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The Indian, 1972 Arkansas State University Volume 49 Contents The Year University- Personalities Publications Greeks Organizations Sports Classes 16 62 120 146 156 198 210 280 Marian Miller Don Jones Larry O ' Dell Sheila Boxley Larry Reeves Debbie McGough Tom Moore Brent Griggs Bill M. Sadler Ralph Joseph Randy Davis Tom Manning Editor Assistant Editor Campus Life Editor Class Editor Sports Editor University Editor Head Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographer Advisor 2 The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our fowers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; William Wordsworth 5 6 This close-companioned inarticulate hour When twofold silence was the song of love. Dante Gabriel Rossetti Some of us learn our lessons poorly, Some of us learn them well. Some of us find an earthly heaven Some of us live in hell. Rod McKuen Come forth into the light of things; Let Nature he your teacher. William Wordsworth Out, out brief candle! Life ' s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. William Shakespeare He seldom spoke; but what he said was clear And full of sense, so that you wished to hear; Of high ideals and virtue was his speech And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach. Geoffrey Chaucer MKHHHMB JONESBORO 4n BUSINESS DIST 10 11 Incoming freshmen are always awed by the length of the line. Little do they know that the worst is yet to come. Record Enrollment Despite Hassle Once again, students from across the nation (mostly Arkansas and Missouri) swarmed the ASU campus in late August. Returning students dreaded registration. The poor, unsuspecting freshmen didn ' t know it would be any differ- ent than signing up in high school. As usual, the line stretched from the cafeteria to the far end of the Danner Hall parking lot. More long lines, closed classes, computer cards and a photographer waited for the students inside. After hours of rib-jamming, scheduling, writing, shin- kicking and rescheduling, students left their card packs with the man at the door. And a good time (?) was had by all. By this stage of registration, nobody feels like smiling. 18 19 Josh, Nick Visit Campus Students had the opportunity last fall to hear several lectures, though few actually did. Two of the prominent speakers to visit ASU were Josh McDowell and Dr. Nicho- las Goncharoff. McDowell, sponsored by the Campus Crusade for Christ, presented a series of lectures. The young evangelist, who ended his stay with a program concerning premarital sex, proved to be very popular. A native of Kiev, Russia, Dr. Goncharoff gave two lectures on successive days. The political scientist spoke to interested students about the youth of Russia. " Yes, Russia is a nice place to visit; but I wouldn ' t want to live there. " Josh McDowell seems to be saying (below) " Who, me? " and (above) " Yes, you! " 21 Student Body Loves 4 Dirt ' Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 1971— What better way to spend an autumn evening! Many students did not know what to expect when the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band rolled into town for the first big concert of the new school year. Most of those who had doubts about the quality of entertainment they were getting were pleasantly surprised. The Dirt Band did not have a long list of hits, unlike Johnny Rivers, the Brooklyn Bridge and some of the other talent that has appeared at ASU. But they had one thing going for them— showmanship. The student body jammed into Indian Field House prepared for anything. They got a little of everything. The guys on stage went wild with their comedy antics and mixed it with plenty of good, down-to-earth " dirty " music. Most of the students loved it. Many students, who had heard very little Dirt Band music before, left the gym that night proclaiming the concert as one of the best ever at ASU. Perhaps one student summed it up best when, while leaving the concert, said, " I never knew you could get high on dirt until tonight. " This music man discovered that a beard makes a perfect " tiddler ' s chin cushion. " 22 23 Pep Rallies Relocated Manv of these students are wondering why they are yell- ing " go, fight, win " when there is not even a game in progress. " OK, if any of you girls recognize any of these men, call his number and I ' ll have him step forward. " ASU — Work, Play, Education Halftime entertainment at the basketball games vary. Here, the Reng Rifles perform. 29 Rain Fails To Dampen LR Spirits Something always happens to hurt the attendance at the annual Little Rock football game. Last Oct. 23, it was rain, rain and more rain. Throngs of Indian hackers from Northeast Arkansas followed their team to the capital city, and some even came to the game. Spirits ran high at the stadium, but those " loyal " fans who stayed in their motel rooms, refusing to brave the chilly downpour, also had their share of " spirits. " The crowd, including a group of weary Sig Eps that ran from Jonesboro to Little Rock with the game ball, began to storm the city Saturday morning. The weatherman bless- ed everyone with sunny skies for the afternoon pep rally, which was held downtown at Worthen Plaza. Soon the sun disappeared behind some wicked-looking black clouds-perhaps an omen of things to come for the Abilene Christian Wildcats. By kickoff, the city was drench- ed, and the rain was still pouring. The miserable weather, coupled with the fact that Little Rock always was a " Razorback town, " resulted in a somewhat miserable turnout. The stay-at-homes did not realize that they would miss ASU ' s best game of the year. Huddled under umbrellas, space blankets and other water-resistant materials, the fans watched as James Hamil- ton lofted four long scoring bombs to pace the Tribe to a whopping win over ACC. With the game finally over, A-State students returned to their hotel rooms to celebrate the big win. 31 iseum — Growing And Changing In an effort to keep up with the steady progress being made by the University, the ASU Museum, now complet- ing 36 years of service to the student body, staff and public, continues to add new display cases and exhibits each year. Housed in the Dean B. Ellis Library, the Museum has become a student-evolved and student-involved activity. Through a part-time labor budget allowance and college work-study, the Museum seeks to engage the best efforts of talented students for maintenance of the facility. Attendance for 1971 reached 14,190, and listings have surpassed 15,000 catalogued items. Perhaps the greatest and most needed service of the future will be museum courses for academic credit. With these will eventually come expansion in space and increased productivity. A popular display is the log cabin homestead (left) which contains most of the items used by early housewives. The display below shows some items used by the men folk. MUSEUM STAFF - (first row, left to right) Jackie White, Thel- ma Kisling, Betty Wittlake, Mary Jane Reese and Lillis Redd. (Sec- ond row) C. F. Hyman, Arnold Chastain, Hubert W. Crain, Eu- gene L. Wittlake, Dr. E. B. Witt- lake and Glenda Gann. Homecoming — An Exciting Week Homecoming gave many students an opportunity to discover that work can be fun. Just when it appeared that many of the organizations on campus would abandon the tradition of building Homecoming displays, University of- ficials announced that they would subsidize the displays. So, just like in the past, students drew up plans, pur- chased materials, donned their " grubbies " and began to build displays. Students found true joy in staying up all night, freezing to death, eating stale doughnuts, stuffing tissue in chicken wire and missing class the next day. The Indians won the ball game, the concert was great, and the week ended with a " bang " when a fraternity display exploded. " Why does everyone claim to have acrophobia this time of year? " m " Gee, you hammer like lightning! " Button, button, who ' s got the button? This display captured first place in the mechanical with lights di- vision for Kappa Alpha. THE TA5T£ OF SUCCESS !5_5WeET l m The Arlington pass rush wasn ' t quite good enough to stop this Tames Hamilton pass. pvfffj The Homecoming Court seems satisfied with the game, but dissatisfied with the sun. Jonesboro firemen were allow- ed to take part in Homecoming activities. And A Good Time Was Had Bv All 39 Campus Life — Kicks For Everyone 41 Streetcar " Goes Regional Rebecca Boyles as Blanche DuBois (below) tries to snow her brother-in-law Stanley Kowalski (Terry Goodman) and (right) does a better job with Mitch (Phil Smith). Stella (Janet Thomp- son) breaks down (above) after learning that Blanche will be sent away. 4 M- a: jt% Passers-by, especially girls from Arkansas Hall, were " helped along their way " by " friendly " football players. The Snows Of ASU Some peace lovers avoided snowball fights. Coach Tomlinson could use another good southpaw. 44 45 Parade, Caroling Stir Yule Spirit Music and cheerful spirits, despite final exams and bitter cold weather, filled the air at ASU as Christmas ap- proached. The annual Christmas parade, featuring the ASU band, ROTC jocks (both male and female), and other organiza- tions was once again a success. After all, it WAS on TV. Many organizations participated in the caroling on the Reng Center lawn. The ATO ' s were thinking of other kinds of spirits when they sang of " tidings of comfort " at Roys. The youngsters were entertained by students dressed up as kings, angels, and Disney characters. Meanwhile, the older kids listened to some good, old-fashioned Christmas songs. Various organizations (above) participated in the annual caroling on the Reng Center front yard. The ROTC jocks chipped in their two cents worth bv marching in the parade. USA Party Dominates Elections Campaign workers swarmed the campus once again last spring, handing out cards and trying to persuade the stu- dent body to vote in the SGA elections. By the time election day arrived, everyone knew about the elections. However, very few showed up at the polls to vote. The United Student Alliance dominated the elections, landing candidates in the top three positions. Mike Worley was elected president, Thomas Hayes first vice-president, and Cindy Truxton second vice-president. Every candidate for every position seemed to have plenty of campaign help. Not many people came near the polls, so a group of campaign workers scans the campus for prospective voters. 49 O-LIANC t IRUXTIH Students were approached from all sides by campaign workers and politicians. t, -ft ' V • r » Hi 51 Murder In The Mad House! Three nuclear physicists in a mad house provided the setting for " The Phys- icists, " a play sponsored by the Division of Speech and Drama. One of the physicists thought he was Newton, another Einstein, and the third physicist, who had been in the mad house for 15 years, had visions of King Solomon. About 20 cast members took part in the play. Lee Griffin, playing the part of an inspector, questions the doctor, Richard Emerson, about a murder. 52 Ted Boswell Meets The Press 54 Drive For Stadium Funds Begun The new stadium, as it will look, if enough funds are raised. Memphis " Soul " Hits Campus The Memphis Sound Revue, featuring the Bar Kays and the Soul Children, attracted 5,000 fans for the third SGA-sponsored concert. Al Green and Rufus Thomas were scheduled to ap- pear but got snowed in up in Pennsylvania. Green had just had a hit single, " Let ' s Stay Together, " and Thomas has started several dance crazes during his career. The two all-black bands took up the slack, and played for about three hours. 59 Record Number Graduates Speakers, speakers, and more speakers. 64 Board of Trustees (Clockwise from below) W. P. Gulley Jr., Austin Temple, Elijah Coleman, Larry Brewer, Phillip Hout and Joe Brooks. 66 Leonard McDaniel assistant Registrar Lloyd C. Howell Registrar Dr. Jimmy McCluskey coordinator of University College Dr. Farris Womack director of Institutional Research 68 69 71 12 College of Agriculture Dr. Olen P. Nail Dean of the College Through course work and practical application, students in the College of Agriculture are preparing themselves for agriculture-related careers. The college offers instruction in agricultural engineering, agri- cultural business and economics, agronomy, animal husbandry, horticul- ture, agricultural education and general agriculture. CFirst row, left to right) Dr. Lew E. Brinkley, asst. prof.; James L. Davenport, assoc. prof.; Dr. Jasper A. Hayles, assoc. prof.; Dr. Rodney O. Hexem, prof; Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, prof.; Dr. Claud J. Irby, assoc. prof. (Second row) Dr. James H. Keene, prof.; Dr. A. J. Langlois, prof.; Dr. Albert L. Mink, assoc. prof.; Dr. Warren A. North, assoc. prof.; Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, prof.; Dr. Aubrey W. Ten- nille, prof. (Third row) Herman F. Williams, assoc. prof. ALPHA TAU ALPHA - (first row, left to right) James Nicholson, George Purdy, J. A. Hayles, Earl Bassham, Ralph McNair. (Second row) Gary L. Curtis, James E. Floyd, Ronald L. Benson, Anthony Ashlock, Jim Shockley. (Third row) Danny Blalock, Charles Brewer, Billy Chas- teen, Thomas Baker, Dewey Snider and David Montgomery. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB - (first row, left to right) Charlotte Malick, Sandy Kirby, Cindy Grimes, Nancy Colbert, Kim Jaquish, Mellisa Stuart, Debby Varnadore. (Second row) John Church, Ricky Truax, Calvin Freehling, Jimmy Culli- pher, Dwight Woosley, Austin Dowell, William F. Ballard, Johnny Hartvvick, L. N. Hochstetler, J. H. Keene, James Floyd. (Third row) David Bodenhamer, Walter Clancy, Kenneth Gibson, Larry Taylor, Howard M. Middlecamp, Teddy Evans, Lloyd Holland, Robert Moore, Glendon Stacy, John E. Neeley, Larry A. Sexton. (Fourth row) Gary Chappel, Mike James, Barry Parish, Norman W. Lueck, Paul Killian, James Isaacs, Johnny Burlison, Jimmy Mathis, Griff Walker, Charles Brewer and Bobby M. Bridges. DELTA TAU ALPHA - (first row, left to right) J. A. Hayles, Dwight Woosley, James Nicholson, Kenneth Gibson, Calvin Freehling, Ronald Kersh, Austin Dowell. (Second row) Marvin Cypert, John Allen, Billy Chasteen, Tim Shockley, Larry Taylor, Johnny Hartvvick and David Montgomery. 75 ENGINEERING CLUB - (first row, left to right) Floyd Martin, James Gore, James Nelson, Mike Holt, David Schneider, Mike Smith, Eldon Alexander, Travis Brasher. (Second row) Dr. A. L. Mink, Steve Walker, Jerry Welch, Ronnie Lewis, Lee Watson, Dennis Taylor, Lee Bass, Mike Lynch. Dr. Claud Irhy. (Third row) Dale W. Russom, John Fender, Brent Watkins, Michael Neal, Jim Burkett, Larry Frasure, Larry Sharpe, Roger Tinsley and Standley Moore. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA - (first row, left to right) James Nicholson, George Purdy, J. A. Hayles, Earl Bassham, Ralph McNair. (Second row) Gary L. Curtis, James Floyd, Ronald L. Benson, Anthony Ashlock, Roger Steele, Tim Shockley. (Third row) Danny Blalock, Charles Brewer, Billy Chasteen, James Lowrance, David Montgomery, Thomas Baker and Dewey Snider. PLANT SCIENCE CLUB - (first row, left to right) Jimmy Cullipher, Ronald Kersh, Denise Kellett, Vikki Tyler, Ronny Allen, Wilber McLain. (Second row) A. W. Tennille, Jimmy Reid, Mike King, Carl Robinson, Norman Robinson. (Third row) James Nich- olson, Leon Tucker and Marvin Cypert. RODEO CLUB - (first row, left to right) Jerry Bishop, John Church, Debby Varnadore, Susan Lawrence, Paula Sharp, Fran Devereux, Keith Crowder, Joe Wells. (Second row) Ricky Truax, Larry Olson, Larry Taylor, Norman W. Lueck, Paul Killian, David Bodenhamer, Lanney Johns, Terry Kent and David Standfill. 77 College of Business Dr. B. C. McGough Dean of the College The College of Business strives to educate the future business leaders and office workers in one of the six majors offered within the divisions of accounting, general business and economics, business edu- cation and secretarial science. As those whose skills will form the back- ground of our economy, graduates of the college are trained to become thinkers and organizers as well as executives. (First row, left to Tight) Div. of Accounting: Dt. Shirl D. Strauser, chm.; L. M. Dinsmore, assoc. prof.; Nancy Haigler, asst. prof.; Dr. Coy N. I indon, asst. prof.; Dr. Joseph H. Well- horn, assoc. prof.; H. Dalton Whitt, instr. (Second row) Div. of Business Education and Secretarial Science: Dr. Robert Ferralasco, chm.; Larry N. Adams, instr.; Loretta Brooks, instr.; Rebecca Collins, asst. prof.; Lenora S. Keith, instr.; Dr. Herbert H. Price, assoc. prof. (Third row) Donald R. Roberts, instr.; Bonnie B. Valentine, instr.; Mary Lou Wood., asst. prof. Div. of General Business and Economics: Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, chm.; Howard M. Alsey, asst. prof.; Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, assoc. prof. (Fourth row) Dr. Charles W. Ford, asst. prof.; Dr. John S. Kaminarides, assoc. prof.; Dr. Roland Mullins, prof.; Edward Olcott, asst. prof.; Jimmy R. Pulley, asst. prof.; Ira W. Pyron, asst. prof. (Fifth row) Stephen H. Replogle, asst. prof.; Llovd Roberts, asst. prof.; Fred D. Robinson, asst. prof.; John L. Tarver, asst. prof.; and Dan L. Trevathan, instr. ALPHA KAPPA PSI - (first row, left to right) John S. Bracy, Eddie Hathcock, Richard L. Martel, Bill Lawson, Harry Crawford, Meredith Walker, William R. Stanton, John Jennings, Jack Porbeck, Robert Jones. (Second row) Ronny Whitt, James Doman, Ken Mitchell, Max Foster, Robert £. Post, Richard Shearer, Martin Baltz, Joe Daniel, Lloyd Merrell, Roland Mullins. (Third row) Perry Farr, Bill Hilgeford, Darrell Dorrell, Rudy Vines, Larry Bush, Donald Tapp, Bill Treneman, M. R. Miller, Jerry L. Crawford, B. C. McGough and Charles W. Ford. 80 PI OMEGA PI - (first row, left to right) Mary Lou Wood, Diane Brummett, Nancy Runyon, Debbie L. Smith, Sheryl E. Lockhart, Don Roberts. (Second row) Sharon Ellis, Norma Gilmore, Betty Smith, Janie Brummett, Jenie Jones, Donna CoopeT, Georgia Mit- chell, Rhonda Smith, Marcia Agee, Rita Craig and Billie F. Davis. College of Education Dr. Harry F. Hodge Dean of the College The College of Education, offering a varied program at both graduate and undergraduate levels, is given the task of supplying teachers for an ever-increasing number of students. Consisting of five divisions, the college provides a wide range of specialization including guidance counseling, special education, psychology and library science. (First row, left to right) Div. of Counselor Education and Psychology: Dr. Robert F. Abbott, chm.; Emilie Baddour, instr.; Dr. Edmund L. Barnette, assoc. prof.; Dr. John L. Burns, asst. prof.; Dr. James F. Golden, assoc. prof.; William D. Johnson, asst. prof. (Second row) Josh Leamon, instr.; Dr. C. L. McLarty, prof.; Dr. Alvin McRaven, prof.; Dr. George T. Peters, prof.; James R. Stewart, instr. Div. of Educational Administration and Secondary Education: Dr. M. Vance Sales, chm. (Third row) Dr. Carol D. Ham, assoc. prof.; Dr. Robert B. Kluge, prof.; Dr. Arthur A. Rezny, prof.; W. L. Smith, assoc. prof.; Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, prof.; Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. (Fourth row) Dr. Carl F. Vaupel Jr., assoc. prof.; Dr. Donald E. Wright, asst. prof. Div. of Elementary Education, Special Education and Speech Pathology: Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chm.; Edith M. Atkerson, instr.; Lillian Barton, assoc. prof.; Dt. William G. Chance, prof. (Fifth row) Dr. Baron D. Conaway, assoc. prof.; Dr. Albert B. Crosswait Jr., assoc. prof.; Betty B. Goldsby, instr.; Dr. George Y. Herndon, prof.; Dr. Jack Hogins, assoc. prof.; Jane LeBlanc, instr. i (Sixth row, left to right) Dr. Robert L. Ohlsen Jr., prof.; Dr. Mildred B. Vance, prof. Div. of Health, Physical Education and Recreation: Dr. Jess R. White, chm.; Rosalie Barber, instr.; Alta Burns, instr.; Dr. Jake Darby, asst. prof. (Seventh row) Dr. James A. DeVazier, assoc. prof.; Dr. John P. Hosin- ski, assoc. prof.; Gladys M. Hudgins, asst. prof.; Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott, prof.; John H. Rauth, assoc. prof.; Charles R. Reese, instr. (Eighth row) William L. Rogers, instr.; Frances Smallwood, instr.; William J. Sugg, instr.; Thad Talley, instr.; T. A. Tomlinson, prof. Div. of Library Science: James W. Hansard, chm. (Ninth row) James F. Anderson, head cat. lib.; Nadean Lee, head cir. lib.; Joan G. Nelson, asst. lib.; Gerry M. Taylor, head lib.; Marion B. Theilman, cat. lib.; and Ella Ward, cat. lib. MODERN DANCE CLUB - (kneeling, left to right) Rae Jean Davis, Vicki Green, Marti Roy, Allene Freeman. (Stand- ing) Linda Lisko, Alta Burns and Jan Moody. 33 SQUARE DANCE CLUB — (first row, left to right) Judy Beasley, Diana Poor, Marie Baird, Dorothy A. Smith, Sandra Distretti, Frances Smallwood. (Second row) James T. Johnson Jr., Bill Hogan, Andi Hicks, Peg- gy Kensinger, Kristie Creed, John Wherry. (Third row) Onnie Chadwick, James Hays, Richard Murch, Sylvia Bergey, Charles Jarrett, Lorraine Savelli and Doug Bell. KAPPA DELTA PI - (first row, left to right) Nancy Gentry, Glenda Molock, Carol Sue Crook, Teresa Phillips, Barbara Reng. (Second row) Judith Gray, Rae Jean Davis, Marcia Johnson, Melba Land, Barbara Marconi. (Third row) Pamela Davis, Barbara Lyons, Sara Spikes, Lillian Barton, Zola Rea. (Fourth row) Brenda Mans, Lois Caery, Dena Clay, Pam Lane, Anita Ray. (Fifth rpw) Betty J. Butler, Ray L. Simpson, Anne Carrier, Anne TerKeurst, Martha Miller. (Sixth row) Glynda Stewart, Irene Hull, Mary Sue Moore, Rosie Bell, Margaret Frazier. (Seventh row) Leola Jackson, Jane Taneeman, Karen Vickery, Bonnie Smith. ( ' Eighth row) Mary Houston, Ginny Butler, Janie Purdy, Nellie Felty. (Ninth row) W. L. Smith, Harry Hodge, Anwar Faily, Stanley Gibson and Burton Crosswait.. PA PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB - (first row, left to right) Dr. Evelyn Prescott, Teddy Quails, Marty Roy, Mickey Norris, Pam Green, Becky Hume, Ron Whelchel, Jack Sugg. (Second row) Susie Ivy, Larry Chastain, Dennis Kersting, Alice Blankenship, Cathy Jane Jones, Allene Freeman, Man ' Claire Atkinson, Babs Blagg, Diane Oguin, Debbie Oxford, Pam Evans, Beth Richardson, Jan Slagley, Debbie Horst, Sandy Wells. (Third row) Curt Williams, Kristie Creed, John Carr, Ken Scott, Jerome Harrington, Bill Womack, Gary Masner, Traci Boyd, Karole Edwards, Jan McCulIars, Kathy Kirkland, Donna Robinson, Carolyn Williams, Brenda Davis. (Fourth row) Rich Alexander, Ronnie Jones, Jim Thompson, Karen Moffitt, Eddie Mitchell, Wanda Davis, Barbara Blenden, Larry Mitchell, Guy Smith, Lesa Scott, Gary Boyles. (Fifth row) Larry Bishop, Daniel Quinn, Jan Carlisle, Kay Miller, Karen Jones, Vicki Green, Randall L. White, Rick Watson, James Clayton, Rick Hawkins, Sandi Hoeppner. (Sixth row) Donald Nunnally, Jim Johnson, Ray Ramirez, Rita Craig, Erma Woolverton, Mary Swan, Linda Jackson, Phyllis Wood, Ted Cunningham, Harold Diggs, Dennis Perkins, Karla Goad, Evelyn Meadows. (Seventh row) Ronald Nunnally, Joey Hall, Clayton Bulice, Jim Brown, Roy Cox, Steve Holden, Robbia Keglar, Linda Lisko, Connie Hampton, Ron Taylor, Lorin Morgan, Dan Sullivan, Genard Medley, Eddie Hawkins. (Eighth row) Thomas Hill, Glenn Chanev, Arthur Kreis, Mike Holland, Lomer Turney, Claudia Rodger, Ginger Hurst, Michael Gray, Genie Daugherty, JoAnn Jaquish, Mike Lee, Dennis Smith, Gene Burton, Ken Hardin. (Ninth row) Mike Sample, James Gilliam, Charles McCain, Steve Arment, Simone Ortega, Dian McCormick, Barbara McBride, Lynn Bell, Karen Million, Patti Robinson, Dennis Meyer, Larry Lanier. (Tenth row) Ronny Haves, Roy Sample. Jonathan Watson, Jim Duffel, Mike Hunter, Steve Struble, Joyce Freeman, Sharon Wilborn, Roberta Wood, Barbara Campbell, Sylvia Bergey, Jean Dehls. Sandy Leonard, Jan Moody, John Belcher. (Eleventh row) Lonnie Coleman, Kim Bellis, John Swope, Buddy Green, Jim Gray, Willie M. Davidson, James Simmons, Clayton Clay, Greg Thielemier, James Johnson, Dean Batterton, Homer Craig, Rich Deuser, Steve Miller, Cleveland Barfield, Carolyn Grady and Butch Murray. 85 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN - (first row, left to right) Barbara Marconi, Debbie Gasaway, Terry Porter, Christopher Knight. (Second row) Elizabeth Watson, Edith Atkerson, Carol Sue Crook, Rae Jean Davis, David Parke. (Third row) Karen Batton, Mercedes Mitchell, Betty Goldsby, Paula Carroll and Larry Higgins. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - (first row, left to right) Teresa Wilson, Sarita Wilkins, Bobbie Coggins, Sue Lee Moss, Cynthia Hold, Susan McClendon, Jerrie Jones, Rosie Simmons, Joan Emrich, Patsy Manning, Carol Sue Crook, Laura Cossey. Rheta Cotton. (Second row) Lillian Barton, Marilyn James, Cynthia Carpenter, Betty Dail, Sandra Parnell, Regina Tate, Mary Katherine Kerr, Hope Ishmael, Wendy Robinson, Rae Jean Davis, Bonnie Holstine, Donna Crumley, Linda Robinson, Phyllis Sloan ; Barbara Sbrilli, Robyn Scott. (Third row) John Skinner, David R. Ward, Deborah Jeffery, Carol Kelley, Cathy Juergens, Carla Medley, Nancy Bond, Gwen Duncan, Anita Ray, Kay Crow, Brenda Gwaltney, Anita Collie, Debra Whisenhunt, Leola Jackson, Linda Varnell and Melba Land. 86 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION - (first row, left to right) Betsy Burch, Reginia Files, Lizzie Henderson, Barbaranette Twillie, Peggy Quinn, Marilyn Brown, Jane Louks. (Second row) Shelia Bell, Millie Pearle, Brenda Thacker, Debbie Steele, Judith Edwards, Patsy Gann, Wanda Davis, Sandy Fielder, Kathy Smith. (Third row) Emma Milliner, Karole Edwards, Patsy Manning, Mary Simpson, Mikki Sidebottom, Lynda Pratt, Susie Glasgow, Hope Ishmael, Brenda Dethrow. (Fourth row) Becky Bell, Carolyn Fardeecey, Nancy Elphingstone, Kristie Goodwin, Debbie Pounders, Rosanne Brown, Barbara McBryde, Tina Zirbel, Pam Evans. (Fifth row) Pam Carter, Eddie Mallory, Carol Ann Grabbe, Emily Enderlin, Peggy Ferguson, June McKinney, Sandy Wells, Diane Oguin and Dana Sue Olvey. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION - (first row, left to right) Marcia Vaughn, Allene Freeman, Cynthia Tarver, Vickie Johnson, Barbara Long. (Second row) Lynn Ledbetter, Jeanette Pond, Beverly Barnes, Carolyn Grady, Marie Baird, Jan Slagley, Phyllis Wood, Judy Johnson. (Third row) Jan Carlisle, Roberta Wood, Martha Roy, Mickey Norris, Sandi Hoeppner, Jean Downing, Regina Kammeyer, Mary Jo Hu dgins, Elizabeth Alley. (Fourth row) Lorraine Savelli, Kristie Creed, Liz Jones, Rosalie Barber, JoAnn Jaquish, Karla Goad, Sandy Leonard, Dian McCormick, Judy Tarzi. (Fifth row) Gloria Brown, Lou Walker, Nancy Laughter, Nancy Coverdale, Debbie Oxford, Dianne Barton, Mary Sloan, Jean Dehls, Susan Crumby and Barbara Campbell. 87 College of Fine Arts Dr. Harold L. Copenhaver Dean of the College Emphasizing the development of creative ability, the College of Fine Arts offers each student the opportunity to exercise his own talents and develop an appreciation for the arts in doing so. Striving to increase the cultural aspects of the student and the community, the college utilizes art exhibits, drama productions, the Chamber Theater, musical concerts (both vocal and instrumental) and debate tournaments. v i (First row, left to right) Div. of Art: Dr. Karl Richards, chm.; T. R. Baker, asst. prof.; Thomas Chaffee, instr.; Lane D. Fabrick, instr.; James K. Johnson, instr.; John H. Keech, instr. (Second row) Douglas Latta, instr.; Evan Lindquist, assoc. prof.; Sidney A. Mecom, instr.; Robert E. Mitchell, asst. prof. Div. of Music: Donald R. Minx, chm.; Mary Elizabeth Beck, assoc. prof. (Third row) Dr. Clifton Cowles, assoc. prof.; Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, assoc. prof.; Katherine Dunham, instr.; Dr. Duane H. Haskell, prof.; M. Ellis Julien, instr.; Julia Lansford, asst. prof. (Fourth row) Myron Myers, dist. assoc. prof.; David Neiderbrach, assoc. prof.; Dr. James L. Patty, prof.; Bonner Ruff, asst. prof.; Sandra Seay, instr.; Alfred R. Skoog, asst. prof. (Fifth row) Dr. Jared T. Spears, assoc. prof.; Dorothy Swindle, instr.; Thomas G. Williams, asst. prof. Div. of Speech and Drama: John P. Bell, asst. prof.; Linda Sue Davis, instr.; Terry L. Huckabee, instr. (Sixth row) Kenneth Parks, instr.; and Thomas Reppart, instr. ARKANSAS POTTERY CLUB - (left to right) Judy Jones, Jane Frier Hankins, Jane Galloway, Lexy Zalewski, Katie Keith, Patsv Barfoot and Janey Gum. ARKANSAS PRINT CLUB - (first row, left to right) Jane Frier Hankins, Jane Galloway, Sheiron Ramsey, Lexy Zalewski, Carol Warfield. (Second row) Hubert W. Crain, Roger Bowman, Ann Kilby, Evan Lindquist and Mike Baur. 89 KAPPA KAPPA PSI - (first row, left to right) Mike Cogbill, Frank Ross, Tommy Landers, Dell Holt, Tommy Walker, David Fisher, Jim Mirabella, Willy Smith, Darrell McCrillis. (Second row) Michael Watson, David Ellzey, Philip McGee, Bill Loftus, Craig Baker, Gary Osborn, David Thaxton, Curt White, Douglas Moore, David Phelps and Michael McGuire. MUSIC EDUCATIONAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE - (first row, left to right) Janet Baltz, Sharon Carter, Michelle Whitehead, James Halbrook, Anne Bittinger, Darlene Flippo. (Second row) Mary Elizabeth Beck, Joanie Gardner, Julie Thomas, Elizabeth Watson, Janie Gardner, Diane England, Susie Glasgow. (Third row) Demetry Johnson, Sandra Seay, Brendene Jeans, Richard S. Cheshier, Mary Jane Massey, Laura Boyles. (Fourth row) Dane Ward, Ronnie Eastridge, Stan Avis, Tim Childers and Jim Fletcher. PHI MU ALPHA — (first row, left to right) Noel Schaffer, Tommy Walker, Bill Cromer, Doug Robinson. (Second row) Thomas Street, Jerry Bradley, Kenny Foster, Gaylon Gammill. Richard Cheshier, David L. Webb. (Third row) David Niederbrach, James Branch, Rodney Lee Barrett, Jim Childers, Alvin Phillips, Tommy Knight and Michael Stetson. 91 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA - (first row, left to right) Beverly Brickell, Sharon Copenhaver, Diane Tiffee, Jan Grimes. (Second row) Mary Jane Reese, Cindy Ross, Darlene Flippo, Rose Anne Redd. (Third row) Danna Green, Judy Young, Tanie Marie Gardner, Mary Jane Massey. (Fourth row) Mary Ann Whitaker, Janis Hill, Brenda Kimmel, Leslie Galloway and Laura Boyles. 92 TAU BETA SIGMA - (first row, left to right) Lindy Sexton, Marlene Gamec, Nancy Elphingstone ( Elizabeth Watson, Deana Cashion. (Second row) Elizabeth Alley, Cindy Ross, Christy Barnes, Barbara Reng and Marcy Hayden. CONCERT CHOIR (Girls) - (first row, left to right) Al Skoog, dir., Sharon Felts, Darlene Flippo, Danna Green, Susan Callihan, Gena Glasgow. (Second row) Demetrys Johnson, Eliz- abeth Flannigan, Debbie Stanley, Steph- anie Hynes, Mary Jane Reese, Rebec- ca Boyles. (Third row) Mary Jane Mas- sey, Deborah Burlison, Brenda Kim- mell, Joan Gardner, Laura Boyles, De- ana Cashion, Janice Hill. (Fourth row) Janie Gardner, Judv Young, Sharon Wegman, Leslie Galloway, Jill Litzel- felner, Cindi Hicks, Charlotte Volk and Wanda Dame. ASU WOMEN ' S CHOIR - (left to right) Zora F. Campbell, Molly Nebhut, Diane England, Charmian Hexem, Sis- ter Catherine Jones, Laura McNutt and Ann Peebles. CONCERT CHOIR (Boys) - (first row, left to right) Bill Kirkland, Wil- liam Hynes, Thomas Street, Bill Crom- er, James Branch, Al Skoog, dir. (Sec- ond row) Tommy Walker, Jerry Brad- ley, Steve Brown, Steve Smart, Jimmie Rushing, Winston Turpin, Will Smith. (Third row) Bill Jones, Michael Stet- son, Tommy Graddy, Larry Dame, Noel Schaffer and Gaylon Gammill. 94 ASU CHAMBER SINGERS - (first row, left to right) Beverly Briekell, Gaylon Gammill, Deborah Burlison, James Sanders, Laura Boyles, Steve Brown, Barbara Lovell, Mary Gilli- land. (Second row) Dana Bingham, Leslie Galloway, Cathy Reeves, Jerry Vincent, Jill Litzelfelner, Steve Walk- er, James Branch, Nancy Ledgerwood, Bill Cromer and Michelle Whitehead. ASU SINGERS — (first row, left to right) Lisa Boster, Donna Sides, Mary Gilliland, Alan File, Tommy Shepherd, Billy Edger, Jerry Vincent, Michelle Whitehead, Ruth Rupard, Melissa Reiman, Ann Bittenger, Glenda Hall, Paula Shaneyfelt, Flynn Hanners, Tom Moore, Edger Bell, Will Smith, Robert Willis, Janet Baltz, Jan Grimes, Barbara Lovell, Monta Grimes. (Second row) Joan Servis, Sandra Hitt, Cathy Reeves, Larry Adams, Tommy Runnels, Dennis Durham, Dale Merrill, Gregory Hardin, James Sanders, Thomas Jaber, Beverly Briekell, Dena Heath, Sharon Biffle, Cheryl Horst, Robin Foster, Barbara Reng, Vandy Wood, Opra Cartwright, Ron- ald Murphy, Steve Brown, Allen Scott, David Webb, Kelly Craft, Cary Bigelow, James Rushing, Cleda Taylor, Tiresa Frasier, Karen Zirbel, Rose Ann Redd. (Third row) Mary Ann Whitaker, Ernestine Parker, Sheryl Brown, Anna Bishop, Rodney Barrett, Steve Walker, Alvin Phillips, Tancil Caldwell, Grover Evans, Kathleen Blanchard, Jane Ledgerwood, Vicki Fields, Susan Dark, Brendene Jeans, Wal- ton Griffin, Kit Acklin, Gary Kemp, Dana Bingham, Randy Erwin, Kay Brown, Karen South, Paula Ralaford, Cleda Taylor, and Deb- orah DeClerk. 95 THE TRIBE - (left to right) Jim Childers, Dell Holt, Wally Fowler, Tommy Walk- er, Danny Blurton, Bill Faulkner, Jerry Bradlev, Phil McGee, Bill Hynes, Hollie Farris, Stuart King, Tommy Landers, David Fisher, Thomas G. Williams, Bill Loftus, Danny Mathews, Craig Baker, Mike Masanelli, Steve McElyea and Jim Mirabella. Tribe The 96 The Marching 97 College of Liberal Arts Dt. O. Phillip James Dean of the College The College of Liberal Arts is designed to give students an exploring nature — an urge to grope for answers regardless of the dif- ficulty involved. Realizing that all questions do not have just one answer, the college instills in the student a need to go beyond the literal answer to ask the " why " of questions that have evaded men for centuries. (First row, left to right) Div. of English, Philosophy and Languages: Dr. Anthony Dube, chm.; Lucille Braden, instr.; Dr. James B. Burleson, prof.; William M. Clements, instr.; William R. Coughlin, instr.; John Scott Darwin, instr. (Second row} David C. Ford, instr.; Sammy R. Gennuso, asst. prof.; Martha Jane Gill, instr.; Dr. Thomas M. Harwell, assoc. prof.; George Horneker, instr.; Frances Hunter, instr. ( Ihird row) Dr. lames K. Joyce, asst. prof.; Dr. James A. Key, assoc. prof.; Arthur Krida, asst. prof.; Eleanor Lane, assoc. prof.; Dr. Harold Lawrence, asst. prof.; Dr. Charles B. McClelland, asst. prof. (Fourth row) Wayne McLaurin, asst. prof.; Dr. Richard Messer, instr.; Elizabeth Neeley, asst. prof.; Edward C. Reilly, instr.; Ellen H. Robinson, instr.; Mary Ann Sloan, instr. (Fifth row) Dr. Bill L. Stroud, asst. prof.; Dr. Gary D. Swaim, asst. prof.; Lois Swisher, asst. prof.; Dr. Richard P. Sugg, asst. prof.; Gary J. Taylor, instr.; Wanda G. Walker, assoc. prof. (Sixth row) Nancy Young, instr. Div. of History: Dr. C. K. McFarland, chm.; Dr. Larry D. Ball, asst. prof.; Dr. Floyd M. Clay, instr.; Durward F. Cooper, assoc. prof.; Dr. Michael Dougan, asst. prof. (Seventh row) Dr. John A. Galloway, prof.; Dr. J. E. Griner, prof.; Dr. Charles L. Kenner, assoc. prof.; Edgar O. Kirk, assoc. prof.; Dr. John B. Knipe, asst. prof.; Dr. Donald Konold, prof. (Eighth nny) Dr. Roger Lambert, assoc. prof.; Henry S. Paulsen, instr.; Kenneth W. Rorie, instr.; Dr. Klaras B. Rose, assoc. prof.; Timothy A. RosSj asst. prof.; C. Calvin Smith, instr. (Ninth row) Dr. Leland R. White, asst. prof. Div. of Political Science, Geography and Sociology: Dr. C. Clyde Jones, chm.; Donald D. Burkett, instr.; Larry E. Clowers, instr.; William S. Greenwell, instr.; Curtis P. Guyote, instr. (Tenth row) Dr. Afak Haydar, assoc. prof.; Dr. Peter N. Kidman, asst. prof.; Dr. Hassan Mohammadi- Nejad, asst. prof.; Joseph R. Moore, instr.; Dr. Dan F. Morse, asst. prof.; Dr. John C. Osionach, prof. (Eleventh row) Dr. Mary Susan Power, assoc. prof.; J. Maurice Rogers, instr.; Chester R. Stewart, asst. prof.; and Stephen J. Tricarico, instr. GERMAN CLUB - (first raw, left to right) Denise Hendrix, Jan Tyler, DebTa Crawford, Melinda Howard, Sharon Fine, Linda Reaves. (Second row) James R. Hillyer, Ronald Hoofman, Rodney Bridges, Jimmy D. Brown, Richard Burns. Darrell Hawkins. (Third row) David Shaver, Terry Shipman, Allen D. Monday, Carl A. Rogers, Mike Tuseth and Scott Darwin. LAMBDA IOTA TAU - PHI ALPHA THETA - (first row, left to right) Terry Howard, Debbie Tinkle, Barbara Meier, Gail Gunter, Charlene Sterne, Phyllis Garrison, David R. Ward. (Second row) Roger Lambert, Edgar Kirk, D. F. Cooper, Larry D. Ball, John A. Galloway, Rodney D. Williams and Randall L. Ford. 100 101 College of Science Dr. James H. Stevenson Dean of the College The ever-increasing need for qualified personnel in all phases of science has become the basis for the curriculum offered by the College of Science. Providing a well-rounded background in the bio- logical sciences, physical sciences and mathematics, the college strives to prepare students to teach, work in industry or science-related occu- pations, technology, enter professional schools or pursue a graduate program. (First row, left to right) Div. of Biological Sciences: Dr. John K. Beadles, chm.; Dr. Harvey E. Barton, assoc. prof.; William W. Byrd, assoc. prof.; William D. Davenport, instr.; Roy Z. Gehring, asst. prof.; Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, prof. (Second row) Dr. George L. Harp, assoc. prof.; Dr. Jerry R. Hersey, asst. prof.; Lawrence W. Hinck, asst. prof.; Dr. Maxine Hire, assoc. prof.; Dr. James A. Hutchison, prof.; Dr. Bob D. Johnson, assoc. prof. (Third row) Dr. Larry A. Olson, asst. prof.; Dr. E. Leon Richards, prof.; Dr. Dan Timmennann, assoc. prof.; Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake, prof. Div. of Mathematics and Physics: Dr. Jerry L. Linnstaedter, chm.; John B. Bennett, asst. prof. (Fourth row) Dr. Thomas D. Bishop, asst. prof.; Dr. Robert H. Bowman, assoc. prof.; Daniel O. Felts, instr.; Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, assoc. prof.; Robert E. Johnson, assoc. prof.; Marshall Matthews, assoc. prof. (Fifth row) Elmer C. Mayes, asst. prof.; Dr. Hal B. McCloud, assoc. prof.; Dr. Lawrence A. Mink, assoc. prof.; Dr. Julius W. Overbeck, asst. prof.; Dr. Robert F. Rossa, asst. prof.; Douglas E. Rucker, instr. (Sixth row " ) Dr. Charles H. Scanlon, assoc. prof.; Dr. J. B. Sheofee, asst. prof.; Dr. Arnold C. Shilepsky, asst. prof.; Robert D. Smith, instr.; Dr. Robert P. Smith, asst. prof.; Dr. W. F. Wei, assoc. prof. (Seventh row) Div. of Physical Sciences: Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, chm.; Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc. prof.; Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc. prof.; Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, assoc. prof.; Dr. G. David Jimerson, asst. prof.; Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, prof. (Eighth row) Dr. Paul M. Nave, asst. prof.; Robert O. Saunders, asst. prof.; William N. Smith, asst. prof.; Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, assoc. prof.; Dr. David L. Vosburg, assoc. prof.; and Dr. William V. Wyatt, asst. prof. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY - (first row, left to right) Marian Mil- ler, Pam Carter, Henry Nichols, Steven D. Shults. (Second row) Kevin Choat, Jim Dickson, Norman Trautwein and Dewey H. Sifford. 103 KAPPA MU EPSILON - (first row, left to right) Susan Duff, Deborah Tracer, Charlene Wise. (Second row) Judy Kay Fetters, Sharon McAlister, Lvnda Horton, Jimmy Lindsey. (Third row) Dr. Tom Bishop, Dennis Ander- son, Terry Short, Teddy Hop- kins, Neil Price and Wayne 104 MEDICAL ARTS CLUB - (first row, left to right) Betty Hubbard, Nanette Q. Jones, Larry W. Jackson, Michael Finan, Gary Ormsby. (Second row) Susan Abernathy, Dick Stevenson, Margaret Blackmon, Jane Jansen, Charles Caldwell, T. Wayne Coulter, Bruce Whitley. (Third row) Connie McGaughey, Andrew Jensen III, David Brown, Ken Showalter, Gary L. Kemp, Rick Riley, Myron Butler and William W. Byrd. SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS - (first row, left to right) Tohn O. Bowman, Joseph D. Popham, Marvin E. Kortan, Jimmy W. Eason, Azmi Asal. (Second row) Ted Hardin, Wayne Long, Terry Short, Dr. W. F. Wei, Dr. H. E. McCloud and Dr. L. A. Mink. 105 • • • I Col. Jack F. Riggins ■ g-T j-m -m £ ' W l d u Prof, of Military Science Military Science The Division of Military Science instituted a voluntary ROTC program this year for the first time. With that change came varied opinions concerning the structure of the existing program. Even so, basic operations remained intact. Still included in the world of ROTC are drills, weapons cleaning and demerits and the more glamorous Princess Platoon and military ball. The division also gained two lady cadets. (First row, left to right) Lt. Col. Earl Ernmons, asst. prof.; Lt. Col. Norman Keith, asst. prof.; Mai. Billy J. Davis, asst. prof.; Maj. John Kennedy, asst. prof.; Maj. Frederick Turner, asst. prof.; Maj. Robert White, asst. prof. (Second row) Capt. Aubrey Harris, asst. prof.; Capt. Oler P. Williams, asst. prof.; MSG Norman Decker, instr.; SFC Wayne Endes, instr.; SFC Lloyd Kirksey, instr.; SFC Ivanhoe Love, instr. (Third row) SFC Donald Villemarette, instr.; SSG Clifton Cain, instr. and SSG Dennis G. Esenwein, instr. 3 ▼ COLOR GUARD - (first row, left to right) SFC Donald M. Villemarette, Doug Webster, Thurman Smith, Larry Ward. (Sec- ond row) Bobby Higgin- bottom, Edmond Castle, Larry Reeves, James H. Harmon Jr. and Steven A. Adams. COUNTER GUERRILLA - (first row, left to right) Maj. Robert A. White, Russ Goad, Grover Butler, Thurman M. Smith, Patrick A. Thomas, Philip J. Murphy, SSG Dennis Esenwein, SFC Donald Villemarette. (Second row) Bobby Blackman, Dennis Harbison, Herschel L. Jones, Danny Farley, Ronald Jenkins, Mac McCool, John Priday, Michael Alexander, Lee Reeves. (Third row) David Ellzey, Michael Clements, Byron B. Busby, James E. Slater, Randy Luten, Mike Wagster, David A. Davidson, Clyde W. Williams, Kenneth Hunn and Joe W. Gordon Jr. RENG RIFLES - (first row, left to right) SFC Ivanhoe Love Jr., Richie Norris, Leslie Alsworth, Patrick Thomas, Capt. Oler P. Williams. (Second row) Michael Cornish, Jim Golden, Richard McGuire, James Harmon, Kenneth Clark, Billy Gaither. (Third row) Johnny Henry, James T. Johnson Jr., Johney M. Reeves, David Davidson, Philip Murphy, Thurman M. Smith and Richard L. Collier. RIFLE TEAM — (first row, left to right) Capt. Preston Williams, Scott Jackson Jr., David Huddleston, James R. Gore, Garry W. Morris, Stanley Hill, SSG Cliff Cain. (Second row) John Priday, David Flewellen, Mike Wagster, Randy Luten and Michael Alexander. SCABBARD AND BLADE - (first row, left to right) Maj. Frederick Turner Jr., Pat Grandjean, William R. Stanton. John A. Barker, Thurman M. Smith. (Second row) Bill Treneman, Bill Harkey, James Woodard, Bobby J. Noles, Jerry L. Mitchell, Perry J. Dalton. (Third row) Robert McCord, Herschel L. Jones, Byron B. Busby, Joe W. Gordon, Grover G. Butler and Clyde W. Williams. Division of Nursing Leon E. Eldredge Jr. Chairman of the Division The Division of Nursing at ASLJ offers a two-year program con- sisting of courses in the natural and social sciences. Upon completion of the program, the nursing student is eligible to apply for a state nursing license. Besides the regular classes, nursing students do labora- tory work at St. Bernards ' Hospital, Arkansas Services Center and Jonesboro area nursing homes. (First row, left to right) Beverly Bartels, Nellie T. Caffery, Bonnie K. Deuter, Sarah A. Gates, Martha L. Gramling, Margaret Grisham. (Second row) Margie Hancock, Charlotte Leach, Diane O ' Neil and Lois Snider, instructors. 110 NURSING STUDENT ASSOCIATION - (first row, left to right) Suzan Daffron, Catharine Berretta, Donna Estes, Carol Baghy, Sara Meek. (Second row) Ruth Tuseth, Peggy Young, Doris Reasoner, Becky Mize and Martha Holland. Graduating Class — May, 1972 Terry Lamb Adams, Bono Diane S. Armstrong, Dell James M. Baldwin, Paragould Barbara G. Barnette, Jonesboro Shirley A. Baugh, Manila Mildred Bishop, Jonesboro Robert M. Carlton, Jonesboro Anita L. Clark, Newport Sandra K. Clark, Weiner Donna R. Estes, Blytheville Peggy D. Ferguson, Carlisle Patsy S. Frasure, Jonesboro Yvonne J. Hall, Blytheville Barbara jean Harris, Jonesboro Brenda S. Heard, Bald Knob Martha J. Holland, Paragould Virginia D. Holstine, Paragould Judy A. Huffman, Paragould Mary E. Hughes, Paragould Paula G. Jackson, Jonesboro Susan H. Johnson, Cherry Valley Barbara Ann Jordan, West Memphis Linda E. Lawrence, Lepanto Ruth A. McDaniel, Newport Phyllis D. McFarland, Leachville Sarah Frances McMahan, Jonesboro Sara J. Meek, Paragould Wilbert J. Melancon, Jonesboro Lulu M. Nuce, Pocahontas Charlotte Patterson, Lepanto Charlotte T. Perrin, Jonesboro Betty J. Poindexter, Steele, Mo. Arlene J. Pollard, Oil Trough Birdie I. Prentice, Newport Audrey L. Rapert, Maynard 112 Diane E. Ratton, Paragould Elwyn H. Reuteler, Jonesboro Janet S. Rhein, Pollard Janice E. Rounsavall, Blytheville Dyan R. Sharp, Lepanto Debbie Shelton, Alicia Marjorie L. Taylor, Gobler, Mo. Ollie A. Turman, Valley View Linda J. Warren, Jonesboro Carolyn E. White,, Jonesboro Shirley V. Willis, Bassett Division of Radio - TV, Journalism Charles L. Rasberry Chairman of the Division And Printing The Division of Radio-TV 7 , Journalism and Printing trains students to fill major positions in the communications industry. Students also gain practical experience through The Herald, published by journalism and printing classes, the university-owned radio station, KASU, and ASU television. (First row, left to right) Eugene Ballard, asst. prof, of printing; Roy Barnhill, chief radio-TV engr.; Jon R. Braswell, instr. in printing; Donald D. Cherepski, instr. in radio-TV; Darrel E. Cunningham, asst. prof, of radio-TV; Rebecca Gardner, instr. in journalism. (Second row) Homer E. Hallett, production printer; Robert W. Kern, instr. in printing; Tom Manning, dir. of news bureau; Roy Ockert Jr., instr. in journalism; L. W. Plunkett, assoc. prof, of journalism; Bob Ruff, print shop foreman. (Third row) Robert Shumpert, radio-TV engr. SIGMA DELTA CHI — (first row, left to right) Susan Aldridge, Magalene Taylor, Millie Pearle, Dianne Westbrook, Lois Ann Tusing, Libby Swindle, Connie Risby, Charlene Sterne, Liz Lockhart. (Second row) Mike Rogers, Larry O ' Dell, Howard Stewart, Lynn Vance, Doug Szenher, Gerald Ketchum, Debbie McGough, Debbye Hale, Rebecca Gardner, Margaret Gillihan. (Third row) Tom Manning, Charles Rasberry, Tom Moore, Mac Overton, William Grisham, Bill Adams, John Wallace, David Tyler, Roy Ockert, Tex Plunkett. (Fourth row) Don Jones, John Wood, Michael Watson and Larry Reeves. BROADCASTERS CLUB - (first row, left to right) Elaine Bitely, Mike Rogers, Tim Rand, Charles Rasberry. (Second row) Paul Holmes, Tim Scott, Margaret Stack, Mike Mc- Kinney, John England. (Third row) Garry Robinson, Stuart Moten, Mike Doyle, Lee Griffin and Darrel Cunningham. Home Coming Nov. 18 AGGIE HERALD M " WE ARE BOOSTERS OF THE WONDER STATE " AGGIE HERALD " WE ARK BOOSTERS OF THE WONDFR STATE " Iff OTSTROUD GIVES T vSSk 11 iiV A TO AGGIE •AGGIE " FOOTBALL SEASON VERY SUCCESSFUL iUHNESS MEN SACK AGGIE HERALD wuatf. Arw i» liWM inf Mond m AiM k Di t tt f i»f% cnJ a wi afet i» la fr th h H • tJW .Uu ( Ml I . i In Um la iht u»f A BICH TERRITORY THE OUTLOOK • - FOR THE YEAR rap k c 1) tU Uj. k Jr»i Uv...., W, ' ..?, I ' rUwwiIilMNll A« A« t j i ■ . -J - ■ AGCff. HERALD, Vol. I, No. I, November 1», IML The Herald celebrated its 50th birthday Nov. 18, 1971. Above, is the first issue of The Herald; at left, is the first Herald staff; and below, fall editor Debbye Hale shows John Miller, the first circulation manager, the new method of printing The Herald. Graduate School Dr. Eugene W. Smith Dean of the Graduate School The Graduate School at ASU offers degrees in varied fields of study. The degrees offered are Master of Science, Master of Science in Education, Master of Business Ad- ministration, Master of Music Education, Master of Arts, Master of Rehabilitation Counseling and Educational Spe- cialist. Graduate Assistants Don Babb, Paragould, biology Deborah A. Baird, Cherokee Village, elem. ed. John A. Barker, Poplar Bluff, Mo., physical ed. Mary Jo Barrett, Jonesboro, rehab, couns. Sheilah Barrett, Jacksonville, ed. adm. Sherry A. Bowen, West Memphis, elem. ed. Thomas T. Bridges, Colt, physical ed. Lynda Beasley Brown, Hot Springs, history Pamela L. Bush, Walnut Ridge, elem. ed. Virginia L. Butler, Fort Worth, Tex., reading Carolyn Carpenter, Waldenburg, business ed. Shirley A. Carrier, Jonesboro, elem. ed. Ronald Cheatham, Melbourne, history Rebecca D. Chipman, Benton, physical ed. Karen A. Coy, Jonesboro, counselor ed. Charles Crego, Jonesboro, general bus. Luther Dangerfield, Ashdown, counselor ed. Pamela S. Davis, Fort Wayne, Ind., elem. ed. Alvie Dillin, Jonesboro, mathematics Kenneth Dowless, Lake City, chemistry Wesley H. Elmore, Paragould, physical ed. Hollie A. Farris, Steele, Mo., music William E. Faulkner, Manila, music James Fitzpatrick, Albuquerque, N. M., biology Walter B. Fowler, Hughes, music Thomas W. Franzen, Stuttgart, agriculture Jerry B. Gladden, Osceola, mathematics Larry D. Gladden, Osceola, business adm. Carla J. Goble, Grand Junction, Colo., history Joseph R. Goodman, Fort Smith, physical ed. Thomas H. Graddy, Jackson, Tenn., music Jo Ellen Green, Earle, mathematics James W. Guffey, Weiner, counselor ed. Donald E. Hamilton, Forrest City, history William B. Harris, Newport, English Sidney P. Hayes, Jonesboro, biology Brenda Helms, Jonesboro, rehab, couns. Billy D. Hook, Lake City, physical ed. Judy K. Hubble, Monette, English Vicki Hubbs, Little Rock, history Carroll E. Jones, Beebe, business ed. Elizabeth B. Jones, Jacksonville, physical ed. Arthur S. Kennedy, Siloam Springs, English Don R. Kesl, Scott, chemistry David B. Knight, Poplar Bluff, Mo., general bus. Walter L. Kyle, Harrisburg, biology Alvin Leach, Searcy, mathematics Judi M. Loberg, Jonesboro, physical ed. Sandra Manley, Caruthersville, Mo., rehab, couns. Sybil Massey, Wynne, reading Gary A. McBride, Pine Bluff, biology Rebecca A. Meredith, Reyno, elem. ed. Linda J. Middleton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., history Jerry L. Mitchell, Allison, agriculture Mary L. Mosley, West Memphis, business ed. James W. Murphy, Jonesboro, business ed. Floyd A. Neely, Harrisburg, physical sci. Judy Nesbitt, Conway, history Bonnie Nichols, Keiser, history Esther R. Noble, Kennett, Mo., biology Linda F. Patterson, Fort Smith, English Janie R. Purdy, DeWitt, reading Sandra D. Reynolds, Hot Springs, physical ed. Nancy C. Robbins, Covington, Tenn., music Claudia L. Rodgers, Pine Bluff, physical ed. Elvin B. Rogers, Hardy, counselor ed. Barbara Sbrilli, Russellville, business ed. Robert T. Singleton, Harrisburg, biology Elke Slayton, Jonesboro, English Hal P. Smith, Brinkley, business adm. Anne T. TerKeurst, Pine Bluff, special ed. Debra L. Tillery, Harrisburg, history Jerry M. Travis, Hayti, Mo., history Linda G. Trimue, Forrest City, special ed. Larry J. Worsham, Keiser, business adm. 119 Lanny Johns of Weldon was Indian Chief again this year. 122 Indian Family Cheerleaders Indian Cheerleaders— (kneeling, left to right) Warner Cruce, Dennis Kersting, Bill McCollum and Blake Hunt. Second row, Karen Moffitt, Janie Brummett, Holly Dodd and Maria Stewart. Majorettes Homecoming Royalty Student Government Association SGA officers for 1971-72 were (left to right) Thomas Hayes, first vice-president, Cindy Truxton. second vice-president and Mike Worley, president. SGA representatives were (first row, left to right) Millie Pearle, Simone Ortega, Rosemary Kinney, Becky Collier, Sheila Boxley and Terry Porter. (Second row) Flash Jarrett, Dale Morris, Nancy Elphingstone, Gale Sparks, Kathy Smith and Susie Glasgow. (Third row) Steven T. Dapp, Mike Jenkins, John Hardin, Barry Parish, Larry Reeves, Rick Cleveland and Larry Higgins. 130 SGA Activities — Hectic, Exciting SGA advisors are Sam Gennuso (left) and Lloyd Roberts. The Student Government Association in action. 133 Princess Platoon Becky Collier Holly Dodd Cvdnev Elslander Most people will agree that one bad thing resulted from the new voluntary ROTC program — the Princess Platoon was reduced in size from 24 to 13 young ladies. The Princesses serve as honorary ROTC officers, march in the Christmas Parade, and are hostesses for the Division of Mili- tary Science social functions. They even attend weekly drills along with the male cadets. Princesses are elected by the advanced corps. Carol Ann Grabbe Karen Johnston Elizabeth Linebarier 134 Laura Boyles Is 1971-72 Miss ASU The first few minutes — The shock .... The Crowning .... The happiness. Wonder if she registered her six-shooter? 137 Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities (Clockwise, from upper left) Cindy Truxton, Ken Showalter, Jean Stewart and John Belcher. 141 I ' •} " ■ ' i ' i, ' ; 1 . NMMta 1971-Herald ' s Fiftieth Year Ail informed student body can partly be attributed to ASU ' s printed media, The Herald, which serves as an educational laboratory in the various fields of journa- lism. Through the 1971-72 publication year The Herald achieved several distinctions. Celebrating its 50th year of publication The Herald obtained a first class rating from the Associated Collegiate Press. Three marks of distinction were received for the fall Herald which was the highest rating the A-State publication has ever re- ceived. Roy Ockert, Advisor Fall editors, left to right: Doug Szenher, managing editor; Liz Lockhart, managing editor; Debbye Hale, edi- tor. 149 Arrow Turns Creative Instead of being only a literary publication, this year the Arrow has become a creative magazine, including many types of works. The layout includes short stories, poems, a play, some engravings, a music composition and some photographs. This year ' s Arrow, written by stu- dents, allows them many more ways to express themselves. Sam Gennuso and Dr. Richard Messer, co-ad- visors. Arrow Staff, left to right: Emelyn Whitley, editor; Mike Sulcer, and Patti Camp. Indian Staff Experiences A Year Changes This year ' s Indian staff was unfortunately made up of a small band of full-time students, who dis- covered that a yearbook is also a full-time job. The conflicting schedules and shortage of time produc- ed a few staff ca sualties, and even more cases of switching positions and assignments. Wednesday night meetings went unattended and semester long assignments seemed to surprise everyone as the ever-changing deadlines drew near. Somehow, in spite of classes, papers, jobs and meetings, the staff managed to meet all the deadlines and pro- duced the 1971-72 Indian. Marian Miller (right), editor and Don Jones, assistant editor. I PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES-Cfirst row, left to right) Candy Volk, Barbara Long, Paula Carroll, Tricia Tull, Jean Eddie Mallory, Cindy Truxton, Cathy Rupard, Diane Brummett, Stewart, Lark Sallee and Barbara Campbell. Brenda Fowler, Anita Collie and Brenda Thacker. (Second row) Peggy Stroud Panhellenic Advisor 158 INTER-FRATERNITY REPRESENTATIVES— (first row, left to right) Brad Nelson, Jimmy Thompson, Walker Dunn, John Pennington, Michael Medlock, Mike Brown, Warner Cruce, Gary Pospisil, Gerald Ketchum and Tiny Goodman. (Second row) Wayne Deen, Thomas Hayes, Milton Chambers, Bert Lewis, Royce Pennington, Mike Mallory, Robert Kamm, Harry Sylar and Bill Harkey. Robert Moore IFC Advisor 159 Cindy Bell Thea Black Charray Carr Gwen Cason Sharon Collatt Anita G)llie Carol Cranford Barbara Creek Roberta Downs Connie Dryer Tricia Fagan Brenda Fowler Leslie Galloway Danna Green Gwen Green Judy Gregson Paula Grigsby Molly Harris Sally Harris Cricket Hayes Cheryl Haywood Patti Heard Janis Henderson Martha Henry Debby Holobaugh Jan Hunt Katie Keith Lou Lindsay Elizabeth Linebarrier Marilyn McCracken Debbie McNiel Mechaele Meadearis Rhonda Mendes Carol Morris Elsie Overstreet Sara Pratt Becky Raley Rose Ann Redd Cathy Reynolds Kay Reynolds Nancy Richie Terri Rogers Cathy Rupard Debbie Sanders Pam Smart Sara Spikes Sara Stallcup Diane Teague Susie Tuggle Nancy Tull Pam Ward Debra Whisenhunt [udy Young To say it simply, Alpha Gamma Delta had another successful year. Alpha Gams were involved in all the Greek activities on campus and had a great part in altruistic projects. Alpha Gamma Delta sponsors a Talent Show yearly as a fund-raising service. Alpha Gams con- tinue to hold friendship, leadership, truth, scholar- ship and womanhood as high ideals. SPRING PLEDGES — (front row) Elizabeth Flannigan, Jayme Jones, Jan Green, (back row) Diane Dapp, Biecki Hampton, Kathy Newson and Sheilah Moser. 161 Cathy Baker Lori Barnes Lynn Boquet Sheila Boxley Jan Burton Denise Campbell Paula Carroll Becky Collier Jeanne Crain Phoebe Cyrus Mary Davis Ina Rave Downing Debbie Duncan Vicki Dupwe Cydney Elslander Jan Freeland Debbie Galloway Marlene Gamec Debbie Gasaway Debbie Gilbert Vicki Jo Givens Teresa Green Mary Ann Greer Ann Morton Carolyn Hudgins Jane Jolly Pam Justus Marilyn Kirkpatrick Becky Lueken Michelle Luster Barbara Marconi Mary Jane Massey Alexis Menke Tina Meyer Marian Miller Karen Moffitt Beth Moss Pam Phelps Terry Porter Jane Prothro Joan Puddephat Mary Jane Reese Barbara Reng Betsy Sewell Gale Sparks Dee Stacks Charlotte Trantham Cindy Truxton Tricia Tull Meredith Walker Elizabeth Watson Patti Willett 162 WUUUBUB - - Vi e. Founded at Columbia University in 1897, Alpha Omicron Pi has grown to widespread national status. ASU ' s chapter, Sigma Omicron, received its charter in 1949. The AOPi Songfest, sponsored annually by Sigma Omicron, is a philanthropic project and the proceeds go to the National Arthritis Foun- dation. Alpha Omicron Pi also takes part in a variety of other charitable ventures. Aside from charities, the local chapter is concerned about the welfare and well-being of its own members and has a special scholarship fund designed to enable any sister to cope with financial bar- riers for a college education. The officers for the year are Cindy Truxton, president; Tricia Tull, vice president; Debbie Galloway, recording secretary; Marlene Gamec, corresponding secretary; Marian Miller, treas- urer. 163 Eddie Mallory Nancy Elphingston Carol Runnels Connie Risby Phyllis Dennington Diane Brummett Linda Beaman Pat Brown Janie Brummett Betsy Burch Nini Cavender Holly Dodd Susan Elder Kay Ellington Emily Enderlin Gaye Fitts Carol Ann Grabbe Jan Hambrick Sharman Hannah Pam Holland Cindy Howe Charlene Inboden Dianna Inboden Jerrie Jones Delia Jordan Cbristy Keller Vicki Kemp Martha Lindley Carla Medley Glenda Molock Lynn Moore Debby Neely Nancy Rhodes Cindy Richardson Sharon Schlesier Kathy Spann Kathy Spaulding Sally Starkey Maria Stewart Georgeanne Stump Janice Stump Sue Topp Kathleen Warbington Chanda Watkins Candy Webb Melanie Webb Pat Winchester Ann Young CHI CHI OMEGA Omicron Zeta chapter of Chi Omega was founded on the ASU campus Feb. 25, 1961. Now having 157 collegiate chapters, Chi Omega was founded at the Uni- versity of Arkansas in 1895. Throughout the history of Chi Omega, six purposes have been stressed — sincere learning and creditable scholar- ship, high standards of personnel, friendship, vocational goals, social and civic service and participation in campus activities. Officers for the year were Eddie Mallory, president; Nancy Elphingstone, vice president; Carol Runnels, secre- tary; Connie Risby, treasurer; Phyllis Dennington, pledge trainer; Dianne Brummett, personnel. SPRING PLEDGES - (front row) Susan Ferguson, Teresa Roach, Valerie Colaianni, (back row) Dixie Conner, Caryn Ellis, Kathy Loser and Janis Brock. 165 Mary Jo Hudgins, president Kathy Smith, vice-president Fran Brown, secretary Judith Edwards, treasurer Elizabeth Alley Lynda Batchelor Elaine Bitely Marilyn Brown Sharon Davis Bettv Ferralasco Sandy Fielder Reginia Files Patsy Gann Susie Glasgow Evelyn Hamilton Sharon Holt Hope Ishmael Judy Johnson Regina Kammeyer Diana Ketchum Jane Louks Debbie Margrave Linda Oltma nn Dana Olvey Lynda Pratt Sheiron Ramsey Becca Reaves Fran Richards Pam Richardson Lark Sallee Mikki Sidebottom Debbie Steele Judy Tarzi Brenda Thacker Becky Toombs Judy Walter Beth Ward Emelyn Whitley Beverly Willis Sarah Wray 166 Since Kappa Delta was formed in 1897 at Longwood College, the sorority has grown to well over 100 chapters throughout the country. The local ASU chapter has also grown and matured since its beginnings here in March, 1968. This year ' s pro- jects included a Christmas party for a Jonesboro needy family, a strong intramural program and several drop-ins. KD ' s took top honors in this year ' s PiKA Little Olym- pics and AGD Talent Show. They also took second place in the sorority division Homecoming display competition. KD initiated 1 1 new members on Jan. 23, and welcomed five new pl edges in the spring. Officers were Mary Jo Hudgins, president; Kathy Smith, vice president; Fran Brown, secretary; Judith Edwards, treasurer; Jane Louks, asst. treasurer; Regina Files, editor; and Sheiron Ramsey, membership chairman. One hundred and nineteen years after Phi Mu ' s founding at Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga., Phi Mu has grown by leaps and bounds. Phi Mu is the second oldest social organization in the nation. In a national ranking with other NPC groups in the U. S., Phi Mu has moved up into the top 10 rank. Epsilon Delta was installed at ASU in 1951. Since its installation, Phi Mu has sponsored many national and local philanthropic projects. Each year the group sponsors the Phi Mu Playhouse, proceeds from which go to the S. S. Hope, a hospital ship that travels over the world to give medical aid to underdeveloped nations. Also, Phi Mu raises funds annually that go to St. Jude ' s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Other philanthropic projects include a health mobile, International Fellowships, Phi Mu Foundation and volun- teer work on the local level. Officers for 1972 were Candy Volk, president; Brenda Singley, vice-president; Polly Bailey, corresponding secre- tary; Kathleen Werner, recording secretary; Beverly Barnes, treasurer; Gloria Brown, pledge trainer; Jeanette Fawcett, membership; Debbie Taylor, Panhellenic delegate. Susie Andrews Diane Barton Pam Beene Sandra Bennett Melanie Brackett Lynn Brockman Janice Carter Monta Cooper Nancy Coverdale Karan Eldridge Teddie Jo Etter Donna Everett Jeanette Fawcett Linda Fletcher Chris Ford Janet Gallant Beth Hudson Susan Johnson 168 Rushees were impressed by the Phi Mu hospitality. A coverall-ed Phi Mu chorus line sings and dances the praises of the PiKA " Little Olympics. " Candy Volk, president Brenda Singley, vice pres. Kathleen Werner, secretary Beverly Barnes, treasurer Gloria Brown, pledge trainer Nancy Laughter Lynn Ledbetter Rosemary Kinney Nancy McCulley Donna Meacham Judy Mitchell Jami Nicholson Madelyn Parsons Bonnie Sue Shaver Carla Singley Mary Sloan Patti Sloan Tricia Staub Cindy Swindle Libby Swindle Lois Ann Tusing Lou Walker Kathy Wiggins 169 Mrs. W. H. Faulkner Mrs. Pat Richardson jina Anderson Verneal Baker Susie Birdsong Barbara Bland Kathy Block Rosanne Brown Barbara Campbell Pam Carter Laura Cossey Rheta Cotton Beth Grain Karole Edwards Joan Emrich Carolyn Fardeecy Martha Faulkner Kathy Fowler Kristie Goodwin Judy Halsell Sheila Harden Mary Beth Huber Becky Hudson Janice Hurley Vicki Johnson Carolyn Kerner Teena Knepper Barbara Long Jean Lorance Linda Marconi Patsy Manning Penny Mathews Barbara McBryde Vivian Moore Debbie Pounders Paula Rawls Rita Roberts Mary Simpson Jeanay Smith Paula Spence Jean Stewart Cynthia Tarvet Lu Ann Thrombrough Jan Thompson Judy Wheeler 170 SPRING PLEDGES - Nancy Speir, Tina Zirbel, Sandra Morehart, Yvonne Taylor, and Billie Joe Bloodworth. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College in 1868. The ASU chapter, Zeta Omicron, was granted its charter in May, 1968, one hundred years later. The Zetas are ever active in campus and charitable activities. They work with the National Association for Retarded Children and other such service organizations. Every year they also help entertain the children at the Jonesboro Christmas Parade by donning masks and cos- tumes of famous comic and fairytale characters. Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation helps make loans and scholarships available to the ASU sisters. There are similar Zeta financial aids available on the national level. Sig Ep, Chi O Take 4 500 ' Races This nice informal picture depicts what the entire " Little 500 " is all about — WINNING! Sigma Phi Epsilon and Chi Omega took the racing honors. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s semblance of a fire truck took first in the best looking pushcart competition. The 13th annual Lambda Chi Alpha " Little 500 " honors went to Sigma Phi Epsilon, in the fraternity push cart competition, and Chi Omega, in the sorority tricycle and push cart races. Alpha Omicron Pi sorority won the decoration competition. In festivities at the Sunday event, Pat Bilinsky was crowned queen of the races. Other royalty were Nicki St. Clair, Diane Hop- wood, Nancy Jo Ricki, Beverly Taylor, Jeana Horner, Ruth Scott, Sharon Armour, Karen McCann, Cydney Elslander, Linda Molock, Jeanette Fawcett, Micki Side- bottom, Sharon Collatt and Patsy Manning. A good time was had by all. Pat Bilinsky manages a heartv smile as she is downed queen of the 1971 Lambda Chi " Litde 500. " 172 Dirty KD ' s Win! Coke drinkings, egg throwings, sack races . . . and about three feet of mud. That ' s what makes a PiKA " Little Olympics. " That ' s also what makes all the sorority girls so tired, sore and dirty once each fall. The KD ' s oozed into first place this year, before they oozed back to their rooms and out of their mucky clothes. For their troubles they re- ceived a trophy and a cash donation to their favorite charity. The other girls received the best mud bath they would get during the entire year. But a good time was had by all. Hogs aren ' t the only people who wallow in the mud in Arkansas. These ASU students are apparently enjoying the good dirty fun afforded by the PiKA mudpit. 173 Odd Couple ' Takes First Place Greeks gave birth to the drama. And each year their ASU counterparts seem to try to rectify the mistake during the Phi Mu Playhouse. With proceeds going to the S.S. Hope, various Greek organizations group together to try their hands in Thespian endeavors. This year Sig Ep, Chi O and AGR joined forces to win the competition with their presentation of " The Odd Couple. " The Alpha Gams, AOPi ' s and Lambda Chi ' s presented " The Sound of Music; " Zeta ' s, Tekes and ATO ' s, " Summer Tree; " KD ' s, PiKA ' s and KA ' s, " Plaza Suite. " Terry Goodman was named best actor and Rheta Cotton won the best actress title. A good time was had by all. Huddling in (right, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Gamma Delta members of the cast of " The Sound of Music " crowd in close to Debbie Sanders, the governess. The AOPi ' s and AGD ' s teamed up with the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity in the production. 174 It! Ill I Tekes Get Nailed; | Fingerbowl To KA The terrifying Teke offensive failed to outscore the members of Kappa Alpha fraternity in the 23rd annual Tau Kappa Epsilon " Finger- bowl, " losing to the KA ' s 31-20. Nevertheless the crowd eagerly awaited the exciting ending of the contest. In fact, they eagerly awaited the beginning of the contest also, while the Tekes spent 20 minutes searching for " flags " for the flag-tag game. Somebody had forgotten them! During the wait, however, Teke " cheerleaders " entertained the audience. Brenda Singley reigned as queen of the game. Her maids were Karen Eldridge, Thea Black, Barbara Massey, Judy Johnson, Cathy Jones, Pat Brown and Karen Johnston. The 25 cent admission fee was donated to charity. A good time was had by all. 1 i 1 p — — mn i 4 I ( A Teke back heads for open territory in the annual Teke Fingerbowl. But alas, the ill-fated hosts were doomed to a 31-20 loss to the KA ' s. What does a Kappa Delta version of a Tau Kappa Epsilon clock say? Teke-tock, Teke-tock! What else could it? Lambda Chi director Tommy Runnels accepts his frater- nity ' s award from AOPi Lib- by Watson. Danna Green, Alpha Gam director, is pre- sented the sorority division " Songfest " trophy by Susan Doty. AOPi Songfest The vocal ensembles of Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Gamma Delta won " thumbs up " from the judges at the Alpha Omicron Pi ' ' Songfest. " The two trophy- winning groups were a part of 10 ASU fraternities and sororities that took part in the annual fund-raising event for the National Arthritis Foundation. The LXA singers, under the direction of Tommy Runnels of Eudora, presented their rendition of " Scarborough Fair. " " God Made Our Hands " was the number selected by the Alpha Gams, under the direction of Danna Green of Doniphan, Mo. The various groups competed in either small or large ensemble divisions, and trophies were presented to only the top fraternity and top sorority entrants. 176 AGD Talent Show Debbie Steele, Kappa Delta, presents her version of " Can You Imagine. " A Kappa Delta member, Debbie Steele of West Mem- phis, won the top honors in the annual Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show. Miss Steele did vocal and guitar arrangements of " Can You Imagine " and " And There You Are. " Proceeds from the yearly event, which draws talented entrants from many campus organizations, go to Cleft Palate Research. Demetrys Johnson of Helena, the Arkansas Hall en- trant, won second place with a vocal selection. Third place honors were awarded to the Phi Mu Alpha String Quartet which did a jug-band presentation of " Cripple Creek. " Bathed in the warm glow of a subdued spotlight, Arkansas Hall ' s Demetrys Johnson belts out " Natural Women. " 177 Greeks do more than have drunks and grab every available body during rush. Public service and charity projects . . . promotion of school pride and public spirit . . . love and attention to neglected children . . . contributions to the concept of the complete university . . . the raising of a little hell on week- ends, in hopes of killing the commuter atmosphere . . . the sharing of the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood among at least a portion of the college population. Greek activities are definitely varied, from wild parties, to spring formals, to charity drives on street corners. Mrs. Lynn Stewart, House Mother Dr. .Albin Langlois Ronny Allen Danny Billings Neil Brown Tim Burkett Walker Dunn Joey English Robert E. English Stephen Finch Tom Franzen Calvin Freehling Gary L. Friga Thomas Hayes Bruce Holmes Charles Horton Dr. Claud Irby Kem Johns Lanny Johns Jake Kemp Ronald Kersh Donald King Norman Lueck Dale Morris Dale Oltmann Barry Parish Roger Pitchford George Purdy Carl Robinson Charles Rowe Raymond Saranie Roger Scott Bob Shafer Charles Shulk Ralph Simmons Larry Singleton Tim Spence Perry Sullins Stephen Toney Gene Vance Joe Varvil Bilbrey ]oe Wallis Berry Walls Johnny Williams Dennis Wingert 180 Alpha Gamma Rho is both a professional and social fraternity. It is similar in organization to other social fra- ternities except that its members are selected from among those undergraduate men pursuing majors in agriculture or related occupations. Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in the fall of 1904 at Ohio State University. It is the newest fraternity at ASU, having been granted its colony status in the spring of 1970. In the fall of 1971 the first fraternity house was opened at Arkansas State by the brothers of Ag Rho. Outside the fraternity, AGR ' s are active in the SGA and other campus organization including one member who serves as Chief Big Track. This year ' s officers were: Walker Dunn, noble ruler; Danny Billings, vice noble ruler; Bob Shafer, recording secretary; Carl Robinson, corresponding secretary; Charles Horton, treasurer; Steve Toney, historian and reporter; Thomas Hayes, pledge trainer; Berry Walls, house manager. D. Chittenden B. Nelson M. Gray J. Taylor N. Snow G. Funderburg D. Young M. Jones J. Gadin S. Taylor L. O ' Dell The ATO drop-in, alias the " corner-a-coed-in-a- corner " game. SPRING PLEDGES - (front row) Ted Cunningham, John Wallace, Terry Cross; (back row) Dickie Johnston, Terry Gibbons, Gary Meador, Keith Jones, Gene Gardner, Greg Nelson, Rick Jones, and Roger Sumpter. R. Owens D. Huddleston J. Butera D. Heasley M. Day S. West G. Hughes M. Elliot 182 L. Lusk R. Kamm M. Surratt E. Lea D. Jones R. Scroggs AI ■MnnBnHHMBH ALPHA TAU OMEGA i Alpha Tau Omega was begun in 1865, the first national fraternity founded after the civil war. ASLJ ' s Eta Gamma chapter received its charter in January, 1968. Annually, the ATO ' s sponsor the intramural football tournament and actively take part in all phases of campus life — from intramural sports to civic and social activities. Other Tau energy was directed toward a strong rush and in improving the fraternity house. The ATO ' s took pride in themselves, the Greek sys- tem and the university. Officers for the year were Brad Nelson, president; Mike Surratt, vice president; Richard Scroggs, secre- tary; Lynn Lusk, treasurer; James Tart, historian; Steve Taylor and Joe James, ritual; Don Jones and Jim Gatlin, pledge educators. Penney Raymond was 1971-72 ATO Sweetheart. Penney Raymond 1971-72 ATO Sweetheart Taus crowd around Sweetheart Penney (somewhere in middle) after presenting her with a birth- day serving tray. J. Tart R. Clayton G. Edwards J. Engles D. Reid J. Branch T. Rand D. Rogers D. Burks C. Foot 183 184 ■HMHHBHHHHi KAPPA ALPHA This year has been one of the most rewarding years for the Kap- pa Alpha Order. Starting it was our taking and accepting a large group of fine young gentlemen in- to our fraternity and making them one of the finest pledge classes we ' ve ever had. By hard work and strong brother- hood Kappa Alpha was able to take the number one trophy for best homecoming display in the mechan- ical division. Then by extensive teamwork KA took another victory in winning over the TKE ' s in their own TKE Fingerbowl. We hope to continue with the fine success we have had this year and make next year an even bet- ter one. President, Bert Lewis; vice pres- ident, Mike Dodson; secretary, Rus- ty Sheridan; corresponding secre- tary, John Dozier; historian, Ralph Clifton; treasurer, Bruce Horn- berger; parliamentarian, Robert Taylor; doorkeeper, Milton Cham- bers; ritualist, David Purdy. 185 Dr. Paul Gwinup, advisor Capt. Oler Williams, advisor Chris Rolle, president Danny Sample, vice pres. Kim Holley, secretary Ronnie Jackson, treasurer Rick Deuser, pledge ed. Tom McCord, rush chr. Rodney Tyer, scholarship Dennis Campbell, social Russ Goad Gary Adams Mike Bailey Bill Betzner Glenn Brooks Steve Bryant Monte Callicott Mike Camp Steve Cole Mel Coleman Bill Cook John Dalton Steve Ernst Lawrence Hylle Wayne Lee Mike Mallory Mike Massengill Tom McNultv Paul Miller Dennis Molock Greg Moore Tom Owens Royce Pennington Lanry Ratliff Bobby Rogers Tommy Runnels Randy Skaida Greg Smith Alan Thomas Tom Thompson Mark Tisdale Frank Toney Nick Vrettos Jack Wagnon Curtis Williams 186 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University in 1909, is the largest national fraternity on the ASU campus. The Iota Theta chapter received its charter in 1959. Each year the brothers of LXA sponsor the Lambda Chi " Little 500 " and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. They also sponsor a Founders ' Day banquet and the Crescent Ball. An annual Mark Crow Scholarship is given to a deserving sophomore who has maintained a 3.5 gradepoint or better. LXA brothers of ASU are active in SGA, ROTC, Indian staff, athletics, Who ' s Who, and the Marching Indian Band. Officers for the year were Chris Rolle, presi- dent; Danny Sample, vice president; Ronnie Jackson, treas- urer; Kim Holley, secretary; Russ Goad, ritualist; Rich Deuser, pledge educator. CYDNEY ELSLANDER LXA Crescent Girl PLEDGES - (seated) Randy Erwin, Lawrence Hylle, George King, (standing) Stan McPike, Larry Jansen, Kelly Thomas, Greg Moore, Mike Eggers, Rick Hall and Mike Newton. 187 Wayne Deen, president Larry Jennings, v. president David Grandgeorge, treasurer Gary McGahhey, secretary Kevin Rorick, rush chm. Jim Ault Ray Blaney Gary Brown Ralph Chesier Ken Copeland Robert Dacus Tim Davis Pete Davis Melvin Dawson Woody Delorme Jackie Drake Phil Elkins Robert Fett George Fouts Bob Green Bobby Harris Larry Higgins David Holstead C. F. Hyman Steve Jackson S. T. Johnson Skip Johnson Dave Johnston Mike Jones Steve Jones Mike Joust Gerald Ketchum Bill Klutho Jack Law John Lewis Stephen Lightfoot Larry McQuirter Daniel Medlock Mike Medlock Donnie Merriot George Mires Gary Mueller Mike Norris Keith Overstreet Gary Pitts Frank Rains Larry Ray Marshall Schmitt Danny Smith M. D. Staton Doug Szenher Claude West Doug Wilkerson Tommy Wilkins Steve Willis Doug Wood Mike Worley Phoebe Cyrus, PiKA Sweetheart PI KAPPA A.LPHA. Pi Kappa Alpha was found in Memphis, Tenn., in 1868; Delta Theta chapter, here at ASU, was granted its charter in 1948. Being one of the oldest campus social organizations, Delta Theta has long been, and still is, active in campus activities. A PiKA, Mike Worley, was this year ' s Student Government Association president. Pikes have also held positions on the school paper, IFC and in varsity athletics. Each year the ASU chapter sponsors the " Little Olym- pics. " They also throw a party at Christmas for area orphans and underprivileged children. An All-Greek basketball tournament, Dream Girl Formal and Founder ' s Day Ban- quet are other Pi KA-spon sored events. PiKA officers were: Wayne Deen, president; Larry Jennings, vice president; David Grandgeorge, treasurer; Gary McGahhey, secretary; and Kevin Rorick, rush chair- man. 189 SIGMA PHI EPSILON - (first row, left to right) Keith Craft, Ruth Kemp, sweetheart, John Cook. (Second row) Larr y Morgan, Rick Grigsby, Eddie Bradford, Dale Lewelling, Tommy Reed, Bob Appleton, Mark Wilson, Joe Miles. (Third row) Bill Word, Gary Gray, Mike Fondren, Steve Alexander, Sammy Erwin, Paul Doty, David Jean, Terry Kemp, N. Ray Campbell, Mike Eliott, David Green- wood. (Fourth row) Mike Hayes, Cary Elbert, Kelly Lewallen, Rick Davis, Stoney Burke, John Manatt, David Clark, Steve Model- evsky, Rick Aycock. (Fifth row) Ken Showalter, Chris Aycock, Chris Pierce, Tom Tull, Ben Bush, Michael O ' Donald, Mike Graham, Robert Campbell, Terry Goodman. (Sixth row) Gary Boone, David Moore, Van Wineland, Bobby McNeal, Harold Henry, Johnny Gregory, John Pennington, Jim Ragsdale and Dempsey Fisher. SIGMA PHI EPSILON The spirit of competition is strong in the Sigma Phi Epsilon brotherhood. The Sig Eps are always strong contenders for the intramurals all-sports trophy. Ruth Kemp, sweetheart The year was a year of change and self-analysis for the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Arkansas State Uni- versity. An associate member program was implemented in place of the usual pledgeship. In the spring, the members of Arkansas Gamma chapter held a retreat in order to sit back and discuss the problems and future of the changing fraternity system. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901 at Richmond College. Ever since that time, Sig Ep brothers have been striving to make SPE the best fraternity yet. This year, Gamma chapter was highly active in all aspects of intramural competition and other Greek ac- tivities. They were a part of the top play cast in the Phi Mu Playhouse. The annual Christmas party for under- privileged children was also held again. All in all, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been trying to find their place in the ever-changing fraternity system and make the word " Greek " a nice name again. 191 (First row, left to right) John Clark, Allen Williams, Jackie Mc- Grew, Gary Oldham, Roger Franks, Bobby Waymire and Glenn McCutchen. (Second row) Bubba Morris, Lynn Luster, Mike Cogbill, Ronnie Thompson, Winston Turpin, Herb Sanderson and John Drewey. (Third row) Bob Miller, Olen Smith, Joe Griffin, Mike Huff, Mike Slabaugh, Ed Harris, Allen Wilkins, Terry Pierce and Gary Pospisil. (Fourth row) Craig Johnson, Ronnie Jones, Carl Tillery, Greg Smelser, Maurice Trites, Donnie Glenn, Bill Harkey, John Swope, Doug Lowery, Jim Harris, Doug Bishop and Allen Lovell. (Seated, left to right) Mike Slabaugh, sergeant-at-arms; Winston Turpin, herald; Allen Lovell, treasurer; Ronnie Jones, secretary; and Mike Gibson, vice president. (Standing) Dr. Robert Ferralasco, advisor; Olen Smith, president; and Dan Trevathan, advisor. SPRING PLEDGES-(seated, left to right) James Byrd, Jay Holland, Neil Gordan and Glenn Mc- Cutchen. (Standing) Bobby Waymire, Dave Davidson, Carl Tillery, Buz Chamberlain and Bob Jolliff. Peter Alberts Steve Alston Dewayne Anderson Jim Bailey Paul Balducci Roger Barnett Tom Bingley Wayne Bond Rick Bradsher Coy Branscum Mike Brown Wayne Buck Gene Burton Ron Caldwell Dennis Calloway Don Carson Pat Cass Mike Clary Ray Coble Eddie Coleman James Cooper Terry Cooper Charlie Cothran Mike Crow Warner Cruce Scott Curry Pete Dunn Tommy Gibbs Terry Givens Mike Gray Tom Gray David Gregory Gillis Griffin Holmes Hammett Raymon Harvey Eddie Hafhcock Ron Hayes Benny Hobson Tim Hodges Keith Holland Jimmy Howard Kenny James Richard Jarrett Mike Jenkins Jim Paul Johnson Lt. Col. Norman Keith Len Kemp James Kyle Mike Lanier Bill Lieblong David Limpach Dennis Luter Jim Lyons Mike Mallott Phillip Matthews Bill McCollum Ed McLain Bob Meacham Steve Metzler Travis Moore Dean Nebben Steve Nolan Tommv Owens Jim Pate Buddv Pierce Billy Porter Jim Pratt Rick Rodery Gaylon Rogers Morris Ross Scott Rowell Darryl Schlenker Randy Shoemaker Steve Smart Harrv Svlar Dave Tackett Garv Teague Mike Thompson Billy Don Tiner Jerry Unser Tommy Vaughn Fred Wetzel Mike Wooten 194 For the third out of the past four years, Beta Psi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon succeeded in winning the Intramural Sweepstakes Trophy. They did so by running their win string in volleyball to over 35 games, and by tak- ing the basketball and football trophies. Beta Psi also was named as a runner-up to the top Teke Chapter Award, which they won last year. TKE also placed second in the Homecoming display competition, this also for the second consecutive year. Three Beta Psi fraters were named to the Who ' s Who. Beta Psi also donated much time to its public service commitments, conducting its Public Service Weekend last spring, and annual Goodfellows Canned Food Drive at Christmas. They also led all fraternities in donating the most blood in the Red Cross ' Spring Blood Drive. Serving Beta Psi as officers for this year were: Mike Brown, president; Don Carson, vice president; Jim Kyle, secretary; Ron Caldwell, treasurer; Jim Paul Johnson, pledge trainer; Billy Don Tiner, chaplain; Bill Leiblong, historian; Wayne Buck, sergeant-at-arms. BRENDA SINGLEY, TKE Sweetheart 195 196 1 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA - (first row, left to right) Sandra Distretti, Betty Hubbard, Lana McClish, Susan Duff. (Second row) Marjorie Barringer, Vicki Dupwe, Carol Ann Grabbe, Janice Barner, Diane England, Pauletta Heard. (Third row) Kathy Sue Block, Ina Raye Downing, Vicki Kemp, Kathy Spann, Vickie Bray, Georgeanne Stump and Rosemary Kinney. ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON - (first row, left to right) Barbara Reng, Connie Risby, Holly Dodd, Jane Galloway. (Second row) Bar- bara Marconi, Elizabeth Watson, Pamela Davis and Phyllis Denning- 200 ARKANSAS HALL COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Jean Koppenhaver, Tudy Halsell, Shiela Hardin, Barbara Bland, Margee Bell, Pauletta Heard. (Second row) Jeanay Smith, Judy Jones, Glenda Elkins, Sallye Bledsoe, Sharon Gill and Aleecia Allen. AWS BOARD - (first row, left to right) Annette Sims, Valerie Ellison, Joan Dalziel, Millie Pearle, Sheryl E. Lockhart. (Second row) Pauletta Heard, Barbaranette Twillie, Judy Jones, Karole Edwards, Phyllis Garrison. (Third row) Barbara Campbell, Sharon Gill, Elizabeth Alley, Marie Wood, Shiela Hardin and Susie Glasgow. 201 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Sandra Distretti, Glenda J. Monk, Martha Jean McHaney, Brenda Burge. (Second row) Mary Ann Whitaker, Sharon Pegg, Sandra Weaver, Myra Estes, Sharon Wegman. (Third row) Rick Ramsey, Michael P. White, Jerry Dickerson, Doug Lasley, John Rushing and Benny Clark. BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION - (first row, left to right) Lynda Dorothea Williams, Flora Chandler, Linda Bowens, Rose Scott, Dianna Jefferson, Dinah Frazier, Willie Jones, Lucy Jefferson, Carl Nicholson, Ella V. Anderson, Dorothy Greer, Stephen Tricarico. (Second row) Richard White, Anthony Grant, Robert Jones, Joe Black, Clotis Hill, Rab Harris, Phyllis Wheeler. (Third row) Leon C. Smith, Herschel L. Jones, Gary L. Winfrey, Larry D. Ward, Debra Ann Riley, Willie Davidson, Marcus Freeman, Kenneth Clark, Genard Medley, Emma Milliner, Mary Campbell and Thomas Hill. 202 CHI ALPHA — (first row, left to right) Charlene Wise, Elaine White, Brenda Tollison, Phyllis Barger, Joyce Kee, Marsha Burrow, Sharon Burrow. (Second row) Danny Ring, John Barron, E. Joe Wilmoth, Larry Sharpe, Thomas Worley, Dean Tilley and Lonnie Richardson. CHURCH OF CHRIST STUDENT CENTER - (first row, left to right) Susan Watson, Shari Hatman, Terry Richardson. Karen Batton, Pam Spikes, Kathleen Richardson, Terry Conley. (Second row) Donna Cooper, Jan Tyler, Kenny Beck, Judy Kay Fetters, Jim Johnson, Wayman Hatman Jr., John Harvester. (Third row) E. Winston Burton, Eddie Prince, Thomas Norvell, David R. Ward, David Tyler, Stuart Moten, Philip Burton, Larry Eubanks and Joe Hurd. GAMMA BETA PHI — (first row, left to right) Donna Kaye Moody, L orraine Savelli, Marie Baird, Deena Sutton, Debby Holobaugh, Deborah Burlison. (Second row) Lari Hunt, Teresa Wilson, Hope Ishmael, Alvin Phillips, Bera Rogers, Ralph Fore Jr., Molly Nebhut and Rick Batterton. KAYS HALL COUNCIL — (first row, left to right) Valerie Ellison, Jeannie Wy, Beverly Watson, Kaye Bard- well. (Second row) Fran Devereux, Karen Callis, Tricia Benton, Karole Ed- wards, Gwen Turner. (Third row) Mary French, Brenda Dethrow, Debbie Obsitnik, Kristie Goodwin, Barbara Campbell and Laurie Sharp. PHI ETA SIGMA - (first row, left to right) Calvin Ratliff, Jackie White, Mark Boerner, Edmund Bainette. (Second row) Wayne Long, Jerry Brown, Herschel L. Jones, Sam Helm and Gary Roberts. 206 STATE HALL COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Ronnie Johnson, Mark Boerner, Bobby Noles, Jack Kuzepski, Sidney Harris. (Second row) Billy Hall, Robert Jones, Dennis Anderson, King Bell and James Baker. 207 TWIN TOWERS COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Tim Rand, Charles Jarrett, Edward Kowalski, James Hays, Robert Middle- ton, Mike Wooten. (Second row) David Burnell, Noel Schaffer, Tom Moore, Galen Lambert, Monti Callicott, Archie Haynes and Jett Cato. UNIVERSITY HALL COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Mary Simpson, Deena Sutton, Cathy Reynolds, Debra Whisenhunt, Becky Bell, Betsy Burch. (Second row) Kathy Block, Kerry Smith, Cricket Hayes, Mary Jo Hudgins, Elizabeth Alley, Susie Glasgow and Frances Berry. VETERANS CLUB - (first row, left to right) Lowell D. Philp, James D. Sanders, Rob Koorstad, Gary Langston, Ricky Caples. (Second row) Ronny Allen, Terry M. Julian, Robert D. Balm, Lawrence Collier, Ed Reilly, Jim Brown. (Third row) Charles Heavener, Jerry W. May, A. W. Shively Jr., Tom Compton, Gene Ben- son and Dean Tucker. WESLEY FOUNDATION — (first row, left to right) John D. Rooker, Margee Bell, Bill Edgar, Patti Tapp, Gary Goza. (Second row) Lynn Marr, Arleta Marshall, Jennifer Kelly, Kenneth Simington, Donna Ester. (Third row) Jim Randle, Susie Ivy, Donald Tapp, Mike Hellyer and Steve Toney. Linksters Falter In SLC Meet The Indian golf team hosted the Southland Confer- ence golf championships, but the home course advantage still wasn ' t enough to pull the linksters to the top in the SLC standings. Having made a weak showing all year with a 5-5 regular season record, the golfers had trouble putting it all together and were easily outshot by a defending cham- pion Lamar Tech team with 1,182 strokes; Trinity at 1,191 strokes and the University of Texas- Arlington with a 1,201 total. However, the Tribe bettered their finish in the SLC race over the previous season in which they made a cellar finish. They captured fourth place with 1,237 strokes leav- ing Abilene Christian nine strokes down at 1,246. Despite an outstanding performance by Trinity ' s Dave Williams who turned in rounds of 74-74-70-71 to win Med- alist in the meet, the favored Lamar Tech team was able to grab its ninth straight championship with little effort. I Jim Craig (right) concentrates on his form before attempting a putt, while Louis Nisen- baum (below) tries a long one. Netters Match Golf Finish Despite having the best record in the history of the school, 13-6, the A-State tennis team succumbed to Trinity University in the SLC championships and allowed the Ti- gers to gain the title for the seventh time in eight years. In the final standings, which includes tournament and round-robin points, the Tigers tallied 46 points with Lamar Tech, its closest competitor in the championships, way back with 21 points. Abilene found third place only two points behind the Cardinals at 19, ASU was fourth with 10, and a somewhat hopeless UTA netter unit fell to the bottom of the stand- ings with a cumulative three points. The week before the SLC meet, the Indians met three conference foes and dropped all three contests. At Lamar Tech, they went down 5-1 with Ken Mitchell taking the only win. Then Trinity, ranked No. 2 nationally at the time, shut them out 6-0; and attempting to salvage something out of the trip, the Indians made a better show- ing against Abilene. Unfortunately, the Tribe still ended up on the short end as they only dealt the winning hand in two of the four matches. Paul Balducci (left) makes a serve be- fore onlookers while Monty Rainey (lower left) returns a volley and Bret Baker (below) goes high to complete his serve. 4 ♦ • " » ♦ ♦ S 213 Injuries Plague Track Team From the start of indoor season, injuries took a toll on the Indian thinclads and hampered what appeared to be a prospectively great track season for the Tribe. Veteran sprinter and world record holder in the 120- yard high hurdles, Thomas Hill, was the first loss to the team when he was knocked down going over a hurdle in Monroe, La. Hill suffered a knee injury that laid him out for the remainder of the season. With the onset of outdoor season, a rash of pulled mus- cles sidelined several other sprinters and quartermilers and virtually ruined the Tribe ' s bid for the title in the SLC meet in Kays Stadium. The Tribe finished third in the meet for the second year in a row with 50 points. A strong Lamar Tech team ended Abilene Christian ' s seven year domination of the track title in a 114-91 upset of the Wildcats. UTA was fourth with 21 points and Trinity, in a sorry showing, came up with only one point. Below are members of the 440 relay team. They are (from left to right) Genard Medley, J. L. Wilburn, Tom Bingley, Charles Love and David McGough. Tom Bingley (above) grimaces as he leans into the tape in an effort to beat out an Abilene Christian opponent. 214 Clayton Clay (above) shows the strain of heavin g the shot. Bob Gray (above) decides to cool his heels on one lap of Charles Love (below) leads two Abilene Christian sprinters the steeplechase competition. Willie Davidson and Lamar ' s to the finish line. Charles Blackburn battle to a deadlock in a crucial 880-yard run. 215 When bad luck comes, it hits in effective numbers and in long streaks for the Indians as the thinclads continued to find out. Not only did injuries foul up the sprint teams but they also cut the season short for a couple of field event men. Promising 16-foot vaulter, Barney Hess sat out the 71 term when a freak accident on the trampoline in the P.E. building placed his left leg in a cast for more than six weeks. At the start of the season, Coach Thad Talley did have a high jumper, in fact he had two. One freshman prospect who received a knee injury in high school, had a choice of high jumping and possibly doing permanent damage to the knee or quitting track. The latter seemed like a better choice. Then again, Hill was depended on to clear the bar with his tremendous leaping ability. So much for the high jump. Sprinter-broad jumper David McGough managed to get caught in the pulled muscle epidemic and got to observe most of his junior season from the sideline. The 71 team, basically a young, inexperienced club, was guided by junior veteran and workhorse Charles Love. their specialty. 216 Things Could Have Been Better Last spring, the Indian baseball unit played virtually the roughest schedule in its history and a composite 20-17 record shows it. Going got rough against such foes as Notre Dame, Northwestern, Alabama, Ole Miss and the tremendous SLC teams, especially when the Indians began playing inconsist- ent ball. The Tribe fielded basically a young club, including four freshman starters, in almost every contest. And in a conference such as the SLC, it ' s almost impossible to start young, inexperienced players and end up high in the rank- ings. The Tribe did produce a 6-6 conference record after their bid for second place was shattered by a stiff Univer- sity of Texas-Arlington team in a crucial three game series at the close of the season. Entering the series after a 5-4 setback at the hands of Memphis State five days before, the Indians, with two wins over UTA, would have shared second place with Lamar University. UTA carried the series through, basically due to the lack of depth in the Indian ' s pitching staff, and the Tribe dropped into third place for the season. Big Red ' s hurlers, led by ace Charles Blackburn (8-3), compiled a 2.80 earned run average and the Indians tagged opponents for a .249 plate average. An Indian (above) gets dusted at first base. The Tribe ' s bull- pen (lower left) appears to be a better spectator spot than the stands. Coach Ike Tomlinson congratulates hurler Bobby Harris (below) on a fine effort as he heads for the dugout. 218 220 John Ferriell (above) displays his form in the midst of a powerful delivery. The Tribe (left) mixed fun with work during pre-season drills. Here, while Coach Tomlinson looks on, they run sprints on the football field. Assistant Coach Rich Johnson, (lower left) checks out Q a player after an injuring collision at third base in the season opener with Notre Dame. A Notre Dame player (below) gets caught in a rundown between first and second. By the way, is it a girl or a guy? Harriers Finish Third In SLC What coach Thad Talley thought would be one of the most promising cross country seasons for the Tribe in years turned out to be quite the contrary. The Tribe returned virtually the same Harrier squad with the exception of their No. 1 distance runner, Bob Gray, who finished out his eligibility the semester before. And with the addition of Larry Lanier, a junior college transfer from Mocksville, N. C, and Ralph Cross, a fresh- man distance prodigy from Camden, the Indians were thought almost certain to sweep the conference meet. However, Southwestern Louisiana, a newcomer to the Southland Conference, surprisingly walked away with the title over the highly touted Abilene Christian Wildcats who finished ahead of the third place Tribe unit. It looked as though the rash of injuries had not left the Indians after the previous spring and they took a toll on the distance men. " We thought we would be stronger, " recalled Talley. " But Lanier, who was our No. 1 runner at the time, got hurt along with a few others, and we just never could jell. " There was one bright spot in the disappointing season when the Indians won the Mississippi State Invitational. They lost four of four duel meets. Fred Walpole and Dave Tackett (above right) start their long journey and Tackett (bejow) strides into the finish without his teammate. lim Bailey (right) shows how a veteran takes the course with ease. 222 The For a guy who began his collegiate track career as a hurdler running a mere 15.6, and if lucky, a 15.5, Thomas Hill hasn ' t done badly for himself. Through hard work, the leggy New Orleans native became one of only six men in the world to clock a 13.2 outdoors in the 120-yard high hurdles in the spring of 1970. And he had previously placed himself among the elite in the indoor 60-yard highs with a world record tying sprint of 6.9. It seemed as though the talented hurdler would have his bright future cut short when he suffered a serious knee injury in a fall at the Northeast Louisiana Invitational meet in December of 1970. That tumble caused him to sit out for a year and allow the knee time to heal. He suffered plenty. But determination and a strenuous rehabilitation program put him back in the running. In mid-February, the untiring senior had run more than four meets. And he was looking better every time. In fact, he again stepped up into the ranks with a time of 7.0 in the 60-yard highs and trounced the newest world champion, Rod Milburn convincingly in the Los Angeles Times Indoor Games. Now all thoughts turn to the 1972 Summer Olympic games. And Hill wants a place in that select number. But his favorite uncle has other plans for the senior ROTC cadet who will receive his commission upon graduation. But Uncle Sam too likes to get a little prestige in the sports ranks. And Tom ' s chances of becoming an Olympic hurdler are still good since he anticipates continuing his track career in the special services branch of the Army. No one knows what the future has in store. But if his knee holds out, Thomas Hill has already decided his fate. A look at the Olympics this summer might reveal a familiar face. Off To A Good Start Arkansas State ' s Indians began the 1971 season where they left off the year before. In the season opener the Tribe edged past Wichita State 16-14 but the win was a costly one — Bill Phillips, All-America guard the previous year, broke his ankle early in the first quarter. Phillips had been moved to linebacker between seasons and the injurv came on Wichita ' s second possession. The injury signaled things to come during the remain- der of the season as injuries, big and small, plagued the Tribe during the course of the year. The Indians also displayed a trait which became the usual rather than the unusual against the Shockers — mis- takes and penalties. ASU was penalized 12 times for 123 yards and its first mistake set up a Wichita touchdown. A fourth down punt snap was bobbled and WSU scored four plays later taking a quick 7-0 lead. Wichita used a stacked defense to stop Calvin Harrell ' s running and forced the Tribe to take to the air. James Ham- ilton hit Tommy Johnson early in the second period with a 64-yard bomb to knot the score 7-7. During the game, Ham- ilton hit on 15 of 28 passes for 207 yards. Harrell carried 29 times for 156 yards and scored ASU ' s final touchdown, which added to loe Duren ' s field goal in the first half, gave the Indians a 16-7 lead. Wichita came back with 3:25 left in the game to make the final score 16-14. With the Wichita victory, the Tribe extended its win- ning streak to 20 games. Indian fans, however, had mixed emotions — a victory, but a broken ankle. Tight end Steve Lockhart is racked up in mid-air by a Wichita linebacker after hauling in a James Hamilton pass. 228 IN ortheast It was a battle of the Tribes when the Northeast Lou- isiana Indians invaded Kays Stadium, but not for long. ASU ' s Big Red Machine wore down the NEL offense from the opening kickoff and handily commanded a 20-6 conquest of the Louisiana Redmen. Jumping Johnny Carr captured the spotlight when he turned a sure play into a 52-yard touchdown scamper. James Hamilton put things further out of reach of the NEL unit when he punched one over from the one-yard-line with 13:04 remaining in the second quarter. The gifted toe of freshman walk-on Joe Duren of Pine Bluff took up the slack and booted the Northeast team into a 20-0 deficit. It appeared to be a long night for the NEL Indians who couldn ' t muster their first score until the fourth quarter with 10:52 remaining. To add insult to injury, the Indians pressured the Northeast team into a missed PAT attempt. From there, a stingy ASU defense intimidated the Northeast team into almost complete chaos and rendered them offensively helpless for the remainder of the contest. It took another Indian to do it, but Calvin Harrell (right) finds out what it ' s like to really be uprooted by just one man which sidelined him for almost a half. Coach Bill Davidson (below) confers with his offensive unit on the sidelines. Victim A Dream Shattered On a cold, windy night in Carbondale, 111., a revenge- ful and unerring Southern Illinois University team ended the Tribe ' s 21-game win streak with a hard fought 21-14 victory over the Indians and terminated the I ndian ' s domi- nation over the AP and UPI college division polls. Eager to avenge an embarrassing 27-3 lashing handed them by the ' 70 Tribe enroute to a national championship, the Salukis went as far as to change around the personnel just to thwart the Indians ' ground game and contain Harrell. It worked. Almost single handedly, 67 " , 275-pound Lionel An- toine, the Salukis All-American tight end, switched to de- fense for the contest, stopped up the middle and contained Harrell to 68 yards rushing, one of few times he was held under 100 yards in 14 games. The Salukis ' powerful running backs bulled them to a 21-7 lead over the Indians in the second quarter. James Hamilton managed to find Steve Lockhart open in the end zone with 5:07 left in the game to pull the Tribe within seven, 21-14. But that was as close as the Indians were to get. The Salukis wanted to prove that the Tribe could not whip them two years in a row. They did. Handily. 232 233 The Heartbreaker Came In Ruston All hopes of a Southland Conference Championship for the Tribe possibly hinged on a victory over the new- comers to the SLC, the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Despite the loss to SIU, the Indians were fired up and ready to take the big one. But things began to look bleak early in the first quarter when Tech quarterback, Ken Lantrip, ripped the Indian secondary for two scores in a little over one minute. But a proud Tribe was not to be outdone. With 2:14 left in the quarter Hamilton slipped off right tackle for a score. Johnny Carr then galloped around left end for pay- dirt with only nine seconds gone in the second quarter and the Tribe was on the move. It ' s not over yet! Craig Johnson intercepts a Lantrip pass on the Tech 36 and returns it all the way to put the Tribe up 21-14. Duren got his turn to tack on two field goals and the Indians were on top for a while 27-21. But Tech ' s scampering Roger McDaniel put the Bull- dogs back in the game in the fourth quarter, 28-27, with 19:19 remaining. And that ' s the way it ended. The Tribe relinquished the ball twice inside the five and gave up two scores, one time while crossing the goal line. Fumbilitis — a costly problem that the Tribe was to be plagued with throughout the season. And as in the case of this game, it was a problem that was to let many scoring opportunities slip by the Indians and cost them precious points on the board and the victory. Craig Johnson (above) closes in on a Tech receiver and then pursues Tech quarterback Ken Lantrip (be- low) as Lantrip breaks through the Indian front line on the option play. Johnson later intercepted a Lantrip pass and returned it 36 yards for a TD. Third Straight In Little Rock It would have been a good night to try and reproduce a scene of Noah and the Ark when the Tribe met Abilene Christian ' s Wildcats, but having now played three of their last four games in the rain or under threatening skies, the Indians weren ' t impressed by the steady downpour and routed ACC 35-9. In fact, the Tribe smothered the Wildcats to the point that a dry field couldn ' t have helped the Cats ' game. Big Red undoubtedly produced their best offensive per- formance of the year as they rambled for 497 yards total offense. Despite the weather, 271 yards came in the air while the Tribe ground out the other 226 yards on the slippery astro-turf in War Memorial Stadium before an es- timated crowd of 15,000 who braved the wet and cold. It was the night of the long gainers for the Mean Machine beginning with a 70-yard bomb from Hamilton to Lockhart in the first quarter. Kearney Blalack, the speedy split end from Newport outshined Lockhart as he grabbed two long passes in the second quarter for 76 and 69 yards respectively and two scores. With the Tribe out front 28-3, a faltering Abilene of- fense began to take form and move the ball 92 yards for the score, but a missed PAT didn ' t aid the Wildcats cause and left them 17 points down late in the last quarter. An 87-yard TD interception run by Terry Whiting iced it for the Tribe with 3:52 on the clock. Steve Lockhart (above) finds it hard to hold onto the ball and swim at the same time and Calvin Harrell (below) gets a free ride from an Abilene Christian defender. Coach Bill Davidson (above left) seems to have his teams mixed up while Can (above) takes off downfield all alone. A Wildcat (left) gets baptized Arkansas State style and David Mitchell (below) gets loose through the middle for short yardage. The Championship Slips Away Ironic as it seems, it was actually the two new contend- jrs in the SLC that unseated ASU in its bid for a second conference championship. The Ragin ' Cajuns of Southwest Louisiana came to Kays Stadium and engaged the Indians in a mudfest after a typical rain the day of the game. Ir was a matter of the Cajuns not giving up and the Tribe not giving in and the two battled to a 10-10 deadlock. For the Indians, it was a win or nothing. They ended up with the latter as far as the championship was concerned. The Tribe ' s only TD came on a 52-yard bomb from Hamilton to Burks in the third quarter and a previous field goal by Duren put the Indians on top 10-7. However, USL tied the score and virtually scored the winning touchdown at the final buzzer, which left the Tribe in a cold sweat. But off-setting penalties brought the play back to the one inch line and the Cajuns elected to try a field goal from an attrocious angle 17 feet out. The attempt was no good and that was all of the game and the Indians championship hopes. Craig Johnson (above) moved in on a Southwest Louisiana pass receiver. James Hamilton (lower left) rifles one to Tommy Johnson who is all alone in the flats. The Indians (below) turn the tables on a USL defender and in turn he gets a free ride on the shoulders of Wayne Dorton and Doug Lowery. !|tr, ?I ! T " .V ' m ... " ;.u L|J M iir; .5 mm 238 A skimpy, soggy crowd (top left) peer out from under plastic bags and umbrellas in the 20-degree plus weather. Students (top right) show their tremendous support of the great calls the referees made. Terry Whiting (above) connects with the ball carrier and seems to be saying, " Ooh! That feels so good. " Dave Muckensturm (center right) trips up a USL ball carrier while Chief Big Track (right) gallops around the track to the delight of the fans. 239 An Old Fashioned Homecoming When 10,100 fans showed up for Homecoming festivi- ties and the Indians ' match with the University of Texas at Arlington, the Tribe turned crowd pleaser and looked like the Indian team of old in a 28-7 win over the Mavericks. The Tribe started things off right on their first series of downs with second and 25, when Johnny Carr tossed the flea flicker pass to Blalack for the score. The Indians were good for one score per quarter and Hamilton took the ball over from the one with 2:17 left to cap a 34-yard drive in 10 plays. In the third quarter, Harrell spearheaded a 58-yard drive and bulled over the right side of the line from 12 yards out and the score. All the Mavericks could establish was a 36-yard pass play that resulted in the only score for UTA after being held scoreless for over 3 quarters. The UTA score came only after Harrell had found his way to the goal for the second time during the day earlier in the quarter. The Indians began substituting freely and failed to score anymore in the game but the day turned out just like old times — with the Tribe winning big. Harrell (above) goes over for the score with a little acrobatics — across the top with a half twist. A Maverick Cower left) runs into nothing but a wall of Indians and a spectator (below) shows how to enjoy all the comforts of your own back yard while watching the game on a warm day. 240 Joe Duren (above) shows how to add three points to the scoreboard while the Mavericks look on anxiously. James Flynn (top right) picks up yardage the hard way. Jeff Sackett (below) looks for running room while Maverick quarterback Tony Wilson (lower right) prepares to drill one. 241 Loss Number Three It was the same story with the Trinity Tigers when the Indians literally outplayed the Tigers but costly turnovers gave Trinity the game 2811. The Indians jumped out 3-0 in the first quarter by a Duren Field goal but that soon gave way to a 52-yard pass play from Ken Curry to Bill Hodge. The Tribe missed another chance to score when Chris Millwee recovered a Trinity fumble on the Trinity 32-yard line but Johnny Carr fumbled on the Trinity nine and the Tigers recovered. Meanwhile, Trinity found paydirt two more times be- fore Curry gave up an intentional safety to the Tribe in the third quarter. The Indians didn ' t threaten again until late in the third quarter when they put together a 72-yard scoring drive and David Mit chell broke 11 yards over right tackle for the TD. The Tribe went for two on the PAT and Mitchell was stopped short. The Tigers went 61 yards on seven plays for the final score with 2:41 remaining. Again the Indians fell prey to their own turnovers and a rash of incomplete passes which helped the Tigers put it away. A host of Indians (above) bring down a Tiger over the middle and Hamilton (below) sprints out looking for a receiver. 242 James Hamilton (above left) spirals a pass to receiver while David Mitchell blocks. Jeff Sackett (above) strides down the sideline. David Mitchell (left) eludes a Tiger secondary man on his way to six points. 243 A The End To A Long Season The road had been tough and the Red Birds of Lamar University didn ' t make things any better when they con- cluded the Indians ' season with a 14-7 shellacking of the Red Men. A quick interception of a James Hamilton pass opened things up for the Cardinals at the Tribe 26-yard line and on second and six from the Indians 22, Lamar broke the big one for the score. Big Red again gave up the interception setting up the Cardinals second touchdown. On second and eight from the ASU 14, Doug Matthews went for seven to the seven. From there a score by the Cardinals was almost unstoppable. The Indians now guided by freshman field general, James Flynn, got on the scoreboard when Flynn hurled a strike to Tommy Johnson from his own 29-yard line. The teams battled to a stalemate after that and that was the way it ended for the Tribe in the 1971 season. 244 A Cardinal (above) finds out that a cross body block is not always the best way to stop an Indian. Hamilton (lower left) hands off to Harrell through the middle. Linebacker Butch Murray (below) goes high attempting to block a punt. u — ' ' ' ... 41 245 THE TRIBE 4-4-1 It was quite a different story for the Indians in 71. Unlike the unprecedented national college division championship team the year before, the Tribe now oper- ated under a new coaching staff and fielded young and in- experienced players in a once unstoppable front line. The result— four wins against four losses and one tie. Southern Illinois was the first team to upset the balance of the second good year in the making for the Indians when they belted them for more than 300 net yards and scored an impressive 21-14 victory. The defeat was the first for the Tribe in 22 games and ended a 16-game win streak. But the worst was yet to come. After battling to a 10-10 deadlock with Southwestern Louisiana, which took the Tribe out of the running for the conference championship, the Indians dropped their last two conference games to Trinity and Lamar University. There would be no spoils for them this season. Despite the sub par finish, hard work paid off for 18 of the Tribe members. Three of coach Bill Dividson ' s Indians captured Ail-American honors. Wayne Dorton and Dennis Meyer were named first team Ail-Americans and Calvin Harrell was selected to the second team. Meyer was picked as the SLC defensive player of the year for the second consecutive year while six of his team- mates were first team all SLC selections. Eleven others received second team and honorable men- tion ALL-SLC honors, and James Hamilton, Dorton and Harrell were selected to play in the North-South Shrine game in Florida. It was not the best season for the Tribe, but who knows? Another champion may have been made. ASU Opp. 16 Wichita State 14 20 Northeast Louisiana 6 14 Southern Illinois 21 27 Louisiana Tech 28 35 Abilene Christian 9 10 Southwestern Louisiana 10 28 Texas-Arlington 7 11 Trinity U. 28 13 Lamar Tech 24 Wayne Dorton 1st Team All-American 1st Team All-SLC Joe Duren 1st Team All-SLC Calvin Harrell 2nd Team All-American 1st Team Kodak All-American 1st Team All-SLC Steve Lockhart 1st Team All-SLC Dennis Meyer 1st Team All-American 1st Team All-SLC SLC Defensive Player of Year Dave Muckensturm 1st Team All-SLC 247 Donnie Beshears 2nd Team All-SLC Don Floyd Director of Athletics Coaches, The John Rose Head Basketball Coach 250 Bill Davidson Head Football Coach Indian Chieftains Thad Talley Cross Country and Track Coach Their Decisions Build A Team Coaches Pay The Price Coaches Know How To Win The Start Of A Long Season The Indians got an early taste of what was to be a bitter season when they succumbed in their first two home contests to Georgia Southern, 85-79, and Union Univer- sity, 99-98. Despite Steve Brooks ' 29-point performance, Georgia Southern managed to ease away from the Tribe with a last minute surge in the final half behind the shooting of 6-4 guard Richard Wallace. Arkansas State put five men in double figures against Union, but a turnover with seven seconds remaining in the game and the Indians down by one, allowed Union to hold onto a squeaky victory. Turnovers were to plague the Tribe all season and the lack of pre season scrimmages with outside teams accounted for much of the Indians inability to pull out the win early in the year. Avenging the earlier losses, the Tribe got their first win of the season on the road against the smaller Cen- tenary Gentlemen. Behind John Belcher ' s 26 points and 20 rebounds they easily handled the ball-control Gents 76-64. In that outing, Steve Brooks and Tommy Smith were the only other Indians in double figures with 12 and 10 points respectively. Schuler Rowland (above) goes high over a Georgia defender for a short jumper. Steve Brooks (left) finds the bucket from the back side while team- mate Lonnie Webber and two South- ern opponents look on. John Belcher (left) goes up over the rim for the easy layin as Webber stands ready for re- bound action. Brooks (above) slips inside again for a quick two pointer hoping to draw a third. The crowd (below) shows intense concentra- tion on the close contest. The Indians lost 85-79. 258 Schuler Rowland (above) is blocked along the baseline by a Corpus Christi defender while Alex- ander (below) is helped up by Webber after twisting an ankle. The Indians made it three in a row when they whip- ped Midwestern University and the University of Tennes- see at Chattanooga to win the Arkansas State Christmas Tourney. Calvin Breedlove, the Tribe ' s sophomore shooting ace, only had 16 points in the 80-68 win over Midwestern, but he unleashed 30 in the 90-78 rout of Tennessee before a Yule season crowd of 2,500. Breedlove and Brooks combined for 43 points in the Indians 88-76 shellacking of Oklahoma State for their third consecutive win. In that contest, all but one man o n the Tribe team got on the books. They gave up the next two road contests when, despite a 21-point halftime lead against Texas Tech, the Tribe couldn ' t hold on and relinquished the game 75-68. And Midwestern evened things out taking that game 73-72 be- hind the Indians uncanny knack for turnovers. Returning to Indian Field House, Wichita became a big prey for the win hungry Tribe and closed a 26-point second half deficit to 10 before Big Red sealed that one 84-74. In that battle, Breedlove and Brooks combined forces for 47 of the Indians points. Behind a strong Indian backboard game and good offensive control, the University of Corpus Christi couldn ' t quite match the Tribe ' s offensive play and went under to the Indians, 66-60. Tribe Takes Five Of Seven At Home — A Win, Otherwise Normally a hold-thc-ball-and-play-defensc type ball club, the Citadel Bulldogs caught the Indians with their warpaint off and rendered the Tribe helpless in a humil- iating 86-48 romp over the Red Men. It was one of those nights when nothing would go right for the Indians offensively and Belcher was the only man in double figures with 19. The Tribe shot a mere 36 percent to the Bulldogs 60 percent. And 33 turnovers, the Indians ' highest number of the season in one contest, didn ' t help things any. A balanced scoring attack allowed the Indian round- ballers to capture their first conference game with a 86-79 conquest of UTA in a see-saw battle. Breedlove poured in 24, and Brooks, Belcher and Rowland put in 17, 16 and 14 respectively. The Tribe made it two conference victories in a row when they bested the Abilene Christian Wildcats, 95-72 in Indian Field House. They surprised the unsuspecting Cats with a running game which enabled them to jump to an early lead and they never trailed in the tilt. Rowland was the bright spot for the Indians collecting 24 points and nine rebounds on twisting drives and float- ing jumpers. Tulsa spoiled the cagers ' victory though, when they dumped the Indians by 26, 86-60, on the road. The Tribe followed an earlier pattern and committed turnovers that made Tulsa ' s job easy. Steve Brooks (above) flies through the air for a lone layup while an Abilene player can only watch. Coach John Rose (lower left) shows the strain of the game as he substitutes Rich Alexander. Lonnie Webber (below) goes in for the crip shot. Alexander (above left) goes up over a Lamar defender to drill two from the corner while Tommy Smith (above) prefers to take his points in close. Ronnie Rose (lower left) lays one in ballet style and Sullivan (below) barely gets off a leaper in a crowd. Indians Drop Four Straight During the latter half of the season, due to that old nemesis — turnovers, the Tribe even had trouble winning at home. And Pan American University started the Indians downhill when they upended them 82-80 behind a first half 52 per cent shooting clip. Visiting the Oklahoma Sooners only served to even the Tribe ' s record at 8-8 as the sure handed Oklahomans bettered the foul prone Indians at the charity stripe to cap- ture the contest 62-53 hitting 16-20 from the line. When the nation ' s leading scorer, Dwight Lamar and Southwestern Louisiana hit Indian Field House, the In- dians made one accomplishment — they held them way below their 104-point per game average. Having an off night, Lamar collected 30 against the Indians as he put in only 12 of 33 field goal attempts but sank six of six free throws. The Indians made the Cajuns play their type of game for the first half until USL sopho- more center, Roy Ebron, came alive to send them to the dressing room with a comfortable 42-33 lead. From there, it was all over for the Tribe. Lamar University made it four in a row and 2-2 in conference play for the Indians when they beat them at their own control game and hung on to a hard earned 85-76 win before a skimpy crowd of 1,800. Webber (right) almost bas his shot blocked by a USL player while Belcher (below) seems to be passing this one to the camera man. Rose (lower right) sets up the play. 265 Second SLC Title? No Chance! With Southwestern Louisiana dominating the SLC, the Indians couldn ' t afford to lose many conference games and Trinity found this out when they suffered a 20-point crusher to the stronger Indians 84-64, making the Tribe 3-1 in conference play. But the stunning quickness of the guards of SLC new- comer, Louisiana Tech, two nights later blemished the Indians shattering victory. The two Tech backcourt men combined for 70 points as they constantly harrassed the slower Indian guards for easy steals and combed in long ones in the handy 107-89 rout of the Indians. And Texas-Arlington was not to let the Indians slip by them again. They rocked the Indians to sleep with a well balanced control game and then slipped by the Tribe, now 4-3 in SLC play, to claim the 75-71 squeaker. Brooks paced the Indians scoring attack with 24 points and 14 re- bounds and Belcher added 17 and collected 11 rebounds. The Tribe managed to overcome Abilene a second time. This time the 79-72 upset came at Abilene. Calvin Breedlove almost single handedly dimmed the Cats hopes for a win when he kept pouring in the buckets in the clutch as other Indians went cold. Breedlove got 28 points, more than doubling the output of the next Indian. Coach Rose (above) tries to quench a nervous thirst while con- centrating intensely on his charges ' play. Breedlove (below) rides high above a Trinity opponent to get two of his 15 points he scored against the Tigers. Good Finish, Losing Season Lamar Tech dropped the Tribe to 4-3 in conference play with an 87-71 road victory. Despite staying in close contention the first half, the Indians who were going the rest of the season without shooting ace Breedlove who was suspended from the team for insubordination, couldn ' t buck the turnovers and the outcome was evident. Finishing out the conference season with a 5-3 record was no problem to the Tribe as they put down Trinity for a second time 98-75 behind the 20-plus performance of Steve Brooks. Scoring at will, the Indians substituted freely and placed four men in double figures. All but one, for the second time in the season got on the books. It was now time for Centenary to come to Indian Field House and play the part of the spoiler and they did a good job as they upset the sluggish Indians 88-85. The Indians moved slowly on defense which seemingly affected their offensive game and lost to the Gents in the clos- ing seconds on free throws. But the 12-14 season came to a close with a bang for the Tribe when they busted the clock on a weak Samford University club and went to the dressing room for the last time with a 101-80 finale. Belcher and Brooks combined for 58 points. jft Ronnie Rose (above) strides for the bucket as he rounds Brooks It wasn ' t the best of seasons, but Arkansas State didn ' t anticipate a national championship. Coach John Rose looked back over his 12-14 season and found several satisfying moments. One of these was the sometimes great play of his young ball club which was often characterized by three sophomores in the starting lineup. " One thing the season showed me, " noted Rose, " was that you can ' t start three sophomores in our conference and expect to win. We ' ve got to get better next year and add some experience to our lineup with a few junior college recruits. " Rose expected his club to do much better than 12-14, but he contributed much of the letdown to inexperience and lack of senior leadership. " We made entirely too many turnovers, " he emphasiz- ed. " Most of these were due to our trying to convert centers to forwards and a breakdown in our guard play. Against the press, we tried to rush things and made careless turn overs. " The Indians placed two members on the 1972 All Southland Conference team with Steve Brooks being nam- ed to the first unit and Belcher gaining the center spot on the second team. Lonnie Webber afforded the Indians a bright spot when he led the conference in field goal percentage hit- ting 31-49 baskets for a .633 mark. As for next season, the Tribe only loses four men off its 72 squad and only one of those, Belcher, was a starter. With that kind of outlook for next season, it ' s hard to say what can happen. Just keep an eye open. ASU Opp. 79 Georgia Southern 85 98 Union University 99 76 Centenary 64 80 Midwestern 68 90 UT-Chattanooga 78 88 Oklahoma State 76 68 Texas Tech 75 72 Midwestern 73 84 Wichita State 74 66 Corpus Christi 60 48 Citadel 86 86 Texas-Arlington 79 95 Abilene Christian 72 60 Tulsa U. 86 80 Pan American 82 53 Oklahoma 62 73 SW Louisiana 87 76 Lamar U. 85 84 Trinity U. 64 89 Louisiana Tech 107 71 Texas- Arlington 75 79 Abilene Christian 72 71 Lamar U. 87 98 Trinity U. 75 85 Centenary 88 101 Samford 80 270 271 Braves Post Winning Season One of the largest and quickest freshman teams that the Indians have produced in years fell short of expecta- tions but still upend ed several tough opponents for a suc- cessful 13-9 season. The Braves were paced by shifty Don Scaife and team catalyst J. H. Williams in the backcourt, and 6-9 Gary Scott along with 6-8 Rick Dearinger provided the scoring punch inside. Jay Harbison handled things at the forward spot for ihe young Indian unit. The speedy and aggressive Braves bested such op- ponents as Christian Brothers, Memphis State, Phillips County Junior College, Lamar University and Arkansas College. Progressing to a winning season, the Braves finished second in the SLC freshman tournament in Abilene when they outlasted Lamar 71-67, but dropped the big one by 20 to the host Wildcat freshman, 90-70. " This year ' s freshman team is one of the most promis- ing that we ' ve had in a long time, " commented assistant coach Herb Slate. ' We ' re expecting big things out of this group of boys. " For some of the more promising players, that could be an understatement. ASU Opp. 107 Central Baptist 63 95 Dyersburg State 80 79 Christian Brothers 70 92 Southern Baptist 87 74 Three Rivers 104 72 Crowder 73 72 Christian Brothers 66 87 Memphis State 83 77 Southern Baptist 78 74 Dyersburg State 75 77 NW Mississippi 86 107 Phillips County 77 99 Arkansas College 74 71 Lamar U. 67 70 Abilene Christian 90 96 Memphis State 94 81 NW Mississippi 80 82 Ole Miss 105 84 Phillips County 86 86 Central Baptist 78 86 Alumni Game 78 88 Ole Miss 109 274 275 Iiitramurals- — An Outlet And A Good Time Was Had By All 279 Bookstore Is Enlarged Charles L. Abanathy, Black Rock, Gen. Bus. Arva M. Adams, Jonesboro, P. E. David M. Adams, Trumann, Radio-TV Gary A. Adams, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. James E. Adams, Caruthersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. Larry W. Adams, Rector, Gen. Agri. Lora M. Adams, Paragould, Elem. Ed. William C. Adams, Jonesboro, Journalism Carolyn J. Agee, Reyno, Bus. Ed. Charles R. Akers, Jonesboro, Phy. Sci. Carolyn J. Alford, Lewisville, Sociology Alice G. 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Gramling, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Patrick H. Grandjean, Jacksonville, Gen. Bus. Freda J. Grantham, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Robert Glenn Gray, Wilson, N. C, P. E. Gary M. Green, Senath, Mo., Gen. Bus. 293 Debbye Hale Edits Fall Herald Gwendolyn Green, Harrison, Gen. Bus. Pamela R. Green, Harrisburg, P. E. Penny L. Green, Hot Springs, Sociology Robert J. Green, Hoxie, Soc. Sci. Teresa A. Green, Blytheville, Accounting Mike D. Greenhaw, Harrison, Management Dorothy J. Greer, Proctor, Pol. Sci. Sherry J. Greer, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Charles K. Griffin, Bono, Radio-TV Rickey L. Grigsby, Jonesboro, Marketing William J. Grisham, Jonesboro, Journalism George T. Gross, Pollard, Pre-Pharmacy Jannette Gross, Cabot, P. E. Paul A. Guariglia, Miami, Fla., History Michael J. Guillot, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Brenda Gail Gunter, N. Little Rock, History Gary D. Haag, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Judie C. Hackworth, Imboden, Special Ed. Larry T. Hagar, Tuckerman, Gen. Bus. Debra L. 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Hart, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Wayman " D " Hatman, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Charles E. Hayes, Black Rock, P. E. Thomas Ira Hayes, Rector, Agri. Ed. Ricky L. Head, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Ronald Heard, Trumann, Gen. Bus. Robert Heaton, Tulelake, Calif., Mathematics Pamela Kaye Helm, Mabelvale, Early Childhood Ronnie C. Helm, Oxford, Soc. Sci. Kathryn Henderson, N. Little Rock, Elem. Ed. James Hendley, Bloomfield, Mo., Animal Sci. Gary L. Hendon, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. Stephen A. Henry, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Sharon Hensley, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Woodie Herlein, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Judy A. Herron, Marianna, English Carolyn A. Hester, Datto, English 295 Seniors " So you got a high number; maybe you ' ll flunk your phys- ical. " Freda M. Hickmon, Bradford, Sociology Jeffrey D. Hicks, Corning, Soc. Sci. Phyllis C. Hicks, Little Rock, Speech Betty S. Hill, Joiner, Elem. Ed. Thomas L. Hill, New Orleans, La., P. E. Floyd T. Hillis, Marmaduke, Accounting Suzanne L. Hinson, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Mildred Hinton, Caraway, Special Ed. William C. Hogan, West Memphis, Bus. Adm. Carol B. Hcke, Benton, Special Ed. Robert L. Hoke, Little Rock, Pol. Sci. Tommie J. Holden, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Susan Hollandsworth, Clarkton, Mo., Elem. Ed. Pamela J. Holloway, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Bruce H. Holmes, West Memphis, Gen. Agri. Cynthia L. Holt, Wynne, Mathematics James D. Holt Jr., Jonesboro, Music Winston E. Holt, Bragg City, Mo., History Ron Hopkins, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Sociology Teddy R. Hopkins, Marmaduke, Mathematics Janice L. Hornbeck, Broseley, Mo., Art Anne M. Horton, Paragould, Early Childhood Charles A. Horton Jr., Ethel, Accounting Edward H. Horton, Turrell, Management Debi R. Hottel, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. 296 34 Named To Who ' s Who Judy K. Hubble, Monette, English Mary Jo Hudgins, Searcy, Sociology Ruby L. Hudson, Pine Bluff, Bus. Ed. Marden S. Hueter, Warm Springs, Education Deborah Cook Huggins, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Loretta A. Huggins, Lafe, Biology Daniel F. Hughes, Little Rock, Mathematics Gwyn Hughes, Little Rock, P. E. Becky J. Hume, Rockford, 111., P. E. Joe L. Huneycutt, Arkadelphia, Gen. Bus. William A. Hurley, Bernie, Mo., Accounting Ginger C. Hurst, Salem, P. E. Gwendolyn S. Irwin, Pollard, English Vonda E. Ivy, McCrory, Elem. Ed. Evalon L. Jacks, Pine Bluff, Early Childhood Larry Jackson, Doniphan, Mo., Pre-Dentistry Leola L. Jackson, Paragould, English Carl James, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Kenneth James, Batesville, P. E. Andrew Jansen III, Pocahontas, Pre-Medicine Ruth A. Jefferies, Brinkley, Music John T. Jennings, Augusta, Accounting Donna S. Johnson, Paragould, Bus. Ed. George W. Johnson Jr., Piggott, Accounting Phillip Johnson, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Speech Thomas D. Johnson, Mammoth Spring, Agri. Ed. Tomazine Johnson, Jonesboro, History Walter H. Johnson, Jonesboro, Mathematics Jimmy D. Jones, DeWitt, Soc. Sci. Larry D. Jones, Jonesboro, Gen. Agri. Louis F. Jones, Palestine, P. E. Nanette Q. Jones, Paragould, Zoology Robert E. Jones, Searcy, Bus. Adm. Howard L. Joy, Manila, Gen. Bus. Tercy M. Julian, Clarkton, Mo., Soc. Sci. 297 ASU Students Get The Vote Margaret A. Justus, Judsonia, Elem. Ed. James L. Kalkbrenner, Maiden, Mo., Geography Robbia G. Keglar, Madison, P. E. Katie S. Keith, Malvern, Art Reggie D. Keith, Leachville, Gen. Bus. Michael Kelley, Balch, Radio-TV Andrew J. Kelly, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Terry W. Kemp, Jacksonville, Gen. Bus. George O. Kennedy, Dowdy, Agronomy James T. Kennon, Hickory Ridge, Zoology Mary Katherine Kerr, Colt, Early Childhood Gerald Ketchum, Dyersburg, Tenn., Journalism Seth M. Kieffer, Weiner, Gen. Bus. Brenda S. Kimmel, Jonesboro, Voice Maurice H. King, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Michael L. King, Marvell, Agronomy Peggy L. King, Cardwell, Mo., Soc. Sci. Phillip D. Kingston, Paragould, Mathematics Joe S. Kirkland, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Chris L. Knight, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Reuben Thomas Knight, Augusta, Music Angela Rutledge Koller, Lepanto, Elem. Ed. James R. Koonce, Blytheville, Biology Jeffrey H. Koontz, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Roger L. Koontz, Couch, Mo., Art Ed. Robert J. Koorstad, Hardy, P. E. Jane G. Krennerich, Holly Grove, English Mose H. Kyle Jr., Harrisburg, Accounting Francis Lacroix, Vinegrove, Ky., Management Janet A. Lamb, Hickory Ridge, Elem. Ed. Robert A. Lamb, Harrisburg, Pol. Sci. Sammy L. Lamb, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Dottie J. Lamberson, Bay, Elem. Ed. Garry G. Lamberson, Bay, Agri. Engx. Clarence W. Lambert, Blytheville, Sociology Melba D. Land, Walcott, Early Childhood Richard Lane, Scottsville, Ky., Mathematics James V. Laney, Dallas, Tex., Pol. Sci. Danny J. Langston, Cardwell, Mo., Gen. Bus. John D. Langston, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Dwight B. Lawrence, Jonesboro, Printing Don W. Lawson, Jonesboro, History Larry Lawson, Wynne, Gen. Bus. William G. Lawson, Crossett, Gen. Bus. James A. Lea, Judsonia, Wildlife Mgt. Claude M. Lee, Helena, Gen. Bus. Donna K. Lee, Des Arc, Elem. Ed. James P. Lennox, Jonesboro, Management Garry D. Lester, Rose Bud, Agri. Ed. Barbara A. Lewallen, Trumann, English L Bert Lewis, Fort Smith, Gen. Bus. William G. Lewis, Manila, Agri. Ed. Ronald K. Liles, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. William W. Lindley, Jonesboro, Sociology Cheryl A. Little, Brinkley, Bus. Ed. Deborah M. Little, Hickory Ridge, Gen. Bus. Elizabeth R. Lockhart, Buckner, Mo., English Floyd H. Lockhart Jr., Augusta, Agri. Ed. Sheryl E. Lockhart, Gregory, Bus. Ed. Stephen Lockhart, Metairie, La., Journalism Seniors A helping hand can he found at Huntington House. Charles M. Logue, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Barbara J. Long, McCrory, French Charles F. Long, Paragould, Accounting Ronald E. Long, Palestine, Management Lee E. Lorick, DeWitt, Sociology Charles E. Love, Newport, Pol. Sci. Robert L. Lunnie, Beebe, Management Richard L. Lusk, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Amy H. Lutterloh, Jonesboro, Art Gary W. Luzader, Jacksonville, Management Glenn E. Lynch Jr., Blytheville, Radio-TV Sharon E. Lynch, Beebe, Bus. Ed. Barbara J. Lyons, Imboden, Early Childhood Linda M. Mabary, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. Dorothy J. Majors, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Edwina A. Mallory, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. Roger D. Manasco, Marianna, Gen. Bus. Jimmy L. Mann, Newport, Gen. Bus. Patricia Manning, Bunker, Mo., Early Childhood Brenda K. Mans, Alicia, Early Childhood Paul W. Marchant, Calico Rock, Gen. Bus. Barbara K. Marconi, Pine Bluff, Special Ed. Garry D. Markin, Cardwell, Mo., Gen. Bus. Catherine S. Martin, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Donald P. Martin, Jonesboro, Gen. B us. 300 Sheryl Lockhart Heads AWS Floyd A. Martin, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Patricia A. Martin, Harrison, Elem. Ed. Gary L. Masner, West Memphis, P. E. Billy Don Massey, Newport, Speech Ed. Carol A. Massey, Marianna, Gen. Bus. Cleo G. Massey, Blytheville, P. E. Mary Jane Massey, Jonesboro, Education Lily C. Mattmiller, Gillett, Early Childhood John R. Maxwell, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Jerry W. May, Cabot, History Sharon R. McAlister, Harrison, Mathematics Steve D. McBride, Paragould, Marketing Pamela S. McCain, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Roxie T. McCain, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Michael McCallie, DeWitt, Gen. Agri. Gary D. McCann, N. Litde Rock, Speech Ronnie J. McClain, Newark, Chemistry Thomas L. McClain, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Marilyn J. McCloud, Jonesboro, English Michael L. McConnaughey, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Robert E. McCord, Rector, Management Lillian D. McCormick, Manila, P. E. LaSandra J. McCoy, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Gerald D. McCrillis, Piggott, Agronomy Deborah Jan McCullars, Jonesboro, P. E. Joe David McDaniel, N. Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Ronald K. McDaniel, Jonesboro, Management Gerald W. McElrath, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Ed. Bonnie J. McFarlin, Monette, Bus. Ed. Connie R. McGaughey, Newport, Zoology David L. McGough, Winter Haven, Fla., P. E. Loretta D. McHaffey, Rector, Art Wilbur J. McLain, Wheatley, Gen. Agri. Patricia N. McLarty, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Larry G. McMaster, Wynne, Pol. Sci. Dian McCormick Heads WRA Melvin D. McMasters, Bay, Gen. Bus. Ralph D. McNair, Bruno, Agri. Ed. Donna Fay Meacham, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Barbara K. Meier, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Judy L. Meier, N. Little Rock, Elem. Ed. Lloyd L. Merrell, Nimmons, Gen. Bus. Nunzio T. Messina Jr., Helena, Gen. Bus. Perry R. Metheny, Leachville, Pol. Sci. Dennis Meyer, Jefferson City, Mo., P. E. Catherine Hall Michael, DeWitt, Elem. Ed. Linda Middleton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Roy L. Middleton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Gen. Bus. Paul E. Midkiff, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Michael C. Milam, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Reggie L. Miles, Bono, Gen. Agri. Beverly K. Miller, Tuscumbia, Mo., P. E. Linda C. Miller, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Shirley F. Miller, Bloomfield, Mo., Elem. Ed. Emma J. Milliner, West Memphis, Bus. Ed. Darrell Mills, Cherry Valley, Elem. Ed. James L. Mills, Jacksonville, Soc. Sci. Joe H. Minor Jr., Walnut Ridge, Wildlife Mgt. Joyce A. Minton, Bono, Accounting Meade K. Minton, Dexter, Mo., Zoology Lawrence I. Mitchell, Chesterton, Ind., Math. Mercedes Mitchell, N. Little Rock, Speech Path. David L. Monroe, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Jack Montgomery Jr., Jonesboro, Philosophy Bonnie M. Moon, Jonesboro, History Gwindle W. Mooney, Lake City, Pol. Sci. Dennis M. Moore, Weiner, Agri. Bus. Douglas Moore, New Carlisle, Ind., Music Ed. Virginia E. Moore, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Dewey L. Morgan, Jonesboro, P. E. Jennifer D. Morgan, Monette, Early Childhood 302 Seniors Bicycles went a long way toward solving ASU ' s parking problems. Lanny R. Morgan, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Larry E. Morgan, Wynne, Gen. Bus. James M. Morris, Luxora, Physics Judy A. Morris, Pocahontas, P. E. Wanda E. Morris, Poplar Bluff, Mo., El em. Ed. Joe L. Morrow, Reyno, Soc. Sci. Robert P. Morrow, Osceola, Pol. Sci. Sue Lee Moss, West Plains, Mo., Elem. Ed. Stuart C. Moten, Millington, Tenn., Radio-TV Kathryn O. Murray, Irvington, Ala., Bus. Ed. Graham L. Nance, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. James A. Nelms, Norfolk, Va., Printing James F. Nelson Jr., Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. William T. Newberry, Arkadelphia, Radio-TV Bonnie J. Nichols, Keiser, Soc. Sci. Henry F. Nichols, Holly Grove, Chemistry Larry E. Nichols, Wynne, Gen. Bus. James L. Nicholson, Mammoth Spring, Vo. Ed. Rex Nicholson, Ash Flat, Elem. Ed. Judy J. Nickles, DeSoto, Tex., Special Ed. Louis J. Nisenbaum, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Don R. Northcutt, Carlisle, Mathematics Gary Oldham, Kennett, Mo., Agri. Bus. William A. Oldham, Marked Tree, Accounting Terry F. Olds, Piggott, Gen. Agri. 303 llllliHIHHIIIIHMI immmwm iimnim Seniors Pep parades get bigger and more enthusiastic every year. Jack L. Oliver, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Sara Jane Oltmann, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Wilma J. Orr, Paragould, Early Childhood Simone A. Ortega, Dover, Del., P. E. M. Lynn Orton, Pine Bluff, Special Ed. Jerry D. Osbon, Beech Grove, Gen. Bus. James M. Overton, Qulin, Mo., Journalism Jan S. Owen, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Rodney K. Owen, Marmaduke, Botany Ronny C. Owen, Dyess, Zoology Gloria J. Ozbirn, Jonesboro, Special Ed. Vickie L. Pannell, DeWitt, Elem. Ed. John T. Pardew, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Ann R. Parham, Leachville, Elem. Ed. T. Gene Parmenter, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Doris J. Parnell, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Sandra Gail Parnell, Osceola, Elem. Ed. Viki L. Payne, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Dwight D. Pearce, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Louise A. Pearson, Brinkley, Elem. Ed. Joy G. Pendergrass, Bakersfield, Mo., P. E. Royce G. Pennington, Malvern, Accounting Larry G. Perry, Paragould, Management Alvin K. Phillips, West Helena, Pol. Sci. Candice B. Phillips, Tyronza, English 304 Pep Rallies Move Again Grisham A. Phillips, Benton, Radio-TV John R. Phillips, Harrison, Gen. Bus. Peggy B. Phillips, Turrell, Special Ed. Susan L. Phillips, San Antonio, Tex., Speech Teresa Phillips, N. Little Rock, Mathematics William R. Phillips, Harrison, Gen. Bus. Patricia Phyfer, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Barbara Ann Piatt, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Charles E. Pickney, Paragould, Chemistry Dannye Pierce, Hornersville, Mo., Bus. Adm. Marcella B. Pierce, Stuttgart, Accounting Michael E. Pierce, Stuttgart, Gen. Bus. Thomas R. Pierce Jr., Leachville, Zoology Roselee Pillow, Paragould, Education Roger D. Pitchford, Mountain Home, Animal Sci. Nancy H. Plumlee, Horseshoe Bend, Elem. Ed. Diana J. Poor, St. Louis, Mo., Art Teresa K. Porter, Augusta, Special Ed. Judith A. Potter, Fagus, Mo., Elem. Ed. Mark W. Potts, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Donna L. Powell, Cotter, Bus. Ed. Larry K. Powell, Mountain Home, Gen. Bus. Deborah R. Prichard, Pocahontas, Bus. Ed. William J. Prichard, Pocahontas, Accounting Charles F. Pridmore, Newport, Phy. Sci. Sandra K. Priest, Manila, Special Ed. Rick M. Prince, Mount Nebo, Geography Joan M. Puddephatt, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. George A. Purdy, DeWitt, Agri. Ed. Walton David Purdy, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. Michael L. Quails, Walnut Ridge, Speech-Drama Teddy G. Quails, Monette, P. E. Wendell R. Ragsdale, Mammoth Spring, Bus. Adm. Matthew M. Rainey, South Hill, Va., Printing Rebecca A. Raley, Wynne, Art 305 Greeks Change Rush System Sheiron J. Ramsey, Leachville, Art Melinda Rapert, Biggers, Special Ed. Jimmie D. Rawls, Rison, Management Anita I. Ray, Holcomb, Mo., Early Childhood Glenna M. Ray, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Rex D. Ray, Jacksonville, Pol. Sci. Robert E. Ray, Jonesboro, Accounting Sarah D. Ray, Leachville, Bus. Ed. Terry S. Ray, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Penelope A. Raymond, Augusta, Speech Linda L. Reaves, Harrisburg, English Lillis L. Redd, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Harold L. Reddick, Paragould, Soc. Sci. James C. Redmond, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Juanita Joyce Reece, Lake City, Elem. Ed. Dennis W. Reed, Cherokee Village, Elem. Ed. Judith B. Reed, Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Nancy K. Reed, Campbell, Mo., Speech Path. Nancy L. Reed, Stuttgart, Early Childhood Anita L. Reilly, Jonesboro, Early Childhood Barbara D. Reng, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Ronald J. Rennicke, Weiner, Gen. Agri. Gary W. Rial, Poplar Grove, Gen. Bus. Larry K. Richardson, Clarkton, Mo., Biology Kenneth R. Ridgeway, Ward, Bus. Adm. Connie J. Risby, Ellsinore, Mo., Journalism Larry L. Robert, Minturn, History Gregory P. Roberts, Doniphan, Mo., Management Patsy J. Roberts, Caraway, Early Childhood Deborah N. Robeson, Paragould, English Jackie E. Robinett, Jonesboro, Management Fred L. Robken III, Texarkana, Sociology Curtis L. Rodgers, Jonesboro, Accounting Anna M. Rogers, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Carl A. Rogers, Manila, German 306 Seniors Another spirited ASU football crowd. Eddie J. Rogers, Jonesboro, Accounting J. Mike Rogers, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV VVilma V. Rogers, Hoxie, Elem. Ed. Charles W. Rollings, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Rickey D. Rook, Jonesboro, Management Linda S. Rorie, Batesville, Special Ed. Gary D. Rose, Brookland, Mathematics Harry B. Ross, Caruthersville, Mo., Economics John S. Ross, Caruthersville, Mo., Soc. Sci. Charles V. Rowe, Beech Grove, Gen. Agri. James R. Roy, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Gretchen A. Rudkin, Gideon, Mo., Sociology David Ruebsam, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., Gen. Bus. David H. Runk, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Roy S. Runsick, Hardy, Geography Lora A. Runyan, Dardanelle, Early Childhood Robert N. Runyan, Newport, Zoology Nancy L. Runyon, Tuckerman, Bus. Ed. Freddy C. Russell, Corning, History Gary E. Ryan, Newport, Management Sherry K. Ryan, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Lark E. Sallee, Pocahontas, Speech Path. James D. Sanders, Sherwood, Geography Herb A. Sanderson, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Jack L. Sandlin, Little Rock, Printing 307 Seniors AGR members enjoy " first meal " in new home. Grady Sandusky, Bernie, Mo., Agri. Bus. Raymond Saranie, Stuttgart, Agri. Bus. Lorraine Savelli, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Gen. Bus. Gregory E. Sawyer, Benton, Pol. Sci. Barbara Graham Sbrilli, Russellville, Bus. Ed. Priscilla Scanlon, Corpus Christi, Tex., Soc. Janice R. Scarbrough, Cabot, English Robert W. Schafer Jr., Stuttgart, Accounting Russell K. Schmidt, Floral, Gen. Bus. David G. Schneider, Matthews, Mo., Agri. Engr. Kenny D. Scott, Bay, P. E. Robyn D. Scott, Sedgwick, Early Childhood Randy L. Screws, Batesville, Gen. Bus. Judy F. Seals, Marion, History Lindy Sexton. Kennett, Mo.. Elem. Ed. Robert O. Shafer Jr., Searcy, Gen. Agri. Jerry L. Sharpe, Corning, P. E. Larry A. Sharpe, Parkin, Agri. Engr. Richard H. Shearer, Searcy, Gen. Bus. Dan M. Shepherd, Turrell, Elem. Ed. Michael E. Shepherd, Pine Bluff, Management Danny O. Shields, Peach Orchard, Gen. Agri. Paul D. Shirley, Bono, Accounting James E. Shockley, Sidney, Agri. Ed. Roger P. Shollmier, Pine Bluff, Marketing 308 AGR ' s Build Fraternity House Randy E. Shopher, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgt. Terry L. Short, Paragould, Physics Ken K. Showalter, Tuckerman, Zoology Wallace R. Shrader, Paragould, P. E. Douglas B. Shultz, Rector, Education Steven T. Sigsby, Rector, Management Larry Singleton, Marmaduke, Agri. Bus. E. Steven Skillern, Hot Springs, History David R. Slaton, Wilson, Gen. Bus. Judy A. Slatton, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Mary E. Sloan, Pocahontas, P. E. Phyllis J. Sloan, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Pamela J. Smart, Piggott, English Jo Ann Smelser, Marmaduke, Special Ed. Bobby L. Smiley, Bernie, Mo., Bus. Adm. Audrey K. Smith, Owensboro, Ky., Special Ed. Betty Louise Smith, Brookland, Bus. Ed. Bonnie S. Smith, Harrisburg, Special Ed. David Lee Smith, Sedgwick, Bus. Ed. Debor ah L. Smith, Tuckerman, Bus. Ed. Deloise L. Smith, Birdsong, Elem. Ed. Harvey Smith, Roanoke Rapids, N. C, Printing Joseph D. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Bus. Kenneth C. Smith, Jonesboro, Zoology Lewis G. Smith, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Linda A. Smith, Dell, Biology Peggy J. Smith, Black Rock, Elem. Ed. Phil G. Smith, Newport, Journalism Rhonda F. Smith, Hughes, Bus. Ed. Robert M. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Engr. Letty Bailey Smollen, Warren, Elem. Ed. James Scott Snellgrove, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Carrie E. Spades, Pocahontas, Bus. Ed. Teresa Gail Spotts, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Bennie G. Spurlock, McRae, Education Old Science Building Is Remodeled Paula Spurlock, Jonesboro, Zoology Stephen M. Squibb, Salem, Bus. Adm. Margaret M. Stack, Kennett, Mo., Radio-TV Billy B. Stacy, Monette, Special Ed. Charles D. Stake, Kensett, Elem. Ed. Michael D. Stallings, Blytheville, Zoology Bobby M. Stanley, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. ' William R. Stanton, Paragould, Management Roger C. Stark, Hardy, Gen. Agri. Roger D. Steele, Black Rock, Agri. Ed. Hubert C. Steimel Jr., Pocahontas, Management Mollijean Stephens, Metropolis, 111., Bus. Ed. Charlene Sterne, N. Litde Rock, Journalism Michael E. Stetson, Pascola, Mo., Agri. Bus. Arnold Lee Steward, Blytheville, History Carolyn E. Stewart, Ash Flat, FJem. Ed. Howard L. Stewart, Brinkley, Journalism Jean F. Stewart, Campbell, Mo., English Gary D. Still, Yellville, Drama James E. Srilwell, Doniphan, Mo., Spanish Robert E. Stirewalt, Gilmore, Gen. Bus. Marcella Stockton, Qulin, Mo., Soc. Sri. Lynda E. Stone, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Zack T. Stone III, Altheimer, Gen. Bus. Beverla J. Stovall, Senath, Mo., Elem. Ed. Deborah L. Stowe, Newport, Soc. Sci. Ruby Strickland, Blytheville, Education Roger W. Stroud, Salem, Mathematics Steven L. Struble, Caldwell, Kan., P. E. Paul J. Stultz, Jonesboro, Accounting Perry P. Sullins, Newport, Gen. Agri. Aubrey N. Sumpter, Earle, P. E. Terry J. Sumpter, Earle, Management Kenny Swanson, McCrory, Gen. Bus. Davine B. Swihart, Pocahontas, English 310 Seniors " Hook ' em Horns? " Elizabeth Swindle, Walnut Ridge, Journalism Phillip M. Swindle, Paragould, Mathematics Marcus L. W. Swinson, Jonesboro, Sociology Douglas C. Szenher, Hot Springs, Journalism Jama E. Tacker, Monette, Pol. Sci. Nancy Joyce Taff, West Memphis, Bus Ed. Billy R. Tarpley, Cotton Plant, Elem. Ed. James E. Tart, Blytheville, Marketing Cynthia L. Tarver, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Regina G. Tate, Oran, Mo., English Clinton J. Taylor, Forrest City, Journalism Felix D. Taylor, Cherry Valley, Pol. Sci. • Jan R. Taylor, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Magalene Taylor, Osceola, Journalism Michael V. Taylor, Weiner, Mathematics Peggy A. Taylor, Weiner, Sociology James W. Temple, Stuttgart, Gen. Bus. Charles David Thomas, Senath, Mo., Gen. Bus. Terry Thomas, Caruthersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. William E. Thomas, Newport, Gen. Bus. David E. Thompson, Trumann, Gen. Bus. George M. Thompson, DeWitt, Management Janet P. Thompson, Marked Tree, Drama Jimmy D. Thompson, Parkin, P. E. Michael N. Thompson, Wynne, Pol. Sci. 311 Seniors Another exciting ASU weekend gets underway. Tommy L. Thompson, Brinkley, Elem. Ed. Dennis E. Thrasher, Rector, Bus. Ed. Donley C. Threet, Steele, Mo., Agri. Bus. Harold D. Tilley, Monette, Mathematics Billy Don Tiner, Pocahontas, Zoology Roger D. Tinsley, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Engr. Sheila M. Tipton, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Lena S. Tomlinson, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Frank J. Toney, Tampa, Fla., Journalism Gerald Tong, Corpus Christi, Tex., Gen. Bus. James C. Torjusen, Blytheville, Radio-TV Dennis E. Townsend, Blytheville, Wildlife Mgt. Diana Treece, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology Robert M. Trotter, McCrory, Gen. Bus. Richard W. Traux, Gillett, Agri. Ed. Cynthia E. Truxton, Litde Rock, Radio-TV Charles L. Tucker, Jonesboro, Agronomy Peggy S. Tucker, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Robert B. Turner, Wynne, Agronomy Tommy G. Turner, Paragould, Philosophy Lois Ann Tusing, Dell, Journalism Steve B. Tye, Searcy, Gen. Bus. Brenda L. Tyler, Pocahontas, Art David D. Tyler, Pocahontas, Journalism Lanny W. Tyler, Steele, Mo., Accounting 312 Campus Crusade Presents Josh Henry Lynn Vance, Des Arc, Journalism Lendall L. Vannada, Piggott, Soc. Sci. Ruth Louise Van Pelt, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Deborah A. Varnadore, DeWitt, Animal Sci. Linda K. Vamell, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. Rudy M. Vines, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Susan C. Vines, Newport, Elem. Ed. Charlotte L. Volk, Cherry Valley, Music Thomas S. Vondran, Forrest City, Soc. Sci. Donald G. Voyles, Jonesboro, Philosophy Nicholas Vrettos, Athens, Greece, Economics D. Glenn Wagner, Jonesboro, English Jimmy D. Wagster, Rector, Gen. Bus. Barbara E. Wahl, Little Rock, Bus. Ed. Garry W. Walker, Trumann, Economics Michael J. Walker, Little Rock, Sociology Peggy J. Walker, Jonesboro, Sociology Thomas L. Walker, Marked Tree, Music Francys B. Wallace, Beebe, Elem. Ed. Sherry L. Wallace, Lake City, Elem. Ed. Weldon A. Wallace, Beebe, Gen. Agri. Barry L. Walls, Harrisburg, Gen. Agri. Marshall D. Walls, Corning, Journalism Pam C. Ward, England, Early Childhood Carole A. Warren, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Doris Warren, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Dale D. Washam, Mammoth Spring, Wildlife Mgt. Brent E. Watkins, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Tommy Watkins, Marvell, Gen. Bus. Larry G. Watson, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Michael D. Watson, Marked Tree, Journalism Richard H. Watts, Benton, Sociology David L. Webb, Blytheville, Music Charles D. Webster, Helena, Gen. Bus. Margaret S. Weeks, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Mike Worley Heads SGA Sharon B. Wegman, Jonesboro, Sociology Louise Weitkamp, Pocahontas, Sociology Reva D. Welker, Monette, Accounting Kathleen M. Werner, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Walter M. Wheeler, Desha, Accounting Ed. Ron L. Whelchel, Rockford, 111., P. E. Johnny P. Wherry, Newark, Phy. Sci. Debra C. Whisenhunt, West Memphis, Elem. E Sarah J. Whistle, Osceola, Chemistry Mary A. Whitaker, Osceola, Music Ed. Perry D. Whitaker, Marmaduke, Gen. Agri. Terry H. Whiting, Tichnor, Gen. Bus. Gaiy Lee Whitley, Arlington, Va., Printing Ronny D. Whitt, Hickory Ridge, Gen. Bus. James Larry Wiedeman, Corning, Accounting Dennis R. Wiles, Hardy, Journalism Diane A. Williams, Brinkley, Gen. Bus. James E. Williams, Brinkley, History Joseph R. Williams, Dyess, Chemistry Shirley Ann Williams, Joiner, Sociology David E. Wilson, Trumann, History Jane Wilson, Jonesboro, Art Jerry W. Wilson, Pine Bluff, Bus. Adm. Mark K. Wilson, Osceola, Zoology Sharon Wilson, Jonesboro, P. E. Ricky A. Wimberly, Star City, Phy. Sci. Larry C. Winberry, Paragould, Zoology Dennis R. Wingert, Rose Bud, Animal Sci Barbara N. Winn, Lafe, Special Ed. Delbert L. Wisdom, Beebe, Animal Sci. Georgia Charlene Wise, Bay, Mathematics Bill G. Womack Jr., Lake City, P. E. Robert W. Womack, Jonesboro, Wildlife Mgt. Sherry D. Womack, Lake City, Elem. Ed. Craig D. Wood, Jonesboro, Accounting wjm r ' mm m ' mwt — V Seniors " The map says, ' Take four giant steps to the right and three hops forward ' . " Roberta J. Wood, Parkin, P. E. Susan P. Wood, Trumann, Special Ed. Martha D. Woodham, Cherry Valley, Elem. Ed. Stephen O. Woodruff, Jonesboro, Pre-Medicine Kathy J. Wooldridge, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Phillip Wooldridge, Paragould, Wildlife Mgt. Barbara Woosley, Baton Rouge, La., Elem. Ed. Dwight A. Woosley, Searcy, Animal Sci. Charles A. Wooten, Helena, Gen. Bus. John T. Worley, Searcy, Gen. Bus. Michael T. Worley, Bald Knob, Pol. Sci. Jackie Gaines Wyatt, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Karan D. Wyatt, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Vicki J. Yates, Bono, Elem. Ed. David Allen Young, Hot Springs, Mathematics Elizabeth P. Young, Tuckerman, Elem. Ed. Rebecca B. Young, Wynne, Speech Path. Sharon G. Young, Trumann, Special Ed. Lexy M. Zalewski, Fort Worth, Tex., Music Judy A. Zinn, Jonesboro, Medical Tech. Eugene N. Zuber, Tuckerman, Accounting John S. Abernathy, Campbell, Mo. Susan P. Abernathy, Bradford Bennie C. Adams, Batesville Gerald W. Adams Jr., Arbyrd, Mo. Harry M. Adams, Newport Larry W. Adams, Jonesboro Paul D. Adams, Manila Marcia K. Agee, Jonesboro John Alderman, Winter Haven, Fla. Susie G. Aldridge, Malvern James D. Alexander, Pine Bluff Harry D. Alexander, Mount Vernon Richard Alexander, St. Louis, Mo. Ronnie L. Alford. Biggers Deborah A. All bright, Newport Emily B. Allen, Jonesboro Aubrey Allensworth, Blytheville Frances J. Allison, Corning Gerald M. Alsup, Hayti, Mo. Vince Ancell, O ' Fallon, 111. Jerry D. Anderson, Paragould Rex D. Anderson, Jonesboro Shirley J. Andrews, Jonesboro Tandy L. Anthony, Proctor Steve D. Arment, Kennett, Mo. Belva L. Armstrong, Pocahontas Sherry L. Arnold, Jonesboro Tommy L. Arnold, Paragould Charles M. Arwood, Forrest City John R. Ashley, Monette Massoud Askari, Shiraz, Iran Mary Atkinson, Bakersfield, Mo. Cafeteria Policy Changes Sidney R. Atkison, Parkin Randy Austin, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard Aycock, N. Little Rock Robert D. Bahn, Blytheville Lena V. Baker, McCrory Patricia Baldridge, Monette Paul Balducci, Stuttgart Billy Baldwin, Hickory Ridge Linda K. Bales, Powhatan William Ballard, Mammoth Spring Janet M. Baltz, Pocahontas Thomas R. Baltz, Pocahontas Robert L. Band, Blytheville Parviz Barazandeh, Tehran, Iran Joseph Barber, Dexter, Mo. Cleveland Barfield, Litde Rock Neil Barker, Norfolk, Va. Beverly Barnes, Pine Bluff Julia A. Barnes, Walnut Ridge Benjamin Bamett, Jonesboro Danny E. Barnett, Searcy Hiram Barnett, Warm Springs Katie A. Barnett, Searcy Tracy W. Barnett, Paragould Edith Barnhill, Walnut Ridge Marvin Barrett, N. Little Rock Rodney Barrett, West Helena John L. Barron, Yellville Judy K. Barron, Swifton Glen Bartels, Whitewater, Mo. Jon Baskin, Malvern Thomas Baskins, West Helena Pamela J. Bates, Jonesboro Marcia Batterton, Salem Stevie L. Baugher, Manila Mike Baur, Doniphan, Mo. Janice S. Beard, Brinkley Christy Beavers, Williford Danny L. Beebe, Wideman John D. Belcher, Hot Springs 316 Juniors Since when did they include crap games in intramurals ' Cynthia K. Bell, Jonesboro William D. Bell, Judsonia Cathy Bellingrath, Newport Kim Bellis, East Bangor, Pa. Beverly C. Benefield, Jonesboro Debby Bennett, N. Little Rock Sharon Y. Bennett, Carlisle Michael L. Benson, Greenway Sylvia Bergey, S. Dayton, N. Y. James Berry, Midland, Tex. Peggy L. Berry, Jonesboro Richard S. Berry, West Memphis Robert M. Berry, Jonesboro LaDonna K. Betts, Pangburn Patsy S. Bevill, Blytheville William R. Biggs, Jonesboro Larry J. Bishop, Rector Morris W. Bitely, Gould Anne Bittinger, Hudson Falls, N. Y. Buddy M. Black, Newport Jayne Black, Newport Thea E. Black, Jonesboro Charles D. Blackburn, Tuckerman Barbara R. Blagg, Hot Springs Sandra Blankenship, Cardwell, Mo. John W. Blaxton, Jonesboro Mary L. Blocker, Leachville Richard B. Bloesch, Poplar Grove Jerry W. Blount, Paragould James E. Boggs, Newport Phillip E. Bogy Jr., Humphrey Mary M. Boles, Helena Ann Carol Bond, Jonesboro Nancy C. Bond, N. Little Rock Carole A. Bone, McCrory Rickey G. Bone, McCroTV Jeffrey D. Bonner, Bradford Bill Booker, El Dorado Craig L. Born, Jonesboro Norman J. Bowen Jr., Trumann Susie Bowling, Jonesboro Darlister Boyd, West Memphis Jonathan Boyd, Helena Steven J. Boyd, Paragould Virginia R. Boyd, Walnut Ridge Rebecca L. Boyles, Augusta Karen L. Brackin, Marion Joan J. Bradley, Swifton Michael A. Brady, Pollard Oner A. Bramblett, Sulpher Rock James Branam, Augusta Harry L. Branch. Paragould James A. Branch, Marked Tree Keith F. Branch, Paragould Vicki A. Branch, Tonesboro William A. Branch, Paragould 317 Juniors This brings the score to Arkansas Hall, 4; Pantyraiders, 7. Jerry Branum, Hornersville, Mo. Gail M. Brasher, West Memphis Janice Bratcher, Strawberry Gary L. Brazzeal, Harrison Charles E. Brewer, Pocahontas Terry R. Brewer, Monette William K. Brewer, Monette Wayne Brewies, El Dorado Lee A. Breytspraak, Mountain Home Karen G. Bridger, Jonesboro Robert W. Bridger, Jonesboro Owen J. Bridges, Black Rock Sterling Briggs, Crawfordsville Thomas L. Briggs, Crawfordsville Teresa N. Briley, Blytheville Linda F. Brimer, Bald Knob Brenda K. Brooks, Jonesboro Ronald C. Brooks, Jonesboro Steve R. Brooks, Florissant, Mo. Linda Broome, Pascagoula, Miss. Brenda K. Brothers, Blytheville Abby W. Brown, Litde Rock David L. Brown, Datto Gloria D. Brown, Wynne James C. Brown, Beckley, W. Va. Neville L. Brown Jr., Rector Patricia A. Brown, Jonesboro Stanley G. Brown, Osceola Clyde Bruckerhoff, St. Marys, Mo. Delores J. Brummett, Paragould Debara A. Branson, Star City Joseph S. Bryant, Alma Kennith Buchanan, Lake City John W. Buck, Pine Bluff Douglas D. Bufford, Jonesboro Sarah B. Burch, Hot Springs David W. Burnell, Glenside, Pa. Johnny L. Burns, Walnut Ridge Eddie D. Burris, Egypt Peggy D. Burrows, Marked Tree Elmo Gene Burton, Rector Byron B. Busby, Mammoth Spring Grover G. Butler, Cotton Plant Larry P. Butterworth, Osceola Sharon L. Byrd, Lexa Charles Caldwell, S. Roxana, 111. Susan C. Callahan, Searcy Karen L. Callis, Batesville Mike H. Camp, Pocahontas Barbara L. Campbell, Camden Dennis L. Campbell, Hot Springs Tommy G. Campbell, Pocahontas Bobby Ray Cannon, Paragould Connie Ann Caraway, Sidney Nancy C. Carey, Black Rock Jan C. Carlisle, Beebe 318 Glen R. Carlson, Everton Thomas W. Carothers, Pine Bluff Sidney M. Carrier, Jonesboro Katherine S. Carter, Ash Flat Lou Ann Carter, Perryville Patricia D. Carter, Jonesboro Opra R. Cartwright, Holly Grove Deana L. Cashion, Jacksonville Gwendolyn Cason, Batesville Roland N. Cason Jr., Berryville Patrick J. Cass, N. Litde Rock Brenda C. Cassidy, Blytheville Ronald W. Cates, Ellsinore, Mo. Gussi A. Causey, Harrison Pamela V. Chambers, Marianna Fred E. Chambless, Paragould Gary Chandler, Joiner Cleo D. Chapman, Hardy Arnold D. Ch astain, Steele, Mo. Jose Chavez, Mexico City, Mex. Ralph A. Cheshier, Jonesboro David K. Chesser, Paragould Marilyn D. Chester, Dalton Wilma D. Chilton, Leachville Janet C. Choate, Earle Paul Chronister, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Cynthia M. Church, Leachville John T. Church, Salem Linda K. Churchill, Jonesboro Jimmy L. Clardy, Rector Dennis G. Clark, Cardwell, Mo. Hillard D. Clark, Bay Galloway Heads ROTC Brigade John P. Clark, Cardwell, Mo. Lyndia M. Clark, Newport Roger L. Clark, Jonesboro Michael D. Clary, Star City Dena P. Clay, Judsonia Dwight H. Clayton, Trumann James L. Clayton, Jonesboro Jim D. Clements, Jonesboro Michael D. Clifford, Jonesboro Jeryl S. Cochran, Jonesboro Cathy S. Cohn, Jonesboro Cathy D. Coker, St. Charles George R. Cole, Paragould Mary H. Cole, Trumann Stephen W. Cole, Pascola, Mo. Michael E. Coleman, Jonesboro Sharon G. Collat, Benton Anita J. Collie, Mountain Home Becky J. Collier, Harrisburg Don O. Collins, Tuckerman Frank L. Conner, Helena David D. Conradj Jonesboro Gary M. Cooper, Jonesboro Monta J. Cooper, Pine Bluff Paul E. Cooper, Cooter, Mo. Terry H. Cooper, Jonesboro Sharon Copenhaver, Jonesboro Charles Cothran, N. Litde Rock Jacqueline S. Cox, Walnut Rklge Loyd D. Cox, Walnut Ridge Kenneth J. Crader, Painton, Mo. David B. Craig, Blytheville Homer L. Craig, Etowah James F. Craig, Jonesboro Rita J. Craig, Powhatan Steve D. Craig, Tyronza Larry D. Craigmyle, Jonesboro William Craigmyle, Jonesboro Hubert W. Crain, Brookland Lesli S. Crews, Little Rock 319 Pamela S. Crismon, Jonesboro Steve M. Crismon, Pocahontas Allen D. Crisp, Marvell Mary V. Crisp, Elaine Keith E. Croft, Jonesboro Wendell L. Crosswhite, Paragould Donna B. Crumbaugh, Jonesboro Danny A. Crumley, Cave City Jimmy L. Cullipler, DeWitt Marvin D. Cypert, Georgetown Donna L. Dacus, Jonesboro Betty J. Dail, Ravenden Sterling R. Dalby, Batesville Patricia A. Dale, Piggott Joan Dalziel, N. Little Rock Peggy J. Dame, Walnut Ridge Danny Daniel, Reyno Rex G. Darling, Jonesboro Robert J. Daugherty, West Helena Krista E. Davidson, Lafe Willie Davidson, Greensboro, N. C. Billie F. Davis, Blytheville Constance L. Davis, Walnut Ridge Eula M. Davis, Jonesboro Herbert C. Davis, Jonesboro Karen G. Davis, Steele, Mo. Leslie W. Davis, Tyronza Mary M. Davis, Little Rock Peter Davis, Indianapolis, Ind. Rae J. Davis, Rector Thomas J. Davis, Benton Susan J. Day, Rock Island, 111. Cyrus Is Homecoming Queen Charles W. Deatherage, Jonesboro Daniel DeClerk, Pocahontas Deborah A. DeClerk, Pocahontas William Deely, Albuqerque, N. M. Wayne T. Deen, Blytheville Jean A. Dehls, Pittsburgh, Pa. Richard D. Delaney, Jonesboro Jim Delgado, Jacksonville Rich E. Deuser, St. Louis, Mo. Harold J. Dickens, Jonesboro Marcus E. Dickerson, Osceola Clarence Dickson, West Memphis Steven F. Diederich, Jacksonville Arthur L. Dixon, Jonesboro Nova S. Dobbs, Hoxie Chris W. Donaldson, Paragould Terry A. Dorris, Alton, Mo. David E. Doshier, Yellville Robert D. Doss, Wynne Paul H. Doty, Walnut Ridge Beverly Douthet, Crawfordsville Chet D. Douthit, Clinton, Mo. Willadeen Driskell, Jonesboro James C. Drum, Jonesboro Debra J. Ducker, Pineville Jane A. Duffel, Jonesboro Robert P. Dugger, Jonesboro Sandra Y. Dugger, Jonesboro Gwendolyn C. Duncan, Blytheville Romona L. Duncan, Jonesboro Douglas Dunson, Nashville Clyde Durden, Portage ville, Mo. Ronald L. Durette, Colonia, N. J. Lee V. Earnheart, Batesville Richard W. Earnheart, Batesville Jimmy W. Eason, Lepanto Martha L. Easterly, Jonesboro Judith A. Edwards, Blytheville Leann Edwards, McGehee Can. ' Pi. Elbert, Jonesboro MM ?! f 320 Teresa E. Elbert, Jonesboro Jerry L. Eldridge, Jonesboro Curt R. Ellington, Paragould Patti Ellington, Paragould Mike L. Elliott, N. Litde Rock Rebecca A. Elliott, Tuckerman Alice M. Ellis, Blytheville Cydney Elslander, Heber Springs Freeman G. England, Dalton Timothy Ephlin, Wardell, Mo. Samuel L. Erwin, Star City Larry W. Eubanks, Clinton Linda J. Evans, West Helena Donna M. Everett, Camden Freddy L. Everett, Sulphur Rock Patricia A. Fagan, Doniphan, Mo. John M. Fairhead Jr., Jonesboro Joe B. Farmer, Piggott Perry J. Farr, Maiden, Mo. Jeanette Fawcett, Ashdown James E. Ferguson, Marston, Mo. Randy L. Ferguson, Salem Elizabeth D. Fetterly, Jonesboro William E. Fields, Blytheville Janet L. Files, Walnut Ridge Regenia K. Files, Manila Steve Files, Hunter Barre F. Finan, Jonesboro Jane F. Finch, Alicia David B. Fisher, Leachville Henry Fisher, Marion, 111. Brenda K. Fisk, Corning Dora L. Flanagin, Forrest City Robert D. Flannigan, Monette Tommy R. Fleeman, Jonesboro James E. Floyd, Franklin Joe A. Flye, Jonesboro Janet D. Flynt, Jonesboro Michael W. Fondren, Batesville Dennis H. Ford, Marked Tree Ginger L. Ford, Paragould Lanita G. Ford, Paragould Michael P. Ford, Paragould Ralph B. Fore Jr., McCrory Addie Forney, Marianna Danny L. Forrester, Jonesboro Gary W. Fortune, Brinkley Scott E. Foster, Orlando, Fla. Brenda R. Fowler, Benton Norman E. Francis, Trumann William M. Franklin, Jonesboro Anita G. Frazier, Jonesboro Marie Freeman, Stuttgart Florence M. Freeze, Jonesboro Martha J. French, Pollard Carlos L. Frye Jr., Manila f 1 fl fr» Y» ff, i 321 Juniors Remains of the Pike Little Olympics. ■mm William Fulkerson III, Paragould Michael E. Gairhan, Trumann, Larry Gallamore, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ginger P. Gambill, Jonesboro Rita A. Gambill, Jonesboro Jay C. Gamblin, Jonesboro Marlene K. Gamec, Jonesboro Gaylon H. Gammill, Jonesboro Jack B. Gammon, Flat River, Mo. Patsy L. Gann, Blytheville Danny L. Gardner, Blytheville Gary C. Garrett, Blytheville Carol S. Garrison, Jonesboro Lillian J. Garrison, Monette Danny D. Gartman, Trumann Alfred J. Gates, Osceola James E. Gathings, Paragould James F. Gatlin, Belleville, 111. Terry W. Gibbons, Dexter, Mo. Thomas Gibbs, Star City Kenneth F. Gibson, Senath, Mo. Lloyd Gibson, Sacramento, Calif. Michael O. Gibson, Jonesboro Rhonda Gibson, Malvern James P. Gilbert, Hoxie Lonnie J. Gilbreth, Hoxie Donald R. Gillespie, Osceola Joseph L. Gilliam, Helena Norman J. Gilmore, Swifton James L. Gipson, Blytheville Vicki Jo Givens, Weiner Louie L. Glover, Marion Russell A. Goad, Jonesboro David W. Goff, Pocahontas Terry Goodman, Fort Dodge, Iowa David R. Goodson, Black Oak Kristie Goodwin, El Dorado Joe W. Gordon, Marked Tree Jane Gore, Walnut Ridge Chester L. Gotay, Vienna, Va. William L. Gott, Jonesboro William A. Gower, Raleigh, N. C. Paul D. Goza, Clarksville Elizabeth Grabiel, Memphis, Tenn. Robbie C. Grady, lonesboro Mike L. Graham, Steele, Mo. Ravmond D. Graham, Reyno Frank Granger, Elizabeth City, N. C. Anthonv E. Grant, Proctor James C. Graves. Jonesboro Gary D. Gray, Tuckerman Jimmy F. Gray, Tyronza Michael D. Gray, Blvtheville Danna R. Green. Doninhan, Mo. Vicki A. Green, Little Rock David Greenwood, N. Little Rock 522 Otto Greer III, Ft. Worth, Tex. William A. Griffin Jr., Gilmore Charles L. Graver, Jonesboro Otis G. Guiltner Ir., Monette Taney Gum, Alton, Mo. Cora E. Gunter, Campbell, Mo. Joe C. Guziewicz, Weiner Brenda G. Gwaltney, Joiner Rickey W. Gwaltney, Walnut Ridge Morris F. Haas, Richmond, Va. Marian Haigh, Parkin Joyce L. Haley, Ward Glenda J. Hall, Jonesboro James M. Hall, Jonesboro William Hall, Pawleys Island, S. C. Tudy A. Halsell, Blytheville Janice R. Hammer, Forrest City Donna F. Hammett, Bald Knob Rosemary Hampton, N. Little Rock Clinton R. Hancock, Knobel Clyde Hancock, Knobel Donna T. Hannah, Marked Tree Garv Hannah, Lepanto Adele Hardin, Rector Herbert A. Hardin, Marion James E. Hardin, Augusta Ken C. Hardin, Cincinnati, Ohio Shiela M. Hardin, Rector Ted Hardin. Marmaduke Thomas R. Hardin, Trumann Patrick T. Hardv, Hardy Bobby R. Hargis, Jonesboro SGA Declares Tast Day ' David L. Hargrave, Avoca, N. Y. Linda L. Hargrave, Avoca, N. Y. Margie B. Hargrave, Monette John M. Harlan, Piggott Donald A. Harmon, Batesville Brenda F. Harold, Corning Troy D. Harper, Franklin Alfred J. Harrell, Jonesboro Calvin F. Harrell, Memphis, Tenn. Jimmy T. Harrell, Jonesboro Jerome Harrington, Eustis, Fla. Aubrey L. Harris, Forrest City Bobby G. Harris, Paragould Molly A. Harris, Pocahontas Kelsey L. Harrison, Blytheville Joyce A. Hartsell, Swifton Johnny D. Hartwick, Damascus John F. Harvey, Jonesboro Kathy S. Hatcher, Weiner Roy E. Hathcock, Memphis, Tenn. Dennis C. Hawk, Walnut Ridge Eddie C. Hawkins, Mount Vernon Glenda A. Hawkins, Pocahontas Jerry Hawkins, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard P. Hawkins, Mount Vernon Ronny L. Hayes, Luxora James E. Hayes, Judsonia Martha J. Hays, Jonesboro Mary J. Heafner, Walnut Ridge Scott Hecker, Harrisburg Ronnie O. Hedger, Jonesboro Donna J. Helderman, Beebe Franklin D. Henary, Jonesboro Earlene Hendrix, Bono John D. Henley, Forrest City Martha E. Henry, Stuttgart James G. Henshaw, Harrisburg Paul L. Henson, Blytheville Eddie L. Herlein, Helena Barney A. Hess, Clearwater, Fla. 323 f IP f 1 ■bh ■■■■ n Phil W. Hesse, Weiner Herman G. Hickman, Trumann Terry L. Hicks, Beech Grove Larry W. Higgins, Marked Tree Ray Higgins, Jonesboro Erma J. Hill, Mariana Janis G. Hill, Jonesboro Jim C. Hill, Paragould Frank C. Hinds, Jonesboro Joe Hinesly, Homersville, Mo. Sandra L. Hobgood, Pollard Ann Hodge, Melbourne James T. Hodges, Jonesboro Norman G. Holbrooks, Jonesboro Calvin Holden, West Helena Johnny R. Holifield, Blytheville Edward T. Holland, Doniphan, Mo. James M. Holland, Monette Pamela J. Holland, Jacksonville Phillip G. Holleman, McCrory Charles K. Holley, Heber Swings Paul V. Holmes, West Memphis Michael P. Holt, Kennett, Mo. Tommy Holt, Lonoke John A. Honnoll, Jonesboro William D. Honnoll, Jonesboro Irvin L. Horrell, Hardy Debbie G. Horst, Fisher Lynda G. Horton, Jonesboro Terry J. Horton, Rector Mike C. Hottell, Jonesboro Sammie D. House, Jonesboro SGP Changes Name To ISL Fairy L. Howard, Blytheville James M. Howard, Clarkton, Mo. Linda K. Howard, Hayti, Mo. Susan Howard, Piggott Terry R. Howard, Corning Merry A. Howe, Newport Ralph F. Howell, Orlando, Fla. Emily L. Hubble, Kennett, Mo. Barry F. Huber, Weiner Deloma J. Huckaby, Beebe Carolyn B. Hudgins, Jonesboro Teresa J. Hudson, Jonesboro Phillip L. Huett, Elizabeth Earl R. Hughes, Little Rock Howard D. Hulen, Tuckerman Genita M. Hulett, Jonesboro Sharon J. Hulett, Swifton Frances J. Humbert, Marianna James F. Hunter, Camden Michael L. Hunter, Kennett, Mo. Wayne T. Hunter, Pocahontas William J. HutcI, Jonesboro Kerry A. Huskey, Lynn Rickey W. Huskey, Strawberry Stephen L. Hutchison, Harrisburg Michael C. Hutsell, Searcy Charles F. Hyman, West Memphis Mika Brown Hyman, Jonesboro Dianna L. Inboden, Jonesboro Craig A. Irsch, Kirksville, Mo. James D. Isaacs, Magazine William B. Isgrig, Jonesboro Richard G. Ivy, Mountain View Judy Jackson, Russell Myron K. Jackson, Paragould Robert S. Jackson, Jonesboro Ronald B. Jackson, Jonesboro Scott Jackson Jr., YellviUe Joseph James, Jonesboro Marilyn E. James, Hardy 324 Juniors " Are you sure this is the way Calvin Harrell got started? " Mike L. James, Pocahontas Phillip L. James, Jonesboro Sandra S. James, G rning Gary K. Jameson, Pine Bluff Steve M. Jansen, St. Louis, Mo. Richard Janssen, Freeburg, 111, JoAnn Jaquish, Bradford Brendene Jeans, Jonesboro Michael L. Jeffery, Batesville Robert Jefferys, Nashville, N. C. Linda C. Jennings, Russell Jerry D. Jernigan, Walnut Ridge Elizabeth D. Johns, Jonesboro Lanny D. Johns, Weldon Burl E. Johnson, Rochelle, 111. Craig Johnson, Dallas, Tex. Garry M. Johnson, Paragould James C. Johnson, Avoca, N. Y. James P. Johnson, Pine Bluff James W. Johnson, Jonesboro Janice L. Johnson, Searcy Jeffery M. Johnson, Melbourne Najgy H. Johnson, Maynard Ronald L. Johnson, Paragould S. T. Johnson, Jonesboro Stanley H. Johnson, Arbyrd, Mo. Tom Johnson, Palos Verdes, Calif. Mark Johnston, Dallas, Tex. Patsy K. Johnston, Eudora Cathy J. Jones, Rector Deloris K. Jones, Bemie, Mo. Don W. Jones, Jonesboro Evelyn V. Jones, Cardwell, Mo. Herschell L. Jones, Newport James S. Jones, Greenville, Mo. Jerrie L. Jones, Pine Bluff Judith A. Jones, Marmaduke Linda J. Jones, Pocahontas Marilyn Jones, Forrest City Michael F. Jones, West Memphis Preston B. Jones, Wynne Stan V. Jones, Walnut Ridge Terry W. Jones, Hoxie Velma Tones, Forrest City Verlon D. Jones Jr., Jonesboro Vicki K. Tones, Walnut Ridge William L. Jones, Marion Shannon K. Kaffka, Jonesboro Robert T. Kamm, Earle Christopher S. Kariya, Searcy rnold R. Kaut, Summersville, Mo. Joyce Kee, Jonesboro Beth Keeter, Harrison Christy P. Keller, Marked Tree Joseph W. Kelley, Cash Jimmy H. Kemp, McGehee ft Hf ■a . to f ? im 325 Juniors " Hey, Sue, isn ' t that the same outfit you just bought for home- coming? " Ruth A. Kemp, Jacksonville Jimmy R. Kendrick, Caiaway Ann £. Kennedy, Siloam Springs Linda J. Kenser, Naylor, Mo. Peggy M. Kensinger, Newport Marilyn Kernodle, Doniphan, Mo. Clifton D. Kerr, Williford Ronald H. Kersh, Star City Dennis A. Kersting, Jonesboro Eric L. Kieffner, Paragould Elizabeth A. Kilbv, Royal Ricky Killingsworth, McCrory Judith S. Kilman, Searcy Allen D. King, Pangburn Claudie C. King, Harrisburg Donald E. King, Harrisburg Donald W. King, Myrtle, Mo. Ernest R. King, Batesville Glen D. Kinkade, Bernie, Mo. William J. Kirkland, Lake City Jane W. Knight, N. Little Rock William Koonce, Jacksonville, N. C. Marvin E. Kortan, Blytheville James A. Kreis, Augusta John S. Kuzepski, Wilmington, Del. Gelinda K. Ladd, Lake City Teresa L. Ladd, Monette Katherine Laden, Steele, Mo. Nancy C. LaFarlett, Trumann John Lamar J r., Pocahontas Robert Lambert, Cherokee Village Horace Laminack Jr., Pine Bluff Virgil R. Lancaster, Grubbs Carolyn L. Lange, Paragould Garry G. Langston, Little Rock John M. Lanier, Carlisle Larry W. Lanier, Mocksville, N. C. Dennis L. Lard, Jonesboro Buddy J. Layton, Hardy Ed Lea, Manning Glenn E. Leach, Paragould Eulalia D. Ledbetter, Jonesboro Jerry D, Lee, Brinkley Patsy D. Lee. Batesville David R. Lemmons, Jonesboro Samuel M. Lewallen Jr., Newport Dale A. Lewelling, Blytheville Tommi J. Lewonowski, Jacksonville Bonnie T. Libhart, Jonesboro William D. Lieblong, Pine Bluff Lee W. Lile, Jonesboro Jimmy V. Lindsey, Walnut Grove Thomas J. Lindsey, Trumann Linda C. Lisko, Stuttgart William F. Litde, Jonesboro Rebecca J. Louks, Bald Knob 326 James S. Lowrance, Salem Douglas E. Lowrey, Fort Smith Charles D. Lumsden, DeWitt Sue Ellen Lupien, Batesville Michael D. Lynch, Beebe Greig A. Lynn, Paragould Dale E. Maddox, Campbell, Mo. Marhence Madrargchar, Koror, Palau Vickie A. MaGee, Benton William E. MaGee, Benton Betty Michele Malham, Jonesboro Charlotte Malick, Nashville, 111. Michael Maliott, West Memphis Bobby W. Malone, Walnut Ridge Janet J. Manatt, Searcy Jim D. Manatt, Corning Sam R. Manatt, Corning Barbara J. Mangrum, Jonesboro Barbara E. Mann, Jonesboro Mary E. Manning, Jonesboro Phil M. Manry, Jonesboro Stephen Marlowe, Fayetteville, N. C. James Marotti, Crawfordsville Richard Martel, New Britain, Conn. Charles W. Martin, Watson Deborah J. Martin, Trumann Timothy A. Martin, Paragould Johnny E. Massey, Newport Maxy Jane Massey, Jonesboro Glen Matheny, Richmond, Va. Howard J. Matthews Jr., Ravenden Jimmie Maxfield, Flat River, Mo. Museum Begins 45th Year 9. f 9 4 James E. May, Harrisburg Lewis W. May, N. Little Rock Norman W. McAnally, Osceola Jane E. McBride, Jonesboro Roger McCaghren, Leachville Thomas H. McCall, Jonesboro Brenda S. McCarroll, Pocahontas Cynthia McClintock, Jonesboro Nancy C. McColley, Paragould Betty L. McCollum, Benton Billy McCollum, N. Little Rock Bonnie L. McCord, Black Oak Thomas A. McCord, Camden Jerry V. McCracken, Jonesboro Darrell McCrillis, Piggott Michael W. McCulley, Jonesboro Larry E. McCurley, Brinkley Nancy K. McDaniel, Paragould Rocky McDaniel, Forrest City Debbie G. McDermott, Parkin Carolyn S. McElrath, Newport LaVonne G. McEntire, Jonesboro Gary W. McGahhey, DeWitt Jerome H. McGee, Harrisburg Shelton P. McGee, Pine Bluff Debbie D. McGough, Bay Jackie D. McGrew, Arbyrd, Mo. Tames M. McGuire, Thayer, Mo. Pamela K. McHaffey, Blytheville Martha J. McHaney, Leachville Regina S. McKisson, Jonesboro Carol D. McKnight, Smithville Edward McLain, N. Little Rock Donal McLaughlin, Jonesboro Robert E. McNeal, Walnut Ridge Cathy McNeil, Caruthersville, Mo. Sheila K. McNew, Bridgeton, Mo. Anne McWilhams, N. Little Rock Cheryl A. Meade, Jonesboro Richard G. Meadows, Leachville 327 Lonnie D. Medford, Brinkley Glenda R. Medlin, Wilson Michael E. Medlock, Jonesboro Jerry G. Meeker, Batesville Allen R. Meier, Pocahontas John A. Merck, Little Rock John Marc Metzler, Jonesboro Joseph H. Mick, Bloomfield, Mo. Marian S. Miller, Marked Tree Murel C. Miller, Corning Pam P. Miller, Memphis, Tenn. Robert F. Miller, Bald Knob Steve J. Miller, St. Louis, Mo. Karen R. Million, Monette Sharon K. Million, Monette Sandy K. Mills, Harrisburg Tony M. Mills, Rector James Chris Millwee, Tulsa, Okla. William Millwee Jr., Tulsa, Okla. George M. Milner, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Shirley J. Milner, Lonoke Willie Towne Minor, Forrest City David A. Mitchell, N. Little Rock Eddie F. Mitchell Jr., Jonesboro Georgia A. Mitchell, Trumann Larry F. Mitchell, Jon esboro Helen R. Mize, McHue Constance S. Mobley, Brookland Steve A. Modelevsky, Jonesboro Glenda K. Molock, Stuttgart Houshang Momenian, Iran Allen D. Monday, Judsonia Marian Miller Edits Yearbook Carlton Montgomery, Kennett, Mo. David M. Montgomery, Bono Janice Jo Moody, West Plains, Mo. Carol Moore, Walnut Ridge Morris R. Moore, Black Rock Ronald D. Moore, Jonesboro Thomas A. Moore, Walnut Ridge Virginia M. Moore, Jonesboro Boyd E. Morgan, Paragould Michael R. Moritz, Hot Springs Donna R. Morris, Jonesboro Garry W. Morris, Wynne Joseph L. Morris, Rector Larry C. Morris, West Helena Melvin J. Morris, Green Forest Daniel C. Morrison, Jonesboro David M. Morrison, Bay Donny Ray Morrison, Luxora William D. Morrison, Luxora E. E. Morton, Jacksonville, N. C. Danny H. Moser, Guion Paul R. Moser, Batesville Ralph D. Mount, Walnut Ridge Thomas O. Moyer, Jonesboro Dave Muckensturm, Belleville, 111. Gary D. Mueller, St. Louis, Mo. Marsha L. Mullins, Jonesboro Michael S. Mumma, Cardwell, Mo. Keith J. Munn, Jonesboro Barbara Munos, Jonesboro Richard M. Murch Jr., Suffolk, Va. Charles N. Murphy, Seattle, Wash. Karen Murphy, Caruthersville, Mo. Butch Murray, Foreman Hughie J. Murray, Little Rock Fonda R. Myers, Beedeville Hassel E. Myers Jr., Batesville Jerry R. Myers, Sedgwick Janet E. Nance, West Memphis John E Neeley, Keiser 328 Juniors Coffee break - ASU style. Johnny M. Neeley, Piggott Cheryl J. Nelson, Paragould John B. Nelson, West Helena Richard E. Newberry, Paragould Cecil D. Newman, Ash Flat Phyllis M. Nicholas, Marmaduke Richard Nicholson, Farmington, Mo. Patricia Niermann, Hoyleton, 111. Gary P. Nix, Forrest City Jerry L. Noble, Etowah Kerry Lee Noble, Jonesboro Terry W. Noble, Etowah Anna Jean Noel, Paragould Theresa C. Nolan, Knobel Larnce R. Noles, Jonesboro Mickey A. Norris, Jonesboro Richard H. Norris, Jonesboro Jerry R. North, West Plains, Mo. Donna L. Northcutt, West Memphis James M. Norton, Harrison Lana J. Nowell, Blytheville Mary G. Nunn, Lake City Debra K. Obsitnik, Little Rock Michael O ' Donnell, Griffithville J. N. Ogletree, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. William F. Oltmann, Jonesboro James E. O ' Neal, Paragould Gary D. Ormsby, Doniphan, Mo. Judith L. Oskowis, Forrest City Elizabeth T. Osment, Jonesboro Ernest Overby Jr., Richmond, Va. Michael R. Owen, Jonesboro Rodney P. Owens, West Memphis Thomas R. Owens, Walnut Ridge Terry A. Pace, Trumann Barry L. Parish, Jonesboro Louise Parker, Jefferson City, Mo. Lloyd E. Parker Jr., Melbourne Vicki M. Parker, Paragould Mary M. Parsons, Helena Larry Parten, Walnut Ridge Sharon G. Parten, Paragould Larry J. Partin, Dell John H. Parrney, Piedmont, Mo. Lewana Patterson, Wewahitchka, Fla. William C. Paul, Paragould Cynthia L. Payne, Conway Jerry W. Payne, Payneway Michael D. Payne, Marked Tree William R. Payne, Jonesboro Charles R. Pearce, Bradford Millie Pearle, N. Litde Rock Michael Pecotte, Stephenson, Mich. James D. Peeler, Cabot Delva J. Pelley, Jonesboro Diane Pelts, Kennett, Mo. sot f £ mi 329 Juniors " Are you sure they ' re real Indians? " Ronald H. Perm, Pocahontas John G. Pennington, Newport John R. Perrine, West Memphis Corrinna G. Perry, Ulysses, Kan. Patsy M. Peyton, Paragould Allison C. Phillippe, Marmaduke Lowell D. Philp, Jonesboro Carl J. Phipps, Violet Hill Chester G. Pierce, Mammoth Spring Mary G. Pierce, Parkin Terry L. Pierce, Flint, Mich. Jimmy L. Pinkston, Trumann Bruce E. Poleet, Jonesboro Patricia A. Poleet, Jonesboro Barbara A. Polsgrove, Piggott David L. Polsgrove, Rector Robert H. Pond, Stuttgart Ronald Earl Popp, St. Louis, Mo. Robert E. Post, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Elaine Povolish, Nashville, 111. Connie A. Prance, Campbell, Mo. Sara A. Pratt, Jonesboro Judye D. Presley, Trumann Kathie B. Presson, Marmaduke Jerry D. Prewitt, Pocahontas Linda S. Price, Texarkana Neil T. Price, Cord Reba K. Price, Manila Ronald L. Proctor, Wynne Marianne Pugh, Camden, N. C. Teddy W. Pylant, Jonesboro Ken R. Quackenbush, Blytheville Randy Quinn, Caruthersville, Mo. Ronald J. Quinn, Pine Bluff Jerry M. Raborn, Carlisle Nosratollah Rafiee, Tehran, Iran Jim Ragsdell, Brinkley Frank E. Raines, DeWitt Nena E. Rainev, Hughes Paula S. Ralaford, Bloomfield, Mo. Raymond E. Ramirez, Douglas, Ariz. Tony B. Ramsey, Walnut Ridge Larry J. Ratliff, Chadwick, 111. Pamela A. Rawlings, Searcy Paula J. Rawls, Crossett David S. Ray, Blytheville LaDonna J. Ray, Kennett, Mo. Larry L. Ray, Jonesboro Lena V. Ray, Marmaduke Rodney Rea, Kirksville, Mo. Rebecca A. Reaves, Jonesboro Ruth L. Reaves, McGehee Barbara J. Redd, Harrisburg Rose A. Redd, Harrisburg Teddy Neal Reddick, Paragould Joseph C. Reece, West Memphis 330 Mary J. Reese, West Memphis Lee E. Reeves jr., Forrest City Ernest T. Reid, Jonesboro Jerrold Reiman, Belleville, 111. Charles E. Reinhart, Lafe Gerard J. Reis, Belleville, 111. Charles D. Relyea, Almyra James Reynolds, Clarendon Timmy R. Reynolds, Salado Darrel W. Rhoads, Jonesboro Yvonne Rhodes, Ravenden Springs George H. Rial, Poplar Grove Janice G. Rice, Thayer, Mo. Gary L. Richardson, Timbo Karen M. Richardson, Corning Ronnie L. Richardson, Blytheville Rucker F. Richardson, Bald Knob Patricia A. Riggs, Hoxie Richard G. Ring, Blytbeville Brenda N. Ritchey, Helena Sarah M. Roberson, Searcy Frankie D. Roberts, Jonesboro Gary B. Roberts, Paragould Norman E. Roberts Jr., Jonesboro R. K. Robertson, Caruthersville, Mo. Steve D. Robertson, Stuttgart Kitty W. Robins, Leachville Thomas D. Robins, Leachville Carl Robinson, Hornersville, Mo. Gale L. Robinson, Bernie, Mo. Garry L. Robinson, Heber Springs Linda F. Robinson, Newport Phillips Is Brave For 3rd Year Nancy D. Robinson, Doniphan, Mo. Norman Robinson Jr., Dexter, Mo. Pat Robinson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wendy K. Robinson, Newport Mary L. Rock, New Orleans, La. Terry L. Roderv, Campbell, Mo. William Gary W. Roe, Little Rock Deborah R. Rogers, Jonesboro Dennis E. Rogers, Marmaduke Don E. Rogers, Marked Tree Elva J. Bogers, Beebe Gaylon R. Rogers, Kennett, Mo. James B. Rogers, Paragould Joyce E. Rogers, Piggott Terry D. Roland, Bay Chris D. Rolle, Bradenton, Fla. Nancy A. Rollins. Holcomb, Mo. Nancy M. Rose, Paducah, Ky. Robert E. Rose, Mammoth Spring Ronald G. Rose, Paducah, Ky. Barbara M. Rounds, West Memphis David A. Rounsavall, Joiner Connie M. Routon, Paragould Scott W. Rowell, Jonesboro Stanley A. Rowlett, Swifton Susan A. Rozzell, N. Little Rock Carol A. Runnels, Jonesboro Tommy G. Runnels, Eudora Cathy L. Rupard, Jonesboro Sam M. Rushing, Joiner Barry G. Russell, Diamond City Dole W. Russom, Jonesboro Michael E. Rutledge, Jonesboro Willie " Bruce " Rylant, Paragould Jeff Sackett, Fairview Heights, 111. Hayden L. Sadler, Trumann John F. Sain, Walnut Ridge Donna A. Sanders, Byron Robert Sanders Jr., Clarkton, Mo. Linda K. Sartini, Marion 331 Jimmy R. Sawyer, Wynne Marilyn F. Sawyer, Jonesboro John A. Schaefer, St. Louis, Mo. Roger S. Schimming, Jonesboro Darryl SchJenker, Cherry Valley Patricia Schrader, Doniphan, Mo. Janet D. Schwamb, Paragould Danny L. Scott, Walnut Ridge Michael B. Scott, Bono Tim B. Scott, Pocahontas Claude G. Scroggins, Jonesboro Richard E. Scroggs, Jonesboro James D. Self, Newport Marcia L. Settlemoir, Piggott Larry A. Sexton, Black Rock Paula L. Sharp, Ash Flat David P. Shaver, Jonesboro Danny Scott Sheals, Osceola Mark D. Sheehan, Mehlville, Mo. Marilyn S. Shelton, Marmaduke Pamela Shelton, Gideon, Mo. Patricia Shelton, Gideon, Mo. Ruth A. Shelton, Kennett, Mo. Sandra K. Shelton, Rector Susan A. Shelton, Houston, Mo. Frank L. Shepherd, Corning Glenn E. Sheridan, Jonesboro Freddy L. Sherrell, Magness Bobby J. Sherrill. Harxisburg William Terry Shipman, Newark Almus W. Shivley Jr., Paragould Randy L. Shoemake, Carlisle Smith Becomes Graduate Dean Patsy A. Shownes, Manila Charles W. Shulk, Searcy Woodrow W. Sigmin, Blytheville James E. Simmons, Newport Rosie M. Simmons, Rector Jimmy W. Simpson, Searcy Julie L. Simpson, Jonesboro Annette Sims, Forrest City Sarah L. Sims, Jonesboro Ann M. Singleton, Little Rock Brenda K. Singlev, Pocahontas James E. Slater, Osceola Nell Smart, Blytheville Jimmy D. Smelser, Paragould Barney G. Smith, Stuttgart Betty C. Smith, Jonesboro Betty R. Smith, Forrest City Charles L. Smith, Piggott David E. Smith, Jonesboro Dorothy Jean Smith, MyTtle, Mo. Guy M. Smith, Success James A. Smith, Batesville Janice Ann Smith, Paragould Jeff D. Smith, Bald Knob Judy L. Smith, Coming Kathy Smith, Pompton Lakes, N. J. Leon C. Smith, West Memphis Michael V. Smith, Pine Bluff Peggy J. Smith, Jonesboro Ray A. Smith, Paragould Stephen A. Smith, Pine Bluff Thomas J. Smith, Earle Thurrnan Smith, Milwaukee, Wis. Willis E. Smith II, Jonesboro Dewey J. Snider, Corning Richard L. Snyder, West Memphis Wilma D. South, West Memphis Steve T. Sowell, Jonesboro Kathy Spaulding, Searcy Brenda S. Spears, Jonesboro 332 tylO 25 ff ' 1 Juniors Our roving campus photographer — moonlighting again. Karen M. Speck, Manila Lacy M. Speed, Jonesboro Jim D. Spence, Cabot Paula C. Spence, Dyess Talmage V. Spence, Wynne Carl F. Spieler, Washington, D. C. Sara S. Spikes, Pocahontas Merideth J. Spinks, Godfrey, 111. Gregory N. Spurlock, Jonesboro Sharon K. Stacy, Romance Sara L. Stallcup, Marion Michael F. Stanfield, Hot Springs Glenda J. Starling, Pocahontas M. D. Staton, Carlisle Patricia J. Staub, Paragould Rex J. Steele, Jonesboro William N. Steele, Hope James D. Stephenson, DeWitt Daniel R. Stevenson, Jonesboro Maria L. Stewart, Monette Rick E. Stiles, Osceola Dwight E. Still, Manila Cary W. Stimson, Paragould Joe C. Stocks, Lonoke Judith L. Stogsdill, Monette James E. Storey Jr., Kennett, Mo. Harry L. Stout, Little Rock James R. Strait, Trumann Thomas D. Street, Bald Knob Charlotte J. Strickland, Lepanto Frank D. Stringer, Jonesboro Rosanna M. Strong, Hot Springs Vickie D. Strong, Walnut Ridge Kenneth D. Stuart, Malvern Gail Stuck, Jonesboro David Studie, Portageville, Mo. William M. Sulcer, Marion Dan A. Sullivan, St. Louis, Mo. James R. Sumner, Jonesboro Dennis P. Summers, Piedmont, Mo. James M. Surratt, Jonesboro Kirk L. Sutton, West Memphis Mary L. Svvaim, Jonesboro Jerry L. Swain, Jonesboro Wanda V. Swain, Rector Bobbye J. Sweat, Weiner Sarah Swicegood, N. Little Rock Glenn Swift, O ' Kean John H. Swope, Bangor, Pa. Harry E. Sylar, Holly Grove Mike H. Tacker, Jonesboro James H. Tanner, Wiseman Bobbie Jean Taylor, Stuttgart Deborah F. Taylor, Wvnne Dennis E. Taylor, Mountain View Larry A. Taylor, Wabbaseka 333 Juniors ' -A m " I guess you ' ve all been wonder- ing why I called you here to- night. ' ' Lloyd S. Taylor, Jonesboro Mike S. Taylor, West Helena Rebecca Jane Taylor, Helena Robert B. Taylor, Searcy Van M. Taylor, Piggott Karen K. Teague, Marked Tree Larry R. Teague, Marked Tree Danny H. Tharp, Jonesboro Terry D. Tharp, Success Charles D. Thaxton, Corning William Thielemier, Marked Tree Alan R. Thomas, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Edward Thomas, Winter Haven, Fla. Exa W. Thomas, Hoxie George Kelly Thomas, Harrisburg Jeana Lea Thomas, Senath, Mo. Lillie M. Thomas, Luxora Patrick A. Thomas, Forrest City Rickey D. Thomas, McCrory Shirley J. Thomas, Success Wayne R. Thomas, Pine Bluff John E. Thompson, Little Rock Larry E. Thompson, Pocahontas Nancy L. Thompson, Pocahontas Ray N. Thompson, Pocahontas Teresa J. Thompson, Newark Jettye Thornbrough, Blytheville David J. Throesch, Pocahontas Mary Susan Throgmorton, Piggott Marilyn D. Tillman, Hayti, Mo. Lanny R. Tinker, Walnut Ridge Deborah K. Tinkle, Mt. View Linda K. Todd, Dell Kenny J. Tolbert, Bono Wendell P. Tolson, Walnut Ridge William J. Tomerun, Paragould Leonard Toms, N. Little Rock Stephen M. Toney, Helena Deborah Jo Tracer, Paragould Constance E. Trammel, Pocahontas Larry W. Treadway, Newport William H. Treneman, Jonesboro Maurice L. Trites, Gillett Ronald D. Trivitt, Ash Flat Marsha K. Troillett, Litde Rock Janis A. Tucker, Little Rock John T. Tull, Jonesboro Patricia A. Tull, Stuttgart Gussie L. Turner, Kennett, Mo. Gwendolyn Turner, Searcy Sammy E. Turner, Newport Lomer G. Turney, Jonesboro Winston Turpin Jr., Pine Bluff Carol A. Tyer, West Ridge Rodney L. Tyer, Pocahontas Brenda L. Tyler, Pocahontas 334 Terry M. Tyler, Little Rock Natee Udomsri, Pacific Grove, Calif. Andy E. Vaccaro, Forrest City Howard E. Vance, Jonesboro Donald E. Vancil, Broseley, Mo. Belinda H. VanPelt, Jonesboro Charles E. VanPelt, Vilonia Jerry J. Varvil, Pocahontas Thomas Vaughan, Birmingham, Ala. James M. Vaughn, Paragould Jerry L. Vincent, Lake City Jimmy W. Vuncannon, Trumann Garrv L. Waddell, Manila Dana C. Walker, Marked Tree Meredith L. Walker, Stuttgart Sharon L. Walker, Walnut Ridge Garv L. Waller, Paragould James W. Waller, Bald Knob Paulette Walton, Paragould Brenda J. Wangenstein, Malvern Kathy Warbington, Memphis, Tenn. David B. Ward, Fort Smith Linda Kave Ward, Risco, Mo. Walter E. Ward, N. Litde Rock Michael T. Warden, Oxford Catherine R. Warren, Jonesboro Dennis R. Watson, Kennett, Mo. Elizabeth N. Watson, Star City Nora L. Watson, Pascagoula, Miss. Susan A. Watson. Holcomb, Mo. James Edward Way, Stuttgart Gwen B. Weathers, Blvtheville Emelyne Whitley Edits Arrow Sandra E. Weaver, LaCrosse Mary L. Webb, Lynn Dennis E. Webster, Mt. Home Howard R. Weeks, Marshall, Tex. George C. Weir, Bay Jerry R. Welch, Valley View Larry E. Welch, N. Little Rock Danny L. Wells, Greenway James D. West, Marked Tree Fred S. Wetzel, Tulsa, Okla. Dicky Wheeler, Newport Joy A. Wheeler, Osceola Ronald A. Wheeler, Rector Alveda L. White, Blytheville Charles N. White, Forrest City Curtis L. White, Jefferson John M. White, Jonesboro Johnny White, Helena Michael P. White, Little Rock Randall L. White, Jonesboro Cherry L. Whitehead, Jonesboro Linda K. Whitener, Sedgwick James B. Whitlow, Hoxie Travis L. Wiggins, McCrory Sharon K. Wilborn, Senath, Mo. J. L. Wilburn, Safety Harbor, Fla. Homer E. Wiles, Cherokee Village Mary C. Wiles, Eudora Pamela R. Wilf, Pleasant Plains Sherry J. Wilhite, Holcomb, Mo. Vince B. Wilhite, Piggott Don C. Wilkerson, St. Louis, Mo. David G. Wilkie, Smackover Sherry Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo. Thomas W. Wilkins, Parkin Betty C. Willcox, Pocahontas Charles C Willhite, Hollv Grove Susan P. Willhite. Holly Grove Alfred A. Williams, Blytheville Allen Williams, Paragould 335 Alonzo D. Williams, West Helena Betty J. Williams, Corning Clyde W. Williams, Jonesboro Curt W. Williams, Iitttle Rock Gail Williams, Black Oak Janet M. Williams, Shirley Johnny M. Williams, Black Oak Patricia A. Williams, Parkin Rodney D. Williams, Bee Branch Sherrill Williams, Cardwell, Mo. Charles E. Williamson, Paragould Carolyn Willis, Palestine Steven S. Willis, Sikeston, Mo. Elfie E. Wilson, Pocahontas Gary Wayne Wilson, Wardell, Mo. John M. Wilson, Stuttgart James E. Winberry, Piggott Robert Winchester II, Pocahontas Van D. Wineland, Paragould Raymond Wingo, Jonesboro Hans Winters, Jonesboro Beverly A. Wise, Beebe Rick A. Witcher, Corning Eugene L. Wittlake, Jonesboro Linda Sue Wixson, Fisher Thomas E. Wofford, Paragould Thomas L. Wofford Jr., Weiner Douglas R. Wood, Jonesboro John B. Wood, Hughes Marie A. Wood. Hughes James W. Woodard, Marianna Bobby D. Woodrum, Harrisburg Stewart Is Honorary Cadet Colonel James Wooldridge, Neelyville, Mo. Erma L. Woolverton, Gideon, Mo. Beverly N. Workman, England David R. Worlow, Walnut Ridge Robert Ray Wortham, Cash Kelly G. Wright, Paragould Roger Alan Wright, Paragould Ronald E. Wurtz, Pocahontas Al G. Young, Trumann Betty B. Young, Black Rock Linda J. Young, Tuckerman Phil H. Young, Jonesboro Terrence Zipfel, Florissant, Mo. A new language lab waj con- structed at a cost of $20,000. 337 f It as ti mm J 1 4 Scott T. Abell, Jonesboro Kaien R. Abernathy, Jonesboro Constance Adams, Manila Deborah Adams, Orland Park, 111. Steven A. Adams, Paragould William S. Alexander, Jonesboro Aleecia A. Allen, Jacksonville Cherri A. Allen, Batesville Elizabeth K. Alley, Wayne, Mich. Donnie J. Allison, Walnut Ridge Ronnie G. Allison, Walnut Ridge Steven D. Alston, Jonesboro Pamela J. Alsup, Hayti, Mo. Leslie E. Alsworth, Luxora Rodriguez Alvarez, Monette George R. Anderson, Harrisburg Judy Andrews, Blytheville James T. Angell, Jonesboro William P. Annable, Keiser John C. Arbuckle III, Wardell, Mo. Eugene Archer, Sulphur Rock Karen S. Armstrong, Jonesboro Phyllis A. Armstrong, Wynne Thomas A. Armstrong, Brinkley Harriet A. Ashcraft, Warren James E. Ashcraft, Pocahontas Thomas W. Atkinson, El Dorado Barbara J. Atkisson, Pollard Mary E. Austin, Hoxie Paul S. Austin, Imboden Brenda K. Auvenshine, Little Rock Charlene Bailev, Tuekerman Laura Boyles Is Miss ASU James R. Bailey, Mattoon, 111. Keith W. Bailey, Potosi, Mo. Patricia A. Baioni, Marion Robert S. Baker, Wynne Roger D. Baker, Grubbs Ronald P. Baker, Brinkley Steve L. Baker, Jonesboro Gordon P. Baldwin, Knobel John E. Ball, Lonoke Peggy C. Ballard, Proctor Calvin D. Banks, Jonesboro Jan A. Banks, Jonesboro Betty L. Barber, Newport Vieki G. Barber, Oil Trough Betty K. Bardwell, Earle Vince A. Bari, West Memphis Karen L. Barker, Osceola Thomas W. Barlow, Jonesboro Janice M. Barner, Marmaduke Christy L. Barnes, Conway Larie L. Barnes, Forrest City Tbomas Barnes, Portageville, Mo. Dnrrcl W. Barnhill, Paragould Harry J. Barringer, Jonesboro Marjorie L. Barringer, Brookland Dale R. Barron Jr., Osceola Nancy L. Barthel, Pocahontas Patricia A. Barthel. Pocahontas Dorothy D. Barton. Tvronza Brenda Easier, Ste. Genevieve. Mo. Lee E. Bass, Gillett Rick L. Batterton, Viola Karen A. Batton, Corning Robert G. Bauman, Stuttgart Richard J. Baureis, Jonesboro Mavene Beiird. Tmmann Leonard Renrdcn. West Memphis Terrell E. Beavers. Blvtheville Kenneth D. Beck. Foreman Antoinette A. Becker, Jonesboro 338 Don G. Bednar, Stuttgart Edgar L. Bell Jr., Jonesboro Sheila E. Bell, Saffell Jack A. Bennie, Hot Springs Gene W. Benson, Manila Michael D. Benson, Rector Tricia Benton, Forrest City Deborah L. Berry, Leachville Frances R. Berry, Pine Bluff Gail M. Berry, N. Litde Rock James S. Berry, West Memphis Sandra C. Berry, Clarkton, Mo. William M. Best, Harrisburg Jackie E. Billingsley, Leachville Anna M. Bishop, Harrisburg Sharon K. Bishop, Kennett, Mo. Betty L. Black, Hot Springs Bruce Black, Batde Creek, Mich. Joseph W. Black, Newport Steven K. Blackman, Campbell, Mo. David A. Blair, Jonesboro Richard A. Blair, Batesville Susan E. Blair, Jonesboro Kearney M. Blalack, Newport Debbie J. Blalock, Paragould Sister K. Blanchard, Jonesboro Barbara A. Bland, Paragould William C. Bledsoe, Dyess Jerry D. Blevens, Alicia Sherry F. Blieden, Jonesboro Kathy S. Block, Weiner C. T. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Connie F. Blurton, Bolivar, Tenn. Danny N. Blurton, Humbolt, Tenn. Mohammad Bodaghi, Iran Ronald L. Bodeker, Jonesboro Mark S. Boerner, Little Rock Keith Bolin, Caruthersville, Mo. Sandra K. Boling, Brookland Steve E. Boling, Jonesboro Hughie J. Bond, Steele, Mo. Brenda J. Bonds, Tuckerman Nelda E. Bonner, Jonesboro Steven P. Bonner, Bradford Susan E. Boone, Pine Bluff Arthur R. Boudreaux, Burdette Rex A. Bouldin, Paragould Jane Bowers, Paragould Hazel M. Bowman, Jonesboro Regina G. Bowman, Jonesboro Sheila G. Boxley, Marked Tree Carrie L. Boyd, West Helena Donna L. Boyd, Jonesboro Shirley Collar Boyd, Paragould Laura L. Boyles, Augusta Jerry R. Bradley, Searcy 339 Sophomores " Actually, we ' re moving the pep rallies again. " Lana K. Bradley, Swifton Sam B. Bradley, Searcy Rick L. Bradsher, Jonesboro Robert F. Brady, Success Kathleen A. Brainerd, Bull Shoals Danny W. Branch, Earle Coy D. Branscum, Augusta Cleveland T. Brasher, Keiser Dorinda Brasher, Bragg City, Mo. Vickie J. Bray, Blytheville Calvin R. Breedlove, Pine Bluff Artis T. Brewer, Manila Sandra L. Brewer, Pocahontas Susan D. Brewer, Leachville William E. Brewer, Paragould Susan P. Brewington, Marked Tree William Brewington, Marked Tree Beverly A. Brickell, Jonesboro Donald Bridges, Harrisburg George A. Briggs, Florissant, Mo. Harold D. Brimer, Bald Knob William A. Brinkley, Turrell James D. Brizendine, Little Rock Arlie R. Broadaway, Jonesboro Ruth M. Broadway, Moro Janice E. Brock, Leachville Lynn Brockman, Hot Springs Glenn A. Brooks, Hayti, Mo. Charles Rickie Brown, Pocahontas Dennis L. Brown, Viola Donna R. Brown, Viola Frances C. Brown, Forrest City Jerry R. Brown, Marked Tree Marilyn K. Brown, Jonesboro Meg A. Brown, Hot Springs Steve F. Brown, Trumann Wendell Brown, Crawford sville Linda Browning, Bono Robert M. Brownlee, Joiner Becky L. Bruce, Senath, Mo. Danny B. Bucy, Rector Claud Bull, Jonesboro Roger A. Bullock, Jonesboro Rodger D. Bumpass, Litde Rock Donald W. Bunch, Cave City Veda A. Bunch, Blytheville John W. Bundy, Newport Nancy A. Burdick, Batesville Brenda S. Burge, Cave City Randal G. Burge, Batesville Doss L. Burgess, Jonesboro Richard Burke, South Fulton, Tenn. James R. Burkett, McCrory Dan A. Burks, Blytheville Deborah A. Burlison, Jonesboro Lynn M. Burnett, Cherokee Village 340 Marsha L. Burnett, Wynne Patrick Burnette, McCrory James E. Burns, Cardwell, Mo. John A. Burns, Forrest City Richard H. Burns, Pocahontas Virginia Burr, Paragould Linda G. Burris, Newport Gary R. Burroughs, Manila Donna S. Burrow, Mt. Pleasant Larry K. Burrow, Reyno Marsha A. Burrow, Netdeton Janice L. Burton, West Helena Gloria J. Byrd, Jonesboro James D. Byrd, Grubbs Robert R. Byrd, Jonesboro Mary J. Caldwell, Jonesboro Phareta D. Calkin, Jonesboro James P. Callewaert, Kennett, Mo. Monte D. Callicott, Texarkana James D. Calloway, Holly Grove Phyllis M. Camp, Osceola Candance D. Campbell, Newport Charlotte Campbell, Blytheville Ricky M. Caples, Jonesboro Rollin Caristianos, Hot Springs Margaret C. Carr, Corning Fredda D. Carroll. Hot Springs Ronald J. Carroll, St. Louis, Mo. Barbara E. Carter, Lake City Janice K. Carter, Pocahontas Kathy S. Carter, Jonesboro Elmer E. Cartwright, Blytheville ASU Faculty Numbers 362 David T. Carty, Forrest City Edmond W. Castle, Marvell Joyce Casdeberry, Walnut Ridge Rickey M. Castleberry, Amagon Deborah J. Catalani, Lake Village Steven M. Cates, Memphis, Tenn. Rebecca D. Cathey, Newport Donald R. Cavanaugh, Walnut Ridge Ronald C. Cavenaugh, Walnut Ridge Beverly J. Chandler, Jonesboro David W. Choate, LaCenter. Ky. Walter F. Clancy, Helena Carolyn R. Clark, Osceola David D. Clark, Jonesboro Karen A. Clark, Walnut Ridge Larry D. Clark, Jonesboro Sarah L. Clark, Arbyrd, Mo. Sharon D. Clark, Jonesboro Donnie C. Clay, Searcy Randy B. Clayton, Hazen William S. Clemens, Forrest City Carl R. Cleveland, Judsonia Lucinda Clifford, Jonesboro Nina J. Coats, Pine Bluff Roy L. Coble, Jonesboro Michael L. Cogbill, Star City- David M. Cohn, Kennett, Mo. Alan K. Cole, Hayti, Mo. Herman L. Cole, Wilson Phillip B. Cole, Trumann Steven L. Cole, Jonesboro Charlotte D. Coleman, Jonesboro Debra L. Coleman, Jonesboro Doris S. Coleman, Clarkedale Eddie D. Coleman, Jonesboro Lonnie C. Coleman, Jonesboro Gary T. Coles, Augusta Thomas R. Collins, Bald Knob Doyle E. Colvin, Forrest Citv Thomas A. Compton, Little Rock 341 Kenneth R. Conaster, Trumann Patricia A. Conaway, Fisher Cecil E. Condra, Harrisburg Dixie L. Conner, Augusta William J. Cook, Earle Donna Spargo Cooksey, Hoxie Glenda A. Cooley, Bald Knob Shirley L. Coots, Jonesboro Ken D. Copeland, St. Louis, Mo. Joseph D. Cornelison, Leachville Louis G. Corona, West Memphis Nancy L. Coverdale, Mt. Home Joanie P. Covington, Jonesboro Freda M. Cowan, Harrison Janee Cox, Mountain Home Nathaniel L. Ray Cox, Des Arc Peggy N. Cox, Newport Jimmie R. Cozart, Jonesboro Billy P. Crabtree, Pocahontas Glen R. Crabtree, Paragould Geraldine A. Craft, Jonesboro Sheilah K. Craft, Weiner Billie J. Craig, Blytheville Brenda K. Craig, Jonesboro Larry E. Craig, Etowah Priscilla L. Craig, Jonesboro William E. Craig, Osceola Beth K. Crain, Kennett, Mo. Garry P. Crain, Parkin Debra K. Crawford, Jonesboro Edward A. Crawford, Newport Cheryl A. Crisler, Cash KASU Extends Broadcasting Hours Bill S. Crisman, Pocahontas Patricia Jane Crisp, Elaine Bruce Crittenden, Belleville, 111. William M. Cromer, Pine Bluff James L. Croom, Imboden Charles W. Cromwell, Pine Bluff Dwight L. Crook, Harrisburg Alton K. Crowder, Marion Wamer C. Cruce, McGehee Joel A. Cullen, Bono Troy U. Cullen, Jonesboro Gayla A. Cullum, Monette William H. Cummins, Jonesboro Janis M. Curtner, Steele, Mo. Jerry D. Dacus, Jonesboro Robert M. Dacus, Searcy Jonathan H. Dale, Fisher Katherine F. Dale, Corning Robert Dale, Caruthersville, Mo. Ronnie G. Dallari, Pine Bluff Diane R. Dapp, Blytheville John R. Daughhetee, Peach Orchard David A. Davidson, Cabot Robert C. Davidson, Jonesboro Bobby K. Davis, Bono Brenda K. Davis, Walnut Ridge Curtis W. Davis, Jonesboro Dorethea Davis, Marianna Larry Jean Davis, Little Rock Melba L. Davis, Lake City Michael T. Davis, Jonesboro Ricky Davis, Pocahontas Vicki S. Davis, Rison Larry W. Davison, Jonesboro Mason F. Day, Blytheville Kimberlv A. Dean, Blytheville Gwendilvn Jeanette Deaton, Gnibbs Sharon W. DeClerk, N. Little Rock Thomas W. Denton, Blytheville Danny W. DePriest, Heber Springs 342 Sophomores " ... And this is Twin Towers, our luxurv dorm. " Raymond L. DePriest, Steele, Mo. Brenda Dethrow, Alton, Mo. Kenneth R. Dial, Paragould Freddy W. Dickinson, Rector Mary Dillard, Mammoth Spring Charles Dillier, West Helena Sandra J. Distretti, Paragould William B. Donham, Lepanto Wrayphord, Dortch Jr., W. Memphis Albert L. Doss, Cherry Valley Linda D. Doss, Cherry Valley Brenda J. Douglas West Memphis Donald Douthet, Crawfordsville Ronald Douthet, Crawfordsville Darrel W. Dover, Batesville Donna D. Dowden, Jonesboro Ina R. Downing, Weiner Jeanne Downing, High Ridge, Mo. Rebecca Downing, Bragg City, Mo. Sandra J. Downs, Egypt Larry E. Doyle, Florissant, Mo. David L. Drake, Maiden, Mo. Jackie Drake, Mountain Home Edward L. Drangle, Poughkeepsie Billy L. Duff, Corning Susan E. Duff, Corning Loretta K. Dulaney, Portia Fred M. Dunavant, Jonesboro Buford R. Duncan, Jonesboro Gale W. Duncan, Blytheville John T. Duncan, Wynne George M. Dunn, Wynne Larry J. Dunn, Agnos Ricky J. Dunnahoe, Rohwer Vicki A. Dupwe. McGehee Fred L. Dust, Pocahontas Martha Dust, Pocahontas Donna L. Duval 1, Tuckerman David Earvvood, West Memphis Bradley Easterwood, Corning Barbara Ebbeson, Campbell, Mo. Dale H. Eckert, Thayer, Mo. Billv W. Edgar, Jonesboro Sue Edington, Corning Everett G. Edwards, Batesville Gary W. Edwards, Rector Jackey L. Edwards, Jonesboro Karole E. Edwards, Dexter, Mo. Linda J. Edwards, Earle Genevra Betty Eldredge, Jonesboro Karan D. Eldridge, Wynne Michael Elliott, Blvtheville Ronald W. Ellis, Jonesboro David F. Ellzey, Osceola Richard H. Emerson, Earle Emily J. Enderlin, Stuttgart 343 Sophomores " If this ball doesn ' t come off my fingers soon, I ' ll never be able to walk straight again. " Corlis L. England, Mammoth Spring Diane L. England, Myrtle, Mo. John A. England, Thayer, Mo. John P. Engles, Batesville Teresa D. Engles, Pine Bluff Glenda L. Etchieson, Blytheville Dora G. Eubanks, Manila Grover M. Evans, Jonesboro Robert T. Evans, Portage, Ind. Virginia L. Fantz, Stuttgart Carolyn W. Far deecey, Luxora Jana C. Fason, Little Rock Thomas O. Faulkner, Harrisburg Lynn Featherston, Bono Michael W. Ferguson, McGehee Betty F. Ferralasco, Jonesboro Judy K. Fetters, Lake City Michael D. Field, Jonesboro Allen D. Fike, Jonesboro Adren H. Finch, Walnut Ridge Stephen P. Finch, Forrest City Rickey C. Finley, Batesville Dempsey D. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Robert A. Fite, Pine Bluff Gaye Fitts, Little Rock Warren R. Flanagan, Charleston Patricia S. Flanigan, Knobel Frederick C. Flemon, Jonesboro Mervin Q. Fleshman, Olvey Clifford Fletcher, Mount Pleasant Linda F. Fletcher, Memphis, Tenn. Lila J. Foley, Walnut Ridge Larry D. Forbis, Harrisburg Chris Ford, Kennett, Mo. Linda C. Foreman, Decatur Sheila Forshee, Jonesboro Dennis R. Fowler, Piedmont, Mo. Marian F. Fowler, Manila Terry L. Fowler, Blytheville Tommy E. Fowler, Manila Karen D. Foxx, Harrisburg Anne Franklin, Hayti, Mo. Dewey D. Franks, Kennett, Mo. Era Mae Franks, Moko Michael R. Franks, Paragould Tiresa A. Frasier, Weiner Catherine Frasure, Marion Elizabeth French, Mountain Home Mary J. French, West Memphis Joseph D. Fulgham, Blytheville Gary D. Fulton, Lepanto Martin Gallaher, Havti, Mo. Leslie Galloway, N. Little Rock Brad G. Gammill. Leachville Steve A. Gann, Harrisburg Janie M. Gardner, Jonesboro 344 Patty E. Gaston, Franklin Pamela J. Gatewood, Rector Mary Martha Gaulden, Jonesboro Samuel W. George, Osceola Jennifer L. Gibbs, Parkin Ralph C. Gibson, Jonesboro Sharon F. Gill, St. Charles, 111. Patrick Gillenwater, Pine Bluff James C. Gillespie, Jonesboro Kenneth O. Gillespie, Jonesboro Margaret Ann Gillihan, Newport Gary D. Gipson, Jonesboro Deborah D. Gist, Jonesboro Jacqueline Glasgow, Valley View Donny J. Glenn, Jonesboro Rhonda Gail Goff, Jonesboro Jerry Goforth, Jonesboro James W. Golden, Jonesboro Merle Goodart Jr., Hickory Ridge Dorothv Goodwin, Cherry Valley Elizabeth Goodwin, Alicia Tohnny E. Goodwin, Ash Flat James R. Gore, Osceola Judy L. Gossett, Piggott Delores Gould, Goreville, 111. Garv R. Goza, Paragould Carol Ann Grabbe. Stuttgart Brady M. Graham. Pocahontas Frederick Graham, Marked Tree John M. Graham, Marked Tree Clark Granderson, Pine Bluff David Grandgeorge, Stuttgart KD ' s Win Little Olympics Charles M. Gray, El Dorado Deborah E. Gray, Walnut Ridge Eleanor Gray, Brinkley Faith R. Gray, Paragould Jerry J. Grav, Manila Morris E. Gray, Pine Bluff Nancy S. Gray, Tuckerman Tom J. Gray, Smackover Thurman W. Green, Little Rock Marilyn Greene, Little Rock Paul R. Greenwell, BIytheville Stephen R. Greenwood, Jonesboro James E. Greer, Fort Worth, Tex. Mary A. Green, Proctor Nancy R. Greer, Earle Judy E. Gregson, Jonesboro Grant Griffin II, Star City Joe D. Griffin, Jonesboro Magers Griffin, Dell Walton W. Griffin, Paragould Brent Griggs, Corning Stephanie L. Griggs, West Memphis Paula Grigsby, Jonesboro Jan E. Grimes, Newport Monta L. Grimes, Leachville Donald Grisham, BIytheville Doug Gross, N. Little Rock Earl W. Gunn, Monette Robert S. Gunter, Campbell, Mo. Kristine Gwvnn, St. Petersburg, Fla. Jennifer Hale. Newport Barbara J. Hall, Birdeye Charles F. Hall, Jonesboro Joe Hall, Tvronza Judy A. Hall, Ash Flat Jan A. Hambrick, Pocahontas Allen W. Hamilton, Jonesboro Edward J. Hamilton, Paragould Evelyn Hamilton, Tuckerman Jean Hammond, Cincinatti, Ohio 345 Sheila Hammond, Cincinnati, Ohio Donald A. Haney, Ozark, Ala. Sharman J. Hannah, Jonesboro Timothy L. Hannah, Lepanto Flynn F. Hanners, Jonesboro Dennis W. Hansen, Stuttgart Jack R. Hansen, Cherokee Village Charlotte R. Hardy, Hardy Fred M. Hargett, Jonesboro Janice L. Hargrave, Mt. Home Beverly Hargrove, Jonesboro James M. Harker, Blytheville James H. Harmon, Jr., Jonesboro Jimmy D. Harmon, Hardy Robert D. Harper, Dallas, Tex. Mark S. Harriman, Jonesboro Arthur C. Harris, West Memphis Edward Harris, Raymondville, Tex. Frankie E. Harris, Pocahontas Missy A. Harris, Salem Rodney D. Harris, Gideon, Mo. Sally J. Harris, Pocahontas Sidney F. Harris, Corning Steven Harris, Batesville Suzanne Harris, Pine Bluff Thomas M. Harris, Jonesboro Mary E. Harrison, Forrest City Richard Hartz Jr., Hazen Rickey C. Harvey, Jonesboro Martha A. Hatley, Marked Tree Shari M. Hatman, Jonesboro Darrell K. Hawkins, Clarkton, Mo. Lanny Johns Returns As Chief Don L. Hawkins, Paragould John W. Hawkins, Manila Marcy L. Hayden, Pine Bluff Linda C. Hayes, Harrison Cheryl A. Haywood, Piggott Opal M. Head, Cotton Plant Patricia A. Heard, West Helena Pauletta M. Heard, Newport David P. Heasley, Batesville Charles K. Heavener, Jonesboro Donald L. Hedden, Batesville Sharon R. Heeb, Harrisburg John C Heern, Jonesboro Reza Heidari, Tehran, Iran Mike Hellyer, Fredericktown, Mo. Sam D. Helm, Batesville Barbara Hendley, Bloomfield, Mo. Denise Hendrix, Jonesboro Donald G. Henry, Knobel Mona K. Henry, Dell Rogar T. Henry, Blytheville William H. Henry, Walnut Ridge Phillip J. Herlein, Helena Jay Herndon, N. Little Rock Michael D. Herren, West Memphis Teresa Marie Herring, Pine Bluff Nora K. Hewlett, Knobel Roger C. Hicklin, Cardwell, Mo. Charley Hicks, Trumann Lynn A. Hicks, Black Oak Bobby E. Higginbottom, Williford Murray O. Hightower, Trumann William R. Hilgeford, Jonesboro John R. Hines, Stuttgart Wallace B. Hobson, Jonesboro Sandi Kay Hoeppner, Jonesboro James II . Hoey, Knobel Stephanie Hogue, Wynne David II. Holcomb, Cardwell, Mo. Donna J. Holcomb, Harrisburg 346 y- % Sophomores Fans see Indians off at airport. Steven D. Holden, Jonesboro Danny E. Holifield, Rector Lloyd L. Holland, Bloomfield, Mo. William K. Holland, West Helena Karen K. Hollis, Trumann Anthony R. Holmes, Kiblah Charles J. Holmes, Senath, Mo. Debby Holobaugh, Pocahontas David L. Holstead, N. Litde Rock Bonnie F. Holstine, Viola Charlie R. Holt, Lonoke Pamela M. Holt, Bay Sharon L. Holt, El Dorado Gary Holzhauer, Gillett Tony W. Honey, Monette Ronald L. Hoofman, Judsonia Constance L. Hooker, Jonesboro Holly L. Hooper, Earle Ronald K. Hopkins, Pine Bluff Jeffry B. Hornberger, Manila David A. Horned, Little Rock Janet E. Horner, Kennett, Mo. David E. Horst, West Plains, Mo. Joyce A. Horton, Paragould Dennis K. House, Jonesboro Hope Houston, Trumann Sharon G. Hovis, Reyno Dennis W. Howard, Osceola James M. Howard, Helena Jesse C. Howard, Andalusia, Ala. John H. Howard, Luxora Melinda J. Howard, Kennett, Mo. Cindv A. Howe, Jonesboro Michael L. Howell, Pollard Steven Howren, Hayti, Mo. Pat J. Hoxie, Battle Creek, Mich. Bettv L. Hubbard, Lepanto Gary M. Hubbard, Pine Bluff Bryan L. Huber, Weiner Dorothy Huckabee, Caraway David M. Huddleston, Batesville David O. Huddleston, Calamine George S. Huddleston, Reyno Mary B. Hudson, Jonesboro Michael D. Huff, Blytheville William O. Huggins, West Memphis Gary W. Hughes, Blytheville Cheryle L. Hunkapiller, Keiser Lucy A. Hunsaker, Hensley Charles B. Hunt, Carlisle Janice L. Hunt, Harrison Charles B. Hunter, Pocahontas Teresa A. Hurst, Nimmons William E. Hynes, Jonesboro Ronnie J. Irons, West Memphis J. Wayne Isaac, Cabot 347 Sophomores Displays begin to take shape as homecoming draws near. w " : i 1 CI ? ,f f f ess 1 T TIT Charles L. Jackson, Batesville Daniel L. Jackson, Forrest City James S. Jackson, Pocahontas Tony Jackson, Homersville, Mo. Henry R. James, Marion Neal A. Jarboe, Steele, Mo. Charles D. Jarrett, Newark Don W. Jarrett, Osceola Melody Jarrett, Reiser Richard A. Jarrett, Jonesboro David W. Jean, Walnut Ridge Augustus Jefferson, Osceola Harold L. Jelks, Jonesboro Beatrice Jenkins, Blytheville Mike L. Jenkins, Marshall, Tex. Larry R. Jennings, Bruce, Miss. Chris Johnson, Little Rock Douglas E. Johnson, Lonoke James C. Johnson, Paragould limmy D. Johnson, Piggott John H. Johnson, Leachville John Johnson, Healdsburg, Calif. Joseph E. Johnson, Piggott Judy L. Johnson, Rector Phil M. Johnson, Forrest City Randall B. Johnson, Jonesboro Robert O. Johnson, Lepanto Ronnie R. Johnson, Tyronza Ross C. Johnson, Pine Bluff Victoria L. Johnson, Wynne William D. Johnson, West Ridge David L. Johnston, Russell Charles D. Jones, Jr., Rector Denzil M. Jones, Rector Jenny Jones, Little Rock Karen J. Tones, Little Rock Keith A. Jones, Jonesboro Leah A. Jones, Jonesboro Michael Jones, N. Little Rock Ray A. Jones, Wheatley Ronald G. Jones, Parkin Sandra J. Jones, Smithville Sister Catherine Jones, Jonesboro Willie A. Jones, Little Rock Kevin P. Joyce, Pine Bluff Sharon J. Jucha, Blytheville Cathy E. Juergens, Trumann Martha E. Jumper, Paragould Carolyn R. Junior, Hunter Palma R. Justus, Walnut Ridge Deondra L. Karnes, Jonesboro Dorothy M. Karnes, Blytheville James M. Keller, Thayer, Mo. Michael E. Kelley, Jonesboro Ronald H. Kelley, Hardy Michael D. Kelly, Texarkana 348 Gary L. Kemp, Ravenden Vicki L. Kemp, McGehee Lucky H. Kennemore, Osceola Fred B. Kennett, Leachville Carolyn J. Kent, Mountain Home Danny H. Kent, Bono Carolyn F. Kerner, Dell Shelley L. Kernodle, Monette Katherine L. Kersey, Jonesboro Diana L. Ketcham, Jonesboro Virginia L. Kiefer, Pocahontas Brenda C. Kieffer, Weiner Rosalie Keiltucki, Marked Tree Barbara L. Kilburn, Osceola Randy W. Killian, Mountain Home Karen L. Kimbro, Forrest City Deborah G. Kimbrough, Alicia Kathy Kimbrough, Memphis, Tenn. Pam J. King, West Memphis Pennie C. King, Blytheville Robert S. King, Bolivar, Tenn. Sidney R. King, Judsonia Rosemary Kinney, Dermott Sara L. Kirk, Paragould Kathy D. Kirkland. Jonesboro Otto R. Kirkpatrick, Forrest City Vonda L. Kirkpatrick, Pocahontas Sharon K. Kirksey, Hoxie Steve Kisling, Walnut Ridge Deborah S. Knight, Bluff City Gerald E. Kogelschatz, Blvtheville Edward L. Kowalski, Norfork Chase Plays For Homecoming Kenneth Lacy, Wynne Karen L. Ladd, Stuttgart Tom H. Lancaster, El Dorado Tommy J. Landers, West Memphis Carol Landis, Jonesboro Billie L. Laney, Parkin Michael A. Langevin, Salem Danny L. Langston, Brookland Deborah J. Langston, Jonesboro Larry R. Langston, Morriston Melissa K. Langston, Jonesboro Fred B. Lanier, Tyronza Doug K. Lasley, Willow Springs, Mo. Susie Latourette, Jonesboro Jamie S. Lawrence, Gideon, Mo. Debbie G. Lawson, Jonesboro Glenda J. Lea, Jonesboro Grace A. Leary, Jonesboro Ron Lechtenberger, Mt. Home Debbie G. Ledford, Steele, Mo. R. Wavne Lee, N. Little Rock Donald Loyd Leftwich, Batesville Kathy 1 . Legate, Campbell, Mo. Dorothy J. Leon, Brinkley Sandra L. Leonard, Valley View Kelly D. Lewallen, Corning Larry W. Lewallen, Newport Neal L. Lewis, Norfork Perry Lewis, Jonesboro Raymond E. Liddell, Paragould Ronald E. Lillard. Marked Tree David A. Limpach, Jonesboro Martha K. Lindley, Jonesboro Robert M. Lindley, Jonesboro Lou W. Lindsay, Newport Elizabeth A. Linebarier, Camden Dennis L. Lingo, Egypt Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, Minturn James D. Little, Hoxie Randell N. Little, Rector 349 Mickey J. Littlejohn, Monette Linda G. Loewer, Brink ley Calvin W. Long, Wynne Coy L. Long, Jonesboro Thomas W. Long, Dell Robert C. Looney, Malvern Jean A. Lorance, Kennett, Mo. John L. Loseman, Batesville George H. Loucks, Jonesboro Patricia Ann Love, Blytheville Ronnie R. Lovelady, Leachville Allen Lovell, Benton Barbara L. Lovell, Marked Tree Terry G. Lowry, Knobel Chuck Luensmann, St. Louis, Mo. John M. Lufcy, Jonesboro Michelle Luster, Memphis, Tenn. Susan Luster, Jonesboro Elizabeth Luten, Little Rock Dennis W. Luter, Reyno Paul B. Lutterloh, Jonesboro John S. Lynn. Paragould Lucille Lvnn, Paragould Michael L. Lynn. Cooter, Mo. Lewis C. Lyons, Ravenden Springs Ralph J. Lyons, Jonesboro Roba L. Maggard. Batesville Patricia L. Maguire, Augusta Steve R. Mahan, Dyess Jack H. Majors, Calico Rock Richard L. Mann, Paragould Linda J. Marconi, Crawfordsville Lambda Chi Wins AOPi Songfest Brenda J. Markin, Leachville Susan Lee Marks, Little Rock Randall Marsh, McCrory Charles F. Ma rshall, Jonesboro Louisa M. Martin, Jonesboro Melvin E. Martin, Benton Rheba F. Martin, Jonesboro Shirley A. Martin, Swifton Catherine A. Martine, Marion Michael D. Mashburn, Jonesboro Robert A. Mashburn, Jonesboro Barbara L. Massey, Helena Jan L. Masters, N. Little Rock Charles D. Mathews, Pine Bluff Phillip W. Matthews, Monette Sarah R. Matthews, Jonesboro Alma V. Mayfield, Vanduser, Mo. Stephen R. Maynard, Jonesboro Charles L. McCain, Marked Tree Robert S. McCall, Lonoke Donna J. McCallie, Jonesboro Carol S. McClelland, Paragould Lana J. McClish, Jonesboro Lennis R. McClure, Trumann Edward E. McCool, Tuckerman Francis P. McCoy, Jonesboro Harvey L. McCoy, Leachville Marilyn McCracken, Jonesboro David L. McCullough, Salem Nelson W. McCullough, Manila Jo Ann McDaniel, Jonesboro Karen D. McDaniel, Jonesboro Linda G. McDaniel, Trumann Mickey J. McDaniel, Jonesboro Robert B. McDaniel, Jonesboro Keith A. McDonald, Paragould Jackie L. McDonicl, Newark Barbara K. McFarland, Marked Tree Terrie Neal McFarland, Monette Karalee G. McFarlin, Monette 1 f f mm mm 350 Sophomores It beats using a shovel. Judy McGee, Harrisburg Walter M. McGhehey, Walnut Ridge Tim L. McKamey, Imboden Jerry E. McKay Jr., Jacksonville June V. McKinney, Warren Dee L. McLarty, Jonesboro Robin McLaughlin, Jonesboro Billy J. McMillion, Hot Springs Robert L. McNair, Bruno Laura E. McNutt, N. Litde Rock Lanna K. McPherson, Altheimer Robert Meacham, Manila Donna R. Mead, Osceola Gary D. Meador, Blytheville Mechaele Medearis, Mt. Home Carla D. Medley, Pine Bluff Genard Medley, Litde Rock Mary C. Meier, Paragould Rhonda L. Mendes, Hardy Henry F. Metzler III, Jonesboro Steve R. Metzler, Jonesboro Howard Middlecamp, St. Louis, Mo. Elizabeth A. Milam, Jonesboro Ivan J. Miles, Newport Larry S. Miley, Brinkley Phil W. Miley, Brinkley Hazel J. Miller, Cash Louis M. Miller, Paragould Marsha D. Miller, Lafe Mary A. Miller, Senath, Mo. Rosanne Miller, Jonesboro Doug W. Milligan, Swifton Milladine L. Milligan, Leachville Phillip W. Milligan, Trumann Gary W. Milner, Cabot Sarah J. Ming, Marked Tree James Mirabella, Brinkley George Mires, Florissant, Mo. Ken H. Mitchell, Plantersville, Miss. Markay Mitchell, Mountain View Steve E. Mitchell, Allison Lawrence E. Mobley, Manila Karen Moffitt, Fairview Hts., 111. Massoud Momeni, Tehran, Iran Robert C. Mondy, Pocahontas Glenda J. Monk, Pine Bluff George T. Monroe, Paragould Violet B. Moon, Jonesboro Barbara L. Moore, Stuttgart Gregory D. Moore, Batesville Travis M. Moore, Bernie, Mo. Vivian L. Moore, Stuttgart Willie Moore Jr., Osceola Angelina Morales, Steele, Mo. Sandra G. Morehart, Harrisburg George D. Morgan, Jonesboro 351 Sophomores " I thought this was supposed to be flag tag. " Johnny L. Morgan, Colt Carol A. Morris, Jonesboro Ronald D. Morris, Delaplaine Thomas C. Morris, Corning Debra J. Moss, Oxford William A. Moss, Stuttgart Helen G. Mullins, Bono Gevan D. Murphy, Biggers Harold E. Murphy, Greenbrier Mark E. Murphy, Brookland Philip J. Murphy, Brookland Berley D. Nail, Brookland Vernon L. Neal, Netdeton Jimmy A. Neely, Egypt Bruce E. Nelms, Brookland Billi J. Nelson, Newport John T. Nelson, Jonesboro Sheila Nelson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Anthony B. Nevill, Little Rock Robin L. Newby, Paragould David M. Newingham, Risco, Mo. Janis J. Nichols, Augusta, Maine Rebecca L. Nichols, Keiser Jeffery D. Nicholson, Swifton Richard A. Nobles, Stuttgart Steve P. Nolan, Kankakee, 111. Bobby J. Noles, Osceola Larry J. Nooner, Litde Rock Deborah Ann Norman, Thayer, Mo. Garv L. Norman, Fiftysix Paul E. Norrid, Holland, Mo. Linda K. Northen, Paragould Thomas L. Norvell, Hope Donald Nunnally, Tyronza Ronald Nunnally, Tyronza John Oates II, Blytheville Melinda J. Oates, Lepanto Ava M. O ' Dell, Pleasant Plains Larry S. O ' Dell, Little Rock Westley A. Oliver, West Helena Ronald L. Olson, Brookland David D. Oltmann, Brinkley Linda K. Oltmann, Brinkley Gary L. Osborn, Mountain Home Sandra J. Osment, Harrisburg Kathy J. Overman, Caraway William K. Overstreet, Searcy James M. Owens, Keiser Debbie R. Oxford, Little Rock Linda C. Oyler, Ash Flat James C. Pace, Lake City Mary S. Pace. Pocahontas Diane Page, Augusta Raymond M. Palmer, Jonesboro Rita C. Pannell, Harrisburg Charles E. Parham, West Memphis 352 Sandra K. Park, Jonesboro April J. Parke, Jonesboro Kathy D. Parker, Arbyrd, Mo. Patricia L. Parker, Manila Tom A. Parker, Augusta Stanley R. Parks, Blytheville Deborah A. Parmer, Newport Theodore Parten, Paragould James E. Pate, Edgemont C. Patterson, Wewahitchka, Ha. Linda F. Patton, Marked Tree Sharon C. Pegg, Jonesboro Bruce D. Pennington, Newport James M. Peresta, Little Rock Tony Perrin, Batesville Almeta Perry, Marianna Michael Perry, Big Flat Phyllis A. Perry, Jonesboro Mary H. Peters, Jonesboro James K. Petty, Pine Bluff Kathy H. Petty, Harrisburg Roger A. Petty, Greenway Michael L. Phillips, Jonesboro Linda K. Pickney, Hoxie Nancy L. Pickney, Paragould John Pierce, Camthersville, Mo. Nevyle G. Pierce Jr., Batesville Charles M. Pigg, Jonesboro Shelley M. Pike, Blytheville Linda J. Pitts, Marked Tree Connie S. Pobst, Piggott Julia A. Pollard, Piggott Freed, Stotts Are New VPs Larry J. Pope, Henderson Marguerite Pope, Henderson Joseph D. Popham, Leachville John Porbeck, Dallas, Tex. Billy R. Porter, Manila Gary G. Pospisil, West Memphis Judy M. Potts, Greenway Anita J. Powell, Jonesboro Jewelline Powell, West Memphis Robert Powell, Little Rock Susan J. Powell, Paragould Tommy L. Powell, Kennett, Mo. Linda J. Powers, West Memphis Pamela J. Pratt, Hoxie Richard F. Pratt, Horseshoe Bend Robert Pratt Jr., Mountain Home Stephen A. Pratt, Pocahontas Beth I. Presley, Trumann Joel A. Price, Marked Tree Michael L. Price, Bragg City, Mo. Stephen J. Prichard, Pocahontas James L. Prince, Jonesboro Oscar E. Prince, Pocahontas Donna B. Privett, Hoxie Danny L. Profitt, Dyess Elizabeth M. Ragsdell, Brinkley Stanley W. Rainwater, Knobel Timothy M. Rand, Paragould Jacqueline Range, Osceola William Ransdell, Qunicv, 111. Calvin T. Ratliff III, Ha ' yti, Mo. Billy D. Ray, Steele, Mo. LaDonna J. Ray, Kennett, Mo. Terry R. Redden, Trumann Cathy J. Reeves, Jonesboro Katherine Reeves, Memphis, Tenn. Larry E. Reeves, Little Rock Barbara A. Reginelli, Marion David P. Reid, Wynne Judy L. Rennicke, Newport 353 Suzanne Retting, Little Rock Mark A. Revord, Detroit, Mich. Cathy E. Reynolds, Batesville Rosa M. Reynolds, Paragould Charles O. Rhodes, Paragould Denna R. Rhodes, Black Oak Nancy E. Rhodes, Newport Lonnie R. Richardson, Lake City Mary K. Richardson, Ash Hat Paula R. Riggs, Blytheville Martha L. Riley, Wynne Richard L. Riley, Newport William A. Riley, Jonesboro George C. Ring Jr., Jonesboro Alantha A. Robb, Paragould Kenneth C. Roberts, Marmaduke Marian J. Roberts, Jonesboro Cecil D. Robinson, Jonesboro Donna L. Robinson, Jonesboro Denny D. Rodgers, Paragould Rick M. Rodery, Piggott Bera A. Rogers, Blytheville Carey W. Rogers, Paragould Jean Rogers, Newport Kay Rogers, Paragould Katherine A. Rollins, Marcella Mark H. Roltsch, Zion Dickev A. Rook, Jonesboro Lois R. Rooker, Ravenden Kevin R. Rorick, Hot Springs Charles Ross, Caruthersville, Mo. Cindy G. Ross, Paragould Drive For New Stadium Begun Jack K. Ross, Houston, Tex. Hossein Rostami, Tehran, Iran Timothy Rouse, Hornersville, Mo. Andrei B. Rousey, Tuckerman John M. Rowland, Marianna Kandy C. Rowland, Thornton Schuler B. Rowland, Marvell Bobby N. Rowlett, Swifton Martha L. Roy, Jonesboro Jimmie A. Rushing, Pine Bluff John P. Russell, Marion John R. Rutledge, Weiner John B. Rvan, Centralia, 111. Bill M. Sadler, Rison Lerov Sain Jr., Marianna Mark T. Sailings, McCrory Pamela K. Saltzman, Campbell, Mo. Lanny R. Samford, Holland, Mo. Deborah M. Sanders, Hardy James H. Sanders, Cave City Earnest L. Sanders, Jonesboro Tonv R. Sauser, Bono Gene Scarborough, Jonesboro Randolph E. Scarbrough, Van Buren Noel W. Schaffer, Maiden, Mo. Elizabeth Scharff, Mammoth Spring Katrinka A. Schmitt, Jonesboro Ann K. Scott, Marked Tree Arleen O. Scott, Marianna Lesa L. Scott, Paragould Michael N. Scott, Piggott Patrick J. Scott, Pocahontas John T. Scurto, Vienna, Va. Danny F. Sears, Hoxie Frances Seay, Rector Judy C. Sebastian, West Memphis Jimmy R. Scbring, N. Little Rock I-onnie E. Selvidge, Walnut Ridge Joan M. Servis, Trenton, N. J. Sandra L. Seymour, West Memphis 354 Sophomores " Pardon me, but can you tell me the way to the Republican National Convention? " Carylon R. Sheals, Osceola Donald E. Sheffer, Brinkley Bettye R. Shelton, West Memphis Genna G. Shelton, Corning Thomas C. Shepherd, Jonesboro Ralph. A. Sheridan, Benton Glenn D. Sherrill, Litde Rock Janet L. Sherrill, Harrisburg Phillip E. Shirley, Trumann Mary E. Shockelford, Earle Roy E. Short, Helena Judy B. Showalter, Tuckerman Steven D. Shults, Pocahontas Sarah L. Shumpert, Birdsong Mikki L. Sidebottom, Paragould Mark E. Sieving, St. Louis, Mo. Kenneth R. Simington, Maynard Hank Simmons, Jonesboro Debra J. Simpson, Jonesboro Mary V. Simpson, Little Rock Roger D. Simpson, Pocahontas Shelia V. Simpson, Leachville Jean Singleton, Little Rock Robert A. Singleton, Earle Jerry W. Sisco, Delanlaine Rhonda S. Sissom, Cardwell, Mo. Daniel E. Sites, Sheridan Randv J. Skarda, Hazen Kathy S. Skelton, Blvtheville Jesse T. Skinner, Batesville John T. Skinner, McGehee Robert M. Slabaugh, Parkin Janice F. Slagley, Jonesboro Stephen C. Smart, Crossett Greg D. Smelser, N. Little Rock Alan B. Smith, Strawberry Bonnie M. Smith, Lake Village Charlotte B. Smith, Brinklev David B. Smith, Bradford Flynn Smith, Earle Gary D. Smith, Trumann Garv M. Smith, Blvtheville James H. Smith, Rector James M. Smith, Keiser Jeanav Smith, Mountain View Larry A. Smith, McCrory Lee A. Smith, Portageville, Mo. Lonnie O. Smith, Sedgwick Olen D. Smith, Jonesboro Richard F. Smith, Camden Roger D. Smith, Wvnne Thomas R. Smith, Jonesboro Vickv J. Smith. Hoxie Rickey G. Smotherman, Newoort Vincent O. Snell, Jonesboro Thomas S. Snelson, Brinkley 355 William G. Snowden, Mt. View Lloyd E. Somers, Jonesboro Kennels Sorrels, O ' Fallen, 111. Kathy D. Spann, Newport Jerris G. Sparks, Tonesboro Joel S. Sparkler, Paragould Richard S. Spence, Corning Ronnie W. Spiegel, Harrisburg Pamela J. Spikes, Pocahontas Jimmy D. Stacy, Forrest City Thomas E. Stalcup, Jonesboro Carol J. Stallings, Blytheville Helen L. Stallings, West Memphis Kenneth N. Stallings, Jonesboro Patti A. Stamp, Sikeston, Mo. Michael H. Stanage, Paragould John K. Stark, Cherry Valley Sally L. Starkey, Malvern James P. Stevenson, Jonesboro Diana M. Stewart, Osceola Karen J. Stewart, Little Rock Kathleen Stewart, Walnut Ridge Jeff D. Stokes, Rector Clauson R. Stone, Altheimer Paul W. Stotts, Trumann Warren G. Stout, Cave City Sandra G. Stovall, Prescott Beverly D. Stuckey, Benton Georgeanne Stump, Jonesboro Ellen M. Stuch, Walnut Ridge Kenneth S. Sulcer, Gilmore Gary D. Sullivan, Smithville Jerry R. Sullivan, Cave City Mary F. Surber, Lake City Tommy H. Sweat, Weiner Cynthia L. Swindle, Walnut Ridge Jacquelyn Tabron, Forrest City Bill E. Tackett, N. Little Rock Dave V. Tackett, Dayton, Ohio Patricia A. Tanner, Jonesboro Donald W. Tapp, Newport Lilbern D. Tarlton, Marked Tree Judy G. Tarzi, Memphis, Tenn. Everett L. Tate, Bono Debbie A. Taylor, Memphis, Tenn. Donna S. Taylor, Alicia Guy A. Taylor Jr., Cotton Plant Robert M. Taylor, Paragould Gary L. Teague, Mountain Home Lanny R. Teague, Monette Dennis C. Teel, Paragould Robert L. Templeton, Swifton Michael L. Teter, Mountain Home Brenda C. Tacker, N. Little Rock Donna G. Thomas, Rector Janice M. Thomas, Piggott 356 Kenneth B. Thomas, Walnut Ridge Tim A. Thomas, Kennett, Mo. Gary W. Thomen, Delaplaine, Emma J. Thompson, Booneville Jerry K. Thompson, Newport Ruby D. Thompson, Jonesboro Rebecca L. Tidwell, Dell Jeannie D. Tiffee, Tuckerman Beverly K. Tillman, Lake Village Lida A. Tinker, Hoxie James Tinnin, Hollywood, Mo. Michael D. Tinsley, Newport Mary J. Todd, Gibson, Mo. Stephanie J. Todd, Clarkton, Mo. Vickie L. Todd, BIytheville Brenda L. Tollison, Jonesboro Gay E. Toombs, Piggott Rebecca E. Toombs, Memphis, Tenn. Sue Topp, Helena Charlotte A. Trantham, Helena Carolyn M. Trask, West Memphis Stevie J. Treece, Paragould Travis M. Trimue, Forrest City Ricky E. Tubbs, Marked Tree Rollie D. Tucker, Little Rock Nancv L. Tull, Jonesboro Charles D. Turner, Newport Fred H. Turner. Wynne Martha D. Turner, Jonesboro Michael P. Tuseth, Memphis, Tenn. Barbaranette Twillie, Forrest City Deborah H. Tye, Searcy Fun And Games In Little Rock Erma D. Ulmer, Pocahontas Steve A. Upshaw, Pocahontas Ronald W. Upton, Newport Ted L. Valentine, Jonesboro Ruby J. Vance, Biscoe Regenia L. Vangilder, Rector Marcia J. Vaughn, Fresno, Calif. Robert A. Vaughn, Paragould Lynn M. Vicchio, Little Rock Lindbergh Vickers, Trumann Georgene Voeller, Frederick, S. D. Walter A. Vore, Hardv Michael H. Wafford, Pine Bluff Patricia G. Wainscott, Jonesboro James C. Walker, Jonesboro Larry E. Walker, Stuttgart Lloyd W. Walker, Jonesboro Michael Walker, Ravenden Springs Warren L. Walker, Jonesboro John D. Wallace, Lake City Karen L. Walls, Pittsburgh, Pa. Fred Walpole, Kennett, Mo. Judy M. Walter, Jonesboro Larry D. Ward, Forrest City Carol E. Warfield, West Helena Anna L. Washam, Mammoth Spg. Elizabeth H. Wasson, Jonesboro Ralph Waters, Marion Gary D. Watkins, Jonesboro Beverly Watson, Portageville, Mo. Don E. Watson, Hutchinson, Kan. Jerry C. Watson, Holcomb, Mo. Jonathan G. Watson, Earle Marcia A. Watson, Piggott Glenda J. Way, Little Rock Rocky G. Weaver, Batesville Candace A. Webb, Jonesboro Sharon Webb, Searcy Lon Webber, Searcy Douglas N. Webster, Newport 357 David R. Wellman, Pocahontas Sherry L. Wells, Paragould Claude G. West, Little Rock James P. West, Blytheville Roger S. West, Blytheville Thomas E. West, Newport Dianne Westbrook, Pleasant Plains Larry Westmoreland, Little Rock Chris P. Wewers, Jonesboro Judy C. Wheeler, Pleasant Plains Thomas H. Wheeler, Marion Danny E. White, Pine Bluff Jackie White, Leachville James H. White, Paragould Marcia G. White, Little Rock Vickie A. White, Sheridan Marilyn Whitfield, Campbell, Mo. Emelyn K. Whitley, Arlington, Va. Billy Whitmire, Clarkston, Mich. Harry L. Whitted, Osceola Boyce W. Wilkerson, Little Rock Douglas C. Wilkerson, Vanndale John H. Wilkes, Ash Flat Harold Wilkowsky, Memphis, Tenn. Carolyn A. Williams, Caraway Charles K. Williams, Manila Dwight M. Williams, Paragould Jackie L. Williams, Clinton Jacqulin C. Williams, Jonesboro Jerry G. Williams, Jonesboro Johnny M. Williams, Jonesboro Kenneth R. Williams, Jonesboro ' Streetcar ' Is Huge Success Larry G. Williams, West Ridge Marvin R. Williams, Turrell Nathaniel Williams, Proctor Ray R. Williams, West Ridge Cindy Williamson, Jonesboro Bobby J. Willie, Paragould Beverly Willis, Marianna Glen R. Willis, Corning Anna M. Willoughby, Marked Tree Albert S. Wilson, Batesville Bobby E. Wilson, Litde Rock Norman G. Wilson, Almyra Vicky A. Winkles, Wynne Robert H. Winnigham, Harrisburg Daniel O. Wiseman, Searcy Edward A. Wiseman, Osceola Janet L. Witcher, Corning Marilyn A. Womack, Bald Knob Ricky L. Womack, Lake City Carlos G. Wood, Brookland David E. Wood, Harrisburg Peggy L. Wood, Harrisburg Phyllis Wood, Mount Morris, Mich. Walter E. Wood, Jonesboro Karen L. Woodall, Bernie, Mo. Alice J. Woodard, Marianna Edna M. Woodside, Paragould Ken Woodworth, Cherokee Village Thomas J. Woodyard, Wolf Pen Michael D. Wooten, Marianna Charles Word Jr., N. Little Rock Samuel D. Word, Brinkley George P. Wycoff, Jonesboro Larry J. Yarbrough, Pine Bluff Rodney G. Yarbrough, Searcy John T. Young, Jonesboro Judy E. Young, Pine Bluff Julia A. Young, Osceola Katlieryn M. Young, Batesville Randall L. Young, Searcy 358 Deborah A. Abbott, Blytheville Gerald F. Abbott, Jonesboro Tony Ackerman, Hardy Anthony Q. Adams, West Memphis Gary C. Adams, West Memphis James M. Adams, Osceola Larry D. Adams, Caraway Susan D. Adams, Trumann Kathy N. Adkins, Manila Karen S. Agee, Pocahontas Dorothy E. Akers, Jonesboro Peter L. Alberts, Jonesboro Howard M. Alderson, Stuttgart Dwight R. Alexander, W. Memphis Eldon L. Alexander, Wilson Michael L. Alexander, Swifton Debra A. Allen, El Dorado George Allen, West Memphis Scott Allison, Walnut Ridge Arthur W. Almond, Mt. Home Ella V. Anderson, Osceola Gina Anderson, Newport Mary A. Anderson, Jonesboro Alvin D. Andrews, Jonesboro Rosezenia Ansley, Parkin Larry P. Arnn, Pocahontas Jack F. Aronson, Oak Park, Mich. Oscar R. Ascurra, Jonesboro Tommy R. Ashby, Hughes Mary C. Atkinson, Hot Springs Steven R. Atkisson, Corning Mark K. Aufderheide, DeWitt ROTC Goes Voluntary James A. Ault, Little Rock Jo H. Avis, Jonesboro Stan C. Avis, Steele, Mo. Debra A. Baffield, Marianna Carol E. Bagby, Arbyrd, Mo. Brenda D. Bailey, West Ridge Michael J. Bailey, Malvern Barbara J. Baker, Little Rock Catherine I. Baker, Jonesboro Cathy Baker, Omaha, Neb. James E. Baker, Osceola Karen E. Baker, Blytheville Linda K. Baker, Paragould Scott L. Baker, Newport Susan K. Baker, Newport Zelda S. Baker, Austin Gerald L. Balch, Diaz Dale E. Balderston, Gassville Nancy J. Baldridge, Paragould David S. Baldwin, Forrest City Gary D. Baldwin, Knobel David M. Ball, Monette Ida R. Ball, Jonesboro Jane E. Ball, Cabot Shelia A. Ball, Eudora Stan H. Ball, Blytheville Danny M. Ballard, Beedeville Kent M. Ballew, Jonesboro Donald G. Baltz, Pocahontas Milton M. Banister. Osceola Emma J. Banks, Forrest City Ronald B. Banks, Brinkley Billie E. Bare, Pollard Phyllis Barger, Sikeston, Mo. Joyce L. Barker, Searcy Pamela K. Barlow, Jonesboro Bob J. Barnett, Pocahontas Gail A. Barnett, Jonesboro Roger W. Barnett, Mountain Home Lisa D. Barnhill, Paragould 360 Freshmen " No, I didn ' t pav the light bill, I thought you did. " David V. Barr, Little Rock Greg W. Barre, Pocahontas Margaret E. Barrett, Moorefield Patricia D. Barrett, Cotter Paul M. Barrett, West Memphis Anna M. Barry, Paragould Richard B. Bassett, Walnut Ridge Rickey A. Bateman, Paragould Gary D. Baugher, Manila Jeffery B. Baughman, Jonesboro Linda R. Beaman, Mountain Home Janette C. Beard, Mammoth Spg. Carolyn L. Bearden, West Memphis Karen K. Bearden, Leaehville Sharon G. Bearden, Leaehville Harry P. Beasley, Heth Judith L. Beasley, Hot Springs Evelyn Beaton, Paragould Johnny L. Beaty, Bono Steve D. Beavers, Blytheville Lynne M. Beaverson, Batesville Michael W. Beck, Earle Neil Beckman, Bernie, Mo. Paul L. Bednar, Jonesboro Ronny J. Bednar, Hazen Pamela J. Beene, West Memphis Phillip S. Belezak, Paragould King C. BeU, West Helena Lynn Bell, Memphis, Tenn. Margaret A. Bell, Tuekerman Patricia S. Bell, Bassett Rebecca S. Bell, Bentonville Dwight H. Bennett, Joiner Gayland E. Bennett, Jonesboro Sandra K. Bennett, Pocahontas Virginia Bennett, Myrtle, Mo. Rhonda R. Benson, Kennett, Mo. Richard D. Benson, Greenway Catharine Berretta, Memphis. Tenn. Robert Berry, Philadelphia, Pa. Sharron K. Berry, Bono Michele Bettis, Harrisburg William B. Betzner, Hazen Stephen C. Bevill. Paragould Claudette M. Bickell, Jacksonville Sharon G. Biffle, Jonesboro Cary N. Bigelow, Ravenden Springs Gary A. Biggs, Paragould Joyce Lea Bigham, Mountain Home Willard B. Bigham. Newport Mark Billings, Virginia Beach, Va. Dana R. Bingham, Marked Tree Sue E. Birdsong, Newport Dereta G. Birmingham, Rector Doug C. Bishop, Little Rock Debbie K. Bitely, Grady JUL 361 Freshmen " I told you all the dorm room needed was a few accessories. " f t India E. Bitely, Tamo Donald R. Black, Newport Don W. Blackburn, Jonesboro Bobby L. Blackman, Jonesboro Danny J. Blan, Paragould Michael F. Blanchard, Jonesboro Walter W. Blanchard, Jonesboro Judith A. Blankenship, Monette Rickey Blankenship, Elaine Cathey J. Blaylock, Dell Sally e B. Bledsoe, West Memphis Cynthia J. Blevins, Little Rock Billie Bloodworth, Crawfordsville Dane C. Blumthal, Mountain Home Jim H. Bobo, Hardy David N. Bodenhamer, Mt. Home Martha S. Boeckmann, Wynne Michael W. Boeckmann, Wynne Lional B. Bogard, Jonesboro George E. Boggs, Paragould Richard N. Bohne, Jonesboro Lon P. Bokker, West Memphis Gary R. Bolin, Marked Tree Phyllis A. Boling, Manila Wayne F. Bond, Jonesboro Wendi L. Bond, Phoenix, Ariz. Sandra G. Bonham, Jonesboro Lynne B. Boquet, Little Rock Lisa D. Boster, Jonesboro Linda F. Bowens, Marianna Agnes D. Bowman, Pocahontas Cynthia B. Bowman, Memphis, Tenn Deborah K. Boyd, Manila Deborah L. Boyd, McGehee Diane D. Boyd, Paragould Garry L. Boyd, Black Oak James B. Boyd, DeWitt Traci R. Boyd, Hot Springs Virginia L. Boyd, Harrison David G. Boyles, Augusta Yolanda G. Boyles, West Memphis Melanie Brackett, Pocahontas Deborah J. Bradley, Jonesboro Elmer H. Bradley, Jonesboro John D. Bradley, Walnut Ridge Kenneth L. Bradway, Blytheville Kirk A. Brady, Success James C. Brannon, Keiser Kevin D. Branum, Hornersville, Mo. Patricia A. Brawner, Pollard Nathaniel R. Brazwell, Newport John D. Brecklein, Walnut Ridge Danny A. Breland, Jonesboro Wayne L. Brewer, Mountain View William G. Brewer, Pine Bluff Michael W. Brigance, Wilson 362 Stephanie A. Broadavvay, Jonesboro James R. Brock, Jonesboro Phyllis T. Brock, Trumann Alberta Brooks, West Memphis Terry R. Brooks, Maynard Abby V. Brown, St. Louis, Mo. Billy S. Brown Jr., West Memphis Byron B. Brown, Wynne Donald E. Brown, Jonesboro Effie L. Brown, Luxora Gary W. Brown, Little Rock Jimmy G. Brown, Rogers Ken L. Brown, Goodlettsville, Tenn. Larry W. Brown, Jonesboro Marilyn J. Brown, Little Rock Marilyn K. Brown, Hamsburg Mary E. Brown, Cooter, Mo. Mary G. Brown, Jonesboro Mary R. Brown, Camden Pamela F. Brown, Pine Bluff Ramona K. Brown, Jonesboro Sheryl A. Brown, Blytheville Thomas G. Brown, Wynne Edward L. Browning, Tuckerman Letha A. Browning, Caraway Marsha F. Browning, Caraway Bryce A. Bruce, Salado Judy Bruckerhoff, St. Marys, Mo. Danny L. Bruning, Sherwood Dinah E. Bryant, Jonesboro Mark D. Buerkle, Jonesboro Sherri D. Buerkle, Stuttgart Freshmen Escape Beanies Harvey J. Bufford, Trumann Stanley E. Bufford, Trumann Clayton E. Bulice, Cabot Gerald D. Bullard, Newport Clifford L. Bullock, Stuttgart Frances A. Burdick, Mt. Home Mary K. Burge, Cave City Grace L. Burk, Glenwood, 111. Rosemary Burke, Forrest City Linda J. Burks, Lake City Steve B. Burks, Cabot Johnny M. Burlison, Wardell, Mo. Duane B. Burnell, Glenside, Pa. Arlenda C. Burnett, Marianna James E. Burns Jr., Hoxie Michael D. Burns, Walnut Ridge Jan M. Burton, Benton William R. Burton, Wynne Phillip M. Busbea, N. Little Rock Willis R. Butcher, Turrell Gail A. Butler, Jonesboro Mary N. Butler, Benton Myron T. Butler, Jonesboro Caroline V. Butt, Earle Frank R. Button, Hot Springs Leslie G. Buford, Proctor Everett A. Byrd. Whiteoak, Mo . Jesse B. Byrd, Bearden Susan A. Byrd, Redfield Roger E. Cagle, Leachville Jean C. Cain, Jonesboro Pamela G. Cain, Hot Springs Katherine L. Caldwell, Wynne Tancil A. Caldwell, Leachville Deborah L. Cameron, Paragould Darrell R. Campbell, Paragould Denise K. Campbell, Jonesboro Edwina S. Campbell, Hot Springs Joe M. Campbell Jr., Jonesboro Robert S. Campbell, N. Little Rock 363 Christopher Cardin, N. Little Rock Elizabeth A. Carey, Black Rock David W. Carlisle, Forrest City Janet S. Carr, Rector Michael S. Carr, Kennett, Mo. Peggy L. Carr, Jonesboro Carolyn S. Carriglitto, Lake City Janice L. Carroll, Moro Toe T. Carroll, Jonesboro Linda D. Carroll, DeValls Bluff Edward E. Carter, lonesboro Jeff L. Carter, Delaplaine Keith A. Carter, Steele, Mo. Martha J. Carter, Fort Smith Sharon M. Carter, Paragould Susan E. Carter, Benton Debra K. Cartwright, Mt. View Fanny F. Castillo, Blytheville Ron C. Cate, Corning Jacqueline S. Cates, Paragould Susan D. Cates, Memphis, Tenn. Bill R. Cato, Jonesboro Jett C. Cato, Stuttgart Keith E. Causey, Piggott Nina M. Cavender, Little Rock Ricky B. Chaffin, Rector Amy M. Chambers, Marked Tree Don W. Chamblin Jr., Ft. Smith Steven A. Champ, Pollard Flora N. Chandler, Osceola Jackie N. Chandler, Jonesboro Glenn A. Chaney, Crawfordsville Press Club Petitions For SDX Jane L. Chapin, Trumann Ben E. Chapman, Lake Arthur, La. Steven C. Chapman, Hickory Ridge Charles D. Chatelain, Hot Springs Richard S. Cheshier, Jonesboro Debbie R. Chester, Memphis, Tenn. Deborah A. Childers, Smackover David H. Chitwood, Maynard Michael K. Choat, Jonesboro Diane L. Christian, Hot Springs Jo E. Chronister, N. Litde Rock John L. Church, West Memphis Eddie F. Ciganek, Hazen Brian M. Clampit, Harrisburg David A. Clark, Jonesboro Debra S. Clark, Walnut Ridge Gregory M. Clark, Cushman James W. Clark, Leachville Kathy D. Clark, Jonesboro Kenneth R. Clark, Holly Grove Patricia K. Clark, Jonesboro Sherryl A. Clark, Jonesboro Therral E. Clark, Jonesborc Lee A. Clay, Blytheville Luanne Clay, Pine Bluff Deborah L. Clayton, Trumann Marsha L. Clayton, Delaplaine Cynthia A. Clements, Caraway Mike Clements, Jefferson City, Mo. Lucille A. Clemons, Wynne Judy K. Clifft, Paragould Jacob A. Cline, Paragould Dona jo Cluck, Greenway Gary M. Cobb, Kalamazoo, Mich. Michael D. G)bb, Jonesborc SuAnne Cobb, Memphis, Tenn. Carole Suzi Cochran, Corning Gary O. Cochrane, Brinkley Ronald S. Coggins, Caraway Regina P. Cohn, Holcomb, Mo. 364 Freshmen " Just what kind of a party is this? " Claudia G. Coker, Walnut Ridge Nancy L. Colbert, Jonesboro Jeanne L. Cole, Lonoke Donna K. Coleman, West Memphis Lynne D. Coleman, Holly Grove Mel W. Coleman, Pocahontas Randal L. Coleman, Corning Ronald D. Coleman, Saffell Stephen G. Coleman, Jonesboro Steven D. Collar, Walnut Ridge Jane Collier, Frankfurt, Germany Richard L. Collier, Litde Rock David Collins, Kennett, Mo. Frankie J. Collins, Blytheville George D. Collins, Benton Keith G. Collins, Holcomb, Mo. James D. Compton, Delaplaine Yoland M. Condrey, Mountain Home Cathy S. Conger, Marmaduke Terry L. Conley, Success Deborah L. Conn, Paragould James D. Conner, Gilmore Emily S. Conrad, Jonesboro James F. Conrad, Ravenden Larry W. Conrad, Stuttgart Gloria F. Cook, Rector Richard D. Cook, Jonesboro Sherry D. Cook, Imboden William F. Cook, Eudora Esther L. Cooper, Augusta John A. Cooper, Jonesboro Karen S. Cooper, Jonesboro Linda B. Cooper, Harrisburg Chesley T. Copeland, Cooter, Mo. Pamela A. Cordell, Lonoke Phillip E. Cordell, Lonoke Juanita Cormack, N. Little Rock Anne Cornell, Paragould Michael Cornish, Monette Leanna J. Cotton, Heber Springs Sandy K. Coulter, Lepanto Alan D. Cox, Osceola Alice A. Cox, Dyess Gary C. Cox, Floral Doyle W. Cox, Jonesboro Deborah L. Craft, Harrisburg Dennis D. Crain, St. Louis, Mo. Dorothy J. Crain, Wynne Judy P. Crain, Brookland Linda J- Crain, Bryant Glenda M. Crandall, Paragould Chester Cravens Jr., Dexter, Mo. Barbara A. Creek, Jonesboro Kevin P. Cregier, LaSalle, 111. Robert R. Cress, Jonesboro Marsha A. Crigler, Lake City 365 Freshmen Empty again! Douglas W. Criss, Trumann Marilyn K. Criss, Trumann Donna L. Crosley, Jonesboro Jerry J. Cross, Paragould Ralph M. Cross, Camden Terry V. Cross, Charleston, Mo. Joyce L. Crossfield, Piggott Harold L. Crouch, West Memphis Carol K. Crow, Bentonville Venita K. Crovvell, Leachville John N. Crowson, Rector James R. Crumbaugh, Jonesboro Scotty D. Crutcher, Newport Avery J. Cudd, Osceola Paul A. Culbreath, Jonesboro Donald B. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Al B. Cunningham, Helena Donna J. Cunningham, Camden Ted W. Cunningham, Paragould Marilee V. Cupp, Paragould Rebecca C. Cupp, Light Jane C. Cureton, Cash Gary Curtis, Manila John A. Curtis, Haynes Robert S. Curtis, Rector Susan M. Daffron, St. Francis Lydia E. Dagy, Paragould Susan C. Dalrymple, Pine Bluff Charles A. Daniels, Matthews, Mo. Susan C. Dark, Hardy Tom Daughhetee, Charleston, Mo. Emily Davidson, Mt. Grove, Mo. Billy Davis, Caruthersville, Mo. Colleen Davis, Mountain Home Deborah J. Davis, Walnut Ridge Deborah L. Davis, Pine Bluff Joe N. Davis, Blytheville Judith A. Davis, Manila Kathleen A. Davis, Pocahontas Laurel J. Davis, Mountain Home Lindon R. Davis, El Dorado Sharon L. Davis, Jonesboro Wanda F. Davis, Bono Ricky L. Davison, Jonesboro Ronnie R. Davison, Jonesboro Mary E. Day, Gideon, Mo. William M. Deal, Little Rock Marvin D. Dean, Jonesboro R. L. Dearinger, Stillwater, Okla. William S. DeBerry, St. Charles Margaret M. DeCIerk, Pocahontas Gary L. Deen, Blytheville Melvin L. Dejournett, Pocahontas Woody DeLorme, Springfield, Ore. Gary L. Dent, Jonesboro Kathryn B. Dent, Jonesboro Mary R. Dent, Jonesboro Fran L. Devereux, Widener Jan M. DeVoll, Jonesboro William L. Dickens, Jonesboro David M. Dickerson, Marked Tree Don E. Dickerson, Osceola Edwin M. Dickson, Jonesboro Robert L. Dickson, Stuttgart Harold E. Diggs, Paragould Randy I. Diles, Little Rock Terry A. Dillard, Jonesboro David L. Dingier, Lake Village Gary L. Dobbins, Manila Bobby G. Dodd, Knobel Paula K. Dodd, Caruthersville, Mo. Ralph E. Dodd, Peach Orchard Sue B. Dodd, Yellville Tom Dodd, Batesville Brenda ]. Dodson, Harrison Gladys Dodson, Forrest City Katherine A. Dodson, Blytheville Dorothy A. Doherty, Wynne Gerry L. Donner, Manila Cynthia Dorrell, Farmington, Mo. Patricia G. Dorris, Blytheville Margret A. Dorton, Jonesboro Jo A. Dotherty, Batesville Susan K. Douglas, Jonesboro Dennis G. Downs, Walnut Ridge Pauletta D. Downs, Paragould Ranae L. Downs, Paragould Michael B. Doyle, Hoxie Greeks Pledge 300 For Fall John Drewry, Little Rock Connie B. Dryer, Mountain Home Patrick R. Duckworth, Hayti, Mo. Robert Duez, Jonesboro Deborah C. Duncan, N. Little Rock Stephen E. Duncan, Cherry Valley Larry R. Dunham, Walnut Ridge Stephen M. Dunlap, W. Memphis Joseph P. Duien, Pine Bluff Dennis R. Durham, Trumann Joan D. Dyson, Greenway Deborah A. Ealy, Manila Eddy R. Easley, Sheridan Ronald Eastridge, Forrest City Brenda G. Eaves, Blytheville Sandra M. Eaves, Newark Howard W. Eckman, Thayer, Mo. Paula A. Edings, Joiner David L. Edwards, Pine Bluff Don R. Edwards, G tter Stephen W. Edwards, Forrest City Thayne D. Edwards, Mt. Home Catherine G. Eggers, Jonesboro Michael C. Eggers, Brookland James Eisenman, N. Syracuse, N. Y . Patricia Elbert, Jonesboro Irene D. Elder, Brookland Susan E. Elder, N. Little Rock Freda D. Elderson, El Dorado Phillip E. Elkins, Wilson Bobbye Ellington, N. Little Rock Kay E. Ellington, N. Little Rock Elizabeth A. Elliott, Blytheville Camellia C. Ellis, Lonoke Frances A. Ellison, Jonesboro Henrietta Ellison, West Helena Karen R. Elrod, DeWitt William R. Elwood, Little Rock Barbara J. Emison, Caraway Jane E. Emmert, Paragould 367 Albert Enderlin, Trumann Thomas J. English, Crawfordsville Heather Entwistle, Mt. Home Cynthia L. Epperson, Newport Stephen R. Erwin, Trumann Debra Ann Estes, Blytheville Jerry L. Estes, Salem Charles M. Ethridge, Wynne Teddie Jo Etter, Bassett Charlotte J. Eubanks, W. Memphis Kathy L. Eubanks, Blytheville Carl S. Evans, Jacksonville Martin E. Evans, Blytheville Pamela K. Evans, Dexter, Mo. Stanley W. Evans, Cabot Jimmy H. Eversmeyer, Pocahontas Lavah S. Fagan, St. Louis, Mo. Becki N. Fairchild, Camden Lendol K. Falwell, Bradford Danny G. Farley, Paragould Gerald W. Farley, Jonesboro Mary S. Farley, Paragould Robert H. Farrell, Paragould Glenn A. Faught, Blytheville Bobby R. Faulkenberry, Jonesboro Brenda D. Faulkenberry, Bay David E. Faulkner, Little Rock Karen D. Faulkner, New Madrid, Mo Diana S. Felkins, Bono Lowell Fenner, Jonesboro Deborah Ferguson, Kenosha, Wise. Joe Ferguson, Jonesboro Two Coeds Enroll For ROTC Susan F. Ferguson, Jonesboro Gary L. Ferrell, Jonesboro Barbara F. Fielder, Bono Sandra J. Fielder, Jonesboro Vicki A. Fields, Jonesboro Anna B. Files, Hunter Randy M. Files, Brinkley Phillip R. Finch, Forrest City Donna G. Fincher, Keiser Kenny R. Findley, Bay Sharon A. Fine, N. Little Rock Linda G. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Alan D. Fite, Memphis, Tenn. William C. Fitts, Little Rock Barbara Fitzgerald, West Memphis Mickey R. Flagg, Pocahontas Elizabeth Ann Flannigan, Monette Betty J. Fletcher, West Memphis James Fletcher, Mt. Grove, Mo. James D. Flewellen, Newport James H. Flynn, Little Rock Ronnie Dean Foley, Jonesboro Stacy J. Foley, Walnut Ridge Charles J. Foot, DeValls Bluff Carlla Lee Ford, Plughes James B. Ford, Batesville Linda F. Ford, West Memphis Rena J. Ford, Paragould Johnny A. Foreman, Blytheville Teddy A. Formon, Jonesboro Pamela S. Forrester, Jonesboro Carey L. Fortenberry, Paragould Marsha L. Fortenberry ' , Jonesboro Virginia A. Fortson, Trumann Judy A. Foster, Rector Robin J. Foster, Newport Shirley D. Foster, Paragould Candace A. Foust, Jonesboro George Fouts, E. St. Louis, 111. Jerry L. Fowler, Brookland ,4 1 en i if $ 7 . 368 Kathy A. Fowler, Jonesboro Roger A. Franks, West Plains, Mo. Larry Frasure, Marion John K. Fratesi, Altheimer Anne G. Frazier, Jonesboro Dinah F. Frazier, Osceola Clarence J. Free, Holly Grove Janet S. Freeland, Star City Angela E. Freeman, Osceola Marcus Freeman, Forrest City Jerry W. Freese, Hickory Ridge Anthony Carl Frein, Brinkley Gary T. French, Delaplaine Michael L. French, West Memphis Phillip E. French, Jonesboro Robert E. Frey, Alton, Mo. Don M. Friday, Blytheville Linda J. Fridenberg, Rector Gary L. Friga, Willow Springs, Mo. Sandra G. Fry, Piggott James L. Fudge, Melbourne Kemuel Link Fuller, Piggott Peggy S. Fuller, Piggott Joseph W. Gahr, Wynne Terry R. Gairhan, Trumann Billy W. Gaither, Benton Janet L. Gallant, Jonesboro Michael C. Gallegly, Newport Julia A. Gambill, Jonesboro Edward E. Gann Jr., Mammoth Spg. Gary L. Gann, Williford Louis E. Gann, Osceola James E. Gardner, Batesville Joan E. Gardner, Jonesboro Gloria D. Garner, Paragould Roxanne E. Gasaway, Jonesboro Erma J. Gates, West Memphis Gary D. Gaza way, Pocahontas Ronnie L. Gean, Tyronza Grady F. Gennings, Jonesboro Marie A. George, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sandra K. Gerdes, Jonesboro Gary W. Gerlach, Holly Grove Janice R. German, Steele, Mo. Rodney H. Getchell, Pine Bluff Charlia S. Gibson, Bono James E. Gibson, Beebe Jeanne L. Gibson, Paragould James R. Gill, Blytheville Dennis R. Gillam, Jonesboro Earnest Gilliam, Wheatly Sara J. Gilliam, Hoxie Mary Gilhland, Mt. Grove, Mo. Kathryn A. Gilmer, Jonesboro Randall L. Ginn, N. Litde Rock Steve L. Gipson, Augusta 369 Freshmen Registration is a meet new friends. time to Theresa A. Gist, Paragould Bobby R. Glasgow, Greenway John B. Glaze, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Richard K. Glidewell, Jonesboro Saundra I. Glowney, Alicia Karla D. Goad, Bradford Deborah K. Golden, Holland, Mo. Randy Golden, Walnut Ridge Dennis Gonzalez, Mercedes, Tex. Harold W. Goodman, Newark Josie M. Goodman, Crawfordsville Elizabeth G. Goodwin, Jonesboro Glenda Gordon, Pleasant Plains, Mo. Neal B. Gordon, Little Rock Brenda F. Gossett, Osceola Random T. Gott, Jonesboro Stanley L. Graddy, Piggott Donnie W. Grady, Pleasant Plains Dorothy B. Grady, Newport Annette Graham, Blytheville Cindy K. Graham, Jonesboro Gayle A. Graham, Walnut Ridge Deborah G. Gray, Blytheville Perry L. Gray, Manila David L. Green, Cave City Tan G. Green, Benton Kathleen Green, England William A. Green, Hot Springs Carlotta Greenberry, Blytheville LeAnna L. Greenhaw, Harrison Leslie D. Greer, Paragould Mary A. Greer, Memphis, Tenn. Bill H. Gregory, Pocahontas David Gregory, West Helena Johnnv P. Gregory, Benton Carey D. Griffin, Jonesboro Cheryl L. Griffin, Lexa Thomas L. Griffin, El Dorado Cynthia K. Grimes, Jonesboro Alvin W. Gruner, Forrest City Rebecca A. Guest, Bryant Tim D. Guntharp, Jonesboro Gregory E. Guthrie, Memphis, Tenn Ronnie D. Guthrie, Trumann Thelma D. Haggans, Jonesboro Alfred E. Haines, Jonesboro Deborah K. Hairrell, Lake City Larry D. Halcomb, Beebe Terry W. Haley, Mt. Home Wilma J. Halfacre, Bay Janet K. Halford, Jonesboro Angela F. Hall. Leach ville Elizabeth A. Hall, W. Memphis Glenn W. Hall, Marvell Barbara Halstead, New Madrid, Mo. Shelia K. Hamm, Jonesboro 370 Gerald D. Hammon, Jonesboro Phyllis Y. Hammonds, West Helena Becki L. Hampton, DeWitt Bobby J. C. Hampton, Jonesboro Larry R. Hampton, Newport Gerald L. Hancock, Blytheville Freda D. Handley, Blytheville Linda K. Hanna, Jonesboro Randy R. Hanneman, Lonoke James R. Harbin, Walnut Ridge Dennis R. Harbison, Jonesboro Jeffrey Harbison, Wynne Jann Hardesty, Caruthersville, Mo. Roscoe Hardiman. Wynne Gregory N. Hardin, Jonesboro Karen Marie Hardin, Rector Sammie L. Hare, Wynne Kenneth Louis Hargrave, Rector Bruce O. Harlan, Jonesboro Charles D. Harlan, Trumann Ronald L. Harmon, Jonesboro James P. Harness, Trumann Deborah D. Harper, Benton Deborah Lea Harper, N. Little Rock Ellen J. Harper, Pine Bluff Kim W. Harris, N. Litde Rock Lynn Harris, Dumas Wightman M. Harris, Camden Linda K. Harrison, Hoxie Ann R. Hart, Wynne Lola C. Hartsfield, Blytheville John R. Harvester, Pocahontas Finals Come Before Christmas Raymon B. Harvey, El Dorado Terry L. Haskett, Swifton Nova J. Haskins, Manila Steve Hatch, Caruthersville, Mo. Barbara J. Hatcher, Manila Michael D. Hawk, Imboden James M. Hawkins, Senath, Mo. Linda M. Hawkins, Pocahontas Margaret D. Hawkins, Pocahontas Patricia Lee Hawkins, Vilonia Rebecca J. Hawkins, Pocahontas John D. Hawley, McGehee Ruby Irene Hawley, Marmaduke Pamela Hayes, West Plains, Mo. Raymond K. Hayes, Lake City Ronald K. Hayes, Portageville, Mo. Dennis A. Haynes, Hazen Thomas A. Haynes, Blytheville Larry C. Hays, Wilson David Head, Brookland Willis S. Head. Memphis, Term. Dena Lynn Heath, Trumann Garry D. Heath, West Memphis Jack L. Hefley, Stuttgart Murphy D. Hekd, Pine Bluff Catherine A. Henderson, Jonesboro Dave W. Henderson, Blytheville Deborah L. Henderson, Monticello Janis L. Henderson, Jacksonville Larry H. Henderson, Mt. View Lizzie Louise Henderson, Newport Doris A. Henley, Trumann Elton V. Henley, Tyronza Jake E. Henry, Walnut Ridge John E. Henry, Bearden Alan R. Henson, Jonesboro Barry K. Henson, Wynne Carolyn M. Herring, Hot Springs Tom J. Hester, Marmaduke Ann M. Hestir, Blytheville 371 Robert R. Hetzel, Hardy Andrea R. Hicks, England Gary W. Hicks, Steele, Mo. Jimmy Edward Hicks, Manila William A. Hieber, Jonesboro Sammy E. Higdon Jr., Etowah Carol J. Higgins, Paragould Letha Kay Higgins, Brooldand Mickey V. Higgins, Paragould Mitzi A. Higgins, Paragould Doris D. High tower, Newport Rosa L. Hilding, Jonesboro Bernice Hill, Moro Clotis M. Hill, Osceola Deborah Leigh Hill, Helena Dianne Hill, Jonesboro Gary M. Hill, Morrilton Stanley Wayne Hill, Jonesboro Walter R. Hillman, Almyra Constance J. Hinson, Blytheville Loren Marvin Hitchcock, Batesville John M. Hobson, Pine Bluff Robert E. Hodge, Paragould Debra L. Hodges, Jonesboro Eugenia L. Hodges, Marked Tree Mary E. Hogan, Pine Bluff Robert Lynn Hogan, W. Memphis Teresa A. Hogan, Memphis, Tenn. Barbara N. Hogue, Pine Bluff Janet S. Hoke, Paragould James K. Holbrook, Pine Bluff Terri A. Holbrooks, West Memphis Hunt Elected Freshman President Randy L. Holder, Imboden Rick C. Holder, McCrory Jay D. Holland, Little Rock Joe J. Hollimon, Trumann Bobby Wayne Hollis, Corning Deborah G. Hollis, Jonesboro Gary S. Hollowell, Forrest City Richard E. Holman, Cash Terry L. Holmes, Pocahontas Diana L. Holt, Marked Tree William E. Holt, Wynne Gary D. Honeycutt, Blytheville Haskell W. Honeycutt, Jonesboro Kathy D. Hooten, Jonesboro Maurice J. Hopkins, West Helena Doris J. Horner, Brinkley Hite M. Horner, Cardwell, Mo. Judith A. Horner, Rector Cheryl L. Horst, Weiner David K. Horton, St. Charles Victor L. Horton, Rector Steve C. Hoskins, Paragould Tonya L. Hottel, Jonesboro Melinda Houston, Jonesboro Paula S. Howard, Cushman Phyllis C. Howard, Clarkton, Mo. Ronald W. Howard, Paragould Teressa A. Howard, Jonesboro Anita Y. Howe, Paragould Sharmon L. Hubbard, Harrisburg Loretta S. Hubbart, Hoxie Maribeth Huber, Weiner Brenda K. Huckabay, Rector Pamela S. Hudgens, Stuttgart Becky A. Hudson, West Memphis Don Caruthers Hudson, Paris Judith C. Hudson, Little Rock Martha L. Hudson, Jonesboro Thomas G. Hudson, DeWitt Denise L. Huett, Memphis, Tenn. 372 James A. Huggins, Paragould Jill Huggins, Satellite Beach, Fla. Judy K. Huggins, Corning Pamela J. Huggins, Corning Phillip A. Huggins, Augusta Linda L. Hughes, Campbell, Mo. Paul Dee Human, Blytheville Event L. Humble, Williford Merle A. Humphrey, Pleasant Plains Kenneth Joseph Hunn, Pocahontas Lari P. Hunt, Blytheville Martha J. Hunt, Benton Carol J. Hunter, Paragould Teresa D. Hunter, Paragould Rita Huntley, Forrest City William S. Hupp, Little Rock Janice L. Hurley, N. Little Rock Gouilda L. Hurst, Caraway Paul Jerry Hussey, Reiser John P. Hutchinson, Corning Toni B. Hutchinson, Blytheville Betty G. Hutsell, Hoxie Kerry A. Huxtable, West Memphis Judith G. Hyde, Jonesboro Laurence J. Hylle, Wynne Stephanie K. Hynes, Jonesboro Benjamin Idiong, Calabar, Nigeria Laura C. Inboden, Jonesboro Annette Ingram, Forrest City David A. IngTam, N. Little Rock Rickv L. Irvin, Jonesboro Rhonda L. Isbell, Bay Susie I. Ivy, Bentonville Thomas I. Jaber, Natchez, Miss. Davey J. Jackson, Paragould Ella Louise Jackson, Yellville James R. Jackson, Maynard Jamie C. Jackson, Piggott Teff Jackson, El Dorado Jeffery H. Jackson, Camden Lana Cheryl Jackson, Jonesboro Mary L. Jackson, Paragould Sara L. Jackson, West Memphis Carla A. Jacques, Blytheville Lee O. Jamerson, Tyronza loe D. James, Pocahontas Jon Britt Tames, Corning Kathryn E. James, Pine Bluff Robert S. James, Hope Sandra L. James, Corning Jane T. Jansen, Pocahontas Lawrence C. Jansen, Pocahontas Kim Jaquish, Bradford Trudy D. Jarrett, Walnut Ridge Dianna Jefferson, Osceola Lucy M. Jefferson, Osceola 373 f § f Deborah S. Jeffery, Franklin John W. Jenkins, San Marcos, Tex. Ronald L. Tenkins, Batesville Lynda L. Tenning, Bernie, Mo. Ruth A. Jennings, Advance, Mo. James R. Jernigan, Lepanto Rita J. Jernigan, Paragould Stevan J. Jernigan, N. Little Rock Kenneth G. Jessup, DeWitt Jennifer J. Jetton, Paragould Kem C. Johns, Grubbs Robert V. Johns, Hot Springs Becky J. Johnson, Pine Bluff Carolyn J. Johnson, West Memphis David A. Johnson, Piggott Demetrys A. Johnson, Helena James T. Johnson, Osceola Janice E. Johnson, Carlisle Jo A. Johnson Little Rock Robert D. Johnson, Jonesboro Ruthie M. Johnson, West Memphis Shirley J. Johnson, West Memphis Tommy Johnson, Caruthersville, Mo, Walter T. Johnson, Brinkley Charles R. Johnston, Hazen Gregory L. Johnston, Benton Robert W. Jolliff, Fort Smith Lisa J. Jolly, Jonesboro Betty V. Jones, Forrest City Bruce Jones, Centralia, 111. Harold G. Jones, Marlette, Mich. James S. Jones, McCrory Jayme K. Jones, Little Rock Judy C. Jones, Forrest City Kathi S. Jones, Jonesboro Ken E. Jones, Bridgeton, Mo. Larry R. Jones, Jonesboro Lonnie K. Jones, Bernie, Mo. Morris A. Jones, Newport Patricia A. Jones, Rector Patricia D. Jones, Pocahontas Ricky W. Jones, Jonesboro Robert A. Jones, Hope Stephen M. Jones, Jonesboro Steve S. Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Susan P. Jones, Searcy Victor W. Jones, Pine Bluff Delia L. Jordon, Hope Lana J. Jordon, Swifton Dennis R. Joseph, Essex, Mo. Ralph F. Joseph, Walnut Ridge Mike J. Jost, St. Louis, Mo. Regina M. Kammeyer, Bald Knob Danny C. Kauffman, Hot Springs Carol J. Kaut, Jonesboro Julus L. Keeling, Paragould 374 Emily R. Keenon, Blytheville Mary M. Keenon, Memphis, Tenn. Charlotte A. Kegley, Corning Carol J. Kelley, Hughes Jennifer L. Kelly, Bentonville Lynn M. Kelsey, Deering, Mo. Clarence L. Kemp, Mt. Home Emma L. Kemp, Jonesboro Connie S. Kendrick, Manila Laura J. Kennedy, Jonesboro Janey Kennett, Hornersville, Mo. Paul C. Kennett, Leachville Stephen B. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Steve A. Kent, Jonesboro Terry L. Kent, Mt. Home Timothy L. Kersey, Paragould William R. Kersey, Wheatly Linda D. Kestner, Almyra Peggy J. Keton, Svvifton Jackie L. Kieffer, Weiner Paul R. Killian. Mt. Home Betsy A. King, Pineville George R. King, Jonesboro Douglas C. Kinter, Bronson, Mich. Sandy L. Kirby, Forrest City Donald R. Kirkland, West Helena Marilvn A. Kirkpatrick, Jonesboro Bill M. Kirkvvood, Campbell, Mo. Glenda F. Kirkwood. Forrest City Richard Kirspel, N. Little Rock Morris L. Kisling, Walnut Ridge Jimmy F. Kittany, Blytheville f Lecture-Concert Changes Format Jerry Kleeman, Mt. Vernon, Mo. Fred H. Kleihauer, Huntsville William J. Klutho, Crestwood, Mo. Larry D. Knapp, Elaine Teena L. Knepper, Blytheville Samuel W. Knight, Augusta Susan C. Koonce, Corning Judy M. Koons, Pocahontas Jean A. Koppenhaver, Alton, 111. Nancy Kramer, Moorefield Michael W. Kreis, Augusta Shirley F. Lace, Cherry Valley Roland LaFrance, Rapid City, S.D. Jeanne M. Lair, Blytheville Deloris R. Lamb, Jonesboro Dennis C. Lamberth, Jonesboro Curtis Lancaster, Mt. View Nancy R. Landrum, Paragould Michael B. Lands, Light Jane A. Lane, Blytheville Patsy L. Lane, Caruthersville, Mo. Kathie A. Lantz, Strawberry Ruthann Lantz, Strawberry Janet K. Latham, Trumann Nancv L. Laughter, N. Little Rock Jack Law, West Memphis Mike Lawler, Blytheville Steve Lawrence, Brinkley Tommy D. Lawrence, Jonesboro Ronnie D. Layne, Jonesboro Peggy S. Lea, Caraway Ryona LeClaire, Jonesboro Joseph M. Ledbetter, Jonesboro Lynn Ledbetter, Walnut Ridge Ruth A. Leder, Stuttgart Nancy Ledgerwood, W. Plains, Mo. Carolyn J. Lee, Marianna Mickey T. Lee, McCrory Robert Lee, Mt. Home Tony W. Lee, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 375 William E. Lee, Damascus David Lendennie, Blytheville Mary J. Lendennie, Blytheville Florice K. Lewis, Driver Jacqueline L. Lewis, Dell John L. Lewis, Mt. Home Karen F. Lewis, Lonoke Patsy A. Lewis, West Helena Ronald E. Lewis, Pocahontas Clayton Lightfoot, Kennett, Mo. Vikki L . Like, Campbell, Mo. Oscar L. Lilly, Jonesboro Joe W. Linam, Bay Linda S. Linam, Rector Velva J. Lingo, Egypt Jimmy Lisko, Jonesboro Jacky Littlefield, Leachville Jill Litzelfelner, Piggott Candy E. Lock, Earle Laura Long, Braggadocio, Mo. Woodrow W. Long, Amagon Kathryn Loser, Malvern Wanda F. Lovelady, Walnut Ridge Jesse A. Lovins, Haskell Stuart E. Lowry, Blytheville Debbie J. Loyd, Paragould Mary Luebke, DeWitt Norman W. Lueck, Mt. Home Becky L. Lueken, Helena Jacqueline J. Lunnie, Beebe Joseph R. Luten, Little Rock Marilyn K. Luther, Norfork ' Nitty Gritty ' Makes The Scene Nancy E. Luye, Bragg City, Mo. Cindy S. Lynch, Little Rock Therese R. Lynch, Hot Springs Charles D. Lynn, Jonesboro Rodney J. Lynn, Cooter, Mo. Albert Maas, Blytheville Kay N. Mabry, Jonesboro Danny D. MacDonald, Jonesboro Terrye L. Maclin, Blytheville Massih Madani, Tehran, Iran Robert J. Maddox, Jacksonville Nancy J. Magie, Pine Bluff Ezra E. Maglothin, Trumann Sharron Mahaffev, Niag. Falls, N. Y. Michael A. Mahan, Paragould Gholamhossein Mahmoudi, Iran Mike J. Malham, Jonesboro John D. Manatt, Corning Ellen J. Mann, Parma, Mo. Glen L. Marcum, Wynne Deborah A. Margrave, Little Rock Phyllis Mariott, Ravenden Springs Philip T. Mark, Augusta Patricia Marr, Robinsonville, Miss. Arleta L. Marshall, Harrison Joe T. Marshall, Jonesboro Lana G. Marshall, Newark Brent W. Martin, Blvtheville James R. Martin, Trumann Jimmy D. Martin, Jonesboro Johnnie L. Martin, Marked Tree Michael Martin, Hot Springs Philip A. Martin, Paragould Ronald E. Martin, New-ark Susan Martin, Pocahontas Teresa K. Martin, Wynne Thomas Martin Jr., Jonesboro Gary W. Mason. Jonesboro Randall W. Mason, Calhan, Colo. Mike R. Massanelli, Jonesboro 376 Michael R. Massengill, Jonesboro Penny L. Mathews, Kennett, Mo. Jimmy A. Mathis, Wardell, Mo. Susan K. Matthew s, Little Rock William W. Matthews, Newport Debby Mauldin, Camp Springs, Md. Gloria Lee Mauldin, Jonesboro Juanita F. Maxwell, Salem Mark W. Mayo, Brinkley Michael A. Mays, Wynne Glenna A. McBride, Brinkley Barbara L. McBryde, N. Little Rock Dennis R. McCann, N. Little Rock Karen J. McClain, Leachville Deborah McClanahan, Holcomb, Mo. Janet K. McClearn, Paragould Doyle W. McClelland, Lake City Linda McClendon, C ' ville, Mo. Barbara L. McClure, Mt. Home John W. McCollum, Paragould Carol S. McCormick, Blytheville Shirley A. McCoy, Newport Lloyd H. McCracken, Jonesboro Barbara C. McDaniel, Pine Bluff Keith L. McDaniel, Blytheville Phyllis L. McDaniel, Marshall Jan D. McDermott, Parkin Betty J. McDonald, Rector Karen L. McDonald, Paragould Steve C. McElyea, McDougal Wilda K. McFall, Manila Vincent McGarry, Coldwater, Mich. Merryl C. McGhee, Blytheville Monica J. McGinnis, Jonesboro Rebecca J. McGough, Paragould Sonja K. McGough, Jonesboro Mary K. McGowan, Paragould Merle McGruder, Heth Mi chael L. McGuire, Cherry Valley Richard W. McGuire, Benton Tommy A. McHan, Pine Bluff Sharon K. McKeel, Rector Dwight E. McKenzie, Campbell, Mo. Michael C. McKinney, El Dorado Patricia E. McLain, Tuckerman Denise McMullen, Hazen Myra K. McMullin, Harrisburg M. McMurtrey, Willow Spgs., Mo. Jerry S. McNeely, Blytheville John H. McNeill, Pine Bluff Phillip E. McNeill, Pine Bluff Debra S. McNiel, Rector Mary E. McNulty, Blytheville Bertha J. McNutt, Walnut Ridge Martha J. McNutt, Walnut Ridge Larry W. McQuirter, West Memphis 377 .HJ " Janice L. McWhirter, Manila Vicki L. Mead, Jonesboro Evelyn I. Meadows, Jonesboro Daniel L. Medlock, Little Rock Michael J. Meeks, Grubbs David Melton, N. Little Rock Alexis A. Menke, Highland, Ind. Dale A. Merrill, Forrest City Donnie L. Merriott, Hot Springs Edward L. Metheny, Paragould Ricky K. Metzger, Blytheville Melody A. Michael, Newport Bob L. Middleton, Benton Malcom Miles, Jonesboro Billie Millard, Forrest City Dennis W. Miller, Camden Dennis W. Miller, Litde Rock Gerald Dennis Miller, Jonesboro Paul Miller, Cotton Plant Sammy R. Miller, Wynne William L. Miller, Paragould William M. Miller, Brinkley Lloyd W. Milligan, Newport Mary Alice Milligan, Jonesboro Ronald D. Milligan, Strawberry Dorothy G. Mills, Wabash Michael H. Minton. Bono Monty E. Minton, Hazen Kathy A. Minyard, Manila Mary Anne Misenhimer, Paragould Billy R. Mitcham, Pine Bluff Renonia V. Mitcham, Parkin Judith K. Mitchell, Kennett, Mo. Rebecca J. Mize, Jonesboro Dennis R. Molock, Stuttgart Manoeher Haji Momenian, Iran Michael Monday, Judsonia Patricia Ann Monk, Pine Bluff Deb Montgomery, Caruthersville, Mo. Lonny Montgomery, Marked Tree Robert Montgomery, Wichita, Kan. Ernest C. Monts, Litde Rock Danny L. Moody, Jonesboro Donna K. Moody, Blytheville Judy A. Moody, Bald Knob Larry J. Moody, Piggott James H. Moon, Trumann Jerry Mooney, Mountain Home Linda G. Mooney, Ash Flat David M. Moore, Pine Bluff Diana L. Moore, Piggott Donnie L. Moore, West Memphis Jean M. Moore, Blytheville Robert ' Moore, Springfield, Tenn. Ronnie W. Moore, Rector Standley L. Moore, Wynne 378 William D. Moore, McGehee Alfred W. Morgan, Paragould Bobby J. Morgan, Batesville Carolyn E. Morgan, Marked Tree Edward C. Morgan, West Memphis Jennie K. Morgan, Forrest City Lorin F. Morgan, Jonesboro Roger L. Morphis, Hickory Ridge Jane L. Morris, Swifton Marcia A. Morris, Newport Shirley Dianne Morris, Marmaduke Tommy Morrison, Maiden, Mo. Joseph Moseley, Little Rock Sheilah Moser, Mount Pleasant William Mosley Jr., N. Little Rock Mary E. Moss, Stuttgart Walter G. Moss, Essex, Mo. Flora D. Moudy, Jonesboro Jerry Muckensturm, Belleville, 111. Kathleen Murphv, Little Rock Maureen Murphv, Caruthersville, Mo. Michael E. Murphy, Tonesboro Ronald D. Murphy, Paragould Kenneth S. Murray, Little Rock Blair Musbach, Williamsville, Mo. Doris Mvers, Pontiac, Mich. Billv E. Nash, Osceola Rav Nassar. Marion Micheal R. Neal, Lepanto Dean Nehben. Mountain Home Mollv Nebhut, Blvtheville Debbv K. Neelv, Little Rock €9 fl :m mm ft mm A 9 ) M ILL Commencement Set For May 12th Deborah A. Neely, Egypt Catherine R. Nelson, El Dorado Dale R. Nelson, Marmaduke Dennis K. Nelson, Kennett, Mo. Robert Nelson Jr., Wilson Sara J. Nelson, Morley, Mo. Terry Neugebauer, Harrisburg Marion E. Newby, St. Louis, Mo. Gary C. Newcom, Jonesboro Larry D. Newcom, Jonesboro James R. Newsom, Lafe Mary K. Newsom, St. Louis, Mo. Michael E. Newton, Stuttgart Craig Nichols, Little Rock Johnny D. Nichols, Stuttgart Carl G. Nicholson, Moro Jamie J. Nicholson, Newport Fred E. Nimmo, W. Plains, Mo. Janis L. Nix, Ash Flat Patricia A. Noble, Rives, Mo. James C. Nolan, Gould Davie L. Noles, West Memphis Joy P. Norrid, Holland, Mo. Cathey M. Norris, Jonesboro Michael O. Norris, Wynne Neshe E. North, Jonesboro Debra Northcutt, West Memphis Gail J. Norton, Drasco Timothy Norton, Pine Bluff Nelwyn Oates, N. Little Rock Ronnie O ' Cain, Lonoke Thomas V. O ' Dell, Maynard William J. O ' Dell, DeWitt Rhonda A. Oden, Pine Bluff Diane Oguin, Wynne Robert E. O ' Kane, Osceola Linda J. Olds, Kennett, Mo. Mickey W. Oliver, Viola Barbara S. Oltmann, Brinkley Dana S. Olvey, Pocahontas 379 Rodney L. O ' Neal, Blytheville Michael R. Orosz, Hardy William E. Orr, Trumann Vicki D. Ott, Clinton Martha E. Overstreet, Ozark, Ala. Michael L. Overstreet, Searcy Karen K. Owen, Marmaduke James P. Owens, Cherokee Village Oscar T. Owens, Wynne Stanley J. Owens, Alicia Mary L. Oyler, England Judy Ozbirn, Jonesboro Mike E. Ozbun, Bono Richard L. Pace, Black Oak Vickie L. Palmer, Pocahontas Carolyn J. Pangle, Harrison William D. Pankey, Trumann William Lee Panneck, Jonesboro Shirley D. Park, Jonesboro Michael K. Parker, Kennett, Mo. Shirley Parker, Dyess Daniel L. Parks, Cherokee Village John W. Parrish, Monette Victor C. Paseur, Forrest City Michael E. Pate, Blytheville Janet L. Patterson, Jonesboro Terry L. Paul, Pine Bluff Rodger A. Pearce, Newport Rhonda J. Pearcy, Little Rock Sharon Pederson, Jacksonville Esther Ann Peebles, Poughkeepsie Tom E. Peifer, Jonesboro CLEP Program Initiated Ludy M. Penna, Trumann Jimmy M. Percifull, Marked Tree David D. Perkins, Jonesboro James R. Perkins, Nashville Harvey D. Perry, Lonoke Robert G. Perryman, Henderson William E. Person, West Memphis David D. Peters, N. Little Rock Shelby J. Peters, Hoxie Dennis P. Peterson, Stuttgart Johnny A. Peyton, Paragould Paula S. Phelps, Jonesboro Fred A. Philbrook, Blytheville Debbie A. Phillips, Walnut Ridge Gary R. Phillips, Batesville Paul F. Phillips, Pine Bluff Romelle B. Phillips, Jonesboro Shelby Phillips Jr., Lake City Mary V. Pickett, Pocahontas David E. Pickney, Pocahontas John C. Pierce, Leachville Steven A. Pierce, Piggott Steven R. Pierce, Walnut Ridge Valerie M. Pierce, Dexter, Mo. Rose M. Pierceall, Paragould Brenda K. Pieri, Cherry Valley Lloyd C. Pinchback, Tonesboro Judy Ann Pinkston, Cave City Gary E. Pitts, Mt. Home Diane L. Plafcan, Brinkley Deborah A. Poe, Marmaduke Jasper L. Poindexter, Paragould Steven S. Pollack. Humphrey Barbara H. Pollard, Rector Joseph G. Pope, Harrisburg Susan L. Pope, Kansas City, Mo. Brenda J. Poppe, Rector Elsie E. Porter, West Helena Deborah Pounders, N. Little Rock Mary E. Powell, Jonesboro 380 Pamela A. Powell, West Memphis Harold A. Pratt, Hoxie Lynda K. Pratt, Forrest City Paul L. Pratt, Forrest City Sam D. Presley, Paragould Karla J. Presson, Marmaduke Janice Pribram, Nuremberg, Germany Danny D. Price, Jonesboro Donald B. Price, Manila Elizabeth K. Price, Jonesboro Gala J. Price, Rector James M. Price, El Dorado Shelia A. Price, Rector Richard R. Prichard, Pocahontas John M. Priday, Fredericktown, Mo. Phylliss D. Pritchard, Osceola Phillip E. Privett, Harrisburg Jane E. Prothro, El Dorado Harold K. Prude, Osceola Cathy M. Puckett, Bono Gary B. Quails, Lake City Steve F. Quails, Trumann John K. Quick, Paragould Noel Quinn, Caruthersville, Mo. Peggy A. Quinn, Crown Point, Ind. Kerry G. Ragins, Gobler, Mo. Rickey T. Ramsey, Manila Tim Ramsey, Searcy Carolyn A. Rankin, Jonesboro Karen R. Rankin, Paragould Rex C. Rasberry, Newport Rita E. Rasberry, Marmaduke Robert K. Raspberry, Steele, Mo. Anita S. Ray, Portageville, Mo. Kathi C. Ray, Jonesboro Michael A. Ray, N. Little Rock Dwight S. Rayburn, N. Little Rock Richard D. Reagan, Kennett, Mo. Jack Dale Reaper, Searcy Doris J. Reasoner, Jonesboro Carlos E. Reddick, Paragould Linda S. Reding, Jonesboro Kylene Reece, Elaine Janet L. Reed. Blytheville Janet Lynn Reed, Jonesboro Thomas W. Reed, Leachville David F. Reese, Pine Bluff Malcholm Reese, Snowlake Steven Reese, West Memphis Barbara G. Reeves, Palestine Guinda L. Reeves, Mammoth Spg. Johney Mac Reeves, Paragould John L. Reid, Jonesboro Melissa A. Reiman, Weiner Gary J. Renck, Jonesboro Bonita Renfro, Knobel 1] i i 381 it ml f £ 3 fa Bryan D. Reutler, Jonesboro Donna K. Reynolds, McCrory Helen K. Reynolds, Prescott Kimberly M. Reynolds, Bradford John P. Rhein, Stuttgart Carolyn Rice, Newport Fran W. Richards. Bald Knob Beth A. Richardson, Fisher Cindy L. Richardson, Osceola John F. Richardson, West Memphis Pamela M. Richardson, Pocahontas Robert D. Richardson, Osceola Terry L. Richardson, Ash Flat Nancy L. Richie, Little Rock Paul D. Richmond, Dyess Terry P. Richmond, Salem Ellen Ridge, Lake City Debra A. Riley, West Memphis Thomas A. Riley, Wynne Lin M. Rima, Blytheville Danny G. Ring, Jonesboro Donna L. Ring, Blytheville Sheila A. Ring, Broseley, Mo. Teresa D. Roach, West Memphis Terri L. Roark, Jonesboro D. Lyndall Robbins, Little Rock Larry W. Roberson, Pleasant Plains Jerry L. Roberts, Jonesboro Judy K. Roberts, Paragould Leslie B. Roberts, Newport Rita M. Roberts, Blytheville Sherry Y. Roberts, Lepanto Charles R. Robertson, Bono Dennis M. Robertson, W. Memphis Tohn B. Robertson, Holcomb, Mo. Kay Robertson, Hot Springs William Robertson, El Dorado Charles Robinett, Leachville Douglas H. Robinson, Jonesboro Richard B. Robinson, Piggott Alice S. Rogers, Piggott Gary L. Rogers, Marmaduke Nathaniel Rogers, Forrest City Richard H. Rogers, Earle Robert S. Rogers, Hazen Teresa D. Rogers, Jonesboro Christy R. Rolfe, Forrest City Ronnie D. Rollins, Marked Tree Frank S. Rondone, Batesville John D. Rooker, Ravenden George E. Rooks, Forrest City James P. Roper, Batesville Hugh W. Rose, Leachville Mike L. Rose, Kennett, Mo. John M. Ross, N. Litde Rock Mary S. Ross, Forrest City Wilma E. Rousey, Tuckerman Judith D. Routon, Paragould Dennis Rowe, Paragould Beverly A. Rowlett, Swifton Jaquita L. Rowlett, Swifton Bonnie S. Rowley, Rochelle, 111. Jimmie C. Rucker, Alicia Vicki L. Ruegger, Waldenburg Larry D. Ruffin, Forrest City James D. Rumble, West Memphis Virginia D. Rumble, West Memphis Ruth A. Rupard, Jonesboro Donna J. Rush, Hoxie Larrv B. Rush, Melbourne William C. Rush, Marked Tree Dollie N. Rushing, Paragould James L. Rushing, Pine Bluff John L. Rushing, Pine Bluff Donna K. Russell, Pine Bluff Julie Russell, Caruthersville, Mo. Teddy L. Russell, Jonesboro John D. Rutherford, Jonesboro Mary A. Rutherford, Osceola Robert Ryder, Santa Cruz, Calif. Jerry B. Rye, Lonoke Ronny L. Saddler, Jonesboro Cullen L. Samford Jr., Steele, Mo. Keith Samford, Holland, Mo. Danny B. Sample, Ash Flat Mike D. Sample, Marion Roy F. Sample, Earle Deborah J. Sampley, Forrest City Black Oak, Ark., Performs Ardith J. Samuels, Kenosha, Wise. James H. Sanders, Monette Sherrv B. Sanders, Searcy Sara Sanderson, Jonesboro Jenny Sandlin, Jonesboro June Sauheaver, Jonesboro Don W. Scaife, West Helena Brent H. Schlesier, Brinkley Sharon I. Schlesier, Little Rock Faith Schmidt, Blvtheville Frank M. Schmidt, Poca hontas Wayne F. Schmidt, Trumann Marshall Sch mitt, Harrisville, N. Y. Lindy S. Schroeder, Stuttgart Mike A. Schug, Paragould Alan H. Scott, Jonesboro Denise S. Scott, Mountain View Flovd L. Scott, Forrest City Frances I. Scott. Roe Gary A. Scott, Florissant, Mo. Larry L. Scott, Clinton Linda J. Scott, Bay Roger G. Scott, Piggott Rose C. Scott, Marianna Vicky L. Scott, Mountain View Susan A. Scrape, Blvtheville Douglas Scrivner, Osceola Martha J. Scroggs, Jonesboro John Seagraves, Pocahontas Phyllis L. Sears, Paragould Susanna G. Seaton, Jonesboro Stan B. Seba, Hot Springs Mickev H. Seeman, Stuttgart Debra J. Sell, Dallas, Tex. Mary P. Senteny, Harrisburg Sandra K. Senter, Keiser Ramona J. Severe, Brinkley Betsy A. Sewell, Little Rock Elizabeth Shaneyfelt, Manila Paula Shaneyfelt, Manila 383 Richard F. Shannon, Wilson Sharon K. Shannon, Harrisburg Wright Shannon, Pocahontas Laurie Sharp, Forrest City Bonnie Sue Shaver, Wynne Peggy S. Shaw, Jonesboro Bobby G. Shelton, Osceola Pat Shepard, Caruthersville, Mo. Mary S. Shepherd, Jonesboro Ronnie B. Sherman, Humphrey Marilyn Short, N. Little Rock ' William W. Shownes, Manila Grady D. Shropshire, Agnos Donna B. Sides, Jonesboro Adred C. Siler, Bradford James E. Silkwood, El Dorado John Simmons, Senath, Mo. Johnnie A. Simmons, Jonesboro Karen Simmons, West Helena Ralph E. Simmons, Rector Robert M. Simpson, Rector Sherman D. Simpson, Jonesboro Glen S. Sims, Tonesboro Carla S. Singley, Pocahontas Roy L. Sisco, Harrison Phillip L. Sitcler, Harrisburg Steve M. Skinner, Kennett, Mo. Gary D. Slaton, Wilson Samantha R. Slaughter, Wheatley James E. Slaw, Forrest City Ellie Slentz, Caruthersville, Mo. Patti M. Sloan, Pocahontas Dr. Couch, Dr. Shannon Retire Jim W. Smalley, Corning John W. Smalling, Paragould Alma L. Smith, Weiner Bobby J. Smith, Weiner Debbie Rose Smith, Corning Deborah Jane Smith, Tuckerman Dennis D. Smith, Elfers, Fla. Donald E. Smith, Newport Donnie E. Smith, Newport Dorothy A. Smith, Marion Gary W. Smith, Strawberry Gloria J. Smith, West Memphis Gwendelene B. Smith, Manila Janis I. Smith, Moro Timmy R. Smith, Laredo, Tex. Kerry L. Smith, N. Little Rock Michael R. Smith, Wynne Phillip K. Smith, Jonesboro Rebecca L. Smith, Jonesboro Rodney M. Smith, Black Rock Rozland A. Smith, Jonesboro Steven O. Smith, Dyess John C. Smoot, Jonesboro John F. Snapp, Batesville Patricia L. Sue] I, West Memphis Pamela A. Snellgrove, Jonesboro Sandra J. Snellgrove, Jonesboro Paul J. Snider, Jonesboro Gregory J. Snodgrass, Batesville Glenda Faye Snow, Jonesboro Joseph J. Sobecki, Paragould Karen R. South, West Memphis Debra S. Spain, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James E. Speakman, Jonesboro Tom W. Specht, Houston, Tex. Mary J. Specking, Jonesboro Emmett R. Speed, Osceola Nancy Ruth Speir, Forrest City Cathy J. Spiegel, Harrisburg Rodney J. Spinks, Kr.obel 384 Becky L. Spotts, Kansas City, Mo. Stanley E. Spurlock, Holly Grove Susan L. Spurlock, Jonesboro Robert Squires, West Plains, Mo. Dona G. Stacks, Little Rock Glendon Stacy, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Julia M. Stafford, Brinkley Tony L. Stafford, Pine Bluff Ted E. Staggs, N. Little Rock Vicky L. Stallings, Harrisburg Pamla A. Stamper, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Standefer, Jonesboro David B. Standfill, Little Rock Scott Standley, Fredericktown, Mo. Deborah L. Stanley, Jonesboro Sandra K. Starnes, Marked Tree Patti D. Starr, Smithville Debbie C. Steele, West Memphis Conna G. Steen, Chesterton, Ind. Ricky D. Steen, Chesterton, Ind. Billie E. Steinkamp, Caraway Robert Steinmetz, Stuttgart David H. Stephenson, W. Memphis Deborah L. Stevens, Jonesboro Deborah L. Stevens, Parkin Susan L. Stevens, Benton Janice G. Stevenson, Jonesboro Jerry A. Stewart, Wilson Ricky Stewart. Hot Springs David K. Stiles, Osceola Terry D. Stiles, Lepanto Jo N. Stiles, Blytheville Sanford R. Stokes, Stuttgart Charles R. Stone, Jonesboro Tommy M. Stone, Altheimer Renee D. Story, Cave City Carl Stough, Forrest City John Street, Jonesboro Stephen Strickland, Jonesboro Sharon F. Stroud, Campbell, Mo. Mellisa J. Stuart, Bradford Rickev A. Stubbs, Blvtheville Linda C. Studie, Deering, Mo. Susan M. Stuever. Dexter, Mo. Donna Stumbaugh, Blvtheville Janice D. Stump, Jonesboro Toaneelia Sturch. Wynne Shari D. Sturch, Batesville David W. Suiter. West Memphis Patricia A. Sullivan, Hardy Ronnie T. Sullivan, Jonesboro Mary J. Summitt, Jonesboro Roger D. Sumpter, Earle Marsha G. Surbaugh, Jonesboro Martha L. Surber. Lake City Patti L. Sutterfield, Jonesboro 385 Freshmen It pays to advertise. Deena J. Sutton, Blytheville Kenneth Swain, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Betty S. Swan, Hayti, Mo. Susan M. Tainter, Marianna David A. Talbot, Trumann Debbie J. Talburt, Batesville Jeannie A. Talburt, Heber Springs Debra Tarkington, Wardell, Mo. Max V. Tarkington, Harrisburg Judith G. Tarver, N. Litde Rock Vaughn L. Tate, Newport Cleda D. Taylor, Jonesboro Dorothy K. Taylor, Jonesboro Jim H. Taylor, N. Little Rock Patricia D. Taylor, Parkin Patricia L. Taylor, Jonesboro Rodger D. Taylor, Forrest City Ronald E. Taylor, Bay Sherrie A. Taylor, Jonesboro Stephen T. Taylor, N. Litde Rock Terry G. Taylor, Camden Yvonne M. Taylor, N. Little Rock Phyllis D. Teague, Marked Tree Cynthia Tempel, Peekskill, N. Y. Ada L. Terry, Trumann Phyllis L. Thames, Osceola Jimmy D. Tharp, Pangburn Freddy J. Thiel, Jonesboro Larry E. Thiel, Jonesboro Janieca Thielemier, Pocahontas James W. Thieme, Manila Billy Thomas, Tyronza Catherine L. Thomas, Forrest City Deborah K. Thomas, Jonesboro John M. Thomas, Lake City Julia E. Thomas, Yellville Ronald W. Thomas, Armorel Steve H. Thomas, Benton Alfred F. Thompson, Hardy Edward Thompson, Chillicothe, Ohio James M. Thompson, Mt. Home Jan E. Thompson, Litde Rock Joe R. Thompson, Litde Rock Ronald P. Thompson, Parkin Sister Dolorita Thompson, Jonesboro William C. Thompson, McCrory Lloyd W. Thornton, Jonesboro James R. Thorpe, Little Rock Laura D. Threet, Steele, Mo. Edra N. Thurmond, Paragould Carl R. Tillerv. El Dorado Windell L. Tillry, Blytheville Mark Tisdale, Malvern Anne T. Todd, Harrison Susan M. Todd, Gibson, Mo. Frankie L. Tomlinson, Salem 386 Jerry Toone, Rector Susan E. Toone, West Plains, Mo. Barbara J. Townsend, Jonesboro Jerry D. Trammell, N. Little Rock Michael D. Trantham, Jonesboro Joseph H. Treadway, Newport Twilla M. Treece, Paragould Timothy Treier, Bird-In-Hand, Pa. Bobbie L. Trible, Blytheville Alice E. Tucker, SheTidan Susan Gray Tuggle, Wynne Larry Turner, Jonesboro Linda S. Turner, Osceola Michael E. Turner, N. Little Rock Rhonda F. Turner, Searcy William Turner, DeWitt M Karen L. Turney, Quitman John E. Turpin, Little Rock Jerome P. Unser, Decatur, 111. Roy E. Urfer, Harrisburg Anita Joy Vandiver, Forrest City James Vandiver, Forrest City Travis E. Vandon, Paragould Dennis E. Vangilder, Rector Marsha E. Vansandt, DeWitt Marilyn L. Varnell, Batesville Steve C. Vaughn, Mammoth Spring John M. Veazey, Blytheville Martha J. Venetta, Jonesboro Rubin W. Vickery, Pocahontas Troy A. Vines, Grubbs Joe A. Vojcik, Blytheville fit t Spirits Flow During Holidays n Steven A. Waalkes, Rockville, Md. Wesley L. Waddell, Gllmore Tim Waggoner, Hornersville, Mo. John M. Wagster, Kennett, Mo. Connie J. Walker, Marked Tree David B. Walker, College City George G. Walker, Wardell, Mo. John S. Walker, Marked Tree Mary L. Walker, Monticello Scott D. Walker, Fayetteville Steve A. Walker, Portageville, Mo. Donald W. Wallace, Caraway Michael S. Wallace, W. Memphis Robbie K. Wallin, Caraway Bilbrey J. Wallis, Smithville Diane J. Walter, Hoxie tot v mmi ill Charles D. Walters, St. Louis, Mo. Patsy F. Walters, Jonesboro Robert D. Walters, Paragould Aubrey J. Ward, Success Dane Ward, Pine Bluff Elizabeth Ward, West Memphis Judy A. Ward, Salem Melissa C. Ward, Abilene, Tex. % Phyllis J. Ward, Batesville Michael E, Warren, Bay Betty A. Washington, Blytheville Chanda L. Watkins, W. Memphis Haron H. Watkins, Stuttgart Jerry W. Watson, Lonoke Lee Clinton Watson, Trumann Reba Lynne Watson, Harrisburg MMMM Rick Joe Watson, Paragould Bobby R. Waymire, Parkin Janet L. Waymire, Little Rock Deby K. Waymon, Pocahontas Sheila Weaver, Paragould Sheila Weaver, Caruthersville, Mo. Elvis O. Webb, Paragould Melanie E. Webb, Helena Carolyn A. Weber, Jonesboro Estella Weems, Marvell Jerry W. Weems, Harrisburg Joe M. Wells, Greenway Sandra L. Wells, Manila Katby E. Wescbe, Memphis, Tenn. Jimmy L. West, Trumann Ruth E. West, Jonesboro Steve A. West, Jonesboro Terry W. West, Hickory Ridge William West Jr., Blytheville Cynthia A. Westbrook, Blytheville Franklin E. Westbrook, Jonesboro Aria D. Westerfield, Malvern Tony G. Weston, Jonesboro Cheri Lee Wetzel, W. Plains, Mo. Phyllis Kaye Wheeler, Osceola Anna M. White, Wynne Claud White, Siloam Springs Connie S. White, Holcomb, Mo. Deborah K. White, Alton, Mo. Ernestine White, West Memphis Hannah K. White, Jonesboro Larry D. White, Blytheville Michael L. White, Manila Patricia A. White, Walnut Ridge Richard C. White, West Memphis Timothy White, West Memphis Judy G. Whiteaker, Norfork Michelle A. Whitehead, Jo nesboro Bruce Whitley, Waltonville, 111. Freddie Whitlock, West Memphis Two Tribes Give Concerts David R. Whitmire, Alicia J. W. Whitmire, Drayton Pins., Mich. Loyce D. Whorton, Newport Gaylord Widner, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Jim D. Wiens, Forrest City Kathy S. Wiggins, Newport Stephen R. Wiggins, Newport Charles E. Wilcox, Mt. Home Garry E. Wiles, Bay Larry E. Wiles, Bay Theresa L. Wiles, Weiner Paul D. Wilkerson, Cave City Sarita S. Wilkins, Mt. Home Tom A. Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo. Pamela K. Wilkinson, Jacksonville Henry A. Wilks, Brinkley Patricia J. Willett, Jonesboro Catherine Williams, Parkin Jacqueline Williams, Cardwell, Mo. Janice M. Williams, Walnut Ridge Jerry A. Williams, Jonesboro J. H. Williams, Little Rock Joe A. Williams, Paragould Kiven M. Williams, Gobler, Mo. Leonard O. Williams, Forrest City Lynda D. Williams, Marianna Norma Williams, Frenchmans Bayou Phillip D. Wiiliams, Paragould Ronnie L. Williams, Pangburn Tommy Williams, Jonesboro Vernon L. Williams, Jonesboro Vicki Williams, Colo. Spgs., Colo. Robert L. Willis, Marianna Diana Wilmoth, Mt. Vernon, Mo. Doris S. Wilson, Newport Harold L. Wilson, Batesville James D. Wilson, Little Rock James Wilson, Staunton, 111. Jimmy B. Wilson, Williford Mary H. Wilson, West Memphis 388 Freshmen AGR ' s level ground around .J ' ]. . ■ ; (i their new home. Teresa D. Wilson, Manila Wayne C. Wilson, LaPorte, Tex. Pat R. Winchester, Pocahontas Gary L. Winfrey, Forrest City Ricky J. Winningham, Jonesboro Nina F. Wisdom, DeWitt Freddy G. Wiseman, Osceola Susie Witt, Mt. Grove, Mo. James A. Wood, Campbell, Mo. Linda J. Wood, Jonesboro Mary J. Wood, Parkin Nora Wood, Jonesboro Vandolyn L. Wood, W. Plains, Mo. Randy G. Woodard, Kennett, Mo. Donald R. Woodham, Cherry Valley Gerald L. Woodruff, Jonesboro Melissa J. Woodruff, Cash Timothy C. Woodruff, Jonesboro Philip E. Woods, Jonesboro Richard Wooldridge, Jonesboro Caren E. Woolverton, Pollard James D. Wray, Trumann Sarah C. Wray, West Memphis Charles Wright, Caruthersville, Mo. Chuck D. Wright, Jonesboro James D. Wright, Trumann Kevin E. Wright, Pocahontas Linda K. Wright, Cardwell, Mo. Michael W. Wright, Heber Spgs. Pansy J. Wright, St. Louis, Mo. Roger D. Wright, Benton Treasa A. Wright, Leachville Elane K. Wrinkles, Jonesboro Juanita A. Wurtz, Pocahontas Jeannie F. Wy, Blytheville Adrain N. Wyatt, Piggott Darrel W. Wyatt, Walnut Ridge ionnie G. Wynne, Mt. Vernon, Mo. Allan L. Yearry, Paragould Don L. Young, Trumann Farrell C. Young, Corning Gary K. Young, West Memphis Peggy E. Young, Oil Trough Bonnie S. Yount, Kennett, Mo. Robert W. Zenanko, Little Rock Alan M. Ziegenbein, Blytheville Karen S. Zirbel, Waldenburg Tina A. Zirbel, Waldenburg Bruce Zitzelberger, Jonesboro 389 Second Semester Students Seniors Mike L. Ashford, Paragould, gen. bus. Gerald R. Barker, Jonesboro, mathematics Zora F. Campbell, Marianna, bus. ed. Teri C. Couch, Trumann, speech path. Harry F. Crawford, Vanndale, marketing Sherrell L. Rodgers, Paragould, elem. ed. Diana B. Scott, Marianna, gen. bus. Frank W. Staples, Piggott, gen. bus. LaWanda M. Wilborn, Paragould, elem. ed. " But officer, my name really is Carl Reng. " Juniors " You win some, you lose i some .... and then there ' s Saigon. " David C. Barnett, Jonesboro Gwen E. Barnett, BlythevilJe Andrew P. Bednar Jr., Jonesboro Jack D. Bell, Cabot Gary D. Berry, Weatberford, Tex. Nita L. Blemker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Clifford M. Bliss, Naylor, Mo. Anthony Boblack, Marked Tree Paula K. Bonham, Jonesboro Katie A. Branham, Des Arc Virginia R. Brock, West Memphis Denver D. Burrell, Fort Smith Neoma J. Carman, Blytheville Deborah Carter, Minot, N. D. Anne D. Chatman, Newport Robert E. Cherry, Jonesboro Robert L. Cole, Forrest City Donald L. Creighton, Batesville Betty S. Crosswhite, Paragould Allen B. Culp, Marvell Lee A. Daniel, Searcy Jennie L. Dauck, Pocahontas Neal Davis, Mammoth Spring Vernard Davis, West Helena Ann S. Garner, Jonesboro Billy R. Gay, Pocahontas Dennis W. Gilbert, Jonesboro Harvey E. Goad Jr., Bradford Bryon W. Hamrick, Jonesboro Ronnie A. Hatcher, Weiner Kathryn Lee Headley, Doniphan, Mo. Gary D. Heral, Pocahontas Larry D. Hill, Mount Pleasant John B. Horton, Forrest City David K. Jeans, Jonesboro Sharon A. Johnson, West Helena Rosalie D. Jones, Qulin, Mo. Jack H. Lamb, Fort Myers, Fla. Lana E. Lane, Portageville, Mo. Roger D. Langley, Searcy Joan M. Lay, Blytheville Barbara Legate, Campbell, Mo. Gerald M. Macchi, St. Louis, Mo. George L. Martine, Marion Bobby J. McMillon, Walnut Ridge Merry A. McSpadden, Salem Alan G. Miller, North Little Rock William B. Minor, Osceola Ali Mostafavi, Tehran, Iran Lulu Nuce, Pocahontas Melvin D. Parker, West Memphis Winfred E. Parker, Ellington, Mo. John F. Phillips, Holly Grove Dana B. Robinson, McCrory Harrell W. Rogers, Blytheville Jerry D. Rogers, Batesville 391 Sharon K. Rogers, Batesville Gary A. Shreve, St. Louis, Mo. Gary S. Sinacore, Burlington, N. J. Jerry L. Smith, Wilson Naomi B. Sneed, East Prairie, Mo. James H. Stake, Kensett Danny R. Sturkie, Light Jimmy D. Sullivan, Lonoke Alvin L. Taylor Jr., Biggers Rebecca M. Tilley, Biggers Sharon K. Turman, Jonesboro Johnnie L. Turner, Trumann Samuel D. Vaught, Hickory Ridge David D. Veara, Jonesboro Robert C. Velasco, Chicago, 111. Leslie K. Walden, Paragould Donna E. Wallace, Monette Linda M. Wallace, Blytheville RexAnn Waymon, Pocahontas Beverly A. Williams, Walnut Ridge Mary L. Willmuth, Walnut Ridge James G. Wilson, Pocahontas Larry J. Witcher, Walnut Ridge Jeannie F. Worlund, Blytheville Stanley H. Wright, Leachville Reza Rismanch Yazdi, Iran 392 Budd Y. Abbott, Snooterville, Alas. Charles E. Abbott, Blytheville Joan A. Ash, Hardy Willene Austin, Imboden Elizabeth L. Baker, Jonesboro Gary D. Banks, Trumann Don A. Barnett, Jonesboro Arthur A. Bigelovv, Pocahontas Berry R. Bishop, Blytheville John R. Brovvnd Jr., Newport Philip W. Burton, Jonesboro William E. Butler, Jonesboro Gary W. Carlton, McCrory Michael R. Clark, Forrest City Glenna L. Clay, Searcy Linda A. demons, Hulbert Teresa Colbert, Jonesboro Gerry E. Darr, Trumann James W. Davis, Jonesboro Rebecca R. Drum, Jonesboro James D. Falk, Jonesboro Martha L. Faulkner, Jonesboro Charlene K. Fletcher, Paragould Willard R. Fletcher, Paragould Christopher Garrett, Wabbaseka Mickey L. Graddy, Piggott Rickie F. Hagood, Reyno Floyd L. Hargrove, Jonesboro James R. Hillyer, Piggott Mary S. Hoge, Hardy Terry D. Hout, Monette Edgar R. Jones, Trumann Szenher Edits Spring Herald § ' f r ' 1 Sophomores Ik 1 Eamo B. Kennedy, Bradford Woodrow Keown Jr., Little Rock Thelma M. Kisling, Jonesboro Anake Kunthorn, Bangkok, Thailand Patricia M. Ledbetter, Jonesboro David R. Lemonds, Kennett, Mo. Joan F. London, Jonesboro Richard T. McCright, Pocahontas Paul G. McCutchen, Parkin Peggy J. McMillon, Walnut Ridge Thomas McNulty, Ellsworth, S. D. Glenda K. Morgan, I epanto William R. Nix, West Memphis William H. O ' Kelley, Gobler, Mo. Dale H. Oltmann, Brinkley Melvin J. Palmer, Kennett, Mo. Murrell E. Palmer, Kennett, Mo. Debbie S. Poff, Hoxie Richard S. Reid, Newport David W. Richards, Bald Knob Jackie R. Ro ach, Manila Barbara A. Russell, Blytheville Louis G. Sawyer, Gainesville, Ga. Terry L. Stark, Hardy Maycine Strickland, Blytheville Christopher Tanner, Bernie, Mo. Emmanuel C. Valencia, Blytheville Patricia L. Waddle, Las Vegas, Nev. Mary J. Willcockson, Cherokee Village Glenn W. Wood Jr., L. A., Calif. Janet Wood Batesville Thomas N. Woodell, W. Memphis Iris A. Wright, Waldenburg Hassan Koochek Yazdi, Tehran, Iran 393 Freshmen Play rehearsals can sometimes give a fellow a headache. Herbert D. Abbott, Blytheville James C. Adams, West Memphis James J. Adams, Trumann Sharon O. Adams, Batesville Toni A. Alexander, Jonesboro Martha K. Anderson, Jonesboro LeMon F. Baker, Jonesboro Roberta L. Baker, Corning Gary R. Barrentine, N. Little Rock Leroy Battle, Tuckerman Mike P. Bell, Bassett Lou H. Belue, Earle Perry D. Black, Jonesboro Roger E. Blair, Jonesboro Janell K. Bodeker, Jonesboro Melissa A. Bogard, Stuttgart Ruth A. Boland, Jonesboro Betty J. Bornhoft, Weiner Ricky L. Bowling, Blytheville Edd C. Brandon, Paragould James A. Branscum, Augusta Kathy D. Brewer, Trumann Linda J. Brewer, Pine Bluff Melissa J. Brickell, Caraway Kenneth R. Brogdon, Jonesboro Jack Brown Jr., Pine Bluff Mike L. Brown, Datto Jack W. Brun, Wynne Jim C. Bryant, Cash David G. Bunting, Little Rock Charles T. Burnette, Wynne Sterling M. Bush, Cotton Plant Jeff L. Carr, Warner Robins, Ga. Freida J. Carter, Leachville James C. Carter, Leachville Pamela E. Castleman, Jonesboro Michael J. Causey, Walnut Ridge Byungjoo K. Cho, Korea Anson A. Clark Jr., Newport Frankie R. Clark, Magness Charlotte A. Clayton, Jonesboro Patricia L. Clem, Jonesboro Danny R. Crawford, Corning William P. Crump, Blytheville Jerry L. Davenport, Paragould Charles N. Davis, Jonesboro Steve A. Dawson, Osceola Michael O. Day, Kennett, Mo. Debbie A. Dean, Bentonville James David DePriest, Lonoke Melissa Rice Detrick, Honolulu, Hawaii Mike L. Dillard, Trumann Ronny F. Dixon, Piggott Sheila K. Dobbs, Manila Michael E. Dudley, Piggott Lulu M. Dunavant, JonesJ 394 Jimmie G. Dunlap, Marked Tree Stanley K. Edington, Reyno Dewey M. Emison Jr., El Dorado Walter J. Farley, Paragould Elizabeth D. Flagg, Manila Michael R. Fortune, Newport Judy C. Foster, Paragould Cecil W. French, Jonesboro Randal K. Gerdes, Jonesboro Tommy J. Gibson, Rector William Gilbreath, Forrest City Robert L. Gipson, Jonesboro Deborah C. Gof f , Blytheville Linda S. Gray, Lepanto Daniel O. Green, Forrest City Melissa K. Gregory, Caraway Pamela J. Griffin, Jonesboro Suzanne Gwynn, St. Petersburg, Fla. Rick B. Hall, Bono Rose M. Hall, Jonesboro Mary S. Halsell, Blytheville C. A. Harrell, Memphis, Tenn. Gayle P. Harris, Bay Ronnie L. Harrison, Bay Donna E. Hill, Hardy Jackie L. Hill, Trumann Leonard W. Hodge, Jonesboro Karen S. Hodges, Jonesboro Dennis L. Holden, Lake City Paul P. Holderfield, N. Litde Rock Patti J. Holifield, Blytheville Stuart B. Holifield, Paragould ft 1 m ft 11 n m SflF - 4m £2 ■ ik a i fe BBS ■ M Spring Enrollment Up Jill A. Hollingsworth, Blytheville Pauletta J. Horst, Fisher Carl E. Horton, Forrest City Sheila L. Florton, Rector Rita M. Hubbard, Jonesboro Raymond Fluckaba, Palestine Jim D. Huckabee, Paragould W. Edward Hughes, Blytheville Billy C. Johnson, Senath, Mo. Thomas J. Johnston, Brinkley Janet K. Jones, Pocahontas Phyllis P. Jones, Pocahontas William L. Jones, Jonesboro George A. Kaloghirou, Nicosin, Cyprus James A. Kemp, Pine Bluff Carl King, Armorel Joyce K. Kinkade, Bernie, Mo. Janet E. Krug, Gladwin, Mich. Kathryn R. Lamberth, Jonesboro Earl W. Landers, Monette Lonnie L. Lawler, Fairdealing, Mo. Aubrey G. Lawrence, Jonesboro Robert V. Lawson, Wynne Jackie L. Liles, Jonesboro Steven B. Lomax, Fredericktown, Mo. Deborah Y. Love, Lake City Gayle A. Lowry, Blytheville Harold A. Madden, Beedeville Steve T. Malloy, Manila Gary W. Mark, Paragould John W. Martin, N. Little Rock Walter L. Masterson, Rector Cynthia R. Matthews, Ravenden Lanny A. May, Jonesboro Ellen R. McChristian, Beedeville James S. McCluskey, Rector Michael W. McDaniel, Jonesboro Janie L. McDonald, Jonesboro Jo B. McLaughlin, Braggadocio, Mo. Norman S. McPike, Jonesboro 395 0h . fill u ml HI n 4 m | r 1 1 Garvin L. Melvin, Hunter Earl J. Michael, Paragould Charles W. Minor, Jonesboro Donna K. M in ton, Wynne Mark T. Montgomery, Forrest City Michael D. Montgomery, Jonesboro Charles E. Moody, Jonesboro Mike W. Morris, Rector Phyllis J. Murray, Manila Charles Nelson, Jonesboro Dewey L. Nowlin, Brinkley Diane B. Oates, Jonesboro Jake C. Owens, Cherokee Village Audrey C. Parks, Jonesboro Julie M. Perrifall, Marked Tree Jennifer S. Peters, Jonesboro Richard A. Phaup, Manchester, N. Robert M. Phelps, Jonesboro Larry W. Pickett, Caraway Paul Pierron, Wynne David C. Pratt, Trumann Michael P. Prislovsky, Stuttgart Guy L. Proctor, Forrest City Christine H. Provost, W. Memphis Edward G. Pryor, Marianna Carolyn V. Rayburn, Blytheville Sharron K. Reavis, Turrell Hernan Recalde, Quito, Equador David P. Reece, West Memphis Gregg L. Riley, Forrest City Eric J. Rogers, Jonesboro Frances F. Rogers, West Memphis H. ' Streetcar ' Competes Regionally Max D. Rogers, Piggott Anna M. Sandbothe, Manila Robert M. Senteney, Weiner Darrel D. Sexton, Bono Teresa Lee Shuler, Memphis, Tenn. Denise F. Sigmin, Blytheville Randy R. Sims, Dardanelle Freddie L. Smith, Forrest City Vertie M. Spearmon, Palestine Carla E. Spears, Jonesboro Steven B. Springer, Weiner Charles H. Stotts Jr., Caraway William T. Summers, Jonesboro Gary W. Surles, Pocahontas Debra K. Sutton, Jonesboro Lewis R. Taylor, Monette Norman K. Terrell, Batesville Beth C. Thompson, West Memphis Larry E. Thompson, Robertsdale, Ala. Larry W. Thompson,. Swifton ibynne Thompson, E. Greenwich, R. I. Charles O. Throgmartin, Bay Danny A. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Kenny FI. Throgmartin, Jonesboro Ed F. Travis, Newport Suzanne Tripod, Paragould Terry N. Tripp, Heber Springs Terry J. Trost, Gideon, Mo. Isaac J. Turnbo, Forrest City Ruth A. Tuseth, Jonesboro Pamela S. Vassar, Manila Ernie L. Vaughn, Paragould Karen J. Wadley, Leachville Seena L. Walker, Jonesboro Keith E. Ward, Paragould Leveta A. Washam, Mammoth Spring Karen S. Watson, Bald Knob Stanley West, Marked Tree John H. White, Jonesboro Aubrey Williams Jr., Jonesboro 396 James R. Williams, Wynne Regina K. Williams, Paragould Sue J. Williams, Watertown, S. D. Ronald E. Willis, Jonesboro Daniel G. Wilson, Wynne Diana I. Wilson, Pocahontas John M. Wilson, Jonesboro Harold D. Wise, Lepanto David L. Woods, Corning William D. Yeager, Searcy - L 41 Wr ' - - ASU coed, Ima Goodtime, always the life of the party. Index Charles L. Abanathy, 282 Budd Y. Abbott, 393 Charles E. Abbott, 393 Deborah A. Abbott, 360 Gerald F. Abbott, 360 Herbert D. Abbott, 394 Scott T. Abell, 338 John S. Abernathy, 316 Karen R. Abernathy, 338 Susan P. Abernathy, 316 Tony Ackerman, 360 Anthony Q. Adams, 360 Ava M. Adams, 282 Bennie C. Adams, 316 Constance S. Adams, 338 David M. Adams, 282 Deborah L. Adams, 338 Gary A. Adams, 282 Gary C. Adams, 360 Gerald W. Adams Jr., 316 Harry M. Adams, 316 Tames C. Adams, 394 Tames E. Adams Jr., 282 Tames J. Adams, 394 Tames M. Adams, 360 Larry D. Adams, 360 Larry W. Adams, 282 Larry Wyatt Adams, 316 Lora M. Adams, 282 Paul D. Adams, 316 Sharon O. Adams, 394 Steven A. Adams, 338 Susan D. Adams, 360 Terrv C. Adams, 112 William C. Adams. 282 Kathv N. Adkins, 360 Carolvn J. Agee, 282 Karin Sue Agee, 360 Marcia K. Agee, 316 Charles R. Akers. 282 Dorothy E. Akers, 360 Peter L. Alberts, 360 Tohn M. Alderman, 316 Howard M. Alderson, 360 Susie G. Aldridge, 316 Dwigbt R. Alexander. 360 Eldon L. Alexander, 360 Tames D. Alexander, 316 Harrv D. Alexander, 316 Michael L. Alexander, 360 Richard C. Alexander, 316 Toni A. Alexander. 394 William S. Alexander, 338 Carolvn T. Alford, 282 Ronnie L. Alford, 316 Deborah A. Allbright, 316 Aleecia A. Allen, 338 Alice G. Allen, 282 Cherri A. Allen, 338 Debra A. Allen, 360 Emily B. Alien, 316 George Allen, 360 John V. Allen, 282 Nancy Allen, 282 Ronny J. Allen, 282 Aubrey D. Allensworth, 316 Elizabeth K. Alley, 338 Donnie J. Allison, 338 Frances T- Allison, 316 Ronnie G. Allison, 338 Scott Allison, 360 Arthur W. Almond, 360 Steven D. Alston, 338 Gerald M. Alsup, 316 Pamela J. Alsup, 338 Leslie E. Alsworth, 338 Rodriguez Alvarez, 338 VinceC. Ancell, 316 Dennis R. Anderson, 282 Ella V. Anderson, 360 George R. Anderson, 338 Gina Anderson, 360 Jerry D. Anderson, 316 Larrv O. Anderson, 282 Martha K. Anderson, 394 Mary A. Anderson, 360 Rex D. Anderson, 316 Alvin D. Andrews, 360 Tudv A. Andrews. 338 Shirlev T- Andrews, 316 Susie D. Andrews, 282 James T. Angell, 338 Frank Angelo Tr., 282 William P. Annable, 338 Rosezenia Ansley, 360 Tandv L. Antbonv, 316 John C. Arbuckle III, 338 Eugene Archer, 338 Stephen C. Archer, 282 Steve D. Arment, 316 Sharon D. Armour, 282 Belva L. Armstrong, 316 Diane S. Armstrong, 112 Karen S. Armstrong, 338 Murray F. Armstrong, 282 Phyllis Ann Armstrong, 338 Thomas A. Armstrong, 338 Freda L. Arnhart, 282 Larrv P. Arnn, 360 Charles E. Arnold, 282 Karen E. Arnold, 282 Sherry L. Arnold, 316 Tommy L. Arnold. 316 Tack F. Aronson, 360 Charles M. Arwood, 316 Azmi S. Asal. 282 Vivian L. Asburv, 282 Oscar R. Ascurra, 360 Toan A. Ash, 393 Tommy R. Ashby, 360 Harriet A. Ashcraft, 338 397 James E. Ashcraft, 338 Mike L. Ashford, 390 John R. Ashley, 316 Lloyd A. Ashlock, 282 Massoud Askari, 316 Ernestine C. Atkinson, 282 Mary Atkinson, 360 Mary C. Atkinson, 360 Thomas W. Atkinson, 338 Sidney R. Atkison, 316 Barbara J. Atkisson, 338 Steven R. Atkisson, 360 Mark K. Aufderheide, 360 James A. Ault, 360 Marv E. Austin, 338 Michael K. Austin, 282 Paul S. Austin, 338 Randy G. Austin, 316 Rodger E. Austin, 282 Willene Austin, 393 Brenda K. Auvenshine, 338 Jo H. Avis, 360 Stan C. Avis, 360 John C. Aycock, 282 Richard A. Aycock, 316 B Don R. Babb, 118 Debra A. Baffield, 360 Carol E. Bagby, 360 Robert D. Bahn, 316 Brenda D. Bailey, 360 Charlene Bailey, 338 James R. Bailey, 338 Keith W. Bailey, 338 Michael J. Bailey, 360 Polly A. Bailey, 282 Patricia A. Baioni, 338 Audrea M. Baird, 282 Deborah A. Baird, 118, 282 Leroy Baird, 283 Barbara J. Baker, 360 Brett N. Baker, 283 Catherine I. Baker, 360 Cathv Baker, 360 Elizabeth L. Baker, 393 Tames E. Baker, 360 Karen E. Baker, 360 LeMon F. Baker, 394 Lena V. Baker, 316 Linda K. Baker, 360 Robert S. Baker, 338 Roberta L. Baker, 394 Roger D. Baker, 338 Ronald P. Baker, 338 Scott L. Baker, 360 Steve D. BakeT, 283 Steve L. Baker, 338 Susan K. Baker, 360 Susie M. Baker, 283 Thomas G. Baker, 283 Zelda S. Baker, 360 Gerald L. Balch, 360 Dale E. Balderston, 360 Nancy J. Baldridge, 360 Patricia L. Baldridge, 316 Paul Balducci, 316 Billy Baldwin, 316 David S. Baldwin, 360 Gary D. Baldwin, 360 Gordon P. Baldwin. 338 James M. Baldwin, 112 Linda K. Bales. 316 David M. Ball, 360 Ida R. Ball, 360 lane E. Ball, 360 John E. Ball, 338 Shelia A. Ball, 360 Stan H. Ball, 360 Danny M. Ballard, 360 Peggy C. Ballard, 338 Tony O. Ballard, 283 William F. Ballard, 316 Kent M. Ballew, 360 Donald G. Baltz, 360 Tanet M. Baltz. 316 Martin A. Baltz, 283 Thomas R. Baltz, 316 Robert L. Band, 316 Milton M. Banister, 360 Calvin D. Banks, 338 Emma J. Banks, 360 Gary D. Banks, 393 Jan A. Banks, 338 Ronald B. Banks, 360 Sidney E. Banks, 283 Paul F. Bankston, 283 Parvis A. Barazandeh, 316 Betty L. Barber, 338 Joseph H. Barber, 316 Vicki G. Barber, 338 Betty K. Bardwell, 338 Billie E. Bare. 360 Cleveland E. Barfield, 316 Patsy R. Barfoot, 283 Phyllis Barger, 360 Vince A. Bari, 338 Gerald R. Barker, 390 John A. Barker, 118 foyce L. Barker, 360 Karen L . Barker, 338 NeilR. Barker, 316 Pamela K. Barlow, 360 Thomas W. Barlow, 338 Janice M. Barner, 338 Beverly A. Barnes, 316 Christy L. Barnes, 338 Darrel D. Barnes, 283 Tulia A. Barnes, 316 Larie L. Barnes, 338 Thomas M. Barnes, 338 Benjamin L. Barnett, 316 Bob J. Barnett, 360 Danny E. Barnett, 316 David C. Barnett, 391 Don A. Barnett, 393 Gail A. Barnett, 360 Gwen E. Barnett, 391 Hiram L. Barnett, 316 Katie A. Barnett, 316 Paula C. Barnett, 283 Roger W. Barnett, 360 Tracy W. Barnett, 316 Barbara G. Barnette, 112 Darrel W. Barnhill, 338 Edith T. Barnhill, 316 Lisa D. Barnhill. 360 David V. Barr, 361 Greg W. Barre, 361 Gary R. Barrentine, 394 Margaret E. Barrett, 361 Marilvn D. Barrett, 283 Marvin G. Barrett, 316 Mary Jo Barrett, 118 Patricia D. Barrett, 361 Paul M. Barrett, 361 Rodnev L. Barrett, 316 Sh eilah M. Barrett, 118, 283 Harry Barringer, 338 Marjorie L. Barringer, 338 Dale R. Barron Jr., 338 Tohn L. Barron, 316 Judy K. Barron, 316 Anna M. Barry, 361 Glen D. Bartels, 316 Nancy L. Barthel, 338 Patricia A. Barthel, 338 Dorothy D. Barton, 338 Jon Baskin, 316 Thomas H. Baskins, 316 Brenda L. Basler, 338 Lee E. Bass, 338 Richard B. Bassett, 361 Earl L. Bassham, 283 Russell R. Bassham, 283 Rickev A. Bateman, 361 Pamela J. Bates, 316 Betty M. Batey, 283 Richard D. Batey, 283 Farrell D. Batterton, 283 Marcia R. Batterton, 316 Rick L. Batterton, 338 Leroy Battle, 394 Karen A. Batton, 338 Shirley A. Baugh, 112 Gary D. Baugher, 361 Stevie L. Baugher, 316 Jeffrey B. Baughman, 361 Robert G. Bauman, 338 P. Mike Baur, 316 Richard J. Baureis, 338 Mavene Beaird, 338 Linda R. Beaman, 361 lanette C. Beard, 361 Janice S. Beard, 316 Carolyn L. Bearden, 361 Karen K. Bearden, 361 Leonard Bearden, 338 Sharon G. Bearden, 361 Harry P. Beasley, 361 Judith L. Beasley, 361 Lynda Beasley, 283 Evelyn Beaton, 361 Johnny L. Beaty, 361 Wayne R. Beaumont, 283 Christy Beavers, 316 Steve D. Beavers, 361 Terrell E. Beavers, 338 Lynne H. Beaverson, 361 Connie S. Beck, 283 Kenneth D. Beck, 338 Michael W. Beck, 361 Antoinette A. Becker, 338 Retha L. Beckman, 283 Neil Beckman, 361 Andrew P. Bednar Jr., 391 Don G. Bednar, 339 Paul L. Bednar, 361 Ronny J. Bednar. 361 Danny L. Beebe, 316 Pamela T. Beene, 361 Tohn D. Belcher. 316 Phillip S. Belezak, 361 Billv R. Bell, 283 Brenda K. Bell, 283 Cvnthia K. Bell, 317 Edgar L. Bell Tr., 339 Tack D. Bell. 391 King C. Bell, 361 Lynn Bell, 361 Margaret A. Bell, 361 Mike P. Bell. 394 Patricia S. Bell, 361 Rebecca S. Bell. 361 Rose M. Bell, 284 Sheila E. Bell, 339 Wanda L. Bell, 284 William D. Bell, 317 Cathv M. Bellingrath, 317 Kim R. Bellis, 317 Lou H. Belue, 394 Beverly C. Benefield, 317 Debbv Bennett, 317 Dwight H. Bennett, 361 Gayland E. Bennett, 361 Phillip H. Bennett, 284 Sandra K. Bennett, 361 Sharon Y. Bennett, 317 Virginia Bennett, 361 Jack A. Bennie, 339 Gene W. Benson, 339 John E. Benson, 284 Michael D. Benson, 339 Michael L. Benson, 317 Rhonda R. Benson, 361 Richard D. Benson, 361 Ronald L. Benson, 284 Michael R. Benton, 284 Tricia Benton, 339 Sylvia J. Bergey, 317 Catharine R. Berretta, 361 Deborah L. Berry, 339 Frances R. Berry, 339 Gail M. Berry, 339 Gary D. Berry, 391 James L. Berry, 317 James S. Berry, 339 Kenneth L. Berry Tr., 284 Peggy L. Berry, 317 Richard S. Berry, 317 Robert D. Berry, 361 Robert M. Berry, 317 Sandra C. Berrv, 339 Sharron K. Berry, 361 Donald A. Beshears, 284 William Best, 339 Michele Bettis, 361 LaDonna K. Betts. 317 William B. Betzner. 361 Patsv S. Bevill. 317 Stephen C. Bevill, 361 Claudette M. Bickell, 361 Sharon G. Biffle, 361 Arthur A. Bigelow, 393 Cary N. Bigelow, 361 Gary A. Biggs, 361 William R. Biggs, 317 Joyce Lea Bigham, 361 Willard B. Bigham, 361 Danny R. Billings, 284 Mark W. Billings, 361 Jackie E. Billingsley, 339 Dana R. Bingham, 361 Thomas L. Bingley, 284 Sue E. Birdsong, 361 Dereta G. Birmingham, 361 Anna M. Bishop, 339 Berry R. Bishop, 393 Doug C. Bishop, 361 Terry W. Bishop, 284 Larry J. Bishop, 317 Mildred Bishop, 112 Sharon K. Bishop, 339 Debbie K. Bitely, 361 India E. Bitely, 362 Morris W. Bitely, 317 Anne K. Bittinger, 317 Betty L. Black, 339 Bruce T. Black. 339 Donald R. Black, 362 EarlM. Black. 317 Jayne V. Black, 317 Joseph W. Black, 339 Perry D. Black, 394 Thea E. Black, 317 Winston Black, 284 Charles D. Blackburn, 317 Don W. Blackburn. 362 Tames A. Blackburn. 284 Bobby L. Blaclonan, 362 Steven K. Blackman, 339 Margaret Blackmon, 284 Richard T. Blackwelden, 284 Barbara R. Blagg, 317 David A. Blair. 339 Richard A. Blair, 339 Roger E. Blair, 394 Susan E. Blair, 339 Paul H. Blake. 284 Kearney M. Blalack, 339 Danny L. Blalock, 284 Debbie J. Blalock, 339 Danny T- Blan, 362 Michael F. Blanchard, 362 Sister Kathleen Blanchard, 339 Walter W. Blanchard, 362 Barbara A. Bland, 339 Ray Blaney, 284 Alice J. Blankenship, 284 Judith A. Blankenship, 362 Ricky Blankenship, 362 Sandra K. Blankenship, 317 Tohn W. Blaxton, 317 Cathey J. Blaylock, 362 Sallye B. Bledsoe, 362 William C. Bledsoe, 339 Nita L. Blanker, 391 Terry D. Blevens, 339 Cynthia J. Blevins, 362 Sherry F. Blieden, 339 Clifford M. Bliss, 391 Kathy S. Block, 339 Mary L. Blocker, 317 Richard B. Bloesch, 317 Billie J. Bloodworth, 362 Charles T. Bloodworth, 339 Terry W. Blount, 317 Leon D. Blue, 284 Dane C. Blumthal, 362 Connie F. Blurton, 339 Danny W. Blurton, 339 Anthony Boblack, 391 Jim H. Bobo, 362 Mohammad Bodaghi, 339 Janell K. Bodeker, 394 Larry T. Bodeker, 284 Ronald L. Bodeker, 339 David N. Bodenhamer, 362 Martha S. Boeckmann, 362 Michael W. Boeckmann, 362 Mark S. Boerner, 339 Lional B. Bogard, 362 Melissa A. Bogard, 394 George Boggs, 362 James E. Boggs, 317 Phillip E. Bogy Jr., 317 Verda Bohannon, 284 Richard N. Bohne, 362 Lon P. Bolder, 362 Ruth A. Boland, 394 Mary M. Boles, 317 Gary R. Bolin, 362 Keith Bolin, 339 Phyllis A. Boling, 362 Sandra K. Boling, 339 Steve E. Boling, 339 Ann C. Bond, 317 Hughie J. Bond, 339 Nancy C. Bond, 317 Wayne F. Bond, 362 Wendi L. Bond, 362 Brenda J. Bonds, 339 Charles E. Bonds, 284 Carole A. Bone, 317 Rickey G. Bone, 317 Paula K. Bonham, 391 Sandra G. Bonham, 362 leffrey D. Bonner, 317 Nelda E. Bonner, 339 Steven P. Bonner, 339 Bill Booker, 317 Gary M. Boone, 284 Susan E. Boone, 339 Paul L. Booterbaugh, 284 Lynne B. Boquet, 362 James W. Boren Jr., 285 Craig L. Born, 317 Donna L. Born, 285 Betty J. Bornhoft, 394 Sylvia A. Bost, 285 Lisa D. Boster, 362 Arthur R. Boudreaux, 339 Rex A. Bouldin, 339 Charlotte C. Bowen, 285 Norman J. Bowen Jr., 317 Sherry A. Bowen, 118 Linda F. Bowens, 362 Jane Bowers, 339 Ricky L. Bowling, 39 4 Susie Bowling, 317 Agnes D. Bowman, 362 Ben N. Bowman, 285 Cynthia B. Bowman, 362 Hazel M. Bowman, 339 John O. Bowman, 285 Regina G. Bowman, 339 Roger D. Bowman, 285 Sheila G. Boxley, 339 Carrie L. Boyd, 339 Darlister S. Boyd, 317 Deborah K. Boyd, 362 Deborah L. Boyd, 362 Diane D. Boyd, 362 Dock E. Boyd, 285 Donna L. Boyd, 339 Garry L. Boyd, 362 Gary E. Boyd, 285 Tames B. Boyd, 362 Jonathan Boyd, 317 Judith A. Boyd, 285 Shirley Collar Boyd, 339 Steven J. Boyd, 317 Traci R. Boyd, 362 Virginia L. Boyd, 362 Virginia R. Boyd, 317 David G. Boyles, 362 Gary O. Boyles, 285 Laura L. Bovles, 339 Rebecca L. Boyles, 317 Yolanda G. Boyles, 362 Melanie Brackett, 362 Karen L. Brackin, 317 John S. Bracy, 285 Carroll E. Bradford, 285 Debarah J. Bradley, 362 Elmer H. Bradley, 362 Terry R. Bradley, 339 Toan Bradley, 317 Tohn D. Bradley, 362 Lana K. Bradley, 340 Patrick F. Bradley, 285 Sam B. Bradley, 340 Rick L. Bradsher, 340 Kenneth L. Bradway, 362 Kirk A. Bradv, 362 Michael A. Brady, 317 Ralph W. Bradv, 285 Robert F. Brady, 340 Kathleen A. Brainerd. 340 Larry D. Brainerd, 285 Omer A. Bramblett, 317 Tames M. Branam, 317 Dannv W. Branch. 340 Harry L. Branch, 317 James A. Branch, 317 Keith F. Branch, 317 Vicki A. Branch. 317 William A. Branch, 317 Edd C. Brandon, 394 Katie A. Branham, 391 James C. Brannon, 362 Coy D. Branscum. 340 James A. Branscum, 394 Jerry W. Branum, 318 Kevin D. Branum, 362 Cleveland T. Brasher, 340 Dorinda K. Brasher, 340 Gail M. Brasher, 318 Tanice N. Bratcher, 318 Layne Bratcher, 285 Patricia A. Brawner, 362 Oral D. Bray, 285 Vickie J. Bray, 340 Nathaniel R. Brazwell, 362 Gary L. Brazzeal, 318 John D. Brecklein, 362 Calvin R. Breedlove, 340 Danny A. Breland, 362 Artis T. Brewer, 340 Charles E. Brewer, 318 Kathy D. Brewer, 394 Linda J. Brewer, 394 Nancy C. Brewer, 285 Sandra L. Brewer, 340 Susan D. Brewer, 340 Terry R. Brewer, 318 Wayne L. Brewer, 362 William E. Brewer, 340 William G. Brewer, 362 William K. Brewer, 318 Wayne F. Brewies, 318 Susan P. Brewington, 340 William Brewington, 340 Lee A. Breystpraak, 318 Beverly A. Brickell, 340 Melissa J. Brickell, 394 Karen G. Bridger, 318 Robert W. Bridger, 318 Bobby M. Bridges, 285 Donald Bridges, 340 Owen J. Bridges, 318 Rodney A. Bridges, 285 Thomas T. Bridges, 118, 285 Michael W. Brigance, 362 George A. Briggs, 340 Sterling Briggs, 318 Thomas L. Briggs, 318 Teresa N. Briley, 318 Harold D. Brimer, 340 Linda F. Brimer, 318 Suzanne W. Brimhall, 285 Phillip G. Brinkley, 285 William A. Brinkley, 340 Paul T. Britton, 285 James D. Brizendine, 340 Arlie R. Broadaway, 340 Reuben L. Broadaway, 285 Stephanie A. Broadaway, 363 Ruth M. Broadway, 340 Tames R. Brock, 363 Tanice E. Brock, 340 Phyllis T. Brock, 363 Virginia R. Brock, 391 Lynn Brockman, 340 Kenneth R. Brogdon, 394 Alberta Brooks, 363 Bobbie L. Brooks, 285 Brenda K. Brooks, 318 Glenn A. Brooks, 340 Ronald C. Brooks, 318 Steve R. Brooks, 318 Terry R. Brooks, 363 Linda K. Broome, 318 Brenda K. Brothers, 318 Abby V. Brown, 363 Abbv W. Brown, 318 Billv S. Brown Tr., 363 Bvron B. Brown, 363 Charles R. Brown, 340 David L. Brown, 318 David W. Brown, 285 Dennis L. Brown, 340 Donald E. Brown. 363 Don R. Brown, 285 Donna R. Brown. 340 Effie L. Brown, 363 Frances C. Brown, 340 Garv W. Brown, 363 Gloria D. Brown, 318 Tack Brown Tr., 394 Tames C. Brown, 318 Terry R. Brown, 340 Timmy D. Brown, 285 Jimmy G. Brown, 363 Kenneth L. Brown, 363 Larry W. Brown, 363 Lynda Beasley Brown. 118 Marilyn L Brown. 340 Marilvn I. Brown. 363 Marilyn K. Brown, 363 Mary E. Brown, 363 Mary G. Brown. 363 Mary R. Brown, 363 Meg A. Brown, 340 Michael W. Brown, 285 Mike L. Brown, 394 Neil I. Brown, 285 Neville L. Brown Jr., 318 Pamela F. Brown, 363 Patricia A. Brown, 318 Ramona K. Brown, 363 Sheryl A. Brown, 363 Shirley G. Brown, 285 Stanlev G. Brown, 318 Steve F. Brown, 340 Thomas G. Brown, 363 Wendell Brown, 340 William L. Brown, 285 Tohn R. Brownd, 393 Edward L. Browning, 363 Letha A. Browning, 363 Linda T- Browning, 340 Marsha F. Browning, 363 Rickey L. Browning, 285 Robert M. Brownlee, 340 Becky L. Bruce, 340 Bryce A. Bruce, 363 Clyde T. Bruckerhoff, 318 Tudy F. Bruckerhoff, 363 Delores L Brummett, 318 Phyllis D. Brummett, 286 Tack W. Brun, 394 Danny L. Bruning, 363 Debara A. Brunson, 318 Dinah E. Bryant, 363 Jim C. Bryant, 394 Joseph S. Bryant, 318 Tommy J. Bryant, 286 Kennith Buchanan, 318 John W. Buck, 318 Danny B. Bucy, 340 Mark D. Buerkle, 363 Sherri D. Buerkle, 363 Douglas D. Bufford, 318 Harvey Bufford, 363 Stanley E. Bufford, 363 Frances K. Bulger, 286 Clayton E. Bulice, 363 Claud Bull, 340 Gerald D. Bullard, 363 Clifford L. Bullock, 363 Roger A. Bullock, 340 Richard A. Bump, 286 Rodger D. Bumpass, 340 Donald W. Bunch, 340 Veda A. Bunch, 340 John W. Bundy, 340 David G. Bunting, 394 Sarah B. Burch, 318 Robert A. Burchfield, 286 Frances A. Burdick, 363 Nancy A. Burdick, 340 Doris D. Burdyshaw, 286 Brenda S. Burge, 340 Carlotta A. Burge, 286 Lou Ann Burge, 286 Man ' K. Burge, 363 Randal G. Burge, 340 Doss L. Burgess, 340 Grace L. Burk, 363 Richard M. Burke, 340 Rosemary Burke, 363 James R. Burkett, 340 Dan A. Burks, 340 Linda J. Burks, 363 Steve B. Burks, 363 Deborah A. Burlison, 340 Johnny M. Burlison, 363 David W. Burnell, 318 Duane B. Burnell, 363 Arlenda C. Burnett, 363 Lynn M. Burnett, 340 Marsha L. Burnett, 341 Charles T. Burnette, 394 Patrick Burnette, 341 James E. Burns, 341 James E. Burns Jr., 363 Jerald N. Burns, 286 John A. Burns, 341 John H. Burns, 286 Johnny L. Burns, 318 Michael D. Burns, 363 Rhondal D. Burns, 363 Richard H. Burns, 341 Virginia Burr, 341 Denver D. Burrell, 391 Dennis W. Burris, 286 Eddie D. Burris, 318 Linda G. Burris, 341 Gary R. Burroughs, 341 Donna S. Burrow, 341 J. Deral Burrow, 286 Larry K. Burrow, 341 Marsha A. Burrow, 341 Peggy D. Burrows, 318 Elmo G. Burton, 318 Jan M. Burton, 363 Janice L. Burton, 341 Philip W. Burton, 393 William R. Burton, 363 Phillip M. Busbea, 363 Byron B. Busby, 318 Edward C. Busby, 286 Donald D. Busch, 286 Ben R. Bush, 286 Larry L. Bush, 286 Pamela L. Bush, 118 Sterling M. Bush, 394 Jacqueline Y. Butcher, 286 Willis R. Butcher, 363 Gail A. Butler, 363 Grover G. Butler. 318 Mary N. Butler, 363 Myron T. Butler, 363 Virginia L. Butler, 118 William Buder Jr., 393 Caroline Vance Butt, 363 Larry P. Butterworth, 318 Frank R. Button, 363 Linda B. Byers, 286 Leslie G. Byford, 363 Everett A. Bvrd, 363 Gloria J. Byrd, 341 James D. Bvrd, 341 Jesse B. Byrd, 363 Robert R. Byrd, 341 Sharon L. Byrd, 318 Susan A. Byrd, 363 c Roger E. Cagle, 363 Jean C. Cain, 363 Pamela G. Cain, 363 Charles W. Caldwell, 318 Katherine L. Caldwell, 363 Mary J. Caldwell, 341 Tancil A. Caldwell, 363 Phareta D. Calkin 341 Mary J. Callahan 286 Susan C. Callahan 318 James P. Callevvaert 341 Monte D. Callicott, 341 susan K. Callihan, 286 Karen L. Callis, 318 James D. Calloway, 341 Dehorah L. Cameron, 363 Mike H. Camp, 318 Patty S. Camp, 286 Phyllis M. Camp, 341 L. Wynne Camp, 286 Barbara L. Campbell, 318 Bruce F. Campbell Jr., 286 Candace D. Campbell, 341 Charlotte D. Campbell, 341 Darrell R. Campbell, 363 Denise K. Campbell, 363 Dennis L. Campbell, 318 Edwina S. Campbell, 363 Toe M. Campbell Jr., 363 Marv L. Campbell, 286 Rav Campbell, 286 Robert S. Campbell, 363 Tommv G. Campbell, 318 Zora F. Campbell 390 Bobby R. Cannon, 318 Ric ky M. Caples, 341 Patricia L. Capps, 286 Jammie Caradine, 286 Connie A. Caraway, 318 Christopher L. Cardin, 364 Ross E. Cardin, 286 Elizabeth A. Carey, 364 Nancy C. Carey, 318 Rollin G. Caristanos, 341 David VV. Carlisle, 364 Jan C. Carlisle, 318 Glen R. Carlson, 319 Gary W. Carlton, 393 Robert M. Carlton, 112 Neoma J. Carman, 391 Thomas W. Carothers, 319 Carolyn R. Carpenter, 118 Cynthia L. Carpenter, 286 Janet S. Carr, 364 Jeff L. Carr, 394 John W. Carr, 286 Johnnie F. Carr, 286 Margaret C. Carr, 341 Michael S. Carr, 364 . Peggy L. Carr, 364 Shirley A. Carrier, 118 Sidney M. Carrier, 319 Carolyn S. Carriglitto, 364 Fredda D. Carroll, 341 Janice L. Carroll, 364 Joe T. Carroll, 364 Linda D. Carroll, 364 Paula J. Carroll, 286 Ronald J. Carroll, 341 Don R. Carson, 286 Barbara E. Carter, 341 Deborah J. Carter, 391 Edward E. Carter, 3 64 Freida J. Carter, 394 James C. Carter, 394 Janice K. Carter, 341 Jeff L. Carter, 364 Katbenne S. Carter, 319 Kathy S. Carter, 341 Keith A. Carter, 364 Lou Ann Carter, 319 Martha J. Carter, 364 Pamela Boen Carter, 286 Patricia D. Carter, 319 Sharon M. Carter, 364 Susan E. Carter, 364 Debra K. Cartwright, 364 Elmer E. Cartwright, 341 Opra R. Cartwright, 319 David T. Carly, 341 Brenda C. Casey, 287 Deana L. Cashion, 319 Gwendolyn Cason, 319 Roland N. Cason Jr., 319 Patrick J. Cass, 319 Brenda C. Cassidy, 319 Fanny F. Castillo, 364 Edmond W. Castle, 341 Joyce K. Castleberry, 341 Rickey M. Castleberry, 341 Pamela E. Castleman, 394 Deborah J. Catalani, 341 Ron G. Gate, 364 Jacqueline S. Cates, 364 Ronald W. Cates, 319 Steven M. Cates, 341 Susan D. Cates, 364 Rebecca D. Cathey, 341 Bill R. Cato, 364 Jett C. Cato, 364 Gussi A. Causey , 319 Keith E. Causey, 364 Michael J. Causey, 394 Donald R. Cavanaugh, 341 Ronald C. Cavenaugh, 341 Nina M. Ca vender, 364 Ricky B. Chaffin, 364 Amy M. Chambers, 364 Milton Chambers, 287 Pamela V. Chambers, 319 Fred E. Cham bless, 319 Don W. Chamblin Jr., 364 Steven A. Champ, 364 Beverly J. Chandler, 341 Flora N. Chandler, 364 Gary P. Chandler, 319 Jackie N. Chandler, 364 Glenn A. Chaney, 364 Jane L. Chapin, 364 Ben E. Chapman, 364 Cleo Diane Chapman, 319 Steven C. Chapman, 364 Gary M. Chappel, 287 Arnold D. Chastain, 319 Larry W. Chastain, 287 Billy W. Chasteen, 287 Charles D. Chatelain, 364 Anne D. Chatman, 391 Jose Chavez, 319 Ronald E. Cheatham, 118 Robert E. Cherry, 391 Ralph A. Cheshier, 319 Richard S. Cheshier, 364 David K. Chesser, 319 Debbie R. Chester, 364 Marilyn D. Chester, 319 Deborah A. Childers, 364 Jim L. Childers, 287 Wilma D. Chilton, 319 Rebecca D. Chipman, 118 David H. Chitwood, 364 Byungjoo K. Cho, 394 Michael K. Choat, 364 David W. Choate, 341 Janet C. Choate, 319 Kenneth R. Chorice, 287 Lynda L. Christal, 287 Diane L. Christian, 364 Mary E. Christopher, 287 Jo E. Chronister, 364 Paul W. Chronister, 319 Cynthia M. Church, 319 ]ohn L. Church, 364 John T. Church, 319 Linda K. Churchill, 319 Eddie F. Ciganek, 364 Brian M. Clampit, 364 Walter F. Clancy, 341 Jimmy L. Clardy, 319 Anita L. Clark, 112 Anson A. Clark Jr., 394 Carolyn R. Clark, 341 David A. Clark, 364 David D. Clark, 341 Debra S. Clark, 364 Dennis G. Clark, 319 Frankie R. Clark, 394 Gregory M. Clark, 364 Hillard D. Clark, 319 James W. Clark Jr., 364 Jeff M. Clark, 287 John P. Clark, 319 Karen Ann Clark, 341 Kathy D. Clark, 364 Kenneth R. Clark, 364 Larry D. Clark, 341 Lyndia M. Clark, 319 Marvin O. Clark, 287 Michael R. Clark, 393 Patricia K. Clark, 364 Roger L. Clark, 319 Ruth B. Clark, 287 Sandra K. Clark, 112 Sarah L. Clark, 341 Sharon A. Clark, 287 Sharon D. Clark, 341 Sherryl A. Clark, 364 Therral E. Clark, 364 Michael D. Clary, 319 Clayton F. Clay, 287 Dena P. Clay, 319 Donnie C. Clay, 341 Glenna L. Clay, 393 Lee A. Clav, 364 Luanne Clay, 364 Charlotte A. Clayton, 394 Deborah L. Clayton, 364 Dwight H. Clayton, 319 James L. Clayton, 319 Marsha L. Clayton, 364 Randy B. Clayton, 341 Robert H. Cleeves, 287 Patricia L. Clem, 394 William Clemens, 341 Cynthia A. Clements, 364 Jim D. Clements, 319 Michael R. Clements, 364 Linda A. demons, 393 Lucille A. demons, 364 Carl R. Cleveland, 341 Lucinda Clifford, 341 Michael D. Clifford, 319 Judy K. difft, 364 Ralph M. Clifton, 287 Jacob A. Cline, 364 Lanny L. Clinton, 287 Donajo Cluck, 364 Nina J. Coats, 341 Gary M. Cobb, 364 Linda L. Cobb, 287 Michael D. Cobb, 364 Patsy J. Cobb, 287 SuAnne Cobb, 364 Sherry M. Cobbs, 287 Roy L. Coble, 341 Carole S. Cochran, 364 Jeryl S. Cochran, 319 Gary O. Cochrane, 364 Hubert L. Cockrum, 287 Michael L. Cogbill, 341 Ronald S. Coggin, 364 Bobbie J. Coggins, 287 Erin J. Coggins, 287 Cathy S. Cohn, 319 David M. Cohn, 341 Regina P. Cohn, 364 Melba J. Coke, 287 Cathy D. Coker, 319 Claudia G. Coker, 365 Nancy L. Colbert, 365 Teresa L. Colbert, 393 Alan K. Cole, 341 George R. Cole, 319 Herman L. Cole, 341 Jeanne L. Cole, 365 Mary H. Cole. 319 Philip B. Cole, 341 Robert L. Cole, 391 Stephen W. Cole, 319 Steven L. Cole, 341 Carolyn J. Coleman, 287 Charlotte D. Coleman, 341 Debra L. Coleman, 341 Donna K. Coleman, 365 Doris S. Coleman, 341 Eddie D. Coleman, 341 John D. Coleman, 288 John W. Coleman, 288 Lonnie C. Coleman, 341 Lynne D. Coleman, 365 Mel W. Coleman, 365 Michael E. Coleman, 319 Randal L. Coleman, 365 Ronald D. Coleman, 365 Stephen G. Coleman, 365 Willie C. Coleman, 288 Gary T. Coles, 341 Steven D. Collar, 365 Sharon G. Collatt, 319 Anita J. Collie, 319 Allen R. Collier, 288 Becky J. Collier, 319 Jane C. Collier, 365 Lawrence R. Collier, 288 Richard L. Collier, 365 David C. Collins, 365 Don O. Collins, 319 Frankie J. Collins, 365 George D. Collins, 365 Keith G. Collins, 365 Logan C. Collins, 288 Thomas R. Collins, 341 Doyle E. Colvin, 341 James D. Compton, 365 Thomas A. Compton, 341 Kenneth R. Conatser, 342 Patricia A. Conaway, 342 Cecil E. Condra, 342 Yoland M. Condrey, 365 Cathv S. Conger, 365 Terry L. Conley, 365 Deborah L. Conn, 365 Dixie L. Conner, 342 Frank L. Conner, 319 James E. Conner, 365 David D. Conrad, 319 Emily S. Conrad, 365 James F. Conrad, 365 Larry W. Conrad, 365 Tommy R. Conway, 288 Ellen G. Cook, 288 Gloria F. Cook, 365 Richard D. Cook, 365 Sherry D. Cook, 365 William F. Cook, 365 William J. Cook, 342 Donna Spargo Cooksey, 342 Glenda A. Cooley, 342 Donna J. Cooper, 288 Esther L. Cooper, 365 Gary M. Cooper, 319 John A. Cooper, 365 Karen S. Cooper, 365 Linda B. Cooper, 365 Monta J. Cooper, 319 Paul E. Cooper, 319 Terry H. Cooper, 319 Shirley L. Coots, 342 Chesley T. Copeland, 365 Ken D. Copeland, 342 Sharon L. Copenhaver, 319 Pamela A. Cordell, 365 Phillip E. Cordell, 365 Juanita A. Cormack, 365 Joseph D. Cornelison, 342 Anne Cornell, 365 Kathy P. Cornish, 288 Linda C. Cornish, 288 Michael Cornish, 365 Louis G. Corona, 342 Larry G. Corpier, 288 Jerry W. Corvin, 288 Laura L. Cossey, 288 Charles A. Cothran, 319 Leanna Cotton, 365 Rheta J. Cotton, 288 Benny R. Couch, 288 Jo A. Couch, 288 Teri C. Couch, 390 Sandy K. Coulter, 365 T. Wayne Coulter, 288 Nancy L. Coverdale, 342 Joanie P. Covington, 342 Freda M. Cowan, 342 Alan D. Cox, 365 Alice A. Cox, 365 Gary C. Cox, 365 Jacqueline S. Cox, 319 Janee Cox, 342 Loyd O. Cox, 319 Nathaniel L. Cox, 342 Peggy N. Cox, 342 Doyle W. Coy, 365 Karen Ann Coy, 118 Jimmie R. Cozart, 342 Rita D. Crabb, 288 Billy P. Crabtree, 342 Glen R. Crabtree, 342 Kenneth C rader, 319 Deborah L. Craft, 365 Geraldine A. Craft, 342 Sheliah K. Craft, 342 Billie J. Craig, 342 Brenda K. Craig, 342 David B. Craig, 319 Homer L. Craig, 319 James F. Craig, 319 Larry E. Craig, 342 Priscilla L. Craig, 342 Rita F. Craig, 288 Rita J. Craig, 319 Steve D. Craig, 319 William E. Craig, 342 Larry D. Craigmyle, 319 William C. Craigmyle, 319 Beth K. Crain, 342 Dennis D. Crain, 365 Dorothy J. Crain, 365 Garry D. Crain, 342 Hubert W. Crain, 319 Judy P. Crain, 365 Linda J. Crain, 365 Glenda M. Crandall, 365 Deitra D. Crane, 288 Carol J. Cranford, 288 Chester G. Gravens Jr., 365 Danny R. Crawford, 394 Debra K. Crawford, 342 Edward A. Crawford, 342 Harry F. Crawford, 390 lackie D. Crawford, 288 Samuel L. Creasman, 288 James C. Creecy, 288 Kristie A. Creed, 289 Samuel A. Creed, 289 Barbara A. Creek, 365 Kevin P. Cregier, 365 Charles E. Crego III, 118 Donald L. Creighton, 39 1 Robert R. Cress, 365 Lesli S. Crews, 319 Marsha A. Crigler, 365 Cheryl A. Crisler, 342 Bill S. Crismon, 342 Pamela S. Crismon, 320 Steve M. Crismon, 320 Allen D. Crisp, 320 Mary V. Crisp, 320 Patricia J. Crisp, 342 Douglas W. Criss, 366 Marilyn K. Criss, 366 Bruce A. Crittenden, 342 Keith E. Croft, 320 William M. Cromer, 342 Charles W. Cromwell, 342 Carol S. Crook, 289 Dwight L. Crook, 342 James L. Croom, 342 Donna L. Crosley, 366 Jerry J. Cross, 366 Ralph M. Cross, 366 Terry V. Cross, 366 Joyce L. Crossfield, 366 Betty S. Crosswhite, 391 Wendell L. Crosswhite, 320 Harold L. Crouch, 366 Carol K. Crow, 366 Michael Crow, 289 Alton K. Crowder, 342 Venita K. Crowell, 366 John N. Crowson, 366 Warner C. Cruce, 342 Donna B. Crumbaugh, 320 James R. Crumbaugh, 366 Susan L. Crumby, 289 Danny A. Crumley, 320 Donna J. Crumley, 289 William P. Crump, 394 Scotty D. Crutcher, 366 Avery J. Cudd, 366 Paul A. Culbreath, 366 Joel A. Cullen, 342 Troy U. Cullen, 342 Jimmy L. Cullipler, 320 Clifford D. Cullison, 289 Gayla A. Cullum, 342 Allen B. Culp, 391 Donald B. Culpepper, 366 William A. Cummins, 342 Al B. Cunningham, 366 Donna J. Cunningham, 366 Paul D. Cunningham, 289 Ted W. Cunningham, 366 Marilee V. Cupp, 366 Rebecca C. Cupp, 366 Jane C. Cureton, 366 Stephen S. Curry, 289 Gary Curtis, 366 Gary L. Curtis, 289 John A. Curtis, 366 Robert S. Curtis, 366 Janis M. Curtner, 342 Marvin D. Cypert, 320 Phoebe L. Cyrus, 289 D Donna L. Dacus, 320 Jerry D. Dacus, 342 Robert M. Dacus, 342 Suzan M. Daffron, 366 Lydia E. Dagy, 366 Betty J. Dail, 320 Pat L. Dailey, 289 Sue L. Daily, 289 Sterling R. Dalby, 320 Jonathan H. Dale, 342 Katherine F. Dale, 342 Patricia A. Dale, 320 Robert E. Dale, 342 Ronnie G. Dallari, 342 Susan C. Dalrymple, 366 Perry T. Dalton, 289 Joan Dalziel, 320 Larry B. Dame, 289 Peggy J. Dame, 320 Luther Dangerf ield, 118 Danny J. Daniel, 320 Lee A. Daniel, 391 Charles A. Daniels, 366 Diane R. Dapp, 342 Steven T. Dapp, 289 Susan C. Dark, 366 Rex G. Darling, 320 Gerry E. Darr, 393 Jennie L. Dauck, 391 Eugenia Daugherty, 289 Robert J. Daugherty, 320 Tohn R. Daughhetee, 342 Tom Daughetee, 366 Mike W. DaVaulr, 289 Terry L. Davenport, 394 David A. Davidson, 342 Emily A. Davidson, 366 Kent W. Davidson, 289 Krista E. Davidson, 320 Linda D. Davidson, 289 Robert C. Davidson, 342 Willie M. Davidson, 320 Annette Davis, 289 Billy D. Davis, 366 Billie F. Davis, 320 Bobby K. Davis, 342 Brenda K. Davis, 342 Charles N. Davis, 394 Colleen Davis, 366 Constance L. Davis, 320 Curtis W. Davis, 342 Deborah J. Davis, 366 Deborah L. Davis, 366 Dorethea Davis, 342 Eula M. Davis, 320 Herbert C. Davis, 320 James R. Davis, 289 James W. Davis, 393 Joe N. Davis, 366 Judith A. Davis, 366 Karen G. Davis, 320 Kathleen A. Davis, 366 Larry J. Davis, 342 Laurel J. Davis, 366 LaVera J. Davis, 289 Leslie W. Davis, 320 Lindon R. Davis, 366 Mary H. Davis, 289 Mary M. Davis, 320 Melba L. Davis, 342 Michael T. Davis, 342 Neal Davis, 391 Pamela S. Davis, 118, 289 Peter Davis, 320 Rae Jean Davis, 320 Ricky Davis, 342 Sharon L. Davis, 366 Stanley T. Davis, 289 Thomas J. Davis, 320 Vernard Davis, 391 Vicki S. Davis, 342 Wanda F. Davis. 366 Larry W. Davison, 342 Ricky L. Davison, 366 Ronnie R. Davison, 366 William C. Daviss Jr., 289 Melvin E. Dawson, 289 Steve A. Dawson, 394 John E. Day, 289 Mary E. Day, 366 Mason F. Day, 342 Michael O. Day, 394 Susan J. Day, 320 William M. Deal, 366 Debbie A. Dean, 394 Kimberly A. Dean, 342 Marvin D. Dean, 366 Richard L. Dearinger, £66 Charles W. Deatherage, 320 Gwendilyn J. Deaton, 342 William S. Deberry, 366 Daniel DeClerk, 320 Deborah A. DeClerk, 320 Margaret M. DeClerk, 366 Sharon W. DeClerk, 342 William T. Deely, 320 Gary L. Deen, 366 Wayne T. Deen, 320 Marida A. Deeter, 289 Jean A. Dehls, 320 Melvin L. Dejournett, 366 Richard D. Delaney, 320 Jim Delgado, 320 Woody W. DeLorme, 366 Phyllis J. Dennington, 289 Mike Densmore, 289 Gary L. Dent, 366 Kathryn B. Dent, 366 Mary R. Dent, 367 Thomas W. Denton, 342 Danny W. DePriest, 342 James D. DePriest, 394 Raymond L. DePriest, 343 Buck Derryberry, 289 Brenda J. Dethrow, 343 Melissa R. Detrick, 394 Rich E. Deuser, 320 Fran L. Devereux, 367 Jan M. DeVoll, 367 Kenneth R. Dial, 343 Harold J. Dickens, 320 William L. Dickens, 367 David M. Dickerson, 367 Don E. Dickerson, 367 Jerry A. Dickerson, 289 Marcus E. Dickerson, 320 Freddy W. Dickinson, 343 Patricia C. Dickinson, 289 Clarence C. Dickson, 320 Edwin M. Dickson, 367 Norman C. Dickson, 290 Robert L. Dickson, 367 Steven F. Diederich, 320 Harold E. Diggs, 367 Barbara A. Dilbeck, 290 Bandy I. Diles, 367 Mary L. Dillard, 343 Mike L. Dillard, 394 Terry A. Dillard, 367 Charles D. Dillier, 343 Alvie Dillin, 118 Francine M. DiMaio, 290 David L. Dingier, 367 Sandra J. Distretti, 343 Arthur L. Dixon, 320 Ronny F. Dixon, 394 Gary L. Dobbins, 367 N ova S. Dobbs, 320 Randy E. Dobbs, 290 Sheila K. Dobbs, 394 Bobby G. Dodd, 367 Holly E. Dodd, 290 Paula K. Dodd, 367 Ralph E. Dodd, 367 Sue B. Dodd, 367 Tom J. Dodd, 367 Benjamin M. Dodson, 290 Brenda J. Dodson, 367 Gladys A. Dodson, 367 Katherine A. Dodson, 367 Dorothy A. Doherty, 367 Jay C. Dollins, 290 Chris W. Donaldson, 320 William B. Donham, 343 Gerry L. Donner, 367 James R. Dooley, 290 Barbara J. Dorman, 290 Cynthia A. Don-ell, 367 Darrell D. Dorrell, 290 Patricia G. Dorris, 367 Terry A. Dorris, 320 Wrayphord Dortch Jr., 343 Margret A. Dorton, 367 Ronnie W. Dorton, 290 David E. Doshier, 320 Albert L. Doss, 343 Linda D. Doss, 343 Robert D. Doss, 320 Jo Ann Dotherty, 367 Paul H. Doty, 320 Brenda J. Douglas, 343 Susan K. Douglas, 367 Beverly A. Douthet, 320 Donald Douthet, 343 Ronald Douthet, 343 Chet D. Douthit, 320 Darrel W. Dover, 343 Donna D. Dowden, 343 Austin A. Dowell, 290 Kenneth G. Dowless, 118 Ina R. Downing, 343 Jeanne M. Downing, 343 Rebecca J. Downing, 343 Dennis G. Downs, 367 Pauletta D. Downs, 367 Ranae L. Downs, 367 Roberta G. Downs, 290 Sandra J. Downs, 343 Wanda A. Doyel, 290 Larry E. Doyle, 343 Michael B. Doyle, 367 Tohn B. Dozier, 290 David L. Drake, 343 Jackie D. Drake, 343 Edward L. Drangle, 343 John S. Drewry, 367 Willadeen Driskell, 320 James C. Drum, 320 Rebecca R. Drum, 393 Connie B. Dryer, 367 Debra J. Ducker, 320 Phil H. Ducker, 290 Patrick R. Duckworth, 367 Michael E. Dudley, 394 Robert Duez, 367 Billy L. Duff, 343 Susan E. Duff, 343 Jane A. Duffel, 320 Jim D. Duffel, 290 Robert P. Dugger, 320 Sandra Y. Dugger, 320 Bill D. Duke, 290 Loretta K. Dulaney, 343 Donald R. Dunnavant, 290 Fred M. Dunavant, 343 Lula M. Dunavant, 395 Buford R. Duncan, 343 Deborah C. Duncan, 367 Gale W. Duncan, 343 Gwendolyn C. Duncan, 320 John T. Duncan, 343 Romona L. Duncan, 320 Stephen E. Duncan, 367 Larry R. Dunham, 367 Henry E. Dunigan, 290 Jimmie G. Dunlap, 395 Stephen M. Dunlap, 367 Cathy A. Dunn, 290 George M. Dunn, 343 Larry J. Dunn, 343 Walker A. Dunn, 290 Ricky J. Dunnahoe, 343 Douglas Dunson, 320 Vicki A. Dupwe, 343 Clyde Durden, 320 Joseph P. Duren, 367 Ronald L. Durette, 320 Dennis R. Durham, 367 Fred L. Dust, 343 Martha Dust, 343 Donna L. Duvall, 343 Sharon K. Dyer, 290 Joan D. Dyson, 367 E Mary K. Eaker, 290 Deborah A. Ealy, 367 Lee V. Earnheart, 320 David Earwood, 343 Eddy R. Easley, 367 Jimmy W. Eason, 320 Marta L. Easterly, 320 Bradley H. Easterwood, 343 Ronald G. Eastridge, 367 Brenda G. Eaves, 367 Sandra M. Eaves, 367 Barbara S. Ebbeson, 343 Dale H. Eckert, 343 Howard W. Eckman, 367 Billy W. Edgar, 343 Wayne Edgin, 290 Paula A. Edings, 367 James A. Edington, 290 Stanley K. Edington, 395 Sue Edington, 343 David L. Edwards, 367 Don R. Edwards, 367 Everett G. Edwards, 343 Gary W. Edwards, 343 Glenda C. Edwards, 290 Jackey L. Edwards, 343 Judith A. Edwards, 320 Karole E. Edwards, 343 LeAnn Edwards, 320 Linda J. Edwards, 343 Stephen W. Edwards, 367 Thayne D. Edwards, 367 Catherine G. Eggers, 367 Michael C. Eggers, 367 James E. Eisenman, 367 Cary R. Elbert, 320 Patricia M. Elbert, 367 Teresa E. Elbert, 321 Irene D. Elder, 367 Susan E. Elder, 367 Genevra B. Eldredge, 343 Jerry L. Eldridge, 321 Karan D. Eldridge, 343 Freda D. Elerson, 367 Gicnda F. Elkins, 290 Phillip E. Elkins, 367 Bobbye K. Ellington, 367 Curt R. Ellington, 321 Kay E. Ellington, 367 Patti Ellington, 321 Elizabeth A. Elliot, 367 Michael J. Elliot, 343 Mike L. Elliot, 321 Rebecca A. Elliot, 321 Alice M. Ellis, 321 Cameliia C Ellis, 367 Ronald W. Ellis, 343 Sharon A. Ellis, 290 Frances A. Ellison, 367 Henrietta Ellison, 367 Valerie Ellison, 290 David F. Ellzey, 343 Wesley H. Elmore, 118 Nancy R. Elphingstone, 290 Karen R. Elrod, 367 Cydney F. Elslander, 321 William R. Elwood, 367 Kichard H. Emerson, 343 Barbara J. Emison, 367 Dewey M. Emison Jr., 395 Jane E. Emmert, 367 Mary J. Emrich, 290 Albert Enderlin, 368 Emily J. Enderlin, 343 Corlis L. England, 344 Diane L. England, 344 Freeman G. England, 321 John A. England, 344 Robert I. Engle, 290 John P. Engles, 344 Teresa D. Engles, 344 Robert E. English Jr., 290 Thomas J. English, 368 Heather D. Entwistle, 368 Phyllis R. Eoff, 290 Timothy Paul Ephlin, 321 Cynthia L. Epperson, 368 David D. Erby, 291 Steven L. Ernst, 291 Samuel L. Erwin, 321 Stephen R. Erwin, 368 Debra Ann Estes, 368 Donna R. Estes, 112 Jerry L. Estes, 368 Myra J. Estes, 291 Glenda L. Etchieson, 344 George Ernest Etheridge, 291 Charles M. Ethridge, 368 Teddie Jo Etter, 368 Charlotte Jane Eubanks, 368 Dora G. Eubanks, 344 James M. Eubanks, 291 Larry W. Eubanks, 321 Carl S. Evans, 368 Grover M. Evans, 344 Linda J. Evans, 321 Martin E. Evans, 368 Pamela K. Evans, 368 Robert T. Evans, 344 Stanley W. Evans, 368 Teddy W. Evans, 291 William L. Evans Jr., 291 Donna M. Everett, 321 Freddy L. Everett, 321 Jimmy H. Eversmeyer, 368 F Lavah S. Fagan, 368 Patricia Ann Fagan, 321 Becki N. Fairchild, 368 John M. Fairhead Jr., 321 James D. Falk, 393 Lendol K. Falwell, 368 Virginia L. Fantz, 344 Carolyn W. Fardeecey, 344 Danny G. Farley, 368 Gerald W. Farley, 368 Mary S. Farley, 368 Walter J. Farley, 395 Joe B. Farmer, 321 Perry J. Farr, 321 James J. Farrell, 291 Robert H. Farrell, 368 Hollie A. Farris, 118 Tana C. Fason, 344 Glenn A. Faught, 368 Bobby R. Faulkenberry, 368 Brenda D. Faulkenberry, 368 David Evan Faulkner, 368 Johnita P. Faulkner, 291 Karen D. Faulkner, 368 Martha L. Faulkner, 393 Thomas O. Faulkner, 344 William E. Faulkner, 118 Jeanette Fawcett, 321 I. Lynn Featherstone, 344 Diana S. Felkins, 368 John A. Fender, 291 Lowell Fenner, 368 Deborah C. Ferguson, 368 James E. Ferguson, 321 Toe Ferguson, 368 Michael W. Ferguson, 344 Peggy D. Ferguson, 112 Randy L. Ferguson, 321 Sharon K. Ferguson, 291 Susan F. Ferguson, 368 Betty F. Ferralasco, 344 Gary L. Ferrell, 368 Robert M. Fett, 291 Elizabeth D. Fetterly, 321 Judy K. Fetters, 344 Michael D. Field, 344 Barbara F. Fielder, 368 Sandra J. Fielder, 368 Gatha M. Fields, 291 Vicki A. Fields, 368 William E. Fields, 321 Allen D. Fike, 344 Anna B. Files, 368 Janet L. Files, 321 Randy M. Files, 368 Regenia K. Files, 321 Steve Files, 321 Barre F. Finan, 321 Dana L. Finan, 291 Eugene M. Finan, 291 Adren H. Finch, 344 Jane F. Finch, 321 Phillip R. Finch, 368 Stephen P. Finch, 344 Donna G. Fincher, 368 Kenny R. Findley, 368 Sharon A. Fine, 368 Rickey C. Finley, 344 David B. Fisher, 321 Dempsey D. Fisher, 344 Henry Fisher, 321 Linda G. Fisher, 368 Walter G. Fisher, 291 Brenda K. Fisk, 321 Alan David Fite, 368 Robert Anderson Fite, 344 L. Gaye Fitts, 344 William Clark Fitts, 368 Barbara A. Fitzgerald, 368 Jimmy F. Fitzgerald, 291 James E. Fitzpatrick, 118 Elizabeth D. Flagg, 395 Mickey R. Flagg, 368 Vernon D. Flagg, 291 Warren R. Flanagan, 344 Dora L. Flanagin, 321 Patricia S. Flanigan, 344 Elizabeth Ann Flannigan, 368 Robert D. Flannigan, 321 Tommy R. Fleeman, 321 Frederick C. Flemon, 344 Mervin Fleshman, 344 Anne S. Fletcher, 291 Betty Jean Fletcher, 368 Carl E. Fletcher, 291 Charlene Kav Fletcher, 393 Clifford M. Fletcher, 344 Craig L. Fletcher, 291 James L. Fletcher, 368 Linda F. Fletcher, 344 WOlard R. Fletcher, 393 James D. Flewellen, 368 Brenda J. Flippo, 291 Darlene Flippo, 291 James E. Floyd, 321 Joe A. Flye, 321 James H. Flvnn, 368 Janet D. Flynt, 321 David E. Foley, 291 Lila J. Foley, 344 Ronnie Dean Foley, 368 Stacy J. Folev, 368 Michael W. Fondren, 321 Charles J. Foot, 368 Larry D. Forbis, 344 Carlla Lee Ford, 368 Danny L. Ford, 292 Dennis FI. Ford, 321 Ginger L. Ford, 321 James B. Ford, 368 Lanita G. Ford, 321 Linda Faye Ford, 368 M. Chris Ford, 344 Michael P. Ford, 321 Rena J. Ford, 368 Stephen S. Ford, 292 Twila G. Ford, 292 Ralph Beal Fore Jr., 321 Johnny A. Foreman, 368 Linda C. Foreman, 344 Teddy A. Formon, 368 Addie M. Forney, 321 James E. Forrest, 292 Danny L. Forrester, 321 Pamela S. Forrester, 368 Sheila I. Forshee, 344 Carey L. Fortenberry, 368 Marsha L. Fortenberry, 368 Virginia A. Fortson, 368 Gary W. Fortune, 321 Michael R. Fortune, 395 George W. Foster, 292 Judy A. Foster, 368 Judy C. Foster, 395 Kenny L. Foster, 292 Maxwell L. Foster, 292 Robin J. Foster, 368 Scott E. Foster, 321 Shirley Diane Foster, 368 Candace A. Foust, 368 George E. Fouts, 368 Brenda R. Fowler, 321 Dennis R. Fowler, 344 Jerry L. Fowler, 368 Kathy A. Fowler, 369 Marian F. Fowler, 344 Marshall F. Fowler, 292 Terry L. Fowler, 344 Tommy E. Fowler, 344 Walter B. Fowler, 118 Karen D. Foxx, 344 Norman E. Francis, 321 H. Anne Franklin, 344 Peggy S. Franklin, 292 William M. Franklin, 321 Debra C. Franks, 292 Dewey Dale Franks, 344 Era Mae Franks, 344 Michael R. Franks, 344 Roger A. Franks, 369 Thomas W. Franzen, 118 Tiresa A. Frasier, 344 Catherine Frasure, 344 Larry Frasure, 369 Patsy S. Frasure, 112 John K. Fratesi, 369 Anita G. Frazier, 321 Anne G. Frazier, 369 Dinah F. Frazier, 369 Clarence J. Free, 369 Calvin L. Freehling, 292 Janet S. Freeland, 369 Angela E. Freeman, 369 Anita J. Freeman, 292 Barbara S. Freeman, 292 Marcus Freeman, 369 Marie A. Freeman, 321 Jerry W. Freese, 369 Florence M. Freeze, 321 Anthony Carl Frein, 369 Cecil W. French, 395 Charlene French, 292 Elizabeth French, 344 Gary T. French, 369 Martha J. French, 321 Mary J. French, 344 Michael L. French, 369 Samuel C. French, 292 Phillip E. French, 369 Robert E. Frey, 369 Don M. Friday, 369 Linda J. FridenbeTg, 369 Gary L. Firga, 369 Sandra G. Fry, 369 Carlos L. Frye Jr., 321 Tames L. Fudge, 369 Susan Fudge, 292 Toseph D. Fulgham, 344 William A. Fulkerson III, 322 Kemuel Link Fuller, 369 Peggy S. Fuller, 369 Gary D. Fulton, 344 Gus L. Funderburg, 292 Edward H. Furcron, 292 James S. Futrell, 292 G Melvin L. Gage, 292 Joseph W. Gahr, 369 Michael E. Gairhan, 322 Terry R. Gairhan, 369 Billy W. Gaither, 369 Martin C. Gallaher, 344 Larry E. Gallamore, 322 Janet L. Gallant, 369 Michael C. Gallegly, 369 Deborah A. Galloway, 292 Dwight Galloway, 292 Jane E. Galloway, 292 Leslie N. Galloway, 344 Woodrow W. Galyean, 292 Richard R. Gambel, 292 Ginger P. Gambill, 322 Julia A. Gambill, 369 Rita A. Gambill, 322 Jay C. Gamblin, 322 Marlene K. Gamec, 322 Brad G. Gammill, 344 Gaylon H. Gammill, 322 Jack B. Gammon, 322 Steven W. Gankiewicz, 293 Edward E. Gann Jr., 369 Gary L. Gann, 369 Glenda L. Gann, 293 Louis E. Gann, 369 Patsy L. Gann, 322 Steve A. Gann, 344 Avery C. Gardner, 293 Danny L. Gardner, 322 James E. Gardner, 369 Janie M. Gardner, 344 Joan E. Gardner, 369 George B. Garlow, 293 Ann S. Garner, 391 Gloria D. Garner, 369 Christopher Garrett, 393 Gary C. Garrett, 322 Carol S. Garrison, 322 Lillian J. Garrison, 322 Phyllis C. Garrison, 293 Danny O. Gartman, 322 William C. Gary, 293 Deborah N. Gasaway, 293 Roxanne E. Gasaway, 369 Patty E. Gaston, 345 Alfred J. Gates, 322 Clyde P. Gates, 293 Erma J. Gates, 369 Pamela J. Gatewood, 345 James E. Gathings, 322 James F. Gatlin, 322 Mary M. Gaulden, 345 Billy R. Gay, 391 Gary D. Gazaway, 369 Grady F. Gennings, 369 Earl E. Gentry, 293 Lewis O. Gentry, 293 Nancy C. Gentry, 293 Joseph L. George, 293 Marie A. George, 369 Samuel W. George, 345 Randal K. Gerdes, 395 Sanda K. Gerdes, 369 Gary W. Gerlach, 369 Janice R. German, 369 Rodney H. Getchell, 369 J. B. Gibbins, 293 Terry W. Gibbons, 322 Jennifer L. Gibbs, 345 Thomas H. Gibbs, 322 Charlia S. Gibson, 369 James E. Gibson, 369 Jeanne L. Gibson, 369 Jerry L. Gibson, 293 Kenneth F. Gibson, 322 Lloyd E. Gibson, 322 Michael O. Gibson, 322 Ralph C. Gibson, 345 Rhonda K. Gibson, 322 Tommy J. Gibson, 395 Debrah L. Gilbert, 293 Dennis W. Gilbert, 391 James P. Gilbert, 322 William J. Gilbreath, 395 Lonnie J. Gilbreth, 322 Brenda K. Giles, 293 James R. Gill, 369 Sharon F. Gill, 345 Dennis R. Gillam, 369 James C. Gillam, 293 Patrick Gillenwater, 345 Donald R. Gillespie, 322 James C. Gillespie, 345 Kenneth O. Gillespie, 345 Earnest Gilliam, 369 Joseph L. Gilliam, 322 Sara J. Gilliam, 369 Margaret A. Gillihan, 345 Donnie G. Gilliland, 293 Mary F. Gilliland, 369 Kathryn A. Gilmer, 369 Ballard C. Gilmore, 293 Donna K. Gilmore, 293 Norma J. Gilmore, 322 Martha P. Gilpatrick, 293 Randall L. Ginn, 369 Gary D. Gipson, 345 James L. Gipson, 322 Robert L. Gipson, 395 Steve L. Gipson, 369 Deborah D. Gist, 345 Theresa A. Gist, 370 Terry L. Givens, 293 Vicki Jo Givens, 322 Jerry B. Gladden, 118 Larry D. Gladden, 118 Brenda K. Gladney, 293 Bobby R. Glasgow, 370 Gena S. Glasgow, 293 Jacqueline L. Glasgow, 345 John B. Glaze, 370 Donny J. Glenn, 345 Richard K. Glidewell, 370 Danny M. Glover, 293 Louie L. Glover, 322 Saundra I. Glowney, 370 Harvey E. Goad Jr., 391 Karla D. Goad, 370 Russell A. Goad, 322 Carla J. Goble, 118 David W. Goff, 322 Deborah C. Goff, 395 Rhonda G. Goff, 345 Rickey C. Goff, 293 Jerry Goforth, 345 Deborah K. Golden, 370 James W. Golden, 345 Randy Golden, 370 Dennis S. Gonzalez, 370 Merle A. Goodart Jr., 345 Harold W. Goodman, 370 Joe R. Goodman, 118, 293 |osie M. Goodman, 370 Leeann Goodman, 293 Terry J. Goodman, 322 David R. Goodson, 322 Alfred P. Goodwin, 293 Dorothy L. Goodwin, 345 Elizabeth E. Goodwin, 345 Elizabeth G. Goodwin, 370 Johnny E. Goodwin, 345 Kristie Goodwin, 322 Glenda F. Gordon, 370 Joe W. Gordon, 322 Neal B. Gordon, 370 James R. Gore, 345 Jane Gore, 322 Larry J. Gore, 293 Brenda F. Gossett, 370 Judy L. Gossett, 345 Chester L. Gotay, 322 Random T. Gott, 370 William L. Gott, 322 Delores J. Gould, 345 William A. Gower, 322 Gary R. Goza, 345 Paul David Goza, 322 Carol A. Grabbe, 345 Elizabeth J. Grabiel, 322 Mickey L. Graddy, 393 Stanley L. Graddy, 370 Thomas H. Graddy, 119 Donnie W. Grady, 370 Dorothy B. Grady, 370 Robbie C. Grady, 322 Annette Graham, 370 Brady M. Graham, 345 Cindy K. Graham, 370 Frederick W. Graham, 345 Gayle A. Graham, 370 John M. Graham, 345 Mike L. Graham, 322 Raymond D. Graham, 322 Stanley D. Gramling, 293 Clark Granderson, 345 David R. Grandgeorge, 345 Patrick PI. Grandjean, 293 Franklin Granger, 322 Anthony E. Grant, 322 Freda J. Grantham, 293 James C. Graves, 322 Charles M. Gray, 345 Deborah E. Gray, 345 Deborah G. Gray, 370 Eleanor J. Gray, 345 Faith R. Gray, 345 Gary D. Gray, 322 Jerry J. Gray, 345 Jimmy F. Gray, 322 Linda S. Gray, 395 Michael D. Gray, 322 Morris E. Gray, 345 Nancy S. Gray, 345 Perry L. Gray, 370 Robert G. Gray, 293 Tom J. Gray, 345 Daniel O. Green, 395 Danna R. Green, 322 David L. Green, 370 Gary M. Green, 293 Gwendolyn Green, 294 Jan G. Green, 370 Jo Ellen Green, 119 Kathleen Green, 370 Pamela R. Green, 294 Penny L. Green, 294 Robert J. Green, 294 Teresa A. Green, 294 Thurman W. Green, 345 Vicki A. Green, 322 William A. Green, 370 Carlotta Greenberry, 370 Marilyn Greene, 345 Leanna L. Greenhaw, 370 Mike D. Greenhaw, 294 Paul R. Greenwell, 345 David F. Greenwood, 322 Stephen R. Greenwood, 345 Dorothy J. Greer, 294 James E. Greer, 345 Leslie D. Greer, 370 Mary A. Greer, 370 Mary A. Greer, 345 Nancy R. Greer, 345 Otto Greer III, 323 Sherry J. Greer, 294 Bill H. Gregory, 370 David R. Gregory, 370 Johnny P. Gregory, 370 Melissa K. Gregory, 395 Judv E. Gregson, 345 Carey D. Griffin, 370 Charles K. Griffin, 294 Cheryl L. Griffin, 370 Grant G. Griffin, 345 Joe D. Griffin, 345 Magers Griffin, 345 Pamela J. Griffin, 395 Thomas L. Griffin, 370 Walton W. Griffin, 345 William A. Griffin, 323 Brent C. Griggs, 345 Stephanie L. Griggs, 345 Paula G. Grigsby, 345 Rick L. Grigsbv, 294 Cynthia K. Grimes, 370 Jan E. Grimes, 345 Monta L. Grimes, 345 Donald J. Grisham, 345 William J. Grisham, 294 Doug W. Gross, 345 George T. Gross, 294 Jannette Gross, 294 Alvin W. Gruner, 370 Charles L. Graver, 323 Paul A. Guariglia, 294 Rebecca A. Guest. 370 James W. Guffey, 119 Michael J. Guillot, 294 Otis G. Guiltner Jr., 323 Janey Gum, 323 Earl W. Gunn, 345 Brenda Gail Guntcr, 294 Cora E. Gunter, 323 Robert S. Gunter, 345 Jim D. Guntharp, 370 Gregory E. Guthrie, 370 Ronnie D. Guthrie, 370 Joe C. Guziewicz, 323 Brenda G. Gwaltney, 323 Rickey W. Gwaltney, 323 Kristine Gwynn, 345 Suzanne Gwynn, 395 H Gary D. Haag, 294 Morris F. Haas, 323 Judie C. Hackworth, 294 Larry T. Hagar, 294 Thelma D. Haggans, 370 Rickie F. Hagood, 393 Marian L. Haigh, 323 Alfred E. Haines, 370 Deborah K. Hairrell, 370 Larry D. Halcomb, 370 Debra L. Hale, 294 Jennifer Hale, 345 Joyce L. Haley, 323 Terry W. Haley, 370 Wilma J. Halfacre, 370 Janet K. Halford, 370 Angela F. Hall, 370 Barbara J. Hall, 345 Charles F. Hall, 345 Elizabeth A. Hall, 370 Glenda J. Hall, 323 Glenn W. Hall, 370 James M. Hall, 323 Joe Hall, 345 Judy A. Hall, 345 Rebecca J. Hall, 294 Rick B. Hall 395 Ronal J. Hall, 294 Rose M. Hall, 395 Sandy M. Hall, 294 William H. Hall, 323 Willie L. Hall, 294 Yvonne J. Hall, 112 Judy A. Halsell, 323 Mary S. Halsell, 395 Barbara H. Halstead, 370 Harvey D. Ham, 294 Jan A. Hambrick, 345 Allen W. Hamilton, 345 Don Hamilton, 119 Edward J. Hamilton, 345 Evelyn F. Hamilton, 345 James L. Hamilton, 294 Zelma L. Hamilton, 294 Johnny M. Hamm, 294 Nancy C. Hamm, 294 Shelia K. Hamm, 370 Janice R. Hammer, 323 Cecil H. Hammett Jr., 294 Donna F. Hammett, 323 Gerald D. Hammon, 371 Jean E. Hammond, 345 Jerry R. Hammond, 294 Sheila A. Hammond, 346 Phyllis Y. Hammonds, 371 Becki L. Hampton, 371 Bobby J. Hampton, 371 Larry R. Hampton, 371 Rosemary Hampton, 323 Virginia M. Hampton, 294 Byron W. Hamrick, 391 Clinton R. Hancock, 323 Clyde R. Hancock, 323 Gerald L. Hancock, 371 Freda D. Handley, 371 Donald A. Haney, 346 Jane Frier } Iankins, 294 Randy M. Hankins, 294 Linda K. Hanna, 371 Charles R. Hannah, 294 Donna T. Hannah, 323 Gary N. Hannah, 323 Sharman J. Hannah, 346 Timothy L. Hannah, 346 Randy R. 1 ianneman, 371 Flynn F. Hanners, 346 Dennis W. Hansen, 346 Jack R. Hansen, 346 James R. Harbin, 371 Dennis R. Harbison, 371 Jeffrey Harbison, 371 Jann C. Fiardesty, 371 Roscoe Hardiman, 371 Adele Hardin, 323 Gregory N. Hardin, 371 Herbert A. Hardin, 323 James E. Hardin, 323 Karen M. Hardin, 371 Ken C. Hardin, 323 Shiela M. Hardin, 323 Ted R. Hardin, 323 Thomas R. Hardin, 323 Charlotte A. Hardy, 346 Patiick J. Hardy, 323 Sammie L. Hare, 371 Fred M. Hargett, 346 Bobby R. Hargis, 323 David L. Hargrave, 323 Janice L. Hargrave, 346 Kenneth L. Hargrave, 371 Linda L. Hargrave, 323 Margie B. Hargrave, 323 Beverly J. Hargrove, 346 hloyd L. Hargrove, 393 James M. Harker, 346 Wilburn C. Harkey, 295 Bruce D. Harlan, 371 Charles D. Harlan, 371 John M. Harlan, 323 John W. Harlan, 295 Donald A. Harmon, 323 James H. Harmon Jr., 346 Jimmy D. Harmon, 346 Julia K. Harmon, 295 Michael L. Harmon, 295 Ronald L. Harmon, 371 James P. Harness, 371 Brenda F. Harold, 323 Deborah D. Harper, 371 Deborah L. Harper, 371 Ellen J. Harper, 371 Robert D. Harper, 346 Troy D. Harper, 323 Alfred J. Harrell, 323 Calvin F. Harrell, 323 Christopher Harrell, 395 Jimmy T. Harrell, 323 Mark S. Harriman, 346 Jerome D. Harrington, 323 Arthur C. Harris, 346 Aubrey L. Harris, 323 Barbara J. Harris, 112 Bobby G. Harris, 323 Edward L. Flarris, 346 Frankie E. Harris, 346 Gayle P. Harris, 395 James L. Harris, 295 Janice C. Harris, 295 Kim W. Harris, 371 Lynn I Iarris, 371 Mabel I. Flarris, 295 Michael T. Harris, 295 Missy Ann Harris, 346 Molly A. Harris, 323 Rodney D. Harris, 346 Sally J. Harris, 346 Sidney F. Harris, 346 Steven Harris, 346 Suzanne Harris, 346 Thomas M. Flarris, 346 Wightman M. Harris, 371 William B. Harris, 119 Kelsey L. Harrison, 323 Linda K. Harrison, 371 Mary E. Harrison, 346 Ronnie L. Harrison, 395 Ann R. Hart, 371 Karen D. Hart, 295 Joyce A. Hartsell, 323 Lola C. Flartsfield, 371 Johnny D. Hartwick, 323 Richard T. Hartz, 346 John R. Harvester, 371 John F. Harvey, 323 Raymon B. Harvey, 371 Rickey C. Harvey, 346 Terry L. Flaskett, 371 Nova J. Fl a skins, 371 Steve Hatch, 371 Barbara J. Hatcher, 371 Kathy S. Flatcher, 323 Ronnie A. Flatcher, 391 Roy E. Hathcock, 323 Martha A. Flatley, 346 Shari M. Hatman, 346 VVayman D. Hatman, 295 Dennis C. Hawk, 323 Michael D. Hawk, 371 Darrell K. Hawkins, 346 Don L. Hawkins, 346 Eddie C. Hawkins, 323 Glenda F. Hawkins, 323 James M. Hawkins, 371 Jerry A. Hawkins, 323 John W. Hawkins, 346 Linda M. Hawkins, 371 Margaret D. Hawkins, 371 Patricia L. Hawkins, 371 Rebecca J. Hawkins, 371 Richard P. Flawkins, 323 John D. Hawley, 371 Ruby I. Hawley, 371 Marcy L. Hayden, 346 Charles E. Hayes, 295 Linda C. Hayes, 346 Pamela L. Hayes, 371 Raymond K. Hayes, 371 Ronald K. Hayes, 371 Ronny L. Hayes, 323 Sidney P. Hayes, 119 Thomas I. Hayes, 295 Dennis A. Haynes, 371 Thomas A. Haynes, 371 James E. Hays, 323 Larry C. Hays, 371 Martha J. Hays, 323 Cheryl A. Haywood, 346 David Head, 371 Opal M. Head, 346 Ricky L. Head, 295 Willis S. Head, 371 Kathryn L. Headley, 391 Mary J. Heafner, 323 Brenda S. Heard, 112 Patricia A. Heard, 346 Pauletta M. Heard, 346 Ronald Heard, 295 David P. Heasley, 346 Dena L. Heath, 371 Garry D. Heath, 371 Robert M. Heaton, 295 Charles K. Heavener, 346 Scott Flecker, 323 Donald L. Fledden, 346 Ronnie O. Hedger, 323 Sharon R. Heeb, 346 John C. Heern, 346 Jack L. Hefley, 371 Reza Heidari, 346 Murphy D. Heird, 371 Donna J. Helderman, 323 Mike C. Hellyer, 346 Pamela K. Helm, 295 Ronnie C. Helm, 295 Sam D. Helm, 346 Brenda S. Helms, 119 Franklin D. Henary, 323 Catherine A. Henderson, 371 Dave W. Llenderson, 371 Deborah L. Henderson, 371 Janis L. Henderson, 371 Kathryn D. Henderson, 295 Larry H. Henderson, 371 Lizzie L. Henderson, 371 Barbara A. f lendley, 346 James E. Flendley, 295 Gary L. Hendon, 295 Denise Hendrix, 346 Earlene Hendrix, 323 Doris A. Henley, 371 Elton V. Henley, 371 John D. Henley, 323 Donald G. Henry, 346 Jake £. Henry, 371 John E. Henry, 371 Martha E. Henry, 323 Mona K. Henry, 346 Rogar T. Henry, 346 Stephen A. Henry, 295 William H. Henry, 346 James G. Flenshaw, 323 aharon Hensley, 295 Alan R. Henson, 371 Barry K. Henson, 371 Paul L. Henson, 323 Gary D. Heral, 391 Eddie L. Herlein, 323 Phillip J. Herlein, 346 Woodie S. Herlein, 295 Jay Herndon, 346 Michael D. Herren, 346 Carolyn M. Herring, 371 Teresa M. Herring, 346 Judy A. Herron, 295 Barney A. Hess, 323 Phil W. Hesse, 324 Carolyn A. Hester, 295 Tom J. Hester, 371 Ann M. Hestir, 371 Robert R. Hetzel, 372 Nora K. Hewlett, 346 Roger C. Hicklin, 346 Herman G. Hickman, 324 Freda M. Hickmon, 296 Andrea R. Hicks, 372 Charley A. Hicks, 346 Gary W. Hicks, 372 Jeffrey D. Hicks, 296 Jimmy E. Hicks, 372 Lynn A. Hicks, 346 Phyllis C. Hicks, 296 Terry L. Hicks, 324 William A. Hieber, 372 Sammy E. Higdon Jr., 372 Bobby E. Higginbottom, 346 Carol J. Higgins, 372 Larry W. Higgins, 324 Letha Kay Higgins, 372 Mickey V. Higgins, 372 Mitzi A. Higgins, 372 Ray Higgins, 324 Doris D. Hightower, 372 Murray O. Hightower, 346 Rosa L. Hilding, 372 William R. Hilgeford, 346 Bernice Hill, 372 Betty S. Hill, 296 Clotis M. Hill, 372 Donna E. Hill, 395 Deborah L. Hill, 372 Dianne Hill, 372 Erma J. Hill, 324 Gary M. Hill, 372 Jackie L. Hill, 395 Janis G. Hill, 324 Jim C. Hill, 324 Larry D. Hill, 391 Stanley W. Hill, 372 Thomas L. Hill, 296 Floyd T. Hillis, 296 Walter R. Hillman, 372 James R. Hillyer, 393 Frank C. Hinds, 324 John R. Hines, 346 Joe M. Hinesly, 324 Constance J. Hinson, 372 Suzanne L. Hinson, 296 Mildred Hinton, 296 Loren M. Hitchcock, 372 Sandra L. Hobgood, 324 John M. Hobson, 372 Wallace B. Hobson, 346 Ann Hodge, 324 Leonard W. Hodge, 395 Robert E. Hodge, 372 Debra L. Hodges, 372 Eugenia L. Flodges, 372 James T. Hodges, 324 Karen S. Flodges, 395 Sandi K. Hoeppner, 346 James H. Hoey, 346 Mary E. Hogan, 372 Robert L. Hogan, 372 Teresa A. Hogan, 372 William C. Hogan, 296 Mary S. Hoge, 393 Barbara N. Hogue, 372 Stephanie Hogue, 346 Carol B. Hoke, 296 Janet S. Hoke, 372 Robert L. Hoke, 296 James K. Holbrook, 372 Norman G. Holbrooks, 324 Terri A. Holbrooks, 372 David H. Holcomb, 346 Donna J. Holcomb, 346 Calvin Holden, 324 Dennis L. Holden, 395 Steven D. Holden, 347 Tommie J. Holden, 296 Randy L. Holder, 372 Rick C. Holder, 372 Paul P. Holderfield, 395 Danny E. Holifield, 347 Johnny R. Holifield, 324 Patti J. Holifield, 395 Stuart B. Holifield, 395 Edward T. Holland, 324 James M. Holland, 324 Jay D. Holland, 372 Lloyd Holland, 347 Martha J. Holland, 112 Pamela J. Holland, 324 William K. Holland, 347 Susan E. Hollandsworth, 296 Phillip G. Holleman, 324 Charles K. Holley, 324 Joe J. Hollimon, 372 Jill A. Hollingsworth, 395 Bobby W. Hollis, 372 Deborah G. Hollis, 372 Karen K. Hollis, 347 Pamela J. Holloway, 296 Gary S. Hollowell, 372 Richard E. Holman, 372 Anthony R. Holmes, 347 Bruce H. Holmes, 296 Charles J. Holmes, 347 Paul V. Holmes, 324 Terry L. Holmes, 372 Debby L. Holobaugh, 347 David L. Hoisted, 347 Bonnie F. Holstine, 347 Virginia D. Holstine, 112 Charlie R. Holt, 347 Cynthia L. Holt, 296 Diana L. Holt, 372 James D. Holt Jr., 296 Michael P. Holt, 324 Pamla M. Holt, 347 Sharon L. Holt, 347 Tommy Holt, 324 William Holt, 372 Winston E. Holt, 296 Gary N. Holzhauer, 347 Tony W. Honey, 347 Gary D. Honeycutt, 372 Haskell Honeycutt, 372 John A. Honnoll, 324 William D. Honnoll, 324 Ronald L. Hoofman, 347 Billy D. Hook, 119 Constance L. Hooker, 347 Holly H. Hooper, 347 Kathy D. Hooten, 372 Maurice J. Hopkins, 372 Ronald K. Hopkins, 347 Ronald R. Hopkins, 296 Teddy R. Hopkins, 296 Janice L. Hornbeck, 296 Jeffry B. Hornberger, 347 David A. Horned, 347 Doris J. Horner, 372 Hite M. Horner, 372 Janet E. Horner, 347 Judith A. Horner, 372 Irvin L. Horrell, 324 Cheryl L. Horst, 372 David E. Horst, 347 Debbie G. Horst, 324 Pauletta J. Horst, 395 Anne M. Horton, 296 Carl E. Horton, 395 Charles A. Horton Jr., 296 David K. Horton, 372 Edward H. Horton, 296 John B. Horton, 391 Joyce A. Horton, 347 Lynda G. Horton, 324 Sheila L. Horton, 395 Terry J. Horton, 324 Victor L. Horton, 372 Steve C. Hoskins, 372 Debi R. Hottel, 296 Mike C. Hottel, 324 Tonya L. Hottel, 372 Dennis K. House, 347 Sammie D. House, 324 Hope Houston, 347 Melinda Houston, 372 Terry D. Hout, 393 Sharon G. Hovis, 347 Dennis W. Howard, 347 Fairy L. Howard, 324 James M. Howard, 347 James M. Howard, 324 Jesse C. Howard, 347 John H. Howard, 347 Linda K. Howard, 324 Melinda J. Howard, 347 Paula S. Howard, 372 Phyllis C. Howard, 372 Ronald W. Howard, 372 Susan Howard, 324 Teressa A. Howard, 372 Terry R. Howard, 324 Anita Y. Howe, 372 Cindy A. Howe, 347 Merry A. Howe, 324 Michael L. Howell, 347 Ralph F. Howell, 324 Steven K. Howren, 347 Pat J. Hoxie, 347 Betty L. Hubbard, 347 Gary M. Hubbard, 347 Rita M. Hubbard, 395 Sharmon L. Hubbard, 372 Loretta S. Hubbart, 372 Emily L. Hubble, 324 Judy K. Hubble, 119, 297 Vicki I. Hubbs, 119 Barry F. Huber, 324 Bryan L. Huber, 347 Maribeth Huber, 372 Raymond Huckaba, 395 Brenda K. Huckabay, 372 Dorothy K. Huckabee, 347 Jim D. Huckabee, 395 Deloma J. Huckaby, 324 David M. Huddleston, 347 David O. Huddleston, 347 George S. Huddleston, 347 Pamela S. Hudgens, 372 Carolyn B. Hudgins, 324 Mary Jo Hudgins, 297 Becky A. Hudson, 372 Don C. Hudson, 372 Judith C. Hudson, 372 Martha L. Hudson, 372 Mary B. Hudson, 347 Ruby L. Hudson, 297 Teresa J. Hudson, 324 Thomas G. Hudson, 372 Marden S. Hueter, 297 Denise L. Huett, 372 Phillip L. Huett, 324 Michael D. Huff, 347 Judy A. Huffman, 112 Deborah C. Huggins, 297 James A. Huggins, 373 Jill D. Huggins, 373 Judy K. Huggins, 373 Loretta A. Huggins, 297 Pamela J. Huggins, 373 Phillip A. Huggins, 373 William O. Huggins, 347 Daniel F. Hughes, 297 Earl R. Hughes, 324 Gary W. Hughes, 347 Gwyn Hughes, 297 Linda L. Hughes, 373 Mary E. Hughes, 112 William E. Hughes, 395 Howard D. Hulen, 324 Genita M. Hulett, 324 Sharon J. Hulett, 324 Paul D. Human, 373 Frances J. Humbert, 324 Event L. Humble, 373 Becky J. Hume, 297 Merle A. Humphrey, 373 Joe L. Huneycutt, 297 Cheryle L. Hunkapiller, 347 Kenneth J. Hunn, 373 Lucy A. Hunsaker, 347 Charles B. Hunt, 347 Janice L. Hunt, 347 Lari P. Hunt, 373 Martha J. Hunt, 373 Carol J. Hunter, 373 Charles B. Hunter, 347 James F. Hunter, 324 Michael L. Hunter, 324 Teresa D. Hunter, 373 Wayne T. Hunter, 324 Rita Huntley, 373 William S. Hupp, 373 William J. Hurd, 324 Janice L. Hurley, 373 William A. Hurley, 297 Ginger C. Hurst, 297 Gouilda L. Hurst, 373 Teresa A. Hurst, 347 Kerry A. Huskey, 324 Rickey W. Huskey, 324 Paul J. Hussey, 373 John P. Hutchinson, 373 Toni B. Hutchinson, 373 Stephen L. Hutchison, 324 Betty G. Hutsell, 373 Michael C. Hutsell, 324 Kerry A. Huxtable, 373 Judith G. Hyde, 373 Laurence J. Hylle, 373 Charles F. Hyman, 324 Mika Brown Hyman, 324 Stephanie K. Hynes, 373 William E. Hynes, 347 I Benjamin A. Idiong, 373 Dianna L. Inboden, 324 Laura C. Inboden, 373 Annette Ingram, 373 David A. Ingram, 373 Ronnie J. Irons, 347 Craig A. Irsch, 324 Ricky L. Irvin, 373 Gwendolyn Irwin, 297 J. Wayne Isaac, 347 James D. Isaacs, 324 Rhonda L. Isbell, 373 William B. Isgrig, 324 Richard G. Ivy, 324 Susie I. Ivy, 373 Vonda E. Ivy, 297 J Thomas I. Jaber, 373 Evalon L. Jacks, 297 Charles L. Jackson, 348 Daniel L. Jackson, 348 Davey J. Jackson, 373 Ella L. Jackson, 373 James R. Jackson, 373 James S. Jackson, 348 Jamie C. Jackson, 373 Jeff Jackson, 373 Jeffery Jackson, 373 Judy A. Jackson, 324 Lana C. Jackson, 373 Larry W. Jackson, 297 Leola L. Jackson, 297 Mary L. Jackson, 373 Myron K. Jackson, 324 Paula G. Jackson 112 Robert S. Jackson, 324 Ronald B. Jackson, 324 Sara L. Jackson, 373 Scott Jackson Jr., 324 Tony Jackson, 348 Carla A. Jacques, 373 Lee O. Jamerson, 373 Carl E. James, 297 Henry R. James, 348 Joe D. James, 373 Jon B. James, 373 Joseph P. James, 324 Kathryn E. James, 373 Kenneth James, 297 Marilyn E. James, 324 Mike L. James, 325 Phillip L. James, 325 Robert S. James, 373 Sandra L. James, 373 Sandra S. James, 325 Gary R. Jameson, 325 Andrew J. Jansen III, 297 Jane T. Jansen, 373 Lawrence C. Jansen, 373 Steve M. Jansen, 325 Richard W. Janssen, 325 JoAnn Jaquish, 325 Kim Jaquish, 373 Neal A. Jarboe, 348 Charles D. Jarrett, 348 Don W. Jarrett, 348 Melody Jarrett, 348 Richard A. Jarrett, 348 Trudy D. Jarrett, 373 David W. Jean, 348 Brendene Jeans, 325 David K. Jeans, 391 Ruth A. Jefferies, 297 Augustus Jefferson, 348 Dianna Jefferson, 373 Lucy M. Jefferson, 373 Deborah S. Jeffery, 374 Michael L. Jeffery, 325 Robert N. Jefferys, 325 Harold L. Jelks, 348 Beatrice Jenkins, 348 John W. Jenkins, 374 Mike L. Jenkins, 348 Ronald L. Jenkins, 374 John T. Jennings, 297 Larry R. Jennings, 348 Linda G. Jennings, 325 Lynda L. Jennings, 374 Ruth A. Jennings, 374 James R. Jernigan, 374 Jerry D. Jernigan, 325 Rita J. Jernigan, 374 Stevan J. Jernigan, 374 Kenneth G. Jessup, 374 Jennifer J. Jetton, 374 Elizabeth Johns, 325 Kern C. Johns, 374 Lanney D. Johns, 325 Robert V. Johns, 374 Becky J. Johnson, 374 Billy C. Johnson, 395 Burl E. Johnson, 325 Carolyn J. Johnson, 374 Chris Johnson, 348 Craig Johnson, 325 David A. Johnson, 374 Demetrys A. Johnson, 374 Donna S. Johnson, 297 Douglas E. Johnson, 348 Garry M. Johnson, 325 George W. Johnson, 297 lames C. Johnson, 325 James C. Johnson, 348 [ames P. Johnson, 325 James T. Johnson Jr., 374 James W. Johnson, 325 Janice E. Johnson, 374 Janice L. Johnson, 325 Jeffery M. Johnson, 325 Jimmy D. Johnson, 348 Jo Ann Johnson, 384 John H. Johnson, 348 John J. Johnson, 348 Joseph E. Johnson, 348 Judy L. Johnson, 348 Naigv H. Johnson, 325 Phil M. Johnson, 348 Phillip L. Johnson, 297 Randall B. Johnson, 348 Robert D. Johnson, 374 Robert O. Johnson, 348 Ronald L. Johnson, 325 Ronnie R. Johnson, 348 Ross C. Johnson, 348 Ruthie M. Johnson, 374 Sharon A. Johnson, 391 Shirley J. Johnson, 374 S. T. Johnson, 325 Stanley H. Johnson, 325 Susan H. Johnson, 1 12 Thomas D. Johnson, 297 Thomas J. Johnson, 395 Thomas J. Johnson, 325 Tomazine Johnson, 297 Tommy N. Johnson, 374 Victoria L. Johnson, 348 Walter H. Johnson, 297 Walter T. Johnson, 374 William D. Johnson, 348 Charles R. Johnston, 374 David L. Johnston, 348 Gregory L. Johnston, 374 Mark Johnston, 325 Patsy K. Johnston, 325 Robert W. Jolliff, 374 Lisa J. Jolly, 374 Betty V. Jones, 374 Bruce Jones, 374 Carroll E. Jones, 119 Cathy J. Jones, 325 Charles D. Jones Jr., 348 Deloris K. Jones, 325 Denzil M. Jones, 348 Don W. Jones, 325 Edgar R. Jones, 393 Elizabeth B. Jones, 119 Evelyn V. Jones, 325 Harold G. Jones, 374 Herschel L. Jones, 325 James S. Jones, 325 James S. Jones, 374 Janet K. Jones, 395 Jayme K. Jones, 374 Jenny K. Jones, 348 Jerrie L. Jones, 325 Jimmy D. Jones, 297 Judith A. Jones, 325 Judy C. Jones, 374 Karen J. Jones, 348 Kathi S. Jones, 374 Keith A. Jones, 348 Ken E. Jones, 374 Larry D. Jones, 297 Larry R. Jones, 374 Leah A. Jones, 348 Linda J. Jones, 325 Lonnie K. Jones, 374 Louis F. Jones, 297 Marilyn Jones, 325 Michael F. Jones, 325 Michael U. Jones, 348 Morris A. Jones, 374 Nanette Q. Jones, 297 Patricia A. Jones, 374 Patricia D. Jones, 374 Phyllis P. Jones, 395 Preston B. Jones, 325 Ray A. Jones, 348 Ricky W. Jones, 374 Robert A. Jones, 374 Robert E. Jones, 297 Ronald G. Jones, 348 Rosalie D. Jones, 391 Sandra J. Jones, 348 Sister Catherine Jones, 348 Stan V. Jones, 325 Stephen M. Jones, 374 Steve S. Jones, 374 Susan P. Jones, 374 Terry W. Jones, 325 Velma Jones, 325 Verlon D. Jones Jr., 325 Vicki K. Jones, 325 Victor W. Jones, 374 William L. Jones, 395 William L. Jones, 325 Willie A. Jones, 348 Barbara A. Jordan, 112 Delia L. Jordan, 374 Lana J. Jordan, 374 Dennis R. Joseph, 374 Ralph F. Joseph II, 374 Mike J. Jost, 374 Howard L. Jov, 297 Kevin P. Joyce, 348 Sharon J. Jucha, 348 Cathy E. Juergens, 348 Terry M. Julian, 297 Martha E. Jumper, 348 Carolyn R. Junior, 348 Margaret A. Justus, 298 Palma R. Justus, 348 K Shannon K. Kaffka, 325 James L. Kalkbrenner, 298 George A. Kaloghirou, 395 Robert T. Kamm, 325 Regina M. Kammeyer, 374 Christopher S. Kariya, 325 Deondra L. Karnes, 348 Dorothy M. Karnes, 348 Danny C. Kauifman, 374 Arnold R. Kaut, 325 Carol J. Kaut, 374 Joyce M. Kee, 325 Julus L. Keeling, 374 Emily R. Kennon, 375 Mary M. Keenon, 375 Beth Keeter, 325 Robbia G. Keglar, 298 Charlotte A. Kegley, 375 Katie S. Keith, 298 Reggie D. Keith, 298 Christy P. Keller, 325 James M. Keller, 348 Carol J. Kelley, 375 loseph W. Kelley, 325 Michael Kelley, 298 Michael E. Kelley, 348 Ronald N. Kelley, 348 Andrew J. Kelly, 298 Jennifer L. Kelly, 375 Michael D. Kelly, 348 Lynn M. Kelsey, 375 Clarence L. Kemp, 375 Emma L. Kemp, 375 Gary L. Kemp, 349 James A. Kemp, 395 Jimmy H. Kemp, 325 Ruth A. Kemp, 326 Terry W. Kemp, 298 Vicki L. Kemp, 349 Connie S. Kendrick, 375 Jimmy R. Kendrick, 326 Ann E. Kennedy, 326 Arthur S. Kennedy, 119 Eamo B. Kennedy, 393 George O. Kennedy, 298 Laura J. Kennedy, 375 Lucky H. Kennemore, 349 Fred B. Kennett, 349 Janey L. Kennett, 375 Paul C. Kennett, 375 James T. Kennon, 298 Stephen B. Kennon, 375 Linda J. Kenser, 326 Peggy M. Kensinger, 326 Carolyn J. Kent, 349 Danny H. Kent, 349 Steve A. Kent, 375 Terry L. Kent, 375 Woodrow Keown Jr., 393 Carolyn F. Kerner, 349 Marilyn Kcrnodle. 326 Shelley L. Kernodle. 349 Clifton D. Kerr, 326 Mary K. Kerr, 298 Katheriene L. Kersey, 349 Timothy L. Kcrsev, 375 William R. Kmey, 375 Ronald H. Kersh. 326 Dennis A. Kersting, 326 Don R. Kesl, 119 Linda D. Kestner, 375 Diana L. Ketcham, 349 Gerald W. Ketchum, 298 Peggy J. Keton, 375 Virginia L. Kiefer, 349 Brenda C. Kieffer, 349 Jackie L. Kieffer, 375 Seth M. Kieffer, 298 Eric L. Kieffner, 326 Rosalie Kieltucki, 349 Barbara L. Kilburn, 349 Elizabeth A. Kilby, 326 Paul R. Killian, 375 Randy W. Killian, 349 Ricky D. Killingsworth, 326 Judith S. Kilman, 326 Karen L. Kimbro, 349 Deborah G. Kimbrough, 349 Kathy M. Kimbrough, 349 Brenda S. Kimmel, 298 Allen D. King, 326 Betsy A. King, 375 Carl King, 395 Claudie C. King, 326 Donald E. King, 326 Donald W. King, 326 Ernest R. King, 326 George R. King, 375 Maurice H. King Jr., 298 Michael L. King, 298 Pam J. King, 349 Peggy L. King, 298 Pennie C. King, 349 Robert S. King, 349 Sidney R. King, 349 Phillip D. Kingston, 298 Glen D. Kinkade, 326 Joyce K. Kinkade, 395 Rosemary Kinney, 349 Douglas C. Kinter, 375 Sandy L. Kirby, 375 Sara L. Kirk, 349 Donald R. Kirldand, 375 Joe S. Kirkland, 298 Kathy D. Kirldand, 349 William J. Kirkland, 326 Marilyn A. Kirkpatrick, 375 Otto R. Kirkpatrick Jr., 349 Vonda L. Kirkpatrick, 349 Sharon K. Kirksev, 349 Bill M. Kirkwood, 375 Glenda F. Kirkwood, 375 Richard T. Kirspel, 375 Morris L. Kisling, 375 Steve Kisling, 349 Thelma M. Kisling. 393 Timmv F. Kittany, 375 Terrv D. Kleeman, 375 Fred H. Kleihauer, 375 William J. Klutho. 375 Larry D. Knapp, 375 Teena L. Knepper, 375 Chris L. Knight, 298 David Knight, 119 Deborah S. Knight, 349 Reuben T. Knight, 298 Samuel W. Knight, 375 W. Tane Knight, 326 Gerald E. Kogelschatz, 349 Angela R. Roller, 298 James R. Koonce, 298 Susan C. Koonce, 375 William R. Koonce, 326 Judy M. Koons, 375 Jeffrey H. Koontz, 298 Roger L. Koontz, 298 Robert Koorstad, 298 Jean A. Koppenhaver, 375 Marvin E. Kortan, 326 Edward L. Kowalski, 349 Nancy M. Kramer, 375 James A. Kreis, 326 Michael W. Kreis, 375 Jane G. Krennerich, 298 Janet E. Krug, 395 Anake Kunthorn, 393 John S. Kuzepski, 326 Mose H. Kyle Jr., 298 Walter L. Kyle, 119 Shirley F. Lace, 375 Francis A. LaCroix, 298 Kenneth Lacy, 349 Gelinda K. Ladd, 326 Karen L. Ladd, 349 Teresa L. Ladd, 326 Katherine Laden, 326 Nancy C. LaFarlett, 326 Roland Joseph LaFrance, 375 Jeanne M. Lair, 375 John A. Lamar Jr., 326 Deloris R. Lamb, 375 Jack H. Lamb, 391 Janet A. Lamb, 298 Robert A. Lamb, 298 Sammy L. Lamb, 298 Dottie J. Lamberson, 298 Garry G. Lamberson, 298 Clarence W. Lambert, 298 Robert G. Lambert, 326 Dennis Carrol Lamberth, 375 Kathryn R. Lamberth, 395 Horace L. Laminack Jr., 326 Tom H. Lancaster, 349 Virgil R. Lancaster, 326 Melba D. Land, 299 Earl W. Landers, 395 Tommy J. Landers, 349 Carol Landis, 349 Nancy R. Landrum, 375 Michael B. Lands, 375 Jane A. Lane, 375 Lana E. Lane, 391 Patsy L. Lane, 375 Richard D. Lane, 299 Billie D. Laney, 349 James V. Laney, 299 Carolyn L. Lange, 326 Michael A. Langevin, 349 Roger D. Langley, 391 Danny Joe Langston, 299 Danny L. Langston, 349 Deborah J. Langston, 349 Garry G. Langston, 326 John Langston, 299 Larry R. Langston, 349 Melissa K. Langston, 349 Fred B. Lanier, 349 John M. Lanier, 326 Larry W. Lanier, 326 Kathie Ann Lantz, 375 Ruthann Lantz, 375 Dennis L. Lard, 326 Doug K. Lasley, 349 Janet King Latham, 375 Susie Latourette, 349 Nancy L. Laughter, 375 Jack R. Law, 375 Lonnie L. Lawler, 395 Mike Lawler, 375 Aubrey G. Lawrence, 395 Dwight B. Lawrence, 299 Jamie S. Lawrence, 349 Linda E. Lawrence, 112 Steve Lawrence, 375 Tommy D. Lawrence, 375 Debbi G. Lawson, 349 Don W. Lawson, 299 Larry Lawson, 299 Robert Vance Lawson, 395 William G. Lawson, 299 Joan M. Lay, 391 Ronnie D. L ayne, 375 Buddy J. Layton, 326 Ed Lea, 326 Glenda J. Lea, 349 James A. Lea. 299 Peggy Sue Lea, 375 Alvin Leach, 119 Glenn E. Leach, 326 Grace A. Leary, 349 Ron Lechtenberger, 349 Ryona D. LeClaire, 375 Eulalia D. Ledbetter, 326 Joseph M. Ledbetter, 375 Lynn Ledbetter, 375 Patricia M. Ledbetter, 393 Ruth A. Leder, 375 Debbie G. Ledford, 349 Nancy I. Ledgerwood, 375 Carolyn J. Lee, 375 Claude M. Lee, 299 Donna K. Lee, 299 Jerry D. Lee, 326 Mickey T. Lee, 375 Patsy D. Lee, 326 R. Wayne Lee, 349 Robert M. Lee, 375 Tony W. Lee, 375 William E. Lee, 376 Donald Loyd Leftwich, 349 Barbara Legate, 391 Kathy J. Legate, 349 David R. Lemmons, 326 David R. Lemonds, 393 David Lendennie, 376 Mary J. Lendennie, 376 James P. Lennox, 299 Dorodiy J. Leon, 349 Sandra L. Leonard, 349 Garry D. Lester, 299 Barbara A. Lewallen, 299 Kelly D. Lewallen, 349 Larry W. Lewallen, 349 Samuel M. Lewallen Jr., 326 Dale A. Lewelling, 326 Bert Lewis, 299 Florice K. Lewis, 376 Jacqueline L. Lewis, 376 John L. Lewis, 376 Karen F. Lewis, 376 Neal L. Lewis, 349 Patsy A. Lewis, 376 Perry Lewis, 349 Ronald Eugene Lewis, 376 William G. Lewis, 299 Tommi J. Lewonowski, 326 Bonnie T. Libhart, 326 Raymond E. Liddell, 349 William D. Lieblong, 326 Clayton S. Lightfoot, 376 Vikki L. Like, 376 Lee W. Lile, 326 Jackie L. Liles, 395 Ronald K. Liles, 299 Ronald E. LiUard, 349 Oscar L. Lilly, 376 David A. Limpach, 349 Joe W. Linam, 376 Linda S. Linam, 376 Martha K. Lindley, 349 Robert M. Lindley, 349 William W. Lindley, 299 Lou W. Lindsay, 349 Jimmy V. Lindsey, 326 Thomas J. Lindsey, 326 Elizabeth Ann Linebarier, 349 Dennis L. Lingo, 349 Velva J. Lingo, 376 Gregory A. Lipsmeyer, 349 Jimmy Lisko, 376 Linda C. Lisko, 326 Cheryl A. Litde, 299 Deborah M. Little, 299 James D. Little, 349 Randell N. Litde, 349 William F. Little, 326 Jacky Littlefield, 376 Mickey J. Littlejohn, 350 Jill Litzelfelner, 376 Judi M. Loberg, 119 Candy E. Lock, 376 Elizabeth R. Lockhart, 299 Floyd H. Lochhart Jr., 299 Sheryl E. Lockhart, 299 Stephen M. Lockhart, 299 Linda G. Loewer, 350 Charles M. Logue, 300 Steven B. Lomax, 395 Joan F. London, 393 Barbara J. Long, 300 Calvin W. Long, 350 Charles F. Long, 300 Coy L. Long, 350 Laura L. Long, 376 Ronald E. Long, 300 Thomas W. Long, 350 Woodrow Wilson Long, 376 Robert C. Looney, 350 Jean A. Lorance, 350 Lee E. Lorick, 300 John L. Loseman, 350 Kathryn M. Loser, 376 George H. Loucks, 350 Rebecca J. Louks, 326 Charles E. Love, 300 Deborah Y. Love, 395 Patricia Ann Love, 350 Ronnie R. Lovelady, 350 Wanda F. Lovelady, 376 Allen Lovell. 350 Barbara L. Lovell, 350 Jesse A. Lovins, 376 James S. Lowrance, 327 Douglas E. Lowrey, 327 Gayle A. Lowry, 395 Stuart E. Lowry, 376 Terry G. Lowry, 350 Debbie J. Loyd, 376 Mary Alice Luebke, 376 Norman W. Lueck, 376 Becky L. Lueken, 376 Chuck Luensmann, 350 John M. Lufcy, 350 Charles D. Lumsden, 327 Jacqueline J. Lunnie, 376 Richard L. Lunnie, 300 Robert L. Lunnie, 300 Sue Ellen Lupien, 327 Richard L. Lusk, 300 Michelle Luster, 350 Susan Luster, 350 Elizabeth Luten, 350 Joseph Randy Luten, 376 Dennis W. Luter, 350 Marilyn K. Luther, 376 Amy H. Lutterloh, 300 Paul B. Lutterloh, 350 Nancy E. Luye, 376 Gary W. Luzader, 300 Cindy S. Lynch, 376 Glenn E. Lynch Jr., 300 Michael D. Lynch, 327 Shar on E. Lynch, 300 Therese R. Lynch, 376 Charles D. Lynn, 376 Greig A. Lynn, 327 John S. Lynn, 350 Lucille Lynn, 350 Michael L. Lynn, 350 Rodney J. Lynn, 376 Barbara J. Lyons, 300 Lewis C. Lyons, 350 Ralph James Lyons, 350 M Albert Maas, 376 Linda M. Mabary, 300 Kay N. Mabry, 376 Gerald M. Macchi, 391 Danny D. MacDonald, 376 Terrye L. Maclin, 376 Massih S. Madani, 376 Harold A. Madden, 395 Dale E. Maddox, 327 Robert Joseph Maddox, 376 Marhence Madrargchar, 327 Vickie A. MaGee, 327 William E. MaGee, 327 Roba L. Maggard, 350 Nancy J. Magie, 376 Ezra E. Maglothin, 376 Patricia L. Maguire, 350 Sharron Mahaffey, 376 Michael A. Mahan, 376 Steve R. Mahan, 350 Gholamhossein Mahmoudi, 376 Dorothy J. Majors, 300 Jack H. Majors, 350 Betty Michele Malham, 327 Mike J. Malham, 376 Charlotte M. Malick, 327 Edwina A. Mallory, 300 Michael B. Mallott, 327 Steve T. Malloy, 395 Bobby W. Malone, 327 Roger D. Manasco, 300 Janet J. Manatt, 327 Jim D. Manatt, 327 John D. Manatt, 376 Sam R. Manatt, 327 Barbara J. Mangrum, 327 Sandra L. Manley, 119 Barbara E. Mann, 327 Ellen J. Mann, 376 Jimmy L. Mann, 300 Richard L. Mann, 350 Mary E. Manning, 327 Patricia A. Manning, 300 Phil M. Manry, 327 Brenda K. Mans, 300 Paul W. Marchant, 300 Barbara K. Marconi, 300 Linda J. Marconi, 350 Glen L. Marcum, 376 Deborah A. Margrave, 376 Phyllis E. Mariott, 376 Gary W. Mark, 395 Philip T. Mark, 376 Brenda J. Markin, 350 Garry D. Markin, 300 Susan Lee Marks, 350 Stephen D. Marlowe, 327 James F. Marotti, 327 Patricia L. Marr, 376 Randall L. Marsh, 350 Arleta L. Marshall, 376 Charles F. Marshall, 350 Joe T. Marshall, 376 Lana G. Marshall, 376 Richard L. Martel, 32 7 Brent W. Martin, 376 Catherine S. Martin, 300 Charles W. Martin, 327 Deborah J. Martin, 327 Donald P. Martin, 300 Floyd A. Martin, 301 lames R. Martin, 376 Jimmy D. Martin, 376 Johnnie L. Martin, 376 John W. Martin, 395 Louisa M. Martin, 350 Melvin E. Martin, 350 Michael G. Martin, 376 Patricia A. Martin, 301 Philip A. Martin, 376 Rheba F. Martin, 350 Ronald E. Martin, 376 Shirley A. Martin, 350 Susan Martin, 376 Teresa K. Martin, 376 Thomas C. Martin Jr., 376 Timothy A. Martin, 327 Catherine A. Martine, 350 George L. Martine, 391 Michael D. Mashburn. 350 Robert A. Mashburn, 350 Gary L. Masner, 301 Gary W. Mason, 376 Randall W. Mason, 376 Mike R. Massanelli, 376 Michael R. Massengill, 377 Barbara L. Massev, 350 Billy D. Massey, 301 Carol A. Massey, 301 Cleo G. Massey, 301 Johnny E. Massey, 327 Mary Jane Massey, 301 Sybil J. Massey, 119 Jan L. Masters, 350 Walter L. Masterson, 395 Glen E. Matheny, 327 Charles D. Mathews, 350 Penny L. Mathews, 377 Jimmy A. Mathis, 377 Cynthia R. Matthews, 395 Howard J. Matthews Jr., 327 Phillip W. Matthews, 350 Sarah R. Matthews, 350 Susan K. Matthews, 377 William W. Matthews, 377 Lily C. Mattmiller, 301 Debby A. Mauldin, 377 Gloria L. Mauldin, 377 Jimmie L. Maxfield, 327 John R. Maxwell, 301 Juanita F. Maxwell, 377 James E. May, 327 Jerry W. May, 301 Lanny A. May, 395 Lewis W. May, 327 Alma V. Mayfield, 350 Stephen R. Maynard, 350 Mark W. Mayo, 377 Michael A. Mays, 377 Sharon R. McAlister, 301 Norman W. McAnally, 327 Glenna A. McBride, 377 Jane E. McBride, 327 Steve D. McBride, 301 Barbara L. McBryde, 377 Gary A. McBryde, 119 Roger W. McCaghren, 327 Charles L. McCain, 350 Pamela J. McCain, 301 Roxie T. McCain, 301 Robert S. McCall, 350 Thomas H. McCall, 327 Donna S. McCallie, 350 Michael B. McCallie, 301 Dennis R. McCann, 377 Gary D. McCann, 301 Brenda S. McCarroll, 327 Ellen McChristian, 395 Karen J. McClain, 377 Ronnie T- McClain, 301 Thomas L. McClain, 301 Deborah Kay McClanahan, 377 Janet K. McClearn, 377 Carol S. McClelland, 350 Doyle W. McClelland, 377 Linda S. McClendon, 377 Cynthia G. McClintock, 327 Lana J. McClish, 350 Marilyn J. McCloud, 301 Barbara Louise McClure, 377 Lennis R. McClure, 350 James S. McCluskey, 395 Nancy C. McColley, 327 Betty L. McCollum, 327 Billy J. McCollum, 327 John W. McCollum, 377 Michael L. McConnaughey, 301 Edward E. McCool, 350 Bonnie L. McCord, 327 Robert E. McCord, 301 Thomas A. McCord, 327 Carol S. McCormick, 377 Lilian Dian McCormick, 301 Francis P. McCoy, 350 Harvey L. McCoy, 350 LaSandra J. McCoy, 301 Shirley A. McCoy, 377 Terry V. McCracken, 327 Lloyd Hershel McCracken, 377 Marilyn McCracken, 350 Richard T. McCright, 393 Darrell R. McCrillis, 327 Gerald D. McCrillis, 301 Deborah Jan McCullars, 301 Michael W. McCulley, 327 David L. McCullough, 350 Nelson W. McCullough, 350 Larry E. McCurley, 327 Paul G. McCutchen, 393 Barbara Carol McDaniel, 377 To Ann McDaniel, 350 Joe D. McDaniel. 301 Karen D. McDaniel, 350 Keith Lee McDaniel, 377 Linda G. McDaniel, 350 Michael Wayne McDaniel, 395 Mickey J. McDaniel, 350 Nancy K. McDaniel, 327 Phyllis L. McDaniel, 377 Robert B. McDaniel, 350 Rocky McDaniel, 327 Ronald K. McDaniel, 301 Ruth A. McDaniel, 112 Debbie G. McDermott, 327 Jan D. McDermott, 377 Betty J. McDonald, 377 Janie L. McDonald, 395 Karen L. McDonald, 377 Keith A. McDonald, 350 Jackie L. McDoniel, 350 Carolyn Sue McElrath, 327 Gerald W. McElrath, 301 Steve C. McElyea, 377 LaVonne G. McEntire, 327 Wilda K. McFall, 377 Barbara K. McFarland, 350 Phyllis D. McFarland, 112 Terrie Neal McFarland, 350 Bonnie J. McFarlin, 301 Karalee G. McFarlin, 350 Gary W. McGahhey, 327 Vincent P. McGarry, 377 Connie R. McGaughey, 301 Jerome H. McGee, 327 Judy McGee, 351 Shelton P. McGee, 327 Merryl C. McGhee, 377 Walter M. McGhehey, 351 Monica J. McGinnis, 377 David L. McGough, 301 Debbie D. McGough, 327 Rebecca J. McGough, 377 Sonja K. McGough, 377 Mary Karen McGowan, 377 Jackie Don McGrew, 327 Merle McGruder, 377 James M. McGuire, 327 Michael L. McGuire, 377 Richard W. McGuire, 377 Loretta D. McHaffey, 301 Pamala K. McHaffey, 327 Tommy A. McHan, 377 Martha Jean McHaney, 327 Tim L. McKamey, 351 Jerry E. McKay Jr., 351 Sharon K. McKeel, 377 Dwight E. McKenzie, 377 June V. McKinney, 351 Michael C. McKinney, 377 Regina S. McKisson, 327 Carol D. McKnight, 327 Edward H. McLain, 327 Patricia E. McLain, 377 Wilbur J. McLain, 301 Dee L. McLarty, 351 Patricia N. McLarty, 301 Donald L. McLaughlin, 327 Jo B. McLaughlin, 395 Robin McLaughlin, 351 Sarah Frances McMahan, 112 Larry G. McMaster, 301 Melvin D. McMasters, 302 Billy J. McMillion, 351 Bobby J. McMillon, 391 Peggy J. McMillon, 393 Denise McMullen, 377 MyTa K. McMullin, 377 McKinley L. McMurtrey, 377 Ralph D. McNair, 302 Robert L. McNair, 351 Robert E. McNeal, 327 Jerry S. McNeely, 377 Cathy L. McNeil, 327 John H. McNeill, 377 Phillip E. McNeill, 377 Sheila K. McNew, 327 Debra S. McNiel, 377 Mary E. McNulty, 377 Thomas J. McNulty, 393 Bertha J. McNutt, 377 Laura E. McNutt, 351 Martha J. McNutt, 377 Lanna K. McPherson, 351 Norman Stanley McPike, 396 Larry W. McQuirter, 377 Merry A. McSpadden, 391 Janice L. McWhirter, 378 Anne L. McWilliams, 327 Donna F. Meacham, 302 Robert M. Meacham, 351 Donna R. Mead, 351 Vicki L. Mead, 378 Cheryl A. Meade, 327 Clary D. Meador, 351 Evelyn I. Meadows, 378 Richard G. Meadows, 327 Mechaele K. Medearis, 351 Lonnie D. Medford, 328 Carla Diane Medley, 351 Genard Medley, 351 Glenda R. Medlin, 328 Daniel L. Medlock, 378 Michael E. Medlock, 328 Sara J. Meek, 112 Jerry G. Meeker, 328 Michael J. Meeks, 378 Allen R. Meier, 328 Barbara K. Meier, 302 Judy L. Meier, 302 " Mary C. Meier, 351 Wilbert J. Melancon, 112 David Kim Melton, 378 Garvin L. Melvin, 396 Rhonda L. Mendes, 351 Alexis A. Menke, 378 John A. Merck, 328 Rebecca A. Meredith, 119 Lloyd L. Merrell, 302 Dale A. Merrill, 378 Donnie L. Merriott, 378 Nunzio T. Messina Jr., 302 Edward L. Methenv, 378 Perry R. Metheny, 302 Ricky K. Metzger, 378 Henry F. Metzler III, 351 John Marc Metzler, 328 Steve R. Metzler, 351 Dennis Meyer, 302 Catherine H. Michael, 302 Earl J. Michael, 396 Melody A. Michael, 378 Joseph H. Mick, 328 Howard M. Middlecamp, 351 Linda J. Middleton. 119, 302 Robert L. Middleton, 378 Roy L. Middleton, 302 Paul E. Midkiff, 302 Elizabeth Ann Milam, 351 Michael C. Milam, 302 Ivan J. Miles, 351 Malcolm W. Miles, 378 Reggie L. Miles, 302 Larry S. Miley, 351 Phil W. Miley, 351 Billie T. Millard, 378 Alan G. Miller, 391 Beverley K. Miller, 302 Dennis W. Miller, 378 Dennis W. Miller, 378 Gerald Dennis Miller, 378 Hazel J. Miller, 351 Linda C. Miller. 302 Louis M. Miller, 351 Marian S. Miller, 328 Marsha D. Miller, 351 Mary A. Miller, 351 Mure! C. Miller, 328 Pam P. Miller, 328 Paul Dennis Miller, 378 Robert F. Miller, 328 Rosanne Miller, 351 Sammy R. Miller, 378 Shirley F. Miller, 302 Steve J. Miller, 328 William L. Miller, 378 William M. Miller, 378 Doug W. Milligan, 351 Lloyd W. Milligan, 378 Mary Alice Milligan, 378 Milladine L. Milligan, 351 Phillip W. Milligan, 351 Ronald D. Milligan, 378 Emma J. Milliner, 302 Karen R. Million, 328 Sharon K. Million, 328 Darrell MiDs, 302 Dorothy G. Mills, 378 James L. Mills, 302 Sandy K. Mills, 328 Tony M. Mills, 328 James Chris Miilwee, 328 William D. Miilwee Jr., 328 Gary W. Milner, 351 George M. Milner, 328 Shirley J. Milner, 328 Sarah J. Ming, 351 Charles W. Minor, 396 Joe H. Minor, 302 William. B. Minor, 391 Willie Towne Minor, 328 Donna K. Minton, 396 Joyce A. Minton, 302 Meade K. Minton, 302 Michael H. Minton, 378 Monty E. Minton, 378 Kathy A. Minyard, 378 James A. Mirabella, 351 George T. M. Mires, 351 Mary Anne Misenhimer, 378 Billy R. Mitcham, 378 Renonia V. Mitcham, 378 David A. Mitchell, 328 Eddie F. Mitchell Jr., 328 Georgia A. Mitchell, 328 lerry L. Mitchell, 119 Judith K. Mitchell, 378 Ken H. Mitchell, 351 Larry F. Mitchell, 328 Lawrence I. Mitchell, 302 Markay Mitchell, 351 Mercedes D. Mitchell, 302 Steve E. Mitchell, 351 Helen R. Mize, 328 Rebecca J. Mize, 378 Constance S. Mobley, 328 Lawrence E. Mobley, 351 Steve A. Modelevsky, 328 Karen Patricia Moffitt, 351 Dennis R. Molock, 378 Glenda K. Molock, 328 Massoud Momeni, 351 Houshang H. Momenian, 328 Manoeher Haji Momenian, 378 Allen D. Monday, 328 Michael D. Monday, 378 Robert L. Mondy, 351 Glenda J. Monk, 351 Patricia Ann Monk, 378 David L. Monroe, 302 George T. Monroe, 351 Carlton L. Montgomery, 328 David M. Montgomery, 328 Debora D. Montgomery, 378 Jack Montgomery Jr., 302 Lonny W. Montgomery, 378 Mark T. Montgomery, 396 Michael D. Montgomery, 396 Robert J. Montgomery, 378 Ernest C. Monts, 378 Charles E. Moody, 396 Danny L. Moody, 378 Donna K. Moody, 378 Janice Jo Moody, 328 Judy A. Moody, 378 Larry J. Moody, 378 Bonnie M. Moon, 302 James FI. Moon, 378 Violet B. Moon, 351 Gwindle W. Mooney, 302 Jerry D. Mooney, 378 Linda G. Mooney, 378 Barbara L. Moore, 351 Carol Moore, 328 David M. Moore, 378 Dennis M. Moore, 302 Diana L. Moore, 378 Donnie L. Moore, 378 Douglas E. Moore, 302 Gregory D. Moore, 351 Jean M. Moore, 378 Morris R. Moore, 328 Robert D. Moore, 378 Ronald D. Moore, 328 Ronnie W. Moore, 378 Standley L. Moore, 378 Thomas A. Moore, 328 Travis M. Moore, 351 Virginia E. Moore, 302 Virginia M. Moore, 328 Vivian L. Moore, 351 William D. Moore, 379 Willie Moore Jr., 351 Angelina Morales, 351 Sandra G. Morehart, 351 Alfred W. Morgan, 379 Bobby J. Morgan, 379 Boyd E. Morgan, 328 Carolyn E. Morgan, 379 Dewey L. Morgan, 302 Edward C. Morgan, 379 George D. Morgan, 351 Glenda K. Morgan, 393 Jennie K. Morgan, 379 Jennifer D. Morgan, 302 Johnny L. Morgan, 352 Lanny R. Morgan, 303 Larry E. Morgan, 303 Lorin F. Morgan, 379 Michael R. Moritz, 328 Roger L. Morphis, 379 Carol A. Morris, 352 Donna R. Morris, 328 Garry W. Morris, 328 James M. Morris, 303 Jane L. Morris, 379 Joseph L. Morris, 328 Judy A. Morris, 303 Larry C. Morris, 328 Marcia A. Morris, 379 Melvin J. Morris, 328 Mike Wayne Morris, 396 Ronald D. Morris, 352 Shirley Dianne Morris, 379 Thomas C. Morris, 352 Wanda E. Morris, 303 Daniel C. Morrison, 328 David M. Morrison, 328 Donny Ray Morrison, 328 Tommv J. Morrison, 379 William D. Morrison, 328 Joe L. Morrow, 303 Robert P. Morrow, 303 Everette E. Morton, 328 Joseph Kellv Moseley, 379 Danny H. Moser, 328 Paul R. Moser, 328 Sheilah S. Moser, 379 Mary L. Mosley, 119 William Clark Mosley Jr., 379 Debra J. Moss, 352 Mary E. Moss, 379 Sue Lee Moss, 303 Walter G. Moss, 379 William A. Moss, 352 Ali Mostafaui, 391 Stuart C. Moten, 303 Flora D. Moudy, 379 Ralph D. Mount, 328 Thomas O. Moyer, 328 Dave C. Muckensturm, 328 Jerry R. Muckensturm, 379 Garv D. Mueller, 328 Helen G. Mullins, 352 Marsha L. Mullins, 328 Michael S. Mumma, 328 Keith J. Munn, 328 Barbara Munos, 328 Richard M. Murch Jr., 328 Charles Murphv, 328 Gevan D. Murphy, 352 Harold E. Murphy, 352 Tames W. Murphy, 119 Karen R. Murphv, 328 Kathleen M. Murphv, 379 Mark E. Murphy, 352 Maureen A. Murphy, 379 Michael E. Murphv, 379 Philip T. Murphv, ' 352 Ronald D. Murphy, 379 Butch Murray, 328 Hughie J. Murray, 328 Kathryn O. Murray, 303 Kenneth S. Murray, 379 Phyllis J. Murray, 396 Blair M. Musbach, 379 Doris E. Myers, 379 Fonda R. Myers, 328 Hassel E. Myers Jr., 328 Jerry R. Myers, 328 N Berley Don Nail, 352 Graham L. Nance, 303 Janet E. Nance, 328 Billy E. Nash, 379 Ray Nassar, 379 Micheal R. Neal, 379 Vernon L. Neal, 352 Dean Alvin Nebben, 379 Molly M. Nebhut, 379 John E. Neeley, 328 Johnny M. Neeley, 329 Debby K. Neely, 379 Deborah A. Neely, 379 Floyd A. Neely, 119 Jimmy A. Neely, 352 Bruce E. Nelms, 352 James A. Nelms, 303 Billie J. Nelson, 352 Catherine R. Nelson, 379 Charles G. Nelson, 396 Cheryl J. Nelson, 329 Dale R. Nelson, 379 Dennis K. Nelson, 379 James F. Nelson Jr., 303 John B. Nelson, 329 John T. Nelson, 352 Robert H. Nelson Jr., 379 Sara J. Nelson, 379 Sheila R. Nelson, 352 Judy M. Nesbitt, 119 Terry Kieth Neugebauer, 379 Anthony B. Nevili, 352 Richard E. Newberry, 329 William T. Newberry, 303 Marion E. Newby, 379 Robin L. Newby, 352 Gary C. Newcom, 379 Larry Dale Newcom, 379 David M. Newingham, 352 Cecil D. Newman, 329 James R. Newsom, 379 Mary K. Newsom, 379 Michael E. Newton, 379 Phyllis M. Nicholas, 329 Bonnie J. Nichols, 119, 303 Craig Harold Nichols, 379 Henry F. Nichols, 303 Janis J. Nichols, 352 Johnny D. Nichols, 379 Larry E. Nichols, 303 Rebecca L. Nichols, 352 Carl G. Nicholson, 379 James L. Nicholson, 303 Jamie J. Nicholson, 379 jeffery D. Nicholson, 352 R. Rex Nicholson, 303 Richard A. Nicholson, 329 Judy J. Nickles, 303 P atricia Carol Niermann, 329 Fred E. Nimmo, 379 Louis J. Nisenbaum, 303 Gary P. Nix, 329 Janis L. Nix, 379 William R. Nix, 393 Esther R. Noble, 119 Terry L. ' Noble, 329 Kerry Lee Noble, 329 Patricia A. Noble, 379 Terry W. Noble, 329 Richard A. Nobles, 352 Anna Jean Noel, 329 James C. Nolan, 379 Steve P. Nolan, 352 Theresa C. Nolan, 329 Bobbv J. Noles, 352 Davie L. Noles, 379 Larnce R. Noles, 329 Larry J. Nooner, 352 Deborah Ann Norman, 352 Gary L. Norman, 352 Toy P. Norrid, 379 Paul E. Norrid, 352 Cathey M. Nonis, 379 Michael O. Nonis, 379 Mickey A. Nonis, 329 Richard H. Nonis, 329 Jeny R. North, 329 Neshe E. North, 379 Debra Gail Northcutt, 379 Don R. Northcutt, 303 Donna L. Northcutt, 329 Linda K. Northen, 352 Gail J. Norton, 379 James M. Norton, 329 Timothy Norton, 379 Thomas Lynn Norvell, 352 Lana J. Nowell, 329 Dewey L. Nowlin, 396 Lulu M. Nuce, 112 Mary G. Nunn, 329 Donald Nunnally, 352 Ronald Nunnally, 352 o Diane B. Oates, 396 lohn Oates II, 352 Melinda J. Oates, 352 Nelwyn Oates, 379 Debra K. Obsitnik, 329 Ronnie Lee O ' Cain, 379 Ava Marilyn O ' Dell, 352 Lany S. O ' Dell, 352 Thomas V. O ' Dell, 379 William J. O ' Dell, 379 Rhonda A. Oden, 379 Michael L. O ' Donell, 329 John N. Ogletree, 329 Diane Oguin, 379 Robert E. O ' Kane, 379 William H. O ' Kelley, 393 Gary B. Oldham, 303 William A. Oldham, 303 Linda J. Olds, 379 Terry F. Olds, 303 Jack L. Oliver, 304 Mickey W. Oliver, 379 Westley A. Oliver, 352 Ronald L. Olson, 352 Barbara S. Oltmann, 379 Dale H. Oltmann, 393 David D. Oltmann. 352 Linda K. Oltmann, 353 Sara Jane Oltmann, 304 William F. Oltmann, 329 Dana S. Olvey, 379 James E. O ' Neal, 329 Rodney Lelon O ' Neal, 380 Gary D. Ormsby, 329 Michael R. Orosz, 380 William E. On, 380 Wilma J. On, 304 Simone A. Ortega, 304 M. Lynn Orton, 304 Jerry D. Osbon, 304 Gary L. Osborn, 352 Judith L. Oskowis, 329 Elizabeth T. Osment, 329 Sandra J. Osment, 352 Vicki D. Ott, 380 Ernest M. Overbey Jr., 329 Kathy J. Overman, 352 Martha E. Overstreet, 380 Michael L. Overstreet, 380 William Keith Overstreet, 352 Tames M. Overton, 304 Jan S. Ovven, 304 Karen K. Owen, 380 Michael R. Owen, 329 Rodney K. Owen, 304 Ronny C. Ovven, 304 Jake C. Owens III, 396 James M. Owens, 352 James P. Owens, 380 Oscar T. Owens, 380 Rodney P. Owens, 329 Stanley J. Owens, 380 Thomas R. Owens, 329 Debbie R. Oxford, 352 Linda C. Oyler, 352 Mary L. Oyler, 380 Gloria T. Ozbirn, 304 Judy Ozbirn, 380 Mike E. Ozbun, 380 P James C. Pace, 352 Mary S. Pace, 352 Richard L. Pace, 380 Terry A. Pace, 329 Diane Page, 352 Melvin J. Palmer, 393 Murrell E. Palmer, 393 Raymond M. Palmer, 352 Vickie L. Palmer, 380 Carolyn J. Pangle, 380 William D. Pankey, 380 William Lee Panneck, 380 Rita C. Pannell, 352 Vickie L. Pannell, 304 John T. Pardew, 304 Ann R. Parham, 304 Charles E. Parham, 352 Barry L. Parish, 329 Sandra K. Park, 353 Shirley D. Park, 380 April J. Parker, 353 Kathy D. Parker, 353 Louise Parker, 329 Lloyd E. Parker Jr., 329 Melvin D. Parker, 391 Michael K. Parker, 380 Patricia LaKaye Parker, 353 Shirley H. Parker, 380 Tom A. Parker, 353 Vicki M. Parker, 329 WinfredE. Parker, 391 Audrey C. Parks, 396 Daniel L. Parks, 380 Stanley R. Parks, 353 T. Gene Parmenter, 304 Deborah A. Parmer, 353 Doris J. Parnell, 304 Sandra Gail Parnell, 304 John W. Panish, 380 Mary M. Parsons, 329 Larry L. Parten, 329 Sharon G. Parten, 329 Theodore Parten, 353 Larry J. Partin, 329 John H. Partney, 329 Victor C. Paseur. 380 James E. Pate, 353 Michael Edward Pate, 380 Charlotte Patterson, 112 Fletcher C. Patterson, 353 Janet L. Patterson, 380 Lewana D. Patterson, 329 Linda F. Patterson, 119 Linda F. Patton, 353 Terry L. Paul, 380 William C. Paul, 329 Cynthia L. Payne, 329 Jerry W. Payne, 329 Michael D. Payne, 329 Viki L. Payne, 304 William R. Payne, 329 Charles R. Pearce, 329 Dwight D. Pearce, 304 Rodger A. Pearce, 380 Rhonda J. Pearcy, 380 Millie Pearle, 329 Louise A. Pearson, 304 Michael J. Pecotte, 329 Sharon Pederson, 380 Esther Ann Peebles, 380 James D. Peeler, 329 Sharon C. Pegg, 353 Tom E. Peifer, 380 Delva J. Pellev, 329 Diane Pelts. 329 Joy G. Pendergrass, 304 Ronald H. Penn, 330 Ludy M. Penna, 380 Bruce D. Pennington, 353 John G. Pennington, 330 Rovce G. Pennington, 304 Timmy M. Perciful, 380 Tames Michael Peresta. 353 David D. Perkins. 380 James Richard Perkins, 380 Julie M. Penifall. 396 Charlotte T. Penin, 112 Tony Penin, 353 John R. Perrine, 330 Almeta Peny, 353 Corrinna G. Perry, 330 Harvey Doyne Perry, 380 Larry G. Perry. 304 Michael Perry, 353 Phyllis A. Perry, 353 Robert G. Perryman, 380 William E. Person, 380 David D. Peters, 380 Jennifer S. Peters, 396 Mary H. Peters, 353 Shelby J. Peters, 380 Dennis P. Peterson, 380 James K. Petty, 353 Kathy H. Petty, 353 Roger A. Petty, 353 Johnny A. Peyton, 380 Patsy M. Pevton, 330 Richard A. Phaup, 396 Pamela S. Phelps, 380 Robert M. Phelps, 396 Fred Anthony Philbrook. 380 Allison C. Phillippe, 330 Alvin K. Phillips, 304 Candice B. Phillips, 304 Debbie A. Phillips, 380 Gary R. Phillips, 380 Grisham A. Phillips, 305 Tohn F. Phillips, 391 John R. Phillips, 305 Michael L. Phillips, 353 Paul F. Phillips, 380 Peggy B. Phillips, 305 Romele B. Phillips, 380 Shelby Phillips Jr., 380 Susan L. Phillips, 305 Teresa L. Phillips, 305 William R. Phillips, 305 Lowell D. Philp, 330 Carl J. Phipps, 330 Patricia A. Phvfer, 305 Barbara Ann Piatt, 305 Larry W. Pickett, 396 Mary V. Pickett, 380 Charles E. Pickney, 305 David E. Pickney, 380 Linda K. Pickney, 353 Nancy L. Pickney, 353 Chester G. Pierce, 330 Dannve L. Pierce, 305 John C. Pierce, 380 John L. Pierce, 353 Marcella B. Pierce, 305 Mary G. Pierce, 330 Michael E. Pierce, 305 Nevyle G. Pierce Jr., 353 Steven A. Pierce, 380 Steven R. Pierce, 380 Terry L. Pierce, 330 Thomas R. Pierce, 305 Valerie M. Pierce, 380 Rose M. Pierceall, 380 Brenda K. Pieri, 380 Paul Pienon, 396 Charles M. Pigg, 353 Shelley M. Pike, 353 Roselee Pillow, 305 Lloyd C. Pinchback, 380 Timmy L. Pinkston, 330 Judy Ann Pinkston, 380 Roger D. Pitchford, 305 Garv E. Pitts, 380 Linda J. Pitts, 353 Diane L. Plafcan, 380 Nancy H. Plumlee. 305 Connie S. Pobst, 353 Deborah A. Poe, 380 Debbie S. Poff, 393 Betty J. Poindexter, 1 12 Jasper L. Poindexter, 380 Bruce E. Poleet, 330 Patricia A. Poleet, 330 Steven S. Pollack, 380 Arlene J. Pollard, 112 Barbara PL Pollard, 380 Julia A. Pollard, 353 Barbara A. Polsgrove, 330 David L. Polsgrove, 330 Robert H. Pond, 330 Diana J. Poor, 305 Joseph G. Pope, 380 Larry J. Pope, 353 Marguerite Pope, 353 Susan L. Pope, 380 Joseph D. Popham, 353 Ronald Earl Popp, 330 Brenda T. Poppe, 380 John Porbeck, 353 Billy R. Porter, 353 Elsie E. Porter, 380 Teresa K. Porter, 305 Gary G. Pospisil, 353 Robert E. Post, 330 Judith A. Potter, 305 Judy M. Potts, 353 Mark W. Potts, 305 Deborah Kay Pounders, 380 Elaine M. Povolish, 330 Anita J. Powell, 353 Donna L. Powell, 305 Jewelline Powell, 353 Larry K. Powell, 305 Mary E. Powell, 380 Pamela A. Powell, 381 Robert Powell. 353 Susan J. Powell, 353 Tommy L. Powell, 353 Linda Jo Powers, 353 Connie A. Prance, 330 David C. Pratt, 396 Harold A. Pratt, 381 Lynda K. Pratt, 381 Pamela J. Pratt, 353 Paul L. Pratt, 381 Richard F. Pratt, 353 Robert J. Pratt Tr., 353 Sara A. Pratt, 330 Stephen A. Pratt, 353 Birdie I. Prentice, 112 Beth I. Presley, 353 Judye D. Presley, 330 Sam D. Presley, 381 Karla J. Presson, 381 Kathie B. Presson, 330 Terry D. Prewitt, 330 Janice Carol Pribram, 381 Danny D. Price, 381 Donald B. Price, 381 Elizabeth K. Price, 381 Gala J.Price, 381 Tames M. Price, 381 Joel A. Price, 353 Linda S. Price, 330 Michael L. Price, 353 Neil T. Price, 330 Reba K. Price, 330 Shelia A. Price, 381 Deborah R. Prichard, 305 Richard R. Prichard, 381 Stephen J. Prichard, 353 William T- Prichard, 305 Tohn M. Priday, 381 Charles F. Pridmore, 305 Sandra K. Priest, 305 Tames L. Prince, 353 Oscar E. Prince, 353 Richard M. Prince, 305 Michael P. Prislovsky, 396 Phylliss D. Pritchard, 381 Donna B. Privett, 353 Phillip E. Privett, 381 Guy L. Proctor, 396 Ronald L. Proctor, 330 Dannv Lvnn Proffitt, 353 lane E. Prothro, 381 Christine H. Provost, 396 Harold K. Prude, 381 Edward G. Prvor, 396 Cathv M. Puckett, 381 Joan M. Puddephatt, 305 Marianne Pugh, 330 George A. Pardy, 305 Janie R. Purdy, 119 Walton David Purdv, 305 Teddv W. Pylant, 330 Q Ken R. Quackenbush, 330 Gary B. Quails, 381 Michael L. Quails, 305 Steve F. Quails, 381 Teddy G. Quails, 305 John K. Quick, 381 Noel Quinn, 381 Peggy A. Quinn, 381 Randy W. Quinn, 330 Ronald f. Quinn, 330 R Jerry M. Raborn, 330 Nosratollah Rafiee, 330 Kerry ' G. Ragins, 381 Wendell R. Ragsdale, 305 Elizabeth M. Ragsdell, 353 Jim Ragsdell, 330 Frank E. Raines, 330 Matthew M. Rainey, 305 Nena E. Rainey, 330 Stanley W. Rainwater, 353 Paula ' S. Ralaford, 330 Rebecca A. Raley, 305 Raymond E. Ramirez, 330 Rickey T. Ramsey, 381 Sheiron J. Ramsey, 306 Tim Ramsey, 381 Tony B. Ramsey, 330 Timothy M. Rand, 353 Jacqueline Range, 353 Carolyn A. Rankin, 381 Karen R. Rankin, 381 William E. Ransdell, 353 Audrey L. Rapert, 112 Melinda Rapert, 306 Rex C. Rasberry, 381 Rita E. Rasberry, 381 Robert K. Raspberry, 381 Calvin T. Ratliff III, 353 Larry J. Radiff, 330 Diane E. Ratton, 113 Pamela A. Rawlings, 330 Jimmie D. Rawls, 306 Paula J. Rawls, 330 Anita I. Ray, 306 Anita S. Ray, 381 Billy D. Ray, 353 David S. Ray, 330 Glenna M. Ray, 306 Kathi C. Ray, 381 LaDonna J. Ray, 353 Larry L. Ray, 330 Lena V. Ray, 330 Michael A. Ray, 381 Rex D. Ray, 306 Robert E. Ray, 306 Sarah D. Ray, 306 Terry S. Ray, 306 Carolyn V. Rayburn, 396 Dwight S. Rayburn, 381 Penelope A. Raymond, 306 Rodney Rea, 330 Richard D. Reagon, 381 Jack D. Reaper, 381 Doris J. Reasoner, 381 Linda L. Reaves, 306 Rebecca A. Reaves, 330 Ruth L. Reaves, 330 Sharon K. Rea vis, 396 Herman R. Recaide, 396 Barbara J. Redd, 330 LiUis L. Redd, 306 Rose A. Redd, 330 Terry R. Redden, 353 Carlos E. Reddick, 381 Harold L. Reddick, 306 Teddy N. Reddick, 330 Linda S. Reding, 381 James C. Redmond, 306 David P. Reece, 396 Joseph C. Reece, 330 Juanita J. Reece, 306 Kylene Reece, 381 Dennis W. Reed, 306 Janet L. Reed, 381 Janet Lynn Reed, 381 Judith A. Reed, 306 Nancy K. Reed, 306 Nancy L. Reed, 306 Thomas W. Reed, 381 David F. Reese, 381 Malcholm Reese, 381 Mary J. Reese, 331 Steven Reese, 381 Barbara G. Reeves 381 Cathy J. Reeves, 353 Guinda L. Reeves, 381 Johney M. Reeves, 381 Katherine Reeves, 353 Larry E. Reeves, 353 Lee £. Reeves, 331 Barbara A. Reginelli, 353 David P. Reid, 353 Ernest J. Reid, 331 John L. Reid, 381 Richard S. Reid, 393 Anita L. Reilly, 306 Jerrold W. Reiman, 331 Melissa A. Reiman, 381 Charles E. Reinhart, 331 Gerard J. Reis, 331 Charles D. Relyea, 331 Gary J. Renck, 381 M. Bonita Renfro, 381 Barbara D. Reng, 306 Judy L. Rennicke, 353 Ronald J. Rennicke, 306 Suzanne Rettig, 354 Bryan D. Reuteler, 382 Elwyn H. Reuteler, 113 Mark A. Revord, 354 Cathy E. Reynolds, 354 Donna Reddell Reynolds, 382 Helen K. Reynolds, 382 James Reynolds, 331 Jimmy R. Reynolds, 331 Kimberly M. Reynolds, 382 Rosa M. Reynolds, 354 Sandra D. Reynolds, 119 Janet S. Rhein, 113 John P. Rhein, 382 Darrel W. Rhoads, 331 Charles O. Rhodes, 354 Deanna R. Rhodes, 354 Nancy E. Rhodes, 354 Yvonne Rhodes, 331 Gary W. Rial, 306 George H. Rial, 331 Carolyn Rice, 382 Janice G. Rice, 331 David W. Richards 393 Fran W. Richards, 382 Beth A. Richardson, 382 Cindy L. Richardson, 382 Gary L. Richardson, 331 John F. Richardson, 382 Karen M. Richardson, 331 Larry K, Richardson, 306 Lonnie R. Richardson, 354 Mary K. Richardson, 354 Pamela M. Richardson, 382 Robert D. Richardson, 382 Ronnie L. Richardson, 331 Rucker F. Richardson, 331 Terry L. Richardson, 382 Nancy L. Richie, 382 Paul D. Richmond, 382 Terry P. Richmond, 382 Ellen Ridge, 382 Kenneth R. Ridgeway, 306 Patricia A. Riggs, 331 Paula R. Riggs, 354 Debra A. Riley, 382 Gregg L. Riley, 396 Martha L. Riley, 354 Richard L. Riley, 354 Thomas A. Riley, 382 William A. Rilev, 354 Lin M. Rima, 382 Danny G. Ring, 382 Donna L. Ring, 382 George C. Ring Jr., 354 Richard G. Ring, 331 Sheila A. Ring, 382 Connie J. Risby, 306 Brenda Ritchey, 331 Jackie R. Roach, 393 Teresa D. Roach, 382 Terri L. Roark, 382 Alantha A. Robb, 354 Lyndall Robbins, 382 Nancy C. Robbins, ll9 Larry W. Roberson, 382 Sarah M. Roberson, 33 1 Larry L. Robert, 306 Frankie D. Roberts, 331 Gary B. Roberts, 331 Gregory P. Roberts, 306 Jerry L. Roberts, 382 Judy K. Roberts, 382 Kenneth C. Roberts, 354 Leslie B. Roberts, 382 Marian J. Roberts, 354 Norman E. Roberts Jr., 331 Patsy J. Roberts, 306 Rita M. Roberts, 382 Sherry Y. Roberts, 382 Charles R. Robertson, 382 Dennis M. Robertson, 382 John B. Robertson, 382 Kay Robertson, 382 Ronald K. Robertson, 331 Steve D. Robertson, 331 William J. Robertson, 382 Deborah N. Robeson, 306 Charles Robinett, 382 Jackie E. Robinett, 306 Kitty W. Robins, 331 Thomas D. Robins, 331 Carl W. Robinson, 331 Cecil D. Robinson, 354 Dana B. Robinson, 391 Donna L. Robinson, 354 Douglas H. Robinson, 382 Gale L. Robinson, 331 Garry L. Robinson, 331 Linda F. Robinson, 331 Nancy D. Robinson, 331 Norman N. Robinson, 331 Patricia A. Robinson, 331 Richard B. Robinson, 382 Wendy K. Robinson, 331 Fred L. Robken III, 306 Mary L. Rock, 331 Rick M. Rodery, 354 Terry L. Rodery, 331 Claudia L. Rodgers, 119 Curtis L. Rodgers, 306 Kenny D. Rodgers, 354 Sherrell L. Rodgers, 390 William G. Roe, 331 Alice S. Rogers, 382 Anna M. Rogers, 306 Bera A. Rogers, 354 Carey W. Rogers, 354 Carl A. Rogers, 306 Deborah R. Rogers, 331 Dennis E. Rogers, 331 Don E. Rogers, 331 Eddie J. Rogers, 307 Elva J. Rogers, 331 Elvin B. Rogers, 119 Eric J. Rogers, 396 Frances F. Rogers, 396 Gary L. Rogers, 382 Gaylon R. Rogers, 331 Harrell W. Rogers, 391 James B. Rogers, 331 Jean Rogers, 354 Jerry D. Rogers, 391 J. Mike Rogers, 307 Joyce E. Rogers, 331 Kay Rogers, 354 Max D. Rogers, 396 Nathaniel Rogers Jr., 382 Richard H. Rogers, 382 Robert S. Rogers, 382 Sharon K. Rogers, 392 Teresa D. Rogers, 382 Wilma V. Rogers, 307 Jerry D. Roland, 331 Christy R. Rolfe, 382 Chris D. Rolle, 331 Charles W. Rollings, 307 Katherine A. Rollins, 354 Nancy A. Rollins, 331 Ronnie D. Rollins, 382 Mark H. Roltsch, 354 Frank S. Rondone, 382 Dickey A. Rook, 354 Rickey D. Rook, 307 John D. Rooker, 382 Lois R. Rooker, 354 George E. Rooks, 382 James P. Roper, 382 Kevin R. Rorick, 354 Linda S. Rorie, 307 Gary D. Rose, 307 Hugh W. Rose, 382 Mike L. Rose, 382 Nancy M. Rose, 331 Robert E. Rose, 331 Ronald G. Rose, 331 Charles G. Ross, 354 Cindy G. Ross, 354 Harry B. Ross, 307 Jack K. Ross, 354 lohn M. Boss, 382 John S. Ross, 307 Mary S. Ross, 382 Hossein Rostami, 354 Barbara M. Rounds, 331 David A. Rounsavall, 331 Janice E. Rounsavall, 113 Timothy M. Ro use, 354 Andrew B. Rousey, 354 Wilma E. Rousey, 383 Connie M. Routon, 331 Judith D. Routon, 383 Charles V. Rowe, 307 Dennis Rowe, 383 Scott W. Rowell, 331 John M. Rowland, 354 Kandy Cayce Rowland, 354 Schuler B. Rowland, 354 Beverly Ann Rowlett, 383 Bobby N. Rowlett, 354 Jaquita L. Rowlett, 383 Stanley A. Rowlett, 331 Bonnie S. Rowley, 383 James R. Roy, 307 Martha L. Roy, 354 Susan A. Rozzell, 331 Jimmie C. Rucker, 383 Gretchen A. Rudkin, 307 Dave P. Ruebsam, 307 Vicki L. Ruegger, 383 Larry D. Ruffin, 383 James D. Rumble, 383 Virginia D. Rumble, 383 David H. Runk, 307 Carol A. Runnels, 331 Tommy G. Runnels, 331 Roy S. Runsick, 307 Lora A. Runyan, 307 Robert N. Runyan, 307 Nancy L. Runyon, 307 Cathy L. Rupard, 331 Ruth A. Rupard, 383 Donna J. Rush, 383 Larry B. Rush, 383 William C. Rush, 383 Dollie N. Rushing, 383 James L. Rushing, 383 Jimmie A. Rushing, 354 John L. Rushing, 383 Sam M. Rushing, 331 Barbara A. Russell, 393 Barry G. Russell, 331 Donna K. Russell, 383 Freddy C. Russell, 307 John P. Russell, 354 Julie G. Russell, 383 Teddy L. Russell, 383 Dale W. Russom, 331 John D. Rutherford, 383 Mary A. Rutherford, 383 John R. Rutledge, 354 Michael E. Rutledge, 331 Gary E. Ryan, 307 John R. Ryan, 354 Sherry K. Ryan, 307 Robert E. Ryder, 383 Jerry B. Rye, 383 Willie Bruce Rylant, 331 S Jeffrey R. Sackett, 331 Ronny L. Saddler, 383 Bill M. Sadler, 354 Hayden L. Sadler, 331 John F. Sain, 331 Leroy Sain Jr., 354 Lark E. Sallee, 307 Mark T. Sailings, 354 Pamela K. Saltzman, 354 Cullen L. Samford, 383 Keith Samford, 383 Lanny R. Samford, 354 Danny B. Sample, 383 Mike D. Sample, 383 Roy F. Sample, 383 Deborah J. Sampley, 383 Ardith J. Samuels, 383 Anna M. Sandbothe, 396 Deborah M. Sanders, 354 Donna A. Sanders, 331 James D. Sanders, 307 James H. Sanders, 354 James H. Sanders, 383 Robert B. Sanders, 331 Sherry B. Sanders, 383 Herb A. Sanderson, 307 Sara L. Sanderson, 383 Jack L. Sandlin, 307 Jenny L. Sandlin, 383 Grady K. Sandusky, 308 Raymond Saranie, 308 Linda K. Sartini, 331 June C. Sauheaver, 383 Earnest L. Saunders, 354 Tony R. Sauser, 354 Lorraine D. Savelli, 308 Gregory E. Sawyer, 308 Jimmy R. Sawyer, 332 Louis G. Sawyer, 393 Marilyn F. Sawyer, 332 Barbara G. Sbrilli, 119, 308 Don W. Scaife, 383 Priscilla E. Scanlon, 308 Gene Scarborough, 354 Janice R. Scarbrough, 308 Randolph E. Scarbrough, 354 John A. Schaefer, 332 Robert W. Schafer, 308 Noel W. Schaffer, 354 Elizabeth Scharff, 354 Roger S. Sc himming, 332 Darryl L. Schlenker, 332 Brent H. Schlesier, 383 Sharon I. Schlesier, 383 Faith Schmidt, 383 Frank M. Schmidt, 383 Russell K. Schmidt, 308 Wayne F. Schmidt, 383 Katrinka A. Schmitt, 354 Marshall E. Schmitt, 383 David G. Schneider, 308 Patricia A. Schrader, 332 Lindy S. Schroeder, 383 Mike A. Schug, 383 Janet D. Schwamb, 332 Alan H. Scott, 383 Ann K. Scott, 354 Arleen O. Scott, 354 Diana B. Scott, 390 Danny L. Scott, 332 Denise S. Scott, 383 Floyd L. Scott, 383 Frances I. Scott, 383 Gary A. Scott, 383 Kenny D. Scott, 308 Larry L. Scott, 383 Lesa L. Scott, 354 Linda J. Scott, 383 Michael B. Scott, 332 Michael N. Scott, 354 Patrick J. Scott, 354 Robyn D. Scott, 308 Roger G. Scott, 383 Rose C. Scott, 383 Tim B. Scott, 332 Vicky L. Scott, 383 Susan A. Scrape, 383 Randy L. Screws, 308 Douglas Scrivner, 383 Claude G. Scroggins, 332 Martha J. Scroggs, 383 Richard E. Scroggs, 332 John J. Scurto, 354 John W. Seagraves, 383 Judy F. Seals, 308 Danny F. Sears, 354 Phyllis L. Sears, 383 Susanna G. Seaton, 383 Frances Seay, 354 Stan B. Seba, 383 Judy C. Sebastian, 354 Jimmy R. Sebring, 354 Mickey H. Seeman, 383 James D. Self, 332 Debra J. Sell, 383 Lonnie E. Selvidge, 354 Mary P. Senteney, 383 Robert M. Senteney, 396 Sandra K. Senter, 383 Joan M. Servis, 354 Marcia L. Settlemoir, 332 Ramona J. Severe, 383 Betsy A. Sewell, 383 Darrel D. Sexton, 396 Larry A. Sexton, 332 Lindy Sexton, 308 Sandra L. Seymour, 354 Robert O. Shafer, 308 Elizabeth Shaneyfelt, 383 Paula M. Shaneyfelt, 383 Richard F. Shannon, 384 Sharon K. Shannon, 384 Wright Shannon, 384 Dyan R. Sharp, 113 Laurie Sharp, 384 Paula L. Sharp, 332 Jerry L. Sharpe, 308 Larry A. Sharpe, 308 Bonnie S. Shaver, 384 David P. Shaver, 332 Peggy S. Shaw, 384 Carolyn R. Sheals, 355 Danny S. Sheals, 332 Richard H. Shearer, 308 Mark D. Sheehan, 332 Donald E. Sheffer, 355 Bettye R. Shelton, 355 Bobby G. Shelton, 384 Debbie Shelton, 113 Genna G. Shelton, 355 Marilyn S. Shelton, 332 Pamela Shelton, 332 Patricia Shelton, 332 Ruth A. Shelton, 332 Sandra K. Shelton, 332 Susan A. Shelton, 332 Patrick R. Shepard, 384 Dan M. Shepherd, 308 Frank L. Shepherd, 332 Michael E. Shepherd. 308 Mary S. Shepherd, 384 Thomas C. Shepherd, 355 Glenn E. Sheridan, 332 Ralph A. Sheridan, 355 Ronnie B. Sherman, 384 Freddy L. Sherrell, 332 Bobby J. Sherrill, 332 Glenn D. Sherrill, 355 Janet L. Sherrill, 355 Danny O. Shields, 308 William T. Shipman, 332 Paul D. Shirley, 308 Phillip E. Shirley, 355 Almus W. Shivley Jr., 332 Mary E. Shockelford, 355 James E. Shockley, 308 Randy L. Shoemake, 332 Roger P. Shollmier, 308 Randy E. Shopher, 309 Marilyn O. Short, 384 Roy E. Short, 355 Terry L. Short, 309 Judy B. Showalter, 355 Ken K. Showalter, 309 Patsy A. Shownes, 332 William W. Shownes, 384 Wallace R. Shrader, 309 Gary A. Shreve, 392 Grady D. Shropshire, 384 Teresa L. Shuler, 396 Charles W. Shulk, 332 Steven D. Shults, 355 Douglas B. Shultz, 309 Sarah L. Shumpert, 355 Mikki L. Side bottom, 355 Donna B. Sides, 384 Mark E. Sieving, 355 Denise F. Sigmin, 396 Woodrow W. Sigmin, 332 Steven T. Sigsby, 309 Aired C. Siler, 384 James E. Silkwood, 384 Kenneth.R. Simington, 355 Hank Simmons, 355 James E. Simmons, 322 John Simmons, 384 Johnnie A. Simmons, 384 Karen Simmons, 384 Ralph E. Simmons, 384 Rosie M. Simmons, 332 Debra J. Simpson, 355 Jimmy W. Simpson, 332 Julie L. Simpson, 332 Mary V. Simpson, 355 Robert M. Simpson, 384 Roger Simpson, 355 Shelia V. Simpson, 355 Sherman D. Simpson, 384 Annette Sims, 332 Glen S. Sims, 384 Randy R. Sims, 396 Sarah L. Sims, 332 Gary S. Sinacore, 392 Ann M. Singleton, 332 Joan Singleton, 355 Larry J. Singleton, 309 Robert A. Singleton, 355 Robert T. Singleton, 119 Brenda K. Singley, 332 Carla S. Singley, 384 Jerry W. Sisco, 355 Roy L. Sisco, 384 Rhonda S. Sissom, 355 Phillip L. Sitcler, 384 Daniel E. Sites, 355 Randy J. Skarda, 355 Kathy S. Skelton, 355 Steven Skillern, 309 Jesse T. Skinner, 355 John J. Skinner, 355 Steve M. Skinner, 384 Robert M. Slabaugh, 355 Janice F. Slagley, 355 James E. Slater, 332 David R. Slaton, 309 Gary D. Slaton, 384 Judy A. Slatton, 309 Samantha Slaughter, 384 James E. Slaw, 384 Elke Slayton, 119 Elbe Slentz, 384 Mary E. Sloan, 309 Patti M. Sloan, 384 Phyllis J. Sloan, 309 Jim W. Smaliey, 384 John W. Smalling, 384 Nell Smart, 332 Pamela J. Smart, 309 Stephen C. Smart, 355 Greg D. Smelser, 355 Jimmy D. Smelser, 332 JoAnn Smelser, 309 Bobby L. Smiley, 309 Alan B. Smith, 355 Alma L. Smith, 384 Audrey K. Smith, 309 Barney G. Smith, 332 Betty C. Smith, 332 Betty L. Smith, 309 Betty R. Smith, 332 Bobby J. Smith, 384 Bonnie M. Smith, 355 Bonnie S. Smith, 309 Charles L. Smith, 332 Charlotte B. Smith, 355 David B. Smith, 355 David E. Smith, 332 David L. Smith, 309 Debbie R. Smith, 384 Deborah J. Smith, 384 Deborah L. Smith, 309 Deioise L. Smith, 309 Dennis D. Smith, 384 Donald E. Smith, 384 Donnie E. Smith, 384 Dorothy A. Smith, 384 Dorothy J, Smith, 332 Flynn Smith, 355 Freddie L. Smith, 396 Gary D. Smith, 355 Gary M. Smith, 355 Gary W. Smith, 384 Gloria J. Smith, 384 Guy M. Smith, 332 Gwendelene B. Smith, 384 Hal P. Smith, 119 Harvey L. Smith, 309 James A. Smith, 332 James H. Smith, 355 James M. Smith, 355 Janice A. Smith, 332 Janis I. Smith, 384 Jeanay Smith, 355 Jeff D. Smith, 332 Jerry L. Smith, 392 Jimmy R. Smith, 384 Joseph D. Smith, 309 Judy L. Smith, 332 Kathleen D. Smith, 332 Kenneth C. Smith, 309 Kerry L. Smith, 384 Larry A. Smith, 355 Lee A. Smith, 355 Leon C. Smith, 332 Lewis G. Smith, 309 Linda A. Smith, 309 Lonnie O. Smith, 355 Michael R. Smith, 384 Michael V. Smith, 332 Olen D. Smith, 355 Peggy J. Smith, 309 Peggy J. Smith, 332 Phil G. Smith, 309 Phillip K. Smith, 384 Rav A. Smith, 332 Rebecca L. Smith, 384 Rhonda F. Smith, 309 Richard F. Smith, 355 Robert M. Smith, 309 Rodnev M. Smith, 384 Roger D. Smith, 355 Rozland A. Smith, 384 Stephen A. Smith, 332 Steven O. Smith, 384 Thomas J. Smith, 332 Thomas R. Smith, 355 Thurman M. Smith, 332 Vicky J. Smith, 355 Willis E. Smith II, 332 Letty B. Smollen, 309 John C. Smoot, 384 Rickev Smotherman, 355 John F. Snapp, 384 Naomi B. Sneed, 392 Patricia L. Snell, 384 Vincent O. Snell, 355 James Scott Snellgrove, 309 Pamela A. Snellgrove, 384 Sandra J. Snellgrove, 384 Thomas S. Snelson, 355 Dewey J. Snider, 332 Paul J. Snider, 384 Gregory James Snodgrass, 384 Glenda Faye Snoiv, 384 William G. Snowden, 356 Richard L. Snyder, 332 Joseph T. Sobecki, 384 Lloyd E. Somers, 356 Kennels R. Sorrels, 356 Karen R. South, 384 Wilma D. South, 332 Steve T. Sovvell, 332 Carrie E. Spades, 309 Debra S. Spain, 384 Kathy D. Spann, 356 Jerris Gale Sparks, 356 Joel S. Sparler, 356 Kathy Spaulding, 332 James E. Speakman, 384 Vertie M. Spearmon, 396 Brenda S. Spears, 332 Carla E. Spears, 396 Tom VV. Specht, 384 Karen M. Speck, 333 Mary J. Specking, 384 Emmett R. Speed, 384 Lacy M. Speed, 333 Nancy Ruth Speir, 384 Jim D. Spence, 333 Paula C. Spence, 333 Richard S. Spence, 356 Talmage V. Spence, 333 Cathy J. Spiegel, 384 Ronnie VV. Spiegel, 356 Carl F. Spieler, 333 Pamela J. Spikes, 356 Sara S. Spikes, 333 Meredith J. Spinks, 333 Rodney J. Spinks, 384 Becky L. Spotts, 385 Teresa Gad Spotts, 309 Steven B. Springer, 396 Bennie G. Spurlock, 309 Gregory N. Spurlock, 333 Paula A. Spurlock, 310 Stanley E. Spurlock, 385 Susan L. Spurlock, 385 Stephen M. Squibb, 310 Robert Russel l Squires, 385 Margaret M. Stack, 310 Dona G. Stacks, 385 Billy B. Stacy, 310 Glendon C. Stacy, 385 Jimmy D. Stacy, 356 Sharon K. Stacv, 333 Julia M. Stafford, 385 Tony L. Stafford, 385 Ted E. Staggs, 385 Charles David Stake, 310 lames H, Stake, 392 Thomas E. Stalcup, 356 Sara L. Stallcup, 333 Carol J. Stallings, 356 Helen L. Stallings, 356 Kenneth N. Stallings, 356 Michael D. Stallings, 310 Vickv L. Stallings, 385 Patti A. Stamp, 356 Pamla A. Stamper, 385 Michael H. Stanage, 356 Cheryl A. Standefer, 385 David B. StandfilL 385 Scott W. Standley, 385 Michael F. Stanfield, 333 Bobby M. Stanley, 310 Deborah L. Stanley, 385 Willi am R. Stanton, 310 Frank W. Staples, 390 John K. Stark, 356 Roger C. Stark, 310 Terry L. Stark, 393 Sally L. Starkcy, 356 Glenda J. Starling, 333 Sandra K. Starnes, 385 Patti D. Starr, 385 M. D. Staton, 333 Patricia ]. Staub, 333 Debbie C. Steele, 385 Rex J. Steele, 333 Roger D. Steele, 310 William N. Steele, 333 Conna G. Steen, 385 Rickv D. Steen, 385 Hubert C. Steimel Jr., 310 Billie E. Steinkamp, 385 Robert K. Steinmetz, 385 Molliiean Stephens, 310 David H. Stephenson, 385 James D. Stephenson, 333 Chariene Sterne, 310 Michael E. Stetson, 310 Deborah L. Stevens, 385 Deborah L. Stevens, 385 Susan L. Stevens, 385 Daniel Richard Stevenson, 333 James P. Stevenson, 356 Janice G. Stevenson, 385 Arnold Lee Steward, 310 Carolyn Stewart, 310 Diana M. Stewart, 356 Howard L. Stewart, 310 Jean F. Stewart, 310 Jerry A. Stewart, 385 Karan J. Stewart, 356 Kathleen Stewart, 356 Maria L. Stewart, 333 Ricky Allen Stewart, 385 David K. Stiles, 385 ferry D. Stiles. 385 To N. Stiles, 385 Rick E. Stiles, 333 Dwight E. Still, 333 Gary D. Still, 310 James Stilwell, 310 Cary W. Stimson, 333 Robert E. Stirewalt, 310 Joe C. Stocks, 333 Marcella Stockton, 310 Judith L. Stogsdill, 333 Jeff D. Stokes, 356 Sandy R. Stokes, 385 Charles R. Stone, 385 Clauson R. Stone, 356 Lynda E. Stone, 310 Tommy M. Stone, 385 Zack T. Stone III, 310 Tames E. Storey Jr., 333 Renee D. Story, 385 Charles H. Stotts Jr., 396 Paul W. Stotts, 356 Carl E. Stough, 385 Harry L. Stout, 333 Warren G. Stout, 356 Beverla J. Stovall, 310 Sandra G. Stovall, 356 Deborah L. Stowe, 310 Tames R. Strait, 333 John W. Street, 385 Thomas D. Street, 333 Charlotte J. Strickland, 333 Maycine Strickland, 393 Rubv Virginia Strickland, 310 Stephen Y. Strickland, 385 Frank D. Stringer, 333 Rosanna M. Strong, 333 Vickie D. Strong, 333 Roger W. Stroud, 310 Sharon F. Stroud, 385 Steven L. Struble, 310 Kenneth D. Stuart, 333 Mellisa Jean Stuart, 385 Rickey A. Stubbs, 385 Gail Stuck, 333 Beverly D. Stuckey, 356 David L. Studie, 333 Linda C. Studie, 385 Susan M. Stuever, 385 Paul J. Stultz, 310 Donna R. Stumbaugh, 385 Georgeanne Stump, 356 Janice Diane Stump, 385 Ellen M. Sturch, 356 Toangelia Sturch, 385 Shari D. Sturch, 385 Dannv R. Sturkie, 392 David W. Suiter, 385 Kenneth S. Sulcer, 356 William M. Sulcer, 333 Perry P. Sullins, 310 Dan A. Sullivan, 333 Gary D. Sullivan, 356 Jerry R. Sullivan, 356 Jimmy D. Sullivan, 392 Patricia Ann Sullivan, 385 Ronnie J. Sullivan, 385 Dennis P. Summers, 333 William T. Summers, 396 Mary L Summitt, 385 James R. Sumner, 333 Aubrey N. Sumpter, 310 Roger Dennis Sumpter, 385 Ferry J. Sumpter, 310 Marsha G. Surbaugh, 385 Martha Lee Surber, 385 Mary F. Surber, 356 Gary W. Surles, 396 James M. Surratt, 333 Patti L. SutterHeld, 385 Debra K. Sutton, 396 Deena J. Sutton, 386 Kirk L. Sutton, 333 Mary L. Swaim, 333 Jerry L. Swain, 333 Kenneth W. Swain, 386 Wanda V. Swain, 333 Betty S. Swan, 386 Kenneth L. Swanson, 310 Tommy H. Sweat, 356 Bobbye J. Sweatt, 333 Sarah E. Swicegood, 333 Glenn G. Swift, 333 Davine B. Swihart, 310 Cynthia L. Swindle, 356 Elizabeth P. Swindle, 311 Phillip M. Swindle, 311 Marcus L. W. Swinson, 311 John H. Swope, 333 Harry E. Sylar, 333 Douglas C. Szenher, 3 1 1 T Jacquelyn Tabron, 356 Jama E. Tacker, 3 1 1 Mike H. Tacker, 333 Bill E. Tackett, 356 Dave V. Tackett, 356 Nancy J. Taff, 311 Susan M. Tainter, 386 David A. Talbot, 386 Debbie J. Talburt, 386 Jeannie A. Talburt, 386 Christopher S. Tanner, 393 James H. Tanner, 333 Patricia A. Tanner, 356 Donald W. Tapp, 356 Debra G. Tarkington, 386 Max V. Tarkington, 386 Lilbern D. Tarlton, 356 Billy R. Tarpley, 311 James E. Tart, 311 Cynthia L. Tarver, 311 Judith G. Tarver, 386 Judy G. Tarzi, 356 Everett L. Tate, 356 Regina G. Tate, 311 Vaughn L. Tate, 386 Alvin L. Taylor Jr., 392 Bobbie Jean Taylor, 333 Cleda D. Taylor, 396 Clinton Joe Taylor, 311 Debbie A. Taylor, 356 Deborah F. Taylor, 333 Dennis E. Taylor, 333 Donna S. Taylor, 356 Dorothy K. Taylor, 386 Felix Donald Taylor, 311 Guv A. Tavlor Jr., 356 Jan R. Taylor, 311 Jim H. Taylor, 386 Larry A. Taylor, 333 Lewis R. Taylor, 396 Lloyd S. Taylor, 334 Magalene Tavlor, 311 Marjorie L. Taylor, 113 Michael V. Taylor, 311 Mike S. Taylor, 334 Patricia D. Taylor, 386 Patricia L. Taylor, 386 Peggy A. Taylor, 311 Rebecca Jane Taylor, 334 Robert B. Taylor, 334 Robert M. Taylor, 356 Rodger D. Taylor, 386 Ronald Taylor, 386 Sherrie A. Taylor, 386 Stephen T. Taylor, 386 Terry G. Taylor, 386 Van M. Taylor, 334 Yvonne M. Taylor, 386 Gary L. Teague, 356 Karen K. Teague, 334 Lanny R. Teague, 356 Larry R. Teague, 334 Phyllis Dianne Teague, 386 Dennis C. Teel, 356 Cynthia L. Tempel, 386 James W. Temple, 311 Robert Lynn Templeton, 356 Anne T. Terkeurst, 119 Norman K. Terrell, 396 Ada L. Terry, 386 Michael L. Teter, 356 Brenda C. Thacker, 356 Phyllis L. Thames, 386 Danny H. Tharp, 334 Jimmy D. Tharp, 386 Terry D. Tharp, 334 Charles D. Thaxton, 334 Freddy J. Thiel, 386 Larry E. Thiel. 386 Janieca A. Thielemier, 386 William G. Thielemier, 334 Tames W. Thieme, 386 Alan Ray Thomas, 334 Billy Thomas, 386 Catherine L. Thomas, 386 Charles D. Thomas, 311 Deborah K. Thomas, 386 Donna G. Thomas, 356 Edward R. Thomas, 334 Exa W. Thomas, 334 George Kelly Thomas, 334 Janice Marlene Thomas, 356 Teana Lea Thomas, 334 John M. Thomas. 386 Tulia E. Thomas, 386 Kenneth B. Thomas, 357 Lillie M. Thomas. 334 Patrick A. Thomas. 334 Rickey D. Thomas, 334 Ronald W. Thomas, 386 Shirley J. Thomas, 334 Steve H. Thomas, 386 Terry R. Thomas, 3 1 1 Tim A. Thomas, 357 Wayne R. Thomas, 334 William E. Thomas, 311 Gary W. Thomen, 357 Alfred F. Thompson, 386 Beth C. Thompson, 396 David E. Thompson, 311 Edward H. Thompson, 386 Emma Jo Thompson, 357 George M. Thompson, 311 James M. Thompson, 386 Jan E. Thompson, 386 Janet P. Thompson, 311 Jerry K. Thompson, 357 Jimmy D. Thompson, 311 Joe R. Thompson, 386 John E. Thompson, 334 Larry E. Thompson, 334 Larry E. Thompson, 396 Larry W. Thompson, 396 Michael N. Thompson, 311 Nancy L. Thompson, 334 Ray N. Thompson, 334 Robynne A. Thompson, 396 Ronald P. Thompson, 386 Ruby Dell Thompson, 357 Sister Dolorita Thompson, 386 Teresa T. Thompson, 334 Tommy L. Thompson, 312 William C. Thompson, 386 Jettye L. Thornbrough, 334 Lloyd W. Thornton, 386 James R. Thorpe, 386 Dennis E. Thrasher, 312 Donley C. Threet, 312 Laura D. Threet, 386 David J. Throesch, 334 Charles O. Throgmartin, 396 Danny A. Throgmartin, 396 Kenny H. Throgmartin, 396 Mary Susan Throgmartin, 334 Edra N. Thurmond, 386 Rebecca L. Tidwell, 357 Jeannie D. Tiffee, 357 Carl R. Tillery, 386 Debra L. Tillery, 119 Harold D. Tilley, 312 Rebecca M. Tilley, 392 Beverly K. Tillman, 357 Marilyn Dianne Tillman, 334 Windell L. Tillry, 386 Billy Don Tiner, 312 Lanny R. Tinker, 334 Lida A. Tinker, 357 Deborah K. Tinkle, 334 James E. Tinnin, 357 Michael D. Tinsley, 357 Roger D. Tinsley, 312 Sheila M. Tipton, 312 Mark P. Tisdale, 386 Anne T. Todd, 386 Linda K. Todd, 334 Mary J. Todd, 357 Stephanie J. Todd, 357 Susan M. Todd, 386 Vickie L. Todd, 357 Kenny J. Tolbert, 334 Brenda L. Tollison, 357 Wendell P. Tolson, 334 William J. Tomerun, 334 Frankie L. Tomlinson, 386 Lena S. Tomlinson, 312 Leonard Toms, 334 Frank J. Toney, 312 Stephen M. Toney, 334 Gerald W. Tong, 312 Gay E. Toombs, 357 Rebecca E. Toombs, 357 Jerry Toone, 387 Susan E. Toone, 387 Sue Topp, 357 James C. Toriusen, 312 Barbara J. Townsend, 387 Dennis E. Townsend, 312 Deborah T. Tracer. 334 Constance E. Trammel, 334 Jerry D. Trammell. 387 Charlotte A. Trantham. 357 Michael D. Tranthham, 387 Carolyn M. Trask, 357 Ed F. Travis, 396 Jerry M. Travis, 119 Joseph H. Treadway, 387 Larry W. Treadway, 334 Diana Treece, 312 Stevie J. Treece, 357 Twilla M. Treece, 387 Timothy L. Treier, 387 William H. Treneman, 334 Bobbie L. Trible, 387 Linda G. Trimue, 119 Travis M. Trimue, 357 Suzanne Tripod, 396 Jerry N. Tripp, 396 Maurice L. Trites, 334 Ronald D. Trivitt, 334 Marsha K. Troillett, 334 Terry J. Trost, 396 Robert M. Trotter, 312 Richard W. Truax, 312 Cynthia E. Truxton, 312 Rickv E. Tubbs, 357 Alice E. Tucker, 387 Charles L. Tucker, 312 Janis A. Tucker, 334 Peggy S. Tucker, 312 RollieD. Tucker, 357 Susan G. Tussle, 387 Tohn T. Tull, 334 Nancy L. Tull, 357 Patricia A. Tull, 334 Ollie A. Turman, 113 Sharron K. Turman, 392 Isaac J. Turnbo, 396 Charles D. Turner, 357 Fred H. Turner, 357 Gussie L. Turner, 334 Gwendolyn Turner, 334 lohnnie L. Turner, 392 Larry E. Turner, 387 Linda S. Turner, 387 Martha D. Turner, 357 Michael E. Turner, 387 Rhonda F. Turner, 387 Robert B. Turner, 312 Sammy E. Turner, 334 Tommy G. Turner, 312 William G. Turner, 387 Karen L. Turney, 387 Lomer G. Turney, 334 John E. Turpin, 387 William W. Turpin, 334 Michael P. Tuseth. 357 Ruth A. Tuseth, 396 Lois A. Tusing, 312 Barbarenette Twillie, 357 Deborah H. Tye, 357 Steve B. Tye, 312 Carol A. Tyer, 334 Rodnev L. Tver, 334 David D. Tyler, 312 Brenda L. Tyler, 334 Jan L. Tyler, 312 Lanny W. Tvler, 3 1 2 Terry M. Tyler, 335 U Natee Udomsri, 335 Erma D. Ulmer, 357 Jerome P. Unser, 387 Steve A. Upshaw, 357 Ronald Wesley Upton, 357 Roy E. Urfer, 387 V Andy E. Vaccaro, 335 Emmanuel C. Valencia, 393 Ted L. Valentine, 357 Henry Lynn Vance, 313 Howard E. Vance, 335 Ruby J. Vance, 357 Donald E. Vancil, 335 Anita Joy Vandiver, 387 James C. Vandiver, 387 T ravis E. Vandon, 387 Dennis E. Vangilder, 387 Regenia L. Vangilder, 357 Lendall L. Vannada, 313 Belinda H. Vanpelt, 335 Charlene E. Van Pelt, 335 Ruth Louise Van Pelt, 3 1 3 Marsha E. Vansandt, 387 Deborah A. Varnadore, 313 Linda K. Varnell, 313 Marilyn L. Varnell, 387 Jerry J. Varvil, 335 Pamela S. Vassar, 396 Thomas W. Vaughan, 335 Ernie Lee Vaughn, 396 James M. Vaughn, 335 Marcia J. Vaughn, 357 Robert A. Vaughn, 357 Steve C. Vaughn, 387 Samuel D. Vaught, 392 David D. Veara, 392 John M. Veazey, 387 Robert C. Velasco, 392 Martha J. Venetta, 387 Lynn M. Vicchio, 357 Lindbergh Vickers, 357 Rubin Wayne Vickery, 387 Jerry L. Vincent, 335 Ruby M. Vines. 313 Susan C. Vines, 313 Troy A. Vines, 387 Georgene L. Voeller, 357 Joe A. Vojcik, 387 Charlotte Lee Volk, 313 Thomas S. Vondran, 313 Walter A. Vore, 357 Donald G. Voyles, 313 Nicholas C. Vrettos, 313 Jimmy W. Vuncannon, 335 W Steven A. Waalkes, 387 Garry L. Waddell, 335 Wesley L. Waddell, 387 Patricia Lynn Waddle, 393 Karen J. Wadley, 396 Michael H. Wafford, 357 Timothy Waggoner, 387 D. Glenn Wagner, 313 Jimmy D. Wagster, 313 John Michael Wagster, 387 Barbara E. Wahl, 313 Patricia G. Wainscott, 357 Leslie K. Walden, 392 Connie J. Walker, 387 Dana C. Walker, 335 David B. Walker, 387 Garry W. Walker, 313 George G. Walker, 387 James C. Walker, 357 John S. Walker, 387 Larry E. Walker, 357 Lloyd W. Walker, 357 Mary L. Walker, 387 Meredith L. Walker, 335 Michael J. Walker, 313 Michael K. Walker, 357 Peggy J. Walker, 313 Scott D. Walker, 387 Seena L. Walker, 396 Sharon L. Walker, 335 Steve A. Walker, 387 Thomas L. Walker, 313 Warren L. Walker, 357 Donald W. Wallace, 387 Donna E. Wallace, 392 Francys B. Wallace, 313 John D. Wallace, 357 Linda M. Wallace, 392 Michael S. Wallace, 387 Sherry L. Wallace, 313 Weldon A. Wallace, 313 Gary L. Waller, 335 James W. Waller, 335 Robbie K. Wallin, 387 Bilbrey J. Wallis, 387 Barry L. Walls, 313 Karen L. Walls, 357 Marshall D. Walls, 313 Fred Walpole, 357 Diane J. Walter, 387 Judy M. Walter, 357 Charles D. Walters, 387 Patsy F. Walters, 387 Robert D. Walters, 387 Paulette Walton, 335 Brenda J. Wagenstein, 335 Kathv Warbington, 335 Aubrey J. Ward, 387 Dane Ward, 387 David B. Ward, 335 Elizabeth Ward, 387 Judy A. Ward, 387 Keith E. Ward, 396 Larry D. Ward, 357 Linda Kave Ward, 335 Melissa C. Ward, 387 Pam G. Ward, 313 Phvllis S. Ward, 387 Walter E. Ward, 335 Michael J. Warden, 335 Carol E. Warfield, 357 Carole A. Warren, 313 Catherine R. Warren, 335 Doris Warren, 313 Linda J. Warren, 1 1 3 Michael E. Warren, 387 Anna L. Washam, 357 Dale D. Washam, 313 Leveta A. Washam, 396 Betty A. Washington, 387 Elizabeth H. Wasson, 357 Ralph Waters, 357 Brent E. Watkins, 313 Chanda L. Watkins, 387 Gary D. Watkins, 357 Haron H. Watkins, 387 Tommy Watkins, 313 Beverly A. Watson, 357 Dennis R. Watson, 335 Don E. Watson, 357 Elizabeth N. Watson, 335 Terry C. Watson, 357 Terry Wayne Watson, 387 Jonathan G. Watson, 357 Karen S. Watson, 396 Larry G. Watson, 313 Lee Clinton Watson, 387 Marcia A. Watson, 357 Michael D. Watson. 313 Nora L. Watson, 335 Reba Lynne Watson, 387 Rick Joe Watson, 387 Susan A. Watson, 335 Richard H. Watts, 313 Glenda J. Way, 357 James Edward Way, 335 Bobby R. Waymire, 387 Janet L. Waymire, 387 Deby Waymon, 387 RexAnn Waymon, 392 Gwen B. Weathers, 335 Rocky G. Weaver, 357 Sandra E. Weaver, 335 Sheila L. Weaver, 387 Sheila R. Weaver, 387 Candace A. Webb, 357 David L.Webb, 313 Elvis O. Webb, 387 Mary L. Webb, 335 Melanie E. Webb, 387 Sharon F. Webb, 357 Carolyn A. Weber, 388 Lon G. Webber, 357 Charles D. Webster, 313 Dennis E. Webster, 335 Douglas N. Webster, 357 Howard R. Weeks, 335 Margaret S. Weeks, 313 Estella Weems, 388 Jerry Wayne Weems, 388 Sharon B. Wegman, 314 George C. Weir, 335 I,ouise Weitkamp, 314 Jerry R. Welch, 335 Larry E. Welch, 335 Reva D. Welker, 314 David R. Wellman, 358 Danny L. Wells, 335 Joe M. Wells, 388 Sandra L. Wells, 388 Sherry L. Wells, 358 Kathleen M. Werner, 314 Kathy E. Wesche, 388 Claude G. West, 358 Tames D. West, 335 James P. West, 358 Jimmie L. West, 388 Roger S. West, 358 Ruth E. West, 388 Stanley West, 396 Steve A. West, 388 Terry W. West, 388 Thomas E. West, 358 William O. West Jr., 388 Cynthia A. Westbrook, 388 Dianne C. Westbrook, 358 Franklin E. Westbrook, 388 Aria Dawn Westerfield, 388 Larry Westmoreland, 358 Tonv G. Weston, 388 Cheri Lee Wetzel, 388 Fred S. Wetzel, 335 Chris P. Wewers, 358 Dickv Wheeler, 335 Toy A. Wheeler, 335 Judy C. Wheeler, 358 Phyllis Kaye Wheeler, 388 Ronald A. Wheeler, 335 Thomas H. Wheeler, 358 Walter M. Wheeler, 314 Ron L. Whelchel, 314 Johnny P. Wherry, 314 Debra C. Whisenhunt, 314 Sarah J. Whistle, 314 Mary A. Whitaker. 314 Penv D. Whitaker, 314 Alveda L. White, 335 Anna M. White, 388 Carolyn E. White, 1 1 3 Charles N. White, 335 Claude D. White, 388 Connie S. White, 388 Curtis L. White, 335 Danny Edwin White, 358 Deborah K. White, 388 Ernestine White, 388 Hannah K. White, 388 Jackie R. mite, 358 James H. White, 358 John H. White, 396 John M. White, 335 Johnny White, 335 Larry Darrell White, 388 Marcia Gayle Wnite, 358 Michael L. White, 388 Michael P. White, 335 Patricia A. White, 388 Randall L. White, 335 Richard C. White, 388 Timothy J. White, 388 Vickie A. White, 358 Judy G. Whiteaker, 388 Cherry L. Whitehead, 335 Michelle A. Whitehead, 388 Linda K. Whitener, 335 Marilyn W. Whitfield, 358 Terry H. Whiting, 314 Bruce H. Whitley, 388 Emelyn K. Whitley, 358 Gary L. Whitley, 314 Freddie Whitlock, 388 James B. Whitlow, 335 Billy L. Whitmire, 358 David R. Whitmire, 388 Jesse W. Whitmire, 388 Ronny D. Whitt, 314 Harry L. Whitted, 358 Loyce D. Whorton, 388 Gaylord H. Widner, 388 James Larry Wiedeman, 314 Jim D. Wiens, 388 Kathy S. Wiggins, 388 Stephen R. Wiggins, 388 Travis L. Wiggins, 335 La Wanda M. Wilborn, 390 Sharon K. Wilborn, 335 J. L. Wilburn, 335 Charles E. Wilcox, 388 Dennis R. Wiles, 314 Garry E. Wiies, 388 Homer E, Wiles, 335 Larry E. Wiles, 388 Mary C. Wiles, 335 Theresa L. Wiles, 388 Pamela R. Wiif, 335 Sherry J. Wilhite, 335 Vince B. Wilhite, 335 Boyce W. Wilkerson, 358 Don C. Wilkerson, 335 Douglas Wilkerson, 358 Paul D. Wilkerson, 388 John H. Wilkes, 358 David G. Wilkie, 335 Ssrita S. Wilkins, 388 Shcrrv D, Wilkins, 335 Thomas A. Wilkins, 388 Thomas W. Wilkins, 335 Pamela K. Wilkinson, 388 Harold A. Wiikowsky, 358 Henry A. Wilks, 388 Mary J. Wilkockson, 393 Betty C. Willcox. 335 Charles C. Willhite, 335 Susan P. Willhite, 335 Patricia J. Willett. 388 Alfred A. Williams, 335 Allen Williams, 335 Alonzo D. Williams, 336 Aubrey Williams Jr., 394 Bettv J- Williams, 336 Beverly A. Williams, 392 Carolvn A. Williams, 358 Catherine Williams, 388 Charles K. Williams, 358 Clyde W. Williams, 336 Curt W. Williams. 336 Diane A. Williams, 314 Dwight M. Williams, 358 Gail Williams, 336 J. H. Williams, 388 Jackie L. Williams, 358 Jacqueline R. Williams, 388 Jacqulin C. Williams, 358 James E. Williams, 314 James R. Williams, 397 Janet M. Williams, 336 Janice M. Williams, 388 Jerry Aubrey Williams, 388 Jerry G. Williams, 358 Joe A. Williams, 388 Johnny M. Williams, 336 Johnny M. Williams, 358 Joseph R. Williams, 314 Kenneth R. Williams, 358 Kiven M. Williams, 388 Larry G. Williams, 358 Leonard O. Williams, 388 Lynda D. Williams, 388 Marvin R. Williams, 358 Nathaniel D. Williams, 358 Norma S. Williams, 388 Patricia A. Williams, 336 Phillip D. Williams, 388 Ray R. Williams, 358 Regina K. Williams, 397 Rodney D. Williams, 336 Ronnie L. Williams, 388 Sherrill A. Williams, 336 Shirley A. Williams, 314 Sue J. Williams, 397 Tommy Williams, 388 Vernon L. Williams, 388 Vicki A. Williams, 388 Charles E. Williamson, 336 Cindy Williamson, 358 Bobby V. Willie, 358 Beverly Willis, 358 Carolyn Willis, 336 Glen R. Willis, 358 Robert L. Willis, 388 Ronald E. Willis, 397 Shirley V. Willis, 113 Steven S. Willis, 336 Mary L. Willmuth, 392 Anna Marilyn Willoughby, 358 Diana K. Wilmoth, 388 Albert S. Wilson, 358 Bobby E. Wilson, 358 Daniel G. Wilson, 397 David E. Wilson, 314 Diana I. Wilson, 397 Doris S. Wilson, 388 ElfieE. Wilson, 336 Gary Wavne Wilson, 336 Harold L. Wilson, 388 James D. Wilson, 388 James G. Wilson, 392 James H. Wilson, 388 Jane Wilson, 314 Jerry W. Wilson, 314 Jimmy B. Wilson, 388 John M. Wilson, 397 John M. Wilson, 336 Mark K. Wils on, 314 Mary H. Wilson, 388 Norma G. Wilson, 358 Sharon Wilson, 314 Teresa D. Wilson, 389 Wayne C. Wilson, 389 Ricky A- Wimberly, 314 James E. Winberry, 336 Larry C. Winberry, 314 Pat R. Winchester, 389 Robert O. Winchester II, 336 Van D. Wineland, 336 Gary L. Winfrey, 389 Dennis R. Wingert, 314 Raymond Wingo, 336 Vicky A. Winkles, 358 Barbara N. Winn, 314 Rickey J. Winningham, 389 Robert H. Winningham, 358 Hans Winters, 336 Delbert L. Wisdom, 314 Nina F. Wisdom, 389 Beverly A. Wise, 336 Georgia Charlene Wise, 314 Harold Dennis Wise, 397 Daniel O. Wiseman, 358 Edward A. Wiseman, 358 Freddy G. Wiseman, 389 Janet L. Witcher, 358 Larry Jay Witcher, 392 Rick A. Witcher, 336 Susie E. Witt, 389 Eugene L. Wittlake, 336 Linda Sue Wixson, 336 Thomas E. Wofford, 336 Thomas L. Wofford Jr., 336 Bill Womack Jr., 314 Marilyn A. Womack, 358 Ricky L. Womack, 358 Robert W. Womack, 314 Sherry D. Womack, 314 Carlos Gene Wood, 358 Craig D. Wood, 314 David E. Wood, 358 Douglas R. Wood, 336 Glenn W. Wood Jr., 393 James A. Wood, 389 Janet Wood, 393 John B. Wood, 336 Linda J. Wood, 389 Marie A. Wood, 336 Mary J. Wood, 389 Nora Wood, 389 Peggy L. Wood, 358 Phyllis R. Wood, 358 Roberta J. Wood, 314 Susan P. Wood, 315 Vandolyn L. Wood, 389 Walter Edward Wood, 358 Karen L. Woodall, 358 Alice J. Woodard, 358 James W. Woodard, 336 Randy G. Woodard, 389 Thomas N. Woodell, 393 Donald R. Woodham, 389 Martha D. Woodham, 315 Gerald L. Woodruff, 389 Melissa J. Woodruff, 389 Stephen O. Woodruff, 315 Timothy C. Woodruff, 389 Bobby D. Woodrum, 336 David L. Woods, 397 Philip E. Woods, 389 Edna M. Woodside, 358 Kenneth Woodworth, 358 Thomas J. Woodyard, 358 James I. Wooldridge, 336 Kathy J. Wooldridge, 315 Phillip K. Wooldridge, 315 Richard Wooldridge, 389 Caren E. Woolverton, 389 Erma L. Woolverton, 336 Barbara L. Woosley, 315 Dwight A. Woosley, 315 Charles A. Wooten, 315 Michael D. Wooten, 358 Charles W. Word Jr., 358 Samuel David Word, 358 Beverly N. Workman, 336 John T. Worley, 315 Michael T. Worley, 315 David R. Worlow, 336 Jeannie F. Worlund, 392 Larry Worsham, 119 Robert Ray Wortham, 336 James E. Wray Jr., 389 Sarah C. Wray, 389 Charles D. Wright, 389 Chuck D. Wright, 389 Iris A. Wright, 393 James D. Wright, 389 Kelly G. Wright, 336 Kevin E. Wright, 389 Linda K. Wright, 389 Michael W. Wright, 389 Pansy June Wright, 389 Roger Alan Wright, 336 Roger D. Wright, 389 Stanley H. Wright, 392 Treasa A. Wright, 389 Elane K. Wrinkles, 389 Juanita A. Wurtz, 389 Ronald E. Wurtz, 336 Jeannie F. Wy, 389 Adrain N. Wyatt, 389 Darrel W. Wyatt, 389 Jackie Gaines Wyatt, 315 KaranD. Wyatt, 315 Ronnie G. Wynne, 389 George P. Wycoff, 358 Larry J. Yarbrough, 358 Rodney G. Yarbrough, 358 Vicki J. Yates, 315 Hassan Koocher Yazdi, 393 Reza Rismanch Yazdi, 392 William D. Yeager, 397 Allan L. Yearry, 389 Al G. Young, 336 Betty B. Young, 336 David Allen Young, 315 Don L. Young, 389 Elizabeth P. Young, 315 Farrell C. Young, 389 Gary Keith Young, 389 John T. Young, 358 Judy E. Young, 358 Julia A. Young, 358 Kathryn M. Young, 358 Linda J. Young, 336 Peggy E. Young, 389 Phil H. Young, 336 Randall L. Young, 358 Rebecca B. Young, 315 Sharon G. Young, 315 Virginia I. Young, 359 Bill B. Younger, 359 Bonnie S. Yount, 389 Thomas D. Yount, 359 Lexy M. Zalewski, 315 Robert W. Zenanko, 389 Alan M. Ziegenbein, 389 Judy A. Zinn, 315 Terrence C. Zipfel, 336 Karen S. Zirbel, 389 Tina A. Zirbel, 389 Bruce J. Zitzelberger, 389 Eugene N. Zuber, 315 Ralph Zuckerberg, 359 Deborah J. Zugin, 359 Michael E. Zugin, 359 Staff + Hard Work - Yearbook Working on yearbooks has become just another part of school like classes and tests. This book is the sixth one that I have worked on, and I ' m not sure I know anymore now than I did on the first one in high school. With three strikes against me (being a girl, a chemistry major and a junior), I was always being teased. But all those troubles seem to fade when I see these 416 pages in print and my name at the end. The hard work and patience of our advisor, Tom Man- ning made this yearbook possible. We had many changes in the staff this year, and as a result, Tom had much more than his share of the load. Tom very quickly trained Deb- bie McGough, the university editor, and they turned out an outstanding section. I never knew what Tom said about me after I left the room, but he was always great when I made silly mistakes. Thanks only to him I learned to use that helpful device known as the proportion wheel so that my pictures only had to be cropped once. Don Jones, the assistant editor, wasn ' t seen too often at the Wednesday night meetings, but he always popped in with his pages completed. Maybe he did them some- where down the road. I wish Don a lot of luck next year, and I hope that he makes all the changes that he is plan- ning. I really appreciate all the advice as a journalism major he gave me because I surely needed it. A larger than ever class section was produced by Sheila Boxley with the help of Tricia Fagan and Beverly Wise. Sheila had loads of fun writing the cutlines for the pic- tures after she found them. She also helped me stand up against all the men. Tricia worked very hard typing the copy and the index. Larry Reeves, the sports editor, completed an excellent section and made some changes that I was very happy to see. He had some help drawing up the layouts, but they still turned out fine. Larry O ' Dell, the activities editor — well I don ' t know Larry too well; he didn ' t come to many of the meetings. I think maybe he did his work at the same place Don did. Mis pages came in okay, but he sure scared us on every deadline. Our photographers have worked hard this year like any other year. Tom Moore, head photographer, did a good job coordinating their work every night until nine o ' clock. Along with Tom, Brent Griggs (Snowcone Man), Bill Sadler (Cookie Man), Randy Davis and Ralph Joseph kept busy filling out last minute picture lists. They got a few shots from different angles this year like down hillsides, from roof tops and in flower fields. Working on the staff has been an experience I can never forget. I enjoyed most of it, except when they drove me into a cul-de-sac like the top shelf of cabinets. I have tried to present the university in terms of the people that comprise it, and I hope that they like it. Irregardless, a Goodtime was had by all. Editor Marian Miller

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Arkansas State University - Indian Yearbook (Jonesboro, AR) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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