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1 , ■I I: ' . 1 kt m 1 k 1 Jl 3 pis Finding those moments of happiness, sadness and togetherness come easy to some and difficult to others. However, as we think back, it was all worthwhile . . . 4 5 6 7 We ' ve come a long way: From a drive-in football field to a first-class stadium complete with regional TV coverage and " The Message Center " , a new electronic scoreboard. 8 Uniforms are sleek, colorful and skintight, compared to tank tops, knee socks, and shorts of ASU ' s first basketball team. 11 President Carl Whillock became Arkansas State ' s 6th president and the first to have an investiture . . . 13 14 15 Movin ' In Packing every pair of shoes that were ever bought, stuffing the luggage beyond capacity with the clean and dirty laun- dry, rustling as many towels as possible and creating every kind of expense that ' ll need cash, played a major part of the mass exodus from home to " movin ' in " the dorm. This year ' s annual migration to ASU was no different from previous years. The " dog day afternoons " of August came to life as car loads of students re- turned to their home away from home, and as usual brought more than they needed or had room for. Freshmen experi- enced a whole new ball game. Of the 7,243 enrolled at ASU, there were 3,887 women and 3,356 men. In Twin Towers, the largest men ' s dorm, there were 745 housed. Kays Hall housed approximately 600 young women. Danner: 130; Arkan- sas: 385; University: 326, In- dian: 90; Delta: 125 and each had their own individual prob- lems. Parking was the main problem at most of the resi- dence halls and all around campus. 18 19 Off The Wall Trying to beat the everyday ho-hum of classes came very hard for some A-State students. Campus life during the week was filled with organizational meetings, special events, studying and relaxing. The phone was a luxury and in various cases a " matter of life and death " . This was most evident when students missed class notes, needed answers to quizzes or to find out what their best friend was wearing for the next day. However many used the phone to call home, saying they were out of cash and needed a miracle. " When I use the phone, it ' s mainly to either call some young lady or to stay in touch with my home folks. I can say I do use the phone quite a few times a day, " said Earl Reed of Marion, a junior. One student said the highest phone bill she ' d ever had was only thirty-three cents and that was for an entire month. Meetings accented the week for many students, who often missed meet- ings; due to the fact they had to attend others. 23 The Paper Chase During preregistration and reg- istration, many students became more aware of the art of pursuit. After orientation and visitation with temporary college advisors, students began the headache and hassle of the paper chase. In the mass confusion of regis- tration, throughout the ballroom of the Reng Center echoed the question, " Where do I go next? " Most students had to pick up at least four to six class cards, which registered a student in a course. Not including cards for parking stickers or telephones. Courses ranged from Agriculture to Zool- ogy. Many students, especially freshmen, voiced differing opin- ions on registration. " It was rough, " said freshman Kay Eckles. " I was confused and mad. It took me almost the entire day to get all my class cards to- gether and approved. " This was the general attitude of most freshmen; however, return- ing students advised new stu- dents to " bear with it " . Along with the rest of the " hoopla " of registration came the flash of the photographer ' s cam- era, as he took pictures for the new computerized identification cards that were put into use this year. With enrollment holding its own, there were 2,799 freshmen, 1,243 sophomores, 1,084 juniors, and 1,098 seniors. According to the Registrar ' s of- fice 7,250 students were officially enrolled at Arkansas State Uni- versity. Many individuals have cited how difficult it is to pre-register and believe that there is a better way. Some possible solutions are sending tenative schedules in by mail, skipping the advisory aspect and using computers to keep track of classes. Another possible way is having a day set aside for students in their respective colleges to regis- ter. Each year that registration is held in the Armory, it is usually a mess. People pulling cards for others and people coming to pull at the wrong times. The pushing and shoving usually ends up with most students completely frus- trated and upset. Teachers also realize the prob- lem and believe there is a better way, one way or another. With ASU ' s population growing from year to year, registration will probably become even more dif- ficult. 24 25 27 ' aTw M ' mWnm n HI ift n ' n oSo ' » niin ffts Postal System Has Grown Indians of the Pony Express days could have cared less for the value of mail service; however, the Indians of A-State value the postal system a great deal. Even though " smoke signals " have gone up to fifteen cents. What is now the State University postal system was established during the mid 20 s to give campus students an advantage in sending and receiving mail. There now are approximately 2,300 post office boxes and drawers. Each year every post office box is sold and each drawer is issued to the different colleges and divisions. According to postal officials approximately 500 to 1500 pieces of mail are transacted through the post office daily. Employ- ees work diligently to put mail as quickly as possible into the boxes. bi A-State Classrooms More Than Books, Desk 37 Some Classrooms Aren ' t Classrooms Army ROTC offers a non-traditional type of aca- demic environment. Classes are performance- oriented, rather than lecture-oriented. Some course offerings include Wilderness Survival, Mountaineering and Firearms, Marksmanship and Hunter Safety. 42 Give ' em Hell Red Indians All The Way Go State Go ft Having auditioned and won the de- signation of the " Spirit Chicken " , Michael Sykes of Jonesboro inspired the basketball crowds at Indian Field- house. Sykes is a junior and a physical education major. Sparky the Spirit Chicken is spon- sored by the ASU Athletic Department and his costume is furnished by a fast foods chain. 47 48 The Marching Indians ASU MAJORETTES — (Left to right) Cherie Robison, Donnis Minx, Dawn Heath, Becky Higgins, Jill Rose, Deborah Miller (head majorette) Denise Litzelfelner, Susan Moon, Sherri Alexa, Loranne Adams and Rae Lynn Johnson. 49 50 51 Indian Family ASU ' s athletic teams are named after the Osage tribe which were in Northern Arkansas before settlers arrived. The nickname is personified by the Indian Family, composed of a chief, a brave and a princess. This year ' s Chief Big Track was Claude Brawner of Wynne, the Brave was Steve Stepka of Jones- boro and the Princess was Suzanne Rowland of Helena. Homecoming Sensation ' 79 55 Homecoming: A Week Long PARTY 58 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The Dorm | Like most universities across the country, Arkan- sas State has its share of luxurious accommoda- tions for its students. There are Kays Hall, University Hall, Arkansas Hall, Danner Hall and the beloved Twin Towers. This last mentioned high-rise stretches nine stories into the air, giving students such breathtaking views as the other wing, the ASU Post Office and Arkansas Hall. Life in Twin Towers is not unlike life in most college dormitories, with loud music going on until all hours of the night, and people coming and going at will. A typical day in Twin Towers usually starts £ around seven o ' clock in the morning, when some unknown passerby gives the student ' s door a couple of kicks. By this time he has had at least three hours sleep and decides that it is time to get up anyway. The first thing he does upon getting up is to crank up the stereo with the idea that if he can ' t sleep nobody can. The next thing to do is to take a shower. He gathers up everything he needs and stumbles down the hall to the shower room, only to find to his dis- may, that the three working showers are all being used. Disconcerted, the dorm resident stumbles back to his room, vowing to try again later. After two or three unsuccessful attempts to get into the shower, he has missed his eight o ' clock class. He now knows this is going to be a good day. The next item on the agenda is to start studying for his nine-thirty test. After being interrupted sev- $ eral times by kicks and knocks on the door, he gives up that idea and decides to visit someone down the hall. To his amazement, his friend is still asleep, and he feels real bad about getting him up. After they sit around and talk for awhile the typical dorm resident decides it is time to go to class. At this point the dorm seems to die, but after dinner things pick up again. The nightly activities begin with the world cup of soccer being played outside a student ' s room. The next highlight of the night is the first girl. All heads turn as she walks down the hall. After several more hall activities like bowling, basketball and hockey a fellow decides it is time to turn in. Once back in his room he receives a gift from a close friend — a bottle rocket. How sweet! This means he must open his window and let all that fresh February air into his room. Once in bed he hears another kick on the door. Deciding this means a friend, he opens the door and walks into the hall in his underwear, only to meet the last girl being es- corted out of the dorm. James Toohey Freshman 8ooooooooooooo 61 62 64 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo From a Married Student ' s Point of View When a couple makes the walk down the aisle and exchanges vows the norm is to settle down to a nice job. But my husband and I shoved aside society ' s norms for a married couple. We started to college part-time and worked full-time at factories. A year later we moved into a house on the Arkansas State University campus and began going to school full-time while participating in the work-study program. Life ' s pressures were much different because we did not have the income we once had. The extra hassles of homework and studying fortests became top priority over household duties. When it got so tough that we started to get to each other we would sit down and talk over our problems. After having a good cry we would always laugh and decide that it was not so bad after all. In 1979 when the gas crunch came and tuition was raised we talked over the situation. I was willing to quit and work full-time to pay forthe extra bills so my husband could finish. But after a lot of prayer we took a unanimous vote of two to zero for me to continue my education. Things did get tough when the bills were all due and the bank statement revealed $3. But the summer before we had been fortunate enough to raise a beautiful garden and I was able to put away enough to easily carry us through the times when the bank account did not allow for groceries. My husband and I will be very proud when we finally graduate because we put ourselves through college. Even more important than the knowledge we have ob- tained from classes will be the lessons we have learned through this experience. Life is like building a house, if the foundation is not sturdy, level and deep the house will crumble under the storms. Since the foundations of our lives will be based on the knowledge that we will have acquired at Arkansas State University, we will make it. In some people ' s eyes these two years might seem a waste. But Arkansas State University has taught us more about life and how to cope than 80 years of just living. It will all have been worth the trouble and the good times when we walk down the aisle to receive that diploma. Pamela G. Young Sophomore oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 65 Union Board Provided A Good Time For All Union Board activities started with a flurry and maintained a steady pace throughout the year. Students were en- tertained by LeRoux, Mission Moun- tain Wood Band, FCC, Gene Cotton, Nina Kahle, Gil Eagles and Stokley Car- michael, to name a few. Dances, mov- ies, special food nights and a luau were some of the other ways that students found to break the monotony. 67 Lecture-Concert Series The Lecture-Concert Series brought such notables to the Arkansas State University campus as Strom Thurman, Republican Senator from South Carolina, the late Phil I i pe Cousteau, son of Jacque Cousteau, and Edward Albee, author of " Who ' s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? " during the 1979-80 school year. 00000000000000000000000000000006 e My Mentor 8 $ Educate? O Yes, that you did. £ I entrusted you with my mind. Entrusted? Relinquished would be the more accurate word. You smothered me, You, with all your grandiloquent knowledge. Knowledge? Mere trifles to you, 5 But my life ' s breath, g From whence will the fresh air come £ When you are weary From expirations of your trivia? Will you bid me on To fifty minutes of other mentors So that I might inhale Their tired details as well? Impart to me, I beg The wellspring of your wisdom O That I might freely breathe, $ Not gasp. q Patricia Goodman-Judd © Senior oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ode to Calculus I think that I shall never see A sight as lovely as sin of ' " , A formula for the angle " z " , Or a calculus book ' s company. £ As a student who looks at the board all day, O Raising my eyebrows, wondering if " a " g Might be equal to the square of pi Or possibly " p " , I close my eyes. Upon Doc Smith ' s bosom my grade is lain Pondering it, in agony and pain, Knowing my grades are up to me, Working, struggling, painstakingly. Poems are made by fools like me, But only Doc Smith proves " b equals c. " Kirby Roe X Sophomore © ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo A Non-traditional College Freshman On December 1, 1979, I made a big decision about my future: to enroll as a beginning freshman at Arkansas State University. You may ask, " What ' s so big about that? Thousands of young people do so every year. " It is different for me: a 35-year-old mother of two children; high school days are long forgotten. Before making the decision to enter col- lege, I struggled with my conscience for many hours, weighed the pros and cons, worried a lot and finally said, " I can do it. " After making that first big step of deciding, the next step was to take the American College Testing exam, required by all colleges and universities. I was worried — all of the English, math, science and his- tory that had been crammed into my head in my youth had atrophied. After arriving at the testing center very early on the designated morning, I walked into a room filled with approximately 60 high school seniors and I, the only " oldie " , came close to throwing in the towel. The long and boring test was the hardest I had ever taken. Later my scores re- vealed that I had indeed forgotten many facts I had learned previously. The third big step was registration. A nervous of long lines, confusion, class schedules, professors desired and classes closed. However, my fears were expelled once I started my registration procedure. I found that many advisors, professors and fellow students will help with forms, directions and ques- tions. One simply needs to forget her fears and ask for guidance. Before the day was completed, I had other freshmen asking me some of the same ques- tions I had asked earlier. The fourth big step finally arrived. I started classes as a full-fledged freshman and it hasn ' t been easy for me. Being a full-time mother, housewife and student requires a lot of discipline. I had to develop new reading and study habits and rearrange my time spent at home. As a commuter, I get up at 5:30 a.m. leave at 6:30 a.m., and drive 60 miles to school. My attempt to obtain a college education may prove to be a long, hard road. Low grades, lack of time, long hours of study, bad weather and the bore- dom of commuting may block my path, but I will work hard. I weighed the prospects and decided this was the best course of action for me. Virginia Morrow Freshman breakdown seemed probable as I listened to stories q i oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 71 72 73 The Porgy and Bess Singers Performed On Camp The Porgy and Bess Singers presented " Jubilee " Oct. 24. " Jubilee " was a theatrical con- cert featuring songs that were created by and for black per- formers since the 19th century. Featured songs included " I Got Plenty of Nothing, " " It Ain ' t Necessarily So " and " Summer- time. " The W. Runner J Stumbles 8 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo B Coming Back 5 In May, if all goes as planned, I will graduate from trying to obtain information from professionals who Arkansas State University with a Bachelors of Art de- gree in English. For me this will mean the end of an undergraduate career that started in 1939. This long delayed graduation was certainly not anticipated when I enrolled in college 41 years ago. But then in 1939 World War II was something President Roosevelt was going to keep us out of, and the idea of women soldiers was ridiculous. By 1943 we were in war, and I was a woman soldier. But when the war ended my most ear- nest hope was for a family-centered life. I had five children by the time the 1960 ' s arrived, and Viet Nam became the third war I was to live through. It was an emotionally unsettling time on a national level, and also on a personal level. A family tragedy forced me out of my narrow world of children and child-centered activities into active protest against the kind of services available for my exceptional child. In an attempt to understand the national problems I found I was still reasoning with the ideas I had assimi- lated in 1 939. 1 found that the roles of wife, mother and Girl Scout leader were woefully inadequate training for affecting any kind of social change. So, in 1968 I de- cided to seek a broader perspective. When I first returned to college I was frightened. Then I was surprised. Keeping up with the class was not all that hard. In the big world outside the university had jobs to protect, egos to bolster, or comfortable routines to maintain had ended, too often, in power struggles from which I inevitably retreated feeling inept and stupid. In the peaceful libraries and the lec- ture halls of the university the questioning student was welcome. I found this wonderfully exhilarating. Since then, whenever my battles with the world at large have become too painful, I have found solace in the university. In the process of coming back I have gained some very valuable self-knowledge. I have learned the difference between assertiveness and ag- gressiveness. I have also learned that social change does not come easy. For this reason, I am looking forward to obtaining a master ' s degree in an area that will enable me to be a more effective voice for change. My university career has proven to me that we never really know what we can do until we try. For this I am grateful. Also, I am grateful for those professors I have studied under who were so enthusiastic about their fields of knowledge that they managed to give me a broader vision and to stimulate new interests. I am grateful also for my contacts with fellow students with whom I have been able to share the struggles and the excitement of learning. Alice Karchefaski Senior OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQ Today ' s Fashions Presented By BSA All types of fashions ranging from sports wear to fancy eve- ning attire were on display as the Black Student Association again held its annual Fashion Show. Various students modeled the styles of today as many more watched the event. 81 Black History Week Features Abernathy, Talent Show Dr. Ralph Abernathy, noted civil rights leader, was the featured speaker during Black History Week. Among other events during the week, the annual Talent Show was well received. The Female Chorus of the Black Students Association won first place with the BSA Male Chorus placing second. Mark Lewis Elected SGA President ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SGA President Speaks | Who says the thing known as the " political ma- chine " cannot be beaten? All it takes is a little hard work on the candidate ' s behalf, some dedicated work- ers who believe in the candidate and a platform which the students believe is the most beneficial to them. The Independent Student League campaign in the spring of 1979 probably has set a trend that will be followed in campus elections in the years to come. We worked twice as hard and tried to be first in every phase of campaigning. We handed leaflets out left and right. You saw something about us at breakfast, at lunch and at supper. You even woke up with us in the morning with some type of leaflet we had handed out at 3 a.m. that morning. We had small yard signs running up and down the campus sidewalks. But most important, we ran a personal campaign. We talked to as many dif- ferent groups and as many people on a one to one basis as we could. After the election, presuming you are elected, the work doesn ' t stop. You still lose a lot of sleep and you don ' t devote the amount of time to the books that you should. But you do keep a positive frame of mind and do the best job possible, because you realize students have given you their trust through their vote and that is a large responsibility to live up to. O Richard Cox $ Senior, SGA president CDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She %ont%boxo Suit SEVENTY SIX ' JONESBORO. ARK ANSAS 72401 MONDAY, JAM ARY 7. 1980. 20 PAGES PRICE IS CENTS Changes Mind — Whillock Will Leave ASU By REBtCCA RASBEHKY Arkansas SUM University President Cart S WhlHock position in higher njumli ' . ' ii Whillock - who was prep " " ) to announce ros resignation l « special ASt ' Board of Trustees meeting on Dec II and chanted hu rmnd — has changed hi mind af atn H« will be leaving ASU to winw a managerial position with Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation meeting At about II M this morning he arrived at the office of ASl Board Chairman Richard Herget in Little Roc and tendered hu m gnation Refusal To Teach Pledge Hergei said he was sunned and very disappointed thai WhiOork plans to leave the University. He said a special meeting of the hoard has been called for Wednevlai Board of Trustees to assume of general manager of Arka Uric Cooperative 1 sas Electric Coe on Feb 1 " Our nation energy crisis n The electric energy industry i decade and 1 loos forward tV rain . part of it, " the W-year-oid presiden continued I am proud M be joining i system of electric cooperat I ves w hlch believe is an example of the sure Teacher ' s Firing r -v I - s ay- k O 4 " § ■% a J r Uncertainty was the mood of Ar- kansas State University as it moved from the seventies into a new dec- ade. Echoing the dramatic and abrupt international incidents that closed the seventies, the resignation of former President Carl S. Whillock set off a series of shock waves which reverberated throughout the cam- pus. But the seventies brought much more to ASU than the resignation of a president. Change, controversy and advancement have all been realized in this ten year span. The campus changed a great deal in a decade. When curfew regula- tions were dropped and an intervisi- tation policy was established in 1973, newspapers referred to it as student " liberation, " which indeed it was. The civil rights movement acted to increase the number of black students and instructors at ASU. In fact, the first black instructor to teach here was hired in 1970. Stu- dent activists united to form the Black Student Union and several fraternities and sororities. The sounds of the seventies at ASU were hammers, nails, drills and saws as new buildings were con- structed, old buildings renovated and a main road built. Snow, sleet and hail produced some of the harshest winters in this part of the country. For the first time since 1917 University officials can- celled classes for a day in February 1978 when five inches of snow blan- keted the campus grounds. New kinds of students appeared in the seventies. Middle-aged men and women and those over age 65 came to the University to share classes with the 20-year-olds. But the seventies were not without its problems, notably the contro- versy surrounding the 1976 home- coming queen election and the at- tendance policy instituted in 1979. Homecoming festivities were damp- ened considerably when the Greeks withdrew all their homecoming queen candidates and refused to build the traditional homecoming displays. They were protesting a de- cision made by then President Ross Pritchard who had called for a new election after he heard complaints from the Black Student Union. An- other controversial issue was the vastly unpopular attendance policy which regulated student attendance in freshman and sophomore level classes. This policy was still in effect at the time of publication. The University advanced in nu- exhibited lor more than 9 years by a national consumer movement My decuwr to resign my pool at Arkansas State is partly baaed on per- sona) conalderatinns For 2g years I have served m public office or worked for Use state or federal government TVy have been wonderful rewarding veer for roe and I am grateful for the opportunities .and rewards 1 have enjoyed The people of ASL and Northeast Arkansas have been especially cooperative and supportive My time ai Arkansas Stale baa been very satisfying and 1 will always be grateful for the etpertence However, after weighing all fac- tors. M is my decision u leave govern- ment service and higher education for »Y rk in the private sector ' The statement was signed by .See WHILLOCK Page 1 1 merous ways during the seventies. Academically, many bachelors and masters degree programs were added to the curriculum. It was an especially good time for sports. Two students, Thomas Hill and Earl Bell, competed in the Olympics with Hill bringing home the bronze for his ef- forts. In addition, the National Col- legiate Athletic Association clas- sified ASU as a Division I school in football. Another notable advance- ment was the formation of the Lecture-Concert Series and the Union Board which have provided students with quality entertainment and well-known speakers. The seventies should be remem- bered as a time of growth for ASU. When compared with the problems or " growing pains " of the University, the individual and collective achievements continue to shine through. In the midst of uncertainty the University remained strong. A kind of dismal, hopeless mood settled over the United States in the seventies. The American gaze turn- ed inward. The resignation of Presi- dent Richard Nixon and his involve- ment in the Watergate cover-up had the effect of disillusioning many citi- zens. The greed and corruption that was uncovered in the Watergate 06 i . " - " p - - ;vt • : " " : " NIXON RESIGNS Concedes Errors in Judgment; Ford to Be Sworn In Today Court Fate Of Nixon Unanswered ■» want j Police Approve j ! Honor to Nixon i trials, corresponded with the mood of the times. The seventies was the " me dec- ade. ' ' Hundreds of cheap paper- backs were printed expounding to the " I ' m terrific and to hell with everyone else ' ' philosophy. Robert Ringer ' s bestseller, Looking Out For No. 1 was the ultimate in the library of aggressive narcissism. Young people seeking truth gave up their material possessions and family ties to join cults. The mass suicide which occurred at Jones- town under the direction of Rev. Jim Jones showed the tremendous power that could be wielded by a cult leader. The Three Mile Island incident, in which small amounts of radioactive steam and water were released, turned many Americans against the use of nuclear energy. Dick Thornburgh, Governor of Pennsyl- vania said, " It is the place where the President Cites Loss Of Support Ford Expected to Begin Near Austerity Program lo s Ag worst fear of modern man almost came to pass. " It was during the seventies that the United States lost a war — Vietnam. By March 29, 1 973 the last U.S. com- bat troops left the embattled coun- try. Inflation added financial burdens to many Americans. There was a fear that America ' s history of astonishing material indulgence was about to end. Rising interest rates and too much money in circulation placed homes, new cars and other major purchases out of reach for many families. The seventies brought drastic changes in life styles, leaving the structure of the family permanently altered. Marriage was conceived of as only one extreme of a range of possibilities from casual dating to living together. There was an abun- dance of single parents and married couples who had chosen to remain childless. And in the last few months remain- ing in the seventies came two of the biggest blows to the United States. Iranian students stormed the Ameri- can embassy in Tehran taking over 50 American diplomats and employ- ees as hostages. And Russia moved in to take over Afghanistan and impose martial law just a few weeks later. As the sev- enties closed many public figures were saying that the two incidents had drawn Americans as close as they had been since World War II. But it is unfair to say the decade was completely dismal. America gave itself a grand 200th birthday party on July 4, 1 976, and it had a big part in helping to lead Egypt and Is- rael to live in peace. On the whole, Americans survived the seventies well and the country managed to remain united into the eighties. 87 IYC Extended A single bell pealed at the begin- ning of 1979, ringing in the Inter- national Year of the Child. And be- fore the end of the year 1 1 5 nations has sponsored programs benefitting children. Hunger and illiteracy among chil- dren were confronted in underde- veloped countries while industri- alized nations studied broken home traumas, child abuse, drug addic- tion, teenage suicide and instituted programs to treat these and other problems of children. In the United States President Jimmy Carter appointed a 29-mem- ber commission and several organi- zations worked with legislation af- fecting the lives of children. But the bell which rang for chil- dren in 1979 will continue into 1980. Many states have declared an exten- sion to the observance of IYC into the year ahead. Some of the young faces featured here are children who participated in the Arkansas State University Day Care Center and the Cottage of Hope programs. oo To affection, love, and understanding. To adequate nutrition and medical care. To free education. To full opportunity for play and recreation. To a name and nationality. To special care, if v handicapped. £ To be among the first to O receive relief in times of x disaster. © To learn to be a useful member of society and to develop individual abilities. To be brought up in a spirit of peace and universal brotherhood. To enjoy these rights, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national or social origin. ooooooooooooooooo 89 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Children of the Seventies I often wonder why this time was chosen for me to live in. I sometimes think I would have been happier in another time, some glorious time where I would have surely been a knight, or some other type of hero. I can not be sure if I am a reincarnation of some evil man who has been forced to live in this time to be punished for my sins, or a saint who is being blessed by getting a chance to live again in a better time. In any event, I am sometimes a confused young man who has been tossed into a life and a time that puzzles me, without even the chance to debate the situation. Though born in the fifties, and raised in the sixties, I am a child of the seventies. My generation was forced to grow into adulthood in a time that mocked ideas such as faith and trust, in a time that belittled concepts of love and honor. Our political leaders broke our trust by being involved in a series of scandals that left the rest of us wondering if we should ever trust them again. Our religious leaders did not offer us an answer to our needs. In fact, some led blind followers to their deaths, causing many of us to fearthem. We have been bombarded with books and movies depicting the act of love as being cheap and dirty. Many of us were forced to choose between fight- ing a war we did not believ e in, or fleeing the country we loved. We were not sure which was honor and which was cowardice. My generation was also blessed with new insights in the seventies. We have new ideas, new beliefs, and most important, new problems to overcome. We are the generation that must deal with problems such as nuclear energy, pollution, finding new sources of fuel, and the toughest problem of all, learning to live in peace. The latter is not a new problem, but is one that has been present as long as mankind. We, however, must solve this problem or face the extinction of the human race. There were also some good times in the seventies. New music, new dances and a relaxation of the moral code gave our generation freedoms that no generation before us ever had — freedom to grow emotionally and spiritually, or freedom to destroy ourselves. We learned from the mistakes of the children of the sixties. We were able to avoid many of their mistakes only to make our own. Living through our mistakes, however, helped us to realize who and what we were and are. I came of age in the seventies. I lived each day, through good and bad. The seventies was a mixture of pleasure and pain, of disappointment and exhilaration, of losing trust, then finding it again. We learned to trust in ourselves, and in doing so we found we could trust in others again. We are the children of the seventies. We are the men and women of the eighties. We are an important part of the future. Billy J. Smith Freshman OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 93 96 ASU Track Team Places Second At Conference The Arkansas State University track team fin- ished an excellent season in the spring of 1 979, placing second in the Southland Conference championship. Lamar University took the first place position. The two-day Southland Con- ference meet was held at the McNeese State University track complex at Lake Charles. Junior Ronnie Green of Memphis won the 800 meter run, while senior Bruce Metcalf fin- ished third in the event. Paul Kassen of Festus, Mo., a junior, won the Southland Conference 3000-meter steeple- chase for the second year in a row. High jumper Ricky DeWees of Pine Bluff, also a junior, came into the conference as the league record holder with the 6 feet and 10 and 1 2 inches he leaped as a freshman. In the 1978 Southland Conference, an injury limited him to third place. But DeWees bounced back in 1979, winning the high jump and setting a new league record of 7 feet. In the pole vaulting competition, ASU ath- letes captured first, second, third and fifth places. Sophomore Jordan W. Kerrell of Fair Grove, Mo., won the Southland Conference pole vaulting championship and team mate Paul Pilla of St. Louis, a junior, finished sec- ond. Third and fifth places were taken by Andy Pint us of Jonesboro, a senior and David Cook. Completing the track team ' s string of vic- tories were senior Glenn Wimer of Strasburg, Pa., who won the 5000 meter run champion- ship and junior Ricky Maclin of St. Louis who finished third in the 110 meter race. 102 Paul Pilla ASU ' s NCAA Pole Vault Champion 1 7-4 1 4 1979 NCAA Pole Vault Champion 1st 17-10V2 ASU 1979 Track Classic 3rd ASU athlete to win NCAA title during last 9 years Member United States World University Games, Mexico City College Sports Festival-Olympic Development Meet, Colorado Springs Ranked 7th nationally in United States 1977 Indoor and Outdoor National Junior College Champion 1978 Outdoor National Junior College Champion unior AAU 1977 Champion Tennis Players Triumph In ' 79 Season The men ' s and women ' s tennis teams work- ed hard this past season to build the image of Arkansas State University sports in the tennis area. Among the hard workers on the men ' s team were John Sutherland of Sarasota, Fla., Robert Doherty of Wynne, Jimmy Gunnels of Caruthersville, Mo., Tim Rasch of Little Rock, Wayne Gibson of Maiden, Mo., and Kenny Wong of West Memphis. Members of the triumphant women ' s team were Marcia Gibson of Jonesboro, J. J. Bullington of Caruthersville, Mo., Cindy Quarry of Jonesboro, Cathy Dodd of Caruthersville, Mo., Becky Wiskotoni of Elk- hart, Ind., and Mary Beth Terry of Memphis, Tenn. The men finished the season winning three games out of thirteen. The women ' s team had an admirable 1 1 game win streak with only two losses. In addition, the Tomahawks tennis players captured the number one team trophy in the state tournament. The Tommies went to the Southwest Associ- ation of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Tournament held in Ada, Ok. There they fin- ished number five out of 16 teams. Several of the Tommies excelled individually as well, in the tournament play. Marcia Gibson placed number one flight in singles while Cindy Quarry won the number three flight position. Winning the number five flight position was Becky Wiskotoni. J. J. Bullington and Becky Wiskotoni paired and placed in the flight number two position in doubles. Another pair, Cathy Todd and Tina Richardson, won the number three flight posi- tion. Janet Oates coaches both the men ' s and women ' s tennis teams. Ml I 1979 Women ' s Tennis Schedule ASU OPP. 5 Texas A I 4 2 Southwestern at Memphis 7 9 Univ. of Ark. at Monticello 7 Southern Ark. Univ. 2 6 Univ. of Central Ark. 3 5 Hope College at Michigan 4 9 Arkansas Tech. Univ. 9 John Brown Univ. 7 Henderson State Univ. 2 9 Hendrix College 5 Univ. of Ark. at Little Rock 4 2 Southwestern at Memphis 7 107 Team Opens Season With New Members A young Arkansas State University golf team opened its 1980 season when the Indians teed off against the University of Missouri-Rolla in a dual match at Fredericktown, Mo. The Indians, under the leadership of first- year Coach Neil Abel, had only two experi- enced hands on an eight-member squad. Two-year letterman Roddy Thrasher of Jonesboro, last year ' s top hand with a 77.1 average, led the contingent, with chief support coming from letterman Keith Bogard of Rock- ford, ill. Other members of the squad included soph- omore Dan Franz of Senath, Mo., and freshmen Chuck Gschwen d of Jonesboro, Jeff Melton of Gosnell, Jeff Wren of Pocahontas, Clay Hawley of Dallas, Tex., and Lanier Robinson of Holly Springs, Miss. The Indians, whose season climaxed April 21-23 with the Southland Conference Cham- pionships at Calhoun, La., played two other tournaments and 11 dual matches. Here was ASU ' s complete 1980 schedule: March 3 — Missouri-Rolla (at Fredericktown, Mo.) March 10 — McNeese State (at Lake Charles, La.) March 11 — McNeese State (at Lake Charles, La.) March 13-14 — Nicholls State Invitational (at Thibodaux, La.) April 2 — Arkansas — Little Rock (at North Little Rock) April 3 — Arkansas — Little Rock (at North Little Rock) April 10-12 — Northeast Louisiana Invitational (at Monroe, La.) April 21-23 — Southland Conference Cham- pionships (at Calhoun, La.) 109 Young Indians to Play 47-Game Schedule A nine-game road trip to Texas during Spring break opened the 1980 baseball season and a 47-game schedule. Coach Rich Johnson fielded an almost new ' team as only seven lettermen returned from the previous season. Despite the new faces, Johnson was optimistic vn about the season and especially about the team ' s batting ability. The SLC was split into two divisions this season with ASU competing with Louisiana Tech and Texas-Arlington for the North title, with the winner playing the South winner for the SLC championship. ■ ASU Tomahawks Win Again! The Tomahawks volleyball team, known as fierce competitors throughout the Mid-South have roared through yet another winning sea- son. The highlight of the Tommies season came when the team won the University of Ten- ne ssee-Martin Tournament. Among the other numerous bright spots in the women team ' s exceptional record this past year was the defeat of the Lady Tigers of Mem- phis State University in the MSU tourney. An- other highlight came about when the Tommies defeated the University of Alabama in a game for the women ' s tournament. Out of the ten teams entered in the Mississippi University for Women ' s Tournament the Tomahawks made the top four, comprised of Arkansas State Uni- versity, the University of Alabama, Florida State University and Memphis State University. The Tommies were declared the number one women ' s volleyball team for the fourth con- secutive time in the state tournament held at Hendrix College at Conway in early November. They entered the tournament with a match against Hendrix College in which they emerged as winners. They then entered the semi-finals, playing against Southern Arkan- sas University. Again, the Tomahawks tri- umphed with a win over their adversary. In the finals, ASU was up against Arkansas College. Continuing their history of success the Toma- hawks won and retained their status as the top intercollegiate women ' s volleyball team in the state of Arkansas. They went on to play in the regional tournament at Sam Houston Univer- sity. The type of game plan used by Coach Kay Woodiel varied from game to game depending on the opponents ' weaknesses. The major fac- tor in the Tommies ' 68 game win streak is the tradition of playing winning volleyball at ASU. The Tomahawks have the longest current win- ning streak in any sport of any kind, male or female, in the nation. Those selected to the All-Conference team were Cheryl " Bucky " Buckmeier, Pat Baker and Karen McClendon. Cheryl was noted for her strong defensive play, Pat, for her excellent leadership and Karen, for her all-around talent in the game. ASU TOMAHAWKS: (front row left to right) Kay Woodiel, Coach, Tony Brider, Cheryl Buckmeier, Cindy Falls, Sarah Taylor, Debbie Stepp, and Judy Davis. (Back row left to right) Teresa Mills, Mgr., Pat Baker, Carolyn Hill, Karen McClendon, Susie Matheny, Ann Williams, Lori Leach, and Tina Richardson, Trainer. M MMM ARKANSAS STATE TOMAHAWKS Won - Lost 35 15 Regular season games Opponents Score Philander Smith 15-0, 15-5, 15-2 HSU 15-8, 16-14, 15-8 Memphis St. 13-15, 15-4, 15-17 UALR 15-2, 15-9, 15-6 Ark. College 15-6, 15-8, 15-7 Memphis St. 4-15, 15-11, 4-15 - John Brown Univ . 15-9, 15-4, 15-11 Hendrix 15-3, 15-7, 15-2 UCA 15-9, 15-12, 15-7 Ark. Tech. 15-5, 15-9, 15-4 Ark. Tech. 15-10, 15-5, 15-11 Ark. College 15-9, 15-11, 13-15, 15-9 SAU 15-11, 15-6, 15-4 Hendrix 15-0, 15-2, 15-1 SE Mo. 15-11, 15-5, 15-3 UAPB 15-7, 15-5, 15-11 UCA 15-8, 15-10, 15-4 OBU 15-7, 15-6, 15-11 Tournament games Opponents Scores Old Miss. Tournament Miss. State 15-6, 15-3 Tulane 13-15, 17-15 " U.T. Martin 15-5, 15-8 Ole. Miss 11-15, 22-20, 12-15 " Memphis State 3-15, 12-15 " Miss. State 15-13, 15-3 Ole Miss. 7-15, 13-15 " Tommies placed 3rd Miss. Univ. Women Tournament Florida State 10-15, 6-15 " S.E. Louisiana 15-10, 15-7 Nichols 15-7, 7-15, 15-8 MUW 8-15, 15-12, 15-9 Ala. U of A 15-12, 7-15, 6-15, 6-15 " Tommies placed 3rd Memphis State Tournament MUW 12-15, 15-13, 14-16 U.T. Martin 15-11, 15-10 Memphis State 15-4, 16-14 Louisville 13-15, 15-6, 11-15 " Miss. State 15-4, 15-11 Ole Miss. 6-15, 7-15 MUW 11-15, 15-12, 10-15, 15-6 Tommies placed 4th U. T. Martin Tournament Austin Peavy 15-6, 15-13 S.W. Baptist 15-2, 11-15, 15-2 N.W. Missouri 15-11, 15-4 U.T. Martin 15-7, 15-9 Mid Tenn. State 15-7, 15-3 Murray State 15-4, 15-11 N.W. Missouri 15-8, 15-8 Tommies placed 1st AW ISA State Hendrix 15-3, 15-1, 15-2 SAU 15-7, 15-4, 8-15, 15-2 A.C. 16-14, 15-4, 15-10 Tommies placed 1st Regionals Baylor 12-15, 16-14, 12-15 " S.W. Texas 14-16, 3-15 " Sam Houston U. 6-15, 6-15 " Tommies eliminated ' Indian victories Indian loss 116 Indians Struggle Through 1980 As the 1980 season loomed in front of the Arkansas State University Indians, the talk was excited and anxious. After all, the team had a lot to look forward to. They had a new head coach, Larry Lacewell, who took over the post after serving as a volun- teer during the past season. Lacewell wel- comed a good crop of freshman players to go along with his already experienced team which had 22 seniors. Three of those seniors were back from the All-Conference team. Specialist Joe Slayton, the punter, placekicker Doug Dobbs and offensive lineman Jerry Castor. A lot of excitement was flowing around Jonesboro as the home opener against East Texas drew close. And the fans came out in full force to support the Tribe by putting the largest crowd ever in Indian Stadium, 1 7,481 . That fig- ure didn ' t last long though, as 17,638 came a few weeks later to the ABC televised game. The Tribe beat East Texas State in that opener and looked ahead to Northeast Louisi- ana the following week. But the Indians found another tough group of Indians as they lost to the NLU Tribe by one point. That game seemed to set the tempo for the rest of the season as the Indians were to drop 6 more. ASU finished the year with a 4-7 record, the other three victories coming over Southern Illinois, Richmond and Louisiana Tech, who ASU had not beaten since 1975. 119 Tribe Wins Home Opener Over ETSU East Texas State arrived in Jonesboro to find a fired up team and a town just as excited to go right along with the Indians. The Tribe jumped off to an early lead and never had to look back as they downed ETSU 24-1 4 in the season opener before a record crowd. Alex Herman caught the first touchdown pass of the game and Anthony Williams scored twice after him. Doug Dobbs added a 27-yard field goal to round out the tallies, and ASU had it ' s initial win of 1979. 120 Tribe Falls Just One Point Short; Bounces Back To Drop SIU After their win over East Texas State, the Indians went on the road to face Northeast Louisiana in Monroe, La. Again, the Tribe took the lead, but NLU came back to pull within two points. With only seven seconds left on the clock NLU kicked a 32-yard field goal to win the game, 18-17. The one point loss took its toll on the Indians but with Southern Illinois in Jonesboro the next week there was no time to look back. SIU jumped out to a 13-0 lead before ASU started to make their move. Gene Bradley got things going with a 1-yard dive forthe first TD and then a 7-yard pass to Jerome Miller for another. A Doug Dobbs field goal and a 51-yard touchdown run by Lee Charles Wright gave the Indians a 24-16 win. 122 123 ASU, ABC Together For A Football First Take 17,638 people and put them into Indian Stadium, add some ABC television cameras scattered throughout the rows of fans, add ASU and Southwestern Louisiana, two football teams hungry for a Southland Conference win, mix together on a sunny Saturday and stand back to watch. And watch is what many people did on September 29 as ASU ' s first televised game went on he ABC network as a regionally shown game. The game was telecast to a four state area, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. The campus was in a frenzy all week trying to get all the ABC requests filled and to welcome the crew in ASU style. A huge sign in lights on the front of the Reng Center welcomed ABC as did the whole town on every business marquee. The largest crowd to ever attend a Arkansas State University football game filled the stadium with banners and signs saying " hi " to Mom and proclaiming ASU as " The University " in Arkansas. The field got a new paint job with a bigger than life Jumpin ' Joe in the end zone. The hot air balloons encir- cled the stadium rim and the parachuters fell from the sky to the 50-yard line with the game ball. And despite it all the ballgame got under way and on schedule. Announcers Dave Nitz and Ben Martin com- mented on ASU quarterback Gene Bradley calling him an " experienced athlete who is an effective option runner and forecasting the kicking game to be one of the keys to a victory for both teams. Halftime featured ASU ' s dressing facilities. After showing the temporary trailers in which ASU is now us- ing, the cameras moved to the new building under con- struction. As an architect ' s drawing of the finished pro- duct was displayed, Martin commented, " This is going to be a first class facility all the way. " Nitz and Martin proved right as the Indians took a nine point lead thanks to the foot of placekicker Doug Dobbs. His 22-, 36-, and 35-yard fieldgoals put the Tribe out in front again and earned him the Chevrolet Player of the Game. Punter Joe Slayton ' s 54-yard average kept the Ragin ' Cajuns out of scoring position throughout most of the contest, but USL came up with 13 points late in the fourth quarter and handed the Indians another sour de- feat, 13-9. 124 127 128 129 130 132 1 cflJk Indians Fall To Lamar 20-10; Cardinals Come From Behind To Shock Tribe With the season on its final leg, the Indians started Homecoming week look- ing forward to their contest with the Lamar University Cardinals. The Indians quickly moved out to a 10- point lead on a one-yard run by Bobby Young and a 20-yard field goal by Doug Dobbs. But as the game wore on, the Tribe found themselves on the short end of a 20-10 score. Arkansas State now stood at 4-4 on the year with only one more game at Indian Stadium, Texas-Arlington next Saturday. 133 134 135 136 Tribe Drops Final Three; Ends 4-7 Hungry for another win, the Tribe hoped to repeat last year ' s victory over Texas-Arlington. However, nose hopes quickly faded and the Indians found themselves on the very short end of a 56-18 score. The idians got points on a Doug Dobbs field goal, and short runs by Gene Bradley and Anthony Williams. The following week the Indians traveled to Wyoming and the bitter cold. At kickoff it was 29 degrees. Williams and Lee Charles Wright both ran for ASU touchdowns, but it wasn ' t enough as the Tribe fell again 7-14. In one week, ASU went from the frigid North to balmy Hattiesburg, Mississippi. However, the warmer limate had little effect on ASU. The Indians struggled through three quarters of scoreless football until they cored on a pass from Bradley to Jerome Miller. The two-point conversion failed. At the final buzzer the Indians ' ere behind 14-6 and ended the disappointing season 4-7. 138 It May Not Be NCAA . . . But It ' s Athletic Tribe Responds to Exciting Crowds Arkansas State ' s basketball Indians had a great season in 1979-80. Although their record of 1 5-1 2 was the same as the previous season, the playing climate was entirely different than last year — the crowd has come alive. Whether you credit Sparky, the crowd, the team or the coach, major college basketball arrived at In- dian Fieldhouse this year. Along with its 1 5-1 2 season record, the Tribe grabbed a tie for second place in the SLC, and for most of the season, led the league. With this new-found excitement came rec- ord crowds which added to the Tribe ' s perfor- mance. Beginning in 1975, average attendance was 1 ,752, 1 , 843, 1 ,865 and 2,401 .This year the average was 3,852 per game some 1,400 more than last year. With this backing, the Tribe won ten while losing only three on the home court. On the road the record was five wins and nine losses. Four seniors closed out their careers at ASU — forward Marvin Jarrett of West Helena, guard Toby McCammon of lola, Kan., forward Jessie Harris of Youngstown, Ohio and guard Maurice Robertson of Memphis, Tenn. Jarrett became only the sixth Indian to finish his career in the top ten in both scoring and re- bounding. McCammon moved into the eighth spot in all-time free throw shooting by hitting on 81.8 percent of his shots. 141 Indians Give Good Fight, But Oklahoma Team Wins 143 144 145 146 147 Cheering Fans, Pep Band Root For ASU Chicken " Sparky " , Cheerleaders Entertain Basketball Fans Local Station KAIT-TV Gives Media Coverage To Basketball Games 150 As Usual, Tomahawks Have Good Season The Tomahawks had another successful season as they won 15 while losing only five and finished second in the Arkansas Women ' s Intercollegiate Sports Association in pre-playoff play. The Tommies earned a berth in the state playoffs and advanced to the semifinals and finished the regular season with a 19-8 record. Sue Jayroe, a senior from Palestine, led the Tommies in the state playoffs, as she had during the season. She was named to the All-AWISA team for the second straight year. Only two other Tommies in history have made the team twice. The Tomahawks also placed two players on the hon- orable mention list — sophomore Martha Higgins of Joiner and freshman Mary Graddy of Hoxie. Second year Coach Sara Wooley was named Coach of the Year by the league. Two Tommies finished their careers — center Jayroe and forward Sandra Walmsley of Biggers. Wamsley has been one of the most consistent Tommies, since transfer- ring from SBC, and ranked third in scoring this season. Jayroe played four years at ASU and owns 12 Toma- hawk records, a mark that ' s not likely to be duplicated for quite a while. Jayroe led the Tommies in both scoring and rebounding this season and became the first woman at ASU to reach the 1 ,000 mark in both points and rebounds in a career. At INDIAN deadline time, the Tommies only needed one victory in the double-elimination regional tourna- ment to become the winningest team in ASU history — mens ' or women ' s. TOMAHAWKS — First row, left to right: Becky Wiskotoni, Kathie Long, Carol Wilson, Theresa Lercher, Theresa Whitehurst, Martha Higgins and Gaye Phipps. Second row: Coach Sarah Wooley, Sandy Walmsley, Retta Thomas, Sue Jayroe, Mary Graddy, Karen McClen- son and Coach Candi Harvey. 154 155 157 ASU Bowling Team Has Good Season The Arkansas State University bowling team, coached by Robert Cobb, was the Division Seven win- ner of the Southern Intercollegiate Bowling Confer- ence this Spring with an 11-4 record. During the sea- son the team finished eighth out of 21 teams in the Association of College Union International. BOWLING TEAM — Seated, left to right: Michael Mike Mosby, Bobb Troutt, Doug Williamson, Marshall Wichman, Scott Parham and Bill Thompson. Standing: Talbot and Coach Robert Cobb. 159 CO O CO 0) 2 O CO -Q CO CO Those Behind The Scenes Football Managers Jay Woods Kenneth Malone Robert Graham Basketball Managers Gary Burnside Doug Morgan Student Trainers Nancy Harris Brad Pritchett Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Richard F. Adams Jr., Jonesboro Accounting A member of Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi and Gamma Beta Phi. The 1 979-80 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges will carry the names of 49 Arkansas State University students who were selected as being among the country ' s most out- standing campus leaders. They were selected because of their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and future potential. More than 1,200 students were selected this year from institutions of higher education in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign countries. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 1934. A new dimension was added this year as those selected were honored at a Who ' s Who Recognition Night Dec. 6. The students and their parents were hon- ored by the deans of their respective colleges and departments and presented their certificates in the Ballroom of the Reng Center. A reception followed in the Formal Lounge. Those selected appear in this section in alphabeti- cal order with their hometowns and majors listed, as well as some of the organizations in which each par- ticipated during their years at Arkansas State Univer- sity. Kenna Sue Agin, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Business Education A member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Union Board and National Secretaries Association. Michael J. Barch, Luxora Business Management A member of Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Personnel Administrators and Resident Assistant and Vice President of Delta Hall. Patricia M. Baker, North Little Rock Public Relations A member of Tomahawks volleyball team, College of Communication Student Advisory Committee and Curriculum Committee and Public Relations Student Society of America. Jamie K. Berry, Jonesboro Accounting A member of the Accounting Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi and Gamma Beta Phi. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Dorothy M. Bland, Little Rock Journalism A memberof Phi Kappa Phi, Society of Professional Journalists — Sigma Delta Chi, Black Students ' Association and Arkansas Hall Dorm Council. Maggie Hourd Bryant, Kennett, Mo. Sociology A member of Pi Gamma Mu, Gamma Beta Phi, Black Students ' Association, Black Students ' Associa- tion Choir and Readmittance Committee. Arlene M. Bridges, Helena Speech and Drama A member of Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Forensic Squad, Pi Kappa Delta and Arkansas Hall Dorm Council. Barry G. Burns, Jonesboro Social Science A member of Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Stu- dent Government Association, Independent Student League and University Financial Aid Committee. 164 Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Pocahontas Business Education A member of the Student Government Association, Union Board and Zeta Tau Alpha. Brian K. Conatser, Trumann Instrumental Music A member of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Sym- phonic Band and Jazz Lab Band. George R. Cotton, West Helena Commercial Art A member of Student Government Association, Union Board, Black Students ' Association, Cultural Enrichment Committee, Commercial Art Club and Twin Towers Dorm Council. Richard Mack Cox, Paragould Accounting A member of the Student Government Association, Independent Student League, Young Democrats and College of Business Dean ' s Advisory Council. 165 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Michele Y. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Marketing A member of the Student Government Association, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Beta Lambda, College of Busi- ness Dean ' s Advisory Council and Zeta Tau Alpha. Jan L. Dortch, Rector Urban and Regional Affairs A member of Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Arkansas Geographic Society, Panhellenic Council and Zeta Tau Alpha. Mary E. Dobbs, Mountain View, Mo. Political Science A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Model United Na- tions and College Republicans. Nona Douglass, Mountain Grove, Mo. Physical Education A member of the Student Government Association, Union Board, Department of Physical Education Profi- ciency Committee, Concert and Marching Bands, Football Cheereader and Zeta Tau Alpha. Mary C. Elmore, Jonesboro Physical Education A member of Student Government Association, Union Board, Physical Education Majors Club, Wom- en ' s Tennis Team and Alpha Gamma Delta. James Garner Jr., Granite City, III. Commercial Art A member of Art Director ' s Club, Arkansas Print Club, Concert Choir, Male Chorus, Chamber Singers, Pops Ensemble and Phi Mu Alpha. Christi Lou Flynn, North Little Rock Business Management A member of Rotoract, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Omicron Pi, 1977 Homecoming Queen and American Society of Personnel Administration. Marcia Lynn Gibson, Jonesboro Business Administration A member of Alpha Gamma Delta and ASU Wom- en ' s Tennis Team. Won conference singles in 1977- 78-79; won the region singles in 1978 and finished eighth in the nationals in 1978. 167 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Stella L. Hourd, Kennett, Mo. Business Education A member of Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda, National Education Association, National Business Education Association, Black Students ' Association and Delta Sigma Theta. Johnny B. Isbell, Bay Vocal Music A member of Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Concert Choir, Male Chorus, Chamber Singers and Music Edu- cational National Conference. James W. Keene, Jonesboro Accounting A member of Young Democrats, Independent Stu- dent League, Alpha Kappa Psi, Gamma lota Sigma, Union Board, Accounting Club and Mountaineering Club. Jo Ann E. Lake, Marianna Nursing A member of Arkansas State Nursing Student As- sociation, ASU Nursing Student and Phi Theta Kappa. 168 Dwight J. Love, DeWitt Accounting A member of Young Democrats, Accounting Club, Twin Towers Dorm Council, Financial Aid Committee and Phi Eta Sigma. Dale E. McGilliard, Brownsburg, Ind. Speech and Drama A member of Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, Cham- ber Theater, Theater Staff and Lambda Chi Alpha. Mark K. May, Walnut Ridge Agricultural Education A member of Alpha Tau Alpha, Delta Tau Alpha and Future Farmers of America. Pamela G. McGonigal, Doniphan, Mo. Public Relations A member of Public Relations Student Society of America, College of Communications Curriculum Committee and Student Advisory Committee and Kappa Delta. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Elizabeth A. McKenzie, Blytheville Marketing A member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Panhellenic Counci and Alpha Gamma Delta. Deborah A. Miller, Stuttgart Speech Pathology A member of Student Government Association, Na- tional Speech and Hearing Association, ASU Band, Head Majorette and Alpha Omicron Pi. Freeman Montaque Jr., West Memphis Chemistry A member of Phi Eta Sigma, Student Government Association, United Student Alliance, American Chem- ical Society, Black Students ' Association, Presidential Screening and Advisory Committee, University Policy Review Committee, President ' s Advisory Committee and Alpha Phi Alpha. David A. Pickler, Jonesboro Business Management A member of Student Government Association, Young Democrats, Union Board, Phi Beta Lambda, Liberal Arts Dean ' s Council, American Society of Per- sonnel Administration and Tau Kappa Epsilon. 170 JoAnn Raines, DeWitt Early Childhood Education A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Student National Education Association, Gamma Beta Phi and Kays Hall Dorm Council. Margaretta D. Robinson, Newport Business Data Processing A member of Phi Beta Lambda, Union Board Cul- tural Board Enrichment Committee, Black Students ' Association Choir and first female president of the Black Students ' Association. Jane E. Rapley, Hot Springs Accounting A member of Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Panhellenic Council and Chi Omega. 4, Jerri Jo Rose, Wynne Early Childhood Education A member of Student Government Association, University Hall Dorm Council, Panhellenic Council and Phi Mu; and first female recipient of ASU Alumni Lead- ership Scholarship. Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Beverly Shatley, Paragould Speech Pathology A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, National Student Speech and Hearing Association and Baptist Student Union. Deloris Ann Shields, West Helena Special Education A member of the Black Students ' Association, Black Students ' Association Choir, Arkansas Hall Dorm Council and Delta Sigma Theta. Donna C. Smith, Paragould Music A member of Tau Beta Sigma, ASU Band, Young Democrats, Physics Club, Student Council for Excep- tional Children, Panhellenic Council and Alpha Gamma Delta. Emily Joyce Smith, Jonesboro Personnel Management A member of Phi Beta Lambda, Data Processing Association, American Society of Personnel Adminis- tration and a staff writer for The Herald. 172 Mary Jane Stuart, Newport Animal Science A member of Future Farmers of America, Block and Bridle Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Medical Arts Club, Union Board and Zeta Tau Alpha. Dena L. Tinker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Physical Education A member of Physical Education Majors Club, Square Dance Club, Mountaineering Club, Orienteer- ing Club, Rangers, Rifle Team and American Associa- tion for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Donald J. Threm Jr., Peel Journalism A member of Phi Kappa Phi, Society of Professional Journalists — Sigma Delta Chi, Public Relations Stu- dent Society of America and Twin Towers Dorm Coun- cil. Cynthia L. Tolley, Blytheville English Education A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Panhellenic Council and Zeta Tau Alpha. Who ' s Who In American Jeffery W. Van Patten, Searcy Finance A member of Phi Beta Lambda, Real Estate Club, Delta Hall Dorm Council, Student Government Associ- ation, College of Business Dean ' s Advisory Council and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Rebecca L. Wood, Jonesboro Accounting A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Accounting Club, Student Government Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Lambda, Union Board and Alpha Gamma Delta. Colleges and Universities Mary E. Walker, Marked Tree Dramatic Arts A member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Theater Staff and Modern Dance Club. Leslie Wren, Little Rock Accounting A member of Accounting Clu b, Panhellenic Council and Chi Omega and recipient of ASU Faculty Women ' s Club Scholarship. 175 176 Rush Week Rush-rush-rush — that ' s what the procedure for finding one ' s place in the Greek world is called, and the name is an appropriate one. Those who decide to go through " rush, " " rush " from party to another. It ' s fast paced and exciting, but a lot of serious thinking takes place during rush. Individuals must decide which group they are most suited to, and groups must make the same decision. Rush is meeting lots of peo- ple, trying to remember lots of names, having lots of fun, but even more, rush is a chance to find a home away from home. 177 178 179 PKA Little Olympics Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity annually sponsors the Little Olympics where members of the different sororities com- pete in various events and the winning group is awarded $100 for its philan- thropy. The entire affair usually winds up in the mud. Zeta Tau Alpha successfully defended its 1978 championship. 180 181 183 Sig Eps Hold First Fight Nite ASU had its first night of boxing as the Indian Field house was transposed into an arena with the ring in the center. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity held the event, staged as " Fight Nite. ' ' Boxers from each fraternity competed during the two days of bouts. The group raised over $700 which it do- nated to the University in the way of a special gift. 184 KD Walk-A-Thon Each year the Delta Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta spon- sors a Walk-a-Thon. Trophies are given to the individual rais- ing the most money and the group with the largest percent- age participating. Proceeds from the Walk-a-Thon goes to John T. Gray Memorial School, KD ' s local philanthropy. 187 198 ZTA Follies: Healing Affair The Zeta Tau Alpha Follies for 1980 was won by Chi Ome- ga ' s trip back to the 1950s. Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s guitar trio took second place and Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Brother Love healed the audience for third place. Proceeds went to the Na- tional Association for Retarded Citizens. 189 190 Alpha Gamma Delta Fran Adams Loranne Adams Sherri Alexa Robin Ashley Brenda Baker Bridgette Barfoot Dana Barger Sherry Barkley Jennifer Bell Bobbi Bennett Melissa Boggs Crete Branch Sandy Broughton Nancy Bryan Carmi Bryant Nancy Byrd Kim Carter Kathleen Covington Teri Crittenden Sue Cunningham Teresa Dawson Andrea Dunn Julie Edwards Mary Elmore Martha Felts Marty Floyd Joan Garner Kelly Gerber Marcia Gibson Sheila Gibson Suzanne Graham Cari Griffith Ruth Hatridge Susan Hearn Lyndi Heidelberg Becky Higgins Hope Holmes Teresa Hood Denise Hyde Ke Hi Johnson Kim Johnson Lisa Jon es Cheri Kennedy Dena McDaniel Elizabeth McKenzie Lisa Miller Donnis Minx Patricia Moore Timmie Morgan Tanda Nicholson Angie Nix Tracey Penry Trudy Purvis Theresa Robertson Cherie Robison Melody Rogers 192 £ ■ .sf 1 ' Dede Turner Linda White Robin Williams Becky Wood Melyssa Wyatt Jill Rose Jackie Schmidt Joye Sharp Debbie Shumaker Natalie Shumaker Teresa Skidmore Charletta Smith Donna Smith Janet Smith Cindy Spencer Tammy Stratton Beth Stuart Diane Thomas Cari Tomlinson Alpha Gamma Rho 1 ff " M r f S» 4Bv Neil Tucker Hugh Whitledge Charles Wilson Braun Atkinso n Jay Bagwell Billy Burchfield David Cantrell Marty Conley Pat Henley Jay Highfield Bill Hill Terry Hogard Jeff Houston Brad Jaques Michael Jett James Jones Barry LaFarlette Alan Lipsmeyer Larry Neely James Pery Ben Starr Mark Tanner Joel Teel Jeff Tomlinson Alpha Kappa Alpha Phyllis Callaway Lora Cobb Sybil Dotson Mollie Lytle Loretta Montgomery Janice Payton Cynthia Rodgers Alpha Omicron Pi Sandy Allen Monique Anderson Beverly Bell Mollie Berry Robin Besancon Merrill Black Myra Bowers Michelle Bradley Carol Brotherton Kim Carlisle Diane Childress Rebecca Cooper Kelley Courtney Cindy Crane Lisa Dodson Norma Faust Margaret Fleming Christi Flynn Leah Gilliam Becky Grace Lisa Green Lulu Guillermo Joan Hafner Gale Harris Beverly Hazelip Dawn Heath Bernee Jackson Kelly Jones Brenna Kegley Terry King Denise Litzelfelner Deborah Miller Ginger Osborn Maria Osborn Linda Payne Karen Petrus Robin Poag Mary Ann Powell Mel Rowland Suzanne Rowland Maribeth Spitzer Sandy Statler Cindi Stimach Cindy Stricklin Kay Tackett Mimi Whistle Renee White Terri Wix Alpha Phi Alpha 9 v ' f 4% A Troy Price Herbert Versie Leonard Williams Dr. Herman Strickland, advisor s Percy Bland Calvin Curtis Ronald Gentry Kurtz Griffin William Holt Freeman Montaque Arthur Neal Alpha Tau Omega Glen B. Adams Dean P. Aye George B. Baker Danny Baltz Douglas A. Billi ng Foster Bowdon Eddie Brooks Bob Brown Lawrence Bryon Al Burns Larry Busick John Clem Charles DeClerk Erick Edmisten Ned Fardeecey John Farris Paul D. Ford Gregory Gamso Daniel Girone Charles Gurkin Aaron Henson Sam Holloway Vaughn Hutton Melvin Johns Roy Lamb Peter Langsdon Donald Lee Donald Luther John Martin Ronald Melton Mark Mitchell Lynn Moss James Priday Jack Sain Lawrence Steimel Steve Thurman Steve Walker Warren Williams Tommy Young Chi Omega Beth Ashcraft Cookie Baioni Elaine Baldwin Lynn Billingsley Alisa Bitner Joy Blankenship Mona Brewer Tina Brummett Tammy Bussey Wendy Butler Anita Cain Christi Carmical Mary Cherepski Carolyn Clarke m ■« JPjp " IMP WW ' • - f St ■ . We . Ml ■ 1 1 k o In 1 1 1 £ k i J Hh 1 a P V ? Karen Crow Carol Cychol Patty Cychol Kim Davenport Kathy Dillon Lisa Doss Cathy Drake Patty Enderlin Lynn Farris Babette Fisher Tracy Fortmann Beth Gramling Sharon Harris Nancy Hassell Patti Hassell Shawn Hawkins Debbie Haywood Anne Holloway Cindy Ingram Rosemary Jansen Linda Jarvis Lea Ann Jensen Kim Johnson Raye Lynn Johnson Melody Jordan Lisa Killian Riki Kimbrell Julie Kirkland Lisa Ledbetter Linda Lochridge Lee Ann Longinotti Lesa McFarlin Susan Moon Jamie Mosley Tracy Phifer Dawn Pickney Molly Rainey Jane Rapley Rebecca Richards Mari Robertson April Rutledge Gwen Smith Rhonda Smith Gwyn Snider Debbie Soulsby Sherry Spell Rebecca Sutterfield Janet Toney Kim Waddell Kim White Suzanne Wonderly Leslie Wren Susie Wren Holly Calloway, advisor Delta Sigma Theta Carolyn Baxter Alice Buchanan Pamela Culley Tommey Flowers Gloria Frazier Angolia Gay Rhonda Hill Lucille Settles Deloris Shields Sharon Simpson Joyce Stanley Velma White Laverne Williams Venus Young Kappa Alpha John Aycock David Baratti Jackie Brown Tony Busby Jim Camp Guy Carter Keith Crass Steve Culver Alan Daugherty Max Duncan Mark Felker Hank Fisher Rick Fitzwater Dan Franz Steve Gibbs Eddie Gnau Terry Graves John Greenwood Bubba Grimmer Glen Hall Steve Hawkins Charlie Haywood Larry Higgins David Hill Brad Hudspeth Philip Riley Hunt Craig Hunter Lee Hunter Tim Hunter Gary Jaroe Don Johnston Bill Jones Eddie King Pat Long David Looney 198 1 H r 3 1 toft If ii Lf V fill f 11 r it gk ' f lit 1 if ' ifflJfa Kappa Alpha Psi Phil White Phillip Wray Sam Gennuso, advisor Steve McFerron, advisor Kim Johnson, KA Rose Joe Looney Jr. Paul McCullough Rex Wayne Metzger Jr. Bob Mouser Terry Parker Dan Peterson Mark Poe Bart Powell Mark Schafer Neil Schafer Sid Sheppard Brad Short Chris Smith Skipper Smith Tom Smith Ramey Stiles Russell Stobaugh Ron Tapley Dennis Van Veckhoven Tommy Van Veckhoven Ron Vaughn Cyrus Coleman Franklin Davis Willie R. Peoples Jr. Alvin L. Simes Reginald Smith Walter Towne Esau Tuberville Jr. Kappa Delta Tina Albright Beverly Bickerstaff Debb ie Burnette Melinda Butcher Gina Byrne Tamara Carlson Peggy Clark 199 Mona Dahlke Tracey Denny Terri Dowdle Deborah Ferguson Leigh Ann Files Kathie Fisher Vickie Frazier Carolyn Gipson Jackie Holt Julie Hudgens Nellie Hughes Paula Hughes Cecilia Hurst Jean James Lisa Johnston Brenda Jones Cherie King Jeannie McCaughey Pam McGonigal Lisa McMillan Susan Moore Dona Morgan Kay Noland Sheena Powers Amelia Smith Cathy Travis Karen Uebelein Paulette Vincent Lambda Chi Alpha Andy Agee Ronnie Bailey David Bauschlicher Davis Bell Frank Betzner Bill Bobbitt Claude Brawner Warren Byrd James Caldwell Rusty Carson Larry Catt Scott Clay Jerry Cochran Bo Crabtree Vv f 4 %. flu at « f 1 HI vfl f HE £hB 200 warn Shawn Weems Keith Wineland Mike Wright Philip Yee Warren Dupwe, advisor Alan Crancer Mike Craven Ray Culpepper Chet Day Robert Diebold Craig Elder Bob Fegtley Mark Fleming Barry Forrest Paul Gilbow Wiley Grubbs Tim Hynes Edwin Jaffe Greg James Brad Joyce Rick Jurczyk Jackie Leach Frankie Mazzanti Mike Moody Jay Moore Craig Morris Doug Nienhaus Joel Philhours Bill Phillips Danny Ridenour Mark Rockwell Alan Schoessel Mark Settles Mark Sifford Tom Sims Scott Smith Gene Spears Keith Stephens Mitch Thompson Mike Weaver Phi Mu Ann Sharon Bednar Cindy Bennett Becky Boylls Lynn Cherry Liz Chesney Linda Childers Bonnie Crabtree Shelia Craft Arista Davis Connie Davis Pat Davis Kathleen Doty Linda Doty Donna Francis Cindy Hall Janet Harris Martha Harris Nancy Harris Kate Hentz Elisa Hill Carla House Terry Hunkapiller Kim Jackson Pam Jones Tarn Jones Darleen Key Deanna King Stacey Knight LaDonna Long Sherry Lutes Tara Madden Sharon McLeod Nancy McRae Carol Miller Laurie Moon Marian Moore Cindy Morris Ann Murphy Dana Parrish Teresa Perry Jeannine Pospisil Debbie Rapert Missy Rieff Jerri Jo Rose Rita Ross Dyeann Shaver Gayle Smart Sandy Thielemier Lyn Turley Suzy Wallin Debbie Warbritton Beverly Ward Beth Wiggins Debbie Wiggins Doreen Wilichowski Pi Kappa Alpha Barry Adams James Andrews Mike Bacot Brian Beck Keith Bennett Steve Berry Scott Bodell Chris Brazeal Brian Brooks Kenneth Brown David Caples Grover Carrier Roger Colbert Rick Cole Vic Coleman Danny Cook David Cook Harold Copenhaver David Donley Trey Dudley David Duke George Foley Doug Gilmore David Grisham Barry Harrison Donny Hastings Tim Higgins Dale Hinson David Holmes Paul Hooks Rusty McMahon Robin Meyers Gary Milkes Lance Miller Kenny Mullen David Mullins David Pierce Mickey Pierce Mark Pierson Gary Pinson Gary Pogue Tom Porterfield Bill Pyland Lanier Robertson Jimmy Robison Randy Roebuck Greg Sharp Joe Slayton David Smith Joe Smith Stan Smith Stan Smith Michael Sparks Joe Spivey Greg Stearnes Roddy Thrasher Alan Twedell Frank Waldon John Waldon David Westbrook Randy Wheeler Steve White Mike Wise pn r Christy Flynn, Dream Girl 1 7 I Sigma Phi Epsilon Carl E. Baird David C. Bandy Earl Blair Steven D. Blancett Thomas J. Bonds Craig A. Cain Phillip H. Clark Alfred Clement William A. Cook Eddie R. Cummings Phillip M. Currier Jack G. Dahlke Stanley D. Daniel Glenn F. Eaton Troy A. Fluegel James B. Fulmer Steve W. Graddy Alan L. Griffith Joe D. Gunn Wayne Hollister Gary J. Jameson Don L. Kittler Robin K. Landa Robert D. Murray Sam G. Nichols James D. Pearce Winford R. Phillips Jerry S. Riggs Roger D. Schafer Randy L. Schoenbeck Randy Lee Shelton Ricky A. Sherrill Marty Joe Simpson Richard Stearns Jon P. Taylor Jeff L. Tidwell Kurt Lee Walzer Tommy L. White David Wilson Darrell R. Young Stephen M. Reasoner, advisor 204 Tau Kappa Epsilon mm Eddie Adams David Argo George Berg Alan Bickerstaff Terry Black Jerry Bolding Clay Boone Greg Bowen David Brown Keith Brown Dennis Burns Barry Callahan David Callison Neil Cate Bryan Cattanach Joe Chandler Eugene Cherry Jackie Clark Charles Cornish Joe Craig John Cramer Joey Cunningham John Cychol Rex Davis Mike Dickerson Jim Drake Richard Dunlap Kim French Wayne Furnia Kevin Gamble Bruce Gartman Jim Gentry Mike George Wesley George Bill Gibson Eddie Goode David Gregory Jeff Gregory John Hampton Neil Harrington Cliff Hart Mark Hayes Tony Hendrix Jerry Herndon Gary Higgins Ernie Hodge Darrell Holifield Paul Holifield David Keith Butch Kelly Steve Langley Mark Lewis Bonard Mace Robbie Metcalf Daniel Nicholson Tony Palidino Scott Parker David Pickler Kevin Pinegar Bill Quinn Mike Reid Rick Rice Mike Shephard Tip Shipp Byron Small Brett Smith Ray Smith Ronnie Smith Scott Snodgrass Jim Stevens Tim Stillings Richard Stinson Milton Tackett Mike Talbert Bob Thomas Bobby Tucker Steve Tucker Jeff Van Patten Keith Waddell Roger Walls Greg Warr Bobby Weinstock David E. Wilson Harold Wilson Mark Wood Jay Woods William Chamberlin, advisor Jerri Jo Rose, sweetheart Zeta Tau Alpha Suzanne Baker Cindy Baltz Sharon Bell Tammy Beisner Torri Beisner Debbie Blake Cheryl Buckmeier Sandy Bunch Sherry Buys Karen Byrd Carolyn Coe Karen Crommett Patty Derfler Robin Dempsey Michelle DeRoeck Jan Dortch Nona Douglass Cindy Falls Elizabeth Garner Cindy Gibson Kelly Hardin 206 Ml At 41 G ft fir ft i ft r J ' , ; ' MM jjP 19 i MaryWy Judy Eason, advisor % V Bridgett Henley Valerie Holt Becky Hudson Clarissa Hutchison Lisa Jones Sharon Lack Lauri Langston Shari Magdefrau Rayanna Miller Jimmie Neill Dolores Parke Susan Phillips Barbara Pope Cindy Rawls Sara Saliba Karen Seifert Linda Shouse Julie Spades Penny Stegall Susan Stevens Jane Stuart Julie Taylor Karen Taylor Janice Thomas Cindy Tolley Mama Travis Cindy Tschabold Jessica Vincent Susan Wallis Anita Watson Diane Watson Kim Williams Zilpha Wilson Kathy Wood Julia Wren 207 AOPi ' s Hold Greek Backgammon, Spades Tourney 209 ALPHA EPSILON RHO — National honorary radio and television society. (Left side, front to back) Tamara Carl- son, Tom Swallows, president, Greg Hogue, John Lewis, Steve Reinert, Lance Quinn, A P coordinator. (Right side) Scott Keller, treasurer, Sherry Chudomelka, secretary, Robert Layer, Derek Henry, Ron Kelley, Bill Evans, Gene Cagle. ACCOUNTING CLUB — For students interested in accounting. (First row, left to right) Wallace Fowler Jr., social chairman, Carrie Powell, treasurer, Jamie Berry, vice president, David Pipkin, president. (Second row) Becky Wood, Coldelia Lewis, Carolyn Harris, Carla Sawyer, Pamela Folz, Debbie Edmonson. (Third row) Don Rouse. Leah Ann Martin, Teresa Bolton, James W. Keene. Brent Stidman, Joyce Stidman, Becky Greenwood, Dwight Love. 210 ALPHA PHI OMEGA PHYETTES — (First row, left to right) Countess Thompson, parliamentarian, Car- melia Henderson, treasurer. (Second row) Ronnie Robins, choreographer, Sonya Manning, secretary, Jeanette Williams, dean of pledges, Irma Nel- son, chaplain. ALPHA KAPPA PSI — National pro- fessional fraternity for outstanding students in business and accounting. (First row, left to right) Bib McKenzie, Beverly Hazelip, Loranne Adams, Terri Dowdle, Janet Maddox. (Second row) Becky Walters, Lisa McMillan, Jean James, Dena Horton, Charletta Smith. (Third row) Debbie Brown, Cindy Flowers, Jim Harris, Carol Saw- yer. (Fourth row) Tim Higgins, Ronni Wolf, William M. Williams, Phil Hale. (Fifth row) Terry Dancer, advisor, Karen Manning, treasurer. (Sixth row) George K. Foley, Corwin Shaw, David Percifull Jr., Keith Cole, Ken Palmer. 211 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION — (First row, left to right) Randy Odom, advisor, Keith Cole, Ricky DeWees, David Percifull Jr., Mike Visalli, program director, Dr. Dan Hoyt, advisor. (Second row) Karen Lee Woodall, advisor, Karen Burris, Cindy L. Orlicek, vice president, Debbie Warbritton, Jan Bell, treasurer, Gretchen Word, secretary, Janet Mencl. (Third row) Marcus McDaniel, Roy Bearden, Bruce R. Bailey, Robert Walker, Stan Rogers, Thomas Stanford, Kenneth Palmer, Mark C. Harris, Boris Dover, Kenny Helm. ALPHA TAU ALPHA — National professional fraternity for students majoring in agricultural education. (Left to right) Dave Brumley, secretary- treasurer, Russell Perkins, Amos B. Rougeau, advisor, David Sheely, Wendell R. Hogan, second vice-president, Gary L. Ragen, president, Richard DePriest, Doyle Cooper, Brent Coomer, first vice-president, Rodney Blevins, Martha Bickers, Jim Gilliam, Jerry Williams. ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUN- CIL — (First row, left to right) Martha Critcher, secretary, Glo- ria Jones, president, Kathleen Hewitt, vice president. (Second row) Regina Tate, Jamie Han- cock, Carta Smith, Ruth Ann Bowerman, Lee Perkins, Jonnie Finnell, Charlotte Smith, Saundra Buchanan, Denise Watson. ARKANSAS PRINT CLUB — For students interested in printmaking as an art form. (First row, left to right) Deondra Karnes, Jan Bramlett, Sharon Herndon and Charlie, Mariah Spann, Robby Nowlin. (Second row) Kim Webb, Sarah Sears, Evan Lindquist, advisor. 213 ASSOCIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDU- CATION INTERNATIONAL — For stu- dents interested in the well being and education of children. (Seated, left to right) Libby Woodworth, Cindy and Alan Roberts, Melissa Boggs, Mollie Lytle, Nancy Bacot, co-advisor, Ros- anna Prestidge. (Standing) Mona Brewer, Rebecca Weaver, Linda Lochridge, Carol Ann Roberson, Leala Nicholson. ART DIRECTORS CLUB — (First row, left to right) Kathy Johnes, Linda Gray, Ginny Kennedy, Lynn Haywood. (Second row) Jackie DuBose, president, Celeste Sexton, Lana Sutter, Amber Wilson. (Third row) Curtis Steele, advisor, David Blow, advisor, Bernie Gerstlauer, Tim Reagan. ASU FORENSICS TEAM — (First row, left to right) Cathy Arnold, Leslie Thurman, Charles J. Lewis III, Lynn McCarty, Sara Saliba, Judy Kerley. (Second row) Dennis White, director, Keith Salter, Carolyn Coe, Shari Magdefrau, LaDawn Fuhr, Cindy Morris, Dale McGilliard. ASU NURSING ASSOCIATION — An association for students enrolled in the College of Nursing. (First row, left to right) Cheryl N. Molock, Marsha Radford, corresponding secretary, Lisa Mooney, second vice president, Robert Blevins, president, Ellen Kay Burge, first vice president, Brenda Forrest, Nellie T. Caffery, advisor. (Second row) Debbie Shirley, Cathy Dyke, Teri Quails, Andrea Mai Tyner, Stephen D. Gilliam. ASU SECRETARIES CLUB — (First row, left to right) Cindy Jones, Jeanette Gatlin, secretary, Sue Hogue, treasurer, Shirley Wiles, vice president, Madeleine Kirkland, president, Gwen Dixon, Peggy Duffel. (Second row) Gaylene Timmons, Darlister Mitchell, Loubeth Hames, Mikki Tarkington, Rosene Bilbrey, Vickie Speer, Joyce McEwen, Diane Seymore, Lois Travis, Cheryl West, Glenda Gann. (Third row) Peggy Henderson, Brenda Bates, Donna Ishmael, Ginger Akers, Winona Thiel, Jean Fisher, Karen Gambill. (Fourth row) Daryl Denison, Linda Rogers, Maxine Smith, Naomi Shaffer, Betty Cheshier. ASU POPS — (First row, left to right) Sandra Seay, director, Rebecca Holland, Beth Miltenberger, Donna Smith, Robyne Doyle, Cindy Crockett, Denise Hyde, Sarah McCorkle, Jody Carreiro, Belinda Borden, Angelia King, Marianne Hays. (Second row) David W. Duke, Brad F. Snider, Tommy Doherty Jr., Beth Ashcraft, Harold Copenhaver, Scott Cureton, Kevin Gamble, Trudy Purvis, Kenna Agin, Karen Cron, Jim Drake, Kurt Johnston, Betty Leach, Venus Dixon. 216 ASU TROMBONE CHOIR — Neale Bartee, director, Kim Shipley, Chip Kidd, John Friday. (Second row) Pat- rick Sorenson, Sandra Bovee, Darrell Watts, Jeff Danchenko, Bruce Keel- ing, Barbara Tiefenback, Stephen Al- sup. (Third row) Mike Noland, Bryan Richardson. (Fourth row) Susan Di- Gaetano, Craig Reavis. (Fifth row) Jeff Childers, Jeff Halton. (Sixth row) Bobby Bell, Dan Phillians. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 217 BETA BETA BETA — National recog- nition fraternity for outstanding stu- dents in biological science. (Left to right) Martha Barrett, Mark Crabtree, president, Linda Lee, Jana Standefer, Marsha Bishop, secretary-treasurer, Or. Harvey Barton, advisor. BLACK STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION — (First row, left to right) Deloris Shields, district representative, Belinda Edwards, Regina Tate. (Second row Agnolla B. Gay, sophomore representative, Gail Denise Davidson, Gall Siddell, Darlene Robinson, president, Rosie Martin, Oneida Green Paula Russell, Ruby Robinson, Anita Williams, Gloria Clark. (Third row) Suzette Turner, Janice Patrick, Melvin Lee Guy, Carl Guy, Charles E Walton, Victor Hill, Freeman Montaque, vice president, Vanessa Thompson. (Fourth row) Cleophus Bryant, Bernard Cobbs, Bryant Hood, Cyrus Coleman, Reginald Smith, Hoover Williams Jr., Latlmore, Herbert Versie, Carver Strong. 218 BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB — For majors in animal husbandry. (First row, left to right) Terry Hoggard, Michael Jett, Larry Neely, Bev Buddenberg, secretary, Lorraine Harless, Lois Thweatt. (Second row) L. N. Hochstetler, advisor, J. H. Keene, advisor, Martha Bickers, historian, Billy Burchfield, president, Gary Jameson, Roger Metternich. BLACK STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION CHOIR — (First row, left to right) Suzette Turner, chaplain, Sheila Booker, Vanessa Thompson, Carma Gardner, Deloris A. Shields, Janice Patrick, Lucille Sims, Linda Wiley, Oneida Green, Darlene Robinson, Dorothy Motton. (Second row) Michael Collins, Denise Siddell, treasurer, Gail Slddell, Belinda J. Edwards, vice president, Marilyn L. Williams, Elfreda Bledsoe, secretary, Stella Hourd, Maggie Hourd Bryant, Anita Jean Williams, Joycelyn V. Martin, historian, Paula Russell, Tamara A. Hood, Alesia Jackson, Rhonda McDonald, Carvil Strong, president. (Third row) Alphonso Jcnes, Alonzo Smallwood, King Johnson, Kenneth Malone, D. C. Mangum Jr., Melvin L. Guy, Herman Strickland Jr., Wendell Williams, Bernard Cobbs, asst. director, Carl Guy, parliamentarian, Bryant Hood, Charles E. Walton. CHI ALPHA — For Assembly of God students. (First row, left to right) Pamela Young, LaRhonda Woods, Peggy Rolett, reporter historian. (Second row) Sharon Watts, Lisa Kissinger, Denise Waterson, secretary-treasurer, Donna Whybrew. (Third row) Darrell Watts, Loretta Wagnon, Craig Reavis, Jeff Childers, president. (Fourth row) Phil Whybrew, Brian Conatser, Allan Harlan, Ted Stanford. (Fifth row) Bob Young, Kale Wilson. CLARINET CHOIR — (First row, left to right) Myra Johnson, Beth Gramling, Kevin Brocksmith, Rona Tate, Tiana Haley, George Stutzman. (Second row) JoAnn Polley, conductor, Rena Goodwin, Cindy Rawls, Michael Duncan, Michael Pettengell, Stephen W. Clifton, Kay Jones, LaDonna Gibson, Kim Shipley, Terry Bishop, Carla Wells. COLLEGE REPUBLICANS — (Seated, left to right) Elliott Hunt, vice president, Ann Bennett, executive director, Jerry Peters, president, Mary Beth Dobbs, secretary. (Standing) Holly W. Anderson, Sandy Boling, Susan Power, Steve Dunn, Kenneth Schmidt. DATA PROCESSING ASSOCIATION — (First row, left to right) Rodger A. Phillips, Joyce Smith, president, Larry Dunham, Lonnie Bentley. (Second row) David Adams, advisor, David Barber, advisor, Don Roberts, advisor, Carol Gazik, Becky Higgins, Ann Dillion, Carol Mills, Gwen Quarles, Pat Richardson, Don Dabney. (Third row) Bill R. Hubbard, Rollin K. Wilson, Mark Deal, Theartis Wallace, Kenneth Wong, Mike Shannon, Salah Kazzaz, Mark Berky. DELTA TAU ALPHA — National fraternity for outstanding students in agriculture. (First row, left to right) Dr. J. A. Hayles, advisor, Ramey Stiles, president, Brent Coomer, James French. (Second row) Gary Jameson, Jim Gilliam, Mark May, secretary, Joe Guthrie. (Third row) Danny Terry, treasurer, Bill Washburn, vice president, Billy Burchfield. DELTA HALL COUNCIL — (First row, left to right) Kelly Boswell, secretary, Randy Chlapecka, treasurer, Allen Piercy, second vici president, Bruce Quails, first vice president, Keith Brown, president. (Second row) Ronald Goolsby, David Barch, Ricci Holmes, Stevet Dunlap, David Johnson, Allen Witthoft. ENGINEERING CLUB — (Seated, left to right) Tony Speer, program coor- dinator, Bill Alumbaugh, vice presi- dent, Loy Hamilton, president. (Stand- ing) Terry Primm, John McMickle, Dana Irby, Nwaribe C. Onyeka, Jean- ne Bailey, Allen Piercy, Randy C. Brown. DRAMA CLUB — (Sitting, left to right) Agnolia Gay, Ann Pettengell, Mary Walker, Mike Noland, Danny Huber, Kay Deems. (Second row) Laura Mack, Shari Magdefrau, Sherry Syer, John Jethro, Susan Boyles, Bobby Box. (Third row) Elwyn Hinds, Leslie Thurman, Bryan Cattanach, Regina Creekmore, Sara Saliba, Scott Gibson, Brad Snider. (Fourth row) Danny Ridenour, Mitch Eubanks. 223 FUTURE SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION — National professional organization sponsored by The National Secretaries Association (International) — (First row, left to right) Cindy Crane, Lynn Farris, Debbie Brown, Kenna Agin, Mary Ann ' Powell, Margaret Pretty, Marcia Clay. (Second row) Irene Martz, NSA advisor, Fay Beth Gray, advisor, Sherry Blevins, NSA advisor, Lisa Mitchell, Tonya Lewis, Kim Davenport, Pat Porterfield, NSA advisor. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA — Collegiate Chapter and is designed for students majoring in vocational agriculture. (First row, left to right) Amos B. Rougeau, Amber Wilson, Karen Cooper, Pat Loyall, Debbie Harris, Susan Boyd, Ed Barnhill, Lew E. Brinkley. (Second row) David Sheely, Brent Coomer, Vickie Sullivan, Wendy Hill, Sue Turnquist. (Third row) Mark May, Ben Light, Jim Gilliam, Jim Adams. (Fourth row) Jim Tubbs, Rudy Kurz, Don Glover, Dave Burmley, Martha Bickers, James L. Vanoven Jr. GAMMA BETA PHI — National service fraternity for students who show promise academically and in leadership. (First row, left to right) Scott Parker, vice president, Dorothy Custer, treasurer, Carrie Powell, secretary, Jo Ann Raines, president. (Second row) Polly Sheffield, Melody White, Susan Lehr, Beverly Shatley, Tammie Showalter, Jacque Carrington, Tamara Yancey. (Third row) Karen Kimbrell, Trena Richardson, Ann Dillion, Marsha Bishop, Carrie Crisler, Sandra Shearer, Sybil Dotson. (Fourth row) Myra Polk, Saundra Buchanan, Debbie Edmonson, Tamara Carlson, Jamie Berry, Martha Felts, Vickie Shedd, Luevina Fair. (Fifth row) Kent Lindsey, David Magee, D. C. Mangum Jr., Tyrone Jackson, Barry Burns, David Pickler, Gary Ragen. HERALD STAFF — (Sitting) Kelly Quinn. (Second row, left to right) Mari Robertson, Teresa Dawson, Kim Goodwin, David Schneider, Don Threm, Mary Maisey, Lillian Flanery, Vivian Phillips. (Third row) Lance Quinn, Michael Lewellen, Richard McKeown, Jim Childress, Joyce Smith, Denise Dorton. 225 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL — Composed of representatives of each Greek fraternity. (First row, left to right) Bo Crabtree, Robert Diebold, Roger Colbert, treasurer, Jon Taylor, president, Larry Higgins, vice president, Kurt Walzer, vice president, Freeman Montague. (Second row) Frank Betznek, Alex Herman, Greg Starnes, Lawrence Steimel, Robert Moore, advisor. KAPPA KAPPA PSI — National recognition fraternity for outstanding students in band. (First row, left to right) Patrick Sorenson, Greg George, Mike Peabody, Milton Wayne Harbison, Norman Lance. (Second row) John Griffin, John Friday, John Chamberlain, Jeff Huffman, Jeff Loftin. (Third row) Stephen Davis, Ira Vincent Crite, Chip Kidd, Stephen W. Clifton. (Fourth row) Tommy Duffel, Rick Elliott, Bruce Keeling, Harold J. Gist. (Fifth row) Jeff Danchenko, Dave Gier, Steve Nichols. 226 KAPPA MU EPSILON — National recognition fraternity for math majors. (First row, left to right) Jody Carreiro, treasurer, Rita Cole, Susan Boyd, vice president, Sam Young, president. (Second row) Greg Hester, secretary, Charles Watson, Dr. Robert P. Smith, advisor. KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL — (First row, left to right) Hannah Brider, vice president, Jo Ann Raines, president, Trena Richardson, treasurer. (Second row) Linda Wells, Brenda Chambers, Michele Cassidy, Sarah Farmer, Theresa Robertson, Anita Watson, Cheryl Crawford, Libby Dillard, Ginny Longmlre. (Third row) Arlene Robin- son, Carla Sawyer, Carilyn Hagar, Deborah Harris, Frankie Settles, Alice Doby, Ann Dillion. 227 LAMBDA IOTA TAU — International honorary frater- nity for outstanding juniors and seniors majoring in literature. (Seated, left to right) Nancy Bazemore, secretary-treasurer, Renee Rutherford, president, Joni Johnston, Brenda Jones, Karen Crossno. (Stand- ing) Logan D. Moon, advisor, Jeffrey P. Watkins. MEDICAL ARTS CLUB — For students interested in pre-med or pre-dental. (First row, left to right) Kimberly Ducker, Linda Davis, secretary-treasurer, Karen S. Conger, vice president, W. Donald Newton, advisor, Shawn Hawkins, Pauline Scogin. (Second row) Linda Douthitt, Shar Waldrop, historian, Linda J. Hlggins. (Third row) Roger Tarvin, Mark Sifford, Leslee Phillips, Bill Lamoreaux, president, Mary Kathryn Keller, Sara Lock. ■ ■.• x-es MODEL UNITED NATIONS — (First row, left to right) Charles Hartwig, ad- visor, M. Aslam Haydar, Ross Marlay, advisor, Loretta Cat, Taco Von John- son III. (Second row) Dennis Collier, Earline Temple, Mary Beth Dobbs, Randall Halford. (Third row) James Noblin, Kenneth Schmidt, Larry Sef- ren, Joycelyn Martin, Gary Perkey. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP — For Missionary Baptist students. (First row, left to right) Tammy Cossey, treasurer, Sharon Cook, reporter, Ray Edwards, president, Debbie Martin, secretary, Jimmy Price, vice president. (Second row) George H. Raley, director, Thurman J. Cossey, Pastor and Viola Cossey, Brad Wells, Wilma Wells, Retha Burge, Eloise Raley, Helen Gay, Alden Gay, sponsors, Barbara Gay. (Third row) Gwen Fraley, Tammy Patterson, Robyne Doyle, Joanna Lathan, Sherry Gardner, Karen Cossey, Rhonda Hardin, Cindy Bagwell, Carla Hicks, Donna Wright, Belinda Borden, Teresa Evans. (Fourth row) Jody Carreiro, Robin Barks, Jennifer Carreiro, Gwen Watklns, Cindy Stine, Cyndi Chadwick, Martha Martin, Desiree Blocker, Susan Raley, Penny Mullen, Diana Bullington, Beverly Ivey, Parti Neighbors. (Fifth row) Joe L. Looney, Jimmy Philamlee, Mark Curry, Jeff Green, Andy Sadler, Reggie Smith, Keith Huskey, Kent Bessee, David Cossey, Doug Brown, Jackie Ray, Barb Morgeson, Carol Winchester. (Sixth row) Tom W. Hill, Robert Layer, Mike Jones, Sam Young, Kenny Snyder, Carroll Lathan, John Paul Chism, Ron Simpson, Wilson Lambert, Rusty Roebuck, John Craig, Dennis Ferguson, Bruce Raley. 229 MODERN DANCE CLUB — (First row, left to right) Sherry Naylor, Alta Burns, sponsor, Cynthia Hamill. (Second row) Teresa Reynolds, Rita Cole, Susan Neal. (Third row) Angie Nix, Vickie Shedd, Bridgett Barfoot. 230 NATIONAL ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — For stu- dents who are studying to be art teachers. (Left to right) Debbie Gates, Dr. Charlott Jones, sponsor, Paul Eldridge, Teresa Corbitt, Pam Dunivan. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE — For students who are studying to become music teach- ers. (First row, left to right) Scott Cure- ton, social chairman, Sandra Bovee, secretary, Craig Reavis, vice presi- dent, Terry Bishop, president. (Sec- ond row) Cindy Crockett, Sherry Turn- bow, Stephen W. Clifton. (Third row) Tammy Cossey, Jennifer Carreiro, Cindy Stine, Sandra Seay, co- sponsor, Dr. J. D. Kelly, co-sponsor. 231 PANHELLENiC COUNCIL — Com- posed of representatives from each Greek sorority. (First row, left to right) Lisa Johnston, Amelia Smith, Lynn Farris, Barbara Pope. (Second row) Leslie Wren, Terri Wix, vice president, Jane Rapley, president, Karen Taylor, secretary. (Third row) Christ! Flynn, Nona Douglass, Terry Hunkapiller, Robin Besancon, Jerri Jo Rose. NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION — For students interested in speech, hearing and language behavior and disorders. (First row, left to right) Pam Reynolds, Pam Whitten, Rita Gray, president, Marty Morris, vice president, Angela Shaddock, secretary-treasurer, Jo Youngquist. (Second row) George Herndon, advisor, Sherry Taverner, Becky Collins, Mary Cherepski, Beverly Shatley, Dena Harmon, Shirley Townsley, T. Anthony Little. 232 PHI BETA LAMBDA — A national organization for students in business. (First row, left to right) Learon Gambill, Zilpha Wilson, Janet Mend, community services director, Jeanetta Johnson, Gwynn Yates, reporter, Sandra Smith, Cindy L. Orllcek, Gretchen Word, secretary, Pat Richardson, vice president. (Second row) Diane Thomas, Debbie Warbritton, Donna Curtis, Saundra Buchanan, Linda D. Walton, Carol Vest, historian, Gwen Quarles, Jamie Mosley, Anne Holloway, Delores Kohler. (Third row) Mark Hurst, Al Cockrlll, parliamentarian, Bill Dillon, Derrick Van Valkenburg, Michael Sherwood, Bart Powell, Kenneth Palmer, Mike Visalli. (Fourth row) James Wise, Michael Evans, Mark C. Harris, state conference coordinator, Roy Bearden, treasurer, Ricky DeWees, Thomas Stanford, Rick Stearns, Carl Baird, Patrick Bourke, Robert E. Goode, Richard Adams, president. (Fifth row) Karen Lee Woodrall, advisor, Kent Lindsey, Don Dabney, Michael Pelllkan, Bruce R. Bailey, Robert Walker, Alvin Slmes, Dariel W. Johnson, Dr. Dan Hoyt, advisor, Kenneth Wong. 233 PHI ETA SIGMA — National scholastic honorary for freshmen. (Left to right) John Fiala, Mike Craft, Jay Niederbrach. PHI MU ALPHA — National profes- sional music fraternity. (First row, left to right) Richard Jorgensen, advisor, Jay Niederbrach, Scott Cureton, Johnny Isbeil, Brian Conatser, presi- dent, Pete Allison, Pamela Garrison, sweetheart. (Second row) Tommy L. Doherty Jr., Perry L. Jenkins, histo- rian, Jeff Childers, William Earl Rik- ard, treasurer, Mark Butler, secretary, Darrell Watts, vice president. 234 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB — (First row, left to right) Diana Hartwick, Stephen Davis, Nina Thompson, reporter, Jeanne Burleson, treasurer, Lorin Morgan, president. (Second row) Angie Nix, Cindi Stimach, Sherry Naylor, Kathleen Hewitt, Rita Walton. (Third row) Greg DeFord, Laddy Light, Danny Foley, David Cooke, Douglas Phelps, Judy Davis. (Fourth row) Alta Burns, sponsor, Jim Heath. PI GAMMA MU — National honorary for outstanding juniors and seniors in the social sciences. (First row, left to right) Richard E. Swan, Fran Tarvin, Janet Walden, Beth Knight, Teresa Strawn, Barry Burns, reporter, Mary Beth Dobbs, president, Ann Bennett, Charles Hartwig, advisor. (Second row) Jan Dortch, Carolyn Zinn, Gary Perkey, Chuck Stallings, Randall Halford. 235 PI OMEGA PI — National hon- orary fraternity for leading stu- dents in business education. (First row, left to right) Rebecca Collins, sponsor, Margaret Pretty, treasurer, Kenna Agin, Gayla Carter, Judith Bynum, Teresa Waters, president, Becky Barksdale. (Second row) Karen Seifert, vice president, Gay Lynn Bowie, Donna Penn, Karen Adams, Wilma Smith, tola Williams, secretary, Carol Bradford. PI KAPPA DELTA — National honorary forensics fraternity. (First row, left to right) Chuck Lewis, Carolyn Coe, Cindy Morris, Judy Kerley, Nancy McCarty, Leslie Thurman, Cathy Arnold. (Second row) Sara Saliba, LaDawn Fuhr, Keith Salter, Dale McGilliard, Joe Legate, Shari Magdefrau, Dennis White, advisor. PSI CHI — For students interested in psychol- ogy. (Left to right) Renee Bennett, Vennes Young, Lynn Howerton, advisor, Ross Moore, David Tillman. RANGER PLATOON — An organization designed to provide adventure training for ROTC students. (First row, left to right) John McMlckle, Gene Short, Joseph Watkins, Fred Lee Smith Jr. (Second row) Sam Holloway, commander, Mickey Thornton, Dale Custer, Ernest Mcintosh, Kurtz F. Griffin, CPT Noel Cummings, advisor. 237 RIFLE TEAM — Members are qualified marksmen who fire in match competi- tion against other university teams. The team is open to all students. (First row, left to right) Gordon Daniel, Jerry Alan Caldwell, Ricky Lee Williams, Johnny William Cole. (Second row) MSG Jerry O. Knapp, coach, Randy Mul hollen, team captain, James Charles Caldwell, David L. Anderson, Clarence Grandberry Jr., co-captain. RENG RIFLES — (First row, left to right) Debra Stilley, Carla Smith, Sharon Tatum, Mary Jo Purtee, Rhonda Shackelford, CDR Wallace Hightower. (Second row) Brian Thomas, Paula Cates, Marcus Odom, Randy Sharp. (Third row) Greg Bostian, Nathaniel Balentine II, Joe Goss, Bobby Brown. (Fourth row) Everett Evans, John McMickle, CPT Steve Sawdey. 238 SGA STAFF — (Sitting, left to right) Richard Cox, president, Sharon Bell, secretary. (Standing) Bob Lucy, stu- dent services director, Doug Farque, public relations director, David Pick- ler, staff director, Tommy Cromwell, treasurer, David W. Hunt, staff assis- tant. SIGMA XI — A national scientific honorary for faculty members engaged in research. (First row, left to right) J. E. Bennett, E. L. Richards, G. L. Harp, R. D. Johnson. (Second row) R. S. Mitchell, V. R. McDaniel, Paul Raines, Harvey Barton, David Jimerson, W. Donald Newton, Dan Timmermann, Bob D. Johnson, Norman Trautwein, James H. Stevenson, Earl L. Hanebrink, Lynn Howerton, John K. Beadles, James Hutchison. 239 SOCIETY OFOMEGA PEARLS — (First row, leftto right) Mary Williford, Ronda Crutchfield, Arvilia Johnson, Marilyn D. Lott, Debra M. Cannon, Natalie R. Reed. (Second row) Felecia Whitley, treasurer, Crystal Blake, vice presi- dent, Gale 0. Cannon, president, De- nise Williams, Pamela A. Robinson, Brenda Jones, secretary. SOCIAL WORK CLUB — An organization for students in the field of social work. (First row, left to right) Laurie Owens, Beth True, vice president, Rhonda Pearson, secretary, Linda Jarvis, Debbie Taylor, reporter, Bernard Cobbs, parliamentarian, Denise Olloway (Second row) Cathy LaPorte, president, Linda Finley, Mike Beck, Connie Phillips, Rand Mintzer, treasurer, James Ayers, advisor 240 SOCIOLOGY GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION — (Seated, left to right) Delores L. Shaw, vice president, Laura Kar- chefski, Karen Jackson, Janet Walden, Fran Tarvin, secretary, Cheryl Trebilcock, Patricia Feudiget, advisor. (Standing) Gregory Sheets, president, Ricky Slavings, Maggie Bryant, Oren Whyzinski Wright, Donald Martin. SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS — SIGMA DELTA CHI — Society for students who Intend to make a career of journalism or broadcast news. (First row, left to right) Denise Williams, Mari Robertson, Dorothy Bland, vice president, Lillian Flanery, treasurer, Mary Maisey, Vivian Phillips. (Second row) Kim Goodwin, Valerie Holt, Teresa Dawson, secretary, Don Threm, president, Denise Dorton, Joel Gambill, advisor. (Third row) Jim Childress, Richard McKeown, Lance Quinn, Kelly Quinn. 241 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEP- TIONAL CHILDREN — For students working with exceptional children. (First row, left to right) Angela Shad- dock, Vickie Spence, president, Vicky Smith, public relations, Terry Good- man. (Second row) Keith Brown, pub- lic relations, Kathie Fisher, Dorothy Custer, treasurer, Ronnie Williams, vice president. SQUARE DANCE CLUB —(First row, left to right) Susie Matheny, Irma Nelson, Angle Nix, secretary treasurer, Stephen Davis, president, Jeanne Burleson, vice president, Diana Hartwick, Terry Jones. (Second row) DeAnna Booth, Timothy Riley, Susan Boyd, Cindy Scott, Sandra Walker, Rita Cole, Tammy Crawford, Joseph Merle, Mrs. Frances Smallwood, sponsor. (Third row) Janis Woods, Danny Foley, Greg DeFord, Douglas Phelps, Keenan Guinn, Leslie Magness, Steve Franks, Bill Thorn. 242 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIA- TION — For students planning to enter the teaching profession. (First row, left to right) Rosie Martin, secretary-treasurer-reporter, Jo Ann Raines, president, Dorothy Custer, vice president. (Second row) Kay Wolfe Edmonson, Felicia Whitley, Lisa Mills, Delphia Braswell , Debbie Cooper. (Third row) James A. Edmon- son, Sondra Gammill, D. C. Mangum Jr., Carrie Greitens. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION — (First row, left to right) Neil Cate, Richard Cox, Mark Lewis. (Second row) Joe Splvey, Jeff VanPatten, Bobbi Bennett, Margaret Miller, Derrick Van Valkenburg, Wayne B. Furnia. (Third row) Lance Miller, Mark Plerson, Timothy J. Hynes, Debbie Shumaker, Renee Rutherford, Cecilia Hurst, Dyeann Shaver, Kim Johnson, Diane Meador, Arlene Robinson, Tamara Hood, Barry Burns. (Fourth row) Ramey Stiles, Robin Besancon, Cindy Strlcklln, Mark Hayes, Jeff Gregory, David Keith, Cindy Hall, Jimmy Johnson, Gary Wilson, Dwight J. Love. 243 TAU BETA SIGMA — National honorary fraternity for students in band. (First row, left to right) Myra Johnson, Melissa Maisey, Rona Tate, Susan DiGaetano, Annette Barnett, Patricia Ann Culpepper. (Second row) Suzanne Clark, Cindy Spencer, Sandy Bunch, Beth Gramling, Barbara Tiefenback, Karen Yocum. (Third row) Tiana Haley, Elizabeth Meeks, Susan Funchess, Rena Goodwin, Katie Bowden. (Fourth row) Kim Goodwin, Kaye Ramsey, Carla Wells, Tracey Penry, JoAnn Polley, sponsor. (Fifth row) Ann Marie Johnson, sponsor, Kim Chudomelka, Cindy Beck, Holly Hendon, Judy Throesch, LaDonna Gibson, Cindy Rawls. TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT CLUB — For students interested in technology and management. (First row, left to right) Cynthia Kirby, Barbara Bourland, Honey Bond, Tina Cecile Sinks. (Second row) Theartis Wallace, Bonnie Goodman, secretary treasurer, Lonzo Smallwood, Kenneth Malone, Sherry Burns, ITM secretary, Stephen Replogle, advisor. (Third row) Larry E. Wiles, Jim B. Wiedeman, vice president, James Wise, James Webb, Mark Rowe, president, Darrel Messer. 244 TWIN TOWERS DORMITORY COUNCIL — (First row, left to right) Greg James, Terry Brown, Richard Warrington, Don Threm, Phil Sloan. (Second row) Dave Joslin, Greg Hogue, Mike Beck, D. C. Ma ngum Jr., Rand Mintzer, Dwight Love, Mitch Eubanks. (Third row) Kent Lindsey, Mike West, Tommy Cromwell, Jerry E. Walton. TWIN TOWERS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — (Seated, left to right) Richard War- rington, president, Don Threm, sec- ond vice president. (Standing) D. C. Mangum Jr., secretary, Rand Mintzer, first vice president, Dwight Love, par- liamentarian. UNION BOARD — (First row, left to right) Marina Pakis, Darlene Robin- son, Debbie Worsham, Virginia Con- yers, Patricia A. Frazier. (Second row) James W. Keene, Lloyd Wright, Mario Sulit, Gary Higgins. 246 UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL — (First row, left to right) Kelly S. Quinn, Dorothy Custer, vice president, Cheri Kennedy, president, Beverly Hazelip, Yvette White. (Second row) Terri Heinen, Janie Miller, Martha Felts, Sharon McLeod, Cindy Crane. (Third row) Lisa Parham, Kim White, Jerri Jo Rose, treasurer, Charletta Smith. WESLEY FOUNDATION — For Methodist students. (First row, left to right) Colby Lynne Hudson, Paige C. Hardy, Sherry Wedel, Al Cockrill, president, Cheri Boyd, vice president, Sarah Farmer, Martha Ann Martin. (Second row) Jim West, campus minister, Troy Shirley, Rachel Dodger, Ken Brawner, Leslee Phillips, secretary, Martha Blevins, recruitment, Greg Susanke, Sam Stevenson, Don Dabney. (Third row) Wayne Gibson, George Stutzman, Tom Anderson, Barry March, Linda Edrington, Woodrow Mays, Mark Hurst, Keith Davis. 247 YOUNG DEMOCRATS — (First row, left to right) Dwight Love, treasurer, Denise Williams, Sharon Bell, Randy Romero. (Second row) Herbert L. Versie, Dave Swanson, Skipper Stone, Doug Farque, David Pickler, president, Micheal Gates, vice president. YOUNG COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION — For Church of Christ students. (First row, left to right) Emmitt Lee Hill, Gary Earl Hagar, Ricky Kee, Jim Sisk, Hugh Whitledge. (Second row) Carilyn Hagar, Karen Sisk, DeAnn Carlew, Norma Jean Keenom, Karen Cooper, Pat Loyall, Effie Perry. (Third row) Ellen Causbie, Richard Akins, director, Lynne Lemmons, David Belva, James Simington, Syreather Perry, Dawn Gossett, Jeanette Byes. (Fourth row) Gene Hass, Karen McFann, Tim Allison, Randy Guntharp, Steve Chesser, Desmond Brown. 250 251 Presidents, Vice Presidents CARL S. WHILLOCK President DR. EUGENE W. SMITH Acting President Dean of Graduate School 253 Administration JERRY AUTIN DR. ROBERT BABB BRENDA BAKER Food Director Dir. of Computing Services Counseling Center Counselor DR. LARRY BALL ROSALIE BARBER CLINT BOALS Acting Dir. of Museum Dir. of Intramurals Admissions Counselor PHIL BRIDGER RON CARMACK TERRY CARTY Dir. of Housing Superintendent of Asst. Bookstore Manager Physical Plant Administration ROBERT COBBS KENNETH COOPER JAMES COTTINGHAM Asst. Dir. of Reng Center Dir. of Campus Security Dir. of Budgets GERALD CRAIG DON DENNY WYVETA DONOHUE Financial Aid Supervisor Assoc. Dean of Students Counseling Center Counselor J BILL FISHER Purchasing Agent PAUL FULKS Bookstore Manager JOE D. GAMMILL Dir. of Farming Administration ROY HAMES Construction Coordinator JANE HAYS Conference Center Manager ARLIS JOHNSON Dir. of Governmental Relations Business Manager BILL HANSARD RUTH ANN HAWKINS Dir. of Library Dir. of Public Relations Affirmative Action ROXI HECKMANN ERNEST HOWELL Public Relations Staff Artist Dir. of Auxiliary Enterprises RON LOONEY Dir. of Publications DR. GRETA MACK Registrar Dir. of Admissions Administration TOM MANNING Dir. of News Service DR. JIMMY McCLUSKEY Dir. of Counseling DR. MITCHELL MASTERS Coordinator of Community College Teaching Program LEONARD McDANIEL Asst. Registrar JERRY MATHIS Asst. Dir. of Physical Plant MARY LOU McDANIEL Counselor for Women ROBERT MOORE ANDY MORRIS BARBARA PERDZOCK Dean of Students Dir. of Development Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid 257 Administration PHIL PICKLE RON RANDALL DR. STEPHEN REPLOGLE Dir. of Reng Center Vending Dir. of Career Planning and Asst. Dir. of Institute of Concessions Placement Technology and Management CARL RILEY SAM SPURLOCK DR. ROBERT STEPHENS Admissions Counselor Accounting Supervisor Dir. of Audio Visual PEGGY STROUD WILLIAM R. STRIPLING KARON STURDIVANT Assoc. Dean of Students Twin Towers Counselor Admissions Counselor Handicapped Students Counselor Administration BILL TARVER Asst. to Dean of Continuing Education DR. TOMMY TERRELL Counseling Center Counselor Foreign Student Advisor JULI VACCARI Admissions Counselor LES WATSON Controller JO WHEELER Asst. Dean of Continuing Education DR. STANLEY WILLIAMS Dir. of Institutional Research KAY WOODIEL Women ' s Athletic Director 260 DR. GEORGE BERGER Dean of Agriculture Deans DR. LONNIE TALBERT Dean of Business DR. ROBERT HOSKINS Dean of Communications DR. HARRY HODGE Dean of Education DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER Dean of Fine Arts DR. DEWEY SIFFORD Acting Dean of Science DR. MOSSIE J. RICHMOND Dean of University College College of Agriculture DEPT. OF AGRI. ENGR. Dr. Albert L. Mink, chm. Dr. Claud J. Irby, assoc. prof. Dr. Pat Shackelford, asst. prof. Herman F. Williams, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF AGRI. STUDIES Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, chm. Deborah S. Beuerman, instr. James L. Davenport, assoc. prof. Dr. Leo A. Duclos, assoc. prof. Dr. J. A. Hayles, assoc. prof. Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, prof. Dr. James H. Keene, prof. Dr. A. J. Langlois, prof. Dr. Warren A. North, prof. Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, prof. Dr. Aubrey W. Tennille, prof. College of Business DEPT. OF ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm. Terry Dancer, instr. Nancy A. Haigler, asst. prof. Ray M. House, instr. Dr. Coy Neal London, assoc. prof. Joseph L. Morris, instr. Sharreth A. Naugle, instr. Lela D. Pumphrey, instr. Louella J. Walker, instr. H. Dalton Whitt, asst. prof. DEPT. OF BUS. ADM. AND ECON. Dr. Roland T. Mullins, chm. Robert L. Barker, asst. prof. William C. Chamberlain, asst. prof. Dr. Gary E. Clayton, assoc. prof. Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, prof. Dr. Mary Ann Greenwood, asst. prof. Dr. John S. Kaminarides, prof. Dr. B. C. McGough, prof. Fred Robinson, asst. prof. Javad Varzandeh, asst. prof. Dr. William M. Williams, asst. prof. DEPT. OF INFO. SYSTEMS AND BUS. ED. Dr. Robert Ferralasco, chm. Dr. David R. Adams, assoc. prof. David G. Barber, asst. prof. Dr. Rebecca I. Collins, assoc. prof. Dr. Amanda Copeland, asst. prof. Carol Jane Gazik, instr. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, assoc. prof. Georgia A. Hale, instr. Dr. Donald R. Roberts, assoc. prof. Dr. Ralph Ruby Jr., asst. prof. Mary L. Wood, asst. prof. Karen Lee Woodall, instr. DEPT. OF MKT. AND MGMT. Dr. Charles W. Ford, chm. Dr. Samuel B. Cousley, assoc. prof. David T. Dearman, instr. Dr. Daniel R. Hoyt, asst. prof. Randall Y. Odom, asst. prof. Emelda L. Williams, asst. prof. Charles C. Yauger, instr. College of Communications Mike McHugh, instr. Robert " Buddy " Nichols, sports dir. Doug Rogers, engineer DEPT. OF JOURN. AND PRINTING Dr. Joel T. Gambifl, chm. Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof. Dr. Gilbert L. Fowler, asst. prof. Dr. Artemio R. Guillermo, asst. prof. Homer E. Hallett, prod, printer George C. Johnson, instr. Paula I. Keeney, instr. Robert W. Kern, instr. Marlow J. Marchant, instr. Lloyd K. Meharg, prod, printer Bobby G. Ruff, print shop foreman DEPT. OF RADIO-TV Charles Rasberry, chm. Roy E. Barnhill, chief engineer Gene Cagle, instr. Richard A. Carvell, Instr. Howard W. Coleman, asst. prof. George F. Inzer, instr. Kenneth R. Lane, instr. College of Education DEPT. OF COUNS. ED. AND PSYCH. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, chm. Dr. Edmund L. Barnette, prof. Dr. John L. Burns, prof. Dr. James F. Golden, assoc. prof. Dr. Reed Greenwood, assoc. prof. Dr. Lynn Howerton, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, asst. prof. Craig H. Jones, asst. prof. Dr. Jim McCluskey, assoc. prof. Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof. Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. DEPT. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. M. Vance Sales, chm. Dr. John Enger, asst. prof. Dr. Carol Ham, assoc. prof. Dr. Cherie Lohr, asst. prof. Dr. Mitchell M. Masters, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert E. Stephens, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Dr. Carl F. Vaupel, assoc. prof. Dr. Donald E. Wright, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF ELEMENTARY ED. Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chm. Nancy E. Bacot, instr. Dr. Beverly Boals, asst. prof. Dr. Sandra Bone, asst. prof. Dr. Paul D. Burge, assoc. prof. Dr. William G. Chance, prof. Dr. Baron D. Conaway, assoc. prof. Dr. Burton Crosswait, assoc. prof. Emma Sue Davidson, asst. prof. Dr. Jack Hogins, assoc. prof. Dr. Marion Manning, asst. prof. Dr. Carolyn Martin, asst. prof. Dr. Herman W. Strickland, asst. prof. Dr. Mildred B. Vance, prof. DEPT. OF HEALTH, P.E. AND REC. Dr. Jess R. White, acting chm. Gary E. Albright, rec. coord. Rosalie Barber, dir. of intramurals J. David Burgess, asst. prof. Alta Burns, asst. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. Dr. James A. DeVazier, prof. Wilbert Gaines, asst. prof. Dr. John P. Hosinski, assoc. prof. Gladys Hudgins, assoc. prof. James Jackson, instr. Gary Leibrock, instr. 266 James Miller, instr. David Mitchell, instr. Dr. Linda Parchman, assoc. prof. Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott, prof. John Rauth, assoc. prof. Frances Smallwood, asst. prof. William J. Sugg, instr. Dr. Dennis Tunell, asst. prof. Cindy Waters, instr. DEPT. OF LIBRARY SCIENCE James W. Hansard, chm. Janet Bland, periodicals lib. Larayne J. Dallas, ref. prdcls. lib. Nadean Lee, head circulation lib. John McGeachy, reference lib. Sarah McGowan, head ref. lib. Mark D. Meadows, head catalog lib. Ella C. Ward, catalog lib. DEPT. OF SPECIAL ED. Dr. Louis P. Semrau, chm. Betty B. Goldsby, instr. Dr. George Y. Herndon, prof. Jane LeBlanc, instr. Dr. Emilio Perez, asst. prof. Dr. James A. Siders, asst. prof. Dr. Phillip Waldrop, asst. prof. College of Fine Arts DEPT. OF ART Dr. Karl F. Richards, chm. William Allen, instr. Dr. T. R. Baker, assoc. prof. David Blow, instr. Roger Carlisle, instr. Thomas Chaffee, asst. prof. Richard Harned, instr. Donn Hedman, asst. prof. Dr. Charlott Jones, asst. prof. John Keech, asst. prof. Evan Lindquist, prof. Robert Mitchell, assoc. prof. William Rowe, instr. Curtis Steele, instr. DEPT. OF MUSIC Donald R. Minx, chm. Harr ' et Abernathy, instr. Dr. Neal Bartee, asst. prof. Dr. Clifton Cowles, prof. Dr. Ervin Dunham, prof. William D. Holmes, instr. Ann Johnson, instr. Richard Jorgensen, instr. M. Ellis Julien, instr. J. D. Kelly, asst. prof. 267 Julia Lansford, asst. prof. David Niederbrach, assoc. prof. Dr. Roger Nohl, asst. prof. Tom O ' Connor, instr. Dr. James Patty, prof. JoAnn Polley, instr. Dr. Ann Rhodes, asst. prof. Dr. Daniel Ross, asst. prof. Bonner Ruff, asst. prof. Sandra Seay, instr. Alfred Skoog, asst. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. DEPT. OF SPEECH COMM. AND DRAM. ARTS Dr. Ovid L. Bayless, chm. Dr. Gustav Alexander, asst. prof. Linda Clark, asst. prof. Dr. Marguerite Coe, assoc. prof. Terry Huckabee, asst. prof. Dr. Carol Pratt, asst. prof. Dr. Kenneth Parks, asst. prof. College of Liberal Arts DEPT. OF ENG., PHILO. AND LANG. Dr. Charles Carr, acting chm. Lucille T. Braden, instr. Dr. James B. Burleson, prof. Dr. William M. Clements, assoc. prof. J. Scott Darwin, asst. prof. Sammy R. Gennuso, asst. prof. Martha Jane Gill, instr. Dr. Lyman B. Hagen, assoc. prof. George Horneker, instr. Frances E. Hunter, instr. Thomas L. Johnson, instr. Dr. Joyce M. Jones, asst. prof. Arthur Krida, asst. prof. Eleanor S. Lane, assoc. prof. Dr. Norman Lavers, assoc. prof. Claire C. Lyons, instr. Dr. Frances M. Malpezzi, asst. prof. Wayne McLaurin, asst. prof. 268 Elizabeth G. Neeley, asst. prof. Dr. George S. Peek, assoc. prof. Edward C. Reilly, instr. Ellen H. Robinson, instr. Dr. Norman E. Stafford, asst. prof. Lois A. Swisher, asst. prof. Wanda G. Walker, assoc. prof. Nancy Y. Young, instr. DEPT. OF HISTORY Dr. C. K. McFarland, chm. Dr. Robin L. Anderson, asst. prof. Dr. Larry D. Ball, assoc. prof. Dr. Michael B. Dougan, assoc. prof. Dr. John A. Galloway, prof. Dr. William Greenwald Jr., asst. prof. Robert L. Jones, instr. Dr. Charles L. Kenner, prof. Dr. Donald E. Konold, prof. Dr. Roger Lambert, prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, assoc. prof. Dr. Dennis C. Rousey, asst. prof. Dr. C. Calvin Smith, asst. prof. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, assoc. prof. Dr. Ann E. Whetstone, asst. prof. DEPT. OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Carolyn J. Zinn, chm. Dr. Darwin Gamble, asst. prof. Jane McBride Gates, instr. Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, asst. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, prof. Dr. Ross Marlay, asst. prof. Dr. Stanford S. McConkie, asst. prof. Dr. Mary Susan Power, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF SOC, SOCIAL WORK AND GEOG. Dr. Jack E. Dison, chm. Dr. Ronald H. Aday, asst. prof. James W. Ayers, instr. Dr. Larry E. Clowers, asst. prof. Dr. James H. Harrison, asst. prof. Raymond G. Kessler, instr. Jerry G. King, instr. Dr. Dan Morse, prof. Dr. Charles A. Pranter, asst. prof. Emmett A. Presley, instr. Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, assoc. prof. 269 College of Nursing Jennifer Ayers, instr. Beverly Bartels, asst. prof. Nellie T. Caffery, instr. Virginia R. Chapell, instr. Patricia Corballis, instr. Sharyl Davis, instr. Bonnie Deuter, instr. Margaret Dick, asst. prof. S. Patricia Lee Findley, asst. prof. Mary Hartwig, asst. prof. Billie Horak, asst. prof. Lois Snider, instr. College of Science DEPT. OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. John K. Beadles, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, assoc. prof. William W. Byrd, assoc. prof. Dr. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, prof. Sam D. Helm, instr. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, prof. Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, assoc. prof. Dr. W. Donald Newton, asst. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, asst. prof. Dr. Mark Peterson, asst. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, assoc. prof. Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof. Dr. James H. Stevenson, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY Dr. J. Edward Bennett, acting chm. Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc. prof. Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, prof. Dr. David Jimerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc. prof. William N. Smith, asst. prof. Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, assoc. prof. Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. prof. Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc. prof. DEPT. OF MATH. AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry Linnstaedter, chm. Dr. John B. Bennett, assoc. prof. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, assoc. prof Dr. Robert H. Bowman, asoc. prof. Dr. Wing-Kwong Chan, asst. prof. Daniel 0. Felts, instr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, prof. Dr. Robert E. Johnson, assoc. prof. Marshall Matthews, assoc. prof. Elmer C. Mayes, asst. prof. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc. prof. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. prof. Dr. Julius W. Overbeck. assoc. prof Dr. Robert F. Rossa. assoc. prof. Dr. Charles H. Scanlon. assoc. prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, asst. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, assoc. prof. Dr. W. F. Wei, assoc. prof. Department of Military Science CPT. Noel M. Cummings. asst. prof. SFC Everett Evans, instr. CPT. Curtis D. Hatley, asst. prof. CPT. Fredrick C. Howard, asst. prof. SGM James F. Isley, instr. SSG Jerald E. Jenson, instr. University College Robbie L. Lyle, instr. Kathy Masters, instr. Loretta Diane Smith, instr. Graduate Assistants David W. Abe!!, Paragould, Biology Larry D. Adams, Caraway, Biology Kenna S. Agin, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Ed. Michael E. Ames, Barandon, Eng., Elem. Ed. Holly Anderson, Lewiston, Id., Pol. Sci. Gary L. Arnold, Naples, Fla., History Ann V. Bennett, Joiner, Pol. Sci. Terri G. Bowling, Blytheville, Bus. Adm. Dixie Carter, Huntsville, Ala., Couns. Ed. Margaret Cook, Jonesboro, Journalism Lynita M. Cooksey, Jonesboro, Biology Larry D. Covington, Searcy, Art Tommie Crawford, Springfield, Mo., Bio. Terry L. Davis, Osceola, Bus. Adm. Larry W. Dorman, Tillar, Zoology Russell Durell, Little Rock, Biology Donald R. Edwards, Judsonia, Bus. Adm. Susan Erickson, Newport, Couns. Ed. Robert D. Evans, Santa Rosa, Calif., Bio. Ronald L. Evans, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Jerry L. Farris, North Little Rock, Bio. Cathy J. Frie, Corning, Special Ed. Alvin L. Futrell, Little Rock, Ed. Adm. James Garner Jr., Granite City, III., Art Steve Goldberg, Louisville, Ky., Bus. Adm. Rita C. Gray, Blytheville, Speech Path. Brenda Harbison, West Plains, Mo., Music Laurie C. Harvey, Prescott, Athletics Aslam Haydar, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Russell G. Hobby, N. Little Rock, Bio. Stella L. Hourd, Kennett, Mo., Com. Col. Kenneth P. Jay, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Donna Morris Karber, Hot Springs, Com. Col. Cheryl A. Keller, Jonesboro, Reading Anthony King, Sardis, Miss., Biology Karl H. Landberg, Mountain Home, Biology Jaime L. Lieb, Mountain Home, Couns. Ed. Chris McAllister, Little Rock, Biology Jim McCarty, Little Rock, Radio-TV Roland McDaniel, Monticello, Biology Karen C. McFann, Myrtle, Mo., Couns. Ed. Robert McGee, Bay City, Mich., Com. Col. Dale McGilliard, Jonesboro, Speech Charlotte McHugh, Galesburg, III., E.C.E. Jan H. McKee, Jonesboro, Speech Drama Roger D. Meurer, Bono, Biology Laurie A. Miles, Blytheville, Sociology David L. Moore, Hedrick, Iowa, Pol. Sci. Graduate Assistants Tamara E. Nichols, Clinton, History Vivian L. O ' Brien, Jonesboro, Com. Col. Ken N. Paige, Jonesboro, Biology Danny Phillips, College City, Biology Kathy Pinchback, Jonesboro, Mathematics Margaret Pretty, Newport, Bus. Ed. Russell D. Price, Lonoke, Radio-TV Pamela T. Purvis, Jonesboro, Reading Carrol E. Rayburn, Tupelo, Miss., Music Brenda Reynolds, Jonesboro, E. Childhood E. Daina Reynolds, Big Rock, Va., English Randall L. Robbins, Manila, Bus. Adm. Carol A. Roberson, Hot Springs, E.C.E. John Ruff, Jonesboro, Biology John L. Rushing, Pine Bluff, Couns. Ed. Raphael A. Saliba, Biytheville, Music Clara L.£ample, Williford, P.E. Sarah Sears, St. Louis, Mo., Art Gregory L. Sheets, Trumann, Sociology Eldon M. Simmons, Minturn, Agriculture Ricky L. Slavings, Hayti, Mo., Sociology Bruce C. Smock, Pensacola, Fla., Drama Victoria Pasmore Smock, Jonesboro, Art Vickie Spence, Sheridan, Special Ed. Wayne H. Stevens, Smackover, Art Earnestine Steward, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Teresa Louise Strawn, Helena, History Gary F. Strickland, Lepanto, Biology Fran W. Tarvin, Bald Knob, Sociology Ron Taylor, North Little Rock, Chemistry Danny E. Terry, Earle, Agriculture Dena L. Tinker, Imboden, P.E. Renn Tumlison, Crossett, Biology Less D. Twillie, Marion, Ed. Adm. Staria E. Vanderpool, Mammoth Spring, Bio. Johnnie F. Walker, Imboden, Special Ed. Charles Watson Jr., Holcomb, Mo., Math. James E. Webb, Bay, Bus. Adm. Glenda K. Webster, Jonesboro, Ed. Adm. Dan Wehrwein, Manitowoc, Wis., Com. Col. Nina J. White, Hot Springs, P.E. Donald B. Williams, West Helena, Music Larry D. Williams, Gary, Ind., Biology Ronald E. Williams, Rector, Special Ed. Jayme Huff Wray, North Little Rock, Art Dean Wright, Marked Tree, English Lloyd Wright Jr., Biytheville, Stud. Affairs 273 Graduate Students Pulyn I. Aghayere, Benin, Nigeria Gladys M. Alexander, Menifee Darlene D. Alsbrook, West Memphis Lisa E. Arnold, Ruskin, Fla. John W. Bata, Harrisburg Annette E. Bednar, Jonesboro Michael E. Benefield, Jonesboro Cathy W. Bowers, Jonesboro Joe L. Brimer, Bald Knob Larry S. Bryant, Forrest City Stephen Bryant, Modesto, Calif. Harvey G. Bufford, Jonesboro Judy L. Burris, Newport Roy W. Causbie, Hardy Ethel L. Cole, Jonesboro Keith L. Cox, Jackson, La. Scott A. Daniel, Wyandotte, Mich. Robert F. Davis, Walnut Ridge Vernard Davis, West Helena George Wallace Douglas, Black Rock Forrest G. Ethridge, Wynne Gloria M. Fahey, Overland, Mo. Elizabeth J. Garner, Forrest City Dana L. Garrett, Steele, Mo. Shamsoddin Ghamgham, Tehran, Iran Delmer Grimes, Osceola Hattie Hill, Moro James Elwyn Hinds, Jonesboro Patricia B. Holt, Jonesboro Billy R. 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Bigelow, Pocahontas, English Richard L. Billingsley, Violet Hill, Agri. Ed. Ted R. Bishop, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Gary W. Blakeney, Jonesboro, Comm. Art Dorothy M. Bland, Little Rock, Journalism Deborah S. Blankenship, Melbourne, Bus. Mgmt. Robert C. Blevins, Jonesboro, Nursing Rodney W. Blevins, Bradford, Agri. Ed. Jerry D. Bogard, Jonesboro, Criminology Melissa C. Boggs, Paragould, Early Childhood Teresa M. Bolton, Jonesboro, Accounting Tommy J. Bonds, Hughes, Agri. Bus. Ethel L. Booker, El Dorado, Special Ed. Michael D. Booker, Jonesboro, History Pamela L. Boozer, Jacksonville, Social Work Debra J. Born, Jonesboro, Data Proc. Marc A. Bossi, Batesville, Radio-TV Frances E. Bower, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Ruth A. Bowerman, Brinkley, English Bill C. Bowers, Jonesboro, Architecture Julie D. Bowles, Jonesboro, Social Work Cindy M. Bowman. Lepanto, Mathematics 277 Seniors Robert L. Box, Jonesboro, Drama Suzanne Boyles, Jonesboro, Drama Jennie M. Bradley, Memphis, Tenn., Special Ed. Leigh A. Branch, Paragould, Early Childhood Robert B. Branch, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Roberta C. Branch, Paragould, Criminology Carol A. Brannon, Newport, Early Childhood Chris B. Breazeal, Jonesboro, Mathematics Robert M. Brewer, Cabot, Marketing Arlene M. Bridges, Helena, Speech Drama Katherine M. Bridges, Forrest City, Soc. Sci. David Briggs, Crawfordsville, Gen. Agri. Jesse H. Briggs, DeWitt, Gen. Agri. Anna M. Brinkley, Foreman, Early Childhood Terry D. Brinkley, Paragould, Accounting Rhonda G. Britnell, Harrisburg, Nursing Kenny V. Broadaway, Bono, Gen. Agri. John M. Broadway, Jonesboro, Physics Patricia A. Brooks, Caraway, P.E. Valerie Brooks, Earle, Social Work William E. Brooks, Cooter, Mo., Agri. Bus. Patricia L. Brothers, Harrison, Elem. Ed. Debbie L. Brown, Hayti, Mo., Office Adm. Kathryn J. Brown, Mammoth Spring, Early Childhood Kenny I. Brown, Marvell, Gen. Agri. Rancy C. Brown, Floral, Agri. Engr. Debborah L. Browning, Senath, Mo., Soc. Sci. Carmi G. Bryant, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Cleophus Bryant, Lexa, Gen. Bus. Alice M. Buchanan, Cotton Plant, Special Ed. Judy D. Bullard, Blytheville, Speech Path. Jeffrey G. Bumgardner, Gastonia, N.C., Printing Tech. Terry Lee Bunnell, Wynne, Comm. Art Patricia A. Bunt, Yellville, P.E. 278 Seniors Ellen Kay Burge. Batesville, Nursing Philip W. Burkett, McCrory, Agronomy Barry G. Burns, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Gary L. Burns, Viola, Agri. Ed. Martha K. Burns, Jonesboro, Accounting Elizabeth A. Burroughs, West Memphis, English Charlotte R. Burruss, Bradford, Biology Michael L. Burton, Swifton, Plant Sci. Larry C. Busick, Searcy, Marketing Judith A. Bynum, Osceola, Bus. Ed. Julia A. Byrd, Jonesboro, Early Childhood William Warren Byrd II, Jonesboro, Journalism John Caban, Manila, Med. Tech. Sharon L. Caldwell, Wynne, Elem. Ed. Chiquita Callahan, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Phyllis A. Callaway, Gould, Accounting James P. Callewaert, Kennett, Mo., P.E. Albert W. Camp, Paragould, P.E. Michael B. Campbell, Blytheville, Accounting Cynthia L. Caneer, Senath, Mo., Soc. Sci. David R. Cantrell, Calico Rock, Agri. Ed. Jacqulin C. Caradine, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Deborah A. Cardin, Hardy, Special Ed. Gayla E. Carter, Trumann, Bus. Ed. Guy E. Carter, Marianna, Marketing Jackie I. Cassidy, Black Rock, Elem. Ed. Jerry L. Castor, Douglasville, Ga., P.E. Linda F. Cecil, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Lisa A. Chadwick, Bono, Elem. Ed. Gerald L. Chance, Jonesboro, Bus. Data Proc. Harry E. Chandler, Cherokee Village, Accounting James H. Chandler, East Point, Ga., P.E. Melvin L. Chapman, Jonesboro, Speech Matt G. Cheadle, Manila, Med. Tech. 279 Seniors Hanley Cherry Jr., Festus, Mo., Gen. Agri. Jeff K. Childers. Wynne, Mathematics Sheryl L. Chudomelka, Beebe, Radio-TV Mary L. Chunn, Paragould, Nursing Garry W. Clark, Augusta, Agri. Bus. Robert W. Clementson, Clarksville, Radio-TV William H. Coburn, Osceola, Elem. Ed. Charles B. Cochran, Salem, Zoology Jacqueline D. Cochran, Mountain View, Geography Ronald S. Coggin, Caraway, Speech Drama Mauri L. Cole, Jonesboro, Philosophy Rita L. Cole, Paragould, Math. Ed. Cyrus B. Coleman, Forrest City, Mathematics Dennis A. Collier, Rector, Pol. Sci. Robert E. Collier, Pascagoula, Miss., History Brian K. Conatser, Trumann, Keyboard Music Andrea R. Conley, Blytheville, Psychology Virginia Anne Conyers, Cave City, Special Ed. Danny R. Cook, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Jonna L. Cook, Jonesboro, Drama Nick A. Cook, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Vicki L. Cook, Osceola, Criminology William D. Cook, Crossett, Printing Mgmt. Brent R. Coomer, Greenway, Agri. Ed. Douglas D. Cooper, Bono, R. E. Ins. Doyle H. Cooper, Melbourne, Agri. Ed. Karen N. Cooper, Romance, Gen. Agri. George R. Cotton, West Helena, Comm. Art William T. Couch, Altheimer, Accounting James Michael Cox, Paragould, Phy. Sci. Pam S. Cox, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Speech Path. Rena Cox, Forrest City, Sociology Richard M. Cox, Paragould, Accounting Bonnie R. Crabtree, Eudora, Office Adm. 280 Seniors Herbert M. Crabtree, Jonesboro. Zoology Cindy E. Crane, Blytheville, Office Adm. Allen L. Crawford Jr., West Helena, Marketing Betty L. Crawford, Paragould, Accounting Mary E. Crawford, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Larry D. Crayton, Crawfordsville, P.E. Terry H. Crider, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Thomas F. Cromwell, Pine Bluff, Bus. Mgmt. Stephen M. Culp, Maiden, Mo., Horticulture Ann Marie Cunningham, Jonesboro, Med. Tech. Steve B. Cupples, West Plains, Mo., Music Nada E. Dailey, Strawberry, Elem. Ed. Jan C. Dantzler, Jonesboro, Data Proc. Booker T. W. Dargan, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Adrian Davis, Wilson, P.E. Allen R. Davis, Paragould, Agri. Ed. Arista J. Davis, Lake City, Early Childhood Janet K. Davis, Mountain Home, Gen. Bus. Patricia L. Davis, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Speech Path. Rob E. Davis, Dexter, Mo., Marketing Connie E. Daws, North Little Rock, Horticulture Mitzi N. Dawson, Blytheville, Accounting Chet Day, Dover, Del., Gen. Bus. Mark D. Deal, Maiden, Mo., Data Proc. Karen S. Dean, Joiner, Math. Ed. Nick E. DeClerk, Pocahontas, Accounting Sam B. Denton, Lepanto, Zoology Phyllis J. DePriest, Cherokee Village, P.E. Richard C. DePriest, Steele, Mo., Agri. Ed. Michele Y. DeRoeck, Jonesboro, Marketing Ricky L. DeWees, Pine Bluff, Bus. Mgmt. Kathy L. Dickey, Bono, Special Ed. Jesse R. Diebold, Wynne, Accounting Gary E. Diles, Hoxie, ITM Bus. Seniors Kathy J. Dillon, Newport, Criminology Gary L. Dobbins, Manila, Agri. Bus. Tommy L. Doherty Jr., Kennett, Mo., Music Ed. Denise Dorton, Trumann, Journalism Boris A. Dover, Batesville, Bus. Mgmt. Barbara S. Doyle, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Rebecca L. Doyle, Marion, Early Childhood Kern P. Drake, Lake City, Art Ed. Wilma L. Droke, Hornersville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Jacqueline M. DuBose, Scott AFB, III., Comm. Art Ann Dunivan, Jonesboro, Agronomy Pamela S. Dunivan, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Stephen D. Dunn, Newport, History Cathy J. Dyke, Jonesboro, Nursing Joan Easley, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Joseph Eason, Marianna, Bus. Mgmt. Judy K. Eason, Jonesboro, Psychology Sandra Eastin, Harrisburg, Special Ed. Glen F. Eaton, Harrisburg, Agri. Bus. Ellen C. Edgar, Jonesboro, R.E. Ins. Debra A. Edmonson, North Little Rock, Accounting James A. Edmonson, West Helena, Special Ed. Glenda E. Eldridge, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Paul L. Eldridge, Jonesboro, Art Ed. William F. Elliott, Walcott, Agronomy Mary C. Elmore, Jonesboro, P.E. Sister Phyllis A. Enderlin, Stuttgart, Elem. Ed. Steve W. Engelken, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Mgmt. Michael W. Erby, Jonesboro, Marketing Raymond W. Erickson, Little Rock, Zoology Greg L. Evans, Walnut Ridge, P.E. LuCinda Evans, Palmyra, III., Special Ed. Robert S. Evans, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Raymond W. Faison, Little Rock, Comm. Art 282 Seniors James H. Farley, Jonesboro, Marketing Lynn Farris, North Little Rock, Office Adm. Jerry C. Featherstone, Heth, Marketing Don C. Fegtly, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. J. T. Ferguson, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Joe Ferguson, Monette, P.E. Vent S. Finley, Zion, Soc. Sci. Gregory D. Fitts, New York, N.Y., Accounting Lillian Yvonne Flanery, Paragould, Journalism Mark A. Fleming, Trumann, Bus. Adm. Brenda K. Fletcher, Paragould, Early Childhood Harry P. Fletcher, Pocahontas, Mathematics Cindy A. Flowers, Little Rock, Marketing Tommie J. Flowers, Fayetteville, Social Work Lester L. Floyd, Lepanto, Soc. Sci. Martha J. Floyd, North Little Rock, Bus. Mgmt. Christi L. Flynn, North Little Rock, Bus. Mgmt. George K. Foley, Conway, Marketing Shelia H. Foley, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Pamela C. Folz, Jonesboro, Accounting Billy G. Foreman, Bay, Bus. Mgmt. Pamela S. Fowler, Tuckerman, Gen. Agri. Wallace W. Fowler Jr., Jonesboro, Accounting John B. Frankel, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Benjamin C. Frazier, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV James D. Free, Newport, Soc. Sci. Gerald C. Freligh, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Sandra R. Frierson, Jonesboro, English Mark R. Frizzed, West Helena, Agri. Bus. Richard A. Fulkerson, Paragould, Marketing Ronald K. Fulton, Lepanto, Wildlife Mgmt. Deborah L. Gairhan, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Hal B. Gallop, Paragould, Jounalism Kevin B. Gamble, Kennett, Mo., Radio-TV 283 Seniors Sondra A. Gammill, Newnata, Elem. Ed. Tim G. Gammill, Timbo, Agri. Ed. Gregory A. Gamso, Maynard, Criminology Kerry L. Garman. Jacksonville, P.R. Pamela S. Garrison, Blytheville. Vocal Music Ed. Deborah L. Gates, Oelaplaine, Art Ed. Jerry D . Gates, Pine Bluff, Geography Linda Sue Gatling, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Chester Gentry Jr., West Helena, Bus. Adm. Donna R. Gibbons, Monette, Pre-Medical Marcia L. Gibson, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Barbara A. Gill, Jonesboro, Marketing Stephen D. Gilliam, Jonesboro, Nursing Reginia A. Gillihan, Melbourne, Elem. Ed. Paula K. Gilmore, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Danny 0. Gipson, Caraway, Finance Daniel L. Girone, North Little Rock, Mathematics Tammy J. Glenn, Fisher, P.E. Don G. Glover, Ward, Plant Sci. Randy V. Goad, Newport, Soc. Sci. Terri A. Goodman, Jonesboro, Social Work Charles D. Goodwin, DeWitt, Med. Tech. Marilyn D. Goodwin, Jonesboro, Med. Tech. Glenda S. Graham, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Terry V. Graves, McCrory, English Darrell Gray, Gosnell, P.E. Linda R. Gray, Newport, Comm. Art Doran R. Gregory, Paragould, Social Work Michael A. Gretzmier, Osceola, Accounting Deborah A. Griffey, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Jack K. Griffin, Lake City, Gen. Bus. Joe T. Griffin, Burdette, Sociology Melissa D. Griffin, Turreli, Early Childhood Sheila D. Griffin, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. 284 Seniors Janis A. Gulley, Jonesboro, P.E. Karen 0. Guthrie, Batesville, Pre-Medical Jerry L. Gwyn, West Memphis, Criminology James W. Hager, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Elizabeth A. Hale, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Leslie A. Hale, Blytheville, Accounting Thomas T. Hale, Trumann, History Randall A. Halford, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Glenn Hall, West Memphis, Zoology Linda Rae Hall, Forrest City, English Ed. Vicki H. Hall, Hazen, Elem. Ed. Randy C. Ham, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Oebby L. Hamilton, Manila, Early Childhood Elgene R. Hamilton, Blytheville, Vo. Agri. Thomas M. Hamrick, Cherry Valley, Elem. Ed. Garrison Handy, West Memphis, Psychology Karen E. Handy, Blytheville, Social Work Stephen M. Hanschen, Scott City, Mo., Bus. Mgmt. Rebecca E. Harbour, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Cathy L. Hare, Wynne, Early Childhood Thomas R. Harig, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Anita E. Harless, Oxford, Wildlife Mgmt. Bob F. Harris, Marked Tree, Radio-TV James Harris, Starkville, Miss., Sociology Mark C. Harris, Jonesboro, ITM Comp. Sci. Martha S. Harris, Rogers, Social Work Nancy Lynn Harris, North Little Rock, P.E. Tim Harris, Salem, Agri. Ed. Ani. Sci. Barry E. Harrison, Blytheville, R.E. Ins. Maryann Hart, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Patti L. Hassell, North Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Najmi Haydar, Jonesboro, Physics Charla W. Hayes, Kennett, Mo., Early Childhood Lee Hayes, Wynne, Early Childhood Seniors Beverly A. Hazelip, Clarksdale, Miss., Marketing James R. Heard, Newport, Data Proc. Lydia S. Heard, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Ronnie R. Heard, Bald Knob, Accounting Joe W. Heath, Jonesboro, History Terri J. Heinen, Batesville, Finance Ann M. Helm, Melbourne, Accounting Bobbie J. Helm, Hardy, Special Ed. Kenny A. Helm, Batesville, Bus. Mgmt. Johanna S. Henderson, Dyess, Bus. Ed. Holly G. Herndon, Morehouse, Mo., Music Ed. Theshia K. A. Hendren, Jonesboro, Spanish Robert Dale Hendrix, Trumann, Agri. Engr. Kathryn N. Henry, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Joanne J. Henson, Newport, Elem. Ed. Juril E. Henson, West Memphis, Bus. Adm. Alex L. Herman, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Sharon K. Herndon, St. Charles, Mo., Art Cora E. Hess, Wynne, Early Childhood Kathleen D. Hewitt, Pine Bluff, P.E. Larry W. Higgins, Marianna, R.E. Ins. David W. Hill, Widener, Marketing Dennis L. Hill, Pocahontas, Criminology Ronda J. Hill, Parkin, Speech Dale R. Hinson, Blytheville, Comm. Art Kenneth B. Hirt, Jonesboro, Physics Sandra J. Hitt, Smithville, Music Janet S. Hodges, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ricky Dale Hogan, Waco, Tex., Finance Charlotte R. Hoke, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Samuel A. Holloway, Augusta, Ga., Wildlife Mgmt. Betty L. Holm, Smithville, P.E. David K. Holmes, Jacksonville, Special Ed. Donald L. Holt, Manila, Wildlife Mgmt. 286 Seniors Jackie D. Holt, Parkin, Marketing Sherria L. Honey, Mountain Home, Finance Rita S. Hood, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Paul E. Hooks, Hazen, Agri. Bus. Deanna C. Horton, Jonesboro, Marketing Aaron D. Hosman, Pocahontas, P.E. Clayton J. Houston, Trumann, Plant Sci. Lovell Howard, Parkin, Special Ed. Kathrin Howell, College City, Elem. Ed. Vernita L. Howse, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Henry R. Hoyle, Marianna, Sociology Karen M. Huffman, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Accounting Laraine V. Hughes, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Paula K. Hughes, Blytheville, P.R. Tim P. Hunter, New Madrid, Mo., Plant Sci. Karen S. Ihnfeldt, Trumann, Plant. Sci. Johnny B. Isbell, Bay, Vocal Music Delfina R. Ishmael, Jonesboro, Comp. Sci. Beverly A. Ivey, Hardy, Med. Tech. Patricia L. Ivy, Timbo, Criminology Douglas D. Jackson, Paragould, Zoology Elizabeth B. Jackson, Osceola, P.R. Mary M. Jackson, Helena, Bus. Ed. Michael R. Jackson, West Memphis, P.R. Carla A. Jacques, Blytheville, Nursing Billy James, West Memphis, P.E. Gary J. Jameson, Jacksonville, Ani. Sci. Robert B. Jaques, Bardly, Mo., Early Childhood Marvin Jarrett, West Helena, Accounting Clarence Johnson, Earle, P.E. Cynthia A. Johnson, Forrest City, Speech Path. Dariel W. Johnson, Little Rock, Bus. Adm. Daryl K. Johnson, North Little Rock, Radio-TV David E. Johnson, Blytheville, Accounting Seniors Dorothy C. Johnson, Lexa, Social Work Kimberly J. Johnson, Paragould, Early Childhood Kimberly K. Johnson, Marianna, Early Childhood Raymond L. Johnson, Hardy, Music Ed. Joni C. Johnston, Jonesboro, English Brenda L. Jones, Naylor, Mo., English Elizabeth Kay Jones, Wynne, Bus. Adm. Hirschel L. P. Jones, Oil Trough, Agri. Ed. Larry E. Jones, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Odessa Jones, Hughes, Special Ed. Pamela J. Jones, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. Randy Jones, Dyess, P.E. Rick W. Jones, Jonesboro, Accounting Melodie K. Jordan, DeWitt, Marketing Patricia G. Judd, Jonesboro, Criminology Chris S. Kale, Poplar Grove, Radio-TV Arnold E. Kaylor Jr., Romance, Agri. Ed. Salah Kazzaz, Jonesboro, Data Proc. Bruce N. Keeling, Sheridan, Music Ed. James W. Keene, Jonesboro, Accounting Brenna K. Kegley, Newport, R.E. Ins. Elaine F. Kelly, Earle, Special Ed. Karen J. Kender, Leachville, Accounting Mitchel C. Kennedy, Jonesboro, Gen. Agri. June M. Kennett, Leachville, Speech Vicki L. Kersey, Jonesboro, Social Work John L. Kerst, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Mike M. Kessinger, West Memphis, History Sheila A. Killian, Batesville, Pol. Sci. Sherry F. Killian, Calico Rock, Bus. Ed. Teresa A. Killough, Caraway, English Ed. Susan Kimbrell, Pine Bluff, History Kimberly M. King, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Charles L. Kirkland, West Memphis, Bus. Mgmt. Seniors Charles R. Kirksey, Trumann, Art Ed. Thelma M. Kisling. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Mary A. Kitchens, Senath, Mo., Early Childhood Beth L. Knight, McCrory, Soc. Sci. James A. Koons, Pocahontas, Agronomy Rudy F. Kurz, Lonoke, Gen. Agri. Roy L. Lamb, Blytheville, P.E. Steven H. Lane, Little Rock, Accounting Lawrence Lanos, Crawfordsville, Plant Sci. Cathy J. LaPorte, Doniphan, Mo., Social Work Robert O. Layer, Rector, Radio-TV Jackie H. Leach, Mount Vernon, Pol. Sci. Anna L. Ledbetter, Walnut Ridge, French Robert M. Lee, Mountain Home, P.E. Sharon K. Lee, Damascus, Bus. Adm. Ted A. Leggett, Blytheville, Biology Susan E. Lehr, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Homer Lenderman Jr., Paragould, Agri. Ed. James M. Lewis, Kennett, Mo., P.R. Ben E. Light, Alicia, Agri. Ed. Kent B. Lindsey, Stamps, Marketing Micha R. Linn, Weiner, P.E. Mitchell W. Little, Minturn, Agri. Ed. Lee A. Losacco, Warm Springs, Gen. Agri. George H. Loucks, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Dorothy J. Lucas, Colt, Mathematics Janet L. Lynch, Batesville, Botany Mollie R. Lytle, Proctor, Early Childhood Rickey W. Maclin, St. Louis, Mo., Criminology Darnell Maggitt, Wynne, P.E. Mary K. Maisey, Rapid City, S.D., Journalism Robert M. Malone, Paragould, Lib. Studies Bently Manatt, Corning, R.E. Ins. Myron W. Mann Jr., Harrisburg, Chemistry 289 Sensors Anthel D. Marlin II, North Little Rock, Zoology Thomas A. Mars, Jonesboro, Criminology Bryce L. Marshall, Springdale, Journalism Don D. Martin, Trumann, Chemistry John F. Martin, Jacksonville, Criminology Leah A. Martin, Mammoth Spring, Accounting Myra S. Martin, Paragould, Special Ed. Rosie M. Martin, Lexa, Special Ed. Thomas W. Martin, Alma, Soc. Sci. Ed. Claire R. Massey, Heth, English Ed. Susie J. Matheny, Little Rock, P.E. Carol A. May, Paragould, Nursing Mark K. May, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Ed. Scott M. Mayes, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Theron Winona McCallum, Blytheville, Social Work Shirley A. McClaughlin, Trumann, Office Adm. Darlla S. McClung, Corning, P.E. Rodger D. McClung, Knobel, Wildlife Mgmt. Cherrie L. McCoy, Grubbs, Elem. Ed. Henry E. McCoy, Marion, Chemistry Dorinda A. McCurley, Paragould, Early Childhood Dena R. McDaniel, Blytheville, Speech Path. Marcus W. McDaniel, Paragould, Bus. Mgmt. Suzanne D. McDermott, Wynne, Speech Path. Pamela G. McGonigal, Doniphan, Mo., P.R. Marilyn J. Mcllvoy, Weiner, English Jerome J. McKenna, Bayonne, N.J., Criminology Elizabeth A. McKenzie, Blytheville, Marketing Richard K. McKeown, West Milford, N.J., Journalism JoAnn McKinney, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Nina E. McKnight, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Timothy Ray McKnight, Smithville, ITM John H. McMickle, Forrest City, Agri. Engr. Jimmy D. McMullen, Walnut ' Ridge. Mathematics Seniors Betty L. McNeill, Carlisle, Biology Ed. Diane C. Meador, Jonesboro, Nursing John W. Meadows, Proctor, Gen. Agri. Larry F. Meadows, Paragould, Bus. Mgmt. Charlotte A. Meeks, Corning, Early Childhood Elvis K. Meilke, Harrisburg, Comm. Art Ronald D. Melton, Jacksonville, Data Proc. Janet L. Mencl, Maynard, Accounting Cathy M. Meyer, Lepanto, Accounting Gene H. Meyerowich, Tequesta, Fla., P.E. Teddy L. Milloway, Searcy, Soc. Sci. Deborah A. Miller, Stuttgart, Speech Path. James O. Miller, Melbourne, Accounting Lisa A. Miller, Wynne, English Ed. Margaret Miller, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV Mark S. Miller, Paragould, Accounting Teresa L. Mills, Rector, P.E. Cynthia D. Mink, Jonesboro, Art Susan D. Mitchell, Blytheville, Early Childhood Laura J. Molnar, Walnut Ridge, Comm. Art Freeman M. Montaque, West Memphis, Pre-Medical Loretta Montgomery, Helena, Radio-TV Gracie R. Moody, Jacksonville, Accounting Michael E. Moody, Jonesboro, Bus. Mgmt. Barbara A. Moore, Lexa, Early Childhood Edith Ann Moore, Osceola, Elem. Ed. Linda R. Moore, Jonesboro, Accounting Regina A. Moreland, Marvell, Special Ed. Lorin F. Morgan, Jonesboro, P.E. Sandra J. Morgan, Marked Tree, Pol. Sci. Sherry G. Morgan, Senath, Mo., P.E. Abbe D. Morris, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Marty W. Morris, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Wilma L. Moss, Poplar Grove, Bus. Adm. 291 Seniors Dorothy V. Motion, West Helena, Sociology Rick G. Moylan, Maiden, Mo., Sociology Kenny V. Mullen, St. Louis, Mo., Elem. Ed. Catherine S. Muren, Little Rock, P.E. Thomas P. Murphy, Brookland, Plant Sci. Timothy L. Murphy, Brookland, Agri. Bus. Arthur L. Neal, Augusta, Biology Jason S. Nemec, Horseshoe Bend, Data Proc. Brian C. Nervig, Slater, Iowa, P.E. Chris E. Newsome, Marvell, Biology Leala D. Nicholson, Birch Tree, Mo., Elem. Ed. Larry W. Noell, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Tim D. Nokes, Blytheville, Accounting Bobby J. Notes, Jacksonville, Printing Ed. Robert D. Nowlin, Blytheville, Art Janice E. Oakley, Fordyce, Radio-TV Stanley Okungbowa, Benin City, Nigeria, Print. Tech. Dale Oldham, Portia, Wildlife Mgmt. Nwaribe C. Onyeka, Little Rock, Agri. Engr. Cynthia L. Orlicek, Des Arc, Bus. Mgmt. Marty E. Orr, Blytheville, P.E. Paul B. Osborn, Buena Park, Colo., Bus. Mgmt. Susan L. Osborn, Jonesboro, ITM Comp. Sci. Don J. Overly, Covington, Ky., Plant Sci. Ben E. Owens Jr., Jonesboro, Pre-Medical Gary C. Owens, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Marina E. Pakis, Hot Springs, Marketing Judy G. Palmer, Pollard, Elem. Ed. John D. Park, Hoxie, Gen. Bus. Melanie A. Park, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Dolores L. Parke, Bono, Nursing Scott Parker, Jonesboro, Zoology Donna K. Parks, Wynne, Soc. Sci. Ed. Thomas M. Parnell, Mammoth Spring, R.E. Ins. 292 Seniors Rickey D. Patrick, Brinkley, Criminology Janet S. Patterson, Hoxie, Criminology Russell H. Patton III, Jonesboro, Accounting Barbra A. Pemberton, Bay, Early Childhood Teresa J. Perry, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Jerry E. Peters, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Karen J. Petrus, Hazen, Marketing Ann M. Pettengell, Jonesboro, Drama Joel W. Philhours, Paragould, Accounting Lance C. Phillips, Clover Bend, Plant Sci. Marcita L. Phillips, Yellville, Elem. Ed. Parti R. Phillips, Bradford, P.E. Rodger A. Phillips, Sidney, Data Proc. Vivian L. Phillips, Helena, Journalism Wink R. Phillips, Clover Bend, Agronomy Terry G. Pickett, Gosnell, Biology David A. Pickler, Jonesboro, Bus. Mgmt. Benny E. Pierce, Steele, Mo., Early Childhood Eloise B. Pierce, Leachville, Bus. Ed. Paul F. Pilla, St. Louis, Mo., Math. Ed. David W. Pipkin, Bald Knob, Accounting Mary R. Poag, Osceola, Special Ed. Gary D. Pogue, Puxico, Mo., Wildlife Mgmt. Gary W. Pounder, Caruthersville, Mo., Radio-TV Billy F. Powell, Wynne, Sociology Carrie L. Powell, North Little Rock, Accounting Mary A. Powell, Jonesboro, Office Adm. Patricia W. Pratt, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Susan Prewett, Forrest City, Early Childhood Barbara Y. Price, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. Troy A. Price, Little Rock, Journalism Terry L. Primm, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Darlene Y. Proffitt, Dyess, Elem. Ed. Charles A. Pudinas, Chandler Heights, Ariz., P.E. 293 Seniors Teri L. Quails, Jonesboro, Nursing Chris A. Ragsdale, Jonesboro, Accounting Lynne Ransdale, Marion, Sociology JoAnn Raines, DeWitt, Early Childhood John L. Rainey, Newport, Bus. Mgmt. Judy A. Rambo, North Little Rock, Nursing Pat Ramsay, Jonesboro, Sociology Debbie L. Randleman, Marmaduke, Special Ed. Jane E. Rapley, Hot Springs, Accounting Barbara A. Ray, Marion, Early Childhood Timothy H. Reagan, Jonesboro, Comm. Art Donnell R. Reece, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Edward M. Regenald, Blytheville, Agri. Bus. Mitch K. Reginelli, Lake Village, Agronomy Steven M. Reined, Elgin, III., Radio-TV Kenneth G. Renshaw, Piggott, Music Maureen E. Reppond, Jonesboro, Sociology Victoria A. Rhone, Marianna, Social Work Mary F. Richards, Osceola, Elem. Ed. David M. Richardson, Jonesboro, History Tina M. Richardson, Kennett, Mo., P.E. Bob W. Richey, Trumann, Sociology Danny P. Richey, Smithville, Pol. Sci. Carl Rider, Hoxie, Speech Valerie Y. Ridley, Tuckerman, Mathematics William E. Rikard, Hardy, Music Ed. Linda K. Riley, Crawfordsville, Marketing Willie J. Riley, Crawfordsville, Social Work Rebecca I. Riney, Jonesboro, Sociology Barbara J. Ring, Jonesboro, Accounting Gloria Dee Ripley, Fordyce, Early Childhood Clyde J. Ritchie Jr., Marianna, Bus. Adm. Carlton B. Roach, Floral, Radio-TV Scott B. Roberts, Paragould, Med. Tech. Seniors Maurice Robertson, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Adm Margaretta D. Robinson, Newport, Data Proc. Hector M. Rodriguez, Groton, Conn., Marketing Bill Holobaugh Rogers, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Terry E. Romine, Hoxie, Agri. Ed. Sharon G. Rondone, Marvell, Science Ed. Jerri Jo Rose, Wynne, Early Childhood Melinda C. Ross, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Calvin W. Rothe, Deiaplaine, Radio-TV Donald L. Rouse Jr., Mountain Home, Accounting Eula A. Rowden, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Mark A. Rowe, Beech Grove, ITM Bus. Suzanne Rowland, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Timothy J. Ryan, Walnut Ridge, Art Ed. Owens E. Sadler Jr., Wilson, P.E. Barbara J. Sagley, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Ronnie Sairls, Jonesboro, Zoology Holly C. Sanderlin, Mosby, English Ed. Lawrence A. Sanders, Cherry Valley, Soc. Sci. Yvonne D. Sanders, Newport, English Kenneth L. Sandusky, Dexter, Mo., Music Ed. Alan H. Scott, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Cynthia L. Scott, Bono, Elem. Ed. Linda K. Scott, Jonesboro, Med. Tech. Randal D. Scott, Kennett, Mo., Sociology Mack C. Seaton, Marion, Gen. Agri. Dana S. Sechrest, West Memphis, French Pamela G. Selby, Maiden, Mo., Early Childhood Clyde A. Self, West Memphis, English Kathy J. Sellers, Blytheville, Psychology Viretta K. Sexton, Kennett, Mo., Music John L. Shannon, Pine Bluff, Pre-Dental Greg B. Sharp, Crossett, Pre-Medical Beverly K. Shatley, Paragould, Speech Path. 295 Seniors Jsmmie D. Shatsar, Walnut Ridge, Plant Sci. Roy A. Shears, Crumrod, Comm. Art David I. Sheely, Dardanelle, Agri. Ed. Larry D. Shelley, Joplin, Mo., P.E. Thomas Shelton, Jonesboro, Accounting Patricia M. Sherman, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Deloris A. Shields, West Helena, Special Ed. Kim E. Shipley, West Plains, Mo., Music Ed. Timothy K. Short, Lake City, Accounting Denise A. Shumake, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Donna B. Sides, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Kevin E. Sigsby, Rector, R.E. Ins. Alvin L. Simes, West Helena, Bus. Adm. Vivian A. Simindinger, Ravenden, Elem. Ed. Randy K. Simpkins, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. David E. Simpson, Rector, Criminology Madeline L. Sinor, San Diego, Calif., Wildlife Mgmt. Teresa A. Skidmore, Beebe, Sociology Lisa K. Skoog, Jonesboro, Art Donald R. Slatton, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Donny J. Slayton, Jonesboro, Marketing Alexa C. Smith, Leachville, Sociology Beulah M. Smith, Charleston, Mo., Bus. Ed. Carolyn Ann Smith, Forrest City, Sociology Debra A. Smith, Montgomery, Ala., Social Work Dianna J. Smith, Newport, Elem. Ed. Emily J. Smith, Jonesboro, Bus. Data Proc. Gregory E. Smith, Manila, History Kevin H. Smith, Steele, Mo., Marketing Ron A. Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio, Wildlife Mgmt. Tami L. Smith, Paragould, Accounting Vicky A. Smith, Corning, Special Ed. Wilma P. Smith, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Joseph S. Smithwick, Jonesboro, History Seniors Clara B. Snow, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Debbie K. Southard, Blytheville, Early Childhood Brenda L. Sparks, Marianna, Bus. Adm. Sharon K. Sparks, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Gene Spears, Ellenwood, Ga., Gen. Bus. Gail Y. Speer, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Tony R. Speer, Marmaduke, Agri. Engr. LaDoris Speight, Blytheville, English Patricia A. Spence, Paragould, Math. Ed. Bradley L. Spikes, Monette, Agri. Ed. Lindell E. Staggs, Paragould, Radio-TV Sharon R. Stanford, Crawfordsville, Early Childhood Thomas T. Stanford, Jonesboro, Pers. Mgmt. Joyce A. Stanley, Marianna, Psychology Von Gregory Starnes, Blytheville, Bus. Mgmt. Ben D. Starr, Smithville, Agri. Ed. Joe Stayton, O ' Kean, Accounting Lindell L. Stevens, Jonesboro, Economics Larry J. Stewart, Swifton, Pers. Mgmt. Brent Stidman, Jonesboro, Accounting Tim L. Stillings, Hot Springs, Radio-TV Melanie S. Stinnett, Jonesboro, Finance Josephine Tice Strayhorn, Griffithville, Accounting Randy K. Strayhorn, McRae, Marketing Jane Stuart, Newport, Animal Sci. Mark A. Stubblefield, Caraway, R.E. Ins. Tom R. Swallows, Puxico, Mo., Radio-TV Kamran Tabatabai, Tehran, Iran, Chemistry Audie Tackett, Wynne, P.E. Gail F. Tackett, Wynne, Nursing George M. Tackett, Stuttgart, Mathematics Carol A. Talbott, Neelyville, Mo., Biology Ed. Linda G. Tate, Moro, Sociology Dale G. Taylor, Cherry Valley, Zoology 297 Gene E. Taylor, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Kennon E. Taylor, Waycross, Ga., Sociology Mark Taylor, Jonesboro, P.E. Rodrigo A. Telleria, Leon, Nicaragua, Agri. Bus. Mary E. Terry, Earle, P.E. Robin L. Terry, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Mary Lynn Thacker, Black Oak, Music Ed. Jerry A. Thielemier, Pocahontas, Accounting Barbara A. Thomas, Blytheville, Bus. Mgmt. James L. Thomas, Benton, Animal Sci. Tomy N. Thomas, West Memphis, Marketing John H. Thomison, Smithville, Soc. Sci. Rita K. Thomison, Smithville, Special Ed. Annesa G. Thompson, Marked Tree, Biology Debbie M. Thompson, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Dennis H. Thompson, Campbell, Mo., Soc. Studies James R. Thompson, Lake City, Agri. Ed. William David Thompson, West Memphis, Criminology Don J. Threm, Peel, Journalism Leslie S. Thurman, Carlisle, Drama Dorothy K. Thweatt, Leachville, Bus. Data Proc. David J. Tillman, Paragould, Psychology Winona Tinsley, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Bobbie W. Todd, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Tammy N. Todd, Wiseman, Office Adm. Teresa G. Todd, Cardwell, Mo., Accounting Cynthia L. Tolley, Blytheville, English Ed. Janet K. Toney, Forrest City, Accounting Cindi S. Trantham, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Bonnie L. Treece, Paragould, Early Childhood Beth E. True, Holcomb, Mo., Social Work Cindy A. Tschabold, Marvel!, Elem. Ed. Jim G. Tubbs, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Neil P. Tucker, Beebe, Animal Sci. Seniors Susan E. Turnquist, Yellviile, Animal Sci. Alan C. Twedt, Paragould, Zoology Richard L. Ulry, Hannibal, Mo., Agri. Ed. John J. Urban, Paragould, Bus. Mgmt. Rita R. Utley, Jonesboro, Education Mabelle Vanderlinden, Cherokee Village, Accounting Jeffery W. Van Patten, Searcy, Finance John M. Veasman, Osceola, Accounting Carol L. Vest, Cave City, Marketing Michael A. Visalli, Jonesboro, Bus. Mgmt. Cheryle Voelkner, Mount Prospect, III., Social Work Donna B. Waddell, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Michael R. Wade, Bragg City, Mo., Agri. Bus. Kelly Waldrup, Heber Springs, Accounting David B. Walker, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. John R. Walker, Keiser, Bus. Adm. Mary E. Walker, Marked Tree, Drama Mary Hope Wallace, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Theartis Wallace, Dallas, Tex., ITM Comp. Sci. William S. Wallace, Monette, Agri. Bus. Jerry E. Walton, Monette, Pre-Law Linda D. Walton, Caruthersville, Mo., Bus. Adm. Debbie J. Warbritton, West Memphis, Bus. Mgmt. Cynthia C. Ward, Jonesboro, Med. Tech. Robert N. Washburn, Marvell, Agri. Engr. William L. Washburn, Marvell, Plant Sci. Teresa L. Waters, Poplar Grove, Bus. Ed. Gwendolynn Watkins, Cave City, Bus. Ed. Jeffrey P. Watkins, Marianna, English Joseph G. Watkins, Jonesboro, Bus. Mgmt. Diann F. Watson, Beebe, Agri. Ed. Margaret M. Watson, Holcomb, Mo., Mathematics Gwyne I. Watts, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Patricia A. Weatherford, Rector, Speech Path. 299 Seniors James T. Weathers, Blytheville, Bus. Mgmt. Gwendolene Welch, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Rebecca E. Wells, Athens, Term., Accounting Phillip D. White, Pine Bluff, Marketing Robyn L. Whitmire, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Adm. Jim B. Wiedeman, Corning, ITM Bus. Debbie L. Wiggins, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Susan L. Wilbanks, Jonesboro, P.R. Reid C. Wilcox, Moko, Radio-TV James M. Wiles, Melbourne, Soc. Sci. Georgia L. Wiley, Proctor, English Doreen A. Wilichowski, Rogers, Marketing Brenda D. Williams, Corning, Data Proc. tola Williams, Hughes, Bus. Ed. Jimmy P. Williams, Hope, Soc. Sci. Keith Williams, Pine Bluff, History Leonard O. Williams, Forrest City, Zoology Paula F. Williams, Marion, Elem. Ed. Rosie F. Williams, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Sandra F. Williams, Hazen, Speech Ed. Wendell Douglas Williamson, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Ronda J. Willmuth, Strawberry, Early Childhood John E. Wilson, Monette, Chemistry Rollin K. Wilson, West Memphis, Data Proc. Glenn E. Wimer, Strasburg, Pa., Criminology Carol D. Winchester, St. Francis, Special Ed. Keith Wineland, Paragould, History Ronnie L. Winn, Paragould, P.E. James E. Wise III, Marvell, Bus. Mgmt. Joniece K. Wise, Corning, Music Ed. Teri L. Wise, Walnut Ridge, Nursing Terri L. Wix, Hot Springs, Zoology Ronni D. Wolf, Sikeston, Mo., Marketing Kay Wolfe, Marianna, Special Ed. 300 Seniors Mary C. Wolford, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Kenneth E. Wong, West Memphis, Data Proc. Byron D. Wood, Doniphan, Mo., Wildlife Mgmt. Hansel E. Wood, Jonesboro, ITM Bus. Lynn H. Wood, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Rebecca L. Wood, Jonesboro, Accounting Linda K. Woodard, Blytheville, Philosophy Monroe C. Woodard, Marvell, Psychology Deborah S. Woods, Tyronza, Elem. Ed. Janis A. Woods, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgmt. Sabrina K. Woolverton, Pollard, Elem. Ed. Sara G. Word, Brinkley, Bus. Mgmt. Leslie Wren, Little Rock, Accounting Cynthia L. Wright, Campbell, Mo., Radio-TV Gary L. Wright, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. Leigh A. Wright, Steele, Mo., Med. Tech. Michael L. Wright, DeWitt, Zoology Annette Yarbrough, Blytheville, Social Work Rick D. Yopp, Blytheville, Accounting David B. Young, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Sam D. Young, New Madrid, Mo., Math. Ed. Vennes Young, Hughes, Psychology Stephen N. Yount, Pollard, Agri. Bus. Ronald D. Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro, Accounting 301 Juniors Donald A. Abbott, Jonesboro Thomas M. Abbott, Batesville James C. Adams, West Memphis Terry C. Adams, Jonesboro Lily M. Addison, Jonesboro Judith A. Adkins, Manila Susan C. Akin, Parkin Sharon A. Alcorn, Newport Sherri L. Alexa, Harrison Tony R. Allen, Crossett Jacob L. Alley, Blytheville Robert E. Allison, Forrest City Billy R. Alumbaugh, McCrory James F. Anderson, Wynne Thomas E. Anderson, Marshall Joy N. Angel, Yellville Kenneth O. Armbrust, N. Little Rock Harrison A. Armstrong, Brinkley Wendell E. Ashabranner, Manila Robin Ashley, Harrison Janie C. Atwood, Jonesboro Frances H. Autry, Jonesboro Jewelletta Bailey, Lake City Ronald W. Bailey, Jr., Stuttgart Joanne K. Baker, Manila Kathy D. Baker, Paragould Suzanne P. Baker, Hughes Mack H. Ball, Eudora Ralph W. Ball, Mammoth Spring Lisa D. Ballenger, Corning Cynthia R. Baltz, Pocahontas Donald J. Barker, Rector Nancy L. Barkley, Jonesboro Charles R. Barnes, St. Louis, Mo. Nita L. Barnett, Jonesboro Jill J. Bateman, Paragould Kathy J. Bays, Cave City Steven W. Bays, Crossett Jeannia R. Bearden, Jonesboro Cindy K. Beck, Stuttgart Mike H. Beck, Pine Bluff Tamara L. Beisner, Jonesboro Sharon L. Bell, Jonesboro John R. Benjamin, Georgetown, III. Anthony B. Bennett, Manila Katherine M. Bennett, Jonesboro Mel Bennett, Jonesboro Roger D. Bennett, Strawberry Mark A. Berky, Jonesboro Ashley D. Berry, Jonesboro Julie L. Berry, Jonesboro Patricia R. Berryhill, Dardanelle Harold K. Bessee, Jr., Jacksonville Marie E. Betzold, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Martha S. Bickers, Pocahontas Jimmy A. Bickerstaff, Moro Cheryl D. Biggers, Batesville Anna P. Bishop, Rector Marsha B. Bishop, Jonesboro Terry G. Bishop, Morrilton Alisa E. Bitner, Lakeview Joyce A. Black, Jonesboro Linda Black, Bay Debra Ellen Blake, Melbourne, Fla. Juniors Elfreda Bledsoe, Osceola Raymond L. Bledsoe, Lonoke Chris E. Blevins, Bono Keith Blocker, Jonesboro Samuel S. Bodell, Jonesboro Eileen E. Boeckmann, Wynne Kathey D. Boeckmann, Wynne Mona R. Boeckmann, Wynne Keith D. Bogard, Rockford, III. Anne P. Bond, Hot Springs Sandra J. Bonham, Bono Kenneth W. Booth, Black Oak Jon H. Bortis, Blytheville Stephen H. Bost, Kennett, Mo. Patrick J. Bourke, Pine Bluff Sandra J. Bovee, Jonesboro Foster Bowdon, Jonesboro Fredic A. Bowen, Woodbridge, Va. Myra J. Bowers, Knobel Gay L. Bowie, Gobler, Mo. Michael Bowman, Jonesboro Ronnie W. Bowman, Lake City Tawana D. Box, Pocahontas Cynthia L. Boyles, Jonesboro Rebecca I. Boylls, Cherokee Village John W. Bracey, Jonesboro Ruby C. Bradford, Jonesboro Michelle R. Bradley, Jonesboro Gina L. Brady, West Memphis Ida B. Branscomb, Marianna Mary E. Brasel, Hot Springs Delphia L. Braswell, McCrory Claude E. Brawner, Wynne Marilyn J. Brawner, Forrest City Leslie K. Bray, Blytheville Mona D. Brewer, Leachville Patty A. Brewer, Caraway Pamela S. Bridges, Leachville Anna L. Brink, Hardy Jean Brink, Viola John P. Broadaway, Bono Kenneth W. Broadway, Jonesboro Thomas K. Brocksmith, Paragould Donald W. Brooks, Manila Tony G. Brooks, Kennett, Mo. DaBoot S. Brosh, Newport Debra S. Brown, Jonesboro Jerita S. Brown, Marked Tree Jyril Brown, Crawfordsville Keith Brown, Jonesboro Leslie C. Brown, Jonesboro Michael A. Brown, Naylor, Mo. Regina S. Brown, Jonesboro William Eugene Bruce, Blytheville Una M. Brumett, Lonoke Dave L. Brumley, Black Rock Carolyn J. Bryan, Osceola Nancy E. Bryan, Springdale Karen A. Bryant, Birdeye C. Keith Bryson, Paragould Linda D. Buchanan, Batesville Teresa J. Buck, Hot Springs Teacy L. Bullard, Blytheville Jimmie J. Bullington, Caruthersville, Mo. Juniors Sandra R. Burgess, Earle Kathryn M. Burke, Russellville Michael B. Burke, Mammoth Spring Jeanne L. Burleson, Doniphan, Mo. Deborah K. Burnette, Parkin Al Burns, Brinkley Deloris L. Burns, Forrest City Michael G. Burrow, N. Little Rock Charles M. Butler, Harrison Anita K. Cain, West Memphis Janice D. Calvin, Hot Springs Becky L Campbell, Sikeston, Mo. Darrell W. Caplener, Pleasant Plains William D. Carlew, Wilson Donna J. Carlisle, Jonesboro Kimberly R. Carlisle, Little Rock Sandy K. Carlisle, Jonesboro Terrell A. Carr, Bono Jody B. Carreiro, Cave City Grover M. Carrier, Orlando, Fla. Leta M. Carruth, Lexa David L. Carter, Blytheviile Dennis V. Carter, Mountain Home Kimberly A. Carter, Jonesboro Michael K. Carter, Trumann Rebecca L. Carter, Jonesboro Dennis P. Casey, Pollard Paula D. Cates, Pocahontas Ellen L. Causbie, Hardy Ellen Cearley, Hot Springs Donna K. Cecil, Parkin Cyndi A. Chadwick, Rector Hugh T. Chapman, Horseshoe Bend Timple A. Chase, Earle Robert E. Cherry, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Chesney, Osceola Stephen M. Chiiders, Cooter, Mo. James H. Childress, St. Louis, Mo. Patricia D. Childress, Jonesboro Stephen E. Childress, Jonesboro William D. Childress, Pocahontas Randy M. Chlapecka, Slovak Connie E. Choate, Beebe James M. Choate, Floyd Mark L. Church, Walnut, Kan. Connie F. Clark, Jonesboro Lloyd D. Clark, Jonesboro Michael L. Clark, Steele, Mo. Michael Clark, Beech Grove Peggy G. Clark, Portia Ronald G. Clark, Jonesboro Curtis Clay, N. Little Rock David M. Clayton, Jonesboro Earnest Clayton, Memphis, Tenn. John M. Clenn, Osceola Debra K. Cleshorn, Jonesboro Pamela Y. Coats, Little Rock Laura E. Cobb, Forrest City Jina R. Cockrell, Mulvane, Kan. Al H. Cockrill, Wynne Carolyn M. Coe, Jonesboro Robert D. Coe, Jonesboro Jeffrey O. Cohen, Jonesboro Roger U. Colbert, Campbell, Mo. 1 1 $ 1 1 304 ' Juniors Steve E. Colclasure, Hazen Alan K. Cole, Hayti, Mo. Brenda L. Cole, Kerkley, Mich. Barbara L. Coleman, Jonesboro Larry L. Coleman, Paragould Victor D. Coleman, Paragould Becky L. Collins, Sherwood Joanna Collins, West Plains, Mo. Michael R. Collins, Gould Nancy A. Collins, McGehee Karen S. Conger, Cabot Billie 0. Conner, Caraway Karen Ann Conner, Pocahontas Terry Conner, Paragould Elizabeth G. Cook, Jonesboro Linda L. Cook, Jonesboro Michael B. Cook, Jonesboro Michael W. Cook, Raleigh, N.C. Sharon K. Cook, Pine Bluff William A. Cook, Jonesboro Debbie L. Cooper, Paragould Deborah L. Cooper, Newport Gary L. Cooper, Pocahontas Rebecca L. Cooper, Rector David M. Copies, Bono Dennis E. Corbitt, Jonesboro Teresa A. Corbitt, Jonesboro Tammy V. Cossey, Jonesbcro Steven W. Cotten, DeWitt Mary A. Covey, Leachville Nancy Cox, Holly Grove Douglas A. Crabtree, Eudora Joe A. Craig, Paragould John L. Craig, McGehee Lisa A. Craig, Caraway Alfred Crancer III, Rector Keith M. Crass, Pine Bluff Gary M. Crawford, Manila James W. Creswell, Cabot Cindy L. Crockett, Heth Karen L. Crossno, Walnut Ridge Lang M. Crow, Arbyrd, Mo. Pamela D. Culley, Forrest City Howard M. Cummings, Hayti, Mo. John Cunavelis, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Linda D. Cupples, Hughes Scott Cureton, Cash Phillip M. Currier, McCrory Calvin L. Curtis, West Memphis Donna C. Curtis, Jonesboro Dorothy A. Custer, Jonesboro Donald A. Dabney, Marked Tree Harold F. Dachs, Maiden, Mo. Earnest E. Dallas, Wynne Tami S. Dame, Walnut Ridge Nancy A. Danicourt, N. Little Rock Stanley D. Daniel, Walnut Ridge Jimmy D. Danley, Paragould Alan G. Caugherty, Judsonia Charles D. Davidson, Black Rock Karen Y. Davis, Blytheville Linda Sue Davis, Pocahontas Stanley K. Davis, Ida, La. Stephen J. Davis, Paragould Juniors Tim L. Davis, Jonesboro Mary Jo Davisson, Blytheville Patti E. Dawsey, Lake City Dywarn Dawson, Forrest City Teresa J. Dawson, Paragould Norman Deal, Bagley, Iowa Kay Deems, Jonesboro Robin L. Dempsey, Senath, Mo. James Scott Despaw, Lake City Laura J. Dewailly, Lepanto M. David Dickens, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wendell L. Dillard, Oxford Luther Keith Dixon, Little Rock Doug E. Dobbs, Belleville, III. Alice Doby, Augusta Robert W. Dobyns, Imboden Robert F. Doherty, Wynne Dana D. Donner, Leachville Lisa C. Doss, Pine Bluff Barbara J. Dotson, Forrest City Sybil D. Dotson, Heth Linda J. Doty, Jonesboro Mary K. Doty, Jonesboro Nona J. Douglass, Mtn. Grove, Mo. Jim E. Drake, Hot Springs Thomas D. Ducker, Calico Rock Wendy K. Docker, Jonesboro John K. Duckworth, Hayti, Mo. Louie F. Dudley III, Blytheville Debby J. Duffy, Salado Michael D. Duncan, Osceola William M. Duncan, Newport Artie D. Dunham, Newport Fred R. Dunlap, West Memphis Andrea L. Dunn, Paragould Mitchel S. Durham, Pocahontas Kathy C. Dust, Pocahontas Mary Jane Eans, Griffithville Richard G. Easter, Harrisburg E. T. Edmiston, Jonesboro Judy A. Edrich, Selby, S.D. Linda Edrington, Osceola Cathy R. Edwards, Blytheville Julie Edwards, Pocahontas Bobby Craig Elder, Brookland Bryan C. Elder, Brookland Michael E. Elkins, Pocahontas Richard L. Elliott, Blytheville Rebecca A. Ellis, Eatonville, Wash. Nancy D. Ellison, Jonesboro Lee R. Elwood, Jonesboro Joy K. Emde, Bald Knob Patty K. Enderlin, Stuttgart Lisa F. Eubanks, Kennett, Mo. Kathie D. Eustace, Sumter, S.C. Bill L. Evans, Benton Keith Evans, Paragould Michael C. Evans, Jonesboro Paticia A. Evans, Blytheville Randall W. Everett, Batesville Dorothy J. Ewing, Cotton Plant Ned J. Fardeecey, Luxora John A. Farley, Pocahontas Doulas C. Farque, Crossett 306 Juniors n i o r si if Robert S. Farrell, Paragould Brett Farris, Sidney Marcus K. Felker, Crawfordsville Jimmy M. Felts, Jonesboro Martha D. Felts, Paragould James E. Ferguson, Jonesboro Jill E. Ferguson, Forrest City Desso M. Ferrara, Mt. Holly, N.J. Deborah K. Finch, Caraway Tracey F. Finch, Forrest City Deborah A. Fisher, Smithville Kathie S. Fisher, Hot Springs Steven S. Fitzgerald, Mt. Home Mary A. Fleetwood, Cave City Sunny D. Fletcher, Pocahontas Donna S. Floyd, Crossett Danny W. Foley, Smithville Stephen M. Fontenot, Jonesboro Mary S. Forbis, Cardwell, Mo. Cheryl A. Ford, West Memphis Jane S. Ford, Newport Lisa L. Ford, Pocahontas Michael E. Ford, West Memphis Paul D. Ford, Parma, Mo. Danny B. Foreman, Decatur Joy L. Foreman, Decatur Rick A. Fortenberry, Tuckerman Tracy A. Fortmann, Blytheville Sheila G. Fowler, Sheridan Randy L. Fraine, Knobel Dana G. Fraley, West Plains, Mo. Donna L. Francis, Hardy Kathy D. Franks, Dell Patricia A. Frazier, N. Little Rock Vickie L. Frazier, Colt Dana L. French, Palestine James H. French, Mammoth Spring John W. Friday, West Memphis William R. Fritz, Jonesboro LaDawn L. Fuhr, Jonesboro David C. Fulkerson, Paragould Tony L. Futrell, Jonesboro Carolyn D. Gage, Caruthersville, Mo. Mark M. Gage, Bono Tammie R. Gaither, Jonesboro Mary Ann Gardner, Hoxie Tim K. Gardner, Marmaduke Betty L. Garner, Earle James M. Garner, Lepanto Thomas C. Garner II, Hot Springs Gina L. Garver, McDougal Dwight F. Gary, Jonesboro Terry L. Gaskin, Wynne Alicia M. Gaston, Paragould Julie M. Gathright, Jonesboro Bill B. Geestln, Blytheville Kathy Jo Gibbs, Black Oak Steve K. Gibbs, England Cindy L. Gibson, Bridgeton, Mo. Dareth W. Gibson, Maiden, Mo. LaDonna Gibson, Russell William F. Gibson, Wynne Richard D. Gilbert, Russellville Thomas J. Gill, Kennett, Mo. Juniors Teresa K. Gillette, Hornersville, Mo. Alva L. Gilliard, West Helena- Leah V. Gilliam, Harrisburg Carolyn A. Gipson, Jonesboro Donna C. Gist, Paragould Sharon P. Glaze, Ravenden Mariola J. Glueck, Paragould Elaine C. Goad, Newport Paul J. Goble, Osceola Charles D. Goff, Smithville Bill B. Golden, Pocahontas Gary J. Golden, Hardy James W. Golden, Jonesboro Michael R. Goldensoph, Blytheville Robert E. Goode, Jonesboro Bonnie B. Goodman, Jonesboro Robert L Goodson, Jonesboro Doris J. Goodwin, Kennett, Mo. Kathy L. Goodwin, Lynn Kimberly N. Goodwin, West Memphis Michael T. Gosnell, Moorestown, N.J. Melanie D. Gossett, Jonesboro Timothy K. Gott, Jonesboro Julie A. Grabill, Locust Grove Richard M. Grace, Stuttgart Daphyne D. Graggs, Little Rock Robert L. Graham, Blytheville Beth L. Gramling, Jonesboro William E. Gray, Manila Marvin R. Green, Springdale Susan D. Green, Steele, Mo. John E. Greenwood, Urbanna, Va. Rebecca L. Greenwood, Jacksonville Gerald M. Greer, Gosnell David C. Gregory, Piggott Jeff C. Gregory, Wynne Janice E. Gresham, Greers Ferry Gary D. Griffin, Jonesboro James D. Griffin, Calico Rock Kurtz Felton Griffin, Newport Lesley Gregg Griffin, Hardy Richard 0. Griffin, Bono Shelia A. Grimes, West Memphis William E. Grimmer, Marianna Lulu Guillermo, Jonesboro Vicki L. Gunn, Paragould Joe W. Guthrie, Smithville Gerry W. Gwinn, Step Rock Gary E. Hagar, Pocahontas Patty Jean Hagler, Berryville Jeri Hale, Marianna Susan A. Hale, Trumann Cindy A. Hall, West Memphis Veta L. Hall, Tyronza William G. Hall, Wynne Gerald L. Haltom, Hoxie Danny R. Hames, Melbourne David A. Hamilton, Blytheville Loy A! Hamilton, Wynne Timothy E. Hamilton, Paragould Mike L. Hammett, Newport Cheryl E. Hammons, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Connie E. Hampton, Steele, Mo. Floyd G. Hancock, Knobel 308 Juniors Derrick L. Handy, West Memphis Thomas L. Haney, Jonesboro Charles R. Hannah, Jonesboro Randall L. Hannah, Jonesboro Barbara A. Hardin, Hornersville, Mo. Becky A. Hardin, Jonesboro Reuben W. Hargis, Warren Lorraine A. Harless, Oxford Dena A. Harmon, Jonesboro Brenda F. Harold, Corning Russel E. Harper, Bald Knob Vel M. Harper, Gould Cathy A. Harpole, Corning Carolyn J. Harris, Parkin Cathy J. Harris, Jonesboro Fanny M. Harris, Tyronza Tommy J. Harris, Senath, Mo. Tracy L. Harris, Paragould Elizabeth D. Harrison, Jonesboro Ann R. Hart, Wynne Melvin S. Hartis, Osceola Diana W. Hartwick, Beebe Kenny W. Hartwick, Vilonia Patricia R. Harvey, Russell Clyde Hastings, Salt Lake City, Utah Donald W. Hatcher, Harrisburg Renna J. Hatley, Hayti, Mo. Ronald Steve Hawkins, Pocahontas Shawn A. Hawkins, Leachville Sylvia A. S. Haydar, Jonesboro Charlie R. Haywood, Piggott Deborah L. Heath, West Memphis Bryon A. Heffington, Heber Springs Kathey J. Heflin, Blytheville Lyndi H. Heidelberg, N. Little Rock Michael W. Henderson, Trumann John A. Hendrix, Searcy Tony Hendrix, Wynne Cheryl A. Henn, Blytheville Debi S. Henning, Doniphan, Mo. Wanda C. Hensley, West Memphis Patricia J. Henson, Kennett, Mo. Jeffrey L. Herndon, Jonesboro Martin A. Herrington, Gobler, Mo. John B. Hestand, Paragould Gregory A. Hester, Black Rock Kevin B. Hester, Steele, Mo. Gary M. Higgins, Kennett, Mo. James T. Higgins, North Little Rock Linda J. Higgins, Paragould Rebecca J. Higgins, Jonesboro Wallace W. Hightower, Batesville Debbie F. Hill, Jonesboro Elisa D. Hill, Hardy Harian M. Hill, McCrory Julia D. Hill, Bay Larry W. Hill, Cabot Gary D. Hinton, Cuney, Tex. Thurman A. Hobbs, Jonesboro Celeste F. Hodges, Byron Mary D. Hoffman, Jonesboro Tommy W. Hogan, Bay Wendell R. Hogan, Pocahontas Jeffrey C. Hogue, Welner J U 10 1 5 Darrell L. Holifield, Blytheville Kim J. Holifield, Blytheville Georgianna M. Hollis, Augusta Wayne D. Hollister, Walnut Ridge Anne C. Holloway, Helena Gary 0. Holmes, Blytheville Martha C. Holmes, Jonesboro Richard A. Holmes, Jacksonville Danna J. Holt, Manila Robin E. Holt, Jonesboro Michael B. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Sandra K. Hopkins, Parkin Phillip D. Horn, Paragould Ray E. Horn, Manila Carla D. House, North Little Rock Vicki A. House, Clarkton, Mo. David A. Houston, Jonesboro Johnny E. Houston, Paragould Mable M. Howard, South Bend, Ind. Janet D. Howell, Piggott Jeff L. Howell, Piggott Colby L. Hudson, North Little Rock Joy L. Hudson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Rebecca E. Hudson, Mountain Home Brad Hudspeth, Palestine Kenneth A. Hughes, Forrest City Kevin L. Hughes, Memphis, Tenn. Phillip R. Hunter, Augusta Rodger D. Hunter, North Little Rock Stephen C. Hunter, New Madrid, Mo. Cecilia J. Hurst, Nimmons Mark H. Hurst, Wynne Debbie S. Hutchins, Jonesboro Vaughn W. Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Donna K. Iglehart, Lake City Don D. Ijames Jr., Jonesboro Cindy A. Ingram, Pine Bluff Clemmie J. Irby, Wynne Mattie L. Ivy, Forrest City Darlene A. Jackson, Tuckerman Kimberly A. Jackson, Poplar Bluff Reginald Jackson, Warren Tyrone Jackson, Blytheville Cathy C. Jacobs, Trumann Keith D. Jacobs, Benton Sharon T. Jaggus, Forrest City Gregory D. James, Corning Margaret A. Jannise, Jonesboro Rosemary Alice Jansen, Pocahontas David L. Jarvis, Ellsinore, Mo. Jerome Jefferson, Memphis, Tenn. Jinger L. Jeffrey, Locust Grove Debbie L. Jenkins, Little Rock John C. Jenkins II, Walnut Ridge Judy Jenkins, Forrest City Perry L. Jenkins, Blytheville David G. Jennings, West Helena Lea Ann Jensen, Beebe Kathy A. Johnes, Jonesboro Alvin R. Johnson, North Little Rock Brenda G. Johnson, Jonesboro Jeanetta A. Johnson, Maynard Jimmy L. Johnson, Hope King S. Johnson, Marked Tree Juniors Mary E. Johnson, Lepanto Myra G. Johnson, Blytheville Robert O. Johnson, Walnut Ridge Ruth V. Johnson, Jonesboro Westley W. Johnson, Tyronza Catherine A. Johnston, Jonesboro Leroy F. Johnston, Augusta, Ga. Susan D. Jolliff, Kennett, Mo. Gloria D. Jones, West Memphis Jerry L. Jones, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Kathy S. Jones, Piggott Kelly Jones, Little Rock Larry D. Jones, Blytheville Larry R. Jones, Wynne Lepolian Jones, Wynne Lisa M. Jones, Palestine Pamela K. Jones, Evening Shade Patricia D. Jones, Pocahontas Susan V. Jones, Kennett, Mo. Willie M. Jones, Palestine Sheldon Joshua, Chicago, III. Bradford D. Joyce, Fort Smith Herald G. Kaffka, Jonesboro Tony 0. Kane, Doniphan, Mo. Deondra L. Karnes, Jonesboro James P. Keel, Sea Cliff, N.Y. Shawn E. Kellett, Biggers Diana J. Kelley, Jonesboro Ronald B. Kelley, Little Rock Ronald W. Kelson, Forrest City Roger G. Kenley, Jonesboro Cheri E. Kennedy, North Little Rock Kevin L. Kenner, Jonesboro Marsha R. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Emma J. Kerst, Jonesboro Patricia D. Key, Helena Larry J. Kidd, Paragould Peter A. Kiech, Anchorage, Alaska Virginia L. Kimbrell, Corning Cherie L. King, Hot Springs Eddie King, West Memphis Paula S. King, Smithville Terry L. King, Pocahontas Bruce M. Kinzel, Freeburg, III. Marilyn A. Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro Leah M. Kirksey, Bono James Kittrell, McCrory Julia M. Kjallstrom, Horseshoe Bend Paula Klotz, Russell Elizabeth J. Knight, Newbursh, Ind. Kevin C. Konechy, Slovak Jordan W. Korell, Fair Grove, Mo. Randy K. Lace, Cherry Valley Cathy D. Lackland, Earle Barry J. LaFarlette, Monette JoAnn E. Lake, Marianna Charles J. Lamendola, Huntington Sta., N.Y. William J. Lamoreaux, Jonesboro Greg T. Lance, O ' Kean Robin K. Landa, Jacksonville Steve n D. Langley, Piggott Peter C. Langsdon, Osceola Arthur A. Lanos, Crawfordsville Nola Latham, Forrest City 311 Carroll W. Lathan, Warren Sharon D. Lawrence, Rector Sherry L. Lawrence, Calico Rock Virgil D. Lawrence, Calico Rock Terri J. Laws, Forrest City Lynn D. Layman, Marked Tree George T. Leach, Weiner Karen J. Leach, Kennett, Mo. Karen L. Leach, Paragould Debra F. Lee, Manila Larry 0. Lee, Doniphan, Mo. Ocie R. Lee, Moro Philip M. Lee, Paragould Theresa M. Lercher, Beebe Susan D. Letassy, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Karen E. Lewallen, Pocahontas Coldelia M. Lewis, Blytheville Gay D. Lewis, Dell Jack U. Lewis Jr., Forrest City Jeanne Lewis, Steele, Mo. Lisa A. Lewis, Forrest City Tonya R. Lewis, Imboden Margaret N. Lillard, Jonesboro Monte 0. Lillard, Jonesboro Paulette Linam, Paragould Lou A. Little, Blytheville Richard S. Little, Marianna Denise R. Litzelfelner, Piggott Wallace Lock, Hughes Allen E. Lockhart, Little Rock Linda C. Lochridge, Pine Bluff LaDonna G. Long, Pocahontas Nelma K. Long, Calico Rock Lee A. Longinotti, Hot Springs Joe E. Looney, Proctor Janet L. Loucks, Piedmont, Mo. Dwight J. Love, DeWitt Glenda C. Love, Lake City Darrell G. Loveless, Crossett Charles M. Lowe, Forrest City Clarence Lowe, Clarksdale Gelieta J. Lowery, Jonesboro Lori D. Lucan, Honolulu, Hawaii Michael W. Lunney, Henderson Craig S. Luter, Corning Fred L. Lylec, Bay Eric A. Lynk, Kansas City, Mo. Jana R. Lynxwiler, Warm Springs Steven R. Machen, Magnolia Michael Macklin, West Memphis Rickey W. Maclin, St. Louis, Mo. Jannet L. Maddox, Poplar Bluff Billy J. Madison, Newport David A. Magee, Memphis, Tenn. Larry J. Magers, Springfield, Mo. Bobby G. Maguffee, Salem Mary A. Malone, Jonesboro Lisa L. Manchester, Rector Cathy L. Manes, Salem Steve B. Manes, Salem D. C. Mangum, Jr., Blytheville Rhonda G. Manis, Olathe, Kan. Gary D. Mann, Piggott Karen Manning, Jonesboro Juniors Janet E. Mansbridge. Fisk, Mo. David A. Marlin, Hoxie Beverly R. Marriott, West Memphis Bryant R. Marshall, Paragould Tammy L. Marshall, Paragould Brenda K. Martin, Alma Debbie J. Martin, Hazen Donna C. Martin, Maynard John P. Martin, Oil Trough Marsha L. Martin, Jonesboro Betty J. Mason, Jonesboro Patricia J. Matthews, Newport Mickey D. Mayland, Hoxie Woodrow Mays, Jacksonville, N.C. Frankie B. Mazzanti, Lake Village Roy C. McAdams, Bradford Connie Jean McCain, Jonesboro Tobin T. McCammon, lola, Kan. Jeannie J. McCaughey, Blytheville Lonnie E. McClure, Jonesboro James M. McCluskey, Rector James E. McConnon Jr., Forrest City Ruth A. McCoy, Jonesboro Joyce E. McCullough, Salem Clark F. McDaniel. Jonesboro Grant A. McDaniel, Jonesboro LaVerne McDaniel, Palestine Roger K. McDaniel, Jonesboro Rusty McElroy, Crossett Vergil L. McEntire, Jonesboro Jim M. McFadden, Yellville Danny R. McKenney, Rector David R. McKinney, Nettleton Chris M. McMahon, Tulsa, Okla. Pamala K. McNabb, Osceola Eric W. McNeil, Chicago, III. Tammie A. McRae, Cabot Kim I. McSparren, Trumann David McVaney, Corning Jeff D. Mead, Jonesboro Mark E. Meadows, Proctor Ronald D. Melson, Jacksonville Bonnie L. Merrifield, Cedar Rapids, Iowa John C. Merrill, Forrest City John D. Messer, Light Robert L. Metcalf, Jonesboro Gary W. Milks, Sherwood Leslie Miller, Carlisle MaLeisa J. Miller, Monette Merrill T. Miller, Marked Tree Shirley G. Miller, Jonesboro Keith W. Milligan, Senath, Mo. Carol A. Mills, Trumann Rand A. Mintzer, Manchester, Mo. Donnis E. Minx, Jonesboro Candice Misenheimer, Bodcaw James D. Mitchell, Ravenden Springs Janice M. Mitchell, Trumann Sandra Lynn Mitchell, Millington, Tenn. Steve E. Mitchell, Mountain View Leslie B. Moilanen, Jacksonville Stan J. Moleski, Pocahontas David T. Moon, Wilson Susan Moon, Jonesboro Juniors Allen L. Moore, Manila Danny G. Moore, Viola Glenda F. Moore, Forrest City Jimmy V. Moore, Weiner Lee A. Moore, Hughes Marian D. Moore, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Thurmond E. Moore, Weiner Jo A. Morgan, Marmaduke Ricky C. Morgan, Hardy Timmie L. Morgan, Osceola Cindy A. Morris, Wynne Pamela R. Morris, Marmaduke Patricia E. Morris, Paragould Roland D. Morris, Manila Rosalie Morrison, Marion Michael G. Mosley, Walnut Ridge Marcus E. Moss, Benton Ann M. Murphy, Hardy Gregory A. Murry, Jonesboro Robert L. Myers, Blytheville William A. Myers, Jonesboro Anthony Q. Myles, Durham, N.C. Rush E. Nash, Osceola Charles R. Neal, Wynne Tommie A. Neely, Jonesboro Stacy M. Neighbors, Monticello Clydene Nelson, Jonesboro Irma J. Nelson, Little Rock Noreen D. Ness, Paragould Phuong M. Nguyen, Jonesboro George W. Nichols, Kennett, Mo. Danny B. Nicholson, Warren Carol L. Niederbrach, Jonesboro Brent D. Nielson, Lewis, Iowa Angela R. Nix, Jonesboro Kenneth R. Noble, Kennett, Mo. Chambliss R. Nolan, Forrest City Donald E. Norman, Memphis, Tenn. Becky L. Nosier, Wheatley Manochehr Nourizadeh, Shiraz Fars, Iran Suzanne Oates, Steele, Mo. Larry J. O Kane, Osceola Shane T. Oldham, Jonesboro Patrick M. O ' Neal, Jonesboro Gary W. Orahood, Fairborn, Ohio Charles J. Owens, McCrory Marilyn D. Owens, Marvell Nathaniel Owens, Clarkedale Sandra D. Ozbun, Doniphan, Mo. Kathey G. Pace, Minturn Annie R. Packer, Melbourne William C. Page, N. Little Rock Denise F. Paige, Jonesboro Catherine L. Palmer, Blytheville Kenneth Palmer, Dell Lisa A. Parham, Hope Terry W. Parker, Palestine Deborah D. Parks, Walnut Ridge Sally A. Parks, Osceola Carl D. Parrish, Rector Dana M. Parrish, Corning John M. Pasmore, Jonesboro Kimbela J. Payne, Paragould Tammy S. Payne, Gobler, Mo. k | i y (J 1 7 In t i f " i ft 1 : i t 1 fj G Juniors Janice M. Payton, Hot Springs Howard M. Peabody, Blytheville Rhonda L. Pearson, Steele, Mo. Donna L. Penn, Jonesboro Kathy J. Pepmiller, Doniphan, Mo. David D. Percifull Jr., Jonesboro Gary W. Perkey, Cave City Kathy A. Perkins, Blytheville Russell D. Perkins Jr., Dell Andy Perry, Forrest City Effie L. Perry, Tuckerman Magnolia L. Perry, Marianna Marvin G. Person, Newport Greg T. Peters, Jonesboro Homer R. Peters, Griffithville Louise Peterson, Jonesboro Jimmy W. Philamlee, Jonesboro Constance Phillips, Helena Leslee L. Phillips, Clover Bend Voundail Phillips, Palestine William D. Phillips Jr., Jonesboro Dawn M. Pickney, Paragould William A. Piercy, Manila Kevin Pinegar, Gregory Danny L. Pitchford, West Helena Edgar D. Poag, Osceola Rick D. Poe, Marmaduke Carole G. Poindexter, Pine Bluff Myra A. Polk, Holly Grove Nealon M. Pontree, Augusta Kathryn F. Poole, Blytheville John M. Porbeck, Jonesboro Archie O. Porter, Tuckerman Jeannie D. Pospisil, W. Memphis Bart Powell, Jonesboro Thomas F. Powell, Manila Charles D. Pratt, Lepanto Sandra J. Pretty, Newport Alan D. Price, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Price, Pine Bluff Asa B. Pritchett, Maiden, Mo. Mable L. Pruitt, West Helena David B. Quails, Mt. Pleasant Lloyd E. Quails Jr., Trumann Robin L. Quails, Bay Gwen Quarles, McCrory Arthur L. Quarrels, Palestine Cindy A. Quarry, Jonesboro Bill Quinn, Gosnell Kelly S. Quinn, Little Rock Marsha E. Radford, Jonesboro Jim Ragsdell, Brinkley Nancy H. Rainbolt, Rector Eloise Raley, Jonesboro Pa Ramsay, Benton Martha A. Ratliff, Long Beach, Cal. Elaine Ratton, Paragould Mitchell L. Ray, W. Memphis Charles N. Rea, Omaha John T. Reaves, Pine Bluff Kevin M. Reddick, Marmaduke Marsha D. Reddick, Paragould Vivian M. Redmond, West Helena Charolette R. Reece, Jonesboro 315 Juniors Brian J. Reed, Wynne Earl H. Reed, Marion Jeff Reed, Crossett Tricia A. Reeder, Houston Doug W. Reesor, Jonesboro Brenda Reeves, Salem Jere A. Reeves, McCrory JoAnn Reeves, Leachville John M. Reid, Wynne William E. Reid, Wynne Cecilia D. Reiman, Waldenburg Charles G. Reppond, Sheridan Max D. Reynolds, Harrisburg Pamela A. Reynolds, Batesville Teresa M. Reynolds, Harrisburg Deborah L. Rhodes, Texarkana, Tex. Richard L. Rice, Jonesboro Rebecca Ann Richards, North Little Rock Mary G. Richardson, Jonesboro Nancy D. Richardson, Paragould Becky L. Ricks, West Memphis Deanna M. Ridge, Lake City Randy N. Ridge, McCrory Rhonda E. Ridley, Hot Springs Missy Rieff, Rogers Carolyn A. Riley, Jonesboro Vickie M. Ring, Cave City Gary T. Ritter, Jonesboro Audie D. Roach, Walnut Ridge Cindy B. Roberts, Palestine Margaret B. Roberts, Jonesboro Ethel M. Robertson, Jonesboro .Mari L. Robertson, Little Rock Mulley Robertson Jr., Jonesboro Pamelynn A. Robinson, West Memphis William R. Robinson, Jonesboro James E. Robison, Hazen Stuart A. Rockwell, Corning Stanley D. Rodery, Campbell Ronald L. Rodgers, Paragould Terry D. Roe, Leachville Russell G. Roebuck, Jonesboro Anna E. Rogers, Wichita, Kan. Randy N. Rogers, Rector Stanley W. Rogers, Jonesboro Jerry L. Rolland, Monette Randy M. Romero, Blytheville Rebekah A. Romero, Jonesboro Richard R. Romeo, Jonesboro Frank S. Rondone, Jonesboro Terry L. Rose, Leachville Robert W. Roundtree, Kennett, Mo. Debra K. Rowe, Paragould Deborah Darlene Rudd, Newport Jean Russom, Corning Renee Rutherford, Jonesboro Stacy L. Rutledge, Bay Micheal Sailes, Harlem, N.Y. Teresa D. Sain, Rector Joseph H. Sales, Jonesboro Sara J. Saliba, Blytheville Jerry J. Sailings, McCrory Barbara J. Salmons, Blytheville Juniors Elizabeth J. Sanderlin, Crumrod Kyle F. Sanders, Marked Tree Lisa Sanders, Newport Shirley E. Sanders, Vanndale Nawanna G. Sansom, Jonesboro Jamice J. Sartini, Marion John M. Satterfield, Jonesboro Carla L. Sawyer, McCrory Danny C. Sawyer, Pine Bluff Neil W. Schafer, Lonoke Michael T. Schoenborn, Jonesboro Cortnee J. Schrader, Manila William P. Schulz, Marked Tree David B. Schumaker, Minturn Johnnie J. Scott, Jonesboro Kenneth J. Scott, Magnolia, Miss. Larry J. Sefren, Horseshoe Bend Karen R. Seifert, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Angela D. Shaddock, Hot Springs Charles Shannon Jr., Yonkers, N.Y. Leon Sharks, Marianna Jerry J. Sharp, Pocahontas Corwin D. Shaw, Wynne Dyeann E. Shaver, Wynne Wynona M. Sheffield, Paragould David L. Shell, Sikeston, Mo. Jeannie C. Shell, Jonesboro Patsy L. Shell, Newport Denise M. Sheppard, Brookland Sid L. Sheppard, Cabot Thomas D. Sheppard, Brookland Opal D. Shields, Memphis Deborah L. Shirley, Newport Linda K. Shouse, Blytheville Tammie L. Showalter, Cabot Steve Shrable, Walnut Ridge Sandra R. Shreve, Biloxi, Miss. Deborah J. Shumaker, Jonesboro Ursula D. Siddell, Mayflower Mark D. Sifford, Jonesboro Stanley G. Siler, Palestine Louise U. Simington, Pocahontas Gary R. Simmons, Hoxie Teresa L. Simms, Hot Springs David L. Simpson, Brinkley Ida L. Simpson, Jonesboro Kathryn Simpson, Crawfordsville Ronald D. Simpson, Pocahontas Sharon D. Simpson, Newport Lucille A. Sims, Augusta Michele R. Sims, Holly Grove Julia Sipa, Jonesboro Nadine R. Sisco, Walnut Ridge Debbie L. Sisk, Smithville Janice A. Sisk, Parkin Ralph D. Slatton, Trumann Leon H. Sloan, Des Arc Stan J. Sloan, Walnut Ridge Joe Slocum, Hickory Ridge Clifford D. Small, Corning Ronald C. Small, Corning Rose M. Small, Dermott Lonzo Smallwood, Wynne Brett S. Smith, Helena 317 Juniors Charletta A. Smith, Paragould David F. Smith, Hardy Detta R. Smith, Aubrey Don Smith, Tulsa, Okla. Don E. Smith, Trumann Fred L. Smith Jr., Marianna Greg P. Smith, Gillham Gwen G. Smith, West Memphis Janet D. Smith, Blytheville Janet S. Smith, Manila Janice K. Smith, Conway Karen K. Smith, Paragould Ray E. Smith, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Smith, Biscoe Rhonda K. Smith, Weiner Stanley W. Smith, Paragould Susan C. Smith, Blytheville Susan E. Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Thomas C. Smith, Pine Bluff Dana K. Snowden, Hot Springs Cheryl D. Snyder, Cherokee Village Kenny W. Snyder, Cave City Mark A. Songer, Mayville, N.Y. Andre R. Soucy, Fort Smith Jane C. Southern, Kennett, Mo. Richard J. Spades Jr., Black Rock Sally A. Spain, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mariah Spann, Helena Michael J. Sparks, Jonesboro Richard S. Spence, Corning Bridget C. Spencer, Paragould Mike L. Spencer, Bay i ' i Joe R. Spivey, Rogers Janice C. Stacey, Cardwell, Mo. Brenda A. Stallings, Jonesboro Karen M. Stanczak, Paragould m Jana K. Standefer, Jonesboro Danny D. Starling, Pocahontas Diana L. St. Cin, Vandalia, III. Rick B. Stearns, Jacksonville Penny S. Stegall, Newport Patti A. Stephens, Cherry Valley Robert K. Stephens, Jonesboro Stephen A. Stepka, Jonesboro William A. Stickler, Paragould Joyce A. Stidman, Jonesboro Ramey Stiles, Marianna Debra S. Stilley, Houston, Mo. Cheryl L. Stillwell. Batesville Cindy G. Stine, Des Arc X ;: mm. Russell B. Stobaugh, Newport Herman W. Strickland Jr., Jonesboro Carvil B. Strong, Hot Springs Anthony D. Stubblefield, Caraway Paul W. Stuckey, Sheridan Harold E. Suenkel, Jonesboro Steve A. Sullivan, Framingham, Mass. Lana K. Sutter, Pleasant Plains Sharon Ann Suttle, Hayti, Mo. Liane G. Sutton, Cherry Valley Karen E. Sutton, Jonesboro John R. Swafford, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard E. Swan, Marked Tree David J. Swanson, Hammond, Ind. Juniors 1? All 1 CI T li ir Y ff m m mi ft! Stephen G. Swindle, Steele, Mo. Michael Sykes, Jonesboro Karen J. Taggart, Augusta Michael L. Taibert, Jonesboro Mark S. Tanner, Piggott Ronald E. Tapley, Wynne Barbara A. Tate, Moro Teena R. Tate, Newport Brian W. Taylor, Newport News, Va. Debra F. Taylor, Holland, Mo. Jim H. Taylor, North Little Rock Jon P. Taylor, Leachville Karen K. Taylor, Newport Kina M. Taylor, Paragould Laquita A. Taylor, Jonesboro Margaret D. Taylor, Leachville Sabrina N. Taylor, Chicago, III. Steven D. Taylor, Monette Tommy B. Taylor, Mountain View Martin E. Telleria, Leon, Nicaragua Earline M. Temple, Jacksonville Patrick A. Teter, Mountain Home Gladys M. Thomas, Marion Janice K. Thomas, Doniphan, Mo. Leslie S. Thomas, Milwaukee, Wis. Loretta Thomas, West Memphis Virginia D. Thomas, Paragould Nina C. Thompson, Jonesboro Revola Thompson, Hayti, Mo. Teresa J. Thompson, Blytheville Sandy J. Thorne, West Memphis Michael T. Thornton, Trumann Rodney N. Thrasher, Jonesboro John C. Throech, Pocahontas Lois J. Thweatt, Leachville Barbara H. Tiefenback, Almyra Leon D. Tillman, West Helena Marsha A. Tillman, Jonesboro Marion C. Tinsley Jr., Marmaduke Roy Tippett, West Helena Ricky J. Tolbert, Smithville Virginia L. Tolbert, Jonesboro Mark D. Townsley, Jonesboro Wallace L. Tracy, Jonesboro Beverly A. Trantham, Jonesboro Tommy M. Treadway, Searcy Darnell Trent, Barnegat, N.J. Lisa K. Trice, Jonesboro Robert W. Troutt, Jonesboro Bobby Tucker, Wynne Mary L. Tucker, Paragould Sherry L. Turnbow, Marked Tree Diana L. Turner, Jonesboro Kandice M. Turner, Jonesboro Matthew E. Turner, Hot Springs Nancy M. Turner, Wynne Henry J. Tweedle, Hot Springs Mansell O. Twillie, Marion Glenda G. Twist, Forrest City Karl V. Uhen, Fort Wayne, Ind. Karen S. Ulmer, Jonesboro Jerry L. Unger, Walnut Ridge Thomas W. VanCleve, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Andy M. Vangilder, Rector 319 Juniors Kathy J. Vangilder, Rector Kenny T. Vangilder, Rector Herbert L. Versie, Haynes Paulette Vincent, Risco, Mo. Charles E. Vinson, Jonesboro Linda C. Vinson, Corning Keith A. Waddell, Kennett, Mo. Ollie L. Wadley, Leachvil le Loretta A. Wagnon, Jacksonville Barbara L. Wagner, Salem Frank D. Walden, Jonesboro John C. Waldo, Parkin Barry D. Walker, Jonesboro Cynthia D. Walker, Little Rock Darold M. Walker, Memphis, Tenn. Debbie A. Walker, Jonesboro Dennis J. Walker, Paragould Sandra F. Walker, Forrest City Mae C. Wallace, Marion Robin J. Wallace, Newport Wilma K. Wallis, Jonesboro Roger Walls, Jonesboro Sandra M. Walmsley, Biggers Charles E. Walton, West Memphis Linda D. Walton, Caruthersville, Mo. Rita L. Walton, Black Oak Kurt L. Walzer, Walnut Ridge Douglas K. Ward, Mountain View Denise M. Waterson, Walnut Ridge Teresa J. Watkins, Bono Keith V. Watson, Trumann Darrell J. Watts, North Little Rock Howard E. Weaver, Bentonville Rebecca R. Weaver, Newport Jeffrey E. Webb, Jonesboro Kim D. Webb, Hot Springs Deanna C. Webster, Piggott Sherry G. Wedel, Marshall Jerry W. Weeks, Wilson Angela K. Weisenbach, Maynard Jacqueline C. Wescott, Blytheville Charles M. West, DeWitt Robert S. West, Hoxie Susan C. West, Gideon, Mo. Mimi K. Whistle, Jonesboro Virginia I. Whistle, Jonesboro Floyd Steven White, Blytheville Phyllis J. White, Helena Tommy L. White, Jonesboro Velma A. White, Blytheville Hugh D. Whitledge, Salem Duane D. Whitt, Jonesboro Catherine M. Wicker, Paragould Jerry G. Wicker, Paragould Darrell D. Wilburn, Campbell, Mo. Tina M. Wilburn, Harrison Brenda F. Wilcher, Paragould Larry E. Wiles, Bay Donna G. Wilker, Marianna Anita J. Williams, Earle Anthony L. Williams, McComb, Mo. Connie M. Williams, Jonesboro Denise Williams, Little Rock Eddie J. Williams, West Memphis Juniors Frankie L. Williams, Paragould Helen Williams, Blytheville Herbert M. Williams, Searcy Hoover C. Williams, Parkin Lisa K. Williams, Light Terry K. Williams, Kensett Walter G. Williams, Joiner Brinn Williford, Jonesboro Deola R. Willis, Forrest City Amber V. Wilson, Lake City Carol E. Wilson, Osceola David E. Wilson, Blytheville Doris E. Wilson, Forrest City Paul B. Wilson, Festus, Mo. Stephen A. Wilson, St. Louis, Mo. Zayna L. Wilson, Albany, Ohio October L. Winfrey, Wynne Kenneth W. Winston, Marvell Don L. Wisdom, Jonesboro Mike C. Wise, Blytheville Suzanne R. Wonderly, Blytheville Dennis J. Wood, Parkin Stephen S. Woodiel, DeWitt Thomas S. Woodruff, Jonesboro Mary E. Woodworth, Little Rock Douglas R. Worley, Searcy Joe G. Worlow, Walnut Ridge Debbie A. Worsham, Keiser Shelly L. Wrather, Caruthersville, Mo. Susan R. Wren, Little Rock Alan D. Wright, Jonesboro Mark A. Wright, Batesville Michael C. Wright, Avoca, N.Y. Mona P. Wright, Waldenburg Calvin E. Yancey, St. Louis, Mo. Ken A. Yarbrough, Jonesboro Gwynn A. Yates, Hot Springs Cindy R. Yeatman, West Memphis Phillip L. Yee, Eudora Karen J. Yocum, Mountain Grove, Mo. Kenneth O. Young, Little Rock Robert B. Young, Cherry Valley Stuart C. Young, Cherry Valley 321 Sophomores Barry G. Adams, Paragouid Charles E. Adams Jr., Senath, Mo. Glen B. Adams, Yellville Karla W. Adkins, Manila Andy A. Agee, Jonesboro Gena R. Alberda, Monette Tina D. Albright, Jacksonville Kevin A. Alcorn, Newport Sebrenia Alexander, Chicago, III. Ina R. Allison, Jonesboro Rhonda G. Allison, Beech Grove Tim S. Allison, Jonesboro Kathy A. Allmandinger, Corning Carlos Alvarez, Venezuela Ken A. Anderson, Benton Lindel M. Anderson, Paragouid James M. Andrews, North Little Rock Becky J. Arnold, North Little Rock Sarah D. Arnold, Lafe Elizabeth K. Ashcraft, Jonesboro Tim L. Atchley, Germantown, Tenn. David M. Atherton, Jonesboro Betty S. Austin, Jonesboro Kippi L. Austin, Peach Orchard Saul Avery, Fordyce John W. Aycock, Jonesboro Ronald P. Bagley, Jonesboro Cynthia L. Bailey, Wynne Jeanne M. Bailey, Beech Grove Joyce M. Bailey, Wynne Patrick V. Bailey, Jonesboro John P. Baioni, Marion Mary E. Baioni, Marion Allan Baker, Marked Tree Floyd D. Baker, Harlan, Ky. Kerry D. Baker, Manila Richard L. Baldwin, Memphis, Tenn. Christina G. Ballard, Ash Flat Jeff J. Baltz, Pocahontas Ronald P. Baltz, Pocahontas Larry R. Bandy, Lake City Carolyn S. Barber, Pocahontas Brigette L. Barfoot, Harrisburg Tracey R. Bargar, Durand, III. Elizabeth E. Barker, Manila Claude L. Barnes, Leachville Annette Barnett, West Memphis Tonya L. Barrett, Hot Springs David Bartlett, Marked Tree Jerry R. Bateman, Paragouid Joni B. Bates, Pine Bluff John D. Beadles, Jonesboro Johnnye W. Bearden, Leachville Melissa D. Beck, Cabot Mark S. Belanger, Wayland, N.Y. Darryl A. Bell, St. Louis, Mo. Jennifer J. Bell, Jonesboro Bobbi D. Bennett, Jonesboro Farren E. Bennett, Thayer, Mo. Robert L. Bennett, Maiden, Mo. Robin A. Besancon, Benton Jim M. Bidewell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Janice F. Biggs, Paragouid Douglas A. Billing, Bentonville 322 Sophomores Carol L. Billingsley, Palestine Lisa A. Birmingham, Paragould Mary A. Bishop, Jonesboro Merrill K. Black, DeWitt Timothy J. Blackburn, Paragould Melody J. Blackford, Marion Krista S. Blackman, Bono Robin L. Blackwell, Naylor, Mo. Thomas A. Bland, Memphis, Tenn. Ronald F. Blankenship, N. Little Rock Martha L. Blevins, Harrison Karen J. Bloomquist, Pine Bluff Marilyn Y. Boatman, Marion Jerry D. Bolding, Kennett, Mo. Gregory L. Bomar, Piggott Vicki E. Booher, Cabot Deanna K. Booth, Williford Karen S. Bornhoft, Harrisburg Marvin K. Boswell, Batesville Barbara A. Bourland, Manila Donna K. Bowen, Caraway Jana L. Bowen, Tuckerman Danita C. Bowman, Osceola Cheryl A. Boyd, Green Forest Danita A. Boyd, Almyra Robert J. Bradberry, Jonesboro Jo A. Bradford, Kennett, Mo. Donna D. Bradley, Jonesboro Janet K. Bramlett, Pocahontas Nancy J. Brand, Walnut Ridge Lenora B. Branscum, Mountain View Timmy L. Branum, Harrisburg Kenneth S. Brawner, Wynne Broderick L. Brevard, Memphis, Tenn. Carey L. Brickell, Caraway Tomilee Bridges, Bald Knob Donald R. Briney, Corning Jeanine D. Bristow, Ash Flat Paul T. Britton, Blytheville Jo Ann Broadaway, Jonesboro Brian T. Brooks, Hot Springs Erick D. Brooks, Memphis, Tenn. Frances D. Brooks, Forrest City James C. Brooks, Jonesboro Becky L. Brouse, Blytheville Gary J. Brower, Woodmer, N.Y. Bobby B. Brown, Newport David A. Brown, Jonesboro Terry L. Brown, Cohocton, N.Y. William R. Brown, Barstow, Calif. Anita C. Brownlee, Dell David W. Bryant, Jonesboro Frances E. Bryant, New Albany, Miss. Saundra L. Buchanan, Sherwood Beverly J. Buddenberg, N. Little Rock Sandra J. Bunch, Little Rock David W. Burks, Trumann Diana J. Burleson, Jonesboro Debbie A. Burnett, Beebe Waymon D. Brunett, Leachville Dennis W. Burns, Wynne Gary W. Burnside, Clover Bend Karen E. Burris, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Busby, Paragould 323 Sophomores Tony R. Busby, Jonesboro Donna J. Bushong, Paragould Tamara A. Bussey, Pine Bluff Melinda Butcher, Rogers Johnny R. Butler, Paragould Elbert S. Butt, Marked Tree Sherry L. Buys, Richaidson, Tex. Betty K. Byers, Marked Tree Jeanette M. Byes, Success Karen D. Byrd, Doniphan, Mo. Lawrence P. Byron, Paragould Teresa A. Cabe, Jonesboro Marilyn Cadenbach, Salem Craig A. Cain, McCrory Mary J. Calaway, Marion Travis J. Callahan Jr., Thayer, Mo. Keith A. Campbell, Jonesboro Myrtis Y. Campbell, Jonesboro Clyde E. Canard, Tuckerman Tamara A. Carlson, Rogers Angelia M. Carlton, Reyno James L. Carpenter, North Little Rock Mary L. Carpenter, Jonesboro Dena L. Carr, Bono Micheal D. Carr, Jonesboro Jacque S. Carrington, Cabot Mike J. Carroll, Peel Thomas D. Carruth, Lexa Russell K. Carson, Jonesboro Johnny V. Carter, Jonesboro Jason R. Casey, Trumann Chris K. Cassidy, Blytheville Barry R. Castleberry, Amagon Rita K. Cates, Marked Tree Elista M. Catt, West Memphis Byran D. Cattanach, Peekskill, N.Y. Kemberly W. Cavitt, Pocahontas Gayla A. Chadwick, Rector Kevin W. Chambers, Doniphan, Mo. Joseph R. Chandler, East Point, Ga. Mary A. Cherepski, Blytheville Sheila C. Cherry, Corning Linda M. Childers, Joiner Kim Chudomelka, Beebe Jim R. Church, Jonesboro Allen M. Clark, Paragould Jackie Clark, Parkin Kelvin R. Clark, Memphis, Tenn. Phillip H. Clark, Batesville Ricky T. Clark, Beech Grove Barbara E. Clarke, Paragould Marcia S. Clay, Pine Bluff Scott Clay, Jonesboro Mark demons, Jonesboro Charles B. Coalter, Blytheville William B. Cobb, Lake City Bernard D. Cobbs, Holly Grove Gerald D. Cobbs, Crossett Jerry W. Cochran, Hardy Jerrell J. Cockrell, Mulvane, Kan. Brian K. Cockrill, Tuckerman Julia J. Colaianni, Jonesboro Cecil R. Cole, Blytheville Lorrie A. Cole, Jonesboro Sophomores Phyllis K. Coleman, Paragould Kenneth W. Conlee, Forrest City Paul C. Conner, Augusta Stacy C. Conner, Birmingham, Ala. Barry D. Cook, Brinkley Phela M. Cook, Jonesboro Renne Cook, West Memphis Alan R. Copelin, Piggott Mary D. Cotten, North Little Rock Melvin R. Cotter, Gepp Vivian A. Courtney, Forrest City Graham Coveney, North Vancouver, B.C. Harry Cox, Hughes Michael K. Craft, Paragould Shirley L. Craig, Marion Susan D. Craig, Lake City Regina Cravens, Hot Springs Regina A. Creekmore, West Memphis Carrie L. Crisler, Walnut Ridge Martha S. Critcher, Grubbs Patricia C. Crocker, Brookland Millie F. Cromwell, Pine Bluff Karen D. Cron, Jonesboro Melissa 0. Croom, Marion Pearlean Cross, Earle Cathy L. Crosslin, Jacksonville Andrew B. Crosswait, Jonesboro Karen L. Crouch, Parkin Roger F. Crouch, Hickory Ridge Pamela A. Cruce, Jonesboro Steven C. Culver, Pocahontas Linda S. Cunningham, Marion Perian Cunningham, West Memphis William J. Cunningham, Searcy Sandra C. Cureton, Cash Brian D. Curtis, Owensville Dennis K. Curtis, Rector Larry A. Curtis, Biggers Dale R. Custer, Jonesboro Frank Cusumano, St. Louis, Mo. Carol A. Cychol, Peoria, III. Becky L. Dacus, Paragould Jack G. Dahlke, New Berlin, Wis. Mike B. Dailey, Jonesboro Jeffrey A. Danchenko, N. Little Rock Deborah J. Daniels, Warren Martha K. Daugherty, Gideon, Mo. Denise M. David, Blytheville Gail D. Davidson, West Helena Brad L. Davis, Maumelle Brian C. Davis, Wynne Bryan K. Davis, Deering, Mo. Curtis L. Davis, Memphis, Tenn. Darwin C. Davis, Blytheville Debra S. Davis, Greers Ferry Dennis W. Davis, Pollard Franklin A. Davis, Earle Jackie N. Davis, Monette Jacqueline A. Davis, Earle James K. Davis, Maumelle Jenni L. Davis, Manila John E. Davis, Corning Judith A. Davis, Walnut Ridge Rex A. Davis, Wynne 325 Sophomores Rex R. Davis, Wynne Stephen J. Davis, Little Rock Parela D. Deatherage, Lake City Freeman L. Decker, Cash Charles C. DeClerk, Pocahontas Greg S. DeFord, Trumann John O. Degenhardt, St. Joseph, Mo. Mark Denny, Jonesboro Tracy S. Denny, Jonesboro Janice E. Denton, Lepanto Patricia L. Derfler, Benton Charles T. Dickens, Trumann Debbie L. Dickinson, Marmaduke Susan M. DiGaetano, Forrest City Carol L. Diggs, Paragould Emily A. Dillion, DeWitt Bill L. Dillon, Benton Judy A. DiNardo, Paragould Daniel L. Dobbs, Belleville, III. Geraldine Dobbs, Earie Cathy M. Dodd, C3ruthersville, Mo. Lisa G. Dodson, Stuttgart Sheila M. Dollins, Paragould Andrew L. Donerson, Tyronza Patti L. Donham, Lepanto David J. Donley, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Donna R. Dooley, Brookland Jerry L. Dorsey, West Memphis Harold R. Dortch, Paragould Sandra D. Dotson, Heth Charles D. Douglas, Germantown, Tenn. Terri L. Dowdle, Caruthersville, Mo. David B. Drennan, Searcy Trena A. Driskill, Steele, Mo. Kimberly R. Ducker, Salem Roger C. Due, Ravenden Charles T. Duffel, Ashdown David W. Duke, Jonesboro Karen L. Dulaney, Blytheville Mark Dunivan, Jonesboro Kevin J. Dunn, Hot Springs Walter S. Dunn, Hot Springs Prentice Dupins, North Little Rock Dina S. Durham, Smithville Tammy A. Durham, Lynn Godwin C. Durunna, Owerri, Nigeria George A. Dust, Pocahontas Lisa C. Earwood, Jonesboro Mark E. Easley, Jonesboro Paul W. Eddings, Diasco Wes R. Eddington, Jonesboro Esther F. Edgin, Rector Belinda J. Edwards, Warren Freddie L. Ellis, Glencoe William D. Elmore, Paragould Tom B. Elwood, Jonesboro Paula L. Ermert, Corning Cynthia R. Essex, Grady Chris C. Estes, Poughkeepsie Thomas M. Eubanks, Benton Phillip M. Evins, Amagon Bryan K. Exum, Paragould Luevina Fair, Helena Eugene J. Farley, Crawfordsville Sophomores Charles S. Farmer, Dumas Judith A. Faucett, Pine Bluff Steven C. Faulkner, Black Oak Robert W. Fegtly, Jonesboro Dennis R. Felton, West Memphis William D. Fender, Kennett, Mo. John C. Fiala, Jonesboro Jeffrey L. Fielder, Sedgwick James M. Fields, Germantown, Tenn. Leigh A. Files, Hunter Dorothy J. Fillmore, Little Rock Lynette Fingers, Palestine Linda J. Finley, Wideman Edward A. Flinn, Lake City Stan H. Foley, Walnut Ridge Ronald M. Foreman, Decatur Pat Foss, Paragould Glenn L. Foster, Heth Tony R. Fountain, Montgomery, Ala. Andrea J. Fowler, Pocahontas Faye M. Fox, Earle Gwen E. Fraley, Hardy Becky J. Francis, Searcy Daniel J. Franz, Senath, Mo. Freddy L. Fraser, McCrory Audrey V. Frasure, Pine Bluff Gloria L. Frazier, Pine Bluff Dana L. Freeman, Paragould Shelia D. Freeze, Mountain View Linda J. Fritz, Senath, Mo. Martha D. Frost, Williford James B. Ful mer, North Little Rock Pamela S. Funchess, Bono Wayne B. Furnia, Holland Patent, N.Y. Myra L. Futrell, Vanndale Kitty L. Gaither, Hoxie Terry A. Gamble, Memphis, Tenn. Sherry L. Gardner, Rector Michael J. Garlington, Bauxite Joel Bruce Gartman, Jonesboro Barbara A. Gay, Jonesboro James W. George, Wynne Morris R. George, Walnut Ridge Kelly J. Gerber, Mountain Home Bernard J. Gerstlauer, Wynne Cynthia A. Gibbs, Memphis, Tenn. Sheila D. Gibson, Jonesboro Tommy L. Gibson, Jonesboro Suzanne Gidcomb, Nimmons Dave Gier, Cherokee Village Darrell W. Gifford, Paragould Robert M. Gilbert, Leslie Arnold E. Gilliam, Jonesboro Doug L. Gilmore, Jonesboro Lynette Glenn, Chicago, III. Christy L. Glover, Lonoke Terry L. Golden, Walnut Ridge Martha A. Gonzalez, Osceola Alisa A. Goza, Fullerton, Calif. Nina M. Goza, Tuckerman Kerry L. Graddy, Hardy Suzanne I. Graham, Pocahontas Dewey Graves, Jonesboro Donna K. Gray, Blytheville 3 2 James S. Gray Jr., Jonesboro Beth Grayson, Bald Knob James J. Green, Pocahontas Jon C. Greene, Gamaliel Judy A. Greer, Bauxite Doug H. Gregson, Jonesboro Patricia F. Gregson, Jonesboro Gene Griffey, Jonesboro Sharon K. Griffin, Bono Theresa A. Griffin, Elaine Cari L. Griffith, Jonesboro David Lynn Guffey, Viola Keenan R. Guinn, Menifee Brandon M. Guitar, Camarillo, Calif Andrea Maria Gunnell, Fayettevilie, N.C. Jimmy E. Gunnels, Caruthersville, Mo. Charles A. Gurkin, Collierville, Tenn. Brenda J. Guthrie, Weiner Martha A. Gwaltney, Jonesboro Jimmy J. Hacker, Portia Melba D. Hackworth, Pocahontas David G. Haddox, Washington, Mo. Tim R. Haflich, Marion Joan I. Hafner, Jonesboro Eddie F. Halfacre, Jonesboro John D. Hall, Jonesboro Eric W. Hallmark, Jonesboro David S. Hamby, Eatontown, N.J. Terry Hamilton, Cole Ridge John L. Hampton, Wynne Steve K. Hance, Jonesboro Jamie G. Hancock, Mountain Pine Kelly L. Hardin, Benton Marianna F. Hardin, Cardwell, Mo. Carol L. Harris, North Little Rock Cynthia L. Harris, Greers Ferry Deborah A. Harris, Naylor, Mo. Diana L. Harris, Steele, Mo. James W. Harris, Holland, Mo. Janet L. Harris, Widener James R. Harrison, Steele, Mo. Deborah B. Hart, Walnut Ridge Michael W. Hart, Walnut Ridge William R. Hart, Blytheville Brian E. Hartwig, Corning Derwin Harvey, Warren Lesley T. Harwell, Chillicothe, Mo. Jody L. Hasselbring, Franklin Regina G. Hatch, Lake City Ruth Ellen Hatridge, Jonesboro Clifton R. Hawkins, Hardy Wayne K. Hawkins, Memphis, Tenn. Janet S. Hayes, Senath, Mo. Mark R. Hayes, Jonesboro Carrol Lynn Haywood, Kennett, Mo. Kevin Hazelwood, Trumann Susan Hearn, Benton James M. Heath, Jonesboro Laura D. Heatl , West Memphis Warren K. Heckmann, Harrisburg Barbara G. Henderson, Nesbit, Miss. Carmelia L. Henderson, Memphis, Tenn. Derek Henry, Blytheville Kellee A. Hensley, Marmaduke 3 8 ™ 1 • ■ n SBT ? if i a! fx k f A M ' mSBtm 1 (?) (fo © w Jm % • 1% f I ■ Sophomores David L. Herndon, Lepanto Tamara D. Herring, Jonesboro Larry G. Heyl, Mammoth Spring Debbie K. Higgins, Paragould Martha J. Higgins, Joiner Terry W. Higgins, Jonesboro Kim R. Hightower, Sidney Bill W. Hill, Batesville Darrell E. Hill, Luxora Tanna V. Hill, Jonesboro Victor Hill, Jonesboro Robbie D. Hindman, North Little Rock Barbara L. Hinkle, Piggott Brenda C. Hinson, Blytheville Gwendolyn Hoard, Earle Donna J. Hobbs, Ravenden Lisa A. Hobbs, Forrest City Jerry Dean Hobbs, Ravenden Gregory W. Hogue, Marion Rona L. Hogue, Weiner Patricia A. Holcomb, Holcomb, Mo. Lafayette E. Holland, Pine Bluff Linda S. Holland, Forrest City Terry A. Hollingshead, Trumann Herbert H. Hollis Jr., Forrest City Linda D. Hollis, Paragould Dave E. Holloway, Bono Angela A. Hollowell, Forrest City Robin L. Holiowell, Lake City Alan Holmes, Pine Bluff Hope R. Holmes, Cooter, Mo. James C. Holt, West Memphis Valerie J. Holt, Bay James J. Holtwick, Forrest City Bryant Hood, Little Rock Teresa M. Hood, Jonesboro George H. Hooper, Batesville Charlette R. Hoover, West Memphis Mark R. Hopper, Heber Springs June D. Home, Jonesboro Donald S. Horton, DeWitt Ray A. Hosman, Cardwell, Mo. Johnny L. Howanietz, Garner David J. Howard, West Plains, Mo. Sheila Howard, Walnut Ridge Larry D. Howton, Palestine Gerald B. Hubbard, West Memphis Danny Huber, Jonesboro Donna F. Huckabay, Lafe Mark A. Hudson, Blytheville Richard E. Hudspeth, Jonesboro David L. Huff, West Memphis Nellie A. Hughes, Blytheville Loe A. Hunter, New Madrid, Mo. Reva J. Hurst, Newport Keith W. Huskey, Strawberry Carolyn A. Hutchins, Marianna Joe L. Hyde, Jonesboro Timothy J. Hynes, Jonesboro Henry C. Ihnfeldt Jr., Trumann Cindy L. Ireland, Judsonia Tonya R. Isbell, Blytheville Carol D. Ivey, Hardy Jerry L. Jackson, Paragould Sophomores Paula J. Jackson, Maiden, Mo. Edwin H. Jaffe, Wynne Gregory F. James, Pine Bluff Scott R. James, Ravenden Teresa L. Jansen, Pocahontas Linda K. Jarvis, Jonesboro Bobbi F. Jennings, Augusta Melinda L. Jett, Jonesboro Melvin R. Johns, Tuckerman Chris A. Johnson, Jonesboro Donald C. Johnson, Osceola Dudley K. Johnson, Trumann Glenda R. Johnson, Jonesboro Lynne Johnson, Blytheville Marian L. Johnson, Caraway Michael R. Johnson, Jonesboro Raye L. Johnson, Piggott Sam G. Johnson, Kennett, Mo. Thomas E. Johnson, Burdette Varon D. Johnson, St. Louis, Mo. William B. Johnson, E. St. Louis, III. Don R. Johnston, Pocahontas Brenda A. Jones, Madison Charles R. Jones, Trumann Daniel W. Jones, West Memphis Deborah S. Jones, Batesville Denise R. Jones, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Joseph A. Jones, Marion Julia D. Jones, West Memphis Kirk R. Jones, Marianna Fred L. Jordan, West Memphis Dave W. Joslin, Prattsburg, N.Y. Steven R. Joyce, Mansfield Alfredrick Joyner, E. St. Louis, III. Tommy L. Jumper, Paragould Richard A. Jurczyk, Hardy Cyndi A. Justus, Tyronza Melissa M. Justus, Jonesboro Debbie S. Kee, Monette David M. Keith, Malvern Timothy S. Keller, Holcomb, Mo. Wadded D. Kelly, Gould Mark S. Kemp, Gassville Ginny G. Kennedy, Jonesboro Judy A. Kerley, Maynard Rebecca L. Kerst, Jonesboro Mark L. Key, Jonesboro Richard M. Kidd, Little Rock Susan E. Kiefer, Pocahontas Lisa Killian, Forrest City Pauletta J. Killian, Paragould Karen Kimbrell, Pine Bluff Rebecca L. Kimbrell, Pine Bluff Deanna K. King, Hardy Karen L. King, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Donald S. Kirby, Reyno Julie A. Kirkland, Stuttgart Don L. Kittler, Carlisle Stacey Knight, Brinkley Lucinda D. Knowlton, Widener Brenda J. Knuckles, Jonesboro Phil Korona, Indian Harbor Beach, Fla. Kris H. Kramer, Parkersburg, W. Va. Sharon K. Lack, Kennett, Mo. 330 Sophomores Beverley A. Lackland, Earle Steven A. Lakey, St. Louis, Mo. Ramona A. Lambert, Cherokee Village Scott J. Lancaster, Newport Norman D. Lance, Newport Doug S. Land, Dexter, Mo. Pamela A. Landes, Franklin, Ohio Laurie Langston, Little Rock Eve B. Lassen, Jonesboro Joanna Lathan, Warren Paige D. Latta, Pollard Catherine M. Lattus, Paragould Shana L. Lawrence, Paragould Steven D. Lawrence, Melbourne Ellen F. Ledford, Campbell, Mo. Freddie D. Lee, Corning John R. Lee, Piggott Linda A. Lee, Helena Suzanne Lehr, West Memphis Dianna L. Lemmons, Pocahontas Ronald D. Leonard, Fort Smith Michael G. Lewellen, Jonesboro Charles J. Lewis, Hayti, Mo. Deborah A. Lewis, Earle Judy L. Lewis, Osceola Julia A. Liebhaber, Pocahontas Deborah L. Linam, Marianna Fred W. Lindsey II, Hardy Jeff L. Littrell, Blytheville Sarah L. Lock, Earle Karen A. Loewer, Brinkley Jeff K. Loftin, Cardwell, Mo. Gwendolyn L. Logan, Earle Karen M. Long, Newport David E. Looney, Proctor Joe L. Looney, Alma Robert J. Lowe, Rector Nguyen C. Lu, Jonesboro Mary M. Lucius, Paragould Robert H. Lucy, Paragould Brenda A. Lunceford, Jonesboro Sherry L. Lutes, Hughes Terry L. Lyons, Stuttgart Bonard V. Mace Jr., Batesville Laura L. Mack, Jonesboro Glendle J. Maddox, Corning Vance W. Madison, Greenway Jerri D. Magby, Benton Lee Mahan, Paragould Kenneth W. Malone, Magnolia Theresa A. Mangrum, Black Oak Kim R. Mann, Greenway Sonya Y. Manning, Nashville Birry W. March, Reyno James P. Marconi, Crawfordsville Walter D. Marlin, North Little Rock Joycelyn V. Martin, Scott Martha A. Martin, Pleasant Plains Mary C. Martin, Paragould Anita A. Mashburn, Black Rock Kurt L. Massey, Trumann Dennis Matlock, Mountain Pine Rosie M. Matlock, Osceola George W. Maurer, Pine Bluff Sophomores Teresa L. May, Aliquippa, Pa. James R. Maytoo, Forrest City Cynthia L. Mazanti, Grady Jay McAlpin, West Memphis Gail A. McBee, Jonesboro Jerry D. McCabe, Augusta Elvis B. McCain, Manila Norb A. McCallum, Blytheville Michael D. McCarty, Trumann John W. McCaughey, Blytheville James R. McCauley, Jonesboro Robalene McClelland, Monette Karen A. McClendon, Lewisville Janet A. McCoy, Marion Byron L. McCrackin, Jonesboro Paul R. McCullough, Pine Bluff Amy R. McDaniel, Forrest City Don N. M cDaniel, Paragould Michael A. McDaniel, Bay Steven D. McDaniel, Paragould Ronda K. McDonald, Grady Ricky E. McKay, Clarendon Dwight E. McKenzie, Campbell, Mo. David C. McKinney, Jonesboro DeVata McKinney, Forrest City Darlene McKisick, Brinkley Sharon D. McLeod, Blytheville Lisa A. McMillan, Mountain Home Teresa A. McNabb, Peach Orchard Deborah L. McNeary, Forrest City Sharon A. McNew, McCrory Carol F. McPherson, Pocahontas Elizabeth A. Meeks, Carthage, Mo. Michael L. Melson, Jacksonville Carlotta R. Miller, Luxora Julie E. Miller, Woodbridge, Va. Kenneth R. Miller, Clarendon Lance R. Miller, Jonesboro Rayanna Miller, Jonesboro Beth R. Miltenberger, Kennett, Mo. Charles W. Minor, Jonesboro Paula J. Mitchell, Mountain View Stephanie K. Mize, Pocahontas Stephen B. Mize, Walcott Brenda E. Mondy, Helena Peggy J. Montgomery, Scott Peggy L. Montgomery, Newport Victor R. Mongtomery, Little Rock Debbie K. Moore, Viola Laura L. Moore, Rogers Marvin J. Moore Jr., Des Arc Myra E. Moore, Heber Springs Susan G. Moore, Newport Terence D. Moore, Moro Barbara L. Morgeson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mike E. Morris, Hunter Sandy L. Morris, West Memphis Marian G. Moss, Paragould Robert G. Mouser, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Adele R. Mullican, Bono Vicky L. Mumert, Batesville Donna R. Murray, Rector Matt Murray, Virginia Beach, Va. Sherman O. Murray, West Memphis 332 Sophomores Naoma I. Myers, Jonesboro Richard A. Nash, Marion Sherry Ann Naylor, Wapakoneta, Ohio Debora A. Neal, Hot Springs Felecia Neal, Wynne Fernell Neal, Augusta Vanessa Neeley, West Memphis Patti A. Neighbors, Bradford Jammie E. Neill, North Little Rock Tammy J. Nelson, Caraway Jimmie L. Nettles, Gideon, Mo. Timothy S. New, Marianna Lawrence G. Newberry, Paragould Susan J. Newman, Alton, Mo. Linda B. Newsom, Marmaduke Dau M. Nguyen, Trumann Dan A. Nichols, Maynard Mike L. Nichols, Bono Jay A. Niederbrach, Nettleton Doug R. Nienhaus, Glencoe Beverly S. Nix, Ash Flat Dennis P. Nix, Jonesboro Cindy M. Noah, Jonesboro James R. Noblin, Hoxie John M. Noland, North Little Rock Michael B. Norman, Mountain Home Mary K. Norris, Weiner Steve J. Olliges, St. Louis, Mo. Denise C. Oiloway. Lexa Donna F. O ' Neal, Little Rock Wes C. Orick, Paragould Maria J. Osborn, Jonesboro William P. Osborne, Little Rock Laurie M. Owens, Brockwell Linda D. Owens, Jonesboro Michael L. Owens, Trumann Pamela D. Owens, West Memphis Janet R. Parker, Corning Joni B. Parrish, Rector John T. Pascua, Paragould Joseph J. Pascual Jr., Hot Springs Garry E. Patterson, Jonesboro Phillip R. Patterson, Benton Tammy G. Patterson, Alicia Lynette Patton, Palestine Luane L. Paul, Maynard Linda L. Payne, Heth Doyle V. Pearcy, Jonesboro Lynn Pearson, McGehee Guy L. Peeples, West Memphis Michael Pellikan, Chicago, III. Lee Perkins, Moko Kevin G. Perrin, Paragould Kay E. Pflugrath, Robins AFB, Ga. Ellen E. Phillips, Cherokee Village Marty J. Phillips, Rector Rickey Phillips, Hickory Ridge Susan G. Phillips, West Memphis Dave E. Pierce, Manila Gene E. Pierce, Jonesboro Jo A. Pierce, Leachville Mark K. Pierson, Jonesboro Dorothea A. Piety, Batesville Michael D. Pike, Blytheville Sophomores Mark S. Pillow, Batesville Vicki L. Pinkston, Portia Gary L. Pinson, Sheridan Mark A. Poe, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Pool, Harrisburg Barbara A. Pope, Black Rock Linda D. Porter, Jonesboro Thomas M. Porter, Osceola Thomas L. Porterfield, Malvern Larry D. Powell, Lepanto Rickey L. Prewitt, Wynne Carla Y. Price, Salem Kathy D. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Paul W. Prunty, Jonesboro Debra A. Puckett, Caraway Dixie A. Pulliam, Walnut Ridge Mary J. Purtee, Jonesboro Bill S. Pyland, Paragould Lance Quinn, Sheridan Karen B. Radlein, North Little Rock Donna J. Ragsdale, Jonesboro Lisa G. Rains, Trumann Bruce E. Raley, Jonesboro Steve Ralph, Alameda, Calif. Deborah A. Ramsey, Benton Deborah L. Randolph, West Memphis Debbie L. Rapert, Pocahontas Kathy A. Rapert, Osceola James D. Ratliff, Lynn Joel D. Ray, Jonesboro Kimberlon M. Reaves, Chicago, III. Craig D. Reavis, West Plains, Mo. Janette L. Redden, Trumann Billy R. Reed, Jonesboro Keith A. Reed, Jonesboro Natalie R. Reed, Crossett Dot E. Reeves, Jonesboro Daniel J. Rega, Ash Flat Julia L. Reid, Brownsville, Tenn. Nada Reisinger, Blytheville Darlene Reynolds, Mammoth Spring Elizabeth A. Reynolds, Pine Bluff Roger D. Reynolds, Jonesboro Henry S. Rhodes, West Memphis William S. Rice, Mountain Home Tim S. Richards, Jonesboro Bryan K. Richardson, Heber Springs James A. Richardson, Piqua, Ohio John Richardson, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Rita Richardson, Trumann Trena L. Richardson, Mountain View Deryle L. Richmond, Jonesboro Robin I. Richmond, Viola Julee Ann Ridge, Jonesboro Elinor M. Riggs, Pocahontas David W. Riley, Heth Jack M. Risinger, El Dorado Joey M. Robbins, Manila Annette Roberson, Marianna Debra L. Roberts, Marion Mark J. Roberts, Pittsburg, Kan. Marylon J. Roberts, Jonesboro Vivie J. Robertson, Manila Ronnie L. Robins, Marianna Sophomores Charles E. Robinson, Hickory Ridge Fred L. Robinson, Keiser William E. Robinson, Jonesboro Lanier L. Robison, Holly Springs, Miss. Kirby C. Roe, Des Arc Melody G. Rogers, Jonesboro Roy N. Rogers, Viola Peggy R. Rolett, North Little Rock Randy K. Rose, Leachville Scarlett G. Rose, Marmaduke Benjamin L. Rougeau, Jonesboro Melanie 0. Rowland, West Helena James M. Rowlett, Houston, Miss. Kathy D. Roy, Brinkley Greg A. Ruff, Jonesboro Glenda M. Russell, Marked Tree Jay W. Russell, North Little Rock Paula A. Russell, Helena Gina R. Rutherford, Jonesboro Timothy C. Ryals, Joiner Andrew N. Sadler, Pine Bluff DeWayne C. Sally, Jonesboro Loyd K. Salter, Desha Gary D. Sanders, Jonesboro Joe F. Sanders, Memphis, Tenn. Carol Sawyer, West Memphis Jan M. Schaak, Elizabeth Randy L. Schenebeck, Carlisle Anthony E. Scherrod, Memphis, Tenn. Jackie L. Schmidt, Hot Springs Kenneth Schmidt, Pompton Lakes, N.J. Amy E. Schulz, Lepanto Deborah L. Schump, Jonesboro Diane D. Schwarz, Weiner Charles Scoggins, Hope Donna J. Scott, Piggott Jackie L. Scott, Salem Juanita M. Scott, Kennett, Mo. Michael Lane Scott, Marked Tree Nels W. Scott, Bismarck Mark J. Seay, Calico Rock Lynn M. Seely, Miliani, Hawaii Frankie J. Settle, Wynne Rhonda L. Shackelford, Jonesboro Michael J. Shannon, Harrisburg Joye A. Sharp, Marianna Sandra K. Shearer, Kennett, Mo. Vickie Portageville, Mo. Polly A. Sheffield, Lake Village Linda D. Shell, Caruthersville, Mo. Randy L. Shelton, Corning Michael J. Shepherd, Chicago, III. Kevin V. Sheppard, Brookland Ruby Sheppherd, Parkin Michael T. Sherwood, Little Rock David L. Shewmaker, Paragould Lizabeth A. Shipp, Hickory Ridge Troy D. Shirey, Little Rock Gene L. Short, Swifton Renee Short, Neelyville, Mo. Teri J. Siebert, Bono Debi L. Simmons, Swifton Karen D. Sisk, Oil Trough Tim W. Sisk, Oil Trough Sophomores David A. Skinner, Kennett, Mo. Jenny R. Skoog, Jonesboro Debra Louise Slaughter, Parkin Joseph E. Siawinski, Mount Prospect, III. Phi! R. Sloan, North Little Rock Timothy W. Smallwood, Marked Tree Gayle Smart, West Helena Amelia C. Smith, Jacksonville Charlotte A. Smith, West Memphis David M. Smith, Walnut Ridge James C. Smith, Salem Janila Smith, Piggott Jeffrey D. Smith, Hot Springs Joe R. Smith, Bald Knob Ronnie D. Smith, Jonesboro Scott E. Smith, Little Rock Sidney Smith, Crossett Skipper A. Smith, Jonesboro Stan R. Smith, Houston, Mo. Teresa D. Smith, Trumann Tim A. Smith, Paragould Gary W. Smithee, Newport Gwyn L. Snider, Ulm Scot J. Snodgrass, Jonesboro Renita Paige Snow, Rector James N. Sommer, Jacksonville Shirley R. Sommer, Oneonta, N.Y. Julie A. Spades, Black Rock Sherry A. Spell, Gideon, Mo. Donald K. Spence, Corning Ricky J. Spivey, Benton Karl M. Stadler, Cherry Valley Jane E. Stanzell, Jonesboro Sandra D. Statler, Egypt Dane W. Steele, Benton Kathy R. Steffy, Batesville Mark M. Stephens, Bay Gary A. Stephenson, Fort Dodge, Iowa Rita D. Sterling, Searcy Mark Sterne, Little Rock Mark A. Stevens, Jonesboro Susan L. Stevens, West Memphis Jeriold T. Stevenson, Earle Jimmy D. Stewart, Doniphan, Mo. Jimmy D. Stewart, Jonesboro Revis C. Stewart, Monette Scott P. Stewmon, Brinkley Mel Stimson, Newport Richard D. Stinson, North Little Rock Joey L. Stoner, McCrory Sherry L. Storey, Marvell David L. Stotts, Jonesbo ro Joseph Stoute Jr., West Memphis Tammy S. Stratton, Pine Bluff Cynthia A. Stricklin, DeWitt Nathan R. Stringer, Jonesboro Beth A. Stuart, Pine Bluff Janet L. Strart, Flint, Mich. Lee Ann Stubblefield, Caraway William S. Stubblefield, Luxora Marcus S. Sugg Jr., Little Rock Tommy R. Sugg, Wichita Falls, Tex. Greg R. Susanke, Dundee, III. Vivian L. Sworn, Crossett % A. 4 } it 1 fS ill i ShhBhHHR f;. f 1 Sophomores 17 i r;7. ■ XP 1 i 2 » 1 1 . Sherry K. Syer, Jonesboro JoAnn Tanner, Pocahontas Roger D. Tarvin, Bald Knob Rona K. Tate, Hardy Willie R. Tate, Marvell Charles L. Tatum, Little Rock Emmit A. Tatum, Chicago, III. Sharon L. Tatum, Stuttgart Sherry A. Taverner, Jonesboro Tim K. Taverner, Jonesboro Jack S. Taylor, Jonesboro Johnethan C. Taylor, Lake City Kathy J. Taylor, Jonesboro Tamera C. Taylor, Trumann Pamela J. Tedder, Paragould Guy P. Teeter, Tillar James V. Terry, Joiner Michael E. Thiel, Paragould Dennis R. Thielemier, Pocahontas DeAnna L. Thomas, Jonesboro Duane A. Thomas, Pine Bluff Leslie E. Thomas, Neelyville, Mo. Patsy N. Thomas, Osceola Robert L. Thomas III, West Memphis Countess M. Thompson, Memphis, Tenn. Jacqueline D. Thompson, Memphis Tenn. Melissa A. Thompson, Paragould Mitchel 0. Thompson, Jonesboro Ronald J. Thompson, Jonesboro Tami A. Thompson, Jonesboro Tami K. Thompson, Blytheville William E. Thompson, Batesville Judy D. Throesch, Pocahontas Connie J. Thurman, Paragould Leigh Tims, Walnut Ridge Maxine R. Todd, Cherokee, Village Sherre G. Toler, North Little Rock Alan K. Tomerlin, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Christina M. Toombs, Flint, Mich. Shirley J. Townsley, Marked Tree Angela J. Trantham, Crossett Cathy A. Travis, Jonesboro Elvis J. Travis Jr., Jonesboro Mama L. Travis, Jonesboro Esau Tuberville Jr., Parkin Karen L. Turley, Pine Bluff Marilyn Turner, West Memphis Suzetta Turner, Jonesboro Alan R. Tweddell, Blytheville Janet D. Underwood, Jonesboro Cathy J. Unger, Walnut Ridge Tommy C. Vanaman, Paragould Pamela E. Vanlandingham, Humphrey Shelby J. Vanoven, Leachville Derrick L. VanValkenburg, Paragould William Vardell, Jonesboro Billy M. Vaughn, Jonesboro Linda Diane Vaughn, Jonesboro Karen A. Venson, Pocahontas Anita Vest, Melbourne Lyndon J. Vinson, Humphrey Beverly A. Visalli, Jonesboro Diann Voyles, Parkin Ralph W. Wadded, Jonesboro 337 Sophomores Debbie A. Wade, Jonesboro Debra S. Wade, Hoxie Susie L. Wade, Palestine Doris J. Wagner, Harrisburg Linda S. Wagner, Salem Lora L. Wagster, Piggott Brenda K. Wakefield, Gibson, Mo. Ken H. Walden, Paragould Alonzo E. Walker, Parkin Beatrice Walker, Crossett Charlotte Walker, Palestine Selena D. Walker, Harrison Stephan J. Walker, Altheimer Angela Walls, Clarkedale Donn W. Walters, Little Rock Keith L. Walters, Little Rock Ruth E. Walters, Bono Marty P. Ward, Rector Mary V. Warhurst, Jonesboro Wallace E. Warren, Bay Kenneth Warrington, Kennett, Mo. John D. Washam, Pocahontas Anita L. Watson, Little Rock Melanie D. Watson, Benton William M. Weaver, Eudora Michael A. Weinstock, Jonesboro Debra J. Welch, Jonesboro Gene W. Welch Jr., Waynesboro, Va. Robert A. Welch, Waynesboro, Va. Donna L. Weld, Cave City Rena F. Welker, Searcy Jerry L. Wells, Ravenden Linda F. Wells, Armorel Jeffrey J. Wenrick, Piqua, Ohio Rita L. West, Jonesboro David W. Westbrook, Paragould Charles S. Westerman, Weiner John R. Wheeler , Jonesboro Eric R. Wherry, North Little Rock Helen J. Whitaker, Ozark James P. Whitaker, Pocahontas Melody A. White, Blytheville Melody K. White, Pine Bluff Patricia A. White, Walnut Ridge Renee A. White, Stuttgart Ronnie L. White, Jonesboro Yvette L. White, West Helena Amy S. Whitmire, Hoxie Pam J. Whitten, Alton, Mo. Michael E. Wichman, Lackawanna, N.Y. James C. Wiggins, Cherokee Village Evelyn Wilkins, Hughes Dora J. Williams, Bald Knob Kim Williams, Little Rock Linda F. Williams, Grady Malinde I. Williams, Paragould Ronald R. Williams, Blytheville Todd D. Williams, Jonesboro Warren D. Williams, Walnut Ridge Kirk D. Williamson, Paragould Mary L. Williford, Madison Evelyn Willis, Forrest City Don A. Wilson, Osceola Harold W. Wilson, Jonesboro ™ is Sophomores Martin H. Wilson, Hickory Ridge Zilpha A. Wilson, Little Rock James K. Winningham, Concord Gary N. Winseck, Hunter Carolyn L. Wisdom, Jonesboro Becky A. Wiskotoni, Elkhart, Ind. Allen 0. Whitthoft, Cherokee Village Winthrop W. Wofford, Brinkley Aileen M. Womack, Malvern Mark G. Wood, Jonesboro Charles R. Woods Jr., Melbourne James H. Woods Jr., Wynne Mary M. Woods, Jonesboro Donald H. Woolverton, Luxora Gwendolin Worsham, Cotton Plant Sandy L. Wortham, Newport Phillip A. Wray, West Memphis Julia A. Wren, Pocahontas Douglas R. Wyatt, Marion Tamara J. Yancey, Oxford Robert C. Yauger, Jonesboro Lisa L. Yawn, Jonesboro Phil N. Yielding, Jonesboro Greg R. York, Bull Shoals Julia A. Young, Memphis, Tenn. Pamela G. Young, Cherry Valley Freshmen Michael W. Aaron, Walnut Ridge Debra L. Abies, Jonesboro Angelo B. Adams, Driver Clinton D. Adams, Osceola Donna L. Adams, Osceola Frances A. Adams, Jonesboro Lisa D. Adams, Lake City Loranne Adams, Paragould Nancy H. Adams, Stuttgart Robert W. Adams, Bassett Terri M. Adams, Jonesboro Timothy D. Adams, Corning Mark W. Ahrent, Corning Elizabeth A. Akers, Jonesboro Beverly A. Akins, Batesville Harold Alford, West Memphis Linda D. Allen, Corning Sandy S. Allen, Rocky Comfort, Mo. Vicki J. Allen, Batesville Angela R. Allison, Pocahontas Myra E. Alumbaugh, McCrory Tammie D. Ames, Marked Tree Barbara A. Anderson, Sheridan Monique Anderson, Waldron Mark E. Andrews, Chicago, III. Brent G. Arant, Paragould David W. Argo, Piggott Dwayne A. Armour, Little Rock Glenda A. Armstrong, Jonesboro Anthony G. Arnold, Walnut Ridge Cathy D. Arnold, Flippin Fonda J. Arnold, Harrisburg Jeffrey C. Arnold, Jonesboro Terry G. Arnold, Joiner Sam G. Arthur, Jonesboro Ellen H. Ashcraft, Marked Tree Cliff E. Asher, Neelyville, Mo. Daty D. Ashley, West Memphis Martha J. Ashlock, Weiner Charles B. Atkinson, Batesville Kirby Austin, Ashdown Paula J. Austin, Paragould Fran M. Autry, Jonesboro Wendy L. Averill, Newport Dean P. Aye, Willow Springs, Mo. Tammy L. Ayers, Madrid, Spain James A. Bach, Mammoth Spring Michael V. Bacot, Jonesboro Cindy D. Bagwell, Fordyce Joyce A. Bailey, Paragould Patricia A. Bailey, Luxora Randy W. Bailey, Jonesboro Sharon L. Bailey, Leachville Teresa Bailey, Wynne Walter E. Baird, Wayland, N.Y. George B. Baker, Jacksonville Jay Baker, Marked Tree Regina E. Baker, Jacksonville Elaine A. Baldwin, Lonoke Mitch L. Baldwin, Marmaduke Joyce A. Ball, O ' Kean Theresa Ball, O ' Kean Sharon V. Ballard, Pocahontas Stephen O. Ballard, Corning jj ... . j£k.. ! IP 1 a. J Freshmen Valerie G. Ballard, West Memphis Janice L. Ballmann, Wynne Leo L. Baltz, Pocahontas Marvin E. Baltz, Pocahontas David C. Bandy, Corning John N. Banks, Black Oak Jana D. Bankston, Marked Tree David A. Baratti, West Memphis David C. Barch, Luxora Dale K. Barden, Forrest City Dana A. Barger, Searcy Garry B. Barker, Salem Jesse I. Barker, Marianna Russell L. Barker, Osceola Sherry D. Barkley, Jonesboro Robin M. Barks, Jackson, Mo. George W. Barksdale, Hoxie Jackie T. Barnes, Monette Markel J. Barnes, West Helena Wilma F. Barnes, Benton Steve A. Barry, Paragould Betty L. Bartlett, Marked Tree Rhonda L. Baugher, Manila David E. Bauschlicher, Corning Timothy W. Bauschlicher, Corning Robin L. Beadles, Paragould Sharon V. Bealer, Little Rock Perry L. Bean, Jonesboro Donald R. Bearden, Jonesboro Linda F. Beasley, Marianna Kevin O. Beaton, Marmaduke Bryan E. Beck, Jonesboro Lori A. Beck, Marked Tree Ann S. Bednar, Jonesboro Pamela S. Beeler, Oil Trough James A. Beggs, Marmaduke Stace N. Behrends, Highland Park, III. Torri L. Beisner, Jonesboro Eric A. Belander, Viola Benji T. Beley, Tyronza Joseph D. Belk, Hoxie Beverly J. Bell, Doniphan, Mo. Patricia E. Bell, Caruthersville, Mo. Robert Bell, Manila Thelma J. Bell, Tyronza Donna L. Belle-Oudry, Des Arc David G. Belva, Oil Trough Cindy Bennett, Jonesboro Rebecca L. Bennett, Pine Bluff David D. Benson, Jonesboro Raymond H. Benton, Gilmore Steve J. Benton, Salem George R. Berg, Little Rock Jim K. Berry, Jonesboro Sandra L. Berry, Brinkley James A. Best, Cash Katherine D. Best, North Little Rock Opal L. Bigelow, Ravenden Springs Julie D. Billingsley, Cotter Valerie D. Bingham, Monroe, La. Elizabeth A. Bird, Kewanee, Mo. Glen D. Birmingham, Paragould Vicki L. Bishop, Jonesboro Eddie L. Black, Jonesboro Freshmen Janice M. Black, Melbourne Terry Black, Clarksville Lisa M. Blackford, Marion Rebecca J. Blagg, Harviell, Mo. Elizabeth G. Blair, Mountain View Richard E. Blair, Paducah, Ky. Steven D. Blancett, Harrisburg Gary N. Blankenship, Cardwell, Mo. Joy A. Blankenship, West Memphis Randy J. Blankenship, Cardwell, Mo. Daryl L. Blaxton, Jonesboro James G. Blevins, Salem Jerri J. Blevins, Cash Patricia A. Blevins, Pocahontas Deb A. Bley, Wayland, N.Y. Connie L. Blocker, Corning Desiree L. Blocker, Hot Springs Richard R. Blocker, Hot Springs Walter A. Bloodworth. Crawfordsville William R. Bobbitt, Jonesboro Ricky Bobo, Memphis, Tenn. Douglas A. Bogaev, Jonesboro Carol Y. Bohannon, Forrest City Glenda S. Bolden, Marianna Jeff V. Bolding, Jonesboro Jeannie L. Bolin, Jonesboro Ronald T. Boling, Jonesboro Sandra L. Boling, Jonesboro Shelia R. Booker, Earle Sheron M. Booker, Earle Clay J. Boone, Paragould LeAnn R. Booth, Mountain Home Judy Borchert, Jonesboro Belinda G. Borden, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Bornhoft, Weiner Kelly L. Bornmann, Ozark Christopher L. Boswell, Little Rock Rhonda R. Bounds, Paragould Gregory L. Bowen, Little Rock Randy W. Bowers, Rector Renee K. Bowers, Knobel Danita J. Bowman, Lake City Brenda G. Boyce, West Memphis Lynda F. Boyd, Crown Point, Ind. Darline Boyland, Madison Dunavant K. Boyles, West Memphis Laura B. Bracey, Jonesboro Mark W. Bradley, Ozark Arlene Bradsher, Trumann Jeff Branch, Paragould Gregory J. Brannon, Newport Terry L. Brannon, Paragould Stephen E. Branstetter, Corning Rosemary Brashers, Paragould Stephen M. Brengard, Paragould Sandra E. Brewart, Marked Tree David E. Brewer, Marion Janine G. Brewer, West Chester, Penn. Kellie R. Brewer, Walnut Ridge Toni A. Brider, West Helena Philip R. Brimingham, Lepanto Charles E. Brinkley, Piggott Dale L. Britt, Paragould Lisa B. Broadaway, Searcy 342 Freshmen Steve C. Broadaway, Jonesboro Donna A. Broadway, Bono Tamara J. Broglen, Jonesboro Bernadette A. Brooks, Jonesboro Josephine Brooks, Earle Mary J. Brooks, Jonesboro Diana L. Broom, Campbell, Mo. Kimberly A. Broom, Highland, Mich. Carol L. Brotherton, Helena Sandy G. Broughton, Walnut Ridge Angela W. Brown, Harrisburg Desmond L. Brown, Saratoga Elroy Brown, Osceola Jacky S. Brown, West Memphis Jan C. Brown, Earle Karen R. Brown, Campbell, Mo. Kelvin L. Brown, Augusta Kimla J. Brown, Paragould Priscilla A. Brown, Augusta Robert L. Brown, Mammoth Spring Allan M. Browning, New Orleans, La. Anita M. Browning, Manila Dixie Brugge, Memphis, Tenn. Cynthia A. Brunson, Jonesboro Glenda T. Bryan, Lepanto Laura J. Bryan, Batesville Dorothy M. Bryant, Marvell Kenny E. Bryant, Milan, Tenn. Mary O. Bryant, Jonesboro Melinda L. Bryant, Milan, Tenn. Keenan W. Buchanan, Gideon, Mo. Nathaniel Buchanan, Little Rock Sue L. Buchanan, Batesville Susan L. Buford, Sherwood Donna G. Buhler, Memphis, Tenn. George B. Bullard, Marianna Diana S. Bullington, McCrory Susan R. Burch, Earle Sondra L. Burden, Cash Susan C. Burdyshaw, Jonesboro Randy M. Burger, Dansville, N.Y. Barry L. Burgess, Earle Peggy A. Burnett, Hickory Ridge Brenda K. Burns, Trumann Connie J. Burns, Bono Jeffrey J. Burns, Ballwin, Mo. Rebecca J. Burns, Rector Robin T. Burns, Forrest City Tim A. Burns, Jonesboro Carolyn S. Burris, Newport Terri A. Burrow, Jonesboro Thelma C. Burrus, Evening Shade Cassandra J. Burton, Corning Linda J. Burton, Jonesboro Paula A. Busby, Marmaduke Mark M. Bush, Sanborn, N.Y. William E. Bush, Vilonia Patricia G. Butcher, Rison Wendy G. Butler, West Memphis Amanda D. Byrd, Jonesboro Donna S. Byrd, Blytheville Nancy A. Byrd, Marianna Janice R. Byrne, Jonesboro David D. Cagle, Rector 343 Fi eshmen Willie G. Cagle, Leachvilie Dennis L. Calaway, Marion Greg M. Calaway, Little Rock Greg A. Caldwell, Jonesboro James C. Caldwell, Wynne John M. Caldwell, Memphis, Tenn. Michael D. Caldwell, Jonesboro Davin W. Calliso n, Wynne Lynn Calloway, Crawfordsville James D. Camp, Pine Bluff Aurphey L. Campbell, E. St. Louis, III. Johnnie F. Campbell, Blytheville Robert E. Campbell, E. St. Louis, III. Vicki Campbell, Memphis, Tenn. Karen A. Cannon, Paragould Cindy M. Cantrell, Batesville DeAnn L. Carlew, Wilson David W. Carlisle, Lilbourn, Mo. Linda M. Carlisle, Jonesboro Sharon K. Carlock, Pottersville, Mo. Crystal S. Carmical, Lonoke David F. Carmon, Hardy Stan E. Carpenter, Lepanto Jennifer L. Carreiro, Cave City Michelle R. Carriglitto, Lake City Curtis W. Carson, Lepanto Janice M. Carson, Malvern Harvey G. Carter, West Memphis Maurice Carthon, Osceola Sean H. Casey, Pocahontas Michele D. Cassidy, Blytheville Paula A. Cate, Corning David L. Cato, Jonesboro Larry L. Catt, Rector Tammie S. Catt, Turrell Cynthia L. Chadwell, Greers Ferry John Chamberlain, Dexter, Mo. Brenda L. Chambers, Maiden, Mo. Thomas J. Chandler, Senath, Mo. Robert J. Chanslor, Hardy Anita J. Chaplain, Weiner Glenda A. Chappell, Wynne Rhonda S. Chastain, Marianna Max G. Cheney Jr., Mountain Home Lynn A. Cherry, Corning Rosie M. Chess, West Memphis Steven R. Chesser, Jacksonville Jerry A. Chidwell, Wynne Marvin L. Childers, Cooter, Mo. Robert N. Childress, Jonesboro Georgia A. Chism, Jonesboro John P. Chism, Jonesboro Michelle R. Choate, Judsonia Kelly L. Christopher, Hoxie Teresa L. Cialone, Jonesboro Michael L. Cinnamon, Brimfield, III. James E. Cissell, Pocahontas Tina L. Clairday, Jonesboro Denice L. Clark, West Memphis Donna G. Clark, Jonesboro Gloria I. Clark, Newport J. B. Clark, Luxora Jerry D. Clark, Jonesboro Judy L. Clark, Jonesboro 344 Freshmen Martha J. Clark, Manila Phileta A. Clark, Little Rock Phillip A. Clark, Jonesboro Rickey G. Clark, Jonesboro Robert F. Clark, Cherokee Village Suzanne Clark, Manila Carolyn I. Clarke, Hughes Joyce F. Clay, West Memphis Nicky W. Clayton, Trumann Teresa R. Clayton, Malvern Michael W. Clem, Trumann Alfred K. Clement, Lonoke Steve W. Clifton, Dyersburg, Tenn. Linda L. Clowers, North Little Rock Judy M. Cobb, Lake City Mark K. Cobb, Black Oak Cliff A. Cochran, Trumann Janette L. Cockrum, Black Oak Mark W. Colbert, Monette Johnny Cole, Hughes Johnny W. Cole, Mulberry Timmy Cole, Harrisburg Jo Ann Coleman, Jonesboro Pamela S. Coleman, Paragould Stacy A. Coleman, Bono Janna L. Collar, Walnut Ridge Phyllis L. Colley, Augusta Roxanne D. Collier, Detroit, Mich. Ruth R. Collier, Paragould Alma E. Collins, Jonesboro Tommie R. Collins, Mammoth Spring Cynthia A. Conley, Jonesboro Kole A. Conley, Pollard Linda F. Conley, Jonesboro Marty L. Conley, Piggott Joe H. Cook, Little Rock Johnnie W. Cook, Pocahontas Sherry L. Cook, Jonesboro George D. Cooke, Caruthersville, Mo. Toni A. Cooley, Earle Michael E. Coonan, Newport Candee Cooper, El Dorado Springs, Mo. Deborah K. Cooper, Newport Jesse E. Cooper, West Memphis Larry D. Cooper, Fort Gibson, Okla. Margaret A. Cooper, Paragould Randal V. Cooper, Paragould Roger A. Cooper, Cherry Valley Tony E. Cooper, Melbourne V Ora U. Cooper, Greenway Joe M. Copeland, Monette James D. Copelin, Piggott Denise Copenhaver, Plattsmouth, Neb. Harold R. Copenhaver, Jonesboro Keith B. Corder, West Memphis Cindy L. Cornett, Little Rock Cindy L. Cornish, Monette Shirley A. Cornish, Leachville Darla A. Cothren, Monette Debra L. Cotter, Viola Helen K. Cotter, Mountain View Sherry G. Couch, Jonesboro Kellye J. Courtney, Wynne Kathleen Covington, Jonesboro 345 Freshmen Calvin Cox, Holly Grove Lisa A. Cox, Paragould Myra A. Cox, Jonesboro Timothy D. Coy, Paragould Becky D. Crabtree, Batesville Shelia D. Craft, West Memphis Jacqueline Craig, Marion Mary Ellen Craig, Judsonia Penny Y. Crain, Brookland John L. Cramer, Peoria, III. Tracy E. Cramer, Jonesboro Stephen J. Crancer, Rector Lisa D. Cranford, West Memphis Stephen M. Craven, Jonesboro Claudyia A. Cravens, Hot Springs Cheryl D. Crawford, Forrest City Mary E. Crawford, Caruthersville, Mo. Tammy R. Crawford, Rector Alan A. Crawley, St. Louis, Mo. David E. Crawley, Mountain Home William A. Creasman, Little Rock Teresa L. Crelia, Huntington Lisa J. Crews, Paragould Pamela S. Crews, Paragould Charles B. Crisp, Jonesboro Ira V. Crite, Newport Teri L. Crittendon, Piggott Davy Crockett, Piggott Karen M. Crommett, Batesville Lois D. Croom, Marion Rebecca A. Crotts, Grubbs Tim D. Cudd, Jonesboro Deborah L. Culbreth, Chicago, III. Patricia A. Culpepper, Warren Dennis H. Cumbie, Benton Charles L. Cummings, Patterson Eddie R. Cummings, Jonesboro Vonda L. Cummings, Pine Bluff Richard E. Cunningham, Forrest City Sue E. Cunningham, Jonesboro Brenda D. Cupp, Paragould Jacqueline A. Cupp, Light Lesa D. Cupp, Paragould Martha R. Cupp, Trumann Benjamin D. Cure, Paragould Lee Curry, Cherokee Village Michael E. Curry, Hot Springs Robert M. Curry, Star City Beth Curtner, Marked Tree Bonnie F. Curtis, Biggers Mary P. Cychol, Peoria, III. Max E. Dacus, Jonesboro Mona J. Dahlke, North Little Rock Ted L. Dail, Ravenden Ben T. Dallas, Caraway Gordon R. Daniel, McCrory Perry A. Daniels, Grubbs Dennis D. Danko, Livingston, N.J. Kim R. Davenport, Yellville Andrea P. Davis, Augusta Cassie J. Davis, Jonesboro Catherine J. Davis, Jonesboro Clayton D. Davis, Walnut Ridge Connie M. Davis, Hardy Freshmen Dana R. Davis, Trumann Deborah K. Davis, Black Rock Larry E. Davis, Manila Laurie L. Davis, Newport LeJeune R. Davis, Pine Bluff Linda J. Davis, Hayti, Mo. Lisa D. Davis, Jonesboro Marilyn A. Davis, Lake City Rebecca A. Davis, Minturn Robert S. Davis, Hardy Ronald J. Davis, Rector Stephen D. Davis, Minturn Teresa K. Davis, Roe Connie M. Dawson, Bono Karen Dawson, Jonesboro Malinda C. Dawson, New Madrid, Mo. Laura A. DeClerk, Pocahontas Deanna J. Defano, Lakeview Leasa K. DeFries, Paragould Mohamed K. Dehradunwala, Pakistan Michael W. Deiter, Jonesboro Mike G. DeLoache, Jonesboro Clarence E. Dement, Jonesboro Roger R. DeRoeck, Jonesboro William M. DeWitt, Lake City Donnell Dickerson, Dell James M. Dickerson, Piggott Janie C. Dildine, Pocahontas Elizabeth M. Dillard, Manila Gwendolen L. Dixon, Melbourne Venus L. Dixon, Blytheville Rennie K. Doby, Augusta Jennifer A. Dodd, Paragould Stephanie C. Dodd, Batesville Rachel Dodger, Marked Tree Jimmy M. Dooley, Brookland Terri S. Dorsey, West Memphis Karmen L. Dowdy, Memphis, Tenn. Linda S. Downs, Eqypt Brenda L. Doyle, Marianna Duane E. Doyle, Cherry Valley Kelly L. Doyle, Peoria, III. Robyne D. Doyle, Forrest City William C. Doyle, Brookland Catherine A. Drake, Hot Springs Rick D. Driskill, Jonesboro Eugene Drone, North Little Rock David C. Drope, Jonesboro Pam A. Drope, Jonesboro Brian K. Duclos, Bono Rickey A. Duff, Maynard Larry A. Duke, Jonesboro James W. Duncan, Mountain View Scott W. Dunlap, Walnut Ridge William S. Dunlap, Jacksonville William C. Dunnam, Jonesboro Carl W. Dunston, West Memphis Donna L. Duren, Pine Bluff Daniel A. Durham, Jacksonville Lelia K. Eackles, Little Rock Leslie Eackles, Little Rock Robin D. Eaker, Paragould Freddy G. Easley, Jonesboro John P. Easley, Jonesboro Freshmen Clint Edgar, Jonesboro Jeannette A. Edrich, Selby, S. Dakota Jeff L. Edwards, Little Rock Rhonda R. Edwards, Sherwood Tamera L. Eikerman, Jonesboro Chris D. Elder, Brookland Mike W. Elkins, Lakeview Sherri L. Ellington, Cardwell, Mo. Thomas L. Ellis, Jacksonville Karen R. Emison, Caraway Kelly L. Emison, Caraway Sara E. Emmert, Paragould Tameria Engelhardl, Caruthersville, Mo. Ifechikwulu Enemuo, Nnewi, Nigeria Teena G. England, Dalton Michelle A. Ermert, Corning William D. Erwin, North Little Rock Connie R. Estes, Mammoth Spring Dianna Estes, Evening Shade Joe B. Estes, Viola Dawn Ethridge, Jonesboro Tommy J. Etter, Jonesboro Renee Eubanks, Bono Stan K. Eubanks, Salem Amanda C. Evans, Trumann Teresa A. Evans, Paragould Gwendolyn Everhart, Trumann Joyce J. Exton, West Memphis Lenita G. Ezell, Jonesboro Kathleen M. Fair, Pocahontas Sarah D. Farmer, Yellville John E. Farris, West Memphis Nan E. Farris, Mountain Home Lamar K. Faught, Jonesboro Ke ' rri K. Faulkner, Batesville Norma L. Faust, West Helena Kevin B. Felkins, Jonesboro Susan K. Felkins, Bono Donald B. Felts, Joiner Kevin Felts, Paragould Deborah J. Ferguson, Trumann Dennis H. Ferguson, Dumas Helen Ferrell, Jonesboro Ernest K. Fielder, Bono Wesley E. Finch, Memphis, Tenn. Tim M. Finn, Rogers Jonnie R. Finnell, North Little Rock Cecelia B. Fisher, North Little Rock Henry W. Fisher, West Memphis Shari L. Fisher, Jonesboro Yance C. Fitzgerald, Corning Richard D. Fitzwater, Brinkley Hyumsook A. Flagg, Jonesboro Gregory O. Fleming, Tyronza Margaret Y. Fleming, Jonesboro Charlotte A. Fletcher, Paragould Troy A. Fluegel, Roscoe, III. Kenneth H. Foltz, West Memphis Barry K. Ford, Delaplaine Ken P. Ford, Kennett, Mo. Patsy A. Forney, Marianna Robert E. Forsythe, Memphis, Tenn. Pattie D. Fortenberry, Jonesboro David Foster, Jonesboro , T 348 Freshmen Sherry L. Foster, Jonesboro Gaye A. Fox, Caruthersville, Mo. Steven G. Franks, Pocahontas Barbara A. Freeland, Star City Breck G. Freeman, Marmaduke Martha A. Freer, Tuckerman Kim S. French, Delaplaine Walter L. Fruchey, Ward Timothy L. Fulks, Jonesboro Wilma M. Fulks, Mountain View Donald R. Fuller, Clover Bend Kevin W. Fuller, Kennett, Mo. Leda F. Fuller, Mountain View Dwight L. Futrell, Vanndale Natalie I. Gaither, Walnut Ridge Lynnda L. Gambill, Lake City Carma Y. Gardner, Little Rock Debbie A. Gardner, Blytheville Regina G. Gardner, Harrisburg Joan C. Garner, Pocahontas Matt Garner, Jonesboro Christopher V. Garrett, West Memphis Anita M. Garrison, Monette Martha L. Garrison, Mountain Home Terry M. Garrison, Leachville Micheal L. Gates, Tyronza Dale F. Gathright Jr., Saratoga Cecilia A. Gee, Trumann Jimmy B. Gentry, West Memphis Noel C. Genung, Jonesboro Greg L. George, Wynne Joey M. George, Jonesboro Michael W. George, Wynne Rebecca L. George, Luxora Mark T. Gerrard, Marianna Cathy R. Gestring, West Memphis Trudy A. Gibbons, Rogers Cynthia J. Gibbs, Jonesboro Jennifer M. Gibbs, Jonesboro Bruce E. Gibson, Marmaduke Cloyce F. Gibson, Paragould Nettie S. Gibson, Jonesboro Perry A. Gibson, Jonesboro William S. Gibson, Jonesboro Cynthia A. Gillihan, Melbourne Toya L. Gillis, Marked Tree George Gipson, Caruthersville, Mo. Lisa Gipson, Walnut Ridge Pamela R. Gipson, Mountain Home Glendon K. Girard, Walnut Ridge Brandon A. Gist, Paragould Harold J. Gist, West Memphis Cassandra D. Glasco, Tyronza Mike J. Gleghorn, Salem Bernice Glover, Heber Springs Edward E. Gnau, Pine Bluff Randy L. Godwin, Jonesboro Carol D. Golden, Steele, Mo. Carla D. Good, Wheatley Cole Goodman, Caraway Lindy A. Goodman, Paragould Sharen K. Goodson, Jonesboro Dane C. Goodwin, Rockford, III. Rena R. Goodwin, West Memphis Freshmen Elaine Gooseberry, Pine Bluff Gregory N. Gordon, Tuckerman Otha Gordon, Chicago, III. Lesa G. Gosha, Hoxie Jim D. Goss, Searcy Joseph M. Goss, Newport Julie A. Gower, Southaven, Miss. Becky D. Grace, Jonesboro Mary T. Graddy, Hoxie Steve W. Graddy, Hoxie Charles A. Graham, Blytheville Elizabeth S. Graham, Hermitage Malcolm F. Grant, Manila Jeff L. Green, Pine Bluff Lisa A. Green, Batesville Mary S. Green, Pocahontas Oneida Green, Blytheville Sandra Y. Green, Newport Troy W. Green II, Little Rock Alice J. Greer, McGehee David A. Gregory, Marion Gorden Gregson, Jonesboro Carrie L. Greitens, Marked Tree Charles G. Griffin, Wilson Curtis J. Griffin, Jonesboro Derrick E. Griffin, Starkville, Miss. Helen L. Griffin, Jonesboro Leo J. Griffin, Step Rock Lisa M. Griffin, Jonesboro Ricky H. Griffin, Pocahontas Alan L. Griffith, Mount Ida Mike D. Griffith, Jonesboro Miriam B. Griffith, Jonesboro Tina S. Griggs, Dell David W. Grissom, Pocahontas Chuck Gschwend, Jonesboro Nancy Guadagnini, Flippin Kenny L. Guffey, Grubbs Dolly B. Guillermo, Jonesboro Felicia S. Guin, Lepanto William D. Gullic, Newport Joe D. Gunn, Carlisle John R. Gunter, Fisher Sharon L. Gunter, Stuttgart Carl I. Guy, Osceola Melvin L. Guy, Osceola Cari lyn F. Hagar, Pocahontas Marilyn K. Hagar, Pocahontas Pam A. Haggard, Searcy David R. Hale, Willow Springs, Mo. Steve T. Hales, Jonesboro Tiana L. Haley, Jonesboro Gary E. Hall, Jonesboro Douglas E. Hall, Tyronza William D. Hall, West Plains, Mo. Gregg A. Hames, Melbourne Cynthia A. Hamill, Jonesboro Funicello Hamilton, West Memphis Kim K. Hamilton, Paragould Greg D. Hammond, Paragould Susan Hampton, Corbin, Ky. Tim L. Hampton, Little Rock Linda S. Hamric, Cabot June A. Hancock, Knobel 350 Freshmen Linda D. Hancock, Walnut Ridge Tina A. Hancock, Hoxie Dottie S. Haner, Harrisburg Sheila E. Haney, Mountain View Donnie G. Hankins, Pine Bluff Linda D. Hanks, Holly Grove Harvey L. Hanna, Harrisburg Brad R. Hanners, Jonesboro Billy T. Hannon, Trumann Gaylene Hansen, Jonesboro Doug L. Harber, Salem Steve Hardesty, Blytheville Ava J. Hardin, Senath, Mo. Rhonda K. Hardin, Hot Springs Carolyn R. Hardy, Forrest City Paige C. Hardy, Blytheville Ronald L. Hardy, Horn Lake, Miss. Steven K. Hargraves, Corning Allan Harlan, North Little Rock Beverly C. Harlan, Stuttgart Pamela L. Harmon, West Memphis Phyleece Harper, Jonesboro Hugh N. Harrington, Jonesboro Charles K. Harris, Jonesboro Claudia E. Harris, Helena Deborah J. Harris, Lepanfb Flora Harris, Parkin Henry L. Harris, Memphis, Tenn. Karen R. Harris, Strawberry Krishna L. Harris, North Little Rock Patricia G. Harris, Pine Bluff Sharon R. Harris, Lonoke James C. Hart, Wynne Michael B. Harvey, Paragould Sharon L. Harwood, Searcy Gene J. Hass, Wynne Nancy C. Hassell, Stuttgart Marty E. Hastings, Paragould Sandra L. Hathcoat, Brookland Brenda E. Hatley, Fayetteville, N.C. Virginia L. Hawkins, Jonesboro Roger G. Hay, McCrory Randall B. Hayes, Pocahontas Verl D. Hayes, Searcy Reginald D. Hayman, Little Rock Sheila Haymer, Forrest City Frederick D. Haynes, Crossett James P. Hays, Paragould Marianne Hays, Osceola Richard H. Hays, North Little Rock Deborah J. Haywood, Piggott Adra A. Hazley, West Memphis Jeffery H. Head, Jonesboro Brenda J. Headrick, Bay Diann W. Heard, Walnut Ridge Sylvia M. Heath, Greenbriar Philip E. Heckmann, Harrisburg Scott A. Hedegard, West Fork James D. Heinrichs, Jonesboro Robert R. Helms, Maynard Gary F. Henard, Wheatley Frances K. Henderson, West Helena Kristi F. Henderson, Malvern Myra E. Henderson, Little Rock 351 Freshmen Vicki L. Henderson, Marked Tree Susan G. Hendrix, Trumann Bridget R. Henley, Batesville Dewey P. Henley, Norphlet Beverly L. Henning, Doniphan, Mo. Deborah L. Henry, Jonesboro Lesa A. Henry, Jonesboro Marlina K. Henry, Manila Pamela D. Henry, Earle Debra R. Henson, Caraway Monica A. Henson, West Point, N.Y. Kathryn E. Hentz, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jerry D. Herndon, Alton, III. Gordon H. Herron, Memphis, Tenn. Anthony G. Hess, Wynne Jack Heston, Desha Beverly Hester, Jonesboro Kim G. Hester, Paragould LeeAnn Hester, Bono Tommy R. Hester, Jonesboro Thomas L. Hickman, Black Rock Carla J. Hicks, Cave City Joe M. Higgins, Paragould Van E. Higgins, Jonesboro Theron A. Hightower, Hot Springs Carolyn D. Hill, West Helena Emmitt L. Hill, Colt Fredricka R. Hill, Parkin Maelena L. Hill, Paragould Thomas W. Hill, Fort Smith Vicki D. Hill, Wynne Wendy L. Hill, Maynard Lana S. Hinds, Trumann Stephen P. Hinsley, Hot Springs Julia D. Hitson, Marked Tree Linda M. Hitson, Marked Tree Vicky L. Hitt, Leachville Patricia Hobbs, Paragould Kevin S. Hocum, Hardy Ernie Hodge, Piggott Richard H. Hodge, Jonesboro Jessie C. Hodges, Mountain Home Michael D. Hodges, Jonesboro Nathaniel Hodges, Maiden, Mo. Debra D. Hoggard, Forrest City Terry Hoggard, Piggott Terry E. Holaday, Bono Donna L. Holbrook, Jonesboro Jeff L. Holifield, Paragould Paul T. Holifield, Pollard Becky S. Holland, Pocahontas Jeff Hollis, Jonesboro Michele A. Hollis, Rector Roland D. Hollis, Leachville Gary G. Holmes, Jonesboro Marty R. Holmes, Jonesboro Phillip M. Holoman, Kansas City, Mo. Kerry A. Honey, Mountain Home Pamela B. Honeycutt, Jonesboro Stacey A. Honeycutt, Blytheville Leisa V. Honn, Jonesboro Tamara A. Hood, West Memphis Larye Hope, Jonesboro Jennifer I. Hopkins, Memphis, Tenn. Freshmen Phillip L. Hopkins, Jonesboro Lea A. Horner, Senath, Mo. Janet C. Horton, Jonesboro Mary L. Houart, Senath, Mo. Terri L. House, Dover Ronnie G. Householder, Walnut Ridge James M. Houston, Clarksville Edward V. Howard, Memphis, Tenn. Jan A. Howard, Agnos Lisa J. Howard, Blytheville Mark S. Howard, Blytheville DeShawn Howe, West Memphis Lois J. Howeth, Brinkley Michael W. Howell, Maiden, Mo. Donnie G. Hubbard, Corning Gary P. Hubbell, Jonesboro Rose M. Huckabay, Lafe Julie A. Hudgens, North Little Rock Lise P. Hudgens, Stuttgart Jeffrey S. Huffman, Manila Susan R. Hufford, Paragould Brenda L. Huggins, Jonesboro Donna D. Hughey, Parkin Gloria J. Hull, Marion John D. Humphries, Salem Terry L. Hunkapiller, Germantown, Ten David W. Hunt, Decatur Debra A. Hunt, Jonesboro Lovie M. Hunt, Marianna Philip R. Hunt, Lonoke Barbara J. Hurst, Forrest City Byron L. Hurst, Jonesboro Ronnie L. Hurst, Caraway Elin Hustoft, Stavanger, Norway Kimberly E. Hutchins, Jacksonville Barry J. Hutchison, Jonesboro Clarissa A. Hutchison, Arkadelphia Tina R. Hutchison, Rector Marilyn D. Hyde, Kennett, Mo. Pamela S. Hyde, Blytheville Sonya D. Hyde, Doniphan, Mo. Dianna R. Ishmael, Jonesboro Penny M. Itson, Cairo, III. Kevin E. Ives, Knobel Marilyn K. Ivey, Hardy Alesia V. Jackson, Marvell Janet C. Jackson, Paragould Mary J. Jackson, Batesville Stephen J. Jackson, Memphis, Tenn. Tammi L. Jackson, Luxora Tammy J. Jackson, Maiden, Mo. Pamela R. Jamerson, Jonesboro Jon D. James, Pocahontas Sundra D. James, Little Rock Lydia L. Jansen, Pocahontas Dennis L. Jaynes, Trumann Kimberley G. Jeffers, West Memphis Tommy L. Jefferson, Corning Michael W. Jeffries, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Pam R. Jenkins, Brookland Shawn T. Jennings, Mountain Home Michael L. Jett, Alton, Mo. Buddy L. Jewell, Osceola Florence B. Johns, Jonesboro Freshmen Carlean Johnson, Lexa Charles E. Johnson, Leachville Clevon Johnson, England Cynthia M. Johnson, Paragould Daniel R. Johnson, Alexandria, Va. Delores A. Johnson, Bono Denise H. Johnson, N. Little Rock Doris F. Johnson, Earle Elizabeth A. Johnson, Senath, Mo. Glender L. Johnson, Blytheville Irene E. Johnson, Blytheville James R. Johnson, Rector Kelli J. Johnson, Jonesboro Robert G. Johnson, Hardy Robin D. Johnson, Marmaduke Sherry D. Johnson, Holly Grove Steve L. Johnson, Paragould Susan D. Johnson, Paragould Tammy J. Johnson, Heber Springs Tracey A. Johnson, Jonesboro William T. Johnson, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Kurt D. Johnston, Hot Springs Lisa A. Johnston, N. Little Rock Sharon S. Johnston, Bakersfield, Mo. Alvin J. Jones, Prescott Betty L. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Bradley Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Carey A. Jones, Paragould Corneila F. Jones, Little Rock David K. Jones, Duncan, Okla. Henry P. Jones, N. Little Rock James F. Jones, Jonesboro ■E - " - " IJ 1 Janice K. Jones, Piggott John F. Jones, Rison Karen J. Jones, Lilbourn, Mo. Lisa M. Jones, Jonesboro | j ifflk ill Michael E. Jones, Marion Michael H. Jones, Judsonia Nancy A. Jones, Trumann Pam G. Jones, Pocahontas Patricia A. Jones, Blytheville . Sandra L. Jones, Harrisburg Sheila R. Jones, Maiden, Mo. j Steve A. Jones, Tyronza Tarn R. Jones, Pocahontas Theodore A. Jones, Jonesboro Theresa M. Jones, Paragould Sandra A. Jordan, Hughes Deborah A. Joshua, Marianna Mark K. Justus, Light CI % r Daniel B. Kee, Monette Kevin W. Kee, Jonesboro Ricky L. Kee, Augusta Bobby L. Keen, McCrory Mary K. Keeney, Batesville Norma J. Keenom, Jonesboro Richard 0. Keiter, Monette Douglas R. Keller, Salem Ricky E. Keller, Desha Trent P. Keller, Jonesboro Jacqueline M. Kelley, Cotton Plant Jim W. Kelley, Wynne Mike J. Kelly, West Plains, Mo. Wayne E. Kender, Leachville V -■ 354 Freshmen Monica J. Kennard, Mountain Home James K. Kennedy, Gideon, Mo. Chris L. Kent, Luxora Michael T. Kernan, Memphis, Tenn. Sharon K. Kibby, Bono Candace K. Kilmer, Jonesboro Susan D. Kilpatrick, W. Memphis Tommy Kincaid, Blytheville Berry L. King, Jonesboro John M. King, Osceola Johnnie A. King, Forrest City Robert T. King, Brownsville, Tenn. Peggy S. King, Melbourne Kevin D. Kingston, Jonesboro Randy A Kingston, Paragould Jim J. Kinkead, Yorba Linda, Calif. Lisa L. Kinsel, Jonesboro Cynthia L. Kirby, Bloomfield, Mo. Teresa A. Kirkdoffer, W. Memphis Donna D. Kirksey, Jonesboro James B. Kirksey, Jonesboro Maynard Kittrell, McCrory Debra A. Knight, Mountain Home Randy W. Knowles, Millington, Tenn. Teresa D. Knuckles, Marmaduke Keith L. Konecny, Slovak Andrea V. Konieczny, Benton Laurie G. Konold, Jonesboro Lynn L. Krigbaum, Jonesboro John H. Kuhn, Wayland, N.Y. Carol A. Kuykendall, Marmaduke Renee LaBarreare, Jonesboro Carltha W. Lackey, Paragould Evy M. Lacy, Wynne Jimmy L. LaFarlett, Trumann Michael D. LaFarlett, Trumann Bobby C. Lamb, Walnut Ridge Julie K. Lamb, Caraway Wilson E. Lambert, Pine Bluff Suzanne Landers, Paragould Keith E. Lands, Light Tim D. Langford, Searcy David R. Lassen, Jonesboro Mason E. Laster, Cooter, Mo. Ellen Latham, Forrest City Angela L. Law, Jacksonville Jeff G. Law, Blytheville John D. Law, Crossett Mark A. Law, West Memphis Dorothy J. Lawson, Blytheville Laura L. Laymon, Paragould Betty J. Leach, Weiner Lori L. Leach, Willow Springs, Mo. Greg S. Ledbetter, West Memphis Lisa A. Ledbetter, Jonesboro Ricky D. Ledford, Wichita Falls, Tex. Jay W. Lee, Jonesboro Jo Lee, Jonesboro Regina F. Lee, Wynne Wendy R. Lee, Jonesboro Mary E. Legate, Campbell, Mo. Jackie L. Leibundgut, Jonesboro Mary K. Lenston, Paragould Lou M. Leventhal, Crownsville, Md. 355 Freshmen Gladys G. Lewellen, Jonesboro Annette R. Lewis, Little Rock Barbara A. Lewis, West Memphis Betty S. Light, Norfork Laddy C. Light, Walnut Ridge Jenafer C. Lincoln, Jonesboro Anita K. Lindley, Paragould Sandra K. Lindley, Jonesboro Suzanne Linke, Mountain View Melanie D. Linn, Weiner Cynthia I. Lipscomb, Forrest City Richard A. Lisko, Slovak Jerry K. Little, Weiner Dianne Littlejohn, Parkin Billy R. Lloyd, North Little Rock Mark A. Loggains, Pocahontas Jimmy D. London, Jonesboro John E. Long, Newport Malcolm D. Long, Hardy Patricia S. Long, Trumann Susan L. Long, Paragould Virginia K. Longmire, Marion Chris J. Looney, Leachville Sandi K. Looper, Bono Rebecca G. Lopez, Little Rock Debbie L. Lorren, Paragould David L. Love, Kennett, Mo. Michelle Lovrien, Cherry Valley John C. Lowe, Forrest City June A. Lowe, Rector Patricia D. Loyall. Portia James D. Loyd, Aurora, III. Wesonsa I. Luboti, Jinja-Buzika, Uganda Elizabeth A. Luebke, Stuttgart Donald G. Luther, White Oak, Mo. Darryl W. Lyles, Piggott Randy L. Lynch, Little Rock Richard M. Lynch, Little Rock Robert L. Lyons, Wynne Shirley D. Lyons, Little Rock Cornelius Mabin, Little Rock Cora M. Macklin, Marion Tara B. Madden, Beedeville Timothy L. Madden, Kennett, Mo. Joey P. Madonia, Helena Shari A. Magdefrau, Memphis, Tenn. Leslie Magness, Mountain View Melissa M. Maisey, Ellsworth AFB, S.D. Christopher D. Manley, Paragould Brenda L. Mann, Saffell Gary W. Mann, Norphlet Sandie S. Mann, Pine Bluff Owen D. Mariott, Ravenden Springs Bryant 0. Marshall, Marion Ann S. Martin, Jonesboro Dani L. Martin, Melbourne Danny G. Martin, Ash Flat David A. Martin, Steele, Mo. Douglas W. Martin, Pocahontas Kevin P. Martin, Birdeye Sandra K. Martin, Memphis, Tenn. Terry M. Martin, Rector Tim J. Martin, Trumann Tommy R. Martin, Pleasant Plains 356 Freshmen Sally J. Martinez, Albuquerque, N.M. Bridget R. Mason, Calico Rock Darryl C. Massey, Newport Belinda K. Mathis, West Helena Jerry D. Mathis, Jonesboro Robin P. Mathis, Jonesboro Elaine M. Matthews, Stuttgart Reginald G. Matthews, Hot Springs Philip D. Maxwell, Turrell Gloria C. May, Jonesboro John R. May Jr., Paragould Teresa A. May, Jonesboro Russell W. McCain, Paragould Billy D. McCarroll, Black Rock Barry J. McCarthy, Forrest City Brian P. McCarthy, Fremont, Calif. Tina F. McClelland, Dyess Rosalind M. McClendon, Osceola Cindy R. McClintock, Wynne Robert E. McClung, Rector Sherry G. McClure, Stuttgart Dennis C. McCollum, Steele, Mo. Sarah A. McCorkle, N. Little Rock Debbie L. McCoy, Grubbs Lisa A. McCoy, Grubbs Sonya L. McCoy, Warren Neila R. McCullar, Earle Angela R. McCullough, Kennett Mo. Mary L. McCullough, Wynne Alder E. McDaniel, Jonesboro Darren R. McDaniel, Paragould George W. McDaniel, Palestine Marquazette G. McDaniel, Palestine Penny S. McDaniel, Florissant, Mo. Rebecca D. McDaniel, Paragould Rickey D. McDaniel, Lafe Deborah D. McDonald, Paragould Mark S. McDonald, Jonesboro Michael L. McDonald, Paragould Harold L. McElduff, Marianna Jacquelyn J. McElroy, Little Rock Gary T. McElyea, Joiner Terana D. McFall, Paragould Lesa L. McFarlin, Piggott James R. McGee, Batesville Herbert L. McGhee, Jonesboro Benny D. McGinnis, Jonesboro Michelle L. McGinnis, Jonesboro Tracy D. McHaney. Marmaduke Beth McHenry, Malvern Virginia McKee, Jonesboro Debbie L. McKinney, Corning Kim McKinney, Diaz Michael R. McKinney, Jonesboro Richard G. McKinney, Jonesboro Kristin K. McLain, Jonesboro Barbara J. McLaren, Agnos Teresa M. McLaren, Agnos Russell S. McMahon, Blytheville Pam J. McMasters, Trumann Aarron L. McMillian, Osceola Barron L. McMillian, Osceola Tracy McNabb, Pocahontas Eugene W. McNeely, Earle 357 Freshmen James S. McNeill, Jonesboro Clifford E. McQuay, Jonesboro Nancy E. McRae, Jackson, Tenn. Trudy R. McSpadden, Cave City Shelia A. Meadows, Chicago, III. Mary E. Medlin, Caruthersville, Mo. Lauri E. Meehan, Stuttgart Alonzo Meek, New York, N.Y. Dan L. Melsha, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jeffery L. Melton, Blytheville Joseph W. Merlo, Pine Bluff Jim E. Merrick, Doniphan, Mo. John R. Merritt, Wabash Mary J. Messer, Light Roger L. Metternich, Glenview, III. Jimmy H. Metz, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Rex W. Metzger Jr., Newport Lesley Meurer, Caraway Laurie S. Mey, Jonesboro Mary K. Meyer, Paragould Tian L. Michael, Paragould Bonnie J. Middlecoff, Hoxie Michael G. Milburn, Campbell, Mo. Diane L. Miller, Ash Flat Gloria G. Miller, Marion Janie M. Miller, Mammoth Spring Jerry K. Miller, Marked Tree Michael T. Miller, Crawfordsville Nancy S. Miller, DeWitt Ginger L. Million, Monette Barbara J. Mills, Jonesboro Debra A. Mills, Helena 1 Lisa S. Mills, West Helena Marcia A. Minton, Bono Paula K. Minton, Kennett, Mo. Karen E. Misak, Jonesboro Brenda V. Mitchell, Malvern Charles P. Mitchell Jr., Jonesboro Donald Mitchell, Dumas John A. Mitchell, Wynne Kevin Mitchell, Harrisburg Lisa D. Mitchell, Portia Mark A. Mitchell, Jacksonville Greg B. Moffett, Little Rock Mike Moncrief, Maiden, Mo. Bethany R. Montgomery, Piggott Jesse B. Montgomery, Marianna Julie E. Montgomery, Stuttgart Mark H. Montgomery, Elizabeth Roger D. Montgomery, Kennett, Mo. Laurie C. Moon, Wilson Lisa K. Mooney, Jonesboro April A. Moore, Moko Debbie K. Moore, Viola Glen R. Moore, Rogers Jay G. Moore, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Kimberly Moore, Lepanto Larry G. Moore, Weiner Patricia B. Moore, Jonesboro Stanley R. Moore, Cherry Valley Susan V. Moore, Germantown, Tenn. Billy C. Morgan, Jonesboro Douglas C. Morgan, Pine Bluff Frank B. Morgan, Caruthersville, Mo. 358 Freshmen Clifton E. Morris, Paragould Craig 0. Morris, Paragould Jay P. Morris, West Memphis Lora J. Morris, Rector Richard D. Morris, Jonesboro Donald R. Morrison, Piggott Marshall Morrison, Jonesboro Daniel A. Morse, Jonesboro Michael D. Mosby, Memphis, Tenn. Gregory M. Mosley, Jonesboro Charles L. Moss, Caruthersville, Mo. Dana D. Motley, Leachville Penny J. Mullen, Cave City Calvin D. Mullins, Paragould James S. Mullins, Jonesboro John W. Mullins, Jonesboro Donna S. Murphy, Manila Becky L. Murray, Memphis, Tenn. Robert D. Murray, Valley Springs Calvin Nance, Crawfordsville Jerry A. Nance, Beedeville Dorothy C. Neal, Augusta Miriam A. Neal, Lepanto Susan A. Neal, Sherwood Walter H. Neasbitt, Ardmore, Okla. Neal J. Necaise, Hoxie Roger E. Neel, Mountain Home Joe D. Neely, Warded, Mo. Larry K. Neely, El Dorado David E. Neier, Pocahontas Steven W. Neil, Cooter, Mo. Dianne Nei II, Delaplaine Barbara L. Nellis, St. Louis, Mo. Micah H. Nemec, Horseshoe Bend Mark A. Nettles, Gideon, Mo. Glenn F. Newberry, Stanford Allen C. Newcomb, Fifty Six Charles S. Nichols, Marked Tree Julia A. Nichols, Kennett, Mo. Sam G. Nichols, Everton Tanda L. Nicholson, Blytheville Tommy D. Nicholson, Grubbs Chad L. Niell, Jonesboro Wendy J. Ninemire, Viola James K. Nix, Bay Brad S. Noel, Paragould Kay Noland, N. Little Rock Kim M. Novak, Ash Flat Marcus D. Odom, Newport Delores A. Olden, Memphis, Tenn. Sheila G. Olive, West Ridge Pam Orchard, Blytheville Ginger M. Osborn, Jonesboro Michael H. Osburn, Mammoth Spring Randy J. Osipuk, Blytheville Jim P. Osment, Jonesboro Mary H. Ousley, West Memphis Allison B. Owen, Jonesboro Patricia G. Owen, Jonesboro Brenda J. Owens, Wynne Mark D. Owens, Trumann Penny K. Owens, Riverside, Calif. Karen M. Pace, Lake Village Kevin D. Pagan, Jonesboro 359 Freshmen Vonda L. Pagan, Jonesboro Lynn M. Page, Batesville Neesha A. Painter, Viola Pamela E. Painter, Viola Anthony M. Palapino, North Little Rock Ronald L. Palmer, Afton, Okla. Mitchell S. Parham, North Little Rock Pattie A. Parks, Hoxie Annett Parker, Augusta Jerelene M. Parker, Harrisburg Kelly J. Parker, Kennett, Mo. Regina D. Parker, Harrisburg Sarah E. Parker, DeWitt Angela M. Parks, Los Angeles, Calif. Cynthia D. Parnell, Osceola Debea E. Parnell, Jonesboro Phyllis A. Parsons, Mountain View Kelly M. Parton, Jonesboro Carol S. Passmore, West Memphis Janice M. Patrick, Beebe Kathleen M. Patterson, Spring, Tex. Cathryn Patton, Jonesboro Mark E. Payne, Dell Thomas M. Pearson, Kennett, Mo. Paul B. Pekarsky, Germantown, Tenn. Tracey A. Penry, Paragould Tommy W. Perkins, Pollard James C. Perry, Earle Glennis Pervin, Colt Cheryl K. Peters, Fort Dodge, Iowa Doug S. Peters, Jonesboro Daniel G. Peterson, Forrest City Michael J. Pettengell, Jonesboro Thomas K. Pettie, Elguand, III. ' Robert R. Phelix, Marion Calvin D. Phelps, Monette Glenda F. Phelps, Ash Flat Tracy J. Phifer, Stuttgart Daniel S. Phillians, Jonesboro Brenda F. Phillips, Palestine Dewana J. Phillips, Little Rock Harold E. Phillips, Cherokee Village Jeffery L. Phillips, Marmaduke Kimberly D. Phillips, Marmaduke Rodney L. Phillips, Pocahontas Gaye Phipps. Melbourne Melonie G. Pierce, Jonesboro Nanette Pierce, Melbourne William K. Pieri, Paragould David W. Pinyon, Blytheville Kevin M. Pipkins, Gideon, Mo. Mark A. Pippenger, Brookland Denna L. Pirkle, Koshkonong, Mo. Gig A. Pitcher, Delaplaine Cheryl D. Poe, Marmaduke Alan D. Pogue, Fifty Six Patricia L. Poindexter, Deering, Mo. Kathleen R. Polk, West Memphis Wade F. Poorman, Newport Gerry D. Pounder, Caruthersville, Mo. Billy L. Powell, Lepanto Donna R. Powell, Lepanto Gregory S. Powell, Warren John R. Powell, Wiseman v ■ ' ■ ■ Smi Freshmen Mark A. Powell, Melbourne Elizabeth A. Powers, Paragould Sheena M. Powers, Marion Jeff A. Pranger. Paragould Wayne G. Prater, Hoxie Susan R. Prestidge, Jonesboro Melanie S. Price, Doniphan, Mo. Mark A. Prichard, Trumann Beverly A. Pride, Little Rock Rodrick K. Priest, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Phillip E. Privett, Trumann Patricia L. Pruett, Jonesboro Vicki L. Pruett, Jacksonville Maurice D. Prunty, Jonesboro Darryl D. Pryor, Memphis, Tenn. Steven J. Purtee, Jonesboro Trudy D. Purvis, Jonesboro Lorrie A. Pyland, Paragould Donna L. Quails, Trumann Vicky J. Quails, Lake City Chris J. Quick, Mountain Home Kelli S. Quinn, Jonesboro Molly A. Rainey, Tyronza Robert W. Ralph, Alameda, Calif. Harvey A. Rambo, Blytheville Lamont K. Ramsay, Brinkley Patricia A. Randolph, West Memphis Daniel R. Rapert, Pocahontas Joe A. Rapert, Pocahontas Tim H. Rasch, Little Rock Michael G. Rash, Newport Russell Ratliff, Jonesboro Cindy G. Rawls, West Memphis Dan L. Ray, West Memphis Joy E. Ray, Paragould Leveta A. Ray, Jonesboro Martin J. Ray, Tyronza Phyllis J. Ray, Jonesboro Glenda S. Reaves, Harrisburg Deborah J. Rebstock, Kennett, Mo. Rebecca A. Rector, Dumas Kern R. Reed, Jonesboro Ward Reese, North Little Rock Nancy Reesor, Jonesboro Deborah D. Reeves, Caraway Linda A. Rega, Ash Flat Jed A. Reinhard, Trumann Cynthia L. Renfroe, Alicia Isaac D. Renfroe, Dumas Debbie D. Reynolds, Cave City Julian L. Reynolds, Paragould Teresa L. Reynolds, Osceola Verna S. Reynolds, Black Rock Ann E. Rhodes, Jonesboro Riley L. Rhodes, Steele, Mo. Carol E. Rice, North Little Rock Damon H. Richardson, Kennett, Mo. David B. Richardson, Bragg City, Mo. Debra L. Richardson, Yellville Sharon D. Richardson, Helena Tamara C. Richardson, Paragould Tamara L. Richardson, Jonesboro William L. Richardson, Melbourne Elizabeth A. Richey, Benton 361 Freshmen James C. Richmond, Helena Ronny D. Richmond, Viola Sandra L. Richmond, Dyess Linda A. Rickman, Holcomb, Mo. Jerry S. Riggs, Lennon, Mich. Pamela L. Riggs, Jonesboro John W. Riley, Blytheville Michael L. Riley, Kansas City, Kans. Miller Riley, Crawfordsville Sharon J. Riley, Bassett Timothy O. Riley, Jonesboro Roger L. Riney, Piggott Russell L. Riney, Jonesboro Alvin Ringold, West Memphis Kirk Rivers, Dallas, Tex. Carla S. Roberson, Vanndale Doris L. Roberson, Lake City Evelyn V. Roberson, Jonesboro Segred D. Roberson, Mammoth Spring Jacquelyn D. Robert, Forrest City Shearman T. Robert, Harrisburg Mark E. Roberts, Dallas, Tex. Mary A. Roberts, St. Charles, Mo. Michael L. Roberts, Marked Tree Rosielee A. Roberts, Jonesboro Shirley A. Robertson, Dumas Theresa A. Robertson, Paragould Adrian D. Robinson, Newport Darlene Robinson, Holly Grove Paula G. Robinson, Cordova, Tenn. Ruby A. Robinson, Newport Steve B. Robinson, Jonesboro Thomas R. Robinson, West Memphis Cherie A. Robison, Jonesboro Patricia J. Roby, Paragould Phillip W. Rodgers, Bay Lafon K. Rodriquez, Groron, Conn. Randy W. Roebuck, Jonesboro Audri A. Rogers, Paragould David C. Rogers, Jonesboro Randall D. Rogers, Newport Rebecca L. Rogers, Smackover Rhys G. Rogers, Paragould William S. Rollins, Jonesboro Lynetta M. Romine, Hoxie Connie J. Rose, Jonesboro John W. Rose, Jonesboro Naomi P. Rose, Jonesboro Sherry J. Rose, Harrison Tonia R. Rose, Senath, Mo. Kim L. Ross, Tillar Rita C. Ross, West Memphis Kelly S. Rowe, Paragould Roger D. Rowe, Beech Grove Kathy K. Royal, Horseshoe Bend Betty J. Rucker, Blytheville Rigina D. Rudnick, Caruthersville, Mo. Bruce W. Ruffin, Trumann James R. Rupard, Jonesboro Cheryl E. Russell, Jonesboro Greg E. Russell, Pocahontas John D. Russell, Jonesboro Sandra G. Russell, Paragould Lori S. Rutherford, Paragould 362 Freshmen Angela J. Rutledge, Batesville April A. Rutledge, Warren Cheri F. Ryles, Paragould Jack D. Sain, West Memphis Connie F. Sample, West Helena Curtis W. Sanders, Harrisburg Jeri C. Sanders, Hayti, Mo. Patricia Sanders, Jonesboro George R. Sansoucy, Jacksonville Christina Santini, Williford Anthony P. Sardone, Silver Spring, Md. Timothy D. Sawyer, Pocahontas Pat D. Schaeffer, Jonesboro Mark L. Schafer, Lonoke Roger D. Schafer, Carlisle Gregory A. Schaper, Waldron Karen E. Schmid, Jonesboro David K. Schneider, Des Peres, Mo. Sharlyn M. Schneider, Omaha, Neb. Janet K. Scholz, Lakeview Elizabeth A. Schumacher, Blytheville Pauline J. Scogin, Jacksonville, Fla. Deniseia G. Scott, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Scott, Jonesboro Ricky J. Scott, Bay Susan E. Scott, Sikeston, Mo. Brad C. Sechrest, West Memphis Francis Seconda, Hammondsport, N.Y. Esther C. Selvidge, Mountain Home Mark F. Senko, Naperville, 1(1. Andrew C. Sermons, Memphis, Tenn. Mark A. Settlemoir, Paragould Scott F. Sevatson, Hardy Denise C. Severe, Brinkley Jackie S. Sexton, Black Rock Kathleen A. Shannon, Harrisburg William E. Shannon, Joiner David E. Sharp, Jonesboro Randall L. Sharp, Jonesboro Randel J. Sharp, Jonesboro Robert L. Sharp, Jonesboro Wendell J. Sharp, Hardy Miriam J. Shatley, Paragould Robert M. Shelden, Blytheville Raye L. Shelton, Corning Billy Shempert, Jonesboro Nancy K. Sheppard, Brookland Wayne E. Sheppard, Brookland Tim E. Sheridan, Jonesboro Ricky A. Sherrill, Old Joe L. C. Shipp, Hickory Ridge Marcus D. Shock, Gideon, Mo. Phillip B. Short, Neelyville, Mo. Natale R. Shumaker, Jonesboro Gail P. Siddell, Mayflower Robert C. Sills, Jonesboro James W. Simington, Pocahontas Freddie Simmons, East St. Louis, I Lisa L. Simms, Paragould Bobby J. Simpkins, Jonesboro Lillie K. Simpson, Newport Marilyn P. Simpson, Jonesboro Marty J. Simpson, Carlisle Rufus W. Simpson, Newport Freshmen Tina C. Sinks, Hermitage Kathleen D. Sisco, Paragould Anthony D. Skinner, Clarendon June M. Slabaugh, Parkin Eddie B. Slayton, Osceola Kevin D. Slayton, Walnut Ridge Byron Small, Senath, Mo. Timmy L. Small, West Memphis Sara A. Srnallwood. Trumann Douglas L. Smiley, Salem Billy D. Smith, Burdette Brad S. Smith, Jonesboro Carta M. Smith, Little Rock Carolyn F. Smith, Parkin Chris A. Smith, Pocahontas Dana M. Smith, Bono David L. Smith, West Helena Gretchen M. Smith, Jonesboro Jacquelyn G. Smith, Burdette Joe G. Smith, Jonesboro John P. Smith, West Memphis Kathy R. Smith, Kennett, Mo. Linda F. Smith, Marianna Lisa C. Smith, Blytheville Mark D. Smith, Gillham Michael A. Smith, West Memphis Michael K. Smith, Rector Monica O. Smith, Little Rock Raylene S. Smith, Jonesboro Reggie C. Smith, Pine Bluff Robin A. Smith, Paragould Ronald L. Smith, Jonesboro Sandra D. Smith, Weiner Sheresa L. Smith, Paragould Susan E. Smith, Jonesboro Timothy J. Smith, Jonesboro Wendell S. Smith, Little Rock William P. Smith, Crossett Doyne R. Smithee, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brad F. Snider, Jonesboro John P. Snodgrass, Jonesboro David J. Snyder, Lake City Marilyn M. Snyder, Jonesboro Jan S. Soerhoff, Piqua, Ohio Patrick G. Sorenson, Little Rock Susan K. Souheaver, Paragould Glen L. Spargo, Cherry Valley Stevie Spears, Augusta James A. Speer, Paragould Cynthia C. Spencer, Paragould Jeb S. Spencer, Fair Oaks Mike H. Spencer, Osceola Sonya Y. Spencer, Paragould Mary E. Spitzer, Maiden, Mo. Tammy A. Spivey, Jonesboro Cristi L. Spurgin, Parkin Aleta F. Spurlock, Jonesboro Amy P. Spurlock, Jonesboro Larry A. Stabbs Jr., Blytheville Elizabeth J. Stafford, Brinkley Trey Stafford, Marked Tree Phillip J. Staggs, North Little Rock Joanna L. Stair, Drasco Kathy A. Stallings, Jonesboro Freshmen Michelle Stephens, Melbourne Linda C. Stephenson, Marianna Deborah K. Stepp, Advance, Mo. Sam S. Stevenson, Marion Shiron D. Stevenson, Earle Alice A. Steward, Forrest City Chris D. Stewart, Jonesboro Rhonda C. Stewart, Little Rock Donald A. Stice, Batesville Cynthia L. Stimach, Jonesboro Kevin W. St. John, Little Rock Melba J. Stockton, Jonesboro William F. Stone, Pine Bluff Sondra S. Stotts, Trumann Cheryl B. Strait, Avoca, N.Y. Kenneth M. Strickland, Jonesboro Steffany B. Stroh, Almyra Brett Stuart, Searcy Sandra S. Stuart, Blytheville Marlon V. Stuckey, Little Rock Jackie K. Studdard, Jonesboro Beth A. Suiter, Jonesboro George G. Sullivan, Walnut Ridge Melissa A. Sullivan, West Memphis Patricia A. Sullivan, West Memphis Vickie A. Sullivan, Maynard Barbara A. Summers, Lepanto Leslie A. Summitt, Cardwell, Mo. Cloyce L. Sutton II, Blytheville Eddie C. Sutton, Blytheville Sharon E. Swindle, Parkin Dave B. Swink, Horseshoe Bend Jot.. C. Sykes, Heber Springs Dannette Tabor, Holly Grove Sharon D. Taeg tmeyer, Wynne Katherine H. Tackett, Stuttgart Connie J. Tanner, Corning Bennetta A. Tart, Woodson Arthur P. Tate, Jonesboro Brenda Tate, Moro Brenda S. Tate, Piggott Julie D. Tate, Paragould Bruce W. Taylor, Jonesboro Byron K. Taylor, Caraway Julie B. Taylor, Jonesboro Nancy S. Taylor, Forrest City Patricia A. Taylor, Jonesboro Sarah D. Taylor, West Helena Scotty Taylor, Paragould Rebecca K. Tedder, Paragould Joel J. Teel, Alicia Tamela R. Tendenny, Little Rock Deborah A. Tennille, Jonesboro Patricia A. Tennille, Jonesboro Ruth A. Terry, Trumann Morris E. Textor, Paragould James L. Thornton, Forrest City Hubie D. Tharp, Joiner Anthony W. Thielemier, Pocahontas John E. Thielemier, Pocahontas Sandra S. Thielemier, Pocahontas Brian L. Thomas, Tuckerman Lisa L. Thomas, Blytheville Virginia A. Thomas, Forrest City 365 ; reshmen Amelia A. Thompson, Earle Arthur B. Thompson, Paragould Cary L. Thompson, Salem Debbie M. Thompson, Rector Jeana R. Thompson, Jonesboro Kirk A. Thompson, North Little Rock Linda K. Thompson, West Helena Michael K. Thompson, Lake City Vanessa Thompson, Hayti, Mo. Betty J. Thoren, Mountain Home Timothy G. Thrasher, Jonesboro Virginia L. Thrasher, Rector Sharron N. Throgmartin, Bono Andrea R. Thrower, Little Rock Michael L. Tibbs, Paragould Jeff L. Tidwell, Lonoke Lorraine M. Tierney, Paragould Lisa A. Tiller, Pine Bluff Steve R. Tilley, Newport Larry W. Timmermann, Jonesboro Gaylene R. Timmens, Bay Kevin D. Tinker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ronald D. Tipmore, Grubbs Rhonda K. Tipton, Hazen Vanessa D. Tipton, Jonesboro Albert F. Tiwer, Pocahontas Michael Todd, Parkin Terry W. Todd, Forrest City Cynthia D. Tomberlin, Weldon Cari L. Tomlinson, Pine Bluff Jeff A. Tomlinson, Batesville James P. Toohey, Mooreland, Okla. Linda D. Touchstone, Jonesboro Kathleen R. Townsley, Jonesboro Jeff K. Traylor, Helena Vickie D. Tribble, Jonesboro Steve Tribett, Paragould Patty A. Troxel, Paragould Thomas K. True, Holcomb, Mo. Steve T. Tucker, Wynne Charles E. Turner, Hughes Dede Turner, Jonesboro Earlene Turner, West Memphis Kathy J. Turner, Newport Leigh A. Turner, Blytheville Linda K. Turner, Marianna Lonnie E. Turner, Mountain View Mark A. Turner, Jonesboro Mary F. Turner, Jonesboro Selita J. Turner, West Memphis Sherry Turner, Moro Linda K. Turney, Jonesboro Patricia A. Turney, Concord Steve D. Tyler, Lepanto Andrea M. Tyner, Paragould Lisa O. Tyner, Paragould Karen D. Uebelein, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Robin Y. Underwood, Harrisburg John J. Linger, St. Louis, Mo. Duronda S. Upchurch, Jonesboro Beverly R. Upton, Marion Mark D. Urban, Newport Thomas J. Uselton, Black Rock Aaron D. Uthoff Jr., Monette 366 Freshmen Derrick M. Valentine, Memphis, Tenn. Carla L. Van Ausdall, Harrisburg Linda E. Vannoy, Corning Dennis E. Van Veckhoven, Pine Bluff Thomas A. Van Veckhoven, Pine Bluff Ron G. Vaughn, Jonesboro Sherry J. Vaughn, Cardwell, Mo. Bruce W. Venable, Jacksonville Carol J. Vernon, West Memphis Jessica N. Vincent, Bay Deibderann P. Vinson, Holly Grove Sheila R. Vives, Pocahontas Gregory A. Voight, Wheatley Kathy A. Vosberg, Jonesboro David E. Waddell, West Memphis Holly C. Waddell, Wynne Kim K. Waddell, Kennett, Mo. Sheila M. Wages, Jonesboro Barbara M. Wagner, Salem Randy A. Wagner, Grubbs Peggy S. Waits, Pine Bluff Michael E. Wakefield, Gibson, Mo. John N. Walden, Jonesboro Brenda K. Walker, Newport Danny R. Walker, Gideon, Mo. David G. Walker, Jonesboro Dwight A. Walker, Memphis, Tenn. Grady S. Walker, Trumann Rosie L. Walker, Blytheville Sandra L. Walker, Jonesboro Susan A. Walker, West Memphis Tommy D. Walker, Jonesboro Pamela J. Wall, Pine Bluff Roberta J. Wallace, Fifty Six Suzy Wallin, Marked Tree Sandra E. Walling, Lepanto Jackie R. Wallis, Newport Susan D. Wallis, Piggott Paula S. Walls, Jonesboro Robert A. Walls, Corning Rosemary Walls, Clarkedale Sharon I. Walton, West Memphis Mike D. Wampler, McCrory Beverly A. Ward, Joiner Rocky L. Warden, Oxford Dwight B. Ware, Neelyville, Mo. Jeffrey C. Warneke, Jonesboro Gary K. Washburn, Brockwell Janet R. Wassick, Port Jefferson, N.Y. Bridgetta E. Watson, Little Rock Bruce M. Watson, Paragould David A. Watson, Pontiac, Mich. Denise D. Watson, Wynne Jane J. Watson, Blytheville Debra D. Watts, Pocahontas Sheila A. Wawak, Little Rock Robin D. Weaver, Jonesboro Ava D. Webb, Bay Carmela J. Webb, Rector Creta C. Webb, Bay Debra A. Webb, Doniphan, Mo. Jeannette L. Webb, Jonesboro Sabra S. Webb, Mount Pleasant Tommy E. Webb, Wilson Freshmen Jayne L. Webster, Newport Shawn M Weems, Jonesboro Robert M. Weinstock, Jonesboro Kathy E. Weisenbach, Maynard Dale Weitkamp, Delaplaine Gregory S. Welch, Paragould Phillip W. Welch, West Ridge Carla R. Wells, Blytheville Cary A. Wells, Osceola Michael R. Wells, Pocahontas William E. Wells, Batesville Sandy K. Wesche, St. Louis, Mo. David E. West, Jonesboro Debbie West, Jonesboro Dale T. Wester, Pocahontas James W. Whaley Jr., Swifton Vanessa F. Wheaton, Jonesboro Adam C. Wheeler, Wheatley Luvell Whirl, Helena Michael E. Whitaker, Pocahontas Belinda J. White, Blytheville Daryl T. White, Augusta Joe D. White, Turrell Michael A. White, Lonoke Larry J. Whited, Hardy Teresa L. Whitehurst, Melbourne Odell Whiteside Jr., Luxora Belinda G. Whitley, Jonesboro Karen J. Whitley, Jacksonville Dennis J. Whitlock, North Little Rock Deborah L. Whitt, Wynne Elizabeth A. Wiggins, Newport Jeanie R. Wilcox, Moko Robert C. Wiles, Jonesboro Linda D. Wiley, Little Rock Adena K. Williams, Corning Ann Williams, Bloomfield, Mo. Bobby L. Williams Jr., Cherry Valley Carol F. Williams, Jonesboro Cedric M. Williams, Little Rock Christopher B. Williams, West Memphis Cynthia A. Williams, Caraway Cynthia N. Williams, West Helena Dawne E. Williams, St. Louis, Mo. Dena L. Williams, Jonesboro Franklin A. Williams, Jackson, Tenn. Greg A. Williams, Jonesboro John B. Williams, Cardwell, Mo. Kimberly A. Williams, Blytheville Kimberly A. Williams, Paragould Linett Williams, Lexa Lori G. 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Williams, Franklin Jerry L. Williams, Chicago, III. Lorie A. Williams, Rison Joan E. Williamson, North Little Rock Jacqueline Winkfield, Crawfordsville Russell W. Woods, McCrory Donna J. Worlow, Jonesboro Kim A. Wright, Blytheville Rickey E. Wright, Paragould Cindy L. Young, Jonesboro Nancy C. Young, Carlisle 379 " Rod, you persuaded me! " Edwin Jaffe, Photographer " Rod will have to find me if he wants to persuade me! " Alice Hedger, Yearbook Coordinator " I knew all along they would get it done — with a little bit of prodding. " Donna Gist, Student Life Editor " I might not be able to write copy, but I am great at laying out. " Cathy Smiley, Class Editor " I don ' t care what you call it, on the class section we call it blotting paper. " Cornelius Mabin, Asst. Student Life Editor " I was the token minority on the 1980 Indian. I was the only male on the editorial staff. " Vivian Phillips, Sports Editor " What do you mean we lost that game! The section has already gone in and I said we won! " Staff Brenda Jones, Greek Editor ' Now you tell me there are two e ' s in Greek! ' Karen Manning, Asst. Editor Organizations " Hey, Rod, get your camera, here comes another organi- zation! " Another deadline is finally over, but this time this is it. It ' s all over and I know a lot of people who are sighing in relief. Me for one. We tried to do some different things with the book and I think we were fairly success- ful. However, that ' s easy to say when you ' re the boss. I had some really fantastic people working on the book this year. The staff wasn ' t the most experienced in the world, but they more than made up for it by learning fast and working hard. I think they did a great job. Poor Cornelius. He had to put up with all of us gir and I ' m afraid we ran him off. He only stayed in schoi the first semester. But the time he was here he was th best. We sorely missed his talent the second half. Donna always kept us smiling with her " unique ideas. Now, if we could only get her to write cop Vivian really outdid herself on the sports section. I lov it! Karen dug up organizations that I never kne existed. We had a record number of groups. BrencJ put togetherthe Greek section and did a good job. Sh really got to know the Greek groups with all the calls fc composites. Cathy is still sane (despite her pictun after doing the class sections. She always had a hel;; ing hand for the rest of us too. The photographers this year were the best since I ' ve been on the staff here. Rod really got them o: ganized (with orwithout his whip). Lisa, John, Gail an Edwin had us all pictures before the deadlines arn always cooperated. We all appreciated their long hou.i in the darkroom. Tom and Alice will never know how much I thar them for understanding and helping. They are profe sional all the way. They never panicked, not even wh : I was still 17 pages short. I also want to thank Jerry Schaeffer, Gina Bowm; and the rest of the Sports Information gang. Not on did they donate pictures and stats, they put up wii another yearbook editor working in their office for tl third straight year. Their patience and encourageme kept me going. Also the Jonesboro Sun again helped us out. Th supplied us with pictures when ours failed to, uh, d velop. A special nod would have to go to my roomies ai neighbors on the circle. They had to listen to the typ writer and a raving editor late at night when a deadlii was close. And finally, I want to dedicate this page to a frier who has begged to have the book dedicated to himst all year. Since I can ' t do that, I ' ll give him this pa though. Everybody told me that being editor would be a I of headaches. They were right. But it was also ve rewarding. And besides, headaches go away. Last year ' s Indian failed to give a photo credit to David Bryant of Jonesboro for the photograph of Sgt. Major Oiler which appeared on page 276. We are indebted to Mr. Bryant. This year we owe thanks to D. K. Schneider and the Jones- boro Sun for photographs. (

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