickey Johnson, Marianna Sandy Johnson, Jonesboro Stacy Johnson, Brookland Teresa Johnson, Paragould Willis Johnson, West Memphis Anne Marie Johnston, Jonesboro Bobby Johnston, Luxora Cindy Johnston, West Helena Tonda Johnston, Jonesboro Debra Jones, Paragould Jerry Jones, Smithville Keilie Jones, Piggott Tommy J ones, Hoxie Tim Joseph, Searcy Patricia Judd, Lafe Kevin Kegley, Carlisle Kathy Keith, West Plains, Mo. Mike Kelly, Walnut Ridge Dawn Kenley, Pine Bluff Kelly Kennedy, Heber Springs Roberta Kennon, Jonesboro Dina Kieffner, Paragould Robbie Kimberling, Fisher Lynda Kimble, Joiner Reda Kimble, Forrest City Chris King, McCrory Jim King, Piggott Joseph King, Dalton Mary King, Miami, Okla. Rhonda King, Paragould Sonia King, Corning 337 Freshmen Donna L. Kingsland, Hoxie Gene Kinley, Corinth, Miss. Lori J. Kirksey, Jonesboro Jon A. Kitta, N. Little Rock Mark F. Kneibert, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Laura L. Knight, Little Rock Mary £. Knowles, Paragould Donnie Kulbeth, Carlisle Greg A. Laffoon, Paragould William J. Large, Jonesboro James T. Lamb, Hoxie Tony K. Lamb, Melbourne Douglas B. Lambert, Parkin Janis L. Lambert, Trumann Joanna D. Lambert, Trumann Diane Lamberth, Jonesboro Tracy E. Lamberth, Jonesboro Susan A. LaMew, Walnut Ridge Candace C. Lancaster, West Memphis Terry Y. Lancaster, Fifty Six Allen D. Landry, Orange, Texas Kevin G. Lang, Paragould Sharon E. Langston, Salem Janie D. Lonman, Bella Vista Charles E. Lapiro, Trumann Gayla J. Lashley, Paragould Gary L. Lassiter, Jonesboro James H. Late, Maynard Richard A. Lawrence, Walnut Ridge Robert F. Lawrence Jr., Steele, Mo. Sandy L. Lawrence, Bono Joseph A. Layne, Newport Scott J. LeBeau, Cherokee Village Calli M. Lee, Hughes Karen J. Lee, Bono Telma Y. Lee, McGehee Russell L. Leggett, Gosnell Helen L. Leniear, N. Little Rock James S. Levins, Jonesboro Phillip L. Lewallen, Strawberry Jimmy E. Lewis, Pocahontas Trevis D. Ligon, Marion Robert A. Lindley, Clarendon Glyn M. Linton, Trumann Sandra J. Little, Evening Shade Lisa G. Lloyd, Leachville Paula E. Locke, Corning Russell P. Locke, Pine Bluff Cathy A. Long, Cord Deanna R. Long, Mountain View Kevin L. Long, West Memphis Tamara L. Long, Newport Terry K. Long, Harrisburg Teresa M. Lorren, Steele, Mo. Kathy M. Loudermilk, Marked Tree Rob Love, Lake City Katy K. Lovern, Jonesboro Bobby F. Lowery, Newport Jimmy D. Lowery, Harrisburg Rebecca L. Lowry, Crossett Lisa R. Lucas, Forrest City Melissa K. Lucy, Blytheville Chip L. Lumpkin, Oil Trough Inez M. Lunsford, Hardy Vickie L. Maag, Paragould Karri A. Mabry, Jonesboro Robert R. Mackey, Benton Shirley A. Magness, Cabot Susan L. Mahon, Hickory Ridge Vince A. Mahon, Jonesboro 338 Freshmen Melody A. Main, Corning Julie A. Malcolm, Paragould Balasundram Maniam, Malaysia Belinda C. Manley, Batesville Tony G. Manley, Brookland Etta L. Manning, Jonesboro Greg W. Markum, Paragould Brett D. Marlotte, Shreveport, La. Valerie L. Marr, Cherry Valley Anita L. Marsh, Jonesboro Jimmy L. Marshall, Newark Phillip S. Marshall, Lepanto Alisa K. Martin, Bertrand, Mo. Clint A. Martin, McCrory Colin K. Martin, Pocahontas Denise M. Martin, Jonesboro Garland L. Martin, Jonesboro Keith A. Martin, Marked Tree Lisa R. Martin, Harrisburg Marlin G. Martin, Harrisburg Marty L. Martin, Batesville Patsy J. Martin, Jonesboro Charles D. Masingale, Paragould Beverly J. Mason, Harrisburg Cecil P. Massey, Pocahontas Sarah E. Mathes, Forrest City Pratap S. Mathur, Zambia Arnold C. Matthews, Maiden, Mo. Wendell K. Mauldin, Little Rock Lisa D. McBroome, Bono Patti R. McBroome, Bono Charles P. McCarty III, Osceola Lisa A. McCauley, DeValls Bluff David L. McClain, Newark Jimmy K. McClain, Kennett, Mo. Gary Wayne McClard, Jonesboro David O. McCollum, West Memphis Joey P. McCorkle, Tyronza John S. McCormick, Jonesboro Cherie N. McCoy, Marion Tena M. McCoy, Cardwell, Mo. Terry K. McCrary, Payneway Darrell W. McCreless, Paragould Alvin W. McDaniel, Trumann Bridgette C. McDonald, Pa ragould Kelly E. McDougle, Paragould Lesa A. McEntire, Jonesboro Ronnie J. McEntire, Jonesboro Terri L. McFadden, England Billy D. McGee, Brookland Danice A. McGee, McCrory John D. McGinnis, Palatka, Fla. Pamm Mcllvoy, Weiner Lisa M. McLemore, Alexander Boyd R. McMasters, Bay Jeffery S. McMillin, Lake City Sherri G. McMuIlen, Tuckerman Cindy Levins McNatt, Paragould Christopher L. McQuay, Jonesboro Vickie L. McShan, Forrest City Danny J. Meek, Salem Lisa L. Meeks, Black Rock Howard D. Melton, Saffell Tammy A. Melton, Brockwell Tim M. Melton, Lake City Karen R. Meredith, Jonesboro Lisa D. Mezo, Mountain View, Mo. Kevin D. Mickle, Melbourne Bobby J. Milam, Clarkton, Mo. Sandra K. Miley, Jonesboro 339 Freshmen Alice L. Miller, Cash Amanda J. Miller, Clarendon Donna R. Miller, Corning Keitha L. Miller, Jonesboro Ken W. Miller, Harrisburg Linda G. Miller, West Memphis Michael L. Miller, Jonesboro Susan J. Miller, Marion Tracy J. Miller, Brookland Angela G. Mills, Rector Ellis D. Mills, Forrest City Leith Mills, Forrest City Regina C. Millwood, Memphis, Tenn. David L. Minick, Rector Mark A. Misner, Manila Diane M. Mitchell, Paragould Michael C. Mitchell, Pocahontas Steve A. Mitchell, Paragould Pamela A. Mode, Corning Mena Ann Monroe, Paragould David L. Montgomery, Jonesboro Wilma M. Montgomery, Paragould Carolyn J. Moon, Trumann Chris N. Moore, Jonesboro Daniel E. Moore, Corning Don S. Moore, Hayti, Mo. Gregg Moore, Piggott Judy C. Moore, Paragould Lee Moore, West Memphis Matt L. Moore, Bay Paula K. Moore, Bono Rex H. Moore, Caruthersville, Mo. Royce H. Moore, Trumann Scott L. Moore, Siloam Springs Walter E. Moore, Rector Whitney R. Moore, Nettleton Joanna Moraitis, Chicago, 111. Carroll A. Moran, Jonesboro Elaina K. Morgan, Holland, Mo. Jeffery N. Morgan, Piggott John P. Morrison, Blytheville Paula Y. Morrison, Jonesboro John F. Morse, Jonesboro Marvin S. Moser, Melbourne Jeff S. Moses, Jonesboro Mark R. Mosier, Hoxie Bill C. Moss, Oxford Kris R. Moss, Wynne Lisa A. Moss, Cave City Suda D. Moss, Jonesboro Thomas E. Moss, Trumann Christos G. Mouskis, Cyprus Vicki M. Moyer, DeWitt Miguel A. Mukel, Venezuela Robin A. Mullen, Portia Michael T. Munn, Pine Bluff Pete Murphy, Oxford Bobby R. Myers Jr., Marked Tree Douglas F. Myers, Blytheville Holly A. Nail, Brookland Mike H. Nash, Jonesboro Norlida Nasaruddin, Malaysia Bryan S. Neal, Trumann Darren D. Neal, Jonesboro Sheila A. Neal, Arbyrd, Mo. Steven L. Neal, Augusta Vivian Y. Neal, Wynne Helen O. Neas, Waldron Kim L. Neely, Grubbs Mary K. Neely, Osceola 340 Freshmen Jacqueline Nelson, Marion Shirl Nelson, Newport Teresa Nettles, Swifton Carol Newberry, Paragould Curtis Newton, Jonesboro Vickie Newton, Bearden Nhu Nguyen, Jonesboro Audrey Nichols, Tyronza Keith Nicholson, Maiden, Mo. Garvin Nix, Clarkton, Mo. Teddy Nix, Luxora Craig Noblin, Kennett, Mo. Lori Noblin, Jonesboro Lushon Noel, Little Rock Terry North, Paragould Cathy Oldham, Jonesboro Leslie Oldham, Hoxie Bill Olson, Batesville Michael O ' Neal, Marion Kaye Orick, Stuttgart Mary Orlick, Paragould Stefanie Osborn, Jonesboro Judy Osment, St. Louis, Mo. Ernest Ott, Jonesboro James Owens, Athens, Texas Marjorie Ozbirn, Cherokee Village Joel Pace, Black Oak Leesha Painter, Viola Laura Palmer, Senath, Mo. Chris Panneck, Jonesboro Sarah Pannells, Jonesboro Karri Parish, Jonesboro Billy Parks, Alicia Crystal Parmenter, Rector Carmella Parr, Deering, Mo. Misty Parrish, McDougal Odas Parsons, Griffithville Scott Parton, Piggott Rajool Patel, Paragould Danny Patterson, Paragould Deanna Patterson, Walnut Ridge Jeff Patterson, Trumann Angela Patton, Jonesboro Shelly Patton, Bono Stacey Paudert, West Memphis Rebecca Payton, Trumann Chris Peaks, Blytheville Kimberley Pegg, Jonesboro Anita Pemberton, Jonesboro Connie Pendergrass, Pocahontas Sheila Pennington, Jonesboro Nancy Persful, Jonesboro Justin Persfull, Bloomfield, Mo. Bobby Phillips, Jonesboro Jeff Phillips, Paragould Tina Phillips, Waldenburg Andrea Phipps, Jonesboro Leslie Pickering, Jonesboro David Pigue, Paragould Kimberly Pillow, Paragould Randall Pinkston, Walnut Ridge Steve Pirtle, Jonesboro Kathy Pittman, Anaheim, Calif. William Pittman, Jonesboro Randy Pitts, Trumann Ronda Piwinski, Sherwood Cliff Plegge, Newport Brad Poindexter, Wynne Carrie Pollard, Jonesboro Yia Poon, Newport 341 Freshmen Lori Pope, Jonesboro Clinton Porter, Morrilton Debbie Porter, Griffithville Leslie Posey, Leachville Paul Power, Jonesboro Peggy Powers, Pocahontas Dolores Prange, Jonesboro Ottis Prater, Jonesboro Lisa Presson, Jonesboro Jeffery Preston, Bay Linda Price, Jonesboro Phillip Priest, Jonesboro Linda Prince, Reyno William Pritchett, Dexter, Mo. A ' Lisa Proctor, Steele, Mo. Supavadee Prommasa, Thailand Udom Prommasa, Thailand Dinah Pryor, Wynne Jason Pulles, Cherokee Village Patrick Purser, Senath, Mo. Betty Pyland, Paragould Theo Quarrels, Palestine Edward Quinn, Jonesboro Susan Quinn, Gosnell Kelly Ragsdale, Walker, La. Mark Raines, Jacksonville Stacey Raines, Holland, Mo. John Rainwater, Paragould Karen Rainwater, Delaplaine Suzanne Ralph, Wilson Mary Ramer, Knob Barbara Randleas, Biscoe Dana Rasmussen, Sidney Cliff Ratton, Marked Tree Deborah Ray, Corning Gwendolyn Ray, Palestine Kevin Ray, Caruthersville, Mo. Ruby Ray, Trumann Suzanne Ray, Leachville David Raymond, Earle Rickey Reagan, Piggott John Reddmann, Harrisburg LeeAnn Reece, Jonesboro Judith Reed, Pocahontas Phillip Reed, Marianna Rosa Reed, Little Rock Mark Rees, Jonesboro Terri Reese, Trumann Gwen Reeves, Bono Kristi Reeves, Benton Stuart Reid, Jonesboro Debbrah Renshaw, Trumann John Reynolds, Paragould Stacy Reynolds, McCrory Wendy Reynolds, McCrory Mark Rezanka, Heber Springs Leslie Rhiddlehoover, Houston, Texas Frank Richards, Bauxite Kelli Richards, Jonesboro Dian Richardson, Lake City Wynndolyn Richardson, Helena Regina Richey, Paragould Clifton Richmond, Dyess Tosknella Riddle, Cotton Plant Barry Riggs, Jonesboro DeeDee Riggs, Jonesboro Troy Riggs, Little Rock Leisa Roach, Trumann Lesley Robbins, Paragould Kelly Roberson, Helena ■ •42 Freshmen Mary L. Roberson, Newport David S. Roberts, Corning Jay H. Roberts, Trumann Susie Roberts, Hernando, Miss. Marcia J. Robertson, Black Rock Georgia A. Robinette, Jonesboro Cassandra A. Robinson, Earle Douglas W. Robinson, Newport Elnore M. Robinson, Newport Phyllis R. Robinson, Jonesboro Sandy L. Robinson, Carlisle Steven B. Robinson, Jonesboro William M. Robinson, Brookland Susan M. Robison, Trumann Dean R. Rockstroh, Memphis, Tenn. Delores J. Roe, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Barry T. Rogers, Jonesboro Elizabeth C. Rogers, Jonesboro Jon R. Rollins, Senath, Mo. Patty A. Rooks, Batesville Cynthia M. Roper, Viola Steve B. Rorex, Jonesboro Steven J. Rorex, Weiner Michelle C. Rorie, Gosnell Dina R. Rose, Walnut Ridge Karen J. Rose, Bono Susan A. Rose, Marmaduke Greg A. Ross, Batesville Johnny M. Rounds Jr., Batesville Shirley R. Rousey, Jonesboro Teddy W. Rowell, Luxora Edward L. Rowlett, Trumann Tammy L. Rowlett, Jonesboro Steven L. Rudkin, Jonesboro Tammy R. Rudkin, Gideon, Mo. Scott R. Ruff, Jonesboro Bryan Ruggeri, Pine Bluff Martha L. Russell, Jonesboro Tim S. Sandborn, Jonesboro Chandra A. Sandefur, Jonesboro Carthell L. Sanders, Chicago, 111. Greyson R. Sanders, Fisher Ike Sanders, Forrest City Martin K. Sanders, Jonesboro Rodney W. Sanders, Black Oak Joyce S. Sanford, Jonesboro Brian D. Sawyer, Kennett, Mo. Mack A. Sawyer, Cherokee Village Greg T. Schaaf, Jonesboro Todd V. Schell, Marvell Phil E. Schirmer, West Memphis Stephen C. Schreck, Jonesboro Dewey A. Scott, Hoxie Eric M. Scott, Germantown, Tenn. Gayla R. Scott, Rector Jamie D. Scott, Hayti, Mo. Lori A. Scott, Rector Rose M. Scott, Hoxie Todd Scott, Jonesboro Ollie Seals, Deering, Mo. Dana L. Seay, Rector Ellen R. Seay, Rector Scot R. Sebesta, Glendale Hgts., 111. Randy E. Secrease, Harrisburg Deborah K. Sehne, Paragould Carlotta Settlemoir, Paragould Allen Shaver, Mount Pleasant Mary J. Shaver, Wynne Vivian C. Sheets, Hoxie Shelia T. Shelton, Light 343 Freshmen Susan M. Shelton, Diaz Sam T. Shinault, Jonesboro Bryan W. Shipman, Brookland Carta M. Shipman, Brookland Harold L. Shoemaker, Jonesboro Michael C. Shores, Stuttgart Paula J. Shrable, Manila David L. Sibley, Paragould Sandra E. Siddell, Mayflower Vonda K. Simer, Thayer, Mo. Sandy K. Simmons, Stuttgart Douglas L. Simpson, Jonesboro Keely L. Simpson, Stuttgart Belinda K. Sims, Pocahontas Jennifer A. Sims, Marion Lance E. Sims, Pottersville, Mo. Rodney D. Sims, Trumann Steven D. Sinclair, Pine Bluff Bernadette Sinegar, New Orleans, La. Mark R. Skeens, Jonesboro Louis Sloas, Harrisburg Bonnie S. Smallwood, Jonesboro Jeron D. Smart, Piggott Daniel L. Smith, Sidney Edye A. Smith, Little Rock Janis L. Smith, Kennett, Mo. Julie L. Smith, Wilson Kelly D. Smith, Jonesboro Kenneth D. Smith Jr., Mtn. View, Mo. Kevin W. Smith, Guion Kimberly G. Smith, Bono Lena D. Smith, Trumann Lome S. Smith, Caraway Marvin J. Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Misti L. Smith, Jonesboro Penny L. Smith, Tyronza Randall L. Smith, Cherry Valley Roanne Smith, Lepanto Robert L. Smith, Newport Roger S. Smith, McCrory Scott C. Smith, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Steve R. Smith, Paragould Susan R. Smith, Pocahontas Wesley S. Smith, Hardy Regina A. Smoot, Marmaduke Robbie R. Sneed, Jonesboro Shery A. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Gary R. Snodgrass, Jonesboro Henrietta Sorg, Pocahontas Dennis D. Sorrows, Stuttgart Teri L. Southern, Kennett, Mo. Tracy A. Sparks, Kennett, Mo. Russell L. Speaks, Brookland Barbara J. Spears, Lake City Dennis L. Spence, Oil Trough Janice L. Spencer, Paragould Holly L. Springhart, West Memphis Paula A. Sprinkle, Bono Becky Spurlock, Batesville Tracy L. Spurlock, Lake City William A. Staggs, Jonesboro Belinda Stanfill, Caruthersville, Mo. Cherye G. Stanfill, Paragould Robin R. Stanford, Harrisburg William J. Stanley, Augusta Rhonda L. Starks, Earle Pamela L. Staten, Pocahontas Linda K. Steese, Monette Jeanette K. Steimel, Pocahontas Betty J. Stephen, Bald Knob 344 Freshmen Kevin M. Stevens, Jonesboro Sandra Y. Stevens, Jonesboro Dana B. Stewart, Steele, Mo. Lucie M. Stewart, Marianna Andi Jo Stilwell, Blytheville Jeremy M. Stockert, Minot, N.D. James B. Stone, Wynne Jimmy J. Stone, Trumann Robin M. Stone, Illiopolis, 111. Gloria A. Story, Milwaukee, Wise. Joseph C. Stovall, Osceola Lesley S. Stracner, Solgohachia Stacy Strickland, C. Christy, Texas Dolly M. Sullins, Bono Susan Sumpter, Marked Tree Jennifer L. Sutton, Kennett, Mo. Kelly L. Sutton, Kennett, Mo. Roy E. Swain, Paragould Stacey C. Swann, Jonesboro Alfonza Swift, Memphis, Tenn. Jodie K. Swift, Memphis, Tenn. Paul D. Swift, Piggott Kim D. Swindle, Senath, Mo. Gary T. Szucs, Blytheville Gerald W. Tackeberry, Senath, Mo. Deonna D. Taggart, Augusta Anna M. Talbot, Trumann Penny G. Tarver, Jonesboro Phyllis J. Tarver, Jonesboro Andre Tate, Orlando, Fla. Brenda K. Tate, Batesville Brian E. Tate, Jonesboro James D. Tate, Moro Brian K. Taylor, West Memphis David S. Taylor, Pine Bluff Ginger A. Taylor, Kennett, Mo. Jeff B. Taylor, Jonesboro Joseph J. Taylor, Brookland Mark A. Taylor, Blytheville Mary F. Taylor, Jonesboro Richard V. Taylor, Paragould Tony L. Taylor, Jonesboro Vicki L. Taylor, Little Rock Tyson T. Teel, Alicia Tangela J. Temple, Brinkley April D. Thomas, Jonesboro Marvin A. Thomas, Pocahontas John K. Thompson, Brinkley Keith E. Thompson, Jonesboro Kimberly J. Thompson, Paragould Naomi Thompson, Jonesboro Nita K. Thompson, Murfreesboro Robin L. Thompson, Jonesboro Pamela M. Thornbrough, Hoxie Mary K. Thornton, Batesville Phylhs A. Throesch, Pocahontas Terry W. Throesch, Pocahontas Phyllis T. Tilley, Jonesboro Carla E. Timms, Porter, Texas Tina R. Townsend, West Memphis Karen L. Tracy, Monette John E. Trainor, West Memphis Marshall D. Trantham, Jonesboro Dave R. Trent, Jonesboro Tommy G. Trivitt, Ash Flat Janet E. Tucker, Wynne Benny R. Tunstall, Delaplaine Kevin D. Turman, Lake City Brenda F. Turner, Jonesboro Perry L. Turner, Marmaduke 345 Freshmen Sharon K. Turney, Manila Becky L. Tyler, Lepanto Malinda Underwood, Jonesboro Thomas E. Underwood, Paragould Denis J. Utley, Burlington, Vt. Terry D. Vance, Portia Talocka S. Vargas, Bono Alesia S. Veasley, Osceola Mitch D. Verkler, Black Rock Gregory S. Vestal, Trumann Cheryl A. Vichkon, Cave City Stacy L. Vincent, Jonesboro Karen F. Vinson, Humphrey Andy F. Vitale, College Park, Ga. Julie Von Kanel, West Helena Michelle L. Voorhees, Paragould Michael K. Vowell, Rector Grace Vudures, Trumann Keith L. Waddle, Pine Bluff Alva V. Wadley, Paragould Aimee D. Wagner, Manila Kerry M. Wagner, Ash Flat Carey V. Wagoner, Walnut Ridge Cindy W. Wagster, Rector Anthony C. Wake, Kennett, Mo. Danny L. Waldrip, Moro Craig A. Walker, Maiden, Mo. Jamie L. Walker, Melbourne Tim Walker, Jonesboro Arlee Wallace, Turrell Lola Wallace, Mountain View Mark Wallace, Kennett, Mo. Mike Wallace, Harrisburg John Walling, Lepanto Valeria Walter, Moro Stephen Walton, Little Rock David Wann, Paragould Scott Ward, Jonesboro Tammy Ward, Jonesboro James Washam, Jonesboro Vincent Washam, Mammoth Spring Joni Washburn, Hughes Chris Watkins, Bono Danita Watkins, Paragould Debora Watkins, Jonesboro Lesnia Watkins, Cash Bill Watson, Earle Heidi Watson, Durango, Colo. Ila Watson, College City Kathy Watson, Jonesboro Martha Watson, Walnut Ridge Sherry Weaver, Charlotte Tammy Weaver, Melbourne Denise Webb, Lonoke Leigh Webb, N. Little Rock Sherry Webb, Jonesboro Susan Weir, Orlando, Fla. Beth Weisbrod, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lawrence Weisenbach, Pocahontas Becky Welch, Pine Bluff Kristi Weldon, Memphis, Tenn. Dena Wells, Leachville Dana Wendell, Marmaduke Julie Wenzel, Mount Prospect, 111. Angela West, Little Rock Billy West, Jonesboro Leatrice West, Malvern Todd West, Warren Jerry Westbrook, Jonesboro Kimberly Wheeler, Wynne Freshmen Lana Wheeler, Paragould Sands Wheeler, Paragould Qdalas Whitaker Jr., Brinkley Gary White, Trumann Kevin White, Harrisburg Philip White, Los Angeles, Calif. Terrie White, Marion Stephen Whitlatch, Trumann Valarie Whitmore, Newport Robert Whitson, Marked Tree Jeff Whittingham, Jonesboro John Kofi Whyte, Ghana Sarah Wiggins, Jonesboro Bryan Wilcox, Paragould Carolyn Wilder, Wilmot Tracy Wilhite, Marion Mark Wilkerson, Wynne Billy Williams, Trumann Carole Williams, Southaven, Miss. Cindy Williams, Jonesboro Cyndy Williams, Kennett, Mo. Dale Williams, Paragould Dana Williams, Searcy Dina Williams, Piggott Fayeth Williams, Batesville Jerry Williams, Jonesboro Lana Williams, Beech Grove LeAnn Williams, Jonesboro Lisa Williams, Paragould Lori Williams, Jonesboro Melody Williams, Batesville Richard Williams, Kennett, Mo. Robert Wiliams, Jonesboro Terri Williams, Sherwood Lisa Williamson, Paragould Robert Williamson, Humphrey Timothy Willmuth, Walnut Ridge Deborah Wilson, Trumann John Wilson, Joiner Larry Wilson, Moro Monica Wilson, Jonesboro Teresa Wilson, Bloomfield, Mo. Sharon Winkles, Trumann Audra Winningham, Newport Scott Winningham, Harrisburg Carlotta Wofford, Success Kay Wolfe, Cherry Valley Sanford Womble, Fisher Bill Wood, Jonesboro Patsy Woodall, Jonesboro Ruth Wooldridge, Paragould Kevin Wooten, Bloomfield, Mo. Elizabeth Word, Brinkley Suzie Wortham, DeWitt Boyd Wright, Augusta Gary Wright, Kennett, Mo. Henrietta Wright, Dyess Mitchell Wright, Jonesboro Steven Wright, Harrisburg Wendy Wright, Jonesboro Tony Wrinkles, Jonesboro Stephen Wyatt, Jonesboro Kyle Wylie, Kennett, Mo. John Yarbrough, Jonesboro Lisa Yarbrough, Reyno Tammy Yarbrough, Steele, Mo. Rahim Yazdani, Iran David Yopp, Paragould Ann Yost, Piggott David Young, Tuckerman 347 Freshmen Derrick Young, Brinkley Guy Younger, Maynard Burhan Zaidan, Chicago, 111. Joe Zimmerman, Mountain Home Associate Degrees Law Enforcement (AAS) Teressa L. Jackson, Jonesboro Jack H. Vincent, West Memphis Radiologic Technology (AAS) Donna D. Burris, Piggott General Studies (AGS) David A. Schuctz, Mountain Home Office Administration (AS) Shaunda T. Sanders, Forrest City Sherri L. Watson, Piggott Wanda L. Bonney, Paragould Leora A. Bray, Mount Pleasant Lisa R. Carter, Brookland DeAnn Fowler, Wheatley Sherri H. Hyatt, Memphis, Tenn. Susan R. Light, Van Buren, Mo. Cynthia G. Richardson, Biggers Nursing (ASN) Anna J. Austin, Corning Scott H. Britt, Paragould Tonya R. Brown, Harrisburg Ruby V. Cassidy, Pocahontas Lynda G. Crabtree, Saffell Gretchen A. Crews, Lepanto Ruthann Harter, Jonesboro Ron F. Henson, Jonesboro Connie Jean Highfill, Paragould Donnita A. Hosman, Marked Tree Kelli J. Johnson, Jonesboro Artie A. Karns, Cave City Teresa Kirkland, Walnut Ridge Theresa Kirkpatrick, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Perry Lewis, Jonesboro Vanessa R. Little, Pollard Lana P. Mahan, Caraway Joye L. Mangis, Williford Sondra J. Maynard, Brookland Martha L. McGinnis, Paragould Evelyn McMasters, Lake City Wanda J. Medlyn, Jonesboro Teahna L. Meek, Salem Pamela A. Moore, Olive Branch, Miss. Judy Mottram, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ginger L. Murphy, Maynard Linda Wade Newell, Trumann Ramona Parker, Walnut Ridge George N. Popejoy, Trumann Donna L. Steese, Monette Terri A. Stewart, Newport Thorny Tillman, Walnut Ridge Jackie S. Welshman, Bono Bess A. Wilson, Bono Secretarial Certificate Angela D. Gipson, Trumann 349 Second Semester Students Graduate Students Mary J. Brown, Paragould Ollie J. Bryant, Forrest City Michele A. Calcagni, Jonesboro William Dailey, Emerson Dana Hope Orick, Paragould Homer R. Peters, Griffithville Seniors Arinola Adebayo, Nigeria, Accounting Paul Blissard, Gibson City, 111., P.E. Olivia K. Burton, Wynne, Business Adm. Fely J. Davis, Honolulu, Hawaii, Psychology Winnifred Dunbar, Dallas, Texas, Nursing Linda C. Reeves, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Econ. Barry A. Rougeau, Jonesboro, Accounting Cynthia C. Spencer, Paragould, Early Childhood Lezli Sydorenko, Jonesboro, English Rickey Wooten, West Memphis, Business Adm. Juniors Garry B. Barker, Salem John D. Baxley, McRae Debbie Bryant, Lonoke Robert W. Dabbs, Fisk, Mo. Keith DeClerk, Pocahontas Petri D. Dorsey, West Memphis Sherry Lace, Cherry Valley Henry L. Lewis, Earle Heather M. Lowe, Osceola Phyllis D. McClendon, Osceola Hollye A. McCrum, Clarendon Patricia J. McFall, Doniphan, Mo. Charles A. Moody, Blytheville Nedra Nichols, Walnut Ridge Michael W. Pinegar, Gregory Geraldine M. Skyles, Lakeview Gregory A. Spradlin, Conway Karin Tucker, Boulder, Colo. Tommy C. Vanaman, Paragould David Veasman, Osceola Jacqueline Woodard, Blytheville Sophomores Preston Archer, Forrest City Kim D. Beckley, Rector Betsy A. Butler, Reyno Phillip A. Clark, Jonesboro Sandra M. Cribbs, Wynne Tommy L. Discus, McCrory Monica Hamilton Fletcher, Lake City Lara S. Graham, Marion Shari R. Hays, Osceola Beth A. Hervey, Harrisburg James A. Howell, Rector Ricky G. Lee, Blytheville Laurie A. McKee, Newport James A. Nwokeabia, Nigeria Pearlie J. Okoye, Little Rock Roosevelt Oliver, Osceola Robert L. Perkins, Bono Katherine Ressalam, Jonesboro Christopher Ring, Little Rock Barry N. Rossell, Marked Tree Dale Schenk, West Burlington, Iowa Freshmen Abdul H. Ahmat, Jonesboro Gaylon R. Austin, Kennett, Mo. Dana M. Autry, Senath, Mo. Nor Awang-Ahmad, Jonesboro Haslina Badi, Malaysia Wayne Baldwin, Paragould Doug L. Bearden, Jonesboro Thomas M. Black, Jonesboro Dana L. Bledsoe, Campbell, Mo. Bett E. Bost, Jonesboro Thomas " Jay " Butler, West Memphis Rachel Chrestman, Harrisburg Rex A Christiano, Jonesboro Tony M. Cornish, Monette 351 Freshmen Monique J. DeCola, Sikeston, Mo. Joyce A. Dees, Paragould Steve K. Denton, Tyronza Greta L. Ellzey, Harrisburg Bruce L. Engelmann, Benton Paula J. Griffin, Harrisburg Glenn Hagler II, Sikeston, Mo. Anita Hardy, Forrest City Rachel A. Hess, Wynne Trevor L. Howard, Burlington, N. J. Lissa A. Humbert, Marianna Brian Jones, Luxora Tracy D. Jones, Pine Bluff Leonardo Juan, Honolulu, Hawaii Diane E. Kennedy, Trumann Steven L. Laffoon, Piggott Vickie L. Landrum, Newport Barbara D. Long, Harrisburg Masriah Mansor, Malaysia Jerry L. Martin, Trumann Nuraiza Matsah, Malaysia Billy J. McAfee Jr., Wilson Yuzainee Md. Yusoff, Malaysia Skip L. Mitchell, Searcy Halizahtun Mohande-Ali, Malaysia Norlinda Mohd, Malaysia Robin L. Moore, Lonoke Clayton T. Morrow, Turrell Maznah Omar, Malaysia Vetrice Lashay Peoples, Earle Tammy M. Petty, Jacksonville Ashley Reed, McGehee Cynthia R. Rice, Mountain View Jackie D. Roby, Batesville Sherry L. Rook, Jonesboro Elaine Rose, Paragould Ruth R. Sheard, Hayti, Mo. James E. Skipper, Carlisle Kathy J. Smith, Harrisburg Paul E. Tabron, Forrest City Doris L. Tuberville, Parkin Donna L. Turnage, Blytheville Stefanie K. Weidman, Blytheville Susan C. Williams, Jonesboro Index —A— Bobby J. Abbott, 294 j Zakaria Abdallat, 294 j Zuleffendi Abo-Majid, 294 Zufidah Abdulmajid, 294 I Rahman, Z. Abdul, 294 Jimmy Abel, 274 Rick S. Abel, 327 | Day Abernathy, 294 Ronald 0. Abmeyer, 312 Muhd A. A brahman, 312 j Kim S. Abshure, 327 Zulkefli Abu-Hassan, 312 I Basheer S. Abu-Jalalah, 274 Ali M. Abuzeid, 272 j Barbara K. Ackeret, 294 I Douglas A. Acuff, 327 I Bill W. Adams, 327 ' Bruce R. Adams, 274 i James H. Adams, 294 Janet E. Adams, 272 Jo A. Adams, 327 Joe K. Adams, 294 Jon C. Adams, 294 Karen E. Adams, 312 Kelly H. Adams, 327 LaDonna L. Adams, 327 i Laurel A. Adams, 274 iLee Adams, 327 Ottis L. Adams, 312 Stephen L. Adams, 294 Valerie N. Adams, 294 Virginia A. Adams, 327 Wesley E. Adams, 294 Everett N. Adamson, 294 Nellie G. Adcock, 327 Carroll D. Addington, 274 Carroll W. Addington, 327 Sandra D. Addinton, 327 Arinola O. Adebayo, 350 Deborah J. Adkins, 312 Kathy A. Agee, 274 Moughari A. Aghaye, 274 Khabid M. Ahmed, 327 Hayesook Ahn, 327 Ham id N. Attmat- Abdul, 351 Scott Ah rent, 312 Ahmad S. Al-Amoud, 294 Mauro A. Alburez, 294 Michael K. Alderson, 274 Jean C. Alexander, 327 Marty L. Alexander, 312 Mohammed Al-Karni, 274 Saleh R. Al-Khodeir, 272 Noor Z. Ali, 312 Carolyn A. Allen, 274 Cheryl M. Allen, 274 Donna A. Allen, 327 Elton G. Allen, 327 Eric K. Allen, 294 Gary W. Allen, 327 Henry L. Allen, 312 Lisa M. Allen, 294 Marilyn O. Allen, 294 Rhouis E. Allen, 312 Stephen M. Allen, 274 Teresa A. Allen, 312 William G. Allen, 294 Richie D. A liens worth, 294 Andrea K. Alley, 327 Sandy D. Allgyer, 327 Andrea C. Allison, 327 Charles A. Allison, 327 Melinda N. Allison, 312 Thomas L. Allmon, 327 Ali H. Almajid, 274 Sameer A. Al-Masri, 274 Christopher W. Almond, 327 Mohamed S. Al-Nebaihi, 274 Micheal Alsup, 274 Angelia J. Anderson, 274 Dana K. Anderson, 327 Gary L. Anderson, 294 Karen M. Anderson, 274 Kimberly A. Anderson, 312 Lisa K. Anderson, 294 Michael W. Anderson, 312 Rhonda S. Anderson, 312 Sandy S. Anderson, 294 Scott W. Anderson, 327 Teresa E. Anderson, 327 Bobby J. Andrews, 327 Debbie A. Andrews, 327 Michael C. Andrews, 294 Diane M. Annunziata, 312 Lacy M. Anthony, 274 Manolo C. Arabadjis, 274 Barbara J. Archer, 274 Judy A. Archer, 312 Kim A. Archer, 327 Preston D. Archer, 351 Kevin R. Arms, 294 Tammy K. Arms, 294 Anna C. Armstrong, 274 Carolyn A. Armstrong, 312 Charles G. Armstrong, 327 Lisa A. Armstrong, 312 Mary L. Armstrong, 294 Sandy C. Arnn, 327 Cindy R. Arnold, 327 Pamela A. Arnold, 327 Mohamad A. Aroff, 312 Jorge M. Asapche, 274 Ricky L. Ashby, 327 Terri L. Ashford, 274 Karla M. Ashlock, 327 Diane R. Atherton, 294 Dale Atkinson, 274 Paige L. Atkinson, 274 Cherie A. Attaway, 312 Robert L. Auler, 294 Alfred J. Austin, 274 Anna J. Austin, 349 Charles A. Austin, 274 Gaylon R. Austin, 351 Vance H. Austin, 312 Dana M. Autry, 351 Shron L. Autry, 274 John D. Avery, 327 Nor A. Awang- Ahmad, 351 Benson O. Aworunse, 272 DeAnn R. Aycock, 274 Richard M. Ayson, 312 Muhammad S. Aziz, 294 — B— Deaundra A. Bacot, 274 Haslina Badi, 351 Mattie J. Baggett, 327 Carol K. Bagwell, 327 Azam B. Bahaman, 327 Khairil A. Baharin, 294 Alan J. Bailey, 312 David L. Bailey, 327 Donna M. Bailey, 327 Eric L. Bailey, 327 Keith L. Bailey, 327 Lisa G. Bailey, 274 Sharon L. Bailey, 327 Albert R. Baker, 327 Bryant L. Baker, 327 Dwight H. Baker, 274 Laura J. Baker, 327 Lee B. Baker, 327 Margaret M. Baker, 327 Mary Baker, 272 Randal K. Baker, 274 Randall B. Baker, 312 Robert C. Baker, 312 Robert W. Baker, 327 Sammie J. Baker, 294 Beverly Baldwin, 312 John L. Baldwin, 327 Wayne Baldwin, 351 DeLisa A. Balentine, 294 Pierre L. Balentine, 312 Barbara D. Ball, 294 Susan L. Ball, 294 Doyle K. Ballard, 327 Lawanda L. Ballard, 294 Susan K. Ballweg, 270 Amawda, M. Baltz, 327 Donald G. Baltz, 274 Doug A. Baltz, 274 Raymond C. Baltz, 327 Sandy D. Baltz, 274 David C. Bandy, 274 Karen E. Bandy, 274 Dollie A. Baney, 327 David L. Banks, 327 Mikki Banks, 327 Sharon K. Banks, 274 Blake Barber, 312 Brett H. Barber, 327 Gary W. Barch, 294 Donald J. Barker, 327 Garry B. Barker, 350 Ralph E. Barker, 275 Robert A. Barker, 294 Rodney D. Barker, 327 Jim Barksdale, 272 Ken Barksdale, 294 David B. Barnes, 294 Julia D. Barnes, 312 Kimberly A. Barnes, 294 Lisa Ann Barnes, 275 Mary K. Barnes, 294 Patricia A. Barnes, 272 Scotty W. Barnes, 275 Stephanie K. Barnes, 294 Debbie K. Barnett, 327 Jay R. Barnett, 275 Linda J. Barnett, 312 Lisa A. Barnett, 312 Mary D. Barnett, 327 Shawn A. Barnett, 294 Troyce D. Barnett, 294 William E. Barnett, 327 Derreck M. Barnhill, 327 Randy G. Barnhill, 294 Roger B. Barnhill, 327 Carrie L. Barr, 312 Clifton E. Barr, 294 Don L. Barrett, 275 Paul D. Barrett, 270 Terry L. Barry, 275 Jeff Bartell, 294 Tina K. Barton, 327 Clyde W, Bass, 294 Jennifer I. Bass, 312 Lynda R. Bass, 312 Roy B. Bass, 327 Tammy J. Bassett, 327 Celene V. Batey, 294 Tammera L. Batterton, 312 Linda A. Bauer, 312 Charles R. Baughn, 312 James A. Baumunk, 328 John L. Bax, 294 John D. Baxley, 350 Karen L. Baxter, 294 Shari A. Bay, 294 Catherine L. Beal, 275 Edwina L. Beal, 294 Ranae E. Bean, 328 Elizabeth D. Beard, 272 Jennifer D. Beard, 328 Debbie L. Bearden, 312 Donald R. Bearden, 272 Donna J. Bearden, 312 Doug L. Bearden, 351 George O. Bearden, 328 Gina A. Bearden, 294 Linda D. Bearden, 328 Sandra G. Bearden, 328 Shirley D. Bearden, 294 Charlotte A. Beasley, 328 Lisa F. Beasley, 328 Rita F. Beasley, 328 William J. Beasley, 312 Timothy A, Beaver, 275 Melanie Beazley, 312 Bradford D. Beck, 312 Bruce W. Beck, 275 James W. Beck, Jr., 294 Sarah E. Beck, 294 Steve L. Beck, 312 Kim D. Beckley, 351 Irwin J. Becnel, 328 David L. Beebe, 328 Susan L. Beedle, 328 Mark A. Beegle, 294 Angela D. Beeler, 275 Lauren J. Beith, 275 Traci R. Beith, 328 David L. Belcher, 312 Slami Belemnouar, 272 Deloise J. Belin, 275 Mark A. Belk, 312 Tammy D. Belk, 275 Atwood, J. Bell, 312 Kimberly A. Bell, 328 Lori E. Bell, 275 Mark E. Bell, 294 Rhonda S. Bell, 328 Robert L. Bell, 275 Sharon L. Bell, 328 Willis F. Bell, 275 Jon M. Belmar, 294 Coloria Belune, 275 Linda F. Bennett, 275 Mary E. Bennett, 328 Rebecca L. Bennett, 272 Dallas G. Benson, 294 David B. Benson, 328 Elizabeth Benson, 275 Rick L. Benson, 328 Cheryl J. Bentley, 275 Kevin D. Bentley, 294 Marc D. Benton, 328 James P. Berg, 294 Tracie S. Bergman, 328 David H. Bergmann, 275 Amanda Berry, 328 Tamara D. Berry, 328 Thurman A. Beshears, Jr., 294 Richard A. Bess, 328 Tamera G. Bibb, 328 Susan J. Bickers, 275 Dee Biddle, 294 Larry L. Bigger, 328 Denny Biggs, 312 Jeffrey A. Biggs, 294 Linda J. Bigness, 275 Christine E. Biles, 328 Dana L. Bill, 328 Kerry L. Bilyeu, 328 Emily A. Bingham, 275 Phil M. Bingham, 328 Kathy J. Bird, 328 Jeffrey C. Biringham, 328 Brett A. Bisbee, 328 Clydia E. Bishop, 328 Mary A. Bishop, 275 Mary F. Bishop, 270 Pat A. Bishop, 312 Rebecca C. Bishop, 328 Cheryl A. Black, 294 Debra L. Black, 294 Pamela L. Black, 328 Sally E. Black, 328 Susan A. Black, 275 Teresa L. Black, 328 Thomas M. Black, 312 Thomas M. Black, 351 Virginia L. Black, 328 William E. Black, 312 Jim R. Blackburn, 295 Ruth A. Blackburn, 328 Terry A. Blackburn, 275 Tim J. Blackburn, 272 Sharon B. Blackford, 295 Tony K. Blackman, 275 Trent J. Blackshare, 275 Mike W. Blades, 312 Ingrid J. Blake, 312 Sandra G. Blake, 270 Deanna L. Blalock, 328 Larry D. Blalock, 275 Bryan L. Blankenship, 328 Leslie R. Blanks, 275 Penny J. Blanks, 328 DonAndre Blansett, 328 Michael R. Blasengame, 328 John P. Blaxton, 312 Dana L. Bledsoe, 351 Lauri A. Bledsoe, 295 Linda J. Bledsoe, 275 Frankie E. Blevins, 272 Paul W. Blissard, 350 Douglass L. Black, 312 John W. Block, 295 Kara S. Blocker, 295 Gregory A. Blount, 312 Angela J. Boatman, 328 Martha A. Bobbitt, 275 Walloon Bobo, 275 Chlo Bobrowski, 295 Joni L. Boden, 328 Paula J. Boden, 312 Chris Bodry, 328 J.D. Bodry, 312 Margaret P. Boeckmann, 295 Sheila L. Boeckmann, 312 Douglas J. Boever, 295 Terri Bogan, 295 Donald S. Boggs, 275 Jo-Gina Bokony, 295 Dena E. Bolar, 295 Michael P. Bolding, 312 Stephanie D. Bolding, 328 Reba L. Boldon, 312 Allisa D. Boling, 295 Denise D. Boling, 295 Larry S. Bond, 275 Boyce D. Bonham, 275 John F. Bonner, 275 Kim P. Bonner, 275 Wanda L. Bonney, 349 Lisa K. Booher, 328 Mark A. Book, 328 Jerry M. Booker, 312 Paul J. Bookout, 275 Joe W. Boon, 312 Andy Boone, 312 Sara A. Boone, 312 Deborah R. Booth, 328 Melinda L. Booth, 312 Michelle Boozer, 328 Dina L. Borgeson, 328 Holly Borgeson, 295 Elaine A. Boshe, 276 Bett E. Bost, 351 Tracy B. Bost, 328 Lynn L. Bouchard, 272 Kelly A. Bourland, 328 Layne Bourland, 295 Debbie J. Bowden, 295 Lowell W. Bowden, 272 Sehantell C. Bowdwn, 276 Daniel J. Bowen, 312 Don H. Bowen, 295 Froddy L. Bowen, 328 Sartin W. Bowen, 276 ftormon J. Bowen, 312 Ruth A. Bowerman, 272 Billy R. Bowers, 295 Leah M. Bowers, 328 Mark E. Bowers, 295 Shawn R. Bowers, 328 Billy J. Bowles, 312 Jamie S. Bowlin, 276 Cheryl A. Bowling, 276 Brenda A. Bowman, 295 Danita J. Bowman, 313 Dianna L. Bowman, 295 Jana L. Bowman, 328 Joey D. Bowman, 328 Michael H. Bowman, 272 Kenny L. Bowren, 295 Angie N. Boyd, 313 Darla G. Boyd, 295 Jordan B. Boyd, 276 LaDonna S. Boyd, 313 Robyn A. Boyd, 328 Teresa L. Boyd, 313 Terie B. Boyette, 295 Danice R. Boyle, 295 Marcas S. Boyster, 328 Walt M. Bracken, 295 Joyce Bracy, 276 Melissa J. Bracy, 295 Karen J. Bradberry, 313 Robert J. Bradberry, 272 Barry F. Broden, 313 Jennifer D. Bradford, 328 Greg D. Bradley, 313 Jami A. Bradley, 313 Patsy A. Bradley, 313 Randy D. Bradley, 313 Raymond S. Bradley, 313 Adam R. Bradshaw, 313 Alex R. Bradshaw, 328 Jana K. Bradsher, 313 Pamela E. Bradsher, 328 Greg D. Brady, 328 Kathaleen M. Bragg, 328 Sandra K. Bramblett, 276 Ron K. Bramlett, 270 Robert S. Bramucci, 272 Paul Branch, 328 Kay Lynn Brand, 328 Sandra K. Brand, 276 Kim A. Brandon, 295 Lisa A. Brandon, 295 Becky A. Brann, 329 Kimberly D. Brannan, 329 Connie L. Brannon, 276 Gregory J. Brannon, 295 Linda F. Brannum, 329 Barry L. Branseum, 329 Max Braswell, 295 Tracy L. Braswell, 295 Leanne Brawner, 313 Beverly F. Bray, 329 Brett Bray, 295 Leora A. Bray, 349 Lori Bray, 276 Tracy R. Brazeal, 329 Junelle Breckenridge, 276 Brook E. Breeding, 276 Stan M. Brehm, 295 John C. Brengard, 313 Timothy L. Brents, 329 Debbie S. Brew, 295 Christine E. Brewer, 329 Darrell E. Brewer, 276 Doug E. Brewer, 313 James B. Brewer, 313 Jo Brewer, 329 Kent Brewer, 295 Mitchell T. Brewer, 272 Sandra N. Brewer, 313 Shana D. Brewer, 329 Tami C. Brickell, 329 Wesley Bricker, 313 Bill R. Bridger, 295 Dana B. Bridger, 295 Kimberly K. Bridger, 276 Hallie A. Bridges, 295 Jeff R. Bridges, 295 Michael S. Bridges, 295 Charles D. Brietz, 329 Carl M. Briggs, 295 Ginger K. Briley, 272 Larri L. Brink, 313 Renne B. Brink, 313 Leslie G. Brinkle, 313 Juan C. Brito, 313 Judy L. Britt, 313 Ollie F. Britt, 313 Scott H. Britt, 349 Teresa A. Britt, 295 Gerald R. Britton, 329 John R. Broadaway, 329 Jeffrey, L. Broadway, 295 Thomas K. Brocksmith, 295 Howard A. Brodell, 329 Kevin K. Broeffle, 329 Cynthia D. Brogdon, 329 Monica L. Brogdon, 329 Donna J. Broge, 329 Steven W. Brookerson, 313 Lance D. Brooks, 329 Sherri G. Brooks, 295 Angelia M. Brown, 329 Dana L. Brown, 329 Darren L. Brown, 295 James R. Brown, 329 Jamie L. Brown, 313 Jeff A. Brown, 295 Jimmie D. Brown, 272 Joyce L. Brown, 276 Karin K. Brown, 295 Kenneth E. Brown, 295 Larry O. Brown, 329 Leatrice Y. Brown, 313 Lena M. Brown, 329 Lewis G. Brown, 295 Lisa D. Brown, 295 Lisa R. Brown, 313 Loresa A. Brown, 313 Mary J. Brown, 295 Mary J. Brown, 350 Nikki S. Brown, 313 Pamela C. Brown, 329 Patricia A. Brown, 313 Paul D. Brown, 329 Randy D. Brown, 272 Regina A. Brown, 276 Rox Anne Brown, 295 Stacie Brown, 295 Stan J. Brown, 295 Tammy M. Brown, 329 Tana M. Brown, 313 Teresa D. Brown, 313 Timothy L. Brown, 329 Tolliver L. Brown, 329 Tonya R. Brown, 349 Wesley R. Brown, 276 William R. Brown, 329 Renita L. Browning, 313 Teresa K. Brubeck, 295 Donna L. Bruce, 276 Gheric E. Bruce, 276 Roger E. Bruce, 329 Stephen H. Bruce, 313 Winston C. Bruce, 313 Jimm N. Brumley, 313 Vicky A. Brumley, 276 Lee Ann Bruton, 270 Angela L. Bryan, 313 Alan W. Bryant, 347 Barry B. Bryant, 313 Barry E. Bryant, 329 Debbie Bryant, 350 Ollie J. Bryant, 350 Frederick A. Bryson, 276 Carolyn F. Buchanan, 329 Jerry L. Buchanan, 295 John P. Buchanan, 329 John W. Buchanan, 329 Sherry D. Buckelew, 329 Randall W. Buckley, 295 Michael P. Budak, 276 Carole M. Buffalo, 329 James G. Buffington, 295 Tim L. Bufford, 313 Dane E. Buford, 295 Geraldine S. Bunn, 295 Kenny Burden, 313 Daniel R. Burdyshaw, 276 Tony A. Burdshaw, 205 Frieda J. Burge, 276 William N. Burge, 295 Renita R. Burgess, 313 Sandra D. Burgess, 295 Patricia L. Buri, 313 Brian O. Burke, 329 Don A. Burke, 276 Barry S. Burkheart, 329 Jeanne M. Burlie, 329 April S. Burlison, 313 Shane A. Burnett, 295 Janet K. Burnham, 295 Tom Burnham, 313 Bobby J. Burns, 295 Kathy A. Burns, 313 Mary J. Burns, 329 Melanie A. Burns, 329 Vearlene Burns, 329 Donna D. Burris, 348 Sharia L. Burroughs, 329 Ross J. Burrow, 313 Steven D. Burrow, 313 Cindy Burton, 313 Mary J. Burton, 276 Olivia K. Burton, 350 Kathy Bush, 276 Jimmy W. Bushong, 295 Rebecca L. Butcher, 329 Betsy A. Butler, 351 Dawn Butler, 329 Gail I. Butler, 313 Lawrence J. Butler, 295 Leslie A. Butler, 329 Lisa C. Butler, 329 Maureen R. Butler, 295 Patricia A. Butler, 272 Thomas E. Butler, 351 Yevette Butler, 329 Cynthia L. Buzbee, 313 Alan D. Byrd, 296 Alvin M. Byrd, 296 Belinda K. Byrd, 313 Earma B. Byrd, 270 Marilyn K. Byrd, 313 Melissa F. Byrd, 313 — c— Angela R. Caddell, 329 Dawn M. Caffery, 313 Darwin D. Cagle, 276 Stephanie L. Cagle, 329 Karen J. Caid, 313 Shawnda L. Caillouet, 329 Sarah M. Cain, 270 Michele A. Calcogni, 350 Brad Caldwell, 329 Cindy Caldwell, 296 Daniel H. Caldwell, 296 David M. Caldwell, 329 James C. Caldwell, 296 Kelly A. Caldwell, 296 Rebecca A. Caldwell, 276 Kenneth W. Calhoon, 296 Barry G. Callahan, 276 Suzanne W. Callahan, 270 Courtney J. Calvin, 329 Judy P. Camden, 276 Dona S. Cameron, 296 Clifford S. Cam ma rata, 313 Janeene L. Camp, 329 Kemuel L. Camp, 313 Linda C. Camp, 329 Vickie D. Camp, 329 Cindy L. Campbell, 276 David M. Campbell, 296 Karen S. Campbell, 329 Kim D. Campbell, 296 Logan R. Campbell, 329 Randy F. Campbell, 313 Sherry A. Campbell, 276 Susan Campbell, 296 Vanolynn D. Campbell, 329 Wendy Y. Campbell, 313 Terry R. Camper, 329 Cynthia Mae Canada, 296 Andrea J. Canter, 329 Dion A. Cantu, 313 | Lori A. Caples, 296 ; Jeffrey J. Caplinger, 313 Greg J. Carda, 296 I Byron K. Carle, 296 I Micky K. Carlew, 329 j Brett W. Carlile, 276 | Christopher B. Carlile, 329 J Joyce A. Carlock, 296 j Mark A. Carlson, 296 I Traci L. Carlson, 276 Christi Carlyle, 313 i David L. Carnal, 276 Sandra D. Carnal, 329 j Janet S. Carnett, 276 ! Constance O. Carr, 276 1 Michael J. Carr, 296 | Theresa S. Carrell, 329 Leta M. Carruth, 270 I Keri D. Carson, 330 ! Steve B. Carson, 330 t Dorothy C. Carter, 330 Earl M. Carter, 313 i Iva J. Carter, 296 | John R. Carter, 296 Johnny V. Carter, 296 I Lisa R. Carter, 349 Martha S. Carter, 313 Melanie D. Carter, 330 {Mike Carter, 330 Nancy E. Carter, 313 I Peggy L. Carter, 296 jShelia R. Carter, 296 Sue E. Carter, 296 Blair Cartwright, 330 Lorie A. Cartwright, 330 Kim J. Caruthers, 313 Lynn Carwile, 296 Chester G. Cary, 276 Dale R. Chase, 330 Jason, P. Casey, 330 Joe F. Cashion II, 313 Travis Cashion, 330 Job D. Caspall, 313 Jeffrey L. Cassidy, 330 Michelle Cassidy, 277 Ruby V. Cassidy, 349 Tammy G. Casteel, 314 Paula A. Cate, 272 Timothy W. Cater, 314 Loren E. Cater, 296 Bryan D. Cattanach, 296 Janet L. Caudell, 296 Jamie D. Cavette, 330 Kathy R. Cavitt, 330 Pamela L. Cavitt, 277 Kathy D. Cecil, 277 Mark A. Cecil, 296 Rhonda L. Cecil, 330 Dana R. Chadwick, 330 Eamile Scot Chailland, 314 Nancy L. Chamberlin, 296 Beth Chambers, 330 Rusty Chambers, 330 Mark A. Chambliss, 330 Susan L. Chance, 314 Michael S. Chandler, 330 Stacey L. Chaplain, 314 Steven D. Chaplain, 330 Brenda I. Chapman, 296 Lisa J. Chapman, 330 Timothy W. Chapman, 330 Deborah K. Chappel, 296 Sherry L. Chappel, 330 ris J. Chastain, 296 Elizabeth A. Cheatham, 330 (ami L. Cheek, 330 ara L. Cheesman, 330 Mng-Zhen Chen, 277 Michael S. Chenault, 277 Cynthia G. Cherry, 296 Janna M. Cherry, 314 Valerie K. Cherry, 296 Joann Cheshier, 330 Deborah D. Chesser, 296 Steve J. Chesser, 314 Jarrod L. Childers, 330 Jennifer L. Childers, 296 James D. Chipman, 296 Rebecca A. Chipman, 330 Donna B. Chism, 330 Georgia A. Chism, 296 Lisa A. Chism, 330 Sharon R. Chism, 296 Stephen W. Chordas, 330 Rachel G. Chrestman, 351 Lesley, A. Chrisco, 330 Eric D. Chrisman, 330 Stan R. Chrisman, 277 Annette Christian, 314 Rex A. Christiano, 351 Elizabeth K. Christie, 277 Kelly Christopher, 296 Keith A. Chunn, 296 Keith O. Churchill, 330 Rebecca S. Chwalek, 330 Howard L. Cissell, 296 Jon M. Cissell, 296 Kristi K. Cissell, 296 Phillip L. Cissell, 296 Dean Clairday, 330 Linda K. Clairday, 330 Kathleen M. Clapp, 330 Allen M. Clark, 296 Angela A. Clark, 330 Billy M. Clark, 330 Bobby J. Clark, 314 Brad A. Clark, 314 Donna F. Clark, 330 Janet A. Clark, 296 Jill M. Clark, 296 Joanne P. Clark, 330 John M. Clark, 296 Johnnie Clark, 330 Johnnie O. Clark, 296 Linda P. Clark, 296 Lisa V. Clark, 314 Mark W. Clark, 330 Mary Ann Clark, 314 Mia D. Clark, 330 Odis D. Clark, 296 Phillip A. Clark, 351 Rebecca Renee Clark, 314 Robert Clark, 277 Shirley A. Clark, 314 Suzanne Clark, 277 Terana D. Clark, 277 Tommy G. Clark, 330 Walt T. Clark, 330 Michael T. Clarkson, 330 Kim C. Clausen, 330 Leslie J. Clausen, 296 Charles A. Clay, 277 Gregory L. Clay, 277 Jason B. Clay, 314 Kristal D. Clay, 314 Renee Clay, 314 Sandra D. Clay, 277 Sherry M. Clay, 330 Forrest B. Clayborne, 330 Barbara S. Clayton, 330 Brent S. Clayton, 330 Jeff S. Clayton, 277 Mark E. Clayton, 296 Mary C. Clayton, 296 Terry L. Clayton, 296 Trent K. Clayton, 330 Robin K. Clem, 277 Melissa G. Clements, 330 Rocky W. Clements, 296 Beth M. Clemons, 296 Linda K. Clemons, 272 Billy S. Clifft, 296 Don W. Clifft, 330 Carla S. Clifton, 296 Christine Clingingsmith, 277 JimBob Clingingsmith, 277 Mike L. Clingingsmith, 296 Pat J. Clingingsmith, 314 Marty R. Cloud, 314 Clifford T. Cobb, 314 Kelley D. Cobb, 296 Mark A. Cobb, 330 Michael D. Cobb, 330 Susan L. Cobb, 314 William L. Cobb, 296 Julie A. Cobbs, 330 Linda K. Cobbs, 314 Ross E. Cockburn, 314 Cynthia S. Cockrill, 277 Thad Cockrill, 296 Jan L. Cockrum, 314 Robert D. Coe, 272 Norman W. ( off man, 330 Shearry L. Coffman, 296 James W. Coker, 277 Scott J. Colbert, 277 Scott R. Colbert, 296 Brenda S. Colburn, 296 Donna L. Colburn, 296 Tammie A. Colburn, 296 Angela M. Colelasure, 330 Athena L. Cole, 297 Bobby J. Cole, 330 Gerald D. Cole, 314 Gregory W. Cole, 277 Julee J. Cole, 314 Kenneth L. Cole, 330 LaTonya L. Cole, 314 Linda C. Cole, 314 Lorrie A. Cole, 314 Myron S. Cole, 314 Paul Cole, 314 Tammy Cole, 297 Tracy S. Cole, 277 Crystal K. Coleman, 314 Diana S. Coleman, 314 Mary J. Coleman, 272 Michael A. Coleman, 297 Michael L. Coleman, 297 Stephanie B. Coleman, 330 Toni M. Coleman, 330 Theresa M. Coles, 330 Karen L. Collier, 277 Brad Collins, 297 Karri K. Collins, 297 Leslie D. Collins, 277 Ronnie L. Collins, 277 Sherrie A. Collins, 277 Barbara J. Co Horn, 314 Lori A. Collomp, 314 Steven L. Combs, 314 John A. Commer, 297 Donna J. Compton, 330 Dianne M. Conaway, 330 Cynthia A. Conley, 272 Kelli S. Conley, 277 Mia E. Conley, 314 Cindy L. Cook, 314 Pat Cook, 330 Rick G. Cook, 297 Robert L. Cook, 277 Shasta J. Cook, 331 Terri M. Cook, 331 Leslie B. Coop, 331 Anthony A. Cooper, 297 Billy R. Cooper, 272 Eddie W. Cooper, 331 Jamie S. Cooper, 297 Janette C. Cooper, 297 Jeri S. Cooper, 314 Kim J. Cooper, 297 Kim R. Cooper, 331 Lance R. Cooper, 277 Michael R. Cooper, 331 Nita L. Cooper, 314 Ronald A. Cooper, 331 Jeff D. Cope, 331 Cindy M. Copeland, 297 Debbie S. Copeland, 277 Leigh A. Copeland, 331 Loureta L. Copeland, 277 Marsha L. Copeland , 297 Tonja L. Copeland, 314 Denise J. Copenhaver, 270 Kenny B. Copley, 331 Larry D. Corbett, 331 Shelley J. Cornelison, 297 Norman E. Cornish, 331 Ricky Cornish, 297 Tony M. Cornish, 351 Brenda D. Corpier, 314 Tammy V. Cossey, 297 Charles F. Costantino, 297 Berry T. Cothern, 297 Kevin D. Cothern, 314 Kala R. Cottle, 331 Dina E. Couch, 314 Jeff N. Couch, 272 Wendy G. Couch, 314 Cynthia A. Counce, 270 Buddy Courtney, 297 Robert F. Courtney, 277 Graham, D. Coveney, 297 Donald E. Covey, 277 Timothy L. Couington, 331 Andrea J. Cox, 297 Deborah P. Cox, 314 Donald W. Cox, 331 Frances K. Cox, 314 Lori L. Cox, 297 Robert G. Cox, 297 Rose M. Cox, 297 Samantha D. Cox, 331 Sheree F. Cox, 297 Stephen Coy, 277 Bryan L. Cozart, 297 Clay Cozart, 297 Sandra S. Cozart, 277 Dana R. Crabtree, 277 Kimberly L. Crabtree, 297 Lynda G. Crabtree, 349 Anna C. Crafford, 297 Jeffery D. Crafford, 331 Robin A. Crafton, 314 Debora J. Craig, 314 Elizabeth J. Craig, 331 Joe A. Craig, 277 Cary L. Crain, 297 Charles W. Craig, 277 James G. Cramer, 314 Andrea M. Crane, 314 Bryan Crane, 331 Leslie S. Crane, 297 Melissa H. Cranford, 331 James M. Cravens, 297 Victor C. Cravens, 297 Angela Crawford, 331 Cathy J. Crawford, 331 Gayla L. Crawford, 297 Nancy T. Crawford, 297 Chicurby D. Crayton, 277 Sharon R. Crayton, 272 Beverly A. Creach, 331 Jimmy E. Creecy, 331 Lana K. Creel, 314 Dan E. Cremeens, 314 Anthony R. Crews, 331 Donald E. Crews, 331 Donna J. Crews, 314 Gretchen A. Crews, 349 Kimberly D. Crews, 314 Sandra M. Cribbs, 351 Stacy A. Crisler, 331 Kelly L. Crisp, 314 Kelly M. Crisp, 314 Marilyn M. Criss, 297 Suzanne L. Crocker, 277 Homer H. Crook, 297 David G. Croom, 278 Ginger K. Croom, 278 Joni M. Croom, 297 Melinda F. Cross, 331 Tony R. Cross, 278 Jonna R. Croswhite, 331 Roger F. Crouch, 297 Thomas R. Crouch, 331 Barbara L. Crow, 314 Mary J. Crow, 297 Steve C. Crow, 331 Elbert L. Crume, 331 Chris L. Crye, 331 Johnny W. Cude, 314 Rhonda L. Cude, 297 Dian Culbreath, 314 Leslie E. Culp, 314 Paul D. Culpepper, 314 Mike Culver, 331 Charles L. Cummings, 278 Joy E. Cunningham, 278 Lee M. Cunningham, 297 Tammy D. Cunningham, 331 Jill E. Cupp, 297 Lisa A. Curnutt, 278 Captola P. Curry, 278 Joan G. Curtis, 331 Paul M. Curtis, 297 Tina K. Curtis, 314 Dema C. Curtner, 331 Judith C. Cychol, 297 — D— Robert W. Dabbs, 350 Angela S. Dacus, 272 Billy W. Dacus, 331 Chris E. Dacus, 297 Ted L. Dail, 297 William V. Dailey, 350 Deanna M. Daily, 331 Charles R. Dallas, 331 David D. Dallas, 297 Todd D. Dallas, 331 Charles H. Dalton, 314 Dennis W. Daniel, 331 Kim Horrell Danley, 297 Walter E. Danley, 278 Allyce M. Darby, 314 Sharon A. Darby, 314 Sandi D. Darnell, 297 Ellen L. Darr, 314 Wayne O. Darr, 314 Moradali Daryabar, 278 Ani R. Daud, 297 Jamie W. Da Vault, 331 Dennis R. Davenport, 314 Mary E. Davenport, 331 Ales David, 278 Donna J. Davidson, 297 John K. Davidson, 331 Joseph S. Davidson, 278 Karen L. Davidson, 314 Ken S. Davidson, 331 Leslie D. Davidson, 331 Amy J. Davis, 272 Angela J. Davis, 278 Angela R. Davis, 297 Audra A. Davis, 331 Brian S. Davis, 315 Cabrina R. Davis, 278 Carol L. Davis, 331 Darwin L. Davis, 297 Deann Davis, 278 Donald A. Davis, 331 Donna M. Davis, 315 Edra N. Davis, 272 Edwina C. Davis, 278 Fely J. Davis, 350 Gary M. Davis, 331 Jackie E. Davis, 331 Jacqueline M. Davis, 315 Jodi L. Davis, 315 Joseph L. Davis, 331 Karen R. Davis, 315 Karen S. Davis, 297 Kathy L. Davis, 278 Kevin B. Davis, 297 Kristi D. Davis, 297 Laura L. Davis, 278 Lelia M. Davis, 297 Lisa Ann Davis, 331 Lisa G. Davis, 331 Lorenzo Davis, 331 garet A. Davis, 315 Mark A. Davis, 278 tfeliasa A. Davis, 331 Michael W. Davis, 331 Mona K. Davis, 297 Myron C. Davis, 331 Nancy M. Davis, 315 Pamela N. Davis, 297 Patricia M. Davis, 331 Pearlie M. Davis, 331 Perry D. Davis, 315 Rhonda G. Davis, 297 Rodney J. Davis, 278 Scott W. Davis, 331 Sharon D. Davis, 297 Steve W. Davis, 297 Thomas E. Davis, 272 Troy L. Davis, 331 Vonda G. Davis, 315 Eugene M. Davison, 297 Rita J. Davison, 331 Dale A. Dawson, 315 Gary T. Dawson, 278 Penny R. Dawson, 278 Robin L. Dawson, 315 Lisa E. Day, 297 Ginger A. Dean, 297 Jeff J. Dean, 315 Kelly M. Dean, 331 Robert F. Dean, 278 Timothy L. Dean, 297 Marvin C. Dearien, 289 Rebecca E. Deaton, 297 Sheila L. DeBruce, 331 Kelly L. Deckard, 331 Jerry R. Decker, 315 William K. Decker, 297 Bernard J. DeClerk, 331 Keith DeClerk, 350 Monique J. DeCola, 352 Charles A. Dedman, 331 Cynthia L. Deeds, 278 Cheryl K. Deen, 278 Belinda L. Dees, 315 Joyce A. Dees, 352 Earleen L. deGolyer, 278 Mike A. DeHaan, 298 Charles B. DeHart, 298 Gary S. Dehls, 331 Susan K. Delap, 278 Craig A. DeLille, 298 Tempa J. Dempsey, 298 Winfrey A. Denney, 315 Fonda K. Dennis, 364 Mary B. Dennis, 332 Charlotte A. Denny, 298 Brad K. Dent, 298 Mary L. Dent, 298 Tommy D. Dent, 298 Steve K. Denton, 352 David Ray DePoyster, 315 Connie A. DePriest, 332 Rene L. DeProw, 315 Randy R. DeRoeck, 332 Robin A. DeRoeck, 332 Timothy E. DeSalvo, 315 Mary K. Despain, 332 Hel A. Detrick, 298 Tim J. DeVore, 298 Carolyn M. Dhority, 332 Rick Dickinson, 298 Brenda L. Dickson, 298 Tommy L. Dicus, 351 Michael P. DiGaetano, 332 Lawrence T. Dillard, 315 Rudy L. Dillard, 332 Tracy A. Dillehay, 278 Tomilea L. Dillon, 298 Troy W. Dillon, 298 Ramana Dil worth, 315 Bieu Dinh, 278 Traci J. Dixon, 332 Cathy L. Dixson, 298 Janetta Dobbs, 298 Jami L. Dockins, 332 Wayne Dockins, 332 Marcia L. Dodd, 332 William M. Dodd, 270 Charles B. Doddridge, 332 Lee Dodson, 298 Terry L. Dodson, 298 Barbara C. Doll, 332 Kellie D. Dollins, 315 Terry M. Donahue, 315 Cary T. Donohue, 315 Kelly L. Dooley, 332 Patti R. Dooms, 332 Wendell R. Dorman, 278 Petri D. Dorsey, 350 Damon D. Dortch, 315 Deborah R. Dortch, 315 Lisa D. Dortch, 298 Lora G. Dorton, 278 Ricki M. Dorton, 332 Cathy L. Douglas, 315 Steven R. Douglas, 332 Paula M. Dowdy, 332 Camille Downs, 315 William D. Downs, 332 Gloria Y. Dowty, 332 Matthew B. Doyle, 315 Steve E. Doyle, 332 Tim A. Doyle, 298 John J. Drake, 298 Antoine Drakeford, 270 Holli S. Drewry, 332 Trena A. Driskill, 278 Lisa M. Drumm, 298 Renee Dryden, 298 Lee A. Dublin, 298 Dwight D. Duckworth, 278 Chris Dudley, 315 Paula D. Dudley, 332 William B. Dudley, 315 Bryan N. Duffel, 298 Charles R. Duffel, 278 John Dulaney, 298 Renita D. Dulaney, 298 Debra K. Dunavant, 298 Russell B. Dunaway, 332 Carmen Y. Dunbar, 298 Winnifred J. Dunbar, 350 Blake Duncan, 332 Dale L. Duncan, 298 Joe L. Duncan, 332 Linda D. Duncan, 298 Tammy Duncan, 272 Tammie M. Dungan, 272 David S. Dunham, 332 Kevin H. Dunham, 332 Rodger D. Dunigan, 278 Victor J. Dunigan, 332 Christi L. Dunivan, 272 Frank L. Dunivan, 315 Gena L. Dunkerson, 332 Tammy R. Dunkerson, 278 Darrell D. Dunlap, 298 Michael L. Dunlap, 315 Philip B. Dunn, 315 Randy A. Dunnam, 315 Nichola F. Duran, 278 Helen M. Dust, 315 Matthew F. Dust, 315 Gary R. Dutton, 298 Gina A. Dycus, 278 Jill A. Dycus, 298 Catherine D. Dye, 332 Volina E. Dyer, 278 — E— Vickie L. Eads, 298 Daphne G. Eagan, 315 Jeanetta A. Eagle, 278 Steve D. Eakins, 332 Kimberly S. Eanes, 315 Wade A. Eanes, 279 David B. Earll, 279 Allen R. Earls, 279 Gregory S. Earlywine, 332 William E. Easley, 332 Janet L. East, 298 Glen F. Eaton, 272 Greg A. Eaton, 332 Lisa F. Eaton, 298 Marilyn R. Eaton, 332 Christopher A. Ebi, 332 Mohamad A. Ebrik, 315 Eric E. Eccles, 298 Richard E. Eccles, 332 John M. Eckert, 279 Jeannie D. Eddington, 279 Paul N. Eddington, 315 John T. Eddleman, 332 Rick W. Eddleman, 279 Daniel L. Eddy, 315 Brad Edgar, 332 Ginger M. Edgar, 315 Jimmy A. Edington, 298 Jonathan E. Edington, 298 Kimberly R. Edington, 298 Merilyn U. Edmond, 279 Cynthia S. Edwards, 298 Judy L. Edwards, 332 Kathy A. Edwards, 332 Kerrie A. Edwards, 298 Mike A. Edwards, 332 Shayne C. Edwards, 332 Adewunmi A. Egberongbe, 298 Venantius U. Egbulem, 298 Mohammed Eghlidos, 279 Fawzi M. El-Alami, 298 Ben R. Elam, 332 Michael E. Elam, 332 Guy L. Edler, 315 Regina D. Elder, 332 Wyndol L. Elder, 332 Ardrinnie Eldridge, 315 Glenda E. Eldridge, 272 Leonard Elebeke, 272 Mouaffak, A. El-Gabi, 279 John M. Elk, 332 Darrell Elkin, 298 Dana D. Elkins, 332 Shelly S. Ellenburg, 315 Ella O. Ellingson, 315 Gertrudge J. Ellingson, 298 Ken W. Elliott, 332 Angela A. Ellis, 298 Chris Ellis, 332 Donna M. Ellis, 315 Jim Ellis, 315 Judy K. Ellis, 298 Greta L. Ellzey, 352 Mark E. Elmore, 315 Tony D. Elmore, 298 Lesa L. Elms, 279 Karla C. Elrod, 332 Charles W. Embach, 315 Brenda P. Emery, 279 Danny J. Emery, 279 Donna R. Emery, 332 Michelle L. Emery, 298 Angela S. Emmons, 332 Bruce L. Englemann, 352 Mike D. England, 279 Melissa D. Engle, 279 Karen J. English, 332 Doyn H. Ennis, 332 Pamela S. Ensley, 298 Cynthis R. Ervin, 215 Barry E. Erwin, 332 Bill G. Erwin, 332 Gregg A. Esenwine, 298 Bobby D. Eskew, 315 Farrokh Eslahi, 272 Bonita B. Espinoza, 332 Anna R. Estes, 279 Britt Estes, 298 David R. Estes, 279 James H. Estes, 315 Julie A. Eubanks, 332 Karen N. Eubanks, 315 Keff Eubanks, 279 Miriam E. Eubanks, 315 Sharon Eubanks, 298 Susan N. Eubanks, 332 Donna J. Evans, 315 Jerris A. Evans, 279 Jerry L. Evans, 279 John D. Evans, 332 Karen M. Evans, 298 Kim L. Evans, 298 Russell E. Evans, 298 Stacy C. Evans, 298 Susan E. Evans, 298 Terri L. Evans, 332 Terry W. Evans, 298 Craig L. Evenson, 298 Michele R. Evyan, 332 Tammy J. Exum, 332 Moses Ezechinweoke, 332 — F— Pamela M. Fagan, 332 Tim C. Faisst, 272 Majdi F. Fakhoury, 298 Linda K. Fann, 279 Holly A. Farley, 315 Carol Farmer, 279 Dalton A. Farmer, 298 Edna M. Farmer, 333 John K. Farmer, 298 Michaela Farmer, 298 I Natalie A. Farmer, 333 j Richard E. Farmer, 333 | Steve A. Farmer, 333 i Debra A. Farr, 315 l Dorothy L. Farris, 333 j Larry E. Farris, 315 I Edwin W. Faughn, 298 I Philip R. Faughn, 333 ! Brad M. Faught, 298 Lamar K. Faught, 279 Makka L. Faulkenberry, 279 Lillie M. Fears, 270 Angela B. Featherston, 315 ! Jim Featherston, 299 1 Melanie Featherston, 299 { John W. Fee, 279 Connie M. Feild, 299 Joel D. Felkins, 333 !j Laura D. Felts, 299 Mickey A. Felts, 315 I Ron Felts, 299 Lantha A. Felty, 299 Donna B. Ferguson, 315 Karen J. Ferguson, 299 Mark S. Ferguson, 333 Christy L. Ferrell, 299 Beverly A. Ferris, 315 John E. Field, 299 Charlotte Fields, 315 Anita Finch, 299 Greg W. Finch, 333 Jayne Finch, 299 Scott P. Finch, 315 I Charles A. Fincher, 279 Jimmy D. Finley, 333 Karen B. Finley, 299 Kimberly Finley, 299 Marti A. Finley, 299 David G. Fisher, 333 Joe A. Fisher, 333 Kellie R. Fisher, 299 Selma J. Fisher, 299 Polly D. Fisk, 299 Amy L. Fitts, 333 Harold L. Fitts, 299 Cynthia R. Fitzhugh, 315 Clark W. Fitzpatrick, 279 Laura E. Fitzwater, 299 George R. Flagg, 315 Sherry L. Flanigan, 279 Velma J. Flanigan, 299 Nicki L. Flannigan, 333 Lisa A. Flanrey, 333 John T. Fleming, 333 Karen M. Flemon, 315 Deborah A. Fletcher, 333 Douglas Fletcher, 299 Michael Fletcher, 299 Monica Fletcher, 351 Gregory A. Flood, 333 Joan Florer, 333 Josephene Flowers, 333 Karen Flowers, 333 Karon P. Flowers, 299 Cynthia A. Floyd, 299 Kim S. Floyd, 299 Michael E. Floyd, 333 Ricky L. Floyd, 279 Wayne, Floyd, 299 Alisa Flynn, 299 Sheri S. Flynn, 279 Roger D. Foley, 333 Donnie R. Folkes, 333 Kenneth Foltz, 299 Mark L. Foltz, 315 Cindy Fong, 333 Ralph L. Forbis, 299 Tammy L. Forbis, 270 Jaronda U. Forbs, 333 Brian K. Ford, 333 Kristie D. Ford, 315 Kyle A. Ford, 333 Robyn L. Ford, 299 Tommy Ford, 333 Tommy S. Ford, 333 Angela R. Foreman, 333 Christopher T. Forrest, 316 Rhonda Forrest, 316 David O. Fort, 279 Karen A. Forte, 279 Billie J. Fortenberry, 333 Daniel R. Fortmann, 279 Glenn Foster, 279 Howell R. Foster, 333 Janet L. Foster, 272 Lisa J. Foster, 333 Claude S. Foushee, 279 Angela G. Fowler, 31C Charlie D. Fowler, 299 Cindy A. Fowler, 333 Daren W. Fowler, 333 DeAnn Fowler, 349 Diane L. Fowler, 333 Jerry L. Fowler, 333 Terry C. Fowler, 299 Colleen A. Fowls, 333 Jo K. Fox, 316 Vicki L. Fox, 279 Cazzy B. Francis, 316 Mary A. Francis, 333 Cherie A. Frankel, 270 Samuel E. Franklin, 279 James A. Franks, 299 Robbie G. Franks, 333 Steve W. Franks, 333 Mark R. Franzen, 299 Monica R. Fraser, 333 Brian R. Fratesi, 279 Deborah Y. Frederick, 279 Curtis R. Freeman, 270 James R. Freeman, 316 Sherry L. Freeman, 333 Tim L. Freeman, 333 Kenneth W. Freemyer, 279 Clark Frein, 316 Barry A. French, 333 Darren E. French, 333 Edward J. French, 316 Edward L. French, 333 Pamela K. French, 316 Stephen L. French, 333 Tim French, 333 Tracy L. French, 272 David F. Freudiger, 299 Len T. Frey, 280 Creig H. Frierson, 299 Terry L. Frierson, 280 John L. Fritz, 316 Carol A. Frizzell, 280 Sandra J. Fruland, 299 Kimberly D. Fry, 333 Pat Fuerer, 280 Susan M. Fulbright, 316 Shana V. Fulks, 299 Lennie S. Fuller, 280 Cynthia A. Fulton, 316 Pamela S. Funchess, 299 Micheale D. Futch, 299 Carey D. Futrell, 316 Jim D. Futrell, 280 Pamela J. Futrell, 333 — G— Tammie A. Gadberry, 316 Thomas C. Gadberry, 280 Elizabeth J. Gage, 333 Michelle L. Gaines, 316 Nathan E. Gairhan, 270 Merrilee Gaither, 270 Sally D. Gaither, 316 Susan J. Gaither, 333 Tracy J. Gaither, 280 Dwayne A. Gallaher, 333 Michelle Gambill, 333 Tamara L. Gamble, 299 Tracie L. Gammill, 316 Hendrawan Gamulja, 272 Glenda L. Gann, 272 Lisa M. Gardner, 333 Natalie R. Gardner, 299 Price C. Gardner, 280 Van L. Gardner, 316 Jim H. Garner, 280 Alan J. Garrett, 333 Belinda C. Garrett, 333 William L. Garrett, 333 Kimberly D. Garrison, 316 Natalie S. Garrott, 280 Daniel S. Garwood, 280 Timothy A. Garwood, 333 Debra A. Gary, 299 Tammie J. Gaskill, 280 Delores D. Gaskin, 280 Bobby J. Gaston, 280 Neil A. Gately, 333 Rocky H. Gates, 299 Theresa L. Gates, 333 Kim D. Gatlin, 333 Mark O. Gatlin, 316 Phillip B. Gatling, 316 Kim A. Gauding, 333 Michael L. Gauf, 280 Beverly J. Gause, 333 John T. Gay, 333 Alton I. Gayle, 280 Kevin E. Gayle, 333 Debbie J. Geater, 333 Elise Gemberling, 316 John D. Gennings, 299 Mark S. Genshaw, 299 Curtis Gentry, 316 Bryan K. George, 280 Lisa C. George, 316 Ronnie D. George, 299 Tonya L. George, 333 Patricia L. Geraci, 316 Charlotte R. Gerdes, 316 Randal K. Gerdes, 316 Nanette Gerlach, 316 Phyllis D. German, 299 Laurie L. Geurin, 280 Yasmin Gahazali, 334 Cynthia J. Gibbs, 299 Tina M. Gibbs, 299 Valerie J. Gibbs, 334 Brett W. Gibson, 280 David W. Gibson, 299 Kimberly R. Gibson, 316 LaJana S. Gibson, 334 Melinda K. Gibson, 299 Paula S. Gibson, 299 Phillip W. Gibson, 280 Sloane L. Gibson, 334 Stephanie L. Gibson, 299 Tanya M. Gibson, 316 Tracy D. Gibson, 334 William T. Gibson, 316 Darrel W. Gifford, 280 Trena L. Gilbert, 299 Lisa G. Gilbreath, 334 Joseph M. Gill, 334 Kim B. Gill, 334 William L. Gillespie, 299 Annyece M. Gilleylen, 280 Andrea C. Gilliam, 280 David L. Gilliam, 334 Melissa D. Gilliam, 334 Myrna A. Gilliam, 316 Stewart C. Gilliam, 299 Janet L. Gilliaum, 334 Eugene Gilmore, 280 Kevin L. Gilmore 316 Greg L. Ginn, 280 Angela D. Gipson, 349 Sherry K. Gipson, 334 Todd A. Girtman, 316 Susan E. Gist, 299 Joey L. Glaub, 299 Keith V. Glaub, 316 Bennie S. Gleghorn, 299 Bolinda J. Gleghorn, 299 Michael P. Gleich, 272 Belinda L. Glenn, 280 Randy L. Glenn, 299 Steve D. Glenn, 334 Terry M. Glenn, 299 James Glidewell, 316 Barry G. Glover, 334 Danny M. Glover, 270 Stephen R. Goad, 334 Wiley G. Goad, 316 David L. Godwin, 334 Robert M. Godwin, 299 Ricki D. Goings, 316 Patricia A. Gonser, 334 Rhonda K. Gonzalez, 280 Susan M. Gooch, 316 Jeff F. Goode, 299 Paul D. Goode, 334 Kathie R. Goodwin, 316 Christy J. Goodman, 334 Van M. Goodman, 272 William A. Goodpasture, 334 Nstalie L. Goodrich, 316 Renee Goodrich, 299 Julie A. Goodwin, 334 Katrina D. Goodwin, 334 Kristen A. Goodwin, 316 Mark E. Goodwin, 280 Jeffery S. Gookin, 334 Larry B. Gordon, 272 Lois M. Gosney, 316 William K. Gosney, 334 Brenda E. Gossett, 334 Chela G. Gossett, 299 Dana L. Gossett, 334 James A. Gossett, 316 James A. Gossett, 299 Karen R. Gossett, 334 Lorre E. Gossett, 334 Terry K. Gott, 280 Tony M. Gould, 334 Gary L. Grace, 316 Troy S. Graddy, 316 Mary K. Grady, 316 Rosalyn T. Grady, 334 Paula S. Gragg, 280 Pierce L. Gragg, 334 Douglas M. Graham, 299 Harrison Graham, 280 Lara Graham, 351 Lewis R. Graham, 280 Teresa M. G rammer, 316 Rita D. Granberry, 280 Timothy R. Granger, 299 Everett E. Grant, 300 Patricia L. Grant, 334 Beth T. Grantham, 316 Claude D. Graves, 316 Karla D. Graves, 334 Andrew A. Gray, 316 Bert E. Gray, 300 James B. Gray, 316 Mary F. Gray, 280 Mary K. Gray, 300 Melinda M. Gray, 316 Scarlette S. Gray, 270 Cecilia W. Green, 280 Debra D. Green, 334 Douglass E. Green, 272 Mary A. Green, 280 Melilony B. Green, 280 Randy W. Green, 334 Ricky L. Green, 334 Rose M. Green, 300 Shirley J. Green, 334 Angela A. Greene, 334 Bobby J. Greene, 316 Joe Greeno, 334 Sherry R. Greenway, 316 Dean Greer, 316 Rickey Greer, 334 Joanna V. Gregory, 280 Joseph W. Gregory, 316 Lance Gregory, 300 Rick S. Gregory, 300 Sandra Gregory, 300 Todd Gregory, 300 Kelly M. Gregson, 300 Sherri M. Gresham, 300 Susan P. Gretzmier, 300 Barry Griffey, 334 Allen M. Griffin, 280 Bernard R. Griffin, 300 Cindy L. Griffin, 300 Curtis J. Griffin, 316 Janice M. Griffin, 316 Marsha L. Griffin, 316 Martha K. Griffin, 300 Paula J. Griffin, 352 Randall G. Griffin, 281 Angela R. Griffith, 316 Betty Jo Griffith, 316 Jeff A. Griffith, 316 Laura C. Griffith, 316 Kenneth M. Griggy, 316 Jonelle H. Grigsby, 316 Donna L. Grills, 334 Robin R. Grills, 281 Tebrah A. Grimmer, 334 Barbara A. Grisham, 334 Ed Grisham, 316 William B. Grisso, 334 Brenda Grissom, 334 Sabrina G. Grissom, 334 Samantha M. Grissom, 334 Aaron K. Grobe, 334 Bill H. Grogan, 300 Noble D. Grogan, 334 Terry L. Grooms, 334 Tim D. Grubb, 334 William T. Grussemeyer, 300 Carla A. Gschwend, 316 Bobby R. Guess, 300 Frank Guiltner, 316 Laura D. Guinn, 334 Brandin M. Guitar, 270 Cyndy A. Gunn, 334 Timothy C. Gunn, 316 Wanda L. Gunn, 334 Betty J. Gunter, 300 Kenny W. Gunter, 334 Deborah L. Guntharp, 334 Sara B. Guntharp, 281 Teressa J. Guntharp, 317 Christie Y. Gurley, 317 Lori A. Guthrie, 334 Sharon L. Guthrie, 334 Paul J. Gutierrez, 334 Ruth M. Gutterman, 334 Clifford D. Guy, 300 Michelle Guziewicz, 317 Fahad A. Gwaiz, 300 Ivory Gwin, 300 — H Jay N. Haag, 334 Donna M. Haas, 300 Tim P. Haas, 334 Brett L. Hacker, 334 Jesus S. Hadid, 281 Anna L. Hagar, 300 ' Q ' if.nna L. Hagar, 317 Pamela A. Hager, 300 Cherie J. Haggard, 334 Wendul G. Hagler, 352 Lee C. Hailey, 281 Anita N. Hale, 334 Greta A. Hale, 334 Roxanne R. Hale, 281 Michael W. Hales, 334 MaryAnn Halferty, 300 Angel Hall, 300 Anne K. Hall, 300 David A. Hall, 317 Diannia L. Hall, 300 Frankie L. Hall, 334 Janet L. Hall, 300 John D. Hall, 270 Kevin D. Hall, 317 Olivia A. Hall, 317 Pamela S. Hall, 334 Paula W. Hall, 300 Robert E. Hall, 335 Twylla A. Hall, 317 Linda J. Hallmark, 272 Kimberly K. Hamilton, 335 Kimberly K. Hamilton, 300 Marcia A. Hamilton, 335 Mike G. Hamilton, 335 Boyce L. Hamlett, 335 Brian K. Hamm, 281 Pelicia Hammett, 335 Donna B. Hammon, 317 Maria N. Hammond, 300 Kelley M. Hammonds, 317 Joni Hampton, 317 Wanda P. Hampton, 335 Frances D. Hancock, 335 Lisa C. Hancock, 300 Stephanie A. Handford, 317 Sharon L. Haney, 300 Jeff K. Hankins, 317 Laura L. Hanks, 335 William G. Hanna, 300 Criss A. Hannon, 317 William D. Hansard, 335 Susan M. Hansen, 270 Tonya J. Hansen, 335 Laverne L. Hanssler, 317 Daniel G. Harbour. 335 Clayde N. Harcrow, 272 Steve M. Harcrow, 317 Kim A. Hardaway, 335 Lavern M. Hardaway, 317 Pete W. Hardesty, 270 Teresa L. Hardesty, 335 Barry L. Hardin, 317 Millard C. Hardin, 335 Don R. Harding, 335 Susan L. Harding, 300 Anita Hardy, 325 Chris A. Hardy, 317 David A. Hardy, 300 Lavern Hardy, 317 Roy E. Hardy, 300 Richard L. Hargrave, 335 George L. Harguess, 300 John M. Harguess, 335 DeAnn R. Harmon, 317 Kevin D. Harmon, 281 Alvin R. Harp, 335 Janet L. Harp, 335 Carol J. Harper, 317 Jerry R. Harper, 300 Joseph P. Harper, 335 Gary W. Harpole, 335 Russell L. Harral, 317 Glenn Harrell, 281 Kimberly L. Harrell, 281 Rick L. Harrell, 317 Rebecca R. Harrington, 272 Angie L. Harris, 317 Cathy J. Harris, 335 Charles B. Harris, 335 David S. Harris, 281 Deborah J. Harris, 27i Deneika K. Harris, 33i Durwood F. Harris, 281 Freddie Harris, 335 James S. Harris, 317 Linda J. Harris, 335 Michael B. Harris, 300 Nylea M. Harris, 335 Pamela L. Harris, 317 Renita J. Harris, 317 Ronald Harris, 300 Steven M. Harris, 281 Steven S. Harris, 317 Tanya L. Harris, 300 William S. Harris, 335 Lisa L. Harrison, 335 MaryAnn Harrison, 335 Paul G. Harrison, 335 Robert C. Harrison, 317 Ruth A. Harrison, 317 Sharon W. Harrison, 381 Sue E. Harrison, 300 Mary C. Harrolle, 335 Sheri S. Harsson, 335 Chris D. Hart, 317 Cliff Hart, 300 Wade D. Hart, 300 Ruthann Harter, 349 Greg Harton, 335 Julie Harvey, 317 Larry M. Harvey, 335 Luann Harvey, 317 Michael G. Harvey, 300 Shannon E. Harvey, 281 Marty L. Harvill, 317 Nubli Hashim, 300 Kay E. Haskins, 270 Dan S. Hass, 317 Zuraidah B. Hassan, 317 Holly Hatfield, 281 Tammy R. Hatfield, 335 Derek W. Hatler, 335 Cynthia C. Hatley, 281 Scott Hatley, 317 John B. Hatridge, 300 Teresa A. Hausman, 335 Tamara L. Havlik, 300 James E. Hawkins, 335 Lisa M. Hawkins, 335 Madeline C. Hawkins, 281 Semona L. Hawkins, 300 Loretta L. Hawley, 281 Melissa K. Hawley, 335 Barry C. Hay, 300 Tanya D. Hayden, 335 Alice L. Hayes, 281 Harriett L. Hayes, 300 Karin L. Hayes, 335 Becky L. Haynes, 281 Kristi Haynes, 317 Lisa M. Haynes, 300 Melana T. Haynes, 300 Charla S. Hays, 335 John T. Hays, 335 Michalle L. Hays, 335 Shari R. Hays, 351 Ken J. Haywood, 281 Phillip D. Healy, 281 Tammy L. Healy, 300 James R. Heard, 300 Bradley N. Heckmann, 300 Alyce A. Heeb, 335 Jennifer L. Heeb, 300 Laura K. Heern, 335 Eunice E. Heffington, 300 Greta E. Heidbredger, 300 Angela D. Heise, 300 Ron L. Helms, 281 Terrie L. Helms, 335 Charles E. Hembrey, 317 Kathy S. Hembrey, 335 Jennie M. Henard, 300 Cheryl C. Henderson, 335 Judy A. Henderson, 335 Madra Henderson, 335 Nanette Henderson, 317 Warner N. Henderson, 281 Brett W. Hendrix, 335 Gaye L. Hendrix, 335 Kenneth R. Hendrix, 281 Scott A. Hendrix, 300 Teresa L. Hendrix 300 Wayne A. Hendrix, 335 Phillip C. Henegar, 281 Debra L. Henley, 317 Patrick W. Henn, 335 Joe S. Henry, 317 Rhonda L. Henry, 317 Robin J. Henry, 335 Teresa M. Henry, 335 G. W. Henson, 300 Lori M. Henson, 317 Ron F. Henson, 349 Valerie Henson, 335 Catherine F. Herd, 335 Julie K. Herren, 281 Charlotte A. Herring, 317 Beth A. Hervey, 351 Bobbie G. Heskett, 300 Jill R. Hess, 317 Joan B. Hess, 281 Karen D. Hess, 317 Rachel A. Hess, 352 Richard D. Hess, 300 Anita J. Hester, 335 Daniel A. Hester 272 Diana M. Hester, 270 Holly A. Hoster, 300 Luann M. Hester, 317 Mary B. Hester, 281 Terry L. Hester, 335 Terry E. Hibbard, 335 Roxann Hibbs, 335 Jennifer M. Hicks, 335 Joe W. Hicks, 335 Kirk A. Hicks, 300 Patrea L. Hicks, 301 Wilbur C. Hiebert, 317 Angela S. Higginbotham, 335 Dana L. Higginbotham, 335 Lisa L. Higgins, 336 Tommy B. Higgins, 336 Connie J. Highfill, 349 Jan L. Highfill, 301 Kevin J. Hightower, 317 Theron A. Hightower, 301 Elizabeth A. Hilburn, 272 Charlton F. Hildreth, 301 Kim L. Hildreth, 336 Brian Hill, 336 Carl David Hill, 317 Danny J. Hill, 301 Elizabeth J. Hill, 336 Emmitt L. Hill, 281 Jerrilyn M. Hill, 336 Julie J. Hill, 336 Kevin S. Hill, 317 Letha A. Hill, 336 Linley D. Hill, 301 Melessa F. Hill, 336 Melvin R. Hill, 317 Penny D. Hill, 281 Phoebe B. Hill, 281 Robert B. Hill, 336 Sidona S. Hill, 317 Stephen W. Hill, 336 Vondia C. Hill, 336 William C. Hill, 336 Shannon D. Hilliard, 301 S. J. Hilliard, 336 Michael S. Hillis, 36 John R. Hillman, 317 Vince C. Hilt, 336 Michael R. Hilton, 301 Misti D. Hind, 301 Pamela K. Hindman, 336 Brenda G. Hinds, 301 Deborah K. Hinds, 336 Lisa R. Hinds, 301 Van V. Hinds, 317 Carla D. Hines, 317 Marilyn M. Hingst, 281 Robert L. H inkle, 317 Guy W. Hinman, 270 Sandy D. Hinshaw, 336 Judy D. Hinton, 336 Mark A. Hitchings, 301 Pamela E. Hix, 336 HJ Mohd Saad Kamarul, 301 Lai-Lai M. Ho, 317 Dung V. Hoang, 336 Tuan V. Hoang, 301 Bobby W. Hobbs, 336 De Wayne Hobbs, 301 Frank C. Hochstetler, 336 Elaine G. Hockman, 336 Carol L. Hodge, 317 Cynthia S. Hodge, 281 Dena M. Hodge, 281 i Melinda J. Hoge, 336 Barry E. Hodges, 301 David R. Hodges, 301 Devaudrey L. Hodges, 336 i Johnny K. Hodges, 317 I Jerry R. Hoepfl, 336 Tanya L. Hoffman, 317 ' Donald J. Hofmann, 317 Danny W. Hogan, 301 Delane Hogan, 301 Marilyn K. Hogan, 272 Terry L. Hogard, 317 Billie S. Hoggard, 301 I Michael T. Hoggard, 317 Rhonda J. Hoggard, 301 Paul B. Hogue, 317 David L. Hohn, 301 Candace L. Holcomb, 281 Fay O. Holcomb, 336 j Pam. L. Holden, 317 Katherine J. Holdren, 301 Jeff L. Holifield, 281 Mary A. Holifield, 281 | Belinda S. Holland, 336 ! Jacqueline Y. Holland, 281 Melody L. Holland, 336 i Richard H. Holler, 272 Cheryl L. Holley, 336 Michael T. Holliday, 336 i John D. Holliman, 282 Billie R. Hollis, 336 Dane L. Hollis, 301 Jeffery L. Hollis, 282 Roland D. Hollis, 270 Susan D. Hollis, 301 Barry G. Holloway, 336 Byron K. Holloway, 301 Kris D. Holloway, 317 Lisa A. Hollowell, 282 Carol A. Holmblad, 336 Beth A. Holmes, 282 Floyd D. Holmes, 301 Stephen B. Holmes, 301 Chris Holt, 317 Elizabeth C. Holt, 318 Karen R. Holt, 336 Kimberly A. Holt, 301 Kimberly G. Holt, 301 Michael C. Holt, 301 William B. Holt, 301 Joy J. Hood, 301 Karen R. Hood, 336 Wade A. Hood, 336 Joanna M. Hooper, 336 Lisa C. Hooten, 282 Nancy S. Hooten, 318 John K. Hoover, 282 Chuck A. Hope, 336 Donald L. Hopkins, 301 Kevin Hopkins, 318 Kevin E. Hopkins, 336 Laura A. Hopkins, 301 Car la J. Hopper, 282 Christopher A. Hopper, 301 Lona C. Horn, 301 Phillip D. Horn, 301 Faber Home, 270 June D. Home, 272 Casey Horner, 381 Deborah F. Horton, 301 Jon G. Horton, 336 Lisa J. Horton, 301 Michael D. Horton, 318 Michelle J. Horton, 301 Vesta M. Horton, 282 Leslie A. Hoskins, 282 Mark D. Hoskins, 301 Teresa D. Hoskins, 282 Donnita A. Hosman, 349 Bob E. House, 301 Bruce D. House, 336 Elizabeth D. House, 282 Sherry F. House, 318 Carla J. Houston, 282 Pat Houston, 282 Sharon D. Houston, 272 Julie L. Hout, 282 Phillip D. Hout, 301 Cindy S. Ho vis, 301 Angela D. Howard, 301 Kara S. Howard, 301 Kenny J. Howard, 318 Lovell Howard, 272 LuAnne Howard, 336 Mechelle A. Howard, 318 Trevor L. Howard, 352 Jeri D. Howe, 336 Beth E. Howell, 336 James A. Howell, 351 Lane M. Howerton, 336 Jerri E. Howington, 336 Don Howton, 282 Eddie L. Hoyt, 336 Karen M. Hubbard, 318 Kenneth J. Hubbard, 282 Stephen W. Hubbard, 282 Susan M. Hubbard, 301 Mary L. Hubbart, 336 Bobby W. Hubble, 336 Marsha K. Huber, 272 Amanda E. Hucingson, 336 Gary D. Huckabay, 336 Sherry M. Huddleston, 301 Cindy Hudgins, 301 Becky L. Hudson, 336 Ben Hudson, 301 Kathy L. Hudson, 301 Kelley R. Hudson, 318 Leslie P. Hudson, 336 Roger W. Hudson, 336 Shelly G. Hudson, 318 Wayne A. Hudson, 336 Holly J. Hudspeth, 282 Shawn D. Hudspeth, 282 Karen E. Huey, 336 Donna R. Huff, 301 Paula D. Huffman, 336 Ginger K. Hufstedler, 318 Bret A. Huggins, 336 Julia A. Huggins, 270 Donna C. Hughes, 336 Jerry W. Hughes, 336 Julia Ann Hughes, 282 Sharon R. Hughes, 336 Wade S. Hughes, 336 Audrey H. Hughey, 301 Barry O. Hulett, 301 Christopher A. Hulett, 301 Kimberly B. Hulett, 336 Mitzi L. Hulett, 301 Todd A. Hulett, 336 Renee I. Hull, 282 William W. Hull, 301 Lissa A. Humbert, 352 Eric Jerome Humphrey, 336 Daniel J. Hundley, 318 Robert E. Hundley, 336 Ron D. Hundley, 318 Susan A. Hundley, 318 Debora A. Hunt, 336 Randy W. Hunt, 337 Stan F. Hunt, 318 Donald R. Hunter, 318 Linda K. Hunter, 318 Ruth A. Hunter, 282 David S. Hurley, 337 Allen A. Hurst, 337 John R. Hurst, 337 Linda A. Hurst, 282 Lisa D. Hurst, 282 Mallory L. Hurt, 301 Shuhaimi B. Husain, 318 Cheryl A. Huskey, 337 Douglas L. Huston, 337 Debbie L. Hutchins, 318 Kerry S. Hutchinson, 337 Lisa D. Hutchinson, 318 John G. Hutchison, 282 Yvonne L. Hutchison, 282 John F. Hutson, 337 Kristine E. Hutto, 318 James R. Hutton, 282 Lisa Hutton, 337 Toby L. Hutton, 337 William M. Hutton, 301 Allen J. Hyatt, 282 Sherri H. Hyatt, 349 Damon L. Hyde, 337 Scott F. Hyde, 301 Trena L. Hyde, 301 —I— Mohd N. Ibrahim, 272 John A. Igbinoba, 282 Betty Iguagbonmwen, 337 Michael N. Ikeagwuani, 273 John S. Ilangkovan, 318 Tyopine E. Imande, 273 Brian F. Imboden, 337 Marietta M. Inboden, 301 Karyn J. Infield, 301 Robin L. Inzer, 337 Brad Isbell, 318 Teresa L. Isbell, 318 Eric L. Isbill, 337 Shane M. Ishmael, 337 Darlene Ishmon, 337 Azhari Ismail, 282 Kevin E. Ives, 270 Diana D. Ivory, 301 Danny C. Ivy, 318 Rod E. Ivy, 318 Steven F. Ivy, 282 —J— Arthur Jackson, 301 Cindy A. Jackson, 318 Gerald L. Jackson, 301 Holly Jackson, 301 Joy C. Jackson, 318 Mark K. Jackson, 301 Richard B. Jackson, 337 Rosemary L. Jackson, 282 Roxanne J. Jackson, 301 Shelia A. Jackson, 318 Teressa L. Jackson, 348 Teresa L. Jackson, 318 Terri L. Jackson, 337 Ursula Jackson, 337 Warren A. Jackson, 302 Isa B. Jaggers, 302 Jacqueline L. James, 318 Melvin S. James, 282 Michael L. James, 273 Monica L. James, 302 Rhonda M. James, 337 Ronda R. James, 337 Susan A. Jameson, 337 Terry L. Jamieson, 302 Jamie M. Jamison, 318 Jane M. Jamison, 273 Paula D. Jamison, 337 Terri A. Jamison, 302 Linda M. Jansen, 318 Monica A. Jansen, 282 Carrie D. Jantz, 337 Kimberley J. Jaques, 318 Susan Jarrett, 318 Tim G. Jarrett, 282 Gayle R. Jarvis, 318 Linda G. Jarvis, 337 Randall D. Jeffers, 282 Janette M. Jefferson, 318 Mark Jefferson, 337 Peggy L. Jeffries, 337 Tammy F. Jeffries, 282 Evelyn R. Jenkins, 318 John C. Jenkins, 302 Willa M. Jenkins, 282 Claudette L. Jennings, 337 Pamela D. Jennings, 337 Eddie J. Jernigan, 302 Emma L. Jessen, 270 Christopher M. Jester, 318 Pam M. Jeter, 337 Karen J. Jett, 302 Robert E. Jett, 302 Alonza J. Jiles, 302 Todd R. Jirkovsky, 270 Carole H. Johns, 270 Barbara A. Johnson, 318 Becky A. Johnson, 282 Belinda K. Johnson, 337 Celene F. Johnson, 337 Cindy M. Johnson, 302 Cindy R. Johnson, 302 Dana L. Johnson, 337 Daniel W. Johnson, 270 Deborah D. Johnson, 282 Deloris Johnson, 318 Ella F. Johnson, 283 Gary D. Johnson, 337 Greg P. Johnson, 318 Hendra K. Johnson, 283 lona C. Johnson, 302 Jacquline Y. Johnson, 318 Jay R. Johnson, 302 Jeff Johnson, 318 Kelli J. Johnson, 349 Kimberly L. Johnson, 337 Lawrence E. Johnson, 337 Leatha R. Johnson, 337 Lesa Johnson, 318 Lori A. Johnson, 337 Marian L. Johnson, 302 Mattie F. Johnson, 318 Michael T. Johnson, 302 Michelle A. Johnson, 283 Phillip W. Johnson, 283 Rickey N. Johnson, 337 Rodney P. Johnson, 318 Roselinda S. Johnson, 273 Russell K. Johnson, 283 Sandy 337 Scott Johnson, 302 Sharon K. Johnson, 318 Stacy Johnson, 337 Stanley E. Johnson, 283 Syrena D. Johnson, 302 Teresa G. Johnson, 337 Vonda K. Johnson, 302 William D. Johnson, 283 Willis W. Johnson, 337 Allison, L. Johnston, 318 AnneMarie Johnston, 337 Bobby J. Johnston, 337 Bryan K. Johnston, 302 Cindy A. Johnston, 337 Dorothy D. Johnston, 283 Keith A. Johnston, 318 Tonda L. Johnston, 337 Belinda S. Joiner, 318 Sherri L. Joiner, 318 Brian Jones, 352 Chris R. Jones, 318 David A. Jones, 318 Deanna A. Jones, 318 Deborah D. Jones, 283 Debra L. Jones, 337 Donna J. Jones, 318 Eric W. Jones, 318 Gary L. Jones, 273 Gerald L. Jones, 318 Henry P. Jones, 283 Hershel G. Jones, 318 Jerry L. Jones, 337 John A. Jones, 283 Kellie D. Jones, 337 Kenneth K. Jones, 302 Kenneth T. Jones, 318 Kim M. Jones, 318 Larinda K. Jones, 318 Lonnie L. Jones, 302 Luann Jones, 270 Marcella Jones, 302 Randall A. Jones, 302 Staci E. Jones, 318 Susanne D. Jones, 273 Tommy J. Jones, 337 Tracy D. Jones, 352 Christine M. Joplin, 302 Leslie L. Jordon, 302 Tony Jordan, 318 Tim M. Joseph, 337 Leonardo A. Juan, 352 Patricia J. Judd, 337 Luther Jude, 302 Rusty Julian, 318 Rodney G. Jumper, 283 Megat Junid, 318 Fred S. Justus, 283 Mark K. Justus, 283 — K— Richard G. Kahl, 302 Mansoor A. Kahn, 318 Elli J. Kaminarides, 302 Zarinah Karim, 318 Artie A. Karns, 349 Cassie Kauffman, 283 Kelley M. Kauffman, 283 Amy C. Keathley, 270 Alan S. Keen, 283 Janna M. Kegley, 283 Kevin B. Kegley, 337 Rodney Z. Kegley, 283 Tara C. Kegley, 302 Kathy E. Keith, 337 Ricky Keith, 302 Gary E. Kellems, 302 Robert L. Keller, 302 Brenda B. Kelley, 283 Harold F. Kelley, 218 Mike P. Kelley, 337 Terry D. Kelley, 283 Brian K. Kelly, 302 Karen M. Kelly, 319 Dawn M. Kenley, 337 Ann M. Kennedy, 319 Diane E. Kennedy, 352 Kelly M. Kennedy, 337 Nancy L. Kennedy, 302 Tommy J. Kennett, 283 Roberta L. Kennon, 337 Dawn M. Kent, 302 Cheril L. Kerby, 302 Tim L. Kersey, 283 Paul A. Kerst, 319 James E. Kesterson, 319 Renee Ketchum, 283 Judy L. Kever, 273 Mahera F. Khaliq, 283 Rafi Khan, 283 Dina V. Kieffner, 337 Deborah C. Kiestler, 302 Jerry L. Kifer, 319 Tommie L. Kifer, 283 Kimberly J. Kilker, 283 Debbie L. Killion, 319 Sharon D. Kilpatrick, 319 Robbie M. Kimberling, 337 Lynda F. Kimble, 337 Reda Kimble, 337 Margie J. Kimmel, 319 Jonna J. Kincade, 302 Robert Kinder, 283 Betty S. King, 319 Beverly M. King, 319 Chris King, 337 Glenda L. King, 302 Jim E. King, 337 Joseph K. King, 337 Mary M. King, 337 Nancy L. King, 283 N.-italine C. King, 283 ■S. onda M. King, 337 Sonia R. King, 337 Suzanne L. King, 283 Tammie L. King, 283 Donna L. Kingsland, 338 Ron A. Kingston, 319 Gene Kinley, 338 Kendall L. Kirby, 319 Martha A. Kirby, 283 Pamela K. Kirby, 319 Carissa Kirk, 319 Steven W. Kirk, 302 Teresa D. Kirkland, 349 James C. Kirkpatrick, 319 Theresa A. Kirkpatrick, 349 Lori J. Kirksey, 338 Steve L. Kirksey, 302 Bobby L. Kirkwood, 302 Donald W. Kirkwood, 319 Ronda Laniece Kissee, 302 Donnie C. Kissinger, 319 James L. Kissinger, 302 Jon A. Kitta, 338 Keith A. Klemmer, 302 John L. Kline, 302 Ralph S. Kline, 302 Mark F. Kneibert, 338 Richard L. Kneibert, 283 Aretha Knight, 283 John R. Knight, 302 Laura L. Knight, 338 Mary A. Knight, 319 Patricia A. Knight, 302 Sharon K. Knight, 302 Kurt M. Knodell, 302 Mary E. Knowles, 338 Barbra F. Knuckles, 283 Lisa A. Kocher, 302 Leslie S. Koettel, 319 William S. Koettel, 302 Sharon K. Kolb, 302 Laura E. Koonce, 302 Leslie L. Koonce, 319 Jeffery W. Kreis, 319 Edward R. Krieger, 302 Lauren D. Krigbaum, 319 Thomas E. Kroepfl, 302 Ching T. Kuan, 302 Steve L. Kueter, 319 Donnie Kulbeth, 338 — L— Mildred F. Lace, 319 Sherry S. Lace, 350 Kevin D. Lacer, 319 Keith Lacewell, 283 Sherry L. Lacey, 270 Charles S. Lacy, 319 Sherita L. Lacy, 273 Phillip D. Ladd, 302 Phillip H. Laden, 302 Nancy N. LaFerney, 283 Greg A. Laffoon, 338 Scott L. Laffoon, 302 Steven L. Laffoon, 352 Becky Ann LaGore, 319 James P. Laird, 283 John Olusanya Lajubutu, 284 James, T. Lamb, 338 Tony K. Lamb, 338 Gina L. Lambert, 284 Douglas B. Lambert, 338 Janis L. Lambert, 338 Joanna Dawn Lambert, 338 Sue H. Lambert, 319 Diane Lamberth, 338 Michelle A. Lamberth, 284 Terri J. Lamberth, 302 Tracy E. Lamberth, 338 Gerald Lambie, 302 Susan A. LaNew, 338 Judy C. Lamp, 284 Ellen G. Lampkins, 302 Candace C. Lancaster, 338 Terry Lancaster, 338 Sherri R. Lancaster, 319 Sonya L. Landers, 319 William E. Landis, II, 284 Sandra M. Landis, 302 Vickie L. Landrum, 352 Allen D. Landry, 338 Lacinda Lane, 284 William B. Lane, 319 Kevin G. Lang, 338 Stephen G. Langlois, 319 Sharon E. Langston, 338 Janie D. Lanman, 338 Charles E. Lapiro, 338 Emily K. Lard, 302 William J. Large, 338 Art A. Larmi, 284 Jacques F. Larose, 302 Ozella M. Larry, 319 Annette Larue, 302 James C. Larue, 319 Nancy L. LaRue, 302 Patricia E. LaRue, 273 Gayla J. Lashley, 338 Gary L. Lassiter, 338 James H. Late, 338 Albert D. Latham, 319 Kenneth E. Lathrop, 303 Maria A. Latting, 284 Tracey A. Law, 303 Dianne Lowler, 270 Jeffrey A. Lawrence, 319 Larry H. Lawrence, 270 Laura A. Lawrence, 284 Richard, A. Lawrence, 338 Robert F. Lawrence, Jr., 338 Sandy L. Lawrence, 338 Jamie L. Laws, 303 Laura A. Lay, 319 Joseph A. Layne, 338 Sonja E. Lea, 319 Julie M. Leake, 284 Robin L. Leake, 319 Sandra J. Leaks, 303 Rebecca L. Leary, 303 Scott Jeff LeBeau, 338 Barry K. Ledbetter, 270 Clint D. Ledbetter, 303 Gaye D. Leder, 284 Callie M. Lee, 338 Gregory L. Lee, 319 Jerry F. Lee, 284 Karen J. Lee, 338 Lara L. Lee, 319 Lillian Ruth Lee, 273 Louis, Y.L. Lee, 270 Nita K. Lee, 284 Ricky G. Lee, 351 Sharon E. Lee, 303 Telma Y. Lee, 338 Russell L. Leggett, 338 Sharon L. Lenderman, 319 Helen L. Leniear, 338 Roger B. Leonard, 3 Ronette L. Lepley, 319 Phil R. Leslie, 284 Cyril C. Lester, 284 James S. Levins, 338 Lori A. Lewallen, 303 Mark E. Lewallen, 303 Phillip L. Lewallen, 338 Richard D. Lewallen, 284 James T. Lewellyn, 319 Marsha F. Lewellyn, 319 Dana C. Lewis, 319 Henry L. Lewis, 350 Jill Lewis, 284 Jimmy E. Lewis, 338 Perry Lewis, 349 Robert W. Lewis, 319 Russ K. Lewis, 284 Tina D. Lewis, 303 John O. Liddle, 284 Susan R. Light, 349 Trevis D. Ligon, 338 Eric R. Lijewski, 284 Barry F. Lillard, 303 Martin E. Lilly, 319 Anita K. Lindley, 273 Robert A. Lindley, 338 Eric L. Lindquist, 319 Barbara J. Lindsey, 303 Amy L. Linstrom, 319 Glyn M. Linton, 338 Kerrie A. Linton, 303 Sharon A. Liska, 303 Penny R. Little, 303 Sandra J. Little, 338 Vanessa R. Little, 349 Jeffey A. Littlejohn, 303 Liz L. Littlejohn, 284 Kevin L. Lloyd, 319 Lisa G. Lloyd, 338 Paula E. Locke, 338 Russell P. Locke, 338 Rodney M. Lockett, 319 Susan K. Loften, 284 Gwendolyn L. Logan, 284 Edward E. Loggains, 303 Michael D. Loggins, 303 Eddie Lomax, 319 Ricky A. London, 303 Barbara D. Long, 352 Cathy A. Long, 338 Deanna R. Long, 338 Harold R. Long, 284 Jeffery A. Long, 284 Jerry E. Long, 303 Kevin L. Long, 338 Laura L. Long, 303 Tamara L. Long, 338 Terry K. Long, 338 Joe L. Looney, 284 Terri D. Looney, 319 Stephen J. Loop, 303 Teresa M. Lorren, 338 Lisa R. Lott, 303 Kathy M. Loudermilk, 338 Jerry C. Love, 284 Rob Love, 338 Travis Love, 284 Katy K. Lovern, 338 Jay S. Lourien, 319 Heather M. Lowe, 350 Kerry L. Lowe, 319 Bobby F. Lowery, 338 Jimmy D. Lowery, 338 Rebecca L. Lowry, 338 Donna L. Loyd, 319 Joyce A. Loyd, 319 Robin S. Loyd, 284 Brenda L. Lucas, 284 Lisa Renee Lucas, 338 Melissa K. Lucy, 338 Robyn L. Luff, 303 Chip L. Lumpkin, 338 Shari D. Lung, 303 Inez, M. Lunsford, 338 Ronald L. Luper, 319 Charlotte K. Lutes, 303 Joann Luttrell, 284 Randy S. Lyles, 319 Terrie K. Lyles, 284 John S. Lynn 303 Stephan G. Lyon, 303 Robyn L. Lyons, 303 Mary G. Lytle, 273 — M— Vickie L. Maag, 338 Karri A. Mabry, 338 Robert R. Mackey, 338 John Joseph MacPheroon, 319 Preston Maddox, 303 Michael L. Maduro, 284 Shirley A. Magness, 338 Lana P. Mahan, 349 Susan L. Mahon, 338 Vince A. Mahon, 338 Mei-Mei Y Mai, 319 Melody A. Main, 339 Julie A. Malcolm, 339 Benny Malone, Jr., 303 Donal L. Malone, 319 Mary A. Malone, 273 Shannon D. Malone, 303 Debbie K. Manasco, 273 Logan B. Manatt, 303 Joye L. Mangis, 349 j Pamela S. Mangrum, 303 Brenda, K. Mangum, 319 Balasundram, Maniam, 339 Melinda S. Man is, 319 Belinda C. Manley, 339 i Tony G. Manley, 339 ' Denise D. Manning, 284 Etta L. Manning, 339 j Jacquelyn L. Mannon, 303 l Masriah Mansor, 352 Sidek Bin Mansor, 284 ! Lisa A. Mantooth, 303 Cynthia Ann Maples, 303 i Mary K. Marcom, 303 Elizabeth A. Marie, 319 Mitchell K. Marks, 284 Greg W. Markum, 339 | Tauny L. Marlar, 319 ! Tammy L. Marlin, 284 Sheila G. Marlin, 319 Walter Dean Marlin, 270 Brett D. Marlotte, 339 Sandra L. Marlowe, 303 i Valerie L. Marr, 339 I Anita Louise Marsh, 339 Barry Wayne Marshall, 319 Craig C. Marshall, 320 Dorothy F. Marshall, 284 Jimmy L. Marshall, 339 Phillip S. Marshall, 339 j Virgil G. Marshall, 320 Alisa K. Martin, 339 Anthony S. Martin, 320 April S. Martin, 303 Charles E. Martin, Jr., 320 Clint A. Martin, 339 Colin K. Martin, 339 Cora Martin, 320 Daniel Martin, 303 David W. Martin, 303 Denise M. Martin, 339 Garland L. Martin, 339 Jeff D. Martin, 320 Jerry L. Martin, 352 Keith A. Martin, 339 Kelli J. Martin, 303 Lance P. Martin, 320 Lisa R. Martin, 339 Lynette E. Martin 284 Marcia K. Martin, 303 Marlin G. Martin, 339 Marty L. Martin, 339 Mary Martin, 320 Michael L. Martin, 303 Patsy J. Martin, 339 Robbie Jean Martin, 320 Scott D. Martin, 284 Steven W. Martin, 303 Susan Annette Martin, 320 Kent M. Marts, 285 Charles D. Masingale, 339 Beverly J. Mason, 339 Delinda K. Mason, 303 Marcellars L. Mason, 270 Tom Mason, 303 Cecil P. Massey, 339 Donald R. Massey, Jr., 320 Joe B. Massey, 303 Valerie W. Massey, 320 Douglas E. Masters, 303 Jessie B. Mast in, 320 Sarah E. Mathes, 339 Teresa A. Mathews, 303 Barbara Gale Mathis, 273 Bertha L. Mathis, 285 Mary E. Mathis, 285 Renee Mathis, 285 Pratap S. Mathur, 339 Nuraiza Matsah, 352 Arnold C. Matthews, 339 Charles J. Matthews, Jr., 320 Sheila D. Matthews, 285 Wendell K. Mauldin, 942 Laura E. Maxwell, 320 Maria L. Maxwell, 303 Patricia A. Maxwell, 285 Darren K. May, 303 Kimber L. May, 285 Reda A. May, 303 Charles W. Mayes, 320 Rebecca Mayes, 320 Joey L. Mayhan, 320 Walter L. Mayhew, 285 Sondra J. Maynard, 349 Terri A. Maynard, 320 Tina L. Maynard, 303 Cheryl L. Mayo, 285 James A. Mays, 320 Tonya D. Mays, 303 Hadi Mazaheri, 285 Billy J. McAfee, Jr., 352 Russell B. McAllister, 303 Lucinda J. McArthur, 285 Amy M. McBride, 303 Anthony R. McBride, 285 Beth L. McBride, 320 Maxine McBride, 303 Lisa D. Mc Broome, 339 Patti R. McBroome, 339 Charlotte A. McBryde, 303 Willy T. McCallie, 320 Charles P. McCarty, III, 339 Lisa A. McCauley, 339 Clarissa F. McClain, 320 David L. McClain, 339 Jimmy K. McClain, 339 Lori A. McClain, 303 Gary Wayne McClard, 339 Mona M. McClelland, 320 Greg J. McClenden, 320 Phyllis D. McClendon, 350 Kimberly McClintock, 285 Allecia D. McClish, 285 Teresa M. McClure, 320 Beverly S. McCollum, 285 David O. McCollum, 339 Barbara L. McCord, 285 Joey P. McCorkle, 339 Jerry P. McCormick, 285 John S. McCormick, 339 Bridget A. McCourt, 320 Cherie N. McCoy, 339 Kenneth D. McCoy, 303 Mary L. McCoy, 320 Tena M. McCoy, 339 Terry K. McCrary, 339 Darrell W. McCreless, 339 Kerry L. McCright, 320 Hollye A. McCrum, 350 Mack McCuan, 303 Kevin W. McCullough, 303 Alvin L. McDanieh, 339 William R. McDaniel, 303 Cheryl A. McDole, 320 Bridgette C. McDonald, 339 Lisa A. McDonald, 320 Kelly E. McDougle, 339 Dana L. McElyea, 303 Byron R. McEntire, 303 Lesa A. McEntire, 339 Ronnie J. McEntire, 339 Maureen G. McFadden, 303 Terri L. McFadden, 339 Patricia J. McFall, 350 Mack McFarlin, 320 Carolyn E. McFatridge, 320 Rena L. McFatter, 303 Billy D. McGee, 339 Danice A. McGee, 339 Stacey A. McGee, 320 Beverly A. McGhehey, 320 Catherine R. McGinnis, 285 John D. McGinnis, 339 Martha L. McGinnis, 349 Julie A. McGough, 303 Shannon L. McGowan, 320 Mitchell L. McGrew, 320 Sam P. McGuire, 304 Pamm Mcllvoy, 339 Celeste Mcintosh, 320 Sherri L. McKay, 304 Laurie A. McKee, 351 Richard G. McKenzie, 304 James R. McKinney, 285 William T. McKisson, 320 Kimberly D. McKnight, 285 Terri L. McKnight, 304 Lindy L. McKuin, 320 Jana L. McLane, 285 Johnny L. McLean, 285 Lisa M. McLemore, 339 Boyd R. McMasters, 339 Evelyn McMasters, 349 Jeffery S. McMillin, 339 Mark E. McMinn, 304 Sherri G. McMullen, 339 Cindy L. McNatt, 339 Miriam S. McNeely, 285 William S. McNeil, 320 Melinda J. McPherson, 320 Belinda K. McQuay, 320 Christopher L. McQuay, 339 Sue M. McQuay, 270 Vickie McShan, 339 Kris E. McSwain, 304 Kenneth B. McVey, 285 Linda J. McWayne, 304 Normah Mdyosoff, 285 Yuzainee Mdyusoff, 352 Nikki J. Mead, 304 Marque Mealing, 304 Sue Medlock, 304 Wanda J. Medlyn, 349 Danny J. Meek, 339 Greg P. Meek, 320 Teahna L. Meek, 349 Steven S. Meents, 285 Lisa L. Meeks, 339 Phyllis R. Meier, 273 Eric F. Mejia, 304 Cynthia P. Melton, 320 Howard Melton, 339 Kevin D. Melton, 285 Tammy A. Melton, 339 Tim Melton, 339 David W. Meredith, 320 Karen R. Meredith, 339 Dana L. Merguie, 304 Cynthia D. Merillat, 304 Joe Merrill, 320 Mary I. Merrill, 304 Robert E. Merrill, 304 Joyce A. Merrim an, 304 Maria A. Mertens, 304 Gene C. Metcalf, 320 Lisa D. Mezo, 339 Pat L. Michie, 304 Jeff A. Mickey, 320 Kevin D. Mickie, 339 Diane J. Midkiff, 273 Bobby J. Milam, 339 Shirley R. Miles, 285 Amy E. Miley, 304 Sandra K. Miley, 339 Janet M. Millay, 320 Patrick Millbrook, 304 Alice L. Miller, 340 Amanda J. Miller, 340 Becky J. Miller, 304 Carl F. Miller, 273 Cathy Miller, 304 Donna R. Miller, 340 Fred L. Miller, 285 Gordon E. Miller, 304 James N. Miller, 273 Jeff S. Miller, 320 Keitha L. Miller, 340 Ken W. Miller, 340 Kenneth A. Miller, 285 Leigha G. Miller, 304 Linda G. Miller, 340 Melody G. Miller, 304 M ichael D. Miller, 304 Michael L. Miller, 340 Nancy G. Miller, 285 Robert D. Miller, 320 Ronnie M. Miller, 320 Steve J. Miller, 320 Susan, J. Miller, 340 Tomothy S. Miller, 285 Tracy J. Miller, 340 Valeria A. Miller, 320 Angela G. Mills, 340 Ellis D. Mills, 340 Leith Mills, 340 Michael D. Mills, 285 Steven D. Mills, 320 Tom P. Mills, 304 Regina C. Millwood, 340 Kim D. Milner, 320 Bill M. Milton, 304 David L. Minick, 340 Leah M. Minton, 304 Mark A. Misner, 340 Chuck F. Mitchell, 320 Dennis C. Mitchell, 320 Diane M. Mitchell, 340 Loria V. Mitchell, 304 Mary E. Mitchell, 304 Michael A. Mitchell, 304 Michael Mitchell, 340 Sherry K. Mitchell, 320 Sherry L. Mitchell, 285 Skip L. Mitchell, 352 Steve A. Mitchell, 340 Tim J. Mitchell, 320 Paula M. Mitts, 320 Brenda K. Mobley, 304 Charles W. Mobley, 304 Shelia J. Mobley, 320 Pamela A. Mode, 340 Denise C. Modelevsky, 304 Laura L. Moellers, 285 Lawrence R. Moffett, 285 Halizahtun Mohamed Ali, 352 Norlinda Mohd, 352 Norfaiton Mohd-nor, 304 Joseph W. Monday, 304 Joseph J. Monroe, 320 Mena Ann Monroe, 340 Sheila A. Monroe, 304 Wilburn D. Monroe, 320 Stephany A. Montecinos, 320 David L. Montgomery, 340 Drew C. Montgomery, 320 Rafe D. Montgomery, 320 Wilma M. Montgomery, 340 Charles A. Moody, 350 Jeff N. Moody, 285 Carolyn J. Moon, 340 John C. Mooney, 285 Bill W. Moore, 304 Brett W. Moore, 320 Carla S. Moore, 273 Chris N. Moore, 340 Cynthia L. Moore, 304 Daniel E. Moore, 340 Don Steven Moore, 340 Gregg Moore, 340 Jeff Moore, 320 Jimmy V. Moore, 285 Joe H. Moore, 273 Johnnie T. Moore, 304 Judy C. Moore, 340 Keith E. Moore, 304 Kenney R. Moore, 285 Lee Moore, 340 Louise F. Moore, 273 Marcus R. Moore, 286 Matt L. Moore, 340 Pamela A. Moore, 349 Paula Kay Moore, 340 Precious Moore, 304 Ralph Moore, 273 Rex Moore, 340 Robin L. Moore, 352 Royce H. Moore, 340 Scott L. Moore, 340 Terrence D. Moore, 286 Tonya A. Moore, 286 Vickie L. Moore, 271 Walter E. Moore, 340 Whitney Renae Moore, 340 William Alan Moore, 286 Joanna Moraitis, 340 Carroll A. Moran, 340 Cecilia A. Morgan, 304 Donald Mark Morgan, 321 Elaina K. Morgan, 340 Jeffery N. Morgan, 340 Jeffrey A. Morgan, 304 Jerry A. Morgan, 321 Jerry F. Morgan, 321 Mary A. Morgan, 321 Pamela D. Morgan, 304 Ross A. Morgan, 304 J. P. Morris, 286 Let ha A. Morris, 321 Garner H. Morrisett, 304 John P. Morrison, 340 Paula Y. Morrison,340 Clayton T. Morrow, 352 John F. Morse, 340 Shandrey D. Mosbey, 321 Frank Moser, 321 Marvin S. Moser, 340 Rebecca Moser, 304 Sandra J. Moser, 286 Jeff S. Moses, 340 Mark R. Mosier, 340 Jeff B. Moskop, 321 Mitch Mosley, 304 Bill L. Moss, 340 Charles L. Moss, 286 Dana M. Moss, 304 David C. Moss, 321 Greg L. Moss, 321 Joyce M. Moss, 304 Kris R. Moss, 340 Lisa A. Moss, 340 Suda D. Moss, 340 Thomas E. Moss, 340 David Mote, Jr., 304 Judy L. Mottram, 349 Stephen R. Moulton, 271 Deidra R. Mounce, 304 Christos G. Mouskis, 340 Demos G. Mouskis, 286 Randall S. Moye, 304 Vicki M. Moyer, 340 Miguel Angel Mukel, 340 Robin A. Mullen, 340 Michael T. Munn, 340 Daniele W. Murphy, 304 Ginger L. Murphy, 349 Pete Murphy, 340 Susan J. Murphy, 286 Terri L. Murphy, 286 Jesse O. Murray , 321 Bobby R. Myers, Jr., 340 Douglas F. Myers, 340 Jon H. Myers, 321 Mary Ann Myers, 286 Randy W. Myers, 286 Rhonda A. Mynatt, 304 Erica L. Myra, 304 — N— Taplah Nafiah, 304 Barbara L. Nagle, 304 Greg Nail, 304 Holly A. Nail, 340 Lauri Nail, 304 Melvin E. Nance, 286 Norlida Nasaruddin, 340 Brenda D. Nash, 286 Linda F. Nash, 286 Michael J. Nash, 304 Mike H. Nash, 340 Roland W. Nash, 321 Kurt J. Naumann, 321 Bryan S. Neal, 340 Crtterina L. Neal, 304 fen D. Neal, 340 :ia Meal, 304 Li 1 lie A. Neal, 321 Mark A. Neal, 304 Rebecca D. Neal, 304 Robert G. Neal, Jr., 304 Sheila A. Neal, 340 Steven Lynn Neal, 340 Tammy R. Neal, 304 Vera M. Neal, 286 Vivian Y. Neal, 340 Helen O. Neas, 340 Walter H. Neajbiti, 273 Lorrie E. Needham, 304 Kim L. Neely, 340 Lucinda L. Neely, 321 Mary Kim Neely, 340 Susan A. Neely, 321 Tonna E. Nelms, 286 Van E. Nelms, 286 Jacqueline Nelson, 341 Rich A. Nelson, 321 Shirl A. Nelson, 341 Teresa K. Nettles, 341 Carol B. Newberry, 341 Gregroy S. Newberry, 305 Robert A. Newberry, 321 Donna M. Newcom, 305 Danita L. Newcomb, 305 Linda Wade Newell, 349 James R. Newsom, 286 Curtis D. Newton, 341 Janice H. Newton, 305 Rosemarie Newton, 286 Vickie D. Newton, 341 Nhu T. Nguyen, 341 Thanh B. Nguyen, 305 Vai T. Nguyen, 286 Audrey L. Nichols, 341 James C. Nichols, 321 Jeffrey D. Nichols, 286 Lawrence S. Nichols, 305 Nedra C. Nichols, 350 Keith A. Nicholson, 341 Randall J. Nicholson, 286 Jeffrey S. Nickell, 305 Carol L. Niederbrach, 271 Doug R. Nienhaus, 286 Carla M. Nimocks, 271 Siva Nithiananzhan, 305 Garvin B. Nix, 341 Robin Nix, 305 Teddy W. Nix, Jr., 341 Joseph Nnamani, Jr., 286 Craig E. Noblin, 341 Lori S. Noblin, 321 Elizabeth A. Noe, 271 Lushon Noel, 341 Mehran T. Noini, 305 Angelia L. Nolan, 305 Leonard L. Noland, 305 Tammie E. Nolen, 321 Zainudin Nor, 321 Mark E. Norman, 321 Cherry L. Norris, 305 Jay Norris, 286 Pamela S. Norris, 321 Terry W. North, 341 April S. Nowlin, 305 Richard R. Nutt, 305 Stanley G. Nutt, 305 Joyce E. Nuttbrock, 305 James A. Nwokeabia, 351 Benedict Nwokeford, 305 —0— Charles E. Oakes, 321 Ronald C. Oates, 321 Andrea M. O ' Brien, 321 Fletcher E. O ' Cain, 305 Karen L. O ' Connor, 321 Cynthia M. O ' Donnell, 305 Ebenezer B. Ogunmusesan, 286 Bright E. Ohonski, 271 Anya I. Ojiabo, 271 Azubuike E. Okoye, 305 Pearlie J. Okoye, 351 Cathy E. Oldham, 341 Deborah C. Oldham, 305 James D. Oldham, 305 Leslie D. Oldham, 341 Mark Oldham, 305 Earnest A. Oldman, 305 Jeanette Oldman, 321 Joel D. Olive, 286 Roosevelt Oliver, 351 Vicky L. Oliver, 305 Bill B. Olson, 341 Gary C. Oltmann, 321 Maznah Omar, 352 Ben H. O ' Neal, 321 Michael P. O ' Neal, 341 Fred A. O ' Neill, 305 Raphael Onwuzuruigbo, 286 Dana Hope Orick, 350 Kaye L. Orick, 341 Mary K. Orlick, 341 Wendy G. Orr, 321 Susan P. Orsi, 286 Rusty D. Ort, 321 Robert W. Orton, 321 Charles K. Osborn, 305 George M. Osborn, 286 Jeffrey T. Osborn, 321 Stacy G. Osborn, 305 Stefanie A. Osborn, 341 Lee A. Osborne, 321 Sharon K. Osier, 321 Judy E. Osment, 341 Phil G. Osment, 321 Ernest M. Ott, 341 Jeff G. Overbey, 286 Meleah R. Overman, 305 Norah C. Overstreet, 305 Anita S. Overturf, 321 Jeff J. Owen, 305 Lisa M. Owen, 305 George E. Owens, Jr., 305 Glendia Dale Owens, 321 James B. Owens, 341 Kelly L. Owens, 321 Nancy L. Owens, 305 Robert A. Owens, 305 Rodney Owens, 321 Russ L. Owens, 321 Sharon D. Owens, 305 Angela F. Oxford, 321 Marjorie D. Ozbirn, 341 Bart B. Ozbun, 286 Jeff B. Ozbun, 321 Stan G. Ozier, 286 — P— Joel B. Pace, 341 Kelley A. Paige, 321 Leisha T. Painter, 341 Julie A. Palmer, 321 Laura L. Palmer, 341 Sara L. Palmer, 286 Tammy R. Pankey, 321 Christopher B. Panneck, 341 Sarah D. Pannells, 341 Willie J. Papich, 305 Sophocles P. Paraganos, 321 Amy M. Pardew, 321 Diane Friday Pardew, 286 Karri X. Parish, 341 Kenny R. Parish, 305 Todd Parisi, 321 Chris M. Parker, 321 Kathi L. Parker, 305 Ramona A. Parker, 349 Tommy W. Parkinson, 305 Billy W. Parks, 341 Jo Ann R. Parks, 321 Joe G. Parks, 305 Crystal D. Parmenter, 341 Donna K. Parnell, 321 Philip D. Parnell, 273 Rhonda M. Parnell, 305 Carmella Parr, 341 Karen R. Parr, 305 Kathey R. Parr, 321 Jose ph L. Parris, 321 Lynn D. Parrish, 321 Misty D. Parrish, 341 Odas E. Parsons, 341 Scott D. Parton, 341 David N. Paschall, 305 Robert E. Passmore, 305 Rajool Patel, 341 Danny W. Patterson, 341 Deanna K. Patterson, 341 Jeff S. Patterson, 341 Kimberly R. Patterson, 305 Lisa L. Patterson, 305 Shannon Dawn Patterson, 305 Angela C. Patton, 341 Shelly J. Patton, 341 Stacey R. Paudert, 341 Cherie E. Payne, 286 Debbie A. Payne, 305 John B. Payne, 286 Kima L. Payne, 286 Letitia G. Payne, 321 Mitzi S. Payne, 305 Rebecca Ann Pay ton, 341 Tina R. Peacock, 321 Chois A. Peaks, 341 Bryant E. Pearson, 305 Terry L. Pearson, 305 Vonda L. Pearson, 321 Donna L. Peebles, 305 Kimberley S. Pegg, 341 Robert K. Pell, Jr., 305 Anita C. Pemberton, 341 Cody L. Pendergist, 321 Bryan Keith Pendergraft, 286 Connie Pender grass, 341 Sheila D. Pennington, 341 Mickey Penosky, 287 John R. Peoples, 321 Vetrice Lashay Peoples, 352 Julie A. Perdue, 305 Mike Perdzock, 287 Brad V. Perkins, 305 Brant Perkins, 287 Carolyn Ann Perkins, 287 Lynn M. Perkins, 287 Mark Perkins, 321 Mary A. Perkins, 321 Robert L. Perkins, 351 Stefanie G. Perkins, 287 Raymond A. Perren, 287 Kevin G. Perrin, 273 Cleo C. Perry, 287 Edra L. Perry, 287 Joe R. Perry, 287 John W. Perry, 305 Dennis Wayne Perryman, 305 Nancy L. Persful, 341 Justin D. Persfull, 341 Kimberly Persons, 321 Yota L. Petero, 287 Homer R. Peters, 350 Lesley A. Peters, 321 Darla Pettengell, 305 Michael J. Pettengell, 271 Elizabeth L. Pettit, 321 Charles S. Petty, 321 Jane W. Petty, 321 Jetta L. Petty, 322 Mark E. Petty, 305 Tammy M. Petty, 352 Pennie M. Pflyeger, 322 Dora A. Phelps, 322 Daniel S. Phil Hans, 271 Bobby G. Phillips, 341 Christopher H. Phillips, 322 Jeff A. Phillips, 341 Jeffery L. Phillips, 305 Pamelia S. Phillips, 287 Stan G. Phillips, 322 Tammy L. Phillips, 273 Teena M. Phillips, 322 Tina M. Phillips, 341 Andrea L. Phipps, 341 Leslie E. Pickering, 341 Doyne D. Pierce, 322 James D. Pierce, 322 Joseph D. Pierce, 287 Joyce A. Pierce, 322 Teresa L. Pierce, 287 Kathy J. Pierson, 305 David C. Pigue, 341 William Tiny Pike, 305 Patricia Pilcher, 287 Charles C. Pillow, 305 Jerry A. Pillow, 271 Kimberly D. Pillow, 341 Penny L. Pillow, 305 Pamela J. Pilote, 271 Michael W. Pinegar, 351 Laura J. Pink, 287 Mark Pinkerton, 322 Randall K. Pinks ton, 341 Randy G. Pinson, 322 Wilson R. Pipkin, 287 Janet L. Pippenger, 305 Mark A. Pippenger, 287 Robert L. Pippenger, 287 Lane Pippin, 322 Steve R. Pirtle, 341 Kathryn S. Pittman, 341 Vincent M. Pittman, 305 William J. Pittman, 341 Keith S. Pitts, 322 Randy G. Pitts, 341 i Stephen D. Pitts, 287 Ronda R. Piwinski, 341 J Cliff Plegge, 341 ; Carol A. Plummer, 287 Demetrios M. Podaras, 305 j Bonita E. Poe, 287 William D. Poe, 305 Brian A. Poellot, 322 Gary W. Poffenbarger, 306 Eddie A. Pogue, 287 Brad H. Poindexter, 341 Carrie L. Pollard, 341 Michael D. Pollock, 306 Sonya M. Pomtree, 306 Bart W. Ponder, 306 Yia Y. Poon, 341 Glynn Pope, 306 Lori A. Pope, 342 George N. Popejoy, 349 Clinton W. Porter, 342 Debbie R. Porter, 342 Robert L. Porter, 306 Donna S. Porterfield, 322 Patricia Porterfield, 273 Leslie C. Posey, 342 Melissa E. Potter, 306 Charlotte S. Potts, 271 Joy L. Potts, 322 Arliss D. Powell, 306 David K. Powell, 306 Mary G. Powell, 287 Paul B. Power, 342 Melody J. Powers, 287 Peggy S. Powers, 342 Dolores D. Prange, 342 Ottis D. Prater, 342 Vickie S. Prater, 306 Laura L. Pratt, 322 Terry A. Pratt, 322 James D. Presley, 306 Lisa R. Presson, 342 Jeffery C. Preston, 342 Sara J. Pretty, 306 Linda D. Price, 342 Loyd Price, 271 Bobby B. Prichard, 306 Donna J. Prichard, 306 Phillip R. Priest, 342 Karen A. Primm, 322 Linda K. Prince, 342 Rhonda G. Prince, 287 Sandy D. Prince, 322 William D. Pritchett, 342 VLisa M. Proctor, 342 Dametra C. Profitt, 322 Supavadee Prommasa, 342 Udom Prommasa, 342 Dawn M. Propes, 306 Beverly J. Pruett, 306 Jeanette D. Pruett, 322 Bruce N. Pryor, 322 Dinah Pryor, 342 Randal G. Puckett, 306 Bryan Pugh, 306 Jason G. Pulles, 342 Elvin B. Pulley, 287 Sherry L. Pulley, 322 Jerry A. Pulliam, 271 Patrick D. Purser, 342 Tracy G. Purser, 306 Steven J. Purtee, 306 Betty J. Pyland, 342 Vickie L. Pyle, 287 -Q- Jerri L. Quails, 322 Ricky D. Quails, 306 Susan Jill Quails, 306 Walter D. Quails, 287 Harry Lee Quarrels 322 Odessa M. Quarrels, 306 Theo Quarrels, 342 Anna Marie Quinn, 322 David M. Quinn, 306 Edward L. Quinn, 342 Susan C. Quinn, 342 — R— Donna Radcliff, 306 Jon D. Roder, 322 Kelly W. Ragsdale, 342 Polly A. Raible, 306 Mark A. Raines, 342 Stacey D. Raines, 342 Gary B. Rainey, 306 Jeannie E. Rains, 271 James D. Rainwater, 308 John R. Rainwater, 342 Karen Rainwater, 342 Thomas H. Rainwater, 322 Carol A. Raley, 306 Johanna M. Raley, 322 Suzanne Ralph, 342 Mary A. Ramer, 342 Diana M. Ramey, 287 Mack Y. Ramsey, 273 Risa Ramsey, 287 Barbara A. Randleas, 342 Julie A. Randleman, 306 Karen L. Rash, 287 Siti Zaleha Rasid, 306 Dana L. Rasmussen, 342 Lisa R. Rattler, 306 Cliff A. Ratton, 342 Deborah L. Ray, 342 Glen E. Ray, 306 Gwendolyn D. Ray, 342 Janelle B. Ray, 322 Kevin D. Ray, 342 Leveta Ray, 306 Ruby J. Ray, 342 Suzanne L. Ray, 342 David M. Raymond, 342 Lynn T. Raynor, 306 Byron A. Reagan, 322 Kathy Reagan, 306 Kevin A. Reagan, 306 Rickey D. Reagan, 342 Kimberlon M. Reaves, 287 Nancy J. Reddick, 287 John B. Reddman, 342 Lee A. Redmond, 271 Hershel L. Red wine, 271 Lee Ann Beece, 342 Ashley Reed, 352 Gennora A. Reed, 322 Joe D. Reed, 287 Judith F. Reed, 342 Kurtis D. Reed, 322 Phillip L. Reed, 342 Rosa L. Reed, 342 Hal R. Rees, 306 Mark W. Rees, 342 Terri D. Reese, 342 Angela A. Reeves, 322 Deena M. Reeves, 322 Earnest B. Reeves, 306 Gwen F. Reeves, 342 Kristi K. Reeves, 342 Leigh Ann Reeve, 322 Linda C. Reeves, 350 Marianna K. Reeves, 287 Sherlita N. Reeves, 273 Brian A. Rega, 287 Denise Reginelli, 306 Barbara J. Reid, 306 David P. Reid, 287 Stuart A. Reid, 342 Leanne M. Reilly, 322 Deanna R. Reithemeyer, 322 Debbrah S. Renshaw, 342 Katherine I. Ressalam, 351 John K. Reynolds, 342 Maria E. Reynolds, 322 Stacy J. Reynolds, 342 Susan L. Reynolds, 306 Wendy A. Reynolds, 342 Mark L. Rezanka, 342 Faith C. Rhea, 287 Patricia A. Rhein, 322 Leslie A. Rhiddlehoover, 342 Jan D. Rhoads, 322 Brenda J. Rhodes, 306 Deborah Lynn Rhodes, 271 Cynthia R. Rice, 352 David E. Rice, 322 Kathi C. Rice, 271 Maureen A. Rice, 306 Rodney A. Richard, 306 Austin B. Richards, 287 Frank Richards, 342 Kelli S. Richards, 342 Anita F. Richardson, 306 Cynthia G. Richardson, 349 Dian D. Richardson, 342 Donna L. Richardson, 306 Doug Richardson, 306 Glenda A. Richardson, 322 James G. Richardson, 288 Jeri Ann Richardson, 306 John D. Richardson, 322 Michael K. Richardson, 271 Ronald D. Richardson, 306 Sarah A. Richardson, 288 Tina M. Richardson, 273 Wynndolyn L. Richardson, 342 Charles K. Richey, 322 Regina K. Richey, 342 Steve T. Richey, 322 Clifton L. Richmond, 342 Felecia J. Richmond, 288 John V. Richmond, 306 Lynsol B. Richmond, 306 Janette K. Rickman, 322 Lisa G. Rickman, 288 Doug A. Riddle, 322 Joe T. Riddle, 322 Tosknella Riddle, 342 Gail L. Ridge, 306 Wayne A. Ridgle, 288 Barry G. Riggs, 342 Dee Dee H. Riggs, 342 Larry L. Riggs, 288 Scott Riggs, 322 Troy D. Riggs, 342 Jeaneen A. Rigsby, 306 Carol J. Rikard, 288 Sandra G. Riley, 306 Scott E. Riley, 306 Sharon R. Riley, 322 Susan Riley, 273 Thomas P. Riley, 288 Christopher R. Ring, 351 Kevin L. Rippy, 322 Abby M. Roach, 322 Leisa M. Roach, 342 Ronald D. Roach, 306 Ronald D. Roades, 322 Bonnie M. Robb, 288 Robin A. Robb, 288 Lesley A. Robbins, 342 Laura L. Robbins, 306 Mark A. Robbins, 322 Kelly L. Roberson, 342 Kim R. Roberson, 306 Mary L. Roberson, 343 John C. Robert, 306 Angela R. Roberts, 322 Carol O. Roberts, 306 David S. Roberts, 343 James F. Roberts, 322 James L. Roberts, 288 Jay H. Roberts, 343 Joe Roberts, 288 Johnnie B. Roberts, 322 Leonard B. Roberts, 306 Lorrie A. Roberts, 322 Richard A. Roberts, 288 Sherry L. Roberts, 306 Susie Roberts, 343 Theresa G. Roberts, 288 William T. Roberts, 322 Cindy G. Robertson, 322 Edie Robertson, 322 John H. Robertson, 322 Marcia J. Robertson, 343 Rick L. Robertson, 288 Robin G. Robertson, 288 Cindy D. Robinett, 322 James W. Robinett, 306 Georgia A. Robinett, 343 Cassandra A. Robinson, 343 Douglas W. Robinson, 343 Elnore M. Robinson, 343 James A. Robinson, 288 James K. Robinson, 322 Jane L. Robinson, 306 Julia M. Robinson, 288 Lisa L. Robinson, 288 Mark R. Robinson, 322 Martha L. Robinson, 288 Melvin Robinson, 288 Phyllis R. Robinson, 343 Rickey L. Robinson, 306 Sandy L. Robinson, 343 Scott Robinson, 322 Steven B. Robinson, 343 William Mark Robinson, 343 Susan M. Robinson, 343 Jackie D. Roby, 352 Dean R. Rockstrott, 343 Patricia A. Roddy, 322 Kim G. Rodgers, 288 Dolores J. Roe, 343 Leigh F. Roebuck, 288 Randy W. Roebuck, 271 Scott A. Roethlisberger, 306 Barry T. Rogers, 343 Bill W. Rogers, 322 Cynthia S. Rogers, 323 Debby E. Rogers, 273 Elizabeth C. Rogers, 343 James F. Rogers, 306 Jerri M. Rogers, 323 Kimberley D. Rogers, 306 Onnie L. Rogers, 323 Rolan Bryan Rogers, 323 Faith D. Rolland, 306 Glen C. Rolland, 288 Jon R. Rollins, 343 Richard R. Romeo, 271 Rebkah Romero, 273 Jimmy R. Romine, 307 Sherry L. Rook, 352 Greg A. Rooks, 307 Patty A. Rooks, 343 Randall S. Roop, 273 Cynthia M. Roper, 343 Renee A. Rorex, 323 Steve Rorex, 343 Steven Rorex, 343 Michelle C. Rorie, 343 Deedra D. Rosamond, 323 Darryl W. Rose, 288 Dina R. Rose, 343 Elaine Rose, 352 Gala L. Rose, 323 Joan Rose, 323 Karen J. Rose, 343 Laurie A. Rose, 307 Paula S. Rose, 307 Steven P. Rose, 288 Susan A. Rose, 343 Tracey A. Rose, 307 William M. Rose, 288 Bill Ross, 323 Greg A. Ross, 343 Jackie D. Ross, 307 Rhonda Ross, 323 Sandra G. Ross, 323 Debhora, K. Rosse, 273 Joyce L. Rossel, 288 Barry N. Rossel, 351 Barry A. Rougeau, 350 Johnny M. Rounds, 343 Jane Ann Rouse, 307 Rodney M. Rouse, 288 Shirley R. Rousey, 343 Bart M. Rowe, 288 Jackie C. Rowe, 307 Kelly S. Rowe, 307 Melinda L. Howell. 271 Teddy W. Rowell, 343 Carmen A. Rowland, 307 Greg L. Rowland, 307 Angela J. Rowleh, 323 Edward L. Rowlett, 343 Mary Cherie Rowlett, 307 Tammy L. Rowlett, 343 Terri L. Rudd, 323 Steven L. Rudkin, 343 Tammy R. Rudkin, 343 Scott Randal Ruff, 343 Bryan Ruggeri, 343 Mura J. Ruminer, 307 Jason B. Runsick, 323 William D. Rupard, 288 Jacki Lynn Rushing, 323 Cheryl E. Russell, 273 Jacqueline S. Russell, 307 James S. Russell, 323 Lisa A. Russell, 288 Margaret J. Russell, 307 Martha L. Russell, 343 Mike Russell, 307 Paulette Russell, 307 Walter E. Russell, 273 Douglas L. Rust, 323 Leslie G. Rust, 323 Beth Rutherford, 307 Jeff J. Rutherford, 288 Paula S. Rutland, 288 Nancy A. Ryan, 307 Teresa D. Ryan, 288 — s— Reginald L. Saffeil, 307 Tony Sagley, 307 Christine E. Sago, 288 Robin A. Saito, 307 Dorthy J. Sammons, 323 Ronnie H. Samuel, 288 Carmen C. Sanchez, 288 Tim S. Sandborn, 343 Chandra A. Sanderfur, 343 Elizabeth J. Sanderlin, 307 Carthell L. Sanders, 343 Gregory K. Sanders, 307 Greyson R. Sanders, 343 Ike Sanders, 343 LdRttv D. Sanders, 288 tin K. Sanders, 343 oa L. Sanders, 307 Rodney W. Sanders, 343 Scott A. Sanders, 288 Shaunda T. Sanders, 349 Gil E. Sandholzer, 307 Shirleen Sando, 307 Amy E. Sanford, 323 Joyce S. Sanford, 343 Nahro Y. Saoud, 289 Hamdan Sarabani, 307 Anthony P. Sardone, 271 Sharon K. Sartin, 323 Joe A. Sartini, 307 Deana M. Satterwhite, 323 Brian D. Sawyer, 343 Mark A. Sawyer, 343 Phillip E. Sawyer, 307 Patricia A. Saylors, 323 Debbie Scarff, 307 LeAnn R. Scarff, 289 Ron B. Scarpa, 307 Greg T. Schaaf, 343 Pat D. Schaeffer, 307 Cliff S. Schafer, 323 Steven M. Schaughency, 271 Laurie L. Scheer, 307 Rebecca J. Scheiderer, 307 Todd Schell, 343 Dale A. Schenk, 351 Arni W. Scheving, 307 Gary P. Schirmacher, 289 Phil E. Schirmer, 343 Karen E. Schisler, 307 Brent A. Schmiegelow, 323 Gerald C. Schreck, 389 Stephen C. Schreck, 343 Vincent A. Schreck, 289 David A. Schuetz, 348 Dewey A. Scott, 343 Eric M. Scott, 343 Gayla R. Scott, 343 Jamie D. Scott, 343 Janet L. Scott, 289 Joe M. Scott, 307 Kathy B. Scott, 307 Lori A. Scott, 343 Rose M. Scott, 343 Susan E. Scott, 289 Todd Scott, 343 Emily A. Scroggs, 323 Susan J. Scroggs, 323 Ollie Seals, 343 Paula L. Seans, 323 Dana L. Seay, 343 Ellen R. Seay, 343 Scot R. Sebeata, 343 Dawn Sechrest, 289 Randy E. Secrease, 343 Cindy L. Seesengood, 307 Judith L. Seesengood, 289 Deborah K. Sehne, 343 Patricia A. Seibert, 307 Mastura Selamat, 307 Terry L. Selby, 289 Lisa L. Sellers, 289 Kala R. Selvadurai, 307 Jihad Jamil Semaan, 307 Joseph J. Semaan, 389 Dawn M. Sensmeyer, 307 Carletta Settlemoi, 343 Mark A. Settlemoi, 289 Margaret Ann Sewell, 323 Daniel L. Sexton, 323 Robert C. Sjackelford, 289 Mohd M. Shafie, 323 Mary A. Shanklin, 323 Bruce E. Shannon, 323 Deea L. Shannon, 289 Kathleen A. Shannon, 289 Larry M. Shannon, 289 Patti C. Shannon, 323 David E. Sharp, 307 Don G. Sharp, 307 Joel D. Sharp, 289 Melody A. Shatley, 307 Allen Shaver, 343 Mary J. Shaver, 343 Ann B. Shaw, 307 Arnold R. Shaw, 323 Beverly F. Shaw, 289 Denise K. Shaw, 307 Frank L. Shaw, 307 Ruth R. Sheard, 352 Tresa M. Sheard, 351 Connie L. Shedd, 273 David W. Shedd, 307 Jane Lea Shedd, 307 Vivian C. Sheets, 343 Abdulwahab, H. Shehada, 289 Elbert Shelley, 323 David N. Shelton, 289 David W. Shelton, 289 Debbie L. Shelton, 307 Deborah A. Shelton, 307 Dewey A. Shelton, 307 Shelia T. Shelton, 343 Susan M. Shelton, 344 Timothy R. Shelton, 323 Whitney A. Shelton, 307 Susan M. Shempert, 307 Jim R. Shemwell, 307 Deborah K. Shepard, 323 William D. Sheridan, 307 Ronnie E. Sherrell, 289 Lavanda A. Sherrill, 307 Sarah S. Shewmaker, 323 Mark T. Shidler, 307 Teddy D. Shields, 289 Sam T. Shinault, 344 Bryan W. Shipman, 344 Carla M. Shipman, 344 Ester R. Shipp, 323 Sharon L. Shipp, 289 Gregory W. Shirley, 307 Karen R. Shirley, 289 Brenda L. Shockley, 307 Harold L. Shoemaker, 344 Michael C. Shores, 344 Doug L. Shouse, 307 Paula J. Shrable, 344 Garen B. Shrader, 323 Sue Shrum, 307 Linda F. Shuck, 323 David L. Sibley, 344 Sandra E. Siddell, 344 Angela D. Sifford, 289 Willie E. Sigears, 323 Jay Sikes, 273 Lisa A. Siler, 307 Scott A. Siler, 289 Vonda K. Simer, 344 James W. Simington, 289 Gina M. Simmons, 289 Glenda K. Simmons, 289 Jeff Simmons, 323 Lesia L. Simmons, 323 Mark E. Simmons, 323 Sandy K. Simmons, 344 Trudi J. Simmons, 323 Yvonne Simmons, 289 John L. Simon, 307 Kevin B. Simpkins, 289 Bernard Simpson, Jr., 307 Denni E. Simpson, 323 Douglas L. Simpson, 344 Jan L. Simpson, 323 Joe E. Simpson, 307 Julie L. Simpson, 273 Keely L. Simpson, 344 Kim K. Simpson, 289 Rhonda L. Simpson, 289 Scott E. Simpson, 308 Steve L. Simpson, 323 Barry W. Sims, 308 Belinda K. Sims, 344 Jennifer A. Sims, 344 John A. Sims, 289 Karrie L. Sims, 308 Lance E. Sims, 344 Linda M. Sims, 323 Rodney D. Sims, 344 Steven D. Sinclair, 344 Bernadette Sinegar, 344 David Singh, 289 Parminder Singh, 323 Lisa L. Singleton, 308 Tharmarajah Sinnan, 289 Danette Sisco, 308 James D. Sisk, 289 Jane Sisk, 323 Lisa K. Sitzer, 308 Mark R. Skeens, 344 David R. Skelton, 289 Lynne A. Skelton, 290 Scott A. Skelton, 290 Lorrie A. Skinner, 308 James E. Skipper, 352 Scott A. Skoog, 308 Paul M. Skuban, 323 Geraldine M. Skyles, 351 Stephanie C. Skyrme, 308 Chuck R. Slabauch, 308 Tim N. Slape, 290 Vicki J. Slaughter, 323 Emmett M. Slayton, 323 Louis Sloas, 344 David M. Sluder, 323 Donna S. Smalley, 323 Bonnie S. Smallwood, 344 Jeron D. Smart, 344 Barbara M. Smith, 323 Beverly F. Smith, 323 Bradley E. Smith, 290 Brian E. Smith, 308 Cubie L. Smith, 308 Daniel L. Smith, 344 Deanna L. Smith, 323 Dennis L. Smith, 271 Dennis P. Smith, 308 Dewey J. Smith, 323 Edye A. Smith, 344 Greg F. Smith, 308 Gregory L. Smith, 290 Helen M. Smith, 323 James E. Smith, 290 James M. Smith, 323 Janis L. Smith, 344 Joe P. Smith, 323 Julie L. Smith, 344 Kathy J. Smith, 352 Kelly D. Smith, 344 Kenneth D. Smith Jr., 344 Kevin W. Smith, 344 Kimberly G. Smith, 344 Leah A. Smith, 323 Lena D. Smith, 344 Lome S. Smith, 344 Marie A. Smith, 323 Mark E. Smith, 323 Marvin J. Smith, 344 Mary A. Smith, 290 Melinda S. Smith, 271 Mickey Smith, 290 Misti L. Smith, 344 Patricia J. Smith, 290 Penny L. Smith, 344 Penny M. Smith, 308 Randall L. Smith, 344 Renette Smith, 323 Retta J. Smith, 290 Rita D. Smith, 290 Roanne Smith, 344 Robert A. Smith, 308 Robert L. Smith, 344 Robin M. Smith, 290 Roger D. Smith, 290 Roger S. Smith, 344 Sandra S. Smith, 323 Scott C. Smith, 344 Stephen S. Smith, 324 Steven R. Smith, 344 Susan K. Smith, 308 Susan L. Smith, 290 Susan R. Smith, 344 Tammy L. Smith, 208 Terri A. Smith, 290 Todd S. Smith, 324 Tracy D. Smith, 308 Wallace J. Smith, 308 Wesley S. Smith, 344 Doyne R. Smithee, 271 Mark B. Smithee, 324 Douglas E. Smithwick, 308 Stephanie G. Smithwick, 290 Regina A. Smoot, 344 Valinda P. Smothers, 324 Bobby W. Sneed, 324 Robbie R. Sneed, 344 Sherry A. Sneed, 344 Troy E. Snell, 324 Allison P. Snider, 308 Glendon B. Snider, 324 Walter B. Snider, 324 j Gary R. Snodgrass, 344 j Stan D. Snodgrass, 308 Craig E. Snow, 308 I Kim E. Snyder, 324 { William D. Soden, 308 { George J. Soest, Jr., 290 j Karen L. Soles, 308 | Suzanne R. Solley, 324 Henrietta Sorg, 344 Dennis D. Sorrows, 344 j Harold G. Souheaver, 308 Lisa A. South, 273 j Susan L. South, 324 j Teri L. Southern, 344 John R. Soward, 308 Glen L. Spargo, 308 Connie L. Sparks, 308 Towny Sparks, 290 ! Tracy H. Sparks, 344 i Jeffery M. Speak, 308 Russell L. Speaks, 344 Barbara J. Spears, 344 Cindy L. Spears, 308 Timothy S. Spears, 324 Dennis L. Spence, 344 Gregory G. Spence, 324 Judy L. Spence, 290 i Cynthia C. Spencer, 350 Deborah L. Spencer, 271 I Janice LeAnne Spencer, 344 Mel D. Spencer, 308 Robin L. Spencer, 290 Russ G. Spencer, 324 Lesleye L. Spikes, 324 Cindy D. Spinks, 290 C. R. Spivey, 290 Gregory A. Spradlin, 351 Holly L. Springhart, 344 Paula A. Sprinkle, 344 Penni L. Sprinkle, 290 Janet P. Sproling, 324 Becky Spurlock, 344 Paulia J. Spurlock, 308 Tracy L. Spurlock, 344 Crystal G. Squires, 308 Keith S. Squires, 271 Jeffrey D. Stacey, 290 Lena A. Stackhouse, 308 Mary J. Stacy, 308 Trent L. Stacy, 324 Paula K. Stafford, 290 Jamie D. Staggs, 324 William A. Staggs, 344 Lynn Stallings, 308 Malcolm O. Stallings, 324 Tim W. Stallings, 324 Susan R. Stalnaker, 324 Diana L. Stanczak, 308 Cheryl A. Standefer, 273 Sandra Jo Standefer, 308 Belinda D. Stanfill, 344 Cherye G. Stanfill, 344 Donna R. Stanfill, 308 Robin R. Stanford, 344 Rhonda K. Stanley, 308 Richard R. Stanley, 308 William J. Stanley, 344 Eric N. Stark, 308 Stuart L. Stark, 308 Rhonda L. Starks, 344 Dorothy E. Starnes, 308 Pamela L. Staten, 344 Oavid V. Statler, 324 Smilie Y. Statler, 290 ievin R. Statler, 290 Scott Staudt, 324 iobin K. Stayton, 290 Jim E. Stearns, 308 Walter R. Steele, 290 Wesley Steele, 308 Donna L. Steese, 349 Linda K. Steese, 344 Ceila J. Stegall, 324 Mark A. Stegall, 273 Jeanette K. Steimel, 344 Shelby J. Steimel, 324 Laura L. Stein, 324 Ricky Steiner, 273 Betty J. Stephens, 344 James D. Stephenson, 308 Mike Stephenson, 308 Andrew P. Stepka, 324 Bonita M. Stevens, 290 Jackie Stevens, 308 Kevin M. Stevens, 345 Lisa M. Stevens, 308 Sandra Y. Stevens, 345 Robin R. Stevenson, 324 Earnestine Steward, 273 Timothy W. Steward, 273 Alvin R. Stewart, 324 Brenda C. Stewart, 290 Dana B. Stewart, 345 Freedia J. Stewart, 308 Gloria D. Stewart, 308 Lucie M. Stewart, 345 Ray F. Stewart, Jr., 290 Rhonda G. Stewart, 324 Terri A. Stewart, 349 Timothy W. Stewart, 290 Vickie A. Stewart, 324 Weldon T. Stewart, 290 Laura A. Stickler, 324 James E. Stidman, 308 Anthony T. Stiff, 290 Randy C. Still, 290 Gregg Stillwell, 308 Andi Jo Stilwell, 345 Leslie C. Stilwell, 308 Kim S. Stimson, 308 Karen D. Stoker, 290 Susan A. Stoker, 308 Jeremy M. Stockert, 345 Safronia F. Stokes, 308 Debie J. Stockinger, 324 Ralph E. Stombaugh, 308 Carey D. Stone, 308 Donna D. Stoner, 324 James B. Stone, 345 Jimmy J. Stone, 345 John C. Stone, 308 Johnnie L. Stone, 308 Julie A. Stone, 290 Ray E. Stone, 308 Rhonda C. Stone, 308 Robin M. Stone, 345 Kellene L. Storey, 324 Kevin L. Storey, 308 Gloria A. Story, 345 Randy L. Story, 308 Jeffery W. Stotts, 308 Joseph C. Stovall, 345 Rodney D. Stovall, 324 Ronald L. Stovall, 290 Mark A. St. Pierre, 290 Andrew E. Strabala, 324 Norma L. Stracener, 291 Lesley S. Stracner, 345 Bobby S. Straha, 308 Stacy Jo Strickland, 345 Jerry Stroud, 309 Robert K. Stubblefield, 291 Jackie K. Studdard, 309 Melisa G. Sturch, 324 Kathryn D. Sturdivant, 271 Sherry L. Suit, 291 James R. Sulcer, 309 Michael A. Sullens, 309 Dolly M. Sullins, 345 Leslie Sullins, 391 Tammy E. Sullins, 324 Lexie Sullivan, 309 Russell N. Sullivan, 324 Tony R. Sullivan, 324 Betty L. Summers, 291 Bill J. Summers, 309 Janie L. Summers, 324 Robert P. Summers, 309 Kelly L. Summitt, 309 Susan Sumpter, 345 John T. Suskie, 324 Corinda D. Sutherland, 324 Janet A. Sutton, 309 Jennifer L. Sutton, 345 Kelly L. Sutton, 345 Mike L. Sutton, 309 William K. Swails, 309 Roy E. Swain, 345 Edward A. Swann, II, 324 Stacey C. Swann, 345 Hope R. Swanner, 309 Joseph P. Sweat, 324 James S. Sweazy, 271 Alfonza Swift, 345 Jobie K. Swift, 345 Paul P. Swift, 345 Glen E. Swindle, 273 Kim D. Swindle, 345 Mary R. Swindoll, 324 Lezli R. Sydorenko, 350 Gary T. Szucs, 345 — T— Jeffery L. Tabor, 324 Lowell S. Tabor, 273 Mike W. Tabor, 324 Paul E. Tabron, 352 Gerald W. Tackeberry, 345 Beth Tackett, 309 Georgia J. Tackett, 309 Deonna D. Taggart, 345 Tammy C. Taggart, 309 Kamarudin Taha, 324 Anna M. Talbot, 345 John P. Talley, 324 Barbara J. Tanner, 309 Carl G. Tanner, 324 Leean R. Tanner, 324 Lewis E. Tanner, 291 Sandy L. Tanner, 309 Penny G. Tarver, 345 Phyllis J. Tarver, 345 Andre Tate, 345 Brenda K. Tate, 345 Brian E. Tate, 345 Gregory Tate, 324 James D. Tate, 345 Starla R. Tate, 324 Wade S. Tate, 324 Cassandra E. Tatum, 309 Amanda S. Taylor, 309 Brian K. Taylor, 345 Bryan D. Taylor, 291 Cathy M. Taylor, 291 David L. Taylor, 324 David S. Taylor, 345 Edie K. Taylor, 291 Frank F. Taylor, 291 Garry W. Taylor, 324 Ginger A. Taylor, 345 James E. Taylor, 309 Jeff Taylor, 324 Jeff B. Taylor, 345 Johnethan C. Taylor, 291 Joseph J. Taylor, 345 Judy A. Taylor, 273 Katrina C. Taylor, 291 Keith A. Taylor, 309 Lance W. Taylor, 324 Lisa E. Taylor, 324 Mark A. Taylor, 345 Mary F. Taylor, 345 Rebekah A. Taylor, 324 Richard V. Taylor, 345 Ronnie J. Taylor, 324 Scotty V. Taylor, 271 Steven D. Taylor, 309 Tony L. Taylor, 345 Valerie M. Taylor, 291 Vicki L. Taylor, 345 Virginia L. Taylor, 324 Jennifer J. Teel, 309 Tyson T. Teel, 345 Kevin S. Tefteller, 309 Karin K. Telle, 324 Tangela J. Temple, 345 Jim L. Terry, 309 Gerry A. Thielemier, 309 Steve J. Thielemier, 309 Sam J. Thigpen, 309 April D. Thomas, 345 Guar Is tine Thomas, 291 Danny H. Thomas, 291 James H. Thomas, 324 Marvin A. Thomas, 345 Patricia H. Thomas, 324 Toni L. Thomas, 324 Alton L. Thompson, 291 Betty L. Thompson, 291 Carolyn Thompson, 309 Darlene Thompson, 291 Debra L. Thompson, 324 Janis L. Thompson, 309 John K. Thompson, 345 Keith Thompso n, 345 Kimberly J. Thompson, 345 Naomi Thompson, 345 Nina B. Thompson, 273 Nita K. Thompson, 345 Pansy J. Thompson, 291 Peter B. Thompson, 291 Robin L. Thompson, 345 Stephanie L. Thompson, 324 Tracy L. Thompson, 325 Margaret A. Thorn berry, 291 Pamela M. Thornbrough, 345 Donald C. Thornton, 291 Mary K. Thornton, 345 Ben Threadgill, 309 Colleen L. Threm, 325 Phyllis A. Throesch, 345 Terry W. Thoresch, 345 Pamela O. Tibbs, 325 Sharen K. Tibbs, 309 Wendy Tibbs, 309 Robin R. Tidwell, 325 Stacey Tiffany, 309 Ruth A. Tilghman, 325 Phyllis I. Tilley, 345 Demetra E. Tillman, 325 Thorny Tillman, 349 William C. Timbs, 309 Carla E. Timms, 345 Suzanne R. Timms, 309 Kwan F. To, 325 Larry O. Todd, 309 Sarah E. Tolewitzke, 309 Russell T. Tooley, 325 Staci L. Tosh, 325 Johnny B. Toton, 325 Joe M. Towles, 309 Kenneth E. Town se nd, 291 Tina R. Townsend, 345 Jerry W. Townsley, 325 Mary J. Tracer, 291 Karen L. Tracy, 345 John J. Trahan, 325 Leslie L. Trail, 291 William J. Trail, 325 John E. Trainor, 345 Candy R. Trammel!, 325 Marshall D. Trantham, 345 Milisa E. Travis, 309 James H. Treece, 309 Michelle R. Treece, 325 Dave R. Trent, 345 Bruce A. Trice, 291 Joseph C. Trimble, 291 Tommy G. Trivitt, 345 Debbie L. Trotter, 309 Roger Troxel, 325 Bruce B. Truitt, 309 Doris L. Tuberville, 325 Torrence L. Tuberville, 325 Chuck L. Tucker, 291 Darrick L. Tucker, 291 Gregory J. Tucker, 309 Henry C. Tucker, 325 Janet E. Tucker, 345 Karin S. Tucker, 351 Kelly G. Tucker, 291 Steve T. Tucker, 291 Tim G. Tucker, 291 Twyla R. Tucker, 291 Tami J. Tudor, 325 Myra B. Tuggle, 309 Benny R. Tunstall, 345 Pamela D. Turbyeville, 291 Kevin D. Turman, 345 Donna L. Turnage, 325 Brenda F. Turner, 345 Debrah L. Turner, 325 Ellsworth Turner, 291 Gayla L. Turner, 291 Karen S. Turner, 291 Kelly J. Turner, 325 Michael J. Turner, 291 Patricia A. Turner, 309 Perry L. Turner, 345 Sandy J. Turner, 309 Sheila M. Turner, 325 Sharon K. Turney, 346 Linda C. Tusing, 309 Cecil B. Twillie, 273 Becky L. Tyler, 346 Mark A. Tyler, 291 Rene Tyler, 325 James P. Tyner, 325 Vanessa K. Tyson, 309 — u— Felix I. Ugwu, 291 Charles R. Uhlig, Jr., 309 Jim C. Umfress, 291 Ed L. Underwood, 292 Malinda Underwood, 346 Thomas E. Underwood, 346 Pam D. Ungerank, 325 Toni A. Unrein, 271 Charlotte K. Upshaw, 309 Peyton Upton, 325 Tony Uthoff, 292 Denis J. Utley, 346 Meleia L. Utley, 309 Tammy L. Utley, 292 — V— Tommy C. Vanaman, 351 Deirdre E. Vance, 325 Terry D. Vance, 346 Kevin T. Vane, 309 Kathy J. Vangilder, 309 David L. Vann, 325 Kevin W. Vannada, 309 Suzanne M. Van Patten, 325 Dawn L. Van Valkenburg, 292 Donna M. Vanwinkle, 309 Carlos R. Vargas, 309 Talocka S. Vargas, 346 Bradley W. Vaughn, 292 Carl R. Vaughn, 325 Leslie S. Vaughn, 292 Mary A. Vaughn, 325 Vickie M. Vaught, 309 Alesia S. Veasley, 346 David L. Veasman, 351 Joseph G. Vernon, 325 Cindy J. Verkler, 292 Mitch D. Verkler, 346 Ronald W. Vest, 292 Gregory S. Vestal, 346 Kim D. Vestal, 292 James K. Veteto, 351 ' . beryl A Vichkon, 346 harles E. Vick, 309 ■ H. ViEcent, 348 Randi K. Vincent, 325 Stacy L. Vincent, 346 Tomi L. Vincent, 309 Becky Vinson, 309 Cindy E. Vinson, 325 Karen F. Vinson, 346 Andy F. Vitale, 346 DeAnne Vivrette, 292 Eric D. Voigt, 309 Faith A. Vollman, 309 Debra A. Volner, 325 Julie Von Kanel, 346 Michelle L. Voorhees, 346 Catherine M. Vorwald, 325 Michael K. Vowell, 346 Brian E. Vredingburgh, 309 Grace Vudures, 346 Reba A. Vuncannon, 309 — w— Denise L. Wachowski, 325 Lee F. Waddell, 273 Robin L. Waddell, 309 Keith L. Waddle, 346 Eileen L. Wade, 309 Michael R. Wade, 325 Randy Wade, 325 Alva V. Wade, 346 Aimee D. Wagner, 346 Kerry M. Wagner, 346 Carey V. Wagner, 346 Cindy D. Wagster, 346 Tammy L. Waid, 309 Charles W. Wait, 292 Anthony C. Wake, 346 Danny L. Waldrip, 346 Craig A. Walker, 346 Jamie L. Walker, 346 Johnny O. Walker, 292 Keith Walker, 309 Linda F. Walker, 292 Loretta K. Walker, 325 Tim B. Walker, 346 Tracie L. Wall, 292 Arlee Wallace, 346 Carole A. Wallace, 309 Cornell Wallace, 310 Lisa A. Wallace, 325 Lola R. Wallace, 346 Mark M. Wallace, 346 Mike H. Wallace, 346 Patti J. Wallace, 310 John L. Walling, 346 Mary Alice Wallis, 310 Mary E. Wallis, 310 Susan M. Walsh, 310 Valeria M. Walter, 346 Dee F. Walters, 325 Lori A. Walters, 310 Janet F. Walton, 325 Joy E. Walton, 310 Keith A. Walton, 310 Maru A. Walton, 292 Renee Walton, 292 Stephen F. Walton, 346 David C. Wann, 346 Janet R. Wann, 292 Billy J. Ward, 292 Charles T. Ward, 310 David M. Ward, 273 Donald, D. Ward, 310 Jimmy L. Ward, 310 Kathryn E. Ward, 292 Kelly A. Ward, 325 Kevin L. Ward, 325 Paula M. Ward, 292 Scott R. Ward, 346 Tammy E. Ward, 346 Freddy J. Ware, 325 Walter S. Warfield, 310 Sharon L. Warnick, 310 Glenda D. Warren, 325 Myrett J. Warren, 310 Veronica A. Warren, 325 James O. Washam, 346 Laurie R. Washam, 325 Vincent E. Washam, 346 Beth S. Washburn, 325 Joni F. Washburn, 346 Timmy R. Washburn, 310 Sundra G. Washington, 310 Catharine E. Wassom, 310 Amelia X. Walters, 292 Chris L. Watkins, 346 Danita L. Watkins, 346 David T. Watkins, 310 Debora S. Watkins, 346 Kevin A. Watkins, 325 Kevin R. Watkins, 325 Lance A. Watkins, 310 Leshia D. Watkins, 346 Lisa A. Watkins, 292 Roger L. Watkins, 325 Bill A. Watson, 346 Cindy K. Watson, 310 Corinna J. Watson, 325 Heidi M. Watson, 346 Herbert S. Watson III, 310 Ila L. Watson, 346 Janet L. Watson, 310 Kathy J. Watson, 346 Leslie J. Watson, 325 Martha A. Watson, 346 Paulette Watson, 325 Sherri L. Watson, 349 Susan C. Watson, 273 Veda E. Watson, 310 Mary J. Watt, 310 Bryan Watts, 310 Janice C. Watts, 271 Stacy Wayland, 325 Paul W. Weatherford, 292 Renee A. Weatherford, 271 Claudia E. Weathers, 325 Autumn R. Weaver, 273 Derwin K. Weaver, 310 Sherry M. Weaver, 346 Tammy K. Weaver, 346 Ava D. Webb, 325 David N. Webb, 292 Deanna R. Webb, 310 Denise Webb, 346 Frances A. Webb, 310 Leigh A. Webb, 346 Lori L. Webb, 325 Paula R. Webb, 310 Reginald C. Webb, 292 Rhonda R. Webb, 310 Sherry L. Webb, 346 Connie J. Webster, 325 Bill W. Weeks, 310 Jackie M. Weeks, 271 Stefanie K. Weidman, 352 Anthony A. Weir H, 292 Joseph E. Weir, 310 Paula K. Weir, 271 Susan N. Weir, 346 Beth A. Weisbrod, 346 Annetta A. Weisenbach, 325 Lawrence A. Weisenbach, 346 Lisa R. Weisenbach, 292 Jackie S. Welshman, 349 Becky S. Welch, 346 Kenneth J. Welch, 310 Phillip W. Welch, 325 Sherry L. Welch, 325 Alison Weld, 310 Kristi L. Weldon, 346 Dana E. Wellborn, 273 Anna R. Wells, 292 Carla R. Wells, 292 Dena G. Wells, 346 Linwood W. Wells, 292 Michael O. Wells, 292 Russell Wells, 325 Dana C. Wendell, 346 Julie A. Wenzel, 346 Angela J. West, 346 Billy W. West, 346 Claude G. West, 310 Leatrice R. West, 346 Phyllis K. West, 292 Todd L. West, 346 Varegele West, 310 Jerry L. Westbrook, 346 Paula K. Wewers, 325 Karen S. Wheatley, 310 Tony R. Wheatley, 292 Sandy K. Wheaton, 310 Ike Wheeler, 310 Karen L. Wheeler, 325 Kimberly K. Wheeler, 346 Lana J. Wheeler, 347 Sands C. Wheeler, 347 Qdalas Whitaker, 347 Carol A. White, 273 Cynthia A. White, 310 Dedira D. White, 310 Gary J. White, 347 Gregory B. White, 325 Jessica T. White, 310 Judy L. White, 310 Karen L. White, 325 Kelli J. White, 310 Ken P. White, 310 Kenny White, 310 Kevin M. White, 347 Lisa C. White, 310 Marilyn M. White, 292 Mary H. White, 310 Michelle M. White, 310 Philip A. White, 347 Ricky D. White, 325 Rodney A. White, 326 Susan E. White, 310 Teresa L. White, 292 Terrie S. White, 347 Todd A, White, 292 Richard M. Whitehorn, 326 Brenda M. Whitcker, 326 Stephen N. Whitlach, 347 Stanley G. Whitlow, 292 Sheila L. Whitmire, 310 Valarie L. Whitmore, 347 Robert M. Whitney, 310 Barbara K. Whitson, 326 Jeffrey A. Whitson, 292 Robert E. Whitson, 347 Kimberly D. Whitt, 326 Jeff L. Whittingham, 347 Charles L. Whittom, 310 John Kofi Adoko Kihyte, 347 Steve Wicker, 310 Robin L. Wiedman, 310 Rodney A. Wiedower, 310 Patricia L. Wiggins, 310 Sarah L. Wiggins, 347 Jon S. Wilbanks, 292 Johnnie L. Wilborn, 310 Brenda S. Wilcox, 292 Bryan R. Wilcox, 347 Janice M. Wilcox, 293 Carolyn E. Wilder, 347 Laura L. Wilhite, 326 Tracy A. Wilhite, 347 Louis V. Wilhoite, 326 Clark Wilkerson, 310 Jean Wilkerson, 310 Mark A. Wilkerson, 347 Brad R Wilkins, 310 Dana M. Wilkins, 326 Phillip K. Wilkins, 273 Toneeia L. Wilkinson, 293 Rita A. Willbanks, 326 Dirk L. Willett, 326 Steven K. William, 310 Barbara D. Williams, 293 Becky S. Williams, 310 Billy D. Williams, 347 Bobby R. Williams, 310 Carole A. Williams, 347 Charles E. Williams, 326 Cindy L. Williams, 347 Cyndy D. Williams, 347 Cynthia L. Williams, 310 Dale S. Williams, 347 Dana S. Williams, 347 Diana G. Williams, 310 Dina J. Williams, 347 Dora J. Williams, 293 Eddie J. Williams, 310 Fayeth L. Williams, 347 Jacqueline M. Williams, 310 Janice L. Williams, 293 Jennifer C. Williams, 326 Jerry H. Williams, 347 Karen A. Williams, 326 Karla Williams, 326 Lana K. Williams, 347 LeAnn Williams, 347 Lias M. Williams, 347 Lori M. Williams, 347 i Maggy L. Williams, 326 Mari M. Williams, 326 I Marty A. Williams, 293 Melody A. Williams, 347 Richard S. Williams, 347 Robert G. Williams, 347 Robin L. Williams, 293 Shannon D. Williams, 326 Sherri L. Williams, 326 I Stacy A. Williams, 326 Susan C. Williams, 352 Ted J. Williams, 293 Terri L. Williams, 347 Thomas H. Williams, 326 W. Trent Williams, 293 Greg A. Williamson, 326 Kent T. Williamson, 326 Lisa C. Williamson, 347 Robert C. Williamson, 347 Tim C. Williamson, 326 Amber S. Willie, 293 Judy C. Willis, 310 Oscar D. Willis, 310 Timothy N. Willmuth, 347 Calvin G. Willoughby, 293 Bess A. Wilson, 349 Charles E. Wilson, 326 Deborah S. Wilson, 347 Earl E. Wilson, 293 Farrell E. Wilson, 293 Gregory T. Wilson, 326 Jayme F. Wilson, 326 Jodi B. Wilson, 293 John N. Wilson, 347 John W. Wilson, 311 Larry B. Wi lson, 347 Monica A. Wilson, 347 Patricia A. Wilson, 293 Teresa A. Wilson, 347 Lisa A. Winberry, 326 Michael H. Winberry, 293 Cheryl L. Winfrey, 326 Lettie T. Winfrey, 311 Sharon R. Winkles, 347 Teia J. Winn, 326 Audra K. Winningham, 347 Scott C. Winningham, 347 Sonya J. Winningham, 293 Kimberly A. Winship, 326 Larry D. Winslow, 311 William J. Winter, 273 Gregory N. Wiseman, 311 Jim J. Wiseman, 326 Rhonda M. Withers, 326 Janette K. Withrow, 326 Marshall B. Wixson, 311 Carlotta Y. Wofford, 347 Kay A. Wolfe, 347 Sanford F. Womble, 347 James K. Wong, 326 Bill L. Wood, 347 Elizabeth A. Wood, 293 Jana E. Wood, 293 John K. Wood, 326 Kathy L. Wood, 311 Kyle K. Wood, 326 Mary Ann Wood, 311 Patsy R. Woodall, 347 David A. Woodard, 326 Jacqueline Woodard, 351 Lee P. Woodruff, 293 Brian L. Woods, 326 Carol D. Woods, 326 Debbie L. Woods, 351 Deborah K. Woods, 311 Regina Woods, 326 Jeff S. Woodsmall, 311 Donn E. Woody, 311 Ruth A. Wooldridge, 347 Joe W. Wool ver ton, 311 David J. Woosley, 311 Kim A. Woosley, 293 Kevin D. Wooten, 347 Rickey Wooten, 350 Elizabeth J. Word, 347 John R. Workund, 273 Tammy M. Worley, 311 Donna J. Worlow, 293 Jeffrey K. Worlow, 351 Johnny L. Worsham, 326 Suzie Wortham, 347 Suzanne L. Wren, 311 Boyd T. Wright, 347 Brenda A. Wright, 326 Dallen D. Wright, 293 Donnie L. Wright, 311 Gary B. Wright, 293 Gary Lee Wright, 347 Henrietta Wright, 347 James M. Wright, 326 Kenny A. Wright, 326 Lori A. Wright, 311 Mitchell K. Wright, 347 Steven L. Wright, 347 Wendy L. Wright, 347 Tony W. Wrinkles, 347 Melody A. Wroten, 326 Jeffery S. Wyatt, 311 Stephen P. Wyatt, 347 Keith M. Wycoff, 311 Kyle A. Wylie, 347 David D. Wynn, 311 Jodi A. Wyse, 311 Rhonda C. Wyse, 326 Stacy M. Wyse, 293 — Y— John R. Yarbrough, 347 Craig Yancey, 311 Freddie E. Yarbrough, 311 Lisa G. Yarbrough, 347 Susie Yarbrough, 326 Tammy C. Yarbrough, 347 Cathryn G. Yates, 293 James N. Yates, 271 Rahim Yazsani, 347 William T. Yazel, 311 Yin S. Yip, 326 David A. Yopp, 347 Wanda L. Yopp, 326 Laurie A. York, 293 Monya K. York, 293 Ann M. Yost, 347 Audrey P. Young, 293 Cynthia C. Young, 311 Cynthia L. Young, 326 Daronda R. Young, 311 David L. Young, 347 Derek J. Young, 293 Derrick C. Young, 348 Harrison, R. Young, 326 Jay D. Young, 326 Mark T. Young, 326 Melvin Young, 311 Michael P. Young, 311 Tommy L. Young, 311 Guy C. Younger, 348 — z— Greg E. Zachry, 326 Burhan M-I Zaidan, 348 Ruzina Zainuddin, 311 Syed N. Zakaria, 326 Joe M. Zimmerman, 348 Brenda S. Zamora, 293 Joann Zaremba, 311 Saleem Q. Zawawi, 326 Jaafar H. Zayat, 293 Kurt H. Zenruffinen, 311 Terry L. Ziegenhorn, 311 Nanci Zimmer, 293 Zaidah Zin, 311 Sandra J. Zirkle, 293 Steven N. Zoldak, 311 THE NEW COFFEE ACHIEVERS THE MOVERS THE SHAKERS 0h Ellen Lampkins Assistant Editor Mark Simmons Campus Life Editor 373. EDITOR ' S NOTE It is difficult to write a fitting, original and sufficient thank-you. However, this is the task I am now facing. The past year was one filled with anxiety and pressure in an attempt to complete a massive workload. At times I questioned my decision to edit the yearbook when I already had a full schedule. It has proved worthwhile and I am a better person for doing it. Tom Manning, as always was the guiding force behind any work being done. His job was sometimes as thankless as the one I assumed yet, he never relents. The final word usually came from Tom along with the final solution. Without the help of a fine editorial staff, this yearbook would not exist. Ellen, Allen, Mark and David are to be commended. Deadlines were met throughout the year because these people diligently worked towards this end. K. Todd must be recognized for his guidance as head photographer. His constant attention to detail provided the staff with an endless stream of photographs from his underlings. Hopefully this book echoes the looks, sentiments, and lifestyles of the college experience. Above all else, memories are the most eternal thing we will receive from ASU. Essence is very difficult to capture, especially in a book. At some time in the future I intend to open this book and relive my college existence. Finally, personal thanks to my family, Candace, and Julie are in order. They have been the driving force behind any goals I have attained. Now is the time to move forward to new experiences and a much-needed vacation. Stephen Coy Editor □□ HQ Brown ' s Graduation Supplies ft Awards Co , 1410 Franklin St Jonesboro. Arkansas 72401 (501)-932-4832 Representing Waisworth Publishing Company

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