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Indian '7 6 Arkansas State University Volume 53 Moving through a moment, Hearing the thumping, beating In the mind. Distortions of seconds Filled with colors Jutting, slicing Receptions of the retina Making one wonder What is vision, feeling, hearing Which turns to emotions Causing sensations To surge through the body From inner to outer The body responds To the demanding beckon. Activity Causing revolutions Expanding to trivia. Experiences of co-relation One to another For 'We have only just begun When two roads diverged, Frost took the one less Traveled by. Decisions plague Man's every endeavor Emerging, swooping To wreak vengeance, grief Or to bring happiness Pleasure. I As the haze clears Grasping to feel Tracking to see What lies around The bend in The undergrowthg Man faces another Meeting place Another dispersal point Solitude seems the answer Whether it is discovered In bushes, books or Bathrooms Where graffiti Records a past of Phone numbers and fun. Investigation is initially Provoking, but seldom Successful and Boredom rules supreme. Windblown peaks of Knowledge are nested Upon by birds, Scarred by signs Designed to boost programs which increase Recognition, provide Dimension and attempt to Decrease distance of An uphill climb For acceptance in One's own house as Well as others. Indulging, toiling Striving to success And then for an instant It happens. Chills move slowly Up the spine A rush lingers Dedication pays off In ceremonies, touchdowns grades or even The capture of an Elusive dream or fantasy. x Q is Ja 2 , . . f lf? L 'H " 3! -f ' v. gum . X ' 2 -' K ' P ' . ag L. F. 33 g I1 X-,N , H QQ mf ,g 1 W W 5 , 1 7 'L B f W N 7 . ,V M,-gg, ,, N t My ff 1:-H334 - K '11, - ' 5' f' Q ,THQ 1 ,M Q if .',:" 'O' g 31,11 4' .X wr Q... ' , . v ,J ,O Q fum 8. WA, m "K 4f,' wp.. It 1 ir, x q 4 g 'lv 'j x lynn "Q3f3 is f ' f f-. an ..,, I vm 4 K ,5 I if V 1 Ss 3 f SJ sf cw Q ' , Q L ff if T .15 I ., fa 1 ,ity fi - we X .gif f' At' W4 1' 5 0 K5., . 4 " ag? ff . W g gg A , , . A I' WW T, 'Va I, W B15 Innocence nor ignorance Distill mercy as Sparkling, boiling waters Fight themselves And Man is shoved, Eroded like boulders Which become grains of sand And are worn to oblivion. Observe, however, the sandbar Which eventually recharts A river's course. Beware. Proceed with caution. Void to extreme Mediated by moderation Tradition gives to change Or stagnation results And potential power Remains untapped. Conflicts are resolved With personal 'Keep out' signs. Sharing horizons Or an individual appreciation Amplified without apprehension Togetherness vs. arnputationg Evolving to Division of efforts And a combination Of forces. Relationships lean toward Sexual, spiritual Intellectual. Amid the rubble Making one's way Becomes a crisis At every turn. Remember the words from "Stairway to Heavenw "There are two paths you Can go by, but in the Long run, you still Have time to change Both yoursf' I5 .wa .. v iw ,- f.:f 'az " 1' '5Ti:.?5E.' . i5!"4'h1125 big 3 .5 JN x-X' Xl 1' ,f x 'A REVOLUTIGNS REVELATIUNS Wh0's Who WT rf..sJ fine "Q uw I Iq?x I f sm A-,-ww - ,tiki 'f A-" XNXX gf R3 ,gg E X 5 7 'W Nm- , ligff 1 ,Q M, , :Q I A h fx' . .Q-mag ' fa. V X ,X . Stephen Erwin Jeff Dethrow Q Danny Stewart Perry Boxx Ashley Allen Elder Granger Who's Who I w Bill Townsend Mike Burroughs Linda Brannon Rebecca Morgan i Peggy Keller Terry Boxx Richard Jans Who's Who af' S' Millie Ward Jackie Spence Doug Acklin Paula Fulks Ginger Gist Angie Brewer ey . Q T56 David Willard Who s Who 4, i . was ! . tx .Sl - Ia N n K F 1 +1 Q , , W' ,f ,Q We .SEL it-if i I f. Trent Pierce Kennan Carpenter Janet Schisler Margo Travis 17' " 5 Joyce Parker ,,,,ww4'v"" Conrad Cunningham Marcel Hanzlick Who's Who V s Dean Massey Jerry Cheatom Mike Heflin Debbie Impson Rhonda Lehnherr M, J' KC5. 6 Q9 , Karon Sturdivant ,, s J G, ' f,',,' 52 V? if 1 VA , ,pw 3 , Kathy Watson Who's Who Susan Craig vv' Donna McMiller f fi . , wit? ' Q cl Tim Brown Sharon Fallis bww , Faye Cromwell kniuod 44. 1,55 ' fl gf,-',f, . ' 4 4 M "3'H'z f 4'-if f 599' ff, 44? LV hi Mir,-lf. Nancy Clemons 4 w, ,, 13 if I Rodney Dobbs I l 1455 ,L eff ,rj Q n f' Z' Wg: "- -wm- W l Dorm Life wx T ,l . Surrounded by four Walls And worldly possessions, Is isn't home. Perspective defines Qualities of inhabitation As survival dominates and Temptation hinders. Many hours Spent contemplating Sad or happy glances, Which become boring, Turning hypotension To hypertension and Nerfing in hallways. SR 9: l'S?1?' fl? Sm.-1 1 -2 -, ,V -- W--W uw N .. nf.. A-mr wma, ,any riff N' 'ig-Q? Sfim 5 1 1 1 ni fini: -4'6" I ' www ,,t,f., 1 3 ,f S is . - -M Ng. 1. ' my X 'ff Q T' 15552111 , . I ' 1:2215 f K' fi siliii A ff,.'t' " Y' . x melbi: Hgjx M 5- A' X n m , N. -. 5 SEI' if! 3 -35 1 3253 f"f?f?4! wx ,I-sa M ls!! iiwiw 335231 rin nz, Q QTCEM 'W X WTM E 'Iii .M I , , WM-.m1wm.., V'W ,1 n ,',' l i Filfwfilrx 13 ig G four, 1 L. ' lr My I YV , 1 'lf .limi g I WJ Tl i f 4 f 1, ,, ' 2 v 1 Convenience discriminates In ASU's dorms. Nature may call From down the hall. Classes are closer For some than others. Privacy, No Way. M, ,....m.s,.y.....w-.S-rr s K rwvmffqii L Hassles abound But companionship, Late night munchies, All nighters, Unexpected trips To commode hug After partiesg May never slip Into oblivion. - ""'?5'f 4 L f ,..,4,Z ,,,, A ZZ! 5 if f ,ff Off Campus f E P P 5 I I Making it On your Own, Having pets, A place to Call "Home" Moving for economy, Rushing to and fro, But no intervisitation With rules. 1 219 Whether shopping or Eating out or Just sitting home Sick, off campus Entertainment varies From playing cards Backwards?, to Pinball Strange bedfellows TV, studies and Conversation All mingle to Make living Away from campus More enjoyable. Rent is a downer. f W x if w 1, ,V " "' f 'Q-1-'sk ,pub-xi! 3 f J A ' I M, ,,f,mZ,v ' W ww tw' mf W-fi' ,.4 w,tffQ "G' V gg,-E f 1 f mi , . 7,355 SGA Presents if Q s Xu.. s M wr ..,. df XX X x E K :LK I 'si' ' W ...- U xx Xwxkxsxv 2 . in . . X i ' K ""' ' 'f 'F Q Q X h " ' ' J s, N Q , 'Ig .. A is rn rx . ' , 4 'X f A 5 , 1' . i n 2 1 XXXK5 L WX i lk' . X 2 is i .WWA g,,., i Q - In K Q ' ,5, ,. X QR Yx , - K N , -' V fv- Y Qx X 4 x Q H . A Q f - -N ' L -s WX 5 ' , 1 y it L J Rx K . , x J 1 JI ','. t Us W 3. Q X .' ff ,A A A ! 4l??'ix 1, ' 9 3.1 ' f S we w - ' A L " h 1 +x "' 'X 'soul' X .wha X x ii? K. - k x Y X.. g, ' x Traces of light Flash through memories As Chapin tells "WOLD" stories Ballads of time Blasted by burning guitar Nugent lights the spark. As things cool down, Some built a stage With off-stage acts. Y I yu ng 5,12 r 5 , f W Fw U, v -l'.,L gli 910 " iw swans ind QQ Q. S? ii A its, ws y ' Q. -1 55, sv if! 3? 542, -' i ,. i' -? 5 at A,,,fkv -f - ., ,, Q V Q QR 'Y' ly 'Z'v': Ls f gp v.. Ol. it 1, -, E Q . Q N if ti 'wg ll l www. pw ll ll I I 1' f -,f 'uf K g ,,, -' . . . .- 0 5 m , g ' ' ' ' ' mere: I 'L 'gg' x Q 'ws KT I X ' s I r, X". , .L 1. 1' if 'inf ',,Z' k.' H .A 5 , L l ui f-'y LQ. -QQ ff an 2553 - - gk, 1,11 ... V . B . . , ,K E: A H L,,f'l, 3, . N Q iz H' Observers become Participants by Standing, requesting. Make a Wish Is how Tom Chapin Would phrase it. M0 in cj 4 51 Manilow, Pure Prairie League, Charlie Daniels, Harry Chapin, Rare Earth, Nugent, Amazing Rhythm Aces And side shows. Time to clap and Move along. X wk , 54 l Gregory Heads List Of Lecture Concerts I1 Secret Service, Police Bring Watchful Eyes With Candidates Udall Visits ASU Campus During Campaign EE X? 'WMM "' if ., . I Big Brothers Return For Bentsen Visit lalll Y nxamm gm Texas Millionaire For 1976 Seeks Democratic ii' Presidential Nomination Homecoming '75-Enthusiastic! 1-L1-.J ' 1-"Q-34-' 'ww A U Beauties: Paula Roach Miss Arkansas -4-uf-. 5 2 E22 Q al 5 ii? Wg W, ' S . as wgggqm ,M iff: D m W J' ff X ifiye iff .ia L Vg, 1 T1 'v:f5f:fwifl'f .V Q.-f M - X, ss? S .,x:Zy,nwl sf Q Q we im, 1 l'S95E,T:l Y 11 2- new ' 1723115211 . qi Wm W qffsif.. siffgcvig. ,, jiiwieij? 4 -HQ,f:m7 A' . .-k:g.,uL,Sis5 iz 2 T SEQM ' K -1 Wg., ' iw ,M X X lf- g A Q fi-371, .. ,W iv 'QM ,cp me fi , f vw Cecilia William Miss Ebony Queen ge ff, IA wu- ., 83 ,el Ke si , S K isa 32'fiSinQ13k .Rim I5 24 l5i3"?'f5i ., i,,, U lm gg, . ww fm,,,Rsww -,s,i ,-M335 Sharon Findley Miss Jonesboro Rene Scaife Homecoming Queen Cheerleaders Launch Spirit For Undefeated Team Q :Noam MALL. Q A , f f f I 54 ,M A www 'MW' M, if M 7 , , f, , .Y f we ' ,QM 1 uw ' . ,ff ,M Q J , j ' " , ' , ' ,, - ,Mg , g -W ,1'W'-'ff T , , , A. K. 7 -. , 5 , may wffiww' IZIJW' qkj'Z"Z flksfffwffgl' 40 ' D1 Lima uv' Mi, W W A A K A ,,, v 'Q' Y 'B"f"?K5iffW,4,,:?ff, V H I if I " 1' wi ar-3Aiv"W9f-ma f 'wk 74 , 4, , , f 4 I, L , pi, ' Www' W"' , f' W mf ,1 Yr , 1635 f 4 , S 'mfg '37 in-,J 9 H ff, 'Q-.,-, , A Y, + , , Mmm, ,N W, LQ' W WMM' ,w,:z.1f4ffrf4?1',.e' 1' wifi Vw"p2f2' W 5' v7 WY " k Lili ' ,M 3' . .-52 5- ik 'NNE f? 'S if ' 1' 'r- its V216 C2 Nw W v Q A xx . Lf-- wr Wfxkbgq 'iw i, fwffw 4 fs X 7' -. Gal ,V '-Q.-.vvf 'v x.'.1,xQN44Q .' 'B' -ta fir, gg J.-1' 2, - . ig ' ' 5 K .Q g 4.Q', A ' ' 4 .NV .' ' w, 1 1 K 31 .- - . I i-' 1,136 ,X u .4 . '-55: 5 . , . A' ii f f .,', T' .... f. . A- .m W 1 .5 f :, ' :H 5 'J Y - J. Qi g i , f : w 'f Q. , ,V ' .g - z ' - ' 'T Aa- w .. . . .'. 1 . ' . , s N9 Nx , - " v :L ,- Q . . 5 V Q S J v 5 x v . , n Xa M l 0 ,Q -Q x.-. . K NXT, ..,,......., , , 1 ,K Nu , , 1' ' A ff", .ff fl ,xi- FA, 'sf I 4, ' M' 's W Y - zz .K M M5Q4?K .. gf, : -,. gm? ,N , . .Alu X Q 1 Q I A-' - ' . I 4' , b 11 , 555' "'311L' 1' fgg 3 ' ' ,eggs I wi' 21515 i -iw Pfi,-fF:31'2. 'Sigur 5- .2551 A A ii' , ' A 51 . if 'xii 2. h k - '1f,?9i Y X 2' ' 'E 1 . HU K gkz gff ,.' fx X.L, .5 K 6 -fi .zxlffggg Xxx X . 'is' -14313,--givliieg K , ,' :S S '25 Qfix, Q A L Z I, L A f -' k ' 1 '56 X- A ,ly Q X 3' -,pg 'N 'V' f: 'siwfl ' ' X Q33 fy' ' I Y ' , Y' .A wifi f"'?3,f X S ggi" . - ivy y3'Q'yrssxJvivxy5iz3 gg: 557, !.f'?a5fj.,jf,'. uv-efv"nvq:ur?'n 'Rig-xg Ff!'f"'!' !'J'V:T 'f -ivgi'l"0'vJf'-vhrifs ..ff ""'? 13 1 gs ff! if!! lf!-5 FFL 'ff 5,55-,,, Ai , , V F , M . .,,m,,.v K t N Y X 1 Q rv , 4' X 99212-tw, Cyclist Eyes Variety Of Changes Around Campus New things seem to crop up at ASU regularly. Riding a cycle through campus, one can survey the changes. New greenhouses, P.E. buildings, renovated nur- sing buildings, pavilions, tracks and libraries take time to come about. They seem to come quickly, however. Even the insides of structures have taken on a new light. The Reng Center is an example. Students can now take a break and eat pizza. The center also stays open a little later than last year. as " 'f5LL:,,-r Qs. 1 A w . . iff, , 3: ,, fp. f . A- it - 5 . -:1 . r 'vza-an-t.sfQ4fw,l In mass, , .fra fs huh- F ,, i 74 T 75 Acklin Wins Presidency In Run-off By Nineteen 'X W Y TIP, Fiftli shift- -if 43' ,fjf 'gqfkk i IfH,',f?' +31 ,A 11' :igfg M3331 A ? K we F F nw - LMP, 5 wmffjsf ww, f M fp 'F 'Hz '32 .1 ,: ,,f at-L.. H Q,,M,, X ,Q si 53272 L f Qff- .. ' iiyggfw 3.-4' bf H HENATURS UPPER !..E'.VEL. BUBBY IIUIJINIS RICHARD JARS SUE WATERS LUWEQR i.EVE.L VAR!! UB VP. 2nu1V.P. JERRY WBBIE ILLIAMH SMYTH MUSE Gl.ll1ElWEl.l. KAY HINNER B08 STILL R S Wayne Howard Loses, But USA Controls Student Senate Lambert, ASU Generates Third-party Slant Into SGA Elections as a--1 :D 3' 'JT' f-- -'P CNA S 7g 0 U' 1 4 U3 Stle SC 0 D 5 ECI? sw 3. Z 0 I ' I :J 3 S' ' S U3 3- 4+ RJ ' cn K O ,L 2.7. S . , A 1- b Awe , ' . ffl ,ffl . 1 WA Q. Qi-j '-A '-wg-.x., . 3 P, fy-Nz, N 2 AA'.' W 3 .- ' S Xp' X16 N I 37 W ,2 A , X 'QV my X V xj XP Getting in the spirits Trying to conquer work and party Letting loose Getting down. Struggling to free the mind Becomes a matter of time And effort. Being partied out Comes in four stagesg Getting in the spirits, Feeling good to great, Feeling no pain and Taking it on home. 'X iff? an IN. EM , S . P E XJ 5 :Qs - sf f Feeling Good To Great we gs y! x wx gf- X 355354 fx? .N Q Even In Class, Feeling No Pain "sg,-.r X, n . .P Q if af? S S Si Q SSS S Then It,s Time To Be ix,-W-. Wwg-,9 -rfb .. Q - , -, -Mk-Q, .1 F . K? ,-- K Q A ,. , . vi? . se bass?-. k . Nw: E. ' Taking It On Home K W A' -Qu fx .Q s .sl ,V Q i SK E :Ni I gif ve S gm f X., 3, H+- Q. in Q 3' ,, gg,- Qb A-ar 'Sr . L . .4 5 X. ar - P ., J -- ,nsf F V, 5 .,f K ,Q ,fy wk My V x. ig A -- 1 -M,v. - f JA--fy 5, ,,f- '- if Q .,,,,. W - V 7- l 4' 2 ' ,f J V ' MH- 'Q""f-wg Q. Q . - . S .EFF ' f .g,,,, I M 75 5 .U 4 if if kt A, W ' -.S+ .HF g gs' V X is K X V ., 4. V. . , Q3 'K s Af s 1. 4 in ix , kd A -iw' . f ,B Q-O' ,fs PQI S 'M A ,.L W M vt jg I V I . 1' if 1 .. 1 V2 "Q f + 35' 1? W t 1- 4 1 A X , V ,A il 1' f Q' . Q k .kkhh X Q wa QW ! ye' if , V429 , Ky . Xvkk X ,QQ . ,N iv K. , 'NL f -.5 .'? 5AL, .lf ,gw,W'3b7 ,ff Racking out Under a tree, Basking in the Heat of the sun, Contemplating life, Looking for something, Anything. Moving into the Unforgetable Summer Of '75. . . . Spring and Summer .Fa11. . Elation, Scoring a TD, Returning to class, Sitting alone In geometrical structures. Concretes, shattered by Abstract thoughts. A time of change A time to begin rest. ,, .fm 14 W4 .ff W , U av an af "' W tm. V5 c KJ 3 do lim 1, on 6 6 MQ, , W .WW ,Z w 'z A , , A, , 08 f , , MM.. V 134 K3 Q ww M, , Q " ,, ,x ,,W-,, ,, ,, ,, ,, WMM, AV, . W, W, M , A ,WW , A M H . , , ., . ,, ,m4,WW'qww ww f Q1 W f f 4' f H , , 'M , F ,M 4 ,W,,,,,,,,,,. M ,WA ,, , M A MLA-W I nw, W, W g Sl 4 Winter . . . spent waiting on Spring .W . V - 'Nw 'V . wg, ,L 7,55 f.,, 3: ,.,, ..Vk z jf. Q2 f1g,fi1f35gfvHfxQif5.gf1:v1ei, . , .V .kk, . ,kk, ,Q fL,, :wk V- , V. ,W W., ,wwfffifuft wif a if .F gan 'f W W5 -f Q 5? Ns, lst, qw ,d hfv .gyfff ML X ,J -W4 ,Q N 1 if Q, rv , - YW .gg Q ,gg -QLRN u KS HERE Library Provides Resource Materialsg Museum Officials Await Space Increase , xfww- kv S T' Record Number '7,209, Hassle Through Registration x S Q F, ,w,.,.,f,. UVM .,L , if 3? W A W .,. . i S: ,Maw Q 4 EAP! X , Q, A if I W C X LhL Q 2 il Ya vb 5 L fff -K 'X an Q ff 2 g 3 jf M X uf si , ff 5' fw, V, Q, c"29f-'Q Jw-SX Ak? ' ,,,' 'M 5? ,. Y Qf lift iff 1 ff 3 I if A J . L vig! f' M ' A f A, if 5 4 ,wi44U4"T5'l"f4 Qi X 2 'Vhnf ,ll , Mai' z I 1 ,l M '5H'35 5 1 I l The Final Frontier Fine Arts Productions . . . Amahl And The Night Visitors Cast of Characters Amahl: Nancy Lindsey, Elaine Montgomery Amahl's Mother: Susanne Todd, Yvonne Wade The Page: Will Emerson, Randy Kellems, David Niederbrach King Melchior: Ray Morris King Kaspar: Will Emerson, Randy Kellems, David Niederbrach King Balthazar: Wincle Sterling 102 Dracula Cast of Characters Miss Wells: Cheri Pearson Jonathan Harker: Nathan Lewis Dr. Seward: Michael T. Thornton Abraham Van Helsing: Mike Smith R. M. Renfield: Rodger Bumpass Butterworth: James Lipscomb Lucy Seward: Ann Pettengell Count Dracula: Phil Smith Mina: Mary E. Walker Indians 1 Buffalo Bill: Rodger Bumpass Sitting Bull: Michael Thornton Senator Lagan: Tommy Neblett Senator Dawes: Gary Halfacre Senator Morgan: David McDonald John Gruss: Nathan Lewis Chief Joseph: Mike Smith Spotted Tail: Molly Hickox Grand Duke Alesix: Bobby Simpson Interpreter: Sam Urton Ned Buntline: Richie L. Nelms Geronimo: Tim Hampton White House Usher: Jim Hunt Ol' Time President: Jim Covington First Lady: Mary Foust Wild Bill Hickox: Stephen Taylor Teskanjavila: Lauri Partlow Uncas: Bobby Simpson Jesse James: Sam Urton Jessels Girl: Lauri Partlow Colonel Forsyth: Bobby Simpson Lieutenant: Jim Hunt Reporters: Sam Urton, Jonna Cook, Mary Foust Little Fawn: Candy Hogue Yellow Woman: Janet Newberry Little Crow: Cecilia Williams Indians: Ann Pettengell, Rebecca Carter, Mary Walker, Donna James, Teena Cole, Rita Cox, Robbie Metcalf, Resa Welch. Soldiers: Jim Hunt and Carol Chester ix 'T Q, r A ff A ,., ,MW P f ,,..,-q""'k ff nv""' 'I if 'Q 552 Wqf fx 2 Nat Miller: Mike Smith Essie: Mary Jameson Arthur: Morgan Rainwater Richard: Nathan Lewis Mildred: Candy Hogue, Mary Walker Laura: Laura Huckabee Sid Davis: Gary Halfacre Lilly Miller: Janet Newberry David McComber: Michael T. Thornton Muriel McComber: Terry Daniel Wint Selby: Donald Dabney Belle: Lauri Partlow, Gail Schell Nora: Mary Ann Hughes Bartender: Carol Chester Salesman: Sam Turpin wg X Xx K xxx. ,K7 f X . . a source of diversion Earl Bell Only a sophomore, Bell has enjoyed the success of setting both the indoor 118-OMB and outdoor C18-ll NCAA records in the pole vault while at ASU. He also set the outdoor record at the National USTFF Championships Q17-81, and es- tablished five other Meet and Stadium records. Bell took first place in 14 major collegiate meets last year, including the Pan American Games, Southland Conference and the Meet Of Champions. He participated in several post- season meets, which included the Canadian Nationals, Pan Am Games and the World University Games in Rome. He started off the '76 indoor season by win- ning the Millrose Games C17-61. JZ? .zzzzf L. AA1n gnu MA-vt .4 Ed Preston: Another Potential Medalist As a freshman, Preston gained world-wide attention as one of America's premier sprinters. In January, 176, Preston came within one- tenth of a second of the world record in the 60- yard dash with a 5.9 clocking at the Southern USTFF Championships. Preston attracted national honors when he represented the U.S. last summer on the AAU team on the European Tour, taking five in- dividual firsts. He was voted the team's Most Valuable Sprinter. He set four state records last yearg the 100- yard dash 19.41 and 100-meter 110.2J, and the 220-yard-dash 120.73 and 200-meter 120.51 Cross Country Team Improving, Future Bright The ASU cross country team finished stronger than expected in 1975, and as things stand, they are in better shape for the upcoming season. With only one graduating off this year's team, the distance runners will be looking forward to a formidable '76 season. Darrell Burris, a junior, is the top man on the team. This year Burris placed first in nine meets and placed se- cond in four others. He qualified for the National but did not go. Mark Dorsey, a freshman, and David Hoover, a sophomore, will add additional strength to next year's team. Track Team Keeps Improving 1... ,,,V ,, 11 nie, .L Lf F31 . . N56 WWE Baseball Team Finishes 17-19 After getting off to a good start, the ASU Indian baseball team fell victim to the rain. Seventeen games in a row were post- poned and the Tribe couldn't regain its momentum after the school record was set for rainouts. The final record for the ASU team was 17-19 and the total number of rainouts was 22. John Davis, third baseman, was the leading hitter for the Tribe. Davis returned for the 1976 season. The Tribe finished fourth in the con- ference. l 'UAF- Q-NW gill! x. X' im 'wi If X, 1 fff 5 I iff' I. 1 5 ,t .M ,ummm .h 2 K , ,Jw gay . A 0 ,-k,1, .,-QW: ts 2 ,,- -41. , - ix , m ,,.,,i.,,1m...f,, f - x Q -5- ..y,, 'WX ..,: "' 'L Y P' f , :A ' " 1 'Q' 7--fwfr., '.',g,,L,fg,.f2-may if'-'ff ' - N' ' AIX:":!-Q Q K AVR' -.Hifi -Sifmrhlili-9537 3435: I-91,3 i'f'35:5"4 "'i'x51l if-'W .. fUvwgM.f --W",Sm:?f'iQQW"k' .ff-" . X ,K Q ,Q A .w-Q, ' I ,A v,:,.,f 3 Q ffm f 'g..,-ixxjr .. .X S -- -,gg A ' - rssgxgqf gwiwi . Q4 - , 4' 0. xrigyijg 1 kv 5121 fp ,Q Q53 Sf 31:95-5 ,,,,x:,5z,f 1f5,p1m.,.g5:ggf.4 .,. ,-fa A MF Q kkliffff 'f+?'i'5'W I A-5!!El'A"r is-ff:"'5'?"Z -siTJ'1..g -t7fi:'52T2X' A 3... . - .S W' '- 1- V 4- rf vi Wai, - :inf fj"s1x , V .gwvfm - ,. . ig - M ' , ' W Y- HWS-3 X -mi 4 'SF 2 -ns fs, ,, wsfgxiwki . ' fig QQAQQ ' . , I g Q-5 ,xxjf - SX, - . , . ,, -V ,Ag . ' Q r ff bf ffl' , fls M -A sp ' ' 5 'ff - .. . wr- .... m K - ' ,W at ' M. ll7 ASU Gymnasts Show Style Golf Te 120 ,Ai nv K .ns ls X X I M , Q 4 , , 5 A l vi V ff L, i W i l W 451 Q if . -ffm ' 4, ' , LW, , A if g 0 ,. , h 1 -' s ,V Q A , , J, my 2 . 'v , fi 4 1' -" ' ff- X I 1 'e-an i t . ff K ,, ., .,,. W ,,asq,,,,,w , V , MM gf V. .:.. f,.'f "L-eww" ' " ' "-"lf ' f. ,Q f' nm, V,,tri fiLMqg?,+,?,q?Q.,mggf,anoi5i5,,pvii,-S-5, . V My as 3 ,- Q am Finishes Last The ASU golf team finished the 1975 season with an impressive 7-2 record in dual matches and was 10th in the Crossroads of America Tournament, but, as it happened the year before, placed 6th in the SLC. Still it was a good year. Phil Parker, a sophomore, and David Dees, a sophomore, were the top two golfers on the team. 4 J.,-rss. av K ,Q U . "K K was V i 'fm-.A 1 f 'kv' iw 1:-f -,Q is rf W' in """ -in vw. Ll!-9 li.- .Xx- Netters Complete Finest Year ASU's tennis team finished the season with a 16-9 record, the most victories in one year since ASU began fielding a team. The Tribe finished 4th in the SLC spring meet. The teams' top three seeded players all finished with 14-11 records. Jones, Lisko Voted All-American f Above: Ken Jones, Concensus All-Americang lst team- Football Writers Association, Time Magazine, Sporting News, Third Team-Associated Press, All SLCg East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, Upper Right: David Hines, All-SLC, SLC Offensive MVP, Lower Left, Jerry Muckensturm, All-SLC, SLC Defensive MVP, Lower Right, Jimmy Lisko, All-SLC, 2nd Team AP All- American, All-American Bowl. 122 Indians Dominate All-SLC Team "ww ,nag 3,-gr"N QQ: Robert Speer-DE Mike Malham-MLB lst Team All-SLC lst Team All-SLC Dick Dixon-DT Eddie Morgan-DT lst Team All-SLC lst Team All-SLC Indians Place Thirteen On All-SLC Team ' xi. ik , nni T Dennis Bolden-HB Leroy Harris-FB AP Hon. Mention lst Team All-SLC lst Team All-SLC 09 T. J. Humphreys-OG Lloyd Walls-DHB lst Team ALL-SLC lst Team All-SLC Dan Mullen-P lst Team All-SLC v A Southland Conference Champions 1975 Arkansas State University's Unbeaten-Untied- Unranked-Uninvited football team not only beat people in '75 but in most cases, humiliated them. Teams like Memphis State and Cincinnati, who were supposed to easily handle the Indians, were, to say the least, surprised when it was all over. The other major threat, defending SLC Champions Louisiana Tech, admittedly knew what happened to them after a 30-13 stomping. Arkansas State pleasantly surprised a lot of fans all through the season. Towards the season's end everybody knew the Indians were for real. ASU was recognized nationally barely, to say the most, but many people did turn into believers. ASU should be better known in 1976. Statistically, ASU won the NCAA rushing offense crown with a 340.5 yards per game average. With Ken Jones bolstering the offensive line and backs the likes of Leroy Harris, David Hines, and Dennis Bolden, who could go wrong. Defensively, ASU surpassed many in its first year as a major college team, finishing high nationally on NCAA charts for rushing defense and other categories. What else can you say. It was indeed a great year for ASU football. f Head Coach Bill Davidson SLC Coach of Year Indians Smash First 3 Opponents At the time, nobody knew it, but the opening game of the season for the Indians was just a sample of what was to come, us- ing a 42-0 shellacking of Northwest Louisiana as the initial example of future exploits. David Hines led the Indian offensive at- tack with a four touchdown spree and directed the offense to 487 yards. After a fumble-filled first half against Idaho in the second game, the Tribe bounced back in the second half to score 14 points and win 23-6. A 53-yard scoring jaunt by Hines broke the game open. Jimmy Lisko led the defensive stand with two blocked punts. In the SLC opener, Dennis Bolden broke an ASU record with 259 yards rushing. The Tribe won 24-7 over McNeese with the help of Dick Dixon's efforts in a goal-line stand. Arkansas State 29 Memphis State 10 Boasting a 3-0 overall record, ASU preceded to take on the biggest challenge of the season, the Memphis State Tigers, and at the game's end, the Indians, with both offense and defense, had turned the Tigers into Pussycats, whipping them, 29-10. The Indians created the big plays on offense and Memphis State found its own offense burdened down by an overpowering ASU defense. The Tribe took a commanding 10-0 lead into the locker room at halftime, scoring on a 32-yard field goal by Dan Mullen and startling the Tigers for the second score when sub-quarterback Randy Reed was in- serted as a halfback and delivered a pass to quarterback David Hines in the end zone. Roy Painter intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown to ice the game for the Indians, and send them on their way to the "big timef, Indians Thrash USLg Nip Cincinnati It took three quarters for the Indians to come onto the field against the University of Southwestern Louisiana, or so it seemed, but when they did arrive, they made their presence known. The first half was a nightmare for ASU. The offense couldn't get generating and the defense was getting generated on by the tough Cajuns. But in the second halfJimmy Lisko blocked a punt for a safety and that was all the Indians needed. A touchdown soon followed and the Tribe was on its way to a 39-17 win. The Indians hit the road next to take on Cincinnati, their second tough, major college foe. The predicted defensive battle was just that, but ASU out-defensed the Bearcats on a cold and rainy night to win, 14-9. sis, as l 1 X 131 ...asf -5385.5--v wif' - nf ,,, ,-,.,,. 1, .ka af . 1 A r in K -4-,JN I. ,M Ky 1-f ' , W .41 1' 5 ,. , pawn iA:,.Qf- A.. Abu It Tells The Offense. . The Story. . . The Defense. . . David Hines, who had a slight injury entering the Lamar game and who didn't start, had to come off the bench to spark the Indians to a 17-0 victory over the Cardinals. Hines scored on a one-yard run after Steve Stinnet blocked a punt and Sylvester Loving picked it up. Dennis Bolden scored on a 39-yard jaunt on an option from Hines and Bobby Watson added a 26-yard field goal for ASU's scoring. The Indian defense shut out the Univer- sity of Tennessee-Chattanooga and the offense rolled up 300 yards and 48 points. Jimmy Lisko blocked his sixth punt of the year to add to his record. "We Tried". . .SIU, UTA Arkansas State earned possession of the NCAA's longest winning streak in the na- tion in Little Rock when they beat a stub- born Southern Illinois Salukis team, 35-12. ASU, behind the running of Dennis Bolden and Leroy Harris, scored three times in the third quarter to put the game away. The Tribe extended its, winning streak to 13 games in a 54-7 massacre of UT- Arlington in preparation for the SLC show- down with Louisiana Tech. Indians Win "Ruston Bowl," Become SLC Champions It all boiled down to one game, the "Ruston Bowl," where the Tribe was to pit its strength against defending SLC Champion Louisiana Tech. Tech had an explosive offensive unit, but ASU countered with a devastating defense. The Bulldogs were known for scoring through the air, while ASU's secondary was known for not allowing a score by pass. Tech hadn't had a punt blocked all season. The Indians had blocked 11. It appeared to be the showdown of all showdowns. lt appeared that way. But it wasn't. ASU chewed up the Bulldogs, 30-13. The offense rolled up 376 yards rushing. The defense 'allowed' Tech minus seven yards rushing, and forced five turnovers, including a blocked punt. ,nun Q-5. Fa .S S ,ff . inf' P -'ff I !....,, ' . X '5- .. 'F 'fm " s ,v u - X b ,, ,WPI 1 ER :Kg 1 ji x A J? fziix X ,l ii A O Q an if 5' uw' xv, 'N -Y I' 1 Q f TL hw mi xv 5 x .N I iw 'HQ . -X , WL m, Nix N .L 1- A X. l ,X Q NQQL x : ff f' K fy 1 I " 'F K eu. ,C nw.. ww 5 Num. A -Q Coaches Provide Information, Teach Skills i 'Qi iii! ' 5:-1... eissfgsfgle. , hm Whitman With Provided Information, ASU Takes SLC 2 J i Tribe Suffers Disappointing Season ASU 72 Georgia Southern 76 Pan American 94 Southeast Missouri 75 Tennessee Tech 65 Vanderbilt 88 Hardin-Simmons 93 Northeast La. 83 Southern Miss. 75 Tennessee Tech. 66 Tennessee-Martin 65 Northeast La. 86 Pan American 85 McNeese State Opp. 65 107 63 74 81 73 90 87 86 81 86 72 110 ASU Opp Louisiana Tech Texas-Arlington Lamar Southwestern La. Louisiana Tech McNeese State Southeast Missouri Texas-Arlington Lamar Southwestern La. Georgia Southern Stetson Rose: Moods Tell The Story 1. 'hx ., .,,f 'J , lw, if QQ N 5 4' A Q' E f x if V 'I"' K i I X 1 1: W -'Y1- zl' 45" if Y L J,,, -L ,g.V,,,. . I 1, mi K K, 1 lbs . ,kk 2 7? 'N i A 1 X 1 wQ0 www 'mwutf M, A: :xl if.. , N I 'div 11' A ' Q'-A AQVYSQ 21313 wwf- af x 2 V M az f . 5 ,E , J, Sufi 's ggi Tribe Falters At Seasons End 5 ,.,"1 I Qx 5' fi QTQWY 'N ., 'Ulf' A 5 . ' 5--w-'H""' - ' , X M Q 1 5 i-,glulufw-ww-M I ,F 'L 'N ,sn-. r....... if Kachina Dancers Provide Entertainment Tomahawks Come Of Ageg Second In State ASU 46 Arkansas Tech 65 UA-Pine Bluff 51 Memphis State 56 Miss. Co. All-Stars 65 UA-Monticello 67 Henderson State 87 Arkansas College 82 Arkansas College 48 UA-Pine Bluff 80 ASU-Beebe 66 Miss. Co. All-Stars 53 Southern State Opp. 47 19 108 46 74 65 72 65 43 74 43 59 V l l ASU Opp. 77 UA-Little Rock 32 64 UA-Monticello 53 56 Ark. Brokerage 49 90 UA-Little Rock 39 52 Henderson State 62 80 Arkansas Tech 68 62 UA-Little Rock' 36 75 Henderson State' 59 62 Southern State' 64 76 UA-Monticello' 68 47 Southern State' 59 'Played during AWISA State Tournament at UA-Monticello Tommies End With 16-7 Record 9 IJ! thus! ll Volleyball, Tennis Begun Womenls volleyball and tennis went through their first seasons. Last spring's tennis team finished with a 2-6 record, a respectable beginning from which to launch this year's season. Although this fall was the first schedule for the volleyball team, an outstanding record of 25-6 was ac- complished against a very respectable slate of opponents. The team finished 3rd in the state AWISA tournament. ,,,Mn.,, - - 7- f ----W 152 L ' f- 2 5,35 U- ag, " Barber Directs Intramural Program I 154 Event Football Tennis Swimming Volleyball Bowling Table Tennis 197 5 Fall Results Fraternity Winner Lambda Chi TKE TKE TKE Lambda Chi TKE i Independent Winner SMC BSU Indian Hall Indian Hall SEMO BSU Sorority Winner Kappa Delta Zeta Tau Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Delta Alpha Gamma Delta -syn Q www we 1? S? I vm. 1' eff? wwf -Mazza, ,M H 2 U Hemi? U55 "5lf'5'49i H M5 H In gQ:EE3v1ffn :iw21e?'e'is:2,2 - V .fe , Q , 4 S ::+'4:- '-s 1 ff ,'fu?2ifM1f,'.:.fsisiftiwfqif , ,. . , -if of vu I fs .. f.. . .. -Y 'few so W 1' H Q 'Qfiififggvziilsiigrefyfffkv-S'Q29e12wwsaf4fzfw ,V Q x ,. g ,nie 21 M, '1 i'ffe1wz3Qwe .C ,- it , eww-fr fr 4, of g i, fair 152 , af-wfgevyfygtefh. ,,,y-tw? - QL- A ' L' "Wg,ffazPh?f:ftsS3Sl'?ig241 1 ala' . ,,,, ., . 1.lXR 335?E35,jfy5f,9gn5lf3q?igQvr1Q:MQ3gQ53f?gr1Q-q,f,,mffA5' 'vi HTJLJ',egg.3,gwE5Z5xl Mg 2 WW ,s,:fi5s!i,gia11,i'1S"I ' , 5 of X .xfiw ,QW .. in N1f'iQ .,...i. ' . -',--.M g 6 " 'mfg rw .-.,,f:f,vf', ,J , -. J - " ... - ,,.,,, . K A ,W n .MH W, ' " -Vg.,,..s-ff-Q-"g..:'1A . W' "I'Yuv-.-V- ,M f'-fm"'f PM .ff vs , , K, ,,,,,....6. , -M 3.,,,,H -5,4" ly., -5 in Mg., ,Mi X .N f' .,-Q, ' ,, y--asm "WT 1' 3? ,--1f'5f".xz,. f- ... -Mi "JL: . .U - -M W M W ' -ggme ,., .W A ., ,Q V wr--' ,W '.N - W M A , , A WJ x IA. 43' A., 419'-"."5"', A ,, ,,-":.x - ,Am U . ...Z ru: 7.3':' , - ' fs A 4: 'fer- ""bZ,4 ,Ag at inf- A . - 'V' fig -' M- ,, ... Vg,- A:-11+ l i l 1 , ,.4-N.fwmm-lf- 'V ,- M i 2 wg!!-,,,,,i,v--' X 'K-M i 1 Q l-l i o i 4 , ' ' V Q An- 5 , ff"2" x X " 'W li l l I , l b,-,,-i,M-fws N 1 " 3 2 l - ' ' 2 1 F , i f D l ' ,.,f'!AMFH iv Kl,!'li"""' 4 M , I 'fl l , , 5 i Q Wilma, Q ,W-11" N M, lffl 5 2 bfi l 1 f ' i Q l A 3 3 N A billowing sail, A beautiful girl, My camera And I . . . Photos by David W. Cox :fag ' ff 'u4e,, , 5 iff'-5 ' V' fu 4 4 t ,g,xw ,M',ff -jk i 1" " .f.1z V w f ' '-,: K I, 'Q bali-vi Iii' -W mf, L....o'...-f- ' R 4 .Q 'I'-"Iwo, 1' 'N -'npr ..,,,,,.....,......----- . mLL . .. N. ,Q .. .. M yy! ki K L.. X.. . , ,K , A- ,.d'NlM7..1LR-11-u,QaM.Q. , Q kj... -j w.,y,.w 'Wf K ' , fn- .fA,'.a ,,... . A- K ,M ,mm 1 5 . ifqgl4Tgi Q -- x " A . .bxrswxsl , six V ' R' w- -- ., Q' K . A ,,,ws..fL K F Q V .W 'Y - , - N . xr' . . S., Ygzg... . ,. Q " A . 7 A NAQQW Y" 1 ' 'NN x f+fS'1...,. .f Q K . N A .U . k Q A 4 W Kai' X. My N .yf ,V . . fm' SM 5. wk Q ,--. ..-. V x ,X . sf . . iv- " M ,. 'nyg ,fgmh .0 A ..,. 'Fwmx K. .Q N. ' U ,. , M- .f f . MM., ff' , .K .. ye.. ' x f' ,- n' HP 1 ,vm ' ' Q, N.,-fjN,..L .. . A., , 4.15 ' -, A f - ms: mg' f i I Ag H wi' ,,, sm UQJWY -1 f -nv in un.. mum, dw... ,- ., M 'lfiflg-. ' f W. asf sf z u . Qi ? : STS .wMeg.- Nfzwrv 6- 4' xv' i . - , . :sh rs. .. ...- . . Aw. - 5,41- 'rx .., .-. .. .- 153' '70 ,M Nam, 157 A Matter Of Concentration i. Q.-xx x Ly 1 AF" Ax -new . P99562-" .. - ., . ff Photos by Dennis Layer ...A .W Piiifw .,, .,1.,f? 15 Zy,,,,,7f -vp iff 44 Vx ,ww 5 M W 42" , ff fi-3421! f 1 N -,f " ' I 2 3 5 E 'wa if ? - ze- P' V f N37 5 as-Q, , .V ,,, QQ I 1 ri .5 T. V 1 - A ' 'flTYf1.f1 4 Q .x .args Q , . A fx, W. , .ff L 5 3 , 'B 5 if ' ,s r , A Q. Q . Qi . - Y. C J .M k,W.m. In A Q .i wa fi Immature Bald Eagle lj These pages are dedicated to the world ot' nature whose demise is Caused by man's activities. Man must realize he is a member, not a supreme master of the environment, and he will suffer as the quality ofthe environment is degraded by his actions. Respect and ethics must be applied not only to our fellow man, but also to the other biotic com- munities and the physical com- ponents of the natural world. Photos by Terry Horton I TERE TGRGUP . . M... M, A h,.,.,,..? J, ., . f . AKA , '22 - , ff Aff! ,ff ' 0' f ' I 'A ' 1 A '1 2 4 I i - j ,QM , f 1 C, . Q L Q .1 f 1 .' ff .f 11' H 1, " '7 1.-aa, 0- .. A 1' " S 4, ll ' I 3 i ,Qi -'g,,,g In " I ' f 7 K, 'N f K. uf'-Q, 1, ..,, 5 0 X N fgfgygiggsgyyg, 5 7 , of 3 4 SGD? 'gf 2 " 'Eg Q 'l y ill! ftp is 41'4", ff , l I gif 1' . 'jf R! I N A Q , 2 W, M A lx s 5, 'ffm f 'I N' .317 Pdffffirllyiifh X 'jjj i t 1 X X X ,. Z"'xx', gf jf' ' Pr.. A ' MIS , uaziifzx I ? K f, ff ,Q ell? A wx Q .wth Y V yrlsl ' 3 fc -A ,MW " .ll ' slfign X ff! ' '7 HMM 'ENN V' ' Q 1 aixdtlww i K 2 X, t M X 5 . 'ff 'ff 3 ,,, V Qi 1 3 f it R V . 4 A , W 1A l 1 XX vxXA I X .iff i Z , V A A A m"'h--Nunn ' V J' Q 'EEAE ' X f . , X ff 4 ff security in numbers W, , 1 ' f ,M ,.,,Yv WWW, 65 K mv H ,JWX QW' X NW ff EJ Q? F' P 2 Q Q ? Heady Groups Head Colleges. ASU ACCOUNTING CLUB: QSeated, left to right, front row! David Pickney and Donald Crisler. CSecond row! Joella Wells, Becky Walker, Debbie Smith, Jeanette Baltz, Debbie Whit- tingham, Ava Rodery, Norma Alexander, Kay Haigler and Jean Wagner. lThird rowj Billy Melton, Allen Crisp, Jimmy France, Danny Wilson, Donald Carlow, Walker Ashbrand, Gary Lawson, Jesse Stafford and Mrs. Nancy Haigler, sponsor. 1Fourth rowj Grant Myers, Kenneth Conner, Ronnie Wilson, Larry Dunn, Bill Townsend, Mike Lands, Ronny Pope, Hal White and David Gargas. Ili 1'T'l'T'i AGRICULTURE COUNCIL: CLeft to right! Mike Boeckmann, Daryll Robertson, Dr. Albin Langlois, Gene Stalcup, president, Jimmy Thompson, Ricky Gray and Mark Kennedy. ALPHA EPSILON RHO: QKneeling, left to right? Tiana George Inzer, advisor, Danny Stewart, president, Richard Spivey, vice-president, Laura Vandever, secretary, Gib Jans, Rick Garner, Wilfred Tremblay, alumni coordinator, Carpenter, Richard Whittle, David Qualls, Paul Dugger, John S. Beard, Robert L. Barnett and Chris Gagnier, ad- Jim Caldwell, treasurer and Bob Eckman. tStandingl visor. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: QFirst row, left to right! Paul McGee, Jeff Dethrow, Cleve McGaughy, Ron Flowers, Jimmy C. Callahan, James L. Lollar and Donny Wilson. iSecond rowl Bill Townsend, treasurer, Wayne Schmidt, vice-president, Bill Kerr, president, Larry Dunn, secretary, Hal White, master of rituals and Dr. Gary Clayton, faculty advisor. CThird row! Bill Tarver, Ricky Ruffin, ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: QSeated, left to rightl Mary Lou Mullikin, Carol Morse, treasurer, Di Tausch, secretary, Cynthia Weaver, vice-president, Lynn Jones, president and Barbara Hazelip. QStandingJ Sharon Butler, Terry Trent, Becky Walker, Marcia Singley, Becky Miller, Elsie Sims and Robin Smoot. P fb Danny McGee, Coma Tippitt, Jim Parks, Ron Lindley, Jacky Spence, Timothy J. Miles, Steve Hollowell and Jim Smith. QFourth rowl Roy Jones, Ken Lancaster, Jerry Heckmann, Robbie Thomas, Steve Harig, Ray Veach, Mark Higginbotham, Ron Wilson and Michael Hunter. . . .And More Are Coming! ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON: QSeated, left to right! Patti Higgibottom, Nancy Clemons, Jannette Smith, Janice Harlan and Joan Frost. iStandingJ Pam Wells, Judy Russell, Linda Brizzi, Millie Ward, Anne Dunlap, Becky Morgan, Margo Travis, Linda Brannon, Sharon Sturdivant and Sharon Holland. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY: CFirst row, left to right? Carl Wyatt, Jim Crider, Dr. David Jimmerson, Gene Boeckman Alexander, Kim Halbert, Dr. David Chittenden, Marty Dennis, Robert Saunders, David Suiter and Dr. Paul Gwinup. Mike Taylor and Lawrence Hylle. fSecond rowj Dr. William X -' '13 .:, fy is ,, A ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUNCIL: 1First row, left to Yvonne Wade, secretary. fThird rowj Charlotte Easley, rightj Janine Clemons, Sandra Ballard and Tiana L. Sherrie Snowden, Elaine Cecelski,Melba Hendrickson and Spivey. iSecond rowj Sandra K. Garrett, treasurer, Nancy Peggy Davis. Clemons, president, Angela Head, vice-president and ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS: QFirst row, left to right! Nancy R. Clemons, Bren- da K. Davis, Yvonne Wade, Don- na R. McMi'ller and Connie Conrad. fSecond rowb Angela Head, Becky Gibson, Judy Russell, Sandra K. Garrett, Lin- da Brizzi and Lil Baker. Many Clubs Stress Togetherness CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER: QFirst row, left to right! Gail Stanley, Terri Barnes, Ron Gholston, director, Susie Clark, David Rickman and Randall Tyler. fSecond row! Donna Watson, Stannie Haney, Jacque Cagle, Risa Buzbee, Alice Iron- side, Stephanie Mize, Natalie Moon, John Chester, Marion Tinsley and Ilagene Murphy. fThird row! Steve Pace, Adrian Davis, Edwin Washam, Jeffrey Perry, Chuck Knight, Gary Stephenson, Robert Bonner, Alan Edwards, Eugene Bohannon, Keith McFann, Wayne Rush, Pat Prince and Gaylon Ratliff. Others Better Students' Abilities BLOCK AND BRIDLE: QBottom to topj Scott Brown, president, Cathy Hilton, secretary, Kevin Brown, marshal, Edward Jeffrey, Gary Burns, L. N. Hochstetler, Ivan Autry, Carl Long, treasurer, Glenn Sander- son, Joe Oates, vice-president, Neil Tucker, Doug Cotter, Martin Cagle and Larry A. Sexton. BETA BETA BETA: 1Front row, left to rightj Elder Granger, Debbie Reid, Susan Craig, Nancy Clemons and Mike Stacks. QBack row! Chris Swanstrom, Tony John- son, Marcel Hanzlik, Jerry Williams, Chip Turner and Dr. Harvey A. Barton, advisor. BROADCASTERS CLUB: iSittingj Bill Klutho. tKneeling, left to rightj Lloyd Huskey, Bill Odom, Paul Dugger, president, Jim Caldwell, Gib Carpenter, Bill Dailey, Charles Simpson, Rickey Briggs and Dave Schlatter. iStanding, first rowj Danny Stewart, Richard Whittle, Russell Carpenter, Debbie Holmes, secretary, David Qualls, reporter, Laura Vandever, Richard Jans, Bob Eckman and Chris Gagnier. iSecond row! Robert Barnett, John Beard, Sherry Turner, Kathy Miller, Tiana Spivey, treasurer, D. Smith, Diane Henderson, Debby Freeland, Wilfred Tremblay, Rick Garner and George Inzer. CHI ALPHA: tFirst row, left to rightl Daniel Morales and Steve Faulk. tSecond rowl Rev. E. Joe Wilmoth, chaplain, Paula Burge, Rene Vawter, Cheryl Graves, Kathy Watson and Jackie Smart. tThird row! Carol Throgmartin, Barbara Clayton, Debbie Watson, Cheryl Murphy, Jean Baker, Denise Childers, Beverly Bradsher and Patti Roberts. ENGINEERING CLUB: QFirst row, left to rightj Terry Poole, Carl 1Third rowb Chris Hicklin, John Broadaway, Eldon Alexander, Craig, Tommy Taylor, Terry DePriest and Dan Corbett. QSecond Don Huggins, Gary Stephens, Gene Stalcup, president, Gary rowb Mike Hinds, vice-president, Richard Cude, Jim Wiens, Mike Surles and Wavey Austin. Bishop, Terry House and Don Gambill, secretary-treasurer. Still More Clubs CIRCLE FRANCAIS: QLeft to right! Kathyrn Prater, Donna McMilIer, Debbie Dickerson, Debbie Thomp- son, Debbie Impson, Treva Byler, Debbie Kirkdoffer, Sandra Webb, Dixie Carter and Mackie Ingram. .ik D 5 DANNER HALL DORM COUNCIL: iFront row, left to rightj Baltz. fBack Row! Allen Majors, William Teal, Jim Hagar, Daniel John Bartlett, Joel Ingram, Larry Wiles, Robert Garner and Joe Corbett, Roy Cosby, John Baltz, Rodney Martin and Jim Rogers. DELTA HALL DORM COUNCIL QFront row left to right! Ken Holmes Dale Walters Dale Cox Chris Hatch and Reginald Robertson QBack rowj Mark Herbst Alvin Vangllder Walker Ashbrand Ed Wilson David Donovan and David Welse DELTA TAU ALPHA: QFirst row, left to rightj J. A. Hayles, Larry Mc- Croskey, Charlotte Rober- son, Cathy Hilton, Jerry Gilliam and David E. Mann. 1Second rowj Patrick Breeding, David Philyaw, Randell Mc- Ninch, Darrell Robertson and Gary Burns. QThird row! Tom Craft, Rodney Sharp, Larry Roberson, Mark Kennedy, Jimmy Thompson and Jim Rowlett. Indian Organizations Offer Wide Variety ASU DRILL TEAM: iFirst row, left to rightj Donna Tharp, Casey Morris, Ramona Ward, Gina Hatfield, co-captain, Karen Summers, captain, Brenda Gray, choreographer, Marietha Goodwin, Brenda Pearson and Beverly Strickland. QSecond row! Beverly DeWater, sponsor, Becky Ivy, Janet Davis, Kristy Davis Janie Johnson, Dee Dee Edmonson, Rena Walker, Jacqueline Williams, Teresa Dorris, Joan Bowman, sponsor and Linda Gray manager. GERMAN CLUB: iSitting, left to rightb Robin Baker, Melanie Austin and Bill Hubbard. iSe- cond rowj Sharon Trammell, Peggy Scott, Karen Jones, Nan- cy Harrington, Jeanne Hess, Vikki Kersey and Debra Owen. QThird rowj Charles Key, Tom- my Rigsbee, Gary Yarbrough, James Price, Asher Leigh and Scott Darwin. UQ-Q Specialized Clubs Abound GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB: QKneeling, left to right! Danny McCrone, Bill Owens, secretary, Cynthia J. McKinney, Larry Hill and Gary Majors. CStandingi Steve M. Jones, David Cox, treasurer, John Yerger, vice-president, Elaine Cecelski, Anne Dunlap, president, Greg Jordan, Richard Scott and Larry Ward, advisor. KAPPA DELTA PI: iFront row, left to righti Margaret Snipes, Karen Tarbox, Judy Crews, Janice Harlan Massey, John Frost, Kathi Martin and Dr. Burton Crosswait, advisor. fBack row! Jean Wallace, tno identifica- tion availablej, Qno identification availablej, Susan Simpson, Cno identification availablej, Mitzi Casper, Vicki Fleming, Terri Crowe, Qno identification available! and Jane Ball. 178 KAPPA KAPPA PSI: CFrontJ Barbara Bell, sweetheart. fFirst rowb Will Wilkerson, Alan Page, Mark Morris, Rick Richardson row, left to rightl Samuel Franklin, Leonard Barnhill and Steven and Terry Tankersley. CFifth rowy Brent Slazier, Mark Butler, Warner. QSecond rowj Harold Sharp, Paul McGee and John Fultz. Greg Smith and Shelton Alsup. CSixth rowj Franklin Carter, fThird rowj Jerry Dawson, Paul Gray and Buzzie Finner. 1Fourth Gerry Gibson, Mike McGowan, Danny Lusk and Kent Claxton. 'N Rv' Sw-fif"Y' 'Ya K KAPPA MU EPSILON: tFront row, left to right! Larry Morris, Dr. Robert E. Johnson, sponsor and Dr. Jerry Wiles, Linda McNear, Judy Russell and Dianna Leonard. Lir1nSta0di9l', SD0YlS0l'- tBack rowb Conrad Cunningham, Robert Wells, Eugene KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL: tSitting, left to right! Jeanie treasurer. lStandingJ Annette Stephenson, Verna Moss, Sandra Samples, Shirley Hilston, Valerie Trask, Nedra Elrod, June Hill. Donna MCMill9f, S9Cl'9t8l'y. Brenda LUH8. Deb Dickerson Hafner, Cheryl Murphy, Terri Heinen and Brenda Davis, and Becky Brown, president. Clubs Help Students Feel At Home Away From Home MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP: iFirst row, Brown, songleader. QSecond rowj Charles Simpson, historian, Ben left to right! Gene Roebuck, sponsor, Peggy Roebuck, sponsor, Brown, Richard Frazier, Ron Simpson, president, Wally Moore, Patty Bullington, E. Lowe Stone, pastor, Martha Parsley, John Borden, sponsor, Alvin Vangilder and Becky Stone, pianist. secretary-treasurer, Donis Parsley, vice-president and Doug MODEL U.N.: QKneeling, left to right! Whit Barton, Dale Barron, Bryan Reuteler, Mickey Craig, Bob Harris and Dennis Summer. QSecond rowj Alner Williams, Melissa Smith, Bill Kelley, Olanda Hughes, Gerald Frelich, Arif Haydar and Ross Marlay, faculty advisor. QThird rowj Pat Mabary, David Ellis, Timmy Pipkins, Robert Gray, Michael Huggins, John French and Charles Hartwig, faculty advisor. i-Y7 Y . MEDICAL ARTS CLUB: 1Row 1, left to right5 Tom Taylor, Betsy Everett, Dwight Williams, John Terkeurst, Dr. William Byrd, Carmelita Hyneman and Dr. L. W. Hinck. CROW 25 Nancy Rybak, Cynthia Robertson, Marilyn Jones, Sara Hightower, Judy Ballard, Randy Ridge, Anthony Molinaro and Bobby Roberts. 1Row 35 Needra Elrod, Joni Strobbe, Kathy Reame, Cynthia Weaver, Pam Thomas, Nickie Veach, Lynita Cooksey, Kathy Brannum, Cincy Childress and Ruth K. Plaster. QRow 45 David R. Davis, Rita L. Whitlow, Mary Ann 0'Hara, Terri Miller, Becky Starr, Linda Ballard, Vikki Denton, Verona Tice, Mike Carter, Jim Webb, Bill Snyder and Robert English. QRow 55 Michael Davis, Lessa Ferguson, Melinda Morgan, Matt Cheadle, Greg Cox, Travis King, Dave Tiner, Kenneth Holland, Brent Graves, Steve Vester, Albert J. Colaianni and Susan Craig. fRow 65 Jerry Williams, Greg Smart, Benny Passmore, Johnny Wilhite, William James Stricklin Jr., Tony Thomas, Karen Thompson, Sharon Butler, Kay Skinner and Donna Riley. QRow 75 Raymond Erickson, Billy Nelson, Lewis Lyons, Tony Johnson, Terry R. Smith, T. J. Humphreys, Ken Carpenter, Robert Woolard, Dennis D. Parten, Greg Guthrie, Brenda Adelman and Deborah Hill. 1Row 85 Woodrow Johnson, Allen Stegall, Beth Osborne, Richard Knipple, Chip Turner, Joe Verser, Craig Gilliam, Andy Maxwell, Stanley Harp, Cathie Agerton and Janis Woods. QRow 95 Dale Taylor, Sandra Garrett, Jannette Smith, Laura E. Cobb, Cecil Bogy, Joseph M. Carter, John K. Duckworth II, Tim Fisher, Pat Pettengell, Janet Kueter, Susan Kueter, Jan Lovett and Kenneth Jay. iRow 105 Randy Woodruff, Steve Johnson, Teresa Williams, Melinda Pierceall, Jerry Harris, Mike O'Brien, Karl Landberg, Matt Brunson, Vicki Gray, Washington Irving and Cindy Wiggins. QRow 115 Brenda Forrest, Karen Thompson, Diane Barkley, Freddie Huggins, Richard Ticer, David Rothgeb, Sandra Schlueter, Paula Burns, Butch Mann, Nancy Clemons and Janine Clemons. QRow 125 Johnny L. Porter, Lujean Heffington, David Abell, Becky Barrett, Dave Suiter, Kim Blevins, Sandra Vickers, Robert Blevins, Dena Lynn Bradway, Tim Kauffman, Lois Strat- ton and Martha Priest. QRow 135 Marcia Patton, Robin Jensen and Beverly Cure. MODERN DANCE CLUB: QLeft to rightj Bonnie Huff, Susan Walling, Alta Burns, sponsor, Brenda Neal, Susan Weaver, Linda Henderson and Wanda Adamson. Whether Large yy 1' ma jiri' PHI ALPHA THETA: 1First row, left to right! Ruth Ball, Fairy Gillespie, Peggy Ivy, Karen Polk, Karen Williams, secretary and Ann Whetstone, advisor. 1Sec0nd rowb Bill Graves, president, Reginald Robinson, Dickey Mayland, Theodore Schumpert, Calvin Ratliff, Rickey Kelley and Lloyd Thornton. Clubs Are A Big Part Of Campus Life More Clubs On The Way PHI BETA LAMBDA: QFront row, left to right! Amy Stearns, president, Bill Fields, reporter and Paula Smith. QBack rowj Becky Bannon, state historian, Janie Smith, treasurer, Debbie Watson, vice-president and Vickie Morgan. PHI MU ALPHA QSINFONIAJ: tFirst row, left to rightb Ray Morris, Dennis Hay, Bruce Kissinger and Bob Bidewell. tSecond row! Darryl Howerton, Wincle Sterling, Bob Kern and David Willard, president. iThird row! Fred Matteson, Don Dabney and Johnny Rye. iFourth row! Jerrel Smith and Doug Hoffman. 'W PI OMEGA PI: iSeated, left to rightj Susie Garner, Patti Higginbottom, Sherry Owens, Fay Beth Gray, sponsor, Zoe McBride and Ricky Kay. 1StandingJ Valerie Timmermann, Pamela Higginbottom, Sharon Sturdivant, Sharon Holland, Karon Sturdivant, Rebecca Collins, sponsor and Twilla Treece. PRE-VETERINARY CLUB: QFirst row, left to right! Clarice Ritchie, Melinda Morgan, Carla Simon, Mike Davis, Nickie Veach, Jimmy Goza and David Rothgeb. QSecond row! Holly Burris, Leesa Ferguson, Betsy Everett, Richard Ticer and Dr. James H. Keene, advisor. fThird row! Lisa Fleming, Brent Lochridge, Neil Tucker, David White and Johnny Porter. iFourth rowj Russell Hobby, Steve Eubanks, Walter Chambers and Stanley Crabb. ASU RIFLE TEAM: tFirst row, left to right? Jim Wiens, Carl Horton and David Donovan. tSecond rowj Msg. Cleylon Price, Dale Carroll and Cpt. Roberto Valle. REHABILITATION COUNSELING ASSOCIATION: tSeated, left to right! Carolyn Lee, Tommie Holmes, Chuck Stotts, Karon Lynch and Authur Broughton. QStandingJ Bill Prince, Lizz French, Pete Gregson, Steve Johnson and Marisusan Bowling. IO IO OO Il PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB: fFirst row, left to rightj Joanna Denton, vice- president, Connie Conrad, Phyllis DePriest, treasurer and Faye Cromwell, president. lSecond row! Louise Simington, Dennis King, Debbie Phillips and Susan Walling. QThird row? Jane Hunt, Susan Clifft, Brenda Neal, Bonnie Huff and Belinda Dotson. 1Fourth rowj Paula Proctor, Paul Remagen, Joann Stake and Clara Sample. QFifth rowb Linda Henderson, Mary Balest, Janis Cooper, Mary Lally and Kimmie Glenn. QSixth rowl Paul Sulicz, Ben Brown, Wayne Rush and Allen Wright. 1Seventh rowj Phillip Yee, Ron Simpson and Mike Chipman. CEighth row! Bob Camras, Jay Lott, Mike Robbins and Skipper Jones. QNinth rowj George Parsons, Vickie Nelms and June Hafner. Fun And Relaxation Is A Must ROTARACT: iFirst row, left to rightl Ginger Long, Martha Kate Tarpley and Melissa Wester. iSecond rowl Susan Beaman, Jennifer Leamons, Ann White, Carolyn Cooper and Renee Stone. QThird rowj Mary Via, Pat Simmons, Debbie Fisher, June Hamilton, Rebecca Wisley, Temmy Urfer, Terry Strawn, Janet Jones and Mr. Jim Walley. CFourth row! Margaret Warr, Lynn Crain, Jill McHaney, Dianna Mantooth, Martha Priest, Becky Graham, Becky Nabholz and Jeff Dethrow. fFifth rowb Susan Petrus, Lesa Harris, Becky Morgan, Cathy Holland, Jean Lutterloh, Sara Baker, Janet Skelley, Brenda Stallings and Debbie Richards. SCABBARD AND BLADE: QFirst row, left to rightj David Clark, Cleve McGaughy, Stering Wafford and Ron Flowers. QSecond rowl Stanley Ballard, Rene Vawter, and Glenda Williams. fThird row! Jerry Cheatom, Stephen Hardin and Eugene Williams. 1Fourth row! Jimmy Scott, Gary Lawson and Ralph Boling. lFifth rowj Mark Steed, David Qualls and Dean Massey. CSixth row! Danny Ewing, Stephen Stone and Mike Hensen. Groups Also Help The Community SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS: CLeft to right! Terrence Tucker, Danny Keith, Robert Engleton, Alan Grommet, Robert Wells and Dr. Hal E. McCloud, advisor. il, ' ' ' Ma f SOIL CONSERVATION SOCIETY OF AMERICA: QKneeling, Bert Greenwald, Larry Frein, Richard Gray, Ricky Thompson left to right! Mickey Evans, Richard McCright, Jimmy Thompson, Phil Gattas, Maurice Blocker, Dale Cox, Billy Woodruff and Ken- Carl Horton, Mike Boeckmann and Dr. A. W. Tennille. QStanding5 ny Long. Many Groups Help Students Achieve Greater Rewards After College RENG RIFLES: QFrontJ Glen Conley. fFirst file, front to rear! Cadet Captain James Harrison, commander, Cadet Major David Qualls and Sgm. James Oller. QSecond iilej Francis Bryan, John McMickle, James Rogers, Robert Hammell and Cadet lst Lt. Ralph Boling. QThird filej Stanley Sims, Eddie West, Michael Cox, Bruce Phelix and Joy Lee Hulum. QFourth Glej Steve Pankey, Stan Kelley, Tony Terrice, Charlotte Easley and Patricia Jones. QFifth file! Clara Johnson, Carol Smith, Rose Marie Parker and Connie Nelson. fSideb Cadet Plt. Sgt. Gary Lawson. ,F 'iff' SQUARE DANCE CLUB: tFirst row, left to right! Debi Phillips, Randy Smith, Linda Henderson, Dan- ny Mallett, Michele Layer, Ellen Decker, Vicki Morgan and Mitch Wilkins. QSecond rowl Francis Smallwood, sponsor, Debbie Jeffries, Oleta Love, Teresa Swaim, Donna Tharp, Ronnie Holt, Walter Gunter, president, Patricia Snell and Carol Lynn Davis. lThird rowj Douglas Brown, Dotty Hargrove and Paul Sulicz. QFourth rowj John H. Davis, Mike Troxler, Susan Davidson and Leta Brinkley, reporter. QFifth rowl Nancy Cockriel, W. Eldom McAnally and Paul Remagen. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS: tLeft to right! Denice Grady, Jacky Spence, Terry Boxx, Perry Boxx, Phil Gallagher, Doug Acklin, Bill Townsend and Marcel Hanzlik. STUDENT MENC: QFirst row, bottom to top! Dr. J. D. Kelley, sponsor, Shelton Alsup, Shelly Conkling and Carmen. iSe- cond rowb Yvonne Wade, Brenda Luna, Billie Scherer, Marta Adams, Glenda Hicks, secretary and Mrs. Sandra Seay, sponsor. iThird rowj Mena Ward, Linda Brizzi, Kris Osborne, Susanne Todd, Nan- cy Lindsey, vice-president and Randy Kellems. iFourth row! Gerry Gibson, president, Alan Jackson, Ray Morris, Dennis Hay, Rene Spicer and Leonard Barnhill, treasurer. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: QSitting, left to right! Karen Tarbox, Vickie Fleming, secretary, Becky Bannon, vice-president, Paula Fulks and Joan Stephens. iStandingD Rosanna Prestidge, Anita Hilger, Pam Sefers, Diana Hill, Angie Brewer, Emma Sue Davidson, sponsor, Belinda Dotson, second vice-president, Earnest Wright and Kathy James. Almost Every Club From A To Z. STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION: fKneelingj Chuck Wilcox. tFirst row, left to rightj Ann Baker, reporter, Mary Claeys, historian, Sandy Flowers, secretary, Susan Springer, treasurer, Becky Starr, vice-president and Terri Miller, president. QSecond row! Sandy Bartels, Debbie Watson, Mary Ann O'Hara, Beverly Cure, Judy Lamp, Sarah Williams, Nancianna Williams, Linda Ballard and Robin Jensen. l l TAU BETA SIGMA: tFirst row, left to right? Louise Simington, Barbara Bell, Karon Sturdivant, Sharon Carter, Linda Brizzi, Judy Wise and Joyce Parker. iSe- cond row! Chris Crawford, Clara Johnson, Elisa Sims, Lynn Craine, Robin Smoot, Sherri Sandow, Janet Schisler, Kay Jones and Becky Miller. QThird rowj Judy Parker, Debbie Lee, Sandy McRaven, Pam Wells and Sharon Sturdivant. 193 l w l 1 l 41 L lt, ,W - TWIN TOWERS DORM COUNCIL: fFirst row, left to right! fno identification availablel and Alcobra Hall. fSecond rowl McKinley Arnold, secretary, Qno identification availablej, Chip Turner, president, David Panter, Steve Stewart and Tim White. fThird grfhzq row! Jon Jones, Tony DeClerk, treasurer, Don Owens, 2nd vice president, Dave Hoover, Tommy Dougherty, Charlie Brock, Terry Proffitt, Rick Baker, Gandy Baugh and Kenneth Kersh. UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL: CFront row, left to rightj Jane Hunt, Monte Cochran, Diane Lewis, Susie Brummett and Debbie Holmes. fBack rowj Cheryl White, Becky Smith, Sharon Findley and Cheryl Thomas. O I O A ASU Has Something For Everyone! I c' fl ,, fi SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS, SIGMA DELTA CHI: QSeated, left to right! Keith Strickland, vice- president, Mike Hendricks, president, Gina Bowman, secretary and Gina Hatfield, correspondent. QSecond rowj Gwendolyn Butcher and Celia Boers. QThird row! Nancy Harrington, Char- erw Q-1 K N 'Keg' ,gg 'fe-3? 5 'i 'f fy ' as 4' I Lf.: 3 'N- ,, main Harris, Phareta Calkin, Denice Grady, Gina Vaughn, Bon- nie Hyde and Millie Ward. QFourth rowj David Dees, Jeff Willis, Dr. Joel Gambill, Carmi Rhodes, Mike Joseph and Harold Coggins. ,rf f ',,.-in-N. W tyler.. ',, -. ,..Jg3,,....:n-uf-:' ,.,- 1, ,if ' N'-. -vw-.U k 1 2 4- -'J .kk N4 Se" R. -J vi QI , .- 'CS O O .-CI s-4 GJ .-CI -4-v O s-4 .-C2 GREEK . . . E +-1 CI GJ an expenm E wi si 1 6' if Ay. " Q' , ' E' 2 ' ' in ? ' A W9" 55 il R ws Nik ,, gill V A , Mg 1 - ,W Y 4. v-,,, -- A7f-g...-kL I .,kVV' 1- ,w ! 7.2 31 1 ., . My g , v NX Ns"'S'w.,M, in mac M026 200 :Ea 252 NQEEVHOE bum NCME C2-2-w :Saw HF-ANZ?-Bam COS! wgsbme'-44 Ning! 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Sr A if f- ' ' f'i71?f" , Ji' 353' -2 E-mfs' 'I . 1 mf f - wif-'W-L'1, K :wail :- ia W, U ,, v.,. . gi., , A -sszii, ,ii , W-V , 2 , 1 3 F ..,L '-vig 1 x K 34 ax Wk ...,4u Phyllis DePriest Wins 1976 Miss ASU Title Xf 5 x, f x K b .sf--ff 1' 'X' ff-- Af UNIVERSITY . . . or MUGS A U Heads f State THE HONORABLE DAVID PRYOR Governor of the State of Arkansas 260 -1-5: f, Q. Ma. 3 -M.. K ,ef--are , . , X. 1 2 W in 5, W, A ,LA QQ ., an LM . Y ' ffl, 5, f' ' - xqrf Qi if . " we . .L g-. I Q, we -.f ' , ,R-, . gf 'ew s un, .., 'l' 5. -x..,,, M -'H Q ' J M-nu fl 'L A .' Board Of Trustees CLOCKWISE, FROM LOWER LLEFT: PHILLIP HOUT served again as the Board Chairman, member MIKE BEEBE, member LARRY BREWER, member LOU MIXON and member RICHARD HERGET. Pritchard Heads Bicentennial Administration DR. ROSS PRITCHARD sidcnt of the Unive BIND!! raw V JOHN STOTTS Vice President for Finance as sfylylf uwsaviwu' xswzonnu, zzs2s2?2'2'w,: iff - J X, S. .1 wg ,i,i ,, P V t P - ' Y' 4 E N ,bi K XX. HY' , i.i,M... .. v..i. QW AMKK, 5 fff"f,if' A P I u N hw!!! in x X-ff" 0 0 , 5, P X .. K O G xii My xx 5 if ' r' DR. CLARK ELKINS Vice President for Instruction DR. JIMMY McCLUSKEY Vice President for Student Affairs 'ie ROBERT BAHN Athletic Business Manager RON CARMACK Superintendent of Physical Plant PHIL BRIDGER Director of Housing U Z ' 1 1 1 5, A H, X ' ' , 1 ,, f 1 - W , K H 1 1 5 ' f xi i ,' if u A 4? 5. f 2 Q . , I .1 ., , ,, , i E ' 6 1 2 i 2 3 T 2 x la A 2 A 4 , X TERRY CARTER Assistant Bookstore Manager ESTES COLEMAN Director of Personnel OAI' O I WYVETA DONOHUE University College Counselor Administrators gf 15, x M1 2, .. A GERALD CRAIG Financial Aid Supervisor 4 .: H ,I ,I 5 J 3 1 Z X l 1 X Xl DON DENNY Associate Dean of Students 5 DR. ROY GHAZIMORAD Director of Counseling Center 266 ,...--K pd' Tl' N X x umm , 1-N""x' V -neanng ,Y Xk 3-,ful x BILL FISHER Purchasing Agent PAUL FULKS Bookstore Manager -I Q J? 35 i i v ? i RAY H. HALL Director of Field Services J 6 More Administrators .J W. W. HAYNES Superintendent of Farms -it -f ERNEST HOWELL Director of Auxiliary Enterprises JIM JACKSON Field Representative ARLIS JOHNSON Business Manager 7 Still A-State Staff ,M ,L ROBBIE LYLE Coordinator of Development Programs GEORGE JONES Food Director DR. GRETA MACK Registrar B be TOM MANNING Director of News Bureau X X I K DR. WALTER J. MARS Dean of Continuing Education ADH' LEONARD McDANIEL Assistant Registrar JV" 'C iii... so-T. ax ww TOM McCLAIN Assistant Director of Reng Center MARY LOU McDANIEL Counselor for Women I ii, ,,,, Active Administrators Aid And Assist , 5 g , s,,, W, MARILYN MYERS Coordinator of Equal Opportunity and Aflirmative Action FRED PAXTON Assistant Director of Field Services 270 ANDY MORRIS Director of Public Relations ROBERT MOORE Dean of Students BARBARA PERDZOCK PHIL PICKLE Financial Aid Counselor Director of Vending DR. MOSSIE RICHMOND DEAN PRYOR Dean of University College Athletic Director T Ss S Last Of A pecial Breed fxx , 1 ' ' X k . 3 lily?- . 'L -Q A. - - , , ..s.,+,... wtf X L M....w..f. 'N' 1 5 R 5 - aiaQ"1 '- A ' X : X D . L - 'Q . R X 2 M JERRY SCHAEFFER Assistant Athletic Director 'iw KW 'ft 1 R 3 grit' l 5 '4 1 ,D 531 3 'L' DR. ROBERT STEPHENS Director of Audio-Visual .-W., f 1 1 D gi , ::5?i.5..f, .T,.::: xx PEGGY STROUD Associate Dean of Students LES WATSON Controller X GERRY M. TAYLOR Head Librarian CHARLES YAUGER JO WHEELER Director of Computer Center Director of Conferences DR. JAMES H. STEPHENSON College of Science DR. HAROLD COPENHAVER College of Fine Arts University Deans Lead Colleges DR. B. C. McGOUGH College of Business DR. ROBERT L. HOSKINS College of Communications DR. CLYDE JONES College of Liberal Arts DR. EUGENE SMITH Graduate School Q f A 'X MF' mi Y 1. m ' ,215 .fix ' S f 'p . 1 3 , fam K' '7 Q. , 5- 5? , 1,3 , r - . -fl, I r A 1, ' ff ef 4 1 1 Q 1 VJ X A DR. ADELMA MOOTH Division of Nursing . L! LT. COL. EARL W. LEECH Division of Military Science DR. GEORGE BERGER College of Agriculture DR. HARRY HODGE College of Education Q 2 75 Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, asst. James L. Davenport, assoc. prof. prof. Dr. Jasper A. Hayles, assoc. prof. Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, prof. Dr. Claud J. Irby, assoc. prof. Dr. James H. Keene, prof. Dr. Albin J. Langlois, Dr. Albert L. Mink, assoc. Dr. Warren A. North, assoc. Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, Dr. Aubrey W. Tennille, Herman F. Williams, assoc. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. DIV. OF ACCOUNTING Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm. Nancy A. Haigler, asst. prof. Kathleen Cherry Jenkins, instr. Dr. Coy N. London, assoc. prof. Joseph L. Morris, instr. Danny R. Ward, instr. H. Dalton Whitt, asst. DIV. OF BUS. ED. AND SEC. prof. SCI. Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, chm. Dr. David R. Adams, asst. prof. Robert M. Babb, instr. Dr. Rebecca I. Collins, assoc. Dr. Amanda Copeland, asst. prof. prof. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, asst. prof. Dr. Herbert H. Price, assoc. prof. Dr. Donald R. Roberts, asst. prof. Adena Laverne Williams, instr. Mary Lou Wood, asst. prof. DIV. OF GEN. BUS. AND ECON. Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, Howard M. Alsey, asst. chm. prof. Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, assoc. prof. Dr. John S. Kaminarides, prof. Dr. Roland T. Mullins, prof. Joe H. Murrey, asst. prof. Dr. Jimmy Rex Pulley, asst. prof. Fred D. Robinson, asst. prof. Charles M. Wade, asst. prof. DIV. OF MKT. AND MGMT. Dr. Charles W. Ford, chm. Dr. Samuel B. Cousley, asst. prof. Dr. Frank W. Oldham, asst. prof. Dr. Stephen H. Replogle, assoc. prof. College Of Agriculture College Of Business Q...- Dr. Lloyd E. Roberts, assoc. prof. Robert L. Taylor, asst. prof. College Of Communications DIV. OF JOURN. AND PRINTING . Dr. Joel T. Gambill, chm. Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof. up , Homer E. Hallett, prod. printer Robert W. Kern, instr. " '--- - R. Kent Kirkton, instr. A Tom Manning, dir. of news bur. F p Lloyd Keith Meharg, prod. printer Bobby G. Ruff, print shop foreman 1 DIV. OF RADIO-TV A - "" I Charles L. Rasberry, chm. , . Roy Barnhill, chief engineer , Richard Carvell, instr. , Chris G. Gagnier, instr. 1 X S? 2 . .QA es X fa ii X si.. Z. I George F. Inzer Jr., instr. Paul G. Minton, prod. engineer College Of Education DIV. OF COUNSELOR ED. AND PSYCH Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, chm. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, prof. Dr. Edmund L. Barnette, assoc. prof. Dr. John L. Burns, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Chaney, asst. prof. Beverly Kay DeWater, instr. Dr. James F. Golden, assoc. prof. Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, asst. prof. Dr. Robert D. Johnson, asst. prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. Carol Sue White, asst. prof. i A Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof. L -in 5 A . ,K M DIV. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. M. Vance Sales, chm. Dr. Carol D. Ham, assoc. prof. Dr. Robert B. Kluge, prof. Dr. Arthur A. Rezny, prof. Dr. Robert E. Stephens, assoc. prof. Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, prof. Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, Dr. Carl F. Vaupel, assoc. Dr. Stanley H. Williams, asst. Dr. Donald E. Wright, assoc. prof. prof. prof. prof. D., SPEC. ED. AND SPEECH PATH. Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chm. Nancy Bacot, instr. Madalyn Brizzi, Dr. Paul D. Burge, assoc. Dr. William G. Chance, Dr. Baron D. Conaway, assoc. Dr. A. Burton Crosswait, assoc. Janie Cruce, Emma Sue Davidson, asst. Betty B. Goldsby, Dr. George Y. Herndon, Dr. Jack Hogins, assoc. Jane LeBlanc, Dr. David C. Loe, asst. William A. Lybarger, asst Carolyn Martin, asst Dr. Robert L. Ohlsen Dr. Emilio Perez, asst Herman W. Strickland, Dr. Mildred B. Vance, DIV. OF HEALTH, P. E. AND Dr. James A. DeVazier, 1 instr. prof. prof. prof. prof. instr. prof. instr. prof. prof. instr. prof. . prof. . prof. prof. prof. instr. prof. REC. chm. Rosalie Barber, dir. of intramurals J. David Burgess, asst. prof. Alta Burns, asst. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. Parker Dykes, Wilbert Gaines, Barbara Hamsley, Gary Holland, Dr. John P. Hosinski, assoc. Gladys M. Hudgins, assoc. Guy Kochel, prof. prof. instr. instr. instr. instr. prof. prof. instr. Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott, prof. John H. Rauth, assoc. prof. William L. Rogers, instr. Frances Smallwood, asst. prof. William J. Sugg, instr. J. A. Tomlinson, prof. Dr. Jess R. White, prof. DIV. OF LIBRARY SCIENCE James W. Hansard, chm. Joan N. Bowman, head ref. lib. Guy DiBenedetto, ref. lib. Nadean Lee, head cir. lib. Mark M. Meadows, order lib. Bonnie Jill Rockwell, cat. lib. Gerry Taylor, head lib. Ella Ward, head cat. lib. College Of Fine Arts W 1 ss .2 x a 4 il www as -Aw-.:.,,f :, ,gp 4 g wi i . 'li tJ I sf .',:: 'sl ' '-. 'fi L is iw an vi K Q. , . X 1 si S 1 4 2137 imc 4' Zigi .gl ffffsg V If " 295' my "-' ,gl QM' 7 A is .T . -if any-W X. L. 'Hz' 5. Terry L. Huckabee, asst. prof. Kenneth Parks, instr. DIV. OF ART Dr. Karl F. Richards, chm. T. R. Baker, asst. prof. Thomas H. Chaffee, asst. prof. James Johnson, asst. prof. John H. Keech, asst. prof. Douglas Latta, instr. Evan Lindquist, distinguished asso Robert Mitchell, asst. prof. Dr. LaVonne Schrieber, asst. prof. DIV. OF MUSIC Donald R. Minx, chm. Harriet Abernathy, instr. Dr. Clifton V. Cowles, prof. Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, prof. Richard Jorgensen, instr. M. Ellis Julien, instr. Dr. J. D. Kelly, asst. prof. Julia R. Lansford, asst. prof. Nora Nausbaum, instr. David Niederbrach, assoc. prof. Dr. James L. Patty, prof. Dr. Edith A. Rhodes, asst. prof. Dr. Daniel F. Ross, instr. C. Bonner Ruff, asst. prof. Sandra B. Seay, instr. Alfred R. Skoog, asst. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dorothy Swindle, instr. Dr. Thomas G. Williams, assoc. prof. prof. DIV. OF SPEECH AND DRAMATIC ARTS Dr. Ovid Lyn Bayless, chm. Linda Sue Davis, instr. -1 I DIV. OF ENG., PHIL. AND LANG. Dr. Charles B. McClelland, chm Lucille Braden, Dr. James B. Burleson, Dr. Charles R. Carr, asst. Dr. William M. Clements, asst. John Scott Darwin, Sammy R. Gennuso, asst Martha Jane Gill, instr. prof. prof. prof. instr prof. instr. Dr. Thomas M. Harwell, prof. George F. Horneker, instr. Dr. Marilyn A. Hubbart, asst. prof. Frances Hunter, instr. Dr. O. Philip James, prof. Dr. Joyce Meeks Jones, asst. prof. Dr. James A. Key, assoc. prof. Arthur Krida, asst. prof. Eleanor S. Lane, assoc. prof. Claire C. Lyons, Dr. Frances M. Malpezzi, asst. Wayne McLaurin, asst. Judy Montgomery, Elizabeth G. Neeley, asst. Dr. George S. Peek, asst. Edward Reilly, Ellen H. Robinson, Susan G. Sanford, Lois A. Swisher, asst. Wanda G. Walker, assoc. instr. prof. prof. instr. prof. prof. instr. instr. instr. prof. prof. Nancy Y. Young, instr. DIV. OF HISTORY Dr. C. K. McFarland, Dr. Larry D. Ball, asst. Dr. Michael B. Dougan, asst. chm. prof. prof. Dr. John A. Galloway, prof. Dr. James E. Griner, prof. Robert Jones, instr. Dr. Charles L. Kenner, assoc. prof. Elizabeth Randall Kindleberger, instr. Dr. Donald E. Konold, prof. Dr. Roger C. Lambert, assoc. prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, assoc. prof. C. Calvin Smith, instr. Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, asst. prof. Dr. Leland R. White, asst. DIV. OF POL. SCI., GEOG. AND Dr. Carolyn J. Zinn, Ronald Aday, Dr. William W. Burns, asst. Grace B. Cox, Jane McBride Gates, prof. SOC. chm. instr. prof. instr. instr. r gi. .. U51 93 . . Za College Of Science Freda A. Greene, instr. Dr. James H. Harrison, asst. prof. Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, asst. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, assoc. prof. Jerry G. King, instr. Dr. Norman R. Layne, asst. prof. Dr. Ross Marlay, asst. prof. W. Allen Martin, instr. Dr. Stanford S. McConkie, asst. prof. Dr. Dan F. Morse, assoc. prof. Dr. John C. Osoinach, prof. Dr. M. Susan Power, assoc. prof. Emmett A. Presley, instr. Chester R. Stewart, asst. prof. Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, asst. prof. Dr. Wayne J. Thorburn, asst. prof. Dr. Stephen J. Tricarico, asst. prof. Dr. J. Larry Williams, asst. prof. DIV. OF BIO. SCIENCES Dr. John K. Beadles, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, assoc. prof. William W. Byrd, assoc. prof. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, assoc. prof. Dr. Jerry R. Hersey, assoc. prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. prof. Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof. Dr. Bob D. Johnson, assoc. prof. Dr. J. Maxine. Manley, assoc. prof. Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, asst. prof. Dr. Larry A. Olson, asst. prof. Dr. Paul L. Raines, asst. prof. Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, assoc. prof. Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake, prof. DIV. OF MATH. AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, chm. Dr. John B. Bennett, asst. prof. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, asst. prof. Dr. Robert H. Bowman, assoc. prof. Daniel O. Felts, instr. Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, prof. Dr. Robert E. Johnson, assoc. prof. B. Marshall Matthews, assoc. Elmer C. Mayes, asst. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc Dr. Julius W. Overbeck, asst. Dr. Robert F. Rossa, 88500 prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. Dr. Charles H. Scanlon, assoc. prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee, asst. prof. Dr. Robert P. Smith, asst Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, Dr. W. F. Wei, 85800 88800 . prof. prof. prof. DIV. OF PHYS. SCIENCES Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, chm. Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc. prof. Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, assoc. prof. Dr. G. David Jimerson, assoc. prof. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc. prof. Robert 0. Saunders, asst. William N. Smith, asst. Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, assoc Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc prof. prof. prof. prof prof. Division Of Military Science Maj. Kenneth Knight, Capt. Talmadge O. Ward, Capt. Floyd Smith, Capt. Roberto Valle, asst. prof. asst. prof. asst. prof. asst. prof. SGM James N. Oller, instr. SFC Cleylon B. Price, instr. Division Of Nursing Beverly M. Bartels, asst. prof. Nellie T. Caffery, instr. Mary S. Hartwig, asst. Malcolm M. Lasher, Lois M. Snider, Janet Tracy, prof. instr. instr. instr. ,uf is 'IN ,Q W Q 'Q 'No 'kmggwximsi 5:6 -fi, Graduate Assistants Craig C. Alberty, Sioux Falls, S.D., Music Peggy J. Alexander, Bono, Special Ed. Eddie H. Arnold, Sparkman, Bus. Adm. Bruce Augsburger, Benson, Ill., Bus. Adm. Robert Hayes Baber, Jonesboro, Biology Olyn R. Bailey III, Chesterfield, Mo., P.E. Dale R. Barron, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Mary M. Bast, Milwaukee, Wisc., English Bobby Blackman, North Little Rock, History Marolyn G. Blankenship, Corning, English Steve M. Bounds, Paragould, Biology Jack E. Bowers, Jonesboro, Counselor Ed. William C. Carhart, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Carmen Choate, Judsonia, Early Childhood Robert Choate Jr., Fort Smith, Speech Path. Amanda L. Clifton, Wheatley, History Cherry W. Cook, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Jeffrey Copeland, St. Louis, Mo., English Virginia K. Coyle, Pollard, Reading Lee A. Daniel, Searcy, P.E. Carol L. Davis, Dexter, Mo., P.E. Brenda Jan Dodson, Harrison, Speech Path. Karole E. Edwards, Dexter, Mo., P.E. Robert D. Faut, Glasgow, Ky., Mathematics Elizabeth French, Monroe, La., Rehab. Couns. Geralyn Freyaldenhoven, Morrilton, P.E. Lawrence F. Garrison, Monticello, Music Joyce M. Gilmer, Earle, Special Ed. Theresa A. Gist, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Deborah D. Goodwin, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Cheryl Graves, Cahokia, Ill., Mathematics Cynthia L. Henry, Blytheville, Bus. Adm. Andrea R. Hicks, England, Music Patti S. Higginbottom, Tuckerman, Bus. Ed. Doris A. Holland, West Helena, P.E. James A. Huggins, Paragould, Biology Jim R. Ipsen, LaCrosse, Wisc., Music David H. Johnson, Paragould, Music Ricky D. Kelley, Forrest City, History Diana L. Ketcham, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Phillip D. Kingston, Paragould, Mathematics Larry D. LaGrand, Marked Tree, Pol. Sci. Tommy R. LeCroy, Little Rock, Biology Jean A. Lorance, Kennett, Mo., English Thomas MacMillan, N. Little Rock, History Danny W. Mallett, Searcy, P.E. William W. Matthews, Newport, Chemistry Reta E. McCarroIl, Black Rock, English if, ., Q- 31 a35.i:?3l'1 55 n 'iwpiff-.r..fv - 7 ...H f W. ,.a.,.,Jg.,,,. 1 7, ..w.-f.- .-.- 1 -w .ff...a,,af.Q1gmsg? ? .- xi: .wwf - 7 L x .. ,, . WW. if E.fw42a 3,5 H. Y -sf Sk. Q . l Q M 5 -' Y .g .-, . 4 .f is ., Si tk is . , . . A . 3 x ,. a LJ .f-,M.f,e,,..a' 1 .. s .Mi y " XA -we-fl ' 5 s. ' ' vu , ' X 1 f l :QW 'X . 2. , uP"5a 1 ' ' M, .Jl'!.a?3l' 'E .." 3 " 5 inf ,'f'. f.V'f1 : f' ,. . . S a . . .mg as, ., 1 ff S .. S A . ... at it ,. :.z.iS:5f"w ,s fs 1. . S ' V . V5 J ' -qi? .f 1 "" v lk . Q ci. 1 ' F' 1 . . WF S, . , . . . 1 . V , 9 H Q M ,- y.,a - a if My ry 4' sk' 4,- e Q , '31 I ,Aus . , . f Ui " S 1 t . , 3 ai .B Dwight M. Williams, Paragould, Biology Karen Williams, Myrtle Beach, S.C., History Donna W. Wiseman, Jonesboro, Reading Graduate Assistants Cynthia G. McClintock, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Raymond D. McDaniel, Woodleaf, N.C., Math. Donald G. McGohan, North Little Rock, Music Carolyn S. Merritt, McNeil, English Carolyn E. Morgan, Marked Tree, English Glenda K. Morgan, Lepanto, Special Ed. Kelly Morris, Jonesboro, English Jane Nahlen, North Little Rock, Special Ed. Shirley J. Niemi, Des Arc, Bus. Ed. Karen L. Polk, Little Rock, History Rick T. Ramsey, Manila, Biology Charlene D. Robbins, Paragould, History Joseph D. Roque, Natchitoches, La., History David A. Saugey, Little Rock, Biology James M. Sheppard, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Kenneth L. Smith, Hot Springs, Biology Mary Miller Smith, Malvern, English William R. Stanley, Batesville, Pol. Sci. Gary W. Stephenson, Dierks, Biology Dennis L. Summer, Danville, Ill., Pol. Sci. David V. Tackett, Dayton, Ohio, Ed. Adm. John P. Tate, North Little Rock, Biology James A. Thompson, Rector, Biology Coma L. Tippitt, Corning, Bus. Adm. Judith E. Toppe, Monticello, Bus. Ed. Twilla M. Treece, Paragould, Bus. Ed. W. Winston Turpin Jr., Pine Bluff, Music Jan L. Tyler, Pocahontas, English Paula D. Valentine, Augusta, P. E. Martin H. Walker, Nanuet, N.Y., Biology Rickey Warner, New Orleans, La., Bus. Adm. Mary S. Weaver, West Plains, Mo., P. E. Sally H. Wellman, Pocahontas, Couns. Ed. Sandy Lee Wells, Manila, P. E. Bonnie J. Whitlow, Walnut Ridge, English Edith M. Wilford, Black Rock, P. E. 5 Graduate Students David W. Abell, Paragould Thomas A. Armstrong, Brinkley Jane E. Ball, Cabot Anita Barksdale, Jonesboro Harry G. Beasley, Heth Melinda Berry, Holland, Mo. William Bowman, Ellendale, Minn. Omer Bramblett, Sulphur Rock Shirley Briggs, Gosnell Arthur Broughton, Little Rock Gary D. Busby, Newport Francis Campbell, Imboden Mitzi Casper, Forrest City Ralph Cheshier, Nettleton Ernest Clark, Raleigh, N.C. Libby Crook, Jonesboro Terri Crowe, Caruthersville, Mo. Warner C. Cruce, McGehee John E. Damron, Jonesboro Kimberly Dean, Blytheville Wernes Dethmann, Jonesboro Annette Elkins, Jonesboro Stephen L. Gipson, McCrory James C. Graves, Jonesboro Sandi Y. Green, Jonesboro Diana L. Greer, Jonesboro Francis Gregson, Jonesboro Mike A. Grogan, Paragould Ronnie D. Guthrie, Trumann Ted R. Hardin, Marmaduke Rayznon B. Harvey, El Dorado Jerald D. Haun, Jonesboro Pamela Hayes, West Plains, Mo. Catherine Henderson, Jonesboro Daniel A. Hester, Paragould James R. Holland, Jonesboro Romayne F. Holland, Jonesboro Tomazine Holmes, Jonesboro Andrea Horner, Rector James L. Hutchins, Marion Barbara Jackson, N. Little Rock Cheryl K. Jenkins, Hazen Michael Johnson, Camden Stephen H. Johnson, Paragould Barbara A. Keller, Jonesboro Andrew Kelly, Paragould Deborah Kious, Lancaster, Calif. Doy R. Knight, Bald Knob Robert A. Lamb, Harrisburg Ray G. Landers, Cave City Larry D. Lawrence, Jonesboro Carolyn Lee, Marianna Michael P. Linz, Bryant Carol J. Loe, Jonesboro Cath M Marlow Jonesboro Y - 1 John Marotta, Spg. Lake Hgts., N.J. 286 sas. amsf- as Q sgwgft- ...gas " nwiiii' . a.s,ff:fi,f , . ' , . L its 3" , . x -. in M W, . ,,.. Sige- tl.. U l X !'E,s9'sL 91 'K iiwffi L l . it t X F W ' if it 'B .'-'i',!: Z'F7L1i1.:vz' . S at , . -A 2,1 ,lt . w 2- E . , :ia ,. .eral as V, A - ' 'sal me Er Q ,gala 'L 1 A 'Qs x ., Q sxtaffrgid S' .-own-5,1 when - J Af X 4 L' X: i fi' ww- :aging ey 911 . - Q, .. Q '3 "1-!r"'e'4 -7 . N ' Q if X K, F Graduate Students Brent W. Martin, Blytheville Larry L. McFadden, Paragould Ivan Joe Miles, Newport Cynthia Mink, Jonesboro Debbie Moore, Fayetteville Ronald Murphy, Paragould Michael L. Norman, Brinkley William Panneck, Jonesboro Warren Payne, Alexandria, Va. Patrick Pettengell, Jonesboro Billy R. Prince, Harrisburg Robert Pritchett, Corning Susan Reasoner, Jonesboro Ken Renshaw, Salt Lake City, Utah Bryan D. Reuteler, Jonesboro Danny Richardson, Cardwell, Mo. Donna Ring, Blytheville Christy Rothgery, Jonesboro John Rushing, Jonesboro Paula Samford, Caruthersville, Mo. Sharon Shannon, Harrisburg Ralph Sheridan, Benton John Smalling, Paragould Gary M. Smith, Jonesboro Harvey Sontag, Little Rock Rex J. Steele, Jonesboro Charles H. Stotts, Caraway James E. Tart, Blytheville Billy R. Thomas, Tyronza Ronald C. Toppe, Jonesboro John C. Trice, Jonesboro Gary Tritch, St. Louis, Mo. Bill Tyer, West Ridge Kathy Vaughn, Cardwell, Mo. Susan Vestal, Jonesboro John Waleszonia, Jonesboro Charlotte Wilcoxson, Jonesboro Glynda Williams, Horseshoe Bend J. H. Williams, Little Rock Robert Winchester, Pocahontas Anthia Wimiingham, Bradford Rebecca Yarbrough, Little Rock 287 Seniors Robert P. Abbott, Jonesboro, Real Estate 8: Ins. Michele J. Abernathy, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Doug Acklin, North Little, Rock, Journalism Gerald W. Adams, Arbyrd, Mo., Accounting John F. Adams, Hardy, Pol. Sci. Marilyn J. Adams, Cardwell, Mo., Early Childhood Eldon L. Alexander, Wilson, Agri. Engr. Gladys M. Alexander, Mount Vernon, Journalism Norma R. Alexander, Stuttgart, Accounting Kenneth M. Allbritton, Marvell, Bus. Adm. Andy F. Allen, Wynne, Management Ashley E. Allen, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Debra A. Allen, Williford, English Thomas N. Allen, Marianna, Sociology Scott Allison, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Gerald M. Alsup, Hayti, Mo., Art Sharon J. Archer, Wilson, Speech Path. Kevin H. Arnold, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. Walker A. Ashbrand, Portageville, Mo., Accounting Jennifer K. Asher, Neelyville, Mo., P. E. Randy S. Atkison, Corning, Gen. Bus. Steve Atkisson, Corning, P. E. Mark K. Aufderheide, DeWitt, Management Connie J. Austin, Wynne, Soc. Sci. Russell M. Bailey, Bono, History Diana L. Baioni, Marion, Medical Tech. Joan L. Baker, North Little Rock, Early Childhood LeMon F. Baker, Little Rock, Zoology Radius H. Baker, Rector, P. E. Robert H. Baker, College City, Psychology Vicki L. Baker, Kennett, Mo., Soc. Sci. Paul Balducci, Cleveland, Miss., Sociology David S. Baldwin, Forrest City, Gen. Bus. Mary A. Balest, Little Rock, P. E. Douglas A. Baltz, Pocahontas, Zoology Jeanette M. Baltz, Pocahontas, Accounting Emma J. Banks, Forrest City, Sociology Russell Barber, West Memphis, Criminology Michael J. Bare, Piggott, Gen. Bus. Ramona L. Barker, Cane Hill, Sociology X si' Seniors William D. Barker, North Little Rock, Math. Ed. Marjorie L. Barringer, Jonesboro, English Walter W. Barton, Keiser, Pol. Sci. David E. Bass III, Richmond, Va., English Ed. Brenda S. Battles, Little Rock, Special Ed. Jeffrey B. Baughman, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgmt. Joyce Anita Baxter, Wynne, Speech Path. Marguerite Beard, Clarendon, Psychology Glynn N. Beckman, Bernie, Mo., P. E. Oren M. Bellamy, Hot Springs, Animal Sci. Gary S. Bennett, Carlisle, Gen. Agri. Millicent A. Berry, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. David M. Bettis, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Charles R. Bidewell, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Music Ed. Susan G. Bierbaum, Jonesboro, Chemistry Kay S. Billings, Helena, Early Childhood Jackie E. Billingsley, Leachville, Early Childhood Pamela H. Billingsley, Leachville, Early Childhood Bobby D. Billups, Texas City, Tex., Radio-TV Sherry L. Bishoff, Leachville, Biology Anna M. Bishop, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Joseph W. Black, Newport, Management Deborah G. Blackburn, Biggers, Soc. Sci. Donald W. Blackburn, Jonesboro, P. E. Kenny I.. Blackshear, Jonesboro, Management Belinda A. Blagg, Neelyville, Mo., Early Childhood John H. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Bernard K. Bodell, Jonesboro, Radio-TV David N. Bodenhamer, Mountain Home, Gen. Agri. Michael W. Boeckmann, Wynne, Agronomy Richard E. Boeckmann, Wynne, Phy. Sci. William E. Bohannon, Searcy, Psychology Oral C. Bolding, Bald Knob, Management Wayne D. Boling, Heber Springs, Printing Cora L. Bowe, Brinkley, Criminology Ralph N. Bowling, Malden, Mo., Criminology Regina G. Bowman, Jonesboro, Journalism Perry I.. Boxx, Paragould, Pol. Sci. Terry W. Boxx, Paragould, Sociology Garry I.. Boyd, Black Oak, Phy. Sci. Seniors Shirley J. Boyd, Paragould, Early Childhood Karen L. Brackin, Marion, Elem. Ed. Lynn L. Branch, Paragould, Special Ed. Billy R. Brandt, Jonesboro, Accounting Linda J. Brannon, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Joanne Branscum, Lake City, Sec. Sci. Nancy C. Bratton, Corning, Art Calvin L. Brawley, Leighton, Ala., Bus. Adm. Nathaniel R. Brazwell, Newport, P. E. Patrick A. Breeding, Enola, Agri. Ed. Angie M. Brewer, Leachville, Early Childhood Judy C. Brewer, Kennett, Mo., Early Childhood Linda J. Brewer, Pine Bluff, Sociology Joe L. Brimer, Bald Knob, P. E. JoAnn Brinkley, Bradford, P. E. Linda S. Brizzi, North Little Rock, Instr. Music Marilyn J. Broadway, Moro, Journalism Roger D. Brooks, Jonesboro, P. E. . Ben M. Brown, Cave City, P. E. Dorothy Clark Brown, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Horace S. Brown Jr., Hot Springs, Pol. Sci. Jack Brown Jr., Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. Marilyn Brown, Forrest City, Journalism Mark C. Brown, Trumann, Zoology Sam L. Brown, Osceola, Sociology Thomas G. Brown, Wynne, Psychology Tim O. Brown, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Gary M. Browning, Augusta, Social Work Gaylon M. Bruce, Paragould, Marketing Suzie E. Brummett, Paragould, P. E. Beverly L. Buchanan, Blytheville, Psychology Pam K. Buchanan, Campbell, Mo., Music Frederick W. Buhrmester Jr., Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Gerald D. Bullard, Newport, Gen. Bus. Kent E. Bullard, Helena, Marketing Linda K. Bullock, Swifton, Accounting William G. Bullock, Fort Smith, Pol. Sci. Rodger D. Bumpass, Little Rock, Radio-TV Joseph K. Bures, North Little Rock, Medical Tech. Paula Jo Burge, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. I ms. .W , , .. ef if ,Q si S .. .,i. may , .... ,. as N 1 wg Q. Tir 6 A tfjaii 'Www gif E 'n 5? 4...- Seniors Dan A. Burks, Blytheville, Speech Path. Patricia A. Burnett, Marianna, Journalism Ricky M. Burns, Cabot, Agri. Ed. Michael L. Burroughs, Hot Springs, Accounting Pamela J. Busby, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Janis E. Bush, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Gary D. Bushert, Bethany, Ill., Accounting Benjamin M. Butler, Pangburn, Phy. Sci. Paulette Byars, Detroit, Mich., Speech Gloria J. Byrd, Jonesboro, Horticulture James C. Caldwell, Big Spring, Tex., Radio-TV Mitchell D. Caldwell, Lake City, Accounting Gary A. Calkin, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Phareta Calkin, Jonesboro, Journalism David H. Cameron, Holcomb, Mo., Accounting Mike H. Camp, Jonesboro, Accounting Herman T. Cantrell, Dallas, Tex., P. E. Ricky M. Caples, Jonesboro, P. E. Donald R. Carlow, Marianna, Accounting Richard A. Carnes, El Dorado, Sociology Gilbert D. Carpenter, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Kennan A. Carpenter, North Little Rock, Zoology Martin B. Carpenter, Ash Flat, Finance Steve P. Carpenter, Waldenburg, Gen. Agri. Martin W. Carr, Carlisle, Ohio, Marketing Gaye L. Carter, Delaplaine, Early Childhood Kathy S. Carter, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Keith A. Carter, Steele, Mo., Agri. Ed. Sharon M. Carter, Paragould, Instr. Music Marilyn Caruthers, McRae, Gen. Bus. Gail Davis Case, Deering, Mo., Speech Path. George W. Cash, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Margie L. Cash, Wilson, Marketing Lynda J. Casteel, North Little Rock, Special Ed. Steven M. Cates, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology Jett C. Cato, Stuttgart, Real Estate 8: Ins. Susan L. Cato, Rogers, Accounting Kelly J. Chandler, Joiner, P. E. Janet A. Chappell, Wheatley, Elem. Ed. Jerry W. Cheatom, El Dorado, Printing Seniors Sherris F. Cheshier, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Judith A. Chester, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Danny R. Chism, Mena, Sociology Janet Chou, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Jack C. Christie, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Michael B. Chronister, Jonesboro, Fine Arts Larry D. Clark, Bono, Real Estate 8x Ins. John E. Clay, Blytheville, Criminology Cynthia J. Clayton, Braggadocio, Mo., Mathematics Palmer S. Clemmons Jr., Tamo, Gen. Bus. Linda A. Clemons, West Memphis, Speech Path. Nancy L. Clemons, Clinton, Zoology Susan R. Clifft, Franklin, P. E. James P. Coffman, Russell, Gen. Bus. Regina P. Cohn, Holcomb, Mo., Marketing Beverly Ann Coker, Searcy, Bus. Ed. Don H. Coker, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Anner J. Cole, Wynne, Sociology Sandra A. Cole, West Memphis, Sociology Betty L. Coleman, Newport, Elem. Ed. Debra L. Coleman, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Millie J. Collins, Ash Flat, English William C. Collins, West Plains, Mo., Social Work Kenneth R. Conatser, Trumann, Medical Tech. Shelley Conkling, Houston, Tex., Vocal Music Kenneth G. Conner, Helena, Accounting William F. Cook, Eudora, Management Terry L. Coomer, Blytheville, Speech Path. Dixie L. Cooper, Bay, P. E. Rodney L. Cooper, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Marilyn A. Copeland, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Daniel J. Corbett, Hoxie, Agri. Engr. Kenneth W. Cotter, Viola, Agri. Engr. Paulette I. Cover, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Alan D. Cox, Osceola, Plant Sci. Thomas T. Craft, Lake Helen, Fla., Agri. Ed. Paul H. Craig, Calico Rock, Criminology Susan G. Craig, Tyronza, Zoology Danny R. Crawford, Corning, Management John M. Crawford, Pine Bluff, Economics sg' Q .L gg, N ,sn .sis X 1' V X xl 'eg i , H Xl Ki: fi ' ii If xi ii id' K' . 5 W... slr . V -L, 'F fiff-fgiil f f Q? 5' , . .. as 3 . . af iq gfgaf., Hia ,nf " .Q - gm.: ,, ,V ff' are .gg if Semors Tommy E. Crawford, Blytheville, Psychology James E. Creech, Jonesboro, Marketing Robert R. Cress, Fayetteville, Pre-Law Judith W. Crews, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Bill S. Crismon, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Faye L. Cromwell, Pine Bluff, P. E. LouAnn Croom, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Doyle D. Cross, Stuttgart, Sociology William E. Crotts Jr., Grubbs, P. E. Teresa J. Crowe, Blytheville, Biology Carolyn G. Crum, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Scotty D. Crutcher, Newport, Speech Path. Randall P. Culpepper, Pine Bluff, Marketing Al B. Cunningham, Helena, Pol. Sci. Harold C. Cunningham, Success, Mathematics Linda K. Cunningham, Little Rock, Art Ed. Donna L. Curry, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Gary E. Curton, Trumann, Special Ed. Joyce M. Dallas, Marked Tree, Sec. Sci. Sharon Ann Dallas, Manila, Early Childhood David G. Daniel, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Terry L. Daniel, Dumas, Drama Jerry R. Darr, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Andy M. Davidson, Paragould, Zoology Wanda G. Davidson, Knobel, Pre-Pharmacy Billy D. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo., Art Ed. Donna B. Davis, Altheimer, Art Ed. Jill Davis, Jonesboro, Art John W. Davis, St. Petersburg, Fla., P. E. Ronnie A. Davis, Bay, P. E. Sandra L. Davis, Bay, Elem. Ed. Sharon L. Davis, Jonesboro, Journalism William J. Davison III, Marvell, Bus. Ed. Jerry Dawson, Forrest City, Music Beverly G. Dean, Little Rock, Early Childhood Charles W. Deatherage, Egypt, Mathematics Dan L. Deatherage, Lake City, Management Sharon L. Deckelman, Crossett, English Ed. Dennis E. Deere, Portageville, Mo., Soc. Sci. Carla A. Delaney, Hope, Sec. Sci. Seniors Randolph G. Dennis, Osceola, Radio-TV Teresa J. DePew, White Oak, Mo., Speech Path. George M. DeRoeck, Jonesboro, Psychology Jeff A. Dethrow, Oklahoma City, Okla., Management Audrey E. Dietz, Jonesboro, Psychology Cleatus E. Dobbins, Manila, Zoology Rodney L. Dobbs, Melbourne, Art Ron E. Dobbs, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Tom J. Dodd, Batesville, Art Charlie A. Donham, Lepanto, P. E. Linda A. Donner, Manila, Soc. Sci. Sheri A. Dorsey, West Memphis, Sociology Garry R. Doty, Trumann, Social Work William A. Drake, Paragould, Art Ed. Jerry B. Driver, Osceola, History Dan Dubach, Marvell, Agriculture Jerry Duff, Hughes, Radio-TV Paul M. Dugger, Osceola, Wildlife Mgmt. Robert P. Dugger, Newport, Radio-TV Steven L. Duke, Beebe, Criminology Anne Dunlap, North Little Rock, Printing Larry J. Dunn, Ash Flat, Accounting Kathy D. Easley, Grubbs, English Judy K. Eason, Coldwater, Miss., Psychology Larry C. Eckman, Jonesboro, Music Robert C. Eckman, Thayer, Mo., Radio-TV Judy L. Edmisten, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Marilyn M. Elkins, Piggott, Special Ed. David W. Ellis, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Kathy D. 'Elrod, Bay, Elem. Ed. Ricky O. Elumbaugh, Batesville, P. E. Kenneth B. Emerson, Oran, Mo., P. E. George A. Enderwood, Doniphan, Mo., Sociology Donnie G. England, Trumann, Agri. Ed. Kayla S. Erwin, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Stephen R. Erwin, Little Rock, Music Ed. Kathleen M. Evans, West Ridge, Early Childhood Mickey O. Evans, Greenway, Agronomy Betsy Millwee Everett, Marked Tree, Pre-Med Sharon Fallis, Wynne, Early Childhood X Y S- xv I P -if at Q? Seniors Barry Farris, Evening Shade, Agri. Ed. Steven D. Faulk, North Little Rock, Commercial Art Larry S. Felts, Nettleton, Biology Ed. Kimberly M. Fender, Bradford, Early Childhood Lowell Fenner, Jonesboro, Physics Barbara D. Fields, Lake City, Bus. Ed. Anita S. Fifer, Wynne, Early Childhood Anna B. Files, Hunter, Journalism Sharon L. Findley, Little Rock, Zoology Vicki L. Firestone, Harriet, Sociology James Fitzgerald, West Memphis, Pol. Sci. Cynthia Lee Flannigan, Osceola, Sociology Vickie L. Fleming, Osceola, Early Childhood James L. Fletcher, Mountain Grove, Mo., Instr. Music Linda F. Fletcher, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Patricia A. Fletcher, Little Rock, Early Childhood Mike Flynn, Jonesboro, P. E. Larry D. Forbis, Jonesboro, Mathematics Phyllis Ford, Paragould, Accounting James Hodges Forrester, West Memphis, Gen. Bus. Kathryn G. Forrester, Trumann, Medical Tech. Bobby J. Foster, Bakersfield, Mo., Soc. Sci. Vicki I. Foster, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Ronnie H. Fowler, Harrisburg, Accounting James N. France, Heth, Accounting Susan M. Francis, Blytheville, Speech Path. Roger A. Franks, Jonesboro, Sociology Richard Frazier, Cave City, Gen. Bus. Gerald C. Freligh Jr., Paragould, Pol. Sci. Margaret W. Freppon, Bald Knob, Social Work Joan C. Frost, Marked Tree, Music Ed. Nickey C. Fudge, Batesville, Management Vickie L. Fulbright, Wynne, Art Ed. William A. Fulkerson III, Paragould, History Paula Kay Fulks, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Charles E. Fullen, Paragould, Accounting Charles E. Gaines, Blytheville, Radio-TV Terry R. Gairhan, Trumann, Agri. Bus. Damon L. Gamble, Senath, Mo., Soc. Sci. Edward E. Gann Jr., Alton, Mo., Art I Seniors James E. Gardner, Batesville, Wildlife Mgmt. Joan E. Gardner, Jonesboro, English Ed. Robert E. Gardner, Hoxie, Zoology Sue K. Garner, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Edward S. Garretson, West Point, Gen. Bus. Erma J. Gates, West Memphis, Early Childhood Phil M. Gattas, Memphis, Tenn., Agriculture Michael L. Gauf, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Gary D. Gazaway, Pocahontas, Radio-TV Ronnie L. Gean, Tyronza, P. E. Grady F. Gennings, Jonesboro, Marketing Robert W. Gibbs, Brinkley, Accounting Charlia S. Gibson, Bono, Soc. Sci. Ernestine W. Gibson, West Memphis, Bus. Ed. Ralph C. Gibson, Jonesboro, History Rebecca A. Gibson, Marmaduke, Mathematics Roy E. Gibson, Jonesboro, Accounting Arcadio L. Gil, Mexico City, Mex., Printing Barbara A. Gill, Tyronza, Special Ed. James R. Gill, Blytheville, Accounting Jerry L. Gilliam, Paragould, Agri. Ed. Roger L. Gilmore, Swifton, Agri. Ed. Ginger L. Gist, Jonesboro, Biology Ed. Randy Golden, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Ronald L. Goo, Helena, Art Lammerion Goodwin Jr., Brinkley, Pol. Sci. Neal B. Gordon, Little Rock, Marketing James R. Gore, Osceola, Agri. Engr. Jenny L. Gore, Forrest City, Early Childhood Jimmy J. Goza, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Ann Grable, Portageville, Mo., Music Denice A. Grady, Escondido, Calif., Journalism James M. Graham, Marmaduke, Soc. Sci. Elder Granger, West Memphis, Zoology Nathan L. Grant, Manila, Accounting Jesse C. Gray, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Biology Paul E. Gray Jr. West Memphis, Gen. Bus. Richard M. Gray, Marked Tree, Agronomy Rita C. Gray, Paragould, Speech Path. Malcolm C. Greenway, Blytheville, Psychology .. ....,.. Aggie 5 - 5. ... J 4 1:7 " 2 A TT W5 ' 'fi ' LNFHZSF' S 'gsm S K '1- .. 5 iw . x. .fi A, A is in FGM 2 f- ff?-'ffisvwq ii' e Q I 'f' S5 sf T M 1 Seniors Dyana L. Greer, Ellsinore, Mo., Elem. Ed. James E. Greer, Fort Worth, Tex., Marketing Johnny P. Gregory, Benton, Criminology Pamela J. Griffin, Jonesboro, Finance Debbie M. Grigg, Mountain Home, English Ed. Allen N. Grommet, Brinkley, Physics James M. Grover, Des Moines, Iowa, English Barbara J. Grubbs, Marianna, Gen. Bus. Robert W. Grubbs, Marianna, Commercial Art Jerry M. Guest Sr., Marianna, Accounting Earl W. Gunn, Jonesboro, Management Michael K. Gurlen, Jonesboro, Journalism Calvin L. Guthrie, Rector, Wildlife Mgmt. James R. Guy, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Debra K. Gwaltney, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Jack F. Gwin, Sheridan, Sociology Patrick H. Hackman, Letona, Agriculture John F. Hafner, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. June D. Hafner, Jonesboro, P. E. Deborah L. Haines, Jonesboro, Sociology Mary K. Halbert, Palestine, Chemistry James K. Halbrook, Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Mary Ann Halbrook, Pine Bluff, Early Childhood James D. Hale, Altheimer, Management Michael Joe Hale, Cherokee Village, Radio-TV Bettye J. Hall, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Frankie Hall, Delaplaine, Commercial Art Glenda J. Hall, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Helen M. Hall, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Yvonne J. Hall, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Robin Hamilton, Paragould, Early Childhood Melanie F. Hamlett, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Lynnette Hammons, Forrest City, Art Larry G. Hannah, Humeston, Iowa, Wildlife Mgmt. Susan M. Hansen, Cherokee Village, Education Marcel E. Hanzlik, Hot Springs, Wildlife Mgmt. Jeffrey J. Harbison, Wynne, Gen. Bus. Debra C. Harden, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Carla J. Hardesty, Campbell, Mo., Special Ed. Ersell R. Hardin, Searcy, Pol. Sci. 1297 Seniors Stephen L. Hardin, Marmaduke, Pol. Sci. Steve T. Harig, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Janice M. Harlan, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Rick 0. Harmon, Bono, P. E. Candis K. Harrell, Walnut Ridge, English Ed. Nancy E. Harrington, Decatur, Jomnalism Marcus D. Harris, Oil Trough, Soc. Sci. Tresa Charmain Harris, Jonesboro, Journalism James R. Harrison, Vine Grove, Ky., Pol. Sci. Larry Hayes, Lake Village, History Marsha D. Haywood, Piggott, Bus. Ed. Debra D. Hazelwood, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Barbara A. Heard, Bald Knob, P. E. Carl J. Heckmann, Harrisburg, Management Sharon R. Heeb, Harrisburg, Bus. Ed. Michael D. Heflin, Jonesboro, Accounting George N. Helm, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Sherrill J. Henderson, Trumann, Speech Path. Michael Hendricks, Pine Bluff, Journalism Garnetta Hendrickson, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Speech Path. James G. Henshaw, Harrisburg, Agri. Bus. Barry K. Henson, Wynne, Radio-TV Jerry W. Herrington, Sidney, Criminology Barney A. Hess, Jonesboro, P. E. Phyllis A. Hester, Malden, Mo., Speech Path. Charmian C. Hexem, Jonesboro, Music Molly L. Hickox, Cheshire, Conn., Drama William A. Hieber, Jonesboro, Zoology Anita F. Hilger, Judsonia, Elem. Ed. Deborah L. Hill, Forrest City, Pre-Med Diane Hill, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Dorothy Hill, Moro, Sociology Gay Hill, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. Jackie L. Hill, Trumann, Botany Janet M. Hill, Paragould, Early Childhood Kenneth W. Hill, Pine Bluff, Accounting Rouss A. Hill, Caruthersville, Mo., Zoology Cathy S. Hilton, Kensett, Animal Sci. Monte D. Himschoot, Ash Flat, Psychology Michael L. Hinds, Jonesboro, Agri. Eng'r. N,,,iN..4 46 f W una ,cz-1-.-1-.4 A i .fir 131 Seniors David G. Hines, West Memphis, Soc. Sci. Barbara N. Hogue, Pine Bluff, Early Childhood Julianne S. Holcomb, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Charles R. Holder, Paragould, Psychology Michael W. Holder, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Sharon K. Holland, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Richard E. Holman, Cash, Wildlife Mgmt. Deborah E. Holmes, Cooter, Mo., Radio-TV Daniel E. Holstead, Blytheville, Geography Gail A. Holt, Harrison, Special Ed. Samuel D. Hoover, Snow Lake, Mathematics Carl E. Horton, Forrest City, Agronomy Judy A. Horton, St. Charles, English Ed. Terry W. Horton, Paragould, Wildlife Mgmt. Jane A. Howard, Amagon, Accounting John D. Howard, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Ronald Wayne Howard, Paragould, Psychology Teresa Howard, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Thomas M. Howard, Pine Bluff, P. E. Bill R. Hubbard, Washington, D.C., Accounting Dewitt C. Hubbell Jr., Maynard, Elem. Ed. Susan M. Hudgens, Little Rock, Commercial Art Cathy S. Huggins, Paragould, Botany John C. Huggins, Paragould, Biology Ed. Jesse D. Hughes, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Olanda A. Hughes, Williford, Pol. Sci. James T. Hunter, Windsor, N. C., Printing Ed. Saundra I. Hunter, Alicia, Early Childhood William K. Hurley, Weiner, Plant Sci. Deborah J. Hutson, Hardy, Bus. Ed. Bonnie B. Hyde, Paragould, Journalism Judith G. Hyde, Little Rock, Biology Laurence J. Hylle, Wynne, Pre-Pharmacy Carmelita Hyneman, Chicago, Ill., Zoology Benjamin A. Idiong, Calaban, Nigeria, Phy. Sci. Deborah K. Impson, Hope, French Steve D. Inboden, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Thomas E. Inebnit, Elaine, P. E. David A. Ingram, North Little Rock, French Mackie F. Ingram, Forrest City, English Seniors Alice Ironside, Pleasant Plains, Special Ed. Peggy A. Ivy, Timbo, Soc. Sci. Lonnie E. Jackson III, Paragould, Zoology Steve G. Jackson, Paragould, Wildlife Mgmt. Alphonso James, Helena, P. E. Elizabeth E. James, Manila, Elem. Ed. Kathryn E. James, Pine Bluff, Spanish Lauren L. Jamison, Blytheville, Social Work Richard C. Jans, Little Rock, Radio-TV Joseph M. Jarrett, Poughkeepsie, Agri. Bus. Elise C. Jenkins, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. John W. Jenkins, Roanoke Rapids, N. C., Pol. Sci. Kenneth G. Jessup, DeWitt, Agronomy Betty C. Jetton, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Anita S. Johnson, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Anthony D. Johnson, Cherokee Village, Pre-Med Kathy A. Johnson, Pollard, Soc. Sci Larry D. Johnson, Jonesboro, Accounting Rick H. Johnson, Helena, Education Debra S. Jones, Teaneck, N. J., Gen. Bus. Dianne M. Jones, Osceola, Bus. Ed. James Steven Jones, McCrory, Pre-Med. Janet S. Jones, Pine Bluff, Bus. Ed. Ray F. Jones, Pine Bluff, Zoology Roy R. Jones, Hayti, Mo., Accounting Samuel B. Jones, Wilson, Gen. Bus. Toni R. Jones, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Victor W. Jones, Pine Bluff, Management Gregory R. Jordan, Norfolk, Va., Printing Mgmt. Michael L. Joseph, Pine Bluff, Journalism Jimmy L. Julian, Osceola, Pol. Sci. George A. Kaloghirou, Nicosia, Cyprus, Economics Arnold R. Kaut, Summersville, Mo., Animal Sci. Ricky Kay, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Patrick Keck, Little Rock, Journalism Sandra K. Kee, Jonesboro, Accounting Pamela S. Keeling, St. Joe, Bus. Ed. Thomas F. Keeling, St. Joe, Agri. Ed. Juliana D. Keith, Bono, Special Ed. Randy C. Kellems, Brookland, Music L 5-rip as Seniors Peggy L. Keller, Jonesboro, Speech Mary B. Kelley, Joiner, Early Childhood Sharon L. Kelley, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Gary L. Kemp, Jonesboro, Real Estate 8 Ins. Karen R. Kemp, Jonesboro, Botany Sharon L. Kemp, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Rebecca L. Kendrick, Stuttgart, Art Robert H. Kendrick Jr., Osceola, Special Ed. Stephen B. Kennon, Hickory Ridge, Biology Steve A. Kent, Jonesboro, Management Robert 0. Kern, Jonesboro, Music Patricia A. Kernodle, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Bill Kerr, Harrisburg, Gen. Bus. Norma J. Kersey, Wheatley, English Lawrence A. King, West Memphis, Journalism Diane M. Kinsworthy, Jonesboro, Accounting Terry W. Kinsworthy, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Nancy P. Kirkley, Jonesboro, Mathematics Ed. Larry D. Kissee, Mammoth Spring, Gen. Bus. Jaime E. Klipsch, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. Mark J. Klosterman, St. Louis, Mo., Management Larry D. Knapp, Elaine, Gen. Bus. Jelina K. Knight, Bono, Special Ed. Jean A. Koppenhaver, Alton, Ill., Marketing Janet L. Kueter, Paragould, Phy. Sci. Donald G. Ladd, Lake City, Marketing Sharon E. Lamb, Jonesboro, Special Ed. William H. Lamb, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Stewart K. Lambert, Cherokee Village, Pol. Sci. Doris M. Landrum, Newport, Speech Path. Terry Van Langston, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Dennis L. Lard, Jonesboro, Management Willie E. Larry, Kiblah, Pol. Sci. Hugh T. Lasater Jr., Waverly, N. Y., Wildlife Mgmt Alan L. Latourette, Jonesboro, Biology Lyle A. Lattimore, Arcadia, Fla., Commercial Art Jackie Ray Law, West Memphis, Management Kris L. Lawrence, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Sharon E. Lawrence, Helena, Commercial Art Linda S. Layman, Paragould, Accounting Seniors Marilyn Ann Leary, Jonesboro, Sec. Sci. William E. Lee, Damascus, Marketing Marsha L. LeGrand, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Ed. Mary B. Leiting, Forrest City, Sociology Laurel J. Lendennie, Grand Junction, Colo., Music Mary J. Lendennie, Blytheville, English Dianna K. Leonard, Pine Bluff, Mathematics Ed. Laura G. Lessig, Stamps, Special Ed. Clare T. Lewers, Blytheville, English Ed. Steven C. Lewis, Blytheville, Accounting Cynthia A. Linn, Madison, Criminology Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Flora D. Little, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Dawna J. Loftin, Arbyrd, Mo., English Carl R. Long, Moro, Plant Sci. William C. Long, West Memphis, Chemistry Barbara L. Lovell, Marked Tree, Vocal Music James M. Lovell, Batesville, Radio-TV Rebecca L. Lovett, Jacksonville, Speech Path. Johnny M. Lufcy, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Cynthia M. Lunnemann, St. Louis, Mo., Speech Path. Charles D. Lutrell, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV Jean Lutterloh, Jonesboro, Marketing Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, Reyno, Sociology Lewis C. Lyons, Ravenden Springs, Zoology Linda S. Maack, Lombard, Ill., Social Work Danny D. MacDonald, Jonesboro, Marketing Brian F. MacMillan, North Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Dale Maddox, Campbell, Mo., Art Deborah D. Maglothin, Trumann, Bus. Ed. Douglas Lee Maglothin, Trumann, Zoology George F. Mahan Jr., Paragould, Mathematics Gary J. Majors, Perry, Printing Maria E. Malham, Jonesboro, Mathematics Michael J. Malham, Jonesboro, Mathematics Ed. Nancy J. Malone, Lake City, Music Michael W. Manning, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Patricia V. Manning, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Deborah A. Margrave, Little Rock, Sociology Brenda J. Markin, Cardwell, Mo., Early Childhood VY' M53 "H-"1'f'f' 3 as Miilfix tif it tg.. . . S .Y A W: H- ,fm f sag? 2 . if x is is db .wi ,i 5 .s Seniors Harrison Marr Jr., Portageville, Mo., Management Kathy E. Martin, Pine Bluff, Early Childhood Martha A. Martin, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Michael G. Martin, Hot Springs, Criminology Dean M. Massey, West Helena, Accounting Phyllis M. Mathis, Paragould, Early Childhood Janis C. May, Rector, Elem. Ed. Mary D. May, Dell, Art Ed. Robin E. May, Little Rock, Early Childhood Dickey D. Mayland, Hoxie, Soc. Sci. Thomas B. McBee, Warren, Radio-TV Marilyn McBride, North Little Rock, Early Childhood Robin V. McCarter, Marion, Sociology Linda C. McCay, Marked Tree, Art Karen J. McClelland, Monette, Special Ed. Bill V. McClendon, Jonesboro, Geography James S. McCluskey, Rector, Accounting Thomas A. McCord II, Camden, Marketing Richard T. McCright, Jonesboro, Plant Sci. Randy L. McDaniel, Steele, Mo., Soc. Sci. Toni A. McDaniel, Jonesboro, Sociology Bryan L. McEuen, Beebe, Criminology Mitchel Don McFall, Newport, Music Keith Alan McFann, Myrtle, Mo., Soc. Sci. Vincent P. McGarry, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Cleve McGaughy, Osceola, Accounting Daniel G. McGee, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Paul S. McGee, Pine Bluff, Management Clyde D. McGhee, Dexter, Mo., P. E. Robert P. McKay, Clarendon, Zoology Mary K. McKinney, Warren, Speech Path. Loretta J. McKnight, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Donna R. McMiller, Blytheville, Speech Path. Judy A. McMinn, Manila, Social Work Jerry S. McNeely, North Little Rock, Accounting Claude R. McNinch, Enola, Agri. Ed. Norman S. McPike, Jonesboro, Zoology Anne M. McSpadden, Blytheville, Psychology Charles L. McWaters, Blytheville, Zoology Robert M. Meacham, Manila, Phy. Sci. i 303 Seniors Billy W. Melton, Jonesboro, Accounting Glenna K. Meredith, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Patsy A. Mick, Blytheville, Early Childhood Kemp L. Midkiff Jr., Wynne, Early Childhood Susan R. Miles, Hot Springs, Art Timothy J. Miles, Jonesboro, Management Cynthia A. Mills, New Madrid, Mo., Special Ed. Carol A. Mitchell, Cabot, Elem. Ed. Carol V. Mitchell, Jonesboro, Psychology Elaine Montgomery, Fayetteville, Music Ed. Ernest C. Monts, Little Rock, Management James H. Moon, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Danon C. Mooney, Jonesboro, Marketing Linda J. Moore, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Susan K. Moore, Paragould, Sociology Sally J. Morehead, Broseley, Mo., Elem. Ed. Becky S. Morgan, Fordyce, Social Work Bruce G. Morgan, Fort Smith, Radio-TV Edward L. Morgan, West Memphis, Special Ed. Parker Morgan III, Hayti, Mo., P. E. John H. Morris, Jonesboro, Management Burnie L. Mosby, Little Rock, P. E. Debra L. Moseley, North Little Rock, Art Ed. Connie C. Moser, Melbourne, Special Ed. William C. Mosley, North Little Rock, Horticulture Carolyn S. Moss, Oxford, Early Childhood Sally A. Moss, West Plains, Mo., Sociology Danny N. Moye, Clarendon, Marketing Robert J. Mroczkowski, Arbyrd, Mo., Psychology Jerry R. Muckensturm, Belleville, Ill., P. E. Daniel R. Mullen, Walnut Ridge, P. E. Fred C. Mustain, Jonesboro, History William P. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo., Gen. Bus. Grant Myers, Blytheville, Accounting Michael R. Neal, Lepanto, Agri. Engr. Richard A. Neeley, McDougal, Speech Path. Deborah A. Newborn, Marmaduke, Soc. Sci. Charles E. Newman Jr., Letona, Wildlife Mgmt. James R. Newsom, Marmaduke, Phy. Sci. Craig N. Nichols, Little Rock, Sociology -fir ..,,, 44 - . ., ew. if aaa HE fs. A 1 -W .-.. .- as 'ew 'il V sz if x 5 in .S if Y ' '- I' f wi QU 1:-.i.w ?i L , T ,ir 'Q . .. . - , N".JI" lx if : 'Wx is r ., N, 3 A L 5 T 'YR Q l S 3 if 1 9 - in 4 95 is S9233 Seniors Michael V. Nichols, Lakeland, Fla., Gen. Bus. Roy E. Nichols, Blytheville, Accounting Jamie J. Nicholson, Newport, Early Childhood Claire A. Nix, Wynne, Music Ed. Larry Joe Noblin, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Jana L. Noles, West Memphis, Bus. Ed. Bill L. Odom, Campbell, Mo., Radio-TV Westley A. Oliver, West Helena, Mathematics Christopher H. O'Mary, Fordyce, Radio-TV Stephen J. Orlicek, Des Arc, Pre-Law Robert L. Oswalt, Forrest City, P. E. John P. Otto, Paragould, Management Hollis L. Owens, Jacksonville, Fla., P. E. Sherry E. Owens, Lake City, Bus. Ed. Linda G. Pabst, Augusta, Elem. Ed. Roy F. Painter III, England, Finance George M. Palmer, Senath, Mo., Agri. Bus. Melvin J. Palmer, Kennett, Mo., Accounting Raymond M. Palmer, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Sarah R. Palmer, Jonesboro, Psychology Phil Berry Panneck, Jonesboro, Economics Charles E. Parham, West Memphis, Pre-Pharmacy Shirley D. Park, Jonesboro, Sec. Sci. Donna J. Parker, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Judy C. Parker, West Memphis, Bus. Ed. Robbin C. Parker, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. Dennis D. Parten, Black Oak, Zoology Benny R. Passmore, Calico Rock, Wildlife Mgmt. Fred L. Patrick, Osceola, Accounting Joe A. Pavelko, Jonesboro, Real Estate 8z Ins. Sherrie A. Payne, Hornersville, Mo., Soc. Sci. Debra J. Pearman, Kennett, Mo., Zoology Jimmy W. Peeples, North Little Rock, Marketing Leane C. Pelts, Kennett, Mo., Marketing Clyde D. Perry, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Jacqueline Perry, Marianna, Elem. Ed. Joseph A. Peters, Newport, P. E. Richard A. Phaup, Manchester, N. H., P. E. Gary J. Phelan, Corning, Pol. Sci. Barry G. Phillips, Marion, Biology Seniors Louis E. Phillips, Marked Tree, P. E. Thomas D. Philyaw, Jonesboro, Agronomy Gladys I. Piatt, Doniphan, Mo., Special Ed. Karen Pickett, Black Rock, P. E. David E. Pickney, Pocahontas, Accounting Catherine M. Pierce, Batesville, Bus. Ed. Trent Pierce, Leachville, Zoology Charles L. Pigg, Grubbs, Accounting Linda E. Pike, Huntington, N. Y., Sec. Sci. Timmy M. Pipkins, Judsonia, Pol. Sci. Danny R. Poole, Blytheville, P. E. Ronny W. Pope, Henderson, Accounting Janet E. Porter, Memphis, Tenn., Speech Path. Richard W. Powell, Memphis, Tenn., Radio-TV Vickie D. Powell, Hornersville, Mo., Social Work Carol A. Prance, Kennett, Mo., Speech Path. Kathryn A. Prater, Hoxie, English Rosanna Prestidge, Tyronza, Early Childhood Debra L. Price, Jonesboro, Special Ed. John M. Priday, Fredericktown, Mo., Wildlife Mgmt. Danny J. Pridmore, Newport, Management Martha K. Priest, Jonesboro, Sociology Danny G. Prince, Lake City, Sociology James L. Prince, Jonesboro, Mathematics Johnny L. Prince, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Keith B. Privett, Payneway, Sociology Jane E. Prothro, El Dorado, Art Ed. David Qualls, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Michael D. Ramone, Jonesboro, Zoology Tim Ramsey, Searcy, P. E. Carolyn A. Rankin, Jonesboro, Art George E. Ray, Blytheville, Special Ed. Carrol E. Rayburn, Jonesboro, Music Janet S. Reaper, Searcy, Bus. Ed. Malcholm Reese, Snow Lake, Gen. Bus. James N. Reichert, Caruthersville, Mo., Management Otha E. Revoner, Wynne, Elem. Ed. Janice L. Reynolds, Portia, Early Childhood Mary S. Reynolds, Beedeville, Elem. Ed. Patricia A. Reynolds, Cave City, Early Childhood N. 'sir E, 3.4553 Li ' fini Q .S 'Z' Q . Q if liiiwlfwgf aff 1 -a L s Wu X . 1 55 . I .fm Q H3 H548 iff 'U 'af 3: 7 .X 5 A wifi L a li' Seniors James R. Richardson, Leachville, Psychology John N. Richardson, Mountain View, P. E. Nancy L. Richie, Little Rock, Marketing Larry G. Ridgeway, Ward, Special Ed. Larry W. Roberson, Pleasant Plains, Agri. Ed. Rhonda L. Roberts, Marmaduke, Gen. Bus. William J. Robertson, El Dorado, Pol. Sci. Anna L. Robinson, Pine Bluff, Art Ed. John A. Robinson, Pocahontas, Pol. Sci. John T. Robinson, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Ava S. Rodery, Piggott, Accounting Brenda J. Rogers, Beebe, Sec. Sci. Daniel Rogers, Piggott, Journalism James T. Rogers Jr., Hoxie, Zoology Virginia D. Romine, North Little Rock, Criminology Glenn D. Ross, West Memphis, Accounting Mary F. Ross, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Rhonda W. Ross, McCrory, Elem. Ed. James T. Rowland, Searcy, Management Robert B. Rubenstein, Jonesboro, Psychology Debra Sue Rummells, West Plains, Mo., Medical Tech. Leland Wayne Rush, Doniphan, Mo., P. E. Jimmy A. Russell, Blytheville, Special Ed. Judith A. Russell, Hot Springs, Mathematics Nancy S. Sadler, Wilson, English Jo N. Sale, Greenway, Early Childhood Cullen L. Samford Jr., Steele, Mo., Radio-TV Glenn D. Sanderson, Salem, Animal Sci. Charles R. Sands Jr., Rolla, Mo., Education LaRene Scaife, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Randy Scaife, Marvell, Pol. Sci. Edward Scharff Jr., Mammoth Spring, Sociology Janet K. Schisler, Jonesboro, Music Wayne F. Schmidt, Trumann, Marketing James F. Scott, Weiner, History Michael N. Scott, Piggott, Agri. Bus. Alan V. Seagrave Jr., Hardy, Criminology Frank W. Seaton Sr., Jonesboro, Art Ed. Pamela D. Sefers, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Stephen A. Sewell, Yellville, Wildlife Mgmt. Seniors Larry A. Sexton, Imboden, Animal Sci. Wright Shannon, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Debra K. Sharits, Jonesboro, Art Donald G. Sharp, Evening Shade, Agri. Ed. Sharon K. Sharp, Batesville, Sociology James M. Shea, Little Rock, Zoology Betty Sherrill, West Memphis, Art Martha Jean Sigsby, Rector, English John R. Simmons, Kennett, Mo., Sociology Roger D. Simpson, Pocahontas, Psychology Susan A. Simpson, Rector, Early Childhood Randy R. Sims, Dardanelle, Bus. Ed. Curtis R. Singleton, Cherry Valley, Zoology David E. Sirmans, North Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Deborah E. Sisk, Walnut Ridge, Education Jeffry A. Sisk, Parkin, Agri. Bus. Steve M. Skinner, Kennett, Mo., Criminology Sakae Slatton, Trumann, Chemistry Richard N. Slayton, Leachville, Accounting Susan L. Sloan, England, Elem. Ed. Jim W. Smalley, Corning, Gen. Bus. Jackie R. Smart, Hot Springs, Psychology Alfred Smith Jr., West Memphis, Sociology Brenda F. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Cynthia E. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Debra K. Smith, Helena, Sec. Sci. Elizabeth H. Smith, Clarkton, Mo., Medical Tech. Gary S. Smith, Brinkley, Special Ed. Jerell L. Smith, West Plains, Mo., Music Ed. Judy E. Smith, Wynne, Early Childhood Melissa G. Smith, Wynne, Pol. Sci. Mike J. Smith, Jonesboro, Drama Richard F. Smith, Camden, Gen. Bus. Rodney Max Smith, Black Rock, Gen. Bus. Sara S. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Drama Stephen C. Smith, St. Petersburg, Fla., P. E. Terry R. Smith, Little Rock, Zoology William R. Smithers, West Memphis, Accounting Sandra A. Sneed, Newport, Sec. Sci. Margaret B. Snipes, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. mm 5 f i-4.cs,f.i:ffff.+: -v,.tw,f...,,ah ..,,,f.,.,.,s 5 may-fw , , Aft, : + M.,-fe ' 'ff . - +1 ft., , .123 -LC 1 2 : ffm Z., f. if fs, .gi 1,11 + fiswa Y5' if rf ,QE F 6 'w S in., . . wir' f .. 'L fe 4 ,ul it ...M W e -'flu ,.. Q P- . . wi .. ,Q . ixxxb iw N W., 3 ess IVE f .. . A E ,.. , i ' .4 Q.. . we Q if ,fm W ... .1,., ..,... V., .... ..... 1 .1-f-Nt., , .Q ...,, . . ,affix +I ' st I s., - t vs 52 f 'Q' it Q ' i 1 1 .sf " gi asks . fs Qi t .5 1 K if fs 'X .ee ,552 Ag-K .. , . get .5 ff es 14" ve, .. H5 f 4, er' az" zz VL 0 X, Seniors Lynn P. Snow, Walnut Ridge, Agronomy Wanda Janeen Snyder, Blytheville, Accounting Carol S. Sowell, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Allen G. Spears, Augusta, Criminology Billy L. Spence, Austin, Agri. Ed. Jacky D. Spence, Marianna, Management Suzanne L. Spence, Leachville, Speech Path. Carol A. Spencer, Lexa, Bus. Ed. Kenneth W. Spencer, Pocahontas, Accounting Sherry R. Spicer, Fort Worth, Tex., Vocal Music Tiana L. Spivey, Corpus Christi, Tex., Radio-TV Randal T. Spurgin, Parkin, Zoology Michael Stack, Kennett, Mo., Zoology Hubert M. Stacks, Crawfordsville, Mathematics Janet D. Stacy, Corning, Gen. Bus. Jesse W. Stafford, Jonesboro, Accounting Thomas E. Stalcup, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Frances Stallcup, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Jodie Starr, Austin, Tex., Psychology Robert R. Starr, Little Rock, Journalism William F. Statler, Imboden, Math. Ed. Jo A. Steed, Leachville, English Jennie M. Steinbeck, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Oliver C. Stephens, Walnut Ridge, History Nancy G. Stephenson, Earle, Special Ed. Iris A. Stevens, Jonesboro, English James P. Stevenson, Jonesboro, Mathematics Beverly K. Stewart, Smithville, Elem. Ed. Danny A. Stewart, Prescott, Radio-TV Jerry A. Stewart, Wilson, Soc. Sci. Mark J. Stewart, Mammoth Spring, Geography David K. Stiles, Osceola, Social Work Linda C. Stills, Judsonia, Special Ed. Steve Stinnett, Creve Coeur, Mo., Real Estate 8: Ins. David E. Stokes, Berryville, Marketing Renee Stone, Altheimer, Early Childhood Stephen C. Stone, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Dean B. Stover, Richmond, Va., Printing Tech. Carmoleta Kay Stow, Piggott, Art Ed. Karon A. Sturdivant, Norphlet, Bus. Ed. Seniors Sharon J. Sturdivant, Norphlet, Bus. Ed. David W. Suiter, West Memphis, Pre-Med Paul M. Summitt, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Gary W. Surles, Pocahontas, Agri. Engr. Patti Sutterfield, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Chris W. Swanstrom, Greenbush, Minn., Biology Flo Swearingen, Mountain Home, Special Ed. Clayton E. Sykes, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Robert O. Talbot, Turmann, Agri. Bus. Terry W. Tankersley, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Karen B. Tarbox, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Preston L. Tate, Leachville, P. E. Ron K. Tate, Newark, Management Angela P. Taylor, Walnut Ridge, Social Work Kenny H. Taylor, Newport, Social Work Robert M. Taylor, Paragould, Chemistry Susan E. Taylor, Marmaduke, Soc. Sci. Dawn C. Teale, Blytheville, Geography Koletta E. Tedder, Gould, Early Childhood Emma Jean Temples, Turrell, Geography Jan M. Terrell, Jonesboro, Sociology Vicky Lynn Thomas, Poplar Bluff, Mo., English Youlandia C. Thomas, Hughes, Sec. Sci. Debbie L. Thompson, West Memphis, History Henrietta Thompson, Blytheville, Early Childhood Nan L. Thompson, Hardy, Geography Lloyd W. Thornton, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Kathie A. Throesch, Pocahontas, Special Ed. Danny A. Throgmartin, Jonesboro, Art David D. Throgmartin, Jonesboro, P. E. James N. Tice Jr., Bay, Sociology John B. Tierney, Aurora, Ill., Marketing Charles N. Tipton, Hernando, Miss., Education Carla D. Todd, Senath, Mo., Sociology Suzanne Todd, Cherokee Village, Music Ed. Vicki E. Todd, Wiseman, Elem. Ed. Phillip D. Toombs, Piggott, Biology William L. Townsend Jr., Paragould, Accounting Frank Travis, Winston-Salem, N. C., Printing Margo J. Travis, DeWitt, Marketing ig.. . 4 X 5? 1 1 X H ' 'fm' 1 ' Q. fa ' .LJ.....: .x., .2 V ..,. .,,i,,,,, H . Q .Q 121. fs E S Q.. E9 . ,W ,, W R er rf . " S3395 .2 W. ,an W 4 34.2.3 f?S.Q. 'fy ia? M !! , i . 2 ,I I Q maj ,gi . J Seniors Wilfred Tremblay, Swansea, Mass., Radio-TV Susan R. Trice, Jonesboro, Marketing Helen Rose Triplett, Kensett, Education Susan D. True, Holcomb, Mo., Bus. Ed. Glenn T. Tullis, El Dorado, Zoology Larry E. Turner, Jonesboro, Printing Mgmt. Lee C. Turner, Marked Tree, Zoology Mike Tuseth, Jonesboro, Psychology Susie Tuseth, Jonesboro, Psychology Tony D. Tutt, North Little Rock, Accounting Debra A. Tyler, Bigelow, Accounting Roy E. Urfer, Harrisburg, Geography James L. Ussery, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Laura L. Vandever, Little Rock, Radio-TV Alvin J. Vangilder, Rector, Wildlife Mgmt. Kristy L. Vangilder, Rector, English Riley A. VanHorn, Altheimer, Radio-TV Raymon A. Vanzant, Holly Springs, Miss., Pol. Sci. Gina C. Vaughan, Benton, Journalism Clifford R. Veach, Manila, Accounting Deborah J. Veach, Manila, Elem. Ed. Nickie S. Veach, Manila, Zoology Roger D. Veasley, Vanndale, History Ed. Melinda J. Vowell, Blytheville, Special Ed. Freddie L. Walker, El Dorado, Printing Jennifer A. Walker, Cherry Valley, Mathematics Larry A. Wallace, Dyess, Plant Sci. Robert P. Wallace, Crawfordsville, Gen. Bus. Marie F. Ward, Malden, Mo., Sociology Mena C. Ward, Brookland, Music Ed. Millie Caldwell Ward, Wynne, Journalism Victoria S. Ward, Groveland, Fla., Gen. Bus. Steven M. Warner, Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Kathy Watkins, Stuttgart, Special Ed. Margaret L. Watson, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Darla Wealand, Doniphan, Mo., Speech David R. Wellman, Pocahontas, P. E. Pamela D. Wells, Jonesboro, Music James E. West, Parma, Mo., Music Ed. Joel R. West, Forrest City, English Seniors Priscilla J. West, Little Rock, Special Ed. Janet J. Whaley, Walnut Ridge, Sociology Phillip L. Whitaker, Rector, Gen. Bus. Cynthia A. White, Pocahontas, Marketing Jackey D. White, Pine Bluff, Sociology Jimmy O. White, Jonesboro, Management Lynn C. White, Vilonia, Agri. Ed. Timothy J. White, West Memphis, Management Ellis D. Whitlow, Marked Tree, Agriculture Debra A. Whittingham, Jonesboro, Accounting Gaylord H. Widner Jr., Fort Wayne, Ind., Pol. Sci. Jim D. Wiens, Forrest City, Agri. Engr. Billy R. Wilcox, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Charles S. Wilhite, Paragould, Criminology John M. Wilhite, Holcomb, Mo., Zoology Robert M. Wilkins, Jonesboro, P. E. Thomas A. Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo., Sociology Abe M. Wilkinson, Pine Bluff, Speech Henry A. Wilks, Brinkley, Agri. Ed. David W. Willard, West Memphis, Music Ed. Gwendolyn D. Williams, West Memphis, Criminology Jerry V. Williams, Brinkley, Zoology Jerry W. Williams, Steele, Mo., Agriculture Norma S. Williams, Osceola, Elem. Ed. Thomas R. Williams, Rockford, Ill., Social Work William S. Williams, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Basil O. Wilson, Kingston, Jamaica, Journalism Danny L. Wilson, Searcy, Accounting Frances Erline Wilson, McCrory, Early Childhood Gladys M. Wilson, Clarkton, Mo., Pol. Sci. Michael M. Wilson, Jonesboro, Psychology Julia A. Winberry, Piggott, Early Childhood Marjorie M. Winters, Newport, Elem. Ed. Jim Wood, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Richard D. Wood Jr., Harrisburg, English Albert L. Woods, Harrisburg, Art Ed. Brenda K. Woods, Forrest City, Speech Path. Lewis D. Woods, Bay, History Ed. Robert C. Woolard, Manila, Zoology Larry D. Woolman, West Plains, Mo., Psychology 5. s. s.....,, ,aaisaii f..- we V -rf - . . . ,f.., we Zwgfs J. ii 3,3 46' ff.. .vs S 'E' at , 323 wf s. 11. Jw. -f.. km .V..f . I .mf mmf? K 1 'wa -xi " .1 be J if .ark r . it . 1. ,.,. . ,. wuz , W 1 kv Seniors Earnest R. Wright, Wilson, Soc. Sci. Virginia J. Wright, Doniphan, Mo., Special Ed. Chiquita A. Wy, Blytheville, Sec. Sci. Adrain Wyatt, Nimmons, Accounting Gary D. Yarbrough, Paragould, History Diane B. Yates, Monette, P. E. John A. Yerger, Jackson, Miss., Printing Mgmt. John T. Young, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. 'iv' sas? MM Juniors Arva M. Adams, Jonesboro Karen S. Adams, Beebe Virginia L. Adams, Jonesboro Wanda M. Adamson, Blytheville Robert K. Adkins, Jonesboro Cathie Agerton, Pine Bluff John R. Agre, Hot Springs Mary L. Ainsworth, Harrisburg Carl M. Alexander, Brinkley David Alexander, Wilson Edie G. Allen, Walnut Ridge Kimbrell M. Allen, Dyess Susan L. Allen, Blytheville Dennis C. Almond, Van Ronald J. Almond, Van Gregory Alsup, Mountain Grove Gary E. Alton, Searcy Peggy D. Alton, Carlisle Harry B. Anderson, Lepanto Eugene W. Applebury, West Memphis Jerry W. Arnold, Corning Kent E. Arnold, Jonesboro McKinley Arnold, Oakland, Calif. Oscar R. Ascurra, Jonesboro Michael R. Atkinson, Jonesboro Ronald F. Atkinson, El Dorado Cherie J. Austin, Imboden Melanie A. Austin, Jonesboro Wavey T. Austin, Marianna Steve M. Bagley, Joiner Dorothy A. Bagwell, Paragould Richard C. Baker, Wynne Jerry E. Balch, Yellville Gordon P. Baldwin, Knobel Sherry C. Ballard, Bay Steve R. Ballard, Jonesboro James C. Balton, Osceola Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas Connie Banks, Helena Robert H. Banks, Black Oak Kathy L. Barnard, Geff, Ill. Frances J. Barnes, Lynn Loran F. Barnes, Lynn Leonard A. Barnhill, Jonesboro Harry J. Barringer, Jonesboro Larry W. Bates, Poughkeepsie Ricky A. Batten, Paragould Leroy Battle, Tuckerman Gandy L. Baugh, Star City Robert D. Baureis, Jonesboro Pamela F. Bearden, Leachville David J. Beckman, Blytheville Barbara L. Bell, Jonesboro Earl H. Bell, Jonesboro Beverly G. Belt, Colt Allen D. Bennett, Pocahontas Ron S. Bennett, Walnut Ridge Bobby L. Benson, Trumann Susan E. Berry, Des Arc Vicki A. Berry, Jonesboro Arthur A. Bigelow, Jonesboro Gary A. Biggs, Paragould Marlene I. Bingham, Leachville Leta A. Binkley, Jonesboro Karla D. Birmingham, Bradford Michael L. Bishop, Brookland Shelby L. Bittle, Wynne John S. Black, Blytheville Kenneth G. Black, Newport Pamela S. Blackwood, Little Rock 'Q-Q N. A R . ' . ,.., .ss-.lei X fi f .. 6 4 3 Y? . .R i ! is x, ,-1 Wi: Juniors Michael C. Blalock, Jonesboro Mary M. Blankenship, Blytheville Frankie E. Blevins, Earle John A. Bobango, Memphis, Tenn. Phillip C. Bokker, W. Memphis Ralph O. Boling, Jonesboro Serena K. Bond, Jonesboro Freddy L. Booth, Hayti, Mo. Kathy J. Booth, Williford Bobby L. Bowers, Osceola Gail Bowers, Osceola Joyce M. Bowling, Jonesboro Gregory N. Bowman, Jonesboro Leroy Bowman, West Helena John E. Boxley Jr., Marked Tree David G. Boyles, Augusta Marla Bradford, Lepanto Danny E. Bradley, Jonesboro James C. Bradley, Osceola Dena L. Bradway, Trumann Donna M. Brady, Pollard Joe R. Brecklein, Jonesboro Kim S. Brecklein, Jonesboro Dennis L. Brewer, Jonesboro Joseph W. Brickell, Jonesboro Rickey D. Briggs, West Helena Terry D. Brinkley, Paragould June A. Brittain, Youngsport, Tex. Steven G. Brockett, North Little Rock Jewell M. Brooks, Kennett, Mo. Bernice Brown, West Helena David W. Brown, Belton, Mo. Douglas W. Brown, Elsberry, Mo. Gary W. Brown, Little Rock Jessa R. Brown, Hot Springs Larry G. Brown, Batesville Michelle L. Brown, Little Rock Patti S. Brown, Paragould Phyllis D. Brown, Des Arc Scott E. Brown, Conway John R. Brownd, Newport Judy F. Bruckerhoff, St. Marys, Mo. Patricia Buhrmester, Jonesboro Norman L. Burnette, Wynne Gary L. Burns, Viola Douglas R. Burnside, Alicia Darrell C. Burris, Jonesboro Lehaman J. Burrow, Mammoth Spring William R. Burton, Vanndale Gwendolyn Butcher, Turrell Beverly R. Butler, Pine Bluff Steven K. Butler, Paragould Thomas W. Butler, Paragould Ernest M. Byerly, West Memphis Perry D. Byers Jr., Marked Tree Treva A. Byler, Melbourne Doug Cagle, Benton Harbor, Mich. Martin E. Cagle, Maynard Martha J. Caldwell, Jonesboro Andrea G. Callaway, Kennett, Mo. Davida D. Campbell, Kennett, Mo. Robert L. Campbell, Joiner Steve B. Campbell, Hope Robert D. Camras, Chicago, Ill. Thelma V. Cannon, Proctor Kathy Cantrell, Jonesboro Russell H. Carpenter, Little Rock Debra J. Carrington, Cabot Carolyn L. Carroll, Sikeston, Mo. Karen S. Carter, Jonesboro Juniors Michael E. Carter, Memphis, Tenn. Robert T. Cathcart, Walnut Ridge Patricia A. Cato, Cardwell, Mo. Margaret Cavanaugh, Jonesboro Cheryl W. Caviness, Gravelly Rebecca L. Chambers, Jonesboro Robert E. Chambers, Lake City Walter S. Chambers, West Helena Susan L. Chapman, Horseshoe Bend Carol D. Chester, Jonesboro Nelson A. Childers, Jonesboro Sarah A. Childers, Jonesboro Charles K. Childs, Trumann Mikie J. Chipman, Manila Cathy Choate, Jonesboro Melanie A. Christie, Blytheville Ann E. Chumley, Batesville John L. Church, West Memphis Suzanne Churchill, Jonesboro David A. Clark, Jonesboro Debra S. Clark, Jonesboro Richard H. Clement, Hoxie Betty S. Clements, Caraway Monte L. Cochran, Garner Billy H. Cockrill, Tuckerman Albert J. Colainanni, Jonesboro Carolyn Cole, Parkin Mauri L. Cole, Jonesboro Teena L. Cole, Jonesboro Sandra F. Coleman, Pine Bluff Steven D. Collar, Walnut Ridge Darrell G. Collier, Marked Tree Gary M. Collier, Marianna Joanna Collins, West Plains, Mo. Connie L. Conrad, West Plains, Mo. Gary D. Cook, Camden Robert M. Cook, El Dorado Sandy K. Cook, Marion Arleen M. Cooper, Gosnell Ricky W. Cooper, Cherry Valley Treasa W. Costner, Manila Douglas L. Cotter, Viola Amber D. Covington, Beebe Billye J. Covington, Lepanto Larry D. Covington, Searcy Jeanmarie Cowart, Jonesboro Elizabeth J. Crabtree, Eudora Janet L. Crabtree, Eudora Carl E. Craig, Cardwell, Mo. Mickey G. Craig, Jonesboro Thomas A. Craig, Caraway William B. Crain, Searcy James T. Crider, Hoxie Donald W. Crisler, Cash Allen D. Crisp, Marvell James F. Cromwell, Jonesboro Brian K. Crotts, Grubbs Gary J. Cullum, Monette Gerald W. Cunningham, Paragould Mark E. Cunningham, Jonesboro Rae A. Cunningham, Paragould Angela S. Dacus, Jonesboro William V. Dailey, Emerson Michael S. Dale, Sidney Linda S. Dambach, Malden, Mo. Richard R. Daniels, Jonesboro Ron L. Daugherty, Bernie, Mo. Mitchell Davenport, House Springs, Mo. Donald W. Davidson, Paragould Brenda K. Davis, Blytheville Juniors Cheryl A. Davis, Waldenburg David R. Davis, Black Rock Joe E. Davis, Steubenville, Ohio Larry C. Davis, Helena Mandy L. Davis, Altheimer Michael D. Davis, Hoxie Neal W. Davis, Kansas City, Kan. Terry J. Davis, St. Petersburg, Fla. Elaine C. Dean, Blytheville David W. Dearmore, Yellville Carol L. Deaton, Manila Vickie R. DeHart, Paragould N. B. Dennis III, Forrest City Randy D. Dennis, Fisher Joanna R. Denton, Lepanto Debbie F. DePriest, Black Rock Myra A. DePriest, Cherokee Village Terry V. DePriest, Jonesboro Lillian L. Derrick, Kennett, Mo. Steven E. Dew, Franklin Peola D. Dickerson, Osceola David C. Dickey, Trumann Cheryl L. Dickson, Brinkley Frank L. Digaetano, Forrest City Randy I. Diles, Little Rock Lodie C. Dixon, Butterfield Larry A. Dobbs, Hoxie Gladys A. Dodson, Forrest City Ruby L. Donohoo, Oneida Belinda C. Dotson, Heth Mike Downing, Bragg City, Mo. Kathy A. Ducker, Calico Rock Roger D. Ducker, Calico Rock Tom A. Dukowitz, Newport Linda S. Dunavin, Melbourne Joe T. Duncan, Wynne Connie G. Dunigan, Monette Dana J. Dunkerson, Black Oak Barbara S. Dunlap, Marked Tree William T. Dunlap, Portia Kathy L. Dupras, Madrid, Spain Russell K. Durell, Little Rock Deborah A. Dust, Pocahontas Karen J. Eaves, Newark Lewis E. Eddleman, Marianna Ginger D. Edington, Reyno Karen S. Edwards, Batesville Paul L. Edwards, Bald Knob Kent S. Ehrman Jr., Jonesboro Carla R. Ellington, Paragould Terry M. Elliott, Walcott Cathy J. Ellis, Blytheville Johnny J. Ellis, Memphis, Tenn. Needra G. Elrod, DeWitt William C. Emerson, Jonesboro Walter A. Emmons, Ravenden Springs Robert D. Engelken, Walnut Ridge Gloria J. England, Beebe Lawana England, Dalton Robert W. English, Clarendon Gary J. Enzor, Forrest City Timothy P. Ephlin, Wardell, Mo. Kathe N. Epperson, North Little Rock Mary Lou Ernst, Monrovia, Calif. Susan E. Erwin, Jonesboro Ronald K. Estes, Viola Charlotte M. Evins, Amagon Danny L. Ewing, Maynard Bill P. Farley, Paragould Robin Farley, Osceola Juniors Henry Farrell, Brinkley Chris Faught, Biggers Karen D. Faulkner, Jonesboro Martha L. Faulkner, Jonesboro Vicki L. Faulkner, Harrisburg Edith M. Fears, West Helena Carolyn A. Ferguson, Jonesboro Malissa E. Ferguson, Forrest City William E. Fields, Jonesboro Steve Files, Hunter Robin E. Fine, North Little Rock Terry L. Finn, West Memphis Albert L. Fisher, Jonesboro Debbie J. Fisher, Jonesboro William E. Fisher, Paragould Debra K. Fitzgerald, Mt. Home Karen R. Fivecoat, Newport Pamela G. Flagg, Blytheville Dennis R. Fletcher, Calico Rock Patty S. Fletcher, Mountain Home Trent B. Fletcher, Lake City Gary D. Flippo, Hoxie Robert M. Flippo, Powhatan Ronald G. Flowers, Jonesboro Barton Fogleman Jr., Marion Michael W. Fondren, Forrest City Susan L. Ford, Pine Bluff Roger S. Forsythe, Osceola Tommy Foulks, Marked Tree Samuel E. Franklin, West Memphis James D. Free, Newport Debra L. Freeland, Blytheville Larry F. Frein, Brinkley John W. French, Jonesboro Lucy B. Frey, Batesville Scott L. Frick, Export, Penn. Tommy W. Fridell, Helena Linda J. Fridenberg, Carlyle, Ill. John E. Fultz, Camden Donald R. Gambill, Jonesboro Shawna C. Gammill, West Plains, Mo. Louis E. Gann, Osceola Robert L. Gardner, Blytheville David B. Gargas, Kennett, Mo. Karen S. Garner, Malden, Mo. Sandra K. Garrett, Moro Dennis W. Gaskin, Wynne Shamsoddin Ghamgham, Tehran, Iran Gerry L. Gibson, Paragould Kenneth R. Gibson, Jonesboro Robert W. Gibson, Jonesboro William P. Gill, Kennett, Mo. Gail Gillespie, Jonesboro Gregory W. Gillette, Steele, Mo. Craig H. Gilliam, Harrisburg Keith W. Gilliam, Kennett, Mo. Floydene P. Gillihan, Jonesboro Jacqueline L. Glasgow, Valley View Stephen Glenn, Stuttgart Lloyd N. Gotf, Jonesboro Donald L. Good, Kensett Cindy L. Goodwin, Pocahontas Shelia A. Goodwin, Lynn Charles E. Gordon, Paragould Timothy B. Gordon, Paragould Willene Goza, Swifton Martha K. Grable, Portageville, Mo. Vicky M. Graddy, Piggott William C. Graff, St. Louis, Mo. Paula K. Graham, Marked Tree Juniors Tommy J. Granata, Springdale Richard R. Grant, Jonesboro Gary D. Gray, Jonesboro Robert P. Gray, Jonesboro Melissa G. Green, Kennett, Mo. Steven A. Green, Jonesboro William S. Green, Kennett, Mo. Robert C. Greenfield, N. Little Rock Odos R. Greer Jr., Jonesboro Danny L. Grifiis, Batesville Steve E. Griffith, Jonesboro Donna K. Griham, Madison Robert E. Grimes, Little Rock William D. Grimes, Osceola Jim R. Grissom, Pocahontas Cyrilla A. Grover, Milwaukee, Wis. Melissa A. Guard, Blytheville Janis A. Gulley, Jonesboro George W. Gunter, West Memphis George R. Guntharp, Pocahontas Phyllis A. Gurlen, Jonesboro Todd Gurley, Rogers Greg E. Guthrie, Jonesboro Annette D. Guy, Osceola Joe A. Guy, Osceola Shirley K. Hackworth, Pocahontas Terry A. Hadder, New Madrid, Mo. Jeffrey H. Haddox, Star City Mark L. Haggenmacher, Jonesboro Patricia K. Hagler, Hickory Ridge Tobby G. Hagler, Hickory Ridge Donita L. Hale, Marianna John E. Hall, Dyess Gilbert W. Hallmark, Jonesboro Kenneth E. Hamilton, Wynne Linda D. Hamilton, Wheatley Patrick W. Hamlin, Blytheville B. S. Hannah, Jonesboro John D. Hard, Birmingham, Ala. Jodie Harden, Jonesboro Dorothy K. Hargrove, Jonesboro Larry G. Harkless, Longview, Tex. Elizabeth S. Harlan, Bay Joe D. Harlan, Trumann Danny J. Harmon, Marmaduke Jimmy D. Harmon, Hardy Steve A. Harmon, Portageville, Mo. John C. Harness, Walkerton, Ind. Brenda F. Harold, Corning Betty H. Harper, Maynard Warren P. Harper, Mammoth Spring Barry L. Harris, Kennett, Mo. Charles R. Harris, Wilson Mark C. Harris, Jonesboro Thomas J. Harris, Forrest City Pamela G. Hastings, Corning Dennis W. Hay, Blytheville Arif K. Haydar, Jonesboro Mohammad A. Haydar, Jonesboro Jerry D. Heard, Newport Terry L. Heath, Jonesboro Von D. Heath, Wynne Jerry K. Heckmann, Harrisburg Morlon Henderson, Doddridge Melba L. Hendrickson, Bradford Thomas N. Hendrix, Wynne Tressie S. Hendrix, Brinkley Keith D. Henick, North Little Rock Marla J. Henson, Wynne Linda J. Henton, Luxora Juniors Mark R. Herbst, Alton, Ill. Ricky D. Herndon, Fisher Clinton J. Herriott, Hoxie Jeanne L. Hess, Lonoke Roger C. Hicklin, Paragould Anthony R. Hicks, Wynne Glenda F. Hicks, Paragould Robin W. Hicks, Walnut Ridge Mark A. Higginbotham, N. Little Rock Leila A. Higginbottom, Jonesboro Pamela F. Higginbottom, Williford Sara J. Hightower, Trumann John N. Hill, Jonesboro Janice L. Hilliard, Blytheville Cherylinda K. Hinson, Jonesboro Michael D. Hinson, Jonesboro Lendon J. Hinton, Brinkley Michael R. Hodge, Hoxie Ronald G. Hogan, Batesville Jan S. Hoke, Paragould Tom W. Holbrook, Wynne Janis R. Holder, Paragould Noel K. Holifield, Paragould William L. Holland, Pocahontas Judy A. Holloway, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Steve Hollowell, Forrest City Marion M. Holt, Trumann Ronnie E. Holt, Bay Donna J. Holzhauer, Gillett Janet L. Horner, Rector John P. Horner, McDougal John L. Horton, Turrell Rebecca R. Hoskins, Paragould Stella L. Hourd, Kennett, Mo. Nola J. Houston, Jonesboro Sharon D. Houston, Paragould Dominique Howard, Fort Smith Connie L. Howe, North Little Rock James P. Howell, England Sam M. Howell, Sedgwick Tennyson J. Howell, Wynne Timothy J. Howell, North Little Rock Darryl W. Howerton, Marked Tree Sharmon L. Hubbard, Weiner Loretta S. Hubbart, Hoxie JoAnn Hudson, Mellwood Mary S. Hudson, Jonesboro Nathan J. Hudson, Stuttgart Charles E. Hudspeth, Jonesboro Donna E. Hudspeth, Knobel Bonnie S. Huff, Wynne Debra J. Huff, Batesville Michael D. Huff, Jonesboro Randal R. Huff, Qulin, Mo. John B. Huffman, Cherry Valley Lon Huffman, Paragould Donald R. Huggins, Kennett, Mo. Michael H. Huggins, Arbyrd, Mo. Richard E. Huggins, Paragould Arlene Hughes, Augusta Mary A. Hughes, Blytheville JoAnn Hulen, Jonesboro Paul D. Human, Blytheville Vickie D. Humble, Jonesboro T. J. Humphreys, Pine Bluff Earl W. Hundley, Trumann Debbie L. Hunter, Judsonia Michael C. Hunter, Harrison Eddie J. Hurst, Nimmons Mike Hutchins, Crossett , I I. I sox xkgmi iff HF QQ x '5- wf A. 'it ...Q CXWM X I sgl He' K '-8 S . n ,... ts., t .i sn" . '. E?-3 Qi - .,-" teaser ii . -.1 . W, is X H at 'Q ,M ne' ..- My' M... .4-0 ,..m . ' s ...ei 'H sr W 0 sms .XE Tw i n' . 2151: -' .sim ' fffss'2-- flee- , . . Swim Ni K N .M 557925 " - if R 3. f ' F wa 'X 3' AW., "A zifl. R 'SS LMQLI ia: . i ll ii.. . .M ,n Q. in F R. sw X QR 1 E sri ..,A X 3 qv. .sex- r ' K . . , - s . 'F Sw X 4' vi -ng. A SK, Wx X X Juniors Thomas J. Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Loretta Hydrick, Earle Terri J. Irvin, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Isbell, Bay Steve C. Ivy, Newport Arthur A. Jacks, Forrest City Alan Jackson, Holland, Mo. Coleman L. Jackson, Lynchburg, Va. Helen J. Jackson, Cardwell, Mo. Judy A. Jackson, Jonesboro Jimmy D. James, Bald Knob Victor P. James, Blytheville Mary E. Jameson, Fisher Debra L. Jansen, Pocahontas Jerry Jarrell, Cherokee Village Edward C. Jeffery, Franklin Jim Jenkins, Memphis, Tenn. Eric S. Johns, Campbell, Mo. Calvin Johnson, Crumrod Debbie A. Johnson, Senath, Mo. Eddie L. Johnson, Osceola Garald S. Johnson, Blytheville Joe M. Johnson, Marked Tree Randy M. Johnson, Keiser William S. Johnson, Jonesboro Cathy E. Johnston, Little Rock Ellis C. Johnston, West Memphis Doyle M. Jones, Rector Helen J. Jones, Wynne James H. Jones, Harrisburg Jan S. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Karen N. Jones, Rector Ken E. Jones, St. Louis, Mo. Patricia A. Jones, Harrisburg Rodney S. Jones, Bridgeton, Mo. Steve M. Jones, Jonesboro Steven W. Jones, Paragould Virgil I. Jones, Cooter, Mo. William W. Jones, Benton Isaac Joyner, Forrest City Wayne Juneau, Little Rock Lisa M. Kamp, Jonesboro William A. Kamp, North Little Rock Patricia A. Keeter, Newport Denise Keller, Anna, Ill. Linda S. Kelley, Kennett, Mo. Nelson R. Kelly, West Helena Frances T. Kemp, Jonesboro Mark L. Kennedy, Cabot Alfred E. Kerst, Jonesboro Lenita K. Ketchum, Jonesboro Charles M. Key, Osceola Rhonda W. Key, Jonesboro Ruby A. Killian, Sedgwick Dennis J. King, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Edward R. King, Osceola Jimmy P. King, Calico Rock John H. King, Pine Bluff Debbie R. Kinsey, West Memphis Charlie J. Kinyon, Jonesboro Pamela M. Kissee, Powhatan Bruce W. Kissinger, West Plains, Mo. Harrison Kittrell, McCrory Debbie A. Klinkhardt, Jonesboro George F. Knapp Jr., Cabot Daniel P. Koishor, Highland, Ill. Russell D. Koonce, Blytheville Leona F. Kutzman, Walnut Ridge Robert Kuykendall Jr., Blytheville Joe P. Lacey, Leachville Juniors Logan B. Lackey, Forrest City Lori L. Lackey, Forrest City Carol A. Lacy, Wynne Sherita L. Lacy, Newport Sharon K. LaFantasie, Searcy Mary E. Lally, Henderson Randal G. Lamb, Paragould Robert S. Lamb, Jonesboro Ace Laminack, Jonesboro Ken C. Lancaster, Earle Leon E. Lance, Clarendon Karl H. Landberg, Mountain Home Mike B. Lands, Light Phillip B. Langston, Portia Robert J. Laquet, Hughes Denver L. Latimore, Fort Valley, Ga. Terry J. Laughinghouse, Jackson, Tenn. Rufus B. Laws, Paragould Gary L. Lawson, Bald Knob Joyce A. Lawson, Blytheville Larry W. Lawson, Colt Eugene Layer, Kennett, Mo. Michele Layer, Rector Buddy J. Layton, Blytheville Pamela Y. Lee, Damascus Robert J. Legate, Jonesboro Mary K. Lemay, Tuckerman Brock Lewandoski, Little Rock Diane C. Lewis, Portageville, Mo. Randy M. Lewis, Dell Rebecca J. Lewis, Jonesboro Ronnie H. Lewis, Dell Jill L. Lincoln, Senath, Mo. Nancy R. Lindsey, Trumann Ron D. Lindley, Jonesboro Cheryl L. Lingo, Jonesboro Holly S. Litzelfelner, Piggott Candice E. Lock, Earle Angela Lockhart, El Dorado Donnie W. Logan, Little Rock Danny D. Loggains, Newport James L. Lollar, Kilmichael, Miss. Linda D. London, Stuttgart Don H. Long, Jonesboro Ginger L. Long, Newport Joseph D. Long, Jonesboro Patricia L. Long, Cherokee Village John B. Lorick, DeWitt Alice Love, Mount Pleasant Sylvester Loving, Little Rock Jane L. Luckie, Reydell Jose Lugo-Martinez, Blytheville Clara E. Lunceford, Jonesboro Danny L. Lusk, Brinkley Pat Mabary, Jonesboro Frank MacIntosh, Maynard Cornelius Maddox, Star City Shirley Magee, Piggott Allen Majors, Hardy Carolyn S. Mallory, Beedeville William L. Malott, Bradford Judy C. Manley, Wynne David E. Mann, Saffell Myron W. Mann, Whitehall Phyllis E. Mariott, Ravenden Judy D. Marlin, Poughkeepsie Jerald R. Marshall, Fort Smith Paula J. Marshall, Ward Charles A. Martin, Pine Bluff David D. Martin, Steprock .X .1 ,,.: Juniors David P. Martin, Jonesboro Deborah J. Martin, Trumann James M. Martin, Godfrey, Ill. Mary K. Martin, Conway Virginia D. Martin, Rosie Michael D. Mashburn, Jonesboro Alice J. Massey, Manila William P. Massey, Jonesboro Pamela A. Matheny, Cave City Mark B. Mathews, North Little Rock Ronnie G. Matsch, Rogers Frederick E. Matteson, Jacksonville Dianne M. Matthews, Batesville Robert S. Matthews, Jonesboro Thomas A. Maxwell, Rochelle, Ill. David G. May, Paragould Robert W. May, Little Rock Sandra J. Mayhan, Blytheville Regina R. Mayo, Piggott Bill Mays, Jonesboro Eldon McAnally, Osceola Dennis B. McBride, Batesville William S. McBride, Paragould Zoe McBride, Blytheville James S. McConnell, Malden, Mo. Pamela T. McConnell, Searcy Bill N. McCoy, Mayberry Francis P. McCoy, Tuckerman Terry L. McCoy, Hickory Ridge Carolyn McCullough, Osceola James K. McCullough, Salem Larry E. McCurley, Paragould Debra A. McCustion, Blytheville William D. McDonald, Jonesboro Carol E. McDowell, Pocahontas Mona L. McFall, Newport Ruth H. McGaughey, Newport James M. McGowan, North Little Rock Aaron D. McGuire, Paragould William T. McHenry, Birdeye William F. Mcllroy, Jonesboro Lynn S. Mclnnis, Osceola Laura S. McKenny, Piggott Michael A. McKinney, Paragould Teresa L. McKinney, Sedgwick Bessanne McKnight, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. McLemore, West Memphis Linda F. McNear, Steele, Mo. Carolyn F. McNeely, North Little Rock Joseph A. McNeill, Aberdeen, N. C. Irene Medders, Rosedale, Miss. Michael Medling, Collierville, Tenn. Ronald C. Meeks, Jacksonville, Fla. JoAnn Meier, Pocahontas Tanya L. Meyer, Blytheville Ted A. Meyer, Mabelvale Shirley A. Michie, West Memphis Oren J. Middlebrook, Aberdeen, Miss. Shirley A. Middlebrooks, Blytheville Tommy B. Miley, Brinkley Donna R. Miller, Helena Marshell E. Miller, Little Rock Wanda J. Miller, Paragould Mark F. Million, Jonesboro Dorothy G. Mills, Wabash Tony M. Mills, Rector James W. Milum, Batesville William R. Milum, Batesville Bradley A. Minton, Dexter, Mo. Annetta L. Mitchell, Earle Juniors Betty L. Mitchell, Mountain View Charles S. Mitchell, Clarendon Dixie L. Mitchell, Kennett, Mo. Randal H. Mitchell, Jonesboro Steven E. Mitchell, Trumann Susan V. Mitchell, Jonesboro Mary A. Monroe, Paragould Carl Montague, Marianna Jane Moody, West Plains, Mo. Charles O. Moore Jr., Naylor, Mo. Gary M. Moore, Nettleton Jane Moore, Walnut Ridge Ralph Moore, Viola Robert R. Moore, Blytheville Evangelina J. Morgan, Fort Smith Melinda K. Morgan, Couch, Mo. Michael V. Morgan, Nimmons Vicki L. Morgan, Caruthersville, Mo. James E. Morris, West Memphis Debbie K. Morrison, Bay Patricia G. Morrison, Little Rock Steven P. Morrison, Northbrook, Ill. Carol A. Morse, Wynne Debra A. Mosby, West Memphis Joel W. Mullins, Jonesboro Sylvia A. Murphy, Brookland Terry R. Murphy, Searcy Samuel G. Murray, Parkin Paul D. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Peter D. Muzik, Chesterfield, Mo. Bruce D. Myers, Jonesboro Charles E. Myers, Marianna Bruxie N. Myshka, Paragould Michael Nagy, Corning Brenda M. Neal, West Memphis Don M. Neely, Newport Michael E. Neely, Kennett, Mo. Richie C. Nelms, Jonesboro Billy Nelson Jr., Blytheville Erwin Nelson, Turrell Gary C. Nelson, Keiser Tommy E. Newberry, Paragould Michael Nichols, Little Rock Rosemary B. Nickell, Doniphan, Mo. Robert M. Nickles, Wynne David L. Niederbrach, Jonesboro Cynthia G. Noel, Senath, Mo. Manochehr B. Nouri, Shiraz, Iran Marsha A. Nugent, Kennett, Mo. Max W. Oakley, Pocahontas Joe N. Oates, Steele, Mo. Ronnie L. O'Cain, Lonoke Eddy L. Oliver, Salem Michael O'Reilly, Dublin, Ireland Donald R. Orton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gwen Osborn, Jonesboro Ernest M. Ott, Crawfordsville Ronald W. Ouzts, Little Rock Stephen J. Owen, E. Northport, N. Y. James P. Owens, Cherokee Village Michael R. Owens, Lake City Terry L. Owens, Jonesboro David R. Oxendine, Wheaton, Mo. Jerri C. Pace, Paragould Del A. Pagan, El Dorado Jerry A. Paladino, Conway Murrell E. Palmer, Kennett, Mo. Robert N. Palmer, Pollard Nita A. Palone, Paragould Tony A. Palone, New Orleans, La. 1..::isS5f :gfaivws isiadf , .. EE.: gg 2 . . X EW . s 'ii X NSS . . 1'-mf if . Q-s-1 .. :., f . so .. s N Lai . X .X Si S. 5 X . .sv . XSS,-x . ... ir Juniors Robbie E. Parham, Lepanto Karen L. Park, Corning Cindy D. Parker, Marked Tree Dan L. Parker, Blytheville Carol S. Parkerson, Hot Springs Martha A. Parsley, Cave City George M. Parsons, Osceola Lauri E. Partlow, Blytheville Vicki L. Pasmore, Jonesboro James B. Paul, Paragould Mike Payne, Marked Tree John F. Peacock, McCrory Allen Pecotte, Pocahontas Charles E. Peel, Newport Cynthia D. Penn, Portia William E. Penna, Trumann Randy T. Pepper, Jonesboro Dennis E. Peronia, Lake City Tony Perrin, Batesville Jacqueline Perry, Marianna Patricia S. Petrus, Carlisle Robert M. Phelps, Springfield, Mo Tony J. Phillips, Paragould Larry W. Pickett, Caraway Dave E. Pierce, St. Louis, Mo. Stephen Pierron, Wynne Jerry K. Pike, Jonesboro Linda J. Pillow, Paragould Kathy L. Pinchback, Jonesboro Marty Pinkston, Crossett Mary L. Pogue, Piggott Mike D. Polston, Williford Pearl A. Pope, Lexa Anna Marie Posey, Imboden Ramona D. Potter, Fagus, Mo. Edith C. Powell, Weiner Tom L. Powell, Jonesboro James M. Price, Jonesboro David E. Puryear, Jonesboro Mary F. Puryear, Jonesboro James S. Qualls, Moimt Pleasant Robert H. Quick, Wynne David A. Rabeneck, Stuttgart Bascom C. Raney, Jonesboro Clyde W. Ransom, Maynard Calvin T. Ratliff, Hayti, Mo. Martha A. Ratliff, Jonesboro Billy C. Ray, Jonesboro Patricia A. Ray, Newport Timothy H. Reagan, Jonesboro Ronald R. Reaves, Harrisburg Danny R. Redd, Jonesboro Jim W. Redd, Harrisburg Charolette R. Reece, Jonesboro Terrie J. Reed, Dexter, Mo. Deborah J. Reid, Swifton Paul T. Remagen, Jonesboro Jeff H. Rettig, Little Rock Lonnie J. Reynolds, Glenwood Robin W. Reynolds, Helena Robert W. Rhein, Jonesboro Rhonda S. Rhodes, Caraway Debbie K. Richards, Newport Larry K. Richardson, Jonesboro Mary G. Richardson, Jonesboro William N. Richardson, Jonesboro Monica J. Riefer, Jonesboro Howard D. Riggs, Jonesboro Tommy E. Rigsbee, Jonesboro Brenda D. Riley, Tuckerman Juniors Cheryl L. Riley, Tuckerman Freddie L. Riley, Delight Bobby Ritchey, Dalton Bobby L. Roach, Jonesboro Terry Roach, Newport Michael Robbins, Cleveland, Miss. Charlotte T. Roberson, Jonesboro Sherry L. Roberson, Hot Springs Donald L. Roberts, Harrisburg Gary J. Robei ts, Jonesboro Kenneth Roberts, Palestine Darrell Robertson, Batesville Reginald Robertson, West Memphis Sheila L. Robinson, Newport Donna J. Rodery, Campbell, Mo. Bill H. Rogers, Pocahontas Candy L. Rogers, Jonesboro June E. Rogers, Paragould Debra L. Roper, McRae Max A. Rose, Norfork Linda F. Rouse, Greenway Claude Routh, Des Arc Schuler B. Rowland, Marvell Connie L. Rowlett, Trumann James A. Rowlett, Swifton Ricky L. RulTin, Trumann Stephen C. Runnels, Jonesboro James F. Rusidoff, Jonesboro Cynthia M. Rutledge, Marianna Patricia J. Ryan, Walnut Ridge Nancy A. Rybak, Corning Clara L. Sample, Evening Shade Julie G. Sanderlin, Elaine Daniel J. Sanders, Paragould Donald L. Sanders, Cabot Henry G. Sanders, Caraway Priscilla L. Sanders, West Point Richard G. Sanders, West Memphis Leslie C. Sandlin, Pocahontas John B. Scaife, Marvell Richard D. Scarbrough, Van Buren Ronald Schafer, Carlisle Gus L. Schmidt, Jonesboro John M. Sclmeck, North Little Rock Vicki J. Schroeder, Vinity Jay Schuetzle, Jacksonville Alan H. Scott, Jonesboro Edna G. Scott, Milwaukee, Wis. Kenneth M. Scott, Wynne Richard L. Scott, Hopewell, Va. Robert E. Sealy, Malvern Frank W. Seaton Jr., Jonesboro Pamela Seaton, Helena Lana M. Serio, Eudora Ramona J. Severe, Brinkley Beth W. Seward, North Little Rock Darrel D. Sexton, Jonesboro Harold R. Sharp, Hardy Rodney A. Sharp, Saffell Robert Shellenberger, N. Little Rock Sherry L. Shelton, Jonesboro Thomas C. Shepherd, Jonesboro John J. Shivley, Jonesboro Lizabeth A. Shults, N. Little Rock Theodore Shumpert, Birdsong Curt K. Simmons, North Little Rock Carla B. Simon, Brinkley Ricky D. Simpkins, Jonesboro Bobby W. Simpson, Little Rock Debra J. Simpson, Jonesboro Juniors William H. Simpson, Forrest City Michael W. Singleton, Jones Mill Gary S. Sitzer, Weiner Howard R. Skaggs, Birdeye Patricia L. Skillman, West Memphis Ricky L. Slavings, Hayti, Mo. Karen G. Sloan, Pocahontas Thomas W. Smalling, Paragould Greg S. Smart, Crossett David L. Smith, Bono Deborah J. Smith, Paragould Deborah L. Smith, Stuttgart Debra A. Smith, Jonesboro Diane Smith, Keiser Harold T. Smith, Jonesboro James W. Smith, Paragould Janie K. Smith, Osceola Jannette Smith, Earle Jennings B. Smith, Walnut Ridge Judy A. Smith, Beebe Karen E. Smith, Blytheville Mary A. Smith, Brinkley Michael Smith, Paragould Paula K. Smith, Weiner Phillip K. Smith, Jonesboro Sharon L. Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Sidney L. Smith, Wynne Stanley Smith, Paragould Steven S. Smith, Jonesboro Vicki A. Smith, Paragould Wanda C. Smith, Cherry Valley Michael E. Smoker, Paragould Robin A. Smoot, Paragould David E. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Patricia Snell, West Memphis Kathy L. Snyder, Lexa William D. Snyder, Jonesboro David L. South, Pine Bluff Ricky S. South, Osceola Gary G. Sowle, Jonesboro Larry R. Spears, Paragould Robert E. Speer, Jonesboro Cathy E. Springle, Jonesboro David A. Sproling, Harrisburg Robert R. Squires, Jonesboro Robert H. Stacy, Wynne Louis J. Stadler, Cherry Valley Joan H. Stake, Kensett Ronnie L. Stallings, Jonesboro Glenda G. Stanley, Jonesboro Winifred A. Stanton, Bull Shoals James W. Staton, DeWitt Bob C. Statton, Jonesboro Amy E. Stearns, Jacksonville Mark E. Steed, Leachville Tom A. Steed, Jonesboro Maxie L. Stem, Jonesboro Gary L. Stephens, Lafe Joan M. Stephens, Jonesboro Steve W. Sterling, Searcy Brenda J. Stevens, Jonesboro Annette Stevenson, Osceola Karen Y. Stevenson, Hickory Ridge Rebecca L. Steward, Augusta Kenny Stewart, Osceola Louis E. Stine, Des Arc Susan A. Stone, Essex Junction, Vt. George F. Strauss, Madison Malcolm R. Street, Jonesboro Keith Strickland, Little Rock Juniors Rodney R. Strickland Jr., Hope William Stricklin, Yazoo City, Miss. Anthony Stroman, Arcadia, Fla. Fred E. Stuart, Walnut Ridge Robert J. Stuenkel, Mountain Home Scott W. Stumbaugh, North Little Rock Paul M. Sulicz, Decatur, Ill. Rosemary K. Summers, Augusta Constance Sumrall, West Helena Jerry L. Swain, Jonesboro Terry L. Swartout, Little Rock Kamran Tabatabai, Tehran, Iran Mearline Taffar, Ravenden Patti M. Talbot, Trumann William R. Tarver, Jonesboro Myra S. Tate, Manila Carlton A. Taylor, Pine Bluff Danny J. Taylor, Melbourne John W. Taylor Jr., Osceola Ronnie W. Taylor, North Little Rock Thomas D. Taylor, Jonesboro Tim J. Taylor, West Memphis Charles M. Terral, Marvell Paul J. Teufel, Lake Hiawatha, N.J. Karl L. Thiel, Paragould Cheryl A. Thomas, Pine Bluff Pam Thomas, Blytheville Patricia J. Thomas, Paragould Ronald W. Thomas, Armorel Janet E. Thomasson, Jonesboro Thomas R. Thompkins, Stuttgart Adolph J. Thompson, Joiner Alvalu Thompson, Earle Cynthia J. Thompson, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Thompson, Pocahontas Lanny G. Thompson, Paragould Marilyn M. Thompson, Pocahontas Carol J. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Verona A. Tice, Bay Janet C. Tiefenaver, Farmington, Mo. Lamar O. Times, Blytheville Valerie S. Timmermann, Jonesboro David E. Tiner, Pocahontas Dena L. Tinker, Imboden Mike D. Trantham, Bay Denny J. Treadway, Newport Gwendolyn A. Tribett, Paragould Terry G. Trotter, Jonesboro Margaret R. Tucsnak, Williford Betty J. Turnbo, West Helena Jim N. Turnbo, Mountain Home Calvin S. Turner, West Memphis Leslie S. Turner, Little Rock Ronald R. Turner, Lexa Sharon J. Tyer, Forrest City Harold E. Tyler Jr., Pocahontas Debby L. Underwood, Paragould Mary E. Vaden, Little Rock Ted L. Valentine, Jonesboro Norma J. Valley, Blytheville Linda S. Vance, Sedgwick Fonja K. Van Cleve, Jonesboro Connie L. VanGennip, Jonesboro Dannie L. Vaughn, Jonesboro Donna L. Vaught, Hickory Ridge Rene Vawter, Hardy Joe W. Verser, Harrisburg Steve D. Vester, Pocahontas Mary E. Via, Batesville Sharon L. Vickers, Bono Juniors Kim M. Vowell, Paragould Sterling Wafford, Forrest City Ruby J. Wagner, Jonesboro Cindy J. Walker, West Plains, Mo. David W. Walker, Jonesboro Keith Walker, Rector Melody A. Walker, Bradford Tony L. Walker, Jonesboro Charles L. Wallace, Lake Village Roger D. Wallace, Marvell Karen S. Wallin, Walnut Ridge Susan E. Walling, Smithville Karen K. Walls, Harrisburg Lloyd Walls, Forrest City Greg A. Walter, Jonesboro Dwight Walters, Little Rock Dane Ward, Pine Bluff Lenora Ward, Marmaduke Wayne N. Ward, Jonesboro Margaret A. Warr, Hot Springs Bobby Warren, Wynne Joyce Warren, Jonesboro Henry R. Washington, Little Rock Phillip S. Waters, Tuckerman Candace L. Watkins, Jonesboro James W. Watkins, Luxora Vaughn D. Watkins, Bay Charles R. Watson, Tuckerman Michael G. Watson, Blytheville Patricia A. Weaver, Manila James P. Webb, Jonesboro Jennifer H. Webster, Jonesboro Bob D. Wells, Paragould Stephen C. Wernsman, Centralia, Ill. Howell D. Westbrook, Pine Bluff Melissa D. Wester, Pine Bluff Barry M. White, Manila Corita A. White, Pine Bluff Rhonda K. White, Admire, Kan. Wilson H. White, West Memphis Jackie L. Whiteside, Piggott Rita L. Whitlow, Walnut Ridge Richard A. Whittle, Blytheville David M. Widner, Blytheville William J. Wiechman, Noblesville, Ind. Frederick W. Wiktorek, Naylor, Mo. Rodericke H. Wilcoxson, Kennett, Mo. John B. Wildberger, Elaine Larry H. Wiles, Ash Flat Don C. Wilkerson, Jonesboro Mickey J. Wilkerson, Hayti, Mo. Billy Wilkins, Helena John B. Wilkins, Jacksonville Charles W. Williams, England Corless D. Williams, Oneida Debra L. Williams, Jonesboro Gary L. Williams, Doniphan, Mo. Jennifer L. Williams, Jonesboro Joe A. Williams, Lake City Larry E. Williams, Newark Linda M. Williams, Conran, Mo. Margie A. Williams, Blytheville Nancianna Williams, Springfield, Va. Phil T. Williams, Kensett Ronald Williams, Osceola Ronzio Williams, Hughes Shelley Williams, Oneida Tambrey L. Williams, Cotter Terry L. Williams, Jonesboro Alecia R. Williamson, Elaine ,-- -YY. W Juniors Paul C. Williamson, Little Rock Daphene L. Wilson, Goldsboro, N. C. Gary L. Wilson, Jonesboro Michael H. Wilson, Marianna Nancy J. Wilson, Searcy Rollin T. Wilson, Kennett, Mo. Ronnie H. Wilson, Helena James C. Winters, Trumann Judith G. Wise, Jonesboro Tom E. Wiseman, St. Louis, Mo. Eugene L. Wittlake, Jonesboro Lawrence L. Wolf, Jonesboro John K. Wood, Paris, Tex. Melissa J. Wood, Caraway David N. Woodell, West Memphis Richard C. Woodhouse, Palm Harbor, Fla. Billy J. Woodruff, Grubbs Randall J. Woodruff, Jonesboro Greg Woods, Kingston, Jamaica Marlan L. Woodside, Paragould Keith D. Woolverton, Pollard Bob L. Worthington, Little Rock Donald B. Wray, West Memphis Roger D. Wray, West Plains, Mo. Mona P. Wright, Waldenburg Patti L. Wright, Jonesboro Mary N. Wyatt, Marion Nicky J. Yopp, Sulphur Rock Theresa G. York, Blytheville Ronald A. Young, Bragg City, Mo. Jan K. Youngdahl, Little Rock Linda L. Younger, Maynard Almis R. Zdanius, Hot Springs Richard L. Zirkel, Pocahontas Wk hui ifam , Sophomores Gwendolyn Abrams, Little Rock Terry C. Adams, Jonesboro Brenda G. Adelman, Little Rock James R. Adkins, Walnut Ridge Melanie S. Adkins, Jonesboro Keith E. Admire, Jacksonville Dennis R. Aikens, Earle Wanda M. Ainsworth, Trumann Susan C. Akin, Wynne Alan Alford, Forrest City Tom W. Allen, Fort Smith Debbie L. Allison, Forrest City Mike W. Allison, Washville, Tenn. Vicki J. Allison, Forrest City Diane J. Almond, Van Darlene D. Alsbrook, West Memphis Thomas S. Alsup, Mountain Grove, Mo J. Q. Armstrong III, Lake City Ann Arnold, Wiseman Gary S. Arnold, Harrison Robin M. Atkison, Corning Janie C. Atwood, Jonesboro Ginger R. Aumon, Paragould Bobby L. Baker, Jonesboro Edward A. Baker, Gilford, N.H. Karla N. Baker, Dexter, Mo. Kenneth W. Baker, DeQueen Lillian A. Baker, N. Little Rock Jami E. Bakhtiar, Tehran, Iran Cheryl A. Bailey, Lake City Rhonda J. Bailey, Stuttgart Jeanne B. Balcom, Jonesboro Larry S. Ball, Eudora Leslie Ball, Nettleton Suzanne Ball, Jonesboro Judy A. Ballard, Jonesboro Stanley M. Ballard, Evening Shade John A. Baltz, Pocahontas Joseph G. Baltz, Pocahontas Joseph P. Baltz Jr., Pocahontas Rebecca J. Bannon, Rosie Dewayne Barger, West Memphis Myrlan G. Barnett Jr., Saffell Paul R. Barnhardt, Paragould Becky J. Barrett, Cotter John C. Barttelt, Ash Flat Johnny D. Bass, Lake City Kristi D. Beadles, Jonesboro Susan R. Beaman, Mountain Home Paul E. Bean Jr., Jonesboro Jan E. Beard, Jonesboro John S. Beard, Mansfield Donald M. Beckham, Mountain View Douglas J. Beckman, Blytheville Janice K. Bedwell, Piggott Danny I. Bell, Van Buren, Mo. Guy G. Bell, Jonesboro Sandra L. Benham, Jonesboro Joe W. Benish, Jonesboro Kathy D. Bennett, Pocahontas Steve W. Bennett, Blytheville Bobby K. Benton, Harrison Dennis Bequette, Apple Valley, Calif. Glenn J. Berry, Jonesboro Rosanne Berry, Jonesboro Andy M. Birmingham, Tuckerman Dana L. Bishop, Harrisburg Denise Bishop, Rector Gail Bishop, Rector Danny Bivens, Trumann Sophomores Dorothy A. Bivens, Marmaduke David W. Black, Newport Jackie S. Black, Bono Ila S. Blackwell, Blytheville Melissa E. Blackwood, Memphis, Tenn. James D. Blair, Jonesboro Roger E. Blair, Jonesboro Ronald A. Blankenship, Fordyce William O. Blankenship, Jonesboro Marion M. Blocker, Elaine Phil E. Blount, Rector Valerie M. Bobo, Tuckerman Celia A. Boers, Malvern Cecil D. Bogy, Pine Bluff Robert L. Bonner, Little Rock Linda C. Boothe, Dardanelle Kathy L. Boren, Pine Bluff Anthony H. Bornhoft, Weiner Kenny R. Bourland, Manila Carolyn J. Bowe, Brinkley William C. Bowers, Jonesboro Mary L. Bowman, Maynard Robert C. Boylls, Cherokee Village Ledeanna A. Brackett, Batesville Randy L. Bradley, Searcy Beverly C. Bradsher, Wynne Derryl W. Branch, Pine Bluff Sam D. Brannum, Jonesboro Jeffrey C. Brantley, Crossett Boyce W. Bratcher, Wynne Donna E. Breckenridge, Beedeville Jennifer S. Breeding, Enola Marion Brees, Dell Becky J. Brickell, Jonesboro Mary A. Bridger, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Bridges, Monette William D. Briggs, Crawfordsville Barbara A. Bristow, Strawberry Alicia J. Brogden, Kennett, Mo. Donald W. Brooks, Manila Elizabeth G. Brooks, Cherokee Village Michael P. Brooks, Jonesboro Scharlett J. Brooks, Jonesboro Fred Brown, Hughes Hoyt A. Brown, Pocahontas John M. Brown, Star City Karl H. Brown, Crawfordsville Karla L. Brown, -Wynne Kevin M. Brown, Conway Mark D. Brown, Cave City Roy L. Brown, Elaine Mackie F. Brownlee, Forrest City Ben K. Bruce, Gassville Eldred M. Brunson, Jonesboro Carolyn J. Bryan, Osceola Francis M. Bryan, Brinkley Vickie L. Bryan, Jonesboro Larry S. Bryant, Forrest City Renita L. Buck, Paragould Mary L. Buckingham, Forrest City Michael D. Buckingham, Cabot Charlene V. Byford, Proctor Gary P. Bull, Sherwood Patty K. Bullington, McCrory Gaylon W. Burkman, Piggott Michael A. Burnette, Wynne Gary W. Burney, Harrisburg Karen F. Burns, Beech Grove Dale R. Burroughs, Hot Springs Jerri E. Burrow, Jonesboro H ,,g af. f J L- i2 N 'X X X k, Ss fi-it . .. as . - ..-Q.. .-.. :. ...masse 1 -xfs . X W. fi-N aa . 1 if 'asf W3 l .. a ss 5 gp, X .fa Q ii Sophomores Gerald R. Burton, Arbyrd, Mo. Abbie L. Bush, Walnut Ridge Mark A. Butler, Jonesboro Sharon Butler, Little Rock Teresa D. Butts, Jonesboro Warren W. Byrd, Jonesboro Jacque L. Cagle, Leachville Steve C. Caldwell, Thayer, Mo. Deborah A. Campbell, Marianna Mary E. Campbell, Marvell Clark G. Cantrell, Harrisburg David R. Cantrell, Calico Rock Jacob C. Cantrell, Pine Bluff Stanley E. Carmack, Paragould Nancy J. Carr, Brookland Richard D. Carroll, Brinkley Ollie E. Carter, Helena Rebecca L. Carter, Jonesboro Candice L. Cartwright, N. Little Rock Sandra L. Carucci, Pocahontas Ben H. Caruth, Marianna Cheryl M. Cash, Wilson Vanita A. Catalina, Leachville Roy W. Causbie, Hardy Elaine V. Cecelski, Havelock, N.C. Kay M. Challender, Sedgwick, Kans. Tara A. Chandler, Jonesboro James R. Chaplain, Weiner Minta A. Cherry, Festus, Mo. Denise L. Childers, Wynne Kris A. Christensen, Chicago, Ill. George W. Christian, Forrest City James L. Church, Leachville Cathy J. Clark, Jonesboro Garry W. Clark, Augusta Janet D. Clark, Grubbs Robin L. Clark, Jonesboro Jerry W. Clayton, Jonesboro Jerry W. Cochran, Hardy Harold C. Coggins, England Giles B. Colbert, Stuttgart Neal E. Cole, Paragould Donna J. Colley, Jonesboro Daniel M. Collins, Los Angeles, Calif. Michael A. Comer, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James F. Comet, Lynnwood, Wash. Lee H. Conditt, Newport Gary W. Conlee, West Memphis Glen M. Conley, Jonesboro Greg R. Conn, Paragould Ronnie E. Conwell, Blytheville Charles G. Cook, Paragould Deanna J. Cook, Paragould Jonna L. Cook, Jonesboro Reina M. Cook, Jonesboro Richard D. Cook, Jonesboro Barry E. Cooper, Almyra Carolyn A. Cooper, Gosnell George F. Cooper, Jonesboro Terry R. Cooper, Jonesboro Vicki J. Cooper, Paragould Charles G. Coppola, Jonesboro William E. Corn, Searcy Jeff N. Couch, Jonesboro Susan A. Couey, Lepanto Cora L. Covington, Moro James E. Covington, Jonesboro Robert P. Cowles, Jonesboro Angela C. Cox, Bono David W. Cox, Chattanooga, Tenn. Sophomores Gregory J. Cox, Manila Philip W. Cox, Dyess Rita C. Cox, Osceola Douglas W. Coy, Paragould Susan C. Coy, Monette Jean M. Craft, Jonesboro Polly A. Craft, Little Rock Karen A. Craig, Tyronza Mary L. Crain, Wynne Roger L. Crain, Blytheville Jeffrey M. Cranford, Rector Elizabeth D. Cravens, Pocahontas Sylvia C. Crawford, Marion Guy A. Cremeens, Jonesboro Larry D. Crews, Lake City Richard S. Crider, Hoxie Terry H. Crider, Jonesboro Hugh E. Crisp, Marvell Herbert E. Crites, Blackfish Lake Carolyn L. Croft, Marianna Joseph H. Crowson, Rector Richard W. Cude, Walnut Ridge Ronnie D. Cude, Cardwell, Mo. Sharla C. Cullins, Harrisburg Roger B. Culver, Forrest City Jeff L. Curry, Pine Bluff Donald W. Dabney, Marked Tree Earnest E. Dallas, Wynne Walter W. Daniel, Earle George P. Dapp, Blytheville Walter S. Darling, Jonesboro Ann A. Daugherty, Jonesboro Sharon K. Daves, I-lot Springs Adrian Davis, Wilson Charles B. Davis, Jonesboro Charles M. Davis, Wynne Cletis R. Davis, Lake City Doyle 0. Davis, Paragould Jeffrey J. Davis, Wynne Kristy L. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. Larry D. Davis, Pocahontas Mary C. Davis, Walcott Michael E. Davis, Dalton Michelle E. Davis, Trumann Mike C. Davis, Jonesboro Peggy E. Davis, Morrilton Terry L. Davis, Osceola Scott Dawson, N. Little Rock Vonnie A. Dean, Earle James K. Deardorff, Decatur, Ill. Ellen M. Decker, Steele, Mo. Michael A. DeClerk, Pocahontas Ronnie Dedman, Tuckerman David Dees, Little Rock Vikki L. Denton, Jonesboro Gary S. DePriest, Malden, Mo. Phyllis J. DePriest, Cherokee Village Kem P. DeRoe, Paragould Glenda S. Devasier, Palestine James A. DeVazier, Jonesboro Doug J. Devlin, Fordyce Danette P. Dils, Almyra Phyllis O. Dixon, Jonesboro Kim M. Dobbs, Jonesboro Nancy A. Dobbs, McCrory Kenneth J. Doles, Stuttgart David L. Donovan, Hoxie Jan L. Dortch, Marmaduke Melvin T. Dowless, Monette Miles L. Doyle, Jonesboro . . .X 6 is A in w 1-five N555 wigs 4 ': is .WE S g. I .,. . ., V Sophomores Stephen F. Dozier, Jonesboro John C. Drake, Malden, Mo. Deborah K. Drury, Colt David W. Dudley, Paragould Charles G. Dunaway, N. Little Rock Debbie S. Dunaway, Ruston, La. James D. Dunivan, Senath, Mo. Gary L. Dunn, Mammoth Spring Robert J. Dupres, Gosnell Vicki L. Dyer, Searcy Edward R. Earwood, Memphis, Tenn. Gary D. Easley, Sheridan Karry Easley, Grubbs Robert E. Edgar, Jonesboro Diane Edmonson, Sherwood Alan D. Edwards, Rector Leslie E. Edwards, Memphis, Tenn. Nancy D. Edwards, Helena Thomas Elkins, Jonesboro Buddy D. Elliott, Tuckerman Brenda Ellis, West Memphis Guy T. Ellis, Osceola Robert W. Ellis, Paragould Roy E. Elmore, Paragould Steve W. Elrod, Bassett Steve L. Emerson, Jonesboro Cindy M. English, N. Little Rock Jere K. English, Clarendon Tommy R. English, Wynne Raymond W. Erickson, Newport Don L. Ernst, Jonesboro Gary L. Evans, Jonesboro Greg L. Evans, Walnut Ridge James F. Ezell, Jonesboro James H. Farley, Jonesboro Robert H. Farrell, Paragould Jerry L. Farris, N. Little Rock Glenn A. Faught, Jonesboro Terry L. Faught, Jonesboro Jerry D. Fears, Paragould Cynthia S. Fender, Pocahontas Leesa L. Ferguson, Salem Valerie S. Ferguson, Jonesboro Vicki L. Ferguson, Jonesboro Barry L. Ferrell, McCrory Jimmy A. Fields, Turrell Patricia S. Finchem, Hardy Deborah A. Finley, Manila Toni J. Finn, Jonesboro Thomas W. Finnie, Pleasant Plains Debra J. Fisher, Memphis, Tenn. Michael A. Fisher, Jonesboro Gary D. Fleeman, Paragould Philip Fleming, Osceola Angelia F. Fletcher, Jonesboro Anne C. Fletcher, Pocahontas Nickey T. Fletcher, Lake City Myrtle J. Flye, Paragould Shelton K. Flynt, Jonesboro John N. Fogleman, Marion Sharron Y. Ford, West Memphis Robert W. Forrest, Jonesboro Carey L. Fortenberry, Paragould Curtis W. Foster, Van Buren, Mo. Karon M. Foutch, Leachville Heidi A. Foy, Jacksonville Mark C. Frangenberg, Pocahontas Dennis R. Franks, Pocahontas Michael C. Frazier, Osceola Ronald Freeman, Paragould 5 Sophomores Cecil W. French, Jonesboro Phillip E. French, Jonesboro Ronald D. French, Modesto, Calif. Robert D. Frey, Mammoth Spring Paul Fulks Jr., Jonesboro Charlotte K. Fussell, Forrest City Larry M. Gadberry, Jonesboro Philip B. Gallaher, Hot Springs Susan Gallegly, Newport James K. Gambill, Brookland Stanley E. Gambill, Jonesboro Sandra J. Gardner, Keiser Jeffrey C. Garland, Bono Kerry L. Garman, Jacksonville Sheila K. Garner, Blytheville William C. Garrett, Bauxite Howard D. Garrison, Conway Robert Garza, Eudora Mary Gatewood, West Memphis Alan G. Gathright, Monette Terry L. Gearhart, Reyno Richard L. Gentle, Paragould Vickie L. Gentle, Paragould Ronald L. Gentry, Blytheville Gloria L. George, Marvell Gregory L. Gibson, Arbyrd, Mo. Mark S. Gibson, Jonesboro Melissa K. Gibson, Jonesboro David W. Gilbert, Jonesboro Derenda Gillam, Caruthersville, Mo. Ruth J. Gillis, Payneway Jo A. Gilmer, Earle Michael H. Gipson, Jonesboro Joseph D. Girard,'Jonesboro Kimmie A. Glenn, Fisher Nona O. Glenn, Lynn Sandi G. Godshalk, Orlando, Fla. Kimberly A. Goodrum, Jonesboro Timothy C. Gorman, Forrest City Wayne C. Gosnell, Searcy Susie M. Gould, Jonesboro James D. Graddy, Harrisburg David V. Grady, Paragould Robert L. Graham, Blytheville Lucille Granger, West Memphis Donna K. Graves, West Memphis Darrell D. Gray, Blytheville Steven W. Gray, Jonesboro Vicki J. Gray, Jonesboro Clarissa L. Green, Rolla, Mo. Gary C. Green, Blytheville Charley S. Greene, Jonesboro David L. Greene, Blytheville Bert K. Greenwalt, Hazen Markcus Greer, Caldwell Michael A. Gretzmier, Osceola Cynthia K. Grooms, Paragould Wiley K. Gribbs, Eudora Karen J. Gryner, Keiser Wayne A. Gunter, Blytheville George R. Gurkin, Collierville, Tenn. Patricia A. Guy, Forrest City Billy D. Hacker, Smithville Gholamhossein Haghighi, Shiraz, Iran Leslie A. Hale, Kennett, Mo. Sam S. Haley, Bono Gary A. Halfacre, Jonesboro Wes Hall, Jetmore, Kans. Vicki Hambrick, DeWitt Kenneth M. Hamby, Calico Rock Sophomores Janice K. Hamilton, N. Little Rock Larry E. Hamilton, Wynne Walter B. Hamm, Imboden Gerald L. Hancock, Blytheville Paul J. Hancock, Jonesboro Raymond Handy, West Suffield, Conn. Michael Hanks, Jonesboro Randy R. Hanneman, Lonoke Patrick A. Hanzlik, Hot Springs Debbie L. Hardin, Searcy Bob L. Harris, Seneca Falls, N.Y. Thomas G. Harris, Forrest City Terry G. Harshbarger, Blytheville Clarence E. Harvey Jr., W. Memphis Frank Harvey, Jonesboro Christopher Hatch, Caruthersville, Mo. Donald W. Hatcher, Harrisburg Gina R. Hatfield, N. Little Rock Virginia A. Hatridge, Jonesboro Stanley D. Hattle, Lepanto Joe E. Hawkins, Pocahontas Ronnie J. Hawkins, Jonesboro Wildon D. Hawkins, Success Kathy L. Hawn, Walnut Ridge Barbara L. Hazelip, Pine Bluff Angela F. Head, Wynne Donna Heard, Bald Knob Larry W. Heard, Harrisburg Ronnie R. Heard, Bald Knob Terri M. Hedge, Jonesboro Lujean Heffington, Heber Springs James E. Helman, Conway Jacquelyn J. Henard, Brinkley Georgia A. Henderson, Trumann Norman T. Henderson, Batesville Linda K. Hendricks, Bono Charles B. Hendrix, Trumann Stanley L. Henry, Monette David R. Henson, Blytheville John W. Henson, Monette Stephen Henson, Little Rock Kathleen D. Hewitt, Pine Bluff Paul D. Higginbottom, Anderson, Ind. Robert B. Higginbottom, Tuckerman Jerris A. Highfill, Paragould Bill Hill, Oxford Donna M. Hill, Paragould Janice E. Hill, Houston, Tex. Joseph W. Hill, Widener Sandra D. Hill, McCrory Sharon A. Hill, Hardy Stephen W. Hill, Jonesboro Karen M. Hillman, Searcy Lorie G. Hinds, Jonesboro Sheena F. Hinton, Wynne Rickey L. Hite, Bald Knob David T. Hodge, Marmaduke Janet S. Hodges, Hickory Ridge Marcus L. Hodges, Blytheville Gregory Hofer, Rolling Prairie, Ind. Douglas B. Hoffman, Paragould Randal L. Hogue, Clinton Catherine E. Holland, Sherwood Kenneth L. Holland, Berryville Kenneth R. Holmes, Jacksonville Jimmy D. Holt, Newport William S. Holt, N. Little Rock William M. Honey, Newport Kathy D. Hooten, Egypt Pamela G. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Sophomores David K. Hoover, Mattoon, Ill. Rosetta L. Horton, Etowah Teddy M. Horton, Cash Richard C. Hoskins, Paragould Charlotte M. House, Bono Vicki L. House, N. Little Rock Debra J. Houston, Senath, Mo. Robert R. Howard, N. Little Rock Karen S. Howell, Jonesboro Karon K. Howerton, Marked Tree Beverly K. Hudson, Hoxie Gwen A. Hudson, Jonesboro David C. Huff, Jonesboro Debbie S. Huff, Jonesboro Sherry Huffman, Cherry Valley Freddie J. Huggins, Cotton Plant Louellen L. Hughes, Hardy James M. Hunt, Doniphan, Mo. Jane M. Hunt, Doniphan, Mo. Paulette J. Hunt, Lafe Annette Huntley, Forrest City Tim D. Hurd, Paragould Lloyd Huskey, Gould Mike A. Hutchens, Paragould Joel W. Ingram, Manila Dana A. Irby, Jonesboro Dorothy A. Irby, Jonesboro Ricky L. Irvin, Jonesboro Carol F. Isaac, Caruthersville, Mo. Al E. Ishmael, Trumann Vickie S. Ivy, Timbo Calvin D. Jackson, Caraway Robbie D. Jackson, Reyno Steve M. Jackson, Wynne Naki Jaferey, Karachi, Pakistan Jennie James, Warren John E. Jarvis, Caraway Rob L. Jennings, Marked Tree Michael W. Johanson, Jonesboro Arvilia Johnson, Blytheville Barron Johnson, Piggott Brenda B. Johnson, Rector Carolyn R. Johnson, Piggott Clara E. Johnson, Cherokee Village Gaylan L. Johnson, Walnut Ridge Karen L. Johnson, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Kathy G. Johnson, N. Little Rock Robert D. Johnson, Cotton Plant Sherry E. Johnson, Jonesboro Tandy L. Johnson Jr., Jonesboro Tommy L. Johnson, Osceola Wanda L. Johnson, Jacksonville William T. Johnson, Blytheville Woodrow Johnson, Forrest City Luther A. Jolley, Forrest City Barbara L. Jones, Palestine Brenda K. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Bryan E. Jones, Gideon, Mo. Elizabeth K. Jones, Wynne Gary L. Jones, Wideman Johnnie L. Jones, Amagon Jon H. Jones, Hughes Karen C. Jones, Wiseman Karla J. Jones, Caruthersville, Mo. Marilyn S. Jones, Jonesboro Melinda R. Jones, Searcy Nancy D. Jones, Jonesboro Edgar E. Jordan, Tulsa, Okla. Jeff L. Juergens, Trumann Richard L. Justice, Fountain Hill I 5 .. 'Q tx A if M VV VU .xv will ,',: - - w.1wwHq5:w,SYw 1 yr...-.,3. S. s? 2' KE i K. . st X x. ei? .Q ' xx K 1, gy as A' Q. ' we S gg , -- -2 x lf. s I v 6 Sophomores Rebekah L. Kalb, Mangilao, Guam Charles Kasabian, W. Suffield, Conn. Barry A. Katz, Blytheville Peggy K. Keasler, Marianna Karen D. Keating, Bryant Susan P. Kee, Monette Danny C. Keith, Egypt Steven M. Keith, Jonesboro Jimmy A. Keller, Anna, Ill. Tommy M. Keller, Jonesboro Stan J. Kelley, Cave City Vernita Kelley, W. Helena William D. Kelley, Forrest City Marian K. Kelly, Pine Bluff Rayburn E. Kendall, Monette Craig A. Kennedy, Grubbs Vikki L. Kersey, Jonesboro Nancy A. Kestner, Almyra Mohammed A. Khalig, Jonesboro Betty J. Kiefer, Pocahontas Kenneth L. Kimberling, Jonesboro Anthony W. King, West Memphis Charles J. King, Blytheville Travis L. King, Manila Deborah J. Kirkdoffer, W. Memphis Horace R. Kirtley, Pine Bluff Charles W. Knight, N. Little Rock Organ I. Knowlton, Elaine Joan M. Kucala, Flippin Courtney L. Lacy, Batesville Rodney A. Ladd, Reyno Daniel R. LaFantasie, Searcy Kenneth W. Lagrone Jr., Trumann Linda L. Lambert, Cherokee Village Thomas E. Landrus, Dumas Patrick E. Langevin, West Plains, Mo. Randy M. Langston, Wiseman Rosie L. Lauderdale, Turrell Dianne Lawler, Blytheville Larry V. Lawrence, Chicago, Ill. Dennis G. Layer, Kennett, Mo. Bucky C. Layne, Little Rock Jennifer Leamons, Pine Bluff Debra J. Lee, Cardwell, Mo. Silvester Leigh, Memphis, Tenn. Randy W. Lemmons, Pocahontas John R. Lendennie, Blytheville Joyce K. Lentz, Marmaduke Carol A. Lentzner, Memphis, Tenn. Lan R. Letner, Caruthersville, Mo. Charleen R. Lewis, Youngstown, Ohio Dennis E. Lewis, West Memphis Perry Lewis, Jonesboro Russell W. Lewis, Blytheville Robin L. Lile, Jonesboro Rhonda C. Lindsey, Hardy Velva J. Lingo, Egypt Freddie Lisko, Slovak LaNan Lisko, Hazen Mitchell W. Little, Minturn Brent E. Lochridge, Largo, Fla. Commie D. Loggains, Newport Harold R. Long, Jonesboro Kenny D. Long, Moro Steve L. Lookadoo, Stuttgart Jamie M. Looney, Osceola Jack D. Lott, Eudora Lanay Lovell. Searcy Janice L. Lovett, Jacksonville Joann Lowe, Forrest City Sophomores James B. Lucius, Osceola Karen N. Lunsford, Jonesboro David R. Luter, Corning Donna J. Lyerly, Harrisburg Janet L. Lynch, Paragould Joseph C. Mabrey, Jonesboro Lee Mahan, Paragould Mitzie L. Mahon, Hickory Ridge Stacey L. Mahurin, Little Rock Johnny A. Makovec, Stuttgart Susan C. Manatt, Corning Debra K. Mangrum, Jonesboro Johnny L. Mangrum, Jonesboro Timothy J. Mangrum, Paragould Dennia K. Maple, Corning Claudia M. Maples, Earle Thomas G. Marlar, Paragould Charles R. Martin, Paragould Teresa F. Martin, Jonesboro Kathleen Mason, Lepanto Coleman Mathews III, Key West, Fla. Sarah R. Matthews, Jonesboro Scott M. Mayes, Jonesboro Charles W. Mayhew, Little Rock Clarence W. McAlister, Turrell Kathie K. McCaughey, Blytheville June D. McClendon, Osceola Laraine G. McClendon, Osceola Sheila J. McCollum, Hughes John D. McCoy, Hughes Danny R. McCrone, Jonesboro Howard A. McCullough, Pine Bluff Jimmy A. McDaniel, Bay Karen M. McDaniel, Jonesboro Sharon K. McDonald, Rector Kevin R. McGaughey, Lake City Jill J. McHaney, Blytheville Kenneth L. Mclnnis, Dothan, Ala. Cindy L. McLain, Wheatley Phil E. McLarty, Bono Margaret A. McMahon, Kennett, Mo. Laura B. McMillon, Jonesboro Jimmy D. McMullen, Walnut Ridge Randall E. McNeil, Newport Sandra C. McRaven, Jonesboro Bruce E. McSpadden, Blytheville Scott McSwain, Jonesboro Charles E. McWhirter, Manila Kim D. Medford, Brinkley Mark H. Meredith, Forrest City Anita L. Merrill, Jonesboro Stephen E. Merriman, Jonesboro William H. Merryman, Jonesboro Malinda K. Metcalf, Bay Susan M. Metzler, Jonesboro Roger D. Meurer, Bono Keith R. Mikel, Paragould Laurie A. Miles, Blytheville Gary R. Millard, Jonesboro Becky L. Miller, Jonesboro Janet M. Miller, Clarendon Mark H. Miller, Mammoth Spring Stephen K. Miller, Huntsville William D. Miller, Murfreesboro George E. Mitchell, Jonesboro Jonelle L. Mitchell, Searcy Stephanie K. Mize, Pocahontas Ina W. Mobley, Jonesboro Karen S. Mobley, Redfield Ken A. Mock, Paragould 2 9 'Q . I x , Q - .my ,V , ... . . . w..-. e: .., 'f - Zfjguk :ff QPR? t e 4 J xy 'Sr A s Ag, fn vs 2 lr ' "W-uf-nf . -gs' my 4, ,Mi . :Lyn 'N.fe3?'ws "PJ- 4 f W, ,W ,,, ,,,, , , 'U 'Z , ,jp f? 1 ,,, A I M 1 Sophomores James M. Mohr, Clinton Eugene W. Molinaro, N. Little Rock Michael G. Moll, Malden, Mo. Joy L. Monroe, Paragould Preston D. Monroe, Jonesboro Barbara J. Montgomery, Piggott William B. Moon, Trumann Archie L. Moore, Hughes Betty D. Moore, Jonesboro Bruce E. Moore, Jonesboro David L. Moore, Paragould Paige Moore, Piggott Pamela K. Moore, Fisher Raymond E. Moore Jr., Jonesboro Richard W. Moore, Decatur, Ill. William K. Moore, Little Rock Beverly J. Morgan, Marked Tree Gary H. Morgan, Osceola Sheila S. Morgan, Jonesboro Vann A. Morgan, West Memphis Robert Morphis Jr., Forrest City Jerry L. Morris, Judsonia Leslie L. Morris, Jonesboro Mark E. Morris, West Memphis Ray A. Morris, Forrest City Julia E. Morrow, Bradford Gary L. Morton, Paragould Larry T. Moulder, Harrisburg Charles Mouton Jr., Blytheville Carol D. Mowery, Piggott Robyn L. Moye, St. Louis, Mo. Kevin Muckensturm, Belleville, Ill. Mary L. Mullikin, Star City Dana L. Mullins, Wilson Gary A. Mullins, Jonesboro Tommy L. Mumert, Batesville Libby Mumma, Cardwell, Mo. Orben D. Munn, Jonesboro Terri M. Murley, Blytheville Cheryl D. Murphy, Cherry Valley Glen S. Murphy, Mattoon, Ill. Ilagene Murphy, Biggers Beverly L. Murray, Delaplaine Robert M. Nance, Jonesboro Anderson Neal, Augusta Jimmie L. Neely, Little Rock Sarah A. Neeley, West Memphis Byron G. Nelson, West Memphis Doris J. Nelson, Gurdon Jerry F. Neumeyer, Jonesboro Janet A. Newberry, Paragould Kenneth E. Newberry, Paragould Jaunita L. Newman, Alton, Mo. Linda Nicholson, Moro Beverly T. Nickles, Wynne David A. Nigus, N. Little Rock David G. Nix, Jonesboro Steve D. Noble, Rives, Mo. Kathy L. Norman, St. Charles, Mo. Mary B. Norris, Cash Nancy D. Norris, Marion Ronald J. Northcutt, Marianna Michael A. 0'Brien, Osceola Osaro M. Ogiamien, Beinin, Nigeria Judy L. Oliver, Paragould Bobby R. O'Neal, Blytheville Rodney L. 0'Neal, Blytheville Patricia 0'Reilly, Cherokee Village Kathy Orel, Kansas City, Kans. Carolyn E. Orr, Lake City Sophomores David P. Orr, Lake City James D. Orr, Marked Tree Michael G. Orr, Swifton Elizabeth A. Osborne, Blytheville Barbara A. Owen, Pine Bluff Charles D. Owens, Lake City Vivian M. Owens, La Grange Steven M. Oxner, England Martin D. Pace, Minturn Stephen R. Pace, Pocahontas Wilma L. Pace, Hornersville, Mo. Steve O. Pagan, Jonesboro Richard Page, Little Rock Ken N. Paige, Mountain Home Phillip A. Palmer, Jonesboro Peter J. Palone, New Orleans, La. Stephen A. Pankey, Jonesboro Phillip H. Para, West Memphis Roberta J. Parish, Hayti, Mo. Charles Parker, Jefferson City, Mo. Phil W. Parker, Jonesboro John D. Parks, Jonesboro Susan Y. Parrish, McDougal Pat T. Parrott, Springfield, Mo. Donald W. Parsley, Forrest City Linda C. Parten, Delaplaine Rickey D. Patrick, Brinkley Marcia A. Patton, Jonesboro Harjatta D. Paulsson, Stuttgart Carol A. Payne, Rives, Mo. Jon K. Pearman, Kennett, Mo. Cheryl L. Pearson, Austin Tony O. Pearson, Forrest City John Peregrin, Hot Springs Patricia S. Perkey, Paragould Heayron C. Perkins, Bono Abrilla Perry, West Memphis Jeffrey Perry, Tuckerman Richard L. Perry, Jonesboro Stan D. Perry, West Memphis Ada L. Person, Tuckerman Brenda M. Peters, Pocahontas David W. Pewett, Osceola Georgia K. Pfeifer, Bono Jo H. Phelps, Little Rock Randy F. Philhours, Paragould David T. Phillips, West Memphis Pamela A. Phillips, Harrison Leonard A. Pierce, Cave City Pamela D. Pierce, Hornersville, Mo. Laurel J. Piercy, Manila Terri A. Pitts, Monette Debby J. Pope, Black Rock Johnny L. Porter, Roe Harvey E. Potter, Paragould Lola F. Prater, Hoxie Dorothy E. Prescott, St. Charles Glenda R. Pretty, Newport Garmon Y. Price, Jonesboro Frank M. Prislovsky, Stuttgart James H. Privett, Hoxie Charles A. Pudinas, Stuttgart Floyd R. Pumphrey, Little Rock Sherri K. Purcell, Paragould Barry E. Ragsdale, Jonesboro Paulette D. Rains, Bay Derek Randolph, Osceola Melissa L. Raney, Fordyce Gaylon B. Ratliff, Jonesboro Jack D. Ratliff, Bragg City, Mo. rf' ,X Lf'-'A i ik. ' 'EL 0 K. was 'S sa, m X -Y. ,, 'T 3 2 ,L 'STA "V5'l1S Sophomores Fredia D. Ray, Jonesboro Mitch L. Ray, West Memphis Patsy M. Ray, Paragould Kathy L. Reams, Piggott Janette Reed, Pocahontas Jennie L. Reed, Monette Mitchell L. Reed, Marvell Randy L. Reed, Dickson, Tenn. Theresa A. Reed, Pocahontas Sandra K. Reeves, Mt. Pleasant James G. Rega, Cherokee Village Carla A. Reid, Steele, Mo. Jeanie E. Reid, Pocahontas Nina B. Reynolds, El Dorado Carma L. Rhodes, Benton James A. Richardson, Osceola SueAnn Richardson, Melbourne Bobie W. Richey, Trumann Roger D. Richey, Marmaduke Sharon K. Riddell, Blytheville Valerie Y. Ridley, Tuckerman Marie Rie, Jonesboro Paula L. Riggs, Paragould Janice D. Riley, West Memphis Walter L. Riley, Colt Sharron D. Ring, West Memphis Earl D. Rivers, Jonesboro Dena Roach, Hope Lavelle M. Robert, Walnut Ridge Rose M. Roberts, Harrisburg Doug Robinson, Star City George E. Robinson, Paragould Joyce M. Robinson, Wynne Kenneth N. Robinson, Sherwood Pamela D. Robinson, Rector Sarah L. Robinson, Jonesboro Sharon D. Robinson, Blytheville Steve K. Rodery, Greenway Bobby J. Roetzel, Little Rock James A. Rogers, Viola William A. Rogers, Newport Patsey D. Rook, Jonesboro Patsy L. Ross, Blytheville Terry G. Ross, Turrell David L. Rothgeb, Fulton, Mo. Patricia L. Rowland, Paragould Mike J. Roy, Jonesboro Susan D. Rudkin, Jonesboro John Ruff, Peoria, Ill. Judy F. Russ, Cave City Nina L. Russell, Kennett, Mo. Johnny D. Rutherford, Jonesboro Johnny C. Rye, Marked Tree Ronnie Sairls, Jonesboro Raphael A. Saliba, Blytheville Kenneth R. Sample, Nimmons Javad M. Sanati, Shiraz, Iran Jean M. Sanders, Blytheville Sherri L. Sandow, Blytheville Kenneth N. Saucier, Evening Shade David J. Sawyer, McCrory Sandra E. Saylor, Fort Worth, Tex. Kurt A. Schenk, St. Louis, Mo. Liane Schlegel, Mountain Home Hal Schmitt, Jefferson City, Mo. Barry N. Scott, Piggott Danny W. Scott, Weiner Debbie K. Scott, Hayti, Mo. Patricia L. Seagrave, Hardy Rebecca L. Seamans, Crossett Sophomores Robert A. Searles, Paragould Jennifer L. Sears, Corning Leonard E. Sharp, Marmaduke Annesa G. Shelton, Marked Tree Byron L. Shelton, Paragould Shelia K. Shelton, Hot Springs Eric P. Shipley, N. Little Rock Pamella M. Shirley, Blytheville Wenzola Shirley, Holcomb, Mo. Sara F. Shouse, Blytheville Carol E. Shults, N. Little Rock Mike Siemieniec, Chicago, Ill. Raymond L. Simes, Helena Louise V. Simington, Pocahontas Roy G. Simmons, Beebe Charles E. Simpson, Poughkeepsie David E. Simpson, Rector Millie D. Simpson, Marked Tree Ronald W. Simpson, Poughkeepsie Elisa K. Sims, West Memphis John W. Singleton, Blytheville Marcia A. Singley, Pocahontas Larry B. Sisk, Smithville Glenna K. Skinner, Batesville Samuel D. Slaton, Wilson Cliff V. Slinkard, Trumann Jimmie C. Smart, Pleasant Plains Kathy M. Smelser, Paragould Grant E. Smiley, Little Rock Benjamin W. Smith, Newport Daisy D. Smith, Corning Gerald E. Smith, N. Little Rock Gregory A. Smith, West Memphis Jimmy G. Smith, Monette Kathleen T. Smith, Walnut Ridge LaDawn Smith, Jonesboro Patricia C. Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Pearlie M. Smith, Wheatley Phil D. Smith, Lake Village Rebecca K. Smith, Black Rock Richard L. Smith, Jonesboro Roland D. Smith, Jonesboro Ronnie G. Smith, Wilson Sharron D. Smith, Peach Orchard Vickey J. Smith, West Memphis Voughna R. Smith, Evening Shade Joseph Smithwick, Jonesboro Steven E. Smoker, Paragould Betty J. Snyder, Jonesboro Patricia A. Snyder, Cherokee Village Cynthia L. Somers, Jonesboro Stephen Southard, Blytheville David J. Spann, Pine Bluff Janet L. Spencer, Malden, Mo. Tommy W. Spencer, Jonesboro Denise Spurlock, Bay William W. Spurlock, Jonesboro Ken W. Stafford, West Memphis Paragould Jonesboro Freddie L. Stanley, John M. Stanley, Frank L. Stark, Jonesboro John S. Stark, Jonesboro Wyvonne Stark, N. Little Rock Becky L. Starr, Paragould Donna J. Steele, Paragould Wincle L. Sterling, Bald Knob Terry W. Stevenson, Blytheville Wanda L. Stevenson, Earle Terry D. Stewart, Campbell, Mo. William A. Stickler, Paragould -" 9, , , avr, f .. , , , f 2 Q fi 3 1 ,.1f.v .. ... 1:.,:v.1,, . .. , . ...QQ X Y' ei K Sophomores William R. Still, Helena Laura L. Stolzer, Little Rock Ardell Strawther, Blytheville Steven W. Stribling, Blytheville Gary F. Strickland, Lepanto Joe T. Strickland, Blytheville Dennis S. Stricklin, Jonesboro Judith C. Sturgeon, Kennett, Mo. Allen Sulfridge, Jonesboro Eda C. Sulfridge, Nettleton David E. Sullenberger, Pine Bluff Lynette Sullins, Bono Peggy A. Sullivan, Saffell Sharon K. Summers, Sherwood Keith B. Sutton, Cherry Valley Richard E. Sutton, West Memphis Herby E. Swearingen, Mountain Home Beverly J. Swilling, Pine Bluff Sondra K. Sylvester, Blytheville Stephen M. Tabor, Fort Smith Ina L. Taffar, Ravenden Gary E. Talbert, Jonesboro Randy J. Tankersley, Jonesboro Julia E. Tanner, Jonesboro David L. Tarno, Kennett, Mo. Martha K. Tarpley, Blytheville Jon E. Tate, Hughes William Tate, West Memphis Dianna L. Tausch, N. Little Rock Anthony E. Taylor, Alicia Carolyn R. Taylor, Trumann Julia L. Taylor, Jonesboro Kim A. Taylor, Jonesboro Steven D. Taylor, Monette Tommy B. Taylor, Mountain View Mike H. Teague, Harrisburg Donnie G. Tennison, Jonesboro Anthony Terrice, Brinkley Danny E. Terry, Earle Donna K. Tharp, Jonesboro Roger L. Tharp, Jonesboro Gail Thomas, Crossett Mary B. Thomas, Augusta Walter Thomas, West Memphis Donna L. Thompson, Parkin Frederick A. Thompson, Osceola Larry K. Thompson, Marmaduke Lee E. Thompson, Earle Mack B. Thompson, W. Hartford, Conn Ricky L. Thompson, Jonesboro William D. Thompson, West Memphis Yvonne Thompson, Earle Michael T. Thornton, Trumann Dorothy K. Thweatt, Leachville Mark L. Tidwell, Turrell Windell L. Tilley, Blytheville Catherine M. Tinsley, Marmaduke Marian E. Tinsley, Jonesboro David R. Townsend, Clarendon Johnny R. Townsley, Paragould Sharon L. Trammell, Jonesboro Charles S. Trantham, Helena Teresa D. Trent, N. Little Rock Dan T. Troller, Forrest City Michael E. Truxler, Sedgwick Deidre L. Tucker, Clinton Elizabeth A. Tudor, Little Rock Debbie A. Tuer, Gassville David A. Turner, Manila James D. Turner, Jonesboro Sophomores Sandra J. Tyler, N. Little Rock Samuel B. Urton, Jonesboro Juli A. Vaccari, Walnut Ridge Russell Valley, Memphis, Tenn. Nancy G. Vangilder, Paragould Russell B. Vaughn, Jonesboro Ricky H. Vinson, Trumann Keith Vivrette, Jonesboro Yvonne E. Wade, Smithville Kim D. Waldron, Caruthersville, Mo. Louella J. Walker, Walnut Ridge Paula E. Walker, Lepanto Rebekah J. Walker, Cardwell, Mo. Frank G. Wallace, Marvell Joseph E. Wallace, Osceola Vickie R. Wallace, Jonesboro Prentis W. Wallis, Jonesboro Keith Walls, Corning Dianna J. Walter, Malden, Mo. Kathleen Walter, Jonesboro Dale Walters, Mabelvale James E. Wardlaw, Blytheville Ollie M. Ware, Hughes Connie J. Waters, Tuckerman Debra G. Watkins, Bay Linda W. Watkins, Stuttgart Bobby M. Watson, Hoxie Robert J. Watts, Perryville Deeanne Weathers, Blytheville Cynthia A. Weaver, Newport Anita M. Webb, Palestine Debbie M. Weigel, Clarendon David T. Weise, Benton Charles C. Welch, Newport Joella K. Wells, Jonesboro Bobby R. West, Jonesboro Bruce T. West, Jonesboro Eddie C. West, West Memphis Sharon R. Westbrook, Jonesboro David L. Westerfield, Kennett, Mo. Wess Western, Beedeville Jeanette Whatley, Parkin Jeri L. Wheeler, Jonesboro Tommy Wheetley, Searcy Cheryl L. White, Pocahontas Gina L. White, Paragould Jimmy R. White, Kennett, Mo. Michael White, Little Rock Stephen E. White, Pine Bluff Timmie E. White, Pocahontas Tamela C. Whitlow, Walnut Ridge Mona R. Whitt, Jonesboro Nechia G. Whittingham, Harrisburg Jimmy L. Wicks, Corinth, Miss. Debbie A. Wiens, Forrest City Bob Wilkerson, West Memphis Cecil D. Wilkerson, Jonesboro Teddy M. Wilkerson, Bragg City, Mo. Holsey D. Wilkins, Helena Daniel J. Willard, West Memphis Scott Williams, Walnut Ridge Frankie L. Williams, Paragould Joe 0. Williams, Wilson Mark A. Williams, Jonesboro Ralph B. Williams, West Memphis Richard C. Williams, Crossett Robert F. Williams, Crossett Terry W. Williams, Jonesboro Mary J. Williamson, Little Rock Jeff B. Willis, El Dorado 49' V '? Rick N. Yates, Ozark Lisa S. Yopp, Jonesboro Jon C. York, N. Little Rock Perry L. Young, Trumann Sophomores Larry L. Willis, Lafe Debbie R. Wilson, Charlotte Diann R. Wilson, St. Louis, Mo. Don Wilson, St. Louis, Mo. Edward 0. Wilson, Evening Shade Karen S. Wilson, Jonesboro Robert L. Windle, Jonesboro Jerry A. Winters, Smithville Donald R. Winton, Piggott Don L. Wisdom, Jonesboro Bob G. Wood, Jonesboro Carlos G. Wood, Brookland Cheryl A. Wood, Judsonia June P. Wood, Paragould Jan T. Woodall, Bernie, Mo. Ernest B. Woods, Colt Janis A. Woods, Jonesboro Margaret N. Woolverton, Pollard Margaret A. Wooten, Marianna Alan D. Wright, Jonesboro Charles M. Wright, Blytheville Lonnie R. Wright, Manila Kuang H. Wu, Walnut Ridge Esther L. Wyatt, Forrest City Jackie R. Wyatt, Searcy Annette Yarbrough, Blytheville Thomas Yarbrough, Trumann Frances A. Yates, Blytheville 62 7 Freshmen Timothy L. Abanathy, Caraway Keith B. Abernathy, Campbell, Mo. Armentia Adams, Jonesboro Buddy Adams Jr., Lepanto Hugh L. Adams, Bassett Marta Kay Adams, West Memphis Sharon G. Adams, Jonesboro John W. Addison, Jonesboro Tomine Agre, Hot Springs Deborah K. Allen, Newport John M. Allen, Forrest City Kathy Allen, Hardy Michele L. Allen, Newport Vive R. Allen, Harrison Bryan L. Amann, Bradford Glen P. Amis, Jacksonville Delmar J. Ammons, Blytheville Therese A. Anderson, Pocahontas Verba J. Anderson, West Helena Cathy S. Andrews, West Memphis Bettye J. Anthony, Gilmore Jackie S. Archer, Pocahontas Mike A. Armstrong, Dalton Regina L. Armstrong, Lake City David F. Arnholt, Searcy Margaret A. Arnold, Corning Gregory M. Asbell, Peoria, Ill. Laverne Ashcraft, Forrest City Larry E. Ashley, Jonesboro Jerry W. Ashmore, Blytheville Frances K. Atkinson, Manila James O. Atwood, Oak Grove Cheri L. Austin, Wynne Martin K. Austin, Cherry Valley Ivan R. Autry, Jonesboro Beth E. Aycock, Jonesboro Juanita V. Ayres, Osceola Sheree G. Azbill, Paragould Bruce R. Bailey, Little Rock Delbert W. Bailey, Pocahontas Kathy O. Bailey, Jonesboro Pam S. Bailey, Paragould Mark A. Baioni, Marion Carl E. Baird, Walnut Ridge Shelia L. Baird, Caruthersville, Mo. Betsy J. Baker, Jonesboro Cheryl L. Baker, Qulin, Mo. Rick D. Baker, Kennett, Mo. Robin O. Baker, Mammoth Spring Sara J. Baker, Pocahontas Teresa A. Baker, Jonesboro Terry G. Baker, Lake City Kevin M. Baldridge, Monette Debra G. Balentine, Fifty Six James F. Balentine III, Clinton James R. Ball, Dermott Joe K. Ball, Monette Jerry J. Ballard, Walnut Ridge Linda J. Ballard, Beedeville Major Banks Jr., Hot Springs Mary L. Banks, Monette Phillip J. Banks, Falls Church, Va. Sheila D. Barber, Jonesboro June E. Barker, Earle Terry D. Barker, Cabot Mary D. Barkley, Jonesboro Kenneth J. Barksdale, Jonesboro Linda D. Barksdale, Jonesboro Laura J. Barnes, Lynn Cathy L. Barnett, Knobel f?.57f:?-'if-21 . . I ff! , X Q ' f if f ,Q f at' 4 . Ek . F Q . ,, . ,.. 35' fe' .1 5' 1 xg iii x 3 5 9 x x , . 1- Q, . -, 'uf 6 Freshmen Robert L. Barnett, Knobel Terry L. Barnett, Bono Sherrie J. Barrow, Helena John G. Barrows, Pocahontas James A. Barton, Lepanto Robert J. Barton, Milan, Ind. Curtis E. Baster, Osceola Lori D. Bates, Pocahontas Joy L. Bayless, Jonesboro James A. Beaird, Sikeston, Mo. Paula D. Beal, Jonesboro Jeannia R. Bearden, Jonesboro Melissa G. Beeler, Judsonia Janet L. Beemen, Searcy Donald G. Belk, Jonesboro Davis W. Bell, Des Arc Harry J. Bell, West Memphis Jason Bell, Eudora Karen C. Bellingrath, Newport Robert L. Bemberg, Little Rock Marcia L. Bennett, Jonesboro Nannett Bennett, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Bentley, Mountain Home Lonnie D. Bentley, Mountain Home Joe R. Benton, Bryant Bonnie D. Bequette, Apple Valley, Calif. Linda A. Berk, Jonesboro Mark A. Berky, Little Rock Michell D. Bernard, Jonesboro Susan K. Bernard, West Memphis Charlotte E. Berry, Jonesboro Margaret A. Berry, Jonesboro Shelby J. Beshears, Wynne Brenda K. Bettis, Delaplaine Becky L. Biddle, Gould Leigh Bidewell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard R. Billingsley, Mountain Home Donna C. Birdwell, Searcy Donald R. Black, Newport Harriet Black, Dell Jimmy L. Black, Bono Pete S. Black III, Paragould Mark L. Blackford, Knobel Nancy K. Blackwood, Tuckerman Gary W. Blakeney, Jonesboro Kenneth C. Blanchard, Jonesboro Rhonda S. Blankenship, Monette Sandra K. Blankenship, Jonesboro Tana L. Blankenship, Lake City Earl V. Blankinship, Kennett, Mo. Ronnie D. Blankinship, Sikeston, Mo. Sandra S. Blanton, Paragould Sharon K. Blevens, Alicia Alta K. Blevins, Jonesboro Robert C. Blevins, Jonesboro Keith M. Blocker, Jonesboro Rose E. Blount, Pocahontas George W. Boan, Bowie, Md. Jerry D. Bogard, Jonesboro Lisa J. Bohne, Jonesboro Beverly J. Bolden, Joiner Jeannie M. Bolden, Osceola Valerie K. Boleng, N. Little Rock Tony M. Bolton, Paragould LeRoy Q. Booe, Hazen Craig Boone, Jonesboro Deborah A. Boozer, Walnut Ridge Deborah J. Boozer, Paragould Pamela L. Boozer, Jacksonville Celeste C. Bosche, Jonesboro Freshmen Allan Bounds, Marmaduke Foster Bowdon, Jonesboro Thomas A. Bowers, Paragould Joyce E. Bowie, Jonesboro Jeff D. Bowien, West Memphis Chuck B. Boyce, Earle Donna A. Boyd, Pine Bluff Rita S. Boyette, Carlisle Kristi J. Bradford, Lepanto Barbara A. Bradley, Jonesboro Gene E. Bradley, Jonesboro Jerry P. Bradley, Augusta Sandra K. Bradley, Jonesboro Alan R. Brand, Walnut Ridge Ronald W. Brandon, Little Rock James T. Brannon, Jonesboro Kathy L. Brannum, Jonesboro Troy J. Branscum, Lake City Linda J. Brantley, West Helena Donna C. Bray, Ward Paul C. Brayman, Crossett Thomas L. Breashears, Story Roger N. Breckenridge, Beedeville Cathi L. Brent, Batesville George S. Brents, Blytheville Terry M. Brewer, Little Rock Joey H. Brewington, Forrest City Teresa A. Brewington, Jonesboro Dana E. Bridger, Jonesboro Sandra R. Briggs, West Memphis Janis F. Brinkley, Turrell Dale L. Britt, Paragould Greta L. Broadaway, Jonesboro John P. Broadaway, Bono Vonda B. Broadaway, Jonesboro Karen G. Broadwater, Batesville Charles A. Brock, West Memphis Ernest L. Brock, Trumann Cathy A. Brooks, Earle Patricia A. Brooks, Caraway Tony G. Brooks, Senath, Mo. Verna M. Brooks, Paragould Bonnie M. Brown, Pocahontas Deborah J. Brown, Jonesboro Debra D. Brown, Lakeview Kalvin Brown, Helena Katy E. Brown, Jonesboro Margaret Brown, Marianna Mary S. Brown, Wynne Randy C. Brown, Floral Roxanne M. Brown, Jonesboro Sylvester Brown, Hughes Terry J. Brown, Mammoth Spring Vince Brown, North Little Rock William P. Brown, Marianna Mark S. Brownd, Newport Milan V. Bruce, West Memphis Gary L. Bryan, Forrest City Cleophus Bryant, Lexa Mike L. Bryant, Jonesboro Sherry A. Bryant, Jonesboro Terry W. Bryant, Jonesboro Harry L. Buck Jr., Blytheville Patricia M. Bufford, Trumann Reggie Bumgarner, Forrest City Patricia A. Bunt, Yellville Cindee K. Burks, Altheimer Ruby J. Burnett, Leachville Mary E. Burnette, Crossett Eli T. Burney, Montrose .5 wg 4 .- 4 ,V a , K if.. I, iz: z . A h Q 'i ' 6 3 4 9' 1 ,l X W! riff f L , Q ilk 95 A N 5 FP 'x Freshmen Paula J. Burns, Hoxie Holly M. Burris, North Little Rock Mickey L. Burroughs, Paragould Victoria L. Burroughs, N. Little Rock Michael G. Burrow, North Little Rock Ruth A. Bushong, Jonesboro Larry R. Butler, Hope Lawrence J. Butler, Jonesboro Clarisa L. Buzbee, Little Rock Terry W. Bynum, Jonesboro Julia A. Byrd, Jonesboro Floyd L. Cabe, Jonesboro Donna K. Cagle, Leachville Debra K. Caldwell, Wynne Valerie D. Caldwell, Jonesboro William W. Caldwell, Pine Bluff Linda Calladine, North Little Rock Albert W. Camp, Paragould Rodney E. Camp, Rector Betty N. Campbell, Blytheville Bill D. Campbell, Jonesboro Jackson R. Campbell, Newport Sidney F. Campbell Jr., Jonesboro Debbie L. Cantrell, Bald Knob Linda K. Capriotti, Little Rock Karen R. Carlew, Wilson Patricia J. Carlisle, Jonesboro Richard S. Carnahan, Jonesboro Jeannie K. Carnes, El Dorado Brent H. Carr, Corning Janett J. Carr, Brookland Dennis M. Carroll, Paragould Charles F. Carter, Hardy Dixie L. Carter, Huntsville, Ala. Joseph M. Carter, Delavan, Wis. Robert H. Carter, Mishawaka, Ind. Norma J. Casey, Trumann Bobby F. Cash, West Memphis Jerry L. Castor, Douglasville, Ga. Rhonda L. Cate, Piggott Bessie E. Cates, Dudley, Mo. Greg M. Cates, Pocahontas Fred L. Cathcart, Jonesboro Terry C. Cavenor, Jonesboro Lybinka I. Chadwick, Swifton John T. Chambers, Jonesboro Nancy J. Champion, Blytheville James H. Chandler, East Point, Ga. Matt G. Cheadle, Manila Michael L. Chew, Blytheville Brenda G. Childers, Marion Cynthia A. Childress, Jonesboro Stephen E. Childress, Jonesboro Tonti L. Chism, Forrest City Matt E. Chronister, Jonesboro Samuel W. Chun, Luxora Betty J. Church, West Memphis Charles P. Cicero, Pine Bluff Billy W. Ciggs, Blytheville Danny L. Cissell, Joiner Mary L. Claeys, Marion, Iowa Susan M. Claeys, Marion, Iowa Stella M. Clardy, Clarendon Linda S. Clark, Jonesboro Michael R. Clark, Beech Grove Mona K. Clark, Corning Nancy A. Clark, Prescott Steven R. Clark, Jonesboro Kent Claxton, Mountain Grove, Mo. Clinton I. Clay, Marion 35 Freshmen Barbara A. Clayton, Jonesboro David M. Clayton, Jonesboro Spring E. Clayton, Sedgwick Janine M. Clemons, Clinton Shirley J. Clemons, West Memphis Terry L. Clemons, Stuttgart Judy L. Cline, Paragould Diana K. Cobb, Jonesboro John A. Cobb, Trumann Laura E. Cobb, Forrest City Steve P. Cobb, Monette Doug C. Cockrill, Newport Stephen P. Cockrill, Tuckerman Don M. Cole, Ontario, Canada Evelyn E. Cole, Trumann Joe T. Cole, Jonesboro Larry O. Cole, Searcy Macie B. Cole, Clarendon Nancy C. Cole, Forrest City Cyrus B. Coleman, Forrest City Pamela A. Coleman, Jonesboro Steven C. Collier, Jonesboro Joe Collins, Wynne Norwood B. Combs, Waldenburg Jeannie L. Cone, Melbourne Dennis L. Conlee, West Memphis Martha Conley, Manila Randy R. Conrad, Stuttgart Virginia A. Conyers, Cave City Brenda K. Cook, O'Kean Lynetta F. Cook, Blytheville Nick A. Cook, Jonesboro Sonya R. Cook, West Memphis Vicki L. Cook, Osceola Lynita M. Cooksey, Jonesboro Cathy J. Cooper, Brinkley Douglas D. Cooper, Bono Gary R. Cooper, Mammoth Spring Janis A. Cooper, Brookland Mark F. Cooper, Mountain Home Mariko S. Cornell, Blytheville Thomas K. Corpier, Biscoe Robin R. Corporal, Jacksonville Anthony L. Costner, Manila Sue C. Couch, Wynne William T. Couch, Altheimer Robert C. Coverdale, Mountain Home Douglas L. Cowles, Jonesboro Anna J. Cox, Hope Carol A. Cox, Piggott Charlise A. Cox, Paragould Michael Cox, Paragould Pamela S. Cox, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Paula A. Cox, Weiner Raymond M. Cox, Newport Buford D. Coy, Monette Stanley D. Crabb, Tuckerman William L. Craft, Little Rock Betty A. Craig, Marion Tammi D. Crawford, Harrisburg Larry D. Crayton, Marion Clara D. Creason, Corning Vickie J. Creek, Piggott Phillip W. Crego, Corning Patricia A. Crisp, Jonesboro Cindy L. Crockett, Blackfish Lake Becky L. Crommett, Batesville Sharon C. Crouch, West Memphis Margaret G. Crow, Knobel Tena M. Crowe, Maynard .,. , 3 , W NWNQZ V 1,i't?'Q7Vfl?Y4f LQLff?W?i2?i.7if V ,. , . . .-,. . . .., ..,. ,y H 'QF 'ztl' V f ,, 'feNessieevlevfwirfftzasfame ,, . ,igV,L.,. o we af ,Y 5 . 2' "A: , , , ff 1 2 8 if 41 Jrffaffx- , 3 A fit e W r f.g.r.gj,. . dw . 2 we Zim wma: W .,, 2,,,,.T.g5 5 .1 . M. ge 2, F f 12' 2 2 4 Q15 4? 2 is P .. :if .fi W' :nifty W-. ,,., Mg: - 352 W .xfy .Z f 1 lhllfi i v lsi ff, 1175, L 3' . If-f Q af M., 'Y 5 ' ' ,V wif 1, , Wee X! 4 px , 5 W , Q W. p 7,94 X it 2,2 Gig 'ix 'i 5 aa 77 ve,, .. ,. K ' M,'p'z,1.9fl2Z ' ' 'X , 4, ,f, i X , f Q x .wg ff f Freshmen Pamela M. Crowson, Rector Jeannette Crutcher, Forrest City Alfred E. Cruz, Wynne Ted R. Cullum, Benton Eric Cunningham, Mountain Grove, Mo. Sherry Cunningham, West Memphis Beverly G. Cure, Paragould Michael T. Cureton, Cash Paula J. Curtis, Jonesboro John J. Cychol, Peoria, Ill. John H. Dabney, Oakland Opal J. Daffron, St. Francis Mahala L. Dallas, Wynne Sandra K. Daniels, Jonesboro Jenifer L. Daulton, Little Rock Scott Davidson, Jonesboro Sharon L. Davidson, Jonesboro Susan E. Davidson, Batesville Thressa L. Davidson, Pollard Curtis Davie, Turrell Rubie G. Davie, Turrell Allen R. Davis, Leachville Arista J. Davis, Lake City Barbara A. Davis, Paragould Connie S. Davis, Mammoth Spring Debbie L. Davis, Earle Debbie S. Davis, Jonesboro Deborah K. Davis, Stuttgart Deborah R. Davis, Rector Janet K. Davis, Mountain Home Mable M. Davis, Forrest City Michael E. Davis, Batesville Miles L. Davis, Walnut Ridge Phyllis L. Davis, Walcott Timothy L. Davis, Lynn Connie E. Daws, North Little Rock Bill C. Deal, Atlanta, Ga. Daisy L. Dean, Little Rock Lorie A. Dean, Osceola Robert F. Dean, Blytheville Billy J. Deaton, West Helena Mark A. DeBruce, Jonesboro John M. Deckelman, Elaine Joy L. Deckelman, Crossett Mary S. Deckelman, Harrisburg William L. Deckelman, Crossett Suzi K. Decker, Jonesboro Nick E. DeClerk, Pocahontas Greg S. DeFord, Trumann Gabriel DelGiorno, DeValls Bluff Lynette J. Dembski, Mountain Home Preston L. Dempsey, Clinton Sherry A. Dennis, West Memphis Sam B. Denton, Lepanto Ronald E. DePriest, Jonesboro Denise M. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Charles R. Dewailly, Lepanto Donald C. DeWitt, Lake City Scott R. Deyoe, Pocahontas Letha M. Dial, Paragould Jerri V. Dickinson, Jonesboro Mary E. Dickinson, DeWitt Tommy A. Dierks, Stuttgart Harold K. Difani, Pocahontas Jerry O. Digman, Walnut Ridge Scott J. Digman, Walnut Ridge Gary E. Diles, Hoxie Treva L. Dillaha, Marianna Merry L. Dixon, Pocahontas Philip C. Dobbs, Manila 35 Freshmen Gary E. Dodd, Pine Bluff Pamela F. Dodd, Paragould Tommy L. Doherty, Kennett, Mo. Bonnie L. Donaldson, Stuttgart Dana D. Donner, Leachville Robert J. Donner, Blytheville Pamela A. Donovan, Kennett, Mo. Mark J. Dorsey, Memphis, Tenn. Angela D. Dorton, Trumann Rhonda L. Dory, Beebe Jane E. Douglas, Jonesboro Roger D. Douglas, Jonesboro Warren H. Douglas, Jonesboro Marilyn Douthet, Crawfordsville Linda L. Douthitt, Jonesboro Boris A. Dover, Batesville Craig L. Downes, Pocahontas James Downs, Waldenburg LaQuita J. Downs, Egypt James S. Doyle, Hoxie Kathy V. Doyle, Jonesboro Ralph E. Duckworth, Walnut Ridge Debra S. Dudley, Little Rock Geneva Dunahay, Tuckerman Harry P. Dunavant, Caraway David L. Duncan, Trumann Delores K. Duncan, Augusta Caroline E. Dunlap, N. Little Rock Thomas E. Dunnam, Jonesboro Cynthia R. Dupslaff, St. Charles Vincent W. Durante, Jonesboro Russ E. Duty, Allegan, Mich. Danny J. DuVall, Tuckerman Paula A. Dye, Wynne Cathy J. Dyke, Overland Park, Kan. James H. Eans, Wynne Gary P. Earnhart, Lepanto James A. Easley, Jonesboro Donna R. Eason, Lepanto Kathy S. Eason, Ravenden Andree L. Easthom, N. Little Rock Clyde R. Eaves, Jonesboro Leldon E. Echols, Trumann Joe L. Eddleman, Moro Kim B. Edens, Bradford Carole C. Edmunds, Jonesboro Kathy J. Edwards, Bald Knob Susan M. Edwards, Forrest City Vickie S. Elder, Little Rock Beth C. Eldridge, Sedgwick Nancy A. Elkins, Jonesboro Danny E. Ellington, Paragould Martha A. Elliott, Jonesboro Mona D. Elliott, West Memphis Tammie B. Elliott, Tuckerman Judy C. Ellis, Piggott John L. Ellsberry, Searcy Ronnie L. Elms, Batesville Roger D. Elrod, Bay Phyllis A. Enderlin, Stuttgart Cissy England, Forrest City Michael D. England, Manila Ronald E. Enos, Forrest City Coleda A. Epperson, Bradford Robert S. Ernest, Searcy Beth Essary, Little Rock Steve W. Eubanks, N. Little Rock Aletha J. Evans, Hardy Bobby L. Fair, Blytheville Myrthel M. Fair, West Memphis Nb of fl , '57 X A 5 x f ff f' jf? ,4:A, 'C W 1 Q L ii. Freshmen Raymond W. Faison, Pine Bluff Susan J. Fardeecey, Luxora John B. Farley, Paragould Kevin M. Farmer, Lake City Richard Farrell, Paragould James M. Faucett, Pine Bluff Dennis S. Faulkner, Caraway Mary J. Faust, Beloit, Wis. Callie A. Feagin, Judsonia Don C. Fegtly, Jonesboro Tracye L. Ferguson, Bryant Gerald E. Fielder, Sedgwick Craig Fields, Newport William E. Finton, West Memphis Michael J. Fisher, Osceola Tim M. Fisher, Paragould Pamela G. Flake, Little Rock Debbie J. Flanery, Paragould Sheila P. Flanigan, Harrisburg Lisa M. Fleming, North Little Rock Kenny L. Fletcher, Newport Michael E. Fletcher, Jonesboro Richetta A. Fletcher, Jonesboro Ronnie G. Fletcher, Lake City Vanessa K. Fletcher, Jonesboro Michael R. Flowers, North Little Rock Joyce M. Ford, Newport Patricia A. Forester, Alton, Mo. Brenda K. Forrest, Jonesboro Kathy L. Fortenberry, Jonesboro Terrie A. Fortenberry, Jonesboro Vonda L. Fortenberry, Jonesboro Alan K. Foster, Pocahontas Paula A. Foster, Weiner Ruth A. Foster, Jonesboro Daniel K. Fowler, Bay Susan D. Fowler, Blytheville Dawn E. Fox, Jonesboro Davie L. Franklin, Texarkana Joni M. Freeland, Blytheville Donna S. Freeman, Osceola John M. Freeman, Paragould Judy D. Freeman, Blytheville Lisa R. Freese, Hickory Ridge Gerald C. Freligh Sr., Paragould Dennis C. French, Pocahontas Mark W. French, Mattoon, Ill. Stacy J. French, Jonesboro Vickie S. French, West Memphis Maria B. Frick, Batesville Cathy J. Frie, Corning Steve R. Frie, Jonesboro James R. Frisbie, Osceola Rhonda L. Fry, Piggott Peggy R. Fudge, Weiner Richard A. Fulkerson, Paragould Deana J. Fuller, Jonesboro Jackie L. Fuller, Sherwood Johnny K. Fuller, Jonesboro Ronald K. Fulton, Lepanto Deborah M. Gaborik, Thayer, Mo. Reba Z. Gaddis, Augusta Carl E. Gaines, Forrest City Hal B. Gallop, Paragould Kevin B. Gamble, Kennett, Mo. Greg A. Gamso, Pocahontas Amy L. Gandy, Hot Springs David K. Garner, Jonesboro Rickey L. Garner, North Little Rock William L. Garner Jr., Jonesboro 36 Freshmen Dana L. Garrett, Steele, Mo. John W. Garrett, Turrell Jill Gartman, Jonesboro Michael W. Gaskill, Earle Laura L. Gatewood, Jonesboro Karen L. Gathright, Lake City Donna A. Gatlin, Jonesboro Martin L. Gavrock, Memphis, Tenn. Stephanie R. Gerstlauer, Wynne Daniel N. Gibson, Jonesboro David W. Gibson, Jonesboro Larry R. Gibson, Jonesboro Linda D. Gibson, Jonesboro Barbara A. Gill, Palatine, Ill. Gregory L. Gill, Walnut Ridge Regina G. Gillis, Marked Tree Daniel L. Girone, North Little Rock Debbie L. Gipson, Jonesboro Phillip A. Gipson, Jonesboro Rosalyn Gipson, Little Rock Valerie J. Gladney, Lakeview Donald J. Glasgow, Bay Keith A. Glover, Carlisle Robert G. Goad, Strawberry William B. Goeke, Mull Nickie L. Golden, Jonesboro Sandra K. Golden, Hardy Cynthia L. Gooding, Alexander Charles D. Goodwin, DeWitt Marietha M. Goodwin, Brinkley Cindy Gorman, Forrest City Dolores S. Gorton, Jonesboro Raymond R. Gossett, Marmaduke Ira D. Gowen, Knobel Merita C. Graddy, Piggott John C. Grady, Cardwell, Mo. Mark Z. Gragg, Leachville Kathy L. Graham, Steele, Mo. Patty S. Graham, Walnut Ridge Rebecca L. Graham, Pocahontas Robert S. Gramling, Paragould Beverly C. Grant, Forrest City Brent Graves, Hazen Brenda H. Gray, Newport Gayl A. Gray, Paragould Linda R. Gray, Newport Steven D. Gray, Marianna Brenda S. Green, Jonesboro Jamie L. Green, Blytheville Sarah L. Gregory, Piggott Vicky L. Grider, Hermitage Melvin G. Griffey, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Griffin, Wilson Jack K. Griffin, Lake City Joe T. Griffin, Blytheville Ray A. Griffin, Lexa Richard O. Griffin, Bono Kennith R. Griggs, Jonesboro Carseninthia L. Grimmer, Marianna Gary M. Grinder, Hot Springs Eulas D. Gunn, Rector Bruce H. Guthrie, Jonesboro Michael C. Guthrie, Nashville James W. Hager, Melbourne Sherry L. Haggard, Searcy Rhonda C. Halcom, Jonesboro Anthony L. Hale, Blytheville Susan L. Hale, Jonesboro Thomas T. Hale, Trumann Alcobra Hall, Augusta , X dm? at fi . VW ji is 5 Us J 11 X . J f A re 13 S f fs' 7 K' ,fy , My k ff 'ai 1 -, . 5 it A 5 V 'fi.1ff ' ' 253 , ,V i ., V iff' 3 -' i' ti . ,. L?,gi . ' ff 2' ' V, , H: 2 5 Q.. z,. . A tiei 1. V ef. . 21.53. ,M-e. - ' V. V sigsf .. ,. V .ffi.ia..27' .aw Q K . ,V.. . f. V ,Wa-V......V. . .-w.,..:.:1-'-V... 3' V1-....Vf..':-...-.. .. gf V AV. 9 f7"K f 2. fi V QW L V . . ig. -we gs? .. g...,,1wJ M52 fly .N f awe! W .5 7 se ai' . , ,..,, , tw, it 4 3 ez .6 E ts l J s dd 38 ea, F - ....,,..,5,i ,gy 4' E., my 1 .oh re' I , we l .W g af 1 4 i5?Z?f?'W V Y'5 .. 410 . W V 'K ,, . ef " V-V- X , , V.,,A A,VVAq,,,,,,,, , Z t f,f V' , V . , t . V V "-' X , . ' ,V V 4 at ,,AA,,A A 1 af ,,.A , V 4 gf H 2 AAAA A,,AA ' - 2 : . ' V V - ' 2 if H527 A. ,fr V at . Freshmen Annette Hall, Jonesboro Deborah A. Hall, Walnut Ridge Robin B. Hall, Memphis, Tenn. Virginia F. Hall, Jonesboro John D. Halter, Gould Robert D. Halter, Gould Dennis K. Hamby, Calico Rock Gary W. Hamilton, Osceola Nancy J. Hamilton, Monette Teresa A. Hamilton, Manila Pamela L. Hamlin, Blytheville Robert J. Hammell II, Trumann James R. Hammil, Weiner Jacquetta S. Hammon, Paragould Gregory D. Hammond, Paragould Tim W. Hampton, Little Rock William M. Hamrick, Hornersville, Mo. Carol G. Hancock, Bay Garrison Handy, West Memphis Stannie J. Haney, Mammoth Spring David V. Hanna, Augusta George S. Hannah, Jonesboro Barbara A. Hansen, St. Petersburg, Fla. Consuela Harbison, Wynne Milton W. Harbison, Jonesboro Katie M. Hardin, West Memphis Thomas R. Harig, Paragould Pam S. Harkey, Senath, Mo. Linda K. Harmon, Salem Sharon K. Harmon, England Randy L. Harral, Jonesboro Donna S. Harrell, Pine Bluff Elizabeth Harrell, Newport Michael D. Harrington, West Memphis Annetta S. Harris, Harrison Cathy J. Harris, Jonesboro Charley F. Harris, Jonesboro Joel P. Harris, Rison Lesa K. Harris, Kennett, Mo. Rachel S. Harris, Jonesboro Sylvia L. Harris, Blytheville Terry R. Harris, Blytheville John L. Harrison, Jonesboro Thomas L. Harrison, Little Rock Chris W. Hartbank, Mattoon, Ill. Connie W. Hartwig, Corning John W. Harvey, Toledo, Ohio Richard R. Harvey, Blytheville Kenneth A. Harwood, Waupaca, Wisc. Donald L. Haskett, Swifton Marcia Y. Hass, Jonesboro Charles M. Hatcher, Manila Florence E. Hattenhaver, Jonesboro Sarah A. Hawley, Trumann Najmi Haydar, Jonesboro Diana Hayes, Driver Kenneth L. Hayes, Blytheville Lensey L. Hayes, Marion Ritchie F. Heber, Little Rock Theresa R. Heck, N. Little Rock Terri J. Heinen, Cave City Kenny A. Helm, Batesville Nancy K. Helm, Walnut Ridge Lee A. Hemphill, West Memphis Linda Henderson, Jonesboro Lisa G. Henderson, Osceola Pete Henderson, Jonesboro Sarah D. Henderson, Parkin William Hendon, Walnut Ridge Venecia L. Hendrix, Osceola 357 Freshmen Diane L. Henry, Little Rock Lawrence T. Henry, West Memphis Rhonda C. Hensley, Jonesboro Bernice Henyard, Earle Sharon K. Herndon, St. Charles, Mo. Billirene Herron, Dickson, Tenn. Benita F. Hester, Paragould Mary D. Hester, Helena Michael G. Hester, Jonesboro Caren S. Hicks, Little Rock Cheryl A. Hicks, Bald Knob John R. Hicks, Magnolia Susan J. Hicks, Jonesboro Terry L. Hicks, Augusta Nancy A. Higdon, N. Little Rock Claudia F. Higgerson, Stuttgart Chris Higgins, Jonesboro Georgann Higgins, Marianna Deanna G. Hight, Morrilton Gay P. Hightshoe, West Memphis Brenda K. Hill, Paragould Dennis L. Hill, Pocahontas Donell Hill, Cherry Valley Janis M. Hill, Hayti, Mo. John D. Hill, Mountain View Larry W. Hill, Cabot Patricia L. Hill, Rector Penny D. Hill, Salem Ronda J. Hill, Parkin Walter M. Hill, Pocahontas Marilyn K. Hilliard, Blytheville Shirley C. Hilsdon, Brinkley Debora A. Hime, Walnut Ridge Charles L. Hinkle, Piggott Paula J. Hitt, Jonesboro Russell G. Hobby, N. Little Rock Brian N. Hocum, Hardy Jacqueline S. Hocum, Hardy Rollin K. Hocum, Hardy Debbie J. Hodge, Marianna Bradley P. Hodges, Byron Douglas V. Hodges, Jonesboro Janet S. Hodges, Paragould Anita A. Hoggard, Hope Paul W. Hoggard, Piggott Candy J. Hogue, Jonesboro Victor L. Hogue, Jonesboro David S. Holbrook, Paragould Anna M. Holder, Augusta Ben D. Holder, Paragould Mary B. Holder, McCrory Jannetta L. Holderby, Newport Mark L. Holiman, Lepanto Larry D. Hollingsworth, Jacksonville Ray D. Hollis, Des Arc Connie J. Holloway, Helena David C. Holloway, Jonesboro Samuel A. Holloway, Tillar Donald L. Holt, Manila Lindall W. Honeycutt, Jonesboro Landon P. Hood, Brinkley George A. Hopkins, Bearden Rhonda F. Hopkins, Jonesboro Toni R. Hopper, Blytheville Loretta K. Horn, Wynne Russell C. Horne, Memphis, Tenn. Annette Horton, Wilson Phyllis K. Horton, Etowah Aaron D. Hosman, Pocahontas Maggie M. Hourd, Kennett, Mo. 'im 5 4? , ': S., 4 .L W 'Q' J .1-I' 1' gi n W , ass QQ 1 it 5 ,v , ,, .fm A 5 .Q .- -. .- mfwwwg? .f as ff f 2 ff 2 as .W 2 Y fm Y f 1... f , f I M. 1 ...,, . .,,...,... . X X T5 Q H .4 . in .42 ggi? Z1 we Lfeifssifw we 5 f .Qi 4. ,F f t , 5 f ' 'M s f f f ffffffl ff, J' ff!! ff fo .f A 11 R. J, .79 f , 4 1 A M ff at 1 a . -- win. ,rw ,. ..'n., .,. ,- fr 1 ' . ,ew 4 f. M. 1 Q 2 as "qGf'.v.5?z.f. M., 2.954 :Wi Q13 , f, 2 it M. if W, , , Ag yf fy Q g gf X 4' if X . , 1 f .W S G 3 1 jg? 5.9 1 . 2 A f W sr 5 xi? 3 rf, P 15,351 J 55? ,. M, V .,..v A X I I 1 ,1 e. K ' . et .93 4 A 4 2 , .W . , - . 9' bv A 2 7 , C G .Lf .11 . ,Q ,R V ii' , ,Y . ' ' 4 Wm EEE-12-lags W V, W ' .,,L h I W...f.,m..,f1.,.e., a x i 4 ' I Us 'A' A ,,. , . .. M V f Vi., . f x ,f .' 4 Q' -an 'L 1735 'f 1? 92.31 1 4, 4 'iii 1. .sz Q. sf 43 Freshmen Carla D. House, North Little Rock Dorinda L. House, N. Little Rock Terry A. House, St. John, Kan. Brenda S. Houser, Mountain Home Helen E. Howard, West Memphis Melissa J. Howard, Mineral Springs Pamela K. Howe, Thomas J. Howe, Paragould Chesterfield, Mo. David M. Huber, Jonesboro Jerry Hubert, Hot Springs Carol J. Huckabay, Knobel William C. Hudson, West Memphis Michael R. Huff, Protem, Mo. Jack B. Huffer, Little Rock Richard Hufstedler, Pocahontas Cynthia S. Huggins, Augusta Sandy G. Huggins, Paragould Mitzi L. Hulett, Swifton Joy L. Hulum, Brinkley Mary A. Humphrey, Stuttgart Steve Hunt, Forrest City James C. Hunter, Lynn Lisa L. Hurst, Wynne Candy S. Hutchens, Paragould Cindy A. Hutson, Viola Debbie F. Inboden, Jonesboro Dale B. Ingram, Manila Ron L. Irby, Salem Pamela A. Isbell, Pine Bluff Bonnie Isenburg, Mountain Grove, Mo. James R. Ishmael, Jonesboro Brenda D. Isom, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Ivy, Newport Cheryl D. Jackson, West Memphis Claude L. Jackson, West Memphis Debi F. Jackson, Peach Orchard Karen L. Jackson, Paragould Patricia A. Jackson, Heth Richard D. Jackson, Forrest City Sharon K. Jackson, Black Rock Vickie L. Jackson, Blytheville Donna D. James, Ravenden Eddie J. James, Manila Joanne K. James, Newport Mary H. James, Leachville Rita L. James, Jonesboro Sherri L. James, Hardy Dona R. Jansen, Pocahontas Robert B. Jaques, Briar, Mo. Kenneth P. Jay, Fort Worth, Texas Devora L. Jefferson, West Memphis Debbie L. Jeffries, Pine Bluff Steve W. Jenkins. Jonesboro Robin L. Jensen, Everton Jocelyn A. Jernigan, Paragould Suzanne R. Johns, Blytheville Betty L. Johnson, Cary D. Johnson, Cecil R. Johnson, Bradford Paragould White Hall Clara J. Johnson, Blytheville Cynthia A. Johnson, Forrest City Daniel W. Johnson, Little Rock Debbie R. Johnson, Jonesboro Earnest Johnson, Gary W. Johnson, Blytheville Crossett Glenn E. Johnson, Blytheville Janet L. Johnson, Ramsey, N.J. Janie G. Johnson, Newport Lenny L. Johnson, Leachville Mark F. Johnson, Jonesboro Freshmen Mary K. Johnson, Pollard Mary S. Johnson, Ballwin, Mo. Raymond L. Johnson, Hardy Elaine M. Johnston, Jonesboro Ronald E. Johnston, Jonesboro Tina M. Jolliff, Manila Carol A. Jolly, Jonesboro Ann Jones, Forrest City Barbara A. Jones, Piggott Charles R. Jones, Pine Bluff Chris L. Jones, Marianna Debra L. Jones, Blytheville Diann Jones, Marianna Doug R. Jones, Pocahontas Hershel G. Jones, Brinkley Janet L. Jones, Forrest City John Jones, Monette Joseph A. Jones, Marion Joyce E. Jones, Benton Randy Jones, Dyess Linda F. Jones, Wynne Mary A. Jones, Kennett, Mo. Pam D. Jones, Searcy Robin A. Jones, Searcy Roger S. Jones, Egypt Sharon Jones, McCrory Ginger L. Jordan, Crossett Vickie L. Jurczyk, Ash Flat John T. Kadell, Omaha, Nebr. Tom R. Kaemmerling, Little Rock Kathleen A. Kaiser, Memphis, Tenn. Diana L. Kallenbach, Paragould Kenneth W. Kannard, Jonesboro Shari E. Kannarr, Hot Springs James T. Kauffman, Fordyce Danny G. Kee, Caraway Jacky W. Keeling, Paragould Mark G. Keith, Jonesboro Ronnie D. Keith, Leachville Mike H. Kellett, Pocahontas Brenda K. Kelley, Franklin David E. Kelley, Steele, Mo. Sammy L. Kelly, Osceola Sharon K. Kelly, Hazen Lois M. Kemp, Ravenden Elizabeth A. Kennedy, Jonesboro Pam M. Kennedy, Cord Mike C. Kennemer, Piggott Daniel E. Kennemore, Osceola Rick L. Kenner, Jonesboro Darrell R. Kersey, Jonesboro Kenneth E. Kersh, Star City Gary D. Kifer, Jonesboro Kevin A. Killett, Blytheville Sherry F. Killian, Calico Rock James E. Kimble, Corning Susan Kimbrell, Pine Bluff Jonathan Kinchen, Helena Cindy King, Pocahontas Donna S. King, Dalton Nora J. King, Jonesboro Sarah F. King, Calico Rock Sybol A. King, West Memphis Herbert L. Kinninmonth, Blytheville John E. Kintzler, Jonesboro Brenda K. Kirby, Mountain View Cleo Kirkwood, Forrest City Libby A. Kittany, Blytheville Toni A. Kitterman, Jonesboro Janis M. Kitzerow, North Little Rock S 'SSS ' G 1-P: ' . .,. Q., " ,A ...P - Z ,w 1 Wil' Viiwf . .ii .WM , , ., f .Q-so 5. fi . 1 ' I I 3.231 ' 1 fri QHixti,w",:rff5 6 ,f We 4 s+1s.x8..:e mi 1. .J 3 ' "' , mar. - " 'ww 57 ,jiaiiig . ..,, . me N31 fag. l lf... A 11 , , ., fl' .- "2ff'2:f2: - 15? e Z Z? 12. A i 7 W fm LZMZQJ-3? f . . 'fr' ' 4 'I , f K 5221 r 3 '94 1 rfb? T H 2. ., Freshmen Billy Knight, Dell Richard E. Knipple, Blytheville Beverly E. Knott, Jonesboro Thomas A. Knudtzon, Jonesboro Lisa A. Kraft, Malden, Mo. Susan F. Kueter, Paragould William V. Kuykendall, Marmaduke Debbie L. Kysar, Jonesboro Charlotte R. Lachowsky, Conway Cathy D. Lackland, Earle Carolyn D. Lagrone, Trumann James W. Lagrone, Trumann Roy L. Lamb, Blytheville Susie M. Lamb, Jonesboro Ramona A. Lambert, Jonesboro Billy R. Lance, Kennett, Mo. Judy A. Landrum, Augusta Alice J. Landthrip, Newport Debbie Lane, Jonesboro Vicki C. Lanehart, Keo Annette Y. Lang, Marion Lisa A. Langford, Jonesboro Steve Langford, Fordyce William S. Langley, Searcy Ramona L. Langston, Osceola Lawrence Lanos, Crawfordsville Morris W. Lansdale, Tyronza Alice M. Lard, Jonesboro Carma L. Largent, Weldon Susan L. Lasater, Waverly, N.Y. Mary K. Lassen, Jonesboro Loid D. Lassiter, Jonesboro Steve M. Latourette, Hoxie Greg E. Lawrence, N. Little Rock Mark A. Lawrence, Mexico, Mo. Randall E. Lawrence, Jonesboro Judy G. Laws, Forrest City Debbie A. Lax, Hot Springs Martha A. Layne, Senath, Mo. Eddie D. Lea, Jonesboro Catherine S. Leach, Weiner Katheryn M. Leach, Paragould Burl L. Ledbetter, Newport Mable J. Lee, Wardell, Mo. Ted A. Leggett, Blytheville John R. Leland, Morrilton Valerie Lemmons, Pocahontas Homer Lenderman Jr., Paragould David L. Leonard, Jonesboro Lestie M. Leonard, McCrory John M. Leroux, Little Rock Linda K. Lewis, Osceola Nathan L. Lewis, Jonesboro Norma J. Lewis, Nimmons Shirley A. Lewis, Brinkley Tommy K. Lewis, Batesville Michele M. Limpach, Jonesboro Mike D. Lindemann, Mattoon, Ill. Glenn A. Lingo, Jonesboro Debbi K. Little, Walnut Ridge Linda K. Little, McCrory Ricky L. Little, McDougal Sharon K. Littlejohn, Wynne Perry A. Lloyd, Swifton Patricia A. Lockridge, Helena Thomas D. Loggins, Jonesboro Beverly F. Long, Wynne Cathy L. Long, Tuckerman Kathy Long, McCrory Rocky R. Long, Blytheville Freshmen Christine M. Loseman, Batesville Peggy A. Love, Hughes Dallas M. Lovett, Tuscumbia, Ala. Howard L. Lovett, Crossett Jane R. Lovett, Booneville Cleora Loving, Little Rock Jane A. Loyd, Pine Bluff Dane R. Lucas, Little Rock Kurt A. Lueken, Helena Brenda L. Luna, West Plains, Mo. Kathy L. Luzietti, Altheimer Carolyn A. Lytle, Proctor Fredrick Mabry, West Memphis Debra J. Madison, Greenway Glenda G. Madison, Osceola James L. Madison, Newport Reta E. Madore, Newport Kathy D. Manasco, Marianna Pamela S. Mangrum, Monette Mark A. Mann, Saffell John E. Manning, West Memphis Robert O. Manning, Newport Judy F. Manry, Agnos Dianna M. Mantooth, Jonesboro Winifred R. Maples, Dyess Ernest R. March, Corning Mary A. Marconi, Pine Bluff Glen L. Marcum, Wynne Ava M. Mardis, Blytheville Anthel D. Marlin, North Little Rock Bryant R. Marshall, Paragould Phillip S. Marshall, Marked Tree Dianne Martin, Cherry Valley James R. Martin, Highland John A. Martin, Jonesboro John R. Martin III, Paragould Julia C. Martin, Jonesboro Rhonda K. Martin, Mammoth Spring Robert F. Martin, West Memphis Denise J. Mask, Jonesboro Leshia K. Mason, Calico Rock Don W. Massey, Jonesboro Candy M. Mathis, Paragould Carol Mathis, Jonesboro Jo E. Mathis, Cotton Plant Bobbie A. Matlock, Osceola Deborah Matthews, Forrest City George S. Matthews, West Memphis Deborah Maxwell, West Memphis Nancy Y. Maxwell, Jonesboro Patty Maxwell, Caruthersville, Mo. Ronnie H. Maxwell, Trumann John M. May, Hope James F. Mayberry, Harrisburg Roger C. Mayfield, Houston, Mo. Roy C. McAdams, Bradford Betty M. McBride, Jonesboro Michael C. McCall, Jonesboro Sarah G. McCallister, Aurora, Mo. James C. McCarty, Little Rock Robert D. McCarty, Elmhurst, Ill. Lisa T. McCaughan, Jonesboro Kevin E. McCleskey, Pocahontas Sandra G. McClintock, Jonesboro Beverly K. McClung, Trumann Phyllis A. McCollum, Melbourne Linda D. McCormack, West Memphis Sherry L. McCullar, Paragould David W. McDaniel, Van Buren, Mo. Mark S. McDaniel, Paragould tie i 1 :gr 51 ' Freshmen Sally H. McDaniel, Jonesboro Robert M. McDougald, Hermitage Vergil L. McEntire, Jonesboro Michael M. McFadden, Ralph Charles R. McFall, Pocahontas David R. McGee, West Memphis Betty J. McGill, Luxora Patricia J. McGlothlin, Trumann Dan McGraw, Corning Gail E. Mclntare, Trumann David C. McIntosh, Des Arc Cynthia J. McKinney, Little Rock Tessie A. McKinney, Jonesboro Timothy R. McKnight, Smithville Timothy W. McLaughlin, Gilford, N.H. William H. McMaster, Lake City John H. McMickle, Forrest City Michael M. McMillan, Hardy Marcella McMillon, Paragould Ralph K. McMinn, Marion Sherry E. McMullin, Blytheville John R. McNair, Jonesboro Jean McNamara, Trumann Marilyn D. McNear, Steele, Mo. John T. McNeill, N. Little Rock Carol A. McSpadden, Batesville Vicki L. McSpadden, Paragould Mark E. Meadows, Proctor Jerry M. Measel, Malvern Charlotte A. Meeks, Reyno Elvis K. Meilke, Harrisburg Ronald D. Melton, Batesville Harold D. Melvin, Hunter Bruce E. Metcalf, DeValls Bluff Donna S. Metcalf, Jonesboro Keith Metz, Jonesboro Gene H. Meyerowich, Tequesta, Fla. Debbie D. Michael, Paragould Connie D. Middleton, Leachville Shirley L. Midkiff, Wynne Bruce A. Miles, Little Rock Rickey L. Miles, Jonesboro John J. Millay, Beech Grove Cindy M. Miller, Monette Danny F. Miller, Jonesboro Darla J. Miller, Pine, Mo. Jerome Miller, Elizabeth, Miss. Joanna L. Miller, Romeoville, Ill. Kathy J. Miller, Delaplaine Paul F. Miller, Higginson Randel K. Miller, Marmaduke Sandy L. Miller, Newport Susan A. Miller, Newport Vickie L. Mills, Rector James H. Ming, Meriden, Conn. Elaine M. Mitchell, Jonesboro Mike C. Mitchell, Paragould Perry A. Mitchell, Mountain Home Lisa S. Mize, Pine Bluff Matthew B. Mobley, Kennett, Mo. Anthony C. Molinaro, N. Little Rock Laura J. Molnar, Walnut Ridge Diana C. Monroe, Jonesboro Mary K. Monroe, Walnut Ridge Freeman M. Montaque, West Memphis Billy M. Montgomery, Osceola Karen L. Montgomery, Senath, Mo. Mary Montgomery, Mountain Grove, M Mary M. Montgomery, Jonesboro Karen S. Moody, Mountain View Freshmen Natalee Moon, Swifton Deborah F. Mooney, Lake City Kimberly G. Mooneyham, Jonesboro Andrew W. Moore, Judsonia Barney R. Moore, Jonesboro Joseph N. Moore III, Jonesboro Lisa K. Moore, Jonesboro Melissa A. Moore, Black Rock Nanette M. Moore, Pine Bluff Phillip S. Moore, Fisher Timothy E. Moore, Marked Tree Daniel R. Morales, Wynne Joyce M. Morgan, Lepanto Paula D. Morgan, Piggott Rita G. Morgan, Osceola Lynda G. Morris, Blytheville Marty W. Morris, Jonesboro Sharon K. Morris, Paragould Theresa A. Morris, Paragould Micheal G. Morrison, Jonesboro Tina L. Morrison, Bay Michael G. Mosley, Walnut Ridge Suda D. Moss, Jonesboro Wilma L. Moss, Poplar Grove Michael L. Motes, Senath, Mo. Debbie J. Motley, Leachville Patricia A. Moudy, Jonesboro Nanci J. Mourot, Morrilton Dana M. Mouzy, Jonesboro Derinda S. Moxley, Caraway Randall K. Mulhollen, Wynne Ronnie D. Mullins, Kennett, Mo. Catherine S. Muren, Little Rock Christine A. Murphy, Wardell, Mo. Sandra P. Murphy, Wardell, Mo. Thomas P. Murphy, Brookland Timothy L. Murphy, Brookland Jim F. Murrey, Jonesboro Becky L. Nabholz, Conway Jody K. Nail, Biscoe Dorothy A. Nash, Tyronza Vicki L. Nash, Osceola Elaine Neal, Dell Donald T. Neblett, Knoxville, Tenn. Anthony L. Neely, Osceola Cheryl N. Neely, Grubbs Gary D. Neely, Little Rock James E. Neighbors Jr., Newport James D. Neikirk, White Hall Vicki T. Nelms, Pacific, Mo. Connie L. Nelson, Mountain Home Emily C. Nelson, Pocahontas Larry E. Nelson, Newport Joan D. Newberry, Paragould Marla L. Newberry, Paragould Susan D. Newberry, Paragould James T. Newboles, Paragould Mary K. Newborn, Marmaduke Larry J. Newcomb, Blytheville Lisa K. Newsom, Leachville Lottie L. Newsom, Harrisburg Andy E. Newton, Newport Ronald W. Nichols, Campbell, Mo. Sabrina K. Nichols, Piggott Shelia S. Nichols, Marianna Shirley A. Nichols, Jonesboro Samuel S. Nicholson, Newport George E. Noble, Little Rock Carolyn S. Noell, Jonesboro Robin D. Noles, Jonesboro 4 Z ii ef? 7 1 ag , f wi. r . .W ,W ,.,,.. , ,, , ,, V .M Z .,,, 5 :M wif, , 'iff f 71- 2 I '91 7 ,,., , 3, A. I-f: we wif zona!! " Q Q... ..,. V f 4 'A 2 , 1 I pf E' 4 -Q 73, W m .1 f imager V .. .W Y ,M . si Q fg if V ., . m' V ,A f .1 Ui , . ,r Y 15,44 ,.., Q . . . f 1 f 4 lelli' Q X W QQ IX If ef. R f X A. if My H X Vbffmw .5- Q sf :s. ' s 'Q " X X X 2 xi S X he s X X 1 94 5 i aw . , KX .. Q x i 5 .S Qs, -. P SNR fuk.. f ef.. X J' X F3 , NN X f -s X f s Freshmen James O. Norman, Des Arc Charles B. Nuckles, Manila Phyllis Nuckols, Manila Kim C. O'Brien, Osceola Rosanne M. O'Brien, West Memphis David L. O'Cain, Lonoke Mary E. Odom, Campbell, Mo. Gordon O. O'Donnell, Fairfax, Va. Sharon K. O'Kelley, Gobler, Mo. Teresa A. Oliver, Tuckerman Lawerence M. Osborn, Jonesboro Lewis Osborn, Jonesboro Kristin K. Osborne, West Plains, Mo. Carolyn S. Oswald, Jonesboro Mary J. Oswalt, Hughes Debra A. Owen, Jonesboro Gary C. Owens, Trumann Wendel R. Owens, Trumann William M. Owens Jr., Mabelvale James W. Pack, Jonesboro William H. Page, Paragould Pamela M. Palone, Paragould Nancy J. Pankey, Newport Jesse W. Pannells, Monette David H. Panter, Portageville, Mo. Susan A. Pardee, Camden Cathy M. Parker, Jonesboro Chris R. Parker, Memphis, Tenn. Evelyn D. Parker, Augusta George M. Parker, Forrest City Karen J. Parker, Jonesboro Martha A. Parker, Trumann Matt Parker, Jonesboro RoseMarie H. Parker, Pocahontas Teressa H. Parker, Harrisburg James R. Parks, Piggott Rebbecca L. Parmer, Newport Thomas M. Parnell, Mammoth Spring Gale R. Parsons, Bay Carolyn A. Patrick, Pocahontas Patricia A. Patrick, Osceola Donna K. Patterson, Jacksonville Joyce A. Peacock, Jonesboro Linda L. Peacock, McCrory Brenda F. Pearson, Forrest City Mike S. Pearson, Jonesboro Woodrow C. Pender, Hernando, Miss. David D. Percifull, Jonesboro Beverly J. Perkins, Smithville Mary J. Perkins, Bono Daphcne F. Perry, Marianna Mae E. Perry, West Memphis Gayla L. Perryman, Viola Ann M. Pettengell, Jonesboro Bruce E. Phelix, Marion John P. Phifer, Pine Bluff Janet M. Phillips, Redmond, Ore. Kay P. Phillips, Jonesboro Lance C. Phillips, Hoxie Thomas F. Phillips, Hominy, Okla. Terry G. Pickett, Blytheville Jesse D. Pierce, Mammoth Spring Melinda B. Pierce, Leachville Melinda Pierceall, Benton Leo A. Pierron, Wynne Roger F. Pillow, Paragould Shelly L. Pinkston, Wynne Bobby W. Pittman, Caraway Danny F. Pitts, Jonesboro Donna L. Pitts, Piggott D Freshmen Ruth K. Plaster, Newport Rick W. Plate, St. Louis, Mo. James R. Poff, Trumann Jeff K. Polglase, Blytheville Cathy G. Pollock, Jonesboro Michael D. Pollock, Osceola Harry L. Poole Jr., Jonesboro James T. Poole, Jonesboro Melissa A. Poole, Senath, Mo. Joseph K. Poore, Maynard Larry R. Popejoy, Trumann Nancy C. Popejoy, Trumann Debborah L. Poteet, Imboden James S. Pounders, Lepanto Alicia M. Powell, Jonesboro Syble P. Powell, Lake City Debbie A. Pratt, Mountain Home Marvin K. Presley, Trumann Michael L. Presley, Caraway Ellen Pressgrove, Parkin Margaret A. Pretty, Newport Cynthia L. Price, Bald Knob Troy A. Price, Little Rock Mary C. Prichard, Pocahontas Terry L. Primm, Jonesboro Michael P. Prince, Pocahontas Howard E. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Mendy A. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Jill L. Privett, Paragould Paula L. Proctor, Caruthersville, Mo. Darlene Y. Proffitt, Dyess Terry G. Proffitt, West Helena Robert E. Puckett, Jonesboro Terry W. Puckett, Mountain Home Debra K. Purtee, Jonesboro Pamela T. Purvis, Jonesboro David L. Pyle, Jonesboro Rocky L. Qualls, Monette Walter D. Qualls, Jonesboro Maud D. Quarrels, Palestine Michael L. Quick, Wynne Richard M. Rager, Garland, Tex. Dennis C. Ragsdell, Paragould Debbie D. Ramsey, Searcy Raychene A. Ramsey, Manila Steve G. Ramsey, Memphis, Tenn. Paula J. Rankin, Jonesboro Lela D. Rawls, Bay Carrold E. Ray, Marianna Margaret E. Ray, Newport Michael L. Recktenwald, Mt. Home Patricia K. Reding, Jonesboro Janice C. Reed, Holly Grove Billy R. Rees, Jonesboro Cheryl E. Reeves, Calico Rock Debbie K. Reginelli, Marion Denise Reid, Jacksonville William E. Reid, Wynne Carol S. Renfro, Knobel Ethel L. Rester, El Dorado Rhonda D. Rhodes, Manila Sharon L. Rice, Alicia Truman C. Rice, Lexa Cookie Richards, Osceola Carl S. Richardson, Jonesboro David M. Richardson, Jonesboro Nancy D. Richardson, Paragould William T. Richardson, Wynne Michael G. Richmond, Jonesboro Peggy A. Richmond, Osceola 0 qgix. Gif- , A ff:-ff f - Q 1 1 w , Q., , 1 Freshmen Rick C. Richmond, Jonesboro David A. Rickman, Dalton Ronnie L. Riddell, Blytheville Carrie S. Rider, Jonesboro Randy N. Ridge, McCrory Theresa A. Ridge, Lake City Sister Petra M. Riga, Jonesboro Carl D. Riley, Wynne Donna K. Riley, Forrest City Phyllis K. Riley, DeWitt Rick L. Riney, Paragould Deborah L. Ring, Batesville Donna F. Ring, Piggott Philip O. Ring, Blytheville Gloria Ripley, Fordyce Clyde J. Ritchie Jr., Marianna Steve M. Ritchie, Walnut Ridge Archie R. Ritter, Big Flat Rae A. Ritter, Jonesboro Carlton B. Roach, Floral William D. Roach, Walnut Ridge Randall L. Robbins, Manila Carol A. Roberson, Hot Springs Bobby D. Roberts, N. Little Rock Charles W. Roberts, Pine Bluff Lisa Y. Roberts, Jonesboro Mark Roberts, Trumann Patti C. Roberts, Alicia Cynthia Robertson, Portageville, Mo. Abbie G. Robinson, Parkin Bill W. Robinson, Forest, Miss. Carolyn D. Robinson, West Memphis John C. Robinson, Newport Marcia L. Robinson, Marion Robin G. Robinson, Little Rock Steve Rockwell, Corning Lisa M. Roddy, Jonesboro Tracy L. Rodgers, Little Rock Bryian T. Rogers, Hoxie Carolyn D. Rogers, Jonesboro Paul Rogers, Ellis Grove, Ill. Stanley W. Rogers, Ash Flat Terry L. Rogers, Blytheville Randy M. Romero, Blytheville Randall S. Roop, Stuttgart Pamela G. Rorick, Hot Springs Peter F. Rose Jr., Mammoth Spring David K. Ross, Helena April L. Rothgeb, Fulton, Mo. Teri L. Rothgery, Jonesboro David C. Rounds, Sulphur Rock Mark A. Rowe, Paragould Barry E. Roy, Brinkley Scott H. Rule, Wynne Brenda K. Rupard, Jonesboro Mark H. Russell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Eileen Rutledge, Trenton, Fla. Robert R. Ryan, Paragould James Sacchettini, Chesterfield, Mo. Jeannie Sample, Ash Flat Vicky Samson, Paragould Randy L. Sanders, Weiner Beverly A. Scarborough, Jonesboro Steve C. Schedler, Bauxite Billie Scherer, Mountain Grove, Mo. David J. Schlatter, Waupaca, Wis. Sandra P. Schlueter, Hoxie Steven J. Schmitz, Lepanto Michael T. Schoenborn, Jonesboro Teddy G. Schug, Paragould Freshmen Terry L. Schug, Paragould James M. Schulten, N. Little Rock Stacy L. Schwindt, Pocahontas Carl H. Scott, Forrest City Clyde D. Scott, Paragould Keith D. Scott, Mountain Home Peggy L. Scott, Jonesboro Tommy Scott, Jonesboro Betty A. Scruggs, Jonesboro Paula R. Seabaugh, Kennett, Mo. Robert H. Seidenstricker, Hazen Nancy D. Sefers, Jonesboro Michael R. Settlemoir, Paragould Barbara G. Shaneyfelt, Blytheville Cynthia Shaneyfelt, Manila Warrick Shannon, West Memphis Myrtle Sharits, Jonesboro Donald W. Sharp, Forrest City Patricia K. Shaver, Harrisburg Michael D. Shay, Mountain Home Melinda A. Shea, Southfield, Mich. Lela R. Sheffield, Des Moines, Iowa Judy R. Shelton, Corning Shirley A. Shelton, Bono Donna D. Sherman, Marianna Lee Sherman, Brickeys Patricia M. Sherman, Weiner Cynthia Shipley, Prospect Hgts., Ill. Connie L. Shirley, Bono Mary A. Shoemake, Carlisle Vicky L. Shoemaker, Jonesboro Eddie R. Short, Walcott Timothy K. Short, Lake City Terry G. Shultz, Rector Terri L. Shumate, N. Little Rock Don E. Sibrava, Ravenden Springs Phillip A. Sides, Jonesboro James E. Siegler Jr., Little Rock Kevin E. Sigsby, Rector Allan J. Simmons, Jonesboro Eldon M. Simmons, Minturn Kreth A. Simmons, Little Rock Patricia J. Simmons, West Helena Randy K. Simpkins, Jonesboro Norma M. Simpson, Jonesboro Stanley L. Sims, Marion Donna G. Singleton, Paragould Larry D. Singleton, Jones Mill Rocky S. Singleton, Walnut Ridge Johnny L. Sinks, Jonesboro Todd Sisk, Parkin Ricky L. Sitz, Jonesboro Timothy K. Sitzer, Weiner Janet L. Skelley, West Memphis Jerry M. Skelton, Kennett, Mo. Rena D. Skelton, Kennett, Mo. Lisa K. Skoog, Jonesboro Donny J. Slayton, Houston, Mo. Paul E. Smart, Carlisle Audrey A. Smelser, Paragould Carol S. Smith, Black Rock Connie R. Smith, Pocahontas Denetrice J. Smith, Brookland Denise M. Smith, Leachville Donna J. Smith, Jonesboro Gary L. Smith, Forrest City Greg P. Smith, Manila Harry V. Smith, Blytheville Janet D. Smith, Blytheville Joan R. Smith, Biscoe as . Kb gig fe , L W N N ,skxa it 'N l K 1' Q,,vX,." i Freshmen Karen L. Smith, Wynne Kathy E. Smith, Trumann Mark T. Smith, Success Mona G. Smith, Blytheville Olliemae Smith, Marianna Pamala M. Smith, Corning Paula K. Smith, Jacksonville Randy A. Smith, Laredo, Tex. Reginald J. Smith, Little Rock Ron A. Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio Ronnie K. Smith, N. Little Rock Stephen W. Smith, Pine Bluff Tanya L. Smith, Bay Terrie L. Smith, Searcy Terry L. Smith, Pine Bluff Tommy M. Smith, Turrell William M. Smith, Jonesboro Ricky L. Smithee, Monette Sandra Smithson, Trumann Darla A. Snapp, Paragould Martha E. Snow, Harrisburg Sherrie L. Snowden, Hot Springs Charles R. Snyder, Jonesboro Donna J. Snyder, Trumann Jan A. Spain, Hornersville, Mo. Henry E. Spears, Forest Park, Ga. Tony R. Speer, Rector Michael G. Spence, Jonesboro Kathi M. Spencer, Forrest City Leeanne M. Spigner, Jacksonville Bradley L. Spikes, Monette Susan A. Springer, Weiner David L. Stafford, Brinkley Gina L. Stafford, Bryant Robert C. Stafford, Hardy Brenda A. Stallings, Jonesboro Bernard J. Stark, Blytheville Mavis C. Stark, Jonesboro Peggy S. Statler, Rector Joe C. Steed, Piggott Julia A. Steffy, Batesville Allen Stegall Jr., Blytheville Mark T. Stegmann, Weiner Lawrence E. Steimel, Pocahontas Michael F. Steinegger, Jonesboro Dennis L. Stephens, Cherry Valley Rick L. Stevens, Caraway Donna L. Stevenson, Oxford Earnestine Steward, Tuckerman Rickey L. Stewart, Monette Van J. Stewart, Newport Walter C. Stiles, Lepanto Michael W. Stogsdill, Pocahontas Sharon R. Stokes, Brookland Barbara L. Stone, Black Rock Roger D. Stone, Altheimer Jack H. Storey, Jonesboro Cynthia A. Stowe, Newport James A. Strain, Amarillo, Tex. Karen E. Strain, Jonesboro Paul S. Strawbridge, Jonesboro Teresa L. Strawn, Helena Beverly K. Strickland. Des Arc Joni M. Strobbe, West Memphis Mark A. Stubblefield, Caraway Pamela J. Stuckey. McCrory Bobby A. Sturgeon, Kennett, Mo. Kathy S. Sublett, Hardy Annette Suggs, West Memphis George M. Suitt, Mcfjehee Freshmen Mari R. Sulfridge, Jonesboro Brian W. Sullivan, Blytheville Jonnye L. Sullivan, Jonesboro Karen S. Summers, Sherwood Ted Sutton, West Memphis Thomas C. Sutton, Pine Bluff Teresa J. Swaim, Batesville Terry L. Swain, Senath, Mo. Kevin W. Sweetin, Stuttgart Don W. Tabor, Paragould Tommy L. Tapley, Little Rock Elizabeth A. Tarlton, Walnut Ridge Debra J. Tarver, Osceola Johnny B. Tate, Edmondson Dale G. Taylor, Cherry Valley Donnie R. Taylor, Pine Bluff Gene E. Taylor, Jonesboro John M. Taylor, Jonesboro Tony G. Taylor, Jonesboro Vickie S. Taylor, Rector William L. Taylor, Crawfordsville Janice L. Teague, Sikeston, Mo. William E. Teal, Hayti, Mo. Lurline Tedder, Paragould Susan D. Tedder, Paragould Terry L. Temple, Pine Bluff Geraldine M. Temples, Turrell Lisa F. Terry, West Memphis Mary E. Terry, Earle Christine Thielemier, Pocahontas Bertha L. Thigpen, Blytheville Eloise S. Thomas, Little Rock Ken N. Thomas, Wynne Lillie E. Thomas, Marion Linda C. Thomas, Paragould Robbie L. Thomas, Stuttgart Tomy N. Thomas, West Memphis Danny L. Thomason, Piggott Lake City Batesville Jonesboro Paragould James R. Karen L. Karen S. Mack E. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Roblyn C. Bobby L. Thompson, Jonesboro Thurman, Harrisburg Richard K. Ticer, Little Rock Carol A. Tims, Brinkley Enoch S. Tims Jr., Little Rock Thomas J. Tims, Walnut Ridge James P. Tinsley, Newport Melinda R. Tippitt, Pocahontas Mitchell J. Tolliver, Lepanto Cynthia J. Tomlinson, Jonesboro Ricky W. Toombs, Trumann Michael Torrance, Memphis, Tenn. Tony L. Tortorich, Pine Bluff Walter J. Towne, Marvell Shelia M. Townsend, West Memphis Shirley L. Townsend, West Memphis Bill Tracer, Monette Valerie Trask, West Memphis Jerry Treadaway, Bay Bonnie L. Treece, Paragould Gerald W. Trevathan, Jonesboro Stephen R. Triplett, Blytheville Larry E. Tripod, Paragould Robin Tripod, Paragould Kathy J. Tripp, Heber Springs Tim N. Trusty, Jonesboro Jimmy G. Tubbs, Jonesboro Karin S. Tucker, Boulder, Colo. - ,,, , -A-L, ,F .... - , ' ,f " 0' !'i. QKV. :f M' ,. ' ' ' fi 'ZIV' ,L,ggfg.,rVVg+V .7 VV ogy., f ,, V "1 ' V Q 1 if ,, I W' M V rw., 553145545 mlivia' . " - .. mm f 1, .ff..,,,, 2. sm.. 9 ,, ff .. . . yes., Kg Q5 J ., YZ? ...W Q, ...Q f 4 ? 4 Q .. . .95 'K i ' it ., 2 Q if 3 at ff . 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Turner, Fordyce Michael B. Turner, Brookland Paula J. Turner, Newport Ronnie D. Turner, Wynne Sherry L. Turner, N. Little Rock Terry Turner, Jonesboro Timothy W. Turner, Little Rock Tony R. Turner, Little Rock Vicki L. Turner, Jonesboro Marjorie S. Turney, Jonesboro Susan E. Turnquist, Yellville Jackie D. Turpin, Jonesboro Mark S. Turpin, Lepanto Sherry L. Tuseth, Jonesboro Mark L. Tyer, Pocahontas Randall L. Tyler, Pocahontas Janet L. Tyner, Helena Vickie L. Ungerank, Pocahontas Mary L. Upshaw, Marked Tree September L. Urfer, West Memphis Cathy B. Vaden, Blytheville Thomas W. VanCleve, Poplar Bluff, Mo Dona Vandergriff, Ravenden Springs Dora K. Vandergriff, Ravenden Spgs. Eddie R. Vangilder, Altheimer James L. Vanoven, Monette Harold B. VanVickle, Osceola Alan Vardell, Jonesboro Karen A. Vardell, Kennett, Mo. Rebecca J. Varner, Mena Ronald E. Vellance, Trumann Donald H. Vest, Walnut Ridge Terri R. Vest, Melbourne James R. Vick, Marked Tree Micheal E. Vick, Cotton Plant Neal W. Vickers, Trumann Sandra K. Vickers, Bono Juan K. Vondran, Moro Julie A. Waddell, Jonesboro Keith A. Waddell, Kennett, Mo. Jerry W. Wafford, Concord, Calif. Billy C. Wagner, Memphis, Tenn. Laddy L. Wagner, Swifton Mark A. Wakeham, Hardy Janet A. Walden, Paragould David K. Walker, Forrest City Janice A. Walker, Wynne Kendra L. Walker, Rector Michael S. Walker, Newport Mike A. Walker, Jonesboro Rodney G. Walker, Forrest City Ronald W. Walker, Blytheville Harold D. Wall, Walnut Ridge Billie A. Wallis, Smithville Lavern Wallis, Lake City Robert A. Wallis Jr., Jonesboro Kathy M. Walls, Harrisburg Garry L. Walton, Caruthersville, Mo. Jane Warblow, Brinkley Elene P. Ward, Forrest City Jacqueline Ward, Crawfordsville Keith H. Ward, Monette Ramona L. Ward, West Helena Tina B. Ward, Jonesboro Vanessa L. Ward, Prescott Freshmen Steven A. Warnick Clover Bend Jo E. Warren, Jonesboro Wallace E. Warren, Bay Edwin D. Washam, Mammoth Spring Paula L. Washington, Proctor Kathy Waterson, Walnut Ridge Wesley B. Watkins, Batesville Bert L. Watson, Piggott Charles P. Watson, Holcomb, Mo. Denise C. Watson, Benton Donia E. Watson, Nettleton Mike L. Watson, Trumann Samuel M. Watson, West Memphis Charles Watt, Little Rock James T. Weathers, Blytheville John N. Weaver, Batesville Daniel R. Webb, Oxford James E. Webb, Trumann Jeffery W. Webb, Forest City Kim D. Webb, Hot Springs Ronald L. Webb, Jonesboro Sandra L. Webb, Jonesboro Pamela J. Wedige, Paragould Catherine F. Welch, Salem Gwendolene Welch, Hayti, Mo. Resa L. Welch, Jonesboro Rena F. Welker, Searcy Julia A. Wellons, Jonesboro Keith Wells, Ravenden Kelly A. Wells, Blytheville Maurice Wells, Gilmore Lindsay P. West, Pocahontas Steve L. Westbrook, Blytheville Debra L. Wewers, Jonesboro Eva M. Weyer, Paragould Larry D. Wheeler, DeWitt Jane Whetsel, Leachville Rhonda K. Whetsel, Leachville Christine White, Crawfordsville Linda D. White, Lake City Lynn White, Paragould Martha S. White, Jonesboro Pamela D. Whiteaker, Calico Rock Lisa D. Whitener, Sedgwick Mitzie A. Whitney, Lake City Wayne O. Whitney, N. Little Rock Lisa R. Whitsitt, Corning Pam R. Wicker, Paragould Cynthia J. Wiggins, Jonesboro Wayne M. Wiggins III, Jonesboro Susan L. Wilbanks, Jonesboro Phillip D. Wilcox, Black Oak Lee A. Wilder, Paragould Wilbur C. Wildy, Osceola Debra L. Wiles, Hughes Brian S. Wilkerson, Jonesboro Marty L. Wilkes, Aubrey Jo A. Wilkins, Marianna Leslie A. Wilkins, Cardwell, Mo. Tracy L. Wilkins, Jasper Beth A. Wilkinson, Lubbock, Tex. Penny E. Wilkinson, Jacksonville Cecilia M. Williams, El Dorado Chester L. Williams, Jonesboro Christopher K. Williams, Benton Eddie J. Williams, West Memphis Erich E. Williams, Dumas Frankie L. Williams, Jonesboro Gail Williams, Jonesboro Hoover C. Williams Jr., Parkin 1 M1 , "9-vs. D- 3 - .'A?f?i T' X I 'Sl +.' a 1? :V W, 4r' F rt af er 3 .Q . is N ' F- air X 3 1 5 , ..,,. . K 1 i . s Z W 5 Z t 2 . 'ee 25? 1 Q? , X -M2121 an 'ey ., , ,, ,W J if .Q Cf swf.,-....,...W..,, 'W ra. fr. ff. .. " f2..,...... .,..,W.4:s' M wwf? 4 F 2 ff f f off . . ...,...,.. ,.,,,. , f. 'W BMW gf ,rr 1- Q S xg er Y .Iii i 'ff we 8 s ., V x x 1 " I uf' Freshmen Jacqualine Williams, Joiner Jamie A. Williams, Jonesboro Jeaninea M. Williams, Knobel Jerry O. Williams, Jonesboro Joe Williams, Tyronza Karin D. Williams, Jonesboro Keith Williams, Pine Bluff Leslie J. Williams, Corning Mark E. Williams, Newport Roger L. Williams, Searcy Teresa J. Williams, Bono Theresa M. Williams, Trumann Barry A. Williamson, Elaine Brenda K. Wilson, Cabot Debra R. Wilson, Senath, Mo. Edward S. Wilson, Jonesboro Marian K. Wilson, Charlotte Nancy E. Wilson, Jonesboro Sherry D. Wilson, Leesville, La. Charlotte R. Wimbush, Wynne Carol D. Winchester, St. Francis Jeffrey A. Wineland, Jonesboro Keith M. Wineland, Paragould Rebecca A. Wisley, Booneville William A. Wood, Jonesboro Leon D. Woodall, Manila Brenda K. Woodard, Osceola Elna C. Woodruff, Crawfordsville Loy D. Woods, Jonesboro Alice M. Woodward, Fairborn, Ohio Steve Word, Brinkley Theodore Wray, West Memphis Pamela Wren, Newport Carolyn S. Wright, Newport Dan C. Wright, Jonesboro Deborah L. Wright, Blytheville Diane E. Wright, Steele, Mo. Jacquelyn Wright, Jonesboro Lloyd R. Wright Jr., Blytheville Gary Wy, Blytheville Halden D. Wyatt, Paragould Billy A. Yarbrough, Pine Bluff Joe M Yates Marmaduke Harold P Yeargain, Paragould Phillip L Yee, Eudora Tiana Yee Dermott Bryant L Ylelding, Jonesboro Martha R Younger, Mountain View ,gin- Nursing CAASD Audrey L. Adams, Dexter, Mo. Ann M. Baker, Rector Barbara A. Baltz, Pocahontas Sandra C. Bartels, Montrose, Mo. Dianne Benefield, Wynne Debra C. Boyles, Augusta Cathy J. Bradford, Deering, Mo. Sheryl A. Brown, Blytheville Janet L. Caldwell, Lake City William D. Clay, Jonesboro Glenda J. Clement, Pine Bluff Sarah B. Counts, Pocahontas Dasie L. Crawford, Monette Frances Cunningham, Campbell, Mo. Deborah J. Dean, Poughkeepsie Jane Dethrow, Alton, Mo. Susan K. Dhority, Memphis, Tenn. Charles M. Ethridge, Jonesboro Donna M. Ethridge, Jonesboro Michaela Farmer, Newport Sandy J. Flowers, Hope Esther Fultz, Patterson Rosezeata C. Fultz, Patterson Sharon K. Gamble, Black Oak Karen D. Guthrie, Jonesboro Rose L. Guthrie, Rector Jennifer S. Harper, Pocahontas Amy M. Hodges, Jonesboro Brenda J. Hague, Weiner Nancy J. Hoots, Hickory Ridge Debra L. Ingram, Jonesboro Alice F. Isaac, Caruthersville, Mo. Lucinda C. Johnson, Portageville, Mo. Patricia A. Johnson, Earle Kathryn A. King, Myrtle, Mo. Judy C. Lamp, Piggott Mary A. Langrell, Pine Bluff Dorothy C. Mabry, Senath, Mo. Dyanna L. Martin, Cherry Valley William M. Massey, Jonesboro Terri T. Miller, Bald Knob Patricia A. Moser, Cave City Verna J. Moss, Poplar Grove Dianne Nance, Jonesboro Marianne 0'Hara, Turrell Debbie Ostrowski, Mountain Home Dixie L. Owens, Jonesboro Sheryl L. Parks, Lonoke Shelia A. Passmore, Trumann Jamie S. Pollock, DeWitt Monica Rapert, Biggers Wanda J. Rayburn, Jonesboro Mary J. Raymond, Trumann Sherry L. Shannon, Wilson Norma J. Stump, Jonesboro Lou Taylor, Caruthersville, Mo. Betty C. Turner, Almyra Susan V. Tusing, Jonesboro Lynn Veazey, Blytheville Barbara G. Wallace, Monette Debra A. Wallace, Leachville Debbie G. Watson, Melbourne Sarah F. Williams, Rector is ,m.. J Secretarial Science CASJ Terry L. Barnes, Leachville Jeneta J. Bennett, Thayer, Mo. Linda G. Bolton, Jonesboro Ceretha Crowder, Hughes Teresa L. Dorris, Gosnell . Jan L. Forrester, Newport Sherry A. Gray, Hope X, Vicki L. Hight, Marion Katherine D. Ladd, Kennett, Mo. Drucilla R. Neeley, Caruthersville, Mo. Rachelle Robertson, Bono Debbie R. Watson, Harrisburg Second Semester Students Linda D. Williams, Little Rock Graduate Students Nathan H. Bennett, Tuckerman Gale A. Brewer, Marmaduke Kennith Buchanan, Lake City Ruby J. Fleming, Forrest City Debra C. Franks, Walnut Ridge Elizabeth A. Hall, West Memphis Denise Hendrix, Jonesboro James Johnson, Wabbaseka Harold R. Kohler, Jonesboro David M. Lawrence, Melbourne David C. Massey, Jonesboro Geraljean P. McGough, Jonesboro Vonda E. Milnor, McCrory Keith I. Morris, Piggott Beverly A. Pulliam, Walnut Ridge Jimmie A. Rushing, Pine Bluff Mike A. Schug, Paragould William G. Snowden, Mountain View Seniors James R. Brock, Jonesboro, Psychology Robert M. Bruce, Walnut Ridge, Economics Harvey G. Bufford, Trumann, Commercial Art Barbara A. Chafin, Luxora, Speech Path. Charles S. Chism, Memphis, Tenn., Management Dennis J. Cravens, Pocahontas, Zoology Marty Dennis, Jacksonville, Biology Steven L. Ernst, Jonesboro, English Gary T. French, Delaplaine, Gen. Bus. Geneabeth Gray, Manila, Bus. Ed. Kenneth R. Hendricks, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Joe J. Hollimon, Trumann, P.E. David R. Hubbard, McGehee, Gen. Bus. James C. Johnson, Paragould, Psychology Clyde M. Knight, Jonesboro, Psychology Thomas J. Lindsey, Trumann, Marketing Robert T. Little, Maynard, Wildlife Mgmt. Sandra K. Luethje, Greenwood, Mo., Bus. Adm. Patricia L. Marr, Hernando, Miss., Bus. Ed. Robert L. McGhee, Jacksonville, Radio-TV Tom Parker, Augusta, Zoology Carolyn S. Pugh, Paragould, Special Ed. Victor C. Scauzzo, DeSoto, Mo., Gen. Bus. Steven D. Shults, Pocahontas, Criminology Paulette S. Snyder, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Kenneth W. Swain, Jonesboro, Accounting Larry R. Teague, Marked Tree, Gen. Bus. Catherine L. Thomas, West Memphis, Biology Henry L. Turner III, Tuckerman, Marketing Lynn H. Ward, England, Radio-TV ..,, ,. Q 1-F! 'IT L be K ' Vs i 5 N. J x X4 KN X X Larry E. Welch, Hoxie, Agriculture Stanley Winfrey, Forrest City, Sociology A t N in ., 1, M M 1 'P fb sf Xt z . 4 . .s QA! N . , 4 is-if E Y - ...E - -, A f 5' S 2 -iz. ' ., .5 Peggy A. Wooldridge, Neelyville, Mo. Juniors Roger A. Achor, Sedgwick Richard Ashley, North Little Rock Joseph P. Aycock, Marked Tree Samuel G. Becerra, Pocahontas Charles R. Beckman, West Memphis George F. Boggs, Paragould Dennis J. Bolden, Armory, Miss. Roxanne Brink, Jacksonville, Fla. Debra A. Brooks, Osceola Nancy J. Broyles, Jonesboro Dan A. Bryant, West Memphis Walton R. Burnett, Jonesboro Refus T. Caldwell, Walnut Ridge Terry W. Carpenter, Cabot Dale M. Carter, Little Rock Lendon R. Cole, Bernice, La. Buddy H. Compton, Jonesboro Barbara G. Davenport, Blytheville Cynthia K. Davidson, Pine Bluff Larry G. Duncan, Greenway Chesley D. Dunlap, Marked Tree Michael Ebbert, Jonesboro Willard R. Fletcher, Paragould Stuart D. Fullerton, Portageville, Mo. Sue Phillips Garrison, Jonesboro Vickey D. Gramling, Paragould Alvin W. Henderson, Batesville, Miss. Kenneth W. Holmes, Kiblah Bradley A. Jenkins, Hudson, Mass. Judy K. Johnson, Fort Smith Dennis E. Johnston, West Helena Cassandra K. Jolliff, Kennett, Mo. Ricky W. Jones, Jonesboro Michael J. Lasseter, Mammoth Spring Garry H. Lawrence, Jonesboro Tommy M. Matthews, Walnut Ridge Jim F. McClendon, Harrisburg Dianne McKinney, Jonesboro Patrick M. Mitchell, Chesterton, Ind. John W. Monroe, Jonesboro Carolyn W. Morris, Wynne Gary W. Overstreet, Walnut Ridge Jay L. Parker, Marked Tree Jerry R. Parr, Jonesboro John M. Porbeck, Jonesboro George E. Puddephatt, Pine Bluff Larry W. Rhodes, Caraway Dennis Rowe, Paragould Floyd L. Scott, Forrest City William F. Scott, West Helena Glenda E. Sexton, Saffell Larry A. Stanford, Jonesboro Janet K. Sterling, Medford, Okla. Thomas A. Stinson, Rockford, Ill. Stephen Strickland, Monette Barbara G. Sullinger, O'Kean Everett L. Tate, Bono Roy D. Thompson, Jacksonville Jerry E. Toone. Jonesboro Phyllis D. Wall, Forrest City Dwayne H. Watkins, Little Rock Robb W. Whelchel, Rockford, Ill. Jeanette White, Wynne Sophomores Joyce M. Adams, Newport Melvin Adams, Gulfport, Miss. Steven A. Adams, Paragould Jerry W. Allen, Jonesboro Rudy D. Anderson, Caraway Margaret L. Bauss, Mountain Home Bari L. Beaton, Paragould Orville D. Booth, Caraway Rebecca Breazeal, Jonesboro Cora L. Brider, Helena Mickey L. Caples, Jonesboro Pamela J. Clark, Steele, Mo. Steven B. Cole, Jonesboro Gloria S. Coleman, Brickeys Norma J. Cunningham, Keiser Gloria A. Curtis, West Memphis Harold F. Dachs, Malden, Mo. Sharon D. Dean, Kennett, Mo. James A. Deere, Portageville, Mo. Lee C. Dimick, El Dorado, Kan. Franklin T. Forester, Jonesboro Rayanne Fowler, Weiner Charles S. Fullerton, Portageville, Mo. Larry F. Garrett, Cherokee Village Kathleen E. Geeslin, Blytheville Larry A. Gist, Paragould Kimberly A. Goodman, Caraway Alice F. Graddy, North Little Rock Harry R. Gray, Blytheville Dan E. Hamilton, Hardy Sheila A. Hammond, Hardy Larry E. Hampton, Blytheville Douglas E. Henson, Blytheville Deborah L. Herring, Jonesboro Pamela J. Lee, Flint, Mich. Sharon Kay Lee, Damascus Roger L. Martin, Fayetteville Cindy D. McClain, Wynne Edward M. Melzer, Monticello, Miss. Terry K. Orick, Paragould Paul Pendergist, Jonesboro Marcia H. Philyaw, DeQueen Denise L. Pikey, Jonesboro Sherry N. Pruiett, Blytheville Larry D. Rasberry, Marmaduke Patricia E. Ratton, Paragould William M. Rice, Ravenden Springs Kathleen A. Schenk, Creve Coeur, Mo. Albert T. Shannahan, Stuttgart Elizabeth G. Simmons, Jonesboro Barry C. Smith, Blytheville Kim O. Snowden, Mountain View Jacqueline D. Steed, McGehee Charles D. Stephan, Trumann Natalie Stiles, Marianna Robert D. Underwood, Brookhaven, Miss. My ..,,, ... - HK . FM ' 3. 'GX Donald W. Whitmire, Alicia Robert E. Williams, Texarkana David B. Wooldridge, N. Little Rock Pam R. Wyatt, Blytheville Freshmen Joyce M. Akers, Jonesboro Robert B. Allen, Marked Tree Glenn A. Armstrong, Jonesboro Robert B. Baker, Kennett, Mo. Bill H. Barkley, Jonesboro Carol J. Black, Newport Anita D. Boozer, Paragould Martha A. Boozier, Jonesboro Rita A. Branch, Paragould Jesse H. Briggs, DeWitt Reuben D. Broadaway, Jonesboro Cindy D. Brown, Batesville John Brown, Walcott Theodor Brown, Osceola Jim L. Bryan, Forrest City Billy J. Buchanan, Cotton Plant Al Burns, Brinkley Leisa Caldwell, Mammoth Spring Felecia Renia Carter, Jonesboro Herriel Carter, Wynne Tony R. Case, Paragould Vickie L. Chambers, Trumann John K. Churchwell, Kennett, Mo. Tina C. Clark, Jonesboro Claude H. Clements, West Memphis Sandy G. Colburn, Egypt Belinda Collins, Forrest City Thomas Collins, Jonesboro Amanda E. Cooper, Pine Bluff Billy G. Davidson, Jonesboro David G. Davis, Manila Ronald R. Dawson, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Defries, Marmaduke Barbara Y. Dillard, Thayer, Mo. Rhonda E. Eaton, Cherry Valley Terry R. Eddings, Parkin Lloyd P. Emmert, Jonesboro Nancy D. England, Trumann Catherine A. Ester, Paragould William D. Fender, Kennett, Mo. James T. Ferguson, DeWitt Dennis R. Flippo, Manila Roger Foust, Jonesboro Randall W. Freeman, Paragould Charlotte Fry, Lake City Timothy G. Gammill, Mountain View Arthur G. Gardner, Blytheville Sonjia L. Gaulden, Rector Joyce A. Greenfield, Batesville Dan R. Hagar, North Little Rock Randy D. Halcomb, Corning Pamela S. Hale, Paragould Thomas G. Hale, Wynne Roland W. Hallsell, Little Rock Randy C. Ham, Jonesboro Laura A. Hard, Birmingham, Ala. Larry G. Hawkin, Bono Stephen L. Hawkins, West Plains, Mo. Paulette Haymer, Forrest City Alice F. Hedger, Jonesboro Tom A. Heeb, Blytheville Regina R. Hicks, Jonesboro Celeste F. Hodges, Salem Rita K. Hogue, Jonesboro Johnny Holder, Walnut Ridge Jack Hollingsworth Jr., Jonesboro Gale W. Householder, Corning David A. Houston, Jonesboro Lovell Howard, Parkin Laura E. Huber, Stuttgart Freshmen Victor L. Hunt, Jonesboro Leigh A. Jenkins, Memphis, Tenn. Steve 0. Jernigan, Trumann Boyd S. Johnson Jr., Leachville Beverly A. Jones, Harrisburg Gwendolyn L. Jones, Lexa Kevin G. Konecay, Stuttgart Sarah J. Lancaster, Blytheville Kathy D. Lard, Jonesboro Alma M. Leach, Paragould Gregory D. Leatherwood, Jonesboro Elvera Ledbetter, West Memphis Robert E. Lewis, Hughes Jeffery L. Lovell, Jonesboro Thomas A. Mars, Jonesboro Debra S. Marshall, Manila John M. Martin, Trumann Lisa C. Martin, Memphis, Tenn. Ronald W. Mathes, Jonesboro Phyllis A. Matthews, Jonesboro Jerry W. McCain, Manila William H. Mcllroy, Jonesboro Elizabeth McQueen, Jonesboro Bobbi M. Mickey, Paragould William J. Miller, Jonesboro Nicki M. Monson, Texas City, Tex. Renee Montgomery, Newport Gracie L. Morgan, Newport Harold L. Morgan, Newport James S. Morris, Piggott Dana J. Mullins, Blytheville Patricia A. Myers, Jonesboro Sonya J. Nance, Beedeville Dena R. Nelson, Jonesboro Louie P. Nelson, Gilmore Margaret Ann Parker, Marked Tree Dave L. Parten, Marianna Renee Pearson, Marked Tree Terry W. Piker, Newport Kathy S. Primm, Jonesboro Devin M. Pruett, Rector Sandra K. Ragsdale, Trumann Shane Ray, Marked Tree Gloria P. Rea, Tuckerman Carl Redfield, Leland, Miss. Mike W. Reece, Jonesboro Steve L. Richards, Poplar Bluff, Mo. David A. Richmond, Jonesboro Donnie R. Robins, Marianna Clementine Robinson, Harrisburg Halloween Ross Jr., Jonesboro Vincent M. Sanford, Marianna Katherine G. Schell, Kennett, Mo. Ann M. Schrieber, Scottsdale, Ariz. William L. Scott, Marked Tree Lucille Settles, Parkin Donald L. Sexton, Saffell William A. Sheets Jr., Jonesboro Denise M. Sheppard, Monette Thomas D. Sheppard, Monette Sharon L. Sherman, Brickeys Dale A. Shields, Paragould Kathryn Simpson, Crawfordsville Ann C. Sladek, Cherokee Village Ralph D. Slatton, Trumann Gary L. Slavings, Hayti, Mo. Judith T. Slavings, Hayti, Mo. Marilyn M. Snyder, Jonesboro Cindy L. South, Caruthersville, Mo. Sheila A. Spence, Kennett, Mo. A -t " 3 -A- Timothy L. Abanathy, 348 Dr. Robert F. Abbott, 277 Robert P. Abbott, 288 David W. Abell, 286 Harriet Abernathy, 279 Keith B. Abernathy, 348 Michele J. Abernathy, 288 Gwendolyn Abrams, 331 Roger Achor, 377 Doug Acklin, 288 Armentia Adams, 348 Arva M. Adams, 314 Audrey L. Adams, 374 Buddy Adams Jr., 348 Dr. David R. Adams, 276 Gerald W. Adams, 288 Hugh L. Adams, 348 John F. Adams, 288 Joyce M. Adams, 378 Karen S. Adams, 314 Marilyn J. Adams, 288 Marta K. Adams, 348 Melvin Adams, 378 Sharon G. Adams, 348 Steven A. Adams, 378 Terry C. Adams, 331 Virginia L. Adams, 314 Wanda M. Adamson, 314 Ronald Aday, 280 John W. Addison, 348 Brenda G. Adelman, 331 James R. Adkins, 331 Melanie S. Adkins, 331 Robert K. Adkins, 314 Keith E. Admire, 331 lixxe I DEX Cathie Agerton, 314 John R. Agre, 314 Tomine Agre, 348 Dennis R. Aikens, 331 Mary L. Ainsworth, 314 Wanda M. Ainsworth, 331 Joyce M. Akers, 379 Susan C. Akin, 331 Craig C. Alberty, 284 Carl M. Alexander, 314 David Alexander, 314 Eldon L. Alexander, 288 Gladys M. Alexander, 288 Norma R. Alexander, 288 Peggy Alexander, 284 Alan Alford, 331 Kenneth M. Allbritton, 288 Andy F. Allen, 288 Ashley E. Allen, 288 Deborah K. Allen, 348 Debra A. Allen, 288 Edie G. Allen, 314 Jerry W. Allen, 378 John M. Allen, 348 Kathy Allen, 348 Kimbrell M. Allen, 314 Michele L. Allen, 348 Robert B. Allen, 379 Susan L. Allen, 314 Thomas N. Allen, 288 Tom W. Allen, 331 Vive R. Allen, 348 Debbie L. Allison, 331 Mike W. Allison, 331 Scott Allison, 288 Vicki J. Allison, 331 Dennis C. Almond, 314 Diane J. Almond, 331 Ronald J. Almond, 314 Darlene D. Alsbrook, 331 Howard M. Alsey, 276 Gerald M. Alsup, 288 Gregory Alsup, 314 Thomas S. Alsup, 331 Gary E. Alton, 314 Peggy D. Alton, 314 Bryan L. Amann, 348 Glen P. Amis, 348 Delmar J. Ammons, 348 Harry B. Anderson, 314 Rudy D. Anderson, 378 Therese A. Anderson, 348 Verba J. Anderson, 348 Cathy S. Andrews, 348 Bettye J. Anthony, 348 Eugene W. Applebury, 314 Jackie S. Archer, 348 Sharon J. Archer, 288 Glenn A. Armstrong, 379 J. Q. Armstrong III, 331 Mike A. Armstrong, 348 Regina L. Armstrong, 348 Thomas A. Armstrong, 286 David F. Arnholt, 348 Ann Arnold, 331 Gary S. Arnold, 331 Eddie H. Arnold, 284 Jerry W. Arnold, 314 Kent Arnold, 314 Kevin H. Arnold, 288 Margaret A. Arnold, 348 McKinley Arnold, 314 Gregory M. Asbell, 348 Oscar R. Ascurra, 314 Walker A. Ashbrand, 288 Laverne Ashcraft, 348 Jennifer K. Asher, 288 Larry E. Ashley, 348 Freshmen Sandra J. Sprvell, Caraway Aaron J. Stanback, Wynne Sharon R. Stanford, Crawfordsville Philip D. Steed, Leachville Steven K. Strickland, Little Rock Richard E. Swan, Marked Tree Terri S. Swan, Marked Tree Rosemary A. Tacker, Jonesboro Connie J. Taylor, Monette Dan Taylor, Jonesboro Paula J. Taylor, Nettleton Audie M. Teague, Marked Tree Roy L. Tennison, Harrisburg Marsha L. Tolbert, Bono Andres Torres Jr., San Juan, P.R. David A. Turner, Fordyce Missy J. Turner, Trumann Sammy C. Turpin, Paragould Charlie E. Vaden, Blytheville Dan L. VanGorp, Creve Coeur, Mo. Bryce N. Virgies, Osceola David M. Walker, Jonesboro Rhonda J. Walker, Jonesboro Velma E. Wallace, Jonesboro Billie A. Watkins, Bono Becky J. White, Jonesboro David A. Williams, Paragould Eddie L. Williams, Trumann Verlin D. Williams, Jonesboro Gayle M. Wimpy, Harrisburg Rick L. Wimpy, Paragould Donna L. Woods, Bono Patricia A. Wyse, Jonesboro Connie M. Yerger, Bay Bernice Young, Memphis, Tenn. Richard Ashley, 377 Jerry W. Ashmore, 348 Frances K. Atkinson, 348 Michael R. Atkinson, 314 Ronald F. Atkinson, 314 Randy S. Atkison, 288 Robin M. Atkison, 331 Steve Atkisson, 288 James O. Atwood, 348 Janie C. Atwood, 331 Mark K. Aufderheide, 288 Bruce E. Augsburger, 284 Ginger R. Aumon, 331 Cheri L. Austin, 348 Cherie J. Austin, 314 Connie J. Austin, 288 Martin K. Austin, 348 Melanie A. Austin, 314 Wavey T. Austin, 314 Ivan R. Autry, 348 Beth E. Aycock, 348 Joseph P. Aycock, 377 Juanita V. Ayres, 348 Sheree G. Azbill, 348 -B- Robert M. Babb, 276 Robert H. Baber, 284 Nancy Bacot, 278 Steve M. Bagley, 314 Doroth A. Bagwell, 314 Bruce Bailey, 348 Cheryl A. Bailey, 331 Delbert W. Bailey, 348 Kathy O. Bailey, 348 Olyn R. Bailey III, 284 Pam S. Bailey, 348 Rhonda J. Bailey, 331 Russell M. Bailey, 288 Diana L. Baioni, 288 Mark A. Baioni, 348 Carl E. Baird, 348 Shelia L. Baird, 348 Ann M. Baker, 374 Betsy J. Baker, 348 Bobby L. Baker, 331 Cheryl L. Baker, 348 Edward A. Baker, 331 Joan L. Baker, 288 Karla N. Baker, 331 Kenneth W. Baker, 331 LeMon F. Baker, 288 Lillian A. Baker, 331 Radius H. Baker, 288 Richard C. Baker, 314 Rick D. Baker, 348 Robert B. Baker, 379 Robert H. Baker, 288 Robin O. Baker, 348 Sara J. Baker, 348 T. R. Baker, 279 Teresa A. Baker, 348 Terry G. Baker, 348 Vicki L. Baker, 288 Jami E. Bakhtiar, 331 Jerry E. Balch, 314 Jeanne B. Balcom, 331 Kevin M. Baldridge, 348 Paul Balducci, 288 David S. Baldwin, 288 Gordon P. Baldwin, 314 Debra G. Balentine, 348 James F. Balentine III, 348 Mary A. Balest, 288 James R. Ball, 348 Jane E. Ball, 286 Joe K. Ball, 348 Dr. Larry D. Ball, 280 Larry S. Ball, 331 Leslie A. Ball, 331 Suzanne Ball, 331 Eugene A. Ballard, 277 Jerry J . Ballard, 348 Judy A. Ballard, 331 Linda J. Ballard, 348 Sherry C. Ballard, 314 Stanley M. Ballard, 331 Steve R. Ballard, 314 James C. Balton, 314 Barbara A. Baltz, 374 Donald G. Baltz, 314 Douglas A. Baltz, 288 Jeanette M. Baltz, 288 John A. Baltz, 331 Joseph G. Baltz, 331 Joseph P. Baltz, Jr., 331 Connie Banks, 314 Emma J. Banks, 288 Major Banks Jr., 348 Mary L. Banks, 348 Phillip J. Banks, 348 Robert H. Banks, 314 Rebecca J. Bannon, 331 Rosalie Barber, 278 Russell Barber, 288 Sheila D. Barber, 348 Michael J. Bare, 288 Dewayne Barger, 331 June E. Barker, 348 Ramona L. Barker, 288 Terry D. Barker, 348 William D. Barker, 289 Bill H. Barkley, 379 Mary D. Barkley, 348 Anita P. Barksdale, 286 Kenneth J . Barksdale, 348 Linda D. Barksdale, 348 Kathy L. Barnard, 314 Frances J. Barnes, 314 Laura J . Barnes, 348 Loran F. Barnes, 314 Terry L. Bames, 375 Cathy L. Barnett, 348 Myrlan G. Bamett Jr., 331 Robert L. Barnett, 349 Terry L. Barnett, 349 Dr. Edmund L. Barnette, 277 Paul R. Barrihardt, 331 Leonard A. Barnhill, 314 Roy Barnhill, 277 Becky J . Barrett, 331 Harry J. Barringer, 314 Marjorie L. Barringer, 289 Dale R. Barron, 284 Sherrie J. Barrow, 349 John G. Barrows, 349 Beverly M. Bartels, 282 Sandra C. Bartels, 374 Dr. Harvey E. Barton, 281 James A. Barton, 349 Robert J . Barton, 349 Walter W. Barton, 289 John C. Barttelt, 331 David E. Bass III, 289 Johnny D. Bass, 331 Mary M. Bast, 284 Curtis E. Baster, 349 Larry W. Bates, 314 Lori D. Bates, 349 Ricky A. Batten, 314 Leroy Battle, 314 Brenda S. Battles, 289 Gandy L. Baugh, 314 Jeffrey B. Baughman, 289 Robert D. Baureis, 314 Margaret L. Bauss, 378 Joyce A. Baxter, 289 Joy L. Bayless, 349 Dr. Ovid L. Bayless, 279 Dr. John K. Beadles, 281 Kristi D. Beadles, 331 James A. Beaird, 349 Paula D. Beal, 349 Susan R. Beaman, 331 Paul E. Bean Jr., 331 Jan E. Beard, 331 John S. Beard, 331 Marguerite Beard, 289 Jeannia R. Bearden, 349 Pamela F. Bearden, 314 Harry G. Beasley, 286 Bari L. Beaton, 378 Samuel G. Becerra, 377 Donald M. Beckham, 331 Charles R. Beckman, 377 David J. Beckman, 314 Douglas J. Beckman, 331 Glynn N. Beckman, 289 Janice K. Bedwell, 331 Melissa G. Beeler, 349 Janet L. Beemen, 349 Donald G. Belk, 349 Barbara L. Bell, 314 Danny I. Bell, 331 Davis W. Bell, 349 Earl H. Bell, 314 Guy G. Bell, 331 Harry J. Bell, 349 Jason Bell, 349 Oren M. Bellamy, 289 Karen C. Bellingrath, 349 Beverly G. Belt, 314 Robert L. Bemberg, 349 Dianne Benefield, 374 Sandra L. Benham, 331 Joe W. Benish, 331 Allen D. Bennett, 314 Gary Bennett, 289 Jeneta J. Bennett, 375 Dr. John B. Bennett, 281 Kathy D. Bennett, 331 Marcia L. Bennett, 349 Nannett Bennett, 349 Nathan H. Bennett, 375 Ron S. Bennett, 314 Steve W. Bennett, 331 Bobby L. Benson, 314 Cheryl A. Bentley, 349 Lonnie D. Bentley, 349 Bobby K. Benton, 331 Joe R. Benton, 349 Bonnie D. Bequette, 349 Dennis C. Bequette, 331 Linda A. Berk, 349 Mark A. Berky, 349 Michell D. Bernard, 349 Susan K. Bemard, 349 Charlotte E. Berry, 349 Glenn J. Berry, 331 Margaret Berry, 349 Melinda K. Berry, 286 Millicent A. Berry, 289 Rosanne Berry, 331 Susan E. Berry, 314 Vicki A. Berry, 314 Shelby J. Beshears, 349 Brenda K. Bettis, 349 David M. Bettis, 289 Becky L. Biddle, 349 Charles R. Bidewell, 289 Leigh Bidewell, 349- Susan G. Bierbaum, 289 Arthur A. Bigelow, 314 Gary A. Biggs, 314 Kay S. Billings, 289 Jackie E. Billingsley, 289 Pamela H. Billingsley, 289 Richard R. Billingsley, 349 Bobby D. Billups, 289 Marlene I. Bingham, 314 Leta A. Binkley, 314 Donna C. Birdwell, 349 Andy M. Birmingham, 331 Karla D. Birmingham, 314 Sherry L. Bishoff, 289 Anna M. Bishop, 289 Dana Bishop, 331 Denise Bishop, 331 Gail Bishop, 331 Michael L. Bishop, 314 Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, 281 Shelby L. Bittle, 314 Danny Bivens, 331 Dorothy A. Bivens, 332 Carol J. Black, 379 David W. Black, 332 Donald R. Black, 349 Harriet Black, 349 Jackie S. Black, 332 Jimmy L. Black, 349 John S. Black, 314 Joseph W. Black, 289 Kenneth G. Black, 314 Pete S. Black III, 349 Deborah G. Blackburn, 289 Donald W. Blackburn, 289 Mark L. Blackford, 349 Bobby L. Blackman, 284 Kenny L. Blackshear, 289 Ila S. Blackwell, 332 Melissa E. Blackwood, 332 Nancy K. Blackwood, 349 Pamela S. Blackwood, 314 Belinda A. Blagg, 289 James D. Blair, 332 Roger E. Blair, 332 Gary W. Blakeney, 349 Michael C. Blalock, 315 Kenneth C. Blanchard, 349 Marolyn G. Blankenship, 284 Mary M. Blankenship, 315 Rhonda S. Blankenship, 349 Ronald A. Blankenship, 332 Sandra K. Blankenship, 349 Tana L. Blankenship, 349 William O. Blankenship, 332 Earl V. Blankinship, 349 Ronnie D. Blankinship, 349 Sandra S. Blanton, 349 Sharon Blevens, 349 Alta K. Blevins, 349 Frankie E. Blevins, 315 Robert Blevins, 349 Keith M. Blocker, 349 Marion M. Blocker, 332 John H. Bloodworth, 289 Phil E. Blount, 332 Rose E. Blount, 349 George W. Boan, 349 John A. Bobango, 315 Valerie M. Bobo, 332 Bernard K. Bodell, 289 David N. Bodenhamer, 289 Michael W. Boeckmann, 289 Richard E. Boeckmann, 289 Celia A. Boers, 332 Jerry D. Bogard, 349 George F. Boggs, 377 Cecil Bogy, 332 William E. Bohannon, 289 Lisa J. Bohne, 349 Phillip Bokker, 315 Beverly J . Bolden, 349 Dennis J. Bolden, 377 Jeannie M. Bolden, 349 Oral C. Bolding, 289 Valerie K. Boleng, 349 Ralph O. Boling, 315 Wayne D. Boling, 289 Linda G. Bolton, 375 Tony M. Bolton, 349 Serena K. Bond, 315 Robert L. Bonner, 332 LeRoy Q. Booe, 349 Craig Boone, 349 Freddy L. Booth, 315 Kathy J. Booth, 315 Orville D. Booth, 378 Linda C. Boothe, 332 Anita D. Boozer, 379 Deborah A. Boozer, 349 Deborah J. Boozer, 349 Pamela L. Boozer, 349 Martha A. Boozier, 379 Kathy L. Boren, 332 Anthony H. Bornhoft, 332 Celeste C. Bosche, 349 Bruce A. Bounds, 350 Steve M. Bounds, 284 Kenny R. Bourland, 332 Foster Bowdon, 350 Carolyn J . Bowe, 332 Cora L. Bowe, 289 Jack E. Bower, 284 Bobby L. Bowers, 315 Gail Bowers, 315 Thomas A. Bowers, 350 William C. Bowers, 332 Joyce E. Bowie, 350 Jeff D. Bowien, 350 Joyce M. Bowling, 315 Ralph N. Bowling, 289 Gregory N. Bowman, 315 Joan N. Bowman, 278 Leroy Bowman, 315 Mary L. Bowman, 332 Regina G. Bowman, 289 Dr. Robert H. Bowman, 281 William F. Bowman, 286 John E. Boxley, Jr., 315 Perry L. Boxx, 289 Terry W. Boxx, 289 Chuck B. Boyce, 350 Donna A. Boyd, 350 Garry L. Boyd, 289 Shirley J. Boyd, 290 Rita S. Boyette, 350 David G. Boyles, 315 Debra C. Boyles, 374 Robert C. Boylls, 332 Ledeana A. Brackett, 332 Karen L. Brackin, 290 Lucille Braden, 280 Cathy J. Bradford, 374 Kristi J . Bradford, 350 Marla Bradford, 315 Barbara A. Bradley, 350 Danny E. Bradley, 315 Gene E. Bradley, 350 James C. Bradley, 315 Jerry P. Bradley, 350 Randy L. Bradley, 332 Sandra K. Bradley, 350 Beverl C. Bradsher, 332 Dena Bradway, 315 Donna M. Brady, 315 Omer A. Bramblett, 286 Derryl W. Branch, 332 Lynn L. Branch, 290 Rita A. Branch, 379 Alan R. Brand, 350 Ronald W. Brandon, 350 Billy R. Brandt, 290 James T. Brannon, 350 Linda J . Brannon, 290 Kathy L. Brannum, 350 Sam D. Brannum, 332 Joanne Branscum, 290 Troy J. Branscum, 350 Jeffrey C. Brantley, 332 Linda J . Brantley, 350 Boyce W. Bratcher, 332 Nancy C. Bratton, 290 Calvin L. Brawley, 290 Donna C. Bray, 350 Paul C. Brayman, 350 Nathaniel R. Brazwell, 290 Thomas L. Breashears, 350 Rebecca Breazeal, 378 Donna E. Breckenridge, 332 Roger N. Breckenridge, 350 Joe R. Brecklein, 315 Kim S. Brecklein, 315 Jennifer S. Breeding, 332 Patrick A. Breeding, 290 Marion Brees, 332 Cathi L. Brent, 350 George S. Brents, 350 Angie M. Brewer, 290 Dennis L. Brewer, 315 Gale Brewer, 375 Judy C. Brewer, 290 Linda J. Brewer, 290 Terry M. Brewer, 350 Joey H. Brewington, 350 Teresa A. Brewington, 350 Becky J. Brickell, 332 Joseph W. Brickell, 315 Cora L. Brider, 378 Dana E. Bridger, 350 Mary A. Bridger, 332 Jimmy D. Bridges, 332 Jesse H. Briggs, 379 Rickey D. Briggs, 315 Sandra R. Briggs, 350 Shirley L. Briggs, 286 William D. Briggs, 332 Joe L. Brimer, 290 Roxanne Brink, 377 Janis F. Brinkley, 350 JoAnn Brinkley, 290 Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, 276 Terry D. Brinkley, 315 Barbara A. Bristow, 332 Dale L. Britt, 350 June A. Brittain, 315 Linda S. Brizzi, 290 Madalyn Brizzi, 278 Greta L. Broadaway, 350 John P. Broadaway, 350 Reuben D. Broadaway, 379 Vonda B. Broadaway, 350 Karen G. Broadwater, 350 Marilyn J. Broadway, 290 Charles A. Brock, 350 Ernest L. Brock, 350 James R. Brock, 376 Steven G. Brockett, 315 Alicia J. Brogden, 332 Cathy A. Brooks, 350 Debra A. Brooks, 377 Donald W. Brooks, 332 Elizabeth G. Brooks, 332 Jewell M. Brooks, 315 Michael P. Brooks, 332 Patricia A. Brooks, 350 Roger D. Brooks, 290 Scharlett J. Brooks, 332 Tony G. Brooks, 350 Verna M. Brooks, 350 Arthur B. Broughton, 286 Ben M. Brown, 290 Bernice Brown, 315 Bonnie M. Brown, 350 Cindy D. Brown, 379 David W. Brown, 315 Deborah J. Browm, 350 Debra D. Brown, 350 Dorothy C. Brown, 290 Douglas W. Brown, 315 Fred Brown, 332 Gary W. Brown, 315 Horace S. Brown Jr., 290 Hoyt A. Brown, 332 Jack Brown Jr., 290 Jessa R. Brown, 315 John Brown, 379 John M. Brown, 332 Kalvin Brown, 350 Karl H. Brown, 332 Karla L. Brown, 332 Katy E. Brown, 350 Kevin M. Brown, 332 Larry G. Brown, 315 Margaret Brown, 350 Marilyn Brown, 290 Mark C. Brown, 290 Mark D. Brown, 332 Mary S. Brown, 350 Michelle L. Brown, 315 Patti S. Brown, 315 Phyllis D. Brown, 315 Randy C. Brown, 350 Roxanne M. Brown, 350 Roy L. Brown, 332 Sam L. Brown, 290 Scott E. Brown, 315 Sheryl A. Brown, 374 Sylvester Brown, 350 Terry J. Brown, 350 Theodor Brown, 379 Thomas G. Brown, 290 Tim O. Brown, 290 Vince Brown, 350 William P. Brown, 350 John'R. Brownd, 315 Mark S. Brownd, 350 Gary M. Browning, 290 Mackie F. Brownlee, 332 Nancy J. Broyles, 377 Ben K. Bruce, 332 Gaylon M. Bruce, 290 Milan V. Bruce, 350 Robert M. Bruce, 376 Judy F. Bruckerhoff, 315 Suzie E. Brummett, 290 Eldred M. Brunson, 332 Carolyn J. Bryan, 332 Francis M. Bryan, 332 Gary L. Bryan, 350 Jim L. Bryan, 379 Vickie L. Bryan, 332 Cleophus Bryant, 350 Dan A. Bryant, 377 Larry S. Bryant, 332 Mike L. Bryant, 350 Sherry A. Bryant, 350 Terry W. Bryant, 350 Beverly L. Buchanan, 290 Billy J. Buchanan, 379 Pam K. Buchanan, 290 Kennith Buchanan, 375 Harry L. Buck Jr., 350 Renita L. Buck, 332 Mary L. Buckingham, 332 Michael D. Buckingham, 332 Harvey G. Bufford, 376 Patricia M. Bufford, 350 Charlene V. Buford, 332 Frederick W. Buhrmester, 290 Patricia A. Buhrmester, 315 Gary P. Bull, 332 Gerald D. Bullard, 290 Kent E. Bullard, 290 Patty Bullington, 332 Linda '. Bullock, 290 William G. Bullock, 290 Reggie Bumgamer, 350 Rodger D. Bumpass, 290 Patricia A. Bunt, 350 Joseph K. Bures, 290 Dr. Paul D. Burge, 278 Paula J. Burge, 290 J. David Burgess, 278 Cindee K. Burks, 350 Dan A. Burks, 291 Gaylon W. Burkman, 332 Dr. James B. Burleson, 280 Patricia A. Burnett, 291 Ruby J. Bumett, 350 Walton R. Bumett, 377 Mary E. Burnette, 350 - Michael A. Bumette, 332 Norman L. Burnette, 315 Eli T. Burney, 350 Gary W. Burney, 332 Al Burns, 379 Alta Burns, 278 Gary L. Bums, 315 I . Dr. John L. Burns, 277 Karen F. Burns, 332 Paula J. Bums, 351 Ricky M. Burns, 291 Dr. William W. Burns, 280 Douglas R. Burnside, 315 Darrell L. Burris, 315 Holly M. Burris, 351 Dale R. Burroughs, 332 Michael L. Burroughs, 291 Mickey L. Burroughs, 351 Victoria L. Burroughs, 351 Jerri E. Burrow, 332 Lehaman J. Burrow Jr., 315 Michael G. Burrow, 351 Gerald R. Burton, 333 William R. Burton, 315 Gary D. Busby, 286 Pamela J. Busby, 291 Abbie L. Bush, 333 Janis E. Bush, 291 Gary D. Bushert, 291 Ruth A. Bushong, 351 Gwendolyn Butcher, 315 Benjamin M. Butler, 291 Beverly R. Butler, 315 Larry R. Butler, 351 Lawrence J. Butler, 351 Mark A. Butler, 333 Sharon Butler, 333 Steven K. Butler, 315 Thomas W. Butler, 315 Teresa D. Butts, 333 Clarisa L. Buzbee, 351 Paulette Byars, 291 Ernest M. Byerly, 315 Perry D. Byers, 315 Treva A. Byler, 315 Terry W. Bynum, 351 Gloria J. Byrd, 291 Julia A. Byrd, 351 Warren N. Byrd, 333 William W. Byrd, 281 -C- Floyd L. Cabe, 351 Nellie T. Caffery, 282 Donna K. Cagle, 351 Doug Cagle, 315 Jacque L. Cagle, 333 Martin E. Cagle, 315 Debra K. Caldwell, 351 James C. Caldwell, 291 Janet L. Caldwell, 374 Leisa Caldwell, 379 Martha J. Caldwell, 315 Mitchell D. Caldwell, 291 Refus T. Caldwell, 377 Steve C. Caldwell, 333 Valerie D. Caldwell, 351 William W. Caldwell, 351 Gary A. Calkin, 291 Phareta Calkin, 391 Linda Calladine, 291 Andrea G. Callaway, 315 David H. Cameron, 291 Albert W. Camp, 351 Michael H. Camp, 291 Rodney E. Camp, 351 Betty N. Campbell, 351 Bill D. Campbell, 351 Davida D. Campbell, 315 Deborah A. Campbell, 333 Francis E. Campbell, 286 Jackson R. Campbell, 351 Mary E. Campbell, 333 Robert L. Campbell, 315 Sidney F. Campbell Jr., 351 Steve B. Campbell, 315 Robert Camras, 315 Thelma V. Cannon, 315 Clark G. Cantrell, 333 David R. Cantrell, 333 Debbie L. Cantrell, 351 Herman T. Cantrell, 291 Jacob C. Cantrell, 333 Kathy Cantrell, 315 Mickey L. Caples, 378 Ricky M. Caples, 291 Linda K. Capriotti, 351 William C. Carhart, 284 Karen R. Carlew, 351 Patricia J. Carlisle, 351 Donald R. Carlow, 291 Stanley E. Carmack, 333 Richard S. Camahan, 351 Jeannie K. Cames, 351 Richard A. Carnes, 291 Gilbert D. Carpenter, 291 Kennan A. Carpenter, 291 Martin B. Carpenter, 291 Russell H. Carpenter, 315 Steve P. Carpenter, 291 Terry W. Carpenter, 377 Brent H. Carr, 351 Dr. Charles R. Carr II, 280 Janett J. Carr, 351 Martin W. Carr, 291 Nancy J. Carr, 333 Debra J. Carrington, 315 Carolyn L. Carroll, 315 Dennis M. Carroll, 351 Richard D. Carroll, 333 Charles F. Carter, 351 Dale M. Carter, 377 Dixie L. Carter, 351 Felecia R. Carter, 379 Gayle L. Carter, 291 Herriel Carter, 379 Joseph M. Carter, 351 Karen S. Carter, 315 Kathy S. Carter, 291 Keith A. Carter, 291 Michael E. Carter, 316 Ollie E. Carter, 333 Rebecca L. Carter, 333 Robert H. Carter, 351 Sharon M. Carter, 291 Candice L. Cartwright, 333 Sandra L. Carucci, 333 Ben H. Caruth, 333 Marilyn D. Caruthers, 291 Richard A. Carvell, 277 Gail D. Case, 291 Tony Case, 379 Norma J. Casey, 351 Bobby Cash, 351 Cheryl M. Cash, 333 George W. Cash, 291 Margie L. Cash, 291 Mitzi J. Casper, 286 Lynda J. Casteel, 291 Jerry L. Castor, 351 Vanita A. Catalina, 333 Rhonda L. Cate, 351 Bessie E. Cates, 351 Greg M. Cates, 351 Steven M. Cates, 291 Fred L. Cathcart, 351 Robert T. Cathcart, 316 Jett C. Cato, 291 Patricia A. Cato, 316 Susan L. Cato, 291 Roy W. Causbie, 333 Margaret L. Cavanaugh, 316 Terry C. Cavenor, 351 Cheryl W. Caviness, 316 Elaine V. Cecelski, 333 Lybinka I. Chadwick, 351 Thomas H. Chaffee, 279 Barbara A. Chafin, 376 Kay M. Challender, 333 John T. Chambers, 351 Rebecca L. Chambers, 316 Robert E. Chambers, 316 Vickie L. Chambers, 379 Walter S. Chambers, 316 Nancy J. Champion, 351 Dr. William G. Chance, 278 James H. Chandler Jr., 351 Kelly J. Chandler, 291 Tara A. Chandler, 333 Dr. James A. Chaney, 277 James R. Chaplain, 333 Susan L. Chapman, 316 Janet A. Chappell, 291 Matt G. Cheadle, 351 Jerry W. Cheatom, 291 Minta A. Cherry, 333 Ralph A. Cheshier, 286 Sherris F. Cheshier, 292 Carol D. Chester, 316 Judith A. Chester, 292 Michael L. Chew, 351 Brenda G. Childers, 351 Denise L. Childers, 333 Nelson A. Childers, 316 Sarah A. Childers, 316 Cynthia A. Childress, 351 Stephen E. Childress, 351 Charles K. Childs, 316 Mikie J. Chipman, 316 Charles S. Chism, 376 Danny R. Chism, 292 Tonti L. Chism, 351 Dr. David Chittenden, 282 Carmen Y. Choate, 284 Cathy Choate, 316 Robert B. Choate Jr., 284 Janet Chou, 292 Kris A. Christensen, 333 George W. Christian, 333 Jack C. Christie, 292 Melanie A. Christie, 316 Matt E. Chronister, 351 Michael B. Chronister, 292 Ann E. Chumley, 316 Samuel W. Chun, 351 Betty J. Church, 351 James L. Church, 333 84 John L. Church, 316 Suzanne Churchill, 316 John K. Churchwell, 379 Charles P. Cicero, 351 Billy W. Ciggs, 351 Danny L. Cissell, 351 Mary L. Claeys, 351 Susan M. Claeys, 351 Stella M. Clardy, 351 Cathy J. Clark, 333 David A. Clark, 316 Debra S. Clark, 316 Ernest P. Clark, 286 Garry W. Clark, 333 Janet D. Clark, 333 Larry D. Clark, 292 Linda S. Clark, 351 Michael R. Clark, 351 Mona K. Clark, 351 Nancy A. Clark, 351 Pamela J. Clark, 378 Robin L. Clark, 333 Steven R. Clark, 351 Tina C. Clark, 379 Kent Claxton, 351 Clinton I. Clay, 351 John E. Clay, 292 William D. Clay, 374 Barbara A. Clayton, 352 Cynthia J. Clayton, 292 David M. Clayton, 352 Jerry W. Clayton, 333 Spring E. Clayton, 352 Glenda J. Clement, 374 Richard H. Clement, 316 Betty S. Clements, 316 Claude H. Clements, 379 Dr. William M. Clements, 280 Palmer S. Clemmons Jr., 292 Janine M. Clemons, 352 Linda A. Clemons, 292 Nancy L. Clemons, 292 Shirley J. Clemons, 352 Terry L. Clemons, 352 Susan R. Clifft, 292 Amanda L. Clifton, 284 Judy L. Cline, 352 Diana K. Cobb, 352 John A. Cobb, 352 Laura E. Cobb, 352 Steve P. Cobb, 352 Jerry W. Cochran, 333 Monte L. Cochran, 316 Billy H. Cockrill, 316 Doug C. Cockrill, 352 Stephen P. Cockrill, 352 James P. Coffman, 292 Harold C. Coggins, 333 Regina P. Cohn, 292 Beverly A. Coker, 292 Don H. Coker, 292 Albert J. Colaianni, 316 Giles B. Colbert, 333 Sandy G. Colburn, 379 Anner J. Cole, 292 Carolyn Cole, 316 Don M. Cole, 352 Evelyn E. Cole, 352 Joe T. Cole, 352 Larry Cole, 352 Lendon R. Cole, 377 Macie B. Cole, 352 Mauri L. Cole, 316 Nancy C. Cole, 352 Neal E. Cole, 333 Sandra A. Cole, 292 Steven B. Cole, 378 Teena L. Cole, 316 Betty L. Coleman, 292 Cyrus B. Coleman, 352 Debra L. Coleman, 292 Gloria S. Coleman, 378 Pamela A. Coleman, 352 Sandra F. Coleman, 316 Steven D. Collar, 316 Donna J. Colley, 333 Darrell G. Collier, 316 Gary M. Collier, 316 Steven C. Collier, 352 Belinda Collins, 379 Daniel M. Collins, 333 Joanna Collins, 316 Joe H. Collins, 352 Millie J. Collins, 292 Dr. Rebecca I. Collins, 276 Thomas Collins, 379 William C. Collins, 292 Norwood B. Combs, 352 Michael A. Comer, 333 James F. Comet Jr., 333 Buddy H. Compton, 377 Kenneth R. Conatser, 292 Dr. Baron D. Conaway, 278 Lee H. Conditt, 333 Jeannie L. Cone, 352 Shelley Conkling, 292 Dennis L. Conlee, 352 Gary Conlee, 333 Glen Conley, 333 Martha Conley, 352 Greg R. Conn, 333 Kenneth G. Conner, 292 Connie L. Conrad, 316 Randy R. Conrad, 352 Ronnie E. Conwell, 333 Virginia A. Conyers, 352 Brenda K. Cook, 352 Charles G. Cook, 333 Cherry W. Cook, 284 Deanna J. Cook, 333 Gary D. Cook, 316 Jonna L. Cook, 333 Lynetta F. Cook, 352 Nick A. Cook, 352 Reina M. Cook, 333 Richard D. Cook, 333 Robert M. Cook, 316 Sandy K. Cook, 316 Sonya R. Cook, 352 Vicki L. Cook, 352 William F. Cook, 292 Lynita M. Cooksey, 352 Terry L. Coomer, 292 Amanda E. Cooper, 379 Arleen M. Cooper, 316 Barry E. Cooper, 333 Carolyn A. Cooper, 333 Cathy J. Cooper, 352 Dixie L. Cooper, 292 Douglas D. Cooper, 352 Gary R. Cooper, 352 George F. Cooper, 333 Janis A. Cooper, 352 Mark F. Cooper, 352 Ricky W. Cooper, 316 Rodney L. Cooper, 292 Terry R. Cooper, 333 Vicki J. Cooper, 333 Dr. Amanda Copeland, 276 Jeffrey S. Copeland, 284 Marilyn A. Copeland, 292 Charles G. Coppola, 333 Daniel J. Corbett, 292 William E. Com, 333 Mariko S. Cornell, 352 Thomas K. Corpier, 352 Robin R. Corporal, 352 Anthony L. Costner, 352 Treasa W. Costner, 316 Douglas L. Cotter, 316 Kenneth W. Cotter, 292 Jeff N. Couch, 333 Sue C. Couch, 352 William T. Couch, 352 Susan A. Couey, 333 Sarah B. Counts, 374 Dr. Samuel Cousley, 276 Paulette I. Cover, 292 Robert C. Coverdale, 352 Amber D. Covington, 316 Billye J. Covington, 316 Cora L. Covington, 333 James E. Covington, 333 Larry D. Covington, 316 Jeanmarie Cowart, 316 Dr. Clifton V. Cowles, 279 Douglas L. Cowles, 352 Robert P. Cowles, 333 Alan D. Cox, 292 Angela C. Cox, 333 Anna J. Cox, 352 Carol A. Cox, 352 Charlise A. Cox, 352 David W. Cox, 333 Grace B. Cox, 280 Gregory J. Cox, 334 Michael Cox, 352 Pamela S. Cox, 352 Paula A. Cox, 352 Philip W. Cox, 334 Raymond M. Cox, 352 Rita C. Cox, 334 Buford D. Coy, 352 Douglas W. Coy, 334 Susan C. Coy, 334 Virginia K. Coyle, 284 Stanley D. Crabb, 352 Elizabeth J. Crabtree, 316 Janet L. Crabtree, 316 Jean M. Craft, 334 Polly A. Craft, 334 Thomas T. Craft, 292 William Craft, 352 Betty A. Craig, 352 Carl E. Craig, 316 Karen A. Craig, 334 Mickey G. Craig, 316 Paul H. Craig, 292 Susan G. Craig, 292 Thomas A. Craig, 316 Mary L. Crain, 334 Roger L. Crain, 334 William B. Crain, 316 Jeffrey M. Cranford, 334 Dennis J. Cravens, 376 Elizabeth D. Cravens, 334 Danny R. Crawford, 292 Dasie L. Crawford, 374 Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, 276 John M. Crawford, 292 Sylvia C. Crawford, 334 Tammi D. Crawford, 352 Tommy E. Crawford, 293 Larry D. Crayton, 352 Clara D. Creason, 352 James E. Creech, 293 Vickie J. Creek, 352 Phillip W. Crego, 352 Guy A. Cremeens, 334 Robert R. Crees, 293 Judith W. Crews, 293 Larry D. Crews, 334 James T. Crider, 316 Richard S. Crider, 334 Terry H. Crider, 334 Donald W. Crisler. 316 Bill S. Crismon, 293 Allen D. Crisp, 316 Hugh E. Crisp, 334 Patricia A. Crisp, 352 Herbert E. Crites, 334 Cindy L. Crockett, 352 Carolyn Croft, 334 Becky L. Crommett, 352 Faye L. Cromwell, 293 James F. Cromwell, 316 Libby Crook, 286 LouAnn Croom, 293 Doyle D. Cross, 293 Dr. A. Burton Crosswait, 278 Brian K. Crotts, 316 William E. Crotts, 293 Sharon C. Crouch, 352 Margaret C. Crow, 352 Ceretha Crowder, 375 Tena M. Crowe, 352 Teresa J . Crowe, 293 Terri A. Crowe, 286 Joseph H. Crowson, 334 Pamela M. Crowson, 353 Janie Cruce, 278 Warner C. Cruce, 286 Carolyn G. Crum, 293 Jeannette Crutcher, 353 Scotty D. Crutcher, 293 Alfred E. Cruz, 353 Richard W. Cude, 334 Ronnie D. Cude, 334 Sharla C. Cullins, 334 Gary J. Cullum, 316 Ted R. Cullum, 353 Randall Culpepper, 293 Roger B. Culver, 334 Al B. Cunningham, 293 Eric Cunningham, 353 Frances Cunningham, 374 Gerald W. Cunningham, 316 Harold C. Cunningham, 293 Linda K. Cunningham, 293 Mark E. Cunningham, 316 Norma J. Cunningham, 378 Rae A. Cunningham, 316 Sherry K. Cunningham, 353 Beverly G. Cure, 353 Michael T. Cureton, 353 Donna L. Curry, 293 Jeff L. Curry, 334 Gloria A. Curtis, 378 Paula J. Curtis, 353 Gary E. Curton, 293 John J. Cychol, 353 -D- Donald W. Dabney, 334 John H. Dabney, 353 Harold F. Dachs, 378 Angela S. Dacus, 316 Opal J. Daffron, 353 William V. Dailey, 316 Michael S. Dale, 316 Earnest E. Dallas, 334 Joyce M. Dallas, 293 Mahala L. Dallas, 353 Sharon A. Dallas, 293 Linda S. Dambach, 316 John E. Damron, 286 David G. Daniel, 293 Lee A. Daniel, 284 Terry L. Daniel, 293 Walter W. Daniel, 334 Richard R. Daniels, 316 Sandra K. Daniels, 353 George P. Dapp, 334 Dr. Jake Darby, 278 Walter S. Darling, 334 Jerry R. Darr, 293 John S. Darwin, 280 Ann A. Daugherty, 334 Ron L. Daugherty, 316 Jenifer L. Daulton, 353 Barbara G. Davenport, 377 James L. Davenport, 276 Mitchell Davenport, 316 Sharon K. Daves, 334 Andy M. Davidson, 293 Billy G. Davidson, 379 Cynthia K. Davidson, 377 Donald W. Davidson, 316 Emma S. Davidson, 278 Scott Davidson, 353 Sharon L. Davidson, 353 Susan E. Davidson, 353 Thressa L. Davidson, 353 Wanda G. Davidson, 293 Curtis Davie, 353 Rubie G. Davie, 353 Adrian Davis, 334 Allen R. Davis, 353 Arista J. Davis, 353 Barbara A. Davis, 353 Billy D. Davis, 293 Brenda K. Davis, 316 Carol L. Davis, 284 Charles B. Davis, 334 Charles M. Davis, 334 Cheryl A. Davis, 317 Cletis R. Davis, 334 Connie S. Davis, 353 David G. Davis, 379 David R. Davis, 317 Debbie L. Davis, 353 Debbie S. Davis, 353 Deborah K. Davis, 353 Deborah R. Davis, 353 Donna B. Davis, 293 Doyle O. Davis, 334 Janet K. Davis, 353 Jeffrey J. Davis, 334 Jill Davis, 293 Joe E. Davis, 317 John W. Davis, 293 Kristy L. Davis, 334 Larry C. Davis, 317 Larry D. Davis, 334 Linda S. Davis, 279 Mable M. Davis, 353 Mandy L. Davis, 317 Mary C. Davis, 334 Michael D. Davis, 317 Michael E. Davis, 334 Michael E. Davis, 353 Michelle E. Davis, 334 Mike C. Davis, 334 Miles L. Davis, 353 Neal W. Davis, 317 Peggy E. Davis, 334 Phyllis L. Davis, 353 Ronnie A. Davis, 293 Sandra L. Davis, 293 Sharon L. Davis, 293 Terry Davis, 317 Terry L. Davis, 334 Timothy L. Davis, 353 William J. Davison, 293 Connie E. Daws, 353 Jerry Dawson, 293 Ronald R. Dawson, 379 Scott Dawson, 334 Bill C. Deal, 353 Beverly Dean, 293 Daisy L. Dean, 353 Deborah J. Dean, 374 Elaine C. Dean, 317 Kimberly A. Dean, 286 Lorie A. Dean, 353 Robert F. Dean, '353 Sharon D. Dean, 378 Vonnie A. Dean, 334 James K. Deardorff, 334 David W. Dearmore, 317 Charles W. Deatherage, 293 Dan L. Deatherage, 293 Billy J. Deaton, 353 Carol L. Deaton, 317 Mark A. DeBruce, 353 John Deckelman, 353 Joy L. Deckelman, 353 Mary S. Deckelman, 353 Sharon L. Deckelman, 293 William L. Deckelman, 353 Ellen M. Decker, 334 Suzi K. Decker, 353 Michael A. DeClerk, 334 Nick E. DeClerk, 353 Ronnie Dedman, 334 Dennis E. Deere, 293 James A. Deere, 378 David Dees, 334 Greg S. DeFord, 353 Jimmy D. Defries, 379 Vickie R. DeHart, 317 Carla A. Delaney, 293 Gabriel DelGiorno, 353 Lynette J. Dembski, 353 Preston L. Dempsey, 353 Marty Dennis, 376 N. B. Dennis III, 317 Randolph G. Dennis, 294 Randy D. Dennis, .317 Sherry A. Dennis, 353 Joanna R. Denton, 317 Sam B. Denton, 353 Vikki L. Denton, 334 Teresa J. DePew, 294 Debbie F. DePriest, 317 Gary S. DePriest, 334 Myra A. DePriest, 317 Phyllis J. DePriest, 334 Ronald E. DePriest, 353 Terry V. DePriest, 317 Kem P. DeRoe, 334 Denise M. DeRoeck, 353 George M. DeRoeck, 294 Lillian L. Derrick, 317 Wernes W. Dethmann, 286 Jane Dethrow, 374 Jeff A. Dethrow, 294 Glenda S. DeVasier, 334 Dr. James A. DeVazier, 278 James A. DeVazier Jr., 334 Doug J. Devlin, 334 Steven E. Dew, 317 Charles R. Dewailly, 353 Beverly K. DeWater, 277 Donald C. DeWitt, 353 Scott R. Deyoe, 353 Susan K. Dhority, 374 Letha M. Dial, 353 Guy R. DiBenedetto, 278 Peola D. Dickerson, 317 David C. Dickey, 317 Jerri V. Dickinson, 353 Mary Dickinson, 353 Cheryl L. Dickson, 317 Tommy A. Dierks, 353 Audrey E. Dietz, 294 Harold K. Difani, 353 Frank L. Digaetano, 317 Jerry O. Digman, 353 Scott J. Digman, 353 Gary E. Diles, 353 Randy I. Diles, 317 Treva L. Dillaha, 353 Barbara Y. Dillard, 379 Danette P. Dils, 334 Lee C. Dimick, 378 Lodie C. Dixon, 317 Merry L. Dixon, 353 Phyllis O. Dixon. 334 Cleatus E. Dobbins, 294 Kim M. Dobbs, 334 Larry A. Dobbs, 317 Nancy A. Dobbs, 334 Philip C. Dobbs, 353 Rodney L. Dobbs, 294 Ron E. Dobbs, 294 Gary E. Dodd, 354 Pamela F. Dodd, 354 Tom J. Dodd, 294 Brenda J. Dodson, 284 Gladys A. Dodson, 317 Tommy L. Doherty, 354 Kenneth J. Doles, 334 Bonnie L. Donaldson, 354 Charlie A. Donham, 294 Dana D. Donner, 354 Linda A. Donner, 294 Robert J. Donner, 354 Ruby L. Donohoo, 317 David L. Donovan, 334 Pamela A. Donovan, 354 Teresa L. Dorris, 375 Mark J. Dorsey, 354 Sheri A. Dorsey, 294 Jan L. Dortch, 334 Angela D. Dorton, 354 Rhonda L. Dory, 354 Belinda C. Dotson, 317 Garry R. Doty, 294 Dr. Michael Dougan, 280 Jane E. Douglas, 354 Roger D. Douglas, 354 Warren H. Douglas, 354 Marilyn Douthet, 354 Linda L. Douthitt, 354 Boris A. Dover, 354 Melvin T. Dowless, 334 Craig L. Downes, 354 Mike Downing, 317 James Downs, 354 LaQuita J. Downs, 354 James S. Doyle, 354 Kathy V. Doyle, 354 Miles L. Doyle, 334 Dr. Miles L. Doyle, 282 Stephen F. Dozier, 335 John C. Drake, 335 William A. Drake, 294 Jerry B. Driver, 294 Deborah K. Drury, 335 Dan Dubach, 294 Kathy A. Ducker, 317 Roger D. Ducker, 317 Ralph E. Duckworth, 354 David W. Dudley, 335 Debra S. Dudley, 354 Jerry Duff, 294 Paul M. Dugger, 294 Robert P. Dugger, 294 Steven L. Duke, 294 Tom A. Dukowitz, 317 Geneva Dunahay, 354 Harry P. Dunavant, 354 Linda S. Dunavin, 317 Charles G. Dunaway, 335 Debbie S. Dunaway, 335 David L. Duncan, 354 Delores K. Duncan, 354 Joe T. Duncan, 317 Larry G. Duncan, 377 Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, 279 Connie G. Dunigan, 317 James D. Dunivan, 335 Dana J. Dunkerson, 317 Anne Dunlap, 294 Barbara S. Dunlap, 317 Caroline E. Dunlap, 354 Chesley D. Dunlap, 377 William T. Dunlap, 317 Gary L. Dunn, 335 Larry J. Dunn, 294 Thomas E. Dunnam, 354 Kathy L. Dupras, 317 Robert J. Dupres, 335 Cynthia R. Dupslaff, 354 Vincent W. Durante, 354 Russell K. Durell, 317 Deborah A. Dust, 317 Russ E. Duty, 354 Danny J. DuVall, 354 Paula A. Dye, 354 Vicki L. Dyer, 335 Cathy J. Dyke, 354 Parker Dykes, 278 -E- James H. Eans, 354 Gary P. Earnhart, 354 Edward R. Earwood, 335 Gary D. Easley, 335 James A. Easley, 354 Karry Easley, 335 Kathy D. Easley, 294 Donna R. Eason, 354 Judy K. Eason, 294 Kathy S. Eason, 354 Andree L. Easthom, 354 Rhonda E. Eaton, 379 Clyde R. Eaves, 354 Karen J. Eaves, 317 Michael Ebbert, 377 Leldon E. Echols, 354 Larry C. Eckman, 294 Robert C. Eckman, 294 Terry R. Eddings, 379 Joe L. Eddleman, 354 Lewis E. Eddleman, 317 Kim B. Edens, 354 Robert E. Edgar, 335 Ginger D. Edington, 317 Judy L. Edmiston, 294 Diane Edmonson, 335 Carole C. Edmunds, 354 Alan D. Edwards, 335 Karen S. Edwards, 317 Karole E. Edwards, 284 Kathy J. Edwards, 354 Leslie E. Edwards, 335 Nancy D. Edwards, 335 Paul L. Edwards, 317 Susan M. Edwards, 354 Kent S. Ehrman Jr., 317 Vickie S. Elder, 354 Beth C. Eldridge, 354 Annette Elkins, 286 Marilyn M. Elkins, 294 Nancy A. Elkins, 354 Thomas B. Elkins, 335 Carla R. Ellington, 317 Danny E. Ellington, 354 Buddy D. Elliott, 335 Martha A. Elliott, 354 Mona D. Elliott, 354 Tammie B. Elliott, 354 Terry M. Elliott, 317 Brenda Ellis, 335 Cathy J. Ellis, 317 David W. Ellis, 294 Guy T. Ellis, 335 Johnny J. Ellis, 317 Judy C. Ellis, 354 Robert W. Ellis, 335 John L. Ellsberry, 354 Roy E. Elmore, 335 Ronnie L. Elms, 354 Kathy D. Elrod, 294 Needra Elrod, 317 Roger D. Elrod, 354 Steve W. Elrod, 335 Ricky O. Elumbaugh, 294 Kenneth B. Emerson, 294 Steve L. Emerson, 335 William C. Emerson, 317 Lloyd P. Emmert, 379 Walter A. Emmons, 317 Phyllis A. Enderlin, 354 George A. Enderwood, 294 Robert D. Engelken, 317 Cissy England, 354 Donnie G. England, 294 Gloria J. England, 317 Lawana England, 317 Michael D. England, 354 Nancy D. England, 379 Cindy M. English, 335 Jere K. English, 335 Robert W. English, 317 Tommy R. English, 335 Ronald E. Enos, 354 Gary J. Enzor, 317 Timothy P. Ephlin, 317 Coleda A. Epperson, 354 Kathe N. Epperson, 317 Raymond W. Erickson, 335 Robert S. Ernest, 354 Don L. Ernst, 335 Mary L. Ernst, 317 Steven L. Ernst, 376 Kayla S. Erwin, 294 Stephen R. Erwin, 294 Susan E. Erwin, 317 Beth Essary, 354 Catherine A. Ester, 379 Ronald K. Estes, 317 Charles M. Ethridge, 374 Donna M. Ethridge, 374 Steve W. Eubanks, 354 Aletha J. Evans, 354 Gary L. Evans, 335 Greg L. Evans, 335 Kathleen M. Evans, 294 Mickey O. Evans, 294 Betsy M. Everett, 294 Charlotte M. Evins, 317 Danny L. Ewing, 317 James F. Ezell, 335 -F- Bobby L. Fair, 354 Myrthel M. Fair, 354 Raymond W. Faison, 355 Sharon R. Fallis, 294 Susan J. Fardeecey, 355 Bill P. Farley, 317 James H. Farley Jr., 335 John B. Farley, 355 Robin Farley, 317 Kevin M. Farmer, 355 Michaela Farmer, 374 Henry V. Farrell, 318 Richard Farrell, 355 Robert H. Farrell, 335 Barry Farris, 295 Jerry L. Farris, 335 James M. Faucett, 355 Chris Faught, 318 Glenn A. Faught, 335 Terry L. Faught, 335 Steven D. Faulk, 295 Dennis S. Faulkner, 355 Karen D. Faulkner, 318 Martha L. Faulkner, 318 Vicki L. Faulkner, 318 Mary J. Faust, 355 Robert D. Faut, 284 Callie A. Feagin, 355 Edith M. Fears, 318 Jerry D. Fears, 335 Don C. Fegtly, 355 Daniel O. Felts, 281 Larry S. Felts, 295 Cynthia S. Fender, 335 Kimberly M. Fender, 295 William D. Fender, 379 Lowell Fenner, 295 Carolyn A. Ferguson, 318 James T. Ferguson, 379 Leesa L. Ferguson, 335 Malissa E. Ferguson, 318 Tracye L. Ferguson, 355 Valerie S. Ferguson, 335 Vicki L. Ferguson, 335 Dr. Robert Ferralasco, 276 Barry L. Ferrell, 335 Gerald E Fielder, 355 Barbara D. Fields, 295 Craig Fields, 355 Jimmy A. Fields, 335 William E. Fields, 318 Anita S. Fifer, 295 Anna B. Files, 295 Steve Files, 318 Patricia S. Finchem, 335 Sharon L. Findley, 295 Robin E. Fine, 318 Deborah A. Finley, 335 Terry L. Finn, 318 Toni J. Finn, 335 Thomas W. Finnie, 335 William E. Finton, 355 Vicki L. Firestone, 295 Albert L. Fisher, 318 Debbie J. Fisher, 318 Debra J. Fisher, 335 Michael A. Fisher, 335 Michael J. Fisher, 355 Tim M. Fisher, 355 William E. Fisher, 318 Debra K. FitzGerald, 318 James Fitzgerald, 295 Karen R. Fivecoat, 318 Pamela G. Flagg, 318 Pamela G. Flake, 355 Debbie J. Flanery, 355 Sheila P. Flanigan, 355 Cynthia L. Flannigan, 295 Gary D. Fleeman, 335 Lisa M. Fleming, 355 Philip Fleming, 335 Ruby J. Fleming, 375 Vickie L. Fleming, 295 Angelia F. Fletcher, 335 Anne C. Fletcher, 335 Dennis R. Fletcher, 318 James L. Fletcher, 295 Kenny L. Fletcher, 355 Linda F. Fletcher, 295 Michael E. Fletcher, 355 Nickey T. Fletcher, 335 Patricia A. Fletcher, 295 Patty S. Fletcher, 318 Richetta A. Fletcher, 355 Ronnie G. Fletcher, 355 Trent B. Fletcher, 318 Vanessa K. Fletcher, 355 Willard R. Fletcher, 377 Dennis R. Flippo, 379 Gary D. Flippo, 318 Robert M. Flippo, 318 Michael R. Flowers, 355 Ronald G. Flowers, 318 Sandy J. Flowers, 374 Myrtle J. Flye, 335 Mike Flynn, 295 Shelton K. Flynt, 335 Barton Fogleman, 318 John N. Fogleman, 335 Michael W. Fondren, 318 Larry D. Forbis, 295 Dr. Charles W. Ford, 276 Joyce M. Ford, 355 Phyllis Ford, 295 Sharron Y. Ford, 335 Susan L. Ford, 318 Franklin T. Forester, 378 Patricia A. Forester, 355 Brenda K. Forrest, 355 Robert W. Forrest, 335 James H. Forrester, 295 Jan L. Forrester, 375 Kathryn G. Forrester, 295 Roger S. Forsythe, 318 Carey L. Fortenberry, 335 Kathy L. Fortenberry, 355 Terrie A. Fortenberry, 355 Vonda L. Fortenberry, 355 Alan K. Foster, 355 Bobby J. Foster, 295 Curtis W. Foster, 335 Paula A. Foster, 355 Ruth A. Foster, 355 Vicki I. Foster, 295 Tommy Foulks, 318 Roger Foust, 379 Karon M. Foutch, 355 Daniel K. Fowler, 355 Rayanne Fowler, 378 Ronnie H. Fowler, 295 Susan D. Fowler, 355 Dawn E. Fox, 355 Heidi A. Foy, 335 James N. France, 295 Susan M. Francis, 295 Mark C. Frangenberg, 335 Davie L. Franklin, 355 Samuel E. Franklin, 318 Debra C. Franks, 375 Dennis R. Franks, 335 Roger A. Franks, 295 Michael C. Frazier, 335 Richard Frazier, 295 James D. Free, 318 Debra L. Freeland, 318 Joni M. Freeland, 355 Donna S. Freeman, 355 John M. Freeman, 355 Judy D. Freeman, 355 Randall W. Freeman, 379 Ronald Freeman, 335 Lisa R. Freese, 355 Larry F. Frein, 318 Gerald C. Freligh Jr., 295 Gerald C. Freligh Sr., 355 Cecil W. French, 336 Dennis C. French, 355 Elizabeth French, 284 Gary T. French, 376 John W. French, 318 Mark W. French, 355 Phillip E. French, 336 Ronald D. French, 336 Stacy J. French, 355 Vickie S. French, 355 Margaret W. Freppon, 295 Lucy B. Frey, 318 Robert D. Frey, 336 Geralyn Freyaldenhoven, 284 Maria B. Frick, 355 Scott L. Frick, 318 Tommy W. Fridell, 318 Linda J. Fridenberg, 318 Cathy J. Frie, 355 Steve R. Frie, 355 James R. Frisbie, 355 Joan C. Frost, 295 Charlotte Fry, 379 Rhonda L. Fry, 355 Nickey C. Fudge, 295 Peggy R. Fudge, 355 Vickie L. Fulbright, 295 Richard A. Fulkerson, 355 William A. Fulkerson III, 295 Paul L. Fulks Jr., 336 Paula K. Fulks, 295 Charles E. Fullen, 295 Deana J. Fuller, 355 Jackie L. Fuller, 355 Johnny K. Fuller, 355 Charles Fullerton, 378 Stuart D. Fullerton, 377 Ronald K. Fulton, 355 Esther Fultz, 374 John E. Fultz, 318 Rosezeata C. Fultz, 374 Charlotte K. Fussell, 336 -G- Deborah M. Gaborik, 355 Larry M. Gadberry, 336 Reba Z. Gaddis, 355 Chris G. Gagnier, 277 Carl E. Gaines, 355 Charles E. Gaines, 295 Wilbert Gaines, 278 Terry R. Gairhan, 295 Philip B. Gallaher, 336 Susan Gallegly, 336 Hal B. Gallop, 355 Dr. John A. Galloway, 280 Donald R. Gambill, 318 James K. Gambill, 336 Dr. Joel T. Gambill, 277 Stanley E. Gambill, 336 Damon L. Gamble, 295 Kevin B. Gamble, 355 Sharon K. Gamble, 374 Shawna C. Gammill, 318 Timothy G. Gammill, 379 Greg A. Gamso, 355 Amy L. Gandy, 355 Edward E. Gann Jr., 295 Louis E. Gann, 318 Arthur G. Gardner, 379 James E. Gardner, 296 Joan E. Gardner, 296 Robert E. Gardner, 296 Robert L. Gardner, 318 Sandra J. Gardner, 336 David B. Gargas, 318 Jeffrey C. Garland, 336 Kerry L. Garman, 336 David K. Garner, 355 Karen S. Garner, 318 Rickey L. Garner, 355 Sheila K. Garner, 336 Sue K. Gamer, 296 William L. Garner, 355 Edward S. Garretson, 296 Dana L. Garrett, 356 John W. Garrett, 356 Larry F. Garrett, 378 Sandra K. Garrett, 318 William C. Garrett, 336 Howard D. Garrison, 336 Lawrence F. Garrison, 284 Sue P. Garrison, 377 Jill Gartman, 356 Robert Garza, 336 Michael W. Gaskill, 356 Dennis W. Gaskin, 318 Erma J. Gates, 296 Jane McBride Gates, 280 Laura L. Gatewood, 356 Mary Gatewood, 336 Alan G. Gathright, 336 Karen L. Gathright, 356 Donna A. Gatlin, 356 Phil M. Gattas, 296 Michael L. Gauf, 296 Sonjia L. Gaulden, 379 Martin L. Gavrock, 356 Gary D. Gazaway, 296 Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, 281 Ronnie L. Gean, 296 Terry L. Gearhart, 336 Kathleen Geeslin, 378 Roy Z. Gehring, 281 Grady F. Gennings, 296 Sammy R. Gennuso, 280 Richard L. Gentle, 336 Vickie L. Gentle, 336 Ronald L. Gentry, 336 Gloria L. George, 336 Stephanie R. Gerstlauer, 356 Shamsoddin Ghamgham, 318 Robert VV. Gibbs, 296 Charlia S. Gibson, 296 Daniel N. Gibson, 356 David W. Gibson, 356 Emestine W. Gibson, 296 Gerry L. Gibson, 318 Gregory L. Gibson, 336 Kenneth R. Gibson, 318 Larry R. Gibson, 356 Linda D. Gibson, 356 Mark S. Gibson, 336 Melissa K. Gibson, 336 Ralph C. Gibson, 296 Rebecca A. Gibson, 296 Robert W. Gibson, 318 Roy E. Gibson, 296 Arcadio L. Gil., 296 David W. Gilbert, 336 Barbara A. Gill, 296 Barbara A. Gill, 356 Gregory L. Gill, 356 James R. Gill, 296 Martha J. Gill 280 William P. Gill, 318 Derenda Gillam, 336 Gail Gillespie, 318 Gregory W. Gillette, 318 Craig H. Gilliam, 318 Jerry L. Gilliam, 296 Keith W, Gilliam, 318 Floydene P. Gillihan, 318 Regina G. Gillis, 356 Ruth J, Gillis, 336 Jo A. Gilmer, 336 Joyce M. Gilmer, 284 Roger L. Gilmore, 296 Debbie L. Gipson, 356 Michael H. Gipson, 336 Phillip A. Gipson, 356 Rosalyn Gipson, 356 Stephen L. Gipson, 286 Joseph D. Girard, 336 Daniel L. Girone, 356 Ginger L. Gist, 296 Larry A. Gist, 378 Theresa A. Gist, 284 Valerie J. Gladney, 356 Donald J. Glasgow, 356 Jacqueline L. Glasgow, 318 Kimmie A. Glenn, 336 Nona O. Glenn, 336 Stephen Glenn, 318 Keith A. Glover, 356 Robert G. Goad, 356 Sandi G. Godshalk, 336 William B. Goeke, 356 Lloyd N. Goff, 318 Dr. James F. Golden, 277 Nickie L. Golden, 356 Randy Golden, 296 Sandra K. Golden, 356 Betty B. Goldsby, 278 Ronald L. Goo, 296 Donald L. Good, 318 Cynthia L. Gooding, 356 Kimberly A. Goodman, 378 Kimberly A. Goodrum, 336 Charles D. Goodwin, 356 Cindy L. Goodwin, 318 Deborah D. Goodwin, 284 Lammerion Goodwin, 296 Marietha Goodwin, 356 Shelia A. Goodwin, 318 Charles E. Gordon, 318 Neal B. Gordon, 296 Timothy B. Gordon, 318 James R. Gore, 296 Jenny L. Gore, 296 Cindy Gorman, 356 Timothy C. Gorman, 336 Dolores S. Gorton, 356 Wayne C. Gosnell, 336 Raymond R. Gossett, 356 Susie M. Gould, 336 Ira D. Gowen, 356 Jimmy J. Goza, 296 Willene Goza, 318 Ann Grable, 296 Martha K. Grable, 318 Alice F. Graddy, 378 James D. Graddy, 336 Merita C. Graddy, 356 Vicky M. Graddy, 318 David V. Grady, 336 Denice A. Grady, 296 John C. Grady, 356 William C. Graff, 318 Mark Z. Gragg, 356 James M. Graham, 296 Kathy L. Graham, 356 Patty S. Graham, 356 Paula K. Graham, 318 Rebecca L. Graham, 356 Robert L. Graham, 336 Robert S. Gramling, 356 Vickey D. Gramling, 377 Tommy J. Granata, 319 Elder Granger, 296 Lucille Granger, 336 Beverly C. Grant, 356 Nathan L. Grant, 296 Richard R. Grant, 319 Brent Graves, 356 Cheryl K. Graves, 284 Donna K. Graves, 336 James C. Graves, 286 Brenda H. Gray, 356 Darrell D. Gray, 336 Dr. Fay B. Gray, 276 Gary D. Gray, 319 Gayl A. Gray, 356 Geneabeth Gray, 376 Harry R. Gray, 378 Jesse C. Gray, 296 Linda R. Gray Jr., 356 Paul E. Gray Jr., 296 Richard M. Gray, 296 Rita C. Gray, 296 Robert P. Gray, 319 Sherry A. Gray, 375 Steven D. Gray, 356 Steven W. Gray, 336 Vicki J. Gray, 336 Brenda S. Green, 356 Clarissa L. Green, 336 Gary C. Green, 336 Jamie L. Green, 356 Melissa G. Green, 319 Sandi Y. Green, 286 Steven A. Green, 319 William S, Green, 319 Charley S. Green, 336 David L. Greene, 336 Freda A. Greene, 281 Joyce A. Greenfield, 379 Robert C. Greenfield, 319 Bert K. Greenwalt, 336 Malcolm C. Greenway, 296 Diana L. Greer, 286 Dyana L. Greer, 297 James E. Greer, 297 Markcus Greer, 336 Odos R. Greer Jr., 319 Johnny P. Gregory, 297 Sarah L. Gregory, 356 Francis J. Gregson Jr., 286 Michael A. Gretzmier, 336 Vicky L. Grider, 356 Melvin G. Griffey, 356 Cheryl A. Griffin, 356 Jack K. Griffin, 356 Joe T. Griffin, 356 Pamela J. Griffin, 297 Ray A. Griffin, 356 Richard 0. Griffin, 356 Danny L. Griffis, 319 Steve E. Griffith, 319 Debbie M. Grigg, 297 Kennith R. Griggs, 356 Donna K. Griharn, 319 Robert E. Grimes, 319 William D. Grimes, 319 Carseninthia Grimmer, 356 Gary M. Grinder, 356 Dr. James E. Griner, 280 Jim R. Grissom, 319 Mike A. Grogan, 286 Allen N. Grommet, 297 Cynthia K. Grooms, 336 Cyrilla A. Grover, 319 James M. Grover, 297 Barbara J. Grubbs, 297 Robert W. Grubbs, 297 Wiley K. Grubbs, 336 Karen J. Gryner, 336 Melissa A. Guard, 319 Jerry M. Guest, 297 Janis A. Gulley, 319 Earl W. Gunn, 297 Eulas D. Gunn, 356 George W. Gunter, 319 Wayne A. Gunter, 336 George R. Guntharp, 319 George R. Gurkin, 336 Michael K. Gurlen, 297 Phyllis A. Gurlen, 319 Todd Gurley, 319 Bruce H. Guthrie, 356 Calvin L. Guthrie, 297 Greg E. Guthrie, 319 Karen D. Guthrie, 374 Michael C. Guthrie, 356 Ronnie D. Guthrie, 286 Rose L. Guthrie, 374 Annette D. Guy, 319 James R. Guy, 297 Joe A. Guy, 319 Patricia A. Guy, 336 Debra K. Gwaltney, 297 Jack F. Gwin, 297 Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, 282 -1-1- Billy D. Hacker, 336 Patrick H. Hackman, 297 Shirley K. Hackworth, 319 Terry A. Hadder, 319 Jeffrey H. Haddox, 319 John F. Hafner, 297 June D. Hafner, 297 Dan R. Hagar, 379 James W. Hager, 356 Sherry L. Haggard, 356 Mark L. Haggenmacher, 319 Gholamhossein Z. Haghighi, 336 Patricia K. Hagler, 319 Tobby G. Hagler, 319 Nancy A. Haigler, 276 Deborah L. Haines, 297 Mary K. Halbert, 297 James K. Halbrook, 297 Mary A. Halbrook, 297 Rhonda C. Halcom, 356 Randy D. Halcomb, 379 Anthony L. Hale, 356 Donita L. Hale, 319 James D. Hale, 297 Leslie A. Hale, 336 Michael J. Hale, 297 Pamela S. Hale, 379 Susan L. Hale, 356 Thomas G. Hale, 379 Thomas T. Hale, 356 Sam S. Haley, 336 Gary A. Halfacre, 336 Alcobra Hall, 356 Annette Hall, 357 Bettye J. Hall, 297 Deborah A. Hall, 357 Elizabeth A. Hall, 375 Frankie Hall, 297 Glenda J. Hall, 297 Helen M. Hall, 297 John E. Hall, 319 Robin B. Hall, 357 Virginia F. Hall, 357 Wes Hall, 336 Yvonne J. Hall, 297 Homer E. Hallett, 277 Gilbert W. Hallmark, 319 Roland W. Hallsell, 379 John D. Halter, 357 Robert D. Halter, 357 Dr. Carol D. Ham, 277 Randy C. Ham, 379 Vicki Hambrick, 336 Dennis K. Hamby, 357 Kenneth M. Hamby, 336 Dan E. Hamilton, 378 Gary W. Hamilton, 357 Janice K. Hamilton, 337 Kenneth E. Hamilton, 319 Larry E. Hamilton, 337 Linda D. Hamilton, 319 Nancy J. Hamilton, 357 Robin Hamilton, 297 Teresa A. Hamilton, 357 Melanie F. Hamlett, 297 Pamela Hamlin, 357 Patrick W. Hamlin, 319 Walter B. Hamm, 337 Robert J. Hammell II, 357 James R. Hammil, 357 Jacquetta S. Hammon, 357 Gregory D. Hammond, 357 Sheila A. Hammond, 378 Lynnette Hammons, 297 Larry E. Hampton, 378 Tim W. Ham ton, 357 William M. Pliamrick, 357 Barbara Hamsley, 278 Carol G. Hancock, 357 Gerald L. Hancock Jr., 337 Paul J. Hancock, 337 Garrison Handy, 357 Raymond E. Handy, 337 Dr. Earl Hanebrink, 281 Stannie J. Haney, 357 Michael Hanks, 337 David V. Hanna, 357 B. S. Hannah, 319 George S. Hannah, 357 Larry G. Hannah, 297 Randy R. Hanneman, 337 James W. Hansard, 278 Barbara A. Hansen, 357 Susan M. Hansen, 297 Marcel E. Hanzlik, 297 Patrick A. Hanzlik, 337 Consuela Harbison, 357 Jeffrey J. Harbison, 297 Milton W. Harbison, 357 John D. Hard, 319 Laura A. Hard, 379 Debra C. Harden, 297 Jodie Harden, 319 Carla J. Hardesty, 297 Debbie L. Hardin, 337 Ersell R. Hardin, 297 Katie M. Hardin, 357 Stephen L. Hardin, 298 Ted R. Hardin, 286 Dorothy K. Hargrove, 319 Steve T. Harig, 298 Thomas R. Harig, 357 Pam S. Harkey, 357 Larry G. Harkless, 319 Elizabeth S. Harlan, 319 Janice M. Harlan, 298 Joe D. Harlan, 319 Danny J. Harmon, 319 Jimmy D. Harmon, 319 Linda K. Harmon, 357 Rick O. Harmon, 298 Sharon K. Harmon, 357 Steve A. Harmon, 319 John C. Harness, 319 Brenda F. Harold, 319 Dr. George L. Harp, 281 Betty H. Harper, 319 Jennifer S. Harper, 374 Warren P. Harper, 319 Randy L. Harral, 357 Candis K. Harrell, 298 Donna S. Harrell, 357 Elizabeth Harrell, 357 Michael D. Harrington, 357 Nancy E. Harrington, 298 Annetta S. Harris, 357 Barry L. Harris, 319 Bob L. Harris, 337 Cathy J. Harris, 357 Charles R. Harris, 319 Charley F. Harris, 357 Joel P. Harris, 357 Lesa K. Harris, 357 Marcus D. Harris, 298 Mark C. Harris, 319 Rachel S. Harris, 357 Sylvia L. Harris, 357 Terry R. Harris, 357 Thomas G. Harris, 337 Thomas J. Harris, 319 Tresa C. Harris, 298 Dr. James H. Harrison, 281 James R. Harrison, 298 John L. Harrison, 357 Thomas L. Harrison, 357 Terry G. Harshbarger, 337 Chris W. Hartbank, 357 Dr. Charles W. Hartwig, 281 Connie W. Hartwig, 357 Mary S. Hartwig, 282 Clarence E. Harvey Jr., 337 Frank Harvey, 337 John W. Harvey, 357 Raymon B. Harvey, 286 Richard R. Harvey, 357 Dr. Thomas Harwell, 280 Kenneth A. Harwood, 357 Donald L. Haskett, 357 Marcia Y. Hass, 357 Pamela G. Hastings, 319 Christopher B. Hatch, 337 Charles M. Hatcher, 357 Donald W. Hatcher, 337 Gina R. Hatfield, 337 Virginia A. Hatridge, 337 Florence E. Hattenhaver, 357 Stanley D. Hattle, 337 Jerald D. Haun, 286 Larry G. Hawkin, 379 Joe E. Hawkins, 337 Ronnie J. Hawkins, 337 Stephen L. Hawkins, 379 Wildon D. Hawkins, 337 Sarah A. Hawley, 357 Kathy L. Hawn, 337 Dennis W. Hay, 319 Dr. Afak Haydar, 281 Arif K. Haydar, 319 Mohammad A. Haydar, 319 Najmi Haydar, 357 Diana Hayes, 357 Kenneth L. Hayes, 357 Larry Hayes, 298 Lensey L. Hayes, 357 Pamela L. Hayes, 286 Dr. Jasper A. Hayles, 276 Paulette Haymer, 379 Marsha D. Haywood, 298 Barbara L. Hazelip, 337 Debra D. Hazelwood, 298 Angela F. Head, 337 Barbara A. Heard, 298 Donna Heard, 337 Jerry D. Heard, 319 Larry W. Heard, 337 Ronnie R. Heard, 337 Terry L. Heath, 319 Von D. Heath, 319 Ritchie F. Heber, 357 Theresa R. Heck, 357 Carl J. Heckmann, 298 Jerry K. Heckmann, 319 Terri M. Hedge, 337 Alice F. Hedger, 379 Sharon R. Heeb, 298 Tom A. Heeb, 379 Lujean Heffington, 337 Michael D. Heflin, 298 Terri J. Heinen, 357 George N. Helm, 298 Kenny A. Helm, 357 Nancy K. Helm, 357 James E. Helman, 337 Lee A. Hemphill, 357 Jacquelyn J. Henard, 337 Alvin W. Henderson, 377 Catherine A. Henderson, 286 Georgia A. Henderson, 337 Linda S. Henderson, 357 Lisa G. Henderson, 357 Morlon Henderson, 319 Norman T. Henderson, 337 Pete Henderson, 357 Sarah D. Henderson, 357 Sherrill J. Henderson, 298 William S. Hendon, 357 Kenneth R. Hendricks, 376 Linda K. Hendricks, 337 Michael Hendricks, 298 Garnetta S. Hendrickson, 298 Melba L. Hendrickson, 319 Charles B. Hendrix, 337 Denise Hendrix, 375 Thomas N. Hendrix, 319 Tressie S. Hendrix, 319 Venecia L. Hendrix, 357 Keith D. Hencik, 319 Cynthia L. Henry, 284 Diane L. Henry, 358 Lawrence T. Henry, 358 Stanley L. Henry, 337 James G. Henshaw, 298 Rhonda C. Hensley, 358 Barry K. Henson, 298 David R. Henson, 337 Douglas E. Henson, 378 John W. Henson, 337 Marla J. Henson, 319 Stephen Henson, 337 Linda J. Henton, 319 Bernice Henyard, 358 Mark R. Herbst, 320 Dr. George Y. Herndon, 278 Ricky D. Herndon, 320 Sharon K. Herndon, 358 Deborah L. Herring, 378 Jerry W. Herrington, 298 Clinton J. Herriott, 320 Billirene Herron, 358 Dr. Jerry R. Hersey, 281 Barney A. Hess, 298 Jeanne L. Hess, 320 Benita F. Hester, 358 Daniel A. Hester, 286 Mary D. Hester, 358 Michael G. Hester, 358 Phyllis A. Hester, 298 Kathleen D. Hewitt, 337 Charmian C. Hexem, 298 Roger C. Hicklin, 320 Molly L. Hickox, 298 Andrea R. Hicks, 284 Anthony R. Hicks, 320 Caren S. Hicks, 358 Cheryl A. Hicks, 358 Glenda F. Hicks, 320 John R. Hicks, 358 Regina R. Hicks, 379 Robin W. Hicks, 320 Susan J. Hicks, 358 Terry L. Hicks, 358 William A. Hieber, 298 Nancy A. Higdon, 358 Claudia F. Higgerson, 358 Mark A. Higginbotham, 320 Leila A. Higginbottom, 320 Pamela F. Higginbottom, 320 Patti S. Higginbottom, 284 Paul D. Higginbottom, 337 Robert B. Higginbottom, 337 Chris Higgins, 358 Georgann Higgins, 358 Jerris A. Highfill, 337 Deanna G. Hight, 358 Vicki L. Hight, 357 Gay P. Hightshoe, 358 Sara J. Hightower, 320 Anita F. Hilger, 298 Bill Hill, 337 Brenda K. Hill, 358 Deborah L. Hill, 298 Dennis L. Hill, 358 Diane Hill, 298 Donell Hill, 358 Donna M. Hill, 337 Dorothy Hill, 298 Gay Hill, 298 Jackie L. Hill, 298 Janet M. Hill, 298 Janice E. Hill, 337 Janis M. Hill, 358 John D. Hill, 358 John N. Hill, 320 Joseph W. Hill, 337 Kenneth W. Hill, 298 Larry W. Hill, 358 Patricia L. Hill, 358 Penny Hill, 358 Ronda J. Hill, 358 Rouss A. Hill, 298 Sandra D. Hill, 337 Sharon A. Hill, 337 Stephen W. Hill, 337 Walter M. Hill, 358 Janice L. Hilliard, 320 Marilyn K. Hilliard, 358 Karen M. Hillman, 337 Shirley C. Hilsdon, 358 Cathy S. Hilton, 298 Debora A. Hime, 358 Monte D. Himschoot, 298 Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, 281 Lorie G. Hinds, 337 Michael L. Hinds, 298 David G. Hines, 299 Charles L. Hinkle, 358 Cherylinda K. Hinson, 320 Michael Hinson, 320 Lendon J. Hinton, 320 Sheena F. Hinton, 337 Rickey L. Hite, 337 Paula J. Hitt, 358 Russell G. Hobby, 358 Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, 276 Brian N. Hocum, 358 Jacqueline S. Hocum, 358 Rollin K. Hocum, 358 David T. Hodge, 337 Debbie J. Hodge, 358 Michael R. Hodge, 320 Amy M. Hodges, 374 Bradley P. Hodges, 358 Celeste F. Hodges, 379 Douglas V. Hodges, 358 Janet S. Hodges, 337 Janet S. Hodges, 358 Marcus L. Hodges, 337 Gregory H. Hofer, 337 Douglas B. Hoffman, 337 Ronald G. Hogan, 320 Anita A. Hoggard, 358 Paul W. Hoggard, 358 Dr. Jack Hogins, 278 Barbara N. Hogue, 299 Brenda J. Hogue, 374 Candy J. Hogue, 358 Randal L. Hogue, 337 Rita K. Hogue, 379 Victor L. Hogue, 358 Jan S. Hoke, 320 David S. Holbrook, 358 Tom W. Holbrook, 320 Julianne S. Holcomb, 299 Anna M. Holder, 358 Ben D. Holder, 358 Charles R. Holder, 299 Janis R. Holder, 320 Johnny Holder, 379 Mary B. Holder, 358 Michael W. Holder, 299 Jannetta L. Holderby, 358 Noel K. Holifield, 320 Mark L. Holiman, 358 Catherine E. Holland, 337 Doris A. Holland, 284 Gary Holland, 278 James R. Holland, 286 Kenneth L. Holland, 337 Romayne F. Holland, 286 Sharon K. Holland, 299 William L. Holland, 320 Joe J. Hollimon, 376 Jack Hollingsworth Jr., 379 Larry D. Hollingsworth, 358 Ray D. Hollis, 358 Connie J. Holloway, 358 David C. Holloway, 358 Judy A. Holloway, 320 Samuel A. Holloway, 358 Steve Hollowell, 320 Richard E. Holman, 299 Deborah E. Holmes, 299 Kenneth R. Holmes, 337 Kenneth W. Holmes, 377 Tomazine Holmes, 286 Daniel E. Holstead, 299 Donald L. Holt, 358 Gail A. Holt, 299 Jimmy D. Holt, 337 Marion M. Holt, 320 Ronnie E. Holt, 320 William S. Holt, 337 Donna J. Holzhaver, 320 William M. Honey, 337 Lindall W. Honeycutt, 358 Landon P. Hood, 358 Kathy D. Hooton, 337 Pamela G. Hooten, 337 Nancy J. Hoots, 374 David K. Hoover, 338 Samuel D. Hoover, 299 George A. Hopkins, 358 Rhonda F. Hopkins, 358 Toni R. Hopper, 358 Loretta K. Horn, 358 Russell C. Horne, 358 George F. Horneker, 280 Andrea Horner, 286 Janet L. Horner, 320 John P. Horner, 320 Annette Horton, 358 Carl E. Horton, 299 John L. Horton, 320 Judy A. Horton, 299 Phyllis K. Horton, 358 Rosetta L. Horton, 338 Teddy M. Horton, 338 Terry W. Horton, 299 Dr. John P. Hosinski, 278 Rebecca R. Hoskins, 320 Richard C. Hoskins, 338 Aaron D. Hosman, 358 Maggie M. Hourd, 358 Stella L. Hourd, 320 Carla D. House, 359 Charlotte M. House, 338 Dorinda L. House, 359 Terry A. House, 359 Vicki L. House, 338 Gale W. Householder, 379 Brenda S. Houser, 359 David A. Houston, 379 Debra J. Houston, 338 Nola J . Houston, 320 Sharon D. Houston, 320 Dominique Howard, 320 Helen E. Howard, 359 Jane A. Howard, 299 John D. Howard, 299 Louell Howard, 379 Melissa J. Howard, 359 Robert R. Howard, 338 Ronald W. Howard, 299 Teresa Howard, 299 Thomas M. Howard, 299 Connie L. Howe, 320 Pamela K. Howe, 359 Thomas J. Howe, 359 James P. Howell, 320 Karen S. Howell, 338 Sam M. Howell, 320 Tennyson J. Howell, 320 Timothy J. Howell, 320 Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, 277 Darryl W. Howerton, 320 Karon K. Howerton, 338 Bill R. Hubbard, 299 David R. Hubbard, 376 Sharmon L. Hubbard, 320 Loretta S. Hubbart, 320 Dr. Marilyn A, Hubbart, 280 Dewitt C. Hubbell Jr., 299 David M. Huber, 359 Laura E. Huber, 379 Jerry Hubert, 359 Carol J. Huckabay, 359 Terry L. Huckabee, 279 Susan M. Hudgens, 299 Gladys M. Hudgins, 278 Beverly K. Hudson, 338 Gwen A. Hudson, 338 JoAnn Hudson, 320 Mary S. Hudson, 320 Nathan J. Hudson, 320 William C. Hudson, -359 Charles E. Hudspeth, 320 Donna E. Hudspeth, 320 Bonnie S. Huff, 320 David C. Huff, 338 Debbie S. Huff, 338 Debra J. Huff, 320 Michael D. Huff, 320 Michael R. Huff, 359 Randal R. Huff, 320 Jack B. Huffer, 359 John B. Huffman, 320 Lon Huffman, 320 Sherry U. Huffman, 338 Richard Hufstedler, 359 Cathy S. Huggins, 299 Cynthia S. Huggins, 359 Donald R. Huggins, 320 Freddie J. Huggins, 338 James A. Huggins, 284 John C. Huggins, 299 Michael H. Huggins, 320 Richard E. Huggins, 320 Sandy G. Huggins, 359 Arlene Hughes, 320 Jesse D. Hughes, 299 Louellen L. Hughes, 338 Mary A. Hughes, 320 Olanda A. Hughes, 299 JoAnn Hulen, 320 Mitzi L. Hulett, 359 Doy L. Hulum, 359 Paul D. Human, 320 Vickie D. Humble, 320 Mary A. Humphrey, 359 T. J. Humphreys, 320 Earl W. Hundley, 320 James M. Hunt, 338 Jane M. Hunt, 338 Paulette J. Hunt, 338 Steve Hunt, 359 Victor L. Hunt, 380 Debbie L. Hunter, 320 Frances Hunter, 280 James C. Hunter, 359 James T. Hunter, 299 Michael C. Hunter, 320 Saundra I. Hunter, 299 Annette Huntley, 338 Tim D. Hurd, 338 William K. Hurley, 299 Eddie J. Hurst, 320 Lisa L. Hurst, 359 Lloyd Huskey, 338 Candy S. Hutchens, 359 Mike A. Hutchens, 338 James L. Hutchins, 286 Dr. James A. Hutchison, Mike Hutchins, 320 Cindy A. Hutson, 359 Deborah J . Hutson, 299 Thomas J. Hutton, 321 Bonnie B. Hyde, 299 Judith G. Hyde, 299 Loretta Hydrick, 321 Laurence J. Hylle, 299 Carmelita Hyneman, 299 -1- Benjamin A. Idiong, 299 Jim R. Ipsen, 284 Deborah K. Impson, 299 Debbie F. Inboden, 359 Steve D. Inboden, 299 Thomas E. Inebnit, 299 Dale B. Ingram, 359 David A. Ingram, 299 Debra L. Ingram, 374 Joel W. Ingram, 338 Mackie F. Ingram, 299 Geor e F. Inzer, 277 Dr. Gland J. Irby, 276 Dana A. Irby, 338 Dorothy A. Irby, 338 Ron L. Irby, 359 Alice Ironside, 300 Ricky L. Irvin, 338 Terri J. Irvin, 321 Alice F. Isaac, 374 Carol F. Isaac, 338 Pamela A. Isbell, 359 Rhonda L. Isbell, 321 Bonnie G. Isenburg, 359 Al E. Ishmael, 338 James R. Ishmael, 359 Brenda D. Isom, 359 Peggy A. Ivy, 300 Rebecca A. Ivy, 359 Steve C. Ivy, 321 Vickie S. Ivy, 338 -J- Arthur A. Jacks, 321 Alan Jackson, 321 Barbara J. Jackson, 286 Calvin D. Jackson, 338 Cheryl D. Jackson, 359 Claude L. Jackson, 359 Coleman L. Jackson, 321 Debi F. Jackson, 359 Helen J. Jackson, 321 Judy A. Jackson, 321 Karen L. Jackson, 359 Lonnie E. Jackson III, 300 Patricia A. Jackson, 359 Richard D. Jackson, 359 Robbie D. Jackson, 338 Sharon K. Jackson, 359 Steve G. Jackson, 300 Steve M. Jackson, 338 Vickie L. Jackson, 359 Naki Jaferey, 338 Alphonso James, 300 Donna D. James, 359 Eddie J. James, 359 Elizabeth E. James, 300 Jennie James, 338 Jimmy D. James, 321 Joanne K. James, 359 Kathryn E. James, 300 Mary H. James, 359 Dr. O. Philip James, 280 Rita L. James, 359 Sherri L. James, 359 Victor James, 321 Mary E. Jameson, 321 Lauren L. Jamison, 300 Richard C. Jans, 300 Debra L. Jansen, 321 Dona R. Jansen, 359 Robert B. Jaques, 359 Jerry L. Jarrell, 321 Joseph M. Jarrett, 300 John E. Jarvis, 338 Kenneth P. Jay, 359 Devora L. Jefferson, 359 Edward C. Jeffery, 321 Debbie L. Jeffries, 359 Rob L. Jennings, 338 Bradley A. Jenkins, 377 Cheryl K. Jenkins, 286 Elise C. Jenkins, 300 Jim Jenkins, 321 John W. Jenkins, 300 Kathleen C. Jenkins, 276 Leigh A. Jenkins, 380 Steve W. Jenkins, 359 Robin L. Jensen, 359 Jocelyn A. Jernigan, 359 Steve O. Jernigan, 380 Kenneth G. Jessup, 300 Betty C. Jetton, 300 Dr. G. David Jimerson, 282 Michael W. Johanson, 338 Eric S. Johns, 321 Suzanne R. Johns, 359 Anita S. Johnson, 300 Anthony D. Johnson, 300 Arvilia Johnson, 338 Barron Johnson, 338 Betty L. Johnson, 359 Dr. Bob D. Johnson, 281 Boyd S. Johnson Jr., 380 Brenda B. Johnson, 338 Calvin Johnson, 321 Carolyn R. Johnson, 338 Cary D. Johnson, 359 Cecil R. Johnson, 359 Clara E. Johnson, 338 Clara J. Johnson, 359 Cynthia A. Johnson, 359 Daniel W. Johnson, 359 David H. Johnson, 284 Debbie A. Johnson, 321 Debbie R. Johnson, 359 Earnest Johnson, 359 Eddie L. Johnson, 321 Garald S. Johnson, 321 Gary W. Johnson, 359 Gaylan L. Johnson, 338 Glenn E. Johnson, 359 James Johnson, 279 James Johnson, 375 James C. Johnson, 376 Janet L. Johnson, 359 Janie G. Johnson, 359 Joe M. Johnson, 321 Judy K. Johnson, 377 Karen L. Johnson, 338 Kathy A. Johnson, 300 Kathy G. Johnson, 338 Larry D. Johnson, 300 Lenny L. Johnson, 359 Lucinda C. Johnson, 374 Mark F. Johnson, 359 Mary K. Johnson, 360 Mary S. Johnson, 360 Michael Johnson, 286 Patricia A. Johnson, 374 Randy M. Johnson, 321 Raymond L. Johnson, 360 Rick H. Johnson, 300 Dr. Robert D. Johnson, 277 Robert D. Johnson, 338 Dr. Robert E. Johnson, 281 Sherry E. Johnson, 338 Stephen H. Johnson, 286 Tandy L. Johnson, 338 Tommy L. Johnson, 338 Wanda L. Johnson, 338 William S. Johnson, 321 William T. Johnson, 338 Woodrow Johnson, 338 Cathy E. Johnston, 321 Dennis E. Johnston, 377 Elaine M. Johnston, 360 Ellis C. Johnston, 321 Ronald E. Johnston, 360 Luther A. Jolley, 338 Cassandra K. Jolliff, 377 Tina M. Jolliff, 360 Carol A. Jolly, 360 Ann Jones, 360 Barbara A. Jones, 360 Barbara L. Jones, 338 Beverly A. Jones, 380 Brenda K. Jones, 338 Bryan E. Jones, 338 Charles R. Jones, 360 Chris L. Jones, 360 Debra L. Jones, 360 Debra S. Jones, 300 Diann Jones, 360 Dianne M. Jones, 300 Doug R. Jones, 360 Doyle M. Jones, 321 Elizabeth K. Jones, 338 Gary L. Jones, 338 Gwendolyn L. Jones, 380 Helen J. Jones, 321 Hershel G. Jones, 360 James H. Jones, 321 James S. Jones, 300 Jan S. Jones, 321 Janet L. Jones, 360 Janet S. Jones, 300 John Jones, 360 Johnnie L. Jones, 338 Jon H. Jones, 338 Joseph A. Jones, 360 Joyce E. Jones, 360 Dr. Joyce M. Jones, 280 Kandy Jones, 360 Karen Jones, 338 Karen N. Jones, 321 Karla J. Jones, 338 Ken E. Jones, 321 Linda F. Jones, 360 Marilyn S. Jones, 338 Mary A. Jones, 360 Melinda R. Jones, 338 Nancy D. Jones, 338 Pam D. Jones, 360 Patricia A. Jones, 321 Ray F. Jones, 300 Ricky W. Jones, 377 Robert Jones, 280 Robin A. Jones, 360 Rodney S. Jones, 321 Roger S. Jones, 360 Roy R. Jones, 300 Samuel B. Jones, 300 Sharon L. Jones, 360 Steve M. Jones, 321 Steven W. Jones, 321 Toni R. Jones, 300 Victor W. Jones, 300 Virgil l. Jones, 321 William W. Jones, 321 Edgar E. Jordan, 338 Ginger L. Jordan, 360 Gregory R. Jordan, 300 Dr. Richard Jorgensen, 279 Michael L. Joseph, 300 Isaac Joyner, 321 Jeff L. Juergens, 338 Jimmy L. Julian, 300 M. Ellis Julien, 279 Wayne Juneau, 321 Vickie L. Jurczyk, 360 Richard L. Justice, 338 -K- John T. Kadell, 360 Tom R. Kaemmerling, 360 Kathleen A. Kaiser, 360 Rebekah L. Kalb, 339 Diana L. Kallenbach, 360 George Kaloghirou, 300 Dr. John S. Kaminarides, 276 William A. Kamp, 321 Kenneth W. Kannard, 360 Shari E. Kannarr, 360 Charles Kasabian, 339 Barry A. Katz, 339 James T. Kauffman, 360 Arnold R. Kaut, 300 Ricky Kay, 300 Peggy K. Keasler, 339 Karen D. Keating, 339 Patrick Keck, 300 Danny G. Kee, 360 Sandra K. Kee, 300 Susan P. Kee, 339 John H. Keech, 279 Jacky W. Keeling, 360 Pamela S. Keeling, 300 Thomas F. Keeling, 300 Dr. James H. Keene, 276 Patricia A. Keeter, 321 Danny C. Keith, 339 Juliana D. Keith, 300 Mark G. Keith, 360 Ronnie D. Keith, 360 Steven M. Keith, 339 Randy C. Kellems, 300 Barbara A. Keller, 286 Denise Keller, 321 Jimmy A. Keller, 339 Peggy L. Keller, 301 Tommy M. Keller, 339 Mike H. Kellett, 360 Brenda K. Kelley, 360 David E. Kelley, 360 Linda S. Kelley, 321 Mary B. Kelley, 301 Ricky D. Kelley, 284 Sharon L. Kelley, 301 Stan J. Kelley, 339 Vernita Kelley, 339 William D. Kelley, 339 Andrew J. Kelly, 286 Dr. J. D. Kelly, 279 Marian K. Kelly, 339 Nelson R. Kelly, 321 Sammy L. Kelly, 360 Sharon K. Kelly, 360 Frances T. Kemp, 321 Gary L. Kemp, 301 Karen R. Kemp, 301 Lisa M. Kemp, 321 Lois M. Kemp, 360 Sharon L. Kemp, 301 Rayburn E. Kendall, 339 Rebecca L. Kendrick, 301 Robert H. Kendrick, 301 Craig A. Kennedy, 339 Elizabeth A. Kennedy, 360 Mark L. Kennedy, 321 Pam M. Kennedy, 360 Mike C. Kennemer, 360 Daniel E. Kennemore, 360 Dr. Charles L. Kenner, 280 Rick L. Kenner, 360 Stephen B. Kennon, 301 Steve A. Kent, 301 Robert O. Kern, 301 Robert W. Kern, 277 Patricia A. Kernodle, 301 Bill Kerr, 301 Darrell R. Kersey, 360 Norma J. Kersey, 301 Vikki L. Kersey, 339 Kenneth E. Kersh, 360 Alfred E. Kerst, 321 Nancy A. Kestner, 339 Diana L. Ketcham, 284 Lenita K. Ketchum, 321 Charles M. Key, 321 Dr. James Key, 280 Rhonda W. Key, 321 Mohammed A. Khaliq, 339 Betty J. Kiefer, 339 Gary D. Kifer, 360 Kevin A. Killett, 360 Ruby A. Killian, 321 Sherry F. Killian, 360 Kenneth L. Kimberling, 339 James E. Kimble, 360 Susan Kimbrell, 360 Jonathan Kinchen, 360 Elizabeth R. Kindleberger, 280 Anthony W. King, 339 Charles J. King, 339 Cindy L. King, 360 Dennis J. King, 321 Donna S. King, 360 Edward R. King, 321 Jerry G. King, 281 Jimmy King, 321 John H. King, 321 Kathryn A. King, 374 Lawrence A. King, 301 Nora J. King, 360 Sarah F. King, 360 Sybol A. King, 360 Travis L. King, 339 Phillip D. Kingston, 284 Herbert Kinninmonth, 360 Debbie R. Kinsey, 321 Diane M. Kinsworthy, 301 Terry W. Kinsworthy, 301 John E. Kintzler, 360 Charlie J. Kinyon, 321 Deborah L. Kious, 286 Brenda K. Kirby, 360 Deborah Kirkdoffer, 339 Nancy P. Kirkley, 301 R. Kent Kirkton, 277 Cleo Kirkwood, 360 Horace R. Kirtley, 339 Larry D. Kissee, 301 Pamela M. Kissee, 321 Bruce W. Kissinger, 321 Libby A. Kittany, 360 Toni A. Kitterman, 360 Harrison, Kittrell, 321 Janis M. Kitzerow, 360 Debbie A. Klinkhardt, 321 Jaime E. Klipsch, 301 Mark J. Kosterman, 301 Dr. Robert Kluge, 277 George F. Knapp Jr., 321 Larry D. Knapp, 301 Billy Knight, 361 Charles W. Knight, 339 Clyde M. Knight, 376 Doy R. Knight, 286 Jelina K. Knight, 301 Major Kenneth Knight 282 Richard E. Knipple, 361 Beverly E. Knott, 361 Organ I. Knowlton, 339 Thomas A. Knudtzon, 361 Guy Kochel, 278 Harold R. Kohler, 375 Daniel P. Koishor, 321 Kevin G. Konecay, 380 Dr. Donald E. Konold, 280 Russell D. Koonce, 321 Jean A. Koppenhaver, 301 Lisa A. Kraft, 361 Arthur Krida, 280 Joan M. Kucala, 339 Janet L. Kueter, 301 Susan F. Kueter, 361 Leona F. Kutzman, 321 Robert Kuykendall Jr., 321 William V. Kuykendall, 361 Debbie L. Kysar, 361 -L- Joe P. Lacey, 321 Charlotte R. Lachowsky, 361 Logan B. Lackey, 322 Lori L. Lackey, 322 Cathy D. Lackland, 361 Carol A. Lacy, 322 Courtney L. Lacy, 339 Sherita L. Lacy, 322 Donald G. Ladd, 301 Katherine D. Ladd, 375 Rodney Alan Ladd, 339 Daniel R. LaFantasie, 339 Sharon K. LaFantasie, 322 Larry D. LaGrand, 284 Carolyn D. Lagrone, 361 James W. Lagrone, 361 Kenneth W. Lagrone Jr., 339 Mary E. Lally, 322 Randal G. Lamb, 322 Robert A. Lamb, 286 Robert S. Lamb, 322 Roy L. Lamb, 361 Sharon E. Lamb, 301 Susie M. Lamb, 361 William H. Lamb, 301 Linda L. Lambert, 339 Ramona A. Lambert, 361 Dr. Roger C. Lambert, 280 Stewart K. Lambert, 301 Ace Laminack, 322 Judy C. Lamp, 374 Ken C. Lancaster, 322 Sarah J. Lancaster, 380 Billy R. Lance, 361 Leon E. Lance, 322 Karl H. Landberg, 322 Ray G. Landers, 286 Doris M. Landrum, 301 Judy A. Landrum, 361 Thomas E. Landrus, 339 Mike B. Lands, 322 Alice J. Landthrip, 361 Debbie K. Lane, 361 Eleanor S. Lane, 280 Vicki C. Lanehart, 361 Annette Y. Lang, 361 Patrick E. Langevin, 339 Lisa A. Langford, 361 Steve Langford, 361 William S. Langley, 361 Dr. Albin J. Langlois, 276 Mary A. Langrell, 374 Julia R. Lansford, 279 Phillip B. Langston, 322 Ramona L. Langston, 361 Randy M. Langston, 339 Terry Van Langston, 301 Lawrence Lanos, 361 Morris W. Lansdale, 361 Robert J. Laquet, 322 Alice M. Lard, 361 Dennis L. Lard, 301 Kathy D. Lard, 380 Carma Lynn Largert, 361 Willie E. Larry, 301 Hugh T. Lasater Jr., 301 Susan L. Lasater, 361 Malcolm M. Lasher, 282 Mary K. Lassen, 361 Michael J. Lasseter, 377 Loid D. Lassiter, 361 Denver L. Latimore, 322 Alan L. Latourette, 301 Steve M. Latourette, 361 Douglas Latta, 279 Lyle A. Lattimore, 301 Rosie L. Lauderdale, 339 Terry J. Laughinghouse, 322 Jackie Ray Law, 301 Dianne Lawler, 339 David M. Lawrence, 375 Garry H. Lawrence, 377 Greg E. Lawrence, 361 Kris L. Lawrence, 301 Larry D. Lawrence, 286 Larry V. Lawrence, 339 Mark A. Lawrence, 361 Randall E. Lawrence, 361 Sharon E. Lawrence, 301 Judy Gail Laws, 361 Rufus B. Laws, 322 Gary L. Lawson, 322 Joyce A. Lawson, 322 Larry W. Lawson, 322 Debbie A. Lax, 361 Dennis G. Layer, 339 Eugene Layer, 322 Michele Layer, 322 Linda S. Layman, 301 Bucky C. Layne, 339 Martha A. Layne, 361 Dr. Norman R. Layne Jr., 281 Buddy J. Layton, 322 Eddie D. Lea, 361 Alma M. Leach, 380 Catherine S. Leach, 361 Katheryn M. Leach, 361 Jennifer Leamons, 339 Marilyn Ann Leary, 302 Gregory D. Leatherwood, 380 Jane LeBlanc, 278 Tommy R. LeCroy, 284 Burl L. Ledbetter, 361 Elvera Ledbetter, 380 Carolyn Jean Lee, 286 Debra J. Lee, ,339 Mable J. Lee, 361 Nadean Lee, 278 Pamela J. Lee, 378 Pamela Y. Lee, 322 Sharon Kay Lee, 378 William E. Lee, 302 Robert J. Legate, 322 Ted A. Leggett, 361 Marsha L. LeGrand, 302 Silvester Leigh, 339 Mary B. Leiting, 302 John R. Leland, 361 Mary K. Lemay, 322 Randy W. Lemmons, 339 Valerie Lemmons, 361 John R. Lendennie, 339 Laurel J. Lendennie, 302 Mary J. Lendennie, 302 Homer Lenderman Jr., 361 Joyce K. Lentz, 339 Carol A. Lentzner, 339 David L. Leonard, 361 Dianna K. Leonard, 302 Lestie M. Leonard, 361 John M. Leroux, 361 Laura G. Lessig, 302 Lan R. Letner, 339 Brock Lewandoski, 322 Clare T. Lewers, 302 Charleen R. Lewis, 339 Dennis E. Lewis, 339 Diane C. Lewis, 322 Linda K. Lewis, 361 Nathan L. Lewis, 361 Norma J. Lewis, 361 Perry Lewis, 339 Randy M. Lewis, 322 Rebecca J. Lewis, 322 Robert F. Lewis, 380 Ronnie H. Lewis, 322 Russell W. Lewis, 339 Shirley A. Lewis, 361 Steven C. Lewis, 302 Tommy K. Lewis, 361 Robin L. Lile, 339 Michele M. Limpach, 361 Jill L. Lincoln, 322 Mike D. Lindemann, 361 Evan Lindquist, 279 Ron D. Lindley, 322 Nancy R. Lindsey, 322 Rhonda C. Lindsey, 339 Thomas J. Lindsey, 376 Cheryl L. Lingo, 322 Glenn A. Lingo, 361 Velva J. Lingo, 339 Cynthia A. Linn, 302 Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, 281 Michael P. Linz, 286 Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, 302 Freddie Lisko, 339 LaNan Lisko, 339 Debbi K. Little, 361 Flora D. Little, 302 Linda K. Little, 361 Mitchell W. Little, 339 Ricky L. Little, 361 Robert T. Little, 376 Sharon K. Littlejohn, 361 Holly S. Litzelfelner, 322 Perry A. Lloyd, 361 Brent E. Lochridge, 339 Candice E. Lock, 322 Angela D. Lockhart, 322 Patricia Lockridge, 861 Carol J. Loe, 286 Dr. David C. Loe, 278 Dawna J. Loftin, 302 Donnie W. Logan, 322 Commie D. Loggains, 339 Danny D. Loggains, 322 Thomas D. Loggins, 361 James L. Lollar, 322 Dr. Coy Neal London, 276 Linda D. London, 322 Beverly Long, 361 Carl R. Long, 302 Cathy L. Long, 361 Don H. Long, 322 Ginger L. Long, 322 Harold R. Long, 339 Joseph D. Long, 322 Kathy Long, 361 Kenny D. Long, 339 Patricia L. Long, 322 Rocky R. Long, 361 William C. Long, 302 Steve L. Lookadoo, 339 Jamie M. Looney, 339 Jean A. Lorance, 284 John B. Lorick, 322 Christine M. Loseman, 362 Jack D. Lott, 339 Alice O. Love, 322 Peggy A. Love, 362 Barbara L. Lovell, 302 James M. Lovell, 302 Jeffery L. Lovell, 380 Lanay Lovell, 339 Dallas M. Lovett, 362 Howard L. Lovett, 362 Jane R. Lovett, 362 Janice L. Lovett, 339 Rebecca L. Lovett, 302 Cleora Loving, 362 Sylvester Loving, 322 Joann Lowe, 339 Jane Ann Loyd, 362 Dane R. Lucas, 362 James B. Lucius, 340 Jane L. Luckie, 322 Kurt A. Lueken, 362 Sandra K. Luethje, 376 Johnny M. Lufcy, 302 Jose B. Lugo-Martinez, 322 Brenda L. Luna, 362 Clara E. Lunceford, 322 Cynthia M. Lunnemann, 302 Karen N. Lunsford, 340 Danny L. Lusk, 322 David R. Luter, 340 Charles D. Lutrell, 302 Jean Lutterloh, 302 Kathy L. Luzietti, 362 William A. Lybarger, 278 Donna J. Lyerly, 340 Janet L. Lynch, 340 Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, 302 Claire C. Lyons, 280 Lewis C. Lyons, 302 Carolyn A. Lytle, 362 -M- Linda S. Maack, 302 Pat Mabary, 322 Joseph C. Mabrey, 340 Dorthy C. Mabry, 374 Fredrick Mabry, 362 Danny D. MacDonald, 302 Frank MacIntosh, 322 Thomas J. MacMillan, 284 Brian F. MacMillan, 302 Cornelius Maddox, 322 Dale Maddox, 302 Debra J. Madison, 362 Glenda G. Madison, 362 James L. Madison, 362 Reta E. Madore, 362 Shirley C. Magee, 322 Deborah D. Maglothin, 302 Douglas L. Maglothin, 302 George F. Mahan Jr., 302 Lee Mahan, 340 Mitzie L. Mahon, 340 Stacey L. Mahurin, 340 Allen P. Majors, 322 Gary J. Majors, 302 Johnny A. Makovec, 340 Maria E. Malham, 302 Michael J. Malham, 302 Danny W. Mallett, 284 Carolyn S. Mallory, 322 Nancy J. Malone, 302 William L. Malott, 322 Dr. Frances M, Malpezzi, 280 Kathy D. Manasco, 362 Susan C. Manatt, 340 Debra K. Mangrum, 340 Johnny L. Mangrum, 340 Pamela S. Mangrum, 362 Timothy J. Mangrum, 340 Judy C. Manley, 322 Dr. J. Maxine Manley, 281 David E. Mann, 322 Mark A. Mann, 362 Myron W. Mann, 322 John E. Manning, 362 Michael W. Manning, 302 Patricia V. Manning, 302 Robert 0. Manning, 362 Tom Manning, 277 Judy F. Manry, 362 Dianna M. Mantooth, 362 Dennia K. Maple, 340 Claudia M. Maples, 340 Winifred R. Maples, 362 Ernest R. March, 362 Mary Ann Marconi, 362 Glen L. Marcum, 362 Ava M. Mardis, 362 Deborah A. Margrave, 302 Phyllis E. Mariott, 322 Brenda J. Markin, 302 Thomas G. Marlar, 340 Dr. Ross Marlay, 281 Anthel D. Marlin, 362 Judy D. Marlin, 322 Cathy M. Marlow, 286 Harrison Marr Jr., 303 Patricia L. Marr, 376 John A. Marotta, 286 Thomas A. Mars, 380 Bryant R. Marshall, 362 Debra S. Marshall, 380 Jerald R. Marshall, 322 Paula J. Marshall, 322 Phillip S. Marshall, 362 Brent W. Martin, 287 Charles A. Martin, 322 Charles R. Martin, 340 David D. Martin, 322 David P. Martin, 323 Deborah J. Martin, 323 Dianne Martin, 362 Dyanna L. Martin, 374 James M. Martin, 323 James R. Martin, 362 John A. Martin, 362 John M. Martin, 380 John R. Martin III, 362 Julia C. Martin, 362 Kathy E. Martin, 303 Lisa C. Martin, 380 Martha A. Martin, 303 Mary K. Martin, 323 Michael G. Martin, 303 Roger L. Martin, 378 Rhonda K. Martin, 362 Robert F. Martin, 362 Teresa F. Martin, 340 Virginia D. Martin, 323 W. Allen Martin, 281 Michael D. Mashburn, 323 Denise J. Mask, 362 Kathleen Mason, 340 Leshia K. Mason, 362 Alice J. Massey, 323 David C. Massey, 375 Dean M. Massey, 303 Don W. Massey, 362 William M. Massey, 374 William P. Massey, 323 Pamela A. Matheny, 323 Ronald W. Mathes, 380 Coleman B. Mathews III, 340 Mark B. Mathews, 323 Candy M. Mathis, 362 Carol Mathis, 362 Jo E. Mathis, 362 Phyllis M. Mathis, 303 Bobbie A. Matlock, 362 Ronnie Matsch, 323 Frederick E. Matteson, 323 Deborah Warren Matthews, 362 Dianne M. Matthews, 323 George S. Matthews, 362 Marshall Matthews, 282 Phyllis A. Matthews, 380 Robert S. Matthews, 323 Sarah R. Matthews, 340 Tommy M. Matthews, 377 William W. Matthews, 284 Deborah Maxwell, 362 Nancy Y. Maxwell, 362 Patty A. Maxwell, 362 Ronnie H. Maxwell, 362 Thomas A. Maxwell, 323 David G. May, 323 Janis C. May, 303 John M. May, 362 Mary D. May, 303 Robert W, May, 323 Robin E. May, 303 James F. Mayberry, 362 Elmer C. Mayes, 282 Scott M. Mayes, 340 Roger C. Mayfield, 362 Sandra J. Mayhan, 323 Charles W. Mayhew, 340 Dickey D. Mayland, 303 Regina R. Mayo, 323 Bill Mays, 323 Roy C. McAdams, 362 Clarence W. McAlister, 340 Eldon McAnally, 323 Thomas B. McBee, 303 Betty M. McBride, 362 Dennis B. McBride, 323 Marilyn K. McBride, 303 William S. McBride, 323 Zoe Y. McBride, 323 Jerry W. McCain, 380 Michael C. McCall, 362 Sarah G. McCallister, 362 Reta E. McCarroll, 284 Robin V. McCarter, 303 James C. McCarty, 362 Robert D. McCarty, 362 Lisa T. McCaughan, 362 Kathie K. McCaughey, 340 Linda C. McCay, 303 Cindy D. McClain, 378 Dr. Charles B. McClelland, 280 Karen J. McClelland, 303 Bill V. McClendon, 303 Jim F. McClendon, 377 June D. McClendon, 340 Laraine G. McClendon, 340 Kevin E. McCleskey, 362 Cynthia G. McClintock, 285 Sandra G. McClintock, 362 Dr. Hal E. McCloud, 282 Dr. Stanford S. McConkie, 281 Beverly K. McClung, 362 James S. McCluskey, 303 Phyllis A. McCollum, 362 Sheila J. McCollum, 340 James S. McConnell, 323 Pamela T. McConnell, 323 Thomas A. McCord II, 303 Linda D. McCormack, 362 Bill N. McCoy, 323 Francis P. McCoy II, 323 John D. McCoy, 340 Terry L. McCoy, 323 Richard T. McCright, 303 Danny R. McCrone, 340 Sherry L. McCullar, 362 Carolyn F. McCullough, 323 Howard A. McCollough, 340 James K. McCullough, 323 Larry E. McCurley, 323 Debra A. McCustion, 323 David W. McDaniel, 362 Jimmy A. McDaniel, 340 Karen M. McDaniel, 340 Mark S. McDaniel, 362 ,Randy L.i McDaniel, 303 Raymond D. McDaniel Jr., 285 Sally H. McDaniel, 363 Toni A. McDaniel, 303 Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, 281 Sharon K. McDonald, 340 William D. McDonald, 323 Robert M. McDougald, 363 Carol E. McDowell, 323 Vergil L. McEntire, 363 Bryan L. McEuen, 303 Larry L. McFadden, 287 Michael M. McFadden, 363 Charles R. McFall, 363 Mitchel D. McFall, 303 Mona L. McFall, 323 Keith A. McFann, 303 Dr. C. K. McFarland, 280 Vincent P. McGarry, 303 Kevin R. McGaughey, 340 Ruth H. McGaughey, 323 Cleve McGaughy, 303 Daniel G. McGee, 303 David R. McGee, 363 Paul S. McGee, 303 Clyde D. McGhee, 303 Robert L. McGhee, 376 Betty J. McGill, 363 Patricia J. McGlothlin, 363 Donald G. McGohan, 285 Geraljean P. McGough, 375 James M. McGowan, 323 Dan McGraw, 363 Aaron D. McGuire, 323 Jill J. McHaney, 340 William T. McHenry, 323 William F. Mcllroy, 323 William H. Mcllroy, 380 Kenneth L. Mclnnis, 340 Lynn S. Mclnnis, 323 Gail E. Mclntare, 363 David C. McIntosh, 363 Robert P. McKay, 303 Laura S. McKenney, 323 Cynthia J. McKinney, 363 Dianne McKinney, 377 Mary K. McKinney, 303 Michael A. McKinney, 323 Teresa L. McKinney, 323 Tessie A. McKinney, 363 Bessanne McKnight, 323 Loretta J. McKnight 303 Timothy R. McKnight, 363 Cindy L. McLain, 340 Dr. C. L. McLarty, 277 Phil E. McLarty, 340 Timothy W. McLaughlin, 363 Wayne McLaurin, 280 Elizabeth A. McLemore, 323 Margaret A. McMahon, 340 William H. McMasters, 363 John H. McMickle, 363 Michael M. McMillan, 363 Donna R. McMiller, 303 Laura B. McMillon, 340 Marcella McMillon, 363 Judy A. McMinn, 303 Ralph K. McMinn, 363 Jimmy D. McMullen, 340 Sherry E. McMullin, 363 John R. McNair, 363 Jean McNamara, 363 Linda F. McNear, 323 Marilyn D. McNear, 363 Carolyn Gibson McNeely, 323 Jerry S. McNeely, 303 Randall E. McNeil, 340 John T. McNeill, 363 Joseph A. McNeill, 323 Claude R. McNinch, 303 Norman S. McPike, 303 Elizabeth McQueen, 380 Dr. Alvin J. McRaven, 277 Sandra C. McRaven, 340 Anne M. McSpadden, 303 Bruce E. McSpadden, 340 Carol A. McSpadden, 363 Vicki L. McSpadden, 363 Scott McSwain, 340 Charles L. McWaters, 303 Charles E. McWhirter, 340 Mark D. Meadows, 278 Mark E. Meadows, 363 Robert M. Meacham, 303 Jerry M. Measel, 363 Irene Medders, 323 Kim D. Medford, 340 Michael L. Medling, 323 Charlotte A. Meeks, 363 Ronald C. Meeks, 323 Lloyd Keith Meharg, 277 JoAnn Meier, 323 Elvis K. Meilke, 363 Billy W. Melton, 304 Ronald D. Melton, 363 Harold D. Melvin, 363 Edward M. Melzer, 378 Glenna K. Meredith, 304 Mark H. Meredith, 340 Anita L. Merrill, 340 Stephen E. Merriman, 340 Carolyn S. Merritt, 285 William H. Merryman, 340 Bruce E. Metcalf, 363 Donna S. Metcalf, 363 Malinda K. Metcalf, 340 Keith Metz, 363 Susan M. Metzler, 340 Roger D. Meurer, 340 Tanya L. Meyer, 323 Ted A. Meyer, 323 Gene H. Meyerowich, 363 Debbie D. Michael, 363 Shirley A. Michie, 323 Patsy A. Mick, 304 Bobbi M. Mickey, 380 Oren J. Middlebrook, 323 Shirley A. Middlebrooks, 323 Connie D. Middleton, 363 Kemp L. Midkiff Jr., 304 Shirley L. Midkiff, 363 Keith R. Mikel, 340 Bruce A. Miles, 363 I. Joe Miles, 287 Laurie A. Miles, 340 Rickie L. Miles, 363 Susan R. Miles, 304 Timothy J. Miles, 304 Tommy B. Miley, 323 Gary R. Millard, 340 John Millay, 363 Becky L. Miller, 340 Cindy M. Miller, 363 Danny F. Miller, 363 Darla J. Miller, 363 Donna R. Miller, 323 Janet M. Miller, 340 Jerome Miller, 363 Joanna L. Miller, 363 Kathy J. Miller, 363 Mark H. Miller, 340 Marshell E. Miller, 323 Paul F. Miller, 363 Randel K. Miller, 363 Sandy L. Miller, 363 Stephen K. Miller, 340 Susan A. Miller, 363 Terri T. Miller, 374 Wanda J. Miller, 323 William D. Miller, 340 William J. Miller, 380 Mark F. Million, 323 Cynthia A. Mills, 304 Dorothy G. Mills, 323 Tony M. Mills, 323 Vickie L. Mills, 363 Vonda E. Milnor, 375 James W. Milum, 323 William R. Milum, 323 James H. Ming, 363 Dr. Albert L. Mink, 276 Cynthia D. Mink, 287 Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, 282 Bradley A. Minton, 323 Paul Minton, 277 Donald R. Minx, 279 Annette L. Mitchell, 323 Betty L. Mitchell, 324 Carol A. Mitchell, 304 Carol V. Mitchell, 304 Charles S. Mitchell, 324 Dixie L. Mitchell, 324 Elaine M. Mitchell, 363 George E. Mitchell, 340 Jonelle L. Mitchell, 340 Mike C. Mitchell, 363 Patrick M. Mitchell, 377 Perry A. Mitchell, 363 Randal H. Mitchell, 324 Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, 282 Robert Mitchell, 279 Steven E. Mitchell, 324 Susan V. Mitchell, 324 Lisa S. Mize, 363 Stephanie K. Mize, 340 Ina W. Mobley, 340 Karen S. Mobley, 340 Matthew B. Mobley, 363 Ken A. Mock, 340 James M. Mohr, 341 Anthony C. Molinaro, 363 Eugene W. Molinaro, 341 Michael G. Moll, 341 Laura J. Molnar, 363 Diana C. Monroe, 363 John W. Monroe, 377 Joy L. Monroe, 341 Mary A. Monroe, 324 Mary K. Monroe, 363 Preston D. Monroe, 341 Nicki M. Monson, 380 Carl Montague, 324 Freeman M. Montague Jr., 363 Barbara J. Montgomery, 341 Billy M. Montgomery, 363 Elaine Montgomery, 304 Judy Montgomery, 280 Karen L. Montgomery, 363 Mary E. Montgomery, 363 Mary M. Montgomery, 363 Renee Montgomery, 380 Ernest C. Monts, 304 Jane Moody, 324 Karen S. Moody, 363 James H. Moon, 304 Natalee Moon, 364 William B. Moon, 341 Danon C. Mooney, 304 Deborah F. Mooney, 364 Kimberly G. Mooneyham, 364 Andrew W. Moore, 364 Archie L. Moore, 341 Barney R. Moore, 364 Betty D. Moore, 341 Bruce E. Moore, 341 Charles O. Moore Jr., 324 David L. Moore, 341 Debbie M. Moore, 287 Gary M. Moore, 324 Jane Moore, 324 Joseph N. Moore III, 364 Linda J. Moore, 304 Lisa K. Moore, 364 Melissa A. Moore, 364 Nanette M. Moore, 364 Paige Moore, 341 Pamela K. Moore, 341 Phillip S. Moore, 364 Ralph Moore, 324 Raymond E. Moore Jr., 341 Richard W. Moore, 341 Robert R. Moore, 324 Susan K. Moore. 304 Timothy E. Moore, 364 William K. Moore, 341 Daniel R. Morales, 364 Sally J. Morehead, 304 Becky S. Morgan, 304 Beverly J. Morgan, 341 Bruce G. Morgan, 304 Carolyn E. Morgan, 285 Edward L. Morgan, 304 Evangelina J. Morgan, 324 Gary M. Morgan, 341 Glenda K. Morgan, 285 Gracie L. Morgan, 380 Harold L. Morgan, 380 Joyce M. Morgan, 364 Melinda K. Morgan, 324 Michael V. Morgan, 324 Parker Morgan III, 304 Paula D. Morgan, 364 Rita G. Morgan, 364 Sheila S. Morgan, 341 Vann A. Morgan, 341 Vicki L. Morgan, 324 Robert Morphis Jr., 341 Carolyn W. Morris, 377 James E. Morris, 324 James S. Morris, 380 Jerry L. Morris, 341 John H. Morris, 304 Joseph L. Morris, 276 Keith I. Morris, 375 Kelly Morris, 285 Leslie L. Morris, 341 Lynda G. Morris, 364 Mark E. Morris, 341 Marty W. Morris, 364 Ray A. Morris, 341 Sharon K. Morris, 364 Theresa A. Morris, 364 Debbie K. Morrison, 324 Michael G. Morrison, 364 Patricia G. Morrison, 324 Steven P. Morrison, 324 Tina L. Morrison, 364 Julia E. Morrow, 341 Carol A. Morse, 324 Dr. Dan F. Morse, 281 Gary L. Morton, 341 Burnie L. Mosby, 304 Debra A. Mosby, 324 Debra L. Moseley, 304 Connie C. Moser, 304 Patricia A. Moser, 374 Michael G. Mosley, 364 William C. Mosley, 304 Carolyn S. Moss, 304 Sally A. Moss, 304 Suda Dianne Moss, 364 Verna J. Moss, 374 Wilma L. Moss, 364 Michael L. Motes, 364 Debbie J. Motley, 364 Patricia A. Moudy, 364 Larry T. Moulder, 341 Nanci J. Mourot, 364 Charles Mouton Jr., 341 Dana M. Mouzy, 364 Carol D. Mowery, 341 Derinda S. Moxley, 364 Danny N. Moye, 304 Robyn L. Moye, 341 Robert J. Mroczkowski, 304 Jerry R. Muckensturm, 304 Kevin F. Muckensturm, 341 Randall K. Mulhollen, 364 Daniel R. Mullen, 304 Mary L. Mullikin, 341 Dana J. Mullins, 380 Dana L. Mullins, 341 Gary A. Mullins, 341 Joel W. Mullins, 324 Dr. Roland T. Mullins, 276 Ronnie D. Mullins, 364 Tommy L. Mumert, 341 Libby Mumma, 341 Orben D. Munn, 341 Catherine S. Muren, 364 Terri M. Murley, 341 Cheryl D. Murphy, 341 Christine A. Murphy, 364 Glen S. Murphy, 341 Ilagene Murphy, 341 Ronald D. Murphy, 287 Sandra P. Murphy, 364 Sylvia A. Murphy, 324 Terry R. Murphy, 324 Thomas P. Murphy, 364 Timothy L. Murphy, 364 Beverly L. Murray, 341 Samuel G. Murray, 324 Jim F. Murrey, 364 Joe H. Murrey, 276 Fred C. Mustain, 304 Paul D. Muzik, 324 Peter D. Muzik, 324 William P. Muzik, 304 Bruce D. Myers, 324 Charles E. Myers, 324 Grant Myers, 304 Patricia A. Myers, 380 Bruxie N. Myshka, 324 -N- Becky L. Nabholz, 364 Michael Nagy, 324 Marian J. Nahlen, 285 Jody K. Nail, 364 Dianne Nance, 374 Robert M. Nance, 341 Sonya J. Nance, 380 Dorothy A. Nash, 364 Vicki L. Nash, 364 Nora Nausbaum, 279 Dr. Paul M. Nave, 282 Anderson Neal, 341 Brenda M. Neal, 324 Elaine Neal, 364 Michael R. Neal, 304 Donald T. Neblett, 364 Drucilla R. Neeley, 375 Elizabeth G. Neeley, 280 Richard A. Neeley, 304 Sarah A. Neeley, 341 Anthony L. Neely, 364 Cheryl N. Neely, 364 Don M. Neely, 324 Gary D. Neely, 364 Jimmie L. Neely, 341 Michael E. Neely, 324 James E. Neighbors Jr., 364 James D. Neikirk, 364 Richie L. Nelms, 324 Vicki T. Nelms, 364 Billy J. Nelson Jr., 324 Byron G. Nelson, 341 Connie L. Nelson, 364 Dena R. Nelson, 380 Doris J. Nelson, 341 Emily C. Nelson, 364 Erwin Nelson, 324 Gary Nelson, 324 Larry E. Nelson, 364 Louie P. Nelson, 380 Jerry F. Neumeyer, 341 Janet Ann Newberry, 341 Joan D. Newberry, 364 Kenneth E. Newberry, 341 Marla L. Newberry, 364 Susan D. Newberry, 364 Tommie E. Newberry, 324 James T. Newboles, 364 Deborah A. Newborn, 304 Mary K. Newborn, 364 Larry J. Newcomb, 364 Charles E. Newman Jr., 304 Juanita L. Newman, 341 James R. Newsom, 304 Lisa K. Newsom, 364 Lottie L. Newsom, 364 Andy E. Newton, 364 Craig N. Nichols, 304 Michael Nichols, 324 Michael V. Nichols, 305 Ronald W. Nichols, 364 Roy E. Nichols, 305 Sabrina K. Nichols, 364 Shelia S. Nichols, 364 Shirley A. Nichols, 364 Jamie J. Nicholson, 305 Linda Nicholson, 341 Samuel S. Nicholson, 364 Rosemary B. Nickell, 324 Beverly T. Nickles, 341 Robert M. Nickles, 324 David L. Niederbrach, 324 David Niederbrach, 279 Shirley J. Niemi, 285 David A. Nigus, 341 Claire A. Nix, 305 David G. Nix, 341 George E. Noble, 364 Steve D. Noble, 341 Larry J. Noblin, 305 Cynthia G. Noel, 324 Carolyn S. Noell, 364 Jana L. Noles, 305 Robin D. Noles, 364 James O. Norman, 365 Kathy L. Norman, 341 Michael L. Norman, 287 Mary B. Norris, 341 Nancy D. Norris, 341 Dr. Warren A. North, 276 Ronald J. Northcutt, 341 Manochehr B. Nouri, 324 Charles B. Nuckles, 365 Phyllis H. Nuckols, 365 Marsha A. Nugent, 324 -0- Max W. Oakley, 324 Joe N. Oates, 324 Kim C. O'Brien, 365 Michael A. O'Brien, 341 Rosanne M. O'Brien, 365 David L. O'Cain, 365 Ronnie L. O'Cain, 324 Bill L. Odom, 305 Mary E. Odom, 365 Gordon O. O'Donnell, 365 Osaro M. Ogiamien, 341 Marianne O'Hara, 374 Dr. Robert L. Ohlsen, 278 Sharon K. O'Kelley, 365 Dr. Frank W. Oldham Jr., 276 Eddy L. Oliver, 324 Judy L. Oliver, 341 Teresa A. Oliver, 365 Westley A. Oliver, 305 SGM James N. Oller, 282 Dr. Larry A. Olson, 281 Christopher O'Mary, 305 Bobby R. O'Neal, 341 Rodney L. O,Neal, 341 Michael O'Reilly, 324 Patricia N. O'Reilly, 341 Kathy Orel, 341 Terry K. Orick, 378 Stephen J. Orlicek, 305 Carolyn E. Orr, 341 David P. Orr, 342 James D. Orr, 342 Michael G. Orr, 342 Donald R. Orton, 324 Gwen Osborn, 324 Lawerence M. Osborn, 365 Lewis Osborn, 365 Elizabeth A. Osborne, 342 Kristin K. Osborne, 365 Dr. John C. Osoinach, 281 Debbie Ostrowski, 374 Carolyn S. Oswald, 365 MaryJo Oswalt, 365 Robert L. Oswalt, 305 Ernest M. Ott, 324 John P. Otto, 305 Ronald W. Ouzts, 324 Dr. Julius W. Overbeck, 282 Gary W. Overstreet, 377 Barbara A. Owen, 342 Debra A. Owen, 365 Stephen J. Owen, 324 Charles D. Owens, 342 Dixie L. Owens, 374 Gary C. Owens, 365 Hollis L. Owens, 305 James P. Owens, 324 Michael R. Owens, 324 Sherry E. Owens, 305 Terry L. Owens, 324 Vivian M. Owens, 342 Wendel R. Owens, 365 William M. Owens Jr., 365 David R. Oxendine, 324 Steven M. Oxner, 342 -p- Linda G. Pabst, 305 Jerri C. Pace, 324 Martin D. Pace, 342 Stephen R. Pace, 342 Wilma L. Pace, 342 James W. Pack, 365 Del A. Pagan, 324 Steve O. Pagan, 342 Richard E. Page, 342 William H. Page, 365 Ken N. Paige, 342 Roy F. Painter III, 305 Jerry A. Paladino, 324 George M. Palmer, 305 Melvin J. Palmer, 305 Murrell E. Palmer, 324 Phillip A. Palmer, 342 Raymond M. Palmer, 305 Robert N. Palmer, 324 Sarah R. Palmer, 305 Nita A. Palone, 324 Pamela M. Palone, 365 Peter J. Palone, 342 Tony A. Palone, 324 Nancy J. Pankey, 365 Stephen A. Pankey, 342 Phil B. Panneck, 305 William L. Panneck, 287 Jesse W. Pannells, 365 David H. Panter, 365 Phillip H. Para, 342 Charles E. Parham, 305 Susan A. Pardee, 365 Robbie E. Parham, 325 Roberta J. Parish, 342 Karen L. Park, 325 Shirley D. Park, 305 Cathy M. Parker, 365 Charles T. Parker, 342 Chris R. Parker, 365 Cindy D. Parker, 325 Dan L. Parker, 325 Donna J. Parker, 305 Evelyn D. Parker, 365 George M. Parker, 365 Jay L. Parker, 377 Judy C. Parker, 305 Karen J. Parker, 365 Margaret A. Parker, 380 Martha A. Parker, 365 Matt Parker, 365 Phil W. Parker, 342 Robbin C. Parker, 305 RoseMarie Parker, 365 Teressa H. Parker, 365 Tom Parker, 376 Carol S. Parkerson, 325 James R. Parks, 365 John D. Parks, 342 Kenneth Parks, 279 Sheryl L. Parks, 374 Riebbecca L. Parmer, 365 Thomas M. Parnell, 365 Jerry R. Parr, 377 Susan Y. Parrish, 342 Pat T. Parrott, 342 Donald W. Parsley, 342 Martha A. Parsley, 325 Gale R. Parsons, 365 George M. Parsons, 325 Dave L. Parten, 380 Dennis D. Parten, 305 Linda C. Parten, 342 Lauri E. Partlow, 325 Vicki L. Pasmore, 325 Benny R. Passmore, 305 Shelia A. Passmore, 374 Carolyn A. Patrick, 365 Fred L. Patrick, 305 Patricia A. Patrick, 365 Rickey D. Patrick, 342 Donna K. Patterson, 365 Marcia A. Patton, 342 Dr. James L. Patty, 279 James B. Paul, 325 Harjatta D. Paulsson, 342 Joe A. Pavelko, 305 Carol A. Payne, 342 Mike D. Payne, 325 Sherrie A. Payne, 305 Warren R. Payne Jr., 287 John F. Peacock, 325 Joyce A. Peacock, 365 Linda L. Peacock, 365 Debra J. Pearman, 305 Jon K. Pearman, 342 Brenda F. Pearson, 365 Cheryl L. Pearson, 342 Mike S. Pearson, 365 Renee Pearson, 380 Tony O. Pearson, 342 Allen J. Pecotte, 325 Dr. George S. Peek, 280 Charles E. Peel, 325 Jimmy W. Peeples, 305 Leane C. Pelts, 305 Woodrow C. Pender, 365 Paul C. Pendergist, 378 Cynthia D. Penn, 325 William E. Penna, 325 Randy T. Pepper, 325 David D. Percifull, 365 John Peregrin, 342 Dr. Emilio Perez, 278 Patricia S. Perkey, 342 Beverly J. Perkins, 365 Heayron C. Perkins, 342 Mary J. Perkins, 365 Dennis E. Peronia, 325 Tony Perrin, 325 Abrilla Perry, 342 Clyde D. Perry, 305 Daphene F. Perry, 365 Jacqueline Perry, 305 Jeffrey Perry, 342 Mae E. Perry, 365 Richard L. Perry, 342 Stan D. Perry, 342 Gayla L. Perryman, 365 Ada L. Person, 342 Ann M. Pettengell, 365 Patrick A. Pettengell, 287 Brenda M. Peters, 342 Dr. George T. Peters, 277 Joseph A. Peters, 305 Patricia S. Petrus, 325 David W. Pewett, 342 Georgia K. Pfeifer, 342 Richard A. Phaup, 305 Gary J. Phelan, 305 Bruce E. Phelix, 365 Jo H. Phelps, 342 Robert M. Phelps, 325 John P. Phifer, 365 Randy F. Philhours, 342 Barry G. Phillips, 305 David T. Phillips, 342 Janet M. Phillips, 365 Kay P. Phillips, 365 Lance C. Phillips, 365 Louis E. Phillips, 306 Pamela A. Phillips, 342 Thomas F. Phillips, 365 Tony J. Phillips, 325 Marcia H. Philyaw, 378 Thomas D. Philyaw, 306 Gladys I. Piatt, 306 Karen Pickett, 306 Larry W. Pickett, 325 Terry G. Pickett, 365 David E. Pickney, 306 Catherine M. Pierce, 306 Dave E. Pierce, 325 Jesse D. Pierce, 365 Leonard Allen Pierce, 342 Melinda B. Pierce, 365 Pamela D. Pierce, 342 Trent P. Pierce, 306 Melinda Pierceall, 365 Laurel J. Piercy, 342 Leo A. Pierron, 365 Stephen Pierron, 325 Charles L. Pigg, 306 Jerry K. Pike, 325 Linda E. Pike, 306 Terry W. Piker, 380 Denise L. Pikey, 378 Linda J. Pillow, 325 Roger F. Pillow, 365 Kathy L. Pinchback, 325 Marty Pinkston, 325 Shelly L. Pinkston, 365 Timmy M. Pipkins, 306 Bobby W. Pittman, 365 Danny F. Pitts, 365 Donna L. Pitts, 365 Terri A. Pitts, 342 Ruth A. Plaster, 366 Rick W. Plate, 366 James R. Poff, 366 Mary L. Pogue, 325 Jeff K. Polglase, 366 Karen L. Polk, 285 Cathy G. Pollock, 366 Jamie S. Pollock, 374 Michael D. Pollock, 366 Mike D. Polston, 325 Danny R. Poole, 306 Harry L. Poole Jr., 366 James T. Poole, 366 Melissa A. Poole, 366 Joseph K. Poore, 366 Debby J. Pope, 342 Pearl A. Pope, 325 Rommy W. Pope, 306 Larry R. Popejoy, 366 Nancy C. Popejoy, 366 John M. Porbeck, 377 Janet E. Porter, 306 Johnny L. Porter, 342 Anna Marie Posey, 325 Debborah L. Poeteet, 366 Harvey E. Potter, 342 Ramona D. Potter, 325 James S. Pounders, 366 Alicia M. Powell, 366 Edith C. Powell, 325 Richard W. Powell, 306 Syble P. Powell, 366 Tom L. Powell, 325 Vicki D. Powell, 306 Dr. M. Susan Power, 281 Carol A. Prance, 306 Kathryn A. Prater, 306 Lola F. Prater, 342 Debbie A. Pratt, 366 Dorothy E. Prescott, 342 Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott, 278 Emmett A. Presley, 281 Marvin K. Presley, 366 Michael L. Presley, 366 Ellen Pressgrove, 366 Rosanna Prestidge, 306 Glenda R. Pretty, 342 Margaret A. Pretty, 366 SFC Cleylon B. Price, 282 Cynthia L. Price, 366 Debra L. Price, 306 Garmon Y. Price, 342 Dr. Herbert H. Price Jr., 276 James M. Price, 325 Troy A. Price, 366 Mary C. Prichard, 366 John M. Priday, 306 Danny J. Pridmore, 306 Martha K. Priest, 306 Terry L. Primm, 366 Kathy S. Primm, 380 Billy R. Prince, 287 Danny C. Prince, 306 James L. Prince, 306 Johnny L. Prince, 306 Michael P, Prince, 366 Frank M. Prislovsky, 342 Howard E. Prislovsky, 366 Mendy A. Prislovsky, 366 Robert S. Pritchett, 287 James H. Privett, 342 Jill L. Privett, 366 Keith B. Privett, 306 Paula L. Proctor, 366 Darlene Y. Proffitt, 366 Terry G. Proffitt, 366 Jane E. Prothro, 306 Devin M. Pruett, 380 Sherry N. Pruiett, 378 Robert E. Puckett, 366 Terry W. Puckett, 366 George E. Puddephatt, 377 Charles A. Pudinas, 342 Carolyn S. Pugh, 376 Dr. Jimmy Rex Pulley, 276 Beverly A. Pulliam, 375 Floyd R. Pumphrey, 342 Sherri K. Purcell, 342 Debra K. Purtee, 366 Pamela T. Purvis, 366 David E. Puryear, 325 Mary F. Puryear, 325 David L. Pyle, 366 -Q- David Qualls, 306 James S. Qualls, 325 Rocky L. Qualls, 366 Walter D. Qualls, 366 Maud D. Quarrels, 366 Michael L. Quick, 366 Robert H. Quick, 325 -R- David A. Rabeneck, 325 Richard M. Rager, 366 Barry E. Ragsdale, 342 Sandra K. Ragsdale, 380 Dennis C. Ragsdell, 366 Dr. Paul L. Raines, 281 Paulette D. Rains, 342 Michael D. Ramone, 306 Debbie D. Ramsey, 366 Raychene A. Ramsey, 366 Rick T. Ramsey, 285 Steve G. Ramsey, 366 Tim Ramsey, 306 Derek Randolph, 342 Bascom C. Raney, 325 Melissa L. Raney, 342 Carolyn A. Rankin, 306 Paula J. Rankin, 366 Clyde W. Ransom, 325 Monica Rapert, 374 Charles L. Rasberry, 277 Larry D. Rasberry, 378 Calvin T. Ratliff, 325 Gaylon B. Ratliff, 342 Jack D. Ratliff, 342 Martha A. Ratliff, 325 Patricia E. Ratton, 378 John H. Rauth, 278 Lela D. Rawls, 366 Billy C. Ray, 325 Carrold Ray, 366 Fredia D. Ray, 343 George E. Ray, 306 Margaret E. Ray, 366 Mitch L. Ray, 343 Patricia A. Ray, 325 Patsy M. Ray, 343 Shane Ray, 380 Carrol E. Rayburn, 306 Wanda J. Rayburn, 374 Mary J. Raymond, 374 Gloria P. Rea, 380 Timothy H. Reagan, 325 Kathy L. Reams, 343 Janet S. Reaper, 306 Susan H. Reasoner, 287 Ronald R. Reaves, 325 Michael L. Recktenwald, 366 Danny R. Redd, 325 Jim W. Redd, 325 Carl Redfield, 380 Patricia K. Reding, 366 Charolette R. Reece, 325 Mike W. Reece, 380 Janette Reed, 343 Janice C. Reed, 366 Jennie L. Reed, 343 Mitchell L. Reed, 343 Randy L. Reed, 343 Terrie J. Reed, 325 Theresa A. Reed, 343 Billy R. Rees, 366 Malcolm Reese, 306 Cheryl E. Reeves, 366 Sandra K. Reeves, 343 James G. Rega, 343 Debbie K. Reginelli, 366 Carla A. Reid, 343 Deborah J. Reid, 325 Denise Reid, 366 Jeanie E. Reid, 343 William E. Reid, 366 James N. Reichert, 306 Edward C. Reilly, 280 Paul T. Remagen, 325 Carol S. Renfro, 366 Kenneth T. Renshaw, 287 Dr. Stephen H. Replogle, 276 Ethel L. Rester, 366 Jeff H. Rettig, 325 Bryan D. Reuteler, 287 Otha E. Revoner, 306 Janice L. Reynolds, 306 Lonnie J. Reynolds, 325 Mary S. Reynolds, 306 Nina B. Reynolds, 343 Patricia A. Reynolds, 306 Robin W. Reynolds, 325 Dr. Arthur A. Rezny, 277 Robert W. Rhein, 325 Carma L. Rhodes, 343 Dr. Edith A. Rhodes, 279 Larry W. Rhodes, 377 Rhonda D. Rhodes, 366 Rhonda S. Rhodes, 325 Sharon L. Rice, 366 Truman C. Rice, 366 William M. Rice, 378 Cookie Richards, 366 Debbie K. Richards, 325 Dr. E. Leon Richards, 281 Dr. Karl F. Richards, 279 Steve L. Richards, 380 Carl S. Richardson, 366 Danny G. Richardson, 287 David M. Richardson, 366 James A. Richardson, 343 James R. Richardson, 307 John N. Richardson, 307 Larry K. Richardson, 325 Mary G. Richardson, 325 Nancy D. Richardson, 366 SueAnn Richardson, 343 William N. Richardson, 325 William T. Richardson, 366 Bobie W. Richey, 343 Roger D. Richey, 343 Nancy L. Richie, 307 David A. Richmond, 380 Michael G. Richmond, 366 Peggy A. Richmond, 366 Rick C. Richmond, 367 David A. Rickman, 367 Ronnie L. Riddell, 367 Sharon K. Riddell, 343 Carrie S. Rider, 367 Randy N. Ridge, 367 Theresa A. Ridge, 367 Larry G. Ridgeway, 307 Valerie Y. Ridley, 343 Marie Rie, 343 Monica J. Riefer, 325 Petra Mary Riga, 367 Howard D. Riggs, 325 Paula L. Riggs, 343 Tommy E. Rigsbee, 325 Brenda D. Riley, 325 Carl D. Riley, 367 Cheryl L. Riley, 326 Donna K. Riley, 367 Freddie L. Riley, 326 Janice D. Riley, 343 Phyllis K. Riley, 367 Walter L. Riley, 343 Rick L. Riney, 367 Deborah L. Ring, 367 Donna F. Ring, 367 Donna L. Ring, 287 Philip O. Ring, 367 Sharron D. Ring, 343 Gloria Dee Ripley, 367 Bobby J. Ritchey, 326 Clyde J. Ritchie Jr., 367 Steve M. Ritchie, 367 Archie R. Ritter, 367 Rae Ann Ritter, 367 Earl D. Rivers, 343 Bobby L. Roach, 326 Carlton B. Roach, 367 Dena Roach, 343 Terry Roach, 326 William D. Roach, 367 Charlene D. Robbins, 285 Michael H. Robbins, 326 Randall L. Robbins, 367 Carol A. Roberson, 367 Charlotte T. Roberson, 326 Larry W. Roberson, 307 Sherry L. Roberson, 326 Lavelle M. Robert, 343 Bobby D. Roberts, 367 Charles W. Roberts, 367 Donald L. Roberts, 326 Dr. Donald R. Roberts, 276 Gary J. Roberts, 326 Kenneth C. Roberts, 326 Lisa Y. Roberts, 367 Dr. Lloyd E. Roberts, 277 Mark Roberts, 367 Patti C. Roberts, 367 Rhonda L. Roberts, 307 Rose M. Roberts, 343 Cynthia R. Robertson, 367 Darrell Robertson, 326 Rachelle Robertson, 375 Reginald Robertson, 326 William J. Robertson, 307 Donnie R. Robins, 380 Abbie G. Robinson, 367 Anna L. Robinson, 307 Bill W. Robinson, 367 Carolyn D. Robinson, 367 Clementine Robinson, 380 Doug Robinson, 343 Ellen H. Robinson, 280 Fred D. Robinson, 276 George E. Robinson, 343 John A. Robinson, 307 John C. Robinson, 367 John T. Robinson, 307 Joyce M. Robinson, 343 Kenneth N. Robinson, 348 Marcia L. Robinson, 367 Pamela D. Robinson, 343 Robin G. Robinson, 367 Sarah L. Robinson, 343 Sharon D. Robinson, 343 Sheila L. Robinson, 326 Bonnie J. Rockwell, 279 Steve Rockwell, 367 Lisa M. Roddy, 367 Ava S. Rodery, 307 Donna J. Rodery, 326 Steve K. Rodery, 343 Tracy L. Rodgers, 367 Bobby J. Roetzel, 343 Bill H. Rogers, 326 Brenda J. Rogers, 307 Bryian T. Rogers, 367 Candy L. Rogers, 326 Carolyn D. Rogers, 367 Daniel Rogers, 307 James A. Rogers, 343 James T. Rogers Jr., 307 June E. Rogers, 326 Paul Rogers, 367 Stanley W. Rogers, 367 Terry L. Rogers, 367 William A. Rogers, 343 William L. Rogers, 278 Randy M. Romero, 367 Virginia D. Romine, 307 Patsey Rook, 343 Randall S. Roop, 367 Debra L. Roper, 326 Joseph D. Roque, 285 Pamela G. Rorick, 367 Max A. Rose, 326 Peter F. Rose Jr., 367 Dr. Daniel F. Ross, 279 David K. Ross, 367 Glenn D. Ross 307 Halloween Ross Jr., 380 Mary F. Ross, 307 Patsy L. Ross, 343 Rhonda W. Ross, 307 Terry G. Ross, 343 Dr. Timothy A. Ross, 280 Dr. Robert F. Rossa, 282 April L. Rothgeb, 367 David L. Rothgeb, 343 Christy A. Rothgery, 287 Teri L. Rothgery, 367 Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, 276 David C. Rounds, 367 Linda F. Rouse, 326 Claude Routh Jr., 326 Dennis Rowe, 377 Mark A. Rowe, 367 James T. Rowland, 307 Patricia L. Rowland, 343 Schuler B. Rowland, 326 Connie L. Rowlett, 326 James A. Rowlett, 326 Barry E. Roy, 367 Mike J. Roy, 343 Robert B. Rubenstein, 307 Susan D. Rudkin, 343 Bobby G. Ruff, 277 C. Bonner Ruff, 279 John Ruff, 343 Ricky L. Ruffin, 326 Scott H. Rule, 367 Debra S. Rummells, 307 Stephen C. Runnels, 326 I 3 Brenda K. Rupard, 367 Leland W. Rush, 307 Jimmie A. Rushing, 375 John L. Rushing, 287 James F. Rusidoff, 326 Judy F. Russ, 343 Jimmy A. Russell, 307 Judith A. Russell, 307 Mark H. Russell, 367 Nina L. Russell, 343 Johnny D. Rutherford, 343 Cynthia M. Rutledge, 326 Eileen Ruthledge, 367 Patricia J. Ryan,326 Robert R. Ryan, 367 Nancy A. Rybak, 326 Johnny C. Rye, 343 -S- James E. Sacchettini, 367 Nancy S. Sadler, 307 Ronnie Sairls, 343 Jo N. Sale, 307 Dr. M. Vance Sales, 277 Raphael A. Saliba, 343 Cullen L. Samford Jr., 307 Paula B. Samford, 287 Clara L. Sample, 326 Jeannie Sample, 367 Kenneth R. Sample, 343 Vicky Samson, 367 Javad M. Sanati, 343 Julie G. Sanderlin 326 Daniel J. Sanders, 326 Donald L. Sanders, 326 Henry G. Sanders, 326 Jean M. Sanders, 343 Priscilla L. Sanders, 326 Randy L. Sanders, 367 Richard G. Sanders, 326 Glenn D. Sanderson, 307 Leslie C. Sandlin, 326 Sherri L. Sandow, 343 Charles R. Sands Jr., 307 Susan G. Sanford, 280 Vincent M. Sanford, 380 Kenneth N. Saucier, 343 David A. Saugey, 285 Robert O. Saunders Sr., 282 David J. Sawyer, 343 Sandra E. Saylor, 343 John B. Scaife, 326 LaRene Scaife, 307 Randy Scaife, 307 Dr. Charles H. Scanlon, 282 . Beverly A. Scarborough, 367 Richard Scarbrough, 326 Victor C. Scauzzo, 376 Ronald L. Schafer, 326 Edward Scharff Jr., 307 Steve C. Schedler, 367 Katherine G. Schell, 380 Kathleen A. Schenk, 378 Kurt A. Schenk, 343 Billie L. Scherer, 367 Janet K. Schisler, 307 David J. Schlatter, 367 Liane Schlegel, 343 Sandra P. Schlueter, 367 Gus L. Schmidt, 326 Wayne F. Schmidt, 307 Hal M. Schmitt, 343 Steven J. Schmitz, 367 John M. Schneck, 326 Michael T. Schoenborn, 367 Ann M. Schrieber, 380 Dr. LaVonne Schrieber, 279 Vicki J. Schroeder, 326 Jay C. Schuetzle, 326 Mike A. Schug, 375 Teddy G. Schug, 367 Terry L. Schug, 368 James M. Schulten, 368 Stacy L. Schwindt, 368 Alan H. Scott, 326 Barry N. Scott, 343 Carl H. Scott, 368 Clyde D. Scott, 368 Danny W. Scott, 343 Debbie K. Scott, 343 Edna G. Scott, 326 Floyd L. Scott, 377 James F. Scott, 307 Keith D. Scott, 368 Kenneth M. Scott, 326 Michael N. Scott, 307 Peggy L. Scott, 368 Richard L. Scott, 326 Tommy G. Scott, 368 William F. Scott, 377 William L. Scott, 380 Betty A. Scruggs, 368 Paula R. Seabaugh, 368 Alan V. Seagrave Jr., 307 Patricia L. Seagrave, 343 Robert E. Sealy, 326 Rebecca L. Seamans, 343 Robert A. Searles, 344 Jennifer L. Sears, 344 Frank W. Seaton Sr., 307 Frank W. Seaton Jr., 326 Pamela Seaton, 326 Sandra B. Seay, 279 Nancy D. Sefers, 368 Pamela D. Sefers, 307 Robert H. Seidenstricker, 368 Lana M. Serio, 326 Michael R. Settlemoir, 368 Lucille Settles, 380 Ramona J. Severe, 326 Beth W. Seward, 326 Stephen A. Sewell, 307 Darrel D. Sexton, 326 Donald L. Sexton, 380 Glenda E. Sexton, 377 Larry A. Sexton, 308 Barbara G. Shaneyfelt, 368 Cynthia I. Shaneyfelt, 368 Albert T. Shannahan, 378 Sharon K. Shannon, 287 Sherry L. Shannon, 374 Warrick Shannon, 368 Wright Shannon, 308 Debra K. Sharits, 308 Myrtle M. Sharits, 368 Donald G. Sharp, 308 Donald W. Sharp, 368 Harold R. Sharp, 326 Leonard E. Sharp, 344 Rodney A. Sharp, 326 Sharon K. Sharp, 308 Patricia K. Shaver, 368 Michael D. Shay, 368 James M. Shea, 308 Melinda A. Shea, 368 William A. Sheets Jr., 380 Lela R. Sheffield, 368 Robert E. Shellenberger, 326 Annesa G. Shelton, 344 Byron L. Shelton, 344 Judy R. Shelton, 368 Shelia K. Shelton, 344 Sherry L. Shelton, 326 Shirley A. Shelton, 368 Dr. J. B. Sheofee, 282 James M. Sheppard, 285 Thomas C. Shepherd, 326 Denise M. Sheppard, 380 Thomas D. Sheppard, 380 Ralph A. Sheridan, 287 Donna Sherman, 368 Lee Sherman, 368 Patricia M. Sherman, 368 Sharon L. Sherman, 380 Betty Sherrill, 308 Dave A. Shields, 380 Cynthia J. Shipley, 368 Eric P. Shipley, 344 Connie L. Shirley, 368 Pamella M. Shirley, 344 Wenzola Shirley, 344 John J. Shivley, 326 Mary A. Shoemake, 368 Vicky L. Shoemaker, 368 Eddie R. Short, 368 Timothy K. Short, 368 Sara F. Shouse, 344 Carol E. Shults, 344 Lizabeth A. Shults, 326 Steven D. Shults, 376 Terry G. Shultz, 368 Terri L. Shumate, 368 Theodore Shumpert, 326 Don E. Sibrava, 368 Phillip A. Sides, 368 James E. Siegler Jr., 368 Mike Siemieniec, 344 Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, 282 Kevin E. Sigsby, 368 Martha J. Sigsby, 308 Raymond L. Simes, 344 Louise V. Simington, 344 Allan J. Simmons, 368 Curt K. Simmons, 326 Eldon M. Simmons, 368 Elizabeth G. Simmons, 378 John R. Simmons, 308 Kreth A. Simmons, 368 Patricia J. Simmons, 368 Roy G. Simmons, 344 Carla B. Simon, 326 Randy K. Simpkins, 368 Ricky D. Simpkins, 326 Bobby W. Simpson, 326 Charles E. Simpson, 344 David E. Simpson, 344 Debra J. Simpson, 326 Kathryn Simpson, 380 Millie Simpson, 344 Norma M. Simpson, 368 Dr. Ray L. Simpson, 278 Roger D. Simpson, 308 Ronald W. Simpson, 344 Susan A. Simpson, 308 William H. Simpson, 327 Elisa K. Sims, 344 Randy R. Sims, 308 Stanley L. Sims, 368 Curtis R. Singleton, 308 Donna G. Singleton, 368 John W. Singleton, 344 Larry D. Singleton, 368 Michael W. Singleton, 327 Rocky S. Singleton, 368 Marcia A. Singley, 344 Johnny L. Sinks, 368 David E. Sirmans, 308 Deborah E. Sisk, 308 Jeffry A. Sisk, 308 Larry B. Sisk, 344 Todd Sisk, 368 Ricky L. Sitz, 368 Gary S. Sitzer, 327 Timothy K. Sitzer, 368 Howard R. Skaggs, 327 Janet L. Skelley, 368 Jerry M. Skelton, 368 Rena D. Skelton, 368 Patricia L. Skillman, 327 Kay Skinner, 344 Steve M. Skinner, 308 Alfred R. Skoog, 279 Lisa K. Skoog, 368 Ann C. Sladek, 380 Samuel D. Slaton, 344 Ralph D. Slatton, 380 Sakae Slatton, 308 Gary L. Slavings, 380 Judith T. Slavings, 380 Ricky L. Slavings, 327 Donny J . Slayton, 368 Richard N. Slayton, 308 Cliff V. Slinkard, 344 Karen G. Sloan, 327 Susan L. Sloan, 308 Jim W. Smalley, 308 John W. Smalling, 287 Thomas W. Smalling, 327 Frances Smallwood, 278 Greg S. Smart, 327 Jackie R. Smart, 308 Jimmie C. Smart, 344 Paul E. Smart, 368 Audrey A. Smelser, 368 Kathy M. Smelser, 344 Grant E. Smiley, 344 Alfred Smith Jr., 308 Barry C. Smith, 378 Benjamin W. Smith, 344 Brenda F. Smith, 308 C. Calvin Smith, 280 Carol S. Smith, 368 Connie R. Smith, 368 Cynthia E. Smith, 308 Daisy Diane Smith, 344 David L. Smith, 327 Deborah J. Smith, 327 Deborah L. Smith, 327 Debra Ann Smith, 327 Debra K. Smith, 308 Denetrice J. Smith, 368 Denise M. Smith, 368 Diane Smith, 327 Donna J. Smith, 368 Elizabeth H. Smith, 308 Capt. Floyd Smith, 382 Gary L. Smith, 368 Gary M. Smith, 287 Gary S. Smith, 308 Gerald E. Smith, 344 Greg P. Smith, 368 Gregory A. Smith, 344 Harold T. Smith, 327 Harry V. Smith, 368 James W. Smith, 327 Janet D. Smith, 368 Janie K. Smith, 327 Jannette Smith, 327 Jennings B. Smith, 327 Jerell L. Smith, 308 Jimmy G. Smith, 344 Joan R. Smith, 368 Judy A. Smith, 327 Judy E. Smith, 308 Karen E. Smith, 327 Karen L. Smith, 369 Kathleen T. Smith, 344 Kathy E. Smith, 369 Kenneth L. Smith, 285 LaDawn Smith, 344 Mark T. Smith, 369 Mary A. Smith, 327 Mary L. Smith, 285 Melissa G. Smith, 308 Michael J. Smith, 327 Mike J. Smith, 308 Mona G. Smith, 369 Olliemae Smith, 369 Pamala M. Smith, 369 Patricia C. Smith, 344 Paula K. Smith, 327 Paula K. Smith, 369 Pearlie M. Smith, 344 Phil D. Smith, 344 Phillip K. Smith, 327 Randy A. Smith, 369 Rebecca K. Smith, 344 Reginald J. Smith, 369 Richard F. Smith, 308 Richard L. Smith, 344 Dr. Robert P. Smith, 282 Rodney M. Smith, 308 Roland D. Smith, 344 Ron A. Smith, 369 Ronnie G. Smith, 344 Ronnie K. Smith, 369 Sara S. Smith, 308 Sharon L. Smith, 327 Sharron D. Smith, 344 Sidney L. Smith, 327 Stanley Smith, 327 Stephen C. Smith, 308 Stephen W. Smith, 369 Steven S. Smith, 327 Tanya L. Smith, 369 Terrie L. Smith, 369 Terry L. Smith, 369 Terry R. Smith, 308 Tommy M. Smith, 369 Vickey J. Smith, 344 Vicki A. Smith, 327 Voughna R. Smith, 344 Wanda C. Smith, 327 William M. Smith, 369 William N. Smith, 282 Rickey L. Smithee, 369 William R. Smithers, 308 Sandra Smithson, 369 Joseph S. Smithwick, 344 Michael E. Smoker, 327 Steven E. Smoker, 344 Robin A. Smoot, 327 Darla A. Snapp, 369 David E. Sneed, 327 Sandra A. Sneed, 308 Patricia W. Snell, 327 Lois M. Snider, 282 Margaret B. Snipes, 308 Lynn P. Snow, 309 Martha E. Snow, 369 Kim O. Snowden, 378 Sherrie L. Snowden, 369 William G. Snowden, 375 Betty J. Snyder, 344 Charles R. Snyder, 369 Donna J. Snyder, 369 Kathy L. Snyder, 327 Marilyn M. Snyder, 380 Patricia A. Snyder, 344 Paulette S. Snyder, 376 Wanda J. Snyder, 309 William D. Snyder, 327 Cynthia L. Somers, 344 Harvey W. Sontag, 287 Cindy L. South, 380 David South, 327 Ricky S. South, 327 Stephen Southard, 344 Carol S. Sowell, 309 Gary G. Sowle, 327 Jan A. Spain, 369 David J. Spann, 344 Allen G. Spears, 309 Gene Spears, 369 Dr. Jared Spears, 279 Larry R. Spears, 327 Robert E. Speer, 327 Tony R. Speer, 369 Billy L. Spence, 309 Jacky D. Spence, 309 Michael G. Spence, 369 Sheila A. Spence, 380 Suzanne L. Spence, 309 Carol A. Spencer, 309 Janet L. Spencer, 344 Kathi M. Spencer, 369 Kenneth W. Spencer, 309 Tommy W. Spencer, 344 Sherry R. Spicer, 309 Leeanne M. Spigner, 369 Bradley L. Spikes, 369 Tiana L. Spivey, 309 Susan A. Springer, 369 Cathy E. Springle, 327 David A. Sproling, 327 Sandra J. Sprvell, 381 Randal T. Spurgin, 309 Denise Spurlock, 344 William W. Spurlock, 344 Robert R. Squires, 327 Michael Stack, 309 Hubert M. Stacks, 309 Janet D. Stacy, 309 Robert H. Stacy, 327 Louis J. Stadler, 327 David L. Stafford, 369 Gina L. Stafford, 369 Jesse W. Stafford, 309 Ken W. Stafford, 344 Robert C. Stafford, 369 Joan H. Stake, 327 Thomas E. Stalcup, 309 Frances Stallcup, 309 Brenda A. Stallings, 369 Ronnie L. Stallings, 327 Aaron J. Stanback, 381 Larry A. Stanford, 377 Sharon Stanford, 381 Freddie L. Stanley, 344 Glenda C. Stanley, 327 John M. Stanley, 344 William R. Stanley, 285 Winifred A. Stanton, 327 Bernard J. Stark, 369 Frank L. Stark, 344 John S. Stark, 344 Mavis C. Stark, 369 Wyvonne Stark, 344 Becky L. Starr, 344 Jodie Starr, 309 Robert R. Starr, 309 Peggy S. Statler, 369 William Statler, 309 James W. Staton, 327 Bob C. Statton, 327 Amy E. Stearns, 327 Jacqueline D. Steed, 378 Jo A. Steed, 309 Joe C. Steed, 369 Mark E. Steed, 327 Philip D. Steed, 381 Tom A. Steed, 327 Donna J. Steele, 344 Rex J. Steele, 287 Julia A. Steffy, 369 Allen Stegall Jr., 369 Mark T. Stegmann, 369 Lawrence E, Steimel, 369 Jennie M. Steinbeck, 309 Michael F. Steinegger, 369 Maxie L. Stem, 327 Charles D. Stephan, 378 Dennis L. Stephens, 369 Gary L. Stephens, 327 Joan M. Stephens, 327 Oliver C. Stephens, 309 Dr. Robert E. Stephens, 277 Gary W. Stephenson, 285 Nancy G. Stephenson, 309 Janet K. Sterling, 377 Steve W. Sterling, 327 Wincle L. Sterling, 344 Brenda J. Stevens, 327 Iris A. Stevens, 309 Rick L. Stevens, 369 Annette Stevenson, 327 Donna L. Stevenson, 369 James P. Stevenson, 309 Karen Y. Stevenson, 327 Terry W. Stevenson, 344 Wanda L. Stevenson, 344 Earnestine Steward, 369 Rebecca L. Steward, 327 Beverly K. Stewart, 309 Chester R. Stewart, 281 Danny A. Stewart, 309 Jerry A. Stewart, 309 Kenny W. Stewart, 327 Mark J. Stewart, 309 Rickey L. Stewart, 369 Terry D. Stewart, 344 Van J. Stewart, 369 William A. Stickler, 344 David K. Stiles, 309 Natalie Stiles, 378 Walter C. Stiles, 369 William R. Still, 345 Linda C. Stills, 309 Louis E. Stine, 327 Steven L. Stinnett, 309 Thomas A. Stinson, 377 Michael W. Stogsdill, 369 David E. Stokes, 309 Sharon R. Stokes, 369 Laura L. Stolzer, 345 Barbara L. Stone, 369 Renee Stone, 309 Roger D. Stone, 369 Stephen C. Stone, 309 Susan A. Stone, 327 Jack H. Storey, 369 Charles H. Stotts, 287 Dean B. Stover 309 Carmoleta K. Stow, 309 Cynthia A. Stowe, 369 James A. Strain, 369 Karen E. Strain, 369 Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, 276 George F. Strauss, 327 Paul S. Strawbridge, 369 Teresa L. Strawn, 369 Ardell Strawther, 345 Malcolm R. Street, 327 Steven W. Stribling, 345 Beverly K. Strickland, 369 Gary F. Strickland, 345 Herman W. Strickland, 278 Joe T. Strickland, 345 Keith Strickland, 327 Rodney R. Strickland Jr., 328 Stephen Strickland, 377 Steven K. Strickland, 381 Dennis S. Stricklin, 345 William J. Stricklin, 328 Joni M. Strobble, 369 Anthony Stroman, 328 Dr. Hubert B. Stroud, 281 Fred E. Stuart, 328 Mark A. Stubblefield, 369 Pamela J. Stuckey, 369 Robert J. Stuenkel, 328 Scott W. Stumbaugh, 328 Norma J. Stump, 374 Karon A. Sturdivant, 309 Sharon J. Sturdivant, 310 Bobby A. Sturgeon Jr., 369 Judith C. Sturgeon, 345 Kathy S. Sublett, 369 William J. Sugg, 278 Annette Suggs, 369 David W. Suiter, 310 George M. Suitt, 369 Allen Sulfridge, 345 Eda C. Sulfridge, 345 Mari R. Sulfridge, 370 Paul M. Sulicz, 328 David E. Sullenberger, 345 Barbara G. Sullinger, 377 Lynette Sullins, 345 Brian W. Sullivan, 370 Jonnye L. Sullivan, 370 Peggy A. Sullivan, 345 Dennis L. Summer, 285 Karen S. Summers, 370 Rosemary K. Summers, 328 Sharon K. Summers, 345 Paul M. Summitt, 310 Constance Sumrall, 328 Gary W. Surles, 310 Patti Sutterfield, 310 Keith B. Sutton, 345 Richard E. Sutton Jr., 345 Ted Sutton, 370 Thomas C.'Sutton, 370 Teresa J. Swaim, 370 Jerry L. Swain, 328 Kenneth W. Swain, 376 Terry L. Swain, 370 Richard E. Swan, 381 Terri S. Swan, 381 Chris W. Swanstrom, 310 Terry L. Swartout, 328 Flo Swearingen, 310 Herby E. Swearingen, 345 Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, 277 Kevin W. Sweetin, 370 Beverly J. Swilling, 345 Dorothy Swindle, 279 Lois A. Swisher, 280 Dr. Alexander Sydorenko, 280 Clayton E. Sykes, 310 Sondra K. Sylvester, 345 fp- Kamran Tabatabai, 328 Don W. Tabor, 370 Stephen M. Tabor, 345 Rosemary A. Tacker, 381 David V. Tackett, 285 Ina L. Taffar, 345 Mearline Taffar, 328 Gary E. Talbert, 345 Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, 276 Patti M. Talbot, 328 Robert O Talbot, 310 Dr. Richard L Tan eman, 282 - E Randy J. Tankersley, 345 Terry W. Tankersley, 310 Julia E. Tanner, 345 Tommy L. Tapley, 370 Karen B. Tarbox, 310 Elizabeth A. Tarlton, 370 David L. Tamo, 345 Martha K. Tarpley, 345 James E. Tart, 287 Debra J. Tarver, 370 William R. Tarver, 328 Everett L. Tate, 377 Johnny B. Tate, 370 John P. Tate, 285 Jon E. Tate, 345 Myra S. Tate, 328 Preston L. Tate, 310 Ron K. Tate, 310 William Tate, 345 Dianna L. Tausch, 345 Angela P. Taylor, 310 Anthony E. Taylor, 345 Carlton A. Taylor, 328 Carolyn R. Taylor, 345 Connie J. Taylor, 381 Dale G. Taylor, 370 Dan Taylor, 381 Danny J. Taylor, 328 Donnie R. Taylor, 370 Gene E. Taylor, 370 Gerry Taylor, 279 John M. Taylor, 370 John W, Taylor Jr., 328 Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, 278 Julia L. Taylor, 345 Kenny H. Taylor, 310 Kim A. Taylor, 345 Lou Taylor, 374 Paula J. Taylor, 381 Robert L. Taylor, 277 Robert M. Taylor, 310 Ronnie W. Taylor, 328 Steven D. Taylor, 345 Susan E. Taylor, 310 Thomas D. Taylor, 328 Tim J. Taylor, 328 Tommy B, Taylor, 345 Tony G. Taylor, 370 Vickie S. Taylor, 370 William L. Taylor, 370 Audie M. Teague, 381 Janice L. Teague, 370 Larry R. Teague, 376 Mike H. Teague, 345 William E. Teal, 370 Dawn C. Teale, 310 Koletta E. Tedder, 310 Lurline Tedder, 370 Susan D. Tedder, 370 Terry L. Temple, 370 Emma J. Temples, 310 Geraldine M. Temples, 370 Dr. Aubrey W. Tennille, 276 Donnie G. Tennison, 345 Roy L. Tennison, 381 Charles M. Terral, 328 Jan M. Terrell, 310 Anthony V. Terrice, 345 Danny E. Terry, 345 Lisa F. Terry, 370 Mary E. Terry, 370 Paul J. Teufel, 328 Donna K. Tharp, 345 Roger L. Tharp, 345 Karl L. Thiel, 328 Christine M. Thielemier, 370 Bertha L. Thigpen, 370 Billy R. Thomas, 287 Catherine L. Thomas, 376 Cheryl A. Thomas, 328 Eloise S. Thomas, 370 Gail Thomas, 345 Ken N. Thomas, 370 Lillie E. Thomas, 370 Linda Carol Thomas, 370 Mary B. Thomas, 345 Pam Thomas, 328 Patricia J. Thomas, 328 Robbie L. Thomas, 370 Ronald W. Thomas, 328 Tomy N. Thomas, 370 Vicky L. Thomas, 310 Walter Thomas, 345 Youlandia C. Thomas, 310 Danny L. Thomason, 370 Janet E. Thomasson, 328 Thomas R. Thompkins, 328 Adolph J. Thompson, 328 Alvalu Thompson, 328 Cynthia J. Thompson, 328 Debbie L. Thompson, 310 Donna L. Thompson, 345 Frederick A. Thompson, 345 Henrietta Thompson, 310 James A. Thompson, 285 James R. Thompson, 370 Jimmy D. Thompson, 328 Karen L. Thompson, 370 Karen S. Thompson, 370 Lanny G. Thompson, 328 Larry K. Thompson, 345 Lee E. Thompson, 345 Mack B. Thompson, 345 Mack E. Thompson, 370 Marilyn M. Thompson, 328 Nan L. Thompson, 310 Ricky L. Thompson, 345 Roblyn C. Thompson, 370 Roy D. Thompson, 377 William D. Thompson, 345 Yvonne Thompson, 345 Dr. Wayne J. Thorburn, 281 Lloyd W. Thornton, 310 Michael T. Thornton, 345 Kathie A. Throesch, 310 Carol J. Throgmartin, 328 Danny A. Throgmartin, 310 David D. Throgmartin, 310 Bobby L. Thurman, 370 Dorothy K. Thweatt, 345 James N. Tice Jr., 310 Verona A. Tice, 328 Richard K. Ticer, 370 Mark L. Tidwell, 345 Janet Tiefenauer, 328 fi 95 96 John B. Tierney, 310 Windell L. Tilley, 345 Lamar 0. Times, 328 Dr. Dan Timmermann Jr., 281 Valerie S. Timmermann, 328 Carol A. Tims, 370 Enoch S. Tims Jr., 370 Thomas J. Tims, 370 David E. Tiner, 328 Dena L. Tinker, 328 Catherine M. Tinsley, 345 James P. Tinsley, 370 Marian E. Tinsley, 345 Coma L. Tippitt, 285 Melinda R. Tippitt, 370 Charles N. Tipton, 310 Carla D. Todd, 310 Suzanne Todd, 310 Vicki E. Todd, 310 Marsha L. Tolbert, 381 Mitchell J. Tolliver, 370 Cynthia J. Tomlinson, 370 J. A. Tomlinson, 278 Phillip D. Toombs, 310 Ricky W. Toombs, 370 Jerry E. Toone, 377 Judith E. Toppe, 285 Ronald C. Toppe, 287 Michael Torrance, 370 Andres Torres Jr., 381 Tony L. Tortorich, 370 Walter J. Towne, 370 David R. Townsend, 345 Shelia M. Townsend, 370 Shirley L. Townsend. 370 William L. Townsend Jr., 310 Johnny R. Townsley, 345 Bill M. Tracer, 370 Janet Tracy, 282 Sharon L. Trammell, 345 Charles S. Trantham, 345 Mike D. Trantham, 328 Valerie Trask, 370 Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, 282 Frank Travis, 310 Margo J. Travis, 310 Jerry Treadaway, 370 Denny J. Treadway, 328 Bonnie L. Treece, 370 Twilla M. Treece, 285 Wilfred Tremblay, 311 Teresa D. Trent, 345 Gerald W. Trevathan, 370 Gwendolyn A. Tribett, 328 Dr. Stephen J. Tricarico, 281 John C. Trice, 287 Susan R. Trice, 311 Helen R. Triplett, 311 Stephen R. Triplett, 370 Larry E. Tripod, 370 Robin Tripod, 370 Kathy J. Tripp, 370 Gary L. Tritch, 287 Dan T. Troller, 345 Terry G. Trotter, 328 Susan D. True, 311 Tim N. Trusty, 370 Michael E. Truxler, 345 Jimmy G. Tubbs, 370 Deidre L. Tucker, 345 Karin S. Tucker, 370 Neil P. Tucker, 371 Terry W. Tucker, 371 Margaret R. Tucsnak, 328 Elizabeth A. Tudor, 345 Debbie A. Tuer, 345 Glenn T. Tullis, 311 Betty J. Turnbo, 328 Jim N. Turnbo, 328 Betty C. Turner, 374 Calvin S. Turner, 328 Charlie C. Turner, 371 David A. Turner, 345 David A. Turner, 381 Donna S. Turner, 371 Henry L. Turner III, 376 James D. Turner, 345 John E. Turner, 371 Larry E. Turner, 311 Lee C. Turner, 311 Leilani M. Tumer, 371 Leslie S. Turner, 328 Michael B. Turner, 371 Missy J. Turner, 381 Paula J. Turner, 371 Ronald R. Turner, 328 Ronnie D. Turner, 371 Sherry L. Turner, 371 Terry L. Turner, 371 Timothy W. Turner, 371 Tony R. Turner, 371 Vicki L. Turner, 371 Marjorie S. Turney, 371 Susan E. Turnquist, 371 Jackie D. Turpin, 371 Mark S. Turpin, 371 Sammy C. Turpin, 381 W. Winston Turpin Jr., 285 Mike Tuseth, 311 Sherry L. Tuseth, 371 Susie Tuseth, 311 Susan Tusing, 374 Tony D. Tutt, 311 Bill B. Tyer, 287 Mark L. Tyer, 371 Sharon S. Tyer, 328 Debra A. Tyler, 311 Harold E. Tyler Jr., 328 Jan L. Tyler, 285 Randall L. Tyler, 371 Sandra J. Tyler, 346 Janet L. Tyner, 371 -U- Debby L. Underwood, 328 Robert D. Underwood, 378 Vickie L. Ungerank, 371 Mary Upshaw, 371 Roy E. Urfer, 311 September L. Urfer, 371 Samuel B. Urton, 346 James L. Ussery, 311 -V- Juli A. Vaccari, 346 Cathy B. Vaden, 371 Charlie E. Vaden, 381 Mary E. Vaden, 328 Paula D. Valentine, 285 Ted L. Valentine, 328 Capt. Roberto Valle Jr., 282 Norma J. Valley, 328 Russell K. Valley, 346 Linda S. Vance, 328 Dr. Mildred B. Vance, 278 Fonja K. VanCleve, 328 Thomas W. VanCleve, 371 Dona F. Vandergriff, 371 Dora K. Vandergriff, 371 Laura L. Vandever, 311 Connie L. VanGennip, 328 Alvin J. Vangilder, 311 Eddie R. Vangilder, 371 Kristy L. Vangilder, 311 Nancy G. Vangilder, 346 Dan L. Van Gorp, 381 Riley A. VanHorn, 311 James L. Vanoven, 371 Harold B. VanVickle, 371 Raymon A. Vanzant, 311 Alan Vardell, 371 Karen A. Vardell, 371 Rebecca J. Varner, 371 Gina C. Vaughan, 311 Dannie L. Vaughn, 328 Kathy D. Vaughn, 287 Russell B. Vaughn, 346 Donna L. Vaught, 328 Dr. Carl F. Vaupel Jr., 278 Rene Vawter, 328 Clifford R. Veach, 311 Deborah J. Veach, 311 Nickie S. Veach, 311 Roger D. Veasley, 311 Lynn Veazey, 374 Ronald E. Vellance, 371 Joe W. Verser, 328 Donald H. Vest, 371 Terri R. Vest, 371 Susan P. Vestal, 287 Steve D. Vester, 328 Mary E. Via, 328 James R. Vick, 371 Micheal E. Vick, 371 Neal W. Vickers, 371 Sandra K. Vickers, 371 Sharon L. Vickers, 328 Ricky H. Vinson, 346 Bruce N. Virgies, 381 Keith Vivrette, 346 John K. Vondran, 371 Dr. David L. Vosburg, 282 Kim M. Vowell, 329 Melinda J. Vowell, 311 -W- Julie A. Waddell, 371 Keith A. Waddell, 371 Charles M. Wade, 276 Yvonne E. Wade, 346 Jerry W. Wafford, 371 Sterling Wafford, 329 Billy C. Wagner, 371 Laddy L. Wagner, 371 Ruby J. Wagner, 329 Mark A. Wakeham, 371 Janet A. Walden, 371 Kim D. Waldron, 346 John T. Waleszonia, 287 Cindy J. Walker, 329 David K. Walker, 371 David M. Walker, 381 David W. Walker, 329 Freddie L. Walker, 311 Janice A. Walker, 371 Jennifer A. Walker, 311 Keith Walker, 329 Kendra L. Walker, 371 Louella J. Walker, 346 Martin H. Walker, 285 Melody A. Walker, 329 Michael S. Walker, 371 Mike A. Walker, 371 Paula E. Walker, 346 Rebekah J. Walker, 346 Rhonda J. Walker, 381 Rodney G. Walker, 371 Ronald W. Walker, 371 Tony L. Walker, 329 Wanda G. Walker, 280 Harold D. Wall, 371 Phyllis D. Wall, 377 Barbara G. Wallace, 374 Charles L. Wallace, 329 Debra A. Wallace, 374 Frank G. Wallace, 346 Joseph E. Wallace, 346 Larry A. Wallace, 311 Robert P. Wallace, 311 Roger D. Wallace, 329 Velma E. Wallace, 81 Vickie R. Wallace, 346 Karen S. Wallin, 329 Susan E. Walling, 329 Billie A. Wallis, 371 Lavern Wallis, 371 Prentis W. Wallis, 346 Robert A. Wallis, Jr., 371 Karen K. Walls, 329 Kathy M. Walls, 371 Keith Walls, 346 Lloyd Walls, 329 Dianna J. Walter, 346 Greg A. Walter, 329 Kathleen Walter, 346 Dale I. Walters, 346 Dwight Walters, 329 Garry L. Walton, 371 Jane Warblow, 371 Dane Ward, 329 Danny R. Ward, 276 Elene P. Ward, 371 Ella Ward, 279 Jacqueline Ward, 371 Keith H. Ward, 371 Lenora Ward, 329 Lynn H. Ward, 376 Marie F. Ward, 311 Mena C. Ward, 311 Millie A. Ward, 311 Ramona L. Ward, 371 Capt. Talmadge O. Ward, 282 Tina B. Ward, 371 Vanessa L. Ward, 371 Victoria S. Ward, 311 Wayne N. Ward, 329 James E. Wardlaw, 346 Ollie M. Ware, 346 Rickey P. Warner, 285 Steven M. Warner, 311 Steven A. Warnick, 372 Margaret A. Warr, 329 Bobby Warren, 329 Jo E. Warren, 372 Joyce Warren, 329 Wallace E. Warren, 372 Edwin D. Washam, 372 Henry R. Washington, 329 Paula L. Washington, 372 Connie J. Waters, 346 Phillip S. Waters, 329 Kathy Waterson, 372 Billie A. Watkins, 381 Candace L. Watkins, 329 Debra G. Watkins, 346 Dwayne H. Watkins, 377 James W. Watkins, 329 Kathy Watkins, 311 Linda W. Watkins, 346 Vaughn D. Watkins, 329 Wesley B. Watkins, 372 Bert L. Watson, 372 Bobby M. Watson, 346 Charles P. Watson, 372 Charles R. Watson, 329 Debbie G. Watson, 374 Debbie R. Watson, 375 Denise C. Watson, 372 Donia E. Watson, 372 Margaret L. Watson, 311 Michael G. Watson, 329 Mike L. Watson, 372 Samuel M. Watson, 372 Charles J. Watt, 372 Robert J. Watts, 346 Darla Wealand, 311 Deeanne Weathers, 346 James T. Weathers, 372 Cynthia A. Weaver, 346 John N. Weaver, 372 Mary S. Weaver, 285 Patricia A. Weaver, 329 Anita M. Webb, 346 Daniel R. Webb, 372 James E. Webb, 372 James P. Webb, 329 Jeffery W. Webb, 372 Kim D. Webb, 372 Ronald L. Webb, 372 Sandra L. Webb, 372 Jennifer H. Webster, 329 Pamela J. Wedige, 372 Dr. W. F. Wei, 282 Debbie M. Weigel, 346 David T. Weise, 346 Catherine F. Welch, 372 Charles C. Welch, 346 Gwendolene Welch, 372 Larry E. Welch, 376 Resa L. Welch, 372 Rena F. Welker, 372 David R. Wellman, 311 Sally H. Wellman, 285 Julia A. Wellons, 372 Bob D. Wells, 329 Joella K. Wells, 346 Keith Wells, 372 Kelly A. Wells, 372 Maurice Wells, 372 Pamela D. Wells, 311 Sandy L. Wells, 285 Stephen C. Wernsman, 329 Bobby R. West, 346 Bruce T. West, 346 Eddie C. West, 346 James E. West, 311 Joel R. West, 311 Lindsay P. West, 372 Priscilla J. West, 312 Howell D. Westbrook, 329 Sharon R. Westbrook, 346 Steve L. Westbrook, 372 Melissa D. Wester, 329 David L. Westerfield, 346 Wess G. Western, 346 Debra L. Wewers, 372 Eva M. Weyer, 372 Janet J. Whaley, 312 Jeanette Whatley, 346 Jeri L. Wheeler, 346 Larry D. Wheeler, 372 Tommy Wheetley, 346 Robb W. Whelchel, 377 Jane Whetsel, 372 Rhonda K. Whetsel, 372 Phillip L. Whitaker, 312 Barry M. White, 329 Becky J. White, 381 Carol S. White, 277 Cheryl L. White, 346 Christine White, 372 Corita A. White, 329 Cynthia A. White, 312 Gina L. White, 346 Jackey D. White, 312 Jeanette White, 377 Dr. Jess R. White, 278 Jimmy O. ,White, 312 Jimmy R. White, 346 Dr. Leland R. White, 280 Linda D. White, 372 Lynn White, 372 Lynn C. White, 312 Martha S. White, 372 Michael White, 346 Rhonda K. White, 329 Stephen E. White, 346 Timmie E. White, 346 Timothy J. White, 312 Wilson H. White, 329 Pamela D. Whiteaker, 372 Lisa D. Whitener, 372 Jackie L. Whiteside, 329 Bonnie J. Whitlow, 285 Ellis D. Whitlow, 312 Rita L. Whitlow, 329 Tamela C. Whitlow, 346 Donald W. Whitmire, 378 Mitzie A. Whitney, 372 Wayne Whitney, 372 Lisa R. Whitsitt, 372 H. Dalton Whitt, 276 Mona R. Whitt, 346 Debra A. Whittingham, 312 Nechia G. Whittingham, 346 Richard A. Whittle, 329 Pam R. Wicker, 372 Jimmy L. Wicks, 346 David M. Widner, 329 Gaylord H. Widner Jr., 312 William J. Wiechman, 329 Debbie A. Wiens, 346 Jim D. Wiens, 312 Cynthia J. Wiggins, 372 Wayne M. Wiggins III, 372 Frederick W. Wiktorek, 329 Susan L. Wilbanks, 372 Billy R. Wilcox, 312 Phillip D. Wilcox, 372 Charlotte B. Wilcoxson, 287 Rodericke H. Wilcoxson, 329 John B. Wildberger, 329 Lee A. Wilder, 372 Wilbur C. Wildy, 372 Debra L. Wiles, 372 Larry H. Wiles, 329 Edith M. Wilford, 285 Charles S. Wilhite, 312 John M. Wilhite, 312 Bob Wilkerson, 346 Brian S. Wilkerson, 372 Cecil D. Wilkerson, 346 Don C. Wilkerson, 329 Mickey J. Wilkerson, 329 Teddy M. Wilkerson, 346 Marty L. Wilkes, 372 Billy Wilkins, 329 Holsey D. Wilkins, 346 Jo A. Wilkins, 372 John B. Wilkins, 329 Leslie A. Wilkins, 372 Robert M. 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Wright Jr., 373 Lonnie R. Wright, 347 Mona P. Wright, 330 Patti L. Wright, 330 Virginia J. Wright, 313 Kuang H. Wu, 347 Chiquita A. Wy, 313 Gary Wy, 373 Adrain Wyatt, 313 Esther L. Wyatt, 347 Halden D. Wyatt, 373 Jackie R. Wyatt, 347 Mary N. Wyatt, 330 Pam R. Wyatt, 378 Dr. William V. Wyatt, 282 Patricia A. Wyse, 381 -Y- Annette Yarbrough, 347 Billy A. Yarbrough, 373 Gary D. Yarbrough, 313 Rebecca M. Yarbrough, 287 Thomas B. Yarbrough, 347 Diane B. Yates, 313 Frances A. Yates, 347 Joe M. Yates, 373 Rick N. Yates, 347 Connie M. Yeager, 381 Harold D. Yeargain, 373 Phillip L. Yee, 373 Tiana Yee, 373 John A. Yerger, 313 Bryant L. Yielding, 373 Lisa S. Yopp, 347 Nicky J. Yopp, 330 Jon C. York, 347 Theresa G. York, 330 Bernice Young, 381 John T. Young, 313 Nancy Y. Young, 280 Perry L. Young, 347 Ronald A. Young, 330 Jan K. Youngdahl, 330 Linda L. Younger, 330 Martha R. Younger, 373 -Z- Almis R. Zdanius, 330 Dr. Carolyn J. Zinn, 280 Richard L. Zirkel, 330 gf is V - Hz! .Q '-IU , X '11, ,L x1 2 ,.,g w K1 , In, .?'f4,'WfT L 3 1 1 -134+ X fm Qgxiy f Q if FL ,igx xkwl My , "f'if" 4-ff'2S? ' Kip 'I vii pew? ' Gisli. ' ,Q new -, 145219 '24 ......,:.-J fqw ff' , . , EQ, ,f-L, ,if P, . if X if " i x,4...,r 4 if ' , ..:. 9' or 15215. .- is 'N f 2 f as ., M - ,-"1 fig , - ,lzhi N " K, - 4ff"Z:'.- "" " P fi ' T T-f, "fi 'iw 14 f mm. ' ' ' Q g, ,. A ' , 5' Q Q, ' '7 gl 3' in if . , r M ' w a il Indian Staff CLOCKWISE FROM OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: Photographer Terry Horton Head Photographer John Horner Art Editor Bill Davis Sports Editor Warren Byrd Photographer Alan Sulfridge Spring Greek Editor Ron Reaves Photographer Dennis Layer Photographer David Cox Assistant Editor Harold Coggins WALSWORTII Marceline. Mo., U.S.A. fnot picturedJ Editor Starr Reveals omposite Thoughts N xt if - A 7 ' X , GONE FISHING! ,xslAk Y X .1 3 2. I i' Staff Contributes To Book, Editor's Insanity Surely in past yearbooks you have read editor's comments that tell the troubles involved in year- book production. The book is out and that is all I really care about, is the general at- titude that the past editors have taken. This year wasn't a hell of a lot different. For those staff members who deserted in mid-stream, we managed without you. Assistant Editor Harold Coggins was never around, but the pages assigned him were always ready on time. Harold was given the dirty work of the book. He sometimes did things the hard way, but results are the important thing. Sports Editor Warren Byrd argued a lot about content, couldn't type very well and was always late. However, I'm not much of a teacher and Warren had no experience before taking job. Warren was one of the few staff members who liked what he was doing. Ron Reaves, spring Greek editor, spent more hours working than most of the staff. He also had the problem of no experience, but after figuring out what a layout sheet was in an all-night session, he produced his pages on time. The photographers were always complaining about the lack of females on the staff. Special thanks must go to Tom Manning and the staff of the News Bureau. Tom was a help from start to finish and they are responsible for the production of the class section. John Jenkins, who was fall Greek editor was an important fac- tor in this yearbook. Jenkins got the Greek section after he kept spouting great ideas for the entire book and I told him to put some work where his mouth was. A tip of the hat goes to J enkins, who is somewhere in North Carolina. If this book had a dedication, it would go to Dr. O. P. James and the graduate students of the fall 18th Century Lit class.

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