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 The 1983 Ind Arkansas State Ui Volume 6C2work-4100 condition 4lSi izuifi ' '• .AWN MOWER. Greer Bnggt 4. Stratton mow. Ilka naw. 4 S n j»2 Inclvdea VIOLIN|p»' i •att ©tter LAWN, fiuAI tttil AWN MOW F tch. eompletei , JifiZ tie CAWj rr, HBHwnmE t ieweiryXpii I SILVER M MjalMMU EswaGI r?» r»J V, SunbuTttl Ml Otter 3 3-] I UAL OW ltd l uMd. ref lilllt Baldwin .Hjhland I I oalOW RVrtxJfff iSOO PIANO 01 4 3-501 " AVER. w» 347-73 5 RENCM NORN I f»N Old El uso i- 74 '2S :ap to gggf £ CoO 4 VOLKSI 444-1 21. 77400 .______ LINC 1 N 73 Contmfnta : 0 ' Sadan-OOOd cond-llon-SITSO C» i 501 4 3-20 3_________ LINCOLN ?» To»n Ccu: Si. grar. naw lift , loaded. Nl . 73UUC OLKSWACE bad ooWdeJ AfllKSWAGl V t track RCHANOlf n% to w lilt Baldwin MjNandi Guitar. n it . i'»« na A3-73 . na'I NHk MIi. Soi!aMI i Lo-etaat. boautiM l.ght brow vrival, almoti nr-w, 4240 74 733 LIVING Room Chairt, 7 Mad till chant. light gra »Q lx' each. m 4772 LIVING Room let. Tradition, titling. Good condition. 4340 743 3 6 altar 430 klVING ROOM S T MarcwW Woe Mr B dk JbA CO«d PARTS -rom e7 GTO. trantmlwon, K 430 RATIO OOORS-JJj ’HONE • TENOR Yamaha YTS33ij WALKER M tivsthff WALL PENDUW OSH MvnM MlBLt-wj, I glatt Ilf. Sell 440 ® TAPE OE Lbarg Mod leal llbrar. SUvertonal ,A|bFhONE. -------- GJ4d condition Graai nart 474 01-437-715 ICAATOLOS tlarjM| Mi. i-am«i » MBOCK WITJI appraitad 41 Heal MTMBkeatn t .' 3 7 ■Nj W mRUM4 - p» ' Mo. TO Ida t I M wm 440 33 -3«g| tol-vp. Va»JJ STANO . ORllMS.7tM EWM™ InjilMS Pearl BV- a f'V? roo ‘'C-A ... WARDROBE t il-ci©»hai out- Good ci ■■■A Oarl wood lion, Onl» 41 WASHER 4j bom m god :»Ta O. Bab. T Campbell. walnj id | 43740 6 3-612 P a wa a jV pc. 41400 743 U47 Bi HfV' ' ■ ' VV- W ft .'■M« i • S lf» 7771 Nathoba, 7S4! ---- t'cTTaot I-3 MACHINE iPach rdol WASHER 4 choc brdji pnd, 4I 7S WASHER, i more, «hlh ,Af STOvC SfPC' SET ol Sami TV Rado circuit dlo 71 1711 f aR eCIl COPT. 01 ni4U ai 1L 7. RiCkanl fata, roto tc iiralocl ANE. HfCl. 0. orac ki ) o o C 0 JONESBORO ARKANSAS WHEREVER IT AFFECTS WAY STATE 'EEL AND || Graan 4 1 malarial . LOVt M 'limited HERALD .. SUN GAZETTE ... YOU READ IT. ASU AND THE STUDENTS 1 BELIEVE o 0C0oo| Se l e: Ei1 ]k Pair I t. : • 1 4-YMOOTh 7 od body. HI l»V . SB" 3443 33 MALIBU '76 loaded. S8.000 .ci'.:-.- fas MANDOLIN.' Dated KM h aCI-aSO-M ino. Pagc-Ja around g cata anc-rdad » it 4400 373-4M7 SKia1 ? V Mami POOL T ! PPCMi ear [POC-l ' . 4140, '41-POOL Ta National I 4400 744 n - A - a.G lL»TB 4 train 4|Mlr. W . Jll baadt rr'JMv a 3 J43 -Ida., DOiNC for a«d »•«. i70A l f ATHER. B' ■ " H TENNIS RACOULT i ton E«Tra. utad S Wnjt. crot,_ DW K4344to Smae(Animal house 4 I Brand nan with carpdlmt • Jvx'iwlj » CkS- ouartTr A as aa R h .A 474 3 3 3 J7 DwjWI Cen| -■ 53 lta»n. SohmJ 7E Rt»' W='C'C.ica C Ha CSOilTgNa.rr bean ; i'TV WoWTER lift micmelin tires nJnE 4200 7 4- 76? h nee: treed. W, lollad ivh whaact. 41 0 pr wTtmu. WI-SW-SSW . BSteTT 151 tundard Btl can 4 inxkt 43S lor — AMIos F'cW THE KEYBOMUJ tajajlnlon, 73S-I fi P4M|0'Uo'i;ht. AY. '■u'lAi Babi'G tail • ■ c i s i sm da. t L hoJi wVi .M tub 734 4 WOODBURNING Crall STOVE with e ow r. SJ?" I, 73-77 TOYOT 4 dr. 4 Lie nn TOYOT itbT Amifm cattrila. mutl tell. WHO 351-6377 all. 4 oe-440. 64 176 af, bro-n vinrLl 362-71 7 ______ Karev | B d , ■ I ■■ -M ■dr ■ Se : 'Of M4C MOPEO. Garall.. « 300 mllat. cotl 4700. afckada JU- b Em ri1,1’ WRFCi f:d condllon r 3 4-74 K Ala 3430-7 ondilldn. 437 ntlon chaM 1 40 7 4-33314 3.000 milat. -at. 41.100. or, H«1» I MB '' $3 ' .v-;4 • H ■•P ’- I B ■ - ' H|‘ ' I IM 1. H' H| I TOYOTA Corolla lm Net TT oical cond. 43.400. 373-0 77 . TRACTOR. 45 John Dear a with 3 point hitch, tome aevs 41)00 :iCBrator ■ miM TOR- Cototosl. Cc-p « JH - H bati otter. Stave, YAMAHA 640. "75. JmC 6 CH. rebuilt. »3 •root mount. 4300 Salt 3 3 730. 7Q4M7 ________ lout -7 . A-e 7 . Fata Oavlv . 6 44 47_____________ va teal, chair. Early H»4cor g t aU __ g BrOirCtidn TV %a«R wo 41200 cr b nlftOr.5 Ht • O' -eater Te-P»« 40"iC RX-F rm EM. alto racordi tromta phone Lda Mlm ,73-»3» TRiGERATOR. i ith traaiar en too. -a 4iw774-4 «4. . FrigMlator. Be b' i» I '-i f : ■■ :■:■•-an I [friGE Hr OR 1 a a i ■: t- H tut danen. priced wall baloW comparable tola -1700 U4 347 SOFA-Eari. American, Cuth- ►brd-4 N with S too |TO Spoint hitch. It-q 47700 7443 4?______ am m e t' RADIANT ki E HEATER. 730 » C, Hkal 340. mint cond MwV ver r 17,OH 8TU. 41 3 4-044 | Lea.e matvaga at »S 40».ASU: Relax and Enjoy it.The life you experience in the dorm is a big part of your memories at ASU. Dorm life gives you the ultimate in ASU spirit. Living off campus ... having to pay bills, and buy groceries you get a new grasp on maturity, freedom, and ASU fever. 6HE FINE TIMES OF LIFE From Woodlands Cafeteria to the Le Banquc, ASU students become connoisseurs of a variety of food. You can catch that Indian fever while you’re catching those Z’s ... even if you’re doing it at an inopportune time.ASU ON THE MOVE Some of us get into shufflin’ our boots to the honky-tonk tunes. Others get into rockin’ and rollin’. Still others go punk, or new wave. Regardless of your style, you are a special part of the Arkansas State University culture.PARTYING AT ASUv'f I Many of us at ASU frequent the arcades obsessed with Pac-Man, Tron, Galaga, Centipede, or Donkey Kong. While being engulfed with the video-craze, some of that Indian fever is sneaking up on us. 10Spectator or Participant ... football, basketball, baseball, tennis, or golf— Catch them all and get involved in the ASU fun-fever.Political figures, national, state, and local, visited with students at Arkansas State University, and got involved with the Indian Fever. Former President Gerald Ford and 1st Congressional District candidate Chuck Banks. ASU Alumni got in the scene, too. (L R) Arkansas' Representative Bobby Hogue. Senator Jerry Bookout. and Representative Bobby Wood. Arkansas' Governor Frank White addressed a State audience.NTRODUCING THE MANY FACES )F ASU PRESIDENT RAY THORNTON: Whether he is singing or speaking, formal or informal. Ray Thornton is an asset to Arkansas State University. President Thornton is proud of ASU and State is proud of its President. 13CATCH THAT INDIAN FEVER!Catch that Indian fever And you'll be ilyin' high!Whoeve intr finally caught it -your life and .helpI'll" 5 © © © © © © 17LINES . . . LINES Registration always seems to start the semester off right. When else do you have the chance to stand around for hours making new friends? After finally receiving your master card, you can enjoy conversing with faculty members and graduate assis-tants as you fight and beg for class cards. Sitting on the floor to fill out those hard-earned cards is a welcome break. It doesn't matter that people keep falling over you! Then just when you think it is over-----it’s yearbook picture time! (Too bad nobody warned you. You would have at least combed your hair.) 18LINES . . . LINES AND MORE LINES s ». 19CLASSES??????? Classes are the real reason we are here, although the} aren't the only reason. ASU offers a wide variety of classes almost any course you could want or need can be found al ASU. Classes at A-State aren’t always found in a typica classroom setting. A good number of students receiv on-hand learning experience, instead of just reading i. textbook and being tested over the material. 2021A-STATE GETS . . . There has been much renovation on the A-State campus. From the opening of a bigger, better, much-improved Wigwam to the energy-conserving windows for many buildings. From restructuring the old Radio-TV building to constructing the new Communication-Education complex. While Danner Hall was closed. Delta Hall was made more livable. Even Woodlands Cafeteria got into the spirit of things! 2223INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL 26GUYS AND GALS“WAMPUM STOMP’EM JOE” ASU students get a chance to express their spirit and support for the Indians at various pep rallies held throughout the year. The pep rallies are very enthusiastic due to the pep of the cheerleaders, the Indian family, and the band, as well as all the State fans. Another spirit raiser is all the graffiti spotted around campus: on cars, dorm windows, and pepsigns. Various student organizations as well as certain unnamed individuals can often be seen with shoe polish or magic marker in hand.29 X Crowds and the people that compose them can very amusing. Take a few minutes the next time you in a crowd and take a good look. These crowds can found all over campus. For instance, they can be fou at all the Indian football games. The football crowd ALWAYS enthusiastic. For example, the man who beg the across the stadium cheer: Arkansas State......... Indians..............He was indeed amusing and so v enthusiastic. Get Involved! Help form a crowd today!!31ARKANSAS STATE Each year, beginning in August, the ASU Marching Indians begin practice on a daily basis. When football season finally arrives, you will find the Marching Indians well-prepared for their half-time shows at each of the home games. Aside from half-time entertainment, the brass and percussion sections played at Legislative Weekend. The band also played at all the pep rallies and once again sponsored its annual band day for area high school bands. The band also had the privilege of attending both the Alabama and Memphis State games. At both games, they gave outstanding performances and made the fans very proud of them. Thank you Marching Indians for your efforts in 32 providing entertainment to A-State’s fans this year.MARCHING INDIANSinMAJORETTES The Majorettes are: (from left to right) Karen Commer, Dixie Martz. Denise Snyder. Cheri Robinson. Martha Bailey. Joyce Merriman. Jo Gina Bokony. Karolyn Sowle. and Julie Stone37FLAG AND RIFLE TEAMS The Flag and Rifle Teams add color, pizzazz and excitement to the half-time shows at Indian Stadium. The Flag Team uses colorful flags of red. blue, orange, yellow, white and green to keep up with the beat of the Marching Indians. At the same time the Rifle Team uses expertise and quick precision in performing its routines. These two groups add the finishing touch to halftime entertainment at ASU.PEP BAND IGNITES ROUND BALL ENTHUSIASM Providing entertainment and arousing fan spirit are the objectives of an ASU pep band member. Directed by Milton Wayne Harbison. the pep band consists of musicians which are on an ASU band scholarship. They liven up the home games by aiding the cheerleaders in their yells and boosting spirit! This year the pep band accompanied the Indians to the Southland Conference Tournament in Beaumont. Texas. 39MH -3 w CHEERLEADERS KNEELING: (left to right) Jeannie Rains. Kelly Robertson. Tricia Bednar. STANDING: Tommy John Kennett. Bill Pyland. Marty Green. David Martin. Willis Bell. Barry Adams. RAISED: Traci Ellis. Kathi Parker. Penny Dawson 4041SPIRIT: THE FAMILY TRADITIOP The Indian Family has been an Arkansas State University tradition since 1958, and this year. Princess Pam Haggard of Searcy. Brave Wally Jackson of Osceola and Chief Tim McGhee of Kcnnctt. Mo., carried on the tradition for the 25th year. The Indian Family has done an outstanding job in promoting school spirit this year. They have also represented Arkansas State very well. Their enthusiasm and dedication is matchless. Gladys Hudgins, assoc, professor of physical education and a member of the committee that selected this year's family, must have had these three students in mind when she described the job of an Indian Family member this way. "The job is one of public relations, representing the University and generating good school spirit.” Those words best sum up the job done by this year’s family. 42?0R 25 YEARS 43NEW FUN AT ARKANSAS STATE Have yourself a “tailgate” party before the game . . . This year athletic officials began encouraging “tailgate” parties around Indian Stadium on Saturday afternoons before the big games. The parties were designed as a time to get together with family and or friends, have a picnic, or just "shoot the breeze”. For those armchair coaches, it became a time to plan the night’s strategy — in order to defeat the enemy. In its first year, the idea of tailgate parties caught on fast and began developing as enthusiastic support for the Indians. Tailgate parties became not only a new venture at ASU. they became a way of life for Indian fans. .LEGISLATIVE WEEKEND ASU DISPLAYS Fraternities and sororities on campus worked together on displays for homecoming week. In each group one sorority and one or two fraternities produced either a stationary or a mechanical display. The stationary award was given to Lambda Chi Alpha and Zcta Tau Alpha for their efforts. The mechanical award went to Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Mu. In addition, another award was presented this year. The Budwciscr sponsored trophy represented the most creative display. Kappa Alpha. Kappa Delta, and Alpha Tau Omega won this category. KA ATO KDNTHUSIASM Lambda Chi Zctas TKE Phi MuHOMECOMING FESTIVITIES 1982 After a week of hard work, the ‘‘big” day finally arrive sporting an old-west rivalry between the cowboys and th indians. Indian Stadium became the gathering ground f many Indian fans. Although the fans and the team were hig spirited, history repeated itself as the cowboys once agai were victorious. But all was not lost ... highlighting tl festivities was the crowning of the 1982 homecoming qucci Jennifer Green of Jonesboro. Members of the court wet Brook Breeding of Mountain View. Karen Commer of Pir Bluff. Vickie Winton of Piggott and Kitty Cavcnor of We: Memphis.49ARKANSAS STATE’S CELEBRATED SPIRITS Unlike those other crazy days at ASU. October 29. 1982 did not even begin as an ordinary day. As 8 o’clock rolled around, it was the Lone Ranger and Mrs. Wiggins who showed up at the the Public Relations office. Into Chickasaw walked clowns and a li’l old lady. Where is Dottic or Greta Mack. Ron or Wendy? In a desperate attempt to find the lost ones, calls were made around campus. Much to the callers dismay, there were others that hadn’t shown up. yet in their place were all these "strangers.” But. as the day passed, students, faculty, and administrators alike began to like and accept these “special" people. Actually they made the day!!! But then on Monday, it was the same old folks again!!! Where is the Lone Ranger???51BROADCASTERS HOLD CONVENTION The South Regional Convention of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the national broadcasting society, was held at Arkansas State University on November 5 and 6. The day consisted of panel discussions about women in the media, radio and television news, and programming strategies as well as workshops in the areas of local television production, news preparation and delivery, sales and promotions, and cable television. The business meeting of the convention was presided over by Dr. David Guerra, regional representative from UALR. and Dr. Richard Uray, national secretary of AERho from the University of South Carolina. The day's events concluded at a banquet at the Ramada Inn with keynote speaker Bruce Crawford, a regional representative of Home Box Office. Schools from the south region that were represented included ASU, UALR. UCA. Northeast Louisiana and Troy State (Alabama). Workshops teach much all "spiffed up" for the banquet Jon Nottingham. Arbitron Satellites, a new trend'ASTING TEA The Women's Athletic Proram held a Tasting Tea on Oct. 16 t the home of Pres. Mrs. Ray 'hornton. The purpose of the tea t-as to raise funds needed to recruit juality student athletes for the women's sports teams since moving jp to NCAA Division I. UNION BOARE The Union Board sponsored many activities this year to help entertain the A-Statc enrollment. Besides the Wednesday night dollar-movies, other activities included Magician Larry Wilson, entertainers Don Williams, Ronnie Milsap and International Affairs Analyst Pauline Robbins, and Consultant Charles Robbins. 5455"(SIM '' 56N « ; £ So w i : -n 0 »n | 'J v_ . W 2 oEi|-( 0- $ I; t t a) c v qj .2 % z o •-cn d « -4 JO_ Q_ 31 $ ocO qj CD CO hi»i r 0 d - -o ui | 3 C c ■ O iZi£ § £ 3 -2 . LSf c o of"7 £ -t2 ®£ o 1-8 |i £ c | I ■ « «£ Q- . -f -O JUNIOR .FANS CHEER BASKETBALL INDIANS 59ASU MUSEUM The ASU Museum, located in the Continuing Education Center, is open Monday through Friday and on the first Sunday of every month. It includes, among other things, animal exhibits, a glassware room. Indian history exhibits, and features a different special exhibit monthly. The present museum was opened on March 31. 1980. after being moved from the basement of the Dean B. Ellis Library. The ASU Museum is an interesting place and a valuable learning experience. 60ASU POPS ENSEMBLE The ASU pops ensemble is composed of 20 students interested in musical performance. Ironically, only one-half of the performers are music majors. The troupe performs for civic organizations, political campaigns, and social events throughout the school year. Sandra Seay, a music instructor, is the director of the group. Tryouts are held each semester and all prospective members must perform a selection of music as well as a piece of choreography. 61THESPIANS perform In 1982-83 Drama Productions ASU’s Speech and Drama Department opened its 82-83 season October 6 with Bernard Slate’s “Romantic Comedy". The play concerned a successful playwright and his complicated romance with his writing partner. ASU's version featured Michael Randlcman as the playwright and Marilou Johnson as his partner. Dena Kimberling portrayed his agent. ASU’s next presentation was a tragedy. “Antigone", which ran November 11-13. Directed by Dr. Kenneth Parks, the play was set in the ancient Greek city of Thebes. Marilou Johnson along with Keith Salter. Meliea Utley, and Mike Randleman starred as the major characters. The spring semester brought “Deathtrap” to ASU. The play included heavy drama, comedy, suspense, and melodrama. “Deathtrap" is the story of two playwrights portrayed by Keith Salter and Stephen Hardin. The two murder “the wife” who is played by Pamela Adam. From then on the Play is full of twists, turns, and surprises.DEATHTRAP A Thriller in Two Acts by Ira Levin Wilson Auditorium Feb. 24,25, 26 7:30p.m. Admission: $1.00Students $2.50 Nonstudents 63SNOW BLANKETS ASU CAMPUS 6465FAMOUS HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS DELIGHT SPECTATORS AT INDIAN CLUB- SPONSORED BASKETBALL GAME. 67WELCOME BACK DINNER Woodlands Cafeteria Thursday, January 13 4 - 6--30 p.m. See Ray Thornton convince freshmen we eat like this every night! See Gene Smith handle a hot potato! See Arlis Johnson "pour it on" in the serving lino! See multi-talented Mossie Richmond whip a steak on your plate! See Don Konold have his way with the salad bar! See Kin Thompson impersonate skilled labor! The administrative staff of Arkansas State University welcomes students back to campus this Thursday evening with a special steak dinner In Woodlands Cafotorla. Korty—count 'c --40 administrators will be on hand to serve, assist and entertain returning students. A special price of i.50 win be in effect for guests not participating in the ASU real plan. Xo additional charge for real plan participants. Dinner win be outstanding! Administrators will not cook it— only serve It.MISS ASU (left) • Diane Friday, Miss ASU 1982. is congratulated by Sheila Jones. Miss ASU 1981. (below. right) Patsy Forney models her sportswear. "I feel that this is one of the better pageants we have had in some time. The group of young ladies in this year’s pageant were some of the best at ASU. ASU was well represented by four of these lovely ladies at the Miss Arkansas Pageant. Overall, the pageant was a tremendous success.” Tommy John Kennctt Pageant Director 70(above) - Susan Cunningham. 2nd Alt., looks on as Miss Friday is crowned. (below left) - Brooke Breeding. 1st Alt., performs the talent number that won her the Talent Award. (below right) - Another hopeful contestant Tamela Tenpenny. performs her talent routine.PAMIE ADAM CROWNEI Pamela Adam, a freshman drama major from Sherwood, was crowned Miss ASU 1983. before a full house in Wilson Auditorium. Miss Adam sang her way into the hearts of the judges with her optimistic rendition of "Nothing Can Stop Me Now". Susan Rooker, a junior radio television major from Little Rock, won first runner-up. She presented a humorous, dramatic selection titled "A Southern Girl at a Dance”. Brooke Breeding of Mountain View, a sophomore advertising major, won second runner-up. Her talent was a vocal "blues” medley. The pageant was sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. The executive director of National Pi Kappa Alpha, served as master of ceremonies. Entertainment was provided by Miss Arkansas 1982, Mary Stuart; Miss ASU 1982. Diane Friday; Miss ASU 1980. Cathy Drake; and Miss Hot Springs 1982, Susan Cunningham. The contestant were (from L to R): Karen Commer. Amy Jenkins. Dede Ames. Jane Jackson. Tanya Hester. Pamie Adam. Paula Gibson Barbara Hunt. Susan Rooker. Brooke Breeding, and Janelle Brown.tfISS ASU 1983 Entertainers add their own special touch to the magic of the evening. Susan Cunningham Miss Hot Springs 1982 Mary Stuart. Miss Arkansas 1982 Diane Friday. Miss ASU 1982 73MISS BLACK ASU Laura Bailey, a sophomore from Malvern was crowned Miss Black ASU 1982 in Wilson Auditorium Saturday February 5th. Bailey, a 21-year-old radio-TV major, performed a classical piano selection in the talent competition. Rose Stuckey, a junior journalism major from Pine Bluff was first runner-up in the pageant. Stuckey, who performed a dance routine for her talent presentation, was named “Miss Positivity”. Lauren Russell, a freshman radio-TV major from Little Rock won second runner-up in the "Dreamgirls” contest. She performed a dramatic selection in the talent competition.Price Marshall Elected President The SGA elections, which were held on March 2. saw the USA Party victorious. It’s candidate. Price Marshall, was elected to the presidency. Sherwin Harvey, who was running on the Independent Student Party Ticket, was Marshall's only competitor. There was very little campaigning preceding the elections which could be cited for causing the low voter turn out. 78ELECTIONS 79The 1982 Spring Festival o the ASU Campus was a big succes: This was the second year for th festival. More organizations spor sored booths to raise money for th ASU scholarship fund. Some of the games and activ ties for the students to participat in included a ring toss, dart throvFESTIVAL nd photo booth. For the more ompctitive students there were hree legged races, volleyball, and ater balloon tosses. The festival also exhibited fine aintings and to top it off there was lenty of good food, drink, and lusic.THE THINGS . .ASU STUDENTS GIVING • • • The process of getting ready to give blood is worse than actually giving blood. Various student organizations held Blood Drives on campus this year in association with the American Red Cross. Student response to the drives was great. ASU students proved that they can be very giving ... of themselves. The Blood Drives were sponsored by Military Science, Lambda Chi Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon. 84GRADUATIONtHE FINAL ECSTASY 87SPRING FEVER AT ASU iiiliSIMi nVnmmAV un»i mnuin 88 GIVE US A BREAK!! 89“THIRSTY THURSDAYS” 90©©©©©©©©© 4 SPECIAL © © a © © p AWARDS © © © © e ©A-STATE ALL-STARS AL JOYNER Triple Jump Champ TIM LANGFORD Academic All-SLC JEFF BOLDING 1st Team All-SLC 92 MAURICE CARTHON 2nd Team All-SLC DOUG SHOUSE SLC Outdoor High Jump Champ RICK FISHBACK 1st Team All-SLC BRUCE GARTMAN 1st Team All-SLC SCOTT MCDONALD Academic All-SLCPRICE GARDNER 2nd Team All-SLC Academic All-SLC PAUL BLISSARD SLC Discus Champ JAY HANSEN SLC Player of Week Ul-SLC WADDELL KELLY 2nd Team All-SLC TIM MAHONEY All-SLC rilKE MORRIS 1st Team All-SLC cademic All-SLC rwice SLC Player f the Week JORDAN BOYD All-SLC HM SLC Player of Week TOMMY WALKER All-SLC HM STEVE BANKS ASU and State Record Holder in High Jump 93SUSAN CUNNINGHAM Miss Hot Springs KAREN COMMER Homecoming Court INDIAN BEAUTIES JENNIFER GREEN Homecoming Queen AMY JENKINS Miss Greek Pledge LAURA BAILEY Miss Black ASUSHEILA JONES Miss Delta Fair 9ueen National Soybean Festival 9ueen Missouri Peach Fair 9ueen Arkansas Rice Fair 9ueen MISS BROOKE BREEDING Homecoming Court Miss North Arkansas Miss ASU Talent Winner VICKIE WINTON Homecoming Court PAMELA ADAM Miss ASU 1983 KITTY CAVENOR Homecoming Court ELIZABETH LAWSON Miss Greene County Miss Northeast Arkansas Fair 9ueenWho’s Who In American Universities And Colleges Fifty students were selected to Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges for 1982-83. Selection was based on academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and future potential. More than 1,200 students were selected this year from institutions of higher education in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign countries. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 1934. ASU students who were selected were honored at a Who’s Who Recognition Night Dec. 2. The students and their parents were honored by the deans of their respective colleges and departments and were presented their certificates in the Ballroom of the Reng Center. A reception followed. Those selected appear in this section in alphabetical order with their hometowns and majors listed. BARBARA ANN ANDERSON Buckhannon, W. Va. Advertising ALTA ELAINE BALDWIN Lonoke Health Services Administration VERNA MONIQUE ANDERSC Waldron Vocal Music Education RICHARD R. BLOCKER Hot Springs Music Composition ■ -iv TONY G. BROOKS Kennett, Mo. Political Science PATRICIA G. BUTCHER Rison Early Childhood EducationWHO’S WHO ALAN R. COPELIN Piggott Physics PATTY CYCHOL Peoria. III. Special Education CATHERINE ANN DRAKE Hot Springs Political Science JOHN L. CRAMER Peoria. III. Personnel Management MARK A. DOBBS Walnut Ridge Business Administration VALERIE JEAN EASTMAN Joiner Speech Pathology KAREN MARIE CROMMETT Batesville Accounting RENNIE KEITH DOBY Augusta Management Technology HYUNSOOK SUE FLAGG Jonesboro AccountingWHO’S WHO MELISSA AUSTIN FREEMAN Cherry Valley Instrumental Music Ed. JOSEPH M. GOSS Newport Business Administration DONALD R. FULLER Clover Bend Speech Pathology PAMELA ANN HAGGARD Searcy Radio-Television DELTA DAVID GIER Cherokee Village Instrumental Music Ed. SHERWIN L. HARVEY Warren Finance GARY F. HENARD Brinkley Business Administration KATHRYN E. HENTZ Poplar Bluff, Mo. Speech Pathology ROLAND D. HOLLIS Leachville Pre-Medical 98WHO’S WHO PAMELA B. HONEYCUTT Jonesboro Business Management TERRI LYNN JOSEPH Searcy Zoology DAVID ••DOC" LIVINGSTON Fremont, Ohio Music Performance TERRY LYNN HUNKAPILLER Montgomery, Ala. Business Education KELLI J. JOHNSON Jonesboro Nursing STEVEN R. LANEY Charlotte. N. C. Printing Management SHARI ANN MAGDEFRAU Memphis, Tenn. Speech Communications TIMOTHY D. LANGFORD Searcy Zoology MICHELLE M. MOIX Little Rock Journalism 99WHO’S WHO DIANE TODD PACE Pocahontas Health Care Services OBRAY NUNNLEY JR. Little Rock Urban Regional Affairs MARY JO MORRIS Wynne Journalism JAMES P. OSMENT Jonesboro Social Work MARIA A. NELMS West Memphis Journalism ANNIE B. PORTER Joiner Speech Pathology SUSAN RILEY Tuckerman Public Relations TRACY J. PHIFER Stuttgart Marketing JANICE M. PATRICK Beebe Radio-T elevision WHO’S WHO CHRISTINA M. SEAVEY Fort Smith Music Education DEBBIE MARIE THOMPSON Rector Journalism KATHLEEN RENE TOWNSLEY Jonesboro Public Relations VIVIAN M. STRONG Walnut Ridge English Education WILLIAM F. THWEATT West Columbia. S. C. Printing Management ELIZABETH ANN YOUNG Blytheville Business Education CLOYCE SUTTON II Blytheville Agricultural Engineering ALBERT FRANK TINER Pocahontas Social SciencecrKmmwo103104The Greek year began with the Go Greek party. Rushees were introduced to sororities and the Greek system. Both fraternities and sororities conducted a scries of parties by which the rushees familiarized themselves with particular groups. In addition, each sorority planned and performed an original skit. Throughout Rush, many acquaintances were made in an effort to urge rushees to Go Greek. 105AOPi SONGFEST The AOPi’s held the annual Songfest in the Ballroom of the Carl R. Rcng Center on February 25. First place was awarded to the Alpha Gam’s and the TKE’s, who presented different types of soul music. Chi O’s and KA’s received second place with their version of songs from the musical "Oklahoma." Proceeds collected were contributed to the Arthritis Foundation. 106107108PIKE LIL’OLYMPICS IIKA sponsored the Annual Li'l Olympics September 25. Each sorority participated in the egg drop, tug of war, and limbo as well as other “Olympic” events. In addition. Pike pledges were dressed as females by each sorority. First place was awarded to Kappa Delta. 109TEKES BOMB PIKES IN FINGERBOWL Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsors the annual Fingerbowl, a fund-raiser for its philanthropy. St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. The sororities performed pregame skits and provide spirit at the game. In addition, a goddess and cheerleader, representing each sorority, was presented. The Tekes dominated the game as evidenced by the final score. TKE-42 Pikcs-O. 110mSIGMA PHI EPSILON 112FITE NITE ’82KAPPA DELTA WALKATHON Kappa Delta sorority sponsored a fall Walkathon for its philanthropy, the John T. Gray School in Jonesboro. Members and pledges of sororities and fraternities raised money by obtaining Walkathon sponsors. 114MISS GREEK PLEDGE Amy Jenkins of Dewitt was crowned Miss Greek Pledge of 1982. Lambda Chi Alpha sponsors the pageant in which sororities and fraternities sponsor pledges. Competition is based on swimsuit, evening gown, and talent, with winners in each category. 115116117118 119I FOR 1 FINALS i TOMORROW NO PROB 1 $ CAN m GET away WITH THIS? your urns SIS TAKES YOU OUT TV EAT. ADVANCE] THREE- . GET RIPPED BEFORE JOB INTERVIEW Si E- pA n' CONTINUES tot r° y ALUMNUS OWNS company, JOB PROSPECT IS GOOD. YOUfL FINALLY PINNED, ADVANCE THREE M ITT CAN THIS BE OVER.? MAKE DEAN'S LIST FOR. THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR years, ADVANCE ONE TEACH PLEDGES HOUJ TO TAP KEG IN 50 SECONDS hOTY nr elected TO OFFICE- , Advance three 121GREEKS CATCH SPRING FEVER 122123GREEK ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Gamma Delta Camille Allison Deaundra Dacot Jennifer Bell Renee Bollinger Elaine Bosche Pam Brooks Sandy Broughton Janelle Brown Joanna Burns Lorili Butcher Dana Bynum Traci Carlson Kitty Cavenor Kathy Cecil Nancy Chamberlin Dee Dee Cissell Tammy Colburn Kelli Cupp Carol Edwards Jane Elmore Lindy Elmore Laura Felts Alisa Flynn Tina Gibbs Paula Gibson Lesli Gray Beth Hilburn Teresa Hood Marcy Hoskins Debbie Hughes Julie Hyde Cindy Johnson Kelli Johnson Kathy Kessinger Angie Knoll Jo Carol Lacy Denise Langley Lisa Mantooth Cynthia McDonald Maureen McFadden Dana Merguie Penny Metcalf Tricia Moore Tanda Nicholson Debbie Oldham Shelly Orick Leanne Phillips Judy Price Trudy Purvis Carrie Pylant Jeannie Rains Renee Rainwater Lee Ann Reams Martha Richardson Lisa Robinson Cherie Robison 124Kurtiss Wilson Vickie Winton Kim Wright Elizabeth Young Laura Ross Margaret Russell Dawn Sechrest Natalie Shumaker Stacy Simpson Judith Stinkard Karli Smith Tammy Smith Karolyn Sowle Julie Stone Sandy Tanner Suzanne Timms Rachel Wallace Terri Weir Alpha Gamma Rho Robert Anderson Rick Bagwell James Bouchard Mike Brown Charles Clay Jerry Clemons Marty Conley Davy Crockett Bryan Exum Lawrence Fielder Glenn Harrell Terry Hoggard David Hundley John Hutchison Robert E. Keller Robert L. Keller Jr. Keith Klemmer Joe Monroe Michael G. Rash Gregg Sheppard Cooper Taylor Tony Uthoff David Veasman Dean Wallace Rick Wimberly Gary Winseck Dr. J. A. Hayles. adv. Dr. Walt Tibbets. adv. Helen Smith, house mother Virginia Bagwell, sweetheartAlpha Kappa Alpha Carma Gardner Rosalind McClendon Angela Parks Tamela Tenpenny Jennifer Washington Phyllis Watson Sandy Allen Monique Anderson Terri Ashford Paige Atkinson DeAnn Aycock Tammy Belk Beverly Bell Kim Bridger LeeAnn Bruton Piper Causey Sandra Clay Donna Colburn Karri Collins Karen Commer Delia Danley Cassie Davis Karen Davis Kris Davis Suzanne Downing Renee Dryden Lori Ellis Mary Lynn Ford Rebecca Grace Linda Graddy Mary Graddy Donna Harrison Misti Hinds Michele Hollis Karla House Cindy Hovis Barbara Hunt Debbie Hutchins Amy Jenkins Colleen Kelly Connie King Cynthia King Terri Jo Lamberth Angie LeMay Sue Ann Medlock Yvette Norris Lisa Oltman Sandra Osborn Alpha Omicron PiKaren Wright Carolyn Wyatt, adv. Stacy Osborn Terry Pannullo Lauryl Robinette Tina Rouse Christy Satterfield Debbie Scarff Lisa Schliep Libby Seaton Teresa Sexton Tammy Simmons Karrie Sims Leigh Spitzer Maribeth Spitzer Karen Stanford Michelle Stephens Cynthia Stimach Jan Stricklin Beth Tackett Kay Tackett Janie Tanner Tricia Tarver Decdra Valentine Kim Walls Susan Walsh Elaine Weisberger Kathy White Debbie Wilson Michelle Wood Alpha Tau Omega Carlton Bagwell Robert Bell Ted Brehm Todd Brewington Bob Brown John Byrd Tony Caldwell Paul Campbell Rod Carmack Mike Coonan Joe Davis Adam Dennis Daniel Dennis Bob Gist Joe Goss Thomas Gring Beau Henderson Rick Henley Randall Holden Mel Hutchins Allen Hyatt 127Tim Jackson Lee Kncibcrt Randy Krieger Steven Laney Scott Martin Kent Marts Mack McCuan Demos Mouskis Darryl Moyer Gordon Parker Wade Poorman Jeff Powell Danny Scott James Scott Chuck Schaffhauser Glen Smith Steven Swann Steve Thurman Rob Turner Sao Vang Todd White Chi Omega Shannon Armbrust Laurie Ashcraft Cindy Bagwell Elaine Baldwin Jana Bankston Angela Baureis Lori Beck Lori Bell Stacy Bius Tiffany Blackwell Paulette Boeckmann Melissa Branch Brooke Breeding Sandra Brewart Valerie Brown Sylvia Byrne Linda Carroll Shelly Castleberry Joanna Caudell Frances Cockrum Margaret Cooper Sus. n Cunningham Judy Cychol °atty Cychol Cat. erine Drake Li. Deloache » ary Fager Ke ie Fisher 128Kimberly Waddell Mitzi Waire Patricia Wiggins Jana Wood Jane Faucett Sherry Flanigan Jill Ford Diane Friday Lisa Geater Laurie Geurin Jennifer Green Pam Haggard Rhonda Hardin Lisa Harris Sharon Harris Holly Hatfield Debbie Haywood Holly Hester Lin Hill Sharon Kolb Cynthia Jones Leslie Jordan Terri Joseph Elizabeth Lawson Liz Littlejohn Cheryl Mayo Sharon McClatchey Melissa Millspaugh Marcia Morse Michelle Moix Tracy Newton Melissa Osburn Tracy Phifer Polly Pickett Molly Rainey Lynn Raynor Kelley Robertson April Rutledge Trade Sapp Leslie Smith Lisa South Susan Sugg Leslie Trail Dana Van Patten Cindy Vinson Faith Vollman Kappa Alpha Bill Alery Richie Allensworth Marvin Baltz Bobby Brown Gray Buffington Brett Bullard Tony Busby 129Alan Byrd Allyn Byars Watty Campbell Jim Featherston Henry Fisher Rick Fitzwater Brian Fratesi Scott Garwood W. E. Grimmer III Peter Hayes Gary Henard Philip Hunt Charles Johnson Keith Johnson Scott Jones Keith Lacewell Joey Lemay Jack Lewis Mark Maddox Lance Martin Bud Melton Kevin Melton Blake Mesenbrink Wayne Metzger Charles Mobley Chet Morrisett Walter Murphy Charles Owens Tommy John Palese Preston Parker Ray Pierce Mark Poe Lance Pounds Randy Ramsey Jimmy Romine Jim Ross Mark Shafer Tommy Shaver David Skelton Greg Smith Jack Smith Jimmy Spurlock Drew Stacy Jackie Stevens Mike Tabor Curtis Walley Chris Williams Marshall Wixson Sam Gcnnuso. adv. Christy Satterfield. KA Rose 130Kappa Alpha Psi (left to right) Rodney Richards Donald Mitchell Wendell Williams Tommy Rice Jr. Clarence Grandberry Jr. Walter Townsend Kappa Delta Day Abernathy Dede Ames Lynne Atkinson Laura Bass Janet Clark Cindy Cockrill Christy Cooley Leslie Davis Tracey Dowdle Polly Eakin Beth Fair Deborah Ferguson Linda Ferguson Karon Flowers Allison Foran Lyn Fritts Annyece Gilleylen Shonna Green Tina Griggs Dana Hefner Sherry Hindsley Candi Holcomb Lisa Hollowell Pamela Honeycutt Leecie Johns Kathy Johnson Diane Johnston Rita Jones 131Sheila Jones Lisa Kelley Kim Kilker Margie LeBlanc Lori Lecdom Susan Moore Sherry Moran Pam Nagle Viki Newsom Rose Mary Oswald Sarah Parker Nila Pennington Deborah Peters Tammy Phillips Sheena Powers Patti Pruett Donna Schroyer Robin Smith Kathryn Stewart Sandy Tatum Lori Walters Lambda Chi Alpha Steve Allen Tim Atchley Bruce Barker Willis Bell Dudley Bowden Max Braswell Alan Burns Randy Caldwell Larry Catt Ricky Clark Scott Clay Jeff Clayton Mark Craft Stephen Crancer Jon Cunningham David Doyle Richie Fegtly Mitchell Gibbons Mike Glcghom Stan Gray Ken Haywood Kyle Hendrix Delane Hogan Carl Hollis Alan Holmes Danny Huber Shawn Hudspeth Keith Johnson 132Todd Johnson Wade Johnson Rick Jurczyk Ken Kelso Chuck King Joel King Steven Lamb William Lambert son Ned Landis Doug Martin Rusty McClain Jimmy Oldham Wes Orick George Osborn Roger Peterson Chris Quick Monte Rhodes Bryan Rogers Keith Sanders Louis Schaaf Mark Shannon Joel Sharp David Sharpe Robbie Sifford Bernard Simpson Joe Stark Jim Stearns Mark Stevens Scott Stevens Roger Stokes Anthony Sutterfield Joe Trimble John Turner David Webb Steve Williams Phi Mu Cheryl Allen Daty Ashley Charlotte Baker Lisa Ann Barnes Amy Bennett Cindy Bennett LeAnn Booth Debbie Burns Darlene Calkin Sue Ellen Carter Lynn Cherry Jennifer Childers Laura Crafford June Crook 133Angie Culver Cabrina Davis Angela Dawn DeMent Janet England Jan Garner Natalie Garner Becky George Diannia Hall Jennice Harrison Kate Hentz Cheryl Herndon Penny Hill Taryn Hill Carla Houston Rhonda Hunkapiller Terry Hunkapiller Jane Jackson Cheril Kerby Sherry Lace Sandie Mann Teresa McCann Kathy McDaniel Jana McLane Michelle Minton Dee Dee Nichols Lisa Owen Tonya Parrish Sara Palmer Mary Beth Prier Debbie Rapert Margo Rapert Tracye Rogers Jacqueline Russell Janet Shirley Holly Simpson Cindy Soo Tammy C. Taggart Jodie Taylor Myra Beth Tuggle Karen Tweddell Pat Tyler Kelly Vaupel Lisa Watkins Debbie White Diana Williams Donna Williams Jennifer Williams Sarah Wolfe t I I 134Pi Kappa Alpha Barry Adams Mike Bacot Randy Bailey Jeff Barnett Marty Bennett Jeff Bess Greg Bonner Steve Bowen Roger Brown Joseph Chandler Carey Chrisco Bob Clark Scott Colbert Rick Cole Leslie Collins D'Wayne Cooper Jamie Cooper Harold Copenhaver Cary Crain Brant Crisp Mike Dearmore Tim Deck Brad Dent Louie Dudley III David Duke Gary Dutton Danny Emery Jon M. Estes Doug Falls Brad Faught Ron Felts Jeff Flynn Greg Gambill Price Gardner Phillip Gillespie Jeff Gibson Greg Griffin David Grissom Craig Gschwend Steve Hales Mike Ham Najmi Haydar Pat Haynes Keith Hendrix Charles Hilburn Stephen Hubbard Harvey Hughes Hensley Hurley John Johnson Dana Kelley Terry Kelley Thomas John Kennett Paul Kerst John King David Landis Rick LassiterBarry Ledbetter Solan Lott John Lyle Michael Mann Tim McCarty Mike McDaniel Mark McMinn Gordon Miller Stephen Miller Matthew Moore Ross A. Morgan Steven Neil Bart Ozbun G. Mark Pender David Pinyon Jeff Powell Steve Powers Billy Sam Pyland Lanier Robison Randy Roebuck David Rogers James Rogers Mark Rowland Michael Russell Donald Self Ken Shelton Barry Sims Kelley Sims J. Kendall Smith Towny Sparks Christopher Spivey Michael Steele Patrick Stegall Mark St. Pierre Philip Tanner J. Neil Uebelein Gregory Welch David Westbrook Daniel White Jon Wilbanks Vic Richmond Vince Richmond Kathleen Copenhaver. Dream Girl 136Sigma Pi Brad Ahrens Husam Atari Tracy Beavers Robert Bennett Mark Berky Richard Blocker Brad Childress Randall Cooper Billy Cowell Tylan Creason Bryan Earll Jay Ellis Lowell Fenner Michael Garlington David Hamby James Johnson Chris Kent Jeff Kimbrough Larry Lytle Adam Palmer David Pearson Paul Pekarsky Randy Romeo George Sansoucy Gary Schirmacher Alan Scoggins Brad Scott Shanmuga Selvadurai Brian Smith Jeffrey Stacey Curt Stubblefield Eddie Sutton Brian Thomas Randy Tolson Corby Vandefifer Joseph Vernon Eric Wilken Jim Winebrenner Kurt Zenruffinen Tau Kappa Epsilon Brewzer Berg Junior Beshears Jay Blackshare Mark Blaxton Phillip Blaxton Jerry Bolding Billy Ray Bowers 138David Brown Steve Brown Kenny Burden Barry Callahan David Callison Jon Cissell Jackie Clark Greg Cole Lance Cole Scott Cole Todd Cooper Stephen Coy Clay Cozart John Cramer Greg Crews Dennis Cumbie Mark Davis Rex Davis Jocko DeLille Jeff Delk John Drake Bryan N. Duffel John Eckert Steve Edgar Glenn Foster Kim French Terry Frierson Wayne Furnia Nathan Gairhan John Gamble Jim Garner Mike George Ronnie George Phil Gibson Dave Goodin Mark Gorton Lewis Graham Lance Gregory Todd Gregory John Guenther Jerry Halsell Pete Hardesty Neal Harrington Cliff Hart John Hatridge Marc Hogue Charlie Hoskyn Wally Jackson David Jacobs Jamie Johnson Perry Jones Terry Jones Chuck Keller James Kissinger Jacques Larose Joe Lee Jim Liszenski Bonard Mace Price Marshall David Martin Greg Mitchell Wade Mock David Moffatt 139Mike Morgan Joey Owens Robert Owens Tony Paladino Mike Pan-Mike Perdzock Brant Perkins Mike Pinegar Rod Plunkett Jimmy Podaras Billy Powell Steve Pulley Stacy Sanders Greg Schafer Steve Seabaugh Wayne Shirley Scott Simpson Jeff Smith Mickey Smith Walley Smith Stan Snodgrass Biff Sparrow Eric Stark Tim St. Clair Richard Stinson Ray Stow Steve Stubblefield Jim Sulcer Jay Sweat Bob Thomas Doug Thomas Michael Todd Bruce Trice Nhan Truong Steve Tucker Paul Waddell Mike Wallace Bill Weeks Gene Weeks Cain Wheeler Jeff Whitson Duane Williams Danny Wilson Clif Chamberlain, adv. Capt. Tim Walters, adv. Vickie Winton. sweetheart 140Alpha Phi Alpha Seated, left to right: Marshall Kelly Sherwin Harvey Russell Barker Rennie Doby: standing: Marque Mealing Isaac Renfroe Fernell Neal Walleon Bobo Archie Goodwin 141142144145YEARBOOK S FOur Editor Tonia Watson Tonia worked well under pressure. She handled her responsibilities very well. She was a totally perfect Editor in every way. She will be missed greatly next year. Tom’s bark is worse than his bite, thank goodness!! He tries to threaten staff members into giving 100%. You may think he is a bad guy. but he is a •’softy" at heart. The staff feels privileged to have such a super advisor. Our Advisor Tom Manning Our Artist Robby Kline Robby did all the ASU Game pages and a ton of other artwork for the yearbook. He was never too busy to drop everything and help a staff member that needed some artwork fast. The staff feels he did a super job. don’t you? 147EDITORIAL STAFF Stephen Coy Greek Editor Martha Clark Campus Life Editor 148 Barry Wells Organizations Editor Vicky Martin Assistant EditorKim Stone Tammy Dungan STAFF MEMBERS 149 Val Henley Stephany CoySyrena Johnson Anna Vanwinkle 150THE GANG 151 TURN OUT THE LIGHTS OUR GAME IS OVER! Tony Busby 153ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION AND COACHING STAFF LARRY LACEWELL BILL DAVIDSON Director of Athletics Assistant Athletic Director Head Football Coach KAY WOODIEL Director of Women’s Sports Volleyball Coach GUY KOCHEL Track Coach JERRY SCHAEFFER Sports Information Director MARVIN ADAMS Basketball Coach BILL TEMPLETON Assistant Athletic Director ANITA LINDLEY Women’s Sports Information RICH JOHNSON Baseball CoachELDON HAWLEY Assistant Head Football Coach MIKE MALHAM Linebackers TOMMY TUBERVILLE Defense BOB WILLIAMS Assistant Track Coach Assistant Tennis Coach GEORGE SMITH Offensive Coordinator DAVID MITCHELL Running Backs DON HOGGARD Part-time Assistant MARCIA WILLIAMS Women's Tennis Coach TIM KEANE Defensive Coordinator PAT MASSEY Defensive Ends NELSON CATALINA Assistant Basketball Coach BEVERLY WEBB Women's Basketball Coach GARY WITHROW Offensive Line RICK PETRI Defensive Line NEIL ABEL Golf. Ticket Manager KATHIE LONG Women s Softball Coach Assistant Basketball Coach 157TOMAHAWKS COMPLETE FIRST SEASON IN NCAA DIVISION I The ASU Tomahawks volleyball team completed their first season in NCAA Division I competition. It was not as successful as previous years, but the ladies did post their eighth consecutive nonlosing season with a 26-26-1 record. The defense was inconsistent all season and that inconsistency proved to be the key to the Tommies .500 season. Coach Kay Woodiel is looking forward to the 1983 season, even though she is losing 5 players. Coach Woodiel is confident that strong recruiting players will be enough to build a contender for the Southland Conference Championship next year. 158159TOMMIES FINISH THIRD IN SLCCOMEBACK OF THE YEAR - MO TYSON Runner-Up Jeff Bolding Maurice Tyson and Jeff Bolding are Ron Carroll’s prize students this year. Mo’s knee injury this summer could have sidelined him for the season and Jeff’s pulled hamstring almost ended his season early. But. their determination and Carroll’s ability helped to make Mo’s and Bo’s senior years at ASU more memorable. 161INDIAN TRACK TEAM BREAKS 10 RECORDS Guy Kochel’s tribe had some great individual efforts in the 1982 season. ASU tracksters tied or broke 10 records, including the school record in the discus, the state record in the 400 meter relay and the triple jump, and the SLC record in the high jump. The Indian track team captured fifth in both the Southland Conference indoor and outdoor meets. The Cross Country team hosted the Southland Conference Championship on Nov. 4. ASU’s distance men finished fifth in the event. Ed James was the Indians' highest finisher at tenth place.163SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPJOHNSON NAMED SLC COACH OF THE YEAR Arkansas State Baseball Coach Rich Johnson was named Southland Conference Coach of the Year upon completing ASU’s most winning season ever. The Indians tied Northeast Louisiana for the North Division Title of the Southland Conference with a 25-18-1 record. The Tribe broke five team records including: most runs scored, most doubles, most runs batted in. most stolen bases, and most double plays. All-Conference second baseman Tim Maloney was ASU’s leading offensive threat breaking four individual records: most runs, most doubles, most triples, and most total bases. Junior Jerome Stone earned the respect of the pitchers he faced as he established a new record by being walked 44 times during the ’82 season. With a strong nucleus of returning players a successful season looks hopeful for the coming season.■ » •r. -v. -  TIM MALONEY RECEIVES ALL-CONFERENCE HONORSBULLDOGS DEFEAT INDIANS IN SEASON OPENE The Indians opened the season with a contest against Mississippi State in Starkville. Mississippi. Although the Tribe played bravely, they were defeated 31-10 by the Southeast Conference power. The first quarter was highlighted by a 54-yard run into the end zone by MSU quarterback John Bond. The offenses of both teams looked impressive in the second quarter: MSU drove 90 yards in 13 plays: and ASU, on their next possession, drove 80 yards in 7 plays. The half ended with Mississippi State holding a 14-7 lead. A-State pulled closer on a 36-yard field goal by Scott McDonald. Then 73 seconds later MSU scored on a 73-yard touchdown pass from Bond to Danny Knight. The Indian offense was unable to sustain a drive in the heavy rain of the 4th quarter as MSU went on to score 10 points. The Bulldogs dominated the statistics with 571 yards and 23 first downs to ASU’s 284 yards and 15 first downs. The Tribe played hard to the end. but the Bulldogs of Mississippi State proved to be the more powerful team in the season opener.DEFENSE STOPS UTC FOR 13-12 VICTORY The Indians played the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga in their first home game of the season. The offense was never able to get on track, but the defense rose to the occasion in the 13-12 victory. The Tribe stopped three Moccasin scoring drives when Henry Harris intercepted a Moccasin pass on the goal line. The defense tightened up on a first and 10 on the A-State 2; then, with 34 seconds left on the clock. Mike Templeton. Freddy Rogers, and Jordan Boyd stopped Chattanooga runningback Dennis King on a 2-point conversion to preserve the victory. The Moccasin offense dominated the game with 95 plays. 375 yards, and 23 first downs. A-State had 49 plays. 160 yards, and 7 first downs. Tim Langford threw a 53-yard touchdown pass to Byron Dunnick and Waddell Kelly’s 1-yard touchdown run. set up by a 67-yard punt return by Keith Weaver, was all the offense needed. The defense, led by Southland Conference Player of the Week Jordan Boyd with 23 tackles, proved to be enough for the one-point win over the Moccasins in Indian Stadium. 171A-STATE SHOCKS SALUKIS 30-28 The Tribe battled from behind four different times as the offenses dominated the contest in Carbondalc. The Indians offense sustained scoring drives of 80. 80. 65. 73 and 83 yards as they rolled up 540 yards of total offense and 33 first downs compared to SIU’s 412 yards and 20 first downs. The 8-yard touchdown pass with 1:09 left in the game put the Salukis ahead 30-28. Then 65 seconds later the Indians connected on a 45-yard “Hail Mary” pass from Tim Langford to Gill Stegall. The play started with 18 seconds on the clock. Langford rolled right as Stegall dashed down the right side line and was pushed out of bounds before Langford, under heavy pressure, threw his desperation pass; Stegall reentered the playing field, gathered in Langford’s pass, and pranced into the end zone to give A-State the 5-point victory. 173CRIMSON TIDE A-Statc was dominated in the game against 5th ranked Alabama as the Tide rolled over State to a 34-7 victory. The first quarter ended with the score knotted at 7 after Clyde Dumas blocked a Malcom Simmons punt which rolled into the end zone and was recovered by Bill Bowers for the Tribe’s only touchdown of the game. The Crimson Tide went on to score 20 points in the first half and managed only one more tally as the Indian defense forced the Tide to lose 6 fumbles in the game. The Alabama offense rolled to 423 yards and 22 first downs as A-State was only able to gain 187 yards and 8 first downs. The Indians gained a wealth of experience in the contest playing before 67.459 fans at Legion Field in Birmingham. The Tribe had a good following as approximately 2.000 Indian fans made the trip to the memorable contest against national powerhouse Alabama. ROLLS OVER STATE 34-7ESTATE TRIBE SCALPED BY N.E. LOUISIANA INDIANS Northeast Louisiana brought its powerful passing attack into Indian Stadium for what promised to be a classic confrontation between two teams with equally strong, but vastly different offenses. The nationally ranked wishbone offense of ASU suffered eight fumbles in the game. Of these eight, the most costly one occurred with just nine minutes left in the game, with ASU fumbling on their own 13 yard line. Maurice Carthon led all ballcarriers with 126 yards on 16 carries, including a 58-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. The record crowd of 18.228 at Indian Stadium just wasn’t enough as the A-Statc Indians were defeated 31-21.COWBOYS AND INDIANS BATTLE Homecoming spirits were dampened as the McNeese State Cowboys defeated the Indians. The Tribe led in the statistics, but leading in the fumble column proved too detrimental to overcome. ASU jumped out to a 10-0 lead, but McNeese scored 21 unanswered points to end the game with a 21-10 Cowboy victory. The ASU wishbone was successful however, with 374 total yards and 21 first downs. This compared to 283 total yards and 16 first downs for McNeese. 2 LOUISIANA TECH WINS 24-14 Louisiana Tech was the number two team in Division I-AA when they faced ASU on Oct. 30. The Bulldogs wasted no time proving their ranking as Tech quarterback Matt Dunigan threw a 51-yd. bomb on the first play of the game. Tech then scored with only 2:21 gone from the clock. ASU reached into its bag of tricks repeatedly in the Halloween contest running a fake punt for 44 yards, a lateral from Byron Dunnick to Dennis Walker for 17 yards, and an ill-fated fake reverse attempted by Gil Stegal. The Tribe, usually plagued by fumbles, suffered only one in this game, but unfortunately the Indians were called for 13 penalties totaling 145 yards. The statistics were closer than the final score implies as ASU gained 345 yards and 22 first-downs compared to Lousisana Tech’s 343 yards and 21 first-downs.ASU DEFEATS MOVIN’ MAYS Arkansas State hosted the Movin' Mavs of the University of Texas at Arlington in the last home game of the 82 campaign. UTA's runningback Scotty Caldwell proved his all-conference ability by rushing for 129 yards becoming the second back in UTA history to rush for 1000 yards in a season. UTA was winning the game 10-6 until Waddell Kelly leaped into the end zone from the 1-yard line. Scott McDonald added the PAT for a 13-10 Indian lead. On the ensuing kickoff Stacy Rayfield fumbled the ball on the UTA 20 yard line. Donald Morrison fell on the ball to claim it for the Indians. Three plays later Maurice Carthon sped into the end zone on a 9-yard run. McDonald’s kick increased the Indian's lead to 10 points. UTA wasn't about to give up as Caldwell raced 72 yards to give the Mavericks the final touchdown of the game. Yet. it wasn’t enough as ASU held on to win the game 20-17.A-STATE SNAPS MSU LOSING STREAK Arkansas State and Memphis State met November 27 at the rain-soaked Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis. What was at stake? For ASU it determined a winning or losing season. For MSU it was a possible end to a 17-game losing streak. A-State played a strong first half gaining 129 yards of the game total 182. but they were unable to capitalize on three scoring opportunities: Waddell Kelly was stopped on a fourth-and-goal from the MSU 1-yard line and on a fourth-and-four from the MSU 26. Also, Scott McDonald kicked wide on a 44-yard field goal attempt. The Tribe never got closer than their own 44-yard line throughout the remainder of the game. The Tigers won 12-0.181ASU CELEBRATES SUCCESSFUL RECRUITING YEAR 29 SIGN ON FEBRUARY 9 When ASU’s football season ended, Coach Gary Withrow's recruiting season began. The coaching staff did an excellent job during the winter. On Feb. 9, national signing day, ASU inked 29 players. The list included such standouts as: Steve Carson and Butch Snider of Jonesboro, Mike Smith and Darryl Muhammad of Decatur, Ga.. Steven Perkins and Russell Franklin of Baton Rouge. La., and Arthur Franklin and Lee McDaniel of Memphis. Tenn. Both Coach Laccwcll and Coach Withrow- attributed this season's recruiting success to an upgraded schedule including Alabama. Mississippi State and Texas A fit M. The faculty contributed to this season’s recruiting success by working with the recruiting staff when area prospects visited the campus.The coaching staff held a cookout at the New Pavilion to allow local prospects to visit with the faculty, coaching staff and players. All the hard work paid off on Feb. 9 when six area prospects signed national letters of intent. The six area signees were Steve Carson. Butch Snider. Bobby Clemons and Paul Johnston of Jonesboro, Randy Pinson of Nettleton and Elbert Shelley of Trumann. 183A-STATE RIFLE TEAM CAPTURES ACRL CHAMPIONSHIP The ASU Rifle Team's season is divided into halves with the first half being completed before the holiday break. Arkansas State’s marksmen got off to their best start ever by winning their first 18 contests. They topped if off by winning the Arkansas Collegiate Rifle League Championship in Conway on December 4. In the state championship the Indians established a new league record of 1.337 out of a possible 1.500 points. The second half of the season began with meets against such teams as the University of Alabama at Birmingham. If the ACRL season is any indication. ASU can complete the season with a national ranking in the top 20. 184The A-Statc rifle team continued its winning ways this year at the 48th annual Indoor Camp Perry Rifle Match in Booneville. Missouri. The tribe finished 2nd ... just 15 points behind top-finishing Southwest Missouri State. Ross Morgan of Arkansas State walked away with the individual scoring honor by obtaining 561 of a possible 600 points. Gordon Daniel also had a fine meet scoring 537 points. The NCAA championship meet is to be held March 18-19 at Xavier University. Captain Zahaczewsky is hopeful that ASU will be invited to compete against the nation’s best collegiate rifle teams.The ASU golf team competed in seven matches during March and April, including a three-way match against Delta State and Tcnnessee-Martin in Jonesboro on March 30. The State roster includes: seniors Chuck Gschwend, Jeff Melton, and John Tanner, juniors Clay Howley and Craig Gschwend. sophomore Ray Stewart, and freshmen Blake Beardsley, Chuck Herlain. Scott McDonald, and A1 Smith. 186INDIANS COMPLETE SEASON WITH A 16-11 RECORD The Indians got off to a great start holding an 8-2 record prior to the conference season. During that 10-game strength, A-State won an exciting overtime game with Arkansas-Little Rock and had 2-point victories over Tennessee State and Missouri Baptist. At this point the Indians had a mid-season let down and dropped 5 games, none by more than 3 points. Mark Priest then made his presence known in the Southaland Conference and Indian Field-house. The junior forward came off the bench and sparked the Tribe to 6 consecutive victories. The Indians went 2 and 4 after the game against McNeese State to finish the season with a 16-11 record. ASU’s best since 1974. 188191Before the season started, seventh-year head coach Marvin Adams knew he had his work cut out for him. Jay Hansen would be the only one starting at the same position he had played the year before. Jay’s experience and unselfish play were assets all season. Due to a freakish summertime knee injury, senior Mo Tyson’s season almost ended before it started. Mo worked hard and by season’s end had started in 18 of the 24 games. Senior Jeff Bolding proved to be a most capable center. When Bolding's ability was not enough, his pride and determination proved to be the difference in some close ballgames. Senior guard Daryl Dodson rolled along to his best season as an Indian. Daryl’s cool head in a hot game against Louisiana Tech provided A-Statc basketball fans with an exciting overtime game. When Jeff Bolding injured his hamstring. Scott Horrcll stepped in as center doing a more than average job. The 6’8” junior from Marmaduke scored 23 points in two tough conference games against Lamar and North Texas State. 193194BOLDING AND HANSEN LEAD TRIBE The 1983 ASU Basketball season will long be remembered for its close, exciting contests: 14 of the season’s 27 games were decided by 3 points or less. The Indian's held a scoring edge of 2.9 points and averaged 5 more rebounds per game than the opponent. Center Jeff Bolding led the team, averaging 13.1 points, and 8.6 rebounds per game. Point guard Jay Hansen dished off 126 assists to lead the squad. Scott Horrell and Jay Hansen were the teams dead-eyes this season. Hansen's .750 from the free throw line and Horrell’s .593 from the floor set the pace for the Indians. The tribe will lose senior leaders Jeff Bolding. Daryl Dodson, and Mo Tyson, but with players like Scott Horrell. Mark Priest and Troy Taylor returning and six scholarships available, the ’84 Indians are looking forward to next season. 196TOMAHAWKS COMPETE IN NCAA DIVISION The ASU women's basketball squad completed its first season as a NCAA Division I team. The Tommies battled to a 6-16 season against such national powerhouses as Mississippi. Tennessee Tech. Mississippi State and Arkansas. Forwards Mary Powell and Barbara Morris and center Mary Graddy were the team's only seniors. The Tommies five juniors gave Coach Bcv Webb plenty of bench strength. Coach Webb will have ten returning players with experience for next season. The Tomahawks second season in Division I should be somewhat less painful. 196197198DGE AND JAMIESON LEAD TOMMIES Dena Hodge, junior forward, and Loretta Jamieson, junior center, led the team in scoring and rebounding. Hodge averaged 11.7 points and 6.7 rebounds to pace the squad, while Jamieson averaged 10 points and 6.5 rebounds. Because of her scoring threat, opponents tried to keep the ball away from Melody Helms. Melody shot .519 from the field. Barbara Morris shot .688 from the free throw line to lead the team average from the charity stripe. 199 Y y ware. a. A . rtM.L 's7 m qfuart %-j. fl SSS ' stf AA f j54OJ0 Z 0£ST. I • --- hcwT string in, practice . Ihouqht ihaf happened in games 1 !Conf%g JdF£t Finished idte w%, uear u M a 3 c lht ■ Alo v £L_ £acgSs -7- A (V7 . ‘'W 0A 4 l"0£ fc g, Buck V ,'-c , and an f Hope I can ![ob oJJ ■V $V T ■ »' bvf Dropped oof K)ext fine 7 morel 6roke Up With (jinI - fritnd.ihiup | look- Sad ■ u eek on prohad ort had grades rm e back k spaces Shot a 63 af-thr d r b home match. Team beadi ij reboimder' at X'C A-5 ttrea.k . Z A2T 7 W r 7 ukhad do uoO mean j7 rr ot t c3 0hqf raducifio Marjd kheu Iscud I' I nexerma tc cX . There a pro scout S tt ner ushers ? U) aJ TffsT SrAsotyJ derrfererrt Yibur ty.MCAA tse TUe Come last homes dame. 2. years I aao IJ 1 tnoeghf £ unuV nei er end batch Jd rt 1 deep this up X' f nutbe aH Ce?nferer)cc .i S V by dp y Ps Vs 9 n 201TENNIS ’83 WOMEN’S TENNIS TEAM r IIINIIMMM ’ MllMIVMIllll ••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••a Kneeling: Maureen McFadden; Jane Jackard: Tina Eyeington. Standing: Head Coach Marcia Williams: Jill Lewis: Karen Crumpton: Heidi Grimes 203204MEN’S TENNIS TEAM 1983 205 The Mens Tennis Team Is composed of: (back row L to R): Coach Bob Williams. Billy Roe. Bubba Pipkin. James Montcinos. (front row): Doug Riddle. Brent Hutchinson, and Carlos Vargas206GROWINC . HOW Building a nationally respccte sports program is not an overnight jo The administrative staff at Arkansa State knows that and is slow! building a solid program here. The women’s athletic program i A-State was founded nine years ag and has grown quickly. This seaso the women competed as an NCA Division I member. Due to th change, the Tommies have lost son close games to some establishe NCAA schools. The ladies know th{ only time and hard work will sol that problem. Arkansas State’s football teai posted a 5-6 record this season again: such nationally ranked teams i Alabama, Mississippi State and Lou 208PAINS .. SWEET IT IS siana Tech. The entire Indian offcn jive line returns for the '83 season along with a host of returning ettermen at the skill positions. Next season's schedule still abounds with strong football oppon-:nts. Besides the tough conference season, the Tribe will face Texas A M and old rival Memphis State. The basketball team pulled a scheduling surprise this fall when Marvin Adams announced a contest jvith powerhouse Kentucky on the Wildcat's home court. Athletics at Arkansas State is a ;rowing concern and the coaching and administrative staffs know that a lot f growing pains will be experienced. 209accountingclubalphaepsilonrhoalphataualphaamericanchemistrysocietyarkansashalldormcouncilarkansash alljudiciarycommittccartdirectorsclubartdircctorsstundcntunionassocchildhooldeducatrsasufencingc lubasufiresocietyasusecretarysclubbetagammasigmablackstudcntassociationbotanyclubchialphachur chofgodinchristclubcollegerepublicansdancingdrillteamdataprocessingmanagcmentassociationdcbat eteamdcltahalldormcouncildcltataualphaffafuturesecretariesassociationgammabetaphigraphicartsclubhe raldstaffinternationalstudentrcferralcommittccintcrnationalstudentassociationkappaalphasweetheartsk appa kappapsikappamucpsilon kappa taualphakayshalldormcouncilkayshalljudiciaryboardicadstaff mis sionarybaptiststudentfcllowshipmodelunitednationsnationalstudentsspeechhearingnewmanclubome gapcarlsomcgapsiphicp silonpanhelleniccouncil phibctalambdaphietasi gmaphimualphasinfoni apigammamupikappadel tapiomegapipopsemsem blepsichiprssarangerpl atoonrcngriflcdrillteam rifletcamsigmadeltachi sigmaphiepsilongoldenh eartsclubsociety ofphy sicsstudentsspringfcstiv alcommittecstudentcou ncilofexceptionalchildr enstudentgovernmentas sociationmcmbcrssgast affstudcntmencstudent nursingassociationtaube tasigmatromboncchoirt wintowcrsdomcouncilu nionboardcommitteeme mbersunionboardofficer sunitedvoicesgospclchoi runivcrsityhalldormco unciluniversityhallfire society universityhallj udiciarycommittee 210 CDZO — H N — Z 030ACCOUNTING CLUB 1st ROW: Debbie Adams. Soo Flagg. Lori Williams. Mrs. LeJa Pumphrey (faculty). Joel Wofford. 2ND ROW: Brenda Huggins. Kimba Brown, Angela Chastain. Suzy Winchester. Diana Ramey. 3RD ROW: Rhonda Mashburn. Rachelle Caldwell. Trish Nailling. Pam Miller. Sheila Jones. Alta Chesney 4TH ROW: Thomas Robinson. Elijah Smith. David Belk. Pete Hardesty, Russ Hannah. Cliff McQuay. ALPHA EPSILON RHO )W: Sharon Autry. Cecilia Woods. Vickie DeMent. Dennis Duncan. Jackie Scott. Rebecca Brundage. )W: Jana Wood. Pam Haggard. Angela Sifford. Dennis Stephens. Treas.. Wendell Dorman. Kathy Bush. Jarry. Mike Garlington. Rick Hull. Pansy Thompson. Sam McGuire. Debbie Knight. Susan Murphy. Anne Bailey. Terry Black. Pres.. Dr. Francis Cheslik. Advisor.. 3RD ROW: Gary Rainey. Stephen Bliss. If. Jill Steinegger. Jay Moore. Phillip Cissell. Les Eackles. Bill Powers. Leslie Smith. Steven Knuckles. »W: Dr. Ade Anast. 5TH ROW: Tonia Watson. Faber Horne. 211ALPHA KAPPA PSI 1ST ROW: Jim Clingingsmith. Vice Pres.. Dixie Brugge. Sec.. Gina Byrne. Pres.. Elijah Smith. III. Master of Rituals. 2ND ROW: Stanley Newsom. Karen Crommett. Belinda Whitley. Candi Huber. Lisa Butterworth. Lisa South. Janna Collar. Sharon Motil. Gail Siddell. 3RD ROW: Sharon Robinson. Mike Walker. Joe Goss. Ricky Phillips. Jerry Brown. Sherwin L. Harvey. Leon Tillman. Dr. Gary Latanich. Advisor ALPHA LAMBA DELTA 1ST ROW: Lisa Wood. Kim Kelly. Nancy Miller. Judy Spence. 2ND ROW: Mary Lou McDaniel. Advisor. Chery Mayo. Tami Relyea. Kim McKnight. Debbie Oldham 212ALPHA PHI OMEGA Melvin Robinson. Herbert Wolfgang Porter. William Guy. Leonard Robinson. 2ND ROW: Bryant Hood. Pres.. Ricky Nuckles. Sect.. Dwight Walker. Vice Pres.. Greg Cobbs. Melvin Guy. Lynn Breckenridge ALPHA PHI OMEGA PHIETTES 1ST ROW: Bertha Oliver. Sect.. Tamara Hood. Pres.. Amelia Waters. Treas.. 2ND ROW: Wyvonia Rutherford. Carlean Johnson. Kirk Thompson. Janice Patrick. Gail Siddell. Zina Davis. Dauphina Jackson. Phyllis Grider. Hist. 213ALPHA TAU ALPHA 1ST ROW: Robert Brown. Sec.. Tommy Hill. Pres., Tom Smith. Amos B. Rougeau, Advisor. 2ND ROW: Lowell French. Treas.. Rick Wimberley. Steve Kaylor AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATES 1ST ROW: Karli Smith. Tammie Colburn. Dede Ames. Susan Walden. Judy Meier. Sec.Tres.. Tappi Dixon 2N ROW: Ted Leggett. Randy Ridge. David Hunt. Pres.. Ahmed El-Sherif. 3RD ROW: Dr. Paul Gwinup. Dr. Richar S. Mitchell. Dwight Futrell. Tim Martin. Vice Pres.. Keith Hendrix. Dr. Bill Wyatt 214ARKANSAS HALL JUDICIARY COMMITTEE 1ST ROW: Bertha Oliver. Chairperson. Sharon Robinson. £irk Thompson, recorder. 2ND ROW: Cheryl Clifton. Carol ..angston. Debra Waits 1ST ROW: Kathy Moore. Pres., Kimberly Black. Vice Pres.. Dauphina Jackson. Bertha Oliver. Sec.. Barbara Shaw. 2ND ROW: Darlene Thompson. 3RD ROW Aretha Knight. Dannett Tabor. 4TH ROW: Tammi Williamson. Pat Foster. 5TH ROW: Becky Burns. 6TH ROW: Judy Holland. Peggy Jeffress. 7TH ROW: Rita Granberry. Sandra Stephens. 8TH ROW: Carol Langston. Donnell Dickerson. Cindy Herring ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUNCILART DIRECTORS CLUB 1ST ROW: David Simpson. Pres.. Jill Dycus. Connie King. Linda Carroll. Rick Jurczyk. Molly Rainey. Becky Grace. Leticia Gallacher, Curtis Steele. AdvisorASSOCIATION CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 1ST ROW: Leslie Trail. Sec.. Beth Hilburn. Vice Pres.. Sara Kirkland. Madeleine Kirkland. Pres.. Dr. Jack Hogins. Co-Sponsor. 2ND ROW: Lindy Elmore. Cindy McCullough. Judy Foreman. Barbara Shirey. Cheryl Jones. 3RD ROW: Virginia Conyers. Karen Bowers. Nita Lee. Vicky Hacker. 4TH ROW: Sue Haggermacher. Jennifer Green. Sandra Osborn. Pat Butcher ASU iNCING CLUB 1ST ROW: Daniele Murphy. Gary Phillips. Amy Hanna. SherLita Reeves. David Groom. Desmond Brown. 2ND ROW: Brian Curtis. Robert Porter. Micheal Morris. Elli Kaminar-ides. Eric Mejia. Sara Xanders 217ASU FIRE SOCIETY 1ST ROW: Jo Carol Lacy. Mitchell Marks. Joe Smith. Sponsor, Linda Beasley 2ND ROW: Car-lean Johnson. Maria Lat-ting. Mary Ellen Craig. Kirk Thompson, Linda Smith. Dannette Tabor. Anita Williams 3RD ROW: Rebecca Brundage. Gail Siddell. Lisa Oltman. Dan-iele Murphy. Cindy Hodge. Mary Jane Crow. Donna Douglas 1ST ROW: Jean Cramer, Donna Kirksey. Joyce McEuen. Jeanette Gatlin. Rosalind Andrews. Janet Hardin 2ND ROW: Helen Foster. Doris Cruce. Carol Crawford. Yvonne Hutchison, Loubeth Hames 3RD ROW: Karen Gambill. Shirley Wiles. Peggy Hunt. Betty Cheshier ASU SECRETARIES CLUB 218 T ROW: Lori Williams. Sue Flagg. Lela D. Pumphrey. Emelda Williams. 2ND ROW: Debbi Adams. Tracy lifer. Brenda Mitchell. Ann Whitney. 3RD ROW: Charles Ford. Malcolm McClellan. Advisor. William illiams. Alta Chesney; 4TH ROW: B. C. McGough. Mike Benefield. Javad Varzandeh. John Kaminarides. ,'H ROW: William Chamberlain. David Belk, Russ Hannah. Cliff McQuay BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION 1ST ROW: Amelia Waters. Sandra Cribbs. Vera Neal. Dorothy Spriggs. Dauphina Jackson. Linda Beasley. Sec.. Tamara Hood. Vice Pres.. Walleon Bobo. Pres.. 2ND ROW: Wyvonia Rutherford. Jackie Holland. Micheale Futch. Jawanda Williams. Lugeina Purnell. Kim Barnes. Dannette Tabor. Phyllis Grider. 3RD ROW: Karen Riley. Clevon Young. Darmen Dunbar. Sharon Bealer. Sharon Robinson. Stephanie Bames. Lauren Russell. Deloise Belin 219BOTANY CLUB (L to R): Dr. Edward L. Richards. Advisor, Kathryn Shinn. Mary Fiala. Sharon Johnson. Kim Hubbard. Kay Cargill. Jana Hudspeth. Tracy Braswell CHI ALPHA 220 1ST ROW: Debbie Adams. Tim Cash. LaRhonda Woods. Sec. Hist.. Joey Towles. Tres. Rep., 2ND ROW: Tami McManner, Vice Pres.. Daphne Robinson. Allan Sexton. 3RD ROW: Allan Harlan, Pres.. Sharon WattsCHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST CLUB 1ST ROW: Brenda Kaye Rofe, Dianne Gwin, Cynthia Conley. Angela Stokes. Gloria Bailey. Tres.. B. T. Moore. 2ND ROW: Chicurby Crayton. Sec., Linda McNear. sponsor. Pearlean Cross. Vice Pres.. Debra Gary. Ver-nia J. Miller, Chaplain. Margaret Newborn. 3RD ROW: Harry guarrels. James Fair. Ivory Gwin. Tammie Ames. Alonzo Meek. Eugene Gilmore. Pres. 221 ST ROW: Beverly Lawson. Sandy Boling. Chairman. Pam Watson. 2nd Vice Chairman. 2ND ROW: ony Brooks. Price Marshall. William McDaniel. Dennis Smith. Vice ChairmanPEM CLUB (P.E. MAJORS) 1ST ROW: Gary Burnside. Carol Halford. Rhonda Hunkapiller. Mike Riley. Clay Wiggins. Kim Campbell. Rick Campbell 2ND ROW: Gary McElyea. Sharon Shipp. Keith Campbell. Keenan Buchanan. Sandy Davis. Homer Peters. Dave Goodin DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 1ST ROW: Julian Reynolds. Lori Williams. Belinda Whitley. Vicky gualls. Sec.. Kim Henderson. Pres.. Harvey Lee. 2ND ROW: Tim Faisst. Stan Gambill. Tim Fielder. Barry Hutchison. Vice Pres.. Mickey Mayland. Jim Pace. Angela Cossey. Robert Gambill. Carol Diggs. Tres. 222DEBATE TEAM 1ST ROW: Pamela Gulledge. Shari Magdefrau. Tony Blackman. 2ND ROW: Bob Thomas. Sandra Fruland. Elizabeth Mason. 3RD ROW: Gary Phillips. Price Marshall. Chuck Lewis DELTA HALL DORM COUNCIL Lo R): Cloyce Sutton. Tres.. Joe Moore. Pat Riley. Tim Jones. 1st Vice Pres.. Dave Goodin. Pres.. Mitch rks. 2nd Vice Pres.. Phillip Ladd. Sec.. Adam Newsom. Robert Brown 223DELTA TAU ALPHA 1ST ROW: Robert Brown, Vice Pres.. Davy Crockett. Tres.. Steven Kaylor. Tommy Shaven. Keith Huskey. Hist.. Susan Burdyshaw. June Hancock. Cathy Martin. Mark Montgomery. Dr. J. A. Hayles. Advisor. 2ND ROW: Randy Romeo. Pres.. James Ratliff. Don Sexton. Sonny Campbell. Richard Morgan. Gary Winscck. Jerry Don Clark. Scotty Taylor. Debbie Chudomelka. Jerry Miller FFA (FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA) 224 1ST ROW: Joan Hess. Robert Brown. Sec.. Kim Evans. Pres.. Gary Phillips. Treas. Jan Highfill. Amos B. Rougeau. Advisor. 2ND ROW: Lowell French. Troyce Barnett. Max Mize. Doug Manning. Tommy Hill. Steve Kaylor. Ricky PhillipsFUTURE SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION 1ST ROW: Terry Hunkapiller. Sherry Lace. Michelle Jenkins. 2ND ROW: Ginger Osborn. Melissa Millspaugh. Rita Beaird, Gail Siddell. Pres. GAMMA BETA PHI 1ST ROW: Debbi Adams. Cindy Soo. Tracy McLain. Tami Relyea. Pat Carter. Linda Reeves. Nancy Miller. 2ND ROW: Caroline Prothro. Yvonne Hutchison. Mary Ellen Craig. Lisa Wood. Cheryl Mayo. Karen DeClerk. Vickie Moore. Nhan Truong. Rita Beaird. 3RD ROW: Mark Gorton. Glenda Reaves. Rosanna Henry. Judy Spence. Lanan Sanders. Pete Hardesty. Joyce Sutton. Penni Sprinkle. Grayson Gordon 225GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB Bill Thweatt. Sao Vang. Neal Harrington. Carla Dent. Carol Culp. Steve Laney. Pat Cleveland. Advisor. Mike Sweeney HERALD STAFF Seated (L to R) Marie Nelms. Debbie Thompson. Scott Benedict. Standing: Dee Powell. Advisor. Susan Riley, Trade Dungan. De Ann Carlew. Bonnie Dillard 226INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 1ST ROW: Faridah Mohd Daud. Salmi Marsita Shaari. Saleha Yusoff. Kausar AH. 2ND ROW: Ugwu Vincent Sunday. Sec.. Abdul Razak Ishak. M. Reza Nazari. Aniefior E. Udo. 3RD ROW: Esuabana Moses. Vivian Strong. P.R. Officer. Desmond Onuoha. Benson Bode Aworunse. Mokhtar Ishak. 4TH ROW: Yinka P. Akinwale. Charles Orakwe. Sharmuga N. Selvadurai. Asst. P.R. Officer. Mohd-Redza Mahmood. Khairil Walid Bin Othman. Bill Berry. Sponsor INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REFERRAL COMMITTEE 1ST ROW: Pam Haggard. Renfe Townsley. Karolin Sowle. Vivian Strong. Mistry Bramlett 2ND ROW: Mary Ann Sloan. Co-Advisor. Bill Berry. Co-Advisor. Demos Mouskis. Brad Lampo. Scott Cole. Patty Cychol 227KAPPA ALPHA PSI SWEETHEARTS 1ST ROW: Filithia Crawford. Pansy Thompson. Rhonda Smith. Glenda Perry. Andrea Thrower. Carmen Dunbar. 2ND ROW: Yvonne Simmons. Brenda Lee Lucas. Hazel Thompson. Dianne House. Rhonda Nolen. Sharon Robinson. Ramona Simpson. Anita Jean Williams. Charlotte Stuart KAPPA KAPPA PSI 1ST ROW: Steve Nichols. Pres.. Gary Poffenbarger. Hist.. William Sheridan. V.P.. Chris Hopper. Rec. Sec.. Jack Jackson. Treas.. Charlie Mitchell. Sec.. Renee Weatherford, Shelley Evans. 2ND ROW: Jimmy Rushong. Steve Hinsley. Brad Smith. Allen Warmath. Richard Frazier. John Long. Ed Jernigan. Scott Miller. Earl Sherrill. 228 Mike Bridger. 3RD ROW: Rod Plunkett. Tommy Mason. Daly Thompson. HI. 4TH ROW: John Emerson. Richard Goss 5TH ROW: Jeff Loftin. 6TH ROW: Jay Norris. Jeff HuffmanST ROW: Diana Hester. Deborah Parker. Trena Richardson. Dora ios 2ND ROW: David Croom. Nhan Truong. Pres., Sandra tubblefield. Judy Spence 3RD ROW: Linda Crawford. Alan Copelin. r. Robert Smith. Advisor. Jim Laird, Scott Stubblefield. Dr. J. L. innstaedter. Advisor KAPPA TAU ALPHA ST ROW: Lori Beck. Susan Riley. Karen McKinney. Debbie Thompson. Renfe Townsley. Michelle [oix. Mary Jackson 2ND ROW: Tonia Watson. William Powers. Barbara Anderson. Marilou ohnson, Roger Cooper. Dr. Gil Fowler. Adviser 229 KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL 1ST ROW: Tracy McLain, Susan Riley. V. P.. Lanan Sanders. Treas., Bess Bowlin. Dorm Dir., Marie Nelms. Chicurby Crayton. Dana Wendall 2ND ROW: Donna Douglas. Kim Stone. Misty Bramlett. Gail Siddell. Eula Williams. Louise Dust. Dorothy Lawson. Renee Weatherford. Lugenia Purnell. Libby Dillard. Karlene Robinson. Leisa Manning. Sandra Fruland KAYS HALL JUDICIARY BOARD Gail Siddell. Amelia Waters. Eartha Good-low. Mary Pieroni. Libby Dillard. Lugenia Purnell 230LEAD STAFF 1ST ROW: Cynthia McDonald. Lisa South. Natalie Shumaker. Deaundra Bacot. Renee Weatherford. Elizabeth Young. Lindy Elmore. Rosanna Henry 2ND ROW: Judy Cychol. Patty Cychol. Laurie Ashcraft. Suzanne Downing. Karolin Sowle. Beth Hilburn. Diane Friday. Cindy Cockrill. Kim Waddell 3RD ROW: Joe Goss. Debbie White. Glen Smith. Jeff Smith. Nhan Truong. Jeff Whitson. Barbara Anderson. Joyce Sutton. Kay Tackett. Julie Stone. Sandy Allen. Sheila Jones. 4TH ROW: Dave Goodin. Polly Rickett. Stan Snodgrass, Steve Laney. John King. Mike Perdzock. Cloyce Sutton. John Cramer. Kate Hentz. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP 1ST ROW: Danny Bradley. Phyllis Bradley. Patty Storey. Sena Winters. W. W. Winters. Viola Cossey. Thurman Cossey. 2ND ROW: Sandra Smith. Teresa Shempert. Yota Petero. Tina Murphy, Lynne Hill. Diana Bullinton. Clara Cossey. Gale Peebles. Sharon Bailey 3RD ROW: Melinda Hill. Sarah Richardson. Lynne Skelton. Dorothy Starnes. Diana Hester. Lisa Mills. Jennifer Carreiro. Mary Jane Crow. Tammy Cossey. Renee Bradley. Jennifer Greene. Donna Peebles 4TH ROW: Ricky Robertson. Tom Hill. Keith Huskey. Jay Morriss. Thomas Priest. Tim Berry. Doug Moore. Bryan Taylor. David Cossey. Manuel Bixler. Jimmy Gossett. Tommy Hill 231MODEL UNITED NATIONS 1ST ROW: David Ivers. Gayla Hovis. Rosanna Henry. Jo Ann Coleman. De Ann Johnson. 2ND ROW: Tom Carothers. Randy Tolson. Clevon Young. Glenda Reaves. Dino Cantu. Charles Hartwig. Advisor NATIONAL STUDENTS SPEECH, LANGUAGE, AND HEARING ASSOCIATION 1ST ROW: Allison Callahan. Lee Kellams. Karolyn Sowle, Sherry Raverner. Tamara A. Hood. Mary Pieroni. Cassie Kauffman. Valerie Eastman. 2ND ROW: Dr. George Herndon. Kay Tackett. Belinda Edwards. Carla Nimocks. Carolina Cantu. Annie B. Porter. Felecia Whitley. Patricia Morris. 3RD ROW: Dan-ell Elkin. Debbie Gremard. Connie Shedd. Kathy Moore. Tammie Dungan. Libby Dillard. V.P.. Donald Fuller. Pres. 232NEWMAN CLUB 1ST ROW: Matt Dust. John Fee. Dennis Calaway. Sam McGuire. Dennis Tarver. David Nigro 2ND ROW: John Thielemier. Marvin Baltz, Brian Fratesi. Jim Clingingsmith. Gerry Thielemier. Brian Macintosh. Kevin Donovan 3RD ROW: Michael Coleman. Melissa Baioni. Mary Pieroni. Judy Edrich. Jeannette Edrich. Paula Fontenot. Chris Schoen. Carolina Cantu. John Jones OMEGA PEARLS 1ST ROW: Felecia Whitley. Vickie Frazier. Nikita Thigpen. 2ND ROW: Felicia Dulaney. Jackie Boyd. Sharon Ratcliff. LaDonna Evans 233OMEGA SWEETHEARTS 1ST ROW: Sandra Bryant. Tres.. Loretta Wood. Sec., Linda Smith. Pres.. Marlene Young. Vice Pres.. 2ND ROW: Ann Harrison. Kimberlon Reaves. Patricia Ford. Michael Roberts. Advisor Clif Chamberlain. Rick Hudspeth. Rim Richards. Tim HamiltonPANHELLENIC COUNCIL 1ST ROW: Lee Ann Bruton. Cindy Bagwell. Robin Smith. Brenda Bowman. Cyndi Thayer. 2ND ROW: Debbie Peters. Citty Cavenor. Elaine Baldwin. Dean Peggy Stroud. Advisor. Kay Tackett. Karen Crommett. Sandy Tatum. Beth lilburn. Kim Waddell A KD 1 P h a G a P m h i M u Chi-0 ZETA AOPi 1ST ROW: Mark McGough. Tres.. Chris Stevenson. Pres.. Becky Caldwell. Sec.. Rhonda Davis. 3rd Vice Pres.. Shelley Evans. Hist. Michael Mills. 2nd Vice Pres.. Kellie Cupp. Pari.. Kim Kueter. Rep.. DeAnn Johnson. 2ND ROW: Rachelle Caldwell. Jay Varzandeh. Advisor. Donnell Dickerson. Johnnie Campbell. Sharon Berk. Alta Chesney. Sonya Manning. Mike Benefield. Advisor. Vicki Martin. Steven Mills. 3RD ROW: Lourindia Haley. Tiana Haley. Pam Miller. Debbie Adams. Gary Nelson. Cynthia Lipscomb. Gloria Clark. JoAnn Upchurch. Peggy Rolett 2351ST ROW: Carey Stone. Richard Goss. Lance Cooper. Grayson Gordon. William Sheridan. Allen Warmath. 2ND ROW: Lee Woodruff. Brad Ahrens. Jay Ellis. Tori Hicks. Roman Greene. Clyde Bass. Kevin Reagan PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA 1ST ROW: Annette Going. Sweetheart. 2ND ROW: Dan Phillians. Rick McKinney. Brad Howard. John Adams. 3RD ROW: David Hall. Joe Roach. Jay Niederbrach. Grayson Gordon. Steve Clifton. Pres. 236PI GAMMA MU 1ST ROW: Dino Cantu. Tony Brooks. Arlene Stuck. 2ND ROW: Dr. Bob England. Fred Lindsey, Dr. Charles Hartwig. Advisor PI KAPPA DELTA 1ST ROW: Sharon Bealer. Pamela Gul-ledge. Shari Magdefrau, Tony Blackman, 2ND ROW: Bob Thomas. Jackie Scott. Chuck Lewis. 3RD ROW: Gary Phillips. Price Marshall 2371ST ROW: Howard Mooney. Treas., Elizabeth Young. Pres.. Melissa Mill-spaugh. Sec. 2ND ROW: Tonia Eu- banks. Cindy Jones. Paula Mitchell. Janet Adams. Terry Hunkapiller. Dr. Rebecca Collins. Advisor PI OMEGA PI POPS ENSEMBLE 1ST ROW: Sandy Broughton. Richard Frazier. Steven Neil. Sheila Hill. Cindy Bennett. 2ND ROW: Melissa Freeman. Pamie Adam. Susan Cunningham. Suzy Winchester. Anita Ashley. Sarah Scanlon. 3RD ROW: Scott Miller. Charles Mobley. Terry Chambers. Phillip Sawyer. Tony Austin. Chuck Keller. Jennifer Carreiro. Accompanist. Sandra Seay. Director 238PSI CHI Robert Johnson. Advisor. Margaret Lillard. Tres.. Nomra Young. Sec.. Diane Miller. Vice Pres.. Lynn Howerton. John Hall PRSSA (PULBIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA) 1ST ROW: Dana Kelley. Pres.. Janet Pennington. V.P.. Kay Emery. Sec.. Susan Riley. Treas. 2ND ROW: Lucille Thomas. Laura Felts. Tammy Smith. Carol Langston. Jeff Whitson. David Moffatt. Barbara Anderson. Leslie Smith. Michelle Moix. April Rutledge. Adrian Headley. Advisor 2 391ST ROW: Brian Thomas. Kevin Taylor. David Hamby 2ND ROW: Charlie Clay. Corvet Adams. Mark Gorton 1ST ROW: Gwen- dolyn Franklin. Jean Bradberry. Juncllc Brecken-ridge. Mark Gorton, Deborah Frederick. David Carmack. Rodney Davis. Commander 2ND ROW: David Croom, Cathy Nicholson. Linda Beasley. Jennifer Washington. Bon-netta Lane RENG RIFLE DRILL TEAM 2 -40ST ROW: Jerry Lane. Gordon Daniel. Charles Lacy 2ND ROW: George Zahaczcwsky, Mitchell Marks, oss Morgan. Chris Dacus. Don Pinkerton. 1ST ROW: Susan Riley. Glenda Bolden. Michelle Moix. Marie Nelms. Debbie Thompson. Tracic Dungan. Carol Langston. Felecia Richmond 2ND ROW: Marlin Shipman. Advisor. Stan Spencer. David Ivers. Mark Carnopis 241SIGMA PHI EPSILON GOLDEN HEARTS CLUB 1ST ROW: Susan Smith. Gwen Wilson. Debbie Butler. Kayla Ellis. Angela Baureis. June Crook. Pat Michie 2ND ROW: Rose Mary Oswald. Glenda Phelps. Rebecca Brundage. Jill Clark. Terri Richardson. Lori Camathan. Nancy Horner. Tanya Hester. Sandy DuVall. Margo Rapert. Kimberly Belew 3RD ROW: Stephanie Sipa. Karen DeClerk. Diane Miller. Rhonda Saal. Susan Smith. Sue Anne Medlock. Jennifer Williams. Tracy French. Kim Finley. Frances Cockrum Force: Mass x Accelleration Density: Mass - Volume SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS 242 1ST ROW: Rickey McDaniel. V.P.. Alan Copelin. Pres.. Catherine Coleman. Sherry Smith 2ND ROV Randy Ridge. Tim Martin. Susan Walden. Judy Spence. David Croom 3RD row: Tadasi Oshiro. D H. E. McCloud. AdvisorSPRING FESTIVAL COMMITTEE 1ST ROW: Cathy Drake. Peggy Berland. Robin Smith. Sister Patricia Findley 2ND ROW: Gary Henard. Obray Nunnley. Walleon Bobo. Rick Stripling STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 1ST ROW: Lugenia Purnell. Amelia Waters. Treas.. Carolina Cantu. Leigha Miller. Mary M. Pieroni 2ND ROW: Florence Robinson. Treena Wilson. Kate Hentz. Nancy Young. Virginia Conyers 3RD ROW: Melanie Timmons. Patty Cychol. Kimberlon Reaves. Elizabeth Clark. Beverly Beckman. Linda Light. Dana Hanna. Sec. 4TH ROW: Linda Nash. Tina Murphy. Pres.. David Johnson. Becky Obarts 243STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOC. MEMBERS 1ST ROW: Kim Bridger. Karen Commer. Greg Cole. Kate Hentz. Stephen Hubbard. Sherwin Harvey. Patty Cychol. Steve Pulley. 2ND ROW: Clint Young. Susan Moore. Julie Stone. David Jacobs. John Cramer. Cathy Drake. Leslie Trail. 3RD ROW: Gary Henard. Todd White. Brad Fulmer. Wally Smith. Rolland Hollis. Margaret Cooper. SGA STAFF 1ST ROW: Bob Thomas. Judy Cychol. Rex Davis 2ND ROW: Price Marshall. Walleon Bobo. Chri Spivey. Pete HayesSTUDENT M.E.N.C. ecky Holland. LeeAnne Dublin. Melissa Freeman. Lora Dorton, Sandra Seay. Co-Sponsor. Jennifer Carreiro. srry Chambers. J. D. Kelly. Co-Sponsor STUDENT NURSING ASSOC. Seated: Kathy Davis. Lori Marshall. Treas., Mary Wooten. Rec. Sec., Louise Dust. Coir. Sec.. Patsy Deckard: 2ND ROW: Debra Walden. Sponsor. Janice Denton. Pres.. Dena Carr. 1st VP.. Karen Jones. 2nd VP.. 3RD ROW: Maijan Hakini. Cathy Patton. Carla Hopper. Kim Ring. Odem Bones. Diane Friday. Julie Robinson. Nonie Wiggins. Penny Snyder. Kay Hull 2451ST ROW: Steve Hinsley. Psi Guy. Connie Shedd. V.P.. Liz Meeks. Pari.. Suzanne Clark. Pres.. Paula Minton. Treas.. Trade Dungan. Sec.. Patty Culpepper. Hist.. Scott Miller. Pledge Beau 2ND ROW: Sara Garrett. Lora Murphy. Rona Tate. Mary Beth Cain. Libby Dillard. Sharon Brand. Rebecca Brundage. Lee Anne Dublin 3RD ROW: Renee Weatherford. Ginger Dean. Rhonda Davis. Kim Crabtree. Deborah Dent. Shelley Evans. Kathleen Barnes 4TH ROW: Tiana Haley. Suzanne Fike. Leigh Ann Yopp. Rena Goodwin. Beth Ferrell 5TH ROW: Pam Phillips. Kim Black. Sandra Lyons. Tammy Neal. Lora Dorton. Cristie Squires 6TH ROW: Paula Stafford. Lorrie Needham. Alicia Donner. Kerrie Linton. Sheri Lung. Leisa Manning. Laura Moore 246 1ST ROW: Richard Frazier. Randy Wood. Jeff Danchenko. Darrell Watts. Bryan Richardson 2ND ROW: Craig Reavis. Schantell Bowden. John Jackson. Suzanne Fike. Red Chestnut. Stan Hall 3RD ROW: Tamie Beard. Melvin Nance. Neale Bartee. Director 4TH ROW: Randel Carr. Keith Guy. Greg Larson. Dan Midkiff 1ST ROW: John Dulaney. Bob Bramucci. Todd Gaskins. Ronnie Radcliff. Dave Jennings. Randal Carr 2ND ROW: Deborah Stevenson. Shirley Jones. Loretta Burnes. Marie Nelms. Sonya Ponder. Dauphina Jackson. Louise Dust. Lee Kellams. Misty Bramlett 3RD ROW: Florence Robinson. Linda Nash. Rosanna Henry. Valerie Eastman. Virginia Conyers. Eartha Goodlow, Jackie Grills. Laurie Hames. Mark Tyler. Matt Dust 4TH ROW: Bryant Hood. Beth Albes. Eric Douglas. Robin Morris. Janet Clark. Phillip Smith. Sharon McClatchey. Robin Grills. Lynn Perkins. William Pike TWIN TOWERS DORM COUNCIL 1ST ROW: Jim Barksdale. Sec.. Theron Hightower. V.P.. Sadie Holmes. Hall Director. Elijah Smith. Pres.. Albert Thompson. 2nd V.P. 2ND ROW: Trent Belford. John Selvy. Randall Griffin. Dwight Duckworth. Timothy Smith. Ronnie Harper 3RD ROW: Mickey Smith. David Belk. Robert Acord. Don Lee. Greg Susanke. Keith Smith. Keith Shearer UNION BOARD COMMITTEE MEMBERSUNION BOARD OFFICERS 1ST ROW: Peggy Berland. Freedia Stewart. Sandy Duvall. Schantell Bowden. Annie B. Porter 2ND ROW: Martin Eckert, Steve Bryant. Obray Nunnally. Rick Stripling. Advisor. Tim Dean. Jeff Ponder 248 UNITED VOICES GOSPEL CHOIR 1ST ROW: Loretta Beasley. Kim Barnes. Micheale Futch. Dauphina Jackson. Glenda Perry. Tammi Williamson 2ND ROW: Tamara Hood. Director. Angela Hodges. Jacqueline Holland. Sharon Walker. Glenda Bolden. Dannette Tabor. Bertha Oliver. Freedia Stewart 3RD ROW: Rose Taylor. Anita Jean Williams. Cathy Taylor. Ronnie Robins. Jeffery Hodges. Pianist. Shirley Jones. Eartha Good low. Chaplain. Linda Smith 4TH ROW: Ann Harrison. Rick Thompson. Annie B. Porter. Janice Patrick. Lillie Fears. Florence Robinson. Pres.. Linda Nash. Brenda Doyle. Valerie Eastman. Stephanie Barnes. Linda Beasley 5TH ROW: Dwight Walker. V.P.. Bryant Hood. Anthony McBride. Chris Brown. Marshall Kelly. Tony Banks. Saul Peters. Asst. Director. Wendell Williams. Jene Romeral GeorgeUNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL 1ST ROW: Lisa Olt-mann. Jo Carol Lacey. Kim Waddell. Pres.. Suzanne Downing. Treas: Linda Beasley 2ND ROW: Sharon Richardson. Pam Haggard. Rena Goodwin. Kay Tackett, Julie Hyde. Rebecca Brundage. Tracie Sapp. Car-lean Johnson UNIVERSITY HALL FIRE SOCIETY 1ST ROW: Linda Beasley. Carlean Johnson 2ND ROW: Jo Carol Lacy. Julie Hyde. Tracie Sapp. Rebecca Brundage 249UNIVERSITY HALL JUDICIARY BOARD 1ST ROW: Jill Lewis. Kay Tackett. Patty Cychol. Viki Newson. Linda Beasley 2ND ROW: Mrs. Nary Lou McDaniel. Advisor. Kate Hentz. Dana Van Patten 250251GOVERNOR, BOARD OF TRUSTEES At right is the Honorable Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas. Members of the Board of Trustees are: Mrs. Lou Angelo (lower left) from Bono, who served as chairman for the fall semester and Mrs. Bonnie Shaver from Wynne. Other board members include (opposite page, clockwise from upper left) Jerry Watkins from El Dorado: chairman for the spring semester. Johnny Allison from Conway: Rodgers Ford from Joiner: and Richard Herget from Little Rock. 252253DR. EUGENE W. SMITH Senior Vice President Dean of Graduate School PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENTS RAY THORNTON President 254DR. DONALD KONOLD ARLIS JOHNSON Acting Vice President, Academic Vice President, Finance Affairs WIN THOMPSON Vice President, Planning Institutional Advancement DR. MOSSIE J. RICHMOND Vice President, Student Affairs Dean of University College 255ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF NEIL ABEL Athletic Business Mgr. MUEAN AL-JABIRY Family Services Asst. Saudi Project JERRY AUTIN Dir. of Food Services ROSALIE BARBER Dir. of Intramurals DR. BILL BERRY Dir. of Honors Program EDDIE BLACK PHIL BRIDGER Food Service Operations Dir. of Housing Mgr. BARBARA BROADAWAY Food Service Catering Mgr. RON CARMACK Dir. of Physical Plant EARL CLEMENTS Food Service Supervisor MARY COLES Museum Registrar KENNETH COOPER Dir. of Public Safety 256ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF GERALD CRAIG Dir. of Financial Aid ROBERT J. DEGOSTIN JR. Dir. of Governmental Relations JOE D. GAMMILL Dir. of Farming SCOTT DARLING Accountant. Saudi Project DON C. DENNY Assoc. Dean of Students ROY HAMES Construction Coordinator VERNARD DAVIS Asst. Dir. of Reng Center RUTH HAWKINS Dir. of Development Public Relations LUCILLE K. DEGOSTIN Asst, to President PAUL FULKS Bookstore Mgr. BILL FISHER Purchasing Agent BILL HANSARD Dir. of LibraryADMINISTRATIVE STAFF DR. AFAK HAYDAR Dir. of Saudi Customs Projects JANE HAYS Institutional Lodging Coord. THOMAS HILL Dir. of Academic Testing J. ERNEST HOWELL Dir. of Auxiliary Enterprises DON JAMES Business Mgr. LAUREN JAMISON Admissions Representative KATHY C. JONES Asst. Dir. of Management Systems RON LOONEY Dir. of Creative Services DR. GRETA MACK Dean of Admissions Records TOM MANNING Dir. of News Information Services JENNIFER R. MASON Student Affairs Counselor DR. J. W. MASON Dir. of Personnel Services 25xDR. MITCHELL MASTERS Coord, of Community College Teaching Program ROBERT MOORE Dean of Students Alumni Director BRENDA SHELTON Internal Auditor ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF JERRY MATHIS Asst. Dir. of Physical Plant BARBARA PERDZOCK Asst. Dir. of Financial Aid DR. ROBERT STEPHENS Dir. of Audiovisual Services LEONARD MCDANIEL Asst. Registrar PHIL PICKLE Dir. of Reng Center Vending Concessions DR. HERMAN W. STRICKLAND Dir. of Professional Education Programs MARY LOU MCDANIEL Counselor for Women DR. STEPHEN REPLOGLE Asst. Dir. of Technology and Management RALPH STRICKLIN Reng Center Building Engr. 259ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF WILLIAM R. STRIPLING Dir. of Student Activities Disabled Students Counselor LINDA TOUCHSTONE Wigwam Mgr. DR. LARRY WILLIAMS Assoc. Dean of Continuing Education PEGGY STROUD Assoc. Dean of Students JERRY L. UNGER Asst. Bookstore Mgr. DR. STANLEY WILLIAMS Dir. of Management Systems and Planning KARON STURDIVANT Admissions Coordinator MELVIN V. WAMOCK Programs Coord.. Agri. KAY WOODIEL Women's Athletic Director BILL TARVER Asst, to Dean of Continuing Education LES WATSON Controller SUE YOST Asst. Dir. of Food ServicesDEANS DR. JAMES E. PERDUE DR. LONNIE E. TALBERT Founding Dean of Arts and Sciences Dean of Business DR. ROBERT L. HOSKINS Dean of Communications 262DEANS DR. FLOYD WRIGHT Acting Dean of Engineering. Agriculture and Applied Science DR. JOHN MCCLUHAN Dean of Nursing and Health Professions DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER Dean of Fine Arts LT. COL. JERRY W. BOWEN Professor of Military Science 263COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPT. OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. John K. Beadles, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, assoc, prof. William W. Byrd, assoc, prof. Dr. Stanley David, asst. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink. prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Dr. Lawrence Hinck. assoc, prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, assoc, prof. Dr. William D. Newton, asst. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc, prof. Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann. assoc, prof. DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY Dr. J. Edward Bennett, acting chm. Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc, prof. Dr. Radamis B. Fahim. visiting prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup. prof. Dr. G. David Jimerson. assoc, prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc, prof. Dr. Dewey Sifford. prof. William N. Smith, asst. prof. Dr. David L. Vosburg. assoc, prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc, prof. DEPT. OF COMPUTER SCIENCE. MATH ANO PHYSICS Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter. chm Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, assoc, prof. Daniel O. Felts, instr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazik. prof. Dr. Robert E. Johnson, assoc, prof. Elmer C. Mayes, asst. prof. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc, prof. Linda McNear. instr. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc, prof. Dr. Robert F. Rossa. assoc, prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee. asst. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc, prof. Dr. Terri Christine Stevens, asst. prof. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, assoc, prof. Dr. W. F. Wei. assoc, prof. DEPT. OF ENG.. PHILO. AND LANG. Dr. Charles Carr, acting chm. Lucille Braden, instr. Dr. William M. Clements, prof. J. Scott Darwin, asst. prof. Dr. Marilyn Fontane. assoc, prof. Sammy R. Gennuso. asst. prof. Martha Jane Gill, instr. 264Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, prof. Dr. Jeffrey Hoepcr, asst. prof. Frances E. Hunter, instr. Claire C. Lyons, instr. Dr. Frances M. Malpezzi. assoc, prof. Wayne McLaurin. asst. prof. Dr. Thomas Moisan. asst. prof. Logan D. Moon. asst. prof. Dr. George S. Peek, assoc, prof. Edward C. Reilly, instr. Ellen H. Robinson, instr. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, asst. prof. Nancy Young, instr. DEPT. OF HISTORY Dr. Roger Lambert, acting chm. Dr. Robin L. Anderson, assoc, prof. Dr. Larry D. Ball, assoc, prof. Dr. Michael B. Dougan. assoc, prof. Dr. Robert England, asst. prof. Dr. John A. Galloway, prof. Dr. James Greenwald. asst. prof. Robert L. Jones, instr. Dr. C. K. McFarland, prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross. prof. Dr. Dennis C. Rousey. asst. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, assoc, prof. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko. assoc, prof. DEPT. OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, acting chm. Dr. Darwin Gamble, asst. prof. Dr. Jane McBride Gates, asst. prof. Dr. C. Clyde Jones, prof. Dr. Ross Marlay. assoc, prof. DEPT OF SOC.. SOCIAL WORK AND GEOG. Dr. Jack Dison. chm. Dr. Larry E. Clowers. asst. prof. Dr. Patricia Freudiger. asst. prof. Dr. Martin Greenberg, asst. prof. Debra Hardin, instr. Dr. James Harrison, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry King. asst. prof. Dr. John T. Pardeck. asst. prof. Emmett A. Presley, asst. prof. Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, assoc, prof. Dr. Stephen J. Tricarico. asst. prof. 265COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEPT. OF ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser. chm. W. Terry Dancer, asst. prof. Jannie Distretti. inst. Louella Mann. inst. Lela Pumphrey. asst. prof. Keith Smith, asst. prof. Patricia Toney, instr. DEPT. OF BUS. ADM. AND ECON. Dr. Roland Mullins, chm. Clifton Chamberlain, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry Crawford, prof. Dr. John Kaminarides. prof. Dr. Gary Latanich. asst. prof. Laddie Logan, inst. Dr. B. C. McGough. prof. Dr. J. Rex Pulley, assoc, prof. Fuad Talib. asst. prof. Dr. William Williams, assoc, prof. DEPT. OF INFO. SYSTEMS AND BUS. ED. Dr. Robert Ferralasco, chm. Dr. Robert O. Armstrong, asst. prof. Dr. Rebecca Collins, assoc, prof. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, assoc, prof. Dr. Charlotte Hinson, asst. prof. Dorothy Lyles, instr. Dr. Donald Roberts, assoc, prof. Dr. Ralph Ruby Jr., assoc, prof. Veronica Smith, instr. Mary Lou Wood, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MKT. AND MGMT. Dr. Charles W. Ford. chm. Michael E. Benefield, instr. Dr. Samuel B. Cousley. assoc, prof. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, assoc, prof. Dr. Malcolm McClellan, asst. prof. Dr. Frank Oldham, assoc, prof. Dr. Jay Varzandeh. asst. prof. Emelda Williams, asst. prof. Charles Yauger. asst. prof. COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONS DEPT. OF JOURN. AND PRINTING Dr. Joel T. Gambill. chm. Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler, assoc, prof. George C. Johnson, instr. Adrian L. Headley, asst. prof. Robert W. Kern, instr. 266Dorothy H. Powell, asst. prof. Bobby G. Ruff, print shop foreman John Marlin Shipman, instr. DEPT. OF RADIO-TELEVISION Charles L. Rasberry. chm. Dr. Adrian K. Anast, asst. prof. Roy E. Barnhill, chief engineer Gene Cagle, instr. Richard A. Carvell. instr. Dr. Francis E. Cheslik. asst. prof. Howard W. Coleman, asst. prof. John E. Cramer, asst. prof. Kenneth R. Lane, instr. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEPT. OF COUNS. ED. AND PSYCH. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, chm. Dr. Edmund L. Barnette, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Beverly DeWater. instr. Dr. James F. Golden, assoc, prof. Dr. Lynn Howerton, assoc, prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, assoc, prof. Craig H. Jones, asst. prof. Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof. Dr. Alvin J. McRaven. prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Dr. Helen S. Steger. asst. prof. DEPT. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, acting chm. Dr. John M. Enger. asst. prof. Dr. Carol Ham. assoc, prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Dr. Carl F. Vaupel. assoc, prof. Dr. Donald E. Wright, assoc, prof. DEPT. OF ELEMENTARY ED. Dr. William G. Chance, acting chm. Nancy Bacot, instr. Dr. Beverly Boals. asst. prof. Dr. Sandra Bone. asst. prof. Dr. Carolyn Bowers, asst. prof. Dr. Paul D. Burge, assoc, prof. 267Dr. Baron D. Conaway, assoc, prof. Dr. Burton Crosswait, assoc, prof. Dr. Jack Hogins. assoc, prof. Dr. Mildred Vance, prof. DEPT. OF HEALTH. P. E. AND REC. Dr. Jess R. White, chm. Dr. Thomas M. Adams, asst. prof. Cindy Albright, instr. Alta Burns, asst. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. Dr. James DeVazier. prof. Wilbert Gaines, asst. prof. Dr. John P. Hosinski. assoc, prof. Gladys Hudgins, assoc, prof. James Jackson, instr. Gary Leibrock. instr. David Mitchell, instr. Dr. Linda Parchman. assoc, prof. Dr. Evelyn Prescott, prof. Frances Smallwood, asst. prof. William J. Sugg, instr. DEPT. OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Edna McClellan, instr. Marsha Miller, instr. DEPT. OF SPEC. ED. AND SPEECH PATH. Dr. Joseph Justen. prof. Karen Patterson, instr. Dr. Emilio Perez, asst. prof. Joan Roberson, instr. Dr. Louis P. Semrau. assoc, prof. Dr. Phillip Waldrop, asst. prof. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, AGRICULTURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES DEPT. OF ENGINEERING Dr. Albert L. Mink. chm. Dr. Ricky C. Clifft. asst. prof. Dr. William R. Crumpton, asst. prof. Robert Engelken. instr. Dr. Pat S. Shackelford, asst. prof. DEPT. OF AGRI. STUDIES Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, chm. Dr. Marjorie Bradford, asst. prof. James L. Davenport, assoc, prof. Dr. Jasper A. Hayles. assoc, prof. Dr. James H. Keene, prof. Dr. A. J. Langlois. prof. Dr. Warren A. North, prof. 268Dr. Amos B. Rougeau. prof. Dr. Aubrey W. Tennille. prof. COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS DEPT. OF ART Dr. Karl F. Richards, chm. Dr. William Allen, asst. prof. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc, prof. Roger Carlisle, asst. prof. Dr. Charlott Jones, asst. prof. Evan Lindquist, prof. Don Osborn, asst. prof. William Rowe. asst. prof. Curtis Steele, asst. prof. DEPT. OF MUSIC Dr. Ervin Dunham, interim chm. Harriet Abernathy, inst. Dr. Neale Bartee. assoc, prof. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. William Holmes, instr. Ann Johnson, instr. Richard Jorgensen, instr. Dr. M. Ellis Julien. asst. prof. Dr. John D. Kelly, assoc, prof. Julia Lansford. assoc, prof. David Niederbrach. assoc, prof. Dr. James Patty, prof. Sandra Seay, instr. Alfred Skoog. assoc, prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dr. Ann Swaty. asst. prof. Thomas O'Connor, instr. DEPT. OF SPEECH COMM. AND DRAM. ARTS Dr. Ovid L. Bayless. chm. Dr. Marguerite Coe. assoc, prof. Terry Huckabee. asst. prof. Dr. Kenneth Parks, asst. prof. 269 Dr. Carol Pratt, asst. prof.COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH PROFESSIONS Beverly Bartels, asst. prof. Nellie T. Caffery, instr. Martha Caldwell, instr. Bonnie Deuter. asst. prof. S. Patricia Findley, asst. prof. Steven Gilliam, instr. Mary Hartwig. asst. prof. William Pedigo, inst. A1 Reed. asst. prof. Shirley Richmond, asst. prof. Angela Schmidt, instr. Lois Snider, instr. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE Maj. Edwin L. Clapp, asst. prof. Capt. Johnny L. Dillard, asst. prof. Capt. Timothy W. Walters, asst. prof. Capt. Harold E. Hale. asst. prof. Capt. Kenneth Schoenborn. asst. prof. Capt. George Zahaczewsky. asst. prof. SGM James F. Isley. chief instr. MSG Gary D. Faughn. principal drill instr. SFC Everett Evans, senior instr. SFC Jerald E. Jenson, instr. SSG Donald Pinkerston. instr. 270INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM PASS TRIO PROGRAMS Nola Christenberry. couns. II Kathy Masters, instr. Johnny Moore Jr., couns. II Gene Sampson. Instr. DEAN B. ELLIS LIBRARY STAFF Janet Bland, head order lib. Nadean Lee. head circulation lib. Mark D. Meadows, head catalog lib. Ella C. Ward, catalog lib.O J 3 co tn W coGRADUATE ASSISTANTS Edie G. Allen. Walnut Ridge. Elem. Ed. Edna E. Allen. Grapevine. English Alfred E. Barnhill Jr.. Bay, Plant Sci. Ralph Benefield. Jonesboro. Info. Systems Rebecca L. Bennett. Jonesboro. Accounting Sharron Bennett. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Nancy F. Blades. Jonesboro. Art Francis Booth. Mountain Home. Bus. Ad. Rebecca Boyles, Augusta. Specch Drama Chris B. Breazeal. Jonesboro. Math. Pamela Bridges. Leachville. P. E. Susan L. Brooks. Pine Bluff. Speech Path. Tony Brooks. Senath. Mo.. Political Sci. Patricia Butcher. Rison. Early Childhood Richard Cheshier. Harrisburg. Accounting Alta L. Chesney. Cabot. Accounting Tameria Christenberry. Cave City. Socio. Richard Christiano. Waterloo. N.Y.. R-TV Teresa Cialonc. Jonesboro. Couns. Ed. Phyllis Coleman. Paragould. Sociology William A. Cook. Jonesboro. Biology Janice Cooper. West Memphis. Biology Sherri E. Cox. Blytheville. Rehab. Couns. Diann Davis. Mountain Home. Rehab. Couns. Mary F. Dean. Doniphan. Mo.. Rehab. Couns. Mark A. Dobbs. Walnut Ridge. Bus. Adm. Ahmed EL-Sherif. Egypt. Chemistry Kevin W. Falwell. Bradford. Chemistry Donald Fuller. Clover Bend. Speech Path. Genna Gallegly. Jonesboro. Reading Deborah Gremard. Portageville. Mo.. Speech Path. Craig Hamilton. Pensacola. Fla.. Music Hope Holmes. Cooter. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Valerie Holt. Bay. Journalism Mark Hopper. Heber Springs. Music Jerry Horton. Jonesboro. Couns. Ed. Aaron Hosman. Pocahontas. Ed. Adm. Jana Hudspeth. Jonesboro. Biology Richard Hudspeth. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Sharon Johnson. Pine Bluff. Biology Karen K. Jones. Waldron. P. E. Kay Deems Jones. Jonesboro. Speech Drama Steven Kaylor. Romance, Agri. Ed. Judy Kcrley. Maynard. Speech Drama Shirley Laird. Newport. Bus. Ed. Curtislene Lawson. Memphis. Tenn.. History Linda A. Lee. Helena. Biology Ted Leggett. Gosnell. Chemistry 273GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Fred Lindsey II, Hardy. History Paul Loop. Maynard. Ed. Adm. Catherine Marx. Mena. Bus. Adm. Henry McCoy. Marion. Chemistry Neena McKee. Jonesboro. Couns. Ed. Phillip McLarty. Jonesboro. Biology Teresa Naylor. Dyerburg. Tenn.. Music James Nelson. Hudson. Wise.. Journalism Pamela Nosbusch, Hopkinsville. Ky.. Music Karen Owens. Pine Bluff. Music Gary Perkey. Cave City. Politicial Sci. Kevin Perrin. Paragould. Agriculture Steven Phillips. Pine Bluff. Speech Drama Sherrie Powell. Jackson. Tenn.. Radio-TV John Protasio, Williamsport. Pa.. History Mack Ramsey. Baton Rouge. La.. History James Ratliff. Lynn. Agriculture Ed. Beatrice Reed. Heth, Biology Julia Reid. Swifton. Biology Cindy Richardson. Bay. P. E. Trena Richardson. Drasco. Mathematics Kirby Roe. Des Arc. Mathematics Donald Rogers. Rector. P. E. Virginia Roush. Jonesboro. Ed. Adm. Valerie Saxton. Lakewood. N. Y.. Radio-TV Laurence Scfren. Horseshoe Bend. Pol. Sci. Kathryn Shinn. Jonesboro. Biology Lisa Skoog, Jonesboro. Art Phoebe Sloan. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Jim Speake. Topeka. Kan.. Bus. Adm. R. B. Stearns. Egypt, Sociology Billie Steinkamp. Caraway. Mathematics Sandra Stubblefield. Cash. Mathematics Scott Stubblefield. Luxora. Mathematics Sherry Turnbow, Marked Tree. Music Ed. Thomas Uselton. Black Rock. Ed. Adm. Susan Watson. Jonesboro. Ed. Adm. Darrell Watts. N. Little Rock. Music Cathey Wells. Jonesboro. Ed. Adm. Ann Whitney. Paragould. Bus. Ed. Roger Wilson. Degueen. Chemistry Linda Jo Wood. Jonesboro. Sociology 274GRADUATE STUDENTS Abdulazid Ajaji. Saudi Arabia Nuh Amin Arre. Somalia Mona W. Baker. Jonesboro Jeff Branch. Paragould Patty A. Brewer. Caraway Lindsay Bridgforth. Forrest City Ernice Bryant. Lexa Stephen Bryant. Jonesboro Clifton L. Cain. Forrest City Vi-Van Chen. Taiwan A! H. Cockrill. Wynne Robert D. Coe. Jonesboro Ron L. Cole. Jonesboro Larry L. Coleman. Paragould Joey A. Crow. Charlotte. Tenn. Robert E. Crumpton. Jonesboro Barry L. Davis. Paragould Jamie D. Dudley. Jonesboro Alba M. Elis. Venezuela Samuel C. Faught. Jonesboro Robert W. Fegtly. Jonesboro Maria J. Fuentes. Venezuela Ouida J. Fulgham. Mathiston. Miss. David C. Fulkerson. Paragould Sandy Gaston. Batesville Bill Gregg. Little Rock Don M. Grimsley. West Memphis Timothy E. Hamilton. Paragould Clyde N. Harcrow. Jonesboro Meriwether M. Haven. Jonesboro Larry D. Hosman. Marked Tree Keith W. Huskey. Strawberry Lawrence Jackson, Sikeston. Mo. Michael I. Johnson. Jonesboro Steven W. Jones. Little Rock Lisa A. Langford. Jonesboro Martha D. Lawrence. Manila Margaret N. Lillard. Jonesboro Wen-Cheng Lin. Taiwan Karen E. Manning. Jonesboro Kerry A. Maxwell. Kennett. Mo. James E. McConnon Jr.. Forrest City Grant A. McDaniel. Jonesboro Tammie A. McRae. Jonesboro JillAnn K. Melton. Jonesboro Barbara S. Moody. Salem Patricia E. Morris. Paragould Tadashi Oshiro. Okinawa Kalu Okorafor. Nigeria Phillip E. Privett. Payneway Kerry N. Raper. Osceola Roger D. Reynolds. Jonesboro Toorej Rezaian. Iran Tim S. Richards. Jonesboro Randy N. Ridge. McCrory Freddie L. Riley. Jonesboro 275GRADUATE STUDENTS Patricia L. Seagrave. Jonesboro Jerry J. Sharp. Pocahontas Huei-Sheng Shen. Taiwan Rebecca J. Singleton. Walnut Ridge Mary Kay Smith. England Stan O. Smith. Jonesboro Stanley W. Smith. Paragould Sherry A. Taverner, Jonesboro James L. Tesch. Fairfield Bay Leon D. Tillman. West Helena Mark D. Townsley. Jonesboro Darnell Trent. Bamegat. N. J. C. Renn Tumlison. Crossett Umobong D. Umobong. Nigeria Billy Maxine Vaughn. Jonesboro Patricia Weatherford. Rector Hugh D. Whitledge. Salem Jack D. Wilhide. Hot Springs Michael C. Wright. Avoca. N. Y. Hsueh-Hsing Pauline Wu. Taiwan 276SENIORS 277SENIORS Michael W. Aaron. Walnut Ridge. P. E. Mohamcd Aballala. Saudi Arabia. Civil Engr. Robert W. Adams. Bassett. P. E. Teresa L. Adams. Reyno. Elementary Ed. Teresa N. Adams. Jonesboro. Music Lily M. Addison. Jonesboro. Medical Tech. Mohammed AL-Ataibi. Saudia Arabia. Computer Sci. Saleh AL-Balawy, Saudi Arabia. Accounting Imad T. Ali. Lebanon. Civil Engr. Saleh AL-Khodeir. Saudi Arabia. Computer Sci. Sue S. Allen. Rocky Comfort. Mo.. P. R. Adel AL-Saleb. Saudi Arabia. Computer Sci. Myra Alumbaugh. McCrory. Speech Path. Tammie D. Ames. Marked Tree. Business Ed. Barbara A. Anderson. Buckhannon. W. Va.. Advertising Verna Monique Anderson. Waldron. Voice Ed. Regina J. Andrews. Powhatan. Nursing Cathy D. Arnold. Flippin. Radio-TV Terri L. Arnold. Garner. N. C.. Printing Mgmt. Terry G. Arnold. Joiner. Medical Tech. Jorge Asapche. Venezuela. Civil Engr. Daty D. Ashley. West Memphis. Business Adm. Martha J. Ashlock, Weiner. Early Childhood Tim L. Atchley. Germantown. Tenn.. PAIR Mgmt. David C. Atherton. Jonesboro. Social Work Saul Avery. Fordyce. Radio-TV Joyce A. Bailey. Paragould. Data Processing Lynne Bailey. Searcy. Accounting Patricia A. Bailey. Luxora. Social Sci. Sharon L. Bailey. Leachville. Business Mgmt. Edward A. Baker. Gilford. N. H.. Radio-TV Mary Baker. Strawberry. Psychology Joyce D. Baltz. Pocahontas. Accounting David C. Bandy. Corning. Management Jana D. Bankston. Marked Tree. Early Childhood David C. Barch. Luxora. Business Adm. Russell L. Barker. Osceola. Business Mgmt. Sherry D. Barkley. Jonesboro. Commerical Art George William Barksdale. Hoxie. Business Adm. Barry W. Barnes. Nashville. Commercial Art. 278SENIORS Wilma F. Barnes. Benton. Special Ed. Ginger L. Barrett. Monette. Early Childhood David Bartlett. Marked Tree, Business D. P. Fahad M. Battal. Saudi Arabia. Computer Sci. John D. Beadles. Jonesboro. Zoology Sharon V. Bealer. Little Rock. Speech Comm. Donald R. Bearden. Jonesboro. R. E. I. Erven Beasley. Snow Lake. Law Enforcement Lori A. Beck. Marked Tree. P. R. Beverly A. Beckman. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Jon P. Bednar. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Melissa G. Beeler. Jonesboro. Nursing Joseph David Belk. Hoxie. Accounting Jennifer J. Bell. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Regena G. Bell. Paragould. Elementary Ed. Regina N. Bell. Saffell. Special Ed. Robert L. Bell. Manila. Radio-TV Mark A. Benson, Qiilin. mo.. P. E. Steve J. Benton. Camp. Radio-TV George R. Berg. Little Rock. Finance Douglas A. Billing. Bentonville. Business Mgmt. Lisa A. Birmingham. Paragould. Special Ed. Donna K. Bishop. Rector. Special Ed. Terry Black. Clarksville. Radio-TV Richard D. Blair. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Randy J. Blankenship. Cardwell. Mo.. Accounting Earl U. Blankinship. Kennett. Mo.. Radio-TV Daryl L. Blaxton. Jonesboro. Mathematics Richard R. Blocker. Hot Springs. Music Composition Ricky Bobo. Memphis. Tenn.. Business D. P. Stephen J. Boeckmann. Wynne. General Sci. Ed. Glenda S. Bolden. Marianna. Journalism Wanda Fay Boling. Manila. Accounting Shelia R. Booker. Earle. Criminology Sheron M. Booker. Earle. Criminology Karen L. Bowers. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Laura B. Bracey. Jonesboro. English Ed. Michael S. Bradley. Madison. Business Adm. Sharon K. Brand. Walnut Ridge. Accounting Ida B. Branscomb. Marianna. P. E. 279SENIORS Tim L. Branum, Harrisburg. P. E. David B. Branyan. Jonesboro. Accounting Rick G. Bray. Jonesboro. Urban Reg. Affairs Sandra E. Brewart. Marked Tree. Business Adm. Danny R. Brewer. Dyess. Social Sci. Ed. Jo Ann Broadaway. Jonesboro. Accounting Judy A. Broadway. Deering. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Diana L. Broom. Campbell. Mo.. Business D. P. Desmond L. Brown. Saratoga. Management Elroy Brown, Osceola. P. E. Jerry L. Brown. Harrisburg. Management Raymonia Brown. Hughes. Journalism Kelly J. Brown. Des Arc. Early Childhood Kelvin Lavell Brown. Augusta. Business Adm. Kimla J. Brown. Paragould, Accounting Robert L. Brown. Mammoth Spring. Agriculture Ed. Karen A. Bruce. Jonesboro. Journalism Dixie L. Brugge. Germantown. Tenn.. PAIR Mgmt. Ollie J. Bryant. Forrest City. P. E. Keenan W. Buchanan. Gideon. Mo.. P. E. George B. Bullard. Marianna. Computer Sci. Diana S. Bullington. McCrory. Data Processing Teresa A. Burgess. Memphis. Tenn., Nursing Barry G. Burk. Marvell. Accounting Terry G. Burnett. Osceola. Accounting Waymon D. Burnett. Leachville. Agriculture Engr. Connie J. Burns. Bono. Elementary Ed. Gary W. Burnside. Clover Bend. P. E. Rebecca A. Busby. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Tony R. Busby. Jonesboro. P. R. Donna S. Byrd. Blytheville. P. R. Jackie T. Byrd, Monette. Business Adm. John E. Byrd. Manila. Business Adm. Tamara J. Byrd, Batesville. Data Processing Gina Byrne. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Darwin David Cagle II. Rector. Agronomy Dennis L. Calaway. Marion. Business Adm. Rachelle Caldwell. Lake City. Accounting Barry G. Callahan. Wynne. Radio-TV David W. Callison. Wynne. Marketing 280SENIORS Kathy D. Camp. Newport. Business Ed. Dennis G. Campbell. Trumann. English Ed. Keith A. Campbell. Bono. P. E. Rick W. Campbell. Clarkton. Mo.. P. E. Sonny Campbell. Swifton, Agriculture Bus. Karen A. Cannon. Stanford. Accounting Dino A. Cantu. Mount Carroll. 111.. Social Sci. Ed. DeAnn L. Carlew. Wilson. Advertising Linda M. Carlisle. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Mark A. Carnopis. Chicago. 111.. Journalism Dena L. Carr. Jonesboro. Nursing Jennifer L. Carreiro. Cave City. Music Ed. Grover M. Carrier. Jonesboro. Zoology Thomas D. Carruth, Lexa. Accounting Finance Russell K. Carson. Jonesboro. Accounting Kimberly A. Carter. Jonesboro. Nursing Mary E. Carter. Kennett. Mo.. Business Ed. Jason R. Casey. Trumann. Medical Tech. Paula A. Cate. Coming. Music Ed. Larry L. Catt. Rector. Plant Sci. Tammie S. Catt. Tun-ell. English Ed. Joanna G. Caudell. Wynne. Management David A. Cauny. Wynne. Business Adm. James T. Chambers. Jonesboro. Marketing Joseph R. Chandler. East Point. Ga.. Business Adm. Tammy D. Chaplain. Jonesboro, Accounting D. P. Lynn A. Cherry. Coming. Business Adm. Katie E. Chester. Bono. Business Adm. Robert N. Childress. Jonesboro. Accounting Cynthia M. Chudomelka. Beebe. Criminology Deborah R. Chudomelka. Beebe. Plant Sci. Allen M. Clark. Paragould. Accounting Elizabeth L. Clark. Paragould. Special Ed. Gloria Clark. Newport. Business Adm. Jackie E. Clark. Parkin. Accounting Jerry D. Clark. Jonesboro. Agri. Bus. Econ. Martha Jo Clark. Manila. Zoology David M. Clayton. Jonesboro. Marketing Rose M. Clester. Cardwell. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Steve P. Cockrill. Jonesboro. Urban Reg. Affairs 281SENIORS Mark W. Colbert. Monette. Agronomy Cecil R. Cole. Blytheville. R. E. I. Johnny W. Cole. Mulberry. Physics Jo A. Coleman. Jonesboro. Political Sci. Janna L. Collar. Walnut Ridge. Marketing Lesia C. Collier. Cabot. Finance Michael R. Collins. Gould. Marketing Cynthia A. Conley. Jonesboro. Political Sci. Terry L. Conner. Paragould. Mathematics Ed. Virginia Anne Conyers. Cave City. Special Ed. George D. Cooke. Caruthersville. Mo.. Journalism Mike Coonan. Jonesboro. Transportation Mgmt. Jesse E. Cooper. West Memphis. Pre-Medical Roger A. Cooper, Cherry Valley. Radio-TV Cindy L. Cornett. Little Rock. Wildlife Mgmt. Myra A. Cox. Jonesboro. Radio-TV Peggy Ann Cox. Cardwell. Mo.. Accounting Marilyn G. Craig. Powhatan. Elementary Ed. Charles W. Crain Jr.. Jonesboro. Pre-Law John L. Cramer. Peoria. 111.. PAIR Mgmt. Mary E. Crawford. Caruthersville. Mo.. Office Adm. Carrie Crisler. Walnut Ridge. Special Ed. Virginia L. Crisp. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Angela W. Criss. Trumann. Advertising Ira V. Crite. Newport. Music Davy Crockett. Piggott. Agriculture Karen M. Crommett. Batesville. Accounting Karen L. Crouch. Parkin. Business D. P. Susan M. Crow. Paragould. Zoology Pamela A. Cruce. Jonesboro. Accounting Carol L. Culp. New London, N. C.. Printing Mgmt. Patricia A. Culpepper. Warren, Accounting Sue E. Cunningham. Jonesboro. Marketing Jackie A. Cupp. Light. Early Childhood Lesa D. Cupp. Paragould. PAIR Mgmt. Lee Curry. Cherokee Village. Radio-TV Mary P. Cychol. Peoria. 111.. Special Ed. Lisa G. Dachs. Paragould. Early Childhood Rose M. Dale. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Gordon R. Daniel. McCrory. History 282SENIORS Jina R. Daniel. McCrory. Special Ed. Jimmy D. Danley. Paragould. Criminology Moradali Daryabar. Iran. Agriculture Engr. Alesa L. Davenport. Senath. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Charles D. Davidson. Black Rock. Zoology Cassie Jo Davis. Jonesboro. Accounting Catherine J. Davis. Jonesboro. Accounting Jenni L. Davis. Manila. Nursing Karen Y. Davis. Blytheville. Radio-TV Larry E. Davis. Manila. Psychology Michael L. Davis. Thayer. Mo.. Agriculture Rex A. Davis. Wynne. Accounting Robert S. Davis. Mountain Home. P. E. Stephen J. Davis. Paragould. P. E. Nancy E. Dawson. McCrory. Mathematics Timothy R. Deck. Senath. Mo.. Accounting Mohame Dehradunwala. Pakistan. Computer Sci. Zahid Dehradunwala. Pakistan. Finance Michael W. Deiter. Jonesboro. Business Ed. Vickie A. DeMent. Rector. Radio TV Janice E. Denton. Lepanto. Nursing Cynthia A. Detrick, Jonesboro. General Studies Donnell Dickerson. Blytheville. Accounting Carol L. Diggs. Paragould. Business D. P. Scott J. Digman. Walnut Ridge. Business Adm. Elizabeth M. Dillard. Manila. Speech Path. Venus L. Dixon. Blytheville. Music Ed. Geraldine Dobbs. Earle. Criminology Rennie K. Doby. Augusta. ITM Computer Sci. Sheila A. Dodson. West Memphis. Early Childhood Sheila M. Dollins. Paragould. Social Sci. Chris A. Donovan. Jonesboro. Accounting Terri S. Dorsey. West Memphis. Zoology Susan L. Doty. Jonesboro. Social Sci. Leland T. Douglas. Jonesboro. Criminology Karmen L. Dowdy. Memphis. Tenn.. Speech Path. Angela K. Doyle. Jonesboro. Special Ed. James S. Doyle. Walnut Ridge. Business Adm. Robyne D. Doyle. Forrest City. Music Ed. Catherine A. Drake. Hot Springs. Political Sci. 283SENIORS Louie F. Dudley HI. Blytheville. Business D.P. Trina J. Dudley. Jonesboro. Mathematics David W. Duke. Jonesboro. Marketing James W. Duncan. Mountain View. Computer Sci. Kevin J. Dunn. Hot Springs. P. E. Lelia K. Backles. College Station. Political Sci. Leslie Eackles. Little Rock. Communications Danny L. Easley, West Memphis. Accounting James H. Eastin. Sedgwick. Speech Comm. Valerie J. Eastman. Joiner. Speech Path. Fonda A. Eaton. Wynne. Advertising Mkt. Ginger D. Edington. Reyno. Elementary Ed. Judy A. Edrich. Selby. S. D.. Medical Tech. Belinda J. Edwards. Warren. Speech Path. Teresa Evans Edwards. Paragould. Accounting John R. Emerson. Toone. Tenn.. Music Ed. Roger L. Emmerson. Forrest City. Social Sci. Sara E. Emmert. Paragould. Commercial Art Innocent I. Enemuo. Nigeria. Accounting Tonia L. Eubanks. Manila. Business Ed. Kris A. Eustace. Sumter. S. C.. Special Ed. Gwendolyn Everhart. Trumann. Speech Path. Bryan K. Exum. Paragould. Agriculture Bus. Carol Farmer. Memphis. Tenn.. Accounting Terry J. Farr, Pontotoc. Miss.. P. E. Mohammad Feizi. Iran. Agriculture Engr. Susan K. Felkins. Bono. Data Processing Randy Felts. Jonesboro. Radio-TV Deborah J. Ferguson. Trumann. Accounting Jo A. Ferguson. Jonesboro. English Philosophy Ernest Keith Fielder. Bono. Accounting Hamid Firoozi. Iran. Mechanical Engr. Hyunsook A. Flagg. Jonesboro. Accounting Jamie S. Fleeman. Manila. Accounting Margaret Y. Fleming. Jonesboro. Speech Path. Jimmy “Jabo" Floyd. Swifton. P. E. Jeffrey A. Flynn. Sherwood. Business Mgmt. Paula C. Fontenot. Clinton. Medical Tech. Mary S. Forbis. Cardwell. Mo.. Social Sci. Ralanna L. Forbis. Paragould. Commercial Art 284SENIORS Para J. Ford. Paragould. Radiologic Tech. Scott Ford. Spain. Management Pattie D. Fortenberry. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Daniel R. Fortmann, Blytheville. Geography Johnny J. Fowler. Strawberry. Agriculture Ed. Gwendolyn M. Franklin, Forrest City. Special Ed. Steven G. Franks. Pocahontas. Agri. Bus. Econ. Breckery G. Freeman. Marmaduke. Speech Comm. Melissa M. Freeman. Cherry Vallery. Music Ed. Darrell E. Freeze. Mountain View. Nursing Shelia D. Freeze. Mountain View, Medical Tech. Nena J. Fulks. Gosnell, Marketing Tammie L. Fulks. Blytheville. Marketing Frederic W. Fuller. Jonesboro. History James B. Fulmer. Pine Bluff. Criminology Dwight L. Futrell. Vanndale. Chemistry Mark M. Gage. Bono. Agricultural Engr. Carma Y. Gardner. Little Rock. Criminology Teresa K. Gardner, Stuttgart. Business Adm. Michael J. Garlington. Benton. Radio-TV Sharon N. Garmon. Osceola. Special Ed. Barry M. Garner. Jonesboro. Pre-Medical Janet L. Garner. Wynne. Business Mgmt. Kathy Garner. Bradford. English Janie M. Garrett. Jonesboro. P. R. Bruce J. Gartman. Jonesboro. Marketing Jim B. Gentry. West Memphis. Business Mgmt. Osama K. Ghabbeish. Jordan. Mechanical Engr. Dareth W. Gibson. Malden. Mo.. General Studies Jeff R. Gibson. Mountain Home. Sociology Dave Gier. Cherokee Village. Music Ed. Toya L. Gillis. Marked Tree. Early Childhood Pamela R. Gipson. Mountain Home. Accounting Roger D. Gipson. Blytheville. Plant Sci. Myra Glenn. Smithville. Elementary Ed. Michael M. GHdewell. Jonesboro. Marketing Bernice Glover. Heber Springs. Marketing Christy L. Glover. Lonoke. Business Adm. Dena K. Goad. Bradford. Speech Path. James P. Going. Caruthersville. Mo.. Accounting 285SENIORS Kay A. Going. Caruthersville. Mo.. Music Ed. Rena R. Goodwin. Little Rock. Computer Sci. Suzann G. Gosnell. North Little Rock. Management Joseph M. Goss. Newport. Business Adm. Tim K. Gott. Jonesboro. Data Processing Rebecca D. Grace. Jonesboro. Commerical Art Mary T. Graddy. Hoxie. Marketing Dennis Graham. Pangburn. P. E. Clarence Grandberry. Memphis. Tenn.. Business Adm. James J. Green. Pocahontas. ITM Mgmt. Sandra K. Greenlow. Blytheville. Date Processing Wanda K. Gregory. Newport. Elementary Ed. Carrie L. Greitens. Marked Tree. Elementary Ed. Charlene E. Gretzmier. Osceola. Elementary Ed. Gary D. Griffin. Corning. Medical Tech. Helen L. Griffin. Jonesboro. Printing Tech. Miriam B. Griffith. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Jackie M. Grills. Violet Hill. Accounting Claudia A. Grissom. Pocahontas. Elementary Ed. Carla W. Grojean, Marked Tree. Early Childhood Chuck Gschwend, Jonesboro. Accounting John R. Gunter. Fisher. Agri. Bus. Econ. Melvin L. Guy. Osceola. Social Work Pam A. Haggard. Searcy. Radio-TV Leslie A. Hale. Blytheville. Business D. P. Carol A. Halford. Malden. Mo. P.E. John D. Hall. Jonesboro. Psychology Stacy R. Hall. Jonesboro. Biology Ed. Terri D. Hall. West Helena. Radio-TV William D. Hall. West Plains. Mo.. Music Ed. Gregg A. Hames. Melbourne. Computer Sci. Laurie M. Hames. Melbourne. Special Ed. Daniel Hamm. Osceola. Social Sci. June A. Hancock. Knobel. Plant Sci. Susan E. Hancock. Walnut Ridge. Special Ed. Charles R. Hannah. Jonesboro. Accounting Randall L. Hannah. Jonesboro. Agri. Bus. Econ. Carolyn R. Hardy. Forrest City. Social Work Allan Harlan. North Little Rock. Accounting Carol L. Harris. North Little Rock. Data Processing 286SENIORS Henry L. Harris. Memphis. Tenn.. Law Enforcement James W. Harris. Holland. Mo., Business D. P. Sharon R. Harris. Lonoke. Management Herberta L. Hartness. Osceola. Elementary Ed. Toby Hatfield. Mammoth Spring. P. E. Richard Dale Hatley. Marked Tree. Civil Engr. Roger G. Hay. McCrory. Agri. Bus. Econ. Reginald D. Hayman. Little Rock. Radio-TV Sheila Haymer, Forrest City. Accounting Debbie J. Haywood. Piggott, Business Mgmt. George K. Hazelwood. Trumann. Marketing Tommie E. Heath. Mountain Home. Special Ed. Gary F. Henard. Brinkley. Business Adm. Kim A. Henderson. Blytheville. Business D. P. Steven M. Henderson. Mountain View. Social Sci. Keith F. Hendrix, Jonesboro. Zoology Bridget R. Henley. Batesville. English Rick K. Henley. Salem. Business D. P. Val C. Henley. Little Rock. Social Sci. Kathryn E. Hentz. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Speech Path. David L. Herndon. Lepanto. Data Processing Tamara D. Herring. Jonesboro. Accounting Van E. Higgins. Jonesboro. Geography Patricia L. Hightower. Sidney. Early Childhood David C. Hilburn. Blytheville. Wildlife Mgmt. Stephanie J. Hill. Ashdown. Business Adm. Thomas E. Hill. Lonoke. Agriculture Ed. Tom T. Hill. Fort Smith. Music Ed. Vicki D. Hill. Wynne. Spanish Victor Hill, Jonesboro. Business Adm. Deborah A. Hochstetler. Jonesboro. Medical Tech. Marilyn K. Hogan. Delaplaine. Speech Path. Terry Y. Holaway. Blytheville. Music Ed. Donna L. Holbrook. Jonesboro. Marketing Rebecca S. Holland. Pocahontas. Music Ed. Eric N. Hollis. Forrest City. Business Adm, Michele A. Hollis. Rector. Speech Path. Roland D. Hollis. Leachville, Pre-Medical Dave E. Holloway. Bono. Business Mgmt. Tammy R. Holman. Rector. Drama 287SENIORS Alan Holmes. Whitehall. Data Processing Howard S. Holmes. Hayti, Mo.. Data Processing Pam B. Honeycutt. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Bryant Hood. Little Rock. Criminology Teresa M. Hood. Jonesboro. Business Adm. George H. Hooper. Batesville. Business D. P. LeeAnn Hopkins. McCrory, Early Childhood Faber Horne. Des Arc. Radio-TV Monta Lea Horner. Leachville. Nursing Roselyn G. Horner. Jonesboro. Social Sci. Ed. Valinda Gail Horton. Wynne. Business Ed. Kim D. Hoskins. Piggott. Pre-Medical Debea E. Houston. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Regina C. Hovis. Reyno. Business Mgmt. David J. Howard. West Plains. Mo.. Sociology Jim G. Howington. Paragould. Criminology Gary P. Hubbell. Jonesboro. Accounting Danny Huber, Jonesboro. Drama Lisa P. Hudgens. Stuttgart. Data Processing Jeffrey S. Huffman. Manila. Business Adm. Brenda Huggins. Jonesboro. Accounting Nellie A. Hughes. Blytheville. Marketing Terry L. Hunkapiller. Montgomery. Ala.. Bus. Ed. Philip R. Hunt. Lonoke. ITM Computer Sci. Sandra K. Hurst. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Loretta J. Hutchings. Corning. Social Work Barry J. Hutchison. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Sherry S. Hyde. Paragould. Social Work Charles Keith Inman. Kensett. Agriculture Ed. Laurie D. Isbell. Jonesboro. Business Perry T. Isbell. Jonesboro. Business Mgmt. Tonya R. Isbell. Blytheville. Management Everett P. Isom. Black Rock. History Kevin E. Ives. Knobel. Chemistry Gregory M. Jackson. Mammoth Spring. Agriculture Ed. Jerry L. Jackson. Walcott. Medical Tech. Mary E. Jackson. Batesville. Radio-TV Roger N. Jackson. Monette. Computer Sci. Hyder Jaffery. Canada. Business Mgmt. Melvin S. James. Lexa. Business Adm. Mgmt. :s8SENIORS Scott R. James. Ravenden. Elementary Ed. Sundra D. James. Little Rock. PAIR Management Teresa L. James. Ravenden. Elementary Ed. Dennis L. Jaynes. Trumann. R. E. I Peggy L. Jeffress. Greenway. Elementary Ed. Perry L. Jenkins. Blytheville. Criminology David G. Jennings. West Helena. Radio-TV Carlean Johnson. Lexa. Social Work Dale Lee Johnson. Paragould. Political Sci. Patrick F. Johnson. Memphis. Tenn.. Criminology William F. Johnson Jr.. Beebe. Plant Sci. William J. Johnson. Blytheville. Business Mgmt. Cindy K. Jones. Violet Hill. Business Ed. Janice K. Jones. Piggott. Nursing Joseph A. Jones. Marion. Agri. Bus. Econ. Lana F. Jones. Alicia. English Ed. Sheila R. Jones. Malden. Mo.. Accounting Dave Joslin. Prattsburg, N. Y.. Radio-TV Richard A. Jurczyk. Hardy. Commercial Art Mary B. Justen. Jonesboro. Speech Path. Melissa M. Justus. Jonesboro. Data Processing Danny G. Kee. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Joyce E. Keirn. Mammoth Spring. P.E. Ricky E. Keller. Desha. Elementary Ed. Charles D. Kelley. Jonesboro. Social Sci. Dana D. Kelley. Walnut Ridge. P. R. Kimberly D. Kellums. Marmaduke. Elementary Ed. Mary P. Kelly. Little Rock. Accounting Michael J. Kelly. West Plains. Mo.. Commercial Art Waddell Kelly. Gould. Social Work Jason F. Kemp. Jacksonville. Radio-TV LeVonna S. Kennedy. Cabot. Wildlife Mgmt. Delphena Key. West Helena. Business Adm. Acct. Ebrahim Kh-Abkenar, Iran. Civil Engr. Karen Kimbrell. Pine Bluff, Medical Tech. John M. King. Osceola. Business Adm. Joanna L. Kingston. Jonesboro. Animal Sci. Randal A. Kingston. Jonesboro. Agri. Bus. Econ. David K. Kirk. Blytheville. Data Processing Madeleine H. Kirkland. Jonesboro. Early Childhood 289SENIORS Robert P. Kline. St. Petersburg. Fla.. Comm. Art Debra A. Knight. Mountain Home. Radio-TV Susan K. Koch. East Aurora. N. Y., Accounting John A. Koons. Blytheville. Accounting Sherry L. Lacey. Houston. Miss.. Music Ed. Wilson E. Lambert. Pine Bluff. Accounting Dada T. Lancaster. West Memphis. Elementary Ed. Pamela R. Lancaster. Paragould. Management Steven R. Laney. Charlotte. N. C.. Printing Mgmt. Tim D. Langford. Searcy. Zoology Julie A. Lawrence, Melbourne. Agriculture Larry H. Lawrence. Rector. Zoology Dorothy J. Lawson. Blytheville. Business Adm. Stephen O. Ledbetter. Jonesboro. Zoology Ann Lee. Searcy. Animal Sci. Donald G. Lee. Havana. English Philip M. Lee. Paragould. P. E. Mary K. Lenston. Paragould. Special Ed. Roseann M. Lewis. Jonesboro. Computer Sci. Stephen A. Lienhart. Sherwood. Geography a a I nnptrst i Anita K. Lindley, Paragould. Journalism Cynthia Lipscomb. Forrest City. Business Mgmt. David D. Livingston. Fremont, Ohio. Music Jeff K. Loftin. Cardwell. Mo., Music Ed. Karen M. Long. Newport. Accounting Joe L. Looney III. Alma. Tech. Mgmt. Solan H. Lott. Blytheville. Marketing Brenda A. Lunceford. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Bonard V. Mace Jr.. Batesville. P. E. Bruce Macintosh. Maynard. Radio-TV Shari Ann Magdefrau. Memphis. Tenn., Speech Comm. Timothy C. Maloney. Mount Prospect. 111.. History Sandie S. Mann. Pine Bluff. Early Childhood Doug A. Manning. Walnut Ridge. Agri. Bus. Econ. Sonya Y. Manning. Nashville. Business Adm. Cathy J. Martin. Hasty. Animal Sci. Dani Lynn Martin. Melbourne. Medical Tech. David A. Martin. Steele. Mo.. Marketing Douglas W. Martin. Pocahontas. Journalism Dwight E. Martin. Hasty. Animal Sci. 290SENIORS Timothy J. Martin. Trumann, Chemistry Anita A. Mashburn, Hoxie. Elementary Ed. Rhonda K. Mashburn. Hazen. Accounting Theresa M. Masterson. Pocahontas. Business Adm. Ken D. Maxwell. Trumann. 1TM Mgmt. Philip D. Maxwell. Turrell. Accounting Carl D. Mayer, Jonesboro. Accounting Mickey D. Mayland. Hoxie. Business D. P. Brenda C. McBride. Marianna. Art Ed. Julie S. McCarroll. Black Rock. Early Childhood John W. McCaughey. Blytheville. Business Mgmt. Rosalind M. McClendon. Osceola. Speech Path. Cindy R. McClintock. Cherry Valley. Speech Path. John W. McCollum. Paragould, Business Mgmt. Mary Jane McCorkle. Helena. Psychology Mary L. McCoy. Leachville. Nursing Ruth Ann McCoy. Jonesboro. Accounting Ron L. McCreless. Marmaduke. Business Adm. Nila R. McCullar. Earle. Speech Path. Mary B. McCullough. Wynne. Early Childhood Paul R. McCullough. Pine Bluff, Business Adm. Craig McDaniel. Jonesboro. Agri. Bus. Econ. Rickey D. McDaniel. Lafe. Physics Deborah D. McDonald. Paragould. Early Childhood Teena Renay McElrath. Newport. Nursing Gary T. McElyea. Joiner. P. E. Ethel L. McGhee. El Dorado. Special Ed. Benny D. McGinnis. Jonesboro. R. E. I. Tracy D. McHaney. Paragould. Speech Path. Matthew B. McHcndry. Jonesboro. Data Processing Rick E. McKay. Clarendon. Radio-TV Sandra E. McKee, Newport. Elementary Ed. Denise L. McKinney. St. Louis. Mo.. Marketing Tami A. McManners. Jonesboro. Criminology Clifford E. McQuay Jr.. Jonesboro. Accounting Trudy R. McSpadden. Cave City. Business Adm. Alonzo Meek. New York. N. Y.. Zoology Elizabeth A. Meeks. Carthage. Mo.. Music Ed. David E. Meier. Pocahontas. Business Adm. Jeff L. Melton. Sherwood. Plant Sci. 291SENIORS John D. Messer. Light. Computer Sci. Susan M. Metzler. Jonesboro. P. R. Randy C. Meuir. Mountain View. Sociology Phyllis A. Michie. West Memphis. Speech Path. Diane L. Miller. Ash Flat. Psychology Stephen H. Miller. Jonesboro. R. E. I. Deborah Ann Mills. Helena. Criminology Lisa G. Mills. Wynne. Early Childhood Beth R. Miltenberger. Kennett. Mo.. Early Childhood Paula K. Minton. Kennett. Mo.. Music Ed. Brenda V. Mitchell. Malvern. Business D. P. Donald R. Mitchell. Dumas. Psychology James D. Mitchell. Ravenden Springs. Accounting Kevin Mitchell. Harrisburg. Mathematics Frankie L. Moc. Doniphan. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Michelle M. Moix. Little Rock. Journalism Brenda E. Mondy. Helena. Office Adm. Frances Renefe Montgomery. Newport. Zoology Mark H. Montgomery. Elizabeth. Agriculture Ed. Beula M. Moore. Viola. Early Childhood Debbie K. Moore. Viola. Special Ed. Jay G. Moore. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Radio-TV Jimmy J. Moore. Viola. Agriculture Patricia B. Moore. Jonesboro. History Douglas C. Morgan. Hernando. Miss.. P. E. Sherrye H. Morgan. Trumann. Music Ed. Jay P. Morris. West Memphis. Marketing Mary Jo Morris. Wynne. Journalism Michael E. Morris. Hunter. Agri. Bus. Econ. Roland D. Morris. Manila. Agri. Bus. Econ. Donald R. Morrison. Piggott. Finance Gina S. Morrison. Bay. Social Sci. Gary L. Morrison. Paragould. Business Adm. Donald R. Moye. Syden. N. C.. Printing Tech. Lora J. Murphy. Jonesboro. Music Ed. Tina M. Murphy. Lepanto. Special Ed. William A. Myers. Jonesboro. Art. Trish Nailling. Jonesboro. Accounting Jerry A. Nance. Beedeville. Plant Sci. Fernell Neal. Augusta. Criminology 292SENIORS Steven W. Neil. Cooter. Mo.. Accounting Patricia D. Nelms. Brookland. Medical Tech. Billy J. Nelson Jr.. Blytheville. Accounting O’Ferrell U. Nelson. Memphis. Tenn.. Radio-TV Tammy J. Nelson. Caraway. P. E. Charles F. Newberry III. Jonesboro. Philosophy Kenneth E. Newberry. Jonesboro. Radio-TV Lisa A. Newberry. Paragould. Zoology Margaret A. Newborn. Colt. Special Ed. Allen C. Newcomb. Fifty Six. Animal Sci. Duong H. Nguyen. Trumann. Zoology Charles S. Nichols. Marked Tree. Radio-TV Dan A. Nichols. Maynard. Animal Sci. Mike L. Nichols. Bono. Accounting Sam G. Nichols. Everton. Computer Sci. Tanda Lee Nicholson. Blytheville. Business Adm. Frank A. Niederkom. Greenway. Criminology David M. Nigro. Cabot. Marketing Mahmoud Nourizadeh. Iran. Medical Tech. Obray Nunnley Jr.. Little Rock. Urban Reg. Affairs Marcus D. Odom. Newport. Accounting Sheila G. Olive. West Ridge. Business Ed. Wes C. Orick. Paragould. Business Adm. Ginger M. Osborn. Jonesboro. Office Adm. Sandra J. Osborn. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. William P. Osborne. Little Rock. Wildlife Mgmt. Charlene K. Oswalt. Forrest City. Business Ed. Diane T. Pace. Pacahontas. Health Services Kevin D. Pagan. Jonesboro. Accounting Anthony M. Paladino. N. Little Rock. PAIR Management Ronald L. Palmer. Afton. Okla.. Computer Sci. Deborah S. Parker. Jonesboro. Mathematics Sandra K. Parker. Monticello. Radio-TV Janice M. Patrick. Beebe. Radio-TV Rickey D. Patrick. Brinkley. Criminology Cathy Patton. Jonesboro. Nursing Linda L. Payne. Heth. P. R. Gale Peebles. Smithville. Data Processing Janet S. Pennington. Garner. P. R. Andrea S. Person. Earle. Marketing 293SENIORS Doug S. Peters. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Homer R. Peters. Griffithville. P. E. Michael J. Pettengell. Jonesboro. English Glenda F. Phelps. Ash Flat, Business Adm. Tracy J. Phifer. Stuttgart. Marketing Karen L. Phillips. Searcy. Mathematics Michael L. Phillips. Ash Flat. Speech Drama Phillip M. Phillips. West Memphis. Accounting Rickey J. Phillips. Hickory Ridge. Agri. Bus. Econ. Rodney L. Phillips. Pocahontas. PAIR Management Susan G. Phillips. West Memphis. Speech Path. Julius Steve Pieri. Jonesboro. Data Processing David W. Pinyon. Blytheville. Business Mgmt. Reba J. Pippenger, Jonesboro. Social Work Gig A. Pitcher. Delaplaine. Data Processing Rosanne E. Pokorny. Doniphan. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Jack Porbeck, Jonesboro. Business Adm. Laura L. Pouncey. Hughes. Elementary Ed. Gregory S. Powell. Warren. Printing Mgmt. Miriam N. Powell. Lepanto. Medical Tech. Sheena M. Powers. Marion. P. E. James W. Pratt. Bono. Wildlife Mgmt. Terri L. Pratt. Bono. Accounting Rick L. Prewitt. Wynne. Zoology Billy J. Price. Beebe. PAIR Management Melanie Sue Price. Doniphan. Mo.. Psychology Caroline L. Prothro. Melbourne. Business Adm. Kelly M. Purtee. Jonesboro. Nursing Trudy D. Purvis. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Mary D. 9ualls. Mount Pleasant. English Sandi G. Qualls. Trumann. Business D. P. Vicky J. Qualls. Lake City. Business D. P. Chris J. Quick. Mountain Home. Accounting Molly A. Rainey. Tyronza. Commercial Art Patricia E. Rains. Jonesboro. Social Work Steve Ralph. Tampa. Fla.. P.E. Martha L. Ramsay. Jonesboro. English Michael S. Randelman, Rector. Drama Debbie L. Rapert. Pocahontas. Marketing Glenda S. Reaves. Harrisburg. Zoology 2 HSENIORS Janis L. Reaves. Paragould, Early Childhood Craig D. Reavis. West Plains. Mo.. Music Ed. Donna G. Reddick. Paragould. Elementary Ed. Hershel L. Redwine. Jonesboro. Data Processing Nancy Reesor. Jonesboro. Journalism Linda A. Rega. Ash Flat. Business Adm. Jim F. Reinmiller. Benton. Business Adm. Isaac D. Renfroe. Dumas. Business Mgmt. Julian L. Reynolds. Paragould. Business D. P. Teresa L. Reynolds. Osceola. Office Adm. Saeed Rezaian-B. Iran. Agriculture Engr. Monte L. Rhodes. Jonesboro. Accounting Doris A. Richardson. Heth. Special Ed. John H. Richardson, Poughkeepsie. N. Y.. Drama Martha R. Richardson. Kennett. Mo.. English Ed. Sharon D. Richardson. Helena. Social Work Sandra L. Richmond. Dyess. Business Adm. Julee Sikes Ridge. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Elinor M. Riggs. Pocahontas. Special Ed. Michael L. Riley. Virginia Beach. Va.. P. E. Sharon Jean Riley. Bassett. Early Childhood Susan Riley. Tuckerman. P. R. Thomas P. Riley. Virginia Beach. Va.. Business Adm. Wayne E. Riley. West Helena. Business D. P. Dora A. Rios. Senath. Mo.. Mathematics Jack M. Risinger. El Dorado. R. E. I. William David Roach. Blytheville. Philosophy Carla S. Roberson. Vanndale. Zoology Marylon J. Roberts. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Marianne Robertson. Jonesboro. Music Ed. Ronnie L. Robins. Marianna. Radio-TV Emma J. Robinson. Marianna. Sociology Leonard Robinson. Holly Grove. Business Adm. Sharon K. Robinson. Little Rock. Radio-TV Bus. Thomas R. Robinson. West Memphis. Accounting Lanier Robison. Holly Springs. Miss.. Finance Kim G. Rodgers. Paragould. Accounting Randy W. Roebuck. Jonesboro. Marketing Audri A. Rogers. Paragould. Elementary Ed. Carla K. Rogers. Beebe. English Ed. 295SENIORS Peggy R. Rolett. North Little Rock. Business Adm. Richard R. Romeo. Jonesboro. Plant Sci. Rebekah A. Romero. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Frank S. Rondone. Jonesboro. Social Sci. Janet L. Rudick. McCrory, Early Childhood Greg A. Ruff. Jonesboro. French April A. Rutledge. Warren. Marketing Ronnie Sairls. Nettleton. Health Services Kyle F. Sanders. Marked Tree. Agriculture Ed. George R. Sansoucy. Little Rock. Journalism Christy L. Satterfield. Forrest City. Marketing Roger D. Schafer. Carlisle. Agri. Bus. Econ. Brad P. Scott. West Memphis. Business Adm. Danny W. Scott. Weiner, Accounting Jackie L. Scott. Harrison. Radio-TV James F. Scott. Weiner. Accounting Patricia E. Scott. Batesville. History Sharon L. Scott. Walnut Ridge. P.E. Shanmuga N. Selvadurai. Malaysia. Computer Sci. M. Ali Seraji-Nezhad. Iran, Mechanical Engr. Scott F. Sevatson. Hardy. Data Processing Donald L. Sexton. Strawberry. Agri. Bus. Econ. Jackie S. Sexton. Black Rock. Early Childhood Rhonda L. Shackelford. Jonesboro. P.E. William E. Shannon. Joiner. Plant Sci. Phillip N. Sharp. Blytheville. Business Mgmt. Miriam J. Shatley. Paragould. Pre-Medical Cynthia D. Shelton. Blytheville. Early Childhood Stanley Shelton. Altheimer. P.E. Barbara A. Shirey, Walnut Ridge. Elementary Ed. Lila C. Shockley. Paragould. Accounting Natalie R. Shumaker. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Gail P. Siddell. Mayflower. Spanish Jay L. Sikes. Jonesboro. History Brenda D. Simmering. West Memphis. Speech Path. David L. Simpson. Brinkley. Commercial Art Deborah A. Slayton. Nettleton. Accounting Timothy W. Smallwood. Marked Tree. Business Mgmt. David G. Smart. Batesville. Agriculture Engr. Dana M. Smith. Bono. Finance 2%SENIORS Elijah Smith III. Parkin. Accounting Fred L. Smith Jr.. Marianna. Business Adm. Kathy R. Smith. Kennett. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Keith Smith. Marmaduke. Speech Path. Linda F. Smith. Marianna. Elementary Ed. Melanie D. Smith, Jonesboro. Nursing Melinda S. Smith. Walnut Ridge. Drama Perry R. Smith. West Ridge. Business Adm. Raylene S. Smith, Jonesboro. Data Processing Ronald H. Smith. Doniphan. Mo., Journalism Stan R. Smith. Houston. Mo.. Sociology Doyne R. Smithee. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Accounting Brad F. Snider. Jonesboro. Accounting Gwyn L. Snider. Stuttgart. Radiologic Tech. Marilyn D. Snider. Kennett. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Penny J. Snyder. Cave City. Nursing Kili A. Somasundram. Malaysia. Business Adm. Deborah M. Soulsby. Springfield. Mo.. Speech Path. Donald K. Spence. Corning. Manufacturing Mgmt. Mary J. Spencer. Pocahontas. Early Childhood Sonya Y. Spencer. Paragould. Industrial Mgmt. Cristi L. Spurgin. Halls. Tenn.. Medical Tech. Amy P. Spurlock. Jonesboro. Accounting Karl M. Stadler. Cherry Valley. Agriculture Ed. Sharon F. Stallings. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Dane W. Steele. Benton. Accounting Jerri D. Steele. Benton. Early Childhood Michelle Stephens. Melbourne. P. R. Gary A. Stephenson. Fort Dodge. Iowa. Business D. P. Deborah Kay Stepp. Advance. Mo.. P.E. James L. Stevens. West Memphis. Medical Tech. Jimmy D. Stewart. Jonesboro. Data Processing Cynthia L. Stimach. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Richard D. Stinson. North Little Rock. Management Brenda D. Stout. Hardy. Early Childhood Vivian M. Strong. Walnut Ridge. English Ed. Beth A. Stuart. Pine Bluff. Art Ed. Winfred K. Sturch. Batesville. Radio-TV Elizabeth A. Suiter. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Greg R. Susanke. Dundee. 111.. Wildlife Mgmt. 297SENIORS Cloycc L. Sutton II, Blytheville. Agriculture Engr. Joyce M. Sutton, Blytheville, English Ed. Robert H. Sutton Jr.. Jonesboro. Medical Tech. Ken W. Swain. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Data Processing David M. Sweeney. Dumfries. Va.. Printing Mgmt. Dannette Tabor. Holly Grove. Zoology Kay H. Tackett. Stuttgart. Speech Path. Anita R. Taggart. Forrest City. Data Processing Liaghat Ali Taheri. Iran. Civil Engr. John J. Tanner. El Dorado. R. E. I. Brenda Tate. Moro. Sociology Rona K. Tate. Hardy. Mathematics Ed. Peggy A. Taylor. Bono. Elementary Ed. Ricky D. Taylor. McCrory. Radio-TV Scotty V. Taylor. Paragould. Plant Sci. Steve D. Taylor. Monette. Agri. Bus. Econ. Susan Taylor. Forrest City. Social Sci. Wanda Jo Taylor. Manila. Special Ed. Deborah A. Tennille. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Tamela R. Tenpenny. Little Rock. Criminology Dennis R. Thielemier. Pocahontas. History John E. Thielemier. Pocahontas. Business Mgmt. Bill Thom. Chicago. 111., Computer Sci. Brian L. Thomas. Tuckerman. Radio-TV Lucille Sims Thomas. Augusta. P. R. Michael R. Thomas. Jonesboro. Sociology Debbie M. Thompson. Rector. Journalism Kirk A. Thompson. North Little Rock. Special Ed. Ronald J. Thompson. Jonesboro. Criminology William E. Thompson. Batesville. Accounting Betty J. Thoren. Mountain Home. Business D. P. Steve R. Thurman. Crossett, P. R. Bill F. Thweatt. Columbia. S. C.. Printing Mgmt. Anita B. Thwing. Wynne. Finance Melanie J. Timmons. Senath. Mo.. Special Ed. Albert F. Tiner, Pocahontas. Social Sci. Terry W. Todd. Forrest City. Accounting Randy D. Tolson, Pine Bluff. Political Sci. Christina M. Toombs. Flint. Mich., Social Work Linda B. Toombs. Paragould. Elementary Ed. 298SENIORS Kathleen R. Townsley. Jonesboro. P. R. Bill M. Tracer. Monette. Computer Sci. Elvis J. Travis. Bay. Data Processing Rick T. Trotter. Memphis. Tenn.. Radio-TV Nhan T. Truong. Blytheville. Mathematics Esau Tuberville Jr.. Parkin. Radio-TV Helen K. Turner. Mountain View, Early Childhood John E. Turner. Osceola. P. R. Lonnie E. Turner. Mountain View. Radio-TV Selita J. Turner. West Memphis. Elementary Ed. Linda K. Turney. Jonesboro. Special Ed. Morris W. Tyson. Marion. Ind.. Special Ed. Andrew E. Uhas. South Portland, Maine. Radio-TV Mary Jane Uhas. Bradford. Mathematics Jo Ann Upchurch. Caruthersville. Mo.. Office Adm. Sao Vang. Virginia Beach. Va.. Printing Mgmt. Pamela VanLandingham. Humphrey. Chemistry Linda D. Vaughn. Jonesboro. Nursing Terry R. Vaughn. Kensett. Mathematics Keresia L. Veasley. Vanndale. Speech Path. Bruce W. Venable. Jonesboro. Business Mgmt. Lyndon J. Vinson. Humphrey. Marketing Kathryn A. Vosburg. Jonesboro. Journalism Kimberly K. Waddell. Kennett. Mo.. Social Sci. Michael A. Wade. Memphis. Tenn.. Sociology Barry D. Walker. Jonesboro. Zoology Mike T. Walker. Marked Tree. Accounting Sandy M. Walker. Smithville. Office Adm. Suzy Wallin. Marked Tree. Pre-Medical Jackie R. Wallis. Newport. Printing Ed. Susan D. Wallis. Jonesboro. Finance Jennifer D. Washington. Hope. PAIR Management Peggy M. Waters. Newport. Elementary Ed. Elise C. Watson. Jonesboro. Elementary Ed. Phyllis E. Watson. North Little Rock. Radio-TV Tonia S. Watson. Beebe. Radio-TV Tonya L. Watson. Jonesboro. Accounting Jeannette L. Webb. Jonesboro. Data Processing Jill Webb. Rector. Special Ed. Michael A. Weinstock. Jonesboro. PAIR Management 299SENIORS Robert M. Weinstock, Jonesboro. Political Sci. Kathy E. Weisenbach. Maynard. Elementary Ed. Dale Weitkamp. Delaplaine. Business D. P. Gregory S. Welch. Jonesboro. Business Adm. Linda F. Wells. Blytheville. Business Adm. David W. Westbook. Paragould. Marketing Adam C. Wheeler. Wheatley. Business Adm. James P. Whitaker. Pocahontas. Manufacturing Mgmt. Daryl T. White. Augusta. Computer Sci. Joe D. White. Turrell. Accounting Vicki A. Whitener. Steele. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Belinda G. Whitley. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Felecia Anita Whitley. Forrest City. Speech Path. Karen J. Whitley. Jacksonville. Education James C. Wiggins. Cherokee Village. P. E. Wynona M. Wiggins. Jonesboro. Nursing Dora J. Williams. Bald Knob. Joumalism P. R. John B. Williams. Cardwell. Mo.. Agri. Bus. Econ. Linda C. Williams. Jonesboro. Early Childhood Lori G. Williams. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Robert Lee Williams. Memphis. Tenn., Accounting Jerry R. Wilson. Blytheville. Social Sci. Jimmy R. Wilson. Jonesboro. Agri. Bus. Econ. Judy D. Wilson, Marianna. Social Sci. Kimberly B. Wilson, Wynne. Data Processing Michael K. Wilson. Wynne. Accounting Sherry D. Wilson. Leesville. La.. Business Mgmt. Treena S. Wilson. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Suzy L. Winchester. St. Francis. Accounting Regina McSpadden Wingo. Batesville. Early Childhood Tammy J. Winn. Lafe. Early Childhood Gary N. Winseck. Hunter. Animal Sci. Becky A. Wiskotoni. Elkhart. Ind.. Business Adm. Loretta Wood. Hampton. Radio-TV Thomas S. Woodruff. Jonesboro. Accounting Walter E. Woods. Jonesboro. Business D. P. Gary C. Woodson. Imboden. Agriculture Cheryl D. Worsham. Reiser. Office Adm. Phillip A. Wray. West Memphis. Finance Kim A. Wright. Blytheville. Elementary Ed. 300SENIORS Sherri L. Wright. Campbell. Mo.. Elementary Ed. Terri L. Wright. Doniphan. Mo.. Early Childhood Ingchau Wu. Taiwan. Business Adm. Halden D. Wyatt. Paragould. Management Judy E. Yarbrough. Reyno. Early Childhood Linda S. Yocum. Paragould. Elementary Ed. Lisa G. York. Corning. Early Childhood Clevon Young. West Helena. Political Sci. Darrell R. Young. Pocahontas. Business D. P. Debbie E. Young, Corning. Elementary Ed. Elizabeth A. Young, Blytheville. Business Ed. Linda K. Young. Paragould. Data Processing Norma D. Young. Carlisle. Psychology JOlJUNIORS Joan M. Abernathy. Campbell. Mo. Loretta S. Abernathy. Campbell. Mo. Elizabeth A. Abies. Pilot Rock. Ore. Bruce R. Adams. Mount Pleasant Deborah L. Adams. Salem Dennis P. Adams. Salem Janet E. Adams. Blytheville Laurel A. Adams. Osceola Lauretta J. Adams. Paragould Richard L. Adamson. Jonesboro Terry A. Adams. Leachville Rickie D. Adcock. Manila Daniel K. Adeleye. Nigeria Kevin J. Adkins. Manila Teresa K. Akers. Georgetown Yinka P. Akinwale. Nigeria Dana L. Alford. Cabot Abdullah Al-Garallah. Saudi Arabia Majid F. Al-Hazmi. Saudi Arabia Milton L. Allen. Searcy Steve M. Allen. Hardy Linda S. Allison. Bono Ali H. Al-Majid, Oatar Saleh A. Al-Otaibi. Saudi Arabia Dee A. Ames. Blytheville Ebrahim Amiri. Iran Joan C. Argo. Pocahontas Anna L. Arnold. Ash Flat Laurie J. Ashcraft. Jonesboro Anita J. Ashley. Athelstan Joanne J. Astin. Forrest City Lynn B. Atkinson. Mountain Home Alfred J. Austin. Marmaduke Oyebode Aworunse. New York. N.Y. Vernon M. Bacot. Jonesboro Richard L. Bagwell. Tupelo Sharon E. Bailey. Searcy Deborah A. Baker, Jacksonville Floyd D. Baker. Harlan. Ky. Laurie A. Baker. Portageville. Mo. Sarah R. Baker. Campbell. Mo. Beth Baldwin. Newark Tina L. Baldwin. Knobel Nathaniel Balentine. Newport Leslie A. Ball. Jonesboro John W. Ballard. West Memphis Stephen O. Ballard. Coming Valerie G. Ballard. West Memphis Arlene F. Baltz. Pocahontas Paul D. Baltz. Pocahontas Steven L. Banks. Marianna Gary B. Barker. Salem Karen S. Barnard. Jonesboro Kimberly A. Barnes. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Nita L. Barrett. Jonesboro Thomas A. Barnett. Akron, Ohio Paul D. Barrett. Batesville Patricia A. Bartlett. Marked Tree Darla J. Bary. Jonesboro Curtis E. Baster. Osceola Kelly G. Batterton, Viola Timothy A. Beaver. Viola Patty S. Beckley, Jonesboro Tricia M. Bednar, Jonesboro James A. Beggs. Paragould Kimberly A. Belew. Beebe Deloris J. Belin. Crossett Beverly J. Bell. Doniphan. Mo. Willis F. Bell. Des Arc Kim D. Bellers, PiggottJUNIORS Cynthia J. Bennett. Jonesboro Robert L. Bennett. Jonesboro Gregory D. Benning. Fort Smith David D. Benson. Jonesboro Don Benson. Phillipsburg. N. J. Cheryl Bentley. N. Little Rock Geoffrey Bentley. Jonesboro Buster Benton. Gilmore Karen L. Benton. Jacksonville Sharon C. Berk. Jonesboro David A. Berry. Jonesboro Jim K. Berry. Jonesboro Jeff A. Bess. Blytheville James A. Best. Cash Jo A. Billings. Newport Jeanette M. Binyon. Jacksonville Tammy K. Birmingham. Paragould Mary A. Bishop. Jonesboro Janice M. Black. Newport Susan A. Black. Osceola Terry A. Blackburn. Kennett. Mo. Tony K. Blackman, Campbell. Mo. Trent J. Blackshare. Piggott Richard E. Blair. Jonesboro Dale H. Blake. West Helena Marcus R. Blaxton. Jonesboro Linda J. Bledsoe. Campbell. Mo. Paul W. Blissard. Gibson City. 111. Jeff V. Bolding. Jonesboro Jerry D. Bolding. Kennett. Mo. Sandra L. Boling. Jonesboro Bob C. Bolton. Marked Tree Christina L. Bone. Ash Flat Hugh G. Bonner. Turner Mohammad Bosorgipour. Ft. Smith Brenda L. Bounds. Walnut Ridge Dennis R. Bradden. West Memphis Beau Braden. North Little Rock Bruce M. Bradford. Jonesboro Melissa Y. Bramlett. Pocahontas Robert Bramucci. West Memphis Kevin J. Brand. Walnut Ridge Dale Brandon. Hoxie LaDonna A. Branscum. Batesville Junelle Breckenridge. Dcrmott Ted D. Brchm. Lakeview Patrick O. Bridger. Jonesboro Peggy L. Bridges. Kennett. Mo. Abi G. Brierton, Vernon. Tex. Suzette L. Brittingham. Paragould Steve C. Broadaway. Jonesboro Lcsia Brockell. Jonesboro Hekman A. Brodell. Jonesboro Bernadette A. Brooks. Jonesboro Jane Brooks. Jonesboro Pamela R. Brooks. Jonesboro David A. Brown. Malden. Mo. Kimberly T. Brown. Jonesboro Mary E. Brown. Harrisburg Mary J. Brown. Paragould Randy D. Brown. Jonesboro Robbi J. Brown. Augusta Roger W. Brown. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Stephen L. Brown. Clarkton. Mo. Suzanne N. Brown. Paragould Tonya L. Brown. Beebe Gheric E. Bruce. West Memphis Rebecca G. Brundage. Little Rock LeeAnn Bruton. Holland, Mo. Carolyn J. Bryan. Osceola 304JUNIORS Pamela S. Bryan. Osceola Eric C. Bryant. Portageville. Mo. Robin Y. Buchanan. Gideon. Mo. James L. Buckley. Maynard Dorcas A. Bundy. Walnut Ridge Susan C. Burdyshaw. Jonesboro Frieda J. Burge. Cave City Randy M. Burger. Dansville. N. Y. Jackie K. Burleson. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Rebecca J. Burns. Rector Angela M. Burrow. Oil Trough Mary J. Burton. Swifton Katherine Bush. Helena Lisa J. Butterworth. Heber Springs Sandra L. Byrd. Steprock Sylvia A. Byrne. Jonesboro Ellen K. Cable. Pocahontas Benny W. Cagle. Lonoke Deanna M. Cagle. Paragould Allison E. Callahan. Searcy Lynne Calloway. Crawfordsville Lisa L. Cameron. Newport Kendell D. Camp. Jonesboro Laura M. Campbell. West Memphis Kimberly S. Cannon. Paragould Ken G. Carlew. Wynne Melinda G. Carlile. Stanford Brett W. Carlile. Paragould Rod F. Carmack. Kennett. Mo. David F. Carmon. Hardy Mitzi T. Carmon. Hardy Randal L. Carr. Newport Stephanie G. Carr. Peel Linda L. Carson. Jonesboro Billy E. Carter. Cherry Valley Patricia A. Carter. Mountain Home Randall A. Carter. Bono Rene D. Carter. Jonesboro Sherry L. Carter. Jonesboro Timothy C. Cash. Cabot Shelly M. Castleberry. W. Memphis Robin A. Catt. Turrell Bryan Cattanach. Peekskill, N. Y. Kathleen Cavaness. Rector Kitty K. Cavenor. West Memphis Bill D. Chamberlin. N. Little Rock Anthony D. Cherry. Manila Diane E. Childers. Jonesboro Georgia A. Chism. Jonesboro Tina C. Chism. Jonesboro Bobby L. Chunn. Brinkley Greg A. Clairday. Jonesboro Denice L. Clark. West Memphis Mark S. Clark, Forrest City Robert F. Clark. Cherokee Village Sonya D. Clark. Earle Suzanne Clark. Manila Tina L. Clairday. Jonesboro Jeffery E. Clayton. Jonesboro Steve B. Clayton. Trumann Terri M. Clayton. Marked Tree Michael W. Clem. Trumann Alfred K. Clement. Lonoke Dennis J. Clement. Rison Cheryl A. Clifton. Earle Steve W. Clifton. Dyersburg, Tenn. Scot V. Cline. Wynne Jimbo Clingingsmith. Arlington Hgts.. 111. Rhonnda S. Cloinger. Bono Carol J. Cochran, Salem 305JUNIORS Scott Cockrell. Rison Gregory W. Cole. Harrisburg John R. Cole. Piggott Roger C. Cole. Paragould Scott R. Cole. Malden Mo. Sonyia Cole. Peach Orchard Tammy L. Cole. Marmaduke Catherine F. Coleman. Jonesboro Alma E. Collins. Jonesboro Leslie D. Collins. Pocahontas Ronnie L. Collins. Forrest City Karen S. Commer. Pine Bluff Marty L. Conley. Pollard JoAnna G. Connor. Bono Phillip D. Cook. Jonesboro Donna A. Cooper. Pine Bluff Ernest E. Cooper. Paragould Janette C. Cooper. Harrisburg Todd R. Cooper. Harrisburg Timothy W. Copeland. Bay Harold R. Copenhaver. Jonesboro Joyce A. Cosper. Maynard Simone B. Costa. Brasil Charlie Costantino. LaPuente. Calif. Sherri A. Cothern. Jonesboro Wade Cothran. Bruno Darla A. Cothren, Monette Kellye J. Courtney. Wynne Timothy D. Coy. Paragould Sandra S. Cozart. Osceola Richard P. Crabtree. Jonesboro Tanya R. Crafford. Newport Mary Ellen Craig. Judsonia Elizabeth J. Crain. Braggadocio. Mo. William E. Crain. Trumann Stephen J. Crancer. Rector Chicurby D. Crayton. Stuttgart Jerry W. Creecy. Reiser Gregory A. Crews. Kennett. Mo. Pamela S. Crews. Paragould Douglas W. Criss. Trumann Suzanne L. Crocker. Lake City Connie S. Cromwell. Jonesboro Ginger K. Croom. Manila Stephen E. Crosskno. Blytheville Gregg E. Crouch. Harrisburg Jud A. Crowell. Walnut Ridge Shelia K. Crowley. Evening Shade Karen L. Crumpton. Texarkana Angela J. Culver. Pocahontas Julie A. Cumberland. N. Little Rock Charles L. Cummings. Patterson Richard L. Cummins. West Memphis Elana L. Cunningham. Jonesboro Glen A. Cunningham. Traskwood Susan K. Cunningham. Hot Springs Kellie R. Cupp. Light Rita J. Cupstid. Blytheville George E. Curnutt. Hardy Mahmoud Dabboussi. Lebanon Delia E. Danley. Jonesboro Walter E. Danley. Memphis. Tenn. Ella M. Darnell. Forrest City Stan G. Dauck. Walnut Ridge Alex David. Takoma Park. Md. Bobby S. David. Jonesboro Angela J. Davis. Ravenden Springs Cabrina R. Davis. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Edwina C. Davis. Enola Fely J. Davis. Honolulu. Hawaii 306JUNIORS Kathy R. Davis. Jonesboro Kelly F. Davis. Bald Knob Melody J. Davis. Newport Tina A. Davis. Memphis. Tenn. Zina Y. Davis. Jonesboro Bobby G. Dean. O'Kean Mark K. Dean. Beebe Timothy L. Dean. Jonesboro Marvin C. Dearien. Mountain View David J. Deaton. Manila Patsy S. Deckard. Thayer. Mo. Charlie W. Delap. Lincoln Lavon T. Denkins. Osceola Anne Denton. Mountain Home Frank Denzmore. E. St. Louis. 111. James M. Dickerson. St. Francis Susan K. Dickerson. Greenway Bonnie L. Dillard. Manila James M. Dodd. Steele. Mo. Daryl R. Dodson, Onaga. Kan. Kim A. Donnellan. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Lora G. Dorton. Trumann Donna C. Douglas. Blytheville Tracey D. Dowdle. Wynne Linda S. Downs. Egypt William F. Dresbach. Jonesboro Brian K. Duclos. Jonesboro Rickey A. Duff. Maynard Cheryl A. Dugas. Marianna Dennis Duncan. Osceola Tracie E. Dungan. Trumann Joseph H. Dunlap. Jonesboro Jeffrey S. Dunn. Pocahontas Louise L. Dust. Pocahontas Gary R. Dutton. Rogers Sandra J. Duvall. Tuckerman Jeanetta A. Eagle. Des Arc Robin D. Eaker. Paragould Polly A. Eakin. Williford David B. Earll. Yellville Gerald Earls. Willow Springs. Mo. John P. Easley. Jonesboro Adena K. Eason. Paragould Deborah D. Eckles. Jonesboro Steve T. Edgar. Jonesboro Lisa A. Edler. Cherokee Village Pamela G. Elders. Corning Joey C. Emerson. Forrest City Janice K. Emery. Blytheville Brian L. Emmons. Coahoma. Miss. Janet L. England. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Michelle A. Ermert. Corning Joel P. Eshleman. Moravia. N. Y. Josic D. Essman. Rector Gayla D. Ethridge. Jonesboro Ime T. Etudor. Quccnville. S. C. Kevin N. Eubanks. Paragould Thomas M. Eubanks. Benton Melanie S. Evans. Paragould Robin G. Evans. Blytheville Lenita G. Ezell. Jonesboro Mary L. Fager, Hot Springs Deborah C. Fairchild. Jonesboro Tim C. Faisst. Jonesboro James A. Farmer. Blytheville Mary J. Faucett. Pine Bluff Lamar K. Faught. Jonesboro Anthony G. Faulkner. Paragould Donna S. Fears. Paragould Lillie M. Fears. West Helena 307JUNIORS Sandy C. Fenner. Jonesboro Elizabeth D. Fetterly. Jonesboro Timmy D. Fielder. Hoxie Wellman L. Fielder. Piggott Kelli A. Fincher. Beebe Sybil G. Finnic. Blytheville Ricky L. Fires, Caraway Rick Fishback. Murfreesboro. Tenn. Rick D. Fitzwater. Forrest City Phillip G. Fleming. Dumas Michael T. Floyd, Jonesboro Tammy L. Forbis. Jonesboro Jeffery W. Ford. Osceola Judy G. Foreman. Decatur Pat Foss. Paragould David Foster. Daytona Beach. Fla. Deborah S. Foster. Hickory Ridge Glenn W. Foster. Jonesboro Janet L. Foster. Jonesboro Pat M. Foster, Rector Sammye A. Foust. Jonesboro Charlie D. Fowler. Weiner Manley J. Fox. Jonesboro Mark R. Franzen. Stuttgart Melissa R. Fraser. McCrory Vickie L. Frazier. Wynne Brenda K. Frealy. West Plains. Mo. Glenn D. Frealy. West Plains. Mo. Jeff G. Freeman. Paragould Danny R. French. Palestine Kim S. French. O'Kean Lowell D. French. Mammoth Spring Tracy L. French. Kennett, Mo. Diane Friday. West Memphis Mary F. Friday. Fort Smith Janet E. Fritts. Wardell. Mo. Tim L. Fulks. Jonesboro Billie R. Fuller. Locust Grove Lennie S. Fuller. Paragould Nancy C. Fuller. Jonesboro Susan C. Fuller. Russellville Pat Fullerton. Portageville. Mo. Jimmy D. Futrell. Jonesboro Nathan E. Gairhan. Jonesboro Merrilee Gaither. Hot Springs Natalie F. Gaither. Walnut Ridge Sheila D. Gaither. Walnut Ridge Tracy J. Gaither. Jonesboro Leticia Gallacher. Gautier. Miss. Philip B. Gallaher. Paragould Glenda L. Gann. Jonesboro Price C. Gardner. Little Rock Jim H. Garner. Wynne Sara M. Garrett. Little Rock Vivian R. Garrett. Palestine Dwight Gary. Jonesboro Anthony J. Gatlin. Paragould Alton I. Gayle. Atlanta. Ga. Joyce A. Gaylor. Mountain Home Cleta J. Gazaway. Pocahontas Brown E. Gbagi. Nigeria Karen R. George. Campbell. Mo. Michael W. George. Wynne Jennifer M. Gibbs. Jonesboro Brett W. Gibson. Marmaduke Bruce E. Gibson. Marmaduke Cloyce F. Gibson. Paragould David W. Gibson. Jonesboro Philip W. Gibson. Jonesboro Sallie L. Gibson. Cash 308JUNIORS Reggie L. Gillette. Steele. Mo. Arnold E. Gilliam. Jonesboro Laura C. Gilliam. Jonesboro Eugene Gilmore. Wynne Gregory L. Ginn. West Memphis Lisa L. Gipson. Rector Mike J. Gleghorn. Salem Terry M. Glenn. Jonesboro Bill B. Golden, Jonesboro Terry L. Golden. Walnut Ridge Rhonda K. Gonzalez. Luxora David K. Goodin. Bald Knob Eartha L. Good low. Wilson Renet Goodrich. Jonesboro Dave C. Goodwin. Rockford. 111. Ida B. Gordon. Marianna Terry K. Gott. Jonesboro Linda L. Graddy. Hoxie Steve W. Graddy. Hoxie Paula S. Gragg. Monette Gregory L. Graham. Reyno Howard E. Graham. West Memphis Lewis R. Graham. Benton Scarlette S. Gray. Stuttgart Stan J. Gray. Jonesboro Sue M. Gray. Jonesboro George. A. Green. Blytheville Jennifer L. Green. Jonesboro Lisa A. Green. Batesville Shonna K. Green. Hot Springs Robert I. Greene. Marked Tree Wilma B. Greeno. Weiner Tina S. Griggs. Dell Mark Grisham. Southaven. Miss. David W. Grissom. Pocahontas Bill H. Grogan. Paragould William B. Guadagnini. Flippin Pamela Gulledge. Poplar Bluff. Mo. David W. Gullic, Newport John B. Guenther. Memphis. Tenn. William E. Guy. Osceola Vicky L. Hacker. Harrison Jesus S. Hadid. Venezuela Kevin R. Hadley. Hiwasse Anna L. Hagar. Tuckerman Brenda S. Haggenmacher. Jonesboro Alma D. Hagy. Shiloh. Tenn. Roxanne R. Hale. Marianna Sharon A. Hale. Lepanto Shirley. M. Hale. Wynne Randall B. Hales. Jonesboro Steve T. Hales. Jonesboro Tiana L. Haley. Jonesboro Wendy D. Hall. Beebe Mike L. Ham. Jonesboro Anga E. Hamilton. Wynne Kimberly K. Hamilton. Paragould Brian K. Hamm. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Torri L. Hancock. Blytheville Jay L. Hansen. Cherokee Village Ali Hanzalipour. Iran Pete W. Hardesty. Blytheville Paige C. Hardy, Blytheville Ellis M. Harper. Forrest City Robert L. Harper. Gould Tommy L. Harper. West Helena Daniel J. Harris. Pocahontas David S. Harris. Hope Deborah J. Harris. Lepanto Harve B. Harris. Tuckerman 309JUNIORS Deloise A. Harrison, Moro Jan L. Harrison. Blytheville Leslie Harrison. Centerville. Ala. Pamela J. Harrison. Jonesboro Cliff Hart. Wynne Daniel W. Hart. Blytheville Sherwin L. Harvey. Warren Kay E. Haskins. Blytheville Marty E. Hastings. Paragould Tom M. Hatfield. Doniphan. Mo. Sandra L. Hathcoat. Brookland Nella J. Hattie. Lepanto Sherry A. Hawk. Walnut Ridge Jeanette Hawkins. Madison Teresa M. Hawkins. Hardy Curtis C. Hawley. Pocahontas Alice L. Hayes. Corning Peter H. Hayes. Jonesboro Patrick F. Haynes. Blytheville Ken J. Haywood. Piggott Suanne Hazelwood. Grubbs Phillip D. Healy. Paragould Ada S. Heath. McCrory Sharon R. Heeb. Harrisburg Dana J. Hefner. Knobel Fran K. Henderson. West Helena Nena L. Hendrix. Jonesboro Monica A. Henson, West Point. N. Y. Cindy L. Herring. Hot Springs Gordon H. Herron. Jonesboro Diana M. Hester. Corning Darrell C. Hester. Marmaduke Jack Hoston. Batesville Theron A. Hightower. Hot Springs Elizabeth A. Hilburn. Kennett Mo. Emmitt L. Hill. Wynne Jamie L. Hill. Newport John N. Hill. Jonesboro Sheila M. Hill. Pine Bluff Guy W. Hinman. Paragould Steven P. Hinsley. Hot Springs Cynthia S. Hodge. Pocahontas Mark W. Hodge. Marmaduke Tammy J. Hoggard. Caraway Terry B. Hoggard. Piggott Vivian A. Holder. West Helena Mary A. Holifield. Paragould Judy K. Holland. Lafe Moose Holliman. Blytheville Jeffery L. Hollis. Jonesboro Carmen Y. Holmes. Greenville. Miss. Leonard S. Holmes. Bono Tamara A. Hood, West Memphis Alisa Hopkins. Caruthersville. Mo. Carla Hopper. Caruthersville. Mo. Glenn Hopper. Blytheville Scott L. Horrell. Marmaduke David D. Horton. Tun-ell Rebecca J. Hoskins. Walnut Ridge Teresa D. Hoskins. Paragould Charles R. Hoskyn. Stuttgart Elizabeth D. House. Memphis. Tenn. Tammy R. Houston. Maynard Kenneth J. Hubbard. West Memphis Stephen W. Hubbard. Blytheville David M. Huber. Jonesboro Mary-Elizabeth Huber. Jonesboro Dana J. Hughes. Kennett. Mo. Harvey B. Hughes. Mountain Home Debra L. Hughlett. Braden. Tenn. 310JUNIORS Chris A. Hulett. Swifton Anita B. Humphreys. Thayer. Mo. David C. Hundley. Bay Bruce W. Hunt. Doniphan. Mo. David W. Hunt. Decatur John A. Hunt. Paragould Hensley Hurley. Jonesboro John G. Hutchison. Quitman Tina Hutchison. Rector James R. Hutton. Kennett. Mo. Steve W. Hyde. Paragould Kenith L. Icenogle. Batesville John A. Igbinoba. Nigeria Tammy J. Inman. Hoxie Zona F. Inman. Powhatan Paul W. Irby. Jonesboro Steve R. Isbell. Steele. Mo. Donald E. Ivy. Pocahontas Jane A. Jackard. Lenexa. Kan. Alesia V. Jackson. Marvell Connie R. Jackson. Memphis. Tenn. David W. Jackson. West Helena Jane Jackson. Wynne Judy S. Jackson. Trumann Laura L. Jackson, Senath. Mo. Lyndol L. Jackson. Hardy Thomas S. Jacques. Nashville Virgil J. James. Benton Loretta M. Jamieson, Hardy Lydia L. Jansen. Pocahontas Catherine L. Jarrett. Pocahontas Tim G. Jarrett. Paragould Dara Javadipourafsari. Iran Gary D. Jayroe. Forrest City Michelle Jenkins. Marvell Emma L. Jessen, Imboden Leecie Johns. Jonesboro Charles E. Johnson. Leachville Donna S. Johnson. Earle Ella F. Johnson. Marianna Glender L. Johnson. Blytheville Kelli J. Johnson. Jonesboro Kenna G. Johnson. Paragould Marilou M. Johnson. Jonesboro Marilyn A. Johnson. Holly Grove Michelle A. Johnson, Little Rock Russell K. Johnson. West Memphis Stanley E. Johnson. Marmaduke Teresa L. Johnson. Ash Flat William Johnson. Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Dorothy D. Johnston. Helena Brigitte S. Jones. Marianna Cynthia D. Jones. Walnut Ridge Henry P. Jones IV. Jonesboro Herman N. Jones. Malvern James F. Jones. Harrisburg Luann Jones. Hoxie Marcia L. Jones. Smithville Martha L. Jones. Jonesboro Mary A. Jones. Blytheville Michealle L. Jones. Smithville Sherri L. Jones. Jonesboro Theresa J. Jones. Trumann Timothy A. Jones. Jonesboro Timothy E. Jones. Batesville Jenny A. Jordan. Blytheville Terri L. Joseph. Searcy A1 Joyner. East St. Louis. 111. Mark K. Justus. Bono Mohammad Kashami. Iran 311JUNIORS Kel Kauffman. Fordyce Hossein Kaveh, Iran Samuel E. Kayea. Liberia Charles A. Keller. Jonesboro Dana R. Keller. Blytheville David P. Kelley. Dallas. Tex. Shelley J. Kelley. Jonesboro Andrew J. Kelly. Paragould Marshall J. Kelly. Marianna Walter A. Kendel. Jonesboro Tommy J. Kennett. Leachville Diane J. Kertz. Forrest City Dola F. Kesterson. Marion Judy L. Kever. Batesville Mark L. Key. Jonesboro Kimberly J. Kilker, Rogers Ronald G. Killough. Oak Grove Sarah J. Kimbrough. Fort Smith Berry L. King. Jonesboro Charlotte E. King. Dalton John P. King. West Memphis Kevin D. Kingston. Jonesboro Lillian M. Kipp. Pocahontas Cynthia L. Kirby. Bloomfield. Mo. Theresa J. Kirksey. Jonesboro Maynard Kittrell. McCrory Aretha Knight. Crawfordsville Brenda K. Knight. McCrory Angie R. Knoll. Clarendon Steven Knuckles. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Kim S. Kueter. Paragould Mary J. Lack. Corning Jo Carol Lacy. North Little Rock Phillip H. Laden. Steele. Mo. James P. Laird. Paragould Bobby C. Lamb. Walnut Ridge Edd Lambert. Leachville Judy C. Lamp. Jonesboro John L. Lance. Newport Douglas W. Lander. St. Louis. Mo. Carl D. Landis. Paragould Rusty L. Langle. Viola Teresa A. Langston. Morriston Arthur A. Larmi. Mountain Home Gregory K. Larson, Mammoth Spring Patricia E. LaRue. Jonesboro Charis R. Lawrence. Paragould Betty J. Leach. Weiner Julie M. Leake. Rector Barry K. Ledbetter. West Memphis Debbie L. Lee. Paragould Patricia A. Lee. Blytheville Wanda B. Lee. Jonesboro Joey D. Lemay. Newport Mark A. Lercher. McRae Cyril C. Lester. Richmond. Ind. Charles Letbetter. Little Rock Charles J. Lewis. Hayti. Mo. Jack Lewis. Dell Judious Lewis. Marion Carolyn J. Ley. Dalton Keith Liddell. Paragould Betty L. Ligon. Marion Leigh A. Lilly. Jonesboro Melanie D. Linn. Jonesboro Carol L. Lockard. Hope Mark E. Locker. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Susan K. Loften. Paragould Glyn D. Logue. Parkin Jeffery A. Long. Amagon 312JUNIORS Karen S. Long. Jonesboro Martha A. Long. DeWitt Terri L. Long. Marked Tree Chris J. Looney. Jonesboro Leslie C. Lott. Jonesboro Jeffery L. Lovell. Jonesboro Marvin A. Lowe. Crossett William P. Lowe. Cherokee Village Stacy A. Lutz. Blytheville Kimberly A. Lybrand. Osceola Carla R. Lynn. Paragould David M. Lynn. Jonesboro Larry W. Lytle. Fort Worth, Tex. Brian C. Macintosh. Supply Mojgan Madjlessi. Iran Samuel C. Madu. Nigeria Kevin L. Malloy. Leachville Kevin Maloney. Mount Prospect. 111. Marsha K. Mangrum. Paragould Leisa C. Manning. Jonesboro Mitchell K. Marks. Fair Oaks D. Price Marshall. Jonesboro Dorothy F. Marshall. Birdsong Kathryn L. Marshall. Lepanto Donald L. Martin. Long Beach. Calif. Kathy A. Martin. Cherokee Village Vicki Martin. Batesville Wade Martin. Jonesboro Donna C. Masters. Arbyrd, Mo. Bertha L. Mathis. Cotton Plant Dennis R. Matlock. Mountain Pine Woodrow Mays. Jacksonville. N. C. Hadi Mazaheri. Marshall. Minn. Sandra L. McBride. Jonesboro Holly M. McCall. Bradford Teresa I. McCann. Marion Billy D. McCarroll. Black Rock Catherine McCauley. N. Little Rock Earl S. McCauley. Wynne Rusty A. McClain. Wynne Kim McClintock. Cherry Valley Barbara L. McCord. Memphis. Tenn. Gary D. McCracken. Jonesboro Angela McCullough. Kennett. Mo. Cindy A. McCullough. Salem Amy R. McDaniel. Forrest City Barbara G. McDaniel. Jonesboro Patricia K. McDaniel. Paragould Cynthia McDonald. Mountain Home Patrecia McDonald. Bragg City. Mo. John W. McDowell. Corning Terana D. McFall. Paragould James K. McGee. Rosie Russell V. McGlynn. Elmira. N. Y. Mark A. McGough. Jonesboro Danny R. McKenney. Rector Anthony O. McKinney. Camden James R. McKinney. Jonesboro Karen J. McKinney. Jonesboro Richard G. McKinney. Jonesboro Garland McKlinter. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Jana L. McLane. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Lorri McMillen. Portageville. Mo. Teresa A. McNabb. Peach Orchard Mary K. McNatt. Newport Timothy E. McNatt. Brookland Miriam S. McNeely. McCrory Mary V. McQuary. Little Rock Sheila F. Mealer. Paragould Syrena E. Meeks. Black Rock 313JUNIORS Steven S. Meents. Woodridge. 111. Judy M. Meier. St. Louis. Mo. Scott Melhorn. Parkin Bud Melton. Newport Rodney D. Merkle. Cissna Park. 111. Joseph W. Merlo. Pine Bluff Joyce Merriman. Jonesboro Beth L. Merryman. Madison. S. D. Abdellatif Mesaliam. Saudi Arabia Penny J. Metcalf. Leachville Jim H. Metz. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Paul R. Meurer. Bono Stella A. Michaelidou. Cyprus Brenda L. Milde. Jonesboro Shirley R. Miles. West Helena Carl F. Miller. Judsonia Jerry K. Miller. Marked Tree Jerry M. Miller. Jonesboro Kenneth A. Miller. Brookland Michael L. Miller. Star City Pam J. Miller. Glencoe Renet S. Miller. Lake City Lanny L. Million. Monette Michael W. Millsaps. Blytheville David W. Minner. Searcy Charles P. Mitchell. Jonesboro Max H. Mize. Smithville Julie R. Mobley. Rector David W. Moffatt. Crossett Daniel A. Moise. Jonesboro Suparjo N. Mokhtar. Malaysia Jeff N. Moody. Blytheville Howard T. Mooney. Highland Lucinda D. Mooney. Jonesboro Carla Moore. Manila Doug T. Moore. Moro Joe H. Moore. Manila Kenny R. Moore. Manila Kipp J. Moore. Dayton. Ohio Pamela Moore. Oliver Branch. Miss. Stanley R. Moore. Cherry Valley Vickie L. Moore. Blytheville William A. Moore. Marion Luis A. Morales. Manila Angela A. Moran. Blytheville Sherry D. Moran. Jonesboro Bruce Morgan. Forest City Richard A. Morgan. Humphrey Dixie L. Moritz. DeWitt Barbara J. Morris. Creighton. Mo. Margaret R. Morris. Paragould Robin L. Morris. Melbourne Ronald W. Morris. Melbourne Tim Morris. Paragould Virginia A. Morrow. Reyno Mike L. Mort. Midland Esuabana Moses. Nigeria Mitch Mosley. Walnut Ridge Demos G. Mouskis. Cyprus Darryl L. Moyer. Hardy Walter W. Murphy. Bassett Marilyn J. Murray. Paragould Arthur L. Myers. Biggers Patricia A. Myers. Jonesboro Melvin E. Nance. Newport David A. Nash. Marion Sherry A. Naylor. Wapakoneta. Ohio Dorothy C. Neal. Augusta Michael A. Neal. Memphis. Tenn. Walter H. Neasbitt. Jonesboro 314JUNIORS Rick C. Neece. Pocahontas Vanessa Neeley. West Memphis Adam B. Newsom. Pine Bluff Stanley K. Newsom. Mammoth Spring Viki L. Newsom. DeWitt Danette C. Newton. Lake City David E. Newton. North Little Rock Janie E. Newton. Tuckerman Vai T. Nguyen. Jonesboro Charles M. Nichols. Keiser Jeff Nichols. Delaware City. Del. Julie Nichols. Kennett. Mo. Cathy F. Nicholson. Marianna Cynthia K. Nicholson. Searcy Tommy D. Nicholson. Grubbs Carla M. Nimocks. Forrest City Melanie L. Nix. Jonesboro Tanya R. Noland. North Little Rock Rhonda J. Nolen. Hayti. Mo. Jay S. Norris. Cherokee Village Kim M. Novak. Ash Flat Rebecca D. Obarts. Pocahontas Paulinus C. Ogu. Nigeria Keith O'Kelley. Germantown. Tenn. Bertha M. Oliver. Lexa Bill Oliver. Memphis. Tenn. Lisa M. Oltman. Brinkley Lawrence Onyeugbo. Clarksville Shelly D. Orick. Paragould Tracy A. Orick. Jonesboro Melissa L. Osburn. Pine Bluff James P. Osment. Jonesboro Rose M. Oswald. Jonesboro Olusegun Otegbeye. Nigeria Michael L. Owens. Trumann Scott W. Owens. Lake City Stanley G. Ozier. Thida Vonda L. Pagan. Jonesboro Sara L. Palmer. Senath. Mo. Terry A. Pannullo. Dell Majid Parcham, Jonesboro LaRue Parker. Searcy Preston W. Parker. Crawfordsville Mary S. Parkman. Forrest City Darrell A. Parks. Little Rock Karen S. Parks. Jonesboro Zackwrie S. Parr, Kennett. Mo. Lisa G. Partain. Rossville. Ga. Michael W. Partlow, Paragould John T. Pascua. Jonesboro Carol S. Passmore. West Memphis Tracey D. Passmore. Parkin Kimbela J. Payne. Paragould Linda D. Pearson. Paragould Tom Peebles. Augusta Glenda L. Pellham. Kennett. Mo. Belinda G. Penn. Jonesboro Rita L. Perkey. Cave City Karen R. Perkins. Franklin Julio F. Pernia, Venezuela Margaret A. Peters. Marked Tree Sandra M. Petty. Manila Daniel S. Phillians. Jonesboro Ellen Phillips. Cherokee Village Gary L. Phillips. Hickory Ridge Gene Phillips. Cherokee Village Georgia A. Phillips. Blytheville Jeffery L. Phillips. Marmaduke Tammy L. Phillips. Walnut Ridge Janelyn Phipps. St. Louis. Mo. 315JUNIORS Donna L. Picrcy. Cave City Mary M. Pleroni. Lake Village Robyn G. Pike. Caruthersville. Mo. Angela Pikschus. Batesville Eddie D. Pilgrim. Caraway Jerry A. Pillow. Paragould Mark S. Pillow. Batesville Kathryn A. Pinner. Judsonia Jeff A. Pipkin. Bald Knob Wilson R. Pipkin. Keller. Tex. Barry W. Pippenger. Newport Eddie A. Pogue. Paragould Patricia Poindexter. Deering. Mo. Pamela L. Poling. Jonesboro Randy B. Pool. Jonesboro Wade F. Poorman. Newport Annie B. Porter. Joiner Genevieve Porter, Naylor. Mo. Thomas M. Porter. Osceola Darlene Y. Post. Jonesboro Billy L. Powell. Lepanto Mark A. Powell. Melbourne Mary G. Powell, Blytheville William M. Powers. Pocahontas Kelly J. Prance. Kennett, Mo. Phillip W. Pratt. Providence Steve T. Prestidge, Black Rock Mark A. Priest. St. Louis. Mo. Brent Propes. Hardy Elvin B. Pulley. Lepanto Debra R. Pumphery. Dalton Lugenia J. Purnell. Wynne Billy S. Pyland. Paragould Carrie E. Pylant. Jonesboro Susan J. Qualls. Lake City A1 Quarrels. Palestine Hossein Rahgouy. Iran Kathy J. Raines. Tuckerman Jeannie E. Rains. Jonesboro Renee A. Rainwater. Walnut Ridge Ross A. Rainwater. Walnut Ridge Laura L. Raley. Paragould Robert W. Ralph. Oldsmar. Fla. Randy D. Ramsey. Newport Daniel R. Raper. Pocahontas Joseph A. Rapert, Pocahontas Brenda G. Rasdon. Harrisburg Robert K. Raspberry. Jonesboro Joy E. Ray. Paragould Brenda G. Raymond. Lepanto Kimberlon Reaves. Chicago. 111. Nancy J. Reddick. Maynard Charlotte R. Reece. Jonesboro Lynne D. Reed. Jonesboro Marcus L. Reeves. Paragould Cecilia D. Reiman. Waldenburg Jed A. Reinhard. Trumann Linda A. Reinmund. Memphis. Tenn. Modjtabba Reza. Iran Betty J. Rhama. Jonesboro Lindy D. Rhodes. Jonesboro Janet G. Rice. Pocahontas George Richardson. Crawfordsville Llzabeth E. Richardson. Jonesboro Michael K. Richardson. Pocahontas Melissa Richey. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Bonnie J. Richmond. Helena Rechfc A. Richmond. Jonesboro Lisa G. Rickman. Senath. Mo. Bonnie J. Riga. Jonesboro 316 JUNIORS Bobby A. Riggins. West Memphis Carol J. Rikard. Jonesboro Thomas A. Riley. Jonesboro Kim A. Ring. Cherokee Village Lindsay C. Ringo, Reyno Audie D. Roach. Walnut Ridge Donald D. Roach. Jonesboro Joe Roberts. Palestine Michael D. Roberts. West Memphis Michael L. Roberts. Marked Tree Richard A. Roberts. Jonesboro Theresa G. Roberts. Jonesboro Tommy A. Roberts. Jonesboro Joycelyn R. Robertson. Bono Mary E. Robertson. Newport Debra A. Robinett. Jonesboro Chuckle M. Robinson. Osceola Deborah K. Robinson. Egypt Florence Robinson. Parkin Jack C. Robinson. Walnut Ridge Martha L. Robinson. Newport William E. Robinson. Jonesboro Cherie A. Robison. Jonesboro Brenda K. Rofe. Osceola David C. Rogers. Jonesboro Freddy Rogers. West Helena Joanna K. Rogers. Paragould Rhys G. Rogers. Paragould Sherry R. Rogers. Hoxie Glen C. Rolland. Monette William S. Rollins. Jonesboro Susan E. Rooker. Little Rock Darryl W. Rose. Cash Stanley J. Rose. Cash James A. Ross. Turrell Jill R. Ross. Ringgold. Ga. Debhora K. Rosse. Trumann Jack M. Rounsavall. Blytheville Rodney M. Rouse. Piggott Raymond L. Routon. Blytheville Alfred T. Rowe. Paragould Melinda L. Rowell. Hermitage Mary E. Rowland. Paragould Nadean Rubio. Corning Rigina Rudnick. Caruthersville. Mo. Buddy Rudolph. Hardy Renee S. Russenberger. Mabelvale Jeff J. Rutherford, Jonesboro Jenny L. Rutherford. Jonesboro Jennifer L. Ryan. Marmaduke Deborah T. Rye. Tyronza Davood Saghafian. Iran Karen L. Sain. Hoxie Joan E. Sailings. McCrory Jeri C. Sanders. Hayti. Mo. Stephen M. Sandlin. Pocahontas Norris D. Sandridge. Cave City Anthony Sardone. Silver Spring. Md. LcAnn R. Scarff, Jonesboro Mark L. Schafer. Lonoke Charles T. Schaffhauser. Marvell Gregory A. Schaper. Jonesboro Gary P. Schirmacher. Jonesboro Lisa A. Schliep. Stuttgart Bonny G. Schmidt. Pocahontas Stacy L. Schwindt. Pocahontas Donna J. Scott. Piggott Dorothy J. Scott. Jonesboro Gerald F. Scott. McCrory Johnnie J. Scott. Mountain View 317JUNIORS Lori E. Scott. Warren Ricky J. Scott. Bay Robert B. Scott. Williford Susan E. Scott. Salem Tim Scott. Kotzebue. Alaska Wes F. Scott. Bono Cynthia J. Seabcr. Kennett. Mo. Boyd L. Self. Cabot Mark A. Settlemoir, Paragould Teresa E. Sexton. Mountain Home Robert Shackelford. Germantown. Tenn. Kathleen A. Shannon. Harrisburg David E. Sharp. Jonesboro Russell K. Sharp. Black Rock Paula Shaw, Portageville. Mo. Connie L. Shedd. Manila Mehdi Sheikholeslamzadeh. Iran Raye L. Shelton. Corning Teresa A. Shempert. Trumann Melissa A. Shepherd. Harrisburg Candace S. Sheppard. Paragould Ronnie E. Sherrell. Bragg City. Mo. Melissa C. Shipp. Salado Troy D. Shirey. Little Rock Janet C. Shirley. Hot Springs Denise A. Shook. Knobel Bobby J. Shreeves. Marmaduke Erma J. Simes. West Helena James W. Simington. Pocahontas Freddie Simmons. East St. Louis. 111. Kenny J. Simmons. Bald Knob Karen C. Simpson. Lake City Lillie K. Simpson. Newport Stacy D. Simpson. Bono Ernest W. Sims. Poplar Grove Jai Singh. Washington D.C. Lisa L. Singleton. Walnut Ridge James D. Sisk. Oil Trough Karen D. Sisk. Oil Trough David R. Skelton. Blytheville Kevin D. Slayton. Walnut Ridge Judith Slinkard. Senath. Mo. Billy J. Smith, Paragould Bard E. Smith. Jonesboro Brian H. Smith. Jonesboro Carla M. Smith. Little Rock Debi L. Smith, Swifton Dennis C. Smith. Cherry Valley Jeffrey K. Smith. Kennett. Mo. Joe G. Smith. Jonesboro Joseph B. Smith. Trumann Judy A. Smith. Jonesboro Leslie D. Smith. Little Rock Michael A. Smith. West Memphis Monty R. Smith. St. Francis Patricia J. Smith. Marion Phillip H. Smith. Jonesboro Richard A. Smith. Walnut Ridge Robin M. Smith. Jacksonville Roger D. Smith. Cherry Valley Sandra L. Smith. Judsonia Sharon J. Smith, Cabot Sheila A. Smith. Paragould Susan E. Smith. Jonesboro Susan L. Smith. Ballwin. Mo. Terry L. Smith. Owensville. Mo. Tom W. Smith, Melbourne Liz R. Snider. Forrest City George J. Socst. St. Louis. Mo. Lisa A. South. Piggott 318JUNIORS Lisa A. Southard. Blytheville Karolyn K. Sowle, Jonesboro Glen L. Spargo. Cherry Valley Jacqueline K. Sparks. Cardwell. Mo. Biff Sparrow. Memphis. Tenn. Tammy S. Smith. Jonesboro Terry E. Smith. Light Rebecca L. Speer. Rector Albert L. Spence. Cabot Debbie L. Spencer, Jonesboro Robin L. Spencer. Jonesboro David L. Spivey. Jonesboro Rick J. Spivey. Benton James W. Spurloch. Wilson Keith S. Squires. Glen Rose Randy Stalwaker. Walnut Ridge Sandra J. Standefer. Trumann Deborah Stanfill. Caruthersville. Mo. Kathy L. States. Jonesboro Emilie Y. Statler. Egypt John D. Stegall. Newport Jill A. Steinegger. Jonesboro Mark M. Stephens. Bay Sandra G. Stephens. Lafe Jackie Stevens. Judsonia Mark A. Stevens. Jonesboro Jeanine L. Stevenson. Earle Kathryn L. Stewart. Jonesboro Lisa M. Stewart. Monette Mary J. Stewart. Reiser Weldon T. Stewart. Steele. Mo. Dan T. Stidham. Paragould Tamara Stiff. Great Falls. Mont. Michael S. Stimson. Newport Ray C. Stith. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Karen D. Stoker. Jonesboro Melody D. Stokes. Osceola Roger D. Stokes. Piggott Kimberly R. Stone. Pocahontas Jerome L. Stone. Portageville. Mo. Melea A. Story. Biggers Theresa A. Stover. Newport Mark A. St. Pierre. Jonesboro Norma L. Stracener. Reiser Janet L. Stricklin. DeWitt Steve Stubblefield. Kansas City. Kan. Rose M. Stuckey. Pine Bluff Jackie K. Studdard, Jonesboro Kathryn D. Sturdivant. Paragould George G. Sullivan. Walnut Ridge Lexie Sullivan. Smithville Jerry K. Summers. Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Sumpter. Marked Tree Baljeet Suri, Kenya Eddie C. Sutton. Blytheville William Swails. Jacksonville. Fla. Janet L. Swan. Marked Tree Coral K. Swofford. Jonesboro Mehran Tabatabai-Naini. Jonesboro Lowell S. Tabor. Jonesboro Judy K. Tackett. Trumann Cynthia J. Talbott. Neelyville, Mo. Steve W. Talburt. Henderson. Lewis E. Tanner. Hardy Arthur P. Tate. Jonesboro Bill Taylor. Bay Cooper G. Taylor. Lake City Frank F. Taylor. Marmaduke Kelvin L. Taylor. Little Rock Lynda K. Taylor. Rogers 319JUNIORS Melissa F. Taylor. McCrory Renee F. Taylor. Jonesboro Sarah D. Taylor. West Helena Brenda J. Teague. Batesville Rebecca K. Tedder. Paragould Michael L. Templeton. Jonesboro Patricia A. Tennille. Jonesboro Lucy E. Terrell. Batesville Ruth A. Terry. Trumann Cyndi A. Thayer. Blytheville Lynette S. Thetford. Bono Gerry A. Thielemier, Pocahontas Sam J. Thigpen, Trumann Gary W. Thomas. West Memphis Cathy J. Thompson. Pocahontas Darlene Thompson. Pine City Ella M. Thompson. Blytheville Jeana R. Thompson. Jonesboro Michael D. Thompson, Bruce. Miss. Vanessa Thompson. Hayti. Mo. Walter L. Thornton. Piggott James R. Thrasher. Jonesboro Tim G. Thrasher. Jonesboro Jimmy D. Thresher. Imboden Harry N. Thurman. Jonesboro Jerry Thurman. Paragould Stephen R. Thurman. Bloomfield. Mo. Michael L. Tibbs. Paragould Lorraine M. Tierney. Jonesboro Steven R. Tilley. Newport Marion C. Tinsley. Marmaduke Michael Todd. Parkin Nona J. Tolbert. Jonesboro Gary K. Tollison, Jonesboro James P. Tooley. Mooreland. Okla. Vickie J. Townsend. Knobel Frank A. Travis. Jonesboro Marna L. Travis. Jonesboro Lisa S. Trevathan. Jonesboro Bruce A. Trice. Stuttgart Tammie L. Trippe. Jacksonville Jon V. Troxel. Reyno Kelly G. Tucker. Cave City Lisa A. Turner. Jonesboro Ruth A. Turner. Haynes Tad Turner. Wynne Susan M. Tusing. Dell Mary J. Tyler. Pocahontas Caroline A. Tyner. Jonesboro Aniefiok E. Udo. Nigeria Ed L. Underwood. Jonesboro Michael E. Unterborn. Hardy Linda K. Utley, Jonesboro Michael D. Utley, Harrisburg Connie D. Uzel. Blytheville Chip G. Vanaman. Paragould Kim L. Vance. Paragould Dana R. VanPatten. Searcy Anna F. Vanwinkle. Gassville Jackie G. Vaughn. Osceola Linda D. Vaughn Jonesboro Gillette Veasley. Cherry Valley Carolyn J. Vernon. West Memphis Belinda D. Vines. Newport Alan K. Vivrette. Jonesboro Gregory C. Volner. Harrisburg Kim M. Vowell, Paragould LeAnne Wise. Blytheville Paul D. Waddell. Jonesboro Debbie A. Wade. Jonesboro 320JUNIORS Linda C. Wainscott. Kennett. Mo. Deborah A. Waite. Jonesboro Bonnie L. Waites. Pocahontas Debra D. Waits. Jonesboro Daniel E. Walden. Paragould John N. Walden. Jonesboro Marianna K. Walden. Paragould Susan E. Walden. Jonesboro June S. Waldo. Parkin David G. Walker. Jonesboro Dennis R. Walker. Newton. Kan. Ernest L. Walker. Jonesboro Jo R. Walker. Monette Rayfield Walker. Parkin Tommy D. Walker. Jonesboro Dean Wallace. Augusta James E. Wallace. Steele. Mo. Michael M. Wallace. Kennett. Mo. Rachel J. Wallace. Bald Knob Jeanette C. Waltrip. Holcomb. Mo. Tammie J. Wann. Paragould Billy J. Ward. Hughes David M. Ward. Jonesboro Robert D. Ward. Jonesboro Allen L. Warmath. Piggott Jeff C. Warneke. Jonesboro George Washington. Forrest City Janet L. Washington. Jonesboro Amelia X. Waters. Wynne DeAnna J. Waters. Poplar Grove Bruce M. Watson. Paragould Cynthia J. Watson. Trumann Herbert S. Watson. Earle Jane Watson. Crossett Michael L. Watson. Senath. Mo. Ron D. Watson. Beebe Mary J. Watt. Paragould Alan P. Wayman. Batesville Renee Weatherford. Diaz Gene Weeks. Harrisburg Elaine L. Weisberger. Hot Springs Lisa R. Weisenbach. Maynard Julea J. Weld. Land O'Lakes. Fla. Dana E. Wellborn. Pocahontas Barry L. Wells. Leachville Tim S. Wells. Paragould Melanie Westbook. N. Little Rock Dale T. Wester. Pocahontas Jim Whaley. Jonesboro Debra L. White. Mountain Home Michael R. White. Des Arc Milton D. White. Blytheville Odell Whiteside. Luxora Jeffrey A. Whitson. Little Rock Rhonda E. Whybrew. Newport Steve D. Wicker. Jonesboro Georgia L. Wiley. Proctor Brett Wilkins. Hughes Phillip K. Wilkins. Paragould La Donna M. Willcockson. Hardy Michael S. Willhite. Jonesboro Paul A. William. Joneboro Anita J. Williams. Parkin Chris B. Williams. West Memphis Darice Williams. Jonesboro Eddie J. Williams. West Memphis Franklin Williams. Jackson. Tenn. Marty A. Williams. Cherry Valley Ricky L. Williams. Paragould Sherrie K. Williams. Forrest City 321JUNIORS Timothy R. Williams. Harrisburg Wendell Williams. Cotton Plant Winnie M. Williams. Corning Joe K. Williamson. Pocahontas Mary L. Williford. Forrest City Carlecia L. Willis. Elgin. 111. Charles M. Wilson. Stuttgart Cynthia A. Wilson. Smithville Debbie L. Wilson. West Memphis James E. Wilson. Tuckerman Jimmy D. Wilson. Paragould John E. Wilson. Monette Martin H. Wilson. Hickory Ridge Martin K. Wilson. Forrest City Suzanne Wilson, Forrest City Karen Wimberley. Caruthersville. Mo. Laurie Wimberley. Little Rock Rickie G. Wimberley. Monette Timothy W. Winchester. Gideon. Mo. Sonya J. Winningham. Jonesboro Sherri V. Winters. Harrisburg Vickie L. Winton. Piggott Joel Wofford. Widener Winthrop W. Wofford. Brinkley William R. Wood. Heber Springs James H. Woods. Wynne LaRhonda J. Woods. Manila Kim A. Woosley. Cabot Mary L. Wooten. Helena Rickey Wooten. West Memphis Mitchell G. Worlow, Sedgwick Travis L. Worthington. Trumann Jeff W. Wren. Pocahontas Dallen D. Wright. Belleville. Ill Gary B. Wright. Piggott Jacquelyn K. Wright. Doniphan. Mo. Jamie D. Wright. Jonesboro Pamela R. Wright. Desha Steven L. Wright. Marmaduke Valerie M. Wright. Trumann Jimmy R. Wyatt. Rosie Jodi A. Wyse. Jonesboro Stacy Wyse. Jonesboro Dennis J. Yarbro. Hickory Ridge Danny C. Yarbrough. Paragould Thomas B. Yarbrough. Jonesboro Cathryn G. Yates. Paragould Lisa M. Yeager. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Nancy L. York. Alicia Cheri D. Young. Trumann Marlene Young, Wabbaseka Michael Young. Santa Ana. Calif. Nancy C. Young. Carlisle Nanci J. Zimmer. Jonesboro 322SOPHOMORES 323SOPHOMORES Zakaria F. Abdallat. Jordon Barbara K. Ackeret. Jonesboro Robert Lee Acord. Manila Donna L. Adams. West Ridge Patricia Adams. Jonesboro Jonathan C. Adams. Jonesboro Carroll D. Addington. Jonesboro Teresa L. Agee. Paragould Jon B. Ahrens. Little Rock Abdullah M. Akshan. Saudi Arabia William C. Alery. Newport Darien P. Alford. Kennett. Mo. Own K. AL-Husseini. Saudi Arabia Cheryl M. Allen. Hardy Marilyn O. Allen. Dermott Pamela G. Allen. Walnut Ridge Calvin T. Allison. Walnut Ridge Camille Allison. Orlando. Fla. Winifred Carol Almand. Quitman Amer M. AL-Shafii, Lebanon Angelia J. Anderson. Newport Lisa K. Anderson. Stuttgart Robert W. Anderson. Pocahontas Gregory Scott Arender. Jonesboro Anna C. Armstrong, Jonesboro Steve W. Armstrong. Jonesboro Karen E. Arnold. Jonesboro Joe E. Ashburn. Joiner Terri L. Ashford. Cleveland. Miss. Diane Askew. Osceola Husam F. Atari. Jordan Paige L. Atkison. Corning Sharon L. Autry. Jonesboro Nancy L. Baer. Hardy Karen L. Bailey. Forrest City Martha A. Bailey. Cherokee Village Shirley J. Bailey. Paragould Melissa M. Baioni. Marion Charlotte R. Baker. Trumann Dwight H. Baker. Alicia Holly J. Baker. Wynne Nina G. Baker. Alicia Randal K. Baker. Piggott Nancy G. Baldwin. Knobel Lawanda L. Ballard. Oil Trough Joseph H. Banks. Jonesboro Juanita Y. Banks. Paragould Tony G. Banks. Marianna Traci L. Barber. Lake City Gary W. Barch. Luxora Robert A. Barker. Jonesboro Steven C. Barker. Salem David B. Barnes. Jonesboro Mary K. Barnes. Forrest City Scott W. Barnes. Campbell. Mo. Deborah K. Barnett, Jonesboro Jay R. Barnett. Maynard Troyce D. Barnett. Cave City Terry L. Barry. Blythcville Clyde W. Bass. Waldon Laura L. Bass. Jonesboro Teresa L. Bassham. Moko Sonya R. Battles. Cotton Plant Terry D. Baugh. Jonesboro Lisa A. Baxter. West Memphis Shari A. Bay. Paragould Rita D. Beaird. Bernie. Mo. James A. Beard. Holcomb. Mo. James W. Beck. Marked Tree Sarah E. Beck. Jonesboro 324SOPHOMORES Teresa R. Begley. Trumann Tammy D. Belk. Mountain Home Jack Bell. Searcy Lori E. Bell. Hot Springs Richard B. Bell. Marmaduke Sharon E. Bell. Harrisburg Scott R. Benedict. Horseshoe Bend Amy I. Bennett. Stuttgart Dallas G. Benson. Jonesboro Cecilia M. Benton. Jacksonville Thurman Beshears Jr.. Wynne Susan J. Bickers. Pleasant Plains Alfred W. Biggs. Paragould Nancy Birmingham. Tuckerman Manuel C. Bixler. Clinton Tanya C. Blackwell. DeValls Bluff Tiffany M. Blackwell. Stuttgart Brent M. Blakely. Searcy Leslie R. Blanks. Jonesboro David C. Blevins. Jonesboro William R. Bobbitt. Jonesboro Amanda Bollinger. Manila Kim D. Bomar. Piggott Barbara J. Bond, Jonesboro Boyce D. Bonham. Bono Elaine A. Bosche. Jonesboro Laurel S. Boshers. Clarendon Joan M. Boughter. Jacksonville David M. Bounds. Walnut Ridge Billy R. Bowers. Wynne Mark E. Bowers. Cash Jamie S. Bowlin. Paragould Marla L. Bowlin. Beech Grove Brenda A. Bowman. Doniphan. Mo. Robert W. Boxley. Marked Tree Elizabeth B. Boyd. Jonesboro Jacqueline Boyd. Forrest City Michelle A. Boyd. Manila Charles W. Bradley. Rockford. 111. Jacqueline Branch. Paragould Keith E. Brand. Walnut Ridge Sandra K. Brand. Alicia Cindy Branscum. Fifty Six Billy M. Braswell. OeWitt LouAnn Bray. Tuckerman Jacque Breazeal. Jonesboro Lynn T. Breckenridge, Earle Brooke E. Breeding. Mountain View Darrell E. Brewer. Pocahontas William R. Bridger. Jonesboro April C. Bridges. Wynne Dave J. Brittingham. Paragould Dawn M. Brooks. Houston, Texas Diane S. Brown. Bay Jacky S. Brown. West Memphis Leonard Ray Brown. Jr.. Marion Lewis G. Brown. Palatka. Fla. Stan J. Brown. Jonesboro Valerie L. Brown. Jonesboro Willis Brown. Hughes Terry L. Browning. Bono Donna L. Bruce. Paragould Terri L. Bruce. Jonesboro Debbie Bryant. England Kimberly A. Bryant. Melbourne Sandra D. Bryant. Birdeye Stacie K. Buck. Paragould Michael P. Budak. St. Louis. Mo. Barry S. Burge. Jonesboro Noel Burge. Cave City 325SOPHOMORES Sandra D. Burgess. Pocahontas Teresa G. Burgess. Delaplaine Samuel A. Burnette. Osceola Alan S. Burns. Jonesboro Joanna J. Burns. Blytheville Rhonda D. Burns. Hoxie Shelley K. Burrow. Jonesboro Jimmy W. Bushong Jr.. Trumann Lorili L. Butcher. DeWitt Debra J. Butler. Blytheville Allyn G. Byars. Jonesboro Pamela J. Cade. Horseshoe Bend David L. Caldwell. Weiner Rebecca A. Caldwell. Wynne Judy P. Camden. Salem Denise S. Campbell. West Memphis Kim Campbell. Clarkton. Mo. Sherry Campbell. Alicia Susan K. Campbell. West Memphis Carolyn M. Campfield. Paragould Judy Cancelarich. Presque Isle. Maine Mary M. Cantrell. Stuttgart Kimberly A. Caples. Jonesboro Margaret M. Carlson. Cove Janet L. Carmack. Paragould Leisa A. Carpenter. Melbourne Linda A. Carroll, Hot Springs Karen A. Carter. Jonesboro Janet L. Caudell. Wynne Rhonda L. Causbie. Pocahontas Kathy D. Cecil. Steele. Mo. Donna C. Chambers. Monette Jimmy R. Chambers. Jonesboro Sharon L. Charles. Silver Spring. Md. Angela F. Chastain. Holly Grove Bradley S. Childress. Jacksonville Wanda F. Childress. McCrory John P. Chism. Jonesboro Stan R. Chrisman. Jonesboro Elizabeth K. Christie. Paragould Lisa A. Chronister. Newport Phillip L. Cissell. Bassett Jill M. Clark. Jonesboro Rickey G. Clark. Jonesboro Stephen E. Clark. Jonesboro Verneda R. Claxton. Paragould Gregory L. Clay. N. Little Rock Sandra D. Clay. Jonesboro Jeff S. Clayton. Wynne Larry L. Clayton. Jonesboro Lynette Clayton. Jonesboro Robin K. Clem. Jonesboro Kevin L. Clement. Paragould Beth M. Clemons. Piggott James B. Cliff. Jonesboro Scott M. Cluck. Gideon. Mo. Greg E. Cobbs. Holly Grove Cynthia S. Cockrill. Wynne Frances V. Cockrum. Pine Bluff James W. Coker. Lake City Scott J. Colbert. Campbell. Mo. Tammie A. Colburn. Egypt Athena L. Cole. Jonesboro Michael A. Coleman. Thayer. Mo. Kevin K. Collins. West Memphis Kelli S. Conley. Jonesboro Leon Conley Jr.. Fresno. Calif. Connie D. Cook. Jonesboro Robert L. Cook. Alicia Anthony A. Cooper. Little Rock 326SOPHOMORES Lance R. Cooper. Paragould Margaret L. Cooper. Jonesboro Debbie S. Copeland. Jonesboro Loureta L. Copeland. Jonesboro Shelley J. Cornelison. Rector James David Cossey, Cave City Berry T. Cothern, Jonesboro Donald E. Covery. Harrisburg Rick D. Covery. Lake City Kathleen Covington. Jonesboro Billy C. Cowell. Newport Lori L. Cox. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Rose M. Cox. Floral Stephen Coy. Paragould Clay Cozart. Wynne Dana R. Crabtree. Jonesboro Brent Craig. Mountain View Elizabeth A. Craig. Essex. Mo. Cary L. Crain, Brookland Joy L. Crain. Wynne Victor C. Cravens. Jonesboro Filithia Crawford. Memphis. Tenn. Steve D. Cremeens. Jonesboro Darrel W. Crisler. Clover Bend Samuel R. Cron II. Jonesboro Larry G. Crow. Paragould Ken Cruce. Jonesboro Kim R. Cullins. Harrisburg Jeffrey S. Crumpton. Arbyrd. Mo. Kevin D. Curry. Little Rock Judith M. Cychol. Peoria. 111. Kelly G. Dallas. Wynne Donna J. Davidson. Oil Trough Joseph S. Davidson. Sage Betsy L. Davis. Harrisburg Charles W. Davis. Keiser Darwin Lee Davis. Jonesboro Deann Davis. Paragould Eleanor R. Davis. Manhattan. N. Y. Gregory A. Davis. Leachville James E. Davis. Hope Karen S. Davis. Harrisburg Kathy L. Davis. Hope Lindley J. Davis. Tuckerman Mark Dalton Davis. Jonesboro Kathleen J. Davison. Jonesboro Penny R. Dawson. Paragould Michael B. Dearmore. Yellville Karen E. DeClerk. Pocahontas Robert DeGood, Weiner Thomas E. DeGood. Cash Jeff Delk. El Dorado Daniel R. Dennis. Forrest City Brad K. Dent. Jonesboro Mashhour M. Diab. Iran Ruth A. Dickey. Bono Tracy A. Dillehay, Jonesboro Bieu V. Dinh. Jonesboro Cathy L. Dixson, Jonesboro Tappi A. Dixon. Blytheville Lee Dodson. Arkadelphia Alicia M. Donner. Manila Richard Keith Doom. Searcy Wendell Dorman Jr.. Jacksonville Suzanne Downing. Malden. Mo. Dwight D. Duckworth. Manila Kevin Duclos. Jonesboro Bryan N. Duffel. Jonesboro Charles R. Duffel, Jonesboro Felicia I. Dulaney. Forrest City 327SOPHOMORES Winnifred Dunbar. Grand Rapids. Mich. Tammie M. Dungan. Trumann Rodger D. Dunigan, Jonesboro Tammy R. Dunkerson. Caraway Byron L. Dunnick. Little Rock Tommy O. Durowaiye, Nigeria Gina A. Dycus. Trumann Volina E. Dyer. Newport Richard K. Eagan. Black Rock Ronnie J.Easley. Jonesboro Ronald E. Echols. Trumann Suzanne E. Echols. Trumann Wanda D. Echols. Memphis. Tenn. Martin E. Eckert. Jonesboro Ann D. Ecoff. Jonesboro Paul N. Eddington. Jonesboro Barry D. Edwards. Bono Cynthia S. Edwards, West Memphis Freddy J. Elis. Jonesboro Jay E. Ellis. Osceola Traci L. Ellis. Malvern Jane C. Elmore. Pine Bluff Lesa L. Elms. Batesville Cindy G. Endsley. Holly Grove Jane S. England. Jonesboro Teena G. England. Dalton Jami L. Ermcrt, Corning John C. Esters. Jonesboro Jon M. Estes. Monette Keith N. Etter. Bono Sharon D. Eubanks. Jonesboro Kim L. Evans. Harrisburg Carol A. Everett. Clarendon Richie Everett. Oxford Sharon L. Everett. Wynne Mike A. Every. Cherokee Village Renee I. Evoe. Paragould Bankole Ewedemi. Nigeria Kimberly D. Falk. Jonesboro Brian D. Falls. Jonesboro Ken B. Farley. Paragould James W. Farris. Jonesboro James F. Featherston. West Memphis John W. Fee II. Pocahontas Ron W. Felts. Walnut Ridge Diana L. Fender. Walnut Ridge Gloria S. Ferguson. Wynne Linda J. Ferguson. Trumann John L. Fewell. Columbia. Mo. James C. Files. Hunter Charles A. Fincher. Searcy Mark Fink. Mulberry Roger K. Fisher. Bradford Nancy J. Fitzgerald. Corning Clark W. Fitzpatrick. Batesville Sherry Lee Flanigan. Jonesboro Kelly R. Fleming. Jonesboro Robin L. Fleming. Corning Doug Fletcher. Hot Springs Willie L. Flora. West Memphis Karon P. Flowers. Wynne Ralph L. Forbis. Paragould Debbie A. Ford. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Kelly L. Ford. Paragould Patricia A. Ford. Forrest City Suzanne E. Ford. Paragould Joe E. Forrester. West Memphis Claude S. Foushee. Newport Faye M. Fox. Earle Vicki L. Fox. Little Rock 'ITJi 328SOPHOMORES Brian R. Fratesi. Pine Bluff Deborah Frederick. Blytheville Kenneth W. Freemyer. Helena Sharon K. French, Pocahontas Lcn T. Frey. Mammoth Spring Terry L. Frierson. Jonesboro David W. Fuller. Walnut Ridge Keith C. Futrell, Jonesboro Brent K. Gale. Swifton Kerrie R. Gambill. Jonesboro John D. Gamble. Kennett, Mo. Kimyla A. Gammill, Newport Anthony B. Garner. Paragould Donna D. Gardner. Wynne Joey E. Gamer. Jonesboro Daniel S. Garwood. Melbourne Edward Garza, Osceola Raquel Garza. Osceola Kelly L. Gassaway. Paragould Phillip D. Gatlin. Paragould Tamara L. Gauding. Heber Springs Bryan K. George. Trumann Jesse R. George. Magnolia Wanda J. George. Lake City Laurie L. Geurin. Hot Springs Cynthia J. Gibbs. Jonesboro Nicholas T. Gibson. Marmaduke Martha E. Giles. Paragould Robyn L. Gill. Fisher Annyece M. Gilleylen. Tuckerman Andrea C. Gilliam. Jonesboro Barbara R. Gist. Marvell Susan R. Gist. Paragould Deanna Lynn Glass. Jacksonville Joey L. Glaub. Jonesboro Bolinda J. Gleghom. Salem Wiley G. Goad. Paragould Cindy A. Goatley. Jonesboro Tet Hoo Goh. Malaysia Alberto Gonzalez. Venezuela Grayson Gordon. West Plains. Mo. Mark J. Gorton. Jonesboro Chela G. Gossett. Jonesboro Sheila G. Grady. Newport Gerald L. Graham. Reiser William M. Graham. Jonesboro Keith F. Granberry. Jonesboro Timothy Granger, West Memphis Gregory Grant. Cape Girardeau. Mo. Margaret L. Graves. Steele. Mo. James W. Green Jr.. Hoxie Marty S. Green. Batesville Mellony B. Green. Helena Sheryl A. Greenway. Paragould Allen M. Griffin. Paragould Bernard R. Griffin. Hardy Randall G. Griffin. Brinkley Kevin B. Griffith, Jonesboro Robin R. Grills. Violet Hill Johnny E. Gross. Blytheville Donna G. Gunn. Kennett. Mo. Sara B. Guntharp. Pocahontas Cathy B. Guthrie. Raleigh. N. C. Mehran Hakimi. Iran Karen S. Hale. Judsonia Kelly T. Hale. Trumann David C. Haley. Jonesboro Angel Hall. Bono Diannia L. Hall. Hardy Karl F. Hall. Marvell 329SOPHOMORES Stanley B. Hall. West Memphis Jerry S. Halsell Jr.. Blytheville Khalid M. Hamdan. Kuwait Walecd M. Hamdan. Kuwait Brenda Hampton. North Little Rock Lisa A. Hancbrink, Jonesboro Tariq Salim Harbi. Iraq Kevin D. Harmon. Heber Springs Susie M. Harper. Monticello Cheryl A. Harris. Monette Tanya L. Harris. Lonoke Sharon W. Harrison. Cardwell. Mo. Sue E. Harrison. Blytheville Kimberly G. Hart. Corning Linda K. Harvey. Brookland Holly A. Hatfield, Jonesboro Jackie L. Hathcock, Wynne Madeline C. Hawkins. Joiner Kevin G. Hawley. Marmaduke Samuel L. Hays. Paragould James R. Heard. Hoxie Bradley N. Hcckmann. Harrisburg Fred C. Heinecke. West Plains. Mo. Sonya Hemenway. Newport Kerri J. Henderson. Kennett, Mo. Warner Henderson. West Helena Kenneth R. Hendrix. Jonesboro Scott A. Hendrix. Jonesboro Rosanna Henry, Blytheville Joan B. Hess. Wynne Tori W. Hicks. Walnut Ridge Charles Hilburn Jr.. Kennett. Mo. Andrea M. Hill. Jonesboro Linley D. Hill. Hot Springs Melinda G. Hill. Pine Bluff Penny P. Hill. Marvell Michael R. Hilton. Melbourne Brenda G. Hinds. Harrisburg Lisa R. Hinds. Jonesboro Misti D. Hinds. Trumann Barry E. Hodges. Forrest City David R. Hodges. Jonesboro Jeffrey L. Hodges. Memphis. Tenn. Michael D. Hodges. Paragould Jackie D. Hogan. Jonesboro Marc Hogue. Weiner David S. Holbrook. Jonesboro Candace L. Holcomb. Jonesboro Randall D. Holden. Jonesboro Mary C. Holder. Arkadelphia Katherine Holdren. Mountain Home Gary L. Holland. Bono Jacqueline Holland. West Helena Lana D. Holland. Jonesboro Byron K. Holloway. West Memphis Lauren L. Holloway. Memphis. Tenn. Lisa A. Hollowell. West Helena Floyd D. Holmes. Turrell Stephen B. Holmes. Paragould Sara N. Hood. Brickeys John K. Hoover. Heber Springs Christopher Hopper. West Memphis Michelle J. Horton. Gilmore Marcy D. Hoskins. Steele. Mo. Karla F. House. Steele. Mo. Pat Houston. Little Rock Sharon R. Houston. Osceola Julie L. Hout. Monette Belinda Howard, Paragould Daniel Howard, West Plains. Mo. 330SOPHOMORES Lisa J. Howard. Blytheville Candibelle Huber, Jonesboro Constance E. Huck, Festus. Mo. Debbie L. Hughes. Piggott Julia Ann Hughes. Kennett. Mo. Ross E. Huitt. Blytheville Ruth A. Hunter. Paragould Lisa D. Hurst. Newport Brenda A. Hutcheson. Lake City William M. Hutton. Kennett. Mo. Allen J. Hyatt. Memphis. Tenn. Marlette M. Inboden. Jonesboro Abdul Razak Ishak. Malaysia David L. Ivers. Hot Springs Steven F. Ivy, Forrest City Dauphina R. Jackson, McGehee Janet C. Jackson. Paragould Lee C. Jackson. Paragould Linda M. Jackson. Hardy Mark K. Jackson, Blytheville Rosemary L. Jackson. Bay Roxanne Jackson. Caramel. Calif. Steven L. Jackson, Walnut Ridge Dana G. Jaco, Marianna David B. Jacobs. Stuttgart Leobaldo R. Jaimes. Venezuela Terry L. Jamieson. Hardy Monica A. Jansen. Jonesboro Mohammad A. Jasir. Saudi Arabia Tammy F. Jeffries. Mountain View Teresa D. Jenkins. Walnut Ridge Willa M. Jenkins. Pocahontas Robert E. Jett. Tyronza Shahira Jiwani. Tanzania S. Evans Johnnie. Nigeria Becky A. Johnson. Leachville Bruce M. Johnson. Jonesboro Byron K. Johnson. Paragould Cindy M. Johnson. Jonesboro Clevon Johnson. England David W. Johnson. Little Rock James R. Johnson. Forrest City Jill Johnson. Jonesboro Kristi S. Johnson. Batesville Larry R. Johnson. Jacksonville Scott Johnson. Pine Bluff Shelia Johnson. Hughes Syrena D. Johnson. Leachville Tracey Anne Johnson. Jonesboro Vanessa J. Johnson. Jonesboro Wanda J. Johnson. Paragould Donna L. Jones. Paragould John A. Jones. Pocahontas Martha J. Jones. Marion Rita L. Jones. St. Louis. Mo. Teresa L. Jones. Rector Terry W. Jones. Wynne Ringo Jukes. North Little Rock Rodney G. Jumper. Paragould Fred Justus Jr.. Jonesboro Shadiah A. Kankar. Saudi Arabia Scotty R. Kappelman. Paragould Katia K. Karavia. Cyprus Cassie Kauffman. Nederland. Texas Janna M. Kegley. Piggott Sandra G. Keith. Egypt Lee A. Kellams. Portageville. Mo. Terry D. Kelley. Walnut Ridge Colleen L. Kelly. Mountain Home Kim Y. Kelly. Jonesboro 331SOPHOMORES Kenneth P. Kelso. Jonesboro John M. Kerr. Harrisburg Karen S. Kersey. Jonesboro Kathy J. Kessinger. West Memphis Humaira Patima Khaliq. Jonesboro Charles A. King III, Jonesboro Connie J. King. Jonesboro Joel M. King. Hardy Suzanne L. King. Paragould Tresa L. King. Trumann Mark K. Kinsel. Jonesboro James L. Kissinger. Jonesboro Richard Kneibert. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Barbara F. Knuckles. Jonesboro Leslie S. Koettel. Newport Sharon K. Kolb. Searcy Cindy L. Kruse. Houston. Mo. Kenneth Keith Lacewell. N. L. R. Brad J. Lampo. Moline. 111. William E. Landis. Hoxie Angie K. Lane. Bono Carol A. Langston. Salem Janice L. Langston. Lake City Jacques F. Larose. Memphis. Tenn. Beverly J. Lashley. Paragould Sonny C. Lasky. Jonesboro Maria A. Latting. Arbyrd. Mo. Oren W. Latting. Saffell Gary C. Lawhon, Hoxie Robert Lawrence Jr.. Manila Beverly Lawson. Colt Anthony R. Layne. Jonesboro Sherri A. LeBlanc. Walnut Ridge Greg S. Ledbetter. West Memphis Gaye D. Leder. Ulm Carla R. Lee. Paragould Jeannie A. Lee. West Memphis Nita K. Lee. Searcy Lori A. Leedom. Dcs Moines. Iowa Carolyn J. Leggett. Jonesboro Roy T. Leggett. Jonesboro Scott R. Lemmons. Jonesboro Joseph D. Lenderman. Paragould Phil R. Leslie. Booneville Shanna D. Lester. Marked Tree Lori A. Lewallen, Jonesboro Mark E. Lewallen. Bentonville Beverly A. Lewis. Blytheville Lori J. Lewis. Kennett. Mo. Ron L. Liddell. Paragould Eric R. Lijewski. Hot Springs John G. Lile. Pine Bluff Penny R. Little. Rector Liz Littlejohn. Hot Springs Edward E. Loggains. Melbourne David W. Long. DeSoto. Mo. Elizabeth A. Long. Newport Harold R. Long. DeWitt Jerry C. Love. Frenchman Bayou Brenda L. Lucas. Crawfordsville Sheri D. Lung. West Plains. Mo. Melodie D. Lybarger. Ruston. La. Jeannette MacPherson, Carmel. Calif. Dee A. Mahon. Hickory Ridge Tom J. Maloney. Mount Prospect. 111. Lisa A. Mantooth. Jonesboro Sandra L. Marlowe. Newport David W. Martin. Greenwood. Miss. Michael L. Martin. McCrory Scott D. Martin. St. Louis. Mo. 332SOPHOMORES Steven W. Martin. Jonesboro Kent M. Marts. Springdale Delinda K. Mason. Paragould Thomas E. Mason. Bradford Ralph E. Massanelli. Jonesboro Belinda F. Matheney. Rector Renee Mathis. Corning Danica L. Matthews. Jonesboro Joey L. Mayhan. Jonesboro Walter L. Mayhew. Des Arc Cheryl L. Mayo. Bloomfield. Mo. Karan D. McAlister. Walnut Ridge Lucinda J. McArthur. Harrisburg Anthony R. McBride. Lake Village Susan M. McBridge. Lafe Charlotte A. McBryde. Star City Patti J. McClaughlin. Trumann Allecia D. McClish. Jonesboro Christy L. McCormick. Caraway Derek T. McCormick. Caraway Jerry D. McCormick, Manila Kenneth McCoy. Jonesboro Robert M. McCuan. Clarendon Scott O. McDonald. El Dorado Byron R. McEntire. Walnut Ridge Maureen G. McFadden. Longwood. Fla. Wallace McGaughy. Forrest City Sam P. McGuire. Mammoth Spring Thomas W. McGuirt. Forrest City Leslie McHalffey. Poughkeepsie Terry L. McHaney. Paragould Ron McKay. Clarendon Terry E. McKee. Colt Kimberly D. McKnight. Walnut Ridge Tracy L. McLain. Ash Flat Trina R. McLean. Keiser Mark E. McMinn. Newport Beverly A. McMullen. Black Rock Judy G. McNatt. Forrest City Vesta R. McNeely. Marion Shelba J. McQuay, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Mead. Weiner Nikki J. Mead. Jonesboro Donald D. Medlin. Jonesboro Carla D. Miller. Jonesboro Michael D. Miller. Hickory Ridge Michael E. Miller. Jonesboro Murel C. Miller. Corning Nancy G. Miller. Jonesboro Tannie D. Miller. Helena Timothy S. Miller. Pocahontas Georgia K. Mills. Little Rock Michael D. Mills. Jonesboro Melissa K. Millspaugh. Rogers Janice M. Minor. Helena Timothy J. Mitchell. Jonesboro Charles W. Mobley. Osceola Muslan B. Mohammad. Malaysia Mohd S. Mohd Fadzir. Malaysia Joseph J. Monroe. Jonesboro James T. Montgomery. Trumann Bonner B. Mooney. Forrest City James E. Mooney. Ravenden Springs James M. Mooney. Jonesboro Wilma J. Mooney. Paragould Zelma Mona Mooney, Forrest City Sharon A. Moore. Batesville Tonya A. Moore. Rector Cynthia J. Morgan. Harrisburg Gayla D. Morgan. Humphrey 333SOPHOMORES Michael D. Morgan. Jonesboro Ross A. Morgan. Blytheville Sheila A. Morgan. Bay Marcia A. Morse. Jonesboro Sherry K. Moskop. Walnut Ridge Sharon D. Motil. Black Oak Susan J. Murphy. Little Rock Terri L. Murphy. Hardy MaryAnn Myers. Jonesboro Randall W. Myers. Walnut Ridge James E. Myshka, Jonesboro Pamela D. Nagle. Kcnnett. Mo. Carolyn A. Nance. Stamps Edgar L. Narvaez. Venezuela Linda F. Nash. Tyronza Bonnie J. Neal. Palestine Debra L. Neal. Jonesboro Robert G. Neal Jr.. Augusta Tammy R. Neal. Malden. Mo. Vera M. Neal. Augusta Lorrie E. Needham. Yellville Teresa L. Nelson. Paragould Scarlett A. Newby. Clarendon Linda Wade Newell. Trumann Evan W. Newman. Jonesboro Brad S. Noel. Paragould Kimberly J. Nourizadeh. Jonesboro Masoud Nourizadeh. Jonesboro Ricky W. Nuckles. Bono Cynthia M. O’Donnell. Pocahontas Ebenczer Ogunmusesan. Nigeria Deborah C. Oldham. Jonesboro Desmond E. Onuoha. Nigeria Raphael Onwuzuruigbo. Nigeria Susan P. Orsi. Des Arc George M. Osborn. Jonesboro Jeff G. Overbey. Jonesboro Meleah R. Overman. Monette Glendia D. Owens. Marmaduke Bart B. Ozbun. Senath, Mo. John S. Pack. Jonesboro Kelley F. Paige. Newport Larry E. Pallett. Annapolis. Md. Landers E. Palmer. Marianna William C. Pankey. Jonesboro James D. Park. Jonesboro Tommy W. Parkinson. Paragould David N. Paschall. Jonesboro Brian D. Patrick. Lexa Clara J. Patterson. Jonesboro Kevin R. Patterson. Bay Perry L. Patterson. Jonesboro Gloria A. Payne. Earle Ruby D. Payne. Sedgwick Cindy L. Pelley. Jonesboro Bryan K. Pendergraft. Caraway Sandra M. Pendergraff. Bay Brant Perkins. Jonesboro Carolyn A. Perkins. Norphlet Tommy W. Perkins. Blytheville Bobby D. Perry. Tuckerman Yota L. Petero. Black Rock Roger Peterson. Cherokee Village Steve Pettit. West Plains. Mo. Mark E. Petty. Earle David A. Phelan. Corning Pamelia S. Phillips. West Memphis Vicki L. Phipps. Jonesboro Teresa L. Pierce. Jonesboro Laura J. Pink. Mountain Home 334SOPHOMORES Tammcy J. Pinkston. Portia Bryan K. Pique, Wynne Stephen D. Pitts. Ola Roderic O. Plunkett. Blytheville Gary Poffenbarger. Arkadelphia Gregory Pointer. Memphis. Tenn. Angela G. Pollock. Bono Bart W. Ponder, Jonesboro Jeff R. Ponder. Malvern Sonya D. Ponder. Tuckerman Herbert W. Porter. Portales. N. M. Robert L. Porter. Pine Bluff Lance W. Pounds. Marianna Jeff B. Powell. Denison. Texas David R. Powers. Pocahontas Melody J. Powers. Pocahontas Steven B. Powers. Blytheville Shearon Presley. Jonesboro Sara J. Pretty. Trumann Lana M. Price. Jonesboro Mary Beth Prier. Forrest City Edwin L. Pruitt. North Little Rock Karen R. Puckett. Bono Sherry L. Puckett. Batesville William B. Pugh. Jonesboro Denise Purnell. Wynne Walter D. 9ualls. Jonesboro Odessa M. Quarrels. Palestine Candy R. Raby. Harrisburg Ronald W. Radcliff. Pocahontas Carol A. Ragsdale. Trumann Belinda L. Rainwater. Lynn Nancy M. Rainwater. Paragould Diana M. Ramey. West Helena Danny O. Ramsey. Mountain Home Gregory A. Randolph. Piggott Melanie M. Randolph. Russellville Karen L. Rash. Walnut Ridge Angela S. Ray. Newport Jenny M. Ray. Blytheville Tim C. Ray. Jonesboro Kevin A. Regan. Jonesboro Lee A. Reams. Piggott Roger L. Reddick Paragould Nolen C. Reed. Mammoth Spring Tina S. Reed, Pocahontas Tony A. Reed. Marvell Linda C. Reeves. Jonesboro Tami R. Relyea. DeWitt Hengameh S. Rezai. Iran Tommie J. Rice. Paragould Rodney A. Richard. Little Rock Karen S. Richards. Jonesboro Mary A. Richardson. Jonesboro Paula A. Richardson. Jonesboro Sarah A. Richardson. Corning Terri Ann Richardson. Jonesboro Lori A. Richie. Bay Felecia J. Richmond. Dyess Kim D. Richter. Gillett Fearl D. Riddle. Cotton Plant Sonja L. Riffey. Memphis. Tenn. Larry L. Riggs. West Memphis Stephen L. Riggs. Jonesboro Joe Roach. Lepanto Diana L. Robbins. Hot Springs Debbie L. Roberts. Swifton James L. Roberts. Trumann Tina R. Roberts. Jonesboro Edie P. Robertson. Cherry Valley 335SOPHOMORES Robin G. Robertson. Leachville Julia C. Robinson. Jonesboro Lisa L. Robinson. Rector Melvin Robinson. Parkin Monica G. Robinson. Mammoth Spring Robin R. Rodgers. Jonesboro Barry W. Rogers. Steele. Mo. Janet L. Rogers. Joiner Lee Rogers. West Memphis Regan M. Rogers. Paragould Tracye L. Rogers. Marion Jimmy R. Romine. Little Rock Steven P. Rose. Walnut Ridge Charles D. Ross. Jonesboro Laura J. Ross. West Memphis Bart M. Rowe. Stanford Lena A. Rowell. Luxora Mary C. Rowlett. Trumann Bruce A. Rougeau. Jonesboro Carolyn M. Ruger. Lafe Matthew L. Ruger. Lafe Myra J. Ruminer. Jonesboro William D. Rupard. Jonesboro Sherry Rush. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jacqueline Russell. Mammoth Spring Lisa G. Russell. Paragould Margaret J. Russell. Paragould Bethena Rutherford. Jonesboro Johnny C. Rye Jr.. Marked Tree Rhonda J. Saal. Kennett, Mo. Reginald L. Saffell, Jonesboro Saiful Saidina-Amin. Malaysia Ronnie H. Samuel. Trumann Gregory K. Sanders. Jonesboro James T. Sanders. Humphery Lanan D. Sanders. Hazen Gil Sandholzer. Pompano Beach. Fla. Tracie L. Sapp. Pine Bluff Nahro Y. Saoud. Iraq Joe A. Sartini. Marion Barbara A. Scales. Cotton Plant Sarah J. Scanlon. Jonesboro Chris Schoen, Mount Prespect. 111. Gerald C. Schreck. Jonesboro Vincent A. Schreck. Jonesboro David A. Schuetz. Mountain Home John P. Scott. Sedgwick Scott Seal. Piedmont. Mo. Terry D. Sears. Corning Dawn Sechrest. West Memphis Donald E. Self. Cabot Thomas K. Self. Belleville Rosa C. Settlemoir. Marion Terry R. Sexton. Newport Dennis A. Seyler. Manila Randal D. Seyler. Pocahontas Dan S. Shackelford. Jonesboro David A. Sharpe. Corning Barbara D. Shaw. Mount Pleasant Beverly F. Shaw. Jonesboro Debra S. Shaw. Cave City Lonnell Sheard. Little Rock Robert F. Sheard. Hayti. Mo. Keith G. Shearer, Kennett. Mo. Robert M. Shelden. Blytheville Dewey A. Shelton, Rector Kenneth E. Shelton. Stuttgart Susan M. Shempert. Jonesboro Terrie J. Shepherd. Marked Tree Gregg S. Sheppard. DeWitt 336SOPHOMORES William D. Sheridan. Bryant Patricia A. Shirley. Paragould Charlotte G. Shockley. Jonesboro Glenda P. Sifford. Hoxic Gina M. Simmons. Blytheville Glenda K. Simmons. Gould Kevin B. Simpkins. Jonesboro Kendrick B. Simpson. Newport Rhonda L. Simpson. Clarendon Scott E. Simpson. Jonesboro Tim M. Simpson. Paragould Jerome E. Sims. Little Rock John A. Sims. Paragould David Singh. Jonesboro Scott A. Skelton. Kennett. Mo. Chuck F. Slabaugh. Parkin William Slaughter. West Memphis Brad S. Smith. Jonesboro Brian E. Smith. Joiner Carol F. Smith. Luxora David A. Smith, Marked Tree Glen N. Smith. Searcy Gregory L. Smith. Osceola Jack H. Smith. West Memphis James E. Smith. Paragould Loretta M. Smith. Paragould Mickey Smith, Arkadelphia Rita D. Smith. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Robert L. Smith. Black Rock Ronald T. Smith. Weiner Sherry E. Smith. Bono Steve R. Smith. Paragould Tammy D. Smith. Mountain View Wallace J. Smith. Black Rock Arvetta K. Snider. Reyno John P. Snodgrass. Jonesboro Stan D. Snodgrass. Jonesboro Raymond L. Snow. Jonesboro Cindy A. Soo. Jonesboro Marsha R. Spears. Jonesboro Judy L. Spence. Paragould Pamela D. Spencer. Maynard Deborah A. Spikes. Monette Christopher R. Spivey. Rogers Dorothy L. Spriggs. Marvell Penni L. Sprinkle. Bono Mary J. Stacy. Trumann Kim J. Stallings. Jonesboro Carmen M. Stark. Jonesboro Joseph W. Stark. Jonesboro Kevin R. Statler, McGehee Mike G. Steele. Canada Gill A. Stegall. Searcy Dennis R. Stephens. Newport James Stephenson. West Memphis William S. Stevens. Jonesboro Chris G. Stevenson. Jonesboro Gary E. Stewart. Jonesboro Greg B. Stewart. Marmaduke Ray F. Stewart Jr.. Pine Bluff Deana C. Stewmon. Cotton Plant Anthony T. Stiff. Bozeman. Mont. Randy C. Still. Jonesboro Lee Ann Stinson. Brinkley Jaes K. Stockton. Qulin. Mo. Kenneth R. Stockton. Trumann Angela C. Stokes. Turrell Carey D. Stone. Jonesboro Carol A. Stone. Rector Robert K. Stubblefield. Luxora 337SOPHOMORES Lana R. Sullins. Bono Maria D. Sullivan. Jonesboro Betty L. Summers. Jonesboro Janet A. Sutton. Mountain View Mike L. Sutton. Kennett. Mo. Cindy A. Swaim. Benton Joseph P. Sweat. Jonesboro Tina A. Talburt. Henderson Danny L. Tate. Walnut Ridge Cassandra E. Tatum. Benton Bryan D. Taylor. Judsonia Edie K. Taylor. Paragould Jodie M. Taylor. Cherokee Village Julie A. Taylor. Jonesboro Katrina C. Taylor. Rector Steven D. Taylor. Lorado Troy Taylor. St. Louis. Mo. Jennifer J. Teel. Alicia Susan R. Teeter. Dumas Kevin Scott Tefteller. Carlisle Sherrie L. Teitloff. Paducah. Ky. Wendell D. Theus. Paris. Tenn. Stephen A. Theiel. Paragould Nikita Thigpen. Blytheville Akpan Friday Thomas. Nigeria Douglas W. Thomas. Jonesboro John R. Thomas. Cash Lisa L. Thomas. Blytheville O. R. Thomas. Urbana. 111. Daly Thompson III. Memphis. Tenn. David R. Thompson. DeWitt Elizabeth W. Thompson. Monette Latricia Gaye Thompson. Swifton Pansy J. Thompson. Newport Sharann Thompson, Forrest City Margaret Thomberry. Traskwood Norma Jean Tidwell. Jonesboro William C. Timbs. Marked Tree Robert P. Tinsley. Swifton Teresa L. Tinsley. Swifton Kelly J. Tippen, Kennett. Mo. Lisa Tomlinson. Tuckerman Terri L. Toombs. Kennett, Mo. Joe M. Towles. Manila Kenneth Townsend. Little Rock Mary Jo Tracer. Jonesboro Leslie L. Trail. Forrest City Joseph C. Trimble. Hardy Jan M. Troutt. Jonesboro Pamela L. Troutt. Jonesboro Gary W. Tucker. Warm Springs Steve T. Tucker. Wynne Tim G. Tucker. Wynne Laura L. Tullos. Crossett Pam D. Turbyeville. Walnut Ridge Alvis R. Turner. Piggott Jackie L. Turner. Forrest City Michael J. Turner. Deerfield. 111. Robert L. Turner. Pine Bluff Sandy Jo Turner. Jonesboro John D. Turpin. Trumann Karen L. Tweddell. Blytheville Jacquelyn Denise Twillie. Bay Mark A. Tayler. Pocahontas Pat Tyler. Wynne Udumah U. Udumah, Nigeria Thomas Underwood. Cleveland. Ohio William A. Uthoff. Monette Charles E. Vail. Little Rock Deedra J. Valentine. Trumann n irwf 338SOPHOMORES Rebecca L. Vancil. Maynard Corby Vandefifer. Montrose. Mich. Robin L. Vangilder. Rector Brenda Van Hoozer. Walnut Ridge Kevin W. Vannada. Piggott Geri L. Vansandt. DeWitt Dawn Van Valkenburg, Paragould Melissa D. Vaughn. Piggott Lilia A. Veasman. Osceola Olivia Vega. West Memphis Greg T. Vincent. Bay DeAnne Vivrette. Jonesboro Ronald S. Waddell. Jonesboro Dehlia K. Wagner. Leesville. La. Mitzi L. Waire. Griffithville Mildred M. Walker. Jonesboro Christi E. Wallace. Senath. Mo. Robert H. Wallis. Bono Dorothy L. Walls. Batesville Donna M. Waltrip. Little Rock Janet R. Wann. Jonesboro Charles T. Ward. Sturkie Linda M. Washington. Marvell Sundra G. Washington. Tyronza Cheryl R. Watkins. Jonesboro David T. Watkins. Bono Lisa A. Watkins. Marvell Curtis W. Watson. Trumann Frances Nance Watson. Paragould Pamela L. Watson. Trumann Thomas C. Watson. Paragould Steffi L. Watts. Pine Bluff Paul Weatherford. Southside Derwin Weaver. Pompano Beach. Fla. David N. Webb. Rector Bill W. Weeks. Harrisburg Howard L. Weinstock, Jonesboro Anthony A. Weir. Walnut Ridge Terri Weir. North Little Rock David Wayne Welch. Pine Bluff Alison Weld. Fisher Linwood W. Wells. Paragould Deea L. Western. Bald Knob Tony R. Wheatley. Steele. Mo. Linda D. Wheeless. Pocahontas Cynthia A. White. Harrisburg Dana A. White. Jonesboro Dana B. White. Jonesboro Dane A. White. Paragould Judy L. White. Jonesboro Susan E. White. Russellville Todd A. White. Fort Sheridan. 111. Joette G. Wicker. Lauratown Brad Wilkins. North Little Rock Tonceia L. Wilkinson. Jonesboro Joel Wilkison. Brinkley Barbara D. Williams. Jonesboro Barry O. Williams. Jonesboro Bobby R. Williams. Jonesboro Christine Williams. Cotter David H. Williams. Cord Duane L. Williams. Wynne Eula M. Williams. Hermitage Gailene Williams. Newport Gaybie L. Williams. Forrest City Janice L. Williams. McCrory Robin L. Williams. Jonesboro Sandra K. Williams. Brickeys Steven K. Williasm Jonesboro Ted J. Williams. Paragould 3.WSOPHOMORES Teresa A. Williams. Jonesboro Terry L.Williams. Paragould Trent Williams. Paragould Vicki L. Williams. Newport Wendy L. Williams. Jonesboro Amber S. Willie, Paragould Jerry G. Wilson. Paragould Jodi E. Wilson. Neelyville. Mo. James S. Winebrenner. Beebe Lynette Winemiller. Tuckerman Jimmie E. Wingo. Jonesboro Marshall B. Wixson. Fisher Patricia L. Wolfe. Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Wood. Jonesboro Jana E. Wood. Searcy Kim S. Woodhouse. Paragould Lee P. Woodruff. Jonesboro Hugh A. Woolverton. Gideon. Mo. Roxane Workman. Gideon. Mo. Donna J. Worlow. Jonesboro Michael D. Worsham. Keiser Brenda L. Wright. Forrest City Robert S. Wright. Augusta Steve G. Wright. Batesville Richard V. Wyatt. Jonesboro Keith M. Wycoff. Paragould Ken A. Yarbrough. Jonesboro Kent E. Yoesel, Morrill. Kan. LeighAnn Yopp. Paragould Audrey P. Young. Marked Tree Deborah A. Young. Paragould Donna R. Young. Jonesboro Greg W. Young. Brinkley Keith D. Young. Memphis. Tenn. Nicholas E. Zamora. Paragould Terry L. Ziegenhom. Jonesboro David P. Zirkle. Augusta Trent M. Zitzelberger. Pocahontas 340- ♦ . - . i eur OfflttR. - 1 DON'T WAN TO VT A SOMKR S1KMK. On NY TRAMS AM © © © 'what's the OlFPEfltNCE KETwlEN old science and LAS Science ? © © © © © © 341FRESHMEN Abd. Jalil B. Abd.Hamid. Malaysia Zulcffendi Abd.Majid. Malaysia Che B. Abdul. Rahman. Malaysia Zahariah B. Abdul. Rahman. Malaysia Siti Zeleha Abdul Rasi. Sembilan James H. Abel III. Forrest City "Day" Abernathy. Jonesboro Annetta G. Acree. Pocahontas John C. Acuff, Memphis. Tenn. Karen L. Adair. Jonesboro Terri D. Adair. Oil Trough Pamie K. Adam. Sherwood George G. Adams. Marked Tree Joe K. Adams. Paragould Randall L. Adams. Des Arc Stephen L. Adams. Walcott Tammy I. Adams. Trumann Valerie N. Adams. Paragould Nellie G. Adcock. Jonesboro Arinola O. Adebayo. Nigeria Linda R. Adomyetz. West Memphis Kathy A. Agee. Paragould Hamidah Ahmad. Malaysia Zamania Ahmad. Malaysia Mauro A. Alburez. Guatemala Mohamad Seth B. Alias. Malaysia Brian G. Allen. Pocahontas Christine E. Allen. Reyno Johnny W. Allen. Trumann Lisa M. Allen, Jonesboro Rhouis E. Allen. Jonesboro Richie D. Allensuorth. West Memphis Carla Altom, Tuckerman Lillian B. Altom. Searcy Cynthia L. Anderson. Leachville MAMH3 Deborah L. Anderson, Cord Karen M. Anderson. Cave City Allan R. Andrews. Manila Dianne J. Andrews. Hickory Ridge Ahmad Zuki B. Ani. Malaysia Betty S. Archibald, Paragould Shannon Armbrust. Little Rock Carolyn B. Armour, Bono Mary Lee Armstrong. Patterson Lana L. Arnold. Harrisburg Leisa G. Arnold. Rector Nordin Ahmad Atan. Malaysia Dale J. Atkinson. West Helena Sherry L. Atkinson. Peach Orchard Anna J. Austin. Corning Joey H. Austin. Walnut Ridge Rohaiza Awang. Malaysia DeAnn R. Aycock. Jonesboro Melanie A. Ayers, Jonesboro Richard M. Ayson, Conway Albert L. Bachman. Wynne Deaundra A. Bacot, Jonesboro Fatmah F. Baeez. Saudi Arabia Carlton R. Bagwell. McGehee Carl E. Bailey Jr.. Beech Grove Lisa G. Bailey. Holland. Mo. Cynthia R. Bain. Pocahontas Chris R. Baker. Jonesboro Randall B. Baker. Lake City Lisa L. Balch, DcQueen Gail Z. Baldwin, Newark Barbara D. Ball. Newport Susan L. Ball, Trumann Berkley A. Ballard. Jonesboro Allen C. Baltz, PocahontasFRESHMEN Wayne A. Bancroft, Jonesboro Connie J. Banks. Jonesboro Marlena D. Banks. Corning Robert W. Bankston. Marked Tree Carter B. Barber. Lake City Roy C. Barch. Luxora Suzanne A. Barker, Jonesboro Beki L. Barkley. Jonesboro Fredrick N. Barnes. Memphis. Tenn. Karla J. Barnes. Blytheville Lisa A. Barnes. Lepanto Stephanie Barnes. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Terri A. Barnes. DeWitt Jeffrey F. Barnett. Jonesboro Lisa K. Barnett. Jonesboro Shawn A. Barnett. Jonesboro Johnnie L. Barnhill. Hoxie Clifton E. Barr. West Memphis Charles M. Barrett. Clarksville Kimberly D. Baskins. West Memphis Barry A. Bateman. Paragould Kim W. Baugh. Jonesboro Angela M. Baureis. Heber Springs Stephen B. Beardsley. Highland Loretta M. Beasley, Moro Pammy S. Bednar. Hazen Tammy S. Bednar. Hazen Mark A. Beegle. Pocahontas Susan K. Beel. Desha Angela D. Beeler. Bradford Trent R. Bel ford. McCrory Lorri Belknap. Wynne Brent W. Bell. Gideon. Mo. Cindy L. Bennett. Pocahontas Russell L. Beshears. Beedeville David L. Best. Cash Jan A. Biggs. Paragould Jeffrey Alan Biggs. Maynard Emily A. Bingham. Marked Tree Ginger E. Birdsell. Jonesboro David A. Birmingham. Paragould Alice C. Bishop. Paragould Dana K. Bishop. Paragould Danny Bishop. Paragould Tammy R. Bishop. Paragould Cheryl A. Black. Jonesboro Jimmy R. Blackburn. Kennett. Mo. Mike W. Blades. Jonesboro Millie I. Blalock. Jonesboro Lisa Blankenship. Marmaduke Charles R. Blanton. Paragould Verna R. Blasingame. Harrisburg John P. Blaxton. Jonesboro Lauri A. Bledsoe. Wynne Doug L. Block. Caruthersville. Mo. John W. Block. Hot Springs Mark S. Block. Newport Gregory A. Blount. Pocahontas Chlo-Anne Bobrowski. Walnut Ridge Laura M. Boeckmann. Wynne Paulette Boeckmann. Wynne Donald R. Bogard. Blytheville Jo-Gina Bokony. Alexander Dena Bolar. Paragould Allisa D. Boling. Paragould Renee P. Bollinger. Jonesboro Debbie D. Bolton. Paragould Jeff B. Bonds. Lepanto Tony F. Bonham. Harrisburg Alfred Boni. Switzerland 343FRESHMEN Rhonda R. Bounds. Marmaduke Sharon M. Bourgeois. Jonesboro Schantell Bowden. Osceola Terry R. Bowden. Trumann Ervin F. Bowdon. Jonesboro Bridget Bowen. S. Amboy. N. J. Steven Wayne Bowen. Jonesboro Dianna L. Bowman. Jonesboro Kenny L. Bowren. Floral Robyn R. Boyce. Bradford Darla G. Boyd. Paragould Teresa L. Boyd. Piggott Danice R. Boyle. Little Rock Tracy Brackin. Jonesboro Leigh A. Bradbury. Jonesboro Barry F. Braden. Senath, Mo. Mary G. Bradford. Marmaduke John M. Bradley. Cave City Raymond S. Bradley. Newport Kevin D. Brady. Jonesboro Melissa K. Branch. Paragould Gregory J. Brannon. Newport Lea F. Branscum. Batesville Danny F. Branum. Arbyrd. Mo. Lori Brasfield. W. Memphis Dana R. Brasher. Paragould Tracy L. Braswell. Newport Bobby C. Bratcher. Strawberry Lee Morris Boose. Osceola Beverly S. Booth. Jonesboro Steven L. Booth. Sulfur Rock Carla J. Boozer. Light Holly Borgeson, Henderson Betty D. Bostian. Newport Wayne Bottoms. Dumas Stan M. Brehm. Lakeview Debbie S. Brew. Mountain Home James B. Brewer. Jonesboro Kimberly Bridger. Jonesboro Jeffrey Bridges. Kennett. Mo. Michael S. Bridges. Paragould Carl M. Briggs. West Memphis Mark A. Brinkley. Tuckerman Michelle Brinkely. Tuckerman Roxi J. Briscoe. Maynard Keith A. Broadaway. Jonesboro Ralph E. Broadaway. Paragould Mike Broadway. Kennett. Mo. Sherri G. Brooks. Kennett. Mo. Charles M. Brown. Monette George B. Brown. Forrest City Kenneth E. Brown. Brookland Kevin E. Brown. Brookland Kevin L. Brown. Rector Lisa D. Brown. Augusta Mary J. Brown. Fisher Mary Janelle Brown. Marvell Stacie L. Brown. Jonesboro James M. Brownfiel. Corning Don W. Browning. Jonesboro Teresa K. Brubeck. Sikeston. Mo. Catherine Brumley. Jonesboro Jennifer A. Brumley. Imboden Vicky A. Brumley. Walnut Ridge LaDonna E. Bryant. Black Rock Lisa R. Bryant. Jonesboro Jerry L. Buchanan. Gideon. Mo. Cheryl L. Buck. Blytheville Jerry E. Buck. Paragould James Buffington. W. Memphis 344FRESHMEN Kelly Buhrmester. Jonesboro Kenneth L. Burden. Cash Mohammad A. Burney. Jonesboro Bobby J. Bums. Piggott Debila K. Burns. Jonesboro Eric F. Burns. Little Rock Gloria J. Burns. Bradford Charles F. Burres. Harrisburg Donna D. Burris. Piggott Margaret A. Bushong. Trumann Donna E. Butler. Perryville Maureen R. Butler. Jonesboro Dana L. Bynum. Searcy Alan D. Byrd. Palestine John Caldwell. West Memphis Kelly A. Caldwell. Rector Marion A. Caldwell. Dumas Kemuel L. Camp. Jonesboro Irby W. Campbell. Earle Steven P. Campbell. Marion Mark L. Cannon. Kennett. Mo. Carolina Cantu. West Memphis Kelly E. Caples. Jonesboro Lori A. Caples. Bono James A. Carey. Black Rock Byron K. Carle. Monette Mark A. Carlson. Ash Flat Traci L. Carlson. Rogers David Carmack. Nettleton Jerry W. Carmikle. Gilmore Eric E. Carr. Forrest City Michael J. Carr. Peel Thomas W. Carroll. Lake City David Carter. Cherry Valley Iva J. Carter. Trumann Janet C. Carter. Paragould Lisa R. Carter. Marked Tree Melissa G. Carter. Trumann Paul E. Carter. Jonesboro Sue E. Carter. Marvell Carla J. Cary. Batesville Chet G. Cary. Batesville Joe F. Cashion. Lcachville Loren E. Cates. Marked Tree Margie S. Cates. Little Rock Melissa G. Cathey. Newport Heather Cattanach. Peekskill. N.Y. Gary D. Caudle. Paragould Piper L. Causey. Forrest City Nancy Lynn Chamberlin. N.L.R. Sandra D. Champ. Salem Cindy Champlin. Norphlet Jefferson T. Chandler. Wilson Iris J. Chastain. Holly Grove Rob D. Chastain. Lake City Tralena R. Cheek. Jonesboro Jamilah Che.Mamat. Malaysia Mohd P. Che.Nik. Malaysia Kevin Wade Chesser. Biscoe Jennifer L. Childers. Joiner Robert W. Childers. Joiner Christa Childress. Paragould Gary W. Churchill. Jonesboro Deanna Cissell. Atlanta. Ga. Jon M. Cissell. Lithiona. Ga. Jim J. Ciszewski, Benyon Bradley C. Clark. Paragould Christopher Clark. Forrest City Christy N. Clark. Jonesboro David L. Clark. Monette 34! FRESHMEN Robert S. Clark. Jonesboro Sherri L. Clark. Tuckcrman Jcrrian C. Clayton. Greenway Mark E. Clayton. Campbell, Mo. Patricia L. Clayton. Paragould Brett L. Clement. Lonoke Karen Clement. Lonoke Jerry Clemons. Piggott Billy S. Clifft. Jonesboro Carla S. Clifton. Cooter, Mo. Cathy J. Clifton. Earle Todd B. Cline. Jonesboro Kelley D. Cobb. Rector Sandra L. Cobb. Jonesboro Regina R. Coe. Batesville Marvin W. Coffman. Wynne Ricky D. Coffman. Bono Scott R. Colbert. Monette Donna L. Colburn. Egypt Gregory J. Cole. Jonesboro Jeff Cole. Paragould Lance G. Cole. Piggott Myron S. Cole. Bono Michael L. Coleman. Paragould Charles R. Coles. Jonesboro Lea Ann Collar. Jonesboro Dayna L. Collier. Pocahontas Brad Collins. Mammoth Spring Karri K. Collins. Forrest City Krin Collins. Lonoke Patricia Collins. Brookland John A. Commer. Pine Bluff Sharon A. Conaway. Jonesboro Richie D. Conley. Black Rock Becky Conrad. Lakewood, Colo. Rickey G. Conrad. Cardwell. Mo. Pamela R. Cook. Pocahontas Christine M. Cooley. Rogers Phillip E. Coomer. Marion Danny L. Cooper, Paragould Dwayne Cooper. Senath. Mo. James P. Cooper. Paragould Jamie S. Cooper. Rogers Jeri S. Cooper. Jonesboro Nita L. Cooper. Jonesboro Nancy F. Cornwell. Brookland Kandy K. Cothrcn. Monette Igor S. Couch. Memphis. Tenn. Rhonda J. Couch. Jonesboro Sherry G. Couch. Jonesboro Tommy R. Courtney. Wynne John Cowart, Cherokee Village Stcphany Coy. Springfield. Mo. Kim L. Crabtree. Wynne Mark D. Craft. Lafe Debora J. Craig. Lake City Kim J. Craig. Jonesboro James M. Cravens. Bay Della Crawford. Wappapello. Mo. Gayla S. Crawford. Rector Kathy Crawford. Kennett. Mo. Tylan G. Creason. Miami. Fla. Lana K. Creel. Light Laura A. Cremeens. Jonesboro Sandra M. Cribbs. Wynne Randall K. Crisler. Cash Joy A. Crisp. Jonesboro James A. Crittenden. Piggott Philip Crocker. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Marilyn June Crook. Earle 34 6FRESHMEN David G. Croom. Newport Ronnie M. Crosby. Clarendon Timmy W. Cross. Paragould Sarah M. Crossley. Ravenden Springs Andrew B. Cross wait. Jonesboro Terry W. Crouch. West Memphis Mary J. Crow. Cave City Steven M. Crowson. Piggott Ramon A. Crumpler. Jonesboro Johnny W. Cude. Leachville Rhonda L. Cude. Hoxie Stephanie Cummings. Caruthersville. Mo. Lee M. Cunningham. Paragould Jill E. Cupp. Light Lisa E. Currie. Jonesboro Richard E. Currie. Crossett Captola P. Curry. Lepanto Connie L. Curry. Lepanto Perry G. Curtis. Harrisburg Mike T. Curtner. Wynne Binh Dang. Blytheville Donald D. Daniel. Trumann Sandy L. Daniels. Jonesboro Randy R. Darnell. Forrest City Sandi D. Darnell. Jonesboro Charles D. Darr. Corning Karen S. Davis. Bald Knob Kimberly J. Davis. Lake City Kristi D. Davis. Bono Lelia M. Davis. Wynne Leslie A. Davis. Little Rock Michael L. Davis. Magnolia Mona K. Davis. Piggott Pamela A. Davis. Lake City Rhonda G. Davis. Bono Robyn L. Davis. Black Rock Dale A. Dawson. Jonesboro Ginger A. Dean. Troy. Tenn. Rebecca Deaton. Manila Jerry G. Dedman. Bay Michael A. Dehaan. Pocahontas James D. DeLille. Hernando. Miss. Lori A. Delk. ElDorado Hassan Delshad. Iran Angela D. DeMent. Jonesboro Tempa J. Dempsey. Senath. Mo. Deborah A. Dent. Yellville Mary L. Dent. Jonesboro Michael C. Denton. Harrisburg Donnie G. DePriest. Clarendon Michael L. Dillard. Trumann Sarah E. Dillard. Oxford Kathryn J. Dillon. Newport Shelli D. Dills. Rector Mary M. Ditto. Hoxie Linda J. Dixon. Imboden Lori A. Dixon. Brinkley Rosa M. Dixon. Tyronza Janetta Dobbs. McCrory Debi L. Dooley. Paragould Petri D. Dorsey. West Memphis Lisa D. Dortch. Rector Jackie L. Dotson. Jonesboro Ada R. Douglas. El Dorado David Doyle. Jonesboro David W. Doyle. Cherry Valley Terry V. Doyle. Lynn Timothy A. Doyle. Portia Tammy D. Draffen. Paragould John J. Drake. Hot Springs 347FRESHMEN Renee Dryden. Stuttgart Lee Anne Dublin. Blytheville Theresa A. Ducan, Jonesboro Herschel D. Ducker. Salem Tammy R. Duckworth. Forrest City Denene Dukes. Marmaduke Donna F. Duke. Cardwell. Mo. Karen A. Duke. Jonesboro John R. Dulaney. Hoxie Carmen Y. Dunbar. Little Rock Gregory K. Duncan. Forrest City Melody G. Duncan. West Plains. Mo. Tammy P. Duncan. Osceola Donna G. Dunn. Jonesboro Karen L. Dunnam. Jonesboro Randy A. Dunnam. Jonesboro Tina L. Dunnick. Little Rock Matthew E. Dust. Pocahontas Paula D. Dutton. Melbourne Jill A. Dycus. Jonesboro Vickie L. Eads. Pocahontas Jean R. Eagan. Jonesboro Steve D. Eakins. Marmaduke Janet L. East. Tyronza Stephen East. Cape Girardeau. Mo. Keith W. Eaton. Van Buren Deborah J. Ebbert. Jonesboro Ibrahin O. Ebohon. Nigeria Basil U. Ede. Nigeria Jimmy A. Edington. Biggers Kimberly R. Edington. Biggers Sonya D. Edington. Wiseman Merilyn U. Edmond. Lexa Carol A. Edwards. Pocahontas Kelvin R. Eggleston. Paragould Czarney A. Ellington. Marvell Scott A. Ellington. Brookland Debra A. Elliott. Hot Springs Angela A. Ellis. Clarendon Donna M. Ellis. Lafe Kayle D. Ellis. Walnut Ridge Lori M. Ellis. Wynne Susan F. Ellison. Jonesboro Tony D. Elmore. Brookland Victor O. Emegokwue. Nigeria Brenda P. Emery. Tuckerman Michelle L. Emery. Caraway Laura-Holly Endes. Jonesboro Joan M. Engel. Sherwood Barb J. Erickson. Paragould Britt W. Estes. N. Little Rock David Estes. Poughkeepsie Jenny L. Estes. Paragould Markham L. Eubanks. Benton Karen M. Evans. Green Forest Stacy C. Evans. Marmaduke Susan E. Evans. Hernando. Miss. Margaret M. Fagan. Trumann Beth R. Fair. Sikeston. Mo. James L. Fair. Keiser Debra K. Falwell. Bradford Aaron L. Farley. Brookland Curtis M. Farley. Jonesboro Betty J. Farmer. Jonesboro John K. Farmer. Dumas Pamela A. Farmer. Trumann Edwin W. Faughn. Paragould Brad M. Faught. Jonesboro Johnny Faulkner. Caruthersville. Mo. Tina D. Faulkner. Stanford 348FRESHMEN Mary K. Faust. Walnut Ridge Melanie Featherston. Piggott Richie K. Fegtly. Jonesboro Delores Feild, Jonesboro Jennifer L. Felkins. Bono Laura D. Felts. Walnut Ridge Leslie S. Ferguson. Jonesboro Ted J. Fernow. Alton. Mo. Elizabeth A. Ferrell. DeWitt Beverly A. Ferris. Jonesboro Melanie C. Fiala. Jonesboro John E. Field. Leachville Lawrence M. Fielder. Jonesboro Lewis M. Fielder, Marvell Janne S. Fielding. Thayer. Mo. Suzanne Fike. Memphis. Tenn. Jayne Finch. Paragould Kellie Fisher. North Little Rock Laura E. Fitzwater. Alicia Franklin E. Fleming. Reiser Larry D. Flemon. Jonesboro Charles M. Fletcher. Jonesboro Susan D. Flinn. Lake City Callie W. Floerchinger. Lonoke Wayne Floyd. Rector Alisa Flynn. West Memphis Jennifer L. Foot. Jonesboro Allison R. Foran, Marvell Adolph Robert Ford. Chicago. 111. Brian K. Ford. Osceola Elizabeth M. Ford. Paragould Jill Ford. Harrisburg Jon D. Ford. Clarendon Karen A. Ford. Texarkana DeAnn Fowler. Wheatley James D. Fowler. Carlisle Terry C. Fowler. Turrell Cazzy B. Francis. Orange. Texas James H. Franks Jr.. Lepanto Franklin T. Frans. Marked Tree Richard D. Frazier, Benton Bridget Lynette Freeman. Marmaduke David G. Fregeau. Helena Danita R. French. Moro Paul A. French. Jonesboro Tamela S. French. Ash Flat Lyn K. Fritts. Mountain Home John L. Fritz. Senath. Mo. Sandra J. Fruland. Rogers Kimberly R. Fry. Brookland Marion Gregory Fry. Rose Bud Susan E. Fuches. DeWitt Micheale D. Futch. Wynne Hoyt A. Futrell III. Cherry Valley Steven W. Gabbie. Helena Christina A. Galliher. Little Rock Paul F. Gambill. Jonesboro Penny A. Gambill. Jonesboro Raeburn Gamble, Jonesboro Nancy A. Gandy. Jonesboro Keith A. Gann. Earle Natalie R. Gardner. Harrison Debra Ann Gary. Chicago. 111. Todd Gaskins. Hickory Withe. Tenn. Sunny A. Gassaway. Paragould Kerry S. Gatlin. Brookland Terry A. Gatlin. Jonesboro Tony W. Gazaway, Pocahontas John D. Gcnnings. Jonesboro Ronnie D. George. Wynne 349FRESHMEN Patricia L. Geraci. Jonesboro Mitch Gibbons. Jonesboro Tina M. Gibbs. Jonesboro Angie C. Gibson. Jonesboro Lisa M. Gibson. Marianna Natalie G. Gibson. Gould Paula S. Gibson. Jonesboro Roger Gibson. Jonesboro Stephanie L. Gibson. Bay Trena L. Gilbert. Lake City Donna S. Giles. Paragould Stephen O. Gillespie. Osceola Kelly L. Gillham. Walnut Ridge Greg Gilmore. Caruthersville. Mo. Penni L. Gilmore. Swifton Robert T. Gist. Helena James E. Ginn. Idabel. Okla. Melissa Rae Glass. Texarkana Randy L. Glenn. Lynn Ricki D. Goings. Williford Cheri J. Goodman. Corning Natalie L. Goodrich. Jonesboro Geoff Goodwin. Rockford. 111. Tim J. Goodwin. Rockford. 111. Mark J. Gordon. West Memphis James A. Gossett. Success Rose M. Gossett. Success Kim A. Grabowski. Jonesboro Glyn D. Grady. Newport Calvin J. Graham. West Memphis Douglas M. Graham. Reyno Teresa M. Grammer. Floral Constance A. Granberry. Jonesboro Everett E. Grant. Paragould Susan E. Graves. DeWitt David E. Gray. Jonesboro Lisa L. Gray. Roe Esther M. Grayson. Corning Carrie L. Green. Trumann Steven T. Green. Sidney Quintin Green. Milwaukee. Wise. Melissa A. Greer. Paragould Lance Gregory, Wynne Rick S. Gregory. Pocahontas Stephen T. Gregory. Wynne Joy L. Greitens. Marked Tree Susan P. Gretzmier. Osceola Tonya Grider. Chicago. 111. Cindy L. Griffin. Jonesboro Michelle F. Griffin. Bono Jonelle H. Grigsby. Jonesboro Thomas E. Gring. Little Rock Connie A. Grisham. Monette Leo G. Grongulst. Esko. Minn. Kimberly D. Grundon. Trumann Bobby R. Guess. Jonesboro Donald W. Guinn. Arbyrd. Mo. Betty J. Gunter. Piggott Amy C. Guthrie. Memphis. Tenn. Clifford D. Guy. Osceola Keith G. Guy. Little Rock Dianne Gwin. Turrell Ivory Gwin. Turrell Donna M. Haas. Horseshoe Bend Bart J. Haddox. Washington. Mo. Maimunah Haji-Nordin. Malaysia ReGina M. Hale. Williford Lourindia J. Haley. Jonesboro Regina L. Haley. Trumann James K. Halk. Cherry Valley 350FRESHMEN Anne K. Hall. Jonesboro Janet L. Hall. West Memphis Marsha L. Hall. Couch. Mo. Derry D. Hallmark. Jonesboro Rebecca L. Halsell. Blytheville Tammy R. Halter. Nimmons Jerry Hamilton. Hughes Teresa R. Hammett. Jonesboro Maria Hammond. Paragould Ricky L. Hammons. Augusta Noor H. Hamzah. Malaysia Ronnie N. Hancock. Hoxie Lance P. Hankins. Oil Trough Roy E. Hardy. Genoa Frances K. Hare. Wynne Charles J. Hargrave. Rector George L. Harguess. Ravenden Bill Harness. Marion Haryani Haron. Malaysia Ronnie J. Harper. West Plains. Mo. Calvin F. Harrell. Jonesboro Glenn Harrell. Monette Rickey L. Hanrell. Monette Steve F. Harrington. Paragould Debra K. Harris. Jonesboro Lisa T. Harris. Marked Tree Stan A. Harris. New Albany. Ohio Terry G. Harris. Jonesboro Deborah L. Harrison. Jonesboro Mark E. Harrison. Jonesboro Brian D. Hart. Walnut Ridge Janice M. Hartsell. Tuckerman Jerri L. Harvey. Paragould Steve L. Harvey. Monette Rosdi Hasan. Malaysia Mustafa Bin Hashim. Malaysia Nubli Hashim. Marlaysia Cynthia C. Hatley. Gideon. Mo. John B. Hatridge. Jonesboro David W. Hausmann. Pocahontas John M. Havens. Paragould Janet L. Hawkins. Madison Harriett Hayes. Mountain Home Shari R. Hays. Osceola Carthel L. Healy. Beebe Tammy L. Healy. Mammoth Spring Randal G. Heath. Bay Eunice E. Heffington. Pineville Janet L. Hefner. Paragould Nagla M. Hegazi. Saudi Arabia Charles E. Hembrey, Black Rock Clyde Henderson. Pine Bluff Dana E. Henderson. Fisher Brent L. Hendrix. Searcy Keith A. Hendrix. Jonesboro Kyle D. Hendrix, Jonesboro Teresa L. Hendrix. Trumann Terry L. Hendrix. Marked Tree Scott W. Henley. Batesville Ronna L. Henry. Pocahontas Yvonne Henry. Hayti. Mo. Carla C. Hensley . West Memphis Mildred M. Henson. Imboden Terry L. Henson. Jonesboro Philip C. Herlein, Helena Cheryl L. Herndon. Hot Springs Ray D. Herring. Bono Gena R. Hester. Piggott Holly A. Hester. Jonesboro Ellen J. Hewett. Corning 351FRESHMEN Susan E. Hickman. Yellville Kirk A. Hicks. Walnut Ridge Patrea L. Hicks. Brookland Wilbur C. Hiebert. Winona. Mo. Linda F. Higginbotham. Augusta Randall C. Higgins. Mountain View Connie J. Highfill. Paragould Jan L. Highfill. Paragould Timothy R. Hightower. Sidney Charlton F. Hildreth. Hot Spring Annette R. Hill. Sikeston. Mo. Danny J. Hill. Jonesboro Delores A. Hill. Biggers Gregory H. Hill. Batesville Julius Wilbur Hill. Marked Tree Taryn K. Hill. Hardy Tossie L. Hill. Ward William C. Hill. Biggers Sherry L. Hinsley. Marvell Terry W. Hinton. Caraway Tammy D. Hoag. Corning Tuan V. Hoang, Jonesboro Larry D. Hobbs. Colt Frances L. Hobson. Jonesboro Melinda M. Hodge. Walnut Ridge Angela Hodges. Marion Dal E. Hogan. Bay Danny W. Hogan. Pocahontas Dewayne T. Hogard. Biggers William D. Hogard, Biggers Randy E. Hogue. Weiner David L. Hohn. Diaz Suzanne Holbrook. Jonesboro Judy C. Holcomb. Piggott Holly R. Holland. Alexandria. Va. Curtis W. Hollis. Forrest City Dane L. Hollis. Hickory Ridge Carl R. Hollis. Jonesboro Beth Barnhill Holmes. Bay Margie L. Holmes. Senath. Mo. Lisa S. Holowell. Melbourne Micheal C. Holt. Leachville Rebekah Ann Holt. Jonesboro William L. Holtzclaw. Jonesboro Joy Jane Hood. Brinkley JoAnn Hoots. Rector Gaylene B. Hoover. Trumann Perry D. Hope. Piggott Michele L. Hopkins. Little Rock Casey Homer. Paragould Kim A. Horrell. Marmaduke Lisa J. Horton. DeWitt Michael D. Horton. Saint Charles Donnita A. Hosman. Marked Tree Bob E. House. Heber Springs Mark E. House. Swifton Melissa K. Houston. Jonesboro Phillip David Hout. Newport Cynthia S. Hovis. Marmaduke Gayla R. Hovis. Corning Arthur L. Howard. Forrest City Kara S. Howard. Bono Rick L. Howard. Marked Tree Susan L. Howard. Grubbs Sharon K. Howell. Jonesboro Kim J. Hubbard. Newport Ben Hudson. Chillicothe. 111. Doug H. Huff. St. Louis. Mo. Susan N. Huffman. Lake City Audrey H. Hughey. Jonesboro 352FRESHMEN Barry O. Hulett. Swifton Michele Hull, Jonesboro Rick Hull. Booneville Charles D. Hulsey, Judsonia Daniel J. Hundley. Bay Barbara E. Hunt. Brinkley Mohamad R. Hussain. Malaysia Mohd. Shamsul Hussain. Malaysia Debbie M. Hutchins. Newport Mel E. Hutchins. Little Rock Brent A. Hutchison. Jonesboro Jimmy R. Hutchison. Batesville Julie E. Hyde. Kennett. Mo. Tina L. Hyde. Paragould Trena L. Hyde. Jonesboro Mastura Ibrahim. Malaysia Mohd Yusof Ibrahim. Malaysia Abd. Rahman B. Idris. Malaysia Halim B. Idris. Malaysia Paula A. Inboden. Bono Leslie S. Ingram. Jonesboro Ronald J. Ingram. Walnut Ridge Brenda Irving, Pocahontas Teresa L. Isbell. Bay Mokhtar B. Ishak. Malaysia Kenneth B. Ishmael. Jonesboro Farizah Ismail. Malaysia Wan Ishak Ismail. Malaysia Holly J. Jackson. DeWitt John A. Jackson. Malden. Mo. Kevin E. Jackson. Harrisburg Louis Jackson. Minneapolis. Minn. Max L. Jackson. Kennett. Mo. Pam 0. Jackson. Paragould Tammy S. Jackson. Jonesboro Thomas A. Jackson. Jonesboro Warren A. Jackson. DeWitt Jeff W. James. West Memphis John R. James. Jonesboro Jayne B. Janaszak. Stuttgart Paula R. Jansen. Jonesboro Terry A. Jelks. Newport Amy E. Jenkins. DeWitt Newton D. Jenkins Jr.. Brookland Edward J. Jemigan. Paragould Karen J. Jett. Corning Alonza J. Jiles. Altheimer Carol L. Johnson. West Memphis Cindy R. Johnson. West Memphis David E. Johnson. Wynne Deborah D. Johnson. Brookland Gary K. Johnson. Jonesboro Iona C. Johnson. Holly Grove James A. Johnson. Tampa. Fla. James V. Johnson. Leachville Jay R. Johnson. Walnut Ridge John W. Johnson. Blytheville Kathy B. Johnson. Rogers LaRue Y. Johnson. West Memphis Linnea K. Johnson. College City Lisa C. Johnson. Clarendon Pam H. Johnson. Tulsa. Okla. Samuel G. Johnson. Hardy Sheila A. Johnson. Tuckerman Thomas W. Johnson. West Memphis Becki L. Johnston. Beebe Bryan K. Johnston. Jonesboro Keith A. Johnston. Paragould Bradley D. Jones. Rector Constance S. Jones. Bono 353FRESHMAN Cynthia L. Jones. Paragould Dana L. Jones. Osceola Gina M. Jones. Kennett. Mo. Jerri L. Jones. Jonesboro Lori L. Jones. Jonesboro Pamela Jones. Marianna Randall S. Jones. Poughkeepsie Shirley A. Jones. Reiser Stacy R. Jones. Bald Knob Leslie L. Jordan. Dewitt Phillip C. Jordan. New Madrid. Mo. Richard T. Joslin. Augusta Debra Joyner. East St. Louis. Mo. Joe D. Kaiser. Jonesboro Heidi B. Kahl. Jonesboro Richard G. Kahl. Jonesboro Teri D. Kambanis. Jonesboro Elli J. Kaminarides. Jonesboro Ali Binti Kausar. Malaysia Chris D. Keathley. Dcs Arc Joe C. Keaton. DeWitt Gary R. Keiter. Monette Ricky Keith. Arlington. Texas Robert Keller Jr.. Sikeston. Mo. Cassandra J. Kelley. Jonesboro Lisa G. Kelley, Heber Springs Mike Walton Kelley. Bono Brian K. Kelly. Jonesboro Donna M. Kelly. Little Rock Marvin Kelly. Holly Grove Stacy L. Kelly. West Memphis Patricia A. Kendel, Jonesboro Robin M. Kennon. Hickory Ridge Cheril L. Kerby. Helena Cindy M. Kern. Jonesboro Paul A. Kerst, Jonesboro Steven R. Kestin. Baldwin. N. Y. Mahera Fatima Khaliq. Jonesboro Mansoor A. Khan. Pakistan Leisa G. Kieffner. Paragould Deborah L. Killion. Pocahontas Radonna S. Killough. Oak Grove James J. Kimbrough. Jonesboro Jeff Kimbrough. Jonesboro Connie L. Kincaid. Harrisburg Vicki L. Kinder. Jonesboro David R. King. Jonesboro Glenda L. King. Dalton Mona L. King. Paragould Pamela J. King. Jonesboro David M. Kingston. Paragould John Barton Kinley. Beebe Gayla A. Kirksey. Jonesboro Steve L. Kirksley. Jonesboro Debra D. Kisner, Leachville John E. Klein. Northlake. 111. Keith Alan Klemmer. Brookland John L. Kline. Gilmore Ralph S. Kline. St. Petersburg. Fla. Doug G. Knierim. Walnut Ridge Patricia A. Knight. Paragould Roger A. Knight. Paragould William S. Koettel, Newport Brent S. Kohlbrecher, Corning Jeffery W. Kreis. Augusta Edward R. Krieger. Little Rock Shelly Renee LaBouve. Jonesboro Sandra G. Lacy Newport Stephen C. Lacy. Newport Phillip D. Ladd. Hayti. Mo. 354FRESHMEN Sharmaine LaFarlettc. Leachville Scott L. Laffoon. Paragould Barbara L. Lakes. Jonesboro Daniel G. Lakey. Jonesboro Steven L. Lamb. Jonesboro Lowell D. Lambert. Pocahontas Michelle A. Lamberth. Jonesboro Terri J. Lamberth. Jonesboro Ellen G. Lampkins. Paragould Sherri R. Lancaster. Harrisburg Bonnetta M. Lane. Gould Jerry P. Lane. Newport Terri S. Lane. Bono Tony Lane. Walnut Ridge Tracey S. Lane. Bono Boyd A. Laney, Forrest City Denise D. Langley. Walnut Ridge Jeffrey Langley. West Plains. Mo. Emily K. Lard. Jonesboro Kevin R. Larry. West Helena Carl Lewis Larsen. Pocahontas Donald E. Larson. Jonesboro Annette Larue. Tuckerman Nancy L. LaRue. Wilson Ruth L. Lasley. Jonesboro Larry R. Lassiter. Jonesboro Delise F. Latting. Saffell Joan G. Lauderdale. Turrell James S. Lawrence. Goobertown William R. Lawrence. Manila Elizabeth D. Lawson. Paragould Gus Lawson. Jonesboro James D. Lawson. Jonesboro Linda K. Leach. Corning Margie E. LeBlanc. Walnut Ridge Clint D. Ledbetter. Fort Smith Joseph W. Lee. Jonesboro Lara L. Lee. Mountain Home Michael D. Lee. Jonesboro Navie L. Lee. Damascus Sharon K. Lee. Walnut Ridge Cheryl I. Leffew. Heber Springs Thomas A. Leisenring, Salem Angela B. Lemay. Newport Jaynendel J. Lemmons. Jonesboro Joey H. Lemmons. Pocahontas Stephanie L. Lemonds. Kennett. Mo. Mark A. Leonard, Corning Kenneth Lewellen. Belvidere. 111. James E. Lewis. Dumas Jerry L. Lewis. Piggott Tina O. Lewis. Cave City Jeffery C. Liddell. Paragould Stephen E. Liebhaber. Biggers Cindy Light. Imboden Melissa L. Liles. Sheridan Barry F. Lillard. Charlotte Darlene A. Limber. Jonesboro Kerrie A. Linton. Yellville Sharon A. Lisko. West Memphis Kim A. Lister. Paragould Tyrneese K. Littrell. Little Rock Todd C. Litzelfelner. Piggott Michael O. Loggins. Harrisburg Barbara D. Long. Harrisburg Holly J. Long. Batesville John A. Long. Newport Shirley A. Long. Lepanto Randal J. Looney. Oil Trough David J. Lovelace. Jonesboro 355FRESHMEN Lee R. Loyd. Marked Tree Alma L. Luper, Newport Ronald L. Luper. Pryor. Okla. Christine Luzader, Little Rock Betsy A. Lynxwiler. Reyno Sandra L. Lyons. Stuttgart Scott Mabry. Senath. Mo. Louella Magee. Newport Elizabeth E. Mahon. Hickory Ridge James T. Malin. El Dorado Barry Malloyd. East St. Louis. 111. Benny Malone Jr.. Little Rock Shannon Don Malone. Pine Bluff Johnathon W. Mangrum. Manila Michael D. Mann. Pine Bluff Charles D. Manning. Hoxie Mohd Yusoff Mansor. Malaysia Rettis March. Corning Hassan A. Marenga. Saudi Arabia Ronnie J. Markin. Monette Lonnie G. Marler, Mountain Home Tammy L. Marlin. Cave City Anita L. Marsh. Jonesboro Beverly A. Martin. Peach Orchard Cameron L. Martin. O’Kean Daniel Martin. Trumann Kelli J. Martin. Blytheville Lance P. Martin. West Memphis Shelly D. Martin. Jonesboro Anne M. Martino. Hot Springs Cindy K. Mason, Brockwell Mary E. Mason. Memphis. Tenn. Laura M. Massey. Rosie Pamela L. Massey. Jonesboro Ruthie A. Masson. Jonesboro Douglas E. Masters. Arbyrd. Mo. Richard L. Mathes. Batesville Katharine L. Mathis. Jonesboro Cary C. Matthews. Jonesboro Scott E. Matthews. Weiner Jill R. Maxfield. Jonesboro Maria Maxwell. North Little Rock Darren K. May. Sedgwick Stacy R. May. Jonesboro Stephen D. May. Jonesboro William T. May. Jonesboro Charles W. Mayes. Jonesboro Lisa M. Mayhan. Jonesboro Russell B. McAllister. Paragould Becky A. McCall. Jonesboro Bert L. McCameron. Pocahontas Jeff K. McCann. Helena John T. McCarty. Helena Lori A. McClain. Wynne Sharon A. McClatchey. Camden Mona M. McClelland, West Memphis Greg J. McClendon. Brockwell Caroline McCoy. Clarendon Barbara A. McCullar. Jonesboro Terry F. McCulley. Kennett. Mo. Michael A. McDaniel. Helena Penny L. McDaniel. Bay Terry A. McDaniel. Paragould William R. McDaniel. Jonesboro Cheryl A. McDole. Brookland Bobby D. McDougal. Grubbs David E. McElderry. Omaha. Neb. Rhonda McEntire. Walnut Ridge Mack O. McFarlin. Piggott Michelle McGhee. Memphis. Tenn. 356"--4 FRESHMEN Tim C. McGhee. Kennett. Mo. Vemedia McGowan. Osceola Karen E. McKenzie. Bay Richard G. McKenzie. Marked Tree Norma L. McKinney. Batesville William T. McKisson. Jonesboro Terri L. McKnight. Jonesboro Rhonda S. McLaughlin. Paragould Johnny L. McLean. Reiser Evelyn J. McLemore. West Memphis Felicia McMillen. Portageville. Mo. Carolyn R. McMurtry. Paragould Donna M. McNamara. Rector Stephen McNamara. Jonesboro Robert McNeese. North Little Rock Melinda J. McPherson. Paragould Lisa K. McQuay. Jonesboro Muhammad Hisham Md.Daud. Malaysia Muhd.Norzam Md.Ghazah. Malaysia Zaidah Md.Zin. Malaysia Dana L. Mears. Grubbs Debra L. Medlin, Marmaduke Sue A. Medlock. Jonesboro Wanda J. Medlyn. Jonesboro Teahna L. Meek. Salem Eric F. Mejia. DeWitt Jeffrey W. Melton. Hayti. Mo. Kevin D. Melton. Newport Diane E. Mengarelli. Turrell Dana L. Merguie. Jonesboro Thomas Steve Meridith. Jonesboro Cynthia Merillat. Cherokee Village Joe A. Merrill. Jonesboro Mary T. Merrill. Jonesboro Maria A. Mertens. Paragould Charles K. Metheny. Paragould Kevin L. Metheny. Leachville Angelia D. Meyer. Paragould Patricia L. Michie. West Memphis Jeff A. Mickey. Paragould Sherri A. Miles. Jonesboro Patrick Millbrook. Jonesboro Bruce T. Miller. Dermott Cathy F. Miller. Holly Grove Charles A. Miller. Cardwell. Mo. Gordon E. Miller. Leachville Jerri Miller. Bay Joyce L. Miller. Stonewall Leigha G. Miller. Kennett. Mo. Matt A. Miller. Jonesboro Patrick Miller. Youngstown. Ohio Phyllis M. Miller. Jonesboro Sirnandle Miller. Helena Steven D. Mills. Jonesboro Tom P. Mills. Pine Bluff Lynne Mink. Newport Regina C. Mink. Elaine Michelle Minton. Bono Beverly B. Mitchell. Jonesboro Gregory L. Mitchell. Paragould Loria V. Mitchell. Marvell Luther G. Mitchell. Helena Mary E. Mitchell. St. Louis. Mo. Sherry K. Mitchell. Harrisburg Carla J. Mize. Jonesboro Wade J. Mock, Stuttgart Norma Mohamad. Malaysia Zulqarnain B. Mohamad. Malaysia Ruhana Mohd.Isa. Malaysia Zaiton Mohd.Nocr. Malaysia 357FRESHMEN Norzaiton Mahd.Nor. Malaysia Mark A. Monaghan. Clarendon Sheila A. Monroe. Caraway Wilburn D. Monroe. Paragould Nanette L. Montgomery. Viola Greg A. Moody. Jonesboro John L. Mooney. West Memphis Dennis Moore. Jr., Paragould Jana B. Moore. Kennett. Mo. Joe F. Moore. Bragg City. Mo. Keith E. Moore. Jacksonville Laura A. Moore. Pine Bluff Lavanda A. Moore. Viola Matthew T. Moore. Rogers Precious B. J. Moore. Blytheville Sister Columba Moore. Jonesboro Tina L. Moore. Bay Village Valerie J. Moore. Jonesboro Sheila R. Moran. Blytheville Dennis J. Morgan. Bay Jerri A. Morgan. Harrisburg Jerry F. Morgan. Violet Hill Patty A. Morgan. Corning Patricia F. Morris. Osceola Randy L. Morris. Marmaduke Garner H. Morrisett. West Memphis Paul W. Morrison. Califon. N. J. Shan D. Mosbey. Jonesboro Sandra J. Moser. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Cynthia D. Mosier. Paragould Dana M. Moss. Glencoe Davood B. Motlagh. Iran Patricia Motola. Cherokee Village Deidra R. Mouncc. Hughes Kelly A. Mueller. Salem Anjanette Mullins. Jonesboro Thomas S. Munn. Wynne Daniele W. Murphy. Mountain View Deborah Murphy. Lorado Franchelle Murphy. Biggers Rhonda A. Mynatt. Mount Pleasant Taplah Nafiah. Malaysia Barbara L. Nagle. Kennett. Mo. Greg A. Nall. Brookland Lauri Nall. Lake City Samuel E. Ndupu. Nigeria Caterina L. Neal. Augusta Lillie A. Neal. Lepanto Rhonda C. Neece. Pocahontas Marvin K. Neloms. Memphis. Tenn. Gary D. Nelson. Jonesboro John W. Nelson. Wilson Terrence Nelson. Turrell Edward P. Nesbitt. Wilmette. 111. Gregory S. Newberry. Harrisburg Daniel L. Newell. Bald Knob Greg S. Newsom. Brookland Jerald W. Newsom. Harrisburg Tracy G. Newton. Van Buren. Mo. Tim-hon Ng. Hong Kong Tim Kong Ng. Hong Kong Giang L. Nguyen. Jonesboro Hoang X. Nguyen. Jonesboro Thanh B. Nguyen. Trumann DeeDee A. Nichols. Hot Springs Lawrence S. Nichols. Walnut Ridge Linda A. Nicholson. Newport Cassy K. Nicolini. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Carrie 0. Norris. Marion Gazelle M. Norris. Marianna 358FRESHMEN Angela C. Northern. Jonesboro Richard R. Nutt. Jonesboro Stanley G. Nutt. Jonesboro Kim P. O'Clair. Stuttgart Karen L. O'Connor. Walnut Ridge Deborah A. Oglesby. Beebe James D. Oldham. Hoxie Alan Oldman. Harrisburg Gary C. Oltmann. Stuttgart Boon Hui Ong. Malaysia Charles N. Orakwe. Nigeria Dana H. Orick. Beech Grove Wendy G. Orr. Jonesboro Robert W. Orton. Monticello Charles K. Osborn. Corning Stacy G. Osborn. Jonesboro Phil G. Osment. Weiner Hossein Os tad, Iran John J. Owen, Paragould Lisa M. Owen. Jonesboro George E. Owens Jr.. Wynne James D. Owens. Harrisburg Kelly Lee Owens. El Dorado Nancy L. Ownes. Jonesboro Robert A. Owens. Wynne Jeffrey B. Ozbun, Bono Lisa A. Pagan, Jonesboro Adam A. Palmer. Baldwin. N. Y. Kenny R. Parish. Bay Chris M. Parker. Paragould John D. Parker. West Memphis Tonya K. Parker. Dalton Jonathan Parks. Jonesboro Leslie D. Paschal. Hot Springs David L. Passalaqua. Hoxie Donna K. Patterson. Bay Lisa L. Patterson. El Dorado Shannon D. Patterson. Salem Kathy M. Pausch. Jonesboro Debbie A. Payne. Beedeville Kima L. Payne. Monette Mitzi S. Payne. Paragould Bryant E. Pearson. Russellville Jeffrey T. Pearson. Osceola Tami K. Pearson. Mound. Minn. Teresa A. Pearson. Wynne Tori L. Pearson. Mound. Minn. Tammy S. Peck. Jonesboro Amber C. Peden. Harrisburg Carla J. Pedigo. Cardwell. Mo. Donna L. Peebles. Smithville Preston L. Peer, West Memphis Gregory M. Pender. Manila Lela A. Peppers, Jonesboro Jimmy K. Perkins. Bono Lynn M. Perkins. Franklin John A. Peters. Pocahontas Karen M. Pettigrew. Corning Jeffrey T. Pettit. Jonesboro Dolan D. Phelix. Marion David L. Phelps. Marked Tree Franklin K. Phelps. Bay Johniefaye F. Phillips. Bono Rhonda L. Phillips. Weiner Ray S. Pierce. Pine Bluff Thomas Piercy. Lake City William M. Pike. Almyra Penny L. Pillow. Paragould Keith Pinchback, Jonesboro Michael W. Pinegar. Gregory 359FRESHMEN Ronald L. Pipes. Jonesboro Gerald D. Pitts. Monette Helen D. Pitts. Marked Tree Keith S. Pitts. Marked Tree Demetrious Podaras, Houton. Texas Michael D. Pollock. Osceola Robert Pool. North Little Rock Joseph G. Pope. Weiner George N. Popejoy. Trumann Elizabeth Porter. Horseshoe Bend Brad J. Portman. Jonesboro Cheri A. Portman. Jonesboro Kim E. Potter. Blytheville James D. Presley. Jonesville Terry W. Presley. Pocahontas Nancy G. Presson. Rector Judy L. Price. Pine Bluff Melissa A. Price. Doniphan, Mo. Bobby B. Prichard. Pocahontas Flo K. Prislovsky. Des Arc Da Wayne P. Proffitt. Dyess Michelle Propes. Hardy Beverly J. Pruett. Paragould Pamela A. Puckett. Bono John A. Purcell. Trumann Steven J. Purtee. Jonesboro Harry L. Quarrels. Palestine April S. Quinn. Conway Susan Quinn. Paragould Melinda S. Rackley. Alton. Mo. Rose E. Ragsdale. Harrisburg Gary B. Rainey. Paris Marshell Rainey. Newport Paula C. Rainey. Jonesboro Carol A. Raley. Paragould John A. Ramer, West Memphis Mohd Yani Bin Ramli. Malaysia Debbie S. Rapert. Maynard Pamela J. Rasberry. Altheimer Lynn T. Raynor. Searcy Kelvin D. Reagan. Rector Charles G. Rector. Dumas Clovis W. Reddick. Marmaduke Sagaye L. Reece. Jonesboro Joe D. Reed. Jonesboro Kurtis D. Reed. Jonesboro Marcileno K. Reed. Crossett Perry L. Reed. Marvell Chris S. Reeves. Paragould Kristina E. Reeves. Wynne Lori S. Reeves. Jonesboro Brian A. Rega, Ash Flat Denise Reginelli. Marion Barbara J. Reid. Jonesboro Joy Mae Reynolds. Camp Maria E. Raynolds. Paragould Susan L. Reynolds. Newport Kathy L. Rhoads. Paragould Leigh A. Rhodes. Jonesboro David E. Rice. Jonesboro Donna L. Rice. Corning Lori R. Rice. Jonesboro Donnie R. Richmond. Dyess James V. Richmond. Poplar Grove John V. Richmond. Poplar Grove Lynsol B. Richmond. Dyess Brady Richards. Jonesboro Anita F. Richadson. Gepp Dennis S. Richardson. Elizabeth Donna L. Richardson. Pocahontas 360FRESHMEN Doug Richardson. Gepp Ronald D. Richardson. Malvern Susan C. Richardson. Lake City Elizabeth A. Ricketts. Jonesboro Greg M. Riddell. Newport Douglas A. Riddle. Pocahontas Sherry D. Riddle. Harrisburg Caroline C. Rieder, Orange. Calif. Timothy N. Riggs. Senath. Mo. Karen Riley. Bassett Scott Riley. 29 Palms. Calif. Randy E. Ring. West Memphis Derek A. Ritter. Weiner Denise S. Rivers. St. Louis. Mo. Eugenia K. Roach, Desha Robin A. Robb. Paragould Laura L. Robbins. Paragould Kimberly R. Roberson. Jonesboro John C. Robert. Kelso. Mo. Camille D. Roberts. Pine Bluff James F. Roberts. Blytheville Kent R. Roberts. Brookland Brenda S. Robins. West Ridge Daphne M. Robinson. Hot Springs Derrick D. Robinson. Newport Susan C. Robinson. Paragould Reginia R. Rodgers. Bay Angela L. Rodriguez. Jonesboro Billy R. Roe. Lilbourn. Mo. Scott A. Roethlisberger. Hardy Betty S. Rogers. Jonesboro Carlton C. Rogers. Beebe Cherri L. Rogers. Jonesboro Floyd A. Rogers. Memphis. Tenn. James F. Rogers Jr.. Jonesboro Kimberley D. Rogers. Paragould Rolan B. Rogers. Jonesboro Sandra J. Rogers. Jonesboro Sheri R. Rogers. Marion Faith D. Rolland. Monette Rente A. Rorex, Weiner Gala L. Rose. Jonesboro Laurie A. Rose. Jonesboro Paula S. Rose. Jonesboro Roger A. Rose. Jonesboro William Mark Rose. Jonesboro Toya Ross. Chicago. Ill Jim E. Roth. Springfield. 111. Tina W. Rouse. Piggott Shirley R. Rousey. Jonesboro Melody G. Rowe. Maynard Gregory L. Rowland. Pocahontas Marcus G. Royal. Newport Terri L. Rudd. Newport Shelley J. Runyon. Pollard Wyvonia Rutherford. Joiner Dewayne Russell. Jonesboro Lauren M. Russell. Little Rock Michael Russell. North Little Rock Paulette Russell. Rector Monica L. Ryan. Harrisburg Nancy A. Ryan. Paragould Stacy D. Ryan. Jonesboro Roger S. Sago. Biggers Gregg E. Sain. Rector Keith B. Saine. Forrest City Teresa A. Sammons. Manila Leslie A. Sanders. Weiner Stacy J. Sanders, Hot Springs Kelly D.- Sanner, Des Arc 361FRESHMEN Hamdan Sarabani, Malaysia Viola Sauls. Forrest City James H. Sawtelle, Turrell Phillip E. Sawyer. Redfield Cynthia R. Scales. Marianna Deborah Ann Scarff, Jonesboro Louie E. Schaaf. Jonesboro Pat D. Schaeffer. Jonesboro Laurie L. Scheer. Paragould Kathy Schirmacher, Woodridge. 111. Karen E. Schisler. Jonesboro Daniel J. Schlechte. St. Louis. Mo. Teena F. Schlenker. Cherry Valley Alan C. Schratz. North Little Rock Donna A. Schroller. Gideon. Mo. Alan T. Scoggins. Hot Springs Jacqueline Scoggins. Holcomb. Mo. Mathilda Scott. Holland Tom M. Scott. Sedgwick Steve C. Scabaugh. Wynne Elizabeth S. Seaton, Jonesboro Cindy L. Seesengood. Paragould Mastura Selemat. Malaysia Sally L. Self. Cabot Kala Selvadurai. Malaysia John L. Selvy. Blytheville Dewun R. Settle. Memphis. Tenn. Scott W. Shaffer. Arvada. Colo. Michelle Shamiyeh. Buffalo. N. Y. Don G. Sharp II. Walnut Ridge Denise K. Shaw. Mount Pleasant Martin G. Shea. Parkin David W. Shedd. Manila Scott Shelley. Fisher Carolyn A. Shelton, Swifton David N. Shelton. Rector Debbie L. Shelton. Kennett. Mo. Tim Shelton. Swifton Whitney A. Shelton. Paragould Margaret R. Shepherd. Jonesboro Michael D. Sheridan. Jonesboro Earl A. Sherrill. Newport Gregory Wayne Shirley. Hot Springs Sheila G. Shockley. Jonesboro Tangi LaDawn Shurrell. Myron Janice K. Siam. Paragould Donna C. Siddons. Weiner Angela D. Sifford. Batesville Robbie S. Sifford. Pocahontas Rent L. Siler. Monette Eddie N. Simmons. Oil Trough Sonya F. Simmons. Alton. Mo. Tammy P. Simmons. Pine Bluff John D. Simpkins. Jonesboro Bernard Simpson Jr.. Jonesboro Greg Lynn Simpson. Jonesboro Holly A. Simpson. Jonesboro Joe E. Simpson. Jonesboro Ted J. Simpson, Paragould Jill J. Sims. Poplar Grove Karrie L. Sims Jonesboro Kelley R. Sims. Jonesboro Russell W. Sims. Augusta Paul A. Sinapiades. Greece Stephanie H. Sipa. Jonesboro Tammy A. Sisk. Oil Trough Lisa K. Sitzer. Weiner Lynne A. Skelton. Blytheville Jana L. Skinner. Kennett. Mo. Scott A. Skoog, Jonesboro 362FRESHMEN Deborah D. Slisher, Batesville Othy B. Small. Wynne Susie J. Small. Senath. Mo. Richard J. Smaltz. Bryant Tammy L. Smart. Harrisburg Angie J. Smith. Jonesboro Beverly K. Smith. Wilson Dayna L. Smith. Hardy Dianne Smith. Jonesboro Dennis J. Smith. Swifton Dennis P. Smith. Viola Devin D. Smith. McCrory Dorotha A. Smith, Paragould Dostria J. Smith. Jonesboro Greg E. Smith. Leachville Greg M. Smith. Biscoe James A. Smith. Melbourne Jerry D. Smith. Searcy John E. Smith. Little Rock Julie A. Smith. Paragould Junetta Smith. Paragould Karli D. Smith. Bono Mark A. Smith. Kennett. Mo. Mary A. Smith Pocahontas Pamlir R. Smith, Marvell Patricia M. Smith. Jonesboro Penny M. Smith. Beedeville Rhonda F. Smith. Little Rock Susan K. Smith. Carlisle Suzanne S. Smith. Jonesboro Tammy S. Smith. Walnut Ridge Teresa A. Smith. Pine Bluff Timothy M. Smith. Parkin Tommy K. Smith. Paragould Tracy L. Smith. Jonesboro William J. Smith. Traskwood William R. Smith. Des Arc Lori A. Smoker. Paragould Troy E. Snell. Jonesboro Cathy A. Snow. Walnut Ridge Craig E. Snow. Rector Kevin Snow. Blytheville Bee Hwe So. Malaysia AH H. Sobki. Saudi Arabia William D. Soden. Tuckerman Michelle A. Sorg. Pocahontas Rhonda C. Sorrows. Hazen Edwin L. Sowa. Dallas. Texas Connie L. Sparks. Paragould Roy T. Sparks. Kennett. Mo. Teresa A. Sparks. Cardwell, Mo. Gregory G. Spence. Wynne Mel D. Spencer. Wynne Mike H. Spencer. Osceola Yvette Spencer. Blytheville Joyce L. Spivey. Jonesboro Beth H. Sprouse. Paragould Paulia J. Spurlock, Jonesboro Crystal G. Squires. Blytheville Lena A. Stackhouse. Newport Drew Stacy. Newport Paula K. Stafford. Marked Tree Michael W. Staggs, Jonesboro Venita K. Stalcup, Jonesboro Barbara Lynn Stallings. Jonesboro Pamela A. Stallings. Jonesboro Diana L. Stanczak, Paragould Vickki A. Stane. North Little Rock Donna R. Stanfill. Marion Karen E. Stanford. Steele. Mo. 363FRESHMEN Rhonda K. Stanley. Marmaduke Eric N. Stark. Wynne Lora Stark. Jonesboro Dorothy E. Starnes. Hot Springs Elizabeth A. Statler. Rector Randall L. Statler. Egypt Rhonda K. Statler. Rector Paul E. Staton. Pine Bluff Timothy L. St. Clair, Parkin Pamela E. Steakley. Lepanto Jim E. Stearns. Walnut Ridge Rosemarie A. Steimel. Pocahontas Lisa M. Stevens. Newport Deborah A. Stevenson. Joiner Freedia J. Stewart. Keiser James E. Stidman. Paragould Randall J. Stimach, Jonesboro Kim S. Stimson. Newport Lori E. Stokes. Hot Springs Ralph Stombaugh. Mammoth Spring John C. Stone. Senath. Mo. Ray Stone. Sedgwick Kevin L. Storey. Batesville Randy L. Story. Brookland Dawna L. Stotts. Texarkana Jeff W. Stotts. Jonesboro Pat R. Stotts. Pocahontas Brenda G. Stracner. Augusta Bobby D. Strahan. Pocahontas Mary M. Strickland. Jonesboro Charlotte J. Stuart. Little Rock Leslie N. Stubblefield. Paragould Ralph W. Stuckey. Pine Bluff Ellen M. Studnar. Mountain Home Noor Hailan Sulaiman. Malaysia James Sulcer. Woodland Hills. Calif. Bill Summers. Weiner Robert P. Summers. Bradford Kelly L. Summitt. Pocahontas Salaheddin Ali Sunni. Libya John T. Suskie. Little Rock DeShawn Sutter. Bradford Tony G. Sutterfield. Jonesboro Diane R. Swan. Heber Springs Hope R. Swanner. Jonesboro Shirley A. Swasey. Rector Joey D. Swindle. Brinkley Della M. Switzer. Springfield Jerry D. Sykes. Tuckerman Mike W. Tabor. West Memphis Margaret E. Tackett. Stuttgart Tammy C. Taggart. Augusta Johnny P. Talley. Ash Flat Ai Hong Tan, Malaysia Barbara J. Tanner. Jonesboro Connie J. Tanner. Corning Martha P. Tanner. Little Rock Sandra Tanner. House Springs. Mo. Natalie Tate. Lafe Shane D. Tate. Newport Anita G. Taylor. Marmaduke Doris L. Taylor. Luxora Gary A. Taylor. Little Rock Gwendolyn A. Taylor. West Helena Keith A. Taylor. Corning Lavonna R. Taylor. Evening Shade Leon J. Taylor. Marmaduke Leron Taylor. Marmaduke Mark L. Taylor. Paragould Thomas V. Terrell. Harrisburg 364FRESHMEN Jim L. Terry. Jonesboro Tracy L. Terry, Tyronza Chris A. Tharp. Jonesboro Beth Thayer. Blytheville Stephen M. Thelan. Lowell Phil A. Thigpen. Trumann Toni Lynn Thomas. Lafe Carolyn Thompson. Holly Grove Hazel Thompson. Hayti, Mo. Janis L. Thompson. Lake City Teddy D. Thompson, Swifton. Teena R. Thrasher. Jonesboro Karen K. Tidmore. Grubbs Elizabeth A. Timms. Lake City Suzanne Timms. Jonesboro Todd Timmons. Jonesboro Ella L. Timms. Brookland Mitzi L. Tinker. Hoxie Ray L. Tisinger. Eudora Sandi L. Tomlinson. Batesville Russell T. Tooley, Grubbs Patricia A. Townsend. Conran, Mo. Michelle M. Toye. Pocahontas David Lee Trammell. Jonesboro Carla J. Trantham. Crossett Johnny S. Travis. Jonesboro Todd E. Trayler. Paragould Debbie L. Trotter. Batesville Leigh A. Troutman. Hardy Tengku Tuan Yusoff. Malaysia Brenda F. Tubbs. Jonesboro Earl C. Tucker. Tuckerman Michelle L. Tucker. Trumann Myra B. Tuggle. Lepanto Judy A. Turn bow. Jonesboro Jerri L. Turner. Jonesboro Nancy J. Turner. Memphis. Forrest City Nancy M. Turner. Wynne Sondra Turner. Marianna Thelma L. Turner. Forrest City Bobbie D. Turman. Bay Linda C. Tusing. Dell James P. Tyner. Jonesboro Lisa O. Tyner. Paragould Lou Ann Tyner. Walcott Vanessa K. Tyson, Memphis. Tenn. John Uebelein. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Felix I. Ugwu. Nigeria Vincent S. Ugwu. Nigeria Esther D. Umobong. Nigeria Gregory A. Ungerank. Pocahontas Jennifer A. Unterborn. Hardy Sunday O. Utaegbulam. Nigeria Meleia L. Utley. Rector Suzanne G. Utnage. Jonesboro Andrea Vandefifer. Montrose. Mich. Rebecca Vandergriff. Ravenden Spgs. Shana L. Vangilder. Rector Donna M. Vanwinkle. Cave City Brad W. Vaughn. Brookland Kimberly B. Vaughn. Jonesboro Marcia Vaughn. Jonesboro Polly D. Vaughn. Piggott Vickie M. Vaught. Paragould Kelly J. Vaupel. Jonesboro David L. Veasman. Osceola Joseph G. Vernon. West Memphis James K. Veteto. Jonesboro Charles E. Vick. Marked Tree Lisa C. Vickers. West Memphis 365FRESHMEN Andrew Vincent. Kennett. Mo. Jack H. Vincent. West Memphis Tomi L. Vincent. Newport Donald R. Vineyard. Jonesboro Cindy E. Vinson. Jonesboro Eric P. Voigt, Wynne Faith A. Vollman, Jonesboro Reba A. Vuncannon. Trumann Sandra R. Wagner. Lake City Billy D. Walker. Wynne Brad W. Walker. Paragould John W. Walker. Trumann Sharon K. Walker. Wynne Rhonda G. Wallace. Waldenburg Ron L. Wallace. Mountain View Donald L. Walls. Paragould Kimberly Walls. Corning Susan M. Walsh. Hot Springs Lori A. Walters. McGehee Donald D. Ward. Paragould Jimmy L. Ward. Jonesboro Julie A. Ward. Pocahontas Marty V. Ward. Batesville Paula M. Ward. Cord Scott R. Ward. Sedgwick Sonya L. Ward. Newport Tammy L. Ward. Little Rock Sharon L. Warnick. Hoxie Diana L. Warren. Jonesboro Veronica A. Warren. Pocahontas Timmy R. Washburn. Hughes Mary Lynn Washington. Newport Lance A. Watkins. Batesville Roger L. Watkins. Bono Cynthia K. Watson. Trumann Debbie E. Watson. Jonesboro Nancy D. Watson. Marked Tree Nena J. Watson. Paragould Sandra G. Watson. Trumann Robert C. Watts. Cabot David K. Wayland. Walnut Ridge Sherry A. Weatherford, Southside Jerry P. Webb. Jonesboro Laverne Webb. Marked Tree Rhonda R. Webb. Bono Terra S. Webbe. St. Louis. Mo. Latraca L. Webster. Piggott Todd W. Wegener. Rector Joseph E. Weir. Bay Timothy K. Weir. Jonesboro Annetta L. Weisenbach. Maynard Billy W. Welch. West Memphis Kenneth J. Welch, Jonesboro Michelle Welch. Jonesboro Laura L. Wells. Bradford Michael Wells. Gilmore Troy A. Wells. Jonesboro Dana C. Wendell. Marmaduke James T. Westbrook. Jonesboro Ike Wheeler. Swifton Dedira D. White. Lepanto Edward N. White. Harrisburg Judy White. West Memphis Kathy L. White. Hot Springs Keith A. White. Harrisburg Kenneth O. White. Marion Larry A. White. Jonesboro Lettie J. Whitlow. Walnut Ridge Lisa C. White. Harrisburg Lynn A. White. Pine Bluff 366k FRESHMEN Mary Ann White. Turrell Michelle M. White. West Helena Perry Ken White. Jonesboro Ricky D. White. Jonesboro Sheila F. Whitley. Forrest City Barbara K. Whitson. Marked Tree Patricia L. Wiggins. Jonesboro Johnnie Lee Wilbom, Hughes Theodis Wilborn. Hughes Juanita K. Wilcox. Jonesboro Marjorie Jean Wilkerson. Bono Paula Willcut. Wynne Andy R. Williams. Gideon. Mo. Anthony Williams. Millington. Tenn. Barbara A. Williams. Jonesboro Becky S. Williams. Jonesboro Brent G. Williams. Jonesboro Cynthia L. Williams. Pine Bluff Diana G. Williams. Marion Donna J. Williams. Marion Doug E. Williams. Beech Grove Jennifer C. Williams. Brinkley Jawanda L. Williams. Brinkley Jerry H. Williams. Jonesboro Karen A. Williams, Parkin Kevin L. Williams. Tyronza Laura Beth Williams. Piggott Mike E. Williams. Newport Michelle J. Williams. Helena Patsy A. Williams. Cash Paul A. Williams. Jonesboro Pheoba E. Williams. Batesville Rhonda R. Williams. Jonesboro Roger D. Williams. Jonesboro Steve R. Williams. Cherry Valley Wallace M. Williams. Osceola Tammi F. Williamson. Hope Timmy J. Williford. Oil Trough Bess A. Wilson. Jonesboro Danny S. Wilson. Stuttgart Jessie E. Wilson. St. Louis. Mo. Gregory T. Wilson. Corning Gwendolyn R. Wilson. Batesville Jayme F. Wilson. Weiner Jimmie Dale Wilson. Cardwell. Mo. Kenneth L. Wilson. New York. N. Y. Marvin D. Wilson. North Little Rock Mary Wilson. Black Oak Patricia A. Wilson. Joiner Paul E. Wilson Jr.. Russellville Phillip E. Wilson. Paragould Lerone Wimbley. Pine Bluff Douglas J. Winfrey. Forrest City Lettie T. Winfrey. Forrest City Marcia M. Winfrey. Newport Edgar Winkle Jr.. Mammoth Spring Perry D. Winn. Jonesboro Teia J. Winn. Lafe Donna G. Winters. Harrisburg Anthony C. Withers. Little Rock Sarah A. Wolfe. Solon. Iowa Keng Hung Wong. Malaysia Cynthia M. Wood. North Little Rock John K. Wood. Jonesboro Mary A. Wood. Caraway Jackie Woodard. Blytheville Michael A. Woodhouse. Paragould Debi S. Woodruff. Mountain Home Lucinda L. Woodruff. Grubbs Ronda C. Woodruff. Jonesboro 367FRESHMEN Brian L. Woods. Rector Regina Woods. McCrory Joe W. Woolverton. Gideon. Mo. Ben R. Wooten. Marked Tree Joe E. Wooten. Jonesboro Sonya Lyne Wooten. Bloomfield. Mo. Paula J. Worden, Jacksonville Deborah S. Workman. Jonesboro Tammy M. Worley, Bald Knob Jeffrey K. Worlow. Sedgwick Johnny L. Worsham Jr.. Keiser Melissa K. Worthington. Jonesboro David W. Wren, Pocahontas Suzanne L. Wren. Pocahontas Barry A. Wright. Jonesboro James E. Wright. Jonesboro Jeffrey T. Wright. Avoca. N. Y. Karen A. Wright. Jonesboro Lee Ann Wright. Jonesboro Richard T. Wright. Blytheville Robert D. Wright. Jonesboro Romy B. Wright. Rogers Sharon K. Wright. Harrisburg Janet F. Wyatt. Paragould Jeff S. Wyatt. Rosie Karen E. Wyatt. Jonesboro Randy K. Wyatt. Imboden Freddie E. Yarbrough. Reyno Susie Yarbrough. Jonesboro Deanna R. Yates. Brookland Jeanine A. Yates. Rockford. 111. John C. Yauger. Jonesboro Angela M. Yniquez. Jonesboro Daronda R. Young. Campbell. Mo. Greg A. Young. Little Rock Pearleena Y. Young. Lepanto Sharon L. Young. North Little Rock Tommy L. Young. Tuckerman William R. Young. Parkin Ruzina Zainuddin. Malaysia Joann Zaremba. Batesville Kurt H. Zen-Ruffinen. Jonesboro ASSOCIATE DEGREES RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY (AAS) 368 Claude W. Busby. Mammoth SpringOFFICE ADMINISTRATION (AS) Mary Brooks. Jonesboro Debbye J. Farmer. Trumann Angela J. Harmon. Senath. Mo. Sherry S. Lace. Cherry Valley Sandra L. Mason. Knobel Patricia Nash. Hammond. Ind. Sherry L. Taylor. Batesville NURSING (ASN) Patricia A. Allen. McCrory Belinda G. Bailey. Corning Barbara J. Bell. Walnut Ridge Peggy S. Berland. Jonesboro Tula I. Birge. Trumann Johnny R. Butler. Paragould Diana L. Calderon. Jonesboro Deana C. Cooper. Weiner Kathy L. Cousins. Pocahontas Maria E. Daniel. Jonesboro Callie Sue Davis. Newport Beverly A. Erwin. Jonesboro Cindy L. Faughn. Jonesboro Helen Ferrell. Jonesboro • Ruth Elaine Flanigan. Maynard Betty L. Forkum. Paragould Darla K. Foster. Pocahontas Becky L. George. Jonesboro Nettie S. Gibson. Jonesboro Lavada L. Gillen. Jonesboro Leah V. Gilliam. Harrisburg Joan Green. Hoxie Marjan Hakimi. Jonesboro Judy A. Haney. O'Kean Carolyn B. Harcrow, Jonesboro Peggy D. Hardie. Walnut Ridge Thomas G. Hatch, Jonesboro Donald L. Holt. Milligan Ridge I Delfina R. Ishmael. Jonesboro Patricia A. Jackson. Caraway Susan D. King. Trumann Mary Lemmons. Pocahontas Jenafer C. Lincoln. Jonesboro Donna L. Mangis. Bono Nina F. McDuffee. Paragould Patricia L. McKelvey. Paragould Linda J. Newton. Jonesboro Lynn M. Page. Hoxie Pattie A. Park. Hoxie Jere M. Parker. Harrisburg Debbie A. Parsons. Paragould Regina C. Patton. Bono Claudia C. Peebles. Augusta Ann E. Rhodes. Jonesboro Dolores J. Settles. Jonesboro Kathy M. Smith. Mountain Home Carolyn A. Stafford. Salem Laberta L. Stout. Jonesboro Tana G. Thompson. Peach Orchard Debra R. Tinkle, Kennett, Mo. Sherry Toombs, Plggott Jenny S. Woodard. Newport 369© © SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS © © ©GRADUATE STUDENTS Cosmas C. Akazi, Nigeria Brad Baker. Trumann Donald G. Baltz. Pocahontas Sr. Kathleen M. Blanchard. Jonesboro Katherine L. Bowden. Birch Tree. Mo. Hanley Cherry Jr.. Jonesboro Cheryl T. Cobb. Forrest City Martha E. Coop. Jonesboro Angela Cossey. Augusta William V. Dailey, Emerson David R. Elliott. Jonesboro Sarah D. Farmer. Yellville Robert W. Gibson. Jonesboro Jack N. Harrington. Jonesboro Jack D. Jackson. Cardwell. Mo. Don R. Johnston. Pocahontas Jo D. Jones. Caruthersville. Mo. Karen E. Julien. Jonesboro Abdelhalim A. Kaboosh. Saudi Arabia Vicki L. Kuykendall. Marmaduke Jimmy K. Lay. Jonesboro Cathy L. Manes. Salem Elizabeth Mann. West Memphis Mark A. Mann. Jacksonville Don W. Massey. Jonesboro Dennis C. McCollum. Steele. Mo. John M. Metzler. Jonesboro Augustine I. Nnadi. Nigeria Manochehr Nourizadeh. Iran Ruth K. Plaster. Jonesboro Donja S. Rodgers. Black Oak Loyd Keith Salter. Desha Charletta A. Smith. Paragould Thomas A. Sneed. Piggott Betty A. Weston. McCrory Douglas R. Worley. Searcy 371SENIORS Timothy J. Blackburn. Paragould. Data Processing Lee Caldwell, Moko. Special Ed. Richard L. Carter Jr.. Jonesboro. Journalism Mary V. Coldtharpe. Blytheville. Elementary Ed. Linda J. Davis. Caruthersville. Mo.. Speech Drama Teddy D. Shields. Bono. Commercial Art Clay Sloan. Walnut Ridge. Finance Timothy W. Smith. Cooter. Mo.. R. E. I. Stephen A. Wilson. St. Louis. Mo.. Business Adm. Linda D. Hollis. Jonesboro. French Billy James. West Memphis. P. E. Winona C. John. Mammoth Spring. Radio-TV Mary K. Keller. Jonesboro. Nursing Vicki L. Kersey. Jonesboro. Sociology Dickey D. Mayland. Hoxie. History Michael T. Miller, Crawfordsville. Radio-TV Jimmy V. Moore. Weiner. Data Processing Reginald Patton. West Memphis. Law Enforcement Lynne Scott. Blytheville. Elementary Ed. JUNIORS Ardeshir Aghaye-Moughari. Iran Ricky A. Baney. Elkhart. Ind. Sharon K. Banks. Blytheville Stephen C. Bevill. Paragould Sue R. Bostic. Malden, Mo. Debra A. Bounds. Paragould Ronald W. Bowman. Lake City Bobby E. Brannon II. Augusta Clyde Bray. Jonesboro Regina S. Brown. Jonesboro Louie R. Bruner. Bono Marty G. Burks. Collierville. Tenn. Delores Jean Busby. McCrory Patrick J. Cooley. Rogers Bryan L. Cozart. Blytheville Dale A. Curtis. Newport Hashem Damirian. Iran Ali Darafshi. Iran Pat H. Davidson. Sage Connie M. Davis. Hardy Willo D. Davis. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Trent R. Dickson. West Memphis Linda J. Doty. Jonesboro Katherine Duke. Osceola Judy K. Ellis. Maynard Maryam El-Sherif. Jonesboro Jerris A. Evans. Kennett.Mo. Marty Felts. Piggott 372JUNIORS Anita Finch. Kennett. Mo. Gregory Galbraith. Blytheville Gina L. Garver. Jonesboro Karen R. Gemes. Senath. Mo. Abdollah Ghaemmaghami. Iran Jimmy A. Glover. Sulphur Rock MariolaJ. Glueck. Cardwell. Mo. Joyce Marie Goad. Blytheville Randall L. Godwin. Jonesboro Charles K. Henry. Midland. Tex. Susan A. Henry. Paragould Donna G. Hester. Steele. Mo. Fouad Mustapha Hijazi. Lebanon Charles R. Hinson. Chickasha. Okla. Loretta J. Hipp. Batesville Betty L. Hudson. Knobel Jeanette White Huey. Cherry Valley James M. Humphries. Salem Yvonne L. Hutchison. Rector Mohd. Neguib Ibrahim. Malaysia Azhari Ismail. Malaysia Ernie Robert Jackson. Jonesboro Danny Jennings. Augusta Denise Johnson. Luxora Lisa J. Johnson. Jonesboro Martha M. Kalb. Helena SueAnn Kibiloski. Paragould Nataline A. King. Bristol. Va. Richard D. Lewallcn. Trumann Debra A. Lewis. Marked Tree Sara L. Looney. Jonesboro Gordon Lynn. Kennett. Mo. Christine Lynxwiler. 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Little Rock Gregory Tucker. Swartz Creek. Mich. 373JUNIORS Margaret R. Tucsnak, Jonesboro Brian Vredingburgh. Trumann Cynthia A. Webb. Blytheville Mark B. Wisdom. Jonesboro James W. Wofford. Pocahontas Charles R. Woods. Jr.. Melbourne Calvin E. Yancey. St. Louis. Mo. SOPHOMORES Sheila R. Abbott. Sherwood Eric K. Allen. Jonesboro Aaron Anderson. E. St. Louis. 111. Barbara J. Archer. Imboden Susan M. Baker. Doniphan. Mo. Rick A. Barney. Louisville. Ky. Cindy A. Baxley. West Memphis Mark A. Blankenship. Black Rock Najah Kamil Bogari. Saudi Arabia John F. Bonner. Turner Paul J. Bookout. Jonesboro Debbie J. Bowden. Paragould Scott C. Brooks. Osceola Stephen T. Brown. Augusta Tony L. Brown. West Helena Geraldine Bunn. Cave City Rose C. Byrd. Manila Brad M. Cannon. Harrisburg Pamela L. Cavitt. Rcyno James Chapman. Guntown. Miss. Howard Cissell Jr.. Lithonia. Ga. Scott Cochran. Trumann Tracy S. Cole. Piggott Tina M. Columbis. N. Little Rock Graham D. Coveney, N. Vancouver. B.C. James E. Covington, Minturn Kathleen Cribbins. Russellville Joni M. Croom. Marion Beverly K. Davis. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Kevin B. Davis. Jonesboro Libby J. Difani. Jonesboro Paul Dixon. Jonesboro Wade A. Eanes. West Memphis Mohammad Eghlidos. Iran Wade C. Ely. Edgemont Thomas K. Eubanks. Rector Terry W. Evans. Kennett. Mo. Claudia C. Farrell. Jonesboro Gayla M. Fisher. Steele. Mo. Velma J. Flanigan. Jonesboro Michelle M. Freeze. Jonesboro Sumit Ganguly. India Freddy L. Gentry. Kennett. Mo. Brandon A. Gist. Paragould Kelly M. Gregson. Jonesboro Mark T. Hahn. Wilmette. 111. Rebecca I. Hall. Lepanto Joycelyn Renee Hardeman. Hope Jeffery B. Hart. Walnut Ridge 374SOPHOMORES Ron J. Hawkins. Jonesboro Marian Hayes. Beebe Jeff L. Holifield. Paragould Sheryl Honey. Newport Donald L. Hopkins. McDougal Linda K. Huckabay. Knobel Monica L. James. Ravenden Spring Billy K. Jones. Kennett. Mo. Kenneth K. Jones. Longview. Tex. Richard W. Kifer. Jonesboro Johnnie A. King, Forrest City Martha A. Kirby. Vanndale Laura E. Koonce. Blytheville Loid D. Lassiter. Jonesboro Laura A. Lawrence. Omaha. Neb. Henry L. Lewis. Earle Terry L. Lund. Jonesboro Joann Lutrell. Kensett Beverly S. McCollum. Ash Flat Martha L. McGinnis. Paragould David W. McQueen. Jonesboro Charles W. Minor. Jonesboro Cynthia J. Moffett. Little Rock Jerome Morgan. Weiner Cathy M. Munos. Jonesboro Mark David Oldham. Jonesboro Daniel M. Pearsall. Kansas City. Mo. Linda S. Pospisil. Ash Flat Randal G. Puckett. Ravenden Spring Jerri L. Qualls. Black Oak James D. Rainwater. Paragould Randa S. Ramer. Lafe Robert A. Reeves. Stuttgart Lynne K. Reid. Jonesboro Joe A. Richards. Searcy Dennis W. Yeager. Bay Vicki L. Young. Black Rock Lemmy A. Yussuff, Nigeria Yousef Zuhairi. Saudi Arabia Calvin W. Roach. Cave Creek Ginger Rogers. Paragould Joyce L. Rossel. Riverside. 111. Marcia Schoenborn. Jonesboro Donnie L. Scroggins. Trumann Waheeb Shafey. Saudi Arabia Charles L. Sloan. Walnut Ridge Jeannie Marie Smith. Walcott Michael G. Smith. Caruthersville. Mo. Robert A. Smith. Tyronia Terri A. Smith. Doniphan. Mo. Donna Snodgrass. Mountain Home John R. Soward. Trumann Trent L. Stacy. Delaplaine Thomas E. Stanley. Augusta Stuart L. Stark. Wynne Lezli Starnes. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Cindy M. Steele. Monette Brenda C. Stewart. England Wayne C. Stoner Jr.. Jonesboro Rebecca L. Tubbs. Jonesboro Cindy D. Tucker. Tyronza Darrick L. Tucker. Memphis. Tenn. Karen S. Turner. West Memphis Charles R. Uhlig, St. Louis. Mo. Robin L. Waddell. Carlisle Ross E. Whitney. Paragould Carolyn M. Wulf. Jonesboro 37SFRESHMEN Pathooraman B. Abu. Malaysia Zaiton Abu-Bakar. Malaysia Robert D. Adams. Jonesboro Clifton P. Akers. Jonesboro Abdulazlz AL-Bassham. Saudi Arabia Tammie Albright. Jacksonville Mohsin AL-Hamdi. Saudi Arabia Nasser AL-Husein. Saudi Arabia William G. Allen. Little Rock Ahmad AL-Nekhilan. Saudi Arabia Saleh AL-Salloum, Saudi Arabia Rahemat Amarshi. Jonesboro Ronnie L. Armstrong. Jonesboro Mohamad B. Aroff. Malaysia Ricky L. Ashby. Paragould Khairil Baharin. Malaysia Kevin L. Barksdale. Jonesboro Brenda J. Barnes. Cash Debbie R. Barnes. Jonesboro Phillip L. Baumgarner. Tupelo Julia M. Bean. Jonesboro Debbie L. Bearden, Rector William J. Beasley. Paragould Bradford P. Beck. Jonesboro Robert D. Bethell. Wynne Mark G. Billingsley. Palestine Thomas M. Black. Jonesboro J. D. Bodry. Tyronza Ed D. Boldt. Jackson. Tenn. Dee A. Bolin. Jonesboro Dana B. Box. Trumann Judith L. Britt. Jonesboro Nagel S. Britt. Pocahontas Anna L. Brodell. Jonesboro Patricia A. Brown. Ft. Defiance. Ariz. Philip D. Brown. Leachville Stephen H. Bruce. Jonesboro Amy Brunson. El Dorado Jack Buchanan. Corning Tim L. Bufford. Trumann Renita Burgess. Earle Lynn A. Burks. Trumann Farrukh I. Burney. Pakistan Cindy L. Burton. Corning Hayward Burton. Proctor Dawn M. Caffery. Jonesboro Henri E. Cain. McCrory Iwana Campbell. Newport Debra A. Carey. Paragould Grover C. Carlock. Blytheville Ronnie J. Cato. Trumann Cindy Chance. Jonesboro Kathleen M. Clapp. Jonesboro Linda P. Clark. Anchorage. Alaska Shirley A. Clark. Jonesboro Dion Clay. Harrisburg John L. Clifton. Wheatley McKinley C. Cobbs. Brinkley Thad Cockrill. West Memphis Cynthia D. Cole. Peach Orchard Kathy L. Collins. Jonesboro Barbara J. Collom. Jonesboro Sharon A. Couch. Jonesboro Kenneth W. Cox. Jonesboro Gary W. Cravens. Hoxie Jeff J. Crisler. Walnut Ridge Keith Crook. Paragould Michael E. Cureton. Forrest City Paul M. Curtis. Corning David D. Dallas. Wynne 376FRESHMEN Ani Rosila Daud. Malaysia Jacqueline M. Davis. Lake City Linda Davis. Lake City Norma J. Davis. Jonesboro Jerry R. Decker. Swifton James K. DeClerk. Pocahontas Cynthia L. Deeds. Bcnsenville. 111. Julia A. Deems. Jonesboro Charles B. DeHart. Paragould Jenny L. DeWitt. Rogers Donald O. Diemer, Batesville Damon Dortch. Batesville Helen F. Duclos. Jonesboro Donald E. Eddington. Tyronza Venantius Egbulem. Nigeria Karla R. Emerson. Jonesboro Deborah C. England. Earle Amy D. Estes. Paragould Kelly J. Everett. Wynne Margaret S. Fair. Bono Makka L. Faulkenberry. Bay Mickey A. Felts. Jonesboro Marcia J. Futrell. Paragould Tammie A. Gadberry. Monette Chandra T. Gbagi. Marked Tree James W. Gilley. Jonesboro Johanne M. Gilmer. Jonesboro Scarlette Gleghorn. Batesville Lois M. Gosney. Weiner Doris Fay Granger. Jonesboro Lorrie Haas. Jonesboro John F. Hafner. Jonesboro Paula W. Hall. Tyronza Marilyn Hamblin. Batesville Cheryl A. Hammett. Stuttgart Herman L. Hampton. Jonesboro Charles A. Hansen. Jonesboro Greta L. Harber. Blytheville Antoine H. Harper. Jonesboro Michael B. Harvey. Paragould Zuraidah B. Hassan, Malaysia Lana A. Hathcoat. Jonesboro Shannon Hawkins. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Barry C. Hay. Blytheville Bryon D. Haynie. Hope Angela D. Heise. Blytheville Debra L. Henley. Bay Ammar S. Himsieh. Syria Penny D. Holley. Swifton Karen S. Holmes. Senath. Mo. Gina L. Holt. Jonesboro Ronald A. Holt. Jonesboro Danny L. Hoskins. Paragould Daryl K. Houchin. Marion Richard A. Howard. Omaha. Neb. Lance T. Huey. Wynne Helen L. Huffman. Piggott Thomas H. Huggins. Jonesboro Susan A. Hundley, Bay Donna L. Hutcheson. Paragould Sylvia G. Hutchison. Rector Emeka B. Ibeachum. Nigeria Brian F. Imboden. Cherry Valley Dorothy C. Johnson. Jonesboro Roily W. Johnson. Weiner Tony L. Johnson. Newport Timothy L. Jones. Batesville Barry K. Jordan. Jonesboro Donald Jumper. Palestine Mohammad Nazili Jusoh. Malaysia 377FRESHMEN Mohd. Azmi Jusoh. Malaysia Zarinah Karim. Malaysia Artie Ann Karns. Cave City James D. Keith. Paragould James E. Kesterson, Jonesboro Larry W. King. Jonesboro Sherri E. King. Mountain Home Donald W. Kirkwood. Forrest City Rose A. Konold. Jonesboro LaDona Kraichely. Heidelberg. Germany Michelle Lafferty. Cabot Darlene D. Lane. Marked Tree Homier A. Larkins. Lake City Leah A. Larson. Jonesboro Catherine Lassiter. Bay Sonda Law. Senath. Mo. Craig A. Lee. Lake City Lisa A. Lewis. Covington. Tenn. David Liles. Jonesboro Kevin L. Lloyd. Jonesboro Mark G. Lukehart. Hardy Hjalmar C. Lund. Jonesboro Mohd. Redza Mahmood. Malaysia Sidek B. Mansor. Malaysia Marla J. Markin. Monette Stephen L. Markin. Monette Nicholas C. Marks. Fair Oaks David M. Marlar. Jonesboro James M. Martin. Brinkley Holly A. Mathews. Pine Bluff Wanda L. May. Harrisburg Steven J. McAlister. Turrell Tommy W. McCrary. Payneway Jennifer D. McDowell. Corning Amelia J. McElroy. Trumann Ronald R. McElvoy. Jonesboro Jerry D. McFall. Jonesboro James B. McFarlin. Jonesboro Randall W. McFerrin, Marked Tree Julie A. McGough. Jonesboro Jimmy R. McKee Jr.. Pine Bluff Alan Mennecke. Arlington Hgts.. 111. James R. Meredith. Corning Becky J. Miller. Clarendon Reanne C. Miller. Jonesboro Michael D. Mills. Jonesboro Faridah Mohd. Daud. Malaysia Randal Montgomery. Batesville Paul E. Moore. Bono Thomas W. Moore. Newport William K. Moore. Manila Teresa K. Morgan. Crumrod David C. Moss. Oxford William B. Nealy. Gosnell Alicia D. Nichols. Osceola Gary D. Nichols. Trumann Pauline Nicholson. Brookland Sivananthan Nithiananthan. Malaysia Imelda L. Norfleet. Memphis. Tenn. Tammy R. Norris. Swifton Sonja J. Norton. Jonesboro April S. Nowlin. Blytheville James Ike Nwakwudo. Nigeria Vickie S. Ogles. Paragould Roosevelt Oliver. Osceola Rose Onyeugbo. Clarksville Albert Osborne. Turrell Sheila M. Osborne. Camden Abdul Ghapar Othman. Malaysia Khairil Waldi Othman. Malaysia 378FRESHMEN Mohd Anuar Othman. Malaysia Russ L. Owens. Lake City Clark D. Padgett. St. Charles Alyssa A. Palmer. Jonesboro Barry B. Palmer. Senath. Mo. Charles D. Pankey. Trumann William J. Papich. Jonesboro LaVonda Passalaqua. Hoxie Audrea J. Pausch. Jonesboro Robert L. Perkins. Bono Marcia A. Pickier. Rector Jeff L. Posey. Marianna Julie A. Randleman. Rector Karen M. Ransom. Jonesboro James K. Reddmann, Weiner John R. Reed. Reyno Patricia S. Reeves. Jonesboro Katherine I. Ressalam. Jonesboro Donna L. Rhoads. Blytheville Jeri A. Richardson. Walnut Ridge Kandi Ridenour. Puxico. Mo. Donna F. Rivers, Jonesboro Michael D. Robinson. Jonesboro William A. Rose. Jonesboro Brent T. Rougeau, Jonesboro Kelly S. Rowe. Jonesboro Liddea L. Russom. Lafe Hishamuddin Saifullizan. Malaysia Maurice Sanders. Marianna Stanley E. Sansom. Jonesboro Charla K. Scallions. Jonesboro Nancy C. Scott. Hardy Samuel A. Seat. Jonesboro Mohd Salleh Selamat. Malaysia Barry R. Sellers. Jonesboro Jihad Semann. Carbondale. 111. Salmi M. Shaari. Malaysia Mohd Mahayadin Shafie. Malaysia Stephanie Shapiro. Pine Bluff Mark T. Shidler. Crawfordsville Jessie Shore 111. Mammoth Spring Brenda S. Sipes. Jonesboro Tina L. Sisk. North Little Rock Sandra E. Sisler. Kennett. Mo. Cynthia D. Sloan. Walnut Ridge Clara L. Smith. Marked Tree Dewey J. Smith. West Memphis Joe P. Smith. Melbourne Joel C. Smith. St. Charles Deborah K. Spelic. Jonesboro Gloria Starks. Earle Deborah L. Stone. Sheridan Roger Dale Taber. Trumann Kamarudin Taha. Malaysia Helen Taylor. Black Rock James B. Taylor. Paragould Lois E. Thiel. Paragould Sherry Thielemier. Pocahontas Mike L. Thompson. West Memphis Lory J. Tillman. Jonesboro Janet L. Turner. Caraway Patricia VanKirk. Lake City Mary A. Verkler. Black Rock Noorsuriati Wahid. Malaysia Donna K. Waits. Pine Bluff Lisa R. Wallace. Waldenburg Ricky L. Wallace. Augusta Alana D. Washington. Jonesboro Stan K. Watson. Blytheville Jackie S. Weishman. Bono 379FRESHMEN Iola White. Jonesboro Vicki B. White. Jonesboro Linda D. Whiteside. Paragould Kathy J. Whitlock. Senath. Mo. LuAnn Whittaker. Jonesboro William M. Wiggins. West Memphis William Wilcoxson. Walnut Ridge Lisa M. Wileman. Bay Julie L. Withem. Jonesboro Sandra L. Womble. Fisher Randy J. Wood. Jonesboro Rochelle. Wymer. Newport Saleha B. Yusoff. Malaysia Ibtisam Y. Zoubi. Jonesboro An electron microscope was purchased and installed during the fall semester to extend the university’s research capabil andUarsonCaS surfacc analYsis- water pollution, chemical catalysts, electronics, enzyme and cell studies, agriculture pestic 380INDEX —A— chad W. Aaron. 278 .hamed M. Aballala. 278 eila R. Abbott. 374 karia F. Abdallat. 324 d. Jalil Abd Hamid. 342 leffendl Abd-MaJId. 342 ,e Abdul-Rahman. 342 hariah Abdul-Rahman. 342 ;i Zaleha Abdul--Rasid. 342 mcs H. Abel III. 342 izabeth "Day" Abernathy. 342 an M. Abernathy. 303 retta Sue Abernathy. 303 izabeth A. Abies. 303 thooraman Abu. 376 lton Abu-Bakur. 376 irbara K. Ackerct. 324 »bert Lee Acord. 324 inetta O. Acree. 342 'hn C. Acuff. 342 tren L. Adair. 342 rri D. Adair. 342 mie K. Adam. 342 uce R. Adams. 303 :borah L. Adams. 303 rnnis P. Adams. 303 nna L. Adams. 324 ttrge G. Adams. 342 met E. Adams. 303 le K. Adams. 342 mathan C. Adams. 324 iutcI A. Adams. 303 turetta J. Adams. 303 itricia Adams. 324 indall L. Adams. 342 bcrt D. Adams. 376 ibert W. Adams. 278 ephen L. Adams. 342 unmy I. Adams. 342 rresa L. Adams. 278 rresa N. Adams. 278 ;rry A. Adams. 303 ilcrie N. Adams. 342 ichard L. Adamson. 303 •llie G. Adcock. 342 ickie D. Adcock. 303 utoII D. Addington. 324 ily M. Addison. 278 rinola O. Adebayo. 342 aniel K. Adeleye. 303 evin J. Adkins. 303 Inda Renee Adomyetz. 342 athy A. Agee. 342 cresa L. Agee. 324 rdeshir Aghaye-Moughari. 372 amidah Ahmad. 342 amani Ahmad. 342 on B. Ahrens. 324 bdutazid F. Ajaji. 275 osmas C. Akazie. 371 lifton P. AKers. 376 eresa K. Akers. 303 inka Patrick Akinwale. 303 bdullah M. Akshan. 324 iohammed AL-Ataibi. 278 aleh A. AL-Balawy. 278 bdulaziz AL-Bassam. 376 ammie L. Albright. 376 tauro A. Alburez. 342 miiam C. Alery. 324 ana L. Alford. 303 arien P. Alford. 324 .bdullah AL-Garallah. 303 iohsin S. AL-Hamdl. 376 lajid Fahad AL-Hnzmi. 303 iasser AL-Husein. 376 wn Kareem AL-Husseini. 324 nad T. All. 278 lohamad Seth Alias. 342 Saleh R. AL-Khodeir. 278 Brian G. Allen. 342 Cheryl M. Allen. 324 Christine Elizabeth Allen. 342 Edie G. Allen. 273 Edna E. Allen. 273 Eric K. Allen. 374 Johnny W. Allen. 342 Lisa M. Allen. 342 Marilyn O. Allen. 324 Milton L. Allen. 303 Pamela G. Allen. 324 Patricia A. Allen. 369 Rhouis E. Allen. 342 Steve M. Allen. 303 Sue S. Allen. 278 William G. Allen. 376 Richie D. Allensworth. 342 Calvin T. Allison. 324 Camille Allison. 324 Linda S. Allison. 303 Ali H. AL-Majid. 303 Winifred Carol Almand. 324 Ahmad A. AL-Nekhilan. 376 Saleh A. AL-Otaibi. 303 Adel S. AL-Saleb. 278 Saleh A. AL-Salloum. 376 Amer Mustafa AL-Shafii. 324 Carla M. Altom. 342 Lillian B. Altom. 342 Myra E. Alumbaugh. 278 Rahemat A. Amarshi. 376 Dee A. Ames. 303 Tammie D. Ames. 278 Ebrahim Amiri. 303 Aaron B. Anderson. 374 Angelia J. Anderson. 324 Barbara A. Anderson. 278 Cynthia L. Anderson. 342 Deborah L. Anderson. 342 Karen M. Anderson. 342 Lisa K. Anderson. 324 Robert W. Anderson. 324 Verna Monique Anderson. 278 Allan R. Andrews. 342 Diane J. Andrews. 342 Regina J. Andrews. 278 Ahmad Zuki Ani. 342 Barbara J. Archer. 374 Betty S. Archibald. 342 Gregory Scott Arender. 324 Joan C. Argo. 303 Shannon D. Annbrust. 342 Carolyn B. Armour. 342 Anna C. Armstrong. 324 Mary Lee Armstrong. 342 Ronnie L. Armstrong. 376 Steve W. Armstong. 324 Anna L. Arnold. 303 Cathy Arnold. 278 Karen E. Arnold. 324 Lana L. Arnold. 342 Lelsa G. Arnold. 342 Terri L. Arnold. 278 Terry G. Arnold. 278 Mohamad Bin Aroff. 376 Nuh Amin Arre. 275 Jorge Asapche. 278 Joe E. Ashburn. 324 Ricky L. Ashby. 376 Laurie Jo Ashcraft. 303 Terri L. Ashford. 324 Anita J. Ashley. 303 Daty D. Ashley. 278 Martha J. Ashlock. 278 Diane Askew. 324 Joanne J. Astin. 303 Nordin Ahmad Atan. 342 Husam Fayez Atari. 324 Tim L. Atchley. 278 David C. Atherton. 278 Dale J. Atkinson. 342 Lynn B. Atkinson. 303 Sherry L. Atkinson. 342 Paige L. Atkison. 324 Alfred J. Austin. 303 Anna J. Austin. 342 Joey H. Austin. 342 Sharon L. Autry. 324 Saul Avery. 278 Rohaiza Awang. 342 Oyebode Benson Aworunsc. 303 DeAnn R. Aycock. 342 Melanie A. Ayers. 342 Richard M. Ayson. 342 —B— Albert L. Bachman. 342 Deaundra A. Bacot. 342 Vernon M. Bacot. 303 Fatmah F. Baeez. 342 Nancy L. Baer. 324 Carlton R. Bagwell. 342 Richard L. Bagwell. 303 Khairil Anuar Baharin. 376 Carl E. Bailey Jr.. 342 Joyce A. Bailey. 278 Karen L. Bailey. 324 Lisa G. Bailey. 342 Lynne Bailey. 278 Martha Anne Bailey. 324 Patricia A. Bailey. 278 Sharon E. Bailey. 303 Sharon L. Bailey. 278 Shirley J. Bailey. 324 Cynthia R. Bain. 342 Melissa M. Baioni. 324 Brad Baker. 371 Charlotte R. Baker. 324 Chris R. Baker. 342 Deborah A. Baker. 303 Dwight H. Baker. 324 Edward A. Baker. 278 Floyd D. Baker. 303 Holly J. Baker. 324 Laurie A. Baker. 303 Mary Baker. 278 Mona W. Baker. 275 Nina G. Baker. 324 Randal K. Baker. 324 Randall B. Baker. 342 Sarah R. Baker. 303 Susan M. Baker. 374 Lisa L. Batch. 342 Beth Baldwin. 303 Gail Z. Baldwin. 342 Nancy G. Baldwin. 324 Tina L. Baldwin. 303 Nathaniel Balentine II. 303 Barbara D. Ball. 342 Leslie A. Ball. 303 Susan L. Ball. 342 Berkley A. Ballard. 342 John W. Ballard. 303 Lawanda L. Ballard. 324 Stephen O. Ballard. 303 Valerie G. Ballard. 303 Allen C. Baltz. 342 Arlene F. Baltz. 303 Donald G. Baltz. 371 Joyce D. Baltz. 278 Paul D. Baltz. 303 Wayne A. Bancroft. 343 David C. Bandy. 278 Ricky A. Baney. 372 Connie J. Banks. 343 Joseph H. Banks. 324 Juanita Y. Banks. 324 Marlena D. Banks. 343 Sharon K. Banks. 372 Steven L. Banks. 303 Tony G. Banks. 324 Jana D. Bankston. 278 Robert W. Bankston. 343 Carter B. Barber. 334 Traci L. Barber. 324 David C. Barch. 278 Gary W. Barch. 324 Roy C. Barch. 343 Garry B. Barker. 303 Robert A. Barker. 324 Russell L. Barker. 278 Steven C. Barker. 324 Suzanne A. Barker. 343 Beki L. Barkley. 343 SheiTy D. Barkley. 278 George William Barksdale. 278 Kevin L. Barksdale. 376 Karen S. Barnard. 303 Barry W. Barnes. 278 Brenda J. Barnes. 376 David B. Barnes. 324 Debbie R. Barnes 376 Fredrick N. Barnes. 343 Karla J. Barnes. 343 Kimberly A. Barnes. 303 Lisa A. Barnes. 343 Mary K. Barnes. 324 Scott W. Barnes. 324 Stephanie K. Barnes. 343 Terri A. Barnes. 343 Wilma P. Barnes. 279 Deborah K. Barnett. 324 Jay R. Barnett. 324 Jeffery F. Barnett. 343 Lisa K. Barnett. 343 Nita L. Barnett. 303 Shawn A. Barnett. 343 Thomas A. Barnett. 303 Troyce D. Barnett. 324 Rick A. Barney. 374 Alfred E. Barnhill Jr.. 273 Johnnie L. Barnhill. 343 Clifton E. Barr. 343 Charles M. Barrett. 343 Ginger L. Barrett. 279 Paul D. Barrett. 303 Terry L. Barry. 324 David Bartlett. 279 Patricia A. Bartlett. 303 Darla J. Bary. 303 Kimberly D. Baskins. 343 Clyde W. Bass. 324 Laura L. Bass. 324 Teresa L. Bassham. 324 Curtis E. Baster. 303 Barry A. Bateman. 343 Fahad M. Battal. 279 Kelly G. Batterton. 303 Sonya R. Battles. 324 Kim W. Baugh. 343 Terry D. Baugh. 324 Phillip L. Baumgarner. 376 Angela M. Baurels. 343 Belinda G. Baxley. 369 Cindy A. Baxley. 374 Lisa A. Baxley. 324 Shari A. Bay. 324 John D. Beadles. 279 Rita D. Beaird. 324 Sharon V. Bealer. 279 Julia M. Bean. 376 James A. Beard. 324 Debbie L. Bearden. 376 Donald R. Bearden. 279 Stephen B. Beardsley. 343 Erven Beasley. 279 Loretta M. Beasley. 343 William J. Beasley. 376 Timothy A. Beaver. 303 Bradford P. Beck. 376 James W. Beck. 324 Lori A. Beck. 279 Sarah E. Beck. 324 Pa'ty S. Beckley. 303 Beverly A. Beckman. 279 Jon P. Bednar. 279Pammy S. Bednar. 343 Tammy S. Bednar. 343 Trie la M. Bednar. 303 Mark A. Beegle. 343 Susan K. Beel. 343 Angela D. Beeler. 343 Melissa G. Beeler. 279 James A. Beggs. 303 Teresa R. Begley. 325 Kimberly A. Bclew. 303 Trent R. Beiford. 343 Delols J. Bclln. 303 Joseph David Belk. 279 Tammy D. Belk. 323 Lorri Belknap. 343 Barbara J. Bell. 369 Beverly J. Bell. 303 Brent W. Bell. 343 Jack Bell. 325 Jennifer J. Bell. 279 Lori E. Bell. 325 Regena G. Bell. 279 Regina N. Bell. 279 Richard B. Bell. 325 Robert L. Bell. 279 Sharon E. Bell. 325 Willis P. Bell. 303 Kim D. Belters. 303 Scott R. Benedict. 325 Ralph O. Benefield. 273 Amy I. Bennett. 325 Cindy L. Bennett. 343 Cynthia J. Bennett. 304 Rebecca L. Bennett. 273 Robert L. Bennett. 304 Sharron L. Bennett. 273 Gregory D. Benning. 304 Dallas G. Benson. 325 David D. Benson. 304 Don R. Benson. 304 Mark A. Benson. 279 Cheryl J. Bentley. 304 Geoffrey Bentley. 304 Buster Benton. 304 Cecilia M. Benton. 325 Karen L. Benton. 304 Steve J. Benton. 279 George R. Berg. 279 Sharon C. Berk. 304 Peggy S. Berland. 369 David A. Berry. 304 Jim K. Berry. 304 Russell L. Beshears. 343 Thurman A. Beshears Jr.. 325 Jeff A. Bess. 304 David L. Best. 343 James A. Best. 304 Robert D. Bethe D. 376 Stephen C. Bevill. 372 Susan J. Bickers. 325 Alfred W. Biggs. 325 Jan A. Biggs. 343 Jeffrey Alan Biggs. 343 Douglas A. Billing. 279 Jo A. Billings. 304 Mark G. Billingsley. 376 Emily A. Bingham. 343 Jeanette M. Binyon. 304 Ginger E. Birdsell. 343 Tula I. Birgc. 369 David A. Birmingham. 343 Lisa A. Birmingham. 279 Nancy S. Birmingham. 325 Tammy G. Birmingham. 304 Alice Cathleen Bishop. 343 Dana K. Bishop. 343 Danny Bishop. 343 Donna K. Bishop. 279 Mary A. Bishop. 304 Tammy R. Bishop. 343 Manuel C. Bixler. 325 Cheryl A. Black. 343 Janice M. Black. 304 Susan A. Black. 304 Terry Black. 279 Thomas M. Black. 376 Jimmy R. Blackburn. 343 Terry A. Blackburn. 304 Timothy J. Blackburn. 372 Tony K. Blackman. 304 Trent J. Blackshare. 304 Tanya C. Blackwell. 325 Tiffany M. Blackwell. 325 Mike W. Blades. 343 Nancy F. Blades. 273 Richard D. Blair. 279 Richard E. Blair. 304 Dale H. Blake. 304 Brent M. Blakely. 325 Millie I. Blalock. 343 Sr. Kathleen M. Blanchard. 371 Lisa D. Blankenship. 343 Mark A. Blankenship. 374 Randy J. Blankenship. 279 Earl U. Blankinship. 279 Leslie R. Blanks. 325 Charles. R. Blanton. 343 Verna R. Blasingame. 343 Daryl L. Blaxton. 279 John Phillip Blaxton. 343 Marcus R. Blaxton. 304 Lauri A. Bledsoe. 343 Linda J. Bledsoe. 304 David C. Blevins. 325 Paul W. Blissard. 304 Doug L. Block. 343 John W. Block. 343 Mark S. Block. 343 Richard R. Blocker. 279 Gregory A. Blount. 343 William R. Bobbitt. 325 Ricky Bobo. 279 Chlo-Anne Bobrowski. 343 J. D. Bodry. 376 Laura M. Boeckmann. 343 Paulette Boeckmann. 343 Stephen J. Boeckmann. 279 Donald R. Bogard. 343 Najah Kamil Bogari. 374 Jo-Gina Bokony. 343 Dena E. Bolar. 343 Glenda S. Bolden. 279 Jeff U. Bolding. 304 Jerry D. Bolding. 304 Ed D. Boldt. 376 Dee A. Bolin. 376 Allisa D. Boling. 343 Sandra L. Boling. 304 Wanda Fay Boling. 279 Amanda Bollinger. 325 Renee P. Bollinger. 343 Bob C. Bolton. 304 Debbie D. Bolton. 343 Kim D. Bomar. 325 Barbara J. Bond. 325 Jeff Bonds. 343 Christina L. Bone. 304 Boyce D. Bonham. 325 Tony F. Bonham. 343 Alfred Boni. 343 Hugh G. Bonner. 304 John F. Bonner. 374 Shelia R. Booker. 279 Sheron M. Booker. 279 Paul J. Bookout. 374 Lee Morris Boose. 344 Beverly S. Booth. 344 Francis D. Booth. 273 Steven L. Booth. 344 Carla J. Boozer. 344 Holly Borgeson. 344 Elaine A. Bosche. 325 Laurel S. Boshers. 325 Mohammad R Bosorgipour. 304 Betty D. Bostian. 344 Sue R. Bostic. 372 Wayne Bottoms. 344 Joan M. Bo lighter. 325 Brenda Bounds. 304 David M. Bounds. 325 Debra A. Bounds. 372 Rhonda R. Bounds. 344 Sr. Sharon Mary Bourgeois. 344 Debbie J. Bowden. 374 Katherine L. Bowden. 371 Schantell Bowden. 344 Terry R. Bowden. 344 Ervin F. Bowdon. 344 Bridget Bowen. 344 Steven Wayne Bowen. 344 Billy R. Bowers. 325 Karen L. Bowers. 279 Mark E. Bowers. 325 Jamie S. Bowlin. 325 Marla L. Bowlin. 325 Brenda A. Bowman. 325 Dianna L. Bowman. 344 Ronald W. Bowman. 372 Kenny L. Bowren. 344 Dana B. Box. 376 Robert W. Boxley. 325 Robyn R. Boyce. 344 Darla G. Boyd. 344 Elizabeth B. Boyd. 325 Jacqueline Boyd. 325 Michelle A. Boyd. 325 Teresa L. Boyd. 344 Danice R. Boyle. 344 Rebecca L. Boyles. 273 Laura B. Bracey. 279 Tracy Brackin. 344 Leigh A. Bradbury. 344 Dennis R. Bradden. 304 Barry F. Braden. 344 Beau Braden. 304 Bruce M. Bradford. 304 Mary G. Bradford. 344 Charles W. Bradley. 325 John M. Bradley. 344 Michael S. Bradley. 279 Raymond Scott Bradley. 344 Kevin D. Brady. 344 Melissa Y. Bramlett. 304 Robert S. Bramucci. 304 Jacqueline F. Branch. 325 Jeff Branch. 275 Melissa K. Branch. 344 Keith E. Brand. 325 Kevin J. Brand. 304 Sandra K. Brand. 325 Sharon K. Brand. 279 Dale W. Brandon. 304 Bobby Earl Brannon II. 372 Gregory J. Brannon. 344 Ida B. Branscomb. 279 Cindy Branscum. 325 Lea F. Branscum. 344 La Donna A. Branscum. 304 Danny F. Branum. 344 Tim L. Branum. 280 David B. Branyan. 280 Lori A. Brasfield. 344 Dana R. Brasher. 344 Billy M. Braswell. 325 Tracy L. Braswell. 344 Bobby C. Bratcher. 344 Clyde Bray. 372 LouAnn Bray. 325 Rick G. Bray. 280 Chris B. Breazeal. 273 Jacque Breazeal. 325 Junelle Breckenridge. 304 Lynn T. Breckenridge. 325 Brooke E. Breeding. 325 Stan M. Brehm. 344 Ted Brehm. 304 Debbie S. Brew. 344 Sandra E. Brewart. 280 Danny R. Brewer. 280 Darrell E. Brewer. 325 James B. Brewer. 344 Patty A. Brewer. 275 Kimberly K. Bridger. 344 Patrick O. Bridger. 304 William R. Bridger. 325 April C. Bridges. 325 Jeffrey R. Bridges. 344 Michael S. Bridges. 344 Pamela S. Bridges. 273 Peggy L. Bridges. 304 Lindsay Bridgforth. 275 Abi G. Brierton. 304 Carl M. Briggs. 344 Mark A. Brinkley. 344 Michelle A. Brinkley. 344 Roxi J. Briscoe. 344 Judith L. Britt. 376 Nagel S. Britt. 376 Dave J. Brittingham. 325 Suzette L. Brittingham. 304 Jo Ann Broadaway. 280 Keith A. Broadaway. 344 Ralph E. Broadaway. 344 Steve O. Broadaway. 304 Judy A. Broadway. 280 Mike R. Broadway. 344 Lesia Brockell. 304 Anna L. Brodell. 276 Hekman A. Brodell. 304 Bernadette A. Brooks. 304 Dawn M. Brooks. 325 Jane Brooks. 304 Mary Brooks. 369 Pamela R. Brooks. 304 Scott C. Brooks. 374 Sherri O. Brooks. 344 Susan Leigh Brooks. 273 Tony O. Brooks. 273 Diana L. Broom. 280 Charles M. Brown. 344 David A. Brown. 304 Desmond L. Brown. 280 Diane S. Brown. 325 Elroy Brown. 280 George B. Brown. 344 Jacky S. Brown. 325 Jerry L. Brown. 280 Kelly J. Brown. 280 Kelvin Lavell Brown. 280 Kenneth E. Brown. 344 Kevin E. Brown. 344 Kevin L. Brown. 344 Kimberly J. Brown. 304 Kimla J. Brown. 280 Leonard Ray Brown Jr.. 325 Lewis G. Brown. 325 Lisa D. Brown. 344 Mary E. Brown. 304 Mary J. Brown. 344 Mary J. Brown. 304 Mary Janelle Brown. 344 Patricia A. Brown. 376 Philip D. Brown. 376 Randy D. Brown. 304 Raymonia Brown. 280 Regina S. Brown. 372 Robbi J. Brown. 304 Robert L. Brown. 280 Roger Wayne Brown. 304 Stacie L. Brown. 344 Stan J. Brown. 325 Stephen L. Brown. 304 Stephen T. Brown. 374 Suzanne N. Brown. 304 Tony L. Brown. 374 Tonya L. Brown. 304 Valerie L. Brown. 325 Willis Brown. 325 James M. Brownfiel. 344 Don W. Browning. 344 Terry L. Browning. 325 Teresa K. Brubeck. 344 Donna L. Bruce. 325 Gheric E. Bruce. 304 Karen A. Bruce. 280 Stephen Harold Bruce. 376 Terri L. Bruce. 325 Dixie L. Brugge. 280 Catherine J. Brumley. 344 Jennifer A. Brumley. 344 Vicky Ann Brumley. 344 Rebecca G. Brundage. 304 Louie R. Bruner. 372 Amy M. Brunson. 376 LeeAnn Bruton. 304 Carolyn J. Bryan. 304 Pamela S. Bryan. 305 Debbie Bryant. 325 Eric C. Bryant. 305 Eralce Bryant. 275 Kimberly A. Bryant. 325 La Donna E. Bryant. 344isa R. Bryant. 344 111e J. Bryant. 280 indra D. Bryant. 325 ephen Bryant. 275 ick Buchanan. 376 trry L. Buchanan. 344 ecnen W. Buchanan. 280 abin Y. Buchanan. 305 Seryl L. Buck. 344 MTy E. Buck. 344 acie K. Buck. 325 imes L. Buckley. 305 Ichael P. Budak. 325 imcs O. Buffington. 344 m L. Bufford. 376 elly Buhrmester. 345 rorge B. Bullard. 280 ana S. Bullington. 280 rcas A. Bundy. 305 rraldine S. Bunn. 374 ;nneth L. Burden. 345 isan C. Burdyahaw. 305 irry S. Burge. 325 ieda J. Bruge. 305 el Burge. 325 indy M. Burger. 305 ;nita Burgess. 376 indra D. Burgeas. 326 :reaa A. Burgess. 280 :resa G. Burgeas. 326 irry G. Burk. 280 rnn A. Burks. 376 irty O. Burks. 372 ickle K. Burleson. 305 rrry G. Burnett. 280 aymon D. Burnett. 280 rniucl A. Burnette. 326 irrukh I. Burney. 376 hmmad Afaq Burney. 345 an S. Burns 326 bby J. Burns. 345 innle J. Burns. 280 rbila K. Bums. 345 ic F. Burns. 345 oria J. Burns. 345 •anna J. Burns. 326 rbecca J. Burns. 305 londa D. Burns. 326 iry W. Burnside. 280 larles F. Burres. 345 nna D. Burris. 345 lgela M. Burrow. 305 iclley K. Burrow. 326 ndy L. Burton. 376 lyward Burton. 376 iry J. Burton. 305 aude W. Busby. 368 rlores Jean Busby. 372 ■becca A. Busby. 280 ny R. Busby. 280 ithcrinc Bush. 305 tnmy W. Bushong Jr.. 326 irgaret A. Bushong. 345 .rili L. Butcher. 326 tricia G. Butcher. 273 :bra J. Butler. 326 inna E. Butler. 345 ihnny R. Butler. 369 lureen R. Butler. 345 »a J. Butterworth. 305 lyn G. Byars. 326 ina L. Bynum. 345 an D. Byrd. 345 inna S. Byrd. 280 ckie T. Byrd. 280 hn E. Byrd. 280 se C. Byrd. 374 ndra L. Byrd. 305 mara J. Byrd. 280 na Byrne. 280 Ivia A. Byrne. 305 —C— len K. Cable. 305 mela J. Cade. 326 iwn M. Caffery. 376 Benny W. Cagle. 305 Darwin David Cagle II. 280 Deanna M. Cagle. 305 Clifton L. Cain. 275 Henri E. Cain. 376 Dennis L. Calaway. 280 Diana L. Calderon. 369 David L. Caldwell. 326 John A. Caldwell. 345 Kelly A. Caldwell. 345 Lee Caldwell. 372 Marion A. Caldwell. 345 Rachelle Caldwell. 280 Rebecca A. Caldwell. 326 Allison E. Callahan. 305 Barry G. Callahan. 280 David W. Callison. 280 Lynne Calloway. 305 Judy P. Camden. 326 Lisa L. Cameron. 305 Kathy D. Camp. 281 Kemuel L. Camp. 345 Kendell D. Camp. 305 Denise S. Campbell. 326 Dennis C. Campbell. 281 Irby W. Campbell. 345 Iwana Campbell. 376 Keith A. Campbell. 281 Kim D. Campbell. 326 Laura M. Campbell. 305 Rick W. Campbell. 281 Sherry Campbell. 326 Sonny Campbell. 281 Steven P. Campbell. 345 Susan K. Campbell. 326 Carolyn M. Campfield. 326 Judy Marie Cancelarich. 326 Brad M. Cannon. 374 Karen A. Cannon. 281 Kimberly S. Cannon. 305 Mark L. Cannon. 345 Mary M. Cantrell. 326 Carolina Cantu. 345 Dino A. Cantu. 281 Kelly E. Caples. 345 Kimberly A. Caples. 326 Lori A. Caples. 345 Debra A. Carey. 376 James A. Carey. 345 Byron K. Carle. 345 DeAnn L. Carlew. 281 Ken G. Carlew. 305 Melinda G. Carlile. 305 Brett W. Carlile. 305 Linda M. Carlisle. 281 Grover Clay Carlock. 376 Margaret M. Carlson. 326 Mark A. Carlson. 345 Traci L. Carlson. 345 David W. Carmack. 345 Janet L. Carmack. 326 Rod F. Carmack. 305 Jerry W. Carmikle. 345 David F. Carmon. 305 Mitzi T. Carmon. 305 Mark A. Carnopis. 281 Leisa A. Carpenter. 326 Dena L. Carr. 281 Eric E. Carr. 345 Michael J. Carr. 345 Randal L. Carr. 305 Stephanie G. Carr. 305 Jennifer L. Carreiro. 281 Grover M. Carrier. 281 Linda A. Carroll. 326 Thomas W. Carroll. 345 Thomas D. Carruth. 281 Linda L. Carson. 305 Russell K. Carson. 281 Billy E. Carter. 305 David M. Carter. 345 Iva J. Carter. 345 Janet C. Carter. 345 Karen A. Carter. 326 Kimberly A. Carter. 281 Lisa R. Carter. 345 Mary E. Carter. 281 Melissa G. Carter. 345 Patricia A. Carter. 305 Paul E. Carter. 345 Randall A. Carter. 305 Renee D. Carter. 305 Richard L. Carter Jr.. 372 Sherry L. Carter. 305 Sue E. Carter. 345 Carla J. Cary. 345 Chet G. Cary. 345 Jason R. Casey. 281 Timothy C. Cash. 305 Joe F. Cashion. 345 Shelly M. Castleberry. 305 Paula A. Cate. 281 Loren E. Cates. 345 Margie S. Cates. 345 Melissa G. Cathey. 345 Ronnie J. Cato. 376 Larry L. Catt. Jr.. 281 Robin A. Catt. 305 Tammie S. Catt. 281 Bryan D. Cattanach. 305 Heather A. Cattanach. 345 Janet L. Caudell. 326 Joanna G. Caudell. 281 Gary D. Caudle. 345 David A. Cauny. 281 Rhonda L. Causbie. 326 Piper L. Causey. 345 Kathleen Cavaness. 305 Kitty K. Cavenor. 305 Pamela L. Cavitt. 374 Kathy D. Cecil. 326 Bill D. Chamberlin. 305 Nancy Lynn Chamberlin. 345 Donna C. Chambers. 326 James T. Chambers. 281 Jimmy R. Chambers. 326 Sandra D. Champ. 345 Cindy Champlin. 345 Cindy Chance. 376 Jefferson T. Chandler. 345 Joseph R. Chandler. 281 Tammy D. Chaplain. 281 James Chapman. 374 Sharon L. Charles. 326 Angela F. Chastain. 326 Iris J. Chastain. 345 Rob D. Chastain. 345 Tralena R. Cheek. 345 Jamilah Che-Mamct. 345 Yl-Van Chen. 275 Mohd Che-Nik. 345 Anthony D. Cherry. 305 Hanley E. Chcrcy Jr.. 371 Lynn A. Cherry. 281 Richard S. Chcshier. 273 Alta L. Chesney. 273 Kevin Wade Chesser. 345 Katie E. Chester. 281 Diane E. Childers. 305 Jennifer L. Childers. 345 Robert W. Childers. 345 Bradley S. Childress. 326 Christa L. Childress. 345 Robert N. Childress. 281 Wanda F. Childress. 326 John P. Chism. 326 Georgia A. Chism. 305 Tina C. Chism. 305 Stan R. Chrisman. 326 Tameria A. Chrlstenberry. 273 Richard J. Christiano. 273 Elizabeth K. Christie. 326 Lisa A. Chronister. 326 Cynthia M. Chudomelka. 281 Deborah R. Chudomelka. 281 Bobby L. Chunn. 305 Gary W. Churchill. 345 Teresa C. Cialone. 273 Deanna J. Cisscll. 345 Howard L. Cissell Jr.. 374 Jon M. Cissell. 345 Phillip L. Cissell. 326 Jim J. Ciszewski. 345 Greg A. Clairday. 305 Tina L. Clairday. 305 Kathleen M. Clapp. 376 Allen M. Clark. 281 Bradley C. Clark. 345 Christopher W. Clark. 345 Christy Noree Clark. 345 David L. Clark. 345 Denice Clark. 305 Elizabeth L. Clark. 281 Gloria Clark. 281 Jackie E. Clark. 281 Jerry D. Clark. 281 Jill M. Clark. 326 Linda P. Clark. 376 Mark S. Clark. 305 Martha J. Clark. 281 Rickey G. Clark. 326 Robert F. Clark. 305 Robert S. Clark. 346 Sherri L. Clark. 346 Shirley A. Clark. 376 Sonya D. Clark. 305 Stephen E. Clark. 326 Suzanne Clark. 305 Vcrneda R. Claxton. 326 Dion Clay. 376 Gregory Lamont Clay. 326 Sandra D. Clay. 326 David M. Clayton. 281 Jeff S. Clayton. 326 Jeffery E. Clayton. 305 Terrian C. Clayton. 346 Larry L. Clayton. 326 Lynettc Clayton. 326 Mark E. Clayton. 346 Patricia L. Clayton. 346 Steve B. Clayton. 305 Terri M. Clayton. 305 Michael W. Clem. 305 Robin K. Clem. 326 Alfred Clement. 305 Brett L. Clement. 346 Dennis J. Clement. 305 Karen L. Clement. 346 Kevin Clement. 326 Beth M. Clemons. 326 Jerry H. Clemons. 346 Rose M. Clester. 281 James B. Cliff. 326 Billy S. Clifft. 346 Carla S. Clifton. 346 Cathy J. Clifton. 346 Cheryl A. Clifton. 305 John L. Clifton. 376 Steve W. Clifton. 305 Scot V. Cline. 305 Todd B. Cline. 346 Jimbo L. Clingingsmith. 305 Rhonnda S. Cloinger. 305 Scott M. Cluck. 326 Cheryl T. Cobb. 371 Kelley D. Cobb. 346 Sandra L. Cobb. 346 Greg E. Cobbs. 326 McKinley C. Cobbs. 376 Carol J. Cochran. 305 Scott Cochran. 374 Scott Cockrell. 306 A1 H. Cockrill. 275 Cynthia S. Cockrill. 326 Steve P. Cockrill. 281 Thad Cockrill. 376 Frances V. Cockrun. 326 Regina R. Coe. 346 Robert D. Coe. 275 Marvin W. Coffman. 346 Ricky D. Coffman. 346 James W. Coker. 326 Mark W. Colbert. 282 Scott J. Colbert. 326 Scott R. Colbert. 346 Donna L. Colburn. 346 Tammie A. Colburn. 326 Mary V. Coldtharpe. 372 Athena L. Cole. 326 Cecil R. Cole. 282 Cynthia D. Cole. 376 Gregory J. Cole. 346 Gregory W. Cole. 306 Jeff Cole. 346John R. Cole. 306 Johnny W. Cole. 282 Lance 0. Cole. 346 Myron S. Cole. 346 Roger C. Cole. 306 Ron L. Cole. 275 Scott R. Cole. 306 Sonjia D. Cole. 306 Tammy L. Cole. 306 Tracy S. Cole. 374 Catherine F. Coleman. 306 Jo A. Coleman. 282 Larry L. Coleman. 275 Michael A. Coleman. 326 Michael L. Coleman. 346 Phyllis K. Coleman. 273 Charles. R. Coles. 346 Janna L. Collar. 282 Lee Ann Collar. 346 Dayna L. Collier. 346 Lesia C. Collier. 282 Alma E. Collins. 306 Brad A. Collins. 346 Karri K. Collins. 346 Kathy L. Collins. 376 Kevin K. Collins. 326 Krin Collins. 346 Leslie D. Collins. 306 Michael R. Collins. 282 Patricia J. Collins. 346 Ronnie L. Collins. 306 Barbara J. Collom. 376 Tina M. Columbus. 374 John A. Commer. 346 Karen S. Commer. 306 Sharon A. Conaway. 346 Cynthia A. Conley. 282 Kelli S. Conley. 326 Leon Conley Jr.. 326 Marty L. Conley. 306 Richie D. Conley. 346 Terry L. Conner. 282 Joanna G. Connor. 306 Becky Anne Conrad. 346 Rickey G. Conrad. 346 Virginia Anne Conyers. 282 Connie D. Cook. 326 Pamela R. Cook. 346 Phillip D. Cook. 306 Robert L. Cook. 326 William A. Cook. 273 George D. Cooke. 282 Christine M. Cooley. 346 Patrick J. Cooley. 372 Phillip E. Coomer. 346 Mike Coonan. 282 Martha E. Coop. 371 Anthony A. Cooper. 326 Danny L. Cooper. 346 Deana C. Cooper. 369 Donna A. Cooper. 306 D'Wayne Cooper. 346 Ernest E. Cooper. 306 James P. Cooper. 346 Jamie S. Cooper. 346 Janette C. Cooper. 306 Janice L. Cooper. 273 Jeri S. Cooper. 346 Jesse E. Cooper. 282 Lance R. Cooper. 327 Margaret L. Cooper. 327 Nita L Cooper. 346 Roger A. Cooper. 282 Todd R. Cooper. 306 Debbie S. Copeland. 327 Loureta L. Copeland. 327 Timothy W. Copeland. 306 Harold R. Copenhaver. 306 Shelley J. Comelison. 327 Cindy L. Cornett. 282 Nancy F. Cornwell. 346 Joyce A. Cos per. 306 Angela Cossey. 371 James David Cossey. 327 Simone Costa. 306 Charlie F. Costantino. 306 Berry T. Cothern. 327 Sherri A. Cothern. 306 Wade Cothran. 306 Darla A. Cothren. 306 Kandy K. Cothren. 346 Igor S. Couch. 346 Rhonda J. Couch. 346 Sharon A. Couch. 376 Sherry G. Couch. 346 Kellye J. Courtney. 306 Tommy R. Courtney. 346 Kathy L. Cousins. 369 Graham D. Coveney. 374 Donald E. Covey. 327 Rick D. Covey. 327 James E. Covington. 374 Kathleen Covington. 327 John L. Cowart. 346 Billy C. Cowell. 327 Kenneth W. Cox. 376 Lori L. Cox. 327 Myra A. Cox. 282 Peggy Ann Cox. 282 Rose M. Cox. 327 Sherri E. Cox. 273 Stephany A. Coy. 346 Stephen Coy. 327 Timothy D. Coy. 306 Bryan L. Cozart. 372 Clay Cozart. 327 Sandra S. Cozart. 306 Dana R. Crabtree. 327 Kim L. Crabtree. 346 Richard P. Crabtree. 306 Tanya R. Crafford. 306 Mark D. Craft. 346 Brent Craig. 327 Debora J. Craig. 346 Elizabeth A. Craig. 327 Kim J. Craig. 346 Marilyn G. Craig. 282 MaryEllen Craig. 306 Cary L. Crain. 327 Charles W. Crain Jr.. 282 Elizabeth J. Crain. 306 Joy L. Crain. 327 William E. Crain. 306 John L. Cramer. 282 Stephen J. Crancer. 306 Gary W. Cravens. 376 James M. Cravens. 346 Victor C. Cravens. 327 Della M. Crawford. 346 Filithia L. Crawford. 327 Gayla S. Crawford. 346 Kathy L. Crawford. 346 Mary E. Crawford. 282 Chicurby D. Crayton. 306 Tylan G. Creason. 346 Jerry W. Creecy. 306 Lana K. Creel. 346 Laura A. Cremeens. 346 Steve D. Cremeens. 327 Gregory A. Crews. 306 Pamela S. Crews. 306 Kathleen M. Cribblns. 374 Sandra M. Cribbs. 346 Carrie Crisler. 282 Darrel W. Crisler. 327 Jeff J. Crisler. 376 Randall K. Crisler. 346 Joy A. Crisp. 346 Virginia L. Crisp. 282 Angela W. Criss. 282 Douglas W. Criss. 306 Ira V. Crite. 282 James A. Crittenden. 346 Philip J. Crocker. 346 Suzanne L. Crocker. 306 Davy Crockett. 282 Karen M. Crommett. 282 Connie S. Cromwell. 306 Samuel R. Cron II. 327 Keith Crook. 376 Marilyn June Crook. 346 David G. Croom. 347 Ginger K. Croom. 306 Joni M. Croom. 374 Ronnie M. Crosby. 347 Timmy W. Cross. 347 Stephen E. Crosskno. 306 Sarah M. Crossley. 347 Andrew B. Crosswait. 347 Gregg E. Crouch. 306 Karen L. Crouch. 282 Terry W. Crouch. 347 Joey A. Crow. 275 Larry G. Crow. 327 Mary J. Crow. 347 Susan M. Crow. 282 Jud A. Crowell. 306 Sheila K. Crowley. 306 Steven M. Crowson. 347 Ken Cruce. 327 Pamela A. Cruce. 282 Ramon A. Crumpler. 347 Karen L. Crumpton. 306 Robert E. Crumpton. 275 Johnny W. Cude. 347 Rhonda L. Cude. 347 Kim R. Cullins. 327 Carol L. Culp. 282 Patricia A. Culpepper. 282 Angela J. Culver. 306 Julie A. Cumberland. 306 Charles Lynn Cummings. 306 Stephanie F. Cummings. 347 Richard L. Cummins. 306 Jeffrey S. Cumpton. 327 Elana L. Cunningham. 306 Glen Cunningham. 306 Lee M. Cunningham. 347 Sue E. Cunningham. 282 Susan K. Cunningham. 306 Jackie A. Cupp. 282 Jill E. Cupp. 347 Kellie Cupp. 306 Lesa D. Cupp. 282 Rita J. Cupstid. 306 Michael E. Cureton. 376 George E. Curnutt. 306 Lisa E. Currie. 347 Richard E. Currie. 347 Captola P. Curry. 347 Connie L. Curry. 347 Kevin D. Curry. 327 Lee Curry. 282 Dale A. Curtis. 372 Perry G. Curtis. 347 Paul M. Curtis. 376 Mike T. Curtner. 347 Judith M. Cychol. 327 Mary P. Cychol. 282 —D— Mahmoud Dabboussi. 306 Lisa G. Dachs. 282 William V. Dailey. 371 Rose M. Dale. 282 David D. Dallas. 376 Kelly G. Dallas. 327 Hashem Damirian. 372 Binh Dang. 347 Donald D. Daniel. 347 Gordon R. Daniel. 282 Jina R. Daniel. 283 Maria E. Daniel. 369 Sandy L. Daniels. 347 Delia E. Danley. 306 Jimmy D. Danley. 283 Walter E. Danley Jr.. 306 Ali Darafshl. 372 Ella Maria Darnell. 306 Randy R. Darnell. 347 Sandi D. Darnell. 347 Charles D. Da it. 347 Moradali Daryabar. 283 Stan G. Dauck. 306 Anl Rozila Daud. 377 Alesa L. Davenport. 283 Alex David. 306 Bobby S. David. 306 Charles D. Davidson. 283 Donna J. Davidson. 327 Joseph S. Davidson. 327 Pat H. Davidson. 372 Angela J. Davis. 306 Barry L. Davis. 275 Betsy L. Davis. 327 Beverly K. Davis. 374 Cabrina R. Davis. 306 Callie Sue Davis. 369 Cassie Jo Davis. 283 Catherine J. Davis. 283 Charles W. Davis. 327 Connie M. Davis. 372 Darwin Lee Davis. 327 Deann Davis. 327 Diann L. Davis. 273 Edwlna C. Davis. 306 Eleanor R. Davis. 327 Fely J. Davis. 306 Gregory A. Davis. 327 Jacqueline M. Davis. 377 James E. Davis. 327 Jenni L. Davis. 283 Karen S. Davis. 347 Karen S. Davis. 327 Karen Y. Davis. 283 Kathy L. Davis. 327 Kathy R. Davis. 307 Kelly F. Davis. 307 Kevin B. Davis. 374 Kimberly JoAnn Davis. 347 Kristi Dawn Davis. 347 Larry E. Davis. 283 Lelia M. Davis. 347 Leslie A. Davis. 347 Linda I. Davis. 377 Linda J. Davis. 372 Lindley J. Davis. 327 Mark Dalton Davis. 327 Melody J. Davis. 307 Michael L. Davis. 347 Michael L. Davis. 283 Mona K. Davis. 347 Norma J. Davis. 377 Pamela A. Davis. 347 Rex A. Davis. 283 Rhonda G. Davis. 347 Robert S. Davis. 283 Robyn L. Davis. 347 Stephen J. Davis. 283 Tina A. Davis. 307 Willo D. Davis. 372 Zina Y. Davis. 307 Kathleen J. Davison. 327 Dale A. Dawson. 347 Nancy E. Dawson. 283 Penny R. Dawson. 327 Bobby G. Dean. 307 Ginger A. Dean. 347 Mark K. Dean. 307 Mary F. Dean. 273 Timothy L. Dean. 307 Marvin C. Dearien. 307 Michael B. Dearmore. 327 David Joe Deaton. 307 Rebecca McCormick Deaton. Timothy R. Deck. 283 Patsy S. Deckard. 307 Jerry R. Decker. 377 James K. DeClerk. 377 Karen E. DeClerk. 327 Jerri G. Dedman. 347 Cynthia Lee Deeds. 377 Julia A. Deems. 377 Robert DeGood. 327 Thomas E. DeGood. 327 Michael A. DeHaan. 347 Charles B. DeHart. 377 Mohamed K. Dehradunwala. : Zahid H. Dehradunwala. 283 Michael W. Deiter. 283 Charlie W. Delap. 307 James D. DeLillc. 347 Jeff Delk. 327 Lori A. Delk. 347 Hassan Delshad. 347 Angela D. DeMcnt. 347 Vickie A. DeMent. 283 Tempa J. Dempsey. 347 Lavon T. Denkins. 307 Daniel R. Dennis. 327 384rad K. Dent. 327 eborah A. Dent. 347 lary L. Dent. 347 nne Denton. 307 anice E. Denton. 283 lichael C. Denton. 347 rank D. Dcnzmore. 307 onnie G. DePricst. 347 ynthia A. Detrick. 283 enny L. DeWitt. 377 lashhour M. Dinb. 327 onnell Dickerson. 283 ames M. Dickerson, 307 usan K. Dickerson. 307 uth A. Dickey. 327 rent R. Dickson. 372 onald O. Diemer. 377 ibby J. Difani. 374 arol L. Diggs. 283 cott J. Digman. 283 onnie L. Dillard. 307 lizabeth M. Dillard. 283 lichael Dillard. 347 arah E. Dillard. 347 racy A. Dillehay. 327 athryn J. Dillon. 347 helli D. Dills. 347 ieu V. Dihn. 327 lary M. Ditto. 347 inda J. Dixon. 347 ori A. Dixon. 347 aul Dixon. 374 osa M. Dixon. 347 appi A. Dixon. 327 enus L. Dixon. 283 athy L. Dixson. 327 eraldine Dobbs. 283 anetta Dobbs. 347 ark A. Dobbs. 273 ennie K. Doby. 283 ames M. Dodd. 307 aryl R. Dodson. 307 ce Dodson. 327 teila A. Dodson. 283 teila M. Dollins. 283 lm A. Donnellan. 307 licia M. Donncr. 327 iris A. Donovan. 283 :bi L. Dooley. 347 ichard Keith Doom. 327 endell R. Dorman Jr.. 327 :tri D. Dorsey. 347 :rri S. Dorsey. 283 amon P. Dortch. 377 sa D. Dortch. 347 ra G. Dorton. 307 ickie L. Dotson. 347 nda J. Doty. 372 isan L. Doty. 283 da R. Douglas. 347 onna C. Douglas. 307 Hand T. Douglas. 283 raccy D. Dowdle. 307 armen L. Dowdy. 283 uzanne Downing. 327 Inda S. Downs. 307 ngcla K. Doyle. 283 avid Doyle. 347 avid W. Doyle. 347 ames S. Doyle. 283 obync D. Doyle. 283 erry V. Doyle. 347 Imothy A. Doyle. 347 ammy D. Draffen. 347 atherine A. Drake. 283 ihn J. Drake. 347 llliam F. Dresbach, 307 cnee Dryden. 348 ec Anne Dublin. 348 heresa A. Ducan. 348 erschel D. Ducker. 348 wight D. Duckworth. 327 ammy R. Duckworth. 348 rian K. Duclos. 307 elen F. Duclos. 377 evin Duclos. 327 amie D. Dudley. 275 ouie F. Dudley. III. 284 Trina J. Dudley. 284 Rickey A. Duff. 307 Bryan N. Duffel. 327 Charles R. Duffel. 327 Cheryl A. Dugas. 307 David W. Duke. 284 Donna F. Duke. 348 Karen A. Duke. 348 Katherine N. Duke. 372 Denene Dukes. 348 Felicia I. Dulaney. 327 John R. Dulaney. 348 Carmen Y. Dunbar. 348 Winnifred J. Dunbar. 328 Dennis Duncan. 307 Gregory K. Duncan. 348 James Weldon Duncan. 284 Melody G. Duncan. 348 Tammy P. Duncan. 348 Tammie M. Dungan. 328 Trade E. Dungan. 307 Rodger D. Dunigan. 328 Tammy R. Dunkerson. 328 Joseph H. Dunlap. 307 Donna G. Dunn. 348 Jeffrey S. Dunn. 307 Kevin J. Dunn. 284 Karen L. Dunnam. 348 Randy A. Dunnam. 348 Byron L. Dunnick. 328 Tina L. Dunnick. 348 Tommy O. Durowaiye. 328 Louise L. Dust. 307 Matthew E. Dust. 348 Gary R. Dutton. 307 Paula D. Dutton. 348 Sandra J. Duvall. 307 Gina A. Dycus. 328 Jill A. Dycus. 348 Voline E. Dyer. 328 —E — Lelia K. Eackles. 284 Leslie Eackles. 284 Vickie L. Eads. 348 Jean R. Eagan. 348 Richard K. Eagan. 328 Jeanetta Ann Eagle. 307 Robin D. Eaker. 307 Polly A. Eakin. 307 Steve D. Eakins. 348 Wade A. Eanes. 374 David B. Earll. 307 Gerald D. Earls. 307 Danny L. Easley. 284 John P. Easley. 307 Ronnie J. Easley. 328 Adena K. Eason. 307 Janet L. East. 348 Stephen F. East. 348 James H. Eastin. 284 Valerie J. Eastman. 284 Fonda A. Eaton. 284 Keith W. Eaton. 348 Deborah J. Ebbcrt. 348 Ibrahim O. Ebohon. 348 Ronald E. Echols. 328 Suzanne E. Echols. 328 Wanda E. Echols. 328 Martin E. Eckert. 328 Deborah D. Eckles. 307 Ann D. Ecoff. 328 Donald E. Eddington. 377 Paul N. Eddington. 328 Basil U. Ede. 348 Steve T. Edgar. 307 Ginger D. Edington. 284 Jimmy A. Edington. 348 Kimberly R. Edington. 348 Sonya D. Edington. 348 Lisa A. Edler. 307 Merilyn U. Edmond. 348 Judy A. Edrich. 284 Barry D. Edwards. 328 Belinda J. Edwards. 284 Carol A. Edwards. 348 Cynthia S. Edwards. 328 Teresa A. Edwards. 284 Venantius U. Egbulem. 377 Kelvin R. Eggleston. 348 Mohammad Eghlldos. 374 Pamela G. Elders. 307 Alba M. Elis. 275 Freddy J. Elis. 328 Czamey A. Ellington. 348 Scott A. Ellington. 348 David R. Elliott. 371 Debra A. Elliott. 348 Angela A. Ellis. 348 Donna M. Ellis. 348 Jay E. Ellis. 328 Judy K. Ellis. 372 Kayla D. Ellis. 348 Lori M. Ellis. 348 Traci L. Ellis. 328 Susan F. Ellison. 348 Jane C. Elmore. 328 Tony D. Elmore. 348 Lesa L. Elms. 328 Ahmed N. EL-Sherif. 273 Maryam EL-Sherif. 372 Wade C. Ely. 374 Victor O. Emegokwue. 348 Joey C. Emerson. 307 John R. Emerson. 284 Karla R. Emerson. 377 Brenda P. Emery. 348 Janice K. Emery. 307 Michelle L. Emery. 348 Roger L. Emmerson. 284 Sara E. Emmert. 284 Brian L. Emmons. 307 Laura-Holly Endes. 348 Cindy G. Endsley. 328 Innocent I. Enemuo. 284 Joan M. Engel. 348 Deborah C. England. 377 Jane S. England. 328 Janet L. England. 307 Tcena G. England. 328 Barb J. Erickson. 348 Jami L. Ermert. 328 Michelle A. Ermert. 307 Beverly A. Erwin. 369 Joel P. Eshleman. 307 Josie D. Essman. 307 John C. Esters. 328 Amy D. Estes. 377 Britt W. Estes. 348 David Estes. 348 Jenny L. Estes. 348 Jon M. Estes. 328 Gayla D. Ethridge. 307 Keith N. Etter. 328 Ime T. Etudor. 307 Kevin N. Eubanks. 307 Markham L. Eubanks. 348 Sharon D. Eubanks. 328 Thomas K. Eubanks. 374 Thomas M. Eubanks. 307 Tonia L. Eubanks. 284 Kris A. Eustace. 284 Jerris A. Evans. 372 Karen M. Evans. 348 Kim L. Evans. 328 Melanie S. Evans. 307 Robin G. Evans. 307 Stacy C. Evans. 348 Susan E. Evans. 348 Terry W. Evans. 374 Carol A. Everett. 328 Kelly J. Everett. 377 Richie Everett. 328 Sharon L. Everett. 328 Gwendolyn Everhart. 284 Mike A. Every. 328 Renee I. Evoe. 328 Bankole A. Ewedemi. 328 Bryan K. Exum. 284 Lenita G. Ezell. 307 —F— Margaret M. Fagan. 348 Mary L. Fager. 307 Beth R. Fair. 348 James L. Fair. 348 Margaret S. Fair. 377 Deborah C. Fairchild. 307 Tim C. Faisst. 307 Kimberly D. Falk. 328 Brian D. Falls. 328 Debra K. Falwell. 348 Kevin W. Falwell. 273 Aaron L. Farley. 348 Curtis M. Farley. 348 Ken B. Farley. 328 Betty Joyce Farmer. 348 Carol Farmer. 284 Debbye J. Farmer. 369 James A. Farmer. 307 John K. Farmer. 348 Pamela A. Farmer. 348 Sarah D. Farmer. 371 Terry J. Farr. 284 Claudia C. Farrell. 374 James W. Farris. 328 Mary J. Faucett. 307 Cindy L. Faughn. 369 Edwin W. Faughn. 348 Brad M. Faught. 348 Lamar K. Faught. 307 Samuel C. Faught. 275 Makka L. Faulkenberry. 377 Anthony G. Faulkner. 307 Johnny L. Faulkner. 348 Tina D. Faulkner. 348 Mary K. Faust. 349 Donna Sue Fears. 307 Lillie M. Fears. 307 James F. Featherston. 328 Melanie Featherston. 349 John W. Fee II. 328 Richie K. Fegtly. 349 Robert W. Fegtly. 275 Delores Felld. 349 Mohammad Feizi. 284 Jennifer L. Felkins. 349 Susan K. Felkins. 284 Laura D. Felts. 349 Marty H. Felts. 372 Mickey A. Felts. 377 Randy Felts. 284 Ron W. Felts. 328 Diana L. Fender. 328 Sandy C. Fenner. 308 Deborah J. Ferguson. 284 Gloria S. Ferguson. 328 Jo A. Ferguson. 284 Leslie S. Ferguson. 349 Linda J. Ferguson. 328 Ted J. Fernow. 349 Elizabeth A. Ferrell. 349 Helen Ferrell. 369 Beverly A. Ferris. 349 Elizabeth D. Fctterly. 308 John L. Fewell. 328 Melanie C. Fiala. 349 John E. Field. 349 Ernest Keith Fielder. 284 Lawrence M. Fielder. 349 Lewis M. Fielder. 349 Timmy D. Fielder. 308 Wellman Lee Fielder. 308 Janne S. Fielding. 349 Suzanne Fike. 349 James Clifton Files. 328 Anita Finch. 373 Jayne Finch. 349 Charles A. Fincher. 328 Kelli A. Fincher. 308 Mark Fink. 328 Sybil G. Finnie. 308 Ricky L. Fires. 308 Hamid Firoozi. 284 Rick B. Fishback. 308 Gayla M. Fisher. 374 Kellie R. Fisher. 349 Roger K. Fisher. 328 Nancy J. Fitzgerald. 328 Clark W. Fitzgerald. 328 Laura E. Fitzwater. 349Rick D. Fitzwatcr. 308 Hyunsook A. Flank- 284 Ruth Elaine Flanigan. 369 Sherry Lee Flanigan. 328 Velma J. Flanigan. 374 Jamie S. Fireman. 284 Franklin E. Fleming. 349 Kelly R. Fleming. 328 Margaret Y. Fleming. 284 Phillip G. Fleming. 308 Robin L. Fleming. 328 Larry D. Flcmon. 349 Charles M. Fletcher. 349 Doug Fletcher. 328 Susan D. Flinn. 349 Callie N. Flocrchinger. 349 Willie L. Flora. 328 Karon P. Flowers. 328 Jimmy "Jabo" Floyd. 284 Michael T. Floyd. 308 Wayne Floyd. 349 Alisa Flynn. 349 Jeffrey A. Flynn. 284 Paula C. Fontenot. 284 Jennifer L. Foot. 349 Allison R. Foran. 349 Mary S. Forbis. 284 Ralanna L. Forbis. 284 Ralph L. Forbis. 328 Tammy L. Forbis. 308 Adolph Robert Ford. 349 Brian K. Ford. 349 Debbie A. Ford. 328 Elizabeth M. Ford. 349 Jeffery W. Ford. 308 Jill Ford. 349 Jon D. Ford. 349 Kelly L. Ford. 328 Pam J. Ford. 285 Patricia A. Ford. 328 Scott Ford. 285 Suzanne E. Ford. 328 Judy G. Foreman. 308 Betty L. Forkum. 369 Joe E. Forrester. 328 Karen A. Forte. 349 Pattie D. Fortenberry. 285 Daniel R. Fortmann. 285 Pat Foss. 308 Darla K. Foster. 369 David M. Foster. 308 Glenn W. Foster. 308 Janet L. Foster. 308 Pat M. Foster. 308 Claude S. Foushce. 328 Sammye A. Foust. 308 Charlie D. Fowler. 308 DeAnn Fowler. 349 James D. Fowler. 349 Johnny J. Fowler. 285 Terry C. Fowler. 349 Faye M. Fox. 328 Manley J. Fox. 308 Vicki L. Fox. 328 Cazzy B. Francis. 349 Gwendolyn M. Franklin. 285 James H. Franks Jr.. 349 Steven G. Franks. 285 Franklin T. Frans. 349 Mark R. Franzen. 308 Melissa R. Fraser. 308 Brian R. Fratesi. 329 Richard D. Frazier. 349 Vickie L. Frazier. 308 Brenda K. Frealy. 308 Glenn D. Frealy. 308 Deborah Y. Frederick. 329 Breckery G. Freeman. 285 Bridget Lynette Freeman. 349 Jeff G. Freeman. 308 Melissa M. Freeman. 285 Kenneth W. Freemyer. 329 Darrell E. Freeze. 285 Michelle M. Freeze. 374 Shelia D. Freeze. 285 David G. Fregeau. 349 Danita R. French. 349 Danny Ray French. 308 Kim S. French. 308 Lowell D. French. 308 Paul A. French. 349 Sharon K. French. 329 Tamcla S. French. 349 Tracy L. French. 308 Len T. Frey. 329 Diane Friday. 308 Mary F. Friday. 308 Terry L. Frierson. 329 Janet E. Fritts. 308 Lyn K. Fritts. 349 John L. Fritz. 349 Sandra J. Fruland. 349 Kimberly R. Fry. 349 Marion Gregory Fry. 349 Susan E. Funches. 349 Maria J. Fuentes. 275 Ouida J. Fulgham. 275 David C. Fulkerson. 275 Nena J. Fulks. 285 Tammie L. Fulks. 285 Tim L. Fulks. 308 Billie R. Fuller. 308 David W. Fuller. 329 Donald R. Fuller. 273 Frederic W. Fuller. 285 Lennie S. Fuller. 308 Nancy C. Fuller. 308 Susan C. Fuller. 308 Patrick G. Fullerton. 308 James B. Fulmer. 285 Micheale D. Futch. 349 Dwight L. Futrell. 285 Hoyt A. Futrell HI. 349 Jimmy D. Futrell. 308 Keith C. Futrell. 329 Marcia J. Futrell. 377 —G— Steven W. Gabbie. 349 Tammie A. Gadberry. 377 Mark M. Gage. 285 Nathan E. Gairham. 308 Merrilee Gaither. 308 Natalie I. Gaither. 308 Sheila D. Gaither. 308 Tracy J. Gaither. 308 Gregory K. Galbraith. 373 Brent K. Gale. 329 Leticia A. Gallacher. 308 Philip B. Gallaher. 308 Genna G. Gallegly. 273 Christina A. Galliher. 349 Kerrie R. Gambill. 329 Paul F. Gambill. 349 Penny A. Gambill. 349 John D. Gamble. 329 Raeburn Gamble. 349 Kimyla A. Gammill. 329 Nancy A. Gandy. 349 Sumit Ganguly. 374 Glenda L. Gann. 308 Keith A. Gann. 349 Anthony B. Gardner. 329 Carma Y. Gardner. 285 Donna D. Gardner. 329 Natalie R. Gardner. 349 Price L. Gardner. 308 Teresa K. Gardner. 285 Michael J. Garlington. 285 Sharon N. Garmon. 285 Barry M. Garner. 285 Janet L. Garner. 285 Joey E. Garner. 329 Jim H. Garner. 308 Kathy Garner. 285 Janie M. Garrett. 285 Sara M. Garrett. 308 Vivian R. Garrett. 308 Bruce J. Gartman. 285 Gina L. Carver. 373 Daniel S. Garwood. 329 Debra Ann Gary. 349 Dwight Gary. 308 Edward Garza. 329 Raquel Garza. 329 Todd Gaskins. 349 Kelly L. Gassaway. 329 Sunny A. Gassaway. 349 Sandy Gaston. 275 Anthony J. Gatlin. 308 Kerry S. Gatlin. 349 Phillip D. Gatlin. 329 Terry A. Gatlin. 349 Tamara L. Gauding. 329 Alton I. Gayle. 308 Joyce A. Gay lor. 308 Cleta J. Gazaway. 308 Tony W. Gazaway. 349 Brown Ercrhe Gbagi. 308 Chandra Trina Gbagi. 377 Karen R. Gemes. 373 John D. Gennings. 349 Freddy L. Gentry. 374 Jim B. Gentry. 285 Becky L. George. 369 Bryan K. George. 329 Jesse R. George. 329 Karen R. George. 308 Michael W. George. 308 Ronnie D. George. 349 Wanda J. George. 329 Patricia L. Geraci. 350 Laurie L. Geurin. 329 Osama K. Ghabbeish. 285 Abdollah Ghaemmaghami. 373 Mitch Gibbons. 350 Cynthia J. Gibbs. 329 Jennifer M. Gibbs. 308 Tina M. Gibbs. 350 Angie C. Gibson. 350 Brett W. Gibson. 308 Bruce E. Gibson. 308 Cloyce F. Gibson. 308 Dareth W. Gibson. 285 David William Gibson. 308 Jeff R. Gibson. 285 Lisa M. Gibson. 350 Natalie G. Gibson. 350 Nettie S. Gibson. 369 Nicholas T. Gibson. 329 Paula S. Gibson. 350 Philip W. Gibson. 308 Robert W. Gibson. 371 Roger Gibson. 350 Sallie L. Gibson. 308 Stephanie L. Gibson. 350 Dave Gicr. 285 Trena L. Gilbert. 350 Donna S. Giles. 350 Martha E. Giles. 329 Robyn L. Gill. 329 , Lavada L. Gillen. 369 ' Stephen O. Gillespie. 350 Reggie L. Gillette. 309 James W. Gilley. 377 Annyece M. Gilleylen. 329 Kelly L. Glllham. 350 Andrea C. Gilliam. 329 Arnold E. Gilliam. 309 Laura C. Gilliam. 309 Leah V. Gilliam. 369 Toya L. Gillis. 285 Johanne M. Gilmer. 377 Eugene Gilmore. 309 Greg Gilmore. 350 Penni L. Gilmore. 350 Gregory L. Ginn. 309 James E. Ginn. 350 Lisa L. Gipson. 309 Pamela R. Gipson. 285 Roger D. Gipson. 285 Barbara R. Gist. 329 Brandon A. Gist. 374 Robert T. Gist. 350 Susan E. Gist. 329 Deanna Lynn Glass. 329 Melissa Rae Glass. 350 Joey L. Glaub. 329 Bolinda J. Gleghom. 329 Mike J. Gleghom. 309 Scarlette R. Gleghorn. 377 Myra Glenn. 285 Randy L. Glenn. 350 Terry M. Glenn. 309 Michael M. Glidewell. 285 Bernice Glover. 285 Christy L. Glover. 285 Jimmy A. Glover. 373 Mariola J. Glueck. 373 Dcna K. Goad. 285 Joyce Marie Goad. 373 Wiley G. Goad. 329 Cindy A. Goatley. 329 Randall Godwin. 373 TetHoo Goh. 329 James P. Going. 285 Kay A. Going. 286 Ricki D. Goings. 350 Bill B. Golden. 309 Terry L. Golden. 309 Alberto Gonzalez. 329 Rhonda K. Gonzalez. 309 David K. Goodin. 309 Eartha L. Goodiow. 309 Chert J. Goodman. 350 Nataie L. Goodrich. 350 Renee Goodrich. 309 Dave C. Goodwin. 309 Geoff R. Goodwin. 350 Rena R. Goodwin. 286 Tim J. Goodwin. 350 Grayson E. Gordon. 329 Ida B. Gordon. 309 Mark J. Gordon. 350 Mark J. Gorton. 329 Suzann G. Gosnell. 286 Lois M. Gosney. 377 Joseph M. Goss. 286 Chela G. Gossett. 329 James A. Gossett. 350 Rose M. Gossett. 350 Terry K. Gott. 309 Tim K. Gott. 286 Kim A. Grabowski. 350 Rebecca D. Grace. 286 Linda L. Graddy. 309 Mary T. Graddy. 286 Steve W. Graddy. 309 Glyn D. Grady. 350 Sheila G. Grady. 329 Paula S. Gragg. 309 Calvin J. Graham. 350 Dennis Graham. 286 Douglas M. Graham. 350 Gerald L. Graham. 329 Gregory L. Graham. 309 Howard E. Graham. 309 Lewis R. Graham. 309 William M. Graham. 329 Teresa M. Crammer. 350 Constance A. Cranberry. 350 Keith F. Cranberry. 329 Clarence Grandberry Jr.. 286 Doris Fay Granger. 377 Timothy R. Granger. 329 Everett E. Grant. 350 Gregory R. Grant. 329 Margaret L. Graves. 329 Susan E. Graves. 350 David E. Gray. 350 Lisa L. Gray. 350 Scarlette S. Gray. 309 Stan J. Gray. 309 Sue M. Gray. 309 Esther M. Grayson. 350 Carrie L. Green. 350 George A. Green. 309 James J. Green. 286 James W. Green Jr.. 329 Jennifer L. Green. 309 Joan Green. 369 Lisa A. Green. 309 Marty S. Green. 329 Mellony B. Green. 329 ©uintin O. Green. 350 Shonna K. Green. 309 Steven T. Green. 350 Robert I. Greene III. 309 Sandra K. Greenlow. 286 Wilma B. Greeno. 309heryl A. Green way. 329 elissa A. Greer. 350 111 Great- 275 ancc Gregory. 350 lek S. Gregory. 350 tephen T. Gregory. 350 'andu K. Gregory. 286 elly M. Gregson. 374 arrle L. Greitens. 286 oy L. Greitens. 350 eborah C. Gremard. 273 harlene E. Gretzmier. 286 usan P. Gretzmier. 350 unya Grider. 350 lien M. Griffin. 329 ernard R. Griffin. 329 Indy L. Griffin. 350 ary D. Griffin. 286 elen L. Griffin. 286 ichelle F. Griffin. 350 andall G. Griffin. 329 evin B. Griffith. 329 irlam B. Griffith. 286 ina S. Griggs. 309 jnelle H. Grigsby. 350 ickie M. Grills. 286 obin R. Grills. 329 on M. Grimsley. 275 tiomas E. Gring. 350 onnie A. Grisham. 350 ark Grisham. 309 laudia A. Grissom. 286 avid W. Grissom. 309 111 H. Grogan. 309 aria W. Grojean. 286 :o G. Gronqulst. 350 hnny E. Gross. 329 Imberly D. Grundon. 350 buck Gschwend. 286 illiam B. Guadagninl. 309 hn B. Guenther. 309 obby R. Guess. 350 onald W. Guinn. 350 imela K. Gulledge. 309 »vid W. Gullic. 309 onna G. Gunn. 329 ;tty J. Gunter. 350 hn R. Gunter. 286 ira B. Guntharp. 329 my C. Guthrie. 350 ithy B. Guthrie. 329 ifford Guy. 350 eith G. Guy. 350 elvin L. Guy. 286 illiam E. Guy. 309 anne Gwin. 350 ory Gwin. 350 —H— nna H. Haas. 350 rrie Haas. 377 cky L. Hacker. 309 irt J. Haddox. 350 »us S. Hadid. 309 :vin R. Hadley. 309 hn F. Hafner. 377 ina L. Hagar. 309 im A. Haggard. 286 enda S. Haggenmacher. 309 ma Dean Hagy. 309 irk T. Hahn. 374 limunah Haji-Nordin. 350 irjan Hakimi. 369 ihran Hakimi. 329 iren S. Hale. 329 :lly T. Hale. 329 slie A. Hale. 286 •.gina M. Hale. 350 xanne R. Hale. 309 laron A. Hale. 309 lirley M. Hale. 309 indall B. Hales. 309 eve T. Hales. 309 ivid C. Haley. 329 urindia J. Haley. 350 ina L. Haley. 350 Tiana L. Haley. 309 Carol A. Halford. 286 James K. Halk. 350 Angel Hall. 329 Anne K. Hall. 351 Diannia L. Hall. 329 Janet L. Hall. 351 John D. Hall. 286 Karl F. Hall. 329 Marsha L. Hall. 351 Paula W. Hall. 377 Rebecca L Hall. 374 Stacy R. Hall. 286 Stanley B. Hall. 330 Terri D. Hall. 286 Terri D. Hall. 286 Wendy D. Hall. 309 William D. Hall. 286 Derry D. Hallmark. 351 Jerry S. Halsell Jr.. 330 Rebecca Leigh Halsell. 351 Tammy R. Halter. 351 Mike L. Ham. 309 Marilyn L. Hamblin. 377 Khalid M. Hamdan. 330 Waleed M. Hamdan. 330 Gregg A. Hames. 286 Laurie M. Hames. 286 Anga E. Hamilton. 309 Craig V. Hamilton. 273 Jerry Hamilton. 351 Kimberly K. Hamilton. 309 Timothy E. Hamilton. 275 Brian K. Hamm. 309 Daniel Hamm. 286 Cheryl A. Hammett. 377 Teresa R. Hammett. 351 Maria Hammond. 351 Ricky L. Hammons. 351 Brenda F. Hampton. 330 Herman L. Hampton. 377 Noor H. Hamzah. 351 June A. Hancock. 286 Ronnie N. Hancock. 351 Susan E. Hancock. 286 Torri L. Hancock. 309 Lisa A. Hanebrink. 330 Judy A. Haney. 369 Lance P. Hankins. 351 Charles R. Hannah. 286 Randall L. Hannah. 286 Charles A. Hansen. 377 Jay L. Hansen. 309 Ali Hanzalipour. 309 Greta L. Harber. 377 Tariq Salim Harbi. 330 Carolyn B. Harcrow. 369 Clyde N. Harcrow. 275 Joycelyn Renee Hardeman. 374 Pete W. Hardesty. 309 Peggy D. Hardie. 369 Carolyn R. Hardy. 286 Paige C. Hardy. 309 Roy E. Hardy. 351 Frances K. Hare. 351 Charles J. Hargrave. 351 George L. Harguess. 351 Allan Harlan. 286 Angela J. Harmon. 369 Kevin D. Harmon. 330 Bill Harness. 351 Haryani Haron. 351 Antoine Harry Harper. 377 Ellis M. Harper Jr.. 309 Robert L. Harper. 309 Ronnie J. Harper. 351 Susie M. Harper. 330 Tommy L. Harper. 309 Calvin F. Harrell. 351 Glenn Harrell. 351 Ricky L. Harrell. 351 Jack N. Harrington. 371 Steve F. Harrington. 351 Carol L. Harris. 286 Cheryl A. Harris. 330 Daniel J. Harris. 309 David S. Harris. 309 Deborah J. Harris. 309 Debra K. Harris. 351 Harve B. Harris. 309 Henry L. Harris. 287 James W. Harris. 287 Lisa T. Harris. 351 Sharon R. Harris. 287 Stan A. Harris. 351 Tanya Lynn Harris. 330 Terry G. Harris. 351 Deborah L. Harrison. 351 Deloise A. Harrison. 310 Jan L. Harrison. 310 Leslie Jennice Harrison. 310 Mark E. Harrison. 351 Pamela J. Harrison. 310 Sharon W. Harrison. 330 Sue E. Harrison. 330 Brian D. Hart. 351 Cliff Hart. 310 Daniel W. Hart. 310 Jeffery B. Hart. 374 Kimberly G. Hart. 330 Herberta L. Hartness. 287 Janice M. Hartsell. 351 Jerri L. Harvey. 351 Linda K. Harvey. 330 Michael B. Harvey. 377 Sherwin L. Harvey. 310 Steve L. Harvey. 351 Rosdi Hasan. 351 Mustafa Bin Hashim. 351 Nabli Hashim. 351 Kay E. Haskins. 310 Zuraidah B. Hassan. 377 Marty E. Hastings 310 Thomas G. Hatch. 369 Holly A. Hatfield. 330 Toby Hatfield. 287 Tom M. Hatfield. 310 Luna A. Hathcoat. 377 Sandra L. Hathcoat. 310 Jackie L. Hathcock. 330 Cynthia C. Hatley. 351 Richard Dale Hatley. 287 John B. Hat ridge. 351 Nella J. Hattie. 310 David W. Hausmann. 351 Meriwether M. Haven. 275 John M. Havens. 351 Sherry A. Hank. 310 Janet L. Hawkins. 351 Jeanette Hawkins. 310 Madeline C. Hawkins. 330 Ron J. Hawkins. 375 Shannon L. Hawkins. 377 Teresa M. Hawkins. 310 Curtis C. Hawley. 310 Kevin G. Hawley. 330 Barry C. Hay. 377 Roger G. Hay. 287 Alice L. Hayes. 310 Harriet L. Hayes. 351 Marion Hayes. 375 Peter H. Hayes. 310 Reginald D. Hayman. 287 Sheila Haymer. 287 Patrick F. Haynes. 310 Bryon D. Haynlc. 377 Samuel L. Hays. 330 Shari R. Hays. 351 Debbie J. Haywood. 287 Ken J. Haywood. 310 George K. Hazelwood. 287 Suanne Hazelwood. 310 Carthel L. Healy. 351 Phillip D. Healy. 310 Tammy L. Healy. 351 James R. Heard. 330 Ada S. Heath. 310 Randal G. Heath. 351 Tommie E. Heath. 287 Bradley N. Heckmann. 330 Sharon R. Heeb. 310 Eunice E. Hefflngton. 351 Dana J. Hefner. 310 Janet L. Hefner. 351 Nagla M. Hegazi. 351 Fred C. Helnecke. 330 Angela Diane Hcise. 377 Charles E. Hembrey. 351 Sonya D. Hemenway. 330 Gary F. Henard. 287 Clyde Henderson. 351 Dana E. Henderson. 351 Fran K. Henderson. 310 Kerri J. Henderson. 330 Kim A. Henderson. 287 Steven M. Henderson. 287 Warner N. Henderson. 330 Brent L. Hendrix. 351 Keith A. Hendrix. 351 Keith F. Hendrix. 287 Kenneth R. Hendrix. 330 Kyle D. Hendrix. 351 Nena L. Hendrix. 310 Scott A. Hendrix. 330 Teresa L. Hendrix. 351 Terry L. Hendrix. 351 Bridget R. Henley. 287 Debra L. Henley. 377 Rick K. Henley. 287 Scott W. Henley. 351 Val C. Henley. 287 Charles K. Henry. 373 Ronna L. Henry. 351 Rosanna Henry. 330 Susan A. Henry. 373 Yvonne Henry. 351 Carla C. Hensley. 351 Mildred M. Henson. 351 Monica A. Henson. 310 Terry L. Henson. 351 Kathryn E. Hentz. 287 Phillip C. Herlein. 351 Cheryl L. Herndon. 351 David L. Herndon. 287 Cindy L. Herring. 310 Ray D. Herring. 351 Tamara D. Herring. 287 Gordon H. Herron. 310 Joan B. Hess. 330 Darrell C. Hester. 310 Diana M. Hester. 310 Donna G. Hester. 373 Gena R. Hester. 351 Holly A. Hester. 351 Jack Heston. 310 Ellen J. Hewett. 351 Susan E. Hickman. 352 Kirk A. Hicks. 352 Patrea L. Hicks. 352 Tori W. Hicks. 330 Wilbur C. Hiebert. 352 Linda F. Higginbotham. 352 Randall C. Higgins. 352 Van E. Higgins. 287 Connie J. Highfill. 352 Jan L. Highfill. 352 Patricia L. Hightower. 287 Theron A. Hightower. 310 Timothy R. Hightower. 352 Fouad Mustapha Hijazi. 373 Charles R. Hilbura Jr.. 330 David C. Hilburn. 287 Elizabeth A. Hilburn. 310 Charlton F. Hildreth. 352 Andrea M. Hill. 330 Annette R. Hill. 352 Danny J. Hill. 352 Delores A. Hill. 352 Emmitt Lee Hill. 310 Gregory H. Hill. 352 Jamie L. Hill. 310 John N. Hill. 310 Julius Wilbur Hill. 352 Linley D. Hill. 330 Melinda G. Hill. 330 Penny P. Hill. 330 Sheila M. Hill. 310 Stephanie J. Hill. 287 Taryn K. Hill. 352 Thomas E. Hill. 287 Tom T. Hill. 287 Tossie L. Hill. 352 Vicki D. Hill. 287 Victor Hill. 287William C. Hill. 352 Michael R. Hilton. 330 Ammar Ssad Himseih. 377 Brenda G. Hinds. 330 Lisa R. Hinds. 330 Misti D. Hinds. 330 Sherry L. Hindsley. 352 Guy W. Hlnman. 310 Stephen P. Hinsley, 310 Charles Robin Hinson. 373 Terry W. Hinton. 352 Loretta J. Hipp. 373 Tammy D. Hoag. 352 Tuan V. Hoang. 352 Larry Dewayne Hobbs. 352 Prances L. Hobson. 352 Deborah A. Hochstctler. 287 Cynthia S. Hodge. 310 Mark W. Hodge. 310 Melinda M. Hodge. 352 Angela Hodges. 352 Barry E. Hodges. 330 David R. Hodges. 330 Jeffrey L. Hodges. 330 Michael D. Hodges. 330 Dal E. Hogan. 352 Danny W. Hogan. 352 Jackie D. Hogan. 330 Marilyn K. Hogan. 287 Dewayne T. Hogard. 352 William D. Hogard. 352 Tammy J. Hogard. 310 Terry B. Hoggard. 310 Marc Hogue. 330 Randy E. Hogue. 352 David L. Hohn. 352 Terry Y. Holaway. 287 David S. Holbrook. 330 Donna L. Holbrook. 287 Suzanne Holbrook. 352 Candace L. Holcomb. 330 Judy C. Holcomb. 352 Randall D. Holden. 330 Mary C. Holder. 330 Vivian A. Holder. 310 Katherine J. Holdren. 330 Jeff L. Holifleld. 375 Mary A. Holifleld. 310 Gary L. Holland. 330 Holly R. Holland. 352 Jacqueline Y. Holland. 330 Judy K. Holland. 310 Lana D. Holland. 330 Rebecca S. Holland. 287 Penny D. Holley. 377 Moose Holliman. 310 Carl R. Hollis. 352 Curtis W. Hollis. 352 Dane L. Hollis. 352 Eric N. Hollis. 287 Jeffery L. Hollis. 310 Linda D. Hollis. 372 Michele A. Hollis. 287 Roland D. Hollis. 287 Byron K. Holloway. 330 Dave E. Holloway. 287 Lauren L. Holloway. 330 Lisa A. Hollo well. 330 Tammy R. Holman. 287 Alan Holmes. 288 Beth Barnhill Holmes. 352 Carmen Y. Holmes. 310 Floyd D. Holmes. 330 Hope R. Holmes. 273 Howard S. Holmes. 288 Karen S. Holmes. 377 Leonard S. Holmes. 310 Margie L. Holmes. 352 Stephen B. Holmes. 330 Lisa S. Holowell. 352 Donald L. Holt. 369 Gina Linn Holt. 377 Michael C. Holt. 352 Rebekah Ann Holt. 352 Ronald Allan Holt. 377 Valerie J. Holt. 273 William L. Holtzclaw. 352 Sheryl L. Honey. 375 Pam B. Honeycutt. 288 Bryant Hood. 288 Joy Jane Hood. 352 Sara N. Hood. 330 Tamara A. Hood. 310 Teresa M. Hood. 288 George H. Hooper. 288 Jo-Ann Hoots. 352 Gaylene B. Hoover. 352 John K. Hoover. 330 Perry D. Hope. 352 Alisa A. Hopkins. 310 Donald L. Hopkins Jr.. 375 LecAnn Hopkins. 288 Michele L. Hopkins. 352 Carla J. Hopper. 310 Christopher A. Hopper. 330 Glenn Hopper. 310 Mark R. Hopper. 273 Faber Horne. 288 Casey Horner. 352 Monta Lee Horner. 288 Roselyn G. Horner. 288 Kim A. Horrell. 352 Scott L. Horrell. 310 David D. Horton. 310 Jerry S. Horton. 273 Lisa J. Horton. 352 Michael D. Horton. 352 Michelle J. Horton. 330 Valinda Gail Horton. 288 Danny L. Hoskins. 377 Kim D. Hoskins. 288 Marcy D. Hoskins. 330 Rebecca J. Hoskins. 310 Teresa D. Hoskins. 310 Charles R. Hoskyn. 310 Aaron D. Hosman. 273 Donnita A. Hosman. 352 Larry D. Hosman. 275 Daryl K. Houchin. 377 Bob E. House. 352 Elizabeth D. House. 310 Karla F. House. 330 Mark E. House. 352 Debea E. Houston. 288 Melissa K. Houston. 352 Pat Houston. 330 Sharon R. Houston. 330 Tammy R. Houston. 310 Julie L. Hout. 330 Phillip David Hout. 352 Cynthia S. Hovls. 352 Gayla R. Hovis. 352 Regina C. Hovis. 288 Arthur L. Howard. 352 Belinda S. Howard. 330 Daniel B. Howard. 330 David J. Howard. 288 Kara S. Howard. 352 Lisa J. Howard. 331 Richard A. Howard. 377 Rick L. Howard. 352 Susan L. Howard. 352 Sharon K. Howell. 352 Jim G. Howington. 288 Kenneth J. Hubbard. 310 Kim J. Hubbard. 352 Stephen W. Hubbard. 310 Gary P. Hubbcll. 288 Candibelle E. Huber. 331 Danny Huber. 288 David M. Huber. 310 Mary-Ellzabeth Huber. 310 Constance Elizabeth Huck. 331 Linda K. Huckabay. 375 Lisa P. Hudgens. 288 Ben Hudson. 352 Betty L. Hudson. 373 Jana K. Hudspeth. 273 Richard E. Hudspeth. 273 Jeanette White Huey. 373 Lance T. Huey. 377 Doug H. Huff. 352 Helen L. Huffman. 377 Jeffrey F. Huffman. 288 Susan N. Huffman. 352 Brenda Huggins. 288 Thomas H. Huggins. 377 Dana J. Hughes. 310 Debbie L. Hughes. 331 Harvey B. Hughes. 310 Julia Ann Hughes. 331 Nellie A. Hughes. 288 Audrey H. Hughey. 352 Debra L. Hughlett. 310 Ross E. Huitt. 331 Barry O. Hulett. 353 Chris A. Hulett. 311 Michele Hull. 353 Rich Hull. 353 Charles D. Hulsey. 353 Anita B. Humphreys. 311 James M. Humphries. 373 Daniel J. Hundley. 353 David C. Hundley. 311 Susan A. Hundley. 377 Terry L. Hunkaplller. 288 Barbara E. Hunt. 353 Bruce W. Hunt. 311 David W. Hunt. 311 John A. Hunt. 311 Phillip R. Hunt. 288 Ruth A. Hunter. 331 Hensley Hurley. 311 Lisa D. Hurst. 331 Sandra K. Hurst. 288 Keith W. Huskey. 275 Mohamad Rosli Hussain. 353 Mohd. Shamsul Hussain. 353 Brenda A. Hutcheson. 331 Donna L. Hutcheson. 377 Loretta J. Hutchings. 288 Debbie M. Hutchins. 353 Mel E. Hutchins. 353 Barry J. Hutchison. 288 Brent A. Hutchison. 353 Jimmy R. Hutchison. 353 John G. Hutchison. 311 Sylvia G. Hutchison. 377 Tina Hutchison. 311 Yvonne L. Hutchison. 373 James R. Hutton. 311 William M. Hutton. 331 Allen J. Hyatt. 331 Julie E. Hyde. 353 Sherry S. Hyde. 288 Steve W. Hyde. 311 Tina L. Hyde. 353 Trena L. Hyde. 353 —I— Emeka Bomiface Ibeachum. 377 Mastura Ibrahim. 353 Mohd. Negulb Ibrahim. 373 Mohd. Yusof Ibrahim. 353 Kenith C. Icenoglc. 311 Abd. Rahman B. Idris. 353 Halim B. Idris. 353 John Ayo Igbinoba. 311 Brian F. Imboden. 377 Marlettc M. Inboden. 331 Paula A. Inboden. 353 Leslie Ingram. 353 Ronald J. Ingram. 353 Charles Keith Inman. 288 Tammy J. Inman. 311 Zona F. Inman. 311 Paul W. Irby. 311 Brenda L. Irving. 353 Laurie D. Isbell. 288 Perry T. Isbell. 288 Steve R. Isbell. 311 Teresa L. Isbell. 353 Tonya R. Isbell. 288 Abdul Razak Ishak. 331 Mokhtar Bin Ishak. 353 Deifina R. Ishmael. 369 Kenneth B. Ishmael. 353 Azhari Ismail. 373 Farizah Ismail. 353 Wan Ishak Bln Ismail. 353 Everett P. Isom. 288 David L. I vers. 331 Kevin E. Ives. 288 Donald E. Ivy. 311 Steven F. Ivy. 331 -J- Jane A. Jackard. 311 Alesia V. Jackson. 311 Connie Jackson. 311 Dauphlna R. Jackson. 331 David W. Jackson. 311 Ernie Robert Jackson. 373 Gregory M. Jackson. 288 Holly J. Jackson. 353 Jack Jackson. 371 Jane Jackson. 311 Janet C. Jackson. 331 Jerry L. Jackson. 288 John A. Jackson. 353 Judy S. Jackson. 311 Kevin E. Jackson. 353 Laura L. Jackson. 311 Lawrence E. Jackson. 275 Lee C. Jackson. 331 Linda M. Jackson. 331 Louis Jackson. 353 Lyndol Lee Jackson. 311 Mark K. Jackson. 331 Mary E. Jackson. 288 Max L. Jackson. 353 Pam D. Jackson. 353 Patricia A. Jackson. 369 Roger N. Jackson. 288 Rosemary L. Jackson. 331 Roxanne J. Jackson. 331 Steven L. Jackson. 331 Tammy S. Jackson. 353 Thomas A. Jackson. 353 Warren A. Jackson. 353 Dana G. Jaco. 331 David B. Jacobs. 331 Thomas S. Jacques. 311 Hyder Jaffcry. 288 Leobaldo R. Jaimes. 331 Billy James. 372 Jeff W. James. 353 John R. James. 353 Melvin S. James. 288 Monica Lee James. 375 Scott R. James. 289 Sundra D. James. 289 Teresa L. James. 289 Virgil J. James. 311 Loretta M. Jamieson. 311 Terry L. Jamieson. 331 Jayne B. Janaszak. 353 Lydia L. Jansen. 311 Monica A. Jansen. 331 Paula R. Jansen. 353 Catherine L. Jarrett. 311 Tim G. Jarrett. 311 Mohammad A. Jasir. 331 Dara Javadipourafsari. 311 Dennis L. Jaynes. 289 Gary D. Jayroe. 311 Peggy L. Jeffress. 289 Tammy F. Jeffries. 331 Terry A. Jelks. 353 Amy E. Jenkins. 353 Michelle Jenkins. 311 Newton D. Jenkins Jr.. 353 Perry L. Jenkins. 289 Teresa D. Jenkins. 331 Willa M. Jenkins. 331 Danny Jennings. 373 David G. Jennings. 289 Edward J. Jemigan. 353 Emma L. Jessen. 311 Karen J. Jett. 353 Robert E. Jett. 331 Alonza J. Jlles. 353 Shahira Jiwani. 331 Winona Cheryl John. 372 S. Evans Johnnie. 331 Leecie Johns. 311 Becky A. Johnson. 331 Bruce M. Johnson. 331yron K. Johnson. 331 arlean Johnson. 289 arol L. Johnson. 353 harles E. Johnson. 311 Indy M. Johnson. 331 indy R. Johnson. 353 levon Johnson. 331 ale Lee Johnson. 289 avid E. Johnson. 353 avid W. Johnson. 331 eborah D. Johnson. 353 enisc L. Johnson. 373 onna S. Johnson. 311 wrothy Carol Johnson. 377 Ua F. Johnson. 311 ary K. Johnson. 353 lender L. Johnson. 311 na C. Johnson. 353 ames A. Johnson. 353 ames R. Johnson. 331 ames V. Johnson. 353 ay R. Johnson. 353 ill Johnson. 331 ohn W. Johnson. 353 athy B. Johnson. 353 elli J. Johnson. 311 enna G. Johnson. 311 risti S. Johnson. 331 airy R. Johnson. 331 aRue Y. Johnson. 353 innea K. Johnson. 353 isa C. Johnson. 353 isa J. Johnson. 373 iarilou M. Johnson. 311 arilyn A. Johnson. 311 ichael I. Johnson. 275 ichelle A. Johnson. 311 am H. Johnson. 353 atrick F. Johnson. 289 oily W. Johnson. 377 ussell K. Johnson. 311 amucl G. Johnson. 353 cott Johnson. 331 haron L. Johnson. 273 helia Johnson. 331 helia A. Johnson. 353 tanlcy E. Johnson. 311 yrena D. Johnson. 331 eresa Lynne Johnson. 311 homas W. Johnson. 353 ony L. Johnson. 377 racey Anne Johnson. 331 ancssa J. Johnson. 331 tanda J. Johnson. 331 rilliam F. Johnson Jr.. 289 'illiam J. Johnson. 289 'illiam T. Johnson. 311 ecki L. Johnston. 353 ryan K. Johnston. 353 on R. Johnston. 371 orothy D. Johnston. 311 eith A. Johnston. 353 illy K. Jones. 375 radley D. Jones. 353 ridgette S. Jones. 311 indy K. Jones. 289 onstance S. Jones. 353 ynthia D. Jones. 311 ynthia L. Jones. 354 ana L. Jones. 354 onna L. Jones. 331 ina M. Jones. 354 enry P. Jones IV. 311 erman Jones Jr.. 311 ames F. Jones. 311 anice K. Jones. 289 erri L. Jones. 354 o D. Jones. 371 ohn A. Jones. 331 oseph A. Jones. 289 aren K. Jones. 273 enneth K. Jones. 375 ana F. Jones. 289 arene Kay Deems Jones. 273 ori L. Jones. 354 uann Jones. 311 larcia L. Jones. 311 lartha J. Jones. 331 Martha L. Jones. 311 Mary A. Jones. 311 Michealle L. Jones. 311 Pamela Jones. 354 Randall S. Jones. 354 Rita L. Jones. 331 Sheila R. Jones. 289 Sherri L. Jones. 311 Shirley A. Jones. 354 Stacy R. Jones. 354 Steven W. Jones. 275 Teresa L. Jones. 331 Terry W. Jones. 331 Theresa J. Jones. 311 Timothy A. Jones. 311 Timothy E. Jones. 311 Timothy L. Jones. 377 Barry K. Jordan. 377 Jenny A. Jordan. 311 Leslie L. Jordan. 354 Phillip C. Jordan. 354 Terri L. Joseph. 311 Dave Joslin. 289 Richard T. Joslin. 354 A1 Joyner. 311 Debra A. Joyner. 354 Ringo G. Jukes. 331 Karen E. Julien. 371 Donald C. Jumper. 377 Rodney G. Jumper. 331 Richard A. Jurczyk. 289 Mohammad Nazili Jusoh. 377 Mohd. Azmi Jusoh. 378 Mary B. Justen. 289 Fred S. Justus Jr.. 331 Mark K. Justus. 311 Melissa M. Justus. 289 —K— Abdelhalim A. Kaboosh. 371 Heidi B. Kahl. 354 Richard G. Kahl. 354 Joe D. Kaiser. 354 Martha M. Kalb. 373 Ten D. Kambanis. 354 Elli J. Kamlnarides. 354 Shadiah A. Kankar. 331 Scotty R. Kappelman. 331 Katia K. Karavia. 331 Zarinah Binti Karim. 378 Artie Ann Karns. 378 Mohammad Kashami. 311 Cassie Kauffman. 331 Kel Morgan Kauffman. 312 Alo Binti Kausar. 354 Hossein Kaveh. 312 Samuel E. Kayea. 312 Steven D. Kaylor. 273 Chris D. Keathley. 354 Joe C. Keaton. 354 Danny G. Kec. 289 Janna M. Kegley. 331 Joyce E. Keirn. 289 Gary R. Keiter. 354 James D. Keith. 378 Ricky Keith Jr.. 354 Sandra G. Keith. 331 Lee A. Kellams. 331 Charles A. Keller D. 312 Dana R. Keller. 312 Mary K. Keller. 372 Ricky E. Keller. 289 Robert L. Keller Jr.. 354 Cassandra J. Kelley. 354 Charles D. Kelley. 289 Dana D. Kelley. 289 David P. Kelley. 312 Lisa G. Kelley. 354 Mike Walton Kelley. 354 Shelley J. Kelley. 312 Terry D. Kelley. 331 Kimberly D. Kellums. 289 Andrew J. Kelly. 312 Brain K. Kelly. 354 Colleen L. Kelly. 331 Donna M. Kelly. 354 Kim Y. Kelly. 331 Marshall J. Kelly. 312 Marvin Kelly. 354 Mary P. Kelly. 289 Michael J. Kelly. 289 Stacy L. Kelly. 354 Waddell Kelly. 289 Kenneth P. Kelso. 332 Jason F. Kemp. 289 Patricia A. Kendel. 354 Walter A. Kendel Jr.. 312 LeVonna S. Kennedy. 289 Tommy J. Kennett. 312 Robin M. Kennon. 354 Cheril L. Kerby. 354 Judy A. Kcrlcy. 273 Cindy M. Kern. 354 John M. Kerr. 332 Karon S. Kersey. 332 Vicki L. Kersey. 372 Paul A. Kerst. 354 Diane J. Kcrtz. 312 Kathy J. Kessinger. 332 Dola F. Kcstcrson. 312 James E. Kesterson. 378 Steven R. Kestin. 354 Judy L. Kever. 312 Delphena Key. 289 Mark L. Key. 312 Ebrahim Kh-Abkcnar. 289 Humaira Fatima Khaliq. 332 Mahera Fatima Khaliq. 354 Mansoor A. Khan. 354 Sue Ann Kiblloski. 373 Leisa G. Kieffner. 354 Richard W. Kifer. 375 Kimberly J. Kilker. 312 Deborah L. Killion. 354 Radonna S. Killough. 354 Ronald G. Killough. 312 Karen Kimbrell. 289 James J. Kimbrough. 354 Jeff Kimbrough. 354 Sarah J. Kimbrough. 312 Connie L. Kincaid. 354 Vicki L. Kinder. 354 Berry L. King. 312 Charles A. King III. 332 Charlotte E. King. 312 Connie J. King. 332 David R. King. 354 Glenda L. King. 354 Joel M. King. 332 John M. King 289 John P. King. 312 Johnnie A. King. 375 Larry W. King. 378 Mona L. King. 354 Nataline A. King. 373 Pamela J. King. 354 Sherri E. King. 378 Susan D. King. 369 Suzanne L. King 332 Tresa L. King. 332 David M. Kingston. 354 Joanna L. Kingston. 289 Kevin D. Kingston. 312 Randal A. Kingston. 289 John Barton Kinley. 354 Mark K. Kinsel. 332 Lillian Kipp. 312 Cynthia L. Kirby. 312 Martha A. Kirby. 375 David K. Kirk. 289 Madeleine H. Kirkland. 289 Gayla A. Kirksey. 354 Theresa J. Kirksey. 312 Steve L. Kirksley. 354 Donald W. Kirkwood. 378 Debra D. Kisner. 354 James L. Kissinger. 332 Maynard Kittrell. 312 John E. Klein. 354 Keith Alan Klemmer. 354 John L. Kline. 354 Ralph S. Kline. 354 Robert P. Kline. 290 Richard L. Kneibert. 332 Doug G. Knierim. 354 Aretha Knight. 312 Brenda K. Knight. 312 Debra A. Knight. 290 Patricia A. Knight. 354 Roger A. Knight. 354 Angie R. Knoll. 312 Barbara F. Knuckles. 332 Steven W. Knuckles. 312 Susan K. Koch. 290 Leslie S. Kocttel. 332 William S. Koettel. 354 Brent S. Kohlbrcchcr. 354 Sharon K. Kolb. 332 Rose A. Konold. 378 Laura E. Koonce. 375 John A. Koons. 290 LaDona R. Kraichely. 378 Jeffery W. Krcis. 354 Edward R. Krieger. 354 Cindy L. Kruse. 332 Kim S. Kueter. 312 Vicki L. Kuykendall. 371 —L— Shelly R. LaBouvc. 354 Sherry S. Lace. 369 Kenneth K. Laccwell. 332 Sherry L. Lacey. 290 Mary J. Lack. 312 Jo Carol Lacy. 312 Sandra G. Lacy. 354 Stephen C. Lacy. 354 Phillip D. Ladd. 354 Phillip H. Laden. 312 Sharmaine La Farlette. 355 Michelle Y. Lafferty. 378 Scott L. Laffoon. 355 James P. Laird. 312 Shirley J. Laird. 273 Barbara L. Lakes. 355 Daniel G. Lakey. 355 Bobby C. Lamb. 312 Steven L. Lamb. 355 Edd Lambert. 312 Lowell D. Lambert. 355 Wilson E. Lambert. 290 Michelle A. Lamberth. 355 Terri J. Lamberth. 355 Judy C. Lamp. 312 Ellen G. Lampkins. 355 Brad J. Lampo. 332 Dada T. Lancaster. 290 Pamela R. Lancaster. 290 Sherri R. Lancaster. 355 John L. Lance. 312 Douglas W. Lander. 312 Carl D. Landis. 312 William E. Landis. 332 Angie K. Lane. 332 Bonnctta M. Lane. 355 Darlene D. Lane. 378 Jerry P. Lane. 355 Terri S. Lane. 355 Tony Lane. 355 Tracey S. Lane. 355 Boyd A. Laney. 355 Steven R. Laney. 290 Lisa A. Langford. 275 Tim D. Langford. 290 Rusty L. Langle. 312 Denise D. Langley. 355 Jeffrey S. Langley. 355 Carol A. Langston. 332 Janice L. Langston. 332 Teresa A. Langston. 312 Emily K. Lard. 355 Homier A. Larkins Jr.. 378 Arthur A. Larmi. 312 Jacques F. Larose. 332 Kevin R. Lany. 355 Carl L. Larsen. 355 Donald E. Larson. 355 Gregory K. Larson. 312 Leah A. Larson. 378 Annette LaRue. 355 389Nancy L. LaRuc. 355 Patricia E. LaRue. 312 Beverly J. Lashely. 332 Sonny C. Lasky. 332 Ruth L. Lasley. 355 Catherine A. Lassiter. 378 Larry R. Lassiter. 355 Loid D. Lassiter. 375 Delisc F. Latting. 355 Maria A. Latting. 332 Orcn W. Latting. 332 Joan G. Lauderdale. 355 Sonda Law. 378 Gary C. Lawhon. 332 Charis R. Lawrence. 312 James S. Lawrence. 355 Julie A. Lawrence. 290 Larry H. Lawrence. 290 Laura A. Lawrence. 375 Martha D. Lawrence, 275 Robert E. Lawrence Jr.. 332 William R. Lawrence. 355 Beverly Lawson. 332 Curtislene Lawson. 273 Dorothy J. Lawson. 290 Elizabeth D. Lawson. 355 Gus Lawson. 355 James D. Lawson. 355 Jimmy K. Lay. 371 Anthony R. Layne. 332 Betty J. Leach. 312 Linda K. Leach. 355 Julie M. Leake. 312 Margie E. LeBlanc. 355 Sherri A. LeBlanc. 332 Barry K. Ledbetter. 312 Clint D. Ledbetter. 355 Greg Ledbetter. 332 Stephen D. Ledbetter. 290 Gaye D. Leder. 332 Ann Lee. 290 Carla R. Lee. 332 Craig A. Lee. 378 Debbie L. Lee. 312 Donald G. Lee. 290 Jennnie A. Lee. 332 Joseph W. Lee. 355 Lara L. Lee. 355 Linda A. Lee. 273 Michael D. Lee. 355 Navie L. Lee. 355 Nita K. Lee. 332 Patricia A. Lee. 312 Philip M. Lee. 290 Sharon K. Lee. 355 Wanda B. Lee. 312 Lori A. Leedom. 332 Cheryl I. Leffew. 355 Carolyn J. Leggett. 332 Roy T. Leggett. 332 Ted A. Leggett. 273 Thomas A. Lelscnring. 355 Angela B. Lemay. 355 Joey D. Lemay. 312 Jayncndcl J. Lemmons. 355 Joey H. Lemmons. 355 Mary Lemmons. 369 Scott R. Lemmons. 332 Stephanie L. Lemonds. 355 Joseph D. Lenderman. 332 Mary K. Lenston. 290 Mark A. Leonard. 355 Mark A. Lcrcher. 312 Phil R. Leslie. 332 Cyril C. Lester. 312 Shanna D. Lester. 332 Charles T. Letbetter. 312 Lori A. Lcwallcn. 332 Mark E. Lewallen. 332 Richard D. Lewallen. 373 Kenneth A. Lewellen. 355 Beverly Lewis. 332 Charles J. Lewis. 312 Debra A. Lewis. 373 Henry L. Lewis. 375 Jack Lewis. 312 James E. Lewis. 355 Jerry L. Lewis. 355 Judious Lewis. 312 Lisa A. Lewis. 378 Lori J. Lewis. 332 Roseann M. Lewis. 290 Tina D. Lewis. 355 Carolyn J. Ley. 312 Jeffery C. Liddell. 355 Keith Liddell. 312 Ron L. Liddell. 332 Stephen E. Liebhabcr. 355 Stephen A. Lienhart. 290 Cindy Light. 355 Betty L. Ligon. 312 Eric R. Lijewski. 332 John G. Lilc. 332 David Liles. 378 Melissa L. Liles. 355 Barry F. Lillard. 355 Margaret N. Lillard. 275 Leigh Ann Lilly. 312 Darlene A. Limber. 355 Wen-Cheng Lin. 275 Jcnafcr C. Lincoln. 369 Anita K. Lindley. 290 Fred W. Lindsey II. 274 Melanie D. Linn. 312 Kcrric A. Linton. 355 Cynthia Lipscomb. 290 Sharon A. Lisko. 355 Kim A. Lister. 355 Penny R. Little. 332 Liz L. T. Littlejohn. 332 Tyrncese K. Littrell. 355 Todd C. Litzelfelner. 355 David D. Livingston. 290 Kevin L. Lloyd. 378 Carol L. Lockard. 312 Mark E. Locker. 312 Susan K. Loften. 312 Jeff K. Loftin. 290 Edward E. Loggains. 332 Michael D. Loggins. 355 Glyn D. Logue. 312 Barbara D. Long. 355 David W. Long. 332 Elizabeth A. Long. 332 Harold R. Long. 332 Holly J. Long. 355 Jeffery A. Long. 312 John A. Long. 355 Karen M. Long. 290 Karen S. Long. 313 Martha A. Long. 313 Shirley A. Long. 355 Terri L. Long. 313 Chris J. Looney. 313 Joe L. Looney III. 290 Randal J. Looney. 355 Sara L. Looney. 373 Paul J. Loop. 274 Leslie C. Lott. 313 Solan H. Lott. 290 Jerry C. Love. 332 David J. Lovelace. 355 Jeffery L. Lovell. 313 Marvin A. Lowe. 313 William P. Lowe. 313 Lee R. Loyd. 356 Brenda Lucas. 332 Mark G. Lukchart. 378 Brenda A. Lunceford. 290 Hjalmar C. Lund. 378 Terry L. Lund. 375 Sheri Lung. 332 Alma L. Luper. 356 Ronald L. Luper. 356 Joann Luttrell. 375 Stacy A. Lutz. 313 Christine Luzader. 356 Melodic D. Lybarger. 332 Kimberly A. Lybrand. 313 Carla R. Lynn. 313 David M. Lynn. 313 Gordon. Lynn. 373 Betsy A. Lynxwiler. 356 Christine A. Lynxwiler. 373 Sandra L. Lyons. 356 Larry W. Lytle. 313 —M— Scott L. Mabry. 356 Bonard V. Mace Jr.. 290 Brian C. Macintosh. 313 Bruce Macintosh. 290 Jeannette L. MacPherson. 332 Mojgan Madjlessl. 313 Samuel C. Madu. 313 Michael G. Mayby. 373 Shari Ann Magdcfrau, 290 Louclla Magee. 356 Mohd Redza B. Mahmood. 378 Dee A. Mahon. 332 Elizabeth E. Mahon. 356 James T. Malin. 356 Kevin L. Malloy. 313 Barry C. Malloyd. 356 Benny Malone Jr.. 356 Shannon D. Malone. 356 Kevin P. Maloney. 313 Timothy C. Maloney. 290 Tom J. Maloney. 332 Cathy L. Manes. 371 Donna L. Mangis. 369 Johnathon W. Mangrum. 356 Marsha K. Mangrum. 313 Elizabeth J. Mann. 371 Mark A. Mann. 371 Michael D. Mann. 356 Sandie S. Mann. 290 Charles D. Manning. 356 Doug A. Manning. 290 Karen E. Manning. 275 Lelsa C. Manning. 313 Sonya Y. Manning. 290 Mohd Yusoff Mansor. 356 Sidek B. Mansor. 378 Lisa A. Mantooth. 332 Rettis March. 356 Hussan A. Marenga. 356 Marla J. Markin. 378 Ronnie J. Markin. 356 Stephen L. Markin. 378 Mitchell K. Marks. 313 Nicholas C. Marks. 378 Yvonna R. Markum. 373 David M. Marlar. 378 Lonnie G. Marlcr. 356 Tammy L. Marlin. 356 Sandra L. Marlowe. 332 Anita L. Marsh. 356 Price Marshall. 313 Dorothy F. Marshall. 313 Kathryn L. Marshall. 313 Beverly A. Martin. 356 Cameron L. Martin. 356 Cathy J. Martin. 290 Dani L. Martin. 290 Daniel Martin. 356 David A. Martin. 290 David W. Martin. 332 Donald L. Martin. 313 Douglas W. Martin. 290 Dwight E. Martin. 290 James M. Martin. 378 Kathy A. Martin. 313 Kelli J. Martin. 356 Lance P. Martin. 356 Michael L. Martin. 332 Scott D. Martin. 332 Shelly D. Martin. 356 Steven W. Martin. 333 Timothy J. Martin. 291 Vicki Martin. 313 Wade Martin. 313 Anne M. Martino. 356 Kent M. Marts. 333 Catherine G. Marx. 274 Anita A. Mashburn. 291 Rhonda K. Mashburn. 291 Cindy K. Mason. 356 Delinda K. Mason. 333 Mary E. Mason. 356 Sandra L. Mason. 369 Thomas E. Mason. 333 Ralph E. Massanclli. 333 Don W. Massey. 371 Laura M. Massey. 356 Pamela L. Massey. 356 Ruthie A. Masson. 356 Donna C. Masters. 313 Douglas E. Masters. 356 Theresa M. Masterson. 291 Belinda F. Mathcncy. 333 Richard L. Mathes. 356 Holly A. Mathews. 378 Bentha Mathis. 313 Katharine L. Mathis. 356 Renee Mathis. 333 Dennis A. Matlock. 313 Cary C. Matthews. 356 Danica L. Matthews. 333 Scott E. Matthews. 356 Jill R. Maxfield. 356 Ken D. Maxwell. 291 Kerry A. Maxwell. 275 Maria L. Maxwell. 356 Philip D. Maxwell. 291 Darren K. May. 356 Stacy R. May. 356 Stephen D. May. 356 Wanda L. May. 378 William T. May. 356 Carl D. Mayer. 291 Charles W. Mayes. 356 Joey L. Mayhan. 333 Lisa M. Mayhan. 356 Walter L. Mayhew. 333 Dickey D. Mayland. 372 Mickey D. Mayland. 291 Cheryl L. Mayo. 333 Woodrow Mays. 313 Hadi Mazahcri. 313 Karan D. McAlister. 333 Steven J. McAlister. 378 Russell B. McAllister. 356 Lucinda J. McArthur. 333 Anthony R. McBride. 333 Brenda C. McBride. 291 Sandra L. McBride. 313 Susan M. McBride. 333 Charlotte A. McBrydc. 333 Becky A. McCall. 356 Holly M. McCall. 313 Bert L. McCameron. 356 Jeff K. McCann. 356 Teresa I. McCann. 313 Billy D. McCarroll. 313 Julie S. McCarroll. 291 John T. McCarty. 356 John W. McCaughey. 291 Catherine A. McCauley. 313 Earl S. McCauley II. 313 Lori A. McClain. 356 Rusty A. McClain. 313 Sharon A. McClatchey. 356 Patti J. McClaughlin. 333 Mona M. McClelland. 356 Greg J. McClendon. 356 Rosalind M. McClendon. 291 Cindy R. McClintock. 291 Kimberly A. McClintock. 313 Allccia D. McClish. 333 Larie S. McCluskey. 373 Beverly S. McCollum. 375 Dennis C. McCollum. 371 John W. McCollum. 291 James E. McConnon Jr.. 275 Barbara L. McCord. 313 Mary J. McCorkle. 291 Christy L. McCormick. 333 Derek T. McCormick. 333 Jerry D. McCormick. 333 Caroline McCoy. 356 Henry E. McCoy. 274 Kenneth McCoy. 333 Mary L. McCoy. 291 Ruth A. McCoy. 291 Gary D. McCracken. 313 Byron L. McCrackin. 373 Tommy W. McCrary. 378 Ron L. McCreless. 291 Robert M. McCuan. 333 Barbara A. McCullar. 356lila R. McCullar. 291 rcrry F. McCulley. 356 ngela McCullough. 313 'indy A. McCullough. 313 dary B. McCullough. 291 aul R. McCullough. 291 my R. McDaniel. 313 Barbara G. McDaniel. 313 ;raig McDaniel. 291 Irant A. McDaniel. 275 Michael A. McDaniel. 356 ‘atricia K. McDaniel. 313 ‘atti D. McDaniel. 373 cnny L. McDaniel. 356 tickey D. McDaniel. 291 'erTy A. McDaniel. 356 Villiam R. McDaniel. 356 :heryl A. McDole. 356 tynthia S. McDonald. 313 leborah D. McDonald. 291 ’atrecia J. McDonald. 313 •COU O. McDonald. 333 lobby D. McDouga). 356 ennifer D. McDowell. 378 ohn W. McDowell. 313 lina F. McDuffee. 369 ►avid E. McElderry. 356 'eena R. McElrath. 291 imelia J. McElroy. 378 lonald R. McElvoy. 378 iary T. McElyca. 291 lyron R. McEntire. 333 Ihonda Y. McEntire. 356 laureen G. McFadden. 333 erry McFall. 378 erana D. McFall. 313 amcs B. McFarlin. 378 lack O. McFarlin. 356 andall W. McFerrin. 378 allace McGaughy. 333 amcs K. McGee. 313 thel L. McGhee. 291 lichelle McGhee. 356 im C. McGhee. 357 enny D. McGinnis. 291 lartha L. McGinnis. 375 ussell V. McGlynn. 313 ulie A. McGough. 378 lark A. McGough. 313 ernedia McGowan. 357 isa K. McGraw. 373 am P. McGuire. 333 homas W. McGuirt. 333 cslie R. McHalffey. 333 erry L. McHaney. 333 racy D. McHaney. 291 latthew B. McHendry. 291 ick E. McKay. 291 on McKay. 333 immy R. McKee Jr.. 378 eena H. McKee. 274 andra E. McKee. 291 erry E. McKee. 333 atricia L. McKclvcy. 369 anny R. McKenney. 313 aren E. McKenzie. 357 ichard G. McKenzie. 357 nthony O. McKinney. 313 enise L. McKinney. 291 amcs R. McKinney. 313 aren J. McKinney. 313 orma L. McKinney. 357 ichard McKinney. 313 rilliam T. McKisson. 357 arland R. McKlinter. 313 imberly D. McKnlght. 333 erri L. McKnight. 357 racy L. McLain. 333 ana L. McLanc. 313 hillip E. McLarty. 274 honda S. McLaughlin. 357 ohnny L. McLean. 357 rina R. McLean. 333 velyn J. McLemore. 357 ami A. McManners. 291 elicla F. McMillen. 357 orri L. McMillen. 313 iark E. McMinn. 333 Beverly A. McMullen 333 Carolyn R. McMurtry. 357 Teresa A. McNabb. 313 Donna M. McNamara. 357 Stephen McNamara. 357 Judy G. McNatt. 333 Mary K. McNatt. 313 Timothy E. McNatt. 313 Miriam S. McNeely. 313 Vesta R. McNeely. 333 Robert J. McNeese. 357 Melinda J. McPherson. 357 Mary V. McQuary. 313 Clifford E. McQuay Jr.. 291 Lisa K. McQuay. 357 Shelba J. McQuay. 333 David W. McQueen. 375 Tammie A. McRae. 275 Trudy R. McSpadden. 291 Muhammad Hisham Md.Daud. 357 Muhd Norzam B. Md. Ghazali. 357 Zaidah Md.Zin. 357 Cheryl A. Mead. 333 Nikki J. Mead. 333 Sheila F. Mealer. 313 Dana L. Mears. 357 Debra L. Medlin. 357 Donald D. Medlin. 333 Sue A. Medlock. 357 Wanda J. Medlyn. 357 Alonzo Meek. 291 Teahna L. Meek. 357 Elizabeth A. Meeks. 291 Syrcna E. Meeks. 313 Steven S. Meents. 314 David E. Meier. 291 Judy M. Meier. 314 Eric P. Mejia. 357 Scott Melhorn. 314 Bud Melton. 314 Jeff L. Melton. 291 Jeffrey W. Melton. 357 Jillann K. Melton. 275 Kevin D. Melton. 357 Diane E. Mengarelli. 357 Alan R. Mennecke. 378 James R. Meredith. 378 Dana L. Merguie. 357 Thomas S. Meridith. 357 Cynthia D. Merillat. 357 Rodney D. Merkle. 314 Joseph W. Merlo. 314 Joe A. Merrill. 357 Mary I. Merrill. 357 Joyce A. Mcrriman. 314 Beth L. Merryman. 314 Maria A. Mertens. 357 Abdellatif M. Mesallam. 314 John D. Messer. 292 Penny J. Metcalf. 314 Charles K. Metheny. 357 Kevin L. Metheny. 357 Jim H. Metz. 314 John M. Metzler. 371 Susan M. Metzler. 292 Randy C. Meulr. 292 Paul R. Meurer, 314 Angelia D. Meyer. 357 Stella Michaelidou. 314 Patricia L. Mlchle. 357 Phyllis A. Michie. 292 Jeff A. Mickey. 357 Brenda L. Milde. 314 Sherri A. Miles. 357 Shirley R. Miles. 314 Patrick Millbrook, 357 Becky J. Miller. 378 Bruce Miller. 357 Carl F. Miller. 314 Carla D. Miller. 333 Cathy F. Miller. 357 Charles A. Miller. 357 Diane L. Miller. 292 Fred L. Miller. 373 Gordon E. Miller. 357 Jerri D. Miller. 357 Jerry K. Miller. 314 Jerry M. Miller. 314 Joyce L. Miller. 357 Kenneth A. Miller. 314 Leigha G. Miller. 357 Matt A. Miller. 357 Michael D. Miller 333 Michael E. Miller. 333 Michael L. Miller. 314 Michael T. Miller. 372 Murel C. Miller. 333 Nancy G. Miller. 333 Pam J. Miller. 314 Patrick J. Miller. 357 Phyllis M. Miller. 357 Reanne C. Miller. 378 Renee S. Miller. 314 Sirnandle. Miller. 357 Stephen H. Miller. 292 Tannie D. Miller. 333 Timothy S. Miller. 333 Lanny L. Million. 314 Deborah A. Mills. 292 Georgia K. Mills. 333 Lisa G. Mills. 292 Michael D. Mills. 333 Michael D. Mills. 378 Steven D. Mills. 357 Tom P. Mills. 357 Michael W. Millsaps. 314 Melissa K. Millspaugh. 333 Beth R. Miltenberger. 292 Lynne Mink. 357 Regina C. Mink. 357 David W. Minner. 314 Charles N. Minor. 375 Janice M. Minor. 333 Michelle Minton. 357 Paula K. Minton. 292 Beverly B. Mitchell. 357 Brenda V. Mitchell. 292 Charles P. Mitchell II. 314 Donald R. Mitchell. 292 Gregory L. Mitchell. 357 James D. Mitchell. 292 Kevin Mitchell. 292 Loria V. Mitchell. 357 Luther G. Mitchell. 357 Mary E. Mitchell. 357 Sherry K. Mitchell. 357 Timothy J. Mitchell. 333 Carla J. Mize. 357 Max H. Mize. 314 Charles W. Mobley. 333 Julie R. Mobley. 314 Wade J. Mock. 357 Frankie L. Moe. 292 David W. Moffatt. 314 Cynthia J. Moffett. 375 Norma Mohamad. 357 Zulgarnain B. Mohamad. 357 Muslan B. Mohammad. 333 Faridah Binte Mohd-Daud. 378 Mohd. Suhaimi Mohd-Fadzir. 333 Ruhana Mohd-Isa. 357 Zaiton Mohd-Noor. 357 Norzaiton Mohd-Nor. 358 Daniel A. Moise. 314 Michelle M. Moix. 292 Suparjo Noordin Mokhtar. 314 Mark A. Monaghan. 358 Brenda E. Mondy. 292 Joseph J. Monroe. 333 Shelia A. Monroe. 358 Wilburn D. Monroe. 358 Eugina F. Montgomery. 373 Frances Renee Montgomery. 292 James T. Montgomery. 333 Mark H. Montgomery. 292 Nanette L. Montgomery. 358 Randal S. Montgomery. 378 Barbara S. Moody. 275 Greg A. Moody. 358 Jeff N. Moody. 314 Bonner B. Mooney. 333 Howard T. Mooney Jr.. 314 James E. Mooney. 333 James M. Mooney. 333 John L. Mooney Jr.. 358 Lucinda D. Mooney. 314 Wilma J. Mooney. 333 Zelma M. Mooney. 333 Bcula M. Moore. 292 Carla S. Moore. 314 Debbie K. Moore. 292 Dennis G. Moore Jr.. 358 Doug T. Moore. 314 Jana B. Moore. 358 Jay G. Moore. 292 Jimmy J. Moore. 292 Jimmy V. Moore. 372 Joe F. Moore. 358 Joe H. Moore. 314 Keith E. Moore. 358 Kenny R. Moore. 314 Kipp J. Moore. 314 Laura A. Moore. 358 Lavanda A. Moore. 358 Matthew T. Moore. 358 Pamela A. Moore. 314 Patricia B. Moore. 292 Paul E. Moore. 378 Precious Moore. 358 Sharon A. Moore. 333 Sr. Columba Moore. 358 Stanley R. Moore. 314 Thomas W. Moore. 378 Tina L. Moore. 358 Tonya A. Moore. 333 Valeric J. Moore. 358 Vickie L. Moore. 314 William Alan Moore. 314 William K. Moore. 378 Luis A. Morales. 314 Angela A. Moran. 314 Sheila R. Moran. 358 Sherry D. Moran. 314 Bruce L. Morgan. 314 Cynthia J. Morgan. 333 Dennis J. Morgan. 358 Douglas C. Morgan. 292 Gayla D. Morgan. 333 Jerome Morgan. 375 Jerry A. Morgan. 358 Jerry F. Morgan. 358 Michael D. Morgan. 334 Patty A. Morgan. 358 Richard A. Morgan. 314 Ross A. Morgan. 334 Sheila A. Morgan. 334 Sherrye H. Morgan. 292 Teresa K. Morgan. 378 Dixie L. Moritz. 314 Barbara J. Morris. 314 Jay P. Morris. 292 Margaret R. Morris. 314 Mary Jo Morris. 292 Michael E. Morris. 292 Patricia E. Morris. 275 Patricia F. Morris. 358 Randy L. Morris. 358 Robin L. Morris. 314 Roland D. Morris. 292 Ronald W. Morris. 314 Tim M. Morris. 314 Garner H. Morrisett. 358 Donald R. Morrison. 292 Gina S. Morrison. 292 Paul W. Morrison. 358 Virginia A. Morrow. 314 Marcia A. Morse. 334 Cynthia A. Mort. 373 Mike L. Mort. 314 Gary L. Morton. 292 Shan D. Mosbey. 358 Sandra J. Moser. 358 Esuabana Moses. 314 Cynthia D. Mosier. 358 Sherry K. Moskop. 334 Mitch Mosley. 314 Dana M. Moss. 358 David C. Moss. 358 Sharon D. Motil. 334 Davood B. Motlagh. 358 Patricia A. Motola. 358 Deidra R. Mounce. 358Demos G. Mouskis. 314 Donald R. Moye. 292 Darryl L. Moyer. 314 Kelly A. Mueller. 358 Anjanette Mullins. 358 Thomas S. Munn. 358 Cathy M. Munos. 375 Daniele W. Murphy. 358 Deborah C. Murphy. 358 Franchelle Murphy. 358 Lora J. Murphy. 292 Susan J. Murphy. 334 Terri L. Murphy. 334 Tina M. Murphy. 292 Walter W. Murphy Jr.. 314 Marilyn J. Murray. 314 Arthur L. Myers. 314 Mary Ann Myers. 334 Patricia A. Myers. 314 Randall W. Myers. 334 William A. Myers. 292 Rhonda A. Mynatt. 358 James E. Myshka. 334 —N— Taplah B. Nafiah. 358 Barbara L. Nagle. 358 Pamela D. Nagle. 334 Trish Nailling. 292 Greg A. Nall. 358 Lauri Nall. 358 Carolyn A. Nance. 334 Jerry A. Nance. 292 Melvin E. Nance. 314 Edgar L. Narvaez. 334 David A. Nash. 314 Linda F. Nash. 334 Patricia A. Nash. 369 Sherry A. Naylor. 314 Teresa J. Naylor. 274 Samuel E. Ndupu. 358 Bonnie J. Neal. 334 Caterina L. Neal. 358 Debra L. Neal. 334 Dorothy C. Neal. 314 Fcrnell Neal. 292 Lillie A. Neal. 358 Michael A. Neal. 314 Robert G. Neal. 334 Tammy R. Neal. 334 Vera M. Neal. 334 William B. Nealy. 378 Walter H. Neasbitt. 314 Rhonda C. Nccce. 358 Rick C. Ncece. 315 Lorrie E. Needham. 334 Vanessa Neeley. 315 Steven W. Neil. 293 Patricia D. Nelms. 293 Marvin K. Neloms. 358 Billy J. Nelson Jr.. 293 Gary D. Nelson. 358 James P. Nelson. 274 John W. Nelson. 358 O'Ferrell U. Nelson. 293 Tammy J. Nelson. 293 Teresa L. Nelson. 334 Terrence Nelson. 358 Edward P. Nesbitt. 358 Charles F. Newberry HI. 293 Gregory S. Newberry. 358 Kenneth E. Newberry. 293 Lisa A. Newberry. 293 Margaret A. Newborn. 293 Scarlett A. Newby. 334 Allen C. Newcomb. 293 Daniel L. Newell. 358 Linda Wade Newell. 334 Ivan W. Newman. 334 Adam B. Newsom. 315 Greg S. Newsom. 358 Jerald Wayne Newsom. 358 Stanley Kyle Newsom. 315 Viki L. Newsom. 315 Danettc C. Newton. 315 David E. Newton. 315 Janie E. Newton. 315 Linda J. Newton. 369 Tracy G. Newton. 358 Tlm-hon Ng. 358 Tim Kong Ng. 358 Doung H. Nguyen. 293 Giang L. Nguyen. 358 Hoang X. Nguyen. 358 Thanh B. Nguyen. 358 Vai T. Nguyen. 315 Alicia D. Nichols. 378 Charles M. Nichols. 315 Charles S. Nichols. 293 Dan A. Nichols. 293 Dee Dee A. Nichols. 358 Gary D. Nichols. 378 Jeffrey D. Nichols. 315 Julie Nichols. 315 Lawrence S. Nichols. 358 Mike L. Nichols. 293 Sam G. Nichols. 293 Cathy F. Nicholson. 315 Cynthia K. Nicholson. 315 Linda A. Nicholson. 358 Pauline Nicholson. 378 Tanda Lee Nicholson. 293 Tommy D. Nicholson. 315 Cassy K. Nlcolini. 358 Frank A. Niederkorn. 293 David M. Nigro. 293 Carla M. Nlmocks. 315 Sivananthan Nithiananthan. 378 Melanie L. Nix. 315 Augustine I. Nnadi. 371 Brad S. Noel. 334 Tanya R. Noland. 315 Rhonda J. Nolen. 315 Imclda L. Norfleet. 378 Carrie D. Norris. 358 Gazelle Marie Norris. 358 Jay S. Norris. 315 Tammy R. Norris. 378 Angela C. Northern. 359 Sonja J. Norton. 378 Pamela J. Nosbusch. 274 Kimberly J. Nourizadeh. 334 Mahmoud Nourizadeh. 293 Manochehr Nourizadeh. 371 Masoud Nourizadeh. 334 Kim M. Novak. 315 April S. Nowlin. 378 Ricky W. Nuckles. 334 Obray Nunnley Jr.. 293 Richard R. Nutt. 359 Stanley G. Nutt. 359 James Ike Nwakwudo. 378 —o— Rebecca D. Obarts. 315 Kim P. O'Clair. 359 Karen L. O'Connor. 359 Marcus D. Odom. 293 Cynthia M. O'Donnell. 334 Vickie S. Ogles. 378 Deborah A. Oglesby. 359 Paulinus Chibuikem Ogu. 315 Ebcnczer B. Ogunmusesan. 334 Keith O'Kelley. 315 Kalu Okorafor. 275 Deborah C. Oldham. 334 James D. Oldham. 359 Mark David Oldham. 375 Alan Oldman. 359 Sheila G. Olive. 293 Bertha M. Oliver. 315 Bill Oliver. 315 Roosevelt Oliver. 378 Gary C. Oltmann. 359 Lisa M. Oltmann. 315 Boon Hui Ong. 359 Desmond E. Onuoha. 334 Raphael N. Onwuzuruigbo. 334 Lawrence F. Onyeugbo. 315 Rose P. Onyeugbo. 378 Charles N. Orakwe. 359 Dana H. Orick. 359 Shelly D. Orick. 315 Tracy A. Orick. 315 Wes C. Orick. 293 Wendy G. Orr. 359 Susan P. Orsl, 334 Robert W. Orton. 359 Charles K. Osborn. 359 George M. Osborn. 334 Ginger M. Osborn. 293 Sandra J. Osborn. 293 Stacy G. Osborn. 359 Albert V. Osborne. 378 Sheila M. Osborne. 378 William P. Osborne. 293 Melissa L. Osburn. 315 Tadashi Oshiro. 275 James P. Osment. 315 Phil G. Osment. 359 Hosscin Ostad. 359 Rose M. Oswald. 315 Charlene K. Oswalt. 293 Olusegun Otcgbcye. 315 Abdul Ghapar Othman. 378 Khairil Walld Othman. 378 Mohd. Anuar Othman. 379 Jeff G. Overbey. 334 Meleah R. Overman. 334 John J. Owen. 359 Lisa M. Owen. 359 George E. Owens Jr.. 359 Glendia D. Owens. 334 James D. Owens. 359 Karen S. Owens. 274 Kelly Lee Owens. 359 Michael L. Owens. 315 Nancy L. Owens. 359 Robert A. Owens. 359 Russ L. Owens. 379 Scott W. Owens. 315 Bart D. Ozbun. 334 Jeffrey B. Ozbun. 359 Stanley G. Ozler. 315 —P— Diane T. Pace. 293 John S. Pack. 334 Clark D. Padgett. 379 Kevin D. Pagun. 293 Lisa A. Pagan. 359 Vonda L. Pagan. 315 Lynn M. Page. 369 Kelley F. Paige. 334 Anthony M. Paladino. 293 Larry E. Pallett. 334 Adam A. Palmer. 359 Alyssa A. Palmer. 379 Barry B. Palmer. 379 Landers E. Palmer. 334 Ronald L. Palmer. 293 Sara L. Palmer. 315 Charles D. Pankey. 379 William C. Pankey. 334 Terry A. Pannullo. 315 William J. Papich. 379 Majid Parcham. 315 Kenny R. Parish. 359 James D. Park. 334 Pattlc A. Park. 369 Chris M. Parker. 359 Cindy D. Parker. 373 Deborah S. Parker. 293 Jcrc M. Parker. 369 John D. Parker. 359 LaRue Parker. 315 Preston Wayne Parker. 315 Sandra K. Parker. 293 Tonya K. Parker. 359 Tommy W. Parkinson. 334 Mary S. Parkman. 315 Darrell A. Parks. 315 Jonathan Parks. 359 Karen S. Parks. 315 Zackwrie S. Parr. 315 Debbie A. Parsons. 369 Lisa G. Partain. 315 Michael W. Partlow. 315 Leslie D. Paschal. 359 David N. Paschal). 334 John T. Pascua. 315 Elizabeth L. Pasmore. 373 David L. Passalaqua. 359 LaVonda L. Passalaqua. 379 Carol S. Passmore. 315 Tracey D. Passmore. 315 Brian D. Patrick. 334 Janice M. Patrick. 293 Rickey D. Patrick. 293 Clara J. Patterson. 334 Donna K. Patterson. 359 Kevin R. Patterson. 334 Lisa L. Patterson. 359 Perry L. Patterson. 334 Shannon Dawn Patterson. 35S Cathy Patton. 293 Regina C. Patton. 369 Reginald Patton. 372 Audrea J. Pausch. 379 Kathy M. Pausch. 359 Debbie A. Payne. 359 Gloria A. Payne. 334 Kima L. Payne. 359 Kimbela J. Payne. 315 Linda L. Payne. 293 Mitzi S. Payne. 359 Ruby Darlene Payne. 334 Karim Pazhoohi. 373 Daniel M. Pearson. 375 Bryant E. Pearson. 359 Jeffrey T. Pearson. 359 Linda Diane Pearson. 315 Tami K. Pearson. 359 Teresa A. Pearson. 359 Tori L. Pearson. 359 Tammy S. Peck. 359 Amber C. Peden. 359 Carla J. Pedigo. 359 Cindy L. Pelley. 334 Claudia E. Peebles. 369 Donna L. Peebles. 359 Gale Peebles. 293 Tom Peebles. 315 Preston L. Peer. 359 Glenda L. Pell ham. 315 Bryan K. Pendegraft. 334 Gregory M. Pender. 359 Sandra M. Pcndergraff. 334 Belinda G. Penn. 315 Janet S. Pennington. 293 Lela A. Peppers. 359 Gary W. Pcrkey. 274 Rita L. Perkey. 315 Brant Perkins. 334 Carolyn A. Perkins. 334 Jimmy K. Perkins. 359 Karen R. Perkins. 315 Lynn M. Perkins. 359 Robert L. Perkins. 379 Tommy Perkins. 334 Julio F. Pcrnia. 315 Kevin G. Perrin. 274 Bobby D. Perry. 334 Andrea S. Person. 293 Yota L. Petero. 334 Darrell A. Peters. 373 Doug S. Peters. 294 Homer R. Peters. 294 John A. Peters. 359 Margaret A. Peters. 315 Roger Peterson. 334 Michael J. Pettengell. 294 Karen M. Pettigrew. 359 Jeffery T. Pettit. 359 Steve Pettit. 334 Mark E. Petty. 334 Sandra M. Petty. 315 David A. Phelan. 334 Dolan D. Phelix. 359 David L. Phelps. 359 Franklin Keith Phelps. 359 Glenda F. Phelps. 294 Tracy J. Phifer. 294 Daniel S. Phillians. 315 Ellen E. Phillips. 315 Gary L. Phillips. 315iene Phillip®. 315 rcorgia A. Phillips. 315 effery L. Phillips. 315 ohnicfaye F. Phillips. 359 Laren L. Phillips. 294 iichael L. Phillips. 294 hillip M. Phillips. 294 amelia S. Phillips. 334 ihonda L. Phillips. 359 Lickey J. Phillips. 294 :odney L. Phillips. 294 teven R. Phillips. 274 usan O. Phillips. 294 ammy L. Phillips. 315 anelyn Phipps. 315 icki L. Phipps. 334 larcia A. Pickier. 379 Lay S. Pierce. 359 eresa L. Pierce. 334 tonna L. Piercy. 316 homas W. Piercy. 359 Licky R. Pierce. 373 ulius S. Pieri. 294 lary M. Pieronl. 316 lobyn G. Pike. 316 Wiliam M. Pike. 359 mgcla Pikschus. 316 ddle D. Pilgrim. 316 erry A. Pillow. 316 lark S. Pillow. 316 enny L. Pillow. 359 Leith Pinchback. 359 Iichael W. Pinegar. 359 aura J. Pink. 334 ammey J. Pinkston. 335 Lathryn A. Pinner. 316 •avid W. Pinyon. 294 onald L. Pipes. 360 eff A. Pipkin. 316 Wlson R. Pipkin. 316 arry W. Pippcnger. 316 eba J. Pippenger. 294 obert L. Pippenger. 373 iryan K. Pique. 335 lg A. Pitcher. 294 «rald D. Pitts, 360 lelen D. Pitts. 360 Leith A. Pitts. 360 tephen D. Pitts. 335 :uth K. Plaster. 371 Loderic O. Plunkett. 335 •emetrious M. Podaras. 360 lonita E. Poe. 373 iary W. Poflenbarger. 335 ddic A. Pogue. 316 atricia L. Poindexter. 316 •regory S. Pointer. 335 Losanne E. Pokomy. 294 amela L. Poling. 316 ngcla C. Pollock. 335 Iichael D. Pollock. 360 lart W. Ponder. 335 eff R. Ponder. 335 onya D. Ponder. 335 Landy B. Pool. 316 Lobert S. Pool. 360 Wide F. Poorman. 316 oseph G. Pope. 360 ieorge N. Popejoy. 360 ack Porbeck. 294 innie B. Porter. 316 Llizabeth A. Porter. 360 ienevieve Porter. 316 lerbert W. Porter. 335 lobert L. Porter, 335 'homas M. Porter. 316 Irad J. Portman. 360 Lheri A. Portman. 360 eff L. Posey. 379 .inda S. Pospisil. 375 larlene Y. Post. 316 Lim E. Potter. 360 aura L. Pouncey. 294 ance W. Pounds. 335 (illy L. Powell. 316 iregory S. Powell. 294 leff B. Powell. 335 lark A. Powell. 316 Mary G. Powell. 316 Miriam N. Powell. 294 Sherrie D. Powell. 274 David R. Powers. 335 Melody J. Powers. 335 Sheena M. Powers. 294 Steven B. Powers. 335 William M. Powers. 316 Kelly J. Prance. 316 Vickie S. Prater. 373 James W. Pratt. 294 Philip W. Pratt. 316 Terri L. Pratt. 294 James D. Presley. 360 Shearon Presley. 335 Terry W. Presley. 360 Nancy G. Presson. 360 Steve T. Prestidge. 316 Sara J. Pretty. 335 Rick L. Prewitt. 294 Billy J. Price. 294 Judy L. Price. 360 Lana M. Price. 335 Melanie S. Price. 294 Melissa A. Price. 360 Bobby B. Prichard. 360 Mary Beth Prier. 335 Mark A. Priest. 316 Phillip E. Privett. 275 Flo K. Prislovsky. 360 DaWayne P. Proffitt. 360 Brent Propcs. 316 Michelle Propes. 360 John J. Protasio. 274 Caroline L. Prothro. 294 Beverly J. Pruett. 360 Edwin L. Pruitt. 335 Karen R. Puckett. 335 Pamela A. Puckett. 360 Randal G. Puckett. 375 Sherry L. Puckett. 335 William B. Pugh. 335 Elvin B. Pulley. 316 Debra R. Pumphery. 316 John A. Purcell. 360 Denise Purnell. 335 Lugcnia J. Purnell. 316 Kelly M. Purtee. 294 Steven J. Purtee. 360 Trudy D. Purvis. 294 Billy S. Pyland. 316 Carrie E. Pylant. 316 -Q- Jerry L. Qualls. 375 Mary D. Qualls. 294 Sandi G. Qualls. 294 Susan J. Qualls. 316 Vicky J. Qualls. 294 Walter D. Qualls. 335 A1 Quarrels. 316 Harry L. Quarrels. 360 Odessa M. Quarrels. 335 Chris J. Quick. 294 April S. Quinn. 360 Susan Quinn. 360 —R— Candy R. Raby. 335 Melinda S. Rackley. 360 Ronald W. Radcliff. 335 Carol A. Ragsdale. 335 Rose E. Ragsdale. 360 Hossein Rahgouy. 316 Kathy J. Raines. 316 Gary B. Rainey. 360 Marshell Rainey. 360 Molly A. Rainey. 294 Paula C. Rainey. 360 Jeannic E. Rains. 316 Patricia E. Rains. 294 Belinda L. Rainwater. 335 James D. Rainwater. 375 Nancy M. Rainwater. 335 Renee A. Rainwater. 316 Ross A. Rainwater. 316 Carol A. Raley. 360 Laura L. Raley. 316 Robert W. Ralph. 316 Steve Ralph. 294 John A. Ramer. 360 Randa S. Ramer. 375 Diana M. Ramey. 335 Mohd Yani Ramli. 360 Martha L. Ramsay. 294 Danny O. Ramsey. 335 Mack Y. Ramsey. 274 Randy D. Ramsey. 316 Julie A. Randleman. 379 Michael S. Randleman. 294 Gregory A. Randolph. 335 Melanie M. Randolph. 335 Karen M. Ransom. 379 Kerry N. Raper. 275 Daniel R. Rapert. 316 Debbie L. Rapert. 294 Debbie S. Rapert. 360 Joseph A. Rapert. 316 Pamela J. Rasberry. 360 Brenda G. Rasdon. 316 Anthony B. Rush. 373 Karen L. Rash. 335 Mike G. Rash. 373 Robert K. Raspberry. 316 Linda R. Ratcliff. 373 James Ratliff. 274 Angela S. Ray. 335 Jenny M. Ray. 335 Joy E. Ray. 316 Tim C. Ray. 335 Brenda G. Raymond. 316 Lynn T. Raynor. 360 Kelvin D. Reagan. 360 Kevin A. Reagan. 335 Lee A. Reams. 335 Glenda S. Reaves. 294 Janis L. Reaves. 295 Kimberlon Reaves. 316 Craig D. Reavis. 295 Charles Rector. 360 Clovis W. Reddick. 360 Donna G. Reddick. 295 Nancy J. Reddick. 316 Roger L. Reddick. 335 James K. Reddmann. 379 Hershel L. Redwine. 295 Charolette Reece. 316 Sagaye L. Reecc. 360 Beatrice Reed. 274 Joe D. Reed. 360 John R. Reed. 379 Kurils D. Reed. 360 Lynne D. Reed. 316 Marclleno K. Reed. 360 Nolen C. Reed. 335 Perry L. Reed. 360 Tina S. Reed. 335 Tony A. Reed. 335 Nancy Reesor. 295 Chris S. Reeves. 360 Kristina E. Reeves. 360 Linda C. Reeves. 335 Lori S. Reeves. 360 Marcus L. Reeves. 316 Patricia S. Reeves. 379 Robert A. Reeves. 375 Brian A. Rega. 360 Linda A. Rega. 295 Denise Reginelli. 360 Barbara J. Reid. 360 Julia L. Reid. 274 Lynne K. Reid. 375 Cecilia D. Reiman. 316 Jed A. Reinhard. 316 Jim F. Reinmiller. 295 Linda A. Reinmund. 316 Tami R. Relyea. 335 Isaac D. Renfroe. 295 Katherine I. Ressalam. 379 Joy Mac Reynolds. 360 Julian L. Reynolds. 295 Maria E. Reynolds. 360 Roger D. Reynolds. 275 Susan L. Reynolds. 360 Teresa L. Reynolds. 295 Modjtabba Reza. 316 Hengameh S. Rezai. 335 Toorej Rezaian. 275 Saeed Rezalan-B. 295 Betty J. Rhama. 316 Donna L. Rhoads. 379 Kathy L. Rhoads. 360 Ann E. Rhodes. 369 Leigh A. Rhodes. 360 Lindy D. Rhodes. 316 Monte L. Rhodes. 295 David E. Rice. 360 Donna L. Rice. 360 Eddie L. Rice. 373 Janet G. Rice. 316 Lori R. Rice. 360 Tommie J. Rice. 335 Rodney A. Richard. 335 Brady Richards. 360 Joe A. Richards. 375 Karen S. Richards. 335 Tim S. Richards. 275 Anita F. Richardson. 360 Cindy L. Richardson. 274 Dennis S. Richardson. 360 Donna L. Richardson. 360 Doris A. Richardson. 295 Doug Richardson. 361 George Richardson. 316 Jeri A. Richardson. 379 John H. Richardson. 295 Lizabeth E. Richardson. 316 Martha R. Richardson. 295 Mary A. Richardson. 335 Michael K. Richardson. 316 Paula A. Richardson. 335 Ronald D. Richardson. 361 Sarah A. Richardson. 335 Sharon D. Richardson. 295 Susan C. Richardson. 361 Terri A. Richardson. 335 Trena L. Richardson. 274 Melissa D. Richey. 316 Lori A. Rickie. 335 Bonnie J. Richmond. 316 Donnie R. Richmond. 360 Felecia J. Richmond. 335 James V. Richmond. 360 John V. Richmond. 360 Lynsol B. Richmond. 360 Recht A. Richmond. 316 Sandra L. Richmond. 295 Kim D. Richter. 335 Elizabeth A. Ricketts. 361 Lisa G. Rickman. 316 Greg M. Riddell. 361 Douglas A. Riddle. 361 Fearl D. Riddle. 335 Sherry D. Riddle. 361 Kandi L. Ridenour. 379 Julee Sikes Ridge. 295 Randy N. Ridge. 275 Caroline C. Rieder. 361 Sonja L. Riffey. 335 Bonnie J. Riga. 316 Bobby A. Riggins. 317 Elinor M. Riggs. 295 Larry L. Riggs. 335 Stephen L. Riggs. 335 Timothy N. Riggs. 361 Carol J. Rickard. 317 Freddie L. Riley. 275 Karen Riley. 361 Michael L. Riley. 295 Scott E. Riley. 361 Sharon J. Riley. 295 Susan Riley. 295 Thomas A. Riley. 317 Thomas P. Riley. 295 Wayne E. Riley. 295 Kim A. Ring. 317 Randy E. Ring. 361 Lindsay C. Ringo. 317Dora A. Rios. 295 Jack M. Risinger. 295 Derek A. Ritter. 361 Denise S. Rivers. 361 Donna P. Rivers. 379 Audie D. Roach. 317 Calvin N. Roach. 375 Eugenia K. Roach. 361 Joe Roach. 335 Ronald D. Roach. 317 William D. Roach. 295 Robin A. Robb. 361 Diana L. Robbins. 335 Laura L. Robbins. 361 Carla S. Roberson. 295 Kimberly R. Roberson. 361 John C. Robert. 361 Camille D. Roberts. 361 Debbie L. Roberts. 335 James F. Roberts. 361 James L. Roberts. 335 Joe Roberts. 317 Kent R. Roberts. 361 Marylon J. Roberts. 295 Michael D. Roberts. 317 Michael L. Roberts. 317 Richard A. Roberts. 317 Theresa G. Roberts. 317 Tina R. Roberts. 335 Tommy A. Roberts. 317 Edie P. Robertson. 335 Joycelyn R. Robertson. 317 Marianne Robertson. 295 Mary E. Robertson. 317 Robin G. Robertson. 336 Debra A. Robinett. 317 Brenda Sue Robins. 361 Ronnie L. Robins. 295 Chuckie M. Robinson. 317 Daphne M. Robinson. 361 Deborah K. Robinson. 317 Derrick D. Robinson. 361 Emma J. Robinson. 295 Florence Robinson. 317 Jack C. Robinson. 317 Julia C. Robinson. 336 Leonard Robinson. 295 Lisa L. Robinson. 336 Martha L. Robinson. 317 Melvin Robinson. 336 Michael D. Robinson. 379 Monica G. Robinson. 336 Sharon E. Robinson. 295 Susan C. Robinson. 361 Thomas R. Robinson. 295 William E. Robinson. 317 Cherie A. Robison. 317 Lanier L. Robison. 295 Donja S. Rodgers. 371 Kim G. Rodgers. 295 Regenia R. Rodgers. 361 Robin R. Rodgers. 336 Angela L. Rodriguez. 361 Billy R. Roe. 361 Kirby C. Roe. 274 Randy W. Roebuck. 295 Scott A. Roethlisberger. 361 Brenda K. Rofc. 317 Audri A. Rogers. 295 Barry W. Rogers. 336 Betty S. Rogers. 361 Carla K. Rogers. 295 Carlton C. Rogers. 361 Cherri L. Rogers. 361 David C. Rogers. 317 Donald R. Rogers. 274 Floyd A. Rogers. 361 Freddy Rogers. 317 Ginger L. Rogers. 375 James F. Rogers Jr.. 361 Janet L. Rogers. 336 Joanna K. Rogers. 317 Kimberley D. Rogers. 361 Lee Rogers. 336 Regan M. Rogers. 336 Rhys G. Rogers. 317 Rolan B. Rogers. 361 Sandra J. Rogers. 361 Sheri R. Rogers. 361 Sherry R. Rogers. 317 Tracye L. Rogers. 336 Peggy R- Rolett. 296 Faith D. Holland. 361 Glen C. Holland. 317 William S. Rollins. 317 Richard R. Romeo. 296 Rebekah A. Romero. 296 Jimmy R. Romine. 336 Frank S. Rondone. 296 Susan E. Rookcr. 317 Renet A. Rorex. 361 Darryl W. Rose. 317 Gala L. Rose. 361 Laurie A. Rose. 361 Paula S. Rose. 361 Roger A. Rose. 361 Stanley J. Rose. 317 Steven P. Rose. 336 William A. Rose. 379 William Mark Rose. 361 Charles D. Ross. 336 James A. Ross. 317 Jill R. Ross. 317 Laura J. Ross. 336 Toya V. Ross. 361 Debhora K. Rosse. 317 Joyce L. Rosscl. 375 Jim E. Roth. 361 Brent T. Rougeau. 379 Bruce A. Rougeau. 336 Jack M. Rounsavall. 317 Rodney M. Rouse. 317 Tina W. Rouse. 361 Shirley R. Rousey. 361 Virginia D. Roush. 274 Raymond L. Routon. 317 Alfred T. Rowe. 317 Bart M. Rowe. 336 Kelly S. Rowe. 379 Melody O. Rowe. 361 Lena A. Rowell. 336 Melinda L. Rowell. 317 Gregory L. Rowland. 361 Mary E. Rowland. 317 Mary C. Rowlett. 336 Marcus G. Royal. 361 Nadean Rubio. 317 Terri L. Rudd. 361 Janet L. Rudick. 296 Rigina D. Rudnick. 317 Buddy Rudolph. 317 Greg A. Ruff. 296 Carolyn M. Ruger. 336 Matthew L. Ruger. 336 Myra J. Rumlner. 336 Shelley J. Runyon. 361 William D. Rupard. 336 Sherry Rush. 336 Dewayne Russell. 361 Jacqueline S. Russell. 336 Lauren M. Russell. 361 Lisa G. Russell. 336 Margaret J. Russell. 336 Michael Russell. 361 Paulette Russell. 361 Renee S. Russenberger. 317 Liddea L. Russom. 379 Bethena Rutherford. 336 Jeff J. Rutherford. 317 Jenny L. Rutherford. 317 Wyvonia Rutherford. 361 April A. Rutledge. 296 Jennifer L. Ryan. 317 Monica L. Ryan. 361 Nancy A. Ryan. 361 Stacy D. Ryan. 361 Deborah T. Rye. 317 Johnny C. Rye Jr.. 336 —S— Rhonda J. Saal. 336 Reginald L. Saffell. 336 Davood Saghafian. 317 Roger S. Sago. 361 Saiful Bahri Saidina-Amin. 336 Hishamuddin Bin Saifullizan. 379 Gregg E. Sain. 361 Karen L. Sain. 317 Keith B. Saine. 361 Ronnie Sairls. 296 Joan E. Sailings. 317 Loyd K. Salter. 371 Teresa A. Sammons. 361 Ronnie H. Samuel. 336 Gregory K. Sanders. 336 James T. Sanders. 336 Jeri C. Sanders. 317 Kyle F. Sanders. 296 Lanan D. Sanders. 336 Leslie A. Sanders. 361 Maurice Sanders. 379 Stacy J. Sanders. 361 Terry R. Sanders. 373 Stephen M. Sandlin. 317 Gilbert E. Sandholzer. 336 Norris D. Sandridge. 317 Kelly D. Sanner. 361 Stanley E. Sansom. 379 George R. Sansoucy. 296 Trade L. Sapp. 336 Nahro Yassin Saoud. 336 Hamdan Sarabani 362 Anthony P. Sardone. 317 Joe A. Sartini. 336 Christy L. Satterfield. 296 Viola Sauls. 362 James H. Sawtelle. 362 Phillip E. Sawyer. 362 Valeric B. Saxton. 274 Barbara A. Scales. 336 Cynthia R. Scales. 362 Charla K. Scallions. 379 Sarah J. Scanlon. 336 Deborah A. Scarff. 362 LeAnn R. Scarff. 317 Louie E. Schaaf. 362 Pat D. Schaeffer. 362 Mark L. Schafer. 317 Roger D. Schafer. 296 Charles T. Schaffhauser. 317 Gregory A. Sc ha per. 317 Laurie L. Scheer. 362 Gary P. Schirmacher. 317 Kathleen M. Schirmacher. 362 Karen E. Schlsler. 362 Daniel J. Schlechte. 362 Teena F. Schlenker. 362 Lisa A. Schliep. 317 Bonny G. Schmidt. 317 Chris M. Schocn. 336 Marcia A. Schoenborn. 375 Alan R. Schoessel. 373 Alan C. Schratz. 362 Gerald C. Schreck. 336 Vincent A. Schreck. 336 Donna A. Schroller. 362 David A. Schuetz. 336 Stacy L. Schwindt. 317 Alan T. Scoggins. 362 Jacqueline E. Scoggins. 362 Brad P. Scott. 296 Danny W. Scott. 296 Donna J. Scott. 317 Dorothy J. Scott. 317 Gerald F. Scott. 317 Jackie L. Scott. 296 James F. Scott. 296 John P. Scott. 336 Johnnie J. Scott. 317 Lori E. Scott. 318 Lynne Scott. 372 Mathilda Scott. 362 Nancy C. Scott. 379 Patricia E. Scott. 296 Ricky J. Scott. 318 Robert B. Scott. 318 Sharon L. Scott. 296 Susan E. Scott. 318 Tim R. Scott. 318 Tom M. Scott. 362 Wes F. Scott. 318 Donnie L. Scroggins. 375 Steve C. Seabaugh. 362 Cynthia J. Seaber. 318 Patricia L. Seagrave. 276 Scott Seal. 336 Terry D. Sears. 336 Samuel A. Seat. 379 Elizabeth S. Seaton. 362 Dawn Sechrest. 336 Cindy L. Seesengood. 362 Laurence J. Sefren. 274 Mastura Selamat. 362 Mohd Salleh B. Selamat. 379 Boyd L. Self. 318 Donald E. Self. 336 Sally L. Self. 362 Thomas K. Self. 336 Barry R. Sellers. 379 Kala R. Selvadurai. 362 Shanmuga N. Selvadurai. 296 John L. Selvy. 362 Jihad J. Scmaan. 379 M. AH Seraji-Nezhad. 296 Dcwun R. Settle. 362 Mark A. Settlemoir. 318 Rosa C. Settlemoir. 336 Dolores J. Settles. 369 Scott F. Sevatson. 296 Donald L. Sexton. 296 Jackie S. Sexton. 296 Teresa E. Sexton. 318 Terry R. Sexton. 336 Dennis A. Seyler. 336 Randal D. Seyler. 336 Salmi Marsita Shaari. 379 Dan S. Shackelford. 336 Rhonda L. Shackelford. 296 Robert C. Shackelford. 318 Waheeb A. Shafcy. 375 Scott W. Shaffer. 362 Mohd Mahayaoin Bin Shafie. : Michelle A. Shamiyeh. 362 Kathleen A. Shannon. 318 William E. Shannon. 296 Stephanie R. Shapiro. 379 David E. Sharp. 318 Don G. Sharp II. 362 Jerry J. Sharp. 276 Phillip N. Sharp. 296 Russell K. Sharp. 318 David A. Sharpe. 336 Miriam J. Shatley. 296 Barbara D. Shaw. 336 Beverly F. Shaw. 336 Debra S. Shaw. 336 Denise K. Shaw. 362 Paula Shaw. 318 Martin G. Shea. 362 Lonnell Sheard. 336 Robert F. Sheard. 336 Keith G. Shearer. 336 Connie L. Shedd. 318 David W. Shedd. 362 Mehdi Sheikholeslamzadeh. 31 Robert M. Shelden. 336 Scott Shelley. 362 Carolyn A. Shelton. 362 Cynthia D. Shelton. 296 David N. Shelton. 362 Debbie L. Shelton. 362 Dewey A. Shelton. 336 Kenneth E. Shelton. 336 Raye L. Shelton. 318 Stanley W. Shelton. 296 Tim R. Shelton. 362 Whitney A. Shelton. 362 Susan M. Shempert. 336 Teresa A. Shempert. 318 Huei-Sheng Shen. 276 Margaret R. Shepherd. 362 Melissa A. Shepherd. 318 Terrie J. Shepherd. 336 Candace S. Sheppard. 318 Gregg S. Sheppard. 336 Michael D. Sheridan. 362 William D. Sheridan. 337 Ronnie E. Sherrell. 318 Earl A. Sherrill. 362dark T. Shidlcr. 379 'eddy D. Shields. 372 Cathryn L. Shinn. 274 dellssa Shipp. 318 larbara A. Shirey. 296 'roy D. Shirey. 318 lanet C. Shirley. 318 Sregory W. Shirley. 362 -atricia A. Shirley. 337 :harlotte O. Shockley. 337 .Ha C. Shockley. 296 iheila G. Shockley. 362 lenise A. Shook. 318 lessie Shore III. 379 Irad Short. 373 lobby J. Shreeves. 318 iatalie R. Shumaker. 296 'angi LaDawn Shurrell. 362 lanice K. Siam. 362 Jail P. Siddell. 296 onna C. Siddons. 362 Vngela D. Sifford. 362 Jlenda Sifford. 337 tobbie S. Sifford. 362 lay L. Sikes. 296 tene Siler. 362 Irma J. Simes. 318 lames W. Simington. 318 Irenda D. Simmering. 296 Iddlr N. Simmons. 362 reddie Simmons. 318 ■ina M. Simmons. 337 Jlenda K. Simmons. 337 Lenny J. Simmons. 318 Jonya F. Simmons. 362 ammy P. Simmons. 362 ohn D. Simpkins. 362 Levin B. Simpkins. 337 lernard Simpson Jr.. 362 avid L. Simpson. 296 Jreg L. Simpson. 362 lolly A. Simpson. 362 oc E. Simpson. 362 Laren C. Simpson. 318 Lendrick B. Simpson. 337 .illie K. Simpson. 318 thonda L. Simpson. 337 icott E. Simpson. 337 itacy D. Simpson. 318 ed J. Simpson. 362 im M. Simpson. 337 Irnest W. Sims. Jr.. 318 lerome E. Sims. 337 till J. Sims. 362 lohn A. Sims. 337 Carrie L. Sims. 362 Lelley R. Sims. 362 tussell W. Sims. 362 aul A. Sinapiades. 362 )avid Singh. 337 lai Singh. 318 .isa L. Singleton. 318 tebecca J. Singleton. 276 Stephanie H. Sipa. 362 Irenda S. Sipes. 379 lames D. Sisk. 318 Laren D. Sisk. 318 rammy A. Sisk. 362 rina L. Sisk. 379 Jandra E. Sisler. 379 ,isa K. Sitzer. 362 )avid R. Skelton. 318 ynne A. Skelton. 362 icott A. Skelton. 337 lana L. Skinner. 362 .isa K. Skoog. 274 icott A. Skoog. 362 ;huck F. Slabaugh. 337 Villlam F. Slaughter. 337 Deborah A. Slayton. 296 Kevin D. Slayton. 318 Judith Slinkard. 318 Deborah D. Slishcr. 363 Charles L. Sloan. 375 Clay Sloan. 372 Cynthia D. Sloan. 379 Phoebe Sloan. 274 Dthy B. Small. 363 Susie J. Small. 363 Timothy W. Smallwood. 296 Richard J. Smaltz. 363 David G. Smart. 296 Tammy L. Smart. 363 Angie J. Smith. 363 Beverly K. Smith. 363 Billy J. Smith. 318 Brad E. Smith. 318 Brad S. Smith. 337 Brian E. Smith. 337 Brian H. Smith. 318 Carla M. Smith. 318 Carol D. Smith. 373 Carol F. Smith. 337 Charletta A. Smith. 371 Clara L. Smith. 379 Dana M. Smith. 296 David A. Smith. 337 Dayna L. Smith. 363 Debi L. Smith. 318 Deloris Dianne Smith. 363 Dennis J. Smith. 363 Dennis L. Smith. 318 Dennis P. Smith. 363 Devin D. Smith. 363 Dewey J. Smith. 379 Dorotha M. Smith. 363 Dostria J. Smith. 363 Elijah Smith III. 297 Fred L. Smith Jr.. 297 Glen N. Smith. 337 Greg E. Smith. 363 Greg M. Smith. 363 Gregory L. Smith. 337 Jack H. Smith. 337 James A. Smith. 363 James E. Smith. 337 Jeannie M. Smith. 375 Jeffrey K. Smith. 318 Jerry D. Smith. 363 Joe O. Smith. 318 Joe P. Smith. 379 Joel C. Smith. 379 John E. Smith. 363 Joseph B. Smith. 318 Judy A. Smith. 318 Julie A. Smith. 363 Junetta S. Smith. 363 Karll D. Smith. 363 Kathy M. Smith. 369 Kathy R. Smith. 297 Keith Smith. 297 Leslie D. Smith. 318 Linda F. Smith. 297 Loretta M. Smith. 337 Mark A. Smith. 363 Mary A. Smith. 363 Mary K. Smith. 276 Melanie D. Smith. 297 Melinda S. Smith. 297 Michael A. Smith. 318 Michael G. Smith. 375 Mickey Smith. 337 Monty R. Smith. 318 Pamlir R. Smith. 363 Patricia J. Smith. 318 Patricia M. Smith. 363 Penny M. Smith. 363 Perry R. Smith. 297 Phillip H. Smith. 318 Raylene S. Smith. 297 Rhonda F. Smith. 363 Richard A. Smith. 318 Rita D. Smith. 337 Robert A. Smith. 375 Robert L. Smith. 337 Robin M. Smith. 318 Roger D. Smith. 318 Ronald H. Smith. 297 Ronald T. Smith. 337 Sandra L. Smith. 318 Sharon J. Smith. 318 Sheila A. Smith. 318 Sherry E. Smith. 337 Stan Smith. 276 Stan R. Smith. 297 Stanley W. Smith. 276 Steve R. Smith. 337 Susan E. Smith. 318 Susan K. Smith. 363 Susan L. Smith. 318 Suzanne S. Smith. 363 Tammy D. Smith. 337 Tammy S. Smith. 319 Tammy S. Smith. 363 Teresa A. Smith. 363 Terri A. Smith. 375 Terry E. Smith. 319 Terry L. Smith. 318 Timothy M. Smith. 363 Timothy W. Smith. 372 Tom W. Smith. 318 Tommy K. Smith. 363 Tracy L. Smith. 363 Wallace J. Smith. 337 William J. Smith. 363 William R. Smith. 363 Doync R. Smithee. 297 Lori A. Smoker. 363 Thomas A. Sneed. 371 Troy E. Snell. 363 Arvetta K. Snider. 337 Brad F. Snider. 297 Gwyn L. Snider. 297 Liz R. Snider. 318 Marilyn D. Snider. 297 Darel R. Snodgrass. 373 Donna B. Snodgrass. 375 John P. Snodgrass. 337 Stan D. Snodgrass. 337 Cathy W. Snow. 363 Craig E. Snow. 363 Kevin Snow. 363 Raymond L. Snow. 337 Penny J. Snyder. 297 Bee Hwe So. 363 AH H. Sobki. 363 William D. Soden. 363 George J. Soest Jr.. 318 Kill Anandaraj Somasundram. 297 Cindy A. Soo. 337 Michelle A. Sorg. 363 Rhonda C. Sorrows. 363 Deborah M. Soulsby. 297 Lisa A. South. 318 Lisa A. Southard. 319 Edwin L. Sowa. 363 John R. Soward. 375 Gar G. Sowle. 373 Karolyn K. Sowle. 319 Glen L. Spargo. 319 Connie L. Sparks. 363 Jacqueline K. Sparks. 319 Roy T. Sparks. 363 Teresa A. Sparks. 363 Biff Sparrow, 319 Jim E. Speake. 274 Marsha R. Spears. 337 Rebecca L. Speer. 319 Deborah K. Spelic. 379 Albert L. Spence. 319 Donald K. Spence. 297 Gregory G. Spence. 363 Judy L. Spence. 337 Debbie L. Spencer. 319 Mary J. Spencer. 297 Mel D. Spencer. 363 Mike H. Spencer. 363 Pamela D. Spencer. 337 Robin L. Spencer. 319 Sonya K. Spencer. 297 Yvette Spencer. 363 Deborah A. Spikes. 337 Christopher R. Spivey. 337 David L. Spivey. 319 Joyce L. Spivey. 363 Rick J. Spivey. 319 Dorothy L. Spriggs. 337 Penni L. Sprinkle. 337 Beth H. Sprouse. 363 Cristi L. Spurgin. 297 Amy P. Spurlock. 297 James W. Spurlock. 319 Paulia J. Spurlock. 363 Crystal G. Squires. 363 Keith S. Squires. 319 Lena A. Stackhouse. 363 Drew Stacy. 363 Mary J. Stacy. 337 Trent L. Stacy. 375 Karl M. Stadler. 297 Carolyn A. Stafford. 369 Jackie W. Stafford. 373 Paula K. Stafford. 363 Michael W. Staggs. 363 Venita K. Stalcup. 363 Barbara L. Stallings. 363 Kim J. Stallings. 337 Pamela A. Stallings. 363 Sharon F. Stallings. 297 Randy Stalnaker. 319 Diana L. Stanczak. 363 Sandra J. Standefer. 319 Vickki A. Stane. 363 Deborah L. Stanfill. 319 Donna R. Stanfill. 363 Karen E. Stanford. 363 Rhonda K. Stanley. 364 Thomas E. Stanley. 375 Carmen M. Stark. 337 Eric N. Stark. 364 Joseph W. Stark. 337 Lora Stark. 364 Stuart L. Stark. 375 Gloria Starks. 379 Dorothy E. Starnes. 364 Lczli R. Starnes. 375 Kathy L. States. 319 Elizabeth A. Statler. 364 Emilie Y. Statler. 319 Kevin R. Statler. 337 Randall L. Statler. 364 Rhonda K. Statler. 364 Paul E. Staton. 364 Timothy L. St. Clair. 364 Pamela E. Steakley. 364 Jim E. Stearns. 364 R. B. Stearns. 274 Cindy M. Steele. 375 Dane W. Steele. 297 Jerri Steele. 297 Mike G. Steele. 337 Walter R. Steele Jr.. 373 Gill A. Stegall. 337 John D. Stegall. 319 Mark A. Stegall. 373 Rosemarie A. Steimel. 364 Jill A. Stcinegger. 319 Billie E. Stelnkamp. 274 Dennis R. Stephens. 337 Mark M. Stephens. 319 Michelle Stephens. 297 Sandra G. Stephens. 319 Gary A. Stephenson. 297 James M. Stephenson. 337 Deborah Stepp. 297 Jackie Stevens. 319 James L. Stevens. 297 Lisa M. Stevens. 364 Mark A. Stevens. 319 William S. Stevens. 337 Chris G. Stevenson. 337 Deborah A. Stevenson. 364 Jeanine L. Stevenson. 319 Brenda C. Stewart. 375 Freedia J. Stewart. 364 Gary E. Stewart. 337 Greg B. Stewart. 337 Jimmy D. Stewart. 297 Kathryn L. Stewart. 319 Lisa M. Stewart. 319 Mary J. Stewart. 319 Ray F. Stewart Jr.. 337 Weldon T. Stewart. 319 Deana C. Stewmon. 337 Dan T. Stidham. 319 James E. Stidman. 364 Anthony T. Stiff. 337 Tamara B. Stiff. 319 Randy C. Still. 337 Cynthia L. Stlmach. 297 Randall J. Stimach. 364Kim S. Stimson. 364 Michael S. Stimson. 319 Lee Ann Stinson. 337 Richard D. Stinson. 297 Ray C. Stith. 319 James K. Stockton. 337 Kenneth R. Stockton. 337 Karen D. Stoker. 319 Angela C. Stokes. 337 Lori E. Stokes. 364 Melody D. Stokes. 319 Roger D. Stokes. 319 Ralph E. Stombaugh. 364 Carey D. Stone. 337 Carol A. Stone. 337 Deborah L. Stone. 379 Jerome L. Stone. 319 John C. Stone. 364 Kimberly R. Stone. 319 Ray Stone. 364 Wayne C. Stoner Jr.. 375 Kevin L. Storey. 364 Melea A. Story. 319 Randy L. Story. 364 Dawna L. Stotts. 364 Jeff W. Stotts. 364 Pat R. Stotts. 364 Brenda D. Stout. 297 Laberta L. Stout. 369 Theresa A. Stover. 319 Mark A. St. Pierre. 319 Norma L. Stracener. 319 Brenda G. Stracner. 364 Bobby D. Strahan. 364 Julie A. Strickland. 373 Mary M. Strickland. 364 Janet L. Stricklin. 319 Vivian M. Strong. 297 Beth A. Stuart. 297 Charlotte J. Stuart. 364 Leslie N. Stubblefield. 364 Robert K. Stubblefield. 337 Sandra C. Stubblefield. 274 Scott Stubblefield. 274 Steve T. Stubblefield. 319 Ralph W. Stuckey. 364 Rose M. Stuckey. 319 Jackie K. Studdard. 319 Ellen M. Studnar. 364 Winfred K. Sturch. 297 Kathryn D. Sturdivant. 319 Elizabeth A. Suiter. 297 Noor Hailan Sulaiman. 364 James R. Sulcer. 364 Lana R. Sulllns. 338 George L. Sullivan. 319 Lexie Sullivan. 319 Maria D. Sullivan. 338 Betty L. Summers. 338 Bill Summers. 364 Jerry K. Summers. 319 Robert P. Summers. 364 Kelly L. Summitt. 364 Elizabeth A. Sumpter. 319 Salahcddin All Sunni. 364 Baljett S. Suri. 319 Greg R. Susankc. 297 John T. Suskle. 364 DeShawn Sutter. 364 Tony G. Sutterileld. 364 Cloyce L. Sutton II. 298 Eddie C. Sutton. 319 Janet A. Sutton. 338 Joyce M. Sutton. 298 Mike L. Sutton. 338 Robert H. Sutton Jr.. 298 William K. Swails. 319 Cindy A. Swaim. 338 Ken W. Swain. 298 Diane R. Swan. 364 Janet L. Swan. 319 Hope R. Swanner. 364 Shirley A. Swasey. 364 Joseph P. Sweat. 338 David M. Sweeney. 298 Joey D. Swindle. 364 Della M. Switzer. 364 Coral K. Swofford. 319 Jerry D. Sykes. 364 —T— Mehran Tabatabai-Naini. 319 Roger D. Taber. 379 Dannette Tabor. 298 Lowell S. Tabor. 319 Mike W. Tabor. 364 Judy K. Tackett. 319 Kay H. Tackett. 298 Margaret E. Tackett. 364 Anita R. Taggart. 298 Tammy C. Taggart. 364 Kamarudin Taha. 379 Liaghat Ali Taheri. 298 Cynthia J. Talbott. 319 Steve W. Talburt. 319 Tina A. Talburt. 338 Johnny P. Talley. 364 Ai Hong Tan. 364 Barbara J. Tanner. 364 Connie J. Tanner. 364 John J. Tanner. 298 Lewis E. Tanner. 319 Martha P. Tanner. 364 Sandra L. Tanner. 364 Mohammad R. Tarokh. 373 Arthur P. Tate. 319 Brenda Tate. 298 Danny L. Tate. 338 Natalie J. Tate. 364 Rona K. Tate. 298 Shane D. Tate. 364 Cassandra E. Tatum. 338 Sherry A. Taverner. 276 Anita G. Taylor. 364 Bill Taylor. 319 Bryan D. Taylor. 338 Cooper G. Taylor. 319 Doris L. Taylor. 364 Edie K. Taylor. 338 Frank F. Taylor. 319 Gary A. Taylor. 364 Gwendolyn A. Taylor. 364 Helen J. Taylor. 379 James B. Taylor. 379 Jodie M. Taylor. 338 Julie A. Taylor. 338 Katrina C. Taylor. 338 Keith A. Taylor. 364 Kelvin L. Taylor. 319 Lavonna Taylor. 364 Leon J. Taylor. 364 Leron J. Taylor. 364 Linda K. Taylor. 319 Mark L. Taylor. 364 Melissa F. Taylor. 320 Peggy A. Taylor. 298 Renee F. Taylor. 320 Ricky D. Taylor. 298 Sarah Taylor. 320 Scotty V. Taylor. 298 Sherry L. Taylor. 369 Steve D. Taylor. 298 Steven D. Taylor. 338 Susan Taylor. 298 Troy Taylor. 338 Wanda J. Taylor. 298 Brenda J. Teague. 320 Rebecca K. Tedder. 320 Jennifer J. Teel. 338 Susan R. Teeter. 338 Kevin S. Teftcller. 338 Sherrie L. Teitloff. 338 Michael L. Templeton. 320 Deborah A. Tennille. 298 Patricia A. Tennille. 320 Tamela R. Tenpenny. 298 Lucy E. Terrell. 320 Thomas V. Terrell. 364 Jim Terry. 365 Ruth A. Terry. 320 Tracy L. Terry. 365 James L. Tesch. 276 Chris A. Tharp. 365 Beth Thayer. 365 Cyndi A. Thayer. 320 Stephen M. Thclan. 365 Lynette S. Thetford. 320 Wendell D. Theus. 338 Lois E. Thiel. 379 Stephen A. Thiel. 338 Dennis R. Thielemier. 298 Gerry A. Thielemier. 320 John E. Thielemier. 298 Sherry A. Thielemier. 379 Nikita G. Thigpen. 338 Phil A. Thigpen. 365 Sam Thigpen. 320 Bill Thom. 298 Akpan Friday Thomas. 338 Brian L. Thomas. 298 Douglas W. Thomas. 338 Gary W. Thomas. 320 John R. Thomas. 338 Lisa L. Thomas. 338 Lucille S. Thomas. 298 Michael R. Thomas. 298 O. R. Thomas. 338 Toni L. Thomas. 365 Carolyn Thompson. 365 Cary L. Thompson. 373 Cathy J. Thompson. 320 Daly Thompson III. 338 Darlene Thompson. 320 David R. Thompson. 338 Debbie M. Thompson. 298 Elizabeth W. Thompson. 338 Ella M. Thompson. 320 Hazel B. Thompson. 365 Janis L. Thompson. 365 Jeana R. Thompson. 320 Kirk A. Thompson. 298 Latricia G. Thompson. 338 Michael D. Thompson. 320 Mike L. Thompson. 379 Pansy J. Thompson. 338 Richard T. Thompson. 373 Ronald J. Thompson. 298 Scott H. Thompson. 373 Sharann Thompson. 338 Tana G. Thompson. 369 Teddy D. Thompson. 365 Vanessa Thompson. 320 William E. Thompson. 298 Betty J. Thoren. 298 Margaret A. Thorn berry, 338 Walter L. Thomtop. 320 James R. Thrasher. 320 Teena R. Thrasher. 365 Tim Thrasher. 320 Jimmy D. Thresher. 320 Andrea R. Thrower. 373 Harry N. Thurman. 320 Jerry Thurman. 320 Stephen R. Thurman. 320 Steve R. Thurman. 298 Bill F. Thweatt. 298 Anita B. Thwing. 298 Michael L. Tibbs. 320 Karen K. Tidmore. 365 Norma J. Tidwell. 338 Lorraine M. Tierney. 320 Steven R. Tilley. 320 Leon D. Tillman. 276 Lory J. Tillman. 379 William C. Timbs. 338 Melanie J. Timmons. 298 Todd Timmons. 365 Elizabeth A. Timms. 365 Ella L. Timms. 365 Suzanne Timms. 365 Albert F. Tiner. 298 Mitzi L. Tinker. 365 Debra R. Tinkle. 369 Marion C. Tinsley. 320 Robert Tinsley. 338 Teresa L. Tinsley. 338 Kelly J. Tippen. 338 Ray L. Tisinger. 365 Michael Todd. 320 Terry W. Todd. 298 Nona J. Tolbert. 320 Gary K. Tolllson. 320 Randy D. Tolson. 298 Lisa Tomlinson. 338 Sandi L. Tomlinson. 365 James P. Tooley. 320 Russell T. Tooley. 365 Christina M. Toombs. 298 Linda B. Toombs. 298 Sherry M. Toombs. 369 Terri L. Toombs. 338 Joe M. Towles. 338 Kenneth E. Townsend. 338 Patricia A. Townsend. 365 Vickie J. Townsend. 320 Kathleen R. Townslcy. 299 Mark D. Townslcy. 276 Michelle M. Toye. 365 Bill Tracer. 299 Mary J. Tracer. 338 Leslie L. Trail. 338 David L. Trammell. 365 Carla J. Trantham. 365 Elvis J. Travis. 299 Frank A. Travis. 320 Johnny S. Travis. 365 Marna L. Travis. 320 Todd E. Traylcr. 365 Darnell Trent. 276 Lisa S. Trcvathan. 320 Bruce A. Trice. 320 Joseph C. Trimble. 338 Tammie L. Trippe. 320 Debbie L. Trotter. 365 Rick T. Trotter. 299 Leigh A. Troutman. 365 Jan M. Troutt. 338 Pamela L. Troutt. 338 Jon V. Troxel. 320 Nhan T. Truong. 299 Tengku Kamaludin Tuan Yu so 365 Brenda F. Tubbs. 365 Rebecca L. Tubbs. 375 Esau Tuberville Jr.. 299 Cindy D. Tucker. 375 Darrick L. Tucker. 375 Earl C. Tucker. 365 Gary W. Tucker. 338 Gregory J. Tucker. 373 Kelly G. Tucker. 320 Michelle L. Tucker. 365 Steve T. Tucker. 338 Tim G. Tucker. 338 Margaret R. Tucsnak. 374 Myra B. Tuggle. 365 Laura L. Tullos. 338 C. Renn Tumlison. 276 Pam D. Turbyeville. 338 Bobbie D. Turman. 365 Judy A. Turnbow. 365 Sherry L. Turnbow. 274 Alvis R. Turner. 338 Helen K. Turner. 299 Jackie L. Turner. 338 Janet L. Turner. 379 Jeri L. Turner. 365 John E. Turner. 299 Karen S. Turner. 375 Lisa A. Turner. 320 Lonnie E. Turner. 299 Michael J. Turner III. 338 Nancy J. Turner. 365 Nancy M. Turner. 365 Robert L. Turner. 338 Ruth A. Turner. 320 Sandy J. Turner. 338 Selita J. Turner. 299 Sondra Turner. 365 Tad Turner. 320 Thelma L. Turner. 365 Linda K. Turney. 299 John D. Turpin. 338 Linda C. Tusing. 365 Susan M. Tusing. 320 Karen L. Tweddell. 338 Jacquelyn D. Twillle. 338 Mark A. Tyler. 338 Mary J. Tyler. 320 Pat Tyler. 338 396bline A. Tyner. 320 » P. Tyner. 365 iisa O. Tyner. 365 ou Ann Tyner. 365 lorris W. Tyson. 299 anessa K. Tyson. 365 —u— •nieflok E. Udo. 320 Idumah U. Udumah. 338 ohn N. Uebelein. 365 elix I. Ugwu. 365 rincent S. Ugwu. 365 indrew E. Uhas. 299 !ary J. Uhas. 299 Iharles R. Uhlig. 375 Esther D. Umobong. 365 Imobong D. Umobong. 276 Id L. Underwood. 320 homas L. Underwood. 338 iregory A. Ungerank. 365 ennifer A. Unterborn. 365 lichael E. Unterborn. 320 o Ann Upchurch. 299 'homas J. P. Uselton. 274 •unday O. Utaegbulam. 365 Villiam A. Uthoff. 338 .inda K. Utley. 320 feleia L. Utley. 365 lichael D. Utley. 320 •uzanne G. Utnage. 365 tonnie D. Uzel. 320 —V— harles E. Vail. 338 leedra J. Valentine. 338 :hip G. Vanaman. 320 Lim L. Vance. 320 tebecca L. Vancil. 339 indrea L. Vandefifer. 365 torby J. Vandefifer. 339 '.ebecca J. Vandergriff. 365 «o Vang. 299 '.obin L. Vangilder. 339 hana L. Vangilder. 365 Irenda J. Van Hoozer. 339 •atricia A. Van Kirk. 379 'amela E. Van Landingham. 299 ievln W. Vannada. 339 tana R. Van Patten. 320 lari L. Vansandt. 339 tawn L. Van Valkenburg. 339 tnna F. Vanwinkle. 320 onna M. Vanwinkle. 365 lilly M. Vaughn. 276 trad W. Vaughn. 365 ackie G. Vaughn. 320 iimberly B. Vaughn. 365 .inda D. Vaughn. 299 .inda D. Vaughn. 320 larcia Vaughn. 365 lelissa D. Vaughn. 339 •oily D. Vaughn. 365 erry R. Vaughn. 299 'ickie M. Vaught. 365 ielly J. Vaupel. 365 iillette Veasley. 320 Ceresia L. Veasley. 299 tavid L. Veasman. 365 ■ilia A. Veasman. 339 llivia Vega. 339 Iruce W. Venable. 299 fary A. Verkler. 379 larolyn J. Vernon. 320 loseph G. Vernon. 365 lames K. Veteto. 365 Charles E. Vick. 365 .isa C. Vickers. 365 tndrew J. Vincent. 366 reg T. Vincent. 339 ack H. Vincent. 366 omi L. Vincent. 366 lelinda D. Vines. 320 tonald R. Vineyard. 366 Cindy E. Vinson. 366 Lyndon J. Vinson. 299 Alan K. Vivrette. 320 De Anne Vivrette. 339 Eric D. Voigt. 366 Faith A. Vollman. 366 Gregory C. Volner. 320 Kathryn A. Vosburg. 299 Kim M. Vowell. 320 Brian E. Vredingburgh. 374 Reba A. Vuncannon. 366 —w— Kimberly K. Waddell. 299 Paul D. Waddell. 320 Robin L. Waddell. 375 Ronald S. Waddell. 339 Debbie A. Wade. 320 Michael A. Wade. 299 Dehlia K. Wagner. 339 Sandra R. Wagner. 366 Noorsuriati Wahid. 379 Linda C. Walnscott. 321 Mitzi L. Ware. 339 Deborah A. Waite. 321 Bonnie L. Waites. 321 Debra D. Waits. 321 Donna K. Waits. 379 Daniel E. Walden. 321 John N. Walden. 321 Marianna K. Walden. 321 Susan E. Walden. 321 June S. Waldo. 321 Barry D. Walker. 299 Billy D. Walker. 366 Brad W. Walker. 366 David G. Walker. 321 Dennis R. Walker. 321 Ernest L. Walker. Jr.. 321 Jo Rena Walker. 321 John W. Walker. 366 Mike T. Walker. 299 Mildred M. Walker. 339 Rayfield Walker. 321 Sandy M. Walker. 299 Sharon K. Walker. 366 Tommy D. Walker. 321 Christ! E. Wallace. 339 Dean Wallace. 321 James E. Wallace. 321 Lisa R. Wallace. 379 Michael M. Wallace. 321 Rachel J. Wallace. 321 Rhonda G. Wallace. 366 Ricky L. Wallace. 379 Ron L. Wallace. 366 Suzy Wallin. 299 Jackie R. Wallis. 299 Robert H. Wallis. 339 Susan D. Wallis. 299 Donald L. Walls. 366 Dorothy L. Walls. 339 Kimberly D. Walls. 366 Susan M. Walsh. 366 Lori A. Walters. 366 Donna M. Waltrip. 339 Jeanette C. Waltrip. 321 Janet R. Wann. 339 Tammic J. Wann. 321 Billy J. Ward. 321 Charles T. Ward. 339 David M. Ward. 321 Donald D. Ward. 366 Jimmy L. Ward. 366 Julie A. Ward. 366 Marty Van Ward. 366 Paula M. Ward. 366 Robert D. Ward. 321 Scott R. Ward. 366 Sonya L. Ward. 366 Tammy L. Ward. 366 Allen L. Warmath. 321 Jeff C. Warneke. 321 Sharon L. Warnick. 366 Diana L. Warren. 366 Veronica A. Warren. 366 Timmy R. Washburn. 366 Alana D. Washington. 379 George Washington Jr.. 321 Janet L. Washington. 321 Jennifer D. Washington. 299 Linda M. Washington. 339 Mary Lynn Washington. 366 Sundra G. Washington. 339 Amelia X. Waters. 321 DeAnna J. Waters. 321 Peggy M. Waters. 299 Cheryl R. Watkins. 339 David T. Watkins. 339 Lance A. Watkins. 366 Lisa A. Watkins. 339 Roger L. Watkins. 366 Bruce M. Watson. 321 Curtis W. Watson. 339 Cynthia J. Watson. 321 Cynthia K. Watson. 366 Debbie E. Watson. 366 Elise C. Watson. 299 Frances Nance Watson. 339 Herbert S. Watson III. 321 Jane Watson. 321 Michael L. Watson. 321 Nancy D. Watson. 366 Nena J. Watson. 366 Pamela L. Watson. 339 Phyllis E. Watson. 299 Ron D. Watson. 321 Sandra G. Watson. 366 Stan K. Watson. 379 Susan C. Watson. 274 Thomas C. Watson. 339 Tonia S. Watson. 299 Tonya L. Watson. 299 Mary J. Watt. 321 Darrell J. Watts. 274 Robert C. Watts. 366 Steffi L. Watts. 339 David K. Wayland. 336 Alan P. Wayman. 321 Patricia A. Weatherford. 276 Paul W. Weatherford. 339 Renee Weatherford. 321 Sherry A. Weatherford. 366 Derwin K. Weaver. 339 Cynthia A. Webb. 374 David N. Webb. 339 Jeanette L. Webb. 299 Jerry D. Webb. 366 Jill Webb. 299 Laverne Webb. 366 Rhonda R. Webb. 366 Terra S. Webbc. 366 Latraca L. Webster. 366 Bill W. Weeks. 339 Gene Weeks. 321 Todd W. Wegener. 366 Howard L. Weinstock. 339 Michael A. Weinstock. 299 Robert M. Weinstock. 300 Anthony A. Weir. 339 Joseph E. Weir. 366 Terri Weir. 339 Timothy K. Weir. 366 Annetta L. Weisenbach. 366 Kathy E. Weisenbach. 300 Elaine L. Weisberger. 321 Lisa R. Weisenbach. 321 Jackie S. Welshman. 379 Dale Weitkamp. 300 Billy W. Welch. 366 David Wayne Welch. 339 Kenneth J. Welch. 366 Gregory S. Welch. 300 Michelle Welch. 366 Alison Weld. 339 Julea J. Weld. 321 Dana E. Wellborn. 321 Barry L. Wells. 321 Cathey C. Wells. 274 Laura L. Wells. 366 Linda F. Wells. 300 Linwood W. Wells. 339 Michael Wells. 366 Tim S. Wells. 321 Troy A. Wells. 366 Dana C. Wendell. 366 David W. Westbrook. 300 James T. Westbrook. 366 Melanie L. Westbrook. 321 Dale T. Wester. 321 Deea L. Western. 339 Betty A. Weston. 371 Jim Whaley Jr.. 321 Tony R. Wheatley. 339 Adam C. Wheeler. 300 Ike Wheeler. 366 Linda S. Wheeless. 339 James P. Whitaker. 300 Cynthia A. White. 339 Dana A. White. 339 Dana B. White. 339 Dane A. White. 339 Daryl T. White. 300 Debra L. White. 321 Dedira D. White. 366 Edward N. White. 366 lola White. 380 Joe D. White. 300 Judy L. White. 339 Judy L. White. 366 Kathy L. White. 366 Keith A. White. 366 Kenneth O. White. 366 Larry A. White. 366 Lisa C. White. 366 Lynn A. White. 366 Mary Ann White. 367 Michael R. White. 321 Michelle M. White. 367 Milton D. White. 321 Perry Ken White. 367 Ricky D. White. 367 Susan E. White. 339 Todd A. White. 339 Vickie B. White. 380 Vickie A. Whitener. 300 Linda D. Whiteside. 380 Odell Whiteside Jr.. 321 Hugh D. Whitledge. 276 Belinda G. Whitley. 300 Felecia Anita Whitley. 300 Karen J. Whitley. 300 Shelia F. Whitley. 367 Kathy J. Whitlock. 380 Lettie J. Whitlow. 366 Ann N. Whitney. 274 Ross E. Whitney. 375 Barbara K. Whitson. 367 Jeffrey A. Whitson. 321 LuAnn Whitaker. 380 Rhonda E. Whybrew. 321 Joette G. Wicker. 339 Steve D. Wicker. 321 James C. Wiggins. 300 Patricia L. Wiggins. 367 William M. Wiggins. 380 Wynona M. Wiggins. 300 Johnnie Lee Wilborn. 367 Theodls Wilborn. 367 Juanita K. Wilcox. 367 William F. Wilcoxson. 380 Lisa M. Wileman. 380 Georgia L. Wiley. 321 Jack D. Wilhide. 276 Marjorie Jean Wilkerson. 367 Brad R. Wilkins. 339 Brett Wilkins. 321 Phillip K. Wilkins. 321 Tonceia Z. Wilkinson. 339 Joel L. Wilkison. 339 La Donna M. Willcockson. 321 Paula R. Willcut. 367 Michael S. WUlhite. 321 Paul A. William. 321 Andy R. Williams. 367 Anita J. Williams. 321 Anthony K. Williams. 367 Barbara A. Williams. 367 Barbara D. Williams. 339 Barry D. Williams. 339 Becky S. Williams. 367Bobby R. Williams. 339 Brent G. Williams. 367 Chris B. Williams. 321 Christine D. Williams. 339 Cynthia L. Williams. 367 Darice Williams. 321 David H. Williams. 339 Diana G. Williams. 367 Donna J. Williams. 367 Dora J. Williams. 300 Doug E. Williams. 367 Duane L. Williams. 339 Eddie J. Williams. 321 Eula M. Williams. 339 Franklin A. Williams. 321 Gailene Williams. 339 Gaybie L. Williams. 339 Janice L. Williams. 339 Jawanda L. Williams. 367 Jennifer C. Williams. 367 Jerry H. Williams. 367 John B. Williams. 300 Karen A. Williams. 367 Kevin L. Williams. 367 Laura Beth Williams. 367 Linda C. Williams. 300 Lori O. Williams. 300 Marty A. Williams. 321 Mike Edward Williams. 367 Michelle J. Williams. 367 Patsy A. Williams. 367 Paul A. Williams. 367 Phoeba E. Williams. 367 Rhonda R. Williams. 367 Ricky L. Williams. 321 Robert Lee Williams. 300 Robin L. Williams. 339 Roger O. Williams. 367 Sandra K. Williams. 339 Sherri K. Williams. 321 Steve R. Williams. 367 Steven K. Williams. 339 Ted J. Williams. 339 Teresa A. Williams. 340 Terry Lance Williams. 340 Timothy R. Williams. 322 Trent Williams. 340 Vicki L. Williams. 340 Wallace M. Williams. 367 Wendell Williams. 322 Wendy L. Williams. 340 Winnie M. Williams. 322 Joe K. Williamson. 322 Tammi P. Williamson. 367 Amber S. Willie. 340 Mary L. Williford. 322 Timmy J. Williford. 367 Carlecla L. Willis. 322 Bess A. Wilson. 367 Charles M. Wilson Jr.. 322 Cynthia A. Wilson. 322 Danny S. Wilson. 367 Debbie L. Wilson. 322 Gregory T. Wilson. 367 Gwendolyn R. Wilson. 367 James E. Wilson. 322 Jayme F. Wilson. 367 Jeny O. Wilson. 340 Jerry R. Wilson. 300 Jessie E. Wilson. 367 Jimmie D. Wilson. 367 Jimmy D. Wilson. 322 Jimmy R. Wilson. 300 Jodi E. Wilson. 340 John E. Wilson. 322 Judy D. Wilson. 300 Kenneth L. Wilson. 367 Kimberly B. Wilson. 300 Martin H. Wilson. 322 Martin K. Wilson. 322 Marvin D. Wilson. 367 Mary L. Wilson. 367 Michael K. Wilson. 300 Patricia A. Wilson. 367 Paul E. Wilson Jr.. 367 Phillip E. Wilson. 367 Roger L. Wilson. 274 Sherry D. Wilson. 300 Stephen A. Wilson. 372 Suzanne Wilson. 322 Trenna S. Wilson. 300 Karen J. Wimberley. 322 Laurie Wimberley. 322 Rickie G. Wimberley. 322 Leronc Wlmblcy. 367 Suzy L. Winchester. 300 Timothy W. Winchester. 322 James S. Winebrenner. 340 Lynette E. Winemiller. 340 Douglas J. Winfrey. 367 Lettie T. Winfrey. 367 Marcia M. Winfrey. 367 Jimmie E. Wingo. 340 Regina McSpadden Wingo. 300 Edgar L. Winkle Jr.. 367 Perry D. Winn. 367 Tammy J. Winn. 300 Tela J. Winn. 367 Sonya J. Winningham. 322 Gary N. Winseck. 300 Donna G. Winters. 367 Sherri V. Winters. 322 Vickie L. Wlnton. 322 Mark B. Wisdom. 374 LeAnne Wise. 320 Becky A. Wiskotoni. 300 Julie L. Withem. 380 Anthony C. Withers. 367 Marshall B. Wixson. 340 James W. Wofford. 374 Joel Wofford. 322 Winthrop W. Wofford. 322 Patricia L. Wolfe. 340 Sarah A. Wolfe. 367 Sandra Lyn Womble. 380 Kcng Hung Wong. 367 Cynthia M. Wood. 367 Elizabeth A. Wood. 340 Jana E. Wood. 340 John K. Wood. 367 Linda Jo Wood. 274 Loretta Wood. 300 Mary A. Wood. 367 Randy J. Wood. 380 William R. Wood. 322 Jackie Woodard. 367 Jenny S. Woodard. 369 Kim S. Woodhouse. 340 Michael A. Woodhouse. 367 Debi S. Woodruff. 367 Lee P. Woodruff. 340 Lucinda L. Woodruff. 367 Ronda C. Woodruff. 367 Thomas S. Woodruff. 300 Brian L. Woods. 368 Charles R. Woods Jr.. 374 James H. Woods Jr.. 322 LaRhonda J. Woods. 322 Regina Woods. 368 Walter E. Woods. 300 Gary C. Woodson. 300 Hugh A. Woolverton. 340 Joe W. Woolverton. 368 Kim A. Woosley. 322 Ben R. Wooten. 368 Joe E. Wooten. 368 Mary L. Wooten. 322 Rickey Wooten. 322 Sonya L. Wooten. 368 Paula J. Worden. 368 Deborah S. Workman. 368 Roxane Workman. 340 Douglas R. Worley. 371 Tammy M. Worley. 368 Donna J. Worlow. 340 Jeffrey K. Worlow. 368 Mitchell G. Worlow. 322 Cheryl D. Worsham. 300 Johnny L. Worsham Jr.. 368 Michael D. Worsham. 340 Melissa K. Worthington. 368 Travis L. Worthington. 322 Phillip A. Wray. 300 David W. Wren. 368 Jeff W. Wren. 322 Suzanne L. Wren. 368 Barry A. Wright. 368 Brenda L. Wright. 340 Dallen D. Wright. 322 Gary B. Wright. 322 Jacquelyn K. Wright. 322 James E. Wright. 368 Jamie D. Wright. 322 Jeffrey T. Wright. 368 Karen A. Wright. 368 Kim A. Wright. 300 LeeAnn Wright. 368 Michael C. Wright. 276 Pamela R. Wright. 322 Richard T. Wright. 368 Robert Wright. 368 Robert S. Wright. 340 Romy B. Wright. 368 Sharon K. Wright. 368 Sherri L. Wright. 300 Steve G. Wright. 340 Steven L. Wright. 322 Terri L. Wright. 300 Valerie Wright. 322 David W. Wroten. 274 Hsueh-Hsing P. Wu. 276 Ingchau Wu. 300 Carolyn M. Wulf. 375 Halden D. Wyatt. 300 Janet F. Wyatt. 368 Jeff S. Wyatt. 368 Jimmy R. Wyatt. 322 Karen E. Wyatt. 368 Randy K. Wyatt. 368 Richard V. Wyatt. 340 Keith M. Wycoff. 340 Rochelle L. Wymcr, 380 Jodi A. Wyse. 322 Stacy Wyse. 322 —Y— Calvin E. Yancey. 374 Dennis J. Yarbro. 322 Danny C. Yarbrough. 322 Freddie E. Yarbrough. 368 Judy E. Yarbrough. 300 Ken A. Yarbrough. 340 Susie Yarbrough. 368 Thomas B. Yarbrough. 322 Cathryn G. Yates. 322 Deanna R. Yates. 368 Jeanine A. Yates. 368 John C. Yauger. 368 Dennis W. Yeager. 375 Lisa M. Yeager. 322 Angela M. Yniquez. 368 Linda S. Yocum. 300 Kent E. Yoesel. 340 Leigh Ann Yopp. 340 Lisa G. York. 300 Nancy L. York. 322 Audrey P. Young. 340 Cheri D. Young. 322 Clevon Young. 300 Daronda R. Young. 368 Darrell R. Young. 300 Debbie E. Young. 300 Deborah A. Young. 340 Derek J. Young. 374 Donna R. Young. 340 Elizabeth A. Young. 300 Greg A. Young. 368 Greg W. Young. 340 Keith D. Young. 340 Linda K. Young. 300 Marlene Young. 322 Michael P. Young. 322 Nancy C. Young. 322 Norma D. Young. 300 Pearleena Y. Young. 368 Sharon L. Young. 368 Tommy L. Young. 368 Vicki L. Young. 375 William R. Young. 368 Salcha B. Yusoff. 380 Lemmy A. Yussuff. 375 —z— Ruzina B. Zainuddin. 368 Nicholas E. Zamora. 340 Joann Zaremba. 368 Kurt H. Zen-Ruffinen. 368 Terry L. Ziegenhom. 340 Nanci J. Zimmer. 322 David P. Zirkle. 340 Angela A. Zitzelberger. 368 Trent M. Zitzelberger. 340 Steven N. Zoldak. 374 Ibtisam Y. Zoubi. 380 Yousef F. Zuhairi. 375icia Carnal gould lomore Sonja Denise Clark Earle Junior Dennis "Blue" Duncan Osceola Junior William J. Gibson Fort Smith Sophomore Barton Kinley man Jerri D. Miller Bay Freshman Steven Charles Swann Bald Knob Senior David W. Wren Pocahontas Freshman When I must leave you for a little while. Please do not grieve and shed wild tears And hug your sorrow to you through the years. But start out bravely with a gallant smile; And for my sake and my name Live on and do all things the same. Feed not your loneliness on empty days. But fill each waking hour in useful ways. Reach out your hand in comfort and cheer And I in turn will comfort and hold you near; And never, never be afraid to die. For I am waiting for you in the sky! IN MEMORY 399 Written by: Helen Steiner RiceNA NA NAAAA!!! Well, it's been real ... And it’s been fun ... I suppose it has even been REAL FUN. What is not fun about cookie crumbs on a dummy sheet at 3 in the morning? Thanks for the "chips ahoys." Martha. Thanks ... I sure owe a lot of these. Martha, thanks for all your good copy. HAHA You’ve always been there for me — even at 3. Barry. I couldn’t have gotten “organized” without you. Stephen, you are my special "Turkey”. Anna, Vickie. Kim. Tammy. Stephany. and Cindy, thanks a million for it all!!! George, you’re just sporty. Thanks for taking care of your section. Greg. John. Tony, Don. and George, all of you were the “flash” of my life. Tom. thanks for being quiet when you knew I was too stubborn to listen, anyway. ONE thing is for sure: I have deep feelings for all of you (from frustration to friendship: both to the MAX). From losing pages to losing the publisher, we have faced our adversities. Yet. together we somehow got this book finished. Our mentality, though somewhat mature at the outset is now somewhat "kindergarten.” CATCH THE FEVER is 1983! It fits 1983 ... who or what else could have gobbled up the 4077th? 400

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