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Ina'z'an '74 Arkansas State University V0l.5l T - v . ,A .mx - , I .+i?aJ4 '1 sw :-. 1' ' 'f e Table of contents Theme . . . . . 1 Why Dare? . . . . . 18 Personalities .... . . . 20 Moods of Conflict . . . . . 48 Athletics .'. . . . 62 Why Care? . . . . 116 Greeks ... .. 118 2-theme Organizations . . . Why Share? . Campusology . The University ............ We who Dare, Care and Share Index ................... Farewell . . This, then, is our story: It is hard to describe Arkansas State University in a yearbook. ASU's story takes more than a year to tell. The story begins when a freshman crosses the railroad tracks on Caraway Road and says hello to the institution that he or she will call his for the next four years. From freshman orientation on, the student's life is intermingled with that of the campus. As an individual, as an institution and in groups, the campus accepts a dare. It is a dare to grow and to be responsible. It is a dare to expand our facilities to their limits and beyond. The campus learns to care. lt learns to feel for others. It learns to care about situations that face it and to do something about them. The campus learns to share. It shares its feelings, plans and destinies. All become brothers. This intermingling is a continuous story. ASU's part in the story ends at graduation. Some will con- tinue the process in their new lives. That is the way it should be. This, then, is our story: "We dare, we care and share awhile, From hello...until good-bye." theme 3 It is cz dare to grow as an individual to accept responsibility Uk, 'lg iss. 5 w 5 h 5 1QfQw1f z W: 11151. A 95W 'wYw19fi,i5?:Gf'v , - Q . -,W 'fmffu 'Win 751511 f A 12,2513 1, ,, 1 Jw 1 1 -of 21 Wfw 2 4 f 13 ,,, Z H., W e. .-u ,"F'1 ,,,:f- A 511 -w but ' xxx ww " 1' M mr 'Q 11, ' Nw?-1+ 1 N11 11 I' WM .qv mw- .-4.-q ' W R- 'f "nm, . i "'-.W 1 -lm -may Sp- '-1-. , 'N I 1-mah:-3-wgvfr,,..,, ,,. 1 . -"1 :ix ' V 5 Q ' .L .41 - K , Pl 1 i 1 1 , 74 M 1 ' ' " 5 1 1 N xx X .1 k NM i 9, ' 1 ,f ' qui.-+1 W Y L W . 1 1 sv 111 1 .1 N, 11,,,, X ,i 1. W , ,M K S711 1 -f K Y 3 XX -1 . 1.1r1fi1., , " 1 V 1 ' Lx ,Q ,131 E5 LI 3 1,-gg .1 ii, SP1 is 'H H ' ' 1 V " 1 - 'K "- 'x :ff 1 - . -1 1 ' - -. ' 1 1--as , Q ' C ' f 1 Y ' ML1111-1.1 . .Lf 1 -ffm ' '- Tj M-N1 -.7 'X ff 1 , 1 jg 1. , , -1. W 1 ' -"- 1 .W Y , gg v - 1 ,, - 1:-,V1 1 " 1 Q 1 1 1 ':9.3,,f,5M' '1 N, '1' , N 1'-j I 1 ""'V" 1 fig' T'-,F 1 1 ' J" 34.33, :P 'W 11V 3 ' ' N 1533 W ' 11111 , A W1 iihwg .V wr! 1 11. 1 lk' ' W,g 1 1 1.1,n111111fm'1 ,,.. 111.1 ,,,. W11111, "1-M11Q11114?,?114wf111f111 'V ,Q-1 1i my ' ff" , W , 1:11111 1 mx, M 1 -1, '1 1. , '11 11, ,1 ,WQ 5111 1 1 1 1 ,rag 1 5.3, 1 1, 1 111, V ' 'Wu .Mn 'Q' ,,Wj"Hf' , -1- 'QL 1 -h. M1111 , 1 W "' A 14' '7' 12111 S 1: 1111, ' ,- 15' 11 ,WWVEW-T'M ,1j",1 V 112011 1 W1 111 M, ,1,,1:1,1mw 11, 1 1 3 1311.5-g,QQm1,1-, 1 1 W--Lil-F 51 13 1 5 1. .,1g3H,a1,,:J,1111 113,11 -arg, 1 - 111 pi L .1 1 . . 'thi 1 1L17'Q"", 11 . -1 ..ff1w1-1 -41 . . 11 1 . HM 1- F - -1 ' 1 1-'1 -1.1111 1 Mm-wi -111 l-- ' l . 1. v A N q J h ,- 1 Q- gf, - I 1 :Q !-g.l.- . ,N ,1- xxwjfw "gig ,1 f ,- 1 -' , 1 11 1 f--- -55 , 111 , ,' 1 ' V 1 ' 1 J - M W- 1 1 ' A: 'isnfdf f ' 1 ,, , . . -351 j tg--.F-V 7 1 Q, -v -ki,-Q 'ag-L ., f,'. ,qr1X 71113 W 1 - . 1 , -1 -1 A A ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 :ff -eb. 11 1 1, 1 H ' 11 an I ' W I-i-11 . -3 fi-Q5 2 I5 nl wwflfff f"f3E"yE1 -21" " Fi "5F'K . -h A x 5... ,xg ,, .. n V15 -1356 ,six -1 1 -UT. 1 TW U, ' 1 , 4:1 1 ' 3,1 - 1, ' -' 1. 1,-'gif '- .Q .1 11.5 1 . xv "!5'W11,-4,1 f 1 . 4 A 'Wm 1. :ia J, - 1-L 'g M- ' Q, wg- 4? H11 1 U01 .: -1, rv 'IL --, 11. 1 1. xx +11 -1 fxwf-, -1 .we ' , H4111 My 1 N -1,1gA'11., x . 1 fy. ,gf 'V 1, 1- ., , , 51 :M-111,,, , 11- 1 -+ msg, 'L 1 1 1 151-1 'P 11.11 11. 51 1 1-l'5erf54.1,.T.,11 11P?11QW1WI 1. S , ' 1 L, 11,1 , . I 11 1 1 " 1 ww 11 - we-i'H1ffw1q 'L " 1111 11 '15 1-1 ,1 . 1 ,,1 1 1 11. . TES 1.14111 1, ,1 1 1 1 1 1 4- 1 11 - 1 111 , 11411 -if 1 111 1 1 11 1 pf 1 11 11w1,. 1 W "W 1 L , 1- .111 fi -1111..-1111 111 1 '1 'U ' f11w"Wfg',zWM11C'1' 1111 ,1 ,V , , 1, , 11 , w,,m, ,, W 111111, 1 . 11 11 ,. Wm " H " 1' 1. Y 1 W Y! ' 1' '1w"1mvJMi151 M115, 1f'1'11L1Q'1 X11 1 ' 1 W1 . Q5iW1WlL11.' ,'1W1E1Li1111. M dw !'1Mf1L1f1I1111:3l,11'1'11l:'1'M'4w1N 11, 4 J ' 11 1 551 K-1',1 M' " 1 11 1L 1'if1.:1'qLL"-1'1m'a1. 11 1 1 111:31 11-.1'11'1 r 1 ' " '11-.Q-W 1 ,1 111. 1 1+ 4' 1' ' H1' 1M5:111: 'V Qu, , . 1 '11 1 f- fi: '24, 111,11 1 LN Y. ,A H' 1 L " 1 1 a.' 1 Q I 5 mf' T- 391- ' " " ' ""1 11w"'71U1' X' 4 W 1 ' 1.41 W""L . 1. .- ' 4121 , ' -K . 14- 21S 1 ' , ' - ""f"'1s1i.111W1W!7:'4'yf1 I-. 5 .N V 1 ll , 1 L1 - -i 117 .1 s - 1f M - 1 1 1 M -.-- L 1 .,.,:, , 1 ,,, 7 - LUN 1 N uaiw , X K , -' . g 5 ,V Q A F H'i.1.'Flv-LQ: g - .av 'J' 1, 1 1 - ' 7 ' Li ' 1 1 ' ' -.ful-" 'ff-1 1' 141 5 1. .L 5, Lq ' + ,V 11 -"1- , - , 1 -.. 'x 1 1 - -- f - 6 . ' f 11 1 5 1 . 1 1 , 1. - 1 'F ,Jffg--1,1-1 1 1 '1 11 - 1 11 gg - 11' ,V 11' li' 1 ' ' 1 , 1 11 1 N1 W. 11 1 1 " L Y Q ,A "1 J, -ffihfe' 'H . j,w.,U!1f -L 17: J f N1 1 y ' 1' 1- 1.- 1 11, 1 11 ' ,1 A gn, M 11111 'Aff .M ""' ' T f -4 , 2 1 M , 1 1l"1' 1 1 1 1 1 71Q:34:"'J.f,.' 'mW.wfq:?!?m!QLk111., 'Hp ""' 2f"1. 11, A W ' '1 ,. if 1. ,, '1 1'-' ,, 11,11 111 "'1:11", 1 H1121 ,, ' ' 1 N1 1 1 -11" Y 11 5 qi? 'Tl'1'?:1l,WfN:Ll,,pg1:Tf 11 11 ,q NIMH " " K VE f"1 ' 1 1 11 1 11',111Wg1r11111-gwgl1 1 121:11 11 , U -lj?1,11111, 1 . SP X ' W4 1 L '1 L wffQi!fg11 1 1 ' 11 13, -11 , u 11 -1 W in WN MV .2 4,4 gg wswxma x 11, 'Y W' Q' V 7121, W 1 1 1 Q 121 1 ws- F 111gwM1l +21 11. 1 1w- . W - ' ' 2555-, 121 gf" j- 11, 11 f 2 " 1 " 1 1 Kg' U , 4: 11 1 . . Z-22.1 1 1-L - fs. ,h-.5911.1e,f.,,1 11g 1 1 1, - 1 fu fizr? s 2 M ,x 1 2 5 Z , 5 1 I Qi 2 E E 3 Q ,J -Z a dare to expand our facilities h 7 The campus learns Z0 care ru Y . to feel for others 10-theme to strike out to change situations they care about W as t . t - CW 'Q' 7,35- Yer R ,qs . kj?'7i- V, - ,ii ' ,. K k i, , 5 . g 6, Q , M Egg it . i tai 556:33 3 ' X, , iff: 'fflfz ,X Y If 5, ,si :U2f,.iSkf ff. ' ' lm "3 1: 1 - fl X' ' I 3' V " A 'F 35.55 sch , asf -Q ..f:.f' af wo' se theme-ll Irzdz'via'uals learn to share 4l...,N their feelings their deslinies 14h all become brothers f Q V New J' 4 Q 5 , I , f X QA . 'W w , w. Q 1 4' Z! none goes his way alone From hello g 16-theme The Reng Center lobby Qabovej filled with freshmen and those not pre- registered. Faculty members fleftl were available for advice. Freshmen and those not pre- registered taboveb still had to stand in line. All students tleftj had pictures made for the yearbook. Confused students fright! Search for a course to replace one that had closed. 1. .jf K Enrollment down 2,723 pre-register Enrollment for the 1973 fall semester was down around 200 from last fall's figures, with 6, 460 enrolled on the last day of registration. About 2,723 of those student,s pre-registered during the previous spring term. This was the se- cond semester and the first fall term that pre- registration was inacted. Benefits from pre- registration proved to be increased time between students and advisers, creation of a relaxed at- mosphere and diminished long lines. Some disadvantages of the new program developed when students taking class cards failed to turn in the cards, leaving holes in class enrollments and the failure of 176 pre-registered students to return for the fall semester. theme-17 18 dare Why dare? moods of conflict personalities W -us ' 5 x .4 qw. , .,, s..,,,,,,.- . .,, rw et. , ,M ,,, mmmnw RUM? ' .1 M, ,. W wel-w... t...'........, athletics 5 3' wp iii U M ff -u-X, 'V is ,jf-'sg X THQ.. """""'Q'.1Hlunanuup. x i V sq ,.i., .. 1 Q X r N What on earth would a man do with himself if something did not stand in his way? H. G. Wells dare-I9 Personalities i , , Q I Wm III I A X II v +- IIIIIIIIII .+ -, ff 2 i I I " IIIIIII, I I III onalities .......1mn...,...,,,., I 'II'W-'n-m'-'---'---- IIIIIIII I I III I ' II I II II I II II I .I IIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I II IIIIIIIII I I I II I II I IIIIIII IIII I IIIIII IIIIII IIIII III III II IIII II + II IIII II II I Xml mn personalities-21 Wh0's Whos selected by SGA I ,...,,,...-F-vm .ffvqurolvm m , Vx 12 Pom -Sold Pro Thai! 6 Po3n1FU?1if0 URM: ww" M Thi ff 7' Demi Bold' Hoi -frf:7Z' - f fhw f, Z7 rw' Wm H 'mf,aw'W" MJ,,,,, M-eww Mun Larry Reeves 22-personalities Sandra Gerdes Elizabeth Alley Johnson Il at Doug Wilkerson .K if up 'I-" '9"'K IP' Nf' . I n 5 1. K, i L. -Fi :Y is 1 rg , fx" -rf. gn, . ,Q Q.:-9' gf I AQ--5 X " Wifiz, 1 '1 l, xi -N' gfukgkai . M zur' i!w,.,.:-:ilk-Q, , msgkng ggi' is V o?,.':- t A u.'f-S-Q,-M . , 35" ,:NMn-9.9.5 n- , - ,Q "gangs, hisysgfihmh. ,. N ' . Q-K . an N tnggq K , S Q ,hiwnumh ' 5 " Q- I iiixiluu' tg ' 'Q 5 L"ss1xuun.' .4143 'Q wa 'isaaf1nn0xn'.,.g!i3 R, Wlwnxanmv- 'uxyxii ' ' ,Q 'winsu-x-.1 xufdim - ' W-nlzzzl' Ak r-uni k,s K X, , w . I 2311.--ga: r'a:'ii'5 A.-Q--:, .,1.y - 9.1113 'K' ' 04,4 , 10 txt. s Q" ,--Q Agsfofi' 1 ...ES ' - ,i'i:NA . -ami' Wh0's who f -- -1 af .W ,,.,f,:A X . H .,.. 5.5 ws.. K -'W , ggLk .4 gil ft' .W if Cynthia Ross Jim Lyons 'mugs' 24-personalities Ruth Hillis Marilyn Brown Debby Holobaugh ,IA .. Chris Rolle lv 0 'S 2 .cy M. ' w mf A 4' 'E 4 f"' WW A mg. aa Cathy J uergens ww- ,ig John Wallace personalities-25 Wh0's who x, N. Vickie Bray V? "-v: In f f , 4f'f74wfm wwm:msmemwmfwwfwmwmwr .5 I 5 f ' Z 7 gr - - 2 ,JV 17 q K ,,,,, ,M,W,,M,,,,,,W,-,, ,,,, L f .V Q, , , 7 :sg iiii M M ' ff"f ffm V .. . ,V -, .iw ,,,f. 'aww M5 ii i il' Qfv" 731 71 4 ' f 5 David Steele Jim Dickson 26-personalities x l E Emily Enderlin Shelia Boxley John Skinner Keith Overstreet personalities-27 Wh0's who ,JQNQW , Mike Camp Phyllis Hammonds 7 5 if T I ,A A Karen Moffitt Lynn B1-Qckman 28-personalities , .nf - n V-mv ,ff 5. . Q.. f -x :E is X X: ' ' . 421- n KN Q N25 L f i ' pf .3 2. f s-Y Aw' Marcia Agee Barbanette Twillie Larry 0'Dell Judy Young Jones personalities-29 Wh0's who Arthur Kent Ken Copeland Wvhq 49- 30-personalities Larry Ward David Grandgeorge Beverly Pierce if Wk: Larie Barnes Douglas Milligan personalities-31 32 l Spirited "Family" ride, root, roar for Indians Mike Wooten Dean Massey Chanda Watkins gf gm' 'N . fgggglafe personalities-33 Cheerleaders promote spirit Pam Broadway Dave T Karen Moffitt 34 1' ' eg f lflmfwkm.- Rodger Barrow Caryn Ellis Emily Davidson Debbie Duncan Mike Dollar personalities-35 Majoretles entertain crowds at habflime if ,F 43341K .x,NW,ja , 2 355 A I X T'i""' Q. can . ..i M. 'A y'-? L 7 in . , . -, VM,p,,,.y4-iff I - 'mf ' gav e it ff' d "S M W V r V is " fikbgs J . ig 'ffl :..5QWif at X, ex . M, Y . H - N ., .V Q, ,g h..- ,, f K ' , W- 1 Pg .K ff.. ,L f -I ,I -, , afgfavgamghue M s. Msn g N X, f-Lwwiji 5l""""f e - A -..,.""if'5l ' -,xtifi-W,iQ,,,g,,Qg-.w,., M.g,1, ' . ,,,, Q, an 'W'-N.-e,r ,gui lMQs,gQZ,i:Vf'?'U"i4if 'iwfwii ff' -' 'Www . 92.1 'M' fl 1, 243' 5 ' - 94 ' Q--swim .wwr-W' Sfffr-m.fP1y' gym Q ,I-'ily . A' , Q.. S jk .24 'f . - -aaa ea. S f Q. - I , my -- L. xg "ix-s,.A5 . X ,WKYQ5 . . as af W' 1. 4 we N ..-., M - 5 A-.QSQW y . ,wi'k3'wQ,fsMQam A ' . -W '. M Li' X . V X f' Q5 fl-riff ' ,f X. Vx .NM W 'mf a - salma. - Captain Sally Starkey dances to the music of the ASU Marching Band during one of the many halftime performances. ,J - N - . , , i s v' J F 1 5 fi 'V "2 M N521 " 'du - . . S S. gli: uf .- I' . .1 5 A A ,. izsff- :L- l if M ':.. --,: E I I f ASU majorettes from left to right are Diane Teague, Claudia McRaven, Lou Ann Carr, Sharon Sturdivant, Shar- man Hannah, Sally Starkey, Georgeanne Stump, Karon Sturdivant, Terry Daniel, Candy Rogers and Cindy Richardson. personalities-37 SGA provides students with representation . ,. . W ..........v.. , . ,, , , Q ft I , ' as ss , sg' V, Mgt ,Z Student Senators Cleft to rightb Olen Smith, Tim Rand, Karon Sturdivant, Larry Arnn and Roger Franks. Walter Stewart drrects sound at an SGA activxty 38-personalities , I I l I SGA administrators ileft to rightl are Emily Enderlin, assistant, Keith Overstreet, president, Ronnie Howell, secretaryg Roger Franks, freshman orientation chairman, president's administrative assistantg tthird rowj Jackie Shelia Boxley, 2nd vice-presidentg Qsecond rowl Dean Drake, treasurer, andDougWilkerson,activities chairman. Brimer, lst vice-presidentg Jim Dickson, administrative Keith Overstreet arranges the table for the first SGA sponsored World Scope. personalities-39 SGA representatives Qleft to right? are Rhonda Lehnherr, Susan Trice, Tinsley, Susan Condray, Janice Harlan, Rhonda Young, Garry Heath Anne McSpadden, Lari Hunt, Millie Caldwell, Verona Tice, Marilyn Gary Friga, Qthird rowj Debbie Smith, Mike Huggins, Ron Hayes Brown, Faith Schmidt, Sam Helm, Csecond row! Kathy Griffin, Becky James Ferguson, Stewart Lambert and Ted Wagnon. SGA promotes student activities Doug Wilkerson checks out the sound at an SGA concert. 40-personalities 358 SGA senator Tim Rand makes radio spots with Lobo, who performed in an SGA sponsored concert. SGA president Keith Overstreet converses with Jay Holland prior to an SGA sponsored concert. personalities-41 Princess Platoon represents cadets Chucki Bornhoft Linda Beaman Debbie Duncan Kay Ellington Caryn Ellis ,X-f-eugk .ew www Marty Fausett Mary Ann Greer Teresa Hardin Beth Howard Dana Hudspeth Fran Jumper 42 personalities Liz Linebarrier ebbie Miller xt Renonia Mitcham Karen Moffitt Carol Morris Debbie Shaneyfelt Carla Singley Kerry Smith Sally Starkey Paula Taylor Margo Travis personalities-43 44-personalities u Miss Jonesboro Debbie Duncan Miss Arkansas Becky Hume Y , 12555 -Y ' TI,:...L 'K :sm .. iiib-fs 159' , . ffggww l 45 Ebony Queens named for '73 and '74 46-personalities 5 1 Ivory Steward was named '73 Ebony Queen. Ernestine White, 2nd runner-upg Ivory Steward, queen and Debra Rowland, lst runner-up, comprise the court. Ivory Steward, escorted by Gary Winfrey. t 'e K 'K . S - 3 VM - X -as-1 asses ,,, 1 W 'X i?w Eight contestants wait nervously. Left to right: Carlotta Greenberry, Belinda Dotson, Doris Fowler, Gladys Alexander, Jane Littleton, Demetrys Johnson, Renonia Mitcham and Glenda Woodard. Gladys Alexander was crowned Ebony Queen '74. 1 ji nf! hi The Ebony Queen for 1972-73 was Ivory Steward and her court included Debra Rowland, lst runner-up and Ernestine White, 2nd runner- up. The Queen and her court for 1973-74 were chosen during Black Week. The pageant was February 8, 1974 in the Carl R. Reng Center Ballroom. The eight girls entered in the pageant were judged on poise, talent and their answer to questions asked by judges, Mrs. Barry Bowman, Barry Bowman, Gussie Turner, Arthur Knelland and Willie Davis. The royalty consisted of Gladys Alexander of Mt. Vernon, queeng lst runner-up, Demetrys Johnson of Helena and tying for 2nd runner-up were Glenda Woodard of Wynne and Renonia Mitcham of Parkin. personalities 47 hldents toydecid TTTA I a X , Viewpoint h SA boasts better way, epresents 'wide group' and There s a wide rou of eople ren sN 9 The Uni" 6590 Wednesday m0fUiUg Herald challenges SGA la representative posts, b " ' ' e P P " - . . . . ganization-that's why We believe tt' ok 96 xgflxtl to face ' 9 SGA 3dI'f1iUi5U'at10H HW0Y'kmS W1th1Tf,the S3 gtudent government," Keith P SKY! . Q06 ,unitec The ' 9 on several aspects of needed reforms. Certa: udents Alliance candidate ' ga gxlsf. Associatior lleflge those eleflted action are Open- The Ch .esidem Said in 3, ' T OSS 09 S ,ign promises. mitory hours was brou, l Y - ,V . " b th hi "It fthe Sf' , ecxo efo I 'YOU ve Pafdv 9 students voted this year, Sfsgem' y eocom ' , yf .. Lh1S food,there" , - , - 11 5 U G rvif- 6 A be O9 for what you r nal. year s 1,200. Since enro ment 1. P00 xo ,tes Want' Dr, 9 well over 6,000, The Heron' I ut 5 and in- , 0 -ion might be to cf" ' res. Seedxn-year-old ex- he Q .Jeing apathetic. X I numerous other cal ainet, commenting on pa' . 9 the Hnwmfm- Mat-cam. . officials from both parti tmplaints that the 0 0 4 rved no function. axtsmg,.,riopneno1t SGA W S C a f1efe""gt0 V" ' K ""-rams: You donft apathetic. For th1S sharp rise in voter concern, Regrettably, few b 'titilgfs' 'AlP0rty reOFQGTllZ95 he student body should be commended. office, and Since only ont a A He ful-tl , nance lack of black represent. esti. do SGA stude Serve other' aspects. of the ffzifr- qdmsfvtlfst fffii2fSt . . . -,- 22222: WTS? t'Qi'.'1LTJ"Z.'li' fsrftsrk....:fSf.i..i2:.i.355.: 521255 0ff'C'0l CCWPUS 'eC09"' 'onfeased to H3 lminued' Uwe bellgve that Explaining that he would like to Voter turnout' . . h f h t rea1m:'T:e1T1ecE3ratl 3iZeun2:Vj:5ir2?1C3VIlt enter px-e-1aWy the USA member The USA party, which won elg to t e op year. ope u y, e e T ' dded ntinue to serve everybody, Zmbitio Overstreet remarked, that if an G I1 DOTS OTITIU tivities board is established, represe ' is will be an opportunity for the "The A to out, and begin practic . . ' ' Wen 'M p' C S OI1 II1 eI'VlSl f resides entertan.. f View . mntr tlgjbecflf,pf,f,SS,l,'iZ9:,rOgg5m ,Os Pdfkfn 'annie would have a ofthe USA party aniN vm-mf of the ISL Tglisday to vote on' ti evise the present Cafeteria part g rule--ons," he shake hands to si Pavel. ftp. -Photo by Milo T e - - V I lOn ystem, concluded. 3 as main campaign we b peffy " Of Arkansas State University tw , , . . . -gow' CQ Volume 51 state University,Arkansas 72402, Friday,lVIarch 23. 1973 Numbgr 3:66 oxxofxgdlecfi, 1 o , - """""-""l-1' 30 'X establis Resolution to extend lntervisitation New GNKS' 35,531 . X h prompts early evaluation of policiesgp W 4 C3 deilsii SGA I I lslythex 0 0 9 ' ' ' 90 per tinu prrnclp e o lntervrsl a lon ti' In a regular business meeting Dean Moore discussed varying TM March 7 the Faculty Senate voted admihistrativp eier recommend' Q 10-5 to acce tihtervisitati lir--1 ' l d i in Principlfg but suggestem DO ui iiguglgetaklerzor 6 'Les recommendation be madmo . i -...g the P-F system. X Of? Board of Trustees to dir 0 .- pass-fail CP-FD Several Senators thvers, Dean of Students to set up g v M,,,duy program. that Since many pre-, Q e- Re emenF .3 , - --1- wil me StUfif2HiS.f0 hQld According to the Senators' plan, medical schools will not ,t P' cle, -- - - - va -.-..-- ..t..,a,.,.t,. M-, ,,,,, 5, ,MAMLW TSHIFTUBSCGY ISL nominee Young cites GFS communication as obstac STU lrlque cafeteria service Chickasaw Cafeteria -surveys, which the Student Senate circulated Tuesday and Wednesday in the cafeteria lobby, platform on Citing f 4 - the 'imajor Obstacle," 31' should' number "between 400-450," according to the director o bring about young of 5 e 'Q'-f League Candidai the opinion drive, Keith Overstreet of Searcy. ues for such SGA 'W' ' ' "'e have-no Overstreet termed response outside of the cafeteria. 0men's dm- ' m S tothe drive Hgoodl' and added, classification and resident status ,. e f "udents Seemed uite of the student, meal plar o W-U Q es vdmble .to its bgnf com rail out the forms prefeikencesl as tolthegniimbfrtonc . :' . ' M 'a t 1 cosomeas,ran1n ocaeeriz stitution, IS composed of all HMSO lpfqinf ges g '1 a ab e problems, rating of food Semcq guved by the regularly-enrolled students. at three ears' IMD S Ce . Mi Suggestions for improvement ASU," said the Junior know their' needs. I Juyfgr O e ' -fmnaire further state: mathematics major. But a e i . I1 I Jffwhelp brini - ii f believe anyone who llV4 dmm- Q O , rf0m159S 0 look at the present SGA shows Cammls can undel fn 1 D , ng I' , Wine' rthwhlle 2 ,UA --A ,NJN ,, - , . .l'!'l. ai... S Q O O the two day-. , VV , . U ml -term ra e o lcles "mn H ' no trouble in getting per- Ovcg ou' . I ggi.. rail for Deueves ne can uma e the SGA a HOIL member commentec mission to set up the table. "The t h gthe sm Side lated arg .-mis a student organization again, in- Although he Sad the Crea Cafeteria P90919 Were quite willing tiatgtics on thggi complied befor B 9 '- stead of an arm of the frater- 3 Studelit IACUVWQS, B0 to Cooperate and Seemed very S . b ak , -L- ii claimed' I:Every yeas ILA "nnr-nnetitnhnnnl as If ha I-mam fn anv gllpdnetinnc nu-4 ---A Snrlng re - ' 0 'urveys or begins ' be PE b 'Id' 1 ' 75 he new ad- d 'hey O .d make them Own' 1.4 . . able to fulii.. HAH- ----- . . . .. . . . , apathetic this UH the ISL Sh U ' ' ' ' ' wanted this "nice ' complex to I -0 will be less gm: torn up in short time. As a resul more rules will have to I GS O ' "What they n I thinks. are imp LU UIC puns tudents are not 1 sororities, but the epresentation. isten to them and what they need," r the students :hangesz the me s 'i 'I facilities. school I followed. "We plan to publish, before tl opening date, a list of all the ruli and the times that the complt will be open for different a tivitiesf' DeVazier said. - "The new complex will I heated and cooled," he continue 'r dressing rooms will I '- are in the prese . counting procedur d3Ie,S of Il'19lI' I-3 friendly SGA 1 ,GX ig design 3 "Students who 4 ' ,pm office need to be I free P- g b DeVazier said five priorities e I p - ' '- "All fth -. yv exist for the new building. 'they' ilgiitrugzdwiiglggsglg.Just be the builjdingeibriore co. 8 ms 2f.3z,.ffiii Liagmpiovefhf PE of major rf is ' L n c nnn A --M - f S W I 0 d 0 o 0 0 ISS of .1 Reso utlon to exten mtervlsltatlon 's X -vI0" .JSA pla' .dvot KO f ex . with , new" so .iucs with the student 0 ,on, 24 in irr ., -extensi- re services, ' 0 ork-study prog. prompts early evaluation of policies By KANDY ROWLAND Herald Staff Writer the policies is being built. If in- tervisitation is to become a normal two Student full citizenship. A ' 'en policies are thing, he said, it depends on what Elglglfltppafflf o ACC System and exte U :an by Dr. happens during this semester. U 1 3 'S 5 ary SBVVICQSA . ' 'toni McCluskey spoke with the Platfof' 0 ,ii the ballot for first fo eresident of Danner Hall, Conrad ee for V president are Johnny Forem. o. "Wm, Monday. He said the arcle o o Luxora IUSAJ and Dean Brin Office o. E " HOW wants 'La P s Bald Knob KISLD, Second The evaluatio. I s -1oVn done 'rm president candidates are S start at semester. v-.L S 'el 'Q A mn of Boxley of Marked Tree CUSA earlier because McCluskey ffl .ihsggg Catherine Nelson of El D' received a resolution fre' the Pu- , V WI CISLJ. Danner Hall Ce" . 'end McCluskey A e the J rather Con' Nominees fer Upper I intervifi' ' "ire other dormitory PIU-'hs d all 'th the new ac' senators are Olen Smit? the dorm directors bent.: the stead of Student .innesboroh Tim P - time. We don't evaluation is completed. . U paragouia f 0 ,oil the attitudes fo people 'line evaluation will be objective, Eine from the P, 9 ., accept or reject in- and if the program is working, the only two can 2 Nc 1-Ori tervisitation " McCluskey said, avafiamm --van Ima :non Mi-Pliiqkpv Nlaalgnmg I tors include 5xudY .-e, and -. Searcy, an In- udent League Catherine Lear of Hardy. Candidates for lower level senatorial positions in USA are oi M D aaa.. E'-...Ira nl? Illnf.-tf mine ...tier of Malden, Mo., Jay Holland of Little Rock and A "I have no negative feedbacl intervisitation, and I doubt I w he added. "I don't know any exact figu but l'm sure that we lose a potential students because t parents feel that we are too lib of a university because we k intervisitationf' McClus continued. t'But surely we ga few students by giving them tl rights." McCluskey said if any char are made in the policies, he I not believe it will require a re of the Board of Trustees. "I am against open hou McCluskey pointed out. "Stud Qhnnlrl nnt mind QlGnlY1Q lll'l. Bl IUSA party takes majority of representative position T M 5 of W5 W- 5 it s 222 E n J' M Reng center becomes headquarters for both parties as election day wears on. Before entering the voting booth to cast his vote, this ASU student checks his identification with SGA member Lynn Brockman. This procedure is used during each SGA election to insure each student his voting rights. ms, ..,.t.,, ,.,,, A FS Keith Overstreet and Johnny Foreman, candidates from the USA party, try to win the support of several students before they cast their ballot. 50-moods of conflict l David Drake and Stewart Lambert campaign with signs and cokes. Campus parties debate on more effective SGA Amid red, white and blue campaign cards given out by the United Student Alliance claiming "the better way" and green stickers appealing to the "independent thinker" wishing to join the ranks of the Independent Student League, students were confronted from all sides. ln the cafeteria, during classes and even under their residence hall doors, students were informed of the pros and cons of every issueg through hand out sheets faithfully distributed by student govern- ment candidates. Door to door speeches and sidewalk debates were commonplace as students expressed concern about apathy of other collegiates, cafeteria changes, a possible activities board and ineffec- tiveness of the Student Senate. The USA announced their platform which contained outlines of a proposed student recruiting program and day care center for students living in Indian Village. The Independent Student League platform contained a promise to abolish the mandatory yearbook fee and improve Student Government accounting procedures. Interested students form a line in the breezeway waiting for a chance to cast their vote for the candidates they feel are best qualihed. moods of conflict-51 .ig x -, , . iii? ,. . si, ,. Q 3 , P 3 :im ' 12 3 7 X in - 2 Yin , fsfi .V nge A ecti i A n t Informing these ASU coeds of the existing issues and voting procedures, Larry Arnn urges them to be sure and vote in the upcoming SGA election. 52-moods of conflict After votes are cast, Ted Wagnon begins the process of calculating the returns FIIREHFIN BHXLEY UFPER Q!! sim ffl IIS!! i fiitfiitiiliiiisiliffs. DEN T LEACUE ffwg gg 5? USA sweeps elections Offering students a choice between two can- didates for Student Government Association presi- dent, the elections held in March brought a sweep of United Student Alliance candidates into the Stu- dent Senate. Keith Overstreet of Searcy, USA candidate, defeated Randall Young also of Searcy, ISL can- didate, by 266 votes to become SGA president. Dean Brimer of Bald Knob captured the only major office for the ISL when he defeated Johnny Foreman, USA candidate, for the office of SGA first vice president. Sheila Boxley of Marked Tree, USA candidate, took the remaining top position to become second vice president. ' Students running on the USA ticket also won each of the upper and lower level senatorial positions and all but two representative positions. Despite the sweeping USA party victory, the Independent Student League organized by Young remained together following the election. Just as the USA party did a few years before, the ISL has written a charter and is seeking recognition. As excitement builds, ASU students await the election returns which are being tallied by SGA officials. moods of conflict 53 Intervisitation alters dorm life for males Beginning as an experiment, the intervisita- tion program initiated this fall in the male residence halls has proved successful in the eyes of students and administration. After much consideration, last spring the ASU Board of Trustees finally issued their ap- proval of the program. Following their decision each male residence hall requesting intervisitation drevx up rules as to how the program would be im- plemented. With deliberation on such points as privacy to male students who did not wish to participate in intervisitation and the safety of female guests, several rules were set up. . ,sn Y? ., 2' Studying can be a pleasurable pastime if the atmosphere is right it k c 5 ' i, icsc F -ftp 3, 7,., fi-: A HI. s This cozy couple enjoys being together during intervisitation. i s r 5 l i l st 54-moods of conflict Going through the procedure, this resident of Twin Towers and his date receive their pass to enter under the intervisita- tion program. Before visiting in the male dormitory a female student must obtain a pass in the office and be es- corted by a resident ofthe hall. lntervisitation is open from Thursday through Sunday. Each wing in the male residence halls may also decide whether or not they wish to have intervisitation. Proving themselves responsible enough to handle the program maturely, plans are now un- derway to attempt to extend intervisitation hours to the rest of the week. This female student is a welcome sight on the Twin Towers elevator. l moods of conflict-55 Parking poses problem With many parking spaces taken up because of expansion, ASU commuter students felt the growing pains each day as they struggled to find someplace to park their vehicles. Spaces west of the stadium, behind the agriculture building, in front of state hall and along Aggie Road were no longer available to students with cars. Again complaints were registered with the ad- ministration. Students continued being late for class or parking on the opposite side of campus than where they had to be. No action has yet been taken. Traffic sign typifies problem of commuter students Twin Towers parking lot may be quite a distance from the academic buildings, but for many commuters it's better than no space at all. 56-moods of conflict t Closed cafeteria system brings mixed reactions A .M ,A X 'ref This student trades her token for a beverage. Aftervseeing if this student's face matches her number, she gets her token At least the iron bars at the doors are good for something. Upon its initiation, the closed cafeteria system brought protests from many students living in residence halls. Because of the iron railings blocking each front door of Chickasaw Cafeteria, students were sometimes left standing outside, regardless of the weather. Commuter students were no longer allowed to eat or even enter under the closed cafeteria system. The newly devised tokens were distributed at the door, providing that the student eating, match- ed the picture on the lunch card. Some claimed it was a fire hazard, while others complained it was just another unfair measure forced upon residence hall students. Based on the assumption that the new system would cut down on students eating free in the cafeteria, the administration felt that under the pressure of the increase in food prices, it was necessary. moods of conflict 57 ASU expands learning by construction is , ,W lr Through many long hours of planning and constructing, the new agricultural building is to be completed in 1974. 58-moods of conflict Expansion has become a familiar sight on the ASU campus, as students watch new buildings slowly rise to being. wr .f H- M -we ,WA f... if Construction workers begin preparation for the new physical education building which is located west of the old football stadium. Expansion has been an ever active part of ASU campus life. The past ten years has seen the construction of eight new buildings and renova- tion of several others. Expansion will continue in the future. Buildings now under construction include a new agricultural building estimated at about SZ, 0l9.500.00. Located west of Kays Stadium, the new P.E. complex will be a three building structure and will include a 25 meter, six lane swimming pool. After renovation of State Hall is completed it will house the Division of Nursing. The new football stadium when completed will cost approximately 2.5 million dollars. The most costly expansion project on cam- pus, the necessity ofthe stadium is questioned by some students and Jonesboro citizens. However through money from the New Era Fund and a state alotment of Sl for every S2 con- tributed privately, the stadium is being built. Expanding to meet growing needs, ASU is providing students more facilities with which to learn. """ w . T. 'qluiim a .a,,.,., - A Y 'M' tc, -wr 2 . , I 'Wwe-K: V' Ag... V. M w f-,kt '1tii ' e vw W T 'Q e as T if 'if i fg'..5i'3mt figs' K , D W M N K A Jn! . M 4 .V ?,. .W . 1, 7 Mm 1,S,V3!,1tL, . 1' , W .uhh V , ' May.-alba, he W N K K W3 , Lyngiyi, It il? 1 'shut 'JW . .nf i ef - sv if r afngiv N ei WJ-1' .avian me ' e he "vw - 'ff' 1' i xii' gf'-2+ V .sfitw 1 ici' ,111 is R' ' e .J - ' . f fi Ini"":x' 7 4 ""L-W' rQi.,.v"'ag,ia?:ivil84f"1fqf.W,,4t un.. ' W A 7 :?"'i5hS,, 'HNF' Wu- , Thi 4 .. ' " ' ' to -fy-R Wai-1. 1' W' . I ,,,,,4,,4Nh 4 yy. 2,-,MWMIQVVV with ,shitty at ug fog, ' 49 , - A Y Q, H if " ii i.,. f,,,..fA M. I 'cmfa wif' the Students are becoming excited as they watch the football hole grow into a new stadium in which the Indians hope to play. Engineers say that the stadium will be completed in time for the opening game in the 1974-75 season. moods of conflict 59 Energy crisis strikesg leaves students cold At some time during the past year almost every item necessary to ASU students was running out. It was definitely the year of the shortages, and students like every other American, felt the squeeze. Commuter students painfully watched the gas prices skyrocket. In many instances some werejust hoping the gas would be available to themg no matter what the price. In residence halls and academic buildings students turned down their thermostats and dimmed unnecessary hall lights. Small signs over each light switch served as reminders that the energy crisis was upon us. With loss of another precious hour of sleep the clocks were again turned back in order to save daylight. Early in the spring unfortunate students with classes at 8 a.m. walked through the darkness to arrive there. Nothing was an exception when it came to empty spaces. 60 moods of conflict , V My ,www EQ? www.: M.-x -0-www . .. ..L: f " - Q 5 , .. 35 2 + , . ,. -Q. , mg ' - 'SN SM . EW M 5 in was SE Rav mu S Ex X Q, A s J 5 iw f M. ff ,M 5 gxwwmw mfg .5 gg w""n, f I ' -X ,4 A fi W x"' SERVE UR sggf if pf 5 ,, 'fi FQTKLW ZZKUJ jgf, gk, '35 mi 1 VHP S3742 DNS WA "' x ,- Q . A ii? '3:?.u3f L Wf.2fi: 'W moods of conflict-61 A thletics ..s.... 11 1111111 1 1 - 111 1 '11 1 1 r ' 11111 1 1111- 1111 I, 11 41111 1 11 1 1 1 111 1 ll 1 1 'wg ' "1,11lJ fu , 1 1 fx W. .Xv..,...,-was eu an x, Q- . Q K I f K ...X Q., athletics-63 Tribe has rainy season Even though the Tribe finished with an 8-18 record and had I4 games rained out, out of 40, many players managed to up their seasonal averages. Senior outfielder Pete Davis captured a se- cond batting championship, finishing his career with a .307 mark. He was also the fifth leading hitter in the Southland Conference with a .338 record. Tommy Fowler finished the season with a .305. Fowler and Davis were the only Indians to hit over .300 for the season. The only Indian pitcher to finish with a win- ning record this year was Jim Gray, who carved a 2-l notch. Lefthander Bobby Harris led with an earned run average of 3.19, followed by Charles Blackburn, who had a 3.20 ERA. The team ran se- cond in the rain-drenched SLC race, with a 5-3 record. a game behind Southwestern Louisiana. K it ii ., . she-iffy .- gsimtffi 5141- f ,J 03. ' 5 S W -. . r.if55' gi52 1, A -r.- if 9 A 4' 5.2.39 I -335 ' r . -- -35. Tommy Fowler races for first base after a hard line drive A bunt from Bernie Laws surprises opposing team's catcher. 64 athletics 45' fn ,A Don Whitney, Ken Copeland and Charles Blackburn, along with teammates, watch the field as Larry Elmore walks in for a rest. if ,f Charles Blackburn sizes up the next batter before a pitch. ASU Indians clutter into dugout after a victorious game. athletics-65 Two Indians hit over .300 66-athletics N5 ar v xx I l funn. Wu f iiii W I ,. 'awww , N at 5 5 W- i 'v 1 . " . 'fx'4 ':4"'.,,,q2' M M ,. :W . ,,,g, - 4 v :gil-1 1' qr--ef" Y, f, -v if ,, .Q X of as . ,Near -els.-4 A... A , g K . Af,,,. ING' ,i gt ef' , ,Lx .4 'A .4 ' ff' ,J A Q Q21 - W f -Q, - e , .4 .K is .N rw, ,. fa , ,-. e-.fTZ':f' fs, rsf,.,.g?fe are-':,sfQff'm1Qs of f.-15" , f..s.t...,'? 'P-1' . if y '?w1:,,.f Aw"-.flvgnfi ,F - . ' U fhwv "' A' - 1 ,-if - A Q .milfs , ati fga2f:?jz.:e....miGsa - f, ,Y - - f Pr "f.9Pw- pg. - -8. ' ff s W ,. ' if., " . K ,, 'MVK v K st ,.x V J . W . A N A 4 . . . L . 1 K, A h A 1 .fb Q, ' W A f 1 ., . ,, K ,K , 4 ,. ,..... ,, K l,.,..NM - L f - A z 4 1, .sy ' f. A 1 rf f as sm if ew .. by .ws- . ,. : .X if A f 1 A 'SM -ef. - '32 K ' 1QN"VNt+ ,, -v Q Kell Field Qtopl suffered extensive damage from the May 27 tornado. Retreat Qleftl is sometimes necessary even for base runner Tommy Fowler, while Coach Ike Tomlinson Qaboveb discusses a play with Pete Davis and Gary Mueller. Pete Davis laboveb crosses the plate for an ASU score. Tommy Fowler iupper left! tags up on a long fly. Mark Klosterman and Bill Klutho Qleftj survey the field during a break in action. athletics-67 Hopefqllymfhey ll gli fall giowp. . 55, QE, .kkk .Milk in arhrericsf-rss! Linksters hit hard limes Linksters hit a bad streak at the first of the season losing their first five games and numerous games were rained out bringing their record to a 2- 5 mark. Some individual tribe members did well. James Pate fired 2163 against Southeast Missouri, the lowest competitive round in ASU history. Pate had the first hole-in-one during the match. David Rees averaged a low of 72.8. followed by Harold Wilowsky with an average of 75.5. F' J - 3:5 I sit. , .t kg 5 x 5 'N' -- X in .S . s? s . K U vamwtet as fs is 5 f . . i ,-K . Jyfiif .MW i,,,q.i.yN my KM is . - te 5 1 ,. V .vw-w ,wp-,N 1. V V .R .M ' wa. Q ,Baa 1 ,,,,. . 4-.gina . sf W E371 3, ffm. as FA :swf ' x .g ti we g ,jg ex? , W was 'T 1 of 'V we .fs-wS?52l'f ,....-q,,.-, - . X B1 D . t was . A F ' 'Q ei? 5342 vs? 4,2 Q A 'X' One linkster tabovej measures the hole distance carefully. Layne Yawn, David Rees, Joe Harlan and Bill Hieber fright? watch as teammate Jim Pate hits a long drive. 70-athletics Paul Balducci displays the winning style of the number one man. Netters end season over 500 mark A combination of great singles and doubles victories led the tennis team to a fourth place rank in the Southland Conference, which tied the school's record of 15 wins and 14 loses. Paul Balducci became the first Arkansas State tennis player in the school's history to win an All- Southland Conference honor when he advanced to the semi-finals of the all conference meet. He proved to be the school's winningest player with his impressive 58-34 singles and 50-32 doubles record. Ken Mitchell made it to the round before quarter finals in the SLC meet. This brought Ken's record to 14-10. Ken Mitchell fabovej backhands a defensive shot. Jose Chavez ileftj returns his opponent's serve. athletics-71 Individual efforts boost thinclads The ASU track team finished sixth in the Southland Conference. As ia whole the team did not do as well as several ofthe individual team- mates. Anthony Stroman came in strong on the 440- yard dash with a final time of 46.3, which qualified him for the NCAA Championships in early June. Stroman ran the quarter only five times in open competition. Four of these runs were made in 48-seconds flat. The ASU 440-yard dash record was 48.3 when Stroman arrived at ASU. He broke the record all but one time. Weather affected his time in the Memphis Relays where he did not beat the time. Miler Jim Bailey, another outstanding runner, came into prominence in the conference meet with a 4.08 mile to win that event. This race was the best of his career. He had run it in only 4.14 during the season. Stroman and Bailey were the only ASU winners in the league meet despite other perfor- mances, including a school record, 4.06, in the sprint relay and a career best, in the losing efforts. J o h n S c u r t a and Ron Davis faboveb prepare to clock their t i m e s . D a vi d McGough and C h a r le s L o v e frightj come in first and second in a dash event. 72 athletics ai ,.,, V I 1 1 , f.f?,gQyL1. ' V , -ft n. ,4 .ZYWH S' "V . h.k3vK':f. V, ' -5 -I . gg . ti: . I ' QQ., 7 ,iv Q rd. 1 , x John Scurto leads trio of ASU milers to victory. , il Eg gm A M ix 3. ,: : 3 h ,.' 'K' t ' 5,175 " f" 'T ' 'Rig TIE! Ninth--v A-State's super sprinter, Lyle Lattimore. --A....--- ,, i. , M "M .- My athletics473 WWWW 1- --X ,. - A e W we Genard Medley Qtop lefty sprints for the finish. Lyle Lattimore and Dave McGough ftop rightj strain for the tape. John Scurto Qbelowj leads ASU to a 880-yard dash victory. 7 4-athletics ASU thinclad enters NCAA meet Above: NCAA finalist Anthony Stroman. William Long ibottom lefty lets one fly. Jeff Qbottom right! takes a breather after a hard race. .mer athletics-75 Barney Hess Qaboveb takes off in the pole vaulting event while Gaylon Rogers Cbottom left and right5 goes up and clears the bar. 76-athletics Harriers are dissappointed in SLC meet Ron Davis iabovej and Doug Mack lrightj compete in a cross country meet. The Tribe came in 5th in the conference meet. The only harrier to place in the top I5 was Doug Mack, who ran llth. The Tribe was hampered due to the fact that the team consisted of milers and half-milers. Distance running requires a building up process. lt consists of over-distance. lt is difficult to take a group of milers and half-milers and develop them into true-distance runners. Early in the season they began by running three miles and continuing to build up to the re- quired six miles. The team was consistent at four miles, but when they moved upto five miles the depth and strength diminished. The team worked hard all year dispite the many obstacles they had to encounter. 78-athletics athletics-79 5 l Tedious practice PCWS Off To manage a linal 7-3 record. the ASU lndian loothall team went through long hours ol' tedious praetice and extreme August heat during the pre- season two-a-days. Beginning the mornings with warm-ups. the day progressed into specialty groups ol' passing, kicking and blocking. The group then divided into ol'l'cnsix'e and delensive teams lormulating play patterns which would later he used in a mock game so the members could recognize each one's responsibility on the team. B5 game time, the sweat. aches and pains were lorgotten and only thoughts ol xictory remained. I ih- . ' A ,, 1 1 ws 35' -I 3? 'Wa F' ,iff QF 1 of 6 W' ,M if Kofi: ..,, -Eggs, f 4. V, ' f Q21 fa W-V - xii ggi!! - i V ,fr ,gym 3-f.v:11wi,,Ag ,sggiwit-f - V - K, , , W ggf-51:15 ' 1 -rs, cgi fame ,f .'Tgi3'g:jt:rTvs,iT,, .. .W seat Q" I 5 ff? ' 'W' f. ii-s'imff"?--a.2"X 7f5irwi,g5-fmsgg faigiyf ' "ss" i wp ffm - ifiesfnaf-wwggii wiiiiligligi ww Em - q , M 1 3 it 'W A ' - Ky" ill, fffssgiw K if 55513- 1 4. if 1, 1 - l e ,i l A gg I . 8 ,mm gan ii 3. if iyirs LL V lr X ii .W .. 7.5551 . ',,. Q. - A f ti - we V i fall, 80-athletics we , Inf f,.fs -anis ,,t: f--nyfzigg ages mf .5 rig' gtg it .Mar gg fr ' .gx , , 22 laugh i- as ,fi it .i . ,au .ii . A 6415159533 ,www w. .taut i ,ggi ,Q Indians battle Indians Cowboys versus Indians maybe, but Indian against Indian? The traditional Red-White games saw five major confrontations this spring with the Red team walking off with four victories. A rainy game was scheduled in Paragould with the Red men slidding past the White team by one point. The Blytheville game boosted the Red team's record to 2-0 by narrowly beating the White troops. Newport was the next stomping grounds with another slight win by the Reds over the Whites. Forrest City saw a massacre when the Red tribe scalped the White Tribe 33-13. Kay's Stadium hosted the fifth Red-White game with the White squad upsetting the Red team in a 9-7 am- bush. Superior matching of teams caused the first three games to be won by such narrow margins. The Red team consisted of the first string offense and second string defense. The White team ran with the second string offense and first string defense. The games are played for the benefit of the younger players who have not had much game ex- perience. Head Coach Bill Davidson believes in taking the ASU football program to the people in these exhibition games and showing them the ASU Indians. athletics 81 82-athletics Tribe upholds promises of victory Arkansas State exploded into its 1973 foot- ball season with a 56-46 victory over Abilene Christian. This win was the first Tribe home win since November IZ, 1972 when it defeated the University of Texas-Arlington, 28-7. ASU's quarterback, Steve Burks, led the im- pressive offense with seven touchdowns, While Burks was scoring on the ground Abilene's quarterback, Clint Longley, was adding up his score with passes, leaving the Indians ahead at halftime 42-33. After thc break both teams came on strong but the Indians' defense proved in control, allow- ing ACC only one more touchdown. This opener led the way to a successful season for the Tribe. athletics-83 Tribe swamps Cajuns in conference opener This was the Southland Conference opener for both teams, and the Ragin, Cajuns of Southwest Louisiana brought a tough defensive unit with them. But the Indian offense under the leadership of quarterback Steve Burks proved to be too much for them. The real standout point for the Indians was the defensive play of the squad. Minus five defen- sive starters, Defensive Coach Mike Malham's charges still performed exceptionally well. Although yielding 13 points to USL in the first half, the young defense held the visitors scoreless in the second half to give the Indians their first conference victory, a 27-13 triumph. 84 athletics B WI Vriy in in Q ' athletics-85 86-athletics Defense grows up Thatls the way Defensive Coach Mike Malham felt about his charges as their super play paced the Indians to a 9-3 victory over the Indiana State Sycamores. They showed no sign of a let down after having lost to Wichita State, I4-12, in the final seconds of the previous ball game. ASU's young defense turned the ball over to its offense six times in Indiana State territory and twice on the ASU 5-yard line. The deepest penetration by the Sycamores was to the ASU 15- yard line. This resulted in a 30-yard field goal which gave Indiana State a 3-0 lead late in the third period. The ASU defense finally got rolling early in the fourth quarter. The Indian defense turned the ball over to the offense on its own 45-yard line and the offense got it close enough for Joe Duren to kick a 39-yardcr of his own to tie the score at 3-3. Indiana State failed to move on their next posses- sion. Joe Holliman fielded the ensuing kick at his own 38-yard line and raced 53 yards to the Sycamore nine. Moments later, David Mitchell, who had an earlier TD run called back, plunged over from the 2-yard line for the winning score. W athletics-87 e T 88-athletics ,, Tribe posts Hrst shutout in three years lt had been three long years since the ASU defense had turned in a whitewash job, but the squad rose to the occasion in the annual Little Rock game. The Indians put 37 points on the scoreboard against the Xavier Musketeers. Xavier had such a disappointing season that the school dropped its football program at the end of the season, leaving the Indians without an opponent to open the 1974 grid season with on Sept. 7. Senior tailback David Mitchell enjoyed perhaps his greatest night as a Collegian, gaining 211 yards and scoring twice. The squad took a bitter loss a week later against SLC foe Lamar, and saw any hopes of a conference crown shattered. The Cardinals rode a second half comeback to a 10-7 win over the In- dians. athletics-89 Kickoff return saves Homecoming It looked like the Indians were fit to be tied before "Ween Willie Harris broke a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, sparking a come-from-behind 38-20 win over Illinois State. The squad looked lifeless throughout the first half and were trailing 14-3 with 8:24 remain- ing in the third quarter. - However, the kick return brought the Homecoming crowd to its feet and the Indians back to life during the chilly afternoon contest. The game was also marked by a superb defensive effort which held the Redbirds relative- ly in check while the ASU offense could get un- tracked. A critical blow was dealt the Tribe when fullback John Tierney's nose was broken in the contest. Tierney was subbing for all-SLC per- former Stan Winfrey, who was lost early in the year with a separated shoulder. 90 athletics N . r I .Q-N 1--M ma 2 3' - N, ' .XM .MH .U HRT. ' A x Q kd ,Xxx Q. Ai: ...A. athletics-91 'K ,VK K V M fn' ., J Gridders close Kczys with overpowering win against U T-A rlington After 36 years, the curtain came down on Kays Stadium on a victorious note as ASU topped UT-Arlington, 30-14. One week later, the Tribe surged to a tie for second place in the conference, scoring 19 points in the final period to upset McNeese State, 26-23. Reserve quarterback James Flynn earned the label "superstar" from Head Coach Bill Davidson for his touchdown strike to Steve Burks to salvage the win. Due to an NCAA technicality, the Tribe's 7-3 record was not good enough to receive a bowl bid. However, it did get the squad recognition in the final grid poll and raise expectations for the I974 season. 92 athletics t l L 4 , ua mf, Bah Vw., athletics-93 Coaches lead Injuns to ,, 4 Q L"' KEWQZ "aaa4 saee elll fi' ff A V ,fe M ff .3292 f W ,Q M if' 5 a if 4' Q mjf f Y, 1 I V 7,m:,kAA! , V WW,,, v . , ,,, , l 4 aww' A bcfe lay,o+w ali? aHk ? ae ' ' 'V ' :fi -"L Q gill' ' Q ,A V 5 , 5 g' ,v If , nf T, AWS? ff, ' V V 1? ,W y Q . as , Haan Ab 7 f e a 2a,Qan .a ff of 1 1aag,a sg - ' ' Z zf., iz, J , ew an , rg w gs, mqfgqiiimajggfyf.ffwiil ,7 .ff .M T: ' 51 , A. , , ,,,.,,. . , Y z ggi,,4L.,q , f ,""W,, U, ' , "Ike" Tomlinson, baseball coach 1 -me six" Bobby Reese, fabovel assistant basketball coach and John Rose, fright! head basketball coach ,N ,fan H',,,f' ki.lMli..Q'lCAil 'Q,x'x"'4'aw.s 3'Kl4lIan A 94-athletics A-lgi i :Q?""'i'n 1. Lfaiillnaafff saws' Q Q U Q' -aqvhdw l ..--sf-W fnlitalutgaiig exams nl, ilxciixtxai, successful year Guy Kochel, track coach ,awww X . cal .dm f ' Q I 'W ,NVQ 2 4 gf f-f,'H:.f'm,s "ff if 1' s 1- 'ef' H 'Vg 'Z , 2 -1 . gt w x,s ."11,3'Q't,'a.0' 'l"4"lai,' ,N ,ltvkragel uyixix V-it s? 4' I 1 it-El, H- menu 'va W Lim 35 ltlxx' 1 X Q , . xii nigh it Wltdwswc- nliililx 1 w lfilgig- aqxq gigs Q K l,4ir!, it f if .sf Q kLQv,'ftIl QE? 'FQR KW .-is--f 4,41 Clinton Gore Mike Malham Bill Templeton secondary coach defensive coordinator offensive coordinator Q V f vs -g Y .wr-:iz ,gh Q Q . 4' o .1699 .Mtv sw' f 4 we 'hav' .byaoffv 4.5: 4' poeoaawot-'si V 4 Q 4 o 4 4 4 4 ., sms' + f v ' - . 4 4 4 . Arr.-ug n6'f"v'.'4',v,v,o I 9'J.'4v,'.gfp v v 4 , ,go , e9'09'.',Q .QQQXQQ . Paul Balducci, tennis coach New. Bill Davidson, head football coach Bill Rogers, gymnastics coachg Tom McClain, bowling coach director of intramurals John Rauth, golf coach athletics-95 96-athletics Cagers open in cz rush in 1973 basketball debut Opening with a rush, the Indians posted a convincing 98-63 win against the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in their 1973-74 cage opener. Five ASU players scored in double figures, including junior guards Don Scaife and J. H. Williams, who had l7 each. The Tribe used a tough man-to-man defense to throttle the Panthers. Head Coach John Rose said people would "enjoy watching this team play." He was to prove correct in his analysis, because everyone loves a winner-and this year, the cagers were big winners. Qi - 'it f A' t. Even energy crisis ccm't stop Indians Despite the then budding fuel crisis, the In- dians continued to roll-literally-over their op- ponents. However, following their second and third wins of the year, the Tribe began to feel the crunch. Paced by Stan Jemersonis 26 points, the Tribe squeaked by the University of South Florida, 91-89. Steve Brooks had 15 points and Don Scaife added 18 for the Indians. The sky was the limit in ASU's third game as the Tribe, in its first road game of the year, stopped Pan American, 91-80. Brooks and Scaife dominated the scoring charts, hitting 33 points each-more than enough to offset the 27-point performance by Pan Am's Bruce "Sky,' King. A trip to Little Rock pinned the Indians with their first loss of the year-a 90-81 loss against tough Missouri Valley Conference member Drake. EH! ,"' .MW-W,,.,,aw'WH 98-athletics' S .,.......,..W,,.r. M- fm at ' 7 1 -'? 1 L3-Y ,, sg? .M 1 72.- ?54f-5 7 a E J: f if Q 100-athletics if gf... 'ml s I if ,Sf , . . '. ff-f, iz. . Hot shooting cagers burn Delta State In what was undoubtedly the "breather" of the year, the Indians shot a blistering 70 per cent from the field and notched a 94-64 win over Delta State. The Statesmen, winless going into the con- test, offered only token resistance as the Tribe snapped its 3-game losing streak. SEMo's Indians, traditionally tough on their home court, became the Redmen's fifth vic- tim ofthe year in a 67-55 win. The squadls winning streak had stretched to five when ASU finally returned to Indian Field House. Stetson University applied defensive pressure to ASU's backcourt tandem of J. H. Williams and Don Scaife all night, forcing numerous turnovers and allowing the Hatters to stay within striking distance of the Tribe. However, the Indians allowed Stetson only 20 points in the final halfand posted a 60-56 win. N 'A 'A .. , W , 4-Q Sus athletics 101 102-athletics E... 'ew.,... Q .Q- 0-2. That was the Tribe's final record of the year-against Missouri Valley Conference com- petition. Both ASU and Drake shot poorly in the first half of their contest at Indian Field House. However, it took a buzzer shot by 5-9 guard Gary Adams to pull the Tribe to a halftime tie. lt was all downhill after that for the hosts, however, as Drake came out hot and ASU cold in the second half. The worse the Tribe's fortunes were going on the court, the worse they fared off the court as well. Two technical fouls were assessed to the Tribe, one to Drake and a crowd more than a little weary of the going-ons heaped verbal abuse and-at times-hurled empty cups and paper onto the floor. And if that wasn't enough, the "Sky" fell on the Indians as Pan American gained revenge for an earlier loss at the hands of the Tribe with a 66- 63 win behind a standout performace by Bruce "Sky" King. athletics-103 Cagers start SLC race on high nate Indians scalp Mavericks, Cardinals M uv Q ,iis A ,, 1.,,.,i , W, ,,., ,H .W I ,f vw-fccfff 4? iiir i g ,.,.u.-fm" whiz ,, 1 lf' 1 'E' i, un. 'Zi The conference schedule for the ASU cagers began on a pleasant note, as the Indians toppled the University of Texas-Arlington, 70-58. Technically the Tribe already had met an SLC foe-Louisiana Tech. However, since Tech, McNeese State and Southwestern Louisiana were ineligible due to NCAA violations, it became a 3- team race. A-State upped its conference mark to 2-0 three nights later, topping Lamar University, 72- 62 at Indian Field House. The winning habit also carried over into A- State's away games. Two road wins followed, beginning with an 88-52 mauling of Christian Brothers College. A 2 all , -...,,,NM A If ' www du ,,,,., - pg athletics-105 106-athletics Tribe stays 'up in air' after clinching title against U T-A rlington Things were literally "up in the air" when McNeese State invaded Indian Field House late in the season. A comedy trampoline performance during halftime was one of the few things that ASU fans had to smile about, as the Cowboys topped the In- dians, 83-77. Still smarting from NCAA reprimands which made them ineligible for the conference title, the Cowboys were eager to prove that they still were "the class of the conferencef' And for that night, they were. The sting was soon lessened, however, when the Tribe traveled to Arlington, Tex., to face the Mavericks. A win would give the Indians the SLC title. However, despite holding a 15-point lead with over I0 minutes to play, the Indians had to struggle to hold off UTA, 79-78. athletics 107 Northeast, McNeese throttle A-State's post-season hopes Hopes of a post-season tournament bid were dealt a death blow when the Indians of Northeast Louisiana topped the Arkansas State Indians in ASU's final home game of the year, 94-90. Athletic officials had been holding to 'lslim hopesi' of a possible playoff bid from either the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the National Invitational Tournament. However, it was generally agreed that for such a chance to ex- ist, the Indians would need to win the rest of their games. They didnit. The season ended on a bitter note four days later when the McNeese Cowboys ambushed the Indians, 65-60. However, there was a bright spot in the defeats. Senior Steve Brooks finished first in both scoring and rebounding in the SLC, the first player ever to capture both titles in the same season. 108-athletics nvnuw, umqw W athletics-109 1 10-athletics SLC names Steve Brooks player of year N Q H N-N 'Um- Doug Lowrey gets AP vote for All-American athletics-111 Intramurals provide recreational outlets Intramurals give students a form of recrea- tion outside of the spectator's view of extramural sports. Fraternities, sororities and various indepen- dent groups participate. Games are refereed by volunteers from the Physical Education Depart- ment. Activities include such sports as football, basketball, games ofspades and hearts, ping pong, badminton and volleyball. Two trophies were awarded at the end of the year. A sweepstakes trophy was given to the team with the highest accumulated points. A sportsmanship trophy was also given. r Susan Weaver Qabovej makes a sweep off tackle for Kappa Delta sorori- ty. Jacky Crawford Q lbelowl competes in intramural ping pong. 112-athletics I- x if , A., .f "1 is 'S' Q 1 4 l W' 4' in E .. 5 l 2 l Darrell Dover takes his turn at bat for his fraternity during an intramural baseball game. 3'T"f""' f 5 ,-wax.-Er' 'HUA an Carolyn Lee kicks out at the ball durmg a soccer meet Jean Dehls clears the bar in high jump competition. athletics-113 Intramurals-for everyone 4 hletics ff Wil Why care? greeks 116-care JA' 7 -,-ff if QMH ' , ,A,,fQ,g2Hf Q is ' K.. organizations 1 I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show for any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Ralph Waldo Emerson care-ll7 1 IH 1 1 1 :N 1911111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111-1' 1' 11' 1 1 11 'w"l 111 I , . 11 1 1111 '111'1""1f1f111.1111 1111111111-1111, 1l 1. 111 I 1' 1 ll , "1119! 11111 .11 11-1111111 QM 111111111"11111111l1111f111111111 A In .111 1 .M I H 1 13111.-f, ,, I. I 1 11 1 111 11110 1 ,1 W ' 11 Wrff MF 1 ' 'ffl Wi 1' fy N 1 my 11111111 W 1 H 1 1 1 1 11111 I1 . ii !1M'1H11!11I1 H :--1. :Z-TS11:-S '--14-'-:-rf.-iw., zz- -f -.-1 - -. . .- . ,.,-1.,.-.-. -- ., , . 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'.'.I.:.I.I ZIZIIIZIIIZIIEZ '-Zj.g.glEIIII'fI -If 'ZZ-ZIZIZIIIZIL-.'.I.I.'.'5.15132 3 I.g.'. :-:-:-:-:-:'-:-'V:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-: :-:+. ':- V. . .-t-:- .fi'Z'I':':'1'I':':':':':':':':': :-:-:-:-:-: - '- '-:-:-:-:-:-'-..i1g-'- PPI':':'l'f'1'f'f'f':'1'.':':""'. .-.-:-:-:-:-:- QfQ2Q:':'f':?3"-2:53-'lil2212223213:Q:5'3:l'3:5 3'3:2:2:Q'T:Qff1?r2tf:-74' QLQ: 2' :Q:Q:Q:2:Q:Q:Q:E:Q:Q:Q:f: 'Q:2:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:' -:-V' . .I:g::. :-:-'-:-. '-3-g-1-1-1-:-:-' : '-:-: -' '-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- :J:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: . I. . ,I,, ' "5:1:5 '-2 ' " - : ' 515 1: -:-:-'3:1"'- ':3:3:3:3:5:i:1:1:2: - -n-'-'- " . - 2 ' 4 A V:-' 1- -1-1-1 -:' -.:Co-w:-:-:-:-:-:-:- -4, I ,,I ,I . , ,I,I .I . I. I 4. -" , -,f, 1.1, I .aV.I.I I.-.'.I. I.I.". .I.I.I.I.:.I.I.:.j.I -'III , II,",I :.I. '.' .' .' II.I.IIII I I I. .:.IV .I.'.'.I.1.' . -' " '-.,- -' 1-1-. - :-:-:-: .-:-:-:-:-:4:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-g 2:5 . "'I:2N .. ' '.'::"f.""'::::: I.I.I ." . - :IIIIIIIII111123-"IIE'51"-ICIIIIIIIIII . . . . . . IIIII . V .1 - 'L'-:. ' -:5' "' ' ':. -:1:-:-:-:5:-:-:-:-:-' '-: V- .V :-:-:-:-:-: '-" .. - '-' .I ':-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .V I V :-:-:-:-:-. -' '- '- ' : :-:-:-:-:-. 1- . :-:-:-:-: " ""fEf5:" .Z:- :'3:3:3:1:5: ' ft 11 ' 3:5:?:5:- :5-" ' ' I.-. "?:5:1: ."5:7' ':k1S.-.1:i'2:1:f:1:1:5 Ir' '-1 . -I:2:2:2 '42 ' " .-6:32 .-.-.5:2:3:5.5:'.2 ':3:3:3:5:2: . 1- . . .-:-:-:- V . ....... . . I .I .I . 5: '5" . : .1.5:C.5:-33 '5":g - .-5.-:-:-:ii-:iz -:9:-:-:- -1 . . '-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-: V .' I -'N '.'.' ' .' 'N '.'-'-'-'-'.'.'. . .'.'.'.'. I ' -' I. .I .'.' .'." I I I I I. ' ' . - . . .' '- J. .'.'-'.'.'-'.'-'. .'.'.'.'.'. . '. . . ' ' . .' . V V . . 9 ":f3 "l:3:5:5:5:15:.2:5: :3:3:5:l:5: 51.1 - '- V .'.'.'.'. " '...'. '... I.'.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. I.:.I.:.:.:.I.I.I.I.I.I.:.I.I.:.j.I.I.' '.'.I.I.I If ' '-2-'-I.-,- -2-.I.I.I.:.-QI .- - -' III-I. .:CEC:'-'EI:Z:I:I:I:I:I:I IIIIIIIIIZIIIZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ-'-III: .::gIIII.I.I.j.j.jC"g. . .......... .. I. . . I. . . :F ::E::::f.':':'I'I""-' "I"'.I I IIE. ::. ':CI:I.:I:.:.jI.:.:.:.:.: .:.:.:.j.:.:.I.:.:.j.:.:.:. I.j. ' :I.IfI ' - - ' " . . . :. - :-'-:-:''-:i:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- - '-' , .' . .' -. aff.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .j.:.:.:.:.j.I.I.:.:.:.:.:. .:.:.y: ,I - .:.:,I III II,I,I, ,,-,.:.:.:.:.:.5:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. :.:.:.:.I.:.I.I.I.:.:.:.:. '.:.:.:. .:.I.I.I.'.'." . .... V -.-.'.'.:.:.'.:.I. . .:.:. .'. .-.:.:.I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: I.:.:.:.:.:.I.I.:.:.I.j.:. ' - ' I.I.j.I.I.I.I::.I I I 5552522522252-2EEgi55...aEeEaEa2522552225a.Ea:e22:5:2:as.22E:Q :aaa:a:s:e:2:2:e:z:a:s:e:.. ..iz:z:a:e:z:a:s:s:a:z:e .... I .I ....... I . .. .............. .......... I ......... I ....... I. I-I-I .JI ' ' ""E'I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:Z:I:.:I:.:2:.: IIQIIIIIIIIZIZIIIIZIIIIIIIIII' - I.j.'.-."I.:."':.fV' .:.:.-. . I I I.: '.:, I I.I.:.':.I'R.:.:.I.I.I I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. . I.I.I.I.I.I.'. I.I.I.I I '.'. ' ' ' -'.'.' '. . . '.' '.'.'-'-'.'.'-'.'-'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ' ' 1 .'.'.'.'.'.'.I .'.'.'.'. ..: I 91'.'.'.'.r.'.' .'. . . .'.'.'.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.j.'I2: I: :.:.:.:.:.I. . I '.j-Q-1-3 '.'.'.'- .' .'.'.'.'-'.'.' ' J'-'.'.'.'.'.'-'. - - . . - . . . . . . 1 . I - - Q - - . . . . . . . . .I.I . . . . . J. . . . . . .If . . . . . . . . . . . . . I .I.I.I.I.I.I. . I I . I.I.I .:.:.:.I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:5.I.I.g:.:.:.:.:.:: I- I:I:I .I-I:I.I.I :. II:I:I:I:II I.I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.I.:.'.q I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.I.:.I.:.:.:.:.:.q.:.:.: I .:. .'. . .' I .:.I.I. .,:.'.'-'-'-'-'-'u'-'-'.".1-'-'I 'IS'-' '.'.'-'-'-'-'-'-'.'.'.'.'-'- -'.'. 'J Q' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'- '.'.' I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.I,I.:.- - I.I.I.-.-I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. ' '.:.:.:.:.j.I.I.I.I.I.I.:.I.I.:.:.j.I :1:5:5:5:5:5:3:5:1'3:3:1:5'1+k3:5:5':5:l'5:f'5:54.-.1:-.5:2:5:5:1:-: . '. ' ' ':f:2:3:1:1:3:T:1:1:3:1:5:i:5: greeks-119 120-greeks V Rush bids sisterhood to 110 anxious Coeds The rush is on! As 161 confused coeds begin formal rush by attending a number ofinformative coke parties in hopes of finding out what "sisterhood" is all about. Mrs. lVIcDaniels office was the first stop on route to sorority row as loquacious females picked up their invitations to theme parties. For some, it was the first sigh of relief, for others an an- ticipating uneasiness of the things to come. Cries like "Come to the Circus", "be our Cinderella" and "Come to the Cabaret" werejust a few of the many overtones present. The tables turned: fun became secondary. for a decision was about to be made. "l want them. but do they want me?" That is the question and Mrs. McDaniel again had the answer. For some, a smile could say itg for others a silent disappointment seemed in order. Nevertheless rush went on and preferential parties brought tears and last minute smiles. Tomorrow rush would be overg but for most a new beginning as a pledge was at hand. Rush was what they called it, and rightly so! ---st... -wang - With one arm around newly arriving pledge, Sherry Crisp, Helen Andrews braces herself for this occasion These ZTA's, Kristie Goodwin, Barbara Campbell, Debbie Shaneyfelt and Carol Davis portray popular Peanuts characters during rush. gg A.X5,:L A "Cinderella" and all her Alpha Gamma Delta step-sisters join in harmony and song to amuse excited rushees with their colorful props and glowing personalities. With big smiles and little movement, AOPis, Mary Ann Greer, Jane Jolly and Cathy Juergens attempt to elbow their way into the hearts of rushees. "Come to the Phi Mu Circus!', Nancy Coverdale and Lynn Brockman clown around the table in the process of entertaining Lynn Mitchell. greeks-121 Olympics give greeks a taste of mud lyfe Once again the men of Pi Kappa Alpha provided an afternoon of muddy mayham to sorority girls as "Pike Little Olympics" became another day to remember in the life of Greeks. "The boogie Woogie bugle boy of PiKAl' herded the females through such events as egg throws, pillow fights and wheelbarrow races. Events which highlighted the afternoon flurry included the limbo, which boasted six flexible competitors, the pillow fight which ended in deep despair for most and the egg drop which got sym- pathetic comments from the sidelines. After skit presentations by the participating sororities and a number of athletic and non- athletic events the score cards were tallied showing Chi Omega leading the pack with the Alpha Gam- ma Deltas close behind. Phi Mu Melanie Brackett reaches for a hand from Jan Dodson hoping to escape the mud. 122-greeks Beth Moss leads the AOPis in a 50's reidition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." Bob Bobango-Have a pie, in the eye. Rick Finley faces a firing squad as ATO John Engles reviews the charges. , "Pickin' and a grinnin" as Hee-Haw was revisited by the men of Alpha Gamma Rho Z TA follies entertain Greek-jillea' audience And away we go . . . back to the days of slapstick comedy as Zeta Tau Alpha, in its first year brought a taste of days gone by to the ASU campus. From balancing a chair on a chin to roller skating across Wilson auditorium's stage, the nights activities brought laughs from the greek- lilled audience. The heroes ofthe evening were sprinkled into melodramas and courtrooms with a taste of "Tea for two" and a pinch ol' "Look what they've done to my song." Two first place trophies were awardedl one to Chi Omega and the other to Pi Kappa Alpha. The evening provided fun for those par- ticipating and laughs for the onlookers, as well as giving the ZTA's an opportunity to extend their help in numbers to the Cottage of Hope and the National Association ot' Retarded Children. greeks 123 124 greeks Walk-cz-than produces more than tired feel "Walk l'or one who can't." That was the mot- to lor a walk-a-thon conducted by Kappa Delta Sorority to raise money for the John T. Gray Memorial. ln its first year, the walk-a-thon held on October 28 brought participants from many campus organizations. The ten mile route began and ended at Hurricane Gym Parking lot. Students were seen walking hurriedly in order to reach one ol' three rest stops on route. A trophy was presented to Chi Omega Sorori- ty for being the organization with the greatest number participating. Besides being of benefit to the community. the walk-a-thon brought laughs and aching muscles lroni those who helped raise over S2000 for the School for Handicapped Children. W... ,Mx ff. Beverly Willis marks Terry Daniel's mileage at this downtown checkpoint. Tim Rand and Randy Anderson signal there are two "peaceful" miles left. 1101. sw Dashing Dave Tackett, posing as Chief Dogtrack, appeared calm after his first romp around the track. These four Tau Kappa Epsilon pledges were almost too busy admiring their legs to cheer for their winning TKE team. vi TKE fngerbowl gives afternoon flag-lag fun ,,1,6 'el in inxffamavwwwv' P' 'u""'H r yy X in :Li S I t N Fl lagxeys N21 - X ,mf - iii r y frm osss e as nr .Kiwi I Y. if-NIL-is A K ii 31 'Sw s I l Ex., -L tif , sr .NA Q- .ai-if K 1 Zsqsyr ...amy me-W WN f 'W ss -es' wl"'f""T' . , V -v . v js s- . 4 - fffgfxx ' f N Q Q i A e . gl ' Q xx 2 gy'-eq, E.. D I x 1 t , X t .. 5"-Q5 Cfifm-if-s fi 8 r. ..g,,t. Q . M5 S .W lx seg: , , . . . S, by, . - -1 sskfgs--,Q -. .K ss., t f . pg, M1 is 'mfxiff-HN-e 'SN 7. sissiiiesavg Tommy Inebnit and Scott Walker come to a face to One. , .two. , .three. . .TKE. . .three . . . two . . . one Tau Kappa Epsilon. That traditional yell could be heard as the TKE Finger- howl brought another afternoon of activity to sorority girls and a game of competitive football to the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pre-game activities included a parade with Queen Dixie Conner. presiding over the court. Sorority sisters stomped their way into the stands to the tune of "Grand ol TKESH. while others presented skits featuring such novelties as the ding-a-ling sisters. llalf-time entertainment was provided bythe renowned Rubber Band comprised of Tlih pledges. As the game ended the scoreboard show- ed Tlili on top of Sig Ep 20-3. Awards for best skit and most spirit were presented to Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Delta respectively. .sg , .., . + . . . face confrontation. greeks-125 Melody, blend and tone produce S ongfesl sound Group singing, blend, interpretation, presen- tation and appearance are all basics for competi- tion in the AOPi Songfest. The All-Greek event is held annually by the Sigma Omicron Chapter in order to raise donations for the National Arthritis Foundation. Greeks on the ASU campus indulge in hard laborous hours of practice in an effort to break the competition and take that first place trophy back to their suite. Winners of the 1973 Songfest were in the fraternity division, Sigma Phi Epsilon and in the sorority division, Alpha Gamma Delta. Tekes produce not only enough sound to be heard, but to place 126-greeks Songfest winners for 1973 consist of Sig Ep's, Kappa Delta, TKE and Phi Mu. .6 A 'SQWY be Q., .ff msaifww-' X Margret Duncan peddles for the finish. 4' Snoopy? No, it's one of those daring young men in a jaunty jalopy. --9' Lambda Chi's take pride in parading their vehicle to the big race. Lambda Chi "Little 500" encourages participation On your mark . . . get set . . . go! And the participants in the Lambda Chi "Little 500' are off and running. This is an annual event sponsored by the Iota Theta chapter. Greeks work industriously on their push cars in an effort to build the most efficient and handsome car. The event is held in order to promote Greek participation. Along with competition, the "Little 500" also produces liveliment and a spirit of in- volvement. Winners in the 1973 push car race were Sigma Phi Epsilon and a tie between Kappa Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi. In the tricycle grand prix, Phi Mu peddled away with the trophy and the award for the best decorated car went to Alpha Omicron Pi. greeks- 127 128-greeks Alpha Gam talent show emerges doubly good Once again the Alpha Gamma Delta talent show provided students with an evening of com- petitive entertainment. The show, sponsored to raise money for the Helen Dudley School, was highlighted by the doublemint twins and an emcee's rendition of "Basketball Jonesn. This year's first prize went to singer Pat Morrison with Rodger Barrow and a Tau Kappa Epsilon ensemble taking second and third place respectively. V, Ei ' i' 'af Ziflfifllcm., sf." er N ii, ,eg . ff V , ,tell flggfoiff f V 1 ' "4 ' ,gf ff ? 253 1571543 fl V U s iv: ' a' ,L ,EW-fur fvfiivzwzwzi X, vw? ,ZW f , zz 1 X 4 , W ima, 1' fJifefgefiagviygeggfgwtvjei , ' 5, H .. , f - 1, M., pf, 2' M , 3 T T titt " ' , E--5251512 T 'ci it , 34 ii iq f at el f- 1 , fs f if, f fe. af ,rf i f cz-:ii 5 , f , 5 ' " ' se ,, , 1 t ' Mfws stiwzrgvtiy f ,I ,A , Q ,fl14"?e?' iff57iweEll,IS5fUf" L QVX7 ,vw ':Ki24Qi?la?Efg2:1V,'iiflv,5 - ?f',,v4Idi:5'25f74?f:t2Z45ff 1 f"l5,': 'Gfrfff' - 4 to 1 aw " f V 4 ,, I W. ZgF'osw,r V, z' Za., V, , , ,lyzz V I , . ,,,, , V , ' ' it fe it 'ix Thruber Carnival first ln Phi Mu Playhouse "The Four Greek Ones," this year's Phi Mu Playhouse held in Wilson Auditorium, brought applause and bright lights to the audience. The best play award went to Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Gamma Rho, for "A Thurber Carnival". Proceeds from the playhouse are donated to Phi Mu's national project, the S.S. Hope, a ship providing medical aid to nations throughout the world. X -. on greeks 129 Bailey, Debby Bell, Barbara Bell, Margee Benson, Debbie Carr, Lou Ann Choate, Cathy Condray, Susan Creek, Barbara Dapp, Diane Davidson, Emily Douglas, Susan Elmore, Georgia Galloway, Leslie Gammill, Shawna Gill, Babs Gill, Beth Gillispie, Gail Griffin, Pam Harlan, Janis Harris, Sally Hayes, Cricket Hayes, Dianne Haywood, Cheryl Haywood, Marsha Hickox, Molly Hieber, Beth Howard, Beth Howe, Connie Hurst, Paula Jones, Toni Keller, Peggy Lamb, Rendy Ledgerwood, Jane Linebarrier, Elizabeth 130-greeks McRaven, Claudia Martin, Kathy Miller, Joyce Moody, Jane Morris, Carol Moseley, Debra Moser, Sheilah Newsom, Kathy Osborn, Gwen Partlow, Lauri Reynolds, Kay Rogers, Candy Shelton, Sherry Smith, Kerry Stone, Angie Stroud, Wanda Sturdivant, Karon Sturdivant, Sharon Surbaugh, Marsha Watkins, Candy ,fffa Q52 'NT v-ws ., ,, 2 I in J,,,X,t X Mi fy Y H 2, -aw, 1,- f ,- we W eff Mm iksufssasmseu S .sa eg' wawza 4 as M ,.,...,,,,,,,.,,,,, . .w-wquswm-awsamqwwmmwn-savanna--0 -QQ Q- 'R' ' -N. W ' i 3 ,S+ s Q S' Cf at Peggy Keller rides with "toilet" luxury to LXA's Toilet Bowl Alpha Gams earn scholarship trophy Friendship, leadership, truth, scholarship and Womanhood are the ideals which Alpha Gamma Delta members hold as high standards for sisterhood. The Alpha Gamma Deltas participate in many altruistic projects throughout the year, one of which is the Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show. Proceeds from this campus wide event go to the Founders Memorial Foundation, the Helen Dudley Special School and the Cottage of Hope. Besides being active in campus clubs and organizations, the Alpha Gams received the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy for the fall semester of 1973-74. Alpha Gamma Delta sorority was founded at Syracuse University in 1904 and was the first sorority on the ASU campus, receiving it's charter in May 1948. Serving as president of Alpha Gamma Delta this year was Elizabeth Linebarrier. Alpha Gamma Delta's again concentrate their energies toward raising their voices in hopes of taking the spirit stick yet another time. greeks-131 132-greeks Delores, Shaw, Advisor Debra Baffield Arlenda Burnett Cora Bowe Fredda Carroll Linda Clemons Josie Goodman Carlotta Greenberry Phyllis Hammonds Debra Jones Renonia Mitcham Earlene Smith Barbarnette Twillie Ernestine White Henrietta Williams Katherine Williams Debra Bafiield awards gifts to winners of the "Mate Game." Alpha Kappa Alpha gets charter "We've got it, AKA's have got it," that is what the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha said when they received their charter in October. The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority has used its affiliation to become active in most every aspect of Greek life. The AKA's have sponsored the "Do you know your Mate Gamef, which will become an annual event. A basket given to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas and several ac- tivities at the Helen Dudley school are a few of AKA's public service projects. President of AKA, Deborah Johns, has led the sorority through a year filled with accomplish- l'I1CI'Il. greeks 133 134-greeks Anders, Jeanne Andrews, Helen Ballard, Sherry Barnes, Larie Benge, Devlin Boquet, Lynne Boxley, Sheila Brannon, Linda Caldwell, Millie Clements, Cindy Crain, Jeanne Crisp, Sherry Cruce, Jan Davenport, Holly Downing, Ina Raye Duncan, Deborah Fallis, Sharon Fausett, Marty Garman, Vicky Greer, Mary Anne Haines, Lynn Hicks, Andrea Hudspeth, Dana Jolly, Jane Juergens, Cathy Jumper, Fran Justus, Pam Kestner, Yocharlsae Lueken, Becky McMullen, Denise Malham, Maria Susan Manatt, Moffitt, Karen Morgan, Becky Morrison, Debbie Moss, Beth Moss, Sally Parker, Robbin Pelts, Leane Reese, Tina Ross, Susie Schmidt, Faith Shaneyfelt, Paula Simmons, Sue Smith, Ziba Stacks, Dee Strickland, Christy Summerlin, Lynn Taylor, Kim Tice, Verona Tomasso, Mary Travis, Margo Turner, Leslie Tyer, Sharon Watkins, Kathy Wilson, Marilyn Witkowski, Susi K .......,. ..i.. , Neither homecoming nor the guys will leave these AOPi's out in the cold. 1 h Jane Jolly and the "ding-a-lings" ring for TKE's. AOPi's 25th birthday brings big celebration Member-Date, sisterhood party, alumni tea and a banquet are only a few of the special events which AOPi's held in celebration of their 25th Anniversary on the ASU campus. Founded in 1897 at Barnard College this year they celebrate 75 years of service as an International fraternity. In the area of International, the Sigma Omicron chapter received two top awards at the International Convention this past summer in Miami. President Jeanne Crain attended and received, in behalf of the chapter, the Distinguish- ed Service Award andthe Central Office Coopera- tion Cup. One of Sigma Omicrons' active alums, Mrs. Rosalie Barber, serves as International Ex- ecutive Vice-President. On the ASU campus AOPi is very actively represented by its members in the SGA, Indian staff and with a member of the Judiciary, and other clubs. Sigma Omicron sponsors the AOPi Songfest annually with proceeds going to the National Arthritis Foundation. Also sponsored annually is the Christmas party for under- privileged children. Vicky, Linda, Susan and Devlin aid Santa with a little "doll". greeks- 135 , Mary Claire Atkinson Linda Beaman Chuckie Bornhoft Traci Boyd Angie Brewer Pam Broadway Cheryl Caviness Val Colaianni Dixie Conner Terry Daniel Carla Delaney Debbie Dent Susan Elder Kay Ellington Caryn Ellis Emily Enderlin Sharon Findley Sandy Flowers Ginger Gist Sharman Hannah Renee Henson Sharon Holland Debbie Impson Charlene Inboden Lana Jackson Janet Jones Mary Kelley Nancy Kirkley Brenda Kramer Martha Lindley Ginger Long Jean Lutterloh Cindy McAlister Lana Miles Debbie Miller Pat Morrison Robin Perkins Michele Quattlebaum Debbie Richards Cindy Richardson Teresa Roach Vicki Sheehan Debbie Starkey Sally Starkey Renee Stone Georgeanne Stump Paula Taylor Glanita Thomas Beth Thompson Laura Vandever Margaret Warr Chanda Watkins Melanie Webb Jan Wiggins Kay Woolf Mrs. Mary Kate Raney Advisor Teresa "Elvis" Roach and all her Bee-Bopp Chi Omega sisters take pleasure in entertaining TKE's at TKE Fingerbowl activities. V Beth Moss presents the Jr. Panhellenic Scholarship Award to Chi O. Chi Omega fall pledges gain scholarship award Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895 and has grown to be the largest woman's national fraternity with 158 chapters. The Omicron Zeta chapter was established at Arkansas State University on February 25, 1961. Throughout it's history, Chi Omega has stressed six purposes: sincere learning and creditable scholarship, high standards of per- sonnel, friendship, vocational goals, social and civic service and participation in campus activities. Each year Omicron Zeta sponsors the Chi Omega Dating Game with all proceeds going to the Arkansas School for the Deaf. Every Christ- mas they also donate food and gifts to a needy family with a party in their suite. Chi Omega President for 1973 was Susan Elder. greeks-137 Gretna Douthet, sponsor 138-greeks Naomi Cottons Linda Jackson Demetrys, Johnson Betty Jones Eunice Kendrick Marilyn Leary Alean Peek Edna Scott Janis Smith Carolyn Trask Delta Theta Sigma members muster their enthusiasm in a spirited yell for the Indians. Betty Jones recognizes one Penny Queen runner-up. Deltas begin new lyfe with Greeks at ASU Receiving their national charter on May 12, 1973, the Kappa Psi chapter of Delta Theta Sigma became a new part of the Greeks at ASU. Beginning last spring with eight charter members, the Deltas pledged for six weeks before participating in initiation. This year they sponsored the Penny Queen contest, which they hope will become an annual event. The money raised from the contest goes to their community service project. Founded in 1913 with national headquarters in Washington, D.C., there are 435 Delta Sigma Theta chapters in the United States. greeks-139 WY! in These KD's perform a familiar dance. KD's take Hrs! place in campus blood drive The Kappa Delta's have been serving their community in many ways. For the last three years they have won first place in the campus sponsored blood drive. This year they sponsored a walk-a- thon and raised S2,500, which was given to the John T. Gray Memorial School for the Han- dicapped Children. Besides raising money for the school they give the children several parties throughout the year. Founded in 1872 at Longwood College, the Kappa Delta's have many charters throughout the country. Although it is one of the younger sororities on the ASU campus, founded in 1968, president Marilyn Brown feels that the KD's are growing, and that they will continue to be active in the com- munity as well as in campus activities. ,gffqi Showing spirit these KD's cheer their team on to victory. aggaf SSP! 32 if-M x 4 4' '7 Wg? 1 If . fx ,gh 4 W Q an - ' 'V ' ' .4 ,. , ,J 1 ...J 1' 4 at af..5,,j., Qjkfg M" 'wma we 2 nga - 4 -at , , V41 A '.,,1 - AV, , 1-. .QF-'it -,Q 2 ,, 'T i Q 'Q' ' if 'f, , j, 'ga H .j,,.,, , My . , , Walking is an activity KD's have learned to do well. greeks-141 Martha Stafford-Advisor Ashley Allen Pam Beene Diane Barton Sandra Bennett Melinda Berry Paula Boyce Melanie Brackett Lynn Brockman Phyllis Brown Melanie Christie Judy Clifft Nancy Coverdale Jan Dodson Teddie Jo Etter Rena Ford Patti Forrester Karen Fortune Gaye Garrett Rita Gray Melissa Green Leigh Ann Grogan Carol Harrington Patti Henderson Jane Ann Howard Debbie Hutchinson Nancy Jones Janey Kenneth Kathy Kirkland Susan Koonce Kris Lawrence Mary Anne Misenhimer Judy Mitchell Danon Mooney Gail N orthcutt Rebecca Peacock Cecilia Penney Carol Prance Karen Rankin Sherry Ray Nancy Richardson Donna Robinson Donna Scarborough Carla Singley Debbie Smith Ellen Sturch Angie Taylor Kathy Wiggins Susan Witt Nancy Workman 142 greeks any M ,.f,-at ' " 7 ' Phi Mu Melanie Brackett takes the fun out of wash day but three cheers for mud that is stronger than dirt. Phi Mu takes Hrs! in Homecoming displays P-h-i M-u, that's us! Phi Mu fraternity, founded in Macon, Ga., is well represented throughout the south. The ladies of Phi Mu have adopted the USS Hope as their national philanthropy and the Epsilon Delta chapter at ASU raises money for the hospital ship through the Phi Mu Playhouse. Epsilon Delta is also in- volved with the Mother's March of Dimes and St. Jude's Hospital as public service projects. This year Phi Mu won first place in the stationary division of Homecoming display com- petition. The chapter, under the leadership of president Judy Clifft, has been active in most every aspect of campus life. Q, 'ar all 'W' 0 1 . , - th, M W , "4 is ' P , 1 0 - . EE t fb , , -V t N x V NW Jfgaggp hqwapw A f-at f , ., - . ' ' f -1, 0 4 5' U 5 l ,iw .. . 1 fx? j if V A 1 5 MT f e 'twiffif' .5--43" Y' '- Phi Mu's won first place in the homecoming display competition for "another feather in their caps." greeks-143 144-greeks Terry Arnold Lisa Burtnett Barbara Campbell Melissa Cone Debbie Coleman Mary Connaughton Carol Davis Patti Elbert Annette Elkins Charlotte Evins Carolyn Fardeecey Lois Floryanski Derenda Gillam Tressie Goode Kristie Goodwin Cathy Gray Linda Gray Jann Hardesty Sharmon Hubbard Becky Hudson Jeannie Lorance Lori Lackey Mary Hudson Martha Hudson Paula Spence Debbie Shaneyfelt Debbie Price Vicki McFarlin Jane Moore Melissa Montgomery Susan Luster Becky Thompson Dawn Teale Becky Strickland Becky Steward Becky Tinsley Cindy Thompson Cathy Thomas Nan Verhoeven Chickie Wy Jackie White Tina Zirbel ... ,tk ,. .se Pledge trainer, Carol Davis, adds the finishing touches to the Zeta crest. 'il z Zeta spring pledges carry out tradition This year Zeta Tau Alpha sponsored the Zeta Follies and raised 5300, which they gave to the Cottage of Hope, their national philanthropy. The Zeta's also gave the children several parties throughout the year. This year the Zeta spring pledge class gave valentines to all the guys in the fraternities thus carrying on an annual tradition. Founded at Longwood College in 1898, the Zeta's have had six pleasant and active years here at ASU. The Zeta's have been active in various organizations and sports on campus. This year they won first place in the bike race and third place in Pike Little Olympics. President Becky Hudson said the Zeta's have had many girls involved in new things this year and they have found it exciting. 5? Dressed in dazzling costume and hat, Zeta's provided entertainment during the Pike Little Olympic's. greeks 14.1 146-greeks IFC- Panhellenie organize Greeks Panhellenic delegates are ftop row! Marilyn Brown, Susan Elder, Martha Hudson, Lylm Summerlin, Cbottom rowl Beth Moss, Liz Linebarrier, Lynn Brockman, Rhonda Lehnherr, Beth Ward, Jeanne Crain and Becky Tinsley. IFC delegates are Qtirst rowb Johnny Nichols, Russ Red- Norman, Del Pagan, Qthird rowj Monte Callicott, Mike mond, Ronnie Baker, Dennis Robertson, Rick Finley, Blalock, Randy Skarda, Jim Erwin, Brad Rouse, Steve Bruce Hornberger, Qsecond rowj Jim Pratt, Dean Massey, Reid, Malcholm Reese and Ron Johnson. Robert Campbell, Joe Jarrett, Eldon Alexander, Mike State students et streak streets March 4-8 was the week that was, as students, numbering in the hundreds and thousands, gathered in and around University Hall to witness streaking-the latest campus craze. The first event featured approximately 25 males. Streaking continued throughout the week, on the lawns, in classrooms and in buildings. Some two to three thousand students gathered at University Hall to witness ASU's first streak-off on Thursday night. Some girls participated in the events, but at ASU, streaking has been pre-dominantly male. greeks-147 Baker, Ronnie Brooks, John W. Brown, Scott Byers, Dewayne Dickson, James French, Gary Friga, Gary Frye, Earnest Gairhan, Terry Gray, Ricky Hall, Frankie Hall, Keith Harmon, Steve Hayes, Dr. J. A., Advisor Helms, Aubrey Hill, Gary Horton, Carl Holland, Billy Iscrig, Brian Jarrett, Joe Kemper, Gregory Long, Carl McDermott, Mike Morris, Dale Oltmann, Dale Reeves, Pat Richardson, Gary Sharp, Rodney Simmons, Ralph Stephens, Marion Wallis, Joe Stewart, Mrs. Lynn, House Mother 148-greeks Alpha Gamma Rhos' receive national charter Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1904 on the Ohio State University campus. It began as both a professional and social fraternity and remains so even today, as well as being one of the newest fraternities on the Arkansas State Univer- sity campus. AGR also was the first to open a fraternity house. Helping the chapter serve its fourth year on the campus are fall president Ronnie Baker and AGR-new fraternity sign-and proud ofit! spring president Joe Jarrett. mwavwgfiuegmm AGR Sweetheart, Linda Grey Ronnie Baker proudly accepts the national charter for AGR. greeks- 149 150-greeks QFirst row, left to rightb Roger Veasley, William Lee, nie Mosby, Herman Strickland, Andrew Foreman and Nathaniel Williams, Qsecond rowj Robert Jones, Flynn Larry E. Reeves. Smith, fthird rowj T. A. Armstrong, Alfred Smith, Ber- Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha spend time discussing ideas for their paddle and how to improve their fraternity. Getting on down . . . these Alpha Phi Alpha's gladly perform for their friends. Alpha Phi Alphcfs sponsor can good drive Alpha Phi Alpha is the first national black fraternity ever founded. The Theta Upsilon chapter was founded here at ASU in November 1973. The Alpha Phi Alpha's have shown their in- terest in the community through several programs. They sponsored a Halloween party for the needy children and at Christmas headed up a Christmas can good drive which supplied many people with food. The Alpha Phi Alpha's have two pledge classes each year. The pledges are known as Phinx- man, and they are required to pledge anywhere from six to eight weeks. President Flynn Smith, said that although the Theta Upsilon chapter is relatively new on campus that they plan to stay actively involved on campus as well as in the community. it Showing pride in their fraternity these members don't hesitate to wear their shirts. greeks 151 152-greeks Dave Chittenden Advisor Eldon Alexander Randy Anderson James Branch Jack Brown Randy Clayton Steve Crawley Terry Cross Ted Cunningham Rodney Curry Mason Day Glen Edwards Mike Elliott John Engles Rick Finely Charley Foot Marc Gardner Rod Greene David Heasley Bobby Higginbottom David Huddleston Bob Johns Sieg Johnson Mike Joseph George Losak Duane Lutrell Bob Moore Micheal Neal Mike Norman Chris O'Mary H. A. Perrin Danny Poole Tim Rand Rick Riley Don Rogers Jimmy Scott Larry Shannon Steve Skinner Jim Smith David Stokes Roger Sumpter Bill Tilley John Wallace Albert Wilson Www ? WWW? ' 'wif 'M si 'P 'T ,, . ., ww We V !""n 'OK .yawn 2 a fiy, mf , 0144 wi-gm ,fs 'ifffff r "tw ' fi 4' f il if .T ' This year the ATO's selected Larie Collecting toys for tots brings back memories of teddy bears and raggedy anns. Barnes as their sweetheart. 'WSE ...nv- hy The surrounding posters don't seem to distract these ATO's from studying. 'iff A TO's help collect toys Make children happy In cooperation with KAAY radio in Little Rock, the ATO's sponsored their annual Toys for Tots program. They collected toys which were dis- tributed to needy children throughout the state. The ATO's have been active on campus for six years. They are involved in sports, student government, school publications and various other campus sponsored activities. Two ATO's, Larry O'Dell and John Wallace served as editor of The Herald during the fall and spring semesters. ATO president, Rick Finely, was elected as president of the lnterfraternity council. ATO pledges are planning a help week which will involve the whole fraternity. The pledges will decide on a certain project which will help the community. The whole fraternity will set out to complete the project. greeks l53 Sammy Gennuso, Advisor Dr. Charles Ford, Advisor Stan Ball Jim Callewaert Richard Collier Jackie Crawford Dick Crumbaugh Don Culpepper Randy Culpepper Tom Dodd Wrayphord Dortch Darrel Dover Roger Easton Steve Edwards Ricky Elumbaugh Bill Elwood Henry Farrell Alan Faver Rick Flanagan Ken Fratesi Robert Frey Don Gillespie Greg Guthrie Garry Heath Sam Helm Tommy Holt Bruce Hornberger Dee Human Steve Imboden Doug Johnson George Kaloghirow William Long Harold Madden Pat McKay Phil McNeill Skipper Merck Bill Moss Johnny Nichols Ronnie Ocain Jim Peresta Mike Phelps Paul Pierron Robert Pond George Puddephatt Steve Reid Bubba Robertson Glenn Ross Steve Sewell Bruce Smith Bobby Stone Tim Taylor David Thompson Joey Treadway Ricky Weaver Rocky Weaver Charles Williams Tom Williams David Wilson Whip Wilson Jim Wood 154-greeks A.. X . .,.,..,.,t- This KA makes use of facilities offered by the recently renovated Kappa Alpha house located directly across from Twin Towers. 'Ill Kappa Alpha renovates fraternity house The Men of Kappa Alpha, "Southern Bredw, promote "Old South" tradition. Since its founding in l865 by Robert E. Lee, the Kappa Alpha order has continued to grow in Dixie. This year the KA's have busied themselves renovating their recently purchased fraternity house. Besides community service during the holiday season, the KA's sponsor Sharecropper's Ball, a spring fling and a Christmas formal. Their ac- tivities calendar is highlighted by "Old South" Week. The KA order has been especially strong this year in intramural basketball. Under the leadership of president Johnny Nichols, the KA's have taken an active part in most every aspect of campus life. ftft 'rriii ' Traci Boud KA Sweetheart greeks-155 156-greeks Mark Aufderheide David Ballard Jeff Baughman Neil Beckman Bill Betzner Mike Blaylock Dennis Brewer Randy Burnett Gary Bushert Monte Callicott Mike Camp Martin Carr Bill Cook Rodney Cooper B. Craig Elder Jim Erwin Hank Fender Richard Gentle Chester Gotay Nathan Grant Butch Gwin Patrick W. Hamlin Marcus Hodges John Horner Gary Hudson Laurence Hylle Britt James Ken Jones George King John Lorick Jimmy Luske Randy Luten Stan McPike Pat Maybary Bill Mays Dennis Molock Greg Moore John Morris Joe 0'Dell Steve Rockwell Bobby Rodgers Brad Rouse Bob Rubenstein Danny Sample Kenny Sample Edward Scharff, Jr. Randy Skarda Rusty Starr Conna Steen Joseph Vojeik David Wallace Keith Woolverton Paul Guinup - Advisor Bill Rodgers - Advisor '. ,vw 1-fs' Ea 4 22.5, if iii il f - me ff s 4 9 ,W M255 I Q , 1 in. A if 5 11 sl .4 J f wa r Steve Reese holds back a fierce beast as other LXA's await the begin- ning of "Lambda Chi Little 500" parade. Lambda Chz"s plan new fraternity lodge Lambda Chi Alpha has high hopes for a prosperous future with the construction ofthe first new fraternity lodge on the land provided to them by the University. The fraternity is constantly changing in growth and attitude. They've updated the word 'fraternity' by the new meaning of associate member. Each year the Iota Theta chapter sponsors the Lambda Chi 'gLittle 500" and a Christmas party for underpriviledged children. Other annual events include the Crescent Ball and Founders' Day. Brothers of LXA are active in SGA, every aspect of school publication, athletics and the ASU Marching Band. LXA, the largest national fraternity on cam- pus, was founded at Boston University in 1909. Randy Skarda, fall president and Bill Cook, spring president direct Lambda Chi's participa- tion in activities that are not only good for the chapter, but for the betterment of the University. Tom McCord and his other skilled skating brothers perform their utmost at the all-famous Pavilion lake. tLeft to right! Fred Patrick, Willie Jones, Larry Ward, Freddie Walker, Ernest Monts, Malcholm Reese, Woodrow Keown, Jerry Cheatom, Maurice Hopkins, Godfather Medley, Jerry Williams Ronnie Johnson and Qcenterl Calvin Smith, Advisor. Omegasfnd brotherhood in AS fraternity lzfe Founded on Nov. 17, 1911, the Omega Psi Phi fraternity became a part of ASU campus ac- tivity last year when they received their charter. The greek letters signify their fraternity motto which reads "friendship is essential to the soulfi Adopting manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift as their cardinal prin- ciples, the Omegas also have an unwritten princi- ple which is 'lrespect for womanhoodf' With a pledgeship which lasts from six to eight weeks, the Omega pledges are called lamps. 158-greeks Janice Johnson served as the lamp's sweetheart. NN Lamps take their "on the block" formation. Omega lamps take time after eating to rap awhile. Brothers of Omega Psi Phi relax following a ritual meeting and look back over the year through the scrapbook. greeks-159 James Allen Wayne Almond Bobby Bolding William Bitner Tim Brown Gary Conlee Ken Copeland David Dearmore N. B. Dennis Bob Dupras Mark Easterlin Don Edwards Mike Eddert Brad Emerson Terry Finn David Hale David Grandgeorge Keith Flynt Terry Haley Dan Halstead Raymond Henry Marion Holt Terry Horton Ronnie Howell Tim Howell Steve Jackson Larry Jennings Gene Jessup David Johnston Walter Johnson Virgil Jones Wayne Juneau Mark Klosterman Kim Kimbro Logan Lackey Lindell Law Terry Langston Jack Law Charley Martin Michael Martin Larry McQuirter Kenny McKee Dan Medlock David Medlock Jerry Mooney Gene Orr Keith Overstreet Bert Parker Gayle Perryman Stephen Pierron Gary Pittes David Powell Peter Ralowicz Joseph Ross Kevin Rorick Gary Shands Joe Ray Smith Robert Talbot Ricky Timbs James Webb Robert Westbrook Claude West Doug Wilkerson Henry Wilks Bob Worthington Dr. Albert Mink advisor 160 Getting into the "spirit" of the game, Doug Wilkerson indulges just a little. Susie Ross finds Ronnie Howell and Gary Shands helpful with the tree. .ar-'-H N wa Sm, 3' Pikes Hgh! polluliong count Nsh in streams In an effort to fight pollution, the Pi Kappa Alpha's volunteered to help Dr. Harp, associate professor of zoology at ASU, carry out a program to see how pollution was affecting the creeks and fish of the area. The Pikes spent much time swimming in the creeks and trying to count the fish. The Pikes also won two first place awards this fall. They won the mechanical trophy award during Homecoming and Mike Martin, a PiKA won first place at the Zeta Follies. Sponsoring the "Little Olympics" again this year, they also played Santa Claus to several orphans and underprivileged at a Christmas par- ty. Given their charter March 13, 1948, Pikes are active on campus as well as in the community. Ac- cording to president, David Johnston, varsity athletics and various clubs keep them busy and competitive. greeks 161 162-greeks Larry Arnn Bobby Barnett David Bettis Mike Brooks Micheal Brown Harvey Bufford Richard Burke Robert Campbell Donald Clark John Cook Rick Davis Mike Dixon Mike Dollar Joe Duren Carey Elbert Mike Elliott Charles Ellis Dempsey Fisher Mickey Flagg James Flynn Randy Golden Mitch Golleher Mike Graham David Greenwood Johnny Gregory Jay Harbison Waylan Henley Harroll Henry David Hines David Ingram Alan Jean Woody Harellson Danny Jones Joe Lacey Kelley Lewallen Mike Malham John Manatt Bob Martin Pat Massey Bob McNeal Joe Miles Preston Miller Ronnie Moore Mike Nichols John Ogletree Hollis Owens John Pennington Eddie Peters Trent Pierce Russ Redmond Tommy Reed Bob Rice Ronald Schafer Gary Shrable Jim Smally David Steele Dean Stover Jim Taylor Ronnie Taylor Steve Taylor Micheal Thompson Johnny Walker Scott Walker Tab Weinberg Ray Wheelington Bill Wiechman J. H. Williams ,4- ,ff 3 2 Ice cream and a Sig Ep, who could ask for a nicer Christmas gift? Sigma Phi Epsilon excels in intramural sports Dominating the intramural program in the Greek division, Sigma Phi Epsilon won the cham- pionship titles in football, swimming, volleyball, bridge and billiards. Aside from their athletic abilities, the Sig Eps also displayed their versatility by winning the AOPi Songfest. Their concern for the community was in evi- dence when they contributed to the March of Dimes and Heartfund drives. A Christmas party for underprivileged children provided the Sig Eps with another avenue for their civic efforts. Founded in l90l at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia, the Sig Eps at ASU are head- ed by Larry Arnn, president. ,,w'l fwzw Joined together by their Sig Ep bond, these guys find it easy to smile as they cheer another Sig Ep brother to victory in the Lambda Chi 500. gree ks-163 Donny Glenn Bobby Burrow Gib Carpenter Bob Cook Gary Cook Barry Cooper David Davidson David Dawson Brian Dickinson Mike Dugger Brent Dunning David Floyd Roger Franks Steve Glenn Joe Griffin Eugene Harrelson Mike Hayden Richard Jans Bill Johnson Jim Julian Rod Lancaster Steve LaRue Robert Laquet Terry Laughinghouse Allen Lovell Lynn Luster Bubba McCain Kenny Mclnnis Jim Martin Doug Mitchell Bubba Morris Del Pagan Barry Phillips Louis Phillips Don Pipkin Gary Pospisil Dave Rabemeck Barry Ragsdale Kenny Scott Eddie Sharp Bob Shellenberger Rick Simmons Olen Smith Carlton Taylor Michael Williams . Dennis Williamson 164-greeks i PM ,Qt af?-"aw 4 'W 'V Qi 2 'V -, ,. if '-s ,Y if Q 9 SM . V V we W, get I , ,f +11 V K A X Q V.. .M I Bob Cook makes himself at home in the Sigma Pi Suite. In this game his poker face is as important as his hand. is may sag, 1 y ' P '53 KX., Santa may want a kiss, but this little girl feels safer where she is. Sigma Pi alumnus named to Boara' of Trustees Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi is the oldest national fraternity at ASU, receiving its charter in 1948. The fraternity was founded in 1897 at Vincennes, Indiana. Active in all aspects of campus life, Sigma Pis are involved in the SGA, varsity football, baseball and ROTC. This year Sigma Pi Doug Lowery was named to five All-American football teams and alumnus Mike Beebe was appointed to the ASU Board of Trustees. Under the direction of Donny Glenn, presi- dent, they have also been working to secure funds to build a fraternity lodge in the near future. greeks-165 z 166-greeks Terry Allen Phillip Alston Steve Alston Jim Bailey Paul Balducci Sherman Brown Steve Ballard Dennis Bloodworth Gene Boeckmann Coy Branscum Norman Burnette Mike Burroughs Mike Busby Ron Caldwell Wayne Carlisle Roy Coble Eddie Coleman Joe Corey Jr. Ralph Cross Warner Cruce Mike Downing Brad Easterwood Robert English III Jimmy France Mark Fisher Carl Frein Larry Frein Mike Gray Steve Griffith Todd Gurley Jeff Hall Holmes Hammett Raymon Harvey Ronnie Hayes Mike Heflin Benny Hobson Jeff Hoder Tom Holbrook Jim Howard Steve Hudson Tommy Inebnit Len Kemp Vance Lawson Bill Lieblong David Limpach Jim Lyons Dean Massey Ronnie Matsch Jr. Michael McGuire Mike McKinney Travis Moore Tommy Owens Phil Parker Stan Parkinson Clifford Phillips Greg Pittman Jim Pratt Charles Pudinas Tim Reagan Howard Riggs Rick Rodrey Dick Ross Robert Runyan Randy Scaife Randy Shoemake David Sirmans John Skinner Donnie Smith Hal Smith Tom Spencer Mike Stack Dave Tackett Ron Tate Mike Thompson Jerry Unser Chuck Wallace Fred Walpole Ronnie Webb Terry Westmoreland John Wildberger Herb Widner Terry Wixson Randy Woodard Mike Wooten f If 'Q- git TKE pledges cheer their brothers to a 22-3 fingerbowl victory. The men of TKE celebrate 25 years Tau Kappa Epsilon, founded in 1899, is now in its 75th year nationally. The Beta Psi chapter came to Arkansas State in l935 and celebrated 25 years this March. The anniversary celebration in- cluded a Saturday of banquets and dances. Beta Psi has donated time to such public ser- vice projects as St. Judes Blood drive and has serv- ed as chairman for the Heart Fund. The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon boasted a 22- 3 victory over Sigma Phi Epsilon in this year's TKE Fingerbowl. Again TKE proved strong in Intramural competition. The largest fraternity on campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon, under the leadership of president Warner Cruce, is active in campus publications, athletics and student government. TKE Sweetheart, Dixie Conner N3 t greeks- 167 168-organizations , .-: . ,, ,f : . M A - i - -- - -L ' 3 E 5 35 V 353 ? I- - ..... - k -... ...... L, ET, W W -""" T5 i i -igi, E 5 J.: - W :itl- :: : :. -- Elf- . .....1..- z . , , . E , 1. , L, v.. ' 1 1 4 , 5 Z Z5 E Wm 1l...ilL Mu Organizations of BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION sponsors a fund drive annually for the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. KFirst row, left to rightb Cora Bowe, J. Andrew Foreman, Ernestine White, Robert Jones, Debra Rowland and Debra Jones. QSecond rowj C. Calvin Smith, Cheryl Dickson, Carolyn Lee, Joyce Baxter, Patricia Jones, Mary Harris, Frances Carter, Patricia Manning, Anner Cole, Ruby McKisick, Emma Banks and Herman Strickland. iThird rowj Linda Clemons, Beverly Dean, Patricia Proctor, Janis Smith, Debra Baifield, Carlotta Greenberry, Catherine Williams, Josie Goodman, Sheila Robinson, Charlotte Easley, Annette Guy and Mossie J. Richmond. fFourth rowj Wilbert Gaines, Calvin Durden, Fredda Carroll, Harrison Marr, Phyllis Hammonds, Rose Scott, Ruby Morgan, Joann Lewis, Jessica Walker, Peola Dickerson, Arlenda Burnett, Donna Rita Miller, Leontyne Carson and Stanley Jemerson. QFifth rowj Cleora Fears, Omega Cheatom, Doris Fowler, Gerard Medley, Erwin Nelson, Dwayne Watkins, Jackie Palmer, Emma Jean Temples, Belinda Dot- son and Larry Ward. QSixth rowj Anthony Holmes, Gwendolyn Ellis, Mike Nichols, Gregory Wilburn, Ron Johnson, Oscar Young, Terry McKenry, Helen Richardson, Edward Doolittle, Robert Grubbs and Maurice Hopkins. R1'.liHlH!, PHI DELTA KAPPA exists as a professional education fraternity. fFirst row, left to rightl Lehman Cross, Gerry Taylor and Josh L. Leamon. QSecond rowj Mack H. Todd, William QQ, D. Johnson, Joseph C, Taylor, Carl F. Vaupel, Jr., John Roebuck and Gerald E. Craig. - ayer inns XQXWIQV W5 170 organizations ii GAMMA BETA PHI consists of ASU students who show promise academically and in leadership. KFirst row, left to rightb Teresa Wilson, Anne Dunlap, Gay Hill, Bon- nie Spencer and Ruth Hillis. QSecond rowl Molly Nebhut, Deena Sutton, Deborah Johnson, Rick Batterton and William N. Smith. tThird rowj Danny Stewart, Tommy DeShazo, Steve Campbell and Freddie Riley. UNITED STUDENTS ALLIANCE initiated the student recruiting program at ASU. QFirst row, left to right! David Steele and Ellen Sturch. fSecond row! Millie Caldwell, Doug Wilkerson, Anne McSpadden, Marilyn Brown, Melissa Cone, Cecilia Penney and Lynn Brockman. tThird row! Emily Enderlin, Susan Trice, Terrye Maclin and Barbaranette Twillie. 1Fourth rowh Eddie Sharp, Ron Hayes, Olen Smith, Bruce Hornberger, Rick Finley and John Engles. CFifth rowj Tim Brown, Lari Hunt, Sheila Boxley and Larry Arnn. organizations 171 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA represents a National Scholastic Honorary group for freshmen women. tFirst row, left to rightb Teresa Wilson, Sharon Sharp, Sharon Findley and Ruth Hillis. tSec0nd rowj Janet Whaley, Glanita Thomas, Brenda Coleman, Debbie Dent and Diana Baioni. tThird rowb Judy Russell, Anne Dunlap, Margo Travis, Millie Caldwell and Debra Moseley. 172-organizations , REHABILITATION COUNCIL tabovej raised money in November for the National Association for Retarded Children. QFirst row, left to rightj Darby Hiett, Charles Wheeler, Wyveta Donohue, Tommie Holmes, Karen Gambel, Gussie Turner, Lee Ann McBrayer, Linda Pickney, Diane Jackson and Buddy Rawls. tSecond rowj John Waterbury, Tim Fulmer, Shelvy Haywood Keglar and John Hatcher. REPUBLICAN CLUB members trightj plan to aid state candidates in the next state elections. 1First row, left to right! Cathy Reeves and Sheri Horne. iSec0nd row? Robert R. Simmons, Lari Hunt and Mark Hunt. BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CHOIR sang at the First Baptist Church of Jonesboro in October. QFirst row, left to right! Cleora Fears, Phyllis Hammonds and Gwendolyn Ellis. fSecond row! Ernestine White, Linda Clemons, Cheryl Dickson, Jessica Walker, Connie Banks, Mary A. Harris, Patricia V. Manning, Sheila L. Robinson, Belinda C. Dotson, Anner Cole, Shirley Ann McCoy and Arlenda Burnett. PHI KAPPA PHI recognizes outstanding scholarship. QFirst row, left to right! Rae Jean Price, Margaret Barrett, Lana McClish, Neshe North, Ginger P. Gambill and Carol Shilepsky. QSecond rowl Susan Duff, Bren- da Auvenshine, Barbara Reng, Lloyd H. McCracken, Jr., Sherry Wilkins, Dr. John L. Burns and Jim Lyons. fThird rowj Virginia Myers, Dr. Marilyn Hubbart, Diane Jackson, Marcia Johnson and Pat Moyers. fFourth rowj Douglas H. Robinson, Charles B. McClelland, Billy M. Bagwell, Maj. Jerry W. Bowen, Dr. L. A. Mink and Dr. Arthur A. Rezny. organizations-173 , Af L is ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Dorothy Leon, Linda Clemmons, Sandy Wells and Pam Evans. fThird hosted the 1974 AWS state convention. KFirst row, left to rightb Mary rowj Jane Jolly, Linda Matthews, Marti McClure, Melissa Ward and Anne Misenhimer, Donna Spotts, Susan Craig, Diane Walter and Barbaranette Twillie. Vickie Bray. 1Second rowj Carolyn Herring, Debbie Estes, Sandy Fry, 174-organizations ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON is an organization for senior women based on scholarship and service. QLeft to rightl W Susan Elder, Martha Lindley, Kay Ellington, Linda Beaman, Cindy Ross and Judy Jones. l ROTARACT is a group dedicated to community service. QLeft to rightj Cindy White, Gilbert Hallmark, Jeanne Crain, Jeff Dethrow, Carol Bond, Peggy Keller, Margee Bell, Jane Jolly and Martha Priest. QQC WOMEN'S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION sponsors women's intramurals. iFirst row, left to rightl Elizabeth Johnson, Kathy Kirkland, Donna Robinson, Audrey Dietz, Wanda Adamson, Sandy Wells and Tricia Parker. QSecond row! Pamela Vassar, Carolyn Cochran, Diane Walter, Martha Scroggs, Carol Siler, Debbie Estes, Mary Anne Misenhimer and Beverly Willis. CThird rowl Susie Parkerson, Barbara Heard, Margaret Freppon, Mary Ann Langrell, Jan Glasgow, Susan Eldridge, Lynda Pratt, Cathy Smith, Debbie Goff .---Q - ........------ ka' and Jan Dodson. fFourth rowl Olanda Hughes, Laurie Sharp, Pam Evans, Helen Andrews, Carol Davis, Rhonda Lehnherr, Marilyn Brown, Sheri Home, Melissa Ward, Billie Bare and Glenda Monk. iFifth row! Mrs. Rosalie Barber, Mona Brogdon, Martha Newcom, Carla Singley, Janey Kennett, June Hafner, Kris Lawrence, Judy Clifft, Debby Hutchinson, Marilyn Caruthers, Rita Gray and Judy Huggins. organizations 170 TWIN TOWERS DORM COUNCIL'S nomination of Veda Bunch for Hadder, Mike Burgess, Dennis E. Deere and Jack Chapasko. 1Third homecoming queen proved successful. lFirst row, left to right! Bill rowb Mike Monday, Barry Phillips, Larry Knapp, Larry T. Binning, Drake, Stewart K. Lambert, Charles Chatelain, Phil Gattas and Rusty Wacaster and Jim Sheppard. Patrick Gill. iSecond row! Danny Turberville, Paul E. Gray, Jr., Terry KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL sponsored many top con- Edwards, Becky Brown, Judy Russell, Marilyn Caruthers, tenders from their residence hall in this year's women's Sandy Fry, Vickie Bray, Pam Evans, Sandra Wells, Cindy intramurals. iLeft to rightl Beth Andrews, Judianne Noel, Rhonda Young, Janet Whaley and Becky Tinsley. 176-organizations UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL PIHHS to DUl'Ch8S0 Holland, Jane Jolly and Millie Caldwell. QSecond rowl Jan televisions for its lounges. tFirst row, left to rightb Diane Crabtree, Mary Anne Misenhimer, Becky Toombsy Rita Gray, Underwood, Melissa Ward, Melanie Brackett, Sharon Suzie Bl-ummett and Mary Kelley. DELTA HALL DORM COUNCIL hopes to secure a case to display trophies won in competition. CFirst row, left to rightj John Jenkins, Mike Carter, James Byrd, Danny Crawford, Archie Philbrick and Calvin Johnson. 1Second rowj Terry Laughinghouse, Richard Whittle, Roscoe J. Hardiman, Jack C. Dewailly, Jr., Raymond Henry and Charles Ellis. tThird rowj Robert R. Simmons, Michael Boeckmann, Richard Elizandro, Ken Sorrels, John Pennington, Tommy Inebnit and Terry Westmoreland. organizations- 177 ARKANSAS COUNCIL irighth was instrumental in getting a side of Arkansas Hall. QFirst row, left to right? Carol Siler,' Denise Hester, Dorothy Leon, Debbie Estes and Don- na Ring. fSecond rowl Chiquita Wy, Diane Walter, Sandy Riley, Anabeth Files. DANNER HALL COUN- CIL lrightb passed the first of a series of resoluations to extend intervisitation. Qfirst row, left to right? Danny L. Proffitt, Benton Asha- branner, James Ferguson, Conrad Cunningham and Michael J. Davidson. iSe- cond rowj Paul Muzik, David L. Cooper, Lari Hunt and Dennis Ray Daven- port. fThird rowi Billy Joe Nelson, Jr., Mike Watson, John Bloodworth and Riley Van Horn. 178-organizations DIXIE HALL DORM COUNCIL fright? circulated a petition allowing intervisitation. iFirst row, left to rightb Donna Spotts, Linda Clemons and Bonnie Portell. tSecond rowj Yoland Condrey, Leann Cryts and Arleen O. Scott. HALL DORM walk poured in front Brenda Hendrix, Susan Craig and CHI ALPHA members attended a retreat in Hot Springs Steven Faulk and Donna Frost. iThird row! Richard L. during October. iFirst row, left to right! Karen Talley and Adamson, Glenn Tullis, Jackie Smart, Rene Vawter and Charolette Reece. QSecond rowj Richard L. Pierce, Judy Joan Baker. Wilmoth Willene Goza, Kay Morgan, Georgia Dilley, CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER is one of the few religious groups on campus to offer religion classes. QFirst row, left to rightj Martha Surber, Winston Burton, Daphene Holder, Brenda Beck, Janet Whaley and Gwen Ruff. iSecond row! Karen Batton, Alice Ironside, Brenda Crisp, Sandy Riley, Sandy l V l English and Ann Spikes. CThird rowl Sandy Mitts, Karen Sloan, Joe Davis, Rick Neeley, Randy Woodruff and Tim Woodruff. fFourth rowl Cindy Smith, Linda Sloan, Tom Norvell, Eddie Prince, Malcolm Miles, Susie Miles and Bruce Myers. organizations-179 CATHOLIC STUDENT CENTER-For the benefit of St. rowl Audrey Dietz, Cornelia Smith, Edward Sanderlin Jude's Hospital, the Catholic students sang carols in Indian Connie Bennett, Jane Nahlen, Sarah Jensen and Rev Mall. fFirst row, left to right? Becky Nolan, June Hafner, Tumer. Walter Gunter, Debbie Craig and Cathy Martine. tSecond R jf ks WESLEY FOUNDATION members visit the Craighead Nursing Home Vosburg, Rick Powell, Bonnie Morris, Bobby Roach, John D. Rooker, weekly. CLeft to rightb Jim Randle, Elaine Montgomery, David James E. Griner, Catherine Rooker and C. K. McFarland. 180-organizations BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL provides tutoring programs for ASU students. lFirst row, left to right? Ron Wynne, Tricia Parker, Suzanne McGraw and Scott Standley. tSecond rowi John Rushing, Lari Hunt, Martha Priest, Dereta Birmingham, Cathy Baker, Jim Brock and Benny Clark. tThird rowb Tex, Glenda Monk, Mitzi Casper, Billie Bare, Terri Crowe and Steve Brown. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP offers Yoland Condrey, Brad Wells, Gay Hill, Marsha Branscum, varied Christian activities. fLeft to right? Larry Bates, Margaret Barrett and James Branscum. organizations 181 Why share? campus l'8 ' university i I There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into OUI' OWU. Edwin Markham share- 183 L... 184-campusology C ampusology ww N ww my 9 'LN 2 X 5825 WASP L. Nixfxx A campusology-185 Lobo, Brooks delayed 30-minutes A ,,y,,f M ,W ,M If fm ,. t id , A il ,gy - i t , ' if 53 Y W .,, eZgM Iii The lirst concert olthe year. Lobo and Denny Brooks. held the interest ol' most ol' those who uttended with songs such tts "Hoyt Can I Tell Her" and "Simple Mun." Although the concert was delayed 30- rninutes. the endless line ol' students yyuited out- side the lieldhouse in the cool night breeze, When the doors opened. some danced, some chipped and stomped their lleet like tt one-mun hund. some yelled und others just salt quietly. Denny Brooks l 186-campusology ty , . in S Lobo W2 M W..,,, 4. .,.,,.uv4 K Q x xi X! Q X Arrviws nr' arg' f N V, v 'raid Aff, xi "' x '11 L' Q .K kk .f:- if 7 gg mis- Q A -,M-ff ' " X 5 ' IP S Q! vw w Q N K . Q 1 . , xg SL -,-.,k, ,il K Q 5. . k K , , , ilu w lhykji ug S , 9 , wb' Q Q' , uc: X. 1 kim? QE S , K W! if ... K ' if iw K xt A fwfr . W i kgf :QP ,NS Q K 2 L::A . Lk A X Q I z Qi i Qs v i campusology-187 Reng Center provides student services N i s .M Playing pool relaxes the mind after a long day of studying. Due to book expenses checking books from the library would satisfy the pocket better 188-campusology -,xxx Students inspect job possibilities at the SGA bulletin board. Escape-ism is the key word that relates students and the Carl R. Reng Center together utter at grinding day of cell division, the Pythagorean theorem, western man, creative writing-the routine scene. Friends herd together to bowl, shoot pool, browse through the University Bookstore. laugh together in the Wigyxani over an "expensive" icy coke or sit silently in the Indian Lounge reading "The Canterbury Tales." 41 A lady barber, Ruth Jones, was added to the staff of the Reng Center Style Shop. She is shown trimming Chris Foster's hair. campusol Ugy Married lzfe shown AS style E! r 0 Ili cm ... 4 Q FD G O :s O E. O ID ... QQ '1 F0 :: U 'U O '1 F0 D FV .. O :s FO O I-I :s n. .... D :I 41 .... T: I-'D on Q '! 0 M ... a. CD : FF UI a. : H .... : an n D U M :- O "I FO H UQ S' ? k',' 5? 'W Ha P, 9 ,v , 5 ff . W AfL,,-X,,: ' , A ,fqfgwg ,Lf ,f JW' Nw, 190-campusology , QE K, ,, ,T 3,5 A n i Why can't youngsters start to college rather than kindergarten? ,WW 'TWW 7 f - 3-K" 4 ,wfwgi n, mn' .if A . 0 4 ' W ff me A .. ef.. Q ,M..,t..t.W tn.n n ,H G gf Q ,n ,WW r e t he tn n K wi' campusology-191 192-campusology Matthew H. Brady CGary Hen- dricksonl suffered a fatal heart attack Qabovel during the trial. Brady Qabove right! subdues Tom Davenport 4Mike Mallottb after an offending statement made by Drummond fMike Smithj. Barbara Adams, as Rachel Brown, and Gary Heath, as Bertram Cates, pause Qrightb during an intimate moment. 1 af J i A S U presents "Inherit the Wind" Evolution? Who believes in this. . . "sinful" Charles Darwin and "Evilution'?" "Inherit the Wind," the first drama produc- tion of the year, was a 3-act play based on the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. Wilson Hall Auditorium became the focus of attention ol the large audience as the curtain rose to reveal the July l925 setting, In order that everything would be kept within this time period, the characters worked at their costumes, physical mannerisms, makeup, social traits and hair designs. Major characters included Barbara Adams and Barbara Bland of Paragould, Phil Smith, Gary Hendrickson, Mike Smith and Harry Bloodworth, all of Jonesboro. Other cast members included Garry Heath and Mike Mallott of West Memphis, Jake Bell and Butch Gilbert ol' Cabot, Buzz Leopard of Lit- tle Rock and Sam Murray of Parkin. Terry Huckabee, director ofthe University theater directed the play. X I ,g,fvf,:,f!i. i up K 4-"7,,5? ,',, 'V' 1' ' iw 2 5 L i EQ ' ' 'V ,W , X . fl B 3? ' Q , ,Fir l M V ' ' ' TW is if f Henry Drummond fMike Smith! cross-examines Matthew Bloodworth! E. K. Hornbeck fPhil Smith! and defendant Harrison Brady QGary Henrickson! as the judge tHarry Bertram Cates tGarry Heath! look on. 1 ., 1 orrzado strikes Jonesboro 419 an 'hi Kell Field, on the ASU campus, suffered extensive damage. Two cars were blown together under McDonald's golden arches. Tornado. A word that terrifies anyone who has ever experienced one. Others simply do not understand the terror. Cn May 27, 1973, Jonesboro experienced the second devastating tornado in it's recent history. Massive damage was dumped on the Community while ASU sustained relatively minor damage. 194-campusology Many Jonesboro apartments, occupied by many ASU students, were damaged The cyclist out for a leisurely ride on campusg frequent site at ASU. Bicycles flourish at ASU "What a foolish contraption, it will never become popular." That is what one skeptic had to say about bicycles around the turn ofthe century. Today, everywhere one goes, he sees sleek, shiny "IO-speeds" being propelled by persons of any size, shape or age. If the present trend at ASU continues, plans for bicycle registration, more bicycle racks and possibly bicycle paths between classes will be for- mulated. The resurgence of bicycles started out as what seemed to bejust another fad. This fad looks like it is here to stay. .... t if ,N X .X is 135 K it , t 'V xx A N- i 1 ,Ni'.. as f E N Q Q if d , of 5 ist it - -f as The bicycle racks at Kays Hall stay congested. campusology-195 2 2 di E Ei E, 5 M1552 .,i5 5 Q iv ,WE X ,Q-ffii? Q, "1 fifty --we fffif QQ' Ng hx' ,M x.., ...ew erik ,Q tm. sH"" W l 4248+ Bearded Medicine Show duet fills field house with "different sounds." 196-campusology ' Surrounded by a maze of equipment, River City drummer drums up today's sounds. 2 I Multitudes of students patiently wait outside Held house for Dr. Hook-River City performance. X 'AV Q jg ws, 23' A L ,fi ,gl V K .f,, af' , t .M , HM H 1 a xjf , . I n 4 1 ., 1 n if T fl 1,fQi,Lff, V , M M , , , M . Q f Dr. Hook and "music machines" make music for hungry listeners. campusology-197 A il! 53.2 was S Little Rock game is dry . . . unusual 198 l g Q! f af ,W , ,El ., 2. ,pw E 12' Students journey Z0 Little Rock 1 WELCOME mx sm: unsv mnwrr-mason? S KAR 'rs socnerv P1 FRA! DEL AIR Homecoming concert brings "soul" lo campus ' "Play the guitar!" Singing makes one happy I A standing ovation was given the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose after an outstanding con- cert in lndian Field House during the SGA's third concert of the year. Of course, the spirit was high since it was homecoming week. The I0-piece group, called in as a replacement for the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, entertained the estimated 2,000 "music lovers" with such songs as "lt's too Late," "Treat Her Like a Lady," and their version of "Neither One of Us." Rineholt Unlimited, the warm-up band for Cornelius Brothers, played heavy: soulful in- strumentals. Both groups received many reactions- Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, for their pattern dancing, hit songs, and flashy costumes, and l0-piece band, Rineholt Unlimited, for their soulful style, and drum solos. Festive atmosphere grows o'urz'ng Homecoming week o is it 'e h esee J K . I 1 . 8 X fig-QE I f ' ig' ax 'fe X N A.L,- SV- i '-sss Q or fff V' It's sad to be alone. 204-campusology AGD cries for victory at homecoming pep rally High spirit and cheers resulted from pep rally. Constructing the displays was hard work, but enjoyable. Alpha Tau Omega cheers the Tribe on at pep rally. may J DFW! su. campusology-205 Victorious game climczxes week for AS U Not everyone can receive a trophy. Veda Bunch was crowned as ASU's homecoming queen. Homecoming, as usual, gave many students the chance to find out work can be fun. Even though there were fewer displays. the work was still cut out for everyone. Like years before, everyone appeared to be hard at work all week but nothing seemed to get done. By Thursday. everyone was asking "Will we ever get finished." So Thursday night was spent working miracles: in more ways than one. The weather even accomodated the students. The wind was blowing and the temperature freezing. The pep rally before the lllinois State game was one of the better ones. Even though many of the students were hammering nails and stuffing chicken wire. the crowd at the pep rally was spirited. Homecoming elections held earlier in the week resulted in the first independent queen being elected-Veda Bunch. Her court was Mary Ann Greer. Dinah l-irazier, Debbie Duncan. and Larie Barnes. Homecoming was ended by an Indian victory over Illinois State. 38-20. Football games aren't enjoyed only by people. campusologv 207 Christopher Bean" entertains students ,sw- Barbara Adams and Sarah Bums hsten as Charlotte Stratton and Phil Smith argue over 'monetary matters. . . . Lights. . .actionl lt was 12:30 in a house not far from Boston, when Christopher Bean, a talented artist, died. He left behindnumerous valuable paintings causing mass confusion among his friends who were trying to get the paintings for themselves. B "The Late Christopher Bean," Lthe se- cond drama production of the fall semester, directed by Kenneth Parks, received many reactions from the slim, but interested audiences. , Cast members were Barbara Adams, Sara Burns, Mike Smith, Phil Smitli, Rebecca Mallott, Butch Gilbert, Buzz Leopard and Charlotte Stratton. Sarah Burns watches as Charlotte Stratton throws her daughter-'s boyfriend, Mike Smith, out of the house. campusology 209 gewwriasvzriasieifmlfws if Pereussionisl performs before ful! house Percussionist Roy Burns appeared in concert November 13 in conjunction with the ASU Jazz Ensemble l. Burns, who has been noted as one of the top drummers in the world, played to a packed Ballroom. Jazz Ensemble II also performed. Before the presentation, Burns conducted a clinic for area high school and Arkansas State University music studentsg covering rock, ensem- ble and school drumming techniques. S 5 ' S W i H QT M Xrgmrfeiafgi iergrgsw amp gsj,,efsr,,Qgm,qmwg, . . ,m i5ggoiQf,iy,Qa,sgi.i, .5J3i5?f3?5ffEZ.fff?5 Y- y'vYL,i,,,i"3f ifzi,,f'fi.,f1T315-5lS51?315'lili:7? s,,,,i,..,..,, L we We v - V M Ie ff -f'irwfH1frw vffewsg ff Q sageskgaif wlf1e?,3?,,,3Qsf?gg?1e23gmJV,w,Lrg7?g gy' rms' i9,iwe1Jswa1,,1lQS:e2, ,zu Q S S A A i S Q 3 i,W, V f - A - Y V , f r 1 ,Fe , ,e M Y 'rf ggegaigeggegaihirbgwesigseahisigiiafgwf me --,,, as W we wefwiraa f H :fr Jawa fsi if wwfmgwe wie Qi? S f 1 ,efeaii V is ggtf,g,,,w,,,,,Qgf:1mM,t,-,Q i i ,aswrewewirwaareewwruse:e5?ii,,s?ee3,: re- Y' eeekeeziweeewffwrvszltmfr reef:-w1" S S S ietaeef e2MffliswitgS1l5Hf:Qa4klz5l21e2 ifeffaerief1iffa31sseS:i2isfra::2r see:v1fswff -freer waistfss1'a.w2zigtwig2affaayfaffzgifm-gsw as Af 'xanga M i S he wwf-ra5-www-Yiefmfbwswe- he 1 if New :giraffe ameriaefrwitlrfvzwwirif sefggmsseifwaiagirizeeiei f:. i ngegfmwiesefleegefi , 5 W 421image,lsgfairgiflenuegewsgffeifgsfaggtmgf wagmeigwssfgg g, H i S iW-2igfQ2QQK?-befraesiesaygtesgeggeaigsefges-,ikegagawsi ff Mews?-iaiifseitavt . . f 1 1 we ,aegeezsaiesiwefrz A gf ef,,z1rff:f,1-,re-sz. :rs fwiwwfff :www raw M' 'f fi Wafer er' - f. ,mfWi5'r7h,ze S , 3 Ssfilysar 5 e ixeiirfiffsswimesrgsxiea. maggie 'X aeiigfafsikltisiirww::,-ii:- . S wgSs,m,e.fems1ai1ge. rf.:Mta1S1:e,,e'Ks52r,fw sf . ,cameo re., we 1 f. 595, ff fs' Eire- ,vw get is .a i -if-s,W2:'es M fee to , Q :raiserzggeggefixiffairieeerfiragea.rfefrfwfesfrggtfesfz:JNewiffsaffasiffewf-rseww . ' S X S M ,Ira 2 -rf -Sgvsiggs rgwfgvek irxgg-'2lg:sfrf,gf fi, QRLEQQQLQQ ffgvgggm awww.-of K. fi. A - sw 55:1 aw i if yierfissrk . , ,J sf, r... l , ffklifijlzr iii'FEWi"?c 1135 1 20171, 'MH -pf 4- 1 if LM .121 wiisf' 313.551 -'jf - S .3:ewf..wamsiA2 lim- Y - we Q V , if org 'XM me -, is at wx ff-fffwiei essaefkefaeawie-3? gs visa twremw, ,i .ts Q A2 210-campusology Weather modzfcation discussed by lecturer "Weather Modifications: Realities and Prospectsf' was the title ofa lecture by Dr. Wilmot Hess, director of the Environmental Research Laboratories, Nov. 14 in the Carl R. Reng Center Ballroom. The lecture, sponsored by Sigma Xi, national science honorary for faculty members engaged in research, focused on tornado velocity measurements, a subject relative to the Jonesboro area due to recent rashes of tornado warnings and sightings. Discussed also were current capabilities and future prospects concerning lightning and hurricane wind reduction and other problems in- volved in weather modification. campusology-211 Worldscope Ieclurisls speak to students 212-campusology Panelists answer questions. Adi Ben Zvi, vice consulate from Israel to Houstong Dr. Hassan Nejad, associate professor of political scienceg and Dr. Swikar Elwan, acting director of the Arab Information Center in New York, drew a capacity crowd for the first SGA sponsored Worldscope series, November 14. The panel, moderated by SGA senator Larry Arnn, discussed reasons behind the Mid-East War, the possibilities for peace and the oil crisis- embargo. Each panelist was allowed 20 minutes to state his positions. On February 27 the second Worldscope Lec- ture was held in the Carl R. Reng Center Ballroom on "The energy crisis and its effects on the economy of Arkansasf, Grant Davis, an instructor of business at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville was the guest speaker. He hasjust finished a study on the energy crisis. Grant Davis discusses energy crisis. fifffi f s 2 - 131 2 X Ss X ? if X f. ,. .... . , 7-.. f. xx . -1. t X95 2. wx ag ,Ye if 5 'R is wk, si Students listen attentively. Dancers hold the attention of the audience with their performance. Dancers demonstrate the grace associated with modern dance. Modern dance group performs Dr. Charles Weidman, often noted as the father of modern dance, and his Theatre Dance Company, performed a program of modern dance, comedy and pantomine at ASU January l7. Weidman is an instructor in dance, a choreographer, comic and pantominist. The group is located in New York. The production included "Letter From Mrs. Bixby," a dramatic presentation ofa letter written by a mother who had lost all her sons in war, "Two Pantominesf' "St, Matthew Passion" and "Brahm's Waltzes, Opus, 39." campusology-213 Charlie Brown and " aniaslicks" visit ASU Continental Theater Company presents the Fantasticks Charlie Brown says What a face' "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brownf, depicting an average day in the life of Charlie Brown, and "The Fantasticksf, the longest run- ning off-Broadway play in American theater history, were presented February 6 in Wilson Auditorium by the Continental Theater Com- pany. The non-profit group, originating from Wichita, Kansas, tours the country on grants from the Kansas Fine Arts Council and private in- dividuals and businesses. "Charlie Brown" featured the famous philosophies of the t'Peanuts" cartoon characters. "The Fantasticksw featured songs like "Try To Rememberf' "Never Say Nof, and "Soon It's Gonna Rainf, Remember to sing a happy song 214 campusology The Fantasticks try another lookout point. I ,fm- ,ff I If ,ffl I .....,,mN.' if Grace and pose were part of the Fantasticks abilities. Wonder if anyone could have Linus's blanket? campuscology-215 The Stories concert, with proceeds going to a proposed student recreation center, had little response. Around Sl,200 was lost. The concert was held on Thursday, Dec. 13, a week before finals. Around 53,000 was spent on the bands and sound equipment. Three dollars was charged for admission. Wake, the warm-up group performing before Stories, put the "show on the roadl' with a variety of popular songs. "lVIammy Blue" and "Darling" were two of the Stories "new sounds." i 3 ? f .WX..Mm..,NmM..wwsw.,Wtw,.aww .fm-g.MwMwu.,. e..MN..t E 216-campusology -532 A :Wx YE N ik. campusolgoy-217 Holiday season brings work, happiness, fun Many organizations gathered in front of the Reng Center for caroling. Construction of the tree in the Indian Lounge begins. 218-campusology X C f a Mi' ,,: 7-,V K X ix, XX y X X M, Eff .1 s , g J 'rf , an ix if Comfort and relaxation are essential to studying for finals Some had a chance to understand the true meaning of Christmas. 16. vvmwwa G meg i s,,, L' 5 ,, : Santa made frequent appearances at the parties. At long last, Christmas vacation arrived and students said goodbye to classes, finals and Chickasaw for 21 days. The spirit arrived early around the ASU campus in the form of caroling competition, Christmas parties for the under- priviledged and other seasonal activities. Before vacation, however, came the much dreaded strain of final exams. An unfamiliar hush fell over most dorms as some students tried desperately to cram into their heads in one night what they had missed all semester. The semester break came, was enjoyed by most, and went, and another semester was upon us. Back to classes, tests and Chickasaw once more. All good things must come to an end as students return from the holiday. campusology-219 Icy weather strikes ASU campus Q92 Not all of the danger was underfoot as tree limbs proved. W K Mtmf .me swf, I " 220-campusology It took a little more time to get to class. Layers of ice created masterpieces. Winter weather, composed of rain, ice and chilly winds, hit the ASU campus later than usual this year. But once here, old man winter didn't let anyone forget it. Icy streets, trees and sidewalks were but a part of his constant reminders. Students also discovered that the cold didn't cease inside many classrooms as the school com- plied with President Nixon's plea to turn down the thermostat. Bundled up to meet the weather, whether in the classroom or outdoors, ASU students Carried on despite a very unpredictable winter. 222-campusology - gd MW, L Q G, X ,,.,,,,, 991' ag Dorm lzfe . . what is it? When is that darn phone gonna ring! When is it gonna stop ringing? Wish they would turn their stereo down. Oh no! I have three tests tomorrow-anyone want to play cards? These comments can be heard when ambling down the halls of the eight dorms at ASU. They are an essential part of college life. There are occasional complaints, none too serious. But, all in all, learning to live together-whether you get along or not-is an im- portant part of what the student learns in his college years. 5 3. K 35 . 7 qs. si . f - ws se ,Q v"f N s wf ' . s S X T .. -K .i.f U, fiff '1" 1' A X ,..:- ' . campusology-223 Story of exiles Zola' in "Anne Frank" 224-campusology "The Diary of Anne Frank" was the mid- winter production of the speech and drama department. The story of how the Jewish exiles from Nazi Germany lived in the "secret annex", as told by a thirteen-year-old girl to her diary, shows how the occupants passed their hours of self imposed silence, learned how to live in cramped quarters and most important-was the attempt to get along with each other. All attempts ended when they were captured. Actors gave intensely dramatic and enjoyable performances. This proved especially true of the exuberant Anne, played by Debbie Benson and the group's leader Mr. Frank, played by Phil Smith. Other actors were Mrs. Frank, played by Mary Meirg Margot, played by Terry Danielg Mr. and Mrs. Van Doan, played by Mike Mallot and Mary Jameson and their son, Peter, played by Bob Simpson and Mr. Dussel, played by Garry Hen- drickson. Cathy Lear played Miep and Mike Smith played Mr. Krazler. d,,.,.au.,.,W,,M Anne tries to get to know Peter The exiles hold a worship service on the first day of Hanukkah. The occupants of the "secret annex" have a New Year's party. Peter contemplates what life holds for him. I ' 4 H u. X 1 3 Mr. Dussel upsets the Frank family with harsh words. campusology-225 226-campusology Activities highlight Black History week Walter Strong, first black to graduate from ASU, speaks to students. N Y 5'Zv.?Af web? . ,Q iii is it M4 J "A Raisin in the Sun," was presented by the Dramatic Club of UAPB. -5 Lorraine Hansberry s Raisin entertained ASU blacks and guests. A beauty pageant, guest speakers, an art ex- hibit, a panel discussion and other activities highlighted the annual Black History Week at ASU, February 8-16. The special week, sponsored by the Black Student Association, began with the annual Ebony Queen pageant. The winner, Gladys Alex- ander, will represent ASU in the regional Miss Black Arkansas competition. Speakers for the week included Otis Higgs, presiding judge for the Elton Hayes trial in Memphis, Tenn., and NBC newscaster, Art Gillium. Walter Strong, the first black to graduate from ASU, spoke about ASU when he was a stu- dent. A BSA recital, tracing black gospel music from its origin to the present, an Afro-American art exhibit and an Afro-American fashion and talent show also highlighted the week. "A Raisin in the Sun," a presentation by the Dramatic Club of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, was performed during the week. Mrs. Gretna Douthet, an ASU graduate, sponsored the New York Drama Critics Circle Award winning play. The play was written by Lorraine Hansberry. campusology 227 M usic department presents operas On Feb. 28 and March l, the Division of Music presented an evening of operas. The program consisted of Menottils "The Medium" and a portion of Act l from "The Barber of Seville," by Rossini. Menotti's opera was a dramatic tragedy con- cerning a fake spiritualist caught up in conflict between her two worlds. Cast members included Andrea l-licks, Paula Shaneyfelt, Roger Bumpass, Elizabeth Flannigan, Linda Brannon, Jane Ledgerwood and Carroll Rayburn. Cary Bigelow was the piano accompanist. "The Barber of Sevillel' was basically a comic boy-meets-girl situation. To complicate the plot, there was an interfering guardian with designs on Rosina's music teacher schemes with Bartolo. the girlls dowry and an over-zealous barber who likes to turn a profit on every venture. Featured in the cast were Noel Schaffer, Steve Walker, Leslie Galloway, Nancy Malone, Judy Jones, Randy Erwin, Steve Brown, Winston Tur- pin, Jeff I-laddox and David Willard. Dennis Hay was pianist. David Niederbrach directed both operas. Ma ig s K, , . e 5 228-campusology 2 W, 4 23 ,Q Rosina sings of her love. L WWM.. ff WM N-:gf Monica sings to Toby about their love. Babba reprimands daughter, Monica. Babba sings as Toby sleeps. , campusology-229 Library provides study, research facility ' ' A h YAA , W . ,. .35 f ' no x ia X "',.h....,.,A . -..... Ax A si -..,...-W' LE'KQmxxAIll K 1 - ' x A :,2x 7. Xxx 232-university url' Y :gI:2:Q:E:EE1E1:5:E:,., . -:-Z-Ig-1-:-I-I-211:-: ' .-.g-:--:-:-2:i:i:2:-Z-I:-.- .52 :-:-1--:-:-:-I-I--:-:- "' 332-2:!:-:-2-2-2:2:-:-I . 25:11 -I-2:2:-:-2-I-I:1:+ .g-:-:-.-.g.g.:-:-.:.g.'- 3.1-, 3-:-.-.5-.5-3-:-.:.g.g '-'-'-:-:-2-2-:- :-.--:-:-:. -:-:-I-I 5525:-:-:-:zz-: - - l ...U .'- : .E5Q:::2:252:- : -.,-,-.-.-. .'. --.:. .: I-I-.:. -.'..' . - .j-j-I-1-2 2.1222222252 figilzifgfg '-'-:-:-:1:3 ' -'5'5' -.-.- -. ':I::-f-4:2:3:i:i:-:-:- ,, . , -- - -. , I:I:5:52f2f131:5:5If2+:-.- . --1-I-41:21 ,-12211-.I . rj: - .,-,- Ah. .. ,-,- ...::,:,-.:Iq.,1:,-,II-2:25211 -, jj. . - -.ln .. " 0 a' -UWC -an-"""""""'X, -.-,va ff ,I at-Q .:. 'H . .-.3 ' fc f ,.?:E5.: 13 32515: 2- Er V' - ig. 1 2:!:5:E':, ' I :'-Igiglg-2-2:23 if ' ,-::,:':I:.,,-':':!:. 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'I 24 1- Q - . 'zi 22521-Zz... -5- '2g!gZ:2:::gZg-,:.:.g.g. - 2:-rt' 43:54 2' T15-. ., I -. .- - -:: 1-I-Q:Q:Eggg:r.:.fgg-2:!:2:E5:g:f:2:25g5,..,.,.,:, ,Z ,.,:.::3:f2-2"j.5:,, 5, 5' - Ztigfffif - ' ' ..'-,,-,-.-.3.j7fffx,N:1g:Q:2:Z-T' I-I'.'.j,jffjfj.j2Q-'-122' ' vu! W ',Z, 3 1 .'-.',..' 9 a University , 1 qw!!! u 1l""'lllllnlnunn4.............. umversity-233 234-university Trustees seek Rerzg's successor Mike Beebe, spring Honorable Governor Dale Bumpers f g gg., Austin Temple, fall Larry Brewer Elijah Coleman ,M ,ES we i i 5 1 3 3 z it 3 f V Q Q f 72 . '5 f 5 5 . 53, llc. sr --iii E3 , . 'nf Mrs. Lou Mixon, spring Phillip Hout W. P. Gulley, Jr., fall During a special meeting of the Board of Trustees on January 12, 1974, a committee was formed to choose a successor to Carl R. Reng, who will retire after the 1974-75 academic year. The committee, consisting of members of the faculty, students, alumni and administrators will screen and then recommend a successor. university-235 236-university Dr. Melvin Freed Vice President for Administration John Stotts Vice President for Finance Lloyd C. Howell, Registrar Qu? Administration continues to work on New Era if Dr. F. Clark Elkins Vice President for Instruction Dr. Jimmy McCluskey Vice President for Student Affairs university-237 Administrators attempt to organize ASU community F5 iii A1-lis Jghnsgn, Business Manager Dr. Farris Womack, Director of Institutional Research 238-university fi Phil Bridger, Director of Housing Ray Hall, Director of Field Service - . Qi Y f5filfH4 ,. 115'-.L-rf, fn, " H X v gg s Charles Yauger, Director of the Computer Center .sd Leonard McDaniel, Assistant Registrar Jim Barber, Controller James Jackson, Field Representative Robert Moore Dean of Students X 5,4 i img? Lv,. SQ! W l Q59 X E is ,,,Vkk. ff: 5 Q .. K I SVU t fi, . .,.,.,.,. " . f I Ya: 1.-,Q - 4 wr- -,ji if K. Ja 1.,,Mh in 1 fi fti? f? ,f. m '23q gE: 5, , ii S1 A ,f Xe:.q,. ., agn 3 X 5 ,Q gg S ,.,,- 542 32, 5.1 H Q 'gf fs: X Q Q' ii: ' K f ,::' ' 331 S 3 i S, 1 ig E 1 Q .3 , E f 5 41, 5 as it v, E 1 ' 'H ,e.. T-f :'- K, - fl- 'Q .- "' 2, 5 S o E e e o f .V ' -. , K in " sir E, ,.' K my , Don Denny, Dean of Men 240-university e Peggy Stroud, Associate Dean of Students Barbara Perdzock, Financial Aid Counselor W,,,.,..fM'W'M 'JMMW MMNN 'hm Q Administrators i-22 Mary Lou McDaniel, Counselor for Women Gerald Craig, Financial Aid Supervisor wi' ,K 5 we-"""' , 'V Vi, 41:8 ' Ralph Waddell, Superintendent of Physical Plant Tom Manning, Director of News Service university-241 242-university W. W. Haynes, Superintendent of Farms J. E. Howell, Director of the Reng Center Bill Fisher, Purchasing Agent Thomas McClain E.. 4 X 5 E 4 l A Gerry Taylor, Head Librarian , Assistant Director of the Reng Center :'. A. A " 'K on af- M of ""-vrzw Phil Pickle, Vending Director Admimstrators Z" Estes Coleman, Personnel Director Paul Fulks, Bookstore Manager 'Ubin Fred Paxton, Assistant Director of Field Service George Jones, Food Director university-243 New complex to enhance studies of agriculture A new building complex is under construc- tion for the College of Agriculture, which will be occupied either in the fall of 1974 or the spring of 1975. The complex will cover about 67,800 square feet and will house all the College of Agriculture, including Agricultural Engineering. The research facilities of the college are being expanded in order to improve its instructional program and to expand its services to the Univer- sity community. Recently, an advisory council, composed of persons in agricultural business, was formed to advise the college. With these developments it is believed that it can better prepare people to take advantage of the vast employment opportunities in the great agricultural complex, including: agri-business, agricultural industry and agricultural services which employs 34-4071 of the total labor force of this country. Alpha Tau Alpha-tfirst row, left to rightl Gary Richardson, Niel Crow- son, Jim D. Spence, John Daughhetee and J. A. Hayles. tSecond rowl James Ashcraft, Ronny Allen, Pawnee Halliburton, Con Sullivan and Bobby Montgomery. 244-university - 7 Y Dr. Olen P. Nail, Dean of the College of Agriculture vig N I xt stasis K - QV . . K Q. 3 spsf sg . 1 , LLAL'L ' Bolivian llama adds variety to the A.S.U. farm. Y , in M ' Q 2 WWW . M224 , we . f Dr. George A. Berger, asst. prof. Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, asst. prof. Ii" 11" 4 " Y .H , " W mfr- A wr. 1 V, A in . .,r. . . .. 5 g h? . L 4 :Ig Q' 'f B! .H , iiir Y J J . 'J , J , o 'YG' A James L. Davenport, asso. prof. Dr. Jasper A. Hayles, asso. prof. Dr. Rodney Hexem, prof. Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, prof. Dr. C. J. Irby, asso. prof. Dr. James H. Keene, prof. Dr. Albin J. Langlois, prof. Dr. Albert Mink, asso. prof. Dr. Warren A. North, asso. prof. Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, prof. Dr. Aubrey Tennille, prof. Herman F. Williams, asso. prof. -wp- BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB-Qfirst row, left to right! rowb Carroll Fox, Greg Kemper, J. H. Keene, Eddie L. N. Hochstetler, Larry Hawkins, Nancy Blackwell, Prince, Rick Blackwell and Kenneth Hendricks. Nora Wood, Mark Murphy and Jack Chapasko. QSecond university-245 DELTA TAU ALPHA-ffirst row, left to right? James Ashcraft, Ronny Allen, Niel Crowson and John Daughhetee. QSecond rowl T. Alan James, Pawnee Halliburton, Con Sullivan, Jimmy L. Cullipher and J. A Hayles. Block and Bridle club members display awards won at the Northeast District Fair this year. ENGINEERING CLUB-ffirst row, left to rightb Masoud Madjlesi, Don Gambill and Bahram Behjatnia. CSecond row! David Holcomb, Mehdi Mostafavi, Gary Palmer and Eldon Alexander. QThird rowj Michael Bishop, Gene Stalcup, Dennis Taylor and Claud J. Ir- by. CFourth rowb Dale W. Russom, Randy Mitchell, Harold Dickens and R. Scott Jackson, Jr. fFifth rowy James Pace, George Losak, Michael Ray Neal and David A. Talbot. 246 university Jil Nancy Blackwell manhandles a Massey-Ferguson. PLANT SCIENCE CLUB-ffirst row, left to rightj Boeckmann and Travis A. James. fSecond rowj A. W. Tennille, James Q. Cook, Michael John L. Reid, Gary Meador and Rickey Duncan. Council formed improves unlversity-247 College of Business offers new degrees An advisory council in the College of Business, which consists of 18 persons who are leaders in business and industry, has been formed to suggest programs that would improve the college. The college has also installed a new academic program, real estate and insurance. The Arkansas Real Estate Association has funded a chair for this program. A new Bachelor of Science degree was offered in Secretarial Science, and a statistic lab, containing over 30 electronic calculators, has been equipped and approved by the college. WWW Dr. B. C. McGough, Dean of the College of Business PI OMEGA PI - lseated, left to rightj Peggy Carr and Kathy Rollins, Sanda Gerdes, Beth Willis Harriet Becky Cathey. fSecond rowl Bera Rogers, Bonnie Ashcraft and Karen Lee Woodall. Spencer, Mary Helen Peters, Susie Miles, Luanne Clay, 248 university ACCOUNTING CLUB - Qiirst row, left to rightb Philip Terri Smith, is U!-7-4 Q, Linda Susan Reding, Pam Sullens, Miley and Vicki Mead. iSecond rowl Roark, Jackie Chandler, Charlotte Lynne Marr and Roger Klein. QThird X a mesa rowl Nancy Haigler, Jerry Guest, Mike Elliott, Lee Beckman, Lynn Hefner and Harvey Franklin. QFourth row? John Rhein, Kenny Thomas, Jack McDaniel, Bobby Rowlett, Ed- die Adams, Billy Duff and Steve Lawrence. , x. I i if ,N , . " l xg X it X XX Ei Ni '- i s f ' 5 2 A -.,,. ..:t:,:f.e: 5 I . A 2. N 1 QL 1 N .X if 5 !, Q .- ...., .. .V - K HS O, 'X Q Q .2- DIV. OF ACCT. Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, chm. David E. England, inst. Nancy Haigler, asst. prof. Dr. Coy Neal London, asst. prof. H. Dalton Whitt, inst. DIV. OF BUS. ED. AND SEC. SCI. Dr. Robert L. Ferralasco, chm. David Robert Adams, asst. prof. Larry Adams, inst. David W. Clay, inst. Dr. Rebecca I. Collins, asso. prof. Donna Joy Cooper, inst. Dr. Fay Beth Gray, asst. prof. Dr. Hubert Price, Jr., asso. prof. Bonnie Valentine, inst. Mary Lou Wood, asst. prof. DIV. OF GEN. BUS. AND ECON. Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, chm. Howard M. Alsey, asst. prof. Billy Bagwell, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, asso. prof. Dr. Charles Ford, asso. prof. Dr. John Kaminarides, asso. prof. Dr. Roland Mullins, prof. Frank W. Oldham, Jr., asst. prof. Jimmy Pully, asst. prof. Dr. Stephen Replogle, asst. prof. Lloyd Roberts, asst. prof. Fred Robinson, asst. prof. Dan Trevathan, inst. Charles Wade, asst. prof. university-249 PHI BETA LAMBDA - Qfirst row, left to right! Jane Moody, Wanda Stroud, Patricia Snider, Don- na Barrow, Lari Hunt, Marsha Vansandt and Tom- mie J. Williams. fSecond rowj Jannie Cupp, Ramona Severe, Jan Stewart, Brenda Crisp, Bren- da Kieffer, Sanda Gerdes and Jeannie Talburt. lThird rowj Twilla Treece, Sharon Kemp, Lenita Ketchum, Susan Bolton, Steve Boyce, Cathey Norris and Karen Lee Woodall. QFourth rowj Clementine Delane, Randy Sims, Shelia Simpson, Carolyn Gibson, Judy Parker, Joe Reynolds, Bar- bara Hart, Janice Carroll and Danny Perry. Statistic lab added in Business 5 s Mft t 4 ,. F A.. 4 al. 4-. ALPHA KAPPA PSI - Qfirst row, left to right! James Churchill, Carl Stough, Lee Beckman and Randall Marsh. QSecond rowj Charles Ford, Lloyd McCracken, Don Nall, Don Harmon, Jack Brocker and Roland Mullins. QThird row! Bill Bowman, John P. Moses, Tom Smith, Ron Rogers, John Lard, Joe Johnson, Wayne Floyd Hargrove and Steve Lawrence. Schmidt, Phil Miley and Tom Holt. fFourth rowj Glen Kinkade, Merle McGruder, Rick Cleveland, Gary Phillips, Charlie Singleton, David Churchman, Don Baxter, William R. Hilgeford, OMICRON DELTA EPSILON - Qfirst row, left to right? Roland Talbert, Danny Ward, Gary Edwards, B. C. McGough, Chris Mullins, Arthur E. Haynes, Ken Copeland, Ken H. Helman, John Spivey, Jerry Crawford, Jerry Payne, Billy Bagwell and Terry Kaminarides, Edwin E. Shumpert, Larry G. Wilson, Larry G. Miller. Perry and Howard Alsey. fSecond rowb Charles Ford, Lonnie E. university-251 DIV. OF JOUR. AND PRINT. f g W Dr. Joel T. Gambill, chm. :lf j qt -I A Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof. L. ' I V' Rebecca K. Gardner, inst Homer E. Hallett, prod. print Robert W. Kern, inst. Tom Manning, dir. of news bur. Roy Ockert, inst. Leland Plunkett, asso. prof. l'e . X ep Bobby G. Ruff, pr. shop foreman DIV. OF RADIO-T.V. Charles L. Rasberry, chm. Roy Barnhill, chief radio engr. Darrel E. Cunningham, asst. prof. .K X kVf""1,WzS.L K I -. . "' SZ' . . H R s R553 ' 0 in Biu Rugg, inst. Robert Shumpert, radio-TV engr. Dzvzszon becomes College of Communications .V rf"-f' 'R I 's...,,M'f ww.. QQ 'Nm f', . for Cheatom. F . ,m,Q. .. 'S i A I ? ff' g is f 3 :gl -..L .aa 3: ., . r . . J 3 . . h Due to fast growth of the independent divi- sion of Radio-T.V., Printing and Journalism, a new College of Communications was formed. The college encompasses a training ground for those interested in one of America's fastest growing fields, that of communications. New this year is the 100,000 watt transmitter that makes KASU the most powerful F.M. station in Arkansas, as well as at any univeristy in the country. Another new innovations is the membership of the divisions of Journalism and Printing in the Associated Press, which enables them to receive national and world news over the new A. P. machine. university 253 GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB - tleft To rightj Anne Dunlap, Preston Hunter Gary Majors, Janet Griffin, Mike Clements, James Hunter, Greg Jor dan, Gene Ballard and Monroe J -Nw -new IZIDQ SIGMA DELTA CHI - Qfirst row, left to rightl Margaret Gillihan, Deena Sutton, Mary Anne Greer, Sheri Horne and Millie Caldwell. Larry O'Dell, Katherine Rooker and Vicky Garman. QSecond rowj fThird rowj John Wallace, Ted Wagnon and Harold Jones. 5 :S 1 254-university Yr ,L MX R, , a HV' ,fi by g'-ggi'-5 JL, -we KAS U station gains wattage N 1 256-university Y DIV. OF COUNSELOR ED. AND PSYCH. . 1 ,.-, Q I UQ Dr. Alvin McRaven, chm. - - 1 Dr. Edmund Barnette, asso. prof. si. Q , Dr. John L. Burns, asso. prof. it g I -- Dr. James A. Chaney, asst. prof. . 'J ' Beverly Kay DeWater, inst. . Dr. Roy Ghazimorad, asst. prof. ' - I kp. . Dr. James Golden, asso. prof. R K . William Johnson, asst. prof- f" P - A Josh Leamon, inst. ,.'.j 1 P S' .2,, h , - G ., , DF. C. L. MCLaFtyy Dl'0f. lhi 2 f n j 'K i" - -Q .... is Dr. George Peters, prof. ,I Emilie Stewart, asst. prof. DIV. OF ED. AD. AND SEC. ED. Dr. Vance Sales, chm. g. 5 . Dr. Carol D. Ham, asso. prof. . ge,-5 Dr. Robert Kluge, prof. ' 14' .B A Dr. Arthur Rexny, prof. 4 Dr. Robert Stephens, asst. prof. if iii K Dr. Joseph Sweat, prof. .,. Q , ' Dr. Joseph Taylor, prof. If .. J. Dr. Carl Vaupel, Jr., asso. prof. f . 1 , X X H Dr. Stanley Williams, asst. prof. .,,. : gf ,,--., A Dr. Donald Wright, asst. prof. "i' X DIV. OF EL. ED., SPEC. ED., AND SPEECH PATH . .Q Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chm. in Edith Atkerson, inst. . Q. Nancy Bacot, inst. ' P Z 5 , Sf.. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION-Qfirst row, left to rightj Karen Lee Woodall, Marsha Vansandt, Tricia Parker, Teresa Wilson, Freda Paxton, Mary Anne Misenhimer, Phyllis Hammonds and Patricia Snell. fSecond rowj Deborah Jeffery, Glenda Monk, Billie Bare, Bonnie Spencer, Fredda Carroll, Sue Davidson and Miss Lillian Barton. QThird row! Randy Sims, Bera Rogers, Diane Bowman, Judy A. Oliver, Becki H. Cullipher, Wendy Kaye Robin- son, Linda Faye Robinson and Tommie June Williams. ! . . X NA f t, Q er s f , .V . ':' 'R . ' Q 3, K 5 ' - " - rfv .1 is I at ' -an gf-?'1-'K I 'EQ r . . C . wi L " 1 i i fsffl tl - gh .U -, X. f .-,: . I . i 1 ah- 1 31: :, , .. M y 'li Dr. Harry F. Hodge, Dean of the College of Education Madalyn Brizzi, inst. Dr. William G. Chance, prof. 1 Dr. Baron D. Conaway, asso. prof. ' Dr. Albert Crosswait, Jr., asso. prof. Q ,K . , W 'S' ' "N s ts Emma Sue Davidson, asst. prof. Eg - Betty Goldsby, inst. B' X sf 'Ip it Dr. George Hendon, prog. Dr. Jack Hogins, asso. prof. at Jane LeBlanc, inst. Dr. David Loe, asst. prof. s s Dr. Robert Ohlson, Jr., Herman Strickland, inst. s Dr. Mildred Vance, prof. DIV. OF HEALTH, PHYS. ED., AND REC. Dr. James DeVazier, chm. 4? E? Rosalie Barber, inst. s ,D David Burgess, inst. f A Alta Burns, asst. prof. 'S p' 3' A Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. f J Wilbert Gaines, inst. ' y is ' Dr. John Hosinski, asso. prof. Gladys M. Hudgins, asso. prof. Q l X . e Dr. Evelyn Prescott, prof. John H. Rauth, asso. prof. Charles Reese, inst. William Rogers, inst. Frances Smallwood, inst. William J. Sugg, inst. J. A. Tomlinson, prof. Dr. Jess R. White, prof. DIV. OF LIBRARY SCIENCE James W. Hansard, chm. Joan Bowman, Head ref. lib. . Nadean Lee, Head cir. lib. Bonnie J. Rockwell, cat. lib. Gerry Taylor, Head librarian Ella Ward, Head cataloger Grad programs approved for College of Education During l973-74 the College of Education was notified that all programs at the baccalaureate, masters and specialist degree levels were fully ac- credited by NCA. New programs with majors in psychology and early childhood education were begun and authorization for a graduate program in speech pathology was gained. Ground was broken for a new physical educa- tion complex and the Arkansas State University Clinical Services Center was opened at the Arkan- sas Services Center. Program improvement was emphasized by the faculty and the Instructional Media Center was opened. Students and graduates continued to bring distinction to the college and to the Univer- sity. Two notable examples included Jennifer Peters, who was elected governor of the Arkansas Student Council for Exceptional Children and John Skinner, who was elected national president of the Student National Education Association. university-257 258-university ational ofices held by education majors MODERN DANCE CLUB-Qfirst row, left to com, Tressie Goode, Debby Freeland and Mona rightj Barbara Heard and Margaret Freppon. Brogdon. QSecond row! Mrs. Alta Burns, Martha New- PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND David Wolf, Edith Marie Wilford, Susie Clifft, John MINORS-ifirst row, left to right! Kathy Murillo, Davie Noles and John Scurto. tThird row! Boeckmann, Teresa Payne, Rose Cooper, Carolyn Greg Gillette, Tim Ramsey, Doug Gross, Ron Cochran and Nelson McCollough. fSecond rowl Carroll and Jake Darby. 2 SQUARE DANCE CLUB-Qfirst row, left to rightj rowj Debbie Estes, Neil Beckman, Shirley Parker, Sandy Wells, David Wolf, Donna Spotts, Michele Frances Smallwood, Paula Spence, John Scurto and Layer, Mitchael Wilkins and Diane Walter. tSecond Marylill SCOWWICII- Q ,... L Q STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN-lfirst row, left to right! Linda Newsome, Nina Maddox, Pam Justus, Becky Lueken, Janet Files, Kathy Kimbrough and Diana Barnes. 1Second rowb Arlenda Burnett, Patti Elbert, Fredda Carroll, Patricia Snell, Judy Nickles, Teresa Hurst and Kathy Watkins. QThird rowj Robbia Keglar, Karen McPherson, Brenda Bonds, Jan Pierce, Jennifer Peters, Kathy Newsom, Lois Floryanski and Mrs. Betty Goldsby. QFourth rowj Susan Willhite, Jean Singleton, Diane Bowman, Addelyn Vin, Susan Douglas, Glenda Way and Doris Richardson. university-259 College of Fine Arts stress individual talent Development of individual creative talents and appreciation for the Fine Arts is emphasized in the College of Fine Arts. This has been done this year through student participation in plays, operas, debate tournaments and art exhibits and activities. Dramatic productions this year include "Inherit the Wind," "The Late Christopher Beanf' "The Diary ofAnne Frank," and "A Man for All Seasons." The Division of Music presented two operas during the spring semester. They were "The Mediumw and "The Barber of Seville." . tlwwl ' Dr. DIV. OF ART Dr. Karl Richards, prof. T. R. Baker, asst. prof. Thomas Chaffee, inst. Lane Fabrick, inst. James K. Johnson, asst. John H. Keech, Douglas Latta, Evan Lindquist, asso. Sidney A. Mecom, inst. Robert E. Mitchell, asst. prof. Dr. LaVonne Schrieber, asst. prof. DIV. OF MUSIC Donald R. Minx, chm. Mary Elizabeth Beck, asso. prof. prof. inst. inst. prof. Dr. Clifton V. Cowles, prof. ,. ' Q g Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, asso. prof. ' . . Dr. Duane H. Haskell, prof. , gs F 'P M. Ellis Julien, inst. 'Ni gg, Julia Lansford, asst. prof. -,,, J 'J i ." . Myron Myers, dist. asso. prof. D A ,...- 'Z I g David Niederbeach, asso. prof. .:,, Dr. James L. Patty, prof. I Bonner Ruff, asst. prof. , my D X Sandra Seay, inst. we . C 35 Alfred R. Skogg, asst. prof. lfl- Dr. Jared Spears, asso. prof. ' N A i Nt Dorothy Swindle, inst. Dr. Thomas G. Williams, asst. prof. DIV. OF SPEECH AND DRAMA "-- John P. Bell, asst. prof. Linda Sue Davis, inst. Terry L. Huckabee, inst. Kenneth Parks, inst. 'E l PHI MU ALPHA - Cfirst row, left to rightj Steven Walker, Jerry Bradley and Thomas Jaber. QSecond rowj Stan Head, Randy Erwin and Bob Bidewell. QThird row? ' Bill Cromer, Winston Turpin and Jerell Smith. fFourth rowj Alfred Skoog, James Branch and Eddie Rayburn. QFifth rowj Jeff Haddox, David Niederbrach, Sonny Caldwell and David Willard. QSixth rowj Thomas Walker, Dana Bingham, Terry Gairhan and James H. Sanders. WOMEN'S CHOIR - fleft to rightb Sister Catherine Jones, Glenda Hicks, Leontyne Carson, Ann Grable, Kaye Grable, Leah Chester, Mearlene Taffar, Claire Akins and Billye Covington. university-261 TAU BETA SIGMA - Qfirst row, left to rightl Judy Oz- Gerdes, Paula Shaneyfelt, Cindy Richardson, Sharon birn, Nora Nausbaum and Cindy Ross. CSecond rowj Carter, Julie Thomas, Karon Sturdivant and Sharon Janet Schisler, Estella Weems, Pam Wells, Sanda Sturdivant. Students present 262-university talent in recttals SIGMA ALPHA IOTA - iiirst row, left to rightj Nancy Malone, Joan Frost, Jan Grimes, and Michelle Whitehead. fSecond rowj Elaine Montgomery, Molly Hickox, Paula Shaneyfelt, and Beverly Pierce. QThird rowb Judy Ozbirn, Cindy Ross, and 1 I ! Jane Ledgerwood. tFourth rowj Judy Jones, Linda Brannon, Claire Akins, Elizabeth Flannigan and Andi Hicks. fFifth rowj Mrs. Julia Lansford, Joanic Gardner, Diane England and Leslia Galloway. ASU SINGERS - Cfirst row, left to rightl Nancy Malone, Joan Frost, Michelle Whitehead, Betty Clements, Sharon Sharp, Pam Abernathy, Kay Graham, Mena Lowe and Con- nie Willoughby. QSecond rowj Rozanne Berry, Elaine Montgomery, Mary Ann Hughes, Suzanne Todd, Diane England, LouAnn Carr and Lynn Lovell. QThird rowj Kristi Hester, Joanna Collins, Paula Seats, Cathy Lear, Maru Spivey and Terry Mashburn. iFourth rowi Mark Wilson, James Sanders, Keith Brizzi, Jeff Carr, Isaac Joyner, Cary Bigelow, Randy Kellems and Leslie Willis. 1Fifth rowj Dane Ward, Larry Eckman, Ronald Murphy, Dennis Williamson, and Gary Kemp. ASU CONCERT CHOIR - Qfirst row, left to rightl Molly Hickox, Demetrys Johnson, Elizabeth Flannigan, Jeff Haddox, Bill Cromer, John Martin, Shelia Fletcher, Pam Hurst and Paula Shaneyfelt. fSecond rowj Jerry Bradley, Will Emerson, Bruce Kissenger and Leslie Willis. 1Third rowh Jane Ledgerwood, Beverly Pierce, Rene Spicer, Winston Turpin, Tommy Walker, Dennis Hay, Nick Cannella, Betsy Lunceford and Elaine Austin. QFourth rowl Candy Harrell, Janet Glasgow, Eddie Rayburn, James Branch, Mark Brown, Phil McLarty, Dianne Taylor, Sharon Skroggs and Sharon Tyre. QFifth rowj Andrea Hicks, Cathy Choate, Joan Gardner, Darrell Howerton, Earl Hundley, Noel Schaffer, Steve Brown, Judy Jones and Mona Wright. QSixth rowj Kathy Dudley, Leslie Galloway, Steve Walker, Dana Bingham, David Niederbrach, David Willard, Anna Bishop, Sheryl Brown and Pat Morrison. university-263 264-university Mi, , , f 7, K ' I' w 5 ASU MALE CHORUS - ffirst row, left to rightj Jeff Jeff Carr, Randy Kellems and Ronald D. Murphy. QThird Haddox, Bill Cromer, Keith Brizzi, Eddie Rayburn, Den- row! Steve Walker, Dennis Willamson, Larry Eckman, nis Hay, Will Emerson and Bruce Kissinger. fSecond Winston Turpin, Robert Eckmall, Gary Kemp and Jerell rowj James Branch, Mark Wilson, Darryl Howerton, Smith. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SEXTET - Qleft to rightj Mary Malone, Elizabeth Flannigan, Beverly Pierce, Judy Jones, Linda Brannon and Joanie Gardner. A "" """' ' l" """ ""' "'A l l l' 'I Wl ' + l Will i lmllllllll pp u mini 1, nu mm p V 1+ 5 ll l All I l y p tw Inu il l p ptplp M il.i.t.,gy,wal lllkll ll ll ln 'l 1 l ,g, , it l ll + ll it li H illlillllli , ll l,t,g,g. + li, l Ml fl 'Wlllllllm lg W si ll ' , M ,tllllmlgl l ll llllll 'L ll fl ll ll i I if n l .ill I ll, l l I , , will ll, ,lllllll ll , llwll 1" ll' 'l lm' 1' ' , ,sl 'l M 'l NM 1 ,1,....,1, u,,, I 1, ,mt V llllliilit' llllw l i, I ' , sl ll Mill ll , ,,,, ,, , , , i , main i..i,,,.u,., Y 4, W , 1. Mlll' ill l w v +v+ i + + , ,illl,,, I it i lllllllllll l llllllll AYY+ A rt department sponsors professional exhibitions Recitals featuring faculty members and students also added to the development of talent. Almost every type of instrument and voice were presented. Art exhibits featured such names as Jay Adams, .lack Ink, Lillian Elliott, Al Allena and Walter Nichols. MUSIC EDUCATIONAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE - tfirst w l ' r nC rter Joan Fros Michelle Whitehead ro , eft to rlghtl Sha 0 a , t, , Debra Williams, Julia Thomas, Claire Akins, Joanna Collins and Shelia Fletcher. tSecond rowj Mary Elizabeth Beck, Charmian Hexem, Elaine Austin, Judith Wise, Demetrys Johnson, Connie Willoughby, Alan Jackson and Mrs. Sandra Seay. tThird rowl Glenda Hicks, James Sanders, Roxanne Brink, Leonard Barnhill, Dennis Davenport, Kathy Prater, Jeff Haddox, Linda Brannon and Linda Matthews. tFourth rowj Ronald D. Murphy, Thomas Jaber, Steven Walker, Charles Ragsdell, Darryl Howerton, David Niederbrach, Bob Bidewell, Eddie Byrd, Noel Schaffer, Mike Huggins and Gerry Gibson. rsity-265 College eo-sponsors theatre productions Concerts included a Football Pop Concert, a choral presentation at Christmas and such names as Roy Burns and Woody Herman. The college co-sponsored two presentations with the Universityis Lecture-Concert Seriesg the Continental Theatre Company's productions of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and "The Fantastickst' and a presentations by Charles Weidman and his Theatre Dance Company. .,, ,Q Q 5 fm .K .M ,gf SJW C kv .K . . PM ., xx. '. X 'Se " ,N x 'E 1 M, .. XF' .Fri ta ' lu K TROMBONE CHOIR - tfirst row, left to right! Leslie Willis, Mike Massanelli, Linda Powers and John Pointer. QSecond rowj Randall Spurgin, Rick Holder, Rick Powell and Neale Bartee. fThird rowl James Halbrook and Gary Bushert. tFourth row! Danny Lusk and James Fletcher. QFifth rowl Wilfred Tremblay and Jay Henry. U 5 It in KAPPA KAPPA PSI - Qfirst row, left to Schlesier, John D. White and Buzzy rightb Rick Gores, Curt White, Cindi Fenner. tThird rowj Tom Gibson, Larry Cameron, Rick Holder and John Fultz. White and Doug Yopp. lSecond rowb David Ellzey, Brent 266-university 9 g I N, in J 'WM' - f ' an , any Qi - A ,ff Wfx ARKANSAS PRINT CLUB - Qsittingj Robert Baker Bradley, Michael Gallegly, Steve Pratt, D. D. Million, and Nancy Pickney. QClockwiseb Judy Bruckerhoff, Jim Sanders, Mickie Morehead, Charles Sands, Candy Nancy Coverdale, Janice Clark, Lee Ann Smith, Charles Cobb, Susanna Seaton, Ina Raye Downing, Jane Jolly, Robertson, Robert Zananko, Terry Pace, Debbie Martha Lindley, Susan Miles and Brenda Fisk Keech. W f A l ,,,i Sk .sa RE POTTERY CLUB - isittingb Brenda Fisk Keelih, Donna Ann Smith, Rebecca Peacock, Susie Seaton, Peggy Wood and D. D. Million. QClockwisej Nancy Coverdale, McBeath, Jim Sanders, William Huggins, Robert Janice Clark, Melinda Hannah, Glenna McBride, Zenanko, Dennis Graves, Charles Sands, Barney Rum- Carolyn Rankin, Francis Medley, Denise McDaniel, Lee ble and Michael Rutledge. ' H university-267 Marchz'ng band highlights hamime d f'7" ri The Tribe is directed by Dr. Thomas Williams. Tribe performs with Roy Burns university-269 27 0-university Expedition provides learning experience This year the College of Liberal Arts, under the direction of a new dean, sponsored several projects that brought distinction to both itself and Arkansas State. Over the Christmas vacation, Dr. William V. Davidson and ten ASU students went on a geographical expedition to British Honduras. These students lived with the Black Caribs, an ethnic group, for the purpose of studying their l B 'd ' ' l ' ' h ir.r. i cu ture. esi es gaining a earning experience, t e ,ve fw,p,,.W i - students earned three hours credit. irsi v. , Another project sponsored by the college was . vi . v ,sv, iivrve . a French Festival. The festival was held in April to inform people in the community and students of the French culture and of the language depart- ment at ASU. 'fa-8' w . fl1p,i..fv2i5" " A L ' ' Ti "v9vVff'Jrm M, We WW tt we-I Dr. Clyde Jones, Dean of the DIV. OF HISTORY Dr. C. K. McFarland, chm. Dr. Larry D. Ball, asst. prof. Dr. Floyd Clay, asst. prof. Durward Cooper, Dr. Michael B. Dougan, asst. Dr. John A. Galloway, Dr. W. J. Greenwald, Jr., asst. Dr. J. E. Griner, Dr. Charles Kenner, asso. Edgar 0. Kirk, asso. Dr. Donald Konold Dr. Roger Lambert, asso Dr. Barbara R. Phaire, asst. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof prof prof asso. prof. 114' College of Liberal Arts , W ..,,. ' vf 15' . . H '- .,' Y' .. Vzfl .f . E 5,7 , ., , sf ,ps HKZIT' fm: 1 3 A K f M .. Mlm' QC' .QL 5... "J h - . Af ' -3? . ix p sf at L Q- S . T34 1- '35 W QA wa Q Q .ii ' . .. Q Q' I itt. G i f .gf , V .., , .. K it Mi , 1 . Q K ,Q . ,- L. , ., . . V im W A ..s, ll if Q ,J lLk if E ' h h X E 'R ' Pi' w if T' i , I X .A 'K 5. ze. K X ty Kenneth Rorie, inst. Dr. Timothy A. Ross, asst. prof. C. Calvin Smith, inst. Dr. Leland R. White, asst. prof. DIV. OF POL. SCI., GEOG., AND SOC. Ronald H. Aday, inst. Donald D. Burkett, inst. Dr. William W. Burns, II, asst. prof. Larry E. Clowers, inst. William S. Greenwell, inst. Curtis P. Guyote, inst. Dr. James. H. Harrison, asst. prof. Charles W. Hartwig, asst. prof. Dr. Afak Haydar, asso. prof. Dr. Peter Kidman, asst. prof. Joseph R. Moore, inst. Dr. Dan F. Morse, asso. prof. Dr. Hassan Nejad, asso. prof. Dr. John C. Osoinach, prof. Dr. Mary Susan Power, asso. prof. J. Maurice Rogers, inst. Chester R. Stewart, asst. prof. Dr. Jerry J. Waxman, asst. prof. Gerald J. Wilson, inst. DIV. OF ENG., PHIL., AND LANG. Dr. Anthony Z. Dube, chm. Lucille Braden, inst. Dr. James Burleson, Jr., prof. William Clements, inst. William Coughlin, inst. John Scott Darwin, inst. Dr. John K. Franson, asst. prof. Sammy Gennuso, asst. prof. Martha Jane Gill, inst. Dr. Thomas M. Harwell, asso. prof. Dr. Marilyn Ann Hubbart, asst. prof. Frances Hunter, inst. Dr. O. Philip James, prof. Dr. James A. Key, asso. prof. Arthur Krida, asst. prof. Eleanor Lane, asso. prof. Dr. Charles B. McClelland, asso. pro Wayne McLaurin, asst. prof. Dr. Richard E. Messer, asst. prof. Elizabeth Neeley, asst. prof. Dr. George S. Peek, asst. prof. Edward Reilly, inst. Ellen H. Robinson, inst. Dr. Nan Jo Summerlin, asst. prof. Lois Ann Swisher, asst. prof. Wanda Walker, asso. prof. Nancy Y. Young, inst. university-271 f. 272-university French festival held in April I , GERMAN CLUB - Qfirst row, left to rightj Marie John Carter, Rosemary Kinney, Beverly Rowlett and George and Jeff Carr. QSecond rowl Robert Campbell, Ellen Harper. QThird rowj Paul Craig and Scott Darwin. MODEL UN - Cfirst row, left to rightl Dr. Afak Arnn, Aslam Haydar and Dean Brimer. CThird row! Haydar, Lynn Brockman, Robert Maddox, Sheila Charles Hartwig, J. Andrew Foreman, Anthony Boxley, Lari Hunt and Toni Jones. fSecond row! Holmes, James Sheppard, Jim Dickson, Doug Linda Rouse, Donna Brady, Marilyn Brown, Larry Acklin and David Steele. E Gif Q PI GAMMA MU - Qfirst row, left to right! Margaret Barrett, Susan Boone, Yoland Condrey and Teresa Wilson. fSecond rowj Larry E. Clowers and Chester R. Stewart. FRENCH CLUB - Cfirst row, left to right! Pat Taylor, Janet Reed, Ruth Hillis and June Brown. 1Second rowj Brenda Sigmin, Beverly Johnson and Caryn Ellis. fThird rowj Bill Matthews. PHI ALPHA THETA - fright to lefty Dr. Floyd Clay, Patrick Hardy, Barbaranette Twillie and Eulis Wayne Madewell. university-273 DIV. OF BIO. SCIENCES Dr. John K. Beadles, Dr. Harvey Barton, asso. William W. Byrd, asso. Roy Z. Gehring, asst. Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, Dr. George L. Harp, asso. Dr. Jerry R. Hersey, asso. Dr. Lawrence Hinck, asso. Dr. Maxine Hite, asso. Dr. James Hutchinson, Dr. Bob Johnson, asso. Van Rick McDaniel, asst. chm. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. Dr. Larry Olson, asst. prof. Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof. Dr. Dan Timmermann, Jr., asso. prof. Dr. Eugene Wittlake, prof. DIV. OF MATH AND PHYSICS Dr. Jerry Linnstaedter, chm. John Bennett, asst. prof. Dr. Thomas Bishop, asst. prof. Dr. Robert Bowman, asso. prof. Daniel Felts, inst. Dr. Robert Johnson, asso. prof. Marshall Matthews, asso. prof. Elmer Mayes, asst. prof. Dr. Hal E. McCloud, asso. prof. Dr. Lawrence Mink, asso. prof. Dr. Julius Overbeck, asst. prof. Dr. Robert Rossa, asso. prof. Dr. Charles Scanlon, asso. prof. Dr. J. B. Sheofee asst. prof. Dr. Arnold Shilepsky asst. prof. Dr. Donald Singley, asst. prof. Dr. Robert Smith, asst. prof. Dr. Richard Tangeman, asso. prof. Dr. W. F. Wei, asso. prof. Dr. Marshall Williams, asst. prof. DIV. OF PHYS. SCIENCES Dr. Dewey Sifford, chm. Dr. David Chittenden, asso. prof. Dr. Miles Doyle, asso. prof. Dr. Paul Gwinup, asso. prof. Dr. David Jimerson, asst. prof. Dr. Richard Mitchell, prof. Dr. Paul Nave, Robert Saunders, Sr., William Smith, Dr. Norman Trautwein, Dr. David Vosburg, Dr. William Wyatt, 274-university 7.5 J ,H W ,.-, W ' a Mi, f as W.-2 . .gif 4 ' 4 -' .453 mi Z , ' 7 2 we gm qv 5' 5. '.a. 5' MY s f W f s ww- . 5 -vm S 3, 1 5 Wir 7 , ,Jn .. HW.Q A -55 . Ji X .. , . Qfifbf . fi fi asst asst asst asso asso RSSO. prof prof. prof. prof. prof. prof. 'I .Q r IK . f" ', ' 's ' - X 1: K fd iw, , ,f , -- 7 la.. , ' -.4 ' . 4,15 ,V . 4 Q-4-V, W .mea l V15 ASU's College of Science provides background in the biological and physical sciences and in mathematics for students preparing to work in industry or science related occupations, professional schools or who plan to pursue graduate studies. Biology's Tri Beta, an honorary society for students of biology, annually sponsors Earth Week on the ASU campus. This year the group collected shade trees to landscape the John D. Gray Memorial School in Jonesboro. The biology, physical science and mathematics departmentsjointly sponsored a field day in the sciences. The day, organized to inform high school students about opportunities in the science fields, featured displays, demonstrations, video tapes and information booths. One of the newer courses offered by the college has been the glass working class. It is a three hour course designed to give the student ex- perience making novelty items as well as scientific equipment. Dr. James Stevenson fleftj is dean of the College of Science. university 275 KAPPA MU EPSILON - Qfirst row, left to right! Ed Thompson, Bob Rahrle, Cathy Pierce, Billie Steinkamp and Nancy Kramer. QSecond rowj Dr. Shilepsky, Larry . Dykes, Molly Nebhut, Janet Shropshire and Sandy Fry. iThird rowj Dan Doak, Judy Kay Fetters and Sandra Distretti. ' - V -of 276-university W S lar gazers make use of telescope SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS - ifirst row, left to rightb Mike Wallace, Connie Routon and Randle Overbey. QSecond rowj Dr. H. E. McCloud, Richard L. Collier and Dr. L. A. Mink. university-277 Beverly Bartels inst Carolyn Burdin, asst prof. Nell Cafery inst Bonnie Deuter inst Margie Hancock, inst. Mark Lasher, inst. Max Mayhan, inst. Lois Snider, inst. Mary Jane Sutterfield, inst. Janet Tracy, inst. - it W Under the direction of a new dean this year, Dr. Adelma Mooth, the Division of Nursing is the fastest growing area in the University. The divi- sion offers an Associate in Applied Science degree for a two-year program, and has been authorized to begin a four-year program which will award a Bachelor of Nursing degree. By this time next year, the division will oc- cupy newly renovated State Hall, a former men's dormitory, for its headquarters complete with of- fices, classrooms and laboratories. 278-university ,vt Dr. Adelma Mooth, Hea .f"""' d of the Nursing Division it ,,,?,,g4?.. x ! X j: j3,1.lgr1'1i:, -t 1 "ff ' A , 'W I fmt t ursirzg division expands to four year program ASU NURSING ASSOCIATION-ffirst row, left to right! Cecil Sutterfield, Calvin Ratliff and Brad Gammill. fSecond rowj LaVerne Wilson, Brenda Hawkins, Phyllis Johnson, Janice Johnson, Judy Craine, Chris Leibrock, Cindy McAlister, Debbie Poff, Faith Schmidt, Deborah Singleton and Mrs. Bonnie Deuter. 1Third rowl Judy Summers, Lula Dunavant, Melba Cullen, Melody Janett, Mrs. Linda Black, K , L9b.iI,!'P, Pam Hurst and Sandra Karnes. fFourth row! Jeanann Phillips and Roxanne Leroux. CFifth row! Nina Adling, Delores Plunkett, Marie Pepper, Betty Jo White and Eula Faye Brown. QSixth rowj Charlotte Plunkett, Sandy Bourland, Gail Cook, Freddie Leroux, Karen Walls, Robert Farmer and Charles Robinett. university-279 ursing graduates begin V Lou A. Abbott, Blytheville Nina L. Adling, Downey, Cs. James T. Angell, Jonesboro John I-l. Armstrong, Trumann Kathryn M. Baltz, Pocahontas Jan A. Banks, Jonesboro ' Bonita Bass, Knobel Mary E. Beliew, Paragould Karin Sue Berry, Blytheville Linda E. Black, Crawfordsville Mary A. Bobbitt, Jonesboro Ruth Ann Boland, Jonesboro Betty J. Bornhoft, Weiner Vera A. Bradley, Tuckerman Eula F. Brown, Cotter, Mo. Nancy J. Bryan, West Plains, Mo. Sonia D. Cole, Peach Orchard Sandy K. Coulter, Jonesboro Judith K. Craine, Manila Michael S. Crook, Parkin Treva J. Crosby, Melbourne Melba J. Cullen, Bono Dorothy L. Dame, Walnut Ridge Paula A. Davis, London, England Mary R. Dent, Jonesboro Patricia R. Diemer, Batesville Lula M. Dunavant, Jonesboro Frances DA. Ellison, Jonesboro Alma England, Batesville Kathy Farmer, Paragould Robert C. Farmer, Manila Ella Dean L. Flewellen, Newport Debbie A. Foot, DeValls Bluff Jan E. Fry, Batesville Hannah Fuller, Alicia Brad G. Gammill, Leachville Mary L. Goza, Paragould Dorothy B. Grady, Newport Cynthia J. Guntharp, Jonesboro V Dollie N. Hafer, Paragould Freda D. Handley, Bytheville Aileen V. Harden, Walnut Ridge Gwendolyn B. Harrison, Blytheville Locogene Harrison, Jonesboro Brenda J. Hawkins, Bono Ollie M. Hayden, Batesville John C. Heern, Jonesboro Deborah K. Hightower, Trumann Margaret Holder, Pocahontas Jill Hollingsworth, Blytheville , Johnnie F. Holmes, Lepanto - Brenda K. Huckaby, Rector 'f' Pamela L. Hurst, Jonesboro Melody Jarrett, Keiser Janice E. Johnson, Cotton Plant Phyllis A. Johnson, Senath, Mo. Judy C. Johnston, Blytheville . Hilda J. Jones, Pocahontas Sandra A. Karnes, Gosnell Susan C. Koonce, Corning Mary M. Lamberth, Jonesboro Earl W. Landers, Jonesboro Larry D. Lawrence, Jonesboro 280-university Rhea Lynn Ledbetter, Blytheville Mary K. Lepard, Jonesboro Roxanne L. Leroux, Doniphan, Mo. Jacqueline L. Lewis, Dell 4 Patricia L. McDonald, Jonesboro Merryl Chris McGhee, Blytheville Terrye L. Maclin, Blytheville Wilda K. Madison, Manila Ellen J. Mann, Parma, Mo. Jessie M. Martin, Lepanto Mary Alice Milligan, Jonesboro Glenda A. Mills, Batesville Maureen A. Murphy, Caruthersville, Mo. Sara J. Nelson, Morley, Mo. Becky K. Nolan, Knobel Patty D. Parks, West Memphis Frances Peel, Caruthersville, Mo. Bill R. Penlx, Jonesboro Jan Pensis, Blytheville Amy M. Pepper, Jonesboro Shelby J. Peters, l-loxie Jean A. Phillips, Alicia Charlotte A. Plunkett, Hayti, Mo. Delores D. Plunkett, Hayti, Mo. Debbie Sue Poff, Hoxie Alice M. Poteete, Walnut Ridge Beulah S. Pownell, Evening Shade Christine H. Provost, West Memphis Calvin Ratlifl' III, Hayti, Mo. Kathi C. Ray, Brookland LaDonna J. Ray, Kennett, Mo. Doris J. Reasoner, Jonesboro Joyce A. Robertson, Piggott Charles Robinett, Leachville Sherry M. Romines, Piggott Karen J. Ryan, Jonesboro Marian Paulette Ryder, Alexandria, Deborah A. Sanford, Marmaduke Martha F. Seats, Paragould Denise F. Sigmin, Blytheville Deborah Singleton, Charleston, S.C. Ellie Slentz, Caruthersville, Mo. Linda G. Sloan, Pocahontas Bonnie D. Smith, West Memphis Johnnie L. Turner, Trumann Ruth A. Tuseth, Jonesboro Naomi R. Upton, Bono Carla Van Dyke, Steele, Mo. Lindbergh Vickers, Trumann Janice M. Waddell, Pocahontas Janet L. Waymire, Little Rock Donna P. Webb, Blytheville Betty J. White, Caruthersville, Mo. Diana I. Wilson, Pocahontas Elise L. Wilson, Bono Doris Wingo, Jonesboro Roxanne A. Worthy, Little Rock Jeannie F. Wy, Blytheville Susan A. Yates, Jonesboro Va. Elizabeth E. Woodley, Council Grove, Kan. university-281 Military Science division assists local boy scouts 282-university . Apart from regular courses in Military Science, the division sponsors many activity groups. The Counter Guerillas, one group in Military Science, sponsored a candidate for homecoming queen this year for the first time and their candidate was elected to the court. Counter Guerillas also joined in drill com- petition this year. They came in second in the com- petition against other universities. The division has also been active in communi- ty relations. Work with Boy Scouts has been one of the activities, as well as clean-ups in tornado damaged areas of the community. Colonel Norman A. Keith Crightj is the head of the division. 7' w-. MMM! ",iZ'.xf .A SCABBARD AND BLADE-Qfirst row, left to right! Steve Smart, David Reid, Don Allen and Allen Lovell James Simmons, Eddie Coleman, Mac McCoo1, Gary fThird rowl James Fletcher, John Rheln Bobby Smith and Captain Preston Williams. tSecond rowl Blackman, Rick Hart and Ron Jenkins. , la .l Maj. Edgar Montgomery, asst. prof. Maj. Jerry Bowen, asst. prof. Captain Michael Simpson, asst. prof. Captain Oler Williams, asst. prof. SMG Walter Power, inst. SFC Donald Villemarette, inst. 'C .... 2- COUNTER GUERRILLA UNIT-Qfirst row, left to right! Michael Clements, Mary Ann Greer, Mac McCool and Maj. Jerry Bowen. iSecond rowb James Fletcher, Malcholm Reese, John Rhein, Robert Simmons, Jerry Cheatom and Fred Mustain. iThird rowj Ralph Boling P Jr., Anne Dunlap, John Hall, Larry Roberson and C. Deane Fowler. QFourth rowj Randy Dennis, Harrison Marr Jr., Deborah Johnson, David G. May, James Harrison and Elder Granger. university-283 Guerrillas rank high in drill competition ASU ROTC RIFLE TEAM-Qtirst row, left to rightb Allen Cox, Larry Bates, Carl Horton, Jim Wiens John Priday, James Gore, David Bowerman and and Capt. O. P. Williams. Stan Hill. CSecond rowl SFC D. M. Villemarette, ffM5l51?"'f7m-wdmf-., ,. N . M 284-university ff ,Q ga aw-2 K . , , RENG RIFLES-Qfirst row, left to right! Cleylon Price, Jerry W. Cheatom, David Qualls and Michael Simpson. QSecond row! James R. Harrison, C. Deane Fowler, Bob Anderson and Randy Dennis. QThird row? Ralph Boling Jr., James Jones, Bill Gaither, Jimmy Scott and Richard L. Collier. university 285 p- Graduate school aa'a's new courses There are several new developments in the Graduate School this year. One of which is its at- tainment of full accreditation, making it a mature university graduate school. Among other developments was the addition of a new graduate course in Early Childhood and the approving of a new course in Speech Pathology. Graduate Assistants Marcia Agee, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Charles Akers, Forrest City, Chem. Timothy Allison, Walnut Ridge, Biol. Brenda Auvenshine, Little Rock, English Leroy Baird, Hardy, Ed. Adm. Dorothy Book, Jonesboro, Ed. Adm. Neville Brown, Jr., Rector, History Emily Bruce, Kennett, Mo., Biol. David Caldwell, Bolivar, Tenn., Music Janet Caldwell, Bolivar, Tenn., Music Kristene Caldwell, Cabool, Mo., English Townes Campbell, Greenville, N .C., History Conley Christenberry, Cave City, Ed. Adm. Janet Cohen, Beverly, Mass., Bus. Adm. Harold Davis, Mena, History Sharon DeLoach, Jonesboro, Math Kay Diviney, Rock Island, Ill., English Daniel Doak, Marietta, Ohio, Math Thomas Doan, Pocahontas, Ed. Adm. 286-university Dr. Eugene Smith, Dean of the Graduate School i . . .. . gl. Ni'- ks .5 g .- Tlif ,,,. g ' ' 555531: 1.:,SuPR,,e Wyveta Donohue, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns Robyn Doyle, Sedgwick, Elem. Ed. Larry Dykes, Houston, Texas, Math Judy Fetters, Lake City, Math Gerald Freeman, Paragould, Math Karen Gambel, Jonesboro, Rehab. Couns. Richard Grim, State University, Ed. Adm Patrick Hardy, Jonesboro, History George Harwood, Waverly, Iowa, English Arthur Haynes, Port Gibson, Miss., Bus. Adm Robert Heaton, Jr., State University, Chem Kenneth Helman, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Darby Hiett, Leachville, Rehab. Couns. James Holland, Lonoke, Ed. Adm. Danny Holt, Pocahontas, Chem. Genita Hulett, Jonesboro, History William Hunter, Batesville, Ed. Adm. Kayla Hyde, Searcy, English Debra Ishmael, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Sharon Jackson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Patricia Jenkins, Jonesboro, Reading Charles Jones, Jr., Rector, Biol. Norma Justus, Powhatan, Biol. Robbia Keglar, Madison, Spec. Ed. Jeanne Landry, Lafayette, La., History Linda Lisko, Stuttgart, P.E. Sandra McGuire, Malvern, History Wayne Madewell, Durant, Ok., History Morris Mauney, Dumas, Biol. Pamela Miller, Memphis, Tenn., English Stephen Miller, St. Louis, Mo., P.E. Dewey Morgan, Jonesboro, P.E. Thomas New, III, Richardson, Texas, History Margaret Norris, Jonesboro, P.E. Thomas Paige, Little Rock, History William Paprota, Irvington, N.J., History Chris Parker, Palestine, P.E. Elizabeth Peek, Jonesboro, Biol. Delva Pelley, Jonesboro, English Larry Perry, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Kristin Plummer, Benton, English George Proctor, Hazen, Biol. Robert Rahrle, Nedrow, N.Y., Math Gary Richardson, Onia, Agri. Wendy Robinson, Newport, Spec. Ed. Bera Rogers, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Janet Scott, St. Louis, Mo., Bus. Ed. Nancy Sensibaugh, Manchester, Ind., English Patricia Shelton, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Ed Jim Spence, Austin, Agri. Donna Stout, Siloam Springs, P.E. Lavern Talbert, Jonesboro, Reading Burthel Thomas, Dumas, Agri. Thomas Walker, Marked Tree, Music Danny Ward, Malden, Mo., Bus. Adm. Homer Wiles, Cherokee Village, History Sherry Wilkins, Jonesboro, History Susan Willhite, Holly Grove, Spec. Ed. Charles Williams, Tyronza, P.E. Larry Wilson, Searcy, Bus. Adm. Karen Woodall, Bernie, Mo., Bus. Adm. Donna Woodiel, Russellville, P.E. Doris Young, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. university 287 Graduate students expand knowledge Sam L. Ashworth, Hughes Mary Atkinson, Bakersfield, Mo. Ronald L. Austin, Blytheville Brett Nathaniel Baker, West Memphis Craig B. Baker, Jonesboro Steve D. Baker, Jonesboro Derwood C. Biles, Jonesboro Ben N. Bowman, Jonesboro James M. Brannon, Corning W. L. Brantley, Crossett Reuben L. Broadaway, Bay Garry W. Bull, Fort Smith David A. Cauny, Jonesboro Lyndal W. Dale, West Memphis Phillip M. Dattalo, Meadowbrook, Pa. Melvin E. Dawson, Monette Davis M. Ellis, Walnut Ridge Ronald K. Estes, Viola Connie G. Everett, Oxford Michael L. Ewart, Baltimore, Md. Robert E. Farrow, Jonesboro Maudean Fields, Malvern John B. Flening, El Paso, Texas George Frazier, Jonesboro James Fulmer, Fordyce Homer Cecil Gardner Jr., Tupelo Edward J. Gaspar, Jonesboro Kenneth F. Gibson, Jonesboro Robert Glenn Gray, Wilson, N.C. Mike B. Gunter, Fisher Aubrey E. Harris, Prattsville John L. Hatcher, Walnut Ridge David L. Hawkins, Jonesboro Brenda S. Helms, Jonesboro Loretta S. Hubbart, Hoxie Charles F. Hyman, Jonesboro Becky J. Jennings, Harrisburg Thomas Johnson, Mammoth Springs Donald T. Jones, Jonesboro Shelvy H. Keglar, Centralia, Ill. James T. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Shelvy L. Kernodle, Monette Robert J. Koorstad, Jonesboro Kurt M. Krug, Blytheville Robert A. Lamb, Harrisburg Ray G. Landers, Cave City Robert D. Layne, Trumann Lee Ann McBrayer, Ft. Smith 288-university 'Nfl W xx a X . L , gags XX We Florence B. McCall, Little Rock Jerome H. McGee, Jonesboro Doyle R. McKinney, Jonesboro Lloyd Keith Meharg, Pleasant Plains George Miller, Helena Chatom Monroe, El Dorado Brenda J. Morris, Horatio Patrecia J. Moyers, Jonesboro Ralph D. Murphy, Biggers Lynn Nix Jonesboro Terry Olds Plggott Jim M Penn Portia Thelma N Person, Tuckerman Linda K Pickney, Hoxie Howard L. Ralph, West Memphis Clarence E. Rawls, Pine Bluff Thomas A. Robert, Walnut Ridge Linda Robinson, Newport Ruth L. Rodgers, McGehee William Sandman, Albuquerque, N.M Thomas L. Sharp, Pine Bluff Edwin Shumpert, Birdsong Mary Sloan, Jonesboro Joseph Smith, Walnut Ridge Steven Sowell, Jonesboro James A. Stafne, Sioux Falls, So. Dakota James Strait, Trumann Wayne R. Thomas, Pine Bluff Gussie Turner, Jonesboro Jerry Vincent, Lake City Roberta D. Walker, Paris Jean E. Ward, Forrest City Talmadge O. Ward, Benton John Waterbury, Jonesboro David Webb, Blytheville Fred Wetzel, Tulsa, Okla. Alonzo D. Williams, West Helena Linda Womack, Jonesboro 4' W 'Q il A xv' Q M 5'NV , Aiwa-v' M. 'fx' 3f L' M ' U N' 'X mf ff 'F 'T A ' M Q Q V55 ,gf 'df' X ' 1 . V' X a. Q K ' 'Q X55 .fr ,gp X fm nk VJ .L xg, x 5 Q' . ' M 145 Q N R N' -K A N ,Q N xg gf . , ii' ' '51 'N ' 4? xi ,,, 13 ' uf ' V' 4. - 'W xx' , WN' 'W' 'L " V Q ' 4 K "" " Ss '34 M 1-' W' ' .K Z3 is 3 M 3 '-'. '-gi. xx Q. "S Q Y , 7 K I N Q 7 A fs SW V 3 gk., 'U' Q M N A A .Y ' Q Q W f- K, 2 Q Q ,R 3' . in VV, 1 n ' 1 Q- bg, R M 1 1? 9 M , U7 Q ' 'B Maw Qhf --'- L QQ! gd Q, f 4 V ' fx - ., gk. S ' Rf' 'Gb ,Q N . W- V V5 V W . VK, eg 'W w ,gg ,Q A N gy, ,gk V VV . - 8, Vg 1 NNN, ig ,f W 'K 'N V W a, x 4 x 5. 'Na , Eng, 1,525 . gf wg jf'-.2 2. N - - ,A . Q fy V f L, rw A. 2 W. W, -y H N , V ,gg 5' QP Sf- 'fha A f Thsgkf 'N X 4 xv N Q W if w V, M, gm 5,3-.4 .ggi , X , M X J' xx ' ,H 4. '24 2 'Q 1 5' fm :R ff: ?"Y z' .M """- 5, "mi Aff -1.-an "' sf--Q' . if 5'-fb :sh 1, 'f 2Sf""' 'L f2.,4vk 9'I3"'2 - 'HQ is 'xg' i Q is 'T' Ns?-Q 'K Q 'fs-2 N iw Mis Y V' 'Q A 'sf WN wr VV Mffw- V V, ' 'Q ,-:N I VV .U ,,..., - . .1 ' . 5 . .-g' ff, ' f Q A ' Q '49 , V K 'f ff Y M5 ' V, Y'h xl' 'xx .rf 5 'S' X? f ig, ww W 5 ,, A W 'L L Q' . , m,5:. Y 3' 'Sq 'P 4 W 1 f""'-ui 4 A 5 'K , I gg ..,1.M. V V, ' 6 .xi gay J' N - V 1 A V .sq yy 'EV Skhh :Vi -kiwi VX A Q ,V K V V E .E ,ae . , ,QA E' R if A W W K K' ' ii 'M 4 A A? A Kg 1 V. . . 5 --in t V Q 3X ' ku N I W - ' + 1 arf K 5 NN, A I X Qt M .Q Vt. A, . v .V Q, . Q 1' OA K fb VKX 3 K' 11 KS 5' I N gt A I ,,. wks: ,swf at w l, K s N X hw ' Q li fd, 153951 X Q . M , , R wk 4 ,Ak , M xi pm , 1 Q i SQ 5 my WX X Nw MN fi 'L x Nl K gi 'Nb ' E x X I QT I vi Y ' x x lv . V XR f ' 3 X QV ' 'N f X X i 'X " aug if K ,Q u Q ,W x X.. 'gx ,wx ,A A, 5 a X x 0 'Tis S., . X AX " ft " 'NN Y' 6 y A' Q' . -nf. ' ' " S . 4 4- vf- , - 'TK Q, 'S NW! 'V , iw-'Q ' 4 if . U 4 ' f , 1 V 75-at Q ' hr 3 Q Q Q' 6 . A 4 Q M Z . I '-:iv I" , fm It ,nf A ' 5 4' pw wuz 'i In D K Q i an 4, I 'Wa 50 X H Vx f Q A J fr V!! PM 'Wi , f 9 1 2 x. at I 1 E, H 7 'W M - f yi. if iff? M A' Q sv! v Q X :fl 1' A k .. . x fk L . X , N? 5 A S , N 5 K y iq? f f 5 . .,1.M.. K 2 ' ' + 5 ' F-'rf 5 W '-' H' S i 4 M 'D m...Q,,,,,,,,,,, Q.. 3 'S 3 my 3 gf K st at 5 - 1 fl E A ' L2 iii X 4 A Q-., f' , if M Q Q , . N 'A v yn ! . 8.2. 3 xt Q i N 0' Q1 if ef ' TN Kim Q Q .,. tg H ' .fm f" gl X' 7 if . f L 'N 5 gi f . V " , .N A my fy-'ni' 4 X gg AQ! , M w ds.. is it . ws A " Wifi . si g A hu Q-"5 - K: X 'L ' . NN ff aff'-v n ,jk 4 sp, I ' ., f W4 f ,1 , 'ii 545 W. ,pi-1 1 Q K 3 il 5,1 9 gg Axe 4,1 g Y , M3 .Q N . u -WJ "" M , ,Q 1-Mugs A N , x ,KW I . f . 4 gli V J . SA. " 5 ix f - 'Q 1 L- 'x I .Nl A xy.-A . Eg L Asp, si X 'B 3 Q A 5-QA s B I I If fe 'K- ' I bla. . ...Q--ffm -.,, o We who dare, care and share awhile ll' A, .. X ', , 4 ' Ac K R V fin, r P' 'if , my X Lf 3 2 3, 'Q '15 n ' J f W 'ff H .fb 93 93 .., ff-s im g? E I, Q Q.. I f' Q12 S3 rf' 'Q ' . s Qx l l . We dare, we care and share awhile "From hello . . . until good-bye." clanes-293 Seniors Charles E. Abbott, Jonesboro, Biol. Ed. Karen K. Abell, Blytheville, Spanish Constance S. Adams, Manila, Early Childhood Eddie Adams, Beebe, Accounting James D. Alexander, Pine Bluff, Accounting Larry D. Alexander, Mount Vernon, Gen. Bus. Don S. Allen, Jonesboro, Accounting Ronny J. Allen, DeWitt, Plant Sci. Ronnie G. Allison, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Steve D. Alston, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Jacinto Alvarez-Rodriguez, Monette, Spanish Susan E. Amann, Bradford, Special Ed. Vince C. Ancell, O'Fallon, Ill., Pol. Sci. Barbara Bahn Anderson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. John C. Arbuckle III, Wardell, Mo., Gen. Agri. Melinda C. Arbuckle, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Eugene R. Archer, Sulphur Rock, P.E. Charles M. Arwood, Forrest City, Music Karen R. Arwood, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Harriet A. Ashcraft, Warren, Bus. Ed. James Ashcraft, Pocahontas, Agri. Ed. Susan L. Atkinson, El Dorado, Elem. Ed. Barbara J. Atkisson, Corning, Soc. Sci. Otis D. Autry, Maynard, Soc. Sci. Sheila Forshee Bailey, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Patsy M. Baird, Williford, Early Childhood Robert S. Baker, Wynne, Art Ed. Roger D. Baker, Grubbs, Zoology Ronald P. Baker, Brinkley, Animal Sci. Steve L. Baker, Jonesboro, Management Mitch W. Baldridge, West Memphis, Pol. Sci. Charlotte R. Ball, Monette, Soc. Sci. Stan Ball, Blytheville, Management Parviz Barazandeh, Tehran, Iran, Gen. Agri. Betty L. Barber, Newport, Elem. Ed. Vicki G. Barber, Oil Trough, Biology Betty K. Bardwell, Earle, Early Childhood Michael D. Barger, Jacksonville, Gen. Bus. Karen L. Barker, Osceola, Art Larie L. Barnes, Forrest City, Bus. Ed. 294-classes ,WV 5,,ff'. ..,. ..,,..,...., f , Ei? is t it 5 3, ff M fi A W Y 5 42 ever if . ff If sf 'wi , mf , .,,,.. , W f I f A f we I' '15 ,,. . XY! 'fi il 2 rw., x :mi 1' .. 3 a . n-A Nt 'A X . 1 " K 'Mau' .Q w if aa a t My Z DJ J fe, E' 2 I Seniors Margaret E. Barrett, Batesville, Sociology Dorothy D. Barton, Tyronza, Special Ed. Thomas H. Baskins Jr., Little Rock, Marketing Boyce C. Bassham, Moko, Agri. Bus. Rick L. Batterton, Viola, Biology Karen A. Batton, Corning, Special Ed. Linda R. Beaman, Lakeview, Gen. Bus. Karen K. Bearden, Leachville, Early Childhood Brenda J. Beck, Foreman, Speech Path. F. Lee Beckman, Bernie, Mo., Accounting Sharron M. Bednar, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Jeanette A. Bedwell, Piggott, Mathematics Bahram Behjatnia, Shiraz, Iran, Agri. Engr. Jack D. Bell, Cabot, Speech Larry E. Bell, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Margee A. Bell, Tuckerman, Speech Path. John E. Benson, Manila, Zoology Robert K. Benson, Minot, N. D., Radio-TV Deborah L. Berry, Leachville, Special Ed. Frances Berry, Pine Bluff, Sociology Sandra C. Berry, Clarkton, Mo., Elem. Ed. William M. Best, Harrisburg, Gen. Agri. William R. Biggs, Jonesboro, Economics Anne K. Bittinger, Hudson Falls, N.Y., Vocal Music Jeanie Blackburn, Tuckerman, Spanish Bobby L. Blackman, North Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Ricky D. Blackwell, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Mildred Blancett, Senath, Mo., Early Childhood Walter W. Blanchard III, Jonesboro, Sociology Barbara A. Bland, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Joyce A. Bland, Paragould, Art Ed. William C. Bledsoe, Dyess, Accounting Richard E. Blount, Pocahontas, Pol. Sci. Ronald L. Bodeker, Jonesboro, Pre-Dental R. Keith Bolin, Caruthersville, Mo., Sociology Brenda J. Bonds, Newport, Special Ed. Larry H. Bonner, Hot Springs, Wildlife Mgt. Steven P. Bonner, Bradford, Zoology Wanda Lancaster Bonner, Jonesboro, Sociology Susan E. Boone, Searcy, Soc. Sci. classes-295 Seniors Gene P. Bosche, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Rex A. Bouldin, Paragould, Accounting Norman J. Bowen Jr., Trumann, History Jane Bowers, Paragould, Special Ed. Barry W. Bowman, Keiser, Soc. Sci. Diane Bowman, Pocahontas, Special Ed. Hazel M. Bowman, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Regina G. Bowman, Jonesboro, Journalism William F. Bowman, Ellendale, Minn., Accounting Sheila G. Boxley, Marked Tree, Pol. Sci. Melanie Brackett, Pocahontas, Speech Path. Jerry R. Bradley, Searcy, Choral Lana K. Bradley, Swifton, Special Ed. Patrick F. Bradley, Augusta, Zoology Michael A. Brady, Piggott, Soc. Sci. Alantha A. Branch, Paragould, Bus. Ed. James A. Branch, Marked Tree, Music Ed. Coy D. Branscum, Augusta, Accounting Marie Allene Brantley, Stuttgart, P.E. Patricia A. Brawner, Pollard, Early Childhood Vickie J. Bray, Blytheville, Accounting Michael D. Breckenridge, Beedeville, P.E. William J. Breeden, Newport, Accounting Nancy Brenner, Thayer, Mo., Early Childhood Judy C. Brewer, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. William E. Brewer, Paragould, Sociology Donald Bridges, Harrisburg, History Harold D. Brimer, Bald Knob, Pol. Sci. William A. Brinkley, Jonesboro, Special Ed. James D. Brizendine, Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Stephen C. Brizzi, Jonesboro, Marketing Jack A. Brocker, Cincinnati, Ohio, Management Phyllis Lynn Brockman, Hot Springs, Marketing Brenda K. Brooks, Trumann, Special Ed. Ronald C. Brooks, Jonesboro, Accounting Stephen R. Brooks, St. Louis, Mo., Gen. Bus. Brenda K. Brothers, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Abby V. Brown, St. Louis, Mo., Drama Charles R. Brown, Pocahontas, Pol. Sci. Marilyn J. Brown, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. 296-classes iii-'ia . .N fi Seniors Steve F. Brown, Trumann, Music Ed. Sandra J. Bruce, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Clyde J. Bruckerhoff, St. Mary's Mo., Agri. Bus. Claud Bull, Jonesboro, Journalism Linda J. Bullock, Campbell, Mo., Special Ed. Veda A. Bunch, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Randal G. Burge, Batesville, Wildlife Mgt. James R. Burkett, McCrory, Agronomy Arlenda C. Burnett, Marianna, Special Ed. Patrick Burnette, McCrory, Sociology Herbert T. Burnham, Mammoth Spring, Zoology Johnny L. Burns, Walnut Ridge, English Kathy S. Burns, Piggott, Speech Path. Richard H. Burns, Pocahontas, Sociology Donna S. Burrow, Mount Pleasant, Elem. Ed. Larry K. Burrow, Reyno, Management Pamela J. Burton, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Victoria J. Burton, Wynne, Early Childhood Byron B. Busby, Mammoth Spring, Biology Larry P. Butterworth, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Eddie A. Byrd, Whiteoak, Mo., Music James D. Byrd, Newport, Accounting Roger E. Cagle, Leachville, Pre-Med Jimmy D. Cain, Joiner, Special Ed. Donna N. Calaway, West Memphis, Early Childhood Jean M. Caldwell, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ronald R. Caldwell, Wynne, Marketing Phareta Calkin, Jonesboro, Journalism James Callewaert, Kennett, Mo., Management Monte D. Callicott, Texarkana, Radio-TV Louis W. Callison, Jacksonville, Sociology Thomas L. Calloway, Holly Grove, Pre-Dental Michael H. Camp, Pocahontas, Sociology Barbara L. Campbell, Camden, P.E. Dennis L. Campbell, Hot Springs, Management Robert L. Campbell, Earle, English Tommy G. Campbell, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Ricky M. Caples, Jonesboro, P.E. Jammie Caradine, Hughes, Gen. Bus. Rollin G. Caristianos, Hot Springs, Management classes-297 Seniors Jerry H. Carlisle, Beebe, Management Bobby G. Carpenter, Cabot, Zoology Debora W. Carpenter, Cabot, Elem. Ed. Michael S. Carr, Kennett, Mo., Agri. Bus. Fredda D. Carroll, Hot Springs, Special Ed. Bobby L. Carter, Brookland, Pol. Sci. John S. Carter, Poplar Bluff, Mo., History Kenneth L. Carter, Searcy, Management Elmer E. Cartwright, Blytheville, History David T. Carty, Forrest City, History Sharon K. Casey, Rector, Bus. Ed. Patrick J. Cass, North Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Rickey M. Castleberry, Amagon, Sociology Ronald W. Cates, Ellsinore, Mo., Biology Rebecca D. Cathey, Newport, Bus. Ed. William G. Chance, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Beverly J. Chandler, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Jack B. Chapasko, Ashley, Pa., Agronomy Anne D. Chatman, Newport, Early Childhood Ralph A. Cheshier, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Janet F. Chesser, Paragould, Art Ed. Estalea Christopher, Clover Bend, Secr. Sci. Charles D. Churchman, Newport, Gen. Bus. Walter F. Clancy, Helena, Animal Sci. Carolyn R. Clark, Osceola, Elem. Ed. David D. Clark, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. DeNann B. Clark, Dardanelle, Special Ed. Ernest P. Clark, Raleigh, N.C., Education Janice S. Clark, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Mary H. Clark, Forrest City, Early Childhood Phyllis M. Clark, Luxora, Elem. Ed. Sherma D. Clark, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Sherryl A. Clark, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Donnie C. Clay, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Luanne Clay, Pine Bluff, Bus. Ed. Dwight H. Clayton, Trumann, Accounting Marsha L. Clayton, Delaplaine, Economics Randy B. Clayton, Hazen, Zoology Cynthia A. Clements, Caraway, Speech Path. Michael R. Clements, Independence, Mo., History 298 classes ,...,f,. ,, .f .,.,, .W . 7 was -nf-1 on .MW yi, ,ga F? me I nr ig? I 1 Mx? 'W i i Y' Mtg! f fvwz' H - - an ' ,M -flaw uf . -ew: WEL 'W fig sg, in 2 C X 'NY .nor Kai F. . ix g....ff Q R A 1 fs, 5 - L: '21, , - ,.. Q ,,. A, :gg , Q: Seniors Carl R. Cleveland, Judsonia, Accounting Amanda L. Clifton, Wheatley, History Candy A. Cobb, Jonesboro, Art Carole S. Cochran, Corning, Speech Path. Jeryl S. Cochran, Jonesboro, Journalism James P. Coffman, Russell, Gen. Bus. Claudia G. Coker, Walnut Ridge, Management Teresa L. Colbert, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Charlotte D. Coleman, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Debra L. Coleman, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Eddie D. Coleman, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. William C. Collins, West Plains, Mo., Sociology Susan K. Condray, Camden, Speech Path. Yoland M. Condrey, Mountain View, Sociology Dixie L. Conner, Augusta, Speech Path. John C. Cook, Jonesboro, Zoology William J. Cook, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Rose M. Cooper, Violet Hill, P.E. Travis E. Cooper, West Memphis, Gen. Bus. Gary D. Copeland, Ellsinore, Mo., Elem. Ed. Kenneth D. Copeland, St. Louis, Mo., Gen. Bus. Joseph D. Cornelison, Leachville, Soc. Sci. Ronnie L. Cornelison, Flint, Mich., Sociology Coty A. Cornish, Monette, English Jennifer L. Corpier, Parkin, Accounting Naomi Lynette Cottoms, Helena, Bus. Ed. Nancy L. Coverdale, Mountain Home, Art Ed. Jacqueline W. Cox, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Loyd 0. Cox Jr., Walnut Ridge, Management Nathaniel Cox, Des Arc, P.E. Billy P. Crabtree, Pocahontas, Zoology Billie June Craig, Blytheville, Early Childhood William E. Craig, Osceola, P.E. Garry D. Crain, Parkin, Marketing James E. Creech, Batesville, Management Barbara A. Creek, Jonesboro, Biology Cheryl A. Crisler, Cash, Pol. Sci. Patricia J. Crisp, Elaine, Early Childhood William M. Cromer, Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Charles W. Cromwell, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV classes-299 Seniors 300-classes Joyce L. Crossfield, Piggott, Early Childhood Warner C. Cruce, McGehee, Sociology Danny A. Crumley, Cave City, Gen. Bus. Joel A. Cullen, Bono, Agri. Bus. Becki Hampton Cullipher, DeWitt, Early Childhood Jimmy L. Cullipher, DeWitt, Gen. Agri. Gayla A. Cullum, Monette, Accounting Paul D. Cunningham, Gideon, Mo., P.E. Marilee Cupp, Paragould, Special Ed. John E. Damron, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Diane R. Dapp, Blytheville, Speech Path. John R. Daughhetee, Peach Orchard, Agri. Ed. Herbert C. Davis, Jonesboro, Accounting Melba L. Davis, Lake City, Early Childhood Peter Davis, Indianapolis, Ind., Gen. Bus. Richard A. Davis, Pine Bluff, Speech Rickey L. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. Mason F. Day, Blytheville, Radio-TV Kimberly A. Dean, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Charles W. Deatherage, Egypt, Mathematics Gwendilyn Jeanette Deaton, Grubbs, English John D. DeClerk, Pocahontas, Gen. Sci. Travis W. Deen, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Jean A. Dehls, Villa Park, Ill., P.E. Raymond L. DePriest, Steele, Mo., Agri. Ed. Harold J. Dickens, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. James E. Dickson, Jonesboro, Pre-Law Steven F. Diederich, Jacksonville, Sociology Georgia M. Dilley, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Sandra J. Distretti, Paragould, Mathematics James R. Dooley, Delta, Mo., Soc. Sci. Albert L. Doss, Cherry Valley, Marketing Cheryle L. Doss, Keiser, Elem. Ed. Linda D. Doss, Cherry Valley, Sociology Linda K. Doty, Rector, Elem. Ed. Ronald Douthet, Crawfordsville, Radio-TV Darrel W. Dover, Batesville, Management Ina Raye Downing, Weiner, Art Ed. Jeanne M. Downing, High Ridge, Mo., Physics Rebecca J. Downing, Bragg City, Mo., Elem. Ed. ,ani 'R X, ii. . ZY' L,,,A ' K W , xy? My.. Seniors Larry E. Doyle, St. Louis, Mo., Sociology Michael B. Doyle, Hoxie, Radio-TV David L. Drake, Malden, Mo., Elem. Ed. Jackie D. Drake, Camden, Accounting Sue T. Drake, Helena, Elem. Ed. Doris A. Drew, Powhatan, Sociology Melvin Dubose, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Billy L. Duff, Corning, Accounting Ricky L. Duncan, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Plant Sci. Romona L. Duncan, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Fred L. Dust, Jonesboro, Marketing Donna L. DuVall, Tuckerman, Soc. Sci. Ronnie J. Eary, Mount Pleasant, Sociology Bill W. Edgar, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Jack L. Edmonds, Mountain Home, History Carol L. Edwards, Helena, Elem. Ed. Cathy R. Edwards, Batesville, Elem. Ed. Gary W. Edwards, Rector, Management Jackey L. Edwards, Jonesboro, History Judianne Edwards, Helena, Journalism Cary R. Elbert, Jonesboro, Marketing Susan E. Elder, North Little Rock, Marketing Kay E. Ellington, North Little Rock, Marketing Elizabeth A. Elliott, Blytheville, Pol. Sci. Michael J. Elliott, Blytheville, Accounting Michael L. Elliott, North Little Rock, Sociology Ronald W. Ellis, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. David F. Ellzey, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Emily J. Enderlin, Stuttgart, Mathematics Corlis L. England, Mammoth Spring, Elem. Ed. Teresa D. Engles, Pine Bluff, Accounting James C. Erwin Jr., Searcy, Management Ronald F. Erwin, Jonesboro, Accounting Samuel L. Erwin, Star City, Zoology Debra A. Estes, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Glenda L. Etchieson, Blytheville, Special Ed. Grover M. Evans, Jonesboro, Music Peggy L. Evans, Malden, Mo., Early Childhood Roger R. Eveland, Pocahontas, Soc. Sci. Freddy L. Everett, Sulphur Rock, Chemistry classes-301 Seniors Carolyn W. Fardeecey, Luxora, Mathematics Linda K. Farley, Jonesboro, Phy. Sci. Thomas O. Faulkner, Harrisburg, History Mary M. Ferguson, West Memphis, Early Childhood Michael W. Ferguson, Walnut Ridge, Management Betty F. Ferralasco, Jonesboro, Mathematics Michael D. Field, Jonesboro, Sociology Allen D. Fike, Jonesboro, Management Janet L. Files, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. ' ,.,,,, 2 Barre F. Finan, Jonesboro, Zoology Dempsey D. Fisher, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Robert D. Flannigan Jr., Monette, Zoology Frederick C. Flemon, Jonesboro, Accounting Danny L. Foley, Walnut Ridge, P.E. Lila J. Foley, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Ever Jean Ford, Helena, Bus. Ed. Ginger L. Ford, Paragould, Elem. Ed. ' James B. Ford, Batesville, Phy. Sci. Johnny A. Foreman, Burdette, Pol. Sci. Linda C. Foreman, Decatur, Elem. Ed. 'A George W. Foster, Jonesboro, History Tommy E. Fowler, Manila, P.E. Carroll D. Fox, DeWitt, Animal Sci. Anne Franklin, Hayti, Mo., Art Ed. Dale Franks, Kennett, Mo., Management Mike R. Franks, Paragould, Marketing Mary R. Freeman, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Sandra K. Freeman, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Elizabeth French, Monroe, La., Sociology Mary J. French, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Bertine G. Frierson, West Helena, Elem. Ed. Link Fuller, Piggott, P.E. Michael A. Funk, Dallas, Tex., Sociology Patricia A. Futrell, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Earnestine Gardner, Searcy, Journalism M WW, my ' ww .3 yrrsr 1 P ,'x x . .f,.. ,, ll Gary C. Garrett, Dell, Sociology J' "i' Phyllis J. Gately, Cabot, Early Childhood H Samuel W. George, Osceola, Gen. Bus. ,,.,, ,, H Michael D. Gibson, Rector, Wildlife Mgt. ' A Vl" 1 Wendell Gilbert, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Fi ' 302-classes e ,- le. , , s ,v,V it f .4 4 an v .. be f , , if -Mr 3' 4 les-44-M I H, I A s. ., 1 :iilrfile 'bei Q, ' M- -' 7 1 ' My if ' A V Seniors James C. Gillespie, Jonesboro, Journalism Sara J. Gilliam, Hoxie, Bus. Ed. Margaret A. Gillihan, Newport, Journalism Mary E. Gilmore, Braggadocio, Mo., Elem. Ed. Gary D. Gipson, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. James L. Gipson, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Lela L. Gipson, Monette, Elem. Ed. Gary F. Goans, Beebe, Zoology James W. Golden, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Dennis S. Gonzalez, Dallas, Tex., French ,ty 3, M Dorothy L. Goodwin, Cherry Valley, Pol. Sci. Kristie Goodwin, El Dorado, Special Ed. Paula G. Gordon, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Ina P. Gossett, Jonesboro, English Judy L. Gossett, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Delores J. Gould, Goreville, Ill., Pol. Sci. Gary R. Goza, Paragould, Zoology Cindy Kay Graham, Jonesboro, Biology John M. Graham, Marked Tree, History David R. Grandgeorge, Stuttgart, Agri. Bus. wr-H James C. Graves, Walnut Ridge, History ' Diann L. Gray, Judsonia, English "Ji 1 i W M Morris E. Gray, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Buddy Green, Little Rock, P.E. Rose M. Green, Piggott, Elem. Ed. ,Mx -,, David F. Greenwood, North Little Rock, Marketing Stephen R. Greenwood, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Alan C. Greer, Ellsinore, Mo., Elem. Ed. Walton W. Griffin, Paragould, Accounting Jan E. Grimes, Newport, Music Ed. Mary L. Gross, Mammoth Spring, Management Cora E. Gunter, Campbell, Mo., Early Childhood Jim D. Guntharp, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Harold R. Guthrie, Blytheville, Management Sarah M. Guy, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Jo C. Haag, Cardwell, Mo., Elem. Ed. Rick F. Hagood, Reyno, P.E. Alfred E. Haines, Jonesboro, Management Deborah K. Hairrell, Dixie, Special Ed. Brenda D. Halfacre, Bay, Biology classes-303 Seniors Pawnee P. Halliburton, Maynard, Agri. Ed. Carolyn A. Hames, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Eloise A. Hamilton, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. James L. Hamilton, Marked Tree, Journalism Phyllis Y. Hammonds, West Helena, Early Childhood Clinton R. Hancock, Knobel, Gen. Bus. Clyde R. Hancock, Knobel, Gen. Agri. Jan M. Haney, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Melinda J. Hannah, Lepanto, Art Ed. Sharman J. Hannah, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Deborah S. Hansen, Hardy, Early Childhood Dennis W. Hansen, Stuttgart, Printing Karen M. Hardin, Rector, Special Ed. Thomas R. Hardin, Salem, Sociology Janice L. Hargrave, Mountain Home, Accounting Floyd L. Hargrove, Jonesboro, Marketing James M. Harker, Blytheville, Economics Don A. Harmon, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Macey J. Harpole, Delaplaine, Gen. Bus. William E. Harrelson, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Mark S. Harriman, Jonesboro, Pre-Med Bobby G. Harris, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Gerald L. Harris, New Madrid, Mo., Elem. Ed. Sally J. Harris, Pocahontas, Art Ed. Joyce A. Hartsell, Swifton, Special Ed. Terry L. Haskett, Swifton, Chemistry Darrell K. Hawkins, Clarkton, Mo., Sociology Gen. Bus. Elem. Ed. Childhood Jerry A. Hawkins, Jonesboro, Cricket L. Hayes, Harrison, Cheryl A. Haywood, Piggott, Early Kathryn M. Headley, Doniphan, Mo., Special Ed. Pauletta M. Heard, Newport, Accounting David P. Heasley, Batesville, Pol. Sci. Scott Hecker, Trumann, Accounting Norman L. Hefner, Beebe, Accounting Michael C. Hellyer, Fredericktown, Mo., Elem. Ed. Sam D. Helm, Batesville, Pre-Med Frank D. Henary, Weiner, Geography Catherine A. Henderson, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Kenneth R. Hendricks, Griffithville, Agri. Ed. 304-classes I at M' H1 Seniors Donald G. Henry, Knobel, Mathematics William H. Henry, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Michael D. Herrcn, West Memphis, Mathematics Teresa M. Herring, Pine Bluff, Art Barney A. Hess, Clearwater, Fla., P.E. Herman Gene Hickman, Trumann, Agri. Ed. Lynn A. Hicks, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Joan Hightower, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Kenneth M. Hiley, Little Rock, Sociology William R. Hilgeford, Jonesboro, Management Edward V. Hill, Moro, Gen. Bus. Janis G. Hill, Trumann, Vocal Jim C. Hill, Paragould, Zoology Frank C. Hinds, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgt. Linda J. Hinton, Marked Tree, Bus. Ed. Sandra L. Hobgood, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Al R. Hodges, Jonesboro, Sociology Amanda S. Hodges, Benton, Radio-TV Jimmy H. Hoey, Knobel, Chemistry Ethel F. Hogard, Piggott, Early Childhood Karen S. Holbrook, Marked Tree, Zoology Danny E. Holifield, Rector, Wildlife Mgt. Johnny R. Holifield, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Pamela J. Holland, Jacksonville, Early Childhood Phillip G. Holleman, McCrory, Gen. Bus Jerry Hollihan, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Anthony R. Holmes, Kiblah, Pol. Sci. Debby L. Holobaugh, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Cathy J. Holt, Fort Smith, P.E. Hyma T. Holt Jr., Lonoke, Gen. Bus. Thomas A. Holt Jr., Jonesboro, Marketing Ronald L. Hoofman, Judsonia, Pol. Sci. Carla M. Hopkins, North Little Rock, Special Ed Jeffry B. Hornberger, Manila, Marketing Jesse C. Howard, Andalusia, Ala., Elem. Ed. Phyllis C. Howard, Clarkton, Mo., Elem. Ed. Cynthia A. Howe, Jonesboro, Marketing Michael L. Howell, Pollard, Sociology Steven K. Howren, Hayti, Mo., Management Betty L. Hubbard, Lepanto, Zoology Seniors Gary M. Hubbard, Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. Bryan L. Huber, Weiner, Accounting Dorothy K. Huckabee, Caraway, Zoology David M. Huddleston, Jonesboro, Management George S. Huddleston, Reyno, Sociology Teresa J. Hudson, Caraway, P.E. Jill D. Huggins, Satellite Beach, Fla., English Judy K. Huggins, Corning, Speech Path. William O. Huggins, West Memphis, Art Howard D. Hulen, Tuckerman, Sociology Elizabeth Kay Hull, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Merle Ann Humphrey, Pleasant Plains, Psychology Beatrice Hunter, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Charles B. Hunter, Pocahontas, Marketing Clarence P. Hunter, Oxford, N. C., Printing Pamela J. Hunter, Rector, English Joe Hurd, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Teresa A. Hurst, Nimmons, Special Ed. Laura C. Inboden, Jonesboro, Biology William B. Isgrig, Little Rock, Agronomy James S. Jackson, Pocahontas, Accounting Henry R. James, Marion, Pol. Sci. Marilyn E. James, Hardy, Early Childhood Richard A. Jarrett, Jonesboro, Accounting Beatrice Jenkins, Blytheville, Sociology Larry R. Jennings, Marked Tree, Pol. Sci. Caren E. Johnson, Pollard, Speech Path. Cathy C. Johnson, Helena, Elem. Ed. Elizabeth K. Johnson, Jonesboro, P.E. James H. Johnson, West Helena, Management Jim D. Johnson, Piggott, Management Joe E. Johnson, Piggott, Marketing Karen J. Johnson, Leachville, English Mary S. Johnson, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Ross C. Johnson, Pine Bluff, Management David L. Johnston, Russell, Zoology Debra A. Jones, El Dorado, Bus. Ed. Denzil M. Jones, Rector, Sociology Harold G. Jones, Trumann, Journalism Johnny W. Jones, Austin, Gen. Bus. 306-classes 'Q Q W ss Af ...L new f Q A f K ' 2 .MW YQ 5 X 2? . 1 f f 1 f M7 -. f . f 5 , ' W ' ..:g2wa' wa, ef . . ,We- ff' Y, , f f he .ir 7 4 T ,., , "rf bf v E 71 .f M ! l , 'sf 4' W 4? ' ' Q M, Seniors Judy E. Jones, Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Karen J. Jones, Little Rock, P.E. Robert A. Jones, Hope, Mathematics Ronald E. Jones, Parkin, P.E. Sandra J. Jones, Poughkeepsie, Art Ed. ' William L. Jones, Marion, Music Willie A. Jones, Little Rock, Printing Kevin P. Joyce, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Cathy E. Juergens, Trumann, Early Childhood Martha E. Jumper, Paragould, Early Childhood You llflil Carolyn R. Junior, Hunter, Early Childhood Pam R. Justus, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Brenda F. Keech, Jonesboro, Art James M. Keller, Thayer, Mo., Pol. Sci. Carol J. Kelley, Hughes, Elem. Ed. Mary E. Kelley, Steele, Mo., Zoology Michael L. Kelly, Minden, La., Management Addie M. Kennedy, Wynne, Bus. Ed. We " Laura J. Kennedy, Jonesboro, Sociology Janey L. Kennett, Hornersville, Mo., Early Childhood . 4 if . . - ' I Arthur L. Kent, Jonesboro, Marketing ' , Danny H. Kent, Bono, Pol. Sci. . Woodrow Keown Jr., Little Rock, Accounting ' '3 di ' Carolyn F. Kerner, Dell, Art Ed. Q? fs Q xv M 'Q . V ... . gl," ' xt , .U ,, X.. .. if X f - X Dennis A. Kersting, Jonesboro, P.E. at 3 N if Brenda C. Kieffer, Weiner, Marketing Barbara L. Kilburn, Osceola, Speech Path. Karen L. Kimbro, Forrest City, Early Childhood Kathryne M. Kimbrough, Memphis, Tenn., Special Ed. Larry J. King, Calico Rock, Gen. Agri. Sidney R. King, Judsonia, Radio-TV Glen D. Kinkade, Jonesboro, Marketing Rosemary Kinney, Dermott, Bus. Ed. Kathy D. Kirkland, Jonesboro, P.E. Steve Kisling, Walnut Ridge, Geography Doy R. Knight, Bald Knob, Animal Sci. Judith M. Koons, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Marvin E. Kortan, Blytheville, Biology James A. Kreis, Augusta, P.E. 15, John S. Juzepski, Wilmington, Del., Printing ' 5 classes-307 Seniors Kenneth Lacy, Wynne, Pol. Sci. Patricia D. Ladd, Reyno, Early Childhood Katherine Laden, Steele, Mo., Early Childhood Larry D. LaGrand, Marked Tree, Pol. Sci. Virgil R. Lancaster, Grubbs, Accounting Cathy M. Landers, Cave City, Special Ed. Carol S. Landis, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Carolyn L. Lange, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Deborah Jane Langston, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Larry R. Langston, Morriston, Agri. Ed. Melissa K. Langston, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. John M. Lanier, Carlisle, Management Douglas K. Lasley, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Linda Wixson Lawman, Fisher, Bus. Ed. David M. Lawrence, Melbourne, Wildlife Mgt. Jamie S. Lawrence, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Ed. Sandra G. Lawrence, Prescott, Soc. Sci. Eddie M. Lea, Jonesboro, Accounting Garland G. Lea, Friendship, Management Glenda Joy Lea, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Grace A. Leary, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Herbert C. Lee, Richmond, Va., Printing Linda Crismon Lee, Maynard, Bus. Ed. Donald L. Leftwich, Batesville, Sociology Dorothy J. Leon, Wheatley, Bus. Ed. Sandra L. Leonard, Pine Bluff, P.E. Larry W. Lewallen, Newport, Accounting Tommi J. Lewonowski, Jacksonville, Soc. Sci. Jakie C. Liebhaber, Pocahontas, Journalism William D. Lieblong, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Clayton S. Lightfoot, Kennett, Mo., Pre-Law Martha K. Lindley, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Elizabeth A. Linebarier, Camden, Mathematics James D. Little, Jonesboro, Accounting Sharon S. Little, Jonesboro, Radio-TV William F. Little, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Coy L. Long, Jonesboro, Sociology Jean A. Lorance, Kennett, Mo., English Kathy M. Loser, Malvern, Bus. Ed. Ronnie R. Lovelady, Leachville, Animal Sci. 308-classes f f Or-9.1 7 2 . 'X , , ,N 5 ' ff? swf f J 4 1 ef? M f ,M U W 4 iw , OUUQU YQ! my B. Seniors Allen Lovell, Benton, Sociology Douglas E. Lowrey, Fort Smith, Gen. Bus. Susan Luster, Jonesboro, Journalism John S. Lynn, Paragould, Zoology Ralph James Lyons, Jonesboro, Accounting Rita A. Madden, Beedeville, Elem. Ed. Marhence Madranchar, Koror, Palau, Biology Steve R. Mahan, Dyess, Gen. Bus. Terry L. Majors, Heber Springs, Gen. Bus. Michael B. Mallott, West Memphis, Radio-TV Randall L. Marsh, 'McCrory, Gen. Bus. Arleta L. Marshall, Harrison, Speech Path. Bobby L. Martin, Wynne, Management Shirley A. Martin, Swifton, English Catherine A. Martine, Marion, Elem. Ed. Michele Massey, Harrisburg, Soc. Sci. Stephen R. Maynard, Jonesboro, History Linda K. Mayo, Brinkley, Special Ed. Mark W. Mayo, North Little Rock, Radio-TV Peggy L. McBeath, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Charles L. McCain, Marked Tree, P.E. Robert McCall, Lonoke, Gen. Agri. Brenda S. McCarroll, Pocahontas, Sociology Susan McClendon, Caruthersville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Lana J. McClish, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Lennis R. McClure, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Edward E. McCool, Tuckerman, History Bonnie L. McCord, Black Oak, English Thomas A. McCord Il, Camden, Marketing Lloyd H. McCracken Jr., Jonesboro, Accounting Marilyn McCracken, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. David L. McCullough, Salem, Zoology Nelson W. McCullough, Manila, P.E. Mickey J. McDaniel, Nettleton, Agri. Ed. Robert B. McDaniel, Hot Springs, Gen. Bus. Keith A. McDonald, Paragould, Agri. Bus. Jackie L. McDoniel, Newark, Accounting Shelton P. McGee, Pine Bluff, Music Monica J. McGinnis, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Suzanne McGraw, DeWitt, Early Childhood classes-309 Seniors Tim L. McKamey, Imboden, Mathematics Kathy J. McKenzie, Campbell, Mo., English Bobby J. McMillon, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Peggy J. McMillon, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Robert L. McNair, Bruno, Wildlife Mgt. Robert E. McNeal, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. Laura E. McNutt, North Little Rock, Speech Path. Lanna K. McPherson, Altheimer, Special Ed. Gary D. Meador, Blytheville, Wildlife Mgt. Frances F. Medley, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Gerald Medley, Little Rock, P.E. Mary J. Meier, Jonesboro, Drama John A. Merck, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Sonja Ann Metheny, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Cecil G. Metzgar, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Howard M. Middlecamp, Overland, Mo., Animal Sci. Angela I. Middleton, Leachville, Special Ed. Ivan Joe Miles, Newport, Marketing Susie Miles, Tuckerman, Bus. Ed. Larry S. Miley, Brinkley, Sociology Phil W. Miley, Brinkley, Accounting Hazel Jean Miller, Cash, Elem. Ed. Murel C. Miller Jr., Corning, Sociology Douglas W. Milligan, Tuckerman, Mathematics Sharon K. Million, Monette, Gen. Bus. James Chris Millwee, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Sarah J. Ming, Marked Tree, Medical Tech. Mary Anne Misenhimer, Paragould, Early Childhood Renonia V. Mitcham, Parkin, Chemistry David A. Mitchell, North Little Rock, P.E. Deborah A. Mitchener, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Lawrence E. Mobley, Manila, Zoology Steve A. Modelevsky, Jonesboro, Zoology Karen P. Moffitt, Belleville, Ill., P.E. Glenda Jean Monk, Pine Bluff, Elem Ed. Diane L. Moore, Piggott, Sociology Virginia M. Moore, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Mickie L. Morehead, St. Louis, Mo., Art Jerry Morgan, Poughkeepsie, Accounting LaVonna Jo Morgan, West Memphis, Speech Path. 310-classes qw 5 E' .iifaw -dlrP'viw QW f 1 ' WZ" 9, X n , , . aw E elf X n, rw ffm Seniors Carol A. Morris, Jonesboro, Art Elmer G. Morris, Wynne, Speech Garry W. Morris, Wynne, Soc. Sci. Jane Lana Morris, Swifton, Elem. Ed. William A. Moss, Stuttgart, Marketing Gary D. Mueller, St. Louis, Mo., P.E. Keith J. Munn, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Barbara C. Munos, Jonesboro, Early Childhood John D. Murillo, East Chicago, Ind., P.E. Loretta J. Murphy, Williford, Elem. Ed. Philip J. Murphy, Brookland, Animal Sci. Delma D. Murray, Forrest City, Early Childhood Hassel E. Myers Jr., Batesville, Zoology Don Nall, Jonesboro, Marketing Vernon L. Neal, Nettleton, Radio-TV Bruce E. Nelms, Brookland, Soc. Sci. Sheila R. Nelson, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sociology Martha L. Newcom, Jonesboro, P.E. Danny R. Newland, Clinton, Gen. Agri. Patricia E. Nichols, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Alice C. Nicholson, Newport, Early Childhood Jeffery D. Nicholson, Swifton, Chemistry William R. Nix, West Memphis, Marketing Jerry L. Noble, Etowah, P.E. Kerry L. Noble, Etowah, Management Terry W. Noble, Paragould, P.E. Bobby J. Noles, North Little Rock, Printing Cathey M. Norris, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Richard H. Norris, Jonesboro, Geography Debra G. Northcutt, West Memphis, Zoology Don R. Northcutt, Carlisle, Mathematics Linda K. Northen, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Thomas L. Norvell, Hope, Speech John Oates II, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Debra K. Obsitnik, Little Rock, Speech Path. Larry S. O'Dell, Little Rock, Journalism John N. Ogletree, Roanoke Rapids, N.C., Printing Dale H. Oltmann, Brinkley, Gen. Agri. David D. Oltmann, Brinkley, Agronomy Wanda F. Ormsby, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Ed. classes-311 Seniors Minnie R. Osment, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Keith Overstreet, Searcy, Pol. Sci. Judy A. Owen, Piggott, Elem. Ed. James M. Owens, Keiser, Management Rodney P. Owens, Crawfordsville, Sociology Thomas R. Owens, Walnut Ridge, Management Linda C. Oyler, Ash Flat, Early Childhood James C. Pace, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Terry A. Pace, Trumann, Art Teresa A. Palmer, Jonesboro, Speech Virginia C. Pankey, Oil Trough, Bus. Ed. Melvin D. Parker, West Memphis, Marketing Patricia L. Parker, Manila, Early Childhood Stan O. Parkinson, Jonesboro, Marketing Anthanee D. Parrish, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Donis R. Parsley, Poughkeepsie, Soc. Sci. Theodore Parten, Paragould, Gen. Bus. James E. Pate, Edgemont, Marketing Freda S. Paxton, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Kathy W. Pearce, Newport, Elem. Ed. Michael J. Pecotte, Stephenson, Mich., Sociology Alean Peek, Marion, Bus. Ed. Sharon C. Pegg, Jonesboro, Early Childhood John G. Pennington, Newport, Spanish James M. Peresta, Little Rock, Sociology Michael Perry, Bigflat, Gen. Bus. Mary Helen Peters, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Myra K. Peters, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Charles R. Pettus Jr., Shelby, N.C., Printing Roger A. Petty, Greenway, Soc. Sci. Patsy M. Peyton, Paragould, Early Childhood David R. Phelps, Earle, Music Nancy L. Pickney, Paragould, Art Beverly A. Pierce, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Janice E. Pierce, Leachville, Special Ed. Nevyle G. Pierce, Batesville, Mathematics Charles M. Pigg, Jonesboro, Zoology Shelley M. Pike, Blytheville, Early Childhood Roger E. Pohlner, Fisher, Management Myrle M. Pollard, Pittsburgh, Pa., Radio-TV 312-classes aw A L. vw, . ' 7 vm , 5 UW 'E 'he' ' W I , K4 , R, L ' ' ' iw .-fi' WZ +Q....+'- . , D Senzors Robert H. Pond, Stuttgart, Management Billy R. Porter, Blytheville, Medical Tech. Raymond L. Posey, Manila, Pol. Sci. Robert J. Pratt Jr., Mountain Home, Gen. Stephen A. Pratt, Pocahontas, Art Bus. Judye D. Presley, Trumann, Accounting Jerry D. Prewitt, Pocahontas, Accounting Joel A. Price, Marked Tree, Zoology Stephen J. Prichard, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Oscar E. Prince, Pocahontas, Animal Sci. Patricia Proctor, Helena, Bus. Ed. Danny L. Proffitt, Dyess, Pre-Med Pamela K. Pruett, Jacksonville, Bus. Ed. Ricky L. Pruett, Jacksonville, Humanities Beverly A. Pulliam, Walnut Ridge, English Frank E. Raines, DeWitt, Accounting Patsy D. Raines, Holland, Mo., Early Childhood Pamela A. Rawlings, Searcy, Special Ed. Anita S. Ray, Portageville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Rebecca A. Reaves, Jonesboro, English Kylene Reece, Elaine, Sociology Janet L. Reed, Jonesboro, Sociology Lois I. Reed, Cherokee Village, Education David Rees, Bentonville, Accounting Cathy J. Reeves, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Larry E. Reeves, Little Rock, Journalism Barbara A. Reginelli, Marion, Elem. Ed. Richard S. Reid, Newport, Accounting Charles E. Reinhart, Paragould, Biology Suzanne Rettig, Little Rock, Bus. Ed. Mary G. Reynolds, Jonesboro, Sociology Charles 0. Rhodes, Paragould, Sociology Larry W. Riales, Memphis, Tenn., Gen. Bus. David W. Richards, Bald Knob, Accounting James F. Richardson, Marion, Gen. Bus. Ronnie L. Richardson, Blytheville, Accounting Martha L. Riley, Wynne, English William A. Riley, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. George C. Ring, Jonesboro, Marketing Teresa D. Roach, West Memphis, Sociology Seniors 314-classes Kenneth C. Roberts, Marmaduke, Wildlife Mgt. Marla D. Roberts, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Steve D. Robertson, Stuttgart, Sociology Donna L. Robinson, Jonesboro, P.E. Douglas H. Robinson, Jonesboro, Chemistry Rick M. Rodery, Piggott, Pol. Sci. Dennis E. Rogers, Paragould, Radio-TV Don E. Rogers, Marked Tree, Mathematics Ronald B. Rogers, Leachville, Management Christy R. Rolfe, Forrest City, Speech Path. Chris D. Rolle, Bradenton, Fla., Pol. Sci. Katherine A. Rollins, Marcella, Bus. Ed. Teressa Y. Rose, Cave City, Elem. Ed. Cynthia G. Ross, Paragould, Music Christy A. Rothgery, Jonesboro, Sociology Connie M. Routon, Marmaduke, Physics Judith D. Routon, Marmaduke, Sociology Kandy C. Rowland, Thornton, Journalism Beverly A. Rowlett, Swifton, Pol. Sci. Bobby N. Rowlett, Swifton, Accounting Stanley A. Rowlett, Swifton, Zoology Diane B. Rugg, Rochester, N.Y., Sociology Lynn Moore Runnels, Stuttgart, Special Ed. Jimmie A. Rushing, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV Sam M. Rushing, Joiner, English Dale W. Russom, Campbell, Mo., Agri. Engr. Michael E. Rutledge, Jonesboro, Art Willie B. Rylant, Paragould, Agri. Ed. Larry J. Sago, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Keith L. Samford, Holland, Mo., Zoology Lanny R. Samford, Holland, Mo., Agri. Bus. James H. Sanders, Jonesboro, Art Gene Scarborough, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Randolph E. Scarbrough, Van Buren, Soc. Sci. Jeff D. Scokes, Rector, Accounting Arleen O. Scott, Marianna, Bus. Ed. Edwin J. Scott, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Oda L. Scott, New Madrid, Mo., Sociology Teresa B. Scroggs, Jonesboro, Secr. Sci. Mary Frances Seay, Rector, Sociology , f .wwfmw le 7 ' 5, A ,V g., ,fmf..w.,.fw,fwwmcwywzu li x.,. 454 ev . W iill M 1- f , ,yvf lm Muff .... rrrg UI' , . L , ilf WN we ' :,, y Vi i 1 eclc f l A ' Q All- W f 2 Q f be f W ,,s Q .ai s , .f 1. .4 e .wif fi Z! .3 . .0 we f :gy n 'Lg ,ar fifcf M 'tj Si W f W. 'aa Q 4 sl 1 1 I 'itz WM , t f 2?5?Z55?Z1?Zii W W 5,1 J, ,Vi L I ,,,,G A 'f if -'Eli Q NM, if 5 f, ' ' ' ,,.. . , A, . . ,,A,A,,g,jA,,,: . V 1. -1, - - -2 at E2- K 1 mb 5 Seniors Alice L. Severe, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Donald W. Severe, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Gregory B. Shelton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., P.E. Frank L. Shepherd, Corning, Agri. Engr. Thomas C. Shepherd, Jonesboro, Philosophy William Terry Shipman, Newark, History Randy L. Shoemake, Carlisle, Marketing Steven D. Shults, Pocahontas, Chemistry Kenneth R. Simington, Maynard, Radio-TV Hank Simmons, Jonesboro, Chemistry James E. Simmons, Newport, P.E. Shelia V. Simpson, Leachville, Management Jean Singleton, Little Rock, Special Ed. Robert A. Singleton, Earle, Pol. Sci. Julie B. Singley, Minneapolis, Minn., Sociology Jerry W. Sisco, O'Kean, Wildlife Mgt. Randy J. Skarda, Hazen, Management John Skinner, McGehee, Elem. Ed. Lou L. Slaton, Newport, Special Ed. Stephen C. Smart, Crossett, Radio-TV Barney G. Smith, Stuttgart, Gen. Bus. Charlotte B. Smith, Brinkley, Accounting David E. Smith, Jonesboro, Management Deborah J. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Don E. Smith, Beebe, Sociology Flynn Smith, Earle, Management James H. Smith, Rector, Sociology Janice Ann Smith, Paragould, Early Childhood Jeff D. Smith, Bald Knob, Gen. Agri. Karen S. Smith, Senath, Mo., Bus. Ed. Leon C. Smith, Jonesboro, Electrical Engr. Linda C. Smith, Des Arc, Soc. Sci. Olen D. Smith, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Phyllis A. Smith, Hoxie, Accounting Ray A. Smith, Paragould, Biology Thomas D. Smith, East Cleveland, Ohio, Accounting Thomas Stephen Snelson, Brinkley, Marketing William G. Snowden, Mountain View, Sociology Lloyd G. Somers, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Robert L. Spears, Lepanto, Gen. Bus. classes-315 Seniors Paula C. Spence, Dyess, P.E. Bonnie F. Spencer, Viola, Bus. Ed. Cathy J. Spiegel, Harrisburg, Early Childhood Ronnie Spiegel, Harrisburg, Gen. Bus. Gregory N. Spurlock, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Julia M. Stafford, Zent, Sociology Ted E. Staggs, North Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Kenneth N. Stallings, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Roger C. Stark, Hardy, Gen. Agri. Sally L. Starkey, Malvern, Marketing David R. Steele, Hope, Pol. Sci. Rex J. Steele, Jonesboro, Economics Ivory M. Steward, Forrest City, Radio-TV Kathleen Stewart, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood Rick E. Stiles, Osceola, Gen. Bus. Charles H. Stotts, Caraway, Sociology Paul W. Stotts, Trumann, Agri. Ed. Clauson R. Stone, Altheimer, Accounting Carl E. Stough, Forrest City, Gen. Bus. Charlotte E. Stratton, Helena, English Charlotte J. Strickland, Lepanto, Elem. Ed. Rebecca L. Strickland, Blytheville, Zoology Steven L. Struble, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Marlita Stuart, Paragould, Early Childhood Georgeanne Stump, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Ellen M. Sturch, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Danny R. Sturkie, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Pamela J. Sullens, Hoxie, Accounting Con F. Sullivan, Cave City, Agri. Ed. Karen J. Sullivan, Bono, English Ronnie J. Sullivan, Jonesboro, Pre-Pharmacy Aubrey N. Sumpter, Jonesboro, P.E. James M. Surratt, Tupelo, Miss., Gen. Bus. Kenneth W. Swain, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Ed. Glenn G. Swift, O'Kean, Geography Harry E. Sylar, Holly Grove, P.E. Jacquelyn Tabron, Forrest City, Special Ed. Michael H. Tacker, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. David A. Talbot, Trumann, Agri. Engr. James H. Tanner, Wiseman, Biology 2 XR, . ,y my av 2 , ,ag . 1 f ' X 9 9? 21' Q X Seniors Dennis E. Taylor, Mountain View, Agri. Engr. Lanny R. Teague, Monette, Mathematics Larry R. Teague, Marked Tree, Gen. Bus. David D. Terrell, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Michael L. Teter, Mountain Home, Gen. Bus. Brenda C. Thacker, North Little Rock, Management Deborah K. Thomas, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Janice M. Thomas, Piggott, Sociology Kenneth B. Thomas, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Randall S. Thomas, Stuttgart, Marketing Richard E. Thomas, Winter Haven, Fla., P.E. Alfred F. Thompson, Hardy, History Edward H. Thompson, Jonesboro, Mathematics Emma Jo Thompson, Booneville, Bus. Ed. Joe R. Thompson, Little Rock, Radio-TV Ray N. Thompson, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Ruby D. Thompson, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Rebecca L. Tidwell, Dell, Speech Path. Jeannie D. Tiffee, Tuckerman, Bus. Ed. Lida A. Tinker, Hoxie, Early Childhood Michael D. Tinsley, Newport, Management Mary Jane Todd, Gibson, Mo., Elem. Ed. Marie Broadway Toms, Moro, Bus. Ed. Rebecca E. Toombs, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Ed. Constance E. Trammel, Pocahontas, Soc. Sci. Mary Margaret Tresp, Jonesboro, Marketing Suzanne C. Trost, Jonesboro, Sociology Katherine Trotter, Corning, Elem. Ed. Janis A. Tucker, Little Rock, Special Ed. Nancy L. Tull, Jonesboro, P.E. Fred H. Turner, Wynne, Management Michael P. Tuseth, Jonesboro, Pre-Med Barbaranette Twillie, Forrest City, History Deborah H. Tye, Searcy, Early Childhood William B. Tyer, West Ridge, P.E. Charles E. VanPelt, Naylor, Mathematics Nancy E. Vaughn, Cherokee Village, Elem. Ed. Robert A. Vaughn, Paragould, Zoology Johnny 0. Veatch, Qulin, Mo., Sociology Robert C. Velasco, Chicago, Ill., P.E. classes-317 Seniors Maxine M. Vogan, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Michael H. Wafford, Concord, Calif., History Ted W. Wagnon, Stephens, Journalism Leslie K. Walden, Batesville, German Sheila D. Waldrup, Walnut Ridge, Sociology Larry E. Walker, Stuttgart, Gen. Bus. John D. Wallace, Jonesboro, Journalism James W. Waller, Bald Knob, Agri. Engr. Judy M. Walter, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Jackie E. Ward, West Memphis, French Larry D. Ward, Forrest City, Soc. Sci. Michael J. Warden, Oxford, Gen. Agri. Mary Quail Washington, Paragould, Special Ed. Vickey L. Watkins, Steele, Mo., Soc. Sci. Jon G. Watson, Earle, P.E. Glenda J. Way, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. Ronald G. Weathers, Salem, Gen. Bus. Candace A. Webb, Jonesboro, History Chris Webber, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Estella Weems, Marvell, Mathematics Regina Welch, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Claude G. West, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Roger S. West, Blytheville, Wildlife Mgt. Judy C. Wheeler, Pleasant Plains, Sociology Ronald A. Wheeler, Rector, Biology Curtis L. White, Jefferson, Soc. Sci. Danny E. White, Pine Bluff, Accounting John M. White, Jonesboro, Sociology Lynda S. White, Walnut Ridge, Speech Path. Marcia G. White, Little Rock, Speech Path. Sharon E. White, Broseley, Mo., P.E. Billy L. Whitmire, Clarkston, Mich., Elem. Ed. Janice M. Whitmire, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. J. L. Wilburn, Safety Harbor, Fla., Mathematics Rebecca D. Wilburn, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Charles C Willhite Brinkle Zoolo - 9 yy gy Beverly A. Williams, Walnut Ridge, Early Childhood 318-classes Carolyn A. Williams, Caraway, P.E. Henrietta E. Williams, West Helena, Special Ed. Marvin R. Williams, Turrell, Gen. Bus. Seniors Ray R. Williams, West Ridge, Elem. Ed. Cindy Williamson, Jonesboro, Marketing Beth C. Willis, Kennett, Mo., Bus. Ed. Glen R. Willis, Corning, Soc. Sci. Steven S. Willis, Sikeston, Mo., Management Aubrey O. Wilson Jr., Fisher, Marketing Clara V. Wilson, Batesville, Medical Tech. John M. Wilson, Austin, Wildlife Mgt. Rick Wilson, Wilson, P.E. Teresa D. Wilson, Manila, Elem. Ed. Donald E. Winchester, Rector, Gen. Bus. Robert 0. Winchester Il, Pocahontas, Management Vicky A. Winkles, Wynne, Elem. Ed. Anthia K. Winningham, Bradford, Speech Path. Robert H. Winningham, Harrisburg, Agronomy Daniel 0. Wiseman, Searcy, Drama Freddy G. Wiseman, Osceola, Wildlife Mgt. Janice L. Witten, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Eugene L. Wittlake, Jonesboro, History Thomas L. Wofford Jr., Weiner, Gen. Agri. David M. Wolf, Sikeston, Mo., P.E. Charles D. Wolfe, Mount Pleasant, Agri. Bus. Ricky L. Womack, Lake City, Accounting Dennis W. Wood, Steele, Mo., Phy. Sci. Phyllis R. Wood, Mount Morris, Mich., P.E. Walter E. Wood, Jonesboro, Sociology Louis R. Woodall, Carlisle, Management Clarence W. Woodard, Jonesboro, Marketing Mary M. Woodard, Helena, Bus. Ed. Laverne Woodward, Jonesboro, Management James I. Wooldridge, Neelyville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Sarah Christine Wray, West Memphis, Sociology William J. Wright, Earle, Zoology Darrel W. Wyatt, Hoxie, Chemistry John H. Yarbro, Harrisburg, Economics Ricky L. York, Salem, Elem. Ed. John T. Young, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Kathryn M. Young, Batesville, Early Childhood Bill B. Younger, Mount Pleasant, Mathematics Bonnie S. Yount, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Juniors Gerald F. Abbott, Jonesboro David W. Abell, Paragould Judy K. Acklin, Wideman Barbara Adams, Paragould Larry D. Adams, Caraway Kathy Adkins, Manila Eldon L. Alexander, Wilson Peggy J. Alexander, Swifton Arthur W. Almond, Mountain Home Ella V. Anderson, Osceola George R. Anderson, Harrisburg Judy A. Andrews, Blytheville Lacy M. Anthony, Jonesboro Eugene W. Applebury, West Memphis Deloise D. Archibald, Paragould John D. Armour, Naylor, Mo. Larry P. Arnn, Pocahontas Vicki L. Arnn, Pocahontas Walter B. Ashabranner, Manila Mary C. Atkinson, Hot Springs Thomas W. Atkinson, El Dorado Steve Atkisson, Corning Mark K. Aufderheide, DeWitt Elaine Austin, El Dorado Stan C. Avis, Steele, Mo. Debra A. Baffield, Marianna James R. Bailey, Mattoon, Ill. Glenna A. Baker, Walnut Ridge LeMon F. Baker, Jonesboro Mary C. Baker, Blytheville William B. Baker, West Memphis Patricia B. Baldi, West Memphis Gerald L. Balch, Diaz Paul Balducci, Stuttgart David S. Baldwin, Forrest City Gordon P. Baldwin, Knobel Jane E. Ball, Cabot Barbara G. Ballard, West Memphis Greg Dean Ballentine, Steele, Mo. Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas Emma J. Banks, Forrest City Billie E. Bare, Pollard Michael J. Bare, Piggott Thomas W. Barlow, Jonesboro James H. Barner, Fordyce Diana L. Barnes, Bauxite Bob J. Barnett, Pocahontas Lisa D. Barnhill, Paragould Gary D. Baugher, Manila Richard J. Baureis, Jonesboro Donald F. Baxter, Houston, Tex. Jan C. Beard, Mammoth Spring Sharon G. Bearden, Leachville Harry G. Beasley, Heth Nancy L. Beasley, Hughes Pamela J. Beene, Trumann Gary S. Bennett, Carlisle Sandra K. Bennett, Pocahontas David B. Bentley, Little Rock Curtis Berry Jr., Jonesboro Melinda K. Berry, Holland, Mo. Stephen C. Bevill, Paragould Arthur A. Bigelow, Pocahontas Joyce Lea Bigham, Mountain Home Dana R. Bingham, Marked Tree Dereta G. Birmingham, Rector Anna M. Bishop, Harrisburg Douglas C. Bishop, Little Rock India E. Bitely, Tamo Donald W. Blackburn, Jonesboro 320-classes ,.:2gE.,frgjj, -1 1 . . -M -., k.. X "- iaies . .si W x . 3 Qi fa to W' , my X - f ' a A,-gs -' 4 . H -5- ,X 8 sz L I '31 . r "2 i f fp 5 ' Zigi: K Q ,iii il - .1 'fgfgijge -Sh. . S 32 f N fs X x 4 S X s Q if 3 xx my it . . gg .gl .. ,, .. 5 'K 4.15 1' . ,. . X . R :sa-. f is Ji X , W V Q A i X .. as fir .. w. .gf X Q ax B' lx l . 1. 0 if , , " A W. . 5 Q we-Qvri , . ,,,f4il,iI A f .1 - f bg 5, .la 5 Z. . Jr, L, A '- . . ...J ..-f ' - 'Su-. QQ K Q 4 3. 4 , L , 4 L S we .t ,ew -if 'R I s ' N. .f ev, Z , . tg 52 . . as .YI K, , ,. ,... . ,, ,, 3 2 X 1 -. A ' , ' ,stef . .. 1, ,,.. 'Q W -f. , - -Agia ..... 2 2 -if ' F ,, , , ,,..,,. , .L lg X Y. t I 3? , Q lfit llwlll. ' .- 2: Q ll' .. , .2 1....,f ,, a ' to H Y xl Ark , ,,,,., ,... 1 . , , 125, . z 321.55 ' .sou f .1 V , . , Q I 1 ' . emi v ' ' ss? . .1 .W t -.R Tull. f f-"z,., we f 'fb . fXm?.i?.r ' ta 1 5 N "'!" 'B -W ' al' ,. if ,sift Sd 6, ' ,ali v . -. x Hin- 'll I5 -k,k,Vk, 7 A., .,. . 5 f " fr. . W X A , Q 3 K fs, ,X ., .-...Q Q l 6 0 . , X , . as , -5 , V' 'qi "fx-2 3 ey . 5, "A . . R Q it .E " . A ,, H L I K yi ., .I Q x K X. .gb . A t , :. Q .. . l I sl .4 Juniors Nancy L. Blackwell, Jonesboro Richard A. Blair, Cushman Kathleen M. Blanchard, Jonesboro Steven M. Blanchard, Jonesboro Rebecca J. Bland, Maynard Marolyn G. Blankenship, Corning David N. Bodenhamer, Mountain Home Michael W. Boeckmann, Wynne Mark S. Boerner, Jonesboro Wayne D. Boling, Beebe Ann Carol Bond, Jonesboro Wayne F. Bond, Jonesboro Lynne F. Boquet, Little Rock Jennifer L. Bouldin, Paragould Linda Faye Bowens, Marianna Paula J. Boyce, Walnut Ridge Stephen E. Boyce, Miami, Fla. Garry L. Boyd, Black Oak Shirley J. Boyd, Paragould Traci R. Boyd, Hot Springs Rebecca L. Boyles, Augusta Roger D. Boyles, Higginson Debbie J. Bradley, Jonesboro Rick L. Bradsher, Jonesboro Robert F. Brady, Corning Larry E. Brannen, Jonesboro Gale A. Brewer, Marmaduke Mark A. Brewer, Cardwell, Mo. William G. Brewer, Pine Bluff Dorothy M. Bridges, Harrisburg Randy E. Brinkley, Marmaduke Stephanie A. Broadway, Jonesboro Mona C. Brogdon, McCrory Alice J. Brown, Jonesboro Dennis L. Brown, Jonesboro Dillard W. Brown, Hughes Donna R. Brown, Viola Lawrence E. Brown Jr., Marianna Marilyn K. Brown, Harrisburg Mary R. Brown, Camden Mike L. Brown, Datto Phyllis A. Brown, Jonesboro Sheryl A. Brown, Blytheville Wendell Brown, Crawfordsville Linda Jean Browning, Bono Becky L. Bruce, Senath, Mo. Gaylon M. Bruce, Paragould Judy F. Bruekerhoff, St. Mary's, Mo. Lecia D. Bryant, Kennett, Mo. Marsha P. Bryant, Black Rock Robert A. Bryant, Brinkley Kennith Buchanan, Lake City Danny B. Bucy, Rector Mark D. Buerkle, Jonesboro Frederick W. Buhrmester Jr., Jonesboro Gerald D. Bullard, Newport Frances A. Burdick, Mountain Home Richard M. Burke, Jonesboro Linda J. Burks, Lake City Steve B. Burks, Cabot Elizabeth G. Burns, Jonesboro James E. Burns, Paragould Stephen Burns, Paragould Gary R. Burroughs, Manila Deborah K. Burton, McCrory Philip W. Burton, Dickson, Tenn. Gary D. Bushert, Ash Flat Becky N. Byrd, Bearden Jesse B. Byrd, Bearden Mitchell D. Caldwell, Lake City classes-321 Juniors Tancil A. Caldwell, Leachville Velda J. Callison, North Little Rock Sue A. Cameron, Midland, Tex. Pamela J. Camp, Piggott Thurman James Camp, Pocahontas Joe M. Campbell Jr., Jonesboro Mike D. Campbell, Trumann Patrick B. Campbell, Franklin Joseph E. Carey, Jonesboro Wayne D. Carlisle, Jonesboro Lynne Carlson, Harrison Gary W. Carlton, McCrory Neoma J. Carman, Blytheville Jeff L. Carr, San Antonio, Tex. Peggy L. Carr, Jonesboro Carolyn S. Carriglitto, Lake City Janice L. Carroll, Moro Ronald J. Carroll, St. Louis, Mo. Janice K. Carter, Pocahontas Rickey L. Carter, Sulphur Rock Sharon M. Carter, Paragould George W. Cash, Jonesboro Mitzi J. Casper, Forrest City Ronald G. Cate, Corning Steven M. Cates, Memphis, Tenn. Ronald C. Cavenaugh, Walnut Ridge Ricky B. Chaffin, Paragould Jackie N. Chandler, Jonesboro Patricia S. Chandler, Joiner Charles D. Chatelain, Hot Springs Dennis W. Cherry, Viola Paula C. Cherry, Viola Debbie R. Chester, Memphis, Tenn. Michael K. Choat, Jonesboro Michael B. Chronister, Jonesboro James H. Churchill, Cotton Plant Penny C. Churchman, Newport Buddy Clark, Lauderdale, Fla. David A. Clark, Jonesboro Kathy L. Clark, Jonesboro Michael R. Clark, Forrest City Sharon K. Clark, Turrell Melody Clarke, Steele, Mo. Vicki D. Clarke, Jonesboro Glenna L. Clay, Searcy Lee A. Clay, Blytheville Michael Clements, Fayetteville, N.C. Palmer S. Clemmons Jr., Altheimer Judy K. Clifft, Paragould Roy L. Coble, Jonesboro Regina P. Cohn, Holcomb, Mo. Debra S. Coker, Walnut Ridge Valerie J. Colaianni, Jonesboro Herman L. Cole, Wilson Brenda J. Coleman, Corning Lynne Dell Coleman, Holly Grove Mel W. Coleman, Pocahontas Melvin L. Coleman, Wichita, Kan. Stephen G. Coleman, Jonesboro Richard L. Collier, Little Rock David C. Collins, Kennett, Mo. Doyle E. Colvin, Forrest City James D. Compton, Delaplaine Kenneth R. Conatser, Trumann Trish A. Conaway, Fisher Cathy S. Conger, Marmaduke Shelley A. Conkling, Manila James F. Conrad, Ravenden Kerry G. Conrad, Jonesboro James Q. Cook Jr., Hayti, Mo. 322-classes . , ,,.,.,,, , .,A, I g K if ,gf'P?..,f " - ..,, K ' f z 1 if--1 .. a .. 1. D A f jij '- 1 S , 1 4 fl 5' ' ifl i"' ' ' N7 .,.,72,s, .,r. . .. K.. . Qi, ,,,... , 2 'f 2-sei , 'Z , ., ,... .. ...., K .... , gd K ., rw- . . .,, T. . 1. 'sw is i t- A -1 y N sr. if . Q N, awww -55, fl, .Y , 3' ap- T, Jwlfrvyi. , . .. S 26' is if W. I , iv .. ... B JE.. H L, 3... DQ . W , , .. , ., ' 1.54 5 W . -ri, .ti : 1 L 1 . ah WX iv. .M y f 5, -- ' .,.2 .3- 0-, 5 .sq .1 . y . ef. W f of-K : - . new E -- V ty f . -Q Q ,gf-fe 1 731 If 5, 5 sf - , . 1 in .. r . . . .. r . B .3 W. ...,,... , ii J W is f ti.. i Q Q S . ' -. xx L- , '. me ,F ff 11 Zi.. A si? fe ., ' Q. alfa ' L if ii ...rl .t E ii : '.E.'i' , ...Jr I5 3 3 .V ,, ,pg , f .. J. ffnfw .: 5534 ., L - ., all A tv-I-E .JF Y isa V -U.. . of-,.f ,. 'I .hdiliiia " 5 ,Q ffzsms- --f ,EV 4 'gf J A' i fi? 3 .151 .xx if 2 . 5 T lt. Q fi-4:31 23 QL:-" 'f f' is iii . -5 ii' f 2' f. J if are .1--:vw X 12 J Q i iii, f 'EKI7 ,fnii-Sa.. . Wi... . . . , live . Q. 'iii V 5, 3, A N. f ,, .3 ru ze-r 1 I I " 'X --'srl .. mf ' ' QV V p, A in L T . . ,.., ggi , A . ...ij t 5. - A if I ra if Q N as-' fl. . . ....- ..- g,7 . .. .- .... fi I ,M -fi . is '- qv LLL. . 9' A s s I In Au-..4w 4,14 im . ,. . il . 1 if ar 4 in 1, . , . .. IZ .. as A A M Juniors Jay W. Cook, Doniphan, Mo. Sherry D. Cook, Pocahontas William F. Cook, Eudora Rachel O. Cooper, Alicia Shirley I. Cooper, Helena Rickey G. Copeland, Monette Pamela Ann Cordell, Lonoke Anne Cornell, Paragould Ben Corona, West Memphis Freda M. Cowan, Harrison Milton G. Cowan, Searcy Robert W. Cowan, Searcy Alan Dale Cox, Osceola Gary C. Cox, Floral Karen J. Cox, Corning Doyle W. Coy, Jonesboro Lynn M. Coy, Jonesboro Virginia Coyle, Pollard Paul H. Craig, Calico Rock Tom A. Craig, Caraway Frank O. Crail Jr., Cardwell, Mo. Jeanne Crain, Wynne Chester G. Cravens Jr., Dexter, Mo. Dennis J. Cravens, Pocahontas John M. Crawford, Pine Bluff Kevin P. Cregier, LaSalle, Ill. Robert R. Cress, Jonesboro Ronnie M. Crisco, McRae Bill S. Crismon, Jonesboro Douglas W. Criss, Trumann Gary D. Crocker, Jonesboro Ralph M. Cross, Camden Teresa J. Crowe, Blytheville Terri A. Crowe, Caruthersville, Mo. John N. Crowson, Marmaduke Vickie D. Crum, Walnut Ridge James R. Crumbaugh, Jonesboro William P. Crump, Blytheville Leann E. Cryts, Dexter, Mo. Diann Cude, Black Rock Donald B. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Al B. Cunningham, Helena Ted W. Cunningham, Paragould Linda C. Cypret, Walnut Ridge Michael S. Dale, Sidney Roberta Kay Darby, Jonesboro Jennie L. Dauck, Pocahontas Philip A. Daum, Carrollton, Ill. David A. Davidson, Cabot Emily A. Davidson, Mountain Grove, Mo. Robert C. Davidson, Jonesboro Billy D. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. Bobby K. Davis, Bono Brenda K. Davis, Walnut Ridge Carol Lynn Davis, Dexter, Mo. Doyle H. Davis II, DeWitt Effie E. Davis, Marvell Gary A. Davis, Jonesboro Joe S. Davis, Searcy Kathleen A. Davis, Pocahontas Laurel J. Davis, Grand Junction, Colo. Michael T. Davis, Jonesboro Ricky Davis, Pocahontas Vernard Davis, West Helena David R. Dawson, Jonesboro Mary E. Day, Gideon, Mo. Jana S. Dean, Shoffner Robert A. Deer, New Carlisle, Ind. Marty A. Dennis, Jacksonville Thomas W. Denton, Jonesboro classes-323 Juniors Myra A. DePriest, Cherokee Village James M. DeSpain, Manila Fran L. Devereux, Widener Jan M. DeVoll, Jonesboro Vicki S. DeVore, Beebe David M. Dickerson, Marked Tree Harold Eugene Diggs, Paragould Rodney L. Dobbs, Melbourne Brenda Jan Dodson, Harrison Wrayphord O. Dortch Jr., West Memphis Susan K. Douglas, Jonesboro Pauletta D. Downs, Paragould Kathryn A. Dudley, Monette Fred M. Dunavant, Jonesboro Mary B. Dunaway, North Little Rock Buford R. Duncan, Jonesboro Deborah C. Duncan, North Little Rock Jack D. Dunham, Walnut Ridge Phylis D. Dunigan, Monette Jimmie G. Dunlap, Marked Tree Calvin Durden, Portageville, Mo. Joe Duren, Pine Bluff Bradley H. Easterwood, Corning Sandra M. Eaves, Newark Janet R. Eddington, Tyronza Deborah J. Edmonds, Mountain Home Deborah L. Edwards, McGehee Everett G. Edwards, Batesville Karole E. Edwards, Dexter, Mo. Stephen W. Edwards, Forrest City Patricia M. Elbert, Jonesboro Susan D. Eldredge, Jonesboro Annette Elkins, Jonesboro Phillip Elkins, Wilson Sharon E. Elkins, Jonesboro Camellia Caryn Ellis, Lonoke Charles V. Ellis, Walnut Ridge Debra J. Ellis, Manila Gayla A. Ellis, Walnut Ridge George W. Ellis, Southampton, Pa. Larry J. Elmore, Paragould William R. Elwood, Little Rock Kimberly L. Emde, Bald Knob Kenneth B. Emerson, Oran, Mo. Dewey Morris Emison, North Little Rock Donald W. Enderson, Blytheville Diane L. England, Myrtle, Mo. Mary B. Engler, Heber Springs John P. Engles, Batesville Stephen R. Erwin, Paragould Samuel F. Estes, Trumann Charles M. Ethridge, Jonesboro Forrest G. Ethridge, Wynne Teddie J. Etter, Bassett Gloria G. Evans, Star City Kathy L. Evans, Jonesboro Pamela K. Evans, Dexter, Mo. Stanley W. Evans, Cabot Lavah S. Fagan, St. Louis, Mo. James D. Falk, Jonesboro Robert L. Falkner, Fort Smith Stephen Fallis, Jonesboro Lendol K. Falwell, Bradford Barbara A. Fanning, Pompano Beach, Fla. Danny G. Farley, Paragould Gerald W. Farley, Jonesboro James D. Ferguson, Searcy Martha M. Ferguson, Naylor, Mo. Elizabeth D. Fetterly, Jonesboro Sandra J. Fielder, Jonesboro 324 classes fx f., .S-, f .isfifisffzl .vi . ., b 1 .vg x E4 . .,...,,. .1 Ii- . st... K fu 1. w V Q, y if 'f - lt . i f V x .1 fx, X if 2 ' 'rffirs--' -v i r. ,1 ug gt . , 5 W,.,,.- , 1 l :M f ,,.. - ,, ' 'A '-f . . ' :K '-fi 5 ,. Hg ,Z :g.i'....-H.. ,7'12Qg., 7 ., , - ff. .V y s oyo Q F t M Q, , , .. . . W - gf., ' . . M 'L V V 5' 's .. . S ,L-. F . .,,, 3 plpxg ,A K M . ui ,, We , V ... 1 F 2, if ., f-X my I M P My ' , ' "" .5 i" v f,,.. 2. We R " ' iii 'hx' ,, "" YW' S' 'Y :iw . sig. 'l K X 1 K X '-w. X 2 I' A . : a iw. ie 41,2317 eatpgr "KN .. V iii A., 2' '. ,,,, 'E . '31 ' at 1' f 2 ' IQ! , . ., ,, I, . .M 24. . ..':' " -, " if -we . i " ' .:...v. M "im ':,"::ii.i:': " Tf21E3?g-. ML! , ' ggi S " .- Q-lg n- - .f:: : sua: bil ..- 2, it. . . A Q58 V. wifi: i -x -' - v eg age? S:5ii.fI,:,.' ,Mk , . Ls? ' . f Q.. ' W .ess-m .si , v, , V :I . V A v, f. A , 1, . .X situ-:M . ,. . ,, I 7' -- . . ' 'TES " fe -. . . ,, 1 :Vin Mi Qyiigibe v my 3.95 af 1 . I fi P -'lei it fs , " 5 K' f. 'Q ' +1 pf., ' wif A - E- . "S J, 1 R 1 rf . .mf 'f ' . ff - ' .. 2? f ., W X aa ...W fe ...,. .a M' Q f r' " 'YL Tiff: f . V - Q. 2 Syed was S X? .1 ,, w ,gee .1 g I .ff tin? new as 4 X 2532 1 y E E iii 9252 1' .1 , i ts , , gl, Q -M. if 2 J , l"l sq. I X f X 1.2, E, will X fs .vs Su fw.e..ww.1fg.aaf:e M. ' ,K ME? my . fb' .F Q in n . 1 ' H! " .sf"" . P , 'fr , -we M . V 4 3, .H vt.-' - - ' Q it fi if p 77'-wt -,. X fag ities ' . 5 :'?, 1J!,s I Sf.'2:!: 1's --Hu, v ' EL.i.'..g. . . . ..-.-QE.. M.-.. .: 'W fy K-29 ig., . X VK ., 5 t ggi. L. wx fa? . . . . .. I ,X z W .V 714' in - A Br 3 i X . .3 , , - , .5 f ., ' ,Q .7 .K 1 ' e n ' , bw " '. if sv . , 3 ggi-f .We .K J- k 5, ..,., 9 X.. ,gy I Qi, 14 N .. on ry - ,.f,J..?,.. wa -f., e , V li S K aka Ji has .1 . ,fi as Q. if I I Q ff if . . 6 1 x 1 K k ...ef I va I x nv sf.- .dv .. ,.w.w.. ri 1 .1 . . . 5 .. Q. s k " X 1 R .. A . , Q "Q, ,,, O A .Af i f' N45 4 ,M A fa 3 i f A 5:3 ,,,- A , ,4-'R ,Ie '-H n 1 95" Y . Juniors Vicki A. Fields, Jonesboro Ana B. Files, Hunter Rickey C. Finley, Batesville David W. Fisher, Jonesboro Linda G. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Sandra J. Fisher, Jonesboro Wanda F. Fisher, Blytheville William E. Fisher, Paragould Mickey R. Flagg, Pocahontas Warren R. Flanagan, Charleston Elizabeth A. Flannigan, Monette Clifford Fletcher, Mount Pleasent James L. Fletcher, Mountain Grove, Mo. Lois Ann Floryanski, St. Louis, Mo. James H. Flynn, Little Rock Vicki L. Flynn, Ward Charley J. Foot, DeValls Bluff Colleen Ford, Jonesboro Rena J. Ford, Paragould Virginia A. Fortson, Trumann Michael R. Fortune, Jonesboro Shirley D. Foster, Paragould Terry L. Fowler, Blytheville David H. Fowlkes, Mount Vernon Harvey M. Franklin, Trumann Roger A. Franks, West Plains, Mo. John K. Fratesi, Altheimer Dinah F. Frazier, Osceola Jerry W. Freese, Hickory Ridge Anthony Carl Frein Jr., Brinkley Gary T. French, Delaplaine Robert E. Frey, Manila Linda J. Fridenberg, Rector Gary L. Friga, Willow Springs, Mo. Joan C. Frost, Marked Tree Sandra G. Fry, Piggott Ernest C. Frye, Memphis, Tenn. Joseph Darryl Fulgham, Blytheville William A. Fulkerson, Paragould Peggy S. Fuller, Garland, Tex. Gary D. Fulton, Lepanto Terry R. Gairhan, Trumann Bill W. Gaither, Benton Michael C. Gallegly, Newport Leslie N. Galloway, North Little Rock Jack B. Gammon, Jonesboro Edward E. Gann Jr., Alton, Mo. Jimmy V. Gann, Jonesboro Joan E. Gardner, Jonesboro Vicky F. Garman, Jacksonville William E. Garner, Camden Erma Jean Gates, West Memphis Michael L. Gauf, Caraway Billy R. Gay, Pocahontas Grady Frank Gennings, Jonesboro Marie A. George, Yaphank, N.Y. Sanda K. Gerdes, Jonesboro Janice R. German, Steele, Mo. Charlia S. Gibson, Bono Arcadio l.. Gil, Mexico City, Mex. Barbara A. Gilbert, Cabot Morris J. Gilbert, Cabot Beth Gill, Tyronza Gus D. Gill, Frenchmans Bayou Dennis R. Gillam, Jonesboro Barbara G. Gillenwater, Jonesboro Stephen L. Gipson, McCrory Donny J. Glenn, Jonesboro Deborah C. Goff, Blytheville Jerry L. Goforth, Jonesboro classes 325 Juniors Randy Golden, Walnut Ridge Stephen C. Golden, Jonesboro Josie M. Goodman, Crawfordsville Mary Lee Goodwin, Doniphan, Mo. James R. Gore, Jonesboro Gary W. Gott, Jonesboro Jimmy J. Goza, Jonesboro Ann Grable, Portageville, Mo. Jerry M. Graham, Steele, Mo. Mike Graham, Pocahontas Mike L. Graham, Steele, Mo. Steve E. Gramling, Paragould Dennis E. Graves, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Charles M. Gray, El Dorado Linda Sue Gray, Lepanto David L. Green, Cave City Carlotta Greenberry, Blytheville Malcolm C. Greenway, Blytheville Melissa K. Gregory, Caraway Reta K. Gregory, Pocahontas Cheryl L. Griffin, Lexa Grant G. Griffin II, Star City Janet M. Griffin, King George, Va. Joe D. Griffin, Jonesboro Pamela J. Griffin, Jonesboro Pauline Dianne Griffith, Ravenden Springs Doug W. Gross, North Little Rock James M. Grover, Des Moines, Iowa Earl W. Gunn, Jonesboro Ronnie D. Guthrie, Trumann Larry W. Gwaltney, Jonesboro Jack F. Gwin, Sheridan Patrick H. Hackman, Letona Mohsen Hajarian, Iran Mary K. Holbert, Palestine Michael J. Hale, Cherokee Village Dennis E. Hall, Jonesboro Frankie Hall, Delaplaine Glenn W. Hall, Marvell Yvonne J. Hall, Blytheville Edward J. Hamilton, Paragould Thomas L. Hancock, Jonesboro Donald A. Haney, Ozark, Ala. Timothy L. Hannah, Lepanto Jack R. Hansen, Cherokee Village Jeffrey J. Harbison, Granite City, Ill. Jann C. Hardesty, Caruthersville, Mo. Roscoe J. Hardiman, Wynne Fred Hargett Jr., Nettleton Bruce O. Harlan, Jonesboro John F. Harlow, Piedmont, Mo. James H. Harmon Jr., Jonesboro Jimmy D. Harmon, Hardy Ellen Harper, Pine Bluff Jimmy T. Harrell, Monette Peter W. Harrington, Boston, Mass. Edward L. Harris, Raymondville, Tex. Missy A. Harris, Salem Rodney D. Harris, Gideon, Mo. Sidney F. Harris Jr., Corning Willie Harold Harris, Monticello, Miss. Leslie W. Hart, Osceola Rick Hart, Jonesboro Bonnie S. Harvey, Rochelle, Ill. Raymon B. Harvey, El Dorado Tommy L. Harvey, Swifton Stephen A. Hatch, Caruthersville, Mo. Martha A. Hatley, Marked Tree Connie L. Hatman, Pocahontas Larry W. Hawkins, Cabot 326 classes 7 if D r 'E .,,,, it .,. ."" s, 2 I .iv if 3 fri. 1 r sw? v x X K .X .. X J L Y -M , . W ff f' SQ J 1-r 53' 4r-- ' 5 t Q, 'J .. if S am, l A. 1 "wa A H un., K' I it - . 3. x Kia n. :ML :ii T3 M . 2 SQ Juniors Ruby I. Hawley, Marmaduke Pamela L. Hayes, West Plains, Mo. Ronald K. Hayes, Portageville, Mo. Clark L. Haynes, Brinkley Michael Haynes, Imboden Larry C. Hays, Wilson Willis S. Head, Memphis, Tenn. Garry D. Heath, West Memphis Carl J. Heckmann, Harrisburg Sharon R. Heeb, Harrisburg Murphy D. Heird, Jonesboro David W. Henderson, Blytheville Garnetta S. Hendrickson, Jonesboro Gary L. Hendrickson, Jonesboro Melba L. Hendrickson, Bradford Brenda J. Hendrix, Beebe Alice J. Henry, Paragould Jake E. Henry Jr., Walnut Ridge Mona K. Henry, Dell Carolyn M. Herring, Hot Springs Andrea R. Hicks, England Glenn W. Hicks, West Memphis Bobby E. Higginbottom, Hardy Letha K. Higgins, Brookland Lowell B. Hightower, Sidney Rosa L. Hilding, Success Donna E. Hill, Hardy Gary S. Hill, McCrory Stanley W. Hill, Jonesboro Ruth A. Hillis, Marmaduke George G. Hinds, Jonesboro Michael D. Hinrichs, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Loren M. Hitchcock, Batesville Wallace B. Hobson, Jonesboro Robert E. Hodge II, Paragould Debra L. Hodges, Jonesboro Albert L. Hoggard, Portageville, Mo. Deborah A. Hoggard, Portageville, Mo. Barbara N. Hogue, Pine Bluff Bruce H. Holbrook, Arkadelphia David H. Holcomb, Paragould Michael W. Holder, Walnut Ridge Rick C. Holder, McCrory Jay D. Holland, Little Rock Joe Julius Hollimon, Trumann Richard E. Holman, Cash Tricia Holmberg, Jonesboro Terry L. Holmes, Blytheville Marion Holt, Phoenix, Ariz. Mike L. Hook, Lake City Maurice J. Hopkins, Helena Judith A. Horner, Rector John L. Horton, Turrell William L. Hosford, Marked Tree Larry D. Hosman, Marked Tree Terry D. Hout, Monette Jimmy M. Howard, Helena John D. Howard, Walnut Ridge Ronald Wayne Howard, Paragould Sharmon L. Hubbard, Harrisburg Raymond Huckaba, Palestine Pamela F. Huddleston, Jonesboro Jack S. Hudson, Jonesboro Martha L. Hudson, Jonesboro Rebecca Ann Hudson, West Memphis Thomas G. Hudson, DeWitt Kerry D. Hueter, Warm Springs James A. Huggins, Paragould Olanda A. Hughes, Williford Paul D. Human, Blytheville classes 327 Juniors Lari P. Hunt, Blytheville Carol J. Hunter, Paragould James T. Hunter, Windsor, N.C. Paula A. Hurst, Beaver, Pa. Johnny L. Hutchison, Trumann Kerry A. Huxtable, West Memphis Judith Gail Hyde, Jonesboro David A. Ingram, North Little Rock Thomas I. Jaber, Natchez, Miss. Ella L. Jackson, Yellville Lana C. Jackson, Jonesboro Myron Keith Jackson, Paragould Scott Jackson Jr., Yellville Lee O. Jamerson, Marked Tree Alphonso James, Helena Donald L. James, Searcy Joe D. James, Pocahontas Jon Britt James, Corning Kathryn E. James, Pine Bluff Travis A. James, Poplar Grove Deborah S. Jeffery, Franklin Stanley H. Jemerson, Jackson, Miss. Bradley A. Jenkins, Hudson, Mass. John W. Jenkins, Sudbury, Canada Ronald L. Jenkins, Batesville Susan Jennings, Trumann Rita J. Jernigan, Paragould Kenneth G. Jessup, Stuttgart Robert V. Johns, Hot Springs Beverly A. Johnson, Heber Springs Demetrys A. Johnson, Helena Garry M. Johnson, Paragould John H. Johnson, Leachville Judy L. Johnson, Rector Randall B. Johnson, Jonesboro Ronnie R. Johnson, Tyronza Tommy N. Johnson, Caruthersville, Mo. Walter T. Johnson, Brinkley Lisa J. Jolly, Jonesboro Betty V. Jones, Forrest City Catherine Jones, Jonesboro Freddy B. Jones, Jonesboro James Steven Jones, McCrory Ken E. Jones, Bridgeton, Mo. Paula C. Jones, Walnut Ridge Phyllis P. Jones, Pocahontas Ray A. Jones, Wheatley Robbie A. Jones, Jonesboro Samuel B. Jones, Wilson William L. Jones, Jonesboro Greg R. Jordan, Norfolk, Va. George A. Kaloghirou, Cyprus Regina M. Kammeyer, Bald Knob Chris Kariya, Jonesboro Arnold R. Kaut, Jonesboro Sandra K. Kee, Jonesboro Gayle Kelley, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Andrew J. Kelly, Crazy Acres Gary L. Kemp, Jonesboro Karen S. Kemp, Jonesboro Len Kemp, Mountain Home Sharon L. Kemp, West Helena Gregory H. Kemper, Mount Vernon Eunice C. Kendrick, Little Rock Eamo B. Kennedy, Bradford Steve A. Kent, Jonesboro Paul Killian, Mountain Home Betsy A. King, Calico Rock Homer King Jr., St. Louis, Mo. Deborah L. Kious, Lancaster, Calif. 328-classes I - ,M ' W' 101-055' ll . has 1 as 1 x.. ml W Q M.. 3 w , , . iiruywf l N ' x . ' v. .1 if fr . ' rg? . tm, n fa, ,, ' ff c ,yt ffm. te.. s 4 X' 7 51 A Lg ,b . Y if .. K-Q., x V Fifi' .I 5 r li 6 girl - X ress i -I 13181 -1. fff-f , 1 A X- 1 0 ff' 'fi X M gi sw A 3 ...Q - 64 3 A f . ll ' my v: -1 3 .. .I . , YE, .., ,gi L .g A -. " at " ' - W Q .. 3 f . X 'firflbb ' ' f- 7 2 Z ,fx ri Hx'- M- 1. g ' , . . . :rp m ' 5 e ':v:s:w..Q ' P '- .alibi ' I ..k,,' ' , ,, . -an A V fs- .f ' i . f . 'flex , A , ,.. lf , x ,YQ If j ff! , X X4 ,.. N . .. K Hug- , f .. . If 4 .111 5 1' - .., . K ' 'Llp 55 A if X 2 ' ggi .B+ Q . H 5 552 522 f g f ,Vx I 'K " iiiilfei 51131. : ::',55x f'f. ,", 7 .,.. u ' J -1' EU . . . ' "1" ' . " if .e-e fs is , . 2 ' ' ,Q iii' Z " , :- 2 ,H ' .- Ti 2:4 . ? Y "XA 5 9 ng. - 'ee . , 4 4' 'C ' ' 5 ' 'if , . L . 752' . 'se' ig. ,KH " :..,j:.g.2- -K f ' F f al Ev - , ,, ', f .e , .us A ,I V :uf ,ryy ,fm If V " .., . ,. , 'H . 5 4: .ata . 'A '1 K ' .. is , , . A . . , r 1 'V - ' M V A f --.11-f .. ...,,V - . .. . . I Y . g f' 5 Half' . ""Y,Q'1, " fw - ,J Y- HW . -,ar , Us . . V-. . K 2 Q 1 W , st 1 W A ,. M .qt i f' ' ,. i Qs t 'S MMS C W p . Mkt, if. 'Q ., , G 3 , i R - 1 " 5 . ' si Z1 an E, W.. . 2? R .. . 1 - +1 a .I A 4 Q ,Q KL 9 Q- , f 45 fd it 'ug' , 'ii 5 .iii ff Sox ...,, 1 fi? , W , flea -N R31 M . , . A Us Ji if Ma? A . I' Ax iv . 33" V. V, R f A ,, x My Q x . - - . . 4, V ff? , gf 8 3 .1 1 1 X N Yu. . X x 9 . ,. if vi Q e or 3 V: . Ll' if ' NJ f .sf We V . Kkky .. ,. E ,Q V ,sq-was xi . A . g Qi, Q . if fZ ? A . ,a - ': if Q I 'WJ 2, x 2 E ' ix Q -Q 1 i ,E I l f oe- if QA a ' 1 X N ., of ,.,, 1 F 1 X .QB Sf 1,3 M J I Rial ls. as i , , Q Kp, fm . fl . 5 f 1 , . .1 5' 7 . 45 Q 1" 1 - WY., X U 3 i ' JR x fi km fs N, 15.1, , . gig Juniors Sharon K. Kirksey, Hoxie Larry D. Kissee, Mammoth Spring Roger W. Klein, Jonesboro William J. Klutho, St. Louis, Mo. Larry D. Knapp, Elaine Goldie M. Knappenberger, Evening Shade Jean A. Koppenhaver, Alton, Ill. Nancy M. Kramer, Batesville Larry W. Krenzelok, Hot Springs Anake Kunthorn, Bangkok, Thailand Sharon G. Lamar, Marvell Tommy J. Landers, West Memphis William L. Landreth, Traskwood Michael B. Lands, Light Richard L. Lane, Lake City Susan S. Lane, Walnut Ridge Michael A. Langevin, Jonesboro Ruthann Lantz, Strawlwrrv Alan L. Latourette, Jonesboro Jackie R. Law, West Memphis Sharon E. Lawrence, Helena Steve Lawrence, Brinkley Tommy D. Lawrence, Swifton Robert Vance Lawson, Wynne Catherine Lear, St. Albans, Vt. Debbie G. Ledford, Steele, Mo. Nancy J. Ledgerwood, West Plains, Mo. Carolyn J. Lee, Marianna John E. Lee, Pine Bluff Robert M. Lee, Mountain Home William E. Lee, Damascus Brenda S. Lemmons, Paragould John D. Lendennie, Blytheville Laura G. Lessig, Emmet Kelly D. Lewallen, Corning John L. Lewis, Jonesboro Patsy A. Lewis, West Helena Ruthie Lewis, Walnut Ridge Raymond E. Liddell, Paragould Rita E. Liddell, Paragould David A. Limpach, Jonesboro Robert M. Lindley, Jonesboro Charlotte S. Lindsey, Harrisburg Cynthia A. Linn, Madison Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, Minturn Jimmy Lisko, Slovak Carol S. Little, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Pat L. Long, Cherokee Village Woodrow W. Long Jr., Amagon George E. Losak, Hazen Barbara L. Lovell, Marked Tree Rebecca L. Lueken, Helena Johnny M. Lufcy, Jonesboro Joseph R. Luten, Little Rock Paul B. Lutterloh, Jonesboro Cynthia S. Lynch, Little Rock Jerry W. Lynch, Pocahontas Douglas Mack, Lancaster, Pa. Harold A. Madden, Beedeville Nina F. Maddox, Jonesboro Robert J. Maddox, Jonesboro George F. Mahan Jr., Paragould Harvey W. Maher, Pocahontas Michael J. Malham, Jonesboro John D. Manatt, Corning Pamela H. Manatt, Corning Richard L. Mann, Paragould Phillip M. Manry, Jonesboro Deborah A. Margrave, Little Rock Phyllis E. Mariott, Ravenden Springs classes .329 Juniors Philip T. Mark, Augusta Patricia L. Marr, Hickory Ridge Brent W. Martin, Blytheville Dale L. Martin, Newport James M. Martin, Godfrey, Ill. Kathi B. Martin, Paragould Michael G. Martin, Hot Springs Teresa Kay Martin, Wynne William P. Massey, Jonesboro Phillip W. Matthews, Monette William W. Matthews, Newport Jimmy W. Mauldin, Marion Glenna A. McBride, Brinkley Louise McClure, Mountain Home Margaret E. McClure, Mount Vernon, Ill. James S. McCluskey, Rector Christy L. McCormick, Conway Harvey L. McCoy, Leachville Shirley A. McCoy, Newport Richard T. McCright, Jonesboro Denise K. McDaniel, Jonesboro Vincent D. McGarry, Walnut Ridge Judy McGee, Harrisburg Sonja K. McGough, Jonesboro Merle S. McGruder, Heth Michael L. McGuire, Cherry Valley John M. McHaffey, Greenway Michael C. McKinney, El Dorado Ruby J. McKisick, Forrest City Dee L. McLarty, Jonesboro Timothy R. McLester, Paragould Myra K. McMullin, Harrisburg Robin S. McMullin, Pocahontas Jerry S. McNeely, Blytheville Phillip E. McNeill, Pine Bluff Martha Joan McNutt, Walnut Ridge Norman S. McPike, Jonesboro Larry W. McQuirter, West Memphis Claudia M. McRaven, Jonesboro Vicki L. Mead, Jonesboro Judy E. Meadows, Jonesboro Daniel L. Medlock, Jonesboro Ronald W. Metz, Little Rock Henry F. Metzler III John Marc Metzler Steve R. Metzler, Malcolm W. Miles Jonesboro Jonesboro Jonesboro Jonesboro Susan R. Miles, Hot Springs John E. Miller, Little Rock Paul D. Miller, Cotton Plant Rosanne Miller, Jonesboro Sharon A. Miller, Jonesboro Stephen J. Miller, Melbourne William M. Miller, Jonesboro Ronald D. Milligan, Strawberry Judith K. Mitchell, Kennett, Mo. Ken H. Mitchell, Plantersville, Miss. Randal H. Mitchell, Jonesboro Sandra Gail Mitts, Swifton Dennis R. Molock, Stuttgart George T. Monroe, Paragould Debora D. Montgomery, Caruthersville, Mo. Diane E. Montgomery, Lake City James T. Montgomery, Forrest City Robert Joseph Montgomery, Wichita, Kan. Ernest C. Monts, Little Rock Donna K. Moody, Blytheville Jerry D. Mooney, Mountain Home Charles R. Moore, North Little Rock Donnie L. Moore, West Memphis 330-classes YQ J' B at yu, .. fc., 'K .1 5, '- X -1 A .31 . I.. A , , , , Q . ni . r A 71' - gag-JY. A . .,..... V -I "E:::f::' I L K 4, Y 151 , .f :J , . ' X ...fp ' .r is 334 . .. ...J 1 fam: K 'aaf5EFiS.:5T" sf. .l"", '- .. ,,. .W . ,A if X.. Sm 5 .M . sa Q5 X ,rf 1' 'fy . 25 Q 45, 'QB Fkgfsiliie. C H X , . J 3 + ,Q l 1" W' v f 1. .- 5 ,,. ,yu ..,A , Q? ,Q a ,R Q. , if ' ,V ' -11.2 eo H, . .. . 21. 1 X J' X r- Wg . Q. K 0 if 5,551 . M 1. . I '55 1 ix ' . ' 'fa W 'fr ,Ze is K' sl 3 'Ur ,Q . 4, , , . J? . f f Y' 3, .H . A riff . ,fm -vi' . . if ' if D' ' 1' ' J I' W.. Q p 'ff,g1gs.. - Z. if S I 2 .. ' ' 'M A - ' il , FE X wa f . nf 5 JE A Q ., , H . , , - - - --.,.. . . k i xx ' , ' if! . eil: X..:.7-.. ii . an Juniors Gregory D. Moore, Batesville John M. Moore, Memphis, Tenn. Louise Moore, Paragould Louis Morales, Jonesboro Carolyn E. Morgan, Marked Tree Deborah L. Morgan, Jonesboro Edward C. Morgan, West Memphis Glenda K. Morgan, Lepanto Kathy Morgan, Forrest City Sammy L. Morgan, Newport Ronald D. Morris, Manila Ronald E. Morris, Jonesboro Thomas C. Morris, Corning Burnie L. Mosby, Little Rock Sheilah S. Moser, Mount Pleasant John P. Moses, Mounds, Ill. William C. Mosley, North Little Rock Beth Moss, Stuttgart Mehdi Mostafavi, Iran Jerry R. Muckensturm, Belleville, Ill. Patricia K. Mulligan, Corning Mark E. Murphy, Brookland Ronald D. Murphy, Paragould Ken S. Murray, Little Rock Michael C. Naekel, Dell Kurt L. Neal, Caldwell, Kan. Micheal R. Neal, Lepanto Molly M. Nebhut, Blytheville Kerry J. Neely, Osceola Catherine R. Nelson, El Dorado Reita L. Nettles, Beebe Lynda A. Newberry, Beech Grove Charles E. Newman Jr., Letona James R. Newsom, Marmaduke Mary K. Newsom, Pocahontas Linda B. Newsome, Helena Craig H. Nichols, Little Rock Johnny Nichols, Clarendon Jamie J. Nicholson, Newport Fred E. Nimmo III, North Little Rock Richard A. Nobles, Stuttgart Davie L. Noles, West Memphis Jana L. Noles, West Memphis Michael L. Norman, Brinkley Paul E. Norrid, Holland, Mo. Neshe E. North, Jonesboro Debbie M. Nowlin, Earle Donald Nunnally, Tyronza Ronald Nunnally, Tyronza Albert O'Bryant, Fort Valley, Ga. Robert E. O'Kane, Osceola Judy A. Oliver, Salem Mickey W. Oliver, Salem Westley Oliver, West Helena Dana S. Olvey, Pocahontas Randle L. Overbey, Lepanto Karen Kelly Owen, Marmaduke Hollis L. Owens, Jacksonville, Fla. Oscar T. Owens, Wynne Judith A. Ozbirn, Jonesboro Richard L. Pace, Black Oak Melvin J. Palmer, Kennett, Mo. Ronald Garry Palmer, Jonesboro William L. Panneck, Jonesboro Shirley F. Parker, Dyess Victoria E. Parker, Reynolds, Mo. Stanley R. Parks, Blytheville Shirley D. Pattin, Pocahontas Antonio F. Patton, Wichita, Kan. Rebecca L. Peacock, Stuttgart classes 331 Juniors Mary M. Peel, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Cecilia R. Penney, Helena Clyde D. Perry, Blytheville Robert G. Perryman, Henderson Jennifer S. Peters, Jonesboro Joseph A. Peters, Newport Annette C. Pettit, Jonesboro Barry G. Phillips, Marion Deborah A. Phillips, Walnut Ridge Gary D. Phillips, Flippin Robert V. Philpot, Campbell, Mo. Richard L. Pierce, Novi, Mich. Rose M. Pierceall, Brookland Paul Pierron, Wynne Charles L. Pigg, Grubbs Timmy M. Pipkins, Judsonia Gary E. Pitts, Mountain Home Steven S. Pollack, Stuttgart Randall E. Pope, Bono Susan L. Pope, Kansas City, Mo. Brenda J. Poppe, Rector Deborah A. Porbeck, Jonesboro Linda Jo Powers, West Memphis Harold A. Pratt, Hoxie Lynda K. Pratt, Forrest City Karla J. Presson, Marmaduke Rosanna Prestidge, Tyronza Elizabeth K. Price, Jonesboro John M. Priday, Fredericktown, Mo. Billy R. Prince, Harrisburg Cynthia S. Prince, Portsmouth, Va. Danny G. Prince, Jonesboro James L. Prince, Jonesboro James B. Pruitt, Viola Kerry G. Ragins, Blytheville Rickey T. Ramsey, Manila Tim M. Rand, Paragould Carolyn A. Rankin, Jonesboro Ka' n R. Rankin, Paragould '1 srry L. Rapert, Maynard Linda J. Ray, Steele, Mo. Richard D. Reagan, Kennett, Mo. Linda Susan Reding, Jonesboro Jill R. Reed, Pocahontas Tom W. Reed, Leachville David F. Reese, Pine Bluff Malcholm Reese, Snow Lake Rita D. Reese, Jonesboro Sue Reeves, Monette Pat N. Reeves, Nashville David P. Reid, Wynne John L. Reid, Jonesboro Bryan D. Reuteler, Jonesboro Helen K. Reynolds, Prescott Kimberly M. Reynolds, Bradford Lonnie Joe Reynolds, Glenwood Peggy L. Reynolds, Sheridan Rosamacia Reynolds, Paragould John P. Rhein, Stuttgart Cindy L. Richardson, Osceola Doris J. Richardson, Elaine Pamela M. Richardson, Pocahontas Nancy L. Richie, Little Rock Debra Ann Riley, West Memphis Richard L. Riley, Newport Danny G. Ring, Jonesboro Donna L. Ring, Blytheville Terri L. Roark, Jonesboro Charlene D. Robbins, Paragould Larry W. Roberson, Pleasant Plains 332-classes if A if W3 . if .,,l"J K. i . 4. tit 'L fs - - I - 4, ::a.:..' f o - v 1- fav ' . if . Q Jia . H xiii' . . .i . '7 P - f -Q ' V- ,wry .3, .,a ' . ,za f . .t . i at 3 , in L. H 1 is is - V X 'VILLA V. . V-ru. ' ' 5: fl WZ-it '- ' S3 ' T595 i ' . . . ,..,. .. Y' S 1 hm if x U ' if L i -, ,Q . '1 ' 8 , M- ' ""'JZ W Qt ef .,, , if . 'ff:. " -' t . F X ,, .. V, 'V- S-fi ft A . if ' 1 .-,,. . ., 1 ,s w-W S iii X 2 ,sag M 5 .,,. 3-,ii . A, ' QT' :ri K . H f'g.,,-V., V 3 . ,- , sa .4 r .-sewer' iff . ff rx 6. til -H' 5 .f 1, 3 ,, . ixattii h K gg. , ... :.:. tg 4 'rr Q 9 jg Hn- r ' 4 .f ? We QQ' A ' if if . .l l ,U-:A 'Xi' 3.2 gf - .5 V94 . f it 'S Q Vg.. ' . S . ,ga K 33, J Q21 ,. ,A .W 11 .af t s W .. Z ' fi' is uf if 3 is v . 5 -ff I, f rt 15 . 2 K ' fig, Q X141 5. Q' I ' -as . tw . 1. .J A ,. - ..,. S fv- ,M 1, fa x u - 3 .W - S mf 1 v , .. Q, , X 1 ii H we 1 K' K' Q WW I if ' . X if .we 6 1 s- ! RI i xt X L m e .M W X -,J 'W "ff I N -I ff- U2 ' f .. . - f .. V, - ,Q ,. . A . ' - --A 'M S' J - " ' 3532 , W Q- . J X . xg! ' - 9,2 "-ff x , ie M. . . .nf ' xl, -us "Q , . - I XIQVJN " - ' 1 3 V Q3 'Biff as . " gr, X 'N K 'I ix 2 , -,. x ' , r 1 i 'Q , My , il .Og f .. ,U as , -Q . -zf'-vaio 7 Ri ff ga .. t . 1 I , Q 4, f . X n X x 5 a . ,. I ! Q' x Q X X f ' G' .1 ,. ' N A 'xf-55vqg if, it 3 Mmm , g X is , 15 Rx 5' 1 1 at f an Lv .vi ff 5. Q -. 1,1 ' wiv J 1 W K fi, rf 'K 6' f if y -i' H S f f . ,gf , "Q ,W E FK s in . ,. X in if ' 'awww 2, .gy - sv s, nu ff " ' Q, I ' s Juniors Elizabeth A. Roberts, Jonesboro Jerry L. Roberts, Nettleton Judy K. Roberts, Paragould Sherry Y. Roberts, Lepanto Charles R. Robertson, Bono Dennis M. Robertson, West Memphis Elissa H. Robertson, Jonesboro John B. Robertson, Holcomb, Mo. Kay Robertson, Hot Springs William J. Robertson, El Dorado Cecil D. Robinson, Jonesboro John T. Robinson, Corning Dennis C. Robinson, Success Mary Evelyn Robinson, Augusta Kenny D. Rodgers, Paragould Gary L. Rogers, Marmaduke Joe Rogers, Piggott Richard H. Rogers, Earle Perry-E. Rollings, Paragould William K. Romines, Piggott John D. Rooker, Ravenden Kevin R. Rorick, Hot Springs Mary F. Ross, Marked Tree Mary Susan Ross, Forrest City John M. Rowland, Branson, Mo. Schuler B. Rowland, Marvell Jaquita L. Rowlett, Swifton James D. Rumble, West Memphis Robert P. Runyan, McGehee Deborah L. Rushing, Monticello John L. Rushing, Pine Bluff James E. Russ, Cave City Robert E. Ryder, Santa Cruz, Calif. Cullen L. Samford, Steele, Mo. Joyce L. Sammons, Jonesboro Danny B. Sample, Ash Flat Melissa J. Sample, Kennett, Mo. Arnie L. Sanders, Bald Knob Donna M. Sanders, Jonesboro Gary L. Sanders, Jonesboro James Henry Sanders, Jonesboro Ruby D. Sanders, Lepanto Jenny L. Sandlin, Pocahontas Charles R. Sands, Rolla, Mo. Loretta M. Sansom, Jonesboro Don W. Scaife, West Helena Noel W. Schaffer, Malden, Mo. Brent H. Schlesier, Brinkley Faith Schmidt, Blytheville Wayne F. Schmidt, Trumann Mike A. Schug, Paragould Brenda S. Scott, Mammoth Spring Floyd L. Scott, Forrest City Lesa L. Scott, Paragould Linda J. Scott, Bay Rose C. Scott, Marianna Martha J. Scroggs, Jonesboro Sharon K. Scroggs, Little Rock John J. Scurto, Vienna, Va. Paula S. Seats, Bloomfield, Mo. Mickey H. Seeman, Stuttgart Mary P. Senteney, Harrisburg Sandra K. Senter, Keiser Darrel D. Sexton, Jonesboro Debra A. Shaneyfelt, Blytheville Paula M. Shaneyfelt, Manila Sharon K. Shannon, Harrisburg Wright Shannon, Jonesboro Laurie T. Sharp, Forrest City Tince W. Sharp, Weiner classes 333 Juniors Walter P. Shepherd, Jonesboro James M. Sheppard, Little Rock Ralph A. Sheridan, Benton Mike D. Shirey, Hayti, Mo. William W. Shownes, Manila Grady D. Shropshire, Jonesboro Janet G. Shropshire, Jonesboro Brenda G. Sigmin, Blytheville Adred C. Siler, Bradford Douglas Simmons, Hickory Ridge John R. Simmons, Senath, Mo. Karen Sue Simmons, West Helena Ralph E. Simmons, Rector Roger D. Simpson, Pocahontas Sandy R. Simpson, Rector Susan A. Simpson, Covington, Ind. Glen S. Sims, Jonesboro Randy R. Sims, Dardanelle Charles R. Singleton, Cherry Valley John D. Singleton, Clarendon Carla Sue Singley, Pocahontas Steve M. Skinner, Kennett, Mo. Robert M. Slabaugh, Parkin Gary D. Slaton, Wilson Sakae Slatton, Trumann Katherine Clay Sloan, Jonesboro Patti M. Sloan, Little Rock James W. Smalley, Corning John W. Smalling, Paragould Greg D. Smelser, North Little Rock Alan B. Smith, Strawberry Cathy M. Smith, Mount Vernon, Ill. Charlotte A. Smith, Lepanto David B. Smith, Bradford Dorothy A. Smith, Marion Gary M. Smith, Jonesboro James M. Smith, Keiser Janis Irene Smith, Moro Jerell L. Smith, West Plains, Mo. John Mark Smith, Jonesboro Karen A. Smith, Jonesboro Kerry L. Smith, North Little Rock Larry A. Smith, McCrory Lee A. Smith, Swift, Mo. Michael L. Smith, Batesville Rebecca L. Smith, Jonesboro Rodney M. Smith, Black Rock Roz A. Smith, Jonesboro Sarah B. Smith, Wynne Steven 0. Smith, Dyess Thomas R. Smith, Jonesboro Wayne Smith, McRae Patricia L. Snell, West Memphis Lynn P. Snow, Walnut Ridge Lois Ann Sorenson, Milwaukee, Wisc. Kenneth R. Sorrels, O'Fallon, Ill. Linda T. Speer, Jonesboro Billy L. Spence, Austin Bonnie Sue Spencer, Paragould Kenneth W. Spencer, Pocahontas Rod J. Spinks, Knobel Dona G. Stacks, Little Rock Thomas E. Stalcup, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Standefer, Jonesboro Scott W. Standley, Fredericktown, Mo. John K. Stark, Cherry Valley Patti D. Starr, Smithville Billie E. Steinkamp, Caraway David H. Stephenson, West Memphis James P. Stevenson, Jonesboro 334-classes -was me . A ., .ifliiiit 2214 ff, is ' - 53. , I 'aw , X iii? 55 st I AIG Ai WP .F 4 ,W if .f' JSM. 4, Q 4 wi' 2 X 'Sa ' J 1 is X , 5332 . ami. H' , Ml 1 . , Q 11 -1-.wfffsm fi- ,egg . was , s. 4 I Y . I 4..- W ggi' rgsfqfi ' Q WHQW 32 iz J a ' an ... .4 4 I Nf l 'fi ng.. 2' 5 ' 'ii' k . 3 a x Q V wx .r iw, at 6 1: 4 i . ' A L , .. ,aa 'Q it SV, K W . aa .s,. Y- ' . Q . .Z I .. .1 , fdy, .,,L ,, , , , K QW ': -- ff , , 1 , gi K e .rag ' ...Pi 4- My '14 +'AIQx-7+ w . L - 56' f iN f ur. : 'nf :agree v ...- f'l N 1 O F Fa iwi'-in :i'C:: -N 3' RQ -. Q? ai? .:m:.,i In Q I ' E., LW , X gfsalva , Q, V, gi :I Q .xx Q XX V,,.. .. K .. dh a "i 1. Ag, se ' 'M' , ff 1, S 1 me -an , W- .2 ., .- 1 a M s 5 iii Q2-M ,K we f is fc M ma . ' f-A :inf ' 1 .. ' 'eg an f -- . : ws? - P!! , J .W-a ., .... , ..,-. 2- .5-.-ig. . .. .,..,,,AK .. tk , . .:,., .Q X as , .. 5 a ' ,. ,B , , ..,. 1 is use .ell i .. . o F if .9 a 2 ails? fiapk. f a s 2. ... N 4 5 it i A H 43 4. . 4 Z ' W I -asf. "1" ' ., - " ' 5 5 I Is? - ,wi 'B A, A ,gsx .QEIV dff2ff.W5 52 E,, ,, , H ,.,, , , " I ii ' is Q e ,. 'E '- ' -f I .. . - . ...i vi- t . , . l . X 1' , ' s H8 fi 2'!.2f.ff5-3 l , I ,-.. Q N1 as 4 F 53322 .. 3 1,?1+ ,. 3 1573 'fi S 7 is ... 5 4,5 ww, l . ' , it H J . , U s rv, X . t T- ' K 141 y w xr. A '-" Q i' if '- 7f43.i',i2:.' E xsisw is Juniors Diana M. Stewart, Osceola Jerry A. Stewart, Wilson Jo N. Stiles, Blytheville Judith L. Stogsdill, Black Oak Charles R. Stone, Jonesboro Dean B. Stover, Richmond, Va. Yvonne C. Strachan, Kingston, Jamaica John W. Street, Jonesboro Jean Stricklin, Harrisburg Rickey A. Stubbs, Blytheville Shari D. Sturch, Batesville David W. Suiter, West Memphis William P. Sullens, Hoxie Jimmy Dave Sullivan, Lonoke Marsha G. Surbaugh, Jonesboro Gary W. Surles, Pocahontas William K. Surratt, Tupelo, Miss. Cecil W. Sutterfield, Newport Deena Joy Sutton, Blytheville Joy L. Swanson, McCrory Danny M. Swindle, Parkin David V. Tackett, Dayton, Ohio Jeannie A. Talburt, Heber Springs Debra G. Tarkington, Wardell, Mo. Fran W. Tarvin, Bald Knob Vaughn L. Tate, Newport Jim H. Taylor, North Little Rock Patricia D. Taylor, Starkville, Miss. Thomas F. Taylor, Gobler, Mo. Van M. Taylor, Piggott Dianne Teague, Marked Tree Robert P. Teal, Mayflower Charles Tennison, Pocahontas Ada L. Terry, Trumann Karen L. Thiel, Paragould Janieca A. Thielemier, Pocahontas Carl D. Thomas, Pine Bluff Catherine L. Thomas, Forrest City John M. Thomas, Lake City Julia E. Thomas, Cotter Gary W. Thomen, Delaplaine Hal H. Thompson, Paragould James A. Thompson, Rector James M. Thompson, Mountain Home Larry W. Thompson, Swifton Ronald P. Thompson, Parkin William C. Thompson, Jonesboro Edra N. Thurmond, Paragould Jeffery L. Tiefenauer, Desloge, Mo. Tex Tillery, Lake Hamilton Sherlita N. Tinsley, Marmaduke Mark R. Tisdale, Malvern Jarriett M. Tolbert, Bono Phillip D. Toombs, Piggott Mike D. Trantham, Bay Carolyn M. Trask, West Memphis Joseph H. Treadway, Newport Twilla M. Treece, Paragould Helen R. Triplett, Kensett Terry N. Tripp, Heber Springs Grace A. Troutman, Jonesboro Glenn T. Tullis, El Dorado Henry L. Turner, Newport Larry Doyle Turner, Paragould Larry E. Turner, Jonesboro Nancy E. Turner, Naylor, Mo. Nell L. Turpin, Moro Winston Turpin Jr., Pine Bluff Debra A. Tyler, Little Rock Jerry Unser, Decatur, Ill. classes 335 Juniors Murlon L. Utley, Steele, Mo. James Carey Vandiver, Forrest City Marsha E. Vansandt, DeWitt Nickie J. Veach, Manila Addelyn L. Via, Senath, Mo. Wayne Vickery, Pocahontas Joe A. Vojcik, Blytheville Jan D. Voyles, Parkin James E. Waddell, Lonoke Clotis H. Wafford, Osceola Connie J. Walker, Marked Tree John S. Walker, Marked Tree Scott D. Walker, Fayetteville Daniel H. Wallace, Jonesboro Emerson S. Wallace, Kennett, Mo. Michael S. Wallace, Jonesboro Bilbrey J. Wallis, Smithville Fred Walpole, Kennett, Mo. Diane J. Walter, Hoxie Charles D. Walters, St. Louis, Mo. Aubrey J. Ward, Success Dane Ward, Pine Bluff Danny R. Ward, Augusta David C. Ward, Jonesboro Jackie W. Ward, Calico Rock Melissa C. Ward, Bellevue, Neb. Cathy K. Warkentin, Greenway Chanda Watkins, West Memphis Michael R. Watson, Pangburn Deby K. Waymon, Pocahontas Darla Wealand, Doniphan, Mo. Dan C. Weathersby, Smackover Mary S. Weaver, West Plains, Mo. Rocky G. Weaver, Newark Rosemary Weaver, Cherokee Village David A. Webb, Blytheville Melanie E. Webb, Helena Ronny W. Webb, Helena Walter A. Webb, Blytheville Lon G. Webber, Searcy Larry C. Weeks, Hoxie Elzie L. Welker, Leachville David R. Wellman, Pocahontas Danny L. Wells, Greenway Sandra L. Wells, Manila James E. West, Kennett, Mo. Thomas E. West, Newport Robert W. Westbrook, Blytheville Tony G. Weston, Jonesboro Thomas H. Wheeler, Marion Dona K. White, Helena Ernestine White, West Memphis Frederick C. White, Gatewood, Mo. Jimmy 0. White, Jonesboro Lynn White, Vilonia Michael L. White, Manila Sandra F. White, Hazen Timothy J. White, West Memphis William H. White, West Memphis Wilson H. White, West Memphis Michelle A. Whitehead, Jonesboro Bruce H. Whitley Waltonville, Ill. Freddie Whitlock, West Memphis Jesse W. Whitmire, Jonesboro Donald S. Whitney, Osceola Harry L. Whitted, Osceola Gaylord H. Widner, Fort Wayne, Ind. Jim D. Wiens, Forrest City Kathy S. Wiggins, Newport Frederick W. Wiktorek, Naylor, Mo. 336 classes ,. M., ig ww f , 'W SQWQ f fs 7 .. .. ., 105249 .QQ ! f ' 0 Ui w ' ' 5 i 1 1, , .ia fy , y Q Wt '- ' ,fm-s.e V 5 5 - 144 mais M , 1,3 . , Y, , .. ,. , ., ..., 4, ,, , H ..,V v ff . -, wa 2 ' ' ,, 4" Lf 'M -, L. '. .H sap "cf . ,Lo . ' fi is were Q T '- 'L' " 3' 9 swf' - 5 i1.'. Wt .i N fi 1 'w.Q9Ha.f.fw2:c ' ie. Lf 2 -ft - ' - - """' , . ,iczh W'k.f' N M "3.Z'ff"i'f W' 53.5551 , , ,.,,,,. . " , 1' .- 15 nj fears, , ,, " it - QR ' . -. K 'D Qi' if . 'A I X A J Z . Q-A id 0 .S il K .Z arf - . 3 np - mi W 3, if 1 7 5 il W W get 3 3 - 4. . f' P21552 If 5 LN'-. Q -1, aw ,ww 5 t. WL .., 51,4 , ...f 4 ,E Q, 1 4.5 Mx R .W ,s.,,3,,g:5.3,:,5,..- A P w,.,,,gw f ..,,,.,?.,,.. - ., ..,., . ' ,ff ,K -' 12... E X, Lf fi' , if g f 6 'E Q X o f:i 'i, Z . .. rl G. I --A ,. in E?"-.,g, 127 vii wif - . If -:af 'i-f.:i.Ar5. flea: if , K ,, ,,.. E 3 FR , .faiflw ' - i' 'f1'Z7?i - 'ir K 3 Q 1,. 4, Q i x s I Juniors Billy R. Wilcox, Jonesboro Edith M. Wilford, Black Rock Douglas C. Wilkerson, Vanndale Sarita S. Wilkins, Mountain Home Thomas A. Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo. Henry A. Wilks, Brinkley Mary Jo Willcockson, Cherokee Village Bill Williams, Walnut Ridge Catherine Williams, Parkin Charles K. Williams, Manila Dwight M. Williams, Paragould Glynda D. Williams, Horseshoe Bend J. H. Williams, Little Rock Kiven M. Williams, Gobler, Mo. Mary J. Williams, Newport Michael D. Williams, Jonesboro Norma S. Williams, Lepanto Phillip D. Williams, Paragould Steve B. Williams, Bono Tommie June Williams, Hughes Beverly Willis, Marianna Robert L. Willis, Marianna Albert S. Wilson, Jonesboro Basil O. Wilson, Kingston, Jamaica Frances Irene Wilson, Jonesboro Gary L. Wilson, Jonesboro Harold Lee Wilson, Batesville James David Wilson, Little Rock Mary H. Wilson, West Memphis Gary L. Winfrey, Forrest City Stanley Winfrey, Forrest City Lynn Winningham, Walnut Ridge Vickie L. Wisdom, McRae Terry L. Wixson, Fisher Zack N. Womack, Henderson, Ky. James A. Wood, Campbell, Mo. Mary Jo Wood, Parkin Randy G. Woodard, Kennett, Mo. Tim C. Woodruff, Jonesboro Bobby D. Woodrum, Harrisburg Michael R. Woodside, Paragould Richard Wooldridge, St. Louis, Mo. Jeanette K. Woolf, Little Rock Larry D. Woolman, Batesville Michael D. Wooten, Marianna Nancy R. Workman, Fayetteville John R. Worlund, Blytheville Daniel L. Wray, Fredericktown, Mo. James D. Wright, Trumann Ronnie G. Wynne, Mount Vernon, Mo. Carolyn S. York, Jonesboro Pamela G. York, Judsonia Anna Marie Young, Wynne Linda S. Young, New Madrid, Mo. Robert W. Zenanko, Little Rock Larry M. Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro Karen S. Zirbel, Waldenburg Tina A. Zirbel, Waldenburg classes 337 S ophomores Saeed Abedzadeh, Tehran, Iran Pamela K. Abernathy, Campbell, Mo. Gary A. Adams, Arnold, Mo. James C. Adams, Paragould John F. Adams, Hardy Sandra F. Adams, West Memphis Sharon O. Adams, Batesville Richard L. Adamson, Jonesboro Robert K. Adkins, Jonesboro Claire F. Akins, Wynne Don G. Albright, Harrisburg David K. Alderson, Stuttgart Andy F. Allen, Wynne Ashley E. Allen, Jonesboro 'Kimbrell M. Allen, Dyess Terry E. Allen, Wynne Scott Allison, Walnut Ridge Phillip R. Alston, Jonesboro Carl E. Anders, Harrisburg Harry B. Anderson, Lepanto John E. Anderson, Paragould Randal D. Anderson, Portland Helen L. Andrews, Texarkana, Tex. James K. Andrus, Marion Katie C. Apple, West Memphis Nelson E. Argo, DeValls Bluff Dennis K. Arnold, Corning Gary S. Arnold, Harrison Terry Arnold, Newport Oscar R. Ascurra, Jonesboro Walker A. Ashbrand, Portageville, Mo. Eddy A. Ashley, Monette Terri S. Atkinson, Blytheville Randall S. Atkison, Corning Robert E. Atwood, Paragould Bethany J. Austin, Paragould Wavey T. Austin Jr., Haynes Diana L. Baioni, Marion Tamara L. Baird, Altheimer Jo Baker, Wynne Joan Baker, North Little Rock Radius H. Baker, Rector Vicki L. Baker, Kennett, Mo. Nancy J. Baldridge, Paragould Sharon A. Bale, Little Rock Mary A. Balest, Little Rock Connie R. Ball, Jonesboro David M. Ball, Monette Danny M. Ballard, Beedeville David N. Ballard, Piggott Douglas A. Baltz, Pocahontas Jeanette M. Baltz, Pocahontas Melissa M. Banks, Hot Springs David Barker, North Little Rock Ramona L. Barker, Cane Hill Anita P. Barksdale, Jonesboro Pamela K. Barlow, Jonesboro Rodger M. Barrow, Light Anna M. Barry, Paragould Walter W. Barton, Keiser Barbara J. Bassford, Corning Barbara G. Batey, Pollard Ricky A. Batten, Paragould Leroy Battle, Tuckerman Brenda S. Battles, Little Rock Robert D. Baureis, Heber Springs David E. Beaird, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jammie L. Beaird, Sikeston, Mo. Marguerite Beard, Clarendon Paula A. Beasley, Jonesboro 338-classes 'Q'- we S , f av Q' js 1 K.,ix -,r -W f, Eiiafg 'K X: Q, ago ,win Zag 121 Maw! - V1 A -1 I.. vi 'Q ., . 'fag,,aa,,gaa- :..1...2'-. as 5 Wir "-J Q ' K 2 0 64 .ip- " : z w 55? g 2 . r li 2 at 3 , f 3 ' A ' N if-:J E . A , if, f ', 5',f x. 2 .. 2 .1 v W V 'S .Xi , 5. 0 . 6' . is ,i H Q JL - s .. !2 x X x ,, W ' , '-1:1 Q ts 1' ' " 23. I .Nr fr .VV Y. 'ir A sf? :1,.'I: , . 4 1 f bay, QSM 16 I ... , Q l A 5 Ki A Wd. . xi i f. xx mf Fx 5 1 .. sts-swwsfffv ' . S ophomores Glynn N. Beckman, Bernie, Mo. Paul L. Bednar, Jonesboro Mike P. Bell, Bassett Robert A. Belzung, Salem Charlotte L. Bennett, Stuttgart Connie A. Bennett, Pocahontas Deborah L. Benson, West Helena Judy G. Benson, Manila David M. Bettis, Little Rock William B. Betzner, Hazen Charles R. Beidwell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Susan G. Bierbaum, Jonesboro Gary A. Biggs, Paragould Pamela H. Billingsley, Leachville Sherry L. Bishoff, Leachville John S. Black, Blytheville Deborah G. Blackburn, Biggers Kenny L. Blackshear, Jonesboro Patricia E. Blaylock, Corning Roxanne Blaylock, Braggadocio, Mo. Dennis L. Bloodworth, Crawfordsville Harry M. Bloodworth, Paducah, Ky. John H. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Brenda C. Bobo, Ash Flat Bernard K. Bodell, Jonesboro Kathleen M. Boeckmann, Wynne Richard E. Boeckmann, Wynne Richard N. Bohne, Jonesboro Lon P. Bokker, West Memphis Oral E. Bolding Jr., Bald Knob Michael W. Boling, Jonesboro Ralph O. Boling, Jonesboro Sandra L. Bollinger, Malden, Mo. Ralph D. Bond, Jonesboro Frankie J. Boozer, Walnut Ridge Charlotte S. Bornhoft, Weiner Cora L. Bowe, Brinkley Gregory N. Bowman, Jonesboro Perry L. Boxx, Paragould Marla G. Bradford, Lepanto Kirk A. Brady, Success Roger D. Bramlett, Stuttgart Lynn L. Branch, Paragould Linda J. Brannon, Jonesboro Nancy C. Bratton, Williamsville, Mo. Nathaniel R. Brazwell, Newport Angie M. Brewer, Leachville Dennis L. Brewer, Jonesboro Linda J. Brewer, Pine Bluff Robert M. Brewer, Batesville Pamela S. Broadaway, Jonesboro James R. Brock, Jonesboro Mike L. Brooks, Jonesboro Teresa Brooks, Caraway Jack Brown Jr., Pine Bluff Marilyn Brown, Forrest City Mark S. Brown, Hughes Sam Lee Brown, Osceola Tim O. Brown, Jonesboro Gary M. Browning, Augusta Suzie E. Brummett, Paragould Jack W. Brun Jr., Wynne Beverly R. Bryant, Pine Bluff Mickey F. Buckley, Jonesboro Harvey G. Bufford, Trumann Joseph K. Bures, North Little Rock Dan A. Burks, Blytheville Walton R. Burnett, Memphis, Tenn. Michael L. Burroughs, Hot Springs Cathy S. Burrow, Oil Trough classes 339 S ophomores Ginger Burrow, Augusta Lisa S. Burtnett, Memphis, Tenn. Janis E. Bush, Walnut Ridge Gloria J. Byrd, Jonesboro Clifton E. Caldwell, Clarendon Mildred A. Caldwell, Wynne Gary A. Calkin, Jonesboro Cynthia Cameron, Newport David H. Cameron, Holcomb, Mo. Connie M. Camp, Paragould Herman T. Cantrell, Dallas, Tex. William C. Carhart, Alton, Mo. Kennan A. Carpenter, North Little Rock Martin B. Carpenter, Ash Flat Terry W. Carpenter, Cabot Martin W. Carr, Franklin, Ohio Terry T. Carr, Wilson Daniel K. Carrigan, Paragould Irma L. Carrigan, Batesville Jeffery L. Carter, Delaplaine Keith A. Carter, Steele, Mo. Rick A. Carter, Jonesboro Marilyn D. Caruthers, McRae Margie L. Cash, Wilson Robert D. Castleberry, Lamar Kathy A. Cate, Corning Robert T. Cathcart, Walnut Ridge Deborah L. Cathey, Newport James L. Cathey, El Dorado Rebetta A. Chance, Jonesboro Kelly J. Chandler, Joiner Randy S. Chastain, Benton Jerry W. Cheatom, El Dorado Janet Chou, Pine Bluff Larry H. Christain, Hornersville, Mo. John L. Church, West Memphis Donald L. Clark, Benton John E. Clay, Blytheville Cynthia J. Clayton, Braggadocio, Mo. Susan R. Clifft, Franklin Cathy M. Cline, Bono Robert L. Cline, Jonesboro Carolyn F. Cochran, Manila Steve Collar, Walnut Ridge Londa E. Collins, Harrisburg Millie J. Collins, Ash Flat Melissa Cone, Memphis, Tenn. Mary M. Connaughton, Little Rock Gina B. Cook West Memphis James H. Cook, Benton Robert M. Cook, El Dorado Ruth A. Cook, Jonesboro Gary L. Cooper, Pocahontas Rodney L. Cooper, Jonesboro Ginger A. Coppage, Braggadocio, Mo. Daniel J. Corbett, Walnut Ridge Joseph J. Corey, Evansville, Ind. Treasa W. Costner, Manila Ferrell T. Cothern, Jonesboro Douglas L. Cotter, Viola Kenneth W. Cotter, Viola James T. Couch Jr., Lepanto Paulette I. Cover, Jonesboro Susan G. Craig, Tyronza Danny R. Crawford, Corning Nancy V. Crawford, Jonesboro James T. Crider, Hoxie Janice Crisp, Marvell Danny M. Crist, Jonesboro Faye L. Cromwell, Pine Bluff 340-classes ....., V.. ,557 , , -'F -35' ' ii .fa at -. 5, 2 ':l.'.-' . l 5 -1 wr, Q si Q 35:2 ak X -v t X -is .., 'R r K ., 'Q x 2 Qi fi .-Q. ,,. W , 5 - FN. 1 -1 1 5 ff. 'E 5 J ,.. mf W E 6 Q f rw Q' ii XX g 4 l z in 1 ! 1 fseif. L. 1 1- . ,sz 1 . . :....J-N n-.Q V V. 5,2 . W LS i F - qw Q w - - ' is 6' M ,, 1 i i . , . A ' A gi V Ah , . . ,.aT1. i22,m ,J-:VM U ogg 5 eras' V r s . 5' -'H K A ts. ff 1 Q. 4 X. ..' M ,,.. ,,, J J E it 555 fiia ' S yy 9 W if . hi-so . ir, . 'Zak' .-.Q Q Q for fl xi f . sl 1, 2 E.,-,4-. . .1 .31 I"I ' ' D ':'.'E:xX55:.'5'..:"y rig? - 3. J JJJJ J. .. L ty .5 L- .QQ F 522. 4 Q41 UM . Nd ff, .4 X B 8 'SJ 1' , M iw Q1 , . a ,-1 xi -F' 2 . 1 TQ J, Ig, As ' 4 1 .xx W V ie' exe. ,,, 1 , KN-a Y 1 gt, YJ N-I 4. X Q is 1 'lb' f 'X-wx 1 W. 69,48 i 5 , 3 . - 5 ' u4 ' 4 K .U as 2 1 cc f . . 2.2.1. 1, .5-., . - Ps 2 I 5 Q NJ r s 1 94 sy 4 1 S ophomores Lou A. Croom, Jonesboro Doyle D. Cross, Stuttgart Terry V. Cross, Charleston, Mo. Paul W. Crum, Paragould Gary J. Cullum, Monette Randall P. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Garry V. Cunningham, Jonesboro Harold C. Cunningham, Success Linda K. Cunningham, Little Rock Jannie M. Cupp, Light Jane C. Cureton, Cash Rodney A. Curry, Blytheville Ramona J. Daily, Fort Richardson, Ak. Sharon A. Dallas, Caraway James V. Daniel, Stephens Billy M. Davenport, House Springs, Mo. Rhonda K. Davenport, Jonesboro Michael J. Davidson, Melbourne Donna B. Davis, Altheimer Donna F. Davis, Jonesboro Jacqueline A. Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. James W. Davis, Jonesboro Judy A. Davis, Dalton Ronnie A. Davis, Bay Shane L. Davis, Jonesboro Wanda F. Davis, Bono Jerry Dawson, Forrest City Alicia G. Dean, Jonesboro Beverly G. Dean, Little Rock Marvin D. Dean, Jonesboro David W. Dearmore, Yellville Celine R. DeClerk, Pocahontas Dennis E. Deere, Portageville, Mo. Vickie R. DeHart, Paragould Carla A. Delaney, Hope N. B. Dennis, Forrest City Randy G. Dennis, Osceola Debra A. Dent, Jonesboro Terry V. DePriest, Jonesboro Tommy I.. DeShazo, Viola Jeff A. Dethrow, Oklahoma City, Okla. Steven E. Dew, Franklin Jack C. Dewailly Jr., Lepanto Donna L. Dickens, Jonesboro Brian T. Dickinson, Creve Couer, Mo. Edwin M. Dickson, Jonesboro Audrey E. Dietz, Jonesboro Frank L. Digaetano, Forrest City Lodie C. Dixon, Malvern Cleatus E. Dobbins, Manila Tom J. Dodd, Batesville James P. Doherty, Batesville Michael L. Dollar, Pine Bluff Charlie A. Donham, Lepanto Linda A. Donner, Manila Mike Downing, Bragg City, Mo. Dennis G. Downs, Jonesboro Ranae L. Downs, Paragould William A. Drake, Paragould Dan Dubach, Marvell Roger D. Ducker, Pineville Carl S. Duckworth, Walnut Ridge Dale R. Duffy, Mexico, Mo. Tommy A. Dukowitz, Newport Anne Dunlap, North Little Rock Barbara S. Dunlap, Marked Tree Van M. Dunn, Wynne Kathy L. Dupras, Blytheville Myra J. Durham, Trumann Judy K. Eason, Coldwater, Miss. classes 341 S ophomores Mark T. Easterlin, Hot Springs Elizabeth A. Eaton, Beebe Michael Ebbert, Jonesboro Larry C. Eckman, Thayer, Mo. Bill C. Edmisten, San Juan, P.R. Michael R. Edmonds, Los Angeles, Calif. Don R. Edwards, Tyronza Jerry C. Edwards, Paragould Lillie Lsona Edwards, Bald Knob Sherry G. Edwards, Blytheville Marilyn M. Elkins, Piggott Terry M. Elliott, Walcott Cathy J. Ellis, Blytheville Mary R. Elsken, Little Rock Ricky O. Elumbaugh, Batesville Donnie G. England, Trumann Sandra K. English, Pocahontas Mary L. Ernst, Monrovia, Calif. Regina M. Estes, Viola Renea Eubanks, Pine Bluff Scotti D. Eubanks, Manila Marcia A. Evans, Cabot Jackie S. Farley, Cash Sandy A. Farley, Cash Henry J. Farrell, Brinkley Anna L. Farris, Mountain Home Steven D. Faulk, North Little Rock Vicki L. Faulkner, Harrisburg Marty E. Fausett, Little Rock Cleora Fears, West Helena Randell E. Felt, Jonesboro Larry S. Felts, Nettleton Tom Felts, Nettleton Hank D. Fender, Pocahontas Sharon L. Findley, North Little Rock Robert A. Fite, Pine Bluff James Fitzgerald, West Memphis Sallie S. Flannigan, Manila Vickie L. Fleming, Osceola Patricia A. Fletcher, Corning Shelia A. Fletcher, Jonesboro Gary D. Flippo, Hoxie Sandy J. Flowers, Hope David C. Floyd, El Dorado Larry D. Forbis, Jonesboro Susan L. Ford, Pine Bluff Kathryn G. Forrester, Trumann Patti J. Forrester, Newport Marie E. Fortner, Malden, Mo. Karen S. Fortune, Newport Kristin E. Foster, Sukiran, Okinawa Robin J. Foster, Newport Chester D. Fowler, Black Rock Doris P. Fowler, Little Rock James France, Heth Larry Frasure, Marion Richard Frazier, Cave City John W. French, Jonesboro Margaret W. Freppon, Bald Knob Nickey C. Fudge, Batesville Charles E. Fullen, Paragould John E. Fultz, Camden Raymond M. Gaither, Hoxie Donald R. Gambill, Jonesboro Patricia A. Gamble, Jonesboro Edward L. Gardner Jr., Parkdale James E. Gardner, Batesville Marc W. Gardner, Blytheville Robert E. Gardner, Hoxie Gaye M. Garrett, Steele, Mo. 342 classes 1.43 ' 'J ,.,,,, . ,.. .ff www ' S U -wh ,, , I 'qi qt X 4 I H-l L f 5 W ,M 'Q' .' if . ai Q2 ' ,Q K 'qw i 1 5 ft Z qt A ' s ,,,..a,w." ' s , -, J ' a L2 W xl vw .5 S ,, rf tm? 03' ' is i ggi ai , 4.5: f, .. ., ,,.L A. 1 .3 . . . L ,,.,,,- ay, -- We... . if R. A f ' it J ififi Y an in .V f xg 'F .f if 5 w . 'W K B-Ac? if , , Q : V ,,. 4 Q , V1 5 3 . 5 , asf ai. ' W If Q i -1- r" : Q A 5 A, . . . . r , 7 .,, , .., 5' -i I 5. ff ' . . ,, ""' f ws.-1, 5 5 if 3 , IA, " ' is W X ! X K X fa lk I 1 . 595: Q ' . Q v M e ,ft t YE' My if ,fa -,..f- W , it A A it es 1 A, y , is M . . ..:V1 -, Q .. . A ., . g y I E xg In I K . i W, M. I - " " 1, ik .. 7 N it nw-A-A. e N Sophomores Jerry L. Garrison, Fort Worth, Tex. Phil M. Gattas, Memphis, Tenn. Ronnie L. Gean, Tyronza Robert W. Gibbs, Brinkley Rebecca A. Gibson, Marmaduke Robert Gibson III, Jonesboro Roy E. Gibson, Jonesboro Tom I. Gibson, Pine Bluff James R. Gill, Blytheville Patricia M. Gill, Camp Polly L. Gill, Frenchmans Bayou William Patrick Gill, Kennett, Mo. Gail Gillespie, Jonesboro Julie Kay Gipson, West Memphis Ginger L. Gist, Jonesboro Theresa A. Gist, Paragould Janet L. Glasgow, Trumann Grant H. Glenn, Jonesboro Stephen Glenn, Stuttgart Richard K. Glidewell, Jonesboro Mary E. Gnade, Jonesboro Ronald L. Goo, Helena Donald L. Good, Kensett Deborah D. Goodwin, Jonesboro Laumerion Goodwin Jr., Brinkley Constance J. Gore, Blytheville Jenny L. Gore, Forrest City Charles M. Gotay, Vienna, Va. Cathy L. Goza, Essex, Mo. Vicky M. Graddy, Piggott Denice A. Grady, Paragould Donnie W. Grady, Pleasant Plains William C. Graff, St. Louis, Mo. James M. Graham, Marmaduke Ray Mike Graham, Marmaduke Nathan L. Grant, Manila Carolyn A. Gray, Parma, Mo. Margaret J. Gray, Sikeston, Mo. Richard M. Gray, Marked Tree Rita C. Gray, Paragould Rod D. Green, Malden, Mo. Johnny P. Gregory, Benton Donna K. Griham, Madison Jim R. Grissom, Pocahontas Allen N. Grommet, Brinkley Barbara J. Grubbs, Marianna Robert W. Grubbs, Marianna Debra K. Gwaltney, Jonesboro Sherry A. Guess, Cabot Jerry M. Guest, Marianna Calvin L. Guthrie, Paragould Gregory E. Guthrie, Memphis, Tenn. Jeffrey H. Haddox, Star City June D. Hafner, Jonesboro Tobby Gene Hagler, Hickory Ridge Deborah L. Haines, Jonesboro Harriett G. Haines, Blytheville James K. Halbrook, Pine Bluff James D. Hale, Altheimer Terry W. Haley, Mountain Home Rick B. Hall, Jonesboro Robert D. Hallum, West Memphis Robin Hamilton, Paragould Patrick W. Hamlin, Blytheville Norma A. Hansen, Stuttgart Marcel E. Hanzlik, Hot Springs Suzanne Hardage, Forrest City Ersell R. Hardin, Searcy Teresa L. Hardin, Jonesboro Dorothy K. Hargrove, Jonesboro classes 343 S ophomores Steve T. Harig, Paragould Janice M. Harlan, Jonesboro Joe D. Harlan, Trumann Walter D. Harlan, Jonesboro Danny J. Harmon, Marmaduke Carolyn Sue Harper, Maynard Gary A. Harper, Maynard Candis K. Harrell, Walnut Ridge Barry L. Harris, Kennett, Mo. Richard A. Harris, Steele, Mo. James R. Harrison, Vine Grove, Ky. Ronnie L. Harrison, Bay Stanley E. Harrison, Cherry Valley Virginia L. Harrison, Pine Bluff Patti Hastings, Stuttgart Mike J. Hayden, Pine Bluff Marsha D. Haywood, Piggott Barbara A. Heard, Bald Knob Jerry P. Heard, Newport Marsha A. Heard, Hoxie Carol L. Heatherly, Beedeville Jerry K. Heckmann, Harrisburg Michael D. Heflin, Jonesboro George N. Helm, Walnut Ridge Aubrey L. Helms, Swifton Sherrill J. Henderson, Trumann Bob L. Hendrick, Little Rock Thomas N. Hendrix, Wynne Waylan Henley, Norphlet Charles R. Henry, Hughes Cynthia L. Henry, Blytheville Deborah A. Henry, Little Rock Judy A. Henson, Jonesboro Jerita B. Herndon, Lepanto Harold M. Hess, Wynne Myra L. Hess, Wynne Paul D. Hess Jr., Wynne Lovie Denise Hester, Blytheville Robert R. Hetzel, Cherokee Village William D. Higgins, Paragould Dorothy Hill, Marianna Gary M. Hill, Morrilton Gerald D. Hill, El Dorado Gregg D. Hill, Dallas, Tex. Jackie L. Hill, Trumann Janet M. Hill, Paragould Monte D. Himschoot, Ash Flat Patricia L. Hindman, West Memphis Michael L. Hinds, Jonesboro David G. Hines, West Memphis Lynda G. Hobbs, Little Rock John R. Hoben, Tulsa, Okla. Michael R. Hodge, Hoxie Janet S. Hodges, Hickory Ridge Robert Lynn Hogan, Jonesboro Ronald G. Hogan, Batesville Jan S. Hoke, Paragould Tommy W. Holbrook, Wynne Judy L. Holder, Jonesboro Noel K. Holifield, Paragould Kenneth W. Holmes, Kiblah Daniel E. Holstead, Blytheville Gail A. Holt, Harrison Terry D. Hoosier, Black Rock Sheri L. Horne, Memphis, Tenn. Janet E. Horner, Jonesboro Janet M. Horner, Corning Carl E. Horton, Forrest City Terry W. Horton, Paragould Cheryl S. Hosman, Jonesboro 344-classes gait ,W 1- 1. Q M.. is 252, ggi? :ir g ,Qu-,,v X is I .,g..: A i, ., , V' t A , f Q affix " if V W i L ,,VV, . I i 4.4, EQJS555 -V! fi H - :praffii . '- V --. ef.. it ,f .. 1: 5' iit,1e,,,. ' Eaiiii V Yer? . A 4 it 'ff E f M5232 .,,,, 2 ..,- we ,. ., . , ,. Y, 2 , 5 1 ,. iff . 1 . , 5 'ii ' 145,23 lifv' M N. Kiki M? fe 'A 1 iiey' dz 'Q l . , .,...i , .,.. . .. 'H i . . ' T if' ,QM F" QE ii' X I N 1- 5 i441 1 l f , c l 1 i l A if ,-z 't"""l v U5 is ... W l an-ff ,': " J .,..., lggE5.5f il i ,... Q ..,, C ... c y ,e . , P-s. l xl 1 X "X L. ws: L ' W 551131 sg ' ..- ,. ,ni .W .W . Y f n . ,, ,,- Aim.. , H, , Q-S255 2- . - f if Q . Z' 1. f . .1 i x s ir f x- '5 x i in , 5 .. 13 E I 1 I .M izigszfs 5... .ms- sfiiliz - . g if . 5 'V S, , 3 21 ' - --:asaarsfp-.saH'c1 it I 4 x 2 v. I, f. A. ware -- .,::.. f' 'kai .- K we v , - ..gzz,.m1, W' - 02 H- QS? ...anger -. 'J ...Wg 1 f . ef ,A MQW .Kip . 1 is Ki. 3 ,sw ,Y ,. . s ,,, 4 121- - '52, K if . , t . , 5 an 4 M we ' ,xv li il I 5 vi' a, 2 , , KH. . , - 5.4-9, J., W. .n ff. QXJ. Qu, it ,bra sz.: ,,., V L 5 W R , ff ,f V W7 s 2.. . A 1 rs 5 ,--Y Hs, i xwim .r A K W-J' . .-Q , ri- is X If x Q5'?i'b' , . . 'I' 1 . .. f sf f 11 -1 ' ' I ,.,,,,t ,Q . . I , i X i. ,, ff J - 17, - i . - Q .Q 3 ,S MQ we Lim .Eff ,,,- 1' I . ,,L I, ,X A I 4? f Qi, :sa .-,- TWU L 'hh ., M " I .. if ff, ,, 5 it i wg? A I 11 i32T"ix ,Q ,K Sophomores Vicki D. Householder, Lake City Elizabeth A. Howard, Clarkton, Mo. Jane A. Howard, Amagon Tommy M. Howard, Pine Bluff Ronnie A. Howell, Jonesboro Susan M. Hudgens, Little Rock Dana K. Hudspeth, DeWitt Judy G. Huey, Newport Jayme K. Huff, McCrory Cathy S. Huggins, Paragould Patricia A. Humphrey, Marianna Mark L. Hunt, Blytheville William Stephen Hupp, Little Rock Monda L. Hutchison, Black Oak Deborah J. Hutson, Hardy Bonnie B. Hyde, Paragould Carolyn S. Hyde, Paragould Teresa E. Hyde, Paragould Steve D. Inboden, Jonesboro Thomas E. Inebnit Jr., Elaine Luther F. Ingram, Marianna Alice G. Ironside, Pleasant Plains Annette A. Ivy, Kennett, Mo. Peggy A. Ivy, Timbo Johney H. Jackson Jr., Paragould Linda L. Jackson, Turrell Lonnie E. Jackson, Paragould Steve G. Jackson, Paragould Mary E. Jameson, Fisher Joseph M. Jarrett, Poughkeepsie Alan B. Jean, Walnut Ridge Bob Jeffcoat, Fort Walton Beach, Fla Anthony D. Johnson, Ash Flat Billy Johnson, Senath, Mo. Deborah Johnson, West Memphis Dudley K. Johnson, Trumann Garald S. Johnson, Blytheville John E. Johnson, Trumann John J. Johnson, Healdsburg, Calif. Lillian D. Johnson, Wynne Linda D. Johnson, Lepanto Quinetta Johnson, Marianna Shirley J. Johnson, West Memphis Siegfried S. Johnson, Pine Bluff Steve H. Johnson, Paragould Tommy J. Johnston, Brinkley Debra S. Jones, Jonesboro Dianne M. Jones, Osceola Hirschel Jones, Oil Trough Janet S. Jones, Pine Bluff Jeanetta K. Jones, Jonesboro Raymond F. Jones, Pine Bluff Roy R. Jones, Hayti, Mo. Steve M. Jones, Jonesboro Steven W. Jones, Walcott Toni R. Jones, Jonesboro Victor W. Jones, Pine Bluff Rodney L. Joplin, Jonesboro Debra J. Jordan, Jonesboro Mary F. Jumper, Helena David Wayne Juneau, Little Rock Patrick Keck, Little Rock Cathy L. Keeter, Harrison Juliana D. Keith, Bono Randy C. Kellems, Brookland Mark B. Keller, Jonesboro Peggy L. Keller, Jonesboro Mary B. Kelley, Joiner Ricky D. Kelley, Forrest City Ronnie D. Kelley, Jonesboro classes 345 Sophomores Sharon L. Kelley, Jonesboro Pamela A. Kender, Leachville Robert H. Kendrick Jr., Osceola Stephen B. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Robert 0. Kern, Jonesboro Peggy Kerr, Jonesboro William G. Kerr III, Harrisburg Norma J. Kersey, Wheatley Sandra S. Ketchum, Steele, Mo George R. King, Jonesboro Jimmy P. King, Calico Rock Lawrence A. King, West Memphis Marilyn L. King, Rector Rod King, Jonesboro Terry W. Kinsworthy, Mesquite, Tex. Charlie J. Kinyon, Mammoth Spring Susan N. Kirk, Florissant, Mo. Nancy P. Kirkley, Jonesboro Charles R. Kirksey, Trumann Debbie Klinkhardt, Caruthersville, Mo. Jaime E. Klipsch, St. Louis, Mo. Mark J. Klosterman, St. Louis, Mo. Brenda G. Kramer, Batesville Janet L. Kueter, Paragould Robert Kuykendall Jr., Blytheville Logan B. Lackey, Forrest City Joyce Lamb, West Ridge Randal G. Lamb, Paragould Robert S. Lamb, Jonesboro Ann Lambert, Helena Stewart Lambert, Cherokee Village Patsy L. Lane, Caruthersville, Mo. Terry V. Langston, Little Rock John L. Lard, Tyronza Willie E. Larry, Kiblah Hugh T. Lasater, Waverly, N.Y. Martin D. Laser, St. Louis, Mo. Jim F. Lassiter Jr., Jonesboro Terry Laughinghouse, Jackson, Tenn. Lindell James Law, West Memphis Kris L. Lawrence, Jonesboro Rufus Berneal Laws, Paragould Larry W. Lawson, Forrest City Sherris F. Lawson, Jonesboro Dawn D. Leamon, Jonesboro Marilyn A. Leary, Jonesboro Brenda Y. Ledbetter, Blytheville Joseph M. Ledbetter, Jonesboro Ruth A. Leder, Stuttgart Rhonda S. Lehnherr, Sparta, Ill. Mary B. Leiting, Forrest City Freddie A. Leroux, Doniphan, Mo. Jo A. Lewis, Blytheville Steven C. Lewis, Blytheville Ron D. Lindley, Jonesboro Robert E. Lindsey, Trumann Sarah S. Lipscomb, Blytheville Candice E. Lock, Earle William P. Logan, Walnut Ridge Linda London, Stuttgart Carl R. Long, Moro Delane Long, Jonesboro Harold R. Long, Jonesboro Joseph Long, Jonesboro William C. Long, West Memphis John B. Lorick, DeWitt Mena C. Lowe, Brookland Kenneth W. Luff, Caraway Charles Lutrell, Pine Bluff Jean Lutterloh, Jonesboro 346 classes Y .6252 A., M. f 9 'F G, . '- Q 1. .,. I . . S sw H I .... . . , . K . Q. J 1 .5 1 5,2- Qx I D .. 7 5 .Q at 4... f 1' ' HL 'Q . 1 . .aw . 5. H+. of I' I Wir QW ", ,xg f ...,,.., ,, . 5555 ? L. -1 ,, , .- 2 5-054 . mi. f ,ig is gg ., .N I f-'M ' if Q A 7' . . .I K 5 M 4 1- .h 1 'Him J 'axe S ophomores Gaylene S. Lynch, Pocahontas Patrick M. Mabary, Jonesboro Joseph C. Mabrey, Jonesboro Danny D. MacDonald, Jonesboro Frank MacIntosh, Maynard Brian MacMillan, North Little Rock Masoud Madjles, Tehran, Iran Deborah D. Maglothin, Trumann Allen D. Majors, Ash Flat Gary J. Majors, Perry Maria E. Malham, Jonesboro Steve D. Malin, Rector Nancy J. Malone, Caraway David E. Mann, Saffell Michael W. Manning, Bunker, Mo. Sandra A. Marlin, Walnut Ridge James R. Martin, Trumann Lee A. Martin, Paragould Philip A. Martin, Paragould Thomas C. Martin Jr., Jonesboro Judy A. Mashburn, Sherrill Mike R. Massanelli, Jonesboro Dean M. Massey, West Helena Robert W. Massey, Heth Linda S. Matthews, North Little Rock Juanita F. Maxwell, Salem Lanny A. May, Jonesboro Robert W. May, Little Rock Thomas B. McBee, Warren Shirley M. McCall, Jonesboro Bill V. McClendon, Jonesboro Danny M. McClure, Jonesboro Betty K. McCollum, McCrory Barbara C. McDaniel, Jonesboro Bonnie B. McDaniel, Jonesboro Toni A. McDaniel, Jonesboro Cleve McGaughy Jr., Osceola Danny G. McGee, Blytheville Paul S. McGee, Pine Bluff Clyde D. McGhee, Essex, Mo. Tommy A. McHan, Pine Bluff William C. McHann, Blytheville Robert P. McKay, Clarendon Mary K. McKinney, Warren Loretta J. McKnight, Jonesboro Jo B. McLaughlin, West Memphis Donna R. McMiller, Blytheville Marilyn McNabb, Pocahontas Phyllis J. McNeal, Malden, Mo. Mackie F. McNeary, Forrest City Connley B. McPherson, Altheimer Glenda A. McPherson, Cherry Valley Mary K. McRoy, Hope Anne M. McSpadder, Blytheville Charles L. McWaters, Blytheville Ronald C. Meeks, Jacksonville, Fla. George W. Merrell, Hayti, Mo. Eleanor M. Mettler, West Memphis Randy C. Meuir, Walnut Ridge Donald E. Michaelis, Goodwin Patsy A. Mick, Bradford Shirley A. Middlebrooks, Blytheville Lana K. Miles, Newport Penelope K. Miles, Jonesboro Phyllis A. Miles, Malden, Mo. Barbara J. Miller, Caraway Debbie A. Miller, Pocahontas Cynthia A. Mills, New Madrid, Mo. Sharon A. Mills, Bryan, Tex. Peggy L. Mize, Strawberry classes 347 Sophomores Ronald D. Mizer, Little Rock Emma J. Mobley, Piggott Mike D. Monday, Judsonia Gina K. Monroe, Jonesboro Carl Montague, Marianna Elaine Montgomery, Cherokee Village Margarett F. Montgomery, Bono Mark T. Montgomery, Forrest City Melissa L. Montgomery, Jonesboro Susan G. Montgomery, Trumann James H. Moon, Trumann Danon C. Mooney, Jonesboro Marcus R. Moore, Hornersville, Mo. Ronald D. Moore, Pine Bluff Russell G. Moore, Jonesboro Sharon K. Moore, Jonesboro Susan K. Moore, Paragould Beverly A. Mooring, Trumann Billie J. Morgan, Osceola Michael V. Morgan, Piggott Parker Morgan III, Hayti, Mo. Rebecca S. Morgan, Fordyce Ruby F. Morgan, Augusta George A. Morris, Paragould John H, Morris, Jonesboro Sharon L. Morris, Corning Debra L. Moseley, North Little Rock Steve A. Mosley, Little Rock Carolyn S. Moss, Oxford Sally A. Moss, West Plains, Mo. Wanda B. Moss, Trumann Danny N. Moye, Clarendon Daniel R. Mullen, Walnut Ridge Geraldine Mullen, Hoxie Joan B. Mullins, Jonesboro Michael D. Munns, North Little Rock Sylvia A. Murphy, Brookland Samuel G. Murray, Parkin William P. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Bruce D. Myers, Biggers Harry G. Myers, Blytheville Mary M. Nagel, Little Rock Jane Nahlen, North Little Rock Richard A. Neeley, McDougal Billy J. Nelson Jr., Blytheville Terry K. Neugebauer, Harrisburg Ed Newby, St. Louis, Mo. Gary C. Newcom, Jonesboro Kyle W. Nibert, Pocahontas Bobby M. Nickles, Wynne Michael V. Nichols, Lakeland, Fla. Larry J. Noblin, Jonesboro Nicholas B. Noel, Paragould Diane B. Oates, Lowell, Mass. Joe N. Oates, Steele, Mo. William J. O'Dell, DeWitt Billy L. Odom, Campbell, Mo. Diane N. Oguin, Hickory Ridge Christopher H. O'Mary, Fordyce William E. Orr, Trumann Robert L. Oswalt, Forrest City John P. Otto, Paragould James P. Owens, Cherokee Village Sherry E. Owens, Van Buren, Mo. Linda G. Pabst, Augusta Del A. Pagan, El Dorado Roy F. Painter, England Jerry A. Paladino, Conway Neal A. Pankey, Newport Charles E. Parham, West Memphis 348 classes . . mf. 1 .. - W , , 1 .. , .1 N? ... H 9' K' S I 9 1 mfg- "' ' J 'N ' V f - . ' : f .Q ,, l Q. t .. K YQ N, , F 3 . '. ,t .,, E ' x . .V . , M .- Sophomores Shirley D. Park, Jonesboro Donna J. Parker, Jonesboro Erma A. Parker, Blytheville Herbert Parker Jr., Jonesboro Judy C. Parker, West Memphis Robbin C. Parker, Hot Springs Stanley F. Parker, Harrisburg Judy L. Parsley, Forrest City Benny R. Passmore, Calico Rock Fred L. Patrick, Osceola Sherrie A. Payne, Hornersville, Mo Leane C. Pelts, Kennett, Mo. Robin D. Perkins, Jonesboro Tony Perrin, Batesville Susan M. Peterson, Blytheville Mary C. Peyton, Paragould Richard A. Phaup, Manchester, N H Wes G. Phelan, Corning Linda L. Phillans, Jonesboro Clifford I. Phillips, Jonesboro Louis E. Phillips, Marked Tree Patricia Pickering, Jonesboro Catherine Pierce, Batesville Joe E. Pierce, West Memphis Pamela Pierce, Pine Bluff Trent Pierce, Leachville Stephen Pierron, Wynne Linda E. Pike, Blytheville Lloyd Pinchback, Jonesboro William Pittman, Jonesboro Laura K. Poe, Jonesboro Terry M. Pollan, Proctor Danny Poole, Blytheville Ronny W. Pope, Henderson Bonnie Portell, Arnold, Mo. David Porter, West Helena Janet Porter, Memphis, Tenn. David L. Posey, Crossett Kenneth Powell, Marked Tree Richard Powell, Memphis, Tenn. Susan Powell, Danville William Powell, Blytheville Mona Prater, Hoxie David Pratt, Trumann Debbie L. Price, Jonesboro Freddy Price, Hot Springs Michael Price, Little Rock Danny Pridmore, Newport Martha Priest, Jonesboro Michael Prislousky, Stuttgart Keith Privett, Payneway Jane Prothro, El Dorado George Puddephatt, Pine Bluff Carolyn Pugh, Paragould Kerry Purvis, Paragould Albert D. Qualls, Forrest City Nancy Quattlebaum, Searcy David Rabeneck, Stuttgart Barry Ragsdale, Bay Paula Raines, Jonesboro Tim Ramsey, Searcy George Ray, Blytheville Raymond Ray, Jonesboro Sharon Ray, Senath, Mo. Carolyn Rayburn, Blytheville Carrol Rayburn, Jonesboro Kevin Razer, Blytheville Tim Reagan, Jonesboro Russ Redmond, Williamsville, Mo Michael Reid, Newport S ophomores Gary Renck, Jonesboro Otha Revoner, Wynne Janice Reynolds, Portia Robert Rhein, Stuttgart Beth Richardson, Fisher John Richardson, Mountain View Walter Rigg, Metamora, Ill. Howard Riggs, Jonesboro Sandra Riley, Newport Thomas Riley, Wynne Joy Ring, Blytheville Sandra Ring, Jonesboro Thomas Ripley, Jonesboro Bobby Ritchey, Ravenden Terry Roach, Jonesboro Sherry Roberson, Hot Springs Kenneth Roberts, Palestine Marilyn Roberts, West Memphis Rhonda Roberts, Marmaduke Sheila Roberts, Marmaduke Juanita Robinson, Jonesboro Phillip Robken, Hot Springs Ava S. Rodery, Piggott James Rogers, Hoxie Kay D. Rogers, Jonesboro Patrick Rogers, Paragould Robert Rogers, Hazen Virginia Romine, N. Little Rock Charles R. Ross, Camden Glenn Ross, West Memphis Joesph Ross, Blytheville Mary J. Rowe, Blytheville Robert Rubenstein, Jonesboro Debbie Rummells, West Plains, Mo. Dinah Rushing, Jonesboro James Rusidoff, Wynne Judith Russell, Hot Springs Dave R. Ryan, Wynne James Lynn Ryan, Lepanto Ronny Saddler, Jonesboro Nancy Sadler, Wilson Julie Sanderlin, Crumrod Henry Sanders, Caraway Randy Scaife, Marvell Richard Scarbrough, Van Buren Sarah Scarlett, Pine Bluff Janice Schales, Newport David Scherm, Stuttgart Janet Schisler, Jonesboro James Schmidt, Marked Tree John Schneck, N. Little Rock Cathy Scott, Bono Edra Scott, Gilmore Gary Scott, Bay Jimmy Scott, Weiner Marylin Scowden, Greenville, Mo. Pamela Sefers, Jonesboro Ramona Severe, Brinkley Gary Shands, Kennett, Mo. Larry Shannon, Wilson Sharon Sharp, Batesville Bonnie Sue Shaver, Wynne Gregory Sheets, Trumann Vicky Sheffield, Rector John Shewmaker, Paragould John Shivley, Jonesboro Robert Simmons, Blytheville Thomas Simmons, Rector Micheal Simpson, Payneway John A. Sims, Augusta 350-classes 2 ...i i i 9 1 E, , .::,,. , -,K 1 .r 'XV .-dgn... 4 H ' S QQ S ophomores David E. Sirmans, North Little Rock Jeffry A. Sisk, Parkin Phillip L. Sitchler, Harrisburg Eva Jane Skeet, Mountain Home Mary Jane Sledge, Warren Alfred Smith Jr., West Memphis Chris M. Smith, Stuttgart Cynthia E. Smith, Walnut Ridge Debra E. Smith, Hardy Dent Howard Smith, North Little Rock Donald E. Smith, Newport Eva E. Smith, Bald Knob James W. Smith, Jonesboro Linda D. Smith, Almyra Melissa G. Smith, Wynne Phillip K. Smith, Jonesboro Susan D. Smith, Paragould Terry R. Smith, Little Rock William M. Smith, Searcy William R. Smithers, West Memphis David E. Sneed, Walnut Ridge Pam A. Snellgrove, Jonesboro Patricia A. Snider, Cave City John D. Snively, Canton, Ohio David L. South, Pine Bluff Barbara L. Spargo, Hoxie Roberta L. Sparler, Knobel Jim C. Speck, Joiner Jacky D. Spence, Marianna Sherry R. Spicer, Fort Worth, Tex. Angela J. Spikes, Pocahontas Becky L. Spotts, Kansas City, Mo. Donna Lee Spotts, West Memphis Robert R. Squires, Jonesboro Michael L. Stack, Kennett, Mo. Hubert M. Stacks, Crawfordsville David B. Standfill, Little Rock Portia A. Starling, Hoxie William F. Statler, Imboden Robert C. Statton, Jonesboro Conna G. Steen, Chesterton, Ind. Ambera L. Steinkamp, Caraway Maxie L. Stem, Jonesboro Marion E. Stephens, Enola Karen Y. Stevenson, Hickory Ridge Janice K. Stewart, Batesville Elise E. Stiles, Mountain Home Steve L. Stinnett, St. Louis, Mo. David E. Stokes, Horseshoe Bend Renee M. Stone, Altheimer Daniel T. Stotts, Jonesboro Stephen Y. Strickland, Monette Anthony Stroman, Arcadia, Fla. Wanda J. Stroud, Batesville Karon A. Sturdivant, Norphlet Sharon J. Sturdivant, Norphlet Gene Harold Sublett, Flippin Suzanne L. Summerlin, Pearson, Ga. Roger D. Sumpter, Earle Martha L. Surber, Lake City Chris W. Swanstrom, Greenbush, Minn. Flo Swearingen, Mountain Home Clayton E. Sykes, North Little Rock Mearline Taffar, Ravenden Mohammad Tajalli, Iran Robert O. Talbot, Trumann Karen J. Talley, Jonesboro Terry W. Tankersley, Jonesboro Juliann Tanner, Sikeston, Mo. Carol A. Tarlton, Walnut Ridge classes 351 S ophomores Richard A. Tate, Walnut Ridge Ronnie K. Tate, Newark Sherita L. Tate, Newport Paula N. Taylor, Searcy Stephen T. Taylor, North Little Rock Susie Taylor, Jonesboro Roger L. Tharp, Jonesboro Freddy J. Thiel, Jonesboro James W. Thieme, Manila Glanita L. Thomas, Marianna Debbie L. Thompson, West Memphis Elizabeth C. Thompson, West Memphis Michael K. Thompson, West Hartford, Conn. Nan L. Thompson, Hardy Rebecca A. Thompson, North Little Rock Larry D. Thorne, Batesville Debbie K. Thornton, Hayti, Mo. Lloyd W. Thornton, Jonesboro Terri L. Thornton, Batesville Danny A. Throgmartin, Jonesboro David D. Throgmartin, Osceola John B. Tierney, West Chicago, Ill. William E. Tilley, Fisher Lamar O. Times, Blytheville Linda G. Tindell, Jonesboro Charlotte I. Tinsley, Jonesboro Rebecca R. Tinsley, Newport Coma L. Tippitt, Corning Carla D. Todd, Senath, Mo. Connie C. Townsley, Batesville Margo J. Travis, DeWitt William M. Traylor, West Helena Denny J. Treadway, Newport Wilfred Tremblay, Boston, Mass. Susan R. Trice, Jonesboro Susan D. True, Holcomb, Mo. Kandice M. Turner, Jonesboro Lee C. Turner Jr., Marked Tree Mona L. Turner, Newport Alexander Umonah, Nigeria Krista E. Underwood, Paragould Michael L. Ungerank, Pocahontas Roy E. Urfer, Harrisburg James L. Ussery, Paragould Mary E. Vaden, Little Rock Thomas W. Vaden, Jonesboro Alvin J. Vangilder, Rector Riley A. Van Horn, Altheimer Mary E. Van Meter, Batesville Pamela S. Vassar, Manila Dannie L. Vaughn, Jonesboro Rene Vawter, Hardy Ali R. Vaziri, Iran Roger D. Veasley, Vanndale Sharon L. Vickers, Bono Melinda J. Vowell, Blytheville Sterling Wafford, Forrest City Debbie L. Walden, Jonesboro Freddie Lee Walker, El Dorado Jennifer A. Walker, Cherry Valley Jessica M. Walker, Wheatley Kathy D. Walker, Monette Phyllis D. Wall, Forrest City Annetta J. Wallace, Weiner Larry A. Wallace, Dyess Dwight L. Walters, Little Rock Steven M. Warner, Pine Bluff Candace L. Watkins, Jonesboro Teresa L. Watkins, Bono Vaughn D. Watkins, Poughkeepsie 352-classes QI! ... . 9 .5 X 4,4 4' ' Y' -v .W 'fm Q .f W M " 1 . PM N 'Z' 5. , X ,ff , I A ,lus ty hi ll C Q C N vi fi il E I Q ' V o ' 'f 1 H , f . .f F ua, 'ij Aw 'lr '- me f an 'N mf . .1 ees I v 4 X. .Lf-fr Sophomores Lee C. Watson, Trumann Melanie K. Watson, Blytheville Michael G. Watson, Blytheville Bobby E. Waymire, Parkin Linda K. Waymire, Roland Ivan B. Weinstein, Philadelphia, Pa. Pamela D. Wells, Jonesboro Robert T. Wells, Trumann Joel R. West, Forrest City Priscilla J. West, Little Rock Terry R. Westmoreland, Parkin Janet J. Whaley, Walnut Ridge Haskell Ray Wheelington, Hope Phillip L. Whitaker, Rector Cindy G. White, Jonesboro Cynthia A. White, Pocahontas Dan E. White Jr., Manila Jackey D. White, Pine Bluff John D. White, Warren Melessia L. Whitener, Cooter, Mo. Ellis D. Whitlow, Marked Tree Debra A. Whittingham, Jonesboro Frank Whittle, Benton Rocky Wicker, Imboden Dawna J. Wilborn, Cardwell, Mo. John B. Wildberger, Elaine Johnny M. Wilhite, Holcomb, Mo. Mickey J. Wilkerson, Deering, Mo. Robert M. Wilkins, Jonesboro Abe M. Wilkinson, Pine Bluff David W. Willard, West Memphis Alner Williams, Wynne Clarence Williams Jr., Helena Jeffery Williams, Osceola Jerry V. Williams, Brinkley Joe A. Williams, Paragould Patsy Sue Williams, Altheimer Thomas R. Williams, Rockford, Ill. Gail Williamson, Hughes Marilyn A. Wilson, Jonesboro Steven W. Winberry, Piggott Karen M. Wisdom, Benton Susan Witkowski, North Little Rock Susie E. Witt, Mountain Grove, Mo. Fred E. Wizer, Wynne David B. Wood, Jonesboro Dona D. Wood, Newport June P. Wood, Paragould Nora Wood, Jonesboro Roxann Wood, Little Rock Glenda Woodard, Wynne David N. Woodell, West Memphis Billy J. Woodruff, Newport Albert Lee Woods, Harrisburg Brenda K. Woods, Forrest City Lewis D. Woods, Bay Marlon L. Woodside, Paragould Robert C. Woolard, Manila Earnest R. Wright, Wilson Rita A. Wright, Paragould Chiquita A. Wy, Blytheville George P. Wycoff, Jonesboro Belinda D. Yates, Monette James D. Yopp, Jonesboro Luis A. Zapata, Bogota, Colombia Kay L. Zingsheim, Jonesboro classes 353 Freshmen Doug Acklin, North Little Rock Billy S. Adams, Newport Hillrey Dean Adams, Jonesboro Virginia L. Adams, Jonesboro Wanda M. Adamson, Blytheville James K. Adkins, Manila Louis G. Affenito, Quogue, N.Y. Chester P. Agee, Jonesboro Mary Lynne Ainsworth, Harrisburg Virginia A. Akes, Jonesboro Susan Cole Akin, Parkin Deborah Albright, North Little Rock Joe T. Alexander, Cash Barbara J. Allen, Moro Debra A. Allen, Williford James H. Allen, Jacksonville John W. Allison, Hughes Benny Aloia, Valley Stream, N.Y. Steve J. Amann, Bradford Jeanne M. Anders, Hamburg Bob S. Anderson, El Dorado Mary Beth Andrews, West Memphis Randy J. Anstine, West Plains, Mo. Sharon J. Archer, Valparaiso, Ind. Ronald F. Atkinson, El Dorado Connie J. Austin, Wynne Martin K. Austin, Cherry Valley Joe P. Aycock, Marked Tree Ronnie D. Bailey, Altheimer Russell M. Bailey, Lake City Ann M. Baker, Rector Barbara A. Baker, Batesville Barry A. Baker, Manila Bobby L. Baker, Jonesboro Richard C. Baker, Wynne Ebrahimjami Bakhtiar, Iran Janet L. Ballard, Harrisburg Janice K. Ballard, Nettleton Sherry C. Ballard, Bay Stanley M. Ballard, Evening Shade Steve R. Ballard, Jonesboro James Crain Balton, Osceola Bernard A. Baltz Jr., Pocahontas David A. Baltz, Walnut Ridge Mary R. Baltz, Pocahontas Connie M. Banks, Helena Scott L. Banks, Wichita, Kan. David W. Barber, Marked Tree Paula K. Bare, Piggott Richard L. Barlow, Jonesboro Melanie F. Barnes, Jonesboro Reatha A. Barnes, Walnut Ridge Claud E. Barnett Jr., Monette Johnny B. Barnett, McCrory Leonard A. Barnhill, Jonesboro Larry W. Bates, Poughkeepsie Danny G. Baugh, Manila Joyce A. Baxter, Wynne Harriet A. Bean, Paragould Nada D. Beard, Mountain Home Pamela F. Bearden, Leachville Wilford L. Beasley, Paragould Chester P. Beaty, Jonesboro Charlie R. Beckman, West Memphis Stephen M. Beene, Crossett Barbara L. Bell, Jonesboro Betty Lou Bell, Osceola Earl H. Bell, Jonesboro Devlin R. Benge, Blytheville Jeneta J. Bennett, Myrtle, Mo. 354-classes f " 1 V f . Vi, - . ff 4 W . X E f. W lk ig 1.A , Q xitilf ,tb ' , if ' r-- 3 Z iw , " it Gif V W X G, . 1 g ff ' ' ' 1 22. , f"'f,. 9 f f Y 3 f nn ,A-v ' A .,,.. A ,'. . J, ,, J ?m'g.i f S n . X 1, 1 ,5-f may .Q 1 4 .1 3 . f 2 ' 4 ' 5 nm ri C ' I 55? 8. new has f V fl 3 . V K2 'Q S W M, f ff , 1 . t f, f Ky-4' ..!. - fin, , L.., .M 52: if me . af 1 x W , Y 92.2 " V . , fiifis ,. fl. W ,ac 3345312 X , Y .vi f as WW 1 f ,W 1 J y N Wf 1 X 1. 2 ,GW if P M L, 1 V Freshmen Ronald S. Bennett, Walnut Ridge Bobby L. Benson, Trumann Ramona A. Berg, Jonesboro Vicki A. Berry, Jonesboro Jan D. Bettis, Harrisburg Richard L. Billingsley, Violet Hill Jim O. Binkley, Jonesboro Larry T. Binning, Newport Emmett B. Bippus, Paragould Denise Bishop, Rector Michael L. Bishop, Brookland Gloria A. Bitely, Gould Renee Bitely, Grady William D. Bitner, Mountain Home Barbara J. Black, DeWitt Kenneth G. Black, Newport Mike C. Blalock, Jonesboro Wendy S. Blaski, Jonesboro Frankie E. Blevins, Parkin Phil E. Blount, Paragould John A. Bobango, Memphis, Tenn. Phillip C. Bokker, West Memphis Peggy J. Bollier, Pine Bluff Dale S. Bolton, Paragould Susan E. Bolton, West Memphis Serena K. Bond, Jonesboro Dorothine E. Bonner, Hot Springs Bridget A. Boozer, Paragould Ben B. Bounous, Wichita, Kan. Daniel J. Bowen, Trumann David Bowerman, Brinkley Charles Lee Bowles, Osceola Joyce M. Bowling, Jacksonville John E. Boxley Jr., Marked Tree Carla R. Boyd, Paragould Moghim F. Bozorgzad, Iran Randall S. Bradford, Pocahontas Donna M. Brady, Pollard Marsha G. Branscum, Jonesboro Ronnie T. Brengard, Paragould Mitchel T. Brewer, Cave City Teri M. Brewer, Vandalia, Ill. Joseph Wayne Brickell, Jonesboro Maria Ioanna Bridges, Athens, Greece Rickey D. Briggs, Wynne Roxanne Brink, Dyersburg, Tenn. Eldon M. Brisben, Benton Keith N. Brizzi, Pine Grove, Calif. Marilyn Jean Broadway, Moro Steven G. Brockett, North Little Rock Hubert A. Brodell Jr., Jonesboro Elizabeth Gail Brooks, Cherokee Village Gary T. Brooks, Caraway Jewell M. Brooks, Kennett, Mo. John W. Brooks, Augusta Roger D. Brooks, Jonesboro Alpha D. Brown, Forrest City Hardin Brown, Germantown, Tenn. Horace Sherman Brown Jr., Hot Springs Jessa R. Brown, Hot Springs June A. Brown, New Orleans, La. Lynn Brown, Pine Bluff Mark C. Brown, Trumann Michelle L. Brown, Little Rock Pamela Jane Brown, Stuttgart Patricia A. Brown, Marianna Ronnie D. Brown, Hayti, Mo. Ruby A. Brown, Sedgwick Scott E. Brown, Conway Teresa A. Brun, Wynne classes 355 Freshmen Carolyn J. Bryan, Osceola Frankie R. Bufford, Trumann Patricia M. Bufford, Trumann Patricia A. Buhrmester, Jonesboro Lionel B. Bullard, Newport Wayne E. Bunch, Blytheville Paula J. Burge, Jonesboro Sue L. Burge, Jonesboro Michael K. Burgess, Blytheville Patricia A. Burnett, Marianna Norman L. Burnette, Wynne Allen N. Burney, Montrose Allene V. Burney, Montrose Sara L. Burns, Jonesboro Sherlie A. Burns, Lafe Doug R. Burnside, Alicia Ernest R. Burr, Mammoth Spring David B. Burrell, Cardwell, Mo. Darrell L. Burris, Jonesboro Tommy M. Burroughs, West Memphis Bobby Burrow, Jonesboro Patricia D. Burton, Corning Chris M. Busby, West Memphis Michael J. Busby, Jonesboro Michael Stephen Busby, Rector Beverly R. Butler, Pine Bluff James L. Butler, Cotton Plant Martha J. Butler, Cotton Plant Steven K. Butler, Paragould Dewayne Byers, Marked Tree Treva A. Byler, Melbourne Joni R. Cagle, Leachville Abby Caldwell, Jonesboro Patti L. Calkin, Jonesboro Jimmy C. Callahan, Forrest City Lester D. Callan, West Memphis Steven B. Campbell, Hope David D. Cannady, Datto Thelma V. Cannon, Proctor Mickey L. Caples, Jonesboro Nancy C. Carey, Black Rock Alan B. Carnathan, West Helena Gilbert D. Carpenter, North Little Rock Jon F. Carpenter, Lompoc, Calif. Russell H. Carpenter, Little Rock Lou A. Carr, Jonesboro Debra J. Carrington, Cabot Leontyne Carson, Little Rock Frances L. Carter, Blytheville Marcia J. Carter, Harrisburg Michael E. Carter, Memphis, Tenn. Sandra L. Carucci, Pocahontas Diane Sue Casey, Poplar Bluff, Mo. -. John R. Casey, Ash Flat Sherry D. Cash, Dallas, Tex. Granville L. Cate, Piggott Phillip L. Cate, Corning Bill R. Cato, Jonesboro Marcia Lynn Cavenor, Jonesboro Cheryl W. Caviness, Gravelly Jennifer Chaffin, Newport Becky L. Chambers, Jonesboro Robert E. Chambers, Lake City Mackie Joe Champion, Blytheville Tara A. Chandler, Jonesboro Caroline J. Chaney, Moro Bill J. Chapman, Forrest City Kimbra A. Chase, Blytheville Carol D. Chester, Jonesboro Leah C. Chester, Memphis, Tenn. 356 classes - ,, ,W J iii Ex .49 .4 1,: A S 320 if 'QyQg 'lt -if. f f f f f ...M 4, l if I W 5 fir ff 1 -' A fx. W .A lf, -gf f. yu l N l 1 3 . ,,. 1 4 r -r Z' l Q. A' lk . K 1 ff. ,W ,, A M 2 ,:,, 1 'Q A' P r 3' , 2 Q ,. ,Q :,, be 12. 2, 4 4 fa-4' ' Freshmen Karen Lynn Childers, Searcy Sarah Ann Childers, Jonesboro Charles K. Childs Jr., Trumann Lundie S. Childs, Trumann Mikie J. Chipman, Manila Janice A. Chism, Forrest City Cathy Choate, Jonesboro Tyrone Christian, St. Louis, Mo. Melanie A. Christie, Blytheville Sherry A. Christmas, Augusta Brenda S. Cissell, Wilson Billy S. Clark, Jonesboro Doris J. Clark, Helena Lloyd D. Clark, Jonesboro Paul F. Clark, West Memphis Russell L. Clark, Jonesboro Stephen E. Clark, Jonesboro Winston R. Clark, Jonesboro Nettie B. Clayton, Rector Karen Jane Claytor, Cherokee Village Betty S. Clements, Caraway Lillie Esther Clements, Marmaduke Robert Don Clements, Jonesboro Nancy L. Clemons, Shirley Willie Lee Clemons, Jonesboro Brent M. Cline, Jonesboro Emmett Boyd Cobb, Lake City Roy Glenn Cobb, Valley View Billy H. Cockrill, Tuckerman Albert J. Colaianni, Jonesboro Terry G. Colburn, Jonesboro Anner J. Cole, Wynne Carolyn Cole, Parkin Debra S. Cole, Leachville Mauri I.. Cole, Jonesboro Mike J. Cole, Jonesboro Wanda L. Cole, Paragould Donna J. Colley, Jonesboro Louise M. Colley, Paragould Gary M. Collier, Marianna Vergena K. Collier, Rector Joanna Collins, West Plains, Mo. Hubert I. Colvin, Forrest City Thomas M. Colvin, Jackson, Tenn. Gary Wayne Conlee, West Memphis Michael A. Conner, Corning Brenda A. Cook, Pine Bluff Charles G. Cook, Paragould Garry W. Cook, Jonesboro Gary D. Cook, Camden Georgie Gail Cook, Jonesboro Richard D. Cook, Jonesboro Donna C. Coombe, Hartford, Mich. Arleen M. Cooper, Blytheville George F. Cooper, Jonesboro Grady B. Cooper, Paragould Michael W. Cooper, Bay Thomas E. Cooper, Jonesboro Tommy Cottrell, Abbeville, La Patricia A. Cousley, Jonesboro Billye J. Covington, Lepanto Jeanmarie Cowart, Memphis, Tenn. Paula L. Cowell, Jonesboro David G. Cox, Corning Frances P. Cox, Hennessey, Okla. Stephen J. Crabb, Tuckerman Janet Lee Crabtree, Eudora Jeanie Crabtree, Eudora Polly A. Craft, Little Rock Carl E. Craig, Cardwell, Mo. classes-357 Freshmen Debbie M. Craig, Manila James M. Craig, Jonesboro Mickey G. Craig, Jonesboro Regenold E. Craig, Blytheville Patty S. Crain, Brookland Glenda M. Crandall, Paragould James R. Crane, Florissant, Mo. Darryl S. Crawley, Gould Anthony R. Crews, Paragould Donald Wayne Crisler, Cash Brenda C. Crisp, Marvell Hugh E. Crisp, Marvell Sherry L. Crisp, Marvell James F. Cromwell, Jonesboro Susan M. Crosswait, Jonesboro Ronald T. Crostwait, West Memphis Jan M. Cruce, Lonoke Cris P. Cunningham, Jonesboro Gerald W. Cunningham, Paragould Mark E. Cunningham, Jonesboro Billy J. Cupp, Marked Tree Stephen D. Cupples, Hughes Joni Eloise Currie, West Memphis Janet S. Curry, Blytheville Gary E. Curton, Trumann Angela S. Dacus, Jonesboro Opal J. Daffron, St. Francis John W. Dalby, Batesville Earnest E. Dallas, Wynne Joyce M. Dallas, Marked Tree Terry L. Daniel, Dumas George P. Dapp, Blytheville Herman A. Dauck, Pocahontas Dennis R. Davenport, Monroe Holly M. Davenport, Yellville Narzell Davenport, Marvell Cynthia K. Davidson, Pine Bluff Wanda G. Davidson, Knobel Brenda K. Davis, Blytheville Dennis Wayne Davis, Jonesboro Gail Davis, Deering, Mo. Jeffrey J. Davis, Wynne Mandy L. Davis, Altheimer Miles L. Davis, Walnut Ridge Elaine C. Dean, Blytheville Danny L. Deatherage, Monette Carol L. Deaton, Manila Sharon L. Deckelman, Crossett Denise E. DeClerk, Pocahontas Gholam Ali Dehbozorgi, Iran Clementine Delane, Smackover Randy Dean Dennis, Fisher John Edwin Denson, West Memphis Joanna R. Denton, Millington, Tenn. Gary Steven DePriest, Malden, Mo. Kathy C. DePriest, Steele, Mo. Sylvester Diamond, Blytheville Peola D. Dickerson, Osceola Cheryl L. Dickson, Brinkley Tommy'L. Dodson, Caruthersville, Mo. Eugenia A. Donovan, Hoxie Edward Lee Doolittle, Hughes Teresa L. Dorris, Blytheville Sheri A. Dorsey, West Memphis Belinda C. Dotson, Heth Leland T. Douglas, Jonesboro Arlet V. Dover, Pollard Melvin T. Dowless, Monette Billy Gene Downing, Imboden Anthony R. Drymon, Rogers 358-classes 5 ,ew J it ixfw e l " " .gtg , mzaizzf 13 Q i I 1 1 4 . ASV in ,W AV":""':i '.' . .1' ,..,, . .V QZ7 f' A im, ,, ,fry :iffvfiff.? "" af 2 ff., H 4 ' 1 . LW 5. r 2 f ,, iw? Vgf ff f t ,C .1 gif ,Awe . V. KZ? ,Q Q if 4 i. Q r F. 'H-l ,,,' E 7' J ff f isnt I f J , 92 E , , I , 5 , M I . . . E ie... . '- if H - .Mx M- ,v,, , 5, .W if ,H f .V v- s Q5 if 'H ,. t if gg if 4 .f 5 , 3 .xW fa 553597 Y ff , Q 1 ,,w4gz a X X A , X f liz gig 4. .17 J 3? . , Y I in F if it i we 1 ! Freshmen Robert Duez, Jonesboro Jerry W. Duff, Hughes Paul M. Dugger, Osceola David W. Dunavant, Jonesboro Charles G. Dunaway, North Little Rock Joe T. Duncan, Wynne Kim R. Duncan, Bald Knob Connie Gale Dunigan, Monette Terry Dunlap, Portia Wendell B. Dunning, Leachville Robert J. Dupras, Blytheville Russell Keith Durell, Little Rock Hugh A. Duty, Paragould Francis Carol DuVall, Marked Tree Charlotte M. Easley, Forrest City Kathy D. Easley, Grubbs Selma J. Easterly, Jonesboro Roger D. Easton, Paragould Clyde R. Eaves, Jonesboro Karen J. Eaves, Newark Robert C. Eckman, Thayer, Mo. Robert E. Edgar, Jonesboro Omer E. Edington, Houston, Mo. James A. Edmonson, Elaine David Edwards, Corning Karen S. Edwards, Desha Craig Elder, Brookland Rickey L. Elder, Brookland Richard A. Elizandro, Lake Village Donna J. Elliott, Paragould Eunice Frances Elliott, Rector Brenda K. Ellis, West Memphis Debra A. Ellis, Osceola Gwendolyn K. Ellis, West Memphis Johnny J. Ellis, Memphis, Tenn. Roger D. Ellis, West Helena Larry R. Elrod, Joiner Needra G. Elrod, DeWitt William C. Emerson, Jonesboro Walter Alan Emmons, Ravenden Springs Deborah Darlene England, Thayer, Mo. Lawana England, Dalton Robert W. English, Clarendon Gary J. Enzor, Forrest City Kathe N. Epperson, North Little Rock Rebecca T. Epperson, Newport John W. Erwin, Star City Farrokh Eslahi, Iran Anita Ethridge, Colt Steven L. Evans, West Plains, Mo. Charlotte M. Evins, Amagon Sharon R. Fallis, Wynne George G. Falwell, Bradford Bill P. Farley, Paragould Robin Farley, Osceola Walter Joe Farley, Paragould William D. Faulkner, Harrisburg Vic J. Faust, Caseyville, Ill. Allen Reed Faver, Altheimer Keith Lamont Felkins, Bono Judith E. Fenner, Jonesboro Carolyn A. Ferguson, Jonesboro Malissa E. Ferguson, Forrest City Roger B. Ferguson, Forrest City Valerie S. Ferguson, Jonesboro Barry L. Ferrell, McCrory Anita Sue Fifer, Wynne Robin E. Fine, North Little Rock Terry L. Finn, West Memphis Mark D. Fisher, Jonesboro classes 3:19 Freshmen Shirley H. Fitzgerald, Forrest City Karen Rae Fivecoat, Newport Pamela G. Flagg, Blytheville Mary A. Fleetwood, Cave City Bryan T. Fletcher, Lake City Dennis R. Fletcher, Calico Rock Ronald Gene Flowers, Jonesboro Donna M. Floyd, Jonesboro Shelton Keith Flynt, Jonesboro Freda L. Foley, Walnut Ridge Andy H. Ford, Paragould Carol B. Ford, Pine Bluff Eugene R. Ford, Blytheville James H. Forrester, West Memphis Janis A. Forshee, Jonesboro John S. Fortenberry, Newport Kim S. Fortner, Jonesboro Billie A. Foster, Weiner Chris R. Foster, Portageville, Mo. Tommy L. Foulks, Marked Tree Michael L. Fouts, Arbyrd, Mo. Ronnie H. Fowler, Harrisburg Susan M. Francis, Blytheville Mark C. Frangenberg, Pocahontas Tommy Frank, Dumas Betty J. Franklin, West Helena Samuel E. Franklin, West Memphis Robin D. Frazier, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Free, Newport Debra L. Freeland, Blytheville Dexter J. Freeman, Forrest City Ronald V. Freeman, Paragould Larry F. Frein, Brinkley Gerald C. Freligh, Paragould Donna M. Frost, Kensett James Michael Fry, Tulsa, Okla. Patricia A. Fry, Osceola Wanda L. Fry, Batesville Vickie L. Fulbright, Cherry Valley Paula K. Fulks, Jonesboro Charles E. Gaines, Blytheville Pamela A. Gaither, Batesville Sabrina M. Gambill, Jonesboro Damon L. Gamble, Paragould Shawna C. Gammill, West Plains, Mo. William H. Garner, Brookland Loraine L. Garrison, Blytheville Winston M. Gaskill, Paragould Dennis W. Gaskin, Wynne Terry Lynn Gaskin, Wynne Robert F. Gathright, Crossett Mary Anne Gee, North Little Rock Paul E. Gennings, Jonesboro Richard L. Gentle, Paragould Sham Soddin Ghamgham, Jonesboro Ali Gharagozlou, Tehran, Iran Greg E. Gibbons, Monette Carolyn F. Gibson, Marmaduke Gerry L. Gibson, Paragould John M. Gibson, Paragould Kenneth R. Gibson, Jonesboro Peggy J. Gibson, Stuttgart Robert W. Gibson Jr., Jonesboro Roger D. Gibson, Jonesboro David W. Gilbert, Jonesboro Barbara A. Gill, Tyronza DeRenda Gillam, Caruthersville, Mo. Don C. Gillespie, West Memphis Gregory W. Gillette, Paragould Becky A. Gilliam, Jonesboro 360 classes Freshmen Craig H. Gilliam, Harrisburg Jerry I.. Gilliam, Paragould Roger L. Gilmore, Jonesboro Sherry L. Glover, Pine Bluff Curtis D. Goad, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Goff, Jonesboro Mitchel D. Golleher, Carlisle Tressie S. Goode, Brinkley Kimberly A. Goodman, Caraway John G. Goodpasture, Jonesboro Cindy L. Goodwin, Pocahontas Joyce A. Gordon, Mountain Home Timothy B. Gordon, Paragould Richard Dale Gores, Forrest City Tim C. Gorman, Forrest City Jan L. Goswell, Searcy Random T. Gott, Jonesboro Willene Goza, Swifton Kaye Grable, Portageville, Mo. Paula K. Graham, Marked Tree Susan L. Graham, Rogers Vickey D. Gramling, Dermott Tommy J. Granata, Springdale Mark C. Granberry, Little Rock Elder Granger, West Memphis Alexa D. Gray, Malden, Mo. Cathy A. Gray, Lepanto Gary D. Gray, Jonesboro Geneabeth A. Gray, Manila Paul E. Gray Jr., West Memphis Rebecca A. Gray, Walnut Ridge Robert P. Gray, Newport Danny J. Green, Cave City Debra S. Green, Pine Bluff Melissa G. Green, Kennett, Mo. Robert L. Green, Bald Knob Trecia C. Green, Leachville Michael G. Greene, Boston, Mass. Gary D. Greeno, Weiner Odos R. Greer Jr., Jonesboro Kathy Mae Griffin, Jonesboro Robin E. Griffin, Little Rock Danny L. Griftis, Batesville Sharon A. Griffith, North Little Rock Steve E. Griffith, Jonesboro Kathy A. Grigsby, Weldon Sharon Grimes, Jonesboro William D. Grimes, Osceola Leigh A. Grogan, Paragould Cyrilla A. Grover, Milwaukee, Wise. Janis A. Gulley, Jonesboro Walter Gunter, West Memphis Todd Gurley, Rogers Rosie L. Guthrie, Paragould Annette D. Guy, Osceola Joe A. Guy, Osceola Shirley M. Hackworth, Pocahontas Terry A. Hadder, New Madrid, Mo. Mark L. Haggenmacher, Jonesboro Curtis R. Hagler Jr., Wynne Patricia K. Hagler, Hickory Ridge Mary Ann Halbrook, Pine Bluff Leslie Allen Hale, Kennett, Mo. Gary A. Halfacre, Bay Bettye J. Hall, Jonesboro Helen M. Hall, Walnut Ridge Ira K. Hall, Delaplaine Jeffery P. Hall, St. Louis, Mo. John E. Hall. Dyess Pam Joyce Hall, Heber Springs classes 361 Freshmen Robin A. Hall, Jonesboro Virginia F. Hall, Jonesboro Gilbert W. Hallmark, Jonesboro Paula K. Hammil, Weiner Allodia G. Hampton, Jonesboro Rosalind B. Hampton, Wynne Thomas M. Hancock, Kennett, Mo. Vicki A. Handley, Jonesboro James R. Hanley, Jonesboro John D. Hard, Blytheville Stephen L. Hardin, Marmaduke Elizabeth S. Harlan, Trumann Steve A. Harmon, Portageville, Mo. Jennifer Suette Harper, Pocahontas Judith Harper, Hot Springs Mike P. Harper, Monette Charles R. Harrell, Biggers Willa R. Harrelson, Jonesboro Woody P. Harrelson, Jonesboro Carol A. Harrington, Jonesboro Cathy L. Harrington, West Memphis Nancy E. Harrington, Decatur Mark C. Harris, Bono Mary A. Harris, Brinkley Thomas Joe Harris, Forrest City Jerry Lee Harrison, Jonesboro Terry G. Harshbarger, Blytheville Barbara J. Hart, West Memphis Sandra K. Harvill, Paragould Pamela G. Hastings, Corning Donald W. Hatcher, Harrisburg Debra J. Hawkins, Paragould Dennis W. Hay, Blytheville Arif K. Haydar, Jonesboro Mohammad A. Haydar, Jonesboro Charmain Hazel, Searcy Debra D. Hazelwood, Trumann Duke Heath, Wynne Terry L. Heath, Jonesboro Dan Henderson, Memphis, Tenn. Debbie D. Henderson, Almyra Patti M. Henderson, Trumann Tommy Henderson, Salado Douglas Alton Hendrix, Trumann Jimmy L. Hendrix, Wynne Sharon K. Hendrix, Pine Bluff Keith Henick, North Little Rock Cassandra S. Henry, Walnut Ridge Shelia G. Henry, Hughes Stanley L. Henry, Monette Gary L. Hensley, Hocomo, Mo. Douglas E. Henson, Blytheville Marla J. Henson, Wynne Rene Henson Mark R. Herbst, Deborah L. Herring Rebecca F. Hestand Benita Faye Hester 9 1 Jonesboro Alton, Ill. Jonesboro Paragould Paragould Kristi S. Hester, Malden, Mo. Donna J. Heston, Walnut Ridge Daniel J. Hexem, Jonesboro Molly L. Hickox, Cheshire, Conn. Anthony Ray Hicks, Wynne Glenda F. Hicks, Paragould Robin W. Hicks, Hoxie Beth A. Hieber, Jonesboro Pamela F. Higginbottom, Williford Patricia L. Hightower, Mount Pleasant Gay Hill, Forrest City John N. Hill, Jonesboro 362 classes MW Mn V. it uf if W' . . 'li I 904 i - -5? ,ffq i'X,1..i X fi Freshmen Kenneth W. Hill, Pine Bluff Mary R. Hill, Pocahontas Roger D. Hill, Corning Janice L. Hilliard, Blytheville Michael W. Hinson, Jonesboro Jeffery A. Hinton, Caraway Teresa G. Hoaglan, Walnut Ridge Rush F. Hobbs, Forrest City Jeff R. Hoder, Brookfield, Ill. Cynthia J. Hodge, Blytheville Leonard W. Hodge, Jonesboro Marcus L. Hodges, Blytheville Jayne E. Hoffman, Little Rock Leonard H. Hogg, Grady Teddy L. Hoke, Paragould Ronald R. Holbrook, Marked Tree Nicky G. Holder, Imboden Susan C. Holiman, Gideon, Mo. Kimmet D. Holland, Jonesboro Randal R. Holland, Paragould Sharon K. Holland, West Helena Terry Lesa Holland, Little Rock Valorie F. Holland, Wardell, Mo. William L. Holland, Pocahontas Carol A. Hollingsworth, Jonesboro Deborah E. Holmes, Cooter, Mo. Jimmy D. Holt, Newport Ronnie E. Holt, Lake City Scottie R. Holt, Newport Donna J. Holzhauer, Gillett Janet L. Horner, Rector John P. Horner, McDougal Jeff N. Horton, Jonesboro Ronald N. Horton, Jonesboro Charlotte Marie House, Bono Kenneth E. House, Jonesboro Anthony C. Houston, Chicago, lll. Susan V. Houston, Dell David M. Howard, Clarkedale Connie L. Howe, Jonesboro Denise E. Howell, Jonesboro James P. Howell, England Tennyson Howell, Wynne Timothy J. Howell, North Little Rock Darryl W. Howerton, Marked Tree Mary S. Hudson, Jonesboro Rick G. Hudson, Paragould Charles E. Hudspeth, Jonesboro Suzanne Hudspeth, Jonesboro Tommy E. Hudspeth, Cherry Valley Daniel M. Huff, McCrory David C. Huff, Jonesboro Debbie J. Huff, Batesville John B. Huffman, Cherry Valley Donald R. Huggins, Cardwell, Mo. Michael H. Huggins, Arbyrd, Mo. Mary A. Hughes, Blytheville Vickie D. Humble, Forrest City T. J. Humphreys, Pine Bluff Earl W. Hundley, Trumann William K. Hurley, Weiner Eddie J. Hurst, Nimmons Renda G. Hurst, Jonesboro Marilyn M. Hurston, Jonesboro Mike B. Hutchins, Crossett Debby L. Hutchinson, Corning Richard A. Hutto, Blytheville Thomas J. Hutton, Kennett, Mo. Joe L. Hyde, Jonesboro Deborah K. Impson, Hope classes 363 Freshmen Debra L. Ingram, Jonesboro Terri J. Irvin, Jonesboro Martha G. Ishmael, Jonesboro Alan Jackson, Holland, Mo. Helen Judith Jackson, Cardwell, Mo. Theresa K. Jackson, Leachville Herbert James, Jonesboro Teresa L. James, Ravenden Victor D. James, Blytheville Lauren L. Jamison, Blytheville Richard C. Jans, Little Rock Sarah B. Jansen, Pocahontas Steve H. Jeffcoat, Fort Smith Edward C. Jeffery, Franklin Elizabeth D. Jenkins, Joiner Judy L. Jenkins, Memphis, Tenn. Thomas R. Jenkins, Parkin Henry R. Jennings, Jonesboro Eric S. Johns, Campbell, Mo. Calvin Johnson, Crumrod Gary G. Johnson, O'Kean John R. Johnson, Walnut Ridge Kathy A. Johnson, Pollard Larry D. Johnson, Jonesboro Randy M. Johnson, Osceola Roy Johnson Jr., Elaine Steven A. Johnson, Corning Tandy L. Johnson Jr., Jonesboro William S. Johnson, Jonesboro Cathy E. Johnston, Little Rock Hazel A. Johnston, Forrest City Bryan E. Jones, Gideon, Mo. Danny L. Jones, Jonesboro Diane R. Jones, Horseshoe Bend Donna D. Jones, Camden Doyle M. Jones, Rector James H. Jones, Harrisburg Jan S. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Joseph M. Jones, Rector Karen N. Jones, Rector Kurt S. Jones, Benton Marla A. Jones, Batesville Nancy J. Jones, Amagon Patricia A. Jones, Harrisburg Rodney S. Jones, St. Louis, Mo. Sherry L. Jones, Osceola Timothy R. Jones, Trumann Virgil I. Jones, Cooter, Mo. Tommy D. Jordan, Jonesboro Michael L. Joseph, Pine Bluff Isaac Bernard Joyner, Forrest City Jimmy L. Julian, Osceola William R. Junior, Hunter William Kamp, North Little Rock Ricky G. Kay, Jonesboro Ricky M. Kellett, Pocahontas Nelson Kelley, Helena Regina K. Kelley, Essex, Mo. Karen S. Kellim, Walnut Ridge Dana L. Kelly, Tuckerman Finis E. Kelso, Trumann Roger O. Kennedy, Rector Laura A. Kennon, Jonesboro Dawn Keown, Corning Ruth Kern, Jonesboro Yocharlsae G. Kestner, Almyra Lenita K. Ketchum, Jonesboro Charles M. Key, Osceola Cathy Kieffer, Weiner Ann C. Killian, Forrest City 364 classes i 2 ii'- 22 'fi 5 29 ,- 1 , f .rl ,. f L' .. 1 - 35 :L y 'W' 1 Ziyi!-'LG v9f11',,E f 'Viz 'firi .4 "1 ' H ' We ff ' I 3 ,- .- 3. tg.. ,, 4 '. ,g asv. v x ' .4 , ff, , -rufngcg' . ,haf .,,, ., .v ,,. 12 g I tl V ' Ag, Q f f- ' iff l W y.. ,L tw Freshmen Kathy A. Killian, Calico Rock Malcolm K. Kimbro, Forrest City Dennis James King, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Jimmy B. King, Forrest City Kathryn Ann King, Myrtle, Mo. Joyce K. Kinkade, Bernie, Mo. Debbie R. Kinsey, West Memphis Tommy Glen Kirby, Doniphan, Mo. John A. Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro Freddie D. Kirksey, Trumann Bruce W. Kissinger, West Plains, Mo. John S. Kitterman, Jonesboro Harrison Kittrell, McCrory Jelina K. Knight, Bono Susan M. Knipple, Blytheville Catherine A. Knowlton, West Helena Russell D. Koonce, Blytheville Freddie T. Krape, Hornersville, Mo. David W. Lacefield, Mountain Home Joe P. Lacey, Leachville Lori L. Lackey, Forrest City Alan Ladd, Reyno Donald G. Ladd, Lake City Mary E. Lally, Henderson Murl E. Lamb, Sedgwick Rendy Lamb, Kennett, Mo. William D. Lambert, Keiser Kenneth C. Lancaster, Earle Rodney W. Lancaster, Paragould Leon E. Lance, Clarendon Karl H. Landberg, Mountain Home Glenna L. Landers, Monette Doris M. Landrum, Newport Regena G. Langley, Piggott Mary A. Langrell, Pine Bluff Brenda C. Lanier, Jonesboro Robert J. Laquet, Hughes Michael J. Lasseter, Mammoth Spring Merry C. Lateana, Little Rock Jane C. Launius, Corning Jamie L. Laws, Forrest City Dana Michele Layer, Rector Eugene Layer, Kennett, Mo. Linda S. Layman, Paragould Deborah E. Leatherwood, Jonesboro Alfred Lee, Smackover Debbie A. Lee, Hornersville, Mo. Lynn A. Lee, Caruthersville, Mo. Pamela Yvonne Lee, Damascus Robert J. Legate, Campbell, Mo. Chris A. Leibrock, DeWitt Dianna K. Leonard, Pine Bluff Raymond C. Leopard, Little Rock Ramona A. Leroux, Doniphan, Mo. Dennis E. Lewis, West Memphis Randy M. Lewis, Manila Ronnie H. Lewis, Manila Russell W. Lewis, Blytheville Debbie A. Liles, Walnut Ridge Jill L. Lincoln, Senath, Mo. Stephen Bernard Lindsey, Caldwell Michael L. Little, Wilson Phillip R. Lively, Cotter Holly S. Litzelfelner, Piggott Angela D. Lockhart, El Dorado Donnie W. Logan, Little Rock Danny D. Loggains, Newport Mary E. Lomax, Hornersville, Mo. Don H. Long, Blytheville Ginger L. Long, Newport classes 365 Freshmen James D. Long, Jonesboro James M. Long, Newport Kathy E. Long, Jonesboro Sammy Q. Long, Newport Vicki R. Long, Pocahontas Brenda A. Looney, Osceola Debra Looney, Proctor James M. Looney, Osceola James M. Lovell, Jonesboro Lula E. Lovell, Helena Rebecca L. Lovett, Jacksonville Sylvester L. Loving, Little Rock Jane L. Luckie, DeWitt Ann M. Ludolf, West Memphis Clara Elizabeth Lunceford, Jonesboro Danny L. Lusk, Brinkley David R. Luter, Corning Teresa J. Luther, White Oak, Mo. Diane E. Maag, Paragould Fred D. Mack, Greenway Sam J. Macre, Blytheville Cornelius Maddox, Star City Carolyn S. Mallory, Beedeville Debra C. Malloy, Leachville Susan C. Manatt, Corning Judy C. Manley, Wynne Brenda S. Mann, Paragould Linda L. Mann, Paragould Myron W. Mann, Cherry Valley Vera P. Manning, Blytheville Melissa A. Maples, Marianna Robert E. March, Corning Dianna Lee Markin, Paragould Sharon K. Marlar, Paragould Tarry L. Marlar, Paragould Thomas G. Marlar, Paragould Judy D. Marlin, Poughkeepsie Harrison Marr Jr., Portageville, Mo. James S. Marshall, Bald Knob Jerald R. Marshall, Fort Smith Thomas D. Marshall Jr., Leachville Charles A. Martin, Pine Bluff Curtis C. Martin, Paragould Jon A. Martin, Trumann Mark O. Martin, O'Kean Martha A. Martin, Jonesboro Mary K. Martin, Conway Richard N. Martin, Hot Springs Virginia D. Martin, Rosie Bob M. Marx, St. Louis, Mo. Terry L. Mashburn, Harrisburg Peggye Ann Mason, Paragould Stephen C. Massanelli, Pine Bluff Mark B. Mathews, North Little Rock Ronnie George Matsch Jr., Rogers Paul K. Maxwell, Cardwell, Mo. David G. May, Paragould Dianne L. May, Batesville Dickey D. Mayland, Hoxie Regina R. Mayo, Piggott Chauncey B. Mays, Marshall Pam McAdams, Jonesboro Cindy A. McAlister, Jonesboro William E. McAnally, Osceola Gene W. McAuley, West Memphis Ira M. McBride, Jonesboro Issac W. McBride, Jonesboro Marilyn K. McBride, North Little Rock Zoe Y. McBride, Blytheville Terry McCain, Manila 366-classes , ' sv fl Freshmen Carl R. McCarn, Caruthersville, Mo. Robin V. McCartcr, Marion Teresa Ellen McChristian, Beedeville Kenneth D. McCoy, Jonesboro Peggy D. McCullar, Newport Debra A. McCustion, Blytheville Mike McDermott, Harrisburg Vicki D. McFarlin, Monette Linda J. McGee, Blytheville Dan C. McGill, Mountain Home Stella M. McGill, Pine Bluff Sherry M. McGinn, Mellwood John W. McGough, Winter Haven, Fla. James M. McGowan, North Little Rock Teresa K. McGruder, Blytheville Virginia A. McGuire, Wynne William Terry McHenry, Birdeye William F. Mcllroy, Jonesboro Kenneth L. Mclnnis, Dothan, Ala. Melba J. Mclvey, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Debbra L. McKelvey, Gideon, Mo. Mike A. McKinney, Paragould Phillip E. McLarty, Jonesboro Edgar B. McLemore, West Memphis Elizabeth A. McLemore, West Memphis Judy A. McMinn, Manila Linda F. McNear, Steele, Mo. Patricia A. McNeary, Forrest City Ginger D. McSpadden, Cave City Scott McSwain, Jonesboro Larry S. Mealer, Paragould David N. Medlock, Jonesboro Barbara A. Melton, Paragould Darrell W. Meredith, Nettleton William H. Merryman, Jonesboro Robert L. Metcalf, Jonesboro Pamela D. Metzgar, Jonesboro Edward J. Michael, Newport Donna M. Milacek, Waukomis, Okla. Timothy J. Miles, Jonesboro Tommy B. Miley, Brinkley Donna R. Miller, Helena Greg Miller, Cardwell, Mo. Hershel D. Miller, Newport Joyce A. Miller, Bull Shoals Leslie G. Miller, Wynne Marshell E. Miller, Little Rock Richard P. Miller, Jonesboro Sandy L. Miller, Lavaca Steve K. Miller, Fayetteville William D. Miller, Murfreesboro Diana M. Milligan, Trumann Jackie R. Millikan, McDougal Steve D. Millikin, Corning Lester G. Mills, Paragould Jackie M. Millspaugh, Batesville James W. Milum, Batesville Debra J. Miner, Leachville Bradley A. Minton, Dexter, Mo. Annetta L. Mitchell, Earle Betty L. Mitchell, Alco Dixie Lee Mitchell, Kennett, Mo. Douglas William Mitchell, Blytheville George E. Mitchell, Jonesboro Lynn C. Mitchell, Mount Prospect, Ill. Maude Ann Mitchell, Jonesboro Patrick M. Mitchell, Chesterton, Ind. Robert C. Mitchell, Paragould Rogina L. Mitchell, Jonesboro Steven E. Mitchell, Trumann classes 367 Freshmen Susan V. Mitchell, Jonesboro William C. Mize, Nettleton Ronald D. Moffitt, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Eugene W. Molinaro, North Little Rock Mary Ann Monroe, Paragould Pam A. Monroe, Jonesboro Barbara J. Montgomery, Piggott Betty J. Montgomery, Newport Cynthia G. Montgomery, Little Rock William W. Montgomery, Jonesboro Jane Moody, West Plains, Mo. James M. Mooney, Jonesboro Donald W. Moore, Jonesboro Gary M. Moore, Nettleton Jane Moore, Walnut Ridge Pamela K. Moore, Waldenburg Phillip S. Moore, Weiner Robert R. Moore, Blytheville Steve L. Moore, Star City Terry L. Moore, Jonesboro Gary M. Morgan, Osceola Melinda K. Morgan, Couch, Mo. Vicki L. Morgan, Caruthersville, Mo. Robert Morphis, Forrest City Bonnie E. Morris, Jonesboro James E. Morris, West Memphis Richard M. Morris, Newport Richard W. Morris, Jonesboro Janet D. Morrisett, Marked Tree DebbieK. Morrison, Bay Pat G. Morrison, Little Rock Vance F. Morrison, Jonesboro Judy L. Mosby, Jonesboro Ronnie B. Moss, Jonesboro Verna J. Moss, Poplar Grove Jeffrey P. Mouhalis, Hayti, Mo. Larry T. Moulder, Harrisburg Joel W. Mullins, Jonesboro Randy P. Murphy, Star City Martha A. Musick, Cave City Jennie L. Musteen, Rogers Paul D. Muzik, St. Louis, Mo. Peter D. Muzik, Chesterfield, Mo. Earl T. Myers, Corning Barbara D. Nance, Lake City Sherry J. Neal, West Memphis Drucie R. Neeley, Caruthersville, Mo. Don M. Neely, Newport Margaret A. Neely, Pine Bluff Behrokh Nejad, Jonesboro - Erwin Nelson, Turrell James E. Nelson, Kennett, Mo. Robert H. Nelson Jr., Wilson Wayne H. Nesbitt, Paragould Tommie E. Newberry, Paragould Samuel Newsome, Marvell Julia E. Newton, Olyphant Randel L. Newton, Lake City Michael Nichols, Little Rock Patricia Ann Nichols, Jonesboro Deborah Jean Nicholson, Marianna David L. Niederbrach, Jonesboro Cynthia G. Noel, Senath, Mo. Baraei Nouri, Iran Marsha A. Nugent, Kennett, Mo. Lynn Ogilvie, Blytheville Mark D. Oldham, Jonesboro Angie K. Olds, Piggott William D. Olive, Paragould Eddy L. Oliver, Viola 368-classes 412 Freshmen Judy L. Oliver, Paragould Peggy D. Oliver, Tuckerman Michael O'Reilly, Cherokee Village Patricia N. O'Reilly, Cherokee Village Carl W. Osborn, Mountain Home Gwen M. Osborn, Jonesboro Paul B. Osborn, Lake City Bruce A. Owen, Forrest City Cynthia D. Owens, Cherokee Village Dixie L. Owens, Jonesboro Randy Michael Owens, Lake City B. J. Page, Jonesboro Ali Aschar Pairour, Iran Jackie Benard Palmer, Little Rock Neil Palmer, Pollard Sarah Jane Pankey, Batesville Donna L. Pardew, Jonesboro Carla J. Parker, Jonesboro Cindy D. Parker, Marked Tree Dan L. Parker, Blytheville Phil W. Parker, Jonesboro Carol S. Parkerson, Hot Springs Bobby J. Parnell, Harrisburg Max B. Parson, Jonesboro George M. Parsons, Osceola Dennis D. Parten, Black Oak Laura E. Partlow, Blytheville Vicki L. Pasmore, Jonesboro Marcia A. Patton, Jonesboro Marsha D. Patton, Kennett, Mo. Marsha Gale Paul, Paragould Kenneth W. Pay, Blytheville Mary L. Payne, Pleasant Plains Robert A. Payne Jr., Jonesboro Teresa K. Payne, Rives, Mo. John F. Peacock, McCrory Quentin H. Pearce, Bradford Charles E. Peel, Batesville William E. Penna, Trumann Rick G. Penter, Jonesboro Randy T. Pepper, Jonesboro Carolyn J. Peronia, Jonesboro Dennis E. Peronia, Lake City Lucy B. Perrin, Batesville Brenda L. Perryman, Calico Rock Charles E. Peters, Little Rock Patricia S. Petrus, Carlisle Bonnie S. Phaup, Sanford, Maine Robert M. Phelps, Springfield, Mo. John P. Phifer, Pine Bluff Archie L. Philbrick, Milford, N.H. David T. Phillips, West Memphis Debra G. Phillips, Bradford Joe G. Phillips, Leachville John D. Phillips, Jonesboro Linda S. Phillips, Cherokee Village Tony J. Phillips, Marmaduke Patti A. Phipps, Newport Kenny B. Pickett, Imboden Darrell D. Pickney, Hoxie David E. Pierce, Creve Coeur, Mo. James T. Pilkington, Little Rock Kathy L. Pinchback, Jonesboro William M. Pinkston, Crossett Carol E. Pipes, Brookland Donald R. Pipkin, Blytheville Patty S. Pitchford, Mountain Home Daniel P. Plein, Momence, Ill. Gail Poe, Jonesboro John D. Pointer, Mountain Grove, Mo. classes 369 Freshmen Mike D. Polston, Williford Deborah J. Pope, Jonesboro Gordon C. Porter, Jonesboro Beth Pounders, Lonoke Arthur D. Powell, Jonesboro Ralph E. Poynor, Jonesboro Carol A. Prance, Kennett, Mo. Kathryn A. Prater, Hoxie Ottis D. Prater, Parkin Benjamin F. Prothro, Benton Steven W. Provow, Pocahontas Charles A. Pudinas, Stuttgart Tommy S. Purtle, Benton David E. Puryear, Jonesboro Mary F. Puryear, Jonesboro Marsha L. Qualls, Lake City Sandi G. Qualls, Monette Michele Quattlebaum, Helena Mary B. Quinn, Pine Bluff Vicki A. Quinn, Jonesboro Barbara J. Rader, Jonesboro Charles C. Ragsdell, Brinkley Peter R. Ralowicz, Chelmsford, Mass. Monica Rapert, Biggers Sandra A. Rapier, West Memphis Vicki I. Rasberry, Marmaduke Gil E. Ratliff, Jonesboro Mahmoud Razian, Iran Bernice B. Reasons, Jonesboro Ronald R. Reaves, Harrisburg Danny Ray Redd, Blytheville Cynthia A. Reddmann, Weiner Hershel L. Redwine, Jonesboro Charolette R. Reece, Jonesboro Terrie J. Reed, Dexter, Mo. Tina Reese, Jonesboro Christopher Reeves, Paragould Patsy A. Reginelli, Jonesboro Deborah J. Reid, Swifton Mitchell H. Reid, Newport Sheila K. Reid, Newport Paul T. Remagen, Woodland Hills, Calif. Faith Renard, Piggott Marie E. Resh, Little Rock Jeff H. Rettig, Little Rock Rhonda S. Rhodes, Caraway Teresa S. Rhodes, Manila Bob J. Rice, Corning Lisbeth A. Rice, Pocahontas Debbie K. Richards, Newport Dorothy P. Richardson, Jonesboro Helen J. Richardson, Crawfordsville Mary G. Richardson, Jonesboro Nancy L. Richardson, Kennett, Mo. William N. Richardson, Jonesboro Shelia K. Richey, Marmaduke Denise M. Riddell, West Memphis Kathy E. Riddle, Pine Bluff Monica J. Riefer, Fairmount, W. Va. Michael W. Riggs, Marmaduke Freddie L. Riley, Delight Michael L. Ring, Jonesboro Gary T. Ritter, Jonesboro Bobby L. Roach, Manila Paula D. Roach, Jonesboro Michael H. Robbins, Cleveland, Miss. Donald L. Roberts, Harrisburg Marty L. Roberts, Jonesboro Reginald N. Robertson, West Memphis James E. Robins Jr., Leachville 370-classes 'W-few Q WW.. .. 3 2 44 4 K f' ef SP-'-'S a. 4 -1 5.1.-.ev . IVVVVK, . V, 5 QW.. ., W, ff? V 55 we , ff W' f ff 5 A ' 20' ff g A af f gg ff X a 1 as ' ' ' .F W, ,rex if if iv Z ff . 9' 37 A ,S . y 1 .,.., .,,,, ,,., , 53,5 s,,,, , 3 Q ' l .,., , 'f . . . sv ? I 3 K a I J L 44,3 " . "' ii L i 'K x 7 f ' .V ,' Z, . , Z ' .V Q A,,V ' V 'V . fi g , 5 -4 g 11' V 'yew , . . 1' .W ,, ,fx Q Z 1- ff 25' , 4' -an N 1 lux Freshmen Randy Harmon Robinson, Corning Rebecca L. Robinson, Jonesboro Sheila L. Robinson, Newport Steven E. Rockwell, Corning Linda S. Rodman, Jonesboro Candy L. Rogers, Jonesboro June E. Rogers, Paragould Teddy M. Rogers, Jonesboro Terry L. Rogers, Blytheville William Scott Rogers, Pocahontas Gerald N. Rollan, Wynne Michael P. Roper, Batesville Ella J. Ross, Jonesboro Joan F. Ross, Caruthersville, Mo. Dennis Bradley Rouse, Greenway Linda F. Rouse, Greenway Dennis Rowe, Paragould James A. Rowlett, Swifton Ricky L. Ruffin, Trumann Cynthia M. Rutledge, Marianna Patricia June Ryan, Walnut Ridge Gerald S. Sale, Piggott Jo N. Sale, Greenway Kenneth R. Sample, Nimmons Danny L. Samuels, Jonesboro Javad M. Sanati, Iran Edward L. Sanderlin, Crumrod Leslie C. Sandlin, Pocahontas Steve M. Sartain, West Memphis Mustafa Sateli, Iran Roger D. Sawyer, Madison LaRene Scaife, Paragould Donna L. Scarbrough, Dumas Ronald L. Schafer, Carlisle Edward V. Scharff, Mammoth Spring Kurt A. Schenk, St. Louis, Mo. Kurt W. Schuchardt, Jonesboro Teddy G. Schug, Paragould Terry L. Schug, Paragould Kenneth M. Scott, Wynne Robert E. Sealy, Malvern Robert Archie Searls, Paragould Pamela L. Seaton, West Helena Rebecca J. Seaton, Tulsa, Okla. Lana M. Serio, Eudora Stephen A. Sewell, Yellville Toni L. Seymour, West Memphis Debra K. Sharits, Maynard Edgar L. Sharp, Pine Bluff Gina R. Sharp, Leachville Harold R. Sharp, Hardy Rodney A. Sharp, Saffell Lloyal E. Shaw, Jonesboro Vicki L. Sheehan, North Little Rock Suzanne Shell, Jonesboro Bob E. Shellenberger, North Little Rock Sherry L. Shelton, Tyronza Vicki D. Shelton, Caruthersville, Mo. Pam M. Shirley, Blytheville Melva B. Shoffner, Shoffner Gary R. Shrable, Walnut Ridge Liz A. Shults, North Little Rock Theodore Shumpert, Birdsong Allen J. Simmons, Jonesboro Curt K. Simmons, North Little Rock Wanda F. Simmons, Jonesboro Ricky D. Simpkins, Jonesboro Bob W. Simpson, Little Rock Sherry A. Simpson, Piggott Brenda S. Singleton, Paragould classes 371 Freshmen Michael W. Singleton, Jones Mill John M. Sink, Newport Betty A. Skaggs, Paragould Kitty S. Skinner, Batesville Cynthia Rose Slabaugh, Parkin Ricky L. Slavings, Hayti, Mo. Karen G. Sloan, Dumas Susan L. Sloan, England Jackie R. Smart, Hot Springs Charmin D. Smith, Jonesboro Christie L. Smith, Jonesboro Cornelia M. Smith, Pocahontas David L. Smith, Bono Debbie K. Smith, Helena Deborah J. Smith, Paragould Debra Ann Smith, Jonesboro Diane Smith, Keiser Donnie E. Smith, Jonesboro Hal T. Smith, Jonesboro Janie K. Smith, Keiser Jannette Smith, Earle Jimmy R. Smith, Laredo, Tex. Joanne S. Smith, Cardwell, Mo. Joe R. Smith, Bald Knob Michael A. Smith, Pocahontas Mike J. Smith, Jonesboro Sidney L. Smith, Wynne Stanley Owen Smith, Paragould Steve R. Smith, Jonesboro Steven S. Smith, Jonesboro Wanda C. Smith, Cherry Valley Wilburn Eugene Smith, Osceola Joseph S. Smithwick, Jonesboro Michael E. Smoker, Paragould William D. Snyder, Jonesboro Ricky S. South, Osceola Carol S. Sowell, Jonesboro Gary G. Sowle, Jonesboro Vertee M. Spearmon, Palestine Brenda J. Spears, Jonesboro Janet L. Spears, Paragould Robert E. Speer, Jonesboro Suzanne L. Spence, Leachville Tommy E. Spencer, Stuttgart Michael R. Spinks, Knobel Howard B. Spotts, Clear Lake, Iowa Georgia Lynn Springfield, Osceola Cathy E. Springle, Jonesboro David A. Sproling, Harrisburg Randal T. Spurgin, Parkin Louis J. Stadler, Cherry Valley Jesse W. Stafford, Jonesboro Charlotte Ranell Stahl, Newport Chuck E. Stallings, Jonesboro Ronnie L. Stallings, Jonesboro Linda D. Standley, Wheatley Glenda G. Stanley, Jonesboro Jon E. Stark, Crawfordsville Deborah A. Starkey, Hope Peggy Jo Starr, Jonesboro Robert R. Starr, Little Rock Wesley Staton, DeWitt James D. Steele, Monette Edward Paul Stehle, Little Rock Gary L. Stephens, Lafe Jackie E. Stevens, Jonesboro Regina K. Stevens, Caruthersville, Mo. Rebecca L. Steward, Augusta Danny A. Stewart, Prescott John R. Stewart, Newport 372-classes tart.. - aw y uh, z, f fm f Q. W emegga 2 . .. 1 2 .,.f an . f . ls 4 F 4' , 2-- fz.g,, ,,, Q f, L:fi.3'l- ..': 4. , . we X gl, ,iw 4, 1 -2 .gr ,. 1 v s 9 1 .4 it 'iLlAil37'.7I VH" ,WW if 42 n. ea,-A 5 .2 " QE? S 9 5 gf K f if ,, fe Q V . ,y vw- W avg? F reshm en Kenny W. Stewart, Osceola Revis C. Stewart, Monette Sharon K. Stewart, Oil Trough Stuart N. Stiles, Osceola Sandy R. Stokes, Stuttgart Angie R. Stone, Jonesboro Stephen C. Stone, Jonesboro Robert R. Storey, Manila Lana P. Story, Elaine Teresa A. Stotts, Caraway Dawn P. Stover, Lonoke John R. Streete, Jonesboro Christina Strickland, Fordyce Keith Strickland, Little Rock David Odus Stroud, Melbourne Fred Stuart, Walnut Ridge Robert J. Stuenkel, Mountain Home Scott W. Stumbaugh, North Little Rock Gayle C. Stump, Jonesboro Lisa R. Sturgeon, Kennett, Mo. Daniel R. Sullens, Black Rock Judith A. Summers, Jonesboro Susan K. Summers, Pine Bluff Constance Sumrall, West Helena Ted Sutton, West Memphis Mona C. Swindle, Parkin Phillip Tackett Jr., North Little Rock Ina L. Taffar, Ravenden Asghar Tajalli, Iran Mona D. Talkington, Searcy Julia E. Tanner, Jonesboro Roger D. Tarvin, Bald Knob Curtis L. Tate, Jonesboro Danny W. Tate, Jonesboro William Tate, Edmondson Marla K. Tatum, Little Rock Alice Dianne Taylor, Wynne Angela P. Taylor, Walnut Ridge Anthony E. Taylor, Alicia Carlton A. Taylor, Pine Bluff Carolyn R. Taylor, Trumann Charlotte I. Taylor, England Debbie A. Taylor, Jonesboro John W. Taylor, Osceola Kim A. Taylor, Jonesboro Michael G. Taylor, Monette Ronnie W. Taylor, North Little Rock Thomas D. Taylor, Jonesboro Tim J. Taylor, West Memphis William D. Taylor, Bay Mike H. Teague, Harrisburg Sandra L. Teal, Jonesboro Dawn C. Teale, Blytheville Emma J. Temples, Turrell Bill R. Tennison, Hoxie Julie L. Terry, St. Louis, Mo. Jackie L. Thickson, Blytheville Cheryl A. Thomas, Pine Bluff Pam L. Thomas, Blytheville Vicky L. Thomas, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Thomas R. Thompkins, Stuttgart Adolph J. Thompson, Joiner Cynthia J. Thompson, Jonesboro Donna L. Thompson, Parkin Jimmy D. Thompson, Pocahontas Larry L. Thompson, Piggott Mark B. Thompson, West Hartford, Conn. Ricky L. Thompson, Jonesboro William David Thompson, West Memphis Michael Terrell Thornton, Trumann classes 373 Freshmen Kathie A. Throesch, Pocahontas James A. Thurber, Myrtle, Mo. James N. Tice Jr., Bay Verona A. Tice, Bay Steve T. Tiebel, West Memphis Ricky L. Timbs, Trumann David E. Tiner, Pocahontas Dena L. Tinker, Imboden Karen J. Tippy, Blytheville Mary F. Tomasso, Little Rock Rhonda K. Tosh, Jonesboro William Lindsey Townsend Jr., Paragould Jacqueline M. Trahan, Pocahontas Debbie J. Traylor, Helena Danny E. Treadway, Clarendon Teresa A. Tresp, North Little Rock Suzanne M. Tripod, Paragould Terry J. True, Piggott Trent L. Tucker, Osceola Danny J. Turberville, Gosnell Jim N. Turnbo, Mountain Home Jackie R. Turnbow, Jonesboro Calvin S. Turner, West Memphis Ikea Dell Turner, Hughes Leslie S. Turner, Little Rock Ricky Allen Turner, Paragould Ronald R. Turner, Lexa Hyman H. Turpin, Pine Bluff Tony D. Tutt, North Little Rock Sharon S. Tyer, Forrest City Harold E. Tyler Jr., Pocahontas Mary D. Underwood, Hayti, Mo. Rudy W. Underwood, Paragould Mark L. Ungerank, Pocahontas Pamela L. Vaden, Little Rock Linda S. Vance, Sedgwick Laura L. Vandever, Little Rock Connie L. VanGennip, Malden, Mo. Gina C. Vaughan, Benton Nancy W. Verhoeven, Haynes Joe W. Verser, Harrisburg Stephen D. Vester, Pocahontas Mary E. Via, Batesville Debbie L. Vincent, Batesville Kim M. Vowell, Paragould Robert Sherman Wacaster, Heth John H. Walker, Jonesboro Rodney K. Walker, Rector Vernon L. Walker Jr., Jonesboro Charles L. Wallace, Lake Village Vicky K. Waller, Steele, Mo. Linda C. Wallis, Jonesboro Martha Gayle Wallis, Jonesboro Karen K. Walls, Harrisburg Lloyd Walls, Forrest City Greg A. Walter, Nettleton Lynn H. Ward, England Wayne N. Ward, Jonesboro Margaret A. Warr, Hot Springs Bobby P. Warren, Wynne Ann Warriner, Pine Bluff James D. Warrington, Kennett, Mo. Henry R. Washington, Little Rock Phillip Sue Waters, Tuckerman Dwayne H. Watkins, Little Rock George K. Watkins, Jonesboro Charles R. Watson, Tuckerman Debbie G. Watson, Melbourne John G. Watts, Bay Philip R. Watts, Brinkley 374 classes iii .1 iw .A .W V . May' it I K 557 'S 35' fv site? iff X f f 1 f f f Z , ,, f 1. tim if-.'?' ? s, x 4 Z-fp K P 5' 'M' """ ,,A, 155, "Q 5 f 1 .. Wa it if .22-1 W. x if 'C' 'S 'K :Ju "" W i V H V' , 3 11' A A , . N is 5 Us 1 1 I v A Freshmen Patricia A. Weaver, Manila Ricky D. Weaver, Newark Jim P. Webb, Jonesboro Katherine L. Webb, Jonesboro Dorthy L. Webber, Searcy Tab R. Weinberg, Leachville Jerry L. Welch, Leachville Bobby R. West, Jonesboro Laura J. West, Pine Bluff Robert F. West, Jonesboro Melissa D. Wester, Pine Bluff Barry M. White, Manila Beverly L. White, Delaplaine Corita Ann White, Pine Bluff David White, Pine Bluff Ivy Jane White, Paragould Jackie S. White, Newport Jimmy R. White, Kennett, Mo. Joey A. White, Manila Rick White, Bentonville Teresa D. White, Corning Gwen P. Whiteaker, Calico Rock Ronald W. Whiteaker, Calico Rock Joanne Whited Monette Jackie Lynn Whiteside, Piggott Gary L. Whitney, Lake City Lyn Whittenton, Forrest City Richard A. Whittle, Blytheville William J. Wiechman, Noblesville, Debbie A. Wiens, Forrest City Karen J. Wiens, Forrest City Jan C. Wiggins, Jonesboro Gregory C. Wilburn, Little Rock Larry H. Wiles, Ash Flat John B. Wilkins, Jacksonville Steven L. Willard, Blytheville Brenda D. Williams, Corning Carol J. Williams, Paragould Charles Walter Williams, England Debra L. Williams, Jonesboro Edna F. Williams, Paragould Gwendolyn D. Williams, Proctor Joe A. Williams, Lake City Mary D. Williams, West Memphis Ronald Williams, Osceola Terry G. Williams, Jonesboro Alecia R. Williamson, Elaine Dennis Paul Williamson, Forrest City Paul C. Williamson, Little Rock Elmer E. Willman, Lonoke Connie L. Willoughby, Trumann Judith A. Wilmoth, Jonesboro Craig H. Wilson, Jonesboro Edward Owen Wilson, Evening Shade Gary L. Wilson, Jonesboro Gladys M. Wilson, Clarkton, Mo. Karen Wilson, Brinkley Karen S. Wilson, Jonesboro J. H. Wimpy, Jonesboro James L. Windle, Wynne Daniel Wingfield, Campbell, Mo. Don L. Wisdom, Jonesboro Von D. Wisdom, Jonesboro Jimmy Edward Wise, Bay Judith G. Wise, Jonesboro Bob M. Withers, Little Rock Marsha L. Wood, DeWitt Melissa J. Wood, Caraway Ollie E. Wood, Jonesboro Zackery D. Wood, Harrisburg Freshmen Linda L. Woodard, Little Rock Gerald L. Woodruff, Jonesboro Randall J. Woodruff, Jonesboro Ronnie S. Woodruff, Forrest City Deborah S. Woods, Bay Gregory Woods, Lonoke Carol A. Woodson, Hoxie Keith Woolverton, Pollard Kathleen Worlow, Jonesboro Bob L. Worthington, Little Rock Donald B. Wray, West Memphis Roger D. Wray, West Plains, Mo. Gary W. Wright, Leachville Kathy L. Wright, Parkin Mona P. Wright, Waldenburg Pansy J. Wright, Paragould Gary Wy, Blytheville Mary Nell Wyatt, Marion Pamela R. Wyatt, Piggott David W. Yarbrough, Jonesboro Dennis F. Yarbrough, Caruthersville, Mo Gary D. Yarbrough, Paragould Layne L. Yawn, Jonesboro Phyllis D. York, Alicia Theresa G. York, Blytheville Carol B. Young, Little Rock Kathy Young, Forrest City Oscar L. Young, Hughes Perry L. Young, Trumann Rhonda S. Young, Blytheville Kristi Youngdahl, Little Rock Second semester students A I 5 1 E Y . s ewer- .--ia: s.... : J . "" Wt jpg. Graduate students John D. Arnold, Camden James M. Cook, Pine Bluff Ruth Crawford, Cherry Valley Ronald L. Boling, Heber Springs Dale C. Cheatham, McNab Willie Davis, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Rosilyn K. DeSpain, Jonesboro Bettye A. Fields, Pine Bluff Mike A. Grogan, Paragould Ronnie C. Helm, Oxford Menril L. Henton, Owensboro, Ky. Barbara G. Houston, Fort Smith Tom Manning, Jonesboro Cynthia G. McClintock, Jonesboro Geraljean P. McGough, Jonesboro John D. Meyer, Jefferson City, Mo. Tina L. Meyer, Jefferson City, Mo. Gene Z. Reid, Leachville Thomas D. Robins, Leachville Judy F. Seals, Marion Alice E. Tillman, Jonesboro John P. Wherry, Newark Seniors Gerald W. Adams Jr., Arbyrd, Mo., Accounting Rodger D. Bumpass, Little Rock, Radio-TV Stephen E. Blythe, Gurdon, Accolmting Evalyn M. Carter, Reyno, Elem. Ed. Mary H. Cole, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Stephen P. Finch, Widener, Agronomy Linda M. Fisher, Blytheville, English Carol B. Killion, Pocahontas, Bus. Ed. Michael W. Morgan, Warren, Management Danny H. Moser, Guion, Soc. Sci. Teddy W. Pylant, Jonesboro, History Rucker F. Richardson, Bald Knob, Agri. Ed. Tom W. Thomas, Conway, Bus. Adm. Terrence M. Tucker, Colorado Springs, Colo., Math. Jeanette B. Wilson, Camden, Gen. Bus. classes-377 Juniors Virginia A. Bachman, Jonesboro Carma L. Blount, Batesville Jack E. Bower, Jonesboro Cindy K. Brown, Conway Sharon D. Bryant, Jonesboro Kathy S. Carter, Jonesboro Connie J. Cheatham, Melbourne Danny R. Chism, Mena Kenneth C. Clark, Grubbs Donnie H. Coker, Imboden Kenneth G. Conner, Helena Thomas T. Craft, Lake Helen, Fla. William E. Crotts Jr., Grubbs Donna L. Curry, Steele, Mo. Muhammed Dawuda, South Bend, Ind. Randy I. Diles, Little Rock Charles D. Dillier, West Helena Gladys A. Dodson, Forrest City Murry DuBose, Jonesboro Robert P. Dugger, Jonesboro Mary E. Edwards, Heber Springs Paul L. Edwards, Bald Knob Toni A. Fahr, Paragould Martha J. Falkner, Fort Smith Gary W. Fortune, Brinkley Jerry J. Gray, Manila Jesse C. Gray, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Randy R. Guthrie, Imboden Barbara J. Hall, Birdeye Lynnette Hammons, Forrest City John M. Harlan, Piggott Jerry S. Harris, Batesville Marcus D. Harris, Oil Trough William A. Hieber, Jonesboro Hoyt H. Hilger, Judsonia Tom D. Howard, Cabot Buddy C. Hughes, Smithville Janice M. Johnson, Helena Thomas F. Keeling, St. Joe Frances T. Kemp, Jonesboro Tim L. Kersey, Paragould Marilyn A. Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro Marsha L. LeGrand, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jane Littleton, Driver Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, Reyno Dale E. Maddox, Jonesboro Ruth McGaughey, Newport Noel F. Miller Jr., Naylor, Mo. Bowa A. Newsom, Marmaduke Calvin A. Perry, Smithville Kenneth R. Quackenbush, Hardy Jack D. Reaper, Searcy Janet S. Reaper, Searcy Michael D. Richards, Jonesboro Dan Rogers, Piggott Tonya H. Schlenker, Hickory Ridge Allen G. Spears, Augusta Susan E. Toone, West Plains, Mo. Jeannie W. Vickers, Jonesboro Karen S. Watson, Piggott Karen E. Williamson, Guion Bobby D. Woodrum, Harrisbury Kuang-Hsiung Wu, China Richard L. Zirkel, Pocahontas 378-classes N, K Sophomores John W. Allen, Dumas Joyce M. Avery, Lakeview Robert H. Banks, Caraway Tom S. Barclay, Independence, Mo. Dewayne Barger, West Memphis Kirby B. Billingsley, Franklin Terry W. Boxx, Paragould Dave W. Brown, Belton, Mo. Phillip A. Burdick, Whiting, Kan. David S. Byrd, Bay Susan L. Conway, Cherry Hill, N.J. Tommy E. Crawford, Blytheville Mary A. Cudd, Marmaduke David R. Davenport, Monroe Michael D. Davidson, Clarendon Wayne H. Duffer, Blytheville James H. Farley Jr., Jonesboro Robert T. Fox, Tavares, Fla. Grover G. Graham, Turrell Diane M. Grider, Mesquite, Tex. Frank J. Hayes, Indianapolis, Ind. Joe Henricks, Pine Bluff Henry R. Hillis, Marmaduke Ray V. Hoggard, Caraway Dennis Horton, Ash Flat Charles B. Hosman, Pocahontas Ronald M. Hubner, Mesquite, Tex. Nathan J. Hudson, Stuttgart Saundra I. Hunter, Swifton Carol L. Jackson, Steele, Mo. Ronald E. LaRue, Blytheville Bobby K. Ledgerwood, Jonesboro Robert Y. Lewis, Goodwin Andrea E. Lowery, Amagon Linda S. Maack, Lombard, Ill. Emmitt E. Madison, Monticello, Miss. John W. McCollum, Paragould John M. McGaughey, Newport McKinley McMurtrey, Willow Springs, Mo. Billy W. Melton, Jonesboro Charles E. Miller, West Point, Miss. Robert J. Mrolzkowski, Arbyrd, Mo. Robert M. Nance, Jonesboro Jimmy J. Nelms, Jonesboro Richie L. Nelms, Jonesboro Ernest M. Ott, Jonesboro Kay K. Pace, Blytheville Gary G. Pospisil, West Memphis Deborah G. Reddick, Jonesboro David P. Reece, West Memphis Larry W. Rhodes, Black Oak Frank S. Rondone, Paragould Debra A. Rowland, Parkin Richard N. Slayton, Leachville Arnita A. Smith, Chicago, Ill. Gary S. Smith, Brinkley John R. Spotts, West Memphis Janet D. Stacy, Corning Terry L. Stark, Hardy Mark E. Steed, Leachville Oliver Stephens, Walnut Ridge Ricky A. Stewart, Hot Springs Suzanne Todd, Dell Jerry E. Toone, Rector Bobbie L. Trible, Blytheville James T. Turnbow, Leachville James E. Walker, Corinth, Miss. Rhonda L. Watson, Keiser Marjorie M. Winters, Newport classes-379 Freshmen Gladys M. Alexander, Mount Vernon J. T. Ard Jr., Pine Bluff Steve M. Bagley, Joiner Diana R. Bahus, Jonesboro Edward A. Baker, Laconia, N.H. Christy J. Bates, Alton, Mo. Gandy L. Baugh, Star City Steve W. Bennett, Blytheville Rosanne Berry, Jonesboro Saundra G. Billingsley, Violet Hill Michael F. Blanchard, Jonesboro Vandell Bland, West Helena Rickey D. Bohanon, Blytheville Sandra K. Bowden, Rector Debra C. Boyles, Augusta Joseph R. Brecklein, Walnut Ridge Doris C. Broadway, Jonesboro Gwendolyn Butcher, Turrell Steve C. Caldwell, Thayer, Mo. Sandra S. Carden, Blytheville William C. Carlson, Marion Carolyn L. Carroll, Jonesboro Matt G. Cheadle, Manila Nelson A. Childers, Jonesboro James F. Comet Jr., Lynnwood, Wash. Barry L. Cooper, Earle Carolyn A. Cooper, Blytheville Donna K. Cox, Wilmington, Del. Susan C. Coy, Monette Jerry R. Darr, Jonesboro Ann A. Daugherty, Rector Ron L. Daugherty, Rector Robbie F. DaVault, Cardwell, Mo. Deborah L. David, Caraway Carlton N. Davis, Kenneth, Mo. Douglas R. Davis, Jonesboro Hugh L. Dees, Keiser Larry D. Denny, Hayti, Mo. Vida Jane Dethrow, Alton, Mo. Nancy A. Dobbs, McCrory Miles L. Doyle, Jonesboro Debbie K. Drury, Colt John B. Dunn, Bradford Randall D. Eaton, Jonesboro Stanley K. Edington, Reyno Barbara A. Espey, Osceola Carey D. Farley, Paragould Terry L. Farley, Jonesboro Mark A. Faulkner, Paragould W Russell M. Ford, Paragould Roger S. Forsythe, Osceola Jimmy R. Foster, Pocahontas Patricia E. Funk, Blytheville Paul Gardner, Campbell, Mo. Robert L. Gardner, Blytheville Glenn M. Garrett, Wabbaseka Sandra K. Garrett, Moro Terry L. Glasgow, Jonesboro David V. Grady, Paragould James K. Graves, West Memphis Harry R. Gray, Blytheville Steven A. Green, Goodwin Robert E. Grimes, Little Rock Gary L. Guthrie, Trumann Rosetta Hambrick, Paragould Floyd S. Hamm, Jonesboro Walter B. Hamm, Imboden Jerry D. Harmon, Jonesboro Peggy A. Harrell, Monette Jo A. Hawkins, Cardwell, Mo. 380-classes - X. .4 ' mr- far S VJ rn- ..., .-sr - s,N,.,,. ,. . t E5-' ,aw .. ,. he .2 my x "' t Q .R . X 5 5 Q Q' if sf X 23 ' 31?-:..w:r::. x .uf- Q ' -:... e f .,.. . .. Q at N' , ,X X.'k .L ig' its i 22925 1 M Q ,, f . Q gif' x I Wi fi L, M Q.. ' 2- 'E' Ri - ' asm 1-V Freshmen Larry W. Heard, Harrisburg Leta A. Henderson, Jonesboro Robert B. Higginbottom, Tuckerman Deborah L. Higgins, Paragould Janis L. Himschoot, Ash Flat Freddie Hislip, Walnut Ridge Wanda S. Hodges, Hickory Ridge Brenda J. Hogue, Weiner John C. Huggins, Paragould Sandra G. Huggins, Paragould Ellis C. Johnston, West Memphis William Whitney Jones, Benton Edgar E. Jordan, Tulsa, Okla. Neila S. Jordan, Paragould Bobby S. Kegley, Corning Horace R. Kirtley, Pine Bluff Carol A. Lacy, Wynne Curtis S. LaRue, Clarkedale Charles B. Layne, Stanford Karen J. Lee, Marmaduke Mary K. Lemay, Tuckerman Wallace -B. Lewandoski, Little Rock Larry G. Lewis, Mammoth Spring Lenan Lisko, Hazen James L. Lollar, Kirmichael, Miss. Cynthia B. Luensmann, Heber Springs David M. Lynn, Jonesboro Patricia A. Mason, Osceola Ward D. Massey, Jonesboro Kevin G. McClung, Jonesboro Pamela T. McConnell, Searcy Terry L. McCoy, Hickory Ridge Danny R. McCrone, Jonesboro Debra McElhannon, Pine Bluff Bessanne McKnight, Jonesboro Laura Y. Miller, Jonesboro Jackie D. Moore, Caraway Owen W. Morris, Luxora Shauna L. Munn, Baton Rouge, La. Terry J. Myers, Dumas Gary D. Nesler, Hickory Ridge Kenneth D. Orman, Crawfordsville James A. Orr, Bono Eda C. Owens, Nettleton Jeffrey Payne, Indianapolis, Ind. Abrilla Perry, West Memphis John E. Peterson, Armorel Jack G. Pillow, Paragould Roger L. Pollack, Jonesboro Jeri L. Pollock, Osceola James M. Price, Jonesboro Steven B. Pugh, Jonesboro Robert H. Quick, Wynne Fredrick D. Reagan, Greenway Jennie L. Reed, Monette Robin K. Reeves, Paragould Teresa A. Reeves, Paragould Charles R. Rigsbee, Jonesboro Michael A. Robinson, Paragould Richard R. Rockwell, Jonesboro William A. Rogers, Jonesboro Tina R. Romans, Jonesboro Donald E. Schafer, Carlisle Liane M. Schlegel, Mountain Home Thomas B. Scott, Leachville Frank W. Seaton Jr., Jonesboro Frank W. Seaton Sr., Jonesboro Charles R. Shirley, Bono Roy G. Simmons, Beebe Greg S. Smart, Crossett classes-381 Terry D. Stewart, Campbell, Mo. Michael G. Smith, Melbourne Steven B. Springer, Weiner Frank L. Stark, Jonesboro Annette Stevenson, Osceola Preston E. Stringer, Jonesboro Judd A. Sulfridge, Jonesboro Sarah A. Summers, Jonesboro Terry L. Swartout, Little Rock David L. Tarno, Kennett, Mo. Charles K. Taylor, Paragould David A. Taylor, Jonesboro Melanie W. Teague, Stuttgart Janet E. Thomasson, Jonesboro Kenny H. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Mitchell J. Tolliver, Lepanto Gary L. Treanor, Jonesboro Michael R. Turner, Crawfordsville Sammy M. Turney, Jonesboro Lois L. Vaughn, Fort Smith David T. Wallace, Des Arc David E. West, Jonesboro Donald W. Whitmire, Alicia Carolyn J. Williamson, West Memphis 382-index Larry L. Willis, Lafe Mark A. Wilson, Hardy James N. Woodell, West Memphis Susan Word, Brinkley Wendell J. Workman, Jonesboro David L. Wright, Marked Tree Bedford E. Yarbrough, Harrisburg Index Charles E. Abbott, 294 Gerald F. Abbott, 320 Lou A. Abbott, 280 Saeed Abedzadeh, 338 David W. Abell, 320 Karen K. Abell, 294 Pamela K. Abernathy, 338 Doug Acklin, 354 Judy K. Acklin, 320 Barbara Adams, 320 Billy Adams, 354 Constance S. Adams, 294 Eddie Adams, 294 Gary A. Adams, 338 Gerald W. Adams Jr., 377 Hillrey D. Adams, 354 James C. Adams, 338 John F. Adams, 338 Larry D. Adams, 320 Sandra F. Adams, 338 Sharon O. Adams, 338 Virginia L. Adams, 354 Richard L. Adamson, 338 Wanda M. Adamson, 354 James K. Adkins, 354 Kathy Adkins, 320 Robert K. Adkins, 338 Nina L. Adling, 280 Louis G. Affenito, 354 Chester P. Agee, 354 Marcia Kay Agee, 286 Mary Lynne Ainsworth, 354 Charles R. Akers, 286 Virginia A. Akes, 354 Susan Cole Akin, 354 Claire F. Akins, 338 Deborah R. Albright, 354 Don G. Albright, 338 David K. Alderson, 338 Eldon L. Alexander, 320 Gladys M. Alexander, 380 James D. Alexander, 294 Joe T. Alexander, 354 Larry D. Alexander, 294 Peggy J. Alexander, 320 Andy F. Allen, 338 Ashley E. Allen, 338 Barbara J. Allen, 354 Debra A. Allen, 354 Don S. Allen, 294 James H. Allen, 354 John W. Allen, 379 Kimbrell M. Allen, 338 Ronny J. Allen, 294 Terry E. Allen, 338 John W. Allison, 354 Ronnie G. Allison, 294 Scott Allison, 338 Timothy R. Allison, 286 Arthur W. Almond, 320 Benny Aloia, 354 Phillip R. Alston, 338 Steve D. Alston, 294 Jacinto Alvarez-Rodriguez, Steve J. Amann, 354 Susan E. Amann, 294 Vince C. Ancell, 294 Carl E. Anders, 338 Jeanne M. Anders, 354 294 Barbara Bahn Anderson, 294 Bob S. Anderson, 354 Ella V. Anderson, 320 George R. Anderson, 320 Harry B. Anderson, 338 John E. Anderson, 338 Randal D. Anderson, 338 Helen L. Andrews, 338 Judy A. Andrews, 320 Mary Beth Andrews, 354 James K. Andrus, 338 James T. Angell, 280 Randy J. Anstine, 354 Lacy M. Anthony, 320 Katie C. Apple, 338 Eugene W. Applebury, 320 Jolm C. Arbuckle, 294 Melinda C. Arbuckle, 294 Eugene R. Archer, 294 Sharon J. Archer, 354 Deloise D. Archibald, 320 J. T. Ard Jr., 380 Nelson E. Argo, 338 John D. Armour, 320 John H. Armstrong, 280 Larry P. Arnn, 320 Vicki L. Arnn, 320 Dennis K. Arnold, 338 Gary S. Arnold, 338 John D. Arnold, 377 Terry Arnold, 338 Charles M. Arwood, 294 Karen R. Arwood, 294 Oscar R. Ascurra, 338 Walker A. Ashbrand, 338 Walter B. Ashabranner, 32 Harriet A. Ashcraft, 294 James Ashcraft, 294 Eddy A. Ashley, 338 Sam L. Ashworth, 288 Freshmen 0 Mary Atkinson, 288 Mary C. Atkinson, 320 Ronald Atkinson, 354 Susan L. Atkinson, 294 Terri S. Atkinson, 338 Thomas W. Atkinson, 320 Randall S. Atkison, 338 Barbara J. Atkisson, 294 Steve Atkisson, 320 Robert E. Atwood, 338 Mark K. Aufderheide, 320 Bethany J. Austin, 338 Connie J. Austin, 354 Elaine Austin, 320 Martin K. Austin, 354 Ronald L. Austin, 288 Wavey T. Austin Jr., 338 Otis D. Autry, 294 Brenda K. Auvenshine, 286 Joyce M. Avery, 379 Stan C. Avis, 320 Joe P. Aycock, 354 Virginia A. Bachman, 378 Debra A. Baffield, 320 Steve M. Bagley, 380 Diana R. Bahus, 380 James R. Bailey, 320 Ronnie D. Bailey, 354 Russell M. Bailey, 354 Sheila Forshee Bailey, 294 Diana L. Baioni, 338 Leroy Baird, 286 Patsy M. Baird, 294 Tamara L. Baird, 338 Ann M. Baker, 354 Barbara A. Baker, 354 Barry A. Baker, 354 Bobby L. Baker, 354 Brett N. Baker, 288 Craig B. Baker, 288 Edward A. Baker, 380 Glenna A. Baker, 320 Jo Baker, 338 Joan L. Baker, 338 LeMon F. Baker, 320 Mary C. Baker, 320 Radius H. Baker, 338 Richard C. Baker, 354 Robert S. Baker, 294 Roger D. Baker, 294 Ronald P. Baker, 294 Steve D. Baker, 288 Steve L. Baker, 294 Vicki L. Baker, 338 William B. Baker, 320 Ebrahimjami Bakhtiar, 354 Gerald L. Balch, 320 Patricia B. Baldi, 320 Mitch W. Baldridge, 294 Nancy J. Baldridge, 338 Paul Balducci, 320 David S. Baldwin, 320 Gordon P. Baldwin, 320 Sharon A. Bale, 338 Mary A. Balest, 338 Charlotte R. Ball, 294 Connie R. Ball, 338 David M. Ball, 338 Jane E. Ball, 320 Stan Ball, 294 Barbara G. Ballard, 320 Danny M. Ballard, 338 David N. Ballard, 338 Janet Ballard, 354 Janice K. Ballard, 354 Sherry C. Ballard, 354 Stanley M. Ballard, 354 Steve R. Ballard, 354 Greg D. Ballentine, 320 James C. Balton, 354 Bernard A. Baltz Jr., 354 David A. Baltz, 354 Donald G. Baltz, 320 Douglas A. Baltz, 338 Jeanette M. Baltz, 338 Kathryn M. Baltz, 280 Mary R. Baltz, 354 Connie M. Banks, 354 Emma J. Banks, 320 Jan A. Banks, 280 Melissa M. Banks, 338 Robert H. Banks, 379 Scott L. Banks, 354 Parviz Barazandeh, 294 Betty L. Barber, 294 David W. Barber, 354 Vicki G. Barber, 294 Tom S. Barclay, 379 Betty K. Bardwell, 294 Billie E. Bare, 320 Michael J. Bare, 320 Paula K. Bare, 354 Dewayne Barger, 379 Michael D. Barger, 294 David Barker, 338 Karen L. Barker, 294 Ramona L. Barker, 338 Anita P. Barksdale, 338 Pamela K. Barlow, 338 Richard L. Barlow, 354 Thomas W. Barlow, 320 James H. Barner, 320 Diana L. Barnes, 320 Larie L. Barnes, 294 Melanie F. Barnes, 354 Reatha A. Barnes, 354 Bob J. Barnett, 320 Claud E. Barnett Jr., 354 Johnny B. Barnett, 354 Leonard A. Barnhill, 354 Lisa D. Barnhill, 320 Margaret E. Barrett, 295 Rodger M. Barrow, 338 Anna M. Barry, 338 Dorothy D. Barton, 295 Walter W. Barton, 338 Thomas H. Baskins Jr., 295 Bonita Bass, 280 Barbara J. Bassford, 338 Boyce C. Bassham, 295 Christy J. Bates, 380 Larry W. Bates, 354 Barbara G. Batey, 338 Ricky A. Batten, 338 Rick L. Batterton, 295 Leroy Battle, 338 Brenda S. Battles, 338 Karen A. Batton, 295 Danny G. Baugh, 354 Gandy L. Baugh, 380 Gary D. Baugher, 320 Richard J. Baureis, 320 Robert D. Baureis, 338 Donald F. Baxter, 320 Joyce A. Baxter, 354 David E. Beaird, 338 Jammie L. Beaird, 338 Linda R. Beaman, 295 Harriet A. Bean, 354 Jan C. Beard, 320 Marguerite Beard, 338 Nada D. Beard, 354 Karen K. Bearden, 295 Pamela F. Bearden, 354 Sharon G. Bearden, 320 Harry G. Beasley, 320 Nancy L. Beasley, 320 Paula A. Beasley, 338 Wilford L. Beasley, 354 Chester P. Beaty, 354 Brenda J. Beck, 295 Charlie R. Beckman, 354 F. Lee Beckman, 295 Glynn N. Beckman, 339 Paul L. Bednar, 339 Sharron M. Bednar, 295 Jeanette A. Bedwell, 295 Pamela J. Beene, 320 Stephen M. Beene, 354 Bahram Behjatnia, 295 Mary E. Beliew, 280 Barbara L. Bell, 354 Betty Lou Bell, 354 Earl H. Bell, 354 Jack D. Bell, 295 Larry E. Bell, 295 Margee A. Bell, 295 Mike D. Bell, 339 Robert A. Belzung, 339 Devlin R. Benge, 354 Charlotte L. Bennett, 339 Connie A. Bennett, 339 Gary S. Bennett, 320 Jeneta J. Bennett, 354 Ronald S. Bennett, 355 Sandra K. Bennett, 320 Steve W. Bennett, 380 Bobby L. Benson, 355 Deborah L. Benson, 339 John E. Benson, 295 Judy G. Benson, 339 Robert K. Benson, 295 David B. Bentley, 320 Ramona A. Berg, 355 Curtis Berry Jr., 320 Deborah L. Berry, 295 Frances Berry, 295 Karin Sue Berry, 280 Melinda K. Berry, 320 Rosanne Berry, 380 Sandra C. Berry, 295 Vicki A. Berry, 355 William M. Best, 295 David M. Bettis, 339 Jan Bettis, 355 William B. Betzner, 339 Stephen C. Bevill, 320 Charles R. Bidewell, 339 Susan G. Bierbaum, 339 Arthur A. Bigelow, 320 Gary A. Biggs, 339 William R. Biggs, 295 Joyce L. Bigham, 320 Derwood C. Biles, 288 Kirby B. Billingsley, 379 Pamela H. Billingsley, 339 Richard L. Billingsley, 355 Saundra Billingsley, 380 Dana R. Bingham, 320 Jim O. Binkley, 355 Larry T. Binning, 355 Emmett B. Bippus, 355 Dereta G. Birmingham, 320 Sherry L. Bishoif, 339 Anna M. Bishop, 320 Denise Bishop, 355 Douglas C. Bishop, 320 Michael L. Bishop, 355 Gloria A. Bitely, 355 India E. Bitely, 320 Renee Bitely, 355 William D. Bitner, 355 Anne K. Bittinger, 295 Barbara J. Black, 355 John S. Black, 339 Kenneth G. Black, 355 Linda E. Black, 280 Deborah G. Blackburn 339 Donald W. Blackburn, 20 Jeanie Blackburn, 295 Bobby L. Blackman, 295 Kenny L. Blackshear, 339 Nancy L. Blackwell, 321 Ricky D. Blackwell, 295 Richard A. Blair, 321 Mike C. Blalock, 355 Mildred Blancett, 295 Kathleen M. Blanchard, 321 Michael F. Blanchard, 380 Steven M. Blanchard, 321 Walter W. Blanchard III, 295 Barbara A. Bland, 295 Joyce A. Bland, 295 Rebecca J. Bland, 321 Vandell Bland, 380 Marolyn G. Blankenship, 321 Wendy S. Blaski, 355 Patricia E. Blaylock, 339 Roxanne Blaylock, 339 William C. Bledsoe, 295 Frankie E. Blevins, 355 Dennis L. Bloodworth, 339 Harry M. Bloodworth, 339 John H. Bloodworth, 339 Carma L. Blount, 378 Phil E. Blount, 355 Richard E. Blount, 295 Stephen E. Blythe, 377 John A. Bobango, 355 Mary A. Bobbitt, 280 Brenda C. Bobo, 339 Ronald L. Bodeker, 295 Bernard K. Bodell, 339 David N. Bodenhamer, 321 Kathleen M. Boeckmann, 339 Michael W. Boeckmann, 321 Richard E. Boeckmann, 339 Mark S. Boerner, 321 Rickey D. Bohanon, 380 Richard N. Bohne, 339 Lon P. Bokker, 339 Phillip C. Bokker, 355 RuthAnn Boland, 280 Oral C. Bolding Jr., 339 R. Keith Bolin, 295 Michael W. Boling, 339 Ralph O. Boling, 339 Ronald L. Boling, 377 Wayne D. Boling, 321 Peggy J. Bollier, 355 Sandra L. Bollinger, 339 Dale S. Bolton, 355 Susan E. Bolton, 355 Ann Carol Bond, 321 Ralph D. Bond, 339 Serena K. Bond, 355 Wayne F. Bond, 321 Brenda J. Bonds, 295 Dorothine E. Bonner, 355 Larry H. Bonner, 295 Steven P. Bonner, 295 Wanda Lancaster Bonner, 295 Dorothy M. Book, 286 Susan E. Boone, 295 Bridget A. Boozer, 355 Frankie J. Boozer, 339 Lynne F. Boquet, 321 Betty J. Bornhoft, 280 Charlotte S. Bomhoft, 339 Gene P. Bosche, 296 Jennifer L. Bouldin, 321 Rex A. Bouldin, 296 Ben B. Bounous, 355 Sandra K. Bowden, 380 Cora L. Bowe, 339 Daniel J. Bowen, 355 Norman J. Bowen Jr., 296 Linda F. Bowens, 321 Jack E. Bower, 378 David Bowerman, 355 'a Jane Bowers, 296 Charles Lee Bowles, 355 Joyce M. Bowling, 355 Barry W. Bowman, 296 Ben N. Bowman, 288 Diane Bowman, 296 Gregory Bowman, 339 Hazel M. Bowman, 296 Regina G. Bowman, 296 William F. Bowman, 296 John E. Boxley Jr., 355 Sheila G. Boxley, 296 Perry L. Boxx, 339 Terry W. Boxx, 379 Paula J. Boyce, 321 Stephen E. Boyce, 321 Carla R. Boyd, 355 Garry L. Boyd, 321 Shirley J. Boyd, 321 Traci R. Boyd, 321 Debra C. Boyles, 380 Rebecca L. Boyles, 321 Roger D. Boyles, 321 Fridoun Bozorgzad-Moghim, 355 Melanie Brackett, 296 Marla G. Bradford, 339 Randall S. Bradford, 355 Debbie J. Bradley, 321 Jerry R. Bradley, 296 Lana K. Bradley, 296 Patrick F. Bradley, 296 Vera A. Bradley, 280 Rick L. Bradsher, 321 Donna M. Brady, 355 Kirk A. Brady, 339 Michael A. Brady, 296 Robert F. Brady, 321 Roger D. Bramlett, 339 Alantha A. Branch, 296 James A. Branch, 296 Lynn L. Branch, 339 Larry E. Brannen, 321 James M. Brannon, 288 Linda J. Brannon, 339 Coy D. Branscum, 296 Marsha G. Branscum, 355 Marie A. Brantley, 296 W. L. Brantley, 288 Nancy C. Bratton, 339 Patricia A. Brawner, 296 Vickie J. Bray, 296 Nathaniel R. Brazwell, 339 Michael D. Breckenridge, 296 Joseph R. Brecklein, 380 William J. Breeden, 296 Ronnie T. Brengard, 355 Nancy Brenner, 296 Angie M. Brewer, 339 Dennis L. Brewer, 339 Gale A. Brewer, 321 Judy C. Brewer, 296 Linda J. Brewer, 339 Mark A. Brewer, 321 Mitchel T. Brewer, 355 Robert M. Brewer, 339 Teri M. Brewer, 355 William E. Brewer, 296 William G. Brewer, 321 Joseph W. Brickell, 355 Donald Bridges, 296 Dorothy M. Bridges, 321 Maria L. Bridges, 355 Rickey D. Briggs, 355 Harold D. Brimer, 296 Roxanne Brink, 355 Randy E. Brinkley, 321 William A. Brinkley, 296 Eldon M. Brisbin, 355 James D. Brizendine, 296 Keith N. Brizzi, 355 Stephen C. Brizzi, 296 Pamela S. Broadaway, 339 Reuben L. Broadaway, 288 Doris C. Broadway, 380 Marilyn J. Broadway, 355 Stephanie Broadway, 321 James R. Brock, 339 Jack A. Brocker, 296 Steven G. Brockett, 355 Phyllis Lynn Brockman, 296 Hubert A. Brodell Jr., 355 Mona C. Brogdon, 321 Brenda K. Brooks, 296 Elizabeth G. Brooks, 355 Gary T. Brooks, 355 Jewell M. Brooks, 355 384-index John W. Brooks, 355 Mike L. Brooks, 339 Roger D. Brooks, 355 Ronald C. Brooks, 296 Stephen R. Brooks, 296 Teresa Brooks, 339 Brenda K. Brothers, 296 Abby V. Brown, 296 Alice J. Brown, 321 Alpha D. Brown, 355 Charles R. Brown, 296 Cindy K. Brown, 378 Dave W. Brown, 379 Dennis L. Brown, 321 Dillard W. Brown, 321 Donna R. Brown, 321 Eula F. Brown, 280 Hardin Brown, 355 Horace S. Brown Jr., 355 Jack Brown Jr., 339 Jessa R. Brown, 355 June A. Brown, 355 A Lawrence E. Brown Jr., 321 Lynn Brown, 355 Marilyn Brown, 339 Marilyn J. Brown, 296 Marilyn K. Brown, 321 Mark C. Brown, 355 Mark S. Brown, 339 Mary R. Brown, 321 Michelle L. Brown, 355 Mike L. Brown, 321 Neville L. Brown, 286 Pamela J. Brown, 355 Patricia A. Brown, 355 Phyllis A. Brown, 321 Ronnie D. Brown, 355 Ruby A. Brown, 355 Sam Lee Brown, 339 Scott E. Brown, 355 Sheryl A. Brown, 321 Steve F. Brown, 297 Tim O. Brown, 339 Wendell Brown, 321 Gary M. Browning, 339 Linda J. Browning, 321 Becky L. Bruce, 321 Emily L. Bruce, 286 Gaylon M. Bruce, 321 Sandra J. Bruce, 297 Clyde J. Bruckerhoff, 297 Judy F. Bruckerhoff, 321 Suzie E. Brummett, 339 Jack W. Brun Jr., 339 Teresa A. Brun, 355 Carolyn J. Bryan, 356 Nancy J. Bryan, 280 Beverly R. Bryant, 339 Lecia D. Bryant, 321 Marsha P. Bryant, 321 Robert A. Bryant, 321 Sharon D. Bryant, 378 Kennith Buchanan, 321 Mickey F. Buckley, 339 Danny B. Bucy, 321 Mark D. Buerkle, 321 Frankie R. Bulford, 356 Harvey 'G. Bufford, 339 Patricia M. Bufford, 356 Frederick Buhrmester Jr., 321 Patricia A. Buhrmester, 356 Claud Bull, 297 Garry W. Bull, 288 Gerald D. Bullard, 321 Lionel B. Bullard, 356 Linda J. Bullock, 297 Rodger D. Bumpass, 377 Veda A. Bunch, 297 Wayne E. Bunch, 356 Phillip A. Burdick, 379 Frances A. Burdick, 321 Joseph K. Bures, 339 Paula J. Burge, 356 Randal G. Burge, 297 Sue L. Burge, 356 Michael K. Burgess, 356 Richard M. Burke, 321 James R. Burkett, 297 Dan A. Burks, 339 Linda J. Burks, 321 Steve B. Burks, 321 Arlenda C. Burnett, 297 Patricia A. Burnett, 356 Walton R. Burnett, 339 Norman L. Burnette, 356 Patrick Burnette, 297 Allen N. Burney, 356 Allene V. Burney, 356 Herbert T. Burnham, 297 Elizabeth G. Burns, 321 James E. Burns, 321 Johnny L. Burns, 297 Kathy S. Burns, 297 Richard H. Burns, 297 Sara L. Burns, 356 Sherlie A. Burns, 356 Stephen Burns, 321 Doug A. Burnside, 356 Ernest R. Burr, 356 David B. Burrell, 356 Darrell L. Burris, 356 Gary R. B1n'roughs, 321 Michael L. Burroughs, 339 Tommy M. Burroughs, 356 Bobby Burrow, 356 Cathy S. Burrow, 339 Donna S. Burrow, 297 Ginger Burrow, 340 Larry K. Burrow, 297 Lisa Sue Burtnett, 340 Deborah K. Burton, 321 Pamela J. Burton, 297 Patricia D. Burton, 356 Philip W. Burton, 321 Victoria J. Burton, 297 Byron B. Busby, 297 Chris M. Busby, 356 Michael J. Busby, 356 Michael S. Busby, 356 Janis E. Bush, 340 Gary D. Bushert, 321 Gwendolyn Butcher, 380 Beverly R. Butler, 356 James L. Butler, 356 Martha J. Butler, 356 Steven K. Butler, 356 Larry P. Butterworth, 297 Dewayne Byers, 356 Treva A. Byler, 356 Becky N. Byrd, 321 David S. Byrd, 379 Eddie A. Byrd, 297 Gloria J. Byrd, 340 James D. Byrd, 297 Jesse B. Byrd, 321 Joni R. Cagle, 356 Roger E. Cagle, 297 Jimmy D. Cain, 297 Donna N. Calaway, 297 Abby Caldwell, 356 Clifton E. Caldwell, 340 David L. Caldwell, 286 Janet S. Caldwell, 286 Jean M. Caldwell, 297 Kristene G. Caldwell, 286 Mildred A. Caldwell, 340 Mitchell D. Caldwell, 321 Ronald R. Caldwell, 297 Steve C. Caldwell, 380 Tancil A. Caldwell, 322 Gary A. Calkin, 340 Patti L. Calkin, 356 Phareta Calkin, 297 Jimmy C. Callahan, 356 Lester D. Callan, 356 James Callewaert, 297 Monte D. Callicott, 297 Louis W. Callison, 297 Velda J. Callison, 322 Thomas L. Calloway, 297 Cynthia Cameron, 340 David H. Cameron, 340 Sue A. Cameron, 322 Connie M. Camp, 340 Michael H. Camp, 297 Pamela J. Camp, 322 Thurman J. Camp, 322 Barbara L. Campbell, 297 Dennis L. Campbell, 297 Joe M. Campbell Jr., 322 Mike D. Campbell, 322 Patrick B. Campbell, 322 Robert L. Campbell, 297 Steven B. Campbell, 356 Tommy G. Campbell, 297 Townes R. Campbell, 286 David D. Cannady, 356 Thelma V. Carmon, 356 Herman T. Cantrell, 340 Mickey L. Caples, 356 Ricky M. Caples, 297 Jammie Caradine, 297 Sandra S. Carden, 380 Joseph E. Carey, 322 Nancy C. Carey, 356 William C. Carhart, 340 Rollin G. Caristianos, 297 Jerry H. Carlisle, 298 Wayne D. Carlisle, 322 Lynne Carlson, 322 William C. Carlson, 380 Gary W. Carlton, 322 Neoma J . Carman, 322 Alan B. Camathan, 356 Bobby G. Carpenter, 298 Debora W. Carpenter, 298 Gilbert D. Carpenter, 356 Jon F. Carpenter, 356 Kennan A. Carpenter, 340 Martin B. Carpenter, 340 Russell H. Carpenter, 356 Terry W. Carpenter, 340 Jeff L. Carr, 322 Lou A. Carr, 356 Martin W. Carr, 340 Michael S. Carr, 298 Peggy L. Carr, 322 Terry Carr, 340 Daniel K. Carrigan, 340 Irma L. Carrigan, 340 Carolyn S. Carriglitto, 322 Debra J . Carrington, 356 Carolyn L. Carroll, 380 Fredda D. Carroll, 298 Janice L. Carroll, 322 Ronald J. Carroll, 322 Leontyne Carson, 356 Bobby L. Carter, 298 Evalyn M. Carter, 377 Frances L. Carter, 356 Janice K. Carter, 322 Jeffery L. Carter, 340 John S. Carter, 298 Kathy S. Carter, 378 Keith A. Carter, 340 Kenneth L. Carter, 298 Marcia J. Carter, 356 Michael E. Carter, 356 Rick A. Carter, 340 Rickey L. Carter, 322 Sharon M. Carter, 322 Elmer E. Cartwright, 298 David T. Carty, 298 Sandra L. Carucci, 356 Marilyn D. Caruthers, 340 Diane S. Casey, 356 John R. Casey, 356 Sharon K. Casey, 298 George W. Cash, 322 Margie L. Cash, 340 Sherry D. Cash, 356 Mitzi J. Casper, 322 Patrick J. Cass, 298 Rickey M. Castleberry, 298 Robert D. Castleberry, 340 Granville L. Cate, 356 Kathy A. Cate, 340 Phillip L. Cate, 356 Ronald G. Cate, 322 Ronald W. Cates, 298 Steven M. Cates, 322 Robert T. Cathcart, 340 Deborah L. Cathey, 340 James L. Cathey, 340 Rebecca D. Cathey, 298 Bill R. Cato, 356 David A. Cauny, 288 Ronald C. Cavenaugh, 322 Marcia L. Cavenor, 356 Cheryl W. Caviness, 356 Jennifer Chaffin, 356 Ricky B. Chaffin, 322 Becky L. Chambers, 356 Robert E. Chambers, 356 Mackie J. Champion, 356 Rebetta A. Chance, 340 William G. Chance, 298 Beverly J. Chandler, 298 Jackie N . Chandler, 322 Kelly J . Chandler, 340 Patricia S. Chandler, 322 Tara A. Chandler, 356 Caroline J. Chaney, 356 Jack B. Chapasko, 298 Bill J. Chapman, 356 Kimbra A. Chase, 356 Randy S. Chastain, 340 Charles D. Chatelain, 322 Anne D. Chatman, 298 Matt G. Cheadle, 380 Connie J. Cheatham, 378 Dale C. Cheatham, 377 Jerry W. Cheatom, 340 Dennis W. Cherry, 322 Paula C. Cherry, 322 Ralph A. Cheshier, 298 Janet F. Chesser, 298 Carol D. Chester, 356 Debbie R. Chester, 322 Leah C. Chester, 356 Karen L. Childers, 357 Nelson A. Childers, 380 Sarah A. Childers, 357 Charles K. Childs Jr., 357 Lundie S. Childs, 357 Mikie J. Chipman, 357 Danny R. Chism, 378 Janice A. Chism, 357 Michael K. Choat, 322 Cathy Choate, 357 Janet Chou, 340 Larry H. Christain, 340 Conley L. Christenberry, 286 Tyrone Christian, 357 Melanie A. Christie, 357 Sherry A. Christmas, 357 Estalea Christopher, 298 Michael B. Chronister, 322 Jolm L. Church, 340 James H. Churchill, 322 Charles D. Churchman, 298 Penny C. Churchman, 322 Brenda S. Cissell, 357 Walter F. Clancy, 298 Billy S. Clark, 357 Buddy Clark, 322 Carolyn R. Clark, 298 David A. Clark, 322 David D. Clark, 298 DeNann B. Clark, 298 Donald L. Clark, 340 Doris J. Clark, 357 Ernest P. Clark, 298 Janice S. Clark, 298 Kathy L. Clark, 322 Kenneth C. Clark, 378 Lloyd D. Clark, 357 Mary H. Clark, 298 Michael R. Clark, 322 Paul F. Clark, 357 Phyllis M. Clark, 298 Russell L. Clark, 357 Sharon K. Clark, 322 Sherma D. Clark, 298 Sherryl A. Clark, 298 Stephen E. Clark, 357 Winston R. Clark, 357 Melody Clarke, 322 Vicki D. Clarke, 322 Donnie C. Clay, 298 Glenna L. Clay, 322 John E. Clay, 340 Lee A. Clay, 322 Luanne Clay, 298 Cynthia J. Clayton, 340 Dwight H. Clayton, 298 Marsha L. Clayton, 298 Nettie B. Clayton, 357 Randy B. Clayton, 298 Karen J. Claytor, 357 Betty S. Clements, 357 Cynthia A. Clements, 298 Lillie E. Clements, 357 Michael L. Clements, 322 Michael R. Clements, 298 Robert D. Clements, 357 Palmer S. Clemmons Jr., 322 Nancy L. Clemons, 357 Willie L. Clemons, 357 Carl R. Cleveland, 299 Judy K. Clifft, 322 Susan R. Clifft, 340 Amanda L. Clifton, 299 Brent M. Cline, 357 Cathy M. Cline, 340 Robert L. Cline, 340 Candy A. Cobb, 299 Emmett B. Cobb, 357 Roy G. Cobb, 357 Roy L. Coble, 322 Carole S. Cochran, 299 Carolyn F. Cochran, 340 Jeryl S. Cochran, 299 Billy H. Cockrill, 357 James P. Coffman, 299 Janet M. Cohen, 286 Regina P. Cohn, 322 Claudia G. Coker, 299 Debra S. Coker, 322 Donnie H. Coker, 378 Albert J. Colaianni, 357 Valerie J. Colaianni, 322 Teresa L. Colbert, 299 Terry G. Colbm'n, 357 Anner Y. Cole, 357 Carolyn Cole, 357 Debra S. Cole, 357 Herman L. Cole, 322 Mary H. Cole, 377 Mauri L. Cole, 357 Mike J. Cole, 357 Sonjia D. Cole, 280 Wanda L. Cole, 357 Brenda J. Coleman, 322 Charlotte D. Coleman, 299 Debra L. Coleman, 299 Eddie D. Coleman, 299 Lynne D. Coleman, 322 Melvin L. Coleman, 322 Mel W. Coleman, 322 Stephen G. Coleman, 322 Steve Collar, 340 Donna J. Colley, 357 Louise M. Colley, 357 Gary M. Collier, 357 Richard L. Collier, 322 Vergena K. Collier, 357 David C. Collins, 322 Joanna Collins, 357 Londa E. Collins, 340 Millie J. Collins, 340 William C. Collins, 299 Doyle E. Colvin, 322 Hubert I. Colvin, 357 Thomas M. Colvin, 357 James F. Comet Jr., 380 James D. Compton, 322 Kenneth R. Conatser, 322 Trish A. Conaway, 322 Susan K. Condray, 299 Yoland M. Condrey, 299 Melissa Cone, 340 Cathy S. Conger, 322 Shelley A. Conkling, 322 Gary W. Conlee, 357 Mary M. Connaughton, 340 Dixie L. Conner, 299 Kenneth G. Conner, 378 Michael A. Conner, 357 James F. Conrad, 322 Kerry G. Conrad, 322 Susan L. Conway, 379 Brenda A. Cook, 357 Charles G. Cook, 357 Garry W. Cook, 357 Gary D. Cook, 357 Georgie G. Cook, 357 Gina B. Cook, 340 James H. Cook, 340 James M. Cook, 377 James Q. Cook Jr., 322 Jay W. Cook, 323 John C. Cook, 299 Richard D. Cook, 357 Robert M. Cook, 340 Ruth A. Cook, 340 Sherry D. Cook, 323 William F. Cook, 323 William J. Cook, 299 Donna C. Coombe, 357 Arleen M. Cooper, 357 Barry L. Cooper, 380 Carolyn A. Cooper, 380 Gary L. Cooper, 340 George F. Cooper, 357 Grady B. Cooper, 357 Michael W. Cooper, 357 Rachel 0. Cooper, 323 Rodney L. Cooper, 340 Rose M. Cooper, 299 Shirley I. Cooper, 323 Thomas E. Cooper, 357 Travis E. Cooper, 299 Gary D. Copeland, 299 Kenneth D. Copeland, 299 Rickey G. Copeland, 323 Ginger A. Coppage, 340 Daniel J. Corbett, 340 Pamela A. Cordell, 323 Joseph J. Corey, 340 Joseph D. Cornelison, 299 Ronnie L. Cornelison, 299 Anne Cornell, 323 Coty A. Cornish, 299 Ben Corona, 323 Jennifer L. Corpier, 299 Treasa W. Costner, 340 Ferrell T. Cothern, 340 Douglas L. Cotter, 340 Kenneth W. Cotter, 340 Naomi L. Cottoms, 299 Tommy Cottrell, 357 James T. Couch Jr., 340 Sandy K. Coulter, 280 Patricia Cousley, 357 Paulette I. Cover, 340 Nancy L. Coverdale, 299 Billye J. Covington, 357 Freda M. Cowan, 323 Milton G. Cowan, 323 Robert W. Cowan, 323 Jeanmarie Cowart, 357 Paula L. Cowell, 357 Alan D. Cox, 323 David G. Cox, 357 Donna K. Cox, 380 Frances P. Cox, 357 Gary C. Cox, 323 Jacqueline W. Cox, 299 Karen J. Cox, 323 Loyd O. Cox Jr., 299 Nathaniel Cox, 299 Doyle W. Coy, 323 Lynn M. Coy, 323 Susan C. Coy, 380 Virginia Coyle, 323 Stephen J. Crabb, 357 Billy P. Crabtree, 299 Janet L. Crabtree, 357 Jeanie Crabtree, 357 Polly A. Craft, 357 Thomas T. Craft, 378 Billie J. Craig, 299 Carl E. Craig, 357 Debbie M. Craig, 358 James M. Craig, 358 Mickey G. Craig, 358 Paul H. Craig, 323 Regenold E. Craig, 358 Susan G. Craig, 340 Tom A. Craig, 323 William E. Craig, 299 Frank O. Crail Jr., 323 Garry Crain, 299 Jeanne Crain, 323 Patty S. Crain, 358 Judith K. Craine, 280 Glenda M. Crandall, 358 James R. Crane, 358 Chester G. Cravens Jr., 323 Dennis J. Cravens, 323 Danny R. Crawford, 340 John M. Crawford, 323 Nancy V. Crawford, 340 Ruth Crawford, 377 Tommy E. Crawford, 379 Darryl S. Crawley, 358 James E. Creech, 299 Barbara L. Creek, 299 Kevin P. Cregier, 323 Robert R. Cress, 323 Anthony R. Crews, 358 James T. Crider, 340 Ronnie M. Crisco, 323 Cheryl A. Crisler, 299 Donald W. Crisler, 358 Bill S. Crismon, 323 Brenda C. Crisp, 358 Hugh E. Crisp, 358 Janice Crisp, 340 Patricia J. Crisp, 299 Sherry L. Crisp, 358 Douglas W. Criss, 323 Danny M. Crist, 340 Gary D. Crocker, 323 William M. Cromer, 299 Charles W. Cromwell, 299 Faye L. Cromwell, 340 James F. Cromwell, 358 Michael S. Crook, 280 LouAnn Croom, 341 Treva J. Crosby, 280 Doyle D. Cross, 341 Ralph M. Cross, 323 Terry V. Cross, 341 Joyce L. Crossfield, 300 Susan M. Crosswait, 358 Ronald T. Crostwait, 358 William E. Crotts Jr., 378 Tresa J. Crowe, 323 Terri A. Crowe, 323 John N. Crowson, 323 Jan M. Cruce, 358 Warner C. Cruce, 300 Paul W. Crum, 341 Vickie D. Crum, 323 James R. Crumbaugh, 323 Danny A. Crumley, 300 William P. Crump, 323 Leann E. Cryts, 323 Mary A. Cudd, 379 Diann Cude, 323 Joel A. Cullen, 300 Melba J. Cullen, 280 Becki Hampton Cullipher, 300 Jimmy L. Cullipher, 300 Gary J. Cullum, 431 Gayla A. Cullum, 300 Donald B. Culpepper, 323 Randall P. Culpepper, 341 Al B. Cunningham, 323 Cris P. Cunningham, 358 Garry V. Cunningham, 341 Gerald W. Cunningham, 358 Harold C. Cunningham, 341 Linda K. Cunningham, 341 Mark E. Cunningham, 358 Paul D. Cunningham, 300 Ted W. Cunningham, 323 Billy J. Cupp, 358 Jannie M. Cupp, 341 Marilee Cupp, 300 Stephen D. Cupples, 358 Jane C. Cureton, 341 Joni E. Currie, 358 Donna L. Curry, 378 Janet S. Curry, 358 Rodney A. Curry, 341 Gary E. Curton, 358 Linda C. Cypret, 323 Angela S. Dacus, 358 Opal J. Daffron, 358 Ramona J. Daily, 341 John W. Dalby, 358 Lyndal W. Dale, 288 Michael S. Dale, 323 Earnest E. Dallas, 358 Joyce M. Dallas, 358 Sharon Ann Dallas, 341 Dorothy L. Dame, 280 John E. Damron, 300 James V. Daniel, 341 Terry L. Daniel, 358 Diane R. Dapp, 300 George P. Dapp, 358 Roberta Kay Darby, 323 Jerry R. Darr, 380 Phillip M. Dattalo, 288 Herman A. Dauck, 358 Jennie L. Dauck, 323 Ann A. Daugherty, 380 Ron L. Daugherty, 380 John R. Daughhetee, 300 Philip A. Daum, 323 Robbie F. DaVault, 380 Billy M. Davenport, 341 David R. Davenport, 379 Dennis R. Davenport, 358 Holly M. Davenport, 358 Narzell Davenport, 358 Rhonda K. Davenport, 341 Deborah L. David, 380 Cynthia K. Davidson, 358 David A. Davidson, 323 Emily A. Davidson, 323 Michael D. Davidson, 379 Michael J. Davidson, 341 Robert C. Davidson, 323 Wanda G. Davidson, 358 Billy D. Davis, 323 Bobby K. Davis, 323 Brenda K. Davis, 358 Brenda K. Davis, 323 Carlton N. Davis, 380 Carol Lynn Davis, 323 Dennis Wayne Davis, 358 Donna B. Davis, 341 Donna F. Davis, 341 Douglas R. Davis, 380 Doyle H. Davis II, 323 Effie E. Davis, 323 Gail Davis, 358 Gary A. Davis, 323 Harold D. Davis, 286 Herbert C. Davis, 300 Jacqueline A. Davis, 341 James W. Davis, 341 Jeffrey J. Davis, 358 Joe S. Davis, 323 Judy Ann Davis, 341 Kathleen A. Davis, 323 Laurel J. Davis, 323 Mandy L. Davis, 358 Melba L. Davis, 300 Michael T. Davis, 323 Miles L. Davis, 358 Paula A. Davis, 280 Peter Davis, 300 Richard A. Davis, 300 Rickey L. Davis, 300 Ricky Davis, 323 Ronnie A. Davis, 341 Shane L. Davis, 341 Vernard Davis, 323 Wanda F. Davis, 341 Willie Davis, 377 David R. Dawson, 323 Jerry Dawson, 341 Melvin E. Dawson, 288 Muhammed Dawuda, 378 Mary E. Day, 323 Mason F. Day, 300 Alicia G. Dean, 341 Beverly G. Dean, 341 Elaine C. Dean, 358 Jana S. Dean, 323 Kimberly A. Dean, 300 Marvin D. Dean, 341 David W. Dearmore, 341 Charles W. Deatherage, 300 Danny L. Deatherage, 358 Carol L. Deaton, 358 Gwendilyn Jeanette Deaton, 300 Sharon L. Deckelman, 358 Celine R. DeClerk, 341 Denise E. DeClerk, 358 John D. DeClerk, 300 Travis W. Deen, 300 Robert A. Deer, 323 Dennis E. Deere, 341 Hugh L. Dees, 380 Vickie R. DeHart, 341 Gholam Ali Dehbozorgi, 358 Jean A. Dehls, 300 Clementine Delane, 358 Carla A. Delaney, 341 Sharon K. DeLoach, 286 Marty A. Dennis, 323 N. B. Dennis, 341 Randy D. Dennis, 358 Randy G. Dennis, 341 Larry D. Denny, 380 Jolm Edwin Denson, 358 Debra A. Dent, 341 Mary R. Dent, 280 Joanna R. Denton, 358 Thomas W. Denton, 323 Gary Steven DePriest, 358 Kathy C. DePriest, 358 Myra A. DePriest, 324 Raymond L. DePriest, 300 Terry V. DePriest, 341 Tommy L. DeShazo, 341 James M. DeSpain, 324 Rosilyn K. DeSpain, 377 Jeff A. Dethrow, 341 Vida Jane Dethrow, 380 Fran L. Devereux, 324 index-385 386-index Jan M. DeVoll, 324 Vicki S. DeVore, 324 Steven E. Dew, 341 Jack C. DeWaillg Jr., 341 Sylvester Diamond, 358 Donna L. Dickens, 341 Harold J. Dickens, 300 David M. Dickerson, 324 Peola D. Dickerson, 358 Brian T. Dickinson, 341 Cheryl L. Dickson, 358 Edwin M. Dickson, 341 James E. Dickson, 300 Steven F. Diederich, 300 Patricia R. Diemer, 280 Audrey E. Dietz, 341 Frank L. Digaetano, 341 Harold Eugene Diggs, 324 Randy I. Diles, 378 Georgia M. Dilley, 300 Charles D. Dillier, 378 Sandra J. Distretti, 300 Kay S. Diviney, 286 Lodie C. Dixon, 341 Daniel C. Doak, 286 Thomas L. Doan, 286 Cleatus E. Dobbins, 341 Nancy A. Dobbs, 380 Rodney L. Dobbs, 324 Tom James Dodd, 341 Brenda Jan Dodson, 324 Gladys A. Dodson, 378 Tommy L. Dodson, 358 James Patrick Doherty, 341 Michael L. Dollar, 341 Charlie A. Donham, 341 Linda A. Donner, 341 Wyveta J. Donohue, 287 Eugenia A. Donovan, 358 James R. Dooley, 300 Edward Lee Doolittle, 358 Teresa L. Dorris, 358 Sheri A. Dorsey, 358 Wrayphord O. Dortch Jr., 324 Albert L. Doss, 300 Cheryle L. Doss, 300 Linda D. Doss, 300 Belinda C. Dotson, 358 Linda K. Doty, 300 Leland T. Douglas, 358 Susan K. Douglas, 324 Ronald Douthet, 300 Arlet V. Dover, 358 Darrel W. Dover, 300 Melvin T. Dowless, 358 Billy Gene Downing, 358 Ina Raye Downing, 300 Jeanne M. Downing, 300 Mike Downing, 341 Rebecca J. Downing, 300 Dennis G. Downs, 341 Pauletta D. Downs, 324 Ranae L. Downs, 341 Larry E. Doyle, 301 Michael B. Doyle, 301 Miles L. Doyle, 380 Robyn S. Doyle, 287 David L. Drake, 301 Jackie D. Drake, 301 Sue T. Drake, 301 William A. Drake, 341 Doris A. Drew, 301 Debbie K. Drury, 380 Anthony R. Drymon, 358 Dan Dubach, 341 Melvin DuBose, 301 Murry DuBose, 378 Roger D. Ducker, 341 Carl S. Duckworth, 341 Kathryn A. Dudley, 324 Robert Duez, 359 Billy L. Duff, 301 Terry L. Duff, 359 Wayne H. Duffer, 379 Dale R. Duffy, 341 Paul M. Dugger, 359 Robert P. Dugger, 378 Tommy A. Dukowitz, 341 David W. Dunavant, 359 Fred M. Dunavant, 324 Lula M. Dunavant, 280 Charles G. Dunaway, 359 Mary B. Dnmaway, 324 Buford R. Duncan, 324 Deborah C. Duncan, 324 Joe T. Duncan, 359 Kim R. Duncan, 359 Ricky L. Duncan, 301 Romona L. Duncan, 301 Jack D. Dunham, 324 Connie Gale Dunigan, 359 Phylis D. Dunigan, 324 Anne Dunlap, 341 Barbara S. Dunlap, 341 Jimmie G. Dunlap, 324 Terry Dunlap, 359 Van M. Dunn, 341 John B. Dunn, 380 Wendell B. Dunning, 359 Kathy L. Dupras, 341 Robert J. Dupras, 359 Calvin Durden, 324 Russell Keith Durell, 359 Joe Duren, 324 Myra J. Durham, 341 Fred L. Dust, 301 Hugh A. Duty, 359 Donna L. DuVall, 301 Francis Carol DuVall, 359 Larry J. Dykes, 287 Ronnie J. Eary, 301 Charlotte M. Easley, 359 Kathy D. Easley, 359 Judy K. Eason, 341 Mark T. Easterlin, 342 Selma J. Easterly, 359 Bradley H. Easterwood, 324 Roger D. Easton, 359 Elizabeth A. Eaton, 342 Randall D. Eaton, 380 Clyde R. Eaves, 359 Karen J. Eaves, 359 Sandra M. Eaves, 324 Michael Ebbert, 342 Larry C. Eckman, 342 Robert C. Eckman, 359 Janet R. Eddington, 324 Bill W. Edgar, 301 Robert E. Edgar, 359 Omer E. Edington, 359 Stanley K. Edington, 380 Bill C. Edmisten, 342 Deborah J. Edmonds, 324 Jack L. Edmonds, 301 Michael R. Edmonds, 342 James A. Edmonson, 359 Carol L. Edwards, 301 Cathy R. Edwards, 301 David Edwards, 359 Deborah L. Edwards, 324 Don R. Edwards, 342 Everett G. Edwards, 324 Gary W. Edwards, 301 Jackey L. Edwards, 301 Jerry C. Edwards, 342 Judianne Edwards, 301 Karen S. Edwards, 359 Karole E. Edwards, 324 Lillie Leona Edwards, 342 Mary E. Edwards, 378 Paul L. Edwards, 378 Sherry G. Edwards, 342 Stephen W. Edwards, 324 Cary R. Elbert, 301 Patricia M. Elbert, 324 Craig Elder, 359 Rickey L. Elder, 359 Susan E. Elder, 301 Susan D. Eldredge, 324 Richard A. Elizandro, 359 Annette Elkins, 324 Marilyn M. Elkins, 342 Phillip Elkins, 324 Sharon E. Elkins, 324 Kay E. Ellington, 301 Donna J. Elliott, 359 Elizabeth A. Elliott, 301 Eunice Frances Elliott, 359 Michael J. Elliott, 301 Michael L. Elliott, 301 Terry M. Elliott, 342 Brenda K. Ellis, 359 Camellia Caryn Ellis, 324 Cathy J. Ellis, 342 Charles V. Ellis, 324 Davis M. Ellis, 288 Debra A. Ellis, 359 Debra J. Ellis, 324 Gayla A. Ellis, 324 George W. Ellis, 324 Gwendolyn K. Ellis, 359 Johnny J. Ellis, 359 Roger D. Ellis, 359 Ronald W. Ellis, 301 Frances A. Ellison, 280 David F. Ellzey, 301 Larry J. Elmore, 324 Larry R. Elrod, 359 Needra G. Elrod, 359 Mary R. Elsken, 342 Ricky O. Elumbaugh, 342 William R. Elwood, 324 Kimberly L. Emde, 324 Kenneth B. Emerson, 324 William C. Emerson, 359 Dewey Morris Emison, 324 Walter Alan Emmons, 359 Emily J. Enderlin, 301 Donald W. Enderson, 324 Alma England, 280 Corlis L. England, 301 Deborah Darlene England, 359 Diane L. England, 324 Donnie G. England, 342 Lawana England, 359 Mary B. Engler, 324 John P. Engles, 324 Teresa D. Engles, 301 Robert W. English, 359 Sandra K. English, 342 Gary J. Enzor, 359 Kathe N. Epperson, 359 Rebecca T. Epperson, 359 Mary Lou Ernst, 342 James C. Erwin Jr., 301 John W. Erwin, 359 Ronald F. Erwin, 301 Samuel L. Erwin, 301 Stephen R. Erwin, 324 Farrokh Eslahi, 359 Barbara A. Espey, 380 Debra A. Estes, 301 Regina M. Estes, 342 Ronald K. Estes, 288 Samuel F. Estes, 324 Glenda L. Etchieson, 301 Anita Ethridge, 359 Charles M. Ethridge, 324 Forrest G. Ethridge, 324 Teddie J. Etter, 324 Renea Eubanks, 342 Sootti D. Eubanks, 342 Gloria G. Evans, 324 Grover M. Evans, 301 Kathy L. Evans, 324 Marcia A. Evans, 342 Pamela K. Evans, 324 Peggy L. Evans, 301 Stanley W. Evans, 324 Steven L. Evans, 359 Roger R. Eveland, 301 Connie G. Everett, 288 Freddy L. Everett, 301 Charlotte M. Evins, 359 Michael L. Ewart, 288 Lavah S. Fagan, 324 Toni A. Fahr, 378 James D. Falk, 324 Martha J. Falkner, 378 Robert L. Falkner, 324 Sharon R. Fallis, 359 Stephen Fallis, 324 George G. Falwell, 359 Lendol K. Falwell, 324 Barbara A. Fanning, 324 Carolyn W. Fardeecey, 302 Bill P. Farley, 359 Carey D. Farley, 380 Danny G. Farley, 324 James H. Farley Jr., 379 Jerry L. Farley, 380 Linda K. Farley, 302 Gerald W. Farley, 324 Jackie S. Farley, 342 Robin Farley, 359 Sandy A. Farley, 342 Walter Joe Farley, 359 Kathy L. Farmer, 280 Robert C. Farmer, 280 Henry J. Farrell, 342 Anna L. Farris, 342 Robert E. Farrow, 288 Steven D. Faulk, 342 Mark A. Faulkner, 380 Thomas O. Faulkner, 302 Vicki L. Faulkner, 342 William D. Faulkner, 359 Marty E. Fausett, 342 Vic J. Faust, 359 Allen Reed Faver, 359 Cleora Fears, 342 Keith Lamont Felkins, 359 Randell E. Felt, 342 Larry S. Felts, 342 Tom Felts, 342 Hank D. Fender, 342 Judith E. Fenner, 359 Carolyn A. Ferguson, 359 James D. Ferguson, 324 Malissa E. Ferguson, 359 Martha M. Ferguson, 324 Mary M. Ferguson, 302 Michael W. Ferguson, 302 Roger B. Ferguson, 359 Valerie S. Ferguson, 359 Betty F. Ferralasco, 302 Barry L. Ferrell, 359 Elizabeth D. Fetterly, 324 Judy K. Fetters, 287 Michael D. Field, 302 Sandra J. Fielder, 324 Bettye A. Fields, 377 Maudean Fields, 288 Vicki A. Fields, 325 Anita Sue Fifer, 359 Allen D. Fike, 302 Ana B. Files, 325 Janet L. Files, 302 Stephen P. Finch, 377 Barre F. Finan, 302 Sharon L. Findley, 342 Robin E. Fine, 359 Rickey C. Finley, 325 Terry L. Finn, 359 David W. Fisher, 325 Dempsey D. Fisher, 302 Linda G. Fisher, 325 Linda M. Fisher, 377 Mark D. Fisher, 359 Sandra J. Fisher, 325 Wanda F. Fisher, 325 William E. Fisher, 325 Robert A. Fite, 342 James Fitzgerald, 342 Shirley H. Fitzgerald, 360 Karen Rae Fivecoat, 360 Mickey R. Flagg, 325 Pamela G. Flagg, 360 Warren R. Flanagan, 325 Elizabeth A. Flannigan, 325 Robert D. Flannigan Jr., 302 Sallie S. Flannigan, 342 Mary A. Fleetwood, 360 Vickie L. Fleming, 342 Frederick C. Flemon, 302 John B. Flening, 288 Bryan T. Fletcher, 360 Clifford Fletcher, 325 Dennis R. Fletcher, 360 James L. Fletcher, 325 Patricia A. Fletcher, 342 Shelia A. Fletcher, 342 Ella Dean Flewellen, 280 Gary D. Flippo, 342 Lois Ann Floryanski, 325 Ronald Gene Flowers, 360 Sandy J. Flowers, 342 David C. Floyd, 342 Donna M. Floyd, 360 James H. Flyrm, 325 Vicki L. Flynn, 325 Shelton Keith Flynt, 360 Danny L. Foley, 302 Freda L. Foley, 360 Lila J. Foley, 302 Charley J. Foot, 325 Debbie A. Foot, 280 Larry D. Forbis, 342 Andy H. Ford, 360 Carol B. Ford, 360 Colleen Ford, 325 Eugene R. Ford, 360 Ever Jean Ford, 302 Ginger L. Ford, 302 James B. Ford, 302 Rena J. Ford, 325 Russell M. Ford, 380 Susan L. Ford, 342 Johnny A. Foreman, 302 Linda C. Foreman, 302 James H. Forrester, 360 Kathryn G. Forrester, 342 Patti J. Forrester, 342 Janis A. Forshee, 360 Roger Forsythe, 380 John S. Fortenberry, 360 Kim S. Fortner, 360 Marie E. Fortner, 342 Virginia A. Fortson, 325 Gary W. Fortune, 378 Karen S. Fortune, 342 Michael R. Fortune, 325 Billie A. Foster, 360 Chris R. Foster, 360 George W. Foster, 302 Jimmy R. Foster, 380 Kristin E. Foster, 342 Robin J. Foster, 342 Shirley D. Foster, 325 Tommy L. Foulks, 360 Michael L. Fouts, 360 Chester D. Fowler, 342 Doris P. Fowler, 342 Ronnie H. Fowler, 360 Terry L. Fowler, 325 Tommy E. Fowler, 302 David H. Fowlkes, 325 Carroll D. Fox, 302 Robert T. Fox, 379 James N. France, 342 Susan M. Francis, 360 Mark C. Frangenberg, 360 Tommy Frank, 360 Anne Franklin, 302 Betty J. Franklin, 360 Harvey M. Franklin, 325 Samuel E. Franklin, 360 Dale Franks, 302 Mike R. Franks, 302 Roger A. Franks, 325 Larry Frasure, 342 John K. Fratesi, 325 Dinah F. Frazier, 325 George C. Frazier, 288 Richard Frazier, 342 Robin D. Frazier, 360 Jimmy D. Free, 360 Debra L. Freeland, 360 Dexter J. Freeman, 360 Gerald D. Freeman, 287 Mary R. Freeman, 302 Ronald V. Freeman, 360 Sandra K. Freeman, 302 Jerry W. Freese, 325 Anthony Carl Frein Jr., 325 Larry F. Frein, 360 Gerald C. Freligh, 360 Elizabeth French, 302 Gary T. French, 325 John W. French, 342 Mary J. French, 302 Margaret W. Freppon, 342 Robert E. Frey, 325 Linda J. Fridenberg, 325 Bertine G. Frierson, 302 Gary L. Friga, 325 Donna M. Frost, 360 Joan C. Frost, 325 James Michael Fry, 360 Jan E. Fry, 280 Patricia A. Fry, 360 Sandra G. Fry, 325 Wanda L. Fry, 360 Emest C. Frye, 325 Nickey C. Fudge, 342 Vickie L. Fulbright, 360 Joseph Darryl Fulgham, 325 William A. Fulkerson, 325 Paula K. Fulks, 360 Charles E. Fullen, 342 Hannah W. Fuller, 280 Link Fuller, 302 Peggy S. Fuller, 325 James R. Fulmer, 288 Gary D. Fulton, 325 John E. Fultz, 342 Michael A. Funk, 302 Patricia E. Funk, 380 Patricia A. Futrell, 302 Charles E. Gaines, 360 Terry R. Gairhan, 325 Bill W. Gaither, 325 Pamela A. Gaither, 360 Raymond M. Gaither, 342 Michael C. Gallegly, 325 Leslie N . Galloway, 325 Karen Richardson Gambel, 287 Donald R. Gambill, 342 Sabrina M. Gambill, 360 Damon L. Gamble, 360 Patricia A. Gamble, 342 Brad G. Gammill, 280 Shawna C. Gammill, 360 Jack B. Gammon, 325 Edward E. Gann Jr., 325 Jimmy V. Gann, 325 Earnestine Gardner, 302 Edward L. Gardner, 342 Homer Cecil Gardner Jr., 2 James E. Gardner, 342 Joan E. Gardner, 325 Marc W. Gardner, 342 Paul Gardner, 380 Robert E. Gardner, 342 Robert L. Gardner, 380 Vicky F. Garman, 325 William E. Garner, 325 William H. Garner, 360 Gary C. Garrett, 302 Gaye M. Garrett, 342 Glenn M. Garrett, 380 Sandra K. Garrett, 380 Jerry L. Garrison, 343 Loraine L. Garrison, 360 Winston M. Gaskill, 360 Dennis W. Gaskin, 360 Terry Lynn Gaskin, 360 Edward J. Gasper, 288 Phyllis J. Gately, 302 Erma Jean Gates, 325 Robert F. Gathright, 360 Phil M. Gattas, 343 Michael L. Gauf, 325 Billy R. Gay, 325 Ronnie L. Gean, 343 Mary Anne Gee, 360 Grady Frank Gennings, 325 Paul E. Gennings, 360 Richard L. Gentle, 360 Marie A. George, 325 Samuel W. George, 302 Sandra K. Gerdes, 325 Janice R. German, 325 Sham Soddin Ghamgham, 360 Ali Gharagozlou, 360 Greg E. Gibbons, 360 Robert W. Gibbs, 343 Carolyn F. Gibson, 360 Charlia S. Gibson, 325 Gerry L. Gibson, 360 John M. Gibson, 360 Kenneth F. Gibson, 288 Kenneth R. Gibson, 360 Michael D. Gibson, 302 Peggy J. Gibson, 360 Rebecca A. Gibson, 343 Robert Gibson III, 343 Robert W. Gibson Jr., 360 Roger D. Gibson, 360 Roy E. Gibson, 343 Tom I. Gibson, 343 Arcadio L. Gil, 325 Barbara A. Gilbert, 325 David W. Gilbert, 360 Morris J. Gilbert, 325 Wendell Gilbert, 302 Barbara A. Gill, 360 Beth Gill, 325 Gus D. Gill, 325 James R. Gill, 343 Patricia M. Gill, 343 Polly L. Gill, 343 88 William Patrick Gill, 343 Dennis R. Gillam, 325 DeRenda Gillam, 360 Barbara G. Gillenwater, 325 Don C. Gillespie, 360 Gail Gillespie, 343 James C. Gillespie, 303 Gregory W. Gillette, 360 Becky A. Gilliam, 360 Craig H. Gilliam, 361 Jerry L. Gilliam, 361 Sara J. Gilliam, 303 Margaret A. Gillihan, 303 Mary E. Gilmore, 303 Roger L. Gilmore, 361 Gary D. Gipson, 303 James L. Gipson, 303 Julie Kay Gipson, 343 Lela L. Gipson, 303 Stephen L. Gipson, 325 Ginger L. Gist, 343 Theresa A. Gist, 343 Janet L. Glasgow, 343 Terry L. Glasgow, 380 Donny J. Glenn, 325 Grant H. Glenn, 343 Stephen Glenn, 343 Richard K. Glidewell, 343 Sherry L. Glover, 361 Mary E. Gnade, 343 Curtis D. Goad, 361 Gary F. Goans, 303 Deborah C. Goff, 325 Elizabeth A. Goff, 361 Jerry L. Goforth, 325 James W. Golden, 303 Randy Golden, 326 Stephen C. Golden, 326 Mitchel D. Golleher, 361 Dennis S. Gonzalez, 303 Ronald L. Goo, 343 Donald L. Good, 343 Tressie S. Goode, 361 Josie M. Goodman, 326 Kimberly A. Goodman, 361 John G. Goodpasture, 361 Cindy L. Goodwin, 361 Deborah D. Goodwin, 343 Dorothy L. Goodwin, 303 Kristie Goodwin, 303 Laumerion Goodwin Jr., 343 Mary Lee Goodwin, 326 Joyce A. Gordon, 361 Paula G. Gordon, 303 Timothy B. Gordon, 361 Constance J. Gore, 343 James R. Gore, 326 Jenny L. Gore, 343 Richard Dale Gores, 361 Tim C. Gorman, 361 Ina P. Gossett, 303 Judy L. Gossett, 303 Sam L. Goswell, 361 Charles M. Gotay, 343 Gary W. Gott, 326 Random T. Gott, 361 Delores J. Gould, 303 Cathy L. Goza, 343 Gary R. Goza, 303 Jimmy J. Goza, 326 Mary L. Goza, 280 Willene Goza, 361 Ann Grable, 326 Kaye Grable, 361 Vicky M. Graddy, 343 David V. Grady, 380 Denice A. Grady, 343 Donnie W. Grady, 343 Dorothy B. Grady, 280 William C. Graff, 343 Cindy Kay Graham, 303 Grover G. Graham, 379 James M. Graham, 343 Jerry M. Graham, 326 John M. Graham, 303 Mike Graham, 326 Mike L. Graham, 326 Paula K. Graham, 361 Ray Mike Graham, 343 Susan L. Graham, 361 Steve E. Gramling, 326 Vickey D. Gramling, 361 Tommy J. Granata, 361 Mark C. Granberry, 361 David R. Grandgeorge, 303 Elder Granger, 361 Nathan L. Grant, 343 Dennis E. Graves, 326 James C. Graves, 303 James K. Graves, 380 Alexa D. Gray, 361 Carolyn A. Gray, 343 Cathy A. Gray, 361 Charles M. Gray, 326 Diann L. Gray, 303 Gary D. Gray, 361 Geneabeth A. Gray, 361 Harry Randall Gray, 380 Jerry J. Gray, 378 Jesse C. Gray, 378 Linda Sue Gray, 326 Margaret J. Gray, 343 Morris E. Gray, 303 Paul E. Gray Jr., 361 Rebecca A. Gray, 361 Richard M. Gray, 343 Rita C. Gray, 343 Robert Glenn Gray, 288 Robert P. Gray, 361 Buddy Green, 303 Danny J. Green, 361 David L. Green, 326 Debra S. Green, 361 Melissa G. Green, 361 Robert L. Green, 361 Rod D. Green, 343 Rose M. Green, 303 Steven A. Green, 380 Trecia C. Green, 361 Carlotta Greenberry, 326 Michael G. Greene, 361 Gary D. Greeno, 361 Malcolm C. Greenway, 326 David F. Greenwood, 303 Stephen R. Greenwood, 303 Alan C. Greer, 303 Odos R. Greer Jr., 361 Johnny P. Gregory, 343 Melissa K. Gregory, 326 Reta K. Gregory, 326 Diane M. Grider, 379 Cheryl L. Griffin, 326 Grant G. Griffin II, 326 Janet M. Griffin, 326 Joe D. Griffin, 326 Kathy Mae Griffin, 361 Pamela J. Griff'm, 326 Robin E. Griffin, 361 Walton W. Griffin, 303 Danny L. Griffis, 361 Pauline Dianne Griffith, 326 Sharon A. Griffith, 361 Steve E. Griffith, 361 Kathy A. Grigsby, 361 Donna K. Griham, 343 Richard C. Grim, 287 Jan E. Grimes, 303 Robert E. Grimes, 380 Sharon Grimes, 361 William D. Grimes, 361 Jim R. Grissom, 343 Leigh A. Grogan, 361 Mike A. Grogan, 377 Allen N. Grommet, 343 Doug W. Gross, 326 Mary L. Gross, 303 Cyrilla A. Grover, 361 James M. Grover, 326 Barbara J. Grubbs, 343 Robert W. Grubbs, 343 Sherry A. Guess, 343 Jerry M. Guest, 343 Janis A. Gulley, 361 Earl W. Gunn, 326 Cora E. Gunter, 303 Mike B. Gunter, 288 Walter Gunter, 361 Cynthia J. Guntharp, 280 Jim D. Guntharp, 303 Todd Gurley, 361 Calvin L. Guthrie, 343 Gary L. Guthrie, 380 Gregory E. Guthrie, 343 Harold R. Guthrie, 303 Randy R. Guthrie, 378 Ronnie D. Guthrie, 326 Rosie L. Guthrie, 361 Annette D. Guy, 361 Joe A. Guy, 361 Sarah M. Guy, 303 388-index Debra K. Gwaltney, 343 Larry W. Gwaltney, 326 Jack F. Gwin, 326 Jo C. Haag, 303 Patrick H. Hackman, 326 Shirley M. Hackworth, 361 Terry A. Hadder, 361 Jeffrey H. Haddox, 343 Dollie N. Hafer, 280 June D. Hafner, 343 Mark L. Haggenmacher, 361 Curtis R. Hagler Jr., 361 Patricia K. Hagler, 361 Tobby Gene Hagler, 343 Rick F. Hagood, 303 Alfred E. Haines, 303 Deborah L. Haines, 343 Harriett G. Haines, 343 Deborah K. Hairrell, 303 Mohsen Hajarian, 326 Mary K. Holbert, 326 James K. Halbrook, 343 Mary Ann Halbrook, 361 James D. Hale, 343 Leslie Allen Hale, 361 Michael J. Hale, 326 Terry W. Haley, 343 Brenda D. Halfacre, 303 Gary A. Halfacre, 361 Barbara J. Hall, 378 Bettye J. Hall, 361 Dennis E. Hall, 326 Frankie Hall, 326 Glenn W. Hall, 326 Helen M. Hall, 361 Ira K. Hall, 361 Jeffrey P. Hall, 361 John E. Hall, 361 Pam Joyce Hall, 361 Rick B. Hall, 343 Robin A. Hall, 362 Virginia F. Hall, 362 Yvonne J. Hall, 326 Pawnee P. Halliburton, 304 Gilbert W. Hallmark, 362 Robert D. Hallum, 343 Rosetta Hambrick, 380 Carolyn A. Hames, 304 Edward J. Hamilton, 326 Eloise A. Hamilton, 304 James L. Hamilton, 304 Robin Hamilton, 343 Patrick W. Hamlin, 343 Floyd J. Hamm, 380 Walter B. Hamm, 380 Paula K. Hammil, 362 Phyllis Y. Hammonds, 304 Lynnette Hammons, 378 Allodia G. Hampton, 362 Rosalind B. Hampton, 362 Clinton R. Hancock, 304 Clyde R. Hancock, 304 Thomas L. Hancock, 326 Thomas M. Hancock, 362 Freda D. Handley, 280 Vicki A. Handley, 362 Donald A. Haney, 326 Jan M. Haney, 304 James R. Hanley, 362 Melinda J. Hannah, 304 Sharman J. Hannah, 304 Timothy L. Hannah, 326 Deborah S. Hansen, 304 Dennis W. Hansen, 304 Jack R. Hansen, 326 Norma A. Hansen, 343 Marcel E. Hanzlik, 343 Jeffrey J. Harbison, 326 John D. Hard, 362 Suzanne Hardage, 343 Aileen V. Harden, 280 Jann C. Hardesty, 326 Roscoe J. Hardiman, 326 Ersell R. Hardin, 343 Karen M. Hardin, 304 Stephen L. Hardin, 362 Teresa L. Hardin, 343 Thomas R. Hardin, 304 Patrick J. Hardy, 287 Fred Hargett Jr., 326 Janice L. Hargrave, 304 Dorothy K. Hargrove, 343 Floyd L. Hargrove, 304 Steve T. Harig, 344 James M. Harker, 304 Bruce O. Harlan, 326 Elizabeth S. Harlan, 362 John M. Harlan, 378 Janice M. Harlan, 344 Joe D. Harlan, 344 Walter D. Harlan, 344 John F. Harlow, 326 Danny J. Harmon, 344 Don A. Harmon, 304 James H. Harmon Jr., 326 Jerry D. Harmon, 380 Jimmy D. Harmon, 326 Steve A. Harmon, 362 Carolyn Sue Harper, 344 Ellen Harper, 326 Gary A. Harper, 344 Jennifer Suette Harper, 362 Judith Harper, 362 Mike P. Harper, 362 Marcey J. Harpole, 304 Candis K. Harrell, 344 Charles R. Harrell, 362 Jimmy T. Harrell, 326 Peggy A. Harrell, 380 Willa R. Harrelson, 362 William E. Harrelson, 304 Woody P. Harrelson, 362 Mark S. Harriman, 304 Carol A. Harrington, 362 Cathy L. Harrington, 362 Nancy E. Harrington, 362 Peter W. Harrington, 326 Aubrey E. Harris, 288 Bobby G. Harris, 304 Barry L. Harris, 344 Edward L. Harris, 326 Gerald L. Harris, 304 Jerry Steven Harris, 378 Marcus D. Harris, 378 Mark C. Harris, 362 Mary A. Harris, 362 Missy A. Harris, 326 Richard A. Harris, 344 Rodney D. Harris, 326 Sally J. Harris, 304 Sidney F. Harris Jr., 326 Thomas Joe Harris, 362 Willie Harold Harris, 326 Gwendolyn B. Harrison, 280 James R. Harrison, 344 Jerry Lee Harrison, 362 Locogene O. Harrison, 280 Ronnie L. Harrison, 344 Stanley E. Harrison, 344 Virginia L. Harrison, 344 Terry G. Harshbarger, 362 Barbara J. Hart, 362 Leslie W. Hart, 326 Rick Hart, 326 Joyce A. Hartsell, 304 Bonnie S. Harvey, 326 Raymon B. Harvey, 326 Tommy L. Harvey, 326 Sandra K. Harvill, 362 George A. Harwood, 287 Terry L. Haskett, 304 Pamela G. Hastings, 362 Patti Hastings, 344 Stephen A. Hatch, 326 Donald W. Hatcher, 362 John L. Hatcher, 288 Martha A. Hatley, 326 Connie L. Hatman, 326 Brenda J. Hawkins, 280 Darrell K. Hawkins, 304 David L. Hawkins, 288 Debra J. Hawkins, 362 Jerry A. Hawkins, 304 Jo A. Hawkins, 380 Larry W. Hawkins, 326 Ruby I. Hawley, 327 Dennis W. Hay, 362 Arif K. Haydar, 362 Mohammad A. Haydar, 362 Mike J. Hayden, 344 Ollie M. Hayden, 280 Cricket L. Hayes, 304 Frank J. Hayes, 379 Pamela L. Hayes, 327 Ronald K. Hayes, 327 Arthur Edward Haynes, 287 Clark L. Haynes, 327 Michael Haynes, 327 Larry C. Hays, 327 Cheryl A. Haywood, 304 Marsha D. Haywood, 344 Charmain Hazel, 362 Debra D. Hazelwood, 362 Willis S. Head, 327 Kathryn M. Headley, 304 Barbara A. Heard, 344 Jerry P. Heard, 344 Larry W. Heard, 381 Marsha A. Heard, 344 Pauletta M. Heard, 304 David P. Heasley, 304 Duke V. Heath, 362 Garry D. Heath, 327 Terry L. Heath, 362 Carol L. Heatherly, 344 Robert M. Heaton, 287 Scott Hecker, 304 Carl J. Heckmann, 327 Jerry K. Heckmann, 344 Sharon R. Heeb, 327 Jolm C. Heem, 280 Michael D. Heflin, 344 Norman L. Hefner, 304 Murphy D. Heird, 327 Michael C. Hellyer, 304 George N. Helm, 344 Ronnie C. Helm, 377 Sam D. Helm, 304 Kenneth H. Helman, 287 Aubrey L. Helms, 344 Brenda S. Helms, 288 Frank D. Henary, 304 Catherine A. Henderson, 304 Dan Henderson, 362 David W. Henderson, 327 Debbie D. Henderson, 362 Leta A. Henderson, 381 Patti M. Henderson, 362 Sherrill J. Henderson, 344 Tommy Henderson, 362 Bob L. Hendrick, 344 Joe Hendricks, 379 Kenneth R. Hendricks, 304 Garnetta S. Hendrickson, 327 Gary L. Hendrickson, 327 Melba L. Hendrickson, 327 Brenda J. Hendrix, 327 Douglas Alton Hendrix, 362 Jimmy L. Hendrix, 362 Sharon K. Hendrix, 362 Thomas N. Hendrix, 344 Keith Dudley Henick, 362 Waylan Henley, 344 Alice J. Henry, 327 Cassandra S. Henry, 362 Charles R. Henry, 344 Cynthia L. Henry, 344 Deborah A. Henry, 344 Donald G. Henry, 305 Jake E. Henry Jr., 327 Mona K. Henry, 327 Sheila G. Henry, 362 Stanley L. Henry, 362 William H. Henry, 305 Gary L. Hensley, 362 Douglas E. Henson, 362 Judy A. Henson, 344 Marla J. Henson, 362 Rene Henson, 362 Merrill L. Henton, 377 Mark R. Herbst, 362 Jerita B. Herndon, 344 Michael D. Herren, 305 Carolyn M. Herring, 327 Deborah L. Herring, 362 Teresa M. Herring, 305 Barney A. Hess, 305 Harold M. Hess, 344 Myra L. Hess, 344 Paul D. Hess Jr., 344 Rebecca F. Hestand, 362 Benita Faye Hester, 362 Kristi S. Hester, 362 Lovie Denise Hester, 344 Donna J. Heston, 362 Robert R. Hetzel, 344 Daniel J. Hexem, 362 Herman Gene Hickman, 305 Molly L. Hickox, 362 Andrea R. Hicks, 327 Anthony Ray Hicks, 362 Glenda F. Hicks, 362 Glenn W. Hicks, 327 Lynn A. Hicks, 305 Robin W. Hicks, 362 Beth A. Hieber, 362 William A. Hieber, 378 Darby Hiett, 287 Bobby E. Higginbottom, 327 Pamela F. Higginbottom, 362 Robert Bruce Higginbottom, 381 Deborah L. Higgins, 381 Letha K. Higgins, 327 William D. Higgins, 344 Deborah K. Hightower, 280 Joan Hightower, 305 Lowell B. Hightower, 327 Patricia L. Hightower, 362 Rosa L. Hilding, 327 Kenneth M. Hiley, 305 William R. Hilgeford, 305 Hoyt H. Hilger, 378 Donna E. Hill, 327 Dorothy Hill, 344 Edward V. Hill, 305 Gary M. Hill, 344 Gary S. Hill, 327 Gay Hill, 362 Gerald D. Hill, 344 Gregg D. Hill, 344 Jackie L. Hill, 344 Janet M. Hill, 344 Janis G. Hill, 305 Jim C. Hill, 305 John N. Hill, 362 Kenneth W. Hill, 363 Mary R. Hill, 363 Roger D. Hill, 363 Stanley W. Hill, 327 Janice L. Hilliard, 363 Henry R. Hillis, 379 Ruth A. Hillis, 327 Janis L. Himschoot, 381 Monte D. Himschoot, 344 Patricia L. Hindman, 344 Frank C. Hinds, 305 George G. Hinds, 327 Michael L. Hinds, 344 Daivd G. Hines, 344 Michael D. Hinrichs, 327 Michael W. Hinson, 363 Jeffery A. Hinton, 363 Linda J. Hinton, 305 Freddie Hislip, 381 Loren M. Hitchcock, 327 Teresa G. Hoaglan, 363 Lynda G. Hobbs, 344 Rush F. Hobbs, 363 John R. Hoben, 344 Sandra L. Hobgood, 305 Wallace B. Hobson, 327 Jeff R. Hoder, 363 Cynthia J. Hodge, 363 Leonard W. Hodge, 363 Michael R. Hodge, 344 Robert E. Hodge II, 327 Al R. Hodges, 305 Amanda S. Hodges, 305 Debra L. Hodges, 327 Janet S. Hodges, 344 Marcus L. Hodges, 363 Wanda S. Hodges, 381 Jimmy H. Hoey, 305 Jayne E. Hoffman, 363 Robert Lynn Hogan, 344 Ronald G. Hogan, 344 Ethel E. Hogard, 305 Leonard H. Hogg. 363 Albert L. Hoggard, 327 Deborah A. Hoggard, 327 Ray V. Hoggard, 379 Barbara N. Hogue, 327 Brenda J. Hogue, 381 Jan S. Hoke, 344 Teddy L. Hoke, 363 Bruce H. Holbrook, 327 Karen S. Holbrook, 305 Ronald R. Holbrook, 363 Tommy W. Holbrook, 344 David H. Holcomb, 327 Judy L. Holder, 344 Margaret Holder, 280 Michael W. Holder, 327 Nicky G. Holder, 363 Rick C. Holder, 327 Danny E. Holifield, 305 Johnny R. Holifield, 305 Noel K, Holifield, 344 Susan C. Holiman, 363 Jay D. Holland, 327 James O. Holland, 287 Kimmet D. Holland, 363 Pamela J. Holland, 305 Randal R. Holland, 363 Sharon K. Holland, 363 Terry Lesa Holland, 363 Valorie F. Holland, 363 William L. Holland, 363 Phillip G. Holleman, 305 Jerry Hollihan, 305 Joe Julius Hollimon, 327 Carol A. Hollingsworth, 363 Jill A. Hollingsworth, 280 Richard E. Holman, 327 Tricia Holmberg, 327 Anthony R. Holmes, 305 Deborah E. Holmes, 363 Johnnie F. Holmes, 280 Kenneth W. Holmes, 344 Terry L. Holmes, 327 Debby L. Holobaugh, 305 Daniel E. Holstead, 344 Cathy J. Holt, 305 Danny B. Holt, 287 Gail A. Holt, 344 Hyma T. Holt Jr., 305 Jimmy D. Holt, 363 Marion Holt, 327 Ronnie E. Holt, 363 Scottie R. Holt, 363 Thomas Allan Holt Jr., 305 Donna J. Holzhauer, 363 Ronald L. Hoofman, 305 Mike L. Hook, 327 Terry D. Hoosier, 344 Carla M. Hopkins, 305 Maurice J. Hopkins, 327 Jeffry B. Hornberger, 305 Sheri L. Horne, 344 Janet E. Horner, 344 Janet L. Horner, 363 Janet M. Horner, 344 John P. Horner, 363 Judith A. Horner, 327 Carl E. Horton, 344 Dennis S. Horton, 379 Jeff N. Horton, 363 John L. Horton, 327 Ronald N. Horton, 363 Terry W. Horton, 344 William L. Hosford, 327 Charles B. Hosman, 379 Cheryl S. Hosman, 344 Larry D. Hosman, 327 Charlotte Marie House, 363 Kenneth E. House, 363 Vicki D. Householder, 345 Anthony C. Houston, 363 Barbara G. Houston, 377 Susan V. Houston, 363 Terry D. Hout, 327 David M. Howard, 363 Elizabeth A. Howard, 345 Jane A. Howard, 345 Jesse C. Howard, 305 Jimmy M. Howard, 327 Jolm D. Howard, 327 Phyllis C. Howard, 305 Ronald Wayne Howard, 327 Tom D. Howard, 378 Tommy M. Howard, 345 Connie L. Howe, 363 Cynthia A. Howe, 305 Denise E. Howell, 363 James P. Howell, 363 Michael L. Howell, 305 Ronnie A. Howell, 345 Tennyson Howell, 363 Timothy J. Howell, 363 Darryl W. Howerton, 363 Steven K. Howren, 305 Betty L. Hubbard, 305 Gary M. Hubbard, 306 Sharmon L. Hubbard, 327 Loretta S. Hubbart, 288 Bryan L. Huber, 306 Ronald M. Hubner, 379 Raymond Huckaba, 327 Brenda K. Huckabay, 280 Dorothy K. Huckabee, 306 David M. Huddleston, 306 George S. Huddleston, 306 Pamela F. Huddleston, 327 Susan M. Hudgens, 345 Jack S. Hudson, 327 Martha L. Hudson, 327 Mary S. Hudson, 363 Nathan J. Hudson, 379 Rebecca Ann Hudson, 327 Rick G. Hudson, 363 Teresa J. Hudson, 306 Thomas G. Hudson, 327 Charles E. Hudspeth, 363 Dana K. Hudspeth, 345 Suzanne Hudspeth, 363 Tommy E. Hudspeth, 363 Kerry D. Hueter, 327 Judy G. Huey, 345 Daniel M. Huff, 363 David C. Huff, 363 Debbie J. Huff, 363 Jayme K. Huff, 345 John B. Huffman, 363 Cathy S. Huggins, 345 Donald R. Huggins, 363 James A. Huggins, 327 John C. Huggins, 381 Jill D. Huggins, 306 Judy K. Huggins, 306 Michael H. Huggins, 363 Sandra G. Huggins, 381 William O. Huggins, 306 Buddy C. Hughes, 378 Mary A. Hughes, 363 Olanda A. Hughes, 327 Howard D. Hulen, 306 Genita M. Hulett, 287 Elizabeth Kay Hull, 306 Paul D. Human, 327 Vickie D. Humble, 363 Merle Ann Humphrey, 306 Patricia A. Humphrey, 345 T. J. Humphreys, 363 Earl W. Hundley, 363 Lari P. Hunt, 328 Mark L. Hunt, 345 Al W. Hunter, 287 Beatrice Hunter, 306 Carol J. Hunter, 328 Charles B. Hunter, 306 Clarence P. Hunter, 306 James T. Hunter, 328 Pamela J. Hunter, 306 Saundra I. Hunter, 379 William Stephen HLIDP, 345 Joe Hurd, 306 William K. Hurley, 363 Eddie J. Hurst, 363 Pamela L. Hurst, 280 Paula A. Hurst, 328 Renda G. Hurst, 363 Teresa A. Hurst, 306 Marilyn M. Hurston, 363 Mike B. Hutchins, 363 Debby L. Hutchinson, 363 Johnny L. Hutchison, 328 Monda L. Hutchison, 345 Deborah J. Hutson, 345 Richard A. Hutto, 363 Thomas J. Hutton, 363 Kerry A. Huxtable, 328 Bonnie B. Hyde, 345 Carolyn S. Hyde, 345 Joe L. Hyde, 363 Judith Gail Hyde, 328 Kayla A. Hyde, 287 Teresa E. Hyde, 345 Charles F. Hyman, 288 Deborah K. Impson, 363 Laura C. Inboden, 306 Steve D. Inboden, 345 Thomas E. Inebnit Jr., 345 David A. Ingram, 328 Debra L. Ingram, 364 Luther F. Ingram, 345 Alice G. Ironside, 345 Terri J. Irvin, 364 William B. Isgrig, 306 Debra Hope Ishmael, 287 Martha G. Ishmael, 364 Annette A. Ivy, 345 Peggy A. Ivy, 345 Thomas I. Jaber, 328 Alan Jackson, 364 Carol L. Jackson, 379 Ella L. Jackson, 328 Helen Judith Jackson, 364 James S. Jackson, 306 Johney H. Jackson Jr., 345 Lana C. Jackson, 328 Linda L. Jackson, 345 Lonnie E. Jackson, 345 Myron Keith Jackson, 328 Scott Jackson Jr., 328 Sharon D. Jackson, 287 Steve G. Jackson, 345 Theresa K. Jackson, 364 Lee O. Jamerson, 328 Alphonso James, 328 Donald L. James, 328 Henry R. James, 306 Herbert James, 364 Joe D. James, 328 Jon Britt James, 328 Kathryn E. James, 328 Marilyn E. James, 306 Teresa L. James, 364 Travis A. James, 328 Victor D. James, 364 Mary E. Jameson, 345 Lauren L. Jamison, 364 Richard C. Jans, 364 Sarah B. Jansen, 364 Joseph M. Jarrett, 345 Melody Jarrett, 280 Richard A. Jarrett, 306 Alan B. Jean, 345 Robert D. Jeffcoat, 345 Steve H. Jeffcoat, 364 Deborah S. Jeffery, 328 Edward C. Jeffery, 364 Stanley H. Jemerson, 328 Beatrice Jenkins, 306 Bradley A. Jenkins, 328 Elizabeth D. Jenkins, 364 John W. Jenkins, 328 Judy L. Jenkins, 364 Patricia W. Jenkins, 287 Ronald L. Jenkins, 328 Thomas R. Jenkins, 364 Becky J. Jermings, 288 Henry R. Jennings, 364 Larry R. Jennings, 306 Susan Jennings, 328 Rita J . Jernigan, 328 Kenneth G. Jessup, 328 Eric S. Johns, 364 Robert V. Johns, 328 Anthony D. Johnson, 345 Beverly A. Johnson, 328 Billy Johnson, 345 Calvin Johnson, 364 Caren E. Johnson, 306 Cathy C. Johnson, 306 Deborah D. Johnson, 345 Demetrys A. Johnson, 328 Dudley K. Johnson, 345 Elizabeth K. Johnson, 306 Garald S. Johnson, 345 Garry M. Johnson, 328 Gary G. Johnson, 364 James H. Jolmson, 306 Janice E. Johnson, 280 Janice M. Johnson, 378 Jim D. Jolmson, 306 Joe E. Johnson, 306 John E. Johnson, 345 John H. Johnson, 328 John J. Jolmson, 345 John R. Jolmson, 364 Judy L. Johnson, 328 Karen J. Jolmson, 306 Kathy A. Johnson, 364 Larry D. Johnson, 364 Lillian D. Johnson, 345 Linda D. Johnson, 345 Mary S. Johnson, 306 Phyllis A. Johnson, 280 Quinetta Jolmson, 345 Randall B. Johnson, 328 Randy M. Johnson, 364 Ronnie R. Johnson, 328 Ross C. Johnson, 306 Roy Johnson Jr., 364 Shirley J. Johnson, 345 Siegfried S. Johnson, 345 Steve H. Johnson, 345 Steven A. Johnson, 364 Tandy L. Johnson Jr., 364 Thomas D. Johnson, 288 Tommy N. Johnson, 328 Walter T. Johnson, 328 William S. Johnson, 364 Cathy E. Johnston, 364 David L. Johnston, 306 Ellis C. Johnston, 381 Hazel A. Johnston, 364 Judy C. Johnston, 280 Tommy J. Jolmston, 345 Lisa J. Jolly, 328 Betty V. Jones, 328 Bryan E. Jones, 364 Catherine Jones, 328 Charles D. Jones Jr., 287 Danny L. Jones, 364 Debra A. Jones 306 Debra S. Jones, 345 Denzil M. Jones, 306 Dianne M. Jones, 345 Diane R. Jones, 364 Donald T. Jones, 288 Donna D. Jones, 364 Doyle M. Jones, 364 Freddy B. Jones, 328 Harold Glyndon Jones, 306 Hilda J . Jones, 280 Hirschel Jones, 345 James H. Jones, 364 James Steven Jones, 328 Jan S. Jones, 364 Janet S. Jones, 345 Jeanetta K. Jones, 345 Johnny W. Jones, 306 Joseph M. Jones, 364 Judy E. Jones, 307 Karen J. Jones, 307 Karen N. Jones, 364 Ken E. Jones, 328 Kurt S. Jones, 364 Marla A. Jones, 364 Nancy J. Jones, 364 Patricia A. Jones, 364 Paula C. Jones, 328 Phyllis P. Jones, 328 Ray A. Jones, 328 Raymond F. Jones, 345 Robbie A. Jones, 328 Robert A. Jones, 307 Rodney S. Jones, 364 Ronald Jones, 307 Roy R. Jones, 345 Samuel B. Jones, 328 Sandra J. Jones, 307 Sherry L. Jones, 364 Steve M. Jones, 345 Steven W. Jones, 345 Timothy R. Jones, 364 Toni R. Jones, 345 Victor W. Jones, 345 Virgil I. Jones, 364 William L. Jones, 328 William L. Jones, 307 William Whitney Jones, 38 Willie A. Jones, 307 Rodney L. Joplin, 345 Debra J. Jordan, 345 Edgar E. Jordan, 381 Greg R. Jordan, 328 Neila S. Jordan, 381 Tommy D. Jordan, 364 Michael L. Joseph, 364 Kevin P. Joyce, 307 Isaac Bernard Joyner, 364 Cathy E. Juergens, 307 Jimmy L. Julian, 364 Martha E. Jumper, 307 Mary F. Jumper, 345 David Wayne Juneau, 345 Carolyn R. Junior, 307 William R. Junior, 364 Pam R. Justus, 307 Norma J. Justus, 287 l index-389 390-index George A. Kaloghirou, 328 Regina M. Kammeyer, 328 William Armstrong Kamp, 364 Chris Kariya, 328 Sandra A. Karnes, 280 Arnold R. Kaut, 328 Ricky G. Kay, 364 Patrick Keck, 345 Sandra K. Kee, 328 Brenda F. Keech, 307 Thomas F. Keeling, 378 Cathy L. Keeter, 345 Robbia G. Keglar, 287 Shelvy H. Keglar, 288 Bobby S. Kegley, 381 Juliana D. Keith, 345 Randy C. Kellems, 345 James M. Keller, 307 Mark B. Keller, 345 Peggy L. Keller, 345 Ricky M. Kellett, 364 Carol J. Kelley, 307 Gayle Kelley, 328 Mary B. Kelley, 345 Mary E. Kelley, 307 Michael L. Kelly, 307 Nelson Kelley, 364 Regina K. Kelley, 364 Ricky D. Kelley, 345 Ronnie D. Kelley, 345 Sharon L. Kelley, 346 Karen S. Kellim, 364 Andrew J. Kelly, 328 Dana L. Kelly, 364 Finis E. Kelso, 364 Frances T. Kemp, 378 Gary L. Kemp, 328 Karen S. Kemp, 328 Len Kemp, 328 Sharon L. Kemp, 328 Gregory H. Kemper, 328 Pamela A. Kender, 346 Eunice C. Kendrick, 328 Robert H. Kendrick Jr., 346 Addie M. Kennedy, 307 Eamo B. Kennedy, 328 Laura J. Kennedy, 307 Roger O. Kennedy, 364 Janey L. Kennett, 307 James T. Kennon, 288 Laura A. Kennon, 364 Stephen B. Kennon, 346 Arthur L. Kent, 307 Danny H. Kent, 307 Steve A. Kent, 328 Dawn Keown, 364 Woodrow Keown Jr., 307 Robert O. Kern, 346 Ruth Kern, 364 Carolyn F. Kemer, 307 Shelley L. Kernodle, 288 Peggy Kerr, 346 William G. Kerr III, 346 Norma J. Kersey, 346 Tim L. Kersey, 378 Dennis A. Kersting, 307 Yocharlsae G. Kestner, 364 Lenita K. Ketchum, 364 Sandra S. Ketchum, 346 Charles M. Key, 364 Brenda C. Kieffer, 307 Cathy Kieffer, 364 . Barbara L. Kilburn, 307 ' Ami C. Killian, 364 Kathy A. Killian, 365 Paul Killian, 328 Carol B. Killion, 377 Karen L. Kimbro, 307 Malcolm K. Kimbro, 365 Kathryne M. Kimbrough, 307 Betsy A. King, 328 Dennis James King, 365 George R. King, 346 Homer King Jr., 328 Jimmy B. King, 365 Jimmy P. King, 346 Kathryn Ann King, 365 Larry J. King, 307 Lawrence A. King, 346 Marilyn L. King, 346 Rod King, 346 Sidney R. King, 307 Glen D. Kinkade, 307 Joyce K. Kinkade, 365 Rosemary Kinney, 307 Debbie R. Kinsey, 365 Terry W. Kinsworthy, 346 Charlie J. Kinyon, 346 Deborah L. Kious, 328 Tommy Glen Kirby, 365 Susan Kirk, 346 Kathy D. Kirkland, 307 Nancy P. Kirkley, 346 John A. Kirkpatrick, 365 Marilyn A. Kirkpatrick, 378 Charles R. Kirksey, 346 Freddie D. Kirksey, 365 Sharon K. Kirksey, 329 Horace R. Kirtley, 381 Steve Kisling, 307 Larry D. Kissee, 329 Bruce W. Kissinger, 365 John S. Kitterman, 365 Harrison Kittrell, 365 Roger W. Klein, 329 Debbie A. Klinkhardt, 346 Jaime E. Klipsch, 346 Mark J. Klosterman, 346 William J. Klutho, 329 Larry D. Knapp, 329 Goldie M. Knappenberger, 3 Doy R. Knight, 307 Jelina K. Knight, 365 Susan M. Knipple, 365 Catherine A. Knowlton, 365 Russell D. Koonce, 365 Susan C. Koonce, 280 Judith M. Koons, 307 Robert Koorstad, 288 Jean A. Koppenhaver, 329 Marvin E. Kortan, 307 Brenda G. Kramer, 346 Nancy M. Kramer, 329 Freddie T. Krape, 365 James A. Kreis, 307 Larry W. Krenzelok, 329 Kurt M. Krug, 288 Janet L. Kueter, 346 Anake Kunthorn, 329 Robert Kuykendall Jr., 346 John S. Kuzepski, 307 David W. Lacefield, 365 Joe P. Lacey, 365 Logan B. Lackey, 346 Lori L. Lackey, 365 Carol A. Lacy, 381 Kenneth Lacy, 308 Alan Ladd, 365 Donald G. Ladd, 365 Patricia D. Ladd, 308 Katherine Laden, 308 Larry D. LaGrand, 308 Mary E. Lally, 365 Sharon G. Lamar, 329 Joyce Lamb, 346 Murl E. Lamb, 365 Randal G. Lamb, 346 Rendy Lamb, 365 Robert A. Lamb, 288 Robert S. Lamb, 346 Ann Lambert, 346 Stewart K. Lambert, 346 William D. Lambert, 365 Mary M. Lamberth, 280 Kenneth C. Lancaster, 365 Rodney W. Lancaster, 365 Virgil R. Lancaster, 308 Leon E. Lance, 365 Karl H. Lanberg, 365 Cathy M. Landers, 308 Earl W. Landers, 280 Glenna L. Landers, 365 Ray G. Landers, 288 Tommy J. Landers, 329 Carol S. Landis, 308 William L. Landreth, 329 Doris M. Landrum, 365 Jeanne M. Landry, 287 Michael B. Lands, 329 29 Patsy L. Lane, 346 Richard L. Lane, 329 Susan S. Lane, 329 Carolyn L. Lange, 308 Michael A. Langevin, 329 Regena G. Langley, 365 Mary A. Langrell, 365 Deborah Jane Langston, 308 Larry R. Langston, 308 Melissa K. Langston, 308 Terry V. Langston, 346 Brenda C. Lanier, 365 John M. Lanier, 308 Ruthann Lantz, 329 Robert J. Laquet, 365 John L. Lard, 346 Willie E. Larry, 346 Curtis S. LaRue, 381 Ronald E. LaRue, 379 Hugh T. Lasater, 346 Martin D. Laser, 346 Douglas K. Lasley, 308 Michael J. Lasseter, 365 Jim F. Lassiter Jr., 346 Merry C. Lateana, 365 Alan L. Latourette, 329 Terry J. Laughinghouse, 346 Jane C. Launius, 365 Jackie R. Law, 329 Lindell James Law, 346 Linda Wixson Lawman, 308 David M. Lawrence, 308 Jamie S. Lawrence, 308 Kris L. Lawrence, 346 Larry D. Lawrence, 280 Sandra G. Lawrence, 308 Sharon E. Lawrence, 329 Steve Lawrence, 329 Tommy D. Lawrence, 329 Jamie L. Laws, 365 Rufus Berneal Laws, 346 Larry W. Lawson, 346 Robert Vance Lawson, 329 Sherris F. Lawson 346 Dana Michele Layer, 365 Eugene Layer, 365 Linda S. Layman, 365 Charles B. Layne, 381 Robert D. Layne, 288 Eddie M. Lea, 308 Garland G. Lea, 308 Glenda Joy Lea, 308 Dawn D. Leamon, 346 Catherine Dorothy Lear, 329 Grace A. Leary, 308 Marilyn A. Leary, 346 Deborah E. Leatherwood, 365 Brenda Y. Ledbetter, 346 Joseph M. Ledbetter, 346 Rhea Lynn Ledbetter, 281 Ruth A. Leder, 346 Debbie G. Ledford, 329 Bobby K. Ledgerwood, 379 Nancy J. Ledgerwood, 329 Alfred Lee, 365 Carolyn J. Lee, 329 Debbie A. Lee, 365 Herbert C. Lee, 308 John E. Lee, 329 Karen J. Lee, 381 Linda L. Lee, 308 Lynn A. Lee, 365 Pamela Yvonne Lee, 365 Robert M. Lee, 329 William E. Lee, 329 Donald L. Leftwich, 308 Robert J. Legate, 365 Marsha L. LeGrand, 378 Rhonda S. Lehnherr, 346 Chris A. Leibrock, 365 Mary B. Leiting, 346 Mary K. Lemay, 381 Brenda S. Lemmons, 329 John D. Lendennie, 329 Dorothy J. Leon, 308 Dianna K. Leonard, 365 Sandra L. Leonard, 308 Raymond C. Leopard, 365 Mary K. Lepard, 281 Freddie A. Leroux, 346 Ramona A. Leroux, 365 Roxanne L. Leroux, 281 Laura G. Lessig, 329 Kelly D. Lewallen, 329 Larry W. Lewallen, 308 Wallace B. Lewandoski, 381 Dennis E. Lewis, 365 Jacqueline L. Lewis, 281 Jo A. Lewis, 346 John L. Lewis, 329 Larry G. Lewis, 381 Patsy A. Lewis, 329 Randy M. Lewis, 365 Robert Young Lewis, 379 Ronnie H. Lewis, 365 Russell W. Lewis, 365 Ruthie Lewis, 329 Steven C. Lewis, 346 Tommi J. Lewonowski, 308 Raymond E. Liddell, 329 Rita E. Liddell, 329 Jakie C. Liebhaber, 308 William D. Lieblong, 308 Clayton S. Lightfoot, 308 Debbie A. Liles, 365 David A. Limpach, 329 Jill L. Lincoln, 365 Martha K. Lindley, 308 Robert M. Lindley, 329 Ron D. Lindley, 346 Charlotte S. Lindsey, 329 Robert E. Lindsey, 346 Stephen Bernard Lindsey, 365 Elizabeth A. Linebrier, 308 Cynthia A. Linn, 329 Sarah S. Lipscomb, 346 Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, 329 Jimmy Lisko, 329 Lanan Lisko, 381 Linda C. Lisko, 287 Carol S. Little, 329 James D. Little, 308 Michael L. Little, 365 Sharon S. Little, 308 William F. Little, 308 Jane Littleton, 378 Holly S. Litzelfelner, 365 Phillip R. Lively, 365 Candice E. Lock, 346 Angela D. Lockhart, 365 Donnie W. Logan, 365 William P. Logan, 346 Danny D. Loggains, 365 James L. Lollar, 381 Mary E. Lomax, 365 Linda D. London, 346 Carl R. Long, 346 Coy L. Long, 308 DeLane Long, 346 Don H. Long, 365 Ginger L. Long, 365 Harold R. Long, 346 James D. Long, 366 James M. Long, 366 Joseph D. Long, 346 Kathy E. Long, 366 Pat L. Long, 329 Sammy Q. Long, 366 Vicki R. Long, 366 William C. Long, 346 Woodrow W. Long Jr., 329 Brenda A. Looney, 366 Debra Looney, 366 James M. Looney, 366 Jean A. Lorance, 308 John B. Lorick, 346 George E. Losak, 329 Kathy M. Loser, 308 Ronnie R. Lovelady, 308 Allen Lovell, 309 Barbara L. Lovell, 329 James M. Lovell, 366 Lula E. Lovell, 366 Rebecca L. Lovett, 366 Sylvester L. Loving, 366 Mena C. Lowe, 346 Andrea E. Lowery, 379 Douglas E. Lowrey, 309 Jane L. Luckie, 366 Ann M. Ludolf, 366 Rebecca L. Lueken, 329 Cynthia B. Luensmann, 381 Johnny M. Lufcy, 329 Kenneth W. Luff, 346 Clara Elizabeth Lunceford, 366 Danny L. Lusk, 366 Susan Luster, 309 Joseph R. Luten, 329 David R. Luter, 366 Teresa J. Luther, 366 Charles D. Lutrell, 346 Jean Lutterloh, 346 Paul B. Lutterloh, 329 Cynthia S. Lynch, 329 Gaylene S. Lynch, 347 Jerry W. Lynch, 329 David M. Lynn, 381 John S. Lynn, 309 Rhonda L. Lynxwiler, 378 Ralph James Lyons, 309 Linda Sue Maack, 379 Diane E. Maag, 366 Patrick M. Mabary, 347 Joseph C. Mabrey, 347 Danny D. MacDonald, 347 Frank MacIntosh, 347 Douglas Mack, 329 Fred D. Mack, 366 Terrye L. Maclin, 281 Brian F. MacMillan, 347 Sam J. Macre, 366 Harold A. Madden, 329 Rita A. Madden, 309 Cornelius Maddox, 366 Dale E. Maddox, 378 Nina F. Maddox, 329 Robert J. Maddox, 329 Eulis W. Madewell, 287 Emmitt Earl Madison, 379 Wilda K. Madison, 281 Masoud Madjlesi, 347 Marhence Madranchar, 309 Deborah D. Maglothin, 347 George F. Mahan Jr., 329 Steve R. Mahan, 309 Harvey W. Maher, 329 Allen D. Majors, 347 Gary J. Majors, 347 Terry L. Majors, 309 Maria E. Malham, 347 Michael J. Malham, 329 Steve D. Malin, 347 Carolyn S. Mallory, 366 Michael B. Mallott, 309 Debra C. Malloy, 366 Nancy J. Malone, 347 John D. Manatt, 329 Pamela H. Manatt, 329 Susan C. Manatt, 366 Judy C. Manley, 366 Brenda S. Mann, 366 David E. Mann, 347 Ellen J. Mann, 281 Linda L. Mann, 366 Myron W. Mann, 366 Richard L. Mann, 329 Michael W. Manning, 347 Tom Manning, 377 Vera P. Manning, 366 Phillip M. Manry, 329 Melissa A. Maples, 366 Robert E. March, 366 Deborah A. Margrave, 329 Phyllis E. Mariott, 329 Philip T. Mark, 330 Dianna Lee Markin, 366 Sharon K. Marlar, 366 Tarry L. Marlar, 366 Thomas G. Marlar, 366 Judy D. Marlin, 366 Sandra A. Marlin, 347 Harrison Marr Jr., 366 Patrick L. Marr, 330 Randall L. Marsh, 309 Arleta L. Marshall, 309 James S. Marshall, 366 Jerald R. Marshall, 366 Thomas D. Marshall Jr., 366 Bobby L. Martin, 309 Brent W. Martin, 330 Charles A. Martin, 366 Curtis C. Martin, 366 Dale L. Martin, 330 James M. Martin, 330 James R. Martin, 347 Jessie M. Martin, 281 Jon A. Martin, 366 Kathi B. Martin, 330 Lee A. Martin, 347 Mark O. Martin, 366 Martha A. Martin, 366 Mary K. Martin, 366 Michael G. Martin, 330 Philip A. Martin, 347 Richard N. Martin, 366 Shirley A. Martin, 309 Teresa Kay Martin, 330 Thomas C. Martin Jr., 347 Virginia D. Martin, 366 Catherine A. Martine, 309 Bob M. Marx, 366 Judy A. Mashburn, 347 Terry L. Mashburn, 366 Patricia A. Mason, 381 Peggye Ann Mason, 366 Mike R. Massanelli, 347 Stephen C. Massanelli, 366 Dean M. Massey, 347 Michele Massey, 309 Robert W. Massey, 347 Ward D. Massey, 381 William P. Massey, 330 Mark B. Mathews, 366 Ronnie George Matsch Jr., 366 Linda S. Matthews, 347 Phillip W. Matthews, 330 William W. Matthews, 330 Jimmy W. Mauldin, 330 Morris Mauney, 287 Juanita F. Maxwell, 347 Paul K. Maxwell, 366 David G. May, 366 Dianne L. May, 366 Lanny A. May, 347 Robert W. May, 347 Dickey D. Mayland, 366 Stephen R. Maynard, 309 Linda K. Mayo, 309 Mark W. Mayo, 309 Regina R. Mayo, 366 Chauncey B. Mays, 366 Pam McAdams, 366 Cindy A. McAlister, 366 William E. McAnally, 366 Gene W. McAuley, 366 Peggy L. McBeath, 309 Thomas B. McBee, 347 Lee Ann McBrayer, 288 Glenna A. McBride, 330 Ira M. McBride, 366 Issac W. McBride, 366 Marilyn K. McBride, 366 Zoe Y. McBride, 366 Charles L. McCain, 309 Terry McCain, 366 Florence B. McCall, 289 Robert S. McCall, 309 Shirley M. McCall, 347 Carl R. McCarn, 367 Brenda S. McCarroll, 309 Robin V. McCarter, 367 Teresa Ellen McChristian, 367 Bill McClendon, 347 Susan McClendon, 309 Cynthia G. McClintock, 377 Lana J. McClish, 309 Kevin G. McClung, 381 Danny M. McClure, 347 Lennis R. McClure, 309 Louise McClure, 330 Margaret E. McClure, 330 James S. McCluskey, 330 Betty K. McCollum, 347 John W. McCollum, 379 Pamela T. McConnell, 381 Edward E. McCool, 309 Bonnie L. McCord, 309 Thomas A. McCord II, 309 Christy L. McCormick, 330 Harvey L. McCoy, 330 Kenneth D. McCoy, 367 Shirley A. McCoy, 330 Terry L. McCoy, 381 Lloyd H. McCracken Jr., 309 Marilyn McCracken, 309 Richard T. McCright, 330 Danny R. McCrone, 381 Peggy D. McCullar, 367 David L. McCullough, 309 Nelson W. McCullough, 309 Debra A. McCustion, 367 Barbara C. McDaniel, 347 Bonnie B. McDaniel, 347 Denise K. McDaniel, 330 Mickey J. McDaniel, 309 Robert B. McDaniel, 309 Toni A. McDaniel, 347 Mike McDermott, 367 Keith A. McDonald, 309 Patricia L. McDonald, 281 Jackie L. McDoniel, 309 Debra McElhannon, 381 Vicki D. McFarlin, 367 Vincent P. McGarry, 330 John M. McGaughey, 379 Ruth McGaughey, 378 Cleve McGaughy Jr., 347 Danny G. McGee, 347 Jerome H. McGee, 289 Judy McGee, 330 Linda J. McGee, 367 Paul S. McGee, 347 Shelton P. McGee, 309 Clyde D. McGhee, 347 Merryl Chris McGhee, 281 Dan C. McGill, 367 Stella M. McGill, 367 Sherry M. McGinn, 367 Monica J. McGinnis, 309 Geraljean P. McGough, 377 John W. McGough, 367 Sonja K. McGough, 330 James M. McGowan, 367 Suzanne McGraw, 309 Merle S. McGruder, 330 Teresa K. McGruder, 367 Michael L. McGuire, 330 Sandra L. McGuire, 287 Virginia A. McGuire, 367 John M. McHaffey, 330 Tommy A. McHan, 347 William C. McHann, 347 William Terry McHenry, 367 William F. Mcllroy, 367 Kenneth L. Mclnnis, 367 Melba J. Mclvey, 367 Tim L. McKamey, 310 Robert P. McKay, 347 Debbra L. McKelvey, 367 Kathy J. McKenzie, 310 Doyle R. McKinney, 289 Mary K. McKinney, 347 Michael C. McKinney, 330 Mike A. McKinney, 367 Ruby J. McKisick, 330 Bessanne McKnight, 381 Loretta J. McKnight, 347 Dee L. McLarty, 330 Phillip E. McLarty, 367 Jo Beth McLaughlin, 347 Edgar B. McLemore, 367 Elizabeth A. McLemore, 367 Timothy R. McLester, 330 Donna R. McMiller, 347 Bobby J. McMillon, 310 Peggy J. McMillon, 310 Judy A. McMinn, 367 Myra K. McMullin, 330 Robin S. McMullin, 330 McKinley L. McMurtrey, 379 Marilyn McNabb, 347 Robert L. McNair, 310 Phyllis J. McNeal, 347 Robert E. McNeal, 310 Linda F. McNear, 367 Mackie F. McNeary, 347 Patricia A. McNeary, 367 Jerry S. McNeeley, 330 Phillip E. McNeill, 330 Laura E. McNutt, 310 Martha Joan McNutt, 330 Connley B. McPherson, 347 Glenda A. McPherson, 347 Lanna K. McPherson, 310 Norman S. McPike, 330 Larry W. McQuirter, 330 Claudia M. McRaven, 330 Mary K. McRoy, 347 Ginger D. McSpadden, 367 Anne M. McSpadder, 347 Scott McSwain, 367 Charles Louis McWaters, 347 Vicki L. Mead, 330 Gary D. Meador, 310 Judy E. Meadows, 330 Larry S. Mealer, 367 Frances I. Medley, 310 Gerald Medley, 310 Daniel L. Medlock, 330 David N. Medlock, 367 Ronald C. Meeks, 347 Lloyd Keith Meharg, 289 Mary J. Meier, 310 Barbara A. Melton, 367 Billy W. Melton, 379 John A. Merck, 310 Darrell W. Meredith, 367 George W. Merrell, 347 William H. Merryman, 367 Robert L. Metcalf, 367 Sonja Ann Metheny, 310 Eleanor M. Mettler, 347 Ronald W. Metz, 330 Cecil G. Metzgar, 310 Pamela D. Metzgar, 367 Henry F. Metzler III, 330 John Marc Metzler, 330 Steve R. Metzler, 330 Randy C. Meuir, 347 John D. Meyer, 377 Tina L. Meyer, 377 Edward J. Michael, 367 Donald E. Michaelis, 347 Patsy A. Mick, 347 Shirley A. Middlebrooks, 347 Howard M. Middlecamp, 310 Angela I. Middleton, 310 Donna M. Milacek, 367 Ivan Joe Miles, 310 Lana Kaye Miles, 347 Malcolm W. Miles, 330 Penelope K. Miles, 347 Phyllis A. Miles, 347 Susan R. Miles, 330 Susie Miles, 310 Timothy J. Miles, 367 Larry S. Miley, 310 Phil W. Miley, 310 Tommy B. Miley, 367 Barbara J. Miller, 347 Charles E. Miller, 379 Debbie A. Miller, 347 Donna R. Miller, 367 George G. Miller, 289 Greg Miller, 367 Hazel Jean Miller, 310 Hershel D. Miller, 367 John E. Miller, 330 Joyce A. Miller, 367 Laura Y. Miller, 381 Leslie G. Miller, 367 Marshell E. Miller, 367 Murel C. Miller Jr., 310 Noel F. Miller Jr., 378 Pamela R. Miller, 287 Paul D. Miller, 330 Richard P. Miller, 367 Rosanne Miller, 330 Sandy L. Miller, 367 Sharon A. Miller, 330 Stephen J. Miller, 330 Stephen John Miller, 287 Steve K. Miller, 367 William D. Miller, 367 William M. Miller, 330 Diana M. Milligan, 367 Douglas W. Milligan, 310 Mary Alice Milligan, 281 Ronald D. Milligan, 330 Jackie R. Millikan, 367 Steve D. Millikin, 367 Sharon K. Million, 310 Cynthia A. Mills, 347 Glenda A. Mills, 281 Lester G. Mills, 367 Sharon A. Mills, 347 Jackie M. Millspaugh, 367 James Millwee, 310 James W. Milum, 367 Debra J. Miner, 367 Sarah J. Ming, 310 Bradley A. Minton, 367 Mary Anne Misenhimer, 310 Renonia V. Mitcham, 310 Annetta L. Mitchell, 367 Betty L. Mitchell, 367 David A. Mitchell, 310 Dixie Lee Mitchell, 367 Douglas William Mitchell, 367 George E. Mitchell, 367 Judith K. Mitchell, 330 Kenneth H. Mitchell, 330 392-index Lynn C. Mitchell, 367 Maude Ann Mitchell, 367 Patrick M. Mitchell, 367 Randal H. Mitchell, 330 Robert C. Mitchell, 367 Rogina L. Mitchell, 367 Steven E. Mitchell, 367 Susan V. Mitchell, 368 Deborah A. Mitchener, 310 Sandra Gail Mitts, 330 Peggy L. Mize, 347 William C. Mize, 368 Ronald D. Mizer, 348 Emma J. Mobley, 348 Lawrence E. Mobley, 310 Steve A. Modelevsky, 310 Karen P. Moffitt, 310 Ronald D. Moffitt, 368 Eugene W. Molinaro, 368 Dennis R. Molock, 330 Mike D. Monday, 348 Glenda J. Monk, 310 Chatom Monroe, 289 George T. Monroe, 330 Gina K. Monroe, 348 Mary A. Monroe, 368 Pam A. Monroe, 368 Carl Montague, 348 Barbara J. Montgomery, 368 Betty J. Montgomery, 368 Cynthia G. Montgomery, 368 Debora D. Montgomery, 330 Diane E. Montgomery, 330 Elaine Montgomery, 348 James T. Montgomery, 330 Margarett F. Montgomery, 348 Mark T. Montgomery, 348 Melissa L. Montgomery, 348 Robert J. Montgomery, 330 Susan G. Montgomery, 348 William W. Montgomery, 368 Ernest C. Monts, 330 Donna K. Moody, 330 Jane Moody, 368 James H. Moon, 348 Danon C. Mooney, 348 James M. Mooney, 368 Jerry D. Mooney, 330 Charles R. Moore, 330 Diane L. Moore, 310 Donald W. Moore, 368 Donnie L. Moore, 330 Gary M. Moore, 368 Gregory D. Moore, 331 Jackie D. Moore, 381 Jane Moore, 368 John M. Moore, 331 Louise Moore, 331 Marcus R. Moore, 348 Pamela K. Moore, 368 Phillip S. Moore, 368 Robert R. Moore, 368 Ronald D. Moore, 348 Russell G. Moore, 348 Sharon K. Moore, 348 Steve L. Moore, 368 Susan K. Moore, 348 Terry L. Moore, 368 Virginia M. Moore, 310 Beverly A. Mooring, 348 Louis Morales, 331 Mickie L. Morehead, 310 Billie J. Morgan, 348 Carolyn E. Morgan, 331 Deborah L. Morgan, 331 Dewey L. Morgan, 287 Edward C. Morgan, 331 Gary M. Morgan, 368 Glenda K. Morgan, 331 Jerry Morgan, 310 Kathy Morgan, 331 LaVonna J. Morgan, 310 Melinda K. Morgan, 368 Michael V. Morgan, 348 Michael W. Morgan, 377 Parker Morgan III, 348 Rebecca S. Morgan, 348 Ruby F. Morgan, 348 Sammy L. Morgan, 331 Vicki L. Morgan, 368 Robert Morphis, 368 Bonnie E. Morris, 368 Brenda J. Morris, 289 Carol A. Morris, 311 Elmer G. Morris, 311 Garry W. Morris, 311 George A. Morris, 348 James E. Morris, 368 Jane L. Morris, 311 John H. Morris, 348 Owen W. Morris, 381 Richard M. Morris, 368 Richard W. Morris, 368 Ronald D. Morris, 331 Ronald E. Morris, 331 Sharon L. Morris, 348 Thomas C. Morris, 331 Janet D. Morrisett, 368 Debbie K. Morrison, 368 Pat G. Morrison, 368 Vance F. Morrison, 368 Burnie Mosby, 331 Judy L. Mosby, 368 Debra L. Moseley, 348 Danny H. Moser, 377 Sheilah S. Moser, 331 John P. Moses, 331 Steve A. Mosley, 348 William C. Mosley, 331 Beth Moss, 331 Carolyn S. Moss, 348 Ronnie B. Moss, 368 Sally A. Moss, 348 Verna J. Moss, 368 Wanda B. Moss, 348 William A. Moss, 311 Mehdi Mostafavi, 331 Jeffrey P. Mouhalis, 368 Larry T. Moulder, 368 Danny N. Moye, 348 Patrecia J. Moyers, 289 Robert J. Mrolzkowski, 379 Jerry R. Muckensturm, 331 Gary D. Mueller, 311 Daniel R. Mullen, 348 Geraldine Mullen, 348 Patricia K. Mulligan, 331 Joan B. Mullins, 348 Joel W. Mullins, 368 Keith J. Munn, 311 Shauna L. Munn, 381 Michael D. Munns, 348 Barbara C. Munos, 311 John D. Murillo, 311 Loretta J. Murphy, 311 Mark E. Murphy, 331 Maureen A. Murphy, 281 Philip J. Murphy, 311 Ralph D. Murphy, 289 Randy P. Murphy, 368 Ronald D. Murphy, 331 Sylvia A. Murphy, 348 Delma D. Murray, 311 Ken S. Murray, 331 Samuel G. Murray, 348 Martha A. Musick, 368 Jermie L. Musteen, 368 Paul D. Muzik, 368 Peter D. Muzik, 368 William P. Muzik, 348 Bruce D. Myers, 348 Earl T. Myers, 368 Harry G. Myers, 348 Hassel Myers, 311 Terry J. Myers, 381 Michael C. Naekel, 331 Mary M. Nagel, 348 Jane Nahlen, 348 Don Nall, 311 Barbara D. Nance, 368 Robert M. Nance, 379 Kurt L. Neal, 331 Michael R. Neal, 331 Sherry J. Neal, 368 Vernon L. Neal, 311 Molly M. Nebhut, 331 Drucie R. Neeley, 368 Richard A. Neeley, 348 Don M. Neely, 368 Kerry J. Neely, 331 . Margaret A. Neely, 368 Behrokh Nejad, 368 Bruce E. Nelms, 311 Jimmy J. Nelms, 379 Richie L. Nelms, 379 Billy J. Nelson Jr., 348 Catherine R. Nelson, 331 Erwin Nelson, 368 James E. Nelson, 368 Robert H. Nelson Jr., 368 Sara J. Nelson, 281 Sheila R. Nelson, 311 Wayne H. Nesbitt, 368 Gary D. Nesler, 381 Reita L. Nettles, 331 Terry K. Neugebauer, 348 Thomas W. New, 287 Lynda A. Newberry, 331 Tommie E. Newberry, 368 Ed Newby, 348 Gary C. Newcom, 348 Martha L. Newcom, 311 Danny R. Newland, 311 Charles E. Newman Jr., 331 Bowa A. Newsom, 378 James R. Newsom, 331 Mary K. Newsom, 331 Linda B. Newsome, 331 Samuel Newsome, 368 Julia E. Newton, 368 Randel L. Newton, 368 Kyle W. Nibert, 348 Craig H. Nichols, 331 Johnny Nichols, 331 Michael Nichols, 368 Michael V. Nichols, 348 Patricia A. Nichols, 368 Patricia E. Nichols, 311 Alice C. Nicholson, 311 Deborah J. Nicholson, 368 Jamie J. Nicholson, 331 Jeffery D. Nicholson, 311 Bobby M. Nickles, 348 David L. Niederbrach, 368 Fred E. Nimmo III, 331 Lynn H. Nix, 289 William R. Nix, 311 Jerry L. Noble, 311 Kerry L. Noble, 311 Terry W. Noble, 311 Richard A. Nobles, 331 Larry J. Noblin, 348 Cynthia G. Noel, 368 Nicholas B. Noel, 348 Becky K. Nolan, 281 Bobby J. Noles, 311 Davie L. Noles, 331 Jana L. Noles, 331 Michael L. Norman, 331 Paul E. Norrid, 331 Cathey M. Norris, 311 Micki A. Norris, 287 Richard H. Norris, 311 Nesh'e E. North, 311 Debra G. Northcutt, 311 Don R. Northcutt, 311 Linda K. Northen, 311 Thomas L. Norvell, 311 Baraei Nouri, 368 Debbie M. Nowlin, 331 Marsha A. Nugent, 368 Donald Nunnally, 331 Ronald Nunnally, 331 Diane B. Oates, 348 Joe N. Oates, 348 John Oates II, 311 Albert O'Bryant, 331 Debra K. Obsitnik, 311 Larry S. O'Dell, 311 William J. O'Dell, 348 Billy L. Odom, 348 Lynn Ogilvie, 368 John N. Ogletree, 311 Diane Oguin, 348 Robert E. O'Kane, 331 Mark Oldham, 368 Angie K. Olds, 368 Terry F. Olds, 289 William D. Olive, 368 Eddy L. Oliver, 368 Judy A. Oliver, 331 Judy L. Oliver, 369 Mickey W. Oliver, 331 Peggy D. Oliver, 369 Westlcy Oliver, 331 Dale H. Oltmann, 311 David D. Oltmann, 311 Dana S. Olvey, 331 Christopher H. O'Mary, 348 Michael O'Reilly, 369 Patricia N. O'Reilly, 369 Kenneth D. Orman, 381 Wanda F. Ormsby, 311 James A. Orr, 381 William E. Orr, 348 Carl W. Osborn, 369 Gwen M. Osborn, 369 Paul B. Osborn, 369 Minnie R. Osment, 312 Robert L. Oswalt, 348 Ernest M. Ott, 379 John P. Otto, 348 Randle L. Overbey, 331 Keith Overstreet, 312 Bruce A. Owen, 369 Judy A. Owen, 312 Karen Kelly Owen, 331 Cynthia D. Owens, 369 Dixie L. Owens, 369 Eda C. Owens, 381 Hollis L. Owens, 331 James M. Owens, 312 James P. Owens, 348 Oscar T. Owens, 331 Randy M. Owens, 369 Rodney P. Owens, 312 Sherry E. Owens, 348 Thomas R. Owens, 312 Linda C. Oyler, 312 Judith A. Ozbirn, 331 Linda G. Pabst, 348 James C. Pace, 312 Kay K. Pace, 379 Richard L. Pace, 331 Terry A. Pace, 312 Del A. Pagan, 348 B. J. Page, 369 Thomas J. Paige, 287 Roy F. Painter, 348 Ali A. Pairour, 369 Jerry A. Paladino, 348 Jackie B. Palmer, 369 Melvin J. Palmer, 331 Neil Palmer, 369 Ronald G. Palmer, 331 Teresa A. Palmer, 312 Neal A. Pankey, 348 Sarah J. Pankey, 369 Virginia C. Pankey, 312 William L. Panneck, 331 William J. Paprota, 287 Donna L. Pardew, 369 Charles E. Parham, 348 Shirley D. Park, 349 Carla Parker, 369 Chris D. Parker, 287 Cindy D. Parker, 369 Dan L. Parker, 369 Donna J. Parker, 349 Erma A. Parker, 349 Herbert J. Parker Jr., 349 Judy C. Parker, 349 Melvin D. Parker, 312 Patricia L. Parker, 312 Phil W. Parker, 369 Robbin C. Parker, 349 Shirley F. Parker, 331 Stanley F. Parker, 349 Victoria E. Parker, 331 Carol S. Parkerson, 369 Stan O. Parkinson, 312 Patty D. Parks, 281 Stanley R. Parks, 331 Bobby J. Parnell, 369 Anthanee D. Parrish, 312 Donis R. Parsley, 312 Judy L. Parsley, 349 Max B. Parson, 369 George M. Parson, 369 Dennis D. Parten, 369 Theodore Parten, 312 Laura E. Partlow, 369 Vicki L. Pasmore, 369 Benny R. Passmore, 349 James E. Pate, 312 Fred L. Patrick, 349 Shirley Pattin, 331 Antonio F. Patton, 331 Marcia A. Patton, 369 Marsha D. Patton, 369 Marsha G. Paul, 369 Freda S. Paxton, 312 Kenneth W. Pay, 369 Jeffrey Payne, 381 Mary L. Payne, 369 Robert A. Payne Jr., 369 Sherrie A. Payne, 349 Teresa K. Payne, 369 John F. Peacock, 369 Rebecca L. Peacock, 331 Kathy W. Pearce, 312 Quentin H. Pearce, 369 Michael J. Pecotte, 312 Alean Peek, 312 Lucia E. Peek, 287 Charles E. Peel, 369 Frances Peel, 281 Mary M. Peel, 332 Sharon C. Pegg, 312 Delva J. Pelley, 287 Leane C. Pelts, 349 Bill R. Penix, 281 Jim M. Penn, 289 William E. Penna, 369 Cecilia R. Penney, 332 John G. Pennington, 312 Jan Pensis, 281 Rick G. Penter, 369 Amy M. Pepper, 281 Randy T. Pepper, 369 James M. Peresta, 312 Robin D. Perkins, 349 Carolyn J. Peronia, 369 Dennis E. Peronia, 369 Lucy B. Perrin, 369 Tony Perrin, 349 Abrilla Perry, 381 Calvin A. Perry, 378 Clyde D. Perry, 332 Larry G. Perry, 287 Michael Perry, 312 Brenda L. Perryman, 369 Robert G. Perryman, 332 Thelma N. Person, 289 Charles E. Peters, 369 Jennifer S. Peters, 332 Joseph A. Peters, 332 Mary H. Peters, 312 Myra K. Peters, 312 Shelby J. Peters, 281 John E. Peterson, 381 Susan M. Peterson, 349 Patricia S. Petrus, 369 Annette C. Pettit, 332 Charles R. Pettus Jr., 312 Roger A. Petty, 312 Mary C. Peyton, 349 Patsy M. Peyton, 312 Bonnie S. Phaup, 369 Richard A. Phaup, 349 Wes G. Phelan, 349 David R. Phelps, 312 Robert M. Phelps, 369 John P. Phifer, 369 Archie L. Philbrick, 369 Linda L. Phillians, 349 Barry G. Phillips, 332 Clifford I. Phillips, 349 David T. Phillips, 369 Deborah A. Phillips, 332 Debra G. Phillips, 369 Gary D. Phillips, 332 Jean A. Phillips, 281 Joe G. Phillips, 369 John D. Phillips, 369 Linda S. Phillips, 369 Louis E. Phillips, 349 Tony J. Phillips, 369 Robert V. Philpot, 332 Patti A. Phipps, 369 Patricia L. Pickering, 349 Kenny B. Pickett, 369 Darrell D. Pickney, 369 Linda K. Pickney, 289 Nancy L. Pickney, 312 Beverly A. Pierce, 312 Catherine M. Pierce, 349 David E. Pierce, 369 Janice E. Pierce, 312 Joe E. Pierce, 349 Nevyle G. Pierce, 312 Pamela L. Pierce, 349 Richard L. Pierce, 332 Trent P. Pierce, 349 Rose M. Pierceall, 332 Paul Pierron, 332 Stephen Pierron, 349 Charles L. Pigg, 332 Charles M. Pigg, 312 Linda E. Pike, 349 Shelley M. Pike, 312 James T. Pilkington, 369 Jack G. Pillow, 381 Kathy L. Pinchback, 369 Lloyd C. Pinchback, 349 William M. Pinkston, 369 Carol E. Pipes, 369 Donald R. Pipkin, 369 Timmy M. Pipkins, 332 Patty S. Pitchford, 369 William G. Pittman, 349 Gary E. Pitts, 332 Daniel P. Plein, 369 Krissy Plummer, 287 Charlotte A. Plunkett, 281 Delores D. Plunkett, 281 Gail Poe, 369 Laura K. Poe, 349 Debbie S. Poff, 281 Roger E. Pohlner, 312 John D. Pointer, 369 Roger L. Pollack, 381 Steven S. Pollack, 332 Terry M. Pollan, 349 Myrle M. Pollard, 312 Jeri L. Pollock, 381 Mike D. Polston, 370 Robert H. Pond, 313 Danny R. Poole, 349 Deborah J. Pope, 370 Randall E. Pope, 332 Ronny W. Pope, 349 Susan L. Pope, 332 Brenda J. Poppe, 332 Deborah A. Porbeck, 332 Bonnie J. Portell, 349 Billy R. Porter, 313 David O. Porter, 349 Gordon C. Porter, 370 Janet E. Porter, 349 David L. Posey, 349 Raymond L. Posey, 313 Gary G. Pospisil, 379 Alice M. Poteete, 281 Beth Pounders, 370 Arthur D. Powell, 370 Kenneth R. Powell, 349 Richard W. Powell, 349 Susan E. Powell, 349 William D. Powell, 349 Linda J. Powers, 332 Beulah S. Pownell, 281 Ralph E. Poynor, 370 Carol A. Prance, 370 Kathyryn A. Prater, 370 Mona R. Prater, 349 Ottis Prater, 370 David C. Pratt, 349 Harold A. Pratt, 332 Lynda K. Pratt, 332 Robert J. Pratt Jr., 313 Stephen A. Pratt, 313 Judye D. Presley, 313 Karla J. Presson, 332 Rosanna Prestidge, 332 Jerry D. Prewitt, 313 Debbie L. Price, 349 Elizabeth K. Price, 332 Freddy N. Price, 349 James M. Price, 381 Joel A. Price, 313 Michael T. Price, 349 Stephen J. Prichard, 313 John M. Priday, 332 Danny J. Pridmore, 349 Martha K. Priest, 349 Billy R. Prince, 332 Cynthia S. Prince, 332 Danny G. Prince, 332 James L. Prince, 332 Oscar E. Prince, 313 Michael P. Prislousky, 349 Keith B. Privett, 349 Bruce Proctor, 287 Patricia Proctor, 313 Danny L. Proffitt, 313 Benjamin F. Prothro, 370 Jane E. Prothro, 349 Christine H. Provost, 281 Steven W. Provow, 370 Pamela K. Pruett, 313 Ricky L. Pruett, 313 James B. Pruitt, 332 George E. Puddephatt, 349 Charles A. Pudinas, 370 Carolyn S. Pugh, 349 Steven B. Pugh, 381 Beverly A. Pulliam, 313 Tommy S. Purtle, 370 Kerry E. Purvis, 349 David E. Puryear, 370 Mary F. Puryear, 370 Teddy W. Pylant, 377 Kenneth R. Quackenbush, 378 Albert D. Qualls, 349 Marsha L. Qualls, 370 Sandi G. Qualls, 370 Michele Quattlebaum, 370 Nancy C. Quattlebaum, 349 Robert H. Quick, 381 Mary B. Quinn, 370 Vicki A. Quinn, 370 David A. Rabeneck, 349 Barbara J. Rader, 370 Kerry G. Ragins, 332 Barry E. Ragsdale, 349 Charles C. Ragsdell, 370 Robert A. Rahrle, 287 Frank E. Raines, 313 Patsy D. Raines, 313 Paula L. Raines, 349 Peter R. Ralowicz, 370 Howard L. Ralph, 289 Rickey T. Ramsey, 332 Tim L. Ramsey, 349 Tim M. Rand, 332 Carolyn A. Rankin, 332 Karen R. Rankin, 332 Monica Rapert, 370 Terry L. Rapert, 332 Sandra A. Rapier, 370 Vicki I. Rasberry, 370 Calvin T. Ratlih' III, 281 Gil E. Ratliff, 370 Pamela A. Rawlings, 313 Clarence E. Rawls, 289 Anita S. Ray, 313 George E. Ray, 349 Kathi C. Ray, 281 LaDonna J. Ray, 281 Linda J. Ray, 332 Raymond M. Ray, 349 Sharon L. Ray, 349 Carolyn V. Rayburn, 349 Carrol E. Rayburn, 349 Kevin D. Razer, 349 Mahmoud Razian, 370 Fredrick D. Reagan, 381 Richard D. Reagan, 332 Tim H. Reagan, 349 Jack D. Reaper, 378 Janet S. Reaper, 378 Doris J. Reasoner, 281 Bernice B. Reasons, 370 Rebecca A. Reaves, 313 Ronald R. Reaves, 370 Danny R. Redd, 370 Deborah G. Reddick, 379 Cynthia A. Reddmann, 370 Linda S. Reding, 332 Russ G. Redmond, 349 Hershel L. Redwine, 370 Charolette R. Reece, 370 David P. Reece, 379 Kylene Reece, 313 Janet L. Reed, 313 Jennie L. Reed, 381 Jill R. Reed, 332 Lois I. Reed, 313 Terrie J. Reed, 370 Tim W. Reed, 332 David Rees, 313 David F. Reese, 332 Malcholm Reese, 332 Rita D. Reese, 332 Tina Reese, 370 Cathy J. Reeves, 313 Christopher Reeves, 370 Larry E. Reeves, 313 Pat N. Reeves Jr., 332 Robin K. Reeves, 381 Sue Reeves, 332 Teresa A. Reeves, 381 Barbara A. Reginelli, 313 Patsy A. Reginelli, 370 David P. Reid, 332 Deborah J. Reid, 370 Gene Z. Reid, 377 John L. Reid, 332 Michael N. Reid, 349 Mitchell H. Reid, 370 Richard S. Reid, 313 Sheila K. Reid, 370 Charles E. Reinhart, 313 Paul T. Remagen, 370 Faith Renard, 370 Gary J. Renck, 350 Marie E. Resh, 370 Jeff H. Rettig, 370 Suzanne Rettig, 313 Bryan D. Reuteler, 332 Otha E. Revoner, 350 Helen K. Reynolds, 332 Janice L. Reynolds, 350 Kimberly M. Reynolds, 332 Lonnie Joe Reynolds, 332 Mary G. Reynolds, 313 Peggy L. Reynolds, 332 Rosamacia Reynolds, 332 John P. Rhein, 332 Robert W. Rhein, 350 Charles 0. Rhodes, 313 Larry W. Rhodes, 379 Rhonda S. Rhodes, 370 Teresa S. Rhodes, 370 Larry W. Riales, 313 Bob J. Rice, 370 Lisbeth A. Rice, 370 David W. Richards, 313 Debbie K. Richards, 370 Michael D. Richards, 378 Beth A. Richardson, 350 Cindy L. Richardson, 332 Doris J. Richardson, 332 Dorothy P. Richardson, 370 Gary L. Richardson, 287 Helen J. Richardson, 370 James F. Richardson, 313 John N. Richardson, 350 Mary G. Richardson, 370 Nancy L. Richardson, 370 Pamela M. Richardson, 332 Ronnie L. Richardson, 313 Rucker F. Richardson, 377 William N. Richardson, 370 Shelia K. Richey, 370 Nancy L. Richie, 332 Denise M. Riddell, 370 Kathy E. Riddle, 370 Monica J . Riefer, 370 Walter D. Rigg, 350 Howard D. Riggs, 350 Michael W. Riggs, 370 Charles R. Rigsbee, 381 Debra Ann Riley, 332 Freddie L. Riley, 370 Martha L. Riley, 313 Richard L. Riley, 332 Sandra K. Riley, 350 Thomas A. Riley, 350 William A. Riley, 313 Danny G. Ring, 332 Donna L. Ring, 332 George C. Ring, 313 Joy L. Ring, 350 Michael L. Ring, 370 Sandra L. Ring, 350 Thomas A. Ripley, 350 Bobby J. Ritchey, 350 Gary Ritter, 370 Bobby L. Roach, 370 Paula D. Roach, 370 index-393 394-index Teresa D. Roach, 313 Terry K. Roach, 350 Terri L. Roark, 332 Charlene D. Robbins, 332 Michael H. Robbins, 370 Larry W. Roberson, 332 Sherry Roberson, 350 Thomas A. Robert, 289 Donald L. Roberts, 370 Elizabeth A. Roberts, 333 Jerry L. Roberts, 333 Judy K. Roberts, 333 Kenneth C. Roberts, 314 Kenneth C. Roberts, 350 Marilyn K. Roberts, 350 Marla D. Roberts, 314 Marty L. Roberts, 370 Rhonda L. Roberts, 350 Sheila D. Roberts, 350 Sherry Y. Roberts, 333 Charles R. Robertson, 333 Dennis M. Robertson, 333 Elissa H. Robertson, 333 John B. Robertson, 333 Joyce A. Robertson, 281 Kay Robertson, 333 Reginald N. Robertson, 370 Steve D. Robertson, 314 William J. Robertson, 333 Charles Robinett, 281 James E. Robins Jr., 370 Thomas D. Robins, 377 Cecil D. Robinson, 333 Donna L. Robinson, 314 Douglas H. Robinson, 314 John T. Robinson, 333 Juanita L. Robinson, 350 Linda F. Robinson, 289 Michael A. Robinson, 381 Randy H. Robinson, 371 Rebecca L. Robinson, 371 Sheila L. Robinson, 371 Wendy K. Robinson, 287 Dennis C. Robison, 333 Mary E. Robison, 333 Phillip R. Robken, 350 Richard R. Rockwell, 381 Steven E. Rockwell, 371 Ava S. Rodery, 350 Rick M. Rodery, 314 Kenny D. Rodgers, 333 Ruth L. Rodgers, 289 Linda S. Rodman, 371 Bera A. Rogers, 287 Candy L. Rogers, 371 Dan Rogers, 378 Dennis E. Rogers, 314 Don E. Rogers, 314 Gary L. Rogers, 333 James T. Rogers, 350 Joe Rogers, 333 June E. Rogers, 371 Kay D. Rogers, 350 Patrick E. Rogers, 350 Richard H. Rogers, 333 Robert S. Rogers, 350 Ronald B. Rogers, 314 Teddy M. Rogers, 371 Terry L. Rogers, 371 William A. Rogers, 381 William S. Rogers, 371 Christy R. Rolfe, 314 Gerald Rollan, 371 Chris D. Rolle, 314 Perry E. Rollings, 333 Katherine A. Rollins, 314 Tina R. Romans, 381 Virginia L. Romine, 350 Sherry M. Romines, 281 William K. Romines, 333 Frank S. Rondone, 379 John D. Rooker, 333 Michael P. Roper, 371 Kevin R. Rorick, 333 Teressa Y. Rose, 314 Charles R. Ross, 350 Cynthia G. Ross, 314 Ella J. Ross, 371 Glenn D. Ross, 350 Joan F. Ross, 371 Joseph H. Ross, 350 Mary F. Ross, 333 Mary S. Ross, 333 Christy A. Rothgery, 314 Dennis B. Rouse, 371 Linda F. Rouse, 371 Connie M. Routon, 314 Judith D. Routon, 314 Dennis Rowe, 371 Mary J. Rowe, 350 Debra A. Rowland, 379 John M. Rowland, 333 Kandy C. Rowland, 314 Schuler B. Rowland, 333 Beverly A. Rowlett, 314 Bobby N. Rowlett, 314 James A. Rowlett, 371 Jaquita L. Rowlett, 333 Stanley A. Rowlett, 314 Robert B. Rubenstein, 350 Ricky L. Ruffin, 371 Diane B. Rugg, 314 James D. Rumble, 333 Debbie S. Rummells, 350 Lynn M. Runnels, 314 Robert P. Runyan, 333 Deborah L. Rushing, 333 Dinah E. Rushing, 350 Jimmie A. Rushing, 314 John L. Rushing, 333 Sam M. Rushing, 314 James F. Rusidoff, 350 James E. Russ, 333 Judith A. Russell, 350 Dale W. Russom, 314 Cynthia M. Rutledge, 371 Michael E. Rutledge, 314 Dave R. Ryan, 350 James L. Ryan, 350 Karen J. Ryan, 281 Patricia J. Ryan, 371 Marian P. Ryder, 281 Robert E. Ryder, 333 Willie B. Rylant, 314 Ronny L. Saddler, 350 Nancy S. Sadler, 350 Larry J. Sago, 314 Gerald S. Sale, 371 Jo N. Sale, 371 Cullen L. Samford, 333 Keith L. Samford, 314 Lanny R. Samford, 314 Joyce L. Sammons, 333 Danny B. Sample, 333 Kenneth R. Sample, 371 Melissa J. Sample, 333 Danny L. Samuels, 371 Javad M. Sanati, 371 Edward L. Sanderlin, 371 Julie G. Sanderlin, 350 Arnie L. Sanders, 333 Donna M. Sanders, 333 Gary L. Sanders, 333 Henry G. Sanders, 350 James H. Sanders, 314 James H. Sanders, 333 Ruby Sanders, 333 Jenny L. Sandlin, 333 Leslie C. Sandlin, 371 William Sandman, 289 Charles R. Sands, 333 Deborah A. Sanford, 281 Loretta M. Sansom, 333 Steve M. Sartain, 371 Mostafa Sateli, 371 Roger D. Sawyer, 371 Don W. Scaife, 333 LaRene Scaife, 371 Randy B. Scaife, 350 Gene Scarborough, 314 Donna L. Scarbrough, 371 Randolph E. Scarbrough, 314 Richard D. Scarbrough, 350 Sarah W. Scarlett, 350 Donald E. Schafer, 381 Ronald L. Schafer, 371 Noel W. Schaffer, 333 Janice K. Schales, 350 Edward V. Scharff, 371 Kurt A. Schenk, 371 David A. Scherm, 350 Liane M. Schlegel, 381 Janet K. Schisler, 350 Tonya H. Schlenker, 378 Brent H. Schlesier, 333 Faith Schmidt, 333 James D. Schmidt, 350 Wayne F. Schmidt, 333 John M. Schneck, 350 Kurt W. Schuchardt, 371 Mike A. Schug, 333 Teddy G. Schug, 371 Terry L. Schug, 371 Jeff D. Scokes, 314 Arleen 0. Scott, 314 Brenda S. Scott, 333 Cathy M. Scott, 350 Edra G. Scott, 350 Edwin J. Scott, 314 Floyd L. Scott, 333 Gary D. Scott, 350 Janet D. Scott, 287 Jimmy F. Scott, 350 Kenneth M. Scott, 371 Lesa L. Scott, 333 Linda J. Scott, 333 Oda L. Scott, 314 Rose C. Scott, 333 Thomas B. Scott, 381 Marylin L. Scowden, 350 Martha J. Scroggs, 333 Sharon K. Scroggs, 333 Teresa B. Scroggs, 314 John J. Scurto, 333 Judy F. Seals, 377 Robert E. Sealy, 371 Robert A. Searls, 371 Frank W. Seaton Jr., 381 Frank W. Seaton Sr., 381 Pamela L. Seaton, 371 Rebecca J. Seaton, 371 Martha F. Seats, 281 Paula S. Seats, 333 Mary F. Seay, 314 Mickey H. Seeman, 333 Pamela D. Sefers, 350 Nancy K. Sensibaugh, 287 Mary P. Senteney, 333 Sandra K. Senter, 333 Lana M. Serio, 371 Alice L. Severe, 315 Donald W. Severe, 315 Ramona J . Severe, 350 Stephen A. Sewell, 371 Darrel D. Sexton, 333 Toni L. Seymour, 371 Gary M. Shands, 350 Debra A. Shaneyfelt, 333 Paula M. Shaneyfelt, 333 Larry S. Shannon, 350 Sharon K. Shannon, 333 Wright Shannon, 333 Debra K. Sharits, 371 Edgar L. Sharp, 371 Gina R. Sharp, 371 Harold R. Sharp, 371 Laurie T. Sharp, 333 Rodney A. Sharp, 371 Sharon K. Sharp, 350 Thomas L. Sharp, 289 Tince W. Sharp, 333 Bonnie Sue Shaver, 350 Lloyal E. Shaw, 371 Vicki L. Sheehan, 371 Gregory L. Sheets, 350 Vicky K. Sheffield, 350 Suzanne Shell, 371 Bob E. Shellenberger, 371 Gregory B. Shelton, 315 Patricia Shelton, 287 Sherry L. Shelton, 371 Vicki D. Shelton, 371 Frank L. Shepherd, 315 Thomas C. Shepherd, 315 Walter P. Shepherd, 334 James M. Sheppard, 334 Ralph A. Sheridan, 334 John S. Shewmaker, 350 Charles R. Shirley, 381 William T. Shipman, 315 Mike D. Shirey, 334 Pam M. Shirley, 371 John J. Shivley, 350 Randy L. Shoemake, 315 Melva B. Shoffner, 371 William W. Shownes, 334 Gary R. Shrable, 371 Grady D. Shropshire, 334 Janet G. Shropshire, 334 Liz A. Shults, 371 Steven D. Shults, 315 Edwin E. Shumpert, 289 Theodore Shumpert, 371 Brenda G. Sigmin, 334 Denise F. Sigmin, 281 Adred C. Siler, 334 Kenneth R. Simington, 315 Allen J. Simmons, 371 Curt K. Simmons, 371 Douglas Simmons, 334 Hank Simmons, 315 James E. Simmons, 315 John R. Simmons, 334 Karen S. Simmons, 334 Ralph E. Simmons, 334 Robert R. Simmons, 350 Roy G. Simmons, 381 Thomas D. Simmons, 350 Wanda F. Simmons, 371 Ricky D. Simpkins, 371 Bob W. Simpson, 371 Michael L. Simpson, 350 Roger D. Simpson, 334 Sandy R. Simpson, 334 Shelia V. Simpson, 315 Sherry A. Simpson, 371 Susan A. Simpson, 334 Glen S. Sims, 334 Joe A. Sims, 350 Randy R. Sims, 334 Brenda S. Singleton, 371 Charles R. Singleton, 334 Deborah R. Singleton, 281 Jean Singleton, 315 John D. Singleton, 334 Michael W. Singleton, 372 Robert A. Singleton, 315 Carla Sue Singley, 334 Julie B. Singley, 315 John M. Sink, 372 David E. Sirmans, 351 Jerry W. Sisco, 315 Jeffry A. Sisk, 351 Phillip L. Sitchler, 351 Betty A. Skaggs, 372 Randy J . Skarda, 315 Eva J. Skeet, 351 John Skinner, 315 Kitty S. Skinner, 372 Steve M. Skinner, 334 Cynthia R. Slabaugh, 372 Robert M. Slabaugh, 334 Gary D. Slaton, 334 Lou L. Slaton, 315 Sakae Slatton, 334 Ricky L. Slavings, 372 Richard N. Slayton, 379 Mary J. Sledge, 351 Ellie Slentz, 281 Karen G. Sloan, 372 Katherine Clay Sloan, 334 Linda G. Sloan, 281 Mary E. Sloan, 289 Patti M. Sloan, 334 Susan L. Sloan, 372 James W. Smalley, 334 John W. Smalling, 334 Greg S. Smart, 381 Jackie R. Smart, 372 Stephen C. Smart, 315 Greg D. Smelser, 334 Alan B. Smith, 334 Alfred Smith Jr., 351 Arnita A. Smith, 379 Barney G. Smith, 315 Bonnie D. Smith, 281 Cathy M. Smith, 334 Charlotte A. Smith, 334 Charlotte B. Smith, 315 Charmin D. Smith, 372 Chris M. Smith, 351 Christie L. Smith, 372 Cornelia M. Smith, 372 Cynthia E. Smith, 351 David B. Smith, 334 David E. Smith, 315 David L. Smith, 372 Debbie K. Smith, 372 Deborah J. Smith, 372 Deborah J. Smith, 315 Debra A. Smith, 372 Debra E. Smith, 351 Dent H. Smith, 351 Diane Smith, 372 Don E. Smith, 315 Donald E. Smith, 351 Donnie E. Smith, 372 Dorothy A. Smith, 334 Eva E. Smith, 351 Flynn Smith, 315 Gary M. Smith, 334 Gary S. Smith, 379 Hal T. Smith, 372 James H. Smith, 315 James M. Smith, 334 James W. Smith, 351 Janice A. Smith, 315 Janie K. Smith, 372 Janis I. Smith, 334 Jannette Smith, 372 Jeff D. Smith, 315 Jerell L. Smith, 334 Jimmy R. Smith, 372 Joanne S. Smith, 372 Joe R. Smith, 372 John M. Smith, 334 Joseph D. Smith, 289 Karen A. Smith, 334 Karen S. Smith, 315 Kerry L. Smith, 334 Larry A. Smith, 334 Lee A. Smith, 334 Leon C. Smith, 315 Linda C. Smith, 315 Linda D. Smith, 351 Melissa G. Smith, 351 Michael A. Smith, 372 Michael G. Smith, 382 Michael L. Smith, 334 Mike J. Smith, 372 Olen D. Smith, 315 Phillip K. Smith, 351 Phyllis A. Smith, 315 Ray A. Smith, 315 Rebecca L. Smith, 334 Rodney M. Smith, 334 Roz A. Smith, 334 Sarah B. Smith, 334 Sidney L. Smith, 372 Stanley O. Smith, 372 Steve R. Smith, 372 Steven O. Smith, 334 Steven S. Smith, 372 Susan D. Smith, 351 Terry R. Smith, 351 Thomas D. Smith, 315 Thomas R. Smith, 334 Wanda C. Smith, 372 Wayne Smith, 334 Wilburn E. Smith, 372 William M. Smith, 351 William R. Smithers, 351 Joseph S. Smithwick, 372 Michael E. Smoker, 372 David E. Sneed, 351 Patricia L. Snell, 334 Pam A. Snellgrove, 351 Thomas S. Snelson, 315 Patricia A. Snider, 351 John D. Snively, 351 Lynn P. Snow, 334 William G. Snowden, 315 William D. Snyder, 372 Lloyd G. Somers, 315 Lois A. Sorenson, 334 Kenneth R. Sorrels, 334 David L. South, 351 Ricky S. South, 372 Carol S. Sowell, 372 Steven T. Sowell, 289 Gary G. Sowle, 372 Barbara L. Spargo, 351 Roberta L. Sparler, 351 Vertee M. Spearmon, 372 Allen G. Spears, 378 Brenda J. Spears, 372 Janet L. Spears, 372 Robert L. Spears, 315 Jim C. Speck, 351 Linda T. Speer, 334 Robert E. Speer, 372 Billy L. Spence, 334 Jacky D. Spence, 351 Jim D. Spence, 287 Paula C. S ence 316 P , Suzanne L. Spence, 372 Bonnie F. Spencer, 316 Bonnie S. Spencer, 334 Kenneth W. Spencer, 334 Tommy E. Spencer, 372 Sherry R. Spicer, 351 Cathy J. Spiegel, 316 Ronnie W. Spiegel, 316 Angela J. Spikes, 351 Michael R. Spinks, 372 Rod J. Spinks, 334 Becky L. Spotts, 351 Donna L. Spotts, 351 Howard B. Spotts, 372 John R. Spotts, 379 Steven B. Springer, 382 Georgia L. Springfield, 372 Cathy E. Springle, 372 David A. Sproling, 372 Randal T. Spurgin, 372 Gregory N. Spurlock, 316 Robert R. Squires, 351 Michael L. Stack, 351 Dona G. Stacks, 334 Hubert M. Stacks, 351 Janet D. Stacy, 379 Louis J. Stadler, 372 Jesse W. Stafford, 372 Julia M. Stafford, 316 James A. Stafne, 289 Ted E. Staggs, 316 Charlotte R. Stahl, 372 Thomas E. Stalcup, 334 Chuck E. Stallings, 372 Kenneth N. Stallings, 316 Ronnie L. Stallings, 372 Cheryl A. Standefer, 334 David B. Standfill, 351 Linda D. Standley, 372 Scott W. Standley, 334 Glenda G. Stanley, 372 Frank L. Stark, 382 John K. Stark, 334 Jon E. Stark, 372 Roger C. Stark, 316 Terry L. Stark, 379 Deborah A. Starkey, 372 Sally L. Starkey, 316 Portia A. Starling, 351 Patti D. Starr, 334 Peggy Jo Starr, 372 Robert R. Starr, 372 William F. Statler, 351 Wesley Staton, 372 Robert C. Statton, 351 Mark E. Steed, 379 David R. Steele, 316 James D. Steele, 372 Rex J. Steele, 316 Conna G. Steen, 351 Edward P. Stehle, 372 Ambera L. Steinkamp, 351 Billie E. Steinkamp, 334 Maxie L. Stem, 351 Gary L. Stephens, 372 Marion E. Stephens, 351 Oliver C. Stephens, 379 Annette Stevenson, 382 David H. Stephenson, 334 James P. Stevenson, 334 Karen Y. Stevenson, 351 Jackie E. Stevens, 372 Regina K. Stevens, 372 Ivory M. Steward, 316 Rebecca L. Steward, 372 Danny A. Stewart, 372 Diana M. Stewart, 335 Janice K. Stewart, 351 Jerry A. Stewart, 335 John R. Stewart, 372 Kathleen Stewart, 316 Kenny W. Stewart, 373 Revis C. Stewart, 373 Ricky A. Stewart, 379 Sharon K. Stewart, 373 Terry D. Stewart, 382 Elise E. Stiles, 351 Jo N. Stiles, 335 Rick E. Stiles, 316 Stuart N. Stiles, 373 Steve L. Stinnett, 351 Judith L. Stogsdill, 335 David E. Stokes, 351 Sandy R. Stokes, 373 Angie R. Stone, 373 Charles R. Stone, 335 Clauson R. Stone, 316 Renee M. Stone, 351 Stephen C. Stone, 373 Robert R. Storey, 373 Lana P. Story, 373 Charles H. Stotts, 316 Daniel T. Stotts, 351 Paul W. Stotts, 316 Teresa A. Stotts, 373 Carl E. Stough, 316 Donna J. Stout, 387 Dawn P. Stover, 373 Dean B. Stover, 335 Yvonne C. Strachan, 335 James R. Strait, 289 Charlotte E. Stratton, 316 John W. Street, 335 John R. Streete, 373 Charlotte J. Strickland, 316 Christina Strickland, 373 Keith Strickland, 373 Rebecca L. Strickland, 316 Stephen Y. Strickland, 351 Jean Stricklin, 335 Preston E. Stringer, 382 Anthony Stroman, 351 David 0. Stroud, 373 Wanda J. Stroud, 351 Steven L. Struble, 316 Fred Stuart, 373 Marlita Stuart, 316 Rickey A. Stubbs, 335 Robert J. Stuenkel, 373 Scott W. Stumbaugh, 373 Gayle C. Stump, 373 Georgeanne Stump, 316 Ellen M. Sturch, 316 Shari D. Sturch, 335 Karon A. Sturdivant, 351 Sharon J. Sturdivant, 351 Lisa R. Sturgeon, 373 Danny R. Sturkie, 316 Gene H. Sublett, 351 David W. Suiter, 335 Judd A. Sulfridge, 382 Daniel R. Sullens, 373 Pamela J. Sullens, 316 William P. Sullens, 335 Con F. Sullivan, 316 Jimmy D. Sullivan, 335 Karen J. Sullivan, 316 Ronnie J. Sullivan, 316 Suzanne L. Summerlin, 351 Judith A. Summers, 373 Sarah A. Summers, 382 Susan K. Summers, 373 Aubrey N. Sumpter, 316 Roger D. Sumpter, 351 Constance Sumrall, 373 Marsha G. Surbaugh, 335 Martha L. Surber, 351 Gary W. Surles, 335 James M. Surratt, 316 William K. Surratt, 335 Cecil W. Sutterfield, 335 Deena J. Sutton, 335 Ted Sutton, 373 Kenneth W. Swain, 316 Joy L. Swanson, 335 Chris W. Swanstrom, 351 Terry L. Swartout, 382 Flo Swearingen, 351 Glenn G. Swift, 316 Danny M. Swindle, 335 Mona C. Swindle, 373 Clayton E. Sykes, 351 Harry E. Sylar, 316 Jacquelyn Tabron, 316 Michael H. Tacker, 316 David V. Tackett, 335 Phillip L. Tackett, 373 Ina L. Taffar, 373 Mearline Taffar, 351 Asghar Tajalli, 373 Mohammad Tajalli, 351 Lavern W. Talbert, 287 David A. Talbot, 316 Robert O. Talbot, 351 Jeannie A. Talburt, 335 Mona D. Talkington, 373 Karen J. Talley, 351 Terry W. Tankersley, 351 James H. Tanner, 316 Julia E. Tanner, 373 Juliann Tanner, 351 Debra G. Tarkington, 335 Carol A. Tarlton, 351 David L. Tarno, 382 Fran W. Tarvin, 335 Roger D. Tarvin, 373 Curtis L. Tate, 373 Danny W. Tate, 373 Richard A. Tate, 352 Ronnie K. Tate, 352 Sherita L. Tate, 352 Vaughn L. Tate, 335 William Tate, 373 Marla K. Tatum, 373 Alice D. Taylor, 373 Angela P. Taylor, 373 Anthony E. Taylor, 373 Carlton A. Taylor, 373 Carolyn R. Taylor, 373 Charles K. Taylor, 382 Charlotte I. Taylor, 373 David A. Taylor, 382 Debbie A. Taylor, 373 Dennis E. Taylor, 317 Jim H. Taylor, 335 John W. Taylor, 373 Kim A. Taylor, 373 Michael G. Taylor, 373 Patricia D. Taylor, 335 Paula N. Taylor, 352 Ronnie W. Taylor, 373 Stephen T. Taylor, 352 Susie Taylor, 352 Thomas D. Taylor, 373 Thomas F. Taylor, 335 Tim J. Taylor, 373 Van M. Taylor, 335 William D. Taylor, 373 Dianne Teague, 335 Lanny R. Teague, 317 Larry R. Teague, 317 Melanie W. Teague, 382 Mike H. Teague, 373 Robert P. Teal, 335 Sandra L. Teal, 373 Dawn C. Teale, 373 Emma J. Temples, 373 Bill R. Tennison, 373 Charles Tennison Jr., 335 David D. Terrell, 317 Ada L. Terry, 335 Julie L. Terry, 373 Michael L. Teter, 317 Brenda C. Thacker, 317 Roger L. Tharp, 352 Jackie L. Thickson, 373 Freddy J. Thiel, 352 Karen L. Thiel, 335 Janieca A. Thielemier, 335 James W. Thieme, 352 Burthel Thomas, 287 Carl D. Thomas, 335 Catherine L. Thomas, 335 Cheryl A. Thomas, 373 Deborah K. Thomas, 317 Glanita L. Thomas, 352 Janice M. Thomas, 317 John M. Thomas, 335 Julia E. Thomas, 335 Kenneth B. Thomas, 317 Pam L. Thomas, 373 Randall S. Thomas, 317 Richard E. Thomas, 317 Tom W. Thomas, 377 Vicky L. Thomas, 373 Wayne R. Thomas, 289 Janet E. Thomasson, 382 Gary W. Thomen, 335 Thomas R. Thompkins, 373 Adolph J. Thompson, 373 Alfred F. Thompson, 317 Cynthia J. Thompson, 373 Debbie L. Thompson, 352 Donna L. Thompson, 373 Edward H. Thompson, 317 Elizabeth C. Thompson, 352 Emma Jo Thompson, 317 Hal H. Thompson, 335 James A. Thompson, 335 James M. Thompson, 335 Jimmy D. Thompson, 373 Joe R. Thompson, 317 Larry L. Thompson, 373 Larry W. Thompson, 335 Mark B. Thompson, 373 Michael K. Thompson, 352 Nan L. Thompson, 352 index-395 396-index Ray N. Thompson, 317 Rebecca A. Thompson, 352 Ricky L. Thompson, 373 Ronald P. Thompson, 335 Ruby D. Thompson, 317 William C. Thompson, 335 William D. Thompson, 373 Larry D. Thorne, 352 Debbie K. Thornton, 352 Lloyd W. Thornton, 352 Michael T. Thornton, 373 Terri L. Thornton, 352 Kathie A. Throesch, 374 Danny A. Throgmartin, 352 David D. Throgmartin, 352 Kenny H. Throgmartin, 382 James A. Thurber, 374 Edra N. Thurmond, 335 James N. Tice Jr., 374 Verona A. Tice, 374 Rebecca L. Tidwell, 317 Steve T. Tiebel, 374 Jeffery L. Tiefenauer, 335 John B. Tierney, 352 Jeannie D. Tiffee, 317 Tex Tillery, 335 William E. Tilley, 352 Alice E. Tillman, 377 Ricky L. Timbs, 374 Lamar O. Times, 352 Linda G. Tindell, 352 David E. Tiner, 374 Dena L. Tinker, 374 Lida A. Tinker, 317 Charlotte I. Tinsley, 352 Michael D. Tinsley, 317 Rebecca R. Tinsley, 352 Sherlita N. Tinsley, 335 Coma L. Tippitt, 352 Karen J. Tippy, 374 Mark R. Tisdale, 335 Carla D. Todd, 352 Mary J. Todd, 317 Suzanne Todd, 379 Jarriett M. Tolbert, 335 Mitchell J. Tolliver, 382 Mary F. Tomasso, 374 Marie Broadway Toms, 317 Phillip D. Toombs, 335 Rebecca E. Toombs, 317 Jerry E. Toone, 379 Susan E. Toone, 378 Rhonda K. Tosh, 374 William L. Townsend Jr., 374 Connie C. Townsley, 352 Jacqueline M. Trahan, 374 Constance E. Trammel, 317 Mike D. Trantham, 335 Carolyn M. Trask, 335 Margo J. Travis, 352 Debbie J. Traylor, 374 William M. Traylor, 352 Danny E. Treadway, 374 Denny J. Treadway, 352 Joseph H. Treadway, 335 Gary L. Treanor, 382 Twilla M. Treece, 335 Wilfred Tremblay, 352 Mary M. Tresp, 317 Teresa A. Tresp, 374 Bobbie L. Trible, 379 Susan R. Trice, 352 Helen R. Triplett, 335 Suzanne M. Tripod, 374 Terry Tripp, 335 Suzanne C. Trost, 317 Katherine Trotter, 317 Grace A. Troutman, 335 Susan D. True, 352 Terry J. True, 374 Janis A. Tucker, 317 Terrence M. Tucker, 377 Trent L. Tucker, 374 Nancy L. Tull, 317 Glenn T. Tullis, 335 Danny J. Turberville, 374 Jim N. Turnbo, 374 Jackie R. Turnbow, 374 James T. Turnbow, 379 Calvin S. Turner, 374 Fred H. Turner, 317 Gussie L. Turner, 289 Henry L. Turner, 335 Ikea D. Turner, 374 Johnnie L. Turner, 281 Kandice M. Turner, 352 Larry D. Turner, 335 Larry E. Turner, 335 Lee C. Turner Jr., 352 Leslie S. Turner, 374 Michael R. Turner, 382 Mona L. Turner, 352 Nancy E. Turner, 335 Ricky A. Turner, 374 Ronald R. Turner, 374 Sammy M. Turney, 382 Hyman H. Turpin, 374 Nell L. Turpin, 335 Winston Turpin Jr., 335 Michael P. Tuseth, 317 Ruth A. Tuseth, 281 Tony D. Tutt, 374 Barbaranette Twillie, 317 Deborah H. Tye, 317 Sharon S. Tyer, 374 William B. Tyer, 317 Debra A. Tyler, 335 Harold E. Tyler Jr., 374 Alexander Umonah, 352 Krista E. Underwood, 352 Mary D. Underwood, 374 Rudy W. Underwood, 374 Mark L. Ungerank, 374 Michael L. Ungerank, 352 Jerry Unser, 335 Naomi R. Upton, 281 Roy E. Urfer, 352 James L. Ussery, 352 Murlon L. Utley, 336 Mary E. Vaden, 352 Pamela L. Vaden, 374 Thomas W. Vaden, 352 Linda S. Vance, 374 Laura L. Vandever, 374 James C. Vandiver, 336 Carla J. VanDyke, 281 Connie L. VanGennip, 374 Alvin J. Vangilder, 352 Riley A. VanHorn, 352 Mary E. VanMeter, 352 Charles E. VanPelt, 317 Marsha E. Vansandt, 336 Pamela S. Vassar, 352 Gina C. Vaughan, 374 Dannie L. Vaughn, 352 Lois L. Vaughn, 382 Nancy E. Vaughn, 317 Robert A. Vaughn, 317 Rene Vawter, 352 Alikeza Vaziri, 352 Johnny O. Veatch, 317 Nickie Veach, 336 Roger D. Veasley, 352 Robert C. Velasco, 317 Nancy W. Verhoeven, 374 Joe W. Verser, 374 Stephen D. Vester, 374 Addelyn L. Via, 336 Mary E. Via, 374 Jeannie W. Vickers, 378 Lindbergh Vickers, 281 Sharon L. Vickers, 352 Wayne Vickery, 336 Debbie L. Vincent, 374 Jerry L. Vincent, 289 Maxine M. Vogan, 318 Joe A. Vojcik, 336 Kim M. Vowell, 374 Melinda J. Vowell, 352 Jan D. Voyles, 336 Robert S. Wacaster, 374 James E. Waddell, 336 Janice M. Waddell, 281 Clotis H. Wafford, 336 Michael H. Wafford, 318 Sterling Wafford, 352 Ted W. Wagnon, 318 Debbie L. Walden, 352 Leslie K. Walden, 318 Sheila D. Waldrup, 318 Connie J. Walker, 336 Freddie L. Walker, 352 James E. Walker, 379 Jennifer A. Walker, 352 Jessica M. Walker, 352 John H. Walker, 374 John S. Walker, 336 Kathy D. Walker, 352 Larry E. Walker, 318 Roberta D. Walker, 289 Rodney K. Walker, 374 Scott D. Walker, 336 Thomas L. Walker, 287 Vernon L. Walker Jr., 374 Phyllis D. Wall, 352 Annetta J. Wallace, 352 Charles L. Wallace, 374 Daniel H. Wallace, 336 David T. Wallace, 382 Emerson S. Wallace, 336 John D. Wallace, 318 Larry A. Wallace, 352 Michael S. Wallace, 336 James W. Waller, 318 Vicky K. Waller, 374 Bilbrey J. Wallis, 336 Linda C. Wallis, 374 Martha G. Wallis, 374 Karen K. Walls, 374 Lloyd Walls, 374 Fred Walpole, 336 Diane J. Walter, 336 Greg A. Walter, 374 Judy M. Walter, 318 Charles D. Walters, 336 Dwight L. Walters, 352 Aubrey J. Ward, 336 Dane Ward, 336 Danny R. Ward, 336 Danny R. Ward, 287 David C. Ward, 336 Jackie E. Ward, 318 Jackie W. Ward, 336 Jean E. Ward, 289 Larry D. Ward, 318 Lynn H. Ward, 374 Melissa C. Ward, 336 Talmadge O. Ward, 289 Wayne N. Ward, 374 Michael J. Warden, 318 Cathy K. Warkentin, 336 Steven M. Warner, 352 Margaret A. Warr, 374 Bobby P. Warren, 374 Ann Warriner, 374 James D. Warrington, 374 Henry R. Washington, 374 Mary Quail Washington, 318 John O. Waterbury, 289 Phillip Sue Waters, 374 Candace L. Watkins, 352 Chanda Watkins, 336 Dwayne H. Watkins, 374 George K. Watkins, 374 Teresa L. Watkins, 352 Vaughn D. Watkins, 352 Vickey L. Watkins, 318 Charles R. Watson, 374 Debbie G. Watson, 374 Jon G. Watson, 318 Karen S. Watson, 378 Lee C. Watson, 353 Melanie K. Watson, 353 Michael G. Watson, 353 Michael R. Watson, 336 Rhonda L. Watson, 379 John G. Watts, 374 Philip R. Watts, 374 Glenda J. Way, 318 Bobby E. Waymire, 353 Janet L. Waymire, 281 Linda K. Waymire, 353 Deby K. Waymon, 336 Darla Wealand, 336 Ronald G. Weathers, 318 Dan C. Weathersby, 336 Mary S. Weaver, 336 Patricia A. Weaver, 375 Ricky D. Weaver, 375 Rocky G. Weaver, 336 Rosemary Weaver, 336 Candace A. Webb, 318 David A. Webb, 336 David L. Webb, 289 Donna P. Webb, 281 Katherine L. Webb, 375 Melanie E. Webb, 336 Ronny W. Webb, 336 Jim P. Webb, 375 Walter A. Webb, 336 Chris Webber, 318 Dorthy L. Webber, 375 Lon G. Webber, 336 Larry C. Weeks, 336 Estella Weems, 318 Tab R. Weinberg, 375 Ivan B. Weinstein, 353 Jerry L. Welch, 375 Regina Welch, 318 Elzie L. Welker, 336 David R. Wellman, 336 Danny L. Wells, 336 Pamela D. Wells, 353 Robert T. Wells, 353 Sandra L. Wells, 336 Bobby R. West, 375 Claude G. West, 318 David E. West, 382 James E. West, 336 Joel R. West, 353 Laura J. West, 375 Priscilla J. West, 353 Robert F. West, 375 Roger S. West, 318 Thomas E. West, 336 Robert W. Westbrook, 336 Melissa D. Wester, 375 Terry R. Westmoreland, 353 Tony G. Weston, 336 Fred S. Wetzel, 289 Janet J. Whaley, 353 Judy C. Wheeler, 318 Ronald A. Wheeler, 318 Thomas H. Wheeler, 336 Haskell R. Wheelington, 353 John P. Wherry, 377 Phillip L. Whitaker, 353 Barry M. White, 375 Betty J. White, 281 Beverly L. White, 375 Cindy G. White, 353 Corita A. White, 375 Curtis L. White, 318 Cynthia A. White, 353 Dan E. White Jr., 353 Danny E. White, 318 David White, 375 Dona K. White, 336 Ernestine White, 336 Frederick C. White, 336 Ivy J. White, 375 Jackey D. White, 353 Jackie S. White, 375 Jimmy O. White, 336 Jimmy R. White, 375 Joey A. White, 375 John D. White, 353 John M. White, 318 Lynda S. White, 318 Lynn White, 336 Marcia G. White, 318 Michael L. White, 336 Rick White, 375 Sandra F. White, 336 Sharon E. White, 318 Teresa D. White, 375 Timothy J. White, 336 William H. White, 336 Wilson H. White, 336 Gwen P. Whiteaker, 375 Ronald W. Whiteaker, 375 Joanne Whited, 375 Michelle A. Whitehead, 336 Melessia L. Whitener, 353 Jackie L. Whiteside, 375 Bruce H. Whitley, 336 Freddie Whitlock, 336 Ellis D. Whitlow, 353 Billy L. Whitmire, 318 Donald W. Whitmire, 382 Janice M. Whitmire, 318 Jesse W. Whitmire, 336 Donald S. Whitney, 336 Gary L. Whitney, 375 Harry L. Whitted, 336 Lyn Whittenton, 375 Debra A. Whittingham, 353 Frank Whittle, 353 Richard A. Whittle, 375 Rocky Wicker, 353 Gaylord H. Widner, 336 William J. Wiechman, 375 Debbie A. Wiens, 375 Jim D. Wiens, 336 Karen J. Wiens, 375 Jan C. Wiggins, 375 Kathy S. Wiggins, 336 Frederick W. Wiktorek, 336 Dawna J. Wilborn, 353 Gregory C. Wilburn, 375 J. L. Wilburn, 318 Rebecca D. Wilburn, 318 Billy R. Wilcox, 337 John B. Wildberger, 353 Homer E. Wiles, 287 Larry H. Wiles, 375 Edith M. Wilford, 337 Johnny M. Wilhite, 353 Douglas C. Wilkerson, 337 Mickey J. Wilkerson, 353 John B. Wilkins, 375 Robert M. Wilkins, 353 Sarita S. Wilkins, 337 Sherry D. Wilkins, 287 Thomas A. Wilkins, 337 Abe M. Wilkinson, 353 Henry A. Wilks, 337 David W. Willard, 353 Steven L. Willard, 375 Mary Jo Willcockson, 337 Susan P. Willhite, 287 Charles C. Willhite, 318 Alner Williams, 353 Alonzo D. Williams, 289 Beverly A. Williams, 318 Bill Williams, 337 Brenda D. Williams, 375 Carol J. Williams, 375 Carolyn A. Williams, 318 Catherine Williams, 337 Charles E. Williams, 287 Charles K. Williams, 337 Charles W. Williams, 375 Clarence Williams Jr., 353 Debra L. Williams, 375 Dwight M. Williams, 337 Edna F. Williams, 375 Glynda D. Williams, 337 Gwendolyn D. Williams, 375 Henrietta E. Williams, 318 J. H. Williams, 337 Jeffery Williams, 353 Jerry V. Williams, 353 Joe A. Williams, 375 Joe A. Williams, 353 Kiven M. Williams, 337 Marvin R. Williams, 318 Mary D. Williams, 375 Mary J. Williams, 337 Michael D. Williams, 337 Norma S. Williams, 337 Patsy S. Williams, 353 Phillip D. Williams, 337 Ray R. Williams, 319 Ronald Williams, 375 Steve B. Williams, 337 Terry G. Williams, 375 Thomas R. Williams, 353 Tommie J. Williams, 337 Alecia R. Williamson, 375 Carolyn J. Williamson, 382 Cindy Williamson, 319 Dennis P. Williamson, 375 Gail Williamson, 353 Karen E. Williamson, 378 Paul C. Williamson, 375 Beth C. Willis, 319 Beverly Willis, 337 Glen R. Willis, 319 Larry L. Willis, 382 Robert L. Willis, 337 Steven S. Willis, 319 Elmer E. Willman, 375 Connie L. Willoughby, 375 Judith A. Wilmoth, 375 Albert S. Wilson, 337 Aubrey O. Wilson Jr., 319 Basil O. Wilson, 337 Clara V. Wilson, 319 Craig H. Wilson, 375 Diana I. Wilson, 281 Edward O. Wilson, 375 Elsie L. Wilson, 281 Frances I. Wilson, 337 Gary L. Wilson, 337 Gary L. Wilson, 375 Gladys M. Wilson, 375 Harold L. Wilson, 337 James D. Wilson, 337 Jeanette B. Wilson, 377 John M. Wilson, 319 Karen Wilson, 375 Karen S. Wilson, 375 Larry G. Wilson, 287 Marilyn A. Wilson, 353 Mark A. Wilson, 382 Mary H. Wilson, 337 Rick Wilson, 319 Teresa D. Wilson, 319 J. H. Wimpy, 375 Steven W. Winberry, 353 Donald E. Winchester, 319 Robert O. Winchester II, 319 James L. Windle, 375 Gary L. Winfrey, 337 Stanley Winfrey, 337 Daniel Wingfield, 375 Doris J. Wingo, 281 Vicky A. Winkles, 319 Anthia K. Winningham, 319 Lynn Winningham, 337 Robert H. Winningham, 319 Marjorie M. Winters, 379 Don L. Wisdom, 375 Karen M. Wisdom, 353 Vickie L. Wisdom, 337 Von D. Wisdom, 375 Jimmy E. Wise, 375 Judith G. Wise, 375 Daniel O. Wiseman, 319 Freddy G. Wiseman, 319 Bob M. Withers, 375 Susan R. Witkowski, 353 Susie E. Witt, 353 Janice L. Witten, 319 Eugene L. Wittlake, 319 Terry L. Wixson, 337 Fred E. Wizer, 353 Thomas L. Wofford Jr., 319 David M. Wolf , 319 Charles D. Wolfe, 319 Linda C. Womack, 289 Ricky L. Womack, 319 Zack N. Womack, 337 David B. Wood, 353 Dennis W. Wood, 319 Dona D. Wood, 353 James A. Wood, 337 June P. Wood, 353 Marsha L. Wood, 375 Mary Jo Wood, 337 Melissa J. Wood, 375 Nora Wood, 353 Ollie E. Wood, 375 Phyllis R. Wood, 319 Roxann Wood, 353 Walter E. Wood, 319 Zackery D. Wood, 375 Karen L. Woodall, 287 Louis R. Woodall, 319 Clarence W. Woodard, 319 Glenda Woodard, 353 Linda L. Woodard, 376 Mary M. Woodard, 319 Randy G. Woodard, 337 David N. Woodell, 353 James N. Woodell, 382 Donna K. Woodiel, 287 Elizabeth E. Woodley, 281 Billy J. Woodruff, 353 Gerald L. Woodruff, 376 Randall J. Woodruff, 376 Ronnie Woodruff, 376 Tim C. Woodruff, 337 Bobby D. Woodrum, 378 Bobby D. Woodrum, 337 Albert L. Woods, 353 Brenda K. Woods, 353 Deborah S. Woods, 376 Gregory Woods, 376 Lewis D. Woods, 353 Marlon L. Woodside, 353 Michael R. Woodside, 337 Carol A. Woodson, 376 Laverne Woodward, 319 Robert C. Woolard, 353 James 1. Wooldridge, 319 Richard Wooldridge, 337 Jeanette K. Woolf, 337 Larry D. Woolman, 337 Keith Woolverton, 376 Michael D. Wooten, 337 Susan Word, 382 Nancy R. Workman, 337 Wendell Workman, 382 Kathleen Worlow, 376 John R. Worlund, 337 Bob L. Worthington, 376 Roxanne A. Worthy, 281 Danial L. Wray, 337 Donald B. Wray, 376 Roger D. Wray, 376 Sarah C. Wray, 319 David L. Wright, 382 Earnest R. Wright, 353 Gary W. Wright, 376 James D. Wright, 337 Kathy L. Wright, 376 Mona P. Wright, 376 Pansy J. Wright, 376 Rita A. Wright, 353 William J. Wright, 319 Kuang-Hsiung Wu, 378 Chiquita A. Wy, 353 Gary Wy, 376 Jeannie F. Wy, 281 Darrel W. Wyatt, 319 Mary N. Wyatt, 376 Pamela R. Wyatt, 376 George P. Wycoff, 353 Ronnie G. Wynne, 337 John H. Yarbro, 319 Bedford E. Yarbrough, 382 David W. Yarbrough, 376 Dennis F. Yarbrough, 376 Gary D. Yarbrough, 376 Belinda D. Yates, 353 Susan A. Yates, 281 Layne L. Yawn, 376 James D. Yopp, 353 Carolyn S. York, 337 Pamela G. York, 337 Phyllis D. York, 376 Ricky L. York, 319 Theresa G. York, 376 Anna M. Young, 337 Carol B. Young, 376 Doris P. Young, 287 John T. Young, 319 Kathryn M. Young, 319 Kathy Young, 376 Linda S. Young, 337 Oscar L. Young, 376 Perry L. Young, 376 Rhonda S. Young, 376 Kristi Youngdahl, 376 Bill B. Younger, 319 Bonnie S. Yount, 319 Luis A. Zapata, 353 Robert W. Zenanko, 337 Larry M. Ziegenhorn, 337 Kay L. Zingsheim, 353 Karen S. Zirbel, 337 Tina A. Zirbel, 337 Richard L. Zirkel, 378 index-397 - ' awp' Charlotte Easley and Patricia Jones. fnot, shown-Clarie Akins Nfxj m V V 'L University KSthffw-Markyeigfi-Ierebsf I r- . , 'W M. M dz W eye sy sew :slang i flnuuuusgg gffggmggs ' f' ' Lys' M y 5 ,..,,ff' L X f . , V X F AW+ mW A , fw M 3 2 E V vatgiof masses E 43 ij 5 352 ?Q5 Lii?QZ..V?' ga we wew ?Mi.f5?? f5ffi.5'fi?f7 Y, ,,,, , 4. 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"Tex" Plunkett, a man who has probably started more people on their way in jour- nalism and related fields than anyone in the state, will retire from active teaching at ASU. ln his 38 years of service to ASU, Tex has seen the journalism department that he founded become a division and then the College of Com- munications. For years Tex, the first winner of the Wilson Award back in 1934, taught in the English depart- ment and sponsored The Herald. In the past he has headed up the News Bureau, handled sports information, served as chairman of the Athletic Committee and chairman of the independent Divi- sion of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing. Tex has been winner ofmany awards. Among them are a 1963 Arkansas Education Association award for 25 years of dedicated teaching, a 1963 Arkansas State College award from journalism students and alumni, a 1967 Arkansas Press Association award for dedicated and meritorious service to Arkansas journalism and a 1969 National Collegiate Association College Football Centennial Award. In 1967 a fund was started to institute a Tex Plunkett Scholarship to be given to an outstanding freshman journalism student. Also, in 1970, the ASU chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, in- stituted the L. W. "Tex" Plunkett award, presented each year to an ASU senior who has demonstrated the most service in journalism. Dr. Joel Gambill, chairman ofthe Division of Journalism and Printing and a former student of Tex's says of Tex, "I really don't know how we will ever be able to replace Tex. His value to this division and the University is not something that can be measured. He has devoted his life to this school." Dr. Carl R. Reng, president of ASU says, "Tex Plunkett has been a faithful, dedicated and most competent professor at Arkansas State University for a great many years. "His loyal service and inspiration will always be remembered by his associates and be embedded in the hearts of his students." For this, the yearbook staff would like to dedicate the 1973-74 Indian to Tex Plunkett. WALSYIOKTII Murceline, Mo., U.S.A.

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