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SHINING BRIGHTER 1984 INDIAN ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY BARRY WELLS, EDITOR WALSWORTH PUBLISHING CO., PUBLISHERWE'RE SHINTNG EPIGHTER THAN BEFORE TABLE OE CONTENTS GREEK ORGANTZATT NS SPORTS ...... . YEARBOOK STAFF . .... HEADS OF STATE PEOPLE PROFILES . . IN MEMoPY"ff..I.1ffff EDTTORTAL . 432 PAGE 482 PAGE 240 PAGE 250 PAGE 268 PAGE 394 PAGE 399 PAGE 400 The campus of Arkansas State University is SHINING BRIGHTER in many aspects. The ASU Physical Plant works hard to keep the campus clean and beautiful year round. Also, with plans well under way for a new Convocations Center and other campus improvements in the works, it is apparent that the campus of A-State will continue to shine. Shown here are four well-known buildings on this campus: the U ,-,- ........ M, ,L L. ... --Q-Q. 4,.,..,7'l . 2 "s' ,rj liz ,w,.i,,4 - ,, 9 " I ist 3 1 ' , . ,. , ,A 1 ,W fl -1' ,Q , in ,Y Ai sez , Y i i .guehe Q ixggiiiilrrstlfa V- F31 fi JUS. ll.lg1Vjil:1.zi,1- lil-M2535 lifllifliif. 'l'f':if:?lTf7 H3251 pu. if - i9'7ti?31.i fscairi ,jjpiftji New Pavilion, the Communications Building, the Education Building and those ever-present painted windows of University l-lall. OUR TCVVN 'Y 'E 1 Lzfcqbg , , Q5+wa,- nw M x X7 w J L B sf Wm M ga , gm if ' . NA M M 43 "':112j?2'W'b"'w -. - RWM J,MVQM,,,,,,..ww N. W . L ww N ,V M wwv' j ,wmv df ' grin, , 'fi 'M S N9 ,g M-2 s."i Y 4 if 5 3 V: V Y' 133 . 1 .fl-1551 fgf' , 3, F Q M wr? H hah: Q , igilwk Ae 1 I vii-Wi'ffMw'A,' A?-f 'Q LETS GET PHYSICAL SporTs play an imporTanT role aT ASU and boTh The men and women's aThIeTic programs are SHINING BRIGHTER. The acTuaI win-lose records of The Teams aT ASU are very deceiving aT Times. AcTuaIIy, ASU produces Teams ThaT are far beTTer Than The final record shows. Of course. There are oTher ways of "geTTing physicaI" aT ASU. For insTance, our cheerleaders geT very "physical" when performing aT games and Pep Rallies. 6 f K iii , '? , 'I 6 ,iwwwi x , ,. ,ww ifgqdxdp- 25 ,x ,., , I , V 1 , g i gf ,NX LIFE AT I-ICDIVIE . . . U59-fm ,W ' LY"'Ns WI-IO CAN IT BE NOW? '? '? . . . AWAY FRCDIVI I-IOIVIE Coming To school aT ASU usually means moving away from home and inTo a dorm room or aparTmenT. EiTher place has iTs own seT of advanTages and disadvanTages. Dorm life is an experience mosT people never forgeT. IT is a greaT place To live if you wanT To make a loT of new friends, or enemies, whaTever The case may be. Also, in The dorm you pay all your bills aT one Time, which proves very helpful if you Tend To forgeT liTTle Things like paying your bills! BuT Then There are disadvanTages To dorm life. For one. no loud parTies and inTervisiTaTion is enforced. This is noT To menTion having To eaT in The cafeTeria or beTTer yeT, going ouT To eaT every nighT. Plus, how many people really enjoy sharing a baThroom and shower wiTh ToTal sTrangers. especially a whole wing of Them! So, if dorm life is noT for you, Try an aparTmenT, AparTmenTs are funl You can have members of The opposiTe sex over anyTime, you can cook your own meals and if you are lucky, you will share your baTh wiTh one or Two roommaTes aT The max. BuT oh. Then come Those monThly bills. You have To pay elecTriciTy. gas. waTer and sewer. phone, cable Tv wiTh cable exTra. M-TV and HBO and Cinemax for sure. NOT To menTion your renT or grocery bill, afTer all, you have To have food To eaT for all The people who come To visiT aT all hours of The nighT. Then There are Those ThaT are sensible enough and who live close enough To commuTe. These people choose To live aT home wiTh Mom and Dad, and leT Them worry abouT all The bills and sTuff. Wherever you have chosen To live, enjoy iT! IT is your home . . . away from home. 9' mf t ar Q g Aww .-if . W ff if xi -. HBCDGGIE NIGHTS Whether it's just gathering at someone's apartment to watch football on a Monday night or a HBO movie, or a party to celebrate something, ASU students have a great time when they come together to party, and these parties don't always include liquor, although many do. Some are just a few friends getting together to socialize or play a few hands of cards. Whatever type of party you enjoy, lt can be found around the ASU Campus. 5055,-?v X LETS DANCE! Wheiher ii is in Siaie Hail or ai The Pavilion, ASU sfudenis can be found dancing almost every nighi of The week. A dance af any place on campus is a greai way To relax and unwind after a long day of class andfor work. LeT's Danceil Campus life at ASU is more active now than ever. There are numerous dances held each semester at the pavilion and in State Hall. Parties, of all types, occur frequently on and around campus. You can always find someone to go eat with, see a show or just mess around. Dorm life and Apartment life always prove very interesting. ASU students are leading social lives that are - "Shining Brighter ... Actively.” 12 ky PAYING THOSE FEES . . . Thanks to the efforts of both the Administration and Registrars office, there 1 wasn't the usual hassle of pulling cards this year to register. Instead, ASU Q students went to the computers to register. This method a registration proved ' X- to be much more efficient ancl a whole lot easier. Thank goodness, it helped -ff rid ASU students of some long "line standing". But . . . those lines to pay fees sure were tough. Oh well, give the administration some time and I am sure they will come up with something better. 14 HOLLY'S BOOK BUS Most ASU students ore fomilor with the old yellow school bus that sits at the corner of Caraway ond Johnson The bus Is known os "The Book Bus" ond seis used books to ASU students The bus is owned by Holy Anderson, who also buys books for students to resale through his bus Holly is a delightful man to talk with, so stop buy and have a chat with him sometime Thank you Holy for your service to ASU students. 15ASU CAMPUS MAP c .a? .235 v- .... ------j l ■ ' V. » ■ i' m is ■ ,. ' a Cjv . %v . » c. • 23 5 ’ n "’|i i' I it ••2S _i_- 24 , . •■ ;;; N2S '■ (N ! 1( ® A i ,V .. 18 ■ % ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Legend for campus map: 1. Administration Building 2. Saudi Arabian Center 3. University Hall (Women's Residence) 4. Kays Hall (Women's Residence) 5. Wesley Foundation 6. Church of Christ Center 7. Carl R. Reng Center 8. Baptist Student Center 9. Wilson Student Health Center 10. Student Services Center 11. Nursing and Health Professions 12. Indian Hall (Men's Residence) 13. New Student Pavilion 14. Old Student Pavilion 15. Stadium Complex 16. Track Complex 17. Arkansas Hall (Women’s Residence) 18. Delta Hall (Men’s Residence) 19. Seminole Twin Towers (Men's Residence) 20. Post Office (State University, AR 72467) 21. Fine Arts Center 22. Physical Plant 23. Old Education Building 24. Art Annex 25. Computer Services Center 26. Laboratory Science Center 27. Agriculture Engineering Center 28. Communications 29. Education 30. Dean B. Ellis Library 31. Continuing Education Center 32. Field House 33. Old Science Building 34. Physical Education Complex 35. Military Science, 36. Tennis Courts 37. Campus Security 38. Wilson Hall THE CAMPUSII » r- Continuing Education Center taiOH — . -.' k Administration Building 17hull Deon B. Ellis Library 1 ' 5 i W n ff'f i xml College of Business m will iiiiiliiii CLASSES . A K . . A aff' "' lk W sr A KM, A X Q ' M V 4 4- AT ASU ASU FAN-ATICS ASU fans can be found mosT anywhere in This parT of The sTaTe and when They Turn ouT for an ASU sporTs evenT, They add color and exciTemenT To The crowds. ASU's rnen's baskeTbalI Team has iTs very own form of defense in The form of some very dedicaTed hecklers, Marvin's Mad Dogs. These guys siT behind The bench of The opponenTs and cause quiTe d sTir on The opposing bench. The cheerleaders do a fine job in geTTing The crowds involved and in geTTing The spiriT going full speed ahead. C-3eT involved in The ASU sporTs scene and help "igniTe" some of ThaT good old Indian SpiriT. is ss ss.. , 1 ww 20 IGNIUE SPIRW ,als il' Viiiik Mama ,xfl Q 5 h.... v,..x, g ASU IVI-A-R-C-I-I-I-N-G I-N-D-I-A-N-S SPELLS - BAND DAY 4983 The ASU Marching Indians work hard to bring excellent halftime entertainment to Indian Stadium. In addition to the halftime show, the Band sits in the stands and plays and cheers. The Band also plays at various other times throughout the year. ASU students and faculty should be proud to have such an enthusiastic and talented band. 22 Q an-an-r wmuciuuuuqui K -f:: 1:55 . FM I! ...J , 'lV,- W Y' 3, Q Ji PEP BAND ADDS LIFE WUUXWNS 2A f i 4 ij W 4 NQUTN5 fi w u 5 fv 'K Zflffz mf' l MAJORETTES Left to Right: JoGIna Bokony, Debble Rosse, Alllson Shanklln, Terrl Maynard, Capt. Joyce Merriman, Karolyn Sowle, DeeDee Vance, Martha Balley and Letha Morrls. 25 BAND DAY 1983 Each year the ASU Marching Indians Band sponsors Band Day. Band Day is a full aay of fun and competition for area high school bands. The day is always climaxed with an outstanding, and usually unique, halftime performance by the Marching Indians and ail the participating bands and with the announcement of the competi- tions winners, CHEERLEADERS in 'Z 4...---v M ?' ww, W Ai PM TOTALLY AVVESCDIVIE The '83-'84 Cheerleadlng squad Included: Tommy John Kennett, Capt Penny Dawson, CoCapt., Blll Grogan Angela Burrls, Jack Bell, Cherll Kerby, Jett Owens, Alllson Nalley, Steve Bowen Sandy Tanner, Mlke Wllllams, Donna Colburn. X Z iiiii -ei' 30 , The ASU INDIAN cheerleaders are like, ToTaIIy awesome! They aTTend every home game and several of- The away games each year To lead ASU fans in cheers for Those INDIANS. ASU is lucky To have such a fine group of cheerleaders, They are TaIenTed, enThusiasTic and above all They are devoTed To Their work. The bad Thing is ThaT They receive very IiTTle help and encouragemenT from The crowds, as a maTTer of facT, some refuse To even admiT ThaT They are worThwhiIe. BuT, This never sTops The mighTy INDIAN cheerleaders. They keep Their heads up and give 44096. They work ouT several Times each week To polish up on Their cheers and many Times They spend monThs working up and perfecTing a rouTine To presenT aT haIfTime. These people work hard and deserve our aTTenTion. So Take The Time To watch The ASU cheerleaders, They are a viTal parT of our aThIeTics aT ASU. ST TE ,f f A5 I Z an . 1f 1 U ,, 1 fy 5 ' ff-0 ff pf Eu, .V , , Q , Hi ,wg f ' "' ,, N J 1 I f , , . ,a ,..,,, I , 2 WW, 2 5 ' 'I-M 1: P if - ,, , 1 1 , f-em, fx , t, , INDIAN FAIVIILY CCDNTINUES TRADITKDN The TradiTion of The Indian Family is noT new aT Arkansas STaTe, iT has been around since 4958 and has improved every year since, The lndian Family consisTed of Holly McCall as The Indian Maiden, Wally Jackson as The Brave and Bruce Beck as Chief Big Track. Wally is in his second year as The Brave, while boTh Holly and Bruce are in Their firsT years. The job of being an Indian Family member is noT an easy one, iT Takes a loT of Time and devoTion, buT iT does have iTs rewards. The Indian Family aTTends all The home games and Tries To make iT To several of The away games each year. The job is largely one of promoTing noT only spiriT, buT The universiTy as well. Thank you Holly, Wally and Bruce for helping The cheerleaders igniTe spiriT aT The games, and especially for represenTing our universlTy so well. A"""v,, H . 42 TTZTZTZZ ' ' -"- 52,11 ,.- 5,1-gg: ri, -.lf Hgiriw Y 62.239 f I-ICDIVIECCDIVIING RCDYALTY SI-IINES Queen Brooke Breeding Reigns Over Festivities Seated, left to right: Kathy Davis of Hope and Jeannie Rains ot Jonesboro. Standing, Diane Friday of West Memphis, Queen Brooke Breeding ot Mountain View and Regina Brown GREEK DISPLAYS SHINE This year, The Theme for Homecoming was: "INDIAN WARS - THE WAR PARTY STRIKES BACK" and The Greek groups on campus carried ouT The Theme in Their colorful displays. The Team of TAU KAPPA EPSILON and ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Took firsT place in The Mechanical Division. Second place wenT To The KAPPA ALPHA, CHI OMEGA and ALPHA GAMMA RHO Team. The Team of ZETA TAU ALPHA, KAPPA DELTA, SIGMA PHI EPSILON and ALPHA TAU OMEGA Took second place in The STaTionary Division while firsT place wenT To The Team of Pl KAPPA ALPHA and ALPHA OMNlCRON Pl. r gi, Wapaptr if , 21 zrr if is 4? , A T5-,SW Marv : Env rrfflfhu 'f FIREVVCDRKS, FUN RUN AND I M ...W 3 X Li N ae MW? ,Wy M, , H H., w ,L I A Z, 'yyir rrly .W 'I ' J d g QQ A "1 if 5f?'f?i y 2 r 12. as , Wd? M 1: ' 1 5 f . -4 Q 5 Q AN A M..w,, , W1 47, Q, '-4, W DANCE ADD EXCHTEIVIENT! 37 BRIGHT SI-HNING FACES AT ASU SIVIILE CAN SAY A IVHLLICDN WORDS GIVE A SMILE TGDAY Mwmw - f::!,+r:-1 'I :: l ff iswaizizfti' fa, ,f 55?'?ffJ5'S,if ' ' H W., , if , I ' f A f Y 255 ,X ,Q j -fi QW f f A 4 SSSS 39 FAS!-IICDN BSA -' L- - smfgffz 'iffy gy L. LL.. A ' 40 BSA VARIETY February is Black History Month and all during the month the ASU Black Students Assoc. stays very busy with various projects to celebrate Black History Month. In addition to the annual Miss Black ASU pageant, the BSA also sponsored many other exciting activities during the month, such as the BSA Fashion Show and the BSA Variety Show. L11 FREE TO BE YOU AND ME STUDENT GCDVERNIVIENT ASSCDCIATION Sc I 'lst row, lett to right, Lesli Gray, Price Marshall, Jr, Judy Cychol 2nd row, Greg Cole, - Pete Hayes, Jim Sulcer, Clinton Young tl ,,, S4 Row 1, lett to right, Carol Woods, Cindy Bu, Lori Walters, Margie Morse, Deaundra Bacot, Tina Gibbs, Traci Carlson, Melissa Branch, Scott Simpson, Sandra Fruland, Melanie Westbrook, Margaret Cooper, Joe Gregory, Gary Phillips. Row 2, Polly Pickett, Denise Langley, Mark Gorton, 44 Beth Hilborn, Amy Jenkins, Kim Bridger, Elaine Bosche, Susan Walsh, Karrie Collins, Tiltany Blackwell, Steve Pulley, Leslie Trail, Kieth Clemmer. Row 3, John King, David Jacobs, Bonkole Ewedemi, Bryan Duttel, Kelli Johnson, Glenn Foster, Matthew Moore, Craig Gschwend, Philip Gillespie, Mark St. Pierre, Kevin Walsh, Doug Manning, Charles Hoskin, Bobby Greene. 2 SQMELECTIQNS diss is ENDRIX UPSETS NCUIVIBENT VIARSI-IALL lncurnbeni Price Marshall decided To seek a second Term as SGA 'resident Keith Hendrix, decided ii was Time for a change, as did Jesse 5-eorge. So, There were Three candidaies for The posilion, Marshall, Hendrix :nd George. In The regular eleciion, The race was close, probably The closesi in 'ears, Marshall received 524 of The 4345 votes casi. Hendrix voles Tolaled l42 and George had 379. Since 5241 of 4345 vofes isn'f a rnajoriiy, a run aff elecrion was held on March 24, beiween Marshall and Hendrix with lendrix winning. W as TI-IE ARCADE . . . FUN AND GAMES The Arcade in the Reng Center is a great place to go to "video-out". The arcade offers a wide variety of the latest in video games along with several pool tables. Whether it's between cldsses, after class or just anytime you have time, the arcade is a fantastic place to go if you ore in to video. 'WN l A6 UNITED STATES POST CDEFICE STATE UNIVERSITY, AR 72467 The ASU Post Office is the center of activity for most ASU students, faculty, and staff. A claily average of 3,500 letters, 1,100 magazines and newspapers, 150 packages come in to ASU and 3,200 letters, 750 magazines and newspapers, and 75 packages leave. The Post Office has 4,866 boxes and has been open since 4964, .. ,. ,fi I if I SI A Postal Employees, left to right Gearld Woodruff, postmaster, Don Neal, clerk, BIII Nelson, clerk, and Margaret Johnson, clerk, A7 .W..,m,,,,, ,W WMM' ASU MUSEUM 1 I 0 M 4 f M, ' yi ' ,,,, fm KE Q ,,g, 53 , 'f wana, A 1 ff ff 4 '4 is A A, .17 ww l The ASU Museum, located in the Continuing Education Center, is a place of vast history artifacts. Indian history exhibits, military exhibits, prairie life exhibits, animal exhibits, and doll collections are among the exhibits. There are also exhibits of antique doctor's and dentist's offices, a glassware room, and different informational exhibits. ASU students are lucky to have such an excellent museum on campus. TWIN TOWERS I-ICDLDS TALENT REVIEW N-auf' ,KH lr, I 9 4' wf T of , 3 Twrn Towers Dorm Councrl sponsored a Talenl Revrew nn the Ballroom of The Carl R Reng Center ID November The Talenl revlew gave ASU sluclenfs Thal may not have any olher chance To perform a chance During this revrew :T was declded that ASU hos a lol of Talenfed people Thal ore eager To perform 50 ADIVIINISTRATICDN SERVES TI-IANKSC-SIVING DINNER Students eating the Thanksgiving meal in the Woodlands Cafeteria found new cafeteria workers upon entering the cafeteria. As an extra treat for Thanksgiving, the Administrative Staff of ASU served the Thanksgiving meal to students. Wonderful surprises, such as this, are always in store for students who eat in the Woodlands. ,t T . :W ls., 5 "' 51 RENAISSANCE FAIR 'G' ,VE W W Between 600 and 700 people rolled back the hands of time to the Renaissance Period on a crisp Saturday to join in on the first Renaissance Fair to be held on the ASU campus. A wide range of contests were held that proved to be fun for both the participants and the spectators, many of which were dressed in attire that was representative of the Renaissance Period. Some of the contests included spitting beans at skillets, sack races and an Archery contest. Dr. Dennis Rousey, coordinator of the event was well-pleased with the event. He said that the weather was perfect for the fair and he was extremely pleased that so many people showed up in period attire. Even though the first ASU Renaissance Fair was a success, Dr. Rousey is unsure whether or not the Renaissance Fair will become an annual tradition on our campus. We'il just have to wait and see. -yi .w ' 'mx' :Els 5 X s X f SSW. S: s g. S X E s X or ws. 1 CI-IRISTIVIAS TREE LIGI-ITINC9 IN CARI. R. RENG CENTER SNOW As The Tiny whiTe flokes slowly fluTTer To The ground on o biTTerly cold winTer doy, mony differenT ThoughTs fill The minds of The ASU communiTy. Some ore filled wiTh The exciTemenT ond joy of children on ChrisTmds morning, ds They gdTher To enjoy The fluffy "whiTe sTuff." OThers, such ds physicol pldnT employees, look dT The new whiTe blonkeT wiTh grove disdoin. They ore The people who musT work feverishly To cleor The sTreeTs and sidewolks for sofe Trdvel. And sTiII oThers, Though closses ore noT dismissed so They con enjoy iT, Try To smile ond moke The besT of iT. X. ,Y ,f W -Www. 3 2 37-K at E. , l 'T-T--X.QQ..,v' i . 15,-.. is Q- si ss T- se' v si 'K .5 .f , Xi' by A41- Q . we ,ff L L 'f"'.4Q' vwns -ww , T ..,,, sg , I wi in .ess -vikw T is SPRlNG FESTIVAL '83 Spring FesTival comes aT a Time when we all need a break from The everyday way of Things. This day of fun and games helps us make iT The resT of The semesTer. The 4983 Spring FesTival was The Third annual fesTivaI held aT ASU and was packed wiTh fun, games and booThs ThaT offered everyThing from "egg a Pike" To a booTh ThaT sold painTed plasfic cups. Spring Fesfival '83 was a big success and everyone looks forward To This years FesTival. ,m..W,, MHVUW .,n,,.Wf GAMES!!! was !! QN 1 . INTERNATICDNAL Your mind whirls with the confusion of color and excitement as you sit in a room with a collage of nationalities parading across the stage. Of course each country has it's own traditional dances, songs, music, and costumes. And to top it all oft, you've just enjoyed not one but FOUR different Lebanese desserts made by an ASU student. This is none other than the first annual ASU International Student Association's international Night. To say the event was a success would be a grave injustice. Hundreds packed the Reng Center to capacity and overflowing. NIGHT AT ASU RED CRCDSS BLCDCDD DRIVES M'f21:2:2.qk, H K. .kk.. ig- H . W Qs W Q S Q5 W K k.V.... X , 2 . -W..s.s Q- ,, r 60 ASU sTudenTs hove donoTed 1,264 pinTs of blood To The Americon Red Cross This posT yeor, according To Red Cross records. Severol blood drives ore sponsored onnudlly on compus by vorious sTudenT orgonizohons. As The ToToI for This pdsT yeor shows, ASU sTudenTs ore very responsive To These drives. The whole process of giving blood Tdkes only d shorT Time ond is prdcTicoIly poinless for mosT people. The 1,264 donors ond The people who wenT To donoTe buT were deferred ore To be commended for Their unselfishness. The nexT Time The bloodmobile comes oround, offer To doncne, who knows, The pinT you donoTe moy sove o life!! .sssxxk INTRAIVIURALS 'XAWESOIVIEH A broad intramural activity program is offered for male and female students by the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Many students, both independent and Greeks, participate in a wide variety of intramural sports. Some participate for the physical conditioning while others join in just for the fun of physical activities with their friends, Whether it's for "the thrill of victory" or just for an afternoon of fun and play, students from all backgrounds enjoy participating in ASU's intramural program, Mwnhnnqm, tl 'K MISS ARKANSAS USA 4984 if 1 J' A We Sm ,f 1 1 ,,-if ' 1 'ifw ,i . Y . ,, 'Q' 7 'ul 3' ','.'. C. 5 f e ' ' J , 'N vm? 'B S I f A A - . - S' . Y . ' , "ff ' as l 1 ,VH I f vi f ' ,, -' lv ' 1 i . Z .,. .M d . A ...,. 'Sw Y' ' n Y 4' ' V' 1 K i Q- Q. V' ' 5 J I "wp I ' s . ' g T ' sw. - X filw ' A H' 5 ' ' ai . A f Y Vw ' 3 y sf X iw T .W I f' Z K' xl t,'x 541 Michelle Shelly Boyd a 21 year old Public RelaTlons major aT ASU was crowned Miss Arkansas USA in a pageanT held Jan 7 in LiTTle Rock from a field of 33 conTesTanTs Shelly will represenT The sTaTe in The Miss USA PageanT To be held in Lakeland Florida on May 47 She has Taken This sernesTer off To prepare for The pageanT since she has To leave for Lakeland ID ldTe April Shelly has blonde hair and blue eyes sTands five feeT eighT inches Tall and weighs 120 lbs Her measuremems are 35 24 36 Former TiTles ThaT Shelly has held include boTh Jr. Miss and Miss Leachville Miss Buffalo Island and placed as second alTernaTe in The Miss Arkansas USA pageanT lasT year. Also, she was The winner of The phoTogehic award in lasT years pageanT. ASU is pleased To have Shelly represenT The sTaTe in The Miss USA pageanf, and wishes her The besT of luck! , B W """"K V7 Pm' ivlss Asu Leslie Gray Leslie Gray of Jonesboro was crowned Miss ASU 1984 at The annual Miss ASU pageani, sponsored by The men of Pi Kappa Alpha. Miss Gray also won The Taleni award. Firsi allernaie was Amy Jenkins and second CIITGFDGTG was Loralei Buicher. Ms. Jan McKee served as The Mislress of Ceremonies, and was, as always, a big Treai in herself. Special Enieriainmeni was provided by Pamie Adam, Miss ASU 4983 and John Dresbach. Tommy John Kenneii served as The pageant clirecior. K :fb-3 YT V'A" 5 'Lu-W NSW. N55 X f N .Ni V My , Q A if if gm' 3 C iynss BLACK ASU LINDA NAS!-I Linda Nash, of Birdsong, was crowned Miss Black ASU on February 14 in Wilson Audiiorium Miss Nash is a junior elemeniary and early childhood education major, The annual pageani is sponsored by The Black Siudenis I-iisiory Monih. oo ,mf .L 'QRS 7 s gm iii. V we 1' -. :ffsasv 2: Ilingw ,M Masks 3 X Q Xx Q 1, SPECIAL GUESTS . . . Arkansas Attorney General, Steve Clark vlslted the campus several tlmes durlng the '83-'84 year. Durlng his vlslts he spoke on toplcs that are of current Interest to people In the area, such as the "Creatlon-Science" controversy. ' GSOFQIG SfCf6 S6f'lCfOf JUHGI1 Bond WGS on CGITI US In F6bl'UGf to leCfUl'e. HlS leCfUfe D V WGS G DOH of H16 ASU L6CfUfS-CODCSIT SSTISS. W l, W, x ,,,,,, 1 W AZ? im 6 gl . , WMI- H 4 ' ,,.. , , 72 Also durlng the past year, Presldentlal candidate Walter Mondale spoke In the Ballroom ot the Carl R Rena Center. fn- ff M f rx A . '. T VincenT Price, The masTer of horror, made his way To ASU To aelighT and frighT The ASU communiTy. CurrenTly, Price is besT known for his speaking parTs in Michael Jackson's hiT song, "The Thriller". On The subjecT of music, RoberTa PeTers, a 33-year veteran of The MeTropoliTan Opera, was on campus To presenT, "An Evening In Vienna" as parT of The LecTure-ConcerT Series. Miss PeTers was accompanied by The Arkansas Symphony OrchesTra. AnoTher parT of The LecTure-ConcerT Series was a piano concerT by famous Piano VirTuoso, Gyorgy Sandor in The Fine ArTs ReciTal Hall. 73 PRESIDENT RAY TI-ICDRNTCDN .LSA RESIGNS EFFECTIVE FEB. 'I5 We at ASU with much regret soy goodbye to President Ray Thornton. We are of course pleased to see our leader as the new head of the University of Arkansas System. In his four years at ASU, Thornton built outward, not inward toward himself. He strove always to increase the school's academic distinction while administering its affairs with a light, but firm hand. President Thornton did much for the growth of ASU during his years here. He established the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Customs Project, the Honors Program, and combined the college of Liberal Arts with the college of Science to form the College of Arts and Science: just to mention a few of his most outstanding accomplishments. President Thornton was truly loved and admired by the faculty, staff, and students alike. The university will miss the strong leadership and warm sense of humor of President Thornton: but at the same time, we wish him every success with the University of Arkansas System. PRESIDENT EUGENE SIVIITI-I W APPGINTED EIGI-ITI-I PRESIDENT It is with great excitement that we welcome our new president, Eugene Smith. President Smith has high hopes for ASU. He plans to bring new meaning to the word leadership here at ASU. He feels establishing leadership is a top priority. President Smith feels other important areas for concentra- tion are: increasing student enrollment, research and the fields of technological study. President Smith who has spent 25 years in service to the university in various capacities definitely feels at home here at ASU. "lt's been a satisfying quarter of a century," Smith said. adding. "I can't think of any place l'd rather have been, or anything else l'd rather be doing." We are pleased to welcome Eugene Smith as our new president. We are excited and anxious to experience the leadership and goals of our new president. 75 WERE I-IINING BRIS!-ITE SOCIALLY We ore Greek- ond proud. Beyond rihe Trodilions ond rilucils lies of belonging lo one sgroup or dnorher. Brolher Sister lo sisier, Wesflifeo involved. ln our lnyolvemeniiiziielisimprove ourselves ond ourlsehool. Gur spirit is indomiminclwiible ond il shows. li is This period of our lives Thor we will remember rnosi. Therefore we work To moke 'rhese The mos? mernoroble of limes, We ere shining brighier ocrlvely, winningly, ond sociolly. 2 -M- GREEK - AND PROUD 79 FALL RUS!-I 4983 P' 84 'X . uk. 1? ::. Q 2. ' ix ' -Xu . K . -ff:-f::. sAQFA'-- 55-5.2: ' ,.... . . 1,k wi XE fffiig 2- xv x KR, sf SSNQ ga! SE- A -sr Y X. .- N A ,W X x . "' hm I - -'IQ-a qzs, : K ,, +A gin' SW' ' ,MQ 22? f-'KT' xw- I A NES' YU , 'W - , 5 gf. fxffiv . .I . 1 I M ' SIGMA PI-II EPSILCDN FITE NITE 'I 983 ,,4-"' fi is X X M ,W LLLL X -: Fifa Q15 X XS? :igii w ' wwfikkik ' .fx .5 K-,ww Q. A ""!D.i m 1' iwgy f ,f ff ,W TAU KAPPA EPSILON FINGERBCDVVL Zfuvwvxq X TWT' WT C, W , .q,,.,1 y 1, 1 3 .uf QKE: 48 sue EPS: 0 ai 3--v-"I, """"1"'-H' X fm ,4, 'R H-1 Rm wr" 'W -. H W, ff ,. , JQ T 1 Y 9 9' ., Y , I ,Q '35 'Unfit' 'Ll 'qw r 'NM IVIISS GREEK PLEDGE 'I983 E335 , E f 5 2159, E256 gl 1 s 1 K , E J? k 543 e W fi 5 sw z 55 gc ' f W Q! 2 E Fi xiii 5. 56 s 2 gg Z5 4? 89 SIGMA PI IVICDVES IN x ,nv L 45 in 3 NEW I-ICDUSE COMPLETED f I , V ' , Y W eiw, fb ' 3 2 3 3 1 2 -'asv - ZETA FCDLLIES mrigj lgmffifl? 3 , A 1 'W Q. if fins? 1 . dun' ,4 5 E .- , e M' ' .fs Q' S 2 S E . R gl 3, 'Z- N, X R -wm- -L '1' ,, -12:15 ,,, A r Q 5 5 af K 52? 'if U5 VP-gfnf 1 if vs ,A f fi ,Z 4 1 tg 2? mx 5 f 76 ,, vvv- www as '22 ,Q 4 0 f 44. M if Z F , f fjfvs 'Eu f 1, 1 ,Q ,4 3 If 'HW ,f i K. Q 1 f f Q V h 5:E, k: , " '," 45 1 M 'lf VI... , 43 1 H fy ,xw,Kf2" mv 'Wu "zf'?3 aw fx -S 2 Mfg wg 'S wx? 41? Mug? at Q gf Wu W1 Wh W ww , Q, uw if maya, 3, .ww H? M ff!! can ' h ,- ,ffm Q M x Ma? .fw- fw fe ya Eigw 21? '- QW " hi' I N E' f f JW V2 -g fi 5 V, 1 Q- , f .W V , ki , f V :ff AX Z H, K Ala ' 'WW xi, 3-EQ! lf W -ww f K 44 1 ww ff ui X W 1 JMX fa, QW 4 wwf Q. 4,1 A f' f' '3fL'?f7f,ffv ff' l VX? -- ., "" V L ,- Q ,lfmm 2 V ,mf .. I-liiii g 'Q ,,1,kgw43 ' 5 Q i5,,,,M J ,. ,, Q . M-MA , 4 ,j,, , M, M ,,vz3Q4z?a,,':iM K yr Vw, , M W-' ,, Qffllwwr V164 HF' ,ffigjfv "gg, :JH ' ,W niggaz: 1 4,2 1 'N Q4 A Tim? A 4' W Lf 'G fax 2--f f"wwfgw"1' i1,,2, if 'A ,ii W ff-1,,fM,W, , gzpzy wr 1.2, L - -W w K i ' 4 riff I 'I ',3Z.ij:95Q3f'Q.h,, f X ' :F Y All .fg1,, JY A HTLW-L K ,,,, Greek Graanizalians Deaundra Bacot Renee Bollinger Elalne Bosche Janelle Brown L0l'III Butcher Dana Bynum Tracl Carlson Kltty Cavenor Nancy Chamberlln Dee Dee Clssell Susan Cobb Tammle Colburn Robln Cralton Klmberly Crews Kelly Crlsp Vonda Davls Shelll DIIIS Sherrle Dupwe Jane Elmore Mellnda Elmore Laura Felts Allsa Flynn Tlnc Gibbs Paula Glbson Kcfhle Goodln Lesll Gray Lorl Henson Beth Hllburn Debbie Hughes Julle Hyde Clndy Johnson KSIII JOhnS0n Kathy Kesslnger Jo Carol Lacy Denlse Langley Llsa Manlooth Shella Marlln Denlse Martln Laura Maxwell Larle McCluskey Cynthia McDonald MCIUYSSIW McFadden Falry Meador Dana Mergule Penny Melcall Letha Morrls Debble Oldham Amy Pardew Leanne Phllllps Jeannle Ralns Renee Rainwater Jody Raley Clndy Robertson Llsa Roblnson Laura Ross MOFQOIST RUSSGII Alpha Gamma Della Alpha l.CUfle WCShOl'T1 Vickie Winton Gamma Rho 'TO' -.4 lwg ? Emily Scroggs Dawn Sechrest Alllson Shanklln Jane Shedd Pattl Shlver Judlth Sllnkard Tammy Smlth Karolyn Sowle Llnda States Julle Stone Leslle Sulllns Sandy Tanner Suzanne Tlmms Lisa Wallace Robert Anderson Rlck Bagwell Bruce Beck Jack Boles James Bouchard Charlle Clay Brent Clement James Cllnglngsmlth Davld Clonlnger Glen A. Cunnlngham Tony Elmore Lawrence Flelder Allen Grlftln Frank Gulltner Glenn Harrell Terry Haggard Davld Hundley John Hutchlson Laverne Keller Robert E. Keller Ronnle Klngston Kelth Klemmer Joseph Monroe Robert Neal Jr. Mlchael Rash Mlchael Rlchardson Gregg Sheppard Cooper Taylor Davld Veclsman Dean Wallace Rlcky Wallace Rlckle Wlmberley Wendy Hall, sweetheart Helen Smlth, house mother Dr. G. W. Tlbbetts, adv. 99 Terri Ashford Paige Atkison DeAnn Aycock Tammy Belk Kelly Bllllngton Melinda Leigh Booth Klm Bridger LeeAnn Bruton Sandra Clay Donna Colburn LeaAnn Collar Karrl Collins Karen Commer Della Danley Karen Davis Krlstl DOVIS Suzanne Downlng Renee Dryden Susan Evans Mum Finley Michelle Gdmmlll Llndc Graddy Greye Grisham Jennlter Hcltom Stephanie Handford Donna Harrison Mlsll Hlnds Karla House Cindy Hovls Barbara Hunt Debble Hutchins Amy Jenklns Gina Kelly Michele Kennon Cynthia Klng Terrl Lamberth Sue Anne Medlock Lea Ann Montgomery Yvette Norris Llsa Oltman Stacy Osborn Krlsty Parish Deena Reeves Jlll Ritter Tlna Rouse Christy Scttertleld Debble SCGl'ff usa schliep Llbby Seaton Dr. J. A. Hayles, adv. A'pha Omic' on Pi I qs- we JF ii , QQ T X .- T MM T' Th Z we X 3 Ki X I . eswg-: r X Q Alpha Tau Gmega Glen Smllh Malcolm Stalllngs Todd Whlte - Teresa Sexton Suzie Solley Karen Stanford Mary Swlndoll Beth Taokett Janle Tanner Denlse Wachowskl Susan Walsh Karen Wheatley Marl Melanle Wllllams Debble Wllson Jayme Wllson Karen Wright Carolyn Wyatt, adv. Rlck Baney Robert Bell Ted Brehm Lynn Brown Noel Burge Tony Caldwell Paul Campbell Phllllp ClSS9ll Nelson Cook Joe Davls Adam DBDDIS Dcnlel Dennls RICK Dlcklnson MOhCl'nCd Ebrlk Yousset EL-MCISTI Wayne Floyd Alex Franks Kenneth Gllllcm Scott Hatley Beau Henderson Rlck Henley Randall Holden Mel Hufchlns Allen HYOH Lee Knelberl Edward Krleger Kent MCTTS Demos Mouskls Darryl Moyer Fred O'NellI Gordon Parker Jeff Powell Chuck SCI'1CffI'ICUS6l' ry scnunng nm slape Shannon D. Armbrust Laurle J. Ashcratt Allyson M. Barber Angela M. Baurels Lorl E. Bell Tlltany M. Blackwell Paulette Boeckmann Mellssa K. Branch Brooke E. Breedlna Hallle A. BrldQeS Sylvla A. Byrne Llnda A. Carroll Shelly Castleberry Cara L. Cheesman Frances V. Cockrum Julee J. Cole Margaret L. Cooper Judllh M. CyChOl Llsa Deloache Jane Faucet! Kellle R. Flsher Sherry L. Flanlgan Jlll Ford Dlane Frlday Sally D. Galther Llsa L. Geater Laurle L. Geurln Myrna A. Gllllam Carla A. Gschwencl Tracy L. Haley Holly A. Halfleld Dlane Helse Holly A. Hester Llnley D. Hlll Krlstlne E. Hul10 Karen J. Jell l.6Sll9 l.. Jordan Llsa A. Kocher Sharon K. KOlb Ellzabefh D. Lawson Ellzabefh Lllllelohn Charlotte K. Lutes Cheryl L. Mayo Sharon A. McCIatchey Cynthla D. Melton Mellssa L. Osburn Andrea Phipps Polly G. Plckett Lynn T. Raynor Donna Rhodes Amy E. Sanford Tracle L. Sapp Leslle D. Smllh Teresa A. Smlth Clndy Spears Llsa A. South Chi Omega Q Susan L. South Leslie L. Troll Karen Turner Dana R. VanPatten Suzanne M. VanPatten Clndy Vlnson Falth A. Vollman Tammy Wald Deborah L. Washburn Holly L. Westmoreland Patrlcla L. Wlgglns Katherlne Y. Wllllams Jana E. Wood Kathy McHenry, adv. Rlchle Allensworth Rlck Ayson Carlton Bagwell Thomas Beardsley Bobby Brown Gray Buttlngton Alan Byrd JOG F. CCISHIOIW ll Loren Cates Mlchael DeHCOn Jlm F9Cfh6fSfOI'1 BFICD FTGTBSI AIGD FYGZISI' CIWCITISS GCIIDSS SCOH GCl'W00d PSTBY Hayes Douglas HBDCYG Kelth Houchln Pat Ireland CHCIFISS JOhl'1SOD Kelth J0hl'1SOI'1 Davld Jones Scott Jones Sklpper Kelley Clele Knlght Kelth Lacewell Russell Leggett Jock Lewls Mltch McGrew Kevln Melton Blake Mesenbrlnk Wayne Melzgor Mlchael Mllls Chet Morrlsett Gary Nelson Gary Oltmann Tommy Palese Ray Plerce Lance Pounds Randy Ramsey Jlm Ross Davld Skelton Gregory Smith Jack Smlth Glen Spargo Jlmmy Spurlock Mlchael Stephenson Jackle Stevens Tad Thornton Dusty Trail cunts Walley Kenny wnlre Steven Wlley cnrls wnuams cnrls Wllson Larry Wllson " Q MQrShGIl WIXSOD Sam Gennuso, adv. Myra Alumbauqh, KA Rose D66 Ann AITTSS LYDDS AHKIDSOD lrls ChCSfOln Clndy Cockrlll Leslle Davls Bern Falr Lyn rrms Annyece Gllleylen Shonno Green Dana Hefner Candace Holcomb Leecle Johns .Q- vf M, Kappa Delta K Kathy Johnson Sandra Kelth Klm Kllker Lorl Leedom Pamela Moore Rhonda Slmpson Robln Smlth +G Kathryn Stewart Dona Stlftler - S Sandy Tatum Lori Walters LISC1 WO0d Sharon Young 53- 'aw Lambda Chl Alpha Robert Wrlght Warren Dupwe, adv. Renee Russenberger, Crescent Girl Ben Baker Bruce Barker Dudley Bowden Kevln Brady Max Braswell Doug Brewer Davld Carter Robble Cratford Stephen Crancer Jon Cunningham Jamle Danley Dale Dawson Todd Glrtmdn Mlke Gleghorn Ken Haywood Delane Hogan Kelth Hollls Shawn Hudspeth Todd Johnson Wade Johnson Ken Kelso Joel King Doug Knlerlm Bob Ldck Wllllam Lombertson Frank Love Bryan Luster Doug Mdrfln George Osborn Brlan Perry Monte Rhodes Bryan Rogers Kelth Sanders Kralg Sanders Loule Schaat Alan Schoessel Mark Shannon Joel Sharp Ddvld Sharpe Bernard Slmpson Jlm Stearns Jeff STOHS BIII Summers Anthony Sufferfleld J0e Trlmble Mlke Wdde Dcvld Webb Robert WIIIIOn'15 Steve Wllllams Mlke Aldersan Mlchael Bacol Jack Bell Marty Bennett Jett Bess Brent Blakely Mlchael Boldlng Jett Bonds Hugh Bonner Steven Bowen Brett Bray Beecher Bradnax Mlchael Budak Blll Byrd Joseph Chandler Bob Clark Brad Clark Jason Clay Leslle Colllns D'Wayne Cooper Jamle Cooper Brad Dent Damon Dortch Mark Elmore Danny Emery Mlke ESTGS Alec Farmer Brad Faught Nuke Fletcher Darren Gdmblll Greg Gamblll Phllllp Gmesple Greg Grltfln Steve Hales Mlke Ham Jeff Hanklns Dan Hart Pat Haynes Kellh Hertdrlx Charles Hllburn Hunter Hlll Bret Hugglns Harvey Hughes Hensley Hurley John James John Johnson Terry Kelley Ron Kennett Barry Ledbetter John Llle Kevln Lloyd Mlchael Mann Mlke MCDanlel Gene Metcalf Greg Moody Matthew Moore Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Pi John Toombs Kevln Walsh Jon Wllbanks Dlrk Wlllett Perry Winn Ross Morgan Scott Mosler Davld Mulllns Robln Nlx Stanley Nutt Jett Owen Bart Ozbun Wlllle Paplch Gregory Pender Davld Plnyon Davld Powell Steve Powers Jlm Ramer Vlc Rlchmond Vlnce Richmond Randy Roebuck James Rogers Mlke Russell Brent Schmlegelow Ken Shelton Barry Slms Kelley Slms Mark Smlth Terry Sorrows Towny Sparks Chl'l5TODhel' Splvey Andrew Slepkc Mark St. Plerre Brooke Breedlng, Dream Glrl Brad Ahrens Mark Berky Joe Booth Barrle Bryant Randy Cooper Rusty Counce Ty Creason Bryan Earll Anthony Edwards Jay Ellls Terry Glover Mark Grlggy Davld Hamby James Johnson Kevln Johnson Mansoor Kahn Chrls Kent Larry Lytle Shannon Malone John McGlnnls Adam Palmer Vlctor Parker Joe Patrlck Davld Pearson Paul Pekarsky Wllllam Peplaw Van Provence Randy Romeo Gary Schlrmacher Brlart Smlth Jeffrey Stacey Curt Stubblefleld Eddle Sutton Michael Taylor Charlle Uhllq Chrls Baker Junlor Beshears Phllllp Blaxton Bllly Ray Bowers M. R. Broadway Herm Brown Stephen Brown Wllllam Brown Kenny Burden Barry Callahan Clay Carlock Earl Carter John Carter Tlm Cater Mark Cecll Howard Clssell J0t't CISSSII Greg Cole Anthony Cooper Todd Cooper Kevln Cothern Buddy Courtney Stephen Coy Clay Cozart James Cramer Dennls Cumble MCfk DGIYOD Davls Hanes DSLIIIS Jett Delk Lawrence Dlllard John Drake Dwlght Duckworth Bryan Dutfel John Eckert Scott Ellington Joseph Vernon Dlllon Watklns James Wong Kurt Zenruftlnen Ken Schoenborn, adv. Tau Kappa Epsilon ,.. -R 5' s. , , ,gs Davld Sales John Slmon Scott Slmpson Jeffrey Smith Kelth Smlth Mlckey Smith Wally Smith Stan Snodgrass Rlcky Stanley Erlc Stark Stu Stark Kevln Statler Steve Stubblefleld James Sulcer John Sweat Joseph Sweat Mlchael Todd Bruce Trultt Steve Tucker Scott Waddell Randy Wade Bill weeks S8716 WGSKS Jeff Whltson Larry wmloms J. w. woods Rlchard wyon Mark Young Terrl Barnes Klmberly Belew Jo Allce Bllllngs Cheryl Black Maggle Blalr Carollne Brodell Karen Bruce Sandra Bollng Brenda Bowman Debble Butler Karen Clement Pam Cohoon Donna Cooper Wendy Couch Becky MCYIS CLll'T1l'T'ltt'lS Teresa D6l'ftSI' TOl'T1I'T1Y Duncan Cindy Edwards Beth Ford Vlckl L. FOX Susan FUCHSS Clif Chamberlain, adv Robert MOOFS, adv Tim Walters, GCN MGYQIG Morse, sweetheart MTS. ROY Jones, adv. Rachel Garza Lucretla Glll Susan Graves Mlchele Guzlewlcz Sherry Henderson Tanya Hester Julle Hlll Holly Jackson Mellrtda Kalb Donna Kelly Nancy LaRue Holly Macon Allecla MCCIISh Mary Merrlll Pat Mlchle Susan J. Murphy Susan Orsl Carolyn Perklns Stacy Ralnwater Susan Rooker Klmberly Ross Susan K. Smlth Susan Taylor Cyndl Thayer M'Llss Travls Tammy Utley Angela West Melanle Westbrook M3 NN ws- L + ' A --,: B12 X .- ,ai K Mg, Q Y Q. 3 U-gnu WM M 5 f E i H " -w,.,.-an .,.,x N QTN 'ik .warg A , . fell. if C .. 'H ' Q. , +A ffl. J, . '.,-pf: 'K 1:5 A, f..,i,g? -iivwfeis 3'-sigh: :Valk we 'll --1 'The 5 mLff"UV6: I 557554. , . .... .. X " ., M ms: 14- f ,- Mis-, QA- i Y ga 1- if--.1 lg. gf . .,. , 5 gi , . 5 4 x "Wm" f 52 -f-' ww.. wW.5-:w,,-.M ,1.:,x.ME3E:,.,i ,. . 2 ff . f . ,LGS Qyaxyikgilwisqw,5":Q:s:A:.w?f -1 ,. fx . E.2ffeS?f+f-,a?'e"??f:"L,..,-. .': f 'ffl x .3 Q r 1, I if 4, .K AY O FO 65 ,z 4 ,, . X1 My ,.x, A 43 T -- .., ' P- 4 54 ,..!l'iE1 L Q k" -bbf x 'Tw L1- i . K ' , ! Q A N 'f.,i, 'L' vig, .- ,A ' 43' ,f . S "i:.,xfx -3 gil' - :i4', I , E 1. yer. 55' f ff? 'J a -4. E i fl 'He 148 X X ww I f I ks is us is is ,ms -x ea is -Qs as Xki .Q -Q ,Q If -S xx. Sk fx ix sa- .Q is S sts X a as 1 SN fi -my M mm .WM , Mwuwwf W.. ,fy r.!r - . MM, f H H fmt- wa, , , , , 'fi'-Y ' , A , 4, , M E I X WERE ei I-IININC-5 BRIGI-ITE I-IONORABLY Special Awards . . . ASU siucienis receive a lei of These. AnSiaie siudenis have received awards for just aboui everyihing from beauiy and iaieni awards io academic and coiiegiaie awards. ASU has many siuaenis who are "Shining Brighier . .. Hor'iarabiy." Nd' il sf3Z5'ifEE5.iif?5E5 kk 5 f X' P XX5 5 W 1-if WI-ICD'S WI-ICD Fifty-five Arkansas State University students were named to Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for 4983-84. They will be listed with more than 4200 students from institutions of higher education from the United States and several foreign nations. Selection was based on academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and future potential. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 4934. Those selected were honored at a Who's Who Recognition Night December 6 in the Reng Center Ballroom. The students and their parents were honored by the deans of their respective colleges and departments and presented their certificates. Rita Beand Tiffany Blackwell Bernie MO Stuttgart Business Education Office Administration .. .WW sg, Deborah Adams Salem Accounting Linda Allison Jonesboro Management Robert Bramucci West Memphis Psychology David Brown Sylvia Byrne Darlene Calkin Malden, MO Jonesboro Jonesboro Finance Public Relalions Markeling Diane Childers Jonesboro Music Educalion ge li Todd Cooper Susan Cunningham Judilh Cychol Harrisburg Hoi Springs Peoria, lll. Business Adrninislralion Public Relalions Zoology Killy Cavenor Wesl Memphis Elemenlary Educalion Karen Commer Pine Bluff Radio-TV i ifls xiii' ' wwf' f' ' i . i , ws an J Nl9lif1dO EITTTOYG Pine Bluff Early Childhood Education Q? Kei E x' X Phillip Gibson David Goodin Richard Goss Lesli Gray Jonesboro Bald Knob Newporl Jonesboro Dara Processing Physical Educalion lnslrumenlal Music Economics ,Jw Rosanna Henery Diana Hesler Manila Corning Polilical Science Malh Educafion Elizabelh l-lilburn David Ivers Marvin Lowe Price Marshall, Jr. KenneTT, MO Rison Crossell Jonesboro Early Childhood Journalism Finance Economics Educalion l Vicki Marlin Holly McCall Kafhleen MacDaniel Jana McLane Bafesville Bradford Poplar Bluff, M0 Poplar Bluff, MO Dafa Processing Early Childhood Markeflng Compufer Science Educafion li 4, ,7 u ..-2 David Moffaff Vickie Moore Crosseff Blyfheville Journalism Mafhemafics Michael Perdzock Polly Plckelf William Powers James Pulley Jonesboro Ackerman, Miss Pocahonfas Blyfheville Accounflng Journalism Radio-TV Finance Renee Rainwaler Walnul Ridge Public Relalions 2 Robin Smilh Jacksonville Pre-Physical Therapy Karolyn Sowle Jonesboro Speech Palhology K fi Aux L if Monle Rhodes Richard Romeo Tamrny Smiih Jonesboro Jonesboro LiTTle Rock Accouniing Agricullural Educalion Radio-TV Leslie Smilh Jonesboro Journalism Lisa Soulh Deborah Spencer Julie Slone Piggoll So. Amhersl, Ohio Jonesboro lvlarkeling Elemenlary Educalion lnslrumenlal Music 2375? Rose Stuckey Elizabeth Sumpter Susan Tusing Pine Bluff Marked Tree Dell Journalism Music Education Music Performance Paul Waddell Jonesboro History Allen Warmath Ann Weatherford Joel Wofford Piggott Diaz Widner Accounting Computer Science Accounting X N--Q Dana VanPatten Searcy J, Speech Communications l A Susan Walden Jonesboro Chemistry Elizabeth Wood Jonesboro Social Work DIXIE IVICDRITZ Dixie lVloriTz has been chosen for inclusion in "Who's Who in BaTon Twirling" While a freshman aT OBU, Dixie was named lVlajoreTTe capTain. This was The firsT Time a freshman had held The capfains posiflon, and Dixie remained as capTain for Three years. She Transferred To ASU and was a member of The majoreTTe line here for one year. W PENNY DAWSON Penny Dawson has been selecTed as one of The Top Ten cheerleaders in The nafion by The Naflonal Cheerleaders Assoc. CNCAQ. Penny ls Co-Capfain of The ASU cheerleaders and was selecTed for her parTicipaTion in The cheerleading camp held by The NCA aT The Univ. of Tenn. QQ Knoxville. Penny was nofified ThaT she had been selecTed when she received a leTTer saying ThaT she had been chosen as one of The Top Ten female cheerleaders in The nafion, from a field of 2000 plus cheerleaders from 300 universiTies. The NCA chose Ten female and Ten male cheerleaders for This award. Penny received a plaque aT The firsT home baskeTball game in honor of her achievemenTs. She has been an ASU cheerleader for Two years. 428 LINDA NASH During Black Hisiory Month, Linda Nash was selecieci as Miss Black ASU. She was the BSA representative To The Miss ASU pageant Leslie was chosen as Miss ASU 4984. She was also The winner of The Talehi CIWOYCI. P KIIVIA PAYNE Kima is The reigning Arkansas Beef Princess. She has placed as 'IST AlTernaTe ANGIE BOYD Angie was selecTed as The 1983 Miss Teen Arkansas USA aT a pageanT in LiTTIe Rock. She was Then The represenTaTive for Arkansas in The first Miss Teen USA pageanT. The Teen Miss USA pageanT was held in Lakeland, Florida, and Angie placed in The semi-finalisTs and was The winner of The Miss AmiTy Award. The Miss AmiTy Award is given To The girl who shows The besT personaIiTy of all The conTesTanTs and is seIecTed by The conTesTanTs Themselves. Angie parTicipaTed in The Miss ASU pageanT This pasT year and won ATh alTernaTe. tyran- if 2 in many pa eanTs in The pasT year, such as The Miss Jonesboro Pageant Kima ' Q has a fanTasTic personaliTy and is an all around American girl. 9 J .Il PATTY CYCI-IOL BROOKE BREEDING Brooke Breeding was seleclecl os Homecoming Queen or ASU in 1983 by her fellow sludenls. Brooke has o fanlaslic voice and performs al various funclions on campus as well as off campus. Princeton may have Brooke Shields, buf They don'T have anything on ASU, we have Brooke Breeding! Polly C chol was The reci ieni of ine Wilson Oulslondin Sfudenf Aword D v rv Q in loss. VVE'RE I-IININO BRIOI-ITE TOGETHER ORGANIZATIONS There are various organizafions on The Arkansas STaTe UniverslTy campus, ranging from professional To social, civic To academic, and inTellecTual. Each organlzaTion sfancls for someThing,iwheTher iT be helping The needy, inTellecTual challenges or advancing ones Talenfs. There is aT leasf one organizaflon on campus sulTed To each person - iT is jusf a maTTer of making yourself available and geffing involved. NOT only will A you meeTf, ,new friencfs, buT depending on The organizaTion you choose you will feel beTTer abouT yourself and feel more inTacT wiTh The people of ASU and whaT They sTand for. OrganizaTions aT ASU are noT in compeTiTion wifh each oTher, because each organizafion is unique in iTs ownvvay. Every organizaTlon sTrives for onevf common goal - lnprovemenf of self andfor a special cause. This is one aspecf of The ASU campus ThaT brings Greeks and independanfs, differenT races, religions, and backgrounds TogeTher for a uniTed cause. WW' is 'Mg' fs., M My 'T W fs ,-,, ,MW I i Qm,.,5,. , MMM X . .. , ,. M ,x ' " X 12 A ' f 5 if Li ? M K5 Accounting Club Childress, Vice- Terry Mcl-laney, are Dr. Jerome '83-'BA officers are President Bob President Lynette Winemiller, Secretary Treasurer Jim Wofford. Faculty sponsors DeRidder and Keith Smith The Accounting Club meets once a operates in scholastic, professional, and In the fall of 1983, the club hosted special presentations from Big Eight Accounting firms Arthur Voung and Company of Little Rock and Touche Ross and Company of Memphis. Tennessee, The club will hold fund raising events in the fall and spring. Membership has grown to over 50 members. A spring banquet will be held in April when the annual presentation of the Joseph Welborne scholarship will be made to an accounting student displaying excellence in scholarship and extracurricular activity. month. The club social aspects. .,.. . , . w . 1 .,-- :ff rv . ' A 5 .. H ,w W, 7 7 1 f fi-. 5 , s ...f,.,3M " if , V .CVV i 3 Q., Vx tw. Q I -A ' 'Hwy r"' E " A . if? .,, T ff N T . T f . , L , W. 2 A Z . K . .T g ' A M sf s 1,3 4 .4 mf W , W W8 K P 3 L V M A fi dug s ' ' +G, - 4, s T is J ,.. , 1 A , J WF' T f lil WWA 1st row: Mlke Hardey, Lesley Peters, Sharon Autry, Rebecca Brundage, Dana McElyea, Rena McFalter, Leslie Smith, Leisa Manning, 2nd row: Steve Knuckles, Todd Parlsl, Sam McGuire, Randy Myers, Jeff Smith, Blll Chamberlin, Charles Uhllq. 3rd row: Gary Melton, Don Bowen, Bill Powers, Scott Benedict, Wendell Dorman, Faber Horne. 134 QA 4 Qillnv hall 5 1 iii' 4 tst row: Rlck Adcock, Debbie Oldham, Karne Gemes, Leslie Jordan, Deborah Foster, Jackie Grills, Bobbie Edwards, Joe Reed. 2nd row: Mark Tyler, Lynette Wlnemiller, Allen Warmath, Pam Miller, Llsa Cameron, Becky Haynes, Marcus Odom, Joel Wofford. 3rd row: Lanny Mllllon, Tad Turner, James Wofford, Timothy McNatt, Jeff Moody, Bruce Eddy, Bob Childress. Alpha Epsilon Rho Officers for Alpha Epsilon Rho, the National Broadcasting Society are President Steven W. Knuckles, Vice-President Chuck Bradley, Treasurer Rebecca Brundage, Public Relations Leslie Smith, AlumnifProfessional Bill Powers. Throughout the year, we have a representation to the South Regional Convention. Our National Convention will be in Los Angeles April A-7. We are an organization which strives to meet and become acquainted with professionals in our field. We do this through seminar sessions and panel discussions. lst row: Leslie Jordan, Bonnle Dillard, Sheila Gaither, Tonna Nelms, Pamela Lancaster, Lisa Butterworth. 2nd row: Lee Carole Jackson, Gary Latanich. Adv., Nathan Galrhan, John Block, Sharon Motil, Lisa South. 3rd row: Noel Burge, Van Nelms, William Pike, Price Marshall, Kelley Kauffman. not pictured, Steve Pulley. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a National Scholastic Honor Society for freshmen. Our activities include: 4. Thanksgiving Project of delivering apples with a note attached to ASU women faculty in appreciation of their being role models for the women in Alpha Lambda Delta. 2. Annual Study signs are printed and hung on residents doors in women's hall just prior to the beginning of fall semester final exams. '83-'BA officers include: President Linda Tusing, Vice President Denise Langly, Secretary Trena Gilbert, Treasurer Michelle Lamberth, Historian Nancy Chamberlin. Alpha Kappa Psi '83-'84 officers are President Lisa South, Vice President Noel Burge, Treasurer Lisa Butterworth, Master of Rituals Bill Pike, Advisor Dr. Gary Latanich. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors a credit card drive each semester. This semester it will be held during the month of November. At the beginning of each semester, Alpha Kappa Phi holds a book sale. This enables students to buy or sell books in the Business Building. Alpha Kappa Psi sponsors seminars on business each semester. These are open to all students. Each semester, Alpha Kappa Psi has a rush for new members. This semester our rush was held at Dr. Ford's house. We now have approximately 48 wonderful pledges! After initiation of new members, a banquet is held in their honor. A model pledge is then honored. 'MW 4st row: Michelle Lamberth, Stacy Kelly, Lisa Horton, Freedla Stewart, Teresa Brubeck, Melela Utley, Trena Gilbert, Traci Carlson, Nancy Chamberlin. 2nd row: Shawn Quinn, Dorothy Starnes, Kim Bridger, Lori Walters, Annette Hill, Rhonda Davis, Denise Langley, Linda Tusing, Terri Barnes. 3rd row: Paula Gibson, Myra Tuggle, Amy Jenkins, Jayne Finch, Dana Bynum, Caterina Neal, Lisa Brown, Gena Hester, Paula Stafford. 435 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is The national honorary fraTerniTy for dramatic arTs and The Theater. The chapTer at ASU is The Lambda Lambda Cast. Our original charter dates from 4955, and was re-acTivaTed in 4980. Our membership at Lambda Lambda is over 35. in 83-841, Alpha Psi ca-sponsored the highly successful Renaissance Fair. Members participated by preforming as mimes, operating our several booThs, and as general assistance. All Alpha Psi members Take active roles in the producTion of The plays presented by the ASU Drama DeparTmenT, both on-sTage and behind The scenes. Each Spring, Alpha Psi cooperaTes with The speech fraTerniTy To produce The annual Speech CommunicationfDramaTic Arts Awards Banquet. 1st row: Melela Utley, Joy Ray. 2nd row: Dr. Carol Pratt, Adv., Tammy Forbls, Sarah Farmer. 3rd row: Tony Blackman, Debbie Harris, Randy Story. American Chemical SacieTy if I j i f if flirt I A ilflilllllliw L. Q9 P ' 1 V , ' Q ' "7- lam :Dv X S. " W 1st row: Tammle McRae, Jamie Dudley, Sandy Lyons, Susan Walden, Judy Meier. 2nd row: Mike Wells, Dr. Paul D. Gwlnup, Daniel Rapert, Micheal Martin, Willie Sheridan. 3rd row: Norman Trautwlen, Ed Bennett, Richard Mitchell, Bobby Perry, Dr. Paul Nave, Sponsor., Dewy Slfford. 136 American Production and Inventory Control Society President - Randy Pepper VP Professional Development - Pamela Lancaster VP Programs - Linda Allison VP Membership - Cathy Nicholson Secretary - Cynthia Kirby Treasurer - Sheila Crowley s ....,.. g ,J,,f.lY---K lst row: Cathy Nicholson, Sheila Crowley, Sameer Sadek, Carol Barnhill. 2nd row: Adam Newsom, Cynthia Kirby, Pamela Lancaster, Clint Relyea. 3rd row: Randy Pepper, Javad Varzandeh, Adv., Dickey Cummins, Mike Benetield, Adv. American Society For Personnel Administration 1st row: Kellie Cupp, Shanna Green, Tammy Phillips, Janie Dlldine. 2nd row: Pamela Lancaster, Barbara Gill, Dickey Cummins, Dr. Malcolm McClellan. 3rd row: Klm Kueter, Dr. Dan Hoyt, Sharon Motil, Tim Copeland, """"- Cllnt Relyea. X.. -V' '. X. I il 437 Association of Childhood Education What is ACEI? "ACEl is a child-oriented organization. lt focuses on children from infancy Through early adolescence in meeting their needs as it helps its members grow in their roles as teacher educators, teachers in Training, supervisors, administrators, librarians, parents and other caregivers." Association of Childhood Education International works to improve The quality of life for children everywhere. One of our activities we do each year is to provide Toys and can-goods for The follow-Through program. k an wt: T F Q l 5 ,,qfmj95 , A, Z 1 4 1 4 A 4 , 1- . , , tst row: Amella Waters, Lugenla Purnell, Hallie Bridges, Jeannle Lee, Karla House, Kltty Cavenor, June Slabaugh. 2nd row: Debble Rosse, Debra Roblnett, Sandra Stephens, Judy Holland, Holly McCall, Cindy Cochran, Sue Haggenmacher. 3rd row: Richard Roberts, Marcy Crews, Beth Hllburn, Leslle Trail, Lindy Elmore, Nancy Bacot, CaAdv., Dr. Jack Hoglns, CoAdv. 1st row: Debbie Harrls, Joyce Gunn Goben ASU Mime Troup lt' If ASU Pops Ensemble f, i l 1st row: Chrlstopher Horton, Carla Hensley, DeeDee Vance, Angelic E Klng, Lee Kellams. 2nd row: Terri Jamison, Lyjuan Jessen, Mike Thiel, , Jennlter Carrelrn, Sandra Seay, 3rd row: Jimm Brumley, Grant Brinkle, Terry l l l Chambers, Chuck Keller, Lance Plppin, Grant Froman. ASU Ranger Platoon 'Ist row: Dwlght Duckworth, Davld Hamby, Jean Bradberry, Steve Bowen, Scott Rlley. 2nd row: Mark Gorton, Charles Clay, Charles Whlttom, Dlon Cantu, Sam James Isley, Adv., 3rd row: Marlon Tlnsley, Joe Patrlck, DIIIOD WCYKIDS, Steve Wllllams, Robert Merrlll, Charles Walt. 439 .-f"i - 'A , s Q-we s gg jj S K 4 T J 'lst row: Kevln Melton, David Croom, Benny Malone, jr., 2nd row: Sgt. Antonio Barclnas, Adv., Mark Gorton, Rick Stocks, Michael Carr, Jeffery Clayton, Capt. John Dillard. 3rd row: Joe Patrick, Ronnie Miller, Steve Wllllams, David Carmack, Comm., Dillon Watkins, Robert Merrill. not ASU Reng Rifles pictured: Terry Jelks ASU Secretaries Club '83-'84 officer's include: President Donna Kirksey, Vice President Lois Travis, SecretaryfTreasurer Mary Coles, Historian Peggy Hunt. Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd tuesday of each month in room 168 of the Learning Resources Building. We have on-going projects throughout the year. For example, a nursing home project, scholarship for a business education major, needy family at christmas and we also participate in the Spring Festival. lst row: Joyce McEwen, Doris Cruce, Jeanette Mlllsap. 2nd row: Jean Fisher, Jean Cramer, Donna Klrksey, Sue McAfee, Naomi Shaffer. 3rd row: Oulda Fulgham, Joy Coble, Gall Slddell, Loubeth Hames, Gaylene Timmons. 440 Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is the national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administration recognized by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. its objectives are " . . . to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business and administration, to promote the advan- cement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations." To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership. a student must rank in the top 596 of his or her junior class, and the top 1096 of his or her senior class, or rank in the top 2096 of those recieving masters degrees, Officers include: President Timothy lvlcNatt, Vice-President Tonna Nelms, Treasurer Allen Warmath. is 1st row: Deborah Foster, Lila Shockley, Laura Raley, Tonna Nelms, Kathy McDaniel. 2nd row: Allen Warmath, Joel Wofford, Ann Whitney, Malcolm McClellan. 3rd row: Timothy McNatt, B. C. McG-ouch, Javad Varzandeh, Mike Benefleid, T. E. Quast, jr. Black Students Association it ' WW 1 5 5 Q S , Q 1st row: Gennora Reed, Tommie Young, Kevin Taylor, Linda Ratcliff, 5 Q , , 6 Tamara Hood. 2nd row: Billy Ward, Diane Crayton, Anthony McBride, Karen . C Martin. 3rd row: Luther Jude, Marque Mealing, John Hall, Kenneth s Townsend, Gherlc Bruce. 1114 Block and Bridle Club The Block and Bridle Club of ASU is an organization devoted to assisting and promoting the Animal Husbandry field. Our activities include sponsoring the fall and spring livestock judging contests for Arkansas FFA chapters, an annual Bar-B-Que for club members, and the Little International which is a livestock showmanship competition, open to all ASU students. This year officer's are President Janet Caudell, Vice-President Glen Cunningham, Secretary Cindy Griffin, Treasurer Kim Lybrand, Reporter Tim Wells, Historian John G. Hutchison and Marshall Danny Cooper. Our Advisors are Dr. Warren A North, Dr. James H. Keene, and Dr. G. Walter Tibbetts. li 1st row: Cindy Griftin, Roger Stokes, Glenn Harrell, Kim Lybrand, Janet Caudell, Rhonda Stanley, Dr. Walt Tibbetts. 2nd row: Kieth Johnston, James Richardson, Glen Cunningham, Bruce Beck, Tim Wells, Randy Carwell 3rd row: Terry Haggard, Jack Boles, Tony Elmore, Brent Clement "Kermit Marty Conley, Jett Goode. Campus Crusade for Christ 1 l 1st row: Rickey Wooten, Susan Riley, Linda Berry, Colleen Threm, Q Q Aretha Knight, Debbie Rosse, Carroll Baker, Dorcas Bundy, Kieth Vivrette. 5 . . - 9 0 6 9 9 f Q - 2nd row: Brent Hendrix, Sandy Tatum, Donna Metcalf, Jim Gentry, Q Q . Laura Holly Endes, Debra Robinett, Marty Vanzant, Lisa Butterworth, Coleen 5 Roblnette, Barry Walker. 3rd row: Hensley Hurley, Jett Bartell, David Berry, Donny Roberson, Dlr., Winston Bruce, Vicki Fox, Pumpkin Williams, Bob Williams, Marcia Williams, Lisa Harris, Greg Mitchell. 'lst row: Robyn Collins, Klm O'Clair, Trena Gilbert, Brenda Corpier, Pam Davis, Tlm Cash, Leo Gronqulst, Donna Ferguson, Shelby Steimel, Bobby Abbott. 2nd row: Johnny Reed, Robert Courtney, Renee Throgmartin, Debora Craig, Karen Arnold, Kaye Morrow, Elizabeth Holt, Jeanie Pruett, Barbara Smith, Karen Zorbrook, Debbie Robison, Mitchell Marks. 3rd row: Jeff Morgan, Olivia Burton, Tim Fry, Bruce Hayes, Marsha Phelps, Phillip Morrow, Chuck Martin, Joey Towles, James Moore, Joe Wilmoth, Chaplain., Dewoyne Hobbs, Barry Hodges. Church of God In Christ Club '83-'84 officers: President Eugene Gilmore, Vice-President Chlcurby Crayton, Secretary Gloria Bailey, Treasurer Harry Quarrels. The COGIC Club holds Bible Study every Monday night at 7:00 in the Wesley Foundation. Holds Miss COGIC Club Pageant in February and Annual Spring Concert in April. Visits the nursing home and sings in the Gospel Extravaganza. Chi Alpha Chi Alpha is a national organization of students in higher education who unite to express the person and claims of Jesus Christ to their campus communities and call others into the relationship with him. Chi Alpha is within the mainstream of Pentecostal Ccharismaticj truth and is under the oversight of the assemblies of God. Chi Alpha takes its name from christou apostoloi, "Christ's sent ones." We find our indentity and task in Paul's word. . . we are ambassadors for christ . . . we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God" C2 Corinthians 5:2Oj. 1st row: Versle Dugger, Gloria Ballay, Precious Moore, Chlcurby Crayton, Harry Quarrels. 2nd row: Cynthia Conley, Angela Stokes, Linda McNear, Debra Gary, Earnest Clemons. 3rd row: ivory Gwln, Valerie Baker, Alonzo Meek, Margaret Newborn, Eugene Gilmore. 443 . 3' College Repuplicans . '.','o.a' ' a X 'l" .a.l ' ','c.','.'o 9 '..l ','o . , . "' f ' 1st row: Cara Cheesman, Robert Ward, Bekke Romero. 2nd row: Kevin l ? Reagan, Sandy Bollng, Woodrow Mays. 3rd row: Britt Estes, Russ Lewis, l Leslle Collins, Jack Bell. Data Processing Management '83-'84 officer's: President Barry Hutchison, Vice-President Fred Vanzant. SecretaryfTreasurer Belinda Whitley. Advisors: Dr. Charlotte Hinson and Dr. Robert Ferrolasco. The DPMA is an organization for people interested in the field of computer data processing. Many of our members donate some of their time each week to help students in the computer center here at ASU. 'Ivan 1st row: Belinda Whitley, Dennis McCollum, Tiana Haley. 2nd row: Pat Burl, Tracy French, Marty Vanzant. 3rd row: Barry Hutchison, Sheila Smith, Lynn Redwlne, Steve Benson. 444 Forensics Forensics is the title given to the broad field of competitive speaking. This includes debate, persuasive speaking, after-dinner speaking, poetry and prose interpretation, dramatic interpretations, and impromptu speaking. The forensics team is selected from members of the forensics classes, a different team for each tournament. We attend 5-8 tournaments each year, and participate in the national competitions. We have nationally-ranked speakers, and regularly win trophies for ASU. 4-wwp Xt' W 1st row: Mltzl Carmon, Rita Bealrd, Sherry Taylor. 2nd row: Marla Latting, Cecllla Benton, Patrlcla Motola. E r 5 6' 1 vi- an f iii f iffi fi'i 'T' f ',,,l ffkgg, ,.. 'lst row: Elll Kamlnarldes, Karen Lewellen, Sharon Llska, Teresa Brubeck, Schantell Bowden. 2nd row: Dana VanPatten, Rhonda Davis, Sarah Farmer, Mildred Ray. 3rd row: Lesli Gray, Gary Phillips, Price Marshall, Cynthia Merlllat, Randy Story, Tony Blackman. Future Secretaries Association '83-'BA officer's: President Rita Bealrd, Vice-President Patricia Motola, Secretary Mitzi Carmon, Treasurer Maria Latting, Advisor: Dr. Faye Beth Gray. Activities: October - Speaker for the Telephone company. November - Speaker for Merchantile Bank. December - Christmas Dinner January through April - we will probably have another speaker or two and one or two office tours. Last year we toured the Citizens Bank and Jonesboro Travel Agency. 445 Gamma Beta Phi Q . KQV e930 , 'ira- vfei' new D Ny' ' df t""i' rv-' l-, -s r , EQ ' aw- 1st row: Miss Patricia Toney QAdvQ, Lugenia Purnell, Phyllis Grider, Amelia Waters, Carlean Johnson. 2nd row: Tamara Hood, Dannette Tabor, Sharon Walker, Freedie Stewart, Mary Stewart, Vera Neal. 3rd row: Bertha Oliver, Zlna Davis, Carolyn Thompson, Stephanie Barnes, lona Johnson. not pictured: Klm Barnes, Annle Porter. 4416 Rf' ev 'W an 'V 1st row: Vicki Martin, James Presley, Day Abernathy, Gretchen Crews, Kayla Ellis, Lisa Patterson, Rita Beaird, Mickey Smith. 2nd row: Debora Craig, John Drake, Marcy Crews, Pam Miller, Brenda Nash, Vickie Moore, Caterina Neal, Barbara Reid, 3rd row: Myra Tuggle, Jack Bell, Pete " Hardesty, Tim Slope, Joanna Gregory, Jan Hall, Ed Jernigan, Lanan SOl"td6fS. Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority is a new addition on the Arkansas State University Campus. A group of l7 young ladies formed the Charter line in January 4983. Gamma Sigma Sigma's main purpose is to serve humanity. The sorority here has upheld this purpose by offering their services to area nursing homes, hospitals, churches, and most of ali, to ASU. Our national motto is "UNITY iN SERVICE." Our thanks to the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Student Affairs and Dr. Mossie Richmond, and to our adviser, Miss Patricia Toney. Agri lzuwrlzul. lzmxlzll K E r l l lame , u uw? Qfii-ii Q Q, iqxws 'lv bm ,W,,,f,g..w 'E 1st row: Pal Cleveland, Advisor., Yinka Akinwale, Jeff Nichols, Neal Harrington, Scott Seal, Sam Keya. not pictured: Jacques Larose, Mark Genshaw. Herald I fe Q3 ' ' 5 1113 1 A Graphic Arls Club if ivffv Sf: d evils 1st row: Tracie Dungan, Ellen Lampklns. 2nd row: Llllle Fears, Barbara Williams, Todd Gaskins, Fred Miller. 3rd row: Jell Hankins, David lvers, Kent Maris, Tommy Jacques. 447 International Students N 1 -5 xg Q lst row: Sldek Mansor, Jeanette Chen, Huraira Khalig, Benson Q 41 awww Aworumbe, Jlll Dycus, Katia Kararia, Mahera Khaliq, 2nd row: Suparjo N. J- X 55 Mokhtar, Abdul Razak Iahak, Baeil Ede U, Shahira Jiwani, Karen Hubbard, xl., Tonya Moore, Ali Almajld, Sonny Wowo. 3rd row: Chris Ebi, Samuel, H.M.S. f- ' Kamarul, Phll Leslie, llangkovan S. John, Bankoze A. Fweoemi, Mauro A. it -M Z AlbUl'eZ Jl., SODTIOCIGS Parapanos P. Livestock Judging Team F e, JQJ S lst row: Terry Hoqqard, Roger Stokes, Randy Carwell. 2nd row Glen Cunningham, Tim Wells, Marty Conley, Dr. Walt Tlbbetls. 448 Kappa Kappa Psi 1st row: Katia Karavla, Nhan Truong, Susan Walden, 2nd row: Kathryn Sturdlvant, Donna Douglas, Trena Richardson, Lynne Skelton. 3rd row: Dr. Thomas Bishop, Judy Spence, Jim Laird, Diana Hester, Kaki Coleman. 2 Z? 4, ia! 1st row: Jack Jackson, Mike Bridges, Rod Plunkett, Suzanne Clark, Jimmy Bushong, Eddie Jernigan, Chris Hopper, Jay Norris. 2nd row: Kleth Guy, Stewart Gilliam, Steve Harcrow, Grant Jordan, Albert "woody" Latham, Jett Lottln, JoGina Bokony, Bryan Cozart, Richard Frazier, Bruce Shannon, Terry Hogard. 3rd row: John Dulaney, Gary Pattenbarger, Jon Myers, John Long, Bobby Hobbs, Tom Mason, Kevin Dorton, Allen Masters, Mike Wells. Kappa Mu Epsilon President - Diana Hester Vice President - Judy Spence Secretaryflreasurer - Donna Douglas Reporter - Susan Walden Faculty Advisor - Dr. Thomas D. Bishop Corresponding Secretary - Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter MQ Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Tau Alpha, National Journalism honorary, was began in T910 at The University of Missouri and iT is dedicated To The recognition and promoTion of scholarship in The field of journalism. This society is The Phi BeTa Kappa of our field. This year membership was offered To only eight of The more Than 548 sTudenTs majoring in communications. Nominations are made by The faculty on The basis of scholarship, character, and contribution To The field. AT ASU minimum GPAs are 3.70 for juniors, 3.5 for seniors, and 3.7 for graduate sTudenTs. Of The more Than 250-plus full-Time journalism programs in The US, only abouT 70 have been granted KTA chapters and are allowed To offer memberships each year. The goal is simply To recognize Those who have done well in The program. . .T -l T 2 tst row: Mickey Smith, Patricia Tennille, Fred Miller. 2nd row: George ZONCCZSWSKY, TCITIl'T'lY Smith, Gil Fowler, Adv. Malaysian STudenTs AssociaTion f was ' Ay to tst row: Joanna Azrln, Muhammad Arlef, Noor Hallan Sulaiman, Mary 'jg Martin Kala Selvadural, Ani Rozlla Daud, Tahariah Abdul Rahnan, Norzaiton !?E ' ,. Mohd Nor. 2nd row: Sidek Mansor, Suparjo Mokhtar, Kamarudin Taha, Zalnudln Nor, Megal Palrouz Junaidi Meqai Junid, Mohamad Seth Alias. 3rd row Abdul Razak Ishak, llangkovan John, Sivananthan, H.M.S. Kamarul, Shuhaml Husalm, Syed Nordln, Kharil Walid Othman, Mohd Reza Mahmood. 1st row: Robert Ward, Rosanna Henry, Kathleen Shannon, Pat Morris, Bryant Pearson. 2nd row: Ken Carlew, Charles Hartwig, Adv., Samuel Ndupu, Ben Payne, Timothy Beaver. 3rd row: Harold Gist, Tony Nichols, John C. Bax, Bankole A. Ewedeml, Russ Lewis, Tom Carothers. Modern Dance Club The Arkansas State University Modern Dance Club is an organization that was started for the enjoyment of ASU students. The dance club consists of members who are interested in a variety of styles of dance. The different dances performed throughout the years are tap, ballet, jazz, and aerobics. The club members not only enjoy dancing for fun, but perform on various occasions. The Forum is one of the settings for a performance by the club. The club has choreographed a modern style of jazz along with a more traditional type of tap dance. This club is not just open to girls, but boys as well. If you enjoy dancing. this is the club that will challenge your individual ingenuity and creativity through your own interpretations of dance style. Model United Nations The Model United Nations organization is open to all students, in any major. The purpose ot the group is to represent ASU at state-wide and regional model UN meetings, and to adequately prepare for the sessions. Delegates "represent" a country, and debate real world issues from the perspective of the country they represent. Fall, 1983 Head Delegates, when ASU represented China. Cuba. and Japan, were Rosanna Henry, Russ Lewis. and Bryant Pearson. lst row: Laura Lynn Long. 2nd row: Jonna Benham, Alta Burns, Sponsor Daniele Murphy. 3rd row: Dana McElyea, Julie Perdue. 451 L, ...L ..k.kk. ,N ..... Narional Associarian of Jazz Educarars ,X ' ax '01 , T fi E 5. ' W.. . ff A if 1st row: Stan Hall, Jamle Beard, Lora Dorian, Lee Ann Dublin. 2nd row: ,B H X Tammy Neal, Brad Smlth, Dick Goss. 3rd row: Tom O'Conner, Sponsor., ' ff, Grant Jordan, James Snider, Larry Gordon, Bonner Ruff, Sponsor. R 115-.-LN , 1 4, k 5,1 1 ,LJ A. fx Y- , , gf . Ki no 71 . Narional STudenT, Speech, Language, Hearing Associarion 54: 3 4 .AML 1st row: Carla Nlmocks, Alllson Brown, Cassie Kauffman, Karolyn Sowle. 2nd row: Susan Hansen, Carol Hatley, Ellzabeth Dlllard, Gaye Leder. 3rd row: Dr. George Herndon, Sponsor., Ann Hart, Beverly Becker, Kelth Smlth. 152 Newman Club :S I 1 ' 'J . . 1-EE . - ' gg - img. -- . 1- . ,:. K x i .. . . . . . ,.. , J :if r- 1. ...,S,s..,, N W, : - J - .L K - - - . -f 1f1 ffii2.3i2-..- V XX.- . s ' X ,ex , ,Q . V . .... . , ,Q . L x so kk 1st row: Barbara Gill, Lesla Collier, Eric Hollis, Donald Baltz. 2nd row: Mark Mann, Randy Pepper, BC MCC-Dough, Clif Chamberlain, Advisor., Bob Gibson. lst row: Mauro Alburez, Jr., Mike Clingingsmlth, Jlm Cllnglngsmlth, Brain Fratesl, Laura Boeckmann, Dennis Calaway, Alumni Advisor. 2nd row: Jo Jo Hess, Sue Semock, Chris Clingingsmith, Ellen Lampklns, Mary Margaret Pieroni, Tami Havllk, Lella Davls. 3rd row: John Fee, John Jones, Micheal Coleman, Paul Rice, Bruce Macintosh, Karen Forte. Omicran Delia Epsilon 453 NaTional i2ehabiliTaTion Council f Advisory '83-'84 officers include: PresidenT Mary Dean, Vice PresidenT STeve STepka, SecreTary Mary Jane McCorkle. Treasurer Gloria McFadden, Sponsor Dr. Helen STeger. The purpose of our organizaTlon is To increase public awareness of The problems of handicapped individuals. To provide sTudenTs wiTh The opporTuniTy To become involved in a professional organizaTion. AcTiviTies include: Sponsoring a ChrisTrnas parTy aT AbiliTies UnlimiTes. ChrisTmas caroling aT local Nursing Homes. Waring wiTh disavled sTudenTs on campus in esTablishing Their own organizaTion. Sponsoring a public awareness week on campus in relaTion To problems of handicapped and disabled individuals. VolunTeer work wiTh The Special Olympics. i l I Q 5 QT fir X X Gln! 1st row: David Elmore, Melanie Price, Mary Jane McCorkle Helen Sieger. 2nd row: Steve Stepka, Mary Dean, Marcus Metzler Byron DiCkli1SOI'I. 1sT row: Dede Ames, Melissa Branch, Tanya Crawford. 2nd row: Lee Ann Bruion, Iris Chaslaln, Beth TackeTT. 3rd row: Robin Smllh, Debbie Burns, Judy Cychol, Barbara Nagle, Traci Carlson. Panhellenic Council +5 sv .. if -I f Annw-,,.c, Q . i, I if .. if 2 4st row: Sandra Smith, Judy Belvlns, Dr. Robin Anderson, Sponsor. 2nd row: Dino Cantu, Pnlllp Pratt, Brad Collins. 3rd row: Gary Blevins, Fred Lindsey, Marlon DeNlro. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Alpha Theta '83-'84 officers include: President Fred Lindsey, Vice President Phil Pratt, Secretary Sandra Smith, Treasurer Ann Bailey, Historian Mary Roberts and Kathi Rice, Faculty Sponsor Dr. Robin Anderson. Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society of faculty and students committed to the promotion of history. Based on national competition, our Eta Chi chapter was the outstanding chapter of the year 4982-4983. Some of the events Phi Alpha Theta is involved in are: Renaissance Fair, which involves the community in University activities, historical trips, annual book sale, social gatherings. regional meetings, history day for high school students, banquets and other various activities. i c,,,,,,,,, , ..,,,,,,.c.w.,..,......i4 WW.,,..,w..,-YM.-QMMM.-f-HWJ was 112 'Y is A iii i t fvfm, , x iq ,. 4 rii I 4 W if ,V 1 i' J 'il' i 4st row: Andrew Skoog, Brady Richards, Joe Adams, Rick Strlpllng T, if " Advisor, 2nd row: Jett Bridges, Barry Malloyd, Carl Briggs, Ed Jernigan. L s : 455 V4.2 1st row: Ken Carlew, Tlmothy Beaver, John Keshawarz. 2nd row: Tom Carthers, Ben Payne, John Byrd. Pi Gamma lVlu The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is to improve scholarship in the social sciences and to achieve synthesis therein: to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, to engender sympathy toward others with different opinions and other institutions by a better mutual understanding and to supplement and to support, but not to supplant existing social science organizations by promoting sociability and attendance at meetings. Officers: President - John Byrd Vice President - Ken Carlew Secretary - Clevon Young Treasurer - Tim Beaver Phi Sigma Alpha Pl SIGMA ALPHA is a Political Science l-lonor Society. '83-'84 officers include: President - David Cook Secretary - John Keshawarz Advisor - Dr. Mary Susan Power W 1st row: Clevon Young, Rosanna Henry, Ken Carlew. 2nd Row: Ber' Payne, Timothy Beaver, John Byrd. 156 Pi Kappa Delia 3 'EEE - 2411 ,FY : QW B 1 i i lst row: Dr. Collins, Michelle Ermeri, Howard Mooney, Elizabelh Young. lst row: Lesll Gray, Sharon Llska, Teresa Brubeck. 2nd row: Dana VanPal'len, Elli Kaminarides, Rhonda Davis, Karen Lewellen. 3rd row: Price Marshall, Tony Blackman, Randy Slory, Gary Phillips. Pi Omega Pi Pl OMEGA Pi Officers: Presideni - Eiizaberh Young Sponsor - Dr. Rebecca Collins 457 Psi Chi Psi Chi is the national honor society for psychology. lt is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence and interest in the sciences, particularly psychology. Recent activities of the organization has included a faculty panel discussion on graduate school and a presentation on stress. 15 ist row: Laura Fells, Susan Riley, Mark Simmons, Adrian Headley. 2nd row: Cynthia Fulton, Barabara D. Williams, Brenda Nash, Mechele Ward. 3rd row: Carol Smith, Llllle Fears, Carol Langston, Mia Conley. 158 tsl row: Dana Wellborn, Karen Long, Jeff Dunn, Dr. Robert Johnson, Advisor. 2nd row: Michael Millsaps, Joyce Nuttbrock, Wanda Lee, Mark Wisdom. Public Relations Student Society of America '83-'84 officers include: President Carol Langston, Vice President David Moffatt, Secretary Barbara Williams, Treasurer Laura Felts. We have been involved in several activities this semester. We entered the AMC public relations case study competition on the 19841 Renault Encore. We are also organizing a survey for the SGA to be administered to the faculty and administration in the spring. We are working on the national case study competition that will be due in March. We also hosted, along with the Society of Professional Journalists, a reception for Community Journalism Day. lst row: Cherie Frankel, Leslie Blanks, Chris Seavey, Venus Dixon. 2nd row: Pam Phillips, Diane Childers, Carolyn Campfield, Nancy Owens. Sigma Delta Chi The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi is an honorary organization which is dedicated to the improvement of the press and to promote it as an instrument of freedom. The Society of Professional Journalists is the largest, most representative and most active society dedicated to good journalism. The Society of Professional Journalists is involved with many activities on campus. Some of those activities are a four mile run held in November, Journalism Day held in the spring semester, numerous guest speakers which are involved in journalism or are news makers, and the society also assisted in Community Journalism Day held on campus in September. Il- Sigma Alpha iota Singers Sigma Alpha Iota Singers is a select vocal ensemble comprised of members of the Epsilon Gamma chapter of SAI. The Singers frequently perform for civic and professional organizations, schools, and SAI functions. i i.. A A i . . .-i L lsl row: Brenda Nash, Kim O'Clalr, Felecla Richmond, Tammy Smith 2nd row: David lvers, Tracie Dungan, Dorothy Starnes, Deborah Waite Sandra Brand. 3rd row: Marlin Shipman, Advisor., Blll Powers, Tracy French Kenneth Welch, Carol Langston. 459 1st row: Judy Jackson, Llsa Wood, Carlean Johnson. 2nd row: Frieda Burae, Bill Sloan, Beth Abies. not pictured: Bonnie Richmond, Paula Richards, Dr. Pardeck, advisor. Society of Physics Students li X ii i i SOCiCil Work Club '83-'BA officers: President - Beth Ables SecretaryfTreasurer - Paula Richards Parlametarian - Judy Jackson PR, - Bonnie Richmond Advisor - Dr. Pardeck hquuqfqvrq r-'rr-rr-D941-Qr'v"vr"1g'1y-'4 . ,.. , , nw, ...MW M . 4' Q 1 i My , ist row: Susan Walden, Tadashi Oshiro, Sherry Smith. 2nd row Lawrence Mink, Judy Spence, Chuan Lee. 460 Sociology Club fix ks? lst row: Lennle Fuller, Laura Plnk, Gayla Crawford, Dorcus Bundy. 2nd row: Sue Wolz, Shelly Castleberry, Brenda Hutcheson, Ruth Turner, Monica Robinson. 7? 5? 1sfrow: Tlna Hutchison, Laureha Adams, Judy Preweit, Rosa Setilemolr, Georgina Jordan. 2nd row: Charles W. Crain, Jr., Wesley Adams, Randy Meulr, Dr. Jerry King, Advisor. Siudeni Council for Excepiionol Children 164 Student Music Educolors Notronol Conference President - Jennifer Correiro Vice President - Lee Ann Dublin SecreTaryfTreasurer - Andrew Skoog Publicity - Lora Dorton Co-Sponsors. Dr. JD, Kelly Mrs. Sandra Seoy , 1st row: Sara Garrett, Linda Hollls, Judy Foreman. 2nd row: Dr. Sue Davidson, Sponsor., Debra Roblnett, Holly McCall, Judy Holland. 3rd row: Debbie Spencer, Vlcky Hacker, Sandra Stephens, Wllma Barnes, Richard Roberts. not pictured: Florence Robinson. 462 'lst row: Day Abernathy. 2nd row: Christopher Horton, J.D. Kelly. 3rd row: Jennifer Carreiro, Dirk Owens, Sandra Seay. Student Notionol Educotionol Associorion HM 1st row: Donna Steese, Lorl Denton, Faith Vollman, Julia Robinson, Lana Mahan, Belinda Dees, Donna Peebles, Missie Potter, Shearry Coffman, Theresa Kirkpatrick. 2nd row: Vanessa Little, Terrl Smith, Tracy Terry, Louise Dust, Mary Wooten, Suzanne Wren, Kay Hull, Ann Prescott, Pam Crews. 3rd row: Jackie Welshman, Betty Jo Gunter, Karen Perkins, Rose Steimel, Teahna Meek, Llsa Bradford, Connie Hightlll. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is a National Honorary Sorority for Band. Our purpose is to assist the band Director in any way possible for the betterment of the band. We do this through social as well as service projects, Our Motto is "Tau Beta Sigma for greater Bands". President - Suzanne Clark Vice President - Renee Weatherford Secretary - Lorrie Needham Treasurer - Lora Dorton Parlimentarian - Kathleen Barnes Historian - Sandy Lyons Student Nursing Association 5' 1st row: Tiana Haley, Kim Crabtree, Lee Anne Dublin, Renee Weatherford, Brad Smith, Suzanne Clark, JoGlna Bokony, Sara Garrett, Schantell Bowden, Sandy Lyons, Tammy Bishop. 2nd row: Crlstle Squires, Joy Potts, Elizabeth Dillard, Rhonda Davis, Paula Stafford, Cheryl Wood, Tina Peacock, Renee Clay, Nancy Wamble, Rebecca Brundage. 3rd row: Laura Moore, Lorrle Needham, Connie Shedd, Pam Phillips, Shelley Evans, Lelsa Manning, Kathleen Barnes, Robbie Jean Martin, Toml Lyn Vlcenf, Sharon Brand, Kerrie Llnfon. 463 Dan ff J Union Board The Union Board is the administrative office, made up of student volunteers, for university wide programmed activities. The Union Boards role is to provide educational, social, cultural and recreational programs for the benefit of the university community and to help develop sound student leadership through the planning and execution of programs. All interested students are encouraged to join this office in providing a variety of activities for the ASU student body. 1st row: Freedla Stewart, Felecia Richmond, Schantell Bowden. 2nd row: Pansy Thompson, Jett Ponder, Tim Dean, Louise Dust. 3rd row: Marshall Kelly, Jesse George, David Carmack, Rick Stripling, Advisor. not pictured: Clifford Cobb. Union Board Committee The Union Board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary and eight committees, each headed by a coordinator. involved students can choose practically and facet in which to work. Each committee is listed here: President Jesse George, Vice President Schantell Bowden. Secretary Freedia Stewart, Cultural Enrichment Coordinator Pansy Thompson, Dance Coordinator Marshall Kelly, Food Services Coordinator Louise Dust, Concert Coordinator Tim Dean, Films Coordinator David Carmack, Co-Corricular Coordinator Jeff Ponder, Promotions Coordinator Felecia Richmond, Promotions Coordinator Cliff Cabos, Office Secretary Mrs. Pat Carmack, Advisor Mr. Rick Stripling. X 'ly ,.. . ., J A ""i'. ,.., V. ' ' - 'Z A an 1st row: Rod Blackman, Todd Gasklns, Charlotte McBryde, Suzanne Wren, Klm Stone, Jackie Grllls, Mary Jane McCorkle, Mark Tyler. 2nd row: Matt Dust, Beth Ables, Brent Hendrix, Helen Dust, Ed Wllllams, Karen Martin, Robin Morris, Robin Grills. 3rd row: Wllllam Pike, Bob Bramuccl, Randy Carr, Lily Fears, Bryan Hardin, Anthony McBride, Luther Jude, Lynn Perkins. not pictured: Phllllp Birmingham. 464 United Voices Gospel Choir President - Florence Robinson Vice President - Tammi Williamson Secretary - Linda Nash Treasurer - Marshall Kelly Historian - Ramona Simpson Musician - Gregory Clay Sergeant-at-Arms - Wendell Williams Chaplain - Jesse George Director - Tamera Hood Assistant Director - Reba Bolden Assistant Director - Clyde Williams Assistant Director - Saul Peters lll Assistant Director - Will Savage Advisor - Dr. Jerome Tillman Advisor - Vernard Davis ii 1st row: Sandra Brand, Sharon Autry, Shelby McQuay, Angela Slttord, Holly Richards, Leslie Lott. 2nd row: Rebecca Brundage, Shannon Patterson, Jana Wood, Luann Barnett, Deidra Mounce. 3rd row: Lillie Fears, Barbara Wllllams, Bonnie Dillard, Leigh Trimble, Lauren Russell, Deborah Frederick. 1st row: Regina Hayman, Tammy Duckworth, Karen Lewellen, Merilyn Edmond, Mildred Roy, Ramona Simpson, Jacqueline Holland. 2nd row: Tamara Hood, Dorothy Marshall, Ann Harrison, Vivian Holder, Denise Siddell, Freedia Stewart, Janice Black, Kirk Thompson, Linda Nash. 3rd row: Rhonda Nolen, Florence Robinson, Lisa Spriggs, Rose Taylor, Cathy Taylor, Lillie Fears, Cynthia Kelly, Reba Bolden, Will Savage, Billy Bowles, Saul Peters Ill. 4th row: Jesse George, Anthony McBride, Gregory Clay, Dwight Walker, Daniel Johnson, Harrey Porchia, Wendell Williams, Anthony Lowe, Carl Medley, Ronnie Leavy, Clyde Williams, Steven Jones. Women ln Communication '83-'84 officers include: President Angela Sifford, Vice President Jana Wood, Secretary Sandra Brand, Treasurer Sharon Autry, Advisor Dr. Ade Anast. WlCl is one ofthe nations oldest and largest professional communications organizations. The purpose of WICI is to unite members for the purpose of promoting the advancement of women in all fields of communication, work for the First Amendment rights and responsibilities of all communicators, and promote high professional standards. This is the first and only chapter of WICI in Arkansas. The ASU chapter was organized in the spring of '83. A professional panel consisting of women in the communica- tions field was held and members attended the Regional conference in Dallas TX., and the National conference in Philadelphia, PA. Members of WIC! produced a live radio broadcast of the Renaissance Fair on KASU, as well as conducting an ascertainment study for KASU. 165 Young Democrois ,., ex 9 f fe. F adv! 4""bf lst row: Clinton Young, Greg Cole. 2nd row: David Hamby 'Isl row: Barry Wells, Merllyn Edmond, Evelyn Winston, Karen Martin. 2nd row: Paul Hogue, Anthony McBride, Marie Smllh, Kakl Coleman. 3rd row: Timothy Smith, Randy Myers, Roland Hollis, Kalhleen Shannon. not pictured: Blll Berry, sponsor. lnierfroierniiy Council Officers: President - Greg Cole Vice Presideni - David Webb Secretary - Wendell Williams Treasurer - David i-lamby Public Relations - Clinion Young Arkansas I-lall Dorm Council , Jw x 1st row: Bertha Oliver, Kelly Calwell, Caterina Neal, Dannette Tabor, Aretha Knight. 2nd row: Rita Granberry, Darlene Thompson, Barbara Shaw, Kim Peabody, Chlo Bobrowskl. X Delia Hall Government Officers: President - Timothy Jones Vice President - Luther Jude SecreTaryfTreasurer - Phillip Lada lk wp. ?S 1st row: Timothy Jones, Luther Jude. 2nd row: Brad Collins, Maynard Klltrell, Phillip Ladd. 167 i ,C Angela Stokes, Dust, Chicurby Amelia Waters, Lugenla Purnell, Mlcheale Futch, Sondra Turner, Sharon Robinson. 3rd row: Betty Leach, Pam Phillip, Heather Lowe, Natalie Aired, Connie Goodlow, Lauren Russell, Daniele Murphy, Leisa Manning, Suzzanne Green. 1st row: Kim Stone, Schantell Bowden, Elizabeth Holt, Marilyn Edmond, Dorothy Fowler, Rose Taylor, Louise Crayton. 2nd row: Jane Shedd, Maria Latting, Donna Davis, Kays Hall Judicial Board Off ,C Y D X Ki X , 'LAQD in Kays Hall Dorm Council Officers: Chicurby Crayton - President Amelia Waters - Vice President Lujenia Purnell - Secretary Maria Latting - Treasurer Our activities include: Sponsoring a contestant in Homecoming election, Dorm parties approximately A times a year, Give X-mas gift to Cottage of Hope Children, Participating in Spring Festival by setting up a booth, sponsored a contestant in the Omega Psi Phi Fashion Show. lst row: Dana Wellborn, Rose Taylor. 2nd row: Vera Neal, Rosanna Henry, Eartha Goodlow. 468 Twin Towers Dorm Council Officers: President - Cori Briggs Vice President - John Block Tredsurer - Tim Cosh Pdrliomentorion - Timothy Smith Resident Mdndger - Sodie Holmes 1st row: Tim Ccsh. 'v-'-'-. , ,KT 1st row: Troyce Barnett, Mike Worshcm, Kevin Eggleston, Steven Jones, Bllly Cooper. 2nd row: Greg Ginn, Mike Wilson, Billy Roe, Terry Berry, Ddvid Croom, Ed Nessblt. 3rd row: Jett Biggs, Ted Thompson, Robert Cox, Jerry Jordon, Arnie Schevlng. F""' Carl Briggs, John Block. 2nd row: Sadie Holmes, Timothy Smith Twin Towers Wing Reoresentoiives 169 Alpha Angels lst row: Melvin Robinson, Darrick Tucker, William Guy. 2nd row: Dwight Walker, Leonard Robinson, Henry Lewis. not pictured: Ricky Nuckles, Rodney Long, Kleih Young, Cordell Kelley, Lynn Breckinridge, Greg Cobbs, James Fair. 'l7O 3 J : , , i , , l L ff? v, 1 l A, 1 , , lsl row: Gennora Ann Reed, Dorothy Neal. 2nd row: Loretta Burnes, Deborah Slevenson, Linda Raicllff. 3rd row: Tommie Young, Linda Washington, Diane Crayion, Regina Cravens. Alpha Phi Omega '83-'84 officers include: Presideni - Leonard Robinson Vice President - Ricky Nuckies Secrerary - Henry Lewis Treasurer - Rodney Long Dean of Pledges - Darrick Tucker Alpha Phi Omega Phyelies X .J -Y 5' ' Y 1 lst row: Wyvonlc Rutherford, Schontell Bowden, Kirk Thompson, -L ' X Cynthia Kelly. ,i A- fx University l-lall Dorm Council University Hall Officers include: President - Suzanne Downing Vice President - Jo Carol Lacy Secretary - Tammy Simmons Treasurer - Tracy Sapp E 'S-Lee XJ lst row: Tracie Sapp, Jo Carol Lacy, Beth Tackett, Anita Bruce. 2nd row: Babara Hunt, Debbie Rosse, Sarah Taylor, Janice Hall. 3rd row: Shelly Castleberry, Lisa Oltmann, Darlene Calkln, Sandy Tatum. 474 , , 'I ,y I If V V ' 04,-,' 'J ..M,... ff Qmega Psi Phi Fraternity 1st row: Anthony McKinney, William Johnson, Billy Ward, Kenneth Townsend, Kelvin Taylor, Gheric Bruce, Michael Neal, Dolan Phelix, George Washington, Chris Ford. Gmega Psi Phi Sweethearts J Qi X A ll' U X 1st row: Loretta Wood, Llsa Rattler, Regina Hayman, Lettle Wlnlrey, Cheryl Wlntrey, Yvette Holland, Ann Harrison. 2nd row: Connie Jackson, Ramona Dllworth, Ingrid Blake, Jawanda Williams, Johnnie Campbell, Mia Conley, Janice Black. 3rd row: Gherlc Bruce, Sandra Bryant, Charlotte Phllllps, Debbie Bryant, Toya Ross, Frances Hare, Dianna Jackson, Marlene Young. not pictured: Linda Smith. 172 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraierniiy .5 2 f Qpp S gin 1st row: Valerla Miller, Tammy Duckworth, Pamela Rasberry. 2nd row: Valerla Womack, Lisa Jones, Ramona Simpson, Daune Bonadie. not pictured: Sharon Robinson, Miriam Eubanks, Glendia Perry. 1st row: Daniel Johnson, Wendell Williams, Donald Mllchell Theron Hightower. Kappa Alpha Psi Sweels Officers: President - Ramona Simpson Vice President - Sharon Robinson Secretary - Tammy Duckworlh Treasurer - Valerie Womack IVIISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Danny Bradley - Director Phyllis Bradley - Sponsor Thurman Cossey - Sponsor Viola Cossey - Sponsor Jack Storey - Sponsor Donna Douglas - V. Pres. Lynne Hill - V. Pres. Wade Lanes - V. Pres. Rick Robertson - V. Pres. Sharon Bailey - V. Pres. Patty Story - Sponsor E rm . IQ , I 3 ,VJ I ff- ,+I s 1st row: Gale Peebles, Teresa Shempert, Sarah Richardson, Mlchole King, Gwen Kimbrow, Lynne Hill, Lynne Skelton: 2nd row: Sharon Bailey, Tammy Pankey, Judy White, Klm Eanes, Jan Hall, Phyllls Bradley, Dlana Hester, Mary Crow, Kenny Ishmael: 3rd row: Danny Bradley, Jlmmy Gossett, Manuel Blxler, Paul Curtis, Wade Eanes, Jeff Moody, Bryan Taylor, Doug Moore, not pictured: Rlck Robertson, Donna Douglas. LEAD STAFF President - Lisa South Vice President - Glen Smith SecretaryfTreasurer - Karolyn Sowle Committee Coordinator - Steve Pulley Public Relations - Jeff Whitson 6 L 1st row: fseatedj Llsa South, Robin Smith, Lori Walters, Renee Weatherford, Lanan Sanders: 2nd row: Terry Barnes, Leslie Smith, Nancy Chambelln, Deaundra Bacot, Paula Gibson, Cheryl Clifton, Holly McCall. 3rd row: Richard Goss, Nathan Gairhan, Florence Robinson, Michey Smith, Bob House, Tony Lowe, David Goodln, David Jacobs, Jeffrey Dunn, Rosanna Henry. Advisor: Karon Toombs. 474 4 LADIES OF NU GAMMA ALPHA 5 X . T 1st row: Laverne Neal, Llndorc Johnson, Llsa Sprlggs. 2nd row: Delorls T 1 2 Johnson, Annlece WIIIIOmS, Sharon Blddle. 3rd rowi Alice Wiley, Robin - Jones, Barbara Johnson, Dorls Taylor, Patrlclo Balley. not plctured: Marilyn 'A i T Johnson. L JK ,Q ll S fl T I "T ,YU-1 4 TWIN TOWERS STUDENT PATRGL Q gm! ,L U C? N17 1st row: Timothy Smlth, Mlchael Glbbs. 2nd row: Paul Rlce, Mlchael Kelly. John Selvy. 475 'iiiif INDIAN IVIAIDENS ml-M421-:gy efflwf QA W Www W mf.-'ff f OI' , y 5. rx JW 1 7! ' ' vig. , 'f .Lf ff 412- V 'tgp v. F A ,Q ' ' 1" I N 3.3-74 ,, J if 5 . vu'-47, v 4963 INDIAN STAFF XT 9 'if ASU SINGERS '63 ASU CHEERLEADERS '63 og 5' ?N"' Q, V lf' HONGRARY CADETS '63 IVIAJORETTES '63 62,0 X BILL BELL AND THE TRIBE '63 l x ig? I! Gif" 1 I ' I . .Jr-z,...x M 4275-X ' 'f "V G J 5' IJ .-5 1' V x V I BSU COUNCIL DEBATE CLUB '63 QE FI - 75124, sus" I-W'-5--Z Q go 1-H .'-Q x,- I ' mif' Q . -1 Enix.:-4 PHI BETA LAMBDA '63 1 .gs x 5 H fall f 4 J 3, 7'-. 956-Q53 1 L A KASU BRGADCASTERS CLUB V. THE END ,J IN E, I AT nAv6'S oo EATQKI VVE'RE HINING BRIGI-ITE ATI-ILETICALLY Athletics pidys on importont role dt Arkdnsos STOT9 University ds it does dt ony other college or university in r the United Stotes. ug gg Both the mens ond womens ioosketbdii teams stdrted fthe seoson with winning records. Tomohczwk voiieybdit ended its yedr ot 22-'12, ond indion footbdti ended its sedson ot 5-5-4 with o yeor end tie to Memphis Stote University. ASU dthietes were oiso th recipientsof severoi honors, inciuding di! tQQtftf6f6UCSr dndtgrrgelsgiigucicddemic: dwords. Rifle Q-steam membegtfsi won mdnyusfie tvuisdudi dwordss. r t Those outstanding dthietesj were booked throughout the yeor by mony fdithfui fdns ond cheeriedders. Without support from these two groups, ASU dthietics might not hdve hod such ci good yeor. A get sf i if R- - -' ,-t-e - 1 135: .view " -- N , x Y . s . s ps- - fs, -fs . W- , f - ,. -s' . r, :.-. s he X , - -..-ss SENSE 5- V fs -- iv' -N i L " Q .' sys ,,.. , ,N 182 3 .-l,'!:zfE2 sv! 1 hd, 1. xq , .W 9 483 L Athletic Aciminisirotion VA ,,,L.5 3 H ',iV Lorry Locewell Director of Athletics I-leod Footboll Cooch Koy Woodiel Director of Women's Sports Bosketboll Cooch Volleyboll Cooch on MY l it e llll ll ' 1 Ei X ef A - S 'Q 'I84 V. V -af. 1- .. - l l lQl 'll 'S' ll c Bill Templeton Assistont Athletic Director Bill Dovidson Assistont Athletic Director Guy Kochel Trock Cooch MC1fVil'1 Adams 'Neve-...,. Rich Johnson Jerry Schcieffer Boseboll Coach Sports information Director lY""i s.Qs Eldon l-lawley Assistant Head Football Coach if E, tt f :S if , 4' 4 Q I i xi f s x I R f sf I Mike Molham Linebackers Don l-loggard Assistant Football Coach Coaching Staff . i r in A Phil Davis Assistant Football Coach A David Mitchell Running Backs r s E sl i N s - aa' ' ll Nelson Catalina Assistant Basketball Coach Q? Marcia Williams Women's Tennis Coach Beverly Webb Women's Basketball Coach I Q, sz . f ' Q CK S T "sc ' is: 'i , . me Tim Keane Defensive Coordinator .-JN. aux AL Rick Petri Defensive Line wi Q, at 4, 2: Neil Abel Golf, Ticket Manager 1 1 Qs ,- gf s W 'i ' .ss,i. :qs Kathie Long Women's Softball Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Am, 1. Gary Withrow Offensive Line Tommy Tuberville Defense Bob Williams Assistant Track Coach Assistant Tennis Coach 185 Ron Smith Women's Sports information ASU Foolboll , ,, . ww Morly Bennell Ed Troull Michael Cline Honoroble Menlion Honorable Mention Honoroble Menlion Berry King Jerome Sims 2nd Teom All-SLC 'Isl leom All-SLC Sporis Awdrds Tommy Walker 2nd Team All-SLC "' A Www, We Gary BurTon Honorable MenTion an -QWALX , wh Price Gardner 2nd Team All-SLC Aii Academic Dwayne PiTTman 2nd Team All-SLC Tim Langford 2nd Team All-SLC All Academic SLC Player of The Week ScoTT McDonald All Academic Baskelrball ana Volleyball Sporlrs Awaras Bev Webb, Women's BaskeTboll SLC Coach of The Year Jay Hansen Honorable MenTion Amana Hawkeye All-TournamenT Team 488 ' if ' W5 N .1 X, . ,sf ' Linda Allison CnorloTTe Flelas 2nd Team All-SLC Honorable MenTlon ScoTT Horrell Treva McDougal Qna Team All-SLC 'lsT Team All-SLC Trdck dnd Field Sporls Awdrds Doug Shouse Steve Slubblefield Scoll Shaffer NCAA All-American All SLC - pole voull All SLC - pole vdull AI Joyner Kenny Wilson All SLC - Triple jump All SLC - 4000 yd. run Plans Made For Convocation Center 'ifirtstttfl . Z V -Of Xs ini-ll? is lil This is an architect's drawing of ASU's proposed new multi-purpose convocation center, from the west. Construc- tion is due to begin in spring 4984 and be completed in two years. Projected cost is S40-42 million. lt is to be located on the northeast corner of Aggie and Robinson roads on campus and will become 'ihome" for ASLJ's men's and women's basketball teams, as well as many cultural, social ancl recreational activities for all of Northeast Arkansas. The plans for the center, designed by Wittenberg, Delony and Davidson, Inc. of Little Rock, were approved by the Board of Trustees Nov. 4, 4983, According tothe design study, the total building area is 474,497 square-feet for the concourse and ground levels of the center. The center will house athletic offices, dressing rooms, training and therapy space, meeting rooms and athletic events, The seating capacity will vary, depending on the type of event to be held, There will be 40,042 seats for a central focus event. 9,356 for a convocation event, 9,248 in the general seating plan, 4,838 for theatrical performances, a 350 seat lecture hall and multiuse rooms having 450 seats. according to the plan. The theatre setting has the stage on the ground floor with bleacher seating. Curtains are used to seclude it from the rest of the center. The general seating plan is for basketball and similar events. The lecture hall, located on the ground floor of the northwest corner, will be used for speakers and conferences, and departments such as continuing education, athletics and fine arts, The Multiuse rooms at the east end of the structure will have folding walls. When the seats are moved back from the main floor there is room for additional basketball, tennis. and volleyball courts and a track. No main entrance has been designated, and there will be several entrances at different levels and sides of the building. There will be four lobbies, one at each corner of the building. Each lobby will have concessions, a courtesy booth, ticket office, and restrooms. The center will have Q04 hard-surface parking spaces, 442 on the north lot, 304 on the east side. 434 on the south lot and 56 on the west side. Parking for 644 cars is available on the football lot and 4500 in the overflow lot, which is grass space to be used when weather permits. A decision on the exterior has not been made by the firm, but will probably be a light colored brick and concrete conbination. Tcmlhawk ea STaTe AudiTor Jimmie Lou Fisher was The honored guesT aT The second annual Tomahawk Tea in OcTober. The Tea was held aT The home of PresidenT and Mrs. Ray ThornTon and feaTured recipes selecTed by Fisher. The Tomahawk Tea is an evenT sponsored by The Women's AThIeTic DeparTmenT To raise funds for recruiTing, since There is no recruiTing budgeT for women aThIeTes. The Tea consisTed of a full course buffeT-Type meal of recipes submiTTed by Fisher, and was open To The public as well as sTudenTs, faculTy and adminisTraTion. Kay Woodiel, women's aThleTic direcTor and chairman of The Tea, was helped by her "supporT group," which consisTs of women across campus who have also helped in oTher endeavors wiTh The women's aThleTic deparTmenT. A Sf v Q. . Wx.-1, f 1 ? W Q rv ,,, 1 For Glymplc Trials Al Joyner is one of several Arkansas Track aThIeTes who are preparing for The Summer Olympic Track and Field Trials in Los Angeles June 'I6 Through 24, six weeks before The Olympics acTually begin. Joyner is a world class Triple jumper, ranked TenTh lasf year by Track and Field News, and running under The name of The Bud l.ighT Track Club. In February, Joyner compeTed in The Dallas Times Herald lnviTaTionoI Track meeT, and finished second behind Ajayi Agbebakia of Nigeria, who is ranked Third in The world. Joyner placed ahead of Mike Conley of The UniversiTy of Arkansas and KeiTh Conners of G-reaT BriTain. Five members of The ASU Track Team also have good chances To qualify for The Trials. They are STeve STubblefield of Kansas CiTy, Kan., ScoTT Schaffer of Arvada, Colo., John Fewell of Columbia, Mo., Doug Shouse of Terre HauTe, Ind. and STeve Banks of Marianna. Siubblefield, Schaffer and Fewell will be shooTing for a qualifying heighT of 'I7-10 in The pole vaulT. Shouse and Banks will have To reach The minimal heighT requiremenT of 7-A. ,M is 4, ,ly if ' ,5 Indians Look Forwar The Arkansas State University athletic department announced adding several games to their schedule for next season. Since Larry Lacewell's arrival, ASU football opponents have changed considerably, and future dates include games with Louisiana State University and Ole Miss. The 1985 schedule shows games against Mississippi State, University of Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Memphis State, Louisiana State, Southern Illinois, and a tough conference schedule. Playing these teams can bring money and recognition into the ASU athletic program. The Southland conference is highly regarded among Division I AA football leagues, and the Tribe needs a good season. This year ASU finished in a 3-3 tie with Texas-Arlington and McNeese State in the SLC, In early February, ASU football coaches signed nine players to the National Collegiate Athletic Association letters of intent. To NQXT Season - Wy! QU? 1 6 I PR, A .1 Y 4' W I "' , 1 ' i gg l f W fkw 2 d f , VWW 1 I 'L , ' ' 1' Q, ' , ,, 1, f Y .1 f , ' A Q X 1 I 25.n 5 . K 5 3, ' .,:. Q I Q, , Mx ' S - P cl, Lv U 'jg A 1: . mg Q - . . , 'E '.:5 .. S. i kL.5, is - k 1 .'--Q. -'Q ZA on A 4 Q :Kk 6 wid X W!" M' I S N. qs. K 'N , in 2'f if , X f N S is Q K " N' .. Fi . .. , K Q ' wx mn . X Q . . .K , N K , A A K 5. Q, k ., V , W f J 'ii-S L5 3- 'ww ' i H 'M - ' EVM .. . . 13" f ' 9 KU lx fs., M .. - V X , X ,, Y ,-. qi ,, . -. :QQ A ,N K t E? R -ff t f- X RN X W af f .... . , .x.-. 5 5,235 sf k kk w X N NX- "" I i ,, A 'f lik' ww t .. - fy X UM.: Q K . A J ' Tennessee-Mariin Tennessee- Cnaiianooga Texas ASLM Norineasi Louisiana' Souinern Iiiinois Norin Texas Siaie' Louisiana Tech' McNeese Siaie' Texas-Arlingion Lamar' Memphis Siaie If 34-OW 27-'ill W 38- O L 45- 7 L 35-28 L 'I7- O L 2'I- 7 W 24-'14 W 28-'19 L 24-'Ill W '14-'14 T Homecoming Bana Nigni Souiniana Conference Games' Indians En W 4 H Q Q 3 QUT ,Mkt SCJSOIW A 5- 5- A , nHVfgQgm Q . 4. pal' ' 11 ,ES Z Tx Salukis Nip s T mi , W , 5 Head Coach Larry Lacewell used a fake punT, a halfback pass, Three reverses and a guard-around play, buT The ASU Indians sTiIl could noT ouT score The SIU Salukis. IT was The Indians Third sTraighT loss. The Indians Took a 44-O lead againsT The Salukis early in The game, buT SIU quickly recovered and The scoring wenT back and forTh The resT of The game. From The A5-yard line, Lacewell called for a fake punT. Bill Bowers Took The snap from The cenTer Randy Roebuck and Took The ball inTo The end zone for a 65-yard score. Berry King used The guard-around play early in The game. He picked up The ball from Ed TrouT and wenT 'I8 yards for a firsT down, Split end Judious Lewis showed his running abiIiTy on reverses of I9 and 28 yards and an 84-yard Touchdown recepTion. The indians Turned The ball over Three Times inside The 30-yard line, and The Salukis converTed The misTakes inTo Touchdowns Twice. Trailing 35-28 wiTh a minuTe and a half lefT To play, halfback KieTh Weaver Threw a long pass ThaT jusT missed TighT end Ray Brown. Brown juggled The ball, buT failed To hold on To iT wiTh a defender all over him. Indians, 35-28 Q, :W W m 4, 4 Q., "f'L3f:f"fSf'N l-2. VVV M. ,, M A I ' My ,QQ ,!,, ,V .V , 1 , - If ' 1 ,M V ,,VA 7 V QHKW A ,Q V , ,,,,.,W i Q A . W4 y ,., " , ,,,, '1"'l , 7 W ff l ,,.A ,., W v . V ',A 'f n .. M , 1 Mfg G--W f f U V ' ' Mr: 4 H ' . at ' ' E ,W 4:' . i K - nuff iv, S ' 5 ,fyf ' f'f ' 04, if U Zi, X-vii W 3' Y , ' ' ' : 7 , ' ' ' , f ' ., 'aa ,, Q , A 'A 9 Wm ya., , I at 4- A E M, , 13 ,... QV, 'IIN m :wg ifvff . I M I ,,, Vgy, , Nga M -,X ff.,-ymskh. K , 1 r,,r::V I I I H W If A qi. . , I W i-,,,g,,Mw,, ,, . , aww, H H f 0 ff-fwfr, ,h5, ,,f, f . I fs 11 X K S K mf' I A 'W S' is msvg-Mk i x . -. Nw.. sm. H 7 K 2 C as wg V0 g 'lu 794 N3 W K -www A-I Q W I Q 4 8 W1- 4 1 WL s L s ' "fa Av 199 V495 .am 'Nw ASU Ends Season K , -' " '? - K rf K, Wh mm, 1 ,wfwfhn 9 , if , ,A Wfg, H, f,:.11gffr-- , WM, , ,- ,, . ,I A ,, ' 4 , , , , ""' f " , W k , 0 ff V ff ,, ,,,f..L,,g .V ,,, KH, mm, wr fin f , , , f, ' , ' ' " , ,, 527, ww , ,,f,,L. "WWI, , ,fv "W ', ff mf ' f f"' .QVW-H W. mf, ,, . , ,W . 'W My Wk U,, 4,f,, . ,JW kr ,M ,.., I I W A I , 'f H, I "" i ' H , ,,, ,,,f,, .Y f,, f,, " .. f g, :,,,,, ,aw WM vm f f ,,,,,,,, J VM, Q, .L ff bww ,,,,,, ,,,f f,,,:-1 , ,H VV , M ,, , Q' 'ffLQ.f'f M f -, ,, f H , t vviih ivisu Tie 44-44 ASU rolled up 397 yards againsT a good Tiger defense, and ASU's defense held Memphis STaTe To only seven firsT downs and 495 yards. A good parT of ThaT came on an 83-yard Touchdown pass laTe in The firsT half. The oTher big play for The Tigers came wiTh only four and a half minuTes remaining in The game when defensive back Percy Nabors picked off a pass and refurned iT for a 77 yard Touchdown To salvage a Tie for Memphis STaTe. The indians gof revenge from lasT year's defeaT, and had 22 firsT downs, When Memphis STaTe beaT ASU lasT year, They ended The naTion's longest losing sTreak. VCDLLEYBALL TEAIVI I-IAS GOOD REGULAR SEASCDN The Arkansas STaTe UniversiTy women's volleyball Team finished Their season wiTh a winning record of 22-'l2. The Tomahawks were also second in Their zone and fifTh in The SouThland Conference TournamenT. Kay Woodiel in her TenTh season molded The ASU women's aThleTic Teams inTo a compeTiTive NCAA Division I program. This was Their second year in The NCAA. ASU moved inTo The newly formed women's division of The SouThland Conference in The spring of 4982 and also became The firsT NCAA Division I volleyball program in Arkansas. 55 . . ss, - 90915, Henderson Slale Cenlral Arkansas Soulheasl Missouri Arkansas Tech Oral Roberls Soulhwesl Texas Texas Wesleyan Tulsa Memphis Slale Tennessee - Marlin Monlevallo Soulheasl Missouri Tennessee - Marlin Arkansas Tech Arkansas - Lillie Rock Auslin Peay Cal UT Marlinp Tennessee - Marlin Sl. Louis Universily Mississippi Slale Soulheasl Missouri Norlh Texas Slale Texas - Arlinglon Memphis Slale Cenlral Arkansas P.E. CCDIVIPLEX PRCDVIDES EXERCISE EOR STUDENTS N i Mg:Hf A . Kwik, x i i , , . , ... K QM.,-av. , - - 1. f .'ii:f"f?,a7.: - E A S - ,,'W' M-M f-Sw Nmm 199 " . . Q v - kid -9 A Indians lase Ta Lamar 70-58 P4 7,,' 1 5151526 gi, 4 snuff 'E 3. 5 P," W . f f H M aaaa S --W 1' Wi - w 41 i 'W' i, yr L, 'EGM-oo' , fi I 49 " QYQLZ vff451L'M be 4i'4fK'a 0 mrs as 3 SIUE QM' lnaians Siari Season Oklahoma Belhaven Arkansas-Lillie Rook Arkansas-Lillie l2ook Kansas Newman Missouri-Rolla Souinwesi Missouri Slaie Mississippi Valley Siale Tennessee Siaie Lamar' Louisiana Tecn' Norlneasl Louisiana' Norin Texas Siaie' Texas-Arlinglon' Evangel McNeese Siaie' Baylor Oregon Siale 6 4 -83 8 4 -52 49-55 7 'l-54 50-48 56-63 56-49 65-63 62-49 53-86 53-52 45-46 66-52 67-6'i 70-59 58-60 58-46 40-49 ,fi- A I QI U Q Ma 3 1 f m.uA.-.mvmvpwwwvnmh M .1 1 Mm,,.,,,,.......Q.,w..w ..Wn,M.Mw.MQMW-Nx.N:.:,.M,,W W S. -S' f 2' ly Y Q 5'-s...f Jmw A'-3 lux. v"'-an , e 2 ,x' - ix, 'vm-ff 0 'a,,,c.- 1 A A Q .4 A K1 3 1 1. in S 4 e,,g-.ny I fs'-'09 3 - 1,4235 1 - 12 K ,sv K 5 A ms an 1 Q on Vw 'ix 4 1 5 lg.: 50 an 'Z 1259 il e L3 T ww, , fi hlgg? E ,V ,V 'f 'ffw ,m f l.,f ' h"" ' ,, , .. ,,WwW M3A,f,,W-,rff H ' , , N I ' ' gn , V QW v V 3 V rf , SQ. A ,f ,Q 4 f fi V54 H4 vi 4' -'f 'S " E SE ' Wfiii-Nw. " N ' i' g Q?'L i S 1 . gzivfmn V wavy eff ,4 1,1 ,, Giwfw :, Maeva 5 'V V55 MQW ff ASU SLPS BY Al w. 5.95 S ,Q K. H 5 Q3 .155 W is N eL.:: ,1 is QSSQN- gulf u 'Nw '-f , -,mv 'i Q . M, K 4 'f""l i , , M M1 S14 am.. ,-'COR' -unv- TCDIVIAI-IAWKS ENTER SECCDND SEASON IN NCAA M9 Arkansas Tech 82- Souinyyesl Missouri 86- Mississippi Valley Slaie 53- Tennessee-Mariin 79- Souineasi Missouri 74- Cenlral Arkansas 63- Murray Siale 74- Arkansas-Liiile Rook 79- Auslin Peay 50- Tennessee-Mariin 7'1- Souineasl Missouri 66- Mississippi Valley Slaie 60- Norlneasi Louisiana' 64- Soulnyyeslern Louisiana' 66- Texas-Arlingion' 64- Norin Texas Slale' 56- Murray Siaie 58- Lamar' Souinlana Conference C-Earnes 79 gory yy 76 yy 74 L 77 yy 82 gory L lol L 69 yy 57 yy 67 L 74 L 55 yy 57 yy 79 L 68 L 55 yy 47 yy 78 L Q Indians Take Second In In The Palm Valley TournamenT The Arkansas STaTe baseball Indians Took second place by beaTing The Pan American Broncos, 7-O. The Pan American Team Took firsT place. because They had a beTTer winning percen- Tage, A-4 98005, Than ASU, 5-2 97441. The Tribe finished The regular season aT 46-48, and Their conference season ended aT 3-8. Double headers proved To be The lndian's sTrong suiT as They won Two in a row againsT Harding UniversiTy and The UniversiTy of Arkansas aT LiTTIe Rock respecTively. III .. K S - T I .eff , 55-5, T fr SW T T T' ,. s A s I " ,, f 'cw ' - -. - . T . 1'i'XTii " -1'f'ff-f:J"1Q1?fTT. 'i,Z'wf K, WQQ A .. 1 '15 f :reins lm I- .X K is -' .H 'ii ini.-Y N ug -M' - 1?- -- s s- s- . w . A, w A' p is .. . f , --' Bw-mmm. g mfgmqsf- .5,4,g, " 'V' T A 7595 K? 'I , . ,. ,,ff 4 , Ag ,,,, ,, , I J' Q? Valley Tourncnmerfr ns' J . 1 ,AM Y' , Q 5 .. ww: ' faire, -i Q 24 1' :Qi s ,xx M 5 .- dl vm Q 1 xv v Q if WW www A W' 3, Maloney Has Record Breaking Season I u L in Trim. i f ,f 6, Tim Maloney and Jim OsmenT were heralded by Coach Rich Johnson as The Team's mosT valuable players during The 1982-83 season. Maloney, second baseman for The ASU Indians, sTill holds many records he seT The previous year. These records include: mosT doubles 033, mosT Triples UQ, mosT runs scored C451 and mosT ToTal bases 44005. Single game sTandards include: mosT sTolen bases QAJ, mosT ToTal bases Q4 lp, and mosT home runs C21 OsmenT, firsT baseman for The Indians, was named To The All-Conference Team along wiTh Maloney. We on xg -N X .... W ' 'K -' - J wxsgfgsz fs ,.,k, ASU Rifle Team fires irfro cJcTion E Q, W, fi K5 "T 10 Uv" f2"Lf J J 4 ,nf 1 A w .. Q, ' ' - ' iv' ' '4 1,"21,,f1 55 ,qywv -, Q. -Y 'fy f l ' 'fy , M 'M ' W azfgf V 4 if K W-L. 1 ,M sy Z ,." V Rifle Team Places First Row: fl to ry, Jerry Lane, Melanie Flala, Matthew Dust Second Row Charles Lacy Captain Mark Hutton Toss Morgan, Mark St. Plerre, Third Row: SFC Donald Plnkerton David Statler Mitchell Sanders Scott York Mai George Zahaczewsky. The Arkansas State University Varsity Rifle team finished first out of seven Arkansas collegiate rifle teams for the first time since 4978. These teams make up the Arkansas Collegiate Rifle League CACRLQ in which ASU competes. In 4983, they defended their title and won the championship for the second year in a row. The team received a first place trophy ancl a first place freshman team trophy. Ross Morgan won three individual awards, and Charles Lacey won an individual award. The ASU team also finished first in the 4983 Annual Midwest Indoor Camp Perry Rifle Match at Kemper Military School and College in Missouri. In the National Collegiate Athletic Association CNCAAJ competition, the rifle team finished 36th in the nation. Two ASU shooters were nominated as All-American. Mai. George Zahaczewsky, the rifle team coach, is planning another winning season this year. First In ACRL N- .1 1 ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU ASU Southern Arkansas University 2-0 Henderson STate!Ouachita Baptist 5-4 University of Central Arkansas 7-4 Arkansas Tech University 2-O University of AR-Pine Bluff 2-O University of Arkansas 2-O University af Tennessee-Martin 1-4 227 J TEKES BEAT SIG EPS IN INTERERATERNITY COUNCIL BASKETBALL TCDURNAIVIENT T L- ' 'I' sk r. I -4 k Q5 K A X am an-vw A X X uw .mwwnmymww "" .V I V X,,.vwW4Mq - , zk.k .,XXX wud E 3 'Bi' i xx M Q NO IJUNKWG f".."' 'ill ' ,WN if '-.qx-sb MMM-wM, ' A--.....,,,,x MQ-S ii MH , .YM ,,,. , .11V3iiy3,Q xii? 9... wr ,M QM Trclckslrers seT sigrfrs on Glympic Trials 2 1 K Wwwyw Ky? , ,, ,Z f ,. fm,-,,Q, f ,fd f. -f?,5,n,wq WW? ,, f ,V J p x mm' , ,f Q NW 4""! Ida i 1 5 M , A. f fr 45? IVIen's Tennis Team voHeys info cJcTion Nw., 12' , ,,,. '- . 'f . . 3,41 A as S NN-.1 x 1 I 6 Y was in-as -N ' A-f-'As -fx., CW M. 1 Q MM li 'Im an x. KW X .,,,4,, f ,. X,X"'+ x f. Q -r. Av ,E ,gy Soccer irfrroduced To ASU lo V inTernc1TionoI sTudenTs N M ,ff , + 5 ' ,Rh -- .. - 7 am., 5 X, ' - . , :L h ff-:. k ,, A S . I , ,W N37 ,, f 'Z I - . 'i. 5 N Q-1 . , -www . vw, AZ." S'-Xry :. . kk - k f N ,X .. f L "5i I 4 ,W H5 if .. . ' 4 ' ,' 4 - - ' wb k , , X , A v"+M Q - .V .. . - if ,. Q W w1ff:"lZ's7MxM f--fl' 'A JL . W x K WV ' Q , 1 . 7 i 44, ASU WOIVIEN'S TENNIS TEAIVI LOOKS FORWARD TO NEW SEASON sswfgv sO"- A A' 1 K 'S it -is O iw-154'-:di-.1 W O , 'ef - iv f 4 R ve 4 Q sw fx v O ' ar ASU TENNIS TEAIVI Top Row, fl To YJ, Coach MOFCIG WIIITCITTTS, MOUFSBI1 McFadden, COfhBI'lf'19 VOfWOld, NOfOlle Alfed, Maryanne BfOhl'T1OI'1, Lee Ann Riley. BOHOIT1 Row, Jill LGWIS, KIT RODISOD, Kim SIBVSDS. i if i ' ' O O H+ V .N .. ff Os. T i , K Q O O T O 1 O T , , x may 4' A K 'yfjtvdg . ii!-is Q? W M X R' 1 X .v ni, O ,Q f A M is S5 -f-sfswfw ,gf 15 is 'Nr-1"""i?i" E, no , rg, .O -- ,W 3 .re XO K. fi -K 'iw ,Q 4, ' z ips- is I TQ' X Q O X EOO O H wsuO.,W,, Os ' A O O 5 v5 - - 'O fm Q- -4"f"3i,, AQ gg V. O awww YL S xl 4-wifi K T O O Q2 O - ,b O Y N sf- ? . W is is N x'5l ,. Qi - as 4 S. 55, ,LQ ,,gOO,,-t,OA'3 Q ," O r kstie O me Y " 5. .1 ' ' -f" W , , O fs O ki W' fi is ' is fsissr,s' O i 1' sf O J. p " - 1 O .Fx 1 Sf -rf, :liar if ,rw O 5 sv qi X L- xv Ly r N - -M. M- 5 O -O A TO iv P . vs ,r X X 3 rfssssrwfsi v Q. as-T O .. 59.5, X O O O i' OO vi ? O O i w e XO A, H- 1' ss is X- Qi: ?"' Ol in d,.,1-wsw..g...g,,iO OOO f -s-,Q T Om" OOOA O - T ' O OOV, " O.O. T f T 1 OO we OO z Five newcomers join Three reTurning leTTermen To form The Arkansas STaTe UniversiTy women's Tennis Team, which opened iT season in eariy March. ReTurning from IasT year's Team is The No, 3 player Maureen McFadden, along wiTh Two-year ieTTerman Jill Lewis. Kit Robison also refurns To The Team afTer a one-year layoff, ASU finished 3-12 and piaced fourTh in The SouThlana Conference IasT season. SWINGS INTCD ACTICDN ,, w"- -' ' W' ' ,, If Agffff' gig? 2 ffikf 5 Gigi? y i ,fl jul ,fl Q "gf, If 'W mm.. Q M ,...,. , ..,...-. ,Y M. ....., ,A ,,...,..x....x., Q gQYM ' Q .Mm sh., -fn 3 . 1 . Q :K 3 9? f M 1 'I 1 ' S 'Y m Tail Q 3 Q E Q? ,ii gi 5 f,, x 9 4- vu "rf sie- fm-qS'l.""'aQ,,Q"'l13'-'i1? www-A fda., iff , M W-M y L-wgrr , iw fm: QQ 7 ia we if kiwi? W, ' 95332, 230 , ,.,wf.,,-. A .,.,.,,....,...w..M , .al V 5 Q, Q wifi' ' WERE I-IINING BRIGI-ITE AND BRIGI-ITER EDITOR BARI?YWE-LS LEACHVELE ASSISTANT EOITOR ....... . STEPHEN OOY - RARAOOULJ ORC-EANIZATIONS SYRENA JOHNSON IEAOI-IvI..I.E SPORTS ELLEN LAMPK HEADIPHOT GRAPHER ,,,,,,..IIOI-IN KINO vvESTIvIEIvIRHS ADVISOR ............ ...... TOM IVIANNINO DIRECTOR, SNEWSSSERVICES ,as- if asv- U84 INDIAN EDITCDRIAL STAFF 2412 77 i K Borrywells Edifor Stephen Coy AssT.fGreek EdiTor Syreno Johnson Orgonizofions Edifor Q 3' .Y-. iz 4 513 5 r 5: xiii my Q 'Ai' ffl' x f. sy .5 i' v R 5 , , SJW .- l iii 1 A QQ 3! -. 'S H V1 fl Qi 'Y mb 5 bg, l ff: . i 'xiggxl 6? fx X 4' lr !,,,y, Q A ,1 Li Rm YL! Ellen lrnnnpknns Spoffs Edwrof e ,EQ Q 11355 :af V V K as r 2113 'M Q, VOLUNTEER STAFF "---...... John Field These people are To be commended for Their hard work and dedicaTion To The 1984 yearbook. They are all volunfeers. in oTher words, all They geT ouT of iT is This - a few nice words abouT Them and Their picTure in The yearbook more Than once. Jan drew up all The divider pages, while John, Mark and CynThia were always available To help when called, To Them, Their jobs probably seemed simple, buT To The EdiTorial sTaff, They were our greaTesT asseT. CynThia worked mainly wiTh Ellen on The SporTs seciion, Mark swiiched back and forTh beTween Syrena and I and Then There is John. John was a big help To me. When a deadline was drawing near, he was There To keep me moTivaTed and in good spiriTs when iT seemed ThaT There was no way we would meeT The deadline. He learned To do layouTs and would help me wiTh The campus life secTlon when I goT in a bind. On behalf of The ediTorial sTaff, leT me say ThaT we appreciaTed you a loT more Than iT may have seemed and we are very graTeful ThaT you were involved in puTTing TogeTher The 4984 Indian. The EdiTor 244 W Mark Norman CynThic1 FuITon Jon Simpson ,Q 9s QM- . -f X ,. , , U- 'S is . ' I, Xi V' Q 2 1 fv A 1 af NK, if 'EXTRA SPECIAL" TOM IVIANNIING YEARBOOK ADV SOI? SPECIAIWDPLE '13 if ggi iii Xi GREGG GINN PHOTOGRAPI-IER, 'IST SEIVI. my BETH STANLEY 246 SUSAIX CUNNINGHAIVI y These people OD These 2 pages areh'T acTually sTaff members, buT They helped Hhe sTaff members aT various Times wiTh various Thihgs during The year. The arTwork below is 'h l I pace of pioTures ThaT didh'T Take. No, DO ohe broke The camera, iT was already messed up. BUT, believe 'T ' lo k ' i or hoT, These drawihgs really o a loT like The people They're re ' E545 WENDY TIBBS T'-is N Y as BARBARA TURPIN presehTihg. RON LOONEY K 'N S70 04 O DIANNE BUFFORD .Q CYNTHIA LIVINGSTON 247 PI-IGTCDGRAPI-IERS The Photography Staff included, Head photographer, John King. Bonnie Dillard, K. Todd Gaskins, Clarissa McClain and Diane Kertz. Greg Guinn, not pictured, served as a photographer during first semester. The photographers did a good job and were always willing to go shoot whatever the editorial staff needed, John King was a great asset to this book. He was actually concerned with the way the book was going to turn out. Also, he was practically on call 24 hours a day. Even when asked to shoot something that was happening in a short while, he was cooperative and willing to do it, without any complaints. This was a great group of photographers and the editorial staff appreciates their efforts. 2418 Q E1 5 4 H ,I .,,, Way! , ,ff , f in wr -A Q sy is " . gm. fw:,,,,5-V -Wfw5,W,,W, ,,,,, . 4 ff f .,, .,h,:,,,, V , 5, ,,,,,, ,,,, 2-WM' f6ir' ::f f"-1r55i'Lii,ff.. . M' V - ,JW L43 ,fb if 4 XM my , , , 3 fy 5 f af 'w WERE HININC-3 BRIS!-ITE EFFECTIVELY ASU has an outstanding Administrative staff, faculty and non-administrative staff that all work diligently to promote and better theisservices offefed here. Many of these peopie work hardg behind the scenes, and areinever noticed, not to mention thanked. it is these people that are the backbone of our great University system. 4984 was a year of change. President Ray Thornton left ASU toybecome president at Utheiyyother university in Arkansasuf nd d man has beeny t ASU sinceciA958, Dr. EugeneTSmith was appointed president by thefBoard of Trustees just two days after President Thornton's decision was announced. Dr. Smith is a very able man to serve as the head administrator of our university. Some say his dedication to this institution is be and words Dr. Smith is , Q,,,,..,s-'-W' 'T . Y S - U but one example of thernany "Headset State" that are dedicated to this University and its students and aiumnl. ASU's Nl-iedds of State" are Shining Brighter . . . Effectively. 51331 'K , f 1 ff ,, 4n Q W K At right, Governor Clinton ond wife Hillory ore shown presenting the model of the new Convocotion Center to be constructed on the ASU cornpus. The presentotion was mode ot on lndion basketball game held in Indion field-house. Governor Clinton is to be commended for his support of ASU ond for his help in obtoining the Convocotion Center for ASU, 252 GGVERNCDR BILL CLINTCDN fl 511 iifgifk, -wp 3 John Allison Conway Richard Hergef Chairmen Lirrle Rock K K 1 Rogers Ford Joiner BGARD OF TRUSTEES ..,w-w""L Bonnie Snover Wynne Jerry Wofkins Hosselle McCann El Dorado We-sr Mernpnas DR. EUGENE SMITH PRESIDENT RAY TI-IORNTCDN PRESIDENT X' I u..I..Q. A I ch Y Q E F A DR. DCNALD KCNCDLD ARLIS JCI-INSCN VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE WIN THOIVIPSCDN DR IVICISSIE RICI-IIVIGND VICE PRESIDENT PLANNING AND INSTITU- VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT AFFAIRS, DEAN OF TIONAL ADVANCEMENT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 255 Gary Albrlght, Recreation Coordinator Brad Baker, Asst. Dir. ot Housing Rosalie Barber Dir. of Intramurals Dr. Blll Berry, Dir. of Honors Program Eddie Black, Food Production Manager Administrative Stair Phll Bridger, Dir. ot Housing Barbara Broadaway, Food Production Super.-Catering Ron Carmack, Dir. ot Physical Plant Earl Clements, Food Production Super. Mary Coles, Museum Registrar Ken Cooper, Dlr. ot Public Safety Gerald Crdlq, Dir. of Firtdncldl Aid Catherine Darling, Admissions Representative Scott Darling, Finance Officer, Saudi Project Vernard Davis, Asst. Dir. of Student Union Lucille DeGostln, Asst. to the President Rob DeGostln, Dir. of Governmental Relations Don Denny, Assoc. Dean of Student Altairs Paul Fulks, Manager of Bookstore Sidney Ellis, Counselor Joe D. Gammlll, Dir. ot Farming Glenda Gann, Museum Exhibit Specialist Blll Hdnsdrd, Dir. ot Library Ruth l'lCWklh5, Dir. or DevelopmentfPublic Reldlions Dr. Aldk Hdydclr, Dir. ot Sdudi CUSlOfT1S Project Jane Hays, Institutional Lodging Coord. Thomds Hlll, Dlr. of Academic TeSllnQ Ernest Howell, Dir. ot Auxiliary Enterprises Don James, Business Manager Lauren Jamison, Admissions Representative Kathy Jones, Asst. Dir. of Management Systems 81 Planning Ron Looney, Dir. ot Creative Services Dr. Greta Mack, Dean of AdmissionsfRecords Tom Manning, Dir. of News 81 information Services Dr. J. W. Mason, Dir. of Personnel Services 256 Q I 'E'-F -F W.. is ' . , ,Q I f . r , no Q gk . A-A, .f 1, AV H... sg 4 a 542 A 22' 3 4 Q 1 K X l x 4 5 ' 17 M 5- -.... ff-T41 1:2 55,1-.s..fv' ...... ,,...,-" -1 . l li" . . 4 'WE .QTE- . fi., 'ff i Iii ff l 'UT' Q i ff M X W Z sf e if 4. f ',f- 11 45- L ' ' .,....-, ,,.,f...., , , Mm... m..fm1w 'fffrmf E El K gf, 4 sf if l f f -Q. .ll sz., I Q! ,s 9 l f . at S E 5 at A 0 Q Jr A XS 5 Dr Larry Wllllams Assoc Dean ot Contlnulng Educatlon Dr Stanley Wllllams Dlr ot Management Systems and Plannlng Administrative Staff Program Leonard McDanleI, Asst. Reglstrar Mary Lou McDanlel, Counselor tor Women Barbara Perdzock, Assoc. Dlr. ot Flnanclal Ald Phll PICkI6, Network MODCQSI' Jenlter Rlce-Mason, Counselor Sam Spurlock, Asst. Controller Dr. Herman Strlckland, Dlr. of Protesslonal Educatl Ralph Strickland, Reng Center Bulldlng Englneer Rlck Strlpllng, Dlr. of Student Actlvltles Peggy Stroud, Assoc. Dean of Student Attalrs Karon Sturdlvant Toombs, Dlr. of Admlsslons Llnda Touchstone, Wlgwam Manager Jerry J. Unger, Asst. Manager ot Bookstore Melvln V. Wamock, Programs Coord., Agriculture on Programs 257 tw. M . f N V . xx DR. MARK S. AUBURN DR. LONNlE TALBERT Dean of Arts and Sciences Dean of Business DEANS DR. M. VANCE SALES Dean of Education DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER DR. JOHN P. McCLUHAN Dean of Fine Arts Dean of Nursing and Health Professions 258 l g x K , 1 DR. ROBERT L. HosKlNs DGGFI of COn1rf1UniCOfiOnS DR. FLOYD WRIGHT Acting Dean of Engineering, Agriculture and Applied Science LT. COL. JERRY W. BOWEN Professor of Military Science College of Arls and 59. 7 T f' , X I .fb W .sg xr' TH-. I . k r x . X. 4. Y. . wx S it ." B 2 V" 255 .KN X w ET .is .3 'J-'I QW? - NN L -. les I . L LL I me 1 E' 5 X 'E : I S' "' H. , "wg f V l as " l Sciences DEPT. OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. John K. Beadles, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barfon, prof. Wlllldm W. Byrd, CSSOC, prof. Dr. Stanley Davld, assf. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehrlng, prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrlnk, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hlnck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hufchlson, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. Van Rlck McDanlel, assoc. prof. Dr. Wllllam D. Newfon, assf. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, assoc. prof. Dr. Pcul L. Ralnes, assoc. prof. Dr. E. Leon Rlchards, prof. Dr. Dan Tlmmermann, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY Dr. Dewey Slffofd, chm. Dr. J. Edward Benneff, prof. Dr. Davld M. Chlffenden, prof. Dr. Mlles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwlnup, prof. Dr. G. Davld Jlmerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Rlchard S. Mlfchell, prof. Dr. Paul Nave, assoc. prof. Wllllam Smlfh, CSSI. prof. DT. DCIVICI L. VOSDUTQ, GSSOC. prof. DT. Wllllam V. WYOTT, GSSOC. prof. DEPT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, MATH A DY. JSTTY L. Llnnsfcedfer, chm. DT. TIWOTTIGS D. BISHOD, CISSOC. Dl'Of. Chrlsfopher BTBGZBOI, lnsfr. Danlel O. Fells, lnsfr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazlk, prof. Dr. Roberf E. Johnson, assoc. prof. Elmer C. Mayes, assf. prof. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc. prof. Llnda McNear, lnsfr. Dr. Lawrence A. Mlnk, assoc. prof. Paul Pllla, lnsfr. Klrby Roe, lnsfr. Dr. Roberf F. Rossa, prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, assf. prof. Dr. Roberf P. Smlfh, assoc. prof. ND PHYSICS 259 Veronica D. Smith, Billie Sfeinkamp, Dr. Terri Christine Stevens, assoc. Dr. Rlchard L. Tangeman, assoc. Dr. W. F. Wei assoc insfr. insfr. prof. prof. prof. DEPT. or ENG., PHlLd. AND LANG. Dr. Charles R. Carr, ohm. Lucille Braden, Dr. James B. Burleson, Catherine Calloway, Dr. William M. Clements, J. Scott Darwin, asst. Dr. Marllyn Fonfane, assoc. SCITTIITW R. Gennuso, GSST. Martha Jane Gill, Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, Dr. Jeffrey Hoeper, assoc. Dr. George Horneker, asst. Fl'Gl'1C6S E. l'lUl"IleI', DF. NOFITIGD Lovers, Holly Lewis, Claire C. Lyons, Dr. Frances M. Malpezzi, assoc, Wayne McLaurin, asst. Dr. Thomas Molsan, asst. Logan D. Moon, asst. Dr. George S. Peek, Edward C. Reilly, Ellen H. Robinson, Sara Shell, Virginia Shepherd, Dr. Norman E. Stafford, assoc. Lols Ann Swisher, asst. Nancy Young insfr. prof. inslr. prof. prof. prof. prof. insfr. prof prof. prof. Instr. prof. Instr. Instr. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. insfr. insfr. insfr. insfr. pl'Of. DI'Of. lI'1Slf. DEPT. or I-nsronv Dr. C. Roger Lambert, Dr. ROblh L. Ahdel'SOl1, CSSOC. Dr. Larry Ball, Dr. Michael B. Dougan, assoc. Dr. John A. Galloway, Dr. James Greenwald, assoc. Robert L. Jones, Dr. C. K. McFarland, Linda MCFal'lChd Gall Murray, Dr. Tlmofhy A. Ross, Dr. Dennis C. Rousey, assoc. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc. Df. Alexander SYdOfeI'1kO, GSSOC Chm. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. insfr. prof. insfr. Instr. prof. prof. prof. prof DEPT. or POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Charles W. Hartwlg, Chm. hi ff 'is S10-X S L PM 1 is ts J sf . -is i t J E C - .1. R' . .. . l -Eng? -2 'E2'53:x is isis? 'N' . . anis X 3 X X .X , ,yt RWM., is it 516 Sass f isci . . i , fl N K is X . .... . , i Xb X ti X L Q l' X s gi? lifs l if L fi' 1. PSS? S st 1 E at .K ids, . , tg ..,. .- N 3 X .fx M fs F TR . . P S Ml as E ' 3 T t il' s S i s . If . VS . .. 1 1 ,, ff K . ...:.- S X ' - t .1 1 -V , fifsxf if F i"'Ji T' 4- it All Y its 1 fl C2 ssss ' if 'T 1 5 --f ., , 'i-. sf' P '."ss A if ms -' . W f Q Vkis V Q D X , . kk.7 E, Vyvb . - , Iil P A ., -1 xV-x Q fl ,X :gt Ni .. ' i:'L k' T . .... . , as . sssssf : 112 N '." Q ' Si Ns T XX it il isa . a ,7f- 2. ei - 9 i ,.,,.. X . K .5 K X 3 .X f , . 1 A fl R 1 : WT g ...x. A ' YE:-15: H: N Jw, x In is .. ' s i a s S. . gui - :sk 4,-, xxx! I 3 Ti 5 , Xi X W 'Y K .. :yi ss . Df- E . I . . . J, . ,M . Dr. DE I F' .,., I D'- X Q s. P, . .,,,. . .... , ,S Wx s NW' ' .R . s H I . . . . X if t s .X N 3 R RF , ggi 3 Ng, N . sir .. ' I -fs ii. sg we Tj T ESP Lg ' is 1152 S 'lieu TEN as , w T W' X N x N sm X .XX ... . . is l i V' E2 K , Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. . DT. I T3 It si C Dr. John T. Pardeck, asst. prof. Emmett A. Presley, Asst. prof. Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, assoc. prof. Dr. Stephen J. Trlcarlco, asst. prof. Mlchdel Fulllnaton, asst. prof. Jane McBrIde Gates, asst. prof. Ross Morlay, assoc. prof. Marcus Pohlmann, assoc. prof. T. OF SOC., SOCIAL WORK AND Larry Clowers, chm. Jack Dlson, assoc. prof. Patrlcia Freudlger, asst. prof. Debra Hcrdln, Instr. James Harrlson, asst. prof. Jerry Klng, asst. prof. Dan Morse, assoc. prof. Larry Nuttbrock, asst. prof. College of Business 1 5 is .4 I E, L ' .bb 9 , ' .- X ' ... -- .. . . 'M -.. ' 'Q I . 1.52 . , X ' ' lf?" tx '..s G!-Q., , ' ll X "fi I fi - I S Q .iV, . me .Q . DEPT. or ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm. Terry Dancer, asst. prof. Q if ' Iz' f "tf:' Jannle Dlstrettl, Instr. 1 , ' ' Louella Mann Instr. 2'1 5 ybiqz lgyyhqlq P afrlcla Nave, Instr. Kelth Smlth, asst. prof. f QI. .,., Q y ' hkh"'I" Patrlcla Tony, lnstr. P y- Dalton Whltf, asst. prof. Q . b DEPT. or Bus. ADM. AND ECON. Ks t w w " T Dr. Roland Mullins, chm. j Wllllam Cllfton Chamberlain, asst. p S T " Dr. Jerry Crawford, prof. , 2 Q' Kamvar Farahbod, asst. prof. x 'ill .M ,, ...... I Dr. Dr. Dr. Jeff Dr. ' ..... ' """ H NX .- ' f 3 - '. . -ti ix . X , Luls Fau Dr. . gf- .E 5325 5 5. 'D .. .... Nm , X, ,, E ss fl iz N X ,, r X 'QXQSQI S Q N' X X ggi I R XX Q N X ii 5 f xl X5 Bert GTSSDWCII, Instr. John Kamlnarldes, prof. Gary Latanlch, asst. prof. B, C. MCGOuQh, prof. rey Plltman, asst. prof. J. Rex Pulley, assoc. prof. GEOG rot. Dr. Theodore E. Quast Jr., assoc. prof. Rodrlguez, asst. prof. d TGIIb, GSSI. prof. Wllllam Wllllams, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF INFO. SYSTEMS AND BUS. ED. Robert L. Ferralasco, chm. Rebecca Colllns, assoc. prof. 264 Dr. Wllllam Gehman, assoc, Dr. Fay Beth Gray, assoc. Dr. Charlotte Hlnson, asst. Dorothy Lyles, Dr. Donald Roberts, assoc. Dr. Ralph Ruby Jr., assoc. LOFBHG SODSOITI MGYY LOU Wood, CISST prof. prof. prof. Instr. prof. prof. Instr. prof. DEPT. OF MKT. AND MGMT. Df. CTICTISS FOfd, Chm. Mlchdel Benefleld, Dl'. SOYTIUBI B. COUSISY, GSSOC. Wllfred Flsher, assf. Dr. Danlel R. Hoyt, assoc. Dr. Douglas Huffman, assoc. Laddle Logan, Dr. Malcolm McClellan, asst. Dr. Frclnk Oldham, Dr. Stephen Reploqle, assoc. Instr. prof. prof. prof. prof. Instr. prof. prof. prof. DEPT. OF JOURN. AND PRINTING Dr. Joel T. Gamblll, Eugene A. Ballard, asst Erle P. Cleveland, asst. DY. Gllbeff L. Fowler Jl'., OSSOC Adl'lOFl L. HSCGISY, asst George C. Johnson, Robert W. Kern, Dorothy H. Powell, asst. chm. prof. prof. prof. prof. Instr. Instr. prof. Bobby G. Ruff, prlnt shop foreman John Marlln Shlpman, Instr. DEPT. OF RADIOTELEVISION Charles L. Rasberry, chm. Dr. Adrlan K. Anast, asst. prof. Roy E. Barnhlll, chlef englneer Gene Cagle, Rlchard A. Carvell, John E. Cramer, asst. Marllou M. Johnson, Kenneth R. Lane, Instr. Instr. prof. lnsfr. lnstr. ,pgs v I F9 J I I . X I M S- is 1 I. 1: i - f X . i Q I College x f A I C P735 5 , 1.1, s,.. QA X at 4-L, I I ws ws G' s' X 51 X' K 1 Dr. Gary W. Melton, asst. prof. Doug Rogers, engineer Jlm Rushlng, TV engineer Warren Stout, TV englneer of Cs .at N bf. W , N A v Ss 3 x . s A f I . X . -MEAN Education s S? er X 6. for L s Q X ,- Y SH 'WY F l ,. A ' R 'J f ,N 'Q Nils v Qt. r i -V IX DEPT. OF COUNS. ED. AND PSYCH. Dr. Robert F. Abbcff, Chm. Dr. Edmund L. Bornetfe, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Beverly Dewater, Instr. Dr. James F. Golden, assoc. prof. Dr. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, assoc. prof. Cralg H. Jones, asst. prof. Dr. C. L. McLarfy, prof. Dr. Alvln J. McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger, asst. prof. DEPT. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, actlng chm. Dr. John M. Enger, assoc. prof. Dr. Carol Ham, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Dr. Carl F. Vaupel Jr., prof. Dr. Donald E. Wrlght, prof. DEPT. OF ELEM. ED. Dr. Wllllam G. Chance, Chm. Nancy Bacof, Instr. Dr. Beverly Boats, assoc, prof. Dr. Sandra Bone, assoc. prof. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, asst. prof. Dr. Paul D. Burge, assoc. prof. DT. BCTOD D. Conaway, CSSOC. prof. Dr. Burton Crosswalf Jr., assoc. prof Dr. Emma Sue Davidson, assf. prof. Dr. Jack Hoglns, assoc. prof. Dr. Mlldred B. Vance, prof. DEPT. OF HEALTH, P. E. AND REC. Dr. John P. Hoslnskl, chm. Dr. Thomas M. Adams ll, asst. prof. Clndy Albrlght, Instr. Dr. J. Davld Burgess, asst. prof. Alfa Burns, assf. prof. Gary Chandler, Instr. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. DT. JGITTSS A. DeVGZlel', prof. Dr. Cheryl ElliS, ClSSl'. Wilberl Gaines, assf. Gladys Hudgins, assoc. JGITIGS Jackson, RlCl'lQl'd Johnson, GOTY l.lelDfOCK, David Milchell, Dr. Linda PGfCl'lmGl'l, GSSOC. FTCHCGS Smallwood, ClS5l'. Willidm J. SUQQ P01 Welch Dr. Jess R. While prof. prof. prof. insfr. insfr. insfr. inslr. prof. prof. insfr. inslr. prof. DEPT. OF SPEC. ED. AND SPEECHlPATH. DT. Joseph .lUSlel'1 Ill, Dl'Of. KGFSD PGTTSYSOD, inslr. DT. ElT'llllO Pefel, GSSl. prof. JOUR Roberson, ll'lSll'. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, assoc. prof. slim. M... ...ez - A.. ., C., . 5, .: .L -.W .. eg. X K ,Eg K L ' "'..gfi'f, " A fj.' .,, + H., 'F , . .,,. -fs.. 999' N 12222252 'Salsa-N L - i 1lX N ' L- X x 5 X -1- LQ X L. K' X 's ,Q X ASX s ,Q s is T' F 'ii 'Ti l ly 5 l if , .Q ,X g s S X S15 -5255533552: 555 , QSM' "' 'V X A ,ff fi . Dr. Phillip WC1ldl'Op, GSST. Dl'Of. College of Engineering, Agrieuliure and Applied Sciences DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, Cl'llT'l. Dr. Marjorie Bradford, assi prof. J. L. Davenport, assoc prof. Dr. J. A. Hayles, assoc prof. Dr. J. H. Keene prof. Dr. A. J. Langlois prof. Dr. Amos B. Rougeau prof. Dr. A. W. Tenrlllle, prof. G. W. Tlbbells, 0551. prof. DEPT. OF ENGINEERING Dr. Alberl L. Mink, Chm. Dr. R. C. Cliflf, assoc, prof. Dr. W. R. Crumplon, assf. prof. Roberf Engelken Perry Isbell Dr. Lyle G. Rhea Dr. P. S. Shackelford, assi Gary Don Vlncenl, 264 Six lnSll' ll'15lf , prof . Dl'Of ll'1Slf. 'QM Mi ,R 'l"' AXA fl N is A A X gr W be 4 .. sr... , . Q g . ' l 3 College of Fine Arts DEPT. OF ART Dr. Wllllam Allen, Chm. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. Roger Carllsle, assf. prof. Thomas Chaffee, assoc. prof. Ronald Clayton, assf. prof. Dr. Charloff Jones, assf. prof. is Evan Llndqulsf, prof. Don Osborn, assoc. prof. Dr. Karl Rlchards, prof. Wllllam Rowe, assf. prof. Curfls Sfeele, assf. prof. DEPT. OF MUSIC Wllllam Holmes, chm. Harrtef Abernathy, Instr. Dr. Cllffon Cowles, prof. Sh6I'fl Dees, IDSTT. Ken HOTCTT, IDSTT. Ahh MOTIS Johnson, IDSTT. Rlchard Jorgensen, Instr. Dr. M. EIIIS Jullen, CISST. prof. Dr. John D. Kelly, assoc, prof Julla Lansford, assoc. prof. Davld Nlederbroch, assoc. pr Thomas O'Connor, Instr. Dr. James Patty, prof. Sandra Seay, Instr. Alfred Skoog, assoc. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. E. Ann Swaty, assf. prof. DEPT. OF SPEECH COMM. AND DRAM. ARTS. Dr. Ovld L. Bayless, chm. Dr. Marguerite Coe, assoc. prof. Terry Huckabee, assf. prof. Dr. Kenneth Parks, assoc, prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, assf. prof. Df. Neale BCITTBB, OSSOC. DTOT. of Dr. Theron Waddle, assf. prof. College of Nursing ond l-leolih Professions Beverly Bartels, asst. prof. f Nellie T. Catfery, Instr. f N ,F Martha Caldwell, Instr. I y I "' " 2 Bonnle Deuter, asst. prof. s 5 I bf xg Sister Patricia Flndley, asst. prof. I .X - Mary Hartwlg, assoc. prof. F, f ' Q jr Q --. kikk .. if AIX!" N"'3 f gg' .. s .- Wlllldm Pedigo, Instr Roger Richey, instr. Shlrley Richmond, asst. prof Latrlcla Robertson, asst. prof ATTQSIG Schmidt, Instr. Lois Snlder, Instr. Annette C. Stacy, asst. prof. . A P Debra Walden, Instr. by Jean Williamson, asst. prof. " X X. .s gi E K1 R 3 as 1' I Deioorirneni of Military Science MAJ Edwin L. ciapp, asst. prof MAJ Timothy W. Walters, asst. prof MAJ George Zahaczewsky, asst. prof s , CPT Johnny L. Dillard, asst. prof 3 if ' CPT Kenneth D. Schoenborn, asst. prof I SGM James F. Isley, chief Instr. . Q in -S X . if .I SFC Everett Evans, Instr. SFC Donald L. Pinkerston, Instr. C fx ' ik' X II I if A Mrs r rr i . , 1 W 1 , , ,. " 9.'1i'.,f " MA' , . r 'S nl Intensive English Program Dr. Alvln Dean-Delbert, asst. prof. . Kent Markle, inslr. 1, X ag' . a,tik0.lI"' 1 us? PASS! TRIO Programs ,, 1:'r:" ' Nola Christenberry, asst. lnst. Kathy Masters, inslr. 5 5 gl M g, , Johnny Moore, Jr., couns. ll .X A8 33 ,ig Gene Sampson, instr. L '- ' 6 h Dean B. Ellis Library Staff Janet Bland, head order llb. Nadean Lee, head circulation lib. Edna McClellan, head catalog lib M-. Marsha Miller, periodicals ref. lib. Terrle Sypolt, head reference lit. Ella Ward, catalog lib. ?x,,, is f at 'N this p WE'RE —— I Shining brighter INDIVIDUALLY - PEOPLE ... that's what ASU is all about ... PEOPLE. W© have people from all over the United States and 43 foreign countries that have journeyed to State University, AR to attend ASU. The people make the University what it is ... simply fantastic. The past two years have seen record enrollments at Arkansas State and this year we have over 8000 students at ASU. These 8000 students ARE Arkansas State University, THE UNIVERSITY IN ARKANSAS!! Take a closer look at the next several pages and see the great students of A-State. as they shine brighter, individually.T33 il? Graduate Assistants MOIQIS H. AndreSS, Pine Bluff, MuSiC Mary Baker, Strawberry, Soclology Alma M. Bdltlmore, Little Rock, English Rebecca Bennett, Jonesboro, Accounting Judy K. Blevlns, Maynard, History Ron K. Bramlett, Jonesboro, Counselor Ed. Kelfh Brown, Mcllden, M0., Elem. Adm. Ann Buley, ST. Peter, Minn., Art Bllly Burchfleld, LSXC, Agriculture John E. Byrd, Manila, Public Adm. Sarah M. Caln, Jonesboro, Music Dennis Campbell, Jonesboro, Engllsh Dino A. Cantu, Mount Carroll, Ill., History Robert N. Childress, Jonesboro, Accounting Mark W. Colbert, Monette, Agriculture Yvonne Coleman, Forrest Clty, Business Ed. Martha E. Coop, Jonesboro, Reading Denlse Copenhaver, Plattsmouth, Neb., Biology Mary Dean, Donlphan, Mo., Rehab. Couns. Byron Dlcklnson, DeWitt, Counselor Ed. Rennie K. Doby, Augusta, Mathematics Valerie Eastman, Jolner, Speech Path. Pdul Eldl'IdQ6, JOneSb0r0, Art Frankie Falr, Allcla, Counselor Ed. Sarah D. Farmer, Jonesboro, SpeechfDrama Judlth Fleming, Jonesboro, Counselor Ed. Annie P. Fonzle, Helena, Business Ed. Mary S. Forbls, Cardwell, Mo., History Barbara A. Glll, Jonesboro, Business Adm. James Golng, Caruthersvllle, Mo., Accounting Larry Gordon, Mllan, Tenn., Music Gary D. Graham, Pangburn, Counselor Ed. JGCKIS Grllls, Vlolet HIII, BuSIn6SS Adm. WIIIICim HOII, W6St PIGIDS, MO., Muslc Kathryn Hentz, Poplar Blutf, Mo., Speech Path. Tammy Holman, Rector, SpeechfDrama Terry Hunkaplller, Memphis, Tenn., Business Ed. J6ffI'6Y B. HUNT, Paron, RCGIO - TV Mary E. JClCkS0rt, BGTSSVIIIS, Rddlo - TV Dcnlel JOhhSOI'1, COI'T1d9I'1, Publlc Adm. Wllllcm JOhnSOl'l Jr., Beebe, Aqrlculture Deborah S. Jones, BCTSSVIIIS, BUSINESS Ed. Klrk R. Jones, Jonesboro, Into. Systems Shlrley J. Lalrd, Newport, Business Ed. Jimmy K. Lay, Jonesboro, Polltlcal Scl. Fred Lindsey ll, Hardy, Hlstory Clndy McClintock, Wynne, Speech Path. Dennls McCollum, Steele, Mo., Into. Systems 270 .JA S tv S - - " S V : ,I H - ff 'ts .is ' A .H s L K ff f :.k ld ing' f s' A Ei ' E Q A ftt E 1 1 . ,, itt S Q . A . 4. R -4 is X 'Nr:SNf"'5 s xx SJ E iig, . ...cs K . ft J . ls' E . .. , gf, . xm,, fs ik, A ssh ZA 'R r G 1 yi Q 1 'zzz 1 Q N! 1 kisxl t hy ., .,k:E Q W -.9 .s,,3.s:- am, Sf X gi is ,,,,, Sherrl Wrlght, Campbell, Mo., Elementary Ed. Clevon Young, West Helena, Publlc Adm. Ellzabeth Young, Blythevllle, Buslness Ed. Graduate Assistants Mary Jane McCorkle, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns Gary T. McElyea, Jolner, P. E. Tracy McHaney, Paragould, Speech Path. Tammle A. McRae, Jonesboro, Chemlstry Mark A. Mann, Jacksonvllle, Ill., Buslness Adm. John Metzler, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Louise F. Moore, Blythevllle, Rehab. Couns. Jarvls Morehead, Plne Bluff, Buslness Adm. Glna Morrlson, Bay, Hlstory Clydene Nelson, Jonesboro, Educatlonal Adm. Pamela Nosbusch, Hopklnsvllle, Ky., Muslc Manochehr Nourlzadeh, Iran, Radlo - TV Marcus D. Odom, Newport, Accountlng Deborah S. Parker, Jonesboro, Mathematlcs Judy Prewett, West Plalns, Mo., Sociology Alan D. Prlce, Searcy, Blology Bruce E. Raley, Jonesboro, Journallsm Julla L. Reld, SWIHOT1, Blology Trena L. Rlchardson, Drasco, Mathematlcs Susan Rlley, Tuckerman, Journallsm Kelth Smlth, Marmaduke, Speech Path. James K. Snlder, Odessa, Tex., Muslc Stephen Stepka, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Deborah Stepp, Advance, Mo., P. E. Gregory Stone, Searcy, Blology Greg Susanke, Dundee, Ill., Blology Vlvlan Strong, Walnut Rldge, Engllsh Nhan T. Truong, Blythevllle, Mathematlcs Carmela Jlll Webb, Rector, Speclal Ed. Cathey Wells, Jonesboro, Educatlonal Adm. Daryl Whlte, Augusta, Mathematlcs Ann Whltney, Paragould, Buslness Ed. J. D. Wllhlde, Hot Sprlngs, Blology Gayle Wllllams, Jonesboro, Engllsh John Wllson, Monette, Chemlstry Rlckle Wlmberley, Monette, Agriculture 271 Graduate Students Yaseen Abdulghatfar, Saudi Arabia A. A. Abdulrohmart, Soudl Arabia Mohammed AboHamra, Soudl Arabla All M. Abuzeld, Saudl Arabla Mahfuz Akhtar, Bangladesh Mohammed AL-Atalbl, Saudl Arabla Abdolloh AL-Floll, Soudl Aroblo Abdulrahman AL-Humald, Saudl Arabla Mohammed AL-Humald, Saudl Arabla Allan All AL-Karnl, Saudl Arabla Myra E. Alumbaugh, McCrory Llndel Anderson, Paragould Nuh A. Arre, Somalla Patrlcla A. Balley, Luxora Brad Baker, Jonesboro Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas Brldgette Bartoot, Jonesboro George Borksdale, Hoxle Beverly Becker, Horseshoe Bend Rebecca L. Bennett, Walnut Rldge Gary W. Blakeney, Jonesboro Bruce Bradford, Lexlngton, Mass. Jennlter Carrelro, Cave Clty Joseph Chandler, East Polnt, Ga. Robert D. Coe, Jonesboro Lesla Colller, Cabot Peggy Cox, Cardwell, Mo. Dennls J. Cravens, McCrory Robert Crumpton, Jonesboro Phll Darnell, Blythevllle Amy S. Davls, Braggadoclo, Mo. Kay DeemsJones, Jonesboro Ellzabeth Dlllard, Manlla Venus L. Dlxon, Blythevllle Jamle D. Dudley, Jonesboro Patrlcla Edwards, Paragould Robert W. Ellls, Paragould Wllllam Davld Elmore, Paragould lme T. Etudor, Greenvllle, S. C. Samuel C. Faught, Jonesboro Robert W. Fegtly, Jonesboro Ellzabeth Fetterly, Jonesboro Norma L. Flglel, Jonesboro Danlel R. Forlmann, Blythevllle Gwendolyn Franklln, Forrest Clly Johnnle Frets, Blggers Bllly R. Frltz, Jonesboro Marla Fuentes, Spaln Genna Gallegly, Jonesboro Robert GIDSOD Jf., Jonesboro Mlchael P. GISICN, Jonesboro John R. GUl'1f6l', Flsher John D. HGH, JODSSDOIO GIBDI1 E. HOf'll"lOI'1, Tl'UmGI"tl'1 SUSGD M. HGDSSD, Ch9l'0K6S VIIICQO Ann R. HOTT, WYHHB Jeanne B. Henry, Jonesboro Ted Heyde, Cord Llnda D. Hollls, Jonesboro Mlohole A. HOIIIS, Rector Tamara A. Hood, West Memphls Davld Howard, West Plalns, Mo. Barry J. Hutchison, Jonesboro 272 .. 9 , 1 i , 7 , I ,. 7"'.. .' M ilt! 'N fast, iiig ' X lg , t,,, 7 -3' x 2 ,,, 8, 1, if 42- ,,,, It M A A ,V l 1 , r, ,A - I 4 X .Q , l 1 7 h Q " L, rf J' V f 5 ' - A f fm. was I I rr. ,. A s i n A has tli ' t ' t 'ft 2 1 'bg G Q t 'W X ... X L an ...Q 5's 4 I 3 'ft is 'foftn ww :fi ,.,1, ay 5? as 5 x ff it r NKX 1 w A vi F f ,V . M.. , .X V " ' kt Z A l Q x , A C: Q H , , A .,t" Jw 'f j -A r..,, .vtgz J r l' M 3 ' rss A er QV .1 ' XR , 'gg I .... ,.,,. , , z f of , V M A ' t' s . " I sl X . l 4 .ft , .. E Ibr- ,,.,,, .4 , Il N , H T.. , ' 1 ..,. f, . , ,, . 1., 4 2 . Pg '.,4,g ,.,.., 4, fy! ff' tl U u A if "' T W txt, W X. rv' . .. J J ' W vs I 'W Graduate Students f - T.. A , .vvzrv I V. 5 fi' if .. f 4, v.11 53 t eJJt my af.. ' . if "" 'tl fu . 4 Mi. ... , ff R ft, fi " gxl x as 5 T, ,I , Q 4 I, ltt y rf ' "Ffa l f5 f i 9' L , J . X, .. . MMM S, x Q V his X . 1 ' 3 ff" IQ1 HM Vrggl iffy! "1Z?Z, ' gml , it 1 .ff "f l 1f'. Gt -1- '12 ,,, Y Monday lguagbonmwen, Nigeria Alvie Ishmael, Trumann Douglas D. Jackson, Paragould Mike I. Johnson, Jonesboro Mary S. Justen, Tampa, Fla. Mohammed Khallq, Jonesboro Tlm D. Langford, Searcy Larry H. Lawrence, Rector Martha D. Lawrence, Manlla Karen E. Manning, Jonesboro James McConnon Jr., Forrest City Glorla McFadden, Marianna Judy Meadows, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Helen Mebane, Arbyrd, Mo. Charlotte Meeks, Corning Donald Mitchell, Dallas, Tex. Suparjo Mokhtar, Malaysla Michael E. Morrls, Hunter Patrlcla E. Morrls, Paragould Ahmed Mufawlz, Saudi Arabla Calvin Mullins, Paragould Llbby Mumma, Paragould Susan P. Murphy, West Memphis Abdullah A. Nahas, Saudi Arabla Kerry J, Neely, Osceola Margaret Newborn, Colt Elizabeth A. Noe, Harrisburg Roger K. O'Kelley, Germantown, Tenn Tadashl Oshlro, Japan Peggy Oswalt, Hughes Olusegun Otegbeye, Nlgerla Llndsy E. Pack, Garrison, Tex. Michael Pettengell, Jonesboro Melanie Prlce, Donlphan, Mo. Nancy D. Richardson, Jonesboro Sandra K. Rlley, Newport Randy W. Roebuck, Jonesboro James A. Rogers, Gepp Patrlcla S. Russell, Marlon Craig W. Schutt, Thayer, Mo. Mary R. Shaw, Jonesboro HuelSheng Shen, China Kathryn Shlnn, Corning Ursula D. Slddell, Mayflower Rebecca Singleton, Walnut Ridge Melinda Smith, Walnut Ridge Vernon Thompson, Orange Park, Fla. Terry W. Todd, Jonesboro Mansell O. Twlllle, Marlon Tonl A. Unreln, Lincoln, Neb. F Fred M. Vanzant, Holly Springs, Mlss. ' Bllly M. Vaughn, Mllan, Tenn. 1 ? s James T. Weathers, Blythevllle . t ' fi Karen B. Wllllams, Hickory Ridge Q Preston Wllllams, Jonesboro 273 Seniors Michael W. Aaron, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Ellzabefh A. Ables, Pilol Rock, Ore., Social Work Salem B. Abuzed, Libia, Mechanical Engr. DebOI'Cl"l L. AdOl'T'lS, Salem, ACCOUf'lliI'1Q DenhlS P. AdGl'T1S, Salem, AQfi. BUS. St Econ. Laurel A. Adams, Osceola, Biology Ed. Lauretta J. Adams, Paragould, Sociology Teresa N. Adams, Jonesboro, Music Richard L. Adamson, Bono, Accounting Rickie D. Adcock, Manila, Accounting Daniel K. Adeleye, Nigeria, Finance Kevin J. Adkins, Manila, Chemistry Teresa K. Akers, Georgetown, Art Education Saleh Ali AL-Balawy, Saudi Arabia, Public Adm. Mildred F. Albright, Salem, Biology Ed. Mohammed A. AL-Karnl, Saudi Arabia, Civil Engr. Steve M. Allen, Hardy, Marketing Linda S. Allison, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Saleh A. AL-Otaibi, Saudi Arabia, Electrical Engr. Adel S. AL-Saleb, Saudi Arabia, Civil Engr. Amer lvl. AL-Shafll, Lebanon, Mechanical Engr. Dee A. Ames, Blytheville, Zoology Angella J. Anderson, Newport, Marketing Monique Anderson, Waldron, Vocal Music Ed. James M. Andrews, N. Little Rock, Management Sameer S. Arab, Saudi Arabia, computer Sci. David W. Argo, Piggofl, Radio - TV Anna L. Arnold, Ash Flal, Business Adm. Laurie Jo Ashcratt, Jonesboro, Criminology Anita J. Ashley, Osceola, Accounting Joanne J. Astln, Forrest City, Elementary Ed. Dale Alklnson, Wesf Helena, Speech Path. Benson B. Aworunse, Nigeria, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Amber V. Ayers, Blylhevllle, Elementary Ed. Sharon E. Bailey, Searcy, Malhemallcs Ed. Shirley J. Bailey, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Laurie A. Baker, Portagevllle, Mo., P. E. Tlna L. Baldwin, Reyno, Early Childhood Ed. Nathaniel Balentlne ll, Newport, Printing John W. Ballard, West Memphis, Business D. P. .X it YL . 1 wx X f is 5 li ss- M ..., ,V 3 . . RS if s .,, ss , , A ,rsf ...,.- .T 'k,- f I ,E 1. 5 K l 5 l ,, .. -- ,:,,,,,: ,H re' , A .Sii I .,s,, KE: , Lkikr W, UN X X ei Mrs R is i L . iiii 1 .. if S x .,,, se, . E , E 'Q . fr X .. w XAQ, r 5 1 ? ,L 3' 1' EN, . A ' s vt if 4. A znii ' st Qs , . P -sz tt.. f , l --": T ' T bzzn t . K sk T ' i X, Q A Q . 'rm it la b - T ? I th Q JV! . Q iiif g ffgfff ,Q 1 . W Seniors Valerle G. Ballard, West Memphls, Nurslng Arlene F. Baltz, Pocahontas, Accountlng Marvln E. Baltz, Pocahontas, Accountlng Davld C. Bandy, Cornlng, Management Rlck A. Bclney, Elkhart, Ind., ACCOuntinQ Jdnd D. Bankston, Marked Tree, Early Chlldhoed Ed Scott W. Barnes, Campbell, Mo., Crlmlnology Nlta L. Barnett, Jonesboro, Radlo - TV Paul D. Barrett, Bctesvllle, Elementary Ed. Trlcla A. Bartlett, Marked Tree, Medlcal Tech. Fahad Battal, Saudl Arabla, Computer Sci. Rlta D. Bealrd, Bernle, Mo., Buslness Ed. Edwlna L. Beal, Flsher, Elementary Ed. Tlmothy A. Beaver, Vlola, POIItICClI SCI. Patrlcla M. Bednar, Jonesboro, Nurslng James A. Beggs, Paragould, Flnance Klmberly A. Belew, Beebe, Ottlce Adm. Delolse J. Belln, Crossett, Computer SCI. Robert L. Bell, Manila, Radlo - TV Wlllls F. Bell, Des Arc, Data Processlng Glorla M. Belune, Venezuela, Data Processlng Scott R. Benedict, Horseshoe Bend, Radlo - TV Clndy J. Bennett, Jonesboro, Early Chlldhood Ed. Davld D. Benson, Jonesboro, Psychology Buster Benton, Turrell, P. E. Sharon C. Berk, Jonesboro, Buslness Adm. James K. Berry, Jonesboro, Marketlng Stephen C. Bevlll, Paragould, Education Jo Allce Bllllngs, Newport, Marketlng Nancy S. Blrmlngham, Tuckerman, Data Processlng Randy L. Blshop, PGrCQOuId, P. E. Susan Black, Osceola, Buslness Econ. Dale H. Blake, West Helena, Data Processlng Gary N. Blankenshlp, Cardwell, Mo., P. E. Earl N. Blanklnshlp, Kennett, MO., Radlo - TV Paul W. BllSSClrd, Glb5On Clty, Ill., P. E. Sandra L. Bollng, Jonesboro, Personnel Mgmt. JoAnna G. Bonds, Bono, Accountlng Chrlstlna L. Bone, Ash Flat, Accountlng Brenda L. Bounds, Walnut Rldge, Data Processlng Seniors Bill C. Bowers, Jonesboro, Accounting Danlta C. Bowman, Osceola, Medical Tech. Ronald W. Bowman, Lake City, Accounting Jordan B. Boyd, Memphis, Tenn., Criminology Jean L. Bradberry, Jonesboro, Psychology Charles W. Bradley, Rockford, lll., Radio - TV Cheryl W. Bradley, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Michael S. Bradley, Madison, Business Adm. Robert S. Bramucci, West Memphis, Psychology Sandra K. Brand, Alicia, Journalism Sharon K. Brand, Walnut Ridge, Marketing Dale W. Brandon, Hoxie, Accounting LaDonna A. Branscum, Batesville, Medical Tech. Clyde L. Bray, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Rickey G. Bray, Jonesboro, Urban 81 Reg. Affairs Ted D. Brehm, Mountain Home, Psychology Sandra E. Brewart, Marked Tree, Business Adm. Abi G. Brierton, Vernon, Tex., Special Ed, Sherry L. Brlllhart, Romance, Botany Suzette Brittingham, Paragould, English Steve C. Broadaway, JOI'1eSbOl'O, Marketing JGDS Brooks, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Pamela R. Brooks, J0f'leSbOl'O, BUSlI'1eSS Adm. DICDO l.. Broom, Campbell, MO., Data Processing Allison E. Brown, Bdld Knob, Speech Path. Bobby B. Brown, Newport, Business Adm. Elroy Brown, Osceola, P. E. Mary J. Brown, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Randy D. Brown, Jonesboro, Marketing Gheric E. Bruce, West Memphis, Prelaw Karen A. Bruce, Jonesboro, Journalism Rebecca G. Brundage, Little Rock, Radio - TV LeeAnn Bruton, Steele, Mo., Elementary Ed. Pamela S. Bryan, Osceola, Elementary Ed. Kimberly A. Bryant, Melbourne, Elementary Ed. Vlckl L. Bryant, Lonoke, Marketing Frederick A. Bryson, Paragould, Business Adm. Robin Y. Buchanan, Gideon, Mo., Elementary Ed. Dorcas A. Bundy, Walnut Rldqe, Special Ed. Randy M. BurQ6r, Dansvllle, N. Y., Radio - TV 5' R A 1 T - " "' " . ,,. B 's - 1 1. .,s f at W' , NN Q 5. rays f ,,, C , ..,. ,, i l - M gl 6 f is ,is Wi W 'F " If 5- 5 R Q l wa K+ fu r -Q. , , ,... ses- -5. . -. Q T ,, F R. 1 2 .3 x ri' Q- ' " ss g ago - -' a,K5'.:,.., H 1 si, '54 . . N H 5 Si- N X x .TS ,ss S 241 ssss -si is- wi :': ' .,, N . w 1 xt. :KA 9 Q L L A 11. Q l 2 N 1 -... fl, x H Q- S ,. . . i . . ll ' S.rrl 1 s s ',E- L T' Q ..., tg ' N .f-"S sf . 'Q X ., fi ,, . sf 5, V 'QM .. V3 , sm. T " 7' si 6 5 is -16 . xr' , M sl! :Q': s , sss f 'ss I ' 1 Seniors Doss L. Burgess Jr., Batesvllle, Accounting Lynn A. Burks, Trumann, Accountlng Delores J. Busby, Forrest Clty, Elementary Ed. Llsa J. Butterworth, Heber Sprlngs, Marketlng Leslle K. Byrd, WeSt Memphls, Marketing Sylvla A. Byrne, Jonesboro, Publlc Relatlons Ellen K. Cable, Pocahontas, Elementary Ed. Benny W. Cagle, Lonoke, Accountlng Cralg A. Ccln, McCrory, Geography Rdndol S. Caldwell, PIQQ011, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Darlene Calkln, Jonesboro, Marketlng Llsa Cameron, Newport, Accountlng Laura M. Campbell, West Memphls, Flnance Klmberly 5. Cannon, Paragould, Zoology Ken G. Carlew, Wynne, Polltlcal SCI. Davld F. Carmon, Hardy, P. E. Mltzl T. Carmon, Hardy, Business Ed. Lelsa A. Carpenter, Melbourne, Elementary Ed. Terry W. Carpenter, Cabot, Clvll Engr. Constance O. Carr, Pocahontas, Accountlng Randal L. Carr, Newport, Soclology Stephanle G. Carr, Peel, Psychology Mary B. Carter, Kennett, Mo., Business Ed. Patrlcla A. Carter, Mountaln Home, Business Ed. Tlmothy C. Cash, Cabot, Accountlng Shelly M. Castleberry, West Memphls, Speclal Ed. Robln A. Catt, Turrell, Speech Path. Kathleen Cavaness, Rector, Early Chlldhood Ed. Kltty K. Cavenor, West Memphls, Educatlon Byron D. Chadwick, Rector, Speech Comm. Blll D. Chamberlln, North Llttle Rock, Radlo - TV James T. Chambers, Jonesboro, Marketlng Tammy D. Chaplaln, Jonesboro, Data Processlng Angela F. Chastaln, Holly Grove, Accountlng Anthony D. Cherry, Manlla, Phllosophy Kathryn J. Cheshire, Deerlng, Mo., Accountlng Rosle M. Chess, West Memphls, Radlo - TV Dlane E. Chllders, Jonesboro, Volce Tlna C. Chlsm, Jonesboro, Data Processlng Tlna L. Clalrday, Jonesboro, Speclal Ed. Seniors Allen M. Clark, Paragould, Accounting Martha J. Clark, Manila, Medical Tech. Margaret M. Clayborn, Forrest City, Zoology Terri M. Clayton, Marked Tree, Business Ed. Michael W. Clem, Trumann, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Dennis J. Clement, Rison, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Cheryl A. Clifton, Earle, Business Adm. Stephen W. Clifton, Dyersburg, Tenn., Sacred Music Jim Cllnglngsmith Jr., Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. David W. Cloninger, England, Agronomy Carol J. Cochran, Salem, Elementary Ed. Tracy Scott Cockrell, Rlson, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Janine J. Colaianni, Jonesboro, Nursing Roger Chris Cole, Paragould, Management Sonila D. Cole, Peach Orchard, Nursing Tammy L. Cole, Marmaduke, Early Childhood Ed. Catherine F. Coleman, Jonesboro, Physics Cynthia A. Conley, Jonesboro, Political Sci. Marty L. Conley, Pollard, General Agri. Terry L. Conner, Paragould, Mathematics Ed. Phllllp D. Cook, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Blll R. Cooper, Jonesboro, Social Sci. Ed. Davie L. Cooper, Memphis, Tenn., Radio - TV Donna A. Cooper, Pine Blutt, Accounting Todd R. Cooper, Harrisburg, Business Adm. Timothy W. Copeland, Bay, Personnel Mgmt. Wade Cothran, Bruno, Agri. Bus. 8: Econ. Myra A. Cox, Jonesboro, Radio - TV Timothy D. Coy, Paragould, Accounting Tanya R. Craflord, Newport, Marketing Mary Ellen Craig, Judsonia, ITM Computer SCI. Charles W. Crain Jr., Jonesboro, Philosophy Stephen J. Crancer, Rector, Journalism Chlcurby D. Crayton, Stuttgart, Criminology Jerry W. Creecy, Keiser, Social Sci. Gregory A. Crews, Kennett, Mo., Accounting Pamela S. Crews, Paragould, Nursing Brant Crisp, Jonesboro, Zoology Douglas W. Criss, Trumann, Psychology Ira V. Crlte, Newport, Music Ed. Q X X s Xl , ....... " 5 f X N 'iii ,. ti I ' x W v ' I - 1 -rs-- l Ea' 'fi' , . l i, s s'-' . ii- ' S 'iii W T'si "rf.:. ... T T , . rts 'S' T , sss . .. SP ,Q , .,,. J' , sl.. T H " L itt 1 5:5 ' ,, g gg.. it K , Q J . R. X , X 4 ,X .... P ' . so S km: E is 'Us 3 A N 'QA' 531' 'C' 'x. 5 . ..r 'i ss' g l z s ' X, Q . lQ g t . f N 2 Q tt A Q i ,.,,- - S gb F A, W F Y S tt, J 'Q 3 1 - W ul I I We WM -is ,ei -as f X 'U 'ITS rr., ,, I . fl?-Xstf 'RY I . v I7 sins Seniors Tony R. Cross, Dexter, Mo., Art Tlmothy L. Crossno, Forrest Clty, Radlo r TV Susan M. Crow, Paragould, Blology Ed. Judy A. Crowell, Walnut Rldge, Elementary Ed. Karen L. Crumpton, Texarkana, P. E. Dennls H. Cumble, Benton, Radlo - TV Charles L. Cummlngs, Patterson, Flnance Rlchard L. Cummlns, West Memphls, Personnel Mgmt Elana L. Cunnlngham, Jonesboro, Flnance Susan K. Cunnlngham, Hot Sprlngs, Public Relatlons Kellle R. Cupp, Llght, Personnel Mgmt. Dale A. Curtls, Newport, Buslness D. P. Hashem Damlrlan, Iran, Clvll Engr. Della E. Danley, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Stan G. Dauck, Walnut Rldge, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Alex S. Davls, Jonesboro, Blology Bobby S. Davld, Jonesboro, Medlcal Tech. Cabrlna R. Davls, Poplar Blutf, Mo., Speclal Ed. Catherlne J. Davls, Llttle Rock, Nurslng Darwln L. Davls, Jonesboro, Sacred Muslc Kathy R. Davls, Jonesboro, Nurslng Rodney J. Davls, Jonesboro, Polltlcal Scl. Davld E. Dawson, Paragould, Advertlslng Nancy E. Dawson, McCrory, Mathematics Davld Joe Deaton, Manlla, P. E. Patsy S. Deckard, Thayer, Mo., Nurslng Zahld H. Dehradunwala, Paklstan, Flnance Mlke G. D6LOaChe, Jonesboro, Psychology Hassan Delshad, Iran, Mechanical Engr. Susan K. Dickerson, Greenway, Early Chlldhood Ed. Janle C. Dlldlne, Pocahontas, Personnel Mgmt. Bonnle L. Dlllard, Manlla, Photo Journallsm Kathy J. Dlllon, Newport, Elementary Ed. James M. Dodd, Steele, Mo., Physlcs Sheila Maurice Dolllns, Paragould, SOClaI SCI. Gary L. Domlna, Blythevllle, SOCIGI Scl. Ed. Chrls A. Donovan, Jonesboro, Accountlng Donna C. Douglas, Blythevllle, Mathematics Ed. Leland T. Douglas, Jonesboro, Crlmlnology Llnda S. Downs, Egypt, Buslness Mgmt. Seniors James S. Doyle, Walnut Ridge, Business Adm. Wllllam F. Dresbaoh, Jonesboro, Physical Therapy Brian K. Duclos, Jonesboro, Data Processing Rlckey A. Duff, Maynard, Elementary Ed. Cheryl A. Dugas, Marianna, Accounting Versle L. Dugger, Caldwell, Office Adm. Clyde T. Dumas, Elgin, III., Business Mgmt. Tammte M. Dungan, Trumann, Speech Path. Tracie E. Dungan, Trumann, Journalism Jeffrey S. Dunn, Pocahontas, Psychology Louise L. Dust, Pocahontas, Nursing Robin D. Eaker, Paragould, Marketing David B. Earll, Yellville, Communications John P. Easley, Jonesboro, Data Processing Deborah D. Eokles, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Wesley Eddlngton, Jonesboro, Psychology Bruce D. Eddy, DeWilT, ACCounlInQ Llsa A. Edler, Cherokee Village, Office Adm. John T. Eloherl, Sl. Louis, Mo., Radlo - TV Pamela G. Elders, Corning, Biology Ed. Youssef A. EL-Masrl, Lebanon, Computer Sci. Melinda A. Elmore, Pine Bluff, Early Childhood Ed. Victor O. Emegokwue, Nigeria, Business Adm. John R. Emerson, Toone, Tenn., Muslc Ed. Janice K. Emery, Blytheville, Journalism Michelle A. Ermerf, Corning, Business Ed. Farrokh Eslahl, Iran, Computer Sci. Ronald W. Eubanks, West Memphis, Marketing Everett Evans, Jonesboro, History Melanie S. Evans, Paragould, Finance Lenlta G. Ezell, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Deborah C. Fairchild, Jonesboro, Nursing Tlm C. Falsst, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Karen S. Farley, Jonesboro, Finance James A. Farmer, Blytheville, Psychology Mary J. Faucett, Pine Bluff, Elementary Ed. Anthony G. Faulkner, Pargould, P. E. Mehdi Fazelanvarlyazdl, Iran, Agriculture Engr. Llllle M. Fears, West Helena, Public Relations Jo A. Ferguson, Jonesboro, Nursing 3 .1 Y Q XS i3 si? r E- ..-. , t . F 'S B .ms - .. -- - E. :- ' s . W 6 ....., . . .Sets if Q 'fail "s gg . X A. JN' 1+ . .. b X 1? Y mi : . .. . .5 E .' . ,sz . .s k E: if 'Rs X , X 9 . s.- .. . f N 1. 'Wi :.:ffii:ss..iiigsse.. 'ii f as X g 11 A V , Q Q fs' Mr L h'Q Al Fllfhl g, if 1.. , f' Q ,,.. , W, I, V' l 1 , ,Y . .K , ,hi Ja - 9 1 Us ' ,fl it I! ' ld X N- :f5,2 f .r a s get YNY: P? s Aw... l gs s X A si' 1. .An 5 . Seniors Timmy D. Flelder, Hoxie, Buslness D. P. Wellman L. Fielder, PIQQOTT, Phllosophy Deborah K. Flnch, Caraway, Elementary Ed. Rlcky L. Flres, Grand Rapids, Mlch., Journallsm Jlmmy G. Floyd, Swltton, P. E. Michael T. Floyd, Jonesboro, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Sherl J. Flynn, Humphrey, Social Work Tammy L. Forbls, Jonesboro, Drama Judy G. Foreman, Decatur, Early Chlldhood Ed. Ronald M. Foreman, Decatur, P. E. Marsha L. Fossett, Delaplalne, Buslness D. P. Deborah S. Foster, Hlckory Rldge, Accountlng Janet L. Foster, Jonesboro, Speclal Ed. Brenda K. Frealy, Dora, Mo., Personal Mgmt. Llnda C. Frealy, Thayer, Mo., Data Processlng Klm S. French, O'Kean, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Laura C. French, Pollard, Early Chlldhood Ed. Tracy L. French, Kennett, Mo., Journallsm Mary F. Frlday, Fort Smlth, Studlo Art Billle R. Fuller, Locust Grove, Early Chlldhood Ed. James B. Fulmer, Plne Blutl, Crlmlnology Nathan E. Galrhan, Jonesboro, Buslness Mgmt. Merrllee Galther, Hot Springs, Engllsh Ed. Natalle I. Galther, Walnut Rldge, Zoology Bruce W. Gallacher, Boston, Mass., Accountlng Letlcla A. Gallacher, Gautler, Mlss., Commerclal Art Ross A. Gallant, Jonesboro, Accountlng Greg Gamblll, Jonesboro, Zoology Prlce C. Gardner, Llttle Rock, Accountlng Barry M. Garner, Jonesboro, Zoology Janet L. Garner, Wynne, Buslness Adm. Sara M. Garrett, Llttle Rock, Elementary Ed. Vlvlan R. Garrett, Palestine, Buslness Adm. Alton I. Gayle, Atlanta, Ga., Special Ed. Joyce A. Gaylor, Mountaln Home, Nurslng Karen R. Gemes, Senath, Mo., Accountlng Karen R. George, Campbell, Mo., Engllsh Ed. Osama K. Ghabelsh, Jordan, Mechanical Engr. Farrell Glbson, Paragould, Buslness Adm. Phlllp W. Glbson, Jonesboro, Buslness D. P. Seniors Reggie L. Gillette, Steele, Mo., Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Andrea C. Gilliam, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Lisa L. Gipson, Rector, Sociology Harold J. Gist, West Memphis, Pre-law Mike J. Gleghorn, Salem, Business Adm. Michael M. Gltdewell, Jonesboro, Marketing Van M. Goodman, Jonesboro, General Studies Wllllam A. Goodwin, Doniphan, Mo., Accounting Ida B. Gordon, Lexa, Elementary Ed. Paula S. Gragg, Maynard, Data Processing Gregory L. Graham, Reyno, Accounting Charence Grandberry JT., MefT'tpl'1lS, Tenn., Business Adm. Scarlette S. Gray, Stuttgart, Zoology Sue M. Gray, N. Hollywood, Calif., Speech Path. George A. Green, Blytheville, Accounting Lisa A. Green, Batesville, Medical Tech. Shonna Green, Hot Springs, Personal Mgmt. Wilma B. Greeno, Weiner, Elementary Ed. Charles G. Griffin, Wilson, Management Randall G. Griftin, Brinkley, Political Soi. Tina S. Griggs, Dell, Agronomy David W. Grissom, Pocahontas, Finance Bill H. Grogan, Paragould, P. E. Craig L. Gschwend, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. William B. Guadagnini, Flippin, Commercial Art John B. Guenther, Memphis, Tenn., Pringlng Mgmt. Pamela K. Gulledge, Poplar Blutt, Mo., Speech Comm. William D. Gullio, Newport, Printing Mgmt. Vloky L. Hacker, Harrison, Early Childhood Ed. Brenda S. Haggenmacher, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Alma Dean Hagy, Shiloh, Tenn., Elementary Ed. Marian Haklmi, Iran, Nursing Roxanne R. Hale, Marianna, Health Services Sharon A. Hale, Lepanto, Social Studies Shirley M. Hale, Wynne, Elementary Ed. Steve T. Hales, Jonesboro, R. E. 8. I. Tiana L. Haley, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Stacy R. Hall, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Wendy D. Hall, Beebe, Plant Science Greg Hamby, Ripley, Miss., Accounting U ti' -at Q f5i's'f SG-. i M it ' f ess: N-as R3 . . LMS' if , 1. ft .L X W X Ns! 9 4 Q .. ' "1, -K. ,:-. S ,s..aSs,.. Seniors Erma J. Hamilton, West Helena, Elementary Ed. Brian K. Hamm, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Data Processlng Jay L. Hansen, Cherokee Vlllage, Business Adm. Pete W. Hardesty, Blythevllle, Accounting Ellls M. Harper Jr., Forrest Clty, Electrical Engr. Hugh Neal Harrington Jr., Jonesboro, Prlntlng Mgmt. Danlel J. Harris, Pocahontas, Zoology Deborah J. Harrls, Lepanto, Dramatic Arts Harve B. Harris, Tuckerman, Management Henry L. Harrls, Memphis, Tenn., Law Enforcement Tanya L. Harrls, Lonoke, Soclal Work Clltf Hart, Wynne, Management Ken A. Hartstleld, Blythevllle, Business D. P. Sherwin L. Harvey, Warren, Finance Kay E. Haskins, Blythevtlle, Business D. P. Marty E. Hastings, Paragould, Business Adm. Tom M. Hatfield, Donlphan, Mo., Elementary Ed. Cynthia C. Hatley, Gideon, Mo., Speech Path. RtCk Hatley, Marked Tree, Clvll Engr. Nella J. Hattle, Lepanto, Elementary Ed. Sherry A. Hawk, Walnut Ridge, Marketing Jeanette Hawkins, Madison, Office Adm. Teresa M. Hawkins, Hardy, Accounting Wayne K. Hawkins, Memphis, Tenn., P. E. Steve W. Hawley, Port Charles, N. Y., Criminology Roger G. Hay, McCrorv. Aarl. Bus. 81 Econ. Patrick Haynes, faka Mlke Bacotj, Blythevllle, Finance Ken J. Haywood, Plggott, Advertlslng Ada S. Heath, McCrory, Business Ed. Robbl J. Heeb, Harrisburg, Otflce Adm. Dana J. Hefner, Knobel, Public Relations Clndy A. Henderson, Blythevllle, Elementary Ed. Rlck K. Henley, Salem, Business D. P. Marllyn P. Henn, Jonesboro, Psychology Rosanna Henry, Manila, Prelaw Diana M. Hester, Corning, Mathematics Ed. Tanya C. Hester, Bernle, Mo., Marketing Theron A. Hightower, Hot Springs, Computer Scl. Emmltt L. Hlll, Wynne, Computer Scl. Jull M. Hlll, Beebe, English A Seniors Mellndd G. Hlll, Plne Bluff, ACCounfInQ Shelld M. Hlll, Plne Bluff, Aooounflng Tossie Lynne Hlll, Ward, Accounting Guy W. Hlnman, Paragould, Mathematics Stephen P. Hlnsley, Hot Springs, Music Ed. Mark W. Hodge, Marmaduke, Public Relations Tammy J. Hoggard, Caraway, Mathematics Terry B. Hoggard, Plggott, Animal Sci. Becky S. Holland, Pocahontas, Music Ed. Judy K. Holland, Ldfe, Early Childhood Ed. HOWCYCI S. Holmes, Hoyfl, MO., BUSlI'leSS D. P. VSDBSSC l'lOll'f1eS, l'lCYl'l, MO., Pel'SOl'll'lel MQl'T1l. FGDEI' l'lOfl'16, Des Arc, ROdlO - TV Scott l.. l'lOl'f6ll, lVlGffT'lCdUlCe, P. E. Ddvld D. Horton, Gilmore, Mdfhemdflos Llso G. Horton, Stanford, Elementary Ed. R-Seyed Hosselnl, Iran, Civil Engr. Karla F. House, Steele, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Jlm G. Howinqfon, Porogould, Criminology Betsy Huber, Jonesboro, Nursing David M. Huber, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Dana J. Hughes, Kennett, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Harvey B. Hughes, Mountain Home, Computer Sci. Elizabeth K. Hull, Jonesboro, Nursing Bruce Hunt, Donlphan, Mo., P. E. David W. Hunt, Decatur, Chemistry John A. Hunt, Paragould, Management Hensley Hurley, Jonesboro, Finance Robert A. Hurst, West Memphis, Marketing Brenda A. Hutcheson, Lake City, Special Ed. Loroffo J. Hutchings, Success, Sociology Steve W. Hyde, Paragould, Business Adm. Mohd N. lbrclhlrn, Mdloyslo, AQrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Kenlfh l.. loenoqle, Bofesvllle, Rddlo - TV Tommy J. lnmon, Wdlnuf Ridge, EnQIlSh Ed. Zona F. lnman, Powhatan, Elementary Ed. Pdul W. Irby, Jonesboro, Engineering David L. lvers, Rlson, Journalism Kevin E. Ives, Knobel, Chemistry Jane A. Jackard, Lenexa, Kan., Special Ed. If B r 4 gm pg what "2 Sl ns. 0 s K -.S .- X Q? E i 4-ng. ge!-sq Y. ' 3 is ' 945' 'si K K 'iii' my gives 5 3 'l TEX if N YW l ,A Q 1 U -- ... :Sri A - 'ff 'Sf ,...., f ' il , A ,,,. , s',f-gf A A ..VA ,,- Y s ..,. at K' I 5 Q ,.xd. aa'-,J . .W sv W Q- 9 ' , A... 4 I - 48 if x 7' R.. li ' ff Y NSF' xi ,sf , - ...Alfx K! . I 1 in is if E., , W 5 -'H ss 'E N ' s Q 1, it , fs' . , K ,K K Q it W.. .41 'ns 4- ss s it 6... Q A-is ' 'f :lf ,S X, 3 ri' , I , R s v X Seniors Judy S. Jackson, Trumann, Social Work David B. Jacobs, Stuttgart, Finance Thomas S. Jacques II, Nashville, Journalism Catherine L. Jarrett, Pocahontas, Speech Path. Gary D. Jayroe, Forrest City, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Shahlra Jlwanl, Tanzania, Finance Leecle Johns, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Becky A. Johnson, Leachvllle, Business Ed. Carlean Johnson, Lexa, Social Work Charles E. Johnson, Leachvllle, Zoology DODDG S. JOhl'1SOl'1, EOTIS, EISTTTSDTGTY Ed. GISDGSI' L. JOHDSOFI, BIYTHGVIIIB, Data PTOCBSSIDQ Roger D. J0hl'1SOI'1, Cdmdeh, Journalism Russell K. J0hl'1SOl'1, WSS1' MemDhlS, BUSIDGSS Adm. ShClfOI'1 L. Johnson, Pine BlUff, MedlCCl T6Ch. Wllllam J. Johnson, Blythevllle, Business Adm. Cynthia D. Jones, Walnut Ridge, Finance Joseph A. Jones, Marlon, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Luann Jones, Hoxle, Elementary Ed. Marcia L. Jones, Lynn, Data Processing Martha L. Jones, New Zealand, Radio - TV Mary A. Jones, Blythevllle, Nursing Sherri L. Jones, Jonesboro, History Timothy A. Jones, Anchorage, Alaska, Art Timothy E. Jones, Batesville, Computer Scl. Georgina W. Jordan, Black Rock, Criminology Hosseln Kaveh, Iran, Engineering Sam E. Kayea, Llberla, Prlntlng Tech. Danny G. Kee, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Brenna K. Kegley, Newport, Accounting Charles A. Keller ll, Jonesboro, Marketing Dana R. Keller, Blythevllle, Speech Path. Walter A, Kendel, Jonesboro, Polltlcal Scl. Dola F. Kesterson, Marlon, Education Mark Lawrence Key, Jonesboro, Social Work Wahab U. Khan, Canada, Computer Sci. Sarah Klmbroughlvy, Fort Smith, Radlo - TV Robert P. Klnder, Pollard, Business Adm. John P. King, West Memphis, Finance Cynthla L. Kirby, Bloomfield, Mo., Management Seniors Maynrad Kittrell, McCrory, Radlo - TV Aretha Knight, Crawfordsville, Accounting Steven W. Knuckles, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Radio - TV Santosh Krishna, Kennett, Mo., Business D. P. Clndy L. Kruse, Houston, Mo., Early Childhood Ed. Klm S. Kueter, Paragould, Marketing Sherry L. Lacey, Houston, Miss., Music Ed. JoCarol Lacy, North Little Rock, Markeflng James P. Laird, Paragould, Mathematics Bobby C. Lamb, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Edd Lambert, Leachvllle, Agriculture Engr. Judy C. Lamp, Jonesboro, Nursing Pamela R. Lancaster, Paragould, Personnel Mgmt. John L. Lance, Newport, Computer Sci. Rusty L. Langle, Viola, Animal Sci. Carol Langston Salem Public Relations Teresa A. Langston, Morriston, Medical Tech. Patrlcla E. LaRue Jonesboro Data Processing Betty J. Leach Weiner Music Ed. - . y ,y i . 'F E , 25: A iff' "" of we , J . will A :ig eg' .sz Y f' is f if 1' T A ii ,tif fill' 5. .x ., ...Si iris i .2 SUZGFIDG Laskelef, JOnegbOTO, SpeClQl I I T vs rl -,QQ Q Julie M. Leake, Rector, Psychology Barry K. Ledbetter, West Memphis, Finance Wanda B. Lee, Jonesboro, Psychology Mark A. Lercher, McRae, Agriculture Engr. Charles T. Lefbeffer, North Little Rock, Radlo - TV Llnda A. Llqhf, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Betty L. Llgon, Marlon, Mathematics John G. Lile, Plne Bluff, Business Charles A. Llnville, Cave City, Data Processing Davld D. Livlnasfon, Fremont, Ohlo, Muslc Carol L. Lockard, Hope, Pollflcal Scl. Minnie N. Lockhart, Forrest City, Soclal sci. Glyn D. Logue, Parkln, Special Ed. Darryle A. Long, Hughes, Political sci. Ellzabefh A. Lonq, Newport, Early Childhood Ed. Jeffery A. Long, Amagon, Marketing Karen S. Long, Jonesboro, Psychology Martha A. Lonq, DeWlff, Enqllsh Terri L. Long, Marked Tree, Early Childhood Ed. Sara L. Looney, Jonesboro, Finance if T -uf f '57 I we .ss lr ' l l I Jkt.. 0 'if ..... ., " 1 . ..., g S i i l f M z 'T liiii llll N . I if fr N. Y -nr K 'l .... . ' 1 .f..r. , '--exe, R in ,,,,. 5 8 wr so W ,wig-u-n V ,NN Q i 3 F' assi l w . Qi lf .4 " - -as... ,M s I' lv 5, we E 1 351' E l . "- , 4' la: I , , x ........,w. N., L 'flag-p.4"" f-....,,,f'i----.-..,, -. ir it sys . Al X - 4 if as , new 4 " lg K :A- X 1 X 3, T l il. lnbllwglllf Q.. .. Ng. ,Nm ,,..,., ..,-f- 1-1.- ,......-f Cs R .. , 3325 Seniors LeSIle C. Loll, Jonesboro, Rodlo - TV Marvin A. Lowe, Crossett, Finance William P. Lowe, Cherokee Village, Business D. P. Carla R. Lynn, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. David M. Lynn, Jonesboro, Business Mgmt. Larry W. Lytle, Fort Worth, Tex., Communications Robb S. MacDonald, Swartz Creek, Mlch., Business D. Bruce Macintosh, Maynard, Radio - TV Mojgan Madilessl, Iran, Computer Sci. Daniel F. Mattln, Cherokee, lowa, Journallsm Bobby G. Magutfee, Salem, P. ls. Jamil Makhadml, Saudi Arabia, Mechanical Engr. Kevin L. Malloy, Leachvllle, Data Processing Sandra S. Mann, Plne Bluff, Early Childhood Ed. Douglas A. Manning, Walnut Rldge, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Lelsa C. Manning, Jonesboro, Radio - TV Charles T. Marable, Batesville, Premed Douglas W. Martin, Pocahontas, Journallsm Vlckl M. Morlln, Batesville, Business D. P. Belinda F. Matheney, Rector, Soclal Sci. Mary E. Mathis, Cotton Plant, Accountlng Carl David Mayer, Philddelphlo, Penn., Accountlng Dlckey D. Moylond, Hoxle, History l'lCdl Moloherl, Iran, Medical Tech. Sandra L. McBride, Jonesboro, Accountlng Holly M. McCall, Bradford, Early Childhood Ed. Teresa McCann, Marlon, Soclal Studies Billy D. McCarrolI, Black Rock, Business Mgmt. Michael D. McCarty, Trumann, Accountlng Catherine A. McCauley, N. Little Rock, Sociology Rusty Alan McClain, Wynne, Management Barbara L. McCord, Memphis, Tenn., Management Angela R. McCullough, Kennett, Mo., Communications Clndy A. McCullough, VlOlO, Early Childhood Ed. Paul R. McCullough, Plne Blutf, Business Adm. Amy R. McDCnlel, Forrest Clty, Rodlo - TV Barbara G. McDonlel, Lake Clty, Early Childhood Ed. Kathy M. McDaniel, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Morketlnq Patrlcla K. McDaniel, Paragould, Accountlng Cynlhlo S. McDonClld, Mountoln Horne, Speech Poth. Seniors Patrecla J. McDonald, Bragg City, Mo., Music Ed. John W. McDowell, Corning, Business Adm. Jacquelyn J. McElroy, Little Rock, Early Childhood Ed. Benny D. McGinnis, Jonesboro, R. E. 8: l. Terry L. McHaney, Paragould, Accounting Danny R. McKenney, Rector, Accounting David R. McKinney, Jonesboro, Management James R. McKinney, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgmt. Karen J. McKinney, Jonesboro, Radio - TV Richard G. McKinney, Jonesboro, Sacred Music Jana L. McLane, Poplar Blutt, Mo., Computer Sci. L . Lorrl . McMlllen, Portaqevllle, MO, Early Chlldh00d Ed. Tll'T1Oll'tY E. MCNOH, Bl'OOklClI'1d, Accounting Mlrlam S. MCNeely, McCrory, P. E. EI'lC W. McNeil, l'l9lel'lC1, Marketing Sheila F. Mealer, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Judy M. Meier, St. Louis, Mo., Chemistry Scott Melhorn, Parkin, Nursing JlllAnn K. Melton, Accounting Rodney D. Merkle, Clssna Park, lll., Finance Joseph W. Merlo, Pine Blult, Business Adm. Beth L. Merrymcn, Madison, S. D., Accounting John D. Messer, Jonesboro, Computer Sci. Jlm H. Metz, Poplar Bluft, Mo., Plant Sci. Paul R. Meurer, Bono, Accounting Stella A. Michaelldou, Cyprus, Marketing Phyllis A. Mlchle, West Memphis, Speech Path. Brenda L. Mllden, Jonesboro, Medlcal Tech. Howard C. Miller, Carlisle, Plant Scl. Pam J. Miller, Glencoe, Accounting Renee S. Miller, Lake Clty, Nursing Stephen H. Mlller, Jonesboro, R. E. 8m I. Lanny L. Mllllon, Monette, Accounting Llsa G. Mllls, West Helena, Early Childhood Ed. Michael W. Millsaps, Blythevllle, Psychology Nasser S6Y6d Mll'ZGfT'lOSlGfG, ll'0l'l, AQflCUllUf8 EDQY. Charles P. MllCh6ll JY., Jonesboro, BUSIDSSS Adm. Kevln B. Mllchell, Harrisburg, Mathematics Max H. MlZe, Srnllhvllle, Aqrl. Bus. 8. Econ. DCVld W. MOHGH, CYOSSSH, Publlc R6lGll0nS 288 ' A this Q l 1 , X Q .W Riff "s fx A X l . N sf 1 .55 1 sill Q S ii? N1 i .. i nf" X . X Y .. 1 'I . 5.sw' , :I fl if 1 ica l f jr. fe! E --xii, -ai? 4 N 'if .M is XX ..sf N . V ' X N- if . W s .. so . : E R ' I L. l J fs. . 5.5 I a rg S335 'Wt msgs. ... -S A A s S ssss f-L. 'sf J ', f ' -.1Q 2 ' .g T. if--..... ..sft"l"'s,. g P s 3? l X Y U 'X J Q fin . QMN F E m .er 'tt . J. QQQ: V'kLL 'MNA r.. Q s -.. ,......,.A X ? Kgs- is .- .ti so -- is 1, :sl . sits . . -. Q ,K ' 15' N ss -'lr ' f r 'Hsisrs -f E zh' L . , ,,': , lf X frs '1l2 xi .' ' Seniors Jane L. Mondy, Pocahontas, Marketlng John S. Monroe, Jonesboro, Accountlng Euglna F. Montgomery, Trumann, Marketlng Howard T. Mooney Jr., Highland, Business Ed. Luclnda D. Mooney, Jonesboro, Data Processing Carla S. Moore, Manlla, AccountIngfD. P. Jlmmy V. Moore, Welner, Buslness D. P. Joe H. Moore, Manlla, Radlo - TV Kathy K. Moore, Lepanto, Speech Path. Klmberly J. Moore, Lepanto, P. E. Patrlcla B. Moore, Jonesboro, Soclal Scl. Stanley R. Moore, Cherry Valley, Physlcs Mohammad A. Moradlan, Iran, Electrlcal Engr. Luis A. Morales, Manila, Chemlstry Sherry D. Moran, Jonesboro, Marketlng Rlchard A. Morgan, Humphrey, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Dlxle L. Morltz, DeWltl, Radlo - TV Barbara J. Morrls, Crelghton, Mo., P. E. Clifton E. Morrls, Marmaduke, Manutacturlng Mgmt. Margaret R. Morrls, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Robln L. Morrls, Melbourne, Speclal Ed. Ronald W. Morrls, Melbourne, Plant Scl. Tlm M. Morrls, Paragould, P. E. Cynthla A. Mort, Lavaca, Elementary Ed. Darryl L. Moyer, Hardy, Computer Scl. Tlna M. Murphy, Lepanto, Speclal Ed. All E. Mussa, Llbya, Englneerlng Jerry A. Nance, Beedevllle, Plant Scl. Walter H. Neasbltt, Tacoma, Wash., Wlldllte Mgmt. Rlcky C. Neece, Pocahontas, Marketlng Kwajaleln G. Needham, Blythevllle, Elementary Ed. Tonna E. Nelms, Jonesboro, Marketlng Bllly J. Nelson Jr., Blythevllle, Accountlng O'Ferrell U. Nelson, Memphls, Tenn., Radlo - TV Adam B. Newsom, Plne Blutt, Management Davld E. Newton, North Llttle ROCK, Data Pracesslng Duong H. Nguyen, Trumann, Zoology Charles M. Nlchols, Kelser, Soclal SCI. Charles S. Nlchols, Marked Tree, Radlo - TV Tony D. Nlchols, Paragould, Polltlcal Scl. 89 Seniors Cathy F. Nicholson, Marianna, Business D. P. Tommy D. Nicholson, Grubbs, P. E. Jay A. Nlederbrach, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Ed. David M. Nigro, Cabot, Marketing Carla D. Nimocks, Forrest City, Speech Path. Melanie L. Nix, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Rhonda J. Nolen, Hayti, Mo., Radio - TV Klmberly M. Novak, Ash Flat, Elementary Ed. Robert D. Nowlln, Blythevllle, Art Ed. Ron Nunnally, Lake City, Business Adm. Rebecca D. Obarts, Pocahontas, Special Ed. Paullnus C. Ogu, Nigeria, Accounting Bertha M. Oliver, Rondo, Journalism Lisa M. Oltmcnn, Brinkley, Medical Tech. Desmond E. Onuoha, Nigeria, Business Mgmt. Lawrence F. Onyeugbo, Clarksville, Zoology Melissa L. Osburn, Pine Blutt, Business Adm. Hossein M. Ostad, Iran, Engineering Michael L. Owens, Trumann, Criminology Scott W. Owens, Lake City, Agri. Bus. 8: Econ. Vonda L. Pagan, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Anthony M. Paladino, N. Little Rock, Business D. P. Larry E. Pallett, Annapolis, Md., Business Adm. Clndy D. Parker, West Memphis, Early Childhood Ed. Gordon L. Parker, Searcy, Finance Zackwrie S. Parr, Kennett, Mo., Zoology Michael W. Partlow, Paragould, Business D. P. Tracey D. Passmore, Parkin, Elementary Ed. Klmbela J. Payne, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Linda Diane Pearson, Paragould, Early Childhood Ed. Glenda L. Pellham, Kennett, Mo., Special Ed. Belinda G. Penn, Jonesboro, Office Adm. Karen R. Perkins, Franklin, Nursing Julio F. Pernia, Venezuela, Engineering Margaret A. Peters, Marked Tree, Psychology Saul Peters lll, New Orleans, La., Radio - TV Sandra M. Petty, Manila, Computer Scl. Daniel S. Phllllans, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Ed. Gary L. Phllllps, Hickory Ridge, speech Comm. fDrama Karen L. Phillips, Searcy, Mathematics sf-s...,,-J. Jr Et "" sf E .1 -sw, . fx , 'sf L it ' QQ if .is M". . ,sis ,, .s.. .ai 5 4 1. .Xl , 1 'Nxiiir "" s A. , 13 s 'ws his . s, K 5 41:17 I 1 .E frsffi in' 8 if I. 4 x .A t 'G- ,eo S n .- f 'ef ap gi Q' it f Q E ,sg it L 'gl q,i, f y s . 'S s six s UE M.. RF ff'-I .S K 3 g e - xxx X Et s 5, Y ? X as cm. L is, x ss s f X .ist 1 fstiss' se -f --1 Lx.. .. 'Q 15 L ss S 2 X L Q R X We 'L ' -get EEEE 1 in . SL X se wi fi Seniors Phil Phillips, Marion, Accounting Tammy L. Phillips, Walnut Ridge, Personnel Mgmt. Janelyn Phipps, St. Louis, Mo., Accounting Donna L. Piercy, Cave City, Art Ed. Eddie Dean Pilgrim, Caraway, Agriculture Ed. Davld W. Plnyon, Blytheville, Marketing Jett A. Pipkin, Bald Knob, Management Reba J. Plppenger, Jonesboro, Social Work Pat L. POIndeXter, Deerlng, MO., P. E. Angela G. Pollock, Jonesboro, Data Processing Annie B. Porter, Joiner, Speech Path. Genevieve Porter, Naylor, Mo., Elementary Ed. Lance W. Pounds, Marianna, Marketing Bllly L. Powell, Lepanto, Biology Ed. Carla S. Powell, Marmaduke, Social Work Mark A. Powell, Melbourne, Agriculture Engr. Wllllam M. Powers, Pocahontas, Radio - TV Kelly J. Prance, Kennett, MO., English Phlllp W. Pratt, Bradford, SOCial Sci. Sherry L. Puckett, Batesville, Elementary Ed. James S. Pulley, Blytheville, Finance Debfd R. PUl'T1Dl'tfeY, Ravenden SDflI'1QS, Early Cl'tlldl'100d Ed Lugenla J. Purnell, Wynne, Elementary Ed. Al Quarrels, Palestine, Commercial Art Hosseln Rahgouy, Iran, Electrical Engr. Jeannie E. Rains, Jonesboro, Data Processing Patricia E. Rains, Jonesboro, Saclal Work Nancy M. Rainwater, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Renee A. Rainwater, Walnut Rldge, Public Relations Ross A. Rainwater, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Bus. 81. Econ. Laura L. Raley, Paragould, Marketing Kellye J. Ramsey, Wynne, Elementary Ed. Randy D. Ramsey, Newport, Marketing Daniel R. Rapert, Pocahontas, Zoology Brenda G. Rasdon, Harrisburg, Elementary Ed. Linda F. Ratclltt, West Memphis, Soclalogy Joy E. Ray, Paragould, Dramatic Arts Brenda G. Raymond, Jonesboro, Business Ed. Nancy J. Reddlck, Maynard, Psychology Rebecca A. Reddman, Harrisburg, Elementary Ed. 292 Seniors Lynne D. Reed, Marvell, R. E. 81 I. Nancy Reesor, Jonesboro, Journalism Marcus L. Reeves, Paragould, Management Mark E. Reeves, Jonesboro, Graphic Design Clint Reiyea, Canastota, N. Y., Management Modjtabba Reza, Iran, Mechanical Engr. Saeed Rezaian, Iran, Agriculture Engr. Toores Rezaian, Iran, Engineering Elizabeth June Rhama, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ed. Lindy D. Rhodes, Jonesboro, Finance Monte L. Rhodes, Jonesboro, Accounting Kothl C. Rlce, Newport, Polltlcol SCI. Wllllam S. Rice, Mountain Home, Marketing George Richardson, Crawtordsville, Business Llzabeth E. Richardson, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Mlchoel K. Rlchordson, POCGIWOFIIGS, Agrl. BUS. 81 ECOT1. Pamela l.. RICHGTGSOFI, WSSI' Memphis, Biology Ed. Mellsso D. Rlchey, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Special Ed. BODDIB J. RICl'1mOnd, Helena, SOCIGI Work Kim D. Rlohter, Glllett, Ottlce Adm. Bobby A. Rlgglns, West Memphis, Management Michael L. Riley, Virginia Beach, Va., P. E. Sandra G. Riley, Wynne, Special Ed. Thomas P. Rlley, Vlrglnla Beach, Va., Business Adm. Joe Roberts, Palestine, P. E. Mlchdel L. Roberts, Marked Tree, Management Theresa G. Roberts, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Tommy A. Roberts, Jonesboro, P. E. Marianne Robertson, Osceola, Vocal Music Ed. Mary E. Robertson, Newport, Social Sci. Debra A. Roblnett, Jonesboro, Early Chlldhood Ed. Florence Robinson, Parkin, Special Ed. Monica G. Robinson, Mammoth Spring, Special Ed. Sharon E. Robinson, Pocahontas, Zoology Cherie A. Robison, Jonesboro, Vocal Music Ed. Freddy L. Rogers, West Helena, Radio - TV Randall D. Rogers, Newport, Rodlo - TV Regan M. Rogers, Porogould, Management Rhys G. Rogers, Paragould, Business Adm. Sherry R. Rogers, HoXle, Early Chlldhood Ed. A Q 'i s as A is G+. xx ' f 7 1 ws I SR f X Qs mg A X I, :'i 5 I f " ' f l? 'L ox If f 3 .,. . 1 :F s 3' s uw mf' XJ- 4 K s L WF! Q Xlvky " , 3 if, I E' lf 5 ..., "QN X -- Im., L,- Ll S is at K Q . We W5 I' .ff I .ss S M' ff- ss i J as 1 - .'-fK"'-3 X . X J ...Qf :L ik 'Q' X 'X . ...X T A ' A X A li' . .K .Tk , ... 5 v K ss Q? T Q v t of T 'W Q s. I, R' ' 2' Y nw is .1 sl ff Y l t l I If 'T ...,. Sf is 4 if .l S X3 X s 1 ' at 1 X awk! I W- ,- ,QQ A '- P. 'lt -fl: ., . ,N . b .,m2, f ,..., .,.. 5 ni., tr . .,X N ' sts S - Lux' ,:1:::::::::.. -- X X ss X ' mv X . fs 2 S E A L-'- 1" ,'t'iil251.: , . QL lx N 4 S X 5 J.. T l T vii? -,,. Seniors Glen C. Rolland, Monette, Buslness Adm. Wllllam S. Rolllns, Chicago, lll., Muslc Ed. Rlchard R. Romeo, Jonesboro, Agrlculture Ed. Rebekah A. Romero, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Susan E. Rooker, Llttle Rock, Radlo - TV Darryl W. Rose, Cash, Data Processlng Stanley J. Rose, Cash, Agrlculture Engr. James A. Ross, Turrell, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Debhora K. Rosse, Trumann, Early Childhood Ed. Jack M. Rounsavall, Blythevllle, Physlcs Alfred T. Rowe, Paragould, Speclal Ed. Mark A. Rowland, Paragould, P0llTlCal Scl. Nadean Rublo, Cornlng, Soclal Work Rlglna D. Rudnlck, Caruthersvllle, Mo., Elementary Ed. Buddy Rudolph, Hardy, Buslness Adm. Davld A. Rutter, Hickory Rldqe, Computer Scl. Deborah T. Rye, Tyronzc, Elementary Ed. Davood Saghatlan, Iran, Electrlcal Engr. Joan E. Salllngs, McCrory, Psychology Ronnle H. Samuel, Trumann, Computer Scl. Jerl C. Sanders, Haytl, Mo., Elementary Ed. Kyle F. Sanders, Marked Tree, Agrlculture Ed. Norrls D. Sandrldge, Cave Clty, Agrlculture Ed. Anthony P. Sardone, Silver Sprlng, Md., Soclal W Chrlsty L. Sattertleld, Forrest Clty, Marketing Mark L. Schater, Lonoke, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Charles T. Schatfhauser, Marvell, Accounting Llsa A. Schllep, Stuttgart, Elementary Ed. Bonny G. Schmldt, Pocahontas, Speclal Ed. Alan R. Schoessel, Osceola, Crlmlnology Frank L. Schrelt, Paragould, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Donna J. Scott, Plggott, Nurslng Dorothy J. Scott, Jonesboro, Engllsh Gerald F. Scott, McCrory, Buslness Ed. Janet L. Scott, Marked Tree, Preoptometry pGTTlClG E. Scott, Botesvllle, Hl5TOl'Y RICKY J. Scott, Bay, P. E. H. Scott Seal, Pledm0rtT, MO., PrlhTlhQ Tech. Thomas K. Self, Bellevllle, Radla - TV All Sefajl-Nelhad, Iran, MeChanlCal Engr. ork 20 Seniors Kathleen A. Shannon, Harrlsburg, Zoology Rebecca J. Shannon, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Marvin T. Shaver, Wynne, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Barbara D. Shaw, Mount Pleasant, English Paula Shaw, Portagevllle, Mo., Journallsm Connie L. Shedd, Manila, Speech Path. Abdulwahab Shehada, Egypt, Clvll Engr. Teresa A. Shempert, Payneway, Business Mgmt. Troy D. Shlrley, Little Rock, Accounting Janet C. Shlrley, Hot Springs, Radio - TV Llla C. Shockley, Paragould, Accounting Denise A. Shook, Knobel, Elementary Ed. Bobby J. Shreeves, Marmaduke, Business D. P. James W. Slmlngton, Pocahontas, Civil Engr. Marty J. Slmpson, Carlisle, Polltlcal SCI. Ernest W. Slms Jr., Poplar Grove, Accounting Jal Singh, lndla, Zoology Judlth A. Sllnkard, Senath, Mo., Marketing Charles L. Sloan, Walnut Ridge, Flnance Clay Sloan, Walnut Ridge, Finance Bllly J. Smlth, Paragould, Sociology Brian H. Smith, Jonesboro, Zoology Carol D. Smith, Steele, Mo., English Ed. Dennis L. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Jeffrey K. Smith, Kennett, MO., Radlo - TV Judy A. Smlfh, .IOl'16SbOI'O, DOIO PTOCSSSIDQ Leslle D. Smlfh, Llttle Rock, Radla - TV Phllllp H. Smlth, Jonesboro, Computer SCI. Polly Ann Smlth, Wlllltord, Art Ed. RSLIDBN O. Smllh, Jonesboro, Business Adm. Rlchard A. Smlth, Rector, Agriculture Robyn Plke Smlth, Caruthersvllle, Mo., Medlcal Tech. Ronald H. Smith, Donlphan, Mo., Journallsm Sandra L. Smith, Judsonla, Soclal Scl. Ed. Sheila A. Smith, Paragould, Data Processing Tammy S. Smith, Jonesboro, Journallsm Terry E. Smith, Walcott, Agri. Bus. 8s Econ. Tom W. Smith, Melbourne, Agriculture Ed. Shari D. Snider, Bloomfield, Mo., P. E. Llsa A. South, Plggott, Marketing s-.H ss If 'i pd J' ,. 1 s L .iq Wi' 3 , I f N , I' vs no . "7 'I' at I . . " ' I 't'-,, Q " X, .t... B ss A A I . i" 1 I .-1- and 1 v 'X 4 T tv., J X. IIA N ' J as I I I 9+ .4 rl . .s 3' is ,Q ss Y , . , sr WJ -..Pf I . K ! as I ,N x " SNS-X 1' filmtv l S s it R f. Q , -dl lf- ,f fl f s I , EA ..1 , Q L E .ii K lr.. Seniors Gary G. Sowle, Jonesboro, Soclology Karolyn K. Sowle, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Jacqueline K. Sparks, Cardwell, Mo., Elementary Ed. Rebecca L. Speer, Rector, Elementary Ed. Debbie L. Spencer, South Amherst, Ohlo, Elementary Ed Jeb S. Spencer, Falr Oaks, Buslness Adm. James W. Spurlock, Wilson, Marketlng Kelth S. Squlres, Glen Rose, Anlmal Scl. Kathy L. States, Jonesboro, Soclal Scl. Walter R. Steele Jr., Marlon, Marketlng John P. Sfeqoll, Newport, Flnance Mark A. Sfoqoll, Blythevllle, Computer SCI. Sandra G. Stephens, Lofe, Early Childhood Ed. Gary A. Stephenson, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Business D. P. Kdlhryrt L. Stewart, Jonesboro, Early Chlldhood Ed. Mary J. Stewart, Kelser, Soclal Work Dan Stldham, Paragould, Soclology Anthony T. Stltt, Bozeman, Mont., Buslness Adm. June Stlmach, Jonesboro, Mathematlcs Ed. Karen D. Stoker, Jonesboro, Radlo - TV Melody D. Stokes, Osceola, Soclol Work Roger Dale Stokes, Plggott, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Klmberly R. Stone, Pocahontas, Medlool Tech. Ken M. Strlckland, Jonesboro, Graphlc Deslgn Steve T. Stubbletleld, Kansas Clty, Kon., Zoology ROSS M. Sluckoy, Plhe Bluff, Jourrtollsm Dawn L. Stueve, Batesville, Nurslng Kathryn D. Sturdlvant, Paragould, Mathematlcs Elizabeth A. Sumpter, Marked Tree, Muslc Ed. Dannette Tabor, Holly Grove, Zoology Lowell S. Tabor, Jonesboro, Accountlng Steve W. Talburt, Henderson, Anlmal Scl. Lewls E. Tanner, Hardy, Computer Scl. Mohammad R. Tarokh, Iran, Mechanlcal Engr. Arthur P. Tate, Jonesboro, Data Processing Cathy M. Taylor, Moro, Computer Scl. Lynda K. Taylor, Rogers, Elementary Ed. Mellssa F. Taylor, McCrory, Marketlng Rlcky D. Taylor, McCrory, Radlo - TV Susan Taylor, Forrest Clty, Soclal Scl. 29 296 Seniors Sarah Phena Taylor, West Helena, Elementary Ed. Sherry L. Taylor, Batesville, Otflce Adm. Steven D. Taylor, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Bn Econ. Brenda J. Teague, Batesville, Elementary Ed. Cyndl A. Thayer, Blytheville, Psychology Lynette S. Thettord, Bono, Elementary Ed. Dennls R. Thlelemler, Pocahontas, Hlstory Gary W. Thomas, West Memphls, Accountlng Mlchael R. Thomas, Jonesboro, Sociology Darlene Thompson, Plne Clty, Computer Scl. Ellzabeth W. Thompson, Monette, Data Processlng Jeana R. Thompson, Jonesboro, Elementary Ed. Klrk A. Thompson, North Llttle Rock, Special Ed. Ronald J. Thompson, Jonesboro, Crlmlnology Stacy D. Thompson, Jonesboro, Nurslng Jlmmy D. Thresher, Imboden, Speech Comm. Suzanne M. Throesch, Jonesboro, Psychology Anlta B. Thwlng, Wynne, Flnance Mlchael L. Tlbbs, Jonesboro, Computer Scl. Larry Tlmmermann, Jonesboro, Data Processlng Marlon C. Tlnsley, Marmaduke, Crlmlnology Mlchael Todd, Parkln, Management Vlckle J. Townsend, Knobel, Agrlculture Blll M. Tracer, Monette, Computer Scl. Wllllam H. Treneman, Jonesboro, French Stacy J. Trlmble, Walnut Rldge, Management Jon V. Troxel, Reyno, Geography Thomas K. True, Holcomb, Mo., Accountlng Alvls R. Turner, Plggott, Electrlcal Engr. Llsa A. Turner, Jonesboro, Psychology John D. Turpln, Trumann, Business Susan M. Tuslng, Dell, Muslc Perlormance Mary J. Tyler, Pocahontas, Elementary Ed. Ed L. Underwood, Jonesboro, Radlo - TV Mlchael D. Utley, Harrisburg, Hlstory Connle D. Uzel, Blythevllle, Medlccll Tech. Dana R. Van Patten, Searcy, Speech Comm. Llnda Dlana Vaughn, Jonesboro, Marketlng Keresla L. Veasley, Vanndale, Speech Path. Bruce W. Venable, Jonesboro, Management l' -.A , N , 'f , r , Y 7 . U' l 5' .., s 1 -G 4 in 'iq ni- ' S 1: A Have a poll. , W u X l ...A is ff L , ,. iss -3 .ls .XM 1 mk. ,,,, Y ,. f t' s Q- - X ,f' , . 'E X .Q .3 K F Wil? J' ti . gyms !,f's S ff' ' l Q' -Q- ve the . gf .... X as ZE: S' K ...E ni. ' ::r'.-Ns ff' s if s l X .s xx - ... . s sl fx st: : 5,-Q'A,.M-Q 4 X . F : Q . se is xs si rm Q1- X sf ssh, 1 is ' , I 45 5 X sf? Q A si 1 A .H 4, 4 '-. i gl N rl. - NM ml Q1 .Ig -'-2- - , X' 1.1. 1 ..,, ,. Qt Q' T xx .1 Q3 11:: qqq i ,,,E ff A ki ::' " in s Y 'ff y . Q1 'Y 'K i......-A . 'G - s , 'ur I 'SV sf ! 2. i Seniors Bellnda D. VlneS, Grubbs, Elementary Ed. Alan K. Vlvrette, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Melody L. Vollman, Jonesboro, Accountlng Gregory C. Volner, Harrlsburg, P. E. Klm M. Vowell, Paragould, Physlcs Paul D. Waddell, Jonesboro, Hlstory Mlchael Wade, Memphls, Tenn., Soclology Ollle L. Wadley, Leaohvllle, Soclal SCI. Bonnle L. Waltes, Pocahontas, Early Chlldhood Ed. Lynne R. Walberl, Campbell, Mo., Soolal Work Susan E. Walden, Jonesboro, Chemlstry June S. Waldo, Parkln, Early Childhood Ed. Barry D. Walker, Jonesboro, Zoology Ernest L. Walker Jr., Jonesboro, Soclology Sandra M. Walker, Smlthville, Otflce Adm. James E. Wallace, Steele, Mo., Soolal SCI. Ed. Mlchael M. Wallace, Kennett, Mo., SoCIal Sol. Bllbrey J. Wallls, Srnllhvllle, Agrlculture Ed. Jackle R. Wallls, Newport, Prlnllng Tech. Bllly J. Ward, Hughes, P. E. Davld M. Ward, Jonesboro, Hlstory Robert D. Ward, Jonesboro, Soclal Scl. Allen L. Warmath, Plggott, Accountlng Jett C. Warneke, Jonesboro, Flnance George Washington, Forrest Clty, Management Llnda M. Washington, Marvell, Speech Comm.fCrlmlnology Amella X. Waters, Wynne, Speclal Ed. Jane Watson, Crossett, Engllsh Pamela L. Watson, Trumann, Flnance Ron D. Watson, Beebe, Engllsh Eddle Webb, Helena, Phllosophy Gene Weeks, Harrlsburg, P. E. Julea J. Weld, Land O'Lakes, Fla., Radlo - TV Dana E. Wellborn, Pocahontas, Psychology Llnwood W. Wells II, Paragould, Agrlculture Tlm S. Wells, Paragould, Agrl. Bus. 8m Econ, Dale T. Wester, Pocahontas, French Adam C. Wheeler, Wheatley, Business Adm. Debra L. Whlte, Mountaln Home, Engllsh Mlchael R. Whlte, Des Arc, Englneerlng 297 Seniors Mlllon D. Whlte, Blythevllle, P. E. Jon S. Wllbanks, Jonesboro, Management Mary J. Wlles, Jonesboro, Business D. P. Leisa C. Wllkerson, Kennett, Mo., Medical Tech. Phllllp K. Wllkins, Paragould, Zoology LaDonna M. Wlllcockson, Hardy, Criminology Mlchdel S. Wlllhlte, Jonesboro, Ddld ProceSSlnQ Anlta J. WllllClmS, Porkln, Early Chlldhood Ed. Chrlstopher B. Wllllams, West Memphis, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Cynlhld Wllllams, Wynne, Edrly Chlldhood Ed. xy, ,,,,. , Dovld H. Wllllams, Cord, Anlmol SCI. Doro J. Wlllldrns, Bold Knob, Journoll5rT'l Franklln A. Williams, Jackson, Tenn., Computer Sci. f ,6 Larry E. Wllllams, Cord, Agriculture Ed. Q' Wendell Willlams, Cotton Plant, Psychology l Charles A. Wllson, Lonoke, Agrl. Bus. 81 Econ. Dovle S. Wllson, Forrest Clly, Pollllcdl Sci. Frances G. Wllson, Blythevllle, Soclol SCI. Ed. Jlmmy D. Wllson, Paragould, Accountlng A -r Vlckle L. Wlnton, Plggott, Elementary Ed. J , 11 Q' . 5? V 1 -ri if f. y .wo Leeanne Splgner Wlsdom, Jonesboro, Journallsm Mark B. Wlsdom, Jonesboro, Psychology LeAnne Wlse, Blylhevllle, Mdrketlnq James W. Wofford, Pocahontas, Accountlng Joel Wottord, Wldener, Accountlng Wanda Sue Wolz, Paragould, Speclal Ed. Thomas S. Woodrutf, Jonesboro, Accountlng James H. Woods Jr., Wynne, Radlo - TV Mltchell G. Worlow, Sedgwlck, Agri. Bus. 81 Econ. Jett W. Wren, Jonesboro, Data Processing is 'I glial' ...A ss .- K Jacquelyn K. Wrlght, Donlphan, Mo., Early Chlldhood Ed. Pdlge C. Wrlqhl, Blylhevllle, Early Chlldhood Ed. Scottle S. Wrlqhl, Holcomb, Mo., Muslc Ed. Jlmmy R. Wyatt, Rosle, Accountlng Calvln E. Yancey, St. Louls, Mo., Prlntlng Tech. U if .ff . ' 11. ' Y ' 5 n alifn fellas! N S . 7 Dennls J. Yarbro, Hlckory Rldge, ClVll Engr. Danny C. Yarbrough, Paragould, Agrlculture Engr. Llso M. Yeager, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elementary Ed. Llnda S. Yocum, Paragould, Elementary Ed. Scott A. York, Jonesboro, Commerclal Art 298 Nr ,TX . J S' 'ai l h Q n ' K we rs 5 , xg Q 3 .gs is A. ClinlOl'1 M. Young, POCGTIODTGS, HDODCE Seniors Darrell R. Young, Pocahontas, Business D. P. Mitchell W. Young, Como, Miss., Radlo - TV Nancy C. Young, Carlisle, Special Ed. Tommle J. Young, Proctor, Speech Comm. fDrama i,x"'!v i Us Y di sg' Juniors Zakarla Abdallat, Jordan Barbara Ackeret, Jonesboro Roert Acord, Manila Sherrle Acuff, Wynne Bruce Adams, Mount Pleasant Donna Adams, West Ridge Janet Adams, Blythevllle Jon Adams, Jonesboro Carroll Addington, Jonesboro Kelly Agee, Bono Brad Ahrens, Little Rock Darien Alford, Kennett, Mo. Carolyn Allen, West Memphis Cheryl Allen, Hardy Chrlstlne Allen, Reyno Marllyn Allen, Dermott Roy Allen, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wlnlfred Almand, Quitman Mohamed AL-Nebaihl, Saudi Arabia Larralne AIT, Blythevllle Ebrahlm Amiri, Iran Aaron Anderson, East St. Louis, Ill. Harry Anderson, Lepanto Llsa Anderson, Stuttgart Robert Anderson, Pocahontas Sandy Anderson, Marianna Seyed H. ArabNajafl, Jonesboro Barbara Archer, lmboden Anna Armstrong, Jonesboro Chesley Armstrong, Mammoth Spring Melissa Asher, Corning Terrl Ashford, Jonesboro Paige Atklson, Corning Alfred Austln, Marmaduke Sharon Autry, Jonesboro Michael Bacot, Jonesboro Nancy Baer, Hardy Richard Bagwell, Tupelo Gloria Balley, Mount Vernon, Tex. Llsa Balley, Holland, Mo. Martha Balley, Cherokee Village Charlotte Baker, Trumann Deborah Baker, Jacksonville Dwlght Baker, Alicia Holly Baker, Wynne Randal Baker, Plggott Sarah Baker, Campbell, Mo. Susan Baker, Donlphan, Mo. Gordon Baldwin, Knobel Nancy Baldwin, Knobel Lawanda Ballard, OII Trough Sandy Baltz, Pocahontas Karen Bandy, Pocahontas Steven Banks, Marianna Tony Banks, Marianna Tracl Barber, Lake City Gary Barch, Luxora Garry Barker, Salem Ralph Barker, Blythevllle Robert Barker, Jonesboro Davld Barnes, Jonesboro Mary Barnes, Forrest Clty Jay Barnett, Maynard Troyce Barnett, Batesville RICK Barney, Loulsvllle, Ky. Don Barrett, Senath, Mo. Terry Barry, Blythevllle Sonya Battles, Brlnkley Catherine Beal, Fisher James Beard, Holcomb, Mo. S MI. " 4 . 0 i , : , K A V wdwiwqkk .ug R -f . 'J ,f rl-it 1 A ss- s: -e , H . sag. . K 1 i1 xt I N K s, ,EHQ b A 'vi I 'W : , sf wif, X Q .X 2 X gl, sm .. bd X s A ik fi., Q .. ga he t sf ,.,,,i Q C, S , J ' gg? if . axe fs - ii X is gg , , is sw , Q I BBBA . . ' 1 :-,, s ss . , S , ' ii "tll A C sss rrfsss 2 T' P X - 'S 2 S 1,,,,, "Net r:-. in N ' mi -4 KV E of Q yyl, , ,,, 1 K Y llr, , B , - ' l-. 3 syy C fir Q ,ss tls sfi - J l-'s B . A1 zql A . g M 1 A :" S ,,,,, g 'C ,si ssnssw iss Q I lll A K fl gl B it XQs ,t s ll Ji img Y X ., X K ,, s.. 1-fi . l . .. :se-'1 sg r "J , if . ,J-QE ' X A s,,,, 'S A fs s sys Nsssms ti or C Bi 3 Pi? i C x V: Ss , . ,,.,,,.. ,,. , K ,.: XX ' .fire 5' -. . - - . Q ' ' .fm f, 15655: ' " f S 196. :S 4 S ' X Y? -S' sos l . Ll vu se ,W viii, ref S ,., 1. - ,sl Qi 3 if 1' '53 X I ff A X --L. f "X QS.,-C ,, Q J 4: S K gig: I 4 Q ,q,' ff S Lx N L ft l. L Z - - S , s ...MQ , A 3 . tx' t p xx is K L X B 2 in ' Q , r ' J g an! It .Q . Juniors James Beck Jr., Marked Tree Sarah Beck, Jonesboro Mlchelle Bednar, Hazen Julle Lauren Beith, WIISOn Tammy Belk, Mountaln Home Jack Bell, Searcy Lorl Bell, Hot Sprlngs Marty Bennett, Jonesboro Dallas Benson, Jonesboro Steve Benthal, West Helena Cherle Bentley, Colt Geoffrey Bentley, Brazll Cecllla Benton, Jacksonvllle Susan Blckers, Pleasant Plalns Dee Blddle, West Helena Sharon Blddle, Waldo Ted Blgger, Marlon Llnda Blgness, Batesvllle Mary Blshop, Jonesboro Manuel Blxler, Cllnton Janlce Black, Newport Terry Blackburn, Kennett, Mo. Tony Blackman, Campbell, Mo. Trent Blackshare, Plggott Tanya Blackwell, DeVaIls Blutt Tlttany Blackwell, Stuttgart Brent Blakely, Searcy Ellzabeth Bland, Walnut Rldge Leslle Blanks, Jonesboro Bobby Blanston, Uno Llnda Bledsoe, Campbell, Mo. Davld Blevlns, Jonesboro Walleon Bobo, Tuckerman Donald Boggs, Searcy Jerry Boldlng, Kennett, Mo. Jack Boles, Ward Larry Bond, Marlon Boyce Bonham, Bono Greg Bonner, Turner Laura Bonney, Blythevllle Klm Booher, Jonesboro Elalne Bosche, Jonesboro Davld Bounds, Walnut Rldge H. B. Foster Bowden, Jonesboro Don Bowen, Searcy Martln Bowen, Bald Knob Bllly Bowers, Jonesboro Jamle Bowlln, Paragould Cheryl Bowllng, Blythevllle Brenda Bowman, Donlphan, Mo. Mlchelle Boyd, Manlla Mohammad Bozorglpour, Jonesboro LISCI Bradford, Marlon SCIDCITO Brcmbleft, Sulphur Rock Alan Brand, Walnut Rldge Bllly BrOSwell, DSWIH Steven Bray, Mount Pleasant Lynn Breckenrldge, Earle Brooke Breedlng, Mountaln Vlew Darrell Brewer, Pocahontas BIII Brldger, Jonesboro Jettrey Broadway, Pocahontas Herman Brodell, Jonesboro Dawn Brooks, Houston, Tex. Gary Broome, Batesvllle, Mlss. Davld Brown, Clarkton, Mo. Dlane Brown, Bay Klmla Brown, Paragould Leonard Ray Brown Jr., Marlon Prlscllla Brown, Augusta Juniors Regina Brown, West Memphis Stephen Brown, Clarkton, Mo. Susan Brown, Kennett, Mo. Suzanne Brown, Paragould WIIIIS Brown, Hughes Terry Browning, Bono Donna Bruce, Paragould James Bryan, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Debbie Bryant, England Sandra Bryant, Birdeye Mlchael Budak, St. LOUIS, MO. Amy Buford, Eminence, Mo. Dane Buford, Batesville Geraldine Bunn, Daniel Burdyshaw Barry Burge, Frieda Burge, Noel Burge, Willlam Burge, Cave City Jonesboro Jonesboro Cave City Cave City Cave City Dan Burke, Stuttgart l.Ot'et'tG BUITISS, Tyronza Janet Burnham, Paragould Rhonda Burns, Hoxle Shelley Burrow, Jonesboro Mary Burton, Switton Olivia Burton, Wynne Jimmy Bushong Jr., Trumann Larlll Butcher, Dewitt Debra Butler, Blytheville Alvln Byrd Jr., Lexa Rebecca Caldwell, Wynne Barry Callahan, Pebble Beach, Calit. Janice Callicott, Jonesboro Judy Camden, Salem Kendell Camp, Jonesboro Clndy Campbell, DeSoto, MO. Denlse Campbell, West Memphis Klm Campbell, Clarkton, Mo. Sherry Campbell, Allcia Susan Campbell, West Memphis Carolyn Camptield, Paragould Judith Cancelarlch, Presque Isle, Malne Brad Cannon, Harrisburg Howard Cannon, Rector Greg Carda, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brett Carlile, Paragould Janet Carmack, Paragould Rod Carmack, Kennett, Mo. Janet Carnett, Harrlson Linda Carroll, Hot Springs Vlcky Cartee, Haytl, Mo. Bllly Carter, Cherry Valley John Carter Jr., Hampton, Va. Randall Carter, Jonesboro Sherry Carter, Jonesboro Maurice Carthon, Osceola Denise Cassidy, Blythevllle Loren Cafes, Marked Tree Rosetta Catf, West Memphis Bryan Cattanach, Peeksklll, N. Y. Janet Caudell, Wynne Kathy Cecil, Steele, Mo. Mary Chaffee, Jonesboro Kelth Chambers, Belleville, Ill. I. J. Chapman, Guntown, Miss. Mike Chappell, McCrory James Chlpman, Manila Georgia Chlsm, Jonesboro Stan Chrlsman, Jonesboro Elizabeth Chrlstle, Paragould 302 stills ts -1- 1 416 it is , .s 1. ,X '::-' , S bg l . W - S ss S 'QS A ,st mb' v . K f x ,.... . -. v ,nf r ', f' ts' 2 S K , R K is - 3 5 98352 8 1 ws. Shri Js, if l 'SB' l lll , t ,, :-. .i 1 ':.. Q ,..1, ,.,,. ,... ' B s s f s-fri-."-...Q fs, - sgj' is EFS rss- sgisgsi X F 1 - X Q 'I' Xs X B . ,si . . , 3 5 i S . X F ., lx. .. ss irq li 5 S ' i , , 1 El 1 , :NE X , f b, f r . A it A V , B S 'r ' J , , it lu kiryyi is t:N,E: 'msn tlllll E llll ' P :., ll f ' 123213. .gzyzs tw R tfrl " s -.. 1'-754' - 5533-'S ff N ,"" 'J EE: le' Tl' ssss ss, fl l ll: lllli S , Q ' K X .. " , Lk lt . 7 I K :li .1 "" hyh 1 . W .. Q ' if-, J ssss S , J 'lr lf- ' :... s. C aa Tr: U' Q-L I, N .Nil sr - Q1 1 Y si f- ' 'isizzjl if 5 g, N., X 1' I Ly A M- Q- sn ,is ,gy ' I .. I yo ' -3 tr s 4. xo ,s- en 3. ,4 V if rw, f .f-f' 4, . v Q, l ,L r 'X A .51:.,,f' 5 ,X Q I W fsss " as L .. O I X..k . K 1 I xtxx X x,' J...,4f-'fy f ,rr . S J 1? -Mk ,Nw es - Q sv W ,ff tl so 'S'-il ' fan O , f-27 X , .,.f If as - R tw s x S x Eff S, S X 1 X . sl"m 1: X '-P r f l , :ltr r ! 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Leslle Colllns, Pocahontas Ronnie Colllns, Forrest Clty Kelll Conley, PIQQOH Karen Coomer, Plggotf Anthony Cooper, Llttle Rock Lance Cooper, Paragould Margaret Cooper, Jonesboro Loureta Copeland, Brookland Harold Copenhaver, Jonesboro Shelley Cornellson, Rector James Cossey, Cave Clty Tammy Cossey, Jonesboro Sherrl Cothern, Jonesboro Robert Courtney, Llttle Rock Donald Covey, Harrlsburg Robert Cox, Marlanna Stephen Coy, Paragould Bryan Cozart, Blythevllle Clay Cozart, Lafayette, La. Sandra Cozart, Osceola Dana Crabtree, Jonesboro Anna Chrlstlne Crafford, Flsk, Mo. Donald Cralg, Mountaln Vlew Wllllam Craln, Trumann Vlctor Cravens, Jonesboro Carter Crawford, Madlson Flllthla Crawford, Memphls, Tenn. Bobble Crayton, West Memphls Ty Creason, Nashvllle, Tenn. Gretchen Crews, Lepanto Marcy Crews, Steele, Mo. Darrel Crlsler, Walnut Rldge Suzanne Crocker, Lake Clty Davld Croom, Newport Glnger Croom, Manlla Gregg Crouch, Harrlsburg Mary Crow, Cave Clty Algle Crowder, Hughes Davld Crowder, Walnut Rldge Juniors Judy Cullen, Jonesboro Ann Culver, West Helena Joy Cunningham, Tuckerman Llsa Curnutt, Jonesboro Captola Curry, Lepanto Prlce Curry, North Little Rock Max Dacus Jr., Jonesboro Tommy Daniel, Hot Sprlngs Marla Darnell, Forrest Clty Donna Dovldson, Oil Trough Joseph Davidson, Sage Mary Davidson, Senath, Mo. Pat Davldson, Sage Charles Davis, Keiser Deann Davis, Paragould Edwlna Davis, Enola Eleanor Davls, New York, N. Y. Fely Davis, Honolulu, Hawaii Kathy Davis, Hope Llso Davis, Laramie, Wyo. Melody Davls, Newport Zlna Davis, Jonesboro Eugene Davison, Marvell Penny Dawson, Paragould Bobby Dean, O'Kean Mark Dean, Beebe Robert Deon Jr., Blytheville Timothy Dean, Jonesboro Marvin Dearlen, Mountain View Susan Deeds, Paragould Charles Delap, Lincoln Susan Delap, Lincoln Jeff Delk, EI Dorado Lavon Denklns, Osceola Daniel Dennis, Forrest City Tommy Dent, Steele, Mo. Kathryn Denton, Leponto Teresa Dertler, Benton Hol Detrlck, Jonesboro Ruth Dlokey, Boho Charles Dickinson, Jonesboro Landon Dllday, Newport Tracy Dlllehay, Jonesboro Bleu Binh, Jonesboro Daryl Dodson, Onaga, Kan. Terry Dodson, Haytl, Mo. Wendell Dorman Jr., Jacksonville Lora Dorton, Trumann Dwight Duckworth, Morlllo Bryan Duffel, Jonesboro Charles Dutfell, Jonesboro Felicia Dulaney, Forrest City Wlnnlfred Dunbar, Grand Roplds, Mtch. Rodger Dunlgan, Jonesboro Tammy Dunkerson, Caraway Dena Dunlap, West Memphis Charles Dunn, Jonesboro Byron Dunnlck, Little Rock Nlchola Duran, Forrest Clty Tommy Durowalye, Nigeria Roger Duty, Rector Sandra Duvall, Tuckerman Gina Dycus, Trumann Vollna Dyer, Newport Jeanetta Eagle, Des Arc Wade Eanes, west Memphis Adena Eason, Paragould Nancy East, Manila Ronald Echols, Jonesboro Suzanne Echols, Trumann Q ' SSR N ,li get W 4 ,,' , -K ,. y kh tj, S J tx ik .,V kikkk V E iii - Qgjk O x t , R X X if N s R F 5 fo X Q Y Q ..., ,t t or it ,.:.- :ss -- ds se- fgg fs. -vs ,P t' f, L55 first if NG s,, '2Efs.,. as in 4 'N' Y N. .uf Q b . K 1 tttt B , al l , EL .L W "-- t, 7 .-A f N .s R ,Ei L R X X I .- sw.. ltrt' tif. 0 si nm A x. ss Ms if f n R fi S: S X x ss N gi '35 li, f t a t .. 5-. .sz l , it .RMC X QQ ,... 3 ' s ,' F all f ,,,, . S sm., ,. 1 S iss St' ES 2, sir Xi? , . A L .. .,f.5 4 ss K' ,xg 'T s I if is r, L 'urs X' si' .',:s J 5 zzz if , ..J: . f,' J? M . 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Robln Evans, Blythevllle Russell Evans Jr., Marlanna Stacy Evans, Marmaduke Terry Evans, Kennett, Mo. Mlke Evert, Cherokee Vlllage Bankole Ewedeml, Nlgerla Klmberly Falk, Jonesboro Blran Falls, Jonesboro Ken Farley, Paragould James Farrls, Nashvllle, Tenn. Lamar Faught, Jonesboro Donna Fears, Paragould John Fee ll, Pocahontas Gloria Ferguson, Wynne Leslle Ferguson, Jonesboro Ernest Flelder, Bono Anlta Flnoh, Kennett, Mo. Charles Flncher, Searcy Henry Flsher, West Memphis Roger Flsher, Bradford Harold Fltts, Brlnkley Clark Fltzpatrlck, Batesvllle Karon Flowers, Wynne Ralph Forbls, Paragould Earl Ford, Searcy Robyn Ford, Welner Darla Foster, Pocahontas Davld Foster, Daytona Beach, Fla. Glenn Foster, Jonesboro Claude Foushee, Newport Vlckl Fox, Llttle Rock Betty Franklln, Forrest Clty Mark Franzen, Stuttgart Brlan Fratesl, Plne Bluff Ronald Freeman, Paragould Kenneth Freemyer, Helena Danny French, Forrest Clty John French, Jonesboro Len Frey, Mammoth Sprlng Dlane Frlday, West Memphls Crelg Frlerson, Blythevllle Terry Frlerson, Jonesboro Gregory Fry, Rose Bud Pat Fuerer, Blythevllle Lennle Fuller, Jonesboro Jlmmy Futrell, Jonesboro Shella Galther, Walnut Rldge Tracy Galther, Jonesboro Juniors Kerrie Gambill, Jonesboro Angel Garcia, Venezuela Anthony Gardner, Paragould Donna Gardner, Wynne Rebecca Gardner, Walnut Ridge James Garner, White Hall Jlm Garner, Wynne Joey Garner, Jonesboro Mary Garner, Bradford Daniel Garwood, Melbourne Edward Garza, Osceola Raquel Garza, Osceola Delores Gaskin, Newport Kelly Gassaway, Paragould Bobby Gaston, Webb, Miss. Rocky Gates, Newport Phillip Gatlin, Paragould Michael Gaul, Jonesboro Cleta Gazaway, Jonesboro Mark Genshaw, Seaford, Dela. Freddy Gentry, Kennett, Mo. Bryan George, Trumann Jesse George, Magnolia Laurie Geurln, Hot Springs Cynthia Gibbs, Jonesboro Daniel Gibson, Jonesboro Nicholas Gibson, Marmaduke Darrell Gifford, Paragould Martha Giles, Paragould Annyece Gilleylen, Tuckerman Stewart Gilliam, Osceola Eugene Gilmore, Wynne Greg Ginn, West Memphis Susan Gist, Paragould Bollnda Gleghorn, Salem Danny Glover, Blytheville Tet H00 Goh, Malaysia Bill Golden, JOl'te5b0rO Rhonda Gonzalez, Osceola Jeff GOOde, Griffithville Ddvld Goodin, BOld Knob Connie Goodlow, Wilson Renee Goodrich, Jonesboro Archle Gocdwin, Little ROCk Mark Goodwin, Cabot Terry Goodwin, Newport Grayson Gordon, West Plains, Mo. John Gore, Jonesboro Mark Gorton, Jonesboro Richard Goss, Newport Chela Gossett, Jonesboro Terry Gott, Jonesboro Linda Graddy, Hoxie Gerald Graham, Keiser Harrison Graham Jr., Jonesboro Wllllam Graham, Jonesboro Keith Granberry, Jonesboro Rita Granberry, Llftle Rock Timothy Granger, West Memphis Christopher Graves, Blytheville Lesll Gray, Jonesboro Mary Gray, Jonesboro Stan Gray, Jonesboro Jimmy Green, Hoxie Mary Green, Campbell, Mo. Suzzanne E. Green, Essex, Vermont Lance Gregory, Wynne Allen Grltfln, Paragould Bernard Griffin, Hardy Teresa Griffith, West Memphis S ss J s .435 x V. g Two ,,,. gr ,L s,, ssr S, R IIRP 1, ,, :E - s, ,, .Q f T E J K ,sss is .,,, if X sms, iff , -, Ir :j f :+.f3 3' 1, g ,A J if , . Q rrrr ' K 1 E., Tjsx ., .. S . , ,.., s s ,T E - " To ' a s ., 4 T . ,L bbs, s XX 1 ft X 3 -sv 'itt 2 ' il, Q - Q. , A S J SF T sn ,Q i.s sen si l 3 ' fl l I I rrl r 'i . - - - ,, , - ' s , ' , . .. 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Wllllclm Guy, Osceola Greg Hale, Lake Clty Kelly Hale, Trumann Randall Hales, Jonesboro Tracy Haley, West Memphis Angel Hall, Bono Dlcnnid HGII, Hardy GGII Hclll, Newport Rebecca Hall, Lepanto Stan Hall, West Memphis Jerry Halsell Jr., Blythevllle Waleed Hamdan, Kuwait Becky Hardin, Jonesboro Susan Harding, Little Rock Davld Hardy, Blythevllle Kevin Harmon, Heber Springs Susie Harper, King George, Va. Tommy Harper, Grenada, Miss. Glenn Harrell, Monette David Harris, Hope Michael Harris, West Memphis Shirley Harris, Paragould Deloise Harrison, Moro Jan Harrison, Blythevllle Sharon Harrison, Cardwell, Mo. Jettery Hart, Walnut Ridge Michael Hart, Walnut Ridge Vicky Hart, Walnut Ridge Shannon Harvey, Des Arc Clyde Hastings, Bolling Springs, N. C Holly Haltield, Jonesboro Sandra Hdthcoat, Brookland Jackie Hathcock, Wynne Madeline Hawkins, Joiner Theo Hawkins, Tulsa, Okla. Clay Hawley, Pocahontas Loretta Hawley, Jonesboro Peter Hayes, Jonesboro Becky Haynes, Mountain Home Ronnie Haynes, Wynne James Heard Jr., Hoxle Brenda Helms, Maynard Ronnie Helms, Maynard Beau Henderson, West Helena Kerri Henderson, Kennett, Mo. Kenneth Hendrix, Jonesboro Monica Henson, Jonesboro Julle Herren, Paragould Cindy Herring, Hot Springs Joan Hess, Wynne Donna Hester, Steele, Mo. Mary Hester, Marlon Larry Heyl, Mammoth Spring Debbie Higgins, Amarillo, Tex. Fouad Hljazl, Lebanon Charles Hllburn, Kennett, Mo. Cindy Hill, Jonesboro Llnley Hlll, Hot Springs Penny Hlll, Marvell Michael HIItOn, Melbourne Brenda Hinds, Harrisburg Lisa Hinds, Jonesboro Lorl Hinshaw, Jonesboro LOl'ettC Hlpp, Bctesvllle Juniors Cynthia Hodge, Maynard Dena Hodge, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Barry Hodges, Forrest City Marc Hogue, Jonesboro Candace Holcomb, Jonesboro Vlvlon Holder, West Helena Jeff Hollfleld, Paragould Mary H0lIfIeld, Pdrdgould Dlane Holland, Kennett, Mo. Jacqueline Holland, West Helena Jeffery Hollis, Jonesboro Byron Holloway, West Memphis Lauren Holloway, Memphis, Tenn. Llsa Hollowell, West Helena Floyd Holmes, Turrell George Hooper, Batesville Llsa Hooten, Gideon, Mo. Pamela Hooten, Walnut Ridge John Hoover, Heber Springs Carla Hopper, Caruthersville, Mo. Christopher Hopper, West Memphis Glenn Hopper, Blythevllle Phllllp HOrn, Paragould Klm Horrell, Marmaduke Davld Horton, Jonesboro Mlchelle H0rt0l't, Gilmore Teresa Hosklns, Paragould Donnlta Hosman, Marked Tree Elizabeth House, Memphis, Tenn. John House, Weiner Vlrglnla Housley, Jonesboro Carla Houston, Trumann Pat Houston, Little Rock Julie Hout, MODSHS Daniel Howard, West Plains, Mo. Don Howton, Palestine Kenneth Hubbard, West Memphis Stephen Hubbard, Jonesboro Candl Huber, Jonesboro Kathy Hudson, O'Kean Shawn Hudspeth, DeWitt Debbie Hughes, Plggott Julla Ann Hughes, Kennett, Mo. Chrls Hulett, Swlfton Gale Hulett, Newport George Hulett, Newport James Humphries, Salem Ruth Ann Hunter, Paragould Llnda Hurst, Paragould Llsa Hurst, Newport Jlmmy Hutchinson, Batesville John Hutchison, Qhltman Yvonne Hutchison, Rector James Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Wllllam Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Allen Hyatt, Memphis, Tenn. John Igblnoba, Nlgerla Steve Isbell, Steele, Mo. Abdul Razak lshak, Malaysia Robbie Ishmael, West Helena Azharl lsmall, Malaysia Steven lvy, Forrest Clty Connie Jackson, Memphis, Tenn. David Jackson, West Helena Ernle Jackson, Jonesboro Jack Jackson, Beebe Laura Jackson, Senalh, Mo. Lee Jackson, Paragould Llsa Jackson, Corning Mark JClCkS0rl, Blythevllle Q i ,,, ' i. ., . " 'W J Q i s iifs Q fs ,, ., .,,,. I as M s ' is ' 1... 5 SQ K 1 Y 'Q s ws F N N ' J Si it " fi M , so ,sas Q I , - , Q . in Q ,,. A gi I Azyzviz A i f ,s , f , ,,, ., f ,f'il fs, a aflcmne LJVA H . f ,, iii ' if ttf ' as .. il? sw 1 ' K :EQ - E Q X N at fig . J ,. L: .. K -T A 'B 4 X ' . . A-W .. 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Steven Jackson, Walnut Rldge Dana Jaco, Marlanna Mlchael Jaggers, Marlon Melvln James, Lexa Monlca James, Ravenden Shella James, Llttle Rock Terry Jamleson, Hardy Monlca Jansen, Jonesboro Tlm Jarrett, Paragould Robert Jean, Walnut Rldge Tammy Jettrles, Mountaln Vlew Newton Jenklns Jr., Brookland Teresa Jenklns, Walnut Rldge Wllla Jenklns, Pocahontas Emma Jessen, Imboden Robert Jett, Tyronza Clndy Johnson, Jonesboro Dcvld Johnson, Llttle Rock Deborah Johnson, Brookland Ella Johnson, Marlanna Gwendolyn Johnson, Kennett, Mo. Harold Johnson, Colt Hendra Johnson, Forrest Clty James Johnson, Forrest Clty Kelll Johnson, Jonesboro Phllllp Johnson, Cave Clty Scott Johnson, Plne Bluff Stanley Johnson, Paragould Vonda Johnson, Grubbs Wllllam Johnson, West Rldge Dorothy Johnston, Helena Deborah Jones, Longvlew, Tex. John Jones, Pocahontas Kenneth Jones, Longvlew, Tex. Mlchealle Jones, Smlthvllle Teresa Jones, Rector Terry Jones, Dallas, Tex. Luther Jude, Crawtordsvllle Rlngo Jukes, North Llttle Rock Rodney Jumper, Paragould Fred Justus Jr., Jonesboro Mark Justus, Llght Mellnda Kalb, Helena Scotty Koppelman, Paragould Katla Karavla, Cyprus Cassle Kauttman, Nederland, Tex. Kel Kauttman, Fordyce Alan Keen, West Helena Janna Kegley, Plggott Rodney Kegley, Carllsle Sandra Kelth, Egypt Lee Kellams, Portagevllle, Mo. Gary Kellems, Steele, Mo. Terry Kelley, Walnut Rldge Klm Kelly, Jonesboro Marshall Kelly, Marlanna Mllton Kelly, Memphls, Tenn. Tommy Kennett, Leachvllle Dlane Kertz, Forrest Clty Kathy Kesslnger, West Memphis Renee Ketchum, Steele, Mo. Karen Key, West Helena Humalra Khallq, Jonesboro Rlchard Klter, Santlago, N. J. Tommle Klter, Holland, Mo. Berry Klng, Jonesboro Charles Klng Ill, Jonesboro Charlotte Klng, Dalton Juniors Nancy King, Yellvllle Natalie King, Pcrcgould Robert King, Brownsville, Tenn. Suzanne Klng, Paragould Tammie King, West Helena Kevin Kingston, Jonesboro Mdrlhct Kirby, Vanndale Davld Kirk, Blythevllle TheI'eSO KlrkSeY, JOHSSDOFO Bobby Kirkwood, Newport JCFTISS KlSSlnQef, Jonesboro Rlonora kneloerr, Poplar Bluff, Mo. BGFDCTG Knuckles, JOl'leSbOfO Sl'lCl'Ofl KOlb, Searcy Loretta Lace, Cherry Valley Kenneth Lacewell, North Llttle Rock Phllllp Ladd, Haytl, Mo. Phllllp Laden, Steele, Mo. Nancy LaFerney, Jonesboro Gina Lambert, Blythevllle Davld Landis, Paragould William LClr'ldlS, HOXie Tracy Langston, Salem Arthur Larml, Mountain Home Beverly Lashley, Paragould Maria Lcrllng, Arbyrd, Mo. Gary Lawhon, Hoxie Laura Lawrence, Osceola Gaye Leder, Ulm Carla Lee, Paragould Jerry Lee, Wynne Joe Lee, Jonesboro Nlta Lee, Searcy Lorl Leedom, Des Moines, Iowa Cherl Lettew, Heber Springs Phll Leslie, BO0rteVllle Shanna Lester, Marked Tree Lori Lewallen, Jonesboro Mark Lewallen, Bentonville Beverly Lewis, Blytheville Jack Lewis, Dell Judlous Lewis, Marion Laura Lewis, Jonesboro Lorl Lewls, Kennett, Mo. Luanne Lewls, Wynne Russ Lewis, Corning John Llddle, Beebe Eric Lljewskl, Hot Springs HOlllCe Llrtck, Summll Jean Llnnstaedter, Jonesboro Penny Llttle, Rector LIZ Llttlejohn, Hot Springs JoAnn Llzenbee, Paragould Susan Loften, Paragould Edward Loggains, Melbourne Deborah Logsdon, Lake Clty Davld Long, DeSoto, Mo. Harold Long, DeWItt Jerry Love, Frenchmans Bayou Travls Love, Cllnton Dennis Loveland, Jonesboro Robln Loyd, Wilson Sherl Lung, West Plalns, Mo. Alma Luper, Newport Klmberly Lybrand, Osceola Terrle Lyles, Kennett, Mo. Christine Lynxwller, Beedeville Robyn Lyons, Henderson Jeannette MacPherson, Carmel, Calif. Mlchctel Maduro, Venezuela K Xe -R. 'X use ,Vt 3 s Q, ef .r gp rl: fs -q,,.e fits, ,lle isk Ns K WMD, or , sf F S A ,ge iiiii. E X fl M , YA -,5, . ' 'F- :.,e f S Q 'iiii i 'i' L ily' 'M r Q - i",, J V , ,Q ,1b:' : ,Q T - A 5 , L ii l ,'.. 1 'rr. ..,, iii' i ' I fbi i ei ,, if ss , rsgf sgi ss or S ees i sbsss est sit argl , ET egs ,,, ws is W .. , r . .. s .5 N X K i kiwi 4? X gl R B 5 F rv- in is . ,Q L S flu gs , sys 6 X , ,s, B, D S 1 'Y ' Y ix 2 I Q it x.. , 1, . , Y ' L x . s , X far .. . 1 ii we 9? s .Args 1, X Q xl , lr "' , Yxl , . - XJ W- ' . zf' . 2 F' 'K N ix' so Q ' S , .1,:E " 4,AL X el A N " ' ,znq Q . fL. - ' 5 , ,,,' Q - .g,L , .- M kk '-QQ -, J W , :-,- L 'R -sf , .. . 4, s : ,...,. , L fe ,s 4 - 2. jar. iff- 'gig " f -2 , 1.2 sf? T- ,g:e,:s. - ms- .Mi we is T Y' Q ,, ,g ,TQ , ,..... 2- t ii' , fr ff f "" ,, NQQQK ,RX h 3, ., Vkr xg L Z ., i K , L ,,.'. 5 '.. 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Steven Martin, Jonesboro Kent Marts, Sprlnadale Dellnda Mason, Paraqould Joe Massey, Osceola Renee Mathis, Cornlna Maria Maxwell, North Llttle Rock Patrlcla Maxwell, Marlon Klmber L. May, Paraaould Dorothy Maynard, Paragould Stephen Maynard, Jonesboro Cheryl Mayo, Bloomfleld, Mo. Anthony McBride, Lake Vlllage Susan McBrlde, Late Charlotte McBryde, Star Clty Cheryl McCampbeII, Hoxle Patti McClaughlln, Trumann Allecia McCllsh, Jonesboro Larle McCIuskey, Jonesboro Beverly McCollum, Ash Flat Susan McConomy, Delaware Clty, Del Gary McCord, Holland, Mo. Chrlsty McCormlck, Caraway Derek McCormlck, Caraway Jerry McCormlck, Manlla Kenneth McCoy, Jonesboro Rodney McDanlel, Jonesboro Ruth MCDGDISI, Bradford Terry McDanlel, Jonesboro Scott McDonald, El Dorado Maureen McFadden, Longwood, Fla. Wallace McGaughy, Forrest Clty Catherlne McGlnnls, Marlanha Martha McGlnnIs, Paragould Russell McGIynn, Elmlra, N. Y. Mark McGouQh, Jonesboro Llsa McGraw, Beebe Samuel McGulre, Mammoth Sprlna Douglas McKay, Portagevllle, Mo. Terry McKee, Colt Rlchard McKenzle, Marked Tree Anthony McKlnney, Camden Carla McKlnney, Jonesboro Ktmberly McKnight, Walnut Ridge Trlna McLean, Kelser Vesta McNeely, Marlon Shelby McQuay, Jonesboro Davld McQueen, Jonesboro Bruce McReynolds, Beebe Kenneth McVey,'Poplar Bluff, Mo. Llnda Mcwayne, Trumann Cheryl Mead, Welner Nlkkl Mead, Jonesboro Juniors John Means, Helena Steve Meents, Woodridge, lll. Joyce Merriman, Jonesboro Penny Metcalf, Leachvllle Shirley Miles, West Helena Larry Mlley, Brinkley Becky Mlller, Clarendon CGTI Mlller, Judsortio Fred Mlller, Mountain Home Mlohoel Mlller, Hlokory Ridge Nancy Mlller, Jonesboro Tannle Mlller, Helena Timothy Miller, Pocahontas Michael Mllls, Jonesboro BIII Mlllan, Murray, Ky. Bridget Mlserthelmer, JoCkSOl"lVIIIe Beverly Mitchell, Jonesboro Sherry Mitchell, Cherry Valley Nazlrl Mn, Malaysia Laura Moellers, Pine Blutt Zulqarnaln Mohamad, Malaysia Mohd-Fadzlr, Malaysia James Monteclnos, Chile James Montgomery, Trumann Jeff Moody, Blytheville Bonner Mooney, Forrest City James Mooney, Ravenden Springs John Mooney Jr., West Memphis James Moore, Dayton, Ohlo Kenny Moore, Manlla Pamela Moore, Ollve Branch, Miss. Sammy Moore, lmboden Sharon Moore, Batesville Terrence Moore, Moro Tonya Moore, Rector Vlckle Moore, Blyfhevllle Bruce Morgan, Tucker, Tex. Cynthia Morgan, Harrisburg Michael Morgan, Jonesboro Mark Morrls, Jonesboro Garner Morrlsett, West Memphis Daniel Morse, Jonesboro Marcla Morse, Jonesboro Charles Moss, Caruthersvllle, Mo. Sharon Motll, Block Oak Terrl Murphy, Hardy Susan Murphy, Little Rock MaryAnn Myers, Jonesboro Rondoll Myers, Walnut Ridge Melvln Nance, Newport Llnda Nash, Tyronza Mohammad Nazarl, Iran Samuel Ndupu, Nlgerla Bonnie Neal, Palestine Dorothy Neal, Augusta Robert Neal Jr., Augusta Tammy Neal, Malden, Mo. Vera Neal, Augusta Teresa Nelson, Paragould Ivan Newman, Jonesboro James Newsom, Marmaduke Janle Newton, Tuckerman Rosemarie Newton, Newark Val Nguyen, Jonesboro Jetfrey Nichols, Delaware Clty, Del. Cynthia Nicholson, Searcy Paullne Nicholson, Brookland Rondoll NIChoISort, Ash Plot Joseph Nnamanl, Nlgerlo James Noblln, Hoxle -.. -arsa"I, its :sf if F . ,. , E , , H we Q fs. if 9 PM tif., ' Nix rf xQ S x K. ! in x was L xg N fs-X ' S. X iii El if ss Q? Yi' TS' Elk ,sfsf-1i,A , , .. gi ffsswisi' Y 3 Q Vyyy S :EE :sn 1- 1 i S . f f' M " + ' at XJ ss... i ss G H . Q ss? St NW' , 'M' N sti if .Lf-. 5, Q' . :ng in nl! : 8 K., Q' a ix' Y- ts s i,: SQL' 1 9 as F --9 5- " 1 . .X . F ss 5 1: .,.. .ss 2 E . ,Q Y . N 1 ' i im.. , T Q.. , u ' 3' fi btw l 9 ' Q sm ag- . I .,,, 55 X N ,i, if . 4 xs s X E ,l!.'--'A I fuss: -J-as I. s 'sk V 3 so 3 is 4 . .41 S ii sh ia: ss 'R fy' nl' -a -s. s s 'fi 5? if ...if . S K ski-rw if :-" : J TTJ it i S if ,Q X G P, X S2255 ss ,- Si S 0 f,-D Y s V . s if if s si X 75-2' sss ' J W' , . as M 6 , lui 7 X I m A. y. , 'Q' , T Q A 5 ,Q ,. R P' Q an , ., yy ri s I ' R H y A V vw, ,, ,ig 3 W, ,J is Q Y ' l , K .. Q35 ,RA ,,:-' K H, , ,':f22 L " X 3 N is x K, at L "Af ' XJR Ulu-533 M " ' :sk , N L L ,' if L Q N1 I ll . Je ,lf K7 A . ' ,ss tilt-xr L " qv 13 Xl RX ,J f' .4 Ls s x l, L XAQN-N ,T Juniors Yvette Norrls, West Memphls Klmberly Nourlzadeh, Jonesboro Rlcky Nuckles, Jonesboro James Nwakwudo, Nlaerla Ebenezer Ogunmusesan, Nlgerla Deborah Oldham, Jonesboro Mark Oldham, Jonesboro Joel Ollve, Paraqould Raphael Onwuzurulgbo, Nlgerla Dana Orlck, Stanford Tracy Orlck, Jonesboro Susan Orsl, Des Arc George Osborn, Jonesboro Odessa Osborne, Kennett, Mo. Jett Overbey, Jonesboro Meleah Overman, Monette Glendla Owens, Marmaduke Bart Ozbun, Senath, Mo. Stanley Ozler, Theda Tommy Palese, Naples, N. Y. Landers Palmer, Marlanna Sara Palmer, Senath, Mo. Wllllam Pankey, Jonesboro Tommy Parklnson, Paragould Darrell Parks, Llftle Rock John Pascua, Jonesboro Joseph Patrlck Jr., Rlchmond, Va. Ben Payne, Trumann Cherle Payne, Poplar Blutt, Mo. Glorla Payne, Earle Ruby Payne, Sedqwlck Karlm Pazhoohl, Iran Doyle Pearcy, Jonesboro DCVIG PSGTSOD, lndldn Rocks BSOCTT, T6l'l'Y Pearson, FOTTBST CITY Clndy Pelley, Jonesboro Bryan Pendegratt, Caraway Sandra Pendergraft, Bay Mlckey Penosky, Jollet, lll. Julle Perdue, Searcy Mlchael Perdzock, Jonesboro Brant Perklns, Jonesboro Carolyn Perklns, Norphlet Lynn Perklns, Franklln Stetanle Perklns, Osceola Raymond Perren, Naylor, Mo. Bobby Perry, Tuckerman Edra Perry, Osceola Joseph Perry, Forrest Clty Juanlta Person, Newport Yota Petero, Black Rock Mark Petty, Earle Jeffery Phllllps, Marmaduke Pamella Phllllps, West Memphls Vlckl Phlpps, Jonesboro Teresa Plerce, Jonesboro Charles Plllow, Plggott Laura Plnk, Mounlaln Home Wllson Plpkln, Keller, Tex. Mark Plppenger, Brookland Robert Plppenger, Bradford Bryan Plaue, Wynne Stephen Pltts, Ola Bonlta Poe, Forrest Clty Wllllam Poe, Sherldan Eddle Pogue, Paragould Maurlce Pomtree, Augusta Bart Ponder, Jonesboro Jett Ponder, Magnet Cove Luther Ponder lll, Malvern Fla 313 Juniors Wade Poorman, Newport Elizabeth Porter, Horseshoe Bend Herbert Porter, Blylheville Robert Porter, Pine Bluff Thomas Porter, Osceola Melissa Potter, Poplar Bluff, Mo. David Powell, Hornersville, Mo. Mary Powell, Blylhevllle Davld Powers, Pocahontas Melody Powers, Pocahontas ViCkle Prater, Parkin Charla Presson, Kennett, Mo. Marsha Ann Prescott, Harrisburg Stacy Price, Texarkana Rhonda Prince, Tuckerman Randall Puckett, Ravenden Elvin Pulley, Turrell Susan Qualls, Jonesboro Walter Qualls, Jonesboro Odessa Quarrels, Palestine Ronald Radcliff, Pocahontas Carol Ragsdale, Trumann Belinda Rainwater, Lynn Robert Ralph, Oldsmar, Fla. Diana Ramey, West Helena Risa Ramsey, Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Gregory Randolph, Piggott Melanle Randolph, Russellville, Ky. Joseph Rapert, Pocahontas Karen Rash, Walnut Ridge Monda Ray, Jonesboro Tim Ray, Jonesboro Kevln Reagan, Jonesboro Gala Reed, Rector Marianna Reeves, Paragould Cecllla Relman, Waldenburg Llnda Relnmund, Memphis, Tenn. Hengameh Rezai, Iran Falth Rhea, Forrest City Neysa Rhoads, Marion Rodney Richard, Lil'lle Rock Jack Richardson, Jonesboro James Richardson, Desha Jan Richardson, Jonesboro Julia Richardson, Marion Paula Richardson, Jonesboro Sarah Richardson, Corning Felecla Richmond, Dyess Wayne Rldgle, Llttle Rook Bonnie Riga, Jonesboro Larry Riggs, West Memphis Carol Rlkard, Hardy Judy Rlley, West Helena Angela Rlng, Blylheville Kim Rlng, Cherokee Vlllaqe Joe Roach, Lepanto Bonnie Robb, Paragould Robin Robb, Paragould Bruce Roberson, Searcy Debbie Robens, Swlfton James Roberts, Trumann Richard Roberts, Jonesboro Tlna Roberts, Jonesboro Coleen Roblnette, Mountain Home Chuckie Robinson, Osceola Deborah Robinson, Egypt James Robinson, Pocahontas Julla Robinson, Jonesboro Llsa Robinson, Rector Martha Robinson, Newport .ri Ei: I K QD tss 'Y xr. .. :Tl 1 if R3 .wg ,. s-, yt 8 Q as ,M is T is l X ' s 'A' tis . Q : E SY' ll Q. , 3? yr , gy 1 as bb... , XR xg 'N . .:. K V st... QW b s. X ,, A Q . 3 ,. B ' B R ix Sf' H at ,, ,Q 'Fl " N 'iii'. . 1-t ..,,,, ,,,. , yy S S sss -. if: is S 3 T ,,,, . g kik .. ii K t N N lg s R grrrr , ,,,,, X is 'fi' S 5, 'osx r X P B rst. Q S it -ts E E ' Qs W i '3 ' V S - , L -- "-9' R 1 K 1, K k k , his Q ,, I grief 4,529 ff' Q t +45 9 E ' . . - ss - Q X ttyy K W . i ,S Q 3 Q ir kk"i -"' ,,, ..., 4' - X' J 1 ssst. s it X f K ' , Q s, Q 1 X 1. 'S Zi. L sg s ,s 5 A q:,, ., QQ, 'f 'il ix 2, 4 g . I ,, . c X : ss' 'S Ae .. a if 0 J 5 X in N EJ IEE? if El if A 1 L 6 . s S S-gpm, NW ini .qllxh 6 R slls f B , L Q-Ei 4 Rn Ml a f ' GWR SA- S Q lk W s Htl 'fs-af H' 4 Q T 5 OIR lj tr X is l sz ii... 'if 'swf 'Qyx Wi Ks Q. is im, L., J ,X V 1 X QQ N s S l is Juniors Melvin Robinson, PGTKIT1 Robble Robinson, Kennett, Mo. Shello Rodgers, Lake Clty Robert Roe, Leachvllle Gale Rogers, Forrest Clty Janet Rogers, Jolner Joanna Rogers, Paragould Rena Rogers, Maynard Rolan Rogers, Jonesboro Tlna Rogers, Paragould Brady Rose, Paragould Steven Rose, Walnut Rldge JIII Ross, Chattanooga, Tenn. Laura Ross, West Memphls Rodney Rouse, Plggott Lezle Rowden, Forrest Clty Bart Rowe, Stanford Mary Rowlett, Trumann Wllllam Rupard, Jonesboro Jacquellne Russell, Mammoth Sprlng Llsa Russell, Paragould Margaret Russell, Paragould Renee Russenberger, Mabelvale Laura Russom, Holcomb, Mo. Beth Ruthertord, Jonesboro Jeff Rutherford, Jonesboro Paula Rutland, West Memphls Glenna Rye, Beebe Reglnald Saffell, Jonesboro Roger Sago, Blggers Karen Saln, Hoxle Dclvld Slngh, lndla Carmen Sanchez, Venezuela Gregory Sanders, Jonesboro Lanan Sanders, Hazen Scott Sanders, Jonesboro Terry Sanders, Paragould Gllbert Sandholzer, Pompano Beach, Fla Tracle Sapp, Plne Bluff Joe Sartlnl, Marlon Carl Sayles, Forrest Clty Palmer Scales, Jonesboro LeAnn Scartf, Jonesboro Martln Scarlett, Wynne Carolyn Schaechtel, Pocahontas Arnl Schevlng, Earle Gary Schlrmacher, Jonesboro Gerald Schreck, Jonesboro Vlncent Schreck, Jonesboro Ted Schuster, Hopklnton, Iowa Dorrls Scott, Jonesboro Robert SCOH, Wlllllord Susan Scott, Salem Dawn Sechrest, West Memphls Judlth Seesengood, Paragould Terry Selby, Leachvllle Jlhad Semaan, Lebanon Mark Settlemolr, Jonesboro Dennls Seyler, Manlla Robert Shackelford, Jonesboro Wohoeb Shafey, Saudl Arabla Larry Shannon, Jonesboro Mlchael Shannon, Harrlsburg Davld Sharpe, Cornlng Melody Shatley, Jonesboro Ann Shaw, Forrest Clty Beverly Shaw, Jonesboro Frank Shaw, Forrest Clty Lonnell Sheard, Llttle Rock Kelth Shearer, Kennett, Mo. 345 Juniors Mehdl Shelkholes, lran Davld Shelton, Kensett Deborah Shelton, Manlla Dewey A. Shelton, Rector Kenneth Shelton, Stuttgart Susan Shempert, Jonesboro Jlm Shemwell, Blylheville Terrle Shepherd, Marked Tree Gregg Sheppard, Dewitt Wllllam Sherldan, Bryant Ronnle Sherrell, Bragg Clty, Mo. Ted Shlelds, Bono Sharon Shlpp, Flsher Karen Shlrley, Bono Doug Shouse, Terre Haute, lnd. Scott Sller, Palestine Glna Slmmons, Blythevllle Glenda Slmmons, Gould Kevln Slmpklns, Jonesboro Kendrlck Slmpson, Newport Ramona Slmpson, Little Rock Rhonda Slmpson, Clarendon Scott Slmpson, Jonesboro Jerome Slms, Llttle Rock John Slrns, Paraaould James SlSk, Oll Trough Davld Skelton, Blylhevllle Scott Skelton, KSDDSH, MO. Jlm Sklnner, Fayellevllle Chuck Slabauqh, Parkln Tlm Slape, Harrlson Andy Slaven, Bono Damon Sllnkard, Trumann Blll Sloan, Jonesboro Teresa Slusher, Cecil Bradley Srnllh, Jonesboro Brlan Smllh, Joiner Carolyn Smlth, Luxora Davld Smlth, Marked Tree Dayna Smlth, Hardy Glen Smlth, Searcy Gregory Smlth, Osceola Jack Smlth, WeSl Memphls James Smlth, PGl'GQOUld JOB Smlth, Jonesboro Kendell Smlth, Paraaould Mark Smlth, JODBSDOFO Mlokey Smlth, Arkadelphla Palrlcla Smllh, Marion Rlta Smlth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Robert Smlth, Tyronza Robln Smlth, Jacksonvllle Roger Smlth, Cherry Valley Sherry Smlth, Bono Susan Smlth, Chestertleld, Mo. Terrl Smlth, Donlphan, Mo. Aprll Smlthson, Donlphan, Mo. John Snodgrass, Warren Stan Snodgrass, Jonesboro BeeHwe SO, Malaysia George Soest, St. Louls, Mo. Llsa Soulhard, Blythevllle Glen Spargo, Cherry Valley Towny Roy Sparks ll, Kennett, Mo. Jenny M. Spence, Bono Judy L. Spence, Paragould Robln L. Spencer, Jonesboro Clndy D. Splnks, Rector Chrlslopher Splvey, Rogers Dorothy Sprlggs, Marvell J ..., if 1, Q :,,1 ,. -Q . ,.... Q ,,,,. .. , sn ff 'F vs S if S so S i gf r S Q. Qs 2 f Q 1 , ,,,., w , S S. uf S X 3' S X -as i S X X 3 r sr exif S 1 SF ss A ..f3'.l Nb! X Q X. , Q 15 we X S , r Q ll K gg? Q lk' .S gli' T E ,ks is ,T if ll Q? 'la e .gf ' 'li x wk ' We . wwf ..., S? I . R .,,, S ,ef , ,:,. - . sg - Q ll NM! Ks, f fx sr.,,. ...s . 'Q T' ,kg , x is S V ,.,.. S lllllz' b "' - , ..- F.. s., . E :.,21 X .,'- 5 iff l as Q - . p l ll K L ll' K X ' :" ,,,,, f -1 K 1 x .suq 1 . I kll, 5 - VL 5 gggs fr-is a t .-. ,,.. . ' l A is N 5, x -F., '1,A,. '.y-X ,X X X I I sw. X .l l e ig! AAAAQ Al P lx fs ' ,f ff I if , 1 A Q its 5 ' v sql -V ' . T ,s .3 i T ' Q A Pl qw 'S' Q ll 1' ,K 22, u ,,'ti 5 1 IT, W K VVmL , S F QM - :N f s 'S s 'l if one . i Q ' .af , 1. Ive-ve. i l' Q Q x. . 1 3 , ,sg Q y .il Y lr, 'K 1 ssss T f '1 r xl. ff ' 1 Q will ' .,... .gs s if ,, ' X. Y l -- i. . Juniors Pennl Sprlnkle, Bono Paula Stattord, Marked Tree Joseph Stark, Jonesboro Klm Stalllngs, Jonesboro LeZll Starnes, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Kevln Statler, McC-Sehee Robln Stayton, Pocahontas Penny Stegall, Newport Mark Stephens, Bay James Stephenson, West Memphls Jackle Stevens, Judsonla Marvln Stevens, Columbus, Ohlo Rlchard Stevens, Jonesboro Chrls Stevenson, Jonesboro Gary Stewart, Jonesboro Glorla Stewart, Forest Clty Roy Stewart Jr., Plne Bluff Timothy Stewart, Batesvllle Weldon Stewart, Steele, Mo. James Stldman, Paragould Tommy Sflff, Greof Falls, Mont. Randy Sflll, Jonesboro Mlohoel Stlmson, Newport Leigh Stogsdlll, Jonesboro Susan Stoker, Senath, Mo. Angela Stokes, Chlcago, lll. Ernest Sfokes, Blyfhevllle Satronla Stokes, Mountaln Home Ralph E. Stombaugh, Mammoth Sprlng Carey Stone, Jonesboro Rhonda Stone, Pocahontas Mark St. Plerre, Jonesboro Norma Stracener, Kelser Steven Stroh, Stuttgart Curt L. Stubblefleld, Peorla, Ill. Robert Stubbletleld, Luxora Jackle Studdard, Jonesboro Susan Sugg, Jonesboro Sherry Sult, Mena Leslle Sulllns, Blythevllle Sandra Sulllns, Jacksonvllle Eddle Sutton, Blythevllle JCl'lel SUl'fOI'1, Mounfoln Vlew Mlke Sutton, Kennett, Mo. Wllllam Swolls, Jooksonvllle, Flo. Joanne Talburt, DOI1lDl'tCT1, MO. Al HODQ TOD, Moloyslo CCSSCDGTO TCTUITT, Benton Blll Taylor, Boy Bryan Taylor, Judsonla Dorls Taylor, Luxora Frank Taylor, Marmaduke James Taylor, Newport Johnethan Taylor, Lake Clty Katrlna C. Taylor, Rector Kelvln Taylor, Llttle Rock Steven Taylor, Lorado Troy Taylor, St. Louls, Mo. Jennlfer Telel, Allcla Sherrlo Telfloff, Paducah, Ky. Mlchael Templeton, Festus, Mo. Patrlcla Tennllle, Jonesboro Gerry Thlelemler, Pocahontas Steve Thlelemler, Memphls, Tenn. Sam Thlgpen, Trumann A. F. Thomas, Nlgerla Cuarlstlne Thomas, West Helena Douglas Wayne Thomas, Jonesboro Betty L. Thompson, Paragould Dovld R. Thompson, DSWIH Juniors Michael Thompson, Bruce, Miss. Pansy Thompson, Newport Peter Thompson, Pine Bluff Sonya A. Thompson, Texarkana Margaret Thornberry, Traskwood Walter Lee Thornton, Piggott Sharon Thrash, Ashdown Harry Thurman, Jonesboro Jerry Thurman, Paragould Jeff Tldwell, Lonoke Lorraine M. Tierney, Jonesboro William Timbs, Marked Tree Kelly Tlppen, Kennett, Mo. Joe M. Towles, Manila Mary J. Tracer, Jonesboro Leslle Trail, Forrest City Frank Travls, Jonesboro Bruce Trice, Stuttgart Joseph Trimble, Hardy Jan Troutt, Jonesboro Bruce Trultt Jr., Seaford, Del. Chuck Tucker, Des Arc Darrlck Tucker, Memphis, Tenn. Steve Tucker, Fairbanks, Alaska Tlm G. Tucker, Wynne Twyla R. Tucker, Essex, Mo. Parn D. Turbyeville, Walnut Ridge Gayla Turner, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Karen Turner, West Memphis Mark Turner, Deerfield, lll. Michael Turner Ill, Deerfield, lll. Patrlcla A. Turner, Forrest City Ruth A. Turner, Haynes Karen Tweddell, Blytheville Anleflok Udo, Nigeria Udumah U. Udumah, Nigeria Fellx UQWU, NlQeI'lG Charles Uhlia, St. Louis, Mo. KeVlI'1 UDQSFODK, Pocahontas Ahtl'10l'1Y UYSSTY, Poplar Bluff, MO. Tammy Ufley, Beebe De6dl'C Valentine, TfUfT'tGnh Charles Vanaman, Paragould Brenda VanHoozer, Walnut Ridge Garl Vansandt, Dewltt Dawn Van Valkenburg, Paragould Carlos Vargas, Venezuela Bradley W. Vaughn, Brookland Melissa Vaughn, Piggott Clndy Verkler, Black Rock Ron Vest, Cave Clty Klm D. Vestal, Bay Todd W. Vinson, Jonesboro DeAnne Vlvrette, Jonesboro Eric Voigt, Wynne Robin Waddell, Carlisle Scott Waddell, J0heSbOI'0 Debble A. Wdde, JOheSb0I'O Dehlla Wagner, Leesvllle, La. Deborah A. Walte, Jonesboro Debra D. Walts, Earle Mlohael Wakefield, Gibson, Mo. Llnda WClk6I', K6hh6tt, MO. DSGD WCllGCe, AUQUSl'G KGFSD Wallace, MCCIOTY RObSl'l' Wallls, BODO Dorothy Walls, Balesvllle JSGDBHS Waltrlp, t'tOtCOl'T1b, MO. JGh6t WCmbt6, West Nl6mpt'tlS JGl'16t WORD, J0l'l6SbOI'O as I ., ,Ig as is . r:s J T. s... 1 I K K .. . J. -l.'1fl-- ...S ts, f ss . . 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Kiss 'Q ll N4 4 , 'ef il . ga N ,ff 'L Q Na J . 'hifi 'Q f -4' 1' 0' I' I l- -.. ls Q' Q , 1 I EEE.:,:, ' fx A 1 G J -wi R - S 'S at : x 3 N' I- C' ' .ff Q! a . Jw 4 L-, . ,, xg S., L, it YQE Juniors Tammle J. Wann, Paragould Charles T. Ward, Sturkle Cheryl Watklns, Jonesboro Llsa Watklns, Marvell Bert Watson, Earle Bruce Watson, Paragould Curtls Watson, Trumann Stetfl Watts, Plne Bluff Ann Weatherford, Dlaz Sandra Weaver, Delaplalne Deanna Webb, Leachvllle Realnald Webb, Gatewood, MO. Blll Weeks, Harrlsburg Anthony Welr ll, Walnut Rldqe Llsa R. Welsenbach, Maynard Allson Weld, Flsher Phyllls West, Blythevllle Vangele O.'West, Slkeston, Mo. Deea Western, Bald Knob Tony Wheatley, Steele, Mo. Cynthla Whlte, Harrlsburg Dana Whlte, Jonesboro Delols Whlte, West Memphls Marllyn Whlte, Parkln Nancy Whlte, Jonesboro Susan Whlte, Russellvllle Teresa Whlte, Paragould TOdd Whlte, Falrfax, Va. Odell Whlteslde Jr., Luxora Stanley Whltlow, Strawberry Steve Wlcker, Jonesboro Brlan Wledeman, Corning Robln Wledeman, Cornlng Johnnle Wllborn, Hughes Theodls Wllborn, Hughes JCDlC6 Wllcox, Paragould ROb9l't Wll6S, Jonesboro Toncela WllklhS0h, Jonesboro BOl'bCll'C WllllCl'T1S, Tl'tCY6I', MO. Barry Wllllams, Jonesboro Bobby Wllllams, JODSSDOTO Chrlstlne D. Wllllams, Cotter DCl'lC6 Wllllams, Jonesboro Eddle J. Wllllams, West Memphls JClf'IlC6 Wlllldms, McCrory Jlm Wllllams, Evenlng Shade Marty Wllllams, Cherry Valley Mary D. Wllllams, West Memphls Robert L. Wllllams, JOFISSDOFO Robert Lee Wllllams, Memphls, Tenn. Robln Wllllams, Marmaduke Steven Wllllams, Jonesboro Ted Wllllams, Paragould Trent Wllllams, ParaQOuld Wendy Wllllams, Llttletleld, Tex. Wlnnle M. Wllllams, Cornlng Amber S. Wlllle, Paragould Charles M, Wllson Jr., Stuttgart Chrls Wllson, Forrest Clty Debble L. Wllson, West Memphls Frances I. Wllson, Wllllford Jerry G. Wllson, Paragould Jodl E. Wllson, Neelyvllle, Mo. Mlchael L. Wllson, Blythevllle Russell T. Wllson, Jonesboro Sandra Wllson, Llttle Rock Lynette E. Wlnemlller, Tuckerman Sonya J. Wlnnlngham, Jonesboro Sherrl V. Wlnters, Harrlsburg Wlnthrop W. Wofford, Brlnkley 9 Juniors Cheryl L. Wood, Agnos EIIZGbSlh A. WO0d, Jonesboro Jana Wood, Searcy Lee P. Woodrutt, Jonesboro LORhOl'tdO J. Woods, MGnilO Klm A. WO0Sley, Cabot Roxane Workman, Gideon, Mo. Donna J. Worlow, Jonesboro Sandra Worlow, Jonesboro Mlchael D. Worsham, Keiser Ddllen Wrlght, Belleville, lll. Gary B. Wright, Plggoll Rlchard Wrlght, Paragould Rlchara Wyatt, Paragould Jodl A. Wyse, Jonesboro Johnny S. Wyse, Jonesboro Stacy Wyse, Jonesboro Cralg Yancey, Atlanta, Ga. Cathryn Gall Yates, Paragould Stephanie K. Yocum, Wappapello, Mo. MODYC K. York, D0hlphGl'1, Mo. Audrey P. Young, Marked Tree Derek J. Young Paragould . Kelth D. Young, Memphis Tenn is :ggi Mlchael P. Young, Santa Ana Callt Terry L. Zlegenhorn Jonesboro Steven Zoldak Jonesboro KN l I sax if-as his 2 is S :Ah 5 - - f gf, I . AES I Qi 4 A f f r E! X ., 4 R W SS X . . ,gin I ...Q . .A X.- asfsb , ? i XX , 'gi' R if s- R.. -w 1 X V as ., ..:,.., Y .::,. Y '-2EQFEE:: 'X id S. 5 'X ab. N . 1 x rl ts X 1 ,:1. i - ,lf ii ' X ' . we .. .S ,ff . 12 f f sl ati ! , if 'ia 'E 4 gp.. W , My gr .fy 1 x 'f fi W ,W Y x M J 1 - L, 5 w SN' fi, . is .b 5 YL' if Q ' s it S M . A ,. I 3 'bv U s M' M .- A .w.- -f .-1 Ki. 1.1-is gag : 'Q ' 1 i -Q, Q.. I 1 ,.,, rr- Sophomores Bobby J. Abbott, Hot Sprlngs Zufldah Abdul-Majld, Malaysla Zaharlah Abdul-Rahman, Malaysla Day Abernathy, Jonesboro Zulkefll AbuHassan, Malaysla John C. Acutf, Memphls, Tenn. Terrl D. Adalr, Oll Trough POm6IG Adam, North Llttle Rock Gregory Adams, Marked Tree Jewell Adams, Jonesboro Joe Adams, Paragould Robert Adams, Jonesboro Stephen Adams, Walcott Valerle Adams, Paragould Kathy Agee, Paragould Jerry Agsunod, Blythevllle Hamldah Ahmad, Malaysla Zamanl Ahmad, Malaysla Tammle Albrlght, Jacksonvllle lbrahlm AL-Dubalkhl, Saudl Arabla Zald AL-Eedan, Saudl Arabla Mohamad Seth Allas, Malaysla Andy Allen, Pocahontas John Allen, Trumann Llsa Allen, Jonesboro Rhouls Erlc Allen, Jonesboro Wllllam Allen, Llttle Rock Rlchle Allensworth, West Memphls Omar AL-Twaljrl, Saudl Arabla Bryan Anderson, Jonesboro Karen Anderson, Cave Clty Dlane Andrews, Tllton Nordln Atan, Malaysla Sherry Atklnson, Peach Orchard BIII Austln, Walnut Rldge Rohalza Awang, Malaysla Rlchard Ayson, Conway Albert Bachman, Wynne Deaundra Bacot, Jonesboro Carl Balley Jr., Beech Grove Valerle Baker, Osceola Llsa Balch, DeQueen Susan Ball, Trumann Allen Baltz, Pocahontas Joseph Banks, Bay Sharon Banks, Blythevllle Carter Barber, Lake Clty Suzanne Barker, Jonesboro Fredrlck Barnes, Memphls, Tenn. Llsa Ann Barnes, Lepanto Terrl Barnes, DeWltt Shawn Barnett, Jonesboro Johnnle Barnhlll, Walnut Rldge Randall Barnhlll, Walnut Rldge Cllfton Barr, West Memphls Gregg Bass, Paragould Angela Baurels, Heber Sprlngs John Bax, Oxford Mark Beegle, Pocahontas Slaml Belemnouar, Algerla Llnda Benetleld, Jonesboro Robert Bentley, West Memphls Russell Beshears, Beedevllle Jan Blggs, Paragould Jeffrey Blggs, Maynard Emlly Blngham, Marked Tree Dana Blshop, Paragould Tammy Blshop, Paragould Cheryl Black, Jonesboro Jlmmy Blackburn, Kennett, Mo. Sophomores Llsa Blankenship, Marmaduke Sharon Blacktord, Marion John Blaxton, Jonesboro Laurl Bledsoe, Wynne Junetta Bleibel, Paragould Doug Block, Caruthersvllle, Mo. John Block, Hot Springs Gregory Blount, Pocahontas Chlo Bobrowskl, Walnut Ridge Paulette Boeckmann, Wynne Donald Bogard, Blytheville Jo-Gina Bokony, Alexander Dena Bolar, Paragould Alllsa Bollng, Paragould Renee Bollinger, Jonesboro Cynthla Bond, Steele, Mo. Zula Bone, Jonesboro Tony Bonham, Harrlsburg Beverly Booth, Jonesboro Carla Boozer, Light Krlsten Borgeson, Henderson Debble Bowden, Paragould Schantell Bowden, Osceola Steven Bowen, Jonesboro Mark Bowers, Cash Kenny Bowren, Floral Dana Box, Trumann Teresa Boyd, Plggott Danlce Boyle, Llttle Rock Mellssa Bracy, Hlckory Rldge Barry Braden, Senath, Mo. Raymond Bradley, Newport Kevln Brady, Brookland Jacquellne Branch, Paragould Mellssa Branch, Paragould Gregory Brannon, Newport Tracy Braswell, Jonesboro Bobby Bratcher, Strawberry Jacque Breazeal, Jonesboro Stan Brehm, Lakeview Debble Brew, Mountain Home Klm Brldger, Jonesboro Hallie Bridges, Harrlsburg Jeffrey Bridges, Kennett, Mo. Mlchael Bridges, Paragould Carl Brlggs, West Memphis Donna Britt, Mountain Home Mlke Broadway, Kennett, Mo. Scott Brooks, Osceola Sherri Brooks, Kennett, Mo. Geotfery Brown, Jonesboro James Brown, Oxford Karln Brown, Zlon Kenneth Brown, Brookland Kevln Brown, Rector Llsa Brown, Augusta Mary Brown, Marvell Stacie Brown, Jonesboro Tony Brown, West Helena Jlm Brownflel, Corning Teresa Brubeck, Slkeston, Mo. Vicky Brumley, walnut Ridge Duane Bryant, Paragould Jack Buchanan, Corning Jerry Buchanan, Gideon, Mo. James Buttlngton, West Memphis Kenny Burden, Cash Deblla Burns, Jonesboro ErIC Burns, Llttle Rock Renlta Burgess, Earle W 'S- if ,K uv X N . st xW xi s 5, "b s:,xi'm- -s , it ,, .Qu . x fx R f Af egg X . ,Xl ax. p ,JJ- Ni, SK N , : H 'N .. ' s r 1 A , X, " ,Q Q. , sis -5 sy ' Y 4 'Y N' .. s X X Q-4.1 Q if 'V fi 2 i" V --s--, L FJ I7 N T ' , . xi is-vwsf, l ff! B X , i ,.,, ,.., . BM 'itii Q 'f ',.. .. , . FE: as i , BV 1-'ff Q s s TN -vs' vs: st-as J - K s : 'N , N s: fe T -f 9 rf B I : Q - Xs.. l , if sy,- lil' I W xg was 1' -'W .- Q f g r B R ' al S , It ,ae- N ,sr 1 if Bl I Ni ? In Y ip so . 1.2 ' -1333 AH.. 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Theodore Butts, Jonesboro Allyn Byars, Jonesboro Dana Bynum, Searcy Alan Byrd, Palestlne Clndy Caldwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James Caldwell, Jonesboro Kelly Caldwell, Rector Marlon Caldwell, Dumas Kemuel Camp, Jonesboro Bonnle Campbell, Jonesboro Steve Campbell, Marlon Terri Campbell, West Helena Brent Canada, Blythevllle Mark Cannon, Kennett, Mo. Carolina Cantu, West Memphls Kelly Caples, Jonesboro Lorl Caples, Bono Debbie Carey, Paragould James Carey, Black Rock Byron Carle, Monette Clay Carlook, Blylhevllle Mark Carlson, Ash Flat Tracl Carlson, Rogers Chrlstl Carlyle, Newport Davld Carmack, Jonesboro Mlchael Carr, Peel Davld Carter, Cherry Valley Iva Carter, Trumann Karen Carter, Jonesboro Mellssa Carter, Trumann Millard Carter, Steele, Mo. Peggy Carter, Cherry Valley Sue Carter, Marvell Chet Cary, Batesville Ruby Cassidy, Pocahontas Pamela Cavltt, Reyna Mark Cecll, Steele, Mo. Nancy Chamberlin, North Little R Debble Chappell, Jonesboro lrls Chostaln, Holly Grove Kelth Chunn, Paragould Jennlter Chllders, Jolner Jon Clssell, Lllhonla, Ga. Mark Clayton, Campbell, Mo. Rocky Clements, Jonesboro Bllly Cllfft, Jonesboro Carla Clltton, Cooter, Mo. Cathy Clltton, Earle Mlchael Cllne, Althelmer Mlke Cllnglngsmlth, Jonesboro Clltt Cobb, Forrest Clty Kelley Cobb, Rector MCKlnley Cobbs, Brlnkley Thad Cookrlll, West Memphis ock Shearry Coltmon, Poplar Blutt, Mo. Scott Colbert, Monette Kathleen Cole, Jonesboro Mlchael Coleman, Paragould Charles Coles, Jonesboro Lea Collar, Walnut Rldge Rebecca Colller, Blrdeye Brad Colllns, Mammoth Sprlng Karrl Colllns, Forrest Clty John Commer, Plne Blutt Rlckey Conrad, Cardwell, Mo. Danny Cooper, Paragould Sophomores James Cooper, Paragould Jamle Cooper, Rogers Jerl Cooper, Jonesboro D'Wayne Cooper, Senath, Mo. Anthony Copeland, Pocahontas Cynthla Copeland, Helena Debble Copeland, Jonesboro Nancy Cornwell, Brookland Kevln Cothern, Searcy Sherry Couch, Jonesboro Tommy Courtney, Wynne Graham Coveney, Canada Andrea Cox, Mountaln Home Klmberly Crabtree, Wynne Debora CYGIQ, Lake Clty Klmberly Cralg, Jonesboro Donna Craln, Jonesboro James Cravens, Boy Gayla Crawford, Rector Kathy Crawford, Kennett, Mo. Laura Cremeens, Jonesboro Steve Cremeens, Jonesboro Klmberly Crews, Steele, Mo. Tlmmy Cross, Paragould Adrlan Crouch, Hlckory Rldge Steven Crowson, Plggott Ramon Crumpler, Jonesboro Rhonda Cude, Hoxle Laura Culp, Fort Lee, Va. Glen Cunningham, Traskwood Lee Cunnlngham, Paragould Jlll Cupp, Llqhl Connle Curry, Lepanto Paul Curtls, Corning Tlm Dalley, Lonoke Sandl Darnell, Jonesboro Charles Darr, Cornlng Anl Daud, Malaysla Bruce Davenport, Beebe Karen Davls, Bald Knob Kevln Davls, Jonesboro Krlstl Davls, Bono Lella Davls, Wynne Leslle Davls, Llttle Rock Mark Davls, Osceola Mlchael Davls, Magnolla Pamela Davls, Lake Clty Rhonda Davls, Bono Dale Dawson, Jonesboro Vlrglnla Dean, Troy, Tenn. Charles DeClerk, Pocahontas Greg DeFord, Jonesboro Thomas DeGood, Cash Mlchael DeHaan, Pocahontas Cralg DeLIIle, Horn Lake, MISS. James DeLllle, Horn Lake, Mlss. Angela DeMent, Jonesboro Tempa Dempsey, Senath, Mo. Charlotte Denny, Lancaster, Ky. Deborah Dent, Yellvllle Mlchael Denton, Harrlsburg Rlcky Dlcus, Newport LIbbY Dltanl, Jonesboro Mlchael Dlllard, Trumann Sarah Dlllard, Oxtord Shelll DIIIS, Rector Mary Dltto, Hoxle JUSflI'1 DIXOD, JODSSDOTOQ R050 Dlxon. Blrdsong JODSHG Dobbs, MCCTOIY 1 'Q l -l . 5 .qgvfl J m Zlq ,Q ,L l .7 Q J ' 'Q ' li A H J wr J f , ,J f-xl- rN - J vt ,.,., 1 f Sl .swllizsw mx. Ll N ,r L .l ks ., 5 . , W Txs it sit! " l gl , . 1 AA gk A sf 1 if J 2 y M ,, ',, W x ' Il i'!"t -ff A , s l " W ,f ,l fi t .Q 5 5 1 ,JL S L s . if its-s sit gas ,, fi we A vu ,Es N . 4 L f- . -'-N , is Ns, -'ry ,sr .- Q .- ..- .- T. ."'x', if Mi SW 'rf X .lf YW ,s fs, 'R 1 -s lt ltt l f ,,m,! if Y. is X s. h ll A F J A sgdt , A -..h ,i g s- s g , , - .ss E 'x ..' ' ' . ' ' L J A ' X l' Q b ,,,. - ,N SE ' a 1 Q f -'F' A V, 1 K nqk ,tg f 7 fs 4 V., .E " J J 1' Le, ' , Is' .. l J J- 1 its 32 .. Q dl if so L .El st J. :-ZA ' ' V , ' Q xy U 4' - f' i J x:..,:-f z i -fs 1 id x 7 Q Q - ga J, , Y A S4 in E v Q, 'Eff' am F 4 I L A ' X 'ff L J ii Mft. s"PT."? L' .L Sophomores Allcla Donner, Manlla Arlene Dormlo, Jonesboro Petrl Dorsey, West Memphls Damon Dortch, Batesvllle Llsa Dortch, Rector Ada Douglas, El Dorado Terry Doyle, Lynn Tlm Doyle, Clover Bend Tammy Dratten, Paragould John Drake, Hot Sprlngs Wanda Drlver, Harrlsburg Cheryl Druss, Blythevllle Renee Dryden, Stuttgart Lee Anne Dublln, Blythevllle Tammy Duckworth, Forrest Clty Karen Duke, Jonesboro John Dulaney, Hoxle Carmen Dunbar, Llttle Rock Gregory Duncan, Forrest Clty Melody Duncan, West Plalns, Mo Tammy Duncan, Osceola Darrell Dunlap, Poplar Blutt, Mo. Randy Dunnam, Jonesboro Tlna Dunnlck, Llttle Rock Matthew Dust, Pocahontas Jlll Dycus, Jonesboro Vlckle Eads, Pocahontas Janet East, Tyronza Klmberly Easter, Marked Tree Llsa Eaton, Glencoe Deborah Ebbert, Jonesboro Wanda Echols, Memphls, Tenn. Jlmmy Edlngton, Blggers Jonathon Edlngton, Blggers Klmberly Edlngton, Blggers Merllyn Edmond, Lexa Janet Edwards, Harrlsburg Venantlus Egbulem, Nlgerla Kelvln Eggleston, Paragould June Elllngson, Harrlsburg Scott Elllngton, Brookland Angela Ellls, Clarendon Kayla Ellls, Walnut Rldge Anthony Elmore, Brookland Brenda Emery, Tuckerman Mlchelle Emery, Caraway LauraHolly Endes, Jonesboro Shawna Erney, Sprlngtleld, Mo. John Esters, Jonesboro Davld Estes, Poughkeepsie Jenny Estes, Paragould Anthony Evans, Pocahontas Karen Evans, Green Forest Susan Evans, Hernando, Mlss, Beth Falr, Slkeston, Mo. James Falr, Kelser Dalton Farmer, Jonesboro Pamela Farmer, Trumann Brad Faught, Jonesboro Makka Faulkenberry, Bay Tlna Faulkner, Paragould Janet Fazelanvarlyazdl, Wllson Melanle Featherston, Plggott Connle Felld, Jonesboro Laura Fells, Walnut Rldge Karen Ferguson, Walnut Rldge Ellzabeth Ferrell, DeWItt Melanle Flala, Jonesboro Carolyn Flelder, Bono Lawrence Flelder, Jonesboro Sophomores James Files, Hunter Jayne Finch, Paragould Mcrll Finley, Monette Kellie Fisher, North Little Rock Selma Fisher, Jonesboro Laura Filzwdler, Erie, Ill. Velma Flanigan, Jonesboro Mike Fletcher, Jonesboro Wayne Floyd, Rector AllSC Flynn, West Memphis Jennifer Foot, Jonesboro Brian Ford, Osceola Ellzclbelh FOrd, POrCJQOuld Jill Ford, Harrisburg Lindo Ford, Weiner Joseph Forrester, West Memphis DeAnn Fowler, Wheatley James Fowler, Brinkley Terry Fowler, Turrell James Franks, Lepanto Cazzy Francis, Orange, Tex. Richard Frazier, Benton Bridget Freeman, Marmaduke David Frlsk, Jonesboro Evelyn Fritts, SCOllSdClle, Ariz. Carol Frlzzell, West Helena Sandy Fruland, Rogers Susan Fuches, Dewitt Micheale Denise Fulch, Wynne Tamara Gamble, Jonesboro Klmyla Gammill, Newport Natalie Gardner, Harrison Debra Ann Gary, Chicago, Ill. Jana Gatlln, Paragould Kerry Gatlln, Brookland Ronnie George, Wynne Wanda George, Lake City Trlcla Geracl, Jonesboro Tlna Gibbs, Jonesboro Lisa Gibson, Marianna Melinda Gibson, Jonesboro Paula Gibson, Jonesboro Stephanie Gibson, Bay Trena Gilbert, Lake City Donna Giles, Paragould Stephen Glllesple, Osceola Kelly Glllham, Walnut Ridge Brandon Glst, Paragould Sue Gleghorn, Oxford Randy Glenn, Lynn Judith Glomez, Gutatemala Natalie Goodrich, Jonesboro Jamllle Gore, Jonesboro James Gossett, Success Calvin Graham, West Memphis Randy Graham, Kelser Douglas Graham, Reyno Ross Granberry, Marianna Everett Grant, Paragould Susan Graves, DeWitt Cecilia Green, Steele, Mo. Qulntln Green, Newport Barbara Greene, Bald Knob Janet Greenway, Rector Kelly Gregson, Jonesboro Joy Greltens, Marked Tree Susan Gretzmler, Osceola Cindy Grlftln, Jonesboro Jonelle Grlgsby, Jonesboro Connie Grisham, Monette ks J ix Q Q ,f' ,ff r t F so T lesr ill . f ii., , as ,,. so ', 7 g..'f"i ,f 5 ' lf x . w L ss, O ,Q ,,,, , .,,,...,, e , L ,NNNQ Q , N, X ,T - xr-"'Nn-sw.. L ii . ,Q .1 'L s ' f. ii ,,,.. Q i F i 3, ! ',,. f E Al . . 1 ,,,.. t , .',,. L. X K H H: Q F S L T Q Q l v ' .. t I-if it ,K if .5 I , 1 nr- Y , X .,,, R X L' , we if .- I ilk, , : i -- ,, 9 :S X 1' A r' .ssh l 4 A 'ikk xi iiiii i n is i'- i we ' sS l F ... w x' ,sag Ng, 1 , 1 6 F 4 5 sin, KAFAL Sf sssess bb .i , V 6 , . L if ,,,, i ltt S f ssel . S , . fail" iii vlli F f 'i L K ad' , J I ,ts X fs,,..,3 3 Q T is rf'-Qi Y Q f S 2 : . it '5 :,, I W va t ts , B A R S Y , lif s filil W-21: 3 N Q Z IAKE .Lk V, Q .X .P . , 1 fix? C Q 1 S , S " 2 5. 2 'S 1 x K ligsfs -'S Q ZZ S T , 7 ' , Xl- - V 9' , A, . 2 Q s X l l . l l . is f ' , f K -is 9' " ,QMS 1 , i "5 rr tx A ,f x W S- 1 L hk S L, ' T. 'sf 'xo 1 , so 'iff "T 1 l X N B' , ,. 4 ff - .L is E is g 'Q ,Q l N, H ,' if . - A ' ' ' Y S f a B K S ,S . ,A sf I 4- ,f , ,,ff g ,. , ' . T ir' S 'X 4 9-fl Cul J , 'X '22 A S 'pcm ' ' 1 3 Qc T 'Wil 1 x X 1 3 ' 1 1 R N...4 sem.. K F- Sophomore-s Leo Gronqulst, Marked Tree James Grooms, Pocahontas Judy Grooms, Paragould Bobby Guess, Jonesboro Donald Gulnn, Arbyrd, Mo. Tlm Gunn, Rector Betty Gunter, Plggott Cllfford Guy, Osceola Kelth Guy, LIHIS Rock Ivory Gwln, Turrell Donna Haas, Horseshoe Bend John Hafner, Jonesboro Karen Hale, Judsonla Reglna Haley, Trumann Maryann Halferty, Poplar Bluff, Mo Anne Hall, Jonesboro Janet Hall, West Memphls John Hall, Earle Klm Hall, St. Louls, Mo. Marsha Hall, Couch, Mo. Paula HOII, Tyronza Jerry Hamllton, Hughes Marla Hammond, Paragould Noor Hamzah, Malaysla Kelth Hancock, Jacksonvllle Tarlq Harbl, Iraq Frances Hare, Wynne Charles Hargrave, Rector Sarah Harkey, Batesvllle Haryanl Haron, Malaysla Ronnle Harper, West Plalns, Mo. Shella Harper, Memphls, Tenn. Steve Harrlngton, Paragould Debra Harrls, Jonesboro Llsa Harrls, Marked Tree Ronnie Harrls, Scott Sue Harrlson, Blythevllle Brian Hclrt, Walnut Ridge Ruthann Harter, Jonesboro Rosnl Harun, Malaysla Mlchael Harvey, Parogould Nubll HOShlm, MGICIYSICI Mellssa Hatfleld, Donlphan, Mo. Lana Hathcoat, Jonesboro J. B. HGTFIGQS, MUSCOkIe, OKIG. Davld Hausmonn, Pocahontas TGTTICITG Hdvllk, Stuttgart Janet Hawklns, Madlson Barry Hay, Blyfhevllle Harrlett Hayes, Jonesboro Samuel Hays, Paragould Tammy Healy, Mammoth Sprlng Bradley Heckmann, Harrlsburg Jennlfer Heeb, Harrisburg ADQGIC HBISS, Blyfhevllle Charles Hembrey, Black Rock Donna Hembrey, Cardwell, Mo. Brent Hendrlx, Searcy Scott Hendrlx, Jonesboro Teresa Hendrlx, Jonesboro Terry Hendrlx, Marked Tree Carla Hensley, West Memphls Ray Herrlng, Bono Rlchard Hess, Wynne Gena Hester, Plggott Susan Hlckman, St. Joe Klrk Hlcks, Walnut Rldge Patrea Hlcks, Jonesboro Wllbur Hlebert, Wlnona, Mo. Llnda Hlgglnbotham, Augusta Sophomores Randall Hlgglns, Mountaln Vlew Connle Hlghtlll, Paragould Jan Hlghtlll, Paragould Tlmothy Hlghtower, Sidney Chuck Hlldreth, Hot Springs Danny Hlll, Jonesboro Delores Hlll, Blggers Gregory Hlll, Bdiesvllle Jullus Hlll, West Rldqe Taryn Hlll, Hardy SHOFIDOD HllllGfd, Gosnell Dewayne Hobbs, Colt FYCIWCSS Hobson, Jonesboro Mellndo Hodge, Walnut Rldqe Angela Hodges, Marlon Mlchcel Hodges, Paragould Dal Hogan, Bay Danny Hogan, Pocahontas Dewayne Hogard, Blggers Kayla Haggard, Caraway Davld Hohn, Newport Katherlne Holdren, Mountaln Home Gary Holland, Bono Dane HOIIIS, Hlokory RldQe Beth Holmes, Bay Stephen Holmes, Paragould Klmberly Holt, Marlanna Mlcheol Holt, Leochvllle Casey Horner, Paragould Llsa Horton, Dewltt Mlchcel Horton, St. Charles Daryl Houchln, Marlon Bob House, Heber Sprlngs Phllllp Hout, Newport Clndy Hovls, Marmaduke Gayla Hovls, Cornlng Kara Howard, Bono Lols Howell, Brlnkley Ben Hudson, Chllllcolhe, III. Audrey Hughey, Jonesboro Borry Hulett, Swlfton Rlck Hull, Booneville Susan Hundley, Bay Barbara Hunt, Brlnkley Marllyn Hurston, Jonesboro Debble Hutchlns, Newport Mel Hutchlns, Llttle Rock Brent Hutchlson, Jonesboro Cheryl Hyde, Blythevllle Julle Hyde, Kennett, Mo. Scott Hyde, Blylhevllle Trena Hyde, Jonesboro Emekd lbeachum, Nlgerla Mastura lbrahlm, Malaysla Mohd Y. Ibrohlm, MGICYSIG Marlette lnboden, Bono Ronald Ingram, Walnut Rldge Brenda lrvlng, Pocahontas Ruhana Isa, Malaysla Farlzoh lsmall, Mdlaysla Arthur Jackson, Hardy Carolyn Jackson, Paragould Holly Jackson, Dewltt Jooquellne James, Llttle Rock Janet Jackson, Paragould John Jackson, Kennett, Mo. Kevln Jackson, Harrlsburg Pam Jackson, Paragould Warren Jackson, Dewltt Paula Jansen, Jonesboro O . A 3. -1 . F' ,V V ' L v , 'l"' 4' ,gs G5 SQ.. e ,,. 1' X 'V 4 k .X ,K x 3. 1 W pl .,,, ll S1 - N ...kkk K E Q' . K K L - I ij . Y 2 .3 X X " A A Q s . 45- f N Q, KK xi, Q H' Q K V ss, xl S sf f l 5. N ,. as f I ' ' . El. 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Brlon Kelly, Jonesboro Donna Kelly, Llffle Rock Stacy Kelly, Wesf Memphls Kenneth Kelso, Jonesboro Gary Kelfer, Monefte Nancy Kennedy, Helena Robln Kennon, Hlckory Rldge Cherll Kerby, Helena Mohero Khallq, Jonesboro Mansoor Khon, Poklsfon Lelso Kleffner, Porogould Deborah Klesfler, Bono Rodonno Klllough, Porogould Jomes Klmbrough, Jonesboro Glenda Klng, Pocahontas Pamela Klng, Jonesboro Sherrl Klng, Mounfoln Home Thereso Klrkpolrlck, Poplar Bluff, Mo Steve Klrksey, Jonesboro Donald Klrkwood, Forrest Clfy John Kleln, Norfhloke, Ill. John Kllne, Gllmore Ralph Kllne, Sf. Petersburg, Flo. Kothy Knlght, Bono Patrlcla Knlght, Walnut Rldge Roger Knlght, Paragould Sharon Knlght, Walnut Rldge Llso Kocher, Harrlsburg Wllllom Koettel, Newporf Rose Konold, Jonesboro Laura Koonce, Blythevllle Jeffery Krels, Augusto Edward Krleger, Lltfle Rock Thomas Kroepfl, Osceolo Shormalne LoForlette, Leochvllle Scott Loffoon, Porogould John Loiubutu, Nlgerlo Bcrbora Lakes, Jonesboro Danlel Lakey, Jonesboro Sophornores Lowell Lambert Jr., Pocahontas Terrl Lamberth, Jonesboro Ellen Lampklns, Paragould Angle Lane, Bono Bonnetta Lane, Gould Jerry Lane, Newpon Laclnda Lane, Senath, Mo. Terrl Lane, Bono Denlse Langley, Walnut Ridge Jett Langley, West Plalns, Mo. Kevln Larry, West Helena Emlly Lard, Jonesboro Donald Larson, Jonesboro Annette Larue, Tuckerman Nancy LaRue, Wllson James L. Lawrence, Swltton James S. Lawrence, Rector Robert Lawrence Jr., Manila Ellzabeth Lawson, Paragould Cllnt Ledbeffer, Fort Smith Chuan Lee, Malaysla Lara Lee, Mountaln l"l0I'T1e THOITIGS L6lSSf'1fll'IQ, Salem Hel'1fY L6WlS, Earle Tlna l.eWlS, Cave City Cralq Liddell, Paragould Ron Llddell, Paragould Barry Llllard, Charlotte Kerrle Llnton, Yellvllle Sharon Llska, West Memphls Jeff Llltlejohn, WeSf Memphis Tyrneese Llttrell, Llffle Rook Mlchael Loggins, Harrlsburg John Long, Newport Jlm Long, Pocahontas Randal Looney, Oll Trough Davld Lovelace, Jonesboro Lee Loyd, Marked Tree Heather Lowe, Blythevllle Bryan Luster, Jonesboro Charlotte Lutes, Blythevllle Chrlstlne Luzcder, Llttle Rock John Lynn, Paragould Sandra Lyons, Stuttgart Brenda MacDonald, Batesvllle Louella MaGee, Newport Ellzabefh Mahon, Hlckory Rldae Benny Malone, Llttle Rock Shannon Malone, Plne Bluff Jamllah Mamat, Malaysla Logan Manatt, Cornlng Mlohael Mann, Plne Bluff Susan Mannlng, Alton, Mo. Mohp Mansor, Malaysla Llsa Mardls, Jonesboro Ronnle Markln, Monette Tammy Marlln, Cave Clty Cameron Martln, O'Kean Davld Martln, Jonesboro Kelll Marfln, Blyfhevllle Lance Martln, Wesf Memphls Anne Martlno, Hot Sprlngs Laura Massey, Batesvllle Ruthle Masson, Jonesboro Rlchard Mafhes, Bafesvllle Scott Matthews, Welner Margaret Maxey, Blythevllle Jlll Maxtleld, Jonesboro Darren May, Sedgwlck Charles Mayes, Jonesboro p 9 3, 'iv 5 sf: . '.,. Q K . RS' f ' :I rs is--eff' '-1 l.".I:.s , Ag ,Suns rs lu ily-Ak IR 3, ,, ,. A ,N K , W ,Q 'ns Ks X ,L sig 1-r i as A ,,.,,, , ,gf X Q 1 Q Q 'g ..f' 2 I rf E . , 1, - 5 ,SJLLL L fist QQ V4 2 B as 2 X ' ,"i ' "!1'v'n:r,osmrs 5 . 3 5,11 I PE L it , . X.. L ss in X. 'Q' ss.. A "k X , u,., , lXl ,ff .MM .M -ff 'S' is f--.. A l A x X rrr ss 1 , 6 is lt s P 'tw X 2 Wen? X, I B. HMS A ss X R ,, N ,Q M it ff .- "' s M l ik sr 5 ,gs, R 9 if . ff if ,,., kffuf gc ..-. F S' Q :: , Q .,,,. :LL L R M , ,,,r S X ,V ' rr. 2 x fx at sf my sg 5, tts s : f ' 3 A . 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Ellen McGlnnls, Marlanna Julle McGough, Jonesboro Randy McGuIre, Jonesboro wllllam McKIsson, Jonesboro Terrl McKnlght, Jonesboro Johnny McLean, Kelser Donna McNamara, Rector Robert McNeese, Llttle Rock Fellcla McMlllen, Portagevllle, Mo. Mellnda McPherson, Paragould Normah Md-Yosott, Malaysla Donald Medlln, Jonesboro Sue Medlock, Jonesboro Wanda Medlyn, Jonesboro Kevln Melton, Newport Erlc Mejla, DeWItt Dana Mergule, Jonesboro Steve Merldlth, Jonesboro Cynthla Merlllat, Cherokee Vlllage Mary Merrlll, Jonesboro Marla Mertens, Paragould Patrlcla Mlchle, West Memphis Steven Mlles, West Helena Patrlck Mlllbrook, Jonesboro Cathy Mlller, Holly Grove Gordon Mlller, Leachvllle Lelgha Mlller, Kennett, Mo. Matt Mlller, Jonesboro Phyllls Mlller, Jonesboro Tlm Mllls, Plne Bluff Tom Mllls, Plne Blutf Kenny Mlnnles, Memphls, Tenn. Mlchelle Mlnton, Bono Gregory Mltchell, Paragould Lorla Matchell, Marvell Mary Mltchell, St. Louls, Mo. Tlmothy Mltchell, Jonesboro Norma Mohamad, Malaysla Nor MohdfArshad, Malaysla Norzalton MohdfNor, Malaysla Joseph Monroe, Jonesboro Shella Monroe, Caraway Wllburn Monroe, Paragould Greg Moody, Jonesboro James Mooney, Jonesboro Jana Moore, Kennett, Mo. Joe Moore Jr., Slkeston, Mo. Kelth Moore, Jacksonvllle Laura Moore, Plne Blutf Sophomores Matthew Moore, Rogers Preclous Moore, Blythevllle Lecllla Morgan, Harrlsburg Jett Morgan, West Memphls Jerry Morgan, Harrlsburg Pamela Morgan, Blythevllle Sandra Moser, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Cynthla Mosler, Paragould Mitch Mosley, Walnut Rldge Dana Moss, Glencoe Patrlcla Motola, Cherokee Vlllage Deldra Mounce, Hughes Randy Moye, Harrlsburg Shella Moran, Blythevllle Anlanette Mulllns, Jonesboro Danlele Murphy, Mountaln Vlew Franchelle Murphy, Blggers Rhonda Mynatt, Mount Pleasant Earman Myrlck, Kennett, Mo. Barbara Nagle, Kennett, Mo. Greg Nall, Brookland Laurl Nall, Lake Clty Alllson Nalley, Jonesboro Caterlna Neal, Augusta Llllle Neal, Lepanto Carol Neely, Batesvllle Reglna Neely, Batesvllle Terrence Nelson, Turrell Gregory Newberry, Harrlsburg Danlta Newcomb, Blythevllle Monetta Nlcholas, Walnut Rldge Allcla Nlchols, Dyess Robln Nlx, Jonesboro Angella Nolan, Knobel Zalton Noor, Malaysla Malmunah Nordln, Malaysla Imelda Nortleet, Memphls, Tenn. Gazelle Norrls, Marlanna Angela Northern, Jonesboro Aprll Nowlln, Blythevllle Stanley Nutt, Jonesboro Klm O'Clalr, Stuttgart Cynthla O'Donnell, Pocahontas Jlmmy Oldham, Hoxle Alan Oldman, Harrlsburg Gary Oltmann, Stuttgart Wendy Orr, Jonesboro Kelth Osborn, Cornlng Stacy Osborn, Jonesboro Forrest Osborne, Waverly, Tenn. Jett Owen, Paragould Llsa Owen, Jonesboro Dlrk Owens, Harrlsburg George Owens, Wynne Robert Owens, Wynne Russ Owens, Lake Clty Jett Ozbun, Bono Adam Palmer, New York, N. Y. Chrls Parker, Paragould Kathl Parker, Jonesboro Tonya Parker, Dalton Jonathan Parks, Jonesboro Lana Parks, Harrlsburg KCFBD PGH, Holly Grove Davld PGSCYIGII, Jonesboro DGVICI PCSSGICQUG, Hoxle Donna PGTTBFSOF1, BOY Llsa PGTTBFSOD, El DOl'OdO SIWCDDOD Patterson, SGISTT1 Debble Payne, Beedevllle as 1 'Rs I' 2. 1 1' 1 hit.. ga , N I pen E: 6 ,pw f in ,, G Y tx GX? Q x I 'F Qs ' v , I ,qi y o so , . 611, KN as Q . Q 5 ' - o , " ' ss-' "' , - ,.L. ft' f ,J 2 if t , J leaf' , J pl - H t s v Q. H N N Y 'ts KMA N in ml t P 'i it ,,. X swift? f .Q PM-,sais ur 9' R X, W5 Vi nf' W sy, 'fs Lia ..,.. 31- .Q , AMF ., K at ix 1. ,Y 9 5' s - Q. A is 'Q Is M xx? .. K, , Sd? x lf! tl ,l N U' it tr ? 3 'ul' X if , TN lf.-s fi J, Wim. I . "' Q ., X .aa we ff v , , ,QQ tl! 6 913' 1 I 5. .f"+ QQ. .. . A QQ, . , Q Q Q M N. ' S ' ' p - D , - ,:1, X Q -Q fl 1 r fs'-'F' L , gf fl s J' he t o sesst tt tt K , . is S A'..E is ' " . A' 4 - X " 3 "I , N Q ' Q, , :,:. ,,.:: - l-I, K Qi fl I Q . gk ' v x - 1 - .. ... 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Dolan Phellx, Marlon Kenneth Plckett, lmboden Joseph Plerce, North Llttle Rock Ray Plerce, Plne Blutf Kathy Plerson, Evening Shade wmlam Pike, Almyra Penny Plllow, Paragould Kelth Plrtchbdck, J0l't6Sb0r0 Mlchael Plnegar, Gregory Joseph Pope, Welner George Popeloy, Trumann Bfdd POffmGI'1, JOHSSDOFO Cherl POI'fl'T!OI'1, JOh6SbOl'O JSH Posey, MGFICDDC JOITNSS Presley, JONBSDOFO T6l'l'Y PYBSISY, POCOhOhfGS Judy PrICe, Plne Bluff Allce Prlngle, Success Dawayne Prottltt, Dyess Dawn Propes, Hardy Beverly Pruett, Paragould Denlse Purnell, Wynne Steven Purtee, Jonesboro Aprll Shawn Qulnn, Conway Polly Rdlble, Grady Carol Raley, Paragould James Ralnwater, Paragould Julle Randleman, Rector Pamela Rasberry, Althelmer Sltl Zaleha Rasld, Malaysla Glen Ray, Fort Smlth Lloyd Ray, Marlon Gene Reams, Steel, Mo. Clovls Reddlck, Marmaduke Joe Reed, Nettleton Kurtls Reed, Jonesboro Marclleno Reed, Crossett Hal Rees, Jonesboro Chrlstopher Reeves Krlstlna Reeves, Wynne Lorl Reeves, Jonesboro Brlan Rego, Ash Flor Barbara Reld, Jonesboro Pdfrlclc Relth, Fort Smlth D0rlnO Rhoads, Blythevllle Kathy Rhoads, Paragould Lelgh Rhodes, Jonesboro Lorl Rlce, Jonesboro Brady Richards, Jonesboro Holly Rlchards, Daytona Beach, Fla Cynthla Rlchardson, BIQQSFS Donna Rlchardson, Pocahontas Jerl Rlchardson, Walnut RIdQ6 Ronald Rlchardson, Malvern Susan Rlchardson, Lake Clty Terrl Rlchardson, Jonesboro Donnle Rlchmond, Dyess Lynsol Rlchmond, Dyess Douglas Rlddle, Pocahontas Jeaneen Rlgsby, Osceola Sophomores Scott Riley, Virginia Beach, Va. Calvin Roach, Cave Creek Laura Robbins, Paragould John Robert, Kelso, Mo. Robin Robertson, Leachvllle Daphne Robinson, Hot Springs Randall Robinson, Lake City Debra Robison, Lake City Regenla Rodgers, Bay Billy Roe, Lllbourn, Mo. Cherrl Rogers, Jonesboro Dorothy Rogers, DeValls Bluff Glnger Rogers, Paragould James Rogers, Jonesboro Kimberley Rogers, Paragould Scott Roethlisberger, Hardy Falth Rolland, Monette Carllyn Rouyer, Pocahontas Barry Rook, Jonesboro Renee Rorex, Weiner Laurie Rose, Jonesboro Paula Rose, Jonesboro Wllllam Rose, Jonesboro Kimberly Ross, Dell Toyo Ross, Chicago, lll. Jlm Roth, Springfield, Ill. Bruce Rougeau, Jonesboro Tlna Rouse, Piggott Jackle Rowe, Donlphan, Mo. Kelly Rowe, Jonesboro Terrl Rudd, Newport Chandra Ruesewald, Weiner Janlca Rufflner, North Llttle Rock Myra Rumlner, Jonesboro Janle Russell, Pocahontas Karen Russell, Rector Michael Russell, North Llttle Rock Wyvonla Rutherford, Bassett Nancy Ryan, Paragould Stacy Ryan, Jonesboro Gregg Saln, Rector Robin Saito, Jonesboro Hamdan Sarabanl, Malaysla Vlola Sauls, Forrest Clty Phllllp Sawyer, Redfield Hugh Scanlon, Jonesboro Deborah Scarff, Jonesboro Pat Schaeffer, Jonesboro JGCQUSIIDS SCOQQIHS, Holcomb, MO. John Scott, Sedwlck Laurle Scheer, Paragould Rebecca Schelderer, Roe Paul Schexnaydre, Paragould Kathy Schlrmacher, Woodridge, Ill. Karen Schlsler, Jonesboro Alan Schratz, North Llttle Rock Donna Schroyer, Gideon, Mo. Elizabeth Seaton, Llttle Rock Clndy Seesengood, Paragould Mark Selbert, lmperlal, Mo. Mastura Selamat, Malaysia Terrle Selby, Leachvllle Barry Seller, Jonesboro Kala Selvadural, MGIOYSIG Susan Semock, Arlington Heights, Ill. Rosa C. Settlemolr, West Memphis Larry Shadowens, Caraway SCOH Shaffer, ArV0dCl, COI0. Denise Shaw, Mount Pleasant Mdrtlrt Shed, Pdrkln is xl? ss M ,ei -l. ' is Se i 5 R K of 1, IQ ' ,514 ,K V .P i ,fl Q J exif .Q if swf st, , 51 eQ ' t. , P sf S,,, C , 'S ' ' :,,,, ' ttf' 5 S P .-ffff' Y we iit S ' , ,,,s ax .. ssiw fwi ATL 5 se ,S Y , ,t g Eg, ,,,,,, , , , fm X X S ,rsrlggsrs S: iww N' S if ff it it We 1 X I 'Rl U' Sy .,.. ... J'- sWs,wQ,f,o - his exe fg, . 7 I I Ebb. 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Tlmothy Shelton, Swltton Whltney Shelton, Paragould Earl Sherrlll, Newport Lavanda Sherrlll, Vlola Mark Shldler, Crawtordsvllle Gregory Shlrley, Hot Sprlngs Charlotte Shockley, Jonesboro Shella Shockley, Jonesboro Angela Slttord, Batesvllle Sonya Slmmons, Alton, Mo. Tlm Slmmons, West Memphls John Slman, Blythevllle Joe Slmpson, Jonesboro Tim Slmpson, Paragould Jlll Slms, Poplar Grove Karrle Slms, Jonesboro Tharmarajah Slnnan, Malaysla Danette Slsco, Osceola Tammy Slsk, Oll Trough Lisa Sltzer, Welner Lynne Skelton, Blythevllle Jesslca Small, Senath, Mo. Dennls J. Srnlth, Swltton Dennls P. Smlth, Jonesboro Dewey Smlth, West Memphls Douglas Smlth, Donlphan, Mo. Greg Smlth, Paragould Jeannie Smlth, Walcott Jerry Smlth, Carthage, Mo. John Smlth, Llttle Rock Mark Smlth, Kennett, Mo. Mary Smlth, Pocahontas Mlchael Smlth, Caruthersvllle, M Pamllr Srnlth, Marvell Penny Smlth, Beedevllle Shelll Smlth, Cornlng Susan Smlth, Des Arc Tlmothy Smlth, Parkln Tommy Smlth, Paragould Wallace Smlth, Black Rock Stephanle Srnlthwlck, Plne Bluff Arvetta Snlder, Reyno Craig Snow, Rector Wlll Soden, Tuckerman Michelle Sorg, Pocahontas Rhonda Sorrows, Hazen ShCl'l'0h SOUtl'16l'lGhd, Pocahontas John Soward, Trumann Connle Sparks, Paragould Clndy Spears, Jonesboro Mel Spencer, Wynne Patrlck Spence, Cabot Greg Spradlln, Conway Beth Sprouse, Paragould Crystal Squlres, Blythevllle Lena Stackhouse, Newport Mary Stacy, Trumann Lynn Stalllngs, Jonesboro Dlana Stanczak, Paragould VlCkkI Stane, North Llttle ROCK Karen Stanford, Steele, Mo. Rhonda Stanley, Marmaduke Rlchard Stanley, Wynne Donna Stantlll, Marlon Erlc Stark, Wynne Lora Stark, Jonesboro Stuart Stark, Wynne Sophomores Dorothy Starnes, Hot Springs Randall Statler, Egypt Paul Staton, Plne Bluff Pamela Steakley, Lepanto Dennls Stearns, Bradford Jlm Stearns, Walnut Ridge Rosemarle Stelmel, Pocahontas Llsa Stevens, Newport Deborah Slevellsurr, Jolrter Freedla Stewart, Kelser Brenda Stracner, Augusta Bobby Strahan, Pocahontas Dona Stlftler, Huntsvllle Gregg Stlllwell, Jonesboro Randall Stlrrtooh, Jonesboro Klm Stlmson, Newport JOhl't STOTTS, SBTTQTH, MO. ROY STOTTS, WOIDUT RIGQB MCITY STTICKICIHG, JOl'1eSbOI'O RICK Stocks, Poplar Bluff, Mo. KBVID STOTGY, Batesvllle Randy Story, Brookland Dawna Stotts, Texarkana Jeffery Stotts, Jonesboro Ronald Stovall, Blythevllle Charlotte Stuart, Llttle Rock Ellen Studnar, Mountaln Home James Stutts, Wynne Noor Sulalman, Malaysla James Sulcer, Woodland Hllls, Callf. Jeft Sulllvan, Wynne Blll Summers, Welner Kelly Summltt, Pocahontas John Suskle, Llttle Rock Anthony Sulterfleld, Jonesboro Hope Swanner, Jonesboro Shlrley Swasey, Rector Joseph Sweat, Jonesboro Dell Swltzer, Sprlngfleld Margaret Tackett, Stuttgart Harvey Taggart, Forrest Clty John Talley, Ash Flat Barbara Tanner, Jonesboro Sandra Tanner, House Sprlngs, Mo. Shane Tate, Newport Amanda Taylor, Plne Bluff Davld Taylor, Forrest Clty Edlth Taylor, Paragould Kelth Taylor, Cornlng Leron Taylor, Marmaduke Rose Taylor, McGehee Jlm Terry, Jonesboro James Thomas, West Memphls Carolyn Thompson, Plne Clty Janls Thompson, Lake Clty Latrlcla Thompson, Swlfton Donnle Thornton, Mammoth Sprlng Lory Tlllman, Jonesboro Gaylene Tlmmons, Bay Ellzabeth Tlmms, Lake Clty Suzanne Tlmms, Jonesboro Sandl Tomllnson, Batesvllle Russell Tooley, Grubbs James Treece, Possum Grape Debble Trotter, Batesvllle Gregory Trout, Paragould Tengku Tuar+Yusotf, Malaysla Mlchelle Tucker, Trumann Myra Tuggle, Lepanto Bobble Turman, Bay Exif 'Qt' A ess gi, . rxk '. ,TAS Q' -uk -r i f-Is X, 3 it X , , , g K . . - tr X sm-H .... A ssrr sss 1 ze so ff of 4, xx. X ix., 5 sl. as 53 fm Lux N x ts, sg 5 S xg as yliitw xi ' NT? r . . X . me sg? his 94 ,,,, . tw sk ik S sw S L , Lre' ,L X L E :vars , .. Qs K , X 5, 535. NBR' E . 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I Ax 6 Y, s Sv, t - X F , kk l kk 3'4l7QxX f , S- 4 1 3' J . -1 . L qs , , E I Sophomores Judy Turnbow, Jonesboro Karen Turner, Blythevllle Sandy Turner, Jonesboro Llnda Tuslng, Dell Pamela Tweddell, Blythevllle James Tyner, Jonesboro Llsa Tyner, Paragould Vanessa Tyson, Memphls, Tenn. Thomas Underwood, Cleveland, Ohlo Melela Utley, Rector Erlc Vance, Hardy Andrea Vandetlter, Montrose, Mlch. Erlk VanDeusen, Kansas Clty, Mo. Kevln Vane, San Dlego, Calll. Shana Vangllder, Rector Donna Vanwlnkle, Cave Clty Polly Vaughn, Plggott Vlckle Vaught, Paragould Kelly Vaupel, Jonesboro Davld Veasman, Osceola Tammy Vega, Jonesboro Joseph Vernon, West Memphis James Veteto, Jonesboro Charles Vlck, Marked Tree Park Vlckers, Trumann Toml Vlncent, Newport Clndy Vlnson, Jonesboro Falth Vollman, Jonesboro Reba Vuncannon, Trumann Tammy Wald, Llttle Rock Dana Walker, Kelser Kelth Walker, Poplar Blutt, Mo. Tracle Wall, Holly Grove Ronald Wallace, Mountaln View Mary A. Wallls, Hoxle Mary E. Wallls, Mountaln Home Klmberly Walls, Cornlng Susan Walsh, Hot Sprlngs Lorl Walters, McGehee Donald Ward, Paragould Jlmmy Ward, Jonesboro Julle Ward, Pocahontas Paula Ward, Cord Sharon Warnlck, Hoxle John Washam, Jonesboro Mary Washington, Newport Davld Watklns, Bono Dlllon Watklns, Jonesboro Lance Watklns, Batesville Roger Watklns, Bono Cynthla Watson, Trumann Debble Watson, Jonesboro Veda Watson, Jonesboro Laverne Webb, Marked Tree Rhonda Webb, Bono Joseph Welr, Bay Tlmothy Welr, Jonesboro Kenneth Welch, Jonesboro Mlcheal Wells, Gllmore Jerry West, Jonesboro Karen Wheatley, Searcy Ira Wheeler, Swltton Edward Whlte, Harrlsburg Judy Whlte, West Memphls Kelth Whlte, Harrlsburg Kelll Whlte, Blythevllle Ken Whlte, Jonesboro Kenneth Whlte, Marlon Llsa Whlte, Harrlsburg Mary Whlte, Des Arc Sophomores Michelle White, West Helena Rlcky White, Jonesboro Robin Whlte, Fllnt, Mich. Teddy White, Paragould Sheila Whltmlre, Jonesboro Barbara Whitson, Marked Tree Charles Whlttom, Mammoth Spring Brett Wllklns, Hughes Becky Wllllams, Jonesboro Brent Wllllams, Jonesboro Cynthia Wllllams, Plne Blutt Dlana Wllllams, Marlon Jawondo Wllllams, Brlnkley Karen Wllllams, Parkln Larry Wllllams, Parkln Mlke Wllllams, Newport Pheoba Wllllams, Cord Rhonda Wllllams, Jonesboro Steve Wllllams, Cherry Valley Tonya Wllllams, Steele, Mo. Tamml Wllllomson, Hope Judy Wlllls, Cave Clty Delorls Wllson, Marlon Greg Wllson, Cornlng Jayme Wllson, Welner John Wllson, West Memphis Patrlcla Wllson, Jolner Phllllp Wllson, Paragould Lerone Wlmbley, St. Louls, Mo. Mlchael Wlnberry, Plggott Douglas Wlntrey, Forrest Clty Lettle Wlntrey, Forrest Clty Timothy Wlnnlngham, Mountaln Vlew Anthony Wlthers, Llttle Rock Patrlcla Wolfe, Jonesboro Sarah Wolte, Solon, Iowa Keng H. Wong, Canada John Wood, Jonesboro Kathy Wood, Newport Mary Wood, Caraway Mlke Woodhouse, Paragould Brlan Woods, Rector Deborah Woods, Jonesboro Mary Woods, Jonesboro Reglna Woods, McCrory Jett WOOGSTTIGII, Poplar Blutt, Mo. Hugh Woolverton, Gldeon, Mo. Joe Woolverton, Gldeon, Mo. Davld Woosley, Cabot Sonya Wooten, Bloomtleld, Mo. Tammy Worley, Bald Knob Jettrey Worlow, Sedgwlck Johnny Worsham, Kelser Mellssa Worthlngton, Jonesboro Suzanne Wren, Pocahontas Barry Wrlght, Jonesboro Karen Wrlght, Jonesboro Sharon Wrlght, Welner Steven Wrlght, Marmaduke Jeff Wyatt, Oll Trough Kelth Wyoott, Porogould Freddle Yarbrough, Reyna Wllllom Yazel, KGDSGS Clty, Mo. Kent YooS6l, Morrlll, Kon. Daronda Young, Campbell, Mo. Gregory Young, Llttle Rock Melvln Young, Osceola Pearleena Young, Lepanto Sharon Young, North Llttle Rock Tommy Young, Tuckerman Q- Q Sv K IS: k he h Etbn A , f W X .,,,. Qt? ,, S A tttt S a -,"E K ,,,, , ,... 41121. J- 6 ' tt :Zt I eessgf we - V' .4 " QT' -me X A via, " r t ts' -f 94 Q 'if Q Us ,V R A NX N K AV X , 4 l S -lm -.: K: as my M., - bkt I Q x l J ,, ,,,, S' , im 5 , -, vyh A :- S M A, 4 it --tr :" - K 1 t' :L E f xxx , b l .. , I ia J.. , "---. 5 K T TQ 3 A -. ,,,::.:f .,:, . 1 ,,:,,, :, 5, X N G Eff. T. is t,, , S lj, -'.. i S is ., f .X I ,L 1 X .. T .. . ,.., . f""" ,L IVVV it ,,,, .. A . , A AM A Q Q A 5 .Z .':"-:- f 2 1 i n ,. I K kfk i N U . .. , t t k ,. 'N as sf-1 P, ' bb,,,b 2 J IE, t ss S T S ss eyo - a s .. , ,Lisa G If 5 i . x 'K' '-3 s T lliiigjf 'X s,g'.iT'pi -..- -A--yfiffgg V t Sophomores Vicki Young, BIGCK Rock BI'el'1dC ZCITIOTC, PGFQQOUIG JoAnne ZGI'eI'T1bG, BOfeSVllle Kurt Zen-RUffil'1eD, Jonesboro Zclddh Zin, MOIClySiG AHQGIG Zltzelberqer, Maynard viuffi 1 f. . ma, x , 7 M .ag w Z, Z ,,.1,f. 1. 1' , ,,,,f,ra , .W gi ' , I 4- 4, 5, wg, ? , f, V: iw -I Y -I ,Mfg " - f I f' v disarm' M "ny" 'A " " ag - lyk f," I .. X J , " ' 4 V U Freshmen Curtls Aaron, Jacksonville Zuleffendl Abd-Majld, Malaysia Ronald Abmeyer, Kennett, Mo. Muhd Ab-Rahman, Malaysia Klm Abshure, Cash Zalton Abu-Baker, Malaysia Janls Adams, Swlfton Terry Adams, Tuckerman Wesley Adams, Paragould Nellle Adcock, Jonesboro Carroll Addlngton, Jonesboro Orlce Deneen Agnew, Jonesboro Melvona Ahart, Tuckerman Slalman AL-Balawl, Saudi Arabla Mohamad AL-Dosary, Saudl Arabla Marty L. Alexander, Jonesboro Noor Au, Malaysla Charles E. Allen, Augusta Gary W. Allen, Marlon Gregory Allen, Kennett, Mo. Henry Allen, Jonesboro Llnda Allen, Pocahontas Mark R. Allen, Salem Kathy L. Alllson, Jonesboro RODID L. Alllson, Beech GI'0Ve Paula A. Allred, Jolner Wllllam Scott Alphln, Pocahontas Nalalle J. Alred, Hot Sprlnqs lbrahlm O. AL-Rshudl, Saudl Arabla Jettery Ammons, Jolner Brenda Anderson, Paragould Debra A. Anderson, Trumann JoAnn Anderson, Marked Tree Klmberly A. Anderson, Jonesboro Llsa B. Anderson, Newport Mlke Anderson, Wynne Rhonda S. Anderson, Black Oak Tlmothy A. Andrews, Wynne Dlane M. Annunzlata, Paragould Hllda Aponte, Jonesboro Klmberly L. Archer, Pocahontas Carolyn Armstrong, Camden Chrlsty D. Armstrong, Cabot Llsa A. Armstrong, Llttle Rock Yvette Arrlola, Blythevllle Mlchael Arul, Malaysla Cherle Attaway, Bradley Nlna Aunspaugh, Moro Vance H. Austln, Blythevllle Alan Balley, Trumann Debra Balley, Welner Glynn C. Balley, Paragould Joseph Balley, West Helena Sharon L. Balley, Hoxle Carollne Baker, Hughes Lee Brent Baker, Trumann Randall B. Baker, Lake Clly Beverly Baldwln, DeVallS Blufl Mark Baldwln, Llllle Rook Deanna Balentlne, Mountaln Vlew Cralg Bandy, Germantown, Tenn. Derek S. Banks, Llftle Rock Robert W. Bankston, Marked Tree Allyson M. Barber, Jonesboro Donald J. Barker, Trumann Patrlcla T. Barker, Marlanna Chad A. Barner, Marmaduke Brent E. Barnes, Brockwell Dlane Barnes, Clarkton, Mo. Jeffery F. Barnett, Jonesboro 'F ,Ry 'Er' U! as iff., ..,, rw,-""f""""sf S U w 5 i , S 4 . -. Li. A bb- S . X 5 A 3. A4 l X , G at .T . X vs' f 3 . XJ Q .xl'FlI9Cu lf, S yt . yn. iw' 'B A g . ,if .. "t.'-. 1 5 Y B v If l . Gr A ,,.. ' . . Q ig A ,,. A A lf' JS-af use A , L . P 1 lg ' Q g. It B ssl 1 ' QF if K fill S , Y yiz 6 , I i . if? s , l ' gj r it ,, . J ' A L 2 45, s -"f s ., 'WF ' l if 1 N is A Q 3 ' 5 K, K i,kk. 5 t . . . 0 as f ' N 'W ' L B Y W sf if h . K kk K J l. XE., .5 EE- at K S kg . t. Qtt' -SHR I QR 4 ,. X " f. , to F! wif ff. as ziq 'A s ., q,.L.. . g , P. ,P ,. , L Q 'Rig 35 K 91 it .s .... L f .frm L X X U Q 3' is wi? C. . ...w r L K' 1 , . A ' kzkyk E uh fssxif' of gg s. "kL' if , if 9' Y 3 Xfyt "" ' L X ' A we , B A , 'sr s. , ii flb B . . A arg., Y .- v -2:: .. K F .V il . 12- ttl gli f l A D h S. 1q,' :.. :.: . ,n W Q F '65 . - ,E ,' . . .1 j an i kk E f ' 5 P 1 1 I A L ..,s 'J , V Q s s A Freshmen Llsa A. Barnett, Searcy Roger B. Barnhlll, Paragould Carrle L. Barr, Paragould James M. Bashaw, Dalton Jennlter I. Bass, Paragould Lynda R. Bass, Jonesboro Tammera L. Batterton, Wasllla, Alaska Llnda A. Bauer, Lockesburg Klm W. Baugh, Jonesboro Charles R. Baughn, Swltton Fellcla Baughn, Swltton Ronny L. Baumgarner, Tupelo Llnda Baxley, Paragould Mlchael E. Bay, Paragould Debble L. Bearden, Rector Donna J. Bearden, Jonesboro Franklln D. Bearden, McGehee Tom O. Beardsley, Pocahontas Dana Beasley, Paragould Wllllam J. Beasley, Paragould Bradford D. Beck, Jonesboro Steve L. Beck, Searcy Klm D. Beckley, Rector Robert S. Belew, Portla Mark A. Belk, Walnut Rldge Anthony Bell, Brooklyn, N. Y. Atwood J. Bell, Jonesboro Wllllam A. Bell, Caruthersvllle, Mo. Mlleldys Bello, Houston, Tex. Gtynls A. Benetleld, Wynne Jonna L. Benham, Marlanna Davld E. Bennett, Harrlsburg Dovle M. Bennett, Newport Davld Benson, Plggott Davld H. Bergmann, Waldron Janlce M. Berry, West Memphls Sharol D. Berry, Pocahontas Scott Besharse, Blythevllle Robert D. Bethell, Wynne Amy J. Bevll, Cherokee Vlllage Tamera G. Blbb, Pocahontas Plerce D. Blggs Jr., N. Llttle Rock Mark G. Bllllngsley, Palestine Kelly J. Bllllngton, Kennett, Mo. Phllllp J. Blrmlngham, Jonesboro Mlchelle Black, Jonesboro Thomas M. Black, Jonesboro Wllllam E. Black, Jonesboro Roderlck B. Blackman, Llttle Rock lngrld Blake, Llttle Rock Robln Blankenshlp, Jonesboro Gary W. Blevlns, Maynard Bryan E. Blocker, Jonesboro Anthony L. Blood, Stuttgart Patsy L. Boatner, Senath, Mo. Paula Jo Boden, Jonesboro Laura M. Boeckmann, Wynne Shelta L. Boeckmann, Wynne Mlchael P. Boldlng, Bald Knob Daune Bonadle, New York, N. Y. John W. Bonham, Mountaln Home Vonda K. Booker, West Memphls Cathertne S. Bookout, Walnut Rldge Joe Wllllam Boon, Tyronza Sara Boone, Jonesboro Joe Booth, Yerlngton, Nev. Mellnda L. Booth, Jonesboro Sharon Mary Bourgeots, Jonesboro Stephen Wayne Bowden, Paragould Terry R. Bowden, Trumann 3A Freshmen Danlel Bowen, Trumann Bllly Bowles, Little Rock Dlanna L. Bowman, Jonesboro Ronald K. Bowman, Star Clty Tammy R. Boyd, Paragould Karen J. Bradberry, Cornlng Gayla Mlchelle Bradford, Steele, Mo. Greg D. Bradley, Gould Jaml A. Bradley, Newport Mark W. Bradley, Pocahontas Renee Bradley, Jonesboro Adam R. Bradshaw, Kennett, Mo. Llsa A. Brandon, Jonesboro Danlel F. Branum, Arbyrd, Mo. Patrlcla A. Brashers, Cave Clty Leanne Brawner, Wynne Leora Bray, Mount Pleasant Rlchard B. Bray, Plne Bluff Jett R. Breckenridge, Beech Grove Chrls E. Breeden, Bradford Laura L. Breedlng, Lake Clty Doug E. Brewer, Jonesboro James B. Brewer, Jonesboro Mary B. Brewer, Hughes Tammy L. Brewlngton, Paragould Donna Lynn Breytspraak, Pocahontas Clyde W. Brlcker, Marlon Mlohoel E. Briggs, West Memphls Renee B. Brlnk, Hardy Leslle G. Brlnkle, Osceola Juan Carlos Brlto, Venezuela Donnle Brltt, Mountoln Home Judy L. Brltt, Paragould Ollle F. Brltt, PorClQouId Soon Brltt, Paragould JCITISS K. BI'0Ck, Searcy ADHQ L. BI'0d6ll, Jonesboro Beecher BYOGDCX, PING Blutt RUG F. Brooks, JOl'16SbOI'O Russell E. Brooks, Marlon ShC1fOI'1 L. BfOUQhfOI'1, Wdlhuf Rldge COYIG A. Bl'OWl'1, OXfOfd Dwane Brown, Memphls, Tenn. Erlca L. Brown, Columbus, Ohlo George H. Brown, Fllppln Jamle L. Brown, Paragould Kathy Brown, Jonesboro Kathy A. Brown, Jonesboro Klmberly A. Brown, Marlanna Leatrlce V. Brown, West Memphls Loresa A. Brown, Cushman Nlkkl S. Brown, Bono Ocle B. Brown, West Helena Pamela S. Brown, Cabot Patrlcla A. Brown, Brookland Ramona L. Brown, Flsher Tony W. Brown, Forrest Clty Tonya R. Brown, Harrlsburg Vlckl R. Brown, Morrllton Wllllorn F. Brown, Llttle Rock Renlta L. Brownlng, Bono Stephen H. Bruce, Jonesboro Wlnston C. Bruce, Jonesboro Jennlter Anne Brumley, Black Rock Jlmmy Brumley, Marlon Llonel M. Bryant, Malvern Mae L. Bryant, Jonesboro Peggy D. Bryant, Jonesboro Rhonda Bryant, Welner Karen N. Bryson, Paragould B .. 5? 6 sa . .L 1 Qsv, W if ' 1 " :. .fl .k!' ' '52 Q 4 ., .1 K 9 . , s 1 . n .-1 A .4 15' slr f 3 N X . , . Nl., Bs' Y ts 1 x Q? Y , if 1' 'B fftrf' E ' . -in gg -- . sw 5 - , C - V 9 ' L I ig 'N 311 XJ K lllzl ' 5 .. v .I Q ..., J In 'Y ff .,,, s ki L FSH T. + . S , ' 552. if V A . M. ' ' ' B 1, , , F if . SHP.. is L ,.,, iff. yt .Q 5 'B in 1 ' s s ..- 1 . b D , 3, nf - , ,xi 'ggi .4 .sf . ..... "'- B B ' ' if fi ef'-rf .lst P 'ef xr sill'5iWQ J 7 NP' - B. Q 'I 4. B Iin 'VT - 4 I BX . ... J B B B Isf f .5 Q B B Y ..s IW. . ,ww fs . .. ,mb Q il-X we T lv f vi, .5 Y bg E1- i x ' ,mt . Q ,lungs ,- , :'. tt, ft tl - ' , isd- ,yas v fr, q 1 . , s A Aj A . l 3. 21, A, fc. .. 3 mr a .... Y K ,s .. I F -, . , ' ' A r iw? fl we ' ' 51" . L . L g 3 g Q I .1 as Q 4 Y - X Y sr ,J . so mf-I B Q ,. Q . -,B "Q Sf . s 1 fi A rn V I .s K A It X " ss 2 sqm'-ix? x. -Q., , f b ,?' t ' ' Vg X it Ar , A ' tt , Hamas! Y . M. . . ,9- lf JB I ' . . L ., sss 6 I ' ' sg ' it ' 'ts Freshmen Bryan W. Buck, Paragould Pam J. Buckelew, Harrlsburg Tlm L. Butford, Trumann Tlm Bunch, Jonesboro Timothy A. Bunch, Pocahontas Henry E. Burfleld, Jonesboro Barry S. Burkheart, Marmaduke Aprll S. Burllson, Brookland Tom Burnham, Blythevllle Bobby J. Burns, Plggott Vearlene Burns, Marked Tree Charles Burres, Jonesboro Jeau D. Burroughs, Jonesboro Bonnle S. Burt, Dyess Cynthla L. Burton, Cornlng Betsy A. Butler, Reyno Gall Butler, Forrest Clty Rebecca L.. Butler, West Memphls Cynthla L. Buzbee, Llttle Rock Karrle A. Byes, Success Bellnda K. Byrd, Marmaduke Larry C. Byrd, Jonesboro Marllyn K. Byrd, Bay MSIISSC F. Byrd, West Memphls Shlrley M. Byrd, Pocahontas Karen J. Cald, Heber Sprlngs Steve Cdldwell, Wdlhut Rldge Cllftord S. Cammarata, Yellvllle Cllftord R. Cahdler, Jonesboro Robert J. Cannon, Luxora Dlon Cantu, Mount Carroll, lll. Jeff Cdpllnger, Llttle Rock Mlchael S. Carpenter, Bellevue, Neb Theresa Anne Carrlglltto, Lake Clty Steve B. Carson, Jonesboro Davld W. Carter, Jonesboro Donna J. Carter, Arbyrd, Mo. Leah A. Carter, Salem Llsa R. Carter, Brookland Nancy E. Carter, Jonesboro Klmberly J. Caruthers, Oxford Jett E. Casey, Potosl, Mo. Joe F. Cashlon II, Leachvllle Jenny L. Cason, Hlckory Rldge Job D. Caspall, Walnut Rldge Tammy Casteel, Jonesboro Colln C. Cate, Plggott Tlmothy W. Cater, Manlla Donald H. Cates, Marked Tree Rlcky T. Caulk, Llttle Rock Darla G. Cawvey, Salem Phyllls Chatfln, Jonesboro Sharon K. Chatfln, Trumann Don Chamberlaln, Jonesboro Esque Chambers, Wynne Jason Chandler, DeQueen Mlchael R. Chandler, Senath, Mo. Mona L. Chandler, Jonesboro Stacey L. Chaplaln, Jonesboro Deborah K. Chappel, Jonesboro Klmberly B. Chappell, McCrory Rob Chastaln, Lake Clty Cara L. Cheesman, Plne Blutt Janna Cherry, Cornlng Johnny S. Chlldress, Luxora Barry J. Chlpman, Osceola Brldget R. Chrlsco, Blythevllle Lesley A. Chrlsco, Jonesboro Annette Chrlstlan, Forrest Clty Joe W. Chrlstlan, Jonesboro Freshmen Bobby J. Clark, Paragould Brad Clark, Jonesboro Davld L. Clark, Monette Gary L. Clark, Jonesboro James L. Clark, Anchorage, Alaska Kelth A. Clark, Paragould Llnda P. Clark, Anchorage, Alaska Mary Ann Clark, Bono Patrlck L. Clark, Jonesboro Rebecca R. Clark, Grubbs Sherrl L. Clark, Jonesboro Shlrley A. Clark, Jonesboro Joetta M. Clausen, Cave City Jason B. Clay, Jonesboro Krlstal Clay, Harrisburg Renee Clay, Hardy Donna B. Clayton, Peach Orchard Bobby Clemons, Jonesboro Earnest L. Clemons, Jonesboro Jerry H. Clemons, Piggott Colleen R. Cleveland, Jonesboro Donna C. Cllne, Wynne Anlla D. Cllnlon, Cardwell, Mo. Marty R. Cloud, Blylhevllle Mark A. Cobb, Harrisburg Susan l.. Cobb, El Dorado Julle A. Cobbs, Leaohvllle Ross E. Cockburn, Tampa, Fla. Rlcky D. Coftman, Bono Pamela A. Cohoon, Blalne, Minn. Donna L. Colburn, Egypt Cynthia Cole, Peach Orchard Gerald D. Cole, Jonesboro Julee Cole, Paragould LaTonya L. Cole, Jonesboro Llnda Cole, Harrisburg Myron S. Cole, Bono Tammy Cole, Peach Orchard Cyrstal K. Coleman, Jonesboro Diana S. Coleman, Jonesboro Tracy L. Coleman, Searcy James T. Coles, Cave City Jerry H. Collier Jr., Waldenburg John A. Colllns, Grandview, Mo. Kathy L. Collins, Jonesboro Robyn L. Collins, Jonesboro Lorl A. Collomp, Jonesboro Steven L. Combs, Bono Donna Compton, Jonesboro Karen L. Compton, Jonesboro Shella F. Conaway, Flsher Mla E. Conley, Cotton Plant Rlchle Conley, Black Rock Angela Cook, North Llttle Rock Angela C. Cook, Bono Clndy L. Cook, Pocahontas Nelson T. Cook, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Stacl L. Cook, Jonesboro Tracl L. Cook, Jonesboro Maragret A. Cooper, Paragould Nlta L. Cooper, Jonesboro Tlm W. Cooper, Jonesboro Micheal G. Copeland, McGehee Rlcky Cornish, Monette Brenda D. Corpler, Heth LaDonna J. Corpler, Biscoe Donna M. Cothren, Late Bobby J. Couch, Jonesboro Dlf'lCI E. Couch, Brookland Ellen R. COUCl'1, Jonesboro s. Y' J J New '-., is-wr 2 . W l l QQQ. ' V 1 s s X , q ' A. . 5 .. 'F . s . . L J W AX 3 . A X KN E il P K 2 L "k' M l , VV A, H ..-., 2 . K G s qiq. r Q--,iss-. s. x ' ---- .,'- .. Qs . - - B S' , sls L ... S ..,.. h A J . -- - , I X X s . Q. . .kkgi .v-,, , W i .Vkh Ir, s .E K we X A , g .,.. ss kk.. " X 'if X X Lk..' . yzbl, Q 'L ' k:" i kkii I ' .. '::: '::' f . .5 ..- 'W ' "--1:s s D' C. . ' .. 'ii' S .. see.. ' . 5 ' ,""'-- sl. C' . S .. f---'--e-4 f . , . . --'ii: B ws. C . ...1 1 A ' U ' N I X 'B P -.: i 3 -- - J ..- ' 2 .- w 1 33,5 1 5 ' 4. I if ls? V . ss Eel-ma xii X ' x 'T fx ss N .es ,L , K- x X. . . ,,. . . 4 J Xia si l l X ' -'--l.. 1 1 1 .1 - ... T G ss" C , .2 is . s . -- S y C kktt .. tz, :. :NNL ylsv s an-3 . .. E A ,... K . .ki , 4 X A , -. r wg. vs, s ,y yn ,W in I 5 9 ,Q ! Y .. 4 y Q ssss Jsss lt si Y 1 . F X + . Y ,,:. LQQL J . .,,,,. . R Q if yy., .,, , y is y , Y., ' .-X, . 1 W , . H :LY self . T1 ? . Q F ft! 1 ""' 2 . QQQ is R A , ,J . 1 , Zi .9 f LV 1: 1,51 BX-X ,, . x rt? 2 A 'xx' x a vs is , V . . 'ft . 3 Nu F i ,Jr Xi n' 3' z. g as A Q., fix .Y 6 .,.' ' Lx -an S , : T . . ., 4. 1. I , 5 SR X J., -gk? - 9 -Q ga , i Q., S A-A , its 1 s As 1, ', fi , Elf Q be , .l, ' X, Q ' ' " ff' J ,X " M N 1 R , f 'Km . . K 'F K ,N N Q Lk ' , JJ it J H F qqq yy . z I In PM Q , 4 .1 Freshmen Larry T. Couch, Hoxle Wendy G. Couch, Jonesboro Rusty Counce, Jonesboro Tracey L. Covert, North Llttle Rock Mary S. Cowan, Late Bonita D. Cox, Jonesboro Frances K. Cox, Plne Blutt Larry W. Cox, Bay Samantha D. Cox, Marmaduke Stacey A. Cox, Paragould John R. Cralford, Newport Tommy H. Craft, Jonesboro Robln A. Cratton, Paragould James G. Cramer, Peorla, III. Bruce Crawford, Harrlsburg Cathy J. Crawford, Pocahontas Clndy L. Crawford, Kennett, Mo. Walter L. Crawford, Paragould Lana K. Creel, Llght Donna J. Crews, Harrlsburg Jettery J. Crlsler, Walnut Rldge Kelly L. Crlsp, Jonesboro Kelly M. Crlsp, Marvell James A. Crittenden, Plggott Jerry K. Crook, Paragould Kerrle L. Croom, Cave Clty Wllllam E. Crouse, Batesvllle Barbara L. Crow, Paragould Debble L. Crutchtleld, Jonesboro Mary T. Culbreath, Dyersburg, Tenn. Leslle E. Culp, Chester, Va. Paul D. Culpepper, Plne Blutt Becky M. Cummlns, Jonesboro Debble A. Cunnlngham, Walnut Rldge Grace M. Cunnlngham, Paragould Tracy L. Cunnlngham, Walnut Rldge Mary K. Cupp, Paragould Davld K. Cupples, Paragould Mlchael E. Cureton, Forrest Clty Llsa E. Currle, Jonesboro Bruce A. Curtls, Morrllton Polly A. Curtls, Jonesboro Tlna K. Curtls, Jonesboro Kenneth O. Curtwrlght, Paragould Krlsten M. Cuzzort, Batesvllle Charlyne Cypreese, Lepanto Carl R. Dabadle, Baker, La. Davld S. Dalley, Jonesboro Charles H. Dalton Jr., Marlanna Brad W. Danlel, West Memphls James M. Danley, Jonesboro Allyce M. Darby, Jonesboro Sharon A. Darby, Forrest Clty Ellen L. Darr, Monette Jamle W. DaVault, Senath, Mo. Dennls R. Davenport, Paragould Bllly Davls, Tyronza Brlan S. Davls, Mammoth Sprlng Dennls W. Davls, Jonesboro Donna M. Davls, Blythevllle Jacquellne M. Davls, Lake Clty John P. Davls, Jonesboro Karen S. Davls, Cardwell, Mo. Llnda I. Davls, Lake Clty Llsa A. Davls, Wynne Llsa G. Davls, Osceola Marllsa L. Davls, Waldenburg Marva A. Davls, Howardvllle, Mo. Mary L. Davls, Lake Clty Mary M. Davls, Walnut Rldge 3415 Freshmen Mona K. Davls, Plggott Perry D. Davls, McCrory Rhonda K. Davls, Newport Robyn E. Davls, Jonesboro Susan L. Davls, Fayettevllle Vonda Gale Davls, Walnut Rldge Robln L. Dawson, Pocahontas Celena Jo Dean, Walnut Rldge Jeff J. Dean, O'Kean Rebecca L. Dean, Allcla Davld L. Decker, Jonesboro Jerry R. Decker, Swltton Sharon K. Decker, Manlla Wllllam K. Decker, Gosnell Jerrl G. Dedman, Bay Cynthla L. Deeds, Bensenvllle, Ill. Bellnda L. Dees, Campbell, Mo. Gary S. Dehls, Plggott Johnny Denny, Stanford, Ky. Mary L. Dent, Jonesboro Davld R. DePoyster, Newark Tlmothy E. DeSalVo, North Llttle Rock Teresa R. Dlcklnson, Jonesboro Tommy L. Dlcus, McCrory Lawrence T. Dlllard lll, Manila Ramona Dllworth, Cotton Plant James G. Dltto, Walnut Rldae Marlln Dlxon, Marmaduke Raymond E. Dobbs, West Memphls Bobby Don Dollar, Cotton Plant Terry M. Donahue, Lonoke Debble D. Donner, Black Oak Cary T. Donohue, Jonesboro Brltt A. Dortch, Jonesboro Harold K. Dorton, Trumann Erlc V. Douglas, Tuckerman Mellsa J. Douglas, Heber Springs Bobby C. Downs, Malden, Mo. Camllle Downs, Jonesboro Glorlo Y. Dowty, Jonesboro Matthew B. Doyle, HoXle Mlchael T. Doyle, Lexlngton, Ky. Steve E. Doyle, Walnut Ridge Wllllam B. Dudley, Trumann Blake Duncan, Plggott Thomas W. Duncan, Bradford Vera E. Dungan, Trumann Frank L. Dunlvan, Kennett, Mo. Mlchael L. Dunlap, Harrlson Sharon Dunlap, West Helena Darrln T. Dunn, Gadsden, Ala. Phlllp B. Dunn, Paraqould Sherrle A. Dupwe, Jonesboro Helen M. Dust, Pocahontas Shelly A. Dyer, West Memphls Daphne G. Eagan, Cornlng Steven D. Eaklns, Marmaduke Klmberly S. Eanes, West Memphls Klmberly P. Early, Llttle Rock Scott Earlywlne, Stuttgart Moharnad A. Ebrlk, Lebanon Erlc V. Eckert, Jonesboro Danlel L. Eddy, DeWltt Glnger M. Edgar, Jonesboro Greg D. Edmondson, West Memphls Anthony Thomas Edwards, Humboldt, Tenn. Layonnle B. Edwards, Jonesboro Dlana L. Eldson, Jonesboro Guy Elder, Blythevllle Andrew L. Elgln, St. Louls, Mo. fs ,, val ,liz 9 1 ' A Q 5 'J tl' s . es fs K ...:. .: . ., ' i"?:,,,NLk K 1 f A t 3 L B 1 s i .ff If .x n -rf ' .ss xx ff , . . V N ' ' P .xl 2" 'l'l ' . A Q ... . DJ , f , ss sssr . A ..,.. . rrss 7' . -if E . 'if .sk k s 1 ss X x N103 .3 y Y.. I y . 'JS ' 4 . X x.-. Q 'sf fr N av- , 'Ei .rx fs ' """f - s if . .rr .. J' X :lsr tlFX'f4 1 .sl ., . is . -in Q ' 'f - J . 1 t l twlksxllfl ll S Q.. LM ..,,, s"i3sy , 4 xx. . o . if-si' is,-. 'ss' -.. 1 L . .,.,.. ,,. , or 2 sim . . F' L :ig ' A A 1 .i Qs.. ni. . 1 K' " , . if 5 . 1 I 1 A . J " f Q K A ' Y A K j , W. r ,,::Q .. , 6 K F .,: - , ... in K i A tsr. ..... 'l A ft . .. . A A : Q .. . -A if 1 if A "" E, t 1 h,,: A. 11. l , ' A M ':': W i... Ei, , K in X 4 A A . ' :, A s Q ff? IIPP tfi J ' A H ' as '--1f 2 1 2 " A A wx NF L gi M ss gl B A we s. 'utils ' 1. . , ' , 3 X X - . sa- B H XX A. . 1" Hi ,::..:,, ..:I fl . 7 7 -AT V V' X 7 N ,.... . ' A f .Ai . sa kk i lk X iii. ' 'if ..x. A . A -A 1 X r Mis ali Q l x Freshmen Dana D. Elklns, Paragould Ella O. Elllngson, Harrisburg Alloe P. EIII5, West Memphis Donna M. Ellis, Lafe Kelly A. Ellis, Jonesboro Dlane J. Elllson, Jonesboro Llnda Marle Elllson, Jonesboro Mark A. Elmore, Plne Bluff Charles W. Embach, Earle Karla R. Emerson, Jonesboro Jlmmy D. Emery, Newport Jerry M. England, Paragould Doyn A. Ennls, Cornlng Cynthla R. Ervln, Memphls, Tenn. Barry E. Erwln, Jonesboro Bobby Eskew, Beedevllle Amy D. Estes, Paragould James H. Estes, Poughkeepsie Jerri Robln Etter, Bono Karen N. Eubanks, Manlla Mlrlam E. Eubanks, Little Rock Donna J. Evans, Jonesboro Ed L. Evans, Aurora, Ill. Jett D. Evins, Newport James C. Ezell, Corning Ellas Faham, Venezuela Margaret S. Falr, Bono Allyson Farley, Osceola Mohammed S. Faroukh, Israel Edwln W. Faughn, Paragould Llnda G. Feagln, Jonesboro Kathy D. Featherston, Plggott Jeff W. Felklhs, Jonesboro Mlckey A. Felts, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Felts, West Memphis Donlel Ferguson, Jonesboro Donna B. Ferguson, Tuckerman Beverly A. Ferrls, Jonesboro Charlotte L. Flelds, Forrest Clty Donald W. Flelds, Newport SCOH FIhCh, Allola Brenda A. Flndley, Jonesboro Gayle L. Flnley, Batesvllle Karen B. Flnley, Manlla Melvln C. Flsher, Tyronza Amy L. Fltts, Brlnkley George R. Flagg, Manlla Karen M. Flemon, Jonesboro Monlca Hamllton Fletcher, Lake Clty Johnny N. Fllppo, Blscoe Cheryl L. Foley, Benton Mark L. Foltz, West Memphls Jaronda U. Forbs, Paragould Beth Ford, Osceola Greg W. Ford, Bono Llsa C. Ford, Paragould Llsa C. Ford, Tyronza Susan L. Foreman, Gamallel Chrlstopher Forrest, Cash Mlchael R. Fort, Plggott Sherry A. Foster, Paragould Dorothy K. Fowler, Turrell Glorla L. Fowler, Turrell Borls Franklln, Dumas Edward A. Franklln, Memphls, Tenn. Russell K. Franklln, Baton Rouge, La. James A. Franks, Mountaln Vlew Charles A. Frazler, Marlanna Charles E. Fredrlck, Rogers Jamle Free, Newport Freshmen Andrea S. Freeman, Blythevllle Kellle A. Freeman, Paragould Sherry L. Freeman, Brinkley Tlm L. Freeman, Paragould Wllllam C. Frein, Brinkley Wllllam T. French, Rector Jlll A. Frier, Pocahontas W. G. Froman, Rector Mlke D. Fronabarger, Wynne Annette L. Fry, Hope Jelena J. Fry, Brookland Klmberly D. Fry, Marmaduke Lorle M. Fry, Lake City Sheri L. Fugate, Jonesboro Susan Fulbright, Mount Pleasant Charles V. Fuller, Kennett, Mo. Donald A. Fuller, West Memphis Klm D. Fuller, Fllppin Cynthia A. Fulton, Llttle Rock John T. Furlong, Malden, Mo. Tammle A. Gadberry, Monette Steve D. Gage, Brookland Charles E. Gaines, Forrest Clty Michelle L. Gaines, Jonesboro Sally D. Gallher, Walnut Ridge Karen L. Gamblll, Jonesboro Mlchael D. Gamblll, Jonesboro Paul F. Gamblll, Jonesboro Michelle Gammlll, Jonesboro Christopher G. Gardner, Weiner Mellnda E. Gardner, Tupelo Van Gardner, Llttle Rock Davld K. Garner, Jonesboro Alfred Garza, Osceola Allen D. Gasklns, Weiner Julie A. Gatlln, Paragould Teresa L. Gause, Ripley, Tenn. Pamela J. Gazaway, Pocahontas Ellse Gemberllng, Gideon, Mo. Carmen Gentry, Searcy Dorls E. Gentry, Newport Jerry C. Gentry, Marianna Llsa C. George, Jonesboro Mlchael E. Glbbs, Clarkedale Darcl L. Gibson, Jonesboro Todd W. Gibson, Jonesboro Joseph M. Glll, Walnut Ridge Lucretla A. Glll, Llttle Rock Wllllam Glllesple, Jonesboro James W. Gllley, Jonesboro Kenneth L. Gllllam, Wllmot Myrna A. Gllllam, Harrisburg Kevin L. Gilmore, Braggadoclo, Mo. Timothy A. Glnn, Marlon Angela D. Glpson, Trumann Todd Glrtman, Alexandria, La. Melissa A. Glenn, Fisher Terry S. Glover, Plrte Bluff Angela S. Godwin, Jonesboro Rlckl D. Galrtgs, Wlllltord Laurel de Gonzalez, Bremerton, Wash. Katherlrle R. Goadlrt, Bald Knob Wllllam A. Goodpasture, Jonesboro Jo B. Goodson, Jonesboro Krls A. Goodwin, Jonesboro Reginald Gordon, Memphis, Tenn. Tammy R. Gossage, Cash Brenda E. Gossett, Lake City James A. Gossett, Jonesboro Troy Graddy, Plggott 3118 2537? I-J iii fit? fi Q 5. if ms' ,ss .,f .lt . 1. --:-- YN. s XX ' S5 . X s i sa.. sham. as Q as N sg its 5, xv ss. x S ws if if ' j eg ,A,, ,,' - , nf- 'K '72 '-'bs J 1 . K ::: 6 K ls. ' ., Q - ' Q , X I Q , . 1 . if lf: Q., ...QVI J . sg 1 M f is . X xg af xXx ...W U ,... .yr X is H .I :qi qigui. X X. . A g k by J niig, ,E,. sy ' .. - :, . , 4 is , r ..,. Sas . 9- iv R '1 rx. . X A , EN s s X X X 15 if xXxk2 . . ' sf ' o E.. k , Q ' gg- ',',. Y it . -. uf S is F L X . E s s A N , . , 5 . -s 4? .fs K X . ' ts if m Y X silk . . , ...,,, . as J is 4 F 'Q is . Q A .2 xy as fy' . R-J 'A A , . A AZ NK h ""9 I L ' ' x, Q .5 " Q. X X.. ,W kgs- ss K ' , are if J 4 4- ,F 3 ' 3 at X ,SJ J ,,,.. 1 s X, A so Q-is , ,sf rw 'rs Ns XX . , t an x fl' Q f C Q x Ulf V V Q ,1 ,, uf? F .nl 'E Eff W sw T w I .X X- l'll rf Q 5 A rs ,f V, :ln X X id' R A 1 A 'A ,. X. 'xl' Lis L. ' 4 fl if 1 4 N if wi I "ws ,a ' ui..', s t X 1 32- s eo, ,--3' vs-4 .xs in X ,ix ::-, t -k Q A R Y A f A F' X 1 A . E url A I M - 'N wr A il Q'i 'J' H!! 1 Eilif lx A4 - - LEL' I , tt 'Q ' SH A A IKLL si ,Qi - ei 2 ' - v ,L I I. H 5 L f vc, Y, . L N:,E Q. , 5 'zii x wk D ,.EE:.. . in l is , - f , Freshmen Mary Grady, Cardwell, Mo. Suzanne L. Grady, Paragould Anthony Wayne Graham, Plne Bluff Whltney L. Graham, Ulm Bllly R. Gramling, Jonesboro Teresa M. Grammer, Floral Constance A. Granberry, Jonesboro Arthur M. Graves, Hardy Claude D. Graves, Bono Andrew A. Gray, Jonesboro Brlan Gray, Jonesboro Esther M. Grayson, Cornlng Sherry R. Greenway, Mounlaln Vlew Kevln L. Greer, Malden, Mo. Wllllam P. Greer, Earle James K. Gregory, St. Louls, Mo. Joseph W. Gregory, Plggott Curtls J. Grlttln, Jonesboro Janlce M. Grlttln, Elalne Marsha L. Grlttln, Jonesboro Angela R. Grlttlth, Bearden Jett Albert Grltflth, Jonesboro Laura C. Grlttlth, Norton, Kan. Mark Grlggy, Oklahoma Clty, Okla. Rebecca S. Grlmshaw, Jonesboro Cynthla G. Grisham, Jonesboro Phlllp A. Grove, Marvell Carla A. Gschwend, Jonesboro Frank Gulltner, Monette Teressa J. Guntharp, Hoxle Mlchelle Guzlewlcz, Welner ReGlna M. Hale, Wlllltord Sherrl S. Halk, Hlckory Rldge Bryan K. Hall, Jonesboro Charles F. Hall, Hazen Davld A. Hall, Manlla Janlce M. Hall, Crumrod Kevln D. Hall, Lake Clty Ollvla A. Hall, Wlner Twylla A. Hall, Ash Flat Jennller L. Haltom, Llttle Rock Marllyn L. Homblln, Batesvllle Pellcla Hammett, Jonesboro Gerald W. Hammons Jr., Stuttgart Hermon L. Hampton, Jonesboro Jonl Hampton, Hlckory Rldge Ollle Hampton, Steele, Mo. John M. Hancock, Harrlsburg Kevln W. Hancock, Bono Llsa Hancock, Kennett, Mo. Ronnle N. Hancock, Hoxle Stephanie A. Handtord, Jonesboro Sharon Haney, Jonesboro Jett Hanklns, Plne Blutt Lance P. Hanklns, OII Trough Kevln L. Hanks, Wynne Cheryl L. Hannah, Jonesboro Charles A. Hansen, Jonesboro Steve M. Harcrow, Warren Barry L. Hardln, Etowah Brlan Hardlng, Llttle Rock Ramona D. Hardlng, Llttle Rock Chrls A. Hardy, Blythevllle Lavern Hardy, Forrest Clty Paula G. Harmon, Walnut Rldge Joe A. Harp, Hoxle Carol J. Harper, Walnut Rldge Dan G. Harper, Jonesboro Russell L. Harral, Jonesboro Alan B. Harrls, Jonesboro 340 Freshmen Angela L. Harris, Hoxie James Stephen Harris, Forrest City John L. Harris, Ollve Branch, Miss. Patrlcla L. Harris, Mountain Home Rodney D. Harrls, Big Spring, Tex. Steven S. Harris, Jonesboro Tena C. Harris, Walnut Ridge Clndy J. Harrison, Earle Rebecca L. Harrison, Vanndale Robert C. Harrison, Plne Blutf Chrls D. Hart, Carlisle Cyndi A. Harvey, Harrisburg Tommy K. Harvey, Lake Clty Marty L. Harvlll, Paragould Serena A. Hathcoat, Brookland Scott Harley, Mountain View Teresa Jo Hawkins, Leochvllle Ben L. Hayes, Hoxie Stephen Bruce Hayes, Pocahontas Terry Hayes, Heber Springs Mlckey Haygood, Harrisburg Regina L. Hayman, Little Rock Mlstl D. Hayse, Trumann Phllllp S. Hazlewood, Jonesboro Bob D. Heath, Jonesboro Zachary Heath, Gates, Tenn. Steven W. Heavener, Trumann Clndy L. Heep, Searcy TIDG t'tellTIeS, NGWDOH' Nannette J. t'tSl'ldel'SOt'l, Humphrey Sh6fl'Y H6t'ldel'SOn, LOl'1Ok6 BFSYT W. l'l6I"1C.ll'tX, Wynne Robert L. Hendrix, Paragould DBDYO l.. Henley, JODSSDOFO PCIll'lCK W. t'tBl'1I'1, Jonesboro Anlta A. Henry, Tyronza Joe S. Henry, Dumas Lesa A. Henry, Jonesboro Rhonda Henry, Lonoke Sherry A. Hensley, Marmaduke Lori M. Henson, Wynne Ron F. Henson, Paragould Terry L. Henson, Jonesboro Yvette M. Herndon, Newport Charlotte A. Herrlnq, DSVCIIIS Blutt Cheryl Herring, Walnut Ridge Mlohael R. HerrlnQ, Cord Beth A. Hervey, Harrisburg Cyndl D. Hess, Wynne JGml6 R. Hlokman, ClGfeI'1d0I'1 Sandra A. HlCkS, Manlla Klmberly A. Hlgglnbotham, Pocahontas Leanna J. Hlgglnbotham, Harrisburg Tommy B. Hlgglns, Jonesboro Carl Davld Hlll, Wynne Edward Hlll, Jonesboro Kevln S. HIII, Mountain Home Robert L. Hlll, New Orleans, La. John R. Hlllman, Carlisle Van B. Hlnds, Brookland Carla D. Hines, Mountain View Pamela L. Hlnes, North Llttle Rock Robert L. Hlnkle, Jonesboro LatLal Ho, Hong Kong Tuan V. Hoang, Jonesboro Bobby W. Hobbs, Trumann Carol L. Hodge, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Johnny K. Hodges, Kelser Jerry R. Hoeptl, Paragould Tanya L. Hoffman, Kelser .4 ,. we . 'Q' x- X -is J . A Alix 'I 3 I Q W ' ' l " -- f . .ss l .l - . -A W A , 6 A 'E W R B 'Gt 'sky Ns ...... . fl- , 9' it zz, Q ,zu Qi .. . g l ff s M Q :Sur . ..,., as . . T .f ' f 'xref Q3 . 3 S tt" ' tl :tt SLS . . L af as jgf,s td it Q? g A A ,..l' I fx " . V . " tr A . ' A el L. r Ie A it A . 'Y Q , . t't' +2 ' ' T , , .Q ' T . A - ...,. . ' e . . A M B .twlkxe Yi. 3 Ls , ' -1 . . S 1 t L -:r. - 1 A , .. b,1, . 3 H Q . LAX. S y. .fre .... -. Iii A " T ' 3 t r? f . ARE Q' st tf,QW3 W o Xin X .X .L S - ,E 4 ia . X X Q .W J . Q.. es is - 4B if se . eww . Sh S ss if .- , , ,xy , S a A ' .gy Q 9' gf' f XX Y .. is I pls? X its . N if X AQ X 3 xl . j X X if ll , J vs QQ2Q A W 1 . . 5 T X .F -:.. -. rf' yi' H, X 2 3 . ' fR1f"s1't , .fs zw. x , , LEE. l an i, is 'lil' -- .. - , ...Q fs ai- A 3- -Q. ,. r, X Y We lil is is-ix i xk . K .. .. 9-:lil J v A A Wi g , K S' All ll ll P gl kb 1 5 K A lil V ll ' J li :"i:q xl K A P L F' TQ l - f . ff " A if M .. ffvvyb .4 7' "' gg K ...QS 3 lt TE ::" ' ' Freshmen Donald J. Hofmann, North Llllle Rock Kathy A. Hogan, Pocahontas Terry L. Hogard, West Memphls Paul B. Hogue, Hazen Randy E. Hogue, Welner Garry T. Holden, Lake Clty Jerry L. Holden, Lake Clty Pam Holden, Lake Clly Rodney D. Holland, Forrest Clty Yvette L. Holland, Palestlne Penny D. Holley, Swlfton Wllllarn K. Hollls, Jonesboro Krls D. Holloway, Sheridan Phllllp R. Holloway, Bono Karen S. Holmes, Senath, Mo. Carl E. Holt, Trumann Chrlstopher Holt, Jonesboro Ellzabeth C.- Holt, Paragould Glna L. Holt, Jonesboro Ronald Allan Holt, Jonesboro Sandy K. Honey, Newport Cellsa R. Hood, Lake Clty Nancy S. Hooten, Walnut Rldge Donnle Hopklns, Paragould Kevln Hopklns, Parkln Kelll S. Horrell, Mcrmcduke Patrlck Horvel, Sun Pralrie, Wlsc. Mary A. Houchln, Marked Tree Mary Luann Howard, Jonesboro Rlck L. Howard, Marked Tree Lane M. Howerton, Paragould Karen M. Hubbard, Blythevllle Kelly L. Hubbard, Marked Tree Renee Hubbell, Jonesboro Kelley R. Hudson, O'Kean Shelly G. Hudson, O'Kean Terry E. Hudspeth, West Memphls Glnger K. Hulstedler, Pocahontas Rodney E. Hulstedler, Egypt Bret A. Hugglns, Jonesboro Erlc L. Hughes, Newport Reglnald Hughes, Memphls, Tenn. Sharon Hughes, Marked Tree Andrea Humphrey, Wynne Robert E. Hundley, Jonesboro Ron D. Hundley, Trumann Laura R. Hunn, Augusta, Ga. Jamle L. Hunnlcutt, Jonesboro Clndy R. Hunt, Trumann Donald R. Hunter, Jonesboro Llnda K. Hunter, Paragould Donna L. Hutcheson, Paragould Deborah L. Hulchlns, Gulon Sylvla G. Hutchlson, Rector Krlstlne E. Hutto, Helena Pamela M. Hydrlck, Earle John S. llangkovan, Malaysla Brlan F. lmboden, Cherry Valley John P. Ireland, Memphls, Tenn. Deborah E. lrvlng, Pocahontas James Bradley Isbell, Jonesboro Teresa L. Isbell, Bay James R. Ishmael, Brookland Kenneth B. Ishmael, Jonesboro Albert L. ltson, Marked Tree Clndy A. Jackson, Blythevllle Llsa G. Jackson, Bay Qulntella Jackson, East St. Louls, III. Tommy Jackson, Chicago, Ill. Vlckle L. Jackson, Cornlng Freshmen Wllllam L. Jackson, Newport, Tenn. John R. James, Jonesboro Paul A. James, Jonesboro Rhonda M. James, Jonesboro Jamle M. Jamison, Paragould Llnda M. Jansen, Pocahontas Carolyn Kay Jarrett, Paragould Susan S. Jarrett, Walnut Rldge Jannette M. Jefferson, West Memphis Myleta D. Jefferson, Kennett, Mo. L0rI K. Jett, Krtobel Nona P. Jewett, Walnut Ridge Darryl J0be, Cabot Amy R. Johnson, Jonesboro Barbara A. Johnson, Holly Grove Bellnda K. Johnson, Trumann Cralg Johnson, Jonesboro Delorls Johnson, Holly Grove Greg P. Johnson, Jonesboro Harry T. Johnson, Brookland JacQullne Y. Johnson, Pocahontas l.OI'l A. JOhI"lSOl'1, POCCIHODTOS l.ll'1d0fC Johnson, Holly Grove Marcla A. Johnson, WSST HSISDG Patrlck VGI1 Johnson, WSST Helena ROCIDSY P. JOIWDSOD, W6Sf Helend Sylvla A. JOhl1SOl'1, WYHDS Vlcfor Johnson, East St. Louis, III. Alllson L. Johnston, Jonesboro Paul A. Johnston, Jonesboro Bellnda S. Jolner, Parcgould Sherrl L. Jolner, Rector Aaron J. Jones, Memphls, Tenn. Bradley D. Jones, Rector Chrls R. Jones, Ollve Branch, Miss. CORDIS R. JODSS, Bono DGDDC G. JODSS, NSWDOF1' Davld A. Jones, DSQUSSD Donna J. Jones, Paragould EYIC W. Jones, McCrory Jaclyn B. Jones, Paragould KBDFISTTI T. JODBS, STUHQCTT Klm M. Jones, Pocahontas Llsa D. Jones, Malvern Peter G. Jones, Wynne Robert A. Jones, Senath, Mo. Robln L. Jones, Harrlsburg Sharon D. Jones, Jonesboro Stephen D. Jones, Hoxle Steven B. Jones, Earle Sue V. Jones, Jolher Barry K. Jordan, Jonesboro Cameron G. Jordan, England Jerry D. Jordan, Plggott Phllllp Jordan, Chlcago, lll. Tony Jordan, Glaleon, Mo. Tlm M. Joseph, Searcy James A. Jullan, Cornlng Mohammad Nazlll Jusoh, Malaysla MOhdAZmI Jusoh, MGICYSIG Gwen G. Justlce, Jonesboro Zarlnah Karlm, Malaysla Davld Karns, Cave Clty Gary J. Katzen, Jonesboro Rebecca J. Kauke, Sldney Susan Keatlng, West Memphls Steven W. Keech, Walnut Ridge Mack Keedy Jr., Cash Sherrl A. Keene, Jonesboro Troy A. Keller, Welner X 8 ff' - lk 1 sr' , x ss. W I Q 53 'T 'K W wr .. .If " 'Q' S f . . XE .S K .ir . VT." ti . l. .J-M ,MSR D N, 4 io' K as-A it xv's"ew.3l 3 f ' 74 r O s - . l . l . 9 .,. -.R K - . in ... X X KE. f .gg W ? Y 3 x X 5 Si' 9345 - ,-. . 2 tr: .. - . Qi: kg X 1 kk in , ---. . : EE' 'X a Rf it sis Nil? wr ls A t 'P' . j s K ,rs . .A y . A gf w ag' is f.. .f 6 is . x sf XM Q 'rs M . if VA in 1 fs. t l X , Q? wmv' qqx gm R' ' Q :Z T A A .sw X - kg .+L s B 5312 :ffm yr - L 3 'X V s Q X l . X FX ' ' -"4 ' - I K ' ,gsm f, .W A 'S' 1 f , .,,,.L'S x 3. .iffx l A s lr R SL T! we wer ,gr .-. 5 J -ff 'r it lk. 4- sv S 3 f 5 ale: . ...N S!! O it . .J G? ' 4- ,l 'X iv.. x -' , Q xx.. as x .ll Q , 1rar,sg. .. . S x .M sift ' Freshmen Shanna L. Kellett, Jonesboro Harold F. Kelley Jr., Jolner Mlchael P. Kelley, Walnut Rldge Glna M. Kelly, Jonesboro Katherlne A. Kelly, Jonesboro Mlchael E. Kelly, Hughes Bryan N. Kelso, Trumann Rondell L. Kemp, Ravenden Patrlcla A. Kendel, Jonesboro Ann M. Kennedy, Walnut Rldge Ronald D. Kennett Jr., Leachvllle Roberta L. Kennon, Jonesboro Dawn M. Kent, Batesvllle James E. Kesterson, Jonesboro Mohammed F. Khallq, Jonesboro Armentla Renee Klter, Jonesboro Steven Kllcrease, Hamburg Sharon D. Kllpatrlck, West Memphls Gwen L. Klmbrow, Kennett, Mo. Vlckl L. Klnder, Jonesboro Beverly M. Klng, Cave City Carla J. Klng, Alton, Mo. Paula M. Klng, West Memphls Ronald A. Klngston, Paragould Dawn O. Klnlon, Batesvllle Kendall L. Klrby, Manlla Carlssa G. Klrk, Tyronza Curtls Klrkpatrlck, Holly Grove Gayla A. Klrksey, Jonesboro Kimberly M. Klrksey, Jonesboro Lori J. Klrksey, Jonesboro Barry L. Klsner, Black Oak Ronda L. Klssee, Paragould Donnle C. Klsslnger, Jonesboro Jon A. Kltta, North Llttle Rock Doug Knlerlm, Walnut Ridge Arley C. Knlght, West Memphls Brent S. Kohlbrecher, Cornlng Lauren D. Krlgbaum, Jonesboro Chlng Kuan, Malaysla Steve L. Kueter, Paragould Bob D. Lock, Plggott Charles 5. Lacy, Newport Sandra G. Lacy, Newport Stephen S. Lagasse, Greenbrier Janlce M. LaGore, Kennett, Mo. Rebecca A. LaGore, Kennett, Mo. Elalne LaGrone, Jonesboro Patrlcla A. LaMar, Marvell James T. Lamb, Hoxle Steven L. Lamb, Jonesboro Sue H. Lambert, Cardwell, Mo. Janet L. Lamberth, Jonesboro John Scott Lancaster, Sherldan Rod W. Lancaster, Paragould Sonya L. Landers, Cave Clty Russell L. Lands, Paragould Darlene D. Lane, Powell, Ohlo Tracey S. Lane, Jonesboro Vlckl L. Lane, Marked Tree Blake W. Lang, Bono Kevln G. Lang, Paragould Jeannle A. Langle, Vlola Stephen G. Langlols, Jonesboro Ozella M. Larry, Portagevllle, Mo. James C. Larue, Tuckerman Karen J. Lasslter, Jonesboro Albert D. Latham, Trumann Sharon R. Latham, Hughes Anne B. Lathrop, Buffalo, N. Y. Freshmen Jackie E. Louhon, Hamburg IIClh C. Lawhon, Hoxie David W. Lawrence, Brookland Jeffrey A. Lawrence, Couch, Mo. Robert O. Lawrence, Rector Joseph W. Lawson, Stuttgart Kem T. Layton, Pocahontas Rebecca L. Leary, Batesville Ronnie Leavy, Memphis, Tenn. Charles K. Lee, Harrisburg Gregory L. Lee, Pine Bluff John L. Lee, Jonesboro Michael D. Lee, Jonesboro Teresa D. Lee, Bono Russell L. Leggett, Blytheville Roger B. Leonard, Hickory Ridge Ronerfe L. LePley, Paragould Barrick Lester, Marked Tree Keenan Left, Chicago, lll. Cynthia A. Lewallen, Trumann Laura Lewallen, Bentonville Karen Lewellen, Jonesboro Kenneth A. Lewellen, Belvidere, Ill. Monlco R. Lewellen, Cherry Valley James T. Lewellyn, Cash Marsha F. Lewellyn, Grubbs Sharron K. Lewellyn, Cash Dana C. Lewis, Corning David W. Lewls, Sl. Louls, Mo. Fellcicl A. Lewls, Sl. Louis, lll. Jimmy E. Lewis, Pocahontas Perry Lewls, Jonesboro Shirley A. Lewls, Blylheville Steve E. Llebhaber, Biggers Susan R. Llght, Van Buren, Mo. Martln E. Lllly, Jonesboro Darlene A. Llmber, Jonesboro Denise A. Llndner, Pocahontas Erlc L. Llndqulst, Jonesboro Amy L. Llnstrom, Blytheville Glyn M. Llnton, Trumann Cheri D. Llftle, Rector Vanessa R. Llttle, Pollard Kevin L. Lloyd, Jonesboro Rodney M. Lockeff, Pine Bluff Angela D. Loe, Jonesboro Eddie Bryan Lomax, Hornersville, Mo. Rhonda D. London, Jonesboro Tlm W. London, Grubbs Allcla D. Long, Harrisburg Deanna R. Long, Mountain View Laura Lynn Long, Heber Springs John L. Lord, Bellevue, Neb. Frank C. Love, Jonesboro Michael R. Love, Marion Todd M. Loveless, Marion Kerry L. Lowe, Ash Flol DODDC L. Loyd, WllS0l'1 MlChC1el A. Lucus, Mllllnqlon, Tenn. LISCI A. Lumpkln, Oll Trough Jullc C. l.Ul'lSf0l'Cl, Bono Bdfbflfd A. LUSTST, NlCI'K9d Tree DSGDDG L. LUSl6I', JOn6SbOl'O Randy S. Lyles, Rector Vlckle L. MGOQ, Paragould Cherryl Y. Maben, Tyronza Sfarre Lynne Maddox, Jonesboro Kellee M. Mohan, Dollon Mohd Redza Mahmood, Malaysia Teresa K. Malin, Jonesboro rrr, A 'QE " Q 'fl' J 'i-" ' Ms, w x i Q as l 2 LJ 5' ...lf A ' .-:. X ' Q P , . A F ' sv we .rfll l. -. ,Ji i '... ,Q ir. .si-'E .:-.:, I ' 'l 5 E s .li all I X I Y 5 ' frs zl' . ll h h ' A A We .... Q s P ssir J ll giw A A if T U I A VN ,sf ,T J f ,T E It K J In I v. x - yy 1 K K J -A uik 1 v , K J s , . X xl A A . ' l lx All s ,-f.: " . '5. . "I ' I ri' X . ,A f NU .f A . ki!! , xi N. 'if vu J 4' X 1 l 9 X'-If , X 1 345 " :Q -sv 42951 W' '-4, ' 6 . V. A saws. n A S it L. f 2. 'WJ . i 4 B - Srl Nl f az as . . ' .... , ., .. K. 1 ..,. K K , ly is Q . i ' K K i t B K : .. . ".f','.v::5: 1 I- v m i 1 Y ... EVL E ,Q L., .. L . f' .' ,lt Y 'S if tt . Q .A f 'ab' 7 A T B . S' . ss -rss Q - v 'I X f A - ,,' Bi g Jig, X . zi, f y ,, . . ,gp gs? Z... A .NT N .... , N Qkx my V V, . I , '- .-- . e, .Q ' . A f Iiqmi ' sm., A , ,. S ' is Xxx . ff' .. W., 1, vu . 1' gl.. . . s. X X A- tt! T rf t' S It S fr ?xt.A.?...2. sf 55.1 0 tt . 9 1 ,y k:,: K .T .F is sss Freshmen Charles Ray Malone, Marked Tree Donal L. Malone, Arbyrd, Mo. Brenda Kay Mangum, Blythevllle Mellnda S. Manls, Olathe, Kan. Nellle M. Manning, Jonesboro Suzanna G. Manning, Jonesboro Llsa D. Marconi, Crawfordsvllle Stephen L. Markln, Monette Shella G. Marlln, Jonesboro Barry W. Marshall, Blrdsong Cralg C. Marshall, Brlnkley Davld A. Marshall, Jonesboro Rosllyn D. Marshall, Llttle Rock Vlrgll G. Marshall, Wynne Donna J. Martillo, Jonesboro Anthony S. Martln, Jonesboro Beverly A. Martln, Peach Orchard Cella L. Martln, Llttle Rock Chuck Martln, Wlllow Sprlngs, Mo. Denlse M. Martln, Jonesboro Gary W. Marlln, Paragould Jeffers D. Martln, Caraway Ralph Edward Martln Jr., Jonesboro Roberta Martln, Huntlngton Beach, Callt Theresla D. Martln, Jonesboro Debble L. Mashburn, Llttle Rock Cecll P. Massey, Pocahontas Valerle W. Massey, Trumann Allen L. Masters, Trumann Jessle B. Mastin, Caraway Nancy D. Mathls, Cornlng Charles E. Matlock, Osceola Charles J. Matthews Jr., Flsher Joseph Matthews, Memphls, Tenn. Mary A. Matthews, Flsher Laura E. Maxwell, EI Dorado Stephen D. May, Jonesboro Anlta L. Mayes, Jonesboro Karen D. Mayes, Jonesboro Terrl A. Maynard, Jonesboro Tlna L. Maynard, Monette Sondra J. Maynard, Brookland Steven J. McAllster, Turrell Beth L. McBride, Brlnkley Chrlstlne M. McBrlde, Marmaduke Loyd W. McBrIde Jr., Wlnona, Mo. Llsa D. McBroome, Bono Pattl R. McBroome, Bono Johnny W. McCaln, Mdnlla Wllly T. McCaIIle, Carllsle Clarlssa F. McClaln, Warren Cathy A. McClure, Jonesboro Teresa M. McClure, Paragould Mark D. McClusky, Jonesboro Wllllam J. McConomy, Crofton Mlchael C. McCormlck, Wynne BrIdQSt A. McCourt, North Llttle ROCK Mary L. McCoy, Jonesboro Ronald S. McCoy, Jonesboro Tommle L. McCoy, Success Kerry L. McCrIght, Pocahontas Hollye A. McCrum, Clarendon Dana M. McCullar, Marlon Brlan J. McDanIeI, Jonesboro Jane Marle McDanleI, Jonesboro Llsa A. McDonald, Paragould Tommy G. McDonald, Bragg Clty, Mo. Tana M. McElhannon, Monette Brad W. McElrath, Sheridan Llnda M. McFall, Jonesboro Freshmen Pamela M. McFall, Paragould Mack O. MCFarlin, Piggott Carolyn E. McFatridge, Turrell Bllly D. McGee, Brookland Stacey A. McGee, Pine Bluff Kenneth McGinley, Gideon, Mo. John D. McGinnis, Crossett Russ C. McGough, Cabot MltChell L. MCGreW, Baker, La. Barbara S. McGuire, Jonesboro Opal M. Mclntare, Brickeys Sherrl L. McKay, Harrisburg Jlmmy R. McKee Jr., Pine Blutf Llndy L. MCKuln, Bernie, MO. James M. McMasters, Bay Kevln W. McMasters, Bay Tlmothy McNamara, Jonesboro Nancy C. McNeal, Wynne Wllllam J. MCNeII, LOnOke Mark W. McPhink, Jonesboro Bellnda K. Mcauay, Jonesboro Darrln D. Mcauay, Jonesboro Brenda L. MCShan, Round POnd Helen M. Mead, Welner Falry G. Meador, Earle Dana L. Mears, Newport Carl C. Medley, Helena Greg P. Meek, Hot Springs Tedhhd L. Meek, SGISTTI Cynthla D. Melton, Newport Davld T. lVl9hClell, JODSSDOTO David W. Meredith, Hot Springs JOS A. M6l'Tlll, JODSSDOTO Robert E. Merrlll, Forrest City Gene C. Metcalf, Leachville Barbara A. Metzger, Newport Sandra K. Mlley, Jonesboro Janet M. Mlllay, Paragould Becky L. Mlller, Jonesboro Blll R. Mlller, Augusta Ken W. Mlller, Harrisburg Kevln W. Mlller, Jonesboro Mlchael Mlller, Jonesboro Reanne C. Mlller, Jonesboro Robert Mlller, Helena Ronnle M. Mlller, Newport Steve J. Mlller, Paragould Terry D. Mlller, Maynard Valerla A. Mlller, Colton Plant Allen C. Mllllgan, Trumann Greg M. Mllls, Jonesboro Holly A. Mllls, Rector Isaac Mllls, Helena Joan Mason Mllls, West Memphis Terry J. Mllls, Welner Klm Mllner, Bono Joe E. Mlnor, Earle Mary F. Mlnton, Jonesboro Randy B. Mlnton, Bono Roger D. Mlnton, DeValls Bluff Todd M. Mlsemer, Grandvlew, Mo. Chuck F. Mltchell, Jonesboro Dennls C. Mltchell, Trumann Kerry B. Mltchell, Senath, MO. Sherry J. Mltchell, Paragould Sherry K. Mltchell, Harrlsburq Sheila J. Mabley, PlQQOtt Kamaryl Mohd Saad, Malaysia, Audrey G. Moland, Yorktown Drew C. Montgomery, Jonesboro K QS.. 'Q wg. s. .X Si + is .. Jr X . .Q 'Hx X. we . '2'l . . . s.,V 5 xvj L ttt A 'slf L 'H S S ,,i,,?g A s A Q L.. . A A bgbqizib it , 2,s f gs 1 .sss , A rr. s " ' M L .... l L t li i .ss is . - if" L if 2' 1' it .rw Q fs Reise . R' . . so s 2 ,E-',,. . 5 in X J S 5 K ' zzz: . V. . 4 X' "' .... ' .' 2' ' f ' ...s. it it .... .s E.. it Xt 5 'L A Ll L R K tlll ttt K .6 A L s s . T " ' ' ' ,gif 3 ., 1' ' ' -'sp bb A ii t' - ... 1 , a s wr 'WJ ' X W .I MC - .V,.N-J,.!' f X it i f ,,.. X . , - K in :2f-' -. ci, . T LT '..:. iii .. 5 L 1 L i t 1 N I .:l- 25... . tll .-. L ' l ..:E xt :.: Q V .. ,.. . K.. V I . Q ,V . 'Sb r it as .,-- . ' 1 K i:"' J vi . Sit. 5' 1l'i'3 6, .ss g N , . ' I SU" R 1 'U' .ss u Y . is., is ...,, - . . 'A ,"'-. t , New WW is S L.. t if AC sg, . 'l'i Q f , 23 if kbb, u S I ,T Q b i ff . ' l X - J tx . V ' ...g ' ss . is T " - 'i "'. L21 1 1 tt: . txt A lf Q i Si K A ,. X gy. " " v t o s "" tt to , ff . l i X 's , V ' fs? it ' X 5 ' E 3.5 ki - sw S K T sets? " 55' "IE" . R . - ' , - as i . r A .. A ,. - R X' su ,:,. ,, , , f ss K t o WE S A t 1 Q . , , C kg X 'Q:1"1Q X -sg' . 3 ,f ,Q .Qu 5 . 1 i , J V 1.. lr l Q. wif SVN i T s I D Q as V K i li X X s , wx tw t f 51xQt' t' .. 9 Q . . 1-.3 RQ 1 K .1 'x N ,j ff' " -L tl tl' u sf T5 , j ,,,, 'Si I ..', rs, Freshmen Lea A. Montgomery, West Memphls Dewey Kent Moody, Jonesboro Llso F. Moody, Mountaln Vlew Brett W. Moore, Cordova, Tenn. Jett Moore, Ollve Branch, Mlss. Jeffery S. Moore, Walnut Rldge Paul E. Moore, Bono Paul K. Moore, Jonesboro Valerle J. Moore, Jonesboro Davld A. Morgan, Jonesboro Donald Mark Morgan, Harrlsburg Donnle W. Morgan, Allcla James Morgan, Helena Mary A. Morgan, Franklln Teresa K. Morgan, Crumrod Letha A. Morrls, Jonesboro Patrlcla F. Morrls, Osceola John P. Morrlson, Blythevllle Tlna M. Morrow, Beech Grove John F. Morse, Jonesboro Kerry G. Mosbey, Walcott Robert S. Mosler, Paragould Jeffery B. Moskop, Walnut Rldge BIII Moss, Oxford, Dovld C. Moss, Oxford Larry R. Moss, Walnut Rldge Suda D. Moss, Jonesboro Kevln T. Moye, Harrisburg Darryl M. Muhammad, Decator, Ga. Mlguel A. Mukel, Venezuala Jeremlah M. Mulllns, Paragould Robert F. Muns ll, Batesvllle Steve E. Murdock, Plne Bluff Jon H. Myers, Texarkana Robert D. Myers, Camden Roblrl R. Myers, Huntsville Llsa G. Mynatt, West Memphls Brenda L. Myrlck, North Llttle Rock Edwln A. Nagel, Tuckerman Mlchelle L. Nance, Batesvllle Kendra D. Nanney, Bono Roland W. Nash, Kennett, Mo. Kurt J. Naumann, DeQueen Deanna Neal, Camden Gerald W. Neal, Augusta Leavern Neal, Elalne Luclnda L. Neely, Paragould Susan A. Neely, Senath, Mo. Gary R. Negron, Hardy Ahmed Nekhllan, Saudl Arabla Gary D. Nelson, Jonesboro Rlch A. Nelson, Jonesboro Sharon K. Nelson, Trumann Mlchael G. Nettles, Monefte Tonya M. New, Jonesboro Robert A. Newberry, Paragould Hoang Nguyen, Jonesboro Gary D. Nlchols, Trumann Sluananthan Nlthlananthan, Malaysla Lora A. Nlx, Bay Lorl S. Noblln, Jonesboro Tammle E. Nolen, Caruthersvllle, Mo. Jerry Norfleet, Llttle Rock Brldgett A. Norman, Augusta James E. Norman Jr., Kennett, Mo. Mark E. Norman, Thayer, Mo. Pamela S. Norrls, Welner Debble G. Nuckles, Jonesboro Deborah L. Nunnally, Lake City Rlchard R. Nutt, Bono Freshmen Allison Oakley, Searcy Ronald S. Oates, McGehee Andrea M. O'Brlen, Forrest City Karen L. O'Connor, Walnut Ridge Randall E. O'Donnell, Pocahontas Vickie S. Ogles, Paragould Teresa A. Oldham, Hoxie Jeanette Oldman, Harrisburg Roosevelt Oliver, Osceola Fred A. O'Neill, Myrtle, Mo. Rose P. Onyeugbo, Clarksville Martha L. Orosz, Hardy Rusty D. Ort, Plggott Todd Osborn, Corning John E. Osborne, Newport Lee A. Osborne, Parkin Chris A. Osment, Harrisburg Carolyn M. Oswald, Jonesboro Khalrll Othman, Malaysia Mohd Othman, Malaysia Anita S. Overturt, Sauget, lll. Wllllam J. Owen, Jonesboro James B. Owens, Athens, Tex. Kelly L. Owens, Lake City Rodney Owens, Clarendon Angela F. Oxford, Springdale Joel B. Pace, Black Oak Lana S. Palmer, Pine Bluff Rlohard J. Pankey, Blylhevllle Tammy R. Pankey, Bay Wlllle J. Paploh, Jonesboro Sophocles Parapanos, Cyprus Amy M. Pardew, Jonesboro Kenny R. Parish, Bay Krlstl L. Parlsh, Jonesboro Penny L. Parish, Memphis, Tenn. Christopher T. Parisi, Gosnell Tammle K. Park, Corning Brenda L. Parker, Memphis, Tenn. Kenneth A. Parker, Plggott Paula S. Parker, Hughes Ramona A. Parker, Walnut Ridge VlC'lor R. Parker, Plne Bluff Darrell D. Parks, Jonesboro Joan R. Parks, Jonesboro John F. Parks, Blytheville Nancy J. Parks, Paragould Donna Parnell, Trumann Kathey R. Parr, Holly Grove Joseph Parris, Hot Springs Anna D. Parrish, Trumann Cllnt C. Parton, Jonesboro LaVonda L. Passalaqua, Hoxie Bobby D. Patterson, Osceola Donny W. Patterson, Paragould Jerald D. Patterson, Memphis, Tenn. Letltlo G. PCYHS, l'l0l'I'1Sl'SVlll6, MO. Todd W. Payne, Biglervllle, Pa. Kimberley S. Peabody, Blythevllle .l6CI"tl'1l6 l.. PBOCS, Jonesboro Tlna R. Peacock, Hughes Anne E. Pearson, North Llltle Rock GOTY G. Pearson, lVl0Ul'Td, Nllnn. Tami K. Pearson, Mound, Mlnn. Vonda L. Pearson, Lepanto Llsa M. Peck, Jonesboro John W. Peqrarn, Llltle Rock Cody L. Penderglst, West Memphis Scarlet B. Penn, Blythevllle Johnny R. Peoples, West Plains, Mo. A 'ri' ....- -. A . . . .,s, S ' ' 1 ,..,,,. , I ,V .,"' I xy :M f , " Q ' X -Q J T' F :Li .. . ' 'QB Xt E X' is. s fo ew-. vm x f., x l ' X 4 I 1. . ci ' J. . 'S . . - E .un ws si . ls is " , . K ...S . W . l 4 'iq ,U X. . ..... .:-.- . J' X .ff .llll L P L 2 x , , sr V lilly Nw lQ'lllw' it f .,. ..,.,.,.. , 1 QW . -4-f ' KW' 'V ,gk X , tsss if 'TQ X i ' I :" if 5 5 f sw he sg gh K 1 -rs - 2 'st , is-A .5 as l L. is xx T 1 1 N f s L-av ,"'!"i, N 5. r if s Asif ' 'E t A ' 3 A-1 , :A .. . ,. V. I es. . ,... Q ek Q. f A I I ....., w I U S ss S s i fm kftd 'fs W- . , a -.... HX "si.xl -1, ' ,p s-' 6 L 0 sr'- -sl ' 'Ni' x , Qt- - . If Elf 3 I f K ,Ja tt W' 4. D As 1 I if .,.: V v .T 1 Q, 1 bv , 6 s . , P' 5 , J SN. KR 'R KU .U 9 :: f . -nr. f r ' Q sf R '-Q 2 . . xx..- H l I , xi I E wigs A Y. -6- we QQ as ss A l YT . . . J he 5 if - .n-A S -f Q A X ,ff it . 'lm -x Freshmen Wllllam M. Peplaw, Manchester, Mo Robin E. Peppers, Jonesboro Kathy S. Perklns, Jonesboro Mark Perklns, Blytheville Mary A. Perklns, Blythevllle Robert Perklns, Bono Steven J. Perklns, Port Allen, La. Brian A. Perry, DeWitt John W. Perry, Mllllngton, Tenn. Vlrglnla T. Perry, Cherokee Vlllage Lesley A. Peters, St. Charles, Mo. Larry W. Peterson, Cave City Robert F. Petter, Hazen Ellzabeth L. Ptttlt, West Memphls Charles S. Petty, Walnut Rldge Jetta L. Petty, Arbyrd, Mo. Vlrglnla Kay Pfelter, Jonesboro Pennle M. Pflueger, Kennett, Mo. Marsha L. Phelps, Lake Clty Robert L. Phenlx, Thayer, Mo. Chrlstopher H. Phllllps, Gilmore Gllbert F. Phllllps, Crawfordsvllle John E. Phllllps, Jonesboro Michele Phllllps, Brookland Nlna K. Phllllps, Newport Teena M. Phllllps, Monette Andrea L. Phlpps, Jonesboro Kelth Plckens, Kennett, MO. Jtm Plckle, JOl'16SbOfO Deborah A. PISTCS, Arbyrd, MO. DOYI16 D. Pt6l'C6, Jonesboro JGITISS D. Plerce, Jonesboro J0t'1I"l Ttm PtSl'C6, WttSOI'1 Joyce A. Pt6I'C6, Jonesboro John R. Plercy, Manila Davld Lynn Plerson, Ash Flat Mary A. Pllklnton, Weiner Patrlck J. Plllerl, Paragould Mark Plnkerton, North Little Rock Randy G. Plnson, Jonesboro Lane Plppln, Donlphan, Mo. Kelth S. Pltts, Marked Tree Kim D. Poe, Walcott Melanle D. Pogue, Plggolt Carrle L. Pollard, Jonesboro EIlZClbeth A. Polston, Beedevllle Harvey K. Porchla, Stephens Rlta R. Porter, Llttle Rock Donna S. Porter1Ield, Jolner Corlnna J. Postlethwalt, Llttlelon, W. Joy L. Potts, Aurora, Colo. Arllss D. Powell, Mammoth Sprlng Marenda L. Powers, Campbell, Mo. Charles W. Pratt, Jonesboro Laura L. Pratt, Mountaln Home Fellcla D .Prlce, Crosselt Bobby B. Prlchard, Pocahontas Clarence D. Prlchard, Trumann Patrlcla K. Prlnce, Patterson Sandy Prlnce, Patterson Dametra C. Proftltt, Dyess Wesley V. Provence, Tuckerman Vlnce J. Provenzano, Cave Clty Jeanle D. Pruett, Hardy John G. Pulley, Jonesboro Sherry E. Pulley, Wynne Martha R. Purdy, DeWltt Lynn A. Pyland, Caraway Barry E. Pylant, Jonesboro Harry Lee Quarrels, Palestlne 35 Q Freshmen Jon Davld Rader, El Dorado Ronda R. Ragan, Althelmer Stacey D. Ralnwater, Jonesboro Thomas H. Ralnwater, Walnut Ridge Johanna M. Raley, Wynne James L. Ramer, Jonesboro ROhGl'tCl Rdmll, Malaysla Mark D. Ramsey, Paragould Robln D. Ramsey, West Memphls LISC C. RGST, Llttle Rock Anna K. Rawls, Paragould Angle L. Raymer, West Memphls Byron A. Reagan, Dyersburg, Tenn. Kelvln D. Reagan, Rector Kelth W. RebSTOCk, Kennett, MO. Debble M. Reed, PClrGQOuld Gennoro A. Reed, Heth Jacquellne Reed, Wynne Johnny L. Reed, Wynne Sheryl Reed, Tuckerman LelghAnne Reeve, Wynne Angela A. Reeves, Palestlne Bllly G. Reeves, Bald Knob Deena M. Reeves, Blggers Patrlcla S. Reeves, Jonesboro Earl A. Relch Ill, Deerfleld, Ill. Leanne M. Rellly, Peorla, Ill. Deanna R. Relthemeyer, Sedgwlck Marla E. Reynolds, Paragould Leslle A. Rhlddlehoover, Houston, Tex. Jan D. Rhoads, Marked Tree Tommy Rhoads, Trumann Paul A. Rlce, Carllsle Glenda A. Rlchardson, Kennett, Mo. Jlll L. Rlchardson, Trumann JoLynn Rlchardson, Turrell Mlke A. Rlchardson, Trumann Charles Kelth Rlchey, Marmaduke Jett S. Rlckey, O'Kean Janette K. Rlckman, Paragould Joe T. Rlddle, Pocahontas Melanle L. Rlddle, West Memphls Carla A. Rlder, Hoxle Mlchael R. Rlder, Hoxle Troy D. Rlggs, Newport Sharon R. Rlley, Bernle, Mo. Robln R. Rlngo, Reyno Kevln L. Rlppy, Marmaduke Llnda D. Rlppy, Paragould Jlll L. Rltter, Plne Bluff Erlc A. Roach, Columbus, Ohlo Allsla I. Roberts, Tuckerman Jamesy C. Roberts, Lafe Johnle B. Roberts, Onelda Wllllam T. Roberts, Marmaduke Clndy G. Robertson, Paragould John H. Robertson III, Jonesboro Phll K. Robertson, Rosle Clndy Roblnett, Jonesboro Barbara Roblnson, Cotton Plant James Roblnson, Callfornla Ctty, Callf. Kathleen R. Roblnson, Paragould Mark R. Roblnson, Jonesboro Rebecca J. Roblnson, Hardy Scott Roblnson, Newport Steven B. Roblnson, Jonesboro Susan C. Roblnson, Paragould Tonya K. Roblnson, Holcomb, Mo. Mark A. Robnett, Stuttgart Patrlcla A. Roddy, Newport Q 'Q ii: X ' 4.,. MW 'K .r Kiev i f Lei gt Q. fx gg, , .va x ' 1 1' ' it Lf A.. ss. six ' 'QQ Q" ' Q ST. Q if ' A!-Q I4 '. -s V Q A ,,, . "' U ff K F :I . 5 .Q , Y, Xi ... . ..,. . Q , Q Q . ff P Q A Q Q. ' ' SA S ' W e gs t ,1- ,f' f" .I 'S sr 1-afiv - , so ,, .s " if N. Q fx-. ' Bf ,fu- X li sffiy new . L kif S S b b L kllr , , Q . . QQQ.. S me 'E' - it . if 3 Q sewitffig. tw ll! F vw K . , 33" f X . I sk Cn-. Y QE sf ss 02, Z, .:l"i,lg1 xl X he if zap. A , vi' ' 5. Q X 'fa Sb' 6 5 3 'twill' -M t ' , .x l ' iw S' K FX V J J t X ' ...SS V f ' S' S . wil l ',," 5 Q mi sb A .. - A .. 1 V s S S , in ,- s -K K, F ' gf - 1 ,V A.. . .. , ,:,. asf Kat s . Q Z fx- ia..-,,XJ.S1t .1 R A., sg s '-'18 lf y ' . Q 4 g ' .S . 12'A l ,-:: 1 'gb P , 'T' . 'F R 4 s X M 515 fix , JSF if, A A ",' .,,, A ' ' A i M'?x4ms4tl X1 . ' , . :QN F g A .. '31 Q -v s' Q. 5 'Y N N Q 1 N I g. .. KN X A. 5 5 i ' ik .sb Q Y 'Q ss.s S . . 3 K .Xx'z if A 3 as iff-fgl-7, ' wi .fi .. A s t s I " A .. , 2 ,Q J' XV. I ' K , V1 Li Si' A ny '22 r 'ff' x 3 ws X X L we 'r s if ' ' gill . I if X fs - . 1:4 . we L A is bk. h .. mx 3, s sit Freshmen Shanon L. Rodgers, Black Oak Betty S. Rogers, Jonesboro Cynthla Rogers, Jonesboro Donald E. Rogers, Hoxle Jerrl M. Rogers, Jonesboro Wllllam W. Rogers, Kennett, Mo. Larry Rolllns, Marked Tree Steven J. Rorex, Welner Deedra D. Rosamond, Forrest Clty Gala L. Rose, Jonesboro Joan Rose, Cash John W. Rose, Jonesboro Pamela G. Rose, West Helena Wllllam C. Rose, Jonesboro John W. Ross, Plne Bluff Reginald J. Ross, LaPlace, La. Rhonda Ross, Marked Tree Barry N. Rossell, Marked Tree Taylor Rothrock, Blythevllle Mlchael J. Rousey, Jonesboro Thomas Joseph Rousey, Jonesboro ADQSIC J. ROWISTT, SWlffOl'1 Wllllam A. Rowley, Dermott Scott R. Rutt, Jonesboro Becky R. Runnels, Jonesboro Jason Runslck, Swltton Jackl L. Rushlng, Berne, Mo, Mlcha L. Rushing, Jonesboro Bruce Russell, Bassett James S. Russell, Hardy Tonny M. Russell, Plggott Llddea Danlca L. RUSSOTTL LCfS J. Rust, Rector Leslle G. Rust, Batesvllle Rod R. Rutherford, Jonesboro Davld F. Sales, JODSSDOTO Llsa G. Salllngs, McCrory See Heng Sam, Malaysla John Sanderlln, Hamburg Martln Sanders, Jonesboro Maurlce Sanders, Loulsvllle, Ky. Mltchell L. Sanders, Hot Sprlngs Shane A. Sanders, Hazen Shaunda T. Sanders, Forrest Clty Amy E. Sharon Deana Robert Deena Sanford, Jonesboro K. Sartln, Jonesboro M. Satterwhlle, Batesvllle H. Saunders, Lepanto R. Savage, West Helena Wlll E. Savage, Marlanna Mark A. Sawyer, Hardy Patrlcla A. Saylors, Cornlng Loule E. Schaal, Jonesboro Clltt S. Schater, Carllsle Emll W. Schelderer Ill, Roe Teena F. Schlenker, Cherry Valley Brent A. Schmlegelow, Rogers Jlm H. Schultz, Jonesboro Davld Lynn Scott, Jonesboro Debby D. Scott, Flsher Lorl A. Scott, Rector Shlrley A. Scott, Newport Emlly A. Scroggs, Jonesboro TTIOITIGS R. Seal, Plggott Paula L. Sears, Walnut Rldge Carla L. Seay, Marmaduke Lynn A. John L. Seel, Sedgwlck Selvy, Blythevllle Mohd Shafle, Malaysla Mary A. Shanklln, Plggott Freshmen Bruce E. Shannon, Blythevllle Don G. Sharp, Walnul Rldae Tresa M. Sheard, Haytl, Mo. Jane L. Shedd, Paragould Elbert V. Shelley, Trumann Scolt Shelley, Flsher Carolyn A. Shelton, Jonesboro Deborah K. Shepard, Late Clndy L. Shepherd, Flsher Tlmolhy E. Sherman, Cllnlan Sarah S. Shewmaker, Paragould Ester R. Shipp, Saffell Susan N. Shirley, Paragould Palfl A. Shiver, Atlanta, Ga. Donna Lee Shopher, Jonesboro Lee A. Shortnacy, West Memphis Garen B. Shrader, West Memphis Sue Shrum, Senath, Mo. Janlce K. Slam, Paragould Donna C. Siddons, Weiner John J. Slttord, Jonesboro Robert S. Slttord, Pocahontas Jettery W. Simmons, Jonesboro Lesla L. Simmons, Late Mark E. Slmmons, North Little Rock Douglas G. Simpson, Warren Edwln L. Simpson, Manila Jan L. Simpson, Stuttgart Steve L. Simpson, Jonesboro Angela R. Slnapiades, Greece Rebecca D. Slnqlelon, Walnut Ridge Stephanie H. Sipa, Jonesboro Mary J. SiSk, Brookland Mark R. Skeens, Jonesboro Donna F. Slalon, Wilson Kenneth G. Slaven, Rector Emmett M. Slayton, Walnut Ridge Davld M. Sluder, Walnut Ridge Barbara M. Smith, Wynne Beverly F. Smith, Turrell Clara L. Smith, Marked Tree Deanna L. Smith, Searcy JCTTISS A. Smllh, M9lbOUl'I'1S James M. Smllh, Blylhevllle Kelly Dawn Smllh, Slldell, La. Kerry L. Smith, Lake Clty Leah A. Smllh, Lake City Llsa L. Smllh, Walnut Rldae Marle A. Smllh, LeXa Mark E. Smllh, Kennett, Ma. Mlchael Smllh, Wynne Mlchael A. Smllh, Monette Mlchael C. Smith, Atlanta, Ga. Mlchael K. Smith, lmbaden Palrlcla A. Smllh, Bay Regina L. Smith, Tyronza Renette Smllh, Plne Bluff Robert B. Smllh, Manllcella Rasllyn M. Smllh, Llttle Rack Sandra A. Smllh, Melbourne Sanla S. Smllh, Bono Stephen Smllh, Stuttgart Tammy Lynne Smith, Jonesboro Tammy S. Smith, Walnut Ridge Tadd S. Smllh, Cernlnq Trlna S. Smith, Jonesboro Mark B. Smlthee, Hoxle Regina A. Smoot, Marmaduke Troy E. Snell, Jonesboro Alllson P. Snider, Monette .3 xx? s l l 4 5 'z ff I si K',s il . v DSSSSKSKSS L iw A l ,-5: ...' if ,, .E .-kk 2 H st? 2 'E X 46 ss . - . . - . -fs' ri A gl iss ,N. , .,RE-. 1 . I yy ,.... . ,M .,.. Zfuiixkg . ip sl 1- K , R ,. ' 'Af t S 3 K . S .Q J A rstt ' .,., as .. l , A - fsss fl? :J , . L, it l ff' all H A X -' -kik AL 'lk 'Ns' M L l X I? -or A A 8 . ,. f 1 4 v , X K 4, ...Q .wr . ix ll F .Q 4 L...-Z y q ,... 1 jx ,,,. . wiilqzrz - , . , . , - if X ii. " ' N ss S I L L1 F: Q , .ss- lv Q 0 ll . I' ' .': V f 4 A A v :lf - ga Q -55 - A i wr x I 'u ll E ' V fwfr if l :Q ll. .:h:- f :" 'L asia N' YS J" A iff' A 'ltr silt . L. w 'J , X -I Q.. Q SXX1 e qi md 'E X .f+x, - X wx . C f N ' :tiff ,K Y . Rin I if. ., x, ' X .. ,.. t Q xi wwf F I " .Q V! s Z Q., ,S Sli . .. - f .SAY S 1 . . '12 Q I lx 1 it it W AAS' . k 51.90 , ' ii--:svn an L- . ' Q' ' -'I 'asf It . 'go i .. in :., , l S l ' . 'Q S X i., 1- X I 'Ni sit: ' l ,.. ' S L-:' f' X . ii , . . ft sf xv' Freshmen Walter B. Snider, Jonesboro Kim E. Snyder, Paragould Suzie R. Solley, Plne Bluff Deborah M. Sorg, Pocahontas Terry L. Sorrows, North Little Rock Susan L. South, Plggott Wllllam W. Spaln, Poplar Bluff, Mo. June Sparks, Blythevllle Timothy S. Spears, Forrest Clty Dennis L. Spence, Oll Trough Russ Spencer, Donlphan, Mo. Lesleye L. Spikes, Monette Evondla Sprinkle, Jonesboro Janet P. Sprollng, Forrest Clty Jamle D. Staggs, Caraway Venlta K. Stalcup, Jonesboro Malcolm Stalllngs, North Little Rock Tlm W. Stallings, Jonesboro Susan R. Stalnaker, lmboclen Rebecca G. Stanflll, Paragould Elllabeth M. Stanley, Benton LlT1dO C. StOt6S, Jonesboro DOVld V. Statler, Pocahontas Rl'tOl'1dO K. Statler, R6CtOl' Bonlta A. Staudt, Hoxle Shella H. Steele, NlOl'lOn Toby M. Steele, Hardy Donna L. Steese, Monette Cella J. Stegall, Kennett, Mo. Shelley J. Stelmel, Pocahontas Laura L. Steln, Jonesboro Andrew P. Stepka, Jonesboro Lesa C. Stevens, Dell Mary Dorothy Stevens, Paragould Robln Renee Stevenson, Jolner Alvin Stewan, Jonesboro Mlohelle D. Stewart, Mountaln Vlew Rhonda G. Stewart, Paragould Terri A. Stewart, Newport Amy L. Stewmen, Brlnkley Laura A. Stlckler, Paragould Deble J. Stocklnger, Paragould Vlcky L. Stoevsand, Stuttgart Kevin W. Stone, Turrell Kellene L. Storey, Batesville Patsy R. Stotts, Pocahontas Sondra S. Stotts, Trumann Tracy D. Stovall, Lepanto Alan Lee Strauser, Jonesboro Jerry Stroud, Dardanelle Jewell Stuenkel, Jonesboro Tammy E. Sulllns, Blythevllle Johanna S. Sulllvan, Corning Russell N. Sullivan, Paragould Tony R. Sulllvan, Jonesboro Janle L. Summers, Bradford Robyn S. Summltt, Pocahontas Corlnda D. Sutherland, Swlfton John G. Sweat, Jonesboro Mellnda G. Swlndle, Paragould Mary R. Swlndoll, Hernando, Mlss. Jerry D. Sykes, Tuckerman Jeffery L. Tabor, Paragould Kamarudln Taha, Malaysia Vlrna M. Taljeron, Jonesboro Carl Tanner, Wynne Leean R. Tanner, Plggott Naflah Taplah, Malaysla Phyllls J. Tarver, Jonesboro Danny W. Tate, Jonesboro 36 Freshmen Gregory Tate, Marianna Natalie Tate, Late Wade S. Tate, Jonesboro Charles L. Taylor, Bradford Dlane E. Taylor, Batesville Garry W. Taylor, Cherry Valley Jeftrey D. Taylor, Walnut Ridge Joe Alan Taylor, Jonesboro Llsa E. Taylor, Monette Marllyn D. Taylor, Paraqould Mlchael L. Taylor, El Dorado Rhonda C. Taylor, Jonesboro Ronnie J. Taylor, Bay Royce L. Taylor, Paragould Stephen L. Taylor, Late Tony Taylor, Jonesboro Vlrglnla L. Taylor, Forrest Clty Terence T. Teel, Alicia Tyson T. Teel, Alloia Karln K. Telle, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lana L. Tennlson, Hoxie Lols E. Thiel, Paragould Erlc W. Thlelemler, Pocahontas Sherry A. Thlelemler, Pocahontas Carla P. Thomas, Knobel James H. Thomas, DeSoto, Mo. Teresa G. Thomas, Manila Tonl L. Thomas, Paragould Alton L. Thompson, Donlphan, Mo. Carmen T. Thompson, Jonesboro Debra L. Thompson, Newport Kevln M. Thompson, Paragould Paul S. Thompson, Trumann Stephanie L. Thompson, Paragould Steven E. Thompson, Newport Ted D. Thompson, Swlfton Edna J. Thorne, West Memphis Klm M. Thornton, Batesville Stephanie L. Thornton, Jonesboro Tad S. Thornton, Plne Bluff Colleen L. Threm, Peel Janet R. Throesch, Jonesboro Renlta Renee Throgmartln, Jonesboro Pamela O. Tlbbs, Jonesboro Robin R. Tldwell, Bono Ruth A. Tilghman, Walnut Ridge Phyllls l. Tllley, Jonesboro Don W. Tlnkle, Senath, Mo. Christopher K. Tlsdel, Corning Kwan-Fat To, Hong Kong Renlta L. Todd, O'K6Gh John D. Toombs, Jonesboro Staci L. Tosh, Jonesboro John J. Trahan, West Mlltord, N. J. Candy R. Trammell, Jonesboro BIII J. Treat, Norfork Sherry L. Trlplett, Marianna Mark E. Trusty, Strawberry Angela C. Tucker, Wynne Henry C. Tucker, Plne Bluft Janet E. Tucker, Wynne Tlm S. Turnbow, Walnut Ridge Debrah L. Turner, Jonesboro Sheila M. Turner, Paragould Shirley L. Turner, Tuckerman Stacie R. Turner, Tuckerman Parkolene F. Tyner, Corning Joel E. Ulmer, Jonesboro Mallnda Underwood, Jonesboro Dorls J. Ursery, Widener +S- X I in . T" TQ ,1 N: E. gf.. .. X!! Q t F' S sv Q we ? S X sl if 51 -. if Ni? L, 7 f s s , it I. I .t sr A 'tttt T .il T T. T ttt i:" y p Q , at ' lf. ' tlli N i ' "'t1 5r u . A ssll at so s. .,.. .Q -. ss . S ' f..' 'Ie- 'Q' as Nl? 'N' " if T' is tx Nxwx sf ffx ,. A lsriuf. at y s i Qttttt :.. .. ."tV it N . ... A sm . , ..., , . . 2 . . ag.. . , sigma X V1 3 , yy .Ly y fl S t o ,,' . I .... M ....... ' J 3 . .... L , 3 N ,, ,.,,1..t y T sq, L Q .. uv f N ts' ext A .- 2- T2 . Q , L .... f f-3 ff 'Si ei! it .: ji .T . .... T... X Nkzqi Q. Ig s. 'si fi.. 'ask B Pl N' , ' . h ' .av NY --N .-"hw x 4 'Bs 1' X r I x N NT? b , rf iff, X . 1 . rgenwsptl s .. I J so QQ., Ei, ,..: l - Q g F . .ts Q . -. S1 N ' r - ll' rm . l se V , -sg 'f . . if . : V J ss gg, Q. Q, X, Ns, ' xix k f A Q-':.. J J LQ,.L ...Sf I . A N ' ADT 'N -A V A A ' X - Mx .Q A we-f so- Y, ,.,.: 1 1' X 4 ,ws R ,if ! Us JF . 1 lllll Q 2 .. 'f QNX , l so rr y X Umar ljinlrhll I .:s,.s,. K . . ss. Y! f' R L M slit . , 4 K SJ -,Q Q VE' .Xe R -- W s if xr if V, X BI F 'wx 1 Freshmen Joy Utaegbulam, Nlgerla Dusan Vaiener, Hot Sprlngs Lea A. Vanaman, Paragould Dee Dee E. Vance, Poplar Blutf, Mo. Glna L. Vance, Paragould Mlke R. Vangller, Marmaduke Suzanne M. VanPatten, Searcy Bernard L. VanPelt, Jonesboro Carl R. Vaughn, Brookland Lynda L. Vaughn, Paragould Marcla D. Vaughn, Jonesboro Norman B. Vickers, West Memphls Rarldl K. Vlncent, Newport Donald R. Vlneyard Jr., Jonesboro Debra A. Volner, Harrlsburg Catherlne M, Vorwald, Florlssant, Mo. Wllllam Bradley Vosburg, Jonesboro Denlse L. Wachowskl, Mountaln Home Charles R. Wade, Jonesboro Mlchael R. Wade, Jonesboro Angela M. Wages, Marked Tree Chrls Wagoner, Walnut Rldge Geneva Walker, Kennett, Mo. George Walker Jr., Jacksonvllle Loretta K. Walker, Trumann Sharon K. Walker, Wynne Llsa A. Wallace, Bald Knob Rlcky L. Wallace, Augusta Geneva M. Walls, Jonesboro Kevln A. Walsh, Hot Sprlngs Angela Walter, Jonesboro Donna F. Walters, McGehee Hugh W. Walton, Jonesboro Kelly A. Ward, Mountaln Vlew Kevln L. Ward, Blackwell, Okla. VCISYIS R. Wdfd, JODSSDOYO FYSGGY J. WGYG, Luxora AFIQUS M. Wdfnef, COHGGO V9fOI'1lCC A. WGI'l'6l'1, POCChOI'1fOS Laurle R. WOShCm, Benton Toney L. WOSNDQTOD, Osceola Mellssa L. WCfefWOl'Th, Pocahontas Harold R. Watklns, Jonesboro Klmberly Watklns, Paragould Sherrl L. Watson, Plggott Stacy E. Wayland, Walnut Rldge Claudla E. Weathers, Brookland Karen L. Weaver, Paragould Ava D. Webb, Bay Frances A. Webb, Onla Jerry D. Webb, Jonesboro Lorl L. Webb, Onla Martha E. Webb, Hoxle Sherry Lynn Webb, Jonesboro Connle J. Webster, Paragould Jackle S. Welshman, Bono Sherry L. Welch, Trumann Angela J. West, Llltle Rock Donald R. West, Dermott Shella Gwen West, Paragould Mark A. Westbrook, Blythevllle Holly L. Westmoreland, Parkln Karen L. Wheeler, Paragould Rodney Whltaker, Marlon Greg B. Whlte, Falrtax, Va. Rlchard D. Whlte, Newport Rodney A. Whlte, Plne Bluff Ronnle W. Whlte, Hazen Verlon Whlte, Parkln Borls C. Whlteslde, Kennett, Mo. 365 Freshmen John W. Whiting, DeWitt Kimberly D. Whitt, Harrisburg Stacy L. Widner, Jonesboro Alice F. Wiley, Clarendon Steven C. Wiley, Wilson Laura L. Wilhite, Lincoln Louis V. Wilhoite, Jonesboro Dana M. Wilkins, Turrell Lisa L. Wilkins, Wynne Rita WlllbCl'1KS, ll'UlTlOnl'1 Dirk L. Willett, Kennett, MO. Annece E. WllllCmS, Holly Grove Clyde F. Wllliams Jr., West Helena Curtis Lee Williams, OsCe0la Ed W. Williams, Little ROCK Eileen J. Williams, Greenville, Miss. Gerald L. Williams, Manila Jacqueline Williams, Oneida Jamie S. Williams, Paragould Jeffery M. Williams, West Helena Joan Williams, BfOOKlCl'1d John R. Williams, Wynne K0l'lG Williams, Welnel' KCthSflDe Williams, NSWDOI1 Laura Beth Williams, Piggott Maggy L. Williams, Grubbs Mari M. Williams, Portageville, MO. R0bel'l' G. WllllOmS, Jonesboro Shannon D. Willlams, Bono Sherri L. Williams, Sherwood stacy A. Wllllams, Jonesboro Thomas H. Williams, Paragould Greg A. Wllllamson, Pocahontas Kent Todd Wllllamson, Paragould Tlmy C. Williamson, Marion Andy L. Wllllford, Oil Trough Chauncey L. Willis, Jonesboro Douglas Willls, Mountain View Charles Wilson, Earle Larry B. Wilson, Moro Regina I. Wilson, Bay Cheryl L. Winfrey, Forrest City Shelby B. Winfrey, Wynne Tela Winn, Late Scott Wlnnlngham, Harrisburg Jlm J. Wiseman, Winchester, Mo. Tamerla Wltchard, Little Rock Janette Kay Wlthrow, Jonesboro Shlrley Ann Wofford, Marianna Valerie A. Womack, Malvern Nancy A. Womble, Newport Sandra Lyn Womble, Weiner Dale A. Wood, Hampton Kyle K. Wood, Stuttgart Randy J. Wood, Jonesboro Davld A. Woodard, Jonesboro Ruth A. Woodard, Osceola Patsy A. Woodllff, Mammath Spring Klm L. Woodruff, Paragould Luclnda L. Woodruff, Grubbs Carol D. Woods, Little Rock Benjamin R. Wooten, Marked Tree Joe E. Wooten, Jonesboro Susle Wooten, Marked Tree Paula J. Worden, Jacksonville Sandra Wordlaw, West Memphis Andrea L. Worsham, Paragould Sonny Wowo, Nigeria Gary Lee Wright, Kennett, Mo. James M. Wright, Hoxle i "" if fi aaaaa ti .. fLf.2i.. I:-ff! XT, , as sg' :Q s We it i i., ,K rr.. Y 3' N sv WK -is ts Y ... Eggs ,,,,, Q R lrs T x sf . I 3 X rim, at w r., ' 1,1 SEQ .gi, ,QS X I Lis ... s T Q., si . ...1 -E ss .ssii .s me 2,5 bl , ... . Y set XX X ws 'W 'S if t sk Q, ,E . S r .b, we H ..., seg ...,,: 1 ... -ms. lll!!, 14:3 ggi-s , sibfff sf 2 A .fm R . sees -... if ,4 A it . , Q N 1 srrs :sf . . Rza.. , it Mu? S5 Wi WD I Ns: Q a xi X ,it""s is X Q . ..,. . Q . is X I x t if. , gy X . l. . .2 gf' tsl . S ' 5 J - :ai it sitrr Q es .si sw K , " " A J -i s My 'K 1 k,,k i , I ' fs.. i Qs, S ls J J . q. ,y,, A .,, ,...... s , Y 'it sl' X ,, fs 'S -gg 'ar X 'QS 'Q' , . .1 1 if ., if x n i f f Freshmen Kenny A. Wright, PIQQOTT Lorl A. Wright, Campbell, Mo. Rodney s. Wright, srunoorl Romy B. Wrlght, Rogers Stacy R. Wright, Mctrmcduke X Teresa wright, Jonesboro A Em, Melony A. Wroten, Dyess L f w - - -- T A Debbie J. Wyatt, Jonesboro ,, John R. Yarbrough, Jonesboro 214, Q Susle Yarbrough, Jonesboro 3' ' Ss ' ' :Q Davld A. Yopp, Paragould Q' 'I -cr. ., r 3 ' Wanda L. Yopp, Jonesboro N X -N? i X M" A . ,.... Slynlthla L. Young, Marked Tree -.1 7 y-3 it -. T f ' ' ' A ar T. Youn , Bl thevllle -ff 9, K 'B ' Y y J J Vs -Q ,,,.-,r Sherry D. Young, Blythevllle f . :'1 B Q it Greg E. Zachry, Camden 5 'irrr A 1 ' Ruzlna Zalnuddln, Malaysia r Karen S. Zarbrook, Hlgden F m Q. iz' Saleem Zawawl, Saudi Arabia , 'X A James F. Zediker, Plne Bluff ASSGCIATE DEGREES Radiologic Technology CAASD ShGl'Ol'1 Charles, TCKOITIG PGTK, Md. Bfeff W. GIDSOD, MCl'mOdUK6 Linda DICDG PlfCh6l', Marmaduke DIGDG L. WGHSFI, Jonesboro Mlkki M. WCSHCITI, Jonesboro Office Administration CASD ,,.-.X Laura L. Boss, Jonesboro -i I 6 A Patricia L. Burl, Jonesboro ' ' I or Patricia L. Clayton, Paragould -nit tg! S , veg Kimberly A. McClintock, Cherry Valley A "Sig b RQ A 39 Q Karen E. Wyatt, Jonesboro .J . . i r-""'l A i ll T Business information Systems CASD Andrew K. Duclos, Jonesboro X Nursing CASND Pamela Allen, Walnut Ridge Sara Archbold, Cherokee Village Paula A. Arnold, Bono Barbara D. Ball, Newport Dlana E. Baltz, Pocahontas Evelyn A. Birkner, Jonesboro Mary G. Bradford, Marmaduke Lea F. BFCHSCUITI, Batesville JOl"lI'1nY R. BUllel', Paragould H6hl'l E. CGlh, McCrory Della Nl. Cl'CWlOfd, Wappapello, MO. KGl'eI't S. DCVlS, PCl'GQOUld Lady J. Davis, Grubbs Wllma J. Davls, Paragould Kimberly Donnellan, Poplar Blult, Mo. Kathryn Doyle, Jonesboro Dee Felld, Jonesboro Jennlter L. Felklns, Bono Debbie A. Ford, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Lavada G. Gillen, Jonesboro Rose M. Gossett, Success Llnda Graham-Jackson, Mountain Home Margaret Graves, Steele, Mo. Cheryl A. Harrls, Caraway Eunlce E. Hettlngton, Jonesboro JoAnn Hoots, Rector Llnda K. Huckabay, Knobel Connle E. James, Batesville KCIFOD Kel'SeY, JOl'1eSb0l'O Lelqh A. Lllly, Jonesboro Clndy K. Mason, Brookwell KCIFGD D. McAllster, Jonesboro Patrlcla L. McKeIvey, Paragould Debfd L. Neal, Jonesboro Llnda W. Newell, TfLlmGnh Tanya Noland, North Llttle Rook Debbie S. Rapert, Maynard Margo Rupert, Blggers James Roblnette Jr., Pocahontas Cynthia J. Seaber, Kennett, Mo. Teresa E. Sexton, Mountain Home Loretta M. Smith, Paragould Lana R. Sulllns, Bono Tlna A.Talburt, Henderson Rhonda G. Wallace, Waldenburg Elizabeth Watson, Plggolt Michelle Welch, Jonesboro Laura L. Wells, Bradford Juanlta K. Wllcox, Jonesboro 368 k..VV I gl! .N VV , ':... If X si . at 'f tis X A is R -sw, I' L " rrns. f B ,V L11- f 's as fr f 1 E v 1,fSSfTt5Ls?f ' 'fi A Ni 5 D if A SESS' I 5 1 he xi I S 5 -391- i ff 1 ,lucbl J A it -.,. . f. J- 1 "' 4 - J to A n cage g is E g Q Q sw F L .,:, X -' . A M :::' : Qitt , 5 , B stt K A J JZZ- ., .-., ., .' A K1 .. A xx! Xin x - EQ . .K if E55 Lkihr S t 5 we . . ibm . 'lf ' if 2 ' Qc :I . --i-.ssl is .f - : . . . sf , ,. .. . . ., C. 1 .. u 1 1. , . X .'..D... ry ills f x X ll 1 L1 " Ex "S -R , E' ' Q jf ' ,Z if 1 Deborah A. Young, Paragould Donna R. Young, Jonesboro r - . it -.1 . 753' B. E 1 jf? X X Q it-if isis . . if 5 Qi is ' X s lg? is L sf.. Ei if s ll 4 xi-ess . ' jf' f J kg, Qi . ,...... ,f Second Semester Students Edward cs. Ugwu, Nigeria 4 , ,,. JF. Tvs 9 QL - B QXKK 3 is Q Q X ls Q. l 2 if . '- 'x Graduate Students James E. Bradley, Batesville James A. Brent, Pottsvllle Davld H. Cameron, Jonesboro Melvln L. Chapman, Monte Vlsta, Colo. Dlane S. Jacobs, Kansas Clty, Kan. Yan L. Lee, Hong Kong Neal D. Moore, Jonesboro Wllbert J. Newton, Jonesboro Wllllam L. Prlce, Jonesboro Annle P. Rlggan, Cornlng Don W. Schuman, Forrest Clty Hslng T. Sung, Talwan Seniors Earl H. Bell, Jonesboro, Accountlng Bud W. Melton, Newport, Marketing Klmberlon M. Reaves, Chlcago, III., Elementary Ed. , , Q A K -,gif Vangele West, Slkeston, Mo., P. E. wi s ' Monroe C. Woodard, Marvell, Psychology G 1 ..,,, Q 'X f -X sux' M' .Nu L 1 43 . of W ss Y - X I F gg., V 1 Rf of C . A '. E. .3 Q Q - , Juniors Allan Baker, Cherry Valley Stan J. Brown, Jonesboro John B. Byers, Knobel Shella R. Carter, Earle Larry A. Dobbs, Walnut Rldge Nabll T. EL-Saqa, Kuwalt Farld M. Entezar, Atghanlstan Danny R. French, Forrest Clty Cara L. Gowen, Searcy Leslle A. Hoskins, St. Louls, Mo. Tara C. Kegley, Corning Kathy M. Knecht, Memphls, Tenn. Jamle L. Laws, Forrest Clty Joann Luttrell, Kensett 369 Juniors Mark A. Maddox, Jonesboro Teresa Mathews, Hot Sprlngs Davld Mote Jr., Jonesboro Doug R. Nlenhaus, Jonesboro Chrlstopher A. Perry, Batesvllle Dennls W. Perryman, Byhalla, Mlss. Charles E. Plckney, Paragould Janet G. Rlce, Jonesboro Jett A. Richardson, Ash Flat Fred E. Rolfe, Forrest Clty Drake S. Smlth, West Memphls Klrby J. Smlth, Poughkeepsle James R. Thrasher, Jonesboro Kelth A. Walton, Jonesboro Sophomores De'Llsa A. Balentlne, Newport Wlnston W. Bellsle, Senath, Mo. James P. Berg, Jonesboro Tereslta Adorna Burdyshaw, Bono John Combs, Jonesboro Sheree F. Cox, Jonesboro Llsa E. Day, Fort Smlth James E. Ellls, Plggott Phllllp B. Gatllng, Helena Steven T. Green, Sldney Laverne Hanssler, Lawrencevllle, N.J. Salem H. Harake, Lebanon Debble L. Harrison, Jonesboro Sharl R. Hays, Osceola Joy J. Hood, Brlnkley Kenneth S. Howard, Brooklond Vlvlan K. HOWCTC1, BTOOKIODC1 Betty S. King, Newark Rloky London, DGVCIIS Bluff Rebecca A. MCMil"lI'1, PGTOQOUIG DSDTO E. MSITOD, JOI'l6SbOl'0 Kenneth W. Mlller, Lake Clty Charles E. Oakes, Kennett, Mo. Lea A. Poole, Jonesboro Chrlstle L. Rhodes, Jonesboro Wllllam J. Smlth, Traskwood Marty J. Speak, West Memphls Rhonda C. Taylor, Jonesboro 370 Jess. - ' X Ei. .T 3' 'C 1- ' 43- " ff-,,,-" x . Y P f F 6 . . L - , ' as f 5 Q 'QV A Q' l . s"2'i"'k. - 155 .Is Q 4. Ea 1.03-f it Vicki D. Wood, JODSSDOTO JGT16 A. WOTKTTICD, KSDDBTT, MO. t . 7 X Y' -fix X Q I A I A 1 :9 . . fx' 'N ' . 6' L. X: s - A ' , 5 , ,... , . ., t s M is Qu 1 . , fr e . nun : ': 5 ' LT S A sg' 5 4 .x L ' 1 f . .a EE i . " ' J xi a A l Krlstl A. Thomas, Lepanto . , cr Kevln R. Watklns, Trumann s Gregory N. Wlseman, Poplar Blutl, Mo. fs , r"t 552 K L rf x ' 8 w 6-. K J rt 'K X Q its . .1 ,, '94 si? -, 5-. as Fixx? s -4 1 X. Q A I. K , in 3 . l.l , Q M in :Q Q . . Q 1 4 bi 'E X. .. K Q, A f'g?3,?.'.L?'g5ix : , ,J lf, . : , . . . Q s' X, Q. ' A . 3 ,im W I s .- a . l X f 0 M : , V, Ti l " is 1 cs f L l X1 ' 4 H ' .XL X is fx "su , X' tx f . 5 Xiu. Lx qt, S 4 'FXIN' K xg? 'X Q irltxgslgf' t 33 Freshmen Angela Adams, Poplar Blutt, Mo. James C. Adams, Brooklyn, N.Y. Hyesook Ahn, Korea Hamslah B. Amlt, Malaysla Pamela A. Arnold, Hoxle Bruce L. Barker, Naylor, Mo. Judy C. Belcher, Walnut Rldge Steven D. Blancett, Harrlsburg Gregor L. Brandon, Plggott Letha M. Brogdon, Paragould Bland R. Burrls, Jonesboro Davld M. Butler, Forrest Clty Melba I. Byrd, Jonesboro Antoinette Coldwell, West Memphls Deldtra Carter, Wynne Allce C. Clogston, Trumann Sabrlna Coats, Jonesboro Leeann C. Cobb, Cornlng Cathy J. Cole, Paragould John D. Cover, Glllett Laura Lea Culpepper, Jonesboro Carl M. Danley, West Helena John A. Darmstaedter, Newark Shella G. Davls, Paragould Shella L. DeBruce, Jonesboro Fonda K. Dennls, Flsher Debble S. Dodd, West Memphls Brenda K. Edmlston, Paragould Nallb M. Entezar, Jonesboro Rosemary Farmer, Late Gregory A. Flood, Steele, Mo. Kellye M. Ford, Welner Warren H. Formon, Jonesboro Jaclnda Franklln, Jonesboro Bellnda C. Garrett, Jonesboro Mark Gatllrt, Oakton, Va. Beverly J. Gause, Memphls, Tenn. Sallna Ghazoll, Malaysla Connle G. Glbson, Bono Charmaln D. GOOGDCSTUFB, Jonesboro Llbby L. Graham, Moro Terry L. Grooms, Paragould Arthur J. Hater, Chlcago, III. Kelley M. Hammonds, Trumann Sherry A. Hanlng, Jonesboro Llrtda J. Harrls, Bay Luann Harvey, Swltton Tara N. Haydar, Jonesboro Mellnda D. Hedge, Paragould Roxann Hlbbs, Walnut Rldge Devaundrey L. Hodges, Portagevllle Sarah C. Hogan, Jonesboro Susan D. Hollls, Paragould Stan F. Hunt, Paragould John R. Hurst, Plggott Yusnldar lsmall, Malaysla MlChG6l J. Jackson, MCl'1h6lIT1, PG. COINS D. JODTZ, Al'V0dO, COIO. Klmberly J. Jacques, Campbell, Mo. Stacl E. Jones, Paragould Hapsah B. Karmln, Malaysla Lora L. Karnes, Trumann Martln Kelfh Kellar, Des Arc Marcus KOTYCT1, Blythevllle Sherry A. Ladd, Lake Clfy Betty J. Llftle, Walnut RIdQ9 John D. Llfflejohn, Monette Lucllle Lynn, Paragould Teddl D. Mabry, ParaQOuId Llsa A. Mans, HOXIS M . if I Q 'S ,, E, A 'E A he r . L ,S Q' X. gy is Q Lm XL.1 i" er 1. , Q' N ' , ' I . 1 'f 'lt X , . ,bi , . f, eg F X t 5 L R' E T X f it 5 J 2 yt t- 'Q t ' ss A .rl 'ff f ' t s f ' A J' h J A ,,, f 1 A 3 :4 -t -A 'Q X 6 .' 3 .rhk ju . . t I 1 . K ' KA rl , . - ' N XV N jk R fi I K S. . X . ft . .fs f ,l ' t , .. L 'ga Q, . ., A c Qi, , Fi NN if ,, Mltohell K. wrlght, Jonesboro not ,4 o y x Robln E. Young, Searcy . J 4 Y, if or Q , E Freshmen Tauny L. Marlar, Paragould Ruth M. Mortlrt, PCIYGQOUIC Susan A. Martln, Jonesboro Beverly J. Mason, Harrlsburg Pratap Mathur, Zambla James A. Mays, Steele, Mo. Doro M. MCMoth, Earle Danny J. Meek, Salem Beverly B. Mlles, Mountaln Home Karen L. Morrls, Llttle Rock Gall A. Motslnger, Pocahontas Sharon L. Murry, Parkln Lynette Neal, Elalne Freddle L. Nlchols, Paragould Jonathan C. Odo, Nlqerla Wllllam E. Oxner, Brlnkley Kathryn S. Plttman, Long Beach, Collt. Joey Powell, West Memphls Patrlcla A. Ray, Paragould Stephen R. Richardson, Trumann Morrls E. Rldge, Steele, Mo. Lorrle A. Roberts, Mauntaln Vlew Mary L. Robertson, Lake Clty Tammy L. Rowlett, Jonesboro Surlayanl SaadfAbdul Samad, Malaysla Shozotul N. Sobldln, MGIGVSIG Sarmlnah Saparl, Malaysla Sharon F. Schela, Donlphan, Mo. Tom M. Scott, Sedgwick Gary V. Shaker, Jonesboro Martha J. Slsk, Brookland Glendon B. Snlder, Jonesboro Nlna M. Sparks, Paraaould Barbara J. Spears, Lake Clty Glorla J. Starks, Earle Wllllam Steele, Earle Klm Stephens, South Afrlca Rodney D. Stovall, Lepanto Kelth A. Stuart, Solem Suhalla Tolb, MGICIVSICJ Brlan K. Taylor, West Memphis Rebekah A. Taylor, Plne Blutt Donald R. Terrell, Lake Clty Stacey J. Terry, Paraaould Jerry W. Townsley, Batesvllle Kuganeswary Veerasamy, Malaysla Arlee Wallace, Turrell Mellssa A. Wllklns, Jonesboro Thomas P. Woody, Steele, Mo. Curtls L. Aaron. 340 Mlchael W. Aaron, 274 Bobby J. Abbott, 321 Zakarla F. Abaallat. 300 Zulelfendl Abd-Malld, 302 Zufldah Abdul Malld, 321 Yaseen Abdulghaffar, 272 Abdulhallm Abdulrahman, 272 Zaharlah Abdul-Rahman. 321 Day Abemathy, 321 Ellzabeth A. Ables, 274 Ronald O. Abmeyer, 340 Mohammed Abo-Hamra, 272 Muhd A. Ab-Rahman, 340 Klm S. Abshure, 340 Zalton Abu-Bakar. 340 Zulkefll Abu-Hassan. 321 Salem B. Abuzed, 274 All M. Abu-Zeld, 272 Barbara K. Ackeret. 300 Robert L. Acord, 300 John C. Acuff, 321 Sherrle L. Acutf, 300 Terrl D. Adalr, 321 Pamela L. Adam. 321 Angela C. Adams, 371 Bruce R. Adams, 300 Deborah L. Adams, 274 Dennis P. Adams, 274 Donna L. Adams, 300 Gregory G. Adams, 321 James C. Adams. 371 Janet E. Adams, 300 Janls L. Adams. 340 Jewel Adclns, 321 Joe K. Adams, 321 Jon C. Adams. 300 Laurel A. Adams. 274 Lauretta J. Adams, 274 Robert D. Adams, 321 Stephen L. Adams, 321 Teresa N. Adams. 274 Teny Adams. 340 Valerle N. Adams. 321 Wesley E. Adams. 340 Rlchard L. Adamson, 274 Nellle G. Adcock. 340 Rlckle D. Adcock. 274 Carroll D. Addlngton. 300 Carroll W. Addlngton. 340 Danlel K. Adeleye. 274 Kevln J. Adkins, 274 Kathy A. Agee. 321 Kelly L. Aqee, 300 Orlce D. Agnew. 340 Jerry Agsunod. 321 Melvona C. Ahart. 340 Hcrnldah Ahmad, 321 Zamanl Ahmad, 321 Hyesook Ahn, 371 Brad Ahrens. 300 Teresa K. Akers, 274 Mahfuz Akhtar, 272 Mohammed AL-Atalbl, 272 Slalrnan H. AL-Balawl, 340 Saleh A. AL-Balawy, 274 Mlldred F. Albrlght, 274 Tammle L. Albrlght, 321 Mohamad I. AL-Dosary, 340 lbrahlm A. AL-Dubalkhl, 321 Zald A. AL-Eedan, 321 Marty C. Alexander. 340 Abdallah l. AL Flall, 272 Darlen P. Alford, 300 Abdulrahman AL-Humald. 272 Mohammed A. AL-Humold, 272 Noor Z. All, 340 Mohamad S. Allas, 321 Allan AL-Kaml, 272 Mohammed A. AL-Kaml. 274 Andy S. Allen, 321 Carolyn A. Allen, 300 Charles E. Allen, 340 cheryl M. Allen. 300 Chrlstlne E. Allen. 300 Gary W. Allen, 340 Gregory Allen, 340 Henry L. Allen, 340 John W. Allen, 321 Llnda L. Allen, 340 Llsa M. Allen. 321 Marllyn O. Allen, 300 Mark R. Allen, 340 Pamela G. Allen, 368 Rhouls E. Allen, 321 Roy C. Allen, 300 Steve M. Allen, 274 Wllllam G. Allen. 321 Rlchle Allensworth, 321 Kathy L. Anlson. 340 Llnda S. Alllson, 274 Robln L. Alllson, 340 Paula A. Allred. 340 Wlnltred C. Almand, 300 Mohamed S. AL-Nehalhl, 300 Saleh A, AL-Otalbl. 274 Wm. Scott Alphln. 340 Natalle J. Alred, 340 lbrahlm O. AL-Rshudl, 340 Larralne K. Alt, 300 amor A. AL-Twalkl, 321 Adel S. AL-Saleb, 274 Amer M. AL-Shafll, 274 Myra E. Alumbaugh, 272 Dee A. Ames, 274 Ebrohlrn. Amlrl, 300 Harnslah B. Amlt, 371 Jeffery L. Ammons, 340 Aaron B. Anderson, 300 Angella J. Anderson, 274 Brenda G. Anderson, 340 Bryan J. Anderson, 321 Debra A. Anderson, 340 Harry B. Anderson, 300 JoAnn Anderson, 340 Karen M. Anderson, 321 Klmberly A. Anderson. 340 Llndel M. Anderson, 272 Llsa B. Anderson, 340 Usa K. Anderson, 300 Mlke W. Anderson. 340 Monlque Anderson. 274 Rhonda S. Anderson, 340 Robert W. Anderson. 300 Sandy S. Anderson, 300 Margle H. Andress, 270 Dlane J. Andews. 321 James M. Andrews 274 Tlmothy A. Andrews, 340 Dlane M, Annunzlata. 340 Hllda Aponte, 340 Sameer S, Arab, 274 Seyed Arab-Nalafl. 300 Sara L, Archbold, 368 Barbara J. Archer, 300 Kimberly L. Archer. 340 Davld w. Argo. 274 Anna C. Armstrong, 300 Carolyn A. Armstrong, 340 Chesley L. Armstrong, 300 Chrlsty D. Armstrong, 340 Llsa A. Armstrong, 340' Anna L. Arnold, 274 Pamela A. Arnold, 371 Paula A. Amold. 368 Nuh A. Arre, 272 Vvette Arrlola, 340 Mlchael N. Arul, 340 INDEX Laurle J. Ashcroft, 274 Mellssa C. Asher, 300 Terrl L. Ashford, 300 Anlta J. Ashley, 274 Joanne J. Astln, 274 Nordln A. Atan, 321 Dale J. Atklnson, 274 Sherry L. Atklnson, 321 Palge L. ATKISOT1. 300 Cherle M. Attaway, 340 Nlna M. Aunspaugh, 340 Alfred J. Austln, 300 BIII G. Austln, 321 Vance H. Austln, 340 Sharon L. Autry, 300 Rohalza Awang, 321 Benson, B. Aworunse, 274 Amber V. Ayers, 274 Rlchard M. Ayson, 321 Albert L, Bachman, 321 Deaundra A. Bacot. 321 Michael Bacot, 300 Nancy L. Baer, 300 Rlcnard L, Bagwell, soo Alan J. Balley, 340 Carl E. Balley, Jr., 321 Debra R. Balley, 340 Glorla A. Balley, 300 Glynn C. Balley. 340 Joseph Balley, 340 use G. Balley, 300 Mmm A. Balley, 300 Patrlcla A, Balley, 272 Sharon E. Balley, 274 Sharon L. Balley, 340 shlrley J. Balley, 274 Allan Baker, 369 Brad Baker, 272 Carollne Baker. 340 Charlotte R. Baker, 300 Deborah A. Bdrer, 300 Dwlqhf H. Baker. 300 Holly J, Baker, 300 Laurle A. Baker, 274 Lee B. Baker. 340 Mary Baker. 270 Randal K. Baker, 300 Randall B. Baker, 340 Sarah R. Baker, 300 Susan M. Baker, 300 Valerle J. Baker, 321 Llsa L. Balch, 321 Berverly J. Baldwln, 340 Gordon P. Baldwin. 300 Mark E. Baldwln, 340 Nancy G. Baldwln, 300 Tlna L. Bddwln, 274 Deanna K. Balentlne, 340 De'Usa A. Balentlne, 370 Nathaniel Balentlne, ll, 274 Barbara D. Ball. 368 Susan L. Ball, 321 John W. Ballard, 274 Lawanda L. Ballard, 300 Valerle G. Ballard, 275 Alma M. Baltimore, 270 Allen, C, Baltz. 321 Arlene F. Baltz, 275 Dlana E. Baltz, 368 Donald G. Baltz, 272 Marvln E, Battz, 275 Sandy D. Baltz, 300 Cralq D. Bandy. 340 Davld C. Bandy. 275 Karen E. Bandy, 300 Rlck A. Baney, 275 Derek S. Banks, 340 Joseph H. Banks, 321 Sharon K. Banks. 321 Steven L, Banks. 300 Tony G, Banks. 300 Jana D. Bankston, 275 Robert W. Bankston, 340 Allyson M. Barber, 340 Carter B. Barber, 321 Tracl L. Barber, 300 Gary W. Barch, 300 Brlgette L. Barfoot, 272 Bruce L. Barker. 371 Donald J. Barker, 340 Garry B. Barker, 300 Patrlcla T. Barker, 340 Ralph E. Barker, 300 Robert A. Barker, 300 Suzanne A. Barker, 321 George W. Barksdale, 272 Chad A. Bamer. 340 Brent E. Barnes, 340 Davld B. Barnes, 300 Dlane Barnes, 340 Fredrlck N, Eames, 321 Llsa Ann Barnes, 321 Mary K. Barnes, 300 Scott W. Barnes, 275 Terrl A. Barnes, 321 Jay R. Barnett, 300 Jeffery F. Bamett, 340 Llsa A. Barnett, 341 Nlta L. Bamett. 275 Shawn A. Barnett, 321 Troyce D. Bamett, 300 Rlck A. Bamey, 300 Johnnle L. Barnhlll, 321 Randall G. Bamhlll, 321 Roger B. Bamhlll, 341 Carrle L. Barr, 341 Clltton E, Barr. 321 Don L. Barrett, 300 Paul D. Barrett, 275 Terry L. Barry, 300 Trlcla A. Bartlett, 275 James M. Bashaw, 341 Gregg P. Bass, 321 Jennlfer I. Bass, 341 Laura L. Bass. 367 Lynda R. Bass. 341 Fahad Battal, 275 Tammera L. Batterton, 341 Sonya R. Battles, 300 Llnda A. Bauer, 341 Klm W. Bough, 341 Charles R. Baughn, 341 Fellcla L. Baughn. 341 Ronny L. Baumgarner, 341 Angela M. Baurels. 321 John C. Bax. 321 Llnda K. Baxley, 341 Mlchael E, Bay, 341 Rlta D. Bealrd. 275 Catherlne L. Beal. 300 Edwlna L. Beal, 275 James A. Beard. 300 Debble L. Bearden, 341 Donna J. Bearden, 341 Franklln D. Bearden, 341 Tom O'BeardsIey. 341 Dana R. Beasley. 341 Wllllam J. Beasley, 341 Tlmothy A. Beaver, 275 Bradford D. Beck, 341 James S. Beck, 301 Sarah E. Beck. 301 Steve L. Beck. 341 Beverly A. Becker, 272 Klm D, Beckley. 341 Mlchelle D. Bednar, 301 Patrlcla M. Bednar, 275 Mark A. Beegle, 324 James A. Beggs. 275 Julle L. Beith, 304 Judy C. Belcher, 374 Slaml Belemnouar. 324 Kimberly A. Belew, 275 Robert S. Belew, 344 Delolse J. Belln, 275 Wlnston W. BeLlsle, 370 Mark A. Belk, 344 Tammy D. Belk, 304 Anthony Bell, 344 Atwood J. Bell, 344 Earl H. Bell, 369 Jack Bell, 304 Lori E. Bell. 304 Robert L. Bell, 275 Wllllam A. Bell, 344 Wlllls F. Bell, 275 Mlleldys Bello, 344 Gloria M. Belune. 275 Scott R. Glynls A. Llnda D. Jonna L. Cindy J. Davld E. Dovle M. Marty R. Benedict, 275 Benefleld, 344 Benefleld, 324 Benham, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, 344 275 344 344 304 Rebecca L. Bennett, 270 Rebecca L. Bennett, 272 Dallas G. Davld B. Davld D. Steve L. Cherie J. Geoffrey Robert T. Benson, 304 Benson, 344 Benson, 275 Benthal, 304 Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, 304 304 ll, 324 Buster Benton, 275 Ceclllc M. Benton. 304 James P. Berg, 370 Ingrid J. Blake, 344 Brent M. Blakely, 304 Gary W. Blakeney, 272 Steven D. Blancett, 374 Elizabeth L. Bland, 304 Gary N. Blankenship, 275 Llsa D. Blankenship, 322 Robin Blankenship, 344 Earl N. Blanklnshlp, 275 Leslie R. Blanks, 304 Bobby B. Blanston, 304 John P. Blaxton, 320 Lauri A. Bledsoe, 322 Llnda J. Bledsoe, 304 Junetta S. Blelbel. 322 Davld C. Blevins, 304 Gary W. Blevins, 344 Judy K. Blevins, 270 Paul W. Bllssard, 275 Doug L. Block, 322 John W. Block, 322 Bryan E. Blocker, 344 Anthony L. Blood, 344 Gregory A. Blount, 322 Patsy L. Boatner. 344 Walleon Bobo, 304 Chlo Bobrowskl, 322 Paula Jo Boden, 344 Laura M. Boeckmann, 344 Paulette M. Boeckmann, 322 Sheila L. Boeckmann, 344 Donald R. Bogard, 322 Donald S. Boogs, 304 Jo-Glna Bokony, 322 Dena E. Bolar. 322 Jerry D. Boldlng, 304 Michael P. Boldlng, 344 Jack C. Boles. 304 Alllsa D. Bollng, 322 Sandra L. Bollng, 275 Renee P. Bollinger, 322 Davld H. Bergmann, 344 Sharon C. Berk, 275 James K. Berry, 275 Janlce M. Berry, 344 Sharol D. Berry, 344 Scott Besharse, 344 Russell L. Beshears, 324 Robert D. Bethell, 344 Amy J. Bevll, 344 Stephen C. Bevlll, 275 Tamera G. Bibb, 344 Susan J. Blckers. 304 Dee Biddle, 304 Sharon A. Biddle, 304 Ted W. Bigger, 304 Jan A. Biggs, 324 Jeffrey A. Biggs. 324 Plerce D. Biggs, Jr., 344 Llndc J. Blgness. 304 JoAllce Billings, 275 Mark G. Billingsley, 344 Kelly J. Bllllngton. 344 Emily A. Blngham, 324 Evelyn A. Blrkner, 368 Nancy S. Birmingham, 275 Phillip J. Birmingham, 344 Dana K. Bishop, 324 Mary A. Bishop, 304 Randy L. Bishop, 275 Tammy R. Bishop. 324 Manuel C. Blxler. 304 Cheryl A. Black, 324 Janlce M. Black, 304 Michelle Black, 344 Susan Black. 275 Thomas M. Black. 344 Wllllam E. Block, 344 Jimmy R. Blackburn, 324 Terry A. Blackbum, 304 Sharon B. Blackford, 322 Roderick B. Blackman, 344 Tony K. Blackman, 304 Trent J. Blackshare, 304 Tanya E. Blackwell, 304 Tiffany M. Blackwell, 304 Dde H. Blake, 275 374 Daune S. Bonadle, 344 Cynthia H. Bond, 322 Larry S. Bond, 304 JoAnna G. Bonds, 275 Christina L. Bone, 275 Zula V. Bone, 322 Boyce D. Bonham, 304 John W. Bonham, 344 Tony F. Bonham, 322 Gregory Bonner. 304 Laura J. Bonney, 304 Kim J. Booher, 304 Vonda K. Booker, 344 Catherine S. Bookout, 344 Joe W. Boon, 344 Sara A. Boone, 344 Beverly S. Booth, 322 Joe D. Booth, 344 Melinda L. Booth, 344 Carla J. Boozer, 322 Holly Borgeson, 322 Elalne A. Bosche, 304 Brenda L. Bounds, 275 Davld M. Bounds, 304 Sharon M. Bourgeois, 344 Debbie J. Bowden. 322 Schantell C. Bowden. 322 Stephen W. Bowden, 344 Terry R. Bowden, 344 H. B. Foster Bowdon, 304 Ddnlel J. Bowen, 342 Don H. Bowen. 304 Martlm W. Bowen, 304 Steven W. Bowen, 322 Bill C. Bowers, 276 Bllly Ray Bowers, 304 Mark E. Bowers, 322 Bllly J. Bowles, 342 Jamle S. Bowlln, 304 Cheryl A. Bowllng, 304 Brenda A. Bowman. 304 Danlta C. Bowman, 276 Dlanna L. Bowman, 342 Ronald K. Bowman, 342 Ronald W. Bowman, 276 Kenny L. Bowren, 322 Dana B. Box, 322 Jordan B. Boyd, 276 Michelle A. Boyd, 304 Tammy R. Boyd, 342 Teresa L. Boyd, 322 Danice R. Boyle, 322 Mohammad Bozorglpour, 304 Melissa J. Bracy, 322 Jean L. Bradberry, 276 Karen J. Bradberry, 342 Barry F. Braden, 322 Bruce M. Bradford, 272 Gayla M. Bradford, 342 Lisa G. Bradford, 304 Mary G. Bradford, 368 Charles W. Bradley, 276 Cheryl W. Bradley. 276 Greg D. Bradley, 342 James E. Bradley. 369 Jaml A. Bradley, 342 Mark W. Bradley, 342 Michael S. Bradley, 276 Raymond S. Bradley, 322 Renee V. Bradley, 342 Adam R. Bradshaw, 342 Kevin D. Brady, 322 Sandra K. Bramblett, 304 Ron K. Bramlett, 270 Robert S. Bramuccl, 276 Jacqueline F. Branch. 322 Melissa B. Branch, 322 Alan R. Brand, 304 Sandra K. Brand, 276 Sharon K. Brand. 276 Dale W. Brandon, 276 Gregor L. Brandon. 374 Lisa A. Brendon, 342 Gregory J. Brannon. 322 Lea F. Branscum, 368 LeDonna A. Branscurn, 276 Daniel F. Branum, 342 Patricia A. Brashers. 342 Billy M. Braswell, 304 Tracy L. Braswell, 322 Bobby C. Bratcher, 322 Leanne Brawner, 342 Clyde L. Bray, 276 Leora A. Bray, 342 Richard B. Bray, 342 Rickey G. Bray, 276 Steven W. Bray, 304 Jacque Breazel, 322 Jeff R. Breckenridge, 342 Lyon T. Brechenrldge. 304 Chris E. Breeden. 342 Brooke E. Breeding, 304 Laura L. Breeding, 342 Stan M. Brehm, 322 Ted D. Brehm, 276 James A. Brent. 369 Debbie S. Brew, 322 Sandra E. Brewart, 276 Darrell E. Brewer, 304 Doug E. Brewer. 342 James B. Brewer, 342 Mary B. Brewer, 342 Tammy L. Brewlngton, 342 Donna L. Breytspraak, 342 Clyde W. Bricker, 342 Blll R. Bridger, 304 Kim K. Bridger. 322 Hallie A. Bridges, 322 Jeffrey R. Bridges, 322 Michael S. Bridges, 322 Abi G. Brierton, 276 Carl M. Briggs, 322 Michael E. Briggs, 342 Sherry L. Brlllhart, 276 Renee B. Brink. 342 Leslle G. Brlnkle, 342 Juan Carlos Brita, 342 Donna L. Britt, 322 Donnle O. Britt, 342 Judy L. Britt. 342 Ollle F. Brltt, 342 Scott H. Brttt, 342 Suzette Brlttlngham, 276 Steve C. Broadaway, 276 Jeffrey L. Broadway, 304 Mike R. Broadway, 322 James K. Brock, 342 Anna L. Brodell, 342 Herman A. Brodell, 304 Beecher D. Brodnax. 342 Letha M. Brogdon, 374 Dawn M. Brooks, 304 Jane Brooks, 276 Pamela R. Brooks, 276 Rlta F. Brooks, 342 Russell E. Brooks, 342 Scott C. Brooks. 322 Sherri G. Brooks. 322 Diana L. Broom, 276 Gary J. Broome, 304 Sharon L. Broughton, 342 Allison E. Brown, 276 Bobby B. Brown, 276 CCrlG A. Brown, 342 David A. Brown, 304 Diane S. Brown, 304 Dwane M. Brown, 342 Elroy Brown, 276 Erica L. Brown. 342 Keith Brown, 270 Geoffery A. Brown, 322 George H. Brown, 342 James P. Brown, 322 Jamie L. Brown, 342 Karin K. Brown, 322 Kathy A. Brown, 342 Kathy Brown, 342 Kenneth E. Brown, 322 Kevin L. Brown, 322 Kimberly A. Brown, 342 Kimla J. Brown, 304 Leatrlce Y. Brown, 342 Leonard R. Brown, Jr., 304 Lisa D. Brown. 322 Loresa A. Brown, 342 Janelle Brown, 322 Mary J. Brown. 276 Nikki S. Brown, 342 Ocle B. Brown, 342 Pamela S. Brown. 342 Patricia A. Brown. 342 Priscilla A. Brown, 304 Ramona L. Brown, 342 Randy D. Brown, 276 Regina A. Brown, 302 Stacie L. Brown, 322 Stan J. Brown. 369 Stephen L. Brown, 302 Susan D. Brown, 302 Suzanne N. Brown, 302 Tony L. Brown, 322 Tony W. Brown. 342 Tonya R. Brown, 342 Vicki R. Brown, 342 William F. Brown, 342 Wlllls Brown, 302 Jlm M. Brownflel, 322 Renlta L. Browning, 342 Terry L. Browning, 302 Teresa K. Brubeck, 322 Donna L. Bruce, 302 Gherlc E. Bruce. 276 Karen A. Bruce. 276 Stephen H. Bruce, 342 Winston C. Bruce, 342 Jennifer A. Brumley, 342 Jimmy N. Brumley, 342 Vicky A. Brumley, 322 Rebecca G. Brundage, 27 LeeAnn Bruton. 276 James P. Bryan, 302 Pamela S. Bryan. 276 Debbie Bryant, 302 Duane M. Bryant, 322 Kimberly A. Bryant, 276 Lionel M. Bryant, 342 Mae L. Bryant, 342 Peggy D. Bryant. 342 Rhonda C. Bryant, 342 Sandra D. Bryant, 302 Vlckl L. Bryant, 276 Frederick A. Bryson, 276 Karen N. Bryson, 342 Jack Buchanan, 322 Jerry L. Buchanan, 322 Robln V. Buchanan, 276 g Bryan W. Buck, 343 Pam J. Buckelew, 343 Mlchael P. Budak, 302 James G. Bufflngton, 322 Tim L. Bufford. 343 Amy L. Buford, 302 Dane E. Buford, 302 Ann l. Buley, 270 Tlm Bunch, 343 Tlmothy A. Bunch, 343 Dorcas A. Bundy, 276 Geraldine S. Bunn, 302 Bllly D. Burchfleld, 270 Kenny L. Burden, 322 Daniel R. Burdyshaw, 302 Tereslta A. Burdyshaw, 370 Henry E. Burtleld, 343 Barry S. Burge, 302 Frieda J. Burge, 302 Noel Burge, 302 Wllllam N. Burge, 302 Randy M. Burger, 276 Doss L. Burgess, 277 Renlta R. Burgess, 322 Sandra D. Burgess, 323 Patrlcla L. Burl, 367 Don A. Burke, 302 Barry S. Burkheart, 343 Lynn A. Burks, 277 April s. Bunlson, 343 Loretta Bumes, 302 Janet K. Bumham, 302 Tom Burnham. 343 Bobby J. Burns, 343 Deblla K. Burns. 322 Erlc F. Burns, 322 Rhonda D. Burns, 302 Vearlene Burns, 343 Charles F. Burres, 343 Bland R. Burris, 371 Donna D. Burris, 323 Jeau D. Burroughs, 343 Steven P. Burroughs, 323 Shelley K. Burrow, 302 Rhonda L. Bursan, 323 Bonnle S. Burt. 343 Cynthia L. Burton, 343 Mary J. Burton, 302 Ollvla K. Burton, 302 Delores J. Busby, 277 Jimmy W. Bushong Jr., 302 Lorlll L, Butcher, 302 Betsy A. Butler, 343 Davld M. Butler, 371 Debra J, Butler, 302 Gall Butler, 343 Johnny R. Butler, 366 Rebecca L. Butler, 343 Llsa J. Butterworth, 277 Theodore H. Butts, 323 Cynthia L. Buzbee, 343 Allyn G. Byars. 323 John B. Byers. 369 Karrle H. Byes, 343 Dana L. Bynum, 323 Aran D. Byrd. 323 Alvln M. Byrd Jr., 302 Belinda K. Byrd, 343 John E. Byrd, 270 Larry C. Byrd, 343 Leslle K. Byrd, 277 Marllyn K. Byrd, 343 Melba I. Byrd, 371 Melissa F Byrd, 343 Shirley M. Byrd, 343 Sylvia A. Byrne, 277 Ellen K. Cable, 277 BGHBY W. Cagle, 277 Karen J. Cald. 343 Craig A. Caln, 277 Henrl E. Caln, 368 Sarah M. Cain, 270 Antoinette Caldwell, 371 Clndy G. Caldwell, 323 James C. Caldwell, 323 Kelly A. Caldwell, 323 Marlon A. Caldwell, 323 Randal S. Caldwell, 277 Rebecca A. Caldwell, 302 Steve D. Caldwell, 343 Darlene Calkln, 277 Barry G. Callahan, 302 Janice K. Calllcott, 302 Judy P. Camden, 302 Davld H. Cameron, 369 Llsa Cameron, 277 Clifford S. Cammarata, 343 Kemuel L. Camp, 323 Kendell D. Camp 302 Bonnle Campbell, 323 Cindy L. Campbell, 302 Denlse Campbell, 302 Dennls Campbell, 270 Klm D. Campbell, 302 Laura M. Campbell, 277 Sherry A, Campbell, 302 Steven P. Campbell, 323 Susan K. Campbell, 302 Terri N. Campbell, 323 Carolyn M. Campfleld, 302 Brent A, Canada, 323 Judlth M. Cancelarlch, 302 Clifford R. Candler, 343 Brad M. Cannon, 302 Howard L, Cannon. 302 Klmberly S. Cannon, 277 Mark L. Cannon, 323 Robert J. Cannon, 343 Carolina Cantu, 323 Dlno A. Cantu, 270 Dlon A. Cantu, 343 Kelly E. Caples, 323 Lorl A. Caples, 323 Jeff J. Capllnger, 343 Greg J. Carda, 302 Debbie A. Carey, 323 James A. Carey, 323 Byron K. Carle, 323 Ken G. Carlew, 277 Brett Carlile, 302 Clay G. Carlock, 323 Mark A. Carlson, 323 Traci L. Carlson, 323 Chrlstl Carlyle, 323 Davld W. Carmack, 323 Janet L. Carmack, 302 Rod F. Carmack, 302 Davld F. Carman, 277 Mltzl T. Carman. 277 Janet S. Carnett. 302 Leisa A. Carpenter, 277 Mlchael S. Carpenter. 343 Terry W. Carpenter, 277 Constance O. Carr, 277 Mlchael J. Carr, 323 Randal L. Carr, 277 Stephanie G. Carr, 277 Jennifer L. Carrelro, 272 Theresa A. Carrlglltto, 343 Linda A. Carroll, 302 Steve B. Carson, 343 Vicky A. Cortee, 302 Bllly E. Carter, 302 Davld M. Carter, 323 Davld W. Carter, 343 Deldtra Carter, 371 Donna J. Carter, 343 Iva J. Carter, 323 Karen A. Carter, 323 Leah A. Carter, 343 Llsa R. Carter, 343 John R. Carter Jr., 302 Mary B. Carter, 277 Melissa G. Carter, 323 Millard E. Carter, 323 Nancy E. Carter, 343 Patricia A. Carter, 277 Peggy L. Carter, 323 Randall A. Carter, 302 Shelia R. Carter, 369 Sherry L. Carter, 302 Sue E. Carter, 323 Maurice Carthon. 302 Klmberly J. Caruthers, 343 Chester G. Cary, 323 Jeff E, Casey, 343 Timothy C, Cash, 277 Jae F. Cashlon ll, 343 Jenny L. Cason, 343 Job D. Caspall. 343 Denlse M. Cassidy, 302 Ruby V. Cassidy, 323 Tammy G. Casteel, 343 Shelly M, Costleberry, 277 Colin C. Cate, 343 Timothy W. Cater, 343 Donald H. Cates. 343 Loren E. Cates. 302 Robln A. Catt, 277 Rosetta L. Catt, 302 Bryan D. Cattanoch, 302 Janet L. Caudell, 302 Ricky T. Caulk, 343 Kathleen Cavaness, 277 Kitty K. Cavenor, 277 Pamela L. Cavltt. 323 Darla G. Cawvey, 343 Kathy D. Cecll, 302 Mark A. Cecll, 323 Byron D. Chadwick, 277 Mary Chaffee, 302 Phyllis Chaffln, 343 Sharon K. Chat-lin, 343 Don R. Chamberlain, 343 Blll D. Chamberlin, 277 Nancy L. Chamberlin, 323 Esaue K, Chambers. 343 James T. Chambers, 277 Keith Chambers, 302 Jason A. Chandler, 343 Joseph R. Chandler, 272 Mlchael R. Chandler, 343 Mona L. Chandler, 343 Stacey L. Chaplain, 343 Tammy D. Chaplain, 277 l. J. Chapman, 302 Melvin L. Chapman, 369 Deborah K. Chappel, 343 Debbie D. Chappell, 323 Kimberly B. Chappell, 343 Mike A. Chappell, 302 Angela F. Chastain, 277 lrls J, Chastain. 323 Rob D. Chastain, 343 Sharon L. Charles. 367 Cara L. Cheesman, 343 Anthony D, Cherry, 277 Janna M. Cherry, 343 Kathryn J. Cheshire, 277 Rosie M. Chess, 277 Diane E. Childers, 277 Jennifer L. Childers, 323 Johnny S. Childress, 343 Robert N. Childress, 270 Barry J. Chlpman, 343 James D. Chlpman, 302 Georgia A. Chlsm, 302 Tlna C. Chlsm, 277 Brldget R. Chrlsco, 343 Lesley A. Chrlsca, 343 Stan R. Chrlsman, 302 Annette Christian, 343 Joe W. Christian, 343 Elizabeth K. Chrlstle. 302 Keith A. Chunn, 323 Howard L. Clssell Jr., 303 Jon M. Clssell, 323 Greg A. Clalrday, 303 Tina L. Clalrday, 277 Allen M. Clark, 278 Bobby J. Clark, 344 Brad A. Clark, 344 David L. Clark, 344 Donna J. Clark, 303 Gary L. Clark, 344 James L. Clark, 344 Janet A. Clark, 303 Jlll M. Clark, 303 Keith A. Clark, 344 Linda P. Clark, 344 Martha J. Clark, 27B Mary Ann Clark. 344 Patrick L. Clark, 344 Rebecca R. Clark, 344 Robert F. Clark, 303 Sherri L. Clark, 344 Shirley A. Clark, 344 Suzanne Clark, 303 Terana D. Clark, 303 Joetta M. Clausen, 344 Charles A. Clay, 303 Gregory L. Clay, 303 Jason B. Clay, 344 Kristal D. Clay, 344 Renee Clay, 344 Sandra D. Clay, 303 Margaret M. Clayborn, 278 Donna B, Clayton, 344 Jeff S. Clayton, 303 Jeffery E. Clayton. 303 Lynette Clayton, 303 Mark E. Clayton, 323 Patrlcla L. Clayton. 367 Terri M, Clayton, 278 Mlchael W. Clem, 278 Robin K. Clem, 303 Brent A. Clement, 303 Dennis J. Clement, 27B Rocky W. Clements. 323 Beth M. Clemons, 303 Bobby Lee Clemons, 344 Earnest L. Clemons, 344 Jerry H. Clemons, 344 Colleen R. Cleveland, 344 Billy S. Clifft, 323 Carla S. Clifton, 323 Cathy J. Clifton, 323 Cheryl A. Clifton. 278 Stephen W. Clifton, 278 Donna C. Cline, 344 Linda C. Cline, 303 Mlchael L. Cline, 323 Christine Clinglngsmlth, 303 Mike L. Clinglngsmlth, 323 Jim cunglngsmitn Jr., 278 Anita D. Clinton, 344 Allce C. Clagston, 371 Davld W. Clanlnger. 278 Marty R. Cloud, 344 Scott M. Cluck, 303 Sabrina Coats, 371 Clifford T. Cobb, 323 Kelley D. Cobb, 323 Leeann Cobb, 371 Mark A. Cobb, 344 Susan L. Cobb. 344 Wllllam L. Cabb. 303 Gregory E. Cobbs, 303 Julle A. Cabbs, 344 McKinley C. Cabbs, 323 Carol J. Cochran, 278 Cynthia C. Cochran 303 Scott Cochran, 303 Ross E. Cockburn, 344 Tracy Cockrell, 278 Cynthia S. Cockrill, 303 Thad Cockrlll, 323 Robert D, Coe. 272 Ricky D. Coffman, 344 Shearry Coffman. 323 Pamela A. Cohaan, 344 Janine J. Colalannl, 278 Mark W, Colbert, 270 Scott J. Colbert, 303 Scott R. Colbert, 323 Danna L. Colburn. 344 Tammle A. Colburn, 303 Cathy J. Cole, 371 Cynthla D. Cole, 344 Gerald D. Cole. 344 Gregory W, Cole, 303 Julee J. Cole. 344 Kathleen J. Cole, 323 LaTonya L. Cole, 344 Llnda C. Cole, 344 Myron S, Cole, 344 Roger C. Cole, 278 Sonlla D. Cole, 278 Tammy D. Cole, 344 Tammy L, Cole, 278 Tracy S. Cole, 303 Catherlne F. Coleman, 278 Crystal K. Coleman, 344 Dlana S. Coleman, 344 Mlchael A, Coleman, 303 Mlchael L. Coleman, 323 Tracy L, Coleman, 344 Yvonne Coleman, 270 Charles R. Coles. 323 James T. Coles, 344 Lea A. Collar. 323 Jerry H, Colller, 344 Karen L. Colller, 303 Lesla C. Colller, 272 Rebecca Q. Colller, 323 Brad A. Colllns, 323 John A. Colllns. 344 Korrl K, Colllns, 323 Kathy L. Colllns, 344 Leslle D. Colllns, 303 Robyn L. Colllns, 344 Ronnle L. Colllns. 303 Lorl A. Collomp, 344 John Combs. 370 Steven L. Combs, 344 John A. Commer, 323 Donna Compton, 344 Karen L. Compton, 344 Shella F. Conaway, 344 Cynthla A. Conley, 278 Kelll S, Conley, 303 Marty L. Conley, 278 Mla E. Conley. 344 Rlchle D. Conley, 344 Terry L. Conner, 278 Rlckey G, Conrad, 323 Angelo Cook 344 Angela C. Cook, 344 Clndy L. Cook, 344 Nelson T, Cook, 344 Phllllp D. Cook, 278 Stacl L. Cook, 344 Tracl L. Cook, 344 Karen Coomer. 303 Martha E. Coop. 270 Anthony A, Cooper. 303 Bll R. Cooper, 278 Danny L. Cooper. 323 Davle L. Cooper, 278 Donna A. Cooper, 278 D'Wayne Cooper, 324 James Cooper, 324 Jamle S. Cooper. 324 Jerl S. Cooper, 324 Lonce R. Cooper, 303 Margaret A. Cooper, 344 Margaret L. Cooper, 303 Nlta L. Cooper. 344 Tlm W. COODGI. 344 Todd R. Cooper. 278 Anthony C. Copeland. 324 Cynthla M. Copeland, 324 Debble S, Copeland, 324 Loureta L. Copeland, 303 Mlcheal G. Copeland. 344 Tlmothy W, Copeland, 278 Harold R. Copenhaver, 303 Denlse Copenhaver. 270 Shelley J, Comellson, 303 Rlcky Cornlsh, 344 Nancy F. Comwell. 324 Brenda D. Corpler. 344 LoDonna J, Corpler, 344 Janes D. Cossey, 303 Tcrnmy V. Cossey, 303 376 Wade Cothran. 278 Donna M. Cothren, 344 Kevln D. Cothem, 324 Sherri A. Cothem, 303 Bobby J. Couch, 344 Dlna E. Couch, 344 Ellen Couch, 344 Larry T. Couch, 345 Sherry G, Couch. 324 Wendy G. Couch, 345 Rusty Counce, 345 Robert F. Courtney, 303 Tommy R. Courtney, 324 Graham D. Coveney, 324 John D. Cover, 371 Tracey L. Covert, 345 Donald E. Covey, 303 Mary S. Cowan, 345 Andrea Cox. 324 Bonlta D. Cox, 345 Frances K. Cox, 345 Larry W. Cox, 345 Myra A. Cox, 278 Peggy A, Cox, 272 Robert G. Cox, 303 Samantha D. Cox, 345 Sheree F. Cox, 370 Stacey A. Cox, 345 Stephen Coy, 303 Tlmothy D. Coy, 278 Bryan L. Cozart, 303 Clay Cozart, 303 Sandra S. Cozart, 303 Dana R. Crabtree, 303 Klmberly L. Crabtree, 324 Anna C. Crafford, 303 John R. Crafford, 345 Tanya R. Crafford, 278 Tommy H. Craft, 345 Robin A. Cratton, 345 Debora J. Cralg, 324 Donald B. Cralg, 303 Klmberly J. Cralg, 324 Mary Ellen Cralg, 278 Donna S. Craln, 324 Charles W. Crdn, 278 Wllllam E. Craln, 303 James Cramer, 345 Stephen J. Crancer, 278 Dennls J. Cravens, 272 James M. Cravens, 324 Vlctor C. Cravens, 303 Bruce Crawford, 345 Carter Crawford. 303 Cathy J. Crawford, 345 Clndy L. Crawford, 345 Della M. Crawford, 368 Flllthla L. Crawford, 303 Gayla S. Crawford, 324 Kathy L. Crawlord. 324 Walter L, Crawford, 345 Bobble A. Crayton, 303 Chlcurby D. Crayton, 278 Ty Creason, 303 Jerry W. Creecy. 278 Lana K. Creel. 345 Laura Cremeens, 324 Steve D. Cremeens, 324 Donna J. Crews. 345 Gregory A. Crews, 278 Gretchen A. Crews, 303 Klmberly D. Crews, 324 Marcy D. Crews, 303 Pamela S. Crews. 278 Brant Crlsp. 278 Darrel W. Crlsler, 303 Jeffery J. Crlsler. 345 Kelly L. crisp, 345 Kelly M. Crlsp, 345 Douglas W. Crlss, 278 lra V. Crtte, 278 James A. Crlttenoen. 345 Suzrmne L. Crocker, 303 Jerry K. Crook, 345 Davld G. Croom, 303 Glnger K, Croom, 303 Kerrie L. Croom, 345 Tlmmy W. Cross. 324 Tony R. Cross. 279 Tlmothy L. Crossno, 279 Adrlan E, Crouch, 324 Gregg E. Crouch, 303 Wllllam E. Crouse, 345 Barbara L. Crow, 345 Mary J. Crow, 303 Susan M. Crow, 279 Algle J. Crowder, 303 Davld D. Crowder, 303 Judy A. Crowell, 279 Steven M. Crowson. 324 Ramon A. Crumpler, 324 Karen L. Crumpton, 279 Robert E. Crumpton, 272 Debble L. Crutchfleld, 345 Rhonda L. Cude, 324 Mary T. Culbreath, 345 Judy L. Cullen, 304 Laura A. Culp, 324 Leslle E. Culp, 345 Laura L. Culpepper, 371 Paul D. Culpepper, 345 Ann F. Culver, 304 Dennls H. Cumble, 279 Charles L. Cummlngs, 279 Becky M. Cummins, 345 Rlchard L. Cummins, 279 Debble A. Cunnlngham, 345 Elana L. Cunnlngham, 279 Glen A. Cunningham, 324 Grace M. Cunnlngham, 345 Joy E. Cunningham, 304 Lee M. Cunningham, 324 Susan K, Cunnlngham, 279 Tracy L. Cunningham, 345 Jlll E. Cupp. 324 Kellle R. Cupp. 279 Mary K. Cupp. 345 Davld K. Cupples. 345 Mlchael E. Cureton, 345 Llsa A. Cumutt, 304 Llsa Currle, 345 Captola P. Curry, 304 Connle L. Curry, 324 Prlce V. Curry, 304 Bruce A. Curtls, 345 Dale A. Curtls, 279 Paul M. Curtls. 324 Polly A. Curtls, 345 Tlna K. Curtls, 345 Kenneth O. Curtwrlght, 345 Krlsten M. Cuzzort, 345 Charlyne Cypreese, 345 Carl R. Dabadle, 345 Max E. Dacus, 304 Davld S. Dalley, 345 Tlm D. Dalley, 324 Charles H. Dalton, 345 Hashem Damlrlan, 279 Brad W. Danlel, 345 Tommy F. Danlel, 304 Carl M. Danley. 371 Della E. Danley. 279 James M. Danley. 345 Allyce M. Darby, 345 Sharon A. Darby, 345 John A. Darmstaedter, 371 Marla Darnell, 304 Phll D. Damell, 272 Sandl D. Damell, 324 Charles D. Darr, 324 Ellen L. Darr, 345 Stan G. Dauck, 279 Anl R, Daud. 324 Jamle W. Davault, 345 Bruce A. Davenport, 324 Dennls R. Davenport, 345 Alex S. Davld, 279 Bobby S. Davld. 279 Donna Davldson, 304 Joseph S. Davldson, 304 Mary L, Davldson, 304 Pat H. Davidson, 304 Amy Davis, 272 Bllly Davls, 345 Brlan S. Davls. 345 Cabrlna R. Davls, 279 Catherlne J. Davls. 279 Charles W. Davls, 304 Darwln L. Davls, 279 Deann Davls, 304 Dennls W, Davls, Donna M. Davls, 345 Edwina El6Cl'10l' C. Davls, R. Davls, Fely J, Davls, 304 Jacquellne M, Davls John P. Davls, 345 Karen S. Karen S. Karen S. Kathy L. Kathy R, Kevln B. Krlstl D. Lady J. Lella M. Leslle A Llnda I. Davls, Davls, Davls, Davls, . Davls Davls, Davls. 324 Davls, 368 Davls. 345 Davis, 304 Davls, 279 324 324 368 324 . 324 345 Llsa A. Davls, 345 Llsa G. Davls, 345 Llsa K. Davls, 304 Mark A. Davls, 324 Marllsa L. Davls, 345 Marva A. Davls, 345 Mary L. Davls, 345 Mary M. Davls, 345 345 304 304 Melody J. Davls, 304 Mlchael L. Davls, 324 Mona K. Davls, 346 Pamela A, Davls, 324 Perry D. Davls, 346 Rhonda G. Davls. 324 Rhonda K, Davls, 346 Robyn E. Davls, 346 Rodney J. Davls, 279 Shella G. Davls, 371 Susan L. Davls, 346 Vonda Gale Davls, 346 Wllma J. Davls, 368 Zlna V, Davls, 304 Eugene M. Davlson, 304 Dale A. Dawson. 324 Davld E. Dawson, 279 Nancy E. Dawson, 279 Penny R. Dawson, 304 Robln L. Dawson. 346 Llsa E. Day. 370 Bobby G. Dean, 304 Celena J. Dean, 346 Jeff J, Dean, 346 Mark K. Dean, 304 Mary F. Dean, 270 Rebecca L. Dean, 346 Robert F. Dean, 304 Tlmothy L. Dean, 304 Vlrglnla A. Dean, 324 Marvln C. Dearlen, 304 Davld J. Deaton, 279 Shella L. DeBruce. 371 Patsy, S. Deckard, 279 Davld L. Decker, 346 Jerry R. Decker, 346 Sharon K. Decker, 346 Wllllam K. Decker, 346 Charles C. DeClerk, 324 Jerrl G. Dedman, 346 Cynthla L. Deeds, 346 Susan C. Deeds, 304 Larene K. Deems, 272 Bellnda L, Dees, 346 Greg S. DeFord, 324 Thomas E. DeGood. 324 Mlchael A. DeHaan, 324 Gary S. Dehls, 346 Zahld H. Dehradunwala, 270 Charles W. Delap, 304 Susan K. Delap, 304 Cralg A. DeLllle, 324 James D. DeLllle, 324 Jeff Delk, 304 Mlke G. DeLoache, 279 Hassan Delshad. 279 Angela D. DeMent, 324, Tempa J. Dempsey, 324 Lavon T. Denklns, 304 Danlel R, Dennls. 304 Fonda K. Dennls, 374 Charlotte A. Denny, 324 Johnny Denny, 346 Deborah A. Dent. 324 Mary L. Dent, 346 Tommy D. Dent, 304 Kathryn L. Denton, 304 Mlchael C. Denton, 324 David R. DePoyster, 346 Teresa K. Derfler. 304 Tlmothy E. DeSalvo, 346 Hal A, Detrlck, 304 Susan K. Dickerson, 279 Ruth A, Dlckey, 304 Byron L. Dlcklnson, 270 Charles R. Dlcklnson, 304 Teresa R, Dlcklnson, 346 Rlcky L. Dlcus. 324 Tommy L. Dlcus, 346 Llbby J, Dlfanl, 324 Landon W, Dllday, 304 Janle C, Dlldlne, 279 Bonnle L, Dlllard, 279 Ellzabeth M. Dlllald, 272 Lawrence T. Dlllard, 346 Mlchael L. Dlllard, 324 Sarah E. Dlllard, 324 Tracy A. Dlllehay. 304 Kathy J. Dlllon, 279 Shelll D, Dllls, 324 Ramona Dllworth, 346 Bleu V. Dinh, 304 James A, Dltto, 346 Mary M. Ditto, 324 Justln P. Dlxon, 324 Marlln J. Dlxon, 346 Rosa M. Dlxon, 324 Venus L. Dlxon, 272 Janetta Dobbs, 324 Larry A. Dobbs, 369 Raymond E. Dobbs, 346 Rennle K. Doby. 270 Debble S. Dodd, 374 James M, Dodd, 279 Daryl R. Dodson, 304 Terry Dodson, 304 Bobby D. Dollar, 346 Shella M. Dolllns, 279 Gary L. Domlna, 279 Terry M. Donahue, 346 Klmberly Donnellan, 368 Allcla M. Donner, 325 Debble Donner, 346 Cary T. Donohue. 346 Chrls A. Donovan. 279 Wendell R. Dorman, 304 Arlene S. Dannlo, 325 Petrl D. Dorsey, 325 Brltt A. Dortch. 346 Damon Dortch, 325 Llsa D. Dartch, 325 Harold K. Dorton, 346 Lora G. Dorton, 304 Ada R, Douglas, 325 Donna C. Douglas, 279 Erlc Douglas. 346 Leland T. Douglas, 279 Mellsa J. Douglas, 346 Bobby C. Downs. 346 Camllle Downs, 346 Llnda S. Downs, 279 Glorla V. Dowty, 346 James S. Doyle, 280 Kathryn Doyle. 368 Matthew B. Doyle, 346 Mlchael T. Doyle, 346 Steve E. Doyle, 346 Terry V. Doyle, 325 Tlm A. Doyle, 325 Tammy D, Draften, 325 John Drake, 325 Wllllam F. Dresbach. 280 Wanda L. Drlver, 325 Cheryl L. Druss. 325 Renee Dryden, 325 Lee Anne Dublln, 325 Dwlght D. Duckworth, 304 Tammy R. Duckworth, 325 Andrew Duclos, 367 Brlan K. Duclos, 280 Jamle D. Dudley, 272 Wllllam B. Dudley, 346 Rlckey A. Duff, 280 Bryan N. Duffel, 304 Charles R. Duffel, 304 Cheryl A. Dugas, 280 Versle L. Dugger, 280 Karen A. Duke, 325 Fellcla l. Dulaney, 304 John R. Dulaney, 325 Clyde T. Dumas, 280 Carmen Y. Dunbar, 325 Wlnnlfred, J. Dunbar, 304 Blake Duncan, 346 Gregory K. Duncan, 325 Melody G. Duncan. 325 Tammy P. Duncan, 325 Thomas W. Duncan, 346 Tammle M. Dungan, 280 Tracle E. Dungan, 280 Vera E. Dungan, 346 Rodger D. Dunlgan, 304 Frank L. Dunlvan, 346 Tammy Dunkerson, 304 Darrell D, Dunlap, 325 Dena L. Dunlap, 304 Mlchael L, Dunlap, 346 Sharon D. Dunlap, 346 Charles W. Dunn, 304 Darrln T. Dunn. 346 Jeffrey S. Dunn, 280 Pnlllp B. Dunn, 346 Randy A. Dunnam. 325 Byron L. Dunnlck. 304 Tlna L. Dunnlck, 325 Sherrle A. Dupwe, 346 Nlchola F. Duran, 304 Tommy O. Durowaye. 304 Helen M, Dust, 346 Loulse L. Dust, 280 Matthew E. Dust, 325 Roger C. Duty. 304 Sandra Duvall. 304 Glna A. Dycus, 304 Jlll A. Dycus, 325 Shelly A. Dyer, 346 Vollna E. Dyer, 304 Vlckle L. Eads, 325 Daphne G. Eagan, 346 Jeanetta A. Eagle, 304 Robln D. Eaker, 280 Steven D. Eaklns, 346 Klmberly S. Eanes, 346 Wade A. Eanes, 304 Davld 8. Earll, 280 Klmberly P. Early, 346 Scott Earlywlne, 346 John P. Easley, 280 Adena K. Eason, 304 Janet L. East, 325 Nancy C. East. 304 Klmberly D. Easter, 325 Valerle J. Eastman, 270 Llsa F. Eaton, 325 Deborah J. Ebbert, 325 Mohamad A. Ebrlk, 346 Ronald E. Echols. 304 Suzanne E. Echols. 304 Wanda D. Echols, 325 Erlc Eckert. 346 John M. Eckert, 305 Deborah D, Eckles, 280 Wesley Eddlngton, 280 Bruce D. Eddy, 280 Danlel L. Eddy 346 Basll Ede, 305 Glnger M. Edgar, 346 Steve T. Edgar. 305 Jlmmy A. Edlngton, 325 Jonathan D. Edlngton, 325 Klmberly R. Edlngton, 325 Llsa A. Edler. 280 Brenda K. Edmlston, 371 Merllyn U, Edmond, 325 Greg D. Edmondson, 346 Wllllam S. Edmondson. 305 Anthony T. Edwards, 346 Cynthla S. Edwards, 305 Janet L. Edwards, 325 Kerrle A. Edwards, 305 Lavonnle B. Edwards, 346 Patrlcla B. Edwards, 272 Venantlus U, Egbulem, 325 Kelvln R. Eggleston, 325 Mohammad Eghlldos, 305 John T. Elchert, 280 Dlana L. Eldson, 346 Guy L. Elder. 346 Pamela G. Elders. 280 Paul L, Eldrldge, 270 Andrew L. Elgln, 346 Dana D. Elkins, 347 Lance Ellenburg, 305 Ella O. Elllngson. 347 June Elllngson, 325 Scott A. Elllngton, 325 Allce P. Ellls, 347 Allison C. Ellls, 305 Angela A. Ellls, 325 Donna M, Ellls, 347 James E. Ellls, 370 Jay E, Ellls, 305 Jeana M. Ellls, 305 Judy K. Ellls, 305 Kayla D. Ellls, 325 Kelly A. Ellls, 347 Robert W. Ellls, 272 Dlane J. Elllson. 347 Llnda M. Elllson, 347 Youssef A. El-Masrl, 280 Anthony D. Elmore, 325 Jane C, Elmore, 305 Mark A. Elmore, 347 Mellnda A. Elmore, 280 Wllllam D. Elmore. 272 Lesa L. Elms. 305 Nabll T. El-Saqa, 369 Charles W. Embach, 347 Vlctor O. Emegokwue, 280 John R. Emerson, 280 Karla R. Emerson, 347 Brenda P. Emery, 325 Danny J. Emery, 305 Janlce K. Emery, 280 Jlmmy D. Emery, 347 Mlchelle Emery, 325 Laura'Holly Endes, 325 Clndy G. Endsley, 305 Jerry M. England, 347 Doyn Ennls, 347 Farld M, Entezar, 369 Nallb M, Entezar, 374 Mlchelle A. Ermert, 280 Shawna L. Emey. 325 Cynthla R. Ervln, 347 Barry E. Enuln, 347 Bobby Eskew, 347 Fanokh Eslahl, 280 John C, Esters. 325 Amy D. Estes, 347 Anna R Estes, 305 Britt W. Estes, 305 Davld R. Estes, 325 James H. Estes, 347 Jenny L. Estes, 325 Jerrl R. Etter, 347 Kelth N. Etter. 305 lme T. Etudor, 272 Karen N. Eubanks, 347 Keff Eubanks, 305 Mlrlam Eubanks, 347 Ronald W. Eubanks, 280 Sharon D. Eubanks, 305 Anthony R. Evans, 325 Donna J, Evans, 347 Ed L. Evans. 347 Everett Evans, 280 Jerrls A. Evans, 305 Karen M. Evans, 325 Melanie S. Evans, 280 Susan E. Evans, 325 Robln G. Evans, 305 Russell E. Evans, 305 Stacy C. Evans. 305 Terry W. Evans, 305 Mlke A. Evert, 305 Jeff D. Evlns, 347 Bankole A. Ewedeml, 305 James C. Ezell, 347 Lenlta G. Ezell, 280 Ellas Faham. 347 Beth R. Falr, 325 Frankle Falr, 270 James L, Falr, 325 Margaret S. Falr, 347 Deborah C. Falrchlld, 280 Tim C. Falsst, 280 Klmberly D, Falk, 305 Brlan D. Falls, 305 Allyson Farley, 347 Karen S. Farley, 280 Ken B. Farley, 305 Dalton A. Farmer, 325 James A. Farmer, 280 Pamela A. Farmer, 325 Rosemary Farmer, 374 Sarah D. Farmer. 270 James W, Farrls, 305 Mohammed S, Faroukh, 347 Mary J. Faucett, 280 Edwln W. Faughn, 347 Brad M. Faught, 325 Lamar K. Faught, 305 Samuel C. Fought, 272 Makka L. Faulkenberry, 325 Anthony G, Faulkner, 280 Tlna D, Faulkner, 325 Janet L. Fazelanvarlyazdl, 325 Mehdl Fazelanvarlyazdl, 280 Llnda G. Feagln, 347 Donna S. Fears, 305 Llllle M. Fears. 280 Kathy D. Featherston, 347 Melanle F6GTh6fSfOf1, 325 John W. Fee, 305 Robert w. Fegtly, 272 Corlnle M. Felld, 325 Dee Felld, 368 Jett W. Felrlns, 347 Jennlfer L. Felklns. 368 Laura D. Felts, 325 Mlckey A. Felts. 347 Rhonda L. Felts, 347 Danlel A. Ferguson, 347 Donna B. Ferguson, 347 Glorla S. Ferguson, 305 Jo A. Ferguson. 280 Karen J. Ferguson. 325 Leslle S. Ferguson. 305 Ellzabeth A. Ferrell, 325 Beverly A. Ferrls, 347 Ellzabeth D. Fetterty, 272 Melanle C. Flala, 325 Carolyn B. Flelder, 325 Ernest K. Flelder, 305 Lawrence K. Flelder. 325 Tlmmy D. Flelder, 284 Wellman L. Flelder, 284 Charlotte L. Flelds. 347 Donald W. Flelds, 347 Norma L. Flglel, 272 James C. Flles, 326 Anlta Flnch, 305 Deborah K. Flnch. 284 Jayne M. Flnch, 326 Scott Flnch, 347 Charles A. Flncher, 305 Brenda A. Flndley. 347 Gayle L. Flnley, 347 Karen B. Flnley. 347 Martl A. Flnley, 326 Rlcky L. Flres. 284 Henry W. Flsher, 305 Kellle R. Flsher, 326 Melvln C. Flsher, 347 Roger K. Flsher, 305 Selma J. Flsher. 326 Amy L. Fltts, 347 Harold L. Fltts, 305 Clark W. Fltzpatrlck. 305 Laura Fltzwater, 326 George R. Flagg, 347 Velma J. Flanlgcn, 326 Judlth L. Flemlng, 270 Karen M. Flemon, 347 Mlke Fletcher, 326 Monlca H. Fletcher, 347 Johnny N. Fllppo, 347 Gregory A. Flood, 374 Karon P. Flowers, 305 Jlmmy G. Floyd, 284 Mlchael T. Floyd, 284 Wayne Floyd, 326 Allsa Flynn, 326 Sherl Flynn, 284 Cheryl l.. Foley. 347 Mark L. Foltz, 347 Annle P. Fonzle, 270 Jennlter L. Foot, 326 Mary S. Forbls, 270 Ralph L. Forbls, 305 Tammy L. Forbls, 284 Jaronda U. Forbs, 347 Beth Ford, 347 Brlan K. Ford, 326 Debbie Ford, 368 Earl C. Ford, 305 Ellzabeth M. Ford. 326 Greg W. Ford, 347 Jlll Ford, 326 Kellye M. Ford, 374 Llnda A. Ford, 326 Llsa C. Ford, 347 Llso C. Ford, 347 Robyn L. Ford, 305 Judy G. Foreman, 284 Ronald M. Foreman, 284 Susan L. Foreman. 347 Warren H. Forman, 374 Chrlstopher T. Forrest, 347 Joseph E. Forrester, 326 Mlchael R. Fort, 347 Danlel R. Fortmann, 272 Marsha L. Fossett, 284 Darla K. Foster, 305 Davld Foster. 305 Deborah S. Foster, 284 Glenn W. Foster, 305 Janet L. Foster, 284 Sherry A. Foster, 347 Claude S. Foushee, 305 DeAnn Fowler, 326 Dorothy K. Fowler, 347 Glorla L. Fowler. 347 James D. Fowler, 326 Terry C. Fowler, 326 Vlckl L. Fox, 305 Betty L. Franklln, 305 Borls C. Franklln, 347 Edward H. Franklln, 347 Gwendolyn M. Franklln. 272 Jaclnda Franklln, 374 Russell K. Franklln. 347 James A. Franks. 347 James H. Franks Jr., 326 Mark R. Franzen, 305 Brlan R. Fratesl, 305 378 Cazzy B. Francls, 326 Charles A. Frazler, 347 Rlchard D. Frazler, 326 Brenda K. Frealy, 284 Llnda C. Frealy, 284 Charles E. Fredrlck, 347 Jamle Free, 347 Andrea S. Freeman, 348 Brldget L. Freeman, 326 Kellle A. Freeman, 348 Ronald V. Freeman, 305 Sherry L. Freeman, 348 Tlm L. Freeman, 348 Kenneth W. Freemyer, 305 Wllllam C. Freln. 348 Danny R. French, 305 John W. French, 305 Klm S. French, 284 Laura C. French. 284 Tracy L. French, 284 Wllllam T. French, 348 Johnnle M. Frets, 272 Len T. Frey, 305 Dlane Frlday, 305 Mary F. Frlday, 284 Jlll A. Frler, 348 Crelg H. Frlerson, 305 Terry L. Frlerson, 305 Davld W. Frlsk, 326 Evelyn K. Frltts, 326 Bllly R. Frltz, 272 Carol A. Frlzzell, 326 W. G. Froman, 348 Mlke D. Fronabarger, 348 Sandy J. Fruland, 326 Annette L. Fry, 348 Gregory Fry, 305 Jelena J. Fry, 348 Klmberly D. Fry, 348 Lorle M. Fry. 348 Susan E. Fuches, 326 Marla Fuentes, 272 Pat Fuerer, 305 Sherl L. Fugate, 348 Susan M. Fulbright, 348 Blllle R. Fuller, 284 Charles V. Fuller, 348 Donald A. Fuller, 348 Klm Fuller, 348 Lennle S. Fuller, 305 James B. Fulmer, 284 Cynthla A. Fulton, 348 John T. Furlong, 348 Mlcheale Denlse Futch, 326 Jlmmy D. Futrell, 305 Tammle A. Gadberry, 348 Steve D. Gage, 348 Charles E. Galnes, 348 Mlchelle L. Galnes, 348 Nathan E. Galrhan, 284 Merrllee Galther, 284 Natalle I. Galther, 284 Sally D. Galther, 348 Shella D. Galther, 305 Tracy J. Galther, 305 Bruce W. Gallacher. 284 Letlcla A. Gallacher, 284 Ross A. Gallant, 284 Genna G. Gallegly, 272 Greg Gamblll. 284 Karen L. Gamblll. 348 ' Kerrle R. Gamblll. 306 Mlchael D. Gamblll. 348 Paul F. Gamblll, 348 Tamara L. Gamble. 326 Klmyla A. Gammlll, 326 Mlchelle Gammlll, 348 Angel Rafael Garcla, 306 Anthony B. Gardner, 306 Chrlstopher G. Gardner, 348 Donna D. Gardner, 306 Mellnda E. Gardner, 348 Natalle R. Gardner, 326 Prlce C. Gardner, 284 Rebecca A. Gardner, 306 Van L. Gardner, 348 Barry M. Garner. 284 Davld K. Gamer, 348 James A. Gamer. 306 Janet L. Garner, 284 Jlm H. Garner. 306 Joey E. Garner, 306 Mary K. Garner. 306 Bellnda C. Garrett, 374 Sara M. Garrett, 284 Vlvlan R. Garrett. 284 Danlel S. Garwood, 306 Debra Ann Gary, 326 Alfred Garza, 348 Edward Garza, 306 Raquel Garza, 306 Delores G. Gaskln. 306 Allen D. Gasklns, 348 Kelly L. Gassaway, 306 Bobby Gaston, 306 Rocky H. Gates. 306 Jana L. Gatlln. 326 Julle A. Gatlln. 348 Kerry S. Gatlln. 326 Mark Gatlln, 374 Phllllp D. Gatlln, 306 Phllllp B. Gatllng, 370 Mlchael L. Gauf. 306 Beverly J. Gause, 374 Teresa L. Gause, 348 Alton l. Gayle, 284 Joyce A. Gaylor, 284 Cleta J. Gazaway, 306 Pamela J. Gazaway, 348 Ellse Gemberllng, 348 Karen R. Gemes, 284 Mark S. Genshaw, 306 Carmen Gentry, 348 Dorls E. Gentry, 348 Freddy L. Gentry, 306 Jerry C. Gentry, 348 Bryan K. George, 306 Jesse R. George. 306 Karen R. George, 284 Llso C. George, 348 Ronnie D. George, 326 Wanda J. George, 326 Trlcla L. Geracl, 326 Laurle L. Geurln, 306 Osama K. Ghabelsh, 284 Sallna Ghazall, 374 Cynthla J. Glbbs, 306 Mlchael E. Glbbs, 348 Tlna M. Glbbs, 326 Brett W. Glbson, 367 Connle G. Glbson, 374 Danlel N. Glbson, 306 Darcl L. Glbson, 348 Farrell Glbson, 284 Llsa M. Glbson, 326 Mellnda K. Glbson, 326 Nlcholas T. Glbson, 306 Paula S. Glbson, 326 Phlllp W. Glbson, 284 Robert W. Glbson, Jr., 272 Stephanie L. Glbson, 326 Todd W. Glbson, 348 Darrell W. Glfford, 306 Trena L. Gllbert, 326 Donna S. Glles, 326 Martha E. Glles, 306 Barbara A. Glll. 270 Joseph M. Glll. 348 Lucretla A. Glll. 348 Lavada L. Glllen, 368 Stephen O. Glllesple, 326 Wllllam L. Glllesple, 348 Reggle L. Gillette, 282 James W. Gllley, 348 Annyece M. Gllleylen, 306 Kelly L. Glllham, 326 Andrea C. Gllllam, 282 Kenneth L. Gllllam. 348 Myrna A. Gllllam, 348 Stewart C. Gllllam, 306 Eugene Gllmore, 306 Kevin L. Gllmore, 348 Greg L. Glnn, 306 Tlmothy A. Glnn, 348 Angela D. Glpson, 348 Llsa L. Glpson, 282 Todd A. Glrtman, 348 Brandon A. Glst, 326 Harold J. Glst, 282 Susan E. Glst, 306 Bollnda J. Gleghorn, 306 Mlke J. Gleghorn, 282 Sue Gleghorn, 326 Mlchael P. Glelch, 272 Mellssa A. Glenn, 348 Randy L. Glenn, 326 Mlchael M. Glldewell, 282 Danny M. Glover. 306 Terry S. Glover, 348 Angela S. Godwln, 348 Tet Hoo Goh, 306 James P. Golng, 270 Rlckl D. Golngs, 348 Blll B. Golden, 306 Judlth Gomez, 326 Laurel Gonzalez, 348 Rhonda K. Gonzalez, 306 Jeff F. Goode. 306 Davld K. Goodln, 306 Katherlne R. Goodln, 348 Connle F. Goodlow, 306 Van M. Goodman, 282 Charmaln D. Goodpasture, 374 Wllllam A. Goodpasture, 348 Natalle L. Goodrlch, 326 Renee Goodrich, 306 Jo B. Goodson. 348 Archle Goodwln. 306 Krls A. Goodwln. 348 Mark E. Goodwln. 306 Terry J. Goodwln. 306 Wllllam A. Goodwln. 282 Grayson E. Gordon, 306 Ida B. Gordon, 282 Larry B. Gordon, 270 Reglnald D. Gordon, 348 Jamllle K. Gore, 326 John R. Gore. 306 Mark J. Gorton, 306 Rlchard B. Goss, 306 Tammy R. Gossage, 348 Brenda E. Gossett, 348 Chela Grace Gossett, 306 James A. Gossett, 348 James A. Gossett, 326 Rose M. Gossett, 368 Terry K. Gott, 306 Cara L. Gowen. 369 Llnda L. Graddy, 306 Troy S. Graddy, 348 Mary K. Grady. 349 Suzanne L. Grady, 349 Paula S. Gragg, 282 Anthony W. Graham, 349 Calvln J. Graham, 326 Douglas M. Graham, 326 Gary D. Graham, 270 Gerald L. Graham, 306 Gregory L. Graham, 282 Harrlson Graham, 306 Llbby L. Graham, 374 Randy L. Graham, 326 Whltney L. Graham, 349 Wllllam M. Graham, 306 Llnda Graham-Jackson, 368 Bllly R. Gramllng, 349 Teresa M. Grammer. 349 Constance A. Granberry, 349 Kelth F. Granberry, 306 Rlta D. Granberry, 306 Ross E. Granberry, 326 Clarence Grandberry, 282 Tlmothy R. Granger. 306 Everett E. Grant, 326 Arthur M. Graves, 349 Chrlstopher P. Graves, 306 Claude D. Graves, 349 Margaret L. Graves, 368 Susan E. Graves, 326 Andrew A. Gray, 349 Brlan Gray, 349 Lesll J. Gray, 306 Mary F. Gray, 306 Scarlette S. Gray, 282 Stan J. Gray, 306 Sue M. Gray, 282 Esther M. Grayson, 349 Cecllla W. Green, 326 George A. Green, 282 Jlmmy Green, 306 Llsa A, Green, 282 Mary A. Green, 306 Qulntln O. Green, 326 Shonna Green. 282 Steven T. Green, 370 Suzanne E. Green, 306 Barbara C. Greene, 326 Wllma B. Greeno. 282 Janet R. Greenway, 326 Sherry R. Greenway, 349 Kevln L. Greer, 349 Wllllam P. Greer, 349 James K. Gregory, 349 Joseph W. Gregory, 349 Lance Gregory, 306 Kelly M. Gregson, 326 Joy L, Greltens, 326 Susan P, Gretzmler, 326 Allen M. Grltfln, 306 Bemard R. Grlffln, 306 Charles G. Grlffln. 282 Clndy L. Grlffln, 326 Curtls J. Grlffln, 349 Janlce M. Grlftln, 349 Marsha L. Grlffln, 349 Randall G. Grlffln, 282 Angela R. Grlfflth, 349 Jett A, Grlfflth, 349 Laura C. Grlfflth, 349 Teresa D. Grlfflth. 306 Tlna S. Grlggs, 282 Mark GrlO0Y, 349 Jonelle H. Grlgsby, 326 Jackle M. Grllls, 270 Robln R. Grllls. 307 Rebecca S. Grlmshaw, 349 Connie Grlsham, 326 Cynthla G. Grisham, 349 Mark Grisham, 307 Davld W. Grlssom, 282 Blll H. Grogan, 282 Leo G, Gronqulst. 327 James K. Grooms, 327 Judy K. Grooms, 327 Terry L. Grooms, 371 Phlllp A. Grove, 349 Carla A. Gschwend, 349 Cralg L. Gschwend, 282 Wllllam B. Guadagnlnl, 282 John B. Guenther. 282 Bobby R. Guess, 327 Frank Gulltner, 349 Donald W. Gulnn, 327 Nancy J. Gulte, 307 Pamela K. Gulledge, 282 Wllllam D. Gullle, 282 Tlm C. Gunn, 327 Betty J, Gunter, 327 Jlll A. Gunter, 307 John R. Gunter, 272 Sara B. Guntharp, 307 Teressa J. Guntharp, 349 Cathy B. Guthrle, 307 Cllflord D. Guy, 327 Kelth G. Guy, 327 Wllllam E. Guy. 307 Mlchelle Guzlewlcz, 349 Ivory Gwln, 327 Donna M. Haas, 327 Vlcky L. Hacker, 282 Arthur J. Hafer, 371 John F. Hafner, 327 Brenda S. Haggenmacher Dean Alma Hagy, 282 Marlan Haklml, 282 Greg M. Hale, 307 Karen S. Hale, 327 Kelly T. Hale. 307 ReGlna M. Hale, 349 Roxanne R. Hale. 282 Sharon A. Hale, 282 Shlrley M. Hale. 282 Randall B. Hales, 307 Steve T. Hales, 282 Reglna L. Haley, 327 Tlana L. Haley, 282 Tracy L. Haley, 307 Maryann Halferty, 327 Sherrl S. Halk, 349 Angel Hall, 307 Anne K. Hall, 327 Bryan K. Hall, 349 Charles F. Hall, 349 Dlannla L. Hall, 307 Davld A. Hall. 349 Gall L. Hall, 307 Janet L. Hall, 327 Janlce M. Hall, 349 John D. Hall. 272 John W. Hall, 327 Kevln D. Hall, 349 Klm M. Hall, 327 Marsha L. Hall, 327 Ollvla A. Hall, 349 Paula W. Hall, 327 Rebecca I. Hall, 307 Stacy R. Hall, 282 Stan B. Hall, 307 Twylla A. Hall, 349 Wendy D. Hall, 282 Wllllam D, Hall, 270 Jerry S. Halsell, 307 Jennlfer L. Haltom, 349 Marllyn L. Hamblln, 349 Greg Hamby, 282 Waleed M. Hamdan. 307 Erma J. Hamllton, 283 Jen'y Hamllton, 327 Brlan K. Hamm, 283 Pellcla Hammett, 349 Marla Hammond, 327 Kelley M. Hammonds, 371 Gerald W. Hammons, 349 Herman L. Hampton, 349 Jonl Hampton, 349 Ollle Hampton, 349 Noor H. Hamzah, 327 John M. Hancock, 349 Kelth R. Hancock, 327 Kevln W. Hancock, 349 Llsa M. Hancock, 349 Ronnle N. Hancock, 349 , 2 Stephanle A. Handford, 349 Sharon L, Haney, 349 Sherry A. Hanlng, 371 Jeff K, Hanklns, 349 Lance P. Hanklns. 349 Kevln L. Hanks, 349 Cheryl L. Hannah, 349 Glenn E. Hannon, 272 Charles A. Hansen, 349 Jay L. Hansen, 283 Susan M. Hansen, 272 Laveme L. Hanssler. 370 Salem H. Harake, 370 Tarlq Sallm Harbl, 327 Steve M. Harcrow, 349 Pete W. Hardesty, 283 Barry L. Hardln, 349 Becky A. Hardln, 307 Brlan Hardlng. 349 Ramona D. Hardlng, 349 Susan L. Hardlng, 307 Chrls A. Hardy. 349 Davld A. Hardy, 307 Lavem Hardy, 349 Frances K. Hare, 327 Charles J. Hargrove, 327 Sarah L. Harkey, 327 Kevln D. Harmon, 307 Paula G. Harmon, 349 Haryanl Haron. 327 Joe A. Harp, 349 Carol J. Harper. 349 Dan G. Harper, 349 Ellls M. Hafpsr. 283 Ronnle Harper, 327 Shella A. Harper, 327 Susle M. Harper, 307 Tommy L. Harper, 307 Russelt L, Harral. 349 Glenn R. Harrell, 307 Hugh Neal Harrlngton, 283 Steve F. Harrlngton, 327 Alan R. Harrls, 349 Angela Harrls, 350 Cheryl A. Harrls, 368 Danlel J. Harrls, 283 Davld S. Harrls, 307 Deborah J, Harrls, 283 Debra K. Harrls, 327 Harve B. Harrls, 283 Henry L. Harrls, 283 James S. Harrls, 350 John L. Harrls, 350 Undo J. Harrls, 371 Llsa T. Harrls, 327 Mlchael B. Harrls, 307 Patrlcla L. Harrls, 350 Rodney D. Harrls, 350 Ronnle F. Harrls, 327 Shlrley J. Harrls, 307 Steven S. Harrls, 350 Tanya L, Harrls, 283 Tena C. Harrls, 350 Clndy J. Harrlson, 350 Debbie L. Harrlson, 370 Delolse A. Harrlson, 307 Jan L. Harrlson, 307 Sharon W. Harrlson, 307 Sue E. Harrlson, 327 Rebecca L. Harrlson, 350 Robert C. Harrlson, 350 Ann R. Hart, 272 Brlan D. Hart. 327 Chrls D. Hart, 350 Cllff Hart, 283 Jeffery B. Hart, 307 Mlchael W. Hart, 307 Vlcky B. Hart, 307 Ruthann Harter, 327 Ken A. Hartsfleld, 283 Rosnl Bln Harun, 327 Cyndl A. Harvey, 350 Luann Harvey, 371 Mlchael B. Harvey, 327 Shannon E. Harvey, 307 Sherwln L. Harvey, 283 Tommy K. Harvey, 350 Marty L. Harvlll, 350 Nubll B. Hashlm. 327 Kay E. Hasklns, 283 Clyde D. Hastlngs, 307 Marty E. Hastlngs,.283 Holly A. Hatfleld. 307 Mellssa A. Hatfleld. 327 Tom M. Hatfield, 283 Lana A. Hathcoat, 327 Sandra L. Hathcoat, 307 Serena A. Hathcoat, 350 Jackle L. Hathcock, 307 Cynthla C, Hatley, 283 Rlck Hatley, 283 Scott Hatley, 350 J. B. Hatrldge. 327 Nella J. Hattle, 283 Davld W. Hausmann, 327 Tamara L. Havllk, 327 Sherry A. Hawk, 283 Janet Hawklns, 327 Jeanette Hawklns, 283 Madellne E. Hawklns, 307 Teresa M. Hawklns, 283 Theo R. Hawklns, 307 Teresa J. Hawklns, 350 Wayne Hawklns, 283 Clay Hawley. 307 Loretta L. Hawley, 307 Steve W. Hawley, 283 Barry C. Hay, 327 Roger G. Hay, 283 Tara N. Haydar, 371 Ben L. Hayes, 350 Stephen B, Hayes, 350 Harrlett L. Hayes, 327 Peter H. Hayes, 307 Terry Hayes, 350 Mlckey Haygood, 350 Reglna L. Hayman, 350 Becky L. Haynes, 307 Patrlck V. Haynes, 283 Ronnle G. Haynes, 307 Samuel L. Hays, 327 Sharl R. Hays, 370 Mlstl D. Hayse, 350 Ken J. Haywood, 283 Phllllp S. Hazlewood, 350 Tammy L. Healy, 327 James R. Heard, 307 Ada S. Heath. 283 Bob D. Heath. 350 Zachary Heath, 350 Steven W. Heavener, 350 Bradley N. Heckmann, 327 Mellnda D. Hedge, 371 Jennlfer L. Heeb, 327 Robbl J. Heeb, 283 Clndy L. Heep, 350 Eunlce E. Heftlngton, 368 Dana J. Hefner, 283 Angela D. Helse, 327 Tlna C. Helmes, 350 Brenda L. Helms, 307 Ronnle L. Helms, 307 Charles E. Hembrey, 327 Donna F. Hembrey, 327 Beau Henderson, 307 Clndy A. Henderson, 283 Kerrl J, Henderson, 307 Nannette J. Henderson, 350 Sherry L. Henderson, 350 Brent L. Hendrlx, 327 Brett W. Hendrlx, 350 Kenneth R. Hendrlx, 307 Robert L. Hendrlx, 350 Scott A. Hendrlx, 327 Teresa L. Hendrlx, 327 Terry L. Hendrlx, 327 Debra L. Henley, 350 Rlck K. Henley, 283 Marllyn P. Henn, 283 Patrlck W. Henn, 350 Anlta A. Henry, 350 Jeanne B, Henry, 272 Joe S. Henry, 350 Lesa A. Henry, 350 Rhonda Henry, 350 Rosanna Henry, 283 Carla C. Hensley, 327 Sherry A. Hensley, 350 Lorl M. Henson, 350 Monlca A. Henson, 307 Ron F. Henson, 350 Terry L. Henson, 350 Kathryn Hentz, 270 Yvette M. Herndon, 350 Julle K. Herren, 307 Charlotte A. Herrlng, 350 Cheryl Herrlng, 350 Clndy L. Herrlng, 307 Mlchael R. Herrlng, 350 Ray D. Herrlng, 327 Beth A. Harvey, 350 Cyndl D. Hess, 350 Joan B. Hess, 307 Rlchard C. Hess, 327 Dlana M. Hester, 283 Donna G. Hester, 307 Gena R. Hester, 327 Mary B. Hester, 307 Tanya C. Hester, 283 Ted Heyde, 272 Larry G. Heyl. 307 Raxann Hlbbs, 374 Jamle R. Hlckman, 350 Susan E. Hlckman, 327 Klrk A. Hlcks. 327 Patrea L. Hlcks, 327 Sandra A, Hlcks, 350 Klmberly A Hlgglnbovnam 350 Wilbur C. Hleberl, 327 350 Leanna J. Hlgglnbotham. Llnda P, Hlgglnbotham, 327 Debble J. Hlgglns, 307 Randall C. Hlgglns, 328 Tommy B, Hlgglns, 350 Connle J. Hlghflll, 328 Jan L. Hlghflll, 328 Theron A. Hlghfower, 283 Tlmothy R. Hlghtower, 328 Fouad M. Hljazl, 307 Chartes R. Hllbum, 307 Charlton F. Hlldrefh, 328 Carl D. HIII, 350 Clndy S. Hlll, 307 Danny J. Hlll, 328 Delores A. Hlll, 328 Edward J. HIII. 350 Emmltt L. Hlll. 283 Gregory H, Hlll, 328 Jull M. Hlll, 283 Jullus W, Hlll, 328 Kevln S. Hlll, 350 Llnley D, HIII, 307 Mellnda G, Hlll, 284 Penny P. Hlll, 307 Robert L. HIII, 350 Shella M. Hlll. 284 Taryn K, Hlll, 328 Tossle L, HIII, 284 Shannon D, Hllllard, 328 John R. Hlllman, 350 Mlchael R. Hllfon, 307 Brenda G. Hlnds, 307 Llsa R. Hlnds, 307 Van B. Hlnds, 350 Carla D. Hlnes, 350 Pamela L. Hlnes, 350 Robert L. Hlnkle, 350 Guy W. Hlnman. 284 Lorl A. Hlnshaw, 307 Stephen P. Hlnsley, 284 Loretta Hlpp. 307 Lat-Lal HO, 350 Tuan V. Hoang, 350 Bobby W. Hobbs, 350 DeWayne Hobbs, 328 Frances L. Hobson. 328 Carol L. Hodge, 350 Cynthla S. Hodge, 308 Dena M. Hodge, 308 Mark W. Hodge, 284 Mellnda M. Hodge, 328 Angela Hodges, 328 Barry E. Hodges, 308 Johnny K. Hodges, 350 Mlchael D, Hodges. 328 Devaudrey L. Hodges, 374 Jerry R. Hoepfl, 350 Tanya L. Hoffman, 350 Donald J, Hofmann, 354 Dal E. Hogan, 328 Danny W. Hogan. 328 Kathy A. Hogan, 354 Sarah C. Hogan, 374 Dewayne T. Hogard, 328 Terry L. Hogard, 354 Kayla S. Hoggard. 328 Tammy J. Haggard, 284 Terry B. Hoggcrd, 284 Marc Hogue. 308 Paul B. Hogue, 354 Randy E. Hogue, 354 Davld L. Hohn, 328 Candace L. Holcomb, 308 Garry T. Holden, 354 Jerry L. Holden. 354 Pam L. Holden, 354 380 Vlvlan A. Holder. 308 Katherine J. Holdren, 328 Jeff L. Hollfleld, 308 Mary A. Hollfleld, 308 Becky S. Holland, 284 Dlane Holland, 308 Gary L. Holland, 328 Jacqueline Holland, 308 Judy K. Holland, 284 Rodney D. Holland, 354 Yvette L. Holland, 354 Penny D. Holley, 354 Dane L. Hollls, 328 Jeffery L. Hollls, 308 Llnda D. Hollls, 272 Mlchele A. Hollls, 272 Susan D. Hollls, 374 Wllllam K. Hollls, 354 Byron K, Holloway, 308 Krls D. Holloway, 354 Lauren L, Holloway, 308 Phllllp R. Holloway, 354 Llsa A. Hollowell, 308 Tammy R. Holman, 270 Beth A, Holmes, 328 Floyd D. Holmes, 308 Howard S. Holmes, 284 Karen S. Holmes, 354 Stephen B. Holmes. 328 Venessa Holmes, 284 Carl E, Holt, 354 Christopher Holt, 354 Ellzabeth C. Holt, 354 Glna L. Holt, 354 Klmberly A. -Holt, 328 Mlcheal C. Holt, 328 Ronald A. Holt, 354 Sandy K. Honey, 354 Cellsa R. Hood, 354 Joy J. Hood. 370 Tamara A. Hood, 272 George H. Hooper. 308 Llsa C. Hooten, 308 Nancy S. Hooten. 354 Pamela G. Hooten, 308 Jo-Ann Hoots, 368 John K. Hoover, 308 Donnle E. Hopklns, 354 Kevln Hopklns, 354 Carla J. Hopper, 308 Chrlstopher A. Hopper, 308 Glenn Hopper, 308 Phllllp D. Hom, 308 Faber Home, 284 Casey Homer, 328 Kelll S. Harrell, 354 Klm A. Horfell. 308 Scott L. Horrell, 284 Davld D. Horton, 284 Davld E. Horton, 308 Usa G. Horton. 284 Llsa J. Horton. 328 Mlchael D. Horton, 328 Mlchelle Horton. 308 Patrlck Horvel, 354 Leslle A. Hosklns, 369 Teresa D. Hosklns, 308 Donnlta A. Hosman. 308 R-Seyed H. Hosselnl, 284 Daryl K. Houchln, 328 Mary A. Houchln, 354 Bob E, House, 328 Elizabeth T. House, 308 John M. House. 308 Karla F. House. 284 Vlrgtnla A. Housley, 308 Carta J. Houston, 308 Pat Houston, 308 Julle L. Houf. 306 Phllllp D. I-lout, 328 Clndy S. Hovls, 328 Gaylc R. Hovls, 328 Danlel B. Howard, 308 Davld J. Howard, 272 Kara S. Howcxd, 328 Kenneth S. Howard, 370 Mary L. Howard, 354 Rlck L. Howard, 354 Vlvlan K. Howard, 370 Lols J. Howell, 328 Lane M. Howerton, 354 Jlm G, Howlngfon, 284 Don Howton, 308 Karen M. Hubbard, 354 Kelly L. Hubbard, 354 Kenneth J, Hubbard, 308 Stephen W. Hubbard, 308 Renee Hubbell, 354 Betsy Huber, 284 Candl E. Huber, 308 Davld M. Huber, 284 Llnda K. Huckabay, 368 Ben Hudson, 328 Kathy L. Hudson, 308 Kelley R. Hudson. 354 Shelly G. Hudson, 354 Shawn D. Hudspeth, 308 Terry E. Hudspeth, 354 Glnger K. Hufstedler, 354 Rodney E. Hufstedler. 354 Bret A. Hugglns. 354 Dana J. Hughes. 284 Debble L. Hughes, 308 Erlc L. Hughes, 354 Harvey 8. Hughes, 284 Julla Ann Hughes. 308 Reglnald Hughes, 354 Sharon R. Hughes, 354 Audrey H. Hughey, 328 Barry O. Hulett, 328 Chrls A. Hulett, 308 Gale J. Hulett, 308 George E. Hulett. 308 Elizabeth K. Hull, 284 Rlck W. Hull, 328 Andrea J. Humphrey, 354 James M, Humphries, 308 Robert E. Hundley, 354 Ron D, Hundley, 354 Susan A. Hundley, 328 Terry L. Hunkaplller, 270 Laura R, Hunn, 354 Jamle L. Hunnlcott, 354 Barbara E. Hunt, 328 Bruce Hunt, 284 Clndy R, Hunt, 354 Davld W. Hunt, 284 Jeffrey B. Hunt, 270 John A. Hunt, 284 Stan F. Hunt, 374 Donald R. Hunter, 354 Llnda K. Hunter, 354 Ruth Ann Hunter, 308 Hensley Hurley, 284 John R. Hurst, 374 Llnda A. Hurst, 308 Llsa D. Hurst, 308 Robert A. Hurst. 284 Marllyn M. Hurston, 328 Brenda A. Hutcheson. 284 Donna L. Hutcheson, 354 Loretta J. Hutchlngs, 284 Debble M. Hutchlns, 328 Deborah L. Hutchlns, 354 Mel E. Hutchlns, 328 Jlmmy R. Hutchinson, 308 Barry J. Hutchison, 272 Brent A. Hutchison, 328 John G, Hufchlson, 308 Slyvla G. Hufchlson. 354 Yvonne L. Hutchlson, 308 Krlstlne E. Hutfo. 354 James R. Hutton, 308 Wllllam M. Hutton, 308 Allen J. Hyatt, 308 Cheryl K. Hyde, 328 Julie E. Hyde, 328 Scott F, Hyde, 328 Steve W. Hyde, 284 Trena L. Hyde. 328 Pamela M. Hydrlck, 351 Emeka B. lbeachum, 328 Mastura lbrahlm, 328 Mohd N. lbrahlm, 284 Mohd Yusof lbrahlm, 328 Kenlth L. lcenogle, 284 John A. lgblnoba, 308 Monday lguagbonmwen, 273 John S. llangkovan, 354 Brlan F. lmboden, 354 Marlette M. lnboden, 328 Ronald J, Ingram, 328 Tammy J. Inman, 284 Zona F. Inman, 254 Paul W, Irby, 284 John P, Ireland, 354 Brenda L. lrvlng, 328 Deborah E. lrvlng, 354 Ruhana Isa, 328 James B. Isbell, 354 Steve R. Isbell. 308 Teresa L. Isbell, 354 Abdul R. lshak. 308 Alvle E. Ishmael, 273 James R. Ishmael, 354 Kenneth B. Ishmael, 354 Robble R. Ishmael, 308 Azhorl lsmall, 308 Farlzah lsmall, 328 Yusrlldar Ismall, 374 Albert L. ltson, 354 Davld L. Ivers, 284 Kevln E. Ives, 284 Steven F. Ivy, 308 Jane A. Jackard, 284 Arthur G. Jackson, 328 Carolyn R. Jackson, 328 Clndy A. Jackson, 354 Connle R, Jackson, 308 Davld W. Jackson, 308 Douglas D. Jackson, 273 Emle Jackson, 308 Holly Jackson, 328 Jack L. Jackson, 308 Mary E. Jackson, 270 Mlchael J. Jackson, 374 Janet C. Jackson, 328 John A. Jackson, 328 Judy S. Jackson, 285 Kevln E. Jackson, 328 Laura L, Jackson, 308 Lee C. Jackson. 308 Llsa G. Jackson, 354 Llsa G. Jackson, 308 Mark K. Jackson, 308 Pam D. Jackson, 328 Qulntela J. Jackson, 354 Rosemary L. Jackson, 309 Roxanne J. Jackson, 309 Steven L. Jackson, 309 Tommy Jackson. 354 Vlckle L. Jackson, 354 Warren A, Jackson, 328 Wllllom L. Jackson. 352 Dana G. Jaco. 309 Davld B. Jacobs, 285 Dlane S. Jacobs, 369 Thomas S, Jacques II. 285 Mlchael R. Jaggers. 309 Connle E. James. 368 Jacquellne L. James. 328 John R. James, 352 Melvln S. James, 309 Monlca L. James, 309 Paul A. James, 352 Rhonda M. James, 352 Shella A. James, 309 Terry L. Jamleson, 309 Jamle M. Jamison, 352 Llnda M. Jansen. 352 Monlca A. Jansen, 309 Paula R. Jansen. 328 Carrle D. Jantz. 374 Klmbertey J. Jaques, 371 Carolyn K. Jarrett, 352 Catherlne L. Jarrett, 285 Susan S. Jarrett. 352 Tlm G. Jarrett, 309 Gary D. Jayroe. 285 Robert J. Jean, 309 Randall D. Jeffery, 329 Jannette M. Jefferson, 352 Myleta D. Jefferson, 352 Shlrley V. Jefferson. 329 Tammy F. Jeffrles, 309 Terry A. Jelks, 329 Amy E. Jenklns, 329 Newton D. Jenklns Jr.. 309 Teresa D. Jenklns, 309 Wllla M. Jenklns, 309 Eddle J. Jernlgan, 329 Emma L. Jessen, 309 Karen J. Jett, 329 Lorl K. Jett, 352 Robert Jett, 309 Nona Jewett, 352 Alonzo J. Jlles. 329 Aneel W. Jlnes. 329 Shahlra Jlwanl, 285 Darryl G. Jobe, 352 Leecle Johns, 285 Amy R. Johnson. 352 Barbara A. Johnson, 352 Becky A. Johnson, 285 Bellnda K. Johnson. 352 Byron K. Johnson, 329 Carlean Johnson. 285 Charles E. Johnson. 285 Clndy M. Johnson. 309 Cralg R. Johnson. 352 Danlel W. Johnson, 270 Davld W. Johnson, 309 Deborah D. Johnson. 309 Delorls Johnson. 352 Donna S. Johnson, 285 Ella F. Johnson. 309 Glender L. Johnson, 285 Greg P. Johnson, 352 Gwendolyn Rochelle Johnson, 309 Harold B. Johnson, 309 Harry T. Johnson, 352 Hendra K. Johnson, 309 Iona C. Johnson, 329 Jacqullne Y. Johnson, 352 James R. Johnson, 309 Jay R. Johnson, 329 Jennlter M. Johnson 329 Kathy B. Johnson, 329 Kelll A. Johnson, 329 Kelll J. Johnson, 309 Lorl A. Johnson, 352 Llndora Johnson, 352 Marcla A. Johnson, 352 Mlchael T. Johnson, 329 Mlke I. Johnson, 273 Patrlck V. Johnson, 352 Phllllp W. Johnson, 309 Rlchard W. Johnson, 329 Rodney P. Johnson. 352 Roger D. Johnson, 285 Russell K. Johnson, 285 Scott Johnson, 309 Sharon L. Johnson, 285 Shella A. Johnson, 329 Stanley E. Johnson. 309 Sylvla A. Johnson, 352 Syrena D. Johnson, 329 Tony L. Johnson, 329 Vlctor Johnson. 352 Vonda Johnson, Wllllam Johnson. Wllllam F. Johnson, Wllllam J. Johnson, Alllsan L. Johnston. Bryan K. Johnston. Dorothy D. Johnston, 309 Kelth A. Johnston, 329 Paul A. Johnston, 352 Bellnda S. Jolner, 352 Sherrl L. Jolner, 352 Aaron J. Jones, 352 Bradley D. Jones, 352 Chrls R. Jones. 352 Connle R. Jones, 352 Cynthla D. Jones, 285 Danna G. Jones, 352 Davld A. Jones. 352 Deborah D. Jones. 309 Deborah S. Jones, 270 Donna J. Jones. 352 Erlc W. Jones, 352 Jaclyn B. Jones, 352 John A. Jones, 309 Joseph A. Jones, 285 Kenneth K. Jones, 309 Kenneth T. Jones, 352 Klm M. Jones. 352 Klrk R. Jones, 270 Llsa D. Jones, 352 Luann Jones. 285 Marcla L. Jones. 285 Martha J. Jones, 329 Martha L. Jones. 285 Mlchealle L. Jones. 309 Mary A. Jones, 285 Peter G. Jones, 352 Randall S. Jones, 329 Robert A. Jones, 352 Robln L. Jones. 352 Sharon D. Jones, 352 Sherrl L. Jones, 285 Stacl E. Jones, 371 Stephen D. Jones. 352 Steven B. Janes. 352 Sue V. Jones, 352 Teresa L. Jones, 309 Terry Jones, 309 Tlmothy A. Jones, 285 Tlmothy E. Jones, 285 Barry K. Jordan. 352 Cameron G. Jordan, 352 Georglna W. Jordan, 285 Jerry D. Jordan, 352 Leslle L. Jordan, 329 Phlllp Jordan, 352 Tony Jordan, 352 Tim M. Joseph, 352 Debra A. Joyner, 329 Luther Jude, 309 Rlngo G. Jukes. 309 James A. Jullan, 352 Rodney G. Jumper, 309 Mohammad Nazlll Jusoh, 352 Mohd-Azml Jusoh, 352 Mary Sandra Justen. 273 Gwen G. Justice, 352 Fred S, Justus Jr.. 309 Mdfk K. Justus. 309 Rlchard G. Kohl, 329 Joe D. Kalser, 329 Mellnda Kalb, 309 Elll J. Kamlnarldes. 329 Scotty R. Koppelman. 309 Katla Karavlo, 309 Zarlnah Karim, 352 Hapsah Karmln, 371 Lora L. Karnes. 371 Artle A. Kams, 329 Dovld Q. Kams, 352 Gary J. Katzen, 352 Cassie Kauffman, 309 Kel Kauffman, 309 Rebecca J. Kauke. 352 Hosseln Kaveh, 285 Sam E. Kayea, 285 Susan R. Keating, 352 Danny G. Kee, 285 Steven W. Keech, 352 Mack L. Keedy Jr., 352 Alan S. Keen. 309 Sherrl A. Keene. 352 Brenna K. Kegley. 285 Janna M. Kegley, 309 Tara C. Kegley, 369 Rodney Z. Kegley. 309 Rlcky Kelth, 329 Sandra G. Kelth, 309 Gary R. Kelter, 329 Lee A. Kellams, 309 Martln K. Kellar, 371 Gary E. Kellems, 309 Charles A. Keller ll, 285 Dana R. Keller, 285 Robert L. Keller Jr., 329 Troy A. Keller, 352 Shanna L. Kellett, 353 Harold F. Kelley Jr., 353 Mlchael P. Kelley, 353 Terry D. Kelley, 309 Brlan K. Kelly, 329 Donna M. Kelly, 329 Glna M. Kelly, 353 Katherlne A. Kelly, 353 Klm V. Kelly. 309 Marshall J. Kelly, 309 Mlchael E, Kelly, 353 Mltton C. Kelly, 309 Stacy L, Kelly, 329 Bryan N. Kelso, 353 Kenneth P. Kelso, 329 Randell L. Kemp, 353 Patriclo A. Kendel, 353 Walter A. Kendel, 285 Ann M. Kennedy, 353 Nancy L. Kennedy. 329 Ronald D. Kennett Jr., 353 Tommy J. Kennett, 309 Roberta L. Kennon, 353 Robln M. Kennon, 329 Dawn M. Kent, 353 Cherll L. Kerby, 329 Karon S. Kersey, 368 Dlane J. Kertz. 309 Kathy J. Kesslnger. 309 Dola F. Kesterson, 285 James E. Kesterson. 353 Renee Ketchum, 309 Karen D. Key, 309 Mark L. Key. 285 Humalra K. Khallq, 309 Mahera F, Khallq, 329 Mohammed A. Khallq, 273 Mohammed F. Khallq, 353 Melnsoor A. Khan, 329 Wahab U. Khan, 285 Lelsa G. Kleffner, 329 Deborah C. Klestler, 329 Armentla R. Klfer, 353 Rlchard W. Klfer, 309 Tlmmle L. Klfer, 309 Steven D. Kllcreose, 353 Radonna S. Klllough, 329 Sharon D. Kllpatrlck, 353 James J. Kimbrough, 329 Sarah J. Kimbrough-lvy, 285 Gwen L. Klmbrow, 353 Robert D. Klnder, 285 Vlckl L. Klnder, 353 Berry L. Klng. 309 Betty S. Klng, 370 Beverly M. Klng, 353 Carla J. Klng, 353 Charles A. Klng lll, 309 Charlotte E. Klng, 309 Glenda L. Klng, 329 John P. Klng, 285 Nancy L. Klng, 310 Natallne A. Klng, 310 Pamela J. King, 329 Paula M. King, 353 Robert T. Klng, 310 Sherrl E. Klng, 329 Suzanne L. Klng, 310 Tammle L. King, 310 Kevln D. Klngston, 310 Ronald A. Klngstan, 353 Dawn O. Klnlon, 353 Cynthla L. Klrby. 285 Kendall L. Klrby, 353 Martha A. Klrby, 310 Carlssa G. Klrk, 353 Dovld K. Klrk, 310 Curtls Klrkpatrlck, 353 Theresa A. Klrkpatrlck, 329 Gayla A. Klrksey, 353 Klmberly M. Klrksey. 353 Lorl J. Klrksey, 353 Steve L. Klrksey. 329 Theresa J. Klrksey, 310 Bobby L. Klrkwood, 310 Donald W. Klrkwood. 329 Barry L. Klsner, 353 Ronda L. Klssee. 353 Donnle C. Klsslnger, 353 James L. Klsslnger, 310 Jon A. Kltta, 353 Maynard Klttrell, 286 John E. Kleln, 329 John L. Kllne. 329 Ralph S. Kllne, 329 Kathy M. Knecht, 369 Rlchard L. Knelbert, 310 Doug G. Knlerlm, 353 Aretha Knlght, 286 Arley C. Knlght, 353 Kathy L. Knlght, 329 Patrlcla A. Knlght, 329 Roger A. Knlght, 329 Sharon K. Knlght, 329 Barbara F. Knuckles. 310 Steven W. Knuckles. 286 Llsa A. Kocher, 329 Wllllam S. Koettel, 329 Brent S. Kohlbrecher. 353 Sharon K. Kolb, 310 Rose A. Kanold. 329 Laura E. Koonce. 329 Marcus E. Kortan, 371 Jeffery W. Krels, 329 Edward R. Krleger, 329 Lauren D. Krlgbaum. 353 Santosh Krlshna. 286 Thomas E. Kroepfl, 329 Clndy L. Kruse, 286 Chlng Kuan, 353 Klm S. Kueter. 286 Steve L. Kueter. 353 Loretta S. Lace, 310 Sherry L. Lacey, 286 Kenneth K. Lacewell, 310 Bob D. Lack, 353 Charles S. Lacy, 353 JoCarol Lacy, 286 Sandra G. Lacy. 353 Phllllp D. Ladd. 310 Sherry A. Ladd, 371 Phllllp H. Laden, 310 Sharmalne LaFarlette, 329 Nancy N. LaFerney, 310 Scott L. Lattoon, 329 Stephen S. Lagasse. 353 Janlce M. LaGore. 353 Rebecca A. LaGore. 353 Elalne LaGrone, 353 James P. Lalrd, 286 Shlrley J. Lalrd, 270 John O. Lalubutu, 329 Barbara L. Lakes. 329 Danlel G. Lakey. 329 Patrlcla A. LaMar, 353 Bobby C. Lamb. 286 James T. Lamb, 353 Steven L. Lamb. 353 Edd Lambert. 266 Gina L. Lambert, 310 Lowell D. Lambert Jr., 330 Sue H. Lambert. 353 Janet L. Lamberth. 353 Terrl J. Lamberth, 330 Judy C. Lamp, 286 Ellen G. Lampklns, 330 John S. Lancaster. 353 Pamela R. Lancaster. 286 Rod W. Lancaster, 353 John L. Lance, 286 Sonya L. Landers, 353 David Landis, 310 William E. Landls, 310 Russell L. Lands, 353 Angle K. Lane, 330 Bonnetta M. Lane, 330 Darlene D. Lane, 353 Jerry P. Lane, 330 Laclnda A. Lane, 330 Terri S. Lane, 330 Tracey S. Lane, 353 Vlckl L. Lane, 353 Blake W. Lang, 353 Kevln G. Lang, 353 Tlm D. Langford. 273 Jeannie A. Langle, 353 Rusty L. Langle, 286 Denise D. Langley, 330 Jeff S. Langley, 330 Stephen G. Langlols, 353 Carol Langston, 286 Teresa A. Langston, 286 Tracy V. Langston, 310 Emily K. Lard, 330 Arthur A. Larmi, 310 Kevln R. Larry, 330 Ozella M. Larry, 353 Donald E. Larson, 330 Annette Larue, 330 James C. Larue, 353 Nancy L. LaRue, 330 Patricia E. LaRue, 286 Beverly J. Lashley, 310 Suzanne Lasseter, 286 Karen J. Lassiter, 353 Albert D. Latham, 353 Sharon R. Latham, 353 Anne B. Lathrop, 353 Marla A. Latting, 310 Jackie E. Lauhon, 354 Gary C. Lawhon, 310 llah C. Lawhon, 354 David W. Lawrence, 354 James L. Lawrence, 330 James S. Lawrence, 330 Jeffrey A. Lawrence, 354 Larry H. Lawrence, 273 Laura A. Lawrence, 310 Martha D. Lawrence, 273 Robert E. Lawrence Jr., 330 Robert O. Lawrence, 354 Jamie L. Laws, 369 Elizabeth D. Lawson, 330 Joseph W. Lawson, 354 Jimmy K. Lay, 270 Kem T. Layton, 354 Betty J. Leach, 286 Julle M. Leake, 286 Rebecca L. Leary, 354 Ronnie Leavy, 354 Barry K. Ledbetter, 286 Cllnt D. Ledbetter, 330 Gaye D. Leder, 310 Carla R. Lee, 310 Charles K. Lee, 354 Chuan N. Lee, 330 Gregory L. Lee, 354 Jerry F. Lee, 310 Joe W. Lee, 310 John L. Lee, 354 Lara L. Lee, 330 Michael D. Lee, 354 Nita K. Lee. 310 Teresa D. Lee, 354 Wanda B. Lee, 286 Yan L. Lee. 369 Lori A. Leedom. 310 Cherl Leffew, 310 Russell L. Leggett, 354 Thomas A. Lelsenrlng, 330 Roger B. Leonard, 354 Ronette Lepley, 354 MOFK A. Lercher, 286 Phll R. Leslie, 310 Barrick Lester, 354 382 Shanna D. Lester, 310 Charles T. Letbetter, 286 Keenan T. Lett, 354 Cynthia A. Lewallen, 354 Laura Lewallen, 354 Lori A. Lewallen, 310 Mark E. Lewallen, 310 Karen Lewellen, 354 Kenneth A. Lewellen, 354 Monlca R. Lewellen, 354 James T. Lewellyn, 354 Marsha F. Lewellyn, 354 Sharron K. Lewellyn, 354 Beveriy A. Lewls, 310 Dana C. Lewis, 354 David W. Lewis, 354 Felicia A. Lewis, 354 Henry L. Lewis, 330 Jack L. Lewls, 310 Jimmy E. Lewls, 354 Judlous Lewls, 310 Laura C. Lewls, 310 Lori J. Lewis, 310 Luanne W. Lewis, 310 Perry Lewls, 354 Russ K, Lewis, 310 Shirley A. Lewls, 354 Tina D. Lewis, 330 Craig Liddell, 330 Ron L. Liddell, 330 John D. Llddle. 310 Steve E. Llebhaber, 354 Linda A. Light, 286 Susan R. Light, 354 Betty L. Llgon, 286 Eric R. Lijewski, 310 John G. Llle, 286 Barry F. Llllard, 330 Leigh An Lilly, 368 Martin E. Lllly, 354 Darlene A. Limber, 354 Holllce Linck, 310 Denise A. Lindner, 354 Fred W. Lindsey ll, 270 Erlc L. Lindquist, 354 Jean E. Llnnstaedter, 310 Amy L. Llnstrom, 354 Glyn M. Linton, 354 Kerrie A. Linton, 330 Charles A. Linvllle. 286 Sharon Ann Liska, 330 Betty J. Lltfle, 371 Cherl D. Little, 354 Penny R. Little, 310 Vanessa R. Little, 354 Jeffrey A. Llttlelohn, 330 John D. Littlelohn. 371 Liz L. Llttlejohn, 310 Tymeese K, Littrell, 330 David D. Livingston. 286 JoAnn W. Lizenbee. 310 Kevln L. Lloyd, 354 Carol L. Lockard, 286 Rodney M. Lockett, 354 Minnie Lockhart, 286 Angela D. Loe, 354 Susan K. Loften, 310 Edward E. Loggalns, 310 Michael D. Loggins, 330 Deborah K. Logsdon, 310 Glyn D. Logue, 286 Eddie B. Lomax, 354 Rhonda D. London, 354 Ricky A. London, 370 Tim W. London, 354 Alicia D. Long, 354 Dorryle A. Long, 286 David W. Long, 310 Deanna R. Long, 354 Elizabeth A. Long, 286 Harold R. Long, 310 Jeffery A. Long, 286 Jim G. Long, 330 John A. Long, 330 Karen S. Long, 286 Laura Lynn Long, 354 Martha Long, 286 Terri L. Long, 286 Randal J. Looney, 330 Sara L. Looney, 286 John L. Lord, 354 Leslie C. Lott. 287 Frank C. Love, 354 Jerry C, Love, 310 Michael R. Love, 354 Travis R. Love, 310 David J. Lovelace. 330 Dennis R. Loveland, 310 Todd M. Loveless, 354 Heather M. Lowe, 330 Kerry L. Lowe, 354 Marvin A. Lowe, 287 William P. Lowe, 287 Donna L. Loyd, 354 Lee R. Loyd, 330 Robin S. Loyd. 310 Michael A. Lucas, 354 Lisa A. Lumpkin, 354 Sheri D. Lung, 310 Julia C. Lunsford, 354 Alma L. Luper, 310 Barbara A. Luster, 354 Bryan K. Luster, 330 Deanna L. Luster, 354 Charlotte K. Lutes, 330 Joann Luttrell, 369 Christine Luzader, 330 Kimberly A, Lybrand, 310 Randy S. Lyles, 354 Terrie K. Lyles, 310 Carla R. Lynn, 287 David M. Lynn, 287 John S. Lynn. 330 Lucille Lynn, 371 Christlne A. Lynxwller, 310 Robyn L. Lyons, 310 Sandra L. Lyons, 330 Larry W. Lytle, 287 Vlckle L. Maag, 354 Cherryl V. Maben, 354 Teddi D. Mabry, 371 Brenda K. MacDonald, 330 Robb S. MacDonald. 287 Bruce Macintosh, 287 Jeannette L. MacPherson, 310 Mark A. Maddox, 370 Starre L. Maddox, 354 Mojgan Madllessl, 287 Michael L. Maduro, 310 Daniel F. Maffln, 287 Louella MaGee, 330 Bobby G. Maguffee, 287 Lana P. Mahan, 311 Dee A. Mahon, 311 Elizabeth E. Mahon, 330 Kellee M. Mahan, 354 Mohd, Redza Mahmood, 354 Jamll Makhadml, 287 Teresa K, Malin, 354 Kevln L. Malloy, 287 Benny Malone Jr., 330 Charles Ray Malone. 355 Donal L. Malone, 355 Shannon D. Malone, 330 Kevln P. Maloney, 311 Jamilah Mamat, 330 Logcn B. Marlatt, 330 Brenda Kay Mangum, 355 Melinda S. Manls, 355 Mark A. Mann, 271 Michael Mann, 330 Sandra S. Mann, 287 Douglas A. Manning, 287 Karen E. Manning, 273 Lelsa C. Manning, 287 Nellie M. Manning, 355 Susan E. Manning, 330 Suzanna G. Manning, 355 Llsa A. Mans, 371 Mohd Yusoft Mansor, 330 Sldek Bln Mansor, 311 Llsa A. Mantooth, 311 Charles T. Marable, 287 Lisa D. Marconi, 355 Lisa R. Mardls, 330 Ronnie Markln, 330 Stephen L. Markln, 355 Mitchell K. Marks, 311 Tauny L. Marlar. 372 Pamela J. Marlatt, 311 Chrlstl J. Marler, 311 Sheila G. Marlin, 355 Tammy L. Marlin, 330 Walter Deon Marlin, 311 Sandra L. Marlowe, 311 Barry W. Marshall, 355 Craig C. Marshall, 355 David A. Marshall, 355 Dorothy F. Marshall, 311 Rosllyn D. Marshall, 355 Vlrgll G. Marshall, 355 Donna J. Martlllo. 355 Anthony S. Martin, 355 Beverly A, Martin, 355 Cameron L. Martin, 330 Carol S. Martin, 311 Celia L, Martin, 355 Chuck Martin, 355 Danlel Martin Jr., 331 David W. Martin, 330 Denise M. Martin, 355 Donald L. Martin, 311 Douglas W. Martin, 287 Gary W. Martin, 355 Jeffers D. Martin, 355 Karen L. Martin, 311 Kathy A. Martlrt, 311 Kelli J. Martin, 330 Lance P. Martin, 330 Michael L. Martin, 311 Ralph E. Martin Jr., 355 Roberto J. Martin, 355 Ruth M. Martin. 372 Scott D. Martin, 311 Steven W. Martln, 311 Susan A. Martin, 372 Theresla D. Martin, 355 Vlckl M. Martin, 287 Anne M. Martino, 330 Kent M. Marts, 311 Debbie L. Mashbum, 355 Beverly J. Mason, 372 Cindy K. Mason, 368 Dellnda K. Mason, 311 Cecil P. Massey, 355 Joe B. Massey, 311 Laura M. Massey, 330 Valerie W. Massey, 355 Ruthie A. Masson, 330 Allen L. Masters, 355 Jessie B. Mastln, 355 Belinda F. Matheney, 287 Richard L. Mathes, 330 Teresa A. Mathews, 370 Mary E. Mathis, 287 Nancy D. Mathis, 355 Renee Mathis, 311 Pratap S. Mathur, 372 Charles E. Matlock, 355 Charles J. Matthews Jr.. 355 Joseph Matthews, 355 Mary A. Matthews, 355 Scott E. Matthews, 330 Margaret H. Maxey, 330 Jlll R. Maxfleld, 330 Laura E. Maxwell, 355 Marla L. Maxwell, 311 Patrlcla A. Maxwell, 311 Darren K. May, 330 Kimber L. May, 311 Stephen D. May, 355 Carl David Mayer, 287 Anita L. Mayes, 355 Charles W. Mayes, 330 Karen D. Mayes, 355 Joey L. Mayhan. 331 Dickey D. Moyland. 287 Dorothy L. Maynard, 311 Stephen Ralph Maynard, 311 Terrl A. Maynard, 355 Tlna L. Maynard, 355 Sondra J. Maynard, 355 Cheryl L. Mayo, 311 Llnda Beth Mayo, 331 James A. Mays. 372 Hadl Mazaherl, 287 Karan D. McAllster, 368 Steven J. McAllster, 355 Russell B. McAllister, 331 Anthony R. McBrlde, 311 Beth L. McBrlde, 355 Chrlstlne M. McBrlde, 355 Loyd W. McBrlde Jr., 355 Maxine McBride, 331 Sandra L. McBride, 287 Susan M. McBride, 311 Llsa D. McBroome, 355 Pattl R. McBroome, 355 Chartotte A. McBryde, 311 Johnny W. McCaln, 355 Holly M. McCall, 287 Wllly T. McCallle, 355 Cheryl K. McCampbell, 311 Teresa McCann, 287 Bllly D. McCarroll, 287 Mlchael D. McCarty, 287 Debl K. McCaughan, 331 Catherlne A. McCauley, 287 Clarissa F. McClain, 355 Lorl A. McClain, 331 Rusty Alan McClaln, 287 Sharon A. McClatchev, 331 Pattl McClaughlln, 311 Clndy R. McClintock, 270 Klmberly A. McCllntock, 367 Alleclc D. McCllsh, 311 Cathy A. McClure, 355 Jerry D. McClure, 331 Teresa M. McClure, 355 Larte S. McCluskey. 311 Mark D. McClusky. 355 Beverly S. McCollum, 311 Dennls C. McCollum. 270 Greg A. McCollum. 331 James E. McConnon Jr., 273 Susan R. McConomy. 311 Wllllam J. McConomy, 355 Barbara L. McCord, 287 Gary M. McCord. 311 Mary Jane McCorkle, 271 Christy L. McCormlck, 311 Derek T. McCormick, 311 Jerry D. McCormick, 311 Mlchael C. McCormlck, 355 Brldget A. McCourt, 355 Kenneth D. McCoy, 311 Mary L. McCoy, 355 Ronald S. McCoy. 355 Tommle L. McCoy, 355 Kerry L. McCrlght, 355 Hollye A. McCrum, 355 Dana M. McCullar, 355 Angela R. McCullough, 287 Clndy A. McCullough, 287 Kevln W. McCullough, 331 Paul R. McCullough, 287 Amy R. McDanlel, 287 Barbara G. McDanlel, 287 Brlan J. McDanlel, 355 Kathy M. McDanlel, 287 Jane Marle McDanlel, 355 Mlchael A. McDanlel, 331 Patrlcla K. McDanlel, 287 Penny L. McDanlel, 331 Rodney W. McDanlel, 311 Ruth A. McDanlel, 311 Terry A. McDaniel, 311 Wllllam R. McDaniel, 331 Cheryl A. McDole, 331 Cynthla S. McDonald. 287 Llsa A. McDonald, 355 Patrecla J. McDonald, 288 Perry G. McDonald, 331 Scott D. McDonald, 311 Tommy G. McDonald, 355 Bobby D. McDougal, 331 Jennlfer D. McDowell, 331 John W. McDowell, 288 Tana M. McElhannon. 355 Brad W. McElrath, 355 Jacquelyn J. McElroy, 288 Dana Jones McElyea, 331 Gary T. McElyea, 271 Byron R. McEntire, 331 Glorla D. McFadden, 273 Maureen G. McFadden, 311 Llnda M. McFall, 355 Pamela M. McFall, 356 Mack O. McFarlln, 356 Carolyn E. Mcliatrldge, 356 Rena L. McFat'rer, 331 Wallace McGaughy, 311 Bllly D. McGee, 356 Stacey A. McGee, 356 Tlm C. McGhee, 331 Kenneth D. McGlnley, 356 Benny D. McGlnnls, 288 Catherlne R. McGlnnls, 311 Ellen L. McGlnnls, 331 John D. McGlnnls, 356 Martha L. McGlnnls, 311 Russell V. McGlynn, 311 Julle A. McGough, 331 Mark A. McGough, 311 Russ C. McGough, 356 Llsa K. McGraw, 311 Mltchell L. McGrew, 356 Barbara S. McGulre, 356 Randy R. McGulre, 331 Samuel P. McGuire, 311 Terry L. McHaney, 288 Tracy D. McHaney, 271 Opal M. Mclntare, 356 Douglas W. McKay, 311 Sherrl L. McKay, 356 Jlmmy R. McKee Jr., 356 Terry E. McKee. 311 Patrlcla L. McKelvey, 368 Danny R. McKenney, 288 Rlchard G. McKenzle, 311 Anthony O. McKinney, 311 Carla D. McKinney, 311 Davld R. McKinney, 288 James R. McKlnney, 288 Karen J. McKlnney, 288 Rlchard G. McKlnney, 288 Wllllam T. McKlsson. 331 Klmberly D. McKnlght, 311 Terrl L. McKnight, 331 Llndy L. McKuln, 356 Jana L. McLane, 288 Johnny L. McLean, 331 Trlna R. McLean, 311 James M. McMosters, 356 Kevln W. McMasters, 356 Dora M. McMath, 372 Fellcla F. McMIllen, 331 Lorrl L. McMillen, 288 Rebecca A. McMlnn, 370 Donna M. McNamara, 331 Tlmothy D. McNamara, 356 Tlmothy E. McNatt, 288 Nancy C. McNeal, 356 Mlrlam S. McNeely, 288 Vesta R. McNeely, 311 Robert J. McNeese, 331 Erlc W. McNell. 288 Wllllam S. McNell, 356 Melinda J. McPherson, 331 Mark W. McPhink, 356 Bellnda K. McQuay, 356 Darrln D. McQuay, 356 Shelby J. McQuay. 311 Davld W. McQueen, 311 Tammle A. McRae, 271 Bruce A. McReynolds, 311 Brenda L. McShan, 356 Kenneth B. McVey, 311 Llnda J. Mcwayne, 311 Normah Md. Yosotf. 331 Cheryl A. Mead, 311 Helen M. Mead, 356 Nlkkl J. Mead, 311 Falry G. Meador, 356 Judy E. Meadows, 273 Shella F. Mealer, 288 John E. Means, 312 Dana L. Mears, 356 Helen M. Mebane, 273 Carl C. Medley. 356 Donald D. Medlln, 331 Sue A. Medlock, 331 Wanda J. Medlyn, 331 Danny J. Meek, 372 Greg P. Meek, 356 Teahna L. Meek, 356 Charlotte A. Meeks, 273 Steve S. Meents, 312 Judy M. Meler, 288 Scott Melhom, 288 Bud W. Melton, 369 Cynthla D. Melton, 356 Debra E. Melton, 370 JlllAnn K. Melton, 288 Kevln D. Melton, 331 Erlc F. Mejla, 331 Davld T. Mendell, 356 Davld W. Meredlth, 356 Dana L. Mergule, 331 Steve Merldlth, 331 Cynthla D. Merlllat, 331 Rodney D. Merkle, 288 Joseph W. Merlo, 288 Joe A. Merrlll. 356 Mary I. Merrlll. 331 Robert E. Merrlll. 356 Joyce A. Merrlman, 312 Beth L. Merryman, 288 Marla A. Mertens, 331 John D. Messer, 288 Gene C. Metcalf, 356 Penny J. Metcalf, 312 Jlm H. Metz, 288 Barbara A. Metzger, 356 John M. Metzler, 271 Paul R. Meurer, 288 Stella A. Mlchaelldou, 288 Patrlcla L. Mlchle, 331 Phyllls A. Mlchle, 288 Brenda L. Mllde, 288 Beverty B. Mlles, 372 Shlrley R. Mlles, 312 Steven T. Mlles, 331 Larry S. Mlley. 321 Sandra K. Mlley. 356 Janet M. Mlllay. 356 Patrlck Mlllbrook, 331 Becky J. Mlller, 312 Becky L. Mlller, 356 Blll R. Mlller, 356 Carl F. Mlller, 312 Cathy F. Mlller, 331 Fred L. Mlller, 312 Gordon E. Mlller, 331 Howard C. Mlller, 288 Ken W. Mlller, 356 Kenneth W. Mlller, 370 Kevln W. Mlller, 356 Lelgha G. Mlller, 331 Matt A. Mlller, 331 Mlchael D. Mlller, 312 Mlchael D. Mlller, 356 Nancy G. Mlller, 312 Pam J. Mlller, 288 Phyllls M. Mlller, 331 Reanne C. Mlller, 356 Renee S. Mlller, 288 Robert D. Mlller, 356 Ronnle M. Mlller, 356 Stephen H. Mlller, 288 Steve J. Mlller, 356 Tannle D. Mlller, 312 Terry D. Mlller, 356 Tlmathy S. Mlller, 312 Valerla A. Mlller, 356 Allen C. Mllllgan, 356 Lanny L. Mllllon, 288 Greg M. Mllls, 356 Holly A. Mllls, 356 Isaac Mllls, 356 Joan Mason Mllls, 356 Llsa G. Mllls, 288 Mlchael D. Mllls, 312 Terry J. Mllls, 356 Tlm P. Mllls, 331 Tom P. Mllls, 331 Mlchael W. Mlllsaps, 288 Klm D. Mllner, 356 BIII Mllton, 312 Kenny K. Mlnnles, 331 Joe E. Mlnor, 356 Mary F. Mlnton, 356 Mlchelle Mlnton, 331 Randy B. Mlnton, 356 Roger D. Mlnton, 356 Nasser S. Mlrzamostafa, 288 Todd M. Mlsemer, 356 Brldget A. Mlsenhelmer, 312 Beverly B. Mltchell, 312 Charles P. Mltchell Jr., 288 Chuck F. Mltchell, 356 Dennls C. Mltchell, 356 Donald R. Mltchell, 273 Gregory L. Mltchell, 331 Kerry B. Mltchell, 356 Kevln B. Mltchell, 288 Lorla V. Mltchell, 331 Mary E. Mltchell, 331 Sherry J. Mltchell, 356 Sherry K. Mltchell, 356 Sherry L. Mltchell, 312 Tlmathy J. Mltchell, 331 Max H. Mlze, 288 Nazlrl Mn, 312 Shella J. Mobley, 356 Laura L. Moellers, 312 Davld W. Moffatt, 288 Norma Nohomad, 331 Zulqamaln Bln Mohamad, 312 Nor Azhor Mohd. Arshad, 331 Mohd Suhalml Mohd. Fadzlr. 312 Norzalton, Mohd Nor. 331 Kamaryl Mohd Saad, 356 Suparlo N. Mokhtar, 273 Audrey G. Moland, 356 Jane L. Mondy, 289 John S. Monroe, 289 Joseph J. Monroe, 331 Shella A. Monroe, 331 Wllburn D. Monroe, 331 James Monteclnos, 312 Drew C. Montgomery. 356 Euglna F. Montgomery, 289 James T. Montgomery, 312 Lea A. Montgomery, 357 Dewey Kent Moody, 357 Greg Alan Moody, 331 Jeff N. Moody. 312 Llsa F. Moody, 357 Bonner B. Mooney, 312 Howard T. Mooney Jr., 289 James E. Mooney. 312 James M. Mooney, 331 John C. Mooney Jr., 312 Luclnda D. Mooney, 289 Brett W. Moore, 357 Carla S. Moore, 289 James K. Moore. 312 Jana B. Moore, 331 Jett Moore, 357 Jeffrey S. Moore, 357 Jlmmy V. Moore, 289 Joe F. Moore Jr., 331 Joe H. Moore, 289 Kathy K. Moore, 289 Kelth E. Moore, 331 Kenny R. Moore, 312 Klmberly J. Moore, 289 Laura A. Moore, 331 Loulse F. Moore, 271 Matthew T. Moore, 332 Neal D. Moore, 369 Pamela A. Moore, 312 Patrlcla B. Moore, 289 Paul E. Moore, 357 Paul K. Moore, 357 Preclous B. J. Moore. 332 Sammy L. Moore, 312 Sharon A. Moore, 312 Stanley R. Moore, 289 Terrence D. Moore, 312 Tonya A. Moore, 312 Valerle J. Moore. 357 Vlckle L. Moore, 312 Mohammad A. Moradlan. 289 Luls A. Morales, 289 Shella R. Moran, 332 Sherry D. Moran, 289 Jarvls B. Morehead, 271 Bruce Morgan, 312 Cynthla J. Morgan, 312 Davld A. Morgan, 357 Donald Mark Morgan, 357 Donnle W. Morgan, 357 James Morgan, 357 Jeff A. Morgan, 332 Jerry A. Morgan, 332 Cecllla A. Morgan, 332 Mary A. Morgan, 357 Mlchael D. Morgan, 312 Pamela D. Morgan, 332 Rlchard A. Morgan. 289 Teresa K. Morgan, 357 Dlxle L. Morttz. 289 Barbara J. Morrls. 289 Clltton E. Morrls. 289 Karen L. Morrls. 372 Letha A. Mon'ls, 357 Margaret R. Morrls. 289 Mark L, Norris, 312 Mlchael E. Morrls, 273 Patrlcla E. Morrls, 273 Patrlcla F. Morrls, 357 Robln L. Morrls, 289 Ronald W. Morrls. 289 Tlm M. Morris, 289 Garner H. Morrlsett, 312 Glna S. Morrison, 271 John P. Morrison, 357 Tlna Gramllng, Morrow. 357 Danlel A. Morse. 312 John F. Morse. 357 Marcla A. Morse, 312 Cynthla A. Mort, 289 Kerry G. Mosbey, 357 Sandra J. Moser, 332 Cynthla D. Mosler. 332 Robert S. Mosler, 357 Jeffery B. Moskop, 357 Mltch Mosley, 332 BIII C. Moss, 357 Charles L. Moss, 312 Dana M. Moss, 332 Davld C. Moss, 357 Larry R. Moss, 357 Suda D. Moss, 357 Davld Mote Jr., 370 Sharon D. Matll, 312 Patrlcla A, Motola, 332 Gall A. Notslnger, 372 Deldra R, Mounce. 332 Kevln T. Moye. 357 Randy S. Moye, 332 Darryl L. Moyer, 289 Ahmed A. Mufawlz. 273 Darryl M. Muhammad. 357 Mlguel A. Mukel, 357 Anlanette Mullns, 332 Calvln D. Mullns, 273 Jeremlah M. Mullins, 357 Llbby Mumma, 273 Robert F. Muns II, 357 Steve E. Murdock, 357 Danlele W. Murphy, 332 Franchele Murphy. 332 Susan J. Murphy, 312 Susan P. Murphy, 273 Terrl L. Murphy, 312 Tlna M. Murphy. 289 Sharon L. Murry. 372 All E. Mussa, 289 Jon H. Myers, 357 384 MaryAnn Myers. 312 Randall W. Myers, 312 Robert D. Myers, 357 Robln R. Myers. 357 Llsa G. Mynatt, 357 Rhonda A. Mynatt, 332 Brenda L. Myrlck, 357 Earman R. Myrlck, 332 Edwln A. Nagel, 357 Barbara L. Nagle, 332 Abdullah Ahmad Nahas, 273 Greg A. Nall, 332 Laurl Nall. 332 Alllson A, Nalley, 332 Jerry A. Nance, 289 Melvln E. Nance. 312 Mlchelle L. Nance, 357 Kendra D. Nanney, 357 Undo F. Nash, 312 Roland W. Nash, 357 Kurt J. Naumann, 357 Mohammad Reza Nazarl, 312 Samuel E. Ndupu, 312 Bonnle J. Neal, 312 Caterlna L. Neal, 332 Deanna Neal. 357 Debra L. Neal. 368 Dorothy C. Neal, 312 Gerald W. Neal, 357 Leavem Neal, 357 Llllle A. Neal, 332 Lynette Neal, 372 Robert G. Neal Jr., 312 Tammy R. Neal, 312 Vera M. Neal. 312 Walter H. Neasbltt, 289 Rlcky C. Neece, 289 Kwalaleln G. Needham. 289 Carol A. Neely, 332 Kerry J. Neely, 273 Luclnda L. Neely, 357 Reglna E. Neely, 332 Susan A. Neely, 357 Gary R. Negron, 357 Ahmed A. Nekhllan, 357 Tonna E. Nelms, 289 Bllly J, Nelson Jr., 289 Clydene Nelson, 271 Gary D. Nelson, 357 O'Ferrell U. Nelson, 289 Rlch A. Nelson, 357 Sharon K. Nelson. 357 Teresa L. Nelson. 312 Terrence Nelson, 332 Mlchael G. Nettles, 357 Tonya M. New, 357 Gregory S. Newberry. 332 Robert A. Newberry, 357 Margaret A. Newbom, 273 Danlta L. Newcomb. 332 Llnda W. Newell, 368 Ivan W. Newman, 312 Adam B. Newsom, 289 James R. Newsom, 312 Davld E. Newton, 289 Janle E. Newton, 312 Rosemarie Newton. 312 Wllbert J. Newton, 369 Duong H. Nguyen, 289 Hoang Xuan Nguyen, 357 Val T. Nguyen, 312 Monetta C. Nlcholas, 332 Allcla D. Nlchols, 332 Charles M. Nlchols, 289 Charles S. Nlchols, 289 Freddle L. Nlchols, 372 Gary D. Nlchols, 357 Jettrey D. Nlchols, 312 Tony D. Nlchols, 289 Cathy F. Nlcholson, 290 Cynthla K. Nlcholson, 312 Paullne Nlcholson, 312 Randall J. Nlcholson, 312 Tommy D. Nlcholson, 290 Jay A. Nlederbrach, 290 Doug R. Nlenhaus. 370 Davld M. Nlgra, 290 Carla D. Nlmocks, 290 Sluananthan Nlthlananthan, 357 Lora A. Nlx, 357 Melanle L. Nlx, 290 Robln Nlx, 332 Joseph A. Nnamanl. 312 James R. Noblln, 312 Lorl S. Noblln, 357 Elizabeth A. Noe, 273 Angella L. Nolan, 332 Tanya R, Noland, 368 Rhonda J. Nolen. 290 Tammle E. Nolen. 357 Zalton M. Noor, 332 Malmunah Nordln, 332 Imelda L. Norfleet, 332 Jerry Nortleet, 357 Brldgett A. Norman, 357 James E. Norman Jr., 357 Mark E. Norman, 357 Gazelle M. Norrls. 332 Pamela S. Narrls, 357 Yvette Norrls, 313 Angela C. Northem, 332 Pamela J. Nosbusch, 271 Klmberly J. Nourlzadeh, 313 Manochehr Nourlzadeh, 271 Klmberly M. Novak, 290 Aprll S. Nowlln, 332 Robert D. Nowlln, 290 Debble G. Nuckles, 357 Rlcky W. Nuckles, 313 Deborah L. Nunnally, 357 Ron Nunnally, 290 Rlchard R. Nutt, 357 Stanley Nutt, 332 James l. Nwakwudo, 313 Charles E, Oakes, 370 Alllson Oakley, 358 Ronald C. Oates, 358 Rebecca D, Obarls, 290 Andrea M. O'Brlen, 358 Klrn P. O'Clalr, 332 Karen L. O'Connar, 358 Jonathan C. Oda, 372 Marcus D. Odom, 271 Cynthla M. O'Donnell, 332 Randall E. O'Donnell, 358 Vlckle S. Ogles, 358 Paullnus C. Ogu, 290 Ebenezer Ogunmusesan. 313 Roger Kelth O'KelIey, 273 Deborah C. Oldham, 313 Jlmmy Oldham, 332 Mark Oldham. 313 Teresa A. Oldham, 358 Alan Oldman, 332 Jeanette Oldman. 358 Joel D. Ollve. 313 Bertha M. Ollver, 290 Roosevelt Ollver, 358 Gary C, Oltmann, 332 Llsa M. Oltmann, 290 Fred A. O'NellI, 358 Desmond E. Onuoha, 290 Raphael N. Onwuzurulgbo, 313 Lawrence F. Onyeugbo. 290 Rose P. Onyeugbo. 358 Dana H. Orlck, 313 Tracy A. Orlck, 313 Martha L. Orosz, 358 Wendy G. Orr, 332 Susan P. Orsl, 313 Rusty D. Ort, 358 George M. Osbom, 313 Ketth Osbom, 332 Stacy G. Osborn, 332 Todd Osborn. 358 Forrest L. Osbome, 332 John E. Osbome, 358 Lee A. Osborne, 358 Odessa Susan Osborne. 313 Mellssa L. Osbum, 290 Tadashl Oshlro, 273 Chrls A. Osment, 358 Hosseln M. Reza Ostad, 290 Carolyn M. Oswald. 358 Peggy A. Oswalt, 273 Olusegun Otegbeye, 273 Khalrll Walld Othman, 358 Mohd Anuar Othman, 358 Jeff G. Overbey, 313 Meleah R. Overman, 313 Anlta S. Overturf, 358 Jeff J. Owen, 332 Llsa M. Owen, 332 Wllllam J. Owen, 358 Dlrk Owens, 332 George E. Owens Jr., 332 Glendla D. Owens. 313 James B. Owens, 358 Kelly L. Owens, 358 Mlchael L. Owens, 290 Robert A. Owens, 332 Rodney Owens. 358 Russ L. Owens, 332 Scott W. Owens, 290 Angela F, Oxford, 358 Wllllam E. Oxner, 372 Bart B. Ozbun, 313 Jett B, Ozbun, 332 Stanley G. Ozler, 313 Joel B. Pace. 358 Llndsy E, Pack, 273 Vonda L. Pagan, 290 Anthony M. Paladlno, 290 Tommy J. Palese. 313 Larry E. Pallett, 290 Adam A. Palmer, 332 Lana S. Palmer. 358 Landers E. Palmer. 313 Sara Palmer. 313 Rlchard J. Pankey, 358 Tammy R. Pankey, 358 Wllllam C. Pankey, 313 Wlllle J. Paplch, 358 Sophocles Parapanos, 358 Amy M, Pardew, 358 Kenny R. Parlsh, 358 Krlstl L. Parlsh, 358 Penny L. Parlsh, 358 Chrlstopher T, Parlsl, 358 Tammle K. Park, 358 Brenda L. Parker, 358 Chrls M. Parker, 332 Clndy D. Parker, 290 Deborah S. Parker, 271 Gordon L. Parker, 290 Kathl L. Parker, 332 Kenneth A. Parker. 358 Paula S. Parker, 358 Ramona A. Parker, 358 Tonya K. Parker, 332 Vlctor R, Parker, 358 Tommy W. Parklnson, 313 Danell A. Parks. 313 Darrell D. Parks, 358 Joan R. Parks. 358 John F. Parks, 358 Jonathon Parks, 332 Lana A. Parks, 332 Nancy J. Parks, 358 Donna K. Parnell, 358 Karen R. Parr, 332 Kathey R. Parr, 358 Zackwrle S. Parr, 290 Joseph L. Parrls. 358 Anna D. Parrlsh, 358 Mlchael W. Partlow, 290 Cllnt C. Parton, 358 Davld N. Paschall. 332 John T, Pascua, 313 Davld L. Passalaqua, 332 Lavonda L. Passalaaua, 358 Tracey D. Passmore. 290 Joseph C. Patrlck Jr., 313 Bobby D. Patterson. 358 Danny W. Patterson, 358 Donna K. Patterson, 332 Jerald D. Patterson, 358 Llsa Patterson, 332 Shannon Dawn Patterson, 332 Ben Payne, 313 Cherle E. Payne. 313 Debble A. Payne. 332 Glorla A. Payne, 313 Klma L. Payne, 333 Klmbela J. Payne. 290 Letltla G. Payne, 358 Mltzl S. Payne. 333 Ruby Darlene Payne, 313 Todd W. Payne, 358 Karlm Pazhoohl, 313 Klmberley S. Peabody. 358 Jeannle L. Peace, 358 Tlna R, Peacock, 358 Doyle V. Pearcy, 313 Anne E. Pearson. 358 Bryant E. Pearson, 333 Davld Pearson, 313 Gary G. Pearson. 358 Jeffrey T. Pearson. 333 Llnda Dlane Pearson, 290 Taml K. Pearson, 358 Terry L. Pearson, 313 Vonda L. Pearson, 358 Llsa M. Peck, 358 Donna L. Peebles, 333 John W. Pegram, 358 Clndy L. Pelley, 313 Glenda L. Pellham, 290 Bryan K. Pendegratt, 313 Gregory M. Pender, 333 Cody L. Penderglst, 358 Sandra M. Pendergraff, 313 Bellnda G. Penn, 290 Scarlet B. Penn, 358 Mlckey Penosky, 313 Johnny R. Peoples, 358 Wllllom M. Peplaw, 359 W Lela A. Peppers, 333 Robln E. Peppers, 359 Julle A. Perdue, 313 Mlchael E. Perdzock. 313 Brant S. Perklns, 313 Carolyn A. Perklns. 313 Jlmmy K. Perklns, 333 Karen R. Perkins. 290 Kathy S. Perklns. 359 Lynn M. Perklns. 313 Mark Perklns. 359 Mary A. Perklns. 359 Robert L. Perklns, 359 Stefanle G. Perklns. 313 Steven J. Perklns, 359 Jullo F. Pemla, 290 Raymond A. Perren, 313 Bobby D. Perry, 313 Brlan A. Perry, 359 Christopher A. Perry, 370 Edra L. Perry, 313 John W. Perry, 359 Joseph R. Perry, 313 Vlrglnla T. Perry, 359 Dennls Wayne Perryman, 370 Juanlta A. Person, 313 Yata L. Petero, 313 John A. Peters, 333 Lesley A. Peters, 359 Margaret A. Peters. 290 Saul Peters Ill, 290 Larry W. Peterson. 359 Mlchael J. Pettengell, 273 Robert F. Petter, 359 Ellzabern L. Pet-tlt, 359 John S. Pettlt, 333 Charles S. Petty. 359 Jetta L. Petty, 359 Mark E, Petty, 313 Sandra M, Petty, 290 Vlrglnla Kay Ptelter, 359 Pennle M. Ptlueger, 359 Dolan D. Phellx. 333 Marsha L. Phelps, 359 Robert L. Phenlx. 359 Donlel S. Phllllans. 290 Chrlstopher H. Phllllps, 359 Gary L. Phllllps, 290 Gllbert F. Phllllps, 359 Jeffery L. Phllllps, 313 John E. Phllllps, 359 Karen L. Phllllps, 290 Mlchele Phllllps, 359 Nlna K. Phllllps, 359 Pamella S. Phllllps, 313 Phll Phllllps, 291 Tammy L, Phllllps, 291 Teena M. Phllllps, 359 Andrea L. Phlpps, 359 Janelyn Phlpps, 291 Vlckl L. Phlpps, 313 Kelth Plckens, 359 Kenneth B. Plckett. 333 Jlm P. Plckle, 359 Charles E. Plckney, 370 Deborah A. Plerce, 359 Doyne D, Plerce. 359 James D. Plerce, 359 John Tlm Plerce, 359 Joseph D. Plerce, 333 Joyce A. Plerce, 359 Ray S. Plerce, 333 Teresa L. Plerce, 313 Donna L. Plercy, 291 John R. Plercy, 359 Davld Lynn Plerson. 359 Kathy J. Pierson, 333 Wllllom M. Plke, 333 Eddle Dean Pllgrlm, 291 Mary A. Pllklnton, 359 Patrick J. Plllerl. 359 Charles C. Pillow, 313 Penny L. Plllow, 333 Kelth Plnchback, 333 Mlchael W. Plnegar, 333 Laura J. Plnk, 313 Mark Pinkerton, 359 Randy G. Plnson, 359 Davld W. Plnyon, 291 Jett A, Plpkln, 291 Wllson R, Plpkln, 313 Lane Plppln, 359 Mark A. Plppenger, 313 Reba J. Plppenger, 291 Robert L. Plppenger, 313 Bryan K, Plque, 313 Llnda Dlane Pltcher, 367 Kathryn S. Plttman, 372 Kelth S, Pltts, 359 Stephen D. Pltts, 313 Bonlta E. Poe, 313 Klm D. Poe, 359 Wllllom D. Poe, 313 Eddle A. Pogue, 313 Melanle D. Pogue, 359 Pat L. Polndexter, 291 Carrle L. Pollard, 359 Angela G. Pollock. 291 Ellzabeth A. Polston. 359 Maurlce N. Pomtree. 313 Bart W. Ponder, 313 Jeff R. Ponder, 313 Luther H. Ponder lll, 313 Lea A. Poole, 370 Wade F. Poorman, 314 Joseph G. Pope, 333 George Popeloy, 333 Harvey K. Porchla, 359 Annie B. Porter, 291 Ellzabeth A. Porter, 314 Genevleve Porter, 291 Herbert W. Porter, 314 Rlta R Porter, 359 Robert L. Porter, 314 Thomas M. Porter, 314 Donna S. Porterfleld, 359 Brad J. Portman, 333 Cherl A. Portman, 333 Jett L. Posey, 333 Corlnna J. Postlethwalt. 359 Mellssa E. Potter, 314 Joy L. Potts. 359 Lance W. Pounds, 291 Arllss D. Powell, 359 Bllly L. Powell, 291 Carla S. Powell. 291 Davld K. Powell, 314 Joey Powell. 372 Mark A. Powell, 291 Mary G. Powell, 314 Davld R. Powers, 314 Marenda L. Powers, 359 Melody J. Powers. 314 Wllllom M. Powers, 291 Kelly J. Prance, 291 Vlckle S. Prater, 314 Charles W. Pratt. 359 Laura L. Pratt. 359 Phlllp W. Pratt, 291 Marsha Ann Prescott, 314 James D. Presley, 333 Terry W. Presley, 333 Charla K. Presson, 314 Judy L. Prewett, 271 Alan D. Prlce, 271 Fellcla D. Prlce, 359 Judy L. Price, 333 Melanle S. Price, 273 Stacy L. Prlce, 314 Wllllom L. Prlce, 369 Bobby B. Prichard, 359 Clarence D. Prichard. 359 Patrlcla K. Prlnce, 359 Rhonda G. Prince, 314 Sandy D. Prlnce, 359 Allce M. Prlngle, 333 Dametra C. Proffltt, 359 Dawayne P. Proffitt, 333 Dawn M. Propes, 333 Wesley V. Provence, 359 Vlnce J. Provenzano, 359 Beverly J. Pruett, 333 Jeanle D. Pruett, 359 Randal G, Puckett, 314 Sherry L. Puckett, 291 Elvln B. Pulley, 314 James S. Pulley, 291 John G. Pulley, 359 Sherry E, Pulley, 359 Debra R. Pumphery, 291 Martha R. Purdy, 359 Denlse Pumell, 333 Lugenla J. Purnell, 291 Steven J. Purtee, 333 Lynn A. Pyland, 359 Barry E. Pylant, 359 Susan J. Qualls, 314 Walter D. Qualls, 314 AI Quarrels, 291 Harry Lee Quarrels, 359 Odessa M. Quarrels, 314 Aprll Shawn Qulnn, 333 Ronald W. Radcllff, 314 Jon Davld Rader, 360 Ronda R. Rogan, 360 Carol A. Ragsdale, 314 Hosseln Rahgouy. 291 Polly A. Ralble. 333 Jeannle E. Ralns, 291 Patrlcla E. Ralns. 291 Bellnda L. Ralnwater, 314 James D. Ralnwater, 333 Nancy M. Ralnwater, 291 Renee A. Ralnwater, 291 Ross A, Ralnwater, 291 Stacey D. Ralnwater, 360 Thomas H. Ralnwater, 360 Bruce E. Raley, 271 Carol A. Raley, 333 Johanna M. Raley, 360 Laura L. Raley, 291 Robert W. Ralph, 314 James L. Ramer, 360 Dlana M. Ramey, 314 Rohana Blnto Ramll, 360 Kellye J. Ramsey, 291 Mark D. Ramsey, 360 Randy D. Ramsey. 291 Rlsa D. Ramsey, 314 Robln D, Ramsey. 360 Julle A. Randleman, 333 Gregory A. Randolph, 314 Melanle M. Randolph, 314 Danlel R. Rapert, 291 Debble S. Rapert, 368 Joseph A. Rapert, 314 Margo Rapert, 368 Pamela J. Rasberry, 333 Brenda G. Rasdon, 291 Karen L. Rash, 314 Sltl Zaleha Rasld, 333 Llsa C. Rast, 360 Llnda F. Ratcllff, 291 Anna K. Rawls, 360 Glen E. Ray, 333 Joy E. Ray. 291 Lloyd R. Ray, 333 Mondo G. Ray. 314 Patrlcla A. Ray, 372 Tlm C. Ray, 314 Angle L. Raymer. 360 Brenda G. Raymond. 291 Byron A. Reagan, 360 Kelvln D. Reagan, 360 Kevln A. Reagan, 314 Gene A. Reams, 333 Klmberlon M. Reaves. 369 Kelth W. Rebstock, 360 Clovls W. Reddlck, 333 Nancy J. Reddlck, 291 Rebecca A. Reddman, 291 Debbie M. Reed, 360 Gala J. Reed, 314 Gennora A. Reed, 360 Jacqueline Reed, 360 Joe D. Reed. 333 Johnny L. Reed, 360 Kurtls D, Reed. 333 Lynne D. Reed. 292 Marclleno K. Reed, 333 Sheryl M. Reed, 360 Hal R. Rees, 333 Nancy Reesor, 292 LelghAnne Reeve, 360 Angela A. Reeves, 360 Bllly G. Reeves, 360 Chrlstopher S. Reeves, 333 Deena M. Reeves, 360 Krlstlno E. Reeves, 333 Lorl S. Reeves. 333 Marcus L. Reeves. 292 Marlanna K. Reeves, 314 Mark E. Reeves, 292 Patrlcla S. Reeves. 360 Brlan A. Rego, 333 Eart A. Reich Ill, 360 Barbara J. Reld, 333 Julla L. Reld, 271 Leanne M. Rellly, 360 Cecllla D, Relman, 314 Linda A. Relnmund. 314 Patrlcla A. Relth. 333 Deanna R. Relthemeyer, 360 Cllnt Relyea, 292 Marla E. Reynolds, 360 Modttabba Reza. 292 Henyameh Seyed Rezal, 314 Saeed Rezolan, 292 Toores Rezolan, 292 Elizabeth June Rhama, 292 Falth C. Rhea, 314 Leslle A. Rhlddlehoover. 360 Donna L. Rhoads, 333 Jan D. Rhoads, 360 Kathy Lynn Rhoads. 333 Neysa Lynne Rhoads, 314 Tommy 8, Rhoads. 360 Chrlstle L. Rhodes, 370 Lelgh A. Rhodes, 333 Llndy D. Rhodes, 292 Monte L. Rhodes, 292 Janet G. Rlce. 370 Kathl C. Rlce, 292 Lorl R. Rlce. 333 Paul A. Rlce, 360 Wllllam S. Rlce, 292 Rodney A. Rlchard. 314 Brady Rlchards, 333 Holly A. Rlchards, 333 Cynthla G. Rlchardson, 333 Donna L. Rlchardson, 333 George Rlchardson, 292 Glenda A. Rlchardson, 360 Jack E. Rlchardson, 314 James G. Rlchardson, 314 Jan D. Rlchardson, 314 Jeff A. Rlchardson, 370 Jerl A. Rlchardson, 333 Jlll L. Rlchardson, 360 Jolynn Rlchardson, 360 Julla A. Rlchardson, 314 Llzabeth E. Rlchardson, 292 Mlchael K. Rlchardson, 292 Mlke A. Rlchardson, 360 Nancy D. Rlchardson, 273 Pamela L. Rlchardson, 292 Paula A. Rlchardson, 314 Ronald D. Rlchardson, 333 Sarah A. Rlchardson, 314 Stephen R. Rlchardson, 372 Susan C. Rlchardson, 333 Terrl A. Rlchardson, 333 Trena L. Rlchardson, 271 Charles Kelth Richey, 360 Mellssa D, Rlchey, 292 Bonnle J. Rlchmond. 292 Donnle R. Rlchmond, 333 Felecla J. Richmond, 314 Lynsol B. Rlchmond. 333 Klm D. Rlchter, 292 Jeff S. Rlckey, 360 Janetta K. Rlckman, 360 Douglas A. Rlddle, 333 Joe T. Rlddle, 360 Melanle L. Rlddle, 360 Carla A. Rlder, 360 Mlchael R. Rider, 360 Morrls E. Rldge, 372 Wayne A. Rldgle, 314 Bonnle J. Rlga, 314 Annle P. Rlggan, 369 Bobby A. Rlgglns. 292 Larry L. Rlggs, 314 Troy D. Rlggs, 360 Jeaneen A. Rlgsby, 333 Carol J. Rlkard, 314 Judy L. Rlley, 314 Mlchael L. Rlley, 292 Sandra G, Rlley, 292 Sandra K, Rlley, 273 Scott E. Rlley, 334 Sharon R. Rlley, 360 Susan Rlley, 271 Thomas P. Rlley, 292 Angela R. Ring, 314 Klm A. Rlng, 314 Robln R. Rlngo, 360 Kevln L. Rlppy. 360 Llnda D. Rlppy, 360 Jlll L. Rltter, 360 Calvln Roach, 334 Erlc A. Roach, 360 Joe Roach, 314 Bonnle M, Robb, 314 Robln A. Robb, 314 Laura L. Robblns, 334 Bruce A. Roberson, 314 386 John C. Robert, 334 Allsla I. Roberts, 360 Debble L. Roberts, 314 James L. Roberts, 314 Jamesy C. Roberts. 360 Joe Roberts, 292 Johnle B. Roberts, 360 Lorrle A. Roberts, 372 Mlchael L. Roberts, 292 Rlchard A. Roberts. 314 Theresa G. Roberts. 292 Tlna R. Roberts, 314 Tommy A. Roberts. 292 Wllllam T. Roberts, 360 Clndy G. Robertson, 360 John H. Robertson ll, 360 Marlanne Robertson. 292 Mary E. Robertson, 292 Mary L. Robertson, 372 Phll K. Robertson, 360 Robln G. Robertson. 334 Clndy D. Roblneft, 360 Debra A. Roblnett, 292 James W. Roblnett Jr.. 368 Coleen A. Roblnette, 314 Barbara M. Roblnson. 360 Chuckle Roblnson, 314 Daphne M. Roblnson, 334 Deborah K. Roblnson, 314 Florence Roblnson, 292 James A. Roblnson. 314 James K. Roblnson, 360 Julla C. Roblnson. 314 Kathleen R. Roblnson. 360 Llsa L, Roblnson, 314 Mark R. Roblnson, 360 Martha Lou Roblnson, 314 Melvln Roblnson, 315 Monlca G. Roblnson, 292 Randall W. Roblnson, 334 Rebecca J. Roblnson, 360 Robble L. Roblnson, 315 Scott Roblnson, 360 Sharon E. Roblnson, 292 Steven B. Roblnson, 360 Susan C. Roblnson, 360 Tonya K. Roblnson, 360 Cherle A. Roblnson, 292 Debra A, Roblson, 334 Mark A. Robnett, 360 Patrlcla A. Roddy, 360 Regenla R. Rodgers, 334 Shanon L. Rodgers, 361 Shella A. Rodgers. 315 Bllly R. Roe, 334 Robert K. Roe, 315 Randy W. Roebuck, 273 Scott A. Roethlisberger, 334 Betty S. Rogers, 361 Cherrl L. Rogers, 334 Cynthla S. Rogers, 361 Donald E. Rogers, 361 Dorothy J. Rogers, 334 Freddy L. Rogers, 292 Gale Rogers, 315 Glnger L. Rogers, 334 James A. Rogers, 273 James F. Rogers. 334 Janet Rogers, 315 Jerrl M. Rogers, 361 Joanna K. Rogers, 315 Kimberley D. Rogers, 334 Randall D. Rogers, 292 Regan M. Rogers, 292 Rena A. Rogers, 315 Rhys G. Rogers, 292 Rolan B. Rogers. 315 Sherry R. Rogers, 292 Tlna L. Rogers, 315 Wllllam W. Rogers, 361 Falth D. Rolland, 334 Glen C. Rolland, 293 Fred E. Rolfe, 370 Larry Rolllns, Jr., 361 Wllllam S. Rolllns, 293 Rlchard R. Romeo, 293 Rebekah A. Romero, 293 Barry G. Rook, 334 Susan E. Rooker, 293 Renee A. Rorex, 334 Steven J. Rorex, 361 Deedra D. Rosamond, 361 Brady H. Rose, 315 Darryl W. Rose, 293 Gala L. Rose, 361 Joan Rose. 361 John W. Rose. 361 Laurle A. Rose, 334 Pamela G. Rose, 361 Paula S. Rose, 334 Stanley J, Rose. 293 Steven P. Rose, 315 Wllllam C. Rose, 361 Wllllam M. Rose, 334 James A. Ross, 293 Jlll R. Ross, 315 John W. Ross, 361 Klmberly S. Ross, 334 Laura J. Ross, 315 Reglnald J. Ross, 361 Rhonda Ross. 361 Toya V. Ross, 334 Debhora K. Rosse, 293 Barry N, Rossell, 361 Jlm E. Roth, 334 Taylor Rothrock, 361 Bruce A. Rougeau, 334 Jack M. Rounsavall, 293 Rodney M. Rouse, 315 Tlna W. Rouse, 334 Mlchael J. Rousey, 361 Thomas Joseph Rousey, 361 Carllyn F. Rouyer. 334 Lezle N. Rowden, 315 Alfred T. Rowe, 293 Bart M. Rowe, 315 Jackle C. Rowe, 334 Kelly S. Rowe, 334 Mark A. Rowland, 293 Angela J. Rowlett, 361 Mary C. Rowlett, 315 Tammy L. Rowlett, 372 Wllllam A. Rowley, 361 Nadean Rublo. 293 Terrl L. Rudd, 334 Rlglna D, Rudnlck, 293 Buddy Rudolph, 293 Chandra S. Ruesewald, 334 Scott R. Ruff, 361 Janlca L. Rutllner, 334 Myra J. Rumlner, 334 Becky R. Runnels, 361 Jason B. Runslck, 361 Wllllam D. Rupard, 315 Jackl L. Rushlng, 361 Mlcha L. Rushlng. 361 Bruce Russell, 361 Jacquellne S. Russell, 315 James S. Russell, 361 Janle E. Russell, 331 Llsa G. Russell, 315 Margaret J. Russell, 315 Mlchael Russell, 334 Patrlcla S. Russell, 273 Karen Paulette Russell, 334 Tonny M. Russell, 361 Renee S. Russenberger, 315 Laura L. Russom, 315 Llddea L. Russom, 361 Danlca J, Rust, 361 Leslle G. Rust. 361 Beth Rutherford, 315 Jeff J. Rutherford, 315 Rod R. Rutherford, 361 Wyvonla Rutherford, 334 Paula S. Rutland, 315 Davld A. Rutter, 293 Nancy A. Ryan, 334 Stacy D. Ryan, 334 Deborah T. Rye, 293 Glenna J. Rye, 315 Surlayanl SaadfAbdul Samad Shazatul N. Sobldln, 372 Reglnald L. Satlell. 315 Davood Saghaflan, 293 Roger S. Sago, 315 Gregg E. Saln, 334 Karen L. Saln, 315 Robln A. Salto. 334 Davld F. Sales. 361 Joan E. Salllngs, 293 Llsa G. Salllngs, 361 See Heng Sam, 361 Ronnle H. Samuel. 293 Carmen C. Sanchez, 315 John O. Scmderlln, 361 Gregory K. Sanders, 315 Jerl C. Sanders, 293 Kyle F. Sanders, 293 Lanan D. Sanders, 315 Martln K. Sanders, 361 Maurlce Sanders, 361 Mltchell L. Sanders, 361 Scott A. Sanders, 315 Shane A. Sanders, 361 Shaunda T. Sanders, 361 Terry R. Sanders, 315 Gllbert E. Sandholzer, 315 Norrls D. Sandrldge, 293 Amy E. Sanford, 361 Sarmlnah Saparl. 372 Tracle L. Sapp, 315 Hamdan Sarabanl, 334 Anthony P. Sardone, 293 Sharon K. Sartln, 361 Joe A. Sartlnl, 315 Chrlsty L. Satterfleld, 293 Deana M. Satterwhlte, 361 Vlola Sauls, 334 Robert H. Saunders, 361 Deena R. Savage, 361 wm E. savage. 361 Mark A. Sawyer, 361 Phllllp E. Sawyer, 334 Carl S. Sayles, 315 Patrlcla A. Saylors, 361 Palmer M. Scales, 315 Hugh Q. Scanlon, 334 Deborah A. Scarff, 334 LeAnn R. Scarff, 315 Martln Scarlett, 315 Loule E. Schaaf, 361 Carolyn S. Schaechtel, 315 Pat D. Schaeffer, 334 Cllff S. Schafer, 361 Mark L. Schafer, 293 Charles T. Schaffhauser. 293 Laurle L. Scheer, 334 Emll W. Schelderer lll, 361 Rebecca J. Schelderer, 334 Sharon F. Schelg. 372 Amr w. scnevlng, 315 Paul D. Schexnaydre. 334 Gary P. Schlrmacher, 315 Kathy M. Schlrmacher, 334 Karen E. Schlsler, 334 Teena F. Schlenker, 361 Llsa A. Schllep, 293 Bonny G. Schmldt, 293 Brent A. Schmlegelow, 361 Alan R. Schoessel, 293 Alan C. Schratz. 334 Gerald C. Schreck, 315 Vlncenf A. Schreck, 315 Frank Schrelt, 293 Donna A. Schroyer, 334 Jlm H. Schultz, 361 Don W. Schuman, 369 Ted J. Schuster, 315 Cralg W. Schutt. 273 Jacquellne E. Scogglns. 334 Davld Lynn Scott. 361 Debby D. Scott. 361 Donna J. Scott, 293 Dorothy J. Scott, 293 Dorrls L. Scott, 315 Gerald F. Scott, 293 Janet L. Scott, 293 John P. Scott. 334 Lort A. Scott, 361 Patrlcla E. Scott, 293 Rlcky J. Scott, 293 Robert B. Scott, 315 Shlrley A. Scott, 361 Susan E. Scott, 315 Tom M. Scott. 372 Emlly A. Scroggs, 361 Cynthla J. Seaber, 368 Scott Seal, 293 Thomas R. Seal, 361 Paula L. Sears. 361 Ellzabeth S. Seaton, 334 Carla L. Seay, 361 Dawn Sechrest. 315 Lynn A. Seel, 361 Clndy L, Seesengood, 334 Judlth L. Seesengood, 315 Mark A. Selbert, 334 Mastura Selamat, 334 Terrle S. Selby. 334 Terry L. Selby, 315 Thomas K. Self, 293 Barry R. Sellers, 334 Kala R. Selvadural, 334 John L. Selvy, 361 Jlhad J. Semaan. 315 Susan M. Semock, 334 All Serall-Nezhad. 293 Mark A. Settlemolr, 315 Rosa C. Settlemolr, 334 Teresa E. Sexton. 368 Denny A. Seyler, 315 Robert L. Shackelford, 315 Lan'y E. Shadowens, 334 Waheeb A. Shatey, 315 Scott W. Shatter, 334 Mohd Mahayadln Shafle, 361 Gary Vlnce Shdcer, 372 Mary A. Shanklln, 361 Bruce E. Shannon, 362 Kathleen A. Shmnon, 294 Larry M. Shannon, 315 Mlchael J. Shannon. 315 Rebecca J. Shannon, 294 Don G. Sharp, 362 Davld A. Sharpe, 315 Melody A. Shatley, 315 Marvln T. Shaver. 294 Ann B. Shaw. 315 Barbara D. Shaw, 294 Beverly F. Shaw, 315 Denlse K. Shaw, 334 Frank L. Shaw, 315 Mary R. Shaw. 273 Paula Shaw, 294 Martln Shea. 334 Lonnell Sheard, 315 Tresa M. Sheard, 362 Kelth G. Shearer, 315 Connle L. Shedd, 294 Davld W. Shedd. 335 Jane L, Shedd, 362 Abdulwahab Shehdda, 294 Mehdl Shelkholes, 316 Elbert V. Shelley. 362 Scott Shelley, 362 Carolyn A. Shelton, 362 Davld N. Shelton, 335 Davld W. Shelton, 316 Debble L. Shelton, 335 Deborah A. Shelton, 316 Dewey Alan Shelton, 316 Kenneth E. Shelton, 316 Tlmothy R. Shelton, 335 Whltney A. Shelton, 335 Susan M. Shempert. 316 Teresa A. Shempert, 294 Jlm R. Shemwell, 316 Huel-Sheng Shen, 273 Deborah K. Shepard, 362 Clndy L. Shepherd. 362 Terrle J. Shepherd, 316 Gregg S. Sheppard, 316 Wllllam D. Sherldan, 316 Tlmothy E. Sherman, 362 Ronnle E. Sherrell, 316 Earl Alan Sherrlll, 335 Lavanda A. Sherrlll. 335 Sarah S. Shewmaker, 362 Mark T. Shldler. 335 Ted D. Shlelds, 316 Kathryn L. Shlnn, 273 Ester R. Shlpp, 362 Sharon L. Shlpp, 316 Troy D. Shlrey, 294 Gregory Wayne Shlrley, 335 Janet C. Shlrtey, 294 Karen R. Shlrley, 316 Susan N. Shlrley, 362 Pattl A. Shlver, 362 Charlotte G. Shockley, 335 Ula C. Shockley, 294 Shella G. Shockley, 335 Denlse A. Shook, 294 Donna Lee Shopher. 362 Lee A. Shortnacy, 362 Doug L, Shouse, 316 Garen B. Shrader, 362 Bobby J, Shreeves, 294 Sue Shrum, 362 .lancle K. Slam, 362 Ursula D, Slddell, 273 Donna C. Slddons, 362 Angela D. Slttord. 335 John J. Slftord, 362 Robert S. Slftord, 362 Scott A. Sller, 316 James W. Slmlngton, 294 Glna Marle Slmmons, 316 Glenda K. Slmmons, 316 Jeffrey W. Slmmons, 362 Lesla L. Slmmons, 362 Mark E. Slmmons, 362 Sonya F. Slmmons, 335 Tlm L. Slmmons, 335 John L. Slmon, 335 Kevln B. Slmpklns, 316 Douglas G. Slmpson, 362 Edwln L. Slmpson, 362 Jan L. Slmpson, 362 Joe E. Slmpson, 335 Kendrlck B. Slmpson, 316 Marty J. Slmpson, 294 Ramona M. Slmpson, 316 Rhonda L. Slmpson, 316 Scott E. Slmpson, 316 Steve L. Slmpson, 362 Tlm Slmpson, 335 Emest W. Slms Jr., 294 Jerome E. Slms, 316 JIII J. Slms, 335 John Allen Slms. 316 Karrle L. Slms, 335 Angela R. Slnaplades. 362 Davld Slngh, 315 Jal Slngh. 294 Rebecca D, Slngleton, 362 Rebecca J. Singleton, 273 Tharmarlah Slnnan, 335 Stephanle H. Slpa. 362 Danette Slsco. 335 James D. Slsk, 316 Martha J. Slsk, 372 Mary J. Slsk, 362 . Tammy A. Slsk, 335 Llsa K, Sltzer, 335 Mark R. Skeens, 362 Davld R. Skelton, 316 Lynne A. Skelton, 335 Scott A. Skelton, 316 Jlm K. Sklnner, 316 Chuck F. Slabaugh, 316 Tlm N. Slope. 316 Donna F. Slaton, 362 Andy Slaven, 316 Kenneth G. Slaven, 362 Emmett M. Slayton, 362 Damon D. Sllnkard, 316 Judlth A. Sllnkard, 294 Blll Sloan, 316 Charles L. Sloan, 294 Clay Sloan, 294 Davld M. Sluder. 362 Teresa L. Slusher, 316 Jesslca S. Small, 335 Barbara M. Smlth, 362 Beverly F. Smlth, 362 Bllly J. Smlth, 294 Bradley E. Smlth, 316 Brlon E. Smlth, 316 Brlan H. Smlth, 294 Carol D. Smlth, 294 Carolyn F. Smlth, 316 Clara L. Smlth, 362 Davld A. Smlth, 316 Dayna L. Smlth, 316 Deanna L. Smlth, 362 Dennls Jay Smlth, 335 Dennls L. Smlth, 294 Dennls P. Smlth, 335 Dewey J. Smlth, 335 Douglas J. Smlth, 335 Drake S. Smlth, 370 Glen N. Smlth, 316 Greg F. Smlth, 335 Gregory L. Smlth, 316 Jack H. Smlth, 316 James A. Smlth, 362 James E. Smlth, 316 James M. Smlth, 362 Jeannle M. Smtlh, 335 Jettrey K. Smlth, 294 Jerry Smlth, 335 Joe G. Smlth, 316 John E. Smlth, 335 Judy A. Smlth, 294 Kelth Smlth, 271 Kelly Dawn Smlth, 362 Kendell Smlth, 316 Kerry L. Smlth, 362 Klrby J. Smlth, 370 Leah A. Smlth, 362 Leslle D. Smlth, 294 Llsa L. Smlth, 362 Loretta M. Smlth, 368 Marle A. Smlth, 362 Mark Smlth, 316 Mark A. Smlth, 335 Mark E. Smlth, 362 Mary A. Smlth, 335 Mellnda S, Smlth, 273 Mlchael Smlth, 362 Mlchael A. Smlth, 362 Mlchael C. Smlth, 362 Mlchael G. Smlth, 335 Mlcheal K. Smlth, 362 Mlckey Smlth, 316 Pamllr R. Smlth, 335 Patrlcla A. Smlth, 362 Patrlcla J. Smlth, 316 Penny M. Smlth, 335 Phllllp H. Smlth, 294 Polly Ann Smlth, 294 Reglna L. Smlth, 362 Renette Smlth, 362 Reuben O, Smlth, 294 Rlchard A. Smlth, 294 Rlta D. Smlth, 316 Robert A. Smlth, 316 Robert B. Smlth, 362 Robln M. Smlth, 316 Robyn Plke Smlth, 294 Roger D. Smlth, 316 Ronald H. Smlth, 294 Rosllyn M. Smlth, 362 Sandra A. Smlth, 362 Sandra L. Smlth, 294 Shella A. Smlth, 294 Shelll R. Smlth, 335 Sherry E. Smlth, 316 Sonla S. Smlth, 362 Stephen D. Smlth, 362 Susan K. Smlth, 335 Susan L. Smlth, 316 Tammy Lynne Smlth, 362 Tammy S. Smlth, 294 Tammy S. Smlth, 362 Terrl A. Smlth, 316 Terry E. Smlth, 294 Tlmothy Merlln Smlth, 335 Todd S. Smlth, 362 Tom W. Smlth, 294 Tommy K. Smlth, 335 Trlna S. Smlth, 362 Wallace J. Smlth, 335 Wllllam J. Smlth, 370 Mark B. Smlthee, 362 Aprll L. Smlthson, 316 Stephanle G. Smlthwlck, 335 Reglna A. Smoot, 362 Troy E. Snell, 362 Alllson P. Snlder, 362 Arvetta K. Snlder, 335 Glendon B. Snlder, 372 James K. Snlder, 271 Sharl D. Snlder, 294 Walter B. Snlder, 363 John P. Snodgrass, 316 Stan D. Snodgrass, 316 Cralg E. Snow, 335 Klm E. Snyder. 363 Bee Hwe So, 316 Wllllam D. Soaen, 335 George J. Soest Jr.. 316 Suzle R. Solley. 363 Deborah M. Sorg, 363 Mlchelle A. Sorg, 335 Rhonda C. Sorrows. 335 Terry L. Sorrows, 363 Usa A. South, 294 Susan L. South. 363 Llsa A. Southard, 316 Sharron W. Southerland, 335 John Roy Soward, 335 Gary G. Sowle. 295 Karolyn K. Sowle. 295 Wllllam Wesley Spaln. 363 Glen L. Spargo, 316 Connle L. Sparks, 335 Jacauellne K. Sparks, 295 June Sparks, 363 Nlna M. Sparks, 372 Towny R. Sparks ll. 316 Marty J. Speak, 370 Barbara J. Spears, 372 Clndy L. Spears, 335 Tlmothy S. Spears, 363 Rebecca L. Speer, 295 Dennls L. Spence, 363 Jenny M. Spence, 316 Judy L. Spence, 316 Patrick D. Spence, 335 Debble L. Spencer, 295 Jeb S. Spencer, 295 Mel D. Spencer, 335 Robln L. Spencer, 316 Russ G. Spencer, 363 Clndy D. Splnks, 316 Lesleye L. Splkes. 363 Chrlstopher R. Splvey, 316 Greg A. Spradlln, 335 Dorothy L. Sprlggs. 316 Evondla Sprlnkle, 363 Pennl L. Sprlnkle, 317 Janet P. Sprollng. 363 Beth H. Sprouse. 335 James W. Spurlock 295 Crystal G, Squlres, 335 Kelth S. Squires, 295 Lena Stackhouse, 335 Mary J. Stacy, 335 Paula K. Stafford. 317 Jamle D. Staggs, 363 Venlta K. Stalcup, 363 Klm J, Stalllngs, 317 Lynn Stalllngs, 335 Malcolm O. Stalllngs, 363 Tlm W. Stalllngs, 363 Susan R. Stalnaker, 363 Dlana L. Stanczak. 335 Vlckkl A. Stone, 335 Donna R. Stanflll, 335 Rebecca G, Stanflll, 363 Karen E. Stanford. 335 Ellzabeth M. Stanley, 363 Rhonda K. Stanley, 335 Rlchard R. Stanley, 335 Erlc Stork. 335 Joseph W. Stark. 317 Lora Stark, 335 Stuart L. Stark, 335 Glorla J. Starks, 372 Dorothy E. Starnes. 336 Lezli R. Starnes, 317 Kathy L. States, 295 Llnda C. States. 363 Davld V. Statler, 363 Kevln R. Statler, 317 Randall L. Statler, 336 Rhonda K. Statler, 363 Paul E. Staton, 336 Bonlta A. Stoudt, 363 Robln K. Stayton. 317 Pamela E, Steakley, 336 Dennls L. Stearns, 336 Jlm E. Stearns. 336 Shella H. Steele, 363 Toby M. Steele, 363 Watter R. Steele Jr., 295 Wllllam Steele, 372 Donna L. Steese, 363 Cella J. Stegall. 363 John P. Stegall, 295 Mark A. Stegall, 295 Penny S. Stegall, 317 Rosemarle A. Stetmel, 336 Shelby J. Stelmel, 363 Laura L. Steln, 363 Klm Stephens, 372 Mark M. Stephens, 317 Sandra G. Stephens, 295 Gary A. Stephenson, 295 James M. Stephenson, 317 Andrew P. Stepka, 363 Stephen A. Stepka, 271 Deborah K. Stepp, 271 Jackle Stevens, 317 Lesa C. Stevens, 363 Llsa M. Stevens, 336 Marvln A. Stevens, 317 Mary Dorothy Stevens. 363 Rlchard M. Stevens ll, 317 Chrls G. Stevenson, 317 Deborah A. Stevenson, 336 Robln Renee Stevenson, 363 Alvln R. Stewart, 363 Freedla J. Stewcrt. 336 Gary E, Stewart, 317 Glorla D. Stewart, 317 Kathryn L. Stewart. 295 Mary J. Stewart, 295 Mlchelle D. Stewart, 363 Ray F. Stewart Jr., 317 Rhonda G. Stewart, 363 Terrl A. Stewart, 363 Tlmothy W. Stewart, 317 Weldon T. Stewart, 317 Amy L. Stewmon. 363 Laura A. Stlckler, 363 Dan Stldhom, 295 James E. Stldman, 317 Anthony T. Stltt, 295 Tammy B. Stltt, 317 Dona S. Stlffler, 336 Randy C. Stlll, 317 Gregg Stlllwell, 336 June Stlmach, 295 Randall J. Stlmach. 336 Klm S. Stlmson, 336 Mlchael S. Stlmson. 317 Deble J. Stocklnger. 363 Rlck A. Stocks, 336 Vlcky L, Stoevsand, 363 Lelgh A, Stogsdlll, 317 Karen D. Stoker, 295 Susan S. Stoker. 317 Angela C. Stokes, 317 Eamest G. Stokes, 317 Melody D. Stokes, 295 Roger Dale Stokes, 295 Satronla F. Stokes, 317 Ralph Edward Stombaugh, 317 Carey D. Stone, 317 388 Gregory S. Stone, 271 John C. Stone. 336 Kevln W, Stone, 363 Klmberly R. Stone. 295 Ray Stone, 336 Rhonda C. Stone, 317 Kellene L. Storey, 363 Kevln L. Storey, 336 Randy L. Story, 336 Dawna L. Stotts, 336 Jeftery W, Stotts, 336 Patsy R. Stotts, 363 Sondra S. Stotts, 363 Rodney D. Stovall, 372 Ronald L. Stovall, 336 Mark A. St. Plerre, 317 Tracy D, Stovall, 363 Norma L. Stracener, 317 Brenda Stracner, 336 Bobby D. Strahan, 336 Alan Lee Strauser, 363 Ken M. Strlckland, 295 Mary M. Strickland, 336 Steven T, Stroh, 317 Vlvlan M. Strong, 271 Jerry C. Stroud, 363 Charlotte J. Stuart, 336 Kelth A. Stuart, 372 Curt L. Stubblefleld, 317 Robert Stubbletleld. 317 Steve T. Stubblefleld. 295 Rose M. Stuckey, 295 Jackle K. Studdard, 317 Ellen M. Studnar, 336 Jewell Stuenkel, 363 Dawn L. Stueve, 295 Kathryn D. Sturdlvant, 295 James B. Stutts, 336 Susan L. Sugg, 317 Sherry L. Sult, 317 Noor H. Sulalman. 336 James R. Sulcer, 336 Lana R. Sulllns, 368 Leslle Sulllns, 317 Sandra M. Sulllns, 317 Tammy E. Sulllns, 363 Jett Bradley Sulllvan, 336 Johanna S. Sulllvan, 363 Russell N. Sulllvan, 363 Tony R. Sulllvan, 363 Bltl J. Summers. 336 Janle L. Summers. 363 Kelly L. Summltt, 336 Robyn S. Summltt, 363 Ellzabeth A. Sumpter. 295 Hslng Tzu Sung, 369 Greg R. Susanke. 271 John T. Suskle, 336 Corlnda D. Sutherland, 363 Anthony G, Suttertleld, 336 Eddle C. Sutton, 317 Janet A. Sutton, 317 Mlke L. Sutton. 317 Wllllam K. Swalls. 317 Hope R. Swanner, 336 Shlrley A. Swasey, 336 John G. Sweat, 363 Joseph P. Sweat, 336 Mellnda G. Swlndle, 363 Mary R. Swlndoll, 363 Dell M. Switzer, 336 Jerry D. Sykes. 363 Dannette Tabor, 295 Jettery L. Tabor, 363 Lowell S. Tabor, 295 Margaret E. Tackett, 336 Harvey Taggart. 336 Kamarudln Taha, 363 Suhalla Talb, 372 Vlma M. Talleron, 363 Joanne Talburt, 317 Steve W. Talburt, 295 Tlna A. Talburt, 368 John P. Talley, 336 Al Hong Tan, 317 Barbara J. Tanner, 336 Carl G, Tanner, 363 Leean R. Tanner, 363 Lewls E. Tanner, 295 Sandra L. Tanner, 336 Naflah Taplah, 363 Mohammad R. Tarokh, 295 Phyllls J, Tarver, 363 Arthur P. Tate, 295 Danny W. Tate. 363 Gregory Tate, 364 Natalle S. Tate, 364 Shane D. Tate, 336 Wade S. Tate, 364 Cassandra E. Tatum, 317 Amanda S. Taylor, 336 BIII D. Taylor, 317 Brian K. Taylor, 372 Bryan D. Taylor. 317 Cathy M. Taylor. 295 Charles L. Taylor, 364 Davld L, Taylor, 336 Dlane E. Taylor, 364 Dorls L. Taylor, 317 Edlth K, Taylor, 336 Frank F. Taylor, 317 Garry W. Taylor, 364 James E. Taylor, 317 Jeffrey D. Taylor, 364 Joe Alan Taylor, 364 Johnethan C. Taylor, 317 Katrina C. Taylor, 317 Kelth A. Taylor, 336 Kelvln L. Taylor, 317 Leron J. Taylor, 336 Llsa E. Taylor, 364 Lynda K. Taylor, 295 Marllyn D. Taylor, 364 Mellssa F. Taylor. 295 Mlchael L. Taylor. 364 Rebekah A. Taylor, 372 Rhonda C. Taylor, 364 Rlcky D. Taylor, 295 Ronnle J. Taylor, 364 Rose M. Taylor, 336 Royce L. Taylor, 364 Sarah Phena Taylor. 296 Sherry L. Taylor. 296 Stephen L. Taylor, 364 Steven D. Taylor, 296 Steven D. Taylor. 317 Susan Taylor. 295 Tony L. Taylor, 364 Troy Taylor, 317 vlrqlnla L. Taylor, 364 Brenda J. Teague. 296 Jennlfer J. Teel, 317 Terence T. Teel. 364 Tyson T. Teel, 364 Sherrle L. Teltloft, 317 Karln K, Telle, 364 Mlchael L, Templeton, 317 Potrlcla A. Tennllle, 317 Lana L. Tennlson. 364 Donald R. Terrell, 372 Jlm L. Terry. 336 Stacey J. Terry, 372 Cyndl A. Thayer, 296 Lynette S. Thetford, 296 Lals E, Thlel, 364 Dennls R. Thlelemler, 296 Erlc W. Thlelemler. 364 Gerry A. Thlelemler, 317 Shenry A. Thlelemler, 364 Steve J. Thlelemler. 317 Sam J. Thlgpen, 317 A. F. Thomas, 317 Carta P. Thomas, 364 Cuarlstlne Thomas, 317 Douglas Wayne Thomas, 317 Gary W, Thomas, 296 James H. Thomas, 364 James Taylor Thomas, 336 Krlstl A, Thomas. 370 Mlchael R. Thomas, 296 Teresa G. Thomas, 364 Tonl L. Thomas, 364 Alton L. Thompson, 364 Betty L. Thompson, 317 Carmen T. Thompson, 364 Carolyn Thompson, 336 Darlene Thompson, 296 Davld Thompson, 317 Debra L. Thompson, 364 Ellzabeth W. Thompson, 296 Janls L. Thompson, 336 Jeana R. Thompson, 296 Kevln M. Thompson, 364 Klrk A. Thompson, 296 Latrlcla Thompson, 336 Mk:hael D. Thompson, 318 Pansy J. Thompson, 318 Paul S. Thompson, 364 Peter B. Thompson, 318 Ronald J. Thompson, 296 Sonya A. Thompson. 318 Stacy D. Thompson, 296 Stephanle L. Thompson, 364 Steven E. Thompson, 364 Ted D. Thompson, 364 Vemon K. Thompson, 273 Margaret A, Thornberry, 318 Edna J. Thome, 364 Donnle C. Thomton, 336 Klm M. Thomton, 364 Stephanle L. Thomton, 364 Tad S. Thornton, 364 Walter Lee Thornton, 318 Sharon A. Thrash, 318 James R, Thrasher. 370 Colleen L. Threm, 364 Jlmmy D. Thresher, 296 Janet R. Thraesch, 364 Suzanne M. Thraesch, 296 Renlta R. Throgmartln, 364 Harry N. Thurman, 318 Terry Thurman, 318 Anlta B. Thwlng, 296 Mlchael L. Tlbbs, 296 Pamela O. Tlbbs, 364 Jeff L. Tldwell, 318 Robln R. Tldwell, 364 Lorralne M, Tlerney, 318 Ruth A. Tllqhmart, 364 Phyllls I. Tllley, 364 Lory J. Tlllman, 336 Wllllam C. Tlmbs, 318 Larry Tlmmermann. 296 Gaylene R. Tlmmons, 336 Ellzabeth A. Tlmms, 336 Suzanne Tlmms, 336 Don W. Tlnkle, 364 Marlon C. Tlnsley. 296 Kelly J. Tlppen, 318 Chrlstopher K. Tlsdel, 364 Kwan-Fat To, 364 Mlchael Todd, 296 Renlta L. Todd, 364 Terry W. Todd, 273 Sandl L. Tomllnson, 336 Russell T. Tooley, 336 John D. Toombs, 364 Stacl L. Tosh, 364 Joe M. Towles, 318 Vlckle J. Townsend, 296 Jerry W. Tawnsley. 372 Blll M, Tracer. 296 Mary J. Tracer, 318 John J. Trahan, 364 Leslle L. Trall, 318 Candy R. Trammell, 364 Frank A. Travls, 318 Blll J. Treat, 364 James H. Treece, 336 Wlltlam H. Treneman, 296 Bruce A. Trlce, 318 Joseph C. Trlmble, 318 Stacy J. Trlmble, 296 Sherry L, Trtplett, 364 Debble L. Trotter, 336 Gregory D. Trout, 336 Jan M. Troutt, 348 Jon V. Traxel, 296 Thomas K. True, 296 Bruce B. Trultt Jr., 345 Nhan T. Truong, 274 Mark E. Trusty, 364 Tengku Tuan-Vusoff, 336 Angela C. Tucker, 364 Chuck L. Tucker, 348 Darrlck L. Tucker, 348 Henry C. Tucker, 364 Janet E. Tucker, 364 Michelle L. Tucker, 336 Steve T. Tucker, 348 Tim G. Tucker, 348 Twyla R. Tucker, 348 Myra B, Tuggle, 336 Pam D. Turbyevllle, 348 Bobble D. Turman, 336 Judy A. Turnbow, 337 Tlm S. Turnbow, 364 Alvls R. Turner, 296 Debrah L. Turner, 364 Gayla L. Turner, 348 Karen L. Turner, 337 Karen S. Turner, 348 Llsa A. Turner, 296 MOFK W. Turner, 348 Mlchael J. Turner lll, 348 Patricia A. Turner, 348 Ruth A. Turner, 348 Sandy J. Turner, 337 Shella M. Turner, 364 Shirley L. Turner, 364 Stacie R. Turner, 364 John D. Turpln, 296 Llnda C. Tuslng, 337 Susan M. Tuslng, 296 Karen L. Tweddell, 348 Pamela J. Tweddell, 337 Mansell Twlllle, 273 Mary J. Tyler, 296 James P. Tyner, 337 Llsa O. Tyner, 337 Parkolene F. Tyner, 364 Vanessa K. Tyson, 337 Anleflok E. Udo, 348 Udumah U. Udumah, 348 Edward G. Ugwu, 369 Felix l. Ugwu, 348 Charles R. Uhllg, 348 Joel E. Ulmer, 364 Ed L. Underwood, 296 Mallnda Underwood, 364 Thomas L. Underwood, 337 Kevin E. Ungerank, 348 Tonl A. Unreln, 273 Anthony D. Ursery, 348 Dorls J. Ursery, 364 Joy U. Utaegbulam, 365 Melela L. Utley, 337 Mlchael D. UTISY, 296 Tammy Utley, 348 Connie D. Uzel, 296 Dusan Valener, 365 Deedra J. Valentine, 348 Charles G. Vanaman, 348 Lea A. Vanaman, 365 Dee Dee E, Vance, 365 Eric Vance, 337 Gina L. Vance. 365 Andrea Lynn Vandeflfer, 337 Erik M. VanDeusen, 337 Kevin T. Vane, 337 Mlke R. Vangllder, 365 Shana L. Vangllder, 337 Brenda J. VanHoozer, 348 Dana R. VanPatten, 296 Suzanne M. VanPatten, 365 Bernard L. Vanpelt, 365 Garl L. Vansandt, 348 Dawn L. Vanvalkenburg, 348 Donna M. Vanwinkle, 337 Fred M. Vanzant, 273 Carlos R. Vargas, 348 Billy M. Vaughn, 273 Bradley W. Vaughn, 348 Carl R. Vaughn, 365 Linda D. Vaughn, 296 Lynda L. Vaughn, 365 Marcia D. Vaughn, 365 Melissa D. Vaughn, 348 Polly D. Vaughn, 337 Vlckle M. Vaught, 337 Kelly J. Vaupel, 337 Keresia L. Veasley, 296 Davld L, Veasman, 337 Kuganeswary Veerasamy, 372 Bruce W. Venable, 296 Tammy C. Vega, 337 Clndy J. Verkler, 348 Joesph G. Vernon. 337 Ron W, Vest, 348 Kim D. Vestal, 348 James K. Veteto, 337 Charles E. Vlck, 337 Norman B, Vickers. 365 Park T. Vlckers, 337 Randl K. Vincent, 365 Toml L. Vincent. 337 Bellnda D. Vines, 297 Donald R, Vineyard Jr., 365 Clndy E. Vinson, 337 Todd W. Vlnson, 348 Alan K. Vlvrette, 297 DeAnne Vlvrette, 348 Eric D. Voigt, 348 Faith A. Vollman, 337 Melody L. Vollman, 297 Debra A. Volner, 365 Gregory C. Volner, 297 Catherine M. Vorwald, 365 Bradley Vosburg, 365 Klm M. Vowell, 297 Reba A. Vuncannon Denise L. Wachowskl, 365 Paul D. Waddell, 297 Robin L. Waddell, 348 Scott Waddell, 348 Charles R. Wade, 365 Debbie A. Wade, 348 Mlchael A. Wade, 297 Michael R. Wade, 365 Ollle L. Wadley, 297 Angela M, Wages, 365 Dehlla K. Wagner, 348 Chrls Wagoner, 365 Tammy L. Wald, 337 Deborah A. Walte, 348 Bannle L. Waltes, 297 Debra D. Waits, 348 Mlchael Wakefleld, 348 Lynne R. Walbert. 297 Susan E. Walden, 297 June S. Waldo, 297 Barry Walker, 297 Dana L. Walker, 337 Ernest L. Walker, 297 Geneva Walker, 365 George Walker, 365 Kelth Walker, 337 Llnda F. Walker, 348 Loretta K. Walker, 365 Sandra M. Walker, 297 Sharon K. Walker, 365 Tracie L. Wall, 337 Arlee Wallace, 372 Dean Wallace, 348 James E. Wallace, 297 Karen M. Wallace, 348 Llsa A. Wallace, 365 Michael M. Wallace, 297 Rhonda G. Wallace, 368 Ricky L. Wallace, 365 Ronald L. Wallace, 337 Bllbrey J. Wallis, 297 Jackie R. Wallis, 297 Mary A. Wallis, 337 Mary E. Wallis, 337 Robert H. Wallls, 348 Dorothy L. Walls, 348 Geneva M. Walls, 365 Kimberly D. Walls, 337 Kevin A. Walsh, 365 Susan M. Walsh, 337 Angela Walter, 365 Donna F. Walters, 365 Lori A, Walters, 337 Hugh W. Walton, 365 Keith A. Walton, 370 Jeanette C. Waltrip, 348 Janet L. Wamble, 348 Janet R. Wann, 348 Tammle J. Wann, 349 Bllly J. Ward, 297 Charles T. Ward, 349 Davld M. Ward, 297 Donald D. Ward, 337 Jimmy L. Ward, 337 Julie A, Ward, 337 Kelly A. Ward, 365 Kevln L. Ward, 365 Paula M. Ward, 337 Robert D. Ward, 297 Valerie R. Ward, 365 Freddy J. Ware, 365 Allen L. Warmath, 297 Jeff C. Warneke, 297 Angus M. Warner, 365 Sharon L. Warnlck, 337 Dlana L, Warren, 367 Veronica A. Warren, 365 John D. Washam, 337 Laurie Washam, 365 Mlkkl M. Washam, 367 George Washington, 297 Llnda Washington, 297 Mary L. Washington, 337 Toney L. Washington, 365 Amelia X. Waters, 297 Melissa L. Waterworth, 365 Cheryl R. Watkins, 349 Davld T. Watkins, 337 Dillon A. Watkins, 337 Harold R. Watkins, 365 Kevin R. Watkins, 370 Kimberly l. Watkins, 365 Lance A. Watkins, 337 Llsa A. Watkins, 349 Roger L. Watkins, 337 Bert S. Watson, 349 Bruce M. Watson, 349 Curtis W, Watson, 349 Cynthia K. Watson, 337 Debbie E. Watson, 337 Elizabeth A. Watson, 368 Jane Watson, 297 Pamela L. Watson, 297 Ron D. Watson, 297 Sherri L. Watson, 365 Veda E. Watson, 337 Stefti L. Watts, 349 Stacy E. Wayland, 365 Ann R. Weatherford, 349 Claudia E. Weathers, 365 James T. Weathers, 273 Karen L. Weaver, 365 Sandra J. Weaver, 349 Ava D. Webb, 365 Carmela J. Webb, 274 Deanna R. Webb, 349 Eddle Webb. 297 Frances A. Webb, 365 Jerry D. Webb, 365 Laverne Webb, 337 Lorl L. Webb, 365 Martha E. Webb, 365 Reginald C. Webb, 349 Rhonda R. Webb, 337 Sherry L, Webb, 365 Connie J. Webster, 365 Bill W, Weeks, 349 Gene Weeks, 297 Anthony A. Weir, 349 Joseph E, Weir, 337 Timothy K, Weir, 337 Lisa R. Welsenbach, 349 Jackie S. Weishman, 365 Kenneth J. Welch, 337 Michelle R. Welch, 368 Sherry L. Welch, 365 Alison Weld, 349 Julea J. Weld, 297 Dana E, Wellborn, 297 Cathey C. Wells. 274 Laura L. Wells, 368 Linwood W, Wells, 297 Micheal Wells, 337 Tim S. Wells, 297 Angela J. West, 365 Donald R. West, 365 Jerry L. West, 337 Phyllis K. West, 349 Shella G. West, 365 Vangele West, 349 Mark Westbrook, 365 Dale T. Wester, 297 Deea L. Western, 349 Holly L. Westmoreland, 365 Karen S, Wheatley, 337 Tony R. Wheatley, 349 Adam C. Wheeler, 297 lra Wheeler, 337 Karen L. Wheeler, 365 Rodney Whitaker, 365 Cynthia A. White, 349 Dana B. White, 349 Daryl T. White, 274 Debra L. White, 297 Delols A. White, 349 Edward N. White, 337 Greg B, White, 365 Judy L. Whlte, 337 Kelth A. White. 337 Kelli J. White, 337 Ken P. White, 337 Kenneth O. White, 337 Llsa C, White, 337 Marilyn M. White, 349 Mary H. White, 337 Mlchael R, White, 297 Michelle M. White, 338 Milton D. White, 298 Nancy C. White, 349 I Richard D. Whlte, 365 Ricky D. White, 338 Robin White, 338 Rodney A. White, 365 Ronnie W. White, 365 Susan E, White, 349 Teddy J. White, 338 Teresa L. White, 349 Todd A. White, 349 Verlon White, 365 Boris C. Whlteslde, 365 Odell Whiteside, 349 John W. Whiting, 366 Stanley G. Whltlow, 349 Shella L. Whltmlre, 338 Ann N. Whitney, 274 Barbara K, Whltson, 338 Kimberly D, Whitt, 366 Charles L. Whlttom, 338 Steve D. Wicker, 349 Stacy L. Wldner, 366 Brian K. Wledeman, 349 Robin L. Wledeman, 349 Jon S. Wllbanks, 298 Johnnie L. Wllbom, 349 Theodls Wllbom, 349 Janice M. Wilcox, 349 Juanita K. Wilcox, 368 Mary J. Wlles, 298 389 Robert Wlles, 319 Allce F. Wlley. 366 Steven C. Wlley, 366 J. D. Wllhlde, 271 Laura L. Wllhlte. 366 Louls A. Wllholte, 366 Lelsa C. Wllkerson, 298 Brett Wllklns. 338 Dana M. Wllklns, 366 Llsa L. Wllklns, 366 Mellssa A. Wllklns, 372 Phllllp K. Wllklns, 298 Toncela L. Wllklnson, 319 Rlta Wllbanks, 366 LaDonna M. Wlllcockson, 298 Dlrk L. Wlllett, 366 Mlchael S. Wlllhlte, 298 Anlta J. Wllllams, 298 Annece E. Wllllams, 366 Barbara D. Wllllams, 319 Barry D. Wllllams, 319 Becky S. Wllllams, 338 Bobby R. Wllllams, 319 Brent G. Wllllams, 338 Chrlstlne D. Wllllams, 319 Chrlstopher B. Wllllams, 298 Clyde F. Wllllams, 366 Curtls L. Wllllams, 366 Cynthla Wllllams, 298 Cynthla L. Wllllams, 338 Darlce Wllllums, 319 Davld H. Wllllams, 298 Dlana Wllllams, 338 Dora J. Wllllams, 298 Ed W. Wllllams, 366 Eddle J. Wllllams, 319 Elleen J. Wllllams, 366 Franklln A. Wllllams, 298 Gayle V. Wllllams, 271 Gerald L. Wllllams, 366 Jacquellne Wllllams, 366 Jamle Wllllams, 366 Janlce L. Wllllams, 319 Jawanda L. Wllllams, 338 Jeffery M. Wllllams, 366 Jlm D. Wllllams, 319 Joan Wllllams, 366 John R, Wllllams, 366 Karen A, Wllllams, 338 Karen B. Wllllams, 273 Karla Wllllams, 366 Katherlne Wllllams, 366 Larry E. Wllllams, 298 Larry M. Wllllams, 338 Laura B. Wllllams, 366 Maggy L. Wllllams, 366 Marl M. Wllllams, 366 Marty A. Wllllams, 319 Mary D. Wllllams, 319 Mlke E. Wllllams, 338 Pheoba E. Wllllams, 336 Preston Wllllams, 273 Rhonda R. Wllllams, 338 Robert G. Wllllams, 366 Robert L. Wllllams, 319 Robert Lee Wllllams, 319 Robln L. Wllllams, 319 Shannon D. Wllllams, 366 Sherrl L. Wllllams, 366 Stacy A. Wllllams, 366 Steve R. Wllllams, 338 Steven K. Wllllams, 319 Ted Wllllams, 319 Thomas Wllllams, 366 390 Tonya D. Wllllams, 338 Trent Wllllams, 319 Wendell Wllllams, 298 Wendy L. Wllllams, 319 Wlnnle M. Wllllams, 319 Greg A. Wllllamson, 366 Kent T. Wllllamson, 366 Tamml F. Wllllamson, 338 Tlmy C. Wllllamson, 366 Amber S. Wlllle, 319 Andy L. Wllllford, 366 Chauncey L, Wlllls, 366 Douglas Wlllls, 366 Judy C. Wlllls. 338 Charles A. Wllson, 298 Charies E. Wllson, 366 Charles M. Wllson, 319 Chrls E. Wllson, 319 Delorls L. Wllson, 338 Debbie L. Wllson, 319 Dovle Wllson, 298 Frances G. Wllson, 298 Francs l. Wllson, 319 Greg T. Wllson, 338 Jayme F. Wllson, 338 Jerry G. Wllson, 319 Jlmmy D. Wllson, 298 Jodl E. Wllson, 319 John W. Wllson, 338 Larry B. Wllson, 366 Mlchael L. Wllson, 319 John Wllson, 271 Patrlcla A. Wllson, 338 Phllllp E, Wllson, 338 Reglna l. Wllson, 366 Russell T. Wllson, 319 Sandra A. Wllson, 319 Rlckle G. Wlmberley, 271 Lerone Wlmbley, 338 Mlchael H. Wlnberry, 338 Cheryl L. Wlnfrey, 366 Douglas J. Wlnfrey. 338 Lettle T. Wlnfrey. 338 Shelby B. Wlnfrey, 366 Lynette E. Wlnemlller, 319 Tela J. Wlnn, 366 Scott Wlnnlngham, 366 Sonya J. Wlnnlngham, 319 Tlmothy D. Wlnnlngham, 338 Sherrl V. Wlnters, 319 Vlckle L. Winton, 298 Leeanne S. Wlsdom, 298 Mark B. Wlsdom. 298 LeAnne Wlse, 298 Gregory N. Wlseman, 370 Jlm J. Wlseman, 366 Tamerla Wltchard, 366 Anthony C. Wlthers, 338 Janette K. Wlthrow, 366 James W. Wofford, 298 Joel Wofford. 298 Shirley A. Wofford. 366 Wlnthrop W. Wofford, 319 Patrlcla L. Wolfe, 338 Sarah A. Wolfe, 338 Wanda S. Wolz, 298 Valerle A. Womack, 366 Nancy A. Womble, 366 Sandra L. Womble, 366 Keng Wong, 338 Cheryl L. Wood, 320 Dale A. Wood, 366 Elizabeth A. Wood, 320 John K. Wood, 338 Kathy L. Wood, 338 Kyle K. Wood, 366 Jana Wood, 320 Mary A. Wood, 338 Randy J. Wood, 366 Vlckl D. Wood, 370 Davld A. Woodard, 366 Monroe C. Woodard, 369 Ruth A. Woodard. 366 Mlke A. Woodhouse, 338 Patsy A. Woodllff, 366 Kim L. Woodruff, 366 Lee P. Woodruff. 320 Luclnda L. Woodruff, 366 Thomas S. Woodruff. 298 Brlan L. Woods, 338 Carol D. Woods, 366 Deborah K. Woods, 338 James H. Woods, 298 Mary M. Woods, 338 LaRhonda J. Woods, 320 Reglna Woods, 338 Jeff S. Woodsmall, 338 Thomas P. Woody. 372 Hugh A. Woolverton, 338 Joe W. Woolverton, 338 Davld J. Woosley, 338 Klm A. Woosley, 320 Benlamln R. Wooten, 366 Joe E. Wooten, 366 Sonya L. Wooten, 338 Susle Wooten, 366 Paula J. Worden, 366 Sandra J. Wordlaw, 366 Jane A. Workman, 370 Roxane Workman, 320 Tammy M. Worley, 338 Donna J. Worlow, 320 Jeffrey K. Worlow, 338 Mltchell G. Worlow, 298 Sandra D. Worlow, 320 Andrea L. Worsham. 366 Johnny Worsham. 338 Mlchael D. Worsham. 320 Mellssa K. Worthlngton, 338 Sonny Wowo, 366 Jeff W, Wren. 298 Suzanne L. Wren, 338 Barry A. Wrlght, 338 Dallen D. Wrlght, 320 Gary B. Wrlght, 320 Gary L. Wrlght, 366 Jacquelyn K. Wrlght, 298 James M. Wrlght, 366 Karen A. Wrlght, 338 Kenny A. Wrlght, 367 Lorl A. Wrlght, 367 Mitchell K. Wrlght, 372 Palge C. Wrlght, 298 Rlchord E. Wrlght, 320 Rodney S. Wrlght, 367 Rorny B. Wrlght, 367 Scottle S. Wrlght, 298 Sharon K. Wrlght, 338 Sherrl L. Wrlght, 271 Stacy R. Wrlght, 367 Steven L. Wrlght, 338 Teresa L. Wrlght, 367 Melony A. Wroten, 367 Debble J. Wyatt. 367 Jeff S. Wyatt, 338 Jlmmy R. Wyatt, 298 Karen E. Wyatt, 367 Rlchord A. Wyatt, 320 Kelth M. Wycoff, 338 Jodl A. Wyse, 320 Johnny S. Wyse, 320 Stacy Wyse, 320 Calvln E, Yancey, 298 Cralg Yancey, 320 Dennls J. Varbro, 298 Danny C. Yarbrough, 298 Freddle E. Yarbrough, 338 John R. Yarbrough. 367 Susle Yarbrough, 367 Cathryn G. Yates, 320 Wllllam T. Vazel, 338 Llsa M. Yeager, 298 Llnda S. Yocum, 298 Stephanie K. Yocum, 320 Kent E. Yoesel, 338 Davld A. Yopp, 367 Wanda L. Vopp, 367 Monya K. York, 320 Scott A. York, 298 Audrey P. Young, 320 Clevon Young, 271 Cllnton M. Voung, 299 Cynthla L. Young, 367 Daronda R. Young, 338 Darrell R. Young, 299 Deborah A. Young, 368 Derek J. Voung, 320 Donna R. Young, 368 Ellzabeth Voung, 271 Gregory Young, 338 Kelth Young, 320 Mark Young, 367 Melvln Young, 338 Mlchael P. Young, 320 Mltchell Young, 299 Nancy Young, 299 Pearleena Young, 338 Robln E. Voung, 372 Sharon L. Young, 338 Sherry D. Voung, 367 Tommle Young, 299 Tommy L. Young. 338 Vlckl L. Young, 339 Greg E. Zachry. 367 Buzlna Zalnuddln, 367 Brenda Zamora, 339 Nlcholas Zamora, 340 Karen Zarbrook, 367 Joanna Zaremba, 339 Saleem Zawawl, 367 James Zedlker, 367 Kurt Zen-Rufflnen, 339 Terry L. Zlegenhorn, 320 Nancl Zlmmer. 322 Zaldah Zln, 339 Davld Zlrkle, 340 Angela Zltzelberger, 339 Trent Zltzelberger, 340 Steven Zoldak, 320 lbtlsam Zoubl, 380 Yousef Zuhalrl. 375 PRCDFILES The following seciion oonloins "profiles" of vorious people oround cornpus ihoi deserve o bil of reoognilion. These people were selecied solely by The ediior oncl They ore: Tom Monning, Price Morsholl, Tommy John Kenneii, Dovid Blevins, Lindo Allison, Tirn Longford, ond Joy Honsen. xgghl Y sl gf if A C I1 'fb- i l S N i ,- -J l 392 TOIVI IVIANNING When students pick up their 19841 "indian," they won't realize all the work that went into it. This yearbook could never have been accomplished without the efforts of many people. One such person who instantly comes to mind is Tom Manning, the "indian" advisor for the past 22 years. Tom graduated from ASU in 1958 with a degree in journalism. While at ASU, he took every journalism and radio course offered. After graduation, he worked for several newspapers including the Herald of Hayti, Mo. and the Walnut Ridge Times Dispatch Tom finally returned to ASU in 1962. Tom's official title is director of news and information services. in the beginning of his career here, he was also director of sports information. He served in both positions for eight years. Various co-workers and colleagues, when asked about Tom, speak of him with only the highest respect. Many believe it was his sense of professionalism that raised his department, as well as the yearbook, to their current levels of excellence. He has always worked closely with the journalism department, especially the Herald, and is always willing to lend a helping hand for the well-being of ASU. To this year's "Indian" staff, Tom has been a true inspiration. He is never Critical, but somehow always manages to get the best from all of us willingly. Tom has been here from beginning to end, from the fun and excitement to the confusion and short-tempered-ness as the deadlines approach too rapidly. Tom has a fantastic sense of humor and good nature which has lifted us all. We would like to simply say, "Thank you, Tom, for without you the 4984 "indian" might have turned out like WARREN." mm JM ,, k, 7 A fx-2'lfiZifQJ f " M . ' my -V T ,,., , ....., M, Pi2icE MARSHML Price has served as The PresidenT of The STudenT Governmenf Assoc. during The IasT Two semesTers and is currenTIy seeking a second Term. Price has been a very sirong SGA President He will definiiely be remembered for his proposed acTiviTy fee. This fee would be based on The number of hours a sTudenT Takes and would be used To bring more sTudenT acTiviTies To campus. The bill was voTed on and failed, buT Price sTiII hasn'T given up. He has organized a commiTTee To sTudy The reason for The failure of The acTiviTy fee bill and To figure ouT whaT can be done To change The fee To make iT more accepTable To The sTudenTs. Price is very acTive on campus and sTays up To daTe and aware of whaT is going on. TOIVIIVIY JCI-IN KENNETT Tommy John KenneTT is The capTain of The cheerleading squad. Tommy John has been a member of The squad for The pasT Three years. This pasT summer, Tommy John TaughT NCA Cheerleading Clinics. He spenT one week aT Birmingham SouThern Univ., anoTher week aT LivingsTon Univ., in LivingsTon, Ala. Then he spenT one week each aT Mercer Univ. and Bail STaTe Univ. For Two weeks, he held clinics aT Henderson STaTe in Arkadelphia. The final clinic was held aT WesT Georgia Univ. Tommy John is also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraTerniTy. He has served as The PageanT DirecTor of The Miss ASU pageanT for The pasT Three years. Also, he is This years Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl Chairman. Tommy John always sTays busy, buT he is always willing To help ouT a friend ThaT is in need, ThaT is if The friend can caTch him. 394 DAVID BLEVINS David Blevins is a twenty-one year old junior, majoring in history at Arkansas State University. He is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and mast importantly, he is a member of the Jonesboro City Council. David is the youngest person ever to serve on the City Council in Jonesboro. He is not at all like your Typical politician, he is quiet, very honest looking and he still lives at home with his parents. David decided to run for the position of alderman for ward 3, position 'l the day before the filing deadline when it came to his attention that there was not a candidate for his ward. Then the next evening, as he watched the news on television, he learned that he had no opposition and would be the next ward 3, position 'l alderman. Although becoming an alderman has changed the way some people act toward him, David hasn't changed. Some people now refer to him as Mr. Alderman or as Mr. Blevins instead of David, but this is the only real change that has occured since he become an alderman. The other council members treat him as an equal and with respect, as they do each other. Alderman Blevins is unsure of his future in politics, but he feels that if he remains here in Jonesboro, he will remain active in politics. Jonesboro and ASU could surely benefit from his remaining in the political scene. LINDA ALUSCDN Lys s ii , Linda Allison is a 5' 'l'l" senior forward for The ASU Tomahawks baskeTball Team. As a maTTer of facT, she is one of The besT players on The Team and she is married and has a son. Linda is married To former ASU fooTball player, Tim Allison and They have one son, Joshua. Linda discovered she was expecTing Joshua aT The end of The '81-'82 season, afTer finishing as The Tomahawks leading scorer. Allison Took a season off on maTerniTy leave and Then iT was back To The courT for The Tomahawks. Some worried ThaT her play mighT be affecTed by The year long layoff, buT iT hasn'T been. Linda is in as good of shape now as ever. She has led The Tomahawks so far This year in scoring and has broughT some experience and leadership qualiTies To The Tomahawk rosTer. As if being a wife, moTher, aThleTe and sTudenT isn'T enough, Linda finds Time To mainTain a 3.75 grade poinT average while majoring in business managemenT. Linda has To make some sacrifices as far as her family is concerned, buT ThaT was jusT for a year, now she jusT has school To conTend wiTh. Linda has found ThaT she can handle a wide varieTy of responsibiliTies, all aT once. This will surely help her make a success of her career in business and an excellenT wife and moTher, 396 TIIVI LANGFCDRD Tim Langford of Searcy is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football at Arkansas State University. He passed up graduation to complete his last year of eligibility and in doing so placed himself among the ASU greats. In 4983, his final year, Langford set a school record for total offensive yardage in a season by running and passing for 4,729 yards. He was also named 2nd-team All-SLC in 4983. For his career, Langford is 3rd on the all-time total offense list with 3,745 yards, 3rd on the all-time passing list with 2,346 yards and the 9th all-time scorer in ASU history with 408 points. His career pass completion percentage is a very good .492 - 487 of 380. In addition to his great success on the field, Langford has excelled in the classroom being named Academic All-SLC four years. ln his five years at ASU, Tim has made all A's, except for B's in Zoology and Health SL Safety. Langford is also very active socially as a member of the TKE fraternity and three scholastic societies. Langford plans to enroll in medical school at Little Rock in August of 4984 where he has already been accepted. For a hobby Langford enjoys reading: especially history and current events. JAY I-IANSEN Jay Hansen of Cherokee Village, a senior guard for The ASU baskefball Team, is known as "The NaTion's Premier LiTTle Man." Hansen was The Top refurning poinf-guard marksman in The naTion wifh a ,570 accuracy record on fleld goals in 4982-83. ThaT percenfage was The besf ever for a guard in The 20-year hisfory of The SouThland Conference. He also became The career assisT leader for ASU In 4983-84. Hansen, a business adminisTraTion major, is a nominee for The l6Th Annual Frances Pomeroy NaismiTh Baskefball Hall of Fame Award. This award is given each year To The naTion's mosT oufsfanding senior collegiaTe baskeTball player under six feeT Tall. Hansen's field goal percenfage led The Tribe To a school record, .534 percenfage. He also led ASU To iTs besf record C47-425 in over a decade. ln The Soufhland Conference PosT-Season TournamenT of 4983. Hansen seT a record by hiTTing 10 ouT of 40 free Throws againsT Texas ArlingTon. Hansen enjoys fishing and bow-hunTing when he's noT leading The Tribe In almosT every sTaTisTical caTegory. x 398 'Q 'J .ww 'E C. fail-5-rf L Sf fm :sri we 1-as r Y rs ... 1, 1? C 3 ,W s fx jf" ' flllx- ' S 5 3 ff for 4 . ,f H, p , Gary Karzen Sfudenr Howard Coleman Assr. Professor, Radio-TV wffi?'fr 'F' Mr IN LOVING IVIEIVICDRY C. Clyde Jones Professor of Pol. Science CAN WE TALK? ,fav "Ia, K ' 3 is KY, X ff . Jn .,mz, z Vi, I . 3' I I ' I A fi? A 29" I WELL, IT'S BEEN REAL AND IT'S BEEN FUN, YOU KNOW, IT'S EVEN BEEN REAL FUN. I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED DOING THE 49841 INDIAN AND I HOPE THAT EVERYONE THAT SEES IT WILL ENJOY IT. A LOT OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION HAS GONE INTO THIS BOOK. WE TRIED TO MAKE CHANGES THAT WOULD MAKE THE BOOK BETTER FOR YOU THE STUDENT AND FACULTY MEMBER. THERE ARE STILL MORE CHANGES THAT COULD BE MADE, BUT AT LEAST WE GOT THE BALL ROLLING. I WANT TO THANK MY EDITORIAL STAFF, STEPHEN, SYRENA AND ELLEN FOR ALL THEIR HELP. YOU ALL DID A SUPER JOB AND I COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER STAFF. TO OUR VOLUNTEER STAFF MEMBERS, JOHN, CYNTHIA, MARK AND JAN, LET ME SAY THAT THE WORK YOU DID WAS GREATLY APPRECIATED, YOUR TASKS MAY HAVE SEEMED SMALL TO YOU, BUT THEY WERE VERY VALUABLE TO US. THEN, THERE IS NO WAY THAT I COULD FORGET THOSE GREAT PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE, TOM MANNING, WENDY TIBBS, DIANNE BUFFORD, CINDY LIVINGSTON, BARBARA TURPIN, RON LOONEY, ROB DEGOSTIN AND RUTH HAWKINS. I OWE ALL OF YOU A LOT OF THANKS FOR NOT LOSING YOUR TEMPER WITH ME AND FOR BEING SO WILLING TO DROP YOUR OWN DUTIES TO GIVE ME AN ANSWER TO WHAT WERE USUALLY STUPID QUESTIONS. ALSO, THANKS FOR ALL THE TIMES YOU EASED MY STRESS BY GIVING ME A GOOD LAUGH. I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL MISS NOT SEEING YOU EVERYDAY NEXT YEAR, I WANT TO EXPRESS A VERY SINCERE THANKS TO MY PARENTS FOR THEIR PATIENCE WITH ME WHILE I WAS WORKING ON THE YEARBOOK, THERE WERE A LOT OF TIMES WHEN I MISSED WORK AT THE FAMILY BUSINESS TO WORK ON THE YEARBOOK, BUT MY PARENTS NEVER COMPLAINED. THANKS MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH. THE LAST TWO PEOPLE I WANT TO THANK ARE TWO SPECIAL FRIENDS. THE FIRST IS SUSAN CUNNINGHAM, THANKS SUSAN FOR LISTENING TO ALL MY COMPLAINTS AND FOR SHARING MY JOY WITH ME WHEN SOMETHING WENT RIGHT, AND THEN THERE IS MY BEST FRIEND, JOHN FIELD, THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND FOR ALL YOUR HELP. YOU HAVE BEEN A TREMENDOUS ASSET TO ME AND I APPRECIATE IT MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. ALSO THANKS TO OUR OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF AND ESPECIALLY TO JOHN KING, HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER. ON BEHALF OF ELLEN, I WANT TO THANK RON, GINA AND JERRY IN THE SID OFFICE FOR ALL THEIR VALUABLE INFORMATION. FINALLY, THANK YOU, THE READER, FOR TAKING TIME TO LOOK AT THE 'IQBA INDIAN. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AND ARE CONVINCED THAT ASU IS "SHINING BRIGHTER" IN MANY WAYS. AS I CLOSE, I'D LIKE TO SAY A WORD OR TWO TO ALL THE NCOMPULSIVE COMPLAINERSH ON THE ASU CAMPUS. TO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE "NEVER" SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING ON THIS CAMPUS-MOH, GROW UPI" YOU DON'T KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN YOU'VE GOT ITI! EILQIYIULG S p In I1 C EI if ,1-.5h,,7,.. A ?'F 4 My V 4. ew gl-5:7 ' any , . A ,y ,.,, ,"Q4f1,x ,,, W , ,V M. , X GR 3 " ww- V fm: 1 A Y ' A f - , , -Q 1 : , I. 1 M153 S, In 1 Wig ', Q ' A ,, W ' 1 , X 1 ' W , s P sf' X .mx XL M.. ,'-gg A , 'A " , 51 -vi .pw 'K '. f 'i- JK, ,xx JM ,,1s'm'g W" rm M s 'fW' J '1 Q 3MCr,f9"Tdu 'L , ' ,y my k W ' 4 Ii-Efw, 39 , B .K n,w.M,, fx N I , V M X A' ' 5 '-16' f Wi- :W ,- ,- , V - . -A if X Q. -'W - , wi -fi . , H .,-K, , V ., , , -M- 'fs' , 'T " "- . K V F q:A,y,jJ- ll X X, - si " - wif, , A ' - + 3 ,3 imhf' 3y,,w,g:4Kgw-A A ' ., , ' L ' ' Q L f 4' ' QQ? Ml X'31?Jh3Wkw-LLJ, 'M w 1 ' , , -, k QW: YW 4 , fwri ' ' H Y If WM A ' Y , A 145293 5 aw J M ,Vx N, ,v-5 , M , H ., 5?Q3WH5qQwA X 1 " Wfweu, +1 ' ff w',f.,Q,M V -X I , ,, , 14,5 5 xi . Hi. 3 - v ,exfw V, .,MiY'R..-4 ' ,s w , W LW. L - '+w.'9 gpm A - ' ' -1,.- Q ' ' ,W 2, V. ". H '. Y, -. 3-, 3'-' ' an -' "' fi:-' lily if 1- H' , "V'lW!f" 1 X 1 M 13 " .L iff Y " -:ef iff -4, 'w"f:ffw'1fff,iP'. , 1,375 TT: id' - . " 'i ' g - 'sw Ji! -, fy ' - 'Lf ' 1' 'Cf' 1. ,',' - 5' rf - " , w ' " -K ' " nw I , R ' 3. '-J' ' ' 5 M, ,-3,3 1 gf, ,Jr v '25 .. J if , A A ,Wifi - A ,. ,,,, , I , Y k i A -an- 1.11. . ,. V N., -,1 , V V, ff- . AL. V.. . -4 . 1 , . W , M , -Q f---.m f g-1,w,..y.--: '-' f 'w . -42 M-yr' W f X , if" -' '41 1.1! ' " -u ' Y ,K - uw ,f - 1 'K , A 1 . f A ' A , ' , I - ' 'vf.Qgefm:f.,.v..-,swf ETSQSBLQUQQX f , ' ' M , V:1'1ie'.:2f-T ima 511. , , fi r- ' ' 'WV Qriff L

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