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NEW CHEST-PIEGAN INDIAN '75 Arkansas State University Volume 52 Table Of Contents Student Life 4 Personalities 70 Greeks 98 Sports 148 Academics 190 Grganizations 254 Classes 270 Index 382 3 Z" 5 umii N NWN i NM T ,Y--f A: -,.,.kl"'21 KWKKKKNKKKX X if xB WM W , MW , ,.f - if W! W fl' "-if N Yi 5? : Y N MX ? -L E55 , -fi- M W W W 3,13 Y 55:55 la e1 : 2 J ,gp i WPI? X W ie W w 1 iii :ii MH Mg ,g 5 34: N HM N 3 NNN XXX :i si 34, Wk il 1.1 Y, 1... Z: E EE I W . SMX i 5 WYMw 3. 'WWW ig E. l 1 1 xiM3 1,.----4i'1 ,.i.-3 "" .1 ..4 EW , E 257 E 2 W MAMH ga ,I Wi'-v F 'Www 'WM J 1. Arkansas State, along with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, headed the list of increased enrollment in the state for 1974, with an enrollment of 6,676. This was an increase of 216 from the 1973 figure. Registrar Lloyd Howell stated that part of the increase was due to the greater number of local residents enrolled in night classes. State Reaches Record Enrollment -Q ABOVE: The Faculty Lounge provides a place for the faculty to relax. RIGHT: Students can find a place to bowl in the game room. BELOW: Students find amuse- ment in a lounge between classes. Reng Center: A Center Of Many Faces The Carl R. Reng Center is more than just another multi-million dollar building. lt is the student center of Arkansas State. Nowhere else can a student grab a ham- burger, play a game of pool, have his hair cut and have a bookstore readily available to him. Nowhere else can he find space for banquets and meetings, as well as facilities for student government and publication operations. The Reng Center has become a place for many students to spend time between classes and to relax. 5i'QZ1':" in x W ,, . . -Nw I. 'f .f ,riffs '51 ". , 24,354 ,Y 4 ,ygari iw 2 QJJSQW V f 142:54 0, 1325553.15 x ,, W V: ,g'n . yQ. ,W , an M,f,f,jff , . muff ' 'ff H . 7Tf1 ' 1?1zi:T,."' ' we M in Wi' V, 'fwgw -f ,mg""L gff2',4f2.w?QzL1'l", 'Vik' v HW" 4 5 , ' f 4+ , M w 2,5 A u f W , M jan I' 2 H 4 wid, A, 'fl w M ff 1, , , . if Aww My W 4 1 ' " "W 42 wt 1, ,. ,,,, .,.,,, ,M W L 1 'w,wc', , Mfg' lam 4,3 1, ,, , W w jr, W- 7 H: ffwgqjfw ,gym ,, 'iff Q F4 ff '53, W-is wi 1 ik i ' 'W ' 'gf U 1' ' If 'yu H 'gulf batik ,YW , I4 fr' lj'?i,: s I 6:5 f Z, ' y X, 'Q , 5f' ,,af.f4, . 8 f- f , um, '-5.447 K ' . f , 1. A, V . ,J , A - F e QM ,J f J 1 ch 1 MM :ff t 11 ff I .qv x 'W VZ 'KF' ' 1 mcg , , M ,, A , A 1 'W "" " A ' W: A MTM V W Q, 12 ,,, if J f' Q mf, " fr RL N' , rl warm vo 1 wr Q , f- JM P, Q H' A v qi, um,- i 'wx ylf,w,c'., N 35,1 . Nl, maxi . I I N'W.Vg', t K . . 4.du..'f -f F haiku' T ' it 4 v : - Q ,K M l l---wt-Sungqvqgg, .i M-,rt . ..f ,. V, , -v -0- l as E : ,Aww-t-Q. T " I I 11 K A, J ,V W, M 4 vt KV - Nw H V M I K 1 .Av .7vMMn,y,.ktw :,,,5,,Tt,,,,W,,,K5NNihu-xmwywwg We I 3 I . K , , l , W., 'X g- ,. , 1 ., V '. . ' ,p ,iw-,-f "-,W - :Q-if , ' -' , -,kgs-'15, ,,,,l,.,g,..4m . . l-.5 fi if it -,ff l .5 l ' le, -' ,'3,,,,,'. " W,,.,,v ': " f ' W' Q-f " -l aww . 'w , "f wr' ., - .- -l ,,,, - J ' ,l ' ,: U ' ,- 5:lyft,wEf'?,'f,',,1f?m '-,iw n-W1f'gsQ'.rfw5'f,- my Mi,,iL't-Ewa-.g..ll ' A2 .1 n, ' 5,,,f.f -QXf,'W,-.i 'lftf-y,fJ2F?'t'H' L'f3'uj44 31155525 W, "ifg,M::'Q,,f, mi ,ix V T, " , 'f , y ,, ,fl k.,.' ,lvl 1 5 , W za, Y N., I .M --.tx ,.', 'V wt an-t.en,?.' MM ,pw , .f 'pw rx g"?,.f vw. , g t,-ws: -Milt-. T, 1, ,f,.',, h . I ,L ,,,f.,g,,,t,m1. -,qc nt, 1 tl.t,Wg.r,5,,,:,,:g5 gi I , -,, ,f-Vl,Qt,,,,,,m,q ,V f,m,ff.,,,b A W 7,73 ,,,f,n1f,.k.,wr-Sw, , x l, ',.,,,,,.,t:1.t.lW f' 'ff 4-1 i? F2 1 it Q:N1"'l"i35W get 1. -1 L' 'fi is it Lf M111fQti:l:"f-'fi'Y tiff it-,,: -5 iv, f tv v,- ,. M T v- i f jf af wtf. , . 2-. .1 t -1, ,U sq, ,- 4 :-1 V,-A X ,. :,.,:5E,,1i,3,,.,.,i,-,i,q,.,,Ylggr,f3g3'f,jgf2qe,-tfikagigw,31gQt?i,,:,,.g,,i,,,.A 4 ,,,., i,,.vw5s.,.,,.xgj,1,,.t5.,,,,i51,,,a+,Q5,.,v.,:,f.2,. j,f4,,.g5ax: 5?,1..7. Agwlpfk,-, fm auf-, -it' -gasses: ' if 2 :-:,'f,':,' J- , ' 6, . 's.f,,:..-4, gs, 4.,,',:,,3W':t.w.e't' '.:g-,,g- X N wif-Qxl' : ' , V' ff 'ffifteiufi-5 N13 ff ,W-1'-F-h"f"" ""WiruwsZ3'fif '.x'wsvfff1'5t3 '9?""M" Qf:'l:7 1 f- ff-, fa! " flf'zgl:-- F f f- is -K J ,- A, gm k, 4- y ,, ,, V. K 7 V.. we, - if ' i..-5 T, "L .t.g,, t .gg",.. " VJ-. . ,- - f 3' g ,.1' . wa. fw5?zJneiSl.wE'ivt.2. ...J 15 af. F5552 is-1.1 'R 4Q'5i1.s. 1' 'Iii'-'...' .,.-,wfk .wats un-kms f..-M.,-rm'tausan..f'M.m.41a+ 4 :.4,.it..-Wu ' - ..,,,w - 4-w"f"' "" ' Homecoming at Arkansas State was one of tributes: for firsts and lasts. The first Homecoming at the new stadium which Governor Dale Bumpers dedicated, and the last one for Dr. Carl R. Reng as presi- dent of the University. The first black Homecoming queen, Marilyn Broadway, reigned over a court of five, not the ususal four, coeds. OPPOSITE LEFT: Football members spend many an hour beating the war drum. ABOVE CENTER: Members of the court from left: Caryn Ellis, Terry Daniel, Patricia Lea, Queen Marilyn Broadway, Jeanne Owens and Dana Hudspeth. LEFT: Governor Dale Bumpers presents the dedication plaque to Board chairman Philip Hout. ABOVE: Cheerleaders led the players on the field backed by a line of ASU students. ABOVE LEFT: Getting to the game in all the mud was a task in itself. ABOVE RIGHT: While working on displays, rest comes at any opportune moment. Agx, Wx Competition Eliminated For Displays Homecoming was also the first time the Greeks made the displays a group effort, combining as teams and eliminating com- petition. The spirits were still high as the Marching indians dedicated their half time show to Dr. Fieng. The Indians capped a victory over Northeast Louisiana with a score of 17 to 14. af, . gn ' .' . .in .nl M' 0 I 4 Q 4 , f , wgik ...ii , H 2. V ? ,Q igiw' tbl A . .4 1 canst U00 a .t W 1 K 2 ' - ft? a . X i X5 h ' 3 2. P :pi x W un' y K-gg, 1 ' X Sai -Q 5. 3. in ff ' o un- ,3 1 1 R 1 K 4 ,J m 50 'A In la . ui .J 'Q ij. 'Mi Loggins Begins New Artist Series Dave Loggins, performing "Please come to Boston", one of Billboard lVlagazine's top 10 singles, appeared in concert Tuesday, September 17, at 8 p.m. in Indian Field House. Loggins opened this year's concert season with what the Student Government Association calls the 'New Ar- tist Seriesi The Dave Loggins concert drew a crowd of some 700 students as the 'New Artist Series' came into existence in hopes of familiarizing the student body with up- coming artists in the musical field. Earl Scruggs Revue Pleases ASU Crowd The Earl Scruggs Revue, along with Grass Valley, took the stage at Indian Field House on Tuesday, September 27. They brought ASU students a combination of Bluegrass, spiritual, rock and country music. The Revue, having gained praise from top music critics throughout the nation, is known for such hit tunes as "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" and "The Ballad of Jed Clampett". Even though the Revue drew a less-than-capacity crowd the show was pleasing to their ASU fans. -O -0 sn 'Ol 0 V go. 19 Fiasberry Highsteps And "Dixie" Dines Performing in Wilson Auditorium on Wednesday, Jan. 29, Larry Rasberry and the Highsteppers, entertained in- dependently owned television cameras as well as ASU students. Fiasberry and his Highsteppers, along with Granny's Bathwater, made appearances in shows at 7 and 10 p.m. What some students termed an advertising gimmick, the "Dixie Diner" group of Memphis fame provided an even- ing of unusual musical entertainment to two full houses. Larry Rasberry and the Highsteppers ended the concert season for this year's student senate. N V Variety is the key to suiting individual taste, and these individuals as well as groups, have brought an assortment of musical entertainment to ASU. The ASU Jazz Ensemble, pictured below, performed in the Fteng Center Ballroom Wednesday, December 4. The group entertained a capacity crowd with the 'lbig band" selections. Proceeds from the concert sent the Ensemble to the Wichita Jazz Festival. On Tuesday, November 5, Aldo lVlan- cinelli, pianist and artist in residence at the University of Tulsa, performed six musical selections in the recital hall of the Fine Arts building as a presentation of the ASU Divi- sion of lVlusic. Mr. lvlancinelli is pictured below on the opposite page. The Community Jazz Ensemble, op- posite page above, brought the sound of Woody Herman and Count Basie to ASU on Friday, January 24 in Wilson Hall. The 20 piece group consisted of student, graduate and professional musicians. Finally, on Monday, February 10, the Norman Luboff Choir, right, performed a two-hour vocal concert before 2,500 in ln- dian Fieldhouse. The 26-member choir has made a total of 50 record albums and per- forms both classical and popular music. Yes, diversity is the key to successful entertainment. Variety Brings Entertainment Success From Frank Reynolds to Guy "Mutt" Jones, students are offered a diversified program through the Lecture-Concert Series, SGA Worldscope and various academic organizations such as Sigma Xi. From explaining campaign election reform, to revealing past political affairs, students are able to listen to what is said and to direct their questions to the lecturers. Other pertinent topics of discussion by lecturers have included abolition of the draft, Equal Rights Amendment and genetic control. CLOCKWISE, TOP LEFT: Dr. Elving Ander- son, Ken Coon, Mark Hatfield, Frank Fleynolds and Guy "Mutt" Jones. 'mr 'H I 5 :Q fl, Q, 'Q "1F'4': ,- Mr if ,lt Ita wh' '1- 4. 'M if 'gy Q ,K ,, Q '41 1 limit Several Speakers Visited During The Year "A one party state is a no party state." KEN COON, GOP CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR GUY "MUTT" JONES, FORMER STATE SENATOR "We have developed in this country . . . a new class of people known as the dietary upper class." SENATOR MARK HATFIELD, R-ORE. "President Ford . . . did everything right, for at least a couple of weeks." FRANK REYNOLDS, ABC NEWSMAN "Laws should permit the termination of pregnancy in some cases, but not demand it." DR. ELVING ANDERSON, PROF. U. OF MINN. "Howdy, l don't even know why l'm here." Alexander Seeks Postal Legislation Whether they lecture, perform or con- verse with administration officials, per- sonalities are important to the ASU cam- pus. Congressman Bill Alexander, above, has visited the ASU campus several times. His main concern has been to present his views on the need for revising postal service on the local level. Colonel Sanders, right, of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, spoke to College of Business students on his business success. And finally, these University of Arkansas students presented two comic operas in Wilson Auditorium. Steve Smith and Aubrey Watson, two of the students from the University of Arkansas who performed in two comic operas. ""nrwt,Q- The Colonel Speaks Out Independent Student League Takes Election Aunt Q t 5 ii 53. it Pleading with students to "go in- dependent", the Independent Student League was able to capture the top nine Student Government Association positions along with a majority of the representative positions. Dean Brimer of Bald Knob cap- tured the position of SGA President as he triumphed over Roger Franks in a run-off election as the result of a split in voting in- fluenced by Tim Fiand, a third presidential candidate. The next highest position, that of first vice-president was taken by David Ferguson, while that of second vice- president went to Sandy Wells. ABOVE: Stewart Lambert and Mike Burgess are seen singing the Ballad of the Indepen- dent Student League. OPPOSITE: Jim Sheppard directs a question to the three candidates for president of the Student Government Association. ti 9 ffm 55.25 ff we-5.-.W ABOVE LEFT: New SGA President Dean Brimer is congratulated by newly elected first vice-president David Ferguson, as Conrad Cunningham looks on. Campus Politics: An Offering Of Platform Promises Confronted from every angle, February once again brought discussion, debate and a desire to be the dominant party. This year students made a decision to begin a stu- dent government association dominated by the once subordinate ISL. Campaigning from one forgotten face to another, the campus politicians paced the Peng Center breezeway the entire cam- paign period. Platform promises abounded during campaigning, but after elections the victor became responsible for enactment. FAR LEFT: Ann McSpadden is seen cam- paigning for the "better way", while her fellow party workers labovej Millie Caldwell and Larry Arnn give students something to think about. LEFT: Tim Rand, running in- dependently for SGA President, ponders before answering a student's question. ABOVE: Rita Gray and Jim Julian make preparations to begin the voting process, while lrighti, USA candidate for president Roger Franks makes comments on ASU-TV. Ebony Ball Highlights Black History Week Festivities began February 7, as Black History Week opened with the crowning of Miss Ebony Queen. The queen is chosen to reign over Black History Week and the remainder of the school year. Other events during this year's Black History Week included a Spiritual Hour, Black Expo, guest speaker Myron Lowery, news broadcaster for WMC-TV, a talent show, film festival, fashion show, and finally the Ebony Ball which climaxed the weeks activities. Myron Lowery, above, a newsman with WMC-TV of Memphis, was the featured speaker during Black History Week festivities. ,J ii k f ABOVE: Gwendolyn Steward, 1975 Ebony Queen. King Kong in Greenwich Village? 'Q LEFT: Debbie Benson, portraying Mildred Wild, takes on the guise of Scarlett O'Hara. ABOVE: Garry Heath shows the audience a bit of Ginger Rogers. OPPOSITE PAGE, LOWER LEFT: Rodger Bumpass can be seen in a typical Red Butler pose. ,V . f alla.,- f '2vl b f 4 bf "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild" the Speech and Drama Department's first production of the year, brought laughs to packed houses in Wilson Hall October 9- 12. Along with King Kong came the 'Hollywood Housewife', Scarlett O'Hara, tap-dancing and Ginger Rogers. Debbie Benson as Mildred and Rodger Bumpass as her husband Roy, sparkled in their changing personalities. Other cast members included Joanne Burleson, Gary Heath, Jill Litzenfelner, Cheryl Pearson, Ann Marie Smith, Dennis Kersting, Phil Smith and Rusty Clark. "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild", directed by Terry Huckabee with set designs by Ken Parks, will be this year's entry in the American College Theatre Festival in Little Rock. Greek Classics Presented By Division Of Music .yu " 4, , 5 ,f , iiii i i swf A 313 if if A 5424 ,W 'ff f Q2 Ilii i I , is l On November 14th and 15th, the Divi- sion of Music presented "Dido and Aeneas", a Greek classic opera based on mythology. lt featured Suzanne Todd as Dido, James Sanders as Aeneas and Leslie Galloway as Belinda. A contemporary opera, "Boor" with Ran- dy Erwin as Boor, Paula Shaneyfelt as the widow and Steve Walker as the servant, was also presented. Both operas were per- formed at Wilson Hall. L- Thespians Take Off With Peter Pan J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan, directed and staged by ASU drama students, was presented nightly January 13th through the 17th to packed houses in Wilson Auditorium. Youngsters from all over Northeast Arkansas were entertained by the cast during a number of special matinees, The Peter Pan cast featured Bob Simp- son as Peter Pan, Debbie Benson as Wen- dy and Fiodger Bumpass as Captain Hook. 'Fa E' On Wednesday, February 26, the Bridal Fair, an annual event hosted in the Reng Center Ballroom, attracted some 200 peo- ple. From traditional wedding marches to solo singing, ASU coeds modeled gowns provided by Dillard's. The girls also carried fresh flowers as they assumed their wed- ding party roles. The program began with Sharon Tyre, soloist, accompanied by organist Mike Ethridge, and was concluded with the awarding of door prizes. Hopefuls Model Wedding Attire Students had to dream of a white Christ- mas this year, for the first of two "not so bigi' snows came the weekend following vacation. The "big" snow-two inches- came on Thursday, February 6, as students were seen making the most of icy walkways and mushy snowballs. But winter was not over, at least that is what the thermostats said. Nonetheless, while there was snow "a good time was had by all". .QDNM February Brought Biggest Two Inch Snow Ever 'Lf wwf' K f ,,, i W. r rv - , H-Qt.-:ngqs A May Graduation Offers a Total of 1,087 Degrees i gs L ' With May commencement exercises be- ing held in Indian Field House, Dr. Nathaniel Evers, speaker, wished success to 1,087 students receiving degrees. Once again August brought graduation ceremonies as ASU extended degrees to a total of 415. The graduation ceremonies, taking place this time at Kays Stadium, featured Dr. Jerry L. Mars, who spoke on the educational system of the present, giv- ing graduates something to think about. And After All The Big Events . . Then What? lf you are one of the 6,000 students of Arkansas State University, then you probably know about all the major events, such as Homecoming, SGA elections and plays, that happen year after year. The faces may change from year to year, but the activities are pretty much the same. But what goes on after all the big events? ln the following section, there is represented only a fraction of what goes on at ASU, after the big events take place. w 1 F 48 if l ...ev-N-rff '. af""""f"' x! Dorm Life-The Next Best Thing To Being Where? Dorm life! The only life I know that reaps its worth in benefits, or should l say misfits. Where else but Twin Towers can you become enlightened by such uncensored humor as that existing on bathroom walls. Where else but University Hall can you spend a quiet l?l evening amidst green and blue vinyl couches. And would somebody please put a door on the john stall on the second floor of Delta. Yes, dorm life has something to offer, even though that something is not always the "next best thing to being there". And furthermore, because private moments do not abound in the college dormitory, let it be known that neither does an ideal study situation. A new look at intervisitation is ap- proaching ASU, as Coeds are beginning to seed a form of intervisitation that can suit their needs. While the female plight is still in the survey stage, the problem is at least being noticed. lVlen are now looking forward to the possibility of 24-hour intervisitation, but they still find the plan now in existence at least partially fulfilling. On the lighter side, intervisitation brings the hassels of signing in but offers the joys of getting a look at his new goldfish. By the way, is there another word for inter- visitation? Some People Call It Inter-mingle-tation My Q V35 R 4 ,KEY v if 45 K+ w 15" ,F Students Dominate Apartment Life Q it is From late night pinball, to throwing a neighbor in the nearest swimming hole, off campus living offers different things to different people. Some students find living off campus something to shout about, while still others try to make even the mun- dane chores in a t'washateria" seem laughable. No doubt, off campus life is enticing to most every student, even if being off cam- pus means returning to the dorm after a week-end of off campus partying. From Aggie to Caraway to Johnson apartments and trailers abound, the ma- jority of which are dominated by ASU students. 1 1 X -A .S ' N QW ...Q '1 ,X XQ,1 , f,f,fX . L. 4 LL,- Hs so 12 k S :iii wif . xx X -N X 'nb . wk 5 K , Q, 'X X ax Q X k X - lg-X his fx sv wi 5' sp. K' 5 'sf V ws fx 31 X , R- Bmw x X 51 'in-P' k pp s N' Sis 'rw -N A :W 'M fx I -- X 5 N iv. : S k . L- K 91 X . . ...awk - A 1 Ms ' 'L NV: S. L X 0 x N, .1-was-A . 5 My-so-sd New this year to indian Village is the organization of the IVRA, the Indian Village Residents Association. Under the leadership of acting chairman Jim Goza, the village has successfully gained representation in the Student Government Association as well as securing garbage pick-up services. The IVRA was organized in hopes of creating better relations in the village as well as better representation campus wide. Af' f ' fe gag' Indian Village Residents Grganize Vw M 4, M H A . ,,,,1,um Mm, wmmw ji, iqgg nw ' f iini - E i V E Z ? r l r P w 1 I r ? r I ! E P i E a ' 3 E 5 in i 58 Intramurals Therapy for Stress Intramurals! Under what other cir- cumstances would they play four football games on one otherwise unused field, the object being to establish your athletic prowess as an organization. In the fall, foot- ball takes priority as a team sport while golf and tennis offer individual competition. Even though intramurals sometimes lack the most organized planning, intramural play still offers a way to use your knowledge and capability-or just down right willingness to play the game-in order to have a good time. - H h S ishrlmainaaxnukunruulkdlsmuslnnssupp...... mhiirplu .m.'-"'..-M'-".:..... '-'..-"-.:.'.'.:"..:'.-'..'.-:.':w"..'r.': umununannns nnuuuuugiuiusfuunun . L an ..., i nsulin 4 LL nun an L . K AKHGIS . L L K 7 K . 4 ,LM Nm - . , , A QS f +fMwAi-- ' ' i f"fXf"A . L .,,. L5 L 4 Q " K s I 8 0 L Q Q 1 W uv .- W Y oi 8 1 ,qv W W Q' Q "W X xx ,gm Ili' X IQIY nr . 1' fait? 'K ix Xl ff! Y 'lu 3393? 7' -Mi KM A1 Christmas Season Comes In The "St, Nick" Of Time Even though the Christmas season brings with it the arrival of the students' not so long awaited gift - final exams- ASU students still find time to gather canned food, carol in front of the Fteng center, and in general assume the Christmas spirit. Although lack of sleep and long study hours plague students, many manage to put up trees, paint windows and patronize area stores. ,wma ,,. ,, m"i-"" 'Y' W Q ffhfgf f, . QQ W! , 'GS'- 2 A Library: More Than Just Books Dean B. Ellis Library-a most vital tool for one seeking knowledge. Besides offer- ing an almost endless number of books, Dean B. Ellis Library boasts an Arkansas Room, a microfilm library, plenty of room to study and a quiet atmosphere. Whether it is research paper time or just time to cram for that big exam, even a dog can find a bit of solitude there. Museum - Changing to Better Serve ' 5 S., K f , Z by Mx .sl This year new additions to the ASU Museum, purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Wittlake, directors, have included Chickasaw Pottery, a doll that exhibits the White Man's influence on the Indian, and a silver hair comb. Also completed this year with the purchase of a century old Indian piroque was the display on pioneer transportation. Besides offering student involvement, the ASU Museum, housed in the Dean B. Ellis Library, has become a must for all area students to visit. Attendance records have been seen to mount year after year with the trend showing continuation in this direction. will JV I 1 Y, t 9 E 9 2 35.2217-Q K There is really only one similarity between bicycling and spring. That similarity is that spring is the time when bicycles abound, especially at ASU. Along with a great number of 10-speed cyclists comes a goodly number of sun-bathers who seem to think that any day of 60 degrees that boasts at least one patch of sunlight is a sun-bathers delight. Tennis courts also begin being overcrowded as the tennis buffs begin gathering, and near- by golf courses at springtime are a student golfers paradise. But we must not forget neighborhood basketball and the apart- ment swimming pools. Spring fever is one fever that most everyone wants to be a part of, and students at ASU are no exception. Spring Has Sprung With Bikes And Bathers .,.. ., Wx if 5 ix X ,Xt A Cz 1 N 70 'il .-.X-J' N 'N wwf, , u ,fr Wi! W sw f' 1,1 ff ' fx iff. V , ,342 ,,,,f sgm M , 'vm all fw4+ , ,, uf I Ap , 7 A 1 Q 1 4 , Chief Slows Pace Chief Big Track, Jack Stevens, had to slow his horse to a walk as the new stadium provided a limited area for romping. As always, the traditional ride follows every ln- dian touchdown. Maria Nlalham, Princess, graces the appearance of the family, as Dean Massey, Brave, continues to be the highlight of -the playing of the Indian War Dance. New to this years family was the construction of a permanent metal teepee measuring 15-feet. , Mfr - ,nf vu-"'9'sf"w W. '..b"-inf. s,f's'?'w.fw5'f""?s Cheerleaders Go Bananas! ASU cheerleaders took on a new brand of enthusiasm this year by promoting ln- dian spirit through theme variation. From "Go Bananas" to "Chow Down", the yell leaders helped lead Indian backers. Cheerleaders helping ASU meet the ln- dians include lfar rightl Pam Richardson, Marty Fawcett, Linda lVlaack, Debbie Freeland, Emily Davidson, Peola Dicker- son, Rodger Barrow, Margie Cash, Connie Howe, head cheerleader, Caryn Ellis, Mike Dollar, Thomas Tompkins and George Helms. 5, 1 is 'mm W 5 xx w-o...,,, ,.A""' SRT mi Claudia McFlaven serves as Head Majorette few, S - 4 Leading the Marching Indian Band this year were lfrom left to rightl, San- Daniel, Lynn Crain, Sharon Trammell, Karon Sturdivant, Candy Rogers dra Mclilaven, LouAnn Carr, Sharon Sturdivant, Claudia McRaven, Terry and Rhonda Bailey. Feature Twirler, Sharon Sturdivant, entertains during half- time. Miss Jonesboro DbbB 11 ' 3' Q KW XM- Members of the Homecoming Court are: Owens, Marilyn Broadway, Queen, ifrom left to nghti Dana Hudspeth, Jeanne Lee. Terry Daniels and Caryn Ellis Marilyn Broadway Reigns Over Homecoming Steward Crowned Ebony Queen Annually the Black Student Association sponsors the "Miss Ebony Queen" pageant. This year's queen, Gwendolyn Steward of Little Rock, was chosen from among eight contestants. Contestants were chosen on the basis of their talent and poise. Runners up in the pageant included Donna McMiller, Marilyn Broadway, Sandra Garrett, "Miss Congeniality", and Michelle Brown. LEFT Gladys Alexander Ebony Queen for 1974 entertains the crowd with a song ABOVE 1975 Ebony Queen Gwendolyn Steward begins her reign 5 THE 8 1 W N Q? uf Marty Fausett Theresa Hardin Beth Howard Connie Howe Dana Hudspeth Demetrys Johnson Carolyn Rankin Rene Scaife Debbie Shaneyfelt Carrie Smith Margo Travis Joyce Avery Chucki Bornhoft Caryn Ellis Sandy Farley Fran Jumper Debbye Knight Donna McMiIIer Janet Porter Princess Platoon Serves ASU Cadets The Princess Platoon, an ROTC tradi- tion, composed of campus coeds, is selected by the advanced corps of the ASU ROTC program. Girls who are members of the Princess Platoon serve as honorary ROTC officers, march in the Jonesboro Christmas parade, and serve as hostesses for a variety of social functions for the Division of Military Science. Members of the Platoon also attend weekly drills along with other cadets. Student Senate Brings Circus Act to ASU ww 1221? SGA administrators lleft to rignti are Jacky Spence, president, Dean Brimer, presidentg Perry Boxx treasurer, Sandy Wells, 2nd vice-president, Rhonda public information director, George Dapp Jr., job in- Lehnherr, secretaryg James Ferguson, 1st vice- formation director, and Dr. Burns, advisor. t i i Q 4 -ig SGA representatives Cleft to rightl are Joel Ingram, Vickie Gattas, James Cole, Kathy Watkins, Paul Gray, Charlie Ellis, Shelton, Conrad Cunningham, Samuel Franklin, fsecond rowj tfourth rowl Terry Swartout, Cathy Lear, Rusty Starr, Stewart Sue Waters, Randy Tankersley, Charles King, Cynthia Rutledge, Lambert, Abe Wilkinson, James Dunivan and Mike Huggins. Connie Hoggard, Phil Gallaher, Hilda Stadler, tthird rowj Phil Student Senators tleft to rightl are Doug Acklin, Bob Shellenberger, Susan Craig and Danny Crawford. MARY CLAIRE ATKINSON Beta Beta Beta Chi Omega - President SNEA Panhellenic Council BENTON ASHBRANNER Phi Kappa Phi SGA Election Commission Secretary, Danner Hall Justice of the Peace DEBORAH BENSON Alpha Gamma Delta Drama Club Miss Jonesboro 1974 President's Award PAULA BOYCE SGA Secretary Election Commission, SGA Pb' M Pl d T ' i u, ege rainer Presidential Search Committee .Wu y f DEAN BRIMER SGA President Model UN Independent Student League SGA Selects Record Number Of Who's Who RON CARROLL Basketball Manager Baseball Manager Newman Club PEM Club BARBARA CREEK Beta Beta Beta Alpha Gamma Delta, President Panhellenic Council American Society of Medical Technology EMILY DAVIDSON Cheerleader WPA P.E. Majors Club Alpha Gamma Delta 5 .V, FRAN DEVEREUX Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi - ASU Rodeo Club Miss Arkansas Rodeo CARYN ELLIS French Club Cheerleader Chi Omega Homecoming Court ELIZABETH FLANNIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Sigma Upsilon Sigma Alpha Iota MENC Who's Who CHARLES FOOT Alpha Tau Omega Accounting Club af D I f I 'll 53 A 1 in - 1, N. LESLIE GALLOWAY 'mf' We X K Sigma Alpha Iota Chamber Singers MARYANNE GFIEER Concert Choir Sigma Delta Chl Alpha Gamma Delta Princess Platoon Homecoming Court Alpha Omicron Pi 2 ,.i,.,.-4-'vw 'f ,..i'H,,....-P" at A-M" I M, ax. Uk, I . is 1,.,faf"' ANDREA HICKS Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Sigma Upsilon VICKY GARMAN Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Alpha Iota INDIAN Editor, 1974 HERALD Editor, 1975 Alpha Omicron Pi Who's Who do i l TOMMY JABER Phi Kappa Phi SHERI HOPNE phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Mu Alpha, President Alpha Sigma Upsilon MENC Kappa Delta, President Sigma Delta Chi F P WW BRITT JAMES RONNIE HOWELL ASU TVHCK A U Lambda Chi Alpha P' Kappa Alpha, President University student Affairs Model UN Committee SGA Activities Committee DEBORAH JEFFERY Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Sigma Upsilon SNEA JOHN JENKINS Phi Alpha Theta Senator, SGA Delta Hall President Worldscope Director, fall JANE JOLLY Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Alpha Upsilon Alpha Omicron Pi CLAUDIA MCRAVEN Tau Beta Sigma ASU Majorette Alpha Gamma Delta Medical Arts Club JERRY MOONEY Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Eta Sigma Who's Who t it 'iw K' M 5 1 as A MELINDA NEBHUT Gamma Beta Phi Kappa Mu Epsilon SNEA Alpha Sigma Upsilon JEANNE OWENS Beta Beta Beta Alpha Omicron Pi, President TKE Sweetheart Homecoming Court ,am , g,.V9, Arf, ,, 5 I irl Y at LYNDA PRATT Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Gamma Mu Kappa Delta Model UN ,2 J., T TIM RAND SGA Senator Alpha Tau Omega Student Member, Board of Trustees at mm K Zlviiitdrhtlai RICK RILEY Alpha Tau Omega Medical Arts Club WhO'S Who i ,.,' ,,L,n - ii DEBBiE SHANEYFELT DICKIE ROSS Gamma Beta Phi Kappa Delta Pi Phi Eta Sigma, President Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Tau Kappa Epsilon USA Party Chairman is PAULA SHANEYFELT MELISSA SAMPLE Sigma Alpha Iota Tau Beta Sigma SNEA ASU Singers Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Omicron Pi ACE, President Presidents Award DEENA SUTTON Phi Kappa Phi Gamma Beta Phi Alpha Sigma Upsilon HERALD Editor ff, DAVE TACKETT Tau Kappa Epsilon Gymnastics Team Cheerleader Track Team 2 , V L. Mk , iw A T A r 9 REBECCA TINSLEY Alpha Lambda Delta Zeta Tau Alpha SGA Representative Panhellenic Council .e'F""'N aa.. xxx . DIANE WALTER Beta Beta Beta Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Sigma Upsilon l VVho's Who CHARLES ELLIS STEPHEN WHITNEY Sigma Phi Epsilon, President ROTC Phi Alpha Theta SGA Representative Fellowship of Christian Athletes Delta Hall Dorm Council indian Basketball I DONNA MOODY KAY VVOOLF Alpha Lambda Delta , Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Mu EPSIIOU Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Sigma Upsilon German Cnub Chi Omega Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart U8 X W X 4 1OO M-'.-Inf: UPPER RIGHT: "I never gave nothin' to the Tin Man- that he didn't already have." The Kappa DeIta's enteriain rushees with a Wizard of Oz skit. UPPER LEFT: The AOPi production of "Sounds of the South" provided entertainment by Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. F , Rush, Rush, and Rush Some More! RUSH. This is a very important word to those students wanting to join Greek life. While sororities are having coke parties, skating parties, swimming parties and puf- ting on productions, the fraternities are having dances, smokers and formal rush parties. Those first few weeks of September are exciting, hectic and very rushed-but worth every minute of it to those who join the life of the Greeks! 2 UPPER RIGHT: One of the goals of the lnter- fraternity Council was to distribute rush material to male students. LOWER RIGHT: Men's rush provides activities for coeds too. sf, ' - , lVlore IVlud for Greeks Pi Kappa Alpha has some muddy thoughts- especially when it comes time for "Pike Little Olympics". Highlights include tug-o-war, egg drop, egg throw, and leap frog - through the mud of course! Many laughs were shared and girls were seen looking like they've never looked before. Chi Omega received the first place trophy for the muddy occasion. ' ,. . ,f,,t A "' ' M . iiti imwm. ef if i i H . KDs Raise Excess of 5,000 The John T. Memorial School was the motive for the second annual Kappa Delta walk-a-thon. The ten-mile walk gained an excess of 955,000 in pledges. Chi Omega sorority raised the largest amount being 8800. Proceeds were used to purchase physical therapy equipment and pave the parking lot of the school. 104 Follies Attract Pointer Sisters And Motorcycle Daredevil Zeta Tau Alpha and the Zeta Follies of Arkansas State University could be the hit of the season! Top awards went to Alpha Gamma Delta and Alpha Tau Omega. The proceeds go to the Cottege of Hope and the National Association for Retarded Children. l Q ' K .K X1 vlkws " N W. Greek Goddesses Gather At TKE Fingerbowl The mighty Tekes battled the southern gentlemen of Kappa Alpha in the 1974 TKE Fingerloowl. The victors - Tau Kappa Ep- silon. . .Skits were presented by all sororities, with first place going to Chi Omega. Proceeds went to the St. Judes childrens Hospital in Memphis. + ar ,, my. . . .gmt fr -- , Mm..-.....w W , 1 V N, fr--- , - , WM, M ,W,W.W,4 . f if ff f f 4, 1 W.. ,, A ,, ...... mm , T . W in I' A'-4 T l 1 105 106 Songfest Aides Arthritis Foundation Just as sure as every March rolls around, Alpha Omicron Pi is planning their annual Songfest. Fraternities and sororities enter in competition based on harmony, blend, tone and appearance. All proceeds are given to the National Arthritis Founda- tion, their philanthropy. Winners of the 1974 Songfest were Alpha Gamma Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon. l Weather Hampers LXA "Little 500" It began on a rainy spring day. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored their an- nual LXA "Little 500". This year it was alit- tle different due to the fact that only frater- nities participated. Awards were given for the best decorated car, tricycle grand prix, push car race and the hard luck trophy. The grand prize winners were Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. 107 Best Of Theatre Presented By Phi lVlu The Phi lVlu Playhouse presents the best of theatre to all Greeks. Awards were given to Fran Jumper for best actress, Garry Heath for best actor and the best play award went to the "Third Plate". The proceeds from the piayhouse go to the hospital ship S.S. Hope which is now a land base operation. 109 Q QW ki in VG? iw, S l .. qlhfx ', in H91 1113 74 kbiil? - 51 .i i vs335S98f -fx vf I . J.- ' S. x 1 4? Q M., QW. Q ' ', x 'in ,L ,Q A ..-- " PANHELLENIC: iBow 1, left to rightj Demetrys Johnson. Beth Moss, Susie Boss. Mary Claire Atkinson, Barbara Creek, Sheri Horne, Laura Vandiver, Joanna Denton. iRow 2l Rhonda Lehnherr, Jan Dodson, Vicki McFarIin. lFlow Sl Ashley Allen, Becky Tinsley. IFC- PANHELLENIC Work For Greeks LN INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: lFtow 1, left to rightl Joe Jarrett, Larry David Hines, Harold Madden, Mike Joseph. lFlow 37 Randy Skarda, Greg Ward, Flick Finley, Mike Burroughs, Alfred Smith, Victor James. lFlow 23 Moore. Paul Pierron, HOIHS Owens. Carl Horton, Handy Luten, Bob Anderson, Herb Widner, Harrison Marr, 111 112 Adkins, Melanie Armstrong, Regina Bell, Barbara Benson, Debbie Carr, LouAnn Choate, Cathy Collie, Marcia Cover, Paulette Creek, Barbara Davidson, Emily Elmore, Georgia Galloway, Leslie Gammill, Shawna Gill, Babs Gillespie, Gail Griffin, Pam Harlan, Janice Haywood, Marsha Henard, Jackie Hickox, Molly Hieber, Beth Howard, Elizabeth Howe, Connie Hughes, Mary Ann Hurst, Paula Irby, Dana Johnson, Susie Keller, Kathy Keller, Peggy Lawler, Dianne Ledgerwood, Jane Lentzner, Carol Lile, Robin Martin, Kathy Metzler, Susan Moody, Jane Moseley, Debra Moye, Robyn McHaney, Jill McKinney, Mary McRaven, Claudia McRaven, Sandra Newson, Kathy Osborn, Gwen Partlow, Lauri Reynolds, Kay Ridge, Teresa Roach, Paula Rogers, Candy Sandow, Sherri Scaife, LaRene Shelton, Sheila Shelton, Sherry Smith, Kerry Stone, Angie Sturdivant, Karon Sturdivant, Sharon Walker, Cindy Watkins, Candy Whitt, Mona Alpha Gams Boast Versatility 9 5 fa , NAME: Alpha Gamma Delta FOUNDED: Syracuse University, 1904 CHARTER AT ASU: May, 1948 PHILANTHROPY: Cottage of Hope 113 114 AKA's Hold Dance For Retarded Children Bowe, Cora Carroll, Fredda Chaney, Caroline Cole, Carolyn Garrett, Sandra Gibson, Earnestine Greenberry, Carlotta Greene, Freda Hammands, Phyllis Holmes, Josie Littleton, Jane Mitchum, Fienonia it Rapier, Sandra Steward, lvory Tribble, Bobbie Twillie, Barbaranette Williams, Deena Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, Katherine 45' NAMEQ Alpha Kappa Alpha Eta Upsilon Chapter FOUNDED: Howard University, 1908 CHARTER AT ASU: October, 1973 PHILANTHROPY: Helen Dudley School 115 Allison, Debbie Allison, Vicki Atkinson, Robin Ballard, Sherry Bailey, Rhonda Jo Benge, Devlin Billings, Kay Boquet, Lynne Brannon, Linda Buckingham, Mary Lynn Caldwell, Millie Cash, Sherry Chumley, Ann Cooper, Arleen Crain, Lynn Cruce, Jan Davenport, Holly DeLoach, Debbie Dils, Danette Dunaway, Debbie Fallis, Sharon Fausett, Marty Fisher, Debbie Foy, Heidi Garman, Vicky Godshalk, Sandy Greer, MaryAnne Gunter, Debbie Haines, Lynn Hambrick, Vickie Hazelwood, Debbie Hedge, Michele Hicks, Andrea Hudspeth, Dana Jamison, Lauren Jolly, Jane Jumper, Fran Liebrock, Chris Lueken, Becky Maack, Linda Malham, Maria Manatt, Susan Morgan, Becky Morrison, Debbie Moss, Beth Moss, Sally McCarty, Mary McMullen, Denise Owens, Jeanne Parker, Joyce Parker, Robin Pelts, Leane Perrin, Lucy Prislovsky, Mendy Flaney, Lynne Ross, Susie Schmidt, Faith Shaneyfelt, Paula Simon, Carla Simmons, Sue Smith, Dayna Stacks, Dee Stark, Wyvonne Tice, Verona Travis, Margo Turner, Leslie Urfer, Temmy Watkins, Linda Watkins, Kathy Witkowski, Susi Yamnetz, Gail Wyatt, Carolyn, Advisor 118 Ambort, Cindy Angelo, Merrill Atkinson, Mary Claire Baioni, Diana Beaman, Susan Bornhoft, Chucki Boyd, Traci Brewer, Angie Broadaway, Greta Burris, Karen Byford, Charvie Caviness, Cheryl Chrouch, Leigh Colaianni, Val Cook, Gina Croft, Carolyn Daniel, Terry Delaney, Carla Dent, Debbie Dilliha, Treva Ellis, Caryn Findley, Sharon Flowers, Sandy Garner, Sheila Gist, Ginger Guard, Melissa Hale, Terry Hamilton, Jan Hays, Kathy Heffington, Lujean Henson, Flene Holland, Cathy Holland, Sharon lmpson, Debbie Jones, Janet Jones, Lynn Kirkley, Nancy Knight, Debbye Leamons, Jennifer Long, Ginger Lunsford, Karen Lutterloh, Jean Morrison, Pat McAlister, Cindy Pankey, Janie Perkins, Robin Pierce, Pam Richards, Debbie Seward, Beth Skillman, Pat Starkey, Debbie Stone, Renee Taylor, Paula Thomas, Glanita Vandever, Laura Via, Mary Watkins, Chanda Warr, Margaret Wester, Melissa Wiggins, Jan Woolf, Kay Raney, Mary Kate, Advisor '0 VS M 11 Sli S, Q A Q ya RW iff, x 1 A , 1 . 5 . s ' 0,1 . ,, I I .nf :AA 'ff-1 7 X. i K . ' Q A as Q 'fy' E 1' Q P 5, ik Y QQ Q. 1 VL .k.h -QE? 'fm 7 viz f if 5 .if 5 .. -Q Q W X K Q Q ,"',, ,Q-' "Q .ir qi. k. 192- Q, QQ '-Qs-Q if +384 JW if ,fwi y Y, ,my fif C 0 'Lag I U gi M 1, 'mf M, Ev- , V V f' . f Www! , 1, WI hgfg f .1-'fm 'W' Q gwnif IN 'QQ Q rig gf 'K S255 5' "' aV'i"' 'lisa N' .ij XQ in-td -is Q' has 534- 8953? .Q 'O 'xr gil. N ff- 9' 8' Q 0 N. 9 5 3 ' . ff.- X 539: 120 Alexander, Gladys Baxter, Joyce Brown, Michele Cole, Anner Dorsey, Sheri Hopkins, Demythus Jackson, Linda Jones, Betty Leary, Marilyn Manning, Pat Peek, Alene Scott, Arlene Scott, Edna Smith, Janis .3 ,532 7,119 w Penny Queen Contest is Project Cf Delta Sigma Theta NAME: Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Psi Chapter FOUNDED: 1913 CHARTER AT ASU: May 12, 1973 PHILANTHROPY: Community Service P oie ts '6 S X.'i PAT' Trevatta Baker, Lil Battles, Brenda Bltely, Elaine Bowman, Mary Lynn Burge, Sue Cartwright, Candy Clevenger, Diane Conrad, Connie Craft, Polly Craig, Susan Davis, Sharon Denton, Jo Ann Edmondson, Judy Edmondson, Wanda Eldridge, Susan Ford, Susan Hollingsworth, Carol Holmes, Debbie Horne, Sherri Humble, Diane Hunt, Jane Johnson, Kathy Jones, Jan Kay, Ricky Ketchum, Diana Lehnherr, Rhonda Lynxwiler, Rhonda Margrave, Debbie McCay, Linda McCaulley, Kathy McDaniel, Denise McSpadden, Ann Noland, Patti Olvey, Dan Payne, Sherri Pickett, Karen Pike, Linda Pratt, Lynda Rankin, Carolyn Reid, Debie Sadler, Nancy Sanders, Jean Smith, Tiny Thomas, Cheryl Thurmond, Edra Toush, Diana Waters, Sue Weaver, Mary Susan West, Priscilla White, Cheryl Wyatt, Pam Young, Kathy n, Mrs. Dan, Advisor l X I ,yank KDS Hold Spirit Stick NAME: Kappa Delta Delta Kappa FOUNDED: Longwood College, 1897 CHARTER AT ASU: 1968 PHILANTHROPY: John T. Gray Memorial School V Mi ,M A.,, 123 Allen, Ashley Bennett, Kathy Berry, Melinda Boozer, Debbie Boyce, Paula Bradsher, Nanette Branch, Lynn Brogden, Alicia Brown, Phyllis Brummett, Suzie Caruthers, Marilyn Christie, Melanie Covington, Billye Davidson, Cynthia Dodson, Jan Fender, Cynthia Ford, Ftena Forrester, Jan Glenn, Kimmie Gray, Ftita Green, Melissa Harrington, Carol Hastings, Pam Howard, Jane Ann Jones, Nancy Lawrence, Kris Miller, Janet Mitchell, Judy Mooney, Danon Penny, Cecilia Prance, Carol Rankin, Karen Ftay. Sherry Scarbrough, Donna Singley, Marsha Skinner, Kay Smith, Carol Smith, Debbie Smith, Sharon Springfield, Lynn Starr, Becky Steinbeck, Jennie Taylor, Angie Todd, Carla Tremblay, Melody Tyler, Sandi Weathers, Deeanne Weaver, Cynthia White, Gina Wiggins, Kathy Workman, Nancy iw A O og' Q xi' NAME: Phi Mu Epsilon Delta Chapter FOUNDED: Wesleyan College CHARTER AT ASU: 1951 PHILANTHROPY: S.S. Hope 125 Arnold, Terri Bradford, Marla Childs, Lundie Coleman, Debbie Crawford, Chris Davis, Carol Elbert, Patti Elkins, Annette Emrick, Carolyn Floryanski, Lois Fulks, Paula Goff, Debbie Goode, Tressie Hillman, Karon Howerton, Karen Hubbard, Sharmon Hudson, Mary Kemp, Sharon Lackey, Lori Lewis, Judy Luster, Susan Morgan, Billie Jo McClain, Cindy McFarIin, Vicki Price, Debbie Heddmann, Cindy Richardson, Gail Riley, Brenda Riley, Sandy Shaneyfelt, Debbie Shelton, Annessa Shouse, Sara Smith, Elaine Steward, Becky Tinsley, Becky Thomas, Cathy Thompson, Becky Wood, Cheryl Wright, Fiita Zirbel, Tina Faulkner, Mrs., advisor Lawrence, Mrs., advisor NAIVIE: Zeta Tau Alpha Z O ' Ch t , , FOUNDED?taLorrB3v2?c'?d cjfesfg, 1898 Zetas Give Partles CHARTER AT ASU: May, 1968 PHILANTHROPY: Cottage of Hope H 147 128 Barnett, C. E., Bell, Bill Blocker, Ma 'rice Brown, gcott Byers, De-Wayne Firinie, Tom French, Gary Gairhan, Terry Gray, Gary Gray, Ricky Grimes, Monte Harmon, Steve Honey, Mike Horton, Charles Ivy, Steve Jarrett, Joe Long, Carl Long, Kenny Northcut, Ronnie Prislovsky, Frank Reaper, Jackie Reves, Patrick Sharp, Rodney Stuart, Mom, House Mother AGR Celebrates First Birthday I .4-M lf' "le'?f muah M 3 ,wr 'M gn-uh' ,,..,,f-W If ,ww W QW 1' A ' ' 6 UZ, i f 1 ,, J fi :mf K wif ,4 it , I - Azf.. 'f 'N 'gk-,WH ' -2, NAIVIE: Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Epsilon Chapter FOUNDED: Ohio State University, 1904 CHARTER AT ASU: 1973 PHILANTHROPY: Gary Friga Memorial 129 Alpha Phi A pha ls First National Blacm Fraternity 130 ALPHA PHI ALPHA: tFtow 1, left to rightl Victor James, James Fitzgerald, Elder Granger, James Edmonson. tRow 23 Greg Wilburn, Dwayne Watkins, Allron Smith, Thomas Armstrong, Terry McHenry, Burnie ' iini Mosby, Robert Jones. tFtow 3l Willie Larry, Herman Strickland, faculty ad- visor, Don Scaife, Roger Veasley. ' "'Lf an--. 2'- NAME: Alpha Phi Alpha Theta Upsilon FOUNDED: Dec. 4, 1906, Cornell University CHARTER AT ASU: Nov., 1973 PHILANTHROPY: Underprivileged children QA, -xv 'SN x 1 N Sphinxmerfs sweetheart is Sharron Ford. 131 Acklin, Doug Alexander, Eldon Bowerman, David Brown, Jack Bunch, Wayne Caldwell, Tom Campbell, Steve Carpenter, Ken Chipman, Mike Clemmans, Palmer Cross, Terry Cunningham, Ted Curry, Rodney DeRoeck, George DuKowitz, Tommy Edminsten, Chuck Engles, John Farley, Danny Finley, Rick Foot, Charles Gardner, Mark Green, Rod Gurkin, George Harvey, Frank Henderson, Tommy Henick, Keith Higginbottom. Bobby Hutton, Joey Johns, Bob Joseph, Mike Losak, George Lutrell, Dwain Moore, Bob Murray, Sam Neal, Mike Nelson, Billy Joe Norman, Mike O'Mary, Chris Parker, Dan Parsley, Don Patrick, Ricky Perrin, Tony Poole, Danny Rand, Tim Riley, Rick Ring, Allen Robertson, Robert Runnels, Steve Schneck, Mark Scott, Danny Scott, Jimmy Shannon, Larry Skinner, Steve Smith, James Stokes, David Trotter, Terry White, Mike Wieland, Bill Wilson, Albert Wright, Mike NAME: Alpha Tau Omega Eta Gamma Chapter FOUNDED: Virginia Military Institute, 1865 CHARTER AT ASU: 1968 PHILANTHROPY: Underprivileged Children i Janet Curry, Sweetheart 133 134 Barker, Dave Cathcart, Fred Collier, Richard Crawford, Jackie Crumbaugh, Dick Culpepper, Don Culpepper, Randy Curry, Jeff Dodd, Tommy Elumbaugh, Ricky Elwood, Bill Farrell, Henry Flippo, Robert Fratesi, Ken Frey, Robert Gillespie, Don Guthrie, Greg Harper, Michael Heath, Gary Howell, Phillip Kalaghirou, George Kamp, Bill Lance, Leon Lee, Mike Liggett, Donny Long, William Madden, Harold Mole, Mike Myers, Chuck McGarry, Vince McKay, Robert McNeill, Phil Nichols, Johnny O'Cain, Ronnie Phelps, Mike Pierron, Paul Puddephatt, George Robertson, Bubba Rogers, Andy Ross, Glenn Smith, Bruce Spurlock, Bill Taylor, Tim Thompson, David Vanderford, Lee Vaughn, Rusty Walker, Mitchell Ward, Aubrey Weaver, Ricky Welch, Chris West, Tom Whitrnire, Donnie Williams, Charles Wilson, David Woolard, Robert Ford, Charles, Advisor Gennuso, Sam, Advisor -3 Q M 5 t ' 1 1 , T ' ' f X Q f U 5 0 Q V n Q ,Q 1 ,' s - Y J 3 - , i . 1? ww Q ' Q O 5 x ' - 0 is ' 1 ' 5 ' 'Q N x A. "' 8 Q X, I. 5 . , .,, t x , , A - . , .. -' 'xg 3 5 "X 'V' W o . h . - +17 - . ' ,ni ' X . ,Q " A X F ' ' Nl , J' '- 5 Y y , K .. . 3. 5 ,Af v- 1 s , Xl' vii :gy M , wr 'gg , X 1-3 X' W 4 1 2 N , , S .4 .. N, als. R :mf x X 1 as 3 -.., 136 Aufderheide, Mark Ball, Larry Ballaro, David Beckman, Neil Betzner, Bill Blankenship, Bill Blalock, Michael Brown, Dave Byrd, Warren Carr, Martin Cochran, Jerry Cook, William Cooper, Rodney Courtney, Ricky Davis, Bret Elder, Craig Evans, Gary Fegtly, Don Fender, Hank Gaines, Charles Garza, Robert Garner, Bill Gray, Steve Grimes, Delmer Gentley, Richard Gwin, Jack Hamlin, Pat Hendrick, Bob Henson, Barry Henson, Doug Hodges, Marcus Hudson, Gary Huggins, Freddie Hurst, Eddie James, Jon James, Joseph King, George Lorick, John Lott, Jack MaBary, Pat Massey, Ward Mays, Bill Miller, Paul Mitchell, Patrick Molock, Dennis Moore, Gregory Morris, John McPike, Stan Nix, David O'DelI, Joe Orlicek, Stephen Prince, Don Rega, Glen Robinson, Mike Rogers, Bill Rogers, Bobby Rubenstein, Robert Sample, Danny Sample, Kenny Scharft, Edward Skarda, Randy South, Ricky Sutton, Steve Taylor, Eddie Workman, W. J. Woolverton, Keith Wheetley, Tommy Vojcik, Joe Taylor, John Tierut, Bobby LXA: Largest National Fraternity Cn ASU Campus Dana Hudspeth, Sweetheart NAME: Lambda Chi Alpha Iota Theta FOUNDED: Boston University, 1909 CHARTER AT ASU: 1959 PHILANTHROPY: Underprivileged children 3 5 ' f N m ,T ' V ,, , 1. Q 1 ,N ,, It , if ' W if 137 l l i l l l l i i E i Q l l l i l i i i i i i L i l i i l 138 4, ,,, Anderson, Bob Black, Joseph Cheatom, Jerry Hopkins, Maurice Johnson, Ronnie Kelly, Nelson Keown, Woodrow Logan, Donnie Marr, Harrison Monts, Ernest Patrick, Fred Reese, Malcholm Thompson, Adolph Walker, Freddie Williams, Jerry Young, Oscar 'K.x..sf Q5 16. Omega Psi Phi Treats Sisters To Omega Ball NAME: Omega Psi Phi l Alpha Zeta Chapter FOUNDED: Nov. 17, 1911, Howard University CHAPTER AT ASU: April 14, 1973 PHILANTHROPY: Underprivileged Children 1 S? A x s -4 . iess , f 1 K A as la: is A 0 .Ik ,m,,,,,,,, 1 2: ' 1 'Wag - A - ' -" 21,3 ,ff .A .fi 139 140 Allen, James Armstrong, J. Q. Bobango, John Bolding, Bob Brown, Tim Cravens, Dennis Dozier, Steve Dupras, Bob Easterlin, Mark Ebbert, Mike Edwards, Jerry Finn, Terry Hagar, Dan Hale, David Harris, Barry Henry, Raymond Hite, Ricky Holt, Marion Horton, Terry Howell, Ronnie Jackson, Steve Jenkins, Jim Jessup, Gene Johnson, Walter T. Johnston, David Jones, Butch Juneau, Wayne Killett, Kevin Klosterman, Mark Lackey, Logan Langston, Terry Law, Jack Lightfoot, Steve Marotti, Joe Martin, Charlie McKee, Kenney McQuirter, Larry Medlock, Dan Mooney, Jerry O'Neal, Pat Orr, Gene Pender, Woody Powell, David Ralowicz, Peter Rorick, Kevin Ross, Joseph Sanders, Richard Siemieniec, Mike Stafford, Ken Strickland, Tommy Talbot, Robert Tinsley, Jim Warren, David Washington, Henry Webb, Jim Westbrook, Robert Wilkerson, Doug Wilks, Henry Worthington, Bob Wray, Roger Dr. Al Mink, Adviser .. .... g . I xg L., L. . -. is , as . 1 X .W , X , fx tv x . Xi is 2' 1 S Nia fa wr ., fi Us x V A 4 VA. as ww, A L E Q s X MA F 1 RE xx .,,. A Q is ig Ns tg :as 5 W' X Ei, Q3 . .si .K Emi as QW-Q W 'P . 1 -1 ft N . fi Fw' Jan Cruce, Sweetheart Pikes Sponsor Miss ASU Pageant if pl NAME: Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Theta Chapter FOUNDED: Memphis, Tennessee, 1868 CHARTER AT ASU: 1948 PHILANTHROPY: Underpriviieged children 1 r si , 'i 141 142 Arnold, Kevin Bornhoft, Tony Barnett, Bob Barrow, Roger Bettis, David Brooks, Mike Brown, Mark Campbell, Robert Collar, Steve Cook, Richard Cooper, George Davis, Rick Dickson, Mike Dollar, Mike Durell, Russ Duren, Joe Ellis, Charles Flagg, Mickey Flynn, James Gardner, Robby Gennings, Eddie Glidewell, Rick Golden, Randy Golleher, Mitch Gregory, Johny Harbison, Jay Harrelson, Woody Hayes, Frank Hines, David Hogue, Victor Ingram, David Jean, David Johanson, Steve Klipsch, Jaime Lacy, Courtney Lacey, Joe Lewallen, Gaylon Malham, Michael Manatt, John Massey, Pat Million, Mark Moore, Jim Moore, Ronald Mosley, Bill Mosley, Steve Muzik, Paul Muzik, Peter Muzik, William McCluskey, Johnny McCoy, John Van Nichols, Michael Owens, Hollis Page, Willy Para, Phillip Peters, Eddy Pettus, Rick Pierce, David Pierce, Trent Redmond, Russ Schaefer, Ronald Schenk, Kurt Schmitt, Hal Shinabery, Vinson Smalley, Jim Stover, Dean Stuart, Fred Taylor, Jim Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Steve Tierney, John Thompson, Mike Walker, Johnny Walker, Scott Walls, Keith Walters, Doug West, Bruce Wheelington, Ray Wiechman, Bill Williams, J. W. Harwell, Thomas, Advisor M -H513 Sig Ep's Donate lVlost Blood In Fund Drive NAME: Sigma Phi Epsilon A Gamma Chapter FOUNDED: Richmond College, 1901 CHARTER AT ASU: 1955 PHILANTHROPY: Heart Fund Kay Woolf, Sweetheart .if 143 Sigma Pl Oldest Greek Organization Allen, Tom Bradley, Danny Brooks, Roger Burroughs, Mike Burrow, Bobby Butler, Mac Caldwell, Wallace Calkin, Gary Carpenter, Gib Cook, Bob Cook, Gary Crites, Herb Crook, Mike Cullum, Ted Davidson, David Dawson, David Dugger, Mike Floyd, David Fox, Terry Franks, Roger Glenn, Donny Glenn, Stephen Griffin, .Joe Hall, Wes Howard, Bobby Rhea Jans, Richard Julian, Jim King, John Laquet, Robert Larue, Steve Laughinghouse, Terry Luster, Lynn Miller, Steve Morgan, Gary Morris, Bubba Mclnnis, Kenny Pagan, Del Pospisil, Mark Rabeneck, David Ray, Mitch Rye, Johnny Shellenberger, Bob Shipley, Eric Simmons, Rick Smith, Mark Smith, Olen Taylor, Carlton Watts, Jeff Williams, Michael Ferralasco, Robert, Advisor Pickard, Ben, Advisor 146 Alston, Phillip Allen, Rickey Arnholt, David Ballard, Steve Bloodworth, Dennis Boeckmann, Gene Brown, Sherman Burnette, Mike Burnette, Norman Burroughs, Dale Burroughs, Mike Carlisle, Wayne Carter, Mike Comet, J. C. Corey, Joseph Cross, Ralph Davis, Charles Deardoff, Kelly Downing, Mike Emerson, Steve English, Jere English, Tommy English, Robert France, Jimmy Frein, Carl Frein, Larry Gibson, Bob Green, Steve Gurley, Todd Hall, Jeff Hallmark, Gilbert Hamilton, Larry Handy, Raymond Harvey, Raymon Heflin, Mike Heiber, Bill Hill, Woodson Hofer, Jeff Hobson, Benny Hofer, Greg lnebnit, Tommy Jackson, Lonnie Kasabian, Chuck Keith, Steven Lawson, Vance Lewis, Bob Limpach, David Massey, Dean Matsch, Ronnie Meacham, Bob Miller, Dewey Mitchell, George Moore, Rick McKinney, Mike Osborn, Carl Owens, Tommy Parker, Phil Pinkstom, Marty Pittman, Greg Price, Garman Pudinas, Charles Quick, Robert Riggs, Howard Roberts, Marty Rodery, Steve Ross, Dickie Ross, Morris Ruff, John Runyan, R. P. Sharp, Donald Singleton, Curtis Singleton, Mike Sirmans, David Smith, Hal Still, Bob Sulicz, Paul Tackett, Dave Tate, Ron Tiner, David Trantham, Chuck Winton, Donald Wixon, Terry Woodward, Randy Norman, Col. Keith, Advisor TKE Wins National Honor NAME: Troller, Dan Unser, Jerry Wallace, Chuck Wardlaw, James Webb, Ronny Wernsman, Steve Widner, Herb Wildberger, John Jeanne C. Owens, Sweetheart Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Psi FOUNDED: Illinois Wesleyan University, 1899 CHARTER AT ASU: 1949 PHILANTHROPY: St. Judes Hospital 147 El 'il-Q 2 'ffl ,E , 1,12 1 f i 2 g Y i Y ' i ' i - Y :ii 1-773+ Efji ' : i s,!?E?T -ii- EEE? ii? - J-1 "ii-ii T - 1 -EEE E22 -X 1 ii?2 2- Q 1?:5i3- fff:g?11gi,g ' 5 fE :'e5fg'ff?L f- u - ?25 il' i Q ,i, ' X " - ,iL ' ? -lf! WY, , T .fr 3 I -3- Y ' I5 255555237 -if-f, x.- , f ,, L sf- ---- ,, 1 L - 1, I iii- ,3 -- ., fi l A 3 -f E ' ' '?2 1 ' :i rf -7 , , Fifi- f LT 1' ' ' 1 5 - 31 -Zi TL L3 ' 2 f Y 3 ' 'L f-i x l i? -5 f f ' 1 - f , .5 f-..--if 5? 'iiigfigii L fs. E f!-- iii - Y if, :Q?T5-An :fr 5?-5.212 fxi. ig-Lf? , fi E3 -Y '- "il , gf: .. '1'!L':2:,i? , 7 i 7?--J ' Y 1, , if 2sf?: E 5 55- Z i -""??5,. ' 'ii E:--E il .jf --f "ii Z 2 -lf Y 5? ffl ii- ,E ' '- 212:53-?L?i-2 ?- 93.1 I 5 V ' - f - - i W T 7 --T :: 2 ---1 - +12 - 51 2--1-: -- Y -: - -7 ' L - -'. -., -1 Y -i Y- :, : --.-1 2 1-: Y--2: - - 1- -: 1 . : --- .. f - .1 - , lf- :r . ?3E--se ,ti 1i'?:'-13'---2 g.,, , :iQ f f 2, : 5 -Z jf f 5' 15' E? vv--fig Q.- zfiif: :-:LIS r :lf ii - 7-2-f 1 ,4 Y E- 1 .-ri iglif-: ,A-Z:--Y 2:32, 1, 1 - f H i L . fi -. 5,1-'iv Q fl- 44527 V-1 -1- - 5-52-414 YE , A - -T' ? I Y Y E Y : - ' , g -Eg,-g-12,117 wil- in r - 'iii 77" ' L, X i E Y F .. iii- W 1-fl- 5 3 'E' L - if rf? 23:-1 - ,..,1- 1- fi, - ...- Fir- -. in : : i.. flr Y -2 Z: - 5 - ii ij iii L"a.z , 5 f Y ,-:,' "' 1 i Q - ' ii,i' -E - i Z .ff-.-'T'-' ,- 3' il 5, .f Y- 53 --'Z' W' 2.. g - -. , A - -5-5 L . 2 5 - Y 1 2 3: - i i-iii-Z: f - ii: i if ' li - 1--'f'g'.:.." ' i' : -+ .-rg.: 1 2 T V r -"-'Q L i - ' :W 1 -I ' i if 1 ' ' :Q 1 g "' ""' 'i i sg E F: -5:1 - 5- -g K , i' V 3, , V3 - - - +- f Q - -iv -1.34 f- :I-r 1 - - -.2 5, ' i E 2 ig EI E T., f 5521- , f , , , L X- , :i1 gE5f ,, il 2 -ig: ??? i il 2-, -ff - it: E: -? -5212-7i3f. ST '5i2i-. F 5 5 fg, ii., 55 A - - fl Jr? L, :- , K, ' 2221" ': 251:-1 31555, 'Ci Qvfiij f ag -ix 1 X--ig 2 --f"5- ' ' - LE, ggi- 52' -if-151- if-' , 7- if -- id-2211 ' 1--fi ,:..2-i' 5,1 Qi -Si 2 - .gxilf 2+ 5: 'ii L V ,- 4423. rf' f "' "la if -7 -?'5. -3 W - E' 5 ' - 'Li if g ,7i .- E E - V ifg Q- 353-3' " fY sr e- i, fQ.1,i"' '.,f "5-,.,, -531. ?- lf- 3 E15 i if Qgi:-g L Y -L ' Y A - :sits il is v: Eff - -'I ' ,i 3 si iitair if -ii - 1 , 'I 2:EgiE1iET - -, SS' i' - +V L ' 'Q' , 7-Y' i i I - :i2: gT- iii? 53 - -i wg- - Yw:,x 51555, E ?f - :F A , --Qi - - -ig l , 531- Y - - - ig-Q? '1-QT' .g Y, , - 2 if - L S: A, . , VY - 1 1- 2.1 - ' ' ' -1: L1 F 1:-. fg.-11-5 j , - 3-35 - f- L , , -1 aff- f W 31 -if ,: 1 ::- ,Y L41-1-- f Y- -L Y ' f- sgw S, QL -'i - W ' L :Q - if g 5 E , ,- Q Y i -- Yi: Y? , 7 -Y "1 - -- J " ' ,- -Q iii-v 'f3+E - , -Q , 5 g ' 1 148 ZW, , 4 1 M fm: . ,Q AN Qayy 1 5' . , . N x '5- N u ,N-1 ,1 17 vw K L m , A R 'R L A - K -- .. ' MW? - 'ls ' ' - .Q ' ' X vs -W W. . 1 . 654 7'f'f A-Kim ' r . .f we' Q i Qi-Kfifxff ,Q L W N 3 A 1 mLmLL ZA. ,,.. .K A- X 1 L i- ,I .i 5.dN : .j , . VA - A i . W L Q ,.x. ' X, . Q , q A . fi ,... . mei? NN? xv x. 92' ' -... ,. al -KEY-sv F..v --WQWR MN, 'Q LL-x -- x ami, Vg K 38-5. W X. -. A 2 X Y m -1 . 'M z A x is 1 A .- iffy RW- . K N' ' -1 .N wa - 'Aff-Q Q, v fm-'Q fw- Q g ' Nw X X X- . 2 W H 95 ,i'i:,,:,gef1a5 f :fa C' 39:2 5. - ls I K , 5 Tw 'F :ff ' - . -t -- f 1 as K J ' ' K PKKK9' K Aw "P- , W' 5, K K g fb my A N . ' x K f 1 NQQAQXQY wiv 'W xwv 150 Whiz-bang Finish Has Coaches Looking Ahead A whiz-bang finish and the loss of only one starter through graduation have Arkansas State University baseball coach J. A. "Ike" Tomlinson already looking forward to next season. The ASU team took 11 of their last 16 games and .finished the season with a 19- 26 record, Q The finish was attribllted to the improved hitting of the Indians, who finished the season with a .245 team batting percen- tage. Larry Elmore took the ASU batting championship with a .326 average. Amy: V.. ,-1. in-1 we .. X914 Change-up Floats Ing Umpire Feels The Cold Xe , H X ,eA V!!! Xffff 1 E, x XXX WY-1' Q J W! W 153 154 Gymnastics Concentrating on balance, flexibility, skill and form, the ASU gymnastics team placed third behind University of Arkansas and SCA in the state meet held last spring. During the year the team beat U of A at Lit- tle Rock, Southern State, Harding and ASU at Beebe. The gymnasts are coached by Bill Rogers. Team Takes Third Bowlers Get A Spare For The Season Winning every tournament they entered except one, the ASU bowling team "pleased" Coach Tom McClain lleft photol. The only tournament the team dldn't place first was the the Association of College Union International Intercollegiate Games at Lafayette, La. In that tournament ASU came in fourth place. The bowling team finished the season with two tournament championships, two third place trophies, three high game awards and three high series trophies. 155 Golfers Finish Last ln Conference With a six member team, the Arkansas State University golf team finished last in the conference competition. Louisiana Tech finished one stroke 'ahead of the Indian golfers. James Pate led the team with an in- dividual average of 75.7 per round. Four members of the team have averages that are under 80 strokes per round. The team played in five other matches besides the conference competition. .-KA Am 156 Tennis Team Finishes Season With 14-12 Record Although he wasn't seeded number one on the Arkansas State University tennis team, Jeff Hall led the Indian netters in the spring season with a 15-9 individual record. ln conference competition, ASU finished fifth of the six teams that competed in the Southland Conference. Ken Mitchell was the second leading in- dividual with a record of 14 wins and nine losses. The team finished 14-12. A 'V W, ,,,. ,,.,, - , .k,, , . , - I 0 ABOVE: Jeff Hall finishes hitting the ball. ,,.,,,......q Hall finished the season with a 15-9 record. Vaulters Find Success . .,,,A WM .W .,..t.....,,., ...,..1,, l 3 """ gsm. .Wg . .. il. . fr ,.,, . Z M ' if. . 5.5531 I K',. . .V i , . - . , t i. We , A-if Qt .summer AQ- - Q- lndividuals dominated the Arkansas State University track season in the spring. Pole vaulters seemed to be the major focus of attention. Barney Hess tied the school record with a vault of 17 and one half feet. Earl Bell, only afreshman last spr- ing, was showing a lot of potential. Genard Medley tied the school record in the 440-yard intermediate hurdles with a time of 53 seconds. In the triple jump, Kiven Williams tied the school record. Hess' vault and William's jump also set Arkansas collegiate records. 159 Kochel Directs Track Team --...Q-U P Burris Leads Cross Country Darrell Burris turned out to be the strongest individual on the Arkansas State University cross country team. Burris won the dual meet with Harding College and placed second in the meet with Memphis State University. As a team, ASU hosted two dual meets and won both of them. In the conference, the ASU team finished fifth in a field of six. agi.5gi,'5i1ae7uf U .11 .... figs . we tb, qt. , 'ww iw"-rv f -, . , ,. .ft .:t ..- -f fs' -am Z' f M5551 'S .Wi . :. , ' : '!?v1i'f s2M . -, - ., 161 162 Tribe Hits Ftoad For Spring Games Hitting the road, the Indians put on their second annual spring football road show in the form of Red-White games. The tribe traveled to different area high schools to show the fans of Northeast Arkansas what the team had in store for the coming fall season. The purpose of the Red-White games is not only for the fans to get an idea of what to expect, but for the coaches to get their thoughts together on who will play where and what kind of potential the team has. Spring games left ASU coaches op- timistic. Head Coach Bill Davidson said that if the defensive unit didn't produce, it would be the fault of the coaches. The defense produced. Davidson also said that the offense would pass, but no one knows what happened to that idea. Indians Get IVIore Time To Prepare Lots of it is what can be said about the Indians' practices this fall. Due to the post- ponement of the Southwestern Louisiana game, the Tribe had eight weeks to get ready for the Louisiana Tech game. In the long run, the extra practices hurt the Indians, because they didn't get to make the first game mistakes and were forced to lay everything on the iine in the first game of the season. The indians didn't seem to mind the ex- tra practices before the game, but they knew that to have a great season they had to beat La. Tech. AY' ta I 3 my get 35 W - .1 azziovxf, 94 I ,Wx 163 -v wi ws' Z, t ,757 ' gf? X S, A ym gq, ' zisififirgef f if' Wa. f. Qgfggv f V K . 1, ,iz A .1 sg: 'iw 4 2 s aw-Q 32f: ? 7 164 New Era Fund Brings New Stadium it wasn't quite finished when the Indians moved into the new stadium, but it still added the atmosphere of class to the foot- ball game. The lights still aren't up, but Wrigley says that baseball is an afternoon sport and maybe the same is true of college football. At least the photographers seem to like the lighting situation in the daylight. The most impressive thing about the stadium is the fact that it is big. Some of the crowds that attended the games would have been standing room only in the old Kays Stadium. The prevailing southwesterly winds seemed to give the punters a little trouble, but ASU's punter Steve Burks seemed to make things average out, and well, with 39.8 yards per kick. 165 166 Jittery Opener Hurts ln the first half of the Indians' first game of the season, ASU couIdn't get anything going and dropped behind 20-0 and couldn't manage to catch up with Louisiana Tech in the second half, losing 20-7. To get rolling on offense in the second game against Eastern Michigan University, the Tribe tried a three fullback offense on some occasions. The result was an ASU 14-7 win. Stan Winfrey and James Flynn led the ln- dians on two fourth quarter scoring drives to overcome a 7-0 deficit. Cx Es 'X QS gf-AO xii! 167 Burks Finds It Is A Game Of Distance i i ASU Defeats ISUQ Loses To Lamar ASU grabbed a winning record at 2-1 for the first time in the season and began what seemed to become a tradition of scoring a lot of points on the road by downing Illinois State University 38-O at Normal, Illinois. Although Joe Duren put two field goals through the uprights and one established a school record 51-yarder, six points wasn't enough to win. Lamar's third string quarterback Al Rabb completed a long pass to Jabo Leonard with about two minutes remaining in the game to give the Cardinals a 10-6 win. Some blamed it on the officials, but ASU missed some good scoring chances and really didn't have the offense. 169 170 famqquw ww ff 3 ,4 ASU Tromps SIU Nips NEL At Home ASU jumped into the winner's column again with a 3-2 record by rolling over another team while on the road. This time the victim was Southern Illinois University and the score was 41-14. SIU didn't score until the Indians sent the substitutes in on defense. The next game was at home, and even though it was Homecoming and the spirits were suppose to be high, the Tribe couldn't generate an offensive attack. The Tribe did generate a 17-14 win over Northeast Louisiana, however. Again it was Flynn leading the way, and ASU passed for more yardage than it rushed. The game went right down to the wire and the ASU fans weren't assured of a victory until Fred Coleman, NEL tight end, had a reception ruled out of bounds by the officials in the last minute of the ball game. 171 172 if Q 1 bv Zfl' m ff . uw. . -N .wif - ASU Ends 7-3 Winning three of their last four games, the Indians upped the season record to 7- 3, which is identical to last season's record. ASU took on Bowling Green on the road and the result was ASU's first loss away from home, 17-0. Next, the Tribe went to Arlington to play UTA. The Indians just rolled over their op- ponents. The score 42-12. ASU's final home game of the season turned out to be the thriller of the season. Joe Duren ended up the hero. Duren booted a 63-yard field goal in the first quarter against McNeese State. The field goal set the NCAA record and tied the pro record. To make things even more exciting, Duren toed the ball 56 yards with zero showing on the clock to give ASU a 22-20 win. The final game of the season was the rescheduled game with Southwestern Louisiana. The Tribe rolled over another road opponent. The score 28-6. 173 Football Coaches Direct Indian Team RIGHT: Head Coach Bill Davidson, Bill Templeton, assistant head coach. MIDDLE: Mike Malham, defensive coordinator, Parker Dykes, defensive line coach and Gary Withrow, offensive line coach. BELOW: David Mitchell, graduate assistant, Tim Keane, defensive secondary coach and Jim Hastings, graduate assistant. LOWER RIGHT: Managers, left to right, Richard Sanders, head manager, Joe Williams, Robert Graham, Bart Wray, Matt Melzar and Russ Durrell. 174 ""i"9'N Q 711- W is., .. isggi. if Q- t. -- :E f " if :gg.: x T X '- L "': n 3 .L . 2.. '-'r'- N " T es. G :-- --2.. li' :i-' L Q , it X 'Av Basketball Team Gets New Assistant Coach in I 2 , A , , ' ,fff S A ISM UPPER LEFT: John Rose, head basketball coach. MIDDLE LEFT: Graduate Assistant Lonnie Webber. LOWER LEFT: Graduate Assistant Bill Tyler. UPPER RIGHT: C. D. Taylor, assistant basketball coach. ABOVE: Bob Marx, Ron Carroll, Tim Ramsey and Jim Jenkins, basketball managers. 175 D' Cyl Q E Indian Athletes Excel Individually W ln Q5AAf53ff 1 Gennuso Serves As Acting AD .am 'Is has FAR UPPER LEFT: Earl Bell was NCAA In- door Champion with a vault of 17-2 and set Arkansas record at 17-4. RIGHT OF BELL: Don Scaife was named All-SLC. RIGHT OF SCAIFE: Sam Gennuso, faculty athletic chairman served as acting athletic director after Don Floyd left to join the staff of Senator Dale Bumpers. RIGHT OF GEN- NUSO: Anthony Stroman was named All- American in indoor track.FAR LOWER LEFT: John Manatt was named All-SLC and received honors as honorable mention All- American in football. RIGHT OF MANATT: Stan Winfrey was named to the All-SLC team and signed with the Miami Dolphins of the NFL. RIGHT OF WINFREY: Mike Nlalham, Jr. was named to the All-SLC team. RIGHT OF NIALHAM: Dick Dixon was named to the All-SLC team. RIGHT OF DIXON: Willie Harris was also named to the All-SLC football team. Gennuso played an active part in helping ASU receive NCAA Division I status in foot- ball. By receiving this status ASU is now competing on the highest level of college sports. 177 Inside, Outside, Defense And All Around Don Scaife Does lt All Stealing the ball and driving for a lay up is just one of the things that Don Scaife does well. Scaife can bomb in a 30-footer with the same perfection that most players can hit a 10-foot set shot. Soaife's quickness has really paid off for the Indians this season. When the Tribe needs a steal, Scaife seems to be there making the play. As a senior, Scaife has averaged about 26 points per game and stands in the top 10 in the nation in individual scoring. J. H. Williams Makes Switch To Forward REPS! PUMPS rf Wi 3 I'-X ,. lun,-gf 55: ,Sf P QS' f N m. Q x , 8 s J 3 5 . vt ,Q X I. in su, F' if M an A xl . 4. a r A dh W 3' xi V Wk K' 9 . be ' , . KX X . NW - x i +2 P' P+ S 5 gy gg ,, XA g x 2.x xo ,Qs 1351 1 .2 Q?2e3,,"'S N, Ax 24 ,-.59 ,Az-'W Mn.. X vw nf H., N K A 1 1 ' 4 I A as 5, ' vi ,I 7 s .YI 1 Y ' f N 1 . X-N . 0 5. .1 Q, if 's'X R 15 Q.,-e 4 -J' . if Xnlavim 1 xii Q MI age! i an -v 'Wm gr 3564 Q . A .. fix mm? fr. ., wmwm-.NRL x , K y My-"n' .,-if 5 E wagfh 9 J' xvNl'l"' ," 1+ . , Mx 'Ashe Sw g QF , mg f +' Q 1. I S35 qw? new ,Nea 44. ja? in 1? zM 184 Brawley Grabs Guard Spot Calvin Brawley joined the ranks of the ASU lndian basketball team as a junior college transfer. After warming the bench for a while, Brawley decided it was time that he came in and warmed up the Tribe's offense. Spear-heading a three guard attack seemed to fit Brawley just right and Head Coach John Rose decided to keep it that way. Brawley holds his own on defense. Not often do you see an opponent slip past Brawley. Q., . ., kk . ,T A X HKQQA , . f '?F7!f1f .: ' in 75' fliifiif. W- 'kkk 5 -- I- in tilfifftfx X- 7, ?',f'fZV"5h3 ' -H t - 1-fi. - , f , ,wwf-,i .Ng .1515 .- .1 X www. - . S2 .Qvf--ss J K' . . A -H. 'V A we - - X six t Q ,, 1 1 V 47.0 Ji' ,arf 351 - ,K 4 .f .rw ,L 4 xiigffl .lf . HQ Q 0 NX " wf' 1 ,YS wwf-s QXNMNL NN -w NNT NX, 'Nr G Agni? if Q-f 2 my 1 X 1 m L ig . N-,ga ' W3 D ' F '..Q'fi mink ' t QQ 'Mg' 44 ' ' fm i Og 1 2 "' I 5 Lx' f, .k., ,, KN 9' 1 mug ev s W - K 'lllgk' K w VH'-.v' AVI? 4, 6 an 186 Tribe Starts With Big Bang But Fizzles The bitter pain of losing Steve Brooks, who played center for the Indians last year, looked as if it wouldn't bother the Tribe, which started off the 74-75 season with a 3- O record. Then things started to go against the ln- dians. The Tulsa, Stetson and South Florida games along with others seemed to be just a little too much for A-State. However, ASU still managed to sneak its way in the Southland Conference race with the best record of any league school. The Indians proved unready for the con- ference competition and finished with a 3-5 SLC slate and a fourth place. 187 ng 188 'Rpm' . W ,f Q . 5' ,,. ...,...... off. ' f f x .nh g nf .5 I N 5. N-N, Women's Basketball Gets Start At ASU gf' A Arkansas State University joined the ranks of most of the other colleges in Arkansas this year with the formation of a women's intercollegiate basketball team. The squad, first ever at A-State, was coached by Donna Kay Woodiel, and was taken into the folds of the Arkansas Women's Intercollegiate Sports Associa- tion. Although expectedly not too successful, the Tomahawks, as the women called themselves, fought to the bitter end in several tough losses, and did manage to win some contests. The team only lost three seniors and has high hopes for the future. 189 190 IWW + i', l m 192 4... Q' . 5. 5 NM ,y Q., 'fl' 91" f 'K 1 Nm In-2.5 --ui The Buck Stops Here '75 INDIAN Dedicated To Fieng Dressed in the familiar dark trousers, freshly starched and ironed white shirt and tie, Dr. Carl Ft. Reng, President of the University, sat behind a polished-wood desk, which was laden with several official looking papers, a telephone and a sign like the one once occupying the desk of Harry Truman, "The Buck Stops Here," the sign reads. Reared back in a cushioned, black leather highbacked executive chair, he gazed through the thick glasses and talked of his retirement and the years he has spent as ASU's chief executive. "I accepted the position with a great deal of fear and hope, and as a real challenge," said Dr. Fteng in his 23rd year as presiden- tial administrator on the ASU campus. . . . Dr. Reng said even though the University made much progress in the past 20 years, he regretted that it never seemed to have enough money to do all the things that needed done. . . . "lt takes all facets working together harmoniously to provide the facilities students need," Dr. Reng declared. He furthered the point by refusing to state any qualifications he hoped to see in his successor but attempted to give that in- dividual one piece of advice. "I would advise him to get the best ad- ministrative staff and faculty that can be found. lt is much more than a one man job and the people who say they are self-made men are only kidding themselves, because they are made by the support and help of friends," he said. In view of Dr. Fteng's dedication to Arkansas State University, the 1975 IN- DIAN is proud to dedicate this book to him. iArticle courtesy of the HERALDJ 193 Board Names Pritchard To Succeed Beng The naming of the new president was the main concern of the Board of Trustees. On January 12, 1974, a presidential search committee, composed of members from the administration, faculty, alumni and stu- dent body, was formed to review can- didates to replace Dr. Carl Fl. Reng. Dr. Beng has served as president since 1951. The fifteen member committee screened and rescreened 138 candidates. After the first screening the candidates were narrowed to 38 and from there the com- mittee recommended six top candidates to the board. interviews with each of the top candidates were conducted by the board. By a 4 to 1 vote, the board approved the appointment of Dr. Boss Pritchard as Dr. Beng's successor. Pritchard has been president of Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, since 1971. His term as ASU president will begin August 1, 1975. TOP LEFT: Honorable Governor David Pryor: LEFT: Board member Lou lvlixong ABOVE: Board member Richard Herget, Jr.. spring. 196 Dggfi? CLOCKWISE, ABOVE: President Carl Fl. Rengg Dr, F. Clark Elkins, Vice President for Instructionq and Lloyd C. Howell, Registrar. Administrators Recruit New Ideas CLOCKWISE, UPPER LEFT: Dr. Jimmy McCloskey, Vice President for Student Af- fairs: John Stotts, Vice President for Finance: and Dr. Melvyn Freed, Vice Presi- dent for Administration. 197 V wfxm GL. 'Q-1:9 'We 45 A LL ' Mg ' A "fri if 2 4 f V ,pf 1- an ' aff- ' 1 U' ,.. ' s . jul'-U Ju I WT ffif, g 471:15 ,vi M XX ' ix . M- Q: , NX -. V 3 . Q . .Q :SX -:ls I X x ' fi H , 6 , nh 1 3 all xx Q . X M' 5' 5 -9 5 Z , N I .f-'Q 4' ,131 C If ? ,Mft I ' V A 1 ,K a U! M 'lil " ww " Y - mi. 'ii Q X' D, . 2 J", -ff,.,gi,,,-n,,+,,w ww- . n, MI' is ji' ,ff ' A km X13 fs 2,13 . fp-L: ' v in .55-. . N51 5 x8 -7. f . if' .'," A- , ' K... ,, is-155 -xii W Rf VM 'TE x?",'2'5c'?" Lf: f K 1 akkx x , me in 'N ' 5' is ' di' Q Q ' ' M Y 5 Q' , , sv f . iff sv ' Fefe X .X H+ Pr , Iwi? w if 15 4255 nf, .4 fa w 16 1 , 1 fx ff! 1 f. 'y -n if if . CLOCKWISE, TOP LEFT: Dr. Roy Gnazirnorad, ,", Director of University Counseling Centerg Ftay Hall, Director of Field Serviceg Terry Carter, Hi, ,, 7 Assistant Manager of the Bookstore-g Charles ! Q 0 Yauger, Director of the Computer Centerg and Arlis Johnson, Business Manager. we--were 200 ,4 H Administrators CLOCKWISE, TOP LEFT: Dr. Farris Womack, Director of Institutional Ftesearcng Phil Bridger, Director of Housing: Leonard McDaniel, Assistant Registrarg and James Jackson, Field Representative. ua 201 202 CLOCKWISE, TOP LEFT: George Jones, Food Directorg Estes Coleman, Personnel Directory Thomas McClain, Assistant Director of the Fteng Centerg W. W. Haynes, Superintendent of Farmsg and Bill Fisher, Purchasing Agent. IF 5 Q .E The ASU campus has been rapidly ex- panding over the last few years. The nursing students were able to move into renovated State Hall at the beginning of the spring semester. The new Agri building is to be finished sometime during the spring term. It is hoped the new P.E. complex will be ready to open by June 1. Although some work was still being done to .the new football stadium, it was near enough completion that the Indians were able to play their first home game in it. The newest expansion project is a 34.5 million conversion of the library. The new complex will house an audio-visual center and give more room to the museum and library. The new complex is to be called a learning resource center. New Bulldlngs Are Continuing To Ruse I 5 L 5 r C I 2- 5 Agri Complex Nears Completion During the spring semester of 1975, the College of Agriculture will move into their new building complex. The complex in- cludes a greenhouse which will enable students to practice the art of horticulture. This year the ASU Rodeo Club par- ticipated in the Inter-Collegiate Rodeo Associations regional event. Members of the club are interested in putting on a rodeo, to increase student support of the club and the events. Dr. Olen P. Nail is dean of the College of Agriculture. Dr. George A. Berger, asst prof Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, asst pro James L. Davenport, assoc. prof. Dr. Jasper A. Hayles, assoc. prof. Dr. L, N. Hochstetler, prof. Dr, Claude J. Irby, assoc. prof. Dr. James H. Keene, prof. Dr. Albin J. Langlois, prof. Dr. Albert L. Mink, assoc. prof. Dr. Warren A. North, assoc, prof Dr. Amos B. Flougeau prof Dr. Aubrey W. Tennille, prof Herman F. Williams, assoc prof in fy -lfv l , .V , - W 2. ni , mu. W 'A me I rfewm ' ' , Huw mg, - wi 4, 4" uw , 5' ,Mi -0 A fu' -...X RODEO CLUB: lFlow 1, left lo rightj Jim Waddell, Joe Crowson and Greg Kemper. lRow 2l Larry Brown, Scott Brown, Mary Melton and Connie Waters. lBow 35 Bill Spence, Stanley Johnson, Fran Devereux and Robin McCarter. lRow 4i Marvin Shoulders, Bob Berger, J. C. Bonine, Sandy Kirby. Joe Alexander and Phil Syne, 207 208 DELTA TAU ALPHA: iRow 1, left to rightj Jerry Gilliam, Doy Knight, Keith Holifield, Charlotte Tinsley, Hoyt Hilger, Ricky Carter and Patrick Breeding. tRow 21.1. A. Hayles, Al Hoggard, Randall Pope, Con Sullivan, John Reid, Jimmy Thompson and David Fowlkes. ENGINEERING CLUB: iRow 1, left to rightl Daniel Corbett, Michael Gene Stalcup, Gary Palmer, Donald Gambill. fRow 3l Claud Irby, Bishop and Eldon Alexander. iRow 21 Jim Pace, R. ScottJackson Jr., David Holcomb, Gary Burroughs, George Losak and Al L, Mink. BLOCK AND BRIDLE: tRow 1, left to rightt ny Porter and Larry Hawkins, 1Row 3l Ron Andy Maxwell, Ray Kaut, Jayme Huff, Cathy French, L. N. Hochstetler, Jim Wise, Tom Clubs Cultivate Student Interest Hilton and Leesa Ferguson. tRow 23 Carl Howard and Scott Brown. lRow 4l John Ruff, Long, Stanley Johnson, Mark Murphy, John- James Keene and Tony King. '- :-- K t-'- K K- t 2 - ,, 1 , -. A A "" ,:-' : it 1 i T ' it srlsi -- ,gf..v5:.jfp-- s f :ff .,:--k: in k . . , . :..,i.,,, fg -- PLANT SCIENCE CLUB: iFlow 1, left to rightl Jimmy Boeckmann, Phil Gattas, John Johnson, T. Alan James Thompson, John Reid, Gary Cravens, James Cook Jr. and William Landreth. and Carl Horron. tRow 23 Charlotte Tinsley, Michael 209 210 Community Courses Offered By College The College of Business is offering several specialized community interest courses to the public during the spring semester. The college has installed 24 new calculators in the stat class. They have also provided individualized instruction for those taking shorthand. Dr. B. C. McGough frighty dean of the College of Business said that the new four- year baccalaureate program was successful and hopes to continue offering new programs. DIV. OF ACCT. Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm Nancy A. Haigler, asst. prof Dr. Coy Neal London, assoc. prof Danny R. Ward, inst H. Dalton Whitt, inst DIV. OF BUS. ED. AND SEC. Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, Robert David Adams, asst. Larry N. Adams, Dr. Rebecca l. Collins, assoc. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, asst. Dr. Herbert H. Price, Jr., assoc. Adena Laverne Williams Mary Lou Wood, asst. DIV. OF GEN. BUS. AND ECON. Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, chm. Howard M. Alsey, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, assoc. prof. Dr. John Kaminarides, assoc. prof Joe H. Murrey, Jr., asst. prof Dr. Roland T. Mullins, prof. Dr. Jimmy Rex Pulley, asst. prof. Fred D. Robinson, asst. prof. Charles M. Wade, asst. prof. DIV. OF MKT. AND MNG. Dr. Charles W. Ford, chm. Charles Douglas Barnes, inst. Dr. Samuel B. Cousley, Jr., asst. prof Dr. Wayne H. Goff, asst. prof. Frank W. Oldham, Jr., asst. prof Dr. Stephen H. Replogle, assoc. prof. Dr. Lloyd E. Roberts, asst. prof , inst SCI ohm prof inst prof prof prof. prof. .71 'ir H wg g,: 4 ,- .V VV y ,7 -,rff x 4 iv' 9 y ii. A.-. ACCOUNTING CLUB: iFlow 1, left to righty Ronald Morris, Vicki Mead, Donald Crisler, Yvonne Strachan, John Lard, Flay Huckaba and Billy W. Melton. iRow 2l Terri Roark, Harvey Franklin, Kay Haigler, Gail Gillenwater, Debbie Whittingham, Patricia Cousley, Grady D. Shropshire, Dalton Whitt, Jesse Stafford, Mike Smith, Thomas Smith and Nancy Haigler. iFlow sp Coma Tippitt, Ken Conner and Flonnie Johnson. -:'.. ,,. QI if f il J --fl, E .,,N, 5 XS Q U., 4 H, ha, 211 212 Pl OMEGA Pl: lRow 1, left to rightl Theresa Gist, Ella and Susie Garner. lRow 33 Karen Smith, Janet Reaper Jackson, Monda Hutchison and Pam York. lRow 2l Patti Marsha LeGrand and Rebecca Collins. Higginbottom, Sherry Owens, Sue Reeves, Eddy Ann Ashley xy Wfzfari .Q J f PHI BETA LAMBDA: lRow 1, left to rightl Ed Garretson, Amy Janie Smith, Sharon Vaughn and Eve Schwartz. lRow 4l Stearns and Randy Sims. lRow 21 Steve Warner, Claudia Loretta Sansom, Donna Cooper, Joe Williams, Richard Coker and Debbie Peters. lRow Sl Lynne Marr, Jan Hutson, Frazier, Fred Nimmo, Phillip Whitaker and Danny Perry. gu- E .J L. wikis if' 5 ALPHA KAPPA PSI: fRow 1, left to righti Tom Holt, Don Baxter, Lou Morales, Ray Huckaba and Coma Tippitt. tRow 23 Ronald Morris, Francis Bryan, Bill Kerr, John Moses, Larry Hays and Hal White. 1Row 3i Mike For- tune, Tim Gordon, E Thomas Smith, Joe Johnson, Ron Flowers, Cleve McGaughy, Danny Gill and Paul McGee. lRow 41 Dr. Charles Ford, Wayne Schmidt, Leane Pelts, John Lard, Charles Singleton, Merle McGrider and Roland Mullins. qRow 5i Stevie Lawrence, Roy James, Steve Rollack, Mike Smith, James Barner, Bill Townsend, Kenneth Conner, Harvey Franklin, Dennis Hall, Paul Pierron, Roger Klein, Bo Boykin, Jesse Hughes and Randy Thomas. 213 214 I ' l -cf. DIV. OF Jounm. AND PRINT. Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof. Homer Hallett, production printer -G' 0 Y Robert W. Kern, inst. V Tom Manning, news bureau director x X . R. Kent Kirkton, inst. Roy Ockert, inst. Bob Ruff, print shop foreman DIV. OF RADIO-TV Charles L. Flasberry, chm. . -Qt A xg V . Rob Barnhill, chief engineer A A X 3 William J. Oliver, inst. " Z vviiiaam J. nugg, mst. Q, . AX SIGMA DELTA CHI: lFiow 1, left to rightl Kitty Sloan, Sutton, Lavah Fagan,Candy Cayce, Mike Flushing,JuIia Vicky Garman and Millie Ward. lBow 2l Gina Bowman, Baber and Denice Grady. lRow 43 Sharon Davis, Roy Catherine Booker and Bonnie Hyde. lRow 33 Deena Ockert, Susan Luster and Mike Hendrix. Dr. Joel T. Gambill, chm. L - K. , --1 - asses 'M I' 1 git fi,- fzxsw. 1. . Z, . .I ,, . 1, xL,. 1 . f wt, - . 1 1 ., R . , N . V ' " H 1, .'..,.' y A ii 9' 1 ,Q , i 5 - Q-, -iigfi Teletype Service Added To College Students working with the equipment in the College of Communications enables them to have the first hand knowledge of the teachings using the fundamentals of graphic arts processing. Among the newest equipment for the students includes a new photography darkroom and a national teletype news service. Nh., kv! Students Practice At KASU ,MM All students majoring in radio-television take advanced radio practice which supplies them with the opportunity to work at KASU. The more advanced student is eligible to apply for a paid position on the KASU staff. Renovation of the Radio-TV Building facilities are underway, The ten offices vacated by nursing are being expanded into class and lab areas. l 217 CENTER' HERALD Wins Top Honors This year, for the first time, the Herald of ASU, the official student newspaper, was published three times a week. The Herald issues were published on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Herald has been named to top honors in the Associated Collegiate Press competition. It received two consecutive All-American honors with marks of distinc- tion in several areas. In Region Eight of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, the Herald won top honors in the Mark of Excellence competition. The Herald serves as a laboratory ex- perience for journalism students. The editors for the Herald are fleftl: Ca- therine Ftooker, fall, Vicky Garman, spring and Deena Sutton, fall. +V Q-xaiT1g..t ' K.. S f ,f X .3 , Lx x ,X ,y X X F 1 1 i 1 sg f w 'N Q Q . lgf' . -S's'.,1 219 220 Physical Education Complex To Open Several new programs were offered by the College of Education in 1974. One of these new programs is designed to speed the student's reading ability, with reading classes held in Dixie Hall. A master's degree in speech pathology and one in emotional disturbances is being offered by the college for the first time. Costing approximately S3 million, the new physical education complex will be opened in the fall of 1975. The complex in- cludes such areas as an indoor swimming pool, two basketball courts, four handball courts, sauna baths, offices and classrooms. Dr. Harry Hodge, right, is dean of the college. DIV. OF COUNSELOR ED. AND PSYCH. Dr. Alvin J. lVlcRaven, prof., ohm. Dr. Robert F. Abbott, prof. Dr, Edmund L. Barnette, assoc. prof. Dr. John Burns, assoc. prof. Beverly Kay Dewater, inst. Dr. James F, Golden, assoc. Dr. D. Lynn Howerton, asst. Dr, William D. Johnson, asst. Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof. prof. prof. prof. Dr. George T. Peters, prof. DIV. OF ED. ADM. AND SEC. ED. Dr. M. Vance Sales, prof., chm. Dr. Carol D. Ham, assoc. Dr. Robert B. Kluge, Dr. Arthur Rezny, Dr. Robert Stephens, asst. Dr. Joseph Sweat, Dr. Joseph Taylor, Dr. Carl Vaupel, Jr., assoc. Dr. Stanley Williams, asst. Dr. Donald Wright, assoc. DIV. OF EL. ED., SPEC. ED., prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. AND SPEECH PATH. Dr. Ray Simpson, prof., Chm. Nancy Bacot, inst. Madalyn Brizzi, inst. Dr. Paul Burge, asst. prof. Dr. William Chance, prof. Dr. Baron Conaway, assoc. prcf, Dr. A. Burton Crosswait, Jr., assoc. prof, Emma Sue Davidson, asst. prof. Betty Goldsby, inst. Dr. George Herndon, prof. Dr. Jack Hogins, assoc. prof. Frances Jones, inst. Jane LeBlanc, inst. QT, 3-+V' if qi is B- up-. ti' " 'I 5 5.1 ,- YB .Q kk xv 8' I . .- t gg J 3 tl as i A Dr. David Loe, asst. prof. William Lybarger, asst. prof. Dr. Robert Ohlsen, prof. Herman Strickland, inst. Dr. Mildred Vance, prof. DIV. OF HEALTH, PHYS. ED. AND REC. Dr. James DeVazier, assoc. prof., ohm. Rosalie Barber, inst. David Burgess, asst. prof, Alta Burns, asst. prof. Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. Barbara Hamsley. inst. Dr. John Hosinski, assoc. prof. Gladys Hudgins, assoc. prof. Dr. Evelyn Prescott, prof, John Rauth, assoc. prof. William Rogers, inst. Frances Smallwood, Inst. Jack Sugg, inst. J. A. Tomlinson, prof. DIV. OF LIBRARY SCIENCE James Hansard, asst. dir. Joan Bowman, head ref. lib. I . Guy DiBenedetto, ref. lib. ' Nadean Lee, head cir. lib. 'Q Bonnie Jill Rockwell, cat. lib. . Ella Ward, head cat. lib. STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN: tRow 1, left to rightj Beverly Joyce, Stephanie Mize, Juliana Keith, Doris Richardson and Debbie Johns. iRow 2l Melessia Whitener, Susan Smith. Sherry Guess, Barbara Horton. Linda Buchanan and Jane Nahlen, IRow 33 Rose Scott, Betty Goldsby. Ambera Steinkamp, Joyce Lamb. Mary Helen Wilson and Regina Estes. SQUARE DANCE CLUB ibelowl: tRow 1, left to rightl Frances Smallwood. Willie Harris, Carla Hardesty, Clyde Ransom, Sue Albritton, Mickey Wilkerson, Vicki Morgan, Anita Baker and Beverly Steward. lRow 25 Bob Montgomery, Kathleen Hewitt, Georgia Siebert, Leora Taffer, Rachelle Robertson, Leta Henderson, Faye Cromwell, Vicki Graddy, Wendy Shirley, Dyana Greer, Hoyt Hilger, Jane Moore, Angela Mc- Farland, Donna Rodery and Wade Shownes. tRow 31 Mitch Wilkins, Neil Beckman and Radius Baker. fRow 43 Tommy Howard, Ronnie Brazwell, Jim Crider and Walter Gunter. 221 222 MODERN DANCE CLUB tRow 1 left to right1 Wanda Adamson, Nancy Jones and Karen Pickett. lRow 21 Connie Waters Harriet Black and Susan Weaver. tRow 31 Debbie Morrison Debbie Dickerson and Alta Burns KAPPA DELTA Pl: iRow 1, left to right1 Rita Reese, Jan Beard, Melissa Sample, Molly Nebhut, Freda Paxton and Judy Jones. lRow 21 Debbie Jeffery, Connie Ball, Her- man Strickland, Dr. Burton Crosswait, Alice Severe and Gerry McGough. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND MINORS: tRow 1, left to right1 Vicky Graddy, Missy Harris, Faye Cromwell, Becky Seamans, Kay Asher, Rita Jernigan and Jo Bete McLaughlin. iRow 21 Dena Tinker, Sheree Azbill, Mary Balest, Marie Wiliford, Kathy Boeckmann and June Hafner. tRow 31 Bob Williams, Mitch Wilkins, Joe Brimer, Lauri Partlow, Wayne Rush and Kelly Chandler. tRow 41 Radius Baker, Neil Beckman, Tommy Howard, Mike Smith and Danny Sample. LL 0 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: tFtow 1, left to rightl Molly Nebhut and Janet Shropshire. tFtow 21 Mary Helen Wilson. Jan Beard, Nancy Kramer, Patricia Hagler and Boz Smith. tFtow 3I Jenny Walker, Zoe McBride, Joan Stephens, Sue Davidson, Debbie Jeffery, Lillian Barton and Tobby Hogler, tFtow 4I Judy Oliver, Melissa Sample and Tom- mie June Williams. ASSOCIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: tBow 1, left to rightl Mary Ann Misenhimer, Kathy Stewart and Dana Hudspeth. tFlow 25 Kathy Coyle, Melissa Sample and Linda Browning. tRow 33 Alice Severe, Beth Edwards, Rita Reese, Debby Malloy, Sherris Cheshier, Cathy Scott, Joan Stephens, Mrs. Nancy Bacot and Dr. Jack Hogins. tRow 43 Connie Ball, Vicki Fleming, Rosanna Prestidge and Jan Beard. tFtow 5j Buby McKinley, Nancy Workman, Janieca Thielemier and Jane Nahlen. 223 I s ii, 5 ,F V g , ...W TRBak Thomas H James K. Johnso Dr. Karl F. Ric . . e C I John H. Keecl Douglas Latta, inst. Evan Lindquist, assoc. prof. Robert E. Mitchell, asst. prof. Dr. LaVonne Schrieber, asst. prof. DIV. OF MUSIC Donald R. Minx, chm. Mary Elizabeth Beck, assoc. prof. Dr. Clifton V. Cowles, prof. Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, prof. M. Ellis Julien, inst. Julia R. Lansford, asst. prof. Myron Myers, dist. assoc. prof. Nora Nausbaum, inst. David Niederbrach, assoc. prof. Dr. James L. Patty, prof. Daniel F. Ross, inst. C. Bonner Ruff, asst. prof. Sandra B. Seay, inst. Alfred R. Skoog, asst. prof. Dr. Jared Spears, prof. Dorothy Swindle, inst. Dr. Thomas G. Williams, asst. prof. DIV. OF SPEECH AND DRAMA Linda Sue Davis, inst. Terry L. Huckabee, asst. prof. Kenneth Parks, inst. ,ww College Of Fine Arts Emphasizes Creativity The College of Fine Arts allows students to pursue and develop their own individual talents. To add to the development of the students talent, Dr. Harold Copenhaver lleftl dean of the college has approved four new courses to be offered to the ASU stu- dent. The drama department put on "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild" and "Peter Pan." The Division of Music presented various instrumental concerts throughout the year which were appreciated by musically in- clined students. Sharon Sturdivant. TAU BETA SIGMA: iFtow 1, left to rightj Judy Ozbirn, Deborah Foy and Linda Matthews. lFtow 21 Karen Sturdivant, Julie Thomas, Janet Schisler, Pam Wells and Roxanne Brink. lFlow 33 Judy Wise, Barbara Bell, Claudia McFtaven, Sharon Carter and 225 POTTERY CLUB: iR0w 1, left to rightl Vickie dace Cobb. QROW 41 Mike Rutledge, Ronald Crum, Susan Hudgens, Jane Wilson, Bill Goo, Rodney Dobbs, Tsu Tsu Miles, Linda Drake and H. R. Triplett. lRow 23 Cheryl Grif- Burke. Debbie Bradley and Barney Rumble, fin, Connie Walker and Judy Bruckerhoff. lRow 51 Robert Zenanko, Linda Cunningham iRow Sl Anne Cornell, Jayme Huff, Janet and Sharon Lawrence. Horner, Reita Nettles, David Ward and Can- PHI MU ALPHA: iRow 1, left to rightl Steve Walker, James H. Sanders Jr., Vawter and Larry Eckman. iRow Sl David Willard, Winston Turpin, Bob Thomas Jaber, Randy Erwin, Peter Dapp and Will Emerson. lRow 29 Bidewell, Jeru Smith and Bob Kern. iRow 43 David Niederbrach, John Bruce Kissinger, Bill Cromer, Dana R. Bingham, Darryl Howerton, Rene Fultz, Eddie Rayburn and Dennis Hay. 226 ge, ' X fx W 1 1 f 'vii .1 55' all Aw JR '75, :xx 'N 2' Q 'NH' X N- ' fi rl 5 v -.Q -f..f. 1 w f I . tif N EP! ,, L A Q -N f ' me A Q' ...L . A J I Is., -vs me , xx QR '!r..i'i' , r .Q wif S ' , .f iQ S5 v ARMQQ . Nt f. 7 Q K is L... ,ar r 4' is ,dtfx .VJ ' x U tvs -fi as? Q' Q. A' wi Q , , A . W' , N wi' K -12" , 'fix N' R .Shi - 55,525 A QQLQQS' Nw ,V , ' My f' sr af' if wigs if . X uf' f,-2' Q viii 'fig 'P'- , 34 4 LQ, fi Q 5 Q , x " i xl 53.4. Ai. X fi Mx in Ky nn-N Sk X ' '3ais"N' N Q, L. . 'KM Q X, QM' A Q05 v !fj',m WJASSM- g ,QA '. Heli allay!" f.QIA.:Yx zxkygx M k xx S ,JW t QMQLL. ww. 'i 228 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: lRow 1, left to rightl Mena Ward, Elaine Austin, Michelle Brown, Linda Brannon and Glenda Hicks. lFlow 21 Paula Shaneyfelt, Elaine Montgomery, Sharon Scroggs, Shelvy Conkling and Joan Frost. lRow Sl Connie Willoughby, Judy Jones and Jane Ledgerwood. lRow 45 Beverly Pierce, Judy Ozbirn, Andrea Hicks, Janet Schisler and Diane England. lFlow 53 Leslie Galloway. Q-...N 45' f 3' .QW "-if We-1'-x.. BARBERSHOP QUARTET: lRow 23 Ed Rayburn and lFlow 1, left to rightl Randy William Cromer. Erwin and Winston Turpin. KAPPA KAPPA PSI: iRow 1, left to right1 Samuel Franklin, Pam Wells and Leonard Barnhill. iRow 21 Rick Richardson and Paul Gray. fRow 31 Mike Massanell, Paul McGee and Steve Warner. iRow 41 Gerry Gibson, Ed Alexander, Mike McGowan and Flick Holder. lRow 51 John Fultz, Bob Kern, Doug Yopp and Danny Lusk. CONCERT CHOIR: fRow 1, left to right1 J. Haddon, M. Hughes, D. Hay, C. Davis, J. Farris, S. Sandow and W. Sterling. lRow 21 J. Grimes, M. Brown, P. Shaneyfelt, G. Smith, G. Hatfield, L. Eckman, F. Matteson, W. Turpin, C. Price, E. Rayburn, D. Taylor, B. Lunceford and C. Mouton. qRow 31 B. Hazelip, D. Willard, J. Frost, M. Wright, C, Harrell, R. Erwin, L. Brannon, N. Canella, P. Morrison and W. Cromer. lRow 41 B. Bidewell, J. Collins, S. Tyer and D. Niederbrach. lRow 51 S. Walker, K. Holland, A. Bishop, J. Fultz and C. Choate. tRow 61 T. Bennett, D. Bingham, D. Hoffman and S. Brown. 229 l A 230 ,. CHAMBER ii: lBow 1, left to ragmi Bar- ' 3 bara Hazelip and Gail Yamnitz, lRow 23 Bill Cromer, Pam Abernathy and Clarissa Green. lFlow 33 Wincle Sterling, Candy Lock, John Fultz, Joy Monroe, Doug Hoffman and Dana Bishop. GIRLS CHORUS: lBow 1, left to right3 Charolotte Reece, Karon Mearline Taffar, Patricia Cato, Glenda Hall, Diane England, Janet Foutch, Gail Yamnitz, Clarissa Green, Mira Ward, Sharon Sharp and Tiefenauer, Suzanne Todd. llflow 43 Joy Lynn Monroe, Alison Evans, Pam Abernathy, lRow 23 Nancy Ferralasco, Bobbie Shreve, Denise Renee Spicer, Jane Moore, Candy Cartwright, Marla Henson, Dana DeRoeck, Kay Graham, Elaine Montgomery, Charmian Hexem, Claire Bishop, Debbie Lee and Eliza Sims. Yvonne Wade, lFlow 33 Nancy Malone, Candy Lock, Nancy Lindsey, Students Develop Musical Talents CHAMBER Il: qRovv 1, left to right3 Joan Frost and Jeff Had- dox. lRow 23 Candice Harrell and William Cromer. qRow 33 Linda Brannon and Ed Rayburn. lRovv 43 Mona Wright and Dennis Hay. lRovv 53 Dianne Taylor and Randy Erwin, QROW 63 Cathy Choate and Winston Turpin. lRow 73 Steve Walker. MALE CHORUS: tRovv 1. left to right3 Bill Cromer. and Bob Bidevvell. lRovv 23 Johnny Rye, Wincle Sterling and Gary Soule. lRovv 33 Eddie Rayburn. Randy Kellems, Jim Crider, John Fultz and Doug Hoffman. tRovv 43 Issac Jayner. David Willard, David Warner, Daniel Collins and Bob Belzung. tRow 53 Charles Moutor. Winston Turpin, Ronald Murphy, Greg Hofer. Ken Newberry, Mike Huggins and Carl Osborn, Tribe Presents Benefit Show s Williams directs the Tribe. ,gli xxxxg WN 'NRS X x Don IVIinx Directs ASU Marching Band 233 l l l l l 234 . in :mms u u 1....w.ff--Q il l-......4.1......-- n w wh... l ....-1 -.......1.-.... - .. E.U.R0P.E mrs sims! rumen.,-heaven llxwaruwulmv-sv 111.0446-va mme wigu 1x.w-vusasws mu-m:ymv-us:us1nMPiv4 nmuzn vmarwnnnuuwnpv-vaayfrm imsua una-'awww-new A msn ww-...wyndam-ins-fw.xam I YI! wana mpmzms-up-ma-an n L.-My-:,'!m:fl.1sff-. :sewa- p-Jw... iv Thur sa www -may ml. 4...,M...s N.. Y-.mans - ..-.. A Iva! lawn Ihexxruna iliiifl www M au.. ru. an t.-. mu. 1. 1.1.-l ws... s.'r'.m1g.f-.. mm www 14 wmv an 1...-M .nam , . :fa-rum la.: e 1-. Mm rm... mn as puma-4 s. mmm.-: . H nn use Y D KS xsasmle fa lxumzw ag fffff In DIV. OF ENG., PHIL., AND LANG Lucille Braden Dr. James B. Burleson, Dr. William M. Clements, asst. William R. Coughlin John Scott Darwin Dr. John K. Franson, Sammy R. Gennuso, asst. Martha Jane Gill, Dr. Thomas M. Harwell, George F. Horneker, Dr. Marilyn A. Hubbart, asst. Frances Hunter, Dr. O. Philip James, Dr. James A. Key, assoc. Arthur Krida, asst. Eleanor Lane, assoc. Claire C. Lyons Charles B. McClelland, assoc. Wayne McLaurin, asst. Dr. Richard E. Messer, asst. Elizabeth Neeley, asst. Dr. George S. Peek, asst. Ellen H. Robinson Lois Ann Swisher, asst. Wanda G. Walker, assoc. , inst prof prof , inst , inst asst p rof inst. prof. inst. prof. inst prof prof. prof prof inst prof prof prof prof prof inst prof prof "WN, .Q- vi .,:.., 51.5 ,-'-::,- 3 ,.E. Q ... t Nancy Y. Young, Inst. DIV. OF HISTORY Dr. C. K. McFarland, chm. Dr. Larry D. Ball, asst. prof. Dr. Floyd M. Clay, asst. prof. Dr. Michael B. Dougan, asst. prof. Dr. John A. Galloway, prof. Dr. Charles L. Kenner, assoc. prof. Edger O. Kirk, assoc. prof. Dr. Donald E. Konold, prof. Dr. Roger C. Lambert, assoc. prof. Dr. Barbara R. Phaire, asst. prof. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, assoc. prof. Dr. Leland R. White, asst. prof. DIV. OF POL. SCI., GEOG., AND SOC. Donald D. Burkett, inst. Dr. William W. Burns ll, asst. prof. Larry Clowers, Inst. Jane M. Gates, Inst. Curtis P. Guyote, Inst. Charles W. Hartwig, asst. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, assoc. prof. Dr. Peter N. Kidman, asst. prof. Jerry G. King, Inst, Dr. Stanford S. McConkie, asst. prof. Dr. Dan F. Morse, assoc. prof. Dr. John C. Osinach, prof. Dr. Mary Susan Power, assoc. prof. Chester R. Stewart, asst. prof. Stephen J. Tricarico, Inst. Dr. J. Larry Williams, asst. prof. Gerald J. Wilson, Inst. College Expands The College of Liberal Arts provides more than half of the basic education re- quirements for all degree programs. Dr. Clyde Jones fleftl dean of the College of Liberal Arts says the college hopes to offer a B.A. In Social Work next fall. This year they are offering a new masters degree in Political Science and a B.A. degree in Criminology. This year the language department sponsored a Foreign Language Festival. lt lasted one day and high school students from the Northeast Arkansas area par- ticipated. Learning Programs 235 236 , 'Q,,,,f1"f-f , f ,,. W aj W. ' ' M 'fifl ii If' , ' ' "I 34 I ' 1' 043 , Y It W wr , V, ,,,,. , -, 1. f ,, , , ik 5 , X Mf'- f , I-W 4 'WAV . Lee, Mohammad Haydar and Robert Gray. lRow 23 Barner Ron Howell and Charles Hartwig MODEL UN: lRow 1, left to rightl Arif Haydar, Karen Fox. lRow 33 Jim Julian, Stephen Runnels, James Richard Janis, Greg Bowman, Gerald Freligh and Terry y I Pl GAMMA MU: lRow 1, left to rightj John Arnold, Karen Lee Osoinach and Charles Hartwig. lRow 3l Ronnie Guthrie, Gloria and Susan Boone. lRow 2l William Burns, Ellen Harper, John Evans and Chester Stewart. 238 DIV. OF BIOLOGICAL SCI. Dr. John K. Beadles, chm. Dr. Harvey E. Barton, assoc. prof. William W. Byrd, assoc. prof. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. Dr. George L. Harp, assoc. prof. Dr. Jerry R. Hersey, assoc. prof. Dr. Lawrence W. Hinck, assoc. Dr. J. Maxine Hite, assoc. Dr. James A. Hutchinson, Dr. Bob D. Johnson, assoc. Dr. Van Rick McDaniel, asst. Dr. Larry A. Olson, asst. Dr. Paul L. Raines, asst. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, Jr., assoc. Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake, prof. prof. DIV. OF MATH. AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry L. Lirinstaedter, ohm. Dr. John B. Bennett, asst. prof. Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, asst. prof. xl if 1 S , 1 ' on Dr. Robert H. Bowman, assoc. Daniel O. Felts Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, assoc. Dr. Robert E. Johnson, assoc. Marshall Matthews, assoc. Elmer C. Mayes, asst. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, assoc. Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. Dr. Julius W. Overbeck, asst. Dr. Robert F. Rossa, assoc. Douglas E. Rucker, Dr. Charles H. Scanlon, assoc. Dr. J. B. Shoefee, asst. Dr. Robert P. Smith, asst. Dr. Richard L. Tangeman, assoc. Dr. W. F. Wei, assoc. prof. inst. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. inst. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. DIV. OF PHYSICAL SCI. Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc. Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, assoc. Dr. G. David Jimerson, asst. Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, Dr. Paul M. Nave, assoc. Robert O. Saunders, Sr., asst. William N. Smith, asst. Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, assoc. Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. Dr. William V. Wyatt, assoc. chm. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. r K "r I , A I ..., Q f . 3 . W., V, . fr., if it fa qi' 'Wx ay it M 1 . -..-.,..y, 1 . S ,fx ,arg ,X V 2: I f f wif .. I if If K V College Begins Recruiting Efforts The College of Science prepares students for new and current career fields. To acquaint high school seniors with the College of Science, approximately 2,000 college and divisional letters were mailed to high school seniors. In April, the Division sponsored the se- cond annual Mathematics and Science Contest for high school students. The students came to the ASU campus and engaged in contests covering algebra, geometry, trig., physics and chemistry. Dr. James H. Stevenson fleftl, dean of the college, hopes that these recruiting ef- forts will increase both the undergraduate and graduate enrollment. FILIATE: iRow 1. left to rightl R. O. Saunders, Kerry Punis and Kim Halbert. lRow 2l David Jimerson, Richard Mitchell, Renonia Nlitcham. Dewey Sifford and Charles Akers. tRow 33 Ronny Carter. David Greene, Larry Brown, James Ford and Jerry Williams. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY AF- 239 240 l lvlath And Science Division Sponsor Contest -ui KAPPA MU EPSILON: lRow1, left to rightl Rozland Smith, Dianna Leonard. lRow 33 Kay Woolf, Becky Gibson, Janet Susan Ford, Nancy Kirkley and Sandy Green, lFiow 21 Shropshire and Judy RUSSGII- CROW 4l TOVYI Bishop, Jerry Conrad Cunningham, Molly Nebhut, Nancy Kramer and Lirlnsiaediel' and Dah Doak. SOCIETY OF PHYSICS: lRow 1. left to rightl Jon Martin, Susan Ford and Denise DeClerk. lRow 21 Robert Wells, Conrad Cunningham. Manochehr Nouri. H. E, McCloud and Allen Dromrnet. lRow 31 Michael Wallace, Randle Overbey, Richard Collier and Michael Nagy. 241 The Division of Nursing is now oc- cupying renovated State Hall. The building is complete with offices, classrooms and laboratories. Nursing students now can participate in a four-year program and receive a Bachelor of Nursing degree, or they can go only two years and receive an Associate in Applied Science degree. Dr. Adelma Mooth, Dean of the Nursing Division is well pleased with the new programs. DIV. OF NURSING Nellie T. Caffery, inst. f Mary Hartwig, asst. prof. Malcolm M. Lasher, inst. A. Max Mayhan, inst. Lois M. Snider, inst. V 'r Janet M. Tracy, inst. , .,, V, 242 Uk. Nursing Students Docupy Renovated State Hall NURSING STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: fRow 1, left to rightl Pam Hurst, Terri Miller and Glenda Clement. fRow 2I Sandy Flowers, Mary Lou Phillips, Cathy Bradford, Sandy Bartels, Shelia Counts, Lynn Veazey, Rosie Guthrie, Debbie Gunter and Cecil Sutterfield. QRow 35 Londa Collins, Carey Farley and June Brown. lRow 45 Phyllis Dixon, Amy Hodges, Debra Boyles, Roxanne Leroux, Ann Baker and Judy Lamp. lRow 5I Charles R. Rigsbee, Freddie Lerone, David Clay, Mary Harlwig and Max Mayhan. 243 244 Kathryn M. Baltz, Pocahontas Jan A. Banks, Jonesboro Donna R. Brown, Viola Sheryl A. Brown, Blytheville Nancy J. Bryan, West Plains, Mo. Irma L. Carrigan, Batesville Pat S. Chandler, Joiner Louise, M. Colley, Paragould Londa E. Collins, Harrisburg Georgie G. Cook, Jonesboro Vicky K. Anderson, Jonesboro Joyce M. Avery, Lakeview Danny M. Ballard, Beedeville Gina B. Cook, West Memphis Ruth A. Cook, Jonesboro Debbie M. Craig, Jonesboro Judith K. Craine, Manila Michael S. Crook, Parkin Patti L. Cross, Stuttgart Eunice F. Elliott, Rector Kimberly L. Emde, Bald Knob Billie A. Foster, Weiner Patricia E. Funk, Forrest City Mary D. Gallaher, Hayti, Mo. Billie J. Garrett, Jonesboro Michael G. Greene, Boston, Mass. Kathy A. Grigsby, Weldon Carolyn S. Harper, Maynard Sandra K. Harvill, Paragould Carol L. Heatherly, Tuckerman Brenda Y. Hoifield, Blytheville Pamela A. Kender, Leachville Roger O. Kennedy, Rector Susan N. Kirk, Florissant, Mo. Deloris R. Lamb, Jonesboro n. 1-fl Nursing Graduates Enter Medical Careers HMX Glenna L. Landers, Monette Chris A. Leibrock, DeWitt Rebecca D. Lightfoot, Kennett, Mo. Mary E. Lomax, Hornersville, Mo. Vicki R. Long, Pocahontas Cindy A. McAIister, Jonesboro Shirley M. McCall, Jonesboro Peggy D. McCuIIar, Newport Victoria D. McFarlin, Lake City Peggye A. Mason, Paragould Laura Y. Miller, Jonesboro Diana M. Milligan, Trumann Mary A. Milligan, Lake City Debra J. Miner, Leachville Betty J. Montgomery, Newport Shelby J. Peters, Hoxie Bonnie S. Phaup, Sanford, Maine Mary L. Phillips, Newport Sue E. Pitman, Brookland Nina L. Rainwater, Paragould Robert K. Raspberry, Blytheville Cynthia A. Reddmann, Weiner Elissa H. Robertson, Jonesboro Danny L. Samuels, Jonesboro Janice K. Schales, Newport Vicki D. Shelton, Caruthersville, Mo. Marsha D. Shivley, Jonesboro Ellie Slentz, Caruthersville, Mo. Janet L. Spears, Paragould Judith A. Summers, Jonesboro Cecil W. Sutterfield, Newport Suzanne M. Tripod, Paragould Janet C. Wiggins, Jonesboro Diana Wilson, Maynard 245 246 DIV. OF MILITARY SCIENCE Maj. Kenneth E. Knight, asst. prof. Maj. Edgar A, Montgomery, asst. prof. Cpt. Michael C. Simpson asst. prof. fm K sg Qs--f"-vl"" Cpt. Talmadge O. Ward, ., asst. prof. Sfc. Cieylon B. Price, inst. Col. Norman A. Keith serves as Head of Military Science Division. ASU RIFLE TEAM: fFtow 1, left to righti David Bowerman, Brian Bunting and J. R. Gore. QROW 33 Carl Horton, Jim Ken Barksdale, Sfc. Cieylon Price, Jimmy Fields and Wiens, Jim Burrow and Sherman Brown. James Rogers. fRow 2j David Donovan, John Priday, f K a-fdfigfw Division Has Mobile Classroom Float trips, parades, rifle matches, donating blood and many other projects are all part of the Division of Military Science. The Mark Twain Forest in Missouri was the site of a canoe trip the ROTC cadets took. They went 2V2 miles down the Eleven Point River. The University contributed three canoes and a canoe trailer to the Division. The mobile classroom has covered 130 miles in six trips in Arkansas and Missouri, with more trips planned. The ASU Rifle team competed in shooting matches throughout the year. Each member receives a minor sport letter. The Division also helped within the com- munity. The different drill units marched in parades and gave demonstration at various functions. The cadets also donated over forty pints of blood on a strictly volun- tary basis. RANGER PLATOON: iRow 1, left to rightl Glynda Williams, Cheatom and James Mason. tRow 33 Vaughn Tate, Brian Bun- Stephen Stone. Dennie Baker and Fred Mustain. iRow 21 ting, Lloyd Huskey, H. J. Murray, Ralph Boling and M. C. Donald Brooks, David Qualls, Stephen Pankey, Jerry Simpson. 247 248 ROTC Cadets Take Canoe Trip RENG RIFLES: CROW 1, left to rightl Randy Dalton, Janis Smith, Garman Price Jr., Jerry Cheatom and Bill Gaither. lRow 23 Bruce Phelix. lkea Turner and Warren Byrd. QRow 31 Francis Bryan, Charlotte Easley and Charles King. lRow 4j Brian Bunting, Ruby lVlcKisick and Billy Futrell. lRow 53 Terry Stevenson, Patricia Jones and Michael Anders. lRow 61 Dennis Baker, Denise Rickey and David Qualls. lRow 7l Glenn Conley, Hilda Stadler and Steve Pankey. lRow Sl Cpt. Ward, Janet Porter and Jimmy Scott. will A . .W-i , it. fi: 6.4 Q... . SCABBARD AND BLADE: lRow 1, left to rightl Stanley Evans, Collier, James Fletcher, Gordon Baldwin, Ron Jenkins and Malcholm Reese, John Rhein, Bill Gaither, Flick Hart, Vaughn Larry Roberson. Tate and Major Knight, lRow 23 Benny Hobson, Richard l i l 249 Nicholas Cannella, Heber Springs, Biology Graduate School Increases Off Campus Plan This past July, the state board of higher education approved Arkansas State to offer an M.A. degree in political science. The graduate school has also increased its off campus programs in the community colleges. Additions are three classes at Phillips Community College, and one class at Eastern Arkansas Community College. The idea is to take the education to the graduate students, rather than make them come to the education. To encourage full time graduate study, six graduate fellowships of S300 were offered. At right, dean of the school, Dr. Eugene Smith. GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Charles Akers, Jonesboro, Phys. Sci. Ed Alexander, Conway, Music Charlie Anderson, Arkadelphia, P.E. John Arnold, Camden, History Hayes Baber, Jonesboro, Biology Steve Baker, Jonesboro, Business Mary Bast, Milwaukee, Wis., English Donald Baxter, Houston, Tex., Business Robert Bernhard, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Stephen Blythe, Gurdon, Gen. Business Susan Boone, Searcy, History Norman Bowen, Jr., Trumann, History Jane Bowers, Paragould, Spec. Ed. Diane Bowman, Pocahontas, Spec. Ed. Giles Brown, Hutchinson, Kan., History James Byrd, Newport, Business William Cromer, Pine Bluff, Music Herbert Davis, Jonesboro, Business Willie Davis, Tuscaloosa, Ala., History Daniel Doak, Jonesboro, Math Donna DuVall, Tuckerman, History Ftoger Eveland, Pocahontas, History James Ford, Jonesboro, Phys. Sci. Catherine Ford, Proctor, Elem. Ed. Julie Garrison, McCrory, Music Deborah Hanson, Hardy, Elem. Ed. George Harwood, Athens, Ga., English Robert Heaton Jr., Jonesboro, Phy. Sci. Catherine Henderson, Jonesboro, History Deborah Hinsen, Livingston, Ala., History Ramona Hoiiman, Donaldson, History Finis Horton, Sulphur Rock, Business Jesse Howard, Jonesboro, Ed. Adm. William Hunter, Batesville, Ed. Adm. Judy Jones, Jonesboro, Music Norma Justus, Powhatan, Biology Dennis Kersting, Jonesboro, Phy. Sci. Phillip Kingston, Paragould, Math Allen Lanham, Paducah, Ky., Music Robert Layne, Trumann, Spec. Ed. Sandra Leonard, Pine Bluff, P.E. J. R. McConnaughhay, Griffithville, Ed. Adm. Raymond McDaniel, Woodleaf, N.C., Math Mary Anne Misenhimer, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Lawrence Mobley, Manila, Math Anthony Moses, Magnolia, English Deborah Nester, Atlanta, Ga., Music Freda Paxton, Jonesboro, Couns. Ed. Beverly Pierce, Jonesboro, Music Deborah Ray, Jonesboro, History Tommy Robins, Leachville, Agri Cynthia Ross, Paragould, Music Christy Rothgery, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Terrie Rusher, Hot Springs, P.E. David Saugey, Little Rock, Biology Alice Severe, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Connie Shipman, York, Neb., History Karen Smith, Senath, Mo., Bus. Ed. Kenneth Smith, Hot Springs, Biology Mary Smith, Malvern, English Thomas Smith, Jonesboro, Business Kathleen Stewart, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Richard Stillman, Lincoln, Neb., History Con Sullivan, Cave City, Agri Ruby Thompson, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Mary Todd, Gibson, Mo., Elem. Ed. Elizabeth Wasson, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Carol Wilson, Leachville, P.E. Jeanette Wilson, West Memphis, Biology James Wooldridge, Neelyville, Mo., Reading 251 ,- -W - if -- Ernest Allen, Jonesboro Timothy Allison, Walnut Ridge Ronald Austin, Blytheville Robert Bahn, Blytheville Harriet Block, Dell Wendy Bonner, Jonesboro William Bowman, Ellendale, Minn. Harry Branch, Paragould Ronald Brooks, Jonesboro Louis Callison, Jacksonville Deana Cashion, Jonesboro Dale Cheatham, Fairfield, Calif. Elsa Clinger, Rogers Lawrence Collier, Marked Tree Warner Cruce, McGehee Martha Davenport, Swifton Jerry Davis, Green Forest Tom Deuter, Jonesboro William Elliott, Pine Bluff Randal Faughn, Brookland James Fulmer. Fordyce Larry Gallamore, Essex, Mo. Karen Gambel, Corning Kathy Gazaway, Paragould Kenneth Gibson, Jonesboro Robert Giersberg, Vergennes, Vt. Frank Gilbert, Russellville Gary Gipson, Jonesboro Robbie Grady, Jonesboro Jim Graves, Walnut Ridge Jan Grimes, Newport Mike Grogan, Paragould Donald Hall, West Memphis Phyllis Hammonds, West Helena Keith Hamon, Cleveland Gerald Harris, New Madrid, Mo. Jerald Haun, Jonesboro Brenda Helms, Jonesboro Denise Hendrix, Jonesboro Daniel Hester, Paragould Danny Holifield, Rector James Holland, ,Jonesboro Thomas Holt, Jr., Jonesboro G. Patton Hughes, Osceola Randall Hunt, Jonesboro James Hutchins, Marion Sharon Jackson, Jonesboro Betty Jetton, Paragould S. T. Johnson, Jonesboro 252 't,,,-i X ,X te ,, 1U Debra Jones, El Dorado David Jung, Richmond, Va. Sarah King, Birdsong Larry LaGrand, Marked Tree Michael Lambie, Bono Emily Langevin, Jonesboro Linda Lee, Pocahontas Donald Leftwich, Batesville Raymond Liddell, Paragould Coy Long, Jonesboro Jean Lorance, Kennett, Mo. John Marotta, Jonesboro Leslie Mays, Newport David McCullough, Salem Monica McGinnis, Jonesboro Edward McLain, No. Little Rock Martin McMurray, Little Rock Joe Miles, Newport David Mitchell, No. Little Rock Debbie Moore, Fayetteville Claudene Munseil, Almond, N.Y. Charles O'Brien, West Memphis Ronald Powell, West Memphis Judye Presley, Trumann Clarence Rawls, Pine Bluff Janet Reed, Jonesboro Rebecca Reynolds, Batesville Linda Ringo, Walnut Ridge Linda Sharp, Jonesboro Warren Sharp, Jonesboro Larry Sheetrum, Batesville Steven Shults, Pocahontas Elke Slayton, Jonesboro Robert Spears, Lepanto Tom Steed, Jonesboro Charles Stotts, Jonesboro John Tate, No. Little Rock Shirley Taylor, Alicia Alice Tillman, Jonesboro John Trice, Jonesboro Gary Tritch, St. Louis, Mo. Gussie Turner, Kennett, Mo. Barbaranette Twillie, Forrest City Bill Tyer, West Ridge Richard Van Groow, Jonesboro Billy Vanlandingham, Rector Faith Walker, Jonesboro Robert Winchester, Pocahontas Laverne Woodward, Bono 253 1 V 'V'-' 3 f-.W 2 f ii L"' ?F'5: , . 5 7 Z V EE- fffz 1 , "' , , - g1. ,-.F , i 255 256 PHI KAPPA PHI: recognizes those with outstanding Smith, Kevin Choat, Beni0n ASHHDYSHHGV, Sammy Morgan, scholarship. lRow 1: left to rightl Deena Sutton, John Burns Paul Nave and Arthur Rezny. lRow 55 L. A. Mink, F. Clark and Debbie Shaneyfelt. lRow 21 Jane Jolly and Rich Van Elkins, Marilyn Hubbart, Marcia Johnson, Michelle Brown, Grouw. fRow 31 Rae Jean Price, Charles McClelland, Fred Barbara Reng, Donna Cooper and Carl R. Reng. Paxton, Diane England and Judy Jones. fRow 43 Rozland ASU REHABILITATION COUNSELING ASSOCIATION: dy Bonner, Betty Ferralasco, Faith Walker, Gary Gipson promotes the role of rehab counseling. lRow 1: left to rightl Russell Payne and Louis Callison. tRow 2l Coy Long Marlis Abernathy, Kathy Gazaway, Christy Rothgery, Wen- Warner Cruce and Gary Tritch. GAMMA BETA PHI: national service fraternity. iRow 1: left to rightl Freddie Riley, Jerry Garrison, Anita Hilger, Elder Granger and Leana Spivey. fRow 23 William N. Smith, Molly Nebhut, Deena Sutton and Danny Stewart. INDEPENDENT STUDENT LEAGUE: political party which helped repeal the five dollar car tax. tRow 1: left to righti Stewart Lambert, Terry Swartout, Danny Crawford, Cynthia Rutledge, Jacky Spence, Cindy Henry, Perry Boxx and Cathy Lear. fRow 23 Susan Craig, l James Ferguson, Susan Ford, Randall Young, Sandy Wells, Mike Burgess, Janet Chou and Karen Craig. qRow 3i Phil Gattas, Glynda Williams, Mike Huggins, Linda Lambiot, Louellen Hughes, Douglas Acklin, Conrad Cunningham, Mike Polston and Marcel Hanzlik. 257 258 GYMNASTICS TEAM: outstanding gymnasts. fFlow 1: left to Debbie Huff, Janis Gulley, Kathleen Hewitt, Jo Ann Hulen, rightj Marty Dennis, Phyllis DePriest, Lauri Partlow, Janie Jan Lovett and Michael Brooks. Atwood and Minta Cherry. iRow 23 Joe Aycock, Vicki Davis, ROTARACT: social and service group sponsored by the Rotary Club. iRow 1: left to rightl Jill McHaney, Peggy Keller, Paulette Cover, Diane Lawler and Lauren Jamison. lFtow 21 Jean Lutterloh, Martha Priest, Sharon Fallis, Becky Morgan and Jim Walley. lFtow 31 Barbara Horton, Kathy Keller and Diana Barnes. iFtow 43 Melanie Adkins, Sherry Guess, Jeff Dethrow, Grady Gennings, Lynn Crain, Jane Jolly and Jeanne Owens. iFtow 55 Caryn Ellis, Merrill Angelo, Cindy White, Debbie Hazelwood, Dr. William John- son, Jan Dodson, Susie Ftoss, Cindy Walker and Pam Pierce. LAMBDA IOTA TAU: National Society for those interested in literature. tBow 1: left to rightj Marolyn Blankenship, Krissy Plummer, Sharon Deckelman. iRow 23 Ruth McGaughey, Deena Sut- ton and Marilyn Hubbart. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: National Scholastic Honorary groupfor 2l Georgia Elmore, Treva Byler, Paula Roach, Nancy Clemons freshman women. tFtow 1: left to righti Terry Heath, Gina and Jannette Smith. tFtow 3lGinger Long, Mary Via, Debbie Imp- Vaughan, Leslie Miller, Dianna Leonard and Connie Austin. tFtow son, Janie Pankey, Terry Daniel, Carol Prance and Debbie Reid. 259 260 DANNER HALL DORM COUNCIL: purchased athletic equipment tRow 23 Allen Majors, Daniel Corbett, Wade Shownes, John to be used by the dorm residents. tRow 1: left to rightj Joseph Bloodworth, Bernard Baltz and Keith McFann. Baltz, John Stewart, Larry Wiles, Joel Ingram and Ed Mobley. ..J..4L. TWIN TOWERS DORM COUNCIL: has started a program of showing different movies every Friday night. fRow 1, left to right! Marcil Hanzlik, Joey Hutton, Robert Gray, Bill Drake, Brent Martin, Paul Gray Jr. and Mitchell Davenport. tRow 25 Samuel Franklin, Dennis Baker, Jerry Heard, Doug Mack, Bubba Mitchell, David Stanton, Tommy English and Greg Gibson. tRow 33 Wavey Austin, Timothy White, Kenny Baker, Mark Lawrence, Randy Spurgin, Mark Mathews, Bruce Phelix and John Arnold. iRow 41 Edward Baker, Randy Bradley, Billy Holt, Walt Gunter, Don Huggins and Cleve Dowell. I DELTA HALL DORM COUNCIL: bought a name plate for Johnson. 1Row 2I Alvin Vangilder, Charlie Martin, John their dorm. qRow 1: left to rightl Jerry Williams, Roscoe Jenkins, Bob Cook, Charles Mayhew and Richard Page. Hardiman, Fred Patrick, T. K. Robertson and Calvin UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL: purchased a new television Lynn Haines and Debby Freeland. CROW 31 Tiny Smith, Debbie lor their lounge. fRow 1: left to rightl Sheri Dorsey, Phyllis Brown, Holmes and Jan Wiggins. Susan Word and Lynn Marr. IRow 2l Jane Jolly, Suzie Brummett, ARKANSAS HALL DORM COUN- CIL: started procedures to get the parking lot paved for Arkansas Hall. iFtow 1: left to right1 Anne Dunlap, Glynda Williams, Janis Smith and Anna Files. iRow 21 Susan Craig, Nancy Clemons and Janet Chou. lFiow 31 Marla Bradford, Debbie Carrington and Paulette Allen. KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL: plans to provide more bike racks Barbara Jones, Charlotte Evins, Needra Elrod and Sharron for bikers. iRow 1: left to right1 Becky Brown, Karen Fivecoat, Fling. lFtow 41 Minta Cherry, Gay Mills and Janice Hilliard. iFiow Brenda Davis, Carol Lentzner and Dianne Taylor. lRow 21 Judy 51 Debbie Lee and Darlene Alsbrook. Russell, Kathy Lemay, Jean Sanders and Theresa York. lFlow 31 264 . CHI ALPHA: gives support to religious activities. tRow 1: left to right3 Richard Pierce, Richard Schisler, Gary Ma- jors, Ron Burrow and Steven Faulk. 1Row 23 Joan Baker, Cindy Mayhan, Debbie Watson, Cheryl Murphy, Beverly Bradsher, Denise Childers, Judy Wilmoth, Charolette Reece and Joe Wilmoth. tRow 33 Richard Adamson, Steve Willard, Dennis Baker, Jackie Smart, Stephen Tabor, Donna Frost, Glenn Tullis and Rene Vawter. CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER: attended workshop at University of Alabama. tRow 1: left to right3 Rita Reese, Sharon Sharp, Charlotte Evins and Connie Hatman. tRow 23 Bob Rahrle, Stephanie Mize, Linda Sloan, Wanda White, Kim Taylor, Janet Whaley, Deana Cashion and Myra Smith. tRow 33 Susan Parrish, Karen Sloan, Jo Piercy, Donna Delbridge, Barbara Collins, Alice lronside, Cindy Smith, Raymond McDaniel and Paul Higginbottom. 1Row 43 Jacque Cagle, Jackie Trahan and Sandy Mitts. tRow 53 Ron Gholston, Tom Norvell, Joe Davis, Keith McFann, Michael Manning, Rick Neeley, Stan Phipps, Randy Woodruff, and Alan Edwards. BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER: a community service open to tree, Cindy White, Martha Priest and Judy Jackson. 1Row 3i all students. lRow 1: left to righti Lois Stratton, Debbie Scott Standley, Rick Williams, Jim Brock, Reggie Craig, Jeff McCustion, Jane Luckie, Pam Sefers and Mitzi Casper. lRow Dethrow and Ron Wynne. 23 Glenda Fontenot, Ellen Smith, Richie Nelms, Jan Crab- CATHOLIC STUDENT CENTER: holds open Bible classes. iRow 1: left to righti Mary Kittany, Mary Mullikin, Theresa Reed and Barbara Baltz. lRow 25 Jo Ann Meier, Kathleen Boeckmann, Tamra Chaney, Doris Lindsey, Janet Kueter and Rev. Turner. lRow 35 Larry Brown, Debbie Craig, Earl Grabner, Bernie Baltz, Joseph Baltz, Jane Nahlen and Jeanette Baltz. 265 DRAMA CLUB: presented a production in the State American College Festival. fRow 1: left to right3 Bob Simpson, Mike Smith and Janet Newberry. iRow 23 Monica Riefer, Robyn Moye, Debbie Benson, Deb- bie Dent and Rusty Clark. tRow 33 Mary Foust, Jonna Cook, Cheri Pearson, Rodger Bumpass, Jill Litzelfelner and Roy Campbell. 266 WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION: encourages girls to participate in women's sports. iRow 1: left to right3 Debbie Morrison, Jean Sanders, Lil Baker, Kathy Johnson, June Hofner, Faye Cromwell, Lauri Partlow, Barbara Heard, Connie Waters, Pam Pierce, Jan Hamilton, Shelia Shelton and Robyn Moye. iRow 23 Becky Seamans, Gail Yamnitz, Devlin Benge, Anne McSpadden, Pattie Noland, Debbie Reid, Jane Nahlen, Missy Harris, Rita Jernigan, Mary Atkinson, Leigh Chrouch, Greta Broadaway, Kathy Hays, Jan Wiggins, Suzie Brummett and Gina White. iRow 33 Babs Gill, Kathie McCaughey, Joanna Denton, Diann Cievenger, Candy Cartwright, Shelia Robinson, Belinda Dotson, Sue Waters, Elaine Bitely, Glanita Thomas, Terri Hale, Melissa Wester, Carolyn Craft, Pat Skillman, Cheryl Caviness and Sharon Findley. fRow 43 Carol Lintzler, Robin Lile, Eda Sulfridge, Debra Moseley, Kathy Keller, Candy Watkins, Kathy Mar- tin, Georgia Elmore, Susan Metzler, Regina Armstrong, Jackie Henard, Sheree Azbill, Janie Pankey, Traci Boyd, Melody Tremblay, Marcia Singley, Karen Lunsford and Carol Smith. iRow 53 Beth Howard, Molly Hickox, Rene Scaife, Susie Johnson, Roxann Wood, Marsha Haywood, Shawna Gammill, Mona Whitt, Cindy Ambort, Lujean Heffington, Debbie Impson, Jane Hunt, Gina Cook, Beth Seward, Jean Lutterloh, Jan Dodson and Debbie Richards. IRow 63 Cindy Walker, Jane Moody, Jill McHaney, Karen Burris, Renee Stone, Susan Beaman and Terry Trent. iRow 73 Cin- dy White, Mary Balest, Kathy Hawn, Sandy Wells, Kay Asher, Sandy Leonard, Jan Cruce, Verona Tice, Paulette Cover, Peggy Keller, Chuckie Bornhoft, Melanie Adkins, Debbie Starkey, Charlie Byford, Jennifer Leamons, Ginger Long, Marsha Dupwe, Debbie Boozer, Cynthia Fender, Kimmie Glenn and Sharron Smith. BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: holds a walk-a-thon lor sickle cell anemia. lRow 1: left to right1 Freddie Walker, Alean Peek, Janis Smith, Grover Evans, Wanda Stevenson, Elder Granger and Jerry Cheatom. tRow 21 Ruby McKisick, Jannette Smith, Caroline Chaney and Bob Anderson. tRow 31 Otis Townsend, Gladys Alexander, Betty Jones, Arvula Johnson, Patricia Jones, Charlotte Easley and Charles Ring. iRow 41 Levern Floyd, Jimmy Miller, Marie Wilson, Marilyn Leary, Gwendolyn Butcher and Marie Brownlee. lRow 51 Debra Riley, Carmelita Hyneman and Jerry Duff. iRow 61 Lucille Granger, Helen Richardson, Claudie Masles and Patricia Johnson. lRow 71 Rose Scott, Emma Temples and Mackie Brownlee. lRow 81 Sam Brown, Sheila Robinson, Cora Covington and Vivian Owens. tRow 91 Mike Nichol, Pamelay Lee and Sylvester Loving. lRow 101 Floyd Huskey, Troy Brown, Michael Anders, Kenneth Holmes and Robert Grubbs. 1 I -in SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOUR- NALISTS: attended the national con- vention in Arizona. lRow 1: left to right1 Kit- ty Sloan, Vicky Garman and Millie Caldwell Ward. lRow 21 Gina Bowman, Catherine Rooker and Bonnie Hyde. lRow 31 Deena Sutton, Lavah Fagan, Kandy Rowland, Mike Rushing, Julia Baber and Denice Grady. iRow 41 Sharon Davis, Roy Ockert, Susan Luster and Mike Hendricks. 267 268 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS: consist of the executive council of each dorm. 1Row 1: left to rightj Jane Jolly, Jan Hutson and Brenda Davis. fRow 23 Suzie Brummett, Cecilia Penney, Nancy Jones, Phyllis Brown and Jan Dodson. lFiow 31 Debby Freeland, Judy Russell, Susan Craig, Anne Dunlap, Nancy Clemons, Janet Chou, Becky Brown and Diane Walter. MUSEUM STAFF: constructed several different types of museum cases. lRow 1: left to rightj Phil McLardy, Barney Rumble, Dr. E. B. Wittlake, Daniel Collins and Eugene Wittlake. lFtow 2l Cherry Davis, Kem DeFloe, Shelley Kelley, Debbie Walden, Glenna McBride and Nancy Pickney. ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON: organization for senior women based on service and scholarship. lRow 1: left to rightl Deena Sutton, Jane Ledgerwood and Andrea Hicks. lRow 23 Diane Walter, Diane England, Sheri Horne, Molly Nebhut and Debbie Jeffery. UNITED STUDENT ALLIANCE: ibelowj political party which is revising its constitution this year. iRow ll Dickie Ross. iRow 2: left to righti Pip Runyan, Sherry Shelton, Mary Clarie Atkison, Kathy Young, Rita Gray and Anne McSpadden. iRow 3l Ricky Gray, Richard Jans, Cecilia Penney, Sharon Fallis and Devlin Benge. iRow 45 Paul Pierron, Sue Waters, Herb Widner, Brenda Jones, Mike Thompson, Sara Shouse and Brenda Riley. L 269 ,audi MQK .f-f' MX f if Wi lf? a .m,M,W,. 4 f ' - fi., 12 5-.ff Q7 5 F , i ZF -z fl 5 2 Q - Y :Lf -V 2 iii ,E iii 4 g 5 Z' L, 4- T f 13? , Y 2 2 W E E '-: - 5- -1 i - 1 L, : YE? 7 :Q 270 'Ne 271 272 PeopleqSpeak Out On ASU Has the word University lost its meaning? What is a University? What should it be? Should it be a business operated for profit or should it be a recreation center for young people who want to escape from home? Why are my fellow students bored with class, tired of studying, indifferent to learning and seemingly concerned only with escaping from the main purpose which brings them here? ls it inadequate teaching which makes the student indifferent? ls it inadequate intelligence on the part of the student, or is it a youthful urge to be free which sends the student away from books and lectures to kill his time with worthless activities? Perhaps it is a combination of all three. IVIANOCHEHR NOURI ln the following section different people were asked to give their views of some facet of ASU . . . its students, professors, changes, etc. The topics were left entirely to the writer in order to get a variation, A cross-section of people were asked to write, some refused because of reasons such as putting their jobs in jeopardy, teachers disapproval, time factors and so on, The lNDlAN would like to thank those who cooperated in making this section. Q 34, 1 1. fi Emphasis is beginning to be placed on women and women's roles in society in areas other than homemaking. lf this is to con- tinue and women are going to develop their potential in all areas, they must make wise choices and be willing to assume full respon- sibility for their actions. The women enrolled at Arkansas State University can be no exception. Women make up 47'V0 of the stu- dent bodyg 19.-'Wo of the instructional staff holding academic rankg and 1OO'V0 of the secretarial staff. The input they have in the policies affecting them will be determined by how willing they are to speak for themselves, how hard they will be willing to workg and how much responsibility they want to assume. The time is past when we can say "Let Susie do it." Every segment of the university com- munity must make decisions for themselves based on factual infor- mation and then act on these decisions. PEGGY STROUD Dean of Women Fraternities and sororities on this campus are often thought of as be- ing elite social cliques. In fact, during the past few years the Greek system has been criticized immensely. Although justifications may be made for the criticisms, Greek life presents some very good oppor- tunities to its participants. There is truth in the statement that you "Get just as much out of something as you put into it," and the Greek societies do put quite a bit of effort into numerous activities. Greeks are very active in the student government organization, intramurals, local beauty pageants, along with many community sponsored functions. The Greek displays built for Homecoming festivities every year, are a welcome sight to alumni as well as being a pleasant and enjoyable effort of the students. Who else but a Greek would stay up all night building a display, just to be able to cut class the next day? Actually, football season seems to bring out the best in a Greek. During what other time of year do you see so many original slogans and works of art pasted all over campus to boost the morale of the football team? To often Greeks are accused of being a group of thoughtless students who care about nothing but the next big party they're going to attend. This may be true of the Greek system on some campuses, but not on this one. The Greek organizations on the ASU campus are all organizations any student should be proud to join. Each Greek society at ASU sponsors its own annual charity drive, as well as holding benefit shows for charity, toy drives, holiday parties for underprivileged children and donating food and clothing to the needy. A Greek society is indeed a beneficial source for many charities. Having been a Greek myself, I feel that a Greek background lends a great deal to good future development in any community. Greeks learn to function within a group in much the same way that persons must learn to function within a community. A Greek society is a very strong, enjoyable segment of college life at Arkansas State University. ROGER FRANKS tedited by C.W.J Unlike most 'fscholarly" college students, l've had the most fulfilling pleasure of 'tcrammingn four years of un- dergraduate work into almost five. There are many pros and cons in doing such a feat. The cons are obvious. The longer it takes one to graduate, the longer it takes one to reap the profits of a promising profession. The pros however, are Fantastic. Twelve hours a semester, Budweiser, sleeping through 8:00 classes, Spanada, sitting in class with all those lovely ladies, concerts, ballgames, parties, spring breaks in Florida and l could go on, but if I did, l would probably try to stay here another five years! One also sees many changes when he tries "so hurriedly" to get his degree. ln my case, the changes are many. And in my opinion, much for the better. When l started to college here in the fall of 1968, it was almost like enlisting in the Army. ROTC was a mandatory course. How embarrassing it was, because of the hair regulation, to run around campus looking like you had just come out of the Foreign Legions boot camp. lt was not however, as bad as the freshman football players free hair styling. Can you im- agine 30 Telly Savalases running around on campus? There was no intervisitation, or at least there wasn't sup- posed to be any. The girl's dorm hours were 9:00 Monday- Thursday, 11:00 Friday and Saturday, and on Sundays they had until 10:00 before they turned into a pumpkin. There were no CLEP tests, thank goodness, or else I might have made it in four years. There were grade point requirements to pledge a Greek fraternity. Football was devastative to our opposition, three straight SLC crowns 68,659,701 two Mid-Western crowns 69,701 and a National Champion, AP and UPI in 1970. They were playing in a stadium that looked like a high school stadium. At the start of the Spring 71 semester l took a little break ttwo years with the Marine Corpsi and then returned to ASU and back to the good life, where l spent the next two years as a Greek. Since I've returned l've found CLEP tests, intervisitation, no dorm hours, voluntary ROTC, long hair, beards, black Greek organizations, a new football stadium and a year of independent student government and finally the hiring ofa new University president. Lets hope we can grow under Dr. Pritchard as much as we have under the direction of Dr. Peng. Yes, the changes are many, however, l believe that most of them are most influential to the character of a growing university. MICHAEL WILLIAMS The quality of education is not strained- but maybe it should be. lt seems that the world of higher academics is ex- tremely lax in many of its standards. As a result, students are being graduated holding a sheepskin representing a head practically devoid of knowledge. Starting with student revolts in the 60's that demanded everything from a solution for Viet Nam to liberalized dress codes, education has declined along with concessions made by administration to rioting mobs. For example, entrance exam standards now allow practically anyone to enter a state supported institu- tion of education. Professors, too, must give in to the whims of a stu- dent mass, with precedent made by those years of turmoil. Teachers must also consider the ad- ministration they work for to save their jobs, Faculty members now teach courses specifically designed f or recruiting people from surrounding com- munities. AII for those few extra dollars given by the state for each student head. It is time to ask ourselves what is needed for self improvement in educational values. As examples show, no truly great university is ruled in a democratic way. it is well and good that students are consulted in matters concerning them, however, maybe a young opinion in not necessarily the voice to dictate the best way. Students are in school to learn- to be taught by those who are qualified in knowledge. Students simply do not know as much as their professors. And if they do know more than their professors, it must be a school in sad shape to employ them. Discipline is needed by the student and faculty alike. Administration should stop bowing to un- qualified demands put on them' by students and rise to the task of creating a school system worthy of producing scholars. No college, including Arkansas State University, should be a social extension of high school stan- dards. The democratic system has been tried and has failed. lt is time to get out the strainer and start sifting out some of the debris. DENICE GRADY Q uvfi To wear the crown of royalty is what every girl dreams of at least once in her lifetime. When she has experienced this, it is like a goal she has waited so long to achieve. But to be crowned the first black Homecoming queen at a predominantly white university is the greatest. l believe that any woman, black or white, would consider it a great honor to represent their college at this time. It means so much to a woman to have her pride built up in this way. Then too, it means so much to a black person to have accomplished so large a step. Arkansas State University's 1974 Homecoming may not have been the ideal Homecoming, but for the blacks "it was a dream come true." lt was a time when we too could stand up and be counted. Possibly, if everyone had prepared themselves years ago that this could happen, there wouldn't have been such a confusion. There are some people liberal enough in their beliefs to know that for the future of ASU to be a bright one, there has to be a change. On the other hand, there are those who seem to be too conservative and es- tablished to believe that there has to be a change. My mother and father taught me to believe that man was equal, it didn't matter if the color of his skin happened to be black, white, or yellow. When l wore that crown on Homecoming day, l felt l was representing the entire university. It was the most beautiful moment in my life. The weight of the crown was one of pride and joy for my race and my school. The thanks goes to many, black and white. lVlAFtlLYN BROADWAY Where is the Student Government at ASU going? in the time l have spent here l have not seen it go much of anywhere. This is not to say that accomplishments have 5 not been made, but rather that each ad- ministration, whether USA or lSL, has done little to alter the image of futility the SGA has. Anyone who has attended any SGA meeting as a senator or just as a by- stander has found himself frustrated with the lack of organization and cooperation among the members. Student activities have gone from decent to nonexistent in recent semesters because the adminis- tration had not seen fit to provide adequate money for even a single concert that would bring the people to make them successful. The point is not to predict a dim future nor to begrudge the past, but rather to call for a new SGA. The next years will be the beginning of change for ASU. The SGA should set the trend for this change and change with our school to become a unified i body of select students acting for all students. i sttiss ,QW ,,,,, , . . . ,.., s ....,,,........ . ...., A ,V 1 . , 5 - ' 9 DICKIE ROSS ,W K ' i '1 wmNalallbv"','5' K , M..--X ' -- Sf -.www naw vw- P ,. .ffm 4 . - . I DAYDREAIVIING Why am I here? What does it mean? What does what mean? Being here. The University. . . Is it parties, dormitory life, girls, dates, cars, beer, pot, football games, fun killing time? Escape from home? Escape from responsibility? Responsibility. . .I What is responsibility? Responsibility to what? Why don't I feel responsible? Why don't I feel anything? What am I missing? Why am I confused? Have I missed the point? What is the point? Do my teachers tell me? Do my books tell me? Should I know it by myself? Here I am in class. . . Am I in class? ls that boy in class? Where are our thoughts? Are we waiting for the bell? Is the teacher waiting for the bell? Many people would call the students at Arkansas State the leaders of tomorrow. I believe they are also the leaders of to day. Through the projects the various individuals and groups on the campus participate in, I have seen the concern which these people express for their fellow men and women. That, in my opinion, is the greatest work any man can do: helping other people. After the students leave our community they will carry this spirit with them. The knowledge they have acquired in and out of the classroom will enable them to progress to a higher level of accomplishment for themselves and for those with whom they come in contact. Through my contact with the ASU student body I have seen people who are interested in every imaginable profession, but I have also seen in these same peo ple a common concern and respect for others. . . and I think it's great, CARL STRICKLIN Gvvner, University Sandwich Shop Outside! Freedom! This dumb library drives me crazy. I'm sick of this damn book. Turn off the Xerox machine! Too many phones ringing. Look at that girl. I wonder. . . I've been here almost an hour. What can I do tonight? I wonder if I'll get that check from home? This place is really driving me crazy!'s get some fresh air. Outside at last. Freedom! Turn the stereo down. . . I have a test tomorrow. Why? Why bother. Why do I need to read this book? What are these words to me? Slam the book shut! Turn up the stereo! Freedom! ls it freedom? Freedom from what? Freedom from responsibility? Who is responsible that I don't feel responsible. Are we waiting for the teacher to shut up? MANOCHEHFI NIOURI Slam the notebook shut! Put on your coat! Run like hell and get out of here. ...,, was We have come a long way from a one- man 'idoor-shakeri' to a staff that includes 14 officers and a full time secretary. The department is continually growing and im- proving that we may better serve our school. We. the personnel of Campus Security, pledge our continued efforts and support to ASU so that it may become a stronger University each year. Cl-llEF KEN COOPER CAMPUS SECURlTY: iAbove. left to rightl Ken Cooper. Leon Harris, L. M. Milligan, Bobby George, Earl Pankey. Burlin Furr. Dot Wilrnoth, Okie Brown. Roy Bryant. Andrew Popovich. Noial Self, James DePriest and Carl Owen. Many changes have taken place at ASU in the past few years. The physical changes have been many and are most obvious. However, the changes in student attitudes during the past half a dozen years have been very interesting and are most important in evaluating the educational process. Modes of grooming have changed quickly. There has been no record in recent years which has generated so much negative com- ment as the male student with long hair. This made them automatic behaviour problems in the view of teachers. businessmen and police, and created much tension in the family. Modes of dress have varied from the mini to ankle length. Overalls have become common attire for both men and women. Men are wear- ing high heel shoes and women sport platform shoes. lt is not uncom- mon to see students barefooted and dressed in a wide variety of faded jeans and grubies of every type. Life styles have changed as many students have deserted the residence halls for off-campus apartments and trailers. lntervisitation has become a reality in rnen's residence halls and self-selected hours are allowed in women's residence halls. ASU students share the universal desire to have some input into the decisions which affect them and the expenditures of funds which has been provided in part by them. Two students served on the Presiden- tial Search Committee and represented the student point of view very well. The area of race relations is one where students have made great strides. Black and white students have established lines of com- munication. Black Greek organizations have been formed to provide an area of involvement for black students. We have seen sit-ins. kneel-ins and protests of many kinds. These involved a very small percentage of the students. We have nothing to fear from this generation of students. They know their rights and insist upon getting a fair shake in the classroom and in out-of-class activities. All of us could make a contribution to the educational process by doing a great deal of listening and displaying compassion and integrity in our dealings with students. ROBERT MOORE Dean of Students 273 274 Gerald F. Abbott, Jonesboro, Accounting Davis W. Abell, Paragould, Zoology Karen Fl. Abernathy, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Judy K. Acklin, Wideman, Bus. Ed. Gloria J. Adams, Murray, Ky., Accounting Larry D. Adams, Caraway, Wildlife Mgt. Sharon O. Adams, Corning, Elem. Ed. Kathy N. Adkins, Manila, Biology Larry D. Alexander, Mount Vernon, Gen. Bus. Paulette L. Allen, Newark, Zoology Carl E. Anders, Harrisburg, Special Ed. Ella V. Anderson, Osceola, Elem. Ed. Judy A. Andrews, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Christina K. Appleton, Jonesboro, Secretarial Sci. MaryAnn Fl. Appleton, West Memphis, Art. Ed. Deloise D. Archibald, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Nelson E. Argo, DeValls Bluff, Radio-TV John D. Armour, Naylor, Mo., Real Estate 8 Ins. Jerry W. Arnold, Corning, Biology Charles M. Arwood, Forrest City, Music Ed. Walter B. Ashabranner, Manila, Pol. Sci. Susan L. Atkinson, El Dorado, Elem. Ed. Thomas W. Atkinson, El Dorado, Pre-Med. Elaine Austin, El Dorado, Music Stan C. Avis, Steele, Mo., Bus. Ed. Julia A. Baber, North Little Rock, Journalism James Fl. Bailey, Mattoon, lll., P. E. Mary C. Baker, Blytheville, Accounting Nancy J. Baldridge, Paragould, Art Ed. Gordon P. Baldwin, Knobel, Management Connie B. Ball, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Jane E. Ball, Cabot, Speech Path. Stan H. Ball, Blytheville, Management Barbara G. Ballard, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Gregory D. Ballentine, Steele, Mo., Gen. Agri. Emma J. Banks, Forrest City, Soc. Sci. Billie E. Bare, Pollard, Elem. Ed. Anita P. Barksdale, Jonesboro, Economics Thomas W. Barlow, Jonesboro, Accounting James H. Barner, Fordyce, Gen. Bus. 'ei Li .ik Seniors Diana L. Barnes, Bauxite, Special Ed. Robert J. Barnett, Pocahontas, Zoology Lisa D. Barnhill, Paragould, Early Childhood Anna M. Barry, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Nancy L. Barthel, Pocahontas, Sociology Barbara G. Batey, Pollard, Elem. Ed. Gary D. Baugher, Manila, Agri. Bus. Jeffrey B. Baughman, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgt. Jan C. Beard, Mammoth Spring, Early Childhood Sharon G. Bearden, Leachville, Early Childhood Garriel Ft. Beasley, Jonesboro, Accounting Harry G. Beasley, Heth, Geography Charlotte L. Bennett, Stuttgart, Soc. Sci. Gary S. Bennett, Carlisle, Gen. Agri. Deborah L. Benson, West Helena, Drama David B. Bentley, Little Rock, History Bobby B. Berry, Newport, Sociology Curtis Berry Jr., Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Melinda K. Berry, Blytheville, Marketing William B. Betzner, Hazen, Sociology Cary N. Bigelow, Bavenden Springs, Choral Music Dana R. Bingham, Marked Tree, Music Dereta G. Birmingham, Plector, Early Childhood Anna M. Bishop, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Kathryn W. Bishop, Caraway, Elem. Ed. India E. Bitely, Tamo, Radio-TV Joseph W. Black, Newport, Management Donald W. Blackburn, Jonesboro, P. E. Bobby L. Blackman, North Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Steven M. Blanchard, Jonesboro, Zoology Seniors Marolyn G. Blankenship, Corning, English Carma L. Blount, Batesville, Elem. Ed. Ronald L. Bodeker, Jonesboro, Pre-Dental Michael W. Boeckmann, Wynne, Agronomy Mark S. Boerner, Jonesboro, Zoology Ralph D, Bond, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Wayne F. Bond, Jonesboro, Management Larry H. Bonner, Hot Springs, Wildlife Mgt. Steven P. Bonner, Bradford, Zoology Lynne F. Boquet, Little Rock, Special Ed. Charlotte S. Bornhoft, Weiner, Marketing Peggy F. Bostic, DeWitt, Elem. Ed. Jack E. Bower, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Kathleen D. Bowers, Paragould, Spanish Regina G. Bowman, Jonesboro, Journalism Paula J. Boyce, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Steven J. Boyd, Paragould, P. E. Traci R. Boyd, Hot Springs, P. E. H. N. Boykin, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Debbie J. Bradley, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Rick L. Bradsher, Jonesboro, Accounting Omer A. Bramblett, Sulphur Rock, Mathematics William J. Breeden, Newport, Accounting Carlene R. Brewer, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Gale A. Brewer, Marmaduke, Gen. Bus. Janet Files Brewer, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Dorothy M. Bridges, Harrisburg, Early Childhood Harold Dean Brimer, Bald Knob, Pol. Sci. James D. Brizendine, Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Stephanie A. Broadway, Jonesboro, Mathematics ...ara q.............,. -.f st slr I. Li, Mona C. Brogdon, McCrory, P. E. Cindy K. Brown, Newport, Elem. Ed. Dennis L. Brown, Viola, Gen. Bus. Dillard W. Brown, Hughes, P.E. Lawrence E. Brown Jr., Marianna, Chemistry Mariella Brown, Newport, Sociology Marilyn K. Brown, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Michelle W. Brown, Jonesboro, Music Phyllis A. Brown, Jonesboro, Sociology Wendell Brown, Crawfordsville, Marketing Linda J. Browning, Bono, Elem. Ed. Gaylon M. Bruce, Paragould, Marketing Judy F. Bruckerhoff, St. Marys, Mo., Art Lecia D. Bryant, Kennett, Mo., Radio-TV Marsha P. Bryant, Black Flock, Special Ed. Robert A. Bryant, Brinkley, Gen. Bus. Linda B. Buchanan, West Helena, Special Ed. Danny B. Bucy, Rector, Sociology Janis C. Bucy, Rector, Elem. Ed. Mark D. Buerkle, Jonesboro, Economics Frederick W. Buhrmester Jr., Jonesboro, Soc. Sci Randal G. Burge, Batesville, Wildlife Mgt. Linda J. Burks, Lake City, Art Ed. Gary Fl. Burroughs, Manila, Agri. Engr. Philip W. Burton, Jonesboro, Marketing Gary D. Bushert, Ash Flat, Accounting Ernest M. Byerly, West Memphis, Public Adm. James C. Caldwell, Big Spring, Tex., Radio-TV Phareta Calkin, Jonesboro, Journalism James P. Callewaert, Kennett, Mo., Management Monte D. Callicott, Texarkana, Sociology Cynthia J. Cameron, Newport, Early Childhood Carolyn M. Campbell, Hot Springs, Mathematics Joe M. Campbell Jr., Jonesboro, P. E. Patrick B. Campbell, Jonesboro, Speech Joseph E. Carey, Jonesboro, Accounting Judy Nickles Carhart, DeSoto, Tex., Psychology Wayne D. Carlisle, Jonesboro, Marketing Gary W. Carlton, McCrory, Soc. Sci. Neoma J. Carman, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. 278 Bobby G. Carpenter, Cabot, Zoology Kennan A. Carpenter, North Little Rock, Pre-Med. Ronald J. Carroll, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. James H. Carter, Blytheville, Music Rickey L. Carter, Sulphur Rock, Agri. Bus. George W. Cash, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Mitzi J. Casper, Forrest City, Speech Path. Ronald G. Cate, Corning, Management Steven M. Cates, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology Ronald C. Cavenaugh, Walnut Ridge, Agronomy Ricky B. Chaffin, Paragould, Accounting Jackie N. Chandler, Jonesboro, Accounting Lois A. Chatman, Newport, Early Childhood Dennis W. Cherry, Viola, Soc. Sci. Paula C. Cherry, Viola, Elem. Ed. Debbie R. Chester, Memphis, Tenn., Speech Path. Michael K. Choat, Jonesboro, Mathematics Penny C. Churchman, Newport, Elem, Ed. Carolyn Clark, Newport, Psychology Ernest P. Clark, Raleigh, N. C., Elem. Ed. Kathy L. Clark, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Michael R. Clark, Forrest City, Pol. Sci, Sharon K. Clark, Turrell, Elem. Ed. Michael Clements, Fayetteville, N. C., Printing Mgt. Michael R. Clements, Independence, Mo., History Shirley D. Clements, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Palmer S. Clemmons, Tamo, Accounting Candy A. Cobb, Jonesboro, Art Carole S. Cochran, Corning, Speech Path. James P. Coffman, Russell, Gen. Bus. Claudia G. Coker, Walnut Ridge, Management Debra S. Coker, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Valerie J. Colaianni, Jonesboro, Marketing Brenda J. Coleman, Corning, Early Childhood Debra L. Coleman, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Mel W. Coleman, Pocahontas, Radio-TV Stephen G. Coleman, Jonesboro, Real Estate 8. Ins. Lois Ann Collier, Jonesboro, Mathematics Richard L. Collier, Little Rock, Physics David C. Collins, Kennett, Mo., Management :sms N .iff i Seniors William C. Collins, West Plains, Mo., Sociology James D. Compton, Delaplaine, Gen. Bus. Kenneth Fi. Conatser, Trumarin, Zoology Patricia A. Conaway, Fisher, Sociology Shelley A. Conklin, Manila, Music Ed. James O. Cook Jr., Hayti, Mo., Agronomy William F. Cook, Eudora, Management Rose M. Cooper, Violet Hill, P. E. Rickey G. Copeland, Monette, Sociology Anne Cornell, Paragould, Art Coty A. Cornish, Leachville, English Patricia A. Cousley, Jonesboro, Accounting Freda M. Cowan, Harrison, Elem. Ed. Gary C. Cox, Floral, Accounting Doyle W. Coy, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Paul H. Craig, Calico Rock, Sociology Rosalie K. Craig, Tyronza, Soc. Sci. Frank O. Crail Jr., Cardwell, Mo., Early Childhood Chester G. Cravens Jr., Dexter, Mo., Plant Sci. Dennis J. Cravens, Pocahontas, Zoology John M. Crawford, Pine Bluff, Economics Barbara A. Creek, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Bill S. Crismon, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Doyle D. Cross, Stuttgart, Sociology Ralph M. Cross, Camden, Gen. Bus. Terry V. Cross, Charleston, Mo., Geography William E. Crotts Jr., Grubbs, P. E. Terri A. Crowe, Caruthersville, Mo., Speech Path. Venita K. Crowell, Leachville, Art Ed. Vickie D. Crum, Walnut Ridge, Art Ed. 279 280 Scotty D. Crutcher, Newport, Speech Path. Meda D. Cude, Black Rock, P. E. Donald B. Culpepper, Pine Bluff, Pol. Sci. AI B. Cunningham, Helena, Pol. Sci. Paul D. Cunningham, Gideon, Mo., P. E. Ted W. Cunningham, Paragould, P. E. Jannie M. Cupp, Light, Accounting Linda C. Cypret, Walnut Ridge, English Roberts K. Darby, Jonesboro, Early Childhood David Daugherty, Trumann, Marketing Loretta Faye Daugherty, Rector, English Philip A. Daum, Carrollton, Ill., Gen. Agri. Robert C. Davidson, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Bobby K. Davis, Bono, Zoology Carol L. Davis, Dexter, Mo., P. E. Doyle H. Davis ll, De-Witt, Wildlife Mgt Elowese E. Davis, Marvell, Special Ed Gary A. Davis, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed, Joe S. Davis, Searcy, Gen. Bus. Kathleen A. Davis, Pocahontas, Early Childhood Mitchell Davis, Helena, Speech Ricky Davis, Pocahontas, Marketing Vernard Davis, West Helena, Elem. Ed. David R. Dawson, Jonesboro, Marketing Mary E. Day, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Kimberly A. Dean, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Marvin D. Dean, Jonesboro, Management John D. DeClerk, Pocahontas, Gen. Sci. F .-. ilA get iii is 5 Photo by J. Randle Luten 'Qi ii 'ai l 3,1 i -at i 'wmmwni' ffm-X , rw A 'N I WM-WU,3..aW .... , Wm. ..... . .4 W' Seniors L. . Marty Dennis, Jacksonville, Biology Debra A. Dent, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Thomas W. Denton, Blytheville, Accounting Myra A. DePriest, Cherokee Village, Early Childhood Raymond L. DePriest, Steele, Mo., Agri. Ed. Tommy L. DeShazo, Viola, Gen. Bus. Fran L. Devereux, Widener, English Vicki S. DeVore, Beebe, Accounting David M. Dickerson, Marked Tree, P. E. Harold E. Diggs, Paragould, P. E. Charles D. Dillier, West Helena, Radio-TV Rodney L. Dobbs, Melbourne, Art Brenda J. Dodson, Harrison, Speech Path. William A. Drake, Paragould, Art Ed. Jerry B, Driver, Osceola, History Kathy A. Dudley, Monette, Biology Robert P. Dugger, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Tommy A. Dukowitz, Newport, Sociology Fred M. Dunavant, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Jennifer S. Dunavant, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Buford R. Duncan Jr., Jonesboro, Management Romona L. Duncan, Jonesboro, History Jack D. Dunham, Walnut Ridge, Radio-TV Jimmie G. Dunlap, Marked Tree, P, E. Sandra J. Dunman, Jonesboro, Accounting Calvin Durden, Portageville, Mo., Gen. Bus. Joe Duren, Pine Bluff, Management Myra Jane Durham, Trumann, Accounting 281 - l l i l 282 ., Seniors Bill W. Edgar, Jonesboro, Management Michael Pl. Edmonds, Los Angeles, Calif., Management Deborah L. Edwards, McGehee, Elem. Ed. Everett G. Edwards, Batesville, Accounting Harold W. Edwards, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Karole E. Edwards, Dexter, Mo., P. E. Mary E. Edwards, Heber Springs, Elem. Ed. Paul L, Edwards, Bald Knob, Sociology Steve W. Edwards, Forrest City, Management Patricia M. 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Greer, Fort Worth, Tex., Marketing MaryAnne Greer, Memphis, Tenn., Journalism Melissa K. Gregory, Caraway, Biology 4' . HR ,V . :S-q 'nz g K ft .1 Seniors Beta K. Gregory, Pocahontas, Sociology Cheryl L. Griffin, Lexa, Art. Ed. Grant G. Griffin ll, Star City, P, E. Sherry A. Guess, Cabot, Special Ed. Flonnie D. Guthrie, Trumann, Soc. Sci. Larry W. Gwaltney, Jonesboro, Accounting Brenda W. Hall, West Memphis, Special Ed. Dennis E. Hall, Blytheville, Marketing Elizabeth G. Hall, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Glenda J. Hall, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Edward J. Hamilton, Paragould, Management Thomas L. Hancock, Bay, Accounting Donald A. Haney, Ozark, Ala., Marketing Jack B. Hansen, Cherokee Village, Biology Jeffrey J. Harbison, Phoenix, Ariz., Gen. Bus. Jann C, Hardesty, Caruthersville, Mo., Special Ed Roscoe J. Hardiman, Wynne, Management Teresa L. Hardin, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Fred M. Hargeft, Nettleton, Accounting Bruce O. Harlan, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. John F. Harlow, Piedmont, Mo., P. E. 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Nebben, Mountain Home, Mathematics Molly M. Nebhut, Blytheville, Mathematics Kerry J. Neely, ,Osceola Radio-TV S Y lift 'xf' 1 4 .AX is-xmkwx . X Bruce E. Nelms, Brookland, Soc. Sci. Reita L. Nettles, Beebe, Art Lynda A. Newberry, Beech Grove, Elem. Ed. Mary K. Newsom, Pocahontas, Special Ed. Jamie J. Nicholson, Newport, Early Childhood Fred E. Nimmo, North Little Rock, Economics Davie L. Noles, West Memphis, P. E. Michael L. Norman, Brinkley, Marketing Paul E. Norrid, Holland, Mo., Wildlife Mgt. Neshe E. North, Jonesboro, Zoology Debbie M. Nowlin, Earle, Elem. Ed. Donald Nunnally, Tyronza, P. E. Ronald Nunnally, Tyronza, P. E. Albert O'Bryant, Fort Valley, Ga., Sociology Robert E. O'Kane, Osceola, Accounting Andrew Oliver, West Helena, History Judy A. Oliver, Salem, Elem. Ed. Mickey W. Oliver, Viola, Biology Dana S. Olvey, Pocahontas, Special Ed. Randle L. Overbey, Lepanto, Physics Karen K. Owen, Marmaduke, Bus. Ed. Jeanne C. Owens, Wynne, Biology Karen J. 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Redlng, Jonesboro, Accounting Jill R, Reed, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. David F. Reese, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Malcholm Reese, Snow Lake, Accounting Rita D. Reese, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Sue Reeves, Monette, Bus. Ed. David P. Reid, Wynne, Zoology John L. Reid, Jonesboro, Plant Sci. Bryan D. Reuteler, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Donna K. Reynolds, lVlcCrory, English Helen K. Reynolds, Prescott, Speech Path. Rosa Maria Reynolds, Paragould, Spanish John P. Rhein, Stuttgart, Accounting Charles O. Rhodes, Paragould, Sociology Beth A. Richardson, Fisher, P. E. Cindy L. Richardson, Osceola, Sociology Doris J. Richardson, Elaine, Special Ed. James F. Richardson, Marion. Accounting Pamela M. Richardson, Pocahontas, P. E. Nancy L. Richie, Little Rock, Marketing Richard L. Riley, Newport, Biology Sandra K. Riley, Newport, Sociology William A. Riley, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Donna L. Ring, Blytheville, Speech Path. Terri L. Roark, Jonesboro, Accounting 297 298 Charlene D. Robbins, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Dana S. Robbins, Marion, Elem. Ed. Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Black Rock, Biology Jerry L. Roberts, Jonesboro, Marketing Charles R. Robertson, Bono, Art Dennis M. Robertson, West Memphis, Sociology John B. Robertson, Holcomb, Mo., Agri. Bus, Kay Robertson, Hot Springs, Early Childhood William J. Robertson, El Dorado, Pol. Sci. Adrian D. Rogers, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Brenda J. Rogers, Beebe, English Curtis Rogers, Alicia, Psychology Gary L. Rogers, Marmaduke, Management Richard H. Rogers, Earle, Accounting Perry E. Rollings, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Mark H. Roltsch, Franklin, Special Ed. Catherine Nelson Rooker, Ei Dorado, Journalism John D. Rooker, Ravenden, Medical Tech. Kevin R. Rorick, Hoi Springs, Wildlife Mgt. Charles R. Ross, Camden, Accounting Mary Susan Floss, Forrest City, History John M. Rowland, Branson, Mo., Printing Kandy Casey Rowland, Thornton, Journalism Schuler B. Rowland, Marvell, P. E. James D. Rumble, West Memphis, Art Robert P. Runyan, McGehee, Biology Deborah L. Rushing, Monticello, Bus, Ed. John L. Rushing, Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. Sam M. Rushing, Joiner, Journalism James E. Russ, Cave City, Zoology Robert E. Ryder, Santa Cruz, Calif., Biology Joyce L. Sammons, Jonesboro, Mathematics Danny B. Sample, Ash Flat, P. E. Melissa J. Sample, Kennett, Mo., Early Childhood Gary L. Sanders, Jonesboro, Radio-TV James H. Sanders, Jonesboro, Voice Robert B. Sanders, Gideon, Mo., Agri. Bus. Charles R. Sands, Rolla, Mo., Art Loretta M. Sansom, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Don W, Scaife, West Helena, Art X... XXX l 1 33 X . kim W 1 5 it f fN Seniors Noel W. Schaffer, Malden, Mo., Music Ed. Tonya H. Schlenker, Hickory Ridge, Early Childhood Mike A. Schug, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Arleen O. Scott, Marianna, Bus. Ed. Brenda S. Scott, Mammoth Spring, Art Ed. Cathy M. Scott, Bono, Elem. Ed. Lesa L. Scott, Paragould, P. E. Rose C. Scott, Marianna, Special Ed. Martha Jane Scroggs, Jonesboro, Sociology Alan V. Seagrave Jr., Hardy, Criminology Clarence B. Searles, Paragould Paula S. Seats, Bloomfield, Mo., Sandra K. Senter, Keiser, Elem Debra A, Shaneytelt, Blytheville, Accounting Voice Ed. Speech Path Paula M. Shaneyfelt, Manila, Music Ed. Sharon K. Shannon, Harrisburg, Zoology Tince W. Sharp, Weiner, Agronomy James M. Sheppard, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Ralph A. Sheridan, Benton, Speech Path. William W. Shownes, Manila, History Bobbie J. Shreve, Grubbs, Music Ed. Grady D. Shropshire, Jonesboro, Accounting Janet G. Shropshire, Jonesboro, Mathematics Brenda G. Sigmin, Blytheville, French Adred Carol Siler, Bradford, Chemistry John R. Simmons, Senath, Mo., Sociology Karen S. Simmons, West Helena, English Ralph E. Simrnons, Rector, Agri. Bus. Sandy R. Simpson, Rector, Marketing Glen S. Sims, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Seniors Charles R. Singleton, Cherry Valley, Gen. Bus. Randy J. Skarda, Hazen, Management Robert M. Slabaugh, Parkin, Management Gary D. Slaton, Wilson, Pre-Med. John W. Smalling, Paragould, Speech Path. Stephen C. Smart, Crossett, Radio-TV Gregory D. Smelser, North Little Rock, Sociology Barbara A. Smith, Paragould, Radio-TV Cathy M. Smith, Mount Vernon, Ill., Speech Path. Charlotte A. Smith, Lepanto, Bus. Ed. David B. Smith, Bradford, Management Donald E. Smith, Newport, Commercial Art Gary M. Smith, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. James W. Smith, Jonesboro, Sociology Janis I. Smith, Moro, Sociology Jeff D. Smith, Bald Knob, Agriculture John M. Smith, Jonesboro, Real Estate 81 Ins. Karen A. Smith, Trumann, English Kerry L. Smith, North Little Rock, Commercial Art Lee Ann Smith, Swift, Mo., Art Melissa G. Smith, Wynne, Pol. Sci. Michael L. Smith, Batesville, Accounting Mike Smith, Keiser, P. E. Olen D. Smith, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Ray A. Smith, Paragould, Biology Rodney M. Smith, Black Rock, Gen. Bus. Rozland A. Smith, Jonesboro, Mathematics Sarah B. Smith, Wynne, Soc. Sci. Steven O. Smith, Dyess, English Susan K. Smith, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Thomas R. Smith, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Lynn P. Snow, Walnut Ridge, Agronomy Billy L. Spence, Austin, Agri. Ed. Kenneth W. Spencer, Pocahontas, Accounting Rod J. Spinks, Knobel, Plant Sci. Karen C. Spragg, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Thomas E. Stalcup, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Cheryl A. Standefer, Indianapolis, Ind., Elem. Ed. Scott W. Standley, Fredericktown, Mo., Radio-TV Patti D. Starr, Smithville, Bus. Ed. William F. Statler, lmboden, Mathematics Ambera L. Steinkamp, Caraway, Special Ed. Billie E. Steinkamp, Caraway, Mathematics David H. Stephenson, West Memphis, Accounting James P. Stevenson, Jonesboro, Mathematics Karen Y. Stevenson, Hickory Ridge, Medical Tech. Ivory M. Steward, Forrest City, Radio-TV Diana M. Stewart, Osceola, Speech Path. Rick E. Stiles, Osceola, Gen. Bus. Judith L. Stogsdill, Monette, Elem. Ed. Charles R. Stone, Jonesboro, Accounting Cynthia A. Stotts, Caraway, Speech Path. Norma J. Stotts, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Dean B. Stover, Richmond, Va., Printing Tech. John W. Street, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Charlotte J. Strickland, Lepanto, Elem. Ed. Jean Stricklin, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Rickey A. Stubbs, Blytheville, Accounting Shari D. Sturch, Batesville, Sociology David W. Suiter, West Memphis, Biology Gary W. Surles, Pocahontas, Agri. Engr. Deena Joy Sutton, Blytheville, English Danny M. Swindle, Parkin, Gen. Bus. David V. Tackett, Dayton, Ohio, P. E. Mohammad Tajalli, Brojerd, Iran, Agri. Bus. Melinda J. Tant, Kennett, Mo., Sociology Jimmie H. Taylor, North Little Rock, Psychology Kay M. Taylor, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Patricia D. Taylor, Starkville, Miss., English Stephen T. Taylor, North Little Rock, Sociology 301 302 Thomas F. Taylor, Gobler, Mo., Agriculture Lanny R. Teague, Monette, Mathematics Robert P. Teal, Mayflower, Radio-TV Charles Tennison Jr., Pocahontas, Soc. Sci. Karen L. Thiel, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Janieca A. Thielemier, Pocahontas, Early Childhood James W. Thieme, Manila, Agriculture Billy Thomas, Tyronza, Zoology John M. Thomas, Lake City, Radio-TV Julia E. Thomas, Cotter, Music Ed. Katherine M. Thomas, Doniphan, Mo., Early Childhood Ronald W. Thomas, Armorel, Management Larry J. Thomason, Kennett, Mo., Radio-TV James A. Thompson, Rector, Biology Larry W. Thompson, Swifton, Accounting Gaye G. Threet, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Charles Throgmartin, Jonesboro, Sociology Edra N. Thurmond, Paragould, Zoology Jeff L. Tiefenauer, Desloge, Mo., P. E. Rebecca R. Tinsley, Newport, Marketing Coma L. Tippitt, Corning, Accounting Jarriett M. Tolbert, Bono, Sociology Phillip D. Toombs, Piggott, Zoology Connie C. Townsley, Batesville, Accounting Twilla M. Treece, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Mary M. Tresp. Jonesboro, Marketing Bobbie L. Trible, Blytheville, Sociology Helen R. Triplett, Kensett, Art Terry Neil Tripp, Heber Springs, German Grace A. Troutman, Jonesboro, Biology Nancy L. Tull, Jonesboro, P. E. Glenn T. Tullis, El Dorado, Zoology Henry L. Turner Ill, Tuckerman, Marketing Larry D. Turner, Paragould, Sociology Nancy E. Turner, Naylor, Mo., Elem. Ed. Patsy C. Turner, Haynes, Elem. Ed. William Winston Turpin Jr., Pine Bluff, Voice Jerry Unser, Decatur, Ill., Accounting Riley A. VanHorn, Altheimer, Radio-TV Ruth Louise VanPelt, Paragould, Elem. Ed. 3 Seniors Marsha E. Vansandt, DeWitt, Bus. Ed. Kathy D. Vaughn, Cardwell, Mo., Speech Path. Addelyn L. Via, Senath, Mo., Special Ed. Joe A. Vojcik, Blytheville, Criminology Jan D. Voyles, Parkin, Special Ed. James E. Waddell, Lonoke, Agriculture Leona M. Waddell, Jonesboro, Art Ed. lvan R. Wade, Smithville, Animal Sci. Connie J. Walker, Marked Tree, Art John S. Walker, Marked Tree, Music Emerson S. Wallace, Kennett, Mo., Management Michael S. Wallace, Jonesboro, Physics Bilbrey J. Wallis, Smithville, Animal Sci. Fred Walpole Jr., Kennett, Mo., Gen. Bus. Diane J. Walter, Hoxie, Biology Charles D. Walters, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. Aubrey J. Ward, Success, Zoology Danny R. Ward, Augusta, Music Ed. David C. Ward, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Jackie W. Ward, Calico Rock, P. E. Cathy K. Warkentin, Greenway, Art Ed. Chanda L. Watkins, West Memphis, Sociology Vickey L. Watkins, Steele, Mo., Soc. Sci. Deby K. Waymon, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Darla R. Wealand, Doniphan, Mo., Speech Ronald G. Weathers, Salem, Gen. Bus. Mary S. Weaver, West Plains, Mo., P. E. Rosemary Weaver, Cherokee Village, Early Childhood Melanie E. Webb, Helena, Elem. Ed, Ronny W. Webb, Helena, Management 304 Seniors Walter A. Webb, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Lonnie G. Webber, Searcy, P. E. Elzie L. Welker, Leachville, Accounting Danny L. Wells, Greenway, Agri. Bus. Sandy L. Wells, Manila, P. E. Mary Cartillar West, Hickory Ridge, Early Childhood Roger S. West, Blytheville, Wildlife Mgt. Thomas E. West, Newport, Sociology Robert W. Westbrook, Blytheville, Psychology Tony G. Weston, Jonesboro, Speech Cindy G. White, Jonesboro, Sociology Dan E. White Jr., Manila, Real Estate 81 Ins. Jackey D. White, Pine Bluff, Sociology Lynn White, Vilonia, Agri. Ed. Michael L. White, Manila, Biology Sharon E. White, Broseley, Mo., P. E. William H. White, Jonesboro, Music Melissa L. Whitener, Cooter, Mo., Special Ed. Bruce H. Whitley, Waltonville, Ill., Pre-Med. Freddie Whitlock, West Memphis, Accounting Jesse W. Whitmire, Jonesboro, Accounting Donald S. Whitney, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Jim D. Wiens, Forrest City, Agri. Engr. Kathy S. Wiggins, Newport, Elem. Ed. Billy R. Wilcox, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Edith M. Wilford, Black Rock, P. E. Douglas C. Wilkerson, Vanndale, Sociology Patricia L. Wilkerson, Tuckerman, Elem. Ed. Sarita S. Wilkins, Mountain Home, Elem. Ed. Harold A. Wilkowsky, Jonesboro, Radio-TV PQ ,JQ X. in QS sa-X Henry A. Wilks, Brinkley, Agri. Ed. Mary Jo Willcockson, Cherokee Village, Elem, Ed. Catherine Williams, Parkin, Special Ed. Charles K. Williams, Manila, Agri. Engr. Dwight M. Williams, Paragould, Zoology Glynda D. Williams, Horseshoe Bend, Management J. H. Williams, Little Fiock, Marketing Joe A. Williams, Paragould, Sociology Michael D. Williams, Jonesboro, Sociology Norma S. Williams, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Phillip D. Williams, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Tommie June Williams, Hughes, Bus. Ed. Robert L. Willis, Marianna, Music Steven S. Willis, Sikeston, Mo., Management Harold L. Wilson, Batesville, P, E. Mary H. Wilson, West Memphis, Special Ed. Michael M. Wilson, Jonesboro, Psychology Stanley Winfrey, Forrest City, Sociology Lynn L. Winningham, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Vickie J. Womack, Jonesboro, Accounting Zack N. Womack, Henderson, Ky., Pol. Sci. Mary Jo Wood, Parkin, Elem. Ed. Randy G. Woodard, Kennett, Mo., Gen. Bus. Timothy C. Woodruff, Jonesboro, Zoology Michael R. Woodside, Paragould, Physics Richard Wooldridge, St. Louis, Mo., Bus. Ed. Kay Woolf, Little Rock, Mathematics Brenda C. Wootenf Ash Flat, Bus. Ed. Nancy Workman, Jonesboro, Early Childhood John Fl. Worlund, Blytheville, Radio-TV William J. Wright Jr., Earle, Zoology George P. Wycoff, Jonesboro, Geography Ron G. Wynne, Mount Vernon, Mo., Sociology Judy K. Yearry, Paragould, Early Childhood Pamela G. York, Judsonia, Bus. Ed. Anna M. Young, Wynne, Social Work John T. Young, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Linda S. Young, New Madrid, Mo., Psychology Robert W. Zenanko, Little Flock, Art Tina A. Zirbel, Waldenburg, Sociology 305 Robert P. Abbott, Jonesboro Michele J. Abernathy, Jonesboro Pamela K. Abernathy, Campbell, Mo. Doug Acklin, N. Little Rock Bonnie J. Adams, Arnold, Mo. Gary A. Adams, Arnold, Mo. John F. Adams, Hardy Sandra F. Adams, West Memphis Eldon L. Alexander, Wilson Kenneth M. Allbritton, Marvell Andy F. Allen, Wynne Ashley E. Allen, Jonesboro Debra A. Allen, Williford John W. Allen, Dumas Kimbrell M. Allen, Dyess Rick J. Allen, Helena Thomas N. Allen, Marianna Jan A. Allison, Pocahontas Scott Allison, Walnut Ridge Phillip R. Alston, Jonesboro Harry B. Anderson, Lepanto Katie C. Apple, West Memphis Tommy E. Armstrong, Forrest City Kevin H. Arnold, St. Louis, Mo. Terry Arnold, Newport Oscar Ascurra, Jonesboro Walker A. Ashbrand, Portageville, Mo. Jennifer K. Asher, Neelyville, Mo. Edna A. Ashley, Monette Clemente Atkison, San Juan, P. R. Steve Atkisson, Corning Mark K. Aufderheide, DeWitt Bethany J. Austin, Jonesboro Wavey T. Austin, Haynes Diana L. Baioni, Marion Tamara L. Baird, Altheimer Joan L. Baker, N. Little Rock LeMon F. Baker, Little Rock Radius H. Baker, Rector Richard C. Baker, Wynne Robert H. Baker, Blytheville Vicki L. Baker, Kennett, Mo. David S. Baldwin, Forrest City Mary A. Balest, Little Rock Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas Douglas A. Baltz, Pocahontas Jeanette M. Baltz, Pocahontas Mary R. Baltz, Pocahontas Michael J. Bare, Piggott Ramona L. Barker, Cane Hill William D. Barker, N. Little Rock Walter W. Barton, Keiser Leroy Battle, Tuckerman Brenda S. Battles, Little Rock Robert D. Baureis, Chicago, Ill. Marguerite Beard, Clarendon Glynn N. Beckman, Bernie, Mo. Paul L. Bednar, Jonesboro Robert A. Belzung, Salem David M. Bettis, Little Rock Charles R. Bidewell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Susan G. Bierbaum, Jonesboro Gary A. Biggs, Paragould Joyce L. Bigham, Mountain Home Kay S. Billings, Helena Jackie E. Billingsley, Leachville Pamela H. Billingsley, Leachville Sherry L. Bishoff, Leachville Michael L. Bishop, Brookland Harriett Haines Black, Blytheville 'V Juniors Deborah G. Blackburn, Biggers Kenny L. Blackshear, Jonesboro Belinda A. Blagg, Neelyville, Mo. Richard A. Blair, Cushman Dennis L. Bloodworth, Crawfordsville John H. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mary A. Bobbitt, Jonesboro Kim B. Bodell, Jonesboro David Bodenhamer, Mountain Home Kathleen M. Boeckmann, Wynne Richard E. Boeckmann, Wynne Richard N. Bohne, Jonesboro RuthAnn Boland, Jonesboro Oral C. Bolding Jr., Bald Knob Ralph O. Boling, Jonesboro Ronald L. Boling, Heber Springs Wayne D. Boling, Heber Springs Cora L. Bowe, Brinkley Ralph N. Bowling, Malden, Mo. Gregory N. Bowman, Jonesboro Perry L. Boxx, Paragould Terry W. Boxx, Paragould Shirley J. Boyd, Paragould Roger D. Boyles, Searcy Karen L. Brackin, Marion Marla G. Bradford, Lepanto Elmer H. Bradley, Jonesboro Lynn L. Branch, Paragould Billy R. Brandt, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Linda J. Brannon, Jonesboro Calvin L. Brawley, Leighton, Ala. Nathaniel R. Brazwell, Newport Patrick A. Breeding, Enola Angie M. Brewer, Leachville Dennis L. Brewer, Jonesboro Joseph W. Brickell, Jonesboro Joe L. Brimer, Bald Knob Mike L. Brooks, Jonesboro Roger D. Brooks, Jonesboro Terry Brooks, Caraway Ben M. Brown, Cave City Dave W. Brown, Belton, Mo. Horace S. Brown, Hot Springs Jack Brown Jr., Pine Bluff Mark C. Brown, Trumann Sam L. Brown, Osceola Thomas G. Brown, Wynne Tim O. Brown, Jonesboro William K. Brown, Marvell 307 Juniors Gary M. Browning, Augusta Suzie E. Brummett, Paragould Caroline J. Bryant, Wynne Sharon D. Bryant, Jonesboro Gerald D. Bullard, Newport Kent E. Bullard, Helena Linda K. Bullock, Jonesboro William G. Bullock, Jonesboro Donald W. Bunch, Rosie Wayne E. Bunch, Blytheville Joseph K. Bures, N. Little Rock Paula J. Burge, Jonesboro Jerry B. Burkett, Searcy Dan A. Burks, Blytheville Steven B. Burks, Cabot Ricky M. Burns, Cabot Michael L. Burroughs, Hot Springs Cathy S. Burrow, Oil Trough William R. Burton, Vanndale Janis E. Bush, Walnut Ridge Floyd A. Butler, Paragould Mae Butler, Jonesboro Paulette Byars, Detroit, Mich. Millie A. Caldwell, Wynne Mitchell D. Caldwell, Lake City Tancil A. Caldwell, Leachville Gary A. Calkin, Jonesboro Teresa L. Calvert, Jonesboro David H. Cameron, Holcomb, Mo. Thurman J. Camp, Pocahontas Herman T. Cantrell, Dallas, Tex. William C. Carhart, Alton, Mo. Donald R. Carlow, Marianna Martin B. Carpenter, Ash Flat Steve P. Carpenter, Waldenburg Terry W. Carpenter, Cabot Martin W. Carr, Franklin, Ohio Terry J. Carr, Wilson Kathy S. Carter, Jonesboro Keith A. Carter, Steele, Mo. Sharon M. Carter, Paragould Marilyn D. Caruthers, McRae Laura K. Cash, Jonesboro Margie L. Cash, Wilson Robert D. Castleberry, Lamar Robert T. Cathcart, Walnut Ridge Jett C. Cato, Stuttgart Kelley J. Chandler, Joiner Susan L. Chapman, Horseshoe Bend Charles D. Chatelain, Hot Springs Jerry W. Cheatom, EI Dorado Sherrie F. Cheshier, Jonesboro Danny R. Chism, Mena Janet Chou, Pine Bluff Larry H. Christain, Hornersville, Mo. Michael B. Chronister, Jonesboro David A. Clark, Jonesboro John E. Clay, Blytheville Cynthia Clayton, Braggadocio, Mo. Glenda J. Clement, Pine Bluff Nancy L. Clemons, Shirley Susan R. Clifft, Franklin Roy G. Cobb, Jonesboro Regina P. Cohn, Holcomb, Mo. Beverly A. Coker, Beebe Donnie H. Coker, Jonesboro Steve Collar, Walnut Ridge Millie J. Collins, Ash Flat Kenneth G. Conner, Helena Susan Conway, Cherry Hill, N. J. Bob M. Cook, El Dorado Arleen M. Cooper, Blytheville David L. Cooper, Bald Knob Shirley L. Coots, Jonesboro Marilyn A. Copeland, Jonesboro Daniel J. Corbett, Hoxie Douglas L. Cotter, Viola Kenneth W. Cotter, Viola James T. Couch Jr., Lepanto Paulette I. Cover, Jonesboro Milton G. Cowan, Searcy Alan D. Cox, Osceola Robert M. Crabtree, Paragould Thomas T. Craft, Lake Helen, Fla. Brenda K. Craig, Jonesboro Susan G. Craig, Tyronza Danny R. Crawford, Corning Nancy T. Crawford, Jonesboro Tommy E. Crawford, Jonesboro James T. Crider, Hoxie Gary D. Crocker, Jonesboro Faye L. Cromwell, Pine Bluff LouAnn Croom, Jonesboro Teresa J. Crowe, Blytheville Paul W. Crum, Paragould James R. Crumbaugh, Jonesboro Randall P. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Harold C. Cunningham, Success Linda K. Cunningham, Little Rock David W. Curry, Blytheville Rodney A. Curry, Blytheville Gary E. Curton, Trumann Angela S. Dacus, Jonesboro Sharon A. Dallas, Caraway Linda S. Dambach, Malden, Mo. David G. Daniel, Walnut Ridge Billy Davenport, House Springs, Mo Andy M. Davidson, Paragould Donald W. Davidson, Paragould Emily Davidson, Mountain Grove, Mo Billy D. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. Donna F. Davis, Jonesboro Donnabeth Davis, Altheimer Jill Davis, Jonesboro John W. Davis, St. Petersburg, Fla. Ronnie A. Davis, Bay Sharon L. Davis, Jonesboro William J. Davison lll, Marvell Jerry Dawson, Forrest City 310 Beverly G. Dean, Little Rock Deborah Dean, Salt Lake City, Utah Danny L. Deatherage, Monette Shawn L. Deckelman, Crossett Celine DeClerk, Pocahontas Dennis E. Deere, Portageville, Mo. Carla A. Delaney, Hope Randy G. Dennis, Osceola Debbie F. DePriest, Black Rock Terry V. DePriest, Jonesboro George M. Deroeck, Jonesboro James M. DeSpain, Manila Jeff A. Dethrow, Oklahoma City, Okla. Mary L. Dethrow, Alton, Mo. Steven E. Dew, Franklin Audrey E. Dietz, Jonesboro Frank L. Digatano, Forrest City Lodie C. Dixon, Malvern Cleatus E. Dobbins, Manila Gladys A. Dodson, Forrest City Mike L. Dollar, Pine Bluff Charlie A. Donham, Lepanto Linda A. Donner, Manila Mike Downing, Bragg City, Mo. Pauletta D. Downs, Paragould Dan Dubach, Marvell Roger D. Ducker, Pineville Gail P. Duffy, Jonesboro Paul M. Dugger, Osceola Steven L. Duke, Beebe Anne Dunlap, N. Little Rock Barbara S. Dunlap, Marked Tree Larry J. Dunn, Ash Flat Judy K. Eason, Coldwater, Miss. Mark T. Easterlin, Hot Springs Karen J. Eaves, Newark Michael Ebbert, Jonesboro Larry C. Eckman, Thayer, Mo. Robert C. Eckman, Thayer, Mo. Bill C. Edmisten, Jonesboro Judy L. Edmisten, Jonesboro Jerry C. Edwards, Paragould Lillie L, Edwards, Bald Knob Marilyn M. Elkins, Piggott Terry M. Elliott, Walcott Cathy J. Ellis, Blytheville David W. Ellis, Beebe Kathy Elrod, Bay Ricky O. Elumbaugh, Batesville Donnie G. England, Trumann Mary Lou Ernst, Monrovia, Calif. Susan E. Erwin, Jonesboro Charles M. Ethridge, Jonesboro Marcia A. Evans, Cabot Sharon R. Fallis, Wynne Stephen Fallis, Jonesboro Barry Farris, Evening Shade Steven D. Faulk, N. Little Rock Vicki L. Faulkner, Harrisburg Marty E. Fausett, Phoenix, Ariz. Larry S. Felts, Nettleton Kimberly M. Fender, Bradford Anna B. Files, Hunter Williams S. Files, Hunter James Fitzgerald, West Memphis Vickie L. Fleming, Osceola James L. Fletcher, Mtn. Grove, Mo. Linda F. Fletcher, Jonesboro Gary D. Flippo, Hoxie Sandy J. Flowers, Hope Y -4-..gE X . ,Af N 5. ,gl if sff.e:"'.,,Q'3'i gg , Q-fm . :sims ., N-:gm 'S-sf ma ts. - i , wtwf-f -1 Q fs wk. - , Q .. it . bf, egg' Juniors Barton Fogleman, Marion Larry D. Forbis, Jonesboro Phyllis Ford, Paragould Susan L. Ford, Pine Bluff Kathryn G. Forrester, Trumann Marie E. Fortner, Malden, Mo. Michael R. Fortune, Jonesboro Robert T. Fox, Tavares, Fla. James N. France, Heth Susan M. Francis, Blytheville Roger A. Franks, West Plains, Mo. Larry Frasure, Marion John K. Fratesi, Altheimer Richard Frazier, Cave City John W. French, Jonesboro Tommy W. Fridell, Helena Nickey C. Fudge, Batesville William A. Fulkerson Ill, Paragould Charles E. Fullen, Paragould John E. Fultz, Camden Charles E. Gaines, Blytheville Terry R. Gairhan, Trumann Donald R. Gambill, Jonesboro James E. Gardner, Batesville Marc W. Gardner, Blytheville Robert E. Gardner, Hoxie David B. Gargas, Kennett, Mo, Edward S. Garretson, West Point Gerald L. Garrison, Ft. Worth, Tex. Phil M. Gattas, Memphis, Tenn. Ronnie L. Gean, Tyronza Grady F. Gennings, Jonesboro Robert W. Gibbs, Brinkley Charlia S. Gibson, Bono Ralph C. Gibson, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Gibson, Marmaduke Roy E. Gibson, Jonesboro Robert B. Gilbert, Sibley, Mo. Patricia lvl. sill, camp F Jerry L. Gilliam, Paragould Roger L. Gilmore, Swifton Julie K. Gipson, Brinkley Ginger L. Gist, Jonesboro Randy Golden, Walnut Ridge Ronald L. Goo, Helena Tressie S. Goode, Brinkley Deborah D. Goodwin, Jonesboro Laumerion Goodwin, Brinkley Mary L. Goodwin, Doniphan, Mo. 311 Jenny L. Gore, Forrest City Jimmy J. Goza, Jonesboro Ann Grable, Portageville, Mo. Vicky M. Graddy, Piggott Denice A. Grady, Paragould William C. Graff, St. Louis, Mo. James M. Graham, Marmaduke Linda S. Graham, West Memphis Ray M. Graham, Marmaduke Susan L. Graham, Rogers Nathan L. Grant, Manila Jesse C. Gray, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard M. Gray, Marked Tree Rita C. Gray, Paragould Malcolm C. Greenway, Blytheville Dyana L. Greer, Ellsinore, Mo. Johnny P. Gregory, Benton Joe D. Griffin, Jonesboro Pamela J. Griffin, Jonesboro Emmett H. Griner, Jonesboro Jim R. Grissom, Pocahontas Allen N. Grommet, Brinkley James M. Grover, Urbandale, iowa Barbara J. Grubbs, Marianna Robert W. Grubbs, Marianna Jerry M. Guest, Marianna Debra A. Gunter. Hope Calvin L. Guthrie, Rector Gregory E. Guthrie, Memphis, Tenn. Randy R, Guthrie, lmboden Debbie K. Gwaltney, Jonesboro Jack F. Gwin, Sheridan Patrick H. Hackman, Letona John F. Hafner, Jonesboro June D. Hafner, Jonesboro Tobby G, Hagler, Hickory Ridge Deborah C. Haines, Jonesboro Mary K. Halbert, Palestine James K. Halbrook, Pine Bluff James D. Hale, Altheimer Michael J. Hale, Cherokee Village Terry W. Haley, Mountain Home Frankie Hall, Delaplaine Glenn W. Hall, Marvell Rick B. Hall, Jonesboro Yvonne J. Hall, Jonesboro Robin Hamilton, Paragould Patrick W. Hamlin, Blytheville Lynnette Hammons, Forrest City Susan M. Hansen, Cherokee Village Marcel E. Hanzlik, Hot Springs Jodie Harden, Senath, Mo. Ersell R. Hardin, Searcy Stephen L. Hardin, Marmaduke Steve T. Harig, Paragould if f X -A rf S- Y' Juniors ss S S I I K X 6 K Q s. sa N N S , ti is X Janice M. Harlan, Jonesboro Danny J. Harmon, Marmaduke Rick O. Harmon, Jonesboro Stanley E. Harp, Noel, Mo. Gary A. Harper, Maynard Candis K. Harrell, Walnut Ridge Barry L. Harris, Kennett, Mo. Charles R. Harris. Wilson Richard A. Harris, Steele, Mo. Sidney F. Harris, Corning Thomas J. Harris, Forrest City Virginia L. Harrison, Pine Bluff Leslie W. Hart, Osceola DeEtte A. Hassen, Milan, Mich. Larry C. Hays, Wilson Marsha D. Haywood, Piggott Tresa C. Hazel, Jonesboro Debra D. Hazelwood, Trumann Barbara A. Heard, Bald Knob Jerry P. Heard, Newport Marsha A. Heard, Hoxie Jerry K. Heckmann, Harrisburg Ronnie O. Hedger, Jonesboro Michael D. Heflin, Jonesboro Murphy D. Heird, Jonesboro George N. Helm, Walnut Ridge Janis L. Henderson, Jacksonville Sherrill J. Henderson, Trumann Bob L. Hendrick, Little Rock Michael Hendricks, Pine Bluff Thomas N. Hendrix, Wynne Barry K. Henson, Wynne Franklin D. Henson, Griffithville Judy A. Henson. Jonesboro Patsy L. Henthorne. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jerry W. Herrington, Evening Shade Phyllis A. Hester, Malden. Mo. Dan J. Hexem, Jonesboro Burgess Heyward. Charleston, S. C. Molly L. Hickox, Cheshire, Conn. William A. Hieber, Jonesboro Anita F. Hilger. Judsonia Diane Hill, Pocahontas Dorothy Hill, Moro Gerald D. Hill, El Dorado Jackie L. Hill, Trumann Janet M. Hill, Paragould Kenneth W. Hill, Pine Bluff Stan W. Hill, Jonesboro Cathy S. Hilton, Kensett Monte D. Himschoot, Ash Flat Michael L. Hinds, Jonesboro David G. Hines, West Memphis Loren N. Hitchcock, Batesville John R. Hoben, Tulsa, Okla. 313 314 Juniors Debra L. Hodges, Jonesboro Peggy A. Hodshire, N. Little Rock Robert L. Hogan, Jonesboro Ronald G. Hogan, Batesville Barbara N. Hogue, Pine Bluff Tom W. Holbrook, Wynne Michael W. Holder, Walnut Ridge Nicky G. Holder, Jonesboro Noel K. Holifield, Paragould Sharon K. Holland, West Helena Kenneth W. Holmes, Kiblah Daniel E. Holstead, Blytheville Gail A. Holt, Bay Terry D. Hoosier, Jonesboro Maurice J. Hopkins, Helena Janet E. Horner, Jonesboro Carl E. Horton, Forrest City John L. Horton, Turrell Ronald N. Horton, Jonesboro Terry W. Horton, Paragould Carolyn G. Housdan, Hoxie Dominique Howard, Fort Smith Elizabeth A. Howard, Clarkton, Mo. Jane A. Howard, Amagon Loretta S. Hubbart, Hoxie Ronald M. Hubner, Dallas, Tex. Susan M. Hudgens, Little Rock Jo A. Hudson, Mellwood Nathan J. Hudson, Stuttgart Michael D. Huff, Blytheville Cathy S. Huggins, Paragould Richard E. Huggins, Paragould Paula A. Hurst, Beaver, Pa. Johnny L. Hutchison, Trumann Deborah J. Hutson, Hardy Bonnie B. Hyde, Paragould Judith G. Hyde, Jonesboro Laurence J. Hylle, Wynne Steve D. Inboden, Jonesboro Thomas E. lnebnit, Elaine Luther F. Ingram, Marianna Mackie F. Ingram, Forrest City Alice G. lronside, Pleasant Plains Peggy A. Ivy, Timbo Lonnie E. Jackson Ill, Paragould Steve G. Jackson, Paragould Alphonso James, Helena Kathryn E. James, Pine Bluff .vw Sharon G. James, Jonesboro Mary Ellen Jameson, Fisher Lauren L. Jamison, Blytheville Richard C. Jans, Little Rock Bob Jeffcoat, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Bradley A. Jenkins, Hudson, Mass. Robert D. Jenkins, Jonesboro Ronald L. Jenkins, Batesville Jennifer J. Jetton, Paragould Deborah H. Johns, Little Rock Anthony D. Johnson, Cherokee Village Garald S. Johnson, Blytheville Janice M. Johnson, Helena Jerry F. Johnson, Harrison Linda D. Johnson, Lepanto Debra S. Jones, Jonesboro Dianne M. Jones, Osceola Janet S. Jones, Pine Bluff Ken E. Jones, Bridgton, Mo. Larry L. Jones, Jonesboro Ricky W. Jones, Jonesboro Roy Fl. Jones, Hayti, Mo. Samuel B. Jones, Wilson Stephen M. Jones, Jonesboro Gregory Jordan, Norfolk, Va. Beverly Joyce, Pine Bluff David W. Juneau, Little Rock George A. Kaloghirou, Cyprus Pat Keck, Little Rock Thomas F. Keeling, St. Joe Juliana D. Keith, Bono Randy C. Kellems, Brookland Peggy L. Keller, Jonesboro Mary B. Kelley, Joiner Nelson Kelley, West Helena Ricky D. Kelley, Forrest City Sharon L. Kelley, Jonesboro Robert H. Kendrick Jr., Osceola Stephen B. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Steve A. Kent, Jonesboro Robert O. Kern, Jonesboro Patricia A. Kernodle, Jonesboro Bill Kerr, Harrisburg Peggy Kerr, Jonesboro Tim Kersey, Paragould George R. King, Jonesboro Jimmy P. King, Calico Flock Lawrence A. King, West Memphis Marilyn L. King, Rector Diane M. Kinsworthy, Jonesboro Terry W. Kinsworthy, Mesquite, Tex. Nancy P. Kirkley, Jonesboro Debbie Klinkhardt, Caruthersville, Mo Jaime E. Klipsch, St. Louis, Mo. Mark J. Klosterman, St. Louis, Mo. Debbye D. Knight, Jonesboro Jean A. Koppenhaver, Alton, lll. Janet L. Kueter, Paragould Anake N. Kunthorn, Thailand Robert Kuykendall Jr., Blytheville Logan B. Lackey, Forrest City Sharon E. Lamb, Jonesboro William H. Lamb, Paragould Stewart K. Lambert, Jonesboro Ace Laminack, Pine Bluff Richard L. Lane, Lake City Terry V. Langston, Little Rock Willie Larry, Kiblah Ronald E. LaRue, Jonesboro Hugh T. Lasater Jr., Waverly, N. Y. 316 Alan L. Latourette, Jonesboro Lyle A. Lattimore, Arcadia, Fla. Terry J. Laughinghouse, Ozark, Ala. Lindell J. Law, West Memphis Krista L. Lawrence, Jonesboro Rufus B. Laws, Paragould Jerry D. Lee, Brinkley Marsha L. LeGrand, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Rhonda S. Lehnherr, Sparta, Ill. Mary B. Leiting, Forrest City John D. Lendennie, Blytheville Mary J. Lendennie, Blytheville Clare T. Lewers, Blytheville Robert Y. Lewis, Goodwin Sandra K. Ligon, Newport Ron D. Lindley, Jonesboro Sarah S. Lipscomb, Blytheville Jimmy Lisko, Slovak Flora D. Little, Jonesboro Etta M. Lloyd, Marianna Candice E. Lock, Earle Carl R. Long, Moro Joseph D. Long, Jonesboro Pat L. Long, Cherokee Village William C. Long, West Memphis John B. Lorick, DeWitt Barbara L. Lovell, Marked Tree Rebecca L. Lovett, Jacksonville Cynthia M. Lunnemann, St. Louis, Mo. Charles D. Lutrell, Pine Bluff Jean Lutterloh, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, Reyno Linda S. Maack, Lombard, Ill. Danny D. MacDonald, Jonesboro Frank Macintosh, Maynard Brian F. MacMillan, N. Little Rock Harold A. Madden, Beedeville Masoud Madjlesli, Tehran, lran Deborah D. Maglothin, Trumann Douglas L. Maglothin, Trumann Allen D. Majors, Ash Flat Gary J. Majors, Perry Maria E. Malham, Jonesboro Michael J. Malham, Jonesboro Debra C. Malloy, Leachville Nancy J. Malone, Caraway David E. Mann, Saffell Phyllis E. Mariott, Ravenden Paula J. Marshall, Ward Jon A. Martin, Trumann Martha A. Martin, Jonesboro Michael G. Martin, Hot Springs Richard N. Martin, Hot Springs Virginia D. Martin, Rosie Mike R. Massanelli, Jonesboro Dean M. Massey, West Helena William P. Massey, Jonesboro Marilyn G. Mathis, Doniphan, Mo. Linda S. Matthews, N. Little Rock Robert S. Matthews, Jonesboro Jimmy W. Mauldin, West Memphis Thomas B. McBee, Warren Mary I. McCarty, Helena Billy V. McClendon, Jonesboro Bonnie B. McDaniel, Jonesboro Toni A. McDaniel, Jonesboro Bryan L. McEuen, Beebe Mitchel D. McFalI, Newport Keith A. McFann, Myrtle, Mo. Phyllis D. McFarland, Leachville gf o . :uf ,I i A i mx R, Juniors Cleve McGaughy Jr., Osceola Danny G. McGee, Blytheville Paul S. McGee, Pine Bluff Clyde D. McGhee, Dexter, Mo. Becca J. McGough, Jonesboro Sherry G. McGovern, Blytheville Robert P. McKay, Clarendon Mary K. McKinney, Warren Ruby J. McKisick, Forrest City Loretta J. McKnight, Jonesboro Donna R. McMiller, Blytheville Phyllis J. McNeal, Malden, Mo. Claude R. McNinch, Enola Kathy McRoy, Hope Anne M. McSpadden, Blytheville Charles L. McWaters, Blytheville Michael Medling, Collierville, Tenn. Ronald C. Meeks, Jacksonville, Fla. Billy W. Melton, Jonesboro Eleanor M. Mettler, West Memphis Randy C. Meuir, Newport Patsy A. Mick, Jonesboro Shirley A. Middlebrooks, Blytheville Kemp L. Midkiff, Wynne Malcolm W. Miles, Jonesboro Susan R. Miles, Hot Springs Timothy J. Miles, Jonesboro Barbara J. Miller, Caraway Cynthia A. Mills, New Madrid, Mo. Dorothy G. Mills, Wabash William R. Milum, Batesville Carol A. Mitchell, Corning Carol V. Mitchell, Jonesboro Charles S. Mitchell, Clarendon Steven E. Mitchell, Trumann Susan V. Mitchell, Jonesboro Gina K. Monroe, Jonesboro Carl Montague, Marianna Elaine Montgomery, Cherokee Village Mark T. Montgomery, Forrest City James H. Moon, Trumann Danon C. Mooney, Jonesboro Charles R. Moore, N. Little Rock Donald W. Moore, Jonesboro Louise Moore, Paragould Marcus R. Moore, Hornersville, Mo. Ronald D. Moore, Pine Bluff Susan K. Moore, Paragould Becky S. Morgan, Fordyce Juniors Bruce G. Morgan, Ft. Smith Edward C. Morgan, West Memphis Michael V. Morgan, Piggott Parker Morgan Ill, Hayti, Mo. John H. Morris, Jonesboro Debra L. Moseley, N. Little Rock Steve A. Mosley, Little Rock Carolyn S. Moss, Oxford Sally A. Moss, West Plains, Mo. Danny N. Moye, Clarendon Daniel R. Mullen, Walnut Ridge Geraldine Mullen, Portia Bobbie J. Mullins, Jonesboro Willie Murdock, Marianna Sylvia A. Murphy, Brookland William P. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Bruce D. Myers, Biggers Grant Myers, Blytheville Mary M. Nagel, Little Rock Michael Nagy, Corning Ethel C. Nail, Jonesboro Brenda M. Neal, West Memphis Michael R. Neal, Lepanto Richard A. Neeley, Pollard Michael E. Neely, Kennett, Mo. Charles E. Newman Jr., Jonesboro Bona A. Newson, Marmaduke James R. Newsom, Marmaduke Johnny Nichols, Clarendon Roy E. Nichols, Blytheville Bobby M. Nickles, Wynne Randall C. Nipper, Lonoke Claire A. Nix, Wynne Larry J. Noblin, Jonesboro Jana L, Noles, West Memphis Joe N. Oates, Steele, Mo. Ronnie L, O'Cain, Lonoke William J. O'Dell, DeWitt Billy L. Odom, Campbell, Mo. Peggy D. Oliver, Tuckerman Chris H. O'Mary, Fordyce Sandra L. Onstead, Bay Gwen M. Osborn, Jonesboro Robert L. Oswalt, Forrest City Stephen Owen, E. Northport, L. I., N. Y. Donna E. Owens, Cherokee Village Hollis L. Owens, Jacksonville, Fla. James P. Owens, Cherokee Village Sherry E. Owens, Lake City .. Del A. Pagan, El Dorado Roy F. Painter, England George M. Palmer, Senath, Mo. Murrell E. Palmer, Kennett, Mo. Raymond M, Palmer, Jonesboro Charles E. Parham, West Memphis Robbie E. Parham, West Memphis Shirley D. Park, Jonesboro Donna J. Parker, Jonesboro Judy C. Parker, West Memphis Robbin C. Parker, Hot Springs Tom A. Parker, Augusta Victor C. Paseur, Forrest City Benny R. Passmore, Calico Rock Fred L. Patrick, Osceola James B. Paul, Paragould Sherrie A. Payne, Hornersville, Mo. Jimmy W. Peeples, Jacksonville Leane C. Peits, Kennett, Mo. Robin D. Perkins, Jonesboro Tony Perrin, Batesville Calvin A. Perry, Smithville Clyde D. Perry, Blythevilie Robert G. Perryman, Henderson Joseph A. Peters, Newport Richard A. Phaup, Manchester, N. H Louis E. Phillips, Marked Tree Thomas D. Philyaw, Jonesboro Karen P. Pickett, Black Rock Larry W. Pickett, Caraway David E. Pickney, Jonesboro Catherine M. Pierce, Batesville Joey E. Pierce, West Memphis Trent P. Pierce, Leachville Rose M. Pierceall, Brookland Linda E. Pike, Huntington, N. Y. Timmy M. Pipkins, Judsonia Danny R. Poole, Blythevilie Ronny W. Pope, Henderson Janet E. Porter, Memphis, Tenn. David Powell, Blythevilie Richard W. Powell, Memphis, Tenn. Tom L. Powell, Kennett, Mo. Rosanna Prestidge, Tyronza Debbie L. Price, Jonesboro John M. Priday, Fredericktown, Mo. Danny J. Pridmore, Newport Martha K. Priest, Jonesboro Danny G. Prince, Lake City Keith B, Privett, Payneway George E. Puddephatt, Pine Bluff Carolyn S. Pugh, Paragould Kerry E. Purvis, Paragould David Qualls, Jonesboro David A. Rabeneck, Stuttgart George E. Ray, Blythevilie Eddie Rayburn, Jonesboro Tim H. Reagan, Jonesboro Deborah G. Reddick, Jonesboro Russ G. Redmond, Williamsville, Mo Otha E. Revoner, Wynne Janice L. Reynolds, Portia Mary S. Reynolds, Beedeville Patricia A. Reynolds, Cave City Brenda J. Rhodes, Cherokee Village Lyndal W. Rice, Pocahontas Michael D. Richards, Jonesboro Danny G. Richardson, Cardwell, Mo. John A. Richardson, Mountain View Jim P. Rider, Walnut Ridge 320 Howard D. Riggs, Jonesboro Debra A. Riley, West Memphis Thomas A. Riley, Wynne Larry W. Roberson, Pleasant Plains Kenneth C. Roberts, Palestine Marilyn K. Roberts, West Memphis Rhonda L. Roberts, Marmaduke Garry L. Robinson, Heber Springs Ava S. Rodery, Piggott Dan Rogers, Piggott James T. Rogers Jr., Hoxie Nathaniel Rogers, Forrest City Patrick E. Rogers, Paragould Robert S. Rogers, Hazen Virginia D. Romine, N. Little Rock Glenn D. Ross, West Memphis Mary F. Ross, Marked Tree Debra A. Rowland, Parkin James T. Rowland, Searcy Robert B. Rubenstein, Jonesboro Debbie S. Rummells, West Plains, Mo. Leland W. Rush, Doniphan, Mo. James F. Rusidoff, Jonesboro Jimmy A. Russell, Blytheville Judith A. Russell, Hot Springs Theresa A. Rye, West Helena Nancy S. Sadler, Wilson Cullen L. Samford Jr., Steele, Mo. Julie G. Sanderlin, Elaine Glenn D. Sanderson, Salem Jenny L, Sandlin, Pocahontas Mostafa Sateli, Teheran, Iran John B. Scalfe Jr., Marvell Randy B. Scaife, Marvell Edward Scharff, Mammoth Spring Janet K. Schisler, Jonesboro Wayne F. Schmidt, Trumann Floyd L. Scott, Forrest City James F. Scott, Weiner Marilyn L. Scowden, Greenville, Mo. Sharon K, Scroggs, Little Rock Pamela D. Sefers, Jonesboro Stephen A. Sewell, Yellville Larry S. Shannon, Wilson Wright Shannon, Jonesboro Donald G. Sharp, Evening Shade Sharon K. Sharp, Batesville James M. Shea, Little Rock Gregory L. Sheets, Trumann John J. Shivley, Jonesboro Pascal D. Shrable, Viola Robert R. Simmons, Jonesboro Roger D. Simpson, Pocahontas William H. Simpson, Forrest City Joe A. Sims, Augusta Randy R. Sims, Dardanelle Curtis R. Singleton, Cherry Valley David E. Sirmans, N. Little Rock Jeffry A. Sisk, Parkin Steve M. Skinner, Kennett, Mo. Sakae Slatton, Trumann Richard N. Slayton, Leachville Linda G. Sloan, Pocahontas Patti M. Sloan, Jonesboro James W. Smalley, Corning Jackie R. Smart, Hot Springs Alfred Smith Jr., 'West Memphis Cynthia E. Smith, Walnut Ridge Deborah L. Smith, Stuttgart Debra E. Smith, Hardy Qt " - -Lists-f ., C be A - f .t ' -assists Qs 1 S5 Juniors Debra K. Smith, Helena Dorothy A. Smith, Marion Jannette Smith, Earle Jerell L. Smith, West Plains, Mo. Judy E. Smith, Wynne Mike J. Smith, Jonesboro Phillip K. Smith, Jonesboro Stephen C. Smith, St. Petersburg, Fla. Terry R. Smith, Little Rock William R. Smithers, West Memphis Sandra A. Sneed, Newport Patricia L. Snell, West Memphis Margaret B. Snipes, Jonesboro Kathy L. Snyder, Lexa David L. South, Pine Bluff Larry R. Spears, Paragould Jacky D. Spence, Marianna Suzanne L. Spence, Leachville Carol A. Spencer, Lexa Sherry R. Spicer, Ft. Worth, Tex. Tiana L. Spivey, Corpus Christi, Tex. John R. Spotts, West Memphis Michael Stack, Kennett, Mo. Hubert M. Stacks, Crawfordsville Janet D. Stacy, Corning Jesse W. Stafford, Jonesboro Freddie L. Stanley, Paragould Winifred A. Stanton, Flippin Portia A. Starling, Hoxie Robert R. Starr, Little Rock Robert C. Statton, Jonesboro Conna G. Steen, Chesterton, Ind. Jennie M. Steinbeck, West Helena Marion E. Stephens, Enola Oliver C. Stephens, Walnut Ridge Nancy G. Stephenson, Earle Brenda J. Stevens, Bono Iris A. Stevens, Jonesboro Beverly K. Stewart, Smithville James L. Stewart, Smithville Jerry A. Stewart, Wilson Mark J. Stewart, Mammoth Spring Steve L. Stinnett, St. Louis, Mo. David E. Stokes, Horseshoe Bend Renee Stone, Altheimer Carmoleta K. Stow, Black Rock Anthony Stroman, Arcadia, Fla. Gayle C. Stump, Jonesboro Karon A. Sturdivant, Norphlet 321 322 Juniors Sharon J. Sturdivant, Norphlet Paul M. Sulicz, Decatur, Ill. Paul M. Summitt, Jonesboro Chris W. Swanstrom, Greenbush, Minn. Flo Swearingen, Lubbock, Tex. Clayton E. Sykes, N, Little Rock Mearline Taffar, Ravenden Robert O. Talbot, Trumann Karen J. Talley, Jonesboro Terry W. Tankersley, Franklin Richard A. Tate, Walnut Ridge Ron K. Tate, Newark Jim L. Taylor, Alicia Kenny H. Taylor, Newport Paula N. Taylor, Searcy Robert M. Taylor, Paragould Susan E. Taylor, Marmaduke Dawn C. Teale, Blytheville Charles M. Terral, Poplar Grove Catherine L. Thomas, West Memphis Glanita W. Thomas, Marianna Vicky L. Thomas, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Youlandia C. Thomas, Hughes Debbie L. Thompson, West Memphis James M. Thompson, N. Little Rock Michael Thompson, West Hartford, Conn. Nan L. Thompson, Hardy Rebecca A. Thompson, N. Little Rock Lloyd W. Thornton, Jonesboro Kathie A. Throesch, Pocahontas Danny A. Throgmartin, Jonesboro David D. Throgmartin, Jonesboro James N. Tice Jr., Bay Janet G. Tiefenauer, Farmington, Mo. John B. Tierney, West Chicago, lll. Charlotte I. Tinsley, Jonesboro Charles N. Tipton, Hernando, Miss. Carla D. Todd, Senath, Mo. Suzanne Todd, Cherokee Village Vicki E. Todd, Wiseman Nona J. Tolbert, Jonesboro Michael D. Trantham, Bay Margo J. Travis, DeWitt Wilfred R. Tremblay, Swansea, Mass. Susan R. Trice, Jonesboro Susan D. True, Holcomb, Mo. Lee C. Turner Jr., Marked Tree Nell L. Turpin, Moro Debbie A. Tyler, Bigelow ,5,..,.v fix N Roy E. Urfer, Harrisburg James L. Ussery, Paragould Thomas W. Vaden, Jonesboro Laura L. Vandever, Little Rock Alvin J. Vangilder, Rector Kristy L. Vangilder, Rector Raymon Vanzant, Holly Springs, Miss. Dannie L. Vaughn, Jonesboro Donna L. Vaught, Hickory Ridge Rene Vawter, Hardy Clifford R. Veach, Manila Roger O. Veasley, Vanndale Sharon L. Vickers, Bono Melinda J. Vowell, Blytheville Michael G. Waddell, West Memphis Clotis M. Wafford, Osceola Sterling Wafford, Forrest City Deborah L. Walden, Jonesboro Freddie L. Walker, El Dorado Jennifer A. Walker, Cherry Valley Jessica M. Walker, Wheatley Kathy D. Walker, Monette Scott D. Walker, Fayetteville Annetta J. Wallace, Weiner Larry A. Wallace, Dyess Scott E. Wallace, Little Rock Greg A. Walter, Jonesboro Dwight L. Walters, Little Rock Mena C. Ward, Brookland Victoria S. Ward, Groveland, Fla. Steven M. Warner, Pine Bluff Kathy Watkins, Stuttgart Vaughn D. Watkins, Poughkeepsie Karen S. Watson, Piggott Melanie K. Watson, Blytheville Michael G. Watson, Blytheville Larry M. Weaver, Batesville James P. Webb, Jonesboro David K. Wellman, Pocahontas Pamela D. Wells, Jonesboro Stephen C. Wernsman, Centralia, lll. James E. West, Kennett, Mo. Joel R. West, Forrest City Priscilla J. West, Little Rock Janet J. Whaley, Walnut Ridge Haskell R. Wheelington, Hope Phillip L. Whitaker, Rector Cynthia A. White, Pocahontas John D. White, Warren Timothy J. White, West Memphis Wilson H. White, West Memphis Ronald W. Whiteaker, Calico Rock Debra A. Whittingham, Jonesboro Richard A. Whittle, Blytheville Gaylord Widner Jr., Ft. Wayne, Ind. William Wieland, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Dawna J. Wilborn, Cardwell, Mo. John B. Wildberger, Elaine John C. Wiles, Bay Charles S. Wilhite, Paragould Johnny M. Wilhite, Holcomb, Mo. Mickey J. Wilkerson, Deering, Mo. Robert M. Wilkins, Jonesboro Thomas A. Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo. Abe M. Wilkinson, Pine Bluff David W. Willard, West Memphis Alner Williams, Wynne Barbara E. Williams, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gary L. Williams, Little Rock Gwendolyn D. Williams, West Memphis 323 Jeffery L. Williams, Osceola Jerry V. Williams, Brinkley Jerry W. Williams, Steele, Mo. Kiven M. Williams, Gobler, Mo. Thomas R. Williams, Rockford, Ill. William S. Williams, Walnut Ridge Judith A. Wilmoth, Jonesboro Albert S. Wilson, Batesville Danny L. Wilson, Searcy Frances E. Wilson, McCrory James D. Wilson, Little Rock Ronnie D. Wilson, Jonesboro Marjorie M. Winters, Newport Karen M. Wisdom, Benton Tom E. Wiseman, St. Louis, Mo. Susan R. Witkowski, N. Little Rock Terry L. Wixson, Fisher Lawrence L. Wolf, Jonesboro Connie M. Wood, Cherry Valley David B. Wood, Jonesboro Dona D. Wood, Newport John K. Wood, Paris, Tex. Melissa J. Wood, Caraway Richard D. Wood, Harrisburg Roxann Wood, Little Rock David N. Woodell, West Memphis Billy J. Woodruff, Grubbs Albert L. Woods, Harrisburg Brenda K. Woods, Forrest City Lewis D. Woods, Bay Robert C. Woolard, Manila Larry D. Woolman, Batesville Earnest R. Wright, Wilson James D. Wright, Trumann Rita A. Wright, Paragould Gary D. Yarbrough, Paragould Diane Yates, Monette John A. Yerger, Jackson, Miss. James D. Yopp, Jonesboro Kathy Young, Forrest City Ronald A. Young, Wardell, Mo. Ronald T. Young, Hot Springs Richard L. Zirkel, Pocahontas Elks. 15 9 'S S AX x t I 326 Sophomores Marilyn J. Adams, Cardwell, Mo. Virginia L. Adams, Jonesboro James K. Adkins, Manila Robert K. Adkins, Jonesboro Louis G. Affenito, Quogue, N. Y. John R. Agre, Hot Springs Lynne Ainsworth, Harrisburg Deborah R. Albright, N. Little Rock David Alexander, Wilson Gladys M. Alexander, Mount Vernon James H. Allen, Jacksonville Terry E. Allen, Wynne Steven J. Amann, Bradford Bob S. Anderson, El Dorado William P. Annable, Marie Randy J. Anstine, West Plains, Mo. Sharon J. Archer, Valparaiso, ind. Jerome T. Ashby, Paragould Robert L. Atkerson, Jonesboro Ronald F. Atkinson, EI Dorado Janie C. Atwood, Jonesboro Connie J. Austin, Wynne Patti A. Averill, Jonesboro Joseph P. Aycock, Marked Tree Steve M. Bagley, Joiner Barbara A. Baker, Batesville Barry A. Baker, Manila Bobby L. Baker, Jonesboro David N. Ballard, Piggott Sherry C. Ballard, Bay James C. Balton, Osceola Bernard A. Baltz Jr., Pocahontas Connie M. Banks, Helena Paula K. Bare, Piggott Dewayne Barger, West Memphis Frances J. Barnes, Lynn Loran F. Barnes, Lynn Leonard A. Barnhill, Jonesboro Larry W. Bates, Poughkeepsie Ricky A. Batten, Paragould Danny G. Baugh, Manila Gandy L. Baugh, Star City Michael J. Bauss, Mountain Home Joyce A. Baxter, Wynne Harriet A. Bean, Paragould Nada D. Beard, Mountain Home Pamela F. Bearden, Leaciiville John E. Beasley, Blytheville David J. Beckman, Blytheville DN f R. Barbara L. Bell, Jonesboro Earl H. Bell, Jonesboro Devlin R. Benge, Blytheville Allen D. Bennett, Pocahontas Jeneta J. Bennett, Myrtle, Mo. Ronald S. Bennett, Walnut Ridge Bobby L. Benson, Trumann Vicki A. Berry, Jonesboro Debra H. Bevill, Paragould Bobby D. Billups, Texas City, Tex. Gloria A. Bitely, Gould Renee Bitely, Grady William D. Bitner, Mountain Home Barbara J. Black, DeWitt John S. Black, Blytheville Kenneth G. Black, Newport Michael C. Blalock, Jonesboro Michael F. Blanchard, Jonesboro Vandell Bland, West Helena Mary M. Blankenship, Blytheville Frankie E. Blevins, Parkin Phil E. Blount, Paragould John A. Bobango, Memphis, Tenn. Deborah L. Bobbitt, Jonesboro Phillip C. Bokker, West Memphis Serena K. Bond, Jonesboro Dorothine E. Bonner, Hot Springs Kathy J. Booth, Williford Lewis J. Booth, Williford Carrol D. Bowerman, Brinkley Joyce M. Bowling, Jacksonville John E. Boxley Jr., Marked Tree Carla R. Boyd, Paragould David G. Boyles, Augusta Stephen D. Brackin, Marion Danny E. Bradley, Jonesboro Nanette Bradsher, Heber Springs Dena L. Bradway, Jonesboro Donna M. Brady, Pollard Joanne Branscum, Jonesboro Marsha G. Branscum, Jonesboro Marianna Bridges, Athens, Greece Rickey D. Briggs, West Helena Roxanne Brink, Dyersburg, Tenn. June A. Brittain, Jacksonville Marilyn J. Broadway, Moro Steven G. Brockett, N. Little Rock Elizabeth G. Brooks, Cherokee Village Jewell M. Brooks, Kennett, Mo. John W. Brooks, Augusta Alice J. Brown, Jonesboro Gary W. Brown, Little Rock Jessa R. Brown, Hot Springs Larry G. Brown, Batesville Mark S. Brown, Hughes Michelle L. Brown, Little Rock Patti S. Brown, Paragould Ruby A. Brown, Sedgwick Scott E. Brown, Conway Carolyn J. Bryan, Osceola Beverly L. Buchanan, Blytheville Sue L. Burge, Jonesboro Michael K. Burgess, Blytheville Patricia A. Burnett, Marianna Walton R. Burnett, Memphis, Tenn Allene V. Burney, Lake Village Doug R. Burnside, Alicia Darrell L. Burris, Jonesboro Lehaman Burrow Jr., Poplar Bluff, Mo Chris M. Busby, West Memphis Gwendolyn Butcher, Turrell Beverly R. Butler, Pine Bluff James L. Butler, Cotton Plant Martha J. Butler, Cotton Plant Steven K. Butler, Paragould Perry D. Byers Jr., Marked Tree Treva A. Byler, Melbourne Martin E. Cagle, Maynard Patti L. Calkin, Jonesboro Jimmy C. Callahan, Forrest City Robert L. Campbell, Joiner Steven B. Campbell, Hope Robert D. Camras, Chicago, Ill. Thelma V. Cannon, Proctor Chris L. Cardin, N. Little Rock Alan B. Carnathan, West Helena Gilbert D. Carpenter, N. Little Rock Russell H. Carpenter, Little Rock Lou A. Carr, Jonesboro Daniel K. Carrigan, Paragould Debra J. Carrington, Cabot Carolyn H. Carroll, Sikeston, Mo. Gaye L. Carter, Delaplaine Michael E. Carter, Memphis, Tenn. Ollie E. Carter, Helena Sandra L. Carucci, Pocahontas Gail Davis Case, Deering, Mo. Cookie M. Cash, Osceola Sherry D. Cash, Fort Worth, Tex. Patricia A. Cato, Cardwell, Mo. Margaret L. Cavanaugh, Jonesboro Rebecca L. Chambers, Jonesboro Robert E, Chambers, Lake City Rebetta A. Chance, Jonesboro Tara A. Chandler, Jonesboro Caroline J. Chaney, Moro Carol D. Chester, Jonesboro Nelson A. Childers, Jonesboro Sarah A. Childers, Jonesboro Charles K. Childs, Trumann Lundie S. Childs, Trumann Mikie J. Chipman, Manila Cathy Choate, Jonesboro Ann E. Chumley, Batesville Suzanne S. Churchill, Jonesboro Tyrone Christian, St. Louis, Mo. Melanie A. Christie, Blytheville Terry L. Clampit, Jonesboro Billy S. Clark, Jonesboro Debra S. Clark, Jonesboro Doris J. Clark, Helena Janet D. Clark, Grubbs Russell L. Clark, Jonesboro William D. Clay, Portageville, Mo. Betty S. Clements, Caraway X , I 4 L nxt" Sophomores X 5 i X . it .if 'xp Robert L. Cline, Jonesboro Diane Clinehens, Fayetteville Billy H. Cockrill, Tuckerman Albert J. Colaianni, Jonesboro Anner J. Cole, Wynne Carolyn Cole, Parkin Lois W. Cole, Paragould Gary M. Collier, Marianna Joanna Collins, West Plains, Mo. Michael A. Conner, Corning Connie L. Conrad, West Plains, Mo. Charles G. Cook, Paragould Gary D. Cook, Camden Sandra G. Cook, Ward George F. Cooper, Jonesboro Michael W. Cooper, Bay Rodney L. Cooper, Jonesboro Thomas E. Cooper, Jonesboro Wanda R. Cooper, West Memphis Ricky S. Courtney, Blytheville Jeanmarie Cowart, Memphis, Tenn. Laurie A. Cox, San Jose, Calif. Elizabeth J. Crabtree, Eudora Glen R. Crabtree, Paragould Janet L. Crabtree, Eudora Carl E. Craig, Paragould Regenold E. Craig, Blytheville Patty S. Crain, Brookland Richard D. Crigler, Jonesboro Donald W. Crisler, Cash Hugh E. Crisp, Marvell Susan M, Crosswait, Jonesboro Brian K. Crotts, Grubbs Jan M. Cruce. Lonoke Gerald W. Cunningham, Paragould Mark E. Cunningham, Jonesboro Janet S. Curry, Blytheville John W. Dalby, Batesville Joyce M. Dallas, Marked Tree James V. Daniel, Stephens Terry L. Daniel, Dumas George P. Dapp, Blytheville Jerry R. Darr, Jonesboro Herman A. Dauck, Pocahontas Ann A. Daugherty, Jonesboro Ron L. Daugherty, Bernie, Mo. Holly M. Davenport, Yellville Randy Davenport, Clarendon Cynthia K. Davidson, Pine Bluff Wanda G. Davidson, Knobel Brenda K. Davis, Blytheville Cheryl A. Davis, Waldenburg Neal Wayne Davis, lmboden Alicia G. Dean, Jonesboro Elaine C. Dean, Blytheville 329 David W. Dearmore, Yellville Carol L. Deaton, Manila Denise E. DeCIerk, Pocahontas Vickie R. DeHart, Paragould Larry D. Denny, Blytheville Joanna R. Denton, Lepanto Gary S. DePriest, Malden, Mo. Kathy C. DePriest, Steele, Mo. Lillian L. Derrick, Kennett, Mo. Larry J, Devasier, Palestine Sylvester Diamond, Blytheville Peola D. Dickerson, Osceola Cheryl L. Dickson, Brinkley Nancy A. Dobbs, McCrory William B. Donham, Lepanto Teresa L. Dorris, Blytheville Sheri A. Dorsey, West Memphis Belinda C. Dotson, Heth Garry Fl. Doty, Trumann Melvin T. Dowless, Monette Dennis G. Downs, Egypt Miles L. Doyle, Jonesboro Paul L. Dubar, Paragould Jeffy L. Duff, Hughes Linda S. Dunavin, Melbourne Charlie G. Dunaway, N. Little Rock Joe T. Duncan, Wynne Connie G. Dunigan, Monette William T. Dunlap, Portia Robert J. Dupras, Blytheville Russell K. Durell, Little Flock Deborah A. Dust, Pocahontas Beverly D. Dyrhood, Fort Smith Charlotte M. Easley, Forrest City Kathy D. Easley, Grubbs Lewis E. Eddleman, Marianna Bob E. Edgar, Jonesboro James A. Edmonson, Elaine Karen S. Edwards, Desha Kent S. Ehrman Jr., Bono Craig Elder, Brookland Donna J. Elliott, Paragould Debra Ann Ellis, Osceola Gwendolyn K. Ellis, West Memphis Jimmy J. Ellis, Memphis, Tenn. Georgia J. Elmore, Jonesboro Needra G. Elrod, DeWitt William C. Emerson, Jonesboro Deborah D. England, Thayer, Mo. Lawana England, Dalton Robert W. English, Clarendon Gary J. Enzor, Forrest City Charles L. Epperson, Batesville Kathe N. Epperson, N. Little Rock John M. Erwin, Star City Donna Minton Ethridge, Jonesboro Alison K. Evans, Little Rock Kathleen Evans, West Ridge Charlotte M. Evins, Amagon Danny L. Ewing, Maynard James H. Farley Jr., Jonesboro Robin Farley, Osceola Henry J. Farrell, Brinkley Steve R. Faulkner, Pine Bluff Keith L. Felkins, Bono Carolyn A. Ferguson, Jonesboro Malissa E. Ferguson, Forrest City Roger B. Ferguson, Forrest City Nancy A. Ferralasco, Jonesboro Anita S. Fifer, Wynne Sophomores Robin E. Fine, N. Little Rock Terry L. Finn, West Memphis Albert L. Fisher, Jonesboro Karen R. Fivecoat, Newport Pamela G. Flagg, Blytheville Mary A. Fleetwood, Cave City Bryan Trent Fletcher, Lake City Dennis R. Fletcher, Calico Rock Robert M. Flippo, Black Rock Ronald G. Flowers, Jonesboro David C. Floyd, El Dorado Donna Floyd, Jonesboro James H. Forrester, West Memphis Janis A. Forshee, Paragould Roger S. Forsythe, Osceola Carey L. Fortenberry, Paragould Kim S. Fortner, Jonesboro Vicki l. Foster, Jonesboro Tommy L. Foulks, Marked Tree Ronnie H. Fowler, Harrisburg Deborah J. Foy, Harper Woods, Mich. John T. Frank, Dumas Betty J. Franklin, West Helena Samuel E. Franklin, West Memphis Jimmy D. Free, Newport Debra L. Freeland, Blytheville Dexter J. Freeman, Forrest City Larry F. Frein, Brinkley Gerald C. Freligh Jr., Paragould Donna M. Frost, Kensett Patricia A. Fry, Osceola Vickie L. Fulbright, Cherry Valley Paula Kay Fulks, Jonesboro Stanley E. Gambill, Jonesboro Damon L. Gamble, Senath, Mo. Shawna C. Gammill, West Plains, Mo Robert L. Gardner, Blytheville William H. Garner, Brookland Sandra K. Garrett, Moro Loraine L. Garrison, Blytheville Dennis W. Gaskin, Wynne Mary A. Gee, N. Little Rock Greg E. Gibbons, Monette Alma J. Gibson, Trumann Carolyn F. Gibson, Marmaduke Gerry L. Gibson, Paragould Kenneth R. Gibson, Jonesboro Robert W. Gibson Jr., Jonesboro David W. Gilbert, Jonesboro 331 332 Sophomores Barbara A. Gill, Tyronza William P. Gill, Kennett, Mo. Derenda J. Gillam, Caruthersville, Mo. Don C. Gillespie, West Memphis Greg W. Gillette, Steele, Mo. Teresa K. Gillette, Rives, Mo. Craig H. Gilliam, Harrisburg Keith W. Gilliam, Kennett, Mo. Floydene Gillihan, Jonesboro Jacqueline L. Glasgow, Valley View Janet L. Glasgow, Trumann Grant H. Glenn, Jonesboro Stephen Glenn, Stuttgart Michael M. Glidewell, Jonesboro Rick K. Glidewell, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Goff, Jonesboro Lloyd W. Goff, Jonesboro Mitchel Golleher, Carlisle Kimberly A. Goodman, Caraway Kimberly A. Goodrum, Jonesboro Cindy L. Goodwin, Pocahontas Tim B. Gordon, Paragould Willene Goza, Swifton Dennis G. Goza, Swifton Martha K. Grable, Portageville, Mo. Grover G. Graham, Turrell Paula K. Graham, Marked Tree Vickey D. Gramling, Dermott Tommy J. Granata, Springdale Mark C. Granberry, Little Rock Elder Granger, West Memphis Donna K. Graves, West Memphis Gary D. Gray, Jonesboro Geneabeth Gray, Manila Harry R. Gray, Blytheville Paul E. Gray Jr., West Memphis Rebecca A. Gray, Walnut Ridge Robert P. Gray, Newport Melissa G. Green, Kennett, Mo. Rod D. Green, Malden, Mo. Steven A. Green, Goodwin William S. Green, Kennett, Mo. Gary D. Greeno, Weiner Odos R. Greer Jr., Jonesboro Phyllis L. Greer, Jonesboro Kathy M. Griffin, Jonesboro Robin E. Griffin, Little Rock Danny L. Griffis, Batesville Sharon A. Griffith, North Little Rock S Steve E. Griffith, Jonesboro Donna K. Griham, Madison Robert Grimes, Little Rock Sharon Grimes, Jonesboro William D. Grimes Jr., Osceola Cyrilla A. Grover, Milwaukee, Wis. Melissa A. Guard, Blytheville Janis A. Gulley, Jonesboro George W. Gunter, West Memphis Todd Gurley, Rogers Annette D. Guy, Osceola James R. Guy, Osceola Joe A. Guy, Osceola Shirley K. Hackworth, Pocahontas Terry A. Hadder, New Madrid, Mo. Mark L. Haggenmacher, Jonesboro Patricia K. Hagler, Hickory Ridge Mary A. Halbrook, Pine Bluff Donita L. Hale, Marianna Leslie A. Hale, Kennett, Mo. Bettye J. Hall, Jonesboro Jeffrey P. Hall, St. Louis, Mo. John E. Hall, Dyess Pamela J. Hall, Heber Springs Gilbert W. Hallmark, Jonesboro Milanie F. Hamlett, Kennett, Mo. Paula K. Hammil, Weiner Rosalind B. Hampton, Wynne Vicki A. Handley, Jonesboro John D. Hard, Blytheville Carla J. Hardesty, Campbell, Mo. Elizabeth S. Harlan, Trumann Joe D. Harlan, Trumann Walter D. Harlan, Jonesboro Steve A. Harmon, Portageville, Mo. Mike P. Harper, Monette Woody P. Harrelson, Jonesboro Carol A. Harrington, Jonesboro Cathy L. Harrington, West Memphis Mark C. Harris, Jonesboro Jerry L. Harrison, Jonesboro Stanley E. Harrison, Cherry Valley Barbara J. Hart, West Memphis Pamela G. Hastings, Corning Jo A. Hawkins, Cardwell, Mo. Dennis W. Hay, Blytheville Mohammad A. Haydari, Jonesboro Mike J. Hayden, Pine Bluff Frank J. Hayes, Indianapolis, Ind. Terry L. Heath, Jonesboro Von D. Heath, Wynne Roxi L. Heckmann, Jonesboro Dan Henderson, Memphis, Tenn. Leta A. Henderson, Jonesboro Tommy Henderson, Salado Keith D. Henick, N. Little Rock Charles R. Henry, Hughes Stephen L. Henry, Walnut Ridge Douglas E. Henson, Blytheville Marla J. Henson, Wynne Rene Henson, Jonesboro Mark R. Herbst, Alton, Ill, Jeanne L. Hess, Lonoke Donna J. Heston, Walnut Ridge Anthony R. Hicks, Wynne Glenda F. Hicks, Paragould Lynette M. Hicks, Harrisburg Robin W. Hicks, Walnut Ridge Elizabeth A. Hieber, Jonesboro Mark A. Higginbotham, N. Little Rock 333 334 Leila A. Higginbottom, Jonesboro Pamela F. Higginbotton, Williford Willa D. Higgins, Paragould Patricia L. Hightower, Mt. Pleasant Sara J. Hightower, Trumann John Hill, Jonesboro Mary R. Hill, Pocahontas Roger D. Hill, Corning Janice L. Hilliard, Blytheville Janet M. Hillis, Jonesboro Michael W. Hinson, Jonesboro James L. Hinton, Brinkley Jeffrey R. Hoder, Brookfield, Ill. Leonard W. Hodge, Jonesboro Michael R. Hodge, Hoxie Janet S. Hodges, Hickory Ridge Marcus L. Hodges, Blytheville Jayne E. Hoffman, Little Rock Jan Hoke, Paragould Fred H. Hokes, Little Rock Terry L. Holland, Little Rock William L. Holland, Pocahontas Carol A. Hollingsworth, Memphis, Tenn. Steve Hollowell, Forrest City Deborah E. Holmes, Cooter, Mo. Scottie R. Holt, Newport Donna Holzhauer, Gillett Janet L. Horner, Rector John P. Horner, McDougal Jeff N. Horton, Jonesboro Charlotte M. House, Jonesboro Nola J. Houston, Jonesboro Susan V. Houston, Dell David M. Howard, Clarkedale Connie L. Howe, N. Little Rock James P. Howell, England Tennyson J. Howell, Wynne Timothy J. Howell, N. Little Rock Darryl W. Howerton, Marked Tree Dewitt C. Hubbell Jr., Maynard Mary S. Hudson, Jonesboro Rick G. Hudson, Paragould Charles E. Hudspeth, Jonesboro Suzanne Hudspeth, Jonesboro Tommy E. Hudspeth, Cherry Valley Debra J. Huff, Batesville John B. Huffman, Cherry Valley Donald R. Huggins, Kennett, Mo. John C. Huggins, Paragould Michael H. Huggins, Arbyrd, Mo. Jesse D. Hughes, Walcott Mary A. Hughes, Blytheville JoAnn Hulen, Jonesboro Vickie D. Humble, Jonesboro T. J. Humphreys, Pine Bluff William K. Hurley, Weiner Eddie J. Hurst, Nimmons Marilyn M. Hurston, Jonesboro Michael B. Hutchins, Crossett Mary F. Hutchison, Powhatan Thomas Joey Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Deborah K. lmpson, Hope Debra L. Ingram, Jonesboro Terri J. Irvin, Jonesboro Alan Jackson, Holland, Mo. Helen J. Jackson, Cardwell, Mo. Victor P. James, Blytheville Debra L. Jansen, Pocahontas Edward C. Jeffery, Franklin Judy L. Jenkins, Memphis, Tenn. Sophomores Eric S. Johns, Campbell, Mo. Daniel E. Johnson, Jonesboro Dudley K. Johnson, Trumann Joe M. Johnson, N. Little Rock Johnnie E. Johnson, Trumann Kathy A. Johnson, Pollard Larry D. Johnson, Jonesboro Larry R. Johnson, Jonesboro Randy M. Johnson, Keiser Robert D. Johnson, Cotton Plant Steven A. Johnson, Corning Tandy L. Johnson Jr., Jonesboro William S. Johnson, Jonesboro Cathy E. Johnston, Little Rock Ellis C. Johnston, West Memphis Diane R. Jones, Belleville, lll. James H. Jones, Harrisburg Jan S. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Jeanetta S. Jones, Jonesboro Karen N. Jones, Rector Mike J. Jones, Rector Nancy J. Jones, Amagon Patricia A. Jones, Harrisburg, Steven W. Jones, Paragould Timothy R. Jones, Trumann Virgil I. Jones, Cooter, Mo. William W. Jones, Benton Michael L. Joseph, Pine Bluff Isaac B. Joyner, Forrest City Jim L. Julian, Osceola Richard L. Justice, Fountain Hill William A. Kamp, N. Little Rock Ricky G. Kay, Jonesboro Pamela S. Keeling, St. Joe Bobby S. Kegley, Corning Kathy Keller, Jonesboro Mark B. Keller, Jonesboro Lisa M. Kemp, Jonesboro Paul C. Kennett, Leachville Dawn Keown, Corning Lenita K. Ketchum, Jonesboro Kathy A. Killian, Calico Rock Malcolm K. Kimbro, Forrest City Cherylinda K. King, Jonesboro Dennis J. King, Tuscaloosa, Ala. John H. King, Pine Bluff Kathryn A. King, Myrtle, Mo. Debbie R. Kinsey, West Memphis John A. Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro 336 1 QQ, Sophomores Bruce W. Kissinger, West Plains, Mo. John S. Kitterman, Jonesboro Harrison Kittrell Jr., McCrory Jelina K. Knight, Bono Susan M, Knipple, Blytheville Russell D. Koonce, Blytheville Joe P. Lacey, Leachville Lori L. Lackey, Forrest City Carol A. Lacy, Wynne Donald G. Ladd, Lake City Mary E. Lally, Henderson Robert S, Lamb, Jonesboro Kenneth C. Lancaster, Earle Leon E. Lance, Clarendon Karl H. Landberg, Mountain Home Doris M. Landrum, Newport Mary A. Langrell, Pine Bluff Robert J. Laquet, Hughes Michael J. Lasseter, Mammoth Spring Jim F. Lassiter Jr., Jonesboro Larry W. Lawson, Forrest City Dana Michele Layer, Rector Eugene Layer, Kennett, Mo. Linda S. Layman, Paragould Karen J. Lee, Paragould Lynn A. Lee, Caruthersville, Mo. Pamela Y. Lee, Damascus Robert J, Legate, Campbell, Mo. Mary K. Lemay, Tuckerman Dianna K. Leonard, Pine Bluff Freddie A. Leroux, Doniphan, Mo. Roxanne L. Leroux, Doniphan, Mo. Brock Lewandoski, Little Rock Randy M. Lewis, Dell Ronnie H. Lewis, Dell Russell W. Lewis, Blytheville Don W. Liggett, Searcy Debbie Liles, Walnut Ridge Sydney A. Linam, Jonesboro Jack R. Lincoln, Senath, Mo. Jill L, Lincoln, Senath, Mo. Robert T. Little, Maynard Holly S. Litzelfelner, Piggott Angela D. Lockhart, EI Dorado Donnie W. Logan, Little Rock Danny D. Loggains, Newport Don H. Long, Blytheville Ginger L, Long, Newport James M. Long, Newport 1 5? N.. Wi Q HSE J N R fs.. n- James M. Lovell, Batesville Lula E. Lovell, Helena Sylvester L. Loving, Little Rock Jane L. Luckie, ,Re dell Kenneth W. Luf fiaraway Clara E. Lu d, Jonesboro Danny L. Lf , Brinkley David R. Luter, Corning Teresa J. Luther, White, Oak, Mo. David M. Lynn, Jonesboro Joseph C. Mabrey, Jonesboro Cornelius Maddox, Star City Carolyn S. Mallory, Beedeville Susan C. Manatt, Corning Judy C. Manley, Wynne Myron W. Mann, Cherry Valley Vera P. Manning, Blytheville Melissa A. Maples, Marianna Thomas G. Marlar, Paragould Judy D. Marlin, Poughkeepsie Harrison Marr Jr., Portageville, Mo. Christy Marshall, Sikeston, Mo. Dana J. Marshall, Leachville Jerald R. Marshall, Fort Smith Charles A. Martin, Pine Bluff John A. Martin, Jonesboro Mark Martin, O'Kean Mary K. Martin, Conway Robert M. Marx, St. Louis, Mo. Mark B. Mathews, N. Little Rock Ronnie G. Matsch Jr., Rogers Dianne M. Matthews, Batesville David G. May, Paragould Lanny A. May, Jonesboro Robert W. May, Little Rock Dickey D. Mayland, Hoxie Regina R. Mayo, Piggott Chauncey B. Mays, Marshall Pam McAdam, West Memphis William E. McAnally, Osceola Marilyn K. McBride, N. Little Rock Zoe McBride, Blytheville Robin V. McCarter, Marion John W. McCarty, Little Rock Linda C. McCay, Marked Tree Kevin G. McClung, Jonesboro John W. McCollum, Paragould Pamela T. McConnell, Searcy Bill N. McCoy, Marion Francis P. McCoy, Tuckerman Terry L. McCoy, Hickory Ridge Debra A. McCustion, Blytheville William D. McDonald, Paragould Robert L. McGhee, Jacksonville Sherry M. McGinn, Mellwood John W. McGough, Winter Haven, Fla. James M. McGowan, N. Little Rock Tommy A. McHan, Pine Bluff William T. McHenry, Birdeye William F. Mcllroy, Jonesboro Kenneth L. Mclnnis, Dothan, Ala. .Jebbra L. McKelvey, Gideon, Mo. Michael A. McKinney, Paragould Teresa L. McKinney, Ravenden Phillip E. McLarty, Bono Elizabeth A. McLemore, West Memphis Judy A. McMinn, Manila McKinley McMurtrey, Willow Springs, Mo. Linda F. McNear, Steele, Mo. Ginger D. McSpadden, Cave City 337 Larry S. Mealer, Paragould JoAnn Meier, Pocahontas Mary A. Melton, Conway Stephen E, Merriman, Jonesboro William H. Merryman, Jonesboro Edward J. Michael, Newport Tommy B. Miley, Brinkley Donna R. Miller, Helena Greg Miller, Cardwell, Mo. Leslie G. Miller, Wynne Marshell E. Miller, Little Rock William D. Miller, Murfreesboro Mark F. Million, Jonesboro Lester G. Mills Jr., Paragould James W, Milum, Batesville Bradley A. Minton, Dexter, Mo. Betty L. Mitchell, Mountain View Dixie L. Mitchell, Kennett, Mo. George E. Mitchell, Jonesboro Jonelle L. Mitchell, Searcy Patrick M. Mitchell, Chesterton, Ind. Eugene W. Molinaro, N. Little Rock Mary A. Monroe, Paragould Barbara J. Montgomery, Piggott Cynthia G. Montgomery, Little Rock Jane Moody, West Plains, Mo. Gary M. Moore, Nettleton Jane Moore. Walnut Ridge Robert R. Moore, Blytheville Evangellna J. Morgan, Fort Smith Melinda K. Morgan, Couch, Mo. Vicki L. Morgan, Caruthersville, Mo. James E. Morris, West Memphis Debbie K. Morrison, Bay Patricia G. Morrison, Little Rock Ronnie B. Moss, Jonesboro Verna J. Moss, Poplar Grove Donna S. Mullen, West Memphis Helen G. Mullins, Jonesboro Joel W. Mullins, Jonesboro Samuel G. Murray, Parkin Fred C. Mustain, St. Joseph, Minn. Paul D. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Peter D. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Charles E. Myers, Marianna Bruxie N. Myshka, Paragould Barbara D. Nance, Lake City Don M. Neely, Newport Richie L. Nelms, Jonesboro Billy J. Nelson Jr., Blytheville Wayne H. Nesbitt, Paragould Tommie E. Newberry, Paragould Deborah A. Newborn, Marmaduke Samuel Newsome, Marvell Michael Nichols, Little Rock Patricia A. Nichols, Jonesboro Deborah J. Nicholson, Marianna David L. Nlederbrach, Jonesboro Cynthia G. Noel, Senath, Mo. Manochehr B. Nouri, Iran Marsha A. Nugent, Kennett, Mo. Mark D. Oldham, Jonesboro Eddy L. Oliver, Salem Judy L. Oliver, Paragould Michael O'Reilly, Cherokee Village Patte N. O'Reilly, Cherokee Village Stephen J. Orlicek, Des Arc Carl W, Osborn, Mountain Home Chris M. Ott, Jonesboro Emest M. Ott, Crawfordsville ww.,..,,.e.,. ..- . lm if - 1- - . ...b,.., R Q, - Rs 3- sits ass' Sophomores John P. Otto, Paragould Cynthia D. Owens, Cherokee Village Randy M. Owens, Lake City Mary D. Palmer, Dell Robert N. Palmer, Pollard Nita A. Palone, Jonesboro Robert A. Palone, New Orleans, La. Sarah J. Pankey, Batesville Cindy D. Parker, Marked Tree Dan L. Parker, Blytheville Carol S. Parkerson, Hot Springs Bobby J. Parnell, Harrisburg Martha A, Parsley, Cave City George M. Parsons, Osceola Dennis D. Parten, Black Oak Laurie E. Partlow, Blytheville Vicki L. Pasmore, Jonesboro Robert A, Payne Jr., Jonesboro John F. Peacock, McCrory Quentin H. Pearce, Bradford Cheryl L, Pearson, Austin Charles E. Peel, Newport Becky J. Penn, Newark William E. Penna, Trumann Randy T. Pepper, Jonesboro Dennis E. Peronia, Lake City Lucy B. Perrin, Batesville Jacqueline Perry, Marianna Charles E. Peters, Little Rock Patricia S. Petrus, Carlisle Robert M. Phelps, Springfield, Mo. Debra S. Phillips, Bradford Tony J. Phillips, Marmaduke Darrell D. Pickney, Hoxie David E. Pierce, Creve Coeur, Mo. Jerry K. Pike, Farmington, Mo. Kathy L. Pinchback, Jonesboro William M. Pinkston, Crossett Carol E. Pipes, Brookland Patty S. Pitchford, Mountain Home William G. Pittman, Jonesboro Mary L. Pogue, Piggott John D. Pointer, Mountain Grove, Mo. Jeri L. Pollock. Osceola Mike D. Polstow, Williford Carol A. Prance, Kennett, Mo. Kathryn A. Prater, Hoxie David C. Pratt, Trumann Charles A. Pudinas, Stuttgart 339 Sophomores David E. Puryear, Jonesboro Mary F. Puryear, Jonesboro Robert H. Quick, Wynne Vicki A. Quinn, Jonesboro Barbara J. Rader, Jonesboro Barry E. Ragsdale, Trumann Peter R. Ralowicz, Chelmsford, Mass. Michael D. Ramone, Jonesboro Monica Rapert, Biggers Sandra A. Rapier, West Memphis Billy C. Ray, Senath, Mo. Mary J. Raymond, Trumann Ronald R. Reaves, Harrisburg Danny R. Redd, Jonesboro Charolette R. Reece, Jonesboro David P. Reece, West Memphis Terrie J. Reed, Dexter, Mo. John R. Reeves, Wichita, Kan. Deborah J. Reid, Swifton Paul T. Remagen, Jonesboro Gary J. Renck, Jonesboro Jeff H. Rettig, Little Rock Alonna C. Richards, N. Little Rock Debbie K. Richards, Newport Helen J. Richardson, Crawfordsville Mary G. Richardson, Jonesboro William N. Richardson, Jonesboro Kathy E. Riddle, Pine Bluff Monica J. Riefer, Hot Springs Charles R. Rigsbee, Jonesboro Tommy E. Rigsbee, Jonesboro Brenda D. Riley, Tuckerman Freddie L. Riley, Delight Bobby L. Roach, Jonesboro Paula D. Roach, Jonesboro Terry K. Roach, Jonesboro Michael H. Robbins, Cleveland, Miss. Sherry L. Roberson, Hot Springs Donald L, Roberts, Harrisburg Gary J. Roberts, Jonesboro Marty L. Roberts, Jonesboro Reginald N. Robertson, West Memphis Sheila L. Robinson, Newport Richard R. Rockwell, Enid, Okla. Donna J. Rodery, Campbell, Mo. Bill H. Rogers, Pocahontas Candace L. Rogers, Jonesboro Carrie J. Rogers, Hughes June E. Rogers, Paragould I : is -1 .X fx! .mi Z9 Dickey A. Rook, Jonesboro John M. Ross, N. Little Rock Joseph H. Ross, Blytheville Linda F. Rouse, Greenway Dennis Rowe, Brookland James A. Rowlett, Swifton Ricky L. Ruffin, Bay Joannie D. Rush, Melbourne Cynthia M. Rutledge, Marianna Patricia J. Ryan, Walnut Ridge Jo Nell Sale, Greenway Kenneth R. Sample, Nimmons Fern S. Sampson Jr., Pocahontas Edward L. Sanderlin, Crumrod Donald L. Sanders, Cabot Richard G. Sanders Jr., West Memphis Leslie C. Sandlin, Pocahontas La Rene Scaife, Paragould Kurt A. Schenk, St. Louis, Mo. John M. Schneck, N. Little Rock Donald G. Sciba, Newport Kenneth M. Scott, Wynne Michael N. Scott, Piggott Robert E. Sealy, Malvern Robert A. Searles, Paragould Frank W. Seaton Jr., Jonesboro Frank W. Seaton Sr., Jonesboro Pamela L. Seaton, West Helena Lana M. Serio, Eudora Ramona J. Severe, Brinkley Beth W. Seward, N. Little Rock Sherry L. Shannon, Wilson Gina K. Sharp, Leachville Harold R. Sharp, Hardy Rodney A. Sharp, Saffell Bob Shellenberger, N. Little Rock Sherry L. Shelton, Tyronza Vinson A. Shinabery, Marked Tree Liz A. Shults, N. Little Rock Theodore Shumpert, Birdsong Wanda F. Simmons, Jonesboro Carla B. Simon, Brinkley Ricky D. Simpkins, Jonesboro Bobby W. Simpson, Little Rock Michael W. Singleton, Jones Mill Kitty S. Skinner, Batesville Cindy R. Slabaugh, Parkin Ricky L. Slavings, Hayti, Mo. Karen G. Sloan, Dumas Susan L. Sloan, England Greg S. Smart, Crossett Grant E. Smiley, Little Rock Brenda F. Smith, Walnut Ridge David L. Smith, Bono Deborah J. Smith, Paragould Debra Ann Smith, Jonesboro Diane Smith, Keiser Donnie E. Smith, Jonesboro Gary S. Smith, Brinkley Hal T. Smith, Jonesboro James W. Smith, Paragould Janie K. Smith, Keiser Jim G. Smith, Monette Sidney L. Smith, Wynne Stanley O. Smith, Paragould Steven S. Smith, Jonesboro Wanda C. Smith, Cherry Valley Michael E. Smoker, Paragould David E. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Betty J. Snyder, Jonesboro 341 3412 William D. Snyder, Jonesboro Ricky S. South, Osceola Carol S. Sowell, Jonesboro Gary G. Sowle, Jonesboro Roberta L. Sparler, Knobel Robert E. Speer, Jonesboro Thomas E. Spencer, Stuttgart Michael R. Spinks, Knobel Georgia L. Springfield, Osceola Cathy E. Springle, Jonesboro Connie L. Springwater, Jonesboro Randall T. Spurgin, Parkin William W. Spurlock, Jonesboro Robert R. Squires, Jonesboro Robert H. Stacy, Wynne Louis J. Stadler, Cherry Valley Rebecca L. Stallcup, Jonesboro Ronnie L. Stallings, Jonesboro Linda D. Standley, Wheatley Glenda G. Stanley, Jonesboro Jodie Starr, Austin, Tex. James W. Staton, DeWitt Mark E. Steed, Leachville Virginia D. Steed, Stuttgart James D. Steele, Monette Rick D. Steen, Chesterton, Ind. Maxie L. Stem, Jonesboro Gary L. Stephens, Lafe Joan M. Stephens, Jonesboro Jackie E. Stevens, Jonesboro Annette Stevenson, Osceola Gwen D. Steward, Little Rock Rebecca L. Steward, Augusta Danny A. Stewart, Prescott Kenny W. Stewart, Osceola Revis C. Stewart, Monette Angela R. Stone, Jonesboro Stephen C. Stone, Jonesboro Daniel T. Stotts, Jonesboro Teresa A. Stotts, Caraway Lois K. Stratton, Stuttgart Malcolm R. Street, Jonesboro Stephen Y. Strickland, Monette Walter Keith Strickland, Little Rock David O. Stroud, Melbourne Fred Stuart, Walnut Ridge Robert S. Stuenkel, Mountain Home Scott W. Stumbaugh, N. Little Rock Eda C. Sulfridge, Jonesboro Judd A. Sulfridge, Jonesboro Constance Sumrall, West Helena Terry Lee Swartout, Little Rock Naini K. Tabatabai, Tehran, Iran Phillip L. Tackett Jr., N. Little Rock Julia E. Tanner, Jonesboro Juliann Tanner, Sikeston, Mo. Shellie A. Tarpley, Blytheville Danny W. Tate, Jonesboro Angela P. Taylor, Walnut Ridge Carlton A. Taylor, Pine Bluff Carolyn R. Taylor, Trumann Charles K. Taylor, Paragould Danny J, Taylor, Melbourne Debbie A. Taylor, Jonesboro John Warren Taylor Jr., Osceola Ronnie W. Taylor, N. Little Rock Thomas D. Taylor, Alicia Tim J. Taylor, West Memphis Sandra L. Teal, Decatur, Ga. Koletta E. Tedder, Gould JK .Q L," Sophomores Emma J. Temples, Turrell Peggy E. Theis, Pine Bluff Cheryl A. Thomas, Pine Bluff Gary A. Thomas, Paragould Pam L. Thomas, Blytheville Janet E. Thomasson, Jonesboro Thomas Ft. Thompkins, Stuttgart Alvalu Thompson, Earle Cynthia J. Thompson, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Thompson, Pocahontas Ricky L. Thompson, Jonesboro William D. Thompson, West Memphis Michael T. Thornton, Trumann Carol J. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Verona A. Tice, Bay David E. Tiner, Pocahontas Dena L. Tinker, lmboden Jerry E. Toone, Jonesboro William L. Townsend Jr., Paragould Jackie M. Trahan, Elm Store Denny J. Treadway, Newport Peggy A. Tripp, Monette Terry G. Trotter, Jonesboro Trent L. Tucker, Osceola Jim N. Turnbo, Mountain Home James T. Turnbow, Leachville Betty C. Turner, Almyra Ikea D. Turner, Hughes Leslie S. Turner, Little Rock Michael Ft. Turner, Crawfordsville Ronald Ft. Turner, Lexa Sammy M. Turney, Jonesboro Tony D. Tutt, N. Little Ftock Harold E. Tyler Jr., Pocahontas Mark L. Ungerank, Pocahontas Pamela L. Vaden, Little Rock Linda S. Vance, Sedgwick Connie L. VanGennip, Malden, Mo. Gina C. Vaughan, Benton Deborah J. Veach, Manila Joe W. Verser, Harrisburg Stephen D. Vester, Pocahontas Mary E. Via, Batesville Kim M. Vowell, Paragould Ruby Jean Wagner, Jonesboro Patricia A. Wainscott, Jonesboro Cynthia J. Walker, West Plains, Mo. David W. Walker, Alton, Ill. Keith Walker, Rector .-ssxissrwf-X K E. . . i " -' Seena L. Walker, Jonesboro W We " " Phyllis D. Wall, Forrest City -r Charles L. Wallace, Lake Village 1 " Linda C. Wallis, Strawberry . Lloyd Walls, Forrest City Helen K. Walter, Jonesboro Brenda P. Ward, Calico Flock up ' Q 3 Q, t 5 i gk - xx xx N 9 ,X X Lynn H. Ward, England Margaret A. Warr, Hot Springs Bobby P. Warren, Wynne Phillip S. Waters, Tuckerman Candace L. Watkins, Jonesboro Dwayne H. Watkins, Little Rock Charles R. Watson, Tuckerman Patricia A. Weaver, Manila Robert F. West, Jonesboro Tommy Wheetley, Searcy Barry M. White, Manila Corita A. White, Pine Bluff Joey A. White, Manila Gwen P. Whiteaker, Calico Rock Jackie L. Whiteside, Piggott Ellis D. Whitlow, Marked Tree Lyn Whittenton, Forrest City Steve D. Wicker, Jonesboro William J. Wiechman, Noblesville, Ind. Debbie A. Wiens, Forrest City K N NN we Q K Q" YG 1 as S3 is XV xv 6 Karen J. Wiens, Forrest City Gregory C. Wilburn, Little Flock Larry E. Wiles, Bay Larry H. Wiles, Ash Flat Don C. Wilkerson, St. Louis, Mo. John B. Wilkins, Jacksonville Steve L. Willard, Blytheville Charles W. Williams, England Debra L. Williams, Jonesboro Joe A. Williams, Lake City Margie A. Williams, Blytheville Mary D. Williams, West Memphis Nancianna Williams, Springfield, Va. Flonald Williams, Osceola Alecia Fl. Williamson, Elaine 3411 '1- K. 1 i. Qu. 'Q' f rf Photo by INDIAN Photography Staff 1 W4 Sophomores . Y i t ..,. 5 ,. t 'YQ' :.x .lx N i U ' at N Q i t I me 4' 411 Mr WMU. 'rifwi f 'Z if 3, xf I Paul C. Williamson, Little Rock Connie L. Willoughby, Trumann Doris L. Wilson, Marianna Edward O. Wilson, Evening Shade Gary L. Wilson, Jonesboro Gladys M. Wilson, Clarkton, Mo. Karen R. Wilson, Brinkley J. H. Wimpy, Jonesboro Daniel Wingfield, Campbell, Mo. James C, Winters, Trumann Jimmy E. Wise, Bay Judith G. Wise, Jonesboro Sandra Wolf, Jonesboro Carlos G. Wood, Brookland Zackery D. Wood, Harrisburg Randall J. Woodruff, Jonesboro Deborah S. Woods, Bay Greg Woods, Lonoke Marian L. Woodside, Paragould Carol A. Woodson, Walnut Ridge Keith D. Woolverton, Pollard Virginia F. Wooten, Marked Tree Susan Word, Brinkley Wendell J. Workman, Jonesboro Donald B. Wray, West Memphis Roger D. Wray, West Plains, Mo. Gary W. Wright, Leachville Mona P. Wright, Waldenburg Chiquita A. Wy, Blytheville Mary N. Wyatt, Marion Pam R. Wyatt, Piggott Theresa G. York, Blytheville Debbie E. Young, Corning Oscar L. Young, Hughes Perry L. Young, Trumann Jan K. Youngdahl, Little Rock Almis Zdanius, Hot Springs 345 Freshmen Carver A. Abston, Brookwood, Ala. Audrey L. Adams, Dexter, Mo. John Q. Adams, Bald Knob Wanda M. Adamson, Blytheville Brenda G. Adelman, Little Rock James R. Adkins, Walnut Ridge Melanie S. Adkins, Jonesboro Keith E. Admire, Jacksonville Cathie Agerton, Pine Bluff Dennis R. Aikens, Earle Wanda M. Ainsworth, Trumann Susan C. Akin, Parkin James D. Akins, Paragould Rebecca S. Albritton, Victoria Susan J, Alderson, Stuttgart Carl M. Alexander, Brinkley Alan J. Alford, Forrest City Bennie R. Allen Jr., West Memphis Tom W. Allen, Fort Smith Debbie L. Allison, Forrest City Debi A. Allison, Rector Vicki J. Allison, Forrest City Diane J. Almond, Van Darlene D. Alsbrook, West Memphis Thomas S. Alsup, Mountain Grove, Mo. Cynthia J. Ambort, N. Little Rock Fariborz Amirbehboody, Tehran, Iran Michael D. Anders, Newport Rudy D. Anderson, Caraway Teresa L. Anderson, N. Little Rock Mary B. Andrews, West Memphis Ann M. Angeletti, West Memphis Merrill G. Angelo, Jonesboro Leonard D. Anschultz, Weiner Sharon J. Armellini, N. Little Rock J. Q. Armstrong Ill, Lake City Regina L. Armstrong, Lake City David F. Arnholt, Searcy Larry E. Ashley, Jonesboro Michael R. Atkinson, Jonesboro Mary R. Atkison, Corning Ginger R. Aumon, Paragould Richard D. Avery, Beaver Falls, Pa. Sheree G. Azbill, Paragould Kathy S. Bagwell, Pocahontas Cheryl A. Bailey, Lake City Delbert W. Bailey, Pocahontas Paula S. Bailey, Jonesboro Rhonda J. Bailey, Stuttgart Ann M. Baker, Rector Dennis J. Baker, Eudora Edward A. Baker, Gilford, N. H. Karla N. Baker, Dexter, Mo. Kenny W. Baker, DeQueen Lillian A. Baker, N. Little Rock Larry S. Ball, Eudora Leslie A. Ball, Jonesboro Suzan R. Ball, Monette Suzanne Ball, Jonesboro Sandra G. Ballard, Millington, Tenn. Steve R. Ballard, Jonesboro Barbara A. Baltz, Pocahontas John A. Baltz, Pocahontas Joseph G. Baltz, Pocahontas Joseph P. Baltz Jr., Pocahontas Rebecca J. Bannon, Rosie Brenda S. Barber, Rector Cynthia L. Barber, Little Rock Katherine M. Barber, Oil Trough Sheila D. Barber, Jonesboro Dennis Barker, Jonesboro Kenneth J. Barksdale, Jonesboro Terry L. Barnes, Leachville Claud E. Barnett Jr., Monette Myrlan G. Barnett Jr., Saffell Paul R. Barnhardt, Paragould Becky J. Barrett, Cotter Charles E. Barrett, Pine Bluff Jack K. Barrett, N. Little Rock Sandra C. Bartels, Montrose, Mo. John C. Bartlett, Ash Flat Sharon K. Barton, West Memphis Johnny D. Bass, Lake City Connie D. Bateman, Paragould Kristi D. Beadles, Jonesboro Susan R. Beaman, Mountain Home Paul E. Bean, Jonesboro Darrell L. Beard, Salem Deanna L. Beasley, Jonesboro Donald M. Beckham, Mountain View Douglas J. Beckman, Blytheville Janice K. Bedwell, Piggott Bill G. Bell, Jonesboro Danny I. Bell, Van Buren, Mo. David I. Bell, Van Buren, Mo. Guy G. Bell, Jonesboro Dianne Benefield, Wynne Joe W. Benish, Jonesboro George A. Bennett, Jonesboro Henry T. Bennett, Little Rock Kathy D. Bennett, Pocahontas Nannett Bennett, Jonesboro Steve W. Bennett, Blytheville Bobby K. Benton, Harrison Michael W. Benton, Paragould Rosanne Berry, Jonesboro Howard I. Besett, Marion Donna L. Beyersdorf, Trumann Kenneth L. Bible, Newport Patsy J. Bigham, Harrisburg Andy M. Birmingham, Tuckerman Gail Bishop, Arcadia, Fla. Robert A. Bishop, Jonesboro Danny Bivens, Trumann Dorothy A. Bivens, Marmaduke David W. Black, Newport Jackie S. Black, Bono Pamela S. Blackwood, Little Rock James D. Blair, Jonesboro Percy Bland, Helena Bill Blankenship, Jonesboro Ronnie A. Blankenship, Fordyce Marion M. Blocker, Mellwood Daniel W. Bock, Forrest City Celia A. Boers, Malvern Chan E. Boggs, Paragould Ricky D. Bohanon Barbara E. Boles, Robert L. Bonner, Linda C. Boothe, Deborah J. Boozer, Kathy L. Boren Pine Bluff Cecil D. Bogy, , Blytheville Little Rock Little Rock Dardanelle Paragould Pine Bluff Anthony H. Bornhoft, Weiner Elliott P. Bosh, Dallas, Tex. Sandra K. Bowdon, Rector Carolyn J. Bowe, Brinkley Bill C. Bowers, Joyce E. Bowie, Jonesboro Jonesboro Charles L. Bowles, Osceola Mary L. Bowman, Pocahontas Debra C. Boyles, Augusta Robert C. Boylls, Cherokee Village Feridoun Bozorgzad, Iran Ledeana A. Brackett, Batesville Cathy J. Bradford, Bragg City, Mo. Randy L. Bradley, Searcy David L. Bradshaw, Jonesboro Beverly C. Bradsher, Wynne Mike G. Bradsher, Harrisburg Derryl W. Branch, Pine Bluff Susan F. Brand, Newport Ricky L. Branson, Dumas Donna G. Brantley, West Helena Boyce W. Bratcher, Wynne Ricky G. Bray, Jonesboro Donna Breckenridge, McCrory Joseph R. Brecklein, Walnut Ridge Marion Brees, Dell Dana G. Brenner, Thayer, Mo. Angela G. Brewer, Lepanto Mitchel T. Brewer, Cave City Becky J. Brickell, Mary A. Bridger, Jonesboro Jonesboro Shirley L. Briggs, Gosnell William D. Briggs, Crawfordsville Barbara A. Bristow, Strawberry Greta L. Broadaway, Jonesboro Charles A. Brock, West Memphis Alicia J. Brogden, Kennett, Mo. Donald W. Brooks, Manila Michael P. Brooks, Mounta-in Home Fred Brown, Hughes John M. Brown, Star City Karla L. Brown, Wynne Laurie E. Brown, Little Rock Mark D. Brown, Cave City Roxanne M. Brown, Jonesboro Roy L. Brown, Elaine Troy L. Brown, Crawfordsville Kathryn M. Brownlee, Turrell Mackie F. Brownlee, Forrest City Ben K. Bruce, Mountain Home Fannylyn Bruce, Blytheville Nancie A. Brumitt, Carlsbad, N. M. Eldred M. Brunson, Jonesboro Francis M. Bryan, Brinkley Vickie l.. Bryan, Jonesboro Renita L. BUCK, Paragould Freshmen Mary L. Buckingham, Forrest City Jim O. Buckly, Jonesboro Patricia A. Buhrmester, Jonesboro Sharon K. Bullard, Newport Betty M. Bumper, Jonesboro Brian K. Bunting, Forrest City Gordon B. Bunting, Dumas Gaylon W. Burkman, Piggott Michael A. Burnette, Wynne Gary W. Burney, Harrisburg Eli T. Burney, Montrose Pamela Burns, Cabot Karen E. Burris, Jonesboro Dale R. Burroughs, Hot Springs Tommy M. Burroughs, West Memphis Ronald E. Burrow, Brinkley Gerald R. Burton, Arbyrd, Mo. Joe B. Burton, Cooter, Mo. Dennis L. Busby, Bradford Abbie L. Bush, Walnut Ridge Ruth A. Bushong, Jonesboro Mark A. Butler, Jonesboro Sharon Butler, Little Rock Thomas W. Butler, Paragould Gregory A. Buys, Kennett, Mo. Charvie Byford, Proctor Pamela A. Byrd, Paragould Terry L. Byrd, Batesville Warren W. Byrd, Jonesboro Jacque L. Cagle, Leachville Janet L. Caldwell, Lake City Steve C. Caldwell, Thayer, Mo. Thomas M. Caldwell, Detroit, Mich. Valerie D. Caldwell, Jonesboro Debbie A. Calkin, Jonesboro Davida D. Campbell, Bragg City, Mo. Deborah A. Campbell, Marianna Mary E. Campbell, Marvell David R. Cantrell, Calico Rock Jacob C. Cantrell, Pine Bluff Lucinda Cantrell, Portageville, Mo. Mickey L. Caples, Jonesboro Garland P. Capshaw, Wynne Stanley E. Carmack, Paragould Charlotte E. Carr, Paragould Jo Carr, Brookland Peggy C. Carr, Malden, Mo. Richard D. Carroll, Brinkley Michael E. Carter, Crossett Fl'9Shl'T1GI'l Flonny E. Carter, Sulphur Rock Trent Carter, Elaine Candy L. Cartwright, N. Little Flock Ben H. Caruth, Marianna Peggy J. Carver, Evening Shade Cheryl M. Cash, Wilson Fred L. Cathcart, Jonesboro Ftoy W. Causbie, Hardy Cheryl W. Caviness, Graveliy Patricia A. Chambers, Cave City Nancy J. Champion, Blytheville Tamra E. Chaney, Little Flock James Fi. Chaplain, Weiner Jamie S. Chapman, Bono Matt G. Cheadle, Manila Minta A. Cherry, Festus, Mo. Denise L. Childers, Wynne Sherry A. Chilton, Arbyrd, Mo. 0 Sue T. Chou, Pine Bluff Kris A. Christensen, Chicago, Ill. Leigh A. Chrouch, N. Little Flock James L. Church, Leachville Mary E. Cingolani, McGehee Brenda S. Cissell, Wilson Cathy J. Clark, Jonesboro Linda L. Clark, Jonesboro Flobin L. Clark, Jonesboro Steven Fl. Clark, Jonesboro Deborah L. Clayton, Trumann Diann O. Clevenger, Senath, Mo. Ronald E. Clines, Jonesboro Jerry W. Cochran, Hardy Steven F. Cochran, Greensboro, Ala. Douglas C. Cockrill, Newport Floney E. Cody, Wynne i X gs K . Mary E. Coffey, Newport Harold C. Coggins Jr., England Giles B. Colbert, Stuttgart James T. Cole, Blytheville Mauri L. Cole, Jonesboro Neal E. Cole, Paragould 7 Steven B. Cole, Jonesboro X -f AQ V . t xx X 1 7 l Thomas L. Cole, Bragg City, Mo. Gloria S. Coleman, Brickeys Dennis M. Coley, West Memphis Donna J. Colley, Jonesboro Marcia K. Collie, N. Little Rock Cheryl D. Collins, Harrisburg Daniel Collins, Santa Monica, Calif. 350 Michael A. Comer, Poplar Bluff, Mo James F. Comet, Lynnwood, Wash. Leonidas H. Conditt, Newport Gary W. Conlee, West Memphis Glen M. Conley, Jonesboro Greg R. Conn, Paragould Linda L. Connor, Brockwell Dorothy L. Cook, West Helena Harold D. Cook Jr., West Memphis Jonna L. Cook, Jonesboro Margaret Cook, Jonesboro Richard D. Cook, Jonesboro Barry E. Cooper, Almyra Carolyn A. Cooper, Blytheville Terry R. Cooper, Jonesboro Vicki J. Cooper, Paragould Charles G. Coppola, Jonesboro Richard W. Cosky, Rochester, Pa. Jeff N. Couch, Jonesboro Shelia N. Counts, Pocahontas Susan A. Covey, Lepanto Amy E. Cox, Blytheville Celeste Cox, Bono David W. Cox, Chattanooga, Tenn. Greg J. Cox, Manila Paula A. Cox, Weiner Philip W. Cox, Dyess Rita C. Cox, Osceola Douglas W. Coy, Paragould Sue C. Coy, Monette Danny L, Crabb, Tuckerman Polly A. Craft, Little Rock Karen A. Craig, Tyronza Mickey G. Craig, Jonesboro Mary L. Crain, Wynne William B. Crain, Searcy Jeffrey M. Cranford, Rector Elizabeth D. Cravens, Pocahontas Dasie L. Crawford, Monette Jane C. Crawford, Jonesboro Sylvia C. Crawford, Marion Guy A. Cremeens, Jonesboro Anthony R. Crews, Paragould Larry D. Crews, Lake City Richard S. Crider, Hoxie Terry H. Crider, Jonesboro Herbert E. Crites, West Memphis Terry A. Crocker, Jonesboro Mozetta L. Crockett, Marked Tree Carolyn L. Croft, Marianna Loretta D. Crosariol, Roland Ceretha Crowder, Hughes Tena M. Crowe, Maynard Joseph H. Crowson, Rector Linda L. Crum, Walnut Ridge Richard W. Cude, Walnut Ridge Ruby J. Cullins, Blytheville Ted R. Cullum, Benton Roger B. Culver, Forrest City Frances L. Cunningham, Campbell, Mo Paula C. Cunningham, Jonesboro Beverly G. Cure, Paragould Joni E. Currie, West Memphis Jeff L. Curry, Pine Bluff Sandra J. Curry, Hot Springs Gloria A. Curtis, West Memphis Melinda C. Dacus, Jonesboro William V. Dailey, Emerson Randy J. Dalton, Piggott Walter W. Daniel, Earle Scott Darling, Jonesboro Alesa L. Davenport, Senath, Mo. Sharon K. Daves, Hot Springs Deborah L. David, Caraway Pat H. Davidson, Melbourne Curtis Davie, Turrell Adam L. Davis, Hughes Adrian Davis, Wilson Charles B. Davis, Jonesboro Charles M. Davis, Wynne Cletis Fl. Davis, Lake City Don V. Davis, Alton, lll. Donald J. Davis, Blytheville Doyle O. Davis, Paragould Jeffrey J. Davis, Wynne Larry D. Davis, Pocahontas Mary C. Davis, Walcott Michael E. Davis, Dalton Mike C. Davis, Jonesboro Peggy E. Davis, Morrilton Robert E. Davis, Hughes Rodney J. Davis, Jonesboro Terry L. Davis, Osceola Vicki L. Davis, Jonesboro Scott Dawson, N. Little Rock Joseph D. Dean, Jonesboro Vonnie A. Dean, Earle William S. Dean, Cherokee Village James K. Deardorff, Decatur, Ill. Linda G. DeBruce, Jonesboro Ellen M. Decker, Steele, Mo. Michael A. DeClerk, Pocahontas Ronnie Dedman, Tuckerman David Dees, Little Rock Greg S. DeFord, Trumann Jimmy D. DeFries, Marmaduke Deborah A. Delbridge, Manila Donna R. Delbridge, Leachviile Preston L. Dempsey, Clinton Randy D. Dennis, Fisher Vikki L. Denton, Bay Phyllis J. DePriest, Hardy Kem P. DeRoe, Paragould Vida J. Dethrow, Alton, Mo. James A. DeVazier Jr., Jonesboro Doug J. Devlin, Fordyce Susan K. Dhority, Memphis, Tenn. Shirley J. Diamond, Blytheville Tommy A. Dierks, Stuttgart Sherry A. Diezel, Trumann Treva L. Dillaha, Marianna Carol J. Dillinger, Trumann Danette P. Dils, Almyra Jimmy L. Dixon, Paragould Phyllis O. Dixon, Jonesboro Kim M. Dobbs, Jonesboro Philip C. Dobbs, Manila Ruby L. Donohoo, Oneida David L. Donovan, Hoxie Mark J. Dorsey, Memphis, Tenn. Mary T. Dorsey, Cincinnati, Ohio Jan L. Dortch, Marmaduke Leland T. Douglas, Jonesboro Roger D. Douglas, Jonesboro Carolyn S. Douthitt, Jonesboro Grover C. Dowell, Carlisle Billy G, Downing, lmboden Stephen F. Dozier, Jonesboro John C. Drake, Malden, Mo. Deborah K. Drury, Colt Fl'9Sl'll'TlGl'l John J. Duclos ll, Blytheville Alma Duez, Jonesboro Flora Duez, Jonesboro Lavergne Dunahay, Tuckerman Debbie S. Dunaway, orlando, Fla. James D. Dunivan, Jonesboro Gary L. Dunn, Mammoth Spring Marsha L. Dupwe, McGehee Frankie L. Durham, Newport Phil A. Durham, Memphis, Tenn. Tommy A. Durham, Newport Vicki L. Dyer, Searcy Edward R. Earwood, Memphis, Tenn. Gary D. Easley, Sheridan Karry Easley, Grubbs Randy D. Eaton, Jonesboro Kim B. Edens, Bradford Sharon J. Edington, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Alan D. Edwards, Rector Leslie E. Edwards, Memphis, Tenn. Nancy D. Edwards, Helena Tommy R. Elkins, Jonesboro Buddy Elliott, Tuckerman Brenda K. Ellis, West Memphis Butch T. Ellis, Osceola John P. Ellis, Clinton Mike E. Ellison, West Memphis Roy E. Elmore, Paragould Steve W. Elrod, Bassett Linda R. Elwood, Jonesboro Steven L. Emerson, Jonesboro Walter A. Emmons, Ravenden Springs Carolyn Emrich, Tyronza Robert D. Engelken, Walnut Ridge Cindy M. English, N. Little Rock Jere K. English, Clarendon Tommy R. English Jr., Wynne Gerald T. Epps, Trumann Raymond W. Erickson, Newport Don L. Ernst, Jonesboro Farrokh Eslahi, Shiraz, Iran Albert R. Evans, Little Rock David Evans, Searcy Gary L. Evans, Jonesboro Thomas L. Fairchild, Knobel Bill P. Farley, Paragould Carey D. Farley, Paragould Michaela Farmer, Newport Robert H. Farrell, Paragould 353 354 Fl'GSl'lmGl'l Jerry L. Farris, N. Little Rock Mark A. Faulkner, Paragould Edith M. Fears, West Helena Don C. Fegtly, Jonesboro Bridget K. Felkins, Bono Sheila G. Felty, Stanford Cynthia S. Fender, Pocahontas Sandy C. Fenner, Jonesboro Leesa L. Ferguson, Salem Valerie S. Ferguson, Jonesboro Jimmy R. Fields, Turrell Karen L. Fillmore, Gassville Cathy L. Finchem, Hardy Pat S. Finchem, Hardy Thomas W. Finnie, Pleasant Plains William E. Finton, West Memphis Debbie J. Fisher, Memphis, Tenn. Debra J. Fisher, Jonesboro Gary D. Fleeman, Paragould Philip Fleming, Osceola Angelia F. Fletcher, Jonesboro Anne C. Fletcher, Pocahontas Nick T. Fletcher, Lake City Levern Floyd, Brinkley Myrtle J. Flye, Paragould Eugene R. Ford, Blytheville Russell M. Ford, Paragould Sharron Y. Ford, West Memphis Cecil E. Forehand, Paragould Robert W. Forrest, Jonesboro Deborah D. Forrester, Parkin Jan L. Forrester, Newport John S. Fortenberry, Newport Mary I. Foust, Jonesboro Roger J. Foust, Jonesboro Karon M. Foutch, Leachville Daniel Fowler, Trumann Heidi A. Foy, Jacksonville Debra S. Frazer, Blytheville Michael C. Frazier, Osceola Cecil W. French, Jonesboro Ronald D. French, Harrisburg Robert D. Frey, Mammoth Spring Peggy R. Fudge, Weiner Richard A. Fulkerson, Paragould William D. Fulkerson, Henderson, Ky. Paul L. Fulks Jr., Jonesboro Esther B. Fultz, Patterson Rosezeata C. Fultz, Patterson N Charlotte K. Fussell, Forrest City Bill M. Futrell, Paragould Billy G. Futrell, Jonesboro Larry M. Gadberry, Lake City Philip B. Gallaher, Hot Springs Susan Gallegly, Newport Hal Gallop, Paragould James K. Gambill, Brookland Sabrina M. Gambill, Jonesboro Sharon K. Gamble, Black Oak John A. Gardner, Jefferson Sandra J. Gardner, Keiser Jeffrey C. Garland, Bono Sheila K. Garner, Blytheville John W. Garrett, Turrell Howard D. Garrison, Conway Robert Garza, Eudora Michael W. Gaskill, Earle David N. Gaulden, Rector Glynnis G. Gean, Turrell Terry L. Gearhart, Reyno Richard L. Gentle, Paragould Vickie L. Gentle, Paragould Ronald L. Gentry, Blytheville Shamsoddin Ghamgham, Tehran, Iran Gregory L. Gibson, Arbyrd, Mo. Mark S. Gibson, Jonesboro Panda J. Gibson, Jonesboro Roger D. Gibson, Jonesboro Keith V. Gilbert, Dierks Becky A. Gilliam, Jonesboro Michael W. Gillihan, Melbourne Jo Ann Gilmer, Earle Michael H. Gipson, Jonesboro Dennis W. Girard, Walnut Ridge Joseph D. Girard, Jonesboro Jeffrey M. Girone, N. Little Rock Terry L. Glasgow, Jonesboro Sharron P. Glaze, Ravenden Robert L. Gleghorn, Salem Kimmie A. Glenn, Fisher Linda L. Glenn, Bald Knob Nona O. Glenn, Lynn Paula C. Goad, Jonesboro Randy V. Goad, Newport Rick D. Goad, Jonesboro Sandi G. Godshalk, Orlando, Fla. Ronny L. Gold, Batesville Tim C. Gorman, Forrest City Wayne C. Gosnell, Searcy Susie M. Gould, Jonesboro James D. Graddy, Harrisburg David V. Grady, Paragould Robert L. Graham, Blytheville Lucille Granger, West Memphis Darrell Gray, Blytheville Steven W. Gray, Jonesboro Clarissa L. Green, West Plains, Mo. Danny J. Green, Cave City Charley S. Greene, Jonesboro David L. Greene, Blytheville Bert K. Greenwalt, Hazen Markcus Greer, Caldwell James A. Gregson Jr., Jonesboro Michael A. Gretzmier, Osceola Debbie Grilletta, Jonesboro Monte C. Grimes, Leachville Karen J. Gryner, Keiser Wayne A. Gunter, Blytheville George R. Gurkin, Collierville, Tenn. 355 356 Karen D. Guthrie, Calico Rock Rose L. Guthrie, Rector Patricia A. Guy, Forrest City Billy D. Hacker, Hoxie Keith Haddock, Monette Dan R. Hagar, Newport Gholamhosein Z. Haghighi, Iran Terri S. Hale, Marked Tree Michael O. Haley, Ash Flat Sam S. Haley, Jonesboro Gary A. Halfacre, Bay Wesley K. Hall, Jetmore, Kan. Melissa D. Hallmark, Jonesboro Rodney J. Halstead, Bradford Vick J. Hambrick, DeWitt Barbara A. Hamilton, Trumann Dan E. Hamilton, Hardy Janice K. Hamilton, N. Little Rock June Hamilton, Memphis, Tenn. Larry E. Hamilton, Wynne Floyd J. Hamm, Jonesboro Walter B. Hamm, lmboden Kathy A. Hancock, Tuckerman Paul J. Hancock, Jonesboro Raymond E. Handy, West Suffield, Conn. Michael Hanks, Jonesboro James R. Hanley, Jonesboro Pat A. Hanzlik, Hot Springs Debbie L. Hardin, Searcy Betty H. Harper, Maynard Jennifer S. Harper, Pocahontas Bob L. Harris, Jonesboro Charles B. Harris, Newport Freda W. Harris, Jonesboro Robert L. Harris, Osceola Thomas G. Harris, Forrest City Carol L. Hart, Hornersville, Mo. Lora Hart, Jonesboro Connie Hartwig, Corning Clarence E. Harvey Jr., West Memphis Robert F. Harvey, Jonesboro Robbie A. Harwell, Blytheville Christopher Hatch, Caruthersville, Mo. Donald W. Hatcher, Harrisburg Gina R. Hatfield, N. Little Rock Stanley D. Hattle, Lepanto Joe E. Hawkins, Pocahontas Kathy L. Hawn, Walnut Ridge Arif K. Haydar, Jonesboro Barbara L. Hazelip, Pine Bluff Angela F. Head, Wynne Donna M. Heard, Bald Knob Larry W. Heard, Harrisburg Ron R. Heard, Bald Knob Michelle E. Heath, Trumann Michele T. Hedge, Jonesboro Lujean Heffington, Heber Springs James E. Helman, Conway Jacquelyn J. Henard, Brinkley Debbie D. Henderson, Almyra Georgia A. Henderson, Trumann Sharon G. Henderson, Trumann Charles B. Hendrix, Trumann Jan D. Hendrix, Pine Bluff Susan D. Henson, Jonesboro Kathleen P. Hewitt, Pine Bluff Regina R. Hicks, Jonesboro Paul D. Higginbottom, Anderson, Ind. Robert B. Higginbottom, Tuckerman Linda J. Higgins, Paragould kyrre ,f z..x.,,.r Newt? M W 21 ' Freshmen Jerris A. Highfill, Paragould Vicki L. Hight, Marion Bill R. Hill. Oxford Dennis L. Hill, Pocahontas Donna M. Hill, Paragould Gay Hill, Forrest City James A. Hill, Piggott Janice E. Hill, Houston, Tex. John E. Hill, Jonesboro Joseph W, Hill, Widener Lula Hill. Osceola Sandra D. Hill, McCrory Sharon A, Hill, Hardy Stephen W. Hill, Cash Karen M. Hillman, Searcy Janis Himschoot, Ash Flat Sheena F. Hinton, Wynne Rickey L. Hite, Bald Knob Paula J. Hitt, Jonesboro David T. Hodge, Marmaduke Amy M. Hodges, Jonesboro Gregory Hofer, Rolling Prairie, lnd Douglas B. Hoffman, Paragould Connie S. Hoggard, Marmaduke Randal L. Hogue, Clinton Victor L. Hogue, Jonesboro Cathy E. Holland, N. Little Rock Kenneth L. Holland, Berryville Christy J. Hollis, Alton, Mo. Kenneth R. Holmes, Jacksonville Jimmy D. Holt, Jonesboro Melody B. Holt, Bay William S. Holt, N. Little Rock William M. Honey, Newport Sarah J. Hood, Jonesboro Kathy D. Hooten, Egypt Nancy J. Hoots, McCrory Dave K. Hoover, Mattoon, Ill. Rosetta L. Horton, Etowah Teddy M. Horton, Cash Aaron D. Hosman, Pocahontas Kenneth E. House, Jonesboro Vicki L. l-louse, N. Little Rock Debra J. Houston, Senath, Mo. Robert R. Howard, N. Little Rock William F. Howe, W. Helena Anna J. Howell, Wynne Karon K. Howerton, Marked Tree Beverly K. Hudson, Hoxie Freshmen Gwen A. Hudson, Jonesboro William C. Hudson, West Memphis David C. Huff, Jonesboro Debbie S. Huff, Jonesboro Freddie J. Huggins, Cotton Plant Barbara A. Hughes, Jonesboro Ed S. Hughes, Forrest City Fred R. Hughes, Murfreesboro Louellen L. Hughes, Hardy Patti L. Hughes, Piggott Jane M. Hunt, Doniphan, Mo. Jim M. Hunt, Doniphan, Mo. Paulette J. Hunt, Lafe Annette V. Huntley, Forrest City Tim D. Hurd, Paragould Renda G. Hurst, Jonesboro Lloyd Huskey, Gould Michael A. Hutchens, Paragould David E. Hyde, Jonesboro Joe L. Hyde, Jonesboro Joseph F. Iliff, lmboden Joel W. Ingram, Manila Dana A. Irby, Jonesboro Ricky L. lrvin, Jonesboro Alice F. Isaac, Caruthersville, Mo. Merrilyn S. Ivey, Jonesboro Vicki S. Ivy, Timbo Arthur A. Jacks, Forrest City Linda L. Jackson, Turrell Randy S. Jackson, Wardell, Mo. Robbie D. Jackson, Reyno Sharon G. Jackson, Turrell Steve M. Jackson, Wynne Charles R. Jaco, Weiner Pamela C. Jaco, Marianna Michael D. Jacobs, Jonesboro Pamela D. James, Pine Bluff John E. Jarvis, Caraway Suzanne Jarvis, Jonesboro Margaret E. Jayroe, Jonesboro Devora L. Jefferson, West Memphis Jim Jenkins, Memphis, Tenn. Mike W. Johanson, Jonesboro Steve M. Johanson, Jonesboro Arvilia Johnson, Blytheville Barry S. Johnson, Piggott Carolyn R. Johnson, Piggott Clara E. Johnson, Cherokee Village David R. Johnson, N. Little Rock 'i -S Gary W. Johnson, Crossett Karen L. Johnson, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Kathryn J. Johnson, Marmaduke Kathy G. Johnson, N. Little Rock Martha J. Johnson, West Ridge Mary S. Johnson, Ballwin, Mo. Patricia A. Johnson, Earle Randy S. Johnson, Leachville Rose M. Johnson, West Memphis Stanley R. Johnson, Warren Wanda L. Johnson, Jacksonville William T. Johnson, Blytheville Woodrow Johnson, Forrest City Barbara L. Jones, Palestine Bryan E. Jones, Gideon, Mo. Doyle M. Jones, Rector Elizabeth Jones, Wynne Gary L. Jones, Wideman Hershel G. Jones, Columbus, Ga. Jeannie L. Jones, Jonesboro Johnnie L. Jones, Amagon Jon H. Jones, Hughes Karen C. Jones, Wiseman Karla J. Jones, Caruthersville, Mo. Kurt S. Jones, Benton Mary A. Jones, Jonesboro Melinda Jones, Searcy Nancy D. Jones, Jonesboro Patricia S. Jones, Rector Randy Jones, Dyess Richard D. Jones, Paragould Rodney S. Jones, St. Louis, Mo. Edgar E. Jordan, Magnolia Jeff L. Juergens, Trumann Charles Kasabian, W. Suffield, Conn Jeannie M. Keasler, Paragould Karen D. Keating, Bryant Susan P. Kee, Monette Danny C. Keith, Egypt Steven M. Keith, Jonesboro Debra L. Kelley, Lindenhurst, Ill. Stan J. Kelley, Cave City Vernita Kelley, West Helena William D. Kelley, Forrest City Charles E. Kelm, Morrilton Rayburn E. Kendall, Monette Craig A. Kennedy, Grubbs Thelma R. Kern, Jonesboro Vikki L. Kersey, Jonesboro Nancy A. Kestner, Almyra Betty J. Kiefer, Pocahontas Gary D. Kifer, Jonesboro Steve D. Kilbreth, Corning Kevin A. Killett, Blytheville Kenneth L. Kimberling, Jonesboro Anthony W. King, West Memphis Charles J. King, Blytheville Edward R. King, Osceola Travis L. King, Manila Diane Kinsey, Ceiba, P. R. John E. Kintzler, Jonesboro Brenda K. Kirby, West Memphis Larry B. Kirk, Pocahontas Deborah J. Kirkdoffer, West Memphis Jan Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro Thomas A. Kirksey, Jonesboro Cleo Kirkwood, Forrest City Horace R. Kirtley, Gould Mary M. Kittany, Blytheville Darlene J. Klein, Jonesboro 360 Beverly E. Knott, Jonesboro Debbie M. Knotts, Pocahontas Organ I. Knowlton, Elaine Phillip M. Koettel, Newport Michael A. Kucala, Flippin Courtney, L. Lacy, Walnut Ridge Katherine D. Ladd, Kennett, Mo. Rodney A. Ladd, Reyno Dan R. LaFantasie, Searcy Malinda K. Lamberson, Bay Charlette Lambert, Manila Linda L. Lambert, Cherokee Village Judy C. Lamp, Piggott Thomas E. Landrus, Dumas Randy M. Langston, Wiseman Alice M. Lard, Jonesboro Curtis S. LaRue, Clarkedale Mary M. LaRue, Clarkedale Mary K. Lassen, Jonesboro Rosie L. Lauderdale, Turrell Janis L. Lawhon, N. Little Rock Dianne Lawler, Blytheville Brenda S. Lawrence, Jonesboro Larry V. Lawrence, Augusta Mark E. Lawrence, New Castle, Ind. Belinda A. Lawson, Jonesboro Dennis G. Layer, Kennett, Mo. Buck C. Layne, Little Rock Charles B. Layne, Paragould Rosalie A. Layne, Jonesboro Jennifer Leamons, Pine Bluff Charles W. Lee, Paragould Debra J. Lee, Cardwell, Mo. Sharon K. Lee, Damascus Silvester Leigh, Memphis, Tenn. Randy W. Lemmons, Pocahontas John R. Lendennie, Blytheville Homer J. Lenderman, Paragould Carol A. Lentzner, Memphis, Tenn. Becky S. Lesco, West Memphis Wallace Lewallen, Knobel Charleen R. Lewis, Youngstown, Ohio Judy A. Lewis, Lepanto Linda K. Lewis, Osceola Dee L. Libhart, Jonesboro Robin L. Lile, Jonesboro Doris J. Lindsey, Forrest City Rhonda C. Lindsey, Hardy Cheryl L. Lingo, Jonesboro Freddie E. Lisko, Slovak LaNan Lisko, Hazen Steven G. Livesay, Tupelo Brent E. Lochridge, Tecumseh, Mich. Larry Logan, Forrest City Commie D. Loggains, Newport Photo by Dennis G. Layer Q A X, . Freshmen A' W' XX' 5. XXI Doug Fl. Long, Stuttgart Kathy J. Long, McCrory Kenny D. Long, Moro Steve L. Lookadoo, Stuttgart James M. Looney, Osceola Jack D. Lott, Eudora Janice L. Lovett, Jacksonville JoAnn Lowe, Forrest City Terry J. Lowery, Wilson James B. Lucius, Osceola Karen N. Lunsford, Jonesboro Donna J. Lyerly, Harrisburg Dorthy C. Mabry, Senath, Mo. Sarah T. Magerl, Jonesboro Steve E. Maguffee, Salem Mitzie L. Mahon, Hickory Ftidge Stacey L. Mahurin, Little Flock Johnny A. Makovec, Stuttgart Melissa D. Malloy, Leachville Debra K. Mangrum, Jonesboro Dennia K. Maple, Corning Claudie M. Maples, Earle Virginia L. Mariott, Concord, Calif. Sharon K. Marlar, Paragould Tarry L. Marlar, Paragould Melonie A. Marler, Senath, Mo. Joseph K. Marotti, Crawfordsville Peggy J. Marshall, Lepanto Dyanna L. Martin, Cherry Valley Elizabeth M. Martin, Jonesboro James Ft. Martin, Pocahontas Roger A. Mashburn, Cherry Valley Denise J. Mask. Phillips, Wis. Craig M. Mason, Lonoke James M. Mason, Jacksonville Kathleen Mason, Lepanto Patricia A. Mason, Osceola Linden A. Massey, Corning Mark Massey, Jonesboro Ward D. Massey, Jonesboro Fred E. Matteson, Jacksonville Nancy Y. Maxwell, Jonesboro Thomas A. Maxwell, Rochelle, lll. Patricia A. Mayes, Blytheville Scott M. Mayes, Jonesboro Lucinda A. Mayhan, Alicia Charles W. Mayhew, Little Ftock Clarence W. McAlister, Turrell Carl R. McCarn, Caruthersville, Mo. Pamela Fi. McCaslin, Clinton Kathie K. McCaughey, Blytheville June D. McClendon, Osceola Laraine G. McClendon, Osceola Johnny McCluskey, Pocahontas Phyllis A. McCollum, Melbourne 361 Sheila J. McCollum, Hughes John D. McCoy, Hughes Kenneth D. McCoy, Jonesboro Sherry U. McCoy, Hickory Ridge Danny R. McCrone, Jonesboro Jimmy A. McDaniel, Jonesboro Karen McDaniel, Jonesboro Mike P. McDermott, Harrisburg Angela L. McFarland, Campbell, Mo. Kevin R. McGaughey, Lake City Jill J. McHaney, Blytheville Gary R. McKay, Osceola Bessanne McKnight, Jonesboro Cindy L. McLain, Wheatley Ralph K. McMinn, Marion Virginia D. McNeal, Wynne Randall E. McNeil, Newport Sandra C. McRaven, Jonesboro Bruce E. McSpadden, Blytheville Scott McSwain, Jonesboro Chuck McWhirter, Manila Mark E. Meadows, Proctor Kim D. Medford, Brinkley David N. Medlock, Jonesboro Lyndell J. Meeks, Black Rock Edward M. Melzer, Monticello, Miss. Mark H. Meredith, Forrest City Anita L. Merrill, Jonesboro Robert L. Metcalf, Jonesboro Susan M. Metzier, Jonesboro Roger D. Meurer, Bono Debbie D. Michael, Paragould Keith R. Mikel, Paragould Gary R. Millard, Joplin, Mo. Becky L. Miller, Jonesboro Janet M. Miller, Clarendon Jimmy L. Miller, West Memphis Stephen K. Miller, Huntsville Terri T. Miller, Jonesboro Jerry W. Milligan, Lake City Bethel K. Milton, Wynne Timothy L. Mistric, Jacksonville Herbert L. Mitchell, Wynne Andrew H. Mize, Lake City Stephanie K, Mize, Pocahontas Karen S. Mobley, Redfield Ken A. Mock, Paragould Ron D. Moffitt, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mike G. Moll, Malden, Mo. Joy L. Monroe, Paragould Preston D. Monroe, Jonesboro William W. Montgomery, Jonesboro William B. Moon, Trumann Archie L. Moore, Hughes Bruce E. Moore, Jonesboro Clester Moore, Hughes Donna L. Moore, Marked Tree Jack D. Moore, Caraway Larry E. Moore, Blytheville Paige Moore, Piggott Pamela K. Moore, Waldenburg Raymond E. Moore Jr., Jonesboro Richard W. Moore, Decatur, Ill. Theresa B. Moore, Fisk, Mo. William K. Moore, Little Rock Beverly J. Morgan, Marked Tree Deyonne Morgan, Gulfport, Miss. Jerri E. Morgan, Monette Vann A. Morgan, West Memphis William R. Morphis, Forrest City Q. ,f:.: xx 3 S23 Q SX tt Ht Fl'9Shl'TlGl'1 Bonnie E. Morris, Jonesboro Eddy R. Morris, Searcy Leslie L. Morris, Jonesboro Mark E. Morris, West Memphis Richard M. Morris, Newport Marshall Morrison, Jonesboro Julia E. Morrow, Bradford Carol A. Morse, Wynne Gary L. Morton, Paragould Nellie A. Mosley, N. Little Rock Ronald L. Mosley, Luxora Larry T. Moulder, Harrisburg Charles Mouton, Blytheville Carol D. Mowery, Piggott Robyn L. Moye, Memphis, Tenn. Kevin F. Muckensturm, Belleville, lll. Mary L. Mullikin, Star City Gary A. Mullins, Jonesboro Tommy L. Mumert, Batesville Cheryl D. Murphy, Cherry Valley Beverly L. Murray, Delaplaine Jerry D. Musick, Cave City Rickey D. Myers, Brinkley Diane Nance, Jonesboro Donna S. Nance, Lake City Robert M. Nance, Jonesboro Anderson Neal, Augusta Douglas W. Neblett, White Bluff, Tenn. Gary W. Neely, Jacksonville Jimmie L. Neely, Jacksonville Karen R. Neighbors, Bradford Byron G. Nelson, West Memphis Doris J. Nelson, Gurdon James E. Nelson, Kennett, Mo. JoDell Nelson, Mountain Home Gary D. Nesler, Hickory Ridge Jerry F. Neumeyer, Downers Grove, lll. Janet A. Newberry, Paragould Kathy S. Newberry, Jonesboro Kenneth E. Newberry, Paragould Charles R. Nichols, Jonesboro Samuel S. Nicholson, Newport David A. Nigus, N. Little Rock David G. Nix, Jonesboro Michael D. Noblin, Jonesboro Pattie L. Noland, N. Little Rock Kathy L. Norman, Dexter, Mo. Nancy D. Norris, Marion Ronald J. Northcutt, Marianna 363 Freshmen Patricia D. Nunnally, Trumann Fred L. Nutt, Washington, D. C. Michael A. O'Brien, Osceola Rosanne M. O'Brien, West Memphis David L. O'Cain, Lonoke Mary A. O'Hara, Earle William D, Olive, Paragould Christine Oliver, Lexa Linda Oliver, Paragould Patrick M. O'Neal, Jonesboro Peggy A. O'Neal, Jonesboro Rodney O'Neal, Blytheville David Orr, Marked Tree James A. Orr, Bono James D. Orr, Marked Tree Mike Orr, Paragould Mark V. Osswald, Jonesboro Deborah A. Ostrowski, Mountain Home Betty A. Owen, Pine Bluff Charles D. Owens, Lake City Dixie L. Owens, Jonesboro Vivian M. Owens, LaGrange Wendel R. Owens, Trumann Steven M. Oxner, England Martin D. Pace, Minturn Stephen R. Pace, Pocahontas Filbert Pacheco, Los Angeles, Calif. Steve O. Pagan, Jonesboro Richard E. Page, Little Rock William H. Page, Paragould Ken N. Paige, Mountain Home Debra L. Palmer, Rector David Pankey, Jonesboro Phillip H. Para, West Memphis Tony Pardew, Jonesboro Phil W. Parker, Jonesboro Timothy Parker, Jefferson City, Mo. John D. Parks, Jonesboro Sheryl L. Parks, Lonoke Susan Parrish, McDougal Pat T. Parrott, Springfield, Mo. Don W. Parsley, Forrest City Linda C. Parten, Delaplaine Shelia A. Passmore,'Trumann Rickey D. Patrick, Brinkley Carol A. Payne, Rives, Mo. Leslie O. Payne, Paragould Linda L. Peacock, McCrory X at it WN -1 Si its N lie? ss . X S, Q Tony G. Pearson, Forrest City Allen J. Pecotte, Ravenden Woodrow C. Pender, West Memphis Terry L. Pendergraff, Bay Peggy L. Pendergrass, Marked Tree Julie M. Percifull, Jonesboro John P. Peregrin, Hot Springs Patti S. Perkey, Paragould Heayron C. Perkins, Bono Roy R. Perrin, Newport Abrilla Perry, West Memphis Jeffrey Perry, Tuckerman Richard L. Perry, Jonesboro Stanley D. Perry, Jonesboro Ada L. Person, Tuckerman David W. Pewett, Osceola Bruce E. Phelix, Marion Jo H. Phelps, Little Rock Randy F. Philhours, Paragould Pamela A. Phillips, Harrison Stan G. Phipps, West Memphis Allen L. Pierce, Cave City Pam D. Pierce, Hornersville, Mo. Laurel J. Piercy, Manila Leo H. Pierron, Wynne Denise L. Pikey, Shawnee, Kan. Carolyn Y. Pitts, Jonesboro Terri A. Pitts, Monette Regina G. Poe, Black Oak Jamie S. Pollock, DeWitt Harry L. Poole Jr., Jonesboro Janet E. Poorman, Newport Debby J. Pope, Black Rock Johnny L. Porter, Roe Mark G. Pospisil, West Memphis Raymond L. Poteete, Walnut Ridge Harvey E. Potter, Paragould Ralph E. Poynor, Jonesboro Lola F. Prater, Hoxie Beth Prescott, St. Charles Edward W. Preston, Dallas, Tex. Glenda R. Pretty, Newport Garmon Y. Price, Jonesboro Don N. Prince, Eudora Ray G. Prince, Jonesboro Frank M. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Mendy A. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Floyd R. Pumphrey, Little Rock Sherri K. Purcell, Paragould Paulette D. Rains, Bay Eldon R. Randleman, Rector Derek Randolph, Osceola Melissa L. Raney, Fordyce Clyde W. Ransom, Maynard William K. Raspberry, Blytheville Gaylon B. Ratliff, Jonesboro Jack D. Ratliff, Bragg City, Mo. Mitchell L. Ray, West Memphis Patsy M. Ray, Paragould Wanda J. Rayburn, Jonesboro Mahmoud Razian, Iran Kathy L. Reams, Piggott Brian D. Rector, N. Little Rock Mike N. Reece, Jonesboro Jennie L. Reed, Monette Randy L. Reed, Dickson, Tenn. Theresa A. Reed, Pocahontas Randall D. Reeves, Piggott Ronald J. Reeves, Harrisburg James G. Rega, Cherokee Village 365 366 Mary C. Reginelli, Jonesboro Bobby Reid, Blytheville Carla A. Reid, Steele, Mo. Jeannie E. Reid, Pocahontas James E. Rentz, Jonesboro Nina B. Reynolds, El Dorado Carmi L. Rhodes, Bryant Rhonda S. Rhodes, Caraway Sueann Richardson, Melbourne Bobie W. Richey, Trumann Shelia Richey, Marmaduke Mark S. Ricketts, DeWitt Theresa A. Ridge, Lake City Valerie Y. Ridley, Tuckerman Petra M. Riga, Jonesboro Paula L. Riggs, Paragould Cheryl M. Riley, Tuckerman Janice D. Riley, West Memphis Walter L. Riley, Forrest City Sharron D. Ring, West Memphis Debbie A. Ritter, Jonesboro Earl D. Rivers, Jonesboro Danna B. Roach, Lepanto Carolyn A. Roberts, West Memphis Gary N. Roberts, Jonesboro George Roberts, New York, N. Y. Howard L. Roberts, Crossett Patricia A. Roberts, Jonesboro Steve A. Roberts, West Memphis Rachelle Robertson, Bono Robert E. Robertson, Morrilton Brenda S. Robinson, Thayer, Mo. Doug Robinson, Star City Joyce M. Robinson, Wynne Kenneth N. Robinson, Sherwood Mike P. Robinson, Searcy Pamela D. Robinson, Rector Sarah L. Robinson, Jonesboro Sharon D. Robinson, Blytheville Steve Rockwell, Corning Lisa M. Roddy, Jonesboro Steve K. Rodery, Greenway Linda S. Rodman, Jonesboro Randy H. Rodman, Jonesboro Bobby J. Roetzel, Little Rock Andy Rogers, Jonesboro James A. Rogers, Gepp Mary E. Rogers, West Memphis William A. Rogers, Newport Patsey D. Rook, Jonesboro Sandra J. Rorex, Weiner Patsy L. Ross, Blytheville Terry G. Ross, Turrell Donna L. Rowell, Luxora Patricia L. Rowland, Paragould Mike J. Roy, Jonesboro Susan D. Rudkin, Jonesboro John Ruff, Peoria, Ill. Stephen C. Runnels, Jonesboro Judy F. Russ, Cave City Billy E. Russell, Joiner Ethel E. Rutledge, Trenton, Fla. Russell B. Ryals, Joiner Johnny C. Rye, Marked Tree Ronnie Sairls, Jonesboro Raphael A. Saliba, Blytheville Janice Sally, Jonesboro Benton Salmon, Pocahontas Paula B. Samford, Caruthersville, Mo. Jamie L. Sanderlin, Crumrod A. 'X X2 X , Q- 1... 12,3 gk W L.q' vt Freshmen Dale M. Sanders, Marked Tree Jean M. Sanders, Blytheville Randy L. Sanders, Weiner Sherri L. Sandow, Blytheville Kenneth N. Saucier, Evening Shade David J. Sawyer, McCrory Sandra E. Saylor, Forth Worth, Tex. Mark A. Scavo, Knobel Ronald L. Schafer, Carlisle Stephen P. Schafer, Stuttgart Richard B. Schisler, Jonesboro Liane M. Schlegel, Mountain Home Harold M. Schmitt ll, Rolla, Mo. Teddy G. Schug, Paragould Terry L. Schug, Paragould Stacy L. Schwindt, Pocahontas Howie D. Scoggin, Murfreesboro Barry N. Scott, Piggott Danny W. Scott, Weiner Debbie K. Scott, Hayti, Mo. Mary E. Scott, North Olmsted, Ohio Herman L. Scullark, West Memphis Rebecca L. Seamans, Crossett Rick Seeman, Stuttgart Donald W. Sharp, Forrest City Annesa G. Shelton, Marked Tree Byron L. Shelton, Paragould Ronnie D. Shelton, Jonesboro Shelia K. Shelton, Hot Springs Charlene Shepherd, Little Rock Peter D. Shepherd, Jonesboro Eric P. Shipley, N. Little Rock James K. Shirley, Cherry Valley Wenzola Shirley, Holcomb, Mo. Gary A. Shockley, Sidney Vicky L. Shoemaker, Aurora, Mo, Sara F. Shouse, Blytheville Gary R. Shrable, Walnut Ridge Carol E. Shults, N. Little Rock James D. Shumate, Weldon Georgia K. Siebert, Bono Michael L. Siemieniec, Chicago, lll. Glenda R. Siler, Palestine Raymond L. Simes, West Helena Louis V. Simington, Pocahontas Elizabeth Simmons, Jonesboro Roy G. Simmons, Beebe Millie D. Simpson, Marked Tree Ronald W. Simpson, Poughkeepsie 367 Freshmen Elisa K. Sims, West Memphis John W. Singleton, Blytheville Marcia A. Singley, Pocahontas Gary S. Sitzer, Weiner Janet L. Skelley, West Memphis Patricia L. Skillman, West Memphis Kay Skinner, Batesville Cliff V. Slinkard, Trumann Jimmie C. Smart, Pleasant Plains Kathy M. Smelser, Lafe Benjamin W. Smith, Newport Carol Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Connie R. Smith, Pocahontas Cornelia M. Smith, Shreveport, La. David B. Smith, Jonesboro David R. Smith, Marion David W. Smith, Jonesboro Dayna K. Smith, Trumann Denise M. Smith, Leachville Diane Smith, Corning Dolores D. Smith, Jonesboro Gregory A. Smith, West Memphis Kathy E. Smith, Trumann LaDawn Smith, Jonesboro Lisa G. Smith, West Memphis Lyle E. Smith Jr., Walcott Michael J. Smith, Paragould Millie V. Smith, Marianna Myra S. Smith, Leachville Patricia E. Smith, Pine Bluff Pearlie M. Smith, Wheatley Phil D. Smith, Lake Village Rebecca K. Smith, Black Rock Richard L. Smith, Jonesboro Roland D. Smith, Jonesboro Ronald G. Smith, Blytheville Ronnie G. Smith, Wilson Sharon L. Smith, Jonesboro Steve R. Smith, Jonesboro Sydney E. Smith, West Memphis Vickey J. Smith, West Memphis William M, Smith, Jonesboro Joseph S. Smithwick, Jonesboro Naomi R. Smithwick, Jonesboro Steven E. Smoker, Paragould Robin A. Smoot, Paragould Cindy K. Snapp, Walnut Ridge Patricia A. Snyder, Cherokee Village Cynthia L. Somers, Jonesboro Stephen D. Southard, Blytheville David J, Spann, Pine Bluff Cindy L. Sparks, Marianna Tommy W. Spencer, Jonesboro Phillip E. Spicer, West Memphis Teresa S, Spigner, Jacksonville David A. Sproling, Harrisburg Denise Spurlock, Bay Hilda K. Stadier, Cherry Valley Kenneth W. Stafford, West Memphis John M. Stanley, Jonesboro David E. Stanton, Reading, Pa. Frank L. Stark, Jonesboro John S. Stark, Jonesboro Steve Stark, Newport Wyvonne Stark, N. Little Rock Rebecca L. Starr, Paragould Amy E. Stearns, Jacksonville Jacqueline D. Steed, McGehee Donna J. Steele, Paragould Marta L. Stephens, Jonesboro Wincle L. Sterling, Bald Knob Terry W. Stevenson, Blytheville Wanda L. Stevenson, Earle John R. Stewart, Newport Stephen H. Stewart, Earle Terry D. Stewart, Campbell, Mo. William A. Stickler, Paragould William Fl. Still, Helena Katie R. Stokes, Blytheville Ardell Strawther, Blytheville Steven W. Stribling, Blytheville Gary F. Strickland, Lepanto Joe T. Strickland, Blytheville Charles E. Stroud Jr., Mountain View Norma J. Stump, Jonesboro Judith C. Sturgeon, Kennett, Mo. Lisa R. Sturgeon, Kennett, Mo. David E. Sullenberger, Pine Bluff Peggy A. Sullivan, Saffell Keith B. Sutton, Cherry Valley Thomas C. Sutton, Pine Bluff Herby E. Swearingen, Mountain Home Beverly J. Swilling, Pine Bluff Stephen M. Tabor, Fort Smith Ina L. Taffar, Flavenden Randy J. Tankersley, Franklin Trudy J. Tapper, Jonesboro David L. Tarno, Kennett, Mo. Martha K. Tarpley, Blytheville William Ft. Tarver, Jonesboro Curtis L. Tate, Jonesboro Jon E. Tate, Hughes Dianna L. Tausch, N. Little Rock Alice D. Taylor, Wynne David A. Taylor, Jonesboro Gene E. Taylor, Jonesboro Gwenda L. Taylor, Cutler, Calif. Julia Louann Taylor, Jonesboro Kim A. Taylor, Jonesboro Lou Taylor, Caruthersville, Mo. Lynn E. Taylor, Monette Mark Taylor, Jonesboro Flobert W. Taylor, Lomita, Calif. Steven D. Taylor, Monette Tommy B. Taylor, Mountain View Mike H. Teague, Harrisburg Sarah K. Teague, Marked Tree Donnie G. Tennison, Jonesboro Flustel T. Tennison, Hoxie 370 Cheryl A. Terral, Holly Grove Mary J. Thalgott, Wynne Donna K. Tharp, Jonesboro Vicky L. Tharp, Harrisburg Karl L. Thiel, Paragould Donna G. Thomas, Crossett Linda J. Thomas, Paragould Mary B. Thomas, Augusta Randall S. Thomas, Stuttgart Beverly J. Thompson, Blytheville Donna L. Thompson, Parkin Florance C. Thompson, Jonesboro Larry K. Thompson, Marmaduke Lee E. Thompson, Earle Rick A. Thompson, Osceola Roger D. Thompson, Jonesboro Terrie J. Thompson, Trumann Yvonne Thompson, Earle Kenny H. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Dorothy K. Thweatt, Leachville Marcus L. Tidwell, Turrell Valerie S, Timmermann, Jonesboro Catherine M. Tinsley, Marmaduke James P. Tinsley, Newport Marian E. Tinsley, Jonesboro Tim G. Tipton, Stuttgart Tim A. Tolewitzke, Bono David R. Townsend, Stuttgart Otis Townsend Jr., Forrest City Sharon L. Trammell, Jonesboro Chuck S. Trantham, Helena Larry W. Treadway, Little Rock Gary L. Treanor, Jonesboro Melody A. Tremblay, Jonesboro Teresa D. Trent, N. Little Rock Gwendolyn A. Tribett, Paragould Dan T. Troller, Forrest City Michael E. Truxler, Sedgwick Deidre L. Tucker, Clinton Elizabeth A. Tudor, Little Rock Debbie A. Tuer, Gassville Alan J. Turner, Memphis, Tenn. Calvin S, Turner, West Memphis David A. Turner, Manila James D. Turner, Jonesboro Scharlett J. Turner, Neelyville, Mo. Theresa L. Turner, Crawfordsville Woodrow W. Turner, Tuckerman Jimmy E. Turney, Jonesboro Sandra J. Tyler, N. Little Rock Peggy Tyner, Walcott September L. Urfer, West Memphis Sam B. Urton, Jonesboro Cindy Ussery, Paragould Bill J. Vaden, Jonesboro Russell E. Valley, Memphis, Tenn. Jean M. Vance, Sedgwick Lee J. Vanderford, Hughes Joyce A. Vansandt, DeWitt William A. Vardell, Jonesboro John A. Varner, Lake City Rusty B. Vaughn, Jonesboro Sharon J. Vaughn, Senath, Mo. Robert D. Veach ll, Manila Fannie L. Veazey, Blytheville Ricky H. Vinson, Trumann Alan K. Vivrette, Jonesboro John W. Vollmer, Louisville, Ky. Robert S. Wacaster, Heth Yvonne E. Wade, Smithville ww? 6 ! ia-wwe fiat ' i 15 'ai -. H Y i. . X ,W , , . ,gr 2 . .A r i . Fl'9Sl'll'T'lel'l Kim D. Waldron, Caruthersville, Mo. Alene Ft. Walker, Marked Tree Dorothy L. Walker, Doniphan, Mo. John H. Walker, Jonesboro Marilyn Walker, Jonesboro Mitchell Fl. Walker, Sikeston, Mo. Paula E. Walker, Lepanto Rebekah J. Walker, Cardwell, Mo. Barbara G. Wallace, Monette David T. Wallace, Des Arc Debra A. Wallace, Leachville Frank G. Wallace, IVIHIVHII Joseph E. Wallace, Osceola Bobby L. Wallis, Newport Karen K. Walls, Harrisburg Keith Walls, Corning Dianna J. Walter, Malden, Mo. Dale l. Walters, Mabelvale Francis B. Ward Jr., Jonesboro James E. Wardlaw, Blytheville Ollie M. Ware, Hughes Steven L. Warner, N. Little Rock David V. Warren, West Plains, Mo. Lester L. Washington, Dallas, Tex. Connie J. Waters, Tuckerman Karen V, Waters, Camden Linda W. Watkins, Stuttgart Debbie G. Watson, Melbourne Debbie R. Watson, Harrisburg Ftobert J. Watts. Perryville Deeanne Weathers, Blytheville Clarence E. Weaver Jr., Stuttgart Cynthia A. Weaver, Newport Anita Webb, Palestine Katherine L. Webb, Jonesboro Ronald L. Webb, Jonesboro Vicki A. Weeks, Henderson David T. Weise, Benton Charles C. Welch, Newport Bobby Ft. West, Jonesboro Bruce T. West, Jonesboro Eddie C. West, West Memphis Sharon Ft. Westbrook, Jonesboro Melissa D. Wester, Pine Bluff Wess G. Western, Beedeville John B. Westmoreland, Jonesboro Jeanette Whatley, Parkin Jane L. Whetsel, Leachville Cheryl L. White, Pocahontas 371 372 Freshmen Gina L. White, Paragould Jimmy R. White, Kennett, Mo. Laurie A. White, Blytheville Michael White, Little Rock Stephen E. White, Jonesboro Timmie E. White, Pocahontas Wanda L. White, Oxford Donald W. Whitmire, Alicia Lisa R. Whitsitt, Corning Mona R. Whitt, Jonesboro Julia A. Wicker, Jonesboro Jimmy L. Wicks, Corinth, Miss, Beverly A. Widrier, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Wilbur C. Wildy, Osceola Dwayne Wilkerson, Jonesboro Robert D. Wilkerson, West Memphis Teddy M. Wilkerson, Bragg City, Mo. Daniel J. Willard, West Memphis David L. Williams, Jonesboro Eugene Williams, Hughes Frankie L. Williams, Paragould Joe O. Williams, Wilson Mary K. Williams, Cardwell, Mo. Richard C. Williams, Crossett Robert F. Williams, Crossett Sarah F. Williams, Rector Scott Williams, Walnut Ridge Shelia M. Williams, Searcy Tambrey L. Williams, Cotter Mary J. Williamson, Little Rock Jeff B. Willis, El Dorado Larry L. Willis, Lafe Debbie R. Wilson, Cord Dennis H. Wilson, Melbourne Karen S. Wilson. Jonesboro Mark A. Wilson, Hardy Randy W. Wilson, Harrisburg Robert L. Windle, Jonesboro David W. Winston, Tuckerman Donald R. Winton, Piggott Don L. Wisdom, Jonesboro Van D. Wisdom, Jonesboro Roger S. Wise, Corning Charla F. Wood, Brookland Cheryl A. Wood, Judsonia Ollie E. Wood, Jonesboro Jan T. Woodall, Bernie, Mo. Annie M. Woodard, Marvell Ernest B. Woods, Colt Anthony L. Woodward, Bono Michael L. Woodward, Bono Harold D. Wooten, Jonesboro Margaret A. Wooten, Marianna Robert F. Worlds, Little Rock Alan D. Wright, Jonesboro Charles M. Wright, Blytheville Deborah L. Wright, Blytheville Lonnie R. Wright, Manila Sherry J. Wright, Trumann Kuang H. Wu, Tokyo, Japan Esther L. Wyatt, Heth Gail M. Yamnitz, Corning Tommy B. Yarbrough, Trumann Debra L. Yates, Ozark Ftick N. Yates, Ozark Bryant L. Yielding, Jonesboro Ricky L. Young, Blytheville 4 X 374 Seniors Arva M. Adams, Jonesboro, Nursing James D. Bennett, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Robert G. Blanchard Jr., Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. JoAnn Brinkley, Bradford, P. E. Mary R. Brown, Camden, Drama Tommy C. Burrow, Conway, Agriculture Peggy L. Carr, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. James H. Churchill, Cotton Plant, Gen. Bus. Daniel W. Cooper, Bella Vista, Zoology Claire L. Coppola, Jonesboro, Art Michael S. Dale, Sidney, Geography Janet M. Griffin, King George, Va., Printing Mgt. Rickey C. Harvey, Jonesboro, Management Charles R. Holder, Paragould, Pre-Optometry James C. Johnson, Paragould, Zoology Peggy A. Kelso, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Kelly Lewallen, Corning, Agriculture Barry L. Parish, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. John J. Scurto, Vienna, Va., P. E. Vaughn L. Tate, Newport, Pol. Sci. Ray N. Thompson, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Michael H. Wafford, Concord, Calif., History Adrain N. Wyatt, Nimmons, Education Juniors Norma R. Alexander, Stuttgart Kent E. Arnold, Jonesboro McKinley Arnold, West Memphis Eligh J. Barton, Sterling, Ill. David E. Bass, Vienna, Va. Gay C. Block, Paragould Linda J. Brewer, Pine Bluff Douglas W. Brown, Elsberry, Mo. J. S. Brown, Belmont, Calif. Harvey G. Bufford, Trumann Roy L. Chandler, Jonesboro Charles S. Chism, Memphis, Tenn. John Church, West Memphis Harold Clement, Hoxie Richard T. Clifford, Jonesboro Philip B. Cole, Trumann Darrell G. Collier, Marked Tree Keith E. Croft, Jonesboro Charles W. Deatherage, Jonesboro Kathy L. Dupras, Jonesboro Martha L. Faulkner, Jonesboro X Second Semester Students Juniors Lowell B. Fenner, Jonesboro William E. Fields, Batesville William E. Fisher, Paragould Bobby J. Foster, Bakersfield, Mo. Margaret W. Freppon, Bald Knob Karen S. Garner, Malden, Mo. Neal Gordon, Little Rock Richard B. Grant, Manila Virginia A. Hamilton, Paragould Larry G. Hannah, Humeston, lowa Nancy E. Harrington, Decatur Dianne T. Hayes, Marked Tree Gilda G. Henry, Clarendon Gary M. Hill, Morrilton Rouss Hill, Caruthersville, Mo. Judy Holloway, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Marion M. Holt, Trumann Vicki D. Householder, Lake City Bonnie S. Huff, Wynne Paul D. Human, Blytheville Clarence Johnson, Earle Ray F. Jones, Pine Bluff Fred D. Kassaw, Hot Springs Mary K. Kellim, Delaplaine Frances T. Kemp, Jonesboro Norma J. Kersey, Wheatley Alfred E. Kerst, Jonesboro Lester C. Kidd, Memphis, Tenn. Glenda F. Kirkwood, Forrest City Larry D. Knapp, Elaine Mike B. Lands, Light Dick LeBrun, Arlington Hts, Ill. Ryona D. LeClaire, Bad Toelz, Ger. Nancy R. Lindsey, Trumann Linda G. Loewer, Brinkley Michael Manning, Walnut Ridge James M. Martin, Godfrey, Ill. James R. Martin, Trumann Pamela A. Matheny, Cave City Carol E. McDonell, Pocahontas Lana K. Miles, Newport Sally J. Morehead, Broseley, Mo. Craig H. Nichols, Little Rock Mike Ousnamer, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Phil B. Panneck, Jonesboro Marcia A. Patton, Jonesboro Joy L. Pitts, Blytheville Jane E. Prothro, El Dorado Charles C. Ragsdell, Brinkley Michael N. Reid, Newport Mitchell H. Reid, Newport Lonnie J. Reynold, Glenwood Carl E. Roberts, Stuttgart John A. Robinson, Pocahontas Max A. Rose, Norfork Brent H. Schlesier, Brinkley Darrel D. Sexton, Jonesboro Martha J. Sigsby, Rector Helen L. Stallings, West Memphis Karen Tarbox, Corpus Christi, Tex. Lanny G. Thompson, Paragould Mary A. True, Russellville Roger D. Wallace, Marvell Margaret L. Watson, Paragould Nadean White, Corning Shelley A. Williams, Oneida 375 376 Sophomores Harold P. Adams, Salem Melanie A. Austin, Jonesboro Martha G. Banister, Osceola Robert H. Banks, Black Oak John A. Barone, Maplewood, N.J. Dennis C. Bequette, Horseshoe Bend Glenn J. Berry, Jonesboro Denise Bishop, Rector Dennis J. Bolden, Amory, Miss. Terry D. Brinkley, Paragould Gloria J. Byrd, Jonesboro Bill Cato, Jonesboro Landres Cheeks, Newport News, Va. John K. Chester, Pocahontas Buddy H. Compton, Jonesboro Deanna J. Cook, Paragould Terry Coomer, Caruthersville, Mo. Jerry D. Costner, Jonesboro James F. Cromwell, Jonesboro Earnest E. Dallas, Wynne Mandy L. Davis, Altheimer Shelia A. Faries, Rector Terry L. Faught, Jonesboro Stanley E. Foster, Paragould Rolla O. Fraley Jr., Alton, Mo. William Gilbreath, Forrest City Gary C. Green, Blytheville Larry G. Harkless, Longview, Tex. Ronnie J. Hawkins, Jonesboro David W. Henderson, Blytheville Linda K. Hendricks, Jonesboro Stanley L. Henry, Monette Janis R. Holder, Paragould Valorie F. Holland, Wardell, Mo. Melvenla L. Horsley, Beech Grove Rebecca R. Hoskins, Paragould Terry D. Hout, Monette Coleman Jackson, Lynchburg, Va. Catherine A. Knowlton, Helena Dianne LaRue, Searcy William M. Leaptrot, Earle Perry Lewis, Jonesboro Harold R. Long, Jonesboro Mary A. Malone, Jonesboro Gary D. Mann, Piggott James S. Marshall, Bald Knob David Martin, Jonesboro Annetta L. Mitchell, Earle Parvin Mohammadi, Iran Sheila S. Morgan, Jonesboro George A. Morris, Paragould Bobby R. O'Neal, Blytheville Donald R. Orton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Melvina Owens, Brinkley Vicki D. Powell, Hornersville, Mo. Debra G. Preston, Bay James M. Price, Jonesboro Bascom C. Raney, Jonesboro Sandra K. Reeves, Mt. Pleasant Sheila K. Reid, Newport Lisbeth A. Rice, Pocahontas Thomas A. Ripley, Jonesboro Bobby J. Ritchey, Dalton Lavelle M. Robert, Walnut Ridge Gerald S. Sale, Piggott Edna G. Scott, Milwaukee, Wis. Curt K. Simmons, N. Little Rock JoBeth Smith, Caruthersville, Mo. Mary A. Smith, Brinkley Susan A. Springer, Weiner Sophomores Linda G. Stacy, Pocahontas George F. Strauss, Madison Lamar Times, Blytheville Tony L. Walker, Jonesboro Prentis W. Wallis, Harrisburg Jerry E. Whitlow, Hoxie Corless D. Williams, Oneida Larry E. Williams, Newark Nancy J. Wilson, Searcy Ronnie H. Wilson, Helena Freshmen Sharon G. Adams, Jonesboro John M. Allen, Forrest City Michael Allison, Nashville, Tenn. Ivan R. Autry, Jonesboro Barry L. Bailey, Paragould Susan A. Barnes, Blytheville Danny J. Bass, Paragould Greg G. Bass, Trumann Sandra L. Benham, Atwater, Calif. Michell D. Bernard, Jonesboro Dana L. Bishop, Harrisburg Melissa Blackwood, Memphis, Tenn. Roger E. Blair, Jonesboro Michael R. Bledsoe, Dyess Sherie E. Boling, Jonesboro Chuck B. Boyce, Earle Guy W. Boykin, Lake Helen, Fla. Jerry P. Bradley, Augusta Rita A. Branch, Paragould Sam D. Brannum, Jonesboro Roger N. Breckenridge, Beedeville George S. Brents, Blytheville Jimmy D. Bridges, Jonesboro Katy E. Brown, Jonesboro Margaret Brown, Marianna Allen N. Burney, Lake Village Karen Burns, Beech Grove Phyllis A. Calkin, Jonesboro Debbie S. Carlow, Marianna Joseph M. Carter, Delavan, Wis. Matt E. Chronister, Jonesboro Mark L. Clark, Benton Pamela J. Clark, Steele, Mo. Clinton l. Clay, Marion Brenda Clements, Hot Springs Billy W. Coggs, Blytheville Don M. Cole, McAllen, Tex. Michael J. Cole, Jonesboro Norwood B. Combs, Waldenburg Ronnie E. Connell, Blytheville Robert M. Cooper, Jonesboro Bill Corn, Searcy James E. Covington, Jonesboro Roger L. Crain, Blytheville Lynn B. Crall, Jonesboro Patricia A. Crisp, Jonesboro Sharla C. Cullins, Harrisburg Paula J. Curtis, Jonesboro Kristy Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. 377 378 Freshmen Denise M. DeRoeck, Jonesboro Scott J. Digman, Walnut Ridge Rudy L. Dillard, Lake City Gary E. Dodd, Jonesboro James Downs, Waldenburg John K. Duckworth, Hayti, Mo. Patrick Duckworth, Piggott Vincent W. Durante, Jonesboro Kathy S. Eason, Imboden Michael E. Edwards, Jacksonville Ronald E. Enos, Forrest City James F. Ezell, Walnut Ridge Myrthel M. Fair, West Memphis Don G. Farmer, Wynne Jerry D. Fears, Paragould Toni J. Finn, Jonesboro Alvin R. Floyd, Little Rock Nancy D. Ford, Jonesboro Boyce G. Fowler, Wynne Susan D. Fowler, Blytheville Regena K. Freeman, Paragould Louis E. Gann, Osceola Kerry L. Garman, Jacksonville David K. Garner, Jonesboro Michael D. Glenn, Patrick Vicki J. Gray, Jonesboro Gary D. Griffin, Jonesboro Gary M. Grinder, Hot Springs Wiley K. Grubbs, Eudora Susan L. Hale, Jonesboro Octavia R. Hammond, Springfield Gerald L. Hancock Jr., Blytheville Virginia A. Hatridge, Jonesboro Terry L. Haynes, Dickson, Tenn. Margaret Henderson, Dulzura, Calif. David R. Henson, Blytheville Penny D. Hill, Salem Lorie G. Hinds, Jonesboro Beverly D. Holder, Jonesboro Johnny Holder, Walnut Ridge Lindall W. Honeycutt, Jonesboro Pamela G. Hooten, Walnut Ridge Rela M. Hubbard, Jonesboro Calvin D. Jackson, Caraway Eddie L. Johnson, Osceola Sherry E. Johnson, Jonesboro Tommy L. Johnson, Osceola Carol A. Jolly, Jonesboro Mary A. Jones, Kennett, Mo. Pam D. Jones, Searcy Sharon L. Jones, McCrory Tom R. Kaemmerling, Little Rock Shari E. Kannarr, Hot Springs Tom M. Keller, Jonesboro Marian K. Kelly, Pine Bluff Kathy J. Kennedy, Piggott Roselyn K. Kennedy, Blytheville Jack C. King, West Memphis Lurline King, Paragould Roy L. Lamb, Blytheville Susie M. Lamb, Jonesboro Burl L. Ledbetter, Tuckerman Lestie C. Leonard, McCrory Linda K. Little, McCrory Catherine L. Lovell, Searcy Cleora Loving, Little Rock Linda S. Lunceford, Jonesboro Kathy L. Luzietti, Altheimer Ruth D. Lynn, Weiner Juliana M. Mahan, Blytheville Freshmen Lee Mahan, Paragould Timothy J. Mangrum, Paragould Charles R. Martin, Paragould William S. McBride, Hot Springs Lisa T, McCoughan, Jonesboro David R. McGee, West Memphis Nancy L. McGinnis, Marion Margaret A. McMahon, Kennett, Mo. Harold D. Melvin, Hunter Laurie A. Miles, Blytheville Paul F. Miller, Bald Knob Euell F, Montgomery, Ash Flat Charles M. Mooney, Jonesboro Nancy J. Moyers, Jonesboro Roy L. Mullen Jr., Hoxle Orben D. Munn, Jonesboro Sonya J. Nance, Beedeville Kenneth R. Neece, Walnut Ridge Andy E. Newton, Olyphant Steve D. Noble, Rives, Mo. Andrew K. Norton, Carrollton, Ga. Kathy Orel, Kansas City, Kan. Mark L. Osborn, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Osborne, Blytheville Wilma L. Pace, Hornersville, Mo. Phillip A. Palmer, Jonesboro Roberta J. Parish, Hayti, Mo. George M. Parker, Forrest City James R. Parks, Piggott Ellen C. Patteson, Jonesboro Beverly G. Penn, Strawberry Jan E. Perryman, Jonesboro Brenda M. Peters, Pocahontas David T. Phillips, West Memphis Jesse D. Pierce, Mammoth Spring Bobby W. Pittman, Caraway Danny F. Pitts, Elaine James T. Poole, Jonesboro James A. Posey, Paragould Michael L. Presley, Caraway Sherry N. Pruiett, Blytheville Robert E. Puckett, Bono Paula J. Rankin, Jonesboro Victor R. Rapert, Maynard Deborah J. Reddick, Marmaduke Henry M. Reddick, Paragould Janette Reed, Pocahontas Mitchell L. Reed, Marvell Billy R. Rees, Jonesboro Robin K. Reeves, Paragould Sharon K. Riddell, Blytheville Steven M. Ritchie, Walnut Ridge Angela M. Robinette, Jonesboro George Robinson, Hazlehurst, Miss. James D. Ross, Brookland David L. Rothgeb, Fulton, Mo. Teri L. Rothgery, Jonesboro Gary A. Sandbothe, Manila Marjorie A. Scott, Milwaukee, Wis. Patricia L. Seagrave, Hardy Joel D. Sharits, Maynard Donna D. Sherman, Marianna Eddie R. Short, Walcott Charles E. Simpson, Poughkeepsie James R. Simpson, Hughes Johnny L. Sinks, Jonesboro Kimberly N. Slaughter, Blytheville Arthur L. Smith, Marion Charles R. Snyder, Trumann Kathi M. Spencer, Forrest City 379 380 Freshmen Karon L. Staggs, Jonesboro Michael J. Stephenson, Fayetteville Danny W. Straubie, West Memphis Mari R. Sulfridge, Nettleton Brian W. Sullivan, Blytheville John L. Sullivan, Trumann Richard E. Sutton Jr., West Memphis Gary E. Talbert, Jonesboro Randy C. Tate, Leachville Danny E. Terry, Earle Rosemary Thielemier, Pocahontas Walter Thomas, West Memphis Richard K. Ticer, Little Rock Eddie L. Tilley, N. Little Rock Deborah Tyler, Earle James L. Vanoven, Monette Jerry W. Wafford, Concord, Calif. Mike A. Walker, Jonesboro Tina B. Ward, Jonesboro Bobby M. Watson, Hoxie Kelly A. Wells, Blytheville Tamela C. Whitlow, Walnut Ridge Chester L. Williams, Jonesboro Frankie L. Williams, Jonesboro Leslie J. Williams, Corning Mark A. Williams, Horseshoe Bend Terry W. Williams, Jonesboro Clement Willis, Hughes Dan C. Wright, Jonesboro -A- Gerald F. Abbott, 274 Robert P. Abbott, 306 David W. Abell, 274 Karen R. Abernathy, 274 Michele J. Abernathy, 306 Pamela K. Abernathy, 306 Carver A. Abston, 346 Doug Acklin, 306 Judy K. Acklin, 274 Arva M. Adams, 374 Audrey L. Adams, 346 Bonnie J. Adams, 306 Gary A. Adams, 306 Gloria J. Adams, 274 Harold P. Adams, 376 John F. Adams, 306 John Q. Adams, 346 Larry D. Adams, 274 Marilyn J. Adams, 326 Sandra F. Adams, 306 Sharon G. Adams, 377 Sharon O. Adams, 274 Virginia L. Adams, 326 Wanda M. Adamson, 346 Brenda G. Adelman, 346 James K. Adkins, 326 James R. Adkins, 346 Kathy N. Adkins, 274 Melanie S. Adkins, 346 Robert K. Adkins, 326 Keith E. Admire, 346 Larry D. Alexander, 274 Louis G. Affenito, 326 Cathie Agerton, 346 John R. Agre, 326 Dennis R. Aikens, 346 Lynne Ainsworth, 326 Wanda M. Ainsworth, 346 Charles R. Akers, 250 Susan C. Akin, 346 James D. Akins, 346 Deborah R. Albright, 326 Rebecca S. Albritton, 346 Susan J. Alderson, 346 Carl M. Alexander, 346 Daniel Alexander, 326 Edward D. Alexander, 250 Eldon L. Alexander, 306 Gladys M. Alexander, 326 Norma R. Alexander, 374 Alan J. Alford, 346 Kenneth M. Allbritton, 306 Andy F. Allen, 306 Ashley E. Allen, 306 Bennie R. Allen, 346 Debra A. Allen, 306 Earnest E. Allen, 252 James H. Allen, 326 John M. Allen, 377 John W. Allen, 306 Kimbrell M. Allen, 306 Paulette L. Allen, 274 Rick J. Allen, 306 Terry E. Allen, 326 Thomas N. Allen, 306 Tom W. Allen, 346 Debbie L. Allison, 346 Debi A. Allison, 346 Jan A. Allison, 306 Michael W. Allison, 377 Scott Allison, 306 Timothy R. Allison, 252 Vicki J. Allison, 346 Diane J. Almond, 346 Darlene D. Alsbrook, 346 Phillip R. Alston, 306 Thomas S. Alsup, 346 Steven J. Amann, 326 Cynthia J. Ambort, 346 Fariborz Amirbehboody, 346 Carl E. Anders, 274 Michael D. Anders, 346 Bob S. Anderson, 326 Charlie W. Anderson, 250 Ella V. Anderson, 274 Harry B. Anderson, 306 Index Rudy D. Anderson, 346 Teresa L. Anderson, 346 Vicky K. Anderson, 244 Judy A. Andrews, 274 Mary B. Andrews, 346 Ann M. Angeletti, 346 Merrill G. Angelo, 346 William Annable, 326 Leonard D. Anschultz, 346 Randy J. Anstine, 326 Katie C. Apple, 306 Christina K. Appleton, 274 MaryAnn Appleton, 274 Sharon J. Archer, 326 Deloise D. Archibald, 274 Nelson E. Argo, 274 Sharon J. Armellini, 346 John D. Armour, 274 J. Q. Armstrong, 346 Regina L. Armstrong, 346 Tommy E. Armstrong, 306 David F. Arnholt, 346 Jerry W. Arnold, 274 John D. Arnold, 250 Kent E. Arnold, 374 Kevin H. Arnold, 306 McKinley Arnold, 374 Terry Arnold, 306 Charles M. Arwood, 274 Oscar Ascurra, 306 Walter Ashabranner, 274 Walker A. Ashbrand, 306 Jerome T. Ashby, 326 Jennifer K. Asher, 306 Edna A. Ashley, 306 Larry E. Ashley, 346 Robert L. Atkerson, 326 Michael Atkinson, 346 Ronald F. Atkinson, 326 Susan L. Atkinson, 274 Thomas W. Atkinson, 274 Clemente Atkison, 306 Mary R. Atkison, 346 Steve Atkisson, 306 Janie C. Atwood, 326 Mark K. Aufderheide, 306 Ginger R. Aumon, 346 Bethany J. Austin, 306 Connie J. Austin, 326 Elaine Austin, 274 Melanie A. Austin, 376 Ronald L. Austin, 252 Wavey T. Austin, 306 Ivan R. Autry, 377 Patti A. Averill, 326 Joyce M. Avery, 244 Richard D. Avery, 346 Stan C. Avis, 274 Joseph P. Aycock, 326 Sheree G. Azbill, 346 -B- Hayes Baber, 250 Julia A. Baber, 274 Steve M. Bagley, 326 Kathy S. Bagwell, 346 Robert D. Bahn, 252 Barry L. Bailey, 377 Cheryl A. Bailey, 346 Delbert W. Bailey, 346 James R. Bailey, 274 Paula S. Bailey, 346 Rhonda J. Bailey, 346 Diana L. Baioni, 306 Tamara L. Baird, 306 Ann M. Baker, 347 Barbara A. Baker, 326 Barry A. Baker, 326 Bobby L. Baker, 326 Dennis J. Baker, 347 Edward A. Baker, 347 Joan L. Baker, 306 Karla N. Baker, 347 Kenny W. Baker, 347 LeMon F. Baker, 306 Lillian A. Baker, 347 Mary C. Baker, 274 Radius H. Baker, 306 Richard C. Baker, 306 Robert H. Baker, 306 Steve L. Baker, 250 Vicki L. Baker, 306 Nancy J. Baldridge, 274 David S. Baldwin, 306 Gordon Baldwin, 274 Mary A. Balest, 306 Connie R. Ball, 274 Jane E. Ball, 274 Larry S. Ball, 347 Leslie A. Ball, 347 Stan H. Ball, 274 Suzan R. Ball, 347 Suzanne Ball, 347 Barbara G. Ballard, 274 Danny M. Ballard, 244 David N. Ballard, 326 Sandra Ballard, 347 Sherry C. Ballard, 326 Steve R. Ballard, 347 Gregory D. Ballentine, 274 James C. Balton, 326 Barbara A. Baltz, 347 Bernard A. Baltz, 326 Donald G. Baltz, 306 Douglas A. Baltz, 306 Jeanette M. Baltz, 306 John A. Baltz, 347 Joseph G. Baltz, 347 Joseph P. Baltz, 347 Kathryn M. Baltz, 244 Mary R. Baltz, 306 Martha G. Banister, 376 Connie M. Banks, 326 Emma J. Banks, 274 Jan A. Banks, 244 Robert H. Banks, 376 Rebecca J. Bannon, 347 Brenda S. Barber, 347 Cynthia L. Barber, 347 Katherine M. Barber, 347 Sheila Barber, 347 Billie E. Bare, 274 Michael J. Bare, 306 Paula K. Bare, 326 Dewayne Barger, 326 Dennis Barker, 347 Ramona L. Barker, 306 William D. Barker, 306 Anita P. Barksdale, 274 Kenneth J. Barksdale, 347 Thomas W. Barlow, 274 James H. Barner, 274 Diana L. Barnes, 275 Frances J. Barnes, 326 Loran F. Barnes, 326 Susan A. Barnes, 377 Terry L. Barnes, 347 Claud E. Barnett, 347 Myrlan G. Barnett, 347 Robert J. Barnett, 275 Paul R. Barnhardt, 347 Leonard A. Barnhill, 326 Lisa D. Barnhill, 275 John A. Barone, 376 Becky J. Barrett, 347 Charles E. Barrett, 347 Jack K. Barrett, 347 Anna M. Barry, 275 Sandra C. Bartels, 347 Nancy L. Barthel, 275 John C. Bartlett, 347 Eligh J. Barton, 374 Sharon K. Barton, 347 Walter W. Barton, 306 Danny J. Bass, 377 David E. Bass, 374 Greg G. Bass, 377 Johnny D. Bass, 347 Mary M. Bast, 250 Connie D. Bateman, 347 Larry W. Bates, 326 Barbara G. Batey, 275 Ricky A. Batten, 326 Leroy Battle, 306 Brenda S. Battles, 306 Danny G. Baugh, 326 Gandy L. Baugh, 326 Gary D. Baugher, 275 Jeffrey B. Baughman, 275 Robert D. Baureis, 306 Michael J. Bauss, 326 Donald F. Baxter, 250 Joyce A. Baxter, 326 Kristi D. Beadles, 347 Susan R. Beaman, 347 Harriet A. Bean, 326 Paul E. Bean, 347 Darrell L. Beard, 347 Jan C. Beard, 275 Nada D. Beard, 326 Marguerite Beard, 306 Pamela F. Bearden, 326 Sharon G. Bearden, 275 Deanna L. Beasley, 347 Garriel Beasley, 275 Harry G. Beasley, 275 John E. Beasley, 326 Donald M. Beckham, 347 David J. Beckman, 326 Douglas J. Beckman, 347 Glynn N. Beckman, 306 Paul L. Bednar, 306 Janice K. Bedwell, 347 Barbara L. Bell, 327 Bill G. Bell, 347 Danny I. Bell, 347 David I. Bell, 347 Earl H. Bell, 327 Guy G. Bell, 347 Robert A. Belzung, 306 Dianne Benefield, 347 Devlin R. Benge, 327 Sandra L. Benham, 377 Joe W. Benish, 347 Allen D. Bennett, 327 Charlotte L. Bennett, 275 Gary S. Bennett, 275 George A. Bennett, 347 Henry T. Bennett, 347 James D. Bennett, 374 Jeneta J. Bennett, 327 Kathy D. Bennett, 347 Nannett Bennett, 347 Ronald S. Bennett, 327 Steve W. Bennett, 347 Bobby L. Benson, 327 Deborah L. Benson, 275 David B. Bentley, 275 Bobby K. Benton, 347 Michael W. Benton, 347 Dennis C. Bequette, 376 Michell D. Bernard, 377 Robert N. Bernhard, 250 Bobby B. Berry, 275 Curtis Berry, 275 Glenn J. Berry, 376 Melinda K. Berry, 275 Rosanne Berry, 347 Vicki A. Berry, 327 Howard I. Besett, 347 David M. Bettis, 306 William B. Betzner, 275 Debra H. Bevill, 327 Donna L. Beyersdorf, 347 Kenneth L. Bible, 347 Charles R. Bidewell, 306 Susan G. Bierbaum, 306 Cary N. Bigelow, 275 Gary A. Biggs, 306 Joyce L. Bigham, 306 Patsy J. Bigham, 347 Kay S. Billings, 306 Jackie E. Billingsley, 306 Pamela H. Billingsley, 306 Bobby D. Billups, 327 Dana R. Bingham, 275 Andy M. Birmingham, 347 Dereta G. Birmingham, 275 Sherry L. Bishoff, 306 Anna M. Bishop, 275 Dana L. Bishop, 377 Denise Bishop, 376 Gail Bishop, 347 Kathryn W. Bishop, 275 Michael L. Bishop, 306 Robert A. Bishop, 347 382 Gloria A. Bitely, 327 India E. Bitely, 275 Renee Bitely, 327 William D. Bitner, 327 Danny Bivens, 347 Dorothy A. Bivens, 347 Barbara J. Black, 327 David W. Black, 347 Harriet Black, 252 Harriett H. Black, 306 Jackie S. Black, 347 John S. Black, 327 Joseph W. Black, 275 Kenneth G. Black, 327 Deborah G. Blackburn, 307 Donald W. Blackburn, 275 Bobby L. Blackman, 275 Kenny L. Blackshear, 307 Melissa E. Blackwood, 377 Pamela S. Blackwood, 347 Belinda A. Blagg, 307 James D. Blair, 347 Richard A. Blair, 307 Roger E. Blair, 377 Michael C. Blalock, 327 Michael F. Blanchard, 327 Robert G. Blanchard, 374 Steven M. Blanchard, 275 Percy Bland, 348 Vandell Bland, 327 Bill Blankenship, 348 Marolyn Blankenship, 276 Mary M. Blankenship, 327 Ronnie Blankenship, 348 Michael R. Bledsoe, 377 Frankie E. Blevins, 327 Gay C. Block, 374 Marion M. Blocker, 348 Dennis L. Bloodworth, 307 John H. Bloodworth, 307 Carma L. Blount, 276 Phil E. Blount, 327 Stephen E. Blythe, 250 John A. Bobango, 327 Deborah L. Bobbitt, 327 Mary A. Bobbitt, 307 Daniel W. Bock, 348 Ronald L. Bodeker, 276 Kim B. Bodell, 307 David N. Bodenhamer, 307 Kathleen M. Boeckmann, 307 Michael Boeckmann, 276 Richard E. Boeckmann, 307 Mark S. Boerner, 276 Celia A. Boers, 348 Chan E. Boggs, 348 Cecil D. Bogy, 348 Richard N. Bohne, 307 Rickey D. Bohonon, 348 Phillip Bokker, 327 RuthAnn Boland, 307 Dennis J. Bolden, 376 Oral C. Bolding, 307 Barbara E. Boles, 348 Ralph O. Boling, 307 Ronald L. Boling, 307 Sherie E. Boling, 377 Wayne D. Boling, 307 Ralph D. Bond, 276 Serena K. Bond, 327 Wayne F. Bond, 276 Dorothine E. Bonner, 327 Larry H. Bonner, 276 Robert L. Bonner, 348 Steven P. Bonner, 276 Wendy L. Bonner, 252 Susan E. Boone, 250 Kathy J. Booth, 327 Lewis J. Booth, 327 Linda C. Boothe, 348 Deborah J. Boozer, 348 Lynne F. Boquet, 276 Kathy L. Boren, 348 Anthony H. Bornhoft, 348 Charlotte S. Bornhoft, 276 Elliott P. Bosh, 348 Peggy F. Bostic, 276 Sandra K. Bowdon, 348 Carolyn J. Bowe, 348 Cora L. Bowe, 307 Norman J. Bowen, 250 Jack E. Bower, 276 Carrol D. Bowerman, 327 Bill C. Bowers, 348 Jane Bowers, 250 Kathleen D. Bowers, 276 Joyce E. Bowie, 348 Charles L. Bowles, 348 Joyce M. Bowling, 327 Ralph N. Bowling, 307 Diane Bowman, 250 Gregory N. Bowman, 307 Mary L. Bowman, 348 Regina G. Bowman, 276 William F. Bowman, 252 John E. Boxley, 327 Perry L. Boxx, 307 Terry W. Boxx, 307 Chuck B. Boyce, 377 Paula J. Boyce, 276 Carla R. Boyd, 327 Shirley J. Boyd, 307 Steven J. Boyd, 276 Traci R. Boyd, 276 Guy W. Boykin, 377 H. N. Boykin, 276 David G. Boyles, 327 Debra C. Boyles, 348 Roger D. Boyles, 307 Robert C. Boylls, 348 Feridoun Bozorgzad, 348 Ledeana A. Brackett, 348 Karen L. Brackin, 307 Stephen D. Brackin, 327 Cathy J. Bradford, 348 Marla G. Bradford, 307 Danny E. Bradley, 327 Debbie J. Bradley, 276 Elmer H. Bradley, 307 Jerry P. Bradley, 377 Randy L. Bradley, 348 David L. Bradshaw, 348 Beverly C. Bradsher, 348 Mike G. Bradsher, 348 Nanette Bradsher, 327 Rick L. Bradsher, 276 Dena L. Bradway, 327 Donna M. Brady, 327 Omer A. Bramblett, 276 Derryl W. Branch, 348 Harry L. Branch, 252 Lynn L. Branch, 307 Rita A. Branch, 377 Susan F. Brand, 348 Billy R. Brandt, 307 Linda J. Brannon, 307 Sam D. Brannum, 377 Joanne Branscum, 327 Marsha G. Branscum, 327 Ricky L. Branson, 348 Donna G. Brantley, 348 Boyce W. Bratcher, 348 Calvin L. Brawley, 307 Ricky G. Bray, 348 Nathaniel R. Brazwell, 307 Donna F. Breckenridge, 348 Roger N. Breckenridge, 377 Joseph R. Brecklein, 348 William J. Breeden, 276 Patrick A. Breeding, 307 Marion Brees, 348 Dana G. Breener, 348 George S. Brents, 377 Angela G. Brewer, 348 Angie M. Brewer, 307 Carlene R. Brewer, 276 Dennis L. Brewer, 307 Gale A. Brewer, 276 Janet F. Brewer, 276 Linda J. Brewer, 374 Mitchel T. Brewer, 348 Becky J. Brickell, 348 Joseph W. Brickell, 307 Mary A. Bridger, 348 Dorothy M. Bridges, 276 Jimmy D. Bridges, 377 Marianna Bridges, 327 Rickey D. Briggs, 327 Shirley L. Briggs, 348 William D. Briggs, 348 Harold D. Brimer, 276 Joe L. Brimer, 307 Roxanne Brink, 327 Jo Ann Brinkley, 374 Terry D. Brinkley, 376 Barbara A. Bristow, 348 June A. Brittain, 327 James D. Brizendine, 276 Greta L. Broadaway, 348 Marilyn J. Broadway, 327 Stephanie A. Broadway, 276 Charles A. Brock, 348 Steven G. Brockett, 327 Alicia J. Brogden, 348 Mona C. Brodgon, 277 Donald W. Brooks, 348 Elizabeth G. Brooks, 327 Jewell M. Brooks, 327 John W. Brooks, 327 Michael P. Brooks, 348 Mike L. Brooks, 307 Roger D. Brooks, 307 Ronald C. Brooks, 252 Terry Brooks, 307 Alice J. Brown, 327 Ben M. Brown, 307 Cindy K. Brown, 277 Dave W. Brown, 307 Dennis L. Brown, 277 Dillard W. Brown, 277 Donna R. Brown, 244 Douglas W. Brown, 374 Fred Brown, 348 Gary W. Brown, 327 Giles L. Brown, 250 Horace S. Brown, 307 J. S. Brown, 374 Jack Brown, 307 Jessa R. Brown, 327 John M. Brown, 348 Karla L. Brown, 348 Katy E. Brown, 377 Larry G. Brown, 327 Laurie E. Brown, 348 Lawrence E. Brown, 277 Margaret Brown, 377 Mariella Brown, 277 Marilyn K. Brown, 277 Mark C. Brown, 307 Mark D. Brown, 348 Mark S. Brown, 327 Mary R. Brown, 374 Michelle L. Brown, 327 Michelle W. Brown, 277 Patti S. Brown, 327 Phyllis A. Brown, 277 Roxanne M. Brown, 348 Roy L. Brown, 348 Ruby A. Brown, 327 Sam L. Brown, 307 Scott E. Brown, 327 Sheryl A. Brown, 244 Thomas G. Brown, 307 Tim O. Brown, 307 Troy L. Brown, 348 Wendell Brown, 277 William K. Brown, 307 Gary M. Browning, 308 Linda J. Browning, 277 Kathryn M. Brownlee, 348 Mackie F. Brownlee, 348 Ben K. Bruce, 348 Fannylyn Bruce, 348 Gaylon M. Bruce, 277 Judy F. Bruckerhoff, 277 Nancie A. Brumitt, 348 Suzie E. Brummett, 308 Eldred M. Brunson, 348 Carolyn J. Bryan, 327 Francis M. Bryan, 348 Nancy J. Bryan, 244 Vickie L. Bryan, 348 Caroline J. Bryant, 308 Lecia D. Bryant, 277 Marsha P. Bryant, 277 Robert A. Bryant, 277 Sharon D. Bryant, 308 Beverly L. Buchanan, 327 Linda B. Buchanan, 277 Renita L. Buck, 348 Mary Lynn Buckingham, 349 Jim O. Buckly, 349 Danny B. Bucy, 277 Janis C. Bucy, 277 Mark D. Buerkle, 277 Harvey G. Bufford, 374 Frederick Buhrmester, 277 Patricia Buhrmester, 349 Gerald D. Bullard, 308 Kent E. Bullard, 308 Sharon K. Bullard, 349 Linda K. Bullock, 308 William G. Bullock, 308 Betty M. Bumper, 349 Donald W. Bunch, 308 Wayne E. Bunch, 308 Brian K. Bunting, 349 Gordon B. Bunting, 349 Joseph K. Bures, 308 Paula J. Burge, 308 Randal G. Burge, 277 Sue L. Burge, 327 Michael K. Burgess, 327 Jerry B. Burkett, 308 Gaylon W. Burkman, 349 Dan A. Burks, 308 Linda J. Burks, 277 Steven B. Burks, 308 Patricia A. Burnett, 327 Walton R. Burnett, 327 Michael A. Burnette, 349 Allen N. Burney, 377 Allene V. Burney, 327 Eli T. Burney, 349 Gary W. Burney, 349 Karen Burns, 377 Pamela G. Burns, 349 Ricky M. Burns, 308 Doug R. Burnside, 327 Darrell L. Burris, 327 Karen E. Burris, 349 Dale R. Burroughs, 349 Gary R. Burroughs, 277 Michael L. Burroughs, 308 Tommy M. Burroughs, 349 Cathy S. Burrow, 308 Lehaman J. Burrow, 327 Ronald E. Burrow, 349 Tommy C. Burrow, 374 Gerald R. Burton, 349 Joe B. Burton, 349 Philip W. Burton, 277 William R. Burton, 308 Chris M. Busby, 327 Dennis L. Busby, 349 Abbie L. Bush, 349 Janis E. Bush, 308 Gary D. Bushert, 277 Ruth A. Bushong, 349 Gwendolyn Butcher, 328 Beverly R. Butler, 328 Floyd A. Butler, 308 James L. Butler, 328 Mae Butler, 308 Mark A. Butler, 349 Martha J. Butler, 328 Sharon Butler, 349 Steven K. Butler, 328 Thomas W. Butler, 349 Gregory A. Buys, 349 Paulette Byars, 308 Ernest M. Byerly, 277 Perry D. Byers, 328 Charvie Byford, 349 Treva A. Byler, 328 Gloria J. Byrd, 376 James D. Byrd, 250 Pamela A. Byrd, 349 Terry L. Byrd, 349 Warren W. Byrd, 349 -C- Jacque L. Cagle, 349 Martin E. Cagle, 328 James C. Caldwell, 277 Janet L. Caldwell, 349 Millie A. Caldwell, 308 Mitchell D. Caldwell, 308 Steve C. Caldwell, 349 Tancil A. Caldwell, 308 Thomas M. Caldwell, 349 Valerie D. Caldwell, 349 Debbie A. Calkin, 349 Gary A. Calkin, 308 Patti L. Calkin, 328 Phareta Calkin, 277 Phyllis A. Calkin, 377 Jimmy C. Callahan, 328 James P. Callewaert, 277 Monte D. Callicott, 277 Louis W. Callison, 252 Teresa L. Calvert, 308 Cynthia J. Cameron, 277 David H. Cameron, 308 Thurman J. Camp, 308 Carolyn M. Campbell, 277 Davida D. Campbell, 349 Deborah A. Campbell, 349 Joe M. Campbell, 277 Mary E. Campbell, 349 Patrick B. Campbell, 277 Robert L. Campbell, 328 Steven B. Campbell, 328 Robert D. Camras, 328 Nick K. Cannella, 250 Thelma V. Cannon, 328 David R. Cantrell, 349 Herman T. Cantrell, 308 Jacob C. Cantrell, 349 Lucinda Cantrell, 349 Mickey L. Caples, 349 Garland D. Capshaw, 349 Chris L. Cardin, 328 Joseph E. Carey, 277 Judy Nickles Carhart, 277 William C. Carhart, 308 Wayne D. Carlisle, 277 Debbie S. Carlow, 377 Donald R. Carlow, 308 Gary W. Carlton, 277 Stanley E. Carmack, 349 Neoma J. Carman, 277 Alan B. Carnathan, 328 Bobby G. Carpenter, 278 Gilbert D. Carpenter, 328 Kennan A. Carpenter, 278 Martin B. Carpenter, 308 Russell H. Carpenter, 328 Steve P. Carpenter, 308 Terry W. Carpenter, 308 Charlotte E. Carr, 349 Jo Carr, 349 Lou A. Carr, 328 Martin W. Carr, 308 Peggy C. Carr, 349 Peggy L. Carr, 374 Terry J Carr, 308 Daniel K. Carrigen, 328 Irma L. Carrigan, 244 Debra J. Carrington, 328 Carolyn H. Carroll, 328 Richard D. Carroll, 349 Ronald J. Carroll, 278 Gaye L. Carter, 328 James H. Carter, 278 Joseph M. Carter, 377 Kathy S. Carter, 308 Keith A. Carter, 308 Michael E. Carter, 349 Michael E. Carter, 328 Ollie E. Carter, 328 Rickey C. Carter, 278 Ronny E. Carter, 350 Sharon M. Carter, 308 Trent Carter, 350 Candy L. Cartwright, 350 Sandra L. Carucci, 328 Ben H. Caruth, 350 Marilyn D. Caruthers, 308 Peggy J. Carver, 350 Gail Davis Case, 328 Cheryl M. Cash, 350 Cookie M. Cash, 328 George W. Cash, 278 Laura K. Cash, 308 Margie L. Cash, 308 Sherry D. Cash, 328 Deana L. Cashion, 252 Mitzi J. Casper, 278 Robert Castleberry, 308 Ronald G. Cate, 278 Steven M. Cates, 278 Fred L. Cathcart, 350 Robert T. Cathcart, 308 Bill R. Cato, 376 Jett C. Cato, 308 Patricia A. Cato, 328 Roy W. Causbie, 350 Margaret Cavanaugh, 328 Ronald C. Cavenaugh, 278 Cheryl W. Caviness, 350 Ricky B. Chaffin, 278 Patricia A. Chambers, 350 Rebecca L. Chambers, 328 Robert E. Chambers, 328 Nancy J. Champion, 350 Rebetta A. Chance, 328 Jackie N. Chandler, 278 Kelly J. Chandler, 308 Pat S. Chandler, 244 Roy L. Chandler, 374 Tara A. Chandler, 328 Caroline J. Chaney, 328 Tamra E. Chaney, 350 James R. Chaplain, 350 Jamie S. Chapman, 350 Susan L. Chapman, 308 Charles D. Chatelain, 309 Lois A. Chatman, 278 Matt G. Cheadle, 350 Dale C. Cheatham, 252 Jerry W. Cheatom, 309 Landres W. Cheeks, 376 Dennis W. Cherry, 278 Minta A. Cherry, 350 Paula C. Cherry, 278 Sherris F. Cheshier, 309 Carol D. Chestery, 328 Debbie R. Chester, 278 John K. Chester, 376 Denise L. Childers, 350 Nelson A. Childers, 328 Sarah A. Childers, 328 Charles K. Childs, 328 Lundie S. Childs, 328 Sherry A. Chilton, 350 Mikie J. Chipman, 328 Charles S. Chism, 374 Danny R. Chism, 309 Michael K. Choat, 278 Cathy Choate, 328 Janet Chou, 309 Sue T. Chou, 350 Larry H. Christain, 309 Kris A. Christensen, 350 Tyrone Christian, 328 Melanie A. Christie, 328 Matt E. Chronister, 377 Michael Chronister, 309 Leigh A. Chrouch, 350 Ann E. Chunley, 328 James L. Church, 350 John L. Church, 374 James H. Churchill, 374 Suzanne S. Churchill, 328 Penny C. Churchman, 278 Mary E. Cingolani, 350 Brenda S. Cissell, 350 Terry L. Clampit, 328 Billy S. Clark, 328 Carolyn Clark, 278 Cathy J. Clark, 350 David A. Clark, 309 Debra S. Clark, 328 Doris J. Clark, 328 Ernest P. Clark, 278 Janet D. Clark, 328 Kathy L. Clark, 278 Linda L. Clark, 350 Mark L. Clark, 377 Michael R. Clark, 278 Pamela J. Clark, 377 Robin L. Clark, 350 Russell L. Clark, 328 Sharon K. Clark, 378 Steven R. Clark, 350 Clinton I. Clay, 377 John E. Clay, 309 William D. Clay, 328 Cynthia J. Clayton, 309 Deborah L. Clayton, 350 Glenda J. Clement, 309 Harold Clement, 374 Betty S. Clements, 328 Brenda Clements, 377 Michael L. Clements, 278 Michael R. Clements, 278 Shirley D. Clements, 278 Palmer S. Clemmons, 278 Nancy L. Clemons, 309 Diann O. Clevenger, 350 Richard T. Clifford, 374 Susan R. Clifft, 309 Robert L. Cline, 329 Diane Clinehens, 329 Ronald E. Clines, 350 Elsa A. Clinger, 252 Candy A. Cobb, 278 Roy G. Cobb, 309 Carole S. Cochran, 278 Jerry W. Cochran, 350 Steven F. Cochran, 350 Billy H. Cockrill, 329 Douglas C. Cockrill, 350 Roney E. Cody, 350 Mary E. Coffey, 350 James P. Coffman, 278 Harold C. Coggins, 350 Billy W. Coggs, 377 Regina P. Cohn, 309 Beverly A. Coker, 309 Claudia G. Coker, 278 Debra S. Coker, 278 Donnie H. Coker, 309 Albert J. Colaianni, 329 Valerie J. Colaianni, 278 Giles B. Colbert, 350 Anner J. Cole, 329 Carolyn Cole, 329 Don M. Cole, 377 James T. Cole, 350 Lois W. Cole, 329 Mauri L. Cole, 350 Michael J. Cole, 377 Neal E. Cole, 350 Philip Cole, 374 Steven B. Cole, 350 Thomas L. Cole, 350 Brenda J. Coleman, 278 Debra L. Coleman, 278 Gloria S. Coleman, 350 Mel W. Coleman, 278 Stephen G. Coleman, 278 Dennis M. Coley, 350 Steve Collar, 309 Donna J. Colley, 350 Louise M. Colley, 244 Marcia K. Collie, 350 Darrell G. Collier, 374 Gary M. Collier, 329 Lawrence Collier, 252 Lois A. Collier, 278 Richard L. Collier, 278 Cheryl D. Collins, 350 Daniel M. Collins, 350 David C. Collins, 278 Joanne Collins, 329 Londa E. Collins, 244 Millie J. Collins, 309 William C. Collins, 279 Norwood B. Combs, 377 Michael A. Comer, 351 James F. Comet, 351 Buddy H. Compton, 376 James D. Compton, 279 Kenneth R. Conatser, 279 Patricia A. Conaway, 279 Leonidas H. Conditt, 351 Shelley A. Conkling, 279 Gary W. Conlee, 351 Glen M. Conley, 351 Greg R. Conn, 351 Ronnie E. Connell, 377 Kenneth G. Conner, 309 Michael A. Conner, 329 Linda Connor, 351 Connie L. Conrad, 329 Susan L. Conway, 309 Bob M. Cook, 309 Charles G. Cook, 329 Deanna J. Cook, 376 Dorothy L. Cook, 351 Gary D. Cook, 329 Georgie G. Cook, 244 Gina B. Cook, 244 Harold D. Cook, 351 James Q. Cook, 279 Jonna L. Cook, 351 Margaret Cook, 351 Richard D. Cook, 351 Ruth Ann Cook, 244 Sandra G. Cook, 329 William F. Cook, 279 Terry L. Coomer, 376 Arleen M. Cooper, 309 Barry E. Cooper, 351 Carolyn A. Cooper, 351 Daniel W. Cooper, 374 David L. Cooper, 309 George F. Cooper, 329 Michael W. Cooper, 329 Robert M. Cooper, 377 Rodney L. Cooper, 329 Rose M. Cooper, 279 Terry R. Cooper, 351 Thomas E. Cooper, 329 Vicki J. Cooper, 351 Wanda R. Cooper, 329 Shirley L. Coots, 309 Marilyn A. Copeland, 309 Rickey G. Copeland, 279 Charles Coppola, 351 Claire L. Coppola, 374 Daniel J. Corbett, 309 Bill Corn, 377 Anne Cornell, 279 Coty A. Cornish, 279 Richard W. Cosky, 351 Jerry D. Costner, 376 Douglas L. Cotter, 309 Kenneth W. Cotter, 309 James T. Couch, 309 Jeff N. Couch, 351 Shelia N. Counts, 351 Ricky S. Courtney, 329 Patricia A. Cousley, 279 Paulette I. Cover, 309 Susan A. Covey, 351 James E. Covington, 377 Freda M. Cowan, 279 Milton G. Cowan, 309 Jeanmarie Cowart, 329 Alan D. Cox, 309 Amy E. Cox, 351 Celeste Cox, 351 David W. Cox, 351 Gary C. Cox, 279 Greg J. Cox, 351 Laurie A. Cox, 329 Paula A. Cox, 351 Philip W. Cox, 351 Rita C. Cox, 351 Douglas W. Coy, 351 Doyle W. Coy, 279 Sue C. Coy, 351 Danny L. Crabb, 351 Elizabeth Crabtree, 329 Glen R. Crabtree, 329 Janet L. Crabtree, 329 Robert M. Crabtree, 309 Polly A. Craft, 351 Thomas T. Craft, 309 Brenda K. Craig, 309 Carl E. Craig, 329 Debbie M. Craig, 244 Karen A. Craig, 351 Mickey G. Craig, 351 Paul H. Craig, 279 Regenold E. Craig, 329 Rosalie K. Craig, 279 Susan G. Craig, 309 Frank O. Crail, 279 Mary Crain, 351 Patty S. Crain, 329 Roger L. Crain, 377 William B. Crain, 351 Judith Craine, 244 Lynn B. Crall, 377 Jeffrey M. Cranford, 351 Chester G. Cravens, 279 Elizabeth D. Cravens, 351 Dennis J. Cravens, 279 Dasie L. Crawford, 351 Danny R. Crawford, 309 Jane C. Crawford, 351 John M. Crawford, 279 Nancy T. Crawford, 309 Sylvia C. Crawford, 351 Tommy E. Crawford, 309 Barbara A. Creek, 279 Guy A. Cremeens, 351 Anthony R. Crews, 351 Larry D. Crews, 351 James T. Crider, 309 Richard Crider, 351 Terry H. Crider, 351 Richard D. Crigler, 329 Donald W. Crisler, 329 Bill S. Crismon, 279 Hugh E. Crisp, 329 Patricia A. Crisp, 377 Herbert E. Crites, 351 Gary D. Crocker, 309 Terry A. Crocker, 351 Mozetta L. Crockett, 351 Carolyn L. Croft, 351 Keith E. Croft, 374 William M. Cromer, 250 Faye L. Cromwell, 309 James F. Cromwell, 376 Michael S. Crook, 244 LouAnn Croom, 309 Loretta D. Crosariol, 351 Doyle D. Cross, 279 Patti Cross, 244 Ralph M. Cross, 279 Terry V. Cross, 279 Susan M. Crosswait, 329 Brian Crotts, 329 William E. Crotts, 279 Ceretha Crowder, 351 Tena M. Crowe, 351 Teresa J. Crowe, 309 Terri A. Crowe, 279 383 384 Venita K. Crowell, 279 Joseph H. Crowson, 351 Jan M. Cruce, 329 Warner C. Cruce, 252 Linda L. Crum, 351 Paul W. Crum, 309 Vickie D. Crum, 279 James R. Crumbaugh, 309 Scotty D. Crutcher, 280 Meda D. Cude, 280 Richard W. Cude, 351 Ruby J. Cullins, 351 Sharla C. Cullins, 377 Ted R. Cullum, 351 Donald B. Culpepper, 280 Randall P. Culpepper, 309 Roger B. Culver, 351 Al B. Cunningham, 280 Frances Cunningham, 351 Gerald W. Cunningham, 329 Harold C. Cunningham, 309 Linda K. Cunningham, 309 Mark E. Cunningham, 329 Paul D. Cunningham, 280 Paula C. Cunningham, 351 Ted W. Cunningham, 280 Jannie M. Cupp, 280 Beverly G. Cure, 351 Joni E. Currie, 351 David W. Curry, 309 Janet S. Curry, 329 Jeff L. Curry, 351 Rodney A. Curry, 309 Sandra J. Curry, 351 Gloria A. Curtis, 351 Paula J. Curtis, 377 Gary E. Curton, 309 Linda C. Cypret, 280 -D- Angela S. Dacus, 309 Melinda C. Dacus, 351 William V. Dailey, 351 John W. Dalby, 329 Michael S. Dale, 374 Earnest E. Dallas, 376 Joyce M. Dallas, 329 Sharon A. Dallas, 309 Randy J. Dalton, 351 Linda S. Dambach, 309 David G. Daniel, 309 James V. Daniel, 329 Terry L. Daniel, 329 Walter W. Daniel, 351 George P. Dapp, 329 Roberta K. Darby, 280 Scott Darling, 352 Jerry R. Darr, 329 Herman A. Dauck, 329 Ann A. Daugherty, 329 David Daugherty, 280 Loretta F. Daugherty, 280 Ron L. Daugherty, 329 Philip A. Daum, 280 Alesa L. Davenport, 352 Billy M. Davenport, 309 Holly M. Davenport, 329 Martha C. Davenport, 252 Randy Davenport, 329 Sharon K. Daves, 352 Deborah L. David, 352 Andy M. Davidson, 309 Cynthia K. Davidson, 329 Donald W. Davidson, 309 Emily A. Davidson, 309 Pat H. Davidson, 352 Robert C. Davidson, 280 Wanda G. Davidson, 329 Curtis Davie, 352 Adam L. Davis, 352 Adrian Davis, 352 Billy D. Davis, 309 Bobby K. Davis, 280 Brenda K. Davis, 329 Carol L. Davis, 280 Charles B. Davis, 352 Charles M. Davis, 352 Cheryl A. Davis, 329 Cletis R. Davis, 352 Don V. Davis, 352 Donald J. Davis, 352 Donna F. Davis, 309 Donnabeth Davis, 309 Doyle H. Davis, 280 Doyle O. Davis, 352 Elowese E. Davis, 280 Gary A. Davis, 280 Herbert C. Davis, 250 Jeffrey J. Davis, 352 Jerry Davis, 252 Jill Davis, 309 Joe S. Davis, 280 John W. Davis, 309 Kathleen A. Davis, 280 Kristy L. Davis, 377 Larry D. Davis, 352 Mandy L. Davis, 376 Mary C. Davis, 352 Michael E. Davis, 352 Mike C. Davis, 352 Mitchell Davis, 280 Neal W. Davis, 329 Peggy E. Davis, 352 Ricky Davis, 280 Robert E. Davis, 352 Rodney J. Davis, 352 Ronnie A. Davis, 309 Sharon L. Davis, 309 Terry L. Davis, 352 Vernard Davis, 280 Vicki L. Davis, 352 Willie Davis, 250 William J. Davison, 309 David R. Dawson, 280 David Scott Dawson, 352 Jerry Dawson, 309 Mary E. Day, 280 Alicia G. Dean, 329 Beverly G. Dean, 310 Deborah J. Dean, 310 Elaine C. Dean, 329 Joseph D. Dean, 352 Kimberly A. Dean, 280 Marvin D. Dean, 280 Vonnie A. Dean, 352 William S. Dean, 352 James K. Deardorff, 352 David W. Dearmore, 330 Charles Deatherage, 374 Danny L. Deatherage, 310 Carol L. Deaton, 330 Linda G. DeBruce, 352 Shawn L. Deckelman, 310 Ellen M. Decker, 352 Celine DeClerk, 310 Denise E. DeClerk, 330 John D. DeClerk, 280 Michael A. DeClerk, 352 Ronnie Dedman, 352 Dennis E. Deere, 310 David Dees, 352 Greg S. DeFord, 352 Jimmy D. Defries, 352 Vickie R. DeHart, 330 Carla A. Delaney, 310 Deborah A. Delbridge, 352 Donna R. Delbridge, 352 Preston L. Dempsey, 352 Marty Dennis, 281 Randy D. Dennis, 352 Randy G. Dennis, 310 Larry D. Denny, 330 Debra A. Dent, 281 Joanna R. Denton, 330 Thomas W. Denton, 281 Vikki L. Denton, 352 Debbie F. DePriest, 310 Gary S. DePriest, 330 Kathy C. DePriest, 330 Myra A. DePriest, 281 Phyllis J. DePriest, 352 Raymond L. DePriest, 281 Terry V. DePriest, 310 Kem P. DeRoe, 352 Denise M. DeRoeck, 378 George M. DeRoeck, 310 Lillian L. Derrick, 330 James M. DeSpain, 310 Tommy L. DeShazo, 281 Jeff A. Dethrow, 310 Mary L. Dethrow, 310 Vida J. Dethrow, 352 Tom F. Deuter, 252 Larry J. DeVasier, 330 James A. DeVasier, 352 Fran L. Devereux, 281 Doug J. Devlin, 352 Vicki S. DeVore, 281 Steven E. Dew, 310 Susan K. Dhority, 352 Shirley J. Diamond, 352 Sylvester Diamond, 330 David M. Dickerson, 281 Peola D. Dickerson, 330 Cheryl L. Dickson, 330 Tommy A. Dierks, 352 Audrey E. Dietz, 310 Sherry A. Diezel, 352 Frank L. Digatano, 310 Harold E. Diggs, 281 Scott J. Digman, 378 Treva L. Dillaha, 352 Rudy L. Dillard, 378 Charles D. Dillier, 281 Carol J. Dillinger, 352 Danette P. Dils, 352 Jimmy L. Dixon, 352 Lodie C. Dixon, 310 Phyllis O. Dixon, 352 Daniel C. Doak, 250 Cleatus E. Dobbins, 310 Kim M. Dobbs, 352 Nancy A. Dobbs, 330 Philip C. Dobbs, 352 Rodney L. Dobbs, 281 Gary E. Dodd, 378 Brenda J. Dodson, 281 Gladys A. Dodson, 310 Mike L. Dollar, 310 Charlie A. Donham, 310 William B. Donham, 330 Linda A. Donner, 310 Ruby L. Donohoo, 352 David L. Donovan, 352 Teresa L. Dorris, 330 Mark J. Dorsey, 352 Mary T. Dorsey, 352 Sheri A. Dorsey, 330 Jan L. Dortch, 352 Belinda C. Dotson, 330 Garry R. Doty, 330 Leland T. Douglas, 352 Roger D. Douglas, 352 Carolyn S. Douthitt, 352 Grover C. Dowell, 352 Melvin T. Dowless, 330 Billy G. Downing, 352 Mike Downing, 310 Dennis G. Downs, 330 James Downs, 378 Pauletta D. Downs, 310 Miles L. Doyle, 330 Stephen F. Dozier, 352 John C. Drake, 352 William A. Drake, 281 Jerry B. Driver, 281 Deborah K. Drury, 352 Dan Dubach, 310 Paul L. Dubar, 330 Roger D. Ducker, 310 John K. Duckworth, 378 Patrick Duckworth, 378 John J. Duclos, 353 Kathy A. Dudley, 281 Alma Duez, 353 Flora Duez, 353 Jerry L. Duff, 330 Gail P. Duffy, 310 Paul M. Dugger, 310 Robert P. Dugger, 281 Steven L. Duke, 310 Tommy A. Dukowitz, 281 LaVergne Dunahay, 353 Fred M. Dunavant, 281 Jennifer Dunavant, 281 Linda S. Dunavin, 330 Charlie G. Dunaway, 330 Debbie S. Dunaway, 353 Buford R. Duncan, 281 Joe T. Duncan, 330 Romona L. Duncan, 281 Jack D. Dunham, 281 Connie G. Dunigan, 330 James D. Dunivan, 353 Anne Dunlap, 310 Barbara S. Dunlap, 310 Jimmie G. Dunlap, 281 William Dunlap, 330 Sandra J. Dunman, 281 Gary L. Dunn, 353 Larry J. Dunn, 310 Kathy L. Dupras, 374 Robert J. Dupras, 330 Marsha L. Dupwe, 353 Vincent W. Durante, 378 Calvin Durden, 281 Russell K. Durell, 330 Joe Duren, 281 Frankie L. Durham, 353 Myra J. Durham, 281 Phil A. Durham, 353 Tommy A. Durham, 353 Donna L. Duvall, 250 Deborah A. Dust, 330 Vicki L. Dyer, 353 Beverly D. Dyrhood, 330 -5- Edward R. Earwood, 353 Charlotte M. Easley, 330 Gary D. Easley, 353 Karry Easley, 353 Kathy D. Easley, 330 Judy K. Eason, 310 Kathy S. Eason, 378 Mark T. Easterlin, 310 Randy D. Eaton, 353 Karen J. Eaves, 310 Michael Ebbert, 310 Larry C. Eckman, 310 Robert C. Eckman, 310 Lewis Eddleman, 330 Kim B. Edens, 353 Bill W. Edgar, 282 Bob E. Edgar, 330 Sharon J. Edington, 353 Bill C. Edmisten, 310 Judy L. Edmisten, 310 Michael R. Edmonds, 282 James A. Edmonson, 330 Alan D. Edwards, 353 Deborah L. Edwards, 282 Everett G. Edwards, 282 Harold W. Edwards, 282 Jerry Edwards, 310 Karen S. Edwards, 330 Karole E. Edwards, 282 Leslie E. Edwards, 353 Lillie L. Edwards, 310 Mary E. Edwards, 282 Michael E. Edwards, 378 Nancy D. Edwards, 353 Paul L. Edwards, 282 Steve W. Edwards, 282 Kent S. Ehrman, 330 Patricia M. Elbert, 282 Craig Elder, 330 Susan D. Eldredge, 282 Annette Elkins, 282 Marilyn M. Elkins, 310 Tommy R. Elkins, 353 Buddy Elliott, 353 Donna J. Elliott, 330 Eunice F. Elliott, 244 Terry M. Elliott, 310 William B. Elliott, 252 Brenda K. Ellis, 353 Butch T. Ellis, 353 Camellia Caryn Ellis, 282 Cathy J. Ellis, 310 Charles V. Ellis, 282 David W. Ellis, 310 Debra A. Ellis, 330 Debra J. Ellis, 282 George W. Ellis, 282 Gwendolyn K. Ellis, 330 Jimmy J. Ellis, 330 John P. Ellis, 353 Mike E. Ellison, 353 Georgia J. Elmore, 330 Larry J. Elmore, 282 Roy E. Elmore, 353 Kathy D. Elrod, 310 Needra G. Elrod, 330 Steve W. Elrod, 353 Ricky O. Elumbaugh, 310 Linda R. Elwood, 353 William R. Elwood, 282 Kimberly L. Emde, 244 Kenneth B. Emerson, 282 Steven L. Emerson, 353 William C. Emerson, 330 Dewey M. Emison, 282 Walter A. Emmons, 353 Carolyn Emrich, 353 Donald W. Enderson, 282 Robert D. Engelken, 353 Deborah D. England, 330 Diane L. England, 282 Donnie G. England, 310 Lawana England, 330 Mary B. Engler, 282 John P. Engles, 282 Cindy M. English, 353 Jere K. English, 353 Robert W. English, 330 Tommy R. English, 353 Ronald E. Enos, 378 Gary Enzor, 330 Charles L. Epperson, 330 Kathe N. Epperson, 330 Gerald T. Epps, 353 Raymond W. Erickson, 353 Don L. Ernst, 353 Mary Lou Ernst, 310 John M. Erwin, 330 Ronald F. Erwin, 282 Stephen R. Erwin, 282 Susan E. Erwin, 310 Farrokh Eslahi, 353 Regina M. Estes, 282 Charles M. Ethridge, 310 Donna M. Ethridge, 330 Forrest G. Ethridge, 282 Scotti D. Eubanks, 282 Albert R. Evans, 353 Alison K. Evans, 330 David Evans, 353 Gary L. Evans, 353 Gloria G. Evans, 282 Grover M. Evans, 283 Kathleen Evans, 330 Kathryn L. Evans, 283 Marcia A. Evans, 310 Pamela K. Evans, 283 Stanley W. Evans, 283 Roger R. Eveland, 250 Betsy M. Everett, 283 Charlotte M. Evins, 330 Danny L. Ewing, 330 James F. Ezell, 378 -F- Lavah S. Fagan, 283 Myrthel M. Fair, 378 Thomas L. Fairchild, 353 Martha Falkner, 283 Robert L. Falkner, 283 Sharon R. Fallis, 310 Stephen Fallis, 310 Lendol K. Falwell, 283 Shelia A. Faries, 376 Bill P. Farley, 353 Carey D. Farley, 353 Danny G. Farley, 283 James H. Farley, 330 Robin Farley, 330 Sandra A. Farley, 283 Don G. Farmer, 378 Michaela Farmer, 353 Henry J. Farrell, 330 Robert H. Farrell, 353 Ann L. Farris, 283 Barry Farris, 310 Jerry L. Farris, 354 Randal E. Faughn, 252 Terry L. Faught, 376 Steven D. Faulk, 310 Mark A. Faulkner, 354 Martha L. Faulkner, 374 Steve R. Faulkner, 330 Vicki L. Faulkner, 310 Marty E. Fausett, 310 Cleora Fears, 283 Edith M. Fears, 354 Jerry D. Fears, 378 Don C. Fegtly, 354 Bridget K. Felkins, 354 Keith L. Felkins, 330 Larry S. Felts, 310 Sheila G. Felty, 354 Cynthia S. Fender, 354 Hank D. Fender, 283 Kimberly M. Fender, 310 Lowell B. Fenner, 375 Sandy C. Fenner, 354 Carolyn A. Ferguson, 330 James D. Ferguson, 283 Leesa L. Ferguson, 354 Malissa E. Ferguson, 330 Roger B. Ferguson, 330 Valerie S. Ferguson, 354 Nancy A. Ferralasco, 330 Elizabeth Fetterly, 283 Jimmy A. Fields, 354 William E. Fields, 375 Anita S. Fifer, 330 Allen D. Fike, 283 Anna B. Files, 310 William S. Files, 310 Karen L. Fillmore, 354 Cathy L. Finchem, 354 Pat S. Finchem, 354 Robin E. Fine, 331 Rick C. Finley, 283 Terry L. Finn, 331 Toni J. Finn, 378 Thomas W. Finnie, 354 William E. Finton, 354 Albert L. Fisher, 331 David W. Fisher, 283 Debbie J. Fisher, 354 Debra J. Fisher, 354 Wanda F. Fisher, 283 William E. Fisher, 375 Robert A. Fite, 283 James Fitzgerald, 310 Karen R. Fivecoat, 331 Mickey R. Flagg, 283 Pamela G. Flagg, 331 Elizabeth Flannigan, 283 Gary D. Fleeman, 354 Mary A. Fleetwood, 331 Philip Fleming, 354 Vickie L. Fleming, 310 Frederick C. Flemon, 283 Angelia F. Fletcher, 354 Anne C. Fletcher, 354 Bryan T. Fletcher, 331 Dennis R. Fletcher, 331 James L. Fletcher, 310 Linda F. Fletcher, 310 Nick T. Fletcher, 354 Gary D. Flippo, 310 Robert M. Flippo, 331 Lois A. Floryanski, 283 Ronald G. Flowers, 331 Sandy J. Flowers, 310 Alvin R. Floyd, 378 David C. Floyd, 331 Donna Floyd, 331 Levern Floyd, 354 Myrtle J. Flye, 354 James H. Flynn, 283 Barton Fogleman, 311 Charles J. Foot, 283 Larry D. Forbis, 311 Cathy Ford, 251 Coleen Ford, 283 Eugene R. Ford, 354 James B. Ford, 250 Nancy D. Ford, 378 Phyllis Ford, 311 Rena J. Ford, 283 Russell M. Ford, 354 Sharron Y. Ford, 354 Susan L. Ford, 311 Cecil E. Forehand, 354 Robert W. Forrest, 354 Deborah D. Forrester, 354 James H. Forrester, 331 Jan L. Forrester, 354 Kathryn Forrester, 311 Janis A. Forshee, 331 Roger S. Forsythe, 331 Carey Fortenberry, 331 John S. Fortenberry, 354 Kim S. Fortner, 331 Marie E. Fortner, 311 Michael R. Fortune, 311 Billie A. Foster, 244 Bobby J. Foster, 375 Stanley E. Foster, 376 Vicki l. Foster, 331 Tommy L. Foulks, 331 Mary I. Foust, 354 Roger J. Foust, 354 Karon M. Foutch, 354 Boyce G. Fowler, 378 Daniel F. Fowler, 354 Ronnie H. Fowler, 331 Susan D. Fowler, 378 David H. Fowlkes, 283 Robert T. Fox, 311 Deborah J. Foy, 331 Heidi A. Foy, 354 Rolla O, Fraley, 376 James N. France, 311 Susan M. Francis, 311 John T. Frank, 331 Betty J. Franklin, 331 Harvey M. Franklin, 283 Samuel E. Franklin, 331 Roger A. Franks, 311 Larry Frasure, 311 John K. Fratesi, 311 Debra S. Frazer, 354 Dinah F. Frazier, 283 Michael C. Frazier, 354 Richard Frazier, 311 Jimmy D. Free, 331 Debra L. Freeland, 331 Dexter J. Freeman, 331 Regena K. Freeman, 378 Jerry W. Freese, 283 Anthony C. Frein, 283 Larry F. Frein, 331 Gerald C. Freligh, 331 Cecil W. French, 354 Gary T. French, 283 John W. French, 311 Ronald D. French, 354 Margaret W. Freppon, 375 Robert D. Frey, 354 Robert E. Frey, 283 Tommy W. Fridell, 311 Donna M. Frost, 331 Joan C. Frost, 283 Patricia A. Fry, 331 Nickey C. Fudge, 311 Peggy R. Fudge, 354 Vickie L. Fulbright, 331 Joseph D. Fulgham, 283 Richard A. Fulkerson, 354 William Fulkerson, 311 William Fulkerson, 354 Paul C, Fulks, 354 Paula K. Fulks, 331 Charles E. Fullen, 311 James R. Fulmer, 252 Gary D. Fulton, 283 Esther B. Fultz, 354 John E. Fultz, 311 Rosazeata C. Fultz, 354 Patricia E. Funk, 244 Charlotte Fussell, 355 Bill M. Futrell, 355 Billy G. Futrell, 355 -G- Larry M. Gadberry, 355 Charles E. Gaines, 311 Terry R. Gairhan, 311 Billy W. Gaither, 283 Mary D. Gallaher, 244 Philip B. Gallaher, 355 Larry E. Gallamore, 252 Genna G. Gallegly, 284 Michael C. Gallegly, 284 Susan Gallegly, 355 Hal Gallop, 355 Leslie N. Galloway, 284 Karen R. Gambel, 252 Donald R. Gambill, 311 James K. Gambill, 355 Sabrina M. Gambill, 355 Stanley F. Gambill, 331 Damon L. Gamble, 331 Patricia A. Gamble, 284 Sharon K. Gamble, 355 Shawna C. Gammill, 331 Edward E. Gann, 284 Louis E. Gann, 378 James E. Gardner, 311 Joan E. Gardner, 284 John A. Gardner, 355 Marc W. Gardner, 311 Robert E. Gardner, 311 Robert L. Gardner, 331 Sandra J. Gardner, 355 David B. Gargas, 311 Jeffrey C. Garland, 355 Kerry L. Garman, 378 Vicky F. Garman, 284 David K. Garner, 378 Karen S. Garner, 375 Sheila K. Garner, 355 William E. Garner, 284 William H. Garner, 331 Edward S. Garretson, 311 Billie J. Garrett, 244 Jon W. Garrett, 355 Sandra K. Garrett, 331 Gerald L. Garrison, 311 Howard D. Garrison, 355 Julie F. Garrison, 251 Loraine L. Garrison, 331 Robert Garza, 355 Michael W. Gaskill, 355 Dennis W. Gaskin, 331 Erma J. Gates, 284 Phil M. Gattas, 311 Michael L. Gauf, 284 David N. Gaulden, 355 Gary D. Gazaway, 284 Kathy J. Gazaway, 252 Glynnis G. Gean, 355 Ronnie L. Gean, 311 Terry L. Gearhart, 355 Mary A. Gee, 331 Grady F. Gennings, 311 Richard L. Gentle, 355 Vickie L. Gentle, 355 Ronald L. Gentry, 355 Marie A. George, 284 Janice R. German, 284 Shamsoddin Ghamgham, 355 Greg E. Gibbons, 331 Robert W. Gibbs, 311 Alma J. Gibson, 331 Carolyn F. Gibson, 331 Charlia S. Gibson, 311 Ernestine W. Gibson, 284 Gerry L. Gibson, 331 Gregory L. Gibson, 355 Kenneth F. Gibson, 252 Kenneth R. Gibson, 331 Mark S. Gibson, 355 Panda J. Gibson, 355 Ralph C. Gibson, 311 Rebecca A. Gibson, 311 Robert W. Gibson, 331 Roger D. Gibson, 355 Roy E. Gibson, 311 Robert S. Giersberg, 252 Arcadio L. Gil, 284 Barbara A. Gilbert, 284 David W. Gilbert, 331 Frank L. Gilbert, 252 Keith V. Gilbert, 355 Robert B. Gilbert, 311 William Gilbreath, 376 Barbara A. Gill, 332 Gus D. Gill, 284 James R. Gill, 284 Patricia M. Gill, 311 William P. Gill, 332 Dennis R. Gillam, 284 Derenda V. Gillam, 332 Barbara Gillenwater, 284 Don C. Gillespie, 332 Greg W. Gillette, 332 Teresa K. Gillette, 332 Becky A. Gilliam, 355 Craig Gilliam, 332 Jerry L. Gilliam, 311 Keith W. Gilliam, 332 Floydene Gillihan, 332 Michael W. Gillihan, 355 Jo Ann Gilmer, 355 Roger L. Gilmore, 311 Gary D. Gipson, 252 Julie K. Gipson, 311 Mary E. Gipson, 284 Michael H. Gipson, 355 Stephen L. Gipson, 284 Dennis W. Girard, 355 Joseph D. Girard, 355 Jeffrey M. Girone, 355 Ginger L. Gist, 311 Theresa A. Gist, 284 Jacqueline Glasgow, 332 Janet Glasgow, 332 Terry L. Glasgow, 355 Sharron P. Glaze, 355 Robert L. Gleghorn, 355 Donny J. Glenn, 284 Grant H. Glenn, 332 Kimmie A. Glenn, 355 Linda L. Glenn, 355 Michael D. Glenn, 378 385 386 Nona O. Glenn, 355 Stephen Glenn, 332 Michael Glidewell, 332 Rick K. Glidewell, 332 Paula C. Goad, 355 Randy V. Goad, 355 Rick D. Goad, 355 Sandi G. Godshalk, 355 Deborah C. Goff, 284 Elizabeth A. Goff, 332 Lloyd N. Goff, 332 Ronny L. Gold, 355 Randy Golden, 311 Stephen C. Golden, 284 Mitchel D. Golleher, 332 Ronald L. Goo, 311 Tressie Goode, 311 Danny L. Goodman, 284 Kimberly A. Goodman, 332 Kimberly A. Goodrurn, 332 Cindy L. Goodwin, 332 Deborah D. Goodwin, 311 Laumerion Goodwin, 311 Mary L. Goodwin, 311 Neal B. Gordon, 375 Tim B. Gordon, 332 Vincent T. Gordon, 284 James R. Gore, 284 Jenny L. Gore, 312 Tim C. Gorman, 355 Wayne C. Gosnell, 355 Susie M. Gould, 355 Cleota W. Goza, 332 Dennis G. Goza, 332 Jimmy J. Goza, 312 Ann Grable, 312 Martha K. Grable, 332 James D. Graddy, 355 Vicky M. Graddy, 312 David V. Grady, 355 Denice A. Grady, 312 Robbie C. Grady, 252 William C. Graff, 312 James M. Graham, 312 Jerry M. Graham, 284 Grover G. Graham, 332 Linda Graham, 312 Mike L. Graham, 284 Paula K. Graham, 332 Ray M. Graham, 312 Robert L. Graham, 355 Susan L. Graham, 312 Steve E. Gramling, 284 Vickey D. Gramling, 332 Tommy J. Granata, 332 Marc C. Granberry, 332 Elder Granger, 332 Lucille Granger, 355 Nathan L. Grant, 312 Richard B. Grant, 375 Donna K. Graves, 332 Jim C. Graves, 252 Dardell Gray, 355 Gary D. Gray, 332 Geneabeth Gray, 332 Harry R. Gray, 332 Jesse C. Gray, 312 Paul E. Gray, 332 Rebecca A. Gray, 332 Richard M. Gray, 312 Rita C. Gray, 312 Robert P. Gray, 332 Steven W. Gray, 355 Vicki J. Gray, 378 Clarissa L. Green, 355 Danny J. Green, 355 David L. Green, 284 Gary C. Green, 376 Melissa G. Green, 332 Rod D. Green, 332 Sandra G. Green, 284 Steven A. Green, 332 William S. Green, 332 Carlotta Greenberry, 284 Charley S. Greene, 355 David L. Greene, 355 Michael G. Greene, 244 Gary D. Greeno, 332 Bert K. Greenwalt, 355 Malcolm C. Greenway, 312 Stephen Greenwood, 284 Alan C. Greer, 284 Dyana L. Greer, 312 James E. Greer, 284 Markcus Greer, 355 MaryAnne Greer, 284 Odos R. Greer, 332 Phyllis L. Greer, 332 Johnny P. Gregory, 312 Melissa K. Gregory, 284 Reta K. Gregory, 285 James A. Gregson, 355 Michael Gretzmier, 355 Cheryl L. Griffin, 285 Gary D. Griffin, 378 Grant G. Griffin, 285 Janet M. Griffin, 374 Joe D. Griffin, 312 Kathy M. Griffin, 332 Pamela J. Griffin, 312 Robin E. Griffin, 332 Danny L. Griffis, 332 Sharon A. Griffith, 332 Steve E. Griffith, 333 Kathy A. Grigsby, 244 Donna K. Griham, 333 Debbi Grilletta, 355 Jan E. Grimes, 252 Monte C. Grimes, 355 Robert Grimes, 333 Sharon Grimes, 333 William D. Grimes, 333 Gary M. Grinder, 378 Emmett H. Griner, 312 Jim R. Grissom, 312 Mike A. Grogan, 252 Allen N. Grommet, 312 Cyrilla A. Grover, 333 James Grover, 312 Barbara J. Grubbs, 312 Robert W. Grubbs, 312 Wiley K. Grubbs, 378 Karen J. Gryner, 355 Melissa A. Guard, 333 Sherry A. Guess, 285 Jerry M. Guest, 312 Janis A. Gulley, 333 Debra A. Gunter, 312 George W. Gunter, 333 Wayne A. Gunter, 355 George Gurkin, 355 Todd Gurley, 333 Calvin L. Guthrie, 312 Gregory E. Guthrie, 312 Karen D. Guthrie, 356 Randy R. Guthrie, 312 Ronnie D, Guthrie, 285 Rose L. Guthrie, 356 Annette D. Guy, 333 James R. Guy, 333 Joe A. Guy, 333 Patricia A. Guy, 356 Debbie K. Gwaltney, 312 Larry W. Gwaltney, 285 Jack F. Gwin, 312 -H- Billy D. Hacker, 356 Patrick H. Hackman, 312 Shirley K. Hackworth, 333 Terry A. Hadder, 333 Keith Haddock, 356 John F. Hafner, 312 June D. Hafner, 312 Dan R. Hagar, 356 Mark L. Haggenmacher, 333 Patricia K. Hagler, 333 G. Z. Haghighi, 356 Tobby G. Hagler, 312 Deborah Haines, 312 Mary K. Halbert, 312 James K. Halbrook, 312 Mary Ann Halbrook, 333 Donita L. Hale, 333 James D. Hale, 312 Leslie A. Hale, 333 Michael J. Hale, 312 Susan L. Hale, 378 Terri S. Hale, 356 Michael O. Haley, 356 Sam Haley, 356 Terry W. Haley, 312 Gary A. Halfacre, 356 Bettye J. Hall, 333 Brenda W. Hall, 285 Dennis E. Hall, 285 Donald L. Hall, 252 Elizabeth G. Hall, 285 Frankie Hall, 312 Glenda J. Hall, 285 Glenn W. Hall, 312 Jeffrey P. Hall, 333 John E. Hall, 333 Pamela J. Hall, 333 Rick B. Hall, 312 Wesley K. Hall, 356 Yvonne J. Hall, 312 Gilbert W. Hallmark, 333 Melissa D. Hallmark, 356 Rodney J. Halstead, 356 Vicki J. Hambrick, 356 Barbara A. Hamilton, 356 Dan E. Hamilton, 356 Edward J. Hamilton, 285 Janice K. Hamilton, 356 June Hamilton, 356 Larry E. Hamilton, 356 Robin Hamilton, 312 Virginia A. Hamilton, 375 Melanie F. Hamlett, 333 Patrick W. Hamlin, 312 Floyd Hamm, 356 Walter B. Hamm, 356 Paula K. Hammil, 333 Octavia R. Hammond, 378 Phyllis Y. Hammonds, 252 Lynnette Hammons, 312 Keith W. Hamon, 252 Rosalind B. Hampton, 333 Gerald L. Hancock, 378 Kathy A. Hancock, 356 Paul J. Hancock, 356 Thomas L. Hancock, 285 Vicki A. Handley, 333 Raymond E. Handy, 356 Donald A. Haney, 285 Michael Hanks, 356 James R. Hanley, 356 Larry G. Hannah, 375 Deborah S. Hansen, 251 Jack R. Hansen, 285 Susan M. Hansen, 312 Marcel E. Hanzlik, 312 Pat A. Hanzlik, 356 Jeffrey J. Harbison, 285 John D. Hard, 333 Jodie Harden, 312 Carla J. Hardesty, 333 Jann C. Hardesty, 285 Roscoe J. Hardiman, 285 Debbie L. Hardin, 356 Ersell R. Hardin, 312 Stephen L. Hardin, 312 Teresa L. Hardin, 285 Fred M. Hargett, 285 Steve T. Harig, 312 Larry G. Harkless, 376 Bruce O. Harlan, 285 Elizabeth S. Harlan, 333 Janice M. Harlan, 313 Joe D. Harlan, 333 Walter D. Harlan, 333 John F. Harlow, 285 Danny J. Harmon, 313 Jimmy D. Harmon, 285 Rick O. Harmon, 313 Steve A. Harmon, 333 Stanley E. Harp, 313 Betty H. Harper, 356 Carolyn S. Harper, 244 Ellen J. Harper, 285 Gary A. Harper, 313 Jennifer S. Harper, 356 Mike P. Harper, 333 Alfred J. Harrell, 285 Candis K. Harrell, 313 Jimmy T. Harrell, 285 Woody P. Harrelson, 333 Carol A. Harrington, 333 Cathy L. Harrington, 333 Nancy E. Harrington, 375 Peter W. Harrington, 285 Barry L. Harris, 313 Bob Harris, 356 Carl Harris, 285 Charles B. Harris, 356 Charles R. Harris, 313 Edward L. Harris, 285 Freda W. Harris, 356 Gerald L. Harris, 252 Mark C. Harris, 333 Missy A. Harris, 285 Richard A. Harris, 313 Robert L. Harris, 356 Sidney F. Harris, 313 Thomas G. Harris, 356 Thomas Harris, 313 Willie H. Harris, 285 Jerry L. Harrison, 333 Stanley E. Harrison, 333 Virginia Harrison, 313 Barbara J. Hart, 333 Carol L. Hart, 356 Leslie W. Hart, 313 Lora Hart, 356 Richard Hart, 286 Connie Hartwig, 356 Bonnie S. Harvey, 286 Clarence E. Harvey, 356 Raymon Harvey, 286 Rickey C. Harvey, 374 Robert F. Harvey, 356 Tommy L. Harvey, 286 Sandra K. Harvill, 244 Robbie A. Harwell, 356 George A. Harwood, 251 DeEtte A. Hassen, 313 Pamela G. Hastings, 333 Christopher Hatch, 356 Stephen A. Hatch, 286 Donald W. Hatcher, 356 Kathy S. Hatcher, 286 Gina R. Hatfield, 356 Martha A. Hatley, 286 Connie L. Hatman, 286 Virginia Hatridge, 378 Stanley D. Hattie, 356 Jerald D. Haun, 252 Jo A. Hawkins, 333 Joe E. Hawkins, 356 Larry W. Hawkins, 286 Ronnie J. Hawkins, 376 Kathy L. Hawn, 356 Dennis W. Hay, 333 Arif K. Haydar, 356 Mohammad A. Haydar, 333 Mike J. Hayden, 333 Dianne T. Hayes, 375 Frank J. Hayes, 333 Pamela L. Hayes, 286 Ronald K. Hayes, 286 Clark L. Haynes, 286 Terry L. Haynes, 378 Larry C. Hays, 313 Paula A. Hays, 286 Cheryl A. Haywood, 286 Marsha D. Haywood, 313 Tresa C. Hazel, 313 Barbara L. Hazelip, 356 Debra D. Hazelwood, 313 Angela F. Head, 356 Opal M. Head, 286 Willis S. Head, 286 Barbara A. Heard, 313 Donna M. Heard, 356 Jerry P. Heard, 313 Larry W. Heard, 356 Marsha A. Heard, 313 Ron R. Heard, 356 Michelle E. Heath, 356 Terry L. Heath, 333 Von D. Heath, 333 Carol L. Heatherly, 244 Robert M. Heaton, 251 Jerry Heckmann, 313 Roxi L. Heckmann, 333 Michele T. Hedge, 356 Ronnie O. Hedger, 313 Lujean Heffington, 356 Michael D. Heflin, 313 Murphy D. Heird, 313 George N. Helm, 313 James E. Helman, 356 Aubrey L. Helms, 286 Brenda S. Helms, 252 Jacquelyn J. Henard, 356 Catherine Henderson, 251 Dan Henderson, 333 David W. Henderson, 376 Debbie Henderson, 356 Georgia Henderson, 356 Janis L. Henderson, 313 Leta A. Henderson, 333 Margaret Henderson, 378 Sharon G. Henderson, 356 Sherrill Henderson, 313 Tommy Henderson, 333 Bob L. Hendrick, 313 Linda K. Hendricks, 376 Michael Hendricks, 313 Garnetta Hendrickson, 286 Melva Hendrickson, 286 Charles B. Hendrix, 356 Denise Hendrix, 252 Jan D. Hendrix, 356 Thomas N. Hendrix, 313 Keith D. He'nick, 333 Charles R. Henry, 333 Cynthia L. Henry, 286 Gilda G. Henry, 375 Mona K. Henry, 286 Stanley L. Henry, 376 Stephen L. Henry, 333 Barry K. Henson, 313 David R. Henson, 378 Douglas E. Henson, 333 Franklin D. Henson, 313 Judy Henson, 313 Marla J. Henson, 333 Rene Henson, 333 Susan D. Henson, 356 Patsy L. Henthorne, 313 Mark R. Herbst, 333 Michael D. Herren, 286 Jerry Herrington, 313 Jeanne L. Hess, 333 Daniel A. Hester, 252 Phyllis A. Hester, 313 Donna J. Heston, 333 Robert R. Hetzel, 286 Kathleen P. Hewitt, 356 Charmian C. Hexem, 286 Dan J. Hexem, 313 Burgess Heyward, 313 Molly L. Hickox, 313 Andrea R. Hicks, 286 Anthony R. Hicks, 333 Glenda F. Hicks, 333 Glenn W. Hicks, 286 Lynette M. Hicks, 333 Regina R. Hicks, 356 Robin W. Hicks, 333 Elizabeth A. Hieber, 333 William A. Hieber, 313 Mark Higginbotham, 333 Bobby Higginbottom, 286 Leila Higginbottom, 334 Pamela Higginbottom, 334 Patti Higginbottom, 286 Paul D. Higginbottom, 356 Robert Higginbottom, 356 Linda J. Higgins, 356 William D. Higgins, 334 Jerris A. Highfill, 357 Vicki L. Hight, 357 Lowell B. Hightower, 286 Patricia Hightower, 334 Sara J. Hightower, 334 Rosa L. Hilding, 286 Anita F. Hilger, 313 Hoyt H. Hilger, 287 Bill R. Hill, 357 Dennis L. Hill, 357 Diane Hill, 313 Donna M. Hill, 357 Dorothy Hill, 313 Gary M. Hill, 375 Gary S. Hill, 287 Gay Hill, 357 Gerald D. Hill, 313 Jackie L. Hill, 313 James A. Hill, 357 Janet M. Hill, 313 Janice E. Hill, 357 John E. Hill, 357 John J. Hill, 334 Joseph W. Hill, 357 Kenneth W. Hill, 313 Lula Hill, 357 Mary R. Hill, 334 Penny D. Hill, 378 Roger D. Hill, 334 Rouss A. Hill, 375 Sandra D. Hill, 357 Sharon A. Hill, 357 Stan W. Hill, 313 Stephen W. Hill, 357 Janice L. Hilliard, 334 Janet M. Hillis, 334 Karen M. Hillman, 357 Cathy S. Hilton, 313 Janis L. Himschoot, 357 Monte D. Himschoot, 313 George G. Hinds, 287 Lorie G. Hinds, 378 Michael L. Hinds, 313 David G. Hines, 313 Michael D. Hinrichs, 287 Deborah L. Hinson, 251 Michael W. Hinson, 334 James L. Hinton, 334 Sheena F. Hinton, 357 Loren N. Hitchcock, 313 Rickey L. Hite, 357 Paula J. Hitt, 357 John R. Hoben, 313 Wallace B. Hobson, 287 Jeffrey R. Hoder, 334 David T. Hodge, 357 Leonard W. Hodge, 334 Michael R. Hodge, 334 Amy M. Hodges, 357 Debra L. Hodges, 314 Janet S. Hodges, 334 Marcus L. Hodges, 334 Peggy A. Hodshire, 314 Gregory H. Hofer, 357 Douglas B. Hoffman, 357 Jayne E. Hoffman, 334 Robert Hogan, 314 Ronald G. Hogan, 314 Albert L. Hoggard, 287 Connie S. Hoggard, 357 Deborah A. Hoggard, 287 Barbara N. Hogue, 314 Randal L. Hogue, 357 Victor L. Hogue, 357 Jan Hoke, 334 Fred H. Hokes, 334 Tom W. Holbrook, 314 David H. Holcomb, 287 Beverly D. Holder, 378 Charles R. Holder, 374 Janis R. Holder, 376 Johnny Holder, 378 Michael W. Holder, 314 Nicky G. Holder, 314 Rick C. Holder, 287 Brenda Y. Holifield, 244 Danny E. Holifield, 252 Noel K. Holifield, 314 Ramona A. Holiman, 251 Cathy E. Holland, 357 James R. Holland, 252 Jay D. Holland, 287 Kenneth L. Holland, 357 Romayne F. Holland, 287 Sharon K. Holland, 314 Terry L. Holland, 334 Valorie F. Holland, 376 William L. Holland, 334 Joe J. Hollimon, 287 Carol Hollingsworth, 334 Christy J. Hollis, 357 Judy A. Holloway, 375 Steve Hollowell, 334 Richard E. Holman, 287 Deboroh E. Holmes, 334 Josie Holmes, 287 Kenneth R. Holmes, 357 Kenneth W. Holmes, 314 Terry L. Holmes, 287 Daniel E. Holstead, 314 Gail A. Holt, 314 Jimmy D. Holt, 357 Marion M. Holt, 375 Melody B. Holt, 357 Ronnie E. Holt, 314 Scottie R. Holt, 334 Thomas A. Holt, 252 William S. Holt, 357 Donna J. Holzhauer, 334 William M. Honey, 357 Lindall Honeycutt, 378 Sarah J. Hood, 357 Mike L. Hook, 287 Terry D. Hoosier, 314 Kathy D. Hooten, 357 Pamela G. Hooten, 378 Nancy J. Hoots, 357 Dave K. Hoover, 357 Maurice J. Hopkins, 314 Sheri L. Horne, 287 Janet E. Horner, 314 Janet L. Horner, 334 Janet M. Horner, 287 John P. Horner, 334 Judith A. Horner, 287 Melvenia L. Horsley, 376 Barbara J. Horton, 287 Carl E. Horton, 314 Finis G. Horton, 251 Jeff M. Horton, 334 John L. Horton, 314 Ronald N. Horton, 314 Rosetta L. Horton, 357 Teddy M. Horton, 357 Terry W. Horton, 314 William L. Hosford, 287 Rebecca R. Hoskins, 376 Aaron D. Hosman, 357 Cheryl S. Hosman, 287 Larry D. Hosman, 287 Carolyn G. Housdan, 314 Charlotte M. House, 334 Kenneth E. House, 357 Vicki L. House, 357 Vicki D. Householder, 375 Debra J. Houston, 357 Nola J. Houston, 334 Susan V. Houston, 334 Terry D. Hout, 376 David M. Howard, 334 Dominique Howard, 314 Elizabeth A. Howard, 314 Jane A. Howard, 314 Jesse C. Howard, 251 John D. Howard, 287 Robert R. Howard, 357 Tom D. Howard, 287 Tommy M. Howard, 287 Wayne Howard, 287 Connie L. Howe, 334 William F. Howe, 357 Anna Jean Howell, 357 James P. Howell, 334 Ronnie A. Howell, 287 Tennyson J. Howell, 334 Timothy J. Howell, 334 Darryl W. Howerton, 334 Karon K. Howerton, 357 Rela M. Hubbard, 378 Loretta S. Hubbart, 314 Dewitt C. Hubbell, 334 Ronald M. Hubner, 314 Raymond Huckaba, 287 Pamela Huddleston, 287 Susan M. Hudgens, 314 Beverly K. Hudson, 357 Gwen A. Hudson, 358 Jo A. Hudson, 314 Mary S. Hudson, 334 Nathan J. Hudson, 314 Rick G. Hudson, 334 Thomas G. Hudson, 287 William C. Hudson, 358 Charles E. Hudspeth, 334 Dana K. Hudspeth, 287 Suzanne Hudspeth, 334 Tommy E. Hudspeth, 334 Judy G. Huey, 287 Bonnie S. Huff, 375 David C. Huff, 358 Debbie S. Huff, 358 Debra J. Huff, 334 Jayme K. Huff, 287 Michael D. Huff, 314 John B. Huffman, 334 Cathy S. Huggins, 314 Donald R. Huggins, 334 Freddie J. Huggins, 358 James A. Huggins, 287 John C. Huggins, 334 Michael H. Huggins, 334 Richard E. Huggins, 314 Barbara A. Hughes, 358 Buddy C. Hughes, 287 Ed S. Hughes, 358 Fred R. Hughes, 358 Jesse D. Hughes, 334 Jesse L. Hughes, 287 Louellen L. Hughes, 358 Mary A. Hughes, 334 Olanda A. Hughes, 287 Patti L. Hughes, 358 Patton Hughes, 252 JoAnn Hulen, 334 Paul D. Human, 375 Vickie D. Humble, 334 Dee Humphrey, 287 T. J. Humphreys, 334 Jane M. Hunt, 358 Jim M. Hunt, 358 Paulette J. Hunt, 358 Randall E. Hunt, 252 Al Hunter, 251 Carol J. Hunter, 287 James T. Hunter, 288 Annette V. Huntley, 358 Tim D. Hurd, 358 William K. Hurley, 334 Eddie J. Hurst, 334 Paula A. Hurst, 314 Renda G. Hurst, 358 Marilyn M. Hurston, 334 Lloyd Huskey, 358 Michael A. Hutchens, 358 James L. Hutchins, 252 Michael B. Hutchins, 334 Mary F. Hutchison, 334 Monda L. Hutchison, 288 Johnny L. Hutchison, 314 Deborah J. Hutson, 314 Thomas J. Hutton, 334 Bonnie B. Hyde, 314 David E. Hyde, 358 Joe L. Hyde, 358 Judith G. Hyde, 314 Laurence J. Hylle, 314 Joseph F. Iliff, 358 Deborah K. lmpson, 334 Steve D. lnboden, 314 Thomas E. lnebnit, 314 David A. Ingram, 288 Debra L. Ingram, 334 Joel W. Ingram, 358 Luther F. Ingram, 314 Mackie F. Ingram, 314 Dana A. Irby, 358 Alice G. lronside, 314 Ricky L. Irvin, 358 Terri J. Irvin, 334 Alice F. Isaac, 358 Merrilyn S. Ivey, 358 Peggy A. Ivy, 314 Vickie S. Ivy, 358 -J- Thomas I. Jaber, 288 Arthur A. Jacks, 358 Alan Jackson, 334 Calvin D. Jackson, 378 Coleman L. Jackson, 376 Ella L. Jackson, 288 Helen J. Jackson, 334 Linda L. Jackson, 358 Lonnie E. Jackson, 314 Myron K. Jackson, 288 Randy S. Jackson, 358 Robbie D. Jackson, 358 Scott Jackson, 288 Sharon D. Jackson, 252 Sharon G. Jackson, 358 Steve G. Jackson, 314 Steve M. Jackson, 358 Charles R. Jaco, 358 Pamela C. Jaco, 358 Michael D. Jacobs, 358 Lee O. Jamerson, 288 Alphonso James, 314 Donald L. James, 288 Henry R. James, 288 Joe D. James, 288 Jon B. James, 288 Kathryn E. James, 314 Pamela D. James, 358 Sharon G. James, 315 Travis A. James, 288 Victor D. James, 334 Mary E. Jameson, 315 Lauren L. Jamison, 315 Richard C. Jans, 315 Debra L. Jansen, 334 John E. Jarvis, 358 Suzanne Jarvis, 358 Margaret E. Jayroe, 358 Robert D. Jeffcoat, 315 Devora L. Jefferson, 358 Deborah S. Jeffery, 288 Edward C. Jeffery, 334 Stanley H. Jemerson, 288 Bradley A. Jenkins, 315 Jesse J. Jenkins, 358 John W. Jenkins, 288 387 388 Judy L. Jenkins, 334 Robert D. Jenkins, 315 Ronald L. Jenkins, 315 Rita J. Jernigan, 288 Kenneth G. Jessup, 288 Betty C. Jetton, 252 Jennifer J. Jetton, 315 Mike W. Johanson, 358 Steve M. Johanson, 358 Deborah H. Johns, 315 Eric S. Johns, 335 Robert V. Johns, 288 Anita S. Johnson, 288 Anthony D. Johnson, 315 Arvilia Johnson, 358 Barry S. Johnson, 358 Beverly A. Johnson, 288 Carolyn R. Johnson, 358 Clara E. Johnson, 358 Clarence Johnson, 375 Daniel E. Johnson, 335 David R. Johnson, 358 Demetrys A. Johnson, 288 Dudley K. Johnson, 335 Eddie L. Johnson, 378 Garald S. Johnson, 315 Gary W. Johnson, 359 James C. Johnson, 288 James C. Johnson, 374 Janice M. Johnson, 315 Jerry F. Johnson, 315 Joe E. Johnson, 288 Joe M. Johnson, 335 John H. Johnson, 288 Johnnie E. Johnson, 335 Karen L. Johnson, 359 Kathryn J. Johnson, 359 Kathy A. Johnson, 335 Kathy G. Johnson, 359 Larry D. Johnson, 335 Larry R. Johnson, 335 Linda D. Johnson, 315 Martha J. Johnson, 359 Mary S. Johnson, 359 Najgy H. Johnson, 288 Patricia A. Johnson, 359 Randall B. Johnson, 288 Randy M. Johnson, 335 Randy S. Johnson, 359 Robert D. Johnson, 335 Ronnie R. Johnson, 288 Rose M. Johnson, 359 Sherry E. Johnson, 378 S. T. Johnson, 252 Stanley R. Johnson, 359 Steve H. Johnson, 288 Steven A. Johnson, 335 Tandy L. Johnson, 335 Tommy L. Johnson, 378 Walter T. Johnson, 288 Wanda L. Johnson, 359 William S. Johnson, 335 William T. Johnson, 359 Woodrow Johnson, 359 Cathy E. Johnston, 335 David L. Johnston, 288 Ellis C. Johnston, 335 Carol A. Jolly, 378 Lisa J. Jolly, 288 Barbara L. Jones, 359 Betty V. Jones, 288 Bryan E. Jones, 359 Catherine M. Jones, 288 Debra A. Jones, 253 Debra S. Jones, 315 Diane R. Jones, 335 Dianne M. Jones, 315 Doyle M. Jones, 359 Elizabeth Jones, 359 Freddy B. Jones, 288 Gary L. Jones, 359 Hershel G. Jones, 359 James H. Jones, 335 James S. Jones, 288 Jan S. Jones, 335 Janet S. Jones, 315 Jeanetta S. Jones, 335 Jeannie L. Jones, 359 Johnnie L. Jones, 359 Johnny Jones, 288 Jon H. Jones, 359 Judy Y. Jones, 251 Karen C. Jones, 359 Karen N. Jones, 335 Karla J. Jones, 359 Ken E. Jones, 315 Kurt S. Jones, 359 Larry L. Jones, 315 Mary A. Jones, 359 Mary A. Jones, 378 Melinda Jones, 359 Mike J. Jones, 335 Nancy D. Jones, 359 Nancy J. Jones, 335 Pam D. Jones, 378 Patricia A. Jones, 335 Patricia S. Jones, 359 Paula C. Jones, 288 Phyllis P. Jones, 288 Randy Jones, 359 Ray A. Jones, 288 Ray F. Jones, 375 Richard D. Jones 359 Ricky W. Jones, 315 Rodney S. Jones, 359 Ronald G. Jones, 289 Roy R. Jones, 315 Samuel B. Jones, 315 Sharon L. Jones, 378 Stephen M. Jones, 315 Steven W. Jones, 335 Timothy R. Jones, 335 Vickie L. Jones, 289 Virgil I. Jones, 335 William L. Jones, 289 William W. Jones, 335 Edgar E. Jordan, 359 Gregory Jordan, 315 Olivia J. Jordan, 289 Michael L. Joseph, 335 Beverly Joyce, 315 Isaac B. Joyner, 335 Jeff L. Juergens, 359 Jim L. Julian, 335 Mary F. Jumper, 289 David W. Juneau, 315 David L. Jung, 253 Richard L. Justice, 335 Norma J. Justus, 251 -K- Tom R. Kaemmerling, 378 George Kaloghirou, 315 Regina M. Kammeyer, 289 William A. Kamp, 335 Shari E. Kannarr, 378 Charles A. Kasabian, 359 Fred D. Kassaw, 375 Arnold R. Kaut, 289 Ricky G. Kay, 335 Jeannie M. Keasler, 359 Karen D. Keating, 359 Pat Keck, 315 Sandra K. Kee, 289 Susan P. Kee, 359 Pamela S. Keeling, 335 Thomas F. Keeling, 315 Bobby S. Kegley, 335 Danny C. Keith, 359 Juliana D. Keith, 315 Steven M. Keith, 359 Randy C. Kellems, 315 Kathy Keller, 335 Mark B. Keller, 335 Peggy L. Keller, 315 Tom M. Keller, 378 Debra L. Kelley, 359 Kathryn G. Kelley, 289 LeAnn E. Kelley, 289 Mary B. Kelley, 315 Nelson Kelley, 315 Ricky D. Kelley, 315 Sharon L. Kelley, 315 Stan J. Kelley, 359 Vernita Kelley, 359 William D. Kelley, 359 Mary K. Kellim, 375 Marian K. Kelly, 378 Charles E. Kelm, 359 Peggy A. Kelso, 374 Kim R. Kelton, 289 Frances T. Kemp, 375 Gary L. Kemp, 289 Len Kemp, 289 Lisa M. Kemp, 335 Sharon L. Kemp, 289 Gregory H. Kemper, 289 Rayburn E. Kendall, 359 Pamela A. Kender, 244 Rebecca L. Kendrick, 289 Robert H. Kendrick, 315 Craig A. Kennedy, 359 Kathy A. Kennedy, 378 Roger O. Kennedy, 244 Roselyn K. Kennedy, 378 Paul C. Kennett, 335 Stephen B. Kennon, 315 Steve A. Kent, 315 Dawn Keown, 335 Robert O. Kern, 315 Thelma R. Kern, 359 Patricia Kernodle, 315 Bill Kerr, 315 Peggy Kerr, 315 Norma J. Kersey, 375 Tim L. Kersey, 315 Vikki L, Kersey, 359 Alfred E, Kerst, 375 Dennis A. Kersting, 251 Nancy A, Kestner, 359 Diana L. Ketcham, 289 Lenita K. Ketchum, 335 Lester C. Kidd, 375 Betty J. Kiefer, 359 Gary D. Kifer, 359 Steve D. Kilbreth, 359 Kevin A. Killett, 359 Kathy A. Killian, 335 Ricky Killingsworth, 289 Kenneth Kimberling, 359 Malcolm K. Kimbro, 335 Anthony W, King, 359 Betsy A. King, 289 Charles J. King, 359 Cherylinda K. King, 335 Dennis J. King, 335 Edward R. King, 359 George R. King, 315 Jack C. King, 378 Jimmy P. King, 315 John H. King, 335 Kathryn A. King, 335 Lawrence A, King, 315 Lurline King, 378 Marilyn L. King, 315 Pennie O. King, 289 Rod King, 289 Sarah L. King, 253 Travis L. King, 359 Phillip D. Kingston, 251 Rosemary Kinney, 289 Debbie R. Kinsey, 335 Diane Kinsey, 359 Diane M. Kinsworthy, 315 Terry W. Kinsworthy, 315 John E. Kintzler, 359 Deborah L. Kious, 289 Brenda K. Kirby, 359 Larry.B. Kirk, 359 Susan N. Kirk, 244 Deborah Kirkdoffer, 359 Nancy P. Kirkley, 315 Jan Kirkpatrick, 359 John A. Kirkpatrick, 335 Thomas A. Kirksey, 359 Cleo Kirkwood, 359 Glenda F. Kirkwood, 375 Horace R. Kirtley, 359 Bruce W. Kissinger, 336 Mary M. Kittany, 359 John S. Kitterman, 336 Harrison Kittrell, 336 Darlene Klein, 359 Roger W. Klein, 289 Debbie Klinkhardt, 315 Jaime E. Klipsch, 315 Mark J. Klosterman, 315 William J. Klutho, 289 Larry D. Knapp, 375 Debbye D. Knight, 315 Doy R. Knight, 289 Jelina K. Knight, 336 Susan M. Knipple, 336 Beverly E. Knott, 360 Debbie M. Knotts, 360 Catherine Knowlton, 376 Organ I. Knowlton, 360 Phillip M. Koettel, 360 Russell D. Koonce, 336 Jean Koppenhaver, 315 Nancy M, Kramer, 289 Larry W. Krenzelok, 289 Kurt M. Krug, 289 'Michael A. Kucala, 360 Janet L. Kueter, 315 Anake N. Kunthorn, 315 Robert Kuykendall, 315 -L- Frances A. Lacefield, 289 Joe P. Lacey, 336 Logan B. Lackey, 315 Lori L. Lackey, 336 Carol A. Lacy, 336 Courtney L. Lacy, 360 Donald G. Ladd, 336 Katherine D. Ladd, 360 Rodney A. Ladd, 360 Dan R. LaFantasie, 360 Larry D. LaGrand, 253 Mary E. Lally, 336 Deloris R. Lamb, 244 Joyce Lamb, 290 Robert S. Lamb, 336 Roy L. Lamb, 378 Sharon E. Lamb, 315 Susie M. Lamb, 378 William H. Lamb, 315 Malinda K. -Lamberson, 360 Charlette Lambert, 360 Linda L. Lambert, 360 Stewart K, Lambert, 315 Michael G. Lambie, 253 Ace Laminack, 315 Judy C. Lamp, 360 Kenneth C. Lancaster, 336 Leon E. Lance, 336 Karl H. Landberg, 336 Glenna L. Landers, 244 Rav G. Landers. 290 William L. Landreth, 290 Doris M. Landrum, 336 Thomas E. Landrus, 360 Mike B. Lands, 375 Patsy L. Lane, 290 Richard L. Lane, 315 Emily B. Langevin, 253 Michael A. Langevin, 290 Mary A. Langrell, 336 Randy M. Langston, 360 Terry V. Langston, 315 Allen K. Lanham, 251 Ruthann Lantz, 290 Robert Laquet, 336 Alice M. Lard, 360 Dennis L. Lard, 290 John L. Lard, 290 Willie Larry, 315 Curtis S. LaRue, 360 Dianne LaRue, 376 Mary M. LaRue, 360 Ronald E. LaRue, 315 Hugh T. Lasater, 315 Mary K. Lassen, 360 Michael J. Lasseter, 336 Jim F. Lassiter, 336 Alan L. Latourette, 316 Lyle A. Lattimore, 316 Rosie L. Lauderdale, 360 Terry Laughinghouse, 316 Jackie R. Law, 290 Lindell J. Law, 316 Janis L. Lawhon, 360 Dianne Lawler, 360 Brenda S. Lawrence, 360 David M. Lawrence, 290 Krista L. Lawrence, 316 Larry D. Lawrence, 290 Larry V. Lawrence, 360 Mark E. Lawrence, 360 Sharon E. Lawrence, 290 Steve Lawrence, 290 Tommy D. Lawrence, 290 Rufus B. Laws, 316 Belinda A. Lawson, 360 Larry W. Lawson, 336 Robert V. Lawson, 290 Dana Michele Layer, 336 Dennis G. Layer, 360 Eugene Layer, 336 Linda S. Layman, 336 Buck C. Layne, 360 Charles B. Layne, 360 Robert D. Layne, 251 Rosalie A. Layne, 360 Eddie M. Lea, 290 Jennifer Leamons, 360 William M. Leaptrot, 376 Catherine D. Lear, 290 Grace Leary, 290 Marilyn A. Leary, 290 Richard P. LeBrun, 375 Ryona D. LeClaire, 375 Burl L. Ledbetter, 378 Bobbie K. Ledgerwood, 290 Nancy J. Ledgerwood, 290 Carolyn J. Lee, 290 Charles Debra J. W. Lee, 360 Lee, 360 Jerry D. Lee, 316 John E. Lee, 290 Karen J. Lee, 336 Linda L. Lee, 253 Lynn A. Lee, 336 Pamela Y. Lee, 336 Robert M. Lee, 290 Sharon K. Lee, 360 William E. Lee, 290 Donald L. Leftwich, 253 Robert J. Legate, 336 Marsha L. LeGrand, 316 Rhonda S. Lehnherr, 316 Chris ,A. Leibrock, 244 Silvester Leigh, 360 Mary B. Leiting, 316 Mary K. Lemay, 336 Brenda S. Lemmons, 290 Randy W. Lemmons, 360 John D. Lendennie, 316 John R. Lendennie, 360 Laurel J. Lendennie, 290 Mary J. Lendennie, 316 HOITISY J. Lenderman, 360 Carol A. Lentzner, 360 Dianna K. Leonard, 336 Lestie C. Leonard, 378 Sandra L. Leonard, 251 Freddie A. Leroux, 336 Roxanne Becky S. L. Leroux, 336 Lesco, 360 Kelly D. Lewallen, 374 Wallace Lewallen, 360 Brock Lewandoski, 336 Clare T. Lewers, 316 Charleen R. Lewis, 360 John L. Lewis, 290 Judy A. Lewis, 360 Linda K. Lewis, 360 Patsy A. Lewis, 290 Perry Lewis, 376 Randy M. Robert Y. Lewis, 336 Lewis, 316 Ronnie H. Lewis, 336 Russell W. Lewis, 336 Steven C. Lewis, 290 Dee L. Libhart, 360 Raymond E. Liddell, 253 Rita E. Liddell, 291 Don W. L iggett, 336 Clayton S. Lightfoot, 291 Rebecca D. Lightfoot, 244 Sandra K. Ligon, 316 Flobin L. Lile, 360 Debbie Liles, 336 David A. Limpach, 291 Sydney A. Linam, 336 Jack R. Lincoln, 336 Jill L. Lincoln, 336 Ron D. Li ndley, 316 Doris J. Lindsey, 360 Nancy Ruth Lindsey, 375 Rhonda C. Lindsey, 360 Cheryl L. Lingo, 360 Cynthia A. Linn, 291 Sarah S. Lipscomb, 316 Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, 291 Freddie E. Lisko, 360 Jimmy Lisko, 316 LaNan Lisko, 360 Flora D. Little, 316 Linda K. Robert T. Little, 378 Little, 336 Jane Littleton, 291 Holly J. Litzelfelner, 336 Jill Litzelf elner, 291 Steven G. Livesay, 360 Etta M. L ioyd, 316 Thomas E. Lloyd, 291 Brent E. Lochridge, 360 Candice E. Lock, 316 Angela D. Lockhart, 336 Linda G. Loewer, 375 Donnie W. Logan, 336 Larry Logan, 360 Commie Loggains, 360 Danny D. Loggains, 336 Mary E. Lomax, 244 Carl R. Long, 316 Coy L. Long, 253 Don H. Long, 336 Doug R. Long, 361 Ginger L. Long, 336 Harold R. Long, 376 James M. Long, 336 Joseph D. Long, 316 Kathy J. Long, 361 Kenny D. Long, 361 Pat L. Long, 316 Vicki R. Long, 244 William C. Long, 316 Steve L. Lookadoo, 361 James M. Looney, 361 Jean A. Lorance, 253 John B. Lorick, 316 George E. Losak, 291 Jack D. Lott, 361 Barbara L. Lovell, 316 Catherine L. Lovell, 378 James M. Lovell, 337 Lula E. Lovell, 337 Janice L. Lovett, 361 Rebecca L. Lovett, 316 Cleora Loving, 378 Sylvester L. Loving, 337 JoAnn Lowe, 361 Terry J. Lowery, 361 James S. Lowrance, 291 James B. Lucius, 361 Jane L. Luckie, 337 Paula E. Luebke, 291 Rebecca L. Lueken, 291 John M. Lufcy, 291 Kenneth W. Luff, 337 Clara E. Lunceford, 337 Linda S. Lunceford, 378 Cynthia M. Lunnemann, 316 Karen N. Lunsford, 361 Danny L. Lusk, 337 Susan Luster, 291 J. Randle Luten, 291 David R. Luter, 337 Teresa J. Luther, 337 Charles D. Lutrell, 316 Jean Lutterloh, 316 Paul B. Lutterloh, 291 Kathy L. Luzietti, 378 Donna J. Lyerly, 361 Cindy S. Lynch, 291 David M. Lynn, 337 Ruth D. Lynn, 378 Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, 316 Lewis C. Lyons, 291 -M- Linda S. Maack, 316 Joseph C. Mabrey, 337 Dorthy C. Mabry, 361 Danny D. MacDonald, 316 Frank Macintosh, 316 Doug Mack, 291 Brian F. MacMillan, 316 Harold A. Madden, 316 Cornelius Maddox, 337 Dale E. Maddox, 291 Nina F. Maddox, 291 Robert Maddox, 291 Masoud Madjlesli, 316 Sarah T. Magerl, 361 Deborah D. Maglothin, 316 Douglas L. Maglothin, 316 Steve E. Maguffee, 361 George F. Mahan, 291 Juliana M. Mahan, 378 Lee Mahan, 379 Mitzie L. Mahon, 361 Stacey L. Mahurin, 361 Allen D. Majors, 316 Gary J. Majors, 316 Johnny A. Makovec, 361 Maria E. Malham, 316 Michael J. Malham, 316 Carolyn S. Mallory, 337 Debra C. Malloy, 316 Melissa D. Malloy, 361 Mary A. Malone, 376 Nancy J. Malone, 316 John D. Manatt, 291 Pamela H. Manatt, 291 Susan C. Manatt, 337 Debra K. Mangrum, 361 Timothy J. Mangrum, 379 Judy C. Manley, 337 David E, Mann, 316 Gary D. Mann, 376 Myron W. Mann, 337 Michael W. Manning, 375 Vera P. Manning, 337 Dennia K. Maple, 361 Claudie M. Maples, 361 Melissa A. Maples, 337 Deborah A. Margrave, 291 Phyllis E. Mariott, 316 Virginia L. Mariott, 361 Philip T. Mark, 291 Brenda J. Markin, 291 William M. Markle, 291 Sharon K. Marlar, 361 Tarry L. Marlar, 361 Thomas G, Marlar, 337 Melonie A. Marler, 361 Judy D. Marlin, 337 Jane A. Marotta, 291 John A. Marotta, 253 Joseph K. Marotti, 361 Harrison Marr, 337 Patricia L. Marr, 291 Janice C. Marsh, 291 Christy Marshall, 337 Dana J. Marshall, 337 James S. Marshall, 376 Jerald R. Marshall, 337 Paula J. Marshall, 316 Peggy J. Marshall, 361 Bobby L. Martin, 291 Brent W. Martin, 291 Charles A. Martin, 337 Charles R. Martin, 379 David Martin, 376 Dyanna L. Martin, 361 Elizabeth M. Martin, 361 James M. Martin, 375 James R. Martin, 361 James R. Martin, 375 John A. Martin, 337 Jon A. Martin, 316 Kathi B. Martin, 291 Mark Martin, 337 Martha A. Martin, 316 Mary K. Martin, 337 Michael G. Martin, 316 Richard N. Martin, 316 Virginia D. Martin, 316 Robert M. Marx, 337 Roger A. Mashburn, 361 Denise J. Mask, 361 Craig M. Mason, 361 James M. Mason, 361 Kathleen Mason, 361 Patricia Mason, 361 Peggye A. Mason, 245 Mike R. Massanelli, 316 Dean M. Massey, 316 Lana C. Massey, 291 Linden A. Massey, 361 Mark Massey, 361 Ward D. Massey, 361 William P. Massey, 316 Pamela A. Matheny, 375 Melody C. Mathers, 291 Mark B. Mathews, 337 Marilyn G. Mathis, 316 Ronnie G. Matsch, 337 Fred E. Matteson, 361 Dianne M. Matthews, 337 Linda S. Matthews, 316 Robert S. Matthews, 316 William W. Matthews, 291 Jimmy W. Mauldin, 316 Nancy Y. Maxwell, 361 Thomas A. Maxwell, 361 David G. May, 337 Lanny A. May, 337 Robert W. May, 337 Patricia A. Mayes, 361 Scott M. Mayes, 361 Lucinda A. Mayhan, 361 Charles W. Mayhew, 361 Dickey D. Mayland, 337 Stephen R. Maynard, 291 Regina R. Mayo, 337 Chauncey B. Mayes, 337 Leslie S. Mays, 253 Pam McAdam, 337 Cindy A. McAlister, 245 Clarence W. McAlister, 361 William E. McAnally, 337 Thomas B. McBee, 316 Glenna A. McBride, 291 Marilyn K. McBride, 337 William S. McBride, 379 Zoe Y. McBride, 337 Robert S. McCall, 292 Shirley M. McCall, 245 Carl R. McCarn, 361 Robin V. McCarter, 337 John W. McCarty, 337 Mary I. McCarty, 316 Pamela R. McCaslin, 361 Lisa T. McCaughan, 379 Kathie K. McCaughey, 361 Linda C. McCay, 337 Billy V. McClendon, 316 June D. McClendon, 361 Laraine G. McClendon, 361 Sandra M. McClendon, 292 Kevin G. McClung, 337 Louise McClure, 292 Margaret E. McClure, 292 James S. McCluskey, 292 Johnny McCluskey, 361 John W. McCollum, 337 Phyllis A. McCollum, 361 Sheila J. McCollum, 362 J. R. McConnaughay, 251 Pamela T. McConnell, 337 Edward McCool, 292 Thomas A. McCord, 292 Christy L. McCormick, 292 Bill N. McCoy, 337 Francis P. McCoy, 337 Harvey L. McCoy, 292 John D. McCoy, 362 Kenneth D. McCoy, 362 Sherry U. McCoy, 362 Shirley A. McCoy, 292 Terry L. McCoy, 337 Richard T. McCright, 292 Danny R. McCrone, 362 Peggy D. McCullar, 245 David L. McCullough, 253 Debra A. McCustion, 337 Bonnie B. McDaniel 316 Jimmy A. McDaniel, 362 Karen D. McDaniel, 292 Karen M. McDaniel, 362 Mickey J. McDaniel, 292 Raymond D. McDaniel, 251 Toni A. McDaniel, 316 Mike P. McDermott, 362 William D. McDonald, 337 Carol E. McDowell, 375 Bryan L. McEuen, 316 Mitchel D. McFalI, 316 Keith A. McFann, 316 Angela L. McFarland, 362 Phyllis D. McFarland, 316 Victoria D. McFarlin, 245 Vincent P. McGarry, 292 Kevin R. McGaughey, 362 Cleve McGaughy, 317 Danny G. McGee, 317 David R. McGee, 379 Paul S. McGee, 317 Clyde D. McGhee, 317 Robert L. McGhee, 337 Sherry M. McGinn, 337 Monica J. McGinnis, 253 Nancy L. McGinnis, 379 Becca J. McGough, 317 David L. McGough, 292 John W. McGough, 337 Sonja K. McGough, 292 Sherry G. McGovern, 317 James M. McGowan, 337 Merle S. McGruder, 292 Michael L. McGuire, 292 John M. McHaffey, 292 Tommy A. McHan, 337 Jill J. McHaney, 362 William T. McHenry, 337 William F. Mcllroy, 337 Kenneth L. Mclnnis, 337 Gary R. McKay, 362 Robert P. McKay, 317 Debbra L. McKelvey, 337 Mary K. McKinney, 317 389 390 Michael A. McKinney, 337 Michael C. McKinney, 292 Teresa L. McKinney, 337 Ruby J. McKisick, 317 Bessanne McKnight, 362 Loretta J. McKnight, 317 Cindy L. McLain, 362 Edward H. McLain, 253 Phillip E. ivicLarty, 337 Jo Beth McLaughlin, 292 Elizabeth A. McLemore, 337 Margaret A. McMahon, 379 Donna R. McMiller, 317 Judy A. McMinn, 337 Ralph K. McMinn, 362 Denise McMullen, 292 Myra K. McMullin, 292 Robin S. McMullin, 292 Martin S. McMurray, 253 McKinley L. McMurtrey, 337 Robert L. McNair, 292 Phyllis J. McNeal, 317 Virginia P. McNeal, 362 Linda F. McNear, 337 Jerry S. McNeely, 292 Randall E. McNeil, 362 Phillip E. McNeill, 292 Claude R. McNinch, 317 Martha J. McNutt, 292 Glenda A. McPherson, 292 Norman S. McPike, 292 Larry W. McQulrter, 292 Claudia M. McRaven, 292 Sandra C. McRaven, 362 Kathy McRoy, 317 Anne M. McSpadden, 317 Bruce E. McSpadden, 362 Ginger McSpadden, 337 Scott McSwain, 362 Charles L. McWaters, 317 Chuck McWhirter, 362 Robert M. Meacham, 292 Vicki L. Mead, 292 Judy E. Meadows, 292 Mark E. Meadows, 362 Larry S. Mealer, 338 Kim D. Medford, 362 Michael L. Medling, 317 Daniel L. Medlock, 292 David N. Medlock, 362 Deborah M. Meeker, 292 Lyndell J. Meeks, 362 Ronald D. Meeks, 317 JoAnn Meier, 338 Billy W. Melton, 317 Mary A. Melton, 338 Harold D. Melvin, 379 Edward M. Melzer, 362 Mark H. Meredith, 362 Anita L. Merrill, 362 Robert C. Merriman, 292 Stephen E. Merriman, 338 William H. Merryman, 338 Robert L. Metcalf, 362 Sonja A. Metheny, 292 Eleanor M. Mettler, 317 Ronald W. Metz, 292 Henry F. Metzler, 293 John M. Metzler, 293 Steve R. Metzler, 293 Susan M. Metzler, 362 Randy C. Meuir, 317 Roger D. Meurer, 362 Debbie D. Michael, 362 Edward J. Michael, 338 Patsy A. Mick, 317 Shirley Middlebrooks, 317 Kemp L. Midkiff, 317 Keith R. Mikel, 362 Ivan J. Miles, 253 Lana K. Miles, 375 Laurie A, Miles, 379 Malcolm W. Miles, 317 Susan R. Miles, 317 Timothy J. Miles, 317 Tommy B. Miley, 338 Gary R. Millard, 362 Barbara Jo Miller, 317 Becky L. Miller, 362 Carl E. Miller, 293 Donna R. Miller, 338 Greg Miller, 338 Janet M. Miller, 362 Jimmy L. Miller, 362 Laura Y. Miller, 245 Leslie G. Miller, 338 Marshell E. Miller, 338 Paul D. Miller, 293 Paul F. Miller, 379 Rosanne Miller, 293 Sharon A. Miller, 293 Stephen J. Miller, 293 Stephen K. Miller, 362 Terri T. Miller, 362 William D. Miller, 338 William M. Miller, 293 Diana M. Milligan, 245 Jerry W. Milligan, 362 Mary A. Milligan, 245 Ronald D. Milligan, 293 Mark F. Million, 338 Bette B. Mills, 293 Cynthia A. Mills, 317 Dorothy G. Mills, 317 Lester G. Mills, 338 Bethel K. Milton, 362 James W. Milum, 338 William R. Milum, 317 Debra J. Miner, 245 Bradley A. Minton, 338 Mary A. Misenhimer, 251 Timothy L. Mistric, 362 Renonia V. Mitcham, 293 Annetta L. Mitchell, 376 Barbara J. Mitchell, 293 Betty L. Mitchell, 338 Carol A. Mitchell, 317 Carol V. Mitchell, 317 Charles S. Mitchell, 317 David A. Mitchell, 253 Dixie L. Mitchell, 338 George E. Mitchell, 338 Herbert L. Mitchell, 362 Jonelle L. Mitchell, 338 Judy K. Mitchell, 293 Patrick M. Mitchell, 338 Randal H. Mitchell, 293 Steven E. Mitchell, 317 Susan V, Mitchell, 317 Sandra G. Mitts, 293 Andrew H. Mize, 362 Stephanie K. Mize, 362 Etiese T. Mkpa, 293 Karen S. Mobley, 362 Lawrence E. Mobley, 251 Ken A. Mock, 362 Ron D. Moffitt, 362 Parvin Mohammadi, 376 Eugene W. Molinaro, 338 Mike G. Moll, 362 Dennis R. Molock, 293 Robert L. Mondy, 293 George T. Monroe, 293 Gina K. Monroe, 317 Joy L. Monroe, 362 Mary A. Monroe, 338 Preston Monroe, 362 Carl Montague, 317 Barbara J. Montgomery, 338 Betty J. Montgomery, 245 Cynthia G. Montgomery, 338 Debora D. Montgomery, 293 Elaine Montgomery, 317 Euell F. Montgomery, 379 James T. Montgomery, 293 Mark T. Montgomery, 317 William W. Montgomery, 362 Ernest C. Moms, 293 Donna K. Moody, 293 Jane Moody, 338 James H. Moon, 317 William B. Moon, 362 Charles M. Mooney, 379 Danon C. Mooney, 317 Jerry D. Mooney, 293 Archie L. Moore, 362 Bruce E. Moore, 362 Charles R. Moore, 317 Clester Moore, 362 Debbie M. Moore, 253 Donald W. Moore, 317 Donna L. Moore, 362 Gary M. Moore, 338 Gregory D. Moore, 293 Jack D. Moore, 362 Jane Moore, 338 Larry E. Moore, 362 Louise Moore, 317 Marcus R. Moore, 317 Paige Moore, 362 Pamela K. Moore, 362 Raymond E. Moore, 362 Richard W. Moore, 362 Robert R. Moore, 338 Ronald D. Moore, 317 Susan K. Moore, 317 Theresa B. Moore, 362 Travis M. Moore, 293 William K. Moore, 362 Louis Morales, 293 Sally J. Morehead, 375 Becky S. Morgan, 317 Beverly J. Morgan, 362 Bruce G. Morgan, 318 Carolyn E. Morgan, 293 Deyonne Morgan, 362 Edward Morgan, 318 Evangelina J. Morgan, 338 Jerri E. Morgan, 362 Kathy Morgan, 293 Kaye N. Morgan, 294 Melinda K. Morgan, 338 Michael V. Morgan, 318 Michael W. Morgan, 294 Parker Morgan, 318 Sammy L. Morgan, 294 Sheila S. Morgan, 376 Vann A. Morgan, 362 Vicki L. Morgan, 338 William R. Morphis, 362 Bonnie E. Morris, 363 Eddy R. Morris, 363 Elmer G. Morris, 294 George A. Morris, 376 James E. Morris, 338 John H. Morris, 318 Leslie L. Morris, 363 Mark E. Morris, 363 Nickle S. Morris, 294 Richard M. Morris, 363 Ronald D. Morris, 294 Ronald E. Morris, 294 Thomas C. Morris, 294 Debbie K. Morrison, 338 Marshall Morrison, 363 Patricia G. Morrison, 338 Julia E. Morrow, 363 Carol A. Morse, 363 Gary L. Morton, 363 Burnie L. Mosby, 294 Debra L. Moseley, 318 Connie J. Moser, 294 Danny H. Moser, 294 Sheilah S. Moser, 294 Anthony K. Moses, 251 John P. Moses, 294 Nellie A. Mosley, 363 Ronald L. Mosley, 363 Steve A. Mosley, 318 William C. Mosley, 294 Carolyn S. Moss, 318 Mary E. Moss, 294 Ronnie B. Moss, 338 Sally A. Moss, 318 Verna J. Moss, 338 Wanda B. Moss, 294 Larry T. Moulder, 363 Charles Mouton, 363 Carol D. Mowery, 363 Danny N. Moye, 318 Robyn L. Moye, 363 Nancy J. Moyers, 379 Robert J. Mroczkowski, 294 Jerry R. Muckensturm, 294 Kevin F. Muckensturm, 363 Daniel R. Mullen, 318 Donna S. Mullen, 338 Geraldine Mullen, 318 Roy L. Mullen, 379 Patricia K. Mulligan, 294 Mary L. Mullikin, 363 Bobbie J. Mullins, 318 Gary A. Mullins, 363 Helen G. Mullins, 338 Joel W. Mullins, 338 Tommy L. Mumert, 363 Orben D. Munn, 379 Claudene N. Munsell, 253 Carolyn Murdock, 294 Willie Murdock, 318 John D. Murillo, 294 Cheryl D. Murphy, 363 Mark E. Murphy, 294 Ronald D. Murphy, 294 Sylvia A. Murphy, 318 Beverly L. Murray, 363 H. J. Murray, 294 Ken S. Murray, 294 Samuel G. Murray, 338 Jerry D. Musick, 363 Fred C. Mustain, 338 Paul D. Muzik, 338 Peter D. Muzik, 338 William P. Muzik, 318 Bruce D, Myers, 318 Charles E. Myers, 338 Grant Myers, 318 Rickey D. Myers, 363 Bruxie N. Myshka, 338 -N- Mary M. Nagel, 318 Michael Nagy, 318 Marian J. Nahlen, 294 Ethel C. Nail, 318 Barbara D. Nance, 338 Dianne Nance, 363 Donna S. Nance, 363 Robert M. Nance, 363 Sonya J. Nance, 379 Anderson Neal, 363 Brenda M. Neal, 318 Micheal R. Neal, 318 Dean A. Nebben, 294 Mechaele K. Nebben, 294 Molly M. Nebhut, 294 Douglas W. Neblett, 363 Kenneth R. Neece, 379 Richard A. Neeley, 318 Don M. Neely, 338 Gary W. Neely, 363 Jimmie L. Neely, 363 Kerry J. Neely, 294 Michael E. Neely, 318 Karen R. Neighbors, 363 Bruce E. Nelms, 295 Richie L. Nelms, 338 Billy J. Nelson, 338 Byron G. Nelson, 363 Doris J. Nelson, 363 James E. Nelson, 363 JoDell Nelson, 363 Wayne H. Nesbitt, 338 Gary D. Nesler, 363 Deborah P. Nester, 251 Reita L. Nettles, 295 Jerry F. Neumeyer, 363 Janet A. Newberry, 363 Kathy S. Newberry, 363 Kenneth E. Newberry, 363 Lynda A. Newberry, 295 Tommie E. Newberry, 338 Deborah A. Newborn, 338 Charles E. Newman, 318 Bona A. Newsom, 318 James R. Newsom, 318 Mary K. Newsom, 295 Samuel Newsome, 338 Andy E. Newton, 379 Charles R. Nichols, 363 Craig H. Nichols, 375 Johnny Nichols, 318 Michael Nichols, 338 Patricia A. Nichols, 338 Roy E. Nichols, 318 Deborah J. Nicholson, 338 Jamie J. Nicholson, 295 Samuel S. Nicholson, 363 Bobby M. Nickles, 318 David'L. Niederbrach, 338 David A. Nigus, 363 Fred E. Nimmo, 295 Randall C. Nipper, 318 Claire A. Nix, 318 David G. Nix, 363 Steve D. Noble, 379 Larry J. Noblin, 318 Michael D. Noblin, 363 Cynthia G. Noel, 338 Pattie L. Noland, 363 Davie L. Noles, 295 Jana L. Noles, 318 Kathy L. Norman, 363 Michael L. Norman, 295 Paul E. Norrid, 295 Nancy D. Norris, 363 Neshe North, 295 Ronald J. Northcutt, 363 Andrew K. Norton, 379 Manochehr B. Novri, 338 Debbie M. Nowlin, 295 Marsha A. Nugent, 338 Donald Nunnally, 295 Patricia D. Nunnally, 364 Ronald Nunnally, 295 Fred L. Nutt, 364 -Q- Joe N. Oates, 318 Charles E. O'Brien, 253 Michael A. O'Brien, 364 Rosanne M. O'Brien, 364 Albert O'Bryant, 295 David L. O'Cain, 364 Ronnie L. O'Cain, 318 William J. O'Dell, 318 Billy L. Odom, 318 Mary A. O'Hara, 364 Robert E. O'Kane, 295 Mark Oldham, 338 William D. Olive, 364 Andrew Oliver, 295 Christine Oliver, 364 Eddy L. Oliver, 338 Judy A. Oliver, 295 Judy L. Oliver, 338 Linda V. Oliver, 364 Mickey W. Oliver, 295 Peggy D. Oliver, 318 Dana S. Olvey, 295 Chris H. O'Mary, 318 Bobby R. O'Neal, 376 Patrick M. O'Neal, 364 Peggy A. O'Neal, 364 Rodney O'Neal, 364 Sandra L. Onstead, 318 Michael O'Reilly, 338 Patte N. O'Reilly, 338 Kathy Orel, 379 Stephen J. Orlicek, 338 David P. Orr, 364 James A. Orr, 364 James D. Orr, 364 Mike Orr, 364 Donald R. Orton, 376 Carl W. Osborn, 338 Gwen M. Osborn, 318 Mark L. Osborn, 379 Elizabeth A. Osborne, 379 Mark V. Osswald, 364 Robert L. Oswalt, 318 Deborah A. Ostrowski, 364 Chris M. Ott, 338 Ernest M. Ott, 338 John P. Otto, 339 Michael L. Ousnamer, 375 Randle L. Overbey, 295 Betty A. Owen, 364 Karen K. Owen, 295 Stephen J. Owen, 318 Charles D. Owens, 364 Cynthia D. Owens, 339 Dixie L. Owens, 364 Donna E. Owens, 318 Hollis L. Owens, 318 James P. Owens, 318 Jeanne C. Owens, 295 Karen J. Owens, 295 Melvina Owens, 376 Oscar T. Owens, 295 Randy M. Owens, 339 Sherry E. Owens, 318 Vivian M. Owens, 364 Wendel R. Owens, 364 Steven M. Oxner, 364 Judith A. Ozbirn, 295 ..p.. James C. Pace, 295 Martin D. Pace, 364 Richard L. Pace, 295 Stephen R. Pace, 364 Wilma L. Pace, 379 Filbert R. Pacheco, 364 Del A. Pagan, 319 Steve O. Pagan, 364 Richard Page, 364 William H. Page, 364 Ken N. Paige, 364 Roy F. Painter, 319 Debra L. Palmer, 364 George M. Palmer, 319 Mary D. Palmer, 339 Melvin J. Palmer, 295 Murrell E. Palmer, 319 Phillip A. Palmer, 379 Raymond M. Palmer, 319 Robert N. Palmer, 339 Ronald G. Palmer, 295 Nita A. Palone, 339 Robert A. Palone, 339 David Pankey, 364 Sarah J. Pankey, 339 Stephen A. Pankey, 364 Phil B. Panneck, 375 William L. Panneck, 295 Phillip H. Para, 364 Tony Pardew, 364 Charles E. Parham, 319 Robbie E. Parham, 319 Barry L. Parish, 374 Roberta J. Parish, 379 Shirley D. Park, 319 Cindy D. Parker, 339 Dan L. Parker, 339 Donna J. Parker, 319 George M. Parker, 379 Judy C. Parker, 319 Phil W. Parker, 364 Robbin C. Parker, 319 Shirley F. Parker, 295 Timothy Parker, 364 Tom A. Parker, 319 Victoria E. Parker, 295 Carol S. Parkerson, 339 Stan O. Parkinson, 295 James R. Parks, 379 John D. Parks, 364 Sheryl L. Parks, 364 Bobby J. Parnell, 339 Susan Parrish, 364 Pat T. Parrott, 364 Don W. Parsley, 364 Martha A. Parsley, 339 George M. Parsons, 339 Dennis D. Parten, 339 Linda C. Parten, 364 Lauri E. Partlow, 339 Victor C. Paseur, 319 Vicki L. Pasmore, 339 Benny R. Passmore, 319 Shelia A. Passmore, 364 Fred L. Patrick, 319 Rickey D. Patrick, 364 Ellen C. Patteson, 379 Shirley D. Pattin, 295 Antonio F. Patton, 295 Marcia A. Patton, 375 James B. Paul, 319 Freda S. Paxton, 251 Carol A. Payne, 364 Leslie Payne, 364 Robert A. Payne, 339 Sarah J. Payne, 295 Sherrie A. Payne, 319 John F. Peacock, 339 Linda L. Peacock, 364 Quentin H. Pearce, 339 Debra J. Pearman, 295 Cheryl L. Pearson, 339 Tony G. Pearson, 365 Allen J. Pecotte, 365 Alene Peek, 295 Charles E. Peel, 339 Mary M. Peel, 295 Jimmy W. Peeples, 319 Leane C. Pelts, 319 Woodrow C. Pender, 365 Terry L. Pendergraff, 365 Peggy L. Pendergrass, 365 Becky Jo Penn, 339 Beverly G. Penn, 379 William E. Penna, 339 Cecilia R. Penney, 295 Randy T. Pepper, 339 Julie M. Percifull, 365 John P. Peregrin, 365 Patti S. Perkey, 365 Heayron C. Perkins, 365 Robin D. Perkins, 319 Dennis E. Peronia, 339 Lucy B. Perrin, 339 Roy R. Perrin, 365 Tony Perrin, 319 Abrilla Perry, 365 Calvin Perry, 319 Clyde Perry, 319 Jacqueline Perry, 339 Jeffrey Perry, 365 Richard L. Perry, 365 Stanley D. Perry, 365 Jan E. Perryman, 379 Robert G. Perryman, 319 Ada L. Person, 365 Brenda M. Peters, 379 Charles E. Peters, 339 Joseph A. Peters, 319 Shelby J. Peters, 245 Patricia S. Petrus, 339 Annette C. Pettit, 296 Charles R. Pettus, 296 David W. Pewett, 365 Bonnie S. Phaup, 245 Richard A. Phaup, 319 Bruce E. Phelix, 365 Jo H. Phelps. 365 Robert M. Phelps, 339 Randy F. Philhours, 365 David T. Phillips, 379 Debra Phillips, 339 Louis E. Phillips, 319 Mary L. Phillips, 245 Pamela A. Phillips, 365 Tony J. Phillips, 339 Thomas D. Philyaw, 319 Stan G. Phipps, 365 Darrell D. Pickney, 339 David E. Pickney, 319 Nancy L. Pickney, 296 Allen L. Pierce, 365 Beverly A. Pierce, 251 Catherine M. Pierce, 319 David E. Pierce, 339 Joey E. Pierce, 319 Jesse D. Pierce, 379 Karen P. Pickett, 319 Larry W. Pickett, 319 Pam D. Pierce, 365 Richard L. Pierce, 296 Trent P. Pierce, 319 Rose M. Pierceall, 319 Laurel J. Piercy, 365 Leo H. Pierron, 365 Paul Pierron, 296 Charles L. Pigg, 296 Jerry K. Pike, 339 Linda E. Pike, 319 Denise L. Pikey, 365 Kathy L. Pinchback, 339 William M. Pinkston, 339 Carol E. Pipes, 339 Timmy Mf Pipkins, 319 Patty S. Pitchford, 339 Sue E. Pitman, 245 Bobby W. Pittman, 379 William G. Pittman, 339 Carolyn Y. Pitts, 365 Danny F. Pitts, 379 Gary E. Pitts, 296 Joy L. Pitts, 375 Terri A. Pitts, 365 Regina G. Poe, 365 Mary L. Pogue, 339 John D. Pointer, 339 Steven S. Pollack, 296 Jamie S. Pollock, 365 Jeri L. Pollock, 339 Mike D. Polston, 339 Danny R. Poole, 319 Harry L. Poole, 365 James T. Poole, 379 Janet E. Poorman, 365 Debby J. Pope, 365 Pearl Williams Pope, 296 Randall E. Pope, 296 Ronny W. Pope, 319 Brenda J. Poppe, 296 Deborah A. Porbeck, 296 Janet E. Porter, 319 Johnny L. Porter, 365 David L. Posey, 296 James A. Posey, 379 Mark G. Pospisil, 365 Raymond L. Poteete, 365 Harvey E. Potter, 365 David Powell, 319 Richard W. Powell, 319 Ronald E. Powell, 253 Tom L. Powell, 319 Vicki D. Powell, 376 Linda Jo Powers, 296 Ralph E. Poynor, 365 Carol A. Prance, 339 Kathryn A. Prater, 339 Lola -F. Prater, 365 David C. Pratt, 339 Lynda K. Pratt, 296 Robbie Jones Pratt, 296 Robert J. Pratt, 296 Beth Prescott, 365 Judye D. Presley, 253 Michael L. Presley, 379 Rosanna Prestidge, 319 Debra G. Preston, 376 Edward W. Preston, 365 Glenda R. Pretty, 365 Debbie L. Price, 319 Garmon Y. Price, 365 James M. Price, 376 John M. Priday, 319 Danny J. Pridmore, 319 Martha K. Priest, 319 Billy R. Prince, 296 Cynthia S. Prince, 296 Danny G. Prince, 319 Don N. Prince, 365 James L. Prince, 296 Ray G. Prince, 365 Frank M. Prislovsky, 365 Mendy A. Prislovsky, 365 Keith B. Privett, 319 Jane E. Prothro, 375 Sherry N. Pruiett, 379 James B. Pruitt, 296 Robert E. Puckett, 379 George E. Puddephatt, 319 Charles A. Pudinas, 339 Carolyn S. Pugh, 319 Floyd R. Pumphrey, 365 Sherri K. Purcell, 365 Kerry E. Purvis, 319 David E. Puryear, 340 Mary F. Puryear, 340 -Q- Kenneth Quackenbush, 296 David Qualls, 319 Robert H. Quick, 340 Vicki A. Quinn, 340 -R- David A. Rabeneck, 319 Barbara J. Rader, 340 Kerry G. Ragins, 296 Barry E. Ragsdale, 340 Charles C. Ragsdell, 375 Paulette D. Rains, 365 Nina L. Rainwater, 245 Peter R. Ralowicz, 340 Michael D. Ramone, 340 Rick T. Ramsey, 296 Tim M. Rand, 296 Eldon R. Randleman, 365 Derek Randolph, 365 Bascom C. Raney, 376 Melissa L. Raney, 365 Karen R. Rankin, 296 Paula J. Rankin, 379 Clyde W. Ransom, 365 Monica Rapert, 340 Terry L. Rapert, 296 Victor R. Rapert, 379 Sandra A. Rapier, 340 Robert K. Raspberry, 245 William K. Raspberry, 365 Gaylon B. Ratliff, 365 Jack D. Ratliff, 365 Clarence E. Rawls, 253 Billy C. Ray, 340 Deborah S. Ray, 251 George E. Ray, 319 Linda J. Ray, 296 Mitchell L. Ray, 365 Patsy M. Ray, 365 Eddie Rayburn, 319 Wanda J. Rayburn, 365 Mary J. Raymond, 340 Mahmoud Razian, 365 391 392 Richard D. Reagan, 297 Tim H. Reagan, 319 Kathy L. Reams, 365 Jack D. Reaper, 297 Janet S. Reaper, 297 Ronald R. Reaves, 340 Bryan D. Rector, 365 Danny R. Redd, 340 Deborah G. Reddick, 319 Deborah J. Reddick, 379 Henry M. Reddick, 379 Cynthia A. Reddmann, 245 Linda S. Reding, 297 Russ G. Redmond, 319 Charolette R. Reece, 340 David P. Reece, 340 Mike N. Reece, 365 Janet L. Reed, 253 Janette Reed, 379 Jennie L. Reed, 365 Jill R. Reed, 297 Mitchell L. Reed, 379 Randy L. Reed, 365 Terrie J. Reed, 340 Theresa A. Reed, 365 Billy R. Rees, 379 David F. Reese, 297 Malcholm Reese, 297 Rita D. Reese, 297 John R. Reeves, 340 Randall D. Reeves, 365 Robin K. Reeves, 379 Ronald J. Reeves, 365 Sandra K. Reeves, 376 Sue Reeves, 297 James G. Rega, 365 Mary C. Reginelli, 366 Bobby L. Reid, 366 Carla A. Reid, 366 David P. Reid, 297 Deborah J. Reid, 340 Jeanie E. Reid, 366 John L. Reid, 297 Michael N. Reid, 375 Mitchell H. Reid, 375 Sheila K. Reid, 376 Paul T. Remagen, 340 Gary J. Renck, 340 James E. Rentz, 366 Jeff H. Rettig, 340 Bryan D. Reuteler, 297 Otha E. Revoner, 319 Lonnie J. Reynold, 375 Donna K. Reynolds, 297 Helen K. Reynolds, 297 Janice L. Reynolds, 319 Mary S. Reynolds, 319 Nina B. Reynolds, 366 Patricia A. Reynolds, 319 Rebecca L. Reynolds, 253 Rosa M. Reynolds, 297 John P. Rhein, 297 Brenda J. Rhodes, 319 Carmi L. Rhodes, 366 Charles O. Rhodes, 297 Rhonda S. Rhodes, 366 Lisbeth A. Rice, 376 Lyndal W. Rice, 319 Alonna C. Richards, 340 Debbie K. Richards, 340 Michael D. Richards, 319 Beth A. Richardson, 297 Cindy L. Richardson, 297 Danny G. Richardson, 319 Doris J. Richardson, 297 Helen J. Richardson, 340 James F. Richardson, 297 John N. Richardson, 319 Mary G. Richardson, 340 Pamela M. Richardson, 297 Sueann Richardson, 366 William N. Richardson, 340 Bobie W. Richey, 366 Shelia Richey, 366 Nancy L. Richie, 297 Mark S. Ricketts, 366 Sharon K. Riddell, 379 Kathy E. Riddle, 340 Jim P. Rider, 319 Theresa A. Ridge, 366 Valerie Y. Ridley, 366 Monica J. Riefer, 340 Petra M. Riga, 366 Howard D. Riggs, 320 Paula L. Riggs, 366 Charles R. Rigsbee, 340 Tommy E. Rigsbee, 340 Brenda D. Riley, 340 Cheryl M. Riley, 366 Debra A. Riley, 320 Freddie L. Riley, 340 Janice D. Riley, 366 Richard L. Riley, 297 Sandra K. Riley, 297 Thomas A. Riley, 320 Walter L. Riley, 366 William A. Riley, 297 Donna L. Ring, 297 Sharron D. Ring, 366 Linda L. Ringo, 253 Thomas A. Ripley, 376 Bobby J. Ritchey, 376 Steven M. Ritchie, 379 Debbie A. Ritter, 366 Earl D. Rivers, 366 Bobby L. Roach, 340 Danna B. Roach, 366 Paula D. Roach, 340 Terry K. Roach, 340 Terri L. Roark, 297 Charlene D. Robbins, 298 Dana S. Robbins, 298 Michael H. Robbins, 340 Larry W. Roberson, 320 Sherry L. Roberson, 340 Lavelle M. Robert, 376 Carolyn A. Roberts, 366 Carl E. Roberts, 375 Donald L. Roberts, 340 Elizabeth A. Roberts, 298 Gary J. Roberts, 340 Gary N. Roberts, 366 George Roberts, 366 Howard L. Roberts, 366 Jerry L. Roberts, 298 Kenneth C. Roberts, 320 Marilyn K. Roberts, 320 Marty L. Roberts, 340 Patricia A. Roberts, 366 Rhonda L. Roberts, 320 Steve A. Roberts, 366 Charles R. Robertson, 298 Dennis M. Robertson, 298 Elissa H. Robertson, 245 John B. Robertson, 298 Kay Robertson, 298 Rachelle Robertson, 366 Reginald N. Robertson, 340 Robert E. Robertson, 366 William J. Robertson, 298 Angela M. Robinette, 379 Tommy D. Robins, 251 Brenda S. Robinson, 366 Doug Robinson, 366 Garry L. Robinson, 320 George E. Robinson, 379 John A. Robinson, 375 Joyce M. Robinson, 366 Kenneth N. Robinson, 366 Mike P. Robinson, 366 Pamela D. Robinson, 366 Sarah L. Robinson, 366 Sharon D. Robinson, 366 Sheila L. Robinson, 340 Richard R. Rockwell, 340 Steve Rockwell, 366 Lisa M. Roddy, 366 Ava S. Rodery, 320 Donna J. Rodery, 340 Steve K. Rodery, 366 Linda S. Rodman, 366 Randy H. Rodman, 366 Bobby J. Roetzel, 366 Adrian D. Rogers, 298 Andy Rogers, 366 Bill H. Rogers, 340 Brenda J. Rogers, 298 Candace L. Rogers, 340 Carrie J. Rogers, 340 Curtis Rogers, 298 Dan Rogers, 320 Gary L. Rogers, 298 James A. Rogers, 366 James T. Rogers, 320 June E. Rogers, 340 Mary E. Rogers, 366 Nathaniel Rogers, 320 Patrick E. Rogers, 320 Richard H. Rogers, 298 Robert S. Rogers, 320 William A. Rogers, 366 Perry E. Rollings, 298 Mark H. Roltsch, 298 Virginia Romine, 320 Dickey A. Rook, 341 Patsey D. Rook, 366 Catherine Rooker, 298 John D. Rooker, 298 Sandra J. Rorex, 366 Kevin R. Rorick, 298 Max A. Rose, 375 Charles R. Ross, 298 Cynthia G. Ross, 251 Glenn D. Ross, 320 James D. Ross, 379 John M. Ross, 341 Joseph H. Ross, 341 Mary F. Ross, 320 Mary S. Ross, 298 Patsy L. Ross, 366 Terry G. Ross, 366 David L. Rothgeb, 379 Christy A. Rothgery, 251 Teri L. Rothgery, 379 Linda F. Rouse, 341 Dennis Rowe, 341 Donna L. Rowell, 366 Debra A. Rowland, 320 James T. Rowland, 320 John M. Rowland, 298 Kandy C. Rowland, 298 Patricia L. Rowland, 366 Schuler B. Rowland, 298 James A. Rowlett, 341 Mike J. Roy, 366 Robert B. Rubenstein, 320 Susan D. Rudkin, 366 John Ruff, 366 Ricky L. Ruffin, 341 James D. Rumble, 298 Debbie S. Rummells, 320 Stephen C. Runnels, 366 Robert P. Runyan, 298 Joannie D. Rush, 341 Leland W. Rush, 320 Terrie L. Rusher, 251 Deborah L. Rushing, 298 John L. Rushing, 298 Sam M. Rushing, 298 James F. Rusidoff, 320 James E. Russ, 298 Judy F. Russ, 366 Billy E. Russell, 366 Jimmy A. Russell, 320 Judith A. Russell, 320 Cynthia M. Rutledge, 341 Ethel E. Rutledge, 366 Russell B. Ryals, 366 Patricia J. Ryan, 341 Robert E. Ryder, 298 Johnny C. Rye, 366 Theresa A. Rye, 320 -3- Nancy S. Sadler, 320 Ronnie Sairls, 366 Gerald S. Sale, 376 Jo Nell Sale, 341 Raphael A. Saliba, 366 Janice Sally, 366 Benton Salmon, 366 Cullen L. Samford, 320 Paula B. Samford, 366 Joyce L. Sammons, 298 Danny B. Sample, 298 Kenneth R. Sample, 341 Melissa J. Sample, 298 Fern S. Sampson, 341 Danny L. Samuels, 245 Gary A. Sandbothe, 379 Edward L. Sanderlin, 341 Jamie L. Sanderlin, 366 Julie G. Sanderlin, 320 Dale M. Sanders, 367 Donald L. Sanders, 341 Gary L. Sanders, 298 James H. Sanders, 298 Jean M. Sanders, 367 Randy L. Sanders, 367 Richard G. Sanders, 341 Robert B. Sanders, 298 Glenn D. Sanderson, 320 Jenny L. Sandlin, 320 Leslie C. Sandlin, 341 Sherri L. Sandow, 367 Charles R. Sands, 298 Loretta M. Sansom, 298 Mostafa Sateli, 320 Kenneth N. Saucier, 367 David A. Saugey, 251 David J. Sawyer, 367 Sandra E. Saylor, 367 Don W. Scaife, 298 John B. Scaife, 320 LaRene Scaife, 341 Randy B. Scaife, 320 Mark A. Scavo, 367 Ronald L. Schafer, 367 Stephen P. Schafer, 367 Noel W. Schaffer, 299 Janice K. Schales, 245 Edward Scharff, 320 Kurt A. Schenk, 341 Janet K. Schisler, 320 Richard B. Schisler, 367 Liane M. Schlegel, 367 Tonya H. Schlenker, 299 Brent H. Schlesier, 375 Wayne F. Schmidt, 320 Harold M. Schmitt, 367 John M. Schneck, 341 Mike A. Schug, 299 Teddy G. Schug, 367 Terry L. Schug, 367 Stacy L. Schwindt, 367 Donald G. Sciba, 341 Howie D. Scoggin, 367 Arleen O. Scott, 299 Barry N. Scott, 367 Brenda S. Scott, 299 Cathy M. Scott, 299 Danny W. Scott, 367 Debbie K. Scott, 367 Edna G. Scott, 376 Floyd L. Scott, 320 James F. Scott, 320 Kenneth M. Scott, 341 Lesa L. Scott, 299 Marjorie A. Scott, 379 Mary E. Scott, 367 Michael N. Scott, 341 Rose C. Scott, 299 Marylin L. Scowden, 320 Martha J. Scroggs, 299 Sharon K. Scroggs, 320 Herman L. Scullark, 367 John J. Scurto, 374 Alan V. Seagrave, 299 Patricia L. Seagrave, 379 Robert E. Sealy, 341 Rebecca L. Seamans, 367 Clarence B. Searles, 299 Robert A. Searles, 341 Frank W. Seaton Jr., 341 Frank W. Seaton Sr., 341 Pamela L. Seaton, 341 Paula S. Seats, 299 Rick Seeman, 367 Pamela D. Sefers, 320 Sandra K. Senter, 299 Lana M. Serio, 341 Alice L. Severe, 251 Ramona J. Severe, 341 Beth W. Seward, 341 Stephen Sewell, 320 Darrel D. Sexton, 375 Debra A. Shaneyfelt, 299 Paula M. Shaneyfelt, 299 Larry S. Shannon, 320 Sharon K. Shannon, 299 Sherry L. Shannon, 341 Wright Shannon, 320 Joel D. Sharits, 379 Donald G. Sharp, 320 Donald W. Sharp, 367 Gina K. Sharp, 341 Harold R. Sharp, 341 Linda L. Sharp, 253 Rodney A. Sharp, 341 Sharon K. Sharp, 320 Tince W. Sharp, 299 Warren H. Sharp, 253 James M. Shea, 320 Larry D. Sheetrum, 253 Gregory L. Sheets, 320 Bob Shellenberger, 341 Annesa G. Shelton, 367 Byron L. Shelton, 367 Ronnie D. Shelton, 367 Shelia K. Shelton, 367 Sherry L. Shelton, 341 Vicki D. Shelton, 245 Charlene Shepherd, 367 Peter D. Shepherd, 367 James M, Sheppard, 299 Ralph A. Sheridan, 299 Donna D. Sherman, 379 Vinson A. Shinabery, 341 Eric P. Shipley, 367 Connie L. Shipman, 251 James K. Shirley, 367 Wenzola Shirley, 367 John J. Shivley, 320 Marsha D. Shivley, 245 Gary A. Shockley, 367 Vicky L. Shoemaker, 367 Eddie R. Short, 379 Sara F. Shouse, 367 William W. Shownes, 299 Gary R. Shrable, 367 Pascal D. Shrable, 320 Bobbie J. Shreve, 299 Grady D. Shropshire, 299 Janet G. Shropshire, 299 Carol E. Shults, 367 Liz A. Shults, 341 Steven D. Shults, 253 James D. Shumate, 367 Theodore Shumpert, 341 Georgia K. Siebert, 367 Michael L. Siemieniec, 367 Brenda G. Sigmin, 299 Martha J. Sigsby, 375 Adred C. Siler, 299 Glenda R. Siler, 367 Raymond L. Simes, 367 Louise V. Simington, 367 Carla B. Simon, 341 Curt K. Simmons, 376 Elizabeth Simmons, 367 John R. Simmons, 299 Karen S. Simmons, 299 Ralph E. Simmons, 299 Robert R. Simmons, 320 Roy G. Simmons, 367 Wanda F. Simmons, 341 Ricky D. Simpkins, 341 Bobby W. Simpson, 341 Charles E. Simpson, 379 James R. Simpson, 379 Millie D. Simpson, 367 Roger D. Simpson, 320 Ronald W. Simpson, 367 Sandy R. Simpson, 299 William H. Simpson, 320 Elisa K. Sims, 368 Glen S. Sims, 299 Joe A. Sims, 320 Randy R. Sims, 320 Charles R. Singleton, 300 Curtis R. Singleton, 320 John W. Singleton, 368 Michael W. Singleton, 341 Marcia A. Singley, 368 Johnny L. Sinks, 379 David E. Sirmans, 320 Jeffry A. Sisk, 320 Gary S. Sitzer, 368 Randy J. Skarda, 300 Janet L. Skelley, 368 Patricia Skillman, 368 Glenna K. Skinner, 368 Kitty S. Skinner, 341 Steve M. Skinner, 320 Cindy R. Slabaugh, 341 Robert M. Slabaugh, 300 Gary D. Slaton, 300 Sakae Slatton, 320 Kimberly N. Slaughter, 379 Ricky L. Slavings, 341 Elke Slayton, 253 Richard N. Slayton, 320 Ellie Slentz, 245 Cliff V. Slinkard, 368 Karen G. Sloan, 341 Linda G. Sloan, 320 Patti M. Sloan, 320 Susan L. Sloan, 341 James W. Smalley, 320 John W. Smalling, 300 Greg S. Smart, 341 Jackie R. Smart, 320 Jimmie C. Smart, 368 Stephen C. Smart, 300 Gregory D. Smelser, 300 Kathy M. Smelser, 368 Grant E. Smiley, 341 Alfred Smith, 320 Arthur L. Smith, 379 Barbara A. Smith, 300 Benjamin W. Smith, 368 Brenda F. Smith, 341 Carol Smith, 368 Cathy M. Smith, 300 Charlotte A. Smith, 300 Connie R. Smith, 368 Cornelia M. Smith, 368 Cynthia E. Smith, 320 David B. Smith, 300 David B. Smith, 368 David L. Smith, 341 David R. Smith, 368 David W. Smith, 368 Dayna K. Smith, 368 Deborah J. Smith, 341 Deborah L. Smith, 320 Debra A. Smith, 341 Debra E. Smith, 320 Debra K. Smith, 321 Denise M. Smith, 368 Diane Smith, 368 Diane Smith, 341 Dolores D. Smith, 368 Donald E. Smith, 300 Donnie E. Smith, 341 Dorothy A. Smith, 321 Gary M. Smith, 300 Gary S. Smith, 341 Gregory A. Smith, 368 Hal T. Smith, 341 James W. Smith, 300 James W. Smith, 341 Janie K. Smith, 341 Janis l. Smith, 300 Jannette Smith, 321 Jeff D. Smith, 300 Jerell L. Smith, 321 Jim G. Smith, 341 Jo Beth Smith, 376 John M. Smith, 300 Judy E, Smith, 321 Karen A. Smith, 300 Karen S. Smith, 251 Kathy E. Smith, 368 Kenneth L. Smith, 251 Kerry L. Smith, 300 LaDawn Smith, 368 Lee A. Smith, 300 Lisa G. Smith, 368 Lyle E. Smith, 368 Mary A. Smith, 376 Mary M. Smith, 251 Melissa G. Smith, 300 Michael J. Smith, 368 Michael L. Smith, 300 Mike Smith, 300 Mike J. Smith, 321 Millie Smith, 368 Myra S. Smith, 368 Olen D. Smith, 300 Patricia E. Smith, 368 Pearlie M. Smith, 368 Phil D. Smith, 368 Phillip K. Smith, 321 Ray A. Smith, 300 Rebecca K. Smith, 368 Richard L. Smith, 368 Rodney M. Smith, 300 Roland D. Smith, 368 Ronald G. Smith, 368 Ronnie G. Smith, 368 Rozland A. Smith, 300 Sarah B. Smith, 300 Sharon L. Smith, 368 Sidney L. Smith, 341 Stanley Smith, 341 Stephen C. Smith, 321 Steve R. Smith, 368 Steven Smith, 300 Steven S. Smith, 341 Susan K. Smith, 300 Sydney E. Smith, 368 Terry R. Smith, 321 Thomas D. Smith, 251 Thomas R. Smith, 301 Vickey J. Smith, 368 Wanda C. Smith, 341 William M. Smith, 368 William R. Smithers, 321 Joseph S. Smithwick, 368 Naomi R. Smithwick, 368 Michael E. Smoker, 341 Steven E. Smoker, 368 Robin A. Smoot, 368 Cindy K. Snapp, 368 David E. Sneed, 341 Sandra A. Sneed, 321 Patricia L. Snell, 321 Margaret B. Snipes, 321 Lynn P. Snow, 301 Betty J. Snyder, 341 Charles R. Snyder, 379 Kathy L. Snyder, 321 Patricia A. Snyder, 368 William D, Snyder, 342 Cynthia Somers, 368 David L. South, 321 Ricky S. South, 342 Stephen D. Southard, 369 Carol S. Sowell, 342 Gary G. Sowle, 342 David J. Spann, 369 Cindy L. Sparks, 369 Roberta L. Sparler, 342 Janet L. Spears, 245 Larry R. Spears, 321 Robert L. Spears, 253 Robert E. Speer, 342 Billy L. Spence, 301 Jacky D. Spence, 321 Suzanne L. Spence, 321 Carol A. Spencer, 321 Kathi M. Spencer, 379 Kenneth W. Spencer, 301 Thomas E. Spencer, 342 Tommy W. Spencer, 369 Phillip E. Spicer, 369 Sherry R. Spicer, 321 Teresa S. Spigner, 369 Michael R. Spinks, 342 Rod J. Spinks, 301 Tiana L. Spivey, 321 John R. Spotts, 321 Karen C. Spragg, 301 Susan A. Springer, 376 Georgia Springfield, 342 Cathy E. Springle, 342 Connie L. Springwater, 342 David A. Sproling, 369 Denise Spurlock, 369 Randal T. Spurgin, 342 William W. Spurlock, 342 Robert R. Squires, 342 Michael Stack, 321 Hubert M. Stacks, 321 Janet D. Stacy, 321 Linda G. Stacy, 377 Robert H. Stacy, 342 Hilda K. Stadler, 369 Louis J. Stadler, 342 Jesse W. Stafford, 321 Kenneth W. Stafford, 369 Karon L. Staggs, 370 Thomas E. Stalcup, 301 Rebecca L. Stallcup, 342 Helen L. Stallings, 375 Ronnie L. Stallings, 342 Cheryl A. Standefer, 301 Linda D. Standley, 342 Scott W. Standley, 301 Freddie L. Stanley, 321 Glenda G. Stanley, 342 John M. Stanley, 369 David E. Stanton, 369 Winifred A. Stanton, 321 Frank L. Stark, 369 John S. Stark, 369 Steve Stark, 369 Wyvonne Stark, 369 Portia A. Starling, 321 Jodie Starr, 342 Patti D. Starr, 301 Rebecca L. Starr, 369 Robert R. Starr, 321 William F. Statler, 301 James W. Staton, 342 Robert C. Statton, 321 Amy E. Stearns, 369 Jacqueline D. Steed, 369 Mark E. Steed, 342 Tom A. Steed, 253 Virginia D. Steed, 342 Donna Steele, 369 James Steele, 342 Conna G. Steen, 321 Rick D. Steen, 342 Jennie M. Steinbeck, 321 Ambera L. Steinkamp, 301 Billie E. Steinkamp, 301 Maxie L. Stem, 342 Gary L. Stephens, 342 Joan M. Stephens, 342 Marion E. Stephens, 321 Marta L. Stephens, 369 Oliver C. Stephens, 321 David H. Stephenson, 301 Michael J. Stephenson, 370 Nancy G. Stephenson, 321 Wincle L. Sterling, 369 Brenda J. Stevens, 321 Iris A. Stevens, 321 Jackie E. Stevens, 342 Annette Stevenson, 342 James P. Stevenson, 301 Karen Y. Stevenson, 301 Terry W. Stevenson, 369 Wanda L. Stevenson, 369 Gwen D. Steward, 342 Ivory M. Steward, 301 Rebecca L. Steward, 342 Beverly K. Stewart, 321 Danny A. Stewart, 342 Diana M. Stewart, 301 James L. Stewart, 321 Jerry A. Stewart, 321 John R. Stewart, 369 Kathleen Stewart, 251 Kenny W. Stewart, 342 Mark J. Stewart, 321 Revis C. Stewart, 342 Stephen H. Stewart, 369 Terry D. Stewart, 369 William A. Stickler, 369 Rick E. Stiles, 301 William R. Still, 369 Richard A. Stillman, 251 Steve Stinnett, 321 Judith L. Stogsdill, 301 David E. Stokes, 321 Katie R. Stokes, 369 Angela R. Stone, 342 Charles R. Stone, 301 Renee Stone, 321 Stephen C. Stone, 342 Charles H. Stotts, 253 Cynthia A. Stotts, 301 Daniel T. Stotts, 342 Norma J. Stotts, 301 Teresa A. Stotts, 342 Dean B. Stover, 301 Carmoleta K. Stow, 321 Lois K. Stratton, 342 Danny W. Straubie, 370 George F. Strauss, 377 Ardell Strawther, 369 John W. Street, 301 Malcolm R. Street, 342 Steven W. Stribling, 369 Charlotte Strickland, 301 Gary F. Strickland, 369 Joe T. Strickland, 369 Stephen Y. Strickland, 342 Walter K. Strickland, 342 Jean Stricklin, 301 Anthony Stroman, 321 Charles F. Stroud, 369 David O. Stroud, 342 Fred Stuart, 342 Rickey A. Stubbs, 301 Robert Stuenkel, 342 Scott W. Stumbaugh, 342 Gayle C. Stump, 321 Norma J. Stump, 369 Shari D. Sturch, 301 Karon A. Sturdivant, 321 Sharon J. Sturdivant, 322 Judith C. Sturgeon, 369 Lisa R. Sturgeon, 369 David W. Suiter, 301 Eda C. Sulfridge, 342 Judd A. Sulfridge, 342 Mari R. Sulfridge, 370 Paul M. Sulicz, 322 David E. Sullenberger, 369 Brian W. Sullivan, 370 Con F. Sullivan, 251 John L. Sullivan, 370 Peggy A. Sullivan, 369 Judith A. Summers, 245 Paul M. Summitt, 322 Constance Sumrall, 342 Gary W. Surles, 301 Cecil W. Sutterfield, 245 Deena J. Sutton, 301 393 394 Keith B. Sutton, 369 Richard E. Sutton, 370 Thomas C. Sutton, 369 Chris W. Swanstrom, 322 Terry L. Swartout, 342 Flo Swearingen, 322 Herby E. Swearingen, 369 Beverly J. Swilling, 369 Danny M. Swindle, 301 Clayton E. Sykes, 322 -T- Naini K. Tabatabai, 342 Stephen M. Tabor, 369 David V. Tackett, 301 Phillip L. Tackett, 342 Ina L. Taffar, 369 Mearline Taffar, 322 Mohammad Tajalli, 301 Gary E. Talbert, 370 Robert O. Talbot, 322 Karen J. Talley, 322 Randy J. Tankersley, 369 Terry W. Tankersley, 322 Julia E. Tanner, 342 Juliann Tanner, 342 Melinda J. Tant, 301 Trudy J. Tapper, 369 Karen B. Tarbox, 375 David L. Tarno, 369 Martha K. Tarpley, 369 Shellie A. Tarpley, 342 William R. Tarver, 369 Curtis L. Tate, 369 Danny W. Tate, 342 John P. Tate, 253 Jon E. Tate, 369 Randy C. Tate, 370 Richard A. Tate, 322 Ron K. Tate, 322 Vaughn L. Tate, 374 Dianna L. Tausch, 369 Alice D. Taylor, 369 Angela P. Taylor, 342 Carlton A. Taylor, 342 Carolyn R. Taylor, 342 Charles K. Taylor, 342 Danny J. Taylor, 342 David A. Taylor, 369 Debbie A. Taylor, 342 Gene E. Taylor, 369 Gwenda L. Taylor, 369 Jim L. Taylor, 322 Jimmie H. Taylor, 301 John W. Taylor, 342 Kay M. Taylor, 301 Kenny H. Taylor, 322 Kim A. Taylor, 369 Lou Taylor, 369 Louann Taylor, 369 Lynn E. Taylor, 369 Mark Taylor, 369 Patricia D. Taylor, 301 Paula N. Taylor, 322 Robert M. Taylor, 322 Robert W. Taylor, 369 Ronnie W. Taylor, 342 Shirley R. Taylor, 253 Stephen T. Taylor, 301 Steven D. Taylor, 369 Susan E. Taylor, 322 Thomas D. Taylor, 342 Thomas F. Taylor, 302 Tim J. Taylor, 342 Tommy B. Taylor, 369 Lanny R. Teague, 302 Mike H. Teague, 369 Sarah K. Teague, 369 Robert P. Teal, 302 Sandra L. Teal, 342 Dawn C. Teale, 322 Koletta E. Tedder, 342 Emma J. Temples, 343 Charles Tennison, 302 Donnie G. Tennison, 369 Rustel T. Tennison, 369 Charles M. Terral, 322 Cheryl A. Terral, 370 Danny E. Terry, 370 Mary Jo Thalgott, 370 Donna K. Tharp, 370 Vicky L. Tharp, 370 Peggy E. Theis, 343 Karen L. Thiel, 302 Karl L. Thiel, 370 Janieca A. Thielemier, 302 Rosemary Thielemier, 370 James W. Thieme, 302 Billy Thomas, 302 Catherine L. Thomas, 322 Cheryl A. Thomas, 343 Donna G. Thomas, 370 Gary A. Thomas, 343 Glanita W. Thomas, 322 John M. Thomas, 302 Julia E. Thomas, 302 Katherine M. Thomas, 302 Linda J. Thomas, 370 Mary B. Thomas, 370 Pam L. Thomas, 343 Randall S. Thomas, 370 Ronald W. Thomas, 302 Vicky L. Thomas, 322 Walter Thomas, 370 Youlandia C. Thomas, 322 Larry J. Thomason, 302 Janet E. Thomasson, 343 Thomas R. Thompkins, 343 Alvalu Thompson, 343 Beverly J. Thompson, 370 Cynthia J. Thompson, 343 Debbie L Thompson, 322 Donna L. Thompson, 370 Florance L. Thompson, 370 James A. Thompson, 302 James M. Thompson, 322 Jimmy D. Thompson, 343 Lanny G. Thompson, 375 Larry K. Thompson, 370 Larry W. Thompson, 302 Lee E. Thompson, 370 Michael K. Thompson, 322 Nan L. Thompson, 322 Ray N. Thompson, 374 Rebecca A. Thompson, 322 Rick A. Thompson, 370 Ricky L, Thompson, 343 Roger D. Thompson, 370 Ruby D. Thompson, 251 Terrie J. Thompson, 370 William D. Thompson, 343 Yvonne Thompson, 370 Lloyd W. Thornton, 322 Michael T. Thornton, 343 Gaye G. Threet, 302 Kathie A. Throesch, 322 Carol J. Throgmartin, 343 Charles Throgmartin, 302 Danny A. Throgmartin, 322 David D. Throgmartin, 322 Kenny H. Throgmartin, 370 Edra N. Thurmond, 302 Dorothy K. Thweatt, 370 James N. Tice, 322 Verona A. Tice, 343 Richard K. Ticer, 370 Marcus L. Tidwell, 370 Janet G. Tiefenauer, 322 Jeff L. Tiefenauer, 302 John B. Tierney, 322 Eddie L. Tilley, 370 Alice E. Tillman, 253 , Lamar O. Times, 377 Valerie S. Timmermann, 370 David E. Tiner, 343 Dena L. Tinker, 343 Catherine M. Tinsley, 370 Charlotte l. Tinsley, 322 James P. Tinsley, 370 Marian E. Tinsley, 370 Rebecca R. Tinsley, 302 Coma L. Tippitt, 302 Charles N. Tipton, 322 Tim G. Tipton, 370 Carla D. Todd, 322 Mary J. Todd, 251 Suzanne Todd, 322 Vicki E. Todd, 322 Jarriett M. Tolbert, 302 Nona J. Tolbert, 322 Tim A. Tolewitzke, 370 Phillip D. Toombs, 302 Jerry E. Toone, 343 David R. Townsend, 370 Otis Townsend, 370 William L. Townsend, 343 Connie C. Townsley, 302 Jackie M. Trahan, 343 Sharon L. Trammell, 370 Chuck S. Trantham, 370 Michael D. Trantham, 322 Margo J. Travis, 322 Denny J. Treadway, 343 Larry W. Treadway, 370 Gary L. Treanor, 370 Twilla M. Treece, 302 Melody A. Tremblay, 370 Wilfred R. Tremblay, 322 Teresa D. Trent, 370 Mary M. Tresp, 302 Gwendolyn A. Tribett, 370 Bobbie L. Trible, 302 John C. Trice, 253 Susan R. Trice, 322 Helen R. Triplett, 302 Suzanne M. Tripod, 245 Peggy A. Tripp, 343 Terry N. Tripp, 302 Gary L. Tritch, 253 Dan T. Troller, 370 Terry G. Trotter, 343 Grace A. Troutman, 302 Mary A. True, 375 Susan D. True, 322 Michael E. Truxler, 370 Deidre L. Tucker, 370 Trent L. Tucker, 343 Elizabeth A. Tudor, 370 Debbie A. Tuer, 370 Nancy L. Tull, 302 Glenn T. Tullis, 302 Jim N. Turnbo, 343 James T. Turnbow, 343 Alan J. Turner, 370 Betty C. Turner, 343 Calvin S. Turner, 370 David A. Turner, 370 Gussie L. Turner, 253 Henry L. Turner, 302 Ikea D. Turner, 343 James D. Turner, 370 Larry D. Turner, 302 Lee C. Turner, 322 Leslie S. Turner, 343 Michael R. Turner, 343 Nancy E. Turner, 302 Patsy C. Turner, 302 Ronald R. Turner, 343 Scharlett J. Turner, 370 Theresa L. Turner, 370 Woodrow W. Turner, 370 Jimmy E. Turney, 370 Sammy M. Turney, 343 Nell L. Turpin, 322 Winston Turpin, 322 Tony D. Tutt, 343 Barbaranette Twillie, 253 Bill B. Tyer, 253 Debbie A. Tyler, 322 Deborah Tyler, 370 Harold E. Tyler, 343 Sandra J. Tyler, 370 Peggy Tyner, 370 -U- Mark L. Ungerank, 343 Jerry Unser, 302 Sam B. Urton, 370 Roy E. Urfer, 323 September L. Urfer, 370 Cindy Ussery, 370 James L. Ussery, 323 ...V- Bill J. Vaden, 370 Pamela L. Vaden, 343 Thomas W. Vaden, 323 Russell E. Valley, 370 Jean M. Vance, 370 Linda S. Vance, 343 Lee J. Vanderford, 370 Laura L. Vandever, 323 Connie L. VanGennip, 343 Alvin J. Vangilder, 323 Kristy L. Vangilder, 323 Richard A. VanGrouw, 253 Riley A. VanHorn, 302 Billy VanLandingham, 253 James L. Vanoven, 370 Ruth L. VanPelt, 302 Joyce A. Vansandt, 370 Marsha E. Vansandt, 303 Raymon A. Vanzant, 323 William A. Vardell, 370 John A. Varner, 370 Gina C. Vaughan, 343 Dannie L. Vaughn, 323 Kathy D. Vaughn, 303 Rusty B. Vaughn, 370 Sharon J. Vaughn, 370 Donna L. Vaught, 323 Rene Vawter, 323 Clifford R. Veach, 323 Deborah J. Veach, 343 Robert D. Veach, 370 Roger O. Veasley, 323 Fannie L. Veazey, 370 Joe W. Verser, 343 Stephen D. Vester, 343 Addelyn L. Via, 303 Mary E. Via, 343 Sharon L. Vickers, 323 Ricky H. Vinson, 370 Alan K. Vivrette, 370 Joe A. Vojcik, 303 John W. Vollmer, 370 Kim M. Vowell, 343 Melinda J. Vowell, 323 Jan D. Voyles, 303 -W- Robert S. Wacaster, 370 James E. Waddell, 303 Leona M. Waddell, 303 Michael G. Waddell, 323 Ivan R. Wade, 303 Yvonne E. Wade, 370 Clotis M. Wafford, 323 Jerry W. Wafford, 370 Michael H. Wafford, 374 Sterling Wafford, 323 Ruby J. Wagner, 343 Patricia A. Wainscott, 343 Deborah L. Walden, 323 Kim D. Waldron, 371 Alene R. Walker, 371 Connie J. Walker, 303 Cynthia J. Walker, 343 David W. Walker, 343 Dorothy L. Walker, 371 Faith C. Walker, 253 Freddie L. Walker, 323 Jennifer A. Walker, 323 Jessica M. Walker, 323 John H. Walker, 371 John S. Walker, 303 Kathy D. Walker, 323 Keith Walker, 343 Marilyn Walker, 371 Mike A. Walker, 370 Mitchell R. Walker, 371 Paula E. Walker, 371 Rebekah J. Walker, 371 Seena L. Walker, 344 Scott D. Walker, 323 Tony L. Walker, 377 Phyllis D. Wall, 344 Annetta J. Wallace, 323 Barbara G. Wallace, 371 Charles L. Wallace, 344 David T. Wallace, 371 Debra A. Wallace, 371 Emerson S. Wallace, 303 Frank G. Wallace, 371 Joseph E. Wallace, 371 Larry A. Wallace, 323 Michael S. Wallace, 303 Roger D. Wallace, 375 Scott E. Wallace, 323 Bilbrey J. Wallis, 303 Bobby L. Wallis, 371 Linda C. Wallis, 344 Prentis W. Wallis, 377 Karen K. Walls, 371 Keith Walls, 371 Lloyd Walls, 344 Fred Walpole, 303 Diane J. Walter, 303 Dianna J. Walter, 371 Greg A. Walter, 323 Helen K. Walter, 344 Charles D. Walters, 303 Dale l. Walters, 371 Dwight L. Walters, 323 Aubrey J. Ward, 303 Brenda P. Ward, 344 Danny R. Ward, 303 David C. Ward, 303 Francis B. Ward, 371 Jackie W. Ward, 303 Lynn H. Ward, 344 Mena C. Ward, 323 Tina B. Ward, 370 Victoria S. Ward, 323 James E. Wardlaw, 371 Ollie M. Ware, 371 Cathy K. Warkentin, 303 Steven L. Warner, 371 Steven M. Warner, 323 Margaret A. Warr, 344 Bobby P. Warren, 344 David Warren, 371 Lester L. Washington, 371 Elizabeth H. Wasson, 251 Connie J. Waters, 371 Karen V. Waters, 371 Phillip Sue Waters, 344 Candace L. Watkins, 344 Chanda L. Watkins, 303 Dwayne H. Watkins, 344 Kathy Watkins, 323 Linda W. Watkins, 371 Vaughn D. Watkins, 323 Vickey L. Watkins, 303 Bobby M. Watson, 370 Charles R. Watson, 344 Debbie G. Watson, 371 Debbie R. Watson, 371 Karen S. Watson, 323 Margaret L. Watson, 375 Melanie K. Watson, 323 Michael G. Watson, 323 Robert J. Watts, 371 Deby K. Waymon, 303 Darla R. Wealand, 303 Deeanne Weathers, 371 Ronald G. Weathers, 303 Clarence E. Weaver, 371 Cynthia A. Weaver, 371 Larry M. Weaver, 323 Mary S. Weaver, 303 Patricia A. Weaver, 344 RoseMary Weaver, 303 Anita Webb, 371 James P. Webb, 323 Katherine L. Webb, 371 Melanie E. Webb, 303 Ronald L. Webb, 371 Ronny W. Webb, 303 Walter A. Webb, 304 Lonnie G. Webber, 304 Vicki A. Weeks, 371 David T. Weise, 371 Charles C. Welch, 371 Elzie L. Welker, 304 David R. Wellman, 323 Danny L. Wells, 304 Kelly A. Wells, 370 Pamela D. Wells, 323 Sandy L. Wells, 304 Stephen C. Wernsman, 323 Bobby R. West, 371 Bruce T. West, 371 Eddie C. West, 371 James E. West, 323 Joel R. West, 323 Mary C. West, 304 Priscilla J. West, 323 Robert F. West, 344 Roger S. West, 304 Thomas E. West, 304 Robert W. Westbrook, Sharon R. Westbrook, Melissa D. Wester, 371 Wess G. Western, 371 John B. Westmoreland, 371 Tony G. Weston, 304 Janet J. Whaley, 323 Jeanette Whatley, 371 Charles E. Wheeler, 253 Haskell Wheelington, 323 Tommy Wheetley, 344 Jane L. Whetsel, 371 Phillip L. Whitaker, 323 Barry M. White, 344 304 371 Cheryl L. White, 371 Cindy G. White, 304 Corita A. White, 344 Cynthia A. White, 323 Dan E. White, 304 Gina L. White, 372 Jackey D. White, 304 Jimmy R. White, 372 Joey A. White, 344 John D. White, 323 Laurie A. White, 372 Lynn White, 304 Michael White, 372 Michael L. White, 304 Nadean White, 375 Sharon E. White, 304 Stephen E. White, 372 Tlmmie E. White, 372 Timothy J. White, 323 Wanda L. White, 372 William H. White, 304 Wilson H. White, 323 Gwen P. Whiteaker, 344 Ronald W. Whiteaker, 323 Melissia L. Whitener, 304 Jackie L. Whiteside, 344 Bruce H. Whitley, 304 Freddie Whitlock, 304 Ellis D. Whitlow, 344 Jerry E. Whitlow, 377 Tamela C. Whitlow, 370 Donald W. Whitmire, 372 Jesse W. Whitmire, 304 Donald S. Whitney, 304 Lisa R. Whitsitt, 372 Mona R. Whitt, 372 Lyn Whittenton, 344 Debra A. Whittingham, 323 Richard A. Whittle, 323 Julia A. Wicker, 372 Steve D. Wicker, 344 Jimmy L. Wicks, 372 Beverly A. Widner, 372 Gaylord H. Widner, 323 William Wiechman, 344 William J. Wieland, 323 Debbie A. Wiens, 344 Jim D. Wiens, 304 Karen J. Wiens, 344 Janet C. Wiggins, 245 Kathy S. Wiggins, 304 Dawna J. Wilborn, 323 Gregory C. Wilburn, 344 Billy R. Wilcox, 304 John B. Wildberger, 323 Wilbur C. Wildy, 372 Johh C. Wiles, 323 Larry E. Wiles, 344 Larry H. Wiles, 344 Edith M. Wilford, 304 Charles S. Wilhite, 323 Johnny M. Wilhite, 323 Don Wilkerson, 344 Douglas C. Wilkerson, 304 Dwayne Wilkerson, 372 Mickey J. Wilkerson, 323 Patricia L. Wilkerson, 304 Robert D. Wilkerson, 372 Teddy M. Wilkerson, 372 John B. Wilkins, 344 Robert M. Wilkins, 323 Sarita S. Wilkins, 304 Thomas A. Wilkins, 323 Abe M. Wilkinson, 323 Harold A. Wilkowsky, 304 Henry A. Wilks, 305 Daniel J. Willard, 372 David W. Willard, 323 Steven L. Willard, 344 Mary Jo Willcockson, 305 Alner Williams, 323 Barbara E. Williams, 323 Catherine Williams, 305 Charles K. Williams, 305 Charles W. Williams, 344 Chester L. Williams, 370 Corless D. Williams, 377 David L. Williams, 372 Debra L. Williams, 344 Dwight M. Williams, 305 Eugene Williams, 372 Frankie L. Williams, 370 Frankie L. Williams, 372 Gary L. Williams, 323 Glynda D. Williams, 305 Gwendolyn Williams, 323 J. H. Williams, 305 Jeffery L. Williams, 324 Joe A. Williams, 344 Joe A. Williams, 305 Joe O. Williams, 372 Jerry V. Williams, 324 Jerry W. Williams, 324 Kiven M. Williams, 324 Larry E. Williams, 377 Leslie J. Williams, 370 Mark A. Williams, 370 Margie A. Williams, 344 Mary D. Williams, 344 Mary K. Williams, 372 Michael D. Williams, 305 Nancianna M. Williams, 344 Norma S. Williams, 305 Phillip D. Williams, 305 Richard C. Williams, 372 Robert F. Williams, 372 Ronald Williams, 344 Sarah F. Williams, 372 Scott Williams, 372 Sheila M. Williams, 372 Shelley A. Williams, 375 Tambrey L. Williams, 372 Terry W. Williams, 370 Thomas R. Williams, 324 Tommie J. Williams, 305 William S. Williams, 324 Alecia R. Williamson, 344 Mary J. Williamson, 372 Paul C. Williamson, 345 Clement L. Willis, 370 Jeff B. Willis, 372 Larry L. Willis, 372 Robert L. Willis, 305 Steven S. Willis, 305 Connie L. Willoughby, 345 Judith A. Wilmoth, 324 Albert S. Wilson, 324 Carol J. Wilson, 251 Danny L. Wilson, 324 Debbie R. Wilson, 372 Dennis H. Wilson, 372 Diana Wilson, 245 Doris L. Wilson, 345 Edward O. Wilson, 345 Frances E. Wilson, 324 Gary L. Wilson, 345 Gladys M. Wilson, 345 Harold L. Wilson, 305 James D. Wilson, 324 Jeanette A. Wilson, 251 Karen R. Wilson, 345 Karen S. Wilson, 372 Mark A. Wilson, 372 Mary H. Wilson, 305 Michael M. Wilson, 305 Nancy J. Wilson, 377 Randy W. Wilson, 372 Ronnie D. Wilson, 324 Ronnie H. Wilson, 377 J. H. Wimpy, 345 Robert O. Winchester, 253 Robert L. Windle, 372 Stanley Winfrey, 305 Daniel Wingfield, 345 Lynn L. Winningham, 305 David W. Winston, 372 James C. Winters, 345 Marjorie M. Winters, 324 Donald R. Winton, 372 Don L. Wisdom, 372 Karen M. Wisdom, 324 Von D. Wisdom, 372 Jimmy E. Wise, 345 Judith G. Wise, 345 Roger S. Wise, 372 Tom E. Wiseman, 324 Susan R. Witkowski, 324 Terry L. Wixson, 324 Lawrence L. Wolf, 324 Sandra L. Wolf, 345 Vickie J. Womack, 305 Zack N. Womack, 305 Carlos G. Wood, 345 Charla F. Wood, 372 Cheryl A. Wood, 372 Connie M. Wood, 324 David B. Wood, 324 Dona D. Wood, 324 John K. Wood, 324 Mary Jo Wood, 305 Melissa J. Wood, 324 Ollie E. Wood, 372 Richard D. Wood, 324 Roxann Wood, 324 Zackery D. Wood, 345 Jan T. Woodall, 372 Annie M. Woodard, 372 Randy G. Woodard, 305 David N. Woodell, 324 Billy J. Woodruff, 324 Randall Woodruff, 345 Timothy C. Woodruff, 305 Albert L. Woods, 324 Brenda K. Woods, 324 Deborah S. Woods, 345 Ernest B. Woods, 372 Greg Woods, 345 Lewis D. Woods, 324 Marian L. Woodside, 345 Michael R. Woodside, 305 Carol A. Woodson, 345 Anthony L. Woodward, 373 Laverne Woodward, 253 Michael L. Woodward, 373 Robert C. Woolard, 324 James I. Wooldridge, 251 Richard Wooldridge, 305 Kay Woolf, 305 Larry D. Woolman, 324 Keith D. Woolverton, 345 Brenda C. Wooten, 305 Harold D. Wooten, 373 Margaret A. Wooten, 373 Virginia F. Wooten, 345 Susan Word, 345 Nancy Workman, 305 Wendell J. Workman, 345 Robert F. Worlds, 373 John R. Worlund, 305 Donald B. Wray, 345 Roger D. Wray, 345 Alan D. Wright, 373 Charles M. Wright, 373 Dan C. Wright, 370 Deborah L. Wright, 373 Earnest R. Wright, 324 Gary W. Wright, 345 James D. Wright, 324 Lonnie R. Wright, 373 Mona P. Wright, 345 Rita A. Wright, 324 Sherry J. Wright, 373 William J. Wright, 305 Kaung H. Wu, 373 Chiquita A. Wy, 345 Adrain N. Wyatt, 374 Esther L. Wyatt, 373 Mary N. Wyatt, 345 Pam R. Wyatt, 345 George P. Wycoff, 305 Ron G. Wynne, 305 -Y- Gail M. Yamnitz, 373 Gary D. Yarbrough, 324 Tommy B. Yarbrough, 373 Debra L. Yates, 373 Diane Yates, 324 Rick N. Yates, 373 Judy K. Yearry, 305 John A. Yerger, 324 Bryant L. Yielding, 373 James D. Yopp, 324 Pamela G. York, 305 Theresa G. York, 345 Anna M. Young, 305 Debbie E. Young, 345 John T. Young, 305 Kathy Young, 324 Linda S. Young, 305 Oscar L. Young, 345 Perry L. Young, 345 Ricky L. Young, 373 Ronald A. Young, 324 Ronald T. Young, 324 Kristi Youngdahl, 345 -Z- Almis Zdanius, 345 Robert W. Zenanko, 305 'l'ina A. Zirbel, 305 Richard L. Zirkel, 324 395 l 4 396 Dr. Floss Pritchard lcenterl listens as Phil Hout, chairman of the Board of Trustees, reads the terms of the presidential contract. At left is Mike Beebe, board secretary. Pritchard Named As Reng's Successor Term Begins August 1, 1975 Dr. Ross J. Pritchard, president of Hood College at Frederick, Md., was named Jan. 10 to become the fifth president of ASU, succeeding Dr. Carl R. Reng. Although Pritchard won praise for the changes he instituted at Hood College, he said that he has no fixed ideas of what changes might be needed at ASU. "I have no magic formula to make this place over in a new image," Dr. Pritchard said. "Any thought that August 1 is going to be met by an invasion of me meat-axing people right and left is completely inaccurate. A heckuva lot of peo- ple must have been doing a heckuva lot right." Pritchard received a bachelor and masters degrees of political science and history from the University of Arkansas in 1951. He earned a doctorate in law and diplomacy in 1954 at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He es- tablished the department of international studies at Southwestern in Memphis in 1955. In 1962 he became deputy secretary general of the Peace Corps' international office in Washington, and from there he became the director of the Peace Corps programs in the Far East. He left the Peace Corps in 1968 to serve as an executive for the Development and Resources Corp. of New York. Dr. Ross J. Pritchard 397 398 s?"""P N, ...,.,.,,..-. . 'f YQ f I s f Q 4 'Q , Q ff , 15? , .Q-A--mf-'....Mn-.1-'-'MW 1 M-'hm ' 0 Q I 1 O-kay, here's another layout. . . t, . . .but the pictures don't match. . . . . .what the hell!! The News Bureau staff did the class section. They are lleft to right! Gail Case, Peggy Carr, Kathy Walker and Lynne Ainsworth. John Horner, photographer Rusty Starr, assistant editor Connie Austin, university editor Kathy Watkins, editor Sharon Fallis, greek editor Margaret Warr, university Dennis Layer, photographer 8. 9. 10 11. 12. 13. 14. 1 Kay Skinner, student life Cynthia Weaver, student life Sharon Smith Mike Downing, photographer Rita Gray, student life editor Randy Luten, head photographer Cow For a long time now, I have been trying to decide what to write in the "Editor's Spot" and nothing seemed appropriate. Then I decided that the best way to do it would be just to sit down and type what I was think- ing, especially since the deadline is about two hours away. First of all, I would like to thank everyone that had a part in producing this book. Tom Manning, our advisor, was ever helpful, even though I scared him a few times by almost missing the deadline. Many thanks to his News Bureau staff also, for without them, the class section might be void. I am glad that the photographers found time, between their MHE enterprises and trips to the Rib Shack, to give us all the pic- tures we needed. They really did a fine job. After I got it through to Randy tif I ever did, that isl who was the editor, everything worked out fine. The section editors were always full of surprises. "Surprise, I just finished my pages!" Rita was the wit of the yearbook room with her "JO Jit! Jere'd jit jo'??" Rusty was always there with a calm, f'WeIl. . Connie and Sharon, the Wynne girls turned out a good section. Many thanks to them all for taking into consideration that I was a "green" editor, and subject to making a lot of mistakes. And last but not least, I would like to thank Michael for standing by me and for his patience and understanding. If you don't like the book, I only have one reply, "Where were you on those lonely nights in the Reng Center, Room 209??" Kathy Watkins Editor WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., lJ.S.A. 399 400 In Memory Jeff Hoder Nelwyn Oates

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