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The Indian, 1971 Arkansas State University Volume 48 Contents The Year 16 University 74 Personalities 132 Publications 158 Greeks 168 Organizations 198 Sports 212 Classes 282 Index 392 Doug Szenher Editor Marian Miller Assistant Editor Don Jones Layout Editor Vicki Jo Givens Copy Editor Pam Mortimer Class Editor Ron Hopkins Sports Editor Tom Moore Head Photographer Charles L. Smith Photographer Brent Griggs Photographer Bill Sadler Photographer Tom Manning AdvisorEveryone has a life to live, And it belongs only to the individual. H e all have an era. a generation — a time — to share, And it belongs to nobody and to everybody. 23 Our lives. separately, are but a small portion of our time, But put together, they are the whole of it. Our time is for living, singly and collectively, itul each life ref bats the different parts of our time. sISS 4567We are many. We are one. We cannot isolate ourselves, Yet we must retain a private, personal identity. 89 AIndividuality encourages idependence and polarization. Togetherness promotes security and stereotyping. Somewhere in between, the answer lies — flow to lire together separately, without becoming a row of numbers: another statistic. 10il12We will find the answer. We must. for we cannot afford To pass the hurl: any more. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their world. 13For the days of the lives of our lime are far loo few indeed To do all the (hint's which must he done. Though we cannot satisfy each need. H e must make a start for those to come. ... w. 1415 v'' » » Freshmen Arrive F or F irst Time During the first week of September the annual herd of confused freshmen arrived at A-State for a week of orientation, some planning to get a higher education, some looking for a husband or wife and some just glad to be “on their own” at last. I he various meetings began and the students were introduced to their advisers and given a brief counseling before they were faced with registration. Wearing their little red beanies they were greeted with rules, long lines, hot, crowded assemblies and drawn out lectures. During the week of orientation many freshmen and some upperclassmen attempted to get acquainted at the dance on the Kroger parking lot and the one in the Ballroom of the Carl R. Reng Center. It was just the beginning — the beginning of a whole new world.1920 Same School—Same Problems 21Registration—A Trying Time The First days back arc always the worst, 'lhc veteran student puts off coming back to Jonesboro till only hours before registration while the freshman is thrilled at the new experience! As 6.10$ students made their way to ASU. the city awoke from a peaceful slumber to witness the return of the masses, billed with new resolutions of better grade points and loads of sleep, students optimistically faced the new year. Equipped with his packet, a list of “the easiest teachers" and guaranteed “A” courses, each student took a deep breath and began. ASU instructors find out that registration is a big headache. So what; the students have known that for a long time. 22t iRocky, Bumpers Visit Campus During the months preceding the November 3 state elections, many politicians, including such "hopefuls” as Dale Bumpers and Win Rockefeller, found their way to A-Statc to campaign and talk with the students, making many promises as they talked. A mock election held on campus prior to the election revealed that Dale Bumpers was the favorite A-State candidate. Many students, including concerned out-of-state students, used their free time and money to campaign for the man of their choice. Car stickers on automobile bumpers and dormitory doors showed the concern for our state’s government by students over and under 21. Not all the King's horses or all the King's men could put VVinthrop hack together again after November's balloting. 24"Yes, I’ve been wearing this same suit and using this same smile for years." Bumpers takes time out from a busy agenda to chat with ASU students. By coming to visit A Statc. Bumpers hoped that people around here would forget that he was a I log fan from way hack. 2526 Bob 1‘i'by. SGI presidential candidate, pick' a rabbit as his mascot. The rabbit is on the left. Foolish names and foolish faces . . .lcome to NS AS STATE VERSITY GA ELECTIONS APRIL Zl Spring Brings SGA Elections SGA elections began with the announcement of party candidates. SGP nominated as candidates Boh Risby, president; George “Jersey” Williams, 1st vice president; and Susan Penix, 2nd vice president. USM nominees included Johnny 1 lorton, president; Sam Jolly, 1st vice president; and Patti Jo Warr, 2nd vice president. Actual elections got underway at 8:30 a.m. at the Carl R. Rcng Center on Tuesday, April 21. and were completed at 8:10 that night. The number of students who voted increased by 500 this year to 2,007. The USM won all hut four SGA positions including the three major offices. The SGP won three and independent Jo Ella Reed took the fourth position. WANT YOU 07USM Captures Major Offices Cordan Met gar (right) congratulates newly elected SGA President Johnny Horton as the balloting total is announced. Candidates and supporters find the front steps to the Reng Center to Ik the ideal spot for last minute campaigning. 28As in the past, voting was departmentalized, each student voting according to his major. Several voting machines, as well 3S the traditional ballpoint pens, were used in the voting.Rivers Is Fall’s Big Attraction Recording star johnny Rivers, who zoomed to the top of the recording field with his single, '‘Memphis," was the first attraction of the Student Government Association’s concert series. Rivers met with students in the Wigwam the afternoon of his stage appearance and answered questions and played some of his music. Later that night, in Indian Field I louse, Rivers performed to the delight of the capacity crowd, most of which had to leave before the program was over in order to get back into the dorms before the bewitching hour. Autographs, autographs and more autographs . . . Rivers didn’t realise what he was getting into when he agreed to talk with students in the Wigwam prior to the concert. 30Harris Wins AGD Talent Show Alpha Gamma Delta sorority collected about $300 for charity at their annual AC'.I) Talent Show. Missy I larris. representing the Women’s Recreation Association, won first place, singing "Love on a Two-way Street" and "This Summer Night," an original composition. Sigma Alpha Iota, national music fraternity, won second place with a sextet rendition of "California Dreaming." Third place went to Kappa Kappa Psi, national hand fraternity. The group played “Wichita Lineman." Pat Young, president. and Jan I larrell McGee, emcee, presented trophies to the winners. VVRA’s Missy I larris picks and grins her way to a first place trophy. I he AGD Talent Show proved to be the showcase for all kinds of talent — the skills of the KKPsi entry to the hilarious, high-stepping highjinks of one of the sororities.Friday afternoon arrives and ASU students head out in all directions. Some pack up and head home to Momma............................... T. G. I. F. ...............and some find a fluid drive to the Greene County line much more refreshing; ! ! ! 33Chi O’s Capture Little Olympics Again it was Pike “Little Olympics” and time for the A-Statc sororities, all but one intelligent group, to make complete fools out of themselves, dropping eggs, throwing pies and rolling around in the mud. Other “ladylike” activities included killing a coke and smoking a cigar. The Chi Os captured their second “Little Olympics” title, with Phi Mu's winning second, followed by the AOPi’s for third place. The day's activities, kicked off with a parade of participating fraternities and sororities, and of course the fire truck, and ended on a very dirty note. The Pike I.ittlc Olympics . . . or . . . What’s a nice Kl) like you doing in a place like this? 34Sig Ep, AOPi Win Songfest Phi Mu sorority and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity captured first place honors in their respective divisions in the annual Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest. The Phi Mu’s, directed by Beverly Robertson, Crystal City, Mo., sang a melody from ‘The Graduate" and "Green Cathedral.” Gary Reed, Sig Ep from Pine Bluff, directed his fraternity in their winning numbers "Wichita Lineman" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." All proceeds from the annual event go to the Arthritis Foundation. AOPi’s Barbara Reng (left), Mary Ann Protho (center) and Phoebe Cyrus (right) present the winning trophies to Gary Reed, representing Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Beverly Robertson, representing Phi Mu. -re • 1 Cheerleaders stir up spirit at KAAY-sponsorcd pep rally in downtown Little Rock. LR Game Provides Wild Weekend Again A-Statc students, Indian fans and anyone looking for a “good time" invaded War Memorial Stadium, Little Rock and various hotels October 3 for the annual Little Rock game. Revenge on The Citadel was the word. The day’s activities started with a free dance in a downtown Little Rock parking lot. A disk jockey from KAAY radio station in Little Rock emceed while Jonesboro's own “New Castle Blues" provided the music. The cheerleaders and band showed up for a pep rally completing the afternoon’s activities. Those who went to the game cheered the Indians on to victory, visited with old friends, then joined the ones who never made it to the game at the various parties celebrating the occasion. The next day students, sleepy and hung over, made their way back to Jonesboro, already making even bigger plans for next year. Fullback Marsha! Walls signals another touchdown as the Big Red Machine rolls over The Citadel. 36 Go Indians go! This is one of the (few , sections of the crowd which is sober enough to realize that there is a football same going on. A happy coach ... a happy cheerleader. What else is there to say? The victory celebration started early. These loyal fans didn't even wait for the game to begin. 37L C Series Features Scali, Russell Bill Russell, noted former player-coach of the Boston Celtics, and John Scali, 2ward winning Washington commentator for ABC News, were guest speakers at ASU's Lecture-Concert Series for the fall semester. Russell presented a lecture entitled “Russell Raps." During his twelve year tenure with the Celtics, Russell led his team to ten world championships. I le was the first player coach in Boston sports history and the first Negro to manage full time in a major league in any sport. Sports Illustrated named him Sportsman of the Year in 1968. Currently John Scali is also involved with the people as the anchorman for ABCs "Scoi e — The Vietnam War,” the only network show which weekly examines the Vietnam war in depth. He spoke on “Beyond Vietnam.” and “Washington Wonderland — The Particular View from the Nation’s Capitol.” Dean Moore escorts Russell to the ballroom for his speech. Russell (right) chats informally with ASU students. 38 Scali ana students discuss the world situation.Russell Raps. Mr. Scali speaks on the current world problems.Many long hours of rehearsals went into the making of some of the Phi Mu Playhouse productions. Here the KD's, ATCXs and Pikes rehearse a scene from "Sorry. Wrong Number." Phi Mu Stages Playhouse The Greeks were at it again. The event was the annual Phi Mu Playhouse, sponsored by Phi Mu Sorority. The playhouse, a series of four sketches is presented each year by various sororities and fraternities to raise money for the Phi Mu’s philanthropic project the S. S. I lope. The four plays performed were "Arsenic and Old I.ace", presented by Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Shakespeare’s, "A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” was presented by Alpha Omicron Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Pi, and Sigma Psi Epsilon joined forces to present "Don't Drink the Water.” The fourth group, composed of Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha, performed, “Sorry. Wrong Number.” "Arsenic and Old Lace" was selected as best play by the judges. Candy Ashby, Chi Omega, was selected "Best Actress", while John Reynolds, Sigma Pi. acted his way to "Best Actor.” 40 A scene from the AOPi. LXA and lyke production of “A Midsummer Night's Dream."41Museum Continues To Grow ASH Museum is completing 35 years of continuous service to the student body, staff and public. From a series of wall cases in old Wilson I fall full of interesting travel memorabilia, it has progressed to its present crowded and busy life in Dean 15. Fllis Library. Since 1960. it has truly been student-evolved and student involved. All installations and labels, much of the art work and constant maintenance of old and new acquisitions are student contributions. A student part-time labor budget allowance and college work-study engages the Ixrst efforts of talented students. Attendance of students is still more limited than desirable but it forms 10 per cent of the 15,000 recorded attendance in 1970. Student services in the mass media on campus have consistently forwarded the museum’s place in the news and have helped it reach noteworthy recognition within the Southeast Museum Conference. A bank teller manikin "hands out" brochures to museum visitors. Jane Galloway, one of the museum’s many student workers, adds the finishing touches to display of antique purses. 42The museum boasts an extensive sampling of the different rocks and minerals that can be found in Arkansas. Young and old alike (right) find a brief tour of the Arkansas State University Museum always interesting. A specimen’s viewpoint of one of the museum's many wildlife exhibits.Students Take Part In Opera Workshop The Opera Workshop's annua] presentation this year was a program consisting of three scenes from the major operas “Carmen” by Bizet, "The Consul" by Mcnotti and "The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart. Completing the program was a one-act contemporary opera by Ralph Vaughn Williams entitled "Riders to the Sea." Twcntv-five voice students from the Division of Music participated in the two performances, each of which was enjoyed by large audiences. In its third consecutive year of operation, the Opera Workshop has become an integral part of ASU's yearly activities. A lover's quarrel in "The Marriage of Figaro." Voice students got a chance to "show off" in the Opera Workshop presentations. 44 An enticing Carmen, plavcd by Mary lane Reese, gets the eye from two rather unwholesomc lnol--ing companions. A scene from Vaughn-lVilliams’ "Riders to the Sea." 45Number 1 Spirit For A Number Pep rallies were again put in a new setting this year when they were moved from Kays Stadium to the parking lot behind University Hall. The move proved favorable by the attendance. While the cheerleaders tried to arouse school spirit and involvement, the Marching Indians provided the instrumental spirit. I he Indian hami- ly appeared while the Indian Brave did his thing, and various speakers were heard. An attempt was made to sing the Alma Mater and a Razorback ride made the 10:00 o’clock news. Wonder where the pep rallies will be next year? 461 Team! We’re No. One! ! ! ATO's lead pep rally from Arkansas Hall. Students sign resolution in from of SCA office. i. 47Campus officials answer questions in the second SGA sponsored Campus Forum. Scott Rowell acts as mediator. A series of campus forums sponsored by the SGA was held in the fall to air and solve campus problems on both sides of the fence. 'Hie panels, involving Jonesboro city officials, Dr. Reng, the college deans, and the faculty senate found themselves subject to the same old questions. Compulsory ROTC once again found itself the target of a vigorous attack that sought to abolish it as a requirement for male graduates. Teacher tenure and the causes for teacher dismissal were again rehashed. Frxxl Service was questioned on the way the cafeteria was run. The forums were presented in an effort to get students involved and to air their grievances; although every problem was not answered the forums were a beginning. Perhaps they were successful in casing the communication gap. 48Students Question Officials In SGA ‘Campus Forums' Student looks on in disbelief as his question is answered. 49X 'J"uli in“d Sl.t ■ Nwmb" night a r. Homecoming Queen Molly Dodd sits surrounded by her court, Dianna Inboden, Diane Hopwood, Pat Brown and Debbie Gilbert. Dean Robert Moore greets A-Statc alumni at the Saturday morning coffee while News Director Tom Manning grins foolishly in the Background. 50Homecoming "70—Spirited! I lomccoming always ranks as one of the top rally times of the year. Since an Indian football game is always the perfect justification to “let it all hang out,” all you have to do is add a meaningless word like “homecoming" and there arc no limits to the partying! The festivities at ASU began as usual with the selection of another queen with about 100 people doing the choosing. The real “nitty gritty” began with work on the traditional displays. Students suddenly donned uniforms of sweatshirts and jeans, later laced with the smell of wood smoke, and began the four-day ordeal. For some it paid off.... The Indians won. The Rascals didn’t cancel, and the parties were “spirited." I lomccoming 1970. 51With "Sodas" in hand and license plates held hi h, ASU fans let everyone know who's the number one team in the nation. The Si ma Phi Epsilon 1 lomccominR display entry, "ASU — No. 1,” captured first place in the mechanical division. 53Thespian Skills Developed In Speech Drama Productions The University Theatre season opened with the theatre of the absurd drama “Rhinoceros.” Soon after the appearance of a rhinoceros the inhabitants of a small French town start turning into rhinos and by the end of the play all the inhabitants had made the change. The second major show of the season was Murray Schisgal's "Fuv.” The comedy is about love, divorce, rejection and rejuvenation — on a bridge. I erry I luckabce directed both "Rhinoceros” and "Luv.” " I be Crucible," a drama about the Salem witch trials, was directed by Thomas Rcppart and presented by a 23-member cast. William Inge's "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" was the closing show of the University Theatre. The drama is about middle-American family life in the oil boom of the I920‘s. Hugh I lookway was the director. Thomas Rcppart also directed two Chamber Theatre productions, “A Pacifist in Athens” and a program of poetry which was written and performed by a group of Jonesboro grade school students. 54 Cast members of "The Crucible” are pictured during the trial scene.Rehearsal progresses for “A Pacifist in Athens.” a Chamber Theatre production directed by Thomas Reppart.Ronnie Quinn (kneeling) and Wayne Brcwies (standing) rehearse a scene from "Luv. Terry Nordrnann, Jimmy Scbring, Flynn Manners and Bob Dale in a scene from "Rhinoceros," a comedy by Eugene Ionesco. 56Why speak when you can point? Bob Dale and Jimmy Scbring in a scene from "Rhinoceros.” Learning to control facial expressions. Roger Bumpers (left) and A1 Vernon (right) "get with it” in one of the early rehearsals for "Rhinoceros," directed by Terry Huckabcc-The faces of Arkansas State cheerleaders appeared on television sets throughout the Midwest during the Pecan Bowl. ABC broadcast the game regionally. Ibe Mules never had a chance. But with a defense like this, and an explosive offense to match, who would?State Takes Second Bowl in I PECAN BOWL BOUND . . . again. Attendance at the Pecan Bowl increased this year with groups working to save money so they could charter a bus and join the ones who loaded their cars and drove down to Arlington. Tex.; to support the Indians in their third straight year at the Pecan Bowl. While hack at Jonesboro everyone sat glued to the television or radio listening and hoping for another victory. Victory came again for the Southland Conference champions over the Central Missouri Mules. A victorious football season for the Indians was over. Spring training wasn’t far away. Everyone was proud — we were No. 1. 59Christmas Invades ASU Campus Everywhere you went everyone was smiling, laughing and exchanging cheerful greetings. Truly Mr. Christinas Spirit had come to ASU. I he Reng Center, beautifully outlined in colored lights, a gaily lit tree on top, and of course ole Santa and all his reindeer, including Rudolph, added to the gaiety. On the Reng Center lawn different groups participated in the annual Carol Sing, eager to get inside for the free doughnuts and hot chocolate. Many groups did their thing again in the Christmas parade and showed the true meaning of the season by the many parties given for needy children and families. Together roommates went out and found the perfect tree to decorate, friends, old and new, exchanged gifts, and strangers said “Merry Christmas.” Dean "Santa" Moore does his traditional job. The jocks have got the spirit.Some ASU students a lit tie more cuukIii up in the Christinas spirit than others. Here, a spirited Santa, complete with an ctpidlv spirited reindeer, arrive at a fraternity party. Li Watson sin s Christmas carols on the Rein; Center lawn. 61If you've K»t it, flaunt it ! ! ! huddled matte • • • hut most of all, Some groups found that “force" was the best way to net pledges. I low many times will this young lady think "What the hell am I Retting myself into?" 62Rush Brings Strength To Greeks In addition to the flowers and the birds that appear in the springtime, so do the fraternities and sororities. Coming out of a long winter’s sleep, the various Creek groups begin devouring everyone in sight, trying to replenish their rapidly dwindling strength. This spring's rush went exceptionally well, especially for the fraternities, Finally given the chance, many of the rules which had plagued the fraternity rush procedures for many years were finally done away with. The most important change was the IFC's approval ol a non-deferred rush system. In other words, a rushee wanting to pledge could have not only a low mentality, but also the grade-point to prove it! If the Rirls didn't conic to the rush parties, who would the members be able to impress other than themselves? If these coeds find Panhcllcnic rush sign-up frustrating. just wait until the parties. 6364 Student Life On Campus Is Varied "We're not asking you to read it. just sign it!" ASU students were bcsciged on all sides by petitions for every possible cause. Quiet moments like this came few and far between for most students. Some students lost their heads over the various campus speakers and programs, like Andre Kole's magic act sponsored by the Campus Crusade for Christ.“Merrily we march along . . . Students (top photo) were constantly amazed by the way it rained only during class changes. The Wesley Foundation Coffee House (above) gave students a chance to get together and rap over a steaming cup of coffee and slightly stale doughnuts. 65 While trying to make their way to class on time, ASU students realize that the yearly snow fall as not nearly as much fun as they had remembered. 66 The Year’s Biggest Many students prove their masculinity by means of a snowball fight. Some male students also take pan. SNOW JOB! An tion “abstract" snowman of passing students. Cor woman?) catches atten-Brooklyn Bridge In 2nd Appearance Over 3,000 people filled Indian Field House to watch as the "Brooklyn Bridge,” nationally known recording artists, made their second appearance on the Arkansas State University campus. In addition to playing their own hits, such as "Gentle Is The Rain" and “The Worst That Could I lappcn,” the Brooklyn Bridge also presented exciting versions of top songs by other music groups. As in last year's concert, the crowd rcs|H ndcd to the driving beat of such songs as "Dance to the Music” by pushing the chairs aside and doing exactly that — dancing to the music. All in all, the two-hour concert was greatly enjoyed by the audience. Cutting up un-stage, the Brooklyn Bridge's humor added to the evening's enjoyment. 68Members of the Brooklyn Bridge (top photo) "get with it" on one of their original compositions. Hie students (above) took it seriously when lead singer Johnny Maestro sang "Dance to the Music." The "spirit” of the band (left) watches over the mass of twisting, gyrating, dancing bodies. 63As the Tekes and Pikes battled it out, the “Fingerbowl' court looked on. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fingerbowl The Tekes met the Pikes in the annual Tau Kappa Epsilon “Fingerbowl." The Tekes were again victorious over the Pikes. The Teke “Fingerbowl" is the oldest bowl game at A State. The flag-tag football contest is an annual event looked forward to each year by the fraternities and sororities. Despite the cold wind, attendance for the game was very good. All sororities appeared with their banners to cheer the Tekes on to victory. Halftime entertainment was provided by the TKE pledges and members, with balloon-bosomed cheerleaders and majorettes. 70Lambda Chi Alpha Little 500 Breaking Iasi year’s record. Kappa Alpha was victorious for the third year in the 12th annual Lambda Chi Alpha "Little 500,' with their entry, “Rebel Veil.” The Chi O's “O zic” won the sorority division for the second vear. The Tricvcle Crand Prix was also won bv the Chi Os. Sharon Parker, l.XA Crescent Girl, reigned as queen of the event. A tricycle develops guidance trouble (above) while the winners pose for publicity (below). Hie winning entry by Kappa Alpha (below) crosses the finish line. liiGraduation Sees 877 Happy Faces While most students left with a yawn as soon as finals were over, a few students stuck around and were joined by the January graduates for graduation. May, 1970 graduation found 877 degrees conferred, included among these were 61 graduate degrees, the end produet of thousands of dollars and many years of hard labor. Soon after commencement most of the graduates were seen heading for places unknown. Dr. Ncdrow nukes his last official appearance a: May’s commencement exercises. 72After four years of toil and sweat, you finally get that little "piece of paper." 73 First the registration line, then the Bookstore line, then the cafeteria line, and finally . . . . !WOODLANDS MENU HEAT LOAF PLATE DELUXE HAMBURGER COLD PLATE CHIU OR STEW SANDWICHES, CONEY IS. CHEE8BUR0ER FRENCH FRIES SALAD fair no C.iKE mm 76 Clockwise, from riKht: Joe Brooks, Dorothy Stuck. Bussell Owen, Klijah Coleman, Austin Temple, Larry Brewer and W. P. Gulley Jr. Board Of Trustees 77The President Dr. Carl R. Reng President of the University 78Ur. Eugene W. Smith Vice President for Administration L. Cameron Vice President for FinanceAbove left, Lloyd C. Howell. Registrar; above right, Melvin Freed, director of Institutional Research; below left. Leonard McDaniel, assistant Registrar; below right, Jimmy McCluskcy, acting coordinator of University College. Registrar, University College, Institutional Research 80Top left. Hay H. Mali, director of Field Service: top right. Charles Yauger, director of Computer Center; above, Fred Paxton, assistant director of Field Service; right, James Jackson, field representative. Field Service, Data Processing 81Dean Of Students Clockwise, from top left: Robert Moore, Dean of Students; Peggy Stroud, associate Dean of Students; Don Denny, Dean of Men; and Maty Lou Stud-dard, counselor. 82Clockwise, from top left: Phil Bridger, director of housing; Milton Hatcher, student aid supervisor; V. W. Haynes, superintendent of farms; Ralph Waddell, superintendent of Physical Plant; and Carrell Odom, men’s counselor. And Grounds Farms, Buildings Office Of Finance Clockwise, from lop right: Bill Fisher, purchasing agent; Jim Barber, disbursing agent; Harrell Justus, internal auditor; and John Stotts, accountant. Ulieng Center Clockwise, from left: J. Ernest Howell, Rcng Center director; Phil Pickle, vending director; Paul Fulks, bookstore manager; George Jones, director of food services; and Phil Womack, assistant director of Rcng Center. 85College of Agriculture Dr. Olen I . Nail Dean of the College The College of Agriculture works to prepare the personnel needed to cope with the ever-increasing burden placed on this division of our economy. The college offers instruction in agricultural engineering. agricultural business and economics, agronomy, animal husbandry. horticulture, agricultural education and general agriculture. (First row, left to right) Dr. Lew E. Brinklev, asst, prof.; lames L. Davenport, assoc, prof.; Dr. Jasper A. Haylcs, assoc, prof.; Dr. Rodney (). llcxem, prof.; Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, prof.; and Dr. Claud J. Irby, assoc, prof. (Second row) Dr. James 11. Keene, prof.; Dr. A. J. Langlois, prof.; Dr. Albert L. Mink, assoc, prof.; Dr. W. A. North, assoc, prof.; Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, prof.; and Herman F. Williams, assoc, prof. AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING CLUB - (first row, left to right) John Fender, Jim Burkett, Mike Burkett, Lloyd R. Sauer Jr., David G. Schrcidcr. Brent Watkins, Larry Sharpe. (Second row) Jerry Welch. Floyds A. Martin. M. Douglas White, Tom R. Roth, Howard E. Vance, Ronald L. Bowen, Dr. A. L. Mink. (Third row) Dr. (laud I. Irby, Garry Lambcrson. Jimmy F. I-anc. Ron Miller, Dale W. Russon, James May, Jerry Branum.ALPHA TAU ALPHA - (first row, left 10 right) Larry Turner, Marry Minion. Bill Shurley, Dr. I. A. I Ijylcs, Adv.. Gene McBride, Eddy L. Majors. (Second row) Far! Bassham. Carroll Prewett. Jim Shockley, Ilromas lohnson, Reuben McClelland, Tom Fran en. William Aslin, Johnny Moody. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB -(first row, left to right) Calvin Frcehline. John Church, Ronny Allen, Debby Varnadore, John Stark. (Second row) W. A. North, Gary M. ('happed, Iarrv Hall, Jimmy Culliphcr, William F. Ballard. J. II. Keene. (Third row) Pawnee Halliburton, Dwight Wooslcy, Dennis Wingent. Ronald Combs. Barry Parish, L. N. Hochsteiler. 37DELTA TAU ALPHA — (first row, left to right) Bill Shurley, Gary 1). Stroud. (Second row) Carroll Prcwett, Charles Rowe and James L. Davenport, Adviser. PLANT SCIENCE CLUB - (first row, left to right) Dr. A. J. Lang-lois. Adviser; Tommy Walker, John M. Mick, Charles M. Fowler, Joseph Schunk. Dr. A. W. Tcnnillc, Adviser. (Second row) Ron Sparkman. Steve Anselmi, John T. Ammons. George Kennedy, Jim Reid and Ralph Jones. 88RODEO C I.UR - (first row. left to ri«ht) Mark Potts. Gary Nichols, Debby Varnndore, John Church, William VV. IS.tllard. (Second row) Lanney Johns. Phil Lassiter, Rob McDonald. Jiin Scott, Warren A. North. (Third row) Gary M. Chap pel. Mervin Q. Eleshnian, Larry1 Hall anti Jerry Bishop. 89College of Business I)r. B. C. McGourH Dean of the College Graduates from the College of Business are trained to become the thinkers, organizers and executives whose skills will form the background for the life of our economy. The college is ever striving to educate the future business leaders and office workers in one of the six majors offered within the divisions of accounting, general business and economics, business education and secretarial science. (First row, left to right) Div. of Accounting: Dr. Shirl D. Strauscr, chm.; L. M. Dinsmorc, assoc, prof.; Nancy A. Haig-Icr. asst, prof.; Coy N. London, asst, prof.; Joe H. Wellborn, assoc, prof.; II. Dalton Whitt, invir. (Second row) Div. of Business Education: Dr. Robert Ecrralasco, chm.; Loretta F. Brooks, instr.; William Farrimond, instr.; Maurice II. Lindsay Jr., instr.; Dr. Herbert II. Price Jr., assoc, prof.; Donald R. Roberts, instr. ( Third row) Bonnie B. Valentine, instr.; Mary Lou Wood, .i'st. prof. Div. of General Business and Economics: Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert, chm.; Howard M. Alsey, asst, prof.; Dr. Jerry L. Crawford, assoc, prof.; Dr. Charles W. Ford. asst. prof. (Fourth row) Dr. John S. Kaminarides, asst, prof.; Dr. Roland T. Mullins. prof.; Edward Olcott, asst, prof.; Frank W. Oldham Jr., instr.; Jimmy R. Pulley, asst, prof.; and Stephen II. Rcploglc. asst. prof. (Sixth row) Lloyd Roberts, asst, prof.; Fred D. Robinson, asst, prof.; John L. Tarver, asst. prof, and James B. Vernon, instr. 90ALPHA KAPPA PSI — (first row. left to right) Roland Mullins, Adv., Andy Rossi, Don Creighton, Barbara Marconi. Harrs’ Crawford, John Jennings, Curtis Rodgers, Frank Oldham. (Second row) John Phelps, Bill Stanton, Phillip V. Klam, Mike Whel-ler, Floyd Page, Keith Blackman, Michael E. Sheperd. (Tliird row) Edward S. Sims. Lehman VV. Davis, George II. LcClaire, jr., Robert F. Walters, Richard Sample, Bill Treveman, Rick Russell, Sid Banks. (Fourth row) Bill Lawson, Rowdle Parnell, Bill Tarplcy, Gail Wilson, David Kicch, John Bracy, John Porbeck, Max Foster. 91ACCOUNTING CLUB - (first row, left to right) Larry Massey, Sheryl Lockhart, Mary Jo Ellington, I lerschel Eudy. (Second row) Jerry W. Burchfield, Michael Wilkinson, Gary Catlett, Ricky Gunter. (Third row) Curtis L. Rodgers. David C. Kiech, Paul J. Stult and Charles Runyon. 92 OMICRON DELTA EPSILON — Cfirst row. left to right) Roland Mullins, Richard McLean, John Kaminaridcs, adviser; Lonnie Talbert, Michael Ernst. (Second row) Donald I licke, Larry B. Tiffec, Brand Oldham, tommy Milligan, Francis E. Jolly, Davis James. Third row. Waylon D. lieathscott, Bill Stacd, Charles E. Crego, Dr. Charles W. l ord, Dr. Herbert II. Price Jr. ami John M. Monson. PI OMEGA PI - Jamac Craft. Sandi Jones, Penny Knipple. Martha Bennett. Carolyn Clark. (Second row) Lena Weston. Sheryl Lockhart, Sandra Hrabovsky, Mrs. Bonnie Valentine, sponsor; Rave Finley and Carroll Jones.Dr. Harry F. Hodge 1 "■ t Dean of the College Lollege ol Education The College of Education, consisting of five divisions, is given the task of supplying qualified teachers for an ever-increasing number of students. Offering a varied program at both graduate and undergraduate levels, the college provides a wide range of specialization including guidance counseling, special education, psychology and library science. (First row, left to right) Div. of Counselor Education and Psychology: Dr. Robert F. Abbott, chin.; Emilic Baddour. instr.; Dr. Edmund I- Barnette, assoc, prof.; Dr. John L. Bums, asst, prof.; Dr. Jim F. Golden, assoc, prof, and William D. Johnson, asst. prof. (Second row) Josh Lcamon, instr.; Dr. C. L. Me-Larty, prof.; Dr. Alvin MeRaven, prof.; Dr. George T. Peters, prof.; James R. Stewart, instr. Div. of Educational Administration anti Secondary Education: Dr. M. Vance Sales, chm.; Dr. Paul E. Cough, prof.; Dr. Carol Ham, assoc, prof.; Dr. Robert B. Kluge, prof.; Dr. A. C. Shannon, prof.; W. L. Smith, assoc, prof, and Dr. Joseph P. Sweat, assoc, prof. (Fourth row) Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, prof. Div. of Elementary and Special Education and Speech Pathology; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chm.; Edith M. Atkerson, instr.; Lillian Barton, assoc, prof.; Dr. William Chance, prof.; Dr. Baron D. Conway, assoc, prof. (Fifth row) Dr. Albert B. Crosswait Jr., asst, prof.; Betty B. Coldsby, instr.; Dr. George V. Herndon, prof.; Dr. Jack Hogins. assoc, prof.; Dr. Mildred B. Vance, prof. Div. of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Dr. Jess R. White, chm.(Sixth row) Rosalie G. Barber, insir.; Everett Bolton, instr.; Alta Burns, instr.; Bill Davidson, instr.; James DeVazicr, assoc. Prof, and Marvin Hagaman, instr. (Seventh row) Dr. John P. losinski, assoc, prof.; Gladys Hudgins, asst, prof.; Joe I). Jones, instr.; Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott, assoc, prof.; John H. Rauth, assoc, prof, and Frances Smallwood, instr. (Eighth row) William J. Sugg, instr.; Robert Talley, instr.; Bill G. Temple- ton, instr.; J. A. Tomlinson, prof. Div. of Library Science: James W. Hansard, act. cbm. and James F. Anderson, head cat. lib. (Ninth row) Sharon Bullard, cat. lib.; Nadeau Lee, cir. lib.; Joan Gail Nelson, head ref. lib.; Dr. Gerry M.Taylor, head lib.; Marion B. Thcilman, cat. lib. and Ella Ward, cat. lib. GYMNASTICS CLUB - (first row, left to right) Everett Bolton, Coach; Jimmy D. Brown. Larry Mc.Master. Robert Ray, Dennis Kersting, Leslie Alsworth, Bryan Cummins. (Second row) Barbara Dilheck. Roba Lee Maggird. Jam-mic Lewis, Karen Moffitt. Ann Marie O'Dell, (mascot). Cathy Jane Jones, K.ithv Kirkland, Donna Robinson, Nancy Covcrdalc. (Third row) Debbie 1 lorst. Connie Routon, Gloria Byrd, Becky Hume. Lynn Kilburn, Simone Oi-toga, Sandi Haynie, Vickie Wilson. (Fourth row) Rol ert Templeton. Blake Hunt. Warner Crucc, Barney 1 less. Lucky Kenncmorc. Randy Clayton, Danny DcClerk. Darrell Dorrcll and Paul Sciden-schwar . 95KAPPA DELTA PI (first row left to right) Ramona McGinnis, Sue Moss, Grace Ann Ziegenhorn, Mary MeRaven. Pat Voting, Jamac Craft and Peggy Von Almen. (Second row) Marcia Johnson, Lillian Barton, sponsor, Stic Jane Pohlner. Frances E. Jones, Carol Ann Chinn, Cynthia Smothcrman. Doris Notrid, Svbil Massey, Ann Simpson ami Dr. Ray L. Simpson. SQUARE, DANCE CLUB — (first row left to right) Kaye Neal, Mary Turner. Beverly Barnes. Dehhie Holder. Sara Pratt, Marie Baird, Gail Dauck, Edwina Mallory and Christy Keller. (Second row) Frances Smallwood. Judic Mackworth. Kristie Creed. Katie Keith, Alice Adams. Lorraine Savelli. Janie Ducker. Pat Dale and Sharon Wilson. (Third row) Joe Wheeler, Cvdnev Elslandcr. Carol Crook. Becky Ralcv, Kathy Harmon, Carole Bone, Mvra Betts, Paula Sharp and Gene McBride. (Fourth row) Dewey Morgan, Jay Ussery, Chuck Brewer, Judy Moore, Ruby Vance, Ann Downing, Mary Jo Stroud. Larry Stroud and Aubrey Wilson. 96STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN - (First row left to right) Lynne Leopard, Del,hie Holder, Patricia Hollis, Maryln J. Looney, Gertrude P. Harding. Matalina Shiao-Mci Chon and Gwyn Hughes. (Second row) Steve Phaup, Judy Baker, Becky Glass, Marcia Johnson. Barbara Mathis, Carolync Childress, Kathy Jones and Mary Jane Yingling. ('ITiird row) David Parke, Deanna Willis, Terry Porter, Maryc Jo Stct cr, Kathy Simmons, Betty Goldsby, sponsor, Edith Atkerson, sponsor, and Lynn Orton.SNEA — (first row left to right) Donna Crumley, Debbie Holder. Jerrie Rogers. Jamae Craft, Vivian Asbury, DeNann Littleton, Deloise Shumpcrt. Sue Moss. Bobbie GiRgins. (Second row) Miss Lillian Barton, sponsor; Sybil Massey. Cynthia Smother-man, Debbie HuRRins, Edwina Mallory. Peggy VonAlmcn. Wilsic Griffin. Glenda Elkins. Rac Jean Davis. Doris Norrid. ('Ehird row) Regina Tate. Barbara Reng, Carrol Oyler, Jeanie Fuller, I titia Harrison. |an Adams, Carol Ann Chinn. Hope Houston, Jeanette Enzor. Sheryl Lockhart. Cynthia Tarver. (Fourth row) Joyce Roth. Leona Jackson. Melba Vickers, Judy I lowell, Denise Cazort, Brenda McMullin, Sara Spikes, Anita Ray, Kathy Stout, Terry Roach and Barbara Fcathcrston. 98U AA — (first row, left to right) Doris Jones, Mary Campbell, Princclla Walker, Verneal Baker, Carolyn Carpenter, Patricia Manning, Joy j endergrass, Judy K. Allen, Yvonne Turad, Joan Emrich. (Second row) Dian McCormick, Betty Scott, Joyce Freeman, Sally Sharpe, Becky Hume, Mickey Norris, Dcloma 1 luckaby, Ginger Hurst, Carolyn Gradv, Judi Loberg, Dcbby Kearby, Lesa Scott. ( Iliird row) Simone Ortega, ickie Palmer. Kitty Bryant. Vickie Wilson, Kathy Legate, Missy Harris, Barbara Long. Carol Cranford, Pam Smart, Karen McCann, Hicta Black. (Fourth row) Donna Holcolmb, Mercedes Mitchell. Linda Farley, Kelsey Harrison, Lorraine Savelli, Pam Carter, Myra Betts, Becky Raley, Nancy Full. (Fifth row) Jane Grantham. Kay Huffinc, Gmnic Bouton, Anita Frazier, Carolyn B. Horton, Gwen Cason, Laura Stallcup. (Sixth row) Nancy Ladd, Pat Woody, Linda Lisko, Carol Jane Wilson, Roberta Wood, Becky Meredith, Lllcn Hardin, Sandra Weaver, Janncttc Gross. (Seventh row) Jean Stewart, Paula Rawls. Ann Downing, Susie Glasgou, Delia Sadler, Becky Glass, Mary Jo Hudgins, Regina Files, Debbie Gregory, Sheiron Ramsey. (Eighth row) Lark Sallee, Mary Turner, Kathy Smith, Gail Ors-born, Andrea Wcathersby and Jane Louks. V AA — (first row left to right) Betty Black, Babs Blagg. Karolc Edwards, Jan McCullars. Janice Slagley, Marsha Kaffka, Debbie Galloway, I erry Porter, Anne Horton, Emma Milliner, Dorothy Greer, Ivory Steward. (Second row) Susan Rowland. Jamae Craft, Cathv Rupard, Anita Collie. Pain Word, Condy Bell, Sharon Collatt, Cheryl Gandl, Phoebe C yrcss, Barbara Marconi, Debbie Gasaway, Susan Doty, Sandra Reynolds. (Iliird row) Jan Ilambrick. Donna Meacham, Glo Brown, Betty White, Kay Saurcninan, Katie Keith, Beth Buthcrick, Vicky Mizell, Susan Phillips, Sara Spikes, Molly Harris, Nancy Jo Ricke. (Fourth row) Susan I lollandsworth, Gwen Green, Debra Whiscnhunt, Alice Adams, Brenda Fowler, Sara Stallcup, Martha Jean McHaney. Kathleen Werner. Lois Ann 'Fusing. Judy Coleman, Brenda Singlcy, Linda Jones, Mrs. Rosalie Barber, Adviser. (Fifth row) Icanettc Newman, Mary Martin, Libby Namath, Vonda Everett, Beverly Barnes, Janie Brummctt, Gmnic Risby, Wilsie Griffin. Charlotte Higgins, lane Walker, Diana Grandgeorge. Gwyn Hughes. (Sixth row) Peggy VonAlmcn, Phyllis Dcnnington, Betsy Burch, Diane Brummctt, Cheryl Meade, Jeanc Dehls, Sandy Leonard. Kathy Parker, Sylvia Bcrgey and Pam Holland.I)r. Harold Copcnhavcr Doan of the College College of Fine Arts Through the use of art exhibits, drama productions, the Chamber Theater, musical concerts (both instrumental and vocal) and debate tournaments, the College of Fine Arts strives to increase the cultural aspects of the student and the community. Each student is given the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the arts and is also provided with the opportunity to develop his own creative abilities. (First row, left to right) Div. of Art: Dan F. Howard, chm.; T. R. Baker, asst, prof.; I.anc D. Fabrick. instr.; James Johnson, instr.; John II. Kccch. instr.; and Douglas Latta, instr. (Second row) Evan Lindquist, assoc, prof,; Sidney Mccom. instr.; Rolxrrt E. Mitchell, instr. Div. of Music: Donald R. Minx, director of bands and chm.; Mary Elizabeth Beck, assoc, prof.; and Sandra S- Bcnskin, instr. (Third row) Clifton V. Cowles, assoc, prof.; Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, assoc, prof.; Dr. Duane H. Haskell, prof.; M. Ellis Julien, instr.; Julia Lansford, assr. prof.; and Myron Myers, assoc, prof. (Fourth row) David Nicdcrbrach, asst, prof.; Dr. James L. Patty, prof.; Daniel F. Boss, instr.; C. Bonner Buff, asst, prof.; Alfred B. Skoog, asst. prof, and dir. of choral; and Dr. Jared T. Spears, assoc, prof. (Fifth row) Dorothy Swindle, instr. Div. of Speech and Drama: John P. Bell. asst. prof, and dir. of forensics; Linda Sue Davis, instr.; Hugh E. Hookway Jr., instr.; Terry L. Huckabce, instr.; and Thomas Rcppart, instr. 100KAPPA KAPPA PSI — (first row. left to right) Earl Pruning Jr., Craig Raker, Michael Watson, Frank Ross, Dell Molt. Keith Blackman. Tommy Walker, Michael B. Mallott. (Second row) David Thaxton, Philip McGee. David Massey, Thomas A. C.raddy, Tommy Runnels, David Thompson. Duane Barbour. Douglas Moore. Marvin Haught and Willy Smith.MUSIC EDUCATIONAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE - (first row. left to right) Judy Young, Carol R. Bone. Julia L. Gardner, Marcs- Uavden, Opra Cartwright. Glenda Hall, Anne Bittinger, Sharon Ferguson. Darlene Flippo. (Second row) I-eslie Galloway, Jeannie Lorance. Elizabeth Watson, Janie Gardner. Susie Glasgow. Cindy Ross. Cathy Reeves. Sandra Ben-skin. Laura Boyles. (Third row) Tommy Runnels. Mars- Jane Massey, Douglas Rogers, Jim Louis Childers III, Danny Stafford, Max Arsvood, Mary Elizabeth Beck. Beverly Brickwell and Cindy Williamson. PHI Mil ALPHA — (first row, left to right) Thomas Street. Bill Kirkland, Dave Trim, Kenny Foster, Carl Mason. Tommy Walker. (Second row) Michael Stetson. David Goza. James Branch. Marvin ilaught, Larry Cosven, Donald Hall. (Third row) Dan Keeton, Keith Hamm, Alvin Phillips, Jim Mathews, Oscar Ollagood and Jim Childers. 102ARKANSAS PRINT CLUB -(first row, left to ri ht) Gussic Ashley. Jane Galloway, J.mev Gum. Pat Aclin, Missy Luttcrloh. (Second row) Sammy Smith. Keith Coleman. Katie Keith. R. Lindquist, sponsor. Martha DcBow and Don Edwards. 103SIGMA ALPHA IOTA — (first row, left to right) Julia L. Gardner, Rose Anne Redd. Janis Gail Anderson, Vicki King, Karen Freese. (Second row) Carol R. Bone, Liz Ann Hooker. Brenda Kimmel, Judy Bradsher, Carolyn Zimmerman, Mary Ann Whitaker and Mary Jane Massey. 104TALI BETA SIGMA — (first row, left to right) Lynn Delaney. Susan Howard, Nancy Elnhingstonc. Peggy Mvers. (Second row) Jan Adams, Sharon VVegman, Barbara Reng, Dcana Cashion, Jo Ella Reed and Meredith Walker. 105ASU CONGER I CHOIR — ([first row, left to right) Beverly Robertson, Laura Boyles, Linda Render, Dona MaeBryde, Karen Freese, Carolyn Zimmerman, Sharon belts, Susan Callihan and Dcitra Crane. (Second row) Judith Bradshcr, Jo Faye Orr, Lexy Zalewski. Brenda Kimmcl, Janis Anderson, Vicki King, Gail Orsborn, Eva Horton, Elsa Clingcr, Diane Carter and Carol Bone. (Third row) David I rim, Bill Kirkland, Mike Watson, 1 ornmy Hampton, Mary Jane Massey, hit Hooker, Thomas Street, Tommy Walker, Willis Smith and Marvin llaught. (Fourth row) Jerry Bradley, James Branch, Steve Brown, Mike Stetson, Bill Jones, Dan Keeton, Keith Hamm, Jerry Hoggard, Larry Dame and Gary Morris. ASU SINGERS — (first row, left to right) Lynn Ashlock, Charlotte Volk, Danna Green, Glenda Cooley, Carol Dougan, June Frier, Mary Carter, Barbara Reng, Opra Cartwright, Norma Latta and Toni Erwin. (Second row) Sharon Wegman, Sharon Ferguson, Pam Davis, Stephanie Hynes, Judy Young, Anna Bishop, Mao’ Jane Reese, Janie Gardner, Cathy Reeves, Glenda Hall, Donna Metcalf, Leslie Galloway and Laura Boyles. (Third row) Rebecca Boyles, Julia Gardner, William Turpin, Gwindlc Mooney, William Meeks, Noel Schaffer, Eddie Williams, I oyne Perry, Duane Barbour, Tommy Bunnells, Edgar Bell and David Webb. (Fourth row) Marvin Hought, Danny Langston, Kelly Craft, Gao’ Morris, Grover Evans, Jerry Vincent, Gerald Farley, Jim Childers, Flynn Hanners, Tommy Knight, Jim Matthews, James Glide-well, Kenny Foster, Alvin Phillips and William Grower.ASU WOMEN'S CHOIR -(first row) J311 Grimes. (Second row, left to right) Dai lent Flip, po and Laura Cesses1, (Third row) Dianne Tiffee. Patti Stamp and Gloria Fanchcr. (Fourth row) Rheta Cotton. Ann Bit-tinger, Margaret Weston and Deborah Taylor. (Fifth row) Rose Ann Redd, Joyce Kre, Brenda Douglas and Nickcv St. Clair. (Sixth row) Matv Campbell. lanis Adams, Brcndinc Jeans, Cheryl Schisler and Cindy Ross. (Seventh row) Marv Ann Whitaker, Zora Campbell, Jean Lorancc and Lillis Redd. 107The Tribe 108100Dr. O. Phillip James Dean of the College College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts is mapped out to meet the increasing need of today’s youth to know the answers to questions that don’t have just one answer. 1 he college is designed to instill questions in the student’s mind, then help him grope for the answer — an answer that has evaded many. FACUL1Y — (first row) Lucille Braden, Instr. in English; Dr. James B. Burleson, Jr., Prof, of English; Janice P. Dail, Instr. in French; John Scott Darwin, Instr. in German; Carl D. Doyle, Instr. in Spanish; David C. Ford, Instr. in English; (second row) Sammy R. Gcnnuso, Asst. Prof, of English; Martha Jane Gillf Instr. in French; Dr. Thomas M. Harwell, Assoc. Prof, of English; George F. llorncker, Instr. in English; Frances Hunter, Instr. in English; Dr. James A. Key, Assoc. Prof, of English; (third row) Arthur Krida, Instr. in English; Eleanor Lane, Assoc. Prof, of English; Robert M. Lewis, Instr. in English; Dr. Charles B. McClelland, Asst. Prof, of English; Wayne McLaurin, Asst. Prof, of English; Logan D. Moon, Instr. in English; (fourth row) Elizabeth Neeley, Asst. Prof, of English; Jimmy Peacock, Instr. in French; Harold L. Phyfcr, Instr. in English; Edward C. Reilly, Instr. in English; Ellen Robinson, Instr. in English; Virginia M. Shepherd, Instr. in English; (fifth row) Mary Ann Sloan, Instr. in English; Dr. Bill L. Stroud, Asst. Prof, of Philosophy; Gary D. Swaim, Asst. Prof, of English; Lois Swisher, Asst. Prof, of Spanish; Wanda G. Walker, Assoc. Prof, of English; Wanda Bales Wood, Instr. in English.(First row) Floyd M. Clay, Instr. in Hist.; Dunvard F. Cooper, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Michael Dougan, Instr. in Hist.; Dr. John A. Gallowav, Prof, of Hist.; Dr. J. E. Grincr, Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Ronald L. Hayworth, Asst. Prof, of Hist.; (second row) Dr. Charles L. Kenner, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Edgar O. Kirk, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Roger Lambert, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Henry S. Paulsen, Instr. in Hist.; (third row) Kenneth W. Rorie, Instr. in Hist.; Dr. Klaras B. Rose, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Timothy A. Ross, Asst. Prof of Hist.; C. Calvin Smith, Instr. in Hist.; Lcland R. White, Asst. Prof, in Hist.; Dr. C. Clyde Jones, Prof, of Pol. Sci. and Chm. of the Div. of Pol. Sci., Geo. and Soc.; (fourth row) Larry E. Glowers, Instr. in Soc.; James D. Durland, Instr. in Pol. Sci.; William S. Grccnwcll, Instr. in Soc.; Curtis P. Guyote, Instr. in Soc.; Joseph R. Moore, Instr. in Pol. Sci.; Dr. Dan F. Morse, Asst. Prof, of Arch.; (fifth row) J. Maurice Rogers, Instr. in Pol. Sci.; Chester R. Stewart, Asst. Prof, of Geo.; Hubert B. Stroud. Instr. in Geo.; Stephen J. Tricarico, Instr. in Geo.; Percy Webb, Instr. in Soc.; Dr. Robert J. Weber, Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci.PI GAMMA MU - (first row. left to right I lieilie Horner and Puna L French (second row ) Chester R. Stewart. Donald Konold. lames F. Grincr and Hal P. Smith, president. 112 POLITICAL AFFAIRS CLUB (first row. left to right) Jane Knight and Jerry C hism. (second row) Pommy Gray. Joan Dalzicl anti Bruce Bcwlcv. SPANISH CLUB - (first row, left to right) Cherry Whitehead, Rosa Marie Reynolds, Lynn Delaney, Marlene Gantec and Debbie Taylor, (second row) Kathleen Bowers, Nancy Rollins. Tricia Tull. Phyllis Foster, Barbara Rcng and Lois Swisher, advisor, (third row) Dicky Wheeler, Jim Stilwell and Carl Doyle, advisor. 113Dr. James 11. Stevenson Dean of the College ■■v-yj College of Science To meet the ever-increasing need for qualified personnel in all phases of science, the College of Science provides a background in the biological sciences, physical sciences and in mathematics for students preparing to teach, work in industry or science-related occupations. enter professional schools or pursue a graduate program. FACULTY — (First row, left to right) Dr. John K. Beadles, Chm., Div. of Biol. Sci.; Dr. Harvey E. Barton, asst, prof.; William W. Byrd, assoc, prof.; Roy Z. Gchring, instr.; Dr. Earl L. Hancbrink, prof.; and Dr. George L. Harp. asst, prof.; (second row) Lawrence W. Hinck, asst, prof.; Dr. Maxine Hite, assoc, prof.; Dr. James A. Hutchison, assoc, prof.; Dr. Bob D. Johnson, assoc, prof.; Dr. Max A. Nickerson, asst. £rof.; ana l-arry A. Olson, asst, prof.; (third row) Dr. Edward . Richards, prof.; Dr. Dan Timmerman Jr., assoc. Prof.; Dr. Eugene R. Wittlakc. prof.; Dr. Jerry L. Linnstacdcr, Chm.. Div. of Math and Phy.; John B. Bennett, asst, prof.; anc Daniel O. Felts, instr.; (fourth row) Dr. Raymond J. Gazik, assoc, prof.; Donald L. Gtecnwcll, instr.; Robert E. Johnson, assoc, prof.; Marshall Matthews, assoc, prof.; Elmer C. Mayes, asst, prof.; and Dr. I lal E. McCloud, assoc, prof.; (fifth row) Dr. L. A. Mink, assoc, prof.; Robert F. Rossa, asst, prof.; Douglas Rucker, instr.; Dr. Charles H. Scanlon, assoc, prof.; James A. Scott, instr.; and Dr. J. B. Shcofce, asst. prof.(First row, left to right) Robert D. Smith, instr.; Robert P. Smith, instr.; Dr. YV. F. Wei, assoc, prof.; Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, Chm., Div. of Phy. Sci.; Dr. J. Edward Bennett, prof.; and Dr. David M. Chittenden, assoc, prof.; (second row) Dr. Miles L. Doyle, assoc, prof.; Dr. Paul I). Gwinup, assoc, prof.; David Jimerson, asst, prof.; Dr. Richard S. Mitchell, assoc, prof.; Dr. Paul M. Nave. i"t. prof.; and Robert O. Saunders, asst, prof.; (third row) William N. Smith, asst, prof.; Dr. Norman L. Trautwein, asst, prof.; Dr. David L. Vosburg. assoc, prof.; and William V. Wyatt, asst. prof. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY — (first row, left to right) Richard S. Mitchell. Pam Carter, Julia Massey. Donna Johnson and Richard Meadows, (second row) Tim Martin. Marian Miller, Don Kesl, Michael Thompson. Elvira Wen el and James T. Harvey, (third row) Arvil Cook, Jim Frcssc. Rick Delaney. J«e Williams and Dewev Sifford. (fourth row) David Jimerson, Paul Nave and Henry Nichols. lie.KAPPA MU EPSILON - (first row. left to right) Daniel E. Thomas, Pat Young. Diana Win Camp. Steve Short. (Second n w) Mark S. Bolmcn. Terry Lee Short. Don Grccnwcll. (Third row) Alvic Dillin. Ray Bouldin, Judy Kay Fetters and Jerry Linnstaedter. SOCIETY of PHYSIC STUDENTS — (first row, left 10 right) Ronald Mason. Peter Shirley, Terry Short. Ray Boulden. (Second row) James M. Morris, John E. Walls. Rodney J. Anderson and Zvgntnut M. Majewski Jr- 116BE I'A BETA BETA — (first row, left to right) Cheric Fowler, Debbie Thomas. Shirley MeManigal, Sue Frank. (Second row) Billy Don Finer. Everett Fucker Jr.. Nanette Quail Jones, Thomas Patrick Taylor. Michael D. Lack. ( Third row) Sam Kallsmick. John Cusler. John Bau com. Mike Dcnsmore, Dale VVasham and Lindcl R. Bennett. 117Division of Military Science G 1. Jack F. Riggins Prof, of Military Science With voluntary ROIC still under consideration, the Division of Military Science remains intact. The freshmen were once again thrown into a world of drills, manuals of arms, order and demerits. Sophomores moved on to new classes and the advanced course, under the direction of wisened seniors, integrated a certain amount of order into the otherwise helter-skelter confusion of the junior cadets. When most people think of Military Science, they think only of the drills, cleaning weapons, shoe shining and the other not so glamorous aspects of ROTC. They forget that with it all comes the added grace of the Princess Platoon, the formality of the military ball and the various receptions given for cadet officers. 118 STAFF — (first row, left to right) Lt. Col. Enrl Emmons, Lt. Col. Joseph F. Saleh, Maj. Stanley M. Brown, Maj- Billy J. Davis, Maj. James A. Stafnc, Maj. Frederick C. Turner, Jr. (second row) Maj. Robert A. White. Capt. Holmes D. Benge. Capt. Aubrey E. Harris, Capt. John L. Kennedy, Capt. Edward N. Rolle, Capt. Dennis M. Warren, (third row) MSG Norman Q. Decker, MSG Vinton W. Moore. SSG Wayne J. Endcs. SSG Elbert W. Bush, SSG Dennis G. Esenwein, SSG Lloyd Kirkscy, Jr. ► COUNTER GUERRILLA — (first row, left to right) Ron Bell, Tommy McCormick. Steve Skillern, Mike Qualls, Mai. Robert A. White, Sara Stallcup, SEC Donald M. Villemarctte. SSG Dennis G. Escnwein. Steven T. Dapp, Charles R. Akers 3nd John C. Price, (second row) Larry Groom, Charles Williams, Bruce Nelms, Jay Camblin. Mark Murphy, Larry Nichols, John Street, Tommy Summers, Robert Horn. Dennis House and Randall Burroughs, (third row) Robert Wilkins, Richard Blair. Philip Murphy, Thur- man M. Smith, Edward E. McCool, Lamar Lewis. Tony Perrin. |ohn Lamar. Ben Barber. Randy Catlett, Bob Mcachum. David Newberry and Alvin Shumate, (fourth row) Tony R. Terral. lames Golden, Pic Tom Carroll, Dour Webster. Robert Fite, David I leaslcy. Allen Lovell. Lloyd Somers, Russell Goad, Grover Butler. Larry Skiver. Tommy Harris, Eugene Brownlow, Torn Carothcrs and SSG Pat Thomas. 119SCABBARD AND BLADE - (first row, left to right) Gilbert Fowler. John Trice, Steve Simmons. Arthur W . Bell. Maria Stewart, Princess Platoon. Maj. Frederick Turner, cadre advisor. Michael E. Shepherd. Dcnzil K. Blackman and Zygmunt M. jvlajewski Jr. (second row) Allan Columbus. Bcnnv Story. Wilburn C. Markcy. Robert McCord. Randy James. David L. Brown. Don Hamilton, William II. Treneman, Alfred A. Williams, 'Iburman M. Smith 3nd J. Mike Rogers. 120RENG RU LES — (First row, left to right) Richie Norris, Willie Jones, Jerry Goforth. Thea Black, honorarv cadet, Larr ' Croom, Larry 1). Jones, Stephen A. Pratt, Patrick Gillcnwatcr and Robert Gibson III. (Second row) Cant. Aubrey E. Harris, advisor, James Newsom, liobby Johnson, Augustus Jefferson. Mike Moritz, Brad Gaimnill, William Hobbs, Bob Hafner and SSG Elbert V. Bush, advisor. (Third row) Thurman M. Smith, James T. Johnson Jr., Alvin Lanier, David Erase, Paul Britton, James Rushing, Samuel Creasman and Patrick Thomas. RIFLE TEAM — (First row, left to right) Capt. Holmes Benge, advisor, Larry Skiver, Joe James, James Gore and SFC Lloyd Kirkscy, coach. (Second row) Sterling Briggs, David Huddleston, Hershell Jones, Garry Morris and Lindcll Bennett. 121Leon E. Eld ridge. Jr. Chairman of the Division Division of Nursing A student in the Division of Nursing is eligible to apply for a state nursing license upon completion of a two-year program at Arkansas State. The program consists of courses in the natural and social sciences. Complementing regular classes is frequent laboratory work at St. Bernards’ I lospital and Jonesboro area nursing homes. FACULTY - (First row. left to right) Beverly Bartles. Nellie T. Caffery, Sarah Ann Gates, Martha Gramling. Margaret A. Grisham and Margie Hancock, instructors. (Second row) Charlotte Leach and Lois Snider, instructors. 122123Graduating Class January 1971 Sara Beth Boyd Glenn D. Carlton Gloria Carrier Sharon K. Coleman Shirley Y. Crain Carolyn A. Crosby Alice J. Farrell Mary A. French Barbara Gatlin Nona J. Gray Cl)a riot tc L. Greene rloetta J. I l.immett Patricia Holificld Johncy 11. Jackson Rebecca Jo Keasier Thomas K. Lowry Alvin 1L Mayhan Shelba J. Mayhan Joyce A. McConaughy Maty Ann McCoy Sharyl L. McCoy Sue Brown McCullcy Deborah L. Melton Maty Ellen Moore Rose A. O'Neal Alma R. Ragsdale Delores D. Raney Myrtle J. Smith Patsy J. Stickler Jimmy G. Veach Connie D. Webb Jeannie F. Worlund 124Graduating Class May 1971 Karen S. Ashlock Mary L. Baltz Judith M. Bradley Cathy M. Brown Lctha S. Brown Mayola Busch Phyllis A. Campbell Carol Carpenter Stephen W. Cole Glenda U. Cunningham Vicki Ann Curtis Carolyn I:- DeGraw Jean Ann Dchls Marion M. Dillard Marquita A. Gutridge Mary Nell I laler Johnna G. Hall Martha J. Hays Melva J. Hcnr ' Lucille A. Jackson Mary Ann Long Dorinda A. McCurlcy Sandra M. McDaniel Mary K. McDonald Polly A. O'Donnell Emory L. Reeder Mary M. Roods Sarah D. Rook Jo C. Sanderson Barbara J. Scott Dyan R. Sharp Nclda F. Simpkins Nickla D. Sitzer Shirley A. Smallwood Audrey P. Spurlock 125 Alice B. Tate Melba J. Tinker Linda S. WilleyDivision of Radio- TV, Journalism And Printing Charles L. Rasherry Chairman of the Division The Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing provides students with the necessary knowledge that enables them to fill major positions in the communications industry. Students gain experience through The Herald, published by journalism and printing classes, and the university owned radio station, KASU. FACULTY — (first row, left to right) Eugene A. Ballard, asst. prof, of printing; Roy E. Barnhill, chief radio-TV engr.; Jon R. Braswell, instr. in printing; Donald D. Cherepski, instr. in radio-TV; Darrel E-Cunningham, asst. prof, of radio-'IV and Rebecca Gardner, instr. in journ. (second row) Homer E. llallctt, production printer; Robert W. Kern, instr. in printing; Tom Manning, dir. of news bureau; Roy Ockcrt Jr., instr. in journ.; L. W. Plunkett, assoc, prof, of journ.; Bobby Ruff, print shop foreman; and Robert Shumpert. radio-TV engr. BROADCASTER’S CLUB — (first row, left to right) Cindy Truxton, Paula Ralaford, Margaret Stack. Dana Ridge and Linda Nelson, (second row) Bill Sadler, 1-ury Spence, Garry Robinson, Donald Lcftwich, J. Mike Rogers, Tim Scott, and Kenneth Simington. (third row) Darrel E. Cunningham, advisor. Danny Scars, Steve Smart, Larry Thomason, Jim Farrell, Stuart Moten, James Ferguson and Pitscr M. Thomas 111. 127GRAPHIC ARTS C'l.UR — (first row, left to right) Paul Graham, Harvev L. Smith. Barry Richardson, George E. Etheridge, Walter D. Brown and Jon Braswell, advisor, (second row) Ronnie Brown, Dwight Lawrence, John Ferricll. Jim Nelms and George Williams. 128PRF.SS CLUB — (Seated, left to right) George Dillin and Phil Smith. (Standing) Jerry Dorton, Roy Ockcrt, advisor, Mark Phillips, Leroy Grant, Dick Bolton, Cleve Warrick, Lois Ann Fusing, Wayne burton, Martha Wofford, Jerry Sharpe. Boh Pope, Steve Goddard, Barbara Horton, Carol Stogsdill, Andrea Wcathersby, Liz Lockhart and Amanda Miller. 129Dr. N. I). Hazclbakcr Dean of the Graduate School Graduate School Graduate Assistants Tommy J. Barber, chemistry John A. Barker, physical cd. Gordon D. Barton, counselor cd. Leslie Battles, chemistry Ross E. Beck Jr., music Patricia A. Bell, business cd. Margaret W. Bcvill. English Lynne J. Bowers, biology Rodney I.. Bovdstun. business adm. Mark G. Brenke, chemistry Martha A. Brooks, history Barbara E. Burke, clmcntary cd-Charles R. Calhoon. English Daniel R. Garnett, history Carolyn I.. Childress, special cd. Mary Ann Crawford. English Mary E. Crossficld. business cd. Mary A. Dement. English Steven D. Ewart, history Dorlene Falwcll, history Eleanor S. Fiala, English Thomas W. Franzcn, agri. ed. James Gillaspy, history James E. Goin, mathematics Phillip Grace, counselor ed. Donald E. I lamilton. history James T. Harvey, chemistry Nancy D. Hester, history 130Graduate Assistants Donald Hicks, business adm. Mary A. I loffman, special cd. Mitchell Holifield, English lommy J. Hollificld. counselor ed. Eva Horton, music Regina Horton, English Nancy James, physical ed. I-ovcc M. Johnson, special cd. Marcia M. Johnson, special ed. Lois W. Johns, elementary ed. Elizabeth B. Jones, physical cd. Richard L. Jones, agri. Nancy Katz, English Allen Keller, reading Douglas King, biology I lollan H. Land, mathematics Linda I . Leopard, physical cd. Judith M. Loberg. physical cd. lanet R. Madox, business cd. Ramona J. McGinnis, reading Jcrrv L. Mitchell, agri. Melba Montes, history Gary E. Morris, music Patrccia D. Moyers, biology Rebecca Plunkett, elementary cd. Arlie J. Pope, physical cd. Jimmy F. Pyland, biology John M. Ransom Jr., biology Nancy O. Robins, music John Roebuck, educational adm. Noal S. Short, mathematics Billy R. Shurley, agri. ed. Richard E. Spieler, biology William Staed III, business adm. Ralph O. Tate, mathematics Ronald Tate, rehab, counselor Anne T. TerKcurst, special ed. Martha B. Thomas, history Larry B. Tiffec, business adm. Debra L. Tillery, history Jerry M. Travis, history Robbie I.ce Wade, elementary ed. Terry M. Waits, agri. Donnie J. Weatherford, reading Elvira Wenzel, chemistry Brenda J. Wood rum, counselor cd. Dorothy P. Young, mathematics Grace A. Ziegenhorn, counselor cd. 131Indian A man with feathers down his hack and his own princess, and a boy with bells on his ankles anti a raccoon hung from his waist completes a Number 1 football team. The ASU Indian family has long been the symbol of spirit for the Arkansas State student body and fans. The Indian family is the uniting factor tl)3t joins the many separate groups on campus for one common goal . . . school spirit. I his year a new chief and princess appeared at the teepee. Lannv Johns. Chief Big Track and Barbara Coble, Indian Princess, made their first appearance at the Little Rock game. John Phillips, Indian Brave, was back for another year and many Indian rain dances. I he Indian Family promoted school spirit by ap| earing throughout the year at games and pep rallies. F amily135Student Government Association Left, Sam Gennuso, SGA faculty advisor. (Below, left to right, first row) Cindv Truxton, Dana Ridge, Mary Nell Greenway. Holly Dodd, Pam Ward, Becky Harris. Lois Ann Tusing, Terrs1 Porter. Edwina Mallory. (Second row) Michelle Luster. Elizabeth Watson. Patti Jo Warr. Kay Saurenman. Co’een Miller, Pam Wilf, Jo Ella Reed, Debbie Huggins. Candy Volk. (Third row) Gordon Met gar, Bob Dale. Joel Sparlcr. David Smalley. Tommy Turner. Barre Finan, John Reynolds, Gars- Pittman. Rusty Sheridan. (Fourth row) John Golden. Kelly Thomas, Hal Smith. Herschcl Jones. Chris Rollc, Scott Rowell, Sam Jolly. Bob Bahn. Johnny I lorton, Larry Epps. 136Above, appointed officers (from left, first row) Molly Dodd, Terry Porter, Lois Ann 'fusing. Candy Volk. (Second row) Mcrschcl Jones. Gary Pittman. Larrv Epps. Debbie Huggins. Coleen Miller. (Third row) John Reynolds, Hal Smith. Kelly Thomas, Scott Rowell. Chris Rolle. Left, representatives, (from left, seated) Edwina Mallory, Elizabeth Watson. (Standing) Jo Ella Reed, Rusty Sheridan. Becky Harris. Bob Bahn. Dana Ridge, Baric Finan. 137(Above, left to right) Sam Jolly, first vice president; Patti Jo Warr, second vice president; Johnny 1 Inrton. president. (Right, senators, from left, seated) Cindy Trux-ton, Pam Wilf. (Standing) Tommy Turner, Gordon Met gar, John Golden. 138(Left, freshman representatives, from left, seated) Mary Nell Greemvay, Michelle Luster. (Standing) Bob Dale, Joel Sparlcr. 13918 Contestants Vie Laura Boyles Kays Nall Gloria Brown Phi Mu Rctha Cotton Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Cloverdalc Sigma Pi Cydney El slander Alpha Omicron Pi Janis Gardner lays Mall nr-'For Miss ASU Title Jennifer Morgan Alpha Gamma Rho Mary Jane Reese Lambda Chi Alpha Cathy Jones Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Rhodes Kappa Alpha Debbie Sanders University Hall Sally Starkey Chi Omega Georgannc Stump Sigma Phi Epsilon Brenda Thacker Kappa Delta Patricia Tull Arkansas 1 lall 141Homecoming Royalty Queen Holly, (right), reigns over the ASU homecoming game. (Below) the Homecoming Court, (left to right-) Dianna Inbndcn. Debbie Gilbert. Holly Dodd. Pat Brown, and Diane I lopwood. 142143Arkansas State University’s Indian Majorettes for 197071 were. (first row, left to right) Jan Adams, Anne Young, I.ynn Delaney and Sally Starkev. (Second row-) Sharman Hannah. Pat Brown. Ceorgeanne Stump and Elizabeth Watson. 144145Cheerleaders ASU cheerleaders spent a busy year trying to arouse a sometime apathetic student body into supporting their Number I Indian teams. Leading the Indian yells this year were cocaptains Martha Wofford and Mike Crow. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gladys Hudgins the group attended a cheerleading clinic at the University of Southern Mississippi during the summer. Although the fans were not always able to support the Indians away from home our Indian cheerleaders were our representatives. Clockwise, from top right: Martha Wofford. Holly Dodd. Maria Stewart and Chuck Lane. 146ROTC Princess Platoon The Princess Platoon is an organization of female students who are honorary officers of the cadet corps. Members arc elected by the advanced corps, and each girl is assigned to a company and a detachment of the corps. These girls attend the drills of their respective companies, participate in the Christmas Parade and other community functions, are hostesses for social functions of the Division of Military Science and perform other duties ascribed by the division. Members of the Princess Platoon retain their status until they graduate, marry, resign, fail to maintain a 2.0 overall grade average, or arc dismissed for cause by a board of officers. 148Nancy Alderson Thca Black Becky Boyd Pat Brown Janie Brummett Gwen Cason Phoebe Cyrus Lynn Delaney Holly Dodd Debbie Gilbert Vicki Jo Givens Dana Green Gwen Green Jeanne Hall Dianna Inboden Karen McCann Jennifer Morgan Shannon O'Roark Mary Jane Reese Sara Stallcup Maria Stewart Gayle Tamburo Pam Ward Betts- White 149Who’s Who In American Colleges And Universities 150(Clockwise, from left) Eddie Reddick. Ronald Bell, Martha Wofford, and Carol Chinn. 151Who’s Who (Clockwise, from top left) Roy MasscrtRalc, Johnny Horton, Tommy Calloway and Andrea Weathersoy. 152153155156157Herald Changes To Cold Type Arkansas State University’s newspaper. The I Icrald, continued in its second year of twice weekly publication with a change from hot- to cold ty| e composition, resulting in a slightly different format for the paper. Written, edited and printed by ASU students. The Herald offers a laboratory for learning newspaper techniques Ingoing students the knowledge through actual experience. Fall editors, left to right: Amanda Miller, managing editor: Phil Smith, editor and Andrea Wcathcrsby, managing editor. Spring editors, left to right: Martha Wofford and Carol Stogsdill. managing editors and Amanda Miller, editor. 160Page one editors (top photo), left to right: Andrea Weathersby. Gerald Ketcham. Lois Ann Tusing, Bob Pope 3nd Cleve Warrick. David Tyler (above) served as advertising manager. Advisor Roy Ockcrt (standing at left) with news editors Mark Phillips and Jakie Licbhaber. 161[’ages two and three editing lab (top photo), left side of tabic: Phil Smith (foreground), page two editor and Gil Fowler, page three editor. Right side ol table, front to back: lames Hollandsworth, Li . Lockhart, Barbara Horton, Pat VanSant, Jerry Horton and Pam Iliunnan. Sports staff (above) left to right: Wayne Dorton, Jerry Sharpe. David G ok. Richard Woods, John Reynolds, spring sports editor and Robert Allen, fall sports editor. 162Arrow Offers Change Offering a change of pace from other school publications, The .Arrow. Arkansas State University’s literary publication, offers students a unique opportunity to express their creative talents. The Arrow is written, edited and arranged by students. Arrow staff members, left to right (top row): Jim Moth-eny, editor and Emclyn Whitley, business manager. Bottom row: Lynn Bonham, poetry editor; Jim Hillycr, prose editor: and Susie Cochran, art editor. I lie Arrow is advised by Sam Ccnnuso (top photo). 163Indian Staff: Wide Range Of Egos The staff of this year’s Indian, like so many of the staffs which preceded it. was composed of a group of inventive, dedicated, talented and highly teinpcrmental people. With so many personality clashes involved in such a staff, one might wonder how everyone managed to make it through the year without killing someone or being killed. The answer is simple, for it is the annual itself which hinds them together, enables them to put aside their differences for the sake of the book, to devote all their energies toward making the annual as fine a hook as possible until the last page is finished. Then they kill each other. Doug Szcnhcr (below), editor and Marian Miller, assistant editor. 164 TTom Manning (left), advisor. Left: copy editor Pam Mortimer. Below left: head photographer Tom Moore. Below: layout editor and photographer Don Jones. 165166 Clockwise, from top left: photographers Bill Sadler, Brent Griggs and Charlie Smith.16?m m» '••'Ml.,,,, {•"Ml..,,, (mmikimi {MMIffl !, '•‘•""MM {•''••tllMr MMMIIMII it:::;:;;;;: l MI l ,a UUHiSJan Adams Cindy lk)l Pat Young Bilinsky Hua Black Gwen Cason Sharon Collat Anita Collie Jamac Craft Carol Cranford Roberta Downs Kaye Endslcy 'I'ricia Fagen Jerric Rogers Forrest Brenda Fowler Leslie Galloway Debbie Gibson Danna Green Gwen Green Paula Grigsby Rita llale Molly Harris Sally Harris Cricket Hayes Cheryl I laywood Martha Henry Debbie Holobaugh Katie Keith Barb Kint ler Lou Lindsay Mechacle Medearis Rhonda Mender Carol Morris Karen McCann Cynthia Met lintock Marilyn McCracken Becky Raley Rose Anne Redd Cathy Reynolds Susan Rowland Cathy Ruivard Debbie Sanders Kay Saurenman Lynn Delaney Simpson Pam Smart Sara Spikes I.ura Stallcup Sara Stallcup Nancy Tull Pam Ward Debra Wliisenhunt Betty White Judy Young 170Epsilon Zeta Alpha Gamma Delta G D Epsilon Zeta chapter of Alpha (lamina Delta was installed at ASU in May, 1948. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse University in 1904 and now has 103 collegiate chapters. The altruistic work of the fraternity is handled through the AGD founders charitable and educational programs. Epsilon Zeta chapter raises money for the Founders Memorial Foundation with the annual Alpha Gamma IXlta Talent Show. Members were very active in campus affairs, including Who’s Who, ROTC Princess Platoon, dormitory officers and many others. Officers for this year were: Pat Young, president; Jamac Craft, first vice president; Lura Stallcup, second vice president; Kay Saurcnman, corresponding secretary; Carol Cranford, recording secretary; Pam Smart, treasurer; and Pam Ward, rush chairman. 171Larie Barnes Sheila Boxlcv Mika Brown Jann Burton Paula Carroll Bcckv Collier Dee Dee Crane Phoebe Cyrus Mary Davis Susan Doty Ina Raye Downing Vicki Dupwc ydney 1 Vicki Forrester Debbie Galloway Marlene Gamec Ann Willett Garner Debbie Gasaway Debbie Gilbert Vicki Jo Givens Teresa Green Anne Norton Carolyn Hudgins Linda Jones Pam Justus Kay Laney Michelle Luster Barbara Marconi Mary Jane Massey Colecn Miller Marian Miller Karen Moffitt Pam Mortimer Terry Porter Mary Ann Prothro Joan Puddcphatt Charlotte Rahm Mary Jane Reese Barbara Reng Suzanne Rettig Nancy Jo Ricke Gale Sparks Gayle Tamburo Cindy Truxton Tricia Full Meredith Walker Libby Watson 172Sigma Omicron Alpha Omicron Pi Founded at Columbia University in 1897, Alpha Omicron Pi now has 92 collegiate chapters. Sigma Omicron chapter at ASH was installed in 1949. Alpha Omicron Pi’s national philanthropic project is the Arthritis Foundation. Sigma Omicron sponsors the All Greek Songfest annually, and proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation. Alpha Omicron Pi takes an active part in the sponsor ship and participation of many local charity drives. Considering the welfare of its own members, AOPi's make contributions to a special fund whereby students may borrow to complete their education. A $25 scholarship is given each semester to the member maintaining the highest grade point. Officers for the past year were: Susan Doty, president; Ferry Porter, vice president: Flizabeth Watson, recording secretary; Barbara Marconi, corresponding secretary; Debbie Galloway, treasurer; and Cindy Truxton, rush chairman. 173Donna Baker Nancy Alderson Candy Ashby Pat Brown Di me Brummctt Janie Burmmett Betsy Burch Phyllis Dennington Hollv Dodd Mary To Ellington Nancy Elphingstone Gayle Fitts Carol Ann Grabbe Diana Grandgeorge Jeanne Hall (an Hambrick Sidney Hayes Pam Holland Diane Hopuood Cindy Howe Dianna Inboden Vicki Ivy Jcrric Jones Christy Keller Lee Lite Robin McLaughlin Eddie Mallory Cheryl Meade Glenda Molock Lynn Moore Debbie Neely Marv Nigus Nancy Rhodes Connie Risby Carol Runnels Mars- Snipes Kathy Spann Kathy Spaulding Sally Starkey Maria Stewart Georgeannc Stump Sue Topp Peggy Von Almen Bobby Van Clcve jane Walker Kathleen Warbington Patti Jo Warr Candy Webb Martha Wofford Anne Young 174Omicron Zeta Omicron Zcta chapter of Chi Omega celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding on the ASH campus Feb. 25. 1971. Now having 157 collegiate chapters, Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. Omicron Zeta has as its main social and civic project "Christmas Kindness” which involves helping a needy family during the holiday season. Nationally. Chi Omega sponsors the National Achievement Award, a gold medal to be presented to women of notable accomplishments in the fields of public affairs, art, the professions, business and finance, education and letters. Chi Omega officers for the past year were: Martha Wofford, president; Hddic Mallory, vice president; I lolly Dodd, secretary; Nancy Jo iillington, treasurer; Candy Ashby, pledge trainer; Patti Jo Warr, personnel; Phyllis Dennington and Maria Stewart, rush; and Sidney 1 laves, corresponding secretary. 175Mrs. Bill Q»x Elizabeth Alley Brenda Bibb Susan Brewer Fran Brown Marilyn Brown Terri Burchett Nina Crook Judith Fdwards Regenia Files Cheryl Fuller Patsy Gann Susie Glasgow Becky Glass Dana Goldsmith Debbie Gregory Evelyn I lamilton Becky Harris Sharon 1 lolt 1 lope I louston Sandra Hrabousky Mary Jo Hudgins Diana Kctcham Melissa Kluge Jane Louks Ruth Martin I.inda Nelson Jane Andrews Oltmann Linda Oltmann Gail Orsborn Shciron Ramsey Marcia Thacker Rauth Becca Reaves Delia Sadler Lark Sallee Mikki Sidebottom Kathy Smith Linda Sparks Judv Tarzi Brenda Tliacker Becky Toombs Andrea Weathersby Emelyn Whitley Beverly Willis 176Delta Kappa Kappa Delta K .'V C D Kappa Delta was founded at Longwood College in 1897. Since that time KI) lias acquired 108 collegiate chapters. The Delta Kappa chapter at ASU was installed in March. 1968. In the years since the Crippled Children’s Hospital of Virginia was chosen as the organization to receive Kappa Delta's aid, KD's have contributed to further the work of this institution by various projects. Christmas Seals are designed and used by all chapters to support the I lospital. Delta Kappa provided a Christmas party for a needy family ami aided in the Cerebral Palsy Telethon. They won the scholarship trophy for the fall semester with a 3.0 grade point average. Officers for this year were: Delia Sadler, president; Linda Sparks, vice president; Becky Glass, secretary; Andrea Weathersby, treasurer; Mary Jo Hudgins, assistant treasurer; Shciron Ramsey, editor; and Cheryl Fuller, membership chairman. 177Mary O'Dell Susie Andrews Polly Bailey Linda Baldridge Donna Bard well Beverly Barnes Jane Bowers Judy Bradshcr Lynn Brockman Linda Broom Gloria Brown Janice Carter Janet Choate Judy Coleman Monta Cooper Francis Distretti Karan Eldridge Donna Everett Vonda Everett Jeanette Fawcette Linda Fletcher Clrris Ford Sandic Franks Sue Franks Judy Hackworth Cathy 11 all Susan Johnson Dianne Jolly Janet Jones Marsha Kaffka Rosemary Kinney Ginger Lewis Donna Meacham Martha Mel lancy Johnnie Neal Mary Jane Norris Susan Phillips Beverly Robertson Kathy Shannon Susan Shelton Brenda Singlcy Mary Sloan Lynn Smith Patricia Staub Dcbby Stowe Cindy Swindle Libby Swindle Debbie Taylor Lois Tusing Charlotte Volk Kathleen Werner Rita Whitaker Roberta Wood Judy Zinn 178Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College in 1852. The Epsilon Delta chapter was installed at ASLI in 1951. The group sponsors the annual Phi Mu Playhouse to raise funds for the U.S.S. Hope. Phi Mu’s national project is the sponsoring of U.S.S. Mope, a hospital ship. Other philanthropic projects include a health mobile, maintenance of a toy cart at the local hospital, International Fellowships, Phi Mu Foundation and volunteer work on the local level, such as the Child Care Drive. The officers for this year were: Frances Distrctti, president; Judy Zinn, vice president; Sue Frank, corresponding secretary; Beverly Robertson, recording secretary; Polly Bailey, treasurer; Debby Stowe, pledge trainer; Donna Mcacham, membership chairman; and Candy Volk, panhcllenic delegate. 179Mrs. W. II. Faulkner Mrs. M. R. Jones Vcrncal Baker Myra Beits Barbara Warn Gloria Byrd Barbara Campbell Carolyn Carpenter Pam Carter Laura Cosscy Rheta Cotton Beth Crain Karolc Ld wards Joan Lmrich Carolyn Fardeecey Martha Faulkner Kristie Goodwin Judy HorriKan Carolyn I lorton Vickie Johnson Cathy Jones Becky Kcasler Carolyn Kerner Barbara Long Jean Lorance Patsy Manning Linda Marconi Laura McNutt Dinah Nutt Paula Rawls I larriet Reid Mary Simpson Jean Stewart Cynthia Tarver Judy Wheeler 180Zcta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College in 1868 and has 168 collegiate chapters. The Zcta Omicron chapter was installed at ASH in May, 1968. Zcta T311 Alpha Foundation makes scholarship grants and loans in addition to which there is a Founder’s Grant and a Shirley Kreasan Stout Scholarship at the University of Illinois. Scholarships in the study of Child Welfare are loaned to members anil non-members. Zctas work with the National Association for Retarded Children. Members work individually and as a group on various projects in the field of this service project. Officers for this year were: Jean Stewart, president; Cynthia Tarver, vice president; Patsy Manning, secretary; Pam Carter, treasurer; Barbara Long, membership chairman; and Laura Cossey, ritual chairman. 181Dr. Claud Irby Dr. Albin I anglois Ronny Allen Bill Aslin Danny Billing Robert Chatman James Ray Chester Lonnie C. Coleman Ronald Cooper Walker Dunn Robert H. English Stephen Finch Tom Franzen Calvin L. Frcchling Thomas Hayes Bill 1 leucr Bruce H. Holmes Charles A. Horton Robert I louston Lanny Johns Jim Jones Ralph loncs Donnie Kclton Jake Kemp Ronald Kcrsli Charles Liddell Mike Love Norman W. Lueck Gene McBride John Mick Randy Minton Johnny Moody. Ill Barry Parish Roger Pitchford George A. Purdy Jim Reid Carl Robinson Charles Roue Phillip Rowe Danny Scott Bob Shafer Charles Shulk Larrv Singleton Mike Stetson Gars- Stroud Perry Sullins Stephen . i. Toney Richard Truax Gene Vance Joe Varvil 11 ugh Weatherford Doug Woodard Don Yarbno 182A Alpha Gamma Rho I ® Alpha Gamma Rho is both a professional and social fraternity. It is similar in organization to other social fraternities except that its members arc selected from among those undergraduate men pursuing majors in agriculture or related occupations. Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in the fall of 1904 at Ohio State University. In the spring of 1969, the AGR Club was formed on the ASLI campus with the goal of becoming a colony of the national fraternity, which was accomplished the following spring — 1970. Outside the fraternity, AGlVs arc active in campus activities, holding offices in the SGA and other campus organizations. AGR is also represented on the ASLI football team and members frequently represent the school as Chief Rig Track. This year’s officers were: Charles Rowe, noble ruler; Hugh Weatherford, vice noble ruler; Roger Pitchford, recording secretary; Robert I louston, corresponding secretary; Charles Liddell, treasurer; Walker Dunn, historian; Robert English, reporter; Bill Heuer and Tommy Hayes, pledge trainers.David Chittenden Bob Butler loc Butera Randy Clayton Jim Creccy Mason Day Glenn Edwards Mike Elliott Sammy latiKht Rick Finley Gil Fowler Gus I underburg James Gatlin Mike Gray Dennis I lill Gary Hughes Don Jones Mike Jones Joe James Robert Katnm Dewaync l ackey I xl Lea Bill Lindsay Lynn Lusk Tony McCall Steve Mitchell Dewey Morgan Brad Nelson Larry’ O’Dell Bobby O'Neal Rodney Owens David Reid Richard Scroggs Phil Smith Jack Snipes Nicky Snow Mike Surratt James I'art Jim Taylor Steve Taylor Windcll Tilley Bill Weaver Steve West Albert Wilson David Young 184Arkansas Eta Gamma will Alpha Tau Omega T O Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. It was the first national fraternity founded after the Civil War. There are now 138 chapters located in 48 states. Arkansas Eta Canuna received its charter in January 1968. The 1970 edition of the chapter newsletter, TAU TALK, was runnerup as the best newsletter of all A TO chapters. This year the ATO’s sponsored the second annual football tournament and participated in the Mental I Iealth Drive and the St. Jude Drive. They collected cigarette packages to help pay for time in an iron lung for a little girl. Officers for the past year were: Steve Mitchell, president; Robert Kamm, vice president; Gus Fundcrburg, secretary; Lynn Lusk, treasurer; Mike Curry, historian; Jim Crcecy, usher; Ken Reinhardt, sergeant at arms; Bill Weaver, pledge trainer; and Phil Smith, public relations. Nicki St. Clair server! as ATO sweetheart. 185186 Lawrence Abddla Toni Bari Butch Barrett Kearney Bialack Bill Brewer Jim Callcwacrt Milton Chambers Ralph Clifton Mike Cook Mike Dodson Darrell Dover John Dozier Phil Duckcr Mike Ellis Larry Epps Rick Flanagan Steve Foster Bob Frey John Golden Dave Guodson Mike Greenhaw Joe Gu iewkv. Rick I larvcy Bruce 1 lelm Sammy I lelm Vic I licks Rick Hines Ross I lull Tommy 1 lolt Ronnie Hopkins Bruce I lornbcrger David Huddleston Danny Hughe Earl Hughes Joe I lunnccutt Randy Jones Doug Johnson Larry Jones Steve Kccrl Bill Kemp Joey Kitchens Sieve Lam ken Bert Lewis Chuck Luensmann Danny Matthews Butch Minor Evans Myers Larry McClendon Steve MeFerron Jim Peresta Robbie Pond Michc Dortch David Purdy Buie Ray Steve Robertson Walter Shepard Rusty Sheridan _J. T. Skinner Charles Spence Bob Stone Robert Taylor Terry Thomas Marc Van Camp Phil Watson Eddie Way Rocky Weaver Tom West Mike White-Rocky Willmuth St ike Wilson Jim Wood Mike Wooten Mike WrightDelta Eta Kappa Alpha K A W v' Kappa Alpha, whose spirited founder is Gen. Robert L. Lee, highlights each year with the “Old South Ball.” The fraternity, founded in 1865, has all its chapters located below the Mason-Dixon Line. KA's hold offices in the SGA and IFC and arc also members of various varsity athletic teams. KA’s have won the Phi Mu Playhouse and the bridge and ping pong tournaments. The spring pledge class was the largest in recent ASU history. Officers for this year were: Steve MeFerron, president; Rocky VVillmuth, vice president; Mike Dodson, recording secretary; Mike Greenhaw, corresponding secretary; Lawrence Abdella, historian. Terry Thomas, treasurer; Bruce Helms, parliamentarian; Joe Hunncycutt. sergeant-at-arms; and Ralph Clifton, ritualist. Diane Hopwood 187Tom Bishop l)r. Paul Gwinup Dr. Donald K iiold Dr. Max Nickerson Roger Achor Gary Adams Craig Beck Mel Beck Vince Bilinsky Keith Bolin Steve Brooks Bill Brown David Brown Dolphus Brown Steve Brown Steve Bryant Barney Burchtickl Mike Camp Dennis Campbell Bob Dale John Dalton Larry Davis Mike Densmore Rich Deuser Steve trust John Ferriell David Poster Brent Steve Grilletta Russ Goad Jack Hansen David 1 larpcr Pat 1 larper Sonny 1 Iildebrand John i lodges Kim I iolley Ronnie Jackson l oin Johannsen Lucks' Kcnnemorc Prank Koubck Mike Mallory Roy Tommy Messer Paul Miller Tom Moore Tommy McCord Larry McMastcr Mike Otosx Tommy Owens Royce PcnninKton Bill Phillips Allan Pruett Ronnie Randolph Larry Ratliff Eddie Reddick Fred Robkcn Chris Rolle ’Pommy Runnels Danny Sample Alan Sapp Jack Shanklc Bill Simmons Mike Singleton Randy Skarda Greg Smith Leon Swindle-Prank Tony Everett Tucker Rodney Tver Joe Waleszonia Wally Ward Don Wilkerson Curtis Williams Robert Williams 188Iota Theta Lambda Chi Alpha •' v L X A Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University, in 1909, is the largest national fraternity on the A State campus. I he lota I beta chapter received its charter in 1959. LXA brothers of ASH arc active in various aspects of campus life, including the SGA, ROTC, Indian Staff, athletics, and the ASH Marching Band. Each year LXA awards the Mark Crow Scholarship to a deserving sophomore who has maintained a 3.5 grade point or better. They also sponsor a Christmas party for underprivileged children and the Lambda Chi “Little 500." Officers for the past year were: Roycc Pennington, president; Tom Moore, vice president; Steve Ernst, treasurer; Prank Koubek, secretary; Wally Ward, ritualist; John Dalton, pledge educator; Steve Brooks, scholarship chairman; Curtis Williams, social chairman; and Mike Mallory, rush chairman. Pat Young 189Dr. Albert Mink Mike Bennett Ray Blaney I Iarral Burris Ralph Cheshier Ken Copeland Mike Crosson Bob D.icus Jim Davis Pete Davis Melvin Dawson Wayne Deen Woody Delorme Roy Douglas Jackie Drake Jint Edens Thayne Edwards Bob Fett Bob Fite Robert Fulmer James Futrcll David Grandgcorgc Bob Green Don Griffin Gerald Hancock Mark 1 larriman Bobby Harris Larry Higgins David I lolsted C. F. Hyman Steve Jackson Larry Jennings S. 1. Johnson David Johnston Mike Jones John Kane Gerald Kctchum Steve Lightfoot Robbie Mashburn Mike Med lock Donnie Merriott George Mires Larry Moffett Gary Mueller Ronnie Mullen Gary McGahhey Louis Nisenlxium Frank Raines Larry Ray Kevin Rorick Mark Scott Danny S- Smith Jeff Daniel Smith Phil Smith M. D. Staton Doug S cnher Bill Tackett Wayne Watkins Claude West Doug Wilkerson Tommy Wilkins Steve Willis Doug Wood Chuck Wooten David Word Mike Worley 190Delta Theta ye. Pi Kappa Alpha pi K A Delta Theta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the oldest social organizations at ASU, receiving its charter in 1948. Nationally, Pi Kappa Alpha has 150 chapters and 11 colonics throughout the U. S., with one chapter in Canada. The fraternity was founded in 1868, and has its international headquarters at Memphis, Tenn. Each year Deta Theta chapter sj onsors such events as the “Little Olympics," a Christmas Party for orphans and underprivileged children, an all-Greek basketball tournament, Founder’s Day banquet, and the annual Dream Girl Formal. PiKA at ASH is represented in the SGA, varsity athletics, the I lerald and Indian staffs and officers on the IFC. Officers for the year were: Mike Medlock, president; Doug Szcnhcr, fall vice president; Mike Worley, fall second vice president, spring vice president; James Futrcll, fall secretary; Gerald Kctchum, spring secretary; Wayne Dccn, spring second vice president; Chuck Wooten, fall treasurer; Frank Raines, spring treasurer; Jim Edens, rush chairman; Roy Douglas, historian; Don Griffin, fall pledge educator; and Bob Green, spring pledge educator. 191 Nancy Jo RiekeDr. Thomas Harwell Steve Alexander Bob Appleton Chris Aycock Rick Aycock Watson Bell Rick Blackwcldcr Gaiy Boone Rick Borgman Eddie Bradford Sam Bradley Stan Brawlcy Rick Brown Bob Burch Pat Burns Ben Bush Chuck Campbell Rav Campbell David Clark John Cook Keith Croft Rick Davis Paul Doty Wayne Ed gin Caric Elbert Mike Elliott Sam Erwin David Evans John Fender Barre Finan Dempsey Fisher Mike Fondren Dwight Calloway Fom Garrett Terry Goodman Mike Graham Walter Graham Pat Grandiean Gary Gray Rick Grigsby Paul Guariglia Larry I lull Harold Henry Blake Hunt Steve Jansen Stan Jones Terry Kemp Chris Knight Chuck Lane Dale I-cwelling Gordon Met gar Mike Milam Steve Modelevsky Jim Moore Larry Morgan Larry McAllister Tom Newberry Michael O’Doncll John Pennington Chris Pierce Fom Pierce Jim Ragsdell Gan Reed Tommy Reed Jack Ross Ken Showaiter Larry Treadway Richard Watts I»nnie Webber Bob White Mark Wilson Bill Word 192Arkansas Gamma Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded in 1901 on the campus of Richmond College, Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown to a current high of 199 chapters. Active in community and campus affairs. ASU’s Arkansas Gamma chapter annually sponsors the I leart Fund Drive, a Christmas Party for underprivileged children and the SPE Bowling Tournament. Sig Eps participated in SGA varsity basketball, football, and track. I hey also took first place in the I lomccoming competition this year. 1 he officers for this year were: Bob Burch, president; Wayne Edgin, vice president; Rick Black welder, secretary; Dale Lewelling, recorder: Ken Showaltcr, chaplain; and Rick Grigsby, pledge educator. Debbie Gilbert 1S3I)r. Robert Ferralasco Steve Bonner Cary Boyles John Clark Cary Crain Mike Da Vault Ed Gathings Mike Cibson Donny Glenn Joe Griffin Joe Hamilton Bill Harkev Eugene Harrelson Ed Harris Mike Harris Craig Johnson Ronnie Jones Mike Larsen Lee Lorick Allen Lovell Dour Lowrey Lynn Luster Steve McBride Ronnie McDaniel Pern- Metheny Bob Miller Bubba Morris Dennis Morris Tony Nevill Gary Oldham Ben F. Pickard Terry Pierce Wyman Pierce Cary Pospisil John Reynolds Carl Romhilt Tom Samuclson ! lerb Sanderson Ken Schoenborn Mike Slabaugh Breg Smclscr Olcn Smith Bob Stanley James Straub Walter Surprise John Swope David Thomas Ronald Thompson Ron R. Triplett Maurice Tritcs Winston Turpin 194 5CALP th 51 DUX Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi received its charter in March, 1948, and became the first national fraternity on the ASU campus. Sigma Pi was founded nationally in 1897 at Vincennes, Ind. Sigma Pi is active in all intramural sports and took first place in badminton singles and doubles and second in bridge. Each spring the brothers at ASH sponsor a softball tournament. Among the members of Sigma Pi are the sports editor of the I lerald, members of the varsity football team, including two honorable mention all-SLC players and members of the SGA and I PC. Officers this year were: Bill I larkev, president; Ed Gathings, vice president; David Thomas, secretary; Steve McBride, sergeant-at-arms; Ronnie McDaniel, treasurer; and Terry Pierce, 1 lerald. -f 195 Jeana I lorncrSteve Ewart Dr. John Calloway Jim Vernon Buddy Abbott Steve Alston Dewayne Anderson Bill Back Jiin Bailey Paul Balducci loin Bindley Rick Bradshcr Ken Brewer Mike Brown Wayne Buck Gene Burton Ron Caldwell Dennis Calloway Jeff Calloway Stefan Calloway Tommy Calloway Ross Cardin Don Carson Pat Cass Mike Clary Allan Columbus Jim Cooper Charlie Cothem Mike Crow Warner Cruce Allen Culp Scott Curry Lyle Dent Rusty Dozier Pete Dunn Bradly Easterwood Tommy Gibbs Terry Givens Larry Gladden Tommy Gray Mike Grey Gillis Griffin Bob I laic Eddie Hathcock Jody 1 lerlein Benny I lobson Tim Hodges Keith Holland Johnny 1 lorton Mike James Richard Jarrett Mike Jenkins Jim Paul Johnson Jim Kyle Bill Lieblong David Limpach Mike Slaliott Bob Mcacham Nunzio Messina Travis Moore BiU McCollun Ed McLain Jim Nelms John Pardew Stanly Parkinson Jim Pate John Phillips Buddy Pierce Mickey Pierce Jimmy Pratt Alan Read Larry Richardson Rick Rodcry Gaylon Rogers Scott Rowell Mike Russell Darryl Schlenker Mike Scott Randy Shoemake Steve Simms Steve Smart George Smithwick Don Speck Maxie Stem Benny Story Harry Gene Svlar Dave Tackett Billy Don Tincr Joe Van Clevc Ike Van Meter Tommy Vaughan Tim Walters Tommy Watkins Fred Wetzel Art Wilson 196Beta Psi Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Psi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon succeeded in winning such intramural sports as basketball, bowling, archery, golf, and volleyball. In their 'I KE Fingcrbowl they defeated PiKA and they also won the ATO Football Tournament. TKE’s arc represented well on the ASU varsity tennis, track, football and golf teams. Johnny I lorton, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon served as president of the SGA and other members were very active in the SGA. Four members were elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. I KE’s devotion to such charitable organizations and drives as Public Service Weekend aided them immensely in winning the title of top TKE chapter in the nation. Serving as officers for this year were: Tommy Calloway, president: Stephan Calloway, vice president; Don Speck, secretary; Benny Story, treasurer; Jeff Calloway, pledge trainer; Mike Brown, chaplain; Don Carson, historian; and Ed McLain, sergeant-at-arms. Karen McCann 197ALPHA LAMBDA DELIA - (first row. left to right) Glenda Molock. Nancy Aldcrson. Nancy Burks, jerrie Jones, Marlene Gamcc. (Sccoml row) Martha Henry, l.ynda Horton, Jane Knight. Gwen Cason, Brenda Fowler, Colccn Miller. (Third row) Jane I.ouks, Kathy Churchill, Linda I.isko. Phyllis Garrison. Cathy Fleetwood and Pat Brown. ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON — (first row, left to right) Barbara Reng, Lynn Delaney, Diana VanCamp, Sandy Reynolds, Jamac Craft, Peggy Von Almcn, Sandra Rowton. (Second row) Mary Ann Prothro, Elsa Clinger, Pat Young. Judy Bradshcr, Ruth Martin, Sue Mullen, Mary Jo Ellington, Jeanne Hall and Carol Ann Chinn. 200ARKANSAS HALL COUNCIL -(first row, left to right) Mary Holt, Linda Sartin, Marie Ashcraft, Sheryl Lockhart. (Second tow) Cathy Jane Jones, Sharon Bennett and Janice I lornbeck. AWS BOARD — (first row, left to rifiht) Tricia Tull, Bobbie VanCleve, Joyce Freeman. Andrea Weathersby. (Second row) Debbie Galloway, Jane Dal icl, Jane Knight, Mary Holt. Linda Bryant, Linda Sartini. (Third row) Katie Keith, Phoebe Cyrus, Linda Reaves, Marie Ashcraft, Sheryl Lockhart, Barbara Campbell and Susan Crumby. 201BAPTIST STUDENT UNION -(first row. left to right) Samira Weaver, Linda Crismon, Debbie 1 racer. Kay Huffine. (Second row) Marilyn Harlan, Kathryn Murray. Pita Gambill, Mary Ann Whitaker, Denise Lucas. (Third row) Sharon Pegg. Charles Champ, Michael caver. Steven Sigsby. Warren Liner and Diane Carter. BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION — (first row, left to right) Dorothy Greer, Dorothea Davis, Pennie King, Princella Walker, Rettv Reedy, Alcan Deck. Ivory Steward. Harry L. Whitted. Emma Milliner. Frances Humbert. (Second row) Flora Chandler. Willie Jones. Joe Davis, Larry I). Ward, Linda Clemons, Barbaranette Twillie, Robert Gibson III. Erma J. Hill, Rosanna Strong. ( Third row) Jackie Tabron, Renonia V. Mitcham. Jane Littleton, Maryanne Rutherford. Barbara Morgan. Sandra Seymour. Helen Stallings, Fredda Carroll, Edith Warren, Shirley A. Williams. (Fourth row) Robert Lunnic. Augustus Jefferson, Edmond Castle, Anthony Grant, Alfred Gates, Leon Smith, Alvin Lanier and Sylvester Williams. 202PH A — (.litsi tow. cU 10 hctcsa Kiiftotc. Brenda Vo -vcc Kce. Shettv WomacV. Wl ire. (Second tow) V» VomacV Jt.. Joe Wi nwiV , in; Lonnie Wav Wichauhon. Sharpe, Pam Thurman. A -Chile. CHURCH ol CHRIST STUDENT CENTER - (first iow. left to riRlu) Diana Poor. Melba Coke. Rosie Simmons, Sherry Wilhite, Gail Dauck, Sheila Bell, Judy Kay Fetters. (Second tow) Donna Cooper, l.inda Bryant, Mary Helen MeGrew, Pam Spikes, Francie Grisham, Donna Metcalf, ( Hurd row) Susan Watson, Barbara Clark. "Vhomas Norvell, Kenny Beck, Gwen Ruff. Jerry Burchfield. (Fourth row) David Ward, Judy Metcalf, t. Winston Burton, Director. Randy Holman. Philip W. Burton and Stuart Moten.DANNER HALL COUNCIL -(fits! row, left to right) Terry Roach. Phillip W. Elam. Jim I aw-son. Denny Reed. Danny Rush IJill-ings. (Second row) Kill Lawson. Roger Pitchford, Andrew Jansen. Phillip McGee and Randy Holman. DIXIE IIAI I. — (first row, left to right) Ianct McNeely. Judy Moore. Joan Dalzicl. Jane Knight, Linda Reaves. (Second row) Donna Estes. I McCormick. Tejuana Crow-sun and Barbara Kuctcr. 204GAMMA BETA PHI — (first row, left to right) Barham Morgan, Jamae Craft, Jcrric Rogers, Marie Baird. Dana Ridge, Tricia Fagan, Jeanette Enzor. (Second row) Gwen Green, Deborah Burlison, Vickie Bray. Bern Rogers. Annette Sims, Hope Houston. Betty Fcrralasco. (Third row) James Ferguson, Jim Lawson. Sarah Stallcup. Terry Roach, Lorraine Savelli. Joyce Rogers, C. Ann Paul. (Fourth row) Rick Batterton, Len Williams, Alvin Phillips, Joan Johnson, Kathy Hall and Diana Scott. INTERFRATERNII Y COUNCIL — (first row. left to right) Vince Bilinsky, Tommy V'aughan, Phil Smith. Ben Pickard. Wayne Edgin, Doug Szcnher. (Second row) Milton Chambers, Robert Kamm, Steve McFerron, Tommy Calloway, Don Carson. Michael Medlock, Bob Burch. (Third row) Mike Wright. Steve Mitchell, Roycc Pennington, Tom Johannsen. Lee Lorick, Ronnie McDaniel, Bill Harkcy, Pat Grandjean and Don Jones.INTERNA riONAL STllDKN IS CLUB — (First row, left to right) Nicholas A. Curtis, sponsor. Larry J. Ratliff. Matalina ShiaoMci Chon. Jane Bowers, Emelyn K. Whitley .iixl Nick C. Vrettos. (Second row; A ini Aval. Chang lak Wa, Ramiro Icaza, Mauricio lei-leri.i, Mohammad Emtia and John I . Heard. (’Htird row) Peter Shit ley. Scott Clemens, Gary Angelo and Bahrain Behiatnia. KAYS HALL DORM COUNCIL — (First row, left to right) Abby Brown. Pam Rawlings, Carolyn Clark. Diana Kctcham, Jane Walker and Betsy Burch. (Second row) Doris Sebree, Shirley Jones. Becky Hume. Kristie Goodwin and Susan Crumby. (Third row) Michelle Luster, Lark Sallee. Pat Boggan, Jeanie Fuller. Jean Dehls and Barbara Campbell. 206 MISSIONARY BAPTIST STU-DENT FELLOWSHIP - (F.rst row, left to right) Teresa Hurst. Patsy Peyton. Freda Hickinon and Ret ha Beckham. (Second row) David Craig, Terry Roach, Jim Lea and Jan Adams. (Third row) Rita Kildow, Claudia Lea, Cecil M. Lew-alien and Gary Coles. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL -(First row left to right) Diane Brummett. Rita Hale. Mary Ann Prothro, Frances Distretti and Susan Doty. (Second row) Nina Crook, Carolyn Carpenter, Patricia Downing. Pat Young, Katie Keith. Candy Volk, Beckv .Meredith 3nd Patti Jo Warr. 207PHI ETA SIGMA - (Pint row. left to right) Garry Robinson. Terrs’ Lee Short. Hcrschcl Jones ant! Bill Trcncman. (Second row) Bill I lar-key, Jim Stilwell. Gar - Roberts. Johnny Burns. Cars’ Stimson and Dr. Edmund L. Barnett, sponsor. PHI XI RIIO- (First row, left to right) Glenn Lynch, David Smalley. Ricky Grccnwell, Randall Kooncc and George Rial. (Second row) Icrry Osbon, Jerry Lucas, Scott Clemens. John Hardin anti Gary Rial. (Third row) Daniel L. Jackson, Sterling R. Dalby, Kelly Thomas and Gary Phillips. 208STATE HALL DORM COUNCIL - (First row, left to right) Melvin I . Cage. David Cray Jackson. Mure! C. Miller Jr., Jerry Don Trammell, Mark Boerncr and Benny Spurlock. (Second row) Lee R. Johnson, Kenneth Lacy, Ronald Cheatham, Sammy French, Richard E. Ray, Alon o D. Williams and Jerry Osbon. STUDEN T GOVERNMENT PARTY — (First row. left to right) Candace Campbell, Linda Livermore, Rex Ray, Yvonne Rhodes. Diane Turner and Tommy Turner. (Second row) Donna Hairc, Matt Brunson. Richard Crawford. Roscann Mullins, Jon Baskin and Dave Trim. 209TWIN TOWERS DORM COUNCIL. — (First row, left to right) Steve Smart. Michael Stetson. John Porbeefc and Bub Heaton. (Second row) James Fdington, Monte Calli-cott. Steve Crismon, Tandy An-thonv and Chester Pierce. UNIVERSITY HALL DORM COUNCIL - (First row. left to right) Debbie Calloway, Dorothy Greer, Phoebe Cyrus, Debra W'hiscnhunt, Sara Stallcup and Delia Sadler. (Second row) Barbara Marconi. Linda Crismon, Myra Betts, Katie Keith, Becky Bovd and Susie Glasgow. 210VEIERANS CLUB — (First row, left to right) Richard Earl Ray, Calvin L. Frcehling, Norman !•.. Roberta Jr.. Dennis Kersting, Ed Jolly and Lowell I). Philp. (Second row) 'Fhomas A. Compton, James D. Sanders. Gail A. Wilson. David W. Nail. Jerry W. May and John T. Ammons. ( I hird row) Ralph l ate, Billy Dulf. Steve Sims and Charles E. Crego. WESLEY FOUNDATION -(First row, left to right) Donna Estes and Glenda Hall. (Second row) Norman E. Roberts Jr., Donald Hall, Gail Wilson and Kenneth Simington.’70, A Bad Year For Track A superhuman effort by Arkansas States “Super Chief’ Thomas Hill, that netted 23 % joints, led the Indians to a surprisingly strong third place finish in the Southland Conference spring sports festival. I fill, who last summer became the fifth man ever to run the 120-yard high hurdles in 13.2 seconds, teamed with other outstanding thinclads such as Cleve Warrick. Barney 1 less, Bill Beil and Boh Gray to pace the Indians in their surprising finish after what might Ik termed a very disappointing season. Struggling through the season, injury after injury kept the Indians from offering a really successful degree of com-petition. Hopefully, however, the Indians have established a trend that will spring them back into contention. 214CONGRATULATIONS THOMAS HILL CO WORLD RECORD HOLDER IZO YARD HIGH HURDLES 215Tribe Takes SLC Title The Indian diamond crew played more or less in spurts during the season, finally emerging with a 16-17 overall record. The Tribe did manage to salvage the Southland Conference baseball title with a 9-3 mark. A three game sweep over Lamar Tech midway in the season followed by a triple win over the University of Texas at Arlington clinched the title for the Tribe. The Southland Conference championship entitled the Indians to a trip to Austin. Tex., for the University Division District 6 Playoffs. The venture proved to lx costly as Pan American and Texas each took turns downing the Tribe. The Redmen fell both times by identical scores of 5-0. Ace Indian hurler Rusty Bourg went 8-2 for the season and established a new record for career wins 3S he pushed his overall total to 25. The old record was 21. Bourg’s eight wins also set a new record for most games won in a single season. The SLC title marked Arkansas State’s third in only six years competition. 216 217Gymnastics Sweeps UALR In its lirst intercollegiate competition at UALR the members of the AS 11 gymnastics team managed to place lirst a total of eight times. The high placers for the girls squad were Reeky I Inline with one first and Anita Frazier with two. On the mens' squad Dick Bolton scored two first places. Mackie Hawkins one and Howard Hulcn two.Hill Gains World Acclaim Thomas 1 lill returned home to ASU with international acclaim as the world’s Ix'st 120-yard high hurdler. The Arkansas State University athlete completed a European tour with five victories in six attempts, finishing second once to Colorado’s Markus Walker. Even more impressive, and perhaps the clincher as lar as Mill’s achievement as the world's top hurdler, was his double victory over Olympic champion Willie Davenport. I lill beat Davenport at Oslo, Norway, and at Cologne, Germany. It was his third straight win over Davenport although the Olympic chain]) had beaten Mill three straight times. Hill has ran 13.5 or better six times, peaking at the 11STFF meet in Wichita, Kan., where he tied the world record of 13.2, and set or tied eight track records including the world record tie. He also became the first man ever to run the 120-yard high hurdles in 13.1. which would have been a world record had it not been for excessive wind.Golf Has Bad Season The Indian linkstcrs tripod during the 1970 season and wound up on the bottom of the pile in the Southland Conference standings. Closing their regular season with a 7-6 record, the Indians traveled to Abilene, Tex., for the Southland Conference festival. The Tribe was fresh from a triangular victory over Southwest Missouri and Southwestern of Memphis. Tcnn., that gave it a 2 0 stand in that category. The fates dealt the linksters a crushing blow in the festival, however, and the cellar position was all that was left. Sophomore Louis Xiscnlwum (above right) chips to the green while senior Mike Stropp (right) tecs off and (below) putts for birdie.Tennis Gets New Coach When new tennis coach Don Grcenwell took over at the helm for the Indian net crew, lie expressed visions ol rising from the gutter position in the Southland Conference. Though his aspirations toward a second place finish fell short, the Tribe did complete the 1970 season with its finest season yet. Amassing a 12 6 overall record as a team, the netters posted a tie for fourth place in the SLC race. The Tribe’s Xo. 2 player, Bret Baker, finished with a superior record of 11-4 in singles competition and teamed with Junior College transfer Monty Rainey for an 11-3 finish in doubles play. 4 Senior Richard Brooks displays form. CLeft to ri«ht) Montv Rainey. Paul Balducci. Richard Brooks. Art Wilson, Bret Baker and Coach Don Grcenwell. 221Harriers Take 2nd In SLC Senior harrier Bob Cray started ten races during the crosscountry season and finished ahead of the pack seven times. lie paced the ASU distance men to a 5-1 record in dual meets. I !e was also instrumental in the Tribe placing second in the SIX' and filth in the NCAA Region Six meet. The Indians, in one of their finest seasons in many years, had only one other senior in Billy Bell. Bell's consistency in the meets proved to Ik- one of the deciding factors in the harriers’ success as did the performances of junior Mike Holt. Junior YVillie Davidson and freshmen Jim Bailey. Dave Tackett and John Scurto added depth to the team. ASU opened its season in the Harding Invitational at Searcy, placing second out of nine teams entered. Then, in consecutive dual meets with Memphis State, Murray State and Lamar Tech, the thinclads grabbed three wins Ix-forc suffering their first and only loss of the season to Southeast Missouri. Going on to Memphis State and Ole Miss, the harriers took five of the first seven finishing spots in each meet. Co-captains I Jolt and Cray.Coaches, The Guiding Lights 223The Coach, Always There 224Coaches Teach 110% 225226Davidson To Be Head Coach Davidson talks things over with Templeton (above) and with fans (below). Bill Davidson, former offensive line coach under Bennie Ellcndcr, was named head coach of the Arkansas State University football Indians. Davidsons appointment was formally announced at a press conference held Dec. 29. Another ASU assistant coach was named by Dr. Rengtoa promotion. Bill Templeton formerly in charge of the offensive backficld, was appointed assistant head coach. They were backed by the full confidence of Beng. Shortly after taking the job over as head Indian, Davidson hired Clinton Gore anti Sammy Weir. Gore was named as defensive secondary coach while Weir will work with the Tribe's split receivers. A third assistant coaching position was filled by Mike Malham of Little Rock McClellan. Attesting to his capabilities as an offensive line coach, the Indians have shown steady improvement in this category since Davidson took the reins. He has produced four All-American linemen in the past two seasons. A 1956 graduate of ASU, Davidson was a standout on the Indian football crew. A remarkable feature that deserves attention is the fact that Davidson did not play football until he came to Arkansas State and began his college athletic career. 227AklVAi UNIVE I T V 228AP Number I UPI Washington TD Club 229THE TRIBE Arkansas State University’s Indians marched to an unprecedented National College Division Championship while enroutc to the first undefeated-untied football season in rhe school's history. On January 9, the Touchdown Club of Washington followed the trend already established by the Associated Press ami United Press International to make the Indians the consensus choice for the top position among the college division teams of the nation. The Tribe stretched its unbeaten string to 19 games and collected its third consecutive Southland Conference championship. The Indians were also invited to the Pecan Bowl in Arlington. Tex., for the third straight season where they downed Central Missouri State College 38-21 before a regional television audience. The American Football Coaches Association named Tribe mentor Bennie Ellendcr as National College Division Coach of the year. Five of Ellcndcr's prize pupils were named to All-American honors. Offensive guard Bill Phillips was named to the first team squad while defensive halfback Dennis Meyer and halfback Calvin Harrell were named to the second team. Named as 1 lonorable Mention Little All-Americans were linebacker Gary CIcve and offensive guard Wayne Dor ton. I lonors for the national champs came in bundles as might lx illustrated by the massive number of Indians to lx named All-SLC. There were 23 to lx exact, or the entire first team, plus the kicking specialist. I fallback Dennis Meyer was honored as the Southland Conference defensive player of the year and was also chosen the outstanding defensive gridder in the Pecan Bowl. Tribe quarterback James I lamilton was named Meyer's offensive counterpart in that game. Many records were set or tied by the 1970 Indians, some more than once, but whether or not these records will stand for long is indeed a question. The Trilx will return all but five of this year’s team for the 1971 season. Only two of those five were starters. Next year could again lx the “Year of the Indian” in Arkansas. ASU Opp. 53 Wichita State 14 12 Southeast Louisiana 3 27 The Citadel 7 21 Trinity 14 38 Louisiana Tech 17 28 Abilene Christian 23 69 Lamar Tech 7 23 LI. of North Dakota 18 27 Texas-Arlington 7 27 Southern Illinois 3 38 Central Missouri 21 t The Leader The Coach After compiling the best won-loss record of any football coach in Arkansas State University history. Bennie Iillender resigned his position as head coach of the Indians to return to his alma mater as head football coach at Tulane University in New Orleans, La., on Christmas live. Iillender, who led the Indians to an 11-0 season and the Tribe’s first national college division title this year, left his post as head Indian after negotiating with Tulane officials for about a week. Iillender officially accepted the position as head coach of the Green Wave on Dec. 24. During his eight year stay at A-State, Ellcndcr estab lished a 52-20-4 record, uncqualed by any other Tribe coach. In addition, under Ellender’s control, the Indians have appeared three times in the Pecan Bowl, the NCAA’s Midwestern Regional Championship game. After accepting the Tulane offer, Ellcndcr remarked, "It’s with great remorse that I leave Arkansas State.” lie further added, “ASU is a place that I'll always call home.’’ 231All-Americans Bill Phillips Guard 1st Team All-American 1st Team All-SLC Dennis Meyer Defensive Halfback 2nd Team All-American 1st Team All-SLC 232Calvin Harrell Halfback 2nd Team All-American 1st Team All-SLC Wayne Dorton Guard IIM All-American IIM AI1SI.C Gary Cleve Linebacker MM All-American 1st Team All-SLC 233All Conference Steve Lockhart lit Team Cliet Douthit 1st Team 234Butch Murray 1st Team Steve Goodard Honorable Mention James I lamilton 1st Team Johnnie Catr Honorable Mention Tom Johnson I lonorablc Mention 235ASU Dominates All-SLC Crain Johnson I lonorablc Mention Donnie Bcshcars 1 lonorablc Mention Tom Mananan I lonorablc Mention Walter Fisher I lonorablc Mention 236Clevc Barfield Honorable Mention Rick Bone 1 lonorablc Mention Terry Whiting I lonorablc Mention Chris Millvvec I lonorablc Mention Dave Ruebsain I lonorablc Mention 237ONE DOWN Arkansas State invaded the Missouri Valley Conference for its 1970 gridiron debut and shocked the Wichita State Whcatshockers with a 53-point scoring performance that amazed the football world and put the Indians in the number one spot in both the AP and UPI college division polls. A young Indian defense was forced to age quickly when the Tribe fumbled the opening kickoff on their own 21 with the Whcatshockers recovering. A forced fumble by the Tribe defense gave Arkansas State the ball at the 11 with their backs to the wall. Unable to get out of the danger zone, the Tribe gave up the pigskin on a punt that Wichita State turned into the first touchdown of the game. But that was the end of the show for Shockers. It was not until late in the fourth and final quarter that Wichita could put their second touchdown on the board. The Indians tied the score in the first quarter and with the arrival of the second period came history in the making. The Tribe jumped at opportunity’s knock and the Shockers found themselves fighting for their lives. Four touchdowns and two field goals later, the first half ended with Arkansas State holding a 40-7 advantage. Calvin Harrell (above) and Marshall Walls (below) show the form used to annihilate Wichita State. 238J.ick Ross finds he has all the time in the world to throw. Jeff Sackett (left) tries the middle while James 11.imilton (.above.) skirts around end. I larrell dives over for another Indian six-pointer.Sweet Revenge In Little Rock Then, “back home" for the annual game in Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium, after defeating SE Louisiana 12-3, the Indians went hunting for their third straight win and found it. Football fans from Northeast Arkansas turned out in force to the tune of 16,000 to watch the Tribe drop the Bulldogs of the Citadel 24-7 in the capital city. Calvin I Jarrell delighted the masses as he rushed for 252 yards on 43 carries to establish a new school record for the most yards rushing in a single game. Mead coach for the Bulldogs. Jim “Red" Parker then spoke the great prophesy that was later fulfilled: “I don’t think, anyone will beat them this year. Bennie Ellcndcr has done a tremendous job." Maybe it was just because the Indians had handed the Bulldogs a loss that Parker attempted to make the Tribe look fantastic. Whatever the reason, Parker was correct. 240Then along came Trinity and the upset-minded I i gers. To say the least. Trinity scared the top ranked Indians and started a fad that caught on with evety team the Tribe faced throughout the year, knock off number one. The fad may have caught on, but no one succeeded. Trinity probably came closer than anyone to beating the Indians, other than Abilene Christian that is, when they held Arkansas State to a 21-14 victory. Freshman Kearney Blalack had a big hand in the win when he took the opening kickoff and rambled 95 yards for the touchdown. For Blalack to accomplish this feat his freshman year would have been astounding enough. But. it was the first time the Newport product had touched a pigskin in college football. Another big score came when Johnnie Carr, coming in for injured Calvin I larrell, lofted an option pass to Chet Douthit that covered 74 yards and accounted for the Tribe’s second touchdown. A hardnosed defense then went to work and stopped the Tigers for the duration. "Mv mother won't appreciate this, you know.” Johnnie Carr leaps Jeff Sackctt and heads for running room. The "Big Red Machine" forms its impenetrable wall. A Tiger finds himself gift-wrapped and delivered to the converging Tribe defense. A-State Rambles On—And On.Kearney Blalack uses his great speed to score on a 95-vard kickoff return the first time touched tltc lull in college play. Indians converge to cover a Tiger in lied as most of the team gets in on the act. 243 I latnilton keeps for yardage while the Tiger defense is putdown lor the count.A-State Wins Again Bad news struck when the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs invaded Kays Stadium. Marshall Walls was injured early in the first quarter and Arkansas State was left with both its Starting running backs injured. Calvin I larrcll had been injured late in the Trinity game and was unable to play. Thus the Tribe went airborne. James Hamilton responded by connecting on 19 of 35 passes for 293 yards and four touchdowns. Hamilton's four "I’D passes equalled the record for the most touchdown tosses in a game. I le had tied the record earlier against Drake in l%S. The passing game paid off very well for the Indians and despite being held to 108 yards rushing, they flew to a 38 17 victory over the stubborn dogs. For Arkansas State the win was the fifth in a row and the l cst was yet to come. The l est came when the Indians edged by Abilene Christian 2S-23 and all but cinched the SLC title. It was the second year in a row that the Tribe faced the ACC Wildcats and blasted them in the big SI C "shootout." 1 larrcll (right) «s seen consoling a Bulldog as he crosses the goal line while Terry Whiting (below) upsets Tech even more by intercepting a pass. 244I"hc Indians have two effective tailbacks. Harrell (left) runs with bone-jarring power and Carr (below) uses his speed. 245“LAMAR—Another Y ictim” The g.xnl limes returned along with Lamar Tech the following weekend and the nation's finest got back into form- The game was over from the start as the saving goes. But who would have known that from the way the game began. The Cardinals pounced on an Indian lumble at the 14 on the first play of the game and took it on in for the score. Then the fun Iregan for the I ribe as they drove the scorckeepor and statisticians crazy with their offensive efforts. When the smoke and dust had finally cleared, the Indians were sporting a 69-7 win and had clinched at least a share of the Southland Conference crown. Valuable experience was given the second team as they played most of the third and all of the fourth |uartcr. scoring two touchdowns and allowing none. David Mitchell (above) evades a Cardinal as lie puts forth his best effort in State's 69-7 romp. Hamilton (below) has a field day against Tech and on this play keeps it himself. 246Chet Douthit lias his pass reception and the foot race is on.A No. 1 Homecoming The masses converged on Jonesboro for I lomccoming Arkansas State style. They were not disappointed. Arkansas State and the University of North Dakota locked horns and fought it out right down to the wire. Two fumble recoveries and an interception by the I:ighting Sioux in the fourth quarter helped them to keep the pressure on the Tribe. The young Indian defense rose to the occasion, however, and held the Sioux scoreless during that period except for a lone touchdown resulting from a drive that began in the third quarter. Leading by as much as 20 0 in the first half, not many of the partisan I lomccoming crowd expected the Sioux to make a close game of it. They did finally get on the board, though, with 7:38 remaining in the half via a field goal. Then with seven seconds left, they scored their first touchdown of the half to make it 20 10. A State moved out quickly in the second half on a field goal by Gentry. Later Johnnie Carr was captured in the end zone for a safety and the Sioux added another touchdown, their last, following that feat. The defense then stiffened to preserve the win. Steve I-ockhart hangs on to a Hamilton pass despite contact with a Fighting Sioux. Mitchell is swarmed by the Sioux hut keeps driving for extra yardage. 248Hamilton (above left) hands off to Mitchell while Douthit (above) out races another opponent. 249 Carr proves he can go through them (top photo) or over them (left).SITJ, Another ASU clinched the SLC tide with a 27 7 win over UTAH ington in I urnpike Stadium, which was colder than hell, and then some. Southern Illinois University quickly found out why one wire service ranked Arkansas State llniversitv as the nation’s No. 1 college division team and through their loss to the I rilw aided in putting the Big Red Machine in the number one slot of the other wire service. The Indians tromped over the Salukis 27-3 and registered the first perfect season in the history of the Uni-versitv. At the same game, nation-wide interest was quickly aroused toward Arkansas State when the American Broadcasting C ompnny filmed highlights of the game and broadcast them nation-wide as a segment of die NCAA College Football Today program. Many viewers discovered for the lirst time that there was another university in Arkansas. Yes. it was a great year for the Indians and one that will never lx forgotten. Number One in the SLC, Number One in the LISA. Not had for jx or countrv boys trying to make good. Harrell leaps over a fallen comrade.Harrell puts his shoulder into a Saluki. Gary Clecvc calls defensive signals (left) and the defense carries them out (below). Harrell hangs on as Sackctt leads the interference. 251The Crowning Victory—1970 Despite a small crowd, incomplete construction and an opponent that was of little notoriety, other than possessing a decent 9 1 record, the Pecan Bowl at Arlington, Tex., was still lauded as a success for the Arkansas State gridders. The Indians, ranked first in the final AP and UPI polls, dumped the Central Missouri State College Mules 3S2I to complete the first undefeated untied season in the historv of the school. F inishing 11 0 for the season, the Tiil e extended its win streak to 14 and has now gone 19 games without a defeat, the only blemish being a 21-21 controversial tie with Drake in the 1969 Homecoming tilt. A meager 9. 00 fans watched the game that had the nation's finest going against a virtually unknown team of unranked Mules. Indian quarterback James I lamilton, who led the Tribe to 509 yards total offense, and defensive back Dennis Meyer were named the Ijowl’s offensive and defensive standouts respectively. I lamilton passed for 244 yards and three touchdowns while Meyer was picking off two Mule passes, one of which resulted in the first Tribe touchdown. A regionally televised audience watcher! as the Indians ran the score to 38-7 and then ran in the scrubs. The Mules picked up their remaining scores in the fourth quarter but it was too little, too late. Dennis Meyer shows why he was the outstanding defensive player in the Pecan Howl and the SLC. Harrell seems trapped for the moment, but that's when Calvin is at his best.253BASKETBALL 254255Season Opens With A Bang Arkansas State began its cage season with an impressive 98 69 win over Southeastern Oklahoma. The Indians scored first and the only time they didn't lead was when the score was tied 7-7 four minutes deep in the first quarter. Allan Pruett scored an impressive 29 points while “Big John" Belcher had 22 points and 18 rebounds. Pruett and Belcher combined for 49 points while leading the Tribe to an 81-72 victory over Tennessee Tech's Golden Eagles. The two teams played a nip and tuck game until the closing minutes when Tech put on a close man-toman press and got into foul trouble. South Alabama downed the Tribe 69-59. It was the Tribe’s first road game and its first loss of the season and an omen of things to come. The ball control Jaguars held Pruett. A State’s all-conference guard, to only 12 points. Belcher tallied 19 points and pulled in 10 rebounds. Southern Mississippi put a second loss on the Indians by an 80-75 score. Danny Sullivan tied the score at 69 69 with a last second shot in regulation play. In the five-minute overtime, IISM scored II points to the Tribe's six. sending the Indians home with a 2-2 record. Allan Pruett (above) score-- two of his 29 points against Southeastern Oklahoma as John Belcher looks on. Danny Sullivan (below) drives for a basket. 256Ken Hardin (above) lays in two points the front way against Tennessee Tech while John McKay (below) lays in two through the back door. 257Indians Take Two Big Ones Previously unbeaten Oklahoma felt the war hawk of the Indian as Arkansas State utilized 33 and 24 point scoring performances by Pruett and Sullivan, respectively. The Tribe built tip a 51 34 lead at halftime and then coasted in for the win. The Indians made it two in a row as they downed the Southeast Missouri Golden Bears a few days later. The Bears, falling 74 56, proved only slightly less durable than the Sooners, who toppled 88-73. Steve Brooks had one of his better games as he picked up 23 ] oints for the Tribe, but the Pan American Broncos took the game anyway, 94 S3, to give the Indians another of many road losses. The road got rougher for the Indians as revenge-minded Tennessee l ech put together a tough defense and pasted Arkansas State with an 85 69 loss, again on the road. The Tribe moved to within two points of the Faglcs with 15 minutes left, but Tech broke loose and couldn’t l c caught. Pruett kept plugging with 31 points in the game. A rescheduled meeting between Arkansas State and Virginia Commonwealth gave the Indians a much-needed 94-86 win. Brooks and Belcher combined for 52 points to give the Tribe its seventh win without a loss in the friendly confines of Indian Field I louse.John Belcher and Steve Brooks (left) battle for a rebound and arc joined by Rich Alexander (below left) as the Tribe dominated the boards against Virginia Commonwealth. Allan Pruett (below) fires for two as Brooks goes to the boards. 259Tribe Sets Scoring Record The Tribe set a single game school scoring record while defeating Southeastern Missouri 116-77. ASU hit an amazing 60 per cent from the floor and 77 per cent from the foul line. Belcher led the Indians with 25 points and 14 rebounds while four other Tribesmen scored in double figures. After the Sl'.Mo win, A-State dropped two on the road to Wichita State (75-68) and Oklahoma State (65-60). Pruett led the scoring against Wichita in a hard fought battle. Against the Cowboys of OSll the Tribe led at halftime but fell behind in the second half. Lamar Tech kept the score close for the first few minutes of the game but the Indians broke loose, defeating Tech 89-69. Pruett and Brooks led the Indians in the victory with 20 and 17 points respectively. Lamar scored first but soon fell behind the fast running Indians. Ben Johnson greets his teammates with outstretched arms (below) and then proceeds to put flying tackle on SEMo player. Steve Brooks cheers Ben on with "Get him. baby.” 260Tommy Smith (left) receives 3 little too much help in handling the hall as does John Belcher (below). Belcher (below left) finds himself all alone for a change and scores. 261 4 .Tribe Takes Three In A Row The Indians made it two in a row and 20 in SLC play when the Tigers of Trinitv University invaded Indian Field Mouse and were handed a 59 5! heating by the inhospitable Indians. Reversing from their usual fast break game plan, the Indians settled down to a ball-control maneuver and proceeded to outlast the I igers. Pruett and Rrooks both bit in double figures in the low scoring game with 19 and 1$ points respectively. A balanced scoring attack enabled the Tribe round-bailers to best The Citadel, 74 60, in Indian Field Mouse. Each team battled to keep the score close in what developed into a sec-saw contest until the second half when the Indians built up a 65-45 lead. Belcher paced the Indians with 16 points and 16 rebounds with Pruett and Johnson following closely behind the big man with 14 points each. John Belcher (above) battles for the ball the hard way as Steve Brooks (left) uses three hands to score. Brooks (below) assumes wrestling position as opponent prepares to yell uncle. 262263• • • • Tribe Wins At Home, But ASU continued its winning ways against Southwest Missouri, defeating the Missourians 89-62 in a game again dominated by A-Statc's big men. Taking their fifth straight, the Tribe made its record 10 6. The Indians upset Abilene Christian, 81-75, on the road as they got back into league play, but found a first conference loss when the University of Texas at Arlington Rebels posted an 80-75 win to place the Tribes conference mark at 3 I. Both were road games. Belcher had possibly the best defensive game of his career against Abilene and also tossed in 18 points. A-Statc avenged an earlier defeat at the hands of the South Alabama Jaguars dropping them 76-59. The Tribe forced the Jaguars to speed up their deliberate stall-type offense. Following the pattern of losing on the road, the Indians fell to SEMo, 97-88. Smith Alabama player (ri ht) 1 3S fingers caught in net 3s Indians point out this infraction to referees. Steve Brooks (below) demonstrates his skill at balancing the basketball with one hand. 264ecs»ao Rich Alexander (left) has a shot blocked while John Belcher (below) has a rebound stolen and Allan Pruett (below left) tries to fly. 265Tribe Takes Conference Crown Lamar Tech dropped the Tribe to 3-2 in SLC play with an 82-78 road victory. Despite battling to a 36-36 halftime knot, the Indians didn't make it. The Southland Conference hopes of the Tribe got a big boost when the Indians bounced Trinity 55-53 for their second road victory in SLC play. UTA’s Rebels provided the Indians with their fifth win in the league as Brooks, Pruett and Belcher all hit in the 20-plus figures. Despite falling behind 10 3 in the early moments of the game. Tribe gunners finally found the distance and the Indians moved out to a 92-71 win. The Indians found great help from the “sixth man,” a promotional gimmick that pointed out the fans’ importance in supporting roles. I he final shootout of the season hit A-Statc like an epidemic of typhoid fever as students packed into Indian Field I louse to witness the SLC title l out. Abilene Christian and Arkansas State came into the contest with identical 5 2 SLC records. For both teams, it was do or die. The Indians did the doing and the Wildcats did the riving. Belcher stuffed in 30 big points in leading the I ribc to a convincing 72-57 win over the only contender in the league. This gave the Tribe the SLC crown and seniors Allan Pruett and Ben Johnson a memorable parting from the ranks of the basketball Indians. Allan l’ructt (above) shoots, John Belcher (below) blocks, and John Rose (lower left) coaches. 266John Belcher (above) scores two of his 30 points against Abilene Christian while Steve Brooks (above right) battles for a rebound. A near capacity crowd (below) were all sixth men and the Indians responded with the SLC championship. 267Tribe Takes Conference 268 Arkansas Slate won the 197 i Southland Conference basketball championship and Indian center John Belcher won the national field goal percentage title. Belcher scored 30 points as the Indians downed Abilene Christian 72-57 for their first SLC title since 1967. The 6-9 junior from I lot Springs went into the contest with a .621 percentage, second in the nation, and emerged with a .633 mark. Senior guard Allan Pruett captured the team scoring title with a 19.5 average. The deadly outside gunner also closed out his career as the second best free throw shooter in ASH history with a .868 mark. Coach John Rose took over the program two years ago and slated a 15-9 record in his first try. While this year's team also charted a 15-9 course, it was significantly more pleasing because it included a championship and also was the Tribe’s first year as a “major.” “We felt like we could have done better, but then I guess you can always look back and see how you could have improved." Rose noted. "We lose only two seniors off this club and we think we have some great talent coming up from our freshman team, so we certainly arc looking forward to next year.” The Tribe’s freshman team went 14-7, winning 13 of its last 15 games after getting off to a slow 1-5 start. Belcher, soph forward Steve Brooks, guards Tommy Smith and Danny Sullivan and forward Rich Alexander, all of whom played important roles in the Tribe’s championship drive, will be returning next season. The Indians became the first school in the SLC to win football anti basketball titles in the same year. The Indians also lead in the all time standings of both sports and upped its margin in basketball to 40-24. ASU Opp. 98 Southeastern Oklahoma 69 81 Tennessee Tech 72 69 South Alabama 59 75 Southern Mississippi (ot) 80 88 U. of Oklahoma 73 74 Southwest Missouri 56 83 Pan American 94 85 Tennessee Tech 69 116 Southeast Missouri 77 68 Wichita State 73 60 Oklahoma State 65 89 Lamar Tech 69 59 Trinity 51 94 Va. Commonwealth 86 74 The Citadel 60 89 Southwest Missouri 62 81 Abilene Christian 75 73 Texas-Arlington 80 76 South Alabama 59 88 Southeast Missouri 97 78 Lamar Tech 82 55 Trinity 53 92 Texas-Arlington 71 72 Abilene Christian 57Rose Conducts SLC Champs Coach John Rose, in only his second year as head basketball mentor, led his tribe of roundball Indians to an unprecedented Southland Conference championship despite a meager 15-9 season. Rose, who came to Arkansas State nine years ago, took over the reins as track coach and gave that department a face lifting extraordinaire. Rose was responsible for recruiting I homas Mill, now famous as the world's greatest hurdler. Rose took command of a sagging basketball program two years ago and the Indians grabbed a tic for second in the SLC with a 15 9 season and 4 4 conference stand-ing. The Tribe fought to an identical 15-9 season this year under Rose's tutoring, but went 6-2 in SLC play including season ending wins over UT-Arlington and highly touted Abilene Christian. The ACC contest was a must win for the Indians as both were tied in SLC play. Rose lost only two starters from this year’s team setting the stage for possible SLC dominance next year.Four Indians Make All-SLC Allan Pruett Guard 1st Team John Belcher Center 1st Team 270271Gymnasts Prepare For Meet 272Thinclads Hampered By Injuries CK SQUAD - (First row, left to right) )■ L.. ilbum. Ncwlle Pierce. Tom Vaughan. Charles Love. Dave Tackett. Mike Holt ;an Anderson. Mike Gray and Hughic Murrav. (Second row) Thad Talley, coach. Gaylon Rogers. Tern- Bilbrcw. Terrs- Goodman’ rd Medics-. Bob Gray. John Scurto. illie Davidson. Gars- Haag and Roger Jones, assistant coach. (Third row) Ned Jones assist mt . Clayton Clay, Kim Beilis, Torn Bmgley, David AIcGough, Jim Bailey, Larry Reeves. Doug Dunson and Clcsc Warrick manigerBaseball Scene, 1971 ASU Baseball Squad — (First row, left to right), Larry Moffett. Mike Kelley, Pete Davis, Ed McLain, Stan Williams, Rob Evans, Tommy Fowler, Bobby Harris and Mickey Higgins. (Second row) Jim Johnson, Don Mabry, Ken James, Jim Gray, Terry Ray, Kearney Blalack, Jim Callewacrt, Ken Copeland and Ron Carroll, manager. ( Third row) David Runk. Jim Percsta, Rich Deuscr, John Ferriell, Gary Mueller. Vic Carrillo, Charles Blackburn. Terry Zipfel and Keith Erickson. . 274The Indians amazed the fans and Notre Dame as they sweep a three-game scries from the Fighting Irish to kick off the season. 275Golfers Host SLC Festival 276TENNIS SQUAD — (left to ri iht) Bob Velasco, Brett Baker. Don Carson. Art Wilson, Paul Balducci. Ken Mitchell and Monty Rainey. '1 he tennis squad is coached by Robert Smith.Intramurals—For The Students 2782792802 0002' r i! }Old Fine Arts Building Razed Jan S. Abbott, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Lawrence R. Abdclla, El Dorado, Management KA, Alpha Kappa Psi Patricia M. Aclin, Jacksonville, Art, AWS Angela A. Adams. Arbyrd, Mo., Accounting James Adams Jr., Caruthersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. Jan Adams, DcWitt, Elcm. Ed., MBSF Carol B. Agee. Paragould, Sociology Charles R. Akers, Jonesboro, Natural Sri., Counter Guerrilla. ACS Harriet S. Alexander, Blythcvillc, Hist. Eng.. Band Tan Beta Sigma Robert D. Allen. Trumann, Journalism, Press Club Yearbook Staff, I Jerald Sports Editor Vicki J. Allgier, Kcnnctt, Mo., Elem. Ed., AWS BSU, SNEA Karen Y. Allison, St. Louis, Mo., Special Ed. SNEA, SCEC John T. Ammons. Morgantown. W. Va., Agronomy Veterans Club. Plant Science Club Rodney J. Anderson. Mammoth Spring. Physics Virginia W. Andrews, Scnath, Mo., Elcm. Ed Frank Angelo Jr.. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci., PiKA Linda L. Armstrong, Dell, Biology, AWS Frankie D. Arnhart, Stanford, P.E., PEM Club Kathryn F. Arrington. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Candace M. Ashby, West Memphis, English. Chi O WRA, AWS Mike L. Ashford, Par3gould, Business Lloyd A. Ash lock, Hoxie. Agri. Ed., FFA Sam L. Ashworth, Hughes, Botany William E. Aslin, Bloomfield, Mo., Agri. Ed. AGR FFA. ATA Mary Atkinson, Bakersfield. Mo., Art, Kappa Pi Ronald L. Austin, Blytheville, Zoology, Rifle Team Thomas W. Avis, Caruthersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. William W. Back, West Helena, Gen. Bus., TKE DMS, DMG, Counter Guerrilla, SGA Larry L. Bailey. Cherry Valley, Bus. Adm., BSU Sidney B. Bailey, Tuckerman, Accounting Albert E. Baker, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Thomas G. Baker, Clover Bend, Voc. Agri. Sam D. Batch, Cherry Valley, Gen. Bus. Thomas J. Baldwin, Forcest City, Journalism, Herald Staff Patricia D. Bales, Bono, Bus. Adm. 284Seniors ! low sweet it is! Jerry L. Ball, Jonesboro, English Joan W. Ball, I larrisburg, Elem. Ed. Larry D. Ballard. Jonesboro, Economics Sidney E. Banks, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi Paul F. Bankston, North Little Rock. Radio-TV Danny T. Barber, Jonesboro. Zoology Truman M. Barber, Osceola, Pol. Sei. Duane J. Barbour, Little Rock. Music, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Band Donna E. Bard well, Earle, Elem. Ed., Phi Mu SNEA, AWS. WAA Phyllis A. Bard well, Earle. Elem. Ed.. Phi Mu John A. Barker. Poplar Bluff. Mo., P.E.. PEM Club, AAHPF.R LouAnn Barnett, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., Kappa Delta Pi. SNEA Sharon G. Barrett. I larrisburg. Soc. Sei.. AWS Gillis Bartholmcv, North Little Rock. Sp. Path. AOPi. WAA. AWS Gordon D. Barton. Alton. Mo.. Education Linda D. Bassham, Hardy, Elem. F.d.. AWS, SNEA I ferbert G. Batcy, Blvthcvillc. Art Martin F. Baureis. La Grange. III., Chemistry Robert L. Beard. Augusta. Economics Craig Beck. Colorado Springs. Colo., Sociology LXA Melvin E. Beck, Colorado Springs, Colo., History LXA Martin M. Becker. Jonesboro. Economics Arthur W. Bell, Searcy, Soc. Sci., SPE, Scabbard and Blade. DMS, SNEA Billy R. Bell, Salinas, Calif., Gen. Bus., Cross Country. Track Jean A. Bell, Searcy, Speech 285Seniors Don’t laugh. At least this one works. Ronald K. Bell, Moorcficld, Bus. Mgt., Business Game Team. Counter Guerrilla James Doyle Bennett Tr., Little Rock, History Jerry L. Bennett, Caldwell, Gen. Bus. Lindcl R. Bennett, Jonesboro. Gen. Sci., Rifle Team Lucion A. Bennett Jr., Jonesboro, Printing, Graphic Arts Club, Counter Guerrilla Martha J. Bennett, Forrest City, Bus. Ed., Pi Omega Pi Frankie Benson, Camden. History Steven Benson, Stuttgart, Gen. Bus. Theresa A. Benson. West Helena, History, AWS Bob G. Berry, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Doris J. Berry, Manila. Elem. Ed., SNEA Kenneth L. Berry Jr.. Holland. Mo., Gen. Bus. William H. Berry, Jonesboro. Wildlife Mgt. Carl A. Biggs, Holland, Mo.. Bus. Ed.. SGA Vincent Bilinsky, Philadelphia, Pa., Pol. Sci., IFC, LXA Carol M. Black. Jonesboro, Spec. Ed.. WAA. AWS. SGA. AGD. SCEC Winston Black. Dell, English Denzil K. Blackman, Campbell, Mo., Gen. Bus., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade Nell D. Blackwell. Lcachville. Elem. Ed., SNEA Elizabeth L. Blackwood. Tuckerman, Soc. Sci., AWS, WAA Michael D. Blackwood, Jonesboro, Sociology. BSU Johnny D. Blake, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus., Square Dance Club Sharon Ann Blake, O’Fallon. Mo., Elem. Ed., SNEA. Church of Christ Student Center Linda E. Bland, Maynard, Elem. Ed. Mary Ann Bliss, Naylor, Mo., Art 286Pep Rallies Moved Again Shirley A. Boggs. Newport, Art. BSII Everett Dick Bolton, Jonesboro. Journalism Gymnastics Team, Skydivers, Graphic Arts Club Carol A. Bone. Jonesboro, Music, Concert Choir ASU Singers, MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Union Edward O. Bone. Jonesboro. Historv Elma Lynn Bonham. Jonesboro, English, Lambda Iota Tau Kenneth P. Book. Jonesboro. Accounting John U. Bootcn, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus., Circle K Club. Science Club Rick G. Bergman. Benton. Marketing. SPE Charles R. Bottoms. Little Rock. Zoology. ACS. Rifle Drill Team. Counter Guerrilla Elvin Ray Bouldin. Paragould. Physics. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Society of Physics Students William D. Bourg. St. Louis, Mo., P.E., Baseball, PiKA. Basketball Ronald L. Bowen, West Memphis, Agri. Eng., Engineering Club Sharon Bowen, Blytheville, Elem. Ed.. AWS, SNEA Sherry A. Bowen. West Memphis, Education Roger D. Bowman, Jonesboro, Art Frances M. Boxx. Poplar Bluff, Mo.. Elem. Ed. Harold R. Boyd, Paragould. Business Mary R. Boyd. Little Rock. Sociology’, Chi O, Indian Princess. ROTC Honorary Cadet Betty L. Bradley, Hornersville. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Kay E. Bradshaw, Gould, Elem. Ed.. SNEA Janie Donnita Brady, Manila. Management James H. Brake, Paragould, Agriculture Robert L. Bramlett, Stuttgart, Bus. Adm. Brenda Carol Branch. Trumann, Elem. Ed. Marilyn F. Braswell, Jonesboro, Music Ed.. ASU Singers, Choral Union, MENC Stan B. Brawley, Earle, Pre-dental, SPE. Tri-Beta Claude E. Brawner, Piggott, Gen. Bus. Lizabcth Brethernick, Fort Pierce, Fla., P.E., WAA, AWS. PEM Dianna S. Brewer, Rector, Bus. Ed. Pamela G. Brewer, Rector, Biology. AWS Richard D. Bristow, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Management Susan C. Brooks, Caraway, Elem. Ed. Dana L. Brown. Corning. Bus. Ed. David R. Brown, Pine Bluff, Pre-law. LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi. Band. Concert Band David W. Brown, Marianna, Gen. Agri. 28?Missy Harris Wins Talent Show Ronnie Brown, Rison, Printing, Graphic Arts Club ATO. SGA Sandra J. Brown, Rector, Elem. Ed., SNEA Steven W. Brown, Jacksonville, Soc. Sci., LXA Gary S. Brummett, Paragould. Math Randall W. Brunner, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Ricky M. Brunner, Pocahontas. Gen. Bus. Anneta Bryant, Osceola, Elem. Ed., SNEA Judith A. Bryant. Rcyno, Elem. Ed. Joe R. Buck. 1 lomersville. Mo.. Wildlife Mgt. Gerald M. Bucker, Washington, Mo., Marketing Richard I,. Buerkle. Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Robert I,. Burch, Houston, Mo., Bus. Adm., IFC, SPE, Fcatherpens Robert Burchfield. Chesapeake. Va., Botany, LXA Marie-Jose I. Burdyshaw, Jonesboro. English Otrlotta Ann Burge. Batcsvillc. Bus. Ed., Square Dance Club Frank B. Burge, Little Rock. Gen. Bus. Hubert M. Burge, Batcsvillc, P.E., PEM Morris Mikell Burkett, McCrorv, Agri. Eng., SPE. Engineering Club Brenda G. Burns, Rector, Speech Path., SNEA, SCEC Fred G. Burrows, Forrest City, Business Linda S. Burrows. Van Buren. Music Ed., ASU Singers. Choral Union Edward T. Burton Jr.. McCrorv. Sociology Jimmy Russell Burton. Blythevillc. Pol. Sci. John C. Burton, McCrorv, Business. Accounting Club Laurie Toole Burton. Warren. Bus. Ed., AOPi Gary D. Busby, Newport. Bus. Mgt., Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi Ben R. Bush Jr., Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci., SPE Pamela L. Bush, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed.. SNEA Larry Buttenvorth, Osceola, Pol. Sci., Gymnastic I earn. Counter Guerrilla Pamela A. Byrd, Jonesboro, Sociology Sharon D. Bvrd, Marked Tree, English Peggy K. Caldwell. Wvnnc, Bus. Ed., WAA, AWS, AGD Jcffcrcy B. Galloway. Holly Grove. Gen. Bus.. TKE Stefan A. Calloway, Holly Grove, Gen. Bus., TKE 'Fhomas L. Calloway, Holly Grove, Marketing, I KE. IFC 288Seniors ‘My girdle is killing me!' Robert L. Camp, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Joel S. Campbell, Hot Springs. Marketing, I XA. Tennis Team Kent A. Campbell, Walnut Ridge, Speech Patrick B. Campbell, Franklin, Pol. Sci., ASH Debaters. YR Jamie A. Cantrell, Poplar Bluff. Mo., Bus. Fd. Patricia L. Capps. Searcy. Bus. Fd. Sharon D. Capps. I layti, Mo., F.lem. Ed. James P. Cargill, BatesviUe, Business Carolvn R. Carpenter. Waldcnburg. Bus. Ed.. ZTA, WRA, AWS, Panhellcnic Mary Ann Carter, Forrest City, Elcm. Ed., SNEA Estel R. Cartwright, Batesville, Accounting Virginia Casinger, Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Elcm. Ed. Gary Catlett, Marsel I. Accounting John A. Cccala, Lonoke, Gen. Bus. Larry E. Chailland, Jonesboro, Animal Sci., KA Ronald W. Chamblcss, Paragould, Biology, Phi Eta Sigma. Kappa Delta Pi Charles W. Champ, Pollard. Mathematics Lannv D. Chastain. Drasco. Agri. Fd.. ATA Robert W. Chatman. Newport. Agri. Eng.. AGR Ronald E. Cheatham. Melbourne, Soc. Sci. Linda S. Childers, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed.. Chi O Carol A. Chinn. Stuttgart. Elcm. Ed.. Chi O, Kappa Delta Pi. SNEA. Band, ROTC. Princess Platoon Roy O. Chinn. Stuttgart. Gen. Bus.. KA Jerry D. Chism, Hughes, English, Political Affairs , Club Robert Christian, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Management 289Seniors Barbara A. Clark, Portia, Elcm. Ed. Carolyn Clark, Batesville, Bus. Ed., Pi Omega Pi Patricia Ann Clark. Jonesboro, English. SNEA, AWS, Square Dance Club Fay B. Clay, Jonesboro, Education Gary L. Clcvc, Farmington, Mo., Gen. Agri., Football, AGR William M. Cobb, Batesvillc, Art Dorothy M. Cole. Paragould. Elcm. Ed.. SNEA. MENC, Choral Union, ASU SingeTS Jack R. Cole, Jonesboro, Mathematics Gary L. Coleman. Holland, Mo., Agri. Bus. Eco.. Phi Eta Sigma John D. Coleman, Jonesboro, Mathematics John W. Coleman, Jonesboro. Business Terrs- K. Coleman. Forrest City, Art Willie C. Coleman. Clarksdalc, P.E.. BSA, PEM Club Sandra G. Collar, Paragould. Elcm. Ed.. SNEA Patty S- Combs. Black Rock. Elcm. Ed., SCEC Ronald L. Combs, Couch, Mo.. Agriculture Wcndelin J. Combs, Alton, Mo., Art Harwin D. Conrad. Calico Rock. Gen. Bus. Daniel D. Cook, Jonesboro, Journalism. Phi Eta Sigma Danny C. Cook, Sylvan Hills, Pre-law. YR, Political Affairs Club Lydia S. Cook. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Ronald R. Cooper, Everton, Animal Sci., AGR Stanley W. Cooper, Cooler, Mo., Chemistry, ACS Sue S. Cooper, 1 larrisburg. Mathematics Larry G. Corpicr, Biscoe, Gen. Bus. 290Chi O’s Capture Little Olympics Floyd D. Cowan, Colt, Elem. Ed. Michael H. Cox, Dycss, Zoology Jamae E. Craft, Bono, Bus. Ed., ACD, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Gamma Beta Phi. ALD, SNEA. WAA, AWS Mary L. Craig, Forrest City, Elem. Ed.. AWS, Newman Cluh Elizabeth F. Crain, Des Arc. Elem. Ed., SNEA Larry R. Crain. Des Arc. Economics Virgie E. Crain. Blvtheville. Elem. Ed.. SNEA Dcitra D. Crane. Lockboume. Ohio, Music Ed., AOPi. ASU Singers, Concert Choir. MENC. BSU. SNEA Richard Crawford. Pine Bluff. Journalism Shirley I.. Crawford. Kcnnett, Mo.. Elem. Ed. James C. Crcecy, Dell, P.E., ATO, Pershing Rifles Counter Guerrilla Charles E. Crcgo 111. Jonesboro. Economics Donald L. Creighton. Batesville, Business, Alpha Kappa Psi Peggy R. Crews. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed.. SNEA Andrew P. Crigler, Alton, Mo., Gen. Bus. Johnny R. Crislcr. Cash, Zoologs-. Medical Arts Club, Tri-Beta, ACS Allen D. Crisp. Marvell. Pol. Sci. Nin3 I.. Crook, Harrisburg. Art. KD, Tau Beta Sigma. Kappa Pi. AWS. WRA. Band Gary L. Crowson, Forrest City, Business Taja B. Crucc, Rector, Elem. Ed. Wayne I.. Cruthis. Stuttgart. Chemistry. SPE Danny R. Culp. Blvtheville. Economics Stanley S. Cummings. McCrorv. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Pm. Marketing Team, Skydiving Club Cvnthia A. Cunningham. Mountain Home, Bus. Ed.. YD Chester L. Cupp. Marked Tree. Gen. Bus. James M. Curry’. Blvtheville. Gen. Bus., ATO Nola D. Curtis. Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. Ethel L. Dabbs. Jonesboro, Art, Kappa Pi Glinda L. Dalbs, McCrorv-, Accounting Jonathan D. Dame. Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci., Phi Alpha Theta Larrv B. Dame. Jonesboro. Music, Concert Choir, Phi Mu Alpha, Chamber Singers. ASU Singers Ted C. Darling, Tuckcrman, Soc. Sci. James M. Davenport. Ycllville, Biology Stephen C. Davenport. St. Joe, Voc. Agri., Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Ann S. Davis, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., AWS, SNEA 291Holly Dodd Is Homecoming Queen Doris A. Davis, Doniphan, Mo., Special Ed., SNEA Lehman W. Davis Jr.. Black Bock. Agri. Bus. Eco.. YD. Counter Guerrilla Leslie VV. Davis, Jonesboro. Music Ed., Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers. Phi Mu Alpha. Choral Union. ASU Singers, MENC Mar ' Lou Davis, Portageville, Mo., Elcm. Ed., BSA Martha E. DeBou, Sedgwick. Art William D. Dceter. Lynn, Bus. Ed. Lynn M. Delaney. Jonesboro. Spanish, AGD, ALD. TBS. Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Honorary Cadet Colonel, Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart. Head Maiorette. Concert Band. Spanish Club. SNEA, AWS. WAA Mike Densmore. Tuxora, Pre-med. LXA Lvle B. Dent, Bav, Zoology, Medical Arts Club, TKE, Pep Band Buck Derryberry. Stuttgart. Zoology Shirlev A. Dickinson. Marmaduke, Elcm. Ed. Paul E. Dickson. Imbodcn. Gen. Bus. Carmon I- Dillard. Ycllvillc, Chemistry Michael O. Dillard. Franklin, Bus. Ed. Alvie W. Dillin, Ncttlcton, Mathematics, KME, NCTM Frances L. Distretti. Memphis. Tenn.. Soe. Sci. Phi Mu. ASU Singers, SNEA. Panhcllcnic, Choral Union Margrett L. Dixon. Blvthevillc. Elcm. Ed. Ronald E. Dobbs. Walnut Ridge. History lav C. Dollins. Para could. P.E.. PEM CJub Jerry D. Dorton, El Dorado, Journalism Daniel W. Doshier. Yellville. Zoologv Botany Jerry W. Doty, Pine Bluff, Mathematics Susan P. Doty. Walnut Ridge. Gen. Bus.. YD. SGA, Political Affairs Club. Panhcllcnic, AOPi, International Relations Club Caroline J. Douthct. Crawfordsville, Sociologs', AWS Billv R. Dowdv. Rector. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi Kenneth G. Dowless, Monette, Chemistry Ann Downing. Imbodcn. P.E., PEM. Square Dance Club. WAA Patricia L. Downing. Weiner, Elem. Ed.. WAA, AWS. SNEA. ZTA Rustv A. Do ier. Blytheville. Marketing. TKE Josef G. Drace, Tyron a. P.E., Baseball Thomas H. Draffen, Cardwell, Mo.. Elem. Ed.. SNEA Karen Burnside DuBar, Jonesboro, English Phil H. Ducker, Calico Rock, Gen. Bus., KA, PEM Jane Ann Duffel. Jonesboro, Education, SNEA John J. Duncan, Pine Bluff, Business, KA 292Seniors Phillip J. Duncan, Blythcvillc. Business Ilenry R. Dunn. Little Rock. Economics Jackie R. Dunn. Rolnver, Accounting James T. Dunn. Bcche, Mathematics Terry J. Eason. Lcpanto, Elcm. Ed. James F. Edens. Searcy. Bus. Met., PiKA Wayne Edftin, Benton. Management. SPE. IFC. SGA, Featherpens David F. Fdington. Biggcrs. P.F. John M. Edington III. Rcyno. Mathematics, Phi Fta Sigma. KMF. Ruth I. Edmonston. Jonesboro. Special Fd. Donald B. Edwards. Pine Bluff. Art Joy B. Edwards. Piggott. Elcm. Ed. Roger F. Fffingcr. Caraway. Zoology Phillip Wayne Flam. McCrory, Ccn. Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi Mars- Ellington. Xorth Little Rock. Accounting Chi O. ALD. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Gamma Beta Phi. Accounting Club. WAA, AWS Wcslcv 11. Elmore. Paragon Id. PE.. PEM Rickev J. Emerson. Helena. Soc. Sci. Bonnie L. England. Couch. Mo.. F.lem. Fd. Eva Jeanette En or. Forrest City, Elcm. Ed.. ALD. Gamma Beta Phi. Pi Gamma Mu. Kanna Delta Pi. SN’F.A Calvin Houston Estes Jr.. McRae, P.F. Michael J. Eubanks. Paragould. Botanv Karen R. Euler. Cabot. Bus. Fd.. BSU Shelia J. Evans. Brookland. Bus. Ed.. AWS Linda S. Everett. Lakeland. Fla., Elcm. Ed.. SNEA I lerschel D. Eudy, Dierks. Accounting. Accounting Club 293Seniors And futhcrmore, after I’m reelected. .. Dorlcnc M. Falwell, Bradford, Soc. Sci., Phi Alpha Theta, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu Margaret A. Featherston. West Memphis, English, SNEA, WAA, AWS. Chi O Donnis K. Feild. Jonesboro, English. AI.D, Spanish Club Man- J. Felts, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed.. PF.M Club Edward E. Ferguson, Forrest City, Gen. Bus. William C. Ferguson, I lardy. Soc. Sci. John II. Ferricll, Ft. Myers, Fla., Printing. LXA, Baseball Linda R. Fisher, Alton. Mo., Education Mike C. Fisher. Beebe, Agri. Bus. Sally J. Fisher. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Walter C. Fisher, DeWitt, P.E., Football. PEM Club Craig I . Fletcher, Osceola, Gen. Bus.. Reng Rifles Linda G. Fletcher, Lake City. Elem. Ed. Janet Flippo. Powhatan. Biology, Tri-Beta. AWS Sharon Dianne Flowers. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. Jack I.. Ford. Marvdl, Gen. Bus. Ronnie D. Ford, Jonesboro, Business Vcrncll S. Forman. Jacksonville, Speech Path.. AOPi. WAA. AWS Vicki L. Forrester. Forrest City, Journalism, Herald Staff. AOPi Annual Staff. Press Club Featherpens, Campus Crusade Linda Fortune. Collierville, Tenn., Elem. Ed., KD. AWS, WRA James Foster, Willow Springs, Mo., Gen. Bus., KA Pamela K. Foster, England, Soc. Sci-Phyllis M. Foster, Lake City, Spanish, Spanish Club Charles M. Fowler. Essex, Mo.. Agronomy, AGR Chcrie L. Fowler, Memphis, Tenn., Biology, Tri-Beta 294Win Declares ‘Beat Citadel Day’ Gilbert Fowler Jr.. Jonesboro, Journalism. Graphic Arts Club, Scabbard and Blade. ATO Sandra A. Fowler, Star City, Mathematics, SNEA, AWS Estelle M. Fox. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Shirlcc J. Francis. Jonesboro. Art Dani L. Franklin, Parkin, Mathematics, AWS John M. Franks, Little Rock. Pol. Sci., PiKA Charles Franz, North Little Rock. Sociology Darlene Frazier. Osceola, Sociology. AWS, BSU Richard M. Freeman. Pine Bluff. Gen. Bus., SPE James H. Freese, Hickory Ridge, Chemistry Karen D. Freese. Bay, Music, Concert Choir, Sigma z lpha Iota. ASH Singers. Choral Union Euna L. French, Kennctt. Mo., Sociology. Pi Gamma Mu Sammy C. French. O'Kcan, Gen. Bus. Dorothy Cheryl Fuller, Marvell, Speech. KD. Debate Team. WRA Phyllis J. Fuller, Elaine. Speech Path., SNE Robert F. Fulmer. Pine Bluff. Zoology, PiKA Gus Fundcrburg Jr.. Pine Bluff, Mathematics. ATO, Band Robert Gage. North Little Rock. Mathematics. Bowling Team. Phi Eta Sigma Warren G. Gallion. Jonesboro. Mathematics Julia I . Gardner. Jonesboro. Music. Sigma Alpha lota. BSU. ASU Singers. MF.NC Robert S. Garner, Beech Grove. Animal Sci. Block and Bridle Club. Scabbard and Blade William Garrett III. Little Rock. Accounting. SPF. Ricky D. Gatewood. Rector. Marketing. LX A. Accounting Club. Scabbard and Blade. YD. Alpha Kappa Psi Bobby W. Centre. Stamps. P.E.. Football. TKE Terrs- W. George. Northbrook. 111., Gen. Bus.. YD Barbara C. Gibson. Paragould. Elem. Ed.. SNEA Dennis W. Gibson, Jonesboro. Gen. z gri. Darrel E. Gill. Jonesboro. Economics Linda Gillctt. Whitcwright. Tex.. Elem. Ed.. TSEA CFC Jacqueline A. Ginger. Dixie, P.E.. WAA. PEM Club Terrs- L. Givens. Pine Bluff, Economics, TKE Gerald D. Glidewell. Tonesboro. Agri Ed. Martha J. Goad. Jonesboro, Art. Kappa Pi. ALD Virginia M. Goff. Ravendcn Springs. Elem. Ed., BSU, SNEA Joe R. Goodman, Fort Smith. P.E., Football. SPE. FCA 295Alpha Gamma Rho Colonizes Peggy S. Gordon, Paragould, Elcm. Ed. Keith D. Goza, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Boyce G. Goza, Swifton, P.E., PEM Club Thomas II. Graddy, Jackson. Tenn.. Music Ed.. ASU Singers, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Choral Union Leland P. Graham, Augusta, Art, CMC, Kappa Pi. Graphic Arts Club Walter K. Graham, Little Rock, Pol. Sci., SPE Mary Elaine Gramling, Rector, History Leroy Grant. I.ittlc Rock. Printing. BSA, Graphic Arts Club Harry J. Gray, Jonesboro, Sociology, KA Judith K. Gray. Tyronza, Elcm. Ed. Fred W. Grayson. Corning. Soc. Sci. Jesse W. Green. I larrisburg, Gen. Bus. Oscar L. Green, Stuttgart. Gen. Bus. Lucille R. Greene. Viola. Education Michael R. Greene. Little Rock, History, YR. Phi Alpha Theta Linda P. Gregors-, Pocahontas, Gen. Bus. Donald R. Griffin. Little Rock. Marketing. KA I.arry I). Griffin. Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Wilsie D. Griffin. I ittlc Rock, Elcm. Ed., Chi O Francie Grisham, Kansas City, Kan., Elcm. Ed. Michael J. Guillot. Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Margaret Gunter, Forrest City, Elcm. Ed., SNEA Ricky A. Gunter, Blytheville, Accounting, Accounting Club Vickie L. Gurley, Hayti, Mo., Sociology Judy C. Haddad, Earle, Elcm. Ed. Pamela S. Hagan, Harrisburg, English Rita L. Hale, Searcy, History, AGO, Sigma Alpha Iota, Gamma Beta Phi. ASU Singers Patrick S. Halk, Cherry Valley, Soc. Sci. Clark M. Hall, Marvell, Gen. Bus., Marketing Club Donald L. Hall. West Memphis, Music Ed., Phi Mu Alpha, MENC, Band, ASU Singers Jeanne B. Hall, Jonesboro, English, SGA. ALD. Alpha Sigma Upsilon, YD, Accounting Club, WAA, AWS Earl I lamlctt. I lornersvillc. Mo.. Physics Anthony K. Hamm, Jonesboro, Music, Phi Mu Alpha, ASU Singers Linda F. Hammond, Paragould, Elcm. Ed., WRA, AWS, KD, SNEA Franklin Jesse Hannah, Searcy, Bus. Adm., Chi Alpha 296 Seniors Glvnda G. Hannah, I.uxora, Elcm. Ed. Janet K. Hanson, Little Rock. Speech Path. Brenda I). 1 larbison. Twist. Accounting James H. Harding. Blytheville, Radio-TV Lisa L. Harper. Monette, Zoology Thomas P. Harper, Monette, Zoology, Baseball, LXA Linda K. I larrell, Pocahontas, Biology, AGD, AVVS, WAA. Tri-Beta, Gamma Beta Phi Billy W. I larrison, Earle, Physics Diana Hartsell, O’Fallon. 111.. Elem. Ed.. AVVS, WAA. SNEA Hubert Lynn Hartsell, Swifton. Accounting Scabbard and Blade. Accounting Club Hoy M. Haught Jr., Witter, Music Ed.. Band ASH Singers, Phi Mu Alpha. Kappa Kappa Psi Claudia J. Hawkins, Jonesboro, Elcm. Ed. Jerry Hawkins. Poplar Bluff. Mo , Gen. Bus. JoAnn M. I lawkins. Coming, English Sidney P. Hayes, lonesboro. Zoology. Chi O Medical Arts Club. Tri-Beta John P. Heard, Newport. Gen. Bus. Rocky L. I leath, I larrisburg. Zoology Bruce Foreman Helm. Batcsvillc. Gen. Bus.. KA Brenda S. Helms. Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Michael K. Henard, Cotton Plant. History Bruce Henning. PoTtageville, Mo., Gen. Bus., Football. ATO. Accounting Club Sharon Hensley, Poplar Bluff. Mo., Elem. Ed. Bonnie S. Henson, Holcomb. Mo., Elem. F.d. Nancy D. Hester, Piggott, Soc. Sci.. AWS. Pi Gamma Mu. Gamma Beta Phi. Political Affairs Club, Church of Christ Student Center William T. Heucr, Harrison, Gen. Agri., AGR 297Seniors “Now. whatever you do, DON' T press this lever, or the machine will self-destruct." Marilyn S. Hibbard, Ahheimer, Art Glenn A. Hibdon, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus., Square-Dance Club Opaline Higgins, Jonesboro. El cm. Ed. Roy M. Hildebrand. Campbell, Mo., Radio-TV 1.XA, Band, Tribe, Broadcasters Club, Pep Band Betty S. Hill. Joiner. Elem. Ed.. AWS. WAA. BSU Billy T. Hill, Marvell, Gen. Agri., Block and Bridle Club Dennis B. Hill. Blythcvillc. Mathematics, ATO Douglas Hochstctlcr, Jonesboro. Animal Sci., Phi Eta Sigma. Block and Bridle Club Mary A. Hoffman. Jonesboro. Speech Path. William C. Hogan. West Memphis, Bus. Adm., Circle K. YD, MBSF, SGA, BSU Deborah A. Holder, Pine Bluff, Speech, AGD, Forensics, SNEA Robert F. Holder McOrorv. Pre-Med. Tri-Beta Medical Arts Club. TKE. Phi Eta Sigma Susan I iollandsworth, Clarkton, Mo., Education Marvbelle Holligan. Senath. Mo.. Elem. Ed. SNEA Patricia A. Hollis, Trumann. Special Ed., SCEC Pamela Joy Holloway, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed.. AWS, BSU Winston E. Holt. Walnut Ridge. History Carolyn A. I lolub, Goodwin. Biology. AWS Mars- Jane Honeycutt. Thayer, Mo.. Elem. Ed. Elizabeth A. Hooker, Jonesboro. Music Ed.. Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, Choral Union. ASU Singers. MENC, AWS. Arrowhead Players Ken I- Hoppe, Paragould. Gen. Bus. Martha J. I lopper. Jonesboro. English Judy L. Horrigan. Riverside, Calif., History, ZTA, AWS. WAA Barbara A. Horton. Campbell, Mo., Journalism Press Club. BSU Carlyn R. Horton. Jonesboro, English, Young Christians, WAA, Featherpens. Arrow Staff, Lambda Iota Tau 298Indians Win National Crown Carolyn B. Horton, Paragould, P.E., ZTA, AWS, WRA, PEM Club Johnny Horton. North Little Rock, Pre law. TKE. SGA Kenneth I. Housh, Swifton, Agronomy, Plant Science Club Suannc H. Housh, Swifton. Soc. Sci.. Pi Gamma Mu. AWS Robert M. Houston, Dell. Gen. Agri., AGR Janice K. I lovis. Rcyno, Soc. Sci. Fredrick C. Howard, Bay. Gen. Bus., Phi Eta Sifima. BSA. Who’s Who Robert A. I lowc. Newport. Radio-TV Juliana Howell, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed.. Phi Mu. Panhcllenic. SNFA. WAA Kathy N. Howell. Blythcvillc, Speech Path. Rocky Howington, Fresno, Calif., Gen. Bus-Circle K. Theta Rho Phi Sandra Hrabovskv. Blvthcvillc. Bus. Ed., KD, SNEA. Pi Omega Pi. WRA Ronald II. Hudson. Hoxic, Gen. Bus. Dorma C. Huffstuttler, Colt. Elem. Ed. Linda C. Huggins. Lafe. Sociology William Steed Huggins Jr., Bauxite, Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, MENC Daniel F. Hughes. Little Rock. Mathematics. KA. Phi Eta Sigma Cwvn G. Hughes. Little Rock. P.E., AWS. AOPi, WAA Jimmy N. Hulett, Swifton, Management Norman C. Hunt. Carlisle, Gen. Bus.. PiKA Wavnc T. Hunter. Pocahontas. Gen. Bus. Eula L. Hurd. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Michael R. Hurst. Piggott. Radio-TV. Broadcasters Club. SGP. Wesley Foundation Johnny M. Hutchinson. Swifton, Gen. Bus. Herb H. Hyman, West Memphis, Business. Square Dance Club David G. Jackson, Bradford. Gen. Bus. Mary Taylor Jackson. Crawfordsville. Gen. Bus., Gamma Beta Phi Randall James. Willow Springs, Mo.. Gen. Bus., KA. Scabbard and Blade Robert Jenkins. North Little Rock. Fine Arts Steve O. Jemigan, Lepanto, Gen. Bus. Maurice F. Jetton. Jonesboro, Gen. Agri. Andrew Joffe, Ocean Springs. Miss., Pol. Sci-. Phi Eta Sigma. Featherpens, YR Carl Joffe, Ocean Springs. Miss.. Pol. Sci.. YR, Scabbard and Blade Thomas A. Tohannsen. Hot Springs, Zoologs', Medical Arts Club. LXA. Who’s Who Donna M. Johnson. Tyronza, Special Fd.. SNEA 299Phi Mu Wins AO Pi Songfest Gaither Johnson, Hot Springs, Zoology J. R. Johnson, Viola. Accounting Loycc M. Johnson. Cash. Special Ed. Marcia Johnson, Waterloo. Iowa, Special Ed.. Kappa Delta Pi. Square Dance Club. SNEA. SCEC Stephen Johnson. Jonesboro, Mathematics, SPE, SGA Samuel C. Jolly, Cash. Agriculture, ATO. SGA, FFA Angela K. Jones. Rector, Special Ed.. AWS, SCEC Carroll Carson Jones. Beebe, Bus. Ed. Cathy A. Jones. Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Charles L. Jones, Minturn, Agronomy, KA Doris J. Jones, Jonesboro. P.E.. WRA. PEM Club Elizabeth Jones. Jacksonville, P.E., WRA. PEM Club. AOPi. AWS Jack G. Jones, Hughes, Soc. Sci., Alpha Kappa Psi, Rifle Team James Jones. Mountain Home, Animal Sci., Block and Bridle Club Larry D. Jones, Jonesboro, Gen. Agri.. Rifle Drill Team Linda Jones, Forrest City, Speech Path., WAA, AWS. AOPi Ralph L. Jones, Coy. Agronomy, Plant Science Club. AGR Rebecca Jones. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Robert C. Jones, Jonesboro, Botany Sandi Jones. Paragould. Bus. Ed.. Pi Omega Pi Tames Kalkbrenncr. Malden. Mo.. Geography Sam K- Kallsnick. Hot Springs. Zoology Alan Kearhey. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Bus. Adm. Debby R. Kearby, DcValls Bluff. P.E.. PEM Club. SGA Jennifer Keedv, Little Rock. Elem. Ed., Chi O, Cheerleader Greg H. Keller. Jonesboro, Zoologs-, TKE I lelcne Kelley, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Kittv G. Kelley, Cardwell. Mo., P.E., AOPi. AWS, WAA. PEM Club Donnie W. Kelton, Caraway, Gen. Agri., FAA. AGR Walter W. Kennicutt. Ward, Journalism. Press Club James T. Kennon. 1 lickory Ridge. Pre-med Don R. Kesl, Scott. Chemistry, ACS David C. Kicch, Jonesboro, Accounting, Alpha Kapp3 Psi, Accounting Gub William E. Killian, Benton, Management Gan- N. Kinder, Salem, Agri. Bus. 300Beverly D. Kins, Man-ell, Mathematics Jerry D. King, Salem, Gen. Bus. Vicki King, West Plains, Mo., Music Ed.. AWS, Concert Choir. Madrigals, Choral Union. Sigma Alpha Iota Betty J. Kirby, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. George M. Kirby, Jonesboro, I listory Sylvia Kirchoff, Forrest City. Klcm. Ed. Howard Kirkindall, Jonesboro, Biology Carolvn Kirkland. Blvthcvillc. Flcm. Ed. Joe S. Kirkland. Little Bock, Gen. Bvis.. PiKA Jonnic Kirkland. Jonesboro, Mathematics. Engineering Club. NCI'M Melissa A. Kluge, Jonesboro, Art, Kappa Pi, Print Club, Ceramic Club. KD, Choral Union. AWS, Newman Club David Knight. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Bus. Gan- R. Krcis, Augusta. Economics Barbara I. Kuctcr. Paragould. Elem. Ed.. AWS. Newman Club. SNEA Patricia Diana Kyle, McCrorv, Bus. Ed.. SNEA, Pi Omega Pi Michael D. Lick. Piggott. Zoology Roger L. Lickcy. Jonesboro, Accounting Bennie A. ladcl, Augusta. Bus. Adm. I-arry D. Ladd, Monctte, Gen. Bus. Nancy E. Ladd. Augusta. P.E.. PEM Club AWS. WAA Cecil I.aGrone, Ccntrcville. Ala., P.E., PEM Club Footlxall Sammy I.. Laml . Walnut Ridge. Gen. Bus. John R. I-ambcrt. Blythcville. Physics Steven C- Limkcn. Godfrey. 111., Sociologs-, KA, YR Lxmis John Ljmmers Jr.. Dell, Soc. Sci Seniors 301Seniors Clayton Lancaster, Batesvillc, Animal Sci., Block and Bridle Charles Line, Loves Park, III., Business. SPE, Cheerleader Jimmy F. Line, Bono. Agri. Engineering. Veterans Club. Engineering Club Michael R. Larsen. Pine Bluff, History. Sigma Pi Malcolm Lasher, Jacksonville, Fla., Zoology Love D. Lawrence, Melbourne. Philosophy Susan D. Lawrence, Fort Smith, Bus. Ed., Pi Omega Pi Jim Liwson Jr.. Crossett. Sociology Tern- Lazar, Helena, F.lcm. Ed., AWS. WAA, Newman Club Alicia A. Lea. Black Oak, F.lcm. Ed.. SNEA Ronald G. Lehman. Little Rock, Gen. Bus., PiKA Benny J. Lcndcnnic. Blythevillc. Accounting Schctry LeSieur. Portageville. Mo., Soc. Sci.. WAA, AWS. Political Affairs Club, Phi Alpha Theta Dale A. Lcwelling, Blvtheville. History, Feathcrpens. SPE Charles I:. Liddell. Marmaduke, Agri. Bus. Eco.. AGR Jakic C. Liebhaher, Pocahontas, Journalism. Herald Staff. Press Club Judi M. Loberg. Jonesboro. P.E.. PEM Club. WAA. Square Dance Club Flovd II. Lockhart Jr.. Augusta. Agri. Ed.. SNEA. ATA Lowell M. long, Pcrryvillc. Mo., Radio-TV. KA. Football. Broadcasters Club Phyllis K. Looney, Piggott. Soc. Sci. Jerry W. Lucas, Blvtheville. Marketing, SGA, Phi Eta Sigma, PXR Charles D. I umsden. DeWitt, Radio-TV Ralph C. Lunsford. Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Richard L. Lusk, Batesvillc. Gen. Bus., ATO Michael J. Lynch. Cornwall. N.Y.. P.E., Sigma Pi. Scabbard and Blade. PEM Club 302ROTC: To Be Or Not To Be Gerald A. Lynn, Blythcvillc, Sociology, Veterans Club Donald W. Mabry. Naylor, Mo., P.E., Baseball Rickey L. Mabry, Beedeville. Agri. Bus. Jackie L. Mahan. Damascus, Elcm. Ed. Zvgmunt Majcwski. Pine Bluff. Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma. Scabbard and Blade, Society of Physics Students Eddy L. Majors. Melbourne, Agri. Ed.. ATA Jeannic Majors, Calico Rock. Elcm. Ed.. Kl). SNEA Tcrcssa Mangrum, Paragould. Elcm. Ed., SNEA Sandra Manley, Caruthcrsvillc, Mo., Soc. Sci.. Pi Gamma Mu Donn3 Martin. Walnut Ridge, Elcm. Ed. James R. Martin. Texarkana. Gen. Bus. Ruth 11. Martin, Jonesboro, Zoologs-, ALD, Medical Arts Club. Tri-Beta. Kl) Timothy Martin. Jacksonville, Chemistry. ACS Roy L. Mascngalc. Forrest City. Prelaw. LXA Scabbard and Blade. Phi Eta Sigma I.arry J. Masncr. Monette, Gen. Bus. Carl D. Mason. Clarksville. Music. Phi Mu Alpha Band Ronald Lee Mason, Iloxic. Phvsics. Society of Physics Students Julia Massey. Cherry Valley, Chemistry, ACS Larry E. Massey, Coming. Accounting, Accounting Club. Phi Eta Sigma Sybil J. Massey, Wynne, Elcm. Ed.. SNEA. Kappa Delta Pi Harold Mastcrson. Earle, Sociology Jacqueline Mathcnv, Newport. Sociology. WAA, BSA Lonnie G. Mathcny. Newport. I listory. BSA Charles Mathews, Waldcnburg, Chemistry Jim R. Mathews, Jonesboro. Music. Phi Mu Alpha Kappa Kappa Psi. Band Barbara Mathis. Jonesboro, Special Ed.. SCEC. SNEA Morris Mauncy lr.. Dumas. Zoologs-. Tri-Beta John R. Maxwell. Paragould. Elcm. Ed. Janet Y. Maybcrrs-. Bono. English Judith A. Mayfield, Augusta. Elcm. Ed.. SNEA Lam- C. McAllister. Newport, Marketing, SPE Dana I. McBride, Rector, Voice. Chi O. ASU Singers. Concert Choir, Choral Union Gene McBride, Salem, Education, ATA, FFA Roger MeCaghrcn. Lcachville. Agriculture Clinncss M. McCall. Bradford. FFA, ATA 303Homecoming Concert By Rascals Gary McCann, North Little Rock, Speech Joseph D. McCay, Marked Tree. English Reuben McClelland, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed., ATA, FFA Stephen R. McClelland, Trumann, English, YR, Wesley Foundation, Fcathcrpcns Dena K. McCord, Marmaduke, Elem. Ed. James T. McCormick, Marvell, Radio-TV, Counter Guerrilla, Gamma Beta Phi, Scabbard and Blade Randy McDaniel, Steele, Mo., History Sue E. McDaniel, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Patsv McDermott, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed., SNEA, AWS, Chi Alpha Brenda J. McElrath. Newport, Special Ed., AWS, WAA Deborah A. McElvoy, Piggott, English, AWS, WAA. SNEA Shirley B. McFarlin, Monettc. Elem. Ed. Steven McFerron, Little Rock. Management, 1FC, KA Jewel 11. McGinnis. Calico Rock, Spanish Ramona McGinnis. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi Geraljean P. McGough. Jonesboro, Art, Kappa Pi John McGowan. Bcrnic. Mo., Mathematics lary Helen McCrcw, Success, Elem. Ed., SNEA, AWS, Church of Christ Student Center, WAA Barbara McHaffey. B'vthevillc, English. ZTA. Spanish Club, WAA. Fcathcrpcns Terry M. McHaffey, Blythcvillc, English. Phi Eta Sigma. Fcathcrpcns John G. McKay, Lakeland, Fla., Business, Basketball Nina ('. Mcknight, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., AGD, WAA David McLain. Tuckcrman. Accounting Michael H. McLarty. Jonesboro. Music. ATO, Band Shirley McManigal, Blythcvillc, Botany, AGD, Tri-Beta Betty J. Medford. Clarendon, Elem. Ed.. SNEA Rebecca A. Meredith, Revno, Elem. Ed., ZTA, AWS. WRA. SNEA. Panhcllcnic Lloyd L. Mcrrcll, Nimmons, Accounting, Accounting Club Sharon L. Messer. Harrisburg, English. AGD. AWS. WAA. Fcathcrpcns. ALD Tommy L. Messer, Harrisburg. Gen. Bus., LXA Jim Mcthenv. Paraeould. Pre-dcntistrv. TKF, International Relations. Gamma Beta Phi Pern- Metheny, I.eachville, Pol. Sri., Sigma Pi John M. Mick, Bloomfield. Mo., Agronomy, AGR, Plant Science Club Teresa A. Mick. DcxtcT. Mo.. Elem. Ed.. SNEA Alice Mickev Miles. Pqragould. Music. WAA. AWS. MENC. ASH Singers. Choral Union. Band. AOPi 304Seniors Wesley Foundation takes on appearance of coffee house on weekends to provide place for relaxation and rapping. Vincent A. Miles. Desha. Gen. Bus. Amanda Miller, Wynne. Journalism, Herald Staff, SGA. Pi Gamma Mu. AWS. WAA. Press Club Linda C. Miller. Jonesboro, Elcm. Ed.. SNEA Margaret Miller. Campbell. Mo.. Elcm. Ed. Bon Miller. Bcrnic. Mo.. Agri. Eng.. Engineering Club, Veterans Club Tommy Milligan. Cave City, Gen. Bus. Henry P. Mills. Reiser. Marketing. TKE James L. Mills. Jacksonville. Soc. Sci.. PiKA Charles Mitchell. Jonesboro, Accounting. Band, ATO Phillip Mitchell. Jonesboro. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi Larry Moffett. Decatur. III.. Animal Sci.. Baseball, PiKA. IFC Jack Montgomery Jr.. Jonesboro. Philosophy, Indian Staff Johnny R. Moody, Salem. Agri. Ed.. ATA. FFA Andy Moody Jr.. West Plains. Mo., P.E.. Sigma Pi. PEM Club Bonnie M. Moon, Jonesboro. History Freddy Moon. North Little Rock, Botanv, TKE Arthur Moore. Manila. Histon' Philosophy Doyet Moore. Covington, Ya., Gen. Bus. James R. Moore. Turrell. Education. PEM Club Jerry L. Moore. Piggott. P.E.. SPE. PEM Club Judy O. Moore, Little Rock, Elem. Ed., SNEA Judy Karen Moore, Piggott, English, WAA, AWS. French Club, BSU LannyR. Morgan. Hardy. History Shirley M. Morgan. West Ridge. Elem. Ed. Stan Morgan. East Point. Ga.. Bus. Adm., Scabbard and Blade, YR 305Seniors If the speed doesn’t Ret you, the fu z will. Judy A. Morris, Pocahontas, Education, Square Dance Club. PEM Club Myra D. Morris. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed., BSU Judith Morrisctt, Marked Tree, English, Lambda Iota Tau Judv C. Morrison, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci., Pi Gamma Mu. SNEA, NCSS James R. Morrow, Piggott, Drama George F.. Morten, Paragould, Geography Charles Moshinskie. Hot Springs, Chemistry, Block and Bridle Club. YR. Gamma Beta Phi James Moshinskie, Hot Springs, Journalism, Herald Editor. Who’s Who. TKE, Yearook Staff Hassan Mostafavi, Tehran, Iran, Gen. Bus. Sue Mullen, Smithvillc, French, YD, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, WAA, AWS. SNEA, ASU Singers William Mullen. Walnut Ridge. Gen. Bus., Debate Team. Sigma Pi Agnes Murphrcc, Batesville, Accounting, YD James W. Murphy, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Andrea B. Murray, Wynne, Bus. Ed.. AWS, SGP Margaret Myers, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci., Band. Tau Beta Sigma, Political Affairs Club Johnnie R. Neal, Heber Springs, French. Phi Mu, ALD. WAA. AWS Linda R. Nelson. Batesville. Elem. Ed.. KD. BSU. Broadcasters Club, KASU Staff, AWS, WAA, SNEA Robert F. Nichols Jr., Keiser, P.E., PEM Gub. Mary Nigus, North Little Rock. Elem. Ed.. Chi O. Sigma Alpha Iota, Band. MENC. Choral Union Glenn D. Nix. Forrest City, Journalism, Herald Staff. Press Club LarLctha Nixon. West Memphis, Education. BSA Esther Ruth Noble. Kcnnctt, Mo., Zoology, Medical Arts Club Jimmy L. Norman. Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. John C. Norman, Senath. Mo.. Agronomy Doris F. Norrid. Holland, Mo.. Elem. Ed., Kappa Delta Pi. SNEA, AWS 306Indians Win Third SLC Title Chester North, Jonesboro, Chemistry. ACS, AAS Don R. Northeutt, Carlisle, Mathematics Emery Oesch, Hannibal, Mo., Agriculture Linda Oliver, West I lelcna, Mathematics Jo Faye Orr, Trumann, Music, ASU Singers, Concert Choir, Madrigals, MENC Sarah D. Orr, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., AGO. Kappa Delta Pi, ROTC Princess Platoon Gail A. Orsborn. Jonesboro, Music. ASU Singers. Choral Union, KD Glenda G. Overfield, Grubbs. P.E.. WAA. PF.M Club Glenda Owens. Marked Tree, Soc. Sci. Jimmy Pace. Pocahontas, Marketing I'crrv A. Paff. Pine Bluff. Gen. Bus. Floyd R. Page, Poplar Bluff, Gen. Bus. Patricia Parker, Harrisburg, English. Lambda Iota Tau. AWS Glen R. Parks. Rector. Agriculture, FFA Rondlc Parnell, Cotton Plant. Gen. Bus Betty G. Payne, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Susan Pcndergraff. Jackson, English, S 'EA. AWS Emilec Ann Penn, Jonesboro, Special Ed.. SNEA Daisy Mae Pern,-, Coming. Elem. Ed.. BSU Michael Perry, Jonesboro. Mathematics, BSU Patrick Pettcngell. Jonesboro, French I lester W. Petty, Arbyrd. Mo.. Art. SNEA John Phelps, Earle. Gen. Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi Charley J. Phillips, Jonesboro, Art Donald Phillips. Portagcville, Mo., Bus. Ed. Gary D. Phillips, Black Rock, Soc Sci. Mark Phillips, Hot Springs. Journalism, Herald Staff, Press Club, Wesley Foundation Susan L. Phipps, Newport. Bus. Ed. Ben F. Pickard. Kcnnett, Mo., Soc. Sci., Sigma Pi. IFC Mary C. Pickens. Toncsboro. Elem. Ed. Charles W. Pierce, Arbyrd, Mo., Management, Sigma Pi Dannyc L. Pierce. Jonesboro. Zoology Thomas R. PisTce, Lcachville. Zoology. SPE Ysleta B. Pierson. Judsonia. Education. BSU Edward E. Pike, Blythcville, Marketing 307Library Extends Hours Ronnie L. Pittman, McCrory, Gen. Bus. Emmet D. Plaster, Newport, Accounting, Band Charles Plunkett, Blytheville, Gen. Bus., Band PXR Roger E. Pohlncr. Fisher. Accounting Sue J. Pohlncr, Fisher, Special Ed., SCEC, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, BSU Harley E. Polston, Caraway. Mathematics Io Wall Pope. Germantown. Tenn., Elem. Ed. Robert H. Pope. Little Rock, Journalism, Alpha Kanpa Psi. YD, Skydivcrs Club Glenda D. Poppc. Rector, Soc. Sci.. Pi Gamma Mu James D. Porter, Helena, Agronomy, Plant Science Club. TKE. FFA V Diane Pratt. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Leona W. Pratt. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. Carroll R. Prewett. Salem. Agri. Ed. Sharon K. Prewett, Salem, P.E.. Gamma Beta Phi, Square Dance Club. PEM Club, WAA Edwin C. Price. Beebe, Agri. Ed., ATA, Agri Club Lynn Pritchett. Lcpanto, Soc. Sci. Robert S. Pritchett. Corning, Pol. Sci. Mary A. Prothro. El Dorado. Accounting, AOPi. Panhellcnic. Accounting Club, ALD. AWS, WRA Allan K. Pruett. Rector, P.E.. LXA, Basketball Robert O. Pruett. Rector. Music. Band. Concert Choir, ASU Singers. Choral Union, Phi Mu Alpha, MENC Teddy G. Pruitt. Osceola, Bus. Adm. Janie R. Purdy. DeWitt, Elem. Ed. Janie S. Qualls. Lake City. Special Ed., SNEA, SCEC. Kappa Delta Pi Terrv D. Qualls. Lake City. Gen. Bus. Joe Quillin. West Memphis, P.E., Baseball Marsha Quinn, Caruthcrsvillc. Mo., Soc. Sci. Charlotte Leonard Rahm, Coming. Speech Path., SNEA. AWS. WAA. AOPi. Church of Christ Student Center Alice M. Raines. Senath, Mo., P.E. Matthew Raines-, South Hill, Va., Printing, Tennis Team, Graphic Arts Club Tern-1.. Ramses-, Manila. Biology Lvnard O. Randles, Paragould, Agri. Ed.. FFA Nola J. Randles, Paragould. Elem. Ed. Marcia Thacker Rauth, Caraway, Bus. Ed., KD, WAA William E. Ray. Jonesboro. Mathematics Michael Rebel, Eustis, Fla., P.E. 308Seniors "They told me all dachshunds wearing official ASU sweaters would be admitted free at the main gate.” Johnny L. Redd, Memphis. Tcnn., English. BSU Barry D. Reddick. Paragould. Bus. Ed. Eddie J. Reddick, Fine Bluff. Prc-med. LXA, Annual Staff Marion P. Reddick, Paragould. Special Ed., CEC Annetta Reddmann, Weiner, Bus. Ed. Gars’ Edward Reed. Pine Bluff. Pol. Sci., SPE. SGA Jo Ella Reed. Marianna. Music. Band. AWS. Tau Beta Sigma. Sigma Alpha Iota, SGA. ALD Frank L. Reeves, Salem. Gen. Bus. Kenneth R. Reinhardt. Blytheville. Gen. Bus.. ATO I-inda L. Render. Jonesboro, Music, MENC. ASU Singers, Concert Choir. Madrigals Donna B. Reynolds. Little Rock, English, SNF.A, Lambda Iot3 Tau. Fcatherpens, Arrow Staff Douglass V. Reynolds, Little Rock. Radio-TV Broadcasters Club John W. Reynolds. Prescott. Journalism, Sigma Pi. SGA. IFC. Press Club Sandra D. Reynolds, Hot Springs. P.E.. AWS, WRA, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Kappa Mu Epsilon Linda H. Rhea. Wynne. Gen. Bus.. AWS. SC.P Barry L. Richardson. Heber Springs. Printing, Graphic Arts Club, YD Karla Sallee Richardson, Pocahontas, Art, Kappa Pi. KD. WAA. AWS Nancy Jo Rieke, Defiance. Ohio, Elem. Ed.. AOPi Sarah F. Riggs. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed.. Phi Mu Ronald P. Roach. DeValls Bluff. Gen. Bus. Terry David Roach, Manila. Bus. Ed.. SGA. Gamma Beta Phi. SNEA. MBSF Elizabeth L. Roberts, Couch. Mo. Larry W. Roberts, Franklin. Accounting Richard A. Roberts. Jonesboro, Soc. Sci.. SNEA, Bowling League William T. Robertson, Black Rock. English 309Seniors Leroy Robins, Melbourne, Accounting Deborah Ann Robinson. Marmaduke, Elem. Ed. Eddie L. Robinson, Joiner, Social Work, BSA James Robinson, North Little Rock. Gen. Bus. Linda A. Robison, Kcnnctt, Mo.. Bus. Ed., AWS Curtis L. Rodgers. Jonesboro, Accounting Accounting Club. Alpha Kappa Psi Rufus E. Rodgers, DcWitt, Agri. Bus. Jerrie J. Rogers, loneshoro. Art. AGD. Gamma Beta Phi. AWS. WAA. SNEA Ivonctte Rolland, Forrest City, Education Donald B. Rosier, Viola, Soc. Sci. Eddie R. Ross. Paragould. Business Linda S. Ross. Kcnnctt. Mo., Speech Path. Andress’ R. Rossi. Little Rock. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. Scabbard and Blade Joyce R- Roth. Stuttgart, Special Ed., SNEA. SCEC, AWS Barbara R. Rothwell, Fordvce, English, AI.D, Gamma Beta Phi. SNEA Cathy E. Rounsavall. Little Rock. Art Philip L. Rowe. Beech Grove, Agri. Ed., AGR. ATA, DTA Scott Rowell, Springfield. Ohio, History. SGA. TKE Judy M. Rowland, Paragould, Bus. Ed., Pi Omcgo Pi Susan Rowland. Little Rock. Soc. Sci., AGD. WAA, AWS. Spanish Club Gars’ W. Rosvlett, Ssvifton. Chemistry, ACS Sandra Rosvton. Rector. Soc. Sci., AGD. ALD, Pi Gamma Mu. Phi Alpha Theta, AWS Gss’cn Ruff. Success, P.E.. WAA. PEM Club, AAHPER. Church of Christ Student Center. AWS Charles E. Runyon. Piggott, Accounting Rickev C. Russell, Mountain Home. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Pi 310ASU Enrollment Drops Billy D. Russom, Beech Grove, Zoology Bobbie A. Saleh, Jonesboro, Art Julia P. Saliba. Blythcville, Elcm. Ed. Margie L. Sallis, Marianna, Education. SNEA, YR James K. Sample. Nimmons. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kapp3 Psi Jem' D. Sample, Piggott. Marketing. YI. Patty Lou Sample, Evening Shade. Biology. Tri Bct3 Erie E. Sanders. Paragould. English Alan H. Sapp, Hialeah, Fla., Gen. Bus., Football. LXA, YR Movd Sauer. San Diego, Calif., Agri. Eng., Engineering Club Sharon K. Sauhcavcr, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Kay Saurenman, Memphis. Tcnn., Art. AGD. Kappa Pi Larry L. Schccr. Paragould. Agri. Ed.. ATA, FFA Joseph R. Schunk. Marmaduke. Gen. Agri.. Agri. Club. FFA Linda J. Schwamb, Paragould. English Randy L. Screws, Batesville, Gen. Bus. James V. Scurlock. Jonesboro. Business. Sigma Pi Utah L. Scagravcs, Pocahontas, Management Charles L. Selman. Ravenden. Education. Tri-Beta, Lcpidopteni Society Carol S. Sexton. Jonesboro. Flem. Ed.. ASU Singers, SNEA. AWS, Square Dance Club James C. Shakelford. Forrest City, Music. Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Wind Ensemble. Tribe Katherine Shannon. Joiner. Elem. Ed.. Phi Mu. AWS. WAA. SNEA Jerrv L. Sharpe, Corning, Journalism. PEM Club Sallv Phelan Sharpe. Corning. P.F.. AWS. SNF.A. PEM Cub. WAA Nano1 Susan Shaver. Tuckerman. F.lem. Ed.. AWS, SNEA. YR. Wesley Foundation Ruben D. Shaw, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed., FFA. ATA M. H. Shelton Jr.. Swifton. Gen. Bus. Sandra K. Shelton, Paragould. Elem. Ed. Roy M. Shepherd, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Phyllis K. Shcwmakcr, Scares-, Art, Kappa Pi, Print Club Peter K. Shirley, Blytheville, Physics, Society of Physics Students Patricia A. Shollmier, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. Billy Shurlcy. Cabot. Agri. Ed.. DTA. ATA. FFA Jimmie S. Simmons, Warren, English Kathv G. Simmons, Jonesboro, Special Ed.. SCEC, SNEA 311Caraway Hall Closed Steve R. Simmons. Warren. Gen. Bus., Scabbard and Blade Shirley A. Simpson, loncsbnrn. Elcm. Ed.. Band. AGD, AI D. SGA. SNEA. BSD Edward S. Sims. Dermott, Gen. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi Larry Singleton, Marmaduke, Agri. Bus.. Agri Club Michael Singleton, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus., LXA, Basketball Robert II. Sisco. CKcan. Gen. Bus. Billv Skelton. ForTest City. Journalism, Press Club. Herald Staff Tom Skinner. North Little Rock, Economics. TKE Elkc Slayton. Jonesboro. English David L. Smaller. Caldwell. Zoology. SGA. Phi Xi Rho Barbara Smith. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Elcm. Ed. Betty A. Smith. Caraway. Elem. Ed. Betty C. Smith. Cardwell. Mo.. Elcm. Ed. Bonnie M. Smith. Paragould. Mathematics Danny S. Smith. Carlisle. Gen. Bus.. PiKA Dickie C. Smith. Black Rock. Accounting Donnie A. Smith, Paragould, Animal Sci. Douglas Wayne Smith. Wynne. Elem. Ed.. SNEA Hal Perrin Smith, Brinkley. History, Pi Gamma Mu Harold L. Smith. Tyronza, Gen. Bus. Keith B. Smith. Coming. Soc. Sci., Medical Arts Club, AI IS Phil C. Smith. Tichnor, Accounting, PiKA. Phi Eta Sigma. SGA. IFC Phil G. Smith, Newport, Journalism, ATO. Press Club, Scabbard and Blade Reida C. Smith, Gibot, Gen. Bus. Stevie D. Smith, Violet Hill, Gen. Agri. Willis E. Smith II. Jonesboro, Music. Band. Concert Choir. ASH Singers. MF.NC. Choral Union. Kappa Kappa Psi, Madrigals Cvnthia Kmlv Smothcrman. Newport. Elcm. Ed.. Kappa Delta Pi Donald R. Smothcrman. Newport, Business Carrie Snapp. Walnut Ridge, Art Dewey J. Snider, Coming, Agriculture Samuel L Snipes. Jonesboro. Zoologs-, ATO. Scabbard and Blade Celia F. Snow. Piggott, English, BSU Diane M. Southern. Steele. Mo., Elem. Ed.. SNEA Judith E- Sowell, Mammoth Spring, Art Erl. Carrie E. Spades, Dalton, Bus. Ed. 312Seniors Rena Center Bridal Show draws students, townspeople to see latest in wedding attire. David R. Spann. Jonesboro, Business, PiKA, SGA Ronnie Sparkman. Van Buren, Horticulture Donna S. Sparks, Paragould. Bus. Ed.. SGA. AWS, YD, Square Dance Club Linda L. Sparks, Marked Tree, Mathematics. KD, ALD, Kappa Mu Epsilon. AWS. WRA Don R. Speck. Manila. Business. TKE Charles E. Spence. Dvess, Zoology, KA Larry Spence. Willow Spring, Mo., Radio-TV', Broadcasting Club Kenneth O. Spencer, Salem, Agri. Ed.. AT A. FFA. AGR Johnnie Spraberry, Pine Bluff, Sociology I larvey L. Sprouse, Paragould, Accounting Bennie G. Spurlock. McRae, Soc. Sci. Paula Ann Spurlock. Jonesboro. Zoology Michael Stallings, Blvthcville, Zoology Frank W. Staples, Piggott. Bus. Adm. Linda Staten. Yorkville, Tenn., Elem. Ed., SNEA Thomas Staten. Walnut Ridge. Bus. Adm. Marv M. Steele, Pine Bluff. Speech AGD. AWS. WAA.SCEC William Steele, West Memphis, Economics, TKE George Wesley Stem. Jonesboro. Mathematics. Phi Eta Sigma Carol J. Stephens, Lafe. Bus. Ed. Joseph D. Stevens, Calico Rock. Gen. Bus. Carol Ann Stogsdill. Imboden. Journalism. KD, Press Club. WAA. AWS. SIL Jerry D. Stone, Paragould, Geography Reagan I. Stone. Memphis. Tenn.. Economics Bentley E. Story. Marvell, Pol. Sci.. TKE. Scabbard and Blade 313Seniors Roundballer Bill Russell discusses social concerns with students. Paul H. Stotts, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci., Scabbard and Blade. BSA Kathy Lorene Stout, Batesville, Elctn. Ed., AWS, SNEA Jim Stricklin, Caruthersvillc, lo., Gen. Bus. Gary A. Stroud. Batesville. Agri. Bus., DTA, AGR Larry D. Stroud, Melbourne, Gen. Bus. Aubrey N. Sumpter. Earle, P.E. Walter Surprise III, Blythcvillc, Bus. Adm., Sigma Pi Martha A. Swigcrt, Jonesboro. Mathematics Cleatus L. Swindle. Paragould, Physical Sci., LXA Judith Swindle, Walnut Ridge, Special Ed. Shelia A. Talley, Pangburn, Elem. Ed., SNEA Gavlc M. Tamburo, Helena, Elem. Ed., AOPi, WAA, AWS William Tarpley Jr., Little Rock. Gen. Bus. Man- Tate. Paragould, Sociologs-, Political Affairs Club. Pi Gamma Mu Ava N. Taylor, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Bertha Tavlor. Walnut Ridge. Special Ed., SCEC Felix Donell Taylor. Cherry Valley, Pol. Sci., BSA Jimmy D. Taylor, Little Rock, Accounting. ATO, Accounting Club, 1FC Ronald S. Taylor, Jonesboro. Gen. Bus. Sandra A. Tedder, Paragould. Biology, Tri-Beta Lois M. Tedford. Hot Springs, Sociologs-, WAA. AWS, Pi Gamma Mu Mauricio Fcllcria, Leon, Nicaragua, Economics Randal L. Tennison, Paragould, Accounting Anne Terkcurst, Pine Bluff, Special Ed. Gan- M. Tharp, Pangburn, Agronomy 314Bill Russell Raps With Students Carroll R. Thetford, Cash, P.E. Daniel Thomas, Mountain View, Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon Deborah Thomas, Mountain View, Biology, AWS, Tri-Beta Sheridan Thomas, Neelvville, Mo., Agronomy Larry J. Thomason, Kennctt, Mo., Radio-TV David E. Thompson. 'I'rumann, Gen. Bus., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band Elzora A. Thompson. Trumann, Elem. Ed., SNEA George Marcus Thompson. DeWitt, Management Joan I.. Thompson. Swifton, Soc. Sci. Michael Thompson. North Little Rock, Chem., ACS Pamelia Thurman, Paragould. Journalism, Chi Alpha Scott W. Till. Hughes. Zoologs-. SPE Alice E. Tillman. Par3gould. Elcin. Ed. Marsha G. Tolson, Pocahontas, Special Ed.. AWS, SCEC Joan C. Tosh, Jonesboro. Biology Ronald C. Towell. Leachvillc. Printing. Graphic Arts Club Elizabeth E. Towles. Manila. Elem. Ed.. BSU, ASH Singers. Choral Union Bob G. Travis, Paragould. Gt-n. Bus. Cecil M. Treccc. Paraeould. Business. Go’f Team Carlotta Tribble, Walnut Ridge. Soc. Sci.. Pi Gamma Mu Roger D. Tribble. Walnut Ridge, Agri. Ed.. FFA, ATA John C. Trice. Jonesboro. Radio-TV. Counter Guerrilla. Scabbard and Blade Linda G. Trimue. Forrest City. Art Peggy S. Tucker. Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. William Tucker Ir., Marked Tree. Prc-med. I.XA, Tri-Beta. Medical Arts Club. Phi Eta Sigma. Band John M. Turner. Elaine. Business Larry D. Turner, Salem. Agri. Ed.. ATA Sandra K. Turner. Osceola, Elem. Ed., SNEA, AWS James L. Ulmer, Pocahontas, Sociology Raphael Urbina. New York. N.Y., Chemistry Sherma Usscry, Paragould. Elem. Ed. Diana K. Van Camp. Stuttgart, Mathematics. Chi O. ALD, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. ACS. SNEA. AWS. WAA Lawrence M. Van Camp, Stuttgart. Soc. Sci., KA Henry Lynn Vance. Des Arc. Gen. Bus., Church of Christ Student Center Bobbie P. Van Cleve, Hollv Grove. Elem. Ed.. AWS. WRA, Chi O 315Lanny Johns Named Indian Chief Joe N. Van Clcvc, Osceola. Bus. Mgt., TKE Ike M. VanMeter, Marvell, Gen. Bus., Band. Jazz Ensemble. TKE. Kappa Kappa Psi, SGA Darlene VanPclt, Jonesboro. Elem. Ed., BSA Pat VanSant, Michigan City, Ind., Journalism, Square Dance Club, Press Club, Debate Team. Herald Staff John S. Vaughn, Caldwell, Mo., Gen. Bus., Track Team Peggy J. Vaughn, Marianna. Accounting. ALD Thom Veety, Stroudsburg. Pa., Drama. Alpha Psi Omega. Gamma Delta Iota Vivian Veety, Cave City, English Melba Vickers, Locust Grove. Elem. Ed.. WAA, AWS. SNEA James F. Vittitow, Pine Bluff, Business, Bowling Team Peggy VonAlmcn, Memphis. Tenn.. Speech Path., ( hi O. SNEA. Kappa Delta Pi, ALD. Alpha Sivm.a Unsilon Donald G. Voyles, Jonesboro. Philosophy, SIL Nicholas Vreitos. Athens Greece, Bus. Mgt.. International Club, Football Pecgv A. Waddell. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed.. Kappa Delta Pi Tommie IL Waddell. Maynard. P. E.. PEM Richard E. Walden, Jonesboro. Gen. Bus. William I. Waldrup. Batcsvillc. Miss.. Agriculture John Waleszonia, Fontana, Calif., Education, Basketball Tommy C. Walker, Walnut Ridge. Agronomy. FFA Kenneth C. Wallace. Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Mary E. Wallace, Blythcville, Elem. Ed. John E. Walls, DesArc, Physics Betty P. Ward, Joiner, Elem. Ed., SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi Donna S. Ward, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed., KD, SNEA Patti In Warr. Hot Snrines. English. Chi O, Panhellenic. SGA. ALD, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Newman Club, ASH Singers Linda L- Warren, Jonesboro, French. AWS Donna K. Warrick. Little Rock. English. ZTA. WAA. SGA Grover Warrick, Little Rock, Journalism. KA, Track Marilyn Watkins, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. Wayne L. Watkins, Nettleton, Agri. Econ. Marilyn K. Watson. Black Rock, P.E.. PEM Michael Watson, Marked Tree, Journalism. Kappa Kappa Psi, Rcng Rifles, Band, Concert Choir. ASU Singers Virginia C. Watson, Jonesboro, Sociology Donnie J. Weatherford, Hunter, Elem. Ed., SNEA, Kapna Delta Pi Hugh D. Weatherford, Wheatley, Gen. Agri., AGR 316Seniors Sterling Cockrell. Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, answers questions at fall rally. Andrea Weathersbv, Brinklcv. Journalism. KD. Herald Staff. AWS, WRA Dwight M. Weaver. Paragould. Gen. Agri. Michael A. Weaver, Jonesboro. Pol. Sci.. HSU. Circle K Michael R. Weaver. Cash. Agri. Ed. Wilton G. Weaver, Guam, Gen. Bus., ATO, 1FC. Band Linda M. Webb. Trumann. Art Sharon B. Wegman. Jonesboro. Sociologs-. Tau Beta Sigma, Band. ASU Singers. BSU Andrea L. Weir. Walnut Ridge. Elem. Ed. Marcilee Welch. Leachville. Elem. Ed. Elvira Wenzel, North Little Rock, Chemistry. ACS Lena A. Weston, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed., Pi Omega Pi Jeannette A. Wheeler, Drasco, Elem. Ed.. SNEA, ALD Perry D. Whitaker. Rector, Agri. Ed.. FFA Frank White. Poplar Bluff, Mo., Journalism. Chi Alpha. BSU, Counter Guerrilla. Press Club Melvin D. White. Jonesboro. Agri- Eng., Pershing Rifles. BSU. Engineering Club Wavnc F. White, Jonesboro. Accounting Bobbv C. Whiteak er Jr.. Pincvillc. Agr. Bobby L. Whitehead, Newport, Gen. Bus. Victoria A. Whiteside. Wilson. P.E.. WAA. AWS. PEM La Wanda M. Wilbom, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Noel C. Wilkcrson. Myrtle. Mo.. Mathematics, Square Dance Club Glen R. Wilkcy, Leachville. Botany Van P Wilkie, Forrest City. P.E.. PEM Linda J. Wilkins, Senath, Mo.. Bus. Ed. Michael Wilkinson, Jacksonville, Accounting. PiKA 317Seniors “I never promised you a rose garden!" Ann S. Willett, Jonesboro, Speech Path., AOPi Sharon M. Willett. Salem, Bus. Ed. Alice Williams, Marked Tree. Elcm. F.d., AWS, SNEA Bill Williams. Marvell, Art Billy G. Williams, Brookland, Agri. Ed. Carl Williams Jr., Jacksonville, Business Carolyn R. Williams, Carlisle, English, AWS Char'es Williams. Doniphan. Mo.. Printing, Graphic Arts Club Don S. Williams, Crawfordsville, Soc. Sci. George Williams. Kenilworth, N.J., Printing, ATO, Graphic Arts Club, Gym Team James F. Williams. Paragould. P.E., PEM Slaric Williams. Jacksonville. Speech Path. Pamela A. Williams, Jonesboro, French Phillip Wi"iams. Marmaduke. Agriculture. FFA Robert C. Williams, Gilmore, Prc-med, LXA, Tri-Beta, Medical Arts Club, Phi Eta Sigma Ronald C. Williams, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Ronnie I. Williams. Marmaduke, P.E., PEM Sara K. Williams, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Shirley A. Williams, Joiner. Sociology, BSA Stan R. Wil'iams. Blythevillc, P.E., Baseball Team, Basketball, PEM Sylvester Williams, Joiner, Sociology, BSA Deanna Willis, Bar I larbor, Maine, P.E., PEM, WAA Paul Willison, Coldwater, Mich., Business Paul H. Willmuth, Batcsville, Business, KA Carol J. Wilson. Leachville. P.E.. Phi Mu, WAA, VTA, AWS. Modern I ance Club. Square Dance Club, PEM. Gym Team 313Barbara Goble Is Indian Princess Gail A. Wilson, Harrison. Gen. Bus.. Veterans Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Henry Wilson. Bossier City, La.. Management Ronald P. Wilson, Kennett, Mo., Business Lois Wimberly, Canithersvillc. Mo.. Elem. Ed., SNEA Martha A. Wofford. Little Rock. Journalism. Chi O, Panhellenic, Press Club, WRA Robert W. Womack, Jonesboro. Zoology Vickie J. Womack. Jonesboro, Economics Jeaninc W. Wood. Parkin. English Roberta J. Wood. Parkin. P.E.. Phi Mu. WAA, PEM Hub Carol A. Woodard. Naylor, Mo., Elem. Ed., SNEA Robert D. Woodard, Naylor, Mo., Gen. Agri., AGR Larry Woodruff. Oil Trough, Agriculture Richard G. Woods. Jonesboro. Journalism Nancy J. Wooldridge. Paragould, Elem. Ed. John T. Worley. Searcy, Business Larry J. Worsham, Reiser. Gen. Bus., Alpha Kapp3 Psi Larry G. Wray, Union, Gen. Bus. Barbara A. Wright, Osceola, Elem. Ed. June A. Wright. Blythcville, Elem. Ed.. SNEA, AWS Michael Wright, Caruthcrsvillc, Mo., Gen. Bus., KA Jack D. Yancey. Oxford. Business. Veterans Club Bonnie S. Yancey. Kennett. Mo., Gen. Bus. Donald Yarbro, Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Gen. Agri.. AGR Joseph F. Yarbo, Harrisburg. History. Wesley Foundation Carmen Yarnell. Judsonia. Elem. Ed., AWS. Gamma Beta Phi Fonnie Gale Yates, Moncttc, Soc. Sci.. Phi Eta Sigma. Gamma Beta Phi Bruce E. Yeager. Stuttgart. Zoology. KA Marv Yingling, Little Rock, Special Ed.. SCEC, SGA, Chi O Michael G. Young. Benton. Sociology Patricia Young. Pine Bluff. Mathematics. AGD. Alpha Sigma Upsilon Sandria Zcigler, Forrest City, Special Ed., WAA, SCEC. AWS. SNEA. KD Carolyn Zimmerman, North Little Rock, Music, Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir. Madrigals, ASU Singers, Choral Union, AWS, MENC Terry D. Zimmerman. Jonesboro, Art, Kappa Pi, ACS, Broadcasters Club 319 Charles Abanathy, Black Rock James C. Acklin, Wiseman Alice A. Adams, West Memphis Barbara Adams, Paragould David M. Adams, Trumann Gars’ A. Adams, Little Rock Lora M. Adams, Paragould William C. Adams. Jonesboro Carolyn J. Agee, Reyno Richard Alexander, St. Louis, M Deborah Allbright, Newport Alice G. Allen, Poplar Bluff, Mo Dwana S. Allen, Jonesboro John T. Allen Jr., Beebe Judy K. Allen, Gillett Nancy Allen, Hot Springs Ronny J. Mien, Gillett William L. Mien, Jonesboro Gerald M. Alsup. Hayti, Mo. Margaret Alsup, Walnut Ridge D. R. Anderson, Mountain Vied Larry O. Anderson, Joiner Mark Anderson, Blvthcville Sara Jane Andrews, West Mempl Susie Andrews, Texarkana, Tex. Steve J. Anselmi, Bradford Tandy L. Anthony, Proctor Stephen C. Archer, Valparaiso, Iij Sharon D. Armour, Naylor, Mo. Diane S. Armstrong, Dell Murray F. Armstrong, McCrory Charles E. Arnold, Knobel Dean Moore Proposes . . . Mars’ K. Arrington, Jonesboro Sharon Arvelo, Bricktown, N.J. Vivian Asbury, Mammoth Spring Vcrnie M. Ashcraft, West Memphis Gussi E. Ashley, I larrison Gerald Ash lock. Marked Tree Janice F. Aslin, Bloomfield. Mo. Ernestine Atkinson, Jonesboro Rodger Austin, Harrisburg John Aycock, North Little Rock Polly Bailey. Clarkton. Mo. Audrca M. Baird. Hoxie Leroy Baird. Cherokee Village Brett Baker, Kennctt, Mo. Craig B. Baker. Jonesboro Judy C. Baker, Searcy Steven D. Baker. West Memphis Susie M. Baker. Jonesboro Linda A. Baldridge, Monette Mitch W. Baldridge, Monette James M. Baldwin. Paragould Linda K. Bales, Jonesboro Rickie Ballard, Trumann Martin A. Baltz, Pocahontas John W. Banks, Batesvillc Donald R. Barber, Newport Mike Barger, Jacksonville Gerald R. Barker, Jonesboro Darrel D. Barnes, Leachville Marilyn Barrett. Mooreficld Rodney Barrett. West Helena Earl Bassham. Moko Russell Bassham, Hardy Pamela J. Bates, Jonesboro Betty Batcy, Strawberry Richard D. Batey, Piggott Farrell Battcrton. Franklin Carol L. Beasley, Paragould Lynda Beasley, Hot Springs Kenneth E. Beaton. Paragould 320Juniors « "And miles to go Wore I sleep." Wayne Beaumont, Woodstock, Va. Christine Beavers. Williford Connie Beck, Earle Bet ha Beckham, Mountain View John D. Belcher, Hot Springs Larry G. Bclicw, Paragould Brenda K. Bell. Cave City Rose M. Bell, Marked Tree Wanda L. Bell, Walnut Ridge Kim Beilis, East Bangor, Pa. Phillip H. Bennett, Carlisle John Benson, Manila Ronald Benson. Greenway Thomas E- Benson, Newark Michael R. Benton, Salem Sylvia Bcrgcy, South Dayton, N.Y. Peggy L. Berry-, Jonesboro Donald Beshears, Wynne Myra J. Betts, Little Rock Brenda J. Bibb. Monettc Belinda Biggcrs, Walnut Ridge Judi S. Biggers, Jonesboro Danny Billings. Ycllville Tom Bingley, Va. Beach, Va. Jerry W. Bishop. Salem Larry J. Bishop, Rector Buddy Black. Newport Jayne J. Black, Newport Mary C. Black, Smithville James A. Blackburn, Tuckerman Margaret L. Blackmon. Blytheville Rick Blackwelder, Jacksonville Henry- Blair, Witts Springs Paul H. Blake, Caraway Dannv Blalock, Cash Margaret Blanchard. Jonesboro John A. Bland. Paragould Preston Bland Jr.. Paragould Ray Blaney, Mountain Home Bill D. Blaylock, I lunter. Mo. Robert E. Blenden, Pine Bluff Mary L. Bloom, Flat River, Mo. Betty L. Bloom, Flat River, Mo. Leon D. Blue, Crestview, Fla. Larry J. Bodeker, Jonesboro Phillip E. Bogy, Humphrey Vcrda M. Bohannon. Reiser Sandra K. Boling, Brookland Rickey G. Bone. McCrory Paula K. Bonham, Jonesboro Jeffrey Bonner. Bradford Larry Bonner. Hot Springs David A. Boone, Jonesboro Gary M. Boone, Searcy Paul Booterbauch, Lorton. Va. James Boren Jr., Blytheville 321Juniors It's down the hall to your left second door on the right. Donna L. Born, Jonesboro Emil A. Boucher, Jonesboro John Bowman, Lepanto Dock E. Boyd, Blythcville Gary E. Boyd. I lazlchurst, Ga. Mona Boyd, Turrcll Gary O. Boyles, Ferndale Robert L. Bradbury Jr., Jonesboro Carroll E. Bradford, Pine Bluff Patrick F. Bradley, Augusta Judith A. Bradsher, Pine Bluff Ralph W. Brady, Williford Larry I). Brainerd, Bull Shoals Jerry Branum, I lorncrsvillc, Mo. Janice N. Bratcher, Stawberry Layne Bratcher, Marianna Oral Dean Bray, Jonesboro Judy C. Brewer. Kcnnctt. Mo. Nancy C. Brewer, Forrest City-Bobby M. Bridges, Black Rock Owen J. Bridges, Black Rock Rodney A. Bridges, Salem ’["homas T. Bridges. Colt Larry E. Brimhall, Jonesboro Suzanne W. Brimhall, Jonesboro Phillip Brinkley, Marmaduke Paul T. Britton. Blythcville Almarcc Broadway. Marianna Bobbie L. Brooks. Walnut Ridge Carl L. Brooks. Guion Donnie J. Brooks. Kennett. Mo. Abby W. Brown, Little Rock David L. Brown. Datto Don R. Brown, Paragould Jimmy I). Brown. Judsonia Michael W. Brown. Star City Mika J. Brown. Joneslsoro Neil Brown. I larrisburg Shirlev G. Brown. Manila Walt Brown, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. William L. Brown. Pine Bluff Rick L. Browning. Jonesboro Zillah D. Bruce. Pine Bluff Clyde Bruckerhoff, St. Marys. Mo. Phyllis I). Brummctt. Paragould Tommy J. Bryant. Wynne Frances K. Bulger, Qulin, Mo. Richard A. Bump. Jacksonville Jerry W. Burchfield. Saffell Doris Burdyshaw, Jonesboro I ou Ann Burge, (ibot David W. Burnell. Glcnside, Pa. Ewell P. Burns, El Dorado Jerald Burns, Palestine John D. Burns, Houston, Tex. John H. Bums, Ozark 322Rhondal D. Burns, Blythcvillc Peggy Burrows, Market! I'rcc Gene Button, Hector Edward C. Busby, Mammoth Spring Donald Busch, .Mammoth Spring Larry L. Bush, Hickory Ridge Jacqueline Butcher, 1 urrell Susan K. Callihan, Blythcvillc Dolores N. Callis, Kennctt, Mo. Patty S. Camp, Hector Phil 11. Camp, Paragould Wayne Camp, Mountain 1 tome Bruce F. Campbell Jr., Clarendon Mary L, Campbell, Forrest City Ray Campbell, Pocahontas Willis M. Campbell, Jonesboro Zora I:. Campbell, Marianna Jim F. Canant, Perryvillc Jammie Caradine, Chatficld Ross E. Cardin, Fordvce Cheryl A. Carnahan. Stuttgart John W. Carr, Willow Springs, Mo. Johnnie F. Carr, DcWiti Sidney M. Carrier, Jonesboro Victor Carrillo, Calexico, Calif. Paula J. Carroll, Pine Bluff Don R. Carson, West I lelena I Iaydcn Carter, Paragould Katherine S. Carter, Ash Flat Pamela S. Carter, Little Rock Phillip R. Carter, Paragould Brenda C. Casey, Rector . . . And Proposes . . . John C. Casey, Oneida Thomas L. Casey, Forrest City Roland Cason Jr., Berryville James C Causbie, Hardy George O. Causey, Newport John M. Chambers, Stuttgart Cleo Diane Chapman, I lardy Gary M. Chappcl, Jonesboro Larry W. Chastain, Clarendon Billy W. Chastecn, Judsonia Julie L. Cheek, Jonesboro Jim L. Childers, Searcy Robert Childress, Cherokee Village Connie S. Childs, Jonesboro Lynda L. Christa), Jonesboro Mary E. Christopher, I loxie Paul Chronister, Poplar Bluff. Mo. John T. Church, Salem Dennis G. Clark, Cardwell, Mo. Jcannic Clark, Jonesboro Jerry W. Clark, Piggott John P. Clark. Cardwell, Mo. Larry W. Clark. Batovillc Marvin Clark, Beech Grove Ruth B. Clark, Jonesboro Sharon A. Clark. Osceola Victoria R. Clark, Walnut Ridge Clayton F. Clay, Marion James L. Clayton, Jonesboro Robert H. Cleevcs, Avoca, N.Y. Ralph M. Clifton. Brinkley Elsa A. Clingcr, Rogers LannyOinton, Smithville Linda L. Cobb, Lake City Marquita G bbs. Paragould Susie Cochran, Jonesboro Hubert L. Cockrum, Black Oak Bobbie Coggins. 1 lot Springs Melba J. Coke. Harrisburg Cathy D. Coker, St. Giarles 323Michael E. Coleman, Jonesboro Allen R. Collier, Rector Lawrence Collier, Marked Tree Allan I). Columbus, Rlythcvillc Ellen G. Cook, Jonesboro James M. Cook, Pine Bluff Bobby L. Corlies, Dexter, Mo. Kathy P. Cornish, Leachvillc Linda C. Cornish, Monette Laura L. Cossey, Wynne Rheta J. Cotton, BJythevilJe Jo Ann Couch, Corning Teri C. Couch, Trumann Thoma$ W. Coulter, Lenanto Jimmy N. Cox, Paragould Rita D. Crabb, Helena otaude i Grace, Cabot Kenneth Grader, Painton, Mo. I Joiner L. Craig, Etowah Jerri C. Craig, Cardwell, Mo. Robert W. Craig, Jonesboro Timothy A. Craig, Tyronza Charles CraigmyJe, Jonesboro Carol Jean Cranford, Rector ilarry F. Crawford, Vanndale Samuel Creasman, Kingsport, Icon. Linda L Crismon, Maynard Susan L. Cromby, Elaine Michael Crosson, Pine Bluff Michael Crow, .North Little Rock Tejuana Crowson, Greenway Donna J. Crumley, Cave City • • . And Proposes, etc. Levona Cullen, Bono Jimmy Culliphcr, DeWitt Clifford Cullison, Pocahontas Mien B. Culp, Marvell Paul D. Cunningham, Gideon, Mo. Stephen S. Curry, Pine Bluff Gary L. Curtis, Calico Rock Nick Curtis, Niagara Palls, N.Y. Phoebe L. Cyrus. Sheridan Sue L. Daily, West Plains, Mo. Perry J. Dalton, Camden Steven T. Dapp, Blythcvillc Rex C. Darling. Jonesboro Eugenia Daugherty, Augusta Jerry Daugherty, West I lelcna Sfike Davault, Senath, Mo. Donnie Davidson, 1 lomcrsville, Mo. Kent W. Davidson. Searcy Linda Davidson. B.itesville Willie Davidson, Greensboro, N.C. James R. Davis, Searcy La Vera J. Davis, Jonesboro Mary E. Dans, Piggott Pamela S. Davis, Fort Wayne, Ind. David R. Dawson. Jonesboro Melvin E. Dawson. Monette John E. Day, Corning Deborah DcClerk, Pocahontas Thomas DcClerk. Pocahontas Wayne Deen, Blythcvillc Marida A. Doctor, Joncsl)oro Phyllis Dcnnington, West Memphis Michael E. Dennis, Ward Harold J. Dickens, Jonesboro Jerry A. Dickerson, FoTt Smith Norman Dickson. Memphis. Tenn. George A. Dillin, Jonesboro Francine M. DiMaio, Malvern Clarence T. Doan, Walnut Ridge Cona J. Doan. Walnut Ridge 324Juniors I could swear I started this dance with a partner. Edwin Doane, Cobleskill, N.Y. Mary l oane, Glovcrsvillc, N.Y. Randy E. Dobbs. Jonesboro 1 lolly Dodd. Augusta Jimmie D. Dodd, Caraway Benjamin Dodson, Harrison Barbara B. Dorman, Manila Darrell D. Dorrell, Farmington, Mo. Annette Dorris, Blytheville Mark T. Dorris, Alton. Mo. Ronnie W. Dorton, Nettleton Judy A. Doshier, Yellvillc Robert D. Doss, West Memphis Carol Dougan, Jonesboro James R. Douglas, Marked Tree Chet Douthit, Clinton, Mo. Austin A. Dowell. Batcsville Brenda K. Downs, I larrisburg John B. Dozier, Moro Jim H. Duffel. Waldenburg Bill D. Duke. Paragould Ronald G. Dulgar, Ravcndcn Donald R. Dunavant, Lake City Billy Duncan, Batcsville John K. Duncan. Piedmont. Mo. Randy C. Dunham. Mt. Home Henry Dunigan, Black Oak Cathy A. Dunn. Rohwer Walker A. Dunn. Bradford William I). Dwver. Mt. Home Sharon K. Dyer, Paragould Mary K. Faker. Paragould Charles W. Eason. Lepanto James A. Edington, Reyno Glenda C. Edwards, Beebe James N. Elbert, Jonesboro Teresa E. Elbert, Jonesboro Glenda F. Elkins, Piggott Valeric Ellison. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Nancy Elphingstone, La Grange Linda K. Endsley. Holly Grove Robert Engle, Blytheville Robert English Jr.. Crawfordsville David D. Erbv, loncslxiro Steven Ernst, Jonesboro Toni L. Erwin, Jonesboro Donna R. Estes, Blytheville MyTa J. Estes. West Memphis George Etheridge. Portsmouth. Va. David A. Evans, Jacksonville Teddy W. Evans. Trumann James J. Farrell. Brinkley John A. Fender. Walnut Ridec Sharon K. Ferguson. Carlisle Robert Fett. Mountain Home Gatha M. Fields. Cotton Plant 325Juniors Dana L. Finan, Jonesboro Eugene M. Finan. Jonesboro Rayc E. Finley, Monettc Marvin W. Fisher, Jonesboro Jimmy F. Fitzgerald, Paragould Tom Flanagan, East St. Louis, 111. Tommy R. Flceman, Manila Cathy M. Fleetwood, Cave City Anne S. Fletcher, Pocahontas Bruce Fletcher. W. Springs, III. Carl E. Fletcher, Jonesboro Kenneth Fletcher, Jonesboro Brenda Flippo, Manila Darlene Flippo, Powhatan James E. Floyd, Franklin Danny L. Foley, Walnut Ridge David E. Foley, Powhatan Danny L. Ford, Paragould Stephen S. Ford, Joiner I'wila G. Ford. Harrisburg Gregory Forman, Menasha, Wise. Nancy Fortenberry, Tuckerman George W. Foster, Blytheville John D. Foster. Little Rock Kenny Foster, Campbell, Mo. Max L. Foster, Jonesboro Sue Frank. Dumas Peggy S. Franklin, Trumann Shcrrell L. Franks. Paragould Calvin L. Freehling. Salem Anita J. Freeman, Arnold. Mo. Armistcad Freeman, Pine Bluff Ruth Jane Frier, Jonesboro Susan Fudge, Melbourne Edward Furcron. North Little Rock James Futrell, North Little Rock Melvin Gage. West Memphis Donald R. Gaines. Blytheville Michael E. Gairhan. Trumann Deborah Galloway. Little Rock Dwight Galloway, I lope Jane Galloway. Jonesboro Woodrow W. Galyean, Helena Richard R. Gambel. Jacksonville Rita A. Gambill. Jonesboro C. G. Garland. Walnut Ridge Boyd Clayton Garris. Trumann William C. Gary. Buchanan. Term. Debbie Gasawav. Little Rock Clyde Gates. West I Iclena James Gathings. Paragould William Gat , Paragould Earl E. (Gentry, Blytheville I ewis Gentry, Stamps Joseph L. George, Jonesboro Terry W. Gibbons, Dexter. Mo. 326Jerry L. Gibbon. Steele, Mo. Debrah L. Gilbert. Blytheville Dennis W. Gilbert. Jonesboro I Icnry Gilbert II. Pine Bluff James C. Gill.trn. Jonesboro Bussell E. Gillis, I larrisburg Ballard C. Gilmore. Searcy Martha P. Gilpatrick, Leachville Larry D. Gladden. Osceola Gena S. Glasgow. Trumann Becky J. Glass, Marvell Danny M. Glover. Dvess Steve Goddard. Eustis. Fla. James Gonzalez, Osceola Alfred P. Goodwin, Lynn Larry J. Gore, Joneslxsro Larry L. Gowcn, Dogpatch Linda A. Goza. Swifton Paul David Goza. Clarksville Diana Grandgeorge, Stuttgart Patrick H. Grandjean. Jacksonville James C. Graves. Walnut Ridge Anthony Gray, Blytheville Michael D. Gray, Blytheville Robert G. Gray, Wilson. .C. Don L. Green, Tuckerman Gary M. Green. Senath. Mo. Gwen Green. Harrison Jo E. Green. Osceola Pamela Green. Harrisburg Penny L. Green. Hot Springs Robert J. Green, Hoxie Lynn Delaney Is Head Majorette Teresa A. Green. Blytheville Mike D. Grccnhaw, I Iarrison Marcella Grecnstrcct. Melbourne Dorothy Greer, Proctor Sherry J. Greer. Paragould Wayne M. Grobmvcr. Tyronza James R. Grooms. Paragould Annette Gross, Cabot George T. Gross, Pollard Jannette Gross. Cabot Charles K. Griffin, Bono Rickey L. Grigsby. Jonesboro Stephen Grillctta, Jonesboro William J. Grisham. Jonesboro James W. Guffey. Weiner Janey Gum. Alton. Mo. Gail Gunter, North Little Rock Michael B. Gunter. Trumann Joseph Guziewicz, Weiner Larrv W. Gw.dtncy, Jonesboro Rickey Gwaltncy, Walnut Ridge Gary I). Haag. Jonesboro Judic C. Hackworth. Imboden Robert L. Hackworth, Imboden Larry T. I lagar, Tuckerman Joyce L. Halcv. Ward Floyc Catherine Hall, DcWitt Larry R. I lall. Salem Lrfstcr R. Hall. Trumann Ronald J. I lall. Birdcve Sandra M. Hall, Harrisburg James L. Hamilton. Tyronza Zclma L. Hamilton. Mow Philip M. Hamlctt. Jonesboro Johnny M. Hamm. Imboden Nancy C. Hamm. Paragould Cecil II. Hammett Jr.. Helena Jerry R. Hammond. Searcy Tommv Hampton. Jonesboro Byron W. Hamrick. Jonesboro 327Randy M. llankins, Little Rock Bill S. I lannah, Jonesboro Charles R. I lannah, Jonesboro John B. Hardin, Blvthevillc Ken C. Hardin, Cincinnati, Ohio Bobby R. Hargis, Jonesboro Margie B. Hargrave, Monettc Wilburn C. Markey, Senath, Mo. John W. 1 larlan, Trumann Michael L. 1 Iarmon, Paragould Troy D. Harper, Franklin Calvin F. I larrell, Memphis, Tenn. Jimmy T. Harrell, Jonesboro Robert C. Harrell, Pine Bluff Jerome Harrington, Eustis, Fla. Aubrey L. Harris, Forrest City James L. Harris, Jonesboro Janice C. Harris, Steele. Mo. Michael T. Harris, Kennett, Mo. Letitia K. Harrison, Forrest City Karen I). I Iart, Jonesboro Joyce I lartscll, Swifton Larry M. I larvey. Par3gould Nicholas H. Hatch, Doniphan, Mo. Wayman D. Hatman, Jonesboro Dennis C. I lawk, Alicia F.ddic C. Hawkins. Mt. Vernon Glenda 1 lawkins. Pocahontas Linda M. Hawkins, Pocahontas Rickey P. Hawkins, Mt. Vernon Corrinna G. Hayden, Ulysses, Kan. Charles F- Hayes, Black Rock Thomas Hill Ties World Records Thomas I. Hayes, Rector Judy A. Heath, Jonesboro Robert M. Heaton, Tulelake, Calif. John C. Heern, Jonesboro Donna J. Helderman, Beebe Pamela K. Helm, Mabclvale Kathy Henderson. . . Little Rock James E. Hcndlcy, Bloomfield, Mo. Gary L. Hendon, Walnut Ridge John D. Henley, Forrest City Stephen A. Henry, Walnut Ridge James G. Henshaw, I larrisburg Eddie L. Herlein, Helena Ferri k,. 1 lerndon, Jonesboro Judy A. Herron. Marianna Carolyn Ann Hester, Datto Freda M. Hickmon, Bradford Jerry W. Hicks, Russell Phyllis C. Hicks, Little Rock James E. Hicber, Jonesboro G. P. Higginbotham, Cardwell, Mo. Charlotte Higgins, Marianna Lowell Hightower, Sidney Dovic C. Hill, Jonesboro Thomas L. Hill, New Orleans, La. Floyd T. Hillis, Marmaduke James M. Hindman, Tyronza Mildred Hinton, Caraway Carol B. Hoke, Benton Robert L. I loke. Little Rock Jimmy R. I loldcrficld, Paragould Jack E. Hollis, West Memphis BruceII. 1 lolmcs. Jonesboro Cynthia L. Holt, Wynne Dennis F. I lolt, Pocahontas Hymi T. Holt Jr., Lonoke James D. Holt Jr.. Jonesboro Michael P. Holt, Kennett, Mo. Tcresia J. Holt, Paragould John A. Honnoll, Jonesboro 328Juniors World champion hurdler Thomas Hill was honored at Lamar Tech football game. Some of the dignitaries attending were Mrs. Hill (Tom’s mother). Rep. 3nd Mrs. Bill Alexander and Mrs. Jenettc Rockefeller. William D. 1 lonnoll,'Jonesboro Bon Hopkins. Ft. I.. Wood. Mo. Teddy Hopkins, Marmaduke Diane L- Hopwood, Batcsville Janice L. 1 lornbcck, Broseley, Mo. Lucille I Iorncr, Kennett, Mo. Anne M. Horton, Paragould Charles Horton Jr., Ethel Edward Horton Jr., Turrcll Debi R. I lotted, Jonesboro Mike C. Hottel, Jonesboro Linda K. Howard. N. Little Bock Arva M. I lubbard. Jonesboro Larry L. 1 lubbard. Clinton Judy K. Hubble. Monette Dcloma J. I luckabv, Beebe Mars- Jo Hudgins, Searcy Cindy J. I ludson. Lake Village Ruby L. I ludson, Pine Bluff Deborah C. Huggins, Jonesboro Loretta A. Huggins. Gorevillc, 111. Sharon J. Hulelt, Swifton Elizabeth K. Hull. Jonesboro Bobby G. I lulsey, Bald Knob Becky J. I lumc, Rockford, 111-Joe I luneycutt, Warren William J. Hurd, Jonesboro Hilton B. Hurdle. Trumann William A. I lurlcy, Bernie, Mo. Ginger C. Hurst. Salem Donna A. Hutchison, Corning Stephen L. Hutchison, Harrisburg 1 Ramiro Ica a. Leon, Nicaragua Gwendolyn Irwin, Pollard Evalon L. Jacks, Jonesboro Larry W. Jackson, Doniphan, Mo. Lcola L. Jackson, Paragould Robert S. Jackson. Jonesboro Carl E. James. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Phillip L. James, Jonesboro Truman K. James, Calexico, Calif. Andrew J. Jansen, Pocahontas Ruth Jefferies, Brinkley Michael L. Jeffrey, Batcsville Danny G. Jenkins, Calico Rock Jerry V. Jennings. Bradford John 1’. Jennings, Augusta Jerry D. Jernigan. Cooler. Mo. Debbie Johns, Jonesboro Ben F. Johnson. Havti, Mo. Donna I:. Johnson. Bald Knob James C. Johnson, Avoca, N.Y. James P. Johnson, Pine Bluff James W. Johnson. Jonesboro Larry M. Johnson. Jonesboro Ixc Roy Johnson, Naylor, Mo. 329Juniors Which way to Oklahoma? Robert E. Johnson, Monticello Stanley H. Johnson, Arbyrd, Mo. 1. L). Johnson, Mammoth Spring Tom J. Johnson, Palos Verdes Tomazinc Johnson, Jonesboro Walter 11. Johnson, Jonesboro Carry D. Jones, Paragould James A. Jones, Batcsvillc Jimmy D. Jones, DeWitt Louis F. Jones, Palestine Marilyn Jones, Forrest City Michael F. Jones, West Memphis Nanette Q. Jones, Paragould Robert E. Jones, Searcy Verlon D. Jones, Jonesboro 1 toward L. Joy, Manila Terry M. Julian, Jonesboro Robert T. Kamm, Earle Charlotte C. Kccley, Blythcvillc Mary Beth Kecter, 1 larrison Dan F. Keeton, Paragould Katie S. Keith, Malvern Reggie I). Keith, Leachvillc Charles D. Kelley, Jonesboro Leslie T. Kelley, Kennett, Mo. Michael Kelley, Balch Andrew J. Kelly, Paragould Jimmy 11. Kemp Jr., Rohwer Ferry W. Kemp, Jacksonville George O. Kennedy, Dowdy Clifton D. Kerr, Williford Mary Katherine Kerr, Colt G. W. Ketchum, Dyersburg. Tenn. Fred B. Keton, Swifton Seth M. Kieffer. Weiner Brenda S. Kimmcl, Jonesboro David Kimmel. Jonesboro Donald E. King. I Iarrisburg Maurice 11. King Jr.. Paragould Peggy L. King, Cardwell, Mo. Thelma K. King, Jonesboro Phillip Dale Kingston, Paragould Rac L. Kinkade, Memphis, Tenn. William J. Kirkland, Lake City Billy L. Knapp, Prim Chris I Knight, Jonesboro Clarence D. Knight. Doniphan, Mo. Reuben T. Knight. Augusta Penny L. Knipple, Blytheville Angela B. Koller, Lepanto !antes R. Kooncc, Blytheville effrey Koontz, North Little Rock Logcr L. Koontz, Alton, Mo. Robert J. Koorstad, 1 lardy James A. Kreis, Augusta James F. Kyle, Memphis, Tenn. 330MoscH. Kyle Jr., Harrisburg Francis Lacroix, Vine Grove, Ky. Velma K. LaFarlette, Blythcville Robert P. Lalimc, Blythcville Garry G. Lambcrson, Bay Jane D. Lambcrson, Bay Clarence W. Lambert, Jonesboro John S. Lambert, Texarkana, Tex. Melba D. Land, Paragould David Landreth, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Richard D. Lane, Scottsvillc, Ky. James V. Lanes-, Dallas, Tex. I larry Langley, North Little Rock Danny J. Langston, Cardwell, Mo. Ronnie D. Langston. Osceola Carolyn A. Lawrence, Piggott Dwight B. Lawrence, Jonesboro Gary 11. Lawrence, Jonesboro Janice M. Lawrence, Melbourne Linda E. Lawrence, Lcpanto Don V. Lawson, Jonesboro Larry Lawson, Wynne William G. Lawson. Crossett Buddy J. Layton, Hardy James A. Lea. Judsonia Susan L. Leach, West Memphis George LeClaire, New York, N.Y. Claude M. Lee, 1 lelena Donna K. Lee. DesArc Jerr D. I.ce, Brinkley Robert LeGrand. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Alice J. Lester, Paragould Movies Shown In Wilson Hall Garry D Lester, Rose Bud Barbara A. Lcwallcn, Trumann Alfred Lewis. Ash Hat Bert Lewis, Fort Smith William G. Lewis, Manila Ronald K. Liles, Blythcville William W. Lindley, Jonesboro William A. Lindsay, Wilson Charles D. Little. McCrory Deborah M. Little, Hickory Ridge Peggy B. Little. Jonesboro DcNann B. Littleton. Dardanelle Sheryl E. Lockhart. Augusta Stephen Lockhart. Metairie. La. Charles M. Logue, Little Rock Barbara J. Long. McCrory Ronald E. Long. Jonesboro Lee E. Lorick, DeWitt Karan D. Louks. ludsonia All ert M. love. St. Joe Charles E. Love. Newport Suzanne I xnvc, Jonesboro Robert L. Lunnic. Bcelx? Amy H. I.utterloh. Gary W. Lu ader. Jacksonville Glenn E. Lynch Jr.. Blythcville Sharon E. Lynch, Beebe John Lyons. Plymouth Meeting. Pa. Linda M. Mabary, Doniphan. Mo Shcilah A. Maddox. Jacksonville Clinton G. Madison. Williford Edwina A. Mallory. Hot Springs Michael G. Mallory. Hot Springs Bobby W. Malone. Walnut Ridge Roger D. Manasco. Marianna Sam Ross Manatt. Corning Johnny W. Mangrum Jr.. Paragould jimmy L. Mann. Newport Patrecia A. Manning. Walnut Ridge Brenda K. Mans. Alicia 331Paul W. Marchant, Calico Rock Barbara K. Marconi, Pine Bluff Doyle D. Mariott, Ravenden Levio Marotti Jr., Crawfordsville Catherine S. Martin, Pocahontas Eddie G. Martin, St. Joe Floyd A. Martin, Jonesboro Patricia Martin, Harrison George L. Marline, Marion Gary L. Masner, West Memphis Charles S. Massey, Strawberry Cleo G. Massey, Blythcville Mary J. Massey, Jonesboro James D. Matthews, Star City Larric L. Matthews, South I lill. Va. Tommy Matthews, Walnut Ridge Jerry V. May, Cabot Lewis W. May, North Little Rock Sandra J. Mayhan. Brinkley Sharon R. McAlister, Harrison Stevie D. McBride, Paragould Karen L. McCann, Manila Ronnie J. McClain, Newark Thomas L. McClain, Jonesboro Ot’id W. McClure, Paragould M. L. McCbnnaughey, Paragould Robert McCord, Rector Linda McCormack. E. Prairie, Mo. Lillian I). McCormick, Manila LaSandra McCoy, Jonesboro Jerry V. McCrackin, Joneslsoro Gerald D. McCrillis, Piggott AOPi, SPE Have Best Displays Michael W. McCulley, Bryan, Tex. Nancy C. McCulley, Paragould Larry E. McCurlcy, Brinkley James W. McDaniel, Pocahontas Joe D. McDaniel. N. l ittle Rock Ronald K. McDaniel, Jonesboro Wocdic Sue McDaniel. Paragould Gerald V. McElrath, Gideon, Mo. Phyllis D. McFarland. Lcachville Bonnie J. McFarlin. Monettc Connie R. MeGaughey, Newport Jerome II. McGee, I larrisburg Dave McGougli, W. I laven, Fla. Loretta Mcl Laffcy, Rector Larry D. Mcllvoy, Peach Orchard Joe K. McKccl, Rector Regina S. McKisson, Jonesboro Edward McLain, North Little Rock Wilbur J. McLain, Wheatley Marsha L. McLarty, I lot Springs Patricia McLarty, Jonesboro Judy McMahon. North Little Rock Brenda I.. McMullin, Imboden Clarence E. McMullin. Imboden Ralph D. McNair, Bruno Banecta L. McWaters, Blythcville Donna F. Meacham. Blythcville Lonnie D. Medford, Brinkley Michael E. Mcdlock, Little Rock Allen R. Meier, Pocahontas Barbara K. Meier, Paragould Nunzio T. Messina Jr., Helena Gordon Mctzgar, Jonesboro John I). Meyer, Jefferson City, Mo. Jimmy P. Middleton, Lcachville Linda Middleton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Roy Middleton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Paul E. Midkiff, Walnut Ridge Michael Milam, Pine Bluff Michael I). Millikcn. Pine Bluff 332Juniors Emma J. Milliner. West Memphis Darrell Mills. Cherry Valley Chris Millwcc, I'ulsa, Okla. Louie P. Milner, Doniphan, Mo. Joe 11. Minor, Walnut Ridge Harry D. Minton, Ward Joyce A. Minton. Bono Larry Mitchell, Chesterton, lnd. Mercedes Mitchell, N. Little Rock Vernon B. Mitchell, Carlisle Helen R. Mize, Batesville Debbie Ann Monday, 1 larrison David L. Monroe, Jonesboro Carlton Montgomery, Kennett, Mo. Gwindle W. Mooney, Like City Carol Moore. Walnut Ridge Dennis M. Moore, Weiner Douglas Moore, New Carlisle, Jnd. Linda L. Moore, Byron Morris R. Moore, Black Rock Paul E. Moore. Marianna Ronald D. Moore, Brentwood, Calif. Troy E. Moore. Paragould Virginia E. Moore, Pocahontas Dewey I.. Morgan, Jonesboro Jennifer D. Morgan, Monctte Larry E. Morgan, Wynne Michael R. Moritz. 1 lot Springs James M. Morris. Luxora Stacey O. Morris. Corning Wanda Morris, Poplar Bluff. Mo. William D. Morrison, Luxora Joe L. Morrow, Reyno Pam L. Mortimer, Jacksonville Sue Lee Moss, West Plains, Mo. Wilma J. Mote, Jonesboro Stuart Moten. Millington, Tenn. Debra C. Mullen, Walnut Ridge Karen Murphy, Caruthersville, Mo. Butch Murray, Foreman I luey J. Murray, Little Rock Jacky I.. Murray, Manila Kathryn O. Murray, Mobile, Ala. Mabie Murry, South Bend, lnd. Bruce E. Myers. McCrorv Hasscl E. Myers, Batesville Robert Mylcr, Richardson, Tex. Rad Faroish X.idjafi, Bandar, Iran Graham L. Nance, Jonesboro Thomas C. Ncace, Jonesboro Emma L. Ncblctt, Jonesboro John M. Neeley, Piggott James A. Nelms, Norfolk, Va. Chervl 1. Nelson, Paragould James F. Nelson Jr., Jonesboro Tom Newberry, Arkadclphia 333Bonnie J. Nichols, Keiser Henr ' 1 Nichols, Holly Grove Larry E. Nichols, Wynne James Nicholson, Mammoth Spring Louis Nisenbaum, Jonesboro Bobby G. Norris, Walnut Ridge Richard H. Norris, Jonesboro Jerry R- North, West Plains, Mo. Bobby J. Northington, Manila Mary G. Nunn, Lake Gity Michael O'Donell, Griffithville Joanna Ohnanik, Pocahontas Gary B. Oldham, Kennett, Mo. Laurie S. O'Roark, West Memphis Wilma J. Orr, l’aragould Simone A. Ortega, Naha, Okinawa Lynn Orton, Pine Bluff Jerry D. Osbon, Beech Grove James M. Overton, Qulin, Mo. Jan S. Owen, Blytheville Rodney K. Owen, Marmaduke Donnie Owens, Lake City Emmett D. Pankey, Trumann Vickie L. Pannell, Harrisburg John T. Pardew, Jonesboro Carol A. Parker, Blytheville Ronald II. Parnell, Trumann Byzie L. Parr, DeValls Bluff Michael R. Parrish, Blytheville John H. Partney, Piedmont, Mo. Claretta Ann Paul, Bald Knob Jerry W. Payne, Payneway Dwight D. Pearce, Jonesboro John M. Pearce, Newport Joy G. Pendergrass, Bakersfield, Mo. Royce G. Pennington, Malvern Dennis N. Perry1. Jonesboro Lois F. Pcttie, Hayti, Mo. William H. Pettit, Corning Alvin K. Phillips, West Helena Candice Phillips, Tyronza Grisham A. Phillips, Benton John Phillips III, Holly Grove Peggy Phillips, Turrell Susan L. Phillips. Tuckerman Teresa Phillips. North Little Rock William R. Phillips. Harrison Marcella B. Pierce, Stuttgart Michael E. Pierce, Stuttgart Roger Pitchford, Mountain I lome Nancy Plumlce, I Iorscshoc Bend Joe H. Poff Jr.. Trumann Gwen Poindexter, Pine Bluff David L. Polsgrove. Rector Diana J. Poor, St. Louis. Mo. Fred I- Porter, Naylor, Mo. 334Teresa K. Porter, Augusta Robert Post, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Judith A. Potter, Fagus, Mo. Mark YV. Potts, Doniphan, Mo. Edna Kathryn Poynor, Corning Deborah R. Prichard, Pocahontas William J. Prichard, Pocahontas Charles F. Pridmore, Newport Sandra K. Priest. Manila Rick M. Prince, Clarendon Ronald L. Proctor, Wynne Joan M. Puddephatt, Pine Bluff David Purdy, Pine Bluff George A. Purdy, DeWilt Michael L. Qualls, Walnut Ridge Teddy G. Qualls, Monette Frank E. Raines, DeYVitt Paula Ralaford, Bloomfield, Mo. Becky Ann Raley, Wynne Sheiron J. Ramsey, Manila Melinda Rapert. Biggers Sandra J. Rash, Walnut Ridge Jimmie D. Rawls, Rison Anita I. Ray, 1 lolcomb, Mo. Michael D. Ray, Blythcvillc Rex D. Ray, Jacksonville Robert E. Ray, Jonesboro Sarah D. Ray. Leachville Terry S. Ray. Jonesboro Penelope A. Raymond. Augusta Linda L. Reaves. Harrisburg Harold L. Reddick. Paragould Bobbie Van Cleve Heads AWS Dennis W. Reed, Cherokee Village Nancy K. Reed. Campbell. Mo. Nancy L. Reed, Pine Bluff Anita C. Reilly, Jonesboro Barbara D. Reng. Jonesboro Ronald J. Rcnnickc, Weiner James C. Reynolds, Clarendon Gary W. Rial, Poplar Grove Larry K. Richardson, Clarkton, Mo. Mary A. Richardson, Earle Sammy Richardson, Desha Dana B. Ridge, McCrory Kenneth R. Ridgeway, Ward Richard G. Ring. Blythcvillc Connie J. Risby, Ellsinore. Mo. Larry L. Robert, Minturn Gregory P. Roberts, Doniphan. Mo. Bev Robertson, Crystal City, Mo. Steve D. Robertson, Stuttgart Deborah N. Robeson, Paragould Jackie E. Robinett, Jonesboro Aletta Robinson, Paragould Gary M. Robinson, Campbell, Mo. Irene P. Robinson. Blythcvillc Fred L. Robken, Texarkana Terry L. Rodcry, Campbell. Mo. Virgil A. Rodgers. Paragould William G. Roe, Little Rock Adrian D. Rogers. 1 loxic Anna M. Rogers, Cash Carl A. Rogers. Manila Curtis A. Rogers. Jonesboro Eddie J. Rogers. Jonesboro Margaret A. Rogers. Jonesboro Mike Rogers. Pine Bluff Charles W. Rollings. Paragould Rickey 1). Rook. Jonesboro Linda S. Rorie, Batesville Berry W. Rose. Hardy Gary D. Rose, Brookland 335Franklin R. Ross, Little Rock Harry B. Ross, Caruthersvillc, Mo. John S. Ross, Caruthersvillc, Mo. Tom R. Roth, Stuttgart Charles V. Rowe, Beech Grove Grctchen A. Rudkin. Gideon, Mo. Dave Ruebsam, Stc. Genevieve, Mo. David II. Runic, Little Rock Roy S. Runsick, Hardy Lora A. Runyan, Dardancllc Robert Runyan, Newport Freddy C. Russell, Corning Gary E. Ryan. Newport Jeff Sackctt, Fairview Heights, 111. Delia Sadler, Wilson Lark E. Sallee, Pocahontas John J. Saltzrnan. Mountain Home I lerb Sanderson, Jonesboro Raymond Saranie. Stuttgart Lorraine Savclli, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Gregory E. Sawyer, Benton Jan R. Scarbrough, Cabot Robert W. Schafer, Stuttgart David Schneider, Matthews, Mo. Kenneth D. Schoenborn. Jonesboro Ron Schuchman, Ravenden Springs Danny L. Scott, Sedgwick Danny L. Scott, Walnut Ridge Diana B. Scott, Marianna Kenny D. Scott, Bay Sharon R. Scott, Jonesboro Tim B. Scott, Pocahontas SGP Gets 3 Of 5 Frosh Offices Judy F. Seals, Marion Barbara S. Sebourn, Holcomb. Mo. Larry A. Sexton, Black Rock Lindy Sexton, Kennett, Mo. Robert Shafer, Georgetown Larry Sharpe, Parkin David P. Shaver. Jonesboro Danny S. Sheals, Osceola Richard II. Shearer. Searcy Lyncll Shelton, Paragould Michael E. Shepherd. Pine Bluff Glenn E. Sheridan, Naylor, Mo. Danny O. Shields. Peach Orchard James E. Shockley, Sidney Roger P. Shollmier. Pine Bluff Randy E. Shopher, Jonesboro Terry L. Short, Paragould Ken K. Showalter. Tuckcrman Wallace R. Shrader, Paragould Douglas B. Shult . Rector Deloisc L. Shumpcrt. Birdsong Steven T. Sigsby, Rector William D. Simmons. l ittle Rock Jimmy W. Simpson, Searcy Steve Sims. Osceola Ann M. Singleton, Jacksonville Steven Skillcrn. Hot Springs David R. Slaton, Wilson Phyllis Sloan. Pocahontas Joe A. Small, Senath. Mo. Pamela J. Smart. Piggott Jimmy D. Smelser, Paragould Bobby L. Smiley, Bcrnic. Mo. Brenda J. Smiley, I.eachvillc Audrey K. Smith, Owensboro. Ky. Betty I.. Smith, Brookland Charles E. Smith Jr.. Marked Tree Danny W. Smith. Paragould David L. Smith. Sedgwick Deborah L. Smith, Tuckcrman 336Juniors Delores C. Smith, Osceola H. L. Smith, Roanoke Rapids, N.C. James A. Smith, Batcsville Joseph D. Smith. Sedgwick Ken C. Smith. Jonesboro Larry M. Smith. Senath, Mo. Leon C. Smith, West Memphis Lewis G. Smith, Jonesboro Rhonda F. Smith, Hughes Robert M. Smith. Walnut Ridge Sammy I.. Smith. Marion Sherry B. Smith. Jonesboro Terry J. Smith, Stuttgart T. M. Smith. Milwaukee. U isc. Letty R. Smollen. Warren Kenneth L. Sneathem, Jonesboro James S. Sncllgrove, Jonesboro Brenda J. Spann, Jonesboro Noel E. Spence. Corning Teresa G. Spotts, Walnut Ridge Keith E. Stacey. Paragould Billy B. Stacy. Monette Johnny L. Staggs. Paragould Andrea L. Stallcup, Marmaduke Lura A. Stallcup. Brinkley Michael F. Stanfield. 1 lot Springs Bobby M. Stanley, Pine Bluff Glenn W. Stanley, Jonesboro William R. Stanton. Paragould Nicki I). St. Clair. Parkin Christina M. Steele, Hoxic Roger 1). Steele, Black Rock William Steele. I lope Samuel H. Steelman. Imboden Hubert C. Steimel Jr.. Pocahontas Sally R. Steinsiek, Jonesboro Charlene Sterne. North l ittle Rock Michael E. Stetson, Pascola, Mo. Arnold L. Steward. Blythcville Robbia G. Steward. Madison Howard L. Stewart. Brinkley Linda C. Stewart. Ash Flat Maria L. Stewart. Monette Warren H. Stewart. Trumann Dwight E. Still. Manila Gary D. Still. Ycllvillc Rol crt E. Stircwalt. Gilmore Marcella Stockton. Qulin. Mo. Annette Stokes. Rector Zack T. Stone. Althcimer Wanda G. Stotts. Trumann Bevcrla J. Stovall. Senath, Mo. Dcbby L. Stowe, Newport Charlotte M. Stroud. Salem Mary J. Stroud, Melbourne Roger W. Stroud, Salem 337Juniors Libbers codissect specimen for biology course. Kenneth D. Stuart, Malvern Marshall R. Stuart, Pine Bluff Paul J. Stultz, Jonesboro Mary J. Sturch, Walnut Ridge Perrv P. Sullins, Newport Dan A. Sullivan, St. Louis, Mo. James R. Sumner, Jonesboro Terry J. Sumpter, Earle Mary L. Swaim, Jonesboro Jerry L. Swain, Jonesboro Kenneth L. Swanson, McCrory Davine B. Swihart, Pocahontas Elizabeth Swindle, Walnut Ridge Phillip M. Swindle, Paragould Marcus Swinson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. John H. Swope, Bangor, Pa. Douglas Szenher, Hot Springs Jama E. Tacker, Monettc Nancy J. Taff, West Memphis Lindy M. Tanner, Weiner Thurl L. Tanner, Weiner Billy R. Tarpley, Cotton Plant James Tart, Blytheville Cynthia L. Tarver, Kennett, Mo. Natalie Tate, Kennett, Mo. Regina G. late. Oran. Mo. Beverly C. Taylor, I Iarrisburg Bruce W. Taylor, Jonesboro Michael V. Taylor, Weiner Peggy A. Taylor, Weiner John E. Teague, Melbourne James W. Temple, Alexander David R. Tennison, Paragould Charles D. 'Thomas, Senath, Mo. Daniel II. Thomas, St. Joe Ed Thomas, Winter Haven, Fla. Terry Thomas, Caruthcrsvillc, Mo. William E. Thomas, Newport Douglas B. Thompson. Senath. Mo. Janet P. Thompson, Marked Tree Jimmy D. Thompson, Parkin Michael N. Iltompson, Wynne Dennis E. 'Iltrasher, Rector Donley C. Threet, Steele, Mo. Tommy L. 'Iluirmond, Leachville I Iarold D- Tilley, Monettc Marilyn D. Tillman, I layti. Mo. Billy Don Tincr, Pocahontas Lanny R. Tinker, I loxie Roger D. Tinsley, Walnut Ridge Lena S. Tomlinson, Paragould L. C. Toms. North Little Rock Frank J. Toney, Tampa. Fla. Gerald Tong, Corpus Christi. lex. James C. Toriusen. Blytheville Stephen C. Tottv, Conran. Mo. 338Dennis E. Townsend, Blythcvillc Diana Trccce, Memphis, Tenn. William H. Treneman, Jonesboro David T. Trim, Forrest City Marsha K. Troillett, Little Rock Carolyn K. Trotter, Mountain View Robert M. Trotter, McCrary Richard W. Truax, Cillett Cynthia E. Truxton, Little Rock Charles L. Tucker, Jonesboro Sharron K. Turman, Jonesboro Michael G. Turner, Qulin, Mo. Robert 11. Turner, Wynne 'Tommy G. Turner, Paragould Lois Ann Tusing, Dell Steve B. Tye, Searcy Brenda L. Tyler, Pocahontas David D. Tyler, Pocahontas Jan L. Tyler, Pocahontas Lanny W. Tyler, Steele, Mo. Terry M. Tyler, Little Rock James C. Ussery, Paragould I ioward E. Vance, Jonesboro Jack W. Vance, Forrest City Donald E. Vancil, Broseley, Mo. Lendall L. Vannada, Piggott Deborah A. Varrudorc, Dewitt Linda K. Vamcll, Little Rock James M. Vaughn, Paragould Samuel D. Vaught, Hickory Ridge Thelma K. Venable, Cardwell, Mo. Joe D. Villines, Harrison SGA Presents Campus Forums Rudy M. Vines, Paragould Glenn S. Vinson, Corning Charlotte L. Volk, Cherry Valley Thomas S. Vondran, Forrest City Jimmy W. Vuncannon, Trumann Dalmcr G. Wagner, Jonesboro Tolitha P. Wagner, Manila Jimmy D. Wagster, Rector Joe Waleszonia, Fontana, Calif. Garry W. Walker, Bay Karyn S. Wakcr. N. Little Rock Mary L. Walker, Walnut Ridge Michael J. Walker, Little Rock Patricia A. Walker, Jonesboro Peggy J. Walker, Jonesboro Tommy L. Walker, Marked Tree Francys B. Wallace, Beebe Nclda R. Wallace, Jonesboro Sherry L. Wallace, Lake City Weldon A. Wallace, Beebe Gary L. Waller, Paragould Barry L. Walls, Harrisburg Marshall D. Walls, Corning Robert F. Walters, Jonesboro Tim Walters, Jonesboro Paulette Walton, Paragould David R. Ward. Fort Smith Pam G. Ward, England Walter Ward, North Little Rock Dale D. Washam, Mammoth Spring Brent E. Watkins, Jonesboro Karen J. Watkins, Bono Tommy Watkins, Marvell C.tryln S. Watson, Kennett, Mo. James S. Watson, Kennett, Mo. Philip L. Watson, N. Little Rock Robert L. Watt, IJttlc Rock Richard H. Watts, Benton Anthony J. Wawrzycki, Eustis, Fla. David L. Webb, Blythcvillc 339Gar)' L. Webster, Cash Larry C. Weeks, Hoxic Hetty L. Weier, Jonesboro Louise Weitkamp, Pocahontas Jerry K. Welch, Valley View Larry Welch, North Little Rock Reva D. Welker, Monette Kathleen M. Werner, Gideon, Mo. Pfeifer L. Wesley, Newport Charles L. West, Judsonia James D. West, Marked Free 1 Icrbert D. Wheeler, Newport Ronald A. Wheeler, Rector Walter M. Wheeler, Desha Ron L. Whelchcl, Rockford, 111. Johnny P. Wherry, Newark Debrj C. hisenhunt, W. Mem. Sarah J. Whistle, Osceola Mary A. Whitaker, Osceola Robert A. White, Jonesboro Terry H. Whiting, Tichnor Gary L. Whitley, Arlington, Va. Wall ace G. Whitlow, Judsonia Teresa L. Whitscll, I'orrcst City Ronny D. Whitt, Hickory Ridge J. I,. Wilburn, Safety I larbor, Ha. Torn B. Wilkins, 1 lornersvillc, Mo. Thomas W. Wilkins, Parkin Alfred A. Williams, Blytheville Boyd S. Williams, Marvell Clyde W. Williams, Jonesboro Diane A. Williams, Brinkley Johnny Horton Runs SGA James E. Williams, Brinkley Johnny M. Williams, Black Oak Joseph R. Williams, Dyess Loretta Williams, Strawberry Michael D. Williams, Joneslwro Ross S. Williams, Marion Charles I). Willis, Paragould Steven S. Willis, Sikeston, Mo. Charles M. Wilson. Batesvillc Mark K. Wilson. Earle Modie J. Wilson, Jonesboro Rick Wilson, Keiser Rickey A. Wimberly, Star City Larry C. Winberry, Paragould Dennis R. Wingert, Rose Bud Barbara N. Winn, Life Georgia C. Wise, Bay Jim A. Wofford, Paragould Bill G- Womack. St. Louis, Mo. Craig D. Wood, Jonesboro Douglas R. Wood, Jonesboro Susan B. Wood, Trumann Clarence W. Woodard. Irumann Stephen O. Woodruff. Jonesboro Diane Woodson, Black Rock Pattyc A. Woody, Steele, Mo. Kathy J. Wooldridge, Paragould Phillip Wooldridge. Paragould Roger W. Woolev, Searcy Dwight A. Wooslcv, Searcy Beth Wooten, Blytheville Chuck Wooten, 1 lelena Michael T. Worley, Bald Knob Robert R. Wortham. Cash Charles L. Wright. Weiner Daniel E. Wright. Dallas. Tex. Debbie K- Wright. Jonesboro Ronald U. Wurt , Pocahontas Jackie Wyatt, Blytheville Myrl J. Wyatt. Jonesboro 340Juniors Vicki J. Yates, Bonn David A. Young, I lot Springs Elizabeth Young, Tuckerman Phil H. Yon hr, Jonesboro Sharon G. Young, Trumann Carol Youngblood. Harrisburg Lex ’ Zalewski, Fort Worth, Tex. Judy A. Zinn, Memphis. Tcnn. Eugene N. Zubcr, Tuckerman Eager Indian fan scales goal post to aid in unwrapping. 341Charles E. Abbott, Blythcville Vicki J. Abbott, Newport John S. Abernathy, Campbell, Mo. Gerald W. Adams, Arbyrd, Mo. Jan Adams, Jonesboro Karan J. Adams, Little Rock Larry W. Adams, Rector Marcia K. Agee, Jonesboro Nancy A. Aldcrson, Stuttgart James I). Alexander, Pine Bluff Larry D. Alexander, Mount Vernon William S. Alexander, Jonesboro Aubrey D. Allcnsworth, Blythcville Vince Anccll, O’Fallon, III. Janis G. Anderson, Parkin Jerry D. Anderson, Paragould Rex 1). Anderson, Jonesboro Ronnie E. Anderson. Grubbs Shirley J. Andrews, Jonesboro Gary Angelo, Cotton Plant Bclva L. Armstrong, Pocahontas Charles F. Armstrong, Dell Karen S. Armstrong, Jonesboro Freda L. Arnhart, Jonesboro Vicki L- Arnn, Pocahontas Sherry I.. Arnold. Jonesboro Tommy L. Arnold. Paragould Charles M. Arwood. Forrest City Chcrccc Athy, North Little Rock Sidney R. Atkison, Parkin Michael K. Austin. Paragould Richard A. Aycock. N. Little Rock Phil Smith Edits Fall Herald Robert D. Bahn, Blythcville Lena V. Baker, McCrory Johnny Baldi, Marion Patricia L. Baldridge, Monette Paul Balducci, Stuttgart Darrell D. Ball, Elaine W. F. Ballard, Mammoth Spring Thomas R. Baltz, Pocahontas Ali R. Bananzadeh, Shiraz, Iran Joseph H. Barber, Dexter, Mo. Lynn E. Barber, Tyronza Cleveland Barfield, Little Rock Bob Barlow, Nederland, Tex. Oscar C. Barner, Searcy Beverly R. Barnes, Pine Bluff Cathy R. Barnes, Conway Luana B. Barnes, Steele, Mo. Mary L. Barnes, Newport Benjamin L. Barnett, Jonesboro Tracy W. Barnett, Paragould Ronald E. Barton, Alton. Mo. Jon Baskin, Malvern Iltomas II. Baskins. West 1 lelcna B. L. Basler, Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Marcia R. Batterson, Salem Anthony Baughman, Jonesboro Paul M. Baur, Jonesboro Jerry W. Beard, Osceola Rcta G. Bearden, Jonesboro Lee Beckman, Bernie, Mo. Bahram Bchjat-nia, Shiraz, Iran Henry L. Behner, Belleville, III. Cynthia K. Bell. Jonesboro Sheila E. Bell. Saffell Cathy M. Bellingrath, Newport Beverly C. Benefield. Jonesboro Debby M. Bennett, N. Little Rock Robert M. Bennett. Jonesboro Sharon Y. Bennett, Carlisle David B. Bentley, Little Rock 342Sophomores Area high schoolers visit science fair on ASU campus. Jim Berry- Midland. Tex. Arthur A. Bigelow, Pocahontas William R. Biggs. Wcntzvillc, Mo. Thomas S. Billingsley. Franklin Morris W. Bitely. Gould Anne Bittinger. Hudson Fall. N.Y. Thca E. Black. Jonesboro Charles D. Blackburn. Tuckerman Barbara R. Blagg. Hot Springs Janie W. Blagg, Newport David A. Blair. Jonesboro Darrell L. Blalock, Cash Larry D. Blalock. Cash Pamela M. Blalock. Colton. Calif. Sandra Blankenship. Cardwell, Mo. Richard B. Bloesch, Poplar Grove James E. Boggs, Newport Ann Carol Bond, Jonesboro Nancy C. Bond, North Little Rock Charles E. Bonds, Tuckerman Carole A. Bone, McCrory Sara J. Bone, Jonesboro George Booker II. El Dorado Vickey Boutwell, Batesville Norman Bowen Jr., Trumann Gary T. Box, Jonesboro Darlister S. Boyd. West Memphis Judy A. Boyd, Campbell. Mo. Richard R. Boyd, Pine Bluff Rebecca L. Boyles, Augusta John S. Bracy, Batesville Michael A. Bradv, Piggott Omer A. Bramblett, Sulphur Rock James M. Branam, Augusta James A. Branch, Marked 'Free Larry E- Brannen, Jonesboro Cleveland T. Brasher, Osceola Charles E. Brewer, Couch. Mo. William K. Brewer, Monette Wayne F. Brewies, El Dorado Wm. R. Brcwington, Marked Tree Lee A. Breytspraak. Mt. Home Teresa Brickell. Caraway Robert W. Bridgcr, Jonesboro Fred L. Bridges. Jonesboro I lenry Briggs Jr., Crawfordsvillc James K- Briggs, Crawfordsvillc Thomas L. Briggs, Crawfordsvillc Teresa N. Briley, Blythcvillc Glenda I. Broadway, Jonesboro Lila K. Brock, Elaine John W. Brogdcn, Kennctt, Mo. Steve R. Brooks, Florissant. Mo. Linda K. Broome, Pascagoula. Miss. Brenda K. Brothers, Blythcvillc Gloria D. Brown. Wynne 343Sophomores Former coach Frosty England was among notables on campus Homecoming weekend. Patricia A. Brown, Jonesboro Rebecca K. Brown, Garland, l ex. Robert M. Brownlee, Joiner Delores J. Brummett, Paragould Debara A. Brunson, Star City Linda A. Bryant, Green Forest Steve J. Bryant, Alma Kcnnitli Buchanan, Lake City John W. Buck, Pine Bluff Douglas D. Bufford, Jonesboro Lmma S. Bullock, Jonesboro Jerry F. Bunn, Jonesboro Sarah B. Burch, Hot Springs Nancy C. Burks, Blythcvillc Paul A. Burks, Blythcvillc Lynn M. Burnett, Cherokee Village |. L. Burns. Walnut Ridge William S. Burns, Paragould Eddie D. Burris, Egypt 1 larral L. Burris, Jonesboro David P. Burton, Steele, Mo. Mike J. Burton, Steele, Mo. Byron B. Busby, Mammoth Spring Grover C. Butler, Cotton Plant Linda B. Byers, Marked Tree Sharon L. Byrd, West I lelena Charles Caldwell, South Roxana, 111. Jean Caldwell, Jonesboro Ronald R. Caldwell, Wynne Karen L. Callis, Batcsvillc Mike 11. Camp, Pocahontas Barbara L. Campbell, Camden Dennis L. Campbell. I lot Springs Robert L. Campbell, Earle Sharon A. Campbell, Jonesboro Nancy C. Carey, Black Rock Robert M. Carlton, Monette Thomas W. Carothers, Pine Bluff Paul D. Carr, Jonesboro Barbara E. Carter, Lake City Ida C. Carter, Mammoth Spring Kathy S. Carter, Jonesboro Patricia D. Carter, Jonesboro Opra R. Cartwright, I lolly Grove Michael R. Casebicr, 1 larrisburg Floyd 11. Casey, Ash Flat Deana L. Cashion. Jacksonville Gwendolyn Cason. Batcsvillc Patrick J. Cass, North Little Rock Brenda C. Cassidy, Blythcvillc Elmer L. Catlin, Brooklyn, N.Y. Denise E. Cazort, Mountain Home Gary P. Chandler, Joiner II. V. ( handler. N. Little Rock Roy L. Chandler. Jonesboro Charles Chapin, Jonesboro 344Robert E. Cherry, Jonesboro Ralph A. Cheshier, Jonesboro James R. Chester, Pocahontas Wilma D. Chilton. Leachville Janet Choate, Earle Cynthia M. Church. Leachville James H. Churchill, Cotton Plant Linda K. Churchill, Jonesboro David B. Clark, Jonesboro I lillard D. Clark. Bay Roger L. Clark. Jonesboro Michael D. Clary, Star City Vicky I.. Clem, Altheimer Jim I). Clements, Jone-d oro Patsy J. Cobb. Lake City Christy A. Coffey, Jonesboro Judy A. Coffman. Russell Terry A. Coggin. Caraway Cathy S. Cohn. Rector Teresa L. Colbert. Jonesboro Carolyn J. Coleman. Holland, Mo. Sharon G. Collatt. Benton Anita Collie. Mountain Home Albert Collier. Newport Becky J. Collier. I Larrisburg Don O. Collins. Tuckerman Jo Companiotte, San Diego. Calif. Ann Connaughton. Little Roek David Conrad. Jonesboro Gary L. Cbok. North Little Rock John C. Cook, Jonesboro May B. Cook, Jonesboro Andre Kole Speaks On Campus Rickey J. Cook, Jonesboro Lotus 11. Cooksey, Jonesboro Cindy E. Cooper, Rector Donna J. Cooper, Pocahontas Gary M. Cooper. Jonesboro Monta J. Cooper. Pine Bluff Paul E. Cooper, Cooter, Mo. Sharon S. Cooper, West Memphis Terry 11. Cooper, Jonesboro R.I.. Cornclison. Grand Blanc, Mich. I jura L. Cornett, Paragould Jimmy D. Corter, Monettc Charles A. Cothran, N. I itt!e Rock Robert E. Counts Jr.. Searcy Jacqueline S. Cox. Walnut Ridge Loyd O. Cox Jr., Walnut Ridge Gary W. Coy, Jonesboro Geraldine A. Craft, Jonesboro Kelly J. Craft, Jonesboro James I". Craig, Jonesboro Priscilla L. Craig. Jonesboro Steve D. Craig. Tyronza Larry D. Craigmyle, Jonesboro Brenda A. Crain. Wynne Terr ’ A. Crawford, Eustis, Ela. Donald T. Crcason. Jonesboro Samuel A. Creed. Jonesboro Ecsli S. Crews. Little Rock Steve M. Crismon, Pocahontas Keith E. Croft, Jonesboro William G. Crook, Jonesboro Wayne Crosthwait, West Memphis Nila J. Crucc. Life Donna B. Crumbaugh. Jonesboro Donna L. Dacus, Jonesboro Jerry D. Dacus. Jonesboro Pat E. Dailey, Marked Tree Sterling R. Dalbv. Batesville Patricia A. Dale, Piggott James E. Dallari, Pine Bluff 345Joan Dalzicl. North Little Rock l c8gy J- Dame. Walnut Ridge Danny J. Daniel. Rcyno Kathy D. Daniel. Rcyno Marion C. Daniel. Hot Springs Karen G. Dauck, Pocahontas Robert J. Daugherty. West Helen; Eula M. Davis. Jonesboro Mary E. Davis, I lardy Mary M. Davis, Little Rock Melba L. Davis. Lake City Peter Davis, Indianapolis, Ind. Rae J. Davis, Rector Richard A. Davis, Pine Bluff Rick L. Davis, Caruthersville, M Stanley T. Davis, Calico Rock Ilromas J. Davis, Benton Larry W. Davison, Jonesboro Beadie M. Dean, Delaplaine Charles W. Dcatheragc, Egypt Clare DeClerk. Pocahontas John D. DeClerk, Pocahontas Richard D. Delaney, Jonesboro Lois Anne Dennis, Newport Rick E. Deuser, St. Louis, Mo. Freddy W. Dickinson, Marmaduk-Clarence Dickson. W. Mcmphil Barbara Ann Dilbcck. Jonesboro Arthur L. Dixon. Jonesboro John D. Dixon. DeWitt Jackie L. Dobson. Fargo Steve P. Dole, Cainden Semesters To Get Facelifting Sherrie N. Dollins. Paragould Chris W. Donaldson. Paragould Terry A. Dorris. Alton. Mo. David E. Doshicr. Yellville Dione D. Doty. Pine Bluff Paul 11. Doty. Walnut Ridge Warren H. Douglas, Jonesboro Danny L. Dowden, Jonesboro Roberta G. Downs, Harrisburg Debra J. Duckcr, Pincville Robert P. Dugger. Newport Gale W. Duncan. Blythcville Gwendolyn C. Duncan, Blythcville Pamela K. Duncan. West Memphis Romona L. Duncan. Jonesboro Michael D. Dunman, Cash Douglas Dunson, Nashville Joseph E. Durham, Marianna Jimmy W. Eason, Lepanto Marta L. Easterly, Jonesboro Sue Edington. Girning Judith A. Edwards, Blytheville LeAnn Edwards. McGehee Cary R. Elbert, Jonesboro Gencvra B. Eldredge. Jonc'bom Curtis R. Ellington, Paragould Mike L. Elliott, North I ittle Rock Rebecca A. Elliott. Tuckerman Ronald W. Ellis, Grubbs David F. Ell .cy, Osceola Cydney F;. Elslander, 1 leber Spring . Richard H. Emerson, Earle Rickey D. Emery. Jonesboro Mary J. Emrich. Tvronza Mohammad Emtiaz, Shiraz, Iran C -rlis England, Mammoth Spring Shells L. English. N. Little Rock Phyllis R. Eoff. Doll Tom W. Epperson, Malvern John L. Epps. Searcy 346Sophomores 'Look, it’s that white tornado!' Samuel L. Erwin. Star City Linda J. Evans. West I ielcna William Evans Jr.. West 1 Ielcna Vonda A. Everett, McCrorv Patricia A. Fagan. Doniphan. Mo. John Fairhcad Jr., Jonesboro Linda L. Fann. Newport Cathy D. Farley. Paragould Linda Farley, Crawfordsvillc Johnita P. Faulkner. Harrisburg Jeanette Fawcett, Ashdown Barbara A. Fcatherston. Piggott Mollie B. Felts. Brinkley James E. Ferguson, Marston, Mo. Judy K. Fetters. Lake City Janet L. Files, Walnut Ridge Regenia K. Files, Manila Steve Files. Hunter Barre F. Finan. Jonesboro David B. Fisher. Blythcvillc Brenda K. Fisk. Corning Vernon D. Flagg. Blythcvillc Robert D. Flannigan, Monette Gary M. Fletcher, Caraway Joe A. Five, Jonesboro Janet D. Flynt, Jonesboro Michael W. Fondrcn. Forrest City Dennis H. Ford. Marked Tree Ralph Fore Jr.. McCrory Addie M. Forney. Marianna James W. Forrest. Jonesboro Danny L. Forrester. Jonesboro Ralph L. Forrester, Jonesboro Gary W. Fortune. Brinkley Michael R. Fortune, Newport Scott E. Foster. Orlando, Fla. Brenda R. Fowler. Benton Virginia R. Fox. Elizabeth Norman E. Francis Jr., Trumann William M. Franklin. Jonesboro Patsy P. Frasurc. Jonesboro Anita G. Frazier. Jonesboro Marie A. Freeman. Stuttgart Florence M. Freeze, Jonesboro Martha J. French. Pollard Carlos L. Frye. Manila William A. Fulkerson III. Paragould Jimmy D. Fuller. Oil Trough Ginger P. Gambill. Jonesboro Jay C. Gamblin, Tonesboro Marlene K. Gamcc. Jonesboro Gavlon H. Gammill. Jonesboro Jack B. Gammon. Flat River. Mo. Cheryl R. Gandl. Little Rock Patsy L. Gann. Blythcvillc Daniel L. Gardner, Jonesboro 347Sophomores "My group had 20 per com fewer dales." Jimmy C. Garner, Jonesboro Gary C. Garrett, Blythevillc Carol S. Garrison, Jonesboro Phyllis C. Garrison, Cave City Danny O. Gartman, Trumann Ronald E. Gartman, Jonesboro Alfred J. Gates. Osceola Sandra L. Gates, Newport James F. Gatlin, Belleville, III. Rebecca A. Gat , Paragould Thomas 11. Gibbs, Star City Deborah A. Gibson. Jonesboro Donald R. Gillespie, Osceola James C. Gillespie, Jonesboro Donna K. Gilmore, Sylmar. Calif. Garv D. Gipson, Jonesboro James L. Gipson, Blythevillc Vicki Jo Givens, Weiner Mike I. Glasgow, Kennett, Mo. James 11. Glidcwcll, Caraway Louie L. Glover, Marion Russell A. Goad, Jonesboro Barbara S. Goble, Osceola John C. Golden, Batesville Lceann Goodman, Fort Smith T. |. Goodman, Fort Dodge. Iowa David R. Goodson, Black Oak Beverly S. Goodwin, Jonesboro Elizabeth E. Goodwin. Alicia Kristie Goodwin. El Dorado Joe W. Gordon, Marked Tree Camellia J. Gore, Rector Jane Gore, Walnut Ridge Buford D. Grady, Pleasant Plains Robbie C. Grady, Jonesboro Mike L. Graham, Steele, Mo. Stanley I). Grinding. Jonesboro Anthony E. Grant. Proctor Freda J. Grantham. Fisher Barbara S. Gray, New Albany. Ind. Gary D. Gray, Tuckerman Jimmy F. Gray, Tyronza Danna R. Green. Doniphan, Mo. Sandra Y. Green. Jonesboro Marilyn Greene, Little Rock Barney L. Greenway, Kennett. Mo. Otto Greer III, Fort Worth, Tex. Deborah A. Gregory. Caraway Patricia F. Gregson. Jonesboro Joe C. Griffith Jr.. Jonesboro Larry A. Grubb. North Little Rock Joe R. Gudc. Blythevillc Otis G. Guiltncr Jr.. Monette Harold R. Guthrie. Blythevillc Robert C. I lafner, Jonesboro Marian L. Haigh. Parkin 348Ricky II. Halbrook, Melbourne Charles F. 1 fall. Blythcville Glenda J. Hall, Jonesboro Larry 1). I lull. Pine Bluff Pawnee P. I lalliburton, Maynard Janet L. Hamlett, Malden, Mo. Rosemarv Hampton, X. 1 ittlc Rock Virginia M. Hampton, Blythcville Clinton R. I lancock, Knobel Clyde R. 1 lancock, Knobcl Herbert A. Hardin. Marion Sheila M. Hardin, Rector Ted R. Hardin, Marmadukc lltomas R. Hardin, Trumann Michael P. Harig, Jonesboro Donald A. I larmon, Batesville Julia K. 1 larmon, Desha Brenda F. Harold, Corning Silva Haroutunian, Tehran, Iran Elizabeth A. Harper, Rogers William E. 1 larrelson, Jonesboro Mark S. I larriman, Jonesboro Bobby G. I larris, Paragould David M. Harris, Jonesboro Molly A. Harris. Pocahontas Rebecca I.. I larris, Camden Johnny D. 1 lartwick, Damascus Linda G. I larvey. Russell Rickey C. Harvey, Swifton David W. Hass, Marmadttke Roy E. Hathcock, Memphis, Tenn. Don L. Hawkins, Paragould Spirits Flow During Holidays John W. 1 lawkins, Manila Mackie L. Hawkins, Manila Larry D. I laves, Osceola Walter D. Havdon, Little Rock Ricky L. Head, Batesvillc Mary J. Heafner, Walnut Ridge James R. I ieard, Newport Ronnie O. I ledger, Jonesboro Douglas P. I Iclms, J nesl oro Franklin I). I icnary, Jonesboro Marsha I . I lendrix. Life Sherry I . I lendrix, Bono Donald G. I Icnry. Knobcl Martha F. I Icnry. Stuttgart Paul L. Henson, Blythcville Vicki M. Henson, Jonesboro Phillip J. 1 lerlein. I Iclcna Barney A. Hess, Clearwater, Fla. Leslie M. Hickey, Jonesboro Herman G. Hickman. Frumann Charley A. I licks. Trumann ’Ferry L. Hicks, Paragould Larry W. 1 liggins. Marked I rcc Ray Higgins. Jonesboro Jerry Hightower, Jonesboro Murray O. I lightower, Trumann Erma j. Hill. Moro Jim C. Hill, Paragould Manya K. Hill. Blythcville Johnny D. I limschoot. Agnos Joe M. Ilincsly. Horncrsville Mo. William C. I lobbs. Pine Bluff Sandra I . Ilobgood. Pollard Ann Hodge. Melbourne Debbie A. Hodge, Jonesboro James T. I lodges, Joneslxiro Norman G. Holbrooks, Jonesboro Tommie J. Holden, Trumann Pamela J. I loliand, Jacksonville Phillip G. Holloman. McCrory 349Charles K. Holley, Heber Springs James L. Holmes, Hazen Paul 1 lolmes, West Memphis Mary 1). I lolt, Wynne John E. Hooper, Wynne {cana Horner, Senath, Mo. )ebbie G- Horst, Fisher Lynda G. Horton, Jonesboro Fairy L. Howard, Blythcvillc Susan 1 toward, Piggott Merry A. Howe, Newport Emily I.. Hubble, Jonesboro Barry F. Huber, Weiner David D. I luddleston. Calamine Carolyn B. I ludgins, Jonesboro Jack S. I Iudson. Jonesboro Mardcn S. Hueter, Warm Springs Lcttic K. Huffine. Paragould Billie F. Hughes, Blvthcville Howard D. Hulen, Harrisburg Norma J. Hulen, Swifton Genita M. Hulctt, Jonesboro Frances J. Humbert, Marianna Victor L. Hunt, Jonesboro Don A. Hutson, Gamaliel Phillip L. IIuctt. Elizabeth Charles F. Hyman. West Memphis Dianna L. Inbodcn, Jonesboro James D. Isaacs, Magazine William B. Isgrig, Jonesboro Bichard G. Ivy, Mountain View Anthony Jackson, Horner ville, Mo. Greeks Pledge 118 For Fall Myron K. Jackson, Paragould Ronald B. Jackson, Jonesboro Scott Jackson Jr., Ycllvillc Mary S. Jaco, Little Bock Tommy B. Jacques, Campbell, Mo. Joseph P. James. Jonesboro Mike L. James, Pocahontas Steven M. Jansen, St. Louis, Mo. Richard W. Janssen, Frecburg, 111. Charles D. Jarrctt, Newark Brendene Jeans, Jonesboro Brenda I-. Jeffries, Jonesboro Lanney D. Johns, Weldon Annie M. Johnson, Hardy Craig Johnson, Dallas, Tex. Garry M. Johnson, Paragould S. T. Johnson, Jonesboro Tommy L. Johnson, Senath, Mo. William D. Johnson, West Ridge Mark Johnston, Dallas, Tex. Cathy J. Jones, Rector Don W. Jones, Jonesboro Herschcl L. Jones, Newport Janet O. Jones, Searcy Jerric L. Jones. Pine Bluff Judith A. Jones. Marmaduke Linda J. Jones, Pocahontas Preston B. Jones, Wynne Roger M. Jones, Paragould Stan Jones, Walnut Ridge William L. Jones, Marion John W. Kane. Benton Arnold R. Kaut, Summcrsville. Mo. Joyce M. Kce. Jonesboro Christina P. Keller. Marked Tree Brenda S. Kelley. Jonesboro Franklin D. Kelley, Alton. III. Shelley J. Kelley, Jonesboro William R. Kemp. I ittle Rock David B. Kemper. Blvthcville 350Sophomores Hmm . . . the old double-grip saw mill band shake trick again. Jimmy R. Kendrick, Jonesboro l’eggy M. Kensinger, Newport Karen K. Kent, Jonesboro Ronald H. Kersh, Star City Dennis A. Kcrsting, Park Ridge, 111. Elizabeth A. Kilby, Hot Springs Donald W. King. Myrtle, Mo. Michael L. King, Marvell Glen D. Kinkadc, Bernie. Mo. Timothy J. Kitchens. Benton Jane Knight, North Little Rock Marvin E. Kortan, Blythevillc Frank J. Koubck, Pocahontas Kenneth Lacy, Wynne Sally A. Ladd, 1 lelena Nancy C. LaFarlctt, Trumann John A. Lamar, Pocahontas Mark L. Lamar, Jonesboro Janet A. Lamb, Cherry Valley Robert A. Lamb, Harrisburg R. G. Lambert, Cherokee Village Horace Laminack Jr.. Pine Bluff Linda K. Laney, Pine Bluff Carolyn L. Lange, Lafe Michael A. Langcvin, Salem Dennis L. Lard, Jonesboro Donald K. Lawrence, Brookland Gary S. Lawrence, 1 lelena Mickey A. Layer, Rector Ed Lea, Manning Glenn E. Leach. Paragould Jerry M. Leathers, Malden. Mo. Patsy D. Lee. Batcsvillc David R. I-emmons, Jonesboro Wayne I. Lemmons. Paragould Garv A. Leonard. Batcsvillc Samuel M. Lcwallcn, Newport Ginger L. Lewis. Paragould Tommi Lewonowski, Jacksonville William D. Licblong, Pine Bluff Lee W. Lilc, Jonesboro Robert M. Linlscy, Jonesboro Thomas J. Lindsey, Trumann Linda C. Lisko, Stuttgart Jimmy Little. Beedcvillc Lawrence W. Little, Jonesboro Randell N. Little, Rector William F. Little, Jonesboro Linda F. Looney, Bay Rebecca J. Louks. Bald Knob Douglas E. Lowrey, Fort Smith Denise G. Lucas, Jacksonville Sue E. Lupien. Batesvillc Michael D. Lynch, Beebe Ermalene Lynn. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Greig A. Lynn. Paragould 351Sophomores Singer Johnny River, raps with students in Wigwam session. Sharon L. Lynn, Blytheville Barbara J. Lyons, Imboden Michael O. Lyons, Stuttgart Dale E. Maddox, Campbell, Mo. Marhcnce Madrargchar, Paragould William E. MaGcc, Benton Jack 11. Majors. Calico Rock Michael B. Mallott, West Memphis Jim D. Manatt, Corning Barbara J. Mangrum, Jonesboro Mary E. Manning, Jonesboro Phil M. Manry, Jonesboro James F. Marotti, Crawfordsville Charles F. Marshall, Caraway Susan 11. Marshall, Jonesboro Deborah J. Martin, Trumann Marilyn J. Martin, Texarkana Mary Jane Massey, Jonesboro Robert S. Matthews, Jonesboro lames E. May, Harrisburg Teresa G. May, Tulsa, Okla. Diane McAlister, Little Rock Norman W. McAnally, Osceola Shirley D. McArthur. I larrisburg Jane E. McBride, Jonesboro William T. McBurnett, Carlisle Pamela S. McCain. Walnut Ridge Anthony J. McCall. Blytheville Thomas 11. McCall. Jonesboro Tim S. McCallic, Carlisle Bills J. McCollum, N. Little Rock Bonnie L. McCord, Caraway I’homas A. McCord II. Camden Cynthia A. McCorkindalc, I larrison Linda S. McCormick. Manila Ishmael E. McCray, Benton Darrell R. McCrillis. Piggott Deborah J. McCullars. Jonesboro Larry N. McDaniel. Jonesboro Nancy K. McDaniel. Paragould Robert P. McDaniel, Forrest City Vance D. McDaniel. Trumann Debbie G. McDermott, Parkin Carolyn S. McElrath, Newport LaVonne G. McEntire. Ycllvillc Gary W. McGahhcy. DcWitt Shelton McGee. Pine Bluff Gars- K. McGill. Luxora Debbie D. McGough. Bay Deborah K. McGowen. Jonesboro Pamela K. McHaffey. Blytheville Martha J. McIIanev. Leachville Donald I.. McLaughlin. Jonesboro Sarah F. McMahan. Jonesboro Larry G. McMnster, Wynne Robert I.. McNair. Bruno 352Cathy McNeil, Caruthersville, Mo. Sheila K. McNew, Bridgeton, Mo. Cheryl A. Meade. .V Little R k Richard G. Meadows, Leachvi He Glenda R. Medlin, Wilson Mary C. Meier, Paragould Wilbert J. Melancon, Harrison Michcal P. Melhorn, Parkin John A. Merck, Little Rock Barbara J. Meredith, Forrest City Stephen E. Merriman, Jonesboro Danny E. Merryman. Pocahontas Donna M. Metcalf, Lake City Sherry D. Metz, Lake City Janis B. Miles, Rector Larry’ S. Milcy, Brinkley Carole L. Miller, I Iollywood, Fla. Colecn A. Miller, Benton Marian S. Miller, Marked Tree Mary A. Miller, Scnath, Mo. Murcl C. Miller Jr., Corning Robert F. Miller, Bald Knob William B. Miller, Trumann Tony M. Mills, Rector William Millwee Jr., McCrory William L. Minton, West Memphis David A. Mitchell, N. I ittle Rock Eddie F. Mitchell Jr., Jonesboro Vicky A. Mizell, Osceola Constance S. Mobley, Brookland Steve Modelcvsky, Jonesboro Glenda K. Molock, Stuttgart New Constitution Rejected Barbara S- Monroe, Jonesboro Lance E. Monroe, Paragould David M. Montgomery, Bono Sharon I). Montgomery. Newport Janice J. Moody, West Plains, Mo. Violet B. Moon. Jonesboro Daniel R. Moore, Jonesboro Debra J. Moore, Osceola James I'. Moore, West Memphis Thomas A. Moore, Walnut Ridge Virginia M. Moore, Jonesboro Wifiic Moore Jr., Osceola Mickic Morehead. St. Louis, Mo. Barbara L. Morgan, West Memphis George D. Morgan. Jonesboro Donna R. Morris, Delaplainc Garry W. Morris, Wynne Joseph L. Morris, Rector Melvin J. Morris. Green Forest Nellie A. Morris, Osceola Daniel C. Morrison, Willey View David M. Morrison, Bay Donny R. Morrison, I.uxora David Muckensturm. Belleville, 111. Gary D. Mueller. St. Louis, Mo. Jim B. Mullen. Clarkton, Mo. Marsha L. Mullins, Jonesboro Keith Munn, Jonesboro Philip J. Murphy, Brookland Benny R. Murray. Manila John E. Neeley, Keiscr Gary I.. Nelson, Jonesboro John B. Nelson, West I lelena John T. Nelson, Jonesboro Anthony B. Nevill, I ittle R y:k Richard E. Newberry, Paragould Martha S. Newson, Batesviltc Phyllis M. Nicholas, Marmadukc Gary A. Nichols, Piggott R. A. Nicholson. Farmington, Mo. 353Judy Nickles, De Soto, Tex. Elizabeth A. Nix. Harrisburg Gary P. Nix, Forrest City Betty Nixon. Morrilton Anna J. Noel, Paragould Theresa C. Nolan, Knobcl Bobby J. Nolcs, Osceola Lamcc R. Nolcs, Jonesboro Mickey A. Norris, Little Rock Etta Norton, Paragould James M. Norton, Harrison Don C. Nutt, Paragould Debbie Obsitnik, Little Rock William Oldham Jr., Marked Tree Bryan D. Olmstead, Hcbcr Springs David D. Oltmann, Brinkley James E. O’Neal, Paragould Gary D. Ormsby, Doniphan, Mo. Judy L. Oskowis, Forrest City Claude S. Outlaw, Piggott Rodney P. Owens, West Memphis Thomas R- Owens, Walnut Ridge Terry A. Pace, Trumann Patricia R. Palonc, Paragould Virginia C. Pankey, Oil Trough Barry L. Parish, Jonesboro Ernestine Parker, leff. City, Mo. Vicki M. Parker, Paragould Larry L. Patten, Walnut Ridge Larry J. Partin, Dell Karla K. Patterson. Pocahontas Sandra Patterson, Chicago, 111. Beta Psi Is Top Teke Chapter William C. Paul, Paragould Michael D. Payne, Marked Tree Millie Pearle, North Little Rock Kenneth D. Pegg, Paragould Sharon C. Pegg. Jonesboro Diane Pelts, Kennett, Mo. Ronnie 11. Penn, Pocahontas John G. Pennington, Newport Donna K. Pcnter, Jonesboro Ginger Perkins, Horncrsvillc, Mo. John R. Pcrrinc. West Memphis Larry C. Perry, Paragould Robert Peterson, Alexandria, Va. Patsy M. Peyton, Leachvillc Susan Phillips, I lolly Grove Lowell D. Philp, Jonesboro Debbie A. Pickcll. Little R«k ( . CL Pierce. Mammoth Spring Terry L. Pierce, Flint, Mich. Roselec Pillow, Paragould Jimmy L. Pinkston, Trumann Sue E- Pitman, Little Rock Abner C. Pitts. Viola Terrs’ M. Pollan, West Memphis Arlcn J. Pollard. Oil Trough Robbie II. Pond. Stuttgart John M. Porbeck, Dallas. Tex. Danny J. Powell. Malvern Connie A. Prance, Campbell, Mo. Sara A. Pratt. Jonesboro Judye D. Presley, Trumann Kathic B. Prcsson. Mannaduke Rosanna Prcstidge. Tvron a Terry D. Prewitt. Pocahontas Steve A. Prince, 1 lot Springs Ronald J. Quinn. Pine Bluff Jim Ragsdell, Brinkley Nona E. Rainey, Hughes Larry Ratliff, Chadwick. 111. Pamela A. Rawlings. Searcy 354Sophomores Move it, soldier! Paula J. Rawls, Crossett Danny L. Ray, Mount Pleasant Larry L. Ray, Jonesboro Mien Read, Lake Cormorant, Miss. Rebecca A. Reaves, Jonesboro Ruth L. Reaves, McGchec Barbara Jo Redd, I larrisburg Lillis L. Redd, Jonesboro Rose A. Redd, 1 larrisburg Terry R. Redden, Trumann Teddy Reddick, Paragould Betty L. Reedy, El Dorado Mary J. Reese, Jonesboro Katherine Reeves, Memphis, Tenn. Lee E. Reeves Jr., Forrest City Ernest J. Reid, Jonesboro Jerrold Reiman, Belleville, 111. Gerry- J. Reis, Belleville, 111. Rosa Maria Reynolds. Paragould Roy L. Rhodes, Corning Yvonne Rhodes, Ravcndcn Springs George I I. Rial, Marianna Barbara A. Rice, Searcy Kenneth B. Rice, Searcy Karen M. Richardson, Corning Ronnie L. Richardson. Blytheville Darrell G. Rickman. Flint. Mich. Patricia Ann Riggs. Walnut Ridge Patti Riggs, Paragould Sharon R. Rigsbce, Jonesboro William A. Riley, Jonesboro Brenda N. Ritchey, Helena Frankie F. Roberts, Jonesboro Gary B. Roberts, Paragould Norman E. Roberts Jr.. Jonesboro Patsy J. Roberts, Jonesboro Joycelyn R. Robertson. Manila Car! Robinson. I lornersville, Mo. David D. Robinson, Tuckerman Gale L. Robinson, Bcrnie. Mo. Garry L. Robinson, Hebcr Springs Mary L. Rock. New Orleans. La. Deborah R. Rogers, Jonesboro Dennis E. Rogers, Paragould Don E. Rogers, Marked Tree Gaylon R. Rogers. Kennett, Mo. Joyce E. Rogers, Piggott Susan J. Rogers, Mountain Home Jerry D. Roland, Bay Christopher Rolle, Bradenton. Fla. Nancy A. Rollins, I lolcomb. Mo. Carl R. Romhilt. Kennett, Mo. William K. Romines. Trumann Sharon G. Rooker, Delaplaine Deborah L. Rose, Senath. NIo. Robert E. Rose, Mammoth Spring 355Sophomores Umbrella entourage. David A. Rounsavall, Joiner Connie M. Routon, Paragould John M. Rowland, Marianna Stanley A. Rowlett, Swifton James R. Roy, Jonesboro Carol A. Runnels, Jonesboro Tommy G. Runnels, Eudora Cathy L. Rupard, Jonesboro Sam M. Rushing, Joiner Hayden L. Sadler, Trumann James D. Sanders, Sherwood Linda K. Sartini, Marion Loretta J. Sawyers, Williford Priscilla E. Scanlon. Jonesboro John Schaefer, St. Louis, Mo. Roger S. Schimming, Jonesboro Darryl Schlenker, Cherry Valley Katrinka A. Schmitt. Jonesboro Janet D. Schwamh, Paragould Jackie L. Scott, Osceola Michael B. Scott, Jonesboro Robyn D. Scott. Sedgwick Ruth A. Scott, Jacksonville Vickie A. Scott. Bauxite Claude G. Scroggins. Jonesboro Richard E. Scroggs, Jonesboro James D. Self, Newport Marcia L. Settlemoir, Piggott Nancy L. Sexton. Magnet Cove Al S’Fortunato, Marion Donald R. Shaddock. Forrest City Jack B. Shankle, Camden Brenda L. Sharp, Jonesboro Paula L. Sharp, Ash Flat Carolyn R. Shcals, Osceola Mark D. Sheehan. St. Ixmis, Mo. Deborah E. Shelton, Alicia Marilyn S. Shelton. Marmaduke Susan A. Shelton. 1 louston. Mo. Frank L. Shepherd. Corning Ralph A. Sheridan. Benton Freshly I.. Sherrcll. Magncss Randy L. Shinabcry, Marked Tree William T. Shipman. Newark Paul D. Shirley, Bono Almus W. Shivlev Jr.. Paragould Randy I,. Shoemake, Carlisle Patsy A. Shownes. Manila Michael S. Sides. Jonesboro Edward R. Simmons. Jonesboro James E. Simmons, Newport Rose M. Simmons. Rector Charles G. Simpson. Poughkeepsie Annette Sims. Forrest City Brenda K. Singlcy. Pocahontas Benny A. Skaggs. Corning 356Michael G. Sheet, Mountain Home Larry V. Skiver, Mountain Home Ava A. Slater, Pine Bluff James E. Slater, Osceola Judy A. Slatton, Paragould Sakac Slatton. Trumann Mary E. Sloan. Pocahontas Barney G. Smith. Stuttgart Betty C. Smith, Jonesboro Charles L. Smith. Piggott David E. Smith, Jonesboro Gordon E. Smith, Mablevalc Guy M. Smith. Corning Jeff D. Smith, Bald Knob Kathy Smith. Pompton Lakes, N.J. Lonnie O. Smith. Sedgwick Mars- K. Smith, Wynne Nora L. Smith, Pascagoula, Miss. Richard F. Smith, Camden Sus3n C. Smith, Hot Springs Thomas J. Smith. Earle Rickey G. Smotherman, Newport Mary M. Snipes. Jonesboro Jimmy Snodgrass, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Steve T. Sowell, Jonesboro Mar - K. Spaulding, Searcy Brenda S. Spears, Jonesboro Lacy M. Speed, Jonesboro Paula C. Spence. Dyess Van T. Spence. Wynne Carl F. Spicier, Jonesboro Sara S. Spikes. Pocahontas SGA Presents Johnny Rivers Mcridcth J. Spinks. Godfrey, 111. Margaret M. Stack, Kcnnctt, Mo. Pamela G. Stacy, Corning Sara L. Stallcup,‘Brinkley John K. Stark. Cherry Valley Karen G. Statler, Jonesboro M. D. Staton. Lonoke Tricia J. Staub. Paragould Jimmy D. Steele, Jonesboro James Stephenson, DcWitt Daniel R. Stevenson, Jonesboro James P. Stevenson, Jonesboro Jean F. Stewart, Campbell, Mo. James E. Stilwell, Doniphan, Mo. Cary W. Stimson, Paragould Travis R. Stone, Jonesboro James E. Storey, Kcnnctt, Mo. Harry I.. Stout, Little Rock Thomas D. Street, Bald Knob Charlotte J. Strickland. Lcpanto Ruby V. Strickland. Blytheville Rosanna M. Strong, Hot Springs Gail Stuck, Jonesboro Beverly D. Stuckey, Benton Robert K. Sullivan, Blytheville Dennis P. Summers, Piedmont. Mo. Sidney L. Sumners, I lot Springs Mary F. Surber. Lake City James M. Surratt. Jonesboro Billyc J. Sweat, Jonesboro Bobbyc J. Sweat, Jonesboro Sarah Swicegood, N- Little Rock Harry F. Sylar, Holly Grove Patti H. Tapp, Tuckcrman Deborah Tausch, Alexandria, Va. Deborah F. Taylor. Wynne Dennis E. Taylor. Mountain View Lloyd S. Taylor. Jonesboro Magalene Taylor, Osceola Robert B. Taylor, Searcy 357Robert M. Taylor, Lake City Lanny R. Teague, Monette Larry R. Teague, Marked Tree Tony R. Terra!, Tine Bluff Ernest W. 'Thacker Jr., Harrisburg Charles D. Thaxton, Corning William Thielcmier, Marked Tree Alan R. Thomas, Poplar Bluff, Mo. George K. 'Thomas, Harrisburg Lillie M. Thomas, Luxora Patrick A. Thomas, Forrest City Rickey D. Thomas, McCrory Fclicic Thompson, N. Little Rock James A. Thompson, Rector John E. Thompson, Little Rock Teresa J. Thompson, Newark Jettye L. Thornbrough, Blythevillc Andrew L. Threadgill, Dallas, Tex. David J. 'Throesch, Pocahontas Keith N. Throneberry, Pine Bluff Vicki J. 'Thurston, Kennett, Mo. Warren L. Tiner, Centralia, 111. Sheila M. Tipton, Jonesboro George W. Tolbert, El Dorado Brenda 'Collison, Jonesboro Wendell P. Tolson, Walnut Ridge Gale R. 'Tones', Crossett Gay E. Toombs, Piggott Michael W. Tosh .Jonesboro Willie A. Towne, Forrest City Deborah J. Tracer. Paragould Larry W. Treadway, Newport Quackenbush Gets Bronze Star Kathy Jo Trcece. Paragould Mary Trcsp, North Little Rock Maurice L. Trites, Gillen Ronald D. Trivitt, Ash Flat Janis J. Tucker. Little Rock Nano- D. Tucker. Marked Tree Rosie A. Tucker. Leachville Nancy I.. Tull, Jonesboro Patricia A. Tull, Stuttgart Fred 11. 'Turner, Wynne Gussic L. Turner, Kennett, Mo. Gwendolyn Turner, Searcy Mar ' E. Turner, Naylor, Mo. Sammy E. Turner, Newport William 'Turpin Jr., Pine Bluff Mike Tuseth, Memphis, Tenn. Rodney L. I yer, Pocahontas Andrew E. Vaccaro, Forrest City Ted L. Valentine, Jonesboro Belinda 11. VanPelt, Jonesboro Jerry J. Varvil, Pocahontas 1 mu Vaughan, Birmingham, Ala. Jerry L. Vincent. Lake City John D. Wagster, Broselcy, Mo. Meredith L. Walker, Stuttgart Sandra J. Walker, Stuttgart Tony L. Walker, Walnut Ridge Lisa L. Wallace, Trumann James W. Waller, Bald Knob Becky D. Walters, Blythevillc Brenda J. Wangenstcin, Malvern Kathy Warbington, Memphis, Tenn. Danny R. Ward. Augusta Linda K. Ward, Risco, Mo. Linda Warden. Jonesboro Michael J. Warden. Oxford Carole A. Warren, Jonesboro Catherine R. Warren, Jonesboro Elizabeth N. Watson, Star City Jeffrey L. Watson, Stuttgart 358Sophomores “Well, you didn’t turn into a prince, hut at least you’re not a frog.” James E. Way, Stuttgart Sandra E. Weaver, LaCrosse Barbara G. Webb, Blvthcville Mary L. Webb, I. vnn I). E. Webster, Mountain Home George C. Weir. Bay Janice West, Long Beach, Calif. Fred S. Wetzet, Tulsa, Okla. Rita J. Whitaker, Memphis, Tenn. Alvcda L. White, Blythcvillc Betty L. White, Benton Charles N. White, Forrest City James II. White, Paragould John M. White. Jonesboro Michael P. White, Little Rock Paul W. White, Gideon, Mo. Linda K. Whitener, Sedgwick Terry L. Whitley, West Memphis William C. Whitley, Bald Knob Priscilla Whitlock, Tuckerman Travis L. Wiggins, McCrorv Jimmy C. Wilcox. Paragould Homer E. Wiles, Cherokee Village Mary C. Wiles, Eudora Pamela R. Wilf, Pleasant Plains Sherry J. Wilhite, Holcomb, Mo. Don Wilkerson, St. Louis, Mo. David G. Wilkie, Smackovcr Robert Wilkins, North Little Rock Sherry Wilkins, I lorncrsville. Mo. Neely H. Wilkinson, Rogers Charles C. Willhitc, Brinkley Alonzo P. Williams. West I Iclcna Curtis W. Williams. Little Rock Gail Williams. Black Oak Jerry G. Williams, Jonesboro JudyC. Williams. Searcy Larry G. Williams, Lepanto Paul N. Williams. Little Rock Terry L. Williams, Jonesboro Charles E. Williamson. Paragould Man- L. Willmuth. Walnut Ridge Arthur C. Wilson. Benton Aubrey O. Wilson Jr.. Toncsboro David E. Wilson, Lake City John M. Wilson. Stuttgart Vickie L. Wilson, Black Rock James E. Winberry, Piggott Robert Winchester II. Pocahontas Janet D. Wines-. Ash Flat Cheryl J- Wise. Foreman Rick A. Witcher, Corning Eugene L. Wittlakc. Jonesboro Linda S. Wixson, Fisher Fred E. Wizer. Wynne Thomas E. Wofford. Paragould 359Sophomores “I don’t care how high his I.Q. is, he's still too young to enroll in college.” Thomas L. Wofford, Weiner Carlos G. Wood, Brookland Deborah L. Wood. Cherry Valley Frank W. Wood, Raragould John B. Wood, Hughes Louis R. Woodall. Carlisle James W. Woodard, Marianna Bobby D. Woodrum. I larrisburg Beverly N. Workman, England David R. Worlow, Walnut Ridge Kelly G. Wright. Paragould William J. Wright, Earle Camille Yarnell, Little Rock Betty B. Young. Black Rock Terrence C. Zipfcl, Florissant. Mo. ABC-TV cameraman prepares to film pre-Christmas panty raid. 360‘My WHAT is showing?"John D. Abel, Stuttgart Scott T. Abell, Jonesboro Karen R. Abernathy, Jonesboro Roger A. Achor, Ash Flat Constance K. Adams, Manila Jimmy L. Adams, Manila Steve A. Adams, Paragould Terry C. Adams, Jonesboro Toni Ann Adams, Jonesboro Wendell W. Adams. Jonesboro Karin S. Agee, Pocahontas Lloyd R. Agee, Elkhart, Ind. Eva Carol Akers, Jonesboro Joseph M. Akins, Paragould Don G. Albright, I larrisburg Howard M. Alder son, Stuttgart James E- Aldridge, Jonesboro Aleecia A. Allen, Jacksonville Cherri A. Allen, Batesville Elizabeth Alley, Wayne, Mich. Steven I). Alston. Jonesboro Pamela J. Alsup, Hayti, Mo. Leslie E. Alsworth, Luxora Rodriguez Aluarez. Manila Deborah K. Anderson. Wynne George R. Anderson. I larrisburg John M. Anderson, Witter Morgan D. Anderson, Tulsa, Okla. Judy A. Andrews. Blythcvillc lames T. Angel), Jonesboro William D. An name, Keiser E. W. Applcbury, West Memphis Doug Szenher Edits Yearbook Donald L. Appleton, Newport James R. Appleton, Newport Robert S. Appleton, Jonesboro Phyllis A. Armstrong. Wynne Thomas A. Armstrong. Brinkley Harriet A. Ashcraft. Warren Jenetta Ashley. Newport Larey Wayne Ashley, Paragould Barbara L. Ashlock, Marked Tree Karen P. Athy. North Little Rock Thomas W. Atkinson, El Dorado Janet E. Austin, Blythcvillc Jerry W. Avery, Lepanto Brenda K. Auvenshine, Little Rock Lesa L. Azbill, Paragould Charlene Bailey, Tuckerman James R. Bailey, Mattoon. 111. Keith W. Bailv. Potosi, Mo. Bonnie K. Baker. Jonesboro Robert S. Baker. Wynne Scott L. Baker, Newport Steve L. Baker. Jonesboro Susan K. Baker. Newport Billy F. Baldwin. Hickory Ridge Gordon P. Baldwin. Knobel Larry J. Baldwin. Jonesboro Ida Ruth Ball. Jonesboro John E. Ball. Lonoke Linda G. Ballard. Caraway Peggy C. Ballard. Proctor Calvin D. Banks. Bay Gars’ D. Banks. Bay John T. Banks. Jonesboro Bet tv L. Barber. Newport Vicki G. Barber, Oil Trough William B. Barber. El Dorado Betty K. Bardwell. Earle Karen L. Barker, Osceola Janice M. Barrier. Marina duke Christine L. Barnes, Conway 362Freshmen Larie Lu Barnes, Forrest City Michael Barnett. Mountain I lomc Barbara A. Barnette, Jonesboro Paul M. Barrett. West Memphis Harry J. Barringer, Brookland Nancy L. Barthcl, Pocahontas Dorothy D. Barton, Tyronza Lee E. Bass, Gillett Terry VV. Bassham, Moko Larry- L. Bates, Pine Bluff Rick L. Batterton, Viola Karen A. Bat ton, Corning Shirley A. Baugh, Manila Cindy A. Baur, Jonesboro Richard J. Baureis, Jonesboro Rick D. Baxter, Corning Mavenc Bcaird, Trumann Leonard Bearden III. West Mem. Gary L- Beavers, Pine Bluff Kenneth D. Beck, Foreman 'Ferry L. Beck, Hayti, Mo. Don G. Bednar, Stuttgart Edgar L. Bell Jr., Jonesboro Lou Belue, Earle Gene W. Benson, Manila Michael L. Benson. Greenway Tricia Benton, Forrest City Deborah L. Berry, Leachville Frances R. Berry, Pine Bluff James S. Berry, West Memphis Mary J. Berry, Jonesboro Bruce E. Bewley, Matthews, Mo. Terrold A. Bilbrcw, Mem.. Tenn. Jacqueline Billingsley, Leachville Anna M. Bishop. Harrisburg Mildred E. Bishop. Jonesboro William M. Bivin, Jonesboro Betty L. Black. Hot Springs Joseph W. Black, Newport Steven Blackman, Campbell. Mo. Richard A. Blair. Batesvillc Susan E. Blair, Jonesboro Janie P. Blake. Gideon. Mo. Kearney M. Blalack, Newport Barbara A. Bland. Paragould Victoria A. Bland. Paragould Jerry D. Blevens. Alicia Kathy S. Block. Weiner Chas. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Marian A. Blue, Jonesboro Ronald Bodeker, Jonesboro David Bodcnhamer. Mt Home Mark Boomer. North Little Rock Patricia M. Boggan, Jacksonville Mary A. Bohlken. Little Rock Keith Bolin, Caruthersville. Mo. 363Freshmen “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli . . Steve E. Boling, Jonesboro Brenda J. Bonds, Tuckcrman Nelda E. Bonner, Jonesboro Steven P. Bonner, Bradford Susan E. Boone, Pine Bluff Kathryn A. Booth, Jonesboro Earl G. Borah, Walnut Ridge Betty J. Bornhoft, Weiner Rex A. Bouldin, Paragould {ane Bowers, Paragould legina G. Bowman, Jonesboro Johnny L. Bowser, West Memphis Rebecca G. Box, Jonesboro Sheila Boxley, Marked Tree Pamela S. Boyd, Jacksonville Laura L. Boyles, Augusta Danny E. Bradley, Jonesboro Jerry R. Bradley, Searcy Sam B. Bradley, Searcy Ricky Lynn Bradsher, Jonesboro Scott A. Brady, Williford Olen Bragg Jr., Marked Tree Kathleen A. Brainerd, Bull Shoals Danny W. Branch, Earle Kim L- Branch, Paragould Coy D. Branscum, Augusta Vicki L. Bray, Jonesboro Vickie J. Bray, Blytheville Artis T. Brewer, Manila Gerldine M. Brewer. Jonesboro Robin G. Brewer, Walnut Ridge Susan D. Brewer, Leachville William E. Brewer, Paragould Beverly A. Brickcll, Jonesboro Carter A. Bridger, Jonesboro James A. Brinker, Marianna James D. Brizcndinc. Little Rock Ruth M. Broadway, Moro Janice E. Brock. Leachville Phyllis L. Brockman, Hot Springs Mona C. Brogdon, McCrory Glenn A. Brooks, Hayti, Mo. Jane E. Brothers, Paragould Bobby D. Brown. Pine Bluff Frances Brown, Forrest City Jerry R. Brown, Marked Tree Linda D. Brown. Rector Margaret A. Brown. I lot Springs Marilyn Brown. Jonesboro Melinda L. Brown, Augusta Phillip D. Brown. Jonesboro Ricky T. Brown. Newport Steve F. Brown. Trumann Thomas G. Brown. Wynne Wendell Brown. Crawfordsville Gars- D. Browning, Tuckcrman 364Linda Jean Browning, Bono Eugene Brownlow, West Memphis Richard Brummett. Paragould Donald W. Bryant. Jonesboro Kitty Lee Bryant. Hayti. Mo. Danny B. Bucy, Rector Claud Bull. Jonesboro Rodger D. Bumpass. Little Rock Veda A. Bunch. Blytheville Terri X. Burchett, Pine Bluff Nancy A. Burdick, Batesville Brenda S. Burge, Cave City Randal G. Burge. Batesville Doss L. Burgess. Wheatley Richard Burke. South Fulton. Tenn. James R. Burkett. McCrory Dan A. Burks. Blytheville Deborah Burlison, Blytheville Marsha L. Burnett. Wynne Pamela J. Burnett, Stuttgart Patrick Burnette, McCrory Donald W. Burns. Ozark John A. Burns. Forrest City Virginia Burr. Paragould Linda Burris. Newport Gary R. Burroughs. Manila Connie A. Burrow. Wilson Donna S. Burrow, Mt. Pleasant Jim Mack Burrow. McCrory Tommy L. Burrow, Oil Trough Ebert M. Burton. Rector Janice L. Burton. West Helena Ron Bell Heads ROTC Brigade Gloria J. Byrd, Jonesboro Robert R. Byrd. Jonesboro Linda Cagle. Cherry Valley Phareta D. Calkin, Jonesboro James P. Callcwacrt, Kennett, Mo. Monte D. Callicott, Texarkana James D. Calloway, 1 lolly Grove Drew C. Camp. Little Rock Phyllis M. Camp, Osceola Candace Campbell, Newport Chuck Campbell. Anderson. Ind. Rickey Campbell. Forrest City Ricky M. Caples. Bono Rebecca Caraway, Mt. Pleasant Rollin Caristianos, I lot Springs Gorden T. Carlile, Paragould Robert L. Carnes, El Dorado Michael S. Carr, Kennett, Mo. Fredda D. Carroll, 1 lot Springs Joe T. Carroll. Maynard Dennis W. Carter, Corning Janice Carter. Pocahontas Mary Carter, Steele. Mo. Elmer Cartwright. Blvthcvillc Edmond W. Castle. Marvell Bob S. Castlcman, Jonesboro Richard I.. Castlcman. Jonesboro Deborah J. Catalani, Lake Village Steven M. Cates. Memphis. Tenn. Rebecca D. Cathey, Newport Gerald R. Catlett. Marvell Nancy Causcv, Morrilton Donald R. Cavanaugh. VV. Ridge Ronald C. Cavenaugh. VV. Ridge Kandy A. Cayce, Thorton Richard Chalker, Batesville Beverly J. Chandler, Jonesboro Brenda D. Childress, Carlisle Flora N. Chandler, Osceola Kathy K. Chandler. Fordyce 365David W. Choate, Paducah, Ky. Kay Christianson, Mt. Vernon Melissa Chronistcr, Jonesboro Brian Clampit, Harrisburg Anita Clark, Newport Carolyn Clark, Osceola Gregory Clark, Cushman Harold Clark Jr., Alexandria, Va. Karen A. Clark, Walnut Ridge Lawrence W. Clark, Fordyce Sandra K. Clark, Weiner Sharon D. Clark, Jonesboro Glenna L. Clay, Searcy Randy B. Clayton. I lazen Patricia L. Clem, Jonesboro William S. Clemens, Forrest City Linda A. Clemons, Hulbcrt Carl R. Cleveland, Judsonia Nina J. Coats, Pine Bluff Roy L. Coble, Jonesboro Boobye C. Ox;. Tuckerman Michael L. G)gbi!l. Star City Alan Cole, I iayti, Mo. 1 lerman L. Cole, Wilson Debra L. Coleman, Jonesboro Eddie D. Coleman, Jonesboro Lonnie C. Coleman, Goodwin Gary T. Coles, Augusta Shirley J. Collar, Paragould Thomas Collins, Bald Knob Thomas A. Compton, Little Rock Kenneth Conatser, Trumann Delaney Honorary Cadet Colonel Patricia Conaway, Fisher Cecil E. Condra. 1 larrisburg Hcrshcl E. Conley, Blytheville Dixie L. Conner, Augusta John Michael Cook, Benton William J. Cook, Earle Glenda A. Cooley, Bald Knob 1 toward Cooper, Ncttlcton Karen S. Cooper, Memphis, Tenn. Martha E. Cooper, Paragould Shirley Coots, Gish Ken D. Copeland, St. Louis, Mo. Danny L. Cordell. Newport Joseph D. Cornelison, Leachvillc Janet M. Cornish, Leachville Louis G. Corona. West Memphis Charles D. Corpier. Marked Tree Roberlyn D. Council, Aubrey Charles Courtney, N. Little Rock Jerry D. Costner, Jonesboro Nancy L. Coverdalc. Mt. Home Charles Covington, Marked Tree Freda Cowan. Harrison Janec Cox. Mountain Home Robert Cox, Marianna Jimmie Cozart, Jonesboro Billy P. Crabtree, Pocahontas Glen R. Crabtree, Paragould Billie J. Craig, Blytheville Brenda K. Craig, Jonesboro Lea A. Craig, Little Rock Dennis D. Crain. St. Louis. Mo. Elizabeth Crain. Kcnnctt. Mo. Gam- D. Crain, Parkin Judy Crain. Brookland Debra K. Crawford, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Crisler. Cash Patricia Crisp. Elaine Donna J. Crites, Senath. Mo. Billy M. Cromer, Pine Bluff 366Freshmen Charles Cromwell, Pine Bluff Dwight Crook, 1 larrisburg Elizabeth Crook, Jonesboro James Croom, Imboden Charles Crosby, Osceola Carol K. Crow, Ash Flat Warner C. Cruce, McGchce Troy Cullen, Jonesboro Gayla A. Cullum. Monette Linda L. Culy, Jonesboro Bryan Cummins, St. Pete.. Ida. William A. Cummins, Bald Knob Linda C. Curtis, Calico Rock Robert S. Curtis. Rector Robert M. Dacus. Searcy Katherine F. Dale, Corning Robert Dale, Caruthersville, Mo. Ronnie G. Dallari. Pine Bluff Brenda A. Dallas. McCrory Carol Daniels, Blytheville Jim B. Danielwilz, Centralia, 111. Diane Dapp, Blytheville Aclisa A. Darling. Jonesboro Alec L. Darnall, West I Iclcna Jerry Darr, Jonesboro John Daughhctcc, Peach Orchard Michalc Davenport, Yellville Robert Davidson, Jonesboro Bobby K. Davis, Bono Brenda K. Davis, Walnut Ridge Curtis W. Davis, Jonesboro Donna F. Davis, Jonesboro Dorothea Davis, Marianna Garland Davis, Pocahontas Joe Davis, Blytheville MarvJ. Davis, Jonesboro Michael Davis, Steele, Mo. Vicki S. Davis, Rison Mason Day. Blytheville Danny Dean. Willow Springs. Mo. Deborah J. Dean. Poughkeepsie Kimberly Dean. Blytheville Woody Delorme. Rapid City. S.D. Thomas Denton. Blytheville Danny DePricst, Heber Springs Raymond DePricst, Steele, Mo. Terry DePricst, Jonesboro Melissa Dctrick, Jonesboro Kenny R. Dial. Paragould Randy I. Diles, Little Rock Mary Dillard. Mammoth Spring Donnie Dillin, Arnold, Mo. Sandra J. Distretti, Paragould Thomas F.. Dobbs. Jonesboro Steve M. Dorris, Blytheville Wrayphor Dortch Jr.. W. Memphis 367Albeit L. Doss, Cherry Valley Linda D. Doss, Cherry Valley Terry Doty, Merritt Island. Via. Brenda J. Douglas, West Memphis Beverly Douthet, Crawfordsville Donald Douthet, Crawfordsville Ronald Douthet, Crawfordsville Darrel Dover, Batcsvillc Donna D. Dowden, Jonesboro Ina Rayc Downing, Weiner Rebecca Downing, Bragg City, Mo. Sandra Jane Downs, Egypt Larry E. Doyle, Florissant, Mo. David L. Drake, Malden, Mo. Jackie Drake, Mountain Home Edward L. Dtanglc, Poughkeepsie Jackie A. Draper, Little Rock James E. Drew, Jennings. Mo. Mike G. Drewett, Pine Bluff Billy L. Duff, Corning Mike Lee Duff, Corning Susan E. Duff, Corning Charles R. Duffel, Jonesboro Loretta K. Dulaney. Portia Fred Dunavant, Jonesboro Buford Duncan, Jonesboro Linda Dunham, Jonesboro George M. Dunn, Wynne tarry J. Dunn, Agnos Ricky Dunnahoc, Rohwer Vicki A. Dupwe. McGchec Donna L. Duvall. Tuckcrman Baker Eanvood, West Memphis Bradley Easicrwood. Corning Barbara Ebbeson. Campbell. M Dale H. Eckert, Thayer. Mo. Billy V. Edgar, Jonesboro Delores A. Edgar. Jonesboro Lloyd D. Edgin, Leachvillc James P. Edings, Joiner Robert M. Edmondson, Wyn Everett G. Edwards, Desha Gary W. Edwards, Rector lackey L. Edwards, Rector Karolc Edwards. Dexter, Mo Linda J. Edwards, Earle Thaync Edwards, Mountair Karen D. Eldridge, Wynne Elizabeth A. Elliott. Blythe Michael J. Elliott. Blvthcvi Mike D. Ellis. Lonoke Randall Emerson, Jonesbo Robbie. E. Emerson, Jones1 Emily Enderlin. Stuttgart Diana England. Myrtle. John P. Engles, Batesvilh mTeresa D. Engles, Pine Bluff Barbara English, Little Rock Patsy A. Erby, Jonesboro Glenda Etchieson, Blythevillc Dora Eubanks, Manila Grover Milton Evans, Jonesboro Robert Evans, Portage, Ind. Elsie Ewart, West Helena Celia Fahr, Pa ragout d Gloria Fancher, Memphis, Tenn. Carolyn Fardeecey, Luxora Gerald W. Farley, Jonesboro Jackie S. Farley, Cash Roberta Farley, Memphis, Tenn. Effie E. Farr. Marvell Robert H. Farrell, Paragould Jana C. Fason, Little Rock Martha Faulkner, Jonesboro Beth Fclker, Malden Danny Ferguson. Bay Michael Ferguson. McCchcc Peggy D. Ferguson. Carlisle Betty Ferralasco. Jonesboro Michael D. Field, Jonesboro Michael D. Figliolo, Jacksonville Allen D. Fike. Jonesboro Adrcn H. Finch. Walnut Ridge Stephen Finch, Widener Kathy A. Findley, Stuttgart Rickey Finley, Batesvillc Thomas R. Finlev. Jonesboro Dempsey D. Fisher, Walnut Ridge Sandy Reynolds Heads RA Paula J. Fisher, Hardy Robert A. Fite, Pine Bluff Gayc Fitts, Little Rock I'im Fit maurice. Mountain Home Sandra Fitzpatrick, I lughes Warren I lanagan. Charleston Patricia S. Flanigan, Knobcl Frederick Flcmon, Jonesboro Mcrvin Q. Fleshman, Harrison Clifford M. Fletcher, Mt. Pleasant Linda F. Fletcher, Memphis. Tenn. Margie M. Fletcher, Little Rock Lester L. Floyd, Lepanto Robert Five, Paragould Larry D. Forbis, I larrisburg Glenn Ford, Blythevillc Lanita G. Ford, Paragould Lucinda L. Ford, Paragould Marx- Chris Ford, Kcnnett. Mo. Linda C. Foreman, Decatur Brenda J. Forrester. Forrest City Pamela S. Forrester, Jonesboro Sheila Forshec, Jonesboro Robert D. Fortson, Harrisburg Candace A. Foust, Jonesboro Dennis R. Fowler, Piedmont, Mo. Favc M. Fowler, Manila Terry L. Fowler. Blythevillc Tommie E. Fowler, Manila Karen D. Foxx. Harrisburg Ani Juan Franklin. Jonesboro Anne Franklin, Hayti, Mo. Era M. Franks. Marianna Michael R. Franks. Paragould David J. Frase. Pine Bluff John W. Fraser, Blythevillc Catherine Fraxurc. Marion Martha Freeman. Hunter Freddie L. Frego. Jonesboro Elizabeth French. Mountain Home 369Jack C. French, Delaplaine Mary J. French, West Memphis Robert E. Frey, Alton, Mo. Kcm Friga, Willow Springs, Mo. Michael R. Fry, Lake City Joseph D. Fulgham, Blytheville Roy Fuller, Blytheville Gary D. Fulton, Lcpanto Martin L. Gallahcr, Hayti, Mo. Leslie Galloway, North Little Rock Brad G. Gammill, Leachville Steve A. Gann, Harrisburg Bob Gardner, Little Rock Earnestinc Gardner, Searcy Janie M. Gardner, Jonesboro Jo Ann Garner, Salem Vicki L. Garner, Pine Bluff Virginia L. Gamer, Salem Patty E. Gaston, Franklin Pamela J. Gatewood, Rector Jerry W. Gathright, Jonesboro Lori J. Gathright, Pine Bluff Martha M. Gauldcn, Rector Larry W. George, Kennett, Mo. Samuel W. George. Osceola Neal A. Gibbons, Steele, Mo. Jennifer L. Gibbs. Parkin Evelyn W. Gibson. Jonesboro Robert Gibson III, Blytheville Donna L. Gilbert. Jonesboro Danny J. Giles, Paragould Sharon Gill, St. Charles, 111. Bob Dale Elected Frosh Prexy Patrick Gillcnwater, Pine Bluff Kenneth Gillespie, Jonesboro Larry D. Gilley, Wilson Sara J. Gilliam, Hoxic Margaret A. Gillihan, Newport Connie E. Gist, Swifton Deborah D. Gist, Jonesboro Robert G. Gist, Paragould Pat S. Gleghorn, Jonesboro Donny J. Glenn, Jonesboro Kenny D. Goad, Bradford Rhonda Gail Goff, Malden, Mo. Jerry L. Goforth, Jonesboro James W. Golden, Jonesboro Yvonne Gonzales, Blytheville James R. Gore, Osceola Ina Gossett, Jonesboro Carola B. Gott, Jonesboro Phillip C. Gott. Jonesboro Dennis G. Goza, Swifton Gary Goza, Paragould Carol Ann Grabbe, Stuttgart Dorothy B. Grady, Newport Frederick Graham, Marked Tree Michael Graham, Pocahontas Bennie Grandcrson, Pine Bluff David Grandgcorge. Stuttgart Charles M. Gray, El Dorado David A. Gray. Blytheville Deborah E. Gray, Walnut Ridge Faith R. Gray, Paragould Kandi Gray, Malden, Mo. Morris E. Gray, Pine Bluff Nancy S. Gray, Tuckerman Tommy S. Gray, Smaekover James Green. North Little Rock David A. Greene, Steele, Mo. Bettina K. Grecno, Weiner Mary Greenwav, Caruthcrsville, Mo. Paul R. Greenwcll, Blytheville 370Freshmen A giant of a man in Indian territory. Stephen 11. Greenwood, Jonesboro Doris G. Greer, Jonesboro James E. Greer, Fort Worth, Tex. Nancy R. Greer, Earle Steve Gresham, Hickory Ridge Grant G. Griffin II, Star City-Joe D. Griffin, Jonesboro Walter W. Griffin, Paragould Brent C. Griggs, Corning Stephanie Griggs, West Memphis Paula G. Grigsby, Jonesboro Jan E. Grimes, Newport Don J. Grisham, Blythcville Douglas Gross, North Little Rock Rebecca A. Guest, Bryant Randy R. Guthrie. Imboden Brenda G. Gwaltney, Joiner Janet F. Gwinup, Portia Betsy L. Gwyn, Wilson Kristine Gwynn, Seoul, Korea Thelma D. Haggans, Jonesboro Alfred E. Haines, Jonesboro Donna J. Hairc, Kennett, Mo. Dennis W. Hansen, Stuttgart Deborah K. Hairrcll, Lake City Jennifer Hale, Newport William R. I laic. McGchec Barbara J. Hall, Birdeve Joseph II. Hall, Tyronza Judy Ann I Jail. Ash Flat Kathryn E. Hall, Jonesboro Thomas F. I fall, Jonesboro Victoria J. Hall, Walnut Ridge Carol Hallum, North Little Rock Jan A. Hambrick. Pocahontas Alan K. Hamilton. Hardy l!en Wayne Hamilton, Jonesboro Edward J. Hamilton. Paragould Evelyn F. Hamilton. Tuckcrman M. L. Hamlett. Caruthersville, Mo. Ronnie L. Hamlett, Malden, Mo. Sheila K. Hamm. Jonesboro Janice R. Hammer. Forrest City Jean E. Hammond. Cincinnati. Ohio Gerald L. Hancock. Blythcville Donald A. Haney, Ozark, Ala. Parmer L. Hankins. Oil Trough Robert W. Hanlc. N. Little Rock Cherrie J. Hanna, Luxora James H. Hanna, Piggott Sharman J. Hannah. Jonesboro Timothy L. Hannah, Lcpanto Victor L. Hannah. Luxora Flvnn F. Manners. Jonesboro James M. Hanncrs. Maynard Bill T. Hannon. Trumann 371Freshmen Indian Band puts on half-time entertainment — gives The Big Red Machine a rest. Jack R. Hansen, Cherokee Village Sammie L. Hare, Wynne Fred M. Hargett, Jonesboro lanicc Hargrave, Mountain Home Beverly I. Hargrave. Jonesboro Ronald L. Harmon. Corning Robert Harper Jr.. Dallas, Tex. Arthur C. I Iarris. West Memphis Barbara J. Harris, Paragould Bernice Harris, Tyronza Edward Harris, Raymondville. Tex. Jerry S. Harris, Batcsvillc Missy A. 1 Iarris, Hot Springs Sally J. I Iarris, Pocahontas Sidney F. I Iarris, Corning Su anne Harris. Pine Bluff Thomas M. Harris, Jonesboro Kelsey L. Harrison, Blytheville Mary E. I larrison. Forrest City Alex E. I lartlc, Bradford James E. I Iarvcy, Grady Martha I latlcy, Marked Tree Darrell Hawkins, Clarkton, Mo. Marcy L. I layden. Pine Bluff Linda C. I laves, I larrison Sandra G. I Iaynie, Little Rock Cheryl A. I laywood, Piggott Nancy M. Hazel baker, Jonesboro Opal M. Head. Cotton Plant Brenda S. I leard. Bald Knob Pauletta M. Heard. Newport David Heaslcy, Batcsvillc Lelani Kay Heath, West Memphis Donald L. Hcdden, Batcsvillc Glenda G. I Icflin, Jonesboro Murphy D. Heird, Pine Bluff Sam D. Helm, Batcsvillc Randall Helms, West DePcre, Wise. Michael Henderson, Pine Bluff Barbara Hendley, Bloomfield, Mo. Mona K. IIcnr f, Dell William H. Henry, Walnut Ridge James I Icmdon, North Little Rock Michael Hcrren, West Memphis Teresa M. Herring, Camden David O. Hcsi. Worden. III. Nora K. Hewlett, Knobel Roger C. Hicklin, Cardwell, Mo. Donna K. Hicks, Malvern Lynn A. Hicks, Caraway Mickey Higgins, Paragould Mary Flight, Mammoth Spring William Hilgeford. Jonesboro James F. Hill. Pocahontas Linda C. Hill, Augusta James R. Hillvcr, Pollard 372John R. Mines. Stuttgart Mar Rita Hinton, Jonesboro Wallace B. Hobson, Jonesboro Gary S. Hodge, Rector John C. Hodges. Hot Springs Wanda S. Hodges, Hickory Ridge Sandra K. Hoeppner, Jonesboro James H. Hoey, Knobel Dennis H. Hogland. Paragould David H. Holcomb, Cardwell, Mo. Donna J. Holcomb, Harrisburg Dennis L. I lolden. Lake Citv Edna Holderfield. Paragould Danny E. I lolificld. Rector Robin L. Holifield. Paragould Gerald Holland. Piedmont. Mo. I.lovd L. I lolland. Bloomfield. Mo. Martha J. Holland, Paragould Thomas J. I lolland. Jonesboro William K. Holland. West Helena Karen K. Hollis, Trumann Anthony R. 1 Iolmes. Kiblah Debby L. Holobaugh. Pocahontas David 1 foisted, North Little Rock Bonnie F. I lolstine, Viola Virginia D. Holstinc, Paragould Amc A. Holt, Little Rock Charlie R. Holt. England Leslie W. Holt. Trumann Pamla M. 1 lolt. Bay Sharon Lea 1 lolt. El Dorado Bary N. Holzhaucr, Gillett Indians Pecan Bowl Bound Mike L. 1 look, Lake City Constance 1.. Hooker. Jonesboro Ronald K. 1 lopkins. Pine Bluff Robert Raymond Horn, Jonesboro Charles E. I lornbeck, Forrest City Jeffery B. 1 lornberger, Manila Janet E. Horner, Kennett, Mo. Johnny D. I lorton, Jonesboro Joyce A. 1 lorton, Paragould Steve C. 1 loskons, Paragould Dennis K. 1 louse, Jonesboro Sammic D. 1 louse, Jonesboro Debra H. 1 louston, Trumann Tonya R. I louston, Dell Dennis W. 1 toward, Osceola Tcrcssa A. Howard, Jonesboro Peggy L. I lowdeshell, Blythevillc Cindy A. I Iowe, Jonesboro Michael L. I Iowell, Pollard Steven K. Ilowrcn. Havti, Mo. Betty L. Hubbard. I-epanto Gary M. I lubbard. Pine Bluff Bryan L. I luber, Weiner Dorothy K. I luckabcc. Caraway Jim D. Huckabcc, Paragould David M. Huddleston, Batcsville George S. I luddleston, Reyno Mary Beth I ludson, Jonesboro Judy Anne I luffman, Paragould Jimmye J- I Iuggins. Jonesboro Judy K. Huggins. Corning William I luggins. Walnut Ridge Gary Wayne I lughes, Armorel Mandy K. Hughes. McCrory Mary Ellen I lughes. Paragould JoAnn Hulcn. Jonesboro Chcrylc I lunkapillcr. Keiser Lucy A. Hunsakcr. Hensley Charles B. Hunt, Carlisle Janice L. I funt. Batcsville 373Charles B. Hunter. Pocahontas Marian B. I turner. Newport Teresa A. Hurst, Nimmons Perry V. Hyde, Paragould Benjamin idiong. Calabar, Nigeria Ronnie J. Irons, West Memphis Rick L. Irvin, Jonesboro Vicki L. Ivy, McGchec Daniel L. Jackson. Forrest City James S. lackson, Pocahontas James W. Jackson. Paragould Janice A. Jackson, Osceola Kathervn Ann Jackson, Harrison Larry B. Jackson, Leachvillc I-cora Jackson, Marvell Paula G. Jackson, Jonesboro Peggie J. Jackson. Paragould Rickey Jackson. Paragould I lenry R. James, Marion Neal A. Jarboc, Steele, Mo. Don W. JerTett. Osceola Melody Jarrett. Reiser Richard A. Jcrrclt. Jonesboro David W. Jean. Walnut Ridge Beatrice Jenkins. Blythcvillc Danny Allen Jenkins. Parkin Linda B. Jenkins. Jonesboro Michael Jenkins. Marshall, lex. abeth A. Jennings. Lepanto Larrv R. Jennings. Bruce. Miss. Lynda L. Jennings. Bcrnic. Mo. James R. Jernigan. Lepanto Scali Gives Candid View Of D.C. Sheila Ann Jewell, Pollard Christina Johnson, Little Rock Ethel C. Johnson, West Ridge James C. Johnson, Paugotild James D. Johnson, Piggott James Johnson Jr., Osceola John II. Johnson. Leachvillc Judy L. Johnson. Rector Phil M. Johnson, Forrest City Randall B. Johnson. Jonesboro Robert D. Johnson, Jonesboro Robert O. Johnson, Lepanto Ronnie R. Johnson, Tyron .i Ross C. Johnson. Pine Bluff Susan H. Johnson, Cherry Valley Victoria L- Johnson, Wynne David L. Johnston, Russell Jeanne D. Johnston, .Marked Tree Linda Joan Johnston, Jonesboro Charles D. Jones Jr., Rector Denny M. Jones, Rector I lirschc! Jones, Oil Trough Jenny K. Jones, Little Rock Judv P. Jones. Jonesboro Karen J. Jones, Little Rock Leah Annette Jones, Marjorie L. Jones, Brookland Mark S. Jones. Dallas, Tex. Michael Jones, North Little Rock Randy S. Jones. DeWitt Rav A. Jones. Wheatley Richard D. Jones. Paragould Ronald G. Jones, Pamiii Sandra J. Jones. Smithville Shirley A. Jones, Bafcsvillc Steve M. Jones. Willie A. Jones. Little Rock Barbara A. Jordan. West Memphis Kevin P. Joyce. Pine Bluff Sli3ron J. Jucha, Blytheville J74Freslmien "You flank right, and I’ll roll around left, and the last one to Roy’s pays tonight." Cathy E. Juergens, Trununn Carolyn K. junior, Hunter Robert E. Junyor, Caraway Palma R. Justus, Walnut Ridge Deondra L. Kaftka, Jonesboro Marsha A. Kaffka, Jonesboro James F. Kane, Renton Sandra Kay Kec, Jonesboro Steven R. Kecrl, Evansville, Ind K.ithv C. Kelley, Paragould Michael E. Kelley, Jonesboro Victoria L. Kelley, Monette Michael D. Kelly, Texarkana Ronnie LaRae Kendall, Newport Howard H. Kennemore, Osceola Terry L. Kent, Mountain Home Woodrow Keown Jr., Little Rock Carolvn F. Kerner, Dell Shelley L- Kernodle. Monette Betty A. Kersey, Wheatley Diana L. Ketcham. Jonesboro Lloyd L. Key. Osceola Brenda Lynn Kidd, Pine Bluff Nancy G. Kidd, Pine Bluff Virginia L. Kiefer, Pocahontas Brenda C. Kieffer, Weiner Rosalie Kieltucki, Marked Free Barbara L. Kilbom, Osceola William E- Kilby. Hot Springs Theresa M. Kilgore, Wynne Randy Killian. Mountain Home Deborah G. Kimbrough, Alicia Kathy Kimbrough. Memphis, Tenn. Kathy E. King, Viola Larry' King, East St. Louis, 111. Pam J. King. West Memphis Pcnnic C. King. Blythcville Rosemary Kinney. Dermott Sara L. Kirk. Paragould Kathy D. Kirkland. Jonesboro Otto R. Kirkpatrick. Foncst City Steve Kisling. Walnut Ridge Kathi M. Knccht. Weiner Danny M. Knight, Jonesboro Deborah S. Knight, Bluff City Doy R. Knight, Bald Knob John C. Knoll. Stuttgart Gerald E. Kogelschatz, Blythcville Edward L. Kowalski, Verona, N. J. Mary J. Kraus, Little Rock Dwayne A. Lackey. Pine Bluff Gelinda K. Ladd. Lake City Karen L. Ladd. Stuttgart Tom H. Lancaster. El Dorado Tommy J. Landers. West Memphis Susan S. Lane, Walnut Ridge 375Freshmen lltc parkins; lot behind University Hall proved a worthy location for Indian backers at the pep rallies. Danny L. Langston, Brookland Jane D. Langston, Jonesboro Alvin Lanier, McCrory Fred 15. Lanier, Tyron a Doughs K. Laslcy, Malden, Mo. Phillip Lassiter, Newport James M. Law, McCrory Donald Lawrence, Blytncvillc Jamie S. Lawrence, Gideon, Mo. Dcbbi G. Lawson, Jonesboro Glenda J. Lea, Jonesboro Grace A. Leary, Jonesboro Ronnie Lcchtcnbcrgcr, Lakcvicw Ryona D. LcClairc, Post, Tex. Boyce L. Ledford, Lcachvillc Deborah G. Ledford, Steele, Mo. Deborah K. Lee, McCrory Brian T. Lees, Horseshoe Bend Donald L. Leftwich, Batcsvillc Kathy J. Legate, Campbell, Mo. Dorothy J. Leon, Wheatley Sandra L. Leonard, Valley View Larry W. Lewallcn, Newport Jammic Dale Lewis, Jonesboro Joey C. Lewis, Success Neal L. Lewis, Norfork Perry Lewis, Jonesboro Rebecca J. Lewis, Jonesboro Raymond E. Liddell, Paragould Richard C. Light, Dumas Clayton S. Lightfoot, Kcnnctt, Mo. David A. Limpach, Jonesboro Wanda Kay Linam, Bay Martha K. Lindley, Jonesboro Lou W. Lindsay. W ilson Charlotte S. Lindsey. I larrisburg Elizabeth Lincbaricr, Camden Dennis L. Lingo, Egypt Gregors' A. Lipsmeyer, Mintum James D. Little, Hoxie Jane Littleton, Driver .ynn M. Loe, Benton Linda G. Loewer, Brinkley Joan London. Jonesboro Calvin W. Long, Wynne Coy L. Long. Forrest City David J. Long, Jonesboro Gary L. Long, Marmadukc Rhonda Long, Bcrnic, Mo. Katherine C. Looney, Trumann Robert C. Looney, Malvern Jean Lorance, Kennett, Mo. George H. Loucks, Jonesboro Ronnie R. Lovclady, Lcachvillc Jackie A. Lovell, Benton Linda E. Lowrcy, Par3gould 376Robert I). Lowery. Judsonia Stuart E. Lowry, Blythcvillc Terry G. Lowry. Knobel Rita J. Lovd, Blythcvillc Norman Lucck, Mountain Home Chuck Luensmann, St. Louis, Mo. John M. Lufey. Kennett. Mo. Patricia L. Lumpkin. Jonesboro Charlotte Lundy, Paragould Michelle Luster. Memphis, Tenn. Rachel Susan Luster, Jonesboro Elizabeth A. Luten, Little Rock Paul B. Luttcrloh, Jonesboro John S. Lynn, Paragould James Lyons. Jonesboro Lewis I vons. Ravenden Springs Minnie Maddox, Harrisburg Douglas M. Magee, Pocahontas Roba L. Maggard. Pleasant Plains Patricia L. Maguire, Augusta Steve R. Mahan. Dyess Pamela K. Malone, Paragould Gars’ D. Mann, Piggott Richard I Mann. Paragould Phyllis A. Manning, Manila Gay W. Manus. Jonesboro Linda S. Marconi. ( rawfordsville Johnny M.irotti II. C rawfordsville Denise C. Marsh, Searcy James A. Marshall. Lcpanto Jerry L. Marshall, Lake City Charles R. Martin. Paragould Diana Grandgeorge Is Miss ASU Mary L. Martin. Jonesboro Melvin E. Martin, Renton Philip A. Martin, Paragould Rheba F. Martin. Jonesboro Catherine A. Marline, Marion Michael I). Mashhurn, Jonesboro Robert A. Mashburn. Jonesboro Gary W. Mason. Jonesboro Barbara L. Massey. Helena Steven O. Massey, Pine Bluff Jan L. Masters. North Little Rock Carl Matchet. North Little Rock Charles D. Mathews. Pine Bluff Gail Mathews, North Little Rock Jerry D. Mathews, Waldenburg Judy K. Mathis, Batcsvillc Lynn Mathis. New Smy. Beach. Fla. Sarah R. Matthews. Walnut Ridge William W. Matthews, Newport Gloria I . Mauldin. Jonesboro Victor M. Mans. Hot Springs Jam's F. Mayton. Malvern Richard Maz anti. Lake Village Charles L. McCain. Marked Tree Carol S. McClelland. Jonesboro Lartv McClendon. Marianna Cynthia G. McClintock. Jonesboro Lana J. McClish, Jonesboro LennisR. McClure, Trumann Daniel McCollum, Colt Edward F. McCook Tuckcnnan Francis McCoy, Jonesboro Kcnnctb W. McCoy, Paragould Terry McCov, Hickory Ridge Marilyn McCracken. Jonesboro David L. McCullough. Salem Nelson W. McCullough. Manila David McDaniel, Joiner Karen D. McDaniel, Joncslxsro Linda McDaniel, Trumann 377Mickey J. McDaniel, Jonesboro Rickey J. McDaniel, Paragould Robert B. McDaniel. Pine Bluff Ruth A. McDaniel, Newport Barbara McFarland, Marked Tree Karalee G. McFarlin, Monette Kelly F. MeGaughey, I-akc City Ruth II. MeGaughey, Newport K McGee, Harrisburg icia McGee, Blytheville RoRcr W. McGee, Batesville Franklin J. McGuire, Blytheville Michael L. McGuire. Cherry Valley Tim L. McKamcy, Imboden Henry W. McKee, Corning June V. McKinney, Warren Dee L. McLarty, Jonesboro Mary A. McLaughlin, Jonesboro Roger McLemorc, Grady Billy McMillion, Hot Springs Janet S. McN'eelv, Pollard Laura McNutt, North Little Rock Ronald McPherson. Altheimcr Robert M. Mcacham, Manila Donna R. Mead, Osceola Gary D. Meador, Blytheville Mechaclc Medearis. Mt. Home Carla 1). Medley. Pine Bluff Genard Medley, Little Rock Sara J. Meek. Paragould William F. Meeks Jr.. Jonesboro Rhonda L. Mendes, Hardy Changes Made In Grading Policy James T. Meredith, Forrest City Donnie L. Merriott, Hot Springs Hedy Merritt, Elaine Betty L. Metcalf. Lake City James T. Met . Jonesboro Jeffrey K. Met . Jonesboro Teresa K. Met . Jonesboro Ricky K. Met ger, Blytheville Henry F. Met Jer III. Jonesboro Steven I’.. Met Ier, Jonesboro Rickey L. Miles. Jonesboro Phil r. Milcy, Brinkley Marilyn W. Miller. Campbell. Mo. Paul D. Miller. Cotton Plant Rosanne Miller, Jonesboro Sammy R. Miller. Wynne Doug Milligan. Walnut Ridge Milladinc Milligan. Lc3chville Phillip W. Milligan. Trumann Louis R. Mills. Harrisburg Sarah I. Ming. Marked Tree Michael H. Minton. Bono Jim A. Mirabella. Brinkley George Mires. Florissant. Mo. Sharon K. Miser. Grubbs Rcnonia V'. Mitcham. Parkin Ken Mitchell. Plantersvillc. Miss. Steve Mitchell, Mountain View Steven E. Mitchell. Trumann Elouise M. Mi c, Batesville Rebecca 1. Mize. Jonesboro Lawrence E. Mobley, Manila Randall L. Mobley. Paragould Karen Moffitt, East St. Louis. 111. Leslie K. Mommsen. Stuttgart Robert L. Mondv, Pocahontas Glenda J. Monk. Pine Bluff Diane Montgomery. Lake City Tony Montgomery, Forrest City William Moody, Little Rock 378Freshmen Linda G. Mooney, Ash Flat Barbara L. Moore, Stuttgart Ronnie W. Moore, Rector Travis M. Moore, Bernie. Mo. Vivian L. Moore, Stuttgart Sandra G. Morehart, Harrisburg Johnny Morgan, Colt Martha A. Morgan, Lepanto Betty K. Morledge, Forrest City Carol A. Morris, Jonesboro Dennis M. Morris, West Memphis Elmer Grover Morris, Wynne Hcrvy A. Morris. Augusta Ronald D. Morris, Delaplaine Sandra Morris, Harrisburg Thomas Morris, Corning Debra Jean Moss, Oxford Ali Mostafavi, Tehran, Iran Helen Mullins, Bono Roseann Mullins, Jonesboro Nicholas Munson, New York. N.Y. Charley M. Murphy, Vanndale Mark Murphy, Brookland Glenda K. Neal, Lcpanto Vernon L. Neal, Ncttleton Barbara J. Neeley, Corning Deborah Neely, Fine Bluff Jimmy A. Neely, Egypt Marion K. Neely, Jonesboro Bruce E. Nelms, Brookland Billie J. Nelson. Newport Sheila Nelson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Deborah Nesbitt, Mountain View David L. Newberry, Jonesboro James Newsom, Lafe Rebecca I.. Nichols, Keiser Robert L. Nichols, Jonesboro Carl Nicholson, Moro Lloyd E. Nicholson. Brinkley Dorris Nixon, Little Rock Richard A. Nobles, Stuttgart Larry J. Nooner. Little Rock Deborah A. Norman, Couch, Mo. Gary L. Norman. Fiftysix Paul E. Norrid, I folland. Mo. Mary J. Norris, Jonesboro Linda K. Northen, Paragould Thomas L. Norvell, Hope Karen G. Nowlin, Armorcl Lulu M. Nucc. Pocahontas Donald Nunnally, Tvron a Ronald Nunnally, Tyronza Dinah G. Nutt, Camden Larry S. O’Dell. Little Rock Marilyn O'Dell. Pleasant Plains Cecil Oliver. Paragould 379Freshmen “Already planning Spring Break)’’ West Icy A. Oliver, W. Helena Ronald L. Olson, Brookland Dale Oltmann, Brinkley Linda Kay Oltmann, Brinkley Bobby R. O’Neal, Blytheville Harold L. O'Neal, Blytheville Roger Ort, North Little Rock Gary Osborn, Mountain 1 Ionic Margaret A. Osoinach, Jonesboro Kathy J. Overman, Caraway Keith Overstreet, Searcy Jake Owens HI, Cherokee Village James M. Owens, Keiscr 1 larvey W. Oxner, Marianna Linda C. Oyler, Ash Flat James C. Pace, Lake City Beverly Pagan, Jonesboro Virginia D. Page, Augusta Raymond M. Palmer, Jonesboro Vickie L. Palmer, Pocahontas Marilyn K. Panncll, Paragould Rita C. Panned, I larrisburg Sandra K. Park, Jonesboro April J. Parke, Jonesboro Henry Parker, Alma Joe M. Parker, Pine Bluff Kathy D. Parker, Arbyrd, Mo. Michael K. Parker, Kcnnctt, Mo. Patrilia L. Parker, Manila Tom Man Parker, Augusta Stanley O. Parkinson, Jonesboro Linda L. Parks, Paragould Stanley R. Parks, Blytheville Deborah A. Parmer. Newport Sheila J. Parsley, Forrest City James E. Pate, Pine Bluff F. C. Patterson, Wcwahitchka, Fla. Troy M. Patterson, Lepanto Linda F. Patton, Marked Tree Rodger A. Pearce, Newport Michael Pecottc, Stephenson, Mich. Caro] Peebles, Mountain Grove. Mo. Mean Peek. Marion Cathy Peeler, Benton James Peresta, Little Rock Charlotte Perrin, Cynthiana, Kv. Tony Perrin, Batcsvillc Almeta Perry, Marianna Harvey Perry, I-onoke Michael Perry. Big Flat Phyllis A. Perry, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Peterson. Blytheville Keith Joe Pctrck, Light James Petty, Pine Bluff Roger A. Petty, Greenway David R. Phelps, Earle 380Debra Philhours, Manila Gary R. Phillips, Batesville Jennifer I . Phillips, Jonesboro Michael L. Phillips, Jonesboro Philip C. Philpot, Jonesboro Ginger I.. Phipps, Newport Carl E. Pickle. Cherokee Village Linda Pickncy, I loxie Nancy L. Pickney, Paragould Howard F. Pierce, Hardy John C. Pierce, Ix-achville John L. Pierce, Caruthcrsvillc, Mo. Nevyle Pierce Jr„ Batesville Shelley M. Pike. Steele, Mo. Connie Pinkston. Paragould Linda J. Pitts, Marked Tree Connie S. Pobst, Piggott Betty J. Poindexter, Steele, Mo. Billy Poole, Kennett. Mo. Larry G. Pope. Forrest City Larry J. Pope. I Icndcrson Marguerite Pope. I Icndcrson Joseph Popham. Lcachville Biliv R. Porter Manila Mary Anne Porter, Augusta Gary Gene Popisil, West Memphis Judy M. Potts, Greenway Anita J. Powell. Jonesboro Jewelline Powell. West Memphis Robert F. Powell, Little Rock Linda Powers. West Memphis Paul L. Pratt, Forrest City Centrex System Installed Robert J. Pratt, Mountain Home Stephen A. Pratt, Jacksonville Birdie Prentice, Newport Beth M. Presley, Trumann Jimmie W. Pretty, Fuckerman Dennis L. Price, Corning Joel A. Price, Marked Tree Michael Price. Bragg Citv. Mo. Gary D. Prince, Paragould Oscar E. Prince III, Pocahontas Danny L. Proffitt, Dyess Jeffery Pryor, Little Rock Patricia Purtle, Blythcvillc Fli abcth Ragsdcll, Brinkley Bon Randolph. Caruthcrsvillc, Mo. Jacqueline Range, Osceola Audrey Rapcrt. Mavnard Calvin Ratcliff III, Hayti, Mo. Diane E. Ration, Paragould Donna F. Ratton, Paragould Gerald B. Ray, Leachvilic Richard Ray. Blythcvillc Michael J. Raymond. Hialeah, Fla. James Ra er, Blythcvillc Kenny L. Redman, Manila Tommy W. Reed, Lcachville David Reese, Pine Bluff Cathy J. Reeves, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Reeves, Salem Larry E. Reeves, Little Rock Steven Reeves, Mt. Pleasant David P. Reid, Wynne Harriet Reid, North Little Rock Charles G. Rep pond, Sheridan Suzanne Rcttig, Little Rock Bruce D. Rcutelcr, Jonesboro Elwyn Rcutelcr. Jonesboro Cathy E. Reynolds. Batesville Janet K. Rhoades, Thayer. Mo. Deanna R. Rhodes, Black Oak 381Nancy E. Rhodes, Newport James Richardson, Blythcville Kathleen Richardson, Ash Flat Lonnie R. Richardson, Lake City Nanc)' Richardson, Little Rock Deborah Riddick. Manila Janice Ridge. Lake City Pam A. Ridge. McCrory Beverly S. Riggs, Dell Dennis Riley, Batcsville Ilionias A. Ripley, Jonesboro Seketheia Ritchie, Pine Bluff Shelby Roach. I Junter Alantha Robb, Paragould Kenneth Roberts, Marmadukc Marian J. Rol erts, Jonesboro Dennis R. Robertson, Rector Jo Ann Robertson, Batesville Margaret Robertson, Ft. Smith Karen Robins, Smackover Cecil D. Robinson, Jonesboro Donna L. Robinson, loncsboro Larry C. Robinson. I leber Springs Ronald Robinson, Paragould Rick M. Rodney. Piggott John B. Rodgers, DeWitt Kenny D. Rodgers, Paragould Bera A. Rogers, Blythcville Carey W. Rogers. Paragould John M. Rogers. Jonesboro RubyJ. Rogers. Biscoc Terric N. Rogers. Lcachville Women Get Apartment Privileges Katherine A. Rollins, Marcella Ronnie Rollins, Marked Free Billie Roinme. C. herokee Village Lucille Rondone, Batcsville Dickey A. Rook, Joneslsoro Lois R. Rooker, Ravenden Kevin Rorick, I lot Spring Billy G. Rose. Trumann Cynthia Ross, Paragould Jack K. Ross, 1 louston, Tex. Timmy Roth, Swansea, III. Janice Rounsauall, Blythcville Tim M. Rouse, Horncrsvillc, Mo. Andrew Rouscy. I uckemian Judy D. Routon, Paragould Tommy Routon, Paragould Dennis Rowe, Paragould Schuler Rowland, Marvell Bobby N. Rowlett. Swiften Martha L. Roy, Jonesboro Gussic Mac Rucker, Forrest City Marcillc M. Ruff, Jonesboro Janies D. Rumble, West Memphis Teresa C. Runsick, Batcsville David Rush, Paris James L. Rushing, Pine Bluff R. A. Rushins, New Madrid. Mo. Michael B. Russell, Pine Bluff Dale W. Russom, Jonesboro Mary A. Rutherford. Osceola David P. Rutland. Memphis, Tenn. Bill M. Sadler, Rison Leroy Sain Jr., Marianna Sharvl J. Sain. Walnut Ridgi-Mark T. Sailings, McCrory Pamela K. Saltzinan, Campbell, Mo. Danny B. Sample, Ash Flat Tom Samuel son. Gowanda, N.Y. Debbie M. Sanders. Hardy James II. Sanders, Cave City 382Freshmen Lotetta Sansom, Jonesboro Patricia Scaife, Marvell Noel W. Schaller, Malden, Mo. Beth Scharli, Mammoth Spring Cheryl Schislcr, Jonesboro Frank Schmidt, Pocahontas William R. Schmidt, Pocahontas Arleen O. Scott, Marianna Betty A. Scott, 1 larrisburg Davie Scott, Osceola Mark A. Scott, West Memphis Michael Scott, Piggott John J. Scurto, Vienna, 'a. John W. Seagravcs, Pocahontas Danny F. Scars, 1 loxie Mary Frances Seay, Hector Judy C. Sebastian, West Memphis Doris Scbrce, Stuttgart Jimmy Scbring, North Little Rock Paul Scidcnschwarz, Stuttgart Sandra Seymour, West Memphis Ivan E. Shaw, Jonesboro Lnuna L. Shelton, Little Rock Ruth Shelton, Kcnnctt, Mo. Sandra K. Shelton, Rector William Shepard, Kcnnctt, Mo. Suzanne Shepherd, Jonesboro Glenn D. Sherrill, Little Rock Jon C. Sherry, Springdale Anthony Shipman, Fiftysix Roy L. Short, 1 lelcna Judy Showwalter, Tuckerman Steven D. Shults, Pocahontas Alvin Shumate, Marianna Sarah L. Shumpert, Birdsong Mikki Sidcbottom, Paragould Mark E. Sieving. Blytheville Tim Sigman, Dyersburg, Tenn. Kenneth Simington, Maynard David E. Simpson, Rector Edith Simpson, Pocahontas Mary Simpson, Little Rock Sheila Simpson, Leachville Sherman Dale Simpson, Jonesboro Jean Singleton, Jacksonville Jerry Sisco, Delaplainc Roy Sisco, Harrison Rhonda S. Sissom, Cardwell, Mo. Randy J. Skarda, I Kathy S. Skelton, Blytheville Jesse T. Skinner, Batcsville John Skinner, McGehee Robert Slabaugh, Parkin Janice F. Slaglcy. Tuckerman Nell Smart, Blytheville Stephen Craig Smart, Crossett 383Freshmen ABC newsman John Scali chat with Charles Rasberry of KASU Gregory Sinclscr, North Little Rock lan B. Smith, Strawberry Bonnie M. Smith, Lake Village Florence F. Smith, Altheimcr Flynn Smith, Earle Gary M. Smith, Blytheville James M. Smith, Reiser Karen S. Smith, Jonesboro Larry A. Smith, McCrory Lynne Smith, Batcsvillc Margaret A. Smith, Lake Gity Mike D. Smith, Brinkley Olen D. Smith, Jonesboro Ontlrcia D. Smith, Blytheville Randy E. Smith, Ravenden Rebecca A. Smith, Gillctt Roger 1 . Smith, Wynne Sarah J. Smith, Jonesboro l ummy B. Smith, Benton Betty G. Smoot, Jonesboro Vincent O. Snell, Joncsooro Charles R. Snyder, l'rumann Conley Soden, 1 uckcrman Lloyd Somers, Jonesboro Ken R. Sorrels, O'Fallon, 111. Kathy D. Spann, Newport Carolyn Sparkman, Franklin Juris Gale Sparks, Jonesboro Joel S. Sparler, Paragould Richard S. Spence, Corning Ronnie VV. Spiegel, I larrisburg Pamela J- Spikes, Pocahontas Susan I- Spurlock, Jonesboro Jimmy 1). Stacy, Forrest City Danny R. Stafford, Cherry Valley Ted Staggs, North Little Rock James 11. Stake, Kensett Helen L. Stallin, West Memphis Kenneth Stalling. Jonesboro Patti A. Stamp, Sikeston, Mo. Sally L. Starkey, Malvern Vernie D. Starkey, Harrison Sandra K. Starnes. Marked Tree James A. Starr. Biggers Billie Jean Steadman, Jonesboro Janie C. Steen, Newport Charles E. Stephenson, DeWitt Deborah Stevens, Jonesboro Ollie A. Stevens, Valley View Randv Stevens, Mountain View Dennis Stevenson, Hickory Ridge Ivors- M. Steward. Forrest City Diana M. Stewart, Osceola Elizabeth J. Stewart. Jonesboro Jerry Stewart, Jonesboro Richard St. John, Marianna 384Robert D. Stoker, Grubbs Clauson R. Stone, Althcimer Sharon E. Stout, Pine Bluff Sandra G. Stovall, Prescott James W. Straub, West Memphis Ronnie Strickland, Marked Tree John W. Street, Jonesboro Georgeanne Stump, Jonesboro Ellen M. Sturch, Walnut Ridge Winfred Sturch. Batesville Kenneth S. Sulccr. Gilmore Gary D. Sullivan, Cave City William T. Summers, Jonesboro Patti Suttcrficld. Jonesboro Ellen M. Swcancy, Corning Tommy Sweat, Jonesboro Cindy L. Swindle, Walnut Ridge Danny M. Swindle. Parkin Karen Swope, Upper St. Clair, Pa. Jacquelyn Tabron, Colt John D. 'lacker, Jonesboro Dave V. Tackett, Dayton, Ohio W. E. Tackett. North Little Rock Susan M. Taintcr, Marianna David A. Talbot, Trutnann Debbie Talburt. Batesville Sandra K. Tamburo. I Iclcna Betty J. Tanner. Coming Jovanna Tanner. Cherokee Village Larry E. Tanner. Pine Bluff Patricia Tanner, Jonesboro Lilbern Tarlton. Marked Tree ASU Faculty Numbers 357 Judy Tar a, Memphis, Tenn. Paulette Iaten, Pine Bluff I lershcl D. Tatum, Lepanto Bobbie J. I’aylor, Stuttgart Debbie A. Taylor, Memphis, Tenn. Donna S. Taylor, Alicia Guy Taylor Jr., Brinkley Marjorie Taylor, Gobler, Mo. Kathy I.. Tedder, Paragould Dennis C. Teel, Paragould Cynthia Tempo), Peckskill, N.Y. Robert L. Templeton, Swifton Valerie M. PcrKcurst, Pine Bluff Ada L. Terry, Trutnann Deborah L. Terry, Little Rock Michael L. Teter, Mountain I lomc Brenda Thacker. N. Little Rock Kenneth A. Thaxton, Newport Donna G. Thomas, Rector Jan M. Thomas, North Little Rock Janice M. Thomas, Piggott Pitser Thomas III, Cash Ronald W. Thomas, Armorel Beverli Thompson, McCrory Darrel J. Thompson. Paragould Emma J. Thompson, Boonevillc Ronald P. Thompson, Parkin Ruby Thompson, Jonesboro Rebecca Tidwell, Dell Tony Tidwell, Jonesboro Jeannie Tiffee, Tuckerman Windcll Tilley. Blythcvillc Bcverlv K. Tillman, Lake Village Darrell Tillman, Tomato Dalton Timmons. Jonesboro Lida A. Tinker Uoxte Mike D. Tinsley, Newport Mary J. Todd. Gibson. Mo. Stephanie J Todd, Gibson. Mo. Vicki I.. Todd. Blythcvillc 385Michael Tolson, Walnut Ridge Terre Tomlinson, Blythcvillc Rebecca Toombs. Memphis. Tenn. Jerry E. Toone, Rector Virginia S. Topp. Helena Claude Towery, Jonesboro Jerry- Trammell. Little Rock Charlotte Trantham, Helena Carolyn M. Trask, West Memphis Kenneth L. Travis, Stuttgart Stevie Treccc, Paragould Travis Trimuc, Forrest City Ricky F.. Tubbs, Marked Tree Richard Tucker, Marked Tree Rollic Dean Tucker, Little Rock Tim Tunstill, Cherokee Village Gary Turner, Ash Flat Larry E. Turner, Jonesboro Linda J. Turner, Paragould Martha D. Turner. Paragould Barbaranette Twillie, Colt Deborah 11. Tye, Searcy Carol A. Tycr, Lepanto Gary' L. Tyner, Jonesboro Anton C. Uth Jr., Searcy Murlon L. Utley, Kennett, Mo. Mary E. Vanderburg, Hunter Regenia Vangilder, Rector Edgar Vaughn, Heth Mark W. Vaughn, Lepanto Robert A. Vaughn. Paragould Phillip Veal, Jonesboro Harriers Get 2nd In SLC Lynn M. Vicchio, IS. Little Rock Sarah C. Vickers, Jonesboro 1 larold Vise, Lepanto Walter A. Vore, Hardy Mona S. Waddell, Walnut Ridge Alva V. Wadlcy, Paragould Patricia Wainscott, Jonesboro Donna Walker, Jonesboro James C. Walker, Jonesboro Larry Walker, Jonesboro Lloyd Walker, Jonesboro Princella Walker, Forrest City Richard D. Walker, Wynne Douglas G. Wall. Forrest City Brenda Wallace, Dyess John D. Wallace, Lake City Judy M. Walter, Jonesboro Rufus C. Walton, West Memphis Theresa Walton, Paragould Larry I). Ward, Forrest City Carol E. V3rficld, West I lelcna Keley Warner, West Memphis Edith L. Warren, Tyronza Michael E. Warren, Bay Anna Washarn, Mammoth Spring Ralph Waters, Marion Michael Watkins, Hayti, Mo. Beverly Watson, New Madrid, Mo. Jonathan Watson, Earle Marcia Watson, Piggott Susan A. Watson. Holcomb, Mo. Glenda J. Way, Little Rock Mike Weathersby, Brinkley-Rocky Weaver, Baiesvillc Candace Webb. Jonesboro Lon G. Webber, Searcy Douglas N. Webster. Newport David R. Wellman, Pocahontas Debbie K. Wei Ions, Jonesboro Sherry L. Wells, Paragould 386Freshmen Kathy E. Wcsche, Memphis, Tcnn. Franklin Wess, Williford Claude West, Little Rock Rodney West, Kennctt, Mo. Roger West, Blythcville Stanley West, Marked Tree Thomas E. West, Newport Dianne Westbrook, Pleasant Plains Rita G. Westbrook, Jonesboro Chris P. Wewers, Jonesboro Austin Wheeler, North Little Rock Joe Marion Wheeler, Thayer, Mo. Judy Wheeler, Pleasant Plains Thomas Wheeler, Marion Carolyn White, Jonesboro Curtis White, Jefferson Danny E. White, Pine Bluff Deborah K. White, Alton, Mo. Jackie R. White, Manila Judy L. White, Newport Marcia G. White, Little Rock Vickie A. White, Little Rock Cherry L. Whitehead, Jonesboro Emelyn K. Whitley, Arlington, Va. I larry L. Whittcd, Osceola Vicki Whittington, Bolivar, Tenn. Patrick Whitworth, Taylors, S.C. Boyce W. Wilkerson, Little Rock Douglas C. Wilkerson, Wynne John Wilkes, Ash Flat Betty J. Williams, Corning Carolyn A. Williams, Jonesboro Charles K. Williams, Manila Dwight Williams, Paragould Eddie Williams, Trumann Jacqulin Williams, Marianna Jerry L. Williams, West Memphis Johnny M. Williams, Jonesboro Marvin Ray Williams, Turrell Nathaniel Williams, Proctor Ray Williams, West Ridge Terry Williams, Steele, Mo. Cynthia Williamson, Jonesboro Beverly Willis, Marianna Shirley Willis, Bassett Pam K. Wilhelm, Pine Bluff Albert Wilson, Batesville Bobby Earl Wilson, Little Rock James II. Wilson, Staunton, 111. Kenny A. Wilson, Jonesboro Michael Wilson, West Memphis Kathy Winberry, Paragould Roger E. Winker, Wynne Vicky A. Winkles, Wynne Robert Winncs, Bonncrdale Robert Winningham, Harrisburg 387Freshmen I don't care what you think, it's not Santa Claus. Daniel O. Wiseman, Searcy Janet L. Witcher, Coming Charles D. Wolfe, Mt. Pleasant Marilyn A. Womack, Bald Knob Ricky L. Womack, Lake City David B. Wood, Caraway David E. Wood, Harrisburg James A. Wood, Campbell, Mo. Marlyn F. Wood, Jonesboro Ollie E. Wood, Jonesboro Peggy L. Wood, Harrisburg Phyllis Wood, Mount Morris, Mich. Walter E. Wood. Jonesboro Karen L. Woodall, Bcrnie, Mo. Alice J. Woodard, Marianna Gary E. Woodard, Mountain View Kathy A. Woodruff, Newport Melissa J. Woodruff, Newport Billy G. Woods, Brookland Edna M. Woodside, Paragould Vicki L. Woodsmall, Caraway Ken Woodworth, Louisville, Ky. Michael D. Wooten, Marianna Charles Word Jr„ N. Little Rock Samuel D. Word. Brinkley John R. Worlund, Blythcvillc Danny K. Wortham, Cash Charles Wright, Jonesboro Carletta J. Wright, Paragould Jimmy D. Wright. Evening Shade Zane K. Wright, Marmadukc Jeannie F. Wy, Blythcvillc George P. Wycoff, Jonesboro Dennis J. Yarbro, Tilton Larry J. Yarbrough, Pine Bluff Pamela Yarbrough. Paragould Patricia Yarbrough, Racine. Wise. Don L. Young, Trumann Farrell C. Young. Corning Judy E. Young, Pine Bluff Julia A. Young, Osceola Kathryn M. Young, Batesville Randall L. Young, Searcy Virginia I. Young, Blytheville Bill B. Younger. Mount Pleasant David Yount. Floral Michael Zugin, Carpcntcrsville, 111. 388389 thos« Monday morning blahs!Second Semester Students “Well, considering the outcome of the season. I would lx? justified in saying the boys did a commendable job.” Kristine Artymowski, Newport Jo Avis, Fairview, Mo. Rosemary B. Brashers, Paragould Larry K. Burrows. Bey no Cynthia L. Campbell, Osceola Cynthia L. Carpenter, Beebe Ron J. Carrol, St. Louis, Mo. Steven I . Cole, Jonesboro Betsy L. Coleman, loncsboro Jackie 1). Crawford, Reyno Carol S. Crook. Blythcville I bonus L. Dail, Harrisburg Larry W. Davis. Savannah, Tenn. Roger D. Davis, Reiser Kathy S. Duckworth, Piggott Keith M. Hrickson. Caiipatria, Crlif. Larry W. Eubanks, Clinton Tom F. Felts, Net tic ton Dana J. Goldsmith, Steele, Mo. Raymond D. Graham. Reyno Buddy Green, Little Rock Vicki A. Green. Little Rock Earl W. Gunn, West Memphis Mabulene Harris. Osceola John F. I larvcy. Jonesboro Bobby E. Higginbottom, Williford Dorothy C. Hudson, Jonesboro Najgy H. Johnson. Maynard Darrel W. Lancaster. Jonesboro Lily D. Mattmiller, Gillett James F. Mayfield, Jonesboro Donnie L. Moore, West Memphis Jack L. Oliver, Paragould Ernest Overby, Richmond, Va. Janice G. Rice, Thayer, Mo. N'ickey P. Snow, Jonesboro Karen A. Soward, Trumann Terry D. Tharp. Success Kenny J. Tolbert, Bono Stephen M. Toney, Helena Gwen B. Weathers. Blythcville Jerry W. Wilson, Pine Bluff 390Index A Charles L. Abanathy, 320 Charles E. Abbott, 342 Jan S. Abbott, 284 Vicki J. Abbott, 342 Lawrence R. Abdella, 284 John L). Abel, 302 Scott 1’. Abell, 362 John S. Abernathy, 342 Karen R. Abernathy, 362 Roger A. Achor, 362 James C. Acklin, 320 Patricia . 1. Aclin, 284 .Mice A. Adams, 320 Angela A. Adams, 284 Barbara Adams, 320 Constance K. Adams, 362 David M. Adams, 320 Cary A. Adams, 320 Gerald W. Adams. 342 James L. Adams, 284 Jan Adams, 342 Janice S. Adams, 284 Jimmy L. Adams, 362 Karan J. Adams, 342 Larry YV. Adams, 342 Lora M. Adams, 320 Steve A. Adams, 362 Terry C. Adams, 362 I on: A. Adams, 362 Wendell W. Adams, 362 William C. Adams, 320 Carol B. Agee, 284 Carolyn J. Agee, 320 Karin S. Agee, 362 Lloyd R. Agee. 362 Marcia K. Agee, 342 Charles R. Akers, 284 Eva C. Akers, 362 Joseph M. Akins, 362 Don G. Albright, 362 Howard M. Alderson, 362 Nancy A. Alderson. 342 James E. Aldridge. 362 1 larriet S. Alexander, 284 James D. Alexander, 342 Larry D. Alexander. 342 Richard C. Alexander, 320 William S. Alexander, 342 Deborah A. Allbright. 320 Aleccia A. Allen, 362 Alice G. Allen, 320 Chcrri A. Allen, 362 Dwana S. Allen. 320 John Allen Jr., 320 Judy K. Allen. 320 Nancy Allen. 320 Robert D. Allen, 284 Ronny J. Allen, 320 William L. Allen, 320 Aubrey D. Allensworth, 342 Elizabeth K. Alley, 362 Vicki J. Allgicr, 284 Karen Y. Allison, 284 Steven D. Alston, 362 (icrald M. Alsup. 320 Margaret S. Alsup. 320 Pamela J. Alsup, 362 Ixslic E. Alsworth. 362 Jacinto Alvarez-Rodrigucz, 362 John T. Ammons. 284 Vince Anccll. 342 Deborah K. Anderson. 362 Dennis R. Anderson, 320 George R. Anderson. 362 Janis G. Anderson. 342 Jerry I). Anderson. 342 John M. Anderson, 362 Larry O. Anderson, 320 Mark L. Anderson. 320 Morgan D. Anderson. 362 Rex D. Anderson. 342 Rodney J. Anderson, 284 Ronnie E. Anderson. 342 Judy A. Andrews, 362 Sara J. Andrews. 320 Shirley J. Andrews, 342 Susie D. Andrews, 320 Virginia W. Andrews, 284 James T. Angell, 362 Frank Angelo Jr., 284 Gary P. Angelo, 342 William D. Annablc. 362 Steve J. Anselmi, 320 Tandy I.. Anthony, 320 Eugene W. Applebury, 362 Donald L. Appleton, 362 James R. Appleton, 362 Robert S. Appleton. 3o2 Stephen C. Archer, 320 Sharon D. Armour, 320 Belva L. Armstrong, 342 Charles F. Armstrong. 342 Diane S. Armstrong, 320 Karen S. Armstrong, 342 Linda L. Armstrong, 284 Murray E. Armstrong, 32C Phyllis A. Armstrong, 362 Thomas A. Armstrong. 362 Erankie D. Arnhart, 284 Ercda L. Arnhart. 342 Vicki L. Arnn, 342 Charles E. Arnold, 320 Sherry I.. Arnold. 342 Tommy L. Arnold, 342 Kathryn F. Arrington, 284 Mary K. Arrington. 320 Kristine Artvmowski, 390 Sharon M. Arvclo, 320 Charles M. Arwood. 342 Vivian L. Asbury, 320 Candace M. Ashby, 284 I larict A. Ashcraft. 362 Vcrnic M. Ashcraft. 320 Mike L. Ashford. 284 Gussi E. Ashley. 320 enetta Ashley, 362 .arev W. Ashley. 362 Barbara L. Ashlock. 362 Gerald L. Ashlock, 320 Karen S. Ashlock. 125 Lloyd A. Ashlock. 284 Sam L. Ashworth. 284 Janice F. Aslin, 320 William F.. Aslin. 284 Chcrecc Athy, 342 Karen P. Athy, 362 Ernestine Atkinson. 320 Mary Atkinson. 284 'Thomas W. Atkinson. 362 Sidney R. Atkison. 342 Janet E. Austin, 362 Michael K. Austin, 342 Rodger E. Austin. 320 Ronald L. Austin. 284 Brenda K. Auvcnshinc. 362 Jerry W. Avery, 362 Jo Avis, 390 ITiomas W. Avis, 284 John C. Aycock. 320 Richard A. Avcock. 342 Lesa L. Azbill. 362 B William W. Back, 284 Robert D. Bahn, 342 Charlene Bailey, 362 James R. Bailey, 362 Keith W. Bailey, 362 Larry L. Bailey, 284 Polly A. Bailey, 320 Sidney B. Bailey, 284 Audrca M. Baird, 320 Lerov Baird, 320 Albert E. Baker, 284 Bonnie K. Baker, 362 Brett Baker, 320 Craig B. Baker, 320 Judy C. Baker, 320 Lena V. Baker, 342 Robert S. Baker, 362 Scott L. Baker, 362 Steven D. Baker, 320 Steve L. Baker, 362 Susan K. Baker, 362 Susie M. Baker, 320 Thomas G. Baker, 284 Sam D. Batch, 284 Johnny Baldi, 342 Linda A. Baldridge, 320 Mitch Baldridge, 320 Patricia L. Baldridge, 342 Paul Balducci, 342 Billy F. Baldwin, 362 Gordon P. Baldwin, 362 James M. Baldwin, 320 Larry J. Baldwin, 362 Hiomas J. Baldwin. 2S4 Linda K. Bales, 320 Patricia D. Bales, 284 Darrell D. Ball. 342 Ida R. Ball, 362 Jerry L. Ball, 285 Joan W. Ball. 285 John E. Ball. 362 Larry D. Ballard. 285 Linda G. Ballard. 362 Peggy C. Ballard. 362 Rickie Ballard. 320 William E. Ballard, 342 Martin A. Balt , 320 Mary Loretta Baltz, 125 Thomas R. Baltz, 342 R. Banan adch-AIi, 342 Calvin D. Banks, 362 Gary D. Banks. 362 John T. Banks, 362 John W. Banks, 320 Sidney E. Banks. 285 Paul E. Bankston. 285 Betty L. Barber, 362 Danny T. Barber. 285 Donald R. Barber. 320 Joseph H. Barber. 342 Lynn E. Barber, 342 Truman M. Barber. 285 Vicki G. Barber, 362 William B. Barber, 362 Duane 1. Barbour. 285 Betty K. Bardwell. 362 Donna E. Bardwell. 285 Phyllis A. Bardwell. 285 Cleveland E. Barfield, 342 Mike Barger, 320 Gerald R. Barker. 320 John A. Barker, 285 Karen L. Barker. 362 Bob Barlow. 342 Janice M. Barncr. 362 Oscar C. Barncr. 342 Beverly A. Barnes. 342 Cathy R. Barnes. 342 Christine L. Barnes. 362 Darrel D. Barnes. 320 Larie I- Barnes, 363 Luana B. Barnes. 342 Mary L. Barnes, 342 Benjamin L. Barnett, 342 LouAnn H. Barnett, 285 Michael I). Barnett. 363 Tracy W. Barnett. 342 Barbara A. Barnette, 363 Marilyn D. Barrett, 320 Paul M. Barrett. 363 Rodney L. Barrett, 320 Sharon G. Barrett, 285 I larry J. Barringer, 363 Nancy L. Barthcl. 363 Gillis Bartholmcy, 285 Dorothy D. Barton, 363 Gordon D. Barton, 285 Ronald E. Barton, 342 Jon Baskin, 342 Thomas II. Baskins, 342 Brenda L. Basler, 342 Lee E. Bass, 363 Earl L. Bassham, 320 Linda D. Bassham, 285 Russell R. Bassham, 320 I erry W. Bassham, 363 Larry L. Bates, 363 Pamela J. Bates, 320 Betty Baicy, 320 I Icrbcrt G. Batcy, 285 Richard D. Batcy, 320 Farrell D. Batterton, 320 Marcia R. Batterton, 342 Rick L. Batterton, 363 Karen A. Batton, 363 Shirley A. Baugh, 363 Anthony W. Baughman, 34 Cindy A. Baur, 363 Paul M. Baur, 342 Martin E. Baurcis, 285 Richard J. Baurcis, 363 Rick I). Baxter, 363 Mavcne Beaird, 363 Jerry W. Beard. 342 Robert L. Beard. 2S5 Leonard Bearden HI. 363 Reta G. Bearden, 342 Carol L. Beasley, 320 Lynda L. Beasley, 320 Kenneth Ii. Beaton, 320 Wayne R. Beaumont, 321 Christine Beavers, 321 Gary L. Beavers, 363 Connie S. Beck, 321 Craig L. Beck. 285 Kenneth D. Beck. 363 Melvin Beck. 285 Terry L. Beck. 363 Martin M. Becker, 285 Rctha L. Beckman. 321 Lee Beckman, 342 Don G. Bcdnar. 363 Bahram Bchjat-nia. 342 I lenry L. Behner. 342 John Belcher, 321 Larrv G. Beliew, 321 Arthur W. Bell. 285 Billy R. Bell. 285 Brenda K. Bell. 321 CVnthia K. Bell, 342 Edgar L. Bell Jr.. 363 Jean A. Bell. 2S5 Ronald K. Bell. 286 Rose M. Bell. 321 Sheila E. Bell. 342 Wanda I.. Bell. 321 Cathy Bcllingrath. 342 Kim R. Beilis, 321 Lou Bcluc. 363 Beverly C. Benefield. 342 Debby Bennett. 342 lames D. Bennett Jr.. 286 Jerry L. Bennett. 286 l.indcl R. Bennett. 286 Lucion A. Bennett Jr.. 286 Martha J. Bennett. 286 Phillip Bennett. 321 Robert M. Bennett. 342 Sharon Y. Bennett. 342 Frankie Benson. 286 Gene V’. Benson, 363 John Benson. 321 Michael L. Benson. 363 Ronald I.. Benson. 321 Steven Benson. 286 'Theresa A. Benson. 286 Thomas E. Benson, 321 David B. Bentley. 342 Michael R. Benton. 321Tricia Benton, 363 Sylvia j. Bergey, 321 Bobby Berry. 286 Deborah L. Berry , 363 Doris J. Berry, 286 Frances R. Berry, 363 James S. Berry, 363 Jim Berry, 343 Kenneth L. Berry', 286 Mary J. Berry, 363 Peggy L. Berry, 321 William H. Berry, 286 Donald A. Beshcars, 321 Myra J. Betts, 321 Bruce E. Bewley, 363 Brenda J. Bibb, 321 Arthur A. Bigelow, 343 Belinda Biggers, 321 Judi S. Biggers, 321 Carl A. Biggs, 286 William R. Biggs, 343 Tcrrold A. Bilbrew, 363 Vincent Bilinsky, 286 Danny R. Billings, 321 Jacqueline Billingsley, 363 I humas S. Billingsley. 343 'Hiomas L. Bingley, 321 Anna . 1. Bishop, 363 lerry W. Bishop, 321 tarry J. Bishop, 321 Mdared E. Bishop, 363 Morris W. Bitcly, 343 Anne K. Bittinger, 343 William M. Bivin, 363 Betty L. Black, 363 Buddy Black, 321 Carol M. Black, 286 Jayne J. Black, 321 Joseph W. Black, 363 Mary C. Black. 321 Thea E. Black, 343 Winston Black, 286 Charles D. Blackburn, 343 James A. Blackburn, 321 Den il K. Blackman, 286 Steven K. Blackman, 363 Margaret L. Blackmon. 321 Rick Blackwelder, 321 Nell D. Blackwell, 286 Elizabeth Blackwood, 286 Michael D. Blackwood, 286 Barbara R. Blagg. 343 Janie W. Blagg. 343 David A. Blair, 343 1 lenry A. Blair, 321 Richard A. Blair, 363 Susan E. Blair, 363 Janie P. Blake, 363 Johnny D. Blake, 286 Paul H. Blake. 321 Sharon A. Blake, 286 Kearney M. Blalack, 363 Danny L. Blalock, 321 Darrell L. Blalock. 343 Larry D. Blalock, 343 Pamela M. Blalock. 343 Margaret D. Blanchard, 321 Barbara A. Bland. 363 John A. Bland. 321 Linda E. Bland, 286 Preston Bland Jr.. 321 Victoria A. Bland. 363 Ray M. Blancy. 321 Sandra K. Blankenship, 343 Bill D. Blaylock. 321 Robert E. Blcnden, 321 Jerry D. Blevcns, 363 Mary Ann Bliss, 286 Kathy S. Block. 363 Mary Lee Blocker, 321 Richard B. Bloesch. 343 Charles T. Blood worth, 363 Betty L. Bloom, 321 Mary L. Bloom, 321 Leon D. Blue. 321 Marian A. Blue, 363 Larry J. Bodeker, 321 Ronald L. Bodeker, 363 Das'id N. Bodenhamer, 363 Mark S. Boerncr, 363 Patricia M. Boggan, 363 James E. Boggs, 343 Shirley z . Boggs, 287 Phillip E. Bog ', 321 Verda M. Bohannon, 321 Mary A. Bohlkcn, 363 Keith Bohn, 363 Sandic K. Boling. 321 Steve E. Boling, 364 Everett D. Bolton, 287 Ann Carol Bond, 343 .Nancy E. Bond, 343 Brenda J. Bonds, 364 Charles E. Bonds, 343 Carol A. Bone, 287 C-irulc A. Bone, 343 Edward O. Bone, 287 Rickey G. Bone, 321 Sara J. Bone. 343 Elina Lynn Bonham, 287 Paula K. Bonham, 321 Jeffrey D. Bonner, 321 Larry H. Bonner, 321 Nclda E. Bonner, 364 Steven P. Bonner, 364 Kenneth P. Book. 287 George W. Booker II, 343 David A. Boone, 321 Gary M. Boone. 321 Susan E. Boone, 364 John Booten, 287 Paul L. Booterbaugh. 321 Kathryn A. Booth, 364 Earl G. Borah, 364 James W. Boren Jr., 321 Rick B. Borgman. 287 Donna L. Born. 322 Betty J. Bornhoft, 364 Charles Bottoms, 287 Emil A. Boucher, 322 Elvin Ray Bouldin, 287 Rex A. Bouldin, 364 William D. Bourg. 287 Vickcv Boutwell, 343 Norman Bowen, 343 Ronald L. Bowen. 287 Sharon Bowen, 287 Sherry A. Bowen, 287 Jane Bowers, 364 John O. Bowman. 322 Regina G. Bowman, 364 Roger 1). Bowman, 287 Johnny Lee Bowser, 364 Gary 1'. Box. 343 Rebecca G. Box, 364 Sheila G. Boxley, 364 Frances M. Boxx, 287 Darlister S. Boyd, 343 Dock E. Boyd, 322 Gary E. Boyd, 322 I Droid R. Boyd, 287 Judv A. Boyd, 343 Mars’ R. Boyd. 287 Mona Boyd. 322 Pamela S. Boyd. 364 Richard R. Boyd, 343 Sarah Beth Boyd, 124 Gary O. Boyles, 322 Laura L. Boyles, 364 Rebecca L. Boyles, 343 John S. Bracy, 343 Robert L. Bradbury Jr., 322 Carroll E. Bradford, 322 Betty L. Bradley, 287 Danny E. Bradley, 364 Jerry R. Bradley, 364 judith M. Bradley, 125 Patrick F. Bradley, 322 Sam Burt Bradley, 364 Kay E. Bradshaw, 287 Judith A. Bradshcr, 322 Ricky Lynn Bradshcr. 364 Janie D. Brady, 287 Michael A. Bradv, 343 Ralph W. Brady. 322 Scott A. Brady, 364 Olen Bragg Jr., 364 Kathleen A. Brainerd. 364 Larry D. Brainerd. 322 James IL Brake, 287 Omer A. Bramblctt, 343 Robert L. Bramlett, 287 James M. Branam, 343 Brenda C. Branch, 287 Danny W. Branch, 364 James A. Branch, 343 Kim L. Branch, 364 Larry E. Brannen, 343 Coy D. Branscum, 364 Jerry W. Branum, 322 Cleveland Brasher, 343 Rosemary B. Brashers, 390 Marilyn Braswell, 287 Janice N. Bratcher, 322 taync Bratcher, 322 Stan Brawlcv, 287 Claude E. Brawner, 287 Oral Dean Bray, 322 Vicki L. Bray, 364 Vickie J. Bray, 364 Lizabeth A. Brethcrick, 287 Artis T. Brewer, 364 Charles E. Brewer, 343 Dianna S. Bresver, 287 Gerldine M. Brewer, 364 Judy C. Brewer, 322 Nancy C. Brewer, 322 Pamela G. Brewer, 287 Robin G. Brewer, 364 Susan D. Brewer, 364 William E. Brewer, 364 William K. Bresver. 343 Wayne F. Brcwics, 343 William R. Bress-ington, 343 Lee A. Breytspraak, 343 Beverly A. Brickcll, 364 Teresa Bricksvell, 343 Carter A. Bridger, 364 Robert W. Bridger, 343 Bobby M. Bridges. 322 Fred L. Bridges, 343 Owen J. Bridges. 322 Rodney A. Bridges, 322 Thomas T. Bridges, 322 Henry S. Briggs Jr., 343 James K. Briggs. 343 Thomas L. Briggs, 343 Teresa Briley, 343 Larry E. Brimhall, 322 Suzanne W. Brimhall, 322 James A. Brinker, 364 Phillip G. Brinkley, 322 Richard D. Bristow, 287 Paul T. Britton, 322 James David Brizendine, 364 zMmarcc Broadway, 322 Glenda Broadway, 343 Ruth M. Broadway, 364 Janice E. Brock, 364 Lila K. Brock, 343 Phyllis L. Brockman, 364 John W. Brogden, 343 Mona C. Brogdon, 364 Bobbie L. Brooks, 322 Carl Lee Brooks. 322 Donnie J. Brooks, 322 Glenn A. Brooks, 364 Steve R. Brooks, 343 Susan C. Brooks, 287 Linda K. Broome, 343 Brenda K. Brothers. 343 Jane E. Brothers. 364 Abhy W. Brown, 322 Bobbv D. Brown, 364 Cathy Marie Brown. 125 Dan3 L. Brown, 287 David 1.. Brown. 322 David R. Brown. 287 David W. Brown. 287 Don R. Brown. 322 Frances C. Brown, 364 Gloria Brown. 343 Jerry R. Brown, 364 jimmy D. Brown, 322 Letha Sue Brown, 125 Linda D. Brown, 364 Margaret A. Brown, 364 Marilyn J. Brown, 364 Melinda L. Brown, 364 Michael W. Brown, 322 Mika J. Brown, 322 Neil Brown, 322 Patricia A. Brown, 344 Phillip D. Brown, 364 Rebecca K. Brown, 344 Ricky Brown, 364 Ronnie D. Brown, 288 Sandra J. Brown, 288 Shirley G. Brown, 322 Steve F. Brown, 364 Steven VV. Brown, 288 'Hiomas G. Brown, 364 Walter D. Brown, 322 Wendell Brown, 364 William Brown, 322 Gary D. Browning, 364 Linda Jean Browning, 365 Rick L. Browning, 322 Robert M. Brownlee, 344 Eugene S. Brownlow, 365 Zillah D. Bruce, 322 Clyde J. Bruckerhoff, 322 Delores Brummett, 344 Gary S. Brummett, 288 Phyllis D. Brummett, 322 Richard A. Brummett, 365 Randall W. Brunner, 288 Rickey M. Brunner, 288 Deborah A. Brunson, 344 Anneta Bryant, 288 Donald VV. Bryant, 365 Judith A. Bryant, 288 Kitty Lee Bryant, 365 Linda A. Bryant, 344 Steve J. Bryant, 344 Tommy J. Bryant, 322 Kennitn Buchanan, 344 Joe R. Buck, 288 John W. Buck. 344 Danny B. Bucy, 365 Gerald M. Bucker, 288 Richard L. Bucrklc, 288 Douglas D. Bufford, 344 Frances K. Bulger, 322 Claud Bull, 365 Emma S. Bullock, 344 Richard A. Bump, 322 Rodger D. Bumpass, 365 Veda A. Bunch, 365 Jerry F. Bunn, 344 Robert L. Burch, 288 Sarah B. Burch, 344 Terri N. Burchett. 365 Jerry W. Burchfield, 322 Robert A. Burchfield, 288 Nancy A. Burdick, 365 Doris I). Bvrdyshaw, 322 Marie Burdyshaw, 288 Brenda S. Burge, 365 Carlotta Ann Burge, 288 Frank B. Burge, 288 Hubert M. Burge, 288 Lou Ann Burge, 322 Randal G. Burge, 365 Doss L. Burgess. 365 Richard M. Burke. 365 James R. Burkett, 365 Morris M. Burkett. 288 Dan A. Burks. 365 Nancy C. Burks. 344 Paul A. Burks. 344 Deborah A. Burlison, 365 David W. Burnell. 322 Lynn M. Burnett. 344 Marsha L. Burnett. 365 Pamela J. Burnett, 365 Patrick Burnette, 365 Brenda G. Bums. 288 Donald W. Burns. 365 Ewell P. Burns, 322 Jerald VV'. Burns, 322 lohn A. Burns. 365 John D. Burns, 322 John H. Burns, 322 johnnv I.. Burns, 344 Rhondal D. Bums. 323 William S. Burns. 344 Virginia Burr. 365 Eddie D. Burris, 344Harral L. Burris, 344 Linda G. Burris. 365 Gars- R. Burroughs, 365 Connie A. Burrow. 365 Donna S. Burrow, 365 Jim Mack Burrow, 365 Larry K. Burrow, 390 Tommy Lynn Burrow, 365 Fred G. Burrows, 288 Linda S. Burrows, 288 Peggy D. Burrows. 323 David P. Burton, 344 Ebert M. Burton, 365 Edward T. Burton Jr.. 288 Gene Burton, 323 Janice L. Burton, 365 Jimmy R. Burton, 288 John C. Burton, 288 Laurie T. Burton. 288 Mike J. Burton, 344 Byron B. Busby, 344 Edward C. Busby, 323 Gary D. Busby, 288 Donald D. Busch, 323 MayoJa Busch, 125 Ben R. Bush. 288 Larry L. Bush, 323 Pamela L. Bush, 288 Jacqueline Butcher, 323 Grover G. Butler, 344 Larry Buttcrworth, 288 Linda B. Byers, 344 Gloria J. Byrd, 365 Pamela A. Byrd, 288 Robert R. Byrd. 365 Shard D. Byrd. 288 Sharon L. Byrd, 344 C Linda C. Cagle. 365 Charles W. Caldwell, 344 Jean Caldwell, 344 Peggy R. Caldwell. 288 Ronald R. Caldwell, 344 Pharcta D. Calkin, 365 James P. Callewaert, 365 .Monte D. Callicott, 365 Susan K. Callihan, 323 Dolores N. Callis, 323 Karen L. Callis, 344 James D. Calloway, 365 Jeffers- B. Calloway, 288 Stefan A. Calloway, 288 Thomas L. Calloway, 288 Drew C. Camp, 365 Mike H. Camp, 344 Patty S. Gimp, 323 Phil 11. Camp, 323 Phillis M. Camp, 365 Robert L. Camp, 289 Wayne Camp, 323 Barbara L. Campbell, 344 Bruce F. Campbell Jr., 323 Candace D. Campbell, 365 Chuck Campbell, 365 Cynthia L. Campbell. 390 Dennis L. Campbell, 344 Joel S. Campbell, 289 Kent A. Campbell, 289 Mary L. Campbell. 323 Patrick B. Campbell, 289 Phyllis A. Campbell, 125 Ray Campbell, 323 Rickey C. Campbell, 365 Robert L. Campbell, 344 Sharon A. Campbell, 344 Willis M. Campbell, 323 Zora F. Campbell. 323 Jim F. Canant. 323 Jamie A. Cantrell, 289 Ricky M. Caplcs, 365 Patricia L. Capps, 289 Sharon D. Capps, 289 Jammic Caradinc. 323 Rebecca R. Caraway, 365 Ross E. Cardin. 323 Nancy C. Carey, 344 James P. Cargill, 289 Rollin S. Caristianos, 365 Gordon T. Carlilc, 365 Glcnna Dean Carlton. 124 Robert M. Carlton, 344 Cheryl A. Carnahan. 323 Robert L. Carnes, 365 Thomas W. Carothers. 344 Carol Carpenter, 125 Carolyn R. Carpenter, 289 Cynthia L. Girpontcrs. 390 John W. Carr, 323 Johnnie F. Carr, 323 Michael S. Carr, 365 Paul D. Carr, 344 Gloria Carrier, 124 Sidney Carrier, 323 Victor Carrillo, 323 Fredda D. Carroll, 365 Joe T. Carroll, 365 Paula J. Carroll. 323 Ron J. Carroll, 390 Don R. Carson, 323 Barbara E. Carter, 344 Dennis VV. Carter. 365 I layden Carter, 323 Ida Carter, 344 Janice K. Carter. 375 Katherine S. Carter, 323 Kathy S. Carter, 344 Mary Ann Carter, 289 Mary P. Garter, 365 Pamela S. Carter, 323 Patricia D. Carter, 344 Phillip R. Carter, 323 Elmer E. Cartwright, 365 Estcl R. Cartwright, 289 Opra R. Cartwright, 344 Michael R. Casebier, 344 Brenda C. Casey, 323 Floyd IT. Casey, 344 John C. Casey, 323 Thomas L. Casey, 323 Dcana L. Cashion, 344 Virginia D. Casingcr, 289 Gwendolen Cason. 44 Roland N. Cason, 323 Patrick J. Cass, 344 Brenda C. Cassidy, 344 Edmond W. Castle. 365 Bob S. Castleman, 365 Richard L. Castleman. 365 Deborah Catalani, 365 Steven M. Cates, 365 Rebecca D. Cathey, 365 Gerald R. Catlett, 365 Willie G. Catlett, 289 Elmer L. Catlin. 344 James C. Causbic. 323 George O. Causey. 323 Nancy Causey, 365 Donald R. Cavanaugh, 365 Ronald C. Cavcnaugh. 365 Kandy A. Cayce, 365 Denise E. Ca ort. 344 John A. Cccala, 289 Larry E. Chailland, 289 Richard L. Chalkcr, 365 John M. Chambers. 323 Ronald W. Chambless. 289 Charles W. Champ. 289 Beverly J. Chandler, 365 Flora N. Chandler, 365 Gary P. Chandler. 344 Harold W. Chandler. 344 Kathv K. Chandler. 365 Roy L. Chandler. 344 Charles Chapin, 344 Geo Diane Chapman. 323 Gary M. Chappcl. 323 Lanny D. Chastain. 289 Larry W. Chastain. 323 Billy W. Chasteen, 323 Robert W. Chatman, 289 Ronald E. Cheatham, 289 Julie L. Cheek, 323 Robert E. Cherry, 345 Ralph A. Chcshicr, 345 James R. Chester, 345 Jim L. Childers, 323 Linda S. Childers, 289 Brenda D. Childress, 365 Robert D. Childress, 323 Connie S. Childs, 323 Wilma D. Chilton, 345 Carol A. Chinn, 289 Roy O. Chinn, 289 Jerry D. Chism, 289 David W. Choate, 247 Janet C. Choate, 345 Lynda L. Christal, 323 Robert E. Christian, 289 Stephanie K. Christianson, 366 Mary E. Christopher, 323 Melissa K. Chronister, 366 Paul W. Chronister, 323 Cynthia M. Church, 345 John T. Church, 323 James 11. Churchill, 345 Linda K. Churchill, 345 Brian M. Clampit, 366 Anita L. Clark, 366 Barbara A. Clark, 290 Carolyn R. Clark, 366 Carolyn S. Clark, 290 David B. Clark, 345 Dennis G. Clark, 323 Gregory M. Clark, 366 Harold D. Clark Jr., 366 1 lillard D. Clark. 345 Jeannic K. Clark, 323 Jerry VV. Clark, 323 John P. Clark, 323 Karen A. Clark, 366 Larry W. Clark, 323 Lawrence W. Clark, 366 Marvin Gark, 323 Patricia A. Clark, 290 Roger L. Clark. 345 Ruth B. Clark. 323 Sandra K. Clark, 366 Sharon A. Clark, 323 Sharon D. Clark, 366 Victoria Clark, 323 Michael Clary, 345 Clayton F. Gay, 323 Fay B. Clay. 290 Glcnna L. Clay, 366 James L. Clayton, 323 Randy B. Clayton, 366 Robert H. Clccvcs. 323 Patricia L. Clem. 366 Vicky L. Gem, 345 William S. Clemens. 366 Jim I). Clements, 345 Linda A. Clemons, 366 Gary L. Gcvc, 290 Carl R. Cleveland, 366 Ralph M. Gifton. 323 Elsa A. Ginger, 323 Lanny L. Clinton. 323 Nina J. Coats. 366 Linda L. Cobb, 323 Patsy J. Cobb. 345 William M.Cobb. 290 Marquita Cobbs. 323 Roy L. Coble. 366 Jcryl S. Cochran, 323 Hubert L. Cockrum, 323 Robbve C. Coe. 366 Christy A. Coffey, 345 ludv A. Coffman. 345 .Michael L. Cogbill, 366 Terry A. Coggin, 345 Bobbyc J. Coggins. 323 Cathy S. G hn, 345 Melba J. Coke. 323 Cathy D. Coker, 323 Teresa L. Colbert. 345 Alan K. Cole. 366 Dorothy M. G le, 290 Herman L. Cole. 366 Jack R. Cole. 290 Stephen VV'. Cole. 125 Steven L. Cole, 390 Betsy L. Coleman, 390 Carolyn J. Coleman, 345 Debra L. Coleman, 366 Eddie D. Coleman, 366 Gary L. Coleman. 290 John D. Coleman, 290 John W. Coleman, 290 Lonnie C. Coleman, 366 Michael E. Coleman, 324 Sharon Kaye Coleman, 124 Terry K. Coleman, 290 Willie C. Coleman, 290 Gary T. Odes, 366 Sandra G. Collar, 290 Shirley J. Collar, 366 Sharon G. Collatt, 345 Anita J. Collie, 345 Albert L. Collier, 345 Mien R. Collier, 324 Becky J. Collier, 345 Lawrence Collier, 324 I) m (). C'-illui'. 345 Thomas K. Collins, 366 Allen D. Columbus, 324 Patty Sue Combs, 290 Ronald L. Combs, 290 Wcndelin J. Combs, 290 Trudy J. Companiotte, 345 Thomas A. Compton, 366 Kenneth R. Conatser, 366 Patricia A. Conaway. 366 Cecil E. Q)ndr3, 366 Hcrshal E. Conley, 366 Ann Connaughton, 345 Dixie L. Conner, 366 David D. Conrad, 345 I larlin D. Conrad, 290 Danny C. Cook, 290 David D. Cook, 290 Ellen G. Cook, 324 Gary L. Cook, 345 James M. Cook, 324 John C. Cook. 345 John M Cook, 366 Lvdia S. Cook, 290 May B. Cook. 345 Ricky J. Cook, 345 William J. Cook. 366 Lotus H. Cooksey, 345 Glenda A. Cooley, 366 Cindy E- Cooper, 345 Donna J. Cooper, 345 Gary M. Cooper, 345 1 Toward G. Cooper. 366 Karen S. Giopcr. 366 Martha E. Cooper, 366 Monta J. Cooper. 345 Paul E. Cooper, 345 Ronald R. Cooper, 290 Sharon S. Cooper, 345 Stanley W. Cooper, 290 Sue S. Cooper, 290 Terry H. Gxiper, 345 Shirley L. Coots, 366 Ken D. Copeland, 366 Danny L. Cordell, 366 Bobby L. Corlies. 324 Joseph I). Comclison, 366 Ronnie L. Comclison. 345 Laura L. Cornett, 345 Janet M. G rnish, 366 Kathy P. Cornish, 324 Linda C. Cornish, 324 I»uis G. Corona, 366 Charles D. Corpicr, 366 I-arry G. Corpicr, 290 Jimmy D. Corter. 345 Laura L. Cosscy, 324 Jerry D. Costner, 366 Charles A. Cothran. 345 Rheta J. Cotton. 324 Jo Ann G uch, 324 Tcri C. Couch. 324 Thomas W. Coulter. 324 Roberlyn D. Council. 366 Robert E. Counts, 345 Charles C. Courtney, 366 Nancy L. Covcrdale, 366 Charles V. Covington, 366 Floyd D. Cowan, 291 Freda M. Cowan, 366 aequclinc S. Cox, 345 a nee Cox, 366 Jimmy N. Cox, 324Loyd C- Cox Jr., 345 Michael H.Cox. 291 Robert G. Cox. 366 Gary W. Coy, 345 Jimmie R. Cozart, 366 Rita D.Crabb. 324 Billy P. Crabtree, 366 Glen R. Crabtree, 366 Claude l:. Cracc. 324 Kenneth Crader. 324 ('•etaldinc A. Craft, 345 lamae E. Craft. 291 Kelly J. Craft. 345 Billie J. Craig, 366 Brenda K. Craig. 366 Homer L. Craig. 324 James F. Craig. 345 Jerri C. Craig. 324 Lea Allison Craig. 366 Mary L. Craig. 291 Priscilla L. Craig. 345 Robert W. Craig, 324 Steve I). Craig. 345 Timothy A. Craig. 324 Larry I). Craigmvlc. 345 William C. Craigmyle, 324 Brenda A. Crain, 345 Dennis D. Crain. 366 Elizabeth F. Crain. 291 Elizabeth K. Crain, 366 Garry I). Crain. 366 ;udv Crain, 366 Atry R. Crain. 291 Shirley Y. Crain, 124 Virgie E. Crain, 291 Deitra D. Crane. 291 Carol J. Cranford, 324 Debra K. Crawford. 366 I Lirry F. Crawford. 324 Jackie D. Crawford. 390 Richard S. Crawford. 291 Shirley L. Crawford. 291 Terrs1 A. Crawford, 345 Samuel L. Creasman, 324 Donald T. Creason. 345 James C. Crcecy, 291 Samuel A. Creed, 345 Charles E. Crego, 291 Donald L. Creighton, 291 Lesli S. Crews. 345 Peggy R. Crews, 291 Andrew Crigler, 291 Cheryl A. Crisler, 366 Johnny R. Crider. 291 Linda L. Crismon, 324 Steve M. Crismon, 345 Allen 1). Crisp. 291 Patricia J. Crisp. 366 Donna J. Crites. 366 Keith E. Croft. 345 Susan L. Crombv, 324 Billy M. Cromer. 366 Charles Cromwell. 367 Carol S. Crook, 390 Dwight L. Crook. 367 Elizabeth A. C rook. 367 Nma L. Crook. 291 William G. Crook. 345 James I.. Croom. 367 Carolyn A. Crosby, 124 Charles Crosby. 367 Michael W. Crosson. 324 Wayne Crosthwait, 345 Carol K. Crow. 367 Michael Crow. 324 Gary I.. Crowson. 291 Tejuana Crowson. 324 Nila J. Crucc. 345 Taja B. Cruce. 291 Warner C. Ctuce, 367 Donna B. Crumbaugh. 345 Donna J. Crumley, 324 Wayne L. Cruthis, 291 Lcvona Cullen, 324 Troy li. Cullen, 367 Jimmy L. Culliphcr, 324 Clifford D. Cullison. 324 Gayla A. Cullum, 367 Alien B. Culp, 324 Danny R. Culp, 291 Linda L. Culy, 367 Stanley S. Cummings, 291 Bryan Cummins, 367 William A. Cummins, 367 Cynthia A. Cunningham, 291 Glenda R. Cunningham, 125 Paul D. Cunningham, 324 Chester L. Cupp, 291 lames M. Curry, 291 Stephen S. Curry, 324 Gary L. Curtis. 324 Linda Curtis. 367 Nicholas A. Curtis, 324 Nob D. Curtis, 291 Robert S. Curtis, 367 Vicki z nn Curtis, 125 Phoebe I.. Cvtus, 324 D Ethel L. Dabbs, 291 Donna L. Dacus, 345 Jerry D. Dacus, 345 Robert M. Dacus, 367 Thomas L. Dail, 390 Pat L. Dailey, 345 Sue L. Daily. 324 Sterling R. Dalbv, 345 Katherine L. Dale, 367 Patricia A. Dale, 345 Robert E. Dale. 367 Ronnie C. Dallari, 367 lames E. Dallari, 345 Brenda A. Dallas, 367 Glinda L. Dallas. 291 Perry J. Dalton. 342 Joan Dal iel, 346 Jonathan D. Dame, 291 Larry B. Dame, 291 Peggy J- Dame, 346 Danny J. Daniel, 346 Kathy U. Daniel, 346 Marion C. Daniel, 346 C arol J. Daniels, 367 Jim B. Danielwill, 367 Diane R. Dapp, 367 Steven T. Dapp, 324 Aclisa A. Darling, 367 Rex G. Darling, 324 Led C. Darling. 291 Alec L. Darnall. 367 Jerry R. Darr, 367 Karen G. Dauck, 346 Eugenia Daugherty, 324 Jerry L. Daugherty, 324 Robert J. Daugherty, 346 John R. Daughhetcc, 367 Mike Djvault, 324 James M. Davenport, 291 Michalc R. Davenport, 367 Stephen C. Davenport. 291 Donnie C. Davidson. 324 Kent W. Davidson, 324 Linda D. Davidson, 324 Robert C. Davidson. 367 Willie M. Davidson, 324 Ann S. Davis, 291 Bobby K. Davis, 367 Brenda K. Davis, 367 Curtis W. Davis, 367 Donna F. Davis, 367 Dorcthea Davis, 367 Doris A. Davis, 292 Eula M. Davis, 346 Garland R. Davis, 367 James R. Davis, 324 Joe N. Davis, 367 I jrry W. Davis, 390 La Vera J. Davis, 324 Lehman W. Davis, 292 Leslie W. Davis. 292 Mary E. Davis, 346 Mary E. Davis, 324 Mary I. Davis, 367 Mary Lou Davis. 292 Mary M. Davis. 346 Melba L. Davis, 346 Michael Davis, 367 Pamela Sue Davis, 324 Peter Davis, 346 Rae J. Davis, 346 Richard A. Davis, 346 Rickey L. Davis, 336 Roger D. Davis, 390 Stanley T. Davis, 346 1 homas J. Davis, 346 Vicki S. Davis. 367 Larry Wayne Davison, 346 David R. Dawson, 324 Melvin E. Dawson, 324 John E. Day, 324 Mason Day, 367 Beadic M. Dean, 346 Danny L. Dean, 367 Deborah J. Dean, 367 Kimberly A. Dean, 367 Charles W. Deathcragc, 346 Martha E. DeBow, 292 Clare DeClerk, 346 Deborah A. DcCIcrk. 324 John D. DcCIcrk, 346 1 homas B. DcCIcrk, 324 Wayne Deen, 324 Marida A. Dcetcr, 324 William D. Dcetcr, 292 Carolyn E. DcGraw, 125 Jean Ann Dehls, 125 Lynn M. Delaney, 292 Richard D. Delaney, 346 Woody W. DcLormc, 367 Phyllis J. Dcnnington, 324 Lois Anne Dennis, 346 Michael E. Dennis, 324 Mike Densmorc, 292 Lyle B. Dent, 292 Thomas W. Denton, 367 Danny W. DcPricst, 367 Raymond L. DcPricst, 367 Terry V. DcPricst, 367 Buck A. Dcrrybcrry, 292 Melissa R. Detrick. 367 Rick E. Dcuscr. 346 Kenny R. Dial. 367 1 larold J. Dickens, 324 Jerry zV Dickerson, 324 Freddy W. Dickinson, 346 Shirley A. Dickinson, 292 Clarence C. Dickson. 346 Norman Dickson, 324 Paul E. Dickson. 292 Barbara Ann Diibeck, 346 Randy I. Dilcs. 367 Caimon L. Dillard, 292 Marion M. Dillard. 125 Mary L. Dillard, 367 Michael Dillard, 292 Alvic W. Dillin, 292 Dcnnic M. Dillin, 367 George A. Dillin, 324 Francine M. Di.Maio, 324 Frances Distrctti, 292 Sandra I. Distrctti, 367 Arthur L. Dixon, 346 John D. Dixon, 346 Margrctt L. Dixon, 292 Clarence T. Doan. 324 Cona J. Doan. 324 Edwin II. Doanc, 325 Mars- A. Doane, 325 R.indv E- Dobbs, 325 Ronald E. Dobbs, 292 'I'homas E. Dobbs, 367 Jackie L. Dobson. 346 Holly E. Dodd. 325 limmic D. Dodd, 325 Benjamin M. Dodson, 325 Steve P. Dole. 346 Jay C. Dollins. 292 Sherrie N. Dollins, 346 Chris W. Donaldson, 346 Barbara B. Dorman. 325 Darrell D. Dorrcll. 325 Annette L. Dorris, 325 Mark T. Dorris, 325 Steve M. Dorris, 367 Terry A. Dorris, 346 W. O. Dortch. 367 Jerry D. Dorton, 292 Ronnie W. Dorton, 325 Daniel W. Doshier. 292 David E. Doshier, 346 Judy A. Doshier, 325 .Albert L. Doss, 368 Linda D. Doss, 368 Ruben D. Doss, 325 Dione D. Doty, 346 Jerry W. Doty, 292 Paul H. Doty, 346 Susan P. Doty, 292 Terry G. Doty, 368 Carol W. Dougan, 325 Brenda J. Douglas, 368 lames R. Douglas, 325 Warren H. Douglas, 346 Beverly A. Douthct, 368 Caroline J. Douthet, 292 Donald Douthct, 368 Ronald Douthct, 368 Chet D. Douthit, 325 Darrel W. Dover, 368 Danny L. Dowdcn, 346 Donna D. Dowdcn, 368 Billy R. Dowdy, 292 •Austin A. Dowell, 325 Kenneth G. Dowless, 292 Ann Downing, 292 Ina R. Downing, 368 Patricia I- Downing, 292 Rebecca J. Downing, 368 Brenda K. Downs, 325 Roberta C. Downs, 346 Sandra J. Downs. 368 Larry E. Doyle, 368 John B. Dozier, 325 Rusty z . Dozier, 292 Josef G. Dracc, 292 1 homas H. Draffen, 292 David L. Drake. 368 Jackie D. Drake, 368 Edward L. Drangle, 368 Jackie A. Draper, 368 James E. Drew, 368 Mike G. Drcwctt, 368 Karen B. DuBar, 292 Debra J. Duckcr, 346 Phil H. Duckcr, 292 Kathv S. Duckworth, 390 Billy L. Duff. 368 Mike L Duff. 368 Susan E. Duff. 368 Charles R. Duffel, 368 jane A. Duffell, 292 Jim H. Duffel. 325 Robert P. Dugger. 346 Bill D. Duke. 325 Loretta K. Dulaney, 368 Ronald G. Dulgar, 325 Donald R. Dunavant, 325 Fred M. Dunavant, 368 Billy Duncan, 325 Buford R. Duncan. 368 Gale W. Duncan. 346 Gwendolyn C. Duncan, 346 John J. Duncan. 292 John K. Duncan, 325 Pamela K. Duncan. 346 Phillip J. Duncan, 293 Romona I- Duncan, 346 Linda B. Dunham. 368 Randy C. Dunham, 325 Henry E. Dunigan, 325 Michael D. Dunman. 346 Cathy A. Dunn. 325 George M. Dunn. 368 Henry R. Dunn. 293 Jackie R. Dunn. 293 James T. Dunn. 293 Larry J. Dunn. 368 Walker A. Dunn, 325 Ricky J. Dunnahoc, 368 Douglas Dunson, 346 Vicki A. Dupwc, 368 Joseph E. Durham. 346 IXmna L. DuVall, 368 William D. Dwyer. 325 Sharon K. Dyer, 325 394E Mary K. l aker, 325 Baker D. Larwood, 368 Charles W. Lason, 325 Jimmy W. Lason, 346 Ferry J. Eason, 293 Marta L. Easterly, 346 Bradley II. Easterwood, 368 Barbara S. Lbbeson, 368 Dale 11. Eckert, 368 James F. Edens, 293 Billy W. Edgar, 368 Delores A. Edgar, 368 Lloyd D. Edgin, 368 Wayne lid Kin. 293 James F. Edings, 368 David 1. Edington, 293 James A. Edington. 325 John M. Edington. 293 Sue Edington, 346 Hubert M. Edmondson. 368 Huth 1. Edmonston, 293 Donald B. Edwards. 293 Everett C. Edwards, 368 Gary W. Edwards, 368 Glenda C. Edwards, 325 Jackcy L. Edwards, 368 Joy B. Edwards, 293 Judith A. Edwards, 346 Karolc E. Edwards, 368 Linda J. Edwards, 368 LeAnn Edwards, 346 Thayne D. Edwards, 368 Roger F. Effinger, 293 Phillip W. Elam, 293 Cary R. Elbert, 346 James N. Elbert, 325 Teresa E. Elbert, 325 Genevra B. Eldrcdgc, 346 Karan D. Eldridge, 368 Glenda F. Elkins, 325 Curtis R. Ellington, 346 Mary J. Ellington, 293 Elizabeth A. Elliott, 368 Michael J. Elliott, 368 Mike L. Elliott, 346 Rebecca A. Elliott, 346 Mike D. Ellis. 368 Ronald W. Ellis, 346 Valerie B. Ellison, 325 David F. Ellzey, 346 Wesley IE Elmore, 293 Nancy R. Elnhingstonc, 325 Cydney F. Elslander, 346 Randall L. Emerson, 368 Richard H. Emerson, 346 Rickey J. Emerson, 293 Robbie E. Emerson, 368 Rickey D. Emery, 346 Mary J. Emrich, 346 Mohammad Emtiaz, 346 Emily J. Enderlin, 368 Linda K. Endsley, 325 Bonnie L. England, 293 Corlis L. England, 346 Diane L. England. 368 Robert I. Engle, 325 John P. Engles, 368 Teresa D. Engles, 369 Barbra I. English, 369 Robert English, 325 Shelly L. English. 346 Eva J. Enzor, 293 Phyllis R. Eoff, 346 Calvin H. Eoteo, 293 Torn W. Epperson. 346 John L. Epps, 346 David D. Erby, 325 Patsy A. Erby. 369 Keith M. Erickson. 390 Steven L. Ernst, 325 Samuel L. Erwin, 347 Toni L. Erwin, 325 Donna R. Estes, 325 Myra J. Estes, 325 Glenda L. Etchieson, 369 George E. Etheridge, 325 Dora G. Eubanks, 369 Larry W. Eubanks. 390 Michael Eubanks, 293 I lerschel D. Eudv, 293 Karen R. Euler, 293 David A. Evans, 325 Grover M. Evans, 369 Linda J. Evans, 347 Robert T. Evans, 369 Shelia J. Evans, 293 Ieddy W. Evans, 325 William L. Evans Jr., 347 Linda S. Everett. 293 Vonda z . Everett. 347 Elsie L. Ewart, 369 F Patricia A. Fagan, 347 Celia S. Fahr. 369 John M. Fairhead. 347 Dorlcne M. Falwell, 294 Gloria J. Fancher, 369 Linda L. Fann,347 Carolyn W. Fardceccy, 369 Cathy Farley, 347 Gerald W. Farley, 369 Jackie S. Farley, 369 Linda E. Farley, 347 Roberta J. Farley, 369 Effie E. Farr, 369 Alice J. Farrell. 124 James J. Farrell, 325 Robert H. Farrell, 369 Jana C. Fason, 369 Johnita P. Faulkner, 347 Martha L. Faulkner, 369 Jeanette Fawcett, 347 Barbara A. Featherston, 347 Margaret S. Featherston, 294 Donnis K. Fcild. 294 Beth Fclkcr, 369 Mary J. Felts, 294 Mollic B. Felts. 347 Tom F. Felts, 390 John A. Fender. 325 Danny L. Ferguson, 369 Edward E. Ferguson. 294 James E. Ferguson, 347 Michael W. Ferguson, 369 Peggy D. Ferguson, 369 Sharon K. Ferguson, 325 William C. Ferguson. 294 Betty F. Ferralaseo, 369 John H. Ferried, 294 Robert M. Fett, 325 Judy K. Fetters, 347 Michael D. Field. 369 Gatha M. Fields. 325 Michael D. Figliolo, 369 Allen D. Fike, 369 Janet L. Files. 347 Regenia K. Files, 347 Steve Files, 347 Barre F. Finan, 347 Dana L. Finan, 326 Eugene M. Finan, 326 Adren H. Finch, 369 Stephen P. Finch. 369 Kathy A. Findley, 369 Rave E. Finley, 326 Rickey C. Finley, 369 Thomas R. Finley, 369 David B. Fisher, 347 Dempsey D. Fisher, 369 Linda R. Fisher, 294 Marvin W. Fisher, 326 Mike C. Fisher, 294 Paula J. Fisher, 369 Sally J. Fisher. 294 Walter G. Fisher, 294 Brenda K. Fisk, 347 Robert A. Fite, 369 Gave L. Fitts, 369 Jimmy F. Fitzgerald, 326 Tim E. Fitzmauricc, 369 Sandra A. Fitzpatrick, 369 Vernon D. Flagg, 347 Warren R. Flanagan, 369 William T. Flanagan, 326 Patricia S. Flanigan, 369 Robert D. Flannigan, 347 Tommy R. Flecman, 326 Cathy M. Fleetwood, 326 Frederick C. Flcmon, 369 Mervin Q. Flesh man, 369 Anne S. Fletcher, 326 Bruce A. Fletcher, 326 Carl E. Fletcher, 326 Clifford M. Fletcher, 369 Craig L. Fletcher, 294 Gary M. Fletcher, 347 Kenneth R. Fletcher, 326 Linda F. Fletcher, 369 Linda G. Fletcher, 294 Margie M. Fletcher, 369 Brenda J. Flippo, 326 Darlene Flippo, 326 Janet Flippo, 294 Sharon D. Flowers, 294 James E. Floyd, 326 Lester L. Floyd, 369 Joe A. Flyc, 347 Robert L. Flye, 369 Janet D. Flynt, 347 Danny L. Foley, 326 David E. Foley, 326 Michael W. Fondten, 347 Larry D. Forbis, 369 Danny L. Ford. 326 Dennis H. Ford, 347 Glenn Ford, 369 Jack L. Ford, 294 Lanita G. Ford. 369 Lucinda L. Ford, 369 Mary C. Ford, 369 Ronnie D. Ford. 294 Stephen S. Ford. 326 Twila G. Ford. 326 Ralph Fore Jr.. 347 Linda C. Foreman, 369 Gregory L. Forman, 326 Vcrncll S. Forman, 294 Addie M. Forney, 347 James W. Forrest. 347 Brenda J. Forrester, 369 Dannv L. Forrester, 347 Pamela S. Forrester, 369 Ralph L. Forrester,, 347 Vicki L. Forrester, 294 Sheila I. Forshce. 369 Nancy I.. Fortenberry, 326 Robert D. Fortson, 369 Gary W. Fortune, 347 Linda J. Fortune, 294 Michael R. Fortune. 347 George W. Foster. 326 James S. Foster, 294 John D. Foster, 326 Kenny L. Foster, 326 Max L. Foster, 326 Pamela K. Foster, 294 Phyllis M. Foster, 294 Scott E. Foster. 347 Candace A. Foust, 369 Brenda R. Fowler, 347 Charles M. Fowler, 294 Clicrric I.. Fowler, 294 Dennis R. Fowler, 369 Faye M. Fowler, 369 Gilbert I.. Fowler Jr.. 295 Sandra A. Fowler. 295 Terry I.. Fowler. 369 Tommie E. Fowler. 369 Estelle M. Fox. 295 Virginia R. Fox. 347 Karen D. Foxx. 369 Norman E. Francis Jr., 347 Shirlce J. Francis, 295 Sue Frank, 326 z ni J. Franklin, 369 Anne Franklin, 369 Dani L. Franklin, 295 Peggy- S. Franklin, 326 William M. Franklin, 347 Era M. Franks, 369 John M. Franks, 295 Michael R. Franks, 369 SherrcII L. Franks, 326 Charles C. Franz, 295 David J. Erase, 369 John W. Fraser, 369 Catherine Frasure, 369 Patsy P. Frasure, 347 Anita G. Frazier, 347 Darlene Frazier, 295 Calvin L. Frcchling, 326 Anita J. Freeman, 326 Armistead C. Freeman, 326 Martha F. Freeman. 369 Marie A. Freeman, 347 Richard M Freeman, 295 James 11. Freese, 295 Karen D. Freese, 295 Florence M. Freeze, 347 Freddie L. Frego, 369 Elizabeth French, 369 Euna L. French. 295 Jack C. French, 370 Martha J. French, 347 Mary A. French, 124 Mary J. French, 370 Sammy C. French, 295 Robert E. Frey, 370 Ruth J. Frier, 326 Kem A. Friga, 370 Michael R. Fry, 370 Carlos L. Frye Jr., 347 Susan Fudge, 326 Joseph D. Fulgham, 370 William A. Fulkerson, 347 Dorothy C. Fuller, 295 limmy D. Fuller, 347 Phyllis J. Fuller, 295 Roy Fuller. 370 Robert F. Fulmer. 295 Gary D. Fulton. 370 Gus I-. Fundcrburg Jr., 295 Edward 11. Furcron, 326 James S. Futrcll, 226 G Melvin L. Gage, 326 Robert G. Gage, 295 Donald R. Gaines, 326 Michael E- Gairhan, 326 Martin L. Gallahcr, 370 Warren G. Gallion, 295 Deborah z . Galloway, 326 Dwight Galloway, 326 Jane E. Galloway, 326 Leslie N. Galloway, 370 Woodrow W. Galvcan. 326 Richard R. Gambel, 326 Ginger P. Gambill, 347 Rita A. Gambill, 326 Jay C. Gamblin, 347 Marlene K. Gamec, 347 Brad G. Gammill, 370 Gaylon II. Gammill. 347 Tack B. Gammon, 347 Cheryl R. Gandl. 347 Patsy L. Gann, 347 Steve A. Gann. 370 Bob Gardner, 370 Daniel L. Gardner. 347 Earncstine Gardner. 370 Janie M. Gardner. 370 lulia L. Gardner, 295 C. G. Garland. 326 Jimmy C; Garner. 348 Jo Ann Gamer, 370 Robert S. Garner. 295 Vicki L. Garner, 370 Virginia L. Garner, 370 Gary C. Garrett. 348 William T. Garrett III, 295 Boyd C. Garris, 326 Carol S. Garrison, 348 Phyllis C. Garrison, 348 Danny O. Gartman, 348 Ronald E. Gartman, 348 William C. Gary. 326 Debic Casaway, 326 Patty E. Gaston, 370 Alfred J. Gates, 348 Clyde Gates. 326 395Sandra L. Gates, 348 Pamela J. Gatewood, 370 Kicky I). Gatewood, 295 James E. Gainings, 326 jerry W. Gathriglit, 370 Lori J. Gatluiglit, 370 Barbara Gatlin, 124 James F. Gatlin, 348 Rebecca A. Gat , 348 William L. Gat . 326 Martha M. Gauldcn, 370 Bobby W. Gentry, 295 Lari E. Gentry, 326 Lewis O. Gentry, 326 Joseph L. George, 326 Larry W. George, 370 Samuel W. George, 370 Ferry YV. George. 295 Neal A. Gibbons, 370 Terry W. Gibbons, 326 Jennifer L. Gibbs. 370 Fhomas 11. Gibbs, 348 Barbara C. Gibson, 295 Deborah A. Gibson, 348 Dennis V. Gibson, 295 Evelyn W. Gibson. 370 Jerry L. Gibson. 327 Robert Gibson III, 370 Deborah L. Gilbert, 327 Dennis W. Gilbert. 327 Donna I.. Gilbert. 370 Henry L. Gilbert II. 327 Dannv J. Giles, 370 Darrel E. Gill. 295 Sharon Gill. 370 James C. Gillam, 327 Patrick C. Gillcmvater, 370 Donald R. Gillespie. 348 James C. Gillespie, 348 Kenneth Gillespie, 370 Linda A. Gillett, 295 Larry D. Gilley, 370 Sara J. Gilliam. 370 Margaret M. Gilliham, 370 Russell E. Cillis, 327 Ballard C. Gilmore. 327 Donna K. Gilmore. 348 Martha P. Gilpatrick. 327 Jacqueline A. Ginger. 295 Gary I). Gipson, 348 James L. Gipson, 348 Connie E. Gist, 370 Deborah D. Gist. 370 Robert G. Gist, 370 Terry L. Givens, 295 Vicki |» Givens, 348 Larry D. Gladden. 327 Gena S. Glasgow. 327 Mike I. Glasgow. 348 Becky J. Glass. 327 Pat S. Glcghorn, 370 Dannv J. Glenn, 370 Gerald D. Glidcwcll. 295 James 11. Glidcwcll. 348 Danny M. Glover, 327 Louie I.. Glover. 348 Kenny I). Goad, 370 Martha J. Goad. 295 Russell A. Goad, 348 Barbara S. Goble, 348 Steve J. Goddard. 327 Rhonda G. Goff. 370 Virginia M. Goff. 295 Jerry L. Goforth, 370 {ames Golden. 370 ohn C. Golden. 348 Dana J. Goldsmith, 390 Yvonne J. Gonzales. 370 James Gonzalez. 327 oe R. Goodman, 295 I.ccann Goodman. 348 Terrs- J. Goodman, 348 Beverly S. Goodwin 3 8 Alfred P. Goodwin, 327 David R. Goodson. 348 Elizabeth E. Goodwin. 348 Kristie Goodwin. 348 Toe V. Gordon. 348 Peggy S. Gordon. 296 Camellia J. Gore, 348 James R. Gore, 370 lane Gore, 348 Larry J. Gore, 327 Ina P. Gossett, 370 Carola B. Gott, 370 Phulip G. Gott, 370 Larry L. Gowen, 327 Dennis G. Goza, 370 Gary B. Goza, 370 Keith D. Goza, 296 Linda A. Goza, 327 Paul D. Goza, 327 Roycc G. Goza, 296 Carol Ann Grabbe, 370 I homas II. Graddy, 296 Buford D. Grady, 348 Dorothy B. Grady, 370 Robbie C. Grady. 348 Frederick W. Graham, 370 I eland P. Graham. 296 Michael Graham, 370 Mike L. Graham, 348 Raymond D. Graham, 390 Walter K. Graham, 296 Mary L. Grinding, 296 Stanley D. Grinding, 348 Bennie C. Granderson, 370 David R. Grandgeorge, 370 Diana R. Grandgeorge. 327 Patrick II. Grand jean. 327 Anthony E. Grant, 348 Leroy Grant, 296 Freda J. Grantham, 348 James C. Graves, 327 Anthony W. Gray. 327 Barbara S. Gray, 348 Charles M.Gray, 370 David A. Gray, 370 Deborah E. Gray, 370 Faith R. Gray, 370 Gary D. Gray, 348 Ilarry J. Gray, 296 Jimmy F. Gray, 348 Judith K. Gray, 296 Kandi L. J. Gray, 370 Michael Gray, 327 Morris E. Gray, 370 Nancy S. Gray, 370 Nona J. Gray, 124 Robert G. Gray, 327 Pommy S. Gray, 370 Fred V. Grayson, 296 Buddy Green, 390 Danna R. Green, 348 Don L. Green, 327 Gary M. Green, 327 Gwen Green, 327 James C. Green, 370 Jesse YV. Green, 296 Jo E. Green, 327 (Near L. Green, 296 Pamela Green, 327 Penny I.. Green, 327 Robert J. Green, 327 Sandra Y. Green, 348 Teresa z . Green, 327 Vicki A. Green, 390 Charlotte L. Greene, 124 David A. Greene. 370 Lucille R. Greene, 296 Marilyn Greene, 348 Michael R. Greene, 296 Mike D. Greenhaw, 327 Bettina K. Greeno, 370 Marcella B. Greenstreet. 327 Mary N. Greenway, 370 Barnev L. Greenway, 348 Paul R. Grcenwcll. 370 Stephen R. Greenwood, 371 Doris G. Greer, 371 Dorothy Greer, 327 James E. Greer, 371 Nancy R. Greer, 371 Otto Greer III, 348 Sherry- J. Greer, 327 Deborah A. Gregory, 348 Linda P. Gregory, 296 Patricia F. Gregson, 348 Steve U. Gresham, 371 Charles K. Griffin, 327 Donald R. Griffin. 296 Grant G. Griffin II, 371 Joe D. Griffin. 371 Larry D. Griffin. 296 Walton W. Griffin. 371 Wilsic D. Griffin, 296 Joe C. Griffith Jr., 348 Brent C. Griggs, 371 Stephanie Griggs. 371 Paula G. Grigsby, 371 Rickey I.. Grigsby, 327 Stephen R. Grillctta, 327 Jan E. Grimes, 371 Don J. Grisham, 371 Francic E. Grisham, 296 William J. Grisham, 327 Wayne M. Grobmycr, 327 James R. Grooms. 327 Annette Gross. 327 Douglas W. Gross. 371 George T. Gross, 327 Jannette Gross. 327 Larry A. Grubb. 348 Joe R. Gude. 348 Rebecca A. Guest, 371 James W. Guffey, 327 Michael J. Guillot, 296 OtisG. Guiltner Jr., 348 Janey Gum, 327 Earl W. Gunn, 390 Brenda G. Gunter, 327 Margaret A. Gunter, 296 Michael B. Gunter, 327 Ricky A. Gunter, 296 Vickie L. Gurley, 296 I laroid Guthrie, 348 Randy R. Guthrie, 371 Marquita A. Gutridge, 125 Joseph C. Guziewicz, 327 Brenda G. Gwaltncy, 371 Larry W. Gwaltncy, 327 Rickey W. Gwaltncy, 327 Janet F. Gwinup, 371 Betsy L. Gwvn, 371 Kristine Gwynn, 371 H Gary D. I laag, 327 Judic C. Hackworth. 327 Robert L. Hackworth, 327 Judy C. 1 laddad, 296 Robert C. Hafner, 348 Pamela S. Hagan, 296 Larry T. I lagar, 327 Iliclma D. Haggans, 371 Marian L. Haigh, 348 zYlfred E. Haines, 371 Donna J. Haire, 371 Deborah K. Hairrcll, 371 Ricky H. Halbrook, 349 Jennifer Hale, 371 Rita L- Hale. 296 William R. Hale, 371 Mary Nell Haler, 125 Joyce L. Haley, 327 Patrick S. Halk, 296 Barbara J. Hall, 371 Charles F. Hall, 349 Clark M. Hall. 296 Donald L. Hall, 296 Floye C. Hall, 327 Glenda J. Hall. 349 Jeanne B. Hall, 296 Johnna Gail Hall, 125 Joseph H. Hall, 371 judy z nn Hall, 371 Katbryn E. Hall, 371 Larry D. I lall, 349 tarry R. HaU, 327 Lester R. 1 lall. 327 Ronald J. Hall. 327 Sandra M. Hall, 327 Iliomas F. Hall, 371 Victoria J. Hall. 371 Pawnee P. 1 lalliburton, 349 Carol Hallum, 371 Jan A. Hambrick, 371 Alan K. Hamilton, 371 Allen W. I lamilton, 371 Edward J. Hamilton, 371 Evelyn F. Hamilton, 371 James L. I lamilton, 327 Zelma L. Hamilton, 327 Earl 1 lamlctt, 296 Janet L. Hamlett, 349 Malcolm L. Hamlett, 371 Philip M. Hamlett, 327 Ronnie L. Hamlett, 371 Anthony K. I lamm, 296 Johnny M. Hamm, 327 Nancy C. Hamm, 327 Sheila K. Hamm, 371 Janice R. Hammer, 371 Cecil II. Hammett Jr., 327 Floetta J. Hammett, 124 Jean E. Hammond, 371 Jerry R. I lammond, 327 Linda F. Hammond, 296 Arlis T. I lampton, 327 Rosemary Hampton, 349 Virginia M. Hampton, 349 Byron W. 1 lamrick, 327 Clinton R. I lancock, 349 Clyde R. I lancock, 349 Gerald L. Hancock. 371 Donald A. Haney, 371 Parmer Lee Hankins, 371 Randy M. Hankins, 328 Robert W. I lanlc, 371 Cherrie J. Hanna, 371 James H. Hanna, 371 BillS. Hannah. 328 Charles R. Hannah, 328 Franklin J. I lannah, 296 Glynda G. I lannah, 297 Sherman J. Hannah, 371 Timothy L. Hannah. 371 Y'ictor L. Hannah, 371 Flynn F. Hanners, 371 James M. Hanners, 371 Bill 1”. Hannon, 371 Dennis W. Hansen. 371 Jack R. Hansen, 372 Janet K. Hanson, 297 Brenda D. Harbison, 297 Herbert A. Hardin, 349 John B. Hardin, 328 Ken C. Hardin. 328 Sheila M. I lardin, 349 Ted R. Hardin. 349 Thomas R. Hardin, 349 James 11. I larding. 297 Sammic L. I larc, 372 Fred M. Hargett, 372 Bobby R. Hargis, 328 Janice L. Hargrave, 372 Margie B. 1 largravc. 328 Beverly J. Hargrove, 372 Michael P. Harig, 349 Wilburn C. 1 larkcv, 328 John W. Harlan. 328 Donald A. Harmon, 349 lulia K. Harmon, 349 Michael L. I larmon, 328 Ronald L. Harmon, 327 Brenda F. I laroid, 349 Silva Haroutunian, 349 Elizabeth A. Harper, 349 Lisa L. Harper, 297 Robert D. Harper Jr., 372 Thomas P. Harper, 297 Trov D. Harper. 328 Calvin F. I larrcll, 328 Jimmy Harrell. 328 Linda K. Harrell. 297 Robert C. Harrell, 328 William E. Harrelson, 349 Mark S. Harriman, 349 Jerome D. 1 larrington, 328 Arthur C. Harris, 372 Aubrey L. Harris, 328 Barbara J. I larris, 372 Bernice 1 larris, 372 Bobby G. Harris, 349 David M. Harris, 349 Edward L. Harris, 372J.imes L. Harris, 328 Janice C. I larris, 328 Jerry S. I larris. 372 Mabalcnc Harris, 390 Michael I . Harris, 328 Missy A. I larris. 372 Mofiy A. Harris. 349 Rebecca L. Harris. 349 Sally J. I larris, 372 Sidney F. I larris, 372 Suzanne 1 larris, 372 Thomas M. Harris, 372 Billy Harrison, 297 Kelsey 1.. Harrison. 372 Leticia K. Harrison. 328 Mary E. 1 larrison, 372 Karen I). Hart, 328 Alex E. 1 lartlc, 372 Diana Hartscll, 297 1 lubert L. I lartsell, 297 Joyce A. Hartscll, 328 Johnny D. Hartwick, 349 James E. 1 larvcy, 372 John F. Harvey, 390 Larry M. Harvey, 328 Linda G. 1 larvcy, 349 Rickcv C. 1 larvcy. 349 David W. Hass, 349 Nicholas H. Hatch. 328 Roy E. I lathcock, 349 Martha A. 1 latley, 372 Wayman D. I (atman, 328 Hoy M. I I.night Jr.. 297 Dennis C. 1 lawk. 328 Claudia J. 1 lawkins, 297 Darrell K. Hawkins, 372 Don L. 1 lawkins, 349 Eddie C. 1 lawkins, 328 Glenda F. 1 lawkins, 32S Jerry A. 1 lawkins, 297 JoAnn M. Hawkins, 297 John V. 1 lawkins. 349 Linda M. Hawkins. 32S Mackie L. Hawkins, 349 Rickey 1 . 1 lawkins, 328 Corrinna 1 layden, 328 Marcy L. 1 layden, 372 Walter D. Haydon, 349 Charles E. 1 laves, 328 Larry D. I layes, 349 Linda C. 1 layes, 372 Sidney P. 1 laves, 297 Thomas 1.1 layes. 328 Sandra G. 1 lavnie, 372 Martha Jean Hays, 125 Cheryl A. 1 laywood, 372 Nancy M. Hazelbaker, 372 Opel M. Head, 372 Ricky L. 1 lead, 349 Mary J. I leafner, 349 Brenda S. Heard, 372 James R. Heard, 349 John P. 1 leard, 297 Paulctta M. Heard. 372 David Heasley, 372 Judy A. 1 leach, 328 Lclani K. Heath, 372 Rocky L. Heath, 297 Robert M. Heaton, 328 Donald L. 1 ledden, 372 Ronnie O. 1 ledger. 349 John C. Hecrn. 328 Glenda G. Heflin, 372 Murphy D. I leird. 372 Donna J. Helderman, 328 Bruce F. Helm, 297 Pamela K. Helm. 328 Sain D. Helm. 372 Brenda S. I lelms. 297 Douglas P. I lelms. 349 Randall D. I lelms. 372 Michael K. I lenard. 297 Franklin D. Hcnary, 349 Kathy D. I lenderson, 328 Michael L. Henderson. 372 Barbara A. 1 lendlcy, 372 James E. I lendlcy, 328 Gars- L. Hendon, 328 Marsha D. 1 lendrix, 349 Sherry I.. I lendrix, 349 Bruce W. Henning. 297 John I). Henley, 328 Donald I lenry, 349 Martha E. 1 lenry, 349 Mclva Joann Henry, 125 Mona K. Henry, 372 Stephen A. Ilenry. 328 William II. Henry. 372 James G. Hcnshaw, 328 Sharon 1 lensley, 297 Bonnie S. Henson. 297 Paul L. Henson, 349 Vicki M. Henson, 349 Eddie L. I lerlcin, 328 Phillip J. 1 lerlcin, 349 lames R. I lerndon, 372 Terri L. Herndon, 328 Michael D. Hcrrcn, 372 Teresa M. Herring. 372 udv A. 1 Icrron, 328 )nvid O. I lesi, 372 Barney A. I less. 349 Carolyn A. I lester, 328 Nancy I). Hester. 297 William T. I leuer. 297 Nora K. I Icwlctt, 372 Marilyn S. Hibbard. 29S Glenn A. Hilxlon, 298 Leslie M. Hickey, 349 Roger C. 1 licklin. 372 Herman G. Hickman. 349 Freda M. Hickmon. 328 Charley' A. Hicks. 349 Donna K. Hicks, 372 erry W. I licks. 32S Ann A. I licks, 372 Phyllis C. Hicks. 328 Terry I.. Hicks. 349 James E. I licbcr, 32S Gay Ion P. Higginbotham, 328 Bobby E. I ligginbottom. 390 Charlotte S. Higgins, 328 Tarry W. I liggins, 349 Mickey V. Higgins, 372 Opaline Higgins, 298 Ray I liggins. 349 Mary E. flight, 372 Jerry I lightowcr, 349 Lowell B. Hightower, 328 Murray O. I lightowcr. 349 Rov H. Hildebrand. 298 William R. I lilgcford, 372 Betty S. I lill. 298 Billy T. Hill. 298 Dennis CL Hill. 298 Dovie C. I lill. 328 Erma J. I till, 349 James F. I lill, 372 Jim C. Hill, 349 Linda C. Hill. 372 Manya K. 1 lill, 349 Thomas L. Hill. 328 Floyd T. Hillis, 328 James R. Hillycr, 372 Johnny D. Himschoot. 349 James M. Hindman. 328 John R. I lines, 373 Joe M.IIincsly. 349 MarRita 1 linton, 373 Mildred Hinton. 328 William C. Hobbs, 349 Sandra L. 1 lobgood, 349 Wallace B. Hobson. 373 Douglas W. Hochstetler, 298 Ann I lodge, 349 Debbie A. 1 lodge. 349 Gary S. Hodge, 373 James T. 1 lodges, 349 John C. I lodges. 373 Wanda S. Hodges, 373 Sandra K. Hocppncr. 373 James H. Floey, 373 Mary A. 1 loffman, 298 William C. 1 logan. 298 Dennis H. Hogland, 373 Carol B. Hoke, 328 Robert L. I loke, 328 Norman G. I lolbrooks, 349 David II. Holcomb, 373 Donna J. Holcomb, 373 Dennis L. I luldcn, 373 Tommie J. Holden, 349 Deborah A. 1 (older, 298 Robert E. 1 (older, 298 Edna I lolderficld, 373 Jimmy R. Holdcrficld, 328 Dannv E. Hulitield, 373 Patricia Holificld, 124 Robin L. Holificld, 373 Gerald W. Holland. 373 Llosd L. Holland, 373 Martha J. Holland, 373 Pamela J. Holland, 349 I homas J. I iolland, 373 William K. Holland, 373 Susan E. I lollandsworth, 298 Phillip CL I lolleman, 349 Charles K. I lolley, 350 .Marybelle I lolligan, 298 Jack E. 1 lollis, 32S Karen K. Hollis, 373 Patricia A. I lollis. 298 Pamela J. I lolloway, 298 Anthony R. Holmes, 373 Bruce I I. Holmes, 328 James I- I lolmcs. 350 Paul V. I lolmcs, 350 Dcbbv I., liolobaugh. 373 David L. Hoisted. 373 Bonnie F. Holstine. 373 Virginia D. I lolstine, 373 Arne A. Holt. 373 Charlie R. Holt. 373 Cynthia L. Holt. 328 Dennis F. I lolt, 328 11yina T. I lolt Jr.. 328 James D. I lolt Jr.. 328 Leslie W. I lolt. 373 Mary D. I lolt. 350 Michael P. I lolt. 328 Pamla M. I lolt. 373 Sharon L. Holt, 373 Tcresia J. I lolt. 328 Winston E. I lolt. 298 Carolyn A. 1 lolub. 29S Gary X. Hol haucr, 373 Mary J. Honeycutt. 298 ohn A. Honnoll, 328 Villiam I). Honnoll. 329 Mike L. Hook. 373 Constance L. 1 looker, 373 Elizabeth A. 1 looker. 29S John E. I Iooper, 350 Ronald K. I lopkins, 373 Ronald R. I lopkins, 329 Teddy R. Hopkins, 329 Ken 1.1 loppe, 298 Martha J. 1 lopper. 298 Diane L. I lop wood. 329 Robert R. Horn, 373 Charles E. Hornbcck, 373 Janice L. Hornbcck. 329 Jeffry B. I lornbergcr. 373 Janet E. I lorncr, 373 Jcana I.- Horner. 350 Lucille I.. Horner, 329 Judy L. 1 lorrigan, 298 Debbie G. Horst. 350 Anne M. I lorton. 329 Barbara A. 1 lorton. 298 Carlvn Horton. 298 Carolyn B. I lorton, 299 Charles A. Horton. 329 Edward I lorton Jr.. 329 Johnny I lorton, 299 Johnny I). Horton. 373 Joyce A. Horton. 373 Lynda G. I lorton, 350 Steve C. Hoskins. 373 Debi R. Ilottcl, 329 Mike C. Hottcl. 329 Dennis K. House, 373 Sanimic D. House, 373 Kenneth I. Housh, 299 Suanne II. Housh, 299 Debra 11.1 louston, 373 Robert M. Houston, 299 Tonya R. Houston. 373 Janice K. I lovis, 299 Dennis W. Howard, 373 Fairy L. 1 toward, 350 Fredrick C. I loward, 299 Linda K. Howard. 329 Susan I loward, 350 Tercssj A. Howard. 373 Peggy L. I lowdeshcll, 373 Cindy A. Howe. 373 Merrv A. Howe, 350 Robert A. 1 lowe, 299 Juliana I Iowcll, 299 Kathy N. Howell. 299 Michael L. I Iowcll, 373 Rocky L. Howington, 299 Steven K. 1 lowren. 373 Sandra K I Irabovsky, 299 Arva M. Hubbard, 329 Betty L. 1 lubbard. 373 Gary M. Hubbard, 373 Larry L. I lubbard, 329 Emily L. 1 lubblc, 350 Judy K. 1 lubblc, 329 Barb' F. Huber, 350 Bryan L. I luber, 373 Dorothy K. Huckabcc. 373 Jim D. Huckabee. 373 Dcloma J. I luckabv, 329 David D. I luddleston, 350 David M. Huddleston, 373 George S. Huddleston. 373 Carolyn B. Hudgins, 350 Mary Jo I ludgins, 329 Cindy J- I ludson, 329 Dorothy C. Hudson, 390 Jack S. I ludson, 350 Mary B. I ludson, 373 Ronald H. Hudson. 299 Ruby L. Hudson, 329 Marden S. Hucicr, 350 Phillip L.Huctt, 350 Lcttie K. 1 luffine, 350 Judy A. Huffman, 373 Donna C. Huffstuttlcr, 299 Deborah C. I luggins. 329 JimmyeJ. Huggins. 373 Judy K. I luggins, 373 Linda C. Huggins, 299 Loretta A. Huggins, 329 William C). I luggins. 373 William S. Huggins Jr.. 299 Billie F. 1 lughes, 350 Daniel F. Hughes, 299 Gary W. I lughes, 373 Gwyn G. I lughes, 299 Mandy K. Hughes, 373 Mary E. Hughes, 373 I loward D. Hulcn, 350 loAnn I lulen. 373 Norma J. I lulen, 350 Genita M. I lulctt, 350 Jimmy X. 1 lulctt, 299 Sharon J. I lulctt. 329 Elizabeth K. 1 lull, 329 Bobby G. Hulsey, 329 Frances J. Humbert. 350 Becky J. Hume, 329 Joe I.. Huneycutt, 329 Chcrylc L. Hunkapiller, 373 Lucy A. Hunsakcr. 373 Charles B. Hunt, 373 Janice L. I lunt, 373 Norman C. 1 lunt, 299 Victor L. I lunt, 350 Charles B. Hunter, 374 Miriam B. 1 Iuntcr, 374 Wavnc T. I Iuntcr, 299 Eula L. Hurd. 299 William J. Hurd, 329 Hilton B. Hurdle. 329 Villi3m A. Hurley, 329 Ginger C. I lurst, 329 Michael R. I lurst. 299 Teresa A. i lurst, 374 Donna V Hutchison, 329 Johnny M. Hutchinson, 299 Stephen L. Hutchison, 329 Don A. I lutson, 350 Perry V. Hyde, 374Cholic F. I lyman, 350 Henry H. Hyman, 299 Ramico Icaza, 329 Benjamin A. Idiong. 374 Dianna L. lnboden. 350 Ronnie J. Irons, 374 Rick L. Irvin, 374 Gwendolyn Irwin. 329 James D. Isaacs, 350 William B. Isgrig, 350 Richard G. Ivy, 350 Vicki L. Ivy, 374 J Iivalon L. Jacks, 329 Anthony R. Jackson. 350 Daniel L. Jackson, 374 David G. Jackson, 299 James S. Jackson, 374 ames W. Jackson, 374 Janice A. Jackson, 374 Johney H. Jackson, 124 Kathryn A. Jackson, 374 Larry E. Jackson, 374 Larry V. Jackson, 329 Lcola L. Jackson, 329 Lcora Jackson. 374 Lucille A. Jackson, 125 Mary 'I'. Jackson, 299 Myron K. Jackson, 350 Paula G. Jackson. 374 Peggie I. Jackson, 374 Rickey V. Jackson. 374 Robert S. Jackson, 329 Ronald B. Jackson. 350 Scott Jackson Jr.. 350 Mary S. Jaco, 350 Tommy R. Jacques, 350 Carl E. James, 329 Henry R. James. 374 Joseph P. James, 350 Phillip L. James. 329 Mike I.. James, 350 Randall P. James. 299 Truman K. James, 329 Andrew J. Jansen, 329 Steven M. Jansen. 350 Richard W. Janssen, 350 Neal A. Jarboc, 374 Charles D. Jarrett. 350 Don W. Jarrett, 374 Melody Jarrett, 374 Richard A. Jarrett. 374 David W. lean. 374 Brcndcne Jeans, 350 Ruth A. Jefferies, 329 Michael L. Jeffrey, 329 Brenda I.. Jeffries. 350 Beatrice Jenkins, 374 Danny A. Jenkins, 374 Danny G. Jenkins. 329 Linda B. Jenkins, 374 Michael L. Jenkins. 374 Robert A. Jenkins, 299 Elizabeth A. Jennings, 374 Jerry V. Jennings, 329 John T. Jennings. 329 Larry R. Jennings, 374 Lynda L Jennings, 374 James R. Jcrnigan. 374 Jerry D. Jcrnigan, 329 Steve O. Jcrnigan, 299 Maurice r. Jetton. 299 Sheila A. Jewell. 374 Andrew D. Joffe. 299 Carl H. Joffe. 299 Thomas A. Johannsen. 299 Elizabeth Johns, 329 Lanncy D. Johns. 350 Annie M. Johnson. 350 Ben F. Johnson, 329 Christina Johnson. 374 Craig Johnson, 350 Donna F. Johnson, 329 Donna M. Johnson, 299 Ethel C. Johnson, 374 Gaither A. Johnson, 300 Garry M. Johnson, 350 James C. Johnson, 374 James C. Johnson, 329 James D. Johnson, 374 James P. Johnson, 329 J. R. Johnson, 300 James I. Johnson Jr., 374 James W. Johnson. 329 John II. Johnson, 374 Judy L. Johnson, 374 Larry M. Johnson, 329 Lee R. Johnson, 329 Loycc M. Johnson, 300 Marcia M. Johnson, 300 Najgv I I. Johnson, 390 Phil M. Johnson, 374 Randall B. Johnson, 374 Robert D. Johnson, 374 Robert E. Johnson, 330 Robert O. Johnson, 374 Ronnie R. Johnson. 374 Ross C. Johnson, 374 S. T. Johnson, 350 Stanley II. Johnson, 330 Stephen A. Johnson, 300 Susan II. Johnson, 374 Thomas D. Johnson, 330 Thomas J. Johnson, 330 Tomazine Johnson, 330 Tommy L. Johnson, 350 Victoria L. Johnson, 374 Walter II. Johnson, 330 William D. lohnsoo, 350 David L. Johnston, 374 icannc D. lohnston. 374 .inda J. Johnston, 374 Mark Johnston, 350 Samuel C. Jolly, 300 Angela K. Jones, 300 Carroll C. Jones, 300 Cathy A. Jones, 300 Cathy J. Jones, 350 Charles D. Jones Jr., 374 Charles L. Jones, 300 Denny M. Jones. 374 Don W. Jones, 350 Doris J. Jones, 300 Elizabeth B. Jones, 300 Garry D. loncs, 330 I Icrschel L. Jones, 350 ilirschcl Jones, 374 Jack G. Jones, 300 james A. Jones, 330 ames T. Jones, 300 Janet O. Jones, 350 Jenny K. Jones, 374 Jcrric L. Jones, 350 Jimmy D. Jones, 330 Judith A. Jones. 350 Judy P. Jones, 374 Karen J. Jones, 374 Larry D. Jones, 300 Leah A. Jones, 374 Linda G. Jones, 300 Linda J. Jones, 350 Louis F. Jones, 330 Marilyn Jones, 330 Marjorie L. Jones, 374 Mark S. Jones, 374 Michael F. Jones, 330 Michael L. Jones, 374 Nanette Q. Jones, 330 Preston B. Jones, 350 Randy S. Jones, 374 Ralph L. Jones, 300 Ray A. Jones, 374 Rebecca L. Jones, 300 Richard D. Jones, 374 Robert C. Jones, 300 Robert E. Jones, 330 Roger M. Jones, 350 Ronald G. Jones, 374 Sandi K. Jones, 300 Sandra J. Jones, 374 Shirley A. Jones, 374 Stan V. Toncs, 350 Steve M. Jones, 374 Verlon D. Jones, 330 William L. Jones, 350 Willie A. Jones, 374 Barbara A. Jordan. 374 I loward L. Joy, 330 Kevin P. Joyce, 374 Sharon J. Jucha, 374 Cathy L. Juergens, 375 l erry M. Julian, 330 Carolyn R. Junior, 375 Robert E. Junyor, 375 Palma R. Justus, 375 K Dcondra L. Kaffka, 375 Marsha A. Kaltka, 375 James L. Kalkbrcnncr, 300 Sam K. Kallsnick, 300 R l ert I. Kamm, 330 James F. Kane, 375 John W. Kane, 350 Arnold R. Kaut, 350 Alan Kcarbcy, 300 Dcbby R. Kearby, 300 Rebecca Jo Keasler, 124 Joyce M. Kcc, 350 Sandra K. Kcc, 375 Jennifer Kecdy, 300 Charlotte C. Kcelev, 330 Steven R. Kccrl, 375 Mary B. Kcctcr, 330 Dan F. Keeton, 330 Katie S. Keith, 330 Reggie D. Keith. 330 Christina P. Keller, 350 Greg II. Keller, 300 Brenda S. Kelley, 350 Charles D. Kelley, 330 Franklin D. Kelley, 350 I lelcne R. Kelley, 300 Kathy C. Kelley, 375 Kitty G. Kelley, 300 Leslie I". Kelley, 330 Michael Kelley. 330 Michael E. Kelley, 375 Shelley J. Kelley, 350 Victoria L. Kelley, 375 Andrew J. Kcllv, 330 Michael D. Kelly, 375 Donnie W. Kclton. 300 Jimmy H. Kemp, 330 Terry W. Kemp, 330 William R. Kemp, 350 David B. Kemper. 350 Ronnie L. Kendall, 375 Jimmy R. Kendrick, 351 George O. Kennedy, 330 Howard II. Kcnncmore. 375 Walter W. Kcnnicutt. 300 ames T. Kcnnon. 300 ’eggv M. Kensinger, 351 Karen K. Kent, 351 Terry L Kent, 375 Woodrow Keown, 375 Carolyn F. Kcrner. 375 Shelley L. Kcrnodle, 375 Clifton D. Kerr. 330 Mary K. Kerr, 330 Betty A. Keiscy, 375 Ronald II. Kcrsh. 351 Dennis A. Kertsing. 351 Don R. Kcsl, 300 Diana L. Kctcham. 375 Gerald W. Kctchum, 330 Fred B. Kcton. 330 Lloyd L. Key, 375 Brenda I.. Kidd, 375 Nancy G. Kidd, 375 David C. Kicch, 300 Virginia L. Kiefer, 375 Brenda C. Kieffer, 375 Seth M. Kieffer, 330 Rosalie Kieltucki, 375 Barhara L. Kilborn. 375 Kli abcth A. Kilby. 351 William E. Kilby, 375 Theresa M. Kilgore, 375 Randv W. Killian, 375 William E. Killian. 300 Deborah G. Kimbrough, 375 Kathryne M. Kimbrough, 375 Brenda S. Kimmcl, 330 David G. Kimmcl, 330 Gary N. Kinder, 300 Beverly D. King, 301 Donald E. King, 330 Donald W. King, 351 Jerry D. King, 301 Kathy E. King, 375 Larry W. King, 375 Maurice II. King Jr., 330 Michael L. King, 351 Pam J. King, 375 Peggy L. King, 330 Pennie C. King, 375 Thelma K. King. 330 Vicki L. King, 301 Phillip D. Kingston. 330 Glen D. Kinkadc. 351 Rac L. Kinkadc, 330 Rosemary Kinney, 375 Betty J. Kirby, 301 George M. Kirby. 301 Sylvia M. Kirchoff, 301 Sara L. Kirk, 375 Howard Kirkindall, 301 Carolyn C. Kirkland, 301 Joe S. Kirkland, 301 Jonnie R. Kirkland, 301 Kathy D. Kirkland. 375 William J. Kirkland, 330 Otto R. Kirkpatrick, 375 Steve Kisling, 375 Timothy J. Kitchens, 351 Melissa A. Kluge. 301 Billy L. Knapp. 330 Kathi M. Knccht, 375 Chris L. Knight, 330 Clarence D. Knight. 330 Danny M. Knight. 375 David B. Knight, 301 Deborah S. Knight, 375 Doy R. Knight. 375 Jane Knight. 351 Reuben T. Knight, 330 Pennv L Knipplc, 330 John C. Knoll. 375 Gerald E. Kogelschatz, 375 Angela B. Kollcr, 330 James R. Kooncc. 330 Jeffrey II. Koontz. 330 Roger L. Koontz. 330 Robert J. Koorstad, 330 Marvin E. Kortan. 351 Frank J. Knubck, 351 Edward L. Kowalski, 375 Mary J. Kraus, 375 Gary R. Krcis. 301 James A. Kreis. 330 Barbara J. Kuctcr, 301 James F. Kyle, 330 MoseH. Kyle Jr.. 331 Patricia D. Kyle, 301 L Michael D. Lack. 301 _ Dwayne A. Lackey. 375 Roger L. Lackey, 301 Francis A. Lacroix. 331 Kenneth Lacy. 351 Bennie A. Ladd, 301 Gclinda K. Ladd. 375 Karen L. Ladd. 375 Larry D. Ladd. 301 Nancy E. Ladd. 301 Sally A. Ladd. 351 Nancy C. LaFarlctt, 351 Vclm3 K. LaFarlcttc, 331 James C. LaGronc, 301 Robert P. LaLimc. 331 5ohn A. Lamar, 351 ■lark L. Lamar, 351 Janet A. Lamb, 351 Robert A. Limb, 351 Sammy L. Limb, 301 398Garry G. Lamberson, 331 Jane D. Lamberson, 531 Clarence W. Lambert, 331 John R. Lambert, 301 John S. Lambert, 331 Robert S. Lambert, 351 Horace Laminack Jr., 351 Steven C. Lamkcn, 301 Louis J. Lammers, 301 Clayton Lancaster, 302 Darrel Wayne Lancaster, 390 Lorn 11. Lancaster, 375 Melba D. Land. 331 Tommy J. Landers, 375 David L. Landrclh, 331 Charles V. Lane, 302 Jimmy F. Lane, 302 Richard D. Lane, 331 Susan Samantha Lane, 37S James V. Laney, 331 Linda Kay Lanes’, 351 Carolyn Louise Lange, 351 Michael A. Langcvin, 351 Harry D. Langley, 331 Danny J. Langston, 331 Danny L. Langston, 376 Jane Deborah Langston, 376 Ronnie D. Langston, 331 Alvin Lanier, 376 Fred R. Lanier, 376 Dennis L. Lard, 351 Michael R. Larsen, 302 Malcolm M. Lasher, 302 Douglas K. Lasley, 376 Phillip D. Lassiter, 376 James M. Law, 376 Carolyn A. Lawrence, 331 Donald K. Lawrence, 351 Donald R. Lawrence, 376 Dwight B. Lawrence, 331 Garry H. Lawrence, 331 Gary S. Lawrence, 351 Jamie S. Lawrence, 376 Janice M. Lawrence, 331 Linda E. Lawrence, 331 Loye D. Lawrence, 302 Susan D. Lawrence, 302 Dcbbi G. Lawson, 376 Don W. Lawson, 331 James C. Lawson, 302 Larry Lawson, 331 William G. Lawson, 331 Mickey A. Layer, 351 Ruddy J. Layton, 331 Teresa A. Lazar, 302 Alicia A. Lea, 302 Ed Lea. 351 Glenda J. Lea, 376 James A. Lea, 331 Glenn E. Leach, 351 Susan L. Leach, 331 Grace A. Leary, 376 Jerry- M. Leathers, 351 Ronnie D. Lcchtcnbcrgcr, 376 George H. LcClaire Jr.. 331 Ryona D. LcClaire, 376 Boyce L. Ledford, 376 Deborah G. Ledford. 376 Claude M. Lee, 331 Deborah K. Lee, 376 Donna K. Lee, 331 Jcrr D. Lee, 331 Patsy D. Lee. 351 Brian T. Lees. 376 Donald L. Lcftwich. 376 Kathy J. Legate, 376 Robert G. LcGrand, 331 Ronald G. Lehman, 302 David R. Lemmons. 351 Wayne I. Lemmons, 351 Benny J. Lcndcnnic, 302 Dorothy Joanne Leon, 376 Gary A. Leonard, 351 Sandra L. Leonard, 376 Scherry J. LeSieur, 302 Alice Jane Lester, 331 Harry D. Lester, 331 Barbara A. Lcwallcn, 331 Larry W. Lcwallcn, 376 Samuel M. Lcwallcn, 351 Dale A. Lcwclling. 302 Alfred Lewis, 331 Bert Lewis, 331 Ginger L. Lewis, 351 Jammic D. Lewis, 376 Joey C. Lewis, 376 Neal L. Lewis, 376 Perry Lewis, 376 Rebecca J. Lewis, 376 William G. Lewis, 331 Tommi J. Lewonowski, 351 Charles E. Liddell. 302 Raymond E. Liddell, 376 Jakic C. Liebhabcr, 302 William D. Licblong, 351 Richard C. Light, 376 Clayton S. Lightfoot, 376 Lee W. Idle, 351 Ronald K. Liles, 331 David A. Limpach, 376 Wanda K. Linam, 376 Martha K. Lindlcy, 376 Robert M. Lindlcy, 351 William W. Lindlcy. 331 Lou W. Lindsay, 376 William A. Lindsay, 331 Charlotte S. Lindsey, 376 Iliomas J. Lindsey, 351 Elizabeth A. Lincbarier, 376 Dennis L. Lingo, 376 Gregory A. Lipsmcycr, 376 Linda C. I.isko, 351 Charles D. Little. 331 Deborah M. Little. 331 James D. Little. 376 Jimmy Little. 351 Lawrence W. Little. 351 Peggy B. Little, 331 Randcll N. Little, 351 William F. Little. 351 DeN’ann B. Littleton, 331 Jane Littleton. 376 lucli M. Loherq. 302 Floyd H. Lockhart Jr.. 302 Sheryl F Lockhart. 331 Stephen M. Lockhart. 331 Lynn M. Loc. 376 Linda G. Loewcr. 376 Charles M. Lnguc. 331 Joan F. London, 376 Barbara J. Long. 331 Calvin W. Long. 376 Coy L. Long. 376 David J. Long. 376 Gary L. Long, 376 Lowell M. Long. 302 Mary Ann Long. 125 Rhonda Long, 376 Ronald E. Long. 331 Katherine C. Looncv. 376 Linda F. Looney, 351 Phvllis K. Looney, 302 Robert C. Looney. 376 ear. A. Lorance. 376 ee E. I.orick, 331 George H. Loucks. 376 Karan D. Louks. 331 Rebecca J. Louks, 351 Albert M. Love, 331 Charles E. Love. 331 Suzanne Love. 331 Ronnie A. Lovelady. 376 Jackie A. Lovell. 376 Linda E. Lowery. 376 Robert D. Lowery, 377 Douglas E. Lowrcy. 351 Stuart E. Lowry-. 377 Terry G. Lowry. 377 Thomas K. Lnwrv. 124 Rita J. Loyd. 377 Denise G. Lucas. 351 Jcrrv W. Lucas. 302 Norman W. Lucck. 377 Chuck H. Lucnsmann, 377 John M. Lufcy. 377 Patricia L. Lumpkin. 377 Charles D. Lumsden. 302 Charlotta K. Lundy, 377 Ralph C. Lunsford, 302 Robert Lunnic, 331 Sue Ellen Lupicn, 351 Richard Lynn Lusk, 302 Michelle Luster, 377 Rachel Susan Luster, 377 Elizabeth Ann Luten, 377 Amy 11. Luttcrloh, 331 Paul B. Luttcrloh, 377 Gary W. Lu adcr, 331 Glenn E. Lynch Jr., 331 Michael D. Lynch, 351 Michael J. Lynch, 302 Sharon E. Lynch, 331 Ermalenc B. Lynn. 351 Gerald A. Lynn, 303 Grcig A. Lynn, 351 John Steven Lynn, 377 Sharon L. Lynn, 352 Barbara J. Lyons, 352 James Lyons, 377 John F. Lyons, 331 Lewis Clinton Lyons, 377 Michael O. Lyons, 352 M Linda M. Mabary, 331 Donald W. Mabry, 303 Rickey L. Mabrv, 303 Dale F. Maddox. 352 Minnie B. Maddox, 377 Shcilah A. Maddox. 331 Clinton G. Madison, 331 Marhcncc Madrargchar. 352 Douglas M. Magee, 377 William E. MaGee, 352 Roba L. Maggard, 377 Patricia L. Maguire. 377 Jackie L. Mahan, 303 Steve R. Mahan, 377 Zygmunt M. Majcwski, 303 Eddy L. Majors, 303 Jack 11. Majors. 352 Jeannie D. .Majors, 303 Edwina A. Mallory, 331 Michael G. Mallory, 331 Michael B. Mallott, 352 Bobby W. Malone, 331 Pamela K. Malone, 377 Roger D. Manasco, 331 Jim D. Manatt, 352 Sam Ross Manatt, 331 Barbara J. Mangrum, 352 Johnny W. Mangrum Jr., 331 Teressa K. Mangrum. 303 Sandra L. Manley. 303 Gary I). Mann, 377 Jimmy L. Mann. 331 Richard I.. Mann. 377 Mary E. Manning. 352 Patricia Ann Manning. 331 Phvllis A. Manning. 377 Phil M. Manry, 352 Brenda K. Mans, 331 Gay W. Manus, 377 Paul W. Marchant. 332 Barbara K. Marconi. 332 Linda S. Marconi, 377 Doyle D. Marion, 332 James F. Marotti. 352 Johnnv Marotti II, 377 Levio Marotti Jr.. 332 Denise t'hcrvl Mar'll. 377 Charles F. Marshall. 352 James A. Marshall. 3"? Icrry L. Marshall, 377 Susan H. Marshall. 352 Catherine S. Martin. 332 Charles R. Martin. 377 Deborah J. Martin, 352 Donna Mae Martin. 303 Eddie G. Martin. 332 Floyd A. Martin. 332 James R. Martin. 303 Marilvn J. Martin. 352 Man- L. Martin. 377 Melvin E. Martin. 377 Patricia Martin. 332 Philip A. Martin, 377 Rheba F. Martin, 377 Ruth Martin. 303 Tim A. Martin, 303 Catherine A. Martino. 377 George I.. Martine, 332 Roy L. Mascngale, 303 Michael D. Mashburn, 377 Robert A. Mashburn. 377 Gary L. Masner, 303 i inj J. Mi .-'•03 Carl D. Mason, 303 Gary W. Mason, 377 Ronald Lee Mason, 303 Barbara L. Massey. 377 Charles Stayton Massey, 332 Cleo c;. Massey, 3 2 Julia J. Massey, 303 Larrv F. Masscv, 303 Mary J. Massey, 332 Mary Jane Massey, 352 Steven O. Masses. 377 Sybil J. Massey. 303 Jan L. Masters, 377 Hamid I). M.i'tcrson. 303 Carl Matchet Jr., 377 Jacqueline L. Mathcnv, 303 .onnie G. Mathcny. 303 Charles D. Mathews, 377 Charles H. Mathews, 303 Gail Mathews, 377 Jerry D. Mathews, 377 Jim R. Mathews. 303 Barbara D. Mathis, 303 Judy K. Mathis, 377 Marcia L. Mathis, 377 James D. Matthews. 332 l arrie L. Matthews, 332 Robert S. Matthews. 352 Sarah R. Matthews, 377 Tommy M. Matthews. 332 William W. Matthews. 377 Lily C. Mattmillcr, 390 Gloria I-. Mauldin. 377 Morris Mauncv, 303 Victor M. Maus. 377 John R. Maxwell. 303 James E. May, 352 Jcrrv W. May, 332 Lewis W. May. 332 Teresa G. May, 352 Janet Y. Mayberrv, 303 James F. Mayfield. 390 Judith A. Mayfield, 303 Alvin II. Mavhan, 124 Sandra J. Mayhan, 332 Shelba Jean .Mavhan, 124 Janis F. Mayton, 377 Richard G. Maz anti. 377 Diane McAlister, 352 Sharon R. McAlister. 332 Larry C. McAllister. 303 Norman W. McAnally, 352 Shirley D. McArthur. 352 Dana I. McBride. 303 Gene McBride. 303 lane E. McBride. 352 Stevie D. McBride, 332 William T. McBumett, 352 Roger W. McCaghrcn. 303 Charles L. McCain. 377 Pamela S. McCain. 352 Anthonv J. McCall. 352 Clinness M. McCall. 303 Thomas II. McCall. 352 Tim Steven McCallie. 352 Gary D. McCann. 304 Karen I.. McCann, 332 Joseph D. McCay, 304 Ronnie J. McClain. 332 Ihomas L. McClain. 332 Carol S. McClelland, 377 Reuben E. McClelland. 304 Stephen R. McClelland. 304 Larry Ray McClendon, 377 Cvnthia G. McClintock, 377 I .ana J. McClish. 377 Lennis R. McClure, 377 Ovid W. McClure, 352 Billy Joe McCollum. 352 399Daniel B. McCollum, 377 Joyce A. McConaughy, 124 Michael I,. McConnaughcy, 332 L NlcCool, 377 Bonnie L. McCord, 352 Dena K. McCord, 304 Robert McCord, 332 I h mas A. McC ord II, 352 Cynthia A. McCorkindalc, 352 I.inda V. McCormack. 332 James T. McCormick, 304 Lillian D. McCormick, 332 Linda S. McCormick, 352 Francis P. McCoy, 377 Kenneth VV. McCoy', 377 LaSandra J. McCoy, 332 Mary Ann McCoy. 124 Sharyl Louise McCoy, 124 ferry L. McCoy, 377 Marily n McCracken, 377 Jerry V. McCrackin, 332 Ishmael Ldmond McCray, 352 Darrell K. McCrillis, 352 Gerald D. McCrillis, 332 Deborah Jan McCullars. 352 Michael W. McCulley, 332 .Nancy C. McCulley, 332 Sue Brown McCulley, 124 David L. McCullough, 377 Nelson VV. McCullough, 377 Dorinda A. McCurley, 125 Larry L. McCurley, 332 David R. McDaniel, 377 James W. McDaniel, 332 Joe D. McDaniel, 332 Karen 1). McD.miel, 377 Larry N. McDaniel, 352 Linda G. McDaniel, 377 Mickey J. McDaniel, 378 Nancy K. McDaniel, 352 Handy L. McDaniel, 304 Hickey J. McDaniel, 378 Hubert Barrett McDaniel, 378 Hubert P. McDaniel, 352 Ronald K. McDaniel. 332 Ruth A. McDaniel. 378 Sandra Mac McDaniel, 125 Sue L. McDaniel, 304 Vance D. McDaniel, 352 Woodic Sue McDaniel, 332 Debbie G. McDermott, 352 Patsy L. McDermott, 304 Mary K. McDonald, 125 Brenda J. McElrath, 304 Carolyn S. McElrath, 352 Gerald W. McElrath, 332 Deborah A. McElvoy, 304 LaVonnc G. McEntirc, 352 Barbara K. McFarland, 378 Phyllis D. McFarland. 332 Bonnie J. McFarlin, 332 Karalcc G. McFarlin, 378 Shirley B. McFarlin, 304 Jack Steven McFcrron. 304 Gary W. McCahhcy. 352 Connie R. McGaughey. 332 Kelly F. McGaughey, 378 Ruth H. McGaughey, 378 Jerome H. McGee, 332 Judy McGee, 378 Patricia Ann McGee, 378 Roger W. McGee, 378 Shelton McGee, 352 Gary K. McGill, 352 Jewel II. McGinnis, 304 Ramona J. McGinnis, 304 David L. McGough. 332 Debbie D. McGough, 352 Geraljean P. McGough. 304 Deborah K. McGowen. 352 John K. McGowan, 304 Mary 11. McGrcw, 304 Franklin J. McGuire, 378 Michael L. McGuire, 378 Barbara A. Mcl laffey, 304 Lorcta McIIaffey, 332 Pamela K. McIIaffey. 352 Ferry M. Mcl laffey, 304 Martha J. Mcl fancy, 352 Larry D. Mcllvoy, 332 I im I.. McKamcy, 378 John G. McKay, 304 Henry VV. McKee. 378 j e K. McKccl, 332 Nina C. McKnight, 304 June V. McKinney, 378 Regina S. McKisson, 332 David 11. McLain, 304 Edward H. McLain, 332 Wilbur J. McLain, 332 Dee L. McLarty, 378 Marsha L. McLarty, 332 Mike H. McLarty, 304 Patricia McLarty, 332 Donald I.. McLaughlin, 352 Mary A. McLaughlin, 378 Roger Glen McLemore, 378 Sarah F. McMahan, 352 Judy L. McMahon. 332 Shirley A. McMamgal, 304 Larry G. McMastcr, 352 Billy J. McMillion, 378 Brenda L. McMullin, 332 Clarence L. McMullin, 332 Ralph D. McNair, 332 Robert L. McNair, 352 Janet S. McNeely, 378 Cathy L. McNeil, 353 Sheila K. McNew, 353 Laura E. McNutt, 378 Ronald McPherson, 378 Baneeta L. McWatcrs, 332 Donna F, Mcacham, 332 Robert M. Mcacham, 378 Donna K. Mead, 378 Cheryl A. Meade, 353 Gary D. Meador, 378 Richard C. Meadows, 353 Mcchadc K. Mcdearis, 378 Betty J. Medford, 304 Lonnie Douglas Medford, 332 t aria D. Medley, 378 Cenard Medley, 378 Glenda R. Mcdiin, 353 Michael E. Medlock, 332 Sara J. Meek, 378 William E. Meeks Jr., 378 Allen R. Meier, 332 Barbara K. Meier, 332 Mary- C. Meier, 353 Wilbert J. Melancon, 353 Michael P. Mclhorn, 353 Deborah L. Melton, 124 Rhonda L. Mendes, 378 John A. Merck, 353 Barbara J. Meredith, 353 James r. Meredith, 378 Rebecca Ann Meredith, 304 Lloyd L. Merrell, 304 Stephen E. Mcrriman, 353 Donnie L. Mcrriott. 378 I Icdy Merritt, 378 Danny E. Merrymann, 353 Sharon L. Messer, 304 l ummy L. Messer, 304 Nunzio T. Messina Jr., 332 Betty L. Metcalf, 378 Donna M. Metcalf, 353 Jim R. Methcny, 304 Perry R. Methcny, 304 James T. Metz, 378 Jeffrey K. Metz, 378 Sherry D. Metz, 353 Teresa K. Metz, 378 (Jordon Mctzgar, 332 Ricky K. Metzger, 378 Henry F. Metzlcr III, 378 Steven R. Metzlcr, 378 John D. Meyer, 332 John M. Mick, 304 Feresa A. Mick, 304 Jimmy P. Middleton. 332 Linda J. Middleton, 332 Roy L. Middleton, 332 Paul E. Mulkiff, 332 Michael Milam, 332 Alice M. Miles, 304 Janie B. Miles, 353 Rickey I- Miles, 378 Vincent A. Miles, 305 Larry S. Milcy, 353 Phil W. Milcy, 378 Amanda J. Miller, 305 Carole Lynn Miller, 353 Coleen A. Miller, 353 Linda G. Miller, 305 Margjrct H. Miller, 305 Marian S. Miller, 353 Marilyn W. Miller, 378 Mary A. Miller, 353 Murel C. Miller Jr.. 353 Paul D. Miller, 378 Robert F. Miller, 353 Ron L. Miller, 305 Rosannc Miller, 378 Sammy R. Miller, 378 William B. Miller, 353 Douglas W. Milligan, 378 Milladine L. Milligan, 378 Phillip VV. Milligan, 378 Tommy J. Milligan, 305 Michael D. Milhkcn, 332 Emma J. Milliner, 333 Darrell Mills. 333 I Icnry P. Mills, 305 James L. Mills, 305 Luis R. Mills, 378 Tony M. Mills, 353 Chris Millwec, 333 William D. Millwec Jr., 353 Louie P. Milner, 333 Sarah J. Ming, 378 Joe H. Minor, 333 I Lirry D. Minton, 333 Joyce A. Minton, 333 Michael H. Minton, 378 William L. Minton, 353 Jim A. Mirabclla, 378 George Mires, 378 Sharon K. Miser, 378 Renonia V. Mitcham, 378 Charles S. Mitchell, 305 David A. Mitchell, 353 Eddie F. Mitchell Jr., 353 Ken H. Mitchell, 378 Larry 1. Mitchell, 333 Mercedes D. Mitchell, 333 Phillip Mitchell, 305 Steve E. Mitchell, 378 Steven E. Mitchell. 378 Vernon B. Mitchell. 333 M- Mize, 378 I Iclcn R. Mize, 333 Rebecca J. Mize, 378 Vicky A. Mizell, 353 Constance S. Mobley, 353 Lawrence E. Mobley, 378 Randall L. Mobley, 378 Steve Modelevsky, 353 Larry Moffett, 305 Karen P. Moffitt. 378 Clcndj K- Molock, 353 Leslie K. Mommsen, 378 Debbie A. Monday, 333 Robert L. Mondy, 378 Glenda J. Monk, 378 Barbara S. Monroe, 353 David L. Monroe, 333 l ance E. Monroe, 353 Carlton L. Montgomery, 333 David M. Montgomery, 353 Diane E. Montgomery, 378 Jack Mongtomcry Jr., 305 Sharon D. Montgomery, 353 Tony I.. Montgomery, 378 Janice J. Moody, 353 Johnny R. Moody, 305 Marion A. Moody, 305 William F. Moody, 378 Bonnie M. Moon, 305 Freddy D. Moon, 305 Violet B. Moon. 353 Cwindlc W. Mooney, 333 Linda G. Mooney, 379 Arthur B. Moore, 305 Barbara L. Moore, 379 Carol Moore. 333 Daniel R. Moore, 353 Debra J. Moore, 353 Dennis M. Moore, 333 Donnie L. Moore, 390 Douglas E. Moore, 333 Doyct Moore, 395 Mary Ellen Moore, 124 James F. Moore, 353 James 1 . Moore, 305 Jerry L. Moore, 305 Judy A. Moore, 305 Judy K. Moore, 305 Linda L. Moore, 333 Morris R. Moore, 333 Paul E. Moore, 333 Ronald D. Moore, 333 Ronnie VV. Moore, 379 Thomas A. Moore, 353 1 ravis M. Moore, 379 Troy E. Moore, 333 Virginia E. Moore, 333 Virginia M. Moore, 353 Vivian L. Moore, 379 Willie Moore Jr., 353 Sandra G. Morchart, 379 Mickic L. More head, 353 Barbara L. Morgan, 353 Dewey L. Morgan, 333 George D. Morgan, 353 Jennifer D. Morgan, 333 Johnny L. Morgan, 379 Lanny R. Morgan, 305 Larry E. Morgan, 333_ Martha A. Morgan, 379 Shirley M. Morgan, 305 Stan E. Morgan, 305 Michael Moritz. 333 Betty K. Morlcdge, 379 Carol A. Morris, 379 Dennis M. Morris, 379 Donna R. Morris, 353 Elmer G. Morris, 379 Garry VV'. Morris, 353 I lervy A. Morris, 379 James M. Morris, 333 Joseph L. Morris, 353 Judy A. Morris, 306 Melvin J. Morris, 353 Myra D. Morris, 306 Nellie A. Morris, 353 Ronald D. Morris, 379 Sandra D. Morris, 379 Stacey O. Morris, 333 I hoinas Morris, 379 Wanda E. Morris, 333 Judith Morrisctt, 306 Daniel C. Morrison. 353 David M. Morrison. 353 Donny R. Morrison, 353 Judy C. Morrison, 306 William D. Morrison. 333 James R. Morrow, 306 Joe L. Morrow, 333 George E. Morten. 306 Pam Mortimer, 333 Charles D. Moshinskie, 306 James F. Moshinskie, 306 Debra J. Moss, 379 Sue Lee Moss, 333 Ali Mostafavi, 379 1 lassan A. Mostafavi, 306 Wilma J. Mote, 333 Stuart C. Motcn, 333 David C. Muckenstunn, 353 Gary D. Mueller, 353 Debra C. Mullen, 333 Jim B. Mullen, 353 Sue Mullen, 306 William D. Mullen, 306 Helen G. Mullins, 379 Marsha L. Mullins, 353 Roscann Mullins, 379 Keith J. Munn, 353 Nicholas R. Munson, 379 Charley M. Murphy, 379 James VV. Murphy, 306 Agnes Ann Murphrcc, 306 Karen R. Murphy, 333 Mark E. Murphy, 379 Philip J. Murphy, 353 zVndrea B. Murray, 306 400Benny R. Murray, 353 Butch Murray, 333 Huey J. Murray, 333 Jacky L. Murray, 333 Kathcryn O. Murray, 333 Mable B. Murray, 333 Bruce E. Myers, 333 I lasscl Evans Myers Jr., 333 Margaret Myers, 306 Robert A. Mylcr, 333 N Rad Earokh Nadjafi, 333 Graham L. Nance, 333 1 homas Cecil Ncace, 333 Glenda K. Neal, 379 Johnnie R. Neal, 306 Vernon L. Neal, 379 Emma L. Ncblctt, 333 Barbara J. Neeley, 379 John E. Neeley, 353 John M. Neeley, 333 Deborah K. Neely. 379 Jimmy A. Neely, 379 Marion Keith Neely, 379 Bruce K. Nelms, 379 James A. Nelms, 333 Billie J. Nelson, 379 Cheryl J. Nelson, 333 Gary L. Nelson, 353 James E. Nelson Jr., 333 John B. Nelson, 353 John T. Nelson, 353 Linda R. Nelson, 306 Sheila R. Nelson, 379 Deborah K. Nesbitt, 379 Anthony B. Nevill, 353 David L. Newberry, 379 Richard E. Newberry, 353 I om Newberry, 333 James R. Newsom, 379 Martha S. Newsom, 353 Phyllis M. Nicholas, 353 Bonnie J. Nichols, 334 Gary A. Nichols, 353 1 lenry E. Nichols, 334 l-arry E. Nichols, 334 Rebecca L. Nichols, 379 Robert F. Nichols Jr., 306 Robert L. Nichols, 379 Carl G. Nicholson, 379 James L. Nicholson, 334 Lloyd E. Nicholson, 379 Richard A. Nicholson, 353 Judy J. Nickles, 354 Mary M. Nigus, 306 Louis J. Niscnbaum, 334 Elizabeth A. Nix, 354 Cary P. Nix, 354 Glenn D. Nix, 306 Betty Nixon, 354 Dorris D. Nixon, 379 I.ayletha Nixon, 306 Esther R. Noble, 306 Richard A. Nobles, 379 Anna Noel, 354 Theresa C. Nolan, 354 Bobby J. Nolcs, 354 Larnce R. Nolcs, 354 Larry J. Nooncr, 379 Deborah A. Norman, 379 Gary L. Norman, 379 Jimmy L. Norman, 306 John C. Norman, 306 Doris I". Norrid, 306 Paul E. Norrid. 379 Bobby G. Norris, 334 Mary J. Norm, 379 Mickey A. Norris, 354 Richard H. Norris. 334 Chester North, 307 Jerry R. North, 334 Don R. Northcutt, 307 Linda K. Northcn, 379 Bobby Northington, 334 Etta Norton, 354 James M. Norton, 354 Iliomas L. Norvcll, 379 Karen G. Nowlin, 379 Lulu M. Nucc. 379 Mary G. Nunn. 334 Donald Nunnally, 379 Ronald Nunnally, 379 Dinah G. Nutt, 379 Don C. Nutt, 354 O Debbie Obsitnik, 354 Larry S. O’Dell, 379 Marilyn O’Dell, 379 Michael L. O'Donell, 334 Polly A. O’Donnell, 125 Emery C. Oesch, 307 Joanna Obnanik, 334 Gary B. Oldham, 334 William A. Oldham Jr., 354 Cecil R. Oliver, 379 Jack L. Oliver. 390 Linda L. Oliver, 307 Wcstlcy A. Oliver, 380 Bryan L). Olmstcad, 354 Ronald L. Olson, 380 Dale I larvcy Oltmann, 380 David D. Oltmann, 354 Linda Kay Oltmann, 380 Bobby R. O’Neal, 380 1 larold L. O’Neal, 380 Janies E. O’Neal, 354 Rose A. O’Neal, 124 Gary D. Ormsby, 354 Laurie S. O'Roark, 334 Jo Faye Orr, 307 Sarah D. Orr. 307 Wilma J. Orr, 334 Gail A. Orsborn, 307 Roger A. Ort, 380 Simone A. Ortega, 334 Lynn Orton, 334 Jerry D. Osbon, 334 Gary L. Osborn, 380 Judy L. Oskowis, 354 Margaret A. Osoinach, 380 Claude S. Outlaw, 354 Ernest M. Overbey Jr., 390 Glenda G. Ovcrficid, 307 Kathy J. Overman, 380 Keith Overstreet, 380 James M. Overton, 334 Jan S. Owen, 334 Rodney K. Owen. 334 Donnie Owens, 334 Glenda G. Owens, 307 Jake C. Owens III, 380 James M. Owens, 380 Rodney P. Owens, 354 Iliomas R. Owens, 354 I larvey W. Oxner, 380 Linda C. Os ier, 380 P James C. Pace, 380 Jimmy D. Pace, 307 Terry A. Pace, 354 Terrs- A. Paff, 307 Beverly Pagan, 380 Floyd R. Page, 307 Virginia I). Page, 380 Raymond M. Palmer. 380 Vickie L. Palmer, 380 Patricia R. Palonc, 354 Fmmett D. Pankey, 334 Virginia C. Pankey, 354 Marilvn K. Pannell. 380 Rita C. Pannell, 380 Vickie L. Pannell, 334 John T. Pardcsv, 334 Barrs- L. Parish. 354 Sandra K. Park, 380 April J. Parke, 380 Carol A. Parker, 334 Ernestine L. Parker, 354 I lenry Parker, 380 Joe M. Parker, 380 Kathy D. Parker, 380 Michael Keith Parker, 380 Patricia C. Parker, 307 Patrilia L. Parker, 380 lorn Alan Parker, 380 Vicki M. Parker, 354 Stanley Parkinson, 380 Glen R. Parks, 307 Linda L. Parks, 380 Stanley R. Parks, 380 Deborah A. Parmer, 380 Rondlc B. Parnell, 307 Ronald H. Parnell, 334 Byzic L. Parr, 334 Michael R. Parrish, 334 Sheila J. Parsley, 380 James E. Pate, 380 Larry L. Patten, 354 Larry J. Partin, 354 John II. Partncy, 334 Lletcher C. Patterson, 380 Karla K. Patterson, 354 Sandra F. Patterson, 354 Troy M. Patterson, 380 Linda F. Patton, 380 Clarctta Ann Paul, 334 William C. Paul, 354 Betty G. Payne, 307 Jerry W. Payne, 334 Micnacl I). Payne, 354 Dsvight D. Pearce, 334 John Michael Pearce, 334 Rodger z . Pearce, 380 Millie Pearle, 354 Michael J. Pccottc, 380 Carol K. Peebles, 380 Alean Peck, 380 Cathy F. Peeler, 380 Kenneth D. Pegg, 354 Sharon C. Pegg, 354 Diane Pelts, 354 Susan Pcndcrgraff, 307 Joy Gail Pendergrass, 334 Lmilec Ann Penn, 307 Ronnie H. Penn, 354 John Pennington, 354 Roycc G. Pennington, 334 Donna K. Pcnter, 354 James M. Pcrcsta, 380 Ginger G. Perkins, 354 Charlotte T. Perrin, 380 Tony Perrin, 380 John R. Pcrrine, 354 Alnieta Perry, 380 Daisy M. Perry, 307 Dennis Nick Perry. 334 Harvey D. Perry, 380 Larry G. Perry, 354 Michael Perry, 380 Michael I- Perry, 307 Phyllis A. Perry, 3S0 Rebecca A. Peterson, 380 Robert D. Peterson, 354 Keith Joe Pctrek, 380 Patrick A. Pcttengcll, 307 I-ois F. Pettie, 334 William II. Pettit, 334 I lester W. Petty. 307 James K. Petty, 380 Roger A. Petty, 380 Patsy M. Peyton, 354 David R. Phelps. 380 |ohn Phelps, 307 Debra J. Philhours. 381 Alvin Kcnnith Phillips. 334 Candice R. Phillips, 334 Charlcv J. Phillips, 307 Donald R. Phillips. 307 Gary D. Phillips. 307 Gars- R. Phillips. 381 Grisham A. Phillips, 334 Jennifer L. Phillips, 381 John F. Phillips III. 334 Mark A. Phillips, 307 Michael L. Phillips, 381 Peggy A. Phillips, 334 Susan Phillips, 354 Susan Lynn Phillips, 334 Teresa L. Phillips, 334 William R. Phillips, 334 Lowell D. Philp, 354 Philip C. Philpot, 381 Ginger I- Phipps, 381 Susan L. Phipps, 307 Ben F. Pickard, 307 Debbie A. Pickcll, 354 Mary C. Pickens, 307 Carl E. Pickle, 381 Linda F. Pickncy, 381 Nancy Louise Pickncy, 381 Charles W. Pierce, 307 Chester G. Pierce, 354 Dannyc L. Pierce, 307 Howard Franklin Pierce, 381 John C. Pierce, 381 John L. Pierce, 381 Marcella B. Pierce, 334 Michael E. Pierce, 334 Ncvyle G. Pierce Jr., 381 Terry L. Pierce, 354 Thomas R. Pierce, 307 Yslcta B. Pierson, 307 Edward E- Pike, 307 Shelley M. Pike, 381 Rosclcc Pillow, 354 Connie I. Pinkston, 381 Jimmy L. Pinkston, 354 Roger D. Pitchford, 334 Sue E. Pitman, 354 Ronnie L. Pittman, 308 Abner C. Pitts, 354 Linda J. Pitts, 381 Linmct D. Plaster, 308 Nancy A. Plumlec, 334 Charles W. Plunkett, 308 Connie S. Pobst, 381 JocH. Poffjr., 334 Betty J. Poindexter, 381 Gwen I). Poindexter, 334 Boger E. Pohlncr, 308 Sue J. Pohlncr, 308 Terry M. Pollan, 354 Arlen S. Pollard, 354 David L. Polsgrovc, 334 Harley E. Polston, 308 Robbie 11. Pond. 354 Billy T. Poole. 381 Diana J. Poor, 334 Io Wall Pope, 308 I .arry G. Pope, 381 Ijrrs- J. Pope, 381 Marguerite Pope, 381 Robert H. Pope, 308 Joseph D. Pophani, 381 Glenda D. Poppc, 308 John M. Porbcck. 354 Billv R. Porter, 381 Fred L. Porter, 334 James D. Porter, 308 Mary Anne Potter, 381 Teresa K. Porter, 335 Gary Gene Pospisil, 381 Robert E. Post, 335 Judith A. Potter, 335 Judy M. Potts, 381 Mark W. Potts, 335 Anita J. Powell. 381 Danny J. Powell, 354 Jess-cllinc Powell, 381 Robert E. Powell, 381 Linda I. Powers, 381 Edna Katbrs n Poynor, 335 Connie A. Prance, 354 Diane Pratt. 308 Leona W. Pratt. 308 Paul L. Pratt. 381 Robert J. Pratt. 381 Sara A. Pratt. 354 Stephen A. Pratt, 381 Birdie I. Prentice. 381 Beth M. Presley. 381 Judvc D. Presley, 354 Kathic B. Presson, 354 Bosann3 Prcstidgc, 354 Jimmie W. Pretty, 381 Carroll R. Prcwctt. 308 Sharon K. Prcwett, 308 Jerry D. Prewitt, 354 Dennis L. Price, 381 401Edwin C. Price, 308 Jod A. Price, 381 .Michael L. Price, 381 Deborah K. Prichard, 335 William J. Prichard, 335 Charles F. Pridmore, 335 Sandra K. Priest, 335 Gary I. Prince, 381 Oscar E. Prince HI, 381 Kick M. Prince, 335 Steve A. Prince, 354 Lynn M. Pritchett, 308 Robert S. Pritchett, 308 Ronald L. Proctor, 335 Danny L. Proffitt, 381 Mary A. Prothro, 308 Allan K. Pruett, 308 Robert O. Pruett, 308 Teddy G. Pruitt, 308 Jeffery M. Pryor, 381 Joan M. Puddcpnatt, 335 David Purdy, 335 George A. Purdy, 335 Janie R. Purdy, 308 Patricia L. Purtlc, 381 Q Janie S. Qualls, 308 Michael L. Qualls, 335 I'eddy G. Qualls, 335 Terry D. Qualls, 308 JocJ. Quillin, 308 Marsha K. Quinn, 308 Ronald J. Quinn, 354 R Alma R. Ragsdale, 124 Elizabeth M. Ragsdcll, 381 Jim Ragsdcll, 354 Charlotte Rahrn, 308 Alice M. Raines, 308 Frank Raines, 353 Matthew M. Rainey Jr., 308 Mena E. Rainey, 354 Paula S. Ralaford, 335 Reeky A. Raley, 335 Shciron J. Ramsey, 335 Terry L. Ramsey, 308 Lynard O. Randles, 308 Nola J. Randles, 308 Ronnie G. Randolph, 381 Delores D. Raney, 124 Jacqueline Range, 381 Audrey L. Rapert, 381 Melinda Rapert, 335 Sandra J. Rash, 335 Calvin T. Ratliff 111, 381 Larry J. Ratliff, 354 Diane E. Ration, 381 Donna F. Ration, 381 Marcia T. Rauth, 308 Pamela A. Rawlings, 354 Jimmie D. Rawls, 335 Paula J. Rawls, 355 Anita I. Ray, 335 Danny L. Ray, 355 Gerald B. Ray, 381 Larry L. Ray, 355 Michael D. Ray, 335 Rex D. Ray, 335 Richard E. Ray, 381 Robert E. Ray, 335 Sarah D. Ray, 335 Terry S. Ray, 335 William E. Ray, 308 Michael J. Raymond, 381 Penelope A. Raymond, 335 James L. Razcr, 381 Allen E. Read, 355 Linda L Reaves, 335 Rebecca A. Reaves. 355 Ruth I • Reaves, 355 Michael Rebel, 308 Barbara J. Redd, 355 Johnny L. Redd, 309 Lillis L. Redd, 355 Rose A. Redd, 355 Ferry R. Redden, 355 Barry D. Reddick, 309 Eddie J. Reddick, 309 I larold I.. Reddick, 335 Marion F. Reddick, 309 I'eddy N. Reddick, 355 Annetta Reddmann, 309 Kenny L. Redman. 381 Dennis W. Reed, 335 Gary E. Reed, 309 lo E. Reed, 309 Nancy K. Reed, 335 Nancy L. Reed, 335 Tommy W. Reed, 381 Emory Lee Reeder, 125 Betty L. Reedy, 355 David F. Reese, 381 Mary J. Reese, 355 Cathy J. Reeves, 381 Frank L. Reeves, 309 Jimmy D. Reeves, 381 Katherine D. Reeves, 355 Larry E. Reeves, 381 Lee E. Reeses Jr.. 355 Steven Reeves, 381 David P. Reid, 381 Ernest J. Reid, 355 Harriet R. Reid, 381 Anita Reilly, 335 Jerrold W. Reiman, 355 Kenneth Reinhardt, 309 Gerry J. Reis, 355 Linda L. Render, 309 Barbara D. Reng, 335 Ronald J. Rennickc, 335 Charles G. Rcppond, 381 Suzanne Rettig, 381 Bruce D. Reuiclcr, 381 Elwyn Rcutclcr, 381 Cathy E. Reynolds, 381 Donna B. Reynolds, 309 Douglas V. Reynolds, 309 james C. Reynolds, 335 ohn W. Reynolds, 309 Rosa Maria Reynolds, 355 Sandra D. Reynolds, 309 Linda Rhea, 309 Janet K. Rhoades, 381 Deanna R. Rhodes, 381 Nancy E. Rhodes, 382 Roy L. Rhodes, 355_ Yvonne Rhodes, 355 Gary W. Rial, 335 George 11. Rial, 355 Rarbara A. Rice, 355 Janice G. Rice, 390 Kenneth B. Rice, 355 Harry I.. Richardson, 309 James D. Richardson, 382 Karen M. Richardson, 355 Karla S. Richardson, 309 Kathleen Richardson, 382 Larry K. Richardson, 335 Lonnie R. Richardson, 382 Mary A. Richardson. 335 Nancy Richardson, 382 Ronnie L. Richardson, 355 Sammy J. Richardson, 335 Darrell G. Rickman, 355 Deborah A. Riddick, 382 Dana R. Ridge. 335 Janice Ridge, 382 Pam A. Ridge, 382 Kenneth R. Ridgeway, 335 Nancy J. Rickc, 309 Rcvcriy S. Riggs. 382 Patricia A. Riggs, 355 Patti Riggs. 355 Sarah F. Riggs. 309 Sharon R. Rigsbcc, 355 Dennis Riley, 382 William Riley, 355 Richard G. Ring. 335 Fhomas A. Ripley, 382 Connie J- Risby, 335 Brenda Ritchey, 355 Sckcthcia A. Ritchie. 382 Ronald P. Roach, 309 Shelby V. Roach, 382 Ferry D. Roach, 309 Alartha A. Robb, 382 Larry L. Robert, 335 Elizabeth L. Roberts, 309 Frankie F. Roberts, 355 Gary B. Roberts, 355 Gregory P. Roberts, 335 Kenneth C. Roberts, 382 Lirry W. Roberts, 309 Marian J. Roberts, 382 Norman E. Roberts Jr., 355 Patsy J. Roberts, 355 Richatd A. Roberts, 3C9 Beverly J. Robertson, 335 Dennis R. Robertson, 382 Jo Ann Robertson, 382 Joycclyn R. Robertson, 355 Margaret Robertson, 382 Steve D. Robertson, 335 William T. Robertson, 309 Deborah N. Robeson, 335 Jackie E. Robinett, 335 Karen S. Robins, 382 Leroy Robins, 310 Alctta Robinson, 335 Carl W. Robinson, 355 Cecil D. Robinson, 382 David D. Robinson, 355 Deborah A. Robinson, 310 Donna L. Robinson, 382 Eddie Lee Robinson, 310 Gale L. Robinson, 355 Garry L. Robinson, 355 Gary M. Robinson, 335 Irene P. Robinson, 335 James A. Robinson, 310 Larry C. Robinson, 382 Ronald L. Robinson, 382 Linda A. Robinson, 310 Fred L. Robkcn, 335 Mary L. Rock, 355 Rick M. Rodery, 382 I’crry L. Rodery, 335 Curtis L. Rodgers, 310 John B. Rodgers, 382 Kenny D. Rodgers, 382 Rufus E. Rodgers, 310 Virgil A. Rodgers, 335 William Gary Roc, 335 Adrian D. Rogers, 335 Anna M. Rogers. 335 Bera A. Rogers, 382 Carey Rogers, 382 Carl A. Rogers, 335 Curtis Rogers, 335 Deborah R. Rogers, 355 Dennis E. Rogers, 355 Don E. Rogers, 355 Eddie J. Rogers, 335 Gaylon R. Rogers, 355 Jcrrie J. Rogers, 310 John M. Rogers, 382 Joyce E. Rogers, 355 Alargarct A. Rogers, 335 Mike Rogers, 335 Ruby J. Rogers, 382 Susan J. Rogers, 355 Tcrric N. Rogers, 382 Jerry D. Roland. 355 Ivonettc Holland, 310 Christopher D. Rolle, 355 Charles W. Rollings, 335 Katherine A. Rollins. 382 Nancy z . Rollins, 355 Ronnie D. Rollins. 382 Carl R. Romhilt, 355 Billie E. Rominc, 382 William K. Romines, 355 Lucille Rondonc, 382 Mary M. Roods. 125 Dickey A. Rook, 382 Rickey D. Rook, 335 Sarah Dianne Rook, 125 Lois R. Rookcr, 382 Sharon G. Rookcr. 355 Kevin R. Rorick, 382 Linda S. Rorie, 335 Berry W. Rose, 335 Billy G. Rose, 382 Deborah L. Rose, 355 Gary D. Rose, 335 Robert E. Rose, 355 Donald B. Rosier, 310 Cynthia G. Ross, 382 Eddie R. Ross, 310 Franklin R. Ross, 336 I lurry Baker Ross, 336 Jack Ross, 382 John S. Ross, 336 Linda S. Ross, 310 Andrew R. Rossi, 310 Joyce R. Roth, 310 Fimmy Neal Roth, 382 Tom R. Roth, 336 Rarbara R. Kothwcll, 310 Cathy E. Rounsavall, 310 David A. Rounsavall, 356 Janice E. Rounsavall, 382 Fim M. Rouse, 382 Andrew B. Rousey, 382 Connie Marie Routon, 356 Judy D. Routon, 382 Tommy Routon, 382 Charles V. Rowe, 336 Dennis Rowe, 382 Philip L. Rowe, 310 Scott W. Rowell, 310 John M. Rowland, 356 Judy M. Rowland, 310 Schuler B. Rowland, 382 Susan Rowland, 310 Bobby N . Rowlett, 382 Gary Rowlett, 310 Stanley A. Rowlett, 356 Sandra M. Rowton, 310 James R. Roy, 356 Alartha L. Roy, 382 Gussic Mac Rucker, 382 Gretchcn A. Rudkin, 336 Dave P. Rucbsam, 336 Gwen Ruff, 310 Marcille M. Ruff, 382 James D. Rumble, 382 David 11. Hunk, 336 Carol A. Runnels, 356 Pommy G. Runnels, 356 Roy S. Runsick, 336 Teresa C. Runsick, 382 Lora A. Runyan, 336 Robert Runyan, 336 Charles E. Runyan, 310 Cathy L Rupard, 356 David Rush. 382 James L. Rushing, 382 Sam M. Rushing, 356 Richard A. Rushing. 382 Freddy C. Russell. 336 Michael B. Russell, 382 Rickey C. Russell, 310 Billy D. Kussom, 311 Dale W. Russom, 382 Mary A. Rutherford, 382 David P. Rutland, 382 Gary E. Ryan, 336 S Jeffrey R. Sackctt, 336 Bill M. Sadler, 382 Delia Sadler, 336 II ay den L. Sadler, 356 Leroy Sain Jr., 382 Sharyl J. Sain, 382 Bobbie A. Saleh, 311 Julia P. Saliba, 311 Lark E. Sallee, 336 Mark T. Sailings. 382 Margie L. Sallis, 311 John I. Saltzman, 336 Pamela K. Saltzman. 382 Danny B. Sample, 382 James R. Sample, 311 Jerry D. Sample, 311 Patty Lou Sample, 311 Tom M. Samuclson, 382 Debbie M. Sanders, 382 Eric E. Sanders, 311 402James D. Sanders, 356 James H. Sanders, 382 I Icrb A. Sanderson. 336 Jo C. Sanderson, 125 Loreta M. Sansom, 383 Alan 11. Sapp, 311 Raymond Saranic, 336 Linda K. Sartini, 356 Lloyd R. Sauer Jr., 311 Sharon K. Sauheavcr, 311 Kay Saurcnman, 311 Lorraine D. Savclli, 336 Gregors- E. Sawyer, 336 Loretta J. Sawyers, 356 Patricia Scaife, 383 Priscilla E. Scanlon. 356 Jan R. Scarbrough. 336 John A. Schaefer, 356 Robert W. Schafer, 336 Noel W. Schaffer, 383 Elizabeth G. Scharff, 383 Larry L. Scheer, 311 Roger S. Schimming, 356 Cheryl L. Schislcr, 383 Darryl L. Schlenker, 356 Frank M. Schmidt, 383 William R. Schmidt, 383 Katrinka A. Schmitt, 356 David G. Schneider, 336 Kenneth D. Schocnborn. 336 Ronald L. Schuchman, 336 Joseph R. Schunk, 311 Janet D. Schwamb, 356 Linda J. Schwamb, 311 Arlccn O. Scott, 383 Barbara Jean Scott, 125 Betty A. Scott, 383 Danny L. Scott, 336 Danny L. Scott, 336 Davie Scott, 383 Diana B. Scott, 336 Jackie L. Scott, 356 Kenny D. Scott, 336 Mark A. Scott. 383 Michael B. Scott, 356 Michael N. Scott, 383 Robyn D. Scott. 356 Ruth A. Scott. 356 Sharon R. Scott. 336 Tim B. Scott, 336 Vickie A. Scott, 356 Randy L. Screws, 311 Claude G. Scroggins, 356 Richard E. Scroggs, 356 James V. Scuriock. 311 John J. Scurto, 383 John W. Seagraves, 383 Utah L. Seagraves, 311 Judy F. Seals, 336 Danny F. Sears, 383 Mary I'. Seay, 383 Judy C. Sebastian, 383 Barbara S. Sebourn, 336 Doris J. Scbrcc, 383 Jimmy R. Sebring, 383 Paul G. Scidenscnwarz, 383 James D. Self. 356 Charles L. Selman, 311 Marcia L. Scttlcmoir, 356 Carol S. Sexton, 311 Larry A. Sexton, 336 I.indy Sexton, 336 Nancy L. Sexton, 356 Sandra L. Seymour, 383 A1 S'Fortunato, 356 James C. Shackelford, 311 Donald R. Shaddock, 356 Robert Shafer, 336 Jack B. Shanklc, 356 Kathy Shannon, 311 Brenda L. Sharp, 356 Dyan Renee Sharp, 125 Paula L. Sharp, 356 Jerry L. Sharpe, 311 Larry A. Sharpe, 336 Sally P. Sharpe, 311 David P. Shaver, 336 Nancy S. Shaver, 311 Ivan E. Shaw, 383 Ruben D. Shaw, 311 Carolyn R. Shcals, 356 Danny S. Shcals, 336 Richjrd II. Shearer, 336 Mark D. Sheehan, 356 Deborah E. Shelton, 356 Lmm3 L. Shelton, 383 Alice L. Shelton, 336 Marilyn S. Shelton, 356 M. II. Shelton Jr., 311 Ruth A. Shelton, 383 Sandra K. Shelton, 311 Sandra K. Shelton, 383 Susan A. Shelton, 356 Wiliam W. Shepard, 383 Frank L. Shepherd, 356 Michael E. Shepherd, 336 Roy M. Shepherd, 311 Su anne Shepherd, 383 Glenn E. Sheridan, 336 Ralph A. Sheridan, 356 Freddy L. Sherrcll, 356 Glenn D. Sherrill, 383 Jon C. Sherry, 383 Phyllis K. Shewmaker, 311 Danny Shields. 336 Randy I.. Shinaberv, 356 Anthony Shipman, 383 William T. Shipman, 356 Paul D. Shirley, 356 Peter K. Shirley, 311 Almus W. Shivlcy Jr., 356 James E. Shockley, 336 Randy L. Shocmakc, 356 Patricia A. Shollmicr, 311 Roger P. Shollmier, 336 Randy E. Shopher, 336 Roy E. Short, 383 Terry L. Short, 336 Judy B. Showaltcr, 383 Ken K. Showaltcr, 336 Patsy A. Shownes, 356 Wallace R. Shrader, 336 Steven D. Shults, 383 Douglas B. Shultz, 336 Alvin R. Shumate, 383 Dcloisc L. Shumpert, 336 Sarah L. Shumpert, 383 Billy R. Shurlcy, 311 Mikki L. Side-bottom, 383 Michael S. Sides, 356 Mark E. Sieving, 383 Tim Sigman, 383 Steven T. Sigsby, 336 Kenneth R. Simington, 383 Edward Simmons. 356 James Simmons, 356 Jimmie S. Simmons, 311 Kathy G. Simmons, 311 Rose M. Simmons, 356 Steve R. Simmons, 312 William D. Simmons, 336 Nclda Fern Simpkins, 125 Charles Simpson, 356 David E. Simpson, 383 Edith L. Simpson, 383 Jimmy W. Simpson, 336 Mary V. Simpson, 383 Sheila V. Simpson, 383 Sherman Dale Simpson. 383 Shirley A. Simpson, 312 Annette Sims, 356 Edward S. Sims, 312 Steve Sims, 336 Ann M. Singleton, 336 can Singleton, 383 arrv J. Singleton, 312 Michael L. Singleton. 312 Brenda K. Singlcy, 356 Jerry W. Sisco, 383 Robert 11. Sisco, 312 Roy L. Sisco, 383 Rhonda S. Sissom. 383 Nickla I). Sitzer, 125 Benny A. Skaggs, 356 Randy J. Skarda, 383 Michael G. Skcct, 357 Billy R. Skelton, 312 Kathy S. Skelton, 383 Steven Skillcrn, 336 Jesse T. Skinner, 383 John J. Skinner, 383 Lorn C. Skinner, 312 1 irry W. Skiver, 357 Robert M. Shibaugh. 383 Janice F. Slagley, 383 Ava A. Slater, 357 lames E. Slater, 357 David R. Slaton, 336 Judy A- Slatton, 357 Sakae Slatton. 357 Elke Slayton, 312 Mary E. Sloan. 357 Phyllis J. Sloan, 336 Joe A. Small, 336 David L. Smalley, 312 Shirley A. Smallwood, 125 Nell Smart, 383 Pamela J. Smart. 336 Stephen C. Smart, 383 Gregory D. Smelser, 384 immy D. Smelser, 336 lobby I,. Smiles-, 336 Brenda J. Smiley, 336 Alan B. Smith, 384 Audrey K. Smith, 336 Bjrbara A. Smith, 312 Barney G. Smith. 357 Betty A. Smith, 312 Betty C. Smith. 312 Betty C. Smith, 357 Betty L. Smith, 336 Bonnie M. Smith, 384 Bonnie M. Smith, 312 Charles I-. Smith Jr.. 336 Charles L. Smith, 357 Danny S. Smith. 312 Danny W. Smith. 336 David E. Smith, 357 David L. Smith, 336 Deborah L. Smith, 336 Delores G. Smith, 337 Dickie C. Smith, 312 Donnie A. Smith. 312 Douglas W. Smith, 312 Florence F. Smith, 385 FK nn Smith, 384 Gary M. Smith, 384 Gordon E. Smith. 357 Guv M. Smith, 357 Hal P. Smith. 312 I larold L. Smith, 312 I larvcy L. Smith. 337 James A. Smith. 337 James M. Smith, 384 Jen D. Smith. 357 Joseph D. Smith, 337 Karen S. Smith, 384 Kathleen I). Smith. 357 Keith B. Smith, 312 Ken C. Smith. 337 l arry A. Smith, 384 I-arry M. Smith, 337 I.con C. Smith, 337 Lewis G. Smith. 337 Lonnie O. Smith. 357 I ynne M. Smith, 384 Margaret A. Smith. 384 Mary K. Smith. 357 Mike I). Smith. 384 Msrtlc Joyce Smith. 124 Nora L. Smith. 357 Olen I). Smith, 384 Ondreia D. Smith. 384 Phil C. Smith. 312 Phil G. Smith. 312 Rands E. Smith. 384 Rebecca A. Smith. 384 Rcida C. Smith. 312 Rhonda F. Smith. 337 Richard F. Smith. 357 Robert M. Smith. 337 Roger P. Smith, 384 Sammy L. Smith. 337 Sarah J. Smith, 384 Sherry B. Smith, 337 Stevie D. Smith, 312 Susan C. Smith, 357 Terry J. Smith, 337 Thomas J. Smith. 357 Thurman M. Smith. 337 Tommy B. Smith, 384 Willis E. Smith Jr.. 312 Letty R. Smollen, 337 Betty G. Smoot, 384 Cynthia F. Smotherman, 312 Donald R. Smotherman. 312 Rickey G. Smotherman, 357 Carrie M. Snapp, 312 Kenneth L. Sneathern, 337 Vincent O. Snell, 3S4 James S. Snellgrove, 337 Dewey J. Snider, 312 Mary M. Snipes, 357 Samuel J. Snipes, 312 Jimmy Wayne Snodgrass, 357 Celia Snow, 312 Nickcy P. Snow, 390 Charles R. Snyder, 384 Conley D. Sod cn, 384 Lloyd E. Somers, 384 Ken R. Sorrels, 384 Diane M. Southern, 312 Karen A. Soward, 390 Judith E. Sowell, 312 Steve T. Sowell, 357 Carrie E. Spades, 312 Brenda J. Spann, 337 David R. Spann, 313 Kathy D. Spann, 384 Carolyn J. Sparkman, 384 Ronnie E. Sparkman, 313 Dona S. Sparks, 313 ierris Gale Sparks. 384 .inda L. Sparks, 313 Joel S. Sparlcr, 384 Kathy Spaulding. 357 Brenda S. Spears, 357 Don R. Speck. 313 Lacy M. Speed, 357 Charles E. Spence, 313 Larry D. Spence, 313 Noel E. Spence, 337 Paula C. Spence, 357 Richard S. Spence, 384 Van T. Spence, 357 Kenneth O. Spencer, 313 Ronnie W. Spiegel, 384 Carl F. Spieler, 357 Pamela J. Spikes. 384 Sara S. Spikes, 357 Merideth J. Spinks, 357 Teresa G. Spotts, 337 Johnnie R. Spraberry, 313 I larvcy L. Sprouse, 313 Audrey P. Spurlock, 125 Bennie CL Spurlock. 313 Paula Ann Spurlock, 313 Susan Lynn Spurlock, 384 Keith E. Stacey, 337 Margaret M. Stack, 357 Billy B. Stacy, 337 Jimmy I). Stacy, 384 Pamela Gayle Stacy, 357 Danny R. Stafford, 384 Johnny L. Staggs. 337 Ted E. Staggs. 384 James 11. Stake, 384 Andrea L. Stallcup, 337 I.ura A. Stallcup, 337 Sara I.. Stallcup, 357 I lelcn L. Stalling. 384 Kenneth N. Stallings. 384 Michael D. Stallings, 313 Patti Ann Stamp, 384 Michael F. Stanfield. 337 Bobby M. Stanley', 337 Glenn W. Stanley, 337 William R. Stanton. 337 Frank W. Staples, 313 John K. Stark, 357 Sally L. Starkey, 384 Vernic D. Starkey, 384 Sandra K. Starnes, 384 James A. Starr, 384 Linda S. Staten, 313 Thomas L. Staten Jr., 313 403Karen G. Scalier, 357 M. D. Staton. 357 Tricia J. Staub, 357 Nicki IX St.Clair, 337 Billie Jean Steadman, 384 Christina M. Steele, 337 Jimmy D. Steele, 357 .Mary M. Steele, 313 Boxer D. Steele, 337 William Steele, 337 William A. Steele, 313 Samuel 11. Steelman, 337 Janie C. Steen, 384 Hubert C. Steimcl Jr., 337 Sally B. Steinsick, 337 George W. Stem, 313 Carol J. Stephens, 313 Charles E. Stephenson, 384 James D. Stephenson, 357 Charlene Sterne, 337 Michael E. Stetson, 337 Deborah L. Stevens, 384 Joseph D. Stevens. 313 Ollic A. Stevens, 384 Bandy S. Stevens, 384 Daniel Stevenson, 357 Dennis L. Stevenson, 384 James P. Stevenson, 357 Arnold Lee Steward, 337 Ivory M. Steward, 384 Bobbia G. Steward, 337 Diana M. Stewart. 384 Elizabeth J. Stewart, 384 1 toward L. Stewart, 337 Jean F. Stewart, 357 Jerry H. Stewart, 384 Linda C. Stewart, 337 Maria L. Stewart, 337 Warren II. Stewart, 337 Patsy Jean Stickler. 124 Dwight E. Still, 337 Gary D. Still, 337 James E. Stilwcll, 357 Cary W. Stimson. 357 Robert E. Stircwalt, 337 Bichard F. St.John, 384 Marcella Stockton, 337 Carol A. Stogsdill, 313 Robert D. Stoker, 385 Annette Stokes, 337 Clauson B. Stone, 385 Jerry D. Stone, 313 Beagan J. Stone, 313 Travis B. Stone, 357 Zack T. Stone, 337 James E. Storey, 357 llentley E. Story, 313 Paul 11. Stotts, 314 Wanda G. Stotts. 337 I tarry L. Stout, 357 Kathy L. Stout. 314 Sharon Floisc Stout. 385 Bcvcrla J. Stovall. 337 Sandra G. Stovall. 385 Debby I.. Stowe, 337 James W. Straub. 385 John W. Street, 385 Thomas D. Street, 357 Charlotte J. Strickland. 357 Bonnie D. Strickland. 385 Buby Virginia Strickland, 357 James L- Stricklin. 314 Rosanna M. Strong. 357 Charlotte M. Stroud. 337 Gary D. Stroud. 314 Larry D. Stroud. 314 Mary J. Stroud, 337 Roger V. Stroud. 337 Kenneth D. Stuart. 338 Marshall R. Stuart, 338 Gail Stuck. 357 Bcvcrlv D. Stuckcv, 357 Paul I. Stultz. 338 Georgeanne Stump. 385 Ellen M. Sturch. 385 Mary J. Sturch, 338 Winfred K. Sturch. 385 Kenneth S. Sulcer, 385 Perry P. Sullins, 338 Dan Alan Sullivan, 338 Gary Donald Sullivan, 385 Robert K. Sullivan. 357 Dennis P. Summers, 357 William T. Summers. 385 James B. Sumner, 338 Sidney L. Sumners, 357 Aubrey N. Sumpter, 314 Terry J. Sumpter, 338 Mary F. SurUrr, 357 Walter L. Surprise III, 314 James M. Surratt, 357 Patti Sutrcrfield, 385 Mary L. Swaim, 338 Jerry L. Swain, 338 Kenneth L. Swanson. 338 Ellen M. Sweancy, 385 Hillye J. Sweat, 357 Bobbyc J. Sweat, 357 Tommy II. Sweat, 385 Sarah E. Swicegood. 357 Martha A. Swigert, 314 Davine B. Swihart, 338 Cindy L. Swindle. 385 Cleatus I..Swindle. 314 Danny M. Swindle. 385 Elizabeth P. Swindle. 338 Judith A. Swindle. 314 Phillip M. Swindle, 338 Marcus Swinson. 338 John 11. Swope, 338 Karen L. Swope. 385 Harry E. Sylar. 357 Douglas C. S enher. 338 T Jacquelyn Tabron. 385 Jama E. Tacker, 338 John D. Tacker. 385 Dave Tackett, 385 William E. Tackett, 385 Nancy J. Faff, 338 Susan M. Fainter, 385 David A. Talbot, 385 Debbie J. Talburt, 385 Shelia A. Tallcv, 314 Gayle M. I'amburo, 314 Sandra K. Tamburo, 385 Betty J. Tanner, 385 Joyanna Tanner, 385 Larry E. Tanner, 385 Lindy M. Fanner, 338 Patricia A- Fanner. 385 Thurl L. Tanner, 338 Patti II. Tapp, 357 Lilbern D. Tarlton, 385 Billy B. Tarpley, 338 William G. Tarpley Jr., 314 James Tart, 338 Cynthia L. Tarver. 338 Judy Gail Tar i. 385 Alice Beatrice Tate, 125 Mary E. "Fate, 314 Natalie Tate. 338 Regina G. Tate, 338 Paulette R. Taten, 385 Hershel D. Tatum, 385 Deborah A. Tausch, 357 Ava N. Taylor, 314 Bertha F. Taylor. 314 Beverly C. Taylor. 338 Bobbie Jean Taylor, 385 Bruce W. Taylor, 338 Debbie A. Taylor, 385 Deborah F. laylor, 357 Dennis E. Taylor, 357 Donna S. Taylor. 385 Felix Doncll Taylor, 314 Guy Adren Taylor Jr.. 385 Jimmv D. Taylor. 314 Lloyd S. Taylor. 357 Magalene ‘Laylor. 357 Marjorie L. Taylor, 385 Michael V. Taylor. 338 Peggv A. "laylor, 338 Bobert R. Taylor, 357 RoWrt M. Taylor, 358 Ronald S. Taylor, 314 John F.. Teague, 338 Lanny R. Teague, 358 Larry R. league, 358 Kathy L. I odder, 385 Sandra A. Tedder, 314 Lois M. Icdlord, 314 Dennis C. Teel, 385 Mauricio J. I clleria, 314 Cynthia L. Tcmpcl, 385 James W. Temple, 338 Bobert Lynn I emplcton, 385 David B. Lemmon, 338 Randal L. Tennison, 314 Anne "I". FcrKcurst, 314 Valeric M. FcrKcurst, 385 lonyR. lerral, 358 Ada L. Ferry, 385 Deborah L. Ferry, 385 Michael L. Teter, 385 Brenda C. "Ihackcr, 385 Ernest "Ihackcr Jr., 385 Gary M. "Iharp, 314 Terry D. "ITiarp, 390 Charles D. I haxton, 385 Kenneth A. 1 haxton, 385 Carroll B. l"hctford, 315 William G. 1 hiclcmicr, 358 Alan B. "Ihomas, 358 Charles D. Thomas, 338 Daniel E. Thomas, 315 Daniel II. I homas, 338 Deborah D. lliomas, 315 Donna G. lliomas, 385 Edward B. lliomas, 338 George K. Thomas, 358 Janice M. Thomas. 385 Jan M. Thomas, 385 Lillie M. "lliomas, 358 Patrick A. "lliomas. 358 Pitscr M. "lliomas 111, 385 Rickey D. "Lliomas, 358 Ronald W. I homas, 385 Sheridan D. lliomas, 315 Ferry B. Thomas. 338 William E. Thomas, 338 Larry J. Iliomason, 315 Bcvcrli A. "Iliompson, 385 Darrel J. "Iliompson, 385 David E. "Iliompson, 315 Douglas B. Thompson. 338 Elzora A. "Iliompson, 315 Emma J. "Iliompson, 385 Felicic A. Iliompson, 385 George M. "Iliompson. 315 James A. "Iliompson, 358 Janet P. "Iliompson, 338 Jimmy D. "Iliompson, 338 Joan L. "Iliompson, 315 John E. "Iliompson, 358 .Michael J. Iliompson, 315 Michael N. Thompson. 338 Ronald P. Thompson, 385 Bubv I). "Iliompson, 385 Teresa J. Thompson, 358 Icttvc Thornbrough, 358 Dennis E. Thrasher, 338 Andrew L. Tlircadgill. 358 Don lev C. Threct. 338 David J. Throcsch. 358 Keith N. 'Ihroneberrv. 358 Pamelia Thurman, 315 Tommy L. Thurmond. 338 Vicki J. Thurston, 358 Rebecca L. "Fidwell. 385 Tony M. Tidwell. 385 Jeannie D. Tiffee, 385 Scott W. Till. 315 I larold D. Tilley. 338 Windell I . Tilley. 385 Alice E. Tillman, 315 Beverlv K. Tillman. 385 Darrell Tillman, 385 Marilyn Tillman. 338 Dalton W. Timmons, 385 Billy Don "Finer, 338 Warren L. Tincr, 358 Lanny R. Tinker, 338 Lida A. Tinker, 385 Melba Jean Tinker, 125 Mike D. Tinsley, 385 Roger D. Tinsley, 338 Sheila M. Tipton, 358 Mary J. Todd. 385 Stephanie J. Todd, 385 Vicki L. Todd, 385 George W. Tolbert, 358 Kennv J. Tolbert, 390 Brenda Tollison, 358 Marsha G. Tolson, 315 Michael B. Tolson, 386 Wendell P. Tolson, 358 Lena S. Tomlinson, 338 "Ferre L. Tomlinson, 386 Leonard C. Toms, 338 Frank J. Toney, 338 Gale R. Toney, 358 Stephen M. Toney, 390 Gerald W. Tong, 338 Gay E. Toombs, 358 Rebecca E. Toombs, 386 Jerry E. Toonc, 386 Virginia S. Topp, 386 James C. Torjusen, 338 Joan C. Tosh, 315 Michael W. Tosh. 358 Stephen G. Tottv. 338 Ronald C. To well, 315 Claude Dale Towery, 386 Elizabeth E Towles, 315 Willie A. Towne, 358 Dennis E. Townsend, 339 Deborah J. Tracer, 358 Jerry D. Trammell, 386 Charlotte A. Trantham, 386 Carolyn M. Trask, 386 Bob G. Travis, 315 Kenneth L. Trans, 386 Larry W. Treadway, 358 Cecil M. Trcccc, 315 Diana "I'reece, 339 Kathy Jo 'I'reece, 358 Stevie J. Trcecc, 386 William H. Treneman, 339 Mary M. Tresp, 358 Carlotta J. Tribble, 315 Roger D. Tribble, 315 John C. Trice, 315 David T. Trim, 339 Linda Gail Trimuc, 315 Fravis Mark Trimuc, 386 Maurice L. Trites, 358 Ronald Dale Trivitt, 358 Marsha K. Froillctt, 339 Carolyn K. Trotter, 339 Bobert M. Trotter, 339 Richard W. Truax, 339 Cynthia E. Truxton, 339 Rick E. Tubbs, 386 Charles L. "Fucker, 339 Janis J. Tucker, 358 Nancy D. Tucker, 358 Peggy S. Tucker, 315 Richard T. "Fucker, 386 Bollie Dean Tucker. 386 Rosie A. "Fucker, 358 William E. Tucker, 315 Nancy L. Tull. 358 Patricia A. Tull. 358 Tim G- Tunstill, 386 Sharron K. Turman, 339 Fred II. Turner, 358 Gary L. Turner, 386 Gussie L. Turner, 358 Gwendolyn Turner, 358 John M. Turner, 315 Larry D. Turner, 315 Larry E. Turner, 386 Linda J. Turner, 386 Martha D. Turner, 386 Mary E. Turner, 358 Michael G. Turner. 339 Bobert B. Turner, 339 Sammy E. Turner, 358 Sandra K. Turner, 315 Tommy G. Turner, 339 William Turpin Jr., 358 Michael P. Tuseth, 358 Lois Ann Tusing. 339 Barbaranette Twillic, 386 404Deborah I 1. Tye, 386 Steve B. Tye, 339 Carol A. I ycr, 386 Rodney L. 1‘ycr, 358 Brenda L. Tyler, 339 David D. Tyler, 339 Jan L. Tyler, 339 Lanny W. Tyler, 339 Terry M. Tyler, 339 Gary L. Tyner, 386 U James L. Ulmer, 315 Raphael A. Urbina, 315 James C. Usscry, 339 Sherma J. Usscry, 315 Anton C. Uth Jr., 386 Murlon L. Utley, 386 V Andrew E. Vaccaro, 358 l ed L. Valentine, 358 Diana K. VanCamp, 315 Lawrence M. VanCamp, 315 Henry Lynn ’ancc, 315 Howard E. Vance, 339 Jack W. Vance 339 Donald E. Vuncil, 339 Bobbie 1 . VanClevc, 315 Joe N. VanClevc, 316 Mary E. Vanderburg, 386 Regenia L. Vangilder, 386 Ike M. Van Meter, 316 Lcndall Lee Vannada, 339 Belinda 11. VanPelt, 358 Darlene VanPelt, 316 Patricia Van Sant, 316 Deborah A. Varnadorc, 339 Linda K. Varnell, 339 Jerry J. Varvil, 358 I homas W. Vaughan, 358 Edgar Vaughn. 386 James M. Vaughn, 339 John S. Vaughn, 316 Mark V. Vaughn, 386 Peggy J. Vaughn, 316 Robert A. Vaughn, 386 Samuel Vaught, 339 Jimmy G. Y'each, 124 Phillip W. Veal, 386 Thom Veetv, 316 Vivian L. veety, 316 Thelma K. Venable, 339 Lynn M. Vicchio, 386 Melba F. Vickers, 316 Sarah C. Vickers, 386 Joe D. Villincs Jr., 339 Jerry L. Vincent, 358 Rudy M. Vines 33 » Glenn S. Vinson, 339 Harold D. Vise, 386 James F. Vittitow, 316 Charlotte L. Volk, 339 Peggy G. Von Aim en, 316 ITiomas S. Vondran, 339 Walter A. Vorc, 386 Donald G. Voyles, 316 .Nicholas C. Vrettos, 316 Jimmy VV. Vuncannon, 339 W Mona S. Waddell. 386 Peggy A. Waddell, 316 Tommie H. Waddell, 316 Alva V. Wadlcy. 386 Dalmcr G. Wagner. 339 Tolotha P. Wagner, 339 Jimmy D. Wagstcr, 339 John D. Wagstcr, 358 Patricia G. VVainscott, 386 Richard E. Walden, 316 William J. Waldrup, 316 John T. Waleszonia, 316 Joe Waleszonia, 339 Donna J. Walker, 386 Garry W. Walker, 339 James C. Walker, 386 Karyn S. Walker, 339 Larry P. Walker, 386 Lloyd W. Walker, 386 Mary Lynn Walker, 339 Meredith L. Walker, 358 Michael J. Walker, 339 Patricia A. Walker, 339 Peggy J. Walker, 339 Princclla Walker, 386 Richard D. Walker, 386 Sandra J. Walker, 358 Tommy G. Walker, 316 Tommy L. Walker, 339 Tony L. Walker, 358 Douglas G. Wall, 386 Brenda V. Wallace, 386 Francys B. Wallace, 339 John D. Wallace, 386 Kenneth C. Wallace, 316 Lisa L. Wallace, 358 Mary E. Wallace, 316 Nclda R. Wallace, 339 Sherry L. Wallace, 339 Weldon A. Wallace, 339 Gary L. Waller, 339 James W. Waller, 358 Barry L. Walls, 339 John E. Walls. 316 Marshall I). Walls. 339 Judy M. Walter, 386 Becky D. Walters, 358 Robert F. Walters, 339 Tim W. Walters, 339 Paulette Walton, 339 Rufus C. Walton, 386 'Theresa K. Walton, 386 Brenda J. Wangestcin, 358 Kathleen S. Warbington, 358 Betty P. Ward. 316 Danny R. Ward, 358 David R. Ward. 339 Donna R. Ward, 316 Larry D. Ward, 386 Linda K. Ward, 358 Pam G. Ward. 339 Walter E. Ward. 339 Linda J. Warden. 358 Michael J. Warden. 358 Carol F. Warfield. 386 Kelcy L. Warner, 386 Patti Jo Warr. 316 Carole A. Warren, 358 Catherine R. Warren. 358 Edith L. Warren, 386 Linda L. Warren, 316 Michael E. Warren, 386 Donna K. Warrick, 316 Grover C. Warrick, 316 Anna L. Washam, 386 Dale D. Washam. 339 Ralph Waters, 386 Brent E. Watkins, 339 Karen J. Watkins. 339 Marilyn V. Watkins, 316 Michael D. Watkins, 386 Tommy Watkins, 339 Wavne L. Watkins. 316 Beverly A. Watson, 386 Carvla S. Wat on. 339 Elizabeth N. Watson. 358 James S. Watson. 339 Jeffrey L. Watson. 358 Jonathan G. Watson. 386 Marcia A. Watson, 386 Marilyn K. Watson. 316 Michael I). Watson, 316 Philip L. Watson, 339 Susan A. Watson. 386 Virginia C. Watson. 316 Robert I- Watt. 339 Richard H. Watts. 339 Anthony J. Wawrzycki, 339 Glenda J. Way. 386 James Edward Way, 359 Donnie J. Weatherford. 316 Hugh D. Weatherford, 316 Gwen B. Weathers, 390 Andrea M. Weathersby, 317 Mike Weathersby, 386 Dwight M. Weaver, 317 Michael II. Weaver, 317 Michael R. Weaver, 317 Rocky CL Weaver, 386 Sandra F. Weaver, 359 Wilton G. Weaver, 317 Barbara G. Webb, 359 Candace A. Webb, 386 Connie Diane Webb, 124 David L. Webb, 339 Linda M. Webb, 317 Mary L. Webb, 359 Lon G. Webber, 386 Dennis E. Webster, 359 Douglas N. Webster, 386 Gary L. W ebster, 340 Larry C. Weeks, 340 Sharon B. Wegman, 317 Betty L. W'cicr, 340 Andrea L. Weir, 317 George C. Weir, 359 Louise Weitkamp, 340 Jerry R. Welch, 340 Larry E. Welch, 340 Marcilcc Welch, 317 Rcva D. Welker, 340 David R- Wellman, 386 Debbie K. Wellons, 386 Sherry L. Wells, 386 Elvira Wenzel, 317 Kathleen M. Werner, 340 Kathy E. Weschc, 387 Pfeifer L. Wesley, 340 Franklin L. Wcss, 387 Charles L. West, 340 Claude- G. W est, 387 James D. West, 340 Janice Kac West, 359 Rodney W. W'est, 387 Roger S- W'est. 387 Stanley W'est, 387 Thomas E. West, 387 Dianne C. Westbrook, 387 Rita G. Westbrook. 387 Lena A. W'cston, 317 Fred Wctzct, 359 Chris P. Wcwcrs, 387 Austin L. Wheeler, 387 I lerbert D. Wheeler, 340 Jeanette A. Wheeler. 317 Joe M. W'hcclcr, 387 Judy C. Wheeler, 387 Ronald W’hccler, 340 'Thomas Wheeler. 387 Walter M. Wheeler, 340 Rem L. Whclchel, 340 Johnny P. Wherry, 340 Debra C. Whiscnhunt, 340 Sarah J. Whistle, 340 Mary A. Whitaker, 340 Perry D. Whitaker. 317 Rita J. Whitaker. 359 Alvcda L. W'hite, 359 Betty L. W'hite. 359 Carolvn W’hite, 387 Charles N. White. 359 Curtis L. W'hite. 387 Danny E. W'hite, 387 Deborah K. W’hite. 387 Frank C. White, 317 Jackie R. W'hite. 387 James H. White, 359 John M. W'hite. 359 Judy L. W’hite. 387 Marcia G. W'hite, 387 Melvin D. White, 317 Michael White. 359 Paul YV. W'hite. 359 Robert A. W'hite, 340 Vickie A. W'hite. 387 W'aync White, 317 Bobby G. W'hiteakcr Jr., 317 Bobbv L. Whitehead. 317 Cherry L. W'hitchcad, 387 Linda K. Whitener, 359 Victoria A. W'hitcsidc, 317 Terry H. Whiting. 310 Emelyn K. Whitley, 387 Gary I,. Whitley, 340 Terry L. Whitley, 359 Willum Whitley, 359 Priscilla J. Whitlock, 359 Wallace W hitlow, 340 Teresa E. Whitsell, 340 Ronny D. Whitt, 340 Harry L. Whined, 387 Vicki D. Whittington, 387 Patrick L. Whitworth, 387 Travis L. Wiggins, 359 I. awanda M. Wilborn, 317 J. L. Wilburn, 340 Jimmy C. Wilcox, 359 Homer E. Wiles, 359 Mary C. Wiles, 359 Pamela R. Wilf, 359 Pam K. Wilhelm, 387 Sherry J. Wilhite, 359 Boyce W. Wilkerson, 387 Don C. Wdkcrson, 359 Douglas C. Wilkerson. 387 Noel C. Wilkerson, 317 John H. Wilkes, 387 Glen R. W'ilkey, 317 David G. Wilkie, 359 Van P. Wilkie, 317 Linda J. W'ilkins, 317 Robert W. Wilkins, 359 Sherry D. Wilkins, 359 Thomas B. Wilkins, 340 Thomas W'. Wilkins, 340 Michael Wilkinson, 317 Neely H. Wilkinson, 359 Ann S. Willett, 318 Sharon M. W’illctt, 318 Linda Sue Willey, 125 Charles C. Willhitc, 359 Alfred A. Williams. 340 Alice F. Williams, 318 Alonzo D. Williams, 359 Betty J. Williams, 387 Bill Williams. 318 Billy G. Williams, 318 Boyd S. Williams, 340 Carl A. Williams Jr., 318 Carolyn z . Williams, 387 Carolyn R. Williams. 318 Charles Williams, 318 Charles K. Williams, 387 Clyde W. Williams. 340 Curtis W. Williams, 359 Diane A. Williams. 340 Don S. Williams. 318 Dwight M. Williams. 387 Eddie I.. Williams. 387 Gail Williams. 359 George M. Williams, 318 l icqtilin C. Williams, 387 James E. Williams. 340 James F. Williams, 318 Jerry G. Williams, 359 Jerry L. Williams, 387 Johnny M. Williams, 340 Johnny M. Williams, 387 Joseph Williams. 340 Judy C. Williams, 359 Larry G. Williams. 359 Loretta Williams, 340 Marie Williams, 318 Marvin R. Williams, 387 Michael D. Williams. 340 Nathaniel Williams, 387 Pamela A. Williams, 318 Paul N. Williams, 359 Phillip M. Williams. 318 Ray K. Williams, 387 Robert C. Williams, 318 Ronald Williams, 318 Ronnie L. Williams, 318 Ross S. Williams, 34C Sara K. Williams, 318 Shirley A. Williams, 318 Stan R. Williams, 318 Sylvester Williams, 318 Terry L. Williams, 359 Terry L. Williams, 387 405Charles E. Williamson, 359 Cynthia Williamson, 387 Beverly Willis, 387 Charles 1). Willis, 340 Deanna 1. Willis, 318 Shirley Willis. 387 Steven S. Willis, 340 Paul F. Willison. 318 Marv L. Willmuth, 359 Paul II. Willmuth. 318 Albert S. Wilson, 387 Arthur C. Wilson, 359 Auhrev O. Wilson Jr., 359 Bobby E. U'ilson, 387 Carol J. Wilson, 318 Charles M. Wilson. 340 David E. Wilson. 359 Gail A. Wilson. 319 1 lenry Wilson Jr., 319 James II. U’ilson, 387 Jerry- W. Wilson. 390 John M. Wilson, 359 Kenny A. Wilson. 387 Mark K. Wilson, 340 Michael 1). Wilson, 387 Modie J. U'ilson, 340 Hick Wilson, 340 Ronald P. Wilson, 319 Vickie L. Wilson. 359 lx is L. Wimberly, 319 Ricky A. Wimberly, 340 James E. Winbcriy, 359 Kathy L. Winberry, 387 Larry C. U'inberry, 340 Robert Winchester II, 359 Janet D. Wincy, 359 Dennis R. Wingert, 340 Roger E. Winkler, 387 Vicky A. Winkles, 387 Barbara N. Winn, 340 Robert G. Winnes, 387 Robert II. Winningham, 387 Cheryl J. Wise, 359 Georgia C. Wise, 340 Daniel O. Wiseman, 388 Janet L. Witcher, 388 Rick A. Witcher, 359 Eugene L. Wittlakc, 359 Linda S. Wixson, 359 Fred E. Witter, 359 Jim A. Wofford, 340 Marth.i A. WofFoid. 319 Thomas E. Wofford. 359 Thomas L. Wofford, 360 Charles D. Wolfe. 388 Bill G. Womack Jr., 340 Marilyn A- Womack, 388 Ricky L. Womack, 388 Robert W. Womack, 319 Vickie J. Womack, 319 Carlos Wood, 360 Craig D. Wood, 340 David B. Wood. 388 David E. Wood, 388 Deborah L. Wood, 360 Douglas R. Wood, 340 Frank W. Wood. 360 James A. Wood, 388 Jcaninc W. Wood. 319 John B. Wood. 360 Mar vn I . Wood. 88 Ollie E. Wood, 388 Peggy L. Wood. 388 Phyllis Wood, 388 Roberta J. Wood, 319 Susan B. Wood, 340 Walter E. Wood. 388 Karen L. Woodall, 388 Louis R. Woodall, 360 Alice J. Woodard, 388 Carol A. Woodard, 319 Clarence W. Woodard, 340 Gary E. Woodard, 388 James W. Woodard, 360 Robert D. Woodard, 319 K.ithv A. Woodruff, 388 Larry J. Woodruff, 319 Melissa J. Woodruff, 388 Stephen Woodruff, 340 Bobby Woodrum, 360 Billy G. Woods, 388 Richard Woods. 319 Edna M. Woodsidc. 388 Vicki I.. Woodsmall, 388 Diane Woodson, 340 Kenneth Woodworth, 388 Pattyc A. Woody, 340 Kathy J. Wooldridge, 340 Nancy J. Wooldridge, 319 Phillip K. Wooldridge, 340 Roger W. Wooley, 340 Dwight A. Wooslcy, 340 Beth Wooten, 340 Chuck Wooten, 340 Michael Wooten, 388 Charles W. Word Jr.. 388 Samuel D. Word, 388 Beverly N. Workman, 360 John T. Worley, 319 Michael Worley, 340 David R. Worlow, 360 Jeannic F. Worlund. 124 John R. Worlund, 388 Larry J. Worsham, 319 Danny K. Wortham, 388 Robert R. Wortham, 340 Larry G. Wray, 319 Barbara A. Wright, 319 Carletta J. Wright, 388 Charles Wright. 388 Charles L. Wright, 340 Daniel E. Wright. 340 Debbie K. Wright, 340 Jimmy D. Wright, 388 June A. Wright, 319 Kelly G. Wright. 360 Michael L. Wright. 319 William J. Wright, 360 Zanc Keith Wright, 388 Ronald E. Wurtz, 340 Jeannic F. Wy, 388 Jackie Wyatt. 340 Myrl J. Wyatt, 340 George P. Wycoff, 388 Y Jack D. Yancey, 319 Bonnie S. Yancy, 319 Dennis J. Yarbro, 388 Donald R. Yarbro, 319 Joseph Yarbro, 319 Larry J. Yarbrough, 388 Pamela D. Yarbrough, 388 Patricia D. Yarbrough, 388 Camille Yarncll, 360 Carmen Yarncll, 319 Fonnic Yates, 319 Vicki J. Yates, 341 Bruce E. Yeager, 319 Mary J. Yingling. 319 Betty 15. Young, 360 David A. Young, 341 Don L. Young, 388 Elizabeth P. Young. 341 Farrell C. Young, 388 Judy E. Young, 388 Julia A. Young, 388 Kathryn M. Young, 388 Michael G. Young. 319 Patricia Young, 319 Phil 11. Young, 341 Randall L. Young, 388 Sharon G. Young. 341 Virginia Young, 388 Carol F. Youngblood. 341 Bill 15. Younger. 388 David Yount, 388 Z Lexy M. Zalcwski, 341 Sandria G. Zeigler, 319 Carolyn S. Zimmerman. 319 Terry I). Zimmerman, 319 Judy A. Zinn. 341 Terrence C. Zipfcl. 360 Eugene N. Zuber, 341 Michael E. Zugin, 388 406Mrs. Paola Hurd Dr. N. D. Hazel baker Perev In Memory Wilma Jean Mote Willia Larry D. I laves 407—30— March, 1971 When 1 came to this campus in September of 1968, 1 had never worked on an annual. I had some time to kill, so I started writing sports copy for the 1969 Indian, and the next thing 1 knew, I was assistant editor for the 1970 Indian, and scheduled to edit the 1971 edition. Since then I have learned many things, and I hope that how to edit an annual is one of them. 1 am in a rather unique position, in that I will In the first editor of this annual in about five years who will be spending another year in school after his annual has been published, so I suppose I will discover whether I accomplished that particular task from the reaction to this book. The backbone of this annual, the two annuals I worked on previously, and 1 am sure for all the other annuals for which he has served as advisor, was Tom Manning, a constant source of inspiration for everyone on the staff. Tom was always able to cheer us up when things were rough with such gems as, "If you don't get it done on time, 1 11 kill you.” Seriously, though, the book wouldn't get out without him, and I want to thank him for his help and for his indulgence of my antics during the year. Marian Miller, the assistant editor, did a good job, all things considered, although I could find very little appreciation for her lollipops. Marian has some good ideas for next year’s Indian, and since its her choice, she can do whatever she wants, even if she wants to run pictures of the fraternity and sorority pins in the Greek section. (Ouch!). I do wish Marian luck for next year, especially since she'll be the first editor to have to cope with the new Publications Board. Should lx interesting. Layout editor Don Jones is a remarkably witty and objective person, two qualities which sometimes hide lightening up a few loose screws after a long year. the fact that he is crazy. Don didn't show up to work every week (who did?) and when he did show up he didn't work much, but apparently he did some work sometime, because he turned in a very good section and he turned it in on time, and that's what counts. I le also doubled as a photographer during the second semester, and did some fine work in that capacity, too. For the second straight year, Pam Mortimer put her talents to work on the class section, anti although she was unduly influenced by a certain woman journalism instructor, who shall remain nameless here, the section l»x)ked good, and was finished ahead of schedule. Copy editor Vicki Jo Givens and her staff took their time about getting their assignments, but when the 11th hour arrived for each deadline, they always came through. Bon I lopkins managed to finish his sports section on time, even though he didn't always get the photos he wanted. Anyway, his running battle with the photographers provided the rest of us with laughs all year. When he wasn't busy getting murdered in the nameless journalism teacher's classroom, Robert Allen helped out on the s| oris section by writing copy and generally making a fool of himself; in other words, he was his natural self. Our photography crew was not the most organized 1 have ever seen, but that was not entirely their fault, for they had to cope with a pretty difficult situation. Anyway, Iom Moore, Brent Griggs, Bill Sadler, Don Jones and Charlie Smith got the job done- That is, when they stopped bickering long enough to decide who was going to do the job. I hey should be even better next year, if they can learn a little administrative ability to go along with their photographic skills. Now for some people who didn't physically contribute to the Indian, but who are still due my gratitude. First, the members of my family, who were understanding enough to put up with my infrequent visits home during the past two years. Also to my friends here at ASU (il I have any left) who tolerated my foul moods, nasty remarks and downright insolence on many occasions. Special thanks go to my fraternity brothers who had to live with me for the past few months, even after I declared war on the rest of the world a couple of times. And very special thanks go to someone very special who really had to put up with the worst in me, especially during the final weeks and days and hours of this last deadline, and to whom I owe a great deal, and plan to start repaying immediately. It's been interesting working on this annual. 1 can’t say 1 enjoyed every moment, but I can't say that about anything else I've done, either. It has helped me, and I’m not at all sorry 1 took the job. Now all I have left is to sit back and wait for the books to get here, settle down and start working for graduation, and worry about anything but making deadlines.  WMm ■■■ ilipiif BW Sfil iMdimm |flf| 1 SUM m: ■ ' ill IPlIll ' • ». wKMUmm ppf Mi on $ $$ ?,Wjv wv; ;wSfwlP iiii§ tilliS •'■•.?•: V iA.«»« tew oh

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