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2R8!S!8! 1 5 I t I $ § t I t 4 4 I 4The 1973 INDIAN is similar to other yearbooks in that it tries to give a pictorial account of the past year’s activities at Arkansas State University. But it differs from past ASU yearbooks in several respects. The most obvious is the new, horizontal format. The most important is the attempt to emphasize the individual student at this school. A yearbook is for people and therefore should be about people. The tone this year is informal. And the emphasis is on you, the student. Welcome to the 1973 INDIAN.Students. Talon altogether, thoy ore what really comprise a university. Talon singularly, they are distinct individuals, with unique personalities and lifestyles. To the administration, they are a faceless, nameless enemy Inown only by the nine numerals of student ID cards. To the faculty, they ore listings on a roster — lost name, first nome. middle initial. To each other, they are merely fellow human beings in the same damn situation. For a lool at these INDIVIDUALS turn to Page 16.Ay animal lend to cluster together, end man is no different. The pach. the herd, the family, the organization. The names change but the purposes ere the same. Be they social, orofcssionel. scholastic or special interest, groups of students abound on the ASU campus. Those GROUPS are presented beginning C". Page 184.Computors. administrators, propor chanrols. faculty, and mil«! and mllos of red fapo mako up tho SYSTEM. It's this system that strips tho haploss student of his namo ood givos him in return a rank and sorial number. It directs student llfo and tho workings of tho university mechino. At host, it is solf-porpotuating. Tho systom breeds more of the seme — computers, Administrators, proper channels, faculty and miles and milos of red tepo .... That section bog:ns on Page 126.Day lc day life ot ASU it nwo a mattor of survival than anything else. From e'ass to clatt. day to day. week to woek. tatt to tatt. tamattor to semester. yaar to yaar. If tha grades don't gatcha. tho boredom will. But thara ora atcepet from tha routina. such as ba'!gamas. dancat. concerts and other, recreations. A few of the essentials of SURVIVAL at ASU are presented in tha section boginning on Pago 324.Imivi duals18 John S. Abernathy, Campbell. Mo. Zoology Bennie C. Adorn . Botetvllle. Eton . Ed. Conitenoe S. Adorn . Manilo, Eoity O'-IdWood Gory A. Adorn . Utt’e Reel. Clem. Cd. Lorry W. Ad m . Joneiboro. Elem. Ed. Marcia K. Ago , Jonetboro. 8.1. Ed. John Aldermen. Wwiter Ho von. Flo.. VA'd-'o Mgl. Sulie G. A'd'ldge. M tvec». Je.rroliim Jome 0. A!o.»ndor, Pino UuH, Aecoo tl'-a Lorry 0. Ao p do . Mount Verne . Gm. 8. . RIcAord C. Alo«order. St, loul . Mo. P. E. Coborob A. Allbright, Ne«por . Ele-. Ed. Aleeco A. Allen. Jocl o vi o. Speech Poth. Emily 8. Allen, little Reel. Speech Petit. Ronny J. ARen. Glllelt. Agifoeltute Ftencot J. AJIlion. Co'r«g. Soc. Sci. Rennie G. Alll o». Wotnut Ridge. Gen. Bui. Jo—i R. Andortoo. BMhevlI'e. Mo'hemetlc Jerry 0. Anderton. PeregoJd. Acco.nting Tondy I. Anthony, Ptoc or. Sociology John C. ArbwtUe III. Wo'dell Mo . Agrlc.l-.-o Cbode E. Arnold. Knobel. Biology Sherry L Arnold. Joneibeno. Art. Ed. To-nty I. Arnold. Poregoyld. Management Seniors Karen T. Ajh'ocl. Marled Tree. Engllih M le M. Atlorl. Shrrot. Iren. Chemlafry Sidney R. A!U on. PorLln. Gen. 8. , Mary E. Aultin. Ho«le. Elem. Ed. Ri he d M. Au»tln, Mountain Grove. Mo. P. E-B-ordn K. Auvendtlne. Little Rod. Engllth Mery Bloclor Aycocl. Joneibono. Art Robert 0. 8ohn. Hytheville. Jo.rna'lim Leroy Baird. Oereioe Vltege. Clem. Ed. Brett N. Baler. We t Mempjtl . Animal Scl-Kerneth S. Baler. Pocohonte . Management Lana V. Baler. McCrory, Special Ed.Seniors Slav D. Bilar. Watt MempKH. P. E. Palriei t. IiIMh Mon It . Elam. Ed. To-.y O. Ball d. Walnut Ridga. Joumaliim W.i dm f. 8a' )'d. Mam-«lK Spring. Animal So. IKomji R. Bilrj. PoeaRonlai. Accounting Robert L Band. Holly-ood. Calif™ Joumaliim CWand E. tarfrald. tilt: Rod. P. £. Nail R. Bft'lor. Norfo’i. Va.. fvinilag 8 et!y A. 8arn i. Pin (luff. Soe. S l. Oanny E. 8ar««tt. SaarCy. Elam. Ed. Kali A. lanaH, K«ni tt. Elam. Ed. M» .in G. Ban tt. N. Uttl Real. Man g mynt Rednay L. 8arr lt. Waal H l na, Sociology DaW R. Barron Jr, Oicaol . Soe. Sei. Judy K. Barron. Svifto". Bui. Ed. Gl n D. Bar1»'t. Wtiil«»at«r. Me. Agriculture Eliiab tl A. Bi'lon. fy-oma El m. Ed. Tlemai H. Batlini. Wait Hale-1 Marial -.j Run R. BauKan. Hardy, Mithamatici Richard 0. Batay. Piqgett. M«rl |,'ng Karon A. Ballon. Coming. Soac -si Ed. Mil Baur, OonipKan. Mo.. Art Mavan Baaird. Tru- inn Et m. Ed. J.' a M. 8 »lf«y. W :n„1 Ridg . Art Ed. Janie S. B 'd. B-'«ll y. Elam. Ed. Carol L. B atl y, Pa-agou'-d EnqIilA CR'illy B«a»»ri. W il'ord, B.i. Ed. Oanny L. B« b . Wdama«. Elam. Ed. Cynthia K. Ball. Joeaiboro. Elam. Ed. Oafcra M. Bannalt. N. Hill Rod. Spaath Phillip M. 6 m tt. Cariitl . Ag"i. Bui. Sharon Y. Carlid . Sp dal Ed. JoKn E. Banton. Manila. Zoology Mieha ! I. 8 nien. G'ee-«ay. Sociology M-:haal R. 8 -io«. Salem. Agronomy Sylvia J. B -g«y. S. Dayton. N. Y, P. E. 1920 Seniors Richard S. Barry, Jo-eiboro. ActouMinq UDon-a K. Belli. Paegbum. Special Ed J syr J. Blacl. Newport. Mathematics The E. Biscl. Joneibo-o. Early Childhood Chatlat 0. B'aclbom. Tucl r en. Gars. Bui (dibs' R. Blaqq. Hot Springs. P. E- Rsymord M. Uaney, Mountain Rome. Gar. B.i. Alice J, Hanle-ihip, Cardwell. Mo. P. E. Bs-bira J. Blende-. Jo-esboro. P. E, Robert E. B' «den. Pin eigH. Mathcmatti Clifford M. E-kt. Nayfor. Mo. Special Ed. Richard B. Boasth. Poplar Grove. Aqr.'c tuta Anthony Boblacl. Marled Tree. French lairy J. Bodolo'. .fc.-a-.boro, Pra Med. Mary M. Boles. Helena. Bus. Ed. N “ty C. Bond. N. Little Rocl. 8o«. Ed. Ce-ole A. Bor a. McCrory. Early Childhood Ed-srd O. Boo . Jooeibo-o. Hiitory f»J» K. Bo-ham. Jonaibono. Efam. Ed. Jeffrey D. Bonnar. Bradford. Bui. Mjt. Bill Boolar. El Dorado. Atccynlinq Janoi W. 8oran Jr. Blytheville. Mmeqe-iant Cra’q I. Bom. Kolomo. Ind_ M»'eqe ant Sybia A. Boat. Jo-a-.bcro, Special Ed. Sfav M. Bp.-di. Waln.t Rid-s . Boloqy Miry Ellao Knobal. Spatial Ed. Suvia Bowling. Jo-asbo-o. An Ban N. Bowman. Joneiboro. Mathe-a-ki W .'am F. Bowma-. Ellandalo. Minn. ActOontinq Shall G. Bor'ay. Marled Tie . Pol. S i. Jo-atKso Boyd. Hale-a. Sociology Mon, I. Boyd. Torrall. Pol. Sci. St oven J. Boyd. Paraqcr.ld. P. E. Gary O. Bcrjfas. Femdale. P. E. Larry T. Bradthaw, Holco-fc. Mo., Ge-. 8u»-Michael A. B-ady. Polls-d, Sot. Sci.22 Dwtf W. B.-«ll. S rdy Hoot. C«.. Soe. Sti. Ma'tht I. t.rr«H, WyfrtO, Socoloov H«rfe rt T. 8v" m. M» motk $prlr.q. Zoetoqy JoKmv I. IgfM. W»'.- it Rldq . EoqlitS L. Boi'ii. Jor ibofo. Gw. 8.i M«nk« A. B.'tow. N 1t’«to». E!«m. Ed, P O0y 0. futtour . M rl d Tr . El m. Ed. E o G. B.'twi. Rottot. P. E. Ro td R. C ld.f’l. WyM . M ft t;«J TF«m i L Cillo y, Holly G»o . Zoo'oqy PM H. Cimp. P»'»qo.ld. G «. B.i. Zom F. CampboU. «.-! • . 8ii. Ed. Jtrr nip C ' di-«. Mi jk l» G» . 8.1. Com' A. Ci's»iy. S dn y, Art Ed. Ron E. Card! . Ford . W.yiif Mqt. Ad 8. Caiey. B'-icl Rocl. Soc. Sci. 0 r,l A. Car ak . Stuttqart. Koloqy Thomn W. C 'o( «u. Pi«o Bluff. Pol. Sc!. Bi'bt’i E Cartar. 1 1 C-ty. Sp ch Bobby L Cart -. BtooUood. Pol. So. D bor k J. C.rtM, Mirot, N. 0. B.i. Ed. K tk ' « $. Cartar. AiX Fl t. Art Ed. log A in Cartar, Pottyvill . E«dy CMdbood Patricia that Cattar. Joooiko‘0. P. E. Opr R. CartvfiqM. Ho'Jy Grova. MuW »«rvdol)ft Coma. Bi'ttv a. M»rl t j B-t-id j C. Caindy. BytKayilla. Elam. Ed. Root'd W. C«t i. EUtinor . Mo.. Rology Gnii E. Cavity, M t!ioo. Art Ed. PamaU V. ChmUa Mi-l»nr»a. Art Frod L Ck.t W P -aqoJd. G . But. K tK f!ft f. Chimp, Pr JOtt, 8.1. Ed. latry W. Chjoco. Boy. Journal tm Joit 0 t«ay. Maiico City. Mn, Spoaitk fp ncK David K. Ctottar. Mountain Homo. Art M 'iS« thar CUttar. Da'lo . Elt . Ed.Seniors Mary E. CM , Piggott. Special Ed. Wilma 0. CMItC-r. Arby-d. Mo.. Spec'»l Ed. Etfe'ea CMittopfer. Clover 6e«d. Bui. Ed. Cl«'k M. Ck'. eK, t—cbr.ll . ferty CKJ Ood Deborah A. OurcK. A-ima' Sci. John T. O.rcK Sa'am. Animal Sci. Jimmy I. Clo'dy. Rector. Son. Bui. H-Tord D. Cl o' . Joy. Biology JdVn P. Clark. Cordroll. Mo. P. E. Lyndlo M. Oorl. Ne-pcrt. Bol. Ed. St’ob I. Clark. Aiby'd. Mo.. Elom. Ed. Sha'on 0. ©ark. Jonetbo-o. Earfy Childhood Dona P. C'oy. Judvona. Elom. Ed. Ja-ot I. ClarOon. Jo-eiboro. P. E. Michael D. Clifford. Joroiboro. Wi-aqamant Lanrr, L Q.ntce. Portia. Animal Sci. Cathy Coker. St. CKarlot. E m. Ed. George R. Colo. Pa-aqoild. Sen. Bui. Carolyn A. Coleman. Joneiboeo. S xJology JoKn W. Co'oman. Joroiboro. Son. But. Sharon S. Collatt. Ber on. Mathematici Anita J. Co’ ie. Mountain Homo. Ea-ly Childhood Becky J. Collier. Harrilborq. Special Ed. Don O. CoKni. Tuekerman. Accounting Ann Compton, little Roc I. Englith lhomai A. Co—plon. littl Roc I. Eco-omci Kenneth R. Cenatser. Trumern. Zoology Frank I. Co--or. He'ena. Acemetirr) D. Co -ad. Jonoibo'o. Ms-aqement Jamei M. Cook. Pi-e B'.ff, Sociology Sary M. Cooper. Joneibo-o. Speech Ja-ei f. Cooper, Jorveibo o. Son. But. Paul E. Cooper. Coot -. Mo.. Horticulture Jennifer I. Corpier, Parkin, Accounting Jerry W. Corvin. Hele-a. Sen. Bui. Weyne Co.lfor. lepa« o. Zoology 2324 Seniors Judy M. Cor. Greon-rey. Elem. Ed. Kenneth Cradcr, Pointer. Mo.. AgricaHtoe Goreldire A. Craft. Jo'e-.boro. Elem. fd. David 8. Craig. Rythevillo. A"i-el So . Ho-er L. Craig. Eto-el. P. E. Ri»e J. C'aig, P©-»he1e«. P. E. Garry D. Crain. Perlin. Ma'lating Steve M. Cramon. Pocehoetes. Sccio'ojr Michee' Ow. N, little Pool. Mty. S:i. Donna B. Cru-nbauqh. Joe el boro. Art Gayle A. Cdlum. Mo-otto, Accounting John C. Decvt. Jonetbons. Maoajtmont Betty J. Dail, Ravondo-. Boloqy Patricia A. Dale. Pig-jot . Soc. Sci. Se y R. Dale. Joeeiboeo. Early Childhood Joan Detriel. N. Utile Rocl. Sociology Peggy J. Dame Wa’aut Rdqe. F-q'iih Roi G. Darling. Bench Grove. History M lo W. DaVe J . Senarh. Mo.. A-imjl Sc!. W Illio M. Da.'dion. G-reniboro. M. C. P. E. t-'lie F. Davis. Blytheville, 8.1. Ed. Dorothea Daria. Marianna. Early Childhood Eufa M. Dovia. Joneibo o. B.t. Ed. Mary M. Dave, little Rocl. Elam. Ed. Peter Devil. Irjiyrepolii. Ird. Gen. 8ui. Richard A. Da il. P -e RvfF. Spooch John E. Day. Cornng. W’dlife Mgt. Sutan J. Day. Hobor Spring 1. Sociology Oeborsh A. DeClerl. Pocahontai. Manic Ed. William Dooly Jr.. Albuquerque. N. M.. Pol. Sci. Woyno Deen. Blythevii'e. Gen. Bui. Richard D. Delaney. Jonciboro. ChemHtry Virginia F. DeMoine. Stuttgart. Elam. Ed. Rich E. Cooler. St. loula. Mo.. P. E. Clarence C. Didtoo. Wait Me-p‘.i. Soc. Sci. lee D I ion. Navrarl. BiologySeniors Sf v n F. Di d 'ich. Jacltonv,!! . Sociology CiIMm 8. Dobb., Jonoiboro. Early ChAAood Nw. S. Dobb . Ho.; . E 4W Peggy K. Dodg . Newport. Et nt. Ed. Jam . R. Dooley. Delta. Mo., Soe. S ;. Sheila C. Dooley. Ch,'f« . Mo.. El . Ed. Tarry A. Oorrii. Alton. Mo. Hi.tory Oavid E. Dot ; '. Yallv,! . Accounting Robart 0. Don. Joneiboro. Accounting Linda K. Doty. Rec o . Elan. Ed. PaJ H. Doty. Walnut Ridq . AccounKnq Debra J. Dudar. Pi v:t . El - . Ed. Sutan E. D ff. Cowing. Mathematic. Ja-e A-n D.llal. Jon«tbo P. 8.1. Ed. Saod-a Y. D.qgar, Joneibero. E 4y Childhood lo-att K. Dul» y. Port! . Special Ed. D a'd R. D.n .ant, Jonaibo'o. H,.to»y G-andol.o C. D.ncan, Elytherill . El m. Ed. Ro-on L., Joneiboro. Po'. Sc.'. Rok 4 Dunn. littl Root. Pol. So. Do-gl . A. D to". Neihvilt . Journal' Ron.fd L. Durette, Colon.' . N. J.. Hiitory Lillian Ss D cham. Pocahontaa. Engl'nh Ron : J. Ea .. Mount Pieatant, Sociology Jir mv W. E ton. lepanto. Phytk Ma'ta C. Eaitefly. Jooaiboro. Enqli.h Su Edinqto . Com'nq. JournelHm Judith A. Edward., BVytheviH . Acco.nt g Genevra 8. Eldtodqe. Jon , boro. Sociology K -an D. Eld'idga. Wyn . El -.. Ed. Mil L. Elliott. N. littl Rock. Sociology Rebecca A. Elliott. TvcUrman. Special Ed. S d a Kay Elliott. Cardiyall. Mo. Mathematics Cydn y F. EWander. Meb Spring., Ete-o. Ed. Timothy P. Ephli- Wardtll. Mo.. MarLetinq S -u l I. E-yin, $• • City. Zoology 25Tommy L Eit«i. Aih Fl»t,Seniors Larry E. GaMa-sora. Poc-'ar Huff. Mo. Sot. St-'. Karon R. Gambol. Jonasbono, Sociology Ginger P. Gamfe.1l. Jonesboro. Medical Tack. Rita A. Gan bill, Jonesboro, Soe. Sci. Jay C. Gan-feUr. Jonesboro. WU 'o Mgr. Madene 1C. GameO. Jonesboro. S tnisk Gaylon H. Gemm . Jo-etfeoro. Pal«v I. Gi««. HyttsarMe. Elam. Ed. Ann S. Gamar. Jonesboro. Spaa h Patfr. Gary C. Gerrott. Doll. Socofecy Carol S. Garrlio . Jonesboro. 8u . Ed. Jana E. Gatai. Jonesboro, Pcf. Sc!. Tarry W. Gibbons. Carter. (do. Elam. Ed. Thomas H. Gifefei. Star Cty. Wildlife Mat. Lloyd £. Gbson. Socra-onto, Calif. Wildlifa Mgt. M chael 0. Gibson. Recto-. Wildlife Mgt. Mckaal O. Gbson. Jonasbono. History Rlorsda K. Gibso . Malvern. Soc!olo Jv Jamal P. Gilbert. Hoala. Accounting lon-'a J. GUbratk. Koi'a. Art Ed. Jama. C. Glllam. Pad In P. E. Janas C. Giles©' . Jo-asboro. Journalism Donna K. Gilnoro. Sylmer, Caf.f. Elam. Ed. Norma J. Gilmera. Swiften, lut. Ed. Vicli Jo Give-s. We-ar, Joyma-sm R-sta'l A. Gold. Jo esboro. Gan. 8us. David W. Goff. Pocahontas. bology Tarry J. Goodman. Port Dodge. Ic-.n, Drama David R. Goodson Black OaL Pra-laa Elisabeth E. Goodwin, A - ia. Elam. Ed. Johr.-.y E. Goodw'n. Ask Bat. Elam. Ed. Kristie Goodw'o. El Dorado. Special Ed. William L Gott. Jonesboro, Accotntiaq Dalonai J. Go.ld. Goravillr. III. Pol. Sci, William A. Savor. Garrar, N. C.. Printing Robbia C. Grady. Jo-asboro. P. E. s V 2728 Seniors Frenlll Oranger, Eliiebeth City, N. C. Printing Ja-ea C. G-svm. Wolft.i Ridge. Hiitory FiitH R. Grey. Paregoyld. Muve Ed. Gary P. Gray, Todermen, Accounting Ji-my F. Gray. Tyronia, P. E-M id eel 0. Gray. BVthe«ille. P. E. Darna R. Great. 0©»iplan. Mo. Vocal Mgtk Robo't J. Gro ’. Hoiia. Soc- Sci. Vicli A. Groo-. Little Rock. P. E. Ba-ney I. Gree-»«y. Ps'egou'd. E gKih Gloria 8. Griffin. Sidney. Bon. Ed. Magert Griffin. Ooll. Gan. But. William A. Griffin Jr.. G.'more, Soc. Sci. Ratty S. Grigvby. Jcnevboro. Art Richard C. Grim. N. Hollywood. Califs Printing Ofit G.'nar Jr„ Monatta. Special Ed. Janay Gw, Alton. Mo. Art Robert S. G.nta . Cimpball. Mo.. Pol. Sci. General D. Guntharp. Walnut Ridge. Gao. Brt. Joa C. Gajiewvcj. Wainor. Gan. Bu». Brenda G. Gwa'iney. Joinar. Soacial Ed. Relay W. G»a'lnay. Wa'".» Ridge. Marlefng Jo C. Haag, Card.ol, Mo.. Elam. Ed. Morrii F. Han, Richmond. Va. Printing Marian L Heigh. Parlin. Art Joyca I. Ha'ay. Ward. Mathematict lorry D. Hall. Pina Bluff. Gan. Bg». Hanroy 0. Ham. Pina Bluff. Gan. Bui. Evelyn F. Hamilton. Tuclarman. Special Ed. Jerry R. Hammond. Searcy. Marletinq Roiamary Hampton. N. litt'a Rod. Art Clinton R. Hancock. Krobal. Gan. 8u«. Donald J. Hancock. Dovpton. Mo. Soc. Sci. Do«ne T. Hannah. My-led Tree. Speech Pa‘h. Gary N. Hannah. Marled Tree. Economic Ada'a Ha din. Recto’. Elam. Ed.Jemal E. Hardin. A.g.ira. AgrL Bui. Shiafa M. Herein, Rector. Speech Pafh. Tad R. Hardin. Mimadule. Phytic Patrick J. Hardy. Joraibcco Soc. Sci. Bobby R. Hargii. Me' Sociology David L. Hargrave. Avoca. N. Y. 8ui. Ed. Baverly J. Hargrova. Jora-.boro. EJam. Ed. Ja-ai M. Harkar. Btjthavita. Economic! John W. HaAin. Trumern. Zoology Jerema D. Harrington. E.i’it. Ra P. E. Aubrey L Harni III. For rail Cty. Agri. Engr. Bobby G. Hem'i, ParagoJd. Manege-ent Frankie E. Har'il. Pocahontai. Elam. Ed. Mabel I. Harrii. S-ifton. Soc. Sci. Michael T. Harrii. Peragould. Sociology Kaltay L Herriion. 8l. ‘av- a. Engliih Johnny D. Hertwick. D.imiicur. Animal Sci. John F. Harvay. Jonaiboro. Rad'ro-TV Kathy S. Hat h i. W i ar. Ele-v Ed. Branda J. Hathcoek. Monatta. P. E. Roy E. Herhcock. Jonatboro Acco.nt g Edda C. Ha.V'ni Mou-t Ve- en. P. E. Glenda F. H t.lini. Pocahontai. Accounting Lind» M Haalini. Pocahontai. Accounting Richard P. Hentini. Mov't Vc -: . P. E. Ricky L Head. BateiviTo. Gan. B,t. Mary J. Haafnar, Waln.i Ridga. Accounting F-a-k 0. Henery. We-er. Soc. Sci. Danila Handrit. Jonoiboo, Spaniih ( French Pa-J L Hon ion. 8Mhtvifla. Accounting Edd'a L Herle'n. Helena. M megemmt Phil W. Hat in. Bay. P. E. Carol,n A. Haitar. Datto. Erg’ih Glam A. HibJon. Jo-aiboro. Joumeliim Herman G. Hicl-an. Trumenn. Agri. Ed. Tarry L Hell. Paragould. Accounting Seniors 2930 Larry W. Hiqq.'ni, Mailed Tiee. Special Ed. E«- J. Hill. Mow. S-.i. Ed. J'm C. Hil. Pa-ngou'd, Zoology Linde R. Hill. Moio. Joumalltm Frank C. Hi-di. Joneiboro. Wildlife Mgt. Joe M. H eiky. HomeriyBe. Mo.. Sociology Stephen J. Hinetly. Homorwille. Mo„ Zoology Jamei T. Hodgei. Joneiboro. Zoology Johnny R. Hol-iie'd. Hytheville. Gen. lot. Edward T. Holla'd. Or phan. Mo.. Clem. Ed. Jamei M. Ho'and. Mo-efte. P. E. Pamela J. Holla'd. Jatliomrille. Early Childhood Ph.:.p G. HoTemen. MtCrixy. Gen. Bui. Oarfoi K. Holey. Haber SpriMf. Ge . But. Je-et L Hol"ei, Here . PeJ. 5ci. Pool V. Holmet Weil MempWi. Radio-TV Hv-a T. HoM Ji.. lonole. Gen. But. Mithael P. Holt. Kennett. Mo, Agii. Eng . Tony W. Honey. Monelle. Ge«. 8- Kona'd R. HopKm. Fed Leonard Wood. Mo.. German Edward H. Horton. Turrelt. Management John 6- Hodon. Forreit City. Agri. Eng'. Torry J. Morion. Jo'eiboro. Education Sa-mie 0. Houie. Joneiboro. Accounting A-ita I. Howard. Walnut Ridge. Gan. Bui. Suian Howard. Piqqott. Special Ed. Te"» R. Howard, Coming. Soo. Sci. Marry A. Howe. Ne-pod. Art Ralph F. Howell. Orlando. FU. Pol. Sci. Barry F. Huber, Wc’rer, Agri. But. Dorothy Jea Huddle. Myrtle Mo, Ele-r. Ed. Sherry D. Huddleiton. Jonetbxo. Soo. Sci. Carolyn 8. Hudg’.M. Jonaiboro. Marketing Phillip L Huelt Eliiabeth. Agric.lture Loretta A. Hugg'-M. la?e. Biology Earl R. Hoghet Little Rock. D'a-a SeniorsSeniors Goalie M. Huletf. Jonaiboro. Soc. S i Francei J. H.mberf. Marianne. 6... Ed. Clranee P. Hunter. Oxford. N. C„ Printing J«"« F. Honte-. Ce-nden. Hiifory WilEom A. Hurfey. Bem’ie. Mo, AccomKh) R’cl r W, Hiilry. Strawberry, Ag ulM« Michael C. Hutiell Searcy. Accounting Cbariei F. Hyman, Waif Mempbli. Zoology Debra libmsel. Truminn. Elem. Ed. Robert S. Jeekicn, Jcooiboro. Mi-aqerraet Ronald B. Jtc'ion. Joneibcco. Management Joa P. Jamal. Bsteivlte. Pre-Med. Ma-bn E. Jemei. Hardy. Bam. Ed. M e L Jamat. Pocebontei. Animal ScI. Moby H. Jamai Pocebontai, Special Ed. Gary R. Jamaion. Pino Huff. Accounting Irandona Je.ini. Jonaiboro. Muilc Robort N. Jeff'eyl. NeibvPte. M. C, Printing Patricia W. Jenkint. Smackover. Bam. Ed. Eliaebeth D. Jobni. Jonaiboro. Elam. Ed. Barbara S. Jobmon. Jonaiboro. Ea-ly Cldbood Jamai P. Jobnion. Pina fluff. Gan. Bui. Jamai W. Jobnion. Joneibo-o. Gan. Bui. Jeffary M. Jobmon. Mebo.-ne. Gan. Bui. Norma H. Jobnion, Alro . Mo, Elam. Ed. PbllVp I. Jobnion. Poplar Buff. Mo, Drama Ronnie W. Jobnion. Can-thtcivllle. Mo, Bam. Ed. S. T. Jobmon. Jonaiboro. Pol. ScI. Stanley H. Jobmon, Arbyrd. Mo, P. E. Tbomai J. JcAmo-. Jo-aiboro. P. E. Karon Johniton. Eudora. Cngllib Oolorli K. Jonai, Bamle, Mo, Soc. ScI. Don W. Jonai. Jonaiboro. Journo 11 im Evelyn V. Jorei, Bythoville. Special Ed. Haricbat L Jonai. Newport, Pra Dental Jama L. Jonai. Pina Bluff. Bui. Ed. 31Seniors Judith A. Jones. M.srmadule. Art Ed. Keith A. Jonei. Jonesboro, Socialogy Linde Jones. Pocahontas. P. E. Louis F. Jan l. Palestine. P. E. M cheat F. Jones. Weil Me—PkH. Acco.ntng Pteston 8. Jmm. Wynne. Sociology Roselle D. Jones. Ou'm, Mo . Ele—. Ed. Stan V. Jones. Wei .’ Ridge. MerLef.-g Erm-t L. Jordan. Gideon. Mo.. P. E. shannon K. Kaffla. Jonetboto, Speech P.s h. Robert T. Kam—. Eerie. Acco-jn'ing Joyce M. Kee. Jonesboro. Sociology Weedi M. Keeling. Lefo. Elem. Ed. Mary Beth Keeler. Hetrnon. Elem. Ed. Reggie D. Keith, leechv e. Gen. But. Linda C. Kell'-'. Stuttgart, P. E. Jimmy H. Ke-o Jr,. McGehee. Agriculture Ruth A. Kamo. Jaclsonviie. Elam. Ed. Terry W. Kemp. JeclicnvXe. Gen. But. Via; t. Kemp. McGeiee. Special Ed. Jimmy R. Ke-d'ia. Care-sy. Accounting Ann E. Kennedy. Weitpoet. Conn, English Shelley L. Kernodle. Mo-ette. Elem. Ed. Ro'eld H. Ketth. Star City. Agriculture Diene L Ketehem. Jonesboro. Spaniih Erie L Kieffner. Pe'agould. Accounting Elisabeth A Kby. Royal. Art Judith S. Klimt". Searcy. Elem. Ed. Cletdie C. Ki-q, Harrisburg. Accounting Donald E. King. Harrisburg. Accounting Donald W. King. Myrt’e. Mo-. Agriculture Jofto C. King. Jonesboro. Music Mei-ke H. King. Paragould. Gen. But. Glen D. Kinlede. Betnie. Mo. Marlotiaq Christopher L Knight, Jonesboro. Special Ed. Jane Knight. N. Little Rock. Pol. Sci. 34 Mil G. Mallory, Hoi Spring.. MtMotiw.! J»r l Jone. Man ell. Coming. Bom. Ed. Jim 0. MomII, Coming. Gon, B.,.. Barbara J. Mo gru—. Jcnatbooo. Spo«h Mary E. Manning. Joneibo-o. Elam. Ed. linde S. Marconi. Oawfordtvlile. 8ui. Ed. Go'ry 0. Marlin. Ce-dwall. Mo.. Go". But. S'eplan D. M .rlowa. flora nee. S. C.. Pricing Jama. f. M»«olli. Crawfordurille. Soc. $ !. RicKard I. Marlol. New Britain. Conn. Manage-ent Debo-ah J. Martin. Tr.rrann. Ele-. Ed. Pamela J Marlin. Jo'a.boro, Early Childhood R'noba F. Marti-. Jo-otboro. Early Ch?dkood Mary Jan Mnwr. Jontibono. Ed. Glen E. Malhany. ftichmcod. Va.. Printing Howard J. Matthew. Jr., Ra er»de". G ‘ B.l. Jinmif I. Marfiold. Pat Rrrer. Mo.. Zoology Steve 0. Mo Bride Paragould. Marl ti-g Slolia J. McCann. Pocehe-t»,. $o« i»l Ed. Cynthia G. MoOinfocl. Jonetboro. Elam. Ed. BUly J. MoCoBum. N. little Rocl. Marlat'.-g theme. A. McCord. Ctmdon. Marlating Van McC' :len, Jonoaboro. Hiitory Darrell R. McCrillit. Pggott. Geography Gerald D. McCrillii. piggotl. Agronomy Nancy C. McColley. Paragould. Ele-. Ed. Contlance •«. McDaniel. Fo'reit City. Erglih linde G. McOaniel. Trumann. Spool.I Ed. Nancy K. McDaniel. Paragould, Acoou 'i-g Robert 8. McOaniel. Hoi Spring., Gen. Bu». leVonne G. McEnllre. Yellrilla. Go-. B.-r. Terria N. lAcFerterd. Mo'elte, Special Ed. Karaite G. McEarlin. Mo-afte. Elam. Ed. Jmo-e H. McGee. Hvritb g. Soo. Sci. Dodd I. McGcugh. Winter Hive . Pa. P. E. Pa-ela K. McHalfoy, Bfytlevil.. Ele- Ed. Seniors36 Seniors Pamelt A. W»i». Jadtonvll'a. Jo-j' Tbcmat A. Moor . W»livt Ridga. Joomalltm Kathia I. Moigm, Mtr-iadula, Se«: l Ed. Wohad R. Mo-ltr. Hot Springi. Donna R. Mgrrii. Jor-aifeo'o. EnqliiV U'ry C. Moerti. Jonaiboto. R»dio-TV Danlal C. Momion. Vallay V, «. Gtn. B.i. David M. Motriton. Bay. Hlitory Denny R. Moniwi, Lv ora. Soc. St!. Eviratta Morton. Jaclsonvillo. N. C.. Printing Tbom« O. Movar. Jonaibo»o. Joitm'Ii" Dora C. Miclentluwt. Batavia. III.. San. Boa. Michaa' M,-ma. Cad.-atl. Mo.. Elam. Ed. S-.nn L Mu-m. Chaniae Waqn. But. Ed. Philip J. MifpJvy. BoolleM. Animat Set. HuqWn J. M.rray. littln Rod. Sociology Jarry R. Myart. Sodg«id. San. Bit. Janat E. Nanca. Wait Ma-pMt. Radlo-TV John E. Nan lay, YaftnTa. Anir-al Sci Johnny M. Naalay. Piqqott. Enqlitb JoKn I. Wait Hola'O. Accojntnq Join T. Notion. Jonaiboro. Mmganttl Richard E. Nt.borfy. Pa'agov'd. Ag-i. But. Pfiyfllt V. Nicbolat. Spatial Ed. Jody J. Niei'ei. Da Soto. Toe. Spaclal Ed. Gary P. Nl«. Eo'reif City. JoamatHm Uar w C. Nolan. Kncbal. Bam. Ed. Lanvea R. Nolat. Joratbo-o Accounting Mieb' A. N01K1. Jsieiloa. P. E. Rieha-d H. Norrlt. Jenatbom. Gtoqnpby Ja-ry R- North. Wo«t Plaint. Mo- Economic! Onto S. Noithcutt. Wot Mampt.'i, Pea-Mad. Don R. NonV u|t. Caditla. Mat'a-alkt Etta Norton. Pa-agould. P. E. Jamri M. Norton. Hain'ton. Art Dabra E. Obilt-:l. lltfa Root. Spaach Path.37 Written H. OKelley. Gobi '. Mo, Agti. But. Gary 8. Oldham. Ken-aft. Mo, Agri. 8wt-Tarty F. Olda, Plg-}Ott, Agronomy Gary D. Otmtby, Doniphan. Mo, Pre-Dantal IFckiy A. Orton. Poplar 8Mf. Mo.. Oem. Ed. Emert M. Ore-bay. Richmond. Ve. Mooting Micheel R. Jonetboro. Spocial Ed. Rodney K. O-an. MermadAe. Wildlife Mgt. Donnie O-e-t. lolo City. Gen. B.t. TKooit R. Ocflni, Woleyt Ridgo. Goo. But. IM E. Parlor Jr, Malbourno. A-imel Sc!. MrVi D. Parlar. V «i Mtmphit. Made ting Larry L Parian. Walnut Ridgo. Gan. Bur. Sharon G. Porfan. Paragoutd. Clam. Ed. Theodore Parian. Paragoutd. Gan. But. U-rr J. Partin. Dali. Rad o TV Join H. Portnoy. Piadmont. Mo, Biology Willieaa C. Pad. Pa-agouU. Methe-aticr Cynthia L. Payee. Clin too. Elam. Ed. Jarty W. Pavo. Payra-ffr. Gan. Bar. Michael 0. Paine. Ma'lad Tree. Gan. 8ut. William R. Payne. Joraaboro. Gon. B.i. Charter R. Pearce. B-od'o-d. Agri. Ed. Millia Pea-la. N. Little Reel. Joumalirm Seniors Delra J. PeHey. Jonarboro. fnglith Diana Pa'tt. Ke-natt. Mo, Journelirm Ronald H. Pane. Pocehontat. Maileting Join G. Pan-ington. Neaport. Sptoith Join R. Par-’.ra. Watt Mamphit. Speech Corrinna G. Parry, Ulyrtei. Ke-, Early Childhood Larry G. Parry. Pe-egou'd. Ma'agamant William H. Pettit. Coming, Joumalirm Bruce W. Phillip t. Camden. Special Ed. John F. PMttpt III. Holly Grove. Art Ed. Trevp T. Rippin. Malhematet Lo-rell D. Pi-Ip. Jcnatboro, Art Ed.38 Carl J. Phlppa Jr. Melbourne. Agronomy Urde K Pltloay. Hoeia. Spatial Ed. Chatter G. Mart . Mam»oth Spring. Zoology Mary G. Korea. Pa'll". Ele-r. Ed. Tarty L Prance. Flint. Mich. Maneqenrent Jimmy I. Pltlilo . Trimen-. Mo"eqemenl B-.ce E. Polaal. Jonetbeno. Gan. But. Barbara A. Poltqrove. PlqqoM. Bam. Ed. David L Poltqrove. Plqqott. Ge». But. frad I. Porter. Naylor. Mo.. Sot. Sol. Robert E. Pott. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Gao. But. Marl W. Pottl. Jo-aaboro. Animal So. Elaine M. PovellaK Netbville. Ill, Sociology Sara A. P'ett. Jonetbono. Special Ed. Both M. Pretley Tr,mon». Soo. Sol. Jaftlt C. P' a. Beebe. P. E. llnda S. Price. Tatarlana. Speech Path. Nell T. Prke. Co d. Marla mallet Rao Jar- Price. Rector. Spaclal Ed. Raba K. Prce. Ma-Ha. Spatial Ed. CKa-'ai F. Pridmo'e. Ne-vport. Phy. Sci-fi ont'd L P'oclor. Wynra. Ec onomlct Marianne Puqb. Cimden. N. C.. Prlnllnq Teddy W. PylaM. Jonetbo»o. Soc Sd. R.J. Quin . P-a B!v«. Dra-a Franl E. Ralnet. DeWilt, Acoountlnq Ne-a E. Rainey. HiO'et Jou-na' tm Ho«a d L Ralph. Watt Momphlt, Gan. But. Richard I- Ramtey. Si. Maryt. Ga. Mutie Wiliam E. Ra-adell. 0»l«ey. III. Jovalltm PavAa J. Rawla. Crottall. Spaclal Ed. lorry I. Ray. Jo«etboro. Art lar.t V. Ray. M tried Tree. EngSth Rodney J. Rea. Kirltv'llo. Mo.. Pre-Mod. Suien P. Raa. Bradford. Pre-Mod. VTcll M. Redd'd. Paraqoutd. MarletngSeniors Joseph C. MC . Weat Memphia. Sot. Sti. Mary Jen Run. Denton. Tat, Mutt Ed. Ka'Vrtrin P. Reorti. Memphia, Tern,. Speech p th. U E. Reevea, Forreat City. Soeioloqy Emet J. Raid. Joneaboro. Ajwo'y Jamot C. Reynold,, Cla'andor. Aqricwitur De.ral W. Rhooda. Jonaaboro. Soc. Sti. Y onr Rhode,. Rtuandna Springa. Soeioloqy Janie G. Rie . Thayer. Mo. Art Ed. Gary L RtKadion. Timbo. Aqri. Ed. Kathy D. Richardto . Rayno. Eady Childhood Kathy J. Rieherdtor. Blyfhavil . Eng. t Spa'-i" Kay W. Rieherdton. Riito. Mo.. Early Childhood Roeler F. Richardto . Ba'd Knob. Aqri. Ed. Martha I. Rllay. Wynn . Enqlith Bta'da N. Ritchey. Helena. Rem. Ed. Sarah M. Robarton. Searcy. Ram. Ed. Thomea A. Robert. Walnut Rdoe. Sot. Sci. Frankie D. Roberta, Joneiboro. Gen. B.t. Gary 8. Roberta. PereqorAd. Mofhe-atiet Kitty W. Robina. Uachrrill . Ele-. Ed. Thomea D. Robot, LoichriHe. Aqri. Ed Ceri W. Rob1"ton. HomertySe, Mo.. Aqroeemy Get L Robinaon. E mi . M-o. Soc. Sci. Undi F. Robinaon. Naeport. Elem. Ed. Norman Robinaon Jr. Darter, Mo.. Aqronomy Patricia A, Robi-ion. Poplar B.Ff. Mo, P. E. Wendy K. Robinaon. Newport, Rom. Ed. Terry L Rodery. Ca pbeU. Mo. Aqri. E'qr. Ruth I. Rodqert. McGeh , Special Ed. Sere A. Roqera. 8iythe»ill . 8ut- Ed. Cherrey Roqera. Cominq. Speech 0 berth R. Roqart. Jcneaboro, Elem. Ed. Donna E. Roqera. Mermadul . Rado-TV Geylon R. Roqera. Ke-nott, Mo., Aqri. 8ua Joyce E. Roqera. Piqqott. 8ut- Ed. 3940 Seniors Sheton K. Rogen. t-i‘»iri'e. lady C’ Idhood Rickey 0. Rook, Jorelbonj. Minegement I O'I R. Rccior. R ovondon. Soc. s :. Robert E. Roie. Mo-moth Spring. Soc. S :. Ro nie G. Rot . Peducoh. Ky. Modeling John S. Rom. Co'uthe'vrille. Mo, Pol. Sc . Hone Roitomi. Tph'en. Iren. Mooege-ent Botboro M. Rou-dl, Welt MemphH. Englivh Conn'e M. Routon. Memedul . Modemetici Ce'ol S. Ro-lond. litt'e Reel. Soc. So. Stanley A. Row’ett. S•niton. Medico) Tech. Cord A. Run-eli, Jo'etbo'o. A-t Roy S. Rynticl. Ho'dy. EUm. Ed. Cetby L. Rupetd. Jooeibo-o. Spoo'el Ed. Sim M. Ruling. Jo er. Englith Jot P. Rujvel. Moron. Engli No' I. Rimefl. Herniburg. P. E. Do' W. R .nom. Compbell. Mo. Agd- Eng'. Mi:heel E. Rutledge. Joneiboro. Art Jell Socket!, Fo'rv'e. Height, III. Merego-ent Hoyden L. Sodler. Tr.mero. Joumetiom Uny J. Sego. Pocehontot. Gen. lut. Michoel S. Seller, W.lnington. 0 ’ Redio-TV Pomelo K. Seltr-on. Cot-pbel. Mo. Englith Jimmy R. So-ye', Wye. -g Mi film Soever. Joneiboro. Speciol Ed. Joln A. Schee'er. St. louH. Mo. Gen. tut. Rogef S. Schi-ming. Joneiboro. Accounting Dotty! L. ScMenlen Ctarry Volley. Gen. t.,. Oovid G. Schneide', MotthenO. Mo. Agri. Engr. Diene 6. Scott. Mo'lmne. Modeling Gory S. Scott. Newport, Art M cheel B. Scott. Bono Sociology Potrici J. Scott. Pocohonte . Mothemetici Mo-cio L Settle-oi'. Piggott. Fte-ch M fy E. Shoclolfo-d, Jooeiboto. Ele-. Ed.Pa.le I. Sharp. Ash Flat. EIe . Ed. David P. Shaver. Jo-a-.boro. Engllth S Philosophy Gregoey B. Shelloo, Poplar 8?««. Mo. P. E. R. dh A. Slolton. Ko-•art. Mo. Bui. Ed. S. -dra K. Shelton. Rector, Ela-. Ed. Solan A. Sholloa. Houston. Mo. Bit. Ed. Dana, O. Shields. Poach Orchard, Agnes furo Torrv Shipman, No«arl. Hitlory Jody B. Showallar, Tsclotmao, B.i. Ed. Paliy A. Sl- nrs. ManHs. Accounting Marl E. Sieving, Si. Louis. Mo.. Accounting Woodrow W. SlgmVi, RJ,the ille. Gan. B.i. Julia I. Simpson. Jonoibo-o. Elan. Ed. A-n M. Singleton. little Reel. Bui. Ed. Ainelle S. Slalaf. Fo-roil CHy. Zoology Janos E. Slalar. Oscoda. Accounting Mery E. Sloan. Jonosboro. P. E. David L. Sma'loy. Caldwell. Med'cel Tech. Nell Snarl. Blythevll'e. Enqllsh Jimmy D. Sme'cer. Paraqould, Gan. Bui. Oadai I. Smith. Hqgs,tt. Soe. Scl. Giry M. Smith. Coun'.-g. P. E. James A. Smith. Bstervl"o, Phy. Sc -Janlca Ann Smith. PeregouW. Elen. Ed. Jeff D. S-:ih. BaW K'ob. Aqrl. Ed. Jerry L Snlih. Wilson. Aq culture Judy I. Smith. Corning. Elam. Ed. Kathleen D. Sn'ih. Pompton lalei. N, J„ 8ui. Ed. Leon C. Snlih Weil Mamphit. Pro-Engr. Michael V. Smllh. Plra HuEf. Marlellng Ray A. Sml'h. Pauego.ld. Biology Rida'd F. s-lrh. Camden. Bui. Adm. Robert M. Smith, Walnut Ridge. Agrl. Erq». Thonei J. Smith. Earle, Special Ed. Neon! 8. Snead. Eait Preble. Mo_ Efem. Ed. Wi'na 6. South. Pigged!. Elam. Ed. Seniors 4142 Judith L Somll. Th y r. Mo, Art Ed. Stm n T. $ow H. Jon ifeo o. Zoology S. Sp an. Jouiboro. Bui. Ed. Jim 0. Spooc . AvlKt, Aqri. Ed. P uU C. Sp«ne . P. E. Ta'mago V. Wynn . Pol. Sol. Sara S. Sol i. PocAtabi. Elom. Ed. K :th E. Sta «y. Pofooou'd. P. E. Shi-on K. S'Ky. Romane . But. Ed. Undo $. Stal . Moult," Viaw. Byl. Ed. Andrea L Stalkup. Ma—adul . $c « 1 Sara L Suite VP. Mario . Kglgqy He'an S‘o "qi. Wait Momphii. Spoeial Ed. W.'liam R. Stanto'. Para-JO.Id. Minaq r- nt Frank W. Staple!. Piggott. Bo!. Adm. M. 0. Staton. Lonoke. Chamlitry Petrol, J. Staub. Paragcutd. Radio-TV W Horn N. $!••'«. Hop . Sociology Cha-lana Ste-n N. Li Ml .Rod. Joanuliim Howard L SUwert, Br!nll y. Joumaflim Keren J. Stewart. littl Rook, Gen. But. Jo C. Stool!. Lo l . Aqronotny Harry L Stout. Li Ml Rock. Pot Sol. Jam i R. SMI, Truminn. Accounting Thom,! D. Street. Bald Knob. Male Ed. Charlotte J. Strollerd, Lepento. Bom. Ed. Rottnne M. Strong. Hot Spring!. Engliih Kenneth D. Stuart. Malvern, See. Sol. Davy L Studl . Portagprill . Mo.. Bui. Ed. Dan A. So liman. St. loua. Mo, P. E. De-n!i P. S.mmavi. Pi®dmoat. Mo, Art Sa ah E. Swleegood. N. littl Rook. Kt. Ed. Join H. Swop . 8 ngo'. P . P. E. Harry E. S»l r. Ho y Grow . P. E. Bobfc'a J. Taylor, Stuttgart, Engliih B'oea W. Taylor. Jo aboro. Zoology SeniorsSeniors Debe-ah F. Taylor. W,nra. E!em. Ed. Omnii E. Taylor, Mountain View. Agri. Engr. Michtel S. Taykor. Wait Helena. Zoology Pa-jgy A. Taylor. Walnw, Socijioqy Rebecca J. Ta oe. Hole-a Specie' Ed. Robert 8. Ta or. Searcy. Management La'ry R. Teague. Marked Tree. Gen. B.i. Danny H. Tharp. Coming. Soc. Sci. Tarry 0. Tharp. Corning, Accounting Chir'ai 0. lhaiton. Coming. M.iic Alan R. Thomei. Pcp'i' Buff. Mo, Gan. But. Dalomi J. Thomnl. Beeke. Englilh LUfa M. Thomai, L-.rora. Cut. Ed. Patrick A. Thomai. Forrait City. Manigement Richt'd E. Thomti. Winter, Fla. P. £. Wa,«a R. Thomai. Pina B'.'f. E'g'iih David E. Thompto". Trumaro. Gat. But. dm D. Thcmpion. Parkin, P. E. letry G. Thompto . Pocabo-tni, Accounting Michael N. Tho-rpion. W,nna. Pol. Sci. Natcy L Thompton. Pocaho-fai. Soc. Sci. Jettye lua n Thombrough. Blylhevll’e. Elam. Ed. Oavid J. Throeick Pccahon'ni. Pd- Sci. lanny R. Tinker, Hcaie. Horticulture Deborah K. Tinkle. Mountain View. Sco. Sci. Linda K. Todd. DolL £W Ed. Kenny J. Tolbert. fono, Gan. Cut. Cll J. Tome-I n, Parago.ld, M ithamatici S‘eplen M. Toney. Hote- i. Agri. Bui. Jamet c. Torfuien. Efythe.ille. Rsd'o.TV Demis E. Tow.e-d. Blythevitle. Medical Tech. Deborah J. Tracer. Parago.ld, Matbamatict Larry W. Tread-ay. Ne-port. P. E. Diana Treeoa. Mamphii. Tana, Sociology Wiliam Tro'ama’. Joneiboro. Accounting French Maurice I. Trifat. Gdlatt. Gen. B.l. 4344 Seniors Jobr T. TUI, Jonoibo'o. Pol. S i. Petncio A. TUI. Stuttgart. Enqlieh «ondolin Y. Tumor. Solrey. Sooioloqy Sammy E. Tumor. Ne«poit. Gooqroply lomot G. Tomey. Joroiboro. P. E. Stove e. Tye. Sn'Oy. Go-.. Bui. Corol A. T,er. Won Ridge. Spatial Ed. Rodney L Tye'. Pote'onfei. Go". Bui. -»nd.i L. Tyler. PocoVontoi. A l Hva’d E. Va-to. Jo-oiboio. Aqri. E qt. Belinda M. V -jn!i, Joonfc ro. But Ed. Jerry J. Verril. Potobcntei. Agronomy Patricia X. VauoKin. Joneibcro. Elam. Ed. Tbomei W. VeuflHen. Jochoovillo. flo. Go". Bui-Jimei Vaogb . Pe'eqoUd. Accounting Jerry L Vincent. Lolo City. Mu tic Thomei S. Vondren. F«e-ei» City. Soc. Sci. Tolitho P. Waqne». Manila. Special Ed. Me-oditl L. We i«. Stuttgart. Seociet Ed. L'.-d M. Welace. Byti-o.iMo, Engliih Gory 1. Weller. Pategou'd. Mfletinq KetWeen Wa'binqK.’ Mampbii. To"". Special Ed. R. Wo-d. Port S-itk Gr-ograpt-r WoMor E. Ward. N. little R«l. Radio TV Micbeel J. Wordoo. Oiford. Aqncuttute EliiobotS H. Wetion. »-oiboro. Pro-le-Joke O. Wetfbury. Cornelia. Ill- Sociology Me-iba L We-I.-I, Jonoibo-o. SocWegy Tommy Witloi. Meruell. Goo. Bui. Oe-»ii R. Walton. Ke-nett. Mo. Gon. Bui. ElirebetK Walton. Star City. Social Ed. Jonathan G. Wetion. Eedo. P. E. Rkl J. Wetion. Poregould. P. E. Dianne 1. Wey. Jonoiboio. Speech Path. Jo-oi E. Woy. Stuttgort. Go’. B.i. Sandra E. Weaver. leC'Oito. AccountingMary Una Webb. lyr.r. Accounting Howard R. Weell. Menfcgll. To.. Go . B.e. Georoe C. Weir. Boy. Sociology Jerry R. Welch. Valley View. Agri. Ergr. lo'ry E. Welch, N. little Rod. Aqrlculturo Fred S. Wat,«l. Tul». Okie. Economic, Dicty Whee'nr. Ne-po-t. Medical Tech. Refold A. Wheeler. Roclor. Bc'oq-y Tenn, R Whee’er. Myrtle. Mo., f’om. Ed. Charlet N. Foment Clly. Marletirvq Jamei C. While. Joneiboeo. Soc. Sci. Johnny White. Helena. Sociology Michael R. While. litfe Root. Oemiitry Paul W. Whl'e. Gideon. Mo.. Art Ra-diil I. Whlfe. 8'oue'ey. Mo. P. F. Cherry L Whitehead, Jcnoibo-o. Ee'ly Childhood M o'llyn w. Whltfie'd. Cr-robeli, Mo. Elam. Ed. tarry Wedeme . Coming, Accounting Sharon K. w.lbom, Neelyville. Mo. P. E. J. L Wilburn, S,fety Herb:'. Fla. Mertem.tic, Homer E. W.lae. C ardae VI age. Soc. Sci. Mary C W.laa. Eudora. E'em. Ed. Pamela R. W «. Pleeunt Plan,. $oc. Sci. Thom., W WilbVe. Parfcn. Soc. Sci. Betty C. W.llcor. Pocahonlaa. El«m. Ed. Chan’e, C. Wilhite. B-Infey, Zoo'ojy S'.aa P. W.I hire. Ho'hy Grc-.e, Special Ed. Alfred A. W liama. Bhythevrlle. Manjgeme" Alonro D. William,. Wert Helene. Zoology Curt', W. Willie-,. Lirlle Root. P. F. Gail Wiliam,. Caraway. Biology G.en B. Willin—a. Rythorilte. Elen . Ed. Jecqut C. WJIIe-.,., Special Ed. Jane! M. Willie-,. Clinton. Soc. Sci. Jorry G. WHiarm, Joreaboro, Gen. R.i. Nine C. Wlli.-a, Hot Spring,. Elem. Ed. Seniors 4546 Red «y D. Wllllami. tsc 8 an l'. Soc. S 5. Wlofrad C. W.IUami. Donlphn. Mo.. £!«m. Ed. Ca'obo Ml Palaitioo. Socdloqy Sle.on S. Willii, Slutc- . Mo. Manaqaoio An-.i M. W.ltouqbby. Madad Tto Bui- Ed. EW E. W.lioo. Poe»koo »i. Eoqlli . Bo.ariy A. Wi . Boob AcoouMloq Sd.ard A. Wiia-ao. O-.caol . Aocou" '-q Eugc'i L. Witf’-il . Jooaibooo, Hlilory Tbo-.n E. Weffoid. Pt’aqou'd. G ". B.i. Oo-joUi R. Wood. Joooibofo. Zoo'-My JoV B. Wood. Huqbai. Journal . M .; A. Wood. Huqbai. Eoqllib K»' o L. Wood 11. • •'«. Mo.. Bui. Ed. Jamai W. Woodoid. Mio'-ino . Mi'hamaKot David R. Wo tow. Joooiboro. Aeoouotloq Rofcart R. WortVom. CaiK. AqrlouHu'o Roqa A. Wrlqhl. PriqoJd, Ma K. Ed. Sla"1. - M. Wf.'qjil. loaohvill . Mnaqomao Ro-.ild E. Wyli, Pooaho l»i. AcoouMloq Job . H. Yarb ©. H i 'itb. q. Eco-omki Rod" - G Ya b owqK. Saaocy. M lot! iq R i Yardl. Jcoaibo-o. SockJoqy AJ G. You»q. Truavian. Gao. Bui. Bafty 6. You q. Blacl Root EJam. Ed. David A. Yo.oq. Ho Spooqi. MalK« .i ki Lkda Ju a Ycvq. Toclarma . SockJoqv Seniors1969-73: F our years of . . . Classes Research papers Attendance Passing gradesJuniors Larry e. ML Belosville Marqaret A. ML Tucle'msn Gary S. Bennet . Carlisle Jack A. Bennie. Ho Sprlniji Retort K. Benso-. M oo . N. 0. Davy 8. Bentley. little Rook D»bo a I. tarry. leeehviile francos R. Barry. Pme Bluff Sfl'OM C. 8erry. Cljlltw, Mo. Wiliam M. Ml. Me-irbo-q Arth.r A. Biqelow. Pocahontas William R. Bqqs Jonesboro Jedle f. Kllinqsley. leeehviile D»'-i R. B'nqhem. Marked Traa Ml'jO'lt H. Birminqhim, Piqqott Am M. tishce. Herrisbeeq Morris W. Biteiy. Gould An o Kn'oqar. Hudson fats. N. Y. Joseph W. eiacl N .j ort Ricky D. Hackee . taebo Susan f. Hair. Jonesboro Kearney M. B'alec'. Jonesboro Kathleen t'anchard. Jonesboro Marofsti Y. (tenlens p. Corninq Waiiem C. Bledsoe. Dyass BiEa Pood worth. Oa-fordsv. a Danrry W. B urto . Hvmbc'dt. Te-n Mary A. Bobbin. Joneibevo Mark S. Boarrar little Rock Ja-as f. Boqqi. Newport Keith Bolin. Car. a'svilW. Mo. Ann Cans! Bond. Jo-asboro HuqV-a J. Bend. Siaola. Mo. La'ry H. Bonrer. Ho Sprinqs Sussn f. Bccna. Pina Bluff Rai A. Bo.ldin. Paraqould Jana Sowe's. Paraqould Barry W. Booms . Osceo'a Kasai M. Bo«man. Jonasboro Carrie t. Boyd. Was Hala a Rabacca L. 8o l«i A.qusta Ka an L Bracb'n. Mj.oa Jerry R. Bradley. Saa-cy Lana K. Bradley. Swifton Sam 8. Bradley. Searcy Jamas M. Branam. Awqusta Harry L. Branch. Paraqould James A. Brancb. Marked Tree Coy D. tcanscum. A-.qusla Cleveland T. t-ar ar. Kaiser Patricia A. Brewster, Polla’d Vickie J. Bray. Blytkevilte Michael 8racla’r;dqe B edev. e Wiliam J. Breeden. Newport Kan 8re«ar. H.mnqlon Beach. Calf. Sandra L Bro.rr. PoceVontet William f. Braea- Paraqould W. Ham G. B'e-er. Pine Puff Wrllia- Brewinqton, Marked Tree Beverly A. Broke!!. Jonasboro Bob W. B'idqer. Jonesboro Susan E. t-idqes. Bradford Harold 0. Brimar. Bsld Knob William A. Brinllay. Jonasboro 4951 Patriot J. Can. N. Lltfe Root Rkiov M. Caitleberry, Amaqon Linda R Cat . Waif-,? Rid? Rebecca 0. Cathey. Newport Marcia A. Cavtey. Pioqott Roreld I. Cave-auqh. We’nyt Ridqe G-e? Oaaca. Joneiboro Beverly J, Chandler. Joneibo o Jot. 8. Ch.paito. Aihley, Pa. Ralph A. Cheihie'. Jonetboeo Robe-1 8. Choate Jr.. Joneibwo Je a« H. Ch.rchiJ. Cotton Plan? Walter F. daKy. Helena Ce ot»n R. Cla-l. Ovceole Dond D. Cla't. Joneiboro DeNann 8. CUrt. Da-danel Crneit P. Cle-t. Me-’le Mary H. dart. Forreit d y Mi kool R. Cli-i. Forreit City Shermy D. Clad. Pa'aqou'd Michael 0. Clary. Sta- Cty Dcnnle C. Clay Jr. Searcy Glenna t. CUy. Sea'cv Mj'i1) t. Clayton. Dolap'aino Randy 8. Clayton. Hue-Linda A. Clemona. Wo.t Cad R. Cleve'and. J,dionia Larry A. Clifford, Pa'agoJd Amanda L. Clifton. Wheatley Candy A. Cobb. Joneiboro Harvey J. Coclrill. Wei1 Meapbi Chntty A. Coffey. Joneibo-o Je-roa P. Coffman. Ruaiall Tereta 1. Colbert. Joneiboro Harman L. Cde. Wilton Steven L Col . Joneiboro Charlotte D. Coleman. Joneiboro Defc'a L Coleman, Joneibo-o fdd'.e D. Coleman. Joneiboro Doyle E. Colvin. Fovreit dty Patricia A. Conaway, f.vher Svian K. Condr.y, Ce-den Dirie L. Cooler. Auquala Karen A Corner, Waln.t Rid? Gear L Coot. M. Life Rock John C. Coot. Joneiboro W.lliam J. Coot. E A Rote M. Coooe . Violet Hill Te-ry H. Cooper. Joneiboro Ken D. Cope'-and. St. looii. Mo. Joieph D. Comaliaon. leechviSe Cotv A. Comnh. leachville Karon L. Co'OM. Joneiboro Char-Oi A. Cothran, N. lift! Rocl Naomi I. Cottomi. Male N»-cy L. Cove-dale. Mo.Main Home Jacq.eW S. Cca. We' ut Ridqe Load O. Co., Wa'nut R'dge Silt P. dabtree. PocahoMat Kelly Craft, Joneiboro 8.1' e J. Craiq. 8l,tt v3o E'e-da K. C'alq. Joneibo'o Jamei F, C-aVj. Joneiboro Priicill I. Creiq. Joneibono Juniors52 w:n«m E. C-»'u. OkmIi Beth Crain. Kennett, Mo. Dona'd T. Creator. Jonetboro Ja et E. Creech. 8etetville 8arbe a A. OmI, Jont.ikc.-o Oeryl A. Crltle-. Calk Pamela S. Crltmoa. Joretboro Patricia J. Cilia. Elena Wllam M. Cromar. Pin. 81.'f Cbarlet W. C o--et P a duff ly-d» L Oott. lepeito Joyce I. CtottfieVd, Plqgott V.vle- T. Oo.cV Pa'lin Do “y A. C v ley, Cart City Joel A. Cu en. So no Beet! L C.lliphe . DoWitt Jimmy I. CulUpV.f. Jonli M. Curtrer. Sloe1., Mo. Undo C. Cypret W.Mut Rdqe Jorry D. Dkui. lo'ado Robert M. Dacyt. Sea Cy Sterling R. O.'by, Batewllle Job« E. Dam on. Jonetboro Diane R. Deep. Wythe-rllle Jamie I. Dauck. Pocakontat JoV.a R Deuqk‘ef«e. Peach Orchard Phl'e A. Da.m, Carrollton. III. Brenda K. Davit. Walnut Ridge Deborah I. Davit. Pina Buff Herbert C. Davit. Jc-mboro Melba L Davit. LaU Or Rlcly I. Davit. CarutkertvlBe. Mo. Ricky Davit. Pocakontat Vernard Davit, Watt Helena w.llle F. Davit. Henderton. N. C. Maton F. Day. SlytkevIPe Kimberly A. Dean. 8lytkevll'« Ckarlat W. Deatkerage, Jonetboro -e 0 J. Deaton. Grubbt Daniel DeClerk. Pocakontat Jean A. DeMt. lombard. II. Danny W. DoPrletf. Haber Sgrlnqt Raymond I. DeP-lett. Steele. Mo. Harold J. Dlclont. Jonetbono Marcul Dlckerton. Oteeola Freddy W. Dlcklnton. Marmedule Mary L Dillard. Mammoth Spnnq Georgia M. Dlley. Wait Helene Sandra J. Dittrettl. Bono Jotepk R. Dobbt. Mania Gerry I. Don net. Me 'a Wrsypkord Dortck Jr_ Watt Mempkit Albert I. Dott. Cherry Valley Ckeryle L Dott. Kolter Ll da D. Oott. Cketty Va'ey Brenda J. Do.g'at, Wait Mo t.Hi Donald Ooutket. Cra-fordivllU Ro-ald Doytket. Cra-fordtville Darrel W. Dover. Batetvllle Dome D. Oomden. Joretboro Ina R. Downing. Weiner Jean M. Downing. High Ridge. Mo. Robecce J. Donning, Bragg City. Mo. Larry E. Doyle. RotweH. N. M. JuniorsJuniors D M L. Drake. Mo. Jackie D. O'ala. Ce-den B'ly I. D-". Corninq Pe.l 0. Duke. Cabot Buford R. Du'cen. J voibo'O Ricky L. Duncan. Poplar Buff. Mo. Gaorqa M. Ovn. Wynne Dome I. DuveT Tvclerman 8r d H. Eattervucod. Corni'q Sill W. Edge-. Jonetboo Catol L fd.i-di Helene EvtroH G. Ed-s-di. Batetville Ga-r W. Ed-edi Rector Jockey L Edva-di. Joraiboro Judieme Ed-otdt. Halana Karola E. Ed-ardi, Dtitar. Mo. Ce-y R Ebar . Jo-atboro S.ta« E. Eldar. N. Little Rock C »td R. Cllinqto . Pa'aqoutd Kay E. Ellington. N. litre Rock Oiyebeth A. Elliott. Bl,»k«v a Michael J. Elliott. B'ytKarilla Rona’d W. Ellii Jo-eibo’o Darid F. Ellcay. CKcaola Emily J. EndaHin. St.ttgert Corlli 1. England. Mammoth Spring Diana L. England. Myrtle. Mo. Frcaman G. E-gland, Dalton John A. England. Calrco Rock John P. f-q’ai Baloiville Ta-aia D. Enqlat. Pi-a Buff Steran L Emit. Jo'etboro Dobra A. Eilat, SlythevilW Gla-da L. Etchiaion. Kytheville Eorrait G. Ethridge. Wynne Kan D. Eubarli. Clinton Grover M. Evom. Jo-atboro Roger R. Evelend. Pocahontai Fraddv L Evaratl, Sulphur Rock hXa'tin J. Falandyi. Jonaiboto Ja-as 0. Talk, Jonetboro Carolyn W. Fa'daecav. Ivrore Unde E. Faday. Ctn-fordivitlo Linda J. Fadey. Jonaiboto Chattel D. Format, Tcpeka. Ka«. Joa 8. Format. Piqgott Norma G. Fa'—at. Manila Jana C. Faton. litlla Rock Thomai O. Faulkner. Herntburq Michael W. f erg .yon. Wa’nut Ridge Randy L.". Jcmetboro Salty F. Fatralaico. Jonatbgro Clltabeth D. Fattady. Jonaiboto M chaal D. Field. Jone,bo-o Allan D. Fika. Jonaiboto Stephen P. F ch. Widanat David 8. Fiihar. Leechvllle Da.-id W. Filler. Saarcy Dampiay D. Fiilar. Jonaiboto Linda F. Fiihar. Jonaiboto Wa-on R. Flamagan. Ckadeiton Frederick C. Rerron. Jonetboro loitai L Royd. Lepanlo Joa A. Rye. Jonatbo-o 53Juniors 54 Dinny L Foley. Wain.! R;d jo in. J. Foley. Wal' .• Ridqe tw J. Ford. Ho'e-a Gl-jer L Ford. Paragon'd Jamai B. Fo'd. Btleiv.Ha Undo C. Fo-aman. Decatur Wiliam 0. Foremen. Pe-eooiAd Danny t. Forretle', Janeiro Robert 0. For!vo». Herriiborg Tommy E. Fo-V Manila Cairoll 0. fd . Anna Franllin, HeyH. Mo. Harvey M. Fre llln. Jcneibono CelFerine Frai.ra, Marlon A-:ta G. Fierier. Jcneibono Me'le A. Freeme-. Stuttgart Conrad E. Fry . MempFit. Tann. JoaapF D. FulqFam. BlylKarilla Uni F.llar, Piggott Gary D. Fulton, lapanto lat'.a N. GaTo-oy. N. Uttla Ro l Jdia P. Gamblll. Jonetboro B-ed G. G.-mill. LeacKvitla Jack 8. Gammjn. Rat River. Mo. Slava A. Gann. Harriiburq Eamettine Gardner, Soarcy Jana M. Gard'ar. J-t-ntboro W.’am E. Garner Camden CbrltfocFar Garralt. Wabbaaala PlyllH J. Galaly. Cairo! AlP-ad J. Galea. Oiceofa Pamela J. Gala-ood. Rec'or Jtmei F. Gall!". Bellerille. III. Samuel W. Geo'qe. Otceola Al GaKball. llllb Red Donra M. GFriit. Paleline, III. De-nil W. Gilbert,'O Petrel C. G 'an.a-e., Pne Hoff JctepF I. Gi"'am. He'ena Barline J. G-Hlard. Wail Helena Mengarel A. GilliVen, S'evporl Mery E. Gilmo'a. traqqedoeio. Mo. Gary D. Goto". Jcnetbo'o Don-y J. Glenn. Jcneibono loyia I. Glove'. Marion Gary F. Goent. Jcoeibo-o RKonda G. Goff. Jo-atboro Jane. W. Golden J-metboro Jerry 1. Golden. Rector DorolFy I. Goodni CFeny Valley Gary W. GoII. Jonetboro Gary R. Gota. Pa-aqould Mieley t. G'addy. Piggolt Brady M Gnvam. PocaFontai C!»dy K, G'aF-im. Jonetboro Ftedfiel W. GraFem Ma-led Tree John M. GaFam Marled Tree Senate C. Pine Bluff David R. Grgndqeorqo. Stullqarl clar!ei M. Gray. El Do-ado Da bora1 E. Gay, Wal-.! Ridge D'-a n L Gray. Judtonie Helen J. Gay. Deleplelne Jerry J. Gay. Manila"“I M56 Sld-«y F. Htnii Jr, Cor-'nq Saterne Hants. Pin Huff Thomss M. Harris. Jo-asboro Joyce A. Hortiell. S.ifton Rlcley C. Marray. Jo-asboro Tommy L. Harvey. Swifton Martha A. Hallay. M s-led Traa Darrell K. Htn ii, Clark tea. Mo. Chand J. Hesdar, Jonesboro Mercy L Hayden. Pina Huff Linda C. Hava . Harrison Cheryl A. Ha - ood. Piqqotf Kathryn t. Headley. Doniphan. Mo. Ma-sha A. Haaly. Baafca Patricia A. Heard. Wait HataM Pau'atta M. Hoa-d. Newport Davd P. Haailay. Betasvil'e Scott Hacker. Mescouteh. IlL Donald I- Haddan. Salatrilla Romie O. Hedqer. J-:-esho'o Norman I. HeWr. Beebe Michael, Frede-iclto..-. Mo. Sam D. Malm. Bateivilla Kenneth He-d'lcls. Grifflthyille Pk ’lip D. Hand'll. Jo"esboro Robert H. Mania. Doarto. Cali f. Donald G. Manry. Knobal Mona K Hanry. Dell Wtlllam H. Henry. We’nut Ridge Gary D. Marat. Pocahontas Suten Herqet. Michael 0. Mama . Wait Memphis Terest M. Hetnnq Pina 81 . 1 Barney A. Mail. La QO. Ra. Oa'-ian C. Heiam. Jorasboro Lynn A. Hicks. Jo-asboro Bobby E. Hi-gq inbottom. W.iiford Ke-neth M. Hllay. Little Rock 8il e J. H-’l, Jonesboro Jan.'s G. Hill. Trumenn Jobe R. Hinas. Stuttqart Michael Hinrichs. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Sandra J. H It. Jonesboro Tommy E. Hitt. Jonesboro Wataca 8. Hobson. Jonesboro Am-tnda $. Hodqei. San ten Jamas H. Hoay. K'cbet Norman G. Hp’brooki. Jonesboro David M. Holcomb. Cardnall. Mo. Danny E. Holifield. Rector Jerry E. Hollihan, Tr.mann Anthony R. Holmes. Ida. la. Sosas 8. Holmes. Redfield Dabby L. Holobaugh. Pocahontas Bonnie F. Holstina. Viola Ronald I. Hoofmen. Judsonia Jaffry 8. Homberqer. Manila David E. Horst. West Plains. Mo. Debbie 8. Horst, fisher Dennis K. House. Bo-o Terry D. Hoot. Moeatta Jesse C. Mo-ard. Andal-sia. AJo. Cv'thla A. Home. Jo-asboro Michael L Howell. follerd Juniors58 Juniors Caroly R. J.nicr. H.n'er Pam R. Jgitvl. Walnut Rdg Jerrei M. K il r. TXiy r. Mo. Joaeph W. Keltey. Jonoiboro Michael 0. Kelley. Teiarline Gary I. Komp, Revondon F ad 8. Ka’nett. LeecMIo Arthur L Kin I. joaai o Oarny H. Kent. B:no Woodrow K o« Jr. tin! Roc I Cerd n F. Karner, Oat! Benda C. Keffe-. W . c Roia'.e Kieltuell. Mirtod Tia Lyra Kilbum. Oxec-'i R'dy 0. K lingteoclh. McC'Ory Keren L. Kimbro. Ferroil C-ty Debo'ih G. Alda Kl'hy Kir-brough. Memphii. Tain, Larry F. King, Calico Rocl Pe-nie King. Blythevltlo Sid nay R. King. Judionie W. am M. King. Vienne. III. Roie-ary Kinn y. Darmott Kathy D. Kirtla"d. Jonaibono Olio Kirlpatricl Jr.. Forroit Cty Vonda I. Kirlpatricl, Pocohontai Sharon K. Kirliey. Hoiia Richard T. Kirip l, N. lilll Rocl Slav Klu'"i. Wa'nul R.dqo Deborah S. Knight. Bluff City Doy R. Kniqhl. laid K-ob WilTem Koonc . Jar lien. illo. N. C. Marvin E. Korler, BlytleviHo AniVa N. Ki 'horn. 8i glc4. Thailand Join S. KkSOptli. Wilmington, Del. Katherine Lad -, Steel . Mo. John A. Lama' Jr.. Pocaho'tei JJi Umar. Walnut Rdge Earl I. lamb. Hoar Wanda D. lenceiter. Jonoiboro Tommy J, Landan. Wat" Mamphit Carol S. landn. Joneiboro Cerdyn L Lang . Ra'ago.ld Michaal A Langavin. Salem Deborah J. lergiton. Jonaaboro Larry R. langtlo-. Morriiton Melina K. Lanqito-. Jonoiboro Dannit I. La«d. Jonoiboro Do.qlat K. lail y. Jonoiboro Linda M. Laaman. Fnber David M. lavonce. Molbotrno Jamie S. La vane . Gideon. Mo. lorry D. laarooc . Jonoiboro Edd’re M. Lea. Joneibono Glenda J. Lea. Jonoiboro Glenn E. Leach. Grace A. Leary. Jo-evboro Debbie G. Ledford. Si «l . Mo. Herbert C. Lea Jr.. Rich-ovd. Va. Wayne lee. N. Lillie Rocl Donild L leftwich. Bateirillo Thomai E. lehene. Jonoiboro Sardre L Leonard, Pine Bluff Kathy D. lewallan. Coming60 Robert P. Me Djn-»’, Forrest City Kelh A. McDcne’d. Pereqould Jackie I. McDonlat. Ne.erk Joseph K. McFarland. Troy. 111. Judy McGee. Harrltb.rg Shelton P. McGee. Pina 81 .-If Monica J. McGinnis. Jonesboro Soienne McGra«. Jackie D. McGre». Arbyrd, Mo. John M, McHaflay. Greonway Tim I. MeKamey. Imboden Kathy J. McKe’jle. Campbell. Mo. Doa L. Mctarly. Jo-aiboro Robin M. McLarqhlin. Jo'asboro Bobby J. McM !lon. WaW R.dqe Robert t. McNa'r. Bruno la.'a E. McNult. N. little Rock lan a K. McPhe so». All‘ alma» Robert M. Maacha-. Mmlla Gary 0. Mod'.'. Blytherille Meclae'e K Madearlt. Mou-lal« Home Cade 0. Modify. Pina Bluff Ge ard Medley, l-tde Rock E'-iabeth G. Melford, Mam-oth Spr'nq Allan R- Mala'. Pocahontas Rhonda I. Mandas. Hardy John A. Ma« k. Wife Rock Cecil G. Motiqar, Jonesboro John M. Metrfer. Joneiboro Howard M. Md decamp. Si. Louis. Mo. Joe Ml'aa. Newport PM W. Ml'ev. Brinkley Hare! J. MlTer Cosh Mu-el C. M ar Jr„ Comnq Rossnne Millar. Jonesboro Stephen J. Millar. Malkc-rwe Oooqlat W. M 'I'.gan, Swlflon $‘aren K. M Ion. Mo-alte Sarah J. Mlnq. Marked Tree Joe H. Minor, Walnut Ridqe Jamat A, M •abe"a. B'lnklay Gaorqe T. Mirai, Florissant. Mo. Re onla V. Mitcham. Pa'ln Kenneth Mitchell, PlantenWIe. Miss, le.rerce E. Mobley, Mania Karan Moffiti. falrriee Heights. III. Robert I. Mor-dy. Pocahontas Glenda J. Monk. Pina Bluff Barbara I. Moore. Slullqarl Gregory D. Moora. Ba'aiv-Je Anqell's Mo'a'ai. Steele. Mo. M'ckle L Mcnehead. S', Louis. Mo. Boyd E. Morqen. Paraqoyld Jerry Mono a-. Poughkeepsie Mchiel W. Morgan Warren W.lllam R. Morgan. Paraqcrjld Carol A. Morris. Jonesboro Garry W. Morns. Wynne Ro-ald D. Moms. Deleplelne W.'l.em 0. Morrison. Uror Kalhe-lra Moss. Barrlan Sprlnqs. Mich. WSam A. Moss. Slullqarl Mehdl Moslafeyl. Tehran. Iran Gary D. Mueller. Si. Louis. Mo. JuniorsJuniors Keth J. Mono. Jotoiboro Barbara C. W .not Jo eibo-o (Uksfd W. Murch Jr. Suffolk. Va. Joha 0. Murillo, Eait Chlcaqo. Ir d. Dalma D. Murray. For-eit City Hanoi E. Mya i Jr.. f.,teiv,1t« Dot Nn«. B-oolland Voiron 1. Neal. Noltleton Samuel M. Neldco. Newport Bn-ce E. Nolen. Brootlend SWa Popltr p.'.ff, Mo. Robin L Newby. Paraqould Martha I. Ne»co . J-o-aiboro Do'.‘y R. Noland. Clinton Pa E. NicVoii. We'nut R'dqo Joffory 0. Nicholton. Swiflon Wiliam R. Nir. We ( Mamphia Jerry L Noble. Etowah Ke-ry I. Noble. Etowah Mltjl A. Noble, Searcy Terry W. Noble. Eto-eh Richard A. Nob'et, Stuttgart A-n« J. Noel. Paraqould eolby J. Nolet, N. Life Reel Debo'eh A. Norman, Couch. Mo. Dor.-a L Northcult. Wa.t Memphi Tboma I. NoereH. Hooe Mary G. N.nn, tele City Ronald Nun-ally, Tyronra John Oa-ei II. Blylhev.To Nelwyn Oslo . N. little Reel Ben e I. Ofcarti. Pc al ntai John Og'etree. Roa-olo Rap'd . N. C. Dale H. CXt-ann. Brinltey David D. Olfmonn. B'inltey William F. Oilmen-. Brinl'ey Wanda F. Pcpla Bluff. Mo. Judith L O.lowit. Foc'ett City Kathy J. O-erwan. Ca-away Keith Oven reet. Searcy Judy A. Owen. Jame M. O-e-i. Ke! er Rodrev Owen . We f Memphi Linda C. O er. Aih Flat Jame C. Pace. Joneiboro Tc ry A. Pace. Ttumann Melvin J. Pal-ar. Konrett. Mo. Ray-end M. Pel-er. JO-etboio Mkhe«4 D. Parley, Jo-atboio Virginia C. Panley. Oil Trouqh Sa-dra K. Pari. Joneiboro Kelhy D. Parlor. A byrd, Mo. Patricia I. Parler. Minile Tom A. Parler, Acquit a Wilfred E. Parler. ESnqton. Mo. Patricia A. Pert. B-'iUoy Anthanee D. Parriih. Walnut Ridge Donll R. Periley. Pouqhleepile Llrda F. Petton. Marled Tree Patricio D. Patton. Blythtvll'e Michael Pecotte. Stepherion. Mich. Sharon C. Peqq. Jc-'oibo'o Jar-ei M. Pereita. little Rocl Michael Pe-ry. Biqflat62 Juniors Mery H. Petert. Jooetboco Cb «' i Pertvt Jr, Shelby. N. C. Roqe- A. Petty. Greermay Ercddlo R, P t»ay. N etbvlll . T «n. Petty M. Po,to». P r t o-’d Da.Id R. PW'pi, lark A- «n C. PS rppe. Mt-modcie Ga-« 0. PSil-ot. Ripple Nevylc G. P' ' . latetvill Oarlet M. Piqq, Jcn lt»-o ss.n y P.t . (Tythenii Ll-d. J. Pith. Marled Tro Joveph H. Poff, Jon t o-o Petrlpa A. Poleet. Jonetboro Robert H. Pond Stuttqart Joteph 0. Pophtm. leechvill Blly R. Porter, Mend Rayond L. Potey Manila Jovtllino Po. !l. Welt Memphis Lind J. Po-e-t. Weit Mwptt Robot J. P« tt. Moentein Home Sfep'-en A. Ptoll Pocahontei Jody D. Pretley, Trom»nn Jerry 0. Pf «nlt. Pocahontas Jo ! A. Pnc . Ma-led 11 » Mlchaol L Prlca. B-t-jq City. Mo. St pb J. Pochard. Pocahontas Oic » E. Prince III. Pocehontet P trl i M. Procter, Mb' Danny L. Proffitt. Dyetl 6 -edy A. Pu -am. WaSnvt R-dqo Da- el J. Qolsn. Crown Poi't. Ind. Etdabeth Raqvdetl. B'inlley Jim Raqsdall. Bnnlley Patty 0. Re-at. Holland. Mo. St nl«y W. Ralnwa-e . Knebel Pa.’a S. RaVord. $ oo fold. Mo. Tim M. Rand. Par.40.fd Cabin T. Ratliff III. May-1. Mo. Larry Ratliff. Mlfed aviBe. III. Pamela A. Re ’ ntjt. S .t' y LaDcnn J. Ray. ICe-natt. Mo. Rebecca A. R a. t, Jonesboro Teddy Reddcl Pa-atjot d Tho-ai W. Road. letchvllle Cethy J. Ree.ei Jo- tboro Larry E. Reeves. Little Roof Pat N. Reevet Jr.. Nad-vd’ Barbara R. Reqln ’’.. Marlon David P. Reid Wynne Richard S. Reid. Non-port Jerrofd W. Reiman. 6 Re-ill . Id. Oarlet E. Re -hart. Paraqoutd Susan . Rettlq Little Roc I Cathy E. Reynoldt, Rt-etvir Poqqy L. Roynoldt. Sheridan Rot. M. Re,«oldt. Pare otfd Cbadle O. R bcder. P v tooJd Do-na G. Rhynet. Rector David W. R chardt, 8-tld R-eb Michael D. Richatdt. Jc- tboro Ion-1 e R. Richard ton. I tie C-ty Ronnie L. Richardson. S’,th vl!le Glenn Rlq.ji. I tie C-tyRickard L Ri!«y. Ma.port Witliam A. Rilary, Jo-eiboto Gaonj C. Ri -a. Jon ibo o AUntba A. Robb. ParagouW K noth C. Rebarta, Ma'maduke Cool 0. Reboiui, Jonaabono Doom L. Robinion. Jonaabono Douqltl Rob'--.on. Jonaabono Mickoy E. Robinao». Pa-aqould Ritk M. Rcdery. Piqoott Don Roqera. Marked Tra Jaanie Roqera. Ne-port Joan H. Ro-j»--l. Pocakfntea Chnafy Rolfe, Fo reat City Kattarino A. Rcklina M;-: lle Ron 0. RoSnh Merk«d Tioo Monty M. Roa . Paducah. Ky. Toroaia Y. Root. Cav City Cy'thla G. Roaa. Paraqoold Joel K. Ron. Hovitoa. Ten. Timothy M. Rok-.o. Hcmerrrille. Mo. Judi’h D. Roofcn. Marmeduke Job M. Roadand. Thornton ICa-dy C. Rc-la-d. Tbornton Staler B. Rtndand. Marvell Beverly A. Rovdelt, S ifton Bobby N. Rc.lttt. S»!f'on Jimmie A. Rvahneq, Pin BMf Joan C. Ruaaell Jonaabono Robe-t F. Rydo . Se-te Cruf. Calif. W.tlie I. Rytant. Paragoutd NT M. Sad'a . Riaon John F. Sain. Joneibo-o Keith L. S» "'ord. HcFand. Mo. Lanrry R. Samfond. Holland. Mo. Arni I. Sandera. 8ald Knob Jam i H. Sende a III. Sateaville Robart 8. Sandera. C a klon. Mo. Eamait Saund i, Jon ibo o Gann Sci'borouqb, Joneibc o Rendolph E. Soe bno.qV. P., ,go.ld No l W. Schaffer. Mold . Mo. Pa -it.'a A. Sob-ade . Doniphan. Mo. A-'aan O. Stott. Marianne leta L Stott. Pa-aoo.-'d Oda L. Stott. N Mad id, Mo. R-the'd E. St oooi. Joneabo o Tama 8. Scroqga. Elytb .ill John J. Sturto. Vienna. V . Di ny F. Seen. Hoiie Frantaa Saay. Ratio Alito L Sava-e. Brinkley Don W. Sava . Brinkley Wa n C. Sa.ton. Waln.t Ridge Dyan R. SKa-p. lepanto Debo-ah E. Sbalton. AJicU Pat V:l Skepard. Ca-.1b ivir . Mo. Frank I. Sbapba-d. Conning Randy I- Sboamaka, Carfiale Stevnn D. Sb.lta. Potabontaa S» ab I. Shimp t. 8i d ong Kannatb R. $im qton. Maynard Hank Si-moni. Jon tbo o Jam»a E. Simmon a. Newport Juniors 63Juniors Ml'i F. S.rbo-. Lola City Jamai M. JmijIJ, Jat«ib«o Daana J. S.ttOO. BVtlav3la Bobbra J S.aet. Jacquelyn Tabron. Forfeit City Mickoat H. TkIk Jonaiboro David A. Talbot. Tryminn Ckriitopker S. Tannar. Bern! . Mo. Jamai H. Tai" '. Witeman Karen S. Tanner. Jonaiboao Patricia A. Ter.-er. Jonaibono lilbem D. Taifto-. M ..tad Tree Debo'ab Taylo . Stone Mow-'ao. Ga. Jimmy L Taylor. Alicia Robot! M. Tayloi, Pnraqo.ld Tkomai F. Ta lof. Ske—ood Jennifer J. Teeq.e. Stuttgart laany R, Teaq.e Monette Dennii C. Taal, f i’a-.vJd Mickael I. Total. Mountain Homo Bread, C Tkecler. N Little Rocl Deborah K. Tkomai. Jonaiboro George K. Tkomai. He-riiborq Ke-netk 8. Tkomai. Wal ,t Ridge fd-a'd H. Tk-mpion. Jonaiboro Jamai A. Tkcmpion. Rack Joa R. TMmpao Littla Rocl Rickard G. TKo“c iO". Pccekcatei Ruby D. Tkompaon, Jonetbc-'O Ed'a N. Tk.rmond. Pareqootd Rebecca L. TidaaK. Dali Jea'-io D. Tiffea. Tuclerman Lida A. Tinier. Koil Michael D. Tinv oy. Ne-poet Mary J. Todd. G bw . Mo. Rutk M. Tcmt. Moio Rabacca t Toombv Me-e Wi. Tent. VirqXa S Toop. Helena Danny R. Te-»mend. Saaicy Connie E. Turn mat. Pocehcntai Ckailotta A. Tra»them. Halana Ca-olyn M. Trail Wait;, Cornelia A. Treul»e-r. Jonaiboro Roy F. Travii. Laiinqton. N. C. Mar, M. T-aip. N. Littla Rock Ronald D. Triritl. Aik Flat Katherine Ttotte', Comlnq Jaat A. Tuelar. Littla Rocl Ha-c, L Tull. Jonaiboro Wanda G. TuT. Jo-oibcno Fred H. Tuma . Wy na W-'l.a- W. Tu-oi,n J,.. Pin, Bluff Michael P. Tviatk. Jcneibo-o Barbereiotto T la. Fonait City Daborak H. Tya. Wcy Erma D. Ulmar. Pccehontu Rona’d W. Upto- Jonaiboto Ckarlai E. VanPa’t. Vilcnie Robert A. Vauqkn. Peteqotrid Sammy D. Vai-qkt. Hiclory Rid go Joknny O. VaatcV Popl:- Bluff. Mo. Robart C. Velatco, Chiceqo. III. Liadbarqk Viclart Jr.. Trumann Walter A. Vora. Hatdy 6566 Juniors Mk «l Wafto-d. Cb -l cn. S. C. Tod W. Waqnon. Steplea, led K. Walden paraoot d Sbaila 0. Waldruo. Waif.. Rida. Larry E. Walk . SMtoait John 0. Wallace. UU C v Jama. W. Walla . Bald Knob Judy M. W«l « . JoMifcoro Jackie E. Wa-d. We.l Memoll, lany 0. We'd. Fc rat City Ar.-a L Wa.K»m, M., -no»V Sprlnq Re‘eb Wafer.. Mario Karan S. Wa icn. For Smirk Mchael R. Watte-. Panqb.--Gland J. Way. little Rock Ronnie G. WaalkaM, Salem O . Webber. tlr.1 Rock Ion G. Webber. Do.oIm N. Web.! Kaaark Jann.f r w b l r. Newport David R. Wellman. Pccebon-e, Cl. .da G. Wet . Utrfe Rock Jama, D. Wai . Moked Traa Rooar L Wa. . Hrfbavll a Judy C. Wbeeler. Plaaunt Plal-i Tkema. M. WVa ! ., Marlon Cvrtl. I. Write. Jeffenon Danny E. White. P no 8!uM Jacke R, Whte. Mn. ’a Jerry 1. WV ‘a, Clrclnr.. !. Okie Join M. WK! a. Jtnetbo'o lynda S, White. Wa'-.t Rldqa Ma cla G. Wkila, llitla Rock Sa-d a F. W i a. Haran Slaron E. White. Rrote'ey. Mo. Wllllim H. Write. Wett Mempni, Miclall A. Whiteheed Jonetboro • L Whit-ire. . M k. Rebecca D. W-Ifeum. Jona.boro DoorjlM C. w lemon, Vanndtle Join H. W.iet. Aih Rat Judy C. Wilkin,. Pe-aoou'd Harold A. W.lkc - iky. Memphit, Tann. Bevedy A. W amv Wain. Rldqo Ca-oiyn A. Will,-.,. Ca-aaay De-i-qM M.W,llie"t. P.,r oo0y He"'etta W-Kami. Writ Helen a Ik H. W.tiam,. P.-eWd Janice M. W. I.amt. Walnut Rldq Jointly M. William,. Jone 0 0 Marvin R. Wiliam,. Turrell Nathaniel D. W Ham,. Wei Memph t Ray R. William,. Wet Ridoe Sharon William,. Ri.ertld . Calif. Cindy WIBIaawoa. Jo ,boro darle, D. WIRH. Pa-eoot d G'en R. W,lli,. Comieq Aubrey O. Wilton. Flthrr Bobby E. WJso«. little Rock David E. W.'ton. Jo'etbcno Gary W. Wllio . Ward . Mo. Join M. W.'ton. Aul in Rick Wilton. Wilson Do-ald E. Wincketler. ReclorSophomores Bre’di J. Bed. Foremen Pemele G. B«n . Tr.mer.n Jenot L 8 11. Rotnole, Ve. King C. Be" Weil Helena Michael P. Be . Betiett p»f ; s. Befi. e»iwft Seed's K. Bennett. Poeeb» tot Petncie 8e '0«. Forrett City Bobby 8. Berry, Newport Melinda K. Be"y. Holland. Me. William B. Betmer. Heten Steepen C. Berlll. Pereqould Cary N. Blqetow. Rerenden $o'»ot Joyce L Bqktm. Wo. 'i ' Hcwe MeiV W. Kllirvgt Memphit, Tenn. Sue E. B'dto -} Newport Derete G. B nlnqham, Rector l d-a E. Bitefy. Temo l de D. 8lfe!y. Gould Bobby I. Bletlmen. Joneiboro Welter W. 8lr«da'd III. Jonetbo o Sally B. Bledioe. We. Mn-pV;, CythW J. BWvIm. Little Rod Herry M. 8lood«0'»l Pad.ceV Ky. Rlcherd E. 81o.nt. PocahoMet David N. B:d«nh ner. Mountain Home Martha S. Boedmann. Wynne MIcKeel W. Boedmyn, Wynne ton P. Boiler. Weit Mempl.W Rv'h Ann Bolend, Jcneeboro Ge v R. Bolin Joneiboro Phyllli A. Bollnq, Manila Weyre F. Bo-d. Jone.boro Bre'da J. Bond.. Newport Sto.en P. Bonner. Sred'ord Lynne F. Boqyet. Uttfe Rock Gery R. Be oogV., Manila Gene P. Botche. Jo'etboro Sandy M. Bo.dand. Jeoetboro llnde F. Bowen.. Marianne Dle'e Bowmen. Pocelontel Reqlne G. Bowmen. Joretboro StepAen E. Boyce. Cert City Deboreb K. Boyd. Me .‘le Shirley J. Boyd. Pe eqouU Tree! R. Boyd. Hot Sptlnqt Virginia I. Boyd. Hertlion Melanie B'adott. Pocelontel Defcle J. 8redley. Rick L B-ediher. .'tneiboro Ke-netb L B'edwey. Bel'm'n. Mo. terry E. Brennen. Jcoetbpro Nathaniel R. B-arweT Newport De nl. I. B-ewer, Joneiboro Gele A. B'pner. Mornedulo Done'd Bridget. Htrrlib.rq Ooro hy M. Bridget. Herrebunj Mlcbeel W. B-'q.-c . w.lton Slopbetle A. B oed wey. Joneiboro Ject A. Brccle'. Cincinnati Ohio Mena C. Brogdon. McCrory Abfc-r V. Brown. St. Logit. Mo. Alee J. Brown. Joneiboro Byron 6. Brown, Wynne70 Sophomores Cha'let R. B'Ovn. Pocahontat Oswald E. Brown. Pocahontat Ev’a F. Brown. Ce:-ter. Mo. France C. B'0»« Forrett City Gary W. Brown, Little Rocl GacrgeAnn Brown. Benton Lawrence E. Brown J'. Marianna M S'lye K. B'ewn. Htrrliburg Mi'i R. Brow . Camdan Pamela F. Brown. Pina Bluff Ramona K. fi own. Joneibcoo Sharyf A B'Oan. Bytheville Thom G. Brown, Wynaa John R. Brow-d Jr.. Newport Edward l_ S-owning. Tuclerman Body L. Bruce. Sanath. Mo. Judy F. Bruclerhoff. St. Mary . Mo. Ka « K. 8ry» t. BatervSe lacia D. Bryant. Ke-nelt. Mo. Dabby L Buarl’a. Stuttgart Marl 0. Boerlle, Jcnatboro Sherri D. B.erlle. S'uttaart Gerald D. BuBerd. Newport France A. Bu'dicl. Mountain Homa Dot L Surge Wheat'ey Oan A. Burl . BtytheaOle Linda J. Bjrh. Uto Cty Stavan 8. Burl . Cabot Johnny M. Burliton Wa-deB. Mo. Ouena Ban-all. Sandy Hool. Com. Danny J. Bum . Jo'etboro Elizabeth G. B.r-i. Jc-arKoro MIchaal 0. B.'-t. Waln.t Ridge Li-de G. Bum . Newport Cloyca Borrow. Imbed an Philip W. Burton. Jo-atboro William R. Burton. Wynna Phillip M. Bulba . N. Llttla Rocl Gail A. 8utlar. Jcnatboro Everett A. 8 d. Whiteoal. Mo. Jatta B. Byrd. Bearden Roger £. Cagle, Leachville Pamela G. Cain. Hot SptCagt Mitchall D. CaUeall. bale Ciny Pharata Calb'n. Jcnatboro Velde J. Calliton. N. Little Reel TVurmin J. Camp. Jonatboro Darrell R. Campbell, Peregould Joe M. Campbell Jr.. Jcnatboro Elizabeth A. Ca-oy. 8' l Roel David W. Ca-lala. Forr«,t City Gary W. Carlton. McCrory Janice Carroll. Moto Deborah L Carter. Jonatboro Jeffery L. Carter. Dalaplei-a John S. Carter. Poplar Buff. Mo. Kathy S. Carter. Jonatboro Keith A. Carter. Steele. Mo. Lou An-. Carter. Jonatboro Martha J. Carter. Fort Srr.'1h Sharon M. Carter. Pa'ago. Id Ron%ld G. Cate. Coming M. Catet. Memphi . Tann. S-.tan D. Catet. Mamphit. Tann.Donald R. Csveeeugh. Walnut Rldga Rkly 8. Chetfn. Pa-sgo.ld Jselia N. Candler. J:-esbo'0 Chart.. D. Chat.!.-.-, Hot Springs C. Che-rv. VroJa Dabble R. Cellar. Memphis. Tenn. Mite D. Childress. Patagos d M.cheel K. Choat, Jonesboro S-len M. ctampit. Ha-libs-g David A. Clad. Jonesboro Dab-e S. Clad. Watnut Ridge lorry D. Cleat Jonesboro Patrice K. Clarl Joaesboro She.ryl A. Clad. Jonesboro loe A. Ctoy. 8Stl«v'ta lue-ne Clay, Pina Buff CynthU A. Cleme-1i. Cs'euay Micwaol C'ama-r-s. Jet fa non City. Mo. Palr-er S. Oem—ooj. Alrhalme' Delies I. C’emoM. Stuttgart Judy K. CKfft, Par.,,:.Id Roy L Cob'e. Jonesboro Ca oU S. Coehre . Coming CU.d.a G. CoVe«. WeW Ridge Valeria J. Coloiami. Joneibo-o Na' y I. CeJbert. Jonesboro Teen. I. Cole. Blydevllte ly«no 0. Cote-an, Holly Grovo Me! W. Cola-an. Pocahontas Ro aid D. Co-em.r, S.ttell Oarrall E. Collar. Msded Tree Lour. Collier. Newport Richard I. Collier. Udte Roet Da.Id C. Collins. EIHivDIe. Mo. W. Ham C. Colling Welt Plan.. Mo. Jane. D. Compton. Deltpleno Yolarvd M. Condrey. Mountain View Cathy S. Conger. Marmaduke Terry L, Conley. S.oeass Deborah I. Conn. Par,go.'d James £. Co-ner. Gllr-ore Jame. F. Co-rad. Ravendon la-ry W. Co-nd. Sf.ttgs'l Starry 0. Cool. l-rb-.dan W.IIIam f. Cool. EvdO'e Karan S. Cooper. Jonesboro Karan S.e Coope'. Mt-e'li, Te n. Rachel O. Cooper. Alicia Travis E. Copper. West Memphis Shirley t. Cools. Cast Gary 0. Cocela’d Elhinote. Mo. Pomala A. Cordall. lonoie Juanlla A. Covmscl. N. Utile P.o l Ronnie L. Cornellson. Flint. Mich. An-e Cornoll Paragou?d louls G. Co'c-a. West Memphis Alsn D. Coi. Oscools Alice A, Cor. D)Osi Ga-y C. Cos. Roral lyn M. Co.. Jonesboro Nathaniel Co . Des Are Doyle W. Coy, Jonesboro Gary W. Coy. Jo-osboto G'an R. Crabtree. Paragc-Jd Sophomores 7172 Jea'-"o Crain. W,nne Judy P. Crain. BtooUard Ches'er Cravens Jr„ Doff. Mo. Korin P. Oeger. US.Ho. III. Robot! R. Cross. Jo asboro MotsK. A. C-igle', Ko aett. Mo. Douglas W. Cti.s. Ttu-onn Moritya K. Ctiss, Tru ar n M K ol S. Cool. Joneibo-o Ralph M. Cost. Co-ion Torry V. Cost. Charleston. Mo. Vonito K. Crowell. leechvllle John N. Crowson, Rector Warner C. McGohee James R. CrumbevgV Jonesboro DoneU B. Culpepper. Pin. Kuff W. am A. Commits. Jonesboro Al B. Cunningham. Ho’ono Motile. V. Oreo. Perage.ld C. C.roOO"- Cash Johe A. Curtis. Marianne Robert S. Curtis. Rector Sot on C. Delrymplo. little Ro l Daniel D. Dal‘on. Pocahontas F'ei I. Danelt. Matthews, Mo. Emily Derititon, Mountain Grove. Mo. Robert C. Davidson. Jonesboro Billy Davit. Caruthersvillo. Mo. Bobby K. Davis. Bo-o Colleen Davit. Mwtla n Home James W. Davit. Jonesboro Joe S. Davis. Searcy Kathleen A. Davis, Pocahontas laurel J. Devis. Mountain Home Pavla A. Davis, loarios. England Roger D. Davit. Btytheville Shstcn I. Davis. Jonetboo Wanda F. Davis. Bono Mary E. Day. Gideon. Mo. Robert A. Deer. New Carlisle. Ind. Woody W. Delorme. Springfield. Ote. Mary R. Dent. Jonesboro Thomas W. Denton. Kythevillo Myra A. DePriest. Oetoleo VT?atje Je-ot M. DeSpoin. Ma lla Fran L. Devereus. Wrdenec Jsn M. DeVoil, Jonesboro David M, Dlclerso . Marled Tree Edwin M. Dickson. Jonesboro Harold E. Diggs. Paragoutd Re-dy I. Diles. little Rock Charles D. Oillier. Wes! Helena Romy F. Diso . Pigqott Brand. S.o Dodd. YoTviTe Brenda J. Dodson. Harnson Kathe’i'e A. Dodson. BVtkev3e Susan K. Douglas. Jonesboro Denns G. Downs. Egypt Pe.'etta D. Downs. Pe-sgo.ld Michael B. Doyle. Hosio John $. Drewry. B'ge'ow Co«nle B. Dryer. Mountain Home Fred M. Dunavast. Jonesboro Deborah C. Dsncen. N. little Rocl SophomoresSophomores S opU ! E. Oonoan. C‘ i y V»r y Jaol D. D.nham. Wain.? Ridrqa J.mrr.'a o., Marlad Ti» J« oh P. D.r n Pi- BUf Fr ddi L. D..t. PocahoMa. Sa-d'a M. Ea «i. Na«arl Da'a H, Eolart, Th y r. Mo. Jarry I. Edqar, Bono Daborah L Ed« rd MoGaK Donald R. Ed»i-d . Cottar Station W, Ed-«'di. Forra»t City Patricia M. Elbart. Joratboro Iran 0. Eld.-. BrooUand Annatt Ellin . Jo o Phitrp E. EUim. w;iwn Camellia C. Elll . lonol Cha-Ia. V. Elll.. Walnut Ridqo larry J. El-on . Pa'eqovld William R. fl-ood. Uttl Rocl Motri. Emiion. El Do'ado Don,Id W. Enda'ior W,th ..ll Mary B. Engl -. Habar Se'inq. Thom a. J. Enqli.K C-.-fordiville Jama. C. Cm-in Jr. Searcy Stephen R. E'-n. Pa-aqo.ld cha'la. M. Ethridq . W,nna Tedd J. Ettar. Baivatt Ca'I S. Evan.. Jacbonvilla P m '-» K. E»an., Da.tar. Mo. Stan lay W. Evan Cabot lavah S, Eagan. S . lou'o. Mo. Rabalah N. Fairchild. N. UtHa Ro l U-d:-’ K. FaVall. B'ad'o'd Danny G. Fa''ay. Paraqould Gara'd W. Faria,, JonaAoro Effie E. Far-. M.-veii Martha L. EaJlnor. Jo-a.boto lo» H Fannar. .'-oravbo'o F. Farquion. Joneiboro Victi A. F.atdi. Joneiboro Anna B. Fila Hu-tar Shano A. Fine. N. title Rocl Rreley C. Finlay. Batarvill Li-d. G. F;»h n WVnut Rido We-dt F. Fiihar. Pytha ll PaJ J. F!»l. N. littl Rocl Robart A. Fit . Pir BMf Micley Flaqq. Pocehorte. El jabatn A.’ Monatt Clifford M. Fletcher, Mou t Plea.ant Jama. Batohar, Movlei" Grova. Mo. Jam . H. Flynn, Little Rocl Ronn'r D. Foley. Jo-a.boro Chada, J. Foot. OaVall. Bluff Larry D. Forbi .’tnoiboro Ran J. Ford. Paraqo-.ld Johmy A. Foreman. Lt.ora V.rqini A. Fort Km Tr»m r,n Michael R. Fortune. Jo'aaboro Robin J. Foatar. S'a-oort Shirlay D. Fo.tar. Paraqould Kathy A. Fonfer, Jo-a.boro Tarry L. fo-'a'. Blythavitta Mila R. Franla. Paraqould 73Patrick H. Hackman. U(«j Janet K. Ha-'-’ord. Jonesboro Barbara J. Hall. Sirdar Charles f. Hill. Kytkevlllo Elirebeth A. Hell. Wait Memphis Rupert F. Hall. De’iplslno Ma'an L HelWark. 8lythev;re Phyllis Y. Henmor-ds. Wait Helena Larry R. Hampton. Non-port Jack R. Ha-sen. Oerokeo Vi age Jamai R. Herba. Weln.t Ridge Jeffrey Herblson, G-aaito Gty. 111. Jann C. Hardesty. Caruthersvllle. Mo. Rotcoo J. Headimin. Wynne Gregory N. Hsrdin. Jonesboro Karan M. Hardin Recto- Margra! A. Hargett. Neftleton ?■•• O. Harlan. Jonesboro CKa-lai 0. Harlan. Truman. CaroSn S. Me-per. Pocahontas Elian J. Harper. Pine tuff Peter W. Harnngton, Jonesboro Evelyn S. Harrii. Jordan Rodney D- Hem’s. Gideon. Mo. Jo‘n R. Harvester. Pocahontas Bonr.’a $. Harvey. Rcohelto. III. Ray-son 8. Hsrvey. El Oorado Terry L Haskett, Swifton Stephe- A. Hatch. CarutKarsvil'e. Mo. Conn’e I. Halman. Pocahonfat Rebecca J. Hen-kins. Pocehontes Ruby I. Ha»l y. Marmadula Pamela I. Haras. Wast Plains. Mo. Ronald K. Hayas. Po-tigavll'a. Mo. De-nls A. Haynes. Haten terry C. Hay . Jonesboro Paula Han. Jceeibo-o Will's Head. Memphis. Tenn. Carl J. Heilman-, Harrisburg John C. Hearn. Jonesboro Rare Holder!. Jo-esboto Mvtphy 0. Heird. Jonesboro Ca'hen’no A. Henderson. 8entoa Dav'-d W. Henderson. Slythevllle Debo-ah I. Hendorvo- Mo-tlcello Janls t. Henderson. Jaolso-.vlTo Elton V. Hen'ay. Ty-o-ia Jake E. Henry, Walnut Ridge John E. Henry. Bet-dan Alan R. He-son. Jo-asboro 8 rry K. He-son. Wyn-a Carolyn M. Herring. Hot Springs Robert R. Hetjel. Hardy Androa R. Hleki. England Victor I. Hcks. Little Rook Wi’Tem A. Hiober. Jonesboro Lethe K. Higgins. SrooUattd Mickey V. Higgins. Pa-.gosfd Murrey O. H'gMoner. Tru-ann W.l am R. H'geford. Jonesboro Bernice HH. Mono Ootis M. Hill. Osceola Panne 0. HIT. Jonesboro Oonra E. Hilt Hardy Sophomores 75Sophomores78 Sophomores Jerry D. Klaemsn. Mou»t Vernon. Mo. Willem J. Klutho. Crestwocd. Mo. La«ry D. Knapp. Elaine Goldie K'-sp-panbenjar. Evoninq Shodo Gerald E. KoqeV.hsnti. »(lhev3te Susan C. Koo'ce. Corninq Judith M. Koont. Pocahontas Na-ey M. Kramer. Moonefield Pattieia 0. ledd. Re,no larry 0. laG-erd, Marled Tree Handy lamb. Pareqould Ne-Cy R. land'.m. Pareqould M cheat 8. lords. Llqht Ruthann la tr. Strawberry Alan L latourette. Jonesboro Nancy I. Le.rjhfer. N. little ted Jacl R. law. Watt Memphis Oarfat M. lewlor. Bl.lheviSe Bradley S. ta-re-ee. 8'.-Hey Dwiqht A. Lawrence, Melbourne Gary S. law -'C , He’ene To"my D. Lawrence. Swilton Ronnie D. la,no. Jonesboro Jerry M. LaatVart. Malden. Mo. lyn Ledbetter. Waln.t Ridqe Nancy J. ledqerwood. Wott Pit Ini Mo. CaroViti J. loo. Marianna Robo't M. loo. Mountain Homo William E. loo. Damascus John D. lendon ! . Kytherillo larry W. lowallon. Newport B-anda $. Lewis. Pareqos d Jacq.oliro I. lewis. Oall John I. lent Jonesboro Patsy Lewis. Wosl Hr'an a Perry lewis. Jo-osbnro Ronsld E. lewis. Pocahontas Villi L Ue. Csmotell. Mo. Robert M. lindley. ."oeesboro Charlotte S. Undsey. Ha risbvrq Susan A. Lindsey, El Dorado Dan ms I. linqo. Eqypt Valve J. llnr»0. Eqypt Jimmy llslo. Stuttqart Jecly l-ttlafeld. Jo-asbo-o Jsna Littleton. Drive Cerdy E. loci. Cede Robert W. lonq, Newport Woodrow W. lor-5. Amaqon Georqr E. total. Helen Kathy M. loser. Mobem Stuart E. lowry. BlplhavP'e Debbie J. Icryd. Pa-aqould Rebecca I. lualen. Helen. Joseph r. u-ter. Little Red Cindy S. lynch, little Red Rodney J. Lyra. Ccotot. Mo. Albert Maas, Kytheville Kay N. Mab-,. Jcnesbo-0 Terrye I. Mac'in. fiythov.Ho Hanold A. Medde-. BaodeWlo Robert J. Meddot. Jaclsonvrfo Nancy J. Male. Puff Michael A. Mahan. Paraqoild79 Michael J. Malhtm. Jonetboro John 0. Manalt. Coming'.1 H. Mnnytt. Cv»n0 file-' J. Minn. farms. Mo. Richard I. Man". Pa'agou'd Deborah A. Margrave. Little Rocb Phil T. Ma'i. Auqut't Patricia L Marr. Hiclory Ridqe 8rent W. Martin. Hytheville Ji-my 0. Martin. Kathi 8. Martin. Paragould M’chael G. Martin. Hot Spnngt Philip A. Martin. Para?0-jld Tarata K. Ma’tin. Wynne Mile R. Maltane'ti. Jonetboro Michael R. Meiienqjll. Jonetboro Michele Manor. Herritburg Claude 8. Mathia Jr.. Monette Pe-ny I. Mathewt, Kenrett. Mo. Robert S. Matthewt. Jonetboro W.lliam W. Mat them Newport Dabby A. Ma.ltfn. Anieny. Iowa Juanita F. Mai-ell. Bono Unity A. May. Jonaibcro Mari W. Mavo. N. little Reel Michnot A. M»y». Wynne Glenn, A. Mc8ride. trintlev Barbara t. McBryde. N. little Rool De-'it R. McCann. N. little Rocl lirde McOe-do-. Car.thenvTe. Mo. lo.i-.e McClure. Mo.ntain Heme Ma-ga-et McC'.re. Vernon, III. Jamet S. McCI utley. Rector Shirley A. McCoy. Newport Harvey L McCoy, leachvife Melton W. McC-.ltouflh. Matila Paul G. McC.'chen II. Parlin lerry t.'_ McDanel. Jonetbo-o Ja« 0. McDer-ott. Parlin Steve C. McElyee, McDo.g|l V.ncent P. McGt'ry Walnut Ridge Ruth McGauohey. Me-port Rebecca J. McGo.lV Paraqo.M Soria K. McGouqh, Joretboro Me'le S. McGruder. Heth Michael I. McG.ire Cherry VeHey Sharon K MeKcel. Rector M'chael C. McKinney, ft Do-ado Peggy J. McMillan. Waln.t Ridge Denite McMu"en, Haren Myra K. McM.llin. Harritb-.rg McKinley McM.rtrey. Willow Spit.. Mo. Jerry McMeety. BythenUe Phillip F. McNeill. Pine VJ Debra S. McNiel. Recfc-r Thomat J. McNulty, Elltworth, S. D. Bertha J. McNutt. Walnut Ridge Ma.rha J. McNutt, Walnut Ridge Norman S. McPite. Joneaboro Larry W. Mc ?uirfe-. Weat Memphii CJe.d-t M. McReven. Jonetboro Viol! L Mead. Jonetboro Deniel I. Medloel. Jonetboro David K. Melton. N. little Rocb Sophomorestx 80 Steve R. Metr'er. Joneaboro Malcolm W. M «. Joneiboro John E. Miller. UKe Rod Pod D. Mille- Colton Plant W am M. Millar. Bnnkiey Uoyd W. Ml gan. Newport Rone'd D. Mllliqen. St-e-berry OorothyG. M ila. Wabeah Dean K. Minton. Wynre Mary A. M n«':iw. Paraqould Judi-V K. Mitchell. Kemett. Mo. Oennii R. M;.’od. St.ttqa-t Manother H. Mo enie«. Iran Georqe Monroe. Peteqovd Debote Mo-iqomery. Ce-.lheravSe. Mo. lonny W. Montgomery, Marked Tree Robert J. Montgomery. Wichita. Kan. E'nrit C. Monte. little Rod D» na K. Moody. 8lythev??o Jemee H. Moon. Trumarn Jerry D. Mooney. MooMe ' Home Cherlee R. Moore. N. little Red Dia a I Moore. P.000tt Donn.'e I. Moore. Wait Memphit Jim H. Moore. Joneiboro JoVn M. Moore, Shofiden Stendley I. Moota. Wynne Ttevii M. Moore. Berne. Mo. Loo MoreWa. Jooeiboro Carolyn E. Mo'qen. Marked Tree Ed e'd C. Morgan. Welt Mompha Kathryn M:'q«n. Forfeit City lorin F. Morgan- Joneaboro Elmer Morrit. W,nne Ja«e L Mcrria. Swifton Mercia A. Morr'a. Newport Tkomai C. Morn a, Cotn'.eg Marian J. Morraoo. Joreiboro Tommy J. Mqrriion. Malden. Mo. Joeeph K. Moae’ev. little Rod She'leh Moter. Mount P'eeeant Mary E. Moat. Stutlqert Rota 0. Mo.dy. Jonetber© Jerry MvckoMt.rm, BelevTIe. ID. Ka leen M. M.-phy. little Rod Mark E. Murphy, p.-ookle-d MicKeel E. M , phy, Joneaboro Ronald 0. Morphy. ParaqoJd Ken S. Murray. Little Rock M Keel C. Naekel. Oe Mcheel R. Neal, lepento Oeea A. Nebben. Mountain Home Molly M. Nebhut. 8l(tVevTle Kerry J. Not',. Oiceola Cothe'.ne R. Nation. El Dorado Robert H. Nation Jr. Wilvoa Reita L Nettlei. 8eebe Ed Ne-bv. St. loeia. Mo. Je-ea R. Newiom. Me'maduke Miry K. Ne«ao . Pocehentee Jem.'e J. NicWaon. Newport fred E. Nim-o. N. little Rod Patricia A. Noble. R;vea. Mo. Davie I. Notei. Wait Memphie SophomoresSophomores82 Sophomores 8' '-do J. Poppa, Recto Gary G. PoipitJ. Wait Menphi Tommy L r»nR Kannatf. Mo. hianoW A. Pratt. Hoiis Lynda K. P«H. Fo'f t City Karia J. Piatteo, Mnrmadule Roianna Proitid-ge Tironra Janie Pribram, Humbug. Germany De“ny 0. Price. Jenoiboro Elirabeth K. Price. Joneiboro John M. Pridav. FradamHtwn. Mo. J m l R. Pr'drrore. Newport Jam t, Print . Joneiboro Dome B. Privett. Hoii Guy L Proctor. Foveit City Jar E. ProrWo. £1 Dorado Edward G. Pryor. Marianna Cathy m. PutUrt. Bo o Kerry G. Ragin . Biytheville Richer Ramiay, Mania Ronni G. Randolph. Jeclton. Tear . Carolyn A. Ranlin. Jenoiboro Ka' n R. Ranlin. Peragoutd Ra« C. Ratb rry. Newport Rita E. R b ery. M»— Rob rf K. R «pb rry. 8 ,»t v'Ia Ptryftii A. Renting Do icJ n. Mo. Anita S. Ray. Port g vitte, Mo. Reh» d 0. R aom. Kennett. Mo. Ronald A. Reagan. Inaobrill She'on K. Rea.ii, Tutrell Haman Reoald . Quito. Ecuador Carlo E. Roddick. Pe-egould Dal. R. R ddi t. P.-egouM Linda S. Reding. Joneiboro Kyl n« Re e. Bain Jenet L Read. J«n boro Daod F. Re«i«. Pi-a B'.ff M a' Kc.'m R« e. Snow Lai Rita D. R i . Jon boro Steve R e. Oenton. Te«. Barbara G. R« v . P. Ie tin Dorothy S. Joneibono Jimmy J. Ran'row. St. Jo John W. Renrve . Jon tbono Bryan D. R ut !«r. Joneibono Donna K. Reynold . McC'ory Helen 1C Reynold . Preicott Kimberly M. Reyno'd . Bradford John p. Rh 'n, Stuttgart Brerda J. Rhode . O«rol e Village Fran W. Richard Bald K»ob Beth A. Rich.i-dion. Fitter Cl' y L Richard ion. Oiceol Jam F. Richard ion. Mary John F. Richardton. W t Momphi Pamela M Richt-dton. Pocahonta Robert D. Richard ten. Jonetboro Nancy L Richie. Littlo Rocl Pa.l P. Richmond. Dyett Dab-a A. R-' y. Well Memphit Bn M. Rina. MJwowte . Wi c. Danny G. Ring. Jo-aiboro Donna L. Ring. B'yth«viS Sophomores David H. StapKanaon. Wait Mamphi, Dtbt'afc I, St«. ni Parlip Suw t. Stavani. 8 -,on Jani G. SNv«» Jo-atboro Ivory M. S'r.ard Fofr it City Diana M. Sta-ad. OtcaoU Jarry A. St...ft, Wiltoa Ridy A. Sta-art. Hot Sc-f ' Ji David K. StiWa. Oieao'a Jo N, St t.i 8! ti v.'ta Cfcarlat H. Stotta, Caraway C. H E. Sto H. Fof'Mt City Join W. Straat. Jonaibxo Mite-'. StrielUnd. 6F,tl v3l. Ri l r A, St.bbi BFytfcaviU Lird. C. St.d . Daarlng. Mo. Doom R. St.-o. jS, Dc-var Janie. 0. Jonaibovo S «fi 0. St.f fc. 6at«vill» 0«id W. S. ‘»- WmI Mcmpfcit Ronnl J. Sully.- Jonatbo'0 Rooof 0. Sumpter, E.H. M ryfc G. Su'baoqh. Jo-aaboro Gary W. S.rlai Poc.fcoM.i Willi -. K. T„p '.j. Mill. Cecil W. S.rtadia’d. Newport Patti Svtfarlia'd. Jonaabero D. b'« K. SuMo". Jonaabono Ka- W. S-ain. Poplar S'.ff. Mo. Joy I. Swanaon. McCro'v Dnray M. S. -o' . PyrK-Robart P. S»o(ford. FoH Smith OavU V. Tael.ft Dayton. OWo j.anf-a A. Tab.rt, H«b r So -di Dabr G. Tarlinrjfen. Wa-de '. Mo. Ma« V. Te'linqton. Harriaburq VauqV - I. Tat . Newport Dale R. TayVo . Jo-aaboro J'mmi H. Taylor. N. littl Rod Patricia D. Taylor. Part St . I. Tavlof. N. littl Rock Ptiyriit D. Taaqo . Ma'lad T a Card I. Tampleton. Jo'-aiboro Ada I. Tarty. Tromann Jani a Thiafamiar. Poealon ai Jama. W. Tfcia-a, M.rJ Mb R. Tho-tai. Tyfonja Catfcotira I. Tfcomat. Forfait City Janie M. T»om i. P-qqott Jvl E. Tfcomaa. Cottar linda I. Ihonai. Jonaiboto Ronald W. TKonai, Amoral Ga-y W. T ho—an. Oat.oUlne Alfrad F. Thompton. Hardy Emm J. Thcmpao-. o©n viI!e laffy W. Tfcompion. Swift on Willia-a C. Tfcompion. McCfOfy David N. Thorlalton. Floriiiant. Mo. Lloyd W. Tlornton. Jonaaboro Cfcarlai O. Tfcnoymartin. Jonaaboro Carl R. Tillery. Hot So— Marl R. Tiadala. Malv. -PbiUp D. Toombt. P-orjo" Sunn E. Toon . Wait Plaint. Mo. 8586 Sophomores Mkhea! 0. Tranthe-. 8a, J©»ph H. Treadnav Newport T-.’tta M. Treece Paraqoutd Bobbie I. Trlble. BMbevBe Terry N. Tripp, Haber SpWo j Ce ol K. TrMM. Jone. boro Grice A. Troutman. .'c.-»vboto J,»ice L Turn 1. Mo."tain Ylerv La' y E. Turner. Jore.boro (.it'd Sue Tvner. Oiceola Rhonda F. Tu'«e . Sea-cy Ruth A. TuiefK Joraibcm Michael $. T«ri»t. Joneibo o Jerome P. U ,er. Decatur. III. Roy E. Urfor. Me n,buro Mgr!oa L Utley. Steeie. Mo. Mania E. Vanundl. DeWitt Debbe K. Ve,.e.r Althelmer Steve C. Veuoh . H i dy Addebn L Via. Senaih. Mo. Rubl. W. Vickery. Pocehonta, Troy A. Vinefc G'.bbi Jo« A. Voicil. HytheviHe Co—to J. Waller, Marled Tree Jemet C. Walker, Joneiboeo Joke S. Waller. Marled Tree Uoyd W. Wa'lar. Jooetboao Mary I. Waller. Montlcello Sooll 0. Waller. Fayetteville Steve A. Welle . Portegoville. Mo. Do—a E. Wallace. Monelfe Ji“ H. We'lace. Oiceola Michael S. Wallace. Jone,bo» Robbie K. Weill". Caraway B1b ey J. Weill. S-lthville Fred A. Walpole. Kannett, Mo. Diare J. Walter. Oarle. D. Waller.. St. lo«:,. Mo. Robert D. Wallen, Pa «ooJd Aubrey J. Ward. S.cce,. Dane Ward. Pire 8WF Danny R, We'd. AtrbuMe Jackie W. Ward Calico Rock Judy A. Ward S.’em Melli.a C. Ward. Bytke. la Kaye Warlord. Cherry Valley Cbanda I. Watlln . Wait Mr-pV. Vicley L Walll-v Steele. Mo. Reba I Wataon. Har.i,bvrq Janet U Way- e. Lltt'e Reck Deby K. Waymon. Pocehonta. Ropky G Weave . Ba'eiv ' e Don. , P. Webb BMhevtte Melen'e E. Webb. Mele-a E,telle Woetru. Marvell Sandy E. We le». M, a Sandra I. Well.. Manila Ruth E. Wait. Jo e,boro Stanley Watt. Marled Tree The—a. E. We.t, Ne-pocI Cyntt-e A. Wettbrool. Hytherille An'e D. W.; e fie!d. Malvern Tony G. Wo,ion. Joneibo-c Erreil- e White. Wait Memphi. tarry 0. White. B!ytV«v3l« Michael L. Whi-e Merita W.'son H. White. West Memphis Brut. H. Whitley. W.Homnlle. III. J» h Whit—ire. Drayton Plains. Mich. Donald S. Whlrey, Osceola Ga ord H. Wytar, Fort W.yna, Ind. Jl« D. Wians. Forrest Cty Kathy S. Wiggins. Newport Btly R. Wi'cor. Nelllelon Thorese I. Wi'es, Waiter Sa-ita S. Wilkin . Mount Ho—4 Thomas A. Wilkin . Horrersvlt . Mo. Pamela K. Wilkinson. Jacksonville Hanry A. Will. Brinkley Man, Willcockton. Oarolea Village Catharlna W. ’ arm. Parkin Charles K. WJlianv Manila Jarry L. Williams, Wait Me-pkii J. H. Wiliam . little Rock Kivan M. Williams. Gobltr. Mo. Norma S. William . Frenchman Bayosr Phillip D. W- iam . Paragon'd Tommie J. William . Hoqhei Bavarly Will . Marianne Robert L. Will . M» ianna Albert S. Wilion. Batatvilla Henold I. Wilion. Bataivita Jimmy 8. Wilion. Wlifo-d John M. Wilson, Jonesboro Mary M. Wilson. Want Memphis Terata D. Wilion. Marita Pat Wir hai»a». Pocahontas Sta-ley Winfrey. Forfeit City Nina Faya Wisdom. DaWitt Vickie L W.sdom, McRae Freddy G. Wiseman. Osceola Irena 8. Wood. Colonial Height . Va. Jama A. Wood. Campbell, Mo. Mary J. Wood. Pa-kin No-a Wood. Jcnesboso Randy G. Woodard, Kannatf. Mo. Timothy C. Woodruff, Jcneiboro PMEp E. Wood . Jonesboro leverne Wood-ard. Jonatbono Richard Wooldridge. St. Louis. Mo. Kelvin L. Wray. Viola Charles Wright. Cersithenvllle. Mo. Charles D. Wright. Jonesboro Iris A. Wright. Wa'danbvg Jama D. Wright. Trumjnn Jeanne F. Wy. tiythaville George P. Wyeeff. Jonesboro Rennie G. Wynne. Mo.nt Vernon. Mo. Virginia E. Wys . Nimnons Allan L. Vaarry. Pa-agooVd Ann M. Yo.nq. Wynne Gary K. West Memphis Jennifer L. Young. Wynne Bonne S. Yount. Keoratt. Mo. Robert W. Zenmko. little Rock Tine A. Zirbel. Waldaebtag George L Zortme . Ocho.adan, Iowa Sophomores 8790 Freshmen Sherry t. Berryman, Southev . Min. Oavy m. uitu Rod Cleudatf M. 8ictall. N. Lit ! Rod Oarles R. Bde-e'. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Gary A. Blqq,. Po'agoJd Pamela H. Bllingt'ey. leachyille Richard I. Bllingsley. Vidal Hill Emmett 8. Bppvs. Knobol Oouqlai C. Brthop. little Rock Pa.I R. 8'ed. Uttf Root Deborah G. Bled bum. Boger, Karan J. Bad" an. Bono Kanny I. Iledihear. Jonesboro Denny J. 81a . Pa'egov'd Steven M. Blanchard, Jon tbcno CW« M. Sleylod. C-..'o- WU Patricia E. Baylod. Coming Rora-na Sleylod. B'aqgedccio. Mo. Jamie C. BloexK. Poplar Grove John H. Blood-orth. Poplar BMf. Mo. Bro-da C. Bobo. Aih Flat Janell K. Bodalar. Jonesboo Kim Bodell. Jonesboro Rkha-d E. Boedmenn. Wynne Art G. Boe-niqhauien. St. Mo. Oav'd L Boge . Joneibo o Georqa F. Boggi. Pereqodd Riche'd I Boh e. Jonesboro Oral C. Bolding Jr. B.’d K-ob Michael W. Boling, Jcne,boro Peqoy J. Bollier. Pin BMf Sa'dra L. Bo’-nq '. Malden. Mo. Ralph 0. Bond. Jonesboro Oorothin E. Bonner. Hot Spring, Kathy A. Bool. Piqqotf Sa’dra G. 8oor '. Pa-agoJd Batty J. BornVMt. Weinar Cha'lott S. B:r hoft. W ia r Bobby L Bo,t. Arbrrd. Mo. Jut'anna Boil. Pin Bluff Jennifer L. Boudin. Pe'agodd Cora L. Bo-a. BrlnHey Denny 8oM t. Broolland Ge ald f. Bo.! ,. MsysviUe. Ky. Perry L Bon. Patagojd T r y W. Son. Pa-egou'd Pa .I J. Boyce. W»Uut R dge David G. Boyle . Auquita Yolanda G. Boyfe Wait Mamphi, Jamet C. Bradb.r . Little Rod Randy M. Bradford. Dearinq. Mo. Vara A. Bradley. Tudermen D ’ M. Brady. Hot Spr'ngt Kiri A. B'adv. Success Lynn L Branch. Pa-agou'd Victor B'e’ch. Welso Unde J. B'anr.;n. Jonesboro Arge M. Bre—ar. LeschviHe Kathy 0. 8r -ar. Trtmann Ms'l A. Brewer. C ’d. 9. Mo. Robert Sr »e-. Ne.port Mal.iss J. Bride . Ca’a—ay Mitia I. Bridge,. Harr!,berg Linda K. Brinley. Darter. Mo.Pam S. Broadi-ay, Jonaiboro Ja«at C. 6-o d raf -. Batarvilla Ov n G. 6«oel. Tirclarmao Jamas II. Breol. Jonaibcro Jamall M. 8-ooli. Kannatf, Mo. AJpVa 0. 6ro»». For rail City Jacl J. Bro- . P-a BVf Katby I. Bro-n. Sarnia. Mo. Marilyn Brown. Forrast C-ty Marl S. Bnown. Huqhas Mohaal L Bto»« Datio Pbyl A. 8ro»n, Jontsboro Sam t. B-ow. Oicada T.'m O. 6-o-n. Jo-aiboro Gary M, Browning, We'-do Gaylon M. Paragoi d Sharon K. Br.m-att, Pe-ago.ld Sulla E. Brur-matt. Paraqo-ld JKV W. BoiB. WyBna Nancy J. Bry ". Wait Plains. Mo. Baverly R. Bryant. Pina BMf V.rgl-'o C. Buchanan. Marlon Malay F. BucUay. Jo-asboro Jamas M. 8u' b lald. Eudoro Joseph K. Bures. N. little Rocl Mary K. B.-qe Cava City Michael K. B.'qest. Bythe.llle Teresa A. Bvrllao . Wendell. Mo. Mkk»l I. e.r-o.oV,. Hoa Sprlnqi CatKy S. Burrow. Oil Troujl Gager I. B.'«ow. Aoomta Madam 8orn.ii. B-adfc-d lisa S. B.rtnet». Ma-phls. Ta n. Charles A. Burton, Jooaifcoro Barbara F. Bulb. B- lfey Janls E, Bulb. WV--.t Rldqe SfeAnq M. B.ib. Cotton Plant Charles P. Butla-. Hooa Joh- M ButtO . Hot Sprlnqi Leslie G. Byford. Proof - Joal F. By.m St. Mo. Oatba Bv'd. Ba'aivl a M i A, Ce'-dwell, W nne Tencll A. Cald-at. leachvIJU Gary A. Ce'l'n Joneibo-o Wave E. Callahan. Ho«la Cyntbla J. Cameron. No-port David H. Ceme-o . Ho'oomb, Mo. Connla M. Camp. Pa-aqovld Barry Campbell. Jonesboro Jo R. Campbell. Barton Rand, 8 Campball. N. Uttte Rool Harman T. Contrail. Dalles. Tat. Norma L. Cantrall. Haiti. Mo. Barnard I. Ca-qlll Jr. BataivlB David N. Camatl Ci'vthenvIBe. Mo. Ka-nan A. Ca'pantar. N. Llttla Rocl Ta ry W. Carpantar. Cabot MarKn W. Carr. Carlisle. OH5 Tarry J. Carr, W.lson Fm- oi L Cartar. BlythevlUe Rkl A. Carta . Jo-aiboro Ronnl F. Cartar. Bono Susan A. Cartar. Roia Bud Freshmen92 Ma-ilyn 0. CMHnn. McRae K r n I. C«mv. Hath Jaria A. Cavh. Jo etbc»o m6.q;« t. c th. w.iten Ricki J. C«itv Jonatbo-o Mahton V. Caw N. Utti Rock Jjaal M. Cattlabarry. Wynne Robert 0. Ceilteba-ry. lamer Cat v A Cat . Pocelontai Robert T. Cathead. Walnut Ridg Dabbe I. Cathay. N .port Jarrev L Catk y. tl Dorado f-:i R. Cato. Jonaibo-o Jail C Cato. Stuttgart David A. Ce.ny. Jo'-tibo'o Charley 0. Camay, MomHon Ge-a’d 0. Carney. BlitVavill Jo F. Cavitt. Tyrone Ralph I. Cat -. C W Ga-ald F. Chalin, lu«o-a Rabat! A. Che-c . Jo- »boio K "y J. Chard' '. Joaar G'anr. A. Chatay C-ti o-dtalla Stave C. Chapman. Wy»n Victor H. Chapma . Marmaduka Marilyn 0. Chappal. Nattlaton Raid. S. Chaitain. 8a o Jetty W. Chaatom. El Dorado Math L. Oatay. Mou-‘an Ho-a Dabo- V A. CMdan. Smaekovar Undi S. Chide Tru-ann Byungioo K. Cho. Southga’a. Mich. S. J. Chou. Rita Bluff la-ty M. Chriitain. HotratjvJI . Mo. John I. Chutch. Wait Me-phil Bity S. Clark. Jcnaiboro Do-eld I. Oark. Benton Jo R. Clark. BataiviRa ICathy L Oart Jo-avbo'o Kenny L. Clark. Naaport Pa J F. Clark. W «t Mamphiv John E. Clay. BlythavU Petric-a L Clo-. Jo uboro Unde K. Clifton. Ro'and Michael 0. Cobb. Jonaibo-o Rcr, G. Cobb. Valley Va. Bobby W. Cochran. Corn g Ca-la J. Cochran. Cooler. Mo. Ca-olyn F. Cocht -. Mena Kenny L Coflay. Nanport Oabba L Cohn. Black Oak Regina P. Cohn. Molco-b. Mo. Batty S. Col . Tr.mera Sonli D. Cola. Paach Onehe-d Tho-ai I. Col . Paved . Mo. Br »d J. Cdaman. Corning Stephen G. Coleman. Joneibooo stay " 0. Collar. Walnut Ridg load 1 Collini. Harritburg Millie J. Col •«. AtV Flat Maliua Coo . Memphis Tann. Mery M. Comaughton. UtHa Rock Martha J. Co-nor. Otcada Eratia J. Conrad. Stuttgart FreshmenFreshmen Kelly L Corrad. Jonesboro Arsdrom P. Ce-nstanri-.'dei. Cyprus James H. 0»l. Benton Randy S. Cool. West Memphis Rkhe'd 0. Cool. Jo-esboro Elsie K. Cooley. 8aid Knob Ge»r L Coop '. PceilonMi Unnil J. Coop ’. Jo-osboro Rodney L Cooper. Jonesboro Ravalna I. Cop-ela'd. Jonesboro Daniel J. Corb t’. Hoi! Hw CornisS. Mooetfe Pet M. Corrlveau. N. UttI Roel Ferrell T. Cothem. Jonesboto Dp.q'as L Conor. Viola Kenneth W. Cotter. Viol Janos T. Couch Jr„ Lepanfo Saadi K. Cod' ’. Jonesboro Paulette I. Cover. Jonesboro Jayne' A. Coi. Maldea. Mo. Virgin., K. Co,I. PolVd louette C-aflon. Paragould $.»» A. C's-'o Iiro-ia Potty S. Crain. B-ooUarvd J.d'th K. Cralne. Manila Denny R, Ctamford. Comltg John M. C'a-fc d. Pin 8'.if Torri 1. Cra-ford. Stuttgart 0 -ryl S. C-a-le,. Go.ld Barbara J. Crisp. MarvoB Oanrr, M. Crist, Jonasboro Gory D. Crocler. Jonesboro Jl-my R. Cnpclott. Ol« ole Pa- M. Croft. Jonesboro Foy L Cremmelt P -0 Puff to.- Ann CfOOm. Jonesboro Trovo J. Crosby. Metbosnea Ooy'o D. Cross Stuttgart Kent Cro-rd ». Man'en Tor! J. Cro.o. B’.tWviMo Torri A. C'0»o. Cpruthorsvlll . Mo. WaCom P. Crump, Blyfiovilto loan £. Cryts. 0 ito . Mo. Melba J. Cv"on. Bono Gar, J. Cullu—. Mcootfo Harold C. Curalnqha— S.rttll Linda K. Cunr.'ngham. little Rocl Tod w. Cu-ninqha—. Pa'aoo.'d BIN J. Cupp. M p-lod Troo Jan- a M. C'.c-p. light Rsbroca C. Cup-o. liqht Billie J.Cvrrlo OoWItt Chyrl I. Curry. SH fo«. Mo. Red-oy A. C-.'ry. BMhovIBo Gary E. C.rton. Trimpsn HareJd D. C-.rtrlqM. Osceola Ro—ono Dally. Ft. RSch tdso«. Al. Shoion A. Dallas. Caro may Jsmei V. Denial. Stophans Valo-Io K. Oarr. Petegos d B-'l M. Davenport. House Springs, Mo. David R. Davenport. Moaroe Rhonda K. Davenport. Jonesboro MichW D. Davidson C srenden 9394 Freshmen Richard A. Davdton. N. little Rock Wa-da G. David ion Knobel Alfred A. Devil Bay Bob G. Oa.ii. Paregould Ce'ol I. Davit. Darter. Mo. Deanit W. Davit. Jonotboto Donna B. Davit. Altheimer Oonna f. Davit. Jonotboto Doeglat R. Davit Jonotboro Jamet W. Oavit. Jonetbo-o Judy A. Da.ii. Dalton Ka'O" M. Trumetn Simmy K. Davit. Trumtnn Tommy J. Davit. Ca'uthonvX . Mo. Ricky L Davito-t. Jonotboro Rot R. Daviton. Jonatboto Jarry Oaavpt. Fo'ioit City MkhoeI O. Day. Kenneth Mo. Beverly G. Daan. little Rock Marvin 0. Dean. Jonatboto David W. Daamvo.a. Ya-'lv.»a Wiliam K. Da.iton. T.ckorman Jarnet M. Do8o». Sedga-'ck Mori A. DaB’uca. Jonatboto Da nit E. Oaa'a. PortageviHe. Mo. Paul J. Defond. Trumann R'ma J. DeFotd. Fitk. Mo. Vickio R- DaH ft. Pveqould Carlo A. DaVanoy. Hooa M. B. Daanit. Fo"eit C ty Randy G. Da-nit Oicaola Tatry G. Dannit. Fither Dabb-o Da-', Jonetbor© To-mv I. DaSkaro. Viola Jaff A. Dethrow. Oklahoma City. Okla. Stavan C. Dav. F.aaUin Jack C. Oe.eiiky Jr. lepa-to Donna I. D'ckeni. Jonetboro WiJiem I. D'ckeni. Joretbone Dot F. Deletion. Otooola Richard J. Dkkhaut. MaKoutah. 1JL Brian T. Dckinton. Crovo Cot. . Mo. Patricia R. Dia-ar. Bataivilta Aud'ay E. Diou. Jonatboto Frank I. Diqaotano. Forratl City Rita J. Dillard. Caruthari.illa, Mo. Patty 0. D iinqhom S'4-port Claito Dili., Mitt. Johnny R. D itrctti. Paragoutd led a C. Di.on, Ma'varn Oaat.t f. Dobbn,. Mar ta Rodney I. Oobbt. Malbourna Mika E. Dobton. li'lla Rock Tom J. Dodd. Batatvilla Jatot P. Doherty. Batatvilla Mich,el I. Dollar. JIu(f Charlie A. Oonhar- lapo-to ti-de A. Me' a John M. Dotlor. Hot Spr-qt Mika Dougherty, little Rock Steven E- Doublet, little Rock Robert S. Dover. Poilard John M. Dov-ing. B’agg City. Mo. Eliiata-h 1. Ootier. Bluff,P53- J i. JlMlilJ liialill lislllli llillill llilliil jflSlISi li ? it Freshmen Marcut Fro -'an, Forratl City Ronald Ffaama . Po-aqou'd John W. Fr«' K. Jonatboro Mar t-af W. Frappo- Ba'd Krob Joan C. Ffoit. Wo'lad Traa Jan E. Fry. Bafatrill Charlat E. Fu 'an. Patooou'd Hannah L F»ll ', Atkia John E. FvHr. Camden Raymond M. Gt fha1. Hoala Conn'd R. Gembill, Jonatboro Jamai E. Ga'tlna'. ti'amlU Joan C. Ga-dna'. Jonatboro Marc W. Go'dn©'. Pythaville Robart E. Ga'dna . Hotio Tommy E. G ray, Waif Momphii Vicly f. Garmon. Jectionvill w.:il m H. Gama'. B-oolle-d Gaya M. Gairatf. S'aala. Mo. Glann M. Garraif. Walbaiaia John Gar'olf. Fo"ait C fy Jo1© E. Gaas-ay. Do- pl-Sn. Mo. Jo Gatlin. Wyana Mkhetl I. Gauf. Monaffa Oav-d N. Gi.ldan. Racte. Ragine C. Gataway. Rocahonlai Ronn'a I. Gaan. Tyronja Irvin T. Gbion. Rina BWf Rabacce A. Gibion. M trmaduW Roy E. Gibion. J oral boro S'rp'an I. Glbao . Sf. lo.Ia. Mo. Tommy J. Gib ton. Ractor Polly L. Gill. Fran hm ni Beyov Wiiam P. G Kan-aft. Mo-Gail GHIatpia. Jonatboro Jarry 1. GiM-lm. P.irvjo.ld Gail L Gillit. PooU' Bluff. Mo. Mkhaal D. G:t. Ha'rkbvrq Roqa I. GTmora. Svilfor Jamai P. Gioton. Ractor JJia K. Gk ton. Na«[ 0'f Robait I. Gipton. Jonatboro Gin gar I. Grtf. Jonatboro Jaraf I. Glaiqcm. TrvmeMI Michaal M. G’da-a’I. Jonoiboro Oarrall K. Glovar. Lola City Moiy E. G-ada. Jonatboro Sylvia J. Godwin, litfla Rotl Daborah C. Golf. Bl,tl v«a Staph - C. Gddan. Jo'atboro Dannit S. Gonralat. Mareadat. Tat Ro-ald L Goo. Hala a Trail S. Good . Br.-Vlay Silly R. Goodion, Waln.f Ridqa Laumarka L Goodwin. Brlnllay William D. Gordon. Protcoff Rkl D. Go-at. Forratf Oily Random T. Goff, Jonatboro Billy R- Goyn . llltl Rocl Cathy I. Gom. Etta . Mo. Jimmy J. Got . Sftovberry Mory L Goja. Pa'aqould Danic A. Grady. Pa'v»o d W’liam C. Graff. Sf. look. Mo. 97Candls K. Harrell Wa’nut Carolyn M. Harrlglll Matcher. Miss. b"» I. Harris. Kennett. Wo. John K. Ham. Stuttgart Gwendolyn B. Harrison. BlytherlHo H'da Harrison. Bantcn Jama R. Harrison, Vina Grove. Ky. leRoqene Harrison. Jo’esboro Rennie I. Harrison. Bay Stanley E. Harrison. Oany Vatay Susan K. Harrison. Chester. III. Patricia I- Hairing i. Stuttgart Barbara J. Hatcher, Manila E.H. Hatley III. Marked Traa Slava E. Hatteba.qh, BoonevIHe Laura N. Ha.n. Joneiboro Makom L Hawkins. l-ifcoden Darrel I. Ha . Walnut Rld-ge Mila J. Harden. Pine Bluff Otlla M. Hayden Sateivllle Marshy D. Haywood. P.ggott Oa y 8. Head. Broolland Barbara A. Hoard. Bald Knob Jerry P. Hoard. Nr-port Manly A. Hoard. Hot la Garry t . Heath. Wait Memphis Jarry K. Heckmann, Harrisburg Michael D. Haflln. Jo-atboro W.lta W. Halrd. Pa a Buff George N. Haiti. Wat-.t Rldqe A.b ey I. Helms. S !fton Elian A. HahraMton. Littla Roc! Dtttra Handanon. Stuttqart John Handanon. 8l.lhevlt'a Shall a Handanon St. Joa Sherrill J. Handarton. Trunynn Bob L Ha-drlcl. little Rock Thornes N. Hondrli. W.nna Wayla He-’ey Mo-phlet Cynthia I. Hanry. BhythevSe Deborah A. Hanry, little Roc! Jacq.e E. Hanry. lonola Reymo-d Hanry. Huqbat David W. Heritor. Banton Judy A. Ha'io". Jonatboro Jenin Her-don. laoanto 8ob H, Herrinq. Pine 8Mf James S. Herrinqtoo. Stuttgart Halo'd M. Hess. Wynne Paul D. Hess Jr.. W.nna Rebecca f. Hestend. ParagouM Cathy S. H i‘a- Paraqould Do-'a G. H cliw, Harrisburg Molly I. H elot. Cheshire. Con . Gary I. Hicks, Ca-a ay Rag- a R. Hicks. Jonesboro Vara L Hicks. West Helena Robert I. Hlqqnbottom. Watr-.t Rldq Carol J. Hlqq'ni, Paragou'd W.tllam D. H ogles. Paraqc-.ld Deborah K. H.qMowe'. Try mam Bomia I. Hif. Pocahontas Dorothy L HI . Marianna Gerald D. Hill. El Do-tdo Freshmen 99Freshmen Tommy E. Hudipeth. Cherry V«!l v Judy G. H .ay. Nwrwl Mary C. H .ay. Waryn Jetme K. Muff. M(Cw Denny J. Huffman. Trvnean Phillip A. Hoqqini. A.qvita Noia A. H„qhei. McCro-y A. H.qha, Williford Patricia A. H.mptiiay. Maria' a Eed W. Htndloy. Trimaai Ma-i L M,nt. Wyi.av.7a Jamai 0. Hunter. Hot Spnnqt Pa-a!a L JonetborO Ke-ny I. H.fthiion, Clinton Deborah J. Hutton. Hardy Bonnie 8. H,de. Paragovld Cenofyn S. Hyde. ParaajooW Ta-aia E. Hyda. Pereqoutd George M. lecobaccL Hot Sprinqt Thomet E. Irebnit. Ela'aa Evefyn A. Ingram. Forfeit City Luther F. Ingram. Ma'leant Audrey M. Inmoa, Weir Me-phii Alice G. Ironiide. Pleeiant Plaint Gail L Irvin, ParegoJd Peggy S. Itg'ig. Jonetboro Annatta A. Ivy, Flint. Mich. Peggy A. Ivy. Tim bo S’a.a C. Ivy. Nanpott Oavid F. Jeclt. Jonetboro Jamai W. Jeclton. Per ago. Id Jama C. Jack ion. PiggoM Johnay H. J action Jr.. Pareqould Linda Jaclvon. Tyrrell Lonnie E. Jechon. Pereqovld Rebecca I. Jaclton. Mot Sp-.-gi Stephen G. Jaclvon. Paregoric! Joe 0. Jamai. Pocehcnfet Mary £. Jameton. Fitter Debra L Jantan. Pcoehontel Mary G. Ja-ian. PocaVontai Joe M. Jarrett. PooqhLeepue Altn 8. Jean. Waln.t Ridge Robert 0. Jeffeoet, S.mprer. S. C. Gary A. Jefferiet. Tr.marn EHiabath D. Jen|l»t. Joiner John Jenl’.-t. Roe-ole Rap’d . N. C. Ro'ald 0. Jemiqan. Paregould Joe M. Jietertoa. Hatritbu’g Anthony D. Johnton. Aih Flat Deborah D. Jolnto-. Wait Memphit De»»y G. Job Mon Jr. PocaKontai D. Fay K. Johnton. Tr.mtm Gary G. Johnton. O'Kean Lillian D. Johnton. Wynne Lindt 0. John ion. Leranto Martha J. Johnion. Jonetboro Mary A. Johnton. Co-.a, PbyHii A. JohMon. Se ath. Mo. Ouireth Johnton. Mariana Sag fried S. Johnton. Pita Puff Itcha'd C. Jchniton. Maran Thomai J. Johntton. Brinlley Bobby V. Jonei. Fo-iatt City 101102 Freshmen Conr-W S. Jones. Jonesboro Diasn M. Jones. 0««ll Hilda J. Jones. Pocahontas Jackie Jonas. M ntyrn Jamai 0. Jones. P M( Janet S. Jones. Plea BMf Jerry L Jo res. Wan Memphis Kashi S. Jones. Jonesboro Ken E. Jonai. Bridqe-on. Mo. Phyllis B- Jonai. Poceho-les Ray F. Jo- .. Pine BUT Rov R- Jo es. Hayli. Mo. Sand's 0. Jonas. Jonesboro Steven W. Jo-a. Walcott Thom.. E. Jonas. Oicec-’s Victo W. Jonai. Pino BMf Rod-ay L Joplin. Josasbo'o Certha « J. Jo'dan, Marian David W. Juneau. Utt'a Rod Geo-qe A. Kaloqhitou. Cyp-ut Sandra A. Karras. BlyttaviSe Gary T. Karr. Wait Memphi, Kristy E. Ke-ffman. Fordyco Rat Keck. LitKa Ro i Se«d'e K. Ka . Joneibcvo Cathy L Kaata'. Harriion Slava 8. Kaalay. Cominq JuKa«a D. Keith, loao lodo C. Keith, Jonaibo-o Randy C. Kaltams. BrooUand Marl B. Kalla-. Joneibero Paqqy L KaTar, Jonasboro Gary L Kallay. Bed Knob Mary 6. Kallay. Joiaar Nalson Ka 'ay. Wa,- Hale . R'-cly D. Kallay. Forrest City R.tha- Kallay. 8»ld Knob Share t. Kallay. Joneibor© Grata F. Kemph. N. little Rod Pama'a A. Kandar. leach-rills laGuita M. Kan- ’. Jo-a.bono Beniamin D. Kanno Jonasbc«o Stephan B. Ke- on Hidery Ridqa Dawn Kao- . ComUq Robart O. Kam. Jonesboro Paoov Ka-r. W l-.- Ridq, WS-am G. Karr III. Hirriib.-. Norm J. Kars ,. Wheatley Paul Killian. Mountain Home Sharon E. Kilmer, Malden. Mo. Mole ©me K. Kimbro. Forrest City Phrip K. Kinde-, Stuttqa-f Gaorq R. Kirq. Jonesboro Jane L Kl-q. Jonetbxo Ji-my P. Kinq. Calico Rod Larry D. King, Yell-ill Man'lyn L. Kinq. Rector Joyce K, Kinlade. Barr, . Mo. Carol A. Klnkasd. Ut« Rod Knos B. Kinney, Forra.t Cty Deborah K. K-'nsel' Jonatbora Tarry W. Kl-i-orthy. Mesquite. Tat. Charlie J. Kinyoo. Mammoth Sprinq Sarah S. Kiri. Bstes.illo 104 Rona'd 0. l-oey. Jonatboro Jobmy H. Urvdiey. A.g.ita CyatUa A. Unn. Mediton Serek S. Upttemb. 8Vk- vll® M,- k l W. llttl . M Mum My- I. Uttle. H dory R-dga Unde 0. London. Stuttgart AIWi D. long. Jonesboro Carl R. long. Moro Dallas M. long. Attgirtfa Dav'd J. long. Jonatboro Ha«old R. Long. Jcnetboto T, long, la lav « Patricia L long. Oerolee Village Vi ll R. long. Pocelontei William C. long. Watt Mempklt 8-e-de A. Loo-ay. Oscaola Join 8. Uriel. DaWitt Fred riel leva. Joreaboto Jamet M. lovall. Jonatboro M »a C. loo . 8-ooUe-d Samuel lower. Fort Sm'tk Cindy B. Uammaaay Memphis. Tann. Gary S. luper, Hoffmtt Estates. III. W-llle-" P. luppen. little Rocl Oarlet D. Lut-eH. Pina BMf Jean UttadoK. Jonatboro Robert R. Lynch. Pocahontas Jotaph C. Mebrey. Jonesboro Da-ny D. MecDo-ald. Jonatboro Fta'l Macintosh. Mty-trd Brian F. MacMITan, N. little Rocl Mait S. Madanl Tehran. Iran Metood Madilatl. Tab'an. Iran Debo-ak 0. Mao’otkn. Tr.menn Dotglat L Mag'o h'.». Tr.menn Tin J. Mt'tr, Dorclattar. Matt. Allan D. Maiota. Atb Flat Gary J. Mejo'1. Parry Marla E. Malken. Jonatboro Stave D. Malln. Ractor George 0. M an chat Ur. Twltt Sbaba D. Mengrum. Caraaay David E. Mam. Saffall Michael W. Ma-nlng, We'nut Ridge Dlama L Marlin. Pa-egoM Wetlay B. Ma'tda". C'a'lty-'a Jamet S. ManKall. Bitd Knob Dawn C. Martin. Watt Memphis Jamat M. Martin. Godfrey. III. Jamat R. Mi-tln. Trumaan Jettle M. Marti-, lapanto Marl O. Martin. O’Kean Robert C- Martin. Jonatboro W-llla-t E. Martin Jonatboro J.dy A. Metkbi". Sherrill Gary W. Meson. Joratboro Dean M, Mattay, Watt Helena Mlckial L. Mattay. Par ago Jd l da S. Matthew . N. Uttle Rocl Robert C. Matthew. Elm G ova. Wltc. Jimmy W. Mauldin. Marlon Craig S. Me,at. Jo etboto Cha.ncey B. Mayt. Martball FreshmenFreshmenFreshmen Diana M. Milligan. Trumenn M»cy A. Milligan. Jo-esboro Cynthia A. MIIIk N « Madrid. Mo. Glenda A. Mils. fatwvil J rr«s 0. Mitchell. Re nden Sprinqs Steven E. Mitchell. Trumann Peggy L Mil . St'a»fc rry Ron .'d 0. Mier. LitM Rock Emm J. Mobley. Piqgott Kimberly A. MoWay. Jcmaboro Vicky t. Motfilt. Piqgslt Gin K. Monro . Jon sboro Cad Montagu . Marianna Ela « Montgo- ry. Ch ok«« V.lleg Marg r«tt Montgomery. 8ono M liis L Montgomery. Jonesboro Susan G. Montgomery, Trumann Charles E. Moody. Walnut Ridqe La ry J. Moody. Gr n ey Vicki A. Moody. Waln.t Ridq Oanon C. Moon y. Jonesboro Jimmy L Moor , littl Root toil D. Moor , Forrest City lor tt L. Moor . Marked Tr«« Me'Cvi R. Moor . Hom -ivi «. Mo. Ronald D. Moo’ , Pi" Wuft RuSS H G. Moon . Jonesboro Skaron K. Moor . Joresbooo Sunn K. Moo- . Pmaqould Wiliam 0. Moo . UttW Ro:k B v '!y A. Moo'ing. Trumann AKred W. Morqs«. Ps'ago.ld Bli J. Morqan. Osceola Deborah I. Morgan. Jonesboro Gary M. Morgan. Osceola Johnn F. Morgan, lepanto M‘ch» l V. Morgan, Pigqolt Pad ' Morgan. H y+i. Mo. Robocca S. Morgan. Kingsland Rhomonda K. Morgan, l chvil!« F. Morgan. Augusta Sammy L Morgan. Nmrport Joi»l S. Morrill Gl d l«. Ari.-. Goorg A. Morris. Pa'egould John H. Morris. Jonesboro Mike W. Morris. Recto O- - W. Morris. luiO Ray A. Morris. Forrest City Sh»"on L Morris. Corning V « F. Morrison. Jomsboro D b'0 L MoseUy. N. Littl Rook Wiliam C. Mosley. N. Littl Rook Carolyn S. Moss. Oiford Sally A. Moss. Wasl Plains. Mo. Wanda 8. Moss. Trumann Demy N. Moy . Clarendon Cber'es E. Mi ten. W»s» Memphis Daniel R. Mull n. Walnut Ridge Geraldine Mulan. Ho i« Donna C. Munde". Michael D. M.nns. N. lift- Rook CharWy M. Murphy. Wynn Jacqu ’ e M. Myphy. LittW Rook Susi J. Murphy. Jomsbora 106Sjlva A. Murpby, B'Ool'.-d Samial G. Murray. Parbin F»J C. Muitain. Jowboro WIlUam P. Myiib. Cbailarliatd. Mo. B-- :a 0. My.ra. Biggara Harry G. Mfwi. Btyllavii'a Gaorga M. Myraete. Po'la avil'a. Mo. Mary M. Nagal. UHla RccV Ma-ian J. Nab'an. N. Utfte Rocl RicKa'd A. Naatey, Coming 8i»y J. Na-’ion. BSylhavitte Doom K. Nalion. Kannatl. Mo. Gary G. Nnlion. Forrait City Jarat K. Napalm. N. Littla Reck Ta ry K. Navgabaaar. Haviiburg lamy 0. Naweo . Jo «iboto Karte J. N»« on. Harriton Kyla W. Nibart. Pooalontai Joyoa M. Nicbolai. Slaa'a. Mo. Jo n 0. Nitboli. Clarendon M-:Kaal V. N obeli. labala'd. Fla. Stanley G. Nioboli. Marten Larry J. Nob' . Joneiboto Beoby K. Nola . Knobal Jana L Hotel. Wail Memphis M cbial I. Normi . Br'.nb'ay G’anda R. Horrid. HcJIa-d. Mo. Marika A. Nugent. Kannall. Mo. Ola no 8. Oatoi Lomell. Man. Joa N. Oalat Slaala. Mo. Jamai M. O'B'I. Zion Marly R. O B- .n Said Knob Rome I. O'Cain. Lonoke Wiliam J. O'De 1. DaWilt Mkhete J. Oda . . OUa. Billy L. Odom. Ca-pba'I. Mo. Lou Ogilvla. Blylbeyllte Orii M. O'Mary. Fordyce William E. Orr. Trymenn Grran M. Oiborn. J oral boro Booby Oiboma. Biylbanlla Rofcarl L. Oi.all. Forrai Oily Jolin R. Otto. Faraqo-.ld Herbert M. O.o Hoi Spnngt Paid W. O oni. Pin. BUf Sandy G. O.o i, Pin. Bluff Linda G. Pabi . A.g.lta DW A. Pagan. 0 Dorado Jam.i E. Pagan Jr.. Trumann Roy F. Painter. England J.”ry A. Pa'ad'-o. Corr.ay St .« Palm.' 8«'ba'av. Mo. Sbir'ay 0. P»-b. Jonatboro CK.-'aa W. Parl.r. For-ait Cily Dc na J. Parb.r. Jonaibo'O Erma E. P«rler. BMhevMe Ha-bofl J. Pa-I.r Jr.. Jonatboro J.dy C. Parbar. Wail Ma-pLii Lonnla B. Parbar. Joraiboro Robb C. Pa b.’. Hoi Sprlrgi Audrey C. Pa'ba. Joraiboro Cba-'olt. A. Parbi. Joraiboro Pally D. Pa'll. Wait Mtmphii Judy L. Pantey. Forrait City Freshmen 107FreshmenFreshmen Janet £. Poff«■. Memphia. Te n. L Pot ,. Crouett Aik M. Poteeto. Walnut Ridge K r, th R. Po rell. Miring Tree Richard W. Po« ll. Ut-s'i, T r.i. Sown E. Po ll. DenviT 8avleh S. Povnell. Evc-ng Slad Mena R. Pratar, H«ii« David E. Prat!. Tru ann G. Prertidge. Tyroos Elizabeth J. Pre watt, For re it City Debb'e L. Pcie . Jo-eibo'o Freddy N. Price. Ho! Sprnga Timothy Price, lit ! Rock Dan y J. Pridemo-e. tia-porl Ma-cla A. Pratt. Cabo! Martha K. Prieit. Joretboro Kathy A. Prince. Corni-g Michael P. Priiloutky. Stulfqart Keith B. Privet!. Hauitbutg Barry J. Proffitt, f , ti Benjamin F. Prothro. Benton Chrnti-e H. Proven . Wet! Me c Siv Kenneth 0. Pr.ett. 6) l«vi!ie George E. Poddephett. Pin Bluff Kerry E. Pvrvii. Pa'egou'd Sandra J. Putt. Stuttgart Cynthia R. Outfit. Para o.ld Oavid O-nMi. Jo tbo'o Gary B. Qua'lt. Uk Ci!y Ne-cy C. Ovattleba.m. Searcy David A. Rabeneck. Stuttgart Barry E. Ragidale. Jo'+tboro Pat-'a I. Rainoi. No'-an Otfii G. Rape J’.. Otceola Eva J. Ratliff. Jouetboro George E. Ray. Bytherill Raymond M. Ray Jr.. Joneibono Sharon t. Ray. Sentth. Mo. Carolyn V. Ra»fc.'n. Blythevilla Carrol E. Rayburn. Malden. Mo. Kevin D. Rarer. Blythevlll Tim H. Reagan. Je-etboro John H. RecMin. St. louk. Mo. Cynthia A. Radd-ann. Weino Ruirelt G. Rodmo d. WJliamivllla, Mo. Chirofette R. Reece. Joneifc o o Alena S. Reever. Monette Rob-’o S. Reaver, Pa-agocld M chaal N. Ra d Ne.e-orf Gary J. Re-ck. Jeneiboro Ofha E. Revone-. W,nn« Janice L. Reynofdi. Hoiie Robert W. Rhaln, Jonetboro John D. Rhc-dei. Ravetden Sprlngt Dorothy P. Richavdton. Jo’erboro John N. Richardro’. Mountain View Hovraad D. Ri-ggi. Jonerbo'o Joal K. Riley. Tucke-man Thomaa A, Riley. Wy no Joy I. Ring. Biythavill Michael 1. Rlr-j. Jonetbo o Theme; A. Rip'ey. Joneibcco Bobby J. Ritchey. Ravanden 109If [9 ♦'•'d M S« SDeneU f. Schefor. Carlisle Jetic K. Schales. Newport Ed-a'd V. S:harff. Mammoth Spring Robert M. Schenks. Van Suren. Mo. Da rid A. Scherm. Sfu‘tg«rt Je-et K. Sc‘-'sler. Jonesboro John M. Sch-ecl. N. little Rock Charles G. Schonert. Lit?! Rock Ca-hy M. Scot . Bono David W. Soon. Piggoft Dennis G. Scott. leachvill Edna G. Scott. Gi'mor Gary D. Scott, lake City Jimmy F. Stott. Wain ' Roger G. Scott. Piggott Thomas 6. Stott. teachvit' Mafylin L. Sconden, GreenviT . Mo, Shaton K. Scroggs. Jonosboto Oiivia C. Seaton. Wait Ua-pVi Maltha Seats. Pa-ego.’d Pameia D. Safari. Jonesboro Mafy A. Shackelford. Jo-esboro Gary M. Shandi. Ken-aft. Mo. Oat's A. Sh»n yfatt. t'ythev'lo Laify S. Shinnon. W.’jon Shawn K. Sha-p. Bataivill Ja-ai M. Shaa. Little Reck Gregory I. Sheets. Trumsnn Jerry D. Slalton. Bcno Robe-1 W. Shelton. little Rock Anthony Stapl'd. Caruthersvill . Mo. James M. Sheppard. lift’ Rook Many J. Shivey. Bstosvif John A. Shoemaker, Jcneitc-'O Richi'd P. Slems. S'utfgert Daniva F. Siqmin. 8lyth vil!e Mauieen Simmons. Hot Springs Robe't R. Si-mons. Bli'hevil'e Tommy W. Simmons. Alici Michael I. Simpson. Paynaaay C.-tis R. Singleton. Ch »ty VaUay Deborah R. Singleton. Che-Uiton. S. C. David E. Simna-s. N. litt'a Rock Jeffry A. Silk. Parkin Philip I. Site! '. Ks-risbutg Eva J. Sleet. Mountain Home Elli SWnfj. Can. heriv;i! , Mo. Unde G. Sloan. Pocahontas Great E. Smiley, little Rock Alfred Smith Jr.. West Memphis Alicio G. Smith. Joaeiboro Amir A. S-i'h. O-'ceoo. IX Bo-aie D. Smith. West Me-pt-is Chris M. S— rh. Stuttgsrt Christie I. Smith, Jonesboro Cynthia £. Smith. Waln.t Ridge Cynthia J. S-ith. Jonesboro David 8. Smith. De.fer. Mo. Debbie A. Smith. Coming Dehre E. Smith. Hetdy Donald E. Smith. Ke-port Eva E. S-ith. Ba’d Knob Gary S. Smith. Brinkley Gle-d» K. Smith. Cabot Freshmen in114 Freshmen Je-e. M. Tomlin. Bluff City Con'-- C. Towmrfey. BateiviTe Patty K. Trammell, Jonaiboro Marqo J. Travlt. W. .am M, Tra.lor. Hriene Cabin L Tribble. Wei’ .1 Ridge Sutan R. Trio . Joneiboro H ' n R. Triplett. Kent !! Surtnn Tripod. Paregould Michael C. Trot! '. Charlotte. N. C. Robert G. Trotter, Cornlnq Torry Trotter. Joneiboro Sutan True. Holcomb. Mo, Michael W. Ttolar, lepinto Randle R. Tuoler. Walnut Rldjo J.»« G. Ttggla. Wynn Glenn T. Tull . El Dorado Danny J. T-.'bervllU, bythevllto Sam C. Turnaqo, McRio Itaac J. Tumbo. Fo-reit City Donna L. Turner. Manila Johnnie L Turner. Trumann Kandoe M. Turr Jo-etboro lae C. Turner, Marled Tree Ne3 I. Turpin. Moro Dabble A. Tyler. tittle Reel Jim W. Tyler. Pocehontai Joseph F. Underwood. Trumem Michael L, Uageranl. PocahoMat N«-l R. Upton. Bo'O Mary E. Vaden. little Rocl Thomei W. Vaden. Hoqhet Jamei C. VerDIvor. Forreit City Ahln J. Vanqilder. Rector Riley A. VenMorn. Atthelmar Maty E. VanMeter. Balatville Raynor. Vaniant. Holly Sprlnqi. Milt. Pamela S. Vauer. Manila Byron Ve.glnt. Wait Memphit Reno Vawter. Hardy All R. Var.v., Tehran, l-an Roger O. Veatloy, Vanrdel Sharon L Vielen, Ecno Clyde L Vlclery. Jonetbo-0 tarry D. Vincent. Well Mamphlt Michael A. V.talH. Jo-a.boro Melinda J. Vo-eB. Btythavlll Jamet W. Waeaiter. Hot Spraqt Fred E. Wade. Wert Me-pH, Ster’-ng Wafford. Ferret! City John S. Wage. Lltllo Rocl John M. Waqiter, Ken'ett. Mo. DetoreS L We'de-. Jo-evboro Earl W. Waller. Hot Sprl-g, Freddio L Waller. El Dorado Jennifer A. Waller. Cherry Valley Jettlca M. Waller. Wh at«y Kathy D. Waller, Monette tlnda O. Waller. Harritburq Annette J. Wallace. Weiner tarty A. Wallace. D, i. Jay H. We'termlre. Joneiboro Dwlqht I. Welter., Uttle Rocl Mo-da t. Walton. Blacl OalMarl A. Ward. Dating. Mo. Wayne N. Ward. Jo-atboro Stavta M. W«rw. Kra Bluff Ann Warrinar, Pina ft! . rf Candace I. Wniliri. Stuttgart Kathy M. Wellint. Sluitgi'l Midae' D. Wallin,. Hayt;. Mo. Richard L Walfcnt, Shutlgard Sht-on Wallin, CaruthanviFa, Mo. SK'.rlay A. Wntliot. Jonatboro Terain I. Wailint. Boro Vaughn 0. Wallin,, Poughleepua David I. Walton Mo-etta Ja«ry W. Wation. lonole lea C. Walion. Tr.mem Ma’anie K. Walton. Btylhevitla Michael G. Walton. Kylherille Rhonda I. Walton. Kaitar Bobby f Wayrrira. Pa-lin Da-la ft. Wea'and. Dc-lphan. Mo. Danny I. Waathanby. 0 Oorado Marlin A. Wan.or Roach Orchard. Mo. Mary S. Waava'. Wotl Paint. Mo. Joaniia G. Webb. Rector Weller A. Wabb. tfythanll. Ivan 8. Waintloin. Ph. ’.tdalphia. Pa. Slavan T. Wald. Jonatboro E'jia L Wallar. leecbville Pamela D. Wallt. Jonatboro Roba-I T. Wallt. Trumern Danny J. Wanrfar. Memphis Tann. Kay M. Wa-nar. N. Lillla Rocl Pritc-He J. Watt. Lill'a Ro l Randy Watl. Fo-reit City Patricia I. Weitbrool Jonatboro Tarry R. Weilmo-eland, Forratl City Ja al J. Whaley. Wa'nul Ridge Morrit L WheeV. Ne»port Hatln'l R. Wheelington. Hope PhilVp L Whitalar. Racier 8alty J. Whila. CorulharivJlo, Mo. Ondy G. Whila. Jonatboro Claud 0. W-ira Siloam Spring, Cynthia A. Whila. Pocaho lat Daborah J. Whila. $1. Jca Jaclay 0. Whila. Pl e Puff Jtnica 0. Whila. n John D. While. Wa-an Jonalaa While, lillla Rocl Timo‘hy J. Whi'a. Watl Me-nphit Ronald W. Wr.irtUr. Calico Rocl Malania L. Whi-far. Slee'e. Mo. Fredda Whirlocl. Wait Mamphlt Pl.t D. Whitlow, Marled Tree Debra A. Whilli gh,m. Jonatboro W. am f. Whlllla. Benton Slava D. Wider. Jonatboro Daana J. W. bom. Card-all. Mo. Rodnay G. W co-ion Kan-all, Mo. Larry E. Wile . Bay G. W.'ey. Jonatboro Johnny M. W, i p. Holcomb. Mo. M cley J. Wille-tcn. Daaring. Mo. Roba-I M. W in,. Oiceofa Freshmen 115116 Darid W. Wilard. Memphis W. emi. U j.«ln K:—« l .«a I. Willett. Jonesboro Cathar '« S. W. Ihif . Newport Aln r Wiliams. Wy—« Benny E. Williams, M-i'a, Claranc W.liams Jr. H l««a Glyd. 0. WillUmt, Horseshoe B nd Hort'd W.ll.ams Jr. Trumnfl J ery V. W.Cams. 8rlski y do A. ' ..•am. Paragould Potty S. Will ! . Alth -. . To-. Wiliams, Roclfcnd. III. V mon L W.III mi. Jonesboro Dior I. W.Zson. Pocahontas Eli. L. Wilwi, 8000 G«ry L W.lton. Jonesboro Js-es 0. Wilio . Little Rock J ff K. Wilson. JoA ibo.o M .»,n A. W.licn. Jo-esboro T rri I. Wilson. B',?Uv.r« Candac W-barf y. Lilli Rock Js—as H. Wimpy. Jonesboro St vea W. Wi-barry. Riq oll Gary I. Wnfr y. Eo« ll City Doris J. Winqo. Jcoeibo'o Ke' « M. W.,doen. Banlen Thomas E. Wheaton. St. Louis. Mo. Sl si Wlkowski. N. littl Rock Susan E Motr 'ein GfOv . Mo. Tory I. Wilton. Fitter R t «« Wolf. Sk«r ood w.:: rn K. Wolf . P.n Huff David 8. Wood, Jonesboro Deborah J. Wood. P Puff J»-« P- Wood. Paragould Ro ann Wood, lilt' Rock GUnda Woodard. Wynn Linda L. Woodard, litll Rock P « l S. Woedsrd. Kan-all. Mo. Darid N. Woodall. Watt Memphis fl.inbalK E. W«d' y. Neoslo, Mo. Bily J. Wood'.lf. Ne.po-1 Gara'd Woodruff. Jonaiboro Ronni S. Woodruff. Eo« tl City Albert L. Wood 1, Harrlsb.eq David L. Wood.. Cor-irq Marfan L Woods'd . Paragould Randy C. Wood-ard. Hu-rpVray Robert C. Woofard. Ma 'a Wand.ll C. Wooldndq . Boro Jaanetta K. Wootf, Lilli Rock Chariot! A. Wool n. Jonaiboro Roean-o A. Worthy, Littl Rock Donald L Wriqhl. Tr.mann Earn«tt R. Wrlqht. WJton Maureen Wright. Ofyr-pia. Wath. Rita A. Wright. Paragould Thomas A. Wnglt. Kythevill Chlgulta A. Wy. 81 y!ha,ill Oa 'd W., Jonesboro 8eW» 0. Y t i. Mc-alt Susan A. Y t s. Jonaibo'o Lain I. Ya»n. Jonesboro FreshmenFreshmen J 'ry C. Jo’oibo'o Rkbard W. YinqRng. Soa'Cy Jm-W0-3 Y«,. ICoto. Jamat 0. Yopp, Jooaifep-o Catol n S. Yo»l. Jonoibo'o Pa» V. Yo-l. AK ;« Gaty W. Yot-"- S.’ado Alan M. Z g ab . JJytKoyillo Katon S. Z-bo'. W.ldonby'O 117118Seniors Gerald W. Adam,. Arfeird. Mo.. Accounting Mari I. Anderton. Piycbology Benjamin I. 8a'r ett. Joneiboro. 8u,. Mqt. Curti, T. Berry Jr. Joneiboro. Son. Bui. Sterf.nq B'iqgi. C errfordiviPe. Agri. B.i. George R. B.tler. Searcy. Gen. But. den R. Corljort. Ha'riion, Jo rqlitm Gary O e-d-or. Joirer. Soc. s i. Dm'ght H. Clayton. Trumenn. Accounting Marvin 0. Cvperf, Searcy. Agriculture Michael S. Da'e Sidney. Gan. Bvi. Jac'e I. Edmpndi. Moenlaln Home. Hittory Bob R. E-.banli. Da a-. Mo. Gan. Bov. Peggy L Eve ,. Ma'den. Mo.. Elam. Ed. Janet L. Wav. Walnut Ridge. Spec. Ed. Mary R. Freeman. Waln.t R dge. Cla-. Ed. Michael A. Fvnl. Pori Worth. Ter Sociology C- dr J. Hetfie'd. lala Village Merie'ing Jarry A. Hadlr . Poplar Puff. Mo.. Gan. B.v. Rove M. Hayav Rector. Spec. Ed. Bruce HiggiM, Paragould, Radio-TV Steven M. Ja-ian. Si. louii. Mo. Gan. B.v. Haiqy H, Joh'ion. May-anJ. A ’mal Soi. Adda M. Kennedy. Wynne. But. Ed. Denial la,land. Ha-dy. Bdogy Erneitlne Ma,ar. Jefferuon City. Mo.. Elam. Ed. Alan G. Millar. N. littla Rocl. Gan. B.n. linda G. Murp'raa. Wait Helena. Eedy Childhood Berry I. Pa'iih. Jonaiboro, A-lmal S i. Rovaanna Redd. Herritborg Mutio Ed. Patricia A. Riggi. Hoaia. Early Childhood Arthur R. Sca'at. Jonavboro. Eng'ifh Batty 8. Sbarril. N. Litala R«i. Art Roger C. Start. Hardy. AgrioJture Johnr'e L W —an. Cta'Wville, Myrhemetic, Jama, F. William,, Parago.ld. P. E. 119Juniors Jarros Scott, Harrison Thomas C. Shopho’d. Jonoibooo Joyco A. Spotts. Waif Mom phis Cho-yl A. Standafar. IndtOMOOfer Ird. Ja'ot F. Stovpnaon. Jonoiboro Judith L Stoqsdir. Mo-ana Yvonno C. Stracha . Kingston, Jamaica Gla-« G. S-lft. OKoa-Lonrry G. Thompson. Paraqcutd Jamatt M. Tcfbart. Ro-o No-o J. Tolbait. Jcnoibo-o Larry 0. Timor, Paragould Tad L. Valontlrso, Jo«asboro Nancy E. Vaugh . Cho-olaa V.Haga Emerson S. Walaco. Kannatt. Mo. Gary D. Wallins. Jonasboto Fradar’ck C Whlto. Gata-ord. Mo. Lyon C- Whlto. Vilonla Fradarck W. WVtorol. Na or. Mo. Johnny M. Williams. Paci Oak lovomal Williams, llttlo Rock MIchool 0. Williams. Jcnoibono Oa.ld M. Wolf. Roctor Sophomores G(on».s A. Polar. Wo'nut R'-dgo Rad .t H. Polar, Ractor MIchool J. Para. Plg-oott Tarry L. Back, Gldeo-. Mo. Dor W. Plockbum. Jo'osboro Oanr i L. Plood-orth. Cra-fo'di’.lHo Do-nio L Pooko. , Wlsaman Ro'oh N. Po-flnq. Jo otboro Slaphort D. Praelln. Marlon F-oda 0. Pro- . El Dorado Rlclard't. Paragould Har.ov Piffo d. Trymann Jotoph E. Caray. Plsck Rock Joff I. Carr, San Antenlo. Tar. Kannoth C. Clark, Grubbs Phltp P. Colo. n Sally A. Cool. Haytl. Mo. Rlcloy G. Coeota-d Morotfo Karon J, Cor Cornng Ed-ard A. Cra-ferd. N. llttlo Rock Martha A. DonnH. JacksonvIlW Prarda S. Oodd. YaH-lUo Kant S. Ehrmarv. Jonosbcoo Mole, O. Evans. Grao-«ay Undo C. Funk. Llttlo Rock Nancy K. Garner. Lafo Cynthia K. Grimes. Jonoiboro Hanry C. Hall. Jo'osboro Man'oda W. Ma’la.ay. S'aolo. Mo. Patricia I. Ha'polo. Jonosbo o Richard Had. Jcnosbo-o 121Sophomores 122 Card L 8eedeville Jam«i f. Hill. Harriion Ro-nio A. Ho-.H. Jonaiboro Brenda K. Hodebay. Rector William S. H.pp, L-llla Rock Trent A. Jamal, Poplar Grove Robot. H. Kerdrld Jr.. Oiceda Richard L. lane. lale Cb Solan S. Lara. Wain.. Ridqe Lindetl J. Law. Wai. Memphis Joieph M. ledba.lar, Jonaiboro Ronald L Lewit. Robert E. Lndtey. Tr.meM Oa»n Y. lerberq. Jo-aiboto Thomat S. Malloy. Mania Wiliam P. Manay. Je-eiboto TKoma. W. Me Ca y II. W,me BJIy V. McClendon. Jonaiboro Aleilf A. Mania. Hiqhla'd Ind. Elaanor M. Ma.lla-, Wait Memphit La rv J. Molina.o. AAnqton Hti.. III. Diana Montqsmory, Trummn Paul R. Moiar, ta.einlte Frenllin J. Mroil. Maniann Patricia K. Mu' ■aan. Cot" ‘nq Karen A. Pa-la . Ma- ib.-q Marcia A. Pallon. Jonaiboro G'»q R. PitMur. M.Ua.Iee. Wiac. Tarry M, Pollan. Wat. Memphii Sunn L. Pope. Keniet City. Mo. Tarry L Reper . Mayne'd K.lhi C. Ray. BreoHend A'I rod P. Rayford. Camden Join I. Raid. Jonetbo'o Larry W. Rlodei. Bad Oal Mary E. Reb'niotv. Avqutle Yirqinla L. Ro» na. N. little Rocl Roy M. Roil. Helena Pa th Sclmldr. Uylha-Ula Alan H. Scott. Jonaibcro Suian A. Scrape. BMkqnllo Midey H. S.ut.qarl Tinea W. Sharp. Weiner Jamai W. Smalley. Cor- nq Michael L. Smith, Bs ei a Phillip K. Smith. Jo-aibo-o Suian 0. S-l-h. Pa-aqo-Jd Glando- C. Slocy. Poplar Huff. Mo. Chariot E_ Slavant, Pa-aqo d Sudan Y. Strldland. Monal.a Jean SlricVI n. Hamtburq Sfare A. Su.ton, Wail Memphit Mohammad TajaC. Iran Chadoi Ta-riion Jr. Pocahonlai Gary A. Thomai. Pa-aqou'd John M. Thomai. lake Ci.y Ronald P. Thompaon. Pari In S.apha" D. Traad»ay. Jonaiboro Danny Va.alo. Jonaiboo Roba-l W. Wei brod. Bl.’hevire Nancy C. While. Won' Riday I. W.:-a Jonaiboro Terry I. WlHa—i. Jonaiboro Baiil O. W-'ion. Kinqilon Ja-aicaAnarli S. Abedradeh. Tehran. Iren Harry 8. Anderion. lapanto Ocneld L Appleton. Newport Robert E- Ahrood, Pareqcotd David E. Ba‘n. BVtWIa Jaret L Ballard. Boiton. Man. Kira Barker. Jonetboto Cad 8. Barttav. Tarry G. BarnMI. Jo'eibono Jo E. Baaucba-o Halena Robert A. Balf.nq. Salem Rebecca L. 8e»ion. G eenwev Don-e J. Biqqi. Pa-iOOv'd Re’ph R. Boot Pereoould M hae I. Baboo. e ooUa-d Randy N. Bovte Bradford Unde J. B'ener. P e Bl.ff Mile I. 8roola. Joneiboro Albert B.mley. Vian OHa. Fre-tie R. Bylford. Tyronia Lionel B By lard. NenpO't Lerrrence R. Buma Eorreat Oty Abiqeil Cald-er Joeeabo-o Martin B. Carpenle' Aib Rat D'i e $. Cate. Pooler VJf. Mo Robert E, Cbambera. tale C-ty Michael B. Ch'onk e , Jo»eabo'0 Ruby G. Oampit Jo'eibo-o llovd 0. Cla’l. Joneiboro B-e- Cline. Jo'etboro Kerb G Cellint Holcomb Mo. B-e-da A. Coot Pine Buff David L Coooe Bald K-ob Grady 8. Cooper. Po'eqcnld Jerry R. Craft. Jo'etboro Mite L Cran ord Monette Svten M Cootorelt, Joneibo-o Mart N. Croeder. Wait Memphii Mary A. Cvdd. Mtrmndule Gamy V. Ctjnf.l-ovam. Paryrjo.ld Anqele S. Daout Joneiboro Sown C. Ds-t. Hardy Michael J. David to . MelbOime Re’ae Do-rmi Pareqovld Jamea R. Dun'ep. Walnut Rtdqe B’l C. Edmiaten. Joneiboro Rona’d I. Edmitton Wa' j Ridqe Craiq Etde-, B ooUi«d Gwendolyn K. Ellia. Wert Mt-o a Michael W. Ei'ei Wait Me-P i Allen R. Feuer. Altleime' Danny R, Finch. B'act Oat Debor.ab $. Royd. Rector Devid S. Fratei. Alicia Jerry L. Garrito-. Batarnlle DeRende J. GiUem. CeruthernnTle. Mo. Paulette Gillon. Joneiboro Gre t H. Glenn. Fiiher Stephen Glenn. SMtqart Elder Grenqer. Welt Memphii Terry L Grovel. Broollerd Me’oocter Helen!. Tehran. Iren Bruce E. Ham!;-. Joneiboro Rennie J. Hawtini. Joneiboro Freshmen 123124 Frank J. Hotel. Indiaeapollt, Ind. Ro L Heckmann. Miuoule. Mont. Jim y E. Hickt. MiaiU Li da J. PvNMld Henry R. HiUH. Minmeduko Jonli I. H'mtehoo1. AtS Rjt Monte D. HimKhool AiS Rot lynde K. Hindi. Jonetbo o Robert T. Hollo»rr. J:-eiboro Ch -lott M. How Bono Denit E. Ho- ’’. Joneibo o Michael A. H.tcheni. Pi'soo.'d Hoi F. Hyde. PorapoJd Steve D. Inbod -. Jn-etboro Martha G. lib— l. Joneibons H tebel Jo-«i. Oil Trouqh Uovd H. Jonoi Tr.monr. Patricia K«e- -. Nenooit Ronnie Ke"«y. Jonetbo-o Roo O. Kennedy. Jonetbo-o P .l C. Kennett, LeecS.HI Janet E. Kruq. 8! »bevir Donald G. I odd. lot City Glenn L. London. Monotto Don't M. Landrum. No-oo-t John L. Lord. Tyro»ia Deborah E. 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Pe-tith. Corn.-q John F. Paacock, McCrory FreshmenFreshmen Clifford I. fhllllpt. Jonoibr-'o Jr G. Phi-pt. LaochvSfa Wi"iam T. Phillip,. F,».ll,n Larry Ptplln. BVthavITa Timothy 0. Pi' «i. Tyrrell Oa.ld O. Portor. Ho'ana KatMee" K. Roirood Pocahontas Ron.'d I. Rl Waln.t R'dao Welter 0. Rlaos, Matemore. III. Ktly W. Rcbartwn. Eiythedlle Chare, $. Ruv1 Jr.. PataQov'd John 0. Rutherford. Jo-aiboro Mottefa Satell. T ver n. Iron Rlcht-d 0. Sc rfc «yOh. V " I.- " Stanley C. Sha-p. laeonto VicVv K. Sheffield. Rector S.rar.-e Shell, Jonaiboro Joh. J. SlIvlev, Paraqould Ma'cot" E. Sos.ld'no. Trurrann Vartie M. Soeatmon. Pafeitine Baccy I. Spot!,. Kama, Gty. Ma Dorno L Sooth Wait Memohi, Ste.en 8. Ser'oqtr, W«-’-or Jo»-« Sla1’ ,. Me'maduV Wlllia-. f. Staffer. l-lode-Maiio I. Slam. Jo ,boro William G. Siaveni. Kd-lnent. Mo. Nathan R. Shlngar, Jo-atboro Randall F. Su-mltt. Carcf.all. Mo, Stephen Setterfield. Mountain Via-Eddia J. Tanlanlav. Chkaoo. III. Larry M. Taylor. Jonaifeoio Rocar D. Thomovoo, Joneibcro Sam-.y M. Tvev. Jo'aiboro Suva Tuseth. Jcneibcno Ja-01 L Unary. Paraooold Ll-da S. Varco. Sado-ricl Johnny A. Varner. Lale City Dannie L Vaoqhn. Jonaiboro Keith E. Ward, Parago-Jd See-a Waller. Jonaiboro Gary L. Whitney. Lala Cty Richard A. Whitt! . Slyttavl 'a Linda 8. Wlion. Jonaiboro J. M. Witney. Jo- eiboro Jama, A. Wright, Rc lfo-d. III. Mkh ! O. Young. McOc-.oe!Governor- si Brd- oF UlOH £b. n|t A £{X 6 o ?b or Tf?usT?£c, i vU PftesTden-f- U (C-e fifes'be v -S £)cans. OF Collettes Deenn-Trt jjT et£ £ I Ikj rMCTDZC, n SriAbeur 600 128Board mtmban Eliiali Colaman (laft), l«ny B'c—or (lo-«r l«l») and AalKa T » W. Trustees130 Of. C.H R. R. , Pl»U lo«t of V UtlreOftiff(Clock ! . Iron uppor r!gM) Or. M fvyn N. F»mJ, Vk Pr id nt for Adnvniitrotkfl. Or. F. CUrl Ellin . Vk Protidont for (Attivgtio «nd John Stott , Vk Pr»t d nt for Firtiac .'I!'1'(ClooWito. from rh)M) G» »'-d Cni-j. finoKiol old i.p«- vi« y. Ralph W dd«ll, np rin(« id«nt of Mtyiitol H» t. W. W. Hoynot. upoiiotoodtM of foimi. RM Irdooi. di ottot of homing -d Eob Smith, ml. director of houwig.137 (Clot twit . fiem b W) J. Emu! Hawaii. R«no C nt«f d!'» 10f. wa« Jonw. dbactof. P J FJb, boolitorn TKcmai M CUin, nil. dit. Rang Canlar and PM PieUa. vanding dWndor.138 College of Agriculture In frying to provide for tho growing reed which our economy has demanded. tho Col'ego of Agriculture strive to meet that domard by offering instruction in agricultural engineering, agricultural business and economics, agronomy, animal husbandry, horticulture, agricultural education and gonerol agriculture. Or. OSon P. Nail is Dean of the College. (first row. left to ripSt) Or. Gecre A. Roroot. ottf. prof.: Or. Low E. Irinlioy. out. pro!.: Jo-«i L Dovonpert. ottoc- prof.: Or. Jotpor A. Ho or. ott-x. prof.: Or. Rodnoy O. Hoiom. prof.: Or. L. N. Hochttof'or. prof. (Sorood row) Or. Cloud J. Irby, ottoc. prof.; Or. Jomot H. Keene, prof.; Or. Albln J. lon lolt. prof.: Or. Albert L. Mini, otter, prof.: Or. Wrrron A. North, ottor. prof.: Or. A-et B. Rougee . prof. (Third row) Or. Aubroy W. TomIIIo, prof.; end Mormon F. WillUrM. ottoc. prof. ALPHA TAU ALPHA — (fint row. loft to rlpll) Amot B. Rotors u, Jorry L Gib ton. Gono Hklmen. Rucler Rkherdte-. (Second row) Dovld Monteonery. J.-ot Ashcroft. Jr-not Boyd. Ooto Morrlt. J. A. Hoylot. (Third row) Rerdy Forsyte . Jim Sponco. Con Srll'r.on. Rownoo Holliburtoo. Willlem Fcrr-on ond Gory I. Richordton.HOCK AND %mi CIUI - VM Uh o ) teed Joe . Nv. Wood. N. y Cofcerf. J. H. Keene, Dom ' i ($e o d row) l obf. L N. HotViwW . W. A. Not V. Mile Je et. lloyd ferler, Jf.. JoKwy VUlfcfek. tyVM i ") % H1 f«ftk Rkby 0. tUcVweil, Je e (veetl. N»m Heliborto . WUUem Mord. John Neeley, end Urey Teyta. DKTA TAU AIWA - (ft to . Uft to fi K ) Ced RoUmok. Je ry L G'.bvo . Dr. J. A Heytei. (Second row) 0 d Montfomery, J imi Floyd, RoeeW Kenb. R' K»»d Voetcb. (TV.rd row) Coo Sdliven, Mermen Rob'evo . Joe $ oclt, Jemet Reid « d Job»ny Hertwick. 139APMCRS OF AMfftICA B Rou(A_ Jerry ry Lynn R Ken ». (S«co --J row) 0-» v T d « t. m;w k; 9. d-vM c. I »r ctk: r.r» ASU ROOEO CIUI — (I»ft o ri v») U4;. h'.nt». R ul KitUm. Urty T«rlo . 0 -‘j SUndfll. Ivltf I fry E»kwh. a a ■ I i k L PLANT SCIENCE CLUB — (flnt rw, Mt «» right) J.m„ R.y No.m.. Robl Ion. J«(t Cb p«tlo. Ro l j K«f»S, A.t«U W r»k ll. C»H Rob'nvo . Ro ny AtWn, J«U K mp. A. W. T «;U». (SotonJ io») Jim B.rW . Jimmy Culllph « ) R;«K»rJ B'o«kK. 141 ■ SI142 College of Business Offofing six majors within th« divisions of accounting, general businoss and economics, business education and secretarial science, the CcJlogo of Business attempts to prepare its graduates with the still to become the organiiors and executives of the business world. The Co"ego of Business can also boast of a widely recognized MBA program. (First row. left So right) Div. of Accounting: Or, Shlrl 0. StiMWr. hm.: Nincy A. Haigler. out. prof.: Or. Coy N. London, out. prof.: H. Oslron Whitt, instr. Div. of Business Education and Secretarial Science: Or. Robert L Ferralavco. cbm.: Larry N. Adams. Instr.: David W. Clay. instr,; Or. Rebecca Collins, atat. prof.; £)r. Donald E. EngCsh, asst, prof.; Or. Faye 8. Gray. asst, prof.; Or. Herbert H. Price, attec. prof. (Second row) Donald R. Roberts, instr.; Bonnie 8. Valentine, instr.: Maty Loj Wood, asst. prof. Div. of General Business and Economics: Or. Lonnie E. Talbert, chie.: Howard M. Altey. asst, prof.: My M. Bagwell, asst, prof.: Or. Jerry L. Crawford, assoc, prof-: Or. Charles W. Ford. esst. prof.: Or. John S. Kerr.'naridel. esioc- prof.: Or. Rolend T. Mullins, prof.: Jimmy R. Ptl'ey. esst. prof. (Third row) Stephen H. Replogte. asst, pref.: Lloyd I. Roberts, asst, prof.: Fred 0. Robinson, asst, prof.: Jamas B. Vernon, instr.: and C ha das M. Wade. asst. prof. Or. 8. C. McGough. Oean of fho College.144 PI OMEGA PI — («W row. Wft to rigit) Bar Rc-jar . lacty Cathay. Kathy RoRint. HmmI A»heraft. twame Cl r. Path Tapp. (St o‘ d row) Karan U« WwJoB, Dobb'n K-.'-jht. Norn GSmora. Jerrie Jon , Marcia Arjae. Bonnie HoUtine. Mary BoU« (Third row) Doan Cooper. Sand Garda . Kathy low. Patricia Ba'ani. Ro em ry Kinney, Carol Garmon, Swi Gray. Mary Halen Pater and Rfbrcea Collin .PHI BETA LAMBDA — (Feet row. left to right) Donne Cooper. Cirdy Smith, Ke en Loo Woodell. Sendy Engliih. Goylo Grovel, Koy Roberti. Somenthe Slevghter. Merger ! Bur too. Cothey Nom'i. Diooo Eddint. Doom Hendereon, (Second row) Jonice Stewort. Potrltio Setter. Shell Simpvo . CLnity Booron, None Protor. Diooo Lynn Holt. Noncy Bood. Erm H3I, Froncet H.mbort, [rroitoo Whit . Jonice Cor-rolL Sondo Gordon (Third row) Dr. Donold E. (nglith. Eomoitirve Gordner, Rhoodo Tvmer. Rondy Seme. Art Koot. Stovo Reete, Store lowrorxo ond Jetty Pirltr. ALPHA KAPPA PSI — (feet row. loft to r ht) Jimmy Clotty. Bob EubenK Uoyd McCrocton Jr., Milo Clifford. Tony Hooey. Gory Gipeea. Don Noll. Fronh Connor. (Second row) Bryon Huber. I. E. Tolbert. Ed Whom . Mt loolor. M. R. Miller. Rodney YerbrowgV Chotlet White. BH Booler. (Third row) D. C. Morn'to . Jomei Kyle. Gory Kemp. Jerry WiHleme. Chorlet Ford. Poul Heneo . G!en Killed , Ffoyd Horgror . Ronnie Pen end Jerry North. 145146 (Fw» row, Wft to right) Dry. of CsuntoVsr Ed.ootien ond Riychologi: Or. Alvin J. McRo-roa. chm.; fmili Boddovr. imtr.: Dr. Edmund L Bonott . o e«. prof.; Dr. John L. torn , out. prof.: Dr. Jomoi A. Chonoy. out. prof.: 8» 0rty K. DoWoto-. in t . (Socc-d row) Dr. Roy Gloi".mo-od, out. prof.: Or. Jom.i f. Gold . ouo«. prof.: Williom D. Johnion. Mil. p-sf.: Joih t. loomen. mtlr.; Dr. C. L Me-lorty. prof.: D . Goorgo T. Rotor , pro4. (IhVd row) Div. of EdxotlOnol AdniutlroKon ond So«o d r, Edocotien) Dr. M. Vo o Solo . ch-.: Dr. Cotol D. Horn. ot o . prof.: Dr. Rohort I. Klvgo. prof.: Dr. Arthur A. Rojny. prof.; W. L Srrtth. o to . prof.: Or. Jowph P. Swoot. prof. (Fourth row) Or. Jowph C. Toyfey. prof.; Or. Corl f. Voupol, o 0 - p-of.: Dr. Dcoofd f. Wright. out. prof. Dr , of (Umontory Educotioo, Spor.'ol fducot.’o ond Spocch Rotholo y: Or. Roy L. Sl-pvon. hm.: Edith M Atioreo . i t».: Noncy Booot, inttr. (Flfih row) Modotyn Brlui. lni r ; Dr. Rout 0. Burgo. out. p-of.: Or. W.llio- G. Oottco. prof.: Dr. Boron 0. Conoway, oiur. pro .; Or. Burton C o twoit, oitoc. prof.: Emmo S. Do ld oo. out. prof. College of Education With (ho numbor of students increas:ng each year, tho Collego of Education hat fho unending fash of providing enough qualified toachers. The collego offers a wide progrom at both graduate and undergraduate levels, with areas of spedalbatlon in guidance counseling, spodal education, library science and psychology. Dr. Harry F. Hodge Is the Dean of the College.VUli Groto. ($o o'd o«) S» dl 8oox r. DUn Htk, J M Prttk™. (TV J o«) Mtt, Alt lam, KAPPA DELTA PI — (flrif row, Uf» to fiqfct) Poijoy K. Dodgo. Gt r di Molcxl. Bo'fcir Ron Co»ly Rupord. K ren loo Woodolt. (So ord m) Jo « Cm! Corol R.nnoti, Burton C'oii-oit. Mitlol M lh « • d fly Fo-»U . jsut» ro.) e ty b. Gold,by, D-. Goo.,. y. o J.d Ho,;..,, .IV! p,0f.. L V«M. HHtM O'. Robort L Oihoo. Htom.r. W $lri kUnd. U.h. (S«-.oMS ro.) Dr Mild rod B. Vonoo. poof. Di . of H l l. Phytic ! EdutotUn «nd RoorooNoo: Dr j m l A. 0 V l'.o». cfcm Rotofi Birbtl, Ultf.; AH Burnt. Ultf.: Dr. Jill D rby. litf prof.: WHbort Gl‘ «t. inttr. (Ciqkrl rou) Dr. Job P. HotlntEI, uo«. prof.: GUdyi M. Ht-doini. tt . prof.: O'. fr V D. Pronely. prof.: John M- Riidh, ittot. prof.: CUAt R. Root . Initr.; WilUn I. RoQirt, iit'r. (NiiiK re») Pnitit Smotl • ood, rititf.: WlltUm J. Su»0. ■» .: J A TomlUion. prof: D . J»«« R WH» . poof. DU. of librory SciontO! J «i W. H nt rd. chm: Nodoon loo. h »d cir. lib. (Ton to-) Jo»n G. Notion Wood rof. J not F. R nfi, til lib.: EH W rd, hood til. lib-: Gocry M T«yfoc. hood lib. CRDC Rroott Dr S«»rJ«y H. Wilt! ... dir.: J Corofyn Mortin. 11 d . 147148 WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION — (Tint row. loft to right) Judith Edwotdi, Judy Huggins. Koton Sondy Loonord. MisVl Norris, Cotolyn Horsing, Joon Oohls. Anoboth Filos, Colhy J. Jonos, 8r«ndo Woll. Mirlt Toon. ($ ond row) Mrt, Rosoll Br-bct, Mory Anno Mlsonhl-or. Jon Dodscrt. Motqorot Duroon. Potti Forrostor. lyod Prott, Jrllo Stofferd, 8orboionott TwSK . Lynn 8oll. Sordy Wolli. Polly Gonn. Undo Clomons. (Thltd row) Jonico Hoilon. Jowollino PowolL A.dioy Kotfc Roqlno Kommoyor. Mr'v.i Word, Morilyn Brow . Juno Hofnor. Co'oljn Grody, Ponnlo King. Foyo Cromwoll ond Sondy Fry. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — (fl-st row. loft to right) Tor ! W.Ison. Do'othoo Doris. Korun Loo WoodoT. Toroso Hurst. Jon BrocE. Ar'ot Morsholl. Motion Pugh. (Sooond row) Undo Roblnsoo. Rho-do Goff, Honnotto W.niomt. For Fowtor. Froddo Corroll. J.n Crolg, Corcfyn longo. (Third tow) Cotlo Modloy. Loiino Englond. Boro Rogon, Donsy Boob . Etnost ClotE. John SEInnor, Wordy K. Robltton, Arkndo B.'nolt ond Mrs. S.o Dovidson.PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND MINORS — (Rot roe. left to right) (-Hit Mitchell, Dr-nit Kenting, Cerolyn Coehteo. Sherry While. Brende Well. Ketb, KirUond. Do-". Robintoe. Lorry Treed-ey. (Second ro-) Bob Montgomery. Buddy Grow. Cerofyn Grody, Jon Price. Feyo Cremwoll. Rite Jernigen. Jron Dehh, Mictry Willerton. Dr. Evelyn Pretcett. (Third row) Mite Hollond. Dene Nolen. Nelte McCvfough. Frttrll Cothern. Drbbir Goff, John Monllo. Michorl Brectenridge. (Fo.fth ro-) WSKe M. Doridien, Bob Veteieo. Bill Croio. B-bbe McCoVn. John Scurto end WhM Wooldridor STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN — (Co ro«. left to right) Glrodo Moloch Keren Botton. Ann Hindno". MciiHo Williemi. Body Collirr, Jennifer Peten. (Second roe) Jon Beocl. GretcKe Kopert, Corlo Medley. Keren A—ood. Evelyn He mill on. Meriditk Weller. Libby Wefton. (Third roe) Ubi Cloy. Michele Oden. Diene Bo-men. Jo. Oodion. Jody Mitchell. Jeon Singleton end Mr . Betty Gotdiby.150 College of Fine Arts Opportunity to dovolop on opprcciotion for tho art and to dovolop his own creative abilities I givon to students by tbo Collego of Fine Arts. Instrumental and vocal concerts. dobato toumamonts. tbo Chamber Theater. drama productions and art exhibits serve to educate students in the cultural asoocts of community life. (Finl row, Mt to right) Div. of Art: Or. Keif Richard , chm.; T. R. talar. a t. prof.: Thoma Oaffee. in tr.; Lara 0. Fa brie I. ia tr.; Jana K. Johmon, in tr.; John H. Kerch. i« tr.: Oeuglet Latta. itnlr.: t»a« L.'adgrill, aitoc. prof.: Sidney A. Macorn. in tr.; Robert E. MItehall. a it. prof. Div. of Munc: Doaeld R. tfina. chm. (Secondrow) Mary E. Brel, aitoc. prof.: Or. CSftoo V. Cowte . aim. prof.: Dr. Ervin J. Dinhe« aiioc. prof.; Dr. Doana H. Hailall. prof.: M. Ellit Julian. in tr.: JaKe Lamford. ant. prof.; Myron Myeet, dill. aim. prof,: David Neiderbrrch. a oc. prof.: Or. Jama L. Ratty, prof.: C. Bonner Ruff. ant. prof.: Sandra B. Saay. iactr. (Third row) Alfred R. Sloog, ant. prof.: Dr. Jared T, Spear , anoc. prof.: Dorothy Swindle. in !r.: Dr. Thoma G. William , ant. prof. Die. of Sparch and Drama: Job R. Ball, ant, prof.: Linde S. Oavi . in lr.: Tarry L Hudabra, ant. prof,: and Kannath Rarl . in tr.SIGMA ALPHA IOTA — (f il row, l lf to iIqM) 2o .a y BrieUI, Clfdf Rou. Mary Jane Rni . Mary Jane Miuey. .'.dv Yegnq, Jane ledqerwood. Da mj Green, MickaSa Wktlakaad. (Se o-d row) leilie Galto-ey. P»aU Skareyfe'n. Debbie Stanley, Joe-‘e Gerd'er. La oral Dav . A.-droa Hkki. Janie Gardner. Diane Enqla«d, Jill LittelfeWer. Elite belli fte-n!qan. Bre-dene Jeeni and Jan Gn'«ei_ D . Ha.eld L CepenVewer. Oean of tbe Coileqe TAU BETA SIGMA — (left to riqKt) Marlene Ga «e{. Cindy Rott. Sanda Gerdet. Judy Oib.'m. Sbaron Carter a-d Paula Shaneyfelt.SIGMA ALPHA IOTA StXTET — (Ufi row. {root to back) Jody Yoott. Wiry Jana Mm y, Btvffiy BfickaU, India Gitowty. (Second row) Mary Jana Raata. Dabb-'a Stanley and Oanna Green. PUV. UcOm, Taaata Hearing. Mila Kaatoa. MkKawInon’o R, , I F ‘ H a.pto«. (Sa«oad row) Sally Haaaiv 0. D Oo-d.n nTj“ sa , ‘ " F d„. Olga D,«M. NHaKAPPA KAPPA PSI — (first rev. left te » $M) Oivld Fitter. M«rcy Torr- ty J m MVibtIU. (S«cC'- j rev) Erent S Metier. $te« Av'n. Dev'»d Pkefet. Mile (DM »frw) PM McGee, terry WMte. Oevid THeito . D« m) ffliey. Curt WMe. Eviry Feerver o 4 RUl Holder. 153WOMEN'S CHOIR — ((lot io« . top lo bo to-) Coiolyo Fcr-oitof, O'-an. England. Svton Cortoa, Julio • K i K. Mtno lc»o, Jon 6ii«W. Joan f»l», (S ond row) Am Grobl . CboimIon Hoaom. Toffor, Julio Tbomoa. Judy JoMt. Alit E»om. Mioball WV:t l«od and Sboroo CwtMi ASU MAlt CHORUS — (fin ow. Uf to aigbt) Doug Row. Willard. till Jonot. till Cromoa. Rood, Kollom,. Cory Biq»'-»». Jo Row. Jim Rvihi g. Tbo-ai Jlntl, Star W»'l«r. Jomot Branch. (Socoad now) Tommy Co. h. No l ScboMor. Arltiwf Bigelow, Winaton Turpi . Stov Brown. Ronald Murphy. Da-o Bingham. Somy Coldwa . Roy Moriii. Eddi Roybam and Morvin Hought.ASU CONCERT CHOIR — (Fint ro». Ml lo «IgM) Twimr Wallar. Paula Sluneyf«lt. 8111 Cro-or, Rabacoa Boylot. Tommy Jabar, Oamatryi Jot-ton. EddTa Rayburn, Mary Gil'land, Jaff Haddoi. Dimj Gr«o, Randy Emin. (Satond row) Pam Hunt. Jury Vincanl. Janat GUigow. Jamai Sandan. Jana ladgamood. Dana Word. Oil-a Cart.i. Noat Sohalfar. Eliiabath Flannigan. Ttomai Slraat. Mary Jana Rtata. (Third row) Oabbia Burli-ton. Gaylon Gam-ill. Stvady Brictall, Jarry Bradlay, Oabbia Stan'ay. till Jgnai. Mar, Jana Mauay. Wini»on Tarpin. Jania Gatdnar, Jamat Brar h. Oaana Favltnaa. (Fourth row) Andy HI ti. Marvin Haught. Judy Young. Slava 8rown. Cathy Raa-ai. Oana Bingham, loii’a Galloway. Slav an Wallar. Jill LitialfaUar, Gary Morrit, Joan Gardnar and Alfrad Sloog. ASU SINGERS — (finl ro»y. Mt to right) CaoiUa Panny. Anra Bittangar. Nanay W(. Cormicl. Violi Raagar, Robin Fotlar. Paula Ralafcrd. Al Sloog. Cathy Laar, A-bara Stianla-p. Eliiabath Ragtdala. S‘alla Katchar. Raaaa Hobg-o-d. Pam Abamathy. Mellia Hi«oi. (Saoond row) Pam Rogar. Faith Gray. Janit Hill. Branda Goitatt. Suian Paachan. Kay Brown. Lynda Brannoa. Annatta Elkint. Jana Gray. Sittar B'ancha-d, Sharon Scroggt. Olana Evbmli. Suun Todd. Etaina Montgomary. (Third row) Starry Spicar. Brandana Jaant. ti da Matthawi. Miahaal Oay. Marl Chanay. Sharyl Brown. Karan South. Joa Rott. Karry Big alow. Jarry Holtlaad. Arth.r Bigalo-r. Sonny Cald»all, Mila Oavit. la-ry Ounlmon, Do.o Rote. Albart v oodt. (Fo.rth row) Oavid Poila. To-my Cou«V Ead Hundlay. Ronald M.rphy, Robart Talbot. Oavid Ftt«nigan. Grovar E.anr, David W. W.Tard Jim RuthSrg. Karty Craft. MTla Ewart. Garald Farfay. Randy Kalian . Tarry Balar and Mila Glldawall. 155156 PHI MU ALPHA — (firtt iow. lift to riqit) Diu Binqhem. Dory NWiikmk, Alfred Slooj, Jemei I'liKk, Slwi Brown, Slmn Weller, Stereo C. Me {free. (Second roe) Noel Scheffer. Willrt Heed. Woiloe Turpie. Geylon GimsJ, Thome t Street. (IkirJ row) TVomei Jebee. Douq Rob'iMO". Tommy Weller, Terry Geirhen. (Fourth row) Reedy Erwlo. Jo met Senderc. Deoe Word. (Fifth iow) Roy Moriit. Jetty Brodley. (Sath row) (ill Croeter. Jft. CHAMBER SINGERS — (fint row. left to right) Jewel (reeeh.« Percta . Themei Street. Jene ledgerwood. Morrin Heeqht. De-«e Greee. (31 Cromer. (See on d row) Etiobetfc Stenmgen, Tern Sheperd. (Third row) Andreo Wieli end Store (rown.ARKANSAS POTTERY CLUB — (frc-t) Pam Chembere. (Pint row. Wit to right) Dor-a Everett. Michael Rutledge, Paul White, Anita FfAller. lor.. McCIlih. Carol RurweU. William O. Huggril. Merry Howe, Connie Caraway a-d Sa'd'a Jonal. MUSIC EDUCATIONAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE — (flrtt row. loft to right) Linde Metthowi, Jolla Thome «. EUlno Montgomery. Pam Abernathy. Joan Froil. Demetryi Jolnto-. Faith Gray. (Second row) Ga:l Glllll. Mary Elisabeth Back. Sandra Saay. Mearfine Taffar. Sharon Carter. Brendene Jeani. Jaff Haddoi. Stava Warner, And! H'«h. (Third row) $he3a Lawli. Ronald Murphy. Bill Cro"er. Eddla Byrd. Jamal Fletcher. John Felts. Bob B’dewell. David WJtard and JeraT Smith. 157160 College of Liberal Arts Th College of Liberal Arts it structured to lead today't youth in fields where there are no hard facts only methods. Thit college tries to encourage student to maintain a questioning attitude, then teach him to search for answers. (tint .0-. Ml »• ri M) 0". el En«liih. Pkilotephy 4 Un«Meet: Dr. Aatteny Z. Dvbe. dim.; Lucille Breden. William M. OemeM.,; WJliam » Ceeftfn. JeU Scetl Oer-in. ie,!,.; Dr. JeU K. Frente". ewt. prof.; Seamy R «.»,», «„ . prof ; Mertke J. 631. 0. Theme. M. Her-eR. pro!.; 0,. Marilyn A- Hebbert. eut. prel.; France. Hntn, Mr. (Second re«) Or. Jeme. K. Joyce. eut. prel.: Or. Jeme. A. Key. ewe«. prel.: Aether Kride. eut. pro!.: (leaner lene. aim. prel.; Dr. Here Id W. lawmace. eut. prel.: Dr. Cherie. t McClelland. eut. prel.: Wayne Mcleurin. eut. pro!.: Dr, Richard I. Matter. e««t. prol.: ElitebeHl Neeley, eut. prel.: (lien H Rebinton. Mery A- Steen. in«tr. (TKnd re.) Or. Richard t. S- «. eut. peel.; Lei. Ann Smhet. ei.r prel.: Dr. Gary J. Teyier. eut. prel.: Dr. Edmond A. TRUy eut. »el.: Wende 6. Weller, elm prel.; Doreen A Weed. Mr.: Nancy Y. Yew , Dm. e( Hlttery: 0» C K. McFarland, chu.; Dr. letry 0. SeR. eut. prel: 0-Flevd M Clay. eut. prel.: Dr. Michael 0 .oen. eut. prel.(Fourth ro.) Of. John A. G«llo« y. poof: Dr. WJI m J. Grromrold. ttf. pro .: Of. J. t. © «••: prof.: Or. Ch» W L K m r. iiwt. prof.. Ed-H' O. Kill. tux. prof-: Or. John ft. KWp . «tt . prof. (Fifth ro-) O'. E. Konold. pfol,: Of. Roq«f l i .fe «». ottoc. prof-: H nty J. f'Jtrt. intfr.: Of. Kloroi 8. Rot . ttoc. pfof.: Of. frothy A R tt. «ut. prof.; C. C Smith. luff. (Siifh row) Or. l Und R. Whlf . 11 . prof. 01 . of ftolltl l $t- nc . G oqr phy «d Sociology: Of. C. Clyd Man. thm.: Oooold 0. Iurl ft. inttf.: L ffy E. Cl®w n. Ifittr.: Willi fn S. Gro n» ll. • '-: Outfit P. Guyof . Intff. (S - nfh tow) O'. Af l H«yd« . tvoc. prof.: Of. P t f N. Kid" ". ttf. pfof.: Jottph R Moor . Intfr.: Of. 0 n F. Mon . «tto . prof.: Of. John C. Otowroth. prof.; 0». Mtr, Sn n Po» r. «tto«. p of. (Eiqhth row) Ch«tf r R. Sf w»rt. itt. ptof.: S »ph n J. Tnc fko. intlf.: 8I» w lf. «»'.: «nd G r ld J. waton. intfr. 161162 PHI ALPHA THETA — (f.nt row. left to rlqht) Do Lawton. Jody N«tbitf. Phyltlt Dantlnqton. John Hamby. (Sncood tow) John Galloway. Larry D. Boll Rogar Lamport, Garald B.rrow, Edgar Kwl. (ThVd row) Patrkl J. Hardy. Thamai J. Paiga, Arnold L Staward. Tarry A. ftakh. Cart Whit and Slavan T. Dapp. GERMAN CLUB — (f.nt raw. Mt to right) Marla Gaorga. Darla Waaland. Danlta Handrli. latlla Waldan. Rota-"■ary Klnaay. ($ or d row) Jimmy D. Brown. Donna Moody. Chnrla Bn«'lay. Janie Pribram. Albart Man. (Third row) Scott Darwin, John M. Matilar. Tarry Tripp. Ron Hoptlnt and Jawai K. Joyca.PI GAMMA MU — (flnt rom. loft to light) Jonico Wlllloim. L-'.fi 8rlmor, Motion Bro-n. (Socond ro«) Joon Doliiol. Susonno Horrio. $inn Boo»o. (ThUd ro») Milo Comp, Loon HoVnoi. Goto Lombut. (Fourth row) Jim Coot, Kol h Jonot ond Or. Jomoo Grinor. SPANISH CLUB — (loft to right) Morotoi, Mo'lono Gomot. Donlio Hondrli. Joonio Rogort. lo!« S«ithor id LoQuifo KoMor. 163College of Science The College of Science W designed to offer courses in the biological sciences, physical sciencos ond mathematics which will provide a propor background for students preparing to work in industry or science related occupations, enter professional schools or pursue a graduate program. MIA MIA MIA - (fwt low, loll to N jSt) Mory CUiro AHinten, Jody Mydo. Botty Do». f“'ly Bruto. Bot«y Butch Botty Hubbord. (Socond row) Or. Hon-oy Borteo. Joel WHt, Soto StoMcup. Bobby McCulk-.oh (is -d tow) HottcKol Jo.o«, Choitoc RoUhoit. MotvU Kor-♦on. Gory Gom ond Gory Omtly. Dt. Jomos M. Storonton, Deon el tbo Celoqo166 KAm MU mi ION - (flrtl r ., loft to rffM) B-o'do Fo»k». N» » Kro-of. Svu D.ff. bitty Fonotoico. J.-mf lindioy. Co 'od Coftokgkon ($o ««d ro») tlliobolh I kobo riot. Skorc Cotott. ly do Hooton, Coonlo Roxto". Dobb'o Trotor. Sondro OHIolli, Ckorlot V««Wt. (Third ro») Oouglot Mllllgo . Rogor Wright. Tod Hord . Jidy Koy Fottoot. Gory Robgrti. Noll Rrko oitd Woyoo long SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUOENTS — «inl row, freri lo bo l) Com! Rcofeo. Or. H. E. M C'c-.d. Or. W. F. Wol. W.,.. lo-o. Jimmy EoK . Wor»ln KooUn. (Sotond row) Jody Koy FHtort. Gory Roborti. Tod R Ho'dln, Joo Popbom orvd MI Sool S. Wol-lo o.i l Os .® ihi III! fil - ■» 2 ijlj jlij 111 II Aj la “ “' e 2 • s|I| iJlij ii ju mi i-.d1 r . J e 8o2 ?JS :!§ | I I | = -5! £ ° «T2 i •s? is. 5f §J 1! i§ ST 9 w. Il8jl hu u;! is?! ! lill 3 2RCNG RIFLES — (Fn» io». left to iIqM) P»lrkl Thof-or. Joln Go mil, S«o(». Phil Morphy, Sl»-« l.y. (S or-J ro») Ch»it« F®wWr. Djv ?. !». MS Monti. Rtrr Jonoi. (Third row) Jomoi Hoirlvo . HI Goitkor, Nt-vc-. J«ny Ch«oto»i. John G u- y. (Fourth row) J -»i Kimtn, Woyne (nd«t. Ed» (d Jthirll, M rk" StophoM. Aubr«y H» rii -J Rkhtrd Cotlioi,SCABBARD AND BLADE — (Hrtt row. loft to K«M) Mkfcotl Simpton. H.ncK.I L. Jo« t. Grovor G. ButUr. (SocorwJ row) Bill McCollum. J« t £dw. d». J.mot St. to (lh: rS row) J.«nr» V oc4»-d. Jo. Go dor, Bobtr Nolw. (Fourth row) Ho h o l. Divld tllwy, t Scott Joclto Jr. (Fifth row) Sttv. Smort, Billy Pcrtor, D.»id (Satk row) Rob«rt D.rldt© . M.c McCoof. 164+ CoW w ($♦. » row) . © N«lmt, J «i SVtimoM. Kr« St.l Qt. (fiqhth row) Milo CUmonti.171Division of Nursing Saint Bernard's Hospital and soveral nursing homos in tho area are familiar sights to tho students involved in tho Division of Nursing. Aftor completing the two-year program of courses in tho naturol and social scionces and froquent laboratory work, students are eligible to apply for a state nursing license. I Rn» row. Uft to riflM) Bounty Sort . Corotyn S. Burdin. Ntfllo T. Coffey. Bwnio K. Doufor. irntrutton. (Sooood row) M.rfli. HoneooJ. ChortoHo loocfc. lots Snidor ond M.ry J no Sutterfiotd. '.Mfrocfes. 172ASU NURSING ASSOCIATION — (flat row. I ft o ri M) Mill Jam ,. Joy A.ary. Jan . Jobnion, Sara Nolgcn. Carolyn W b r, Sgran Daftron. (SrconJ 10-) Jan Fry, Patiy Wi'lm, Sb rr, R’ d«n. I Millar, JssnrSs GilGt, e r-c« . (Third row) Malba Col'.n. J.4, F.r9y,on. LUd f. »Ucl. Ci'dy Smilb, tr nd Dt'aney and Tarry Rc iri. 173174 Graduating Class—May 1973 Katin S. Aqaa. Pocabo-'ai Jamai R. Applatoo. N'a»pOft Wanda F. A-nold. Walnut Rldqa Witla-a S. A«at:«. t».bodnn Catol E. Baqby. Afbyd. Mo. Bo ‘la (alt. Knoba! Evalyn Bea'o PafaoouW Catka '.aa R fartotta Mampblt. Tan JvdHV A tUaWatMp. Monatta Sba-r, F. Btadan. Jonaaboto Ka y S. Wo Wat Jca E-»d’av. Sdftoa l.ix R |ta.! lfo». Mv ad Tran 0o"a K. B'oolt Wait Mampblt M.v F. tax". Cootar. Mo. Oe 'ia K. Ca pbaf. .to-aiboro Ci'o't" S. Cardqlitto. lala City Ja-Iaa K. Ca ta RoaaKoatai Ja qyat a S. Catei. Pa-aqoutd Katby 0. Clad. Jo-aibt-o F-lV S Co 'ad Jonatboop Gloria F Coo . Radon I. Coopat. Auquita llnda It. Caotiao. Hoata Stotty 0. Cn.t bat. Na-roft S.ta« M. Daffron, St. Frano-t Ml A. Da.Y Ma«7a Gi-y L Daat. Jonaibeno Kathryn A. Da 1. Jonaiboao Sa-a K. DWdton ParaaOtM Joan 0. Oito». Gfaanwav Daboaab A Faly Manila Paoqy F. E boli. Laalia tarbi'a J. Emliea. Catawav Mary 1. Fa-Ii. Haiti. Mo. o... S. Falllai. »ooo S,ia» M FraaMloa Da.‘a . Mo. Gb-Ia 0. Gi—a . Pa'aoould J a G-ay. M«l'ay Ca-ay 0. GaKP-a. Jonaiboro M at, I. G-a.«i lancbvitta Rabaooa A. G.aat. Bryant Ann M, Hat Ir. f?ytb»x"l'a V q!nla 0. MoV-a Pa'aqoutd Sba -oo L Hubbatd. Hamibum Loaltt S. Hubbatl. Hoi'a Do"a R. Huqbaa Jonatbo'O 8atty Huttol. Hot la Mav I. Jaolioa. IJylbayllla Pf'Ip t. Ja-ai Ma-"pblf Tann Trudy D Ja-at . Wa’-ayt Rldqa Sa-d-a G. JoWo-. Jo-aiboto Judy A. Jo-at. Rador Mai't-a J, Jonai Jooaabo"Graduating Class—May 1973 D '-» I. Jo-da . He© OtxofVv M. K -•«,. B lV vila Co-'!; S. Kondricl. Caraway PS lTi E. MarVort. Rtv ' J n S.»« Martin. Poe»V nta Je nny E. Mhmv. Na.port B an R. McO'itti . Baadavilt Mi-oe'M 0. MtC'V• Pee»lonta, Jo Ann MeOanitl. J«o tfee-o Batty MeDentVd. •©. Wil K. MePall Ma-.l Part ! E. M 1 . T cW—tn Mar, E. McM. r( Bt-ttr .l!l Oo-"a R. M» 4 Oieaola Wrb«rt J. M.laneon Jo-aibo-o Samny R. Milt '. Wynn Rabtee J. Mir Jon ibo-o Sa-a J. M l». Mo-! ,. Mo. Re4 rt M. Odom, fad Ro » Sur'« P» Poeahonta, VTeli. I Pa'-a- Pot h©M i £tirab !h J. Pat! ion. Ba'ew'1' Hiy i A P«—y Jo-aabo-o Kathy H. Party Gala J. P-: . R «to 0' n E. Ratten. ParaqoJLd y!i J. R«ai© -. Jonaibo-o P.Ja . R-wi W.aVavir A'-c« S. Rooan P'-orjott T -ry 0. RoO -t Jo-obo-o Andith J. Samu li. Jo ibo-o Phyltl I. $ •!. PviOO.'d Sandra I. Say—W«l Ma-npM« Elirabath B. Sh,- y» 1t. Mani'a Gw -d ' n B. Smith. Manila Carol J. S a'l!nqi. PythaviU B rt, S. Swan. Mayll. Mo. Ba-ta-a J. Townwnd. Jo- abo-o tCanan I Tym y. Quitman R ba J. VabnK . Pa-aoo.M Anita J. Vand'rv -. Fon it Cty Jane L Van D.U Manila Party E. Walfan. Joo abono Ca'ol-n A. W b '. Jon ibono Kathy E. W tch«. Mampha. T n«. Torova E. Whit, 11. fo-- it City Chutl Witew. Jon ibo-o Paooy L Wileo . Jon abe«» Unit J. Wood. Jon ifco o Tho-ai 0. Yo««t. Ro-»l 175176 Division of Radio- TV, Journalism And Printing Tho Division of Radio-TV. Journalism and Printing utiKlos Tha Herald, published by tho journalism and printing classes, and KA$U. the University-owned rodio stotion. to provide students in this division with the Inowfedge and experience that enables them to be successful in the communications industry. (R »t row. left to right) Eogar. A. Ballard. ant. e ot. of printing; Roy 8arnh». «K f radio angr.; ft-cha-d A. Carrol. in i»dio-TV; Donald 0. Chataptli. imfr. in radio-TV; Rabacca Gardner. i ltr. in leumolitm: Hom« E- Hotlotf. production prietef. (Second ro-) Robert W. Korn. Mr. in printing: Ton. Manning, dir. of nw bateau: Re» Odert, in iourneliun; I. W. PWett. tiwc. prof, of journalivn; Bobby G. print .top foremen and Robort Shumpert. radio-TV angr. L. FUib+rry, Chairman of fK Dmi'tWiSIGMA DELTA CHI — (lint row. Ml to right) S.uh HoLnot. Cothorlno Nelion, Triclo St«b. Ralph Foro. Tom Moyor. (Sacood row) Jim Mowtrt. LavaS Fagan, Chartaoo Stomo. Mlti Paarla, Larry O'DaH, Sutio Aldridga. Pam Mooro. Don Joooi. (Third row) Tom Mooro. Hoy Octort Jr, John Wallato. Haydon Sodlor, Coroy GaioipW. Ml Pott . Harold Joooi and Do.o Dumo .GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB — lo w WO G.ry J«ry Ct»M on. (fed W »« right) WiH J«t«, GIm M.lhtny, WIBtw. MUtd. Andy ri- «nn P.gV JmI KunptLi. Ft»»l Gf»»« . Ann DwnUp. Chrk Pi»t . Pr llon «»• »». DtMll Hjnwn, N il » rt«r nd Ttt4i !• W«liM.180 Graduate School Graduate Assistants Since tho beginning of tho grodooto program in 1955. Arkansas State has graduated 2.158 students with Master's degrees, plus an additional 20 with Educational Specialist degrees. The Master of Science in Education was the first to be established in 1955. while tho Master of Arts and the Master of Science degrees were added in the fell of 1966. The Master of Rehabilitation Counseling degree was added in 1968. followed by the Educational Specialist and Master of Business Administration degrees in 1969. In the fe« of 1971. the Master of Music Education degree was added. O'. f.qene W. S-nltK 0m of tv« Graduate School Timothv R. A'.son. W W R'dqe, Koloqy Gory R. AsMod. lovinq'o . N. M- Aq-lcuK-e [iwiI'm C. Atl ser . Jonesboro. Readlnq Deborah A. t-sl-d. Oenrtee VHUee. Bern. «• Tarry A. BsuW.. Ada OH . History Christine J. Bayo. Cody. Wy.. Eae M rlne Robert B!a-len he . Manama. Ed. Adm. Nancy C. B- .«-. Eo-reit City. Elens. Ed. Aaron H. Bro.n, Dolaplilne. Bus. Adm. Got«ld R. B.rrosr. Shreveport. l«.. Hstory Mi-qaiot R. Byron. Swiftoe. Bui. Ed. HBbrd Clad. Bay. Bo'oey Do-- a J. Coetxr. Pocahontas. Bos. Ed. Rters J. Cotton. Btythavll'e. Spoc. Ed. Na-cv Coy. Pa-MOs d. Spoc. Ed. K-lstio A. Croed. N. Babylon. N. Y.. R. E. GWa M, Davis. Wyn-e. P. E. Me’vln E. Monotto. Mnlhomttlci Phsllis J. De-'nlrqton, West Mamphis. History Atvie W. Dilll". Jeresboro. Mafhamatlcs Weller A. Do -. E-edfo-d. Aa-kultyre WJKom H. Wifona. Mo., Bus. Ed. Jo-Toe S. Evans. Jo-esboro. Enqlih Da-fane fllppo. Po.hata«. Mus Welter Fo.fa- Huqhai. Music Je-ry L Gibson Steole. Mo.. Aq-kultu-e M -'-In R. Good. Cs-d-a’l. Mo. Coon. Ed. Dab-a J. G-lffln. GWa. Enqllsh Chard A. Ha-cocl. OUthe. Kan. History Hoy M. Heyjht Jr. Witter. M.s De-ay B. Holt. Pocaho-tes. CSemVry BUI, 0. Hocl. Ula City. P. E.Graduate Assistants Lvd G. Horton. Jotaiboro. Ma'lematict Jody K. Hebbl . Mon«Ma. Enqllth lan'e-c R. H.a". Fo-ratt City, Raadinq Sotiy J. Hu«a. Roclfo-d. IB. P. E. 6iW' C. H.nt. Se' m. P. E. Phoob L Hymen. Pina 8luff. Biology Arthur K r-«dy. Siloa— Sprlnqt. Enqlith Mary K. (Carr. Colt. El “. Ed. Gratchan Kop rt. Jcnaiooro. Spoc. Ed. Elan J. Iambi . Alicia. Cou . Ed. Michael G. Iambi . Joneibo-o. Coo". Ed. Carolyn J. laKmar. SH ito', Mo. Blo'oqy Don W. Lawton Jo’aiboro. M'atory Grain J. lainoa. Pit Bl.ff. Co-in. Ed laaK 8. to»d. J at lion. Min.. Hntory Barbara J. Ivonv Ravandan Sprinqi, Elam. Ed. Slacken G. Me'ide . Oartrvlll . P. E. Jerry D. Matt y. land . Ed. Adm. Morr'.t Ma.ney Jr. Drmai. Biology Alio J. Mai« ll. Oarmolt. M t' m II « Elry L Mill '. Joplin. Mo.. P. E. S'eob J. MIB ». $t. Mo.. P. E. J.dy M. H ibir». Con»ey. Hiitory Da-' !' w. Nolan Mar—adgl . Cou«. Ed. Thomat J. Palo . Utt'a Reel, Hii'ory 8'0'da S. Pa-c-'J. Hot Sprlnqt. 8.1 Ad", lonr a D. ttaloi. Pin. 81.ff. But Ed. 8r.c Proctor. Hasan. B'otooy Nicholat W. Premln, Yo-len. N. Y. Cha—Ittry Rob A. RaKd . Ned-0-.. N, Y.. Mathematici Ja- 1 C. Radmorvd. Jon ibono. Ed. Adm. Barba' D. Rang. Jcm ibo'o. El «- Ed. George M. RIchendicn. littf Rocl. Rehab. Cout. Gary B. Robortt. Paregoo'd. Matha-atlct Birba'a H. SbrJII. Rutullrlll . But. Ed. Nancy S .to«. K«nn t . Mo.. El « Ed. Tarry L S 0»t. P r qO.!d. M ,l m lic« Robert T. Singleton. Cherry Vall»r. B’oloqy B ty L. SmltK, E-joHand. B.i. Ed. J m i A. Smith. BiteivH . Cfcemlitiy Arnold t. Stana'd. 8'yth vll' . Hiitory Roberta D. Wall '. Pant, R h b. Co.-. Thomas t. Wall '. Ma'lad Tr . Mut! I Wabb, Hytheylll . Muile Jowoh R. W-liamt. Oven Cham'-ltry J ry W. Wilion. Pin Bluff. Bit. Adm. JuB n Wood. Peril . E'am. Ed. Suian P. Wood, Troman«. Reading 181Graduate Students 182 U«ry ft. Allmaa. B'.iftoa» h. Alu ». G;r« t Geovqle C. AStoa. W»'«ul Rldqa Do-'a A. AEitoa. Jo-atboeo Kathryn ft. A-darv Mi'Jn. Mo. Richard J. Aadry, Walaar Sam L. Aih—orth Huqhat Daryl J. Bailey. Grlff.thvHa 0. Bt'aet Oil . We-da A. 8atat. Norp-Mat Barbara Bae-qa-t-e'. Chetolee V.'laqa V a-d, L. Ball. WaVut Rldqa Sylvia Barqav. S. Dayton. N. Y. Da—ood C. B-tai. Sa-t'Cv Johany I. B -qV4m Do"loha". Mo. U.I L Btaqq, Hawaii. Mo. laonard ft. Bovatte CVafe-d Be Jamal M. Braa-on. Co— q Michael 0. Brldqat. leachvllle Demy I. B-lqht.a’. Betervllle Bobble I. B'cokl. V a'agt Rdqe Do'H 0. B dytbaa. Jonatboas Joa ft. 8-j'a-a Chf'e-e '. fta. State A Coltoaty. Molly G»o-a Se-I, 'ty Checlo. Plea Muff Ka'» I. Chemben. BMFavlIle Lam. W Oattala. CU-e-dcn Ce-oba J. Cola-a- Hollaed. Me Frederica Sea CotTot Moml’oa ftt’of. CoH'-t BareivlHa Al'rad I. Co--.'W. Va-0 Baa t . Be. Be. -!e, J. Cooc. Jcneibo'o Tamazi W C’a ‘o-d H»-ltbeeq Sarah 8. Crittenden. Cot’o" fta-’ 5 eva T. Dare B . hevlTe Suit L Davit. Pocehoatei Martha E. Datow. Sadqv'el Tommy J- DltllatOa. ReC 0 AnqaU K. Oodion Recto-Jamat E. Domaa. Nenpc-rt v y.ata J. Donohue. J:-eiboro David I. Doyle. Jo etboeo F e-l T. Edmoadt N. Uttfe tael fto-ald K. E.tai Vl a M hael I. fmart Setfmo'e Md. ftat- la Faqaa. Do-l»Vaa. Mo. Holla Fe»’it. Jo-atbo-o Ed«er Far-on, Jo-atbo'o Joa W. FaTt. lltf-e Rocl David E. Foley. Po-Aate-. CFeryl I. Foaler, Mamohli. Ta-a. Homer C. Gardner Jr. Tveel© Ed-t-d J. Gaioa- Jo-atboeo lorry 0. G'adder OiceoUAlfred P. Good '.-, lynn Rcfcart W. 6dm . Da dan lla M i A. G'oqan P r qo.ld Chariot L. 6'uv i, Jonaifeoro Claud! G. HaacocL. Bay J »i A. Hardy Joneibo-o John L Hatch '. Harriib.'q Da..d L H ti«. Jonatbo-0 B' -d S. Halmi. J;- iboro B"v M. H.'oqinbottom. Cava City An. 8. HoJ m»n. Smitbvifl Kan Hoco . Paraqould Jaann H, Hurt. Jonaibeno Jdin W. Jaqqt-t Riton Do-i!d T. Jonat. Brian K. Ka-.ea-el. C Wand. Ohio Ja-a: T. K nno». Hicloey Ridq Way.a E. Knot. Pi dmo t. Mo. Ronald O. UMlai. Van B.ran. Mo. Ronald E. ton . Jonaiboro Sa d-a I. Man'av. C 'ufl r .i!l , Mo. Chariot W. Mart:-. Wafto-Mtrth A. Marlin. Coif Goons I. Marti- Marion Ha-old D. Matlano . Ea-la Rtrfui S. Ma.-all. Dan-off Flo-a-ca 8. McCall. N. L'-fKa Rocl Ooyla R. McKin-oy. Jonaiboro Jc n D. Ma, .. Jaffaneo Cify. Mo Edqa. A. Mo 'qOfn y. Mo-rillo Ra'c D. Murphy ?q-s -i R-eht-d U P -n. Ca.a CSfy Ban P'oiard. Jcnoibo'o Gao-qa A, Purdy. Da Wilt la W. Ouitl Paraqou'd Johanna G. Oir-«. Jooa-.boro Linda I. Har.itburq 0 n 8. Rob-'ntc-n. MtCrory Nar y D. Roqart, Do-'o'-an. Mo. Marry 8. Ron. Caeath ".v 'a, Mo. Wll'iam D. Sandman. A'buquanau N. M. lor-ai.a D. Sa.alli. Will ,-Bam . Pa. Thom a L Share, Pin fluff Pa-a- K. Shirley, B'.r'au a M roa- t M. Steel! Robert 2. Steen Riverton. Wy. W lam M. SyJ '. Marion da i'.i L S i-d'a. Pa-aoo.’d Ro-.»!d S. Tolton. Waln.t Rids W lam B. Tver. Waif Rldq Joyce A. Underload. Kinqtporf. Tarn. Dona'd G. Voylat. Riva i:da, Calif. Bra-da C. Wat. Jo atboro Ju-Pao Wenq. Talmadq O. Ward Banton V -qinia Watw- Jcnaibo'O Ja'fary William . Oicao'a H rv‘el Wilaon FiaSar Soo Cl -n Yoon. Kora Oo'ii P. Yo.nq. Jonatboro $f ng-Ailyn Yu, Taip : Taiwan 183 ( ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA — (fell ro», left lo rlgbl) Terete Wilson, Oenis Hendrii. Jen . Clod. And! HieEt. Ljnde PreM, Sende Gerdet. AmH Cot-(Setond r «) Uu TVjrmond. Jen. Jelly. Eliseb.tS Flesnigen, Dien. W»ll»r. Jen' Wliemt. K y Ellington. (Third re«) Donne Moody. T rri Ro -l. Bonn Mersey. R g o Kem y f. J f Jensen. Jill lili.IT.lnef, DeboreV Jofli-y end Ssnen Elder. ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON — (seeled. left lo ri«U) C.thy Ruperd. Jem I Jones. Glende MolooE, Meden Ge-ec. Joen Delo'.l, Je-e KnigM (Sending, Ie(l lo right) Merien Mil l f. Libby Wehon, Mieley Mi'Jiem, Corel Runnels. Mer ♦he LLsdley e-d MX. Peer!..ARKANSAS HAU COUNCIL — (fln» row. left to right) Ck'a.i‘ Wy. Suian Craig. Tarry Mac!'... Diana Walter, Dorothy 1 0 . Rhonda Tumor. (Second row) Reulatt Heard, Rhyl Ham. mondt. Emeitine White. France Seay. Kathleen Dent and Sarnie Hit. AWS LEGISLATIVE SOARO — (tint row. (tent to back) Millie Reed . Diana W l r, Joan Dabial. Dorothy Lao . Shaila Soilay. Jacg.alyn Tabron. (Second row) Maria Tomt, Sarbaranatta TwiK . Arlaan O. Scott. Carolyn Hatting, Judy Ward, ReuSotte Heard and Tarrye Maclin.188 HACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION — (foil tow. left t« f-jV’) Etqw'- e A. Smith. Debra Jones. He m0r. li. Dorothea Davit. Linda Clement. Dianna Jtlfen-jn, Glenda Kirl»ood. Catherine Williams. Mary Boles. Am Parlor. Joann Laois. Cora Bo»a. Joyce Avery. Herschel Jonas. (Second to-) £ so lira N. Kally, Esquire William laa. Esquire M. Hoplins. Ivory Ste-ard. Esquire W. Joeas, Anqele Fraaman. Doris Fo-lar. Clotis Hill. Ella Andorton. Linda Bo-ant. Borbaranette Tvlia, Marta Toms. Jana Llttlaton. (Third row) Esquire L. D. Ward. Etquira I. Tutnbo, Esquire G. Winfrey. Etquira J. Fotaman. Esq lira M. Free-an, Louis lono. Frrdda Carroll. Rho da Turner. Dabra Hoplint. Ernestine Whte. Arlanda Bumatt. Starlinq Waf-ford. Carolyn Laa. Erma Gatos. Arlaan S oM. (Fourth row) Etquira E. Monts, Etquira V. Branch. Robert Jonas. Esq .Ira D. Weltart. Carl Montaqua. Wavay Austin. Esq .Ira J. Blast. Kelsey Harrison, Carolyn With, Franci-a Campbatl. Larry Reeves Jerry Willie-ns, Ronald Miter and Roen.’e Johnson. BSA CHOIR — (first row. left to riqht) Barbaranatta TwSIe. Phyllis Hammonds. Arlaan O. Scott. Carolyn Willis. Jessica Waller. Clotis Hill. Dinah Frasier. Dianna Jeff arte . (Second row) Arlanda Burnett. Dabra A. Baffiald. D-iqht I. Walters. Rhonda F. Turner. Johnny White. Diana Scott. Erma Gates. Jerry Wil. Tams. Cleore Fears. Francine Ca-pbaH. Gary I Winfrey. Emastina White. Ronald D. Miser. Jana Littleton and Linda Clemonsbaptist stuoent union executive council — (lint f ». Ml I® light) Potti Storr. Dobkio Tracer, Pom WilklMon. Bonny CUrk. (So««4 ro«) Em™ Jo Thompto®, Connlo Routon, Monk. C.iolyn Jtnlor, Blrminghjm. (Th d ro») D.vid Wilton. Rotxrl Rio. Qonnlo Whllnoy, Whilo. Ron Wynn »r4 J.mot R. Bcotk- CHI ALPHA — (Tint ro . loft lo rig’ll) Donny Ring. S Jr H.tblton. Stovon F.olk, Ron. V.-I.r, Ch.rol.lto R..CO, Rl h.«) I. P-oko. K» on T.lloy, Slonn Toll!. ,-4 Gory M.rk. 189190 DANNER HALL COUNCIL — (fin row, Ml to right) Lori Mil. M.itln. Mr . Poilon. Sion Avis. K.n Swoin, SH U. (S«o-d row) John Robin-ton. T.rry Thorp. Thro.toh. Mil. T.l.f, Mo'V HuM o'd Al-b«rl Moot. DELTA HALL COUNCIL — row. loft lo rlqht) Donny DJIi.r, Vont. lowton, Mil. Wool... ( row) ».;« Cr»qWr. lob Montgom.ry. Clndo o"d Sitrinqlon. CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER — (fin! row. I.fl lo right) Pol L.dd. Dorlo W.otond, Kor.n lotion. Pom B.rton. Ann Spiltt, Jon.I WKol.y. (S«co d row) John Hood.tton. R. Wo«d. Undo SJoon. DopVono Ho'dor. Lorry Eubonlt. Soody Enq-IHh. (Thl-d row) Ch.ttor. John Horr.y. M Drolo. Conn'ro Hotmon. Al'x. Irontid . Cindy Smith. (Fourth row) Ri hord McCriqhl. Dion. McCrlqV . Thomot Norrwl. Tim Woodr f. Philip Burton. (Fifth row) Joon Chor.ll. Brod'oy. Rondy R. Sim . Lon K. B'.dl.y, Korw.y Bocl. Sr.c Myorl. (Snlh row) Smollmon. Worr n Hon.youll. Wintlon turlon. Jody K. Foll.r . Jo. Do.. (S .rlh row) Phil Wood . Rl l N..lwy, Moloolm M7.t. Soil. Sroy ond Eddi. Print..DIXIE HAU COUNCIL — (firil ro.. laf lo rtght) Linda Raavat, Bonn Hohtia . Man Term. Jacqualyn Tabroa- (Saoond ro») Ann Dunlap. Jody Ward. A laan S «t and Baibaranal Twill! . Gamma beta rhi — (Cr,» row, UH lo riqht) Taraia Wilton, Dabo'ah John •. Rtdb HiKt. Suun Waavar. L n Hunt. (Stcond row) Bar Rc ja ri. Tommy Da $h io, Bonn la Holt'lna. Sarah Lipacorrb, Molly N bh.t. (third tow) Hariohal Jonat. David Throat h. ftkly Battarto and Ralph For Jr. 191192 MISSIONARY 8APTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP - Uh to r M) Ujuw Er-Vond, Yol.-d Ct- di«r, Torn Hun . M»'q«rot Borrot . (Slordlnq) Or. Lory R. P y«or. Kothy Pooco «d Ren Colo. KAYS HAU COUNCIL — (fin row. I.f fo r'-qM) J„M CroJq. Toroio EoqU.. Jono Foioo. Soody WoBr. (So o-d row) Vklio Buy. Err.-. Jo TKo 4.w5o. S.t!o Krdior-q. (TIlW row) HIM Horrltoo. L!P.« Edwo'dt. V.cli Birt »r. (fou" K low) Job Ho«di«. KotSy MuipKy. Sondv Fry »«d CoroV" Honiitq.AN ClUt — (fint row, loft to rl-jlit)194 USA PARTY — (fin« row. left to right) Je-oi Kyle. Emit, Endartn. Doug WiUenen, 0 Mii Cempbet, Md Coleman. Lari Hunt. (Second row) Oa.'-d Reel. Ed McLain, Mil Elliott. Don Culpepper. Ti" Rend. Ken FriUll (Tk'rd row) Olen Smith, B.bbe Momt, Cindy Richerdion. Roneie Dian-e Twqut, Dabby Holobough. (Fourth raw) Suiee Eldredge, Marilyn B-o—. SuvW ted-long, lynn troctmen. Elian Sturth, Ron Caldwell. (Fifth row) Jean Loteece. Libby Wefion. Jim Diction, Carol Ranneft, Cathy Juergent and Jim B.clett. WESLEY FOUNDATION — (fin! row. loft to right) Jennifer Kooly, Kyleao Peace, Gary Goia. Irene Scott. (Second row) Elaine Montgomery, Brad JetLini. Kerry Purvil. Bob Renion. (Third row) Ca d VA-nbarley, Da.Id E. Beaird, Llede Cunningham. Catherine Nation. (Fourth row) Rev, Jamai Randle Jr.. Mle Mellyar and John Rooler.YOUNG RtRUWCANS — (flnt ro«. left to rVqKt) loroott. Detoe.i Gould. Hitd. H.rciion, Rho d. l.lnkerr. (Second »o«) R.lpk Ho-. . Uri Hoot. Jim Mitck.ll. Simmom. CTklrd ■ ») Jim E ™». Rkil M..I, C.»t Wkit.. Jo. Vokil »r d S'«»•« T. Depp. YOUNG DIMOCRATS — (fint ro-. Uft to r kt) M.iilyn 8eo»n, T. J. Horto . Vic Horton. Dm MeUuoMV.. Ev.lon J«lt (Second cow) Romeo.«. Jeo KnigKt. Art Kent. George Zoctmeo. Doeoe .nd Skeifa Boi'ey. 195 11 If196 This is the first page of the GREEK sectionOn Greeks Tlvs pa-go. os woll os this ontire section of tho INDIAN, is devoted to the Greek population of A$U. Some may ask. "Why should the Greeks have two pages per group plus several activity pages while other social organizations are more limited?" The staff of the INDIAN asked this samo question at the beginning of the year. While there were arguments pro and con on the question, the pros outweighed tho cons. FACT: There aro more than 750 Greeks at A$U. FACT; Greeks are always active in philanthropic and other projects. FACT: Greeks have dominated SGA positions. OPINION: (And I would rather say fact) Greeks aro one of tho stabilizing forces at Arkansas Stato. While most of the other folks go home on the weekends, the Greeks stick around and raise hell at ballgames. throw parties, man road blocks for various charity drives, help co ordinate campus-wide activities, and just generally try to help othors whilo they help themselves. For those reasons, previous yearbook staffs have felt that tho Greeks are important onough to the University to deserve an entire section. For these same reasons, we have upheld the tradition. This is not to say that the Greek section has not undergone any charges. You will notice that this year tho fraternities come beforo the sororities. We decided that if the women wish to be liberated, and to be equal to men, they can take the back seat for a while. 197198199Mn. lyM Sto-ort. l»i» m®tb®, Df. Cloud Irby. od-iio, O'. Albin longloii. od iio 200 Roony ARon® Storiing Hqgi J« M«n Jo fry Cboftn Donnii Cortrigbt F.odd « D.-oU Lorry Ounlonon Will., D,.n J «y Engliib Goo'«o Foito, Gory F m h Gory Fiig® (,Mll Ffyo Toroy (iUiM J»rry Gibion Ricly Gray Fr..U H.1I Buddy H®l-i Co.l Horton Hon lig'ig Ki Tom Jo®oi Jolo Komp Ronold Kord» Do«otd King Milo King K.i'K McOonotd Woyoo MJligon D»U Morrit Onto Ol on Jo y F»«« Corly Hop . Rotriel Roovei Gory RitVordion J. ?■ Rob-ortion Cod Robin ion Normon Robinion Grogg S o»t R.tpb SioHHOOl Jim Sponco Mori Stood StopKon Tcnoy Joo SVoy J. WolC,Bo ting iho only fratornity housing facility at ASU. Alpha Gamma Rho i in it third year locally and 69th year nationally. AGR. (first fhreo loiter of th« word "agriculture') is both a professional and a social fraternity because it membors aro agriculture major or aro pursuing a similar career. Members of Alpha Gamma Rho. which is the newest fraternity on camput with the enception of Ebony Esquire . are active in a wide variety of organisations and activities. AGR it l«o» for k v'.r-i »k only IfiNmity k u»‘- o l«R' r ° r.-t-.i, fe btino 'kr tint Gf« t ore.© 1o eeetifbe te Ik N»» fr Fu d nd, of coon , for ftw.’r tractor.AlphaTau Omega Alpha Tau Omega celebrated its fifth year at A$U Fob. 27. 1973. To help celebrate tho occasion. National President John L. Putman visited tho brothers of Eta Gamma on their anniversary. The ATOs participated in sevoral philanthropic projects, such as the Heart Fund Drive. Ore of the Taus' main projects during tho year was the KAAY Toys for Tots Marathon. The ATO's are tho first group from A$U to ever participate in the drive. Tho national fraternity prides itself in being the first to establish a "Holp V eelt" rather than tho humiliating "Hell V eeV." ATOs were active in SGA. varsity athletics. ROTC ond school publications. Seiine pledqei oio (liHUe): Jim-y Wilson, Grcr- losot. $ »»• Crs-Uy. Tom Gibson. Ouono Ivtroll. (S’sndmq): Trrry Cross. M3o Mormon. Slovo Siinnor tfd Do«sJ Stelrs.204 tbony »'• (ftrtl ro»): FioddW WolWr, D»iqht Wj|l«« . lorry Word. Jury CKootcm, Frod Potrl l. Will! Jor-ot. AHrod Smith. Morcut Fiwmii. (Second io»): John Gorrott. Eomoit Monti. Ron . Jim Woodord. Mokholto Root . V»rni o Go«Wo. Tor-my Lonq. Timothy WVIto. Roy Jonn. Mourico Hootw. (Third ro«): Vktoy l»o h. Hotwhol Jonot. Gory Winftoy. Nolle Kotty. Jorry WifliorM end luthor Inqrem.Ebony Esquire Tho Greek system underwork a great change this year with the establishment of ASU's first black fraternity. Ebony Esqu'ro. The Ebony Esquire gained a non-voting seat in the Inter, fraternity Council, and will be given voting privileges os soon as they gain affiliation with a national fraternity. Hobo Day and Black Hiitory Week Talent Show were two of the activities sponsored by tho new group in 1972-73. The Ebony Esquires also worked on the Prisoner of War (POW) Drive road block. Along with the:r female counterparts, the Ebonettes. the Ebony Esquires co-sponsored a fund-raising drive for sickle cell anemia. All things considered. Ebony Esquire made a valuable contribution to the Greek system. With plans for national affiliation before the year is through, it seems that Ebony Esquiro Is on its way to becoming a valuable asset to ASU. Iverv Su-jrdsiimny lit ih 4X m m m qiS- thM»t Corf Mf-dl«v Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Of e'er it ufiiquo. It it unlilo the othor fraternitios at ASU because of its goals to ma' o southern gentleman oat of its plodgos. and to help rostoro the idealt of tho old south. KA was founded in 1865 by Gen. Robert E. Loo. All chaptors of the KA Ordor oro located in the southern United States. Each year tho KAs grow boards and dross up in Confoderato uniform.! In observance of thoir "Old South Wool." This weet is highlighted by the Old South Ball. KAs aro activo In all aspects of campus and community life. 207 “Go to voor lot , to riotit.. .Lambda Chi Alpha After 14 year on campus. Lambda Chi Alpha hat grown to become ooo of tho largest fraternities at A$U. It taamt only appropriate that tho Lambda Chit should bo tho subject of web growth; thoy boatt tho largast national fraternity. Lambda Chi wat founded at Botton University in 1909. lota Thota chapter sponsor tha annual "Lambda Chi Littla 500" in tha spring. Tha Lambda Chit are active in all campuswido charity drives. and they sponsor thair own Chnstmet party for undar. privileged children. Other activities that the Lambda Chit sponsor are tha Crescent Bal' and the Founders' Day Barque!. Member of LXA are active in varsity athletics. SGA end publications.210 pint row (tittinrj): Rey-ond Henry, Gory Mueller. Ken CopeUnd. Nelypn Jeffrey . (Sterdinq) Pe e Devil. Rokby Ham . David Grand ecr.;- . Second ro-: Gary MeGalhey, M. D. Staten. Jeclie Drele, Jobniton. Weit, Gone Jetigp, Jerry Mooney, Gery Sho dt, Uiry MeOuirter. Joe Kaye . Buddy Ctarl. Mi4 Eetferls T»ird ro»: Joe Ron, Gene Orr. Lo jen lacier. Woody Deloe-e, Ge»(e Perry-en, De-jq Willerion. Ptiilip Ellin . Tins tco-n. Weye Al-ond, Terry Horton. Rip Porch. Serf Parler, N. 8. Or-nit III. Ki- Ki-bro. SobVr 8olding, Den Medlocl. Weyne Jsinee . Steve Pietron. Fourth ro»: Mile Mertin. Gery Brown, To-my Jaclioo. Ja-el Allen, Terfv Haley. Don Ed-ardi, Kieth Hint, Ronnie Howell. Merl Kloitermen. Terry lenqtton.Pi Kappa Alpha Possibly ©no of tho most community sorvice-orionted groups on compos. Pi Kappa Alpha, is ©ntoring its 25th year at Arkansas Stoto. Pitas aro activo in a wido varioty of community sarvico projocts. For example, Frank Rains was tho campus coordinator for tho POW-MIA campaign. Tho Pikes havo also provod to bo loadors on campus, with several mombors invoked in student government. PIKA Wayne Doan was this year's IFC prosidont. Othor Pikes are invoked in varsity athletics and other activities. Each year tho Pikes sponsor tho Pike Little Olympics to provide good, dirty fun for the sorority girls at A$U. Othe» big events during tho year include the Oream Girl Formal. Founders' Day Banquet, and a Christmas oarfy for underprivileged Children. 211mm is I ? ! JV h !? S »J _WJ »?£: ;p ‘Sir r‘Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at Richmond Col lego in 1901, Sigma Phi Epiilon hat become one of tha strongest Great orgeniiatiooi af Arkansas Stefa. Arkantat Gamma chapter hat bean traditional ttrong in intramurab. as wel at other Greek-oriented activities. Sig Ep it a ho ono of tha more progretwo fraternities at ASU. at evidenced by the fact that they are one of the fow groups with an associate momberthip program. S.««tW»rt Lindt fi»l ♦» OASmii (or 'U ini G 'r G »y, Co«l ot«f: S» Erwin. topoitu; Mil Elliot , proitdont: Dtvid G'««nw«d. i« Uiy: «d 0 »pi v R»lio». vi « p »tid«nl. -Rw pin tal OWn Sm-'tb. ,: ♦ p..t,'d.nt Jim Byrd. I'».l,r.r Djvid D v »a, w H «ry N..I Gordo. t r.!d Groq Smoltti. nrprir of ormi Oooq Billop Brio. Diclinto. Jotwi Dr. wry Oonni. Gt. -fvs«.» M.rr.Hon Jim Hum M U H.yd.n Mil. H.« To«y J.clton Cr.ip JohMO. P.obf.t JolMf Rom!. Jm«i Ttffy L.ypVnfSoul lov Ooo U-.r.y Lytm luif.r Bob MilWr Mill Moor. G.ry Mcrg . Bubb. Morrit Boon. MolWn Wy-.n Pi«r « G.ry Poipiiil Birry R.qid.1. PM Robt.n 214 Mil SUb ,oS Mil 5 •too Job Swop Tbo-pion Mrnic Tril i Wirifon Turpi 0 . W..d Bobby W ym".i PLEDGES G.ry Colli Mil Crool D vid Royd ft «dy Gibto Jo Griff-Andy H n«y Domy l -b rt Douq M r h tt«r Ji— M.rtln G.'.r McCutct—n 6 m y Mcl.mor Ml. Murphy Simmy Murioy 6.1 Mulil 0 1 P g«" Don Plplln D uiy PI in K.nrry Prw » St . St r-.«t Tom Summers Bob S-offord Ml. W.liom, Altyn Will .Tho oldest fratornity on campus. Alpha Pi chaptor of Sigma Pi celebrated its 25th anniversary in March. Nationally. Sigma Pi was founded in 1897 at Vincennes. Ind. Sigma Pi members aro active in numerous aspects of campus life, and are known for their competitiveness in intramural sports. Activities engaged in by Sigma Pi's include advanced ROTC, varsity football and I PC. 215216 Jemes Vernon. edv. R W Allen Phillip Alston Steve Alston m Re-ley Reel Beldo«i DennH Blood-erth Gene Boeclmen We,-. Bond Coy Brenstum Keeny gre.e. Ro. Celd-ell V eyne Cod Isle Ret Cess Mile Ctery Roy CoWe f ddle Colensen Jl" Cooler CKe-lle Cothem RelpK Cross Weiner Crvte Mile Downing Rete Ounn Bred (ester ood Merl Fisher Jimmy Fi i e George Frey Ceil Frees Mile Grey Holmes He-melt Oitl Meroreve Reymo Mervey (dde Helhcoel Romle Heyes Mile Heflin M Helber Benny Hobson Tim Hodijes Torrmy Holbtool Jimmy Ho erd Store Hudson Tommy Inebnit Col. Nornen Keith Len Kemp JimKyU Allen letoorette Vence Leosoa Dennis Luter Jim Lyons Deen Messey Floyd McClerdon Bill MtCollvm Mioheel McGv’ne Mile MtKIneey (d Mtlein Tresis Moore Deen Nebben Tommy O'.ns Che rile Reel., Sten Rerlinson Clifford RhiKbs Greo Rltt-en Jim Tim Reeoen Howerd Ri-j-ss Riel Redery Dklie Ross Pip Runyen Rendy Soelfe Derryl S hle»lerKonitt Mkfcollo WKt.h.od of Jo-.iboto toot top bcoort « ft« 1 7) AfpKo Go-mo Oollo ToUnt Sbo». Tbo »•»»! n bold ! ooily ipflo g ooeb yoor. !tb poocoodi «o- } to Cloft Poloto Roooooob. TAX] VAPPA w 'ION TKEt ► .•rmo-'ae to «flto t«ir» • CKrltf-at «rolf«tt. 219220 IFC deleoalej are: Wayne Deee. Warner Cruce. Gary McGaMiey. Kevin Rend. Gary Meador. Tbomee f. Jecttoo. Mb BlIoH. Ken Freleii. lee Ke-e. Den-Ir Roberto . David Goodvon. Raymond Harvey. Ron Caldwell. Bob MeNeat. Jamee K 4e. A en lovel. Olee Sf b and Rob Jottf. OZCOO - —I—Z m-H :-n 73mHZaorfl pyr ,( )( 'u-rij yyr f --o.g »!: •« uo‘ ’.» V •jjhJ «n -u»tp»o " f “ N P‘»M H 3 '"°1 •:"« ■'■•V'tS il S -M»Uifg rp«|iy -MOp s- a P» S S4»q«:i3 ' ' '' •'£ 'll"! ! !'! w 1 ■ • ?' j u {oj»3 .«r$ :« j |ii;j o —zLambo 500, Pike Olympics223More Than A Club— A New Way Of Life Moro community ard school servico projects and lost strenuous pledgeship requirements seem to bo tho trend in Grcok organijations across the land — and Arkansas State seems to be no exception. With "haiing" rapidly disappearing, the fraternities at A$U have placed more emphasis on philanthropic projects. For example, the Greeks are possibly THE major force behind the success of the Red Cross blood drives. Wh:,e o'edge harassment was never quite the problem in sororities that it was among fraternities, the fomnle Greeks have also gained added interest in service projects. Between intramural bofcjames, songfests. rush parties and the like. Greeks realiie that they have a lot to give — and they are rot hesitant to do so.Greeks: Service, Scholarship, Friendship, Variety M- i 225§1 imlfil iflfil m nifui ir Recognised os the first sorority established on tho compus of Arlansas State University, Epsilon Zeta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was chartered In May. 1948. Alpha Gams are Involved in many diversified aspects of compus activities. The AGDs participate In many altruistic projects throughout the year. Including the AGD sponsored Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show. Proceeds from this campus-wide contest go to the Founders Memorial Foundation. Boasting over 100 campus chapters across the U.S.. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse University In 1904. Alpha Gamma Delta 227 An Alpho Gom trios M«r to bo ouMoso. os nMtMd br on AGO mom tor ot tho Klo littlo Otjmpics.H l «o Andtom Cotby Bolt' e.’i. 228 Lori Bortnt Lynn 8ooqu t Shoilo Bo.Uy D bb.« 8.«rH. Shorn B.orU Cindy ClomonH s w Cca;„ K« n Coot y J M Cljill Mory Dorit cioir 0 . In R«i» Do-ning D»bb-'« 0» « Cyd «y HiU«d«r ■lr-4 front Morty fnuiott 0 " foitmtl Jon Fr »lend M il»n« Gonvuc Viel! Jo g;..o. M ry Ann GfHl Lynn Ho n t Aedi Hie It Corolyn Hndq.nt J n« J olly Colby JutrQm Pom 8« ly Lu t«n Mori MolVom Mich l M IK m Mory Jon Motioy Mory MeCotly Al tit Monl Morion Mitlor IC r o MoffiH B ly Morgon 8 tt Won Rob' « Portae l o. P Ht Pom Ph lpt Sum Ron So Sim mom SeMh Lynn Sumr» rl!n HoWno Si ntar Cho-tot'o Tronthom Morg© Trovii Trie! Tull Woltar flilobotb Wotton Ar!o Woitorfiold Morilyn Wilton S.ii Witloml! Money Young, o dr I tor ® I $ |-S S SI t-l •fill 1-ga -s |-ff f fiMlfr'll i S .? £■- _ -T, .S j CD O) CD IE E CJOEbw H« Ubovt) ere (fwtt »ftw): Catherine Willia-M, Beatrice Je«lint. Carlotta Greon-berry, Fredda CeeroR. Ca tAl Freture, Pm "'•e King. Mary Bofet. Mane Toem. Ivory S r-ar». PhyKt Den na Gritham. AlpVi Brown, Atlea t 8wm«H, (Second fee): Metlie McNeary. Jackie Tebron. Carolyn WiKt, floile Farr. Barba-e-eMo Tw e. Jane Littleton. Kelley Herriton. Adeen Scott. Rhonda Turner end Earnettiee White. Alpha Kappa Alpha pledget (left) are: leery Stewart, Berbaranette Twillie. Cerotyn Will. Keliey Herriton. Fredda CerreB. Jackie Tabron a«d BhyRt He««ondi. Ebo-ette olfkert are (Frit row): Berbarerette Twillie. preiideet: Bhyllit He-mondi. vica pretide-t. (Second row): I'Ory Stewart. hitto-rias; Earnettlne White. corretpoAdiAg teem-tary. (Third row): Mane Torn. tecretary: Rhorda Turner, typilt aed JaAe Littleton, treeturer.Ebonettes Soon after tho Ebony Enquires arrived of ASU. their female counterpart, the Ebonottes, made the scene. The Eborettc! were given a non-votirvg position on the Par.hoHenic Council whilo thoy attempt to gain affiliation with Alpha Koppa Alpha national sorority. The Ebonottes participated in a variety of Groeboriented campus activities, as wel as numerous philanthropic protects. Tho group co-sponsored the sickle cell anemia drive, and sponsored a fashion show in Chickasaw Cafeteria. A sulfo in Caraway Hall was given to the Eboretfcs soon after thorr founding. With several girls already plodging AKA. and national affiliation in the near future, it seems that the Ebonettes are here to stay. 233234 tfcaba Alloy El ; i Ey J dy SUnlnMhlp Marilyn (raw S'' arc D vl| Jodiik Ed i'di Skxr, Ed'l'dl So. . Eld.«-do« a ty fanal.KO S -d, Fl fd.r K«qt« Fil» Rally 6 m Jm GImqov E» ly- Hlrr-Hon Shari Ham Raqln KifMrnr J!N litialfolnar J « loult Dabbi Marqr a 0 ait M D »i l An-a MaSpaddan 0 t Ol.ay Solan Pat ion Lynda Pntl Carolyn Raalln • « Raar . Fran Rich d. Kalby $-l K Oabbl Slant Midi TailinQio Ed a TKrrtaand lady Toombl Jody Wallar lalk Ward Matin Ward PrliallU W ,» Sarah WrayKappa Delta Kappa Delta. rocogniied at ASU at on© of th© smallett but most respected torofltios, it alto on© of the newest. Delta Kappa chapter wat founded in March of 1968. Th© origin of tho national torority can b« tracod bac' to Lorvgwood Colloge, 1897. Sirco that year. ovor 110 collegiate chapters have been formed. KDs aro activo in just about all Greok-oriontod octiviti© . They are traditionally strong competitors in the Pike Little Olympics. Each year the KDt sponsor tho "KD Kidnap." a fund raising project that keeps fraternity presidents wary.236 Athloy Alton Bov.rly B.tnri Di.n-o El-Ion P.m (••» So d-. Bonnot Moi-d. Bo-ty Ro.l. Biy . m.|..:« Smiiit Lynn Br.ncfc Lynn Brc-cV-n.n G'o-I Brown Pbyflin Brown Joaioo C.rtor Jody Cl'tM Won . Cooo ' N.-oy C .otd»!» Jon Dodvfrn M.rg.-ot Dunc.n Todd o Jo EHor EvoooM Jo.-otto F.wc.H Ron. Fotd Potty Fcrro.ter Koto- Fottyno G.yo Gjttt Ann How.rd Both H.dton J-dy Hk gim S-klot JoWitot J.noy Konnoft Roto-oty Kinnoy K«lKr Ki-tl.nd S.ton Koonio Lynn LodboKo-M.ty Ann Mlwnhinor Judy Mit hoil Vi li Moody Do non Mooooy M.icm Mooril J.m'-o NkKolion NorthruM Cocili. Ponnoy Koton Ro Vin Roy Oonn. Rob-nion C»tl. Singloy M.ry S'-ton Trio . St.ub Jo.nn . Stoi'booL Ellon StutcV O.bbio T.ylor IC.Ihy Wigglnt SuikO WiMIn speaking of Phi Mu. one could toko tha words of a popular IV commercial, sightly paraphrase it. and come up with the perfect description: Phi Mu is not getting older — it s getting bettor. Soriously though. Phi Mu is the socood oldest social organization in the nation. It was founded 120 years ago at Wesleyan College in Macon. Ga. The A$U chapter of Phi Mu (Epsilon Delta) was founded in 1951. I ho group s big deal oach year is the Phi Mu Playhouse — a theatrical talent show that involves ell uf the other Greeks at ASU. The proceeds from the show go to the S.S. Hope. Phi Mu aho is involved in many other philanthropic projects, such os the St. Jude's Hospital drivo. Tho group also is involved in all aspects of campus lit Ai DyUo » « ». "It 'tin a let laveh. it talai a Itaia to cry," but only a H i M. -oM pot f©» a p«tura Ua tU .May. 1973. marls tho fifth anniversary of Zota Tau Alpha on tho ASU campus. The national sorority was founded in 1868 at Long wood College. One of the major activities engaged In by Zetas each year H the Jonosboro Christmas Parade. The sisters dross in costumos ranging from Disney characters to angels to entertain children. Another area of community service in wlvch Zetas are active is the National Association for Retarded Children. $e'- e nmMttf pl dg«t for Z« » T«g A'pha » • (Ml (« A M) Dtbbl »» Mollis Con . Corot D v!i ond MotTti Monteon-ory. Zeta _ I au 239 AlphaPat Brown 242 Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities Aloruo William Hcrjchol Jones Sare Statlcup ReynoldsRick Delaney Who’s Who B'crda Fowler245 Gary B. Robert Sutan Elflino Duff246 Ed McLain247 Wory Jar« MaiuyCKarUn S!orn« WallaceWhos Who Don W. Jonos Donms Kerlllng Stove Br.250 BSiaboth V atsonWho’s Who Poto DavH0LIM s ol| v INDIAN 254 Princon CHANDA WATKINS. Bravo JOHN PHILLIPS and Chiof Kg Traci LANNEY JOHNS.256 Coryn Elfa Denni Koriting YELL Dave TecVotto 3 =c cq’ LD =T O CQ’ $ pm, IlfESf (2 S a 2 S o foil f S-i 11 : s-Sr- S-Hf ?|2- »? ?£ Ittt HffS r1 '•p » So262 SGA RERRIS£NTATIVIS — (Eiom left, li»l tn) G--«« Olb ». Cwidy Rkb-«rdton. G»il N rtb «4f. K by Smirk, J««n tt Foertt, D»bby HoJobougb. (S . ond ro») Drbbi 8»"lo . Tim R nd, Ro?«r Ftrab, C«rki trio, $vti« Aldridge. St -«n Depp. (Thiid ro») Mil Ebbert. MtEoni te ck M, Vicli Moody, G»ry Mg . Roi» « M y » ((mI ro») G iy FwitV W yn L . M f ditb W lk r, J. (d d Mu »d Jim ».'l rt.b(JA 263 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFHCERS — Rob..« fciK. p mkW: Ed McUta. fin i t pr tW« 4: EI Mb h W«tio«, t+cond xt pr«t!d»» . SGA SENATORS — (W lo rfgk ) JC« C»'hy Jv rq«Ai »-d K«i»V 0 »r-264 APPOINTIVE OFFICERS — Jam Kylo. Boclcy Collior and Doug V Slarion.265Linda Boaman Thaa Black Pat Brown ©•won Cason Dobble Durban Kay Ellington Caryti ElKl Cydnoy Eklander Mary Anna Grear Tonya Hottol CKarlara Imbodan Karan JohnstonEfaabeth L'nebarior JIB Litzelfelner Aleut Menke Rononio Mitcham Karon Moffitt Mary Jane Room) Sara Reynold! Sally Starkoy Gesrgcanne Stomp Janie Taylor Reserve Officers Training Corps PRINCESS PLATOON 267Miss ASU 1972 Jill LitzelfelnerBECKY COUIER ERMA GATES DEBWE DUNCAN CARYN ElUS HOMECOMING ROYALTY ‘Wet and Wild ... Lookin’ 269Hill Hurdles Toward Munich For A Gold Mec Tom Hill s at the Head of the Line Now I ASU s Thomas Hill Is Awed Hill Third In Hurdler Thomas Hill nlch for Seymour lalltimnile Richard Bruggermana said they Jogged or. the artificial track of the Olympic stadium, whose tent-like roof has been blamed for trapping bot air In Italy. Most will compete in a pre-Olympic meet in Munich on Tuesday. Tbe remainder of the US. track and field squad of TO MUNICH. Germany Ji — Sports facilities for the Summer Olympics were praised Sunday by the first cootlgent of American trackmen to ar-lvefor the Games starting in By Facilities at Munich laefertUU lie. . Hurdlers Qualify for the Olympics ■jfXf . Contenders for o ploce on the American him Hit jiff—a haa MitM I ' High Hurdles At Olympics Games At Track Olympics ends Sepi Easily Named Winner $ Of Worthen June Awar which open fodoy ot Munich. Hill, now o i --------I MUNICH (AP) - Thomas Hill, the former Arkansas State University hurdler, finished third today in the Olympic 1 IOmeter high hurdles Rod Milbum of the United States won the Gold Medal in the event He equalled the world record of 13 2 seconds Guy Dnrt of France was second Hill had won his heat in the semifinals Monday with a umc of 13.47. He noxed out Drut with a sudden burst of speed at the tape Today's event marked the first time that Hill had lost a hurdles race sance the beginning of the Inals He won four races in the trial, two in pre-Olympic meets and two In the Olympics. Hill, a native of Orleans. La . graduated past spring from Arkansas State and is now a lieutenant in the Army. In 1970 he was rated the No 1 hurdler in the world but in 1971 he suffered injured knee in a race during the winter indoor season and missed the entire year Hill put himself through extensive rehabilitation program and the knee responded He beat Milbum in the finals of the Olympic trials and has beaten him one time since •P semifinal' . « day of Lt. Thomas Hill of the United States Army, and the final! mcriy of Arkansas State University, has been named lie ti jUne winner of the Worthen Sports Award. ‘“f Hill, receiving all but two Tail ki ct-pUc votes, was as ea y V i n y a r d kept Colei door race wlnaer...................... m TN-'t WSLC SSf- Take 4th m■ Four was the magic number for Arlonsas State in track competiKon in 1972. at the Rodman capturad four frit placa finishes and took fourth ptaca in tha Southend Conference Championship Meet at Baaumont. Ta». Lad by a naw confaraoca meat racord in tha long jump by Kim Beilis. tha thin-cladt olto took firsts in tha 120-yard high hurdles (Tom Hill), the half-mile (John Scurto) and the 3.000 mater ttaaplachata (Mila Holt). Several of the tracltten continued on to other meaH following the confaraoca finale, but none enjoyed the tuccets in post taaton maati that H3I did. Tha Super Chief, a native of New Orleont mounted momentum late in the yea' and iwept four straight wint at the Olympic triah at Eugene. Ora. In capturing the top spot on tha American team. Hit beat wch outstanding hurdlers as world record holder Rod MJbum and 1968 gold medalist Willie Davenport. Hill continued his winning ways, taking two wins in competition in Europe poor to the Olympics and two in preliminary heats in the qualifying rounds, advancing to the final-, of the Olympics. However. Mitburn ran a super race in the finals, capturing the gold white Hill finished third at 13.4 seconds, good for a bronze medal.G .ton R«q«n up. up «nd « y in SIC «p»petition277Finish Cold Tribo lin'csterj showed considerable promise early in the yoor before felling to e so-so 5-4-1 season mart. However, she first four players will bo returning next year, holding hopo of bettor things for tho coming year. -j? i- Golfers Start Hot,280 Lack Of Funds Keeps Bowlers From National It seemt ironic in a year that produced no tfandout foamt in the three major tportt that the one A$U team that did win a borth in a national playoff couldn't get enough money to participate. It it unfortunate, but wet the pEght of the ASU bowling team, winnert of the Region 7 title latt year. They bottod tuch teami at Houtton. Toiat and LSU in the tourney, too. But maybe next year the team will get some financial lupport. and maybe thoy'll repeat at region champt. and maybe . . .Gymnasts Whip Razorbacks, Win 3rd Straight State Title Arkansas State University finally go its shot at "the other Univoriity” in tho stato and the rosult was a lopsided win — for tho gymnastics toam. For tho third straight year, tho gymnasts captured tho stato championship In oxercrto compotition. topping tho Univorsity of Arkansas at Little Rock. Stato College of Arkansos and the widely beloved Hogs. Paced by five firsts by Dennis Kersting and two oach for Donna Robinson and Body Humo. tho Indians took tho men’s, women's and overa1' divisions. I guess it just goes to show that it was a bad year for Pork on the open market. 281r " °f Ari , Sta,.. £ £ ZZ 72 m0f° «d teem for o t year was Desp.te a disappointing showing Southland Conference matches (tha Tribe lost two and tiad two m league competition) tka tonnis t«am managed to record a respectable 13-9-2 slote. In seven of the nina losses, the Indians ware whitewashed (winning no matches) which points to a need of more consistency on the'cowrh. The numbers one and three players. Ken Mitchell and Jose Chavez, oach recorded personal winning seasons, capturing 13 and 15 wins respectively. In doubles competition. Mitchell and Paul Bslducei led the team with a 15-7 mart.Young Netters Show Promise Despite Poor Conference Record 283Hitting, Pitching Fail As Indians Struggle Through Luckless Year TKofo it no joy in Jonbur — to borrow a phrase from Mighty Casey and his Mudvillo prose. Most of the starters of the 1971 squad were returning, and the Tribe appeared welt set even at the vacated positions. However, when the season started, the bats didn't — SIC foe UT-Arlingfon fired 3 shutouts at the Indians at the start of the year. And to add to the Tribe’s troubles, only righthander Charles Blackburn had an earned run average below 4.86.285286 Things seemed doomed to got worse before they got better —- the Indians' season mark dipped to 11-19. But worse than this. tho 3-12 record in SLC was the worst finish of the Indians since the start of the league. Only two starters were lost to graduation last year, but almost assuredly tho Tribe will approach the next baseball season with an optomism o a quiet and cautious nature.Tribe Suffers Worst Finish In SLC History TVt» tKpprd tHrovgh g oip pf ♦»© UTA M r«rklt, Tflb utUr Dir d oppnh to bo tHpwfing tKom Hpw (loio tboy ©ctuolfy como.New Faces Dot Lineup In Spring Game Spring practice — that tedious period that falls botweon the end of coo soason and the start of another — was over and now came the time to bring the sossion to a close with the annual Red-Whito game. It was to provo to bo a "different loot" for the Indians of 1972. and over the most avid A-Stato rooter needed a scorecard to identify the now players. Familiar names that had brought a rational championship to the campus only a year ago wero gone, the only five returning seniors would be bad to give guidance to the new squad. 289CouM y©t pl««M • ! m |K« bitH'OOm it? Indians Vs Indians Results In Whites Win Indians against Indians — if you're for Arkansas Stoto you can't loso os »Ko gridders climoiod spring training with thoir annual Red-White game at Kays Stadium, which tho White team won. 23-13. The SVhites wasted little timo taking tho lead, as Jamos Rynn connected with Joe HoKmon on the first offensive play of the game for a 7-0 White lead. Tho Whito team advancod tho lead to 14-0 (on a TD run by Jimmy lisko) boforo the Rad toom finally broke the ice with a 7-yard scamper by Stan Winfrey. Jack Ross directed tho Reds to a second scoro that narrowed the margin to H-13. but the Whites iced the game in tho fourth.Indians’ New Offense Gets Rough Treatment In Grid Season Opener Breaking in a wishbono it not an easy tail, at the Indianj discovered when thoy lott thair opener of tho '72 season, a 27-17 decision against McNeeso Stato at Jonesboro. Freshman safety David Hines filed the home crowd with oxcitement early in the game, racing 39 yards for a touchdown the first time he touched the be as a co?egian. A field goal by Joe Dixen ircroesed the score to IQ-0 beforo the Cowboys could get untracked. However, late in the first half. McNcote started to move and the momentum carried over to the second half for the visitors as they came from behind to win. A-Stato did get a score in the second half on a 5-yard burst by fullback Stan Winfrey, who brought back memories to many Injun fans of Calvin Harre with his driving power and ability to break tacHes. A week later, however, most all of the critics were silenced — at least temporarily — when A-State soundly thumped Eastern New Me»!co. 39-7. Led by Jeff Seckott and Stan Wnfrey. both of whom gained over 100 yards rushing, the Indians set a new record for sing'e game rushing with a total of 519 yards. With Jamos Flynn directing tho rushing attack, the versatile Steve Burks contributed a 50-yard touchdown scamper frem hi$ split end position ond snared a couplo of clutch receptions. "If y®u 4o«'l brinfl b tl my I'm «o a to l«ll my 295Tribe Topples Cajuns; m I Jil I 5=,. s H ?: 41 £ : O ij ill Jit :1 s ; 2 ■£ lel! iti S ■! 5J s296 While tKoir fallow students partied and an-joyed themselves during tho annual fall invasion of Little Rock. the youthful Indians were fed lilie sacrificial lambs to tho nation's top-reoked coTege division football team, Louisiana Tech. The sparse War Memorial Stadium crowd of 13.000 witnessed the ''daughter" as the visitors from Louisiana powered to a 38-17 triumph. The loss eliminated the Tribe from any chance at the Southland Conference crown and reaffirmed the majority belief that the Bulldogs wero indeed the class of the leaguo. ASU's record fel to a disappointing 2-4 as the Indians lost for only the second timo in six years in Little Rcok. lurts loots 0 turn «t Stun Wlnfroy puts.Spirit-Filled Weekend Ends In Loss To No. 1 Fans got tha opportunity to approisa oil thro Tribo quarfarbacb as starting I tignol collar Stovo Burb sustainad o hip injury oorly in th third quortor. Jarros Flynn I and Grog Hill were insarted in tho garra os roplacomonts ond farad no battar in afforH to I paratrato tha staunch Bulldog defense. 8urb' injury wos serious anough to forca him to I miss several ensuing gamat and gave Flynn and Hill a chance to show thair abilities in game situation . 299300 Tribe Splits Two Close Ones; The Loss Came In SLC Play A flag, a whistlo. the man in the striped shirt waiting the wrong way with the bal. and — you guessed it — another loss for the Indians. Just when almost certain victory seemed to await tho Indians, an unsportsmanlike con- duct call slatted tho last minuto drive and the ensuing field goal attempt of 48 yards,proved to be too difficult for pfaceUokcr Joe Duren as the Indians lost to Lamar University. 26-24. The loss dropped ASU's record to 2-6 on the year and 0-4 at home. The hie ruth kept the eppot ion'i querterfeeck under the e»"-301 Meanwhile. down in Louisiana, tho Indians war© galling ready lo play the Indians in thair Homecoming coolest. Oops, iKis • • • • type-writer mossed up again. No wail a mirulo. I had il right the first lime, ard Arkansas Slat© tool advantage of their rod brothers, ©dging past Northeast Louisiana. 14-13. However, the start of the game d:d little to give indication that the Trifc© woo'd ©von be in tho gam© at the end of the 60 minutos. A touchdown strike and two field goals paced tho Northeast Louisiana Indians to a 13-0 halftime lead whilo it oppearcd that tho Arkansas State Indians wer© content to stay in their teepees until the second half. The Northeast Louisiana defense continued to stifle the Indians through almost the entire third quarter before the Tribe finally scored on a fivo-yard run by Richard Thomas. With approximately six minutes remaining in tho game, freshman Greg Hill, substituting for injured quarterback Steve Burks, guided the Indians in for thoir final score and Joe Duren's PAT provided tho margin of victory. It was tho final win of tho year for tho young squad and more disappointingly, non© of the wins came before the homo fans.Trinity Proves More Than ‘Paper Tiger’ Attendance figures dipped almost as low as the temperature at the annual Homecoming game as tho Indians dropped their 7th game of the year, a 32-22 loss to Trinity University. If tho below freezing temperature and continuous drizzlo did little to e»c!to the few fans that did turn out for the game, the griddors wO'O at least tho egual of the elements, managing only 14 points from 5 o«eetlonf scoring opportunities in the gome's first half. It seemed of little significance that the Tribe monagod to put another touchdown on tho board late in tho second half — Trinity was holding onto a sofo 18 point lead at the timo and most of the students who stayed for all of the first half loft folio-wing tho announcement of display winners at halftime.Sf« « O.ntti First Team K n Jcnol d»(. UctW 3 H Dave Mrct ni4i»m dot. c-4 0 on Quifd First TeamtndUx Ti»'«n IcfotWtw fiom lop) .Win CK,«tk R«n CprroN nd Gr« j 306 Unsung Heroes BASKETBALL BASKETBALL BASKETBALL308Scaife Sparks Tribe To Early Success Adversity in itself is not an unconquerable foe. but add more and moro advorsity . . . and you havo the Indians' 1972-73 basletball season. Despite what was termed a '‘good" recruiting effort, the number of Injuns dwindled os sovoral freshmen and junior college athletes were peeling their bags before the season even started. The most crucial blow, however, eamo when returning All-SLC per former Steve Braolts Injured a wrist that would sideline him for the entire season. Nonetheless, foced with a drastic lacl of depth and a squad which had only ooo senior member, the young team battled bacl well in the early season games. As the saying goes, the Tribe was truly "ready to play" in its season opener, topping Tutculum College 109-61 at Indian Field House. The squad had two more games to p'ay before hitting the road for the first time of tho season and the cagers fool full advantage of their home court edge. Wins over Northwestern Ollahoma (77-69) and Houston Baptist (87-82) helped the Indians to ease out to a 3-0 marl after its first three games. No small factor in the Tribe's earfy success was sophomore guard Don Scaife of He'ena. Showing signs of fulfilling his prom'se shown in his fresh-nan campaign. Scaife riddled A-Stete opponents for 95 points In the first three contests. The 30-plus scoring average was good enough to vault tho young eager into the top five scorers during tho Opening wools of the basletball campaign. Tho bubble bu'St at Mercer, however, as ASU dropped both of its contests in tho invitational tournament and finished dead last. The losses were to prove to bo a bad omen for the Indians, as tho Tribe managed only one win for the entire year away from Indian Fleldhouse. and that came on the final game of the year.Cfe»d ieipo e lo the Tribe's ce?e effort »eie ve y .jooJ dinng t e eerfy fleme . but lot the ipirited e )9e e« the foaq lesion »ote on. 311•6 pv "! !(»•« »»!HM " f i® •' " “Bo’s” Traveling Show Sends Tribe To Defeat314Ar.d thing gof WCfUt b«for« they got bolter. Tho young squad rallied from a 14-point deficit in tho closing minutes, only to fol to UT-Arlington. Following sound dofeats at the hands of Centenary Co"«ge and Louisan Tech, the Indians were then faced with their rematch with McN'eeso State. A stiff 1-3-1 defense all but completely shut off the inside attoclc of the Cowboys, led by 6-11 Ed lowrence and 6-10 Geno Bodden. However, the height was the telling factor in the end. as a follow shot by Lawrorce in tho game's final seconds beat A$U. 81-80.316Parrish Leads Gents To Overtime Win Don Sc If goal high to can two of Kt 25 point In tha toil to Cantanary.318 Injun Fans Say “Wait Till Next Year” If you'ro from Brooklyn or Arkansas Stato. you can appreciate tho old saying "waif until ne t year." Dospite a 7-17 record at the season's end. thoro aro lev era I bright ipofi for Indian back-on to look forward to in tho 73-74 cago campaign. Looking first to tho bockcourt. tho Tribo will return two sophomorei. Don Scaifo and J. H. Williams. Scaifo. a first-foam All-SIC porformer in hit first yoar of varsity competition, o-ded the season as tho Tribe's top scorer with a 21.3 ppg average and contributed greatly on do-fenso with his quickness which allowed him to lead the team in steals. Williams moved into the starting lineup toward the end of the year as part of the rebuilding effort by tho Indians and finished tho season with on 11.8 ppg avorogo and led tho team in assists. The entiro front line — Jorry White, Lonnie Webber and Schuler Rowland — will also bo returning for the Indians. After his return at mld-torm. White finished second in scoring with a 16.3 norm and led the team in rebounds with a 10.2 average. Rowland was tho th:rd leading scorer with a 12.5 average while V obber. in addition to finishing second in rebounding, led the squad in field goal and troo throw percentages. And then there is Steve Brooks, who will bo roturning for his fourth year of varsity competition after sittirg out the post year. With this nucleus roturning and a better recruiting season (In staying numbers, anyway). 73-74 could wo bo tho year that tho Tribo works its way back up the conference ladder of respectability.319320 Indian Chiefs John Rtwlh. Golf Cooeh Fool boll Coodts (Into' ng. Wl lo »igh») Ml TompWlon. Ml DtvidlCO, httd co«h. Wilt Mt'-htm »«d St-m» Wm. (Standing) Rj ch DiKU, Clinton Gwt. r.w Kttn rd Irtint Rid Jobnton.It Tomlimon, b if boll ««k lob Smith. toonii o» h 8»il«rb»t Coochoi — (loft to right) lobby Root . Job Row. hood coach. Rickard AJ«t» d«r »’d Doug Boirni Trod Coachoi — (Uft to right) Gvr Kochot. hood coach. Eliy M;P«f and L R. loyotto.322Students “Get Involved” In Intramural Activities 323a ?Hi! it $ § r C ? a. • i ffmtij . Ti o 5 8 g I' I I ?- ? I- o 3 Hf-s f $ ■s s sJr 3 l-r5-L?| | 5.' , s a 5 §■ | ? ii r w g. r ? 4 » o a mtot 0. I " I —i 0- 0 n 0 2? 2 1 c 0 £-05 _ CL. £? - 0 —5 CQ c 0Fiom «ll ndi of f«»lh A$U %tudtrit. Tkey our r q«t 4 on dwi »{A k.'qt bfl«|k ffCOi. otrro wMk tko q—• n u cf r©utk Tk«y U v w k w ry f««» or!- o.»loolt. voborrd «rHk tko rivponwblitiot of »«UfSty, RoqitlnfloB Mivofv«t Km, ft«r K«o. oftoc Kno. . . . "Ok. ko, f»ot orvofkor cord! ftn'f lk f oftytkinq you dorr' Uo« iboul mo? Hovo I not 4?r« dy loW VO my 'ormo»« »0 r««l? Yet I m o-'y « rrvsNfud of nu«bon to you. 327328 Carl R. Reng Center: Students Gather For Coffee, Games «• 'T' I® 7 °' «0 Civ cUm? lk„ _Ka do. 0, „k.. d . .. to 90 o • Rmo C.M.. and day a » football «; bvddi« o, ..vom alt .1 kaooao. to fc r« 14m« WotUm Cr «tfruc+e 41 y«v. Ronq Confer — ASU's equivalent fo a Student Center — appeal to a wide variety of people for many different reaion . Th0 group [above, right) seem to be having a serious conversation about the coffee that only the Wigwam can prepare. Some guy , and even a few girls, enjoy the machine in tho Reng Center game room (above, left) located rear the bowling alley and the pool table on the first floor. One pool tharfc (right) practical hi, own brond of fishing for a ball. wMo gids tand outside the glass wall and watch.(Abovo. Uft) Wb . rto? WK, I (WAi't h»vo tnooled WH Kom boolt. I wot ii»f landing boro. I didn't ovoo oucb lom — at. ol loot . I don- tblnl I Oo l«d bom.“ (to!o». Mt) ’Ob. 11 rigb . I ll pit! ■ m op bu I didn't dfOP ‘am." Stmdtnt (obovo) 0 cotbiot: "Cwld rev gif wop i pinto. Pop mow bo-jgb « tofcd goW Biology bool b W330 4 Run For Senate President Ifc. IP'"5 IH) stg n Governmen elect' die [w peeifdeMial M»kHh -ho a’e pictured above at Sigma Delta CK pouwad debate held i the Rang Center ballroom. d'detei and their pottle art (from left to right): Leon Holme of Haien. representing "The” Party; (veto Jed of Jonesboro. a Women's lib prery-hopeful of tie Pe-.'nine Emergency Mobilisation Troops (Fern Troops): Joh-ny Neeley of Raggett, an independeel; and Robert Saha of Blythevilte »h© ran or the Uaiaed Student AILmpr (1 IpIIndependents Organize Of the tour organized political groups which ran for Student Government portion , throo woro formed by independent students, consisting of "The" Party. Fom Troops and an independent group headed by prosidentlel-hopefu! Johnny Neeley of Plggott. Several unusuol three dimensional campaign objects woro used by the groups. Leon Holmes (loft) of Heron adjusts a box representing "student voice." His party urged that the "vo'co" could be unlocked by electing certain candidates. Another object (locotcd lower right] was lottored ' Fern Is In.-- 331332 Campus Politickin’ Starts With Rallies, Speeches Wall, the mud slinging started early this year — since tho spring semester ended in early May. a constitutional amendment was passed which upped the annual political mud slinging, via the Student Government Association election, to April. It was an interesting election — with various facets of the ASU community represented . . . The Women Libbers had Fern Troops: the independents were represented by Johnny Neeley and Chris Rolle. both of whom did not choose to run under a party banner: the Greeks had Robert 8ahn; and those who liked to party had "The" Party. Jobrny Nerlry (®bov® eight) men to be liric-g up lb® hurt ia th® presidential r«c®: "Theyr'r® iust sooooo big!'' Cvalo® Jacks. th® Wo« 'i libbc- candid®!® (or ft® top Job in tb® Stud®n! 6o»®m-mrnt Association, claps in favor of a burner®.s audi»«c® at b«r political ratty aimed at poking soma “point®d" humor towards cortaln proiodicial ASU community reactions to women.Ii If iJiii i w o ? r Si "Z11' ? | e Jy ! 112 § bills'til ■UiI iTa | 2 2 §•£ ' ? I? i . 1st “J-i-3 jlslljlJi s ji-sH ?:°s... With Vance’s ValiantsMirror, Mirror On The Wall, Brandy’s The Fairest Of All 336 About 1.0W iU«h ’o»d»d into t»dU« FfeM Ht,u Ot . I) to K« Mm D» i« txj GUu — too to» «■ »••• « b t to b» l Tb» «ud c« irr-rd to «•« with • to shy »"-toi d « to ot Med l oo.'«W The school year started off with a bang — three great performers oppearirvg almost back to bach. Johnny Hartford (author of several songs that Glen Campbet made famous, like "Going Down That Long Lonesome Highway") kicked off the fa concert schedule with his show of blue grass and grass roots musk. He performed right affe' an Indian football game Sept. 9 — after the game students really needed something to lift their spirits — wel. at least a few did. Then in October. Looking Glass, a four piece rock group followed Mae Davis, song writer, to Jon bur for a double concert. The group's famous song "Brandy" didn't come off to well — neither d" d their entire performance — but that was doe to some faulty technical equipment. Mac Davis really stole the show. Afterwards, he remarked that the ASU crowd response was "one of the top three best receptions that I've ever received ... I love ya! God knows it: I love ya!" One student in the audience summed up everyone ehe's feelings when he said: "We lovo ya. too!"Davis, Hartford Entertain Students At Fall Concerts338 Tribe Enjoys ‘WetWild LR Weekend With: Fans, Friends Rain, Football Booze, Parties Fans and friends of tho Arkansas State University Indians travo'ed 132 milot to tho Rock city Oct. 14 to moot tho Louisiana Toch Bulldogs in a Southland Confo'onco clash. Fratornitios placed signs intormittontfy along tho LR route on tfafe Highway 39 advising motorists that tho "Indians are comingF' A light driulo earlier in tho day cooled tho air but did not dampen the ■spirit ’ pretent at the game. Going into tho contest, Louisiana Ted wa nationaty rated number one in the college divition. and tho Indians triod umucce$ifully to uptet that ranting — A football victory was too much. but what a »eelend! Booio and parties abounded in litHo Rock, a wet city, that wat oven 'wetter' whon the Indiant came to town. Lambda Chi’ , Piket and the Sigma Pi's scheduled dance and partiet after tho game. The ATO't and KA't alto did their tharo of "keeping tpiritt" high. Pep ralliet and a band performance created an editing game.The Weather Was Nippy-Just Right For Cuddling! Lambda Chi's and their dates (above) found the chilly weather just right for coding, while band member (below) found that everything, even a Little Rocl weekend, "goes better with — is that Cole?" One veiling ASU student (right) humorously viewed the other fans (or was it the game?) below him. With bools and tests laid aside for the weelerd. everyone seemed to be smiling, that is, everyone except maybe the football team who Just couldn’t seem to get it all together. The merchants, storeowners and the Little Rocl townsmen made earlier preparations — they replaced a FEW Big Red signs with Jumpin’ Joe ones — who's 8ig Red ony-way???Won ol the IftHo Rock Pep Rally was cKor d iViS year from tbe downtown area lo the north end o( Wur Memorial Stadium - fight before game lima. Cheerleaders end majorettes pelt) transmitted Ut bubblin’ onthosiasm to the crowd during the pre-game warm-up. No reason tor the change of location was given, but a guess would be that A$U fens got tired ot having local townsmen sell them Kg Red halt, pennant! end stulfed pgs, beforo. during and alter the pep rallies of past years. It had eko been frustrating to see only a few Injun Joe signs placed in storo windows — and then neit to tho "other" university’s posters! A fow stores wised up this year. They tool down the 'phony" red stuff and put up the real thing -Injun red that is! VvftVtm- Nftj Wdd d'." Vufo’emto WV " arid "fc'c meto 'iVo ytw «ddia w e"VO‘C-K- So VAo. Ubf Vo ttap oVjrtSock It To ’Em, Go State Ai»ro- .«f on tk Wor S»«d;.-n foo‘b» ' fWM t!Mlo Ro l ao r»»l trrovt — from th» Arimiii $ •(• Uftivortifr ItfiMt »ni »ko hoorfo«4an (loft) »I.U. Sr.dtn'i ( bavo) » «mod i or-t»'»» obeot tbo fioW od or tk» o»”«. 341342 Indian Village: A Fast-Growing Married Community Go down Aggie Road past Arkansas Hall: turn left, and aft«r a short dlstanca. you will be in a miniaturo suburban community with row of white trailars. Tha modestly.pdced ronf and tha naarnass to dastos makes Indian Vrlage a haven for many young married students. Tha local washataria (right) always is crowded — soma afternoons it is impossible to find a washer — but while one waits time can always be spent reading the bulletin board ard laughing over an ingenuous student's way to earn e«tre money.3433« Politicians Visit Jonbur, Sweet Talk Students Govounor Oolo lumport woi ; » ofto of vo.orol politician wbo Jonbur prior to tho November oleotion. tbotinq bend I. lit ' ” ui' VnJ .« ipovtorod by tbe Important youtb vote.- Candidate! (or oil lb. major itele offlm, Of tbeSl representative!. attended « political roily »b«h »0» bold el dion a f f(( j,oll»ti Womon Voton. ASO lludeeti turned e.t fo» tbe e e«t loo — many »ero lull t.flovi byitendert. tooio were tonfuied voleri ' “'(• ' l ' T . !w,;, ho'«e were interested. eaihealeitlc first-time participants in n political cempe'-an -ko bod doootod their limn, money end eftort lo help bo lormod "that ol Ue«se ol ond o (r Campaign 72 Brings Student Involvement The condidetes pictured, (above) It. Gov. Bob Riley. Pulaski County Clerk Jerry Climer and (below) Ken Coon, also came to the Northeast Arkansas area to woo voter Students we e encouraged to register to vote in thc'r home counties, v in Craighead County, if they qualified. When election day rolled around. II million youth, between the ages of 18 and 21 were eligible to vote for the first time in a Presidential election due to the passage of the 26th amerdmenf. And they d‘d vote — by absentee ballot, if registered at their home counties, and on the bach of firo trucks. on the top of bo«es. or. in a few cases, by voting machine in the Jonbur area. After tho votes were counted, many politicians who underestimated the youth vote got a rude awakening — two ASU students were elected to office.346 Students, Faculty Run For Office Woll. if Joeosboro residents over try to forgot thot this rt a 'college town', thero now will bo a fow people in office to remind them that the University Community has special needs that must be met. A$U coed. Morcio Agee now controls the city's purse strings OS Jrnosboro troasuror: another student. Jerry Goforth, will sit on tho city council: and (pictured, above right) Don Min , chairman of the Division of Music, and Ralph Stricllin. Rorg Center engineer, won alderman's positions. Albert Mint, associate professor of engineering, ran but lost his political bid for a councilman s slot."That young kid? You moon you are ailin' mo to vote for Mm?" That wot probably »• immediate react!© that the (abore) youth receded when tboy convened Joreiboro in i.pport ©t Jerry Goforth — but oftoi a poiiod of thought, many voteo — old and young alike — mult have changed their mirdi to: "Well, he might not make a bad city councilman at that! beca.te Goforth -on hii race. Politickin’ Fever Invades Campus, Voting Is Diagnosed As ‘Cure’ 347‘A Real Thriller’ Described by director Terry Hue taboo, assistant professor of drama, as a "thnllor that wil sKoct you out of your saat." the mystary play "Wait Until Dart" provad to do just that! Special lighting effects also war a usad to givo a heightened feaT-ng of oariooss to tha Ocfobar spaach and drama production. Living in a New Yort Greenwich Village basement apartment, tho main characters of the ploy, a young photographer and his Wind wife became unwilfing accomplices to a crime, DouWe-cast in the lead role of the Wind wife were Abby Brown of St. Louis and Rebecca Boyles of Augusta. Others In the play included: Barbara Mangrum of West Memphis. Ron Quinn of Rina Bluff. Terry Goodman of Port Dodge. Iowa, and Mite MeHott of West Memphis. 348 ‘Wait Until Dark’ 'N ». »k r 4.4 | th«» o k» p.‘« ptnf oM b« tk »k » Abby frown of St. Ml ik'. o II ill r«»lt on (k floor ■ tti» k fro IK ploy "W«;t Until D d.” (Abor . Mm frown it onfront d by "bod guy” T rry Goodm of Fort Dodo , to . Wh n tl d to d -Kiibo lilt rot . Good hi" •♦pud. "0 . I ploy d« k vy: d . y l»ow wkit I ■• ». wit guy? "I don't wanna pfay wif yog anymore -— so I'm gonna tala my toys homo." says Barbara Mongrum of West Memphis (or did she?). Ron Quinn of Pine 8luff and Abby Brown of St. Louis (above, right) talk about their strange involvoment with gangsters — (below, right) Terry Goodman of Fort Dodge. Iowa, is pictured asking Mike Mallott of West Memphis if he would like his tio altered . .. Howja Like A Tie-Cut?Sweat 'n Nails Create Displays Unlilco post Homocomings, the biting weather forced groups who built displays to work "behind the scones" this year in warehouses and friends’ garages instead of on the lawn in front of tho Rang Center and Wilson Hall. When completed, students then assembled the parts outdoors (like ATO Chris O'Mary of Fordyce). The TKE’s (top. left) won tho mechan:cel division again — was anyone really surprised? — while ZTA took first place in stationary with lights.QdO) DC I— O C s ro « ) - 0 3 351352 Is that a peace sign or a victory sign that Indian Chief Loony John of Weldon is flashing to the crowd? Huddled under a sea of umbrellas, it was hard to toll if any students woro responding to the Chief's mossago. Johns' rido around the trod, in celebration of on Arkansas State University TD, was a rare sight in tho 1972 football season — but Homecoming fons saw it a few times during tho Tribes' 32-22 loss to Trinity University in a cold, wet conference clash. The rain wasn't the only thing that was "shared" during the game — a few bottles also were passed around. Usually playing beforo packed stands bulging with 8.000. the 1972 Homecoming crowd dwindled to about 100 as tho freezing temperatures forced fens to abandon their seats. On of th b H f 1 tti Ho« co .no crowd w„ CMof KU»Wl t... « o « M. "If h «p told d.y for '.m mottier !"Queen Tonya Reigns Through An Umbrella 353354 Follow Niffy Griffy Dirt Ijnd CofKiri. Klt ASU ogpU ’V iHfW W il ♦fc SGA wak d rx . Homecoming Concert Features ‘Grease,’ Blues After waiting and waiting, the Dirt Band Concert finally started. It seems that the truck carrying the group's equipment got lost between Jonbur and Momphis. But playing with borrowed equipment, the five-member band finally got it all together and started the show. And what a show it was — everything from grease, to rock, to blues, to comody — and back again. Of course, the song that everyone was waiting on was ' Mr. Bo Jangles' . After a brief break, the group came back in 1 50's costumes, complete with grease and an Elvis look-alike, for a bit of nostalgia.UHing i» 1 K rtq oul — « «t kill pirl cl il — Miq • lhafiw moir nl il Ike SSA 4in « M-lowing IK coecort.Baby, It’s Cold! Mounds of snow and ico created problems for Students returning to ASU after semester break — in fact, many students had difficulty in trudging back to campus over the icy roads. But once "home" students put the harsh weather to good use. Snow ball fights, walks (or stumbles) through campus, slcding down hills ond a new sport — snow discing — became the most popular modes of entertainment. Another favorite activity was sliding — in cars! — in the icy parking lots behind the men's and women's dormitories.Forecast: Snow, Ice Frostbite Expected 'Oklk! Tlut'i tk» lait Km tkat I will ai'« l» a mow facial! I'll till kfm — I Jm'I cat If k l my togll»k cofaHOalll Tk coad (abo.a). »t on of ma» itodanti -ho Ml Ik waamtk tod tacuilN of lh !r dormltoelot to venture ©vf into tko cold for « few wow boll f-jkir d.r'tq « winter mow tlorm wklck o'tetrd i .d nti on tkotr return to cam pul after tk Ckflitmji baeaV. 357358 A Little Soul, Much Nostalgia B'uos. nostalgic and itudent right ware omo of the topic discussed at »pring concerts. Tha Mitchell-Ruff Duo (abov . loft) itarrod in an "Afro-Amarican Muiical Heritaga" program, proiantod in March, which traced the dovelopmont of Afro-American music today: while a bit of twonfioth century nostalgia wa brought forth by a ragtime pianist. Ma Morath (above, right), who utilixed }oles. torie$. tong and slides in hi "Turn of tha Century" performance. Or. John Hammonds, a pretidential aide, (left) gave information to student on their legal right .360 And Along Comes ... The Association! Tho only disappointment thot the crowd of students at The Association Con cart suffered was that th« group, doe to previous commitments, would not play several encores. Before their toosoon departure, the audience did hear some of the groups most popular songs: 'Windy." "Cherish." "Along Carnes Mary," "Never My Love.” "Timo for Living," "Si Man Band" and "Goodbye Columbus." After a long delay in starting the concert, the restless audience finally settled down — and began clapping and singing along with the music. Some laughter also was heard over the antics of the group during breaks between songs. Members of The Association have changed since the group was formed in 1965. Several "new" faces were seen at the Oct. 27 concert. Current members of the bond are: Jules Alexander. Terry Kirkman. Brian Cole. Ted Bluchei. Richard Thompson. Jim Yester and Lorry Ramos. The Association has produced nine top chart albums, according to BTfeoard magarine. seven gold records, and several Grammy Award nominations. About 60 of the 74 songs ihot they have recorded are original. "Along Comes .... the Association" — and the Arkansas State University student body was sorry that they went._________________________________________________"Or of the bolt eercertt ol the year" wet « reaction o The Atioci- alien Concert Oct. 27. A full bo.te hoard the 7-s-omber «tOi pUy all their old favorite . in addition to w of their new cutv J.nmy Buffett (pictured abo-e). a lolo-writer-artiit. ap peered with t‘o famoul otoup. A O-eduelo of Southere Mittitvppi. bo tana teveral telectioni from hit album "Down to Earth Hit harmomca-playlva t'det«l alto entertained the crowd with tome dow to earth hum-iot).362 Students Have The Time of Their Life’ In Play This year, Wilson Hall Auditorium was transformed into a 1930 watorfront saloon located in San Francisco — boo:o in Wilson — does Dean James know? All the fuss was caused by a special speech and drama production, a 3-act comedy written by Wiftam Saroyan and directed by Kenneth Parks. drama instructor. The play, entitlod "The Time of Your Lifo." presented a loosely-connected series of stories in which a group of people ranging from a pin ball machine addle! to a love-sick clerk to an anciont cowboy to a rich, young man desperately search for and reatizo their dream . It was really good — os ore all ASU theatrical productions (no one paid us to say that). Tho play has won two awards — the Pulitzer Prize for droma in 1939 end the Drama Circle Critics Award. Cast members included: Linda London of Stuttgart. Florence Smith of Althelmer. Rosanne Brown of Camden. Roxiann Wood of Littlo Rock. Goorge Roberts of Colt. Daniel Wiseman of Searcy. Sam Vaught of Hickory Ridgo. Abby Brown of St. Louis. Gary Burg of PorogooW. Bob and Sally Dale of Jonesboro and Rebecca 8oyles of Augusta..iM t$t r r— o c P — » ||3 f ? 3 S' | 5 » a 3 a y IfHf t|f ?!ifr l-r!? y c . ? 3 Whadda Ya Mean Where’s My ID? I 364 Coeds Decorate Dorm As Dean Plays Santa.3 Best Present—’Vacation! Yu'etime moant many things to many members of tho Arkansas State Univanity community _ t0 Robert Moore. dean of students (abova. laft) it bacarra a rad suit and the awe-struck feces of children who gathered at Caraway Hall foe the onnual children's Christmas party sponsored by tha Greeks: to two University Hall residents (abova. right) it was a Christmas trea dacoratlon party: to German dub students (balow. laft) it maant not having to stand outside in tha freezing rain to participate in tha onnual Greek songfest: and to many coeds it materialized into the long-awaitedfor two-weak vacat'ion as semester break approached. For soma students. Christmas 72 was tha first holiday period that they had aver spent away from homo — their problems centered around trying to find places in Jonbur to shop. For other sfudants. tho season brought a round of parties which of course meant another round of presents, preferably in tho form of a Jack Daniels bottle. To some (but alas, only a fow) Instructor!, tha holidays brought a sense of never-before-seen-or-thought of compassion — and that is how some of us passed our finals! 5366 The onty long lino that students faced during spring registration for classes wcro the fee lines in the administration building (above, left). About 5.000 students preregistered for classes (below, left), causing the marled decrease in line length. Fees also could have been paid in advance — before Christmas breal — but most students waited until after breal to hand over the cash. Where’sThat Line? ASU Gropes Thru Registration368 Gourmets Get Bar Among the many improvements made on campus lhis year wero tomo noticoablo changes in the Chickasaw Cafeteria, that "haven for hungry gourmets.” Are you kidding, a candlelight supper? Yeah, they finally turned tho light out on u whilo wo ate. Ouring ooo e perimentel meal, candles and paper placemats were put on the tables. Even through the dim candlelight student realized that thoy woro eating sleek — at last! ! ! In the spring, a salad bar (non-alcoholic, of course) was installed. Students had all they could eat — of cottage cheese, lettuce, carrots. pieUas. beet , etc., otc.. etc.Students Create Fairy Tale As ‘Alice’ Comes to ASU Drama students chose "Alice in Wondorland" to bo tbo first major all-student production — ard it was a wise choico. indeed. The play, produced independently of any college or division, had a student director. Phil Smith of Jonesboro, who took charge of a 38.membor cast. However, several drama instructors supervised the production. Students. Terry Goodman of Port Dodge. Iowa, and Jim Craig of Jonesboro, wrote the music and arranged the dances for the show. 369‘Pedal Power’ Comes to ASU Bikes Increased gasoline prices and tho fast-rising numbar of cars on an alraady-crowdad Caraway Road caused many ASU students to abandon tbair autos and fate up a more ancient mode of trans. portation — bicycles. Ore group of bite enthusiasts formed a Jonesboro Wheelmen's Club so that they might share their riding experiences. (Above, left) The Wheelmen (or women?) part their cars end pict up their two-wheeled vehicles for o short Saturday afternoon trip. Afte the ride fbelow. right) the cyclists enjoy a little wi«e and cheese — the perfect ending for e perfect day.Students Use Trees For ‘Parking Lots’ One A$U student it profiting from the r ow bile crazo because ho has opened a Jonosboro Bile Shop, specializing in fancy English racers (abovo. loft). So mo tludenti found crowded Caraway Road (above) too much of a Kassel to confront and rode thoir bilos to classes. A smol tree (loft) became the porfcct bile reel for one student. Phil Bridgor. director of Housing, tenting the impact of the fad. hod tovoral bile reels installed inside the dormitoriet for residents’ use. 371Cheech ’N Chong: Did You Hear the One About... ? 372 (Above, right) Cheech and Chong presented a sketch. entitled "Right on Washington." which centered around a confrontation between a hippie and an old man in Pklgeon Park. The comedians (above, left) did an Impersonation (or is that animalliatlon) of two dogs, content calmly to discuss the day's events until Flfi. that Raguel Wolch of the dog-world, passed by. The California humorists delighted the crowd with their Imitations of about8. 8. King gralpi a "8od" with on a Ka»d and wtc ai to (Hot tV« Ka«d of an admring ASU fan xift tbo ©lk» . A -ambai of |f« audi»a o Kandad tko bfuot gu'tanit a taar xki k fa gtataf.lty. poikapt, fi«'.tHod off and ratirnad to fl« Happy oxnot — ona of tla fax ttmoi. a ttJdaat »a glad to gat a axpty ba can rotwnod to H»l 373 B. B. King Brings Soul to A-State Climoiing a variety of events hold in celebration of B’ack History Week. B. B. King, on of the greatest bWios-guitarists. rocked Indian Fieldhouso with two hour of hard, fast playing and singing. Ha tool; a short break to grab a “Bud", change hit suit and allow the Black Students Association to raffle off a stereo. Before he came to ASU. a few student knew the definition of rock — after he left — everyone knew it and felt it.And the Spring Sun Came 374 Rain, Rain Go Away—bpring hever Hits; Kites, Break Arrives Through February and March, rein flooded (ho ASU campus. Umbrefa doH appeared everywhere. Really, student cast (heir rainsooled coats and umbrellas aside as warm spring weather arrived. Couples, tile the one pictured above, searched and found their place in the sun — in this case, a h libido near tho Laboratory Science Building. Kite fever hit the campus, noticeably affecting one group of Piles (below) who chose the band practice field as the site for their lite launches. The warm weather enticed students away from their bools. More congregations were seen — especially around the "in" place for students — the campus post office (right). Some coeds (above, right) were more concerned about letters from home (and porhaps an emergency loan of $5 from Mom and Dad) than a change in seasons. Breal came and students paded their suitcases again but this time it was for a trip to Florida or the sli lodgo at Marble Falls, instead of a visit home.f 3i CD JE O) L— • — o 51 Si m D -+—» - c O Q_ CD I ) o s JJ i s,- sjff SJHl!, Si3JjJPOW Week Set In order to generate interost in the POW issue. ASU students formed o compus concorn group, heeded by Frank Relnos of Do-wilt. Tho students sot up a litcra-turo display booth at the Craighead County Fair, a road block to colloct money to finance a trip to Washington to discuss the issue with national leaders and the distribution of POW bumper stickers and bracelets stamped with the name of a prisoner and designed to be worn by concerned cifirens until the prisoner Is returned home. (Below, left) Dean Moore receives a flan from Teague’s parents -378 About 877 studanh in May and 396 studants in August, waltad out of ASU — with thair diplomas in hand. tKat IS. Govornor Dalo Bumpars and Dr. Andraw Holt, praiidant amaritus of tha Univanity of Tannassaa. raspac-tivaly. jpofo to tha two graduating classas. To tha administration, graduation maant a ranowal of a continuing pno-cass. To tha graduatas, it maant thair last long Kna. that wallaarnad diploma — and a calabratton at Roy’ !A Final Prayer— Wi fc Kaa bo,.d. Ik.» ASU apadualai «|», parkapi. offvrinq a r.nal p'ajor — a Tmal bop — l« Ika fubu bafcn UarCaq ♦War AUu Mala . No More Lines— Diploma At Last! 379IHP Dedications are seldom in the INDIAN, but this years annual is dedicated to two persons who are, in their own ways, integral parts of the University system: ROY and TEX FINDLEY, friends of the school and the ASU students. 381INDIAN Staff-1973 A cheery, final departure from Room 209 and a helluva lot of work At any one given momont during the year, the yearbook staff was never this largo, unfortunately. But amassod in the Rcng Center elevator aro all those people who helped in some manner or another got this edition of the Indian together. From loft to right, bottom to fop. they are: Don Jones, editor; Tom Moore, head photographer: Lavah Fagan, System editor: Mile Downing, photographer: Craig Kemp, photographer: Millio Caldwoi. Individuals staff: M. J. Peoria. Survival editor: Lari Hunt, Jocks staff: Larry Odell, assistant editor: Kenny Andrus, photographer; John Walace. Jocks editor: Don Rogers, photographer; Beh Simmons. photographer: Randy lulen. photographer; and Tom Manning, advisor.384 Iff a ftrang sort of fooling you Wo when you sit down to typo the final page of a yearbook. Twlca during the sovon years tkat I have worked on yearbooks I have had th supposed honor of being the Editor, and twlco during those seven years I've had the task of putting together this final page. Tha first time, four years ago. the feeling was nv'rtur of e.dtement (of finishing the bool) and regret (that It was all over). This time It was. or Is. a deep feeling of relief. The S.O.B. Is finally over. Yearbooks, and yearbook work, are perceived and valued differently by each faction of the university. The administration sees the Indian as a recruiting device. And they still hold to the old hgh school belief that any red-blooded student should |ust be watering at the mouth to get a chance to be on the yearbook staff. Bullshit! It's a time-consuming pain In the ass to help put one of those things together. The students are at the same time very concerned about the year-book and very apathetic towards it. They'll raise holy hell If It doesn't suit them when it comes out. Everybody is a Monday morn:ng quarterback. But do any of these people offer to help? Not very ofton. Most of this year's staff. e»cludIno the photographers, were actually coerced, or at least begged, to work on the book. There was Just nobody who wanted the i©b. The staff Is open to almost anyone and everyone. The only prerequisites are: hove enough artistic ability to draw a straight fine with a ruler: be able to show up at Tuesday night staff meetings: ond possess some degree of responsibility, dedication end dependability. But so much for going off on an editorial tangent. In getting back to tho staff, all I can say Is that I am surprised tho final product looks as good os it does considering the problems w encountered. The biggest pat on the back I can give must go to Tom Moore, a four-year staff veteran who was in charge of the photography staff. Starting off the year with one bunch of photographers, and then for various reasons which I won't go Into, having to break In an ontlrely new staff at tho beginning of the second semester Is faring to say the least. But Tom pulled through some how. I valued his opinion ond enjoyed our planning sessions at Roy's. I've also got to hand it to the second semester photo staff. I'm sure if they had known what they were getting into, then they wouldn't hovo ever darkened the yearbook room's door. They did a fine job under eitreme pressure. Tom Manning deserves a big gold star too. primarily for putting up with some of my hair-brained ideas. What always amazed me was the way Tom would be gung ho for some scheme or onother while we were tailing out at the Moose and then suddenly become somewhat apprehensive the ne.t morning. His famous lines: ' Hey Don. I've been thinking and I fh'nk we'd better talk about this a Httle more.” and "Now. Don remember. You're leaving In May but I'd still like to be working here ne.t year." But one thing about It. Tom cfidn't have to do the Sports section by himself this year. Through his capacity as advisor ("I advise you to get your work done or you may not live to see graduation.") he "convinced' the Jocks staff to meet their deadlines. Tom certainly had a way with words . . . and threats. Seriously though. John Wallace and lari Hunt did a good job with athletics. I don't think they saw each other very often (they might not even have been on speaking terms) but they produced. And that was what was Important. M. J. (Millie) Pearle was her usual Intolerable, obnoxious self. But I will admit that she put the Survival section In good order. It felt great to bo In a position to boss her around. I must confess. But I wou'dn't have been so antagonistic if she had brought m some of her fine, fried chicken. Larry Odell was my assistant editor, or at least so I am told. Actually I think he was a spy planted In the staff by my many enemies to do mo in. By falling to send out those letters and bringing about the Great Greek Showdown. I had to wonder which s'de Larry was on. But he did good by meeting his deadlines. To the rest of the staff, people Me Leveh Fagan. Millie Caldwel. and Trlcia Fagan. I say thanks. The efforts on everybody's part got this book put together. Thanks again. In looking at the book as a whole, I must admit that I'm disappointed. At the same time. I am confident that the book Is the best Indian yet. True, we succeeded In somo of our attempts to bring about yearbook change at Arkansas State University. But many of our Ideas, good Ideas, just fizzled out. The book Is different in many aspects; th basic format: emphasis on the little" people: and a certain Irrevorancy. But there Is still room for change and Improvement. I hope that next year's editor and next year's staff of the Indian can achieve a greater success than I think we achieved. Unlik last year, a good time was not had by ell. Sincerely. Don W. Jones. EditorIn bifid - In bifid - 73 In bifid - 73 In bifid - 73

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