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Contents Campus Life 18 Personalities 72 Publications 98 Greeks 108 Organizations 136 University 152 Sports 210 Classes 276 Ron Becker, editor Doug Szenher, assistant editor Don Jones, layout editor Jo Ed Francis, copy editor Pam Mortimer, class editor Keith Ashcraft, head photographer Dennis Holt, photographer Tom Moore, photographer Harry Coleman, photographer Tom Manning, advisor A 5 Next please next please next please yes no yes no next please cliekety-click quick stop go clickety-a push pull clickety ' -click press turn cliekety-click quick quick quick quick tick tick tick tick . . . WA 7 8 Crash! and, winded, we come back to earth, full of dust and laughter, wiser than we were. But when we are out in the world, there is no time to wonder, no time to breathe, so much is happening. The time goes singing away . . . Our heroes are taking our breath away. Will one of them .swoop down from the clouds and carry us off? 7 7 could tell you what can never be said. Listen. I have birds in my head, stars in my feet, clouds on my mind. Take my hand! Take my hand! There is something still to understand. There are lessons to learn our books never taught. There are things our parents forgot. 12 14 15 Slowly the unknown, under our questioning eyes, yields up its secrets and reveals new shapes, new worlds, new possibilities. A nd once in a while, we take a day out of time to meet, to celebrate world which made us and which we are making . . . 17 Freshmen I Arrive for Orientation On September 8 some 2,338 confused fresh- men converged on the ASU campus for a week of orientation. They came with varied expectations, but all stayed basically the same way — confused. The various meetings began and students were introduced to their advisors and were given a brief counseling before they were faced with registration. During the week an attempt was made to help the students get acquainted by the staging of a dance on the Kroger parking lot and one in the Ballroom of the Carl R. Reng Center. By the end of the week most freshmen at least knew where to find the Field House and the Reng Center Ballroom and how to do a few of the latest dance steps. 20 ,1 One day out of each semester students are assorted, or- dered, and fded neatly. We are reminded again that we are 430-86-4453 not John Smith or Mary Jones. " Do you live in the dorm? " " Fill out this card. " Name . . . Address . . . Phone " Do you have a car? " " Fill out this card. " Phone Social Security Number. ARKANSAS Hflll UNIVERSITY Hflll tmm Hflu . Social Security Number. . . Classification, your way up the stairs. " Name . . . Address . . " Are you a senior? " " Fill out this card. " Name . . . Address . . . Phone " Fill out the blue card on " Oh really! " Find your advisor. Wait . . . Wait . . . Wait. •But Mr. I had really planned on taking that at 11 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. " Walk down stairs. " Sorry, this class is closed. " " But I ' m a senior. " " Sorry. " Walk up stairs. Upstairs! Downstairs! Upstairs! Downstairs! Oh the madness of it all! Fill out more cards. Name . . . Address . . . Social Security Number. Final check point at last! " Do you want an activity card? " " No! " " Do you want as ASU telephone? " " No! " " How about some insurance? " " No! " " Do you need a flu shot? " " No! " " Do you want to eat in the cafeteria? " " No but does it really matter? " Add cafeteria card to your pack and leave your day ' s toil with the man at the door. " " UinniinnuRT 23 Rush Week . . . Who Cares!! For fraternity men fall rush was an encore of the usual hectic and hurried rush parties, smokers, hand shakes and oral persuasion. After the calm had fallen and formal rush was over, the combined fraternities found that they had received 54 new Greek pledges. The sororities slowed down a little for fall rush by omitting from their rush schedules the traditional theme parties. The theme parties which added much gaiety and excitement to rush for rushees, also added numerous hours of mental and physical labor for sorority girls. At any rate, fall rush survived without theme parties, but at the final tallies for formal rush, all six sororities had only received 29 pledges. To bring the total of new Greeks up to 109, all Greek groups combined accepted 26 pledges in open rush. New Cafeteria Opens The new cafeteria opened in full swing this fall as meals were served on all three floors. Stu- dents were frustrated for the first few days when they found that friends might be separated to eat on different floors. This was straightened out in a few days and most students settled down to ac- cept the new building. However some (mostly up- perclassmen) found fault with the color scheme of the new building, its structure, misspelled words and individual serving bowls. Freshmen, not being accustomed to Woodlands Cafeteria, found little fault with the new building. As one freshman said, " I like the cafeteria fine. Everyone will get used to it, and then in 20 years when they build another one, everyone will complain. " Students Dance at Brooklyn Bridge Concert Strobe lights were throwing hues of red, orange, purple and green. A group of very modly-dressed guys with long hair and beards and one girl were on stage sending hard rock music over the building. Boys in the audience began to loosen their ties and girls kicked their shoes off beneath their chairs. When they could sit still no longer, they crowded the aisles and began to dance. What ' s this? It can ' t be an SGA Con- cert at ASU. Not here where students come to the concerts dressed in uncom- fortable clothes that they would usually wear to church or to a banquet and sit politely and listen to music that was written for dancing, and not for passive spectators. Well, believe it or not, this was an SGA Concert on the Arkansas State Uni- versity campus. The Brooklyn Bridge sent vibrations over the Field House and invited the students to find out how to really " let their hair down " and enjoy their kind of music. Definitely crowd-pleasers, the Brook- lyn Bridge aroused the enthusiasm of the students with some of their hits such as " The Worst That Could Happen, " " I ' ve Been Lonely Too Long, " and " Blessed Is The Rain. " Phi Mu Alpha Wins AGD Talent Show Students were given a chance to " ham it up " and display their secret talents as the curtains arose on the annual Alpha Gamma Delta talent show. Debbie Martin served as Mistress of Ceremonies and intro- duced the various entrants. Phi Mu Alpha took first place with its barber shop quartet. Second place went to Alpha Omicron Pi for its sextet which sang a melody of songs from " Oliver. " The Black Students Association ' s group, " Souls of Belcher, " won third place singing " Baby, Baby. " (Top picture) 3rd place winners, the BSA ' s group, " Souls of Bel- cher. " (middle picture) Phi Mu Alpha ' s barber shop quartet, (bot- tom picture) 2nd place winner, sponsored by AOPi. Arthur Clarke Highlight Lecture-Concert Series What will the world be like in the year " 2001 " ? Arthur C. Clarke, co-author of the book and film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, had all the answers in the second lecture-concert series. He shared his feel- ings about world conditions to a full house and an- swered questions from the audience concerning the future of the world. Many of the answers were con- cerned with religion, science, the human body, food and mathematics. Clarke also explained many sym- bols and ideals he tried to represent in his book. Greeks Participate in Songfest Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha took first place honors in the annual Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest. The mixed choir sang " Vere Languroes Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs, " " Don ' t Be Weary, Traveler " and " Wait My Soul, With Pa- tience. " Songfest was changed this year and instead of each group performing individually, the twelve Greek organ- izations in competition were divided into four groups of three. This change was met with mixed feelings. Every member of each group was not required to par- ticipate, but some Greeks felt a lack of unity and drive which had been present in individual performances of past years. Songfest is sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and all proceeds are donated to the National Arthritis Foundation. 32 " Little Olympics " a Success Chi Omega, largely on the " strength " of their ability to gather pledge pins, eas- ily won the annual Pi Kappa Alpha " Little Olympics " Oct. 4. The Chi O ' s also won the queen ' s con- test, wheel barrow race and limbo, and finished with a total of 103 points. Phi Mu finished a distant second with 68 points, winning the tug-of-war and the song contest. Alpha Omicron Pi was third with a first-place finish in the pillow fight and six second place finishes. Richard Simerson, PiKA president, said that it was the best " Little Olympics " ever, and estimated that more than 200 people received a mud bath. The partici- pants walked to a nearby fire station to be hosed off after the competition ended. 3ft Take a sunny December after- noon and place the Southland Con- ference champions at one end of the gridiron. Place the Drake Bull- dogs, a team which spoiled the Tribe ' s homecoming by managing a tie after time had expired, at the other end of the field. Cover the game with regional television and show Jam es Hamilton limping off the field after the first couple of minutes of action and you set the stage for the best story-book ending a successful football season could have. Wayne Crocker became the No. 1 hero among several A-State heroes as the Tribe gained revenge over Drake 29-21. The Indians took it all that after- noon: Crocker received offensive player of the game, All-America tackle Clovis Swinney was the game ' s outstanding defensive player and the team took the victory. 35 Vietnam Moratorium at ASU Peaceful At 8 a.m., Wednesday October 15, three stu- dents walked onto the lawn in front of the Educa- tion Building, spread out blankets, and sat down; at 9 a.m., 25 people had gathered, talking, and drinking coffee; at 10 a.m., 75 people listened to poetry being read; at 2 p.m., 150 people listened to and took part in songs, readings, and emotional and intellectual outbursts; and at 4 p.m., crowds dispersed as over 100 people walked, singing, into Wilson Auditorium. At 4 p.m., Wednesday, October 15, ten people presented a service in memory of Arkansas ' Vietnam dead to a near capacity crowd. At 11 a.m., Friday, November 14, 75 people listened to Dr. Otto Zinke, a University of Arkansas professor, speak about United States involvement in Vietnam. All of these constituted parts of a nation-wide protest of government pol- icy, headlined as the Vietnam Moratorium. Signif- icantly, this was the first demonstration Arkansas State University has experienced and it was en- tirely peaceful. 37 Lecture-Concert Series Presents A Variety of Entertainment T i M ' I J .1 r The 1969-70 lecture-concert series offered a variety of entertainment ranging from soothing music to instructions on how to repel an assailant. Charles E. Bohlen (above), an authority of Soviet and communist affairs, concluded the ASU series for the fall semester. Mr. Bohlen received the highest ranking career position in the depart- ment of state and served as ambassador to sever- al countries. Carl T. Rowan (top picture, opposite page), nationally syndicated columnist, author, diplomat and former director of the United States Informa- tion Agency opened the series. Mr. Rowan ' s col- umns are carried by more than 100 newspapers. In cooperation with the AWS, the lecture- concert series committee presented Mr. Fred Storaska. Storaska (left) gave ASU coeds helpful hints on how to escape a personal attack. Concluding the lecture-concert series was the 84 member Kansas City Philharmonic Or- chestra, under the direction of guest maestro Brian Priestman. 39 Pep rallies were put in a new setting this year when they were moved from the Reng Center lawn to Kays Stadium. One fraternity and one sorority teamed together for each rally to supply a sometimes comical, some- times satirical skit while cheerleaders tried to rouse students to get involved, and the Marching Indians pro- vided the instrumental spirit. Arguments were both pro and con for the moving of pep rallies; but after the move was made it was accepted by the students as evidenced by the large crowds at each rally. ■!■ iii hi in in m 40 Indians Search for Spirit at Pep Rallies 41 42 Drama Department Opens Season " Odd C with upie ASU ' s thespians opened their theatri- cal season in October with a production of Neil Simon ' s Broadway play, the " Odd Couple. " When two men, one of which is divorced and the other in the process of being divorced, decide to live together, their subsequent incompatibility forms the basis for this comedy. A severe per- sonality conflict is evident between the two men when the reasons for their fail- ing marriages appear and they are forced to " break up " their living arrangement. 43 Escaping the prelude of an eerie moon-filled night, an usual sunny Sunday found ASU students turning into beasts — beasts of burden. No- vember 2 — and Homecoming rests on the " campus architects. " Greeks and independents meet in herds on their assigned lots, dis- perse, and return with a load of lumber, chicken wire, crepe paper, nails and the simple necessities to make the forms meet. Hail to the female collegiate who brings crews of " strong backs " to aid in the construction of the dis- play and the pursuit of dateless in- dividuals. Hail to the Homecoming chair- man who revives the medium of that " dead era, " now referred to as " toil. " Oh, the bondage that binds these brotherhoods. After a four-day lapse, the re- sult appears successful — and Aggie Road boasts a colorful carnival. Students return to their " Dr. Jekyl suits " to begin the weekend celebration with a bonfire followed by an SGA sponsored dance featur- ing " The New World. " Wr 4 " Aggie Road Boasts a Colorful Carnival 45 Homecoming Over, Aggie Road Returns to Normal Drake University imposed on Homecoming enthusiasm with a last second touchdown drive and two point conversion that ended in a 21-21 tie. Stevie Wonder in concert and " The Short Kuts " in dance aided in restoring spirits. Sunny Sunday returned with even lower spirits to face the destruction of now sentimental displays. Three hours worth of destruction — and Homecoming is over. 49 SPE, ZTA, TKE Win Playhouse Amateur night at ASU— tiring rehearsals, a lot of make-up, a few disagreements between groups — all resulting in the annual Phi Mu Playhouse. The Greeks managed to bring off their entries with the usual amount of finesse. " Barefoot in the Park " , a ri- otious comedy about the trials of a newlywed couple, brought first place to the trio composed of Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Marsha McLarty received the best actress award and Kirk Howard was named best actor. Proceeds from the event went to the traveling hospital ship, S. S. Hope. ATO, AGD Win Sig Ep Tourney Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Gamma Delta placed first in the seventh annual Sigma Phi Epsilon All-Greek Bowling Tournament. ATO outscored Sigma Phi Epsilon 61 pins in the frater- nity division to gain the top spot. Members of the winning team were Mike Gilmer, Gus Funderburg, Larry Smith and David Young. In the sorority division Alpha Gamma Delta captured the title by trouncing runner-up Phi Mu. Members of the Alpha Gam team were Cynthia Cox, Pat Young, Kathy Cole- man and Paulette Goodin. 51 Drama Present Antigone, Lovers The second production of the Drama Department was Jean Anouilh ' s greek tragedy, " Antigone " . It involved two sons and two daughters of mother-loving Oedipus, departed King of Thebes, and his brother-in-law, Creon, who has now be- come king. The two brothers have had a civil war and have killed each other and Creon ordained that one of the brothers be left unburied. Antigone, a sister, de- fied the edict, heaped earth upon the dis- honored corpse, and was buried alive for punishment. The next production was " Lovers " , which consisted of two one act plays. The first play was " Winners " and the second was " Losers " . Holiday " Spirit " Flows Freely Colored lights lined the outside edges of the building and a gaily lit tree stood on top. On the roof sat a sleigh drawn by reindeer, the one in the lead having a bright red nose. And in the sleigh was a plump, white bearded fellow in a bright red suit. On the lawn were carolers, and inside there were doughnuts and hot chocolate. Downtown there was a parade and inside there were parties. Smiles and warm greetings were a common denominator. Whether the in- crease in morale was due to the spirit of the time or mere anxiety of the up coming two week vacation could be debated. Trees were trimmed and gifts were exchanged. Good wishes were said and everyone left. It was Christmas, and it was ASU. 54 55 By the time Christmas trees were down and tinsel was stored away, Greek minds were filled with anticipation of the upcoming Spring Rush. Whether the anticipation was positive or negative rested solely with each individual. Whoever named the time of Greek recruit- ment " rush " could not have chosen a more ac- curate word. From the beginning, Greeks " rush " to beat other Greeks to those prominent rushees; they " rush " to the stores to buy all the paint, tape, crepe paper, etc., that they can carry, only later to have to " rush " out the night before the party for last minute emergency supplies; then they " rush " to class and back to the dorm to work on props for theme parties. Greeks are not the only ones who are in a " rush " during this time. Rushees begin by " rushing " out to register for rush; then off to buy new outfits to help polish up those first im- pressions; then the big " rush " from party to party. For both Greeks and rushees, one thing will be remembered about the first few weeks of the spring semester: It was really a big " rush " ! Greeks Survive Rush — Barely! Caroling Turns Into Panty Raid Twas the night before Christmas break and all through the dorms, girls were contented with exchanging gifts and taking down Christmas trees. But hark! A rumble of male voices is heard from outside. " They ' re going to sing carols, " ex- claimed the girls! But the gathering crowd of boys had other things on their minds besides verbalizing prosaic seasonal lyrics for female entertainment. When the crowd gained enough courage the males made their intentions known. No sooner said than done, a shower of lingerie fell from the windows above. Thus igniting a spontaneous combustion, the crowd mushroomed and the ground was quickly covered with " undies. " It may be debated as to who was the cause of the incident or what were the effects, but it seems evident who profited from it. The down- town merchants ' lingerie departments must have reached their peaks in sales the following day. Fine Arts Sponsor Arkansas National Exhibition i L SEJULiuiiriniii r m msm mmm mam In addition to the Fine Arts department ' s regular schedule of exhibitions, this year they spon- sored the first national art exhibi- tion for the state of Arkansas. Sixty-five artists from 25 states had their art works in the show. The 82 different works dis- played were chosen from a total of 1,002 submitted by 358 artists from 43 states and the District of Columbia. John I. H. Baur, (left) director of the Whitney Museum of Ameri- can Art in New York, determined the winners of the $4,100 in cash and purchase awards. Sig Ep ' s Play In Fingerbowl The Tekes met the Sig Eps in the annual Tau Kappa Epsilon " Fin- gerbowl " . The Teke Fingerbowl is the oldest bowl game at A-State. The Tekes were victorious with a tight score of 28-24 over the Sig Eps in the flag tag football contest. Attendance for the game was good, with all the sororities showing up dressed in costumes ranging from TKE cheerleaders to loyal fans of Snoopy. Chi Omega ' s theme, " Curse You Sig Ep " , won first place. The crowd was amused at halftime by the TKE balloon -bosomed cheerleaders. 64 1 • Lambda Chi " Little 500 " Held in Kays Stadium The 11th annual Lambda Chi Alpha " Little 500 " was held in new surroundings. Instead of the traditional site along Aggie Road, the event was held on the track in Kays Stadium. Kappa Alpha was victorious for the second year in a row with their entry " Rebel Yell " . The Chi O ' s " Ozzie " won the sorority division. The Tricycle Grand Prix was won by AGD. Peggy Phillips, LXA Crescent Girl, reigned as queen of the event. 65 SGA Elections Begin with a few willing, or at least cooperative would-be candidates. Form a party and make a few propositions. Tag your party with a catchy name and start talking it up and start talking down the opposing party. Start shaking hands and putting up posters and signs. Be sure your sign is just a little bit bigger than the opposing party ' s. Stick little leaflets under the doors for disinterested students to walk on. Hold fo- rums, press conferences and dances if you want the votes. And lo and behold — congratulations — you ' ve started a campus election. The 1969 Student Government Association election was no exception. As usual, signs, posters, leaflets, cards, hand shakes, smiles and campaign promises were handed out abundantly to the student body. How- ever, for some reason the student body did not respond very heartily. The voter turnout was the lightest in several years. Only 1,507 students voted from an en- rollment of 5,700. The outcome of the election showed that this portion of the student body found its way to the voting machine favored the Student Leadership Party with eight of the top nine SGA offices. The ninth position was filled by a member of the Progressive Student Party who managed to be awarded a senatorial seat. At the end of the election SLP members had con- gratulations, new jobs, and a status symbol. PSP mem- bers had only sunburns, tired bodies, and defeated egos. First Edition, Jerry Lee Lewis In SGA Concerts The spring semester began with a boom when the First Edition appeared in concert during the first week. The student body seemed enthusiastic about the concert and responded well to the group. It was a somewhat different story concerning the next concert. Jerry Lee Lewis appeared on a Wednes- day night (meeting night for several ASU organizations) and was not attended by very many students. 4 W « 68 69 Graduation When an ASU student reaches that much anticipated day of commencement, he most likely can look back and remember numerous occasions since that first day of freshman orientation when he would have liked to have just thrown up his hands and given up. There were those times when the pressure mounted, the tests all came on the same day and the days just weren ' t long enough to get every- thing done. There were research papers to be written, books to be read and problems to be solved when the sun and the lake were very tempting. Of course some yielded to the temp- tation, but how many of them does one see at the President ' s banquet or on the honor roll? But when the requirements are finished and the graduate holds that diploma in his hand, he may think back to what all this certificate represents. Strange how so much can be said in so few words on such a comparatively small piece of paper. Indian Family A man with feathers down his back, a girl with braids, and a boy with bells on his ankles and a raccoon hung from his waist — this is the symbol of spirit for the Arkansas State student body. The Indian family is the uniting factor that joins the separate groups on campus for one common goal — school spirit. The Indian family consists of Rex Johns, Chief Big Track; Becky Boyd, Indian Princess; and John Phillips, Indian Brave. Student Government Association (First Row) Debbie Cook, Jo Abdella, Karyn Walker, Susan Doty, Kathryn Coleman, Marilyn Fong, Sharon Dent, and Terry Porter. (Second Row) Becky Britt, Elizabeth Watson, Nancy Wright, Patti Jo Warr, Cindy Trux- ton. Holly Dodd, Mary Frances Gra- ham, Judy Bradsher, Kathleen Wer- ner, and David Smalley. (Third Row) Tommy Turner, Susan Taylor, Jo Ella Todd, Jim Lennox, Vic Hosman, Gary Reed, Sam Jolly and Joe Bill Johnson. (Fourth Row) Carl Biggs, Mike Walk- er, Frank Koubeck, Jerry Lucas, Sam Thorpe, Judy Zinn, Dannye Pierce, and Tom Franzen. APPOINTED OFFICERS — (First row, left to right) Susan Doty, Dana Ridge, Mary Frances Graham, Kathleen Werner and Jo Ella Todd. (Second row) David Smalley, Judy Zinn, Mike Walker, Carl Biggs, Patti Jo Warr and Joe Bill Johnson. REPRESENTATIVES — (first row, left to right) Becky Britt, Marilyn Fong, Nancy Wright, Karen Walker. Ann Simpson, Judy Bradsher and Terry Porter. (Second row) Tommy Turner, Jim Lennox, Jerry Lucas, Tom Franzen, Vic Hosman and Gary Reed. FRESHMAN OFFICERS — (first row, left to right) Susan Taylor and Elizabeth Watson. (Second row) Charles Bud Abbott, Frank Koubek and Gary Fisher. • . " »» « . , , , ... - 4 ■«• .« « .» » 4 4 » ♦4 « «44 » • 44Mi B J n . I t ' | » - . . ; , , 4 4 • 4 -I 4 • Ht, t- 4««»4 4» 4 C«»f, 1 ; »; ti„l, «44« . ' « y ss2j; •••iM ' ii " • v.. ««««♦«»» , 44« ' J «««YV v t «,„«V « 44 44.« ' t , » 4 « ' • « 4444 , ( ,,•« • " « 4 ' 1 I ,„,4 « ' « ifM tm( ' , . J 4-Lif.l % $ 1 it it ioi a« litlt ' tttli • «!!! 1 1 i i Jilt rnmst SENATORS — (first row, left to right) Cindy Truxton, Catherine Coleman and Jo Abdella. (Second row) Holly Dodd, Sam Jolly and Debbie Cook. 79 Miss ASU Regina Robertson 2nd Alternate Patricia Tull 81 Queen Maria and her Court It takes a lot of smiles, loyal, persuasive friends and people who like to use voting ma- chines to become Homecoming Queen at ASU. Before one can count on these things, she must be nominated by some campus organization. After achievi ng this milestone, one must survive the balloting of the student body to be placed in that final round of " pick-and-choose. " Just one more time through the voting machines, and what do you know — we have a Homecoming Queen! (Right) Queen Maria Stewart. (Lower Left) Maids Debbie Cook and Gayle Tamburo. (Lower Right) Maids Carol Ann Hollanger and Patsy Biggs. 83 Majorettes To ignore the cold air ' s bite on their skin; to learn how to sit gracefully on the damp grass; to wear a big smile whether they feel like it or not; to practice for hours in order to be able to manipulate that long piece of metal between their fingers. These are but a few of the minor requirements for ASU majorettes. However, our majorettes seem to have all of these under control and march very proudly and ef- ficiently with the Marching In- dian Band. (Below L to R) Elizabeth Watson, Alfreda Craft. Lynn Delaney. (opposite page clockwise from top left) Pat Brown, Head Majorette Sarah Pugh. Tanna Edwards, Jan Adams. Kay Mitcham, Linda Lou Lipscomb. Cheerleaders For the ASU cheerleaders this year brought an increase of two male cheerleaders and at the same time a decrease in skirt length for the girl members of the squad. Under the guidance of Gladys Hudgins, their sponsor, and head cheerleaders, Debbie Threet and Ronnie Helmbeck, the squad has added various acrobatics to their routines. It is the task of these noble leaders to try to arouse the spirit of the some- times apathetic student body. Ronnie Helmbeck was chosen as outstanding cheerleader at the end of the basketball season. Head Cheerleader, Debbie Threet ROTC Princess Platoon The Princess Platoon is an organization of female students who are honorary officers of the cadet corps. Members are elected by the advanced corps and each girl is assigned to a company and a detachment of the corps. These girls attend the drills of their respective companies, participate in the Christmas Parade and other community functions, are hostesses for social functions of the Division of Military Science and per- form other duties ascribed by the division. Members of the Princess Platoon retain this status until they graduate, marry, resign, fail to maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0 or are dismissed for cause by a board of officers. Becky Boyd Mika Brown Debbie Cook Lynn Delaney Holly Dodd Jane Galloway Gwen Green Jeanne Hall Carol Ann Hollanger Linda Lou Lipscomb Terry MacLeod Jennifer Morgan Shannon O ' Roark Sarah Pugh Maria Stewart Gayle Tamburo Jo Ella Todd Cindy Truxton Pam Ward Judy Zinn 90 91 92 97 Herald Staff Creative thoughts, imagination, pictures, features, and the printing press are all involved in a regular edition of the Herald. This year the Herald was pub- lished twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. By using this device the students were kept well informed of campus news and events. The Herald has become the most effective news media on the ASU campus. (Below, top picture) Campus editors were Linda Ramsey, James Smith, and Debbie Gamblin. (Bottom picture) Feature editors for the year were Vicki Forrester, Ronnie Helmbeck, and Lewis Clark. 100 (Left) Spring editors of the Herald were, Rona Waits, managing editor; Chris Bynum, editor; and Don Tom- linson, managing editor. (Bottom picture) Sports editors for the year were Robert Allen, Jim Lassiter and Glenn Nix. 102 (left to right) Dr. Thomas Meade, advisor; Bonnie Hale, publishing director; and Mit- chell Holifield, managing edi- tor, (below) Jon Looney, prose editor; John Presley, poetry editor; John S?ltzman, sales manager; and Carolyn Ted- ford, business manager. Arrow Staff Publishes Literary Work The " Arrow " , a literary magazine published within the English department, is criticized by cer- tain portions of the student body as are all other campus publications. The literary work printed in the " Arrow " is written, edited, and arranged by students. These students have a depth, imagination, and originality to put on paper what they see in live. 103 Yearbook Staff Small But Efficient As usual, the Indian Staff started out with almost four times as many members as it ended up with. In fact, on a bulletin board in our small and always cluttered room on the second floor of the Carl R. Reng Center is a list of the forty- some people who made it for the first meeting to join up in that glorious task of putting out a University yearbook. Those that weren ' t scared away that night came back for three to five more meetings. But, after all the work they had to do for class editor Pam Mortimer ' s section, we saw them no more. Those that remained loyal to the staff were the paid editors and a small handful of others. Doug Szenher, assistant editor, had the job of producing the sports section and did a fine job considering the trouble he had getting pictures. Helping Doug with the sports section was Dave McDaniel and Robert Allen. Helping Jo Ed Francis with the copy, which the editor always managed to misplace, was Lynn Dickerson and Patti Johnson. Don Jones, layout editor, had ample help from Ron Hopkins, who joined the staff during the second semester. Even though our staff was small, we met all deadlines ahead of time with the help of our four photographers, advisor Tom Manning and Tom ' s secretary, Kathy Johnson. Editor Ron Becker, leaving the yearbook room after meeting a deadline. ■ i r i ' t -it " : if : r ' i : ( " t ' ; !- m » • i i • rr 104 Advisor Tom Manning ' s moods change rapidly according to how well the editor met his deadlines. Tom ' s secretary, Kathy Johnson, (above) didn ' t realize that her job included doing most of the typing for the yearbook. jjHNHHHMfj the copy editor during second semester deadlines. 106 Head photographer Keith Ashcraft (left), and assistant photographer Harry Coleman (below). 107 Jan Adams Alice Beard Marilyn Bednar Thea Black Teresa Brickell Peggy Haley Caldwell Gwen Cason Kathryn Coleman Anita Collie Jamae Craft Carol Cranford Lynn Delaney Kaye Endsley Jenny Estes Charlotte Fender Brenda Fowler Paulette Goodin Janie Goodman Gwen Green Rita Hale Katie Keith Barbara Kintzler Linda Koubek Debbie Martin Karen McCann Linda Anderson McClelland Mary Milbourn Pam McMurry Mueller Susan Neace Sharon Parker Becky Raley Nancy Redd Rose Anne Redd Helen Reynolds Jerrie Rogers Susan Rowland Sandra Rowton Cathy Rupard Kay Saurenman Connie Sheffield Anne Simpson Pam Smart Lura Stallcup Sara Stallcup Beverly Stuckey Nancy Tull Pam Ward Debra Whisenhurit Betty White Pat Young 1 lO The Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was installed at ASU in 1948. AGD was founded at Syra- cuse University in 1904 and now has 101 collegiate chapters. The altruistic work of the fraternity is handled through the AGD Founders Memorial Foundation, which is the source of grants for continuing both charitable and educational programs. Epsilon Zeta Chapter raises money for the Founders Memorial Foundation with the annual Talent Show. Officers for the past year were Linda Koubeck, president; Mary Milbourn, first vice president; Pat Young, second vice president; Jamae Craft, treasurer; Nancy Redd, corresponding secretary; Lynn Delaney, re- cording secretary; and Kay Saurenman, rush chairman. in Gillis Bartholmey Patsy Biges Mika Brown Paula Carroll Barbara Cart Debbie Cook Deitra Crane Phoebe Cyrus Lynn Dickerson Susan Doty Jane Elrod Cathy Eoff Vicki Forrester Jane Frier Debbie Galloway Marlene Gamec Debbie Gasaway Debbie Gilbert Vicki Givens Teresa Green Kay Griffin Anne Horton Linda Jones Kitty Sue Kelley Jana Love Ellen Maddox Janet Maddox Barbara Marconi Mary Jane Massey Rhonda Massey Coleen Miller Marian Miller Pam Mortimer Terry Porter Mary Ann Prothro Joan Puddephatt Sarah Ray Mary Jane Reese Barbara Reng Nancy Jo Rieke Wanda Stotts Gayle Tamburo Laurie Toole Cindy Truxton Karyn Walker Bonita Walton Libby Watson Ann Willett Beth Wooten 1 12 Founded at Columbia University in 1897, Alpha Omicron Pi now has 92 collegiate chapters. The Sigma Omicron Chapter was installed at ASU in 1949. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s national project is to support the Arthritis Foundation. Sigma Omicron takes an active part in many of the local charity drives. The proceeds of the All Greek Songfest, which is sponsored annually by AOPi, are given to the Heart Fund. Considering the welfare of its own members, AOPi makes contributions to a special fund whereby students may borrow money to complete their education. Officers for the past year were: president, Mary Ann Prothro; vice president, Vicki Forrester; corres- ponding secretary, Gillis Bartholmey; recording secre- tary, Ellen Maddox; treasurer, Janet Maddox; scholar- ship chairman, Barbara Reng; standards chairman, Susan Doty; rush, Jane Elrod. 113 Mrs, Sandra Cornor, Advisor Mrs. Joan Smith. Advisor Nancy Alderson Candy Ashby Patti Bornhoft Becky Boyd Pat Brow n Diane Brunimett Janie Brummett Linda Childers Phyllis Dennineton Holly Dodd Mary Jo Ellington Nancy Elphingstone Margaret Featherston •Jane Galloway Diana Grandgeorge Wilsie Griffin Jeanne Hall Sidney Hayes Charlotte Higgins Pam Holland Carol Ann Hollanger Diane Hopwood Dianna Imboden Josephine Jones Christy Keller Kathy Kennedy Dianne Kjeldgaard Linda Lea Lee Lile Eddie Mallory Dana McBride Jane McHaney Marsha McLarty Pat McLarty Cheryl Meade Mary Nigus Connie Risby Carol Runnels Brenda Sanders Mary Snipes Kathy Spaulding Maria Stewart Bobbie Van Cleve Peggy Von Almen Robbie Wade Kathleen Warbingtort Patti Jo Warr Diana Wilson Martha Wofford Mary Jane Wooten 1.14 The Omicron Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega was in- stalled at ASU in 1961. Now having 154 collegiate chap- ters, Chi Omega was founded at the University of Ar- kansas in 1895. Chi Omega sponsors the National Achievement Award, a gold medal to be presented to women of nota- ble accomplishments in the fields of public affairs, art, the professions, business and finance, education and letters. Each Spring Chi Omega awards a $25 Social Science Prize to a woman who excels in one of the So- cial Science Departments at ASU. Locally, Chi Omega ' s main project is " Christmas Kindness " , which includes the helping of a needy family at this special time of the year. Robbie Wade served as president of Chi O. 115 Mrs. Bill Cox. Advisor Jo Abdella Karen Adams Jane Andrews Sandy Barbarotto Brenda Bibb Sandy Cooper Nina Crook Regina Files Linda Jo Fortune Cheryl F uller Susie Glasgow Becky Glass Debbie Gregory Linda McDonald Hammond Becky Harris Sandra Hrabousky Mary Jo Hudgins Melissa Kluge Jean Langford Sharon Lott Ruth Martin Lee Mitchell Linda Nelson Gail Orsborn Susan Poff Sheiron Ramsey Marcia Rauth Delia Sadler Dana Saliba Karla Sallee Lark Sallee Kathy Smith Linda Sparks Carol Stogsdill Nancy Sulcer Rosalee Wade Rona Campbell Waits Andrea Weathersby Pam Wilf La Verne Wilson Nancy Wright Linda Young Sandy Zeigler 116 The first Kappa Delta chapter was founded at Long- wood College in 1897. Since that time KD has acquired 108 collegiate chapters. The Delta Kappa chapter was installed at ASU in March, 1968. In the forty years since the Crippled Children ' s Hospital of Virginia was chosen as the organization to receive Kappa Delta ' s aid, over $300,000 has been given to further the work of this institution in Rich- mond. Kappa Delta also has its own Christmas seals. The money received from the sale of the seals is used to aid crippled children. KD gives three annual awards for orthopedic research to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Officers for the year were Lee Mitchell, president; Linda Hammond, vice president; Sharon Lott, treasurer; Ruth Martin, secretary; Rona Waits, editor; and Nancy Wright, membership chairman. 117 Mrs Hope Parton. Advisor Susie Andrews Patsy Ashworth Polly Bailey Linda Baldridge Donna Bardwell Beverly Barnes Judy Bradsher Chris Bynum •Judy Caldwell Dana Boyd Clark Pat Darby Frances Distretti Vonda Everett Jeanette Fawcett Carolyn Foley Marilyn Fong Sue Frank Sandie Franks Kathy Hall Judy Howell Aylia Hudson Ruth Ann Jefferies Janet Jones Terry MacLeod Donna Mechum Jennifer Morgan Johnnie Neal Shannon O ' Roark Cindy Orsburn Susan Phillips Beverly Robertson Kathy Shannon Susan Shelton Brenda Singley Mary Sloan Tricia Staub Debby Stowe Libby Swindle Debbie Threet Jo Ella Todd Dianne Tucker Lois Ann Tusing Candy Volk Kathy Warner Rita Whitaker Carol Jane Wilson Harriette Wise -Jennifer Wood Roberta Wood Judy Zinn Hi 118 Phi Mu ' s national project is the sponsor- ing of U.S.S. Hope (Hospital Ship). Other Phil- anthropic projects include a Health Mobile, maintenance of a Toy Cart at the local hos- pital, International Fellowships, Phi Mu Foun- dation and volunteer work on the local level, such as the Child Care Drive. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 and now has 110 collegiate chapters. The Epsilon Delta Chapter was installed at ASU in 1951. The Epsilon Delta chapter spon- sors the annual Phi Mu Playhouse to raise funds for the U.S.S. Hope. The officers for last year were: presi- dent, Terry MacLeod; vice president, Chris Bynum; corresponding secretary, Pat Darby; recording secretary, Patsy Ashworth; treas- urer, Kathy Shannon; pledge trainer, Johnnie Neal; membership chairman, Judy Zinn. Mrs. W. H, Faulkner. Advisor Mrs. Pat Richardson. Advisor Hobbye Barnes Romana Berry Myra Betts Carolyn Carpenter Pam Carter Patricia Downing Ann Eckford Rhonda Flack Nancy Flannagan Barbara Gibson Kristie Goodwin Diane Green Bonnie Hale Holly Harrington Ginger Hart Judy Horrigan Johnna Huie Pam Johnson Becky Keasler Gail Learning Bonnie London Barbara Long Patsy Manning Glenda McNair Becky Meredith Judy Polston Mary Kay Reeder Mary Rimmer Regina Robertson Cathy Smith Cynthia Tarver Sara Whistle Becky Young Robin Young Zeta Tau Alpha, the newest sorority on the ASU campus, was founded at Longwood College in 1868, and now has 163 collegiate chapters. The Zeta Omicron chapter was installed at ASU in May, 1968. The members of ZTA work with the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. They work primarily with the Cerebral Palsy Divis- ion of this Society. Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation makes scholarship grants and loans in addition to which there is a Founder ' s Grant and a Shirley Kreasan Stout Scholarship at the University of Illinois. Scholarships in the study of child welfare and scholarship loan fund to members and non- members are also extended. Officers for the year were, Carolyn Carpenter, president; Johnna Huie, vice president; Rhonda Flack, treasurer; Becky Keasler, secretary. 121 Richard Bishop Richard Boyd Torn Buford Bob Butler Larry Chance Jon Cole Jim Creecy Don Creighton Mike Curry Charles Farmer Roger Ferguson Gilbert Fowler Gus Funderburg Jim Gatlin Bruce Henning Dennis Hill Steve Hill Vic Hosman Sam Jolly Don Jones Robert Kamm Mike Kelley Ed Lea Larry Lesters Bill Lindsay Lynn Lusk Ron Matlosz Monty May Tony McCall Mike Milliken Steve Mitchell Dewey Morgan Pat Patterson Ken Reinhardt Richard Scroggs Larry Smith Phil Smith Jack Snipes Nicky Snow Mike Surratt Jimmy Taylor David Walker Bill Weaver Gary Webster Bill Westrol George Williams John Wood David Young 122 The newest fraternity on the A-State cam- pus, the Eta Gamma chapter of Alpha Tau Omega received its charter in January of 1968. ATO was founded at Virginia Military In- stitute, and since that time has accumulated 135 active chapters. It was the first national fraternity founded after the Civil War. Active in campus activities the ATO ' s were awarded the spirit stick this year. They also participate in SGA, Inter-fraternity coun- cil, Herald staff, ROTC and varsity football. This year the ATO ' s conducted a drive to raise money for relief to the Hurricane Camille victims. The officers for last year were: president, Bill Westrol; vice president, Larry Lester; secretary, Vic Hosman; treasurer, Steve Mitche ll; rush chairman, Sam Jolly; pledge trainer, Gilbert Fowler; ritualist, Tom Bu- ford; sentinel, Dennis Hill. Cathy Hall 123 Sam Gennuso. Advisor Jimmy .Jones, Advisor Frank Oldham. Advisor Captain Ed Rolle, Advisor Lawrence Abdelia Steve Arment Tommy Benson Rick Black David Boone Larry Chailland Milton Chambers Roy Chinn Ralph Clifton Mike Dodson Steve Dale John Dozier Phil Ducker Larry Epps Steve Foster John Golden Dick Goodnight Harry Gray Mike Greenhaw Joe Guziewicz Bruce Helm Dick Holler Ridge Hubener Danny Hughes Gary Hughes Joe Hunneycutt Randy James Oscar Kimmer Steve Lamken Jim Lewis Joe Long Tom Lowry Steve McFerron Fred Michael Butch Minor Gary Pittman Jack Plumlee David Purdy Dick Retey Gene Roland Charles Spence Robert Taylor Terry Thomas Ed Thompson Sam Thorpe Marc VanCamp Chris Wade Terry Waits Cleve Warrick Phil Watson Steve Weston Rocky Willmuth Mike Wilson Mike Wright Bruce Ycager 124 ■ ■ 0. t(% fh (r | ?S €s. b MttHH - jam % kj hA k • With Robert E. Lee as their spirited founder, Kappa Alpha has 93 chapters all lo- cated south of the Mason-Dixon Line. KA was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 and the Delta Eta chapter received its charter at ASU in October 1967. Interested in school affairs, KA ' s hold office in the SGA and the IFC. KA is also represented on the ASU track team. Each year the Delta Eta chapter sponsors a slave sale at which time they auction off the pledges for a time and donate the profits to the Head Start Program. The officers were: president, Gary Pitt- man; vice president, Danny Hughes; treas- urer, Oscar Kimmer; ritualist, Steve Lamken; recording secretary, Steve McFerron; histor- ian, Phil Ducker; parliamentarian, Sam Thorpe. Carol Ann Hollanger 125 Dr. Paul Gwinup. Advisor Dr. Ronald Hayworth, Advisor Dr. Donald Konald. Advisor Dr. Max Nickerson. Advisor Gary Adams Craig Beck Mel Heck Vince Bilinsky Steve Brooks Bill Brown David Brown Steve Brown Steve Bryant Robert Burchfield Larry Crabtree John Dalton Mike Densmore Rich Deuser Steve Ernst John Ferriell Jim Fitzpatrick David Foster Rusty Garner Bill Garrison Rick Gatewood Bob Griffith Boyd Griggs Steve Grilletta Pat Harper Fred Hendrix Sonny Hildebrand Tom Johannsen Frank Koubek Lamar Kyle Mose Kyle Jim Lassiter Bill Loyd Mike Mallory Roy Masengale Gary McGrew Dan Merryman Tommy Messer Tom Moore Tommy Owens Ron Pedigo Royce Pennington Bill Phillips Allan Pruett Wally Rauth Ed Reddick Fred Robkin Allan Sapp Jack Shankle Craig Shumaker William Simmons Bob Singleton Mike Singleton Greg Smith Bill Stanton Leon Swindle Frank Toney Everett Tucker R. D. Velander Jim Wagner Joe Waleszonia Walter Ward Curtis Williams Robert Williams Roger Williams 126 Lambda Chi Alpha Founded at Boston University in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha now has 180 chapters. The Iota Theta chapter of ASU received its charter in 1959. Since that LXA members have been active in school and community activities. LXA is represented on the Herald staff, Indian staff and all varsity athletics. Each year LXA awards the Mark Crow Scholarship to some deserving sophomore who has maintained a 3.5 grade point or better. LXA also sponsor an Easter Egg Hunt and a Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Lambda Chi Alpha also sponsors the an- nual Little 500. The officers were: president, Tom Johan- nsen; vice-president, Vince Bilinsky; treas- urer, William Simmons; secretary, Mike Mal- lory; ritualist, Everett Tucker; pledge educa- tor, Boyd Griggs; scholarship chairman, John Ferriell; social chairman, Pat Harper; rush chairman, Royce Pennington. Peggy Brinkley Phillips 127 128 With its 150 chapters and more than 100 years of history, Pi Kappa Alpha ranks among the largest and oldest of the nation ' s collegiate social fraternities. PiKA brothers of Arkansas State are active in varied aspects of campus life, including the Student Government Asso- ciation, Army ROTC, Inter-fraternity Council, the Indian staff, the Herald, varsity athletics, community drives and various departmental clubs. The officers for the year were: president 1970 spring Larry Moffett; vice president, Phil Smith; secretary, Danny Smith; treas- urer, Roy Douglas; rush chairman, Mike Med- lock; pledge educator, Frank Hurst; president 1969 fall Richard Simerson. 129 Bob Connors, Advisor Chris Aycock Curt Barnett Mike Bearden Konny Becker Hic k Black welder Kick Borgman Stan Brawley Thad Brown Bob Burch Steve Burch Pat Burns Ben Bush N. Kay Campbell David Clark John Cook Joe Crews Keith Croft Wayne Cruthis Paul Doty Wayne Kdgin Sammy Krwin David Evans John Fender Barre Finan Bill Fouts Rick Freeman Pat Grandjean David Greenwood Rick Grigsby Paul Guariglia Jimmy Hall Larry Hall Bob Heaton Steve Jantzen Steve Johnson Bobby Justis Terry Kemp Chris Knight Chuck Lane Dale Lewelling Peeny McCray Gordon Met gar Steve Modelevsky Larry Morgan John Pennington Tommy Pierce Gary Heed John Kiddell Bob Kunyan John Sain Ken Showalter Tom l ull Richard Watts Mark Wilson 130 0 . m+ m± 1 r fd. f Bf " Y " V Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown to 175 chap- ters since its founding at Richmond College in 1901. The Arkansas Gamma chapter received its charter at ASU in February of 1955. Concerned with community service, the Sig Ep ' s participate in various fund raising drives such as the Heart Fund and the St. Jude drive. This past year they also sponsored the Kelly Parrish drive to help with hospital bills when Kelly, a member of the ASU track team, was seriously injured in a traffic acci- dent. Active on campus, the Sig Ep ' s partici- pate in SGA, varsity basketball, football, base- ball, and Indian staff. Each year they also sponsor the SPE Bowling tournament. Officers for the 1969-70 year were Joe Crews, president; Walter Graham, vice presi- dent; Rick Freeman, secretary; Wayne Edgin, recorder; Stan Brawley, chaplain; and Rick Borgman, pledge educator. Pam Harrell 131 Randy Allison Gary Boyle Allen Davis Brewer Jim Burnett Jersey Connor Mike aull Rick Delaney Ed Gathings Bill Harkey (iene Harrelson Glenn L. Highfill John Howell Porter Hurt James Laney Mike Larsen Lee Lorrick Douglas Eugene Lowrey Steven Don McBride Mike McDaniel Hon McDaniel Perry Metheny Andy Moody David Mullen Ben F. Jones Terry L. Pierce Wyman Pierce John Reynolds Ronnie Rhodes David Sanderson Herb Sanderson Charlie Schaaf Ken Schoenborn Gordon D. Simpson Walter Surprise David Thomas Jimmy Dale Thompson Tommy Thompson Dan Trevathan Mike Vaughn Thomas Vondran Terry Whiting Philip Wooldridge 132 The first national fraternity on the A-State campus, the Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi re- ceived its charter in March of 1948. Sigma Pi was founded in February, 1897 at Vincennes, Indiana. Among the Sigma Pi brothers of ASU are the SGA president, IFC secretary-treasurer, members of the varsity football team, and members of the Herald staff. Each year the Sigma Pi ' s participate in various fund raising drives such as the Heart Fund. An annual activity of the Alpha Pi chapter is their softball tournament which is held each Spring. Officers for the year were, Gordon Simp- son, president; Porter Hurt, vice president; Mike McDaniel, secretary; Perry Metheny, treasurer; John Howell, sgt-at-arms; John Reynolds, pledge trainer. Jeanne Hall 133 Dr. John Galloway, Advisor Dr. Dewey Sifford. Advisor Buddy Abbott Dewayne Anderson Kill Hack Steve Hanker Ken Brewer Ken Brewster Mike Brown Gene Burton Mike Burton Bobby Caldwell Ron Caldwell Jeff Calloway Stefan Calloway Tommy Calloway Don Carson Pat Cass Mike Clary Bob Cleeves Allan Columbus Charlie Cothern Mike Crow Allen Culp Scott Curry Lyle Dent Rusty Dozier Jim Forrest Tommy Gibbs Terry Givens Larry Gladden Bob Gray Bill Hampton Ronnie Hardin Eddie Hathcock Tim Hodges Mike Holt Johnny Horton Don Jarrett Jim Paul Johnson Joe Bill Johnson Greg Keller Jim Kyle John Lambert Mike Landa Bill Lieblong Bill McCollum Ed McLain Paul Mills John Pardew Bob Phillips John Phillips Mickey Pierce Alan Read Jerry Reiman Larry Richardson Gaylon Rogers Scott Rowell Bob Schafer Mike Scott Randy Shoemaker Tommy Skinner George Smithwick Don Speck Benny Story Billy Don Tiner Randy Trim ice Neil VanCleve Ike VanMeter Beta Psi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon began a successful year with a first-place winner in the Homecoming float competition. They also defeated Sig Ep in the TKE finger- bowl and won first place along with SPE and ZTA in the Phi Mu Playhouse. TKE ' s are active in most organizations on campus and have various charity organi- zations and drives which they devote time to. Serving as president for the past year was Ron Hardin. Jerrie Jeanne Rogers 135 Social Organizations ASH BOWLING TEAM - (first row. left to right) Ralph Brady. Larry Lendermon. -Jim Lennox, captain. (Second row) John Thompson. Van Ellis, and Grisham Phillips. ALPHA GAMMA RHO — (first row. left to right) Gary D. Stroud. John M. Mick. Robert Woodard, Charles E. Liddell, Eddy L. Majors. Gary E Hoggard, Charles M. Fowler. (Second row) Hugh VVeatherford. Philip Rowe. Benny Cox, Larry Singleton, Ricky Truax. Robert Chatman, Bill Aslin. (Third row) Thomas Ira Hayes. Charles Rowe, Robert E. English, Jr.. Roger Pitchford. Walker A. Dunn. Kenneth A Spencer. Larry Schafer. Ralph Jones. ( Fourth row) Dr Claud J Irhy. Thomas Dodson. Don Kelton. Rex Johns. Michael McCallie, Dale Poag. Tom Franzen. and Dr. A J. Langlois. BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION COUNCIL- (first row. left to right) Saundra Green, secretary, Jo Raye Anderson, chairman of programs com- mittee. Darlene Frazier. treasurer, Mary Campbell, SGA representative, Dorothy Greer, public relations director, editor of Newsletter. (Second row) Maj. Frederick C. Turner. Jr., faculty advisor, Marvin Walker. Leon C. Smith, Mathan McClinick and Lonnie Matheny, president. 138 BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION — (First row, left to right) Dorothy Greer, Emma Milliner. Jo Raye Anderson, Gloria Warren, Darlene Frazier, Saundra Greene. Mary Davis. (Second row) Frank Burrell. Sheila Sherman, Jackie Moore, Mary Campbell, Almaree Broadway. Patsy Rutherford, Mercedes Mitchell. Calmus Jean Davis (Third row) Sammy L. Smith. Lonnie Matheny, Mary Green, Winston Black, Jr.. Nathan McClinic, Larry Anderson. Robert Gibson, Marvin Walker I Fourth row) Clarence Dickson, Willie C. Coleman, Andrew Cain. Fredrick Howard, Gregory Cornley, Curtis Speed. Anthony Grant. Leon Smith, and Thomas Hill VETERANS CLUB — (first row. left to right) Ed Reilly. advisor. Dennis Kersting. Norman Roberts. Robert Dale Bahn. James Sanders. (Second row) Terry Bowen. Ralph Tate, John T Ammons, vice president. Jack D. Yancy. Ken Pounders, secretary, Jim Lane, treasurer. (Third row) Victor Stilwell. Vernon D. Flagg, Mackie L. Hawkins, Lee R. Vent. 139 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION - (first row, left to right) Celia Snow. Linda Cobb, Shirley Boggs. Teresa Clark, Jan Berryhill, director and Kathryn Murray. (Second row) Jackie Rakestraw, Karen Wright, Anne Simpson. Alice James, Myra Estes. Julia L. Gardner, Linda Crismon and Judy Moore. (Third row) Richie Nelms. David Murray. William Hogan. Steve Branum, Jerry Branum, Michael Weaver. Steven Sigsby. Gary Clark and Terry Rodery Religious Organizations CHI ALPHA — (first row, left to right) Patsy McDermott, Brenda Tollison and Carolyn Hopkins. (Second row) Sherry Metz, Veda White, Charlene Wise, Joyce Kee and Linda Wilkins. (Third row) E Joe Wilmoth, chaplain, Larry Sharpe, G. Michael Crews, A. Leroy Winkle and Donald Smith. (Fourth row) Frank Clay White and David Swift. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP - (first row. left to right) Kicky Cook. Rusty Sheridan. Ida C. Carter. Judy Coffman and April Lea Counts. (Second row) George Raley. sponsor, Jim Lea. president, Charles Patton, vice president, Jan Adams, reporter. Lois M. Aebersold and Sandra Green. (Third row) Richard Pierce, Gary D. Still, Kathy Cornish. Linda Ring. Linda Luker and Charlie Simpson. (Fourth row) Greg Smith. Keith Jessen, Larry Pillow, Joy Simpson. Janice Bowers, Sue Grinder and James L. Counts. WESLEY FOUNDATION - (first row. left to right) Nancy Thome. Carolyn Horton, vice president, Vicki Dunn and Donna Estes. (Second row) Wayne C. Jarvis. minister. John Claunch. president, Edward J. Chess and Patricia E. Fagins YOUNG COLLEGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION - (first row. left to right) Susan Chester. Gail Dauck. Jan Fielder. Rosie Simmons, Louise Weitkamp and Dianna Collins. (Second row) Jerry Burch- field. Jan Watkins. Gwen Ruff. Mane Baird. Glenda Poppe. Donna Cooper, Sharon Blake and Dana Fields. (Third row) Johnny Prysock. David M. Wolf, Sam Sullivan. Mary Long. Winston Burton. J. B. Clark. Jimmy Clark, Norma Reeves, Carolyn Farris, Kathy McDonald and Gale Hanna. Jr. 141 Dormitory Councils DIXIE HALL COUNCIL — (standing, left to right) Patty Camp. Barbara Kueter, Helen Mize. Charlotte Compton. Vicki Dunn and Nancy Thorne. 143 KAYS HALL COUNCIL — (first row, left to right I Sheiron Ramsey, Jan Fielder, treasurer, Mary Frances Graham, vice president. Lois Ann Tusing and Lynn Orton. (Second row) Carolyn Archer. Glenda Lindsey Faye Orr, Denise Lucas, Rhonda Flack and Ruby Branan. (Third row) Susan Crumby. Ann Downing, Mary Simps on, Rosemary Hampton, Becky Britt. president and Donna Barclay. STATE HALL COUNCIL — (first row. left to right) Jerry Burchfield. Larry Worsham. David Gray Jackson. Randall Perryman and Eddy Majors. (Second row) Wally Kennicutt. Larry Mitchell. Johnny Latta. Glenn Hirscheider and Jim Lea. 144 145 General Organizations ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA — (first row. left to right) Diana Wilson, Peggy Von Almen, Barbara Marconi. Debbie Galloway. Louise Weitkamp. Delia Sadler. Sharon Parker and Karyn Walker. (Second row) Mary Jo Ellington. Patti Jo Warr. Barbara Keng. Paula Carroll. Sherry Young, Kosie Bell. Sue Frank, Judy Zinn and Anne Simpson. ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON - (first row. left to right) Jo Ella Todd, treasurer, Chris Bynum. historian. Linda Samford. secretary. Sue Mullen, reporter and Cindy Orsburn, president. (Second row) Terry MacLeod. Mary Jane Rorex. Betsy Everett and Peggy Yarbro. (Third row) Sharon Pierce Dent. Melissa Bauer, Kaye Taylor. Linda Carter and Sarah Pugh. 146 AWS BOARD — (first row, left to right) Sandra Rowton, Sandy Reynolds. Scherry LeSieur. Jan Fielder. Ann Winchester. Dana Ridge and Mary Jane Rorex. (Second row) Elsa Clinger. Linda Ring. Cheryl Carnahan. Charlotte Compton, Vicki Dunn. Helen Mize. Romona Duncan and Patti Bornhoft. (Third row) Becky Britt, Mary Frances Graham. Andrea Weathersby. Kitty Green, Sandra Green , Mary Jane Massey, Tricia Tull and Pam Davis. 147 GAMMA BETA PHI — (first row, left to right) Sue Lee Moss, Rosie Simmons, Margie Green. Jamae Craft and Lois M. Aebersold. (Second row) Ronald Tate. Melvin Dawson. Donna Wilkins, Marian Miller and Dorothy Nelson. (Third row) Deborah Harlan. Sherry Young, Barbara Morgan, Karen Wright, Janie McGraw, Nancy Shanks and Terry Roach (Fourth row) Maurice Lindsay. Jr., advisor, Sue Frank. Judy Zinn, Jerry W. Burchfield and Rose Cox. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Lamar Kyle. Steve McFerron, Gary Pittman, Gordon D. Simpson and Larry R. Moffett. {Second row) Robert Moore, Don Carson, William Westrol, John Reynolds, Vic Hosman and Richard Simerson. (Third row) Tommy Calloway. Mike Vaughn, Jim Fitzpatrick, Joe Crews. Walter Graham. Rickey Grigsby, Wayne Watkins and Ronnie Thompson. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Sharon Pierce Dent, Susan Doty and Robbie Wade. (Second row) Linda Koubek, Pat Young, Carolyn Carpenter, Nancy Sulcer and Lee Mitchell. (Third row) Mary Kay Reeder. Mary Ann Prothro. Jane Elrod. Cindy Orsburn, Patti Jo Warr and Nina Crook. 149 PHI ETA SIGMA — (first row, left to right) Kicky Clifft, Curt Barnett, Terry Short, Edmund L. Barnette and Larry J. Bodeker. (Second row) David A. Young, Jerry McCrackin, Louis Nisenbaum, Steve Woodruff and Don Lawson. (Third row) Dennis Anderson, Arnold Lee Steward, F. Gale Yates and Melvin Dawson, president. (Fourth row) Bill Lawson, David Tyler. Jerry Branum, Billy Don Tiner and Tommy Kelley. PHI XI KHO - (first row, left to right) Bill Godwin. Jerry Lucas. John Hardin and Jerry Osbon. (Second row) David Smalley, Carl Biggs and Jack Robinson. (Third row) Larry Lendermon, Ralph Brady, Jim Lennox and Glenn Lynch. 150 YOUNG DEMOCRATS - (first row, left to right) Michael Harris. SEC representative, Paul Minor, president, Richard Matthews, vice president and Carolyn Lewis, secretary. (Second row) Patsy Rigdon, Margaret Wilson. Linda Smith, Karen Barrett. Haywood Pearson and Barry Richardson. (Third row) Paul Britton. Janna Hannah, Paula Ralaford, Ronald Proctor, Jerone Edwards and Lee Davis. Hon. Governor Win Rockefeller 154 155 156 i Registrar, University College, Institutional Research Top right, Lloyd Howell, Registrar; above. Dr. Melvyn N. Freed, director of Institutional Research; above right , Dr. F. Clark Elkins, coordinator of University College; right, Leonard McDaniel, as- sistant Registrar. Top left, Charles Yauger, director of Computer Center; top right, James Jackson, field representative; above, Ray H. Hall, director of Field Service; left, Fred Paxton, assistant director of Field Service. Field Service, Data Processing 159 Dean of Students Right, Robert Moore, Dean of Stu- dents; lower left, Peggy Stroud, associate Dean of Students; lower right, Don Denny, Dean of Men; bottom left, Jimmy McCluskey, guidance counselor; bottom right, Mary Lou Studdard, counselor. i 160 Farms, Buildings and Grounds Top left, Ralph Waddell, superintendent of Physical Plant; middle left, Milton Hatcher, student aid supervisor; middle right, W. W. Haynes, superintendent of farms; above left, Phil Bridger. director of housing; above right, Carrell Odom, men ' s counselor. 161 Office Of Finance Top, Bill Fisher, purchasing agent; above, John Stotts, payroll accountant; above right, Harrell Justus, accountant; right, Jim Barber, disbursing agent. 162 College Of Agriculture Under the leadership of Dr. Olen P. Nail, the College of Agriculture offers majors in agricul- tural business and economics, agricultural engi- neering, agricultural education, agronomy, animal husbandry, horticulture and general agriculture. The College of Agriculture at Arkansas State has developed into the state ' s largest undergrad- uate agriculture college. Located in one of the most fertile and diversified farming areas in Arkansas, ASU provides a good location for practical training. Dr. Olen P. Nail Dean of the College FACULTY — (rop row. left to right) Dr. Lew E Brinkley, Asst. Prof, of Agri. Econ.; Jc ,., James L. Davenport. Assoc. Prof, of Agri. Econ.; Dr. J. A. Hayles. Asst. Prof, of Agri. Ed.; Dr. Rodney O. Hexem, Assoc. Prof, of Agronomy; Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, Prof, of Animal Hus. and Dr. Claud J. Irby, Assoc. Prof, of Engr. (Bottom row) Dr. James H. Keene. Assoc. Prof, of Poultry; Dr. A. J. Langlois. Assoc. Prof, of Plant Sci.; Dr. Albert L. Mink. Assoc. Prof, of Engr.; Dr. W. A. North, Asst. Prof of Animal Hus.; Dr t . Prof, of Plant Sci.; Dr. Albert L. 3r. Amos B. Rougeau. Prof, of Agri. Ed. and Herman F. Williams, Assoc. Prof, of Agri. Engr. AGRICULTURE COUNCIL - (first row, left to right) Kenneth O. Spencer. Johnny Latta. Curtis R. Davis and Tom Franzen. (Second row) Rex Johns, A. W. Tennille. advisor. Wendell Stratton, Gerald R. Malin and A. L. Mink, advisor. 164 ALPHA TAU ALPHA - (first row. left to right) Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, advisor. James F. Mayfield, Eddy L. Majors and J. A. Hayles. advisor. (Second row) Carroll R. Prewett. Billy R. Shurley. Gene McBride. Steve Davenport and Gary E. Hoggard. (Third row) Larry Robertson, Floyd H. Lockhart, Edwin C Price, Mike Fallwell. ■Johnny Latta, Dale Poag and Bill Aslin. (Fourth lowlJames Nicholson. Arthur Miller. Larry D. Turner, Johnny Moody III and Larry Scheer. ii 165 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA -(first row, left to right) Dr. Amos B. Rougeau. advisor. Carroll R. Prewett. Kenneth O. Spencer. James F Mayfield, Eddy L. Majors and J. A. Hayles. advisor. (Second row) Gary E. Hoggard. Billy R. Shurley. Gene McBride, Johnny Moody and Steve Davenport. (Third row) Larry Scheer. Edwin E. Price, Mike Falwell, Johnny Latta. Dale Poag. Bill Aslin and Larry Robertson. (Fourth row) Arthur Miller. Floyd H. Lockhart. Jr.. and Larry D. Turner. PLANT SCIENCE CLUB - (first row, left to rightl John M. Mick, John V. Harrington. Sr., George R Morris and Gerald R. Malin. (Second row) R. O. Hexem, advisor, Gary Collins and Tom Franzen. (Third row) Charles French. Louis E. McDonald, Ralph Jones, Thomas Dodson, Ken Housh and A. W. Tennille. advisor. 167 The College of Business, under the supervision of Dr. B. C. McGough, Dean of the College, is ever striving to educate the business leaders and office workers of the future so that their skills may be channeled into the upbuilding of the econ- omy. Each student selects a field of con- centration from one of the six majors offered within the divisions of accounting, general business and economics or busi- ness education and secretarial science. Division chairmen are Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, accounting, Dr. Robert Ferral- asco, business education and secretarial science and Dr. Lonnie Talbert, general business and economics. College Of Business Dr. B. C. McGough Dean of the College FACULTY — (first row. left to right) Dr. Shirl D. Strauser. Chin.. Div. of Acct.; L. M. Dinsrnore. Assoc. Prof, of Acct.; Nancy A. Haigler. Asst. Prof, of Acct.; Joe H. Willborn. Asst. Prof, of Acct.; H. Dalton Whitt. Instr. in Acct. and Dr. Robert Ferralasco. Chm.. Div of Bus. Ed. and Secretarial Sci. (Second row) Larry Adams, Instr. In Has Ed.; Loretta F. Brooks. Instr. In Bus. Ed.; Maurice Lindsay. Jr.. Instr. in Bus. Ed.; Ruby C. Lucas. Instr. in Bus. Ed.; Don Roberts. Instr. in Bus. Ed. and Daniel J Schroeder, Instr. in Bus. Ed. (Third row) Bonnie B. Valentine. Instr. in Bus. Ed.; Mary Lou Wood. Asst. Prof, of Bus. Ed.; Dr. Lonnie E. Talbert. Chm.. Div. of Gen Bus and Econ.: H. M. Alsey. Asst. Prof, of Gen. Bus. and Econ.; David D. Coop, Instr. in Bus. Law and Dr. Jerry L. Crawford. Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. (Fourth row) Charles W. Ford. Asst. Prof of Mkt.-Mgmt.; Ralph J. Halk. Instr. in Gen. Bus.; Dr. John Kaminarides. Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; Dr. Roland Mullins. Prof of Econ. and Finance; Frank Oldham, Jr., Instr. in Gen. Bus. and Dr. John J. Pepin. Asst. Prof, of Mgmt. (Fifth row) Dr. Herbert H. Price. Jr., Asst. Prof, of Gen. Bus. and Econ.; Ira W. Pyron. Jr., Asst. Prof, of Gen. Bus. and Econ.; Michael E. Randle. Instr In Gen. Bus.; Fred Robinson. Asst. Prof, of Bus. Adm.; James B. Vernon, Instr. in Gen. Bus. and Econ. and Donald R. Vines. Instr. in Gen. Bus. and Econ. 168 Wi. i ALPHA KAPPA PSI — (first row, left to right) Ronald White. Donald R. Vines, advisor, Vic Hosman, Roger Glaze, Dennis L. Smith, William R. Stanton, Ken H. Helman. Lawrence R. Abdella. Larry J. Worsham and Ralph K. Walker, (Second row) Nat Home, Pat Burns, Dwayne Owens, Ed Farrow. Gary Busby, Harold Kohler, Sammy Y eager. John Jennings, Phillip Mitchell, Donald L. Creighton and Danny Hargraves. (Third row) Mike Corvin, Joe Klinkhardt. Andy Rossi, Gary Rodgers. Mike Lofton. Gene Rouse. Donald Smith, Dennis Dillon, Tommy Nuckols. Arnold McGruder and Harry Crawford. (Fourth row) Dan Schroeder. David Kiech, John A. McCarthy. Joe Burns. Charles R. Reece. Steve B. Hampton. J. D. Kelley, Ronnie Wiggins, B. W. Field. Patrick Clifford. Edward Sims and Gene Williams. 170 ACCOUNTING CLUB — (first row. left to right) Mary Jo Ellington, Dale E. Coy. Gary Pittman, Tommy Nuckols and James R. Heinrich. (Second row) Dr. Shirl D. Strauser, advisor. Donald Smith, Larry Massey. Paul Hook, Harold Kohler and Vic Hosman. ( Third row) Frank Oldham. Jr.. advisor, Marian H. Phillips. Ronnie D. Wiggins, Stanley Estes, Charles Schaaf and Charles Reece. 171 The largest academic college on campus is the College of Education, offering both graduate and undergrad- uate programs in specialized fields. Varied areas of specialization include early childhood education, reading, library science, speech pathology, psychology, special education, rehabil- itation counseling and counseling. Headed by Dr. Harry F. Hodge, the college consists of five divisions. Di- vision chairmen are Dr. Vance Sales, educational administration and sec- ondary education; Dr. Robert F. Ab- bott, counselor education and psychol- ogy; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, elementary education and special education; Dr. Jess R. White, physical education and recreation and James Hansard, library science. College of Education Dr. Harry F. Hodge Dean of the College FACULTY — (first row. left to right) Dr. Robert F. Abbott. Chm.. Div. of Counselor Ed. and Psy.; Kmilie Baddour. Instr. in Counselor Ed. and Psy.; Dr. Edmund L. Barnette. Asst. Prof, of Counselor Ed.; Dr. John L. Burns. Asst. Prof, of Counselor Ed. and Psy.; Dr. Jim F. Golden, Assoc. Prof, of Ed. and William D. Johnson. Asst. Prof, of Counselor Ed. and Psy. (Second row) Dr. C. L. McLarty. Assoc. Prof, of Ed.; Dr. Alvin McRaven. Prof, of Ed.; Dr. George T. Peters. Prof, of Ed.; C. Gary Smith. Instr. in Counselor Ed. and Psy.; James R, Stewart. Instr. in Counselor Ed. and Psy.; and Dr. M. Vance Sales, Chm.. Div. of Ed. Adm. and Sec. Ed. (Third row) Dr. Paul E. Couch, Prof, of Ed.; Dr. Carol Ham. Asst. Prof, of Ed.; Dr. Robert B. Kluge. Prof. of Ed.; Dr. A. G. Shannon. Prof, of Ed.; W. L. Smith. Assoc. Prof, of Ed. and Dr. Joseph P. Sweat. Assoc. Prof, of Ed. (Fourth row) Dr. Joseph C. Taylor, Prof, of Ed.; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, Chm.. Div. of Elem. and Spec. Ed.; Edith M. Atkerson. Instr. in Spec. Ed.; Lillian Barton, Assoc. Prof, of Ed.. Dr. James A. Bradshaw. Assoc. Prof, of Spec. Ed. and Dr. William G. Chance. Prof, of Ed. (Fifth row) Dr. Baron D. Conaway. Assoc. Prof, of Ed. -Reading; Dr. Burton Crosswait. Asst. Prof, of Ed.; Betty Goldsby, Instr. In Spec. Ed.; Dr. George Y. Herndon. Prof, of Speech Path; Dr. Jack Hogins. Asst. Prof, of Ed. and Dr. Mildred B. Vance. Prof, of Ed. (First row, left to right) Dr. Jess R. White, Chm., Div. of Health, P. E. and Rec; Rosalie G. Barber. Instr. in P. E.; Everett Bolton. Instr. In P. E.; Alta Bums. Instr in P. E.; Dr. James DeVazier. Asst. Prof, of P. E. and Dr. John P. Hosinski. Assoc. Prof, of P. E. (Second row) Gladys Hudgins, Asst. Prof, of P. E.; Dr. Evelyn D. Prescott. Assoc. Prof, of P. E.; John H. Rauth. Assoc. Prof. of P. E.; W. Jack Sugg. Instr. in P. E.; Robert Thad Talley, Instr. in P. E. and J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson, Prof, of P. E. (Third row) Bill Hansard. Acting Chm., Div. of Library Sci.; James F. Anderson, Head Catalog Librarian. Nadean Lee, Catalog Librarian, Joan Gail Nelson. Head Reference Librarian. Gerry M. Taylor. Head Librarian and Marion B. Thielman, Catalog Librarian. (Fourth row) Ella Y. Ward. Catalog Librarian KAPPA DELTA PI — (first row. left to right) Judith Stroud. Wanda Brewington. Diane Sayre. Anna Jean Wortham. Cathy Crow. Sarah Orr Peggy Von Almen Carol Ann Hollanger, Betty Jo Sheehy, Lois Caery, Mavis Forrest. Sandra Howard and Pat King. (Second row) Linda Hart Marcia Johnson. Marie Miller, Nellie Felty. Mary Brown Conaway. Bonnie Bledsoe. Kay Griner. Sue Mullen, Bobbie Timmermann Zola Rea. Modene Johnson. Janie Quails and Lana Greene. (Third row) Lillian Barton, counselor, Scott Goad, James A. Bourland. Larry M. Johnson. James Fullerton, Baron D. Conaway. Burton Crosswait. W. L. Smith, H. F. Hodge. Joe C. Williams. Craig Shumaker. Margaret Frazier and Rosie Warner. 173 STUDENTS NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — (first row, left to right) Sue Lee Moss, state secretary. Miss Lillian Barton, sponsor. Carol McNeely. secretary. Lynne Crittenden, president, Joan Brent, first vice president. Pam Fowler, second vice president and Patricia Downing, reporter. (Second row) Sharon Arvelo, Sammie Lea Jones. Patti D. Downing. Janice Kaye Hovis, Patty Camp. Kathryn Hurst. Dianne McElrath. Melba Ann Hawkins. Karon Ward. Linda Cobb, Joy Jones. Robbie Wade, Eddie Mallory and Peggy VonAlmen. (Third row) Shirley Miller, Linda K. Robinson. Bobbie Coggins, Mary Jane Rorex, Glenda J. Starling, Mary K. Kerr, Rosie Simmons, Mary Tresp, Marsha Mullins, Nancy Shanks, Jamae Craft. Lou Ann Barnett. Cathy Poindexter. Kay Griffin and Carol Bassham. (Fourth row) Judy Moore. Pam Davis, Mariglee Mitchell, Sandra Kaye Berry, Linda Parke, Mary Richardson. Martha Thomas. Marcia Johnson. Patty Shelton. Kathy Cornish. Donna Barclay, Jeanie Fuller. Anne Simpson. Kay Taylor, Sandra Fowler and Joyce Ragland. (Fifth row) Ramona McGinnis, Dianne Green, Leola Jackson, Penny Knipple, Kathy Stout. Brenda Chaligoj. Rose Cox, Richard Roberts. Floyd H. Lockhart, Jr., Billy R. Tarpley, Jerry Felker, Ben Spurlock, Sam Sullivan, Linda Samford, Terry Porter, Jeanne Cunningham and Carol Ann Hollanger. 174 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION — (first row. left to right) F ' riscilla Hurst. Mary Hafner. Dian McCormick. Jan Lawrence. Norma Bashant. Sandy Reynolds. Carolyn Hopkins. Glenda Davis, Glenda Overfield and Jean Holmes. (Second row) Anita Frazier Carolyn Horton. Mary Kay Reeder. Robbye Barnes. Nancy Flanagan. Rebecca Young Rhonda Flack. Judi Loberg. Judy Morris and Rosalie Barber, advisor. (Third row Karen McHenry. Alice Beard. Jamae Craft. Sharon Parker. Debbie Martin. Susan Row land. Kathryn Coleman, Lynne Leopard. Bonnie Stringer, Joyce Freeman, Jane Grant ham and Mickey Norris. (Fourth row) Andrea Weathersby. Nina Crook. Nancy Wright Cheryl Gandl. Betsy McCarroll. Janice Harris, Sue Daily. Sandy Cooper. Sharon Scott Vicki Jones. Kathryn Clark, Gwen Ruff and Terry MacLeod. (Fifth row) Donna Bardwell Mary Sloan. Mary Simpson. Debby Stowe. Becky Raley. Nena Rainey. Karen McCann Ann Winchester. Judy Bradsher. Candy Volk and Cindy Orsburn. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - (bottom photo, first row, left to right) Nancy James. Carol Hollanger, Diana Wilson. Sally Phelan, Marilyn Watson. Roberta Wood, Kathy Shannon. Linda Baldridge, Donna Meacham. Cathy Hall, Carolyn Foley. Judie Caldwell and Susie Andrews. (Second row) June Spinks. Connie Routon. Robbie Wade. Babs Blagg. Jennifer Morgan. Carol Jane Wilson. Libhy Swindle. Johnnie Neal, Marilyn Fong, Kathleen Werner, Judy Howell, Joy Pendergrass and Katie Dean. (Third row) Barbara Campbell. Jean Dehls, Susan Crumby, Betsy Burch, Dana Ridge, Jeanne Cun- ningham, Debbie Thielemier. Lynn Dickerson. Sarah Ray and Kay Griffin. (F ' ourth row) Candy Ashby. Linda Lea, Kathy Kennedy. Mary Rose, Marsha McLarty, Diana Grand george, Anne Horton, Cindy Truxton and Terry Porter. ( Fifth row) Connie Sheffield. Parr, Ward. Pam Smart. Carol Cranford, Peggy VonAlmen, Sandra Rowton. Jerrie Rogers, Lura Stallcup, Doris Jones, Delia Sadler and Barbara Marconi. (Sixth row) Eddie Mallory, Mary Ellington, Josephine Jones, Sidney Hayes, Sharon Lott, Mary Hudgins, Lee Mitchell, Marcia Thacker, Karla Sallee and Mary Prothro. (Seventh row) Connie Risby. Mary Wooten. Margaret Featherston, Dianne Hopwood, Bobbie VanCleve. Carol Stogsdill. Lorraine Savelli, Brenda Bibb and Gail Orsborn. (Eighth row) Nancy Ladd. Ann Downing. Kristie Creed, Sylvia Bergey, Dianne Kjeldgaard, Brenda Sanders and Kitty Green. MODERN DANCE CLUB - (kneeling, left to right) Jean Holmer. Julie Goldsmith and Nancy James. (Standing) Vicki Jones. Debra Moore, Alta Burns, sponsor. Sandy Cooper and Bonnie Hale. 176 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN - (first row. left to right) Peggy Von Almen. Cathy Larsen. Melinda Wood and Linda McDermott. (Second row) Rosie Warren, president. Betty Goldsby. advisor. Sandy Layton and Betty Ozbirn. (Third row) Martha Abernathy. vice president. Marcia Johnson. James Bradshaw . advisor. Wanda Brewington and Patricia Bates. 177 College Of Fine Arts A national art competition in the Di- vision of Art, the production of " Antigone " by the Division of Speech and Drama, a trip to the Pecan Bowl by the Marching Indians, and superior out-of-state awards for the debate team point out the activities of the fine arts area under the direction of Dr. Duane B. Haskell, Dean of the Col- lege of Fine Arts. The goal is to develop an appreciation of the arts and to develop individual cre- ative abilities. Division chairmen are Dan Howard, art and Donald R. Minx, music. Dr. Duane H. Haskell Dean of the College FACULTY — (first row. left to right) Dan F. Howard. Chm , Div. of Art; T. K. Baker. Asst. Prof, of Art; Thomas H. Chaffee. Instr. in Art; Lane D Fabrick. Instr. in Art; John H. Keech. Instr. in Art and Evan Lindquist, Assoc, Prof, of Art. (Second row) Sidney A. Mecom. Instr. in Art; K. E. Mitchell. Instr. in Art; Tom Sternal. Instr. in Art; Donald K. Minx. Chm.. Div. of Music; Mary Elizabeth Beck. Assoc. Prof, of Music and Sandra S Benskin, Instr. in Music. (Third row) Dr. Clifton V. Cowles. Assoc. Prof, of Music; Dr. Ervin J. Dunham, Asst. Prof, of Music; M. Ellis Juhen, Instr in Music; Julia Lansford. Asst. Prof, of Music; Myron Myers. Dist. Assoc. Prof of Piano and David Niederbrach, Asst. Prof, of Music. (Fourth row) Dr James L. Patty. Prof, of Music; Daniel F. Boss. Instr. in Music; C. Bonner Ruff. Asst. Prof, of Music; Alfred Skoog. Asst. Prof, of Music. Dr. Jared T. Spears. Asst. Prof, of Music and Dorothy Swindle. Instr. in Music. (Fifth row) Thomas G. Williams. Asst. Prof, of Music; John P. Bell. Asst. Prof of Speech; Don Calvert, Instr in Drama; Terry L. Huckabee. Instr. in Drama; Merle McDonnough. Instr. in Speech and Thomas Reppart, Instr. in Speech. 178 KAPPA KAPPA PSI - (first row. left to right) Dell Holt, Mitchell Saliba. Walter Fowler and Keith Blackman. (Second row) Frank Ross, J. Justus Sawyer, Van Ed Enderson, Daniel G. Jones. Michael D. Watson, Ike Mixon Van Meter. Tommy Walker and Willis Smith. (Third row) David Thompson. Craig Baker. William Faulkner. Douglas Moore, Stan Moore. Thomas H. Graddy, Duane Barbour. Jim Matthews, Van Merritt and Michael Chaffin 180 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SEXTET - (left to riKhti Linda Lass well, Carol Bone. Sharon Felts. Barbara Pollock. Yicki Kine and Kaye Taylor. 181 TAU BETA -SIGMA - (first row. left to right) Peggy Myers. Lynn Delaney. Sharon Wegman, Ruth Ann Jefferies and Harriet Alexander. (Second row) Mary I!. McGrew. Barbara Reng. Sandra Barbarotto. Nancy Elphingstone, Sheila Mills and Sarah Pugh. TRIBE — (first row. left to right) Tommy Knight, Harral B. Burris. Mike McLarty, Larry Gowen. David Fisher. Roger Ferguson. Mitchell Saliba, Van Merritt and Dell Holt. (Second row) Van Enderson, Sam Hummelstein, Walter Fowler, Duane Barbour and -Jim Childers. (Third row) Tom Graddy, Danny Jones, Craig Baker. Bill Faulkner. Richard Bishop. Ike Van Meter and Stan Moore. 182 Row 1 (left to right) Linda Rendor, Carolyn Zimmerman, Susan Callihan, Fonda Bishop, Elaine Nix, Uana McBride, Jo Ella Todd. (Row 2) Tommy Walker, Gary Clark, Gary Sauheaver, Rosie Warren, Wayne Holt, Gary Morris, Gaylon Gammill, Carl Mason, Sharon Felts, Karen Bruner. (Row 3) Tommy Hampton, Marvin Haught, Willie Smith, Linda Lasswell, Linda Carter. (Row 4) Floyd Ramsey, John Francis, Larry Dame, Judy Bradsher, Connie Jones, Carol Grey. (Row 5) Dan Keeton, Dan Urton, Bill Bar- nett, Leslie Davis, Carol Bone, Jo Faye Orr, Kaye Taylor. (Row 6) Barbara Pollock, Francis Jo Blackburn, Judith Gill, Wanda Clark, Keith Hamm, Norman Coad, Steed Huggins. 3$ (Row 1) Susie Glasgow, Marilyn Braswell, Susan Patton, Gail Orsborn, Danna Green, Regina Braswell. (Row 2) Mary Beck, Dorothy Cole, Glenda Bradley, Linda Sue Burrows, Elizabeth Watson, Anne Bittinger, Sharon Ferguson. (Row 3) Linda Render, Carolyn Zimmerman, Faye Orr, Kaye Taylor, Linda Lasswell, Susan Callihan, Donald Hall, Max Arwood. (Row 4) Leroy Winkle, Douglas Rogers, Gary Adams, Tommy Runnels, Jeff Dickson, Dan Keeton, Bill Landrum, Warren Tiner. 184 (Row 1) Carolyn McElrath, Tanna Edwards, Patty Joseph, Doro- Beverly Robertson, Kim Brown, Gail Osborn, Pam Davis, Frank- thy Cole, Anne Bittinger, Susan Patton, Susan Callihan, Brenda ie Benson, Harral Burris, David Trim, John Sawyer, Jeff Dick- Murphy, Rebecca Young, Sherrell Franks, Debbie Taylor, Tommy son, Tom Moore, Susie Glascow, Charlotte Volk, Rose Ann Redd, Walker, Van Enderson, Floyd Scott, Winston Turpin, Thomas Mary Jane Reese, Patti Joe Warr, Janice Moore, Lynn Thacker, Street, Ricky Davis, Willis Smith, Carol Smith, Patricia Down- Donna Metcaff. (Row 4) Jerry Lynn Nace, Mary Ann Whitaker, ing Mary Campbell, Beth Hays, Karen Watkins, Dawn Angilus, Linda Burroughs, Karen Adams, Mary Campbell, Linda Las- Patty Cornelius, Deitra Crane, Teresa Whitsell. (Row 2) Christy well, Vickie Mizell, Mary Long, Sharon Wegman, Beverly Stub- Keller, Opra Cartwright, Glenda Bradley, Sharon Ferguson, blefield, Steve Branum, Tommy Runnels, Leroy Winkle, Doug Linda Sue Wixon, Diane Carter, Mary Walker, Elsa Clinger, Moore, Tommy Hampton, Mike Watson, Tommy Knight, James Tommy Shepherd, David Webb, Tommy Graddy, Gary Adams, Matthews, Thomas Pope, Sam Sullivan, Gaylon Gammill, Johnnie Kelley Craft, Doug Rogers, Stephen Davis, Jerry Vincent, Paul Neal, Emily Hubble, Janice Anderson, Lillis Woody, Barbara Chavis, Brenda Murphy, Robin Scott, Dana Green, Janice Adams, Moore, Frances Distretti, Mary Jane Massey, Melinda Edwards, Shelia Mills, Lexy Zalewski, Marilyn Braswell, Alice Miles. Jane Frier, Brenda Kimmel. (Row 3) Cathy Hollingsworth, Carolyn Holley, Brenden Jeans, (Row 1) Carolyn Zimmerman, Gaylon Gammill, Vicki King, Sharon Felts, Tommy Shepherd. (Row 2) Fonda Bishop. (Row 3) Norman Coad, Elsa Clinger, Thomas Street, Linda Lasswell, Kelly Craft, Carol Grey, Larry Dame, Wanda Clark, Tommy Hampton, Jo Faye Orr, Jerry Hoggard. 185 186 Marching Indians Entertain Crowds 187 College Of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts is made up of divisions of English, philosophy and languages; history; and political science, geography and sociology. The area endeavors to carry on the tradition of liberal education in order to train the individual as thoroughly as possible in the direction of his interest and to the limit of his ability, so that he may lead a useful life and contribute to social, intellectual, economic and politi- cal advancement in an increasingly com- plex world. Dr.O. Philip James Dean of the College FACULTY - (first row. left to right) Dr Earl J. Wilcox, Chm.. Div. of Eng.. Phil, and Lang .; Lucille Braden. Instr. in Eng.; Dr. James B. Burleson, Jr., Prof, of Eng.; Scott Darwin, Instr. in German; Dennis M. Day, Instr. in Eng. and Carl D. Doyle, Instr. in Spanish. (Second row) John T. DuVal, Instr. in Eng.; David C. Ford, Instr. in Eng.; Sammy R. Gennuso, Instr. in Eng.; Dr. Thomas M. Harwell. Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; George F. Horneker, Instr. in Eng. and Frances Hunter, Instr. in Eng. (Third row) Dr James A. Key, Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; Arthur Krida, Instr. in Eng.: Eleanor Lane. Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; G. Shelby Lee. Instr. in Eng.; Robert M. Lewis, Instr. in Eng. and Deanna A. MacKenzie, Instr. in French. (Fourth row) John A Masterson, Instr. in Eng.; Charles B. McClelland. Asst. Prof, of Eng.; Wayne McLaurin. Asst. Prof, of Eng.; James L. Miles, Instr. in Eng.; Logan D. Moon, Instr. in Eng. and Elizabeth Neeley. Asst. Prof, of Eng. (Fifth row) Jimmy Peacock. Instr. in French; Harold L. Phyfer. Instr. in Eng.; Edward C. Reilly. Instr. in Eng.; Ellen H. Robinson, Instr. in Eng.; Mary Ann Sloan. Instr. in Eng. and Dr. Bill L. Stroud, Asst. Prof, of Phil. 188 (First row, left to right) Gary D. Swaim, Asst. Prof, of Eng.; Lois Swisher, Asst. Prof of Spanish; Wanda G. Walker, Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; E. Robert Westerman, Instr. in Eng.; Lee S. Young, Instr. in Eng. and Nancy Young, Instr. in Eng. (Second row) Dr. John A. Galloway. Chm.. Div. of Hist.; Paul M. Adams, Instr. in Hist.; Brenda L. Ball, Instr. in Hist.; Floyd M. Clay, Instr. in History; Durward F. Coope r, Assoc. Prof, of Hist, and Dr. James E. Griner, Prof, of Hist. (Third row) Dr. Ron- ald L. Hayworth, Asst. Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Charles L. Kenner. Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Edgar Kirk, Assoc. Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Donald Konold. Prof, of Hist.; Dr. Roger Lam- bert, Assoc. Prof, of Hist, and Henry S. Paulsen, Instr. in Hist. (Fourth row) Kenneth W. Rorie, Instr. in Hist.; Timothy A. Ross, Asst. Prof, of Hist.; Frank R. Simpson, Instr. in Hist.; Carolyn D. Springer. Instr. in Hist.; Donald E. Straka, Instr. in Hist, and Dr. Leland R. White. Asst. Prof, of Hist. (Fifth row) Dr. C. Clyde Jones, Chm.. Div. of Pol. Sci., Geog. and Soc; Larry E. Clowers, Instr. in Soc; James D. Durland, Instr. in Pol. Sci.; Scott Greenwell. Instr. in Soc; Joe R. Moore, Instr. in Pol. Sci. and Dr. Dan F. Morse, Asst. Prof, of Archaeology. (Sixth row) Dr. John C. Osoinach, Prof, of Soc; J. Maurice Rogers, Instr. in Pol. Sci.; Chester R. Stewart. Asst. Prof, of Geog.; Hubert B. Stroud, Instr. in Geog.; Stephen J. Tricarico, Instr. in Geog. and Dr. Robert J. Weber. Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci. 189 POLITICAL AFFAIKS CLl ' B — (first row, left to right) Margaret Myers, secretary-treasurer. Ronald Tate, Betty F. Roach, Thurman Michael Smith and Deloise L. Shumpert. iSecond row I Maurice Rogers, advisor. Danny Cook, Ceraldo Cardoso, president. Edward J. Chess. Jerry D, Chism, vice president and Hassan Nejad. advisor SPANISH CLUB — (first row, left to right) Susan Rowland. Lynn Delaney. Gail Learning, Phyllis Foster, secretary. Mary Kay Reeder, president and Lois Swisher, advisor. (Second row) Ronald Tate. Debbie Taylor. Tricia Tull. Barbara Rengand Carl Doyle, advisor. 191 College Of Science Under the supervision of Dr. James H. Stevenson, the College of Science provides a background in the biological sciences, phys- ical sciences and in mathematics for stu- dents preparing to teach, work in industry or science-related occupations, enter pro- fessional schools or pursue a graduate program. Chairmen of the three divisions are Dr. John K. Beadles, biological sciences, J. L. Linnstaedter, mathematics and physics and Dr. Howard Moore, physical sciences. FACULTY — (first row. left to right) Dr. John K. Beadles. Chm., Div. of Biol. Sci.; Dr Harvey E. Barton. Asst. Prof, of Zool.; William W. Byrd. Assoc. Prof, of Biol.; Roy Z. Gehring. Instr in Biol.; Dr. Earl L. Hanebrink, Asst. Prof, of Biol, and George L. Harp. Asst. Prof, of Zool. (Second row) Lawrence W. Hinck. Asst. Prof, of Biol.; Dr. Maxine Hite. Assoc. Prof, of Biol.; Dr. James A. Hutchison. Assoc. Prof, of Bot.; Dr. Bob D Johnson. Asst. Prof, of Zool.; Dr. Bill F. Jones, Asst. Prof, of Biol, and Dr. Max A. Nickerson. Asst. Prof, of Zool. (Third row) Dr. Edward L. Richards. Assoc. Prof, of Bot.; Dr. Dan Timmermann. Jr.. Asst. Prof, of Bot.; Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake. Prof, of Bot.; J. L. Linnstaedter, Chm., Div. of Math and Phy.; John B. Bennett. Instr. in Math and Daniel O. Felts, Instr. in Math. (Fourth row) Dr. Ray J. Gazik, Asst. Prof, of Math. Donald L. Greenwell, Instr. in Math. Robert E. John- son, Asst. Prof, of Math. Barbara M. Kirbie, Instr. in Math. Marshall Matthews. Assoc. Prof, of Math and Elmer C. Mayes, Asst. Prof, of Sci. 192 (First row. left to right) Dr. H. E. McCloud. Assoc. Prof, of Phy.; Dr. Lawrence A. Mink. Assoc Prof, of Phy.; Robert F. Rossa, Asst. Prof of Math. Douglas E. Rucker. Instr. in Math, Jim Scott, Instr. in Math and Glynn Sharp, Instr. in Math. (Second row) J. B. Sheofee. Instr in Math. Robert D. Smith, Instr. in Math. Robert P. Smith, Instr. in Math, Kendall Walden, Instr. in Math, Dr. V. F. Wei, Assoc. Prof, of Phy. and Dr. Howard Moore, Chm., Div. of Phy. Sci. (Third row) Dr. J. Edward Bennett. Assoc. Prof, of Chem ; Dr. David M. Chittenden. Asst. Prof, of Chem.; Dr. Miles L. Doyle, Assoc. Prof, of Chem.; Dr. Paul D. Gwinup, Assoc, Prof, of Chem.; Dr. Richard S. Mitchell. Assoc. Prof, of Chem. and Dr. Paul M. Nave. Asst. Prof, of Chem. (Fourth row) R. O. Saunders. Instr. in Phy. Sci.; Dr. Dewey H. Sifford. Prof, of Chem.; William N. Smith, Instr. in Sci.; Dr. Norman L. Traut- wein. Asst. Prof, of Chem.; Dr. David L. Vosburg. Assoc. Prof, of Geol. and William V. Wyatt, Asst. Prof, of Chem. 193 194 KAPPA MU EPSILON - (first row. left to right) Diana Wilson, Linda Sparks and Pat Young. (Second rowl Steve Short. Teddy Hopkins. Terry Short, Wayne Williams and John M. Edington III. (Third row) R. Johnson. Wally Liles, J. L. Linn- staedter, Jim Scott and Kenneth R. Felts. MEDICAL ARTS CLUB — (first row. left to right) Thomas B. DeClerk. Jr.. Sidney Hayes. Ruth Martin. Esther Noble and Linda Samford. (Second row) Lamar Kyle, Johnny Crisler. Barre Finan, Judy Zinn. Cindy Orsburn and Sue Frank. (Third row) Ron Hardin. Andrew Jansen. Johm M. Ransom. Ronnie Hubbard. Jim Fitzpatrick and William W. Byrd. 195 A year of trial and tribulation in many areas of campus life reached its tentacles with particular vigor into the Division of Military Science. A student-formed Ad Hoc Committee questioned the academic rel- evancy of military science instruction as well as the moral issue of a forced ROTC curriculum. Through it all, the division, though somewhat shaken, remained unscathed. The freshmen, still gullible and uncertain, were once again thrown into a world of drills, manuals of arms, orders and de- merits. Sophomores moved on to new classes and the advanced course, under the direction of wisened seniors, integrated a certain amount of order into the otherwise helter-skelter confusion of the junior cadets. Lt. Col. Earl Emmons Lt. Col. Joseph F. Salch Maj. Stanley M. Brown Maj. Billy Joe Davis Division Of Military Science Maj. Randall L. Ford Maj. Jessie F. Jones III Maj. James A. Stafne Maj. Frederick C. Turner Jr. Maj. Robert A. White Capt. Holmes D. Benge Capt. John L. Kennedy Capt. Edward N. Rolle Capt. Dennis M. Warren SGM Robert D. Clark MSG Vinton W. Moore SFC Robert E. Adams SFC Nolan W.Carter SSG Elbert Wayne Bush SSG Dennis G. Esenwein SSG Lloyd Kirksey Jr. 196 COUNTER GUERRILLA — (first row, left to right) Richard Hartz, Tommy McCormick, John C. Trice, David R. Wallace, company commander, Leslie C. Abernathy III, executive officer. Maria Stewart, princess cadet, Maj. John W. Talley, advisor, Robert R. Self. Charles R. Akers. Steven T. Dapp and Jerone E. Edwards. (Second row) Richard U. Woodrum, Marion Daniel, David B. Bentley, Alan R. Thomas, Mike E. Murphy, Jay C. Gamblin, Jerry W. Beard. Tony R. Terral, Larry E. Nichols and Michael L. Quails. (Third row) Dwight Brown, Ronnie Payne, Dennis Summers, R. W. Upton, Patrick Thomas, Mike Oliver, Danny Daniel, David A. Rounsavall, Philip J. Murphy, Ray K. Hollis, Lee Davis and Samuel L. Creasman. (Fourth row) Carl Finch, John A. Lamar Jr., Tom Carothers, Russell Goad, Ted Hardin, Harvey Goad. James Self. Wendell Adams, Grover Butler. Gary T. Box, Ralph D. Mount. Dennis W. Moseley and Don L. Green. 197 RENG RIFLES — (first row. left to right) Elbert Bush, Henry Johnson, David Ball, Kurt Moritz. Port Bradley and James Lowe. Commander. (Second row) Larry Nichols. Rob Mason. Arthur Wilson, Richie Norris and Tandy Anthony. (Third rowl Samuel Creasman. Richard Holler, Michael Moritz, Marion Daniel. Thurman Smith, Ronald Proctor and Nathan Holbrook. (Fourth row) Larry Jones. Patrick Thomas, Tony Woodward. Paul Britton, Larry Anderson. Robert Gibson and Frank Burrell. 198 199 A student is eligible to apply for a state nursing license upon completion of a two-year program at Arkansas State. The program, under the direction of Leon E. Eldredge, Jr., consists of courses in the natural and social sciences as well as the Uni- versity ' s basic courses. Division Of Nursing FACULTY - (left to right) Nellie Caffery. Instr. in Nursing, Anita Fuller. Instr. in Nursing. Martha Gramling. Instr. in Nursing and Margaret Grisham. Instr. in Nursing. Leon E. Eldredge, Jr. Chairman of the Division fc : S JL 200 201 The Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing provides students with work experience through The Herald, ASU ' s semiweekly newspaper, which is published by journalism and printing classes, and the university owned radio station, KASU. The most modern machinery available enables printing majors practical exper- ience in the techniques of type setting and other press work. In the Radio-TV Department ' s com- pletely equipped radio control room and TV studios, students gain a working knowledge that enables them to go into their first jobs with experience. Division Of Radio-TV, Journalism And Printing FACULTY — (first row. left to right) Gene Ballard. Asst. Prof, of Printing; Roy E. Barnhill, Chief Radio-TV Engr.; Jon Braswell. Instr. in Printing; Don Cherepski. Instr. in Radio-TV. Darrel E. Cunningham. Asst. Prof, of Radio-TV and Joel Gambill. Instr. in Journ. (Second row) Homer E. Hallett. Production Printer; Robert Kern. Instr ' in Printing; Tom Manning, Dir. of News Bureau; Leland W. Plunkett. Assoc. Prof, of Journ.; Bobby Ruff. Print Shop Foreman and Robert Shumpert, Radio-TV Engr. GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB — (first row. left to right) Paul Graham, vice president. John A. Sammons. president. Ronald C. Towell, Barry L. Richardson, secretary-treasurer and Haywood L. Pearson. (Second row) Robert Kern, advisor. George Williams. Dwight Lawrence. John Claunch. A. Charles Williams and Jon Braswell. advisor. (Third row) Vernon Hall, Monty Rainey. Andy Bennett. Ed Hicks, Jerry Dickerson and Ronnie Brown. 204 Graduate School Dr. W. W. Nedrow Dean of the Graduate School Martha Mathews Abernathy Special Education Lois Aebersold Dean of Students Office Galen Adams Mathematics Tommy Joe Barber Chemistry Ross E. Beck Jr. Music Margaret W. Bevill English Linda Faulkner Boone English Rebecca C. Broach Biological Sciences Robert G. Brown Dean of Students Office Dorothy Buhrmester English James Michael Burk Physical Education Mary Ruth Case Biological Sciences Rebecca F. Cater Special Education Carolyn Childress Special Education Margaret Clark Core English James L. Counts Chemistry Mary Evelyn Cress English Linda Ann Dacus Business Education David England General Business Steven D. Ewart History Margaret Miller Frazier Elementary Education Lynnda M. Gambill Business Education James A. Gillaspy History Larry Goza Dean of Students Office Kay Griner Elementary Education 206 " Ned " Retires After 34 Mary E. Hafner Physical Education Linda Carole Hart Elementary Education Eva L. Horton Music Jane M. Jamison English Betty Jetton Dean of Students Office Mildred Johnson Elementary Education— Reading Darryl J. Kelly History Alice King Dean of Students Office Douglas S. King Biological Sciences Patricia Lee King Counselor Education Ann F. Laser Counselor Education Clemit W. Liles Jr. Mathematics Janet R. Maddox Business Education Elizabeth F. Mayfield Business Education Ronnie P. McGinness Chemistry Gary L. McGrew Biological Sciences Mary Ruth McGrew Music Melba Montes History Rebecca Joyce Parker Counselor Education Lynette H. Pearson Mathematics Dan W. Pittman History Jay Ramick Educational Administration Gene K. Reid Chemistry Mary Evelyn Short Business Education Steve Short Mathematics Bob R. Singleton Biological Sciences Joyce Ann Slocum Elementary Education Sharon Marie Smith Counselor Education William T. Staed III General Business Ralph O. Tate Mathematics John Daniel Urton Music Reta Louise Vaughn Elementary Education— Reading Terry M. Waits Agricultural Education Rosalie Warren Special Education Shelia Ann Howard Weaver Mathematics HHHHNHHHHi ASU Museum The Arkansas State University Museum of- fers a leisurely look into the past for those stu- dents exhausted by the hurried pace of campus life. Under the direction of Dr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Wittlake, the museum provides a source of reference and research in several fields, in- cluding the natural sciences, Arkansas pioneer history, antique china and glassware and Arkansas Indian culture. Rated as one of the finest in East- ern Arkansas, the museum is constantly adding to its already outstanding collection. Several student preparators assist Dr. and Mrs. Wittlake in the upkeep of the museum. 208 y V f .,3. ' si ; t, ' .. " f ' " if ■ Spring Meet Disappointing In its worst performance ever in the Southland Conference Spring Sports Fes- tival, Arkansas State University fell far short of repeating as SLC All-Sports champions. The Indians entered the spring meet leading the All-Sports Trophy race with 19 points, but they were able to col- lect only seven and a half points in the meet, finishing last in tennis and golf and tied for fourth in track at the San An- tonio, Tex., meet, and wound up in a dis- appointing fourth place in their attempt to repeat as champs. Host school Trinity took the trophy for the first time. There was some consolation in the meet, however, as ASU ' s Thomas Hill was named the outstanding runner in the track competition. Hill broke his own 120-yard high hurdles record of 14.4 seconds with a timing of 13.7, and finished second in the 220-yard dash at 21.3. Tt ' T Mfff Mt Jl 11 fj ijj In action at the SLC Spring Sports Festival, ASU ' s Vernon Guest and Charles Love sprint for the finish line in the outside lanes above, while Jack Carson, right, prepares to return a volley. 212 Schedule Hurts Baseball Team After two straight conference champi- onships, the law of averages finally caught up with the Indian baseball team, as it fin- ished in a tie for third in the Southland Conference race with a 4-4 record. The Tribe was 14-17 for the season, but A- State faced its stiffest schedule ever, com- peting against such nationally-ranked teams as Tennessee, Alabama, Iowa State, Creighton, St. Louis University, Missis- sippi, Mississippi State, Murray State and Memphis State. ASU started the season strongly, winning nine of its first 14 games, but a slump at the end of the season in which it lost seven of the last 10 spoiled a chance to better the .500 mark. Wayne Pitcock led the Indian hitters who saw action regularly with a .310 batting average for 100 times at bat. However, pitcher Rusty Bourg had a .316 average for 38 times at bat. John Ferriell, 3-2, Harry Langley, 3-3, and Bourg, 3-5 paced the A-State pitching. Bourg led in strikeouts with 37, followed by Charles Terral, who fanned 34 batters. Slugger Wayne Pitcock unwinds for another hit at right. Larry Moffett kicks up a cloud of dust after sliding home below. 214 Coach Tomlinson watches the action from the dugout at left, while the Indian fans find another vantage point, below left. Below, right, Steve Morrison scoops up a low throw for a put out at first base. 217 Track Team Shatters Records Thomas Hill, sometimes appearing almost as a one-man show, sparked the Indian track team to another record- breaking year, as the Thinclads won three dual meets, one relays meet and finished second in three other meets. Hill broke the state record for the 120-yard high hurdles three times during the season, and tied the state mark in the 220-yard dash. Charles Clarke and Billy Bell twice broke the discus and pole vault records respectively. The Indians won dual meets against Memphis State, Mississippi and Murray State and took first place in the Zebra Relays at Pine Bluff. The Tribe finished second in the Memphis State Invitational, Civitan Invitational and Northeast Louis- iana Relays. Above, Ken Shelton sails over the bar in the high jump event. Thomas Hill shows his hurdling form at right. 218 Ken Shelton shows above that a track meet isn ' t all work. At left Clayton Clay grimaces as he heaves the shot. 221 Tennis, Golf Teams Have Tough Year When ASU took the Southland Confer- ence All-Sports Trophy in 1968, the ten- nis and golf teams contributed big points with third-place finishes, but last year the two squads fell to last place in the spring meet. The netters started the season slowly, but had a six-game winning streak the last part of the season to finish at 6-11. Richard Brooks paced the squad with an 11-6 individual match record, followed by Brett Baker at 8-8. The golf team finished the year above the .500 mark with a 4-3-2 record. Jim Heiber was the leading scorer, with an average round of 74.3 strokes. Cecil finished second with a 76.0 Treece average. Tension shows in Brett Baker ' s face as he pre- pares to serve at right. Below, Joel Campbell follows through on a backhand at left, while Richard Brooks displays his forehand. 222 223 Coaches Guide ! Indian Athletes Right, Bennie Ellender, Indian football coach. Below right, track coach Thad Talley; left, J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson, baseball coach. 225 Assistants ' Help Invaluable Arkansas State University ' s football team had a lot at stake at the beginning of the 1969 season. The Indi- ans were the defending conference champions, they had finished high in the national rankings in 1968, and they were shooting for a second straight bid to the Pecan Bowl. Unlike 1968, when they were considered a dark- horse, the 1969 Indians were picked to repeat as SLC champs, although stiff competition was expected, es- pecially from Arlington and Abilene Christian. But the Tribe had some question marks which would decide how successful their season would be, notably, who would replace tailback Frank McGuigan and linebacker Bill Bergey, both All-Americas. When the dust of the regular season had cleared, A-State had the top two runners in the SLC, the best defense in the league, a 7-1-1 season, a 4-0 mark in the conference and a second consecutive bid to the Pecan Bowl. Sophomore Calvin Harrell proved he had the cre- dentials to fill McGuigan ' s shoes, while soph fullback Marshall Walls provided more than adequate support for the running game. Although the ASU ground attack is centered on the tailback, Walls still managed to account for 564 yards rushing, good for second place in the conference behind Harrell ' s 841 yards. However, what makes Harrell ' s total yardage even more impressive is the fact that he missed one com- plete game and more than three quarters of another due to an ankle injury. The Indian rushing attack was tops in the league, averaging 216 yards a game, more than 84 yards better than the nearest other SLC team. The Tribe finished second in total offense, only 25.4 yards off the pace. On defense, Clovis Swinney was a standout all year long, averaging 14 tackles a game, including an almost unbelievable one-game high of 24 against Ten- nessee Tech. He was selected to the Associated Press NCAA College Division All-America Team, along with center Dan Buckley. Offensive tackle Jack Smith re- ceived honorable mention on the AP team. Swinney went on to play in the North-South Shrine game in Miami, Fla., and was named the most outstanding player for the South team. But a couple of other defensive stories were the ASU linebackers and a whole unit of pass bandits. 230 When Bergey graduated, there was considerable concern about replacing him. Instead of one player j stepping in for Bergey, the linebacking corps joined together and worked as a unit. Week after week, top performances were turned in by regulars David Walls, Gary Cleve and Donnie Beshears, and, when needed, Butch Murray was ready in reserve. But perhaps one of the most impressive team sta- tistics recorded by the 1969 Indians was in pass inter- - ceptions. They stole a remarkable 32 passes in only nine games, breaking the old record of 20, which was j set in a 10-game season. But it was not just the deep backs who were coming up with the interceptions, i Linebacker Walls finished tied for third for team steals with five, three of them coming in one game, I and even nose guard Rodney Downs got into the act | with two " oskies. " The Scoreboard ASU Opp. 53 Eastern New Mexico 20 10 The Citadel 14 29 Tennessee Tech 22 26 Southwestern Louisiana 34 Abilene Christian 22 20 Lamar Tech 21 Drake 21 13 Texas-Arlington 3 27 Trinity 17 Ellender Brings Grid Success To Indianland Bennie Ellender and successful foot- ball seem to go hand in hand, and if you don ' t believe it, just look at Arkansas State University ' s rise in the football ranks since the former Tulane quarter- back came to ASU in 1963. He has become the second winningest coach in the school ' s history in only seven seasons, and, even more important, has produced more All-Americas at A-State then were produced during all the other years of Indian football combined. Ellender has directed the Tribe to two straight Southland Conference cham- pionships and two consecutive Pecan Bowl appearances before regional television audiences. After the 1969 season, Ellender was named Coach of the Year in the SLC and in District Seven of the College Division of the National Collegiate Athletic Associ- ation for the second year in a row. It was the third time he had won the awards. Trio Of Indians Make All-America, All-SLC Squads ■ Clovis Swinney Dan Buckley Jack Smith Indians Dominate All-SLC Team Calvin Harrell Marshall Walls 233 Honorable Mention All-SLC Top row, left to right, defensive backs Terry Whiting, Dennis Meyer and Orley Massena. Bottom row, left to right, quarterback James Hamilton, tight end Virgil Peyton and offensive tackle Eugene Thompson. 234 Honorable Mention All-SLC Tribe Wins Home Opener The Tribe opened the 1969 football season with one home game followed by two road trips, both of which were expected to provide tough com- petition. In the home opener against Eastern New Mexico, quarterback James Hamilton could do almost nothing wrong, and ASU ripped the Grey- hounds, 53-20. Hamilton fired touchdown passes of 80 and 24 yards to Joe Waleszonia and 31 yards to Marshall Walls, and scored one TD on the ground himself. Walls also scored on a four-yard run. Tailbacks Jeff Sackett and Calvin Harrell scored on runs of 31 and three yards respectively, while reserve quarterback Cecil LaGrone rounded out the Indian scoring on a one-yard keeper. Against The Citadel at Charleston, S.C., A- State suffered its only loss of the season, a 14-10 heartbreaker, after leading for much of the contest. Hamilton passed nine yards to Walls to put the Indians on the scoreboard first late in the first half. The Bulldogs were not able to muster a score until the last play from scrimmage of the third period, but that tied the game at 7-7. Mike Everett ' s 22-yard field goal put ASU back in the lead with just over nine minutes left in the game. But only eight plays after the ensuing kickoff, the Bulldogs moved ahead and stayed there for the victory. Tennessee Tech was supposed to be an under- dog when the Indians faced the Eagles at Cooke- ville, Tenn., but the traditional rival almost embarrassed ASU, forcing it to come from behind for a 29-22 victory in a game that saw 30 points scored in the fourth quarter. Hamilton ' s 13-yard run with just over six minutes left brought the Indians the win after the Eagles had taken a 22-21 lead. Other ASU scoring came on two short runs by Harrell and an eight- yard pass from Hamilton to Chet Douthit. James Hamilton, above, and Marshall Walls, below, follow blocks by Calvin Harrell and Dan Buckley respectively for yardage against Eastern New Mexico. 236 237 econd Straight In Little Rock Arkansas State ' s defensive unit had its best game so far in the season and turned the Tribe ' s third appearance in Little Rock ' s War Memorial Stadium into a 26-0 victory over the University of Southwestern Louisiana. The Indians jumped to a 19-0 halftime lead, forcing the Ragin ' Cajuns to play catch up football and make several big mistakes. The first half scoring came on short runs by Calvin Harrell and James Hamilton and on a pair of field goals by Mike Everett. Harrell rounded out the ASU scoring on a two-yard run in the final period. The defensive provided the offense with six scoring opportunities, recovering three fumbles and intercepting three passes, and the offense was able to cash in for points on three occasions. Right, Marshall Walls (45), Eugene Thompson (74) and Wayne Dorton (62) provide pass protection for James Hamilton (19). Below, Steve Lockhart fights for yardage after catching an aerial. 239 Indians Take Two Loop Contests The Indians opened their defense of the South- land Conference title, and took a big step toward a second straight crown, by beating Abilene Chris- tian, one of the top pre-season picks to dethrone ASU. ACC rolled into Jonesboro with a 5-0 record, largely due to the efforts of quarterback Jim Lind- sey, who had passed for more than 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns in those five games. The game, as expected, was a battle between the offenses, and when the dust had cleared, the Indians found themselves on top of a 34-22 scoring spree. Tribe scoring came on Calvin Harrell ' s runs of 11 and five yards, Marshall Walls ' 15- yard burst, James Hamilton ' s one-yard keeper, and Orley Massena ' s 40-yard return of an inter- cepted pass. Against Lamar Tech the next week, A-State found the going rough for the first three quarters, but the defense forced a couple of mistakes in the final period, and the offense was able to capitalize for a 20-0 win. The Indians took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter on Hamilton ' s 13-yard pass to Steve Lockhart, but they were not able to muster another score until late in the fourth period when they scored twice, a one-yard sneak by Hamilton and a six-yard pass from Hamilton to Walls. However, it was again the defense which kept ASU in the game, stopping the Cardinals three times inside the 20-yard line and stealing five Lamar passes. Above, Calvin Harrell (49) picks up yardage against Abilene, while at right he outruns a trio of Wildcat defenders to the goal line. 240 241 Late Rally Spoils Homecoming An incredible comeback, highlighted by a touch- down and two-point conversion after time had ex- pired, ruined Homecoming, 1969, for the Indians, and brought Drake from the brink of defeat to a 21-21 tie. Trailing 21-13 with only 45 seconds left in the game, the Bulldogs were on their own 16, 84 yards away from a score. They drove deep into Indian territory, but time ran out as quarter- back Mike Grejbowski completed a pass to the ASU seven. However, a pass interference call gave Drake one more shot, and Grejbowski ran it in for the score, then passed to Duane Miller for two points and a tie. The Indians scored on Mar- shall Walls ' 43-yard dash and on runs of one and four yards by James Hamilton. Disappointment reigned in the Tribe dressing room after the game, the players wishing they could play the game over. At the time none of them even dreamed he would get his wish. Above, left, Dennis Meyer (34) moves in to tackle a Drake pass receiver, while, at right, Marshall Walls (45) pulls away from Bulldog defenders on a 43-yard touchdown run. Right, offensive center Dan Buckley and assistant coach Bill Davidson react to the game ' s ending. 243 ASU Makes Final SLC Title Drive Arkansas State entered the final two weeks of conference competition needing to win only one of its remaining two games to clinch a tie for the SLC title. The Tribe took both contests, but not with- out some hard work and a few shaky moments. Against the University of Texas at Arlington, the Indians were blanked for three quarters and 10 minutes of the fourth, but the ASU defense had held the Rebels to only a third-period field goal. Quarterback James Hamilton scored two short- yardage touchdowns for a 13-3 victory. Calvin Harrell, still limping from an ankle injury suf- fered against Lamar, set a school and league rec- ord by carrying the ball 45 times, picking up 144 yards, but once more the story was on defense, as the Tribe defenders, led by linebacker David Walls ' three steals, intercepted six UTA passes. The defense set up both TD ' s, one by a blocked punt, the other by an interception. ASU had already cinched a tie for the cham- pionship and received its second straight Pecan Bowl bid when it journeyed to Trinity for the con- ference finale. But the Indians were not prepared for what hit them there, both before and during the contest. The night before the game, Hamilton and offensive tackle Eugene Thompson were struck by asthma attacks, throwing their playing status into doubt, but both received treatment and the attacks did not recur. On the field, the Tribe, pos- sibly thinking ahead to the rematch with Drake, was caught off guard by the furious Tiger onslaught, but managed to hang on for a 27-17 win and an outright SLC championship for the second con- secutive year. Harrell scored on runs of two and three yards, Hamilton tossed a 37-yard TD bomb to Chet Douthit, and Craig Johnson returned an intercepted pass 21 yards to account for the ASU points. Ken Bennett (72) chases down the Arlington quarterback above, right. Below, Calvin Harrell cuts back for extra yardage behind a block by Eugene Thompson (74), while David Walls (52) returns one of his three interceptions in the game, at right. 245 Sweet Revenge In Pecan Bowl It was early in the first quarter of the 1969 Pecan Bowl, and Arkansas State fans were thinking back to the 1968 post-season contest. In that game, All-America tailback Frank McGuigan had been injured in the opening period, was never able to return, and the Indians lost to top-ranked North Dakota State. Now it was a year later, and, almost unbelievably, ASU was faced with a similar situa- tion. Quarterback James Hamilton was injured on the Tribe ' s third offensive play, and it was soon determined he would not be able to play any more that day. But then a 5-10, 160-pound ball of fire named Wayne " Bubba " Crocker took over as field general and directed the Indians to a sweet, 29-21 victory over Drake, avenging a 21-21 Homecoming tie. Crocker fired touchdown passes of 75 yards to Steve Lockhart and eight yards to Virgil Peyton, in addition to running for one TD and a two-point conversion to give State a 22-0 lead at halftime. The Bulldogs countered with 21 points in the second half, but a three-yard run by Calvin Harrell in the final period sewed up the victory. For Crocker, a senior, it was the last chance to perform in an Arkansas State uniform, and per- form he did, earning the most valuable offense player award in the game. ASU swept the individual game honors, as tackle Clovis Swinney took the defensive award. Right, Terry Whiting (26), Gary Cleve (65), Orley Massena (22) and an unidentified Indian break up a Drake pass in the Pecan Bowl. Below, Wayne Crocker (10) runs a sweep at left, while Clovis Swinney (79) shows he is even willing to " bend over backwards " for Drake. rffl ... » " sm® Above, left, Virgil Peyton snares a touchdown pass. Clovis Swinney and Wayne Crocker share a moment of triumph at right. At left, ' Bubba " is car ried off the field, clutching the game ball and his award as offensive player of the game. 247 Football: More Than A Game When people think of a football player, they usually envision someone who has his fun knocking other players around four months out of the year and then sits around doing nothing the rest of the time. Few people realize that football season, for the players, coaches, managers and trainers anyway, begins with spring train- ing in February and runs, except for a break of just over two months in the sum- mer, until January of the next year. In February, the players begin a fit- ness program with such unglamorous ac- tivities as weight lifting and running, while the coaches begin testing new ideas for next season. Everyone returns in early August, and the program is in full swing two weeks before the other students re- turn for classes. After the season, when the fans turn to basketball, the football coaches must start thinking about next year and devote more time to recruiting, a year-round job in itself. Although they are seldom noticed, the managers and trainers play a vital role on any football team. The managers are re- sponsible for the issue and care of equip- ment, packing and unpacking for road trips, and keeping the dressing room in some semblance of order, while the train- ers ' job is to prevent injuries to the play- ers and care for them if they occur. Man- agers and trainers work an average of 47 hours a week in addition to being full- time students. A player must also be a recruiter and a representative of the school where- ever he goes, in addition to making his grades to remain eligible to play football. But somehow they manage to do all this and still have time for other activities such as fraternities, Student Government Association, and part-time jobs. Also, the players sponsored a Christmas party for orphans. A successful football team is just that, a team. It must have the proper co- ordination among all the elements of which it is composed. Above, Dan Buckley assists Santa in passing out presents at the orphans ' Christmas party sponsored by the Indian football players. Right, head manager Doyle Bennett, center, completed his fourth year as a manager at ASU. Assistant managers are David McDaniel (left) and Don Speck. 248 249 Indians Finish Second In SLC Cross Country Arkansas State University ' s cross country hopes suffered a major setback when Kelly Parrish, one of the team ' s top runners, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident early in the season. However, transfer Bob Gray ran magnificently all season, leading the Indians to a second- place finish in the Southland Conference cross country competition. Gray won eight individual races during the season, and finished 25th in the NCAA championships in New York City and 11th in the United States Track and Field Federation meet at Lexington, Ky. The Indians won a 10-team meet and three dual meets, while losing two duals, finishing third in a six-team meet and eighth in a 13-team contest. Right, Bob Gray, ASU ' s top distance runner, was named to the NCAA ' s University Division All-America team. Below, coach Thad Talley supervises a conditioning drill. 250 Above, Cross Country team members, left to right, front row, Richard Thomas, Barry Garlow, Mike Holt and Tommy Vaughan. Back row, Terry Goodman, Bob Gray, John Lyons, Kelly Parrish and Billy Bell. Left, action in the dual meet with Murray State, held at the Jonesboro Country Club. 253 Cage Year Shows Improvement Arkansas State University ' s basket- ball team started the 1969-70 season with a new coach and high hopes of breaking out of the slump it had been in for the past two years. The Tribe had not recorded a winning season since the 1966-67 South- land Conference championship team, but new mentor John Rose had inherited five lettermen from last year ' s squad plus a trio of outstanding transfers to bolster the team ' s chances. Veterans Shelvy Haywood, Mike Wise, John McKay, John Belcher and Tom Wal- eszonia, along with transfers Allan Pruett and Ben Johnson helped A-State to one of its best starts in recent years, winning four of the first five, but three losses in a row put the Indians back at .500. Fresh- man Steve Brooks broke into the starting lineup after Johnson became ineligible midway through the season, and he and Belcher provided a 1-2 inside combination few teams could cope with, and even if they could contain Brooks and Belcher in- side, they still had the outside shooting of Pruett, Wise and Haywood to stop. ASU played better than .500 ball dur- ing the second half of the season, and finished strongly, winning six of its last eight games for a 15-9 season mark (in- cluding one exhibition victory). The In- dians wound up tied for second in the con- ference race with a 4-4 mark. ASU Opp. 78 Southeast Oklahoma 76 63 Southeast Oklahoma 61 83 Tennessee-Martin 74 79 Alabama 93 81 The Citadel 72 74 Southwest Missouri 88 89 Southern Mississippi 116 72 Southwest Missouri 88 88 Kentucky Wesleyan 84 89 Pan American 76 57 Southeast Missouri 79 73 Tennessee-Martin 67 93 Delta State 88 76 Southeast Missouri 66 51 Lamar Tech 53 76 Trinity 97 78 Abilene Christian 71 69 Texas- Arlington 71 79 Athletes in Action 70 82 Delta State 52 89 Lamar Tech 88 88 Trinity 80 74 Abilene Christian 68 85 Texas-Arlington 90 254 255 Tribe Gets Good Start Opening with two wins in Indian Field House and then taking two of three games on the road, Arkan- sas State ' s basketball Indians posted a 4-1 record after their first five games of the season. Playing back-to-back contests with the South- east Oklahoma Savages proved to be a valuable lesson for the Indians as far as playing under pres- sure goes. In the first game, the Tribe edged the Savages 78-76 behind the shooting of Allan Pruett and John McKay, who had 21 and 19 points respec- tively. The Indians took another squeaker from Southeast the following night, with Big John Bel- cher scoring 16 points in the 63-61 win. In the first road game of the season, A-State rallied in the second half to score an 83-74 win over the Uni- versity of Tennessee at Martin Volunteers. The Crimson Tide of Alabama dealt the Indians their first loss of the season in a 93-79 contest. ASU came back with an 81-72 victory over The Citadel. Four ASU starters finished in double figures, with Belcher netting 29 points. 257 Indians Hit Three-Game Losing String Santa Glaus bypassed the Indians during the Christmas vacation, as Southwest Missouri and Southern Mississippi teamed up to hand the Tribe three losses in a row. Southwest ' s Bears, ranked 13th in the NCAA College Division at the time, broke open a close game in the second half and went on to an 88-74 win, despite a 27-point performance by Allan Pru- ett. Southern Mississippi put six players in the twin figures column as it blasted the Indians 116- 89. Ben Johnson and Pruett each scored 22 points in what started and ended as a losing battle for ASU. A-State ' s rematch with the Bears at Spring- field, Mo., turned out much the same as did the first contest. The Bears won by a larger margin than before (88-72) and led by as much as 21 points at one point. John Belcher dropped in 25 points in the losing effort. Right. John Belcher attempts to block a Southern Mississippi shot. Below. John Waterbury puts up a jumper. 259 ASU Stuns Two Powerhouses Arkansas State came out of its slump in a big way, returning to Indian Field House to hand No. 1-ranked Kentucky Wesleyan an 88-84 loss in what head basketball coach John Rose called " the big- gest win we have had in three seasons, " and then went on to crush the Pan American Broncos 89-76 for additional prestige. Freshman Steve Brooks, starting his first var- sity game, pumped in 16 points and gave a sterling defensive effort to aid the Tribe ' s upset of the NCAA College Division ' s defending champions. John Belcher added 21 points, while Allan Pruett, who led the ASU scoring, bucketed 25 points. Bel- cher made great use of his position as the tallest man on the court against the Broncos, as he de- posited 33 points and pulled down 19 rebounds. Mike Wise added 16 points, as the Indians never trailed and led by as much as 14 points during the tilt. Right. Ben Johnson tries a jumper against Kentucky Wesleyan. Below, John McKay and John Belcher receive congratulations for the win over the Panthers. 260 State Takes Three Straight In Home Stand Arkansas State ' s Indians visited Southeast Missouri ' s Indians and found the northern Tribe too hot to handle, as SEMO took a 79-57 triumph. Following that loss at Cape Girardeau, Mo., ASU returned home and won three straight contests from UT Martin, Delta State and SEMO. Shelvy Haywood pumped in 12 points in his initial starting assignment as the Indians dropped the Vols 73-67 for the second time in the season. Against Delta State, the Tribe came out on top of a shooting bat- tle 93-88 as both teams hit 50 percent from the field. Mike Wise netted a season high of 21 points for ASU in a 76-66 rematch victory over SEMO. Right, John Belcher drives for a left-handed hook against SEMO. Below left. Steve Brooks fights two Missourians for a rebound while Allan Pruett goes in for a layup at right. First SLC Games Rough The Indians entered a four-game stand with their conference sisters with hopes of a league title, but were rudely awakened when all but one of them dumped ASU. Only Abilene Christian fell to the Tribe during the series. Kirby Collins ' bucket with two seconds re- maining broke a 51-51 tie and gave Lamar Tech a 53-51 decision over A-State at Beaumont, Tex. The Tribe had led by four points with three min- utes left. Allan Pruett scored 26 points in a losing effort against Trinity as the Tigers registered a 97-76 victory that dropped State to an 0-2 con- ference mark. Abilene Christian suffered its sixth loop defeat at the hands of the Indians in a 78-71 game. Mike Wise hit for 22 points, while Pruett and Steve Brooks added 15 each. The University of Texas at Arlington crushed any remaining hopes ASU had for a conference title in a 71-69 heart- breaker. In an exhibition game against Campus Crusade for Christ ' s Athletes in Action, the Tribe posted a 79-70 win. Right, Mike Wise trie , a twisting shot near the baseline, while Tom VV ' aleszonia lays one in below. Arkansas State Ends Season With A Rush The Indians faced a wild night of action against Delta State prior to moving into a final four-game conference series to wind up the season. The States- men came into the second half of play with flared tempers which resulted in the ejection of three Delta players. ASU faced the flareups cooly, and took an 82-52 win. Various upsets among the conference leaguers gave Arkansas State new life in its bid for a second- place finish, with Lamar having all but claimed the top spot. The Indians made the most of their sec- ond chance, dropping Lamar in a nerve-shattering double overtime triumph. Allan Pruett ' s shot from 35 feet gave the Tribe an 89-88 win. State then squared its conference record at 3-3 and brought its overall slate to 14-8 with an 88-80 victory over the Tigers of Trinity. The Indians inched even closer to that second-place finish by whipping Abi- lene 74-68. The win assured A-State of at least a tie for the runner-up position. However, the In- dians lost in their bid for sole possession of sec- ond place and had to settle for a three way tie after Arlington nipped them 90-85 in the season finale. Above right, after faking one Trinity defender off his feet, Shelvy Haywood flips an over- the-shoulder pass. Right. Steve Brooks sets a pick and passes off to Allan Fruett 266 267 Intramurals: Student Outlet In the fall, women played softball, while the men ' s football program was in full swing. 268 The post-season football and basket- ball tournaments were won by Pi Kappa Alpha and Lambda Chi Alpha. The Pikes (top) took the trophy in the ATO-sponsored football tourney, while Lambda Chi won the Pike basketball meet. ?70 I Opposite page, top, gold team members, from left, Mike Stropp, John Cook, Cecil Treece, Louis Nisenbaum, Jim Craig, and Jim Heiber. Left, Mike Stropp tees off in ASU ' s opening golf match. Below, gymnastics team members, from left, front row, Larry Permenter, Becky Hume (women ' s captain), Anita Frazier, Connie Routon and Bob Wessel. Back row, coach Everett Bolton, Mackie Hawkins (men ' s captain), Dennis Kersting, Howard Hulen, Robert Ray and Don Hutson. Left, Dennis Kersting does a handstand on the parallel bars. Above, Brett Baker delivers a backhand volley. Below, tennis team members, from left, Monty Rainey, Paul Balducci, Richard Brooks, Arthur Wilson, Brett Baker and coach Don Greenwell. 273 Hill Shatters NCAA Record Thomas Hill, right, made the track world sit up and take notice when he broke the National Collegiate Athletic Association record in the 60-yard indoor high hurdles at Detroit, Mich., in March. Hill ' s clocking of 6.9 seconds was only one-tenth of a second from the world record in the event. Earlier in the indoor season, Hill barely missed another world mark by running a 13.6 120-yard high hurdles race in the Astrodome at Houston, Tex. The world record in the event is 13.5. 274 Baseball Gets Good Start 275 Seniors Anticipate Graduation Mary E. Abbott, Jonesboro, Art A WS, NAEA, Press Club Jo M. Abdella, El Dorado, Marketing KD, WAA, AWS, SGA Lawrence R. Abdella, El Dorado, Management KA Leslie C. Abernathy III, Jonesboro, History Pershing Rifles, Counter Guerrilla, Scab- bard and Blade, Phi Alpha Theta Billy C. Adams, McCrory, Economics Omicron Delta Epsilon Emma G. Adams, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Larry W. Adams, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Donna K. Aebly, West Helena, Mathematics AWS Jerry R. Akins, West Memphis, Biology John M. Alderman, Winter Haven, Fla., Biology Lee Alexander, Monette, Speech Sigma Pi Mary R. Alexander, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Dorm Council Charles P. Allen, West Helena, Economics Gary J. Allen, Puxico, Mo., English Houston A. Allen, Marked Tree, Agri. Engr. Robert D. Allen, Trumann, Journalism Herald Staff, Press Club Thomas S. Allen, Jr., Jonesboro, Accounting Accounting Club Randle A. Allison, Pocahontas, General Bus. Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Sigma Pi, Alpha Psi Omega, Arrowhead Players Sonyia F. Allison, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. SNEA Timothy R. Allison, Walnut Ridge, Zoology Jerry W. Almond, St. Charles, Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi Wade D. Althen, Jonesboro, Accounting Harold Anderson, Jr., Sherrill, Agronomy Plant Science Club Linda C. Anderson, Wynne, Elem. Ed. AGD, WAA, AWS Johnnie Andrews, Walnut Ridge, General Bus. Robert L. Andrews, Little Rock, P.E. Track, Dorm Council, PEMM Club Frank Angelo, Jonesboro, General Bus. PiKA Joseph S. Anthony, Proctor, General Bus. BSA, Scabbard and Blade Mitchell Ash, Jr., Forrest City, Management SPE Keith E. Ashcraft, Pine Bluff, Zoology Annual and Herald Photographer, Presi- dent Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club Jerry L. Ashlock, Marked Tree, History Patsy L. Ashworth, Hughes, Elem. Ed. Phi Mu, WAA, AWS, SNEA, Choral Union Mary Atkinson, Bakersfield, Mo., Art Kappa Pi John A. Atwill, Deering, Mo., Agronomy Plant Science Club Ronald L. Austin, Blytheville, Liberal Arts 278 Seniors Phi Mu ' s and ATO ' s added an inspiring illumination to their pep rally. Wanda R. Austin, Tyronza, Elem. Ed. SNEA Elinor V. Ayers, Green City, Mo., Elem. Ed. Steve W. Babcock, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Deloris M. Bacon, Hot Springs, English ZTA, WAA, A WS Larry L. Bailey, Cherry Valley, Bus. Adm. BSU Robert B. Bailey, Jonesboro, P. E. LXA, President Young Democrats, DMS, Who ' s Who, Indian Brave, Chief Big Track, PEM Club, SGA, Pershing Rifles, Counter Guerrillas, Featherpens Rebecca F. Baird, Light, Elem. Ed. SNEA Sam D. Balch, Cherry Valley, General Bus. Connie B. Bales, Bono, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi John M. Ball, Jonesboro, Physics Byrnus J. Barbee, Jonesboro, P. E. PEM Club, Veterans Club Donna L. Barclay, Little Rock, Mathematics Arrow Staff, Featherpens William T. Barnett, Jonesboro, Music Phi Mu Alpha, MENC, Marching Indians Linda K. Barnhill, Paragould, Elem. Ed SNEA Virginia P. Bassett, Ravenden, Art Carol E. Bassham, Hardy, Elem. Ed. SNEA Gary R. Bates, Cave City, Mathematics Patricia S. Bates, Cave City, Spec. Ed. Leslie R. Battles, Wynne, Chemistry American Chemical Society Melissa K. Bauer, Judsonia, Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, BSU, Pi Omega Pi Richard D. Baugh, Little Rock, Accounting Sandra Kay Baugher, Dell, Elem. Ed. Dorm President, State Chairman AWS, Student Affairs Committee, SNEA Sister Jeanette Bayer, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. James H. Beard, Beebe, Chemistry American Chemical Society Lonnie R. Beard, Osceola, Pol. Sci. 279 eniors Herald Goes Semiweekly Frances J. Blackburn, Elaine, Music Ed. SGA, WAA, AWS, MENC, Concert Choir, Sigma Alpha Iota, ASU Singers, Choral Union Patsy J. Blackburn, Paragould, Spec. Ed. SNEA, SCEC Ronald W. Blackburn, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Judy K. Blair, Weiner, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA Johnny D. Blake, Jonesboro, General Bus. Square Dance Club Robert G. Blanchard, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. James Blankinship, Kennett, Mo., General Bus. Richard L. Blevins, Wiseman, P. E. PEM Club Annette Boals, Lexa, Bus. Ed. SNEA Irene Boblack, Marked Tree, French Kaye Bolen, Senatobia, Miss., Commercial Art ASU Singers Edward O. Bone, Jonesboro, History Donald W. Booker, Blytheville, General Bus. Gail Leftwich Booker, Wilson, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA David A. Boone, Jonesboro, General Bus. KA Ronald L. Boren, Pine Bluff, Management MBSF, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Hall Council, Presidents ' Roundtable Lamar R. Bostic. DeWitt, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Charles R. Bottoms, Little Rock, Zoology American Chemical Society, Reng Rifles, Counter Guerrilla, Pershing Rifles Linda A. Bottoms, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. SNEA William D. Bourg, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. PiKA, Baseball, Freshman Basketball Robert J. Bowers, Jonesboro, Accounting SPE, Medical Arts Club, Accounting Club Brenda Bowles, Little Rock, Art Kappa Pi David R. Boyd, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Debate Team, Young Republicans JoAnne Boyd, Leachville, Bus. Ed. Leslie A. Boyd, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA Sherry D. Bracewell, Almyra, Spec. Ed. SNEA Marinell Bradford, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Benny D. Bradshaw, Gideon, Mo., General Bus. Larry T. Bradshaw, Holcomb, Mo., General Bus. Diana L. Brandon, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA William G. Brannon, Lynn, Agri. Ed. Marilyn F. Braswell, Jonesboro, Music Ed. AWS, MENC, ASU Singers Linda F. Brecheen, Newport, Spanish Poetry Club, Spanish Club Mark G. Brenke, Pine Bluff, Chemistry Counter Guerrilla, Young Democrats Joan Brent, Pollard, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS BnHHBHHBHBm ■ 281 Tribe Defeats ENMU In Opener Sharon C. Brewer, Batesville, Bus. Ed. AWS Wanda Brewington, Gideon, Mo., Spec. Ed. Council for Exceptional Children James E. Bridger, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Suzanne B. Bridger, Jonesboro, Art Judy E. Bridges, Salem, Elem. Ed. Wesley Foundation Ronny L. Brothers, Blytheville, Accounting Alan W. Brown, Lynnfield, Mass., P. E. LXA, PEMM Dana Lynch Brown, Corning, Bus. Ed. Freddie J. Brown, Harrisburg, Gen. Bus. CMC, Alpha Kappa Psi Thad L. Brown, Jonesboro, Zoology SPE Thomas J. Brown, Weiner, Plant Sci. Ag Club, CMC Alton Brownderville, Hickory Ridge, Soc. Sci. Kalya K. Bruce, Delaplaine, English Cecilia J. Brummett, Paragould, Spec. Ed. Gary S. Brummett, Paragould, Mathematics Rebecca A. Bryant, Little Rock, P. E. WAA, AWS, PEM Rhonda J. Bryant, Jonesboro, Mathematics AWS William H. Bryant, Jonesboro, Economics Joe R. Buck, Hornersville, Mo., Biology Daniel B. Buckley, New Orleans, La., Pol. Sci. PiKA, Football Thomas A. Buford, Jonesboro, General Bus. ATO Larry L. Bunch, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Adm. Mary M. Bunting, Chaffee, Mo., Elem. Ed. Rickey L. Bunting, Lilbourn, Mo., Agronomy CMC, Plant Science Club Stephen P. Burch, Houston, Mo., Bus. Adm. SPE, Young Democrats Roger D. Burke, Ward, Soc. Sci. Janett Burns, Viola, Elem. Ed. Jenene Burns, Viola, Elem. Ed. Larry Joe Burns, Rector, General Bus. Reng Rifles, Alpha Kappa Psi Gary D. Burris, Blytheville, General Bus. James Burrow, Wilmington, Calif., Bus. Adm. Fred G. Burrows, Forrest City, General Bus. Edward Burton, Jr., McCrory, Sociology John C. Burton, McCrory, Accounting Accounting Club Michael L. Burton, West Helena, Economics TKE, Dorm Council 282 Seniors " Now is it two up and three over or three up and two over? " Karon Butler, Batesville, Pol. Sci. Lewis G. Butler, Cotton Plant, Soc. Sci. Chris Bynum, Dermott, Journalism Phi Mu, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Herald Managing Editor, Kappa Pi, Press Club, Print Club, SGA, Featherpens, Arkan- sas State Speleological Society, AWS, WAA Bobby D. Caldwell, Wynne, Radio-TV TKE Charles R. Calhoun, Jonesboro, English Patricia A. Cameron, Newport, Art Ed. KD, WAA, AWS, Spanish Club, Square Dance Club Rona F. Campbell, Jonesboro, Journalism KD, Press Club, Printing Club, AWS, WAA Bobby R. Cannon, Perryville, History Peggy L. Cannon, Kennett, Mo., Bus. Ed. AWS William C. Caputo, Jacksonville, Fla., P.E. Track, TKE Tony T. Cariaco, Holcomb, Mo., Soc. Sci. Sigma Pi Mary E. Carr, DeWitt, Art Pottery Club, Alan Patteson Sculpture Award Jack H. Carson, West Helena, Marketing Tennis Harold K. Carter, Jonesboro, Chemistry American Chemical Society Linda B. Carter, Forrest City, Music Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Upsilon, Concert Choir, MENC Judy B. Cate, Alicia, Speech Brenda G. Chaligoj, Doniphan, Mo., Bus. Ed. AWS Charles W. Champ, Pollard, Mathematics William R. Chandler, Joiner, Soc. Sci. Robert W. Chatman, Newport, Agri. Engr. AGRClub Mary Susan Chester, Pocahontas, English Gamma Beta Phi, Church of Christ Stu- dent Center Carolyn L. Childress, Monette, Spec. Ed. SNEA Jack L. Childress, Poplar Bluff, Mo., P.E. David L. Childs, Elaine, Bus. Adm. Roy O. Chinn, Stuttgart, Marketing KA, SGA 283 Angela R. Clark, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Charles G. Clark, Jonesboro, Chemistry SPE Edith L. Clark, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. WAA Gary Clark, New Madrid, Mo., Animal Sci. BSU, Block and Bridle, Band, Concert Choir James L. Clark, Rustburg, Va., Journalism Julian B. Clark, Jonesboro, Biology Counter Guerrilla, Drill Team Wanda L. Clark, Flippin, Music Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, ASU Singers, AWS, Madrigal Singers, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Marching Indians Charles A. Clarke, Seattle, Wash., Spec. Ed. Track Janice L. Clayton, Strawberry, Bus. Ed. Shirley J. Clements, Austin, Elem. Ed. SNEA Darrell W. Clifton, Wilmot, Animal Sci. Linda A. Cobb, West Memphis, Elem. Ed. Becky G. Coburn, Monette, Elem. Ed. Belinda G. Coffman, Clinton, Art AWS WAA Connie V. Coleman, Saffell, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS, WAA Harry Coleman, Hillsborough, N.C., Printing Press Club, Graphic Arts Club, Arrow Staff Kathryn J. Coleman, Dowdy, P.E. SGA, PEMM, AGD, WAA, Young Demo- crats Charles O. Collins, Delaplaine, Bus. Ad. Gary R. Collins, Bald Knob, Agronomy Plant Science Club Mary E. Collins, Bald Knob, Soc. Sci. SNEA David K. Combs, Alton, Mo., P.E. PEM Club William R. Compton, Paragould, Geography Veterans Club, Sigma Pi, Geography Club Charles B. C one, Hardy, Journalism PiKA, Herald Staff Arthur B. Cook, Caruthersville, Mo., Bus. Ad. CMC Donna L. Cook, Bath, N.Y., English 284 Holiday ' Spirit ' Flows Freely Patricia E. Cook, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS, WAA J. C. Coomer, Jonesboro, Accounting Linda K. Cooper, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Nancy L. Cooper, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA, Indian Staff Thomas G. Cooper, West Helena, Biology PiKA Daniel A. Corning, Warwick, R.I., Marketing Michael O. Corvin, Helena, Business Alpha Kappa Psi April Patton Counts, Malvern, English Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship, Lambda Iota Tau, Alpha Sigma Upsilon Elizabeth Rose Cox, Forrest City, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, WAA, AWS Dale E. Coy, Paragould, Accounting Accounting Club Karen Ann Coy, Cardwell, Mo., Mathematics AHEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon Connie E. Crafton, Egypt, Elem. Ed. SNEA Gene D. Crafton, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Robert H. Craig, Jonesboro, Physics Richard W. Crampton, Blytheville, Business SPE Tacey L. Cravens, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Carolyn M. Crawford, Mountain Home, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Ivy K. Crawford, Harrison, Mathematics Terrell W. Crawford, Pine Bluff, Zoology Medical Arts Club, SPE James E. Creecy, Osceola, Soc. Sci. Joe B. Crews, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. SPE President, Alpha Kappa Psi Mary C. Crews, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Janet D. Crider, Peach Orchard, Elem. Ed. Lynne Crittenden, Cotton Plant, Elem. Ed. SNEA President, Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, BSU Wayne Crocker, San Antonio, Texas, Soc. Sci. Football Marsha L. Cross, Portageville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Ermal J. Crossfield, Piggott, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC, Pershing Rifles Mary E. Crossfield, Piggott, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, SNEA Wayne L. Cruthis, Stuttgart, Chemistry SPE Joe T. Cullen, Jonesboro, Journalism Cynthia T. Cunningham, Mountain Home, Bus. Ed. Young Democrats Jeanne F. Cunningham, Carlisle, Elem. Ed. Newman Club, AWS, WAA, SNEA Penelope F. Cunningham, Keiser, Zoology BSU, Medical Arts Club Chester L. Cupp, Marked Tree, Bus. Mgt. Advanced ROTC Terry L. Curry, Searcy, Elem. Ed. 285 ZTA, SPE,TKE Win Playhouse Morris David Dail, Wynne, Biology David L. Daniell, Sparkman, Agri. Ed. Patricia A. Darby, W est Memphis, Journalism SGA, Herald Staff, Phi Mu Sharon L. Darby, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Ted C. Darling, Tuckerman, Soc. Sci. James M. Davenport, Yellville, Zoology Betty D. Davis, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Curtis R. Davis, Augusta, Animal Sci. Block and Bridle, Ag Council, Judging Team Frank E. Davis, Piggott, Bus. Mgt. Young Republicans Glenda M. Davis, Jonesboro, P. E. WAA, PEM Club Linwood Davis, Jr., Jonesboro, Philosophy Rhonda Lynn Davis, Jonesboro, English Featherpens, French Club Henry Darrell Dean, Jonesboro, Biology Pershing Rifles, Counter Guerrilla, Scabbard and Blade Ricky G. DeFries, Batesville, Bus. Adm. Donald A. DeMaine, Little Rock, P. E. Football Mary A. Dement, Jonesboro, English Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, WAA, Square Dance Club, Lambda Iota Tau, Feather- pens Lyle B. Dent, Bay, Biology Medical Arts Club Sharon Pierce Dent, Leachville, Pol. Sci. Chi O, Indian Staff, Young Democrats, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, SGA, International Relations Club, Public Affairs Club Deirl A. Derryberry, Stuttgart, Zoology Georgia C. Dersch, Walnut Ridge, Zoology American Chemical Society, AWS, Medical Arts Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Beta Beta Kathy D. DeVore, Beebe, Geography AWS Lynda J. Dickinson, Marmaduke, Elem. Ed. Mark D. Diggs, Jonesboro, Mathematics Skydivers, Counter Guerrilla, Reng Rifles Norman D. Dillon, Newport, General Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Terry M. Dills, Paragould, Agri. Ed. FFA Paul D. Dismang, Maynard, P. E. CMC, PEM Club Vance Ray Dixon, Blytheville, Bus. Adm. Margaret A. Dodson, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Elaine Dorton, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Daniel W. Doshier, Yellville, Zoology Larry W. Doty, Trumann, Bus. Adm. Ethel M. Dover, Piggott, Elem. Ed. SNEA.WAA.AWS Patti D. Downing, Bragg City, Mo., Elem. Ed. BSU, ASLJ Singers, AWS Rodney L. Downs, Belleville, 111., Pol. Sci. PiKA, Football GeorgeAnne Draper, Wynne, English 286 Seniors I can t right now ma— I ' m doing my audio-visual homework. Sharon K. Dudley, Jacksonville, Speech WAA, AWS, AOPi Larry N. Duffel, Jonesboro, Economics Ronnie G. Dunavin, Monette, History Charles W. Duncan, Blytheville, History Kaye M. Dunkerson, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. AWS, Church of Christ Student Center Chesley David Dunlap, Marked Tree, Accounting Vicki D. Dunn, Little Rock, History Wesley Foundation, AWS, French Club, Young Republicans Jill B. East, Portageville, Mo., Fine Arts Patricia Eaton, Rector, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, AWS Robert D. Eaton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Adm. Margaret Eckford, Covington, Tenn., Soc. Sci. ZTA, AWS, WAA Frank Edmonds, North Little Rock, Economics Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Wesley Foundation, United Christian Movement Jimmy D. Edwards, Hayti, Mo., Soc. Sci. CMC, Young Republicans John H. Edwards, Leachville, Agri. Engr. SPE, SGA, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade Martha Edwards, DeQueen, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi Rebecca A. Edwards, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Band, AWS, SNEA Sara L. Edwards, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Marching Indians Roger F. Effinger, Caraway, Zoology Doris B. Ellis, DeWitt, Elem. Ed. Wesley H. Elmore, Paragould, P. E. PEMM Club Jane E. Elrod, Jonesboro, P. E. AWS. SGA, Panhellenic, AOPi, WAA, PEM Club, OCW Van E. Enderson, Blytheville, Music LXA, Kappa Kappa Psi Betty C. Ermert. Corning, Sociology AWS, WAA, BSU Stanley Estes, Salem, Accounting Accounting Club Richard Evans, Brinkley, General Bus. CMC 287 Should a gentleman offer a lady a cigar? Ronald L. Evans, Jonesboro, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club, Circle K, Scabbard and Blade Betsy M. Everett, McCrory, Spec. Ed. Phi Mu, Marching Indians, President Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Up- silon, Arrowhead Players, Panhellenic, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Sweetheart Michael Everett, McCrory, Pol. Sci. SPE, SGA, Football, Young Republicans, Political Affairs Club Frankie L. Fair, Egypt, French John M. Falwell, Bradford, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Charles Farmer, Topeka, Kan., General Bus. ATO, Young Democrats Robert E. Farrow, Jonesboro, Marketing TKE, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Circle K, Gamma Beta Phi, Interna- tional Relations Club Randal E. Faughn, Crawfordsville, Chemistry James L. Faulkner, Beech Grove, Accounting William E. Faulkner, Manila, Music Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Tribe, Kappa Kappa Psi Larry W. Featherston, Piggott, General Bus. Robert Feldwisch, St. Louis, Mo., Bus. Adm. Gymnastics Team Jerry P. Felker, Maiden, Mo., Education Veterans Club, AEA, SNEA Kenneth R. Felts, Viola, Mathematics Mary J. Felts, Jonesboro, P. E. PEM Club Sharon L. Felts, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, BSU, Sigma Alpha Iota Sextet Charlotte Fender, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS, WAA, Young Democrats Evelyn Sue Fender, Pocahontas, Soc. Sci. Claudia Ferguson, Bay, Elem. Ed. SNEA Edward Ferguson, Forrest City, General Bus. Roger L. Ferguson, Jonesboro, Music ATO, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, BSU, Tribe, MENC Billy W. Field, Leachville, Marketing Larry Z. Fisackerly, Peach Orchard, Gen. Bus. Carl Fisher, Caruthersville, Mo., Mathematics Counter Guerrilla James Fitzpatrick, Albuquerque, N.M., Zoology LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club, Young Democrats, Inter-fraternity Council 288 35 Named To Who ' s Who Patricia L. Flake, Little Rock, Sociology Nancy J. Flanagan, Charleston, Bus. Adm. ZTA, WAA, AWS Patrick H. Flanagin, Forrest City, Soc. Sci. PiKA, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Inter-fraternity Council Doyle R. Flanery, Cotton Plant, Agriculture Football, Veterans Club, Young Demo- crats Sandra K. Fleming, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA Suzanne Flippo, Powhatan, Elem. Ed. James W. Flowers, Pine Bluff, Bus. Adm. Young Republicans League Deanie R. Floyd, Oxford, Art Print Club Sharon K. Floyd, Wilson, Bus. Ed. AOPi.PiKA Dream Girl Carolyn J. Foley, Powhatan, Bus. Ed. Phi Mu, WAA, AWS Darrell C. Folsom, Eustis, Fla., Bus. Adm. TKE Larry S. Ford, Hornersville, Mo., Gen. Bus. PiKA, SGA Charlie G. Forester, Mammoth Spring, Bus. Mgt. Susan O. Forester, Mammoth Spring, Soc. Sci. James E. Forrest, Jonesboro, Marketing TKE Albert F. Fortune, College City, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AEA Linda Fortune, Collierville, Tenn., Elem. Ed. KD, WAA, AWS Kenneth Foster, Gepp, Animal Sci. Pamela A. Fowler, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Square Dance Club, AWS Jo E. Francis, Dyess, English Herald Staff, Indian Staff, Square Dance Club, AWS, WAA, Press Club Joseph L. Francis, West Plains, Mo., Voice Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Madrigal Singers, Opera Workshop, Phi Mu Alpha Dani L. Franklin, Parkin, Mathematics AWS, WAA Thomas W. Franzen, Stuttgart, Gen. Agri. SGA Representative, Plant Science Club, Secretary Arkansas Hall, Agriculture Council, Alpha Gamma Rho Gerald David Freeman, Paragould, Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma Richard M. Freeman, Pine Bluff, Bus. Adm. SPE Charles W. French, Mammoth Spring, Agri. Ed. Delta Tau Alpha, Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Christina M. French, Delaplaine, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, SNEA Sharon K. French. Walnut Ridge, English Tommy L. French, West Memphis, Gen. Bus. Dwight M. Fritts, Corning, Education Brenda K. Gaiser, Benton, English AWS Warren G. Gallion, Jonesboro, Mathematics Robert B. Galloway, Pencil Bluff, Agri. Nelda J. Gambill, Brookland, Elem. Ed. Debbie K. Gamblin, Jonesboro, Journalism Press Club 289 Dannye Pierce Heads SGA Clay Gardner, Hayti, Mo., Business Robert F. Gardner, Campbell, Mo., Elem. Ed. BSU Patsy R. Garrett, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Phyllis K. Garrett, Hot Springs, Gen. Bus. AWS Glenda A. Garrison, Thayer, Mo., Elem. Ed. William R. Garrison, Jonesboro, Zoology LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans Sharon C. Gatewood, Rector, English AGD, AWS, WAA, Young Democrats Deborah Gathright, Monette, Accounting Accounting Club, AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta Jerry Gazaway, Paragould, Gen. Bus. Kathy Gazaway, Paragould, Sociology Phi Mu, AWS, WAA Richard C. Gemeinhardt, Kennett, Mo., Bus. TKE Eileen Gilbert, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Doris R. Gill, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Fairy C. Gillespie, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Jacqueline Ann Ginger, Dixie, P.E. WAA Roger W. Glaze, Jr., Bald Knob, Bus. Adm. Julia A. Gleghorn, Jonesboro, Sociology Betty S. Goforth, Mountain Home, Bus. Ed. Owen Goldman, Walnut Ridge, English Pamm A. Gonzales, Riverside, Calif., Spanish Spanish Club, Newman Club Patricia J. Goode, Wilson, English Paulette Goodin, Bald Knob, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA, SGA, AGD, Featherpens Danny L. Goodman, Brookland, Sociology Jane Goodman, Holly Grove, English AGD, AWS, WAA, Featherpens Dick Goodnight, Campbell, Mo., Business KA Sarah B. Gore, Walnut Ridge, Mathematics Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AWS, Young Democrats Mike H. Graddy, Piggott, Bus. Adm. Young Democrats, BSU Ann L. Graham, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. AWS, WAA, Young Democrats Leland P. Graham, Augusta, Art CMC, Kappa Pi Joanne K. Grant, Dell, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA Leroy Grant, Jr., Little Rock, Printing Black Students Association, Graphic Arts Club, Wesley Foundation Carolyn L. Green, Stuttgart, Elem. Ed. Chi O, WAA, AWS, SNEA Gordon R. Green, Paragould, Marketing Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi Kitty Green, Cardwell, Mo., P.E. Treasurer University Hall, AOPi, WAA, PEM, Gymnastics Larry D. Green, Maynard, Elem. Ed. SNEA 290 Seniors No you wait and then hit on the third not fourth beat. Mary E. Green, Cave City, Spec. Ed. AWS, WAA, SCEC Peggy A. Green, Maynard, Elem. Ed. SNEA Robert E. Green, Paragould, Botany SPE, Medical Arts Club Saundra J. Greene, Osceola, Spec. Ed. Black Students Association Marcella B. Greenstreet, Melbourne, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS Laura A. Greer, Searcy, Elem. Ed. SNEA Linda P. Gregory, Pocahontas, Bus. Adm. Patricia L. Griffin, Little Rock, English AWS, WAA, Spanish Club Lee F. Griffith, Quitman, Agri. Ed. FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha Boyd Griggs, Corning, Pol. Sci. LXA, SGA, International Relations Club, Political Affairs Club, Young Democrats Robert L. Grimsley, Wauchula, Fla., Biology Charlotte S. Grinder, St. Joe, Elem. Ed. MBSF, BSU Paula S. Grizzle, Newport, Bus. Ed. Terry W. Grobe, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Celie Grobmyer, Wynne, Sociology Doyle Grubbs, Jr., West Helena, General Bus. Marilyn Gwatney, North Little Rock, Sociology Robert L. Hackworth, Imboden, Bus. Adm. Gaylon N. Hafer, Jonesboro, Education Mary Hafner, Jonesboro, P. E. PEM Club, WAA, AWS, Gamma Beta Phi, Square Dance Club, Newman Club Pam S. Hagan, Elvins, Mo., English Luther Hagler, Hickory Ridge, General Bus. Patrick S. Halk, Cherry Valley, Soc. Sci. James A. Hall, Pine Bluff, Marketing SPE Nancy L. Hall, Lake City, Elem. Ed. SNEA fife. M Seniors Don ' t jump, they will just carry your bones to class. Vernon J. Hall, Asheboro, N. C, Printing Graphic Arts Club Linda Jane Hallmark, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Ronald E. Hames, Jonesboro, Accounting Scabbard and Blade Donald E. Hamilton, Forrest City, Pol. Sci. Danny Hampton, North Little Rock, Pol. Sci. James E. Hampton, Marvell, Economics Stephen Hampton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Mgt. William F. Hampton, Maiden, Mo., P. E. TKE, PEM Club Glynda G. Hannah, Luxora, Elem. Ed. Verna C. Hannon, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Betty J. Hansen, Jonesboro, Biology BSU M. C. Ike Harcourt, Helena, Agriculture ATO, Newman Club, Young Democrats Mary Jane Hardesty, Corning, Elem. Ed. SNEA Ronald D. Hardin, Rector, Zoology TKE, Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Marching Indians, American Chemical Society Roy Dwight Hardin, Quilin, Mo., Soc. Sci. Danny F. Hargraves, Gideon, Mo., General Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Mary H. Harlan, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Gordon W. Harmon, Desha, Agriculture Clifford L. Harper, Mavnard, Zoology Sharon D. Harper, Forrest City, Accounting Indian Staff, WAA Joe W. Harriman, Jonesboro, Marketing PiKA Holly Harrington, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. ZTA, AWS, WAA, SNEA, Wesley Foun- dation Charles T. Harris, Saffell, General Bus. Donna C. Harris, Saffell, Bus. Ed. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, Featherpens Michael A. Harris, West Memphis, Economics Dorm Council, Young Democrats 292 Danner Hall Reopened Peggy F. Harris, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. AWS, SNEA, SCEC Russell S. Harrison, Searcy, General Bus. Ginger K. Hart, McCrory, Sociology Spanish Club, BSU, AWS. WAA. ZTA James D. Hart, Blytheville, Mathematics Wanda G. Hart, Blytheville. Soc. Sci. Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, BSU James T. Harvey, Swifton, Chemistry Jack L. Haskins, Ash Flat, Journalism PXiR Jeral W. Hastings, Cave City, General Bus. Larry D. Hastings, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Art Martha V. Hastings, Mountain View, Spec. Ed. AWS, BSU, Dorm Council David L. Hawkins, Jonesboro, Botany Melba A. Hawkins, Myrtle, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA, BSU Patricia A. Hawkins, Leachville, Bus. Ed. Charles E. Hayes, Black Rock, P. E. Aubrey E. Headley, Corning, Accounting Kenneth J. Heard, Hoxie, Pol. Sci. Randy S. Hedrick, Horatio, Journalism William Heidelberger, Marvell, Agriculture Reng Rifles Emily Heinrich, Wichita Falls, Tex., Marketing James R. Heinrich, Stuttgart, Accounting Ken H. Helman, Jonesboro, Management Alpha Kappa Psi Ronald Helmbeck, North Little Rock. Journalism Cheerleader Danny J. Helms, Bradford, Art Danny Henderson, North Little Rock, Bus. Adm. Baseball Manager, BSU, Basketball Manager. Indian Staff, Broadcasters Club Danny M. Henderson, Marianna, Agriculture Block and Bridle Club Ralph Henderson, Newport, Zoology TKE, SGA, Beta Beta Beta, Student Affairs Kerry Henigan, Sycamore, 111., Sociology Bruce Henning, Portageville, Mo., Gen. Bus. ATO, Accounting Club, Football John W. Henry, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Martha L. Henry, Bearden, Mathematics Chi O, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Concert Choir, ASU Singers Gisela M. Hensley, Blytheville, French Cherry F. Hester, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Chi O Marilyn Hibbard, Altheimer, Art Glenn A. Hibdon, Jonesboro, General Bus. Square Dance Club Edward B. Hicks, Jonesboro, Printing 293 Debbie Threet Named Head Cheerleader James E. Hieber, Jonesboro, P. E. SPE, PEM Club, Golf Bruce Higgins, Paragould, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Glenn L. Highfill, Sen ath, Mo., General Bus. Sigma Pi Hughie Hightower, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Dennis B. Hill, Blytheville, Mathematics ATO Keith Hill, Marmaduke, Zoology Lynda L. Hill, Piggott, General Bus. AWS Mary Etta Hill, Osceola, Bus. Ed. AWS James Hindman, Tyronza, Chemistry Scabbard and Blade Charles Hinrichs. Poplar Bluff. Mo., P.E. PEM Club, Football Joy R. Hinson, Jonesboro, English Harry Hirscheider, Lonoke, General Bus. Naomi J. Hitt, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Peter Hoegel, New York, N. Y., German Dorm Council William Hogan, West Memphis, Bus. Adm. Young Democrats, BSU, SGA, Circle K Gary E. Hoggard, Marmaduke, Vo. Agri. Alpha Gamma Rho Mitchell L. Holifield, Pollard, English Lambda Iota Tau Tommy J. Holifield, Paragould, Sociology George E. Holland, Monette, General Bus. Peggy Kinder Holland, Salem, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, MBSF James Hollandsworth, Cave City, Journalism BSU Richard Holler, Jr., Crossett, Radio-TV KA, KASU Staff, Broadcasters Club, Drill Team Cathy Hollingsworth, Blytheville, Music Ed. AOPi, AWS, ASU Singers Bea Hollis, Piggott, Sociology Jean Holmes, Cabot, P. E. WAA, PEM Club, Gymnastics Team, Gamma Beta Phi John Holmes, Searcy, Bus. Ed. Danny B. Holt, Pocahontas, Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, American Chemical So- ciety, Scabbard and Blade Gaylon Holt, Lafe, Education SNEA, BSU Winston E. Holt, Walnut Ridge, History Charles F. Hooten. Egypt, P. E. PEM Club Carolyn S. Hopkins, Jonesboro, P. E. PEM Club, WAA, Chi Alpha Kenneth L. Hoppe, Paragould, General Bus. Benjamin N. Home, Jr., Wynne, Economics Danny K. Horner, Kennett, Mo., General Bus. Carolyn B. Horton, Paragould, P. E. ZTA, Wesley Foundation, WAA, AWS, PEM Club, Campus Crusade for Christ 294 Eva L. Horton, New Madri d, Mo., Music Ed. President AWS, President Kays Hall, Concert Choir, President Sigma Alpha Iota, Madrigal Singers, Marching Indi- ans, Concert Band, Who ' s Who, MENC James V. Hosman, Cardwell, Mo., General Bus. ATO, Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club, SGA, IFC, Indian Staff Sue C. Houston, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Charles K. Howard, Abilene, Tex., Zoology TKE Fredrick C. Howard, Bay, General Bus. President BSA, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Military Stu- dent Joyce A. Howard, Clarkedale, Elem. Ed. SNEA Malcom J. Howard, Newport, Mathematics Robert A. Howe, Newport, Radio-TV John E. Howell, North Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Sigma Pi, Young Democrats Ronald D. Hubbard, Marshall, Zoology PiKA, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club Aylia M. Hudson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Phi Mu, AWS, WAA, SNEA Danny B. Hudson, Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. Lawrence R. Huett, Elizabeth, English SNEA, Square Dance Club Toka D. Huffstutler, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. David W. Huggins, Arbyrd, Mo., Soc. Sci. William S. Huggins, Bauxite, Music Concert Choir, Phi Mu Alpha, ASU Sing- ers, Opera Workshop Gary Hughes, Washington, 111., General Bus. Frank L. Hurst, Crawfordsville, Mathematics PiKA, Phi Eta Sigma Kathryn K. Hurst, Norfork, Soc. Sci. SNEA, Student Christian Association, Gamma Beta Phi Allen P. Hurt, Jonesboro, Business Sigma Pi James E. Hutcherson, Paragould, Mathematics Marching Indians, Tribe, Concert Band, Kappa Kappa Psi James L. Hutchins, Stuttgart, Marketing Johnny M. Hutchinson, Swifton, Bus. Adm. Herb H. Hyman, West Memphis, Business Square Dance Club Thomas M. Isbell, Jr., Bay, Zoology pi » i t ? 295 William A. Ivy, McGehee, Pol. Sci. PiKA, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Eta Sigma Bland S. Jackson, Leachville, Pol. Sci. Bonnie Jackson, Mountain View, Elem. Ed. Carolyn S. Jackson, Mountain Home, Business BSU, SNEA, Pi Omega Pi, Gamma Beta Phi Johney H. Jackson, Cardwell, Mo., Nursing Larry W. Jackson, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Block and Bridle Leslie J. Jackson, Paragould, Sociology Michael R. Jackson, Mountain View, Soc. Sci. Steven O. Jackson, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV William D. Jackson, Kennett, Mo., P. E. PEM Club, Pershing Rifles, Counter Guerrilla, Gymnastic Team Ruth K. Jadwin, Newport, Soc. Sci. Nancy Austin James, Jonesboro, P. E. WAA.ChiO, AWS Brenda Kay Jenkins, Marmaduke, Elem. Ed. Mena J. Jenkins, Lake City, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA Ross C. Jernigan, Lepanto, Agriculture Rex Johns, Weldon, Agriculture Chief Big Track, Brave, President Block and Bridle, Judging Team Darrell L. Johnson, Jonesboro, Business Gil B. Johnson, Prescott, Printing Graphic Arts Club, President Skydivers, Young Democrats John F. Johnson, Jr., Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Debate Team, Political Affairs Club, Young Republicans Joseph W. Johnson, McCrory, Zoology TKE, SGA, Medical Arts Club, Phi Eta Sigma Larry M. Johnson, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Newman Club, Young Republicans Linda A. Johnson, Weiner, Elem. Ed. SNEA Mildred M. Johnson, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA Pamela J. Johnson, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA Richard H. Johnson, Jonesboro, Accounting 296 Indians Go To Pecan Bowl Ruth N. Johnson, Biggers, Elem. Ed. SNEA Sherrell C. Johnson, Paragould, Bus. Adm. William B. Johnson, Lepanto, Pol. Sci. Scabbard and Blade Carole A. Jones, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA, WAA Connie S. Jones, Jonesboro, Music ASU Singers, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Sigma Alpha Iota, Marching Indians Dewayne E. Jones, Paragould, Radio-TV Doris J. Jones, Jonesboro, P. E. PEM Club Elizabeth B. Jones, Jacksonville, P. E. WAA, AOPi, AWS, PEMM Club Floyd M. Jones, Kennett, Mo., Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi, Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles Jack G. Jones, Hughes, Education Jacquelin R. Jones, Marion, Sociology WAA, AWS Joy L. Jones, North Little Rock. Elem. Ed. SNEA, Gamma Beta Phi Linda G. Jones, Tyronza, Bus. Adm. Mary Jo Jones, Kennett, Mo., Sociology AWS, WAA Randy A. Jones, Jonesboro, General Bus. Veterans Club Robert C. Jones, Jonesboro, Mathematics Wesley A. Jones, Leachville, Pol. Sci. TKE. Beta Beta Beta Carol L. Jordan, Salem, Mo., Education Bobby L. Justus, Walnut Ridge, General Bus. SPE Virgil D. Keeley, Blytheville, Business SPE Shelvy Keglar, Centralia, 111., Sociology Black Students Association, Basketball Greg H. Keller, Jonesboro, Zoology TKE Margaret G. Keller, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Norman Keller, Franklin, Pa., General Bus. Veterans Club, Golf Roberta R. Keller, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. AOPi. SNEA, AWS. WAA. Panhellenic Council, SCEC Michael P. Kellim. Paragould, Business KA Joseph D. Kelly, Jr., Wynne, General Bus. Ronnie D. Kelly, West Helena, History Phi Alpha Theta Barrett P. Kemp, Rohwer, Zoology Larry D. Kennedy. Keiser, Soc. Sci. Walter W. Kennicutt, Ward, Journalism David G. Kimmel, Jonesboro, General Bus. PiKA Larry A. Kimmer, Batesville, General Bus. KA. SGA David Kinard. Grubbs, P. E. Jerry R. Kincade, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Adm. PiKA, Young Democrats ' k li It .. fck fllll Sarah Pugh Named Head Majorette Allen W. King, Viola, General Bus. David King, West Memphis, Economics Black Students Association Kenneth King, Couch, Mo., P. E. Larry W. King, Peach Orchard, General Bus. Randal G. Kingston, Paragould, Zoology Betty J. Kirby, Walnut Ridge, Pol. Sci. George Kirby, Jr., Walnut Ridge, History James E. Kirksey, Hoxie, Accounting Accounting Club G. Joe Klinkhardt III, Hayti, Mo., Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade Johnny E. Knight, Corning, Zoology Young Democrats Eleanor M. Knott, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Harold R. Kohler, Fort Smith, General Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Gabriel Kovacs, Livonia, General Bus. Walter L. Kyle, Harrisburg, Zoology LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-fraternity Council Jerry D. Lacy, Ida, Agriculture Delta Tau Alpha, FFA Bennie A. Ladd, Augusta, General Bus. Philip C. Lamitina, Newport, Biology Sigma Pi Jimmy F. Lane, Bono, Agri. Engr. Veterans Club, Engineering Club Henry L. Lang, Cabot, Business Jean Langford, Jonesboro, English KD, AWS, WAA Catherine G. Larsen, Manila, Spec. Ed. KD, AWS, WAA, SNEA, Newman Club Ila F. Lashley, Paragould, Elem. Ed. James W. Lassiter, Conway, N. C, Journalism LXA, Herald Staff, Indian Staff, Press Club, Young Democrats Linda K. Lassiter, Jonesboro, English Linda Lasswell, West Plains, Mo., Music Ed. President Sigma Alpha Iota, ASU Sing- ers, Concert Choir, MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota Sextette Johnny N. Latta, Pollard, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha. FFA Kevin L. Lawless, Belleville, 111., Zoology H. T. Lawrence, Jr., Melbourne, Bus. Adm. Pershing Rifles, Counter Guerrilla Billy J. Lawson, Marked Tree, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Sandy L. Layton, Earle, Spec. Ed. Linda Lea, Memphis, Tenn., Elem. Ed. Chi O, SNEA, AWS, WAA, President Panhellenic, SGA, Homecoming Maid Linda K. Leary, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. AWS, Black Students Association Judith Gill Ledbetter, Corning, Music Concert Choir, Phi Mu, Choral Union, AWS. WAA, Madrigal Singers William Ledbetter, West Memphis, Accounting PiKA, SGA, Presidents ' Roundtable Floyd L. Lee, Maiden, Mo.. P. E. 298 Seniors Friday afternoons bring " suitcaser ' s " traffic jam on Caraway Koacl. James M. Lee, Wynne, Physics Ernest H. Leflore, Newport, Physics Mary Lynn Leggett, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. James P. Lennox, Pine Bluff, Mathematics Phi Xi Rho, SGA, Bowling Team Linda L. Leopard, Little Rock, P. E. AWS Executive Board, WAA Intramural Board, Student Intramural Director, Tennis Team, PEM Club Linda Crosby Lepine, Stuttgart, Biology Beta Beta Beta, FFA Sweetheart Larry Lester, Gideon, Mo., Business ATO, Scabbard and Blade Brenda Ernestine Levins, Paragould, Spec. Ed. Clemit W. Liles, Jr., Blytheville, Mathematics Presidents ' Roundtable, Kappa Mu Epsilon William D. Lincoln, Maynard, Biology Wayne L. Lindley, Jr., Jonesboro, Radio- TV Eric J. Lindstedt, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. James L. Linsley, Little Rock, Sociology Linda L. Lipscomb, Blytheville, Speech Path. AOPi, Majorette, ASU Official Hostess, Princess Platoon, Gamma Beta Phi, Tau Beta Sigma, LXA Crescent Girl Court, LXA Little 500 Court, AWS, WAA Barbara A. Little, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Earl W. Lock, Rector, Art Kappa Pi, Print Club, Ceramic Club Stephen C. Lockhart, Gregory, Agri. Eng. PiKA, Engineering Club Larry Steven Loftin, Augusta, Management Michael W. Lofton, Jonesboro, Accounting Accounting Club Harry S. Logan, Walnut Ridge, Business Bonnie J. London, Melbourne, English ZTA Lowell M. Long, Perryville, Radio-TV Broadcasting Club, Football, KA Mary C. Long, Hannibal, Mo., Elem. Ed. ASU Singers, Church of Christ Student Center Roger L. Long, Jonesboro, Business Jon R. Looney, Trumann, History 299 Sharon Lott, Benton, Accounting KD, AWS, WAA Rebecca J. Love, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Karen A. Lovelady, Leachville, Elem. Ed. ASU Singers James L. Lowe, Hardy, Geography Reng Rifles, Counter Guerrilla, Persh- ing Rifles William B. Loyd, Pine Bluff, Gen. Bus. LXA, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers Michael J. Lynch, Cornwall, N.Y., P.E. Sigma Pi, Counter Guerrilla, Scabbard and Blade, PEM Club Rickey L. Mabry, Beedeville, Agri. Bus. Gerald M. Macchi, St. Louis, Mo., Bus. Adm. Terry MacLeod, Jonesboro, English President Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Princess Platoon, Dorm Council, Lambda Iota Tau, SGA, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Homecoming Maid Janet R. Maddox, Harrisburg, Bus. Ed. AOPi, Marching Indians, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, AWS, WAA, Pi Omega Pi Boyce Mahoney, Wilson, P.E. Larry D. Majors, Calico Rock, Business Gerald R. Malin, Campbell, Mo., Agronomy President Plant Science Club, Agricul- ture Council Sandra G. Malloy, Monette, Elem. Ed. Carolyn Malone, Fisher, Education AWS, WAA Linda J. Markin, Cardwell, Mo., Biology James R. Marret, Cardwell, Mo., Agronomy Gary D. Martin, Pocahontas, Education Pi Omega Stanley T. Martin, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Gus E. Marvin, Paragould, English Larry J. Masner, Monette, Gen. Bus. Orley A. Massena, Parkin, P.E. Football Bengy Massey, Newport, Art Baptist Student Union Ernest N. Massey, Jonesboro, Mathematics Janet C. Massey, Pocahontas, English 300 Stevie Wonder Highlights Homecoming. Shirley A. Masters, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Harvey E. Matheny, Cave City, Biology Medical Arts Club LonnieG. Matheny, Newport, History Black Student Association, SGA Barbara D. Mathis, State University, Spec. Ed. SCEC, SNEA Ronald J. Matlosz, Elizabeth, N.J., P.E. ATO, PEMM Club. Baseball, Newman Club Jan M. Matthews, Smackover, Drama Richard P. Matthews, West Memphis, Gen. Bus. Young Democrats Monty May, Lepanto, Gen. Bus. ATO James F. Mayfield, Memphis, Tenn., Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha Margaret J. Mays, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ed. Dana I. McBride, Rector, Music Ed. Chi O, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Choral Union Tom L. McCabe, Charlotte, Business TKE Florence A. McCall, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Chi O, Young Democrats, Political Affairs Club John A. McCarthy, Little Rock, Gen. Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi, Veterans Club, Market- ing Team Kevin O. McClelland, Eustis, Fla., P.E. PEMM Club, Football Alyce A. McClure, Blytheville, Biology Larry W. McCollum, Violet Hill, Business Jack B. McCord, Rector, Agri, Ed. FFA Jim D. McCormick, Hayti, Mo., Gen. Bus. Arthur McCoy, Matthews, Mo., Mathematics Ruth Ann McCray, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. SNEA, Young Republicans Robert M. McCuan, McCrory, P.E. PEM Club David M. McDaniel, Jonesboro, Speech Path. Sigma Pi Sue E. McDaniel, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Larry A. McDermott, Parkin, Journalism Editor Herald, President Press Club Linda Lancaster McDermott, Parkin, Spec. Ed. Louis E. McDonald, Searcy, Agriculture Dianne S. McElrath, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA Jack R. McGowen, Bernie, Mo., P.E. PEM Club, Student Assistant Basketball Gary E. McGraw, DeWitt, History Marching Indians, Concert Band, Reng Rifles, Counter Guerrilla Wilmer T. McGraw, Stuttgart, Animal Sci. Melvin A. McGruder, Heth, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi, Dorm Judiciary Council Rebecca J. McHaney, Paragould, Journalism ChiO Judy K. McKeel, Jacksonville, Elem Ed. AGD, AWS. WAA, SNEA William R. McLean, Herber Springs, Bus. Adm. 301 Drama Department Stages ' Odd Couple ' James M. McLeod, Imboden, Soc. Sci. Shirley A. McManigal, Blytheville, Biology AGD Melvin D. McMasters, Lake City, Gen. Bus. Judy G. McMillon, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Clarence E. McMillin, Imboden, P.E. PEM Club Glynda Causey McNair, Essex, Mo., Art WAA, AWS, Art Education Association, ZTA, Church of Christ Student Center Carol A. McNeely, Pollard, English SNEA Kay A. Meade, Jacksonville, Elem. Ed. AWS Governing Board, Dorm Council, Indian Staff Charles R. Merrell, Nimmons, Physics Lloyd L. Merrell, Nimmons, Bus. Adm. Accounting Club Van Alman Merritt, Campbell, Mo., Music Concert Band, Marching Indians, Choral Union, ASU Singers, Tribe, Chamber Music, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Susan B. Metcalf, Jonesboro, English Fred C. Michael, Lexington, N.C., Printing KA John M. Mick, Bloomfield, Mo., Agronomy CMC, Plant Science Club, Agriculture Club John W. Miles, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Arthur Miller, Jr., Mammoth Spring, Agri. Ed. FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha Cecil C. Miller, Melbourne, Gen. Bus. Elbert R. Miller, Augusta, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Rita J. Miller, Forrest City, Philosophy Sandra J. Miller, Violet Hill, Bus. Ed. Shirley E. Miller, Batesville, English BSU, SNEA Henry P. Mills, Keiser, Marketing TKE Bette J. Minich, Alton, Mo., Education Paul E. Minor, Pine Ridge, Animal Sci. Block and Bridal, Young Democrats, SGA, Agriculture Club Jerry L. Mitchell, Mountain View, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, MBSF Mariglee Mitchell, Ravenden Springs, Elem. Ed. BSU, AWS, Campus Crusade Virginia Mitchell, Forrest City, Speech Path. President KD, SGA, AWS, WAA, SNEA, Panhellenic Ella M. Mobley, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. Shirley Mobley, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Ronnie G. Monroe, Jonesboro, Biology Marion A. Moody, Jr., West Plains, Mo., P.E. Basketball, President PEM Club Freddie D. Moon, North Little Rock, Botany TKE Constance L. Moore, Stillwell, Ind., Eng. Ed. Arrow Staff Eileen T. Moore, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Jerry L. Moore, Pollard, P.E. SPE 302 Seniors What do you mean password!! Stanley B. Moore, New Carlisle, Ind., Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, ASU Singers Gary Morris, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Madrigal Singers, Choral Union, Opera Work- shop, MENC, Phi Mu Alpha, BSU George R. Morris, Carlisle, Agronomy Plant Science Club Brenda Easterwood Morrison, Corning, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA, SNEA Eddie D. Morrison, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Basketball, Baseball James F. Moshinskie, Hot Springs, Journalism Herald Editor, SGA Representative, TKE, Newman Club, Lecture-Concert Committee, Press Club Patrecia Davis Moyers, Jonesboro, Biology AOPi, Choir Jimmy Alan Mueller, St. Louis, Mo., P.E. Who ' s Who, LXA, Baseball, PEM Club, Basketball Sue Mullen, Smithville, French Young Democrats, SNEA, French Club, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi David Mullen, Walnut Ridge, Gen. Bus. Debate, Sigma Pi Bobbie L. Munn, Wynne, Education Joyce Murphree, Little Rock, Bus. Ed. Brenda W. Murphy, Cherry Valley, Soc. Sci. AWS, Young Republicans, International Relations David A. Murray, Mobile, Ala., Education Circle K, BSU Richard A. Murray, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Vickie D. Nann, Batesville, Elem. Ed. Susan D. Neace, Jonesboro, P.E. PEMM Club, AGD, WAA, AWS Floyd A. Neely, Harrisburg, Chemistry Dorothy Nelson, Little Rock, Spanish Spanish Club, French Club, Gamma Beta Phi, Wesley Foundation James H. Nelson, Jonesboro, Agriculture Thomas W. New III, Jacksonville, Soc. Sci. Phi Alpha Theta John K. Nichols, Blytheville, English Kirk H. Nichols, Piggott, Agron. Agri. Terry E. Nichols, Holly Grove, Gen. Bus. Glenn E. Nicholson, Forrest City, Philosophy Circle K, BSU 303 Charles D. Nix, Harrisburg, Bus. Adm. Elaine L. Nix, Harrisburg, Music Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Choral Union, Sigma Alpha Iota Glenn D. Nix, Forrest City, Journalism Press Club, Herald Staff Larletha Nixon, West Memphis, English Lester J. Nixon, Jr., Morrilton, Pol. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, Political Affairs Club, International Relations Club John C. Norman, Senath, Mo., Agronomy Paula K. Nowlin, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA Tommy V. Nuckols, Blytheville, Accounting Phi Eta Sigma, Accounting Club Carol J. Nunn, Lakewood, N.Y., Sociology Betty J. O ' Banion, Akron, Ohio, Elem. Ed. AGD Jamie O ' Banion, Jonesboro, Art Ed. Michael W. O ' Banion, Pine Bluff, Management Statesmen, NSMR Charles E. O ' Brien, Jr., Jonesboro, P.E. Gymnastics Team, Cheerleader, PEM Club Devra M. O ' Brien, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Donna Leonard Oldham, Corning, Bus. Ed. WAA, AWS Linda L. Oliver, West Helena, Mathematics Robert G. Olvey, Pocahontas, General Bus. Cindy S. Orsburn, Dardanelle, Zoology Phi Mu, AWS, WAA, Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Beta Phi, Medical Arts Club, President Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Pan- hellenic. Presidents ' Roundtable, ACS Janet L. Overstreet, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Kenneth E. Owen, Deering, Mo., Pol. Sci. Ronny C. Owen, Dyess, Zoology Basketball Virginia L. Owen, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. AGD, WAA Arlis D. Owens, North Little Rock, Accounting President Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC, SGA, Scabbard and Blade Betty S. Ozbirn, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. AWS, Kappa Delta Pi, SCEC Richard O. Painter, Batesville, P.E. PiKA, Football, PEM Club 304 Elsa Clinger Heads AWS Ronald L. Pannell, Harrisburg, Business Margaret A. Parenti, Jonesboro, Speech AGD, AWS, WAA Linda A. Parke, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Warren L. Parker, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. KA, Circle K Harsley O. Parr, DeValls Bluff, Soc. Sci. Mamie F. Patten, Kennett, Mo., Spec. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, CEC Carolyn K. Patterson, Dermott, Sociology Ollie E. Patterson, Paragould, Agri. Ed. ATO, Pershing Rifles Ron D. Paulson, Thayer, Mo., Soc. Sci. Jessie J. Payton, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. John M. Pearce, Newport, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu Haywood Pearson, Jr., Roanoke Rapids, N.C., Printing Graphic Arts Club Georganne Peel, Helena, Elem. Ed. Jenny L. Pemberton, Wilson, Elem. Ed. SNEA Brenda J. Penn, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Daniel Pentecost, Bedford, Va., Education CMC Randall W. Perryman, Henderson, Accounting Tera J. Persfull, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Freddy M. Peters, Neelyville, Mo., Agronomy Plant Science Club Nina F. Peterson, Wynne, History Phi Alpha Beta Patrick A. Pettengell, Jonesboro, French Virgil B. Peyton, Memphis, Tenn., Pol. Sci. PiKA, Football Gary J. Phelan, Corning, History Sally A. Phelan, Corning, P.E. WAA, AWS, PEM Club, SNEA, Square Dance Club Charles J. Phelps, Earle, General Bus. Shirley A. Phelps, Hayti, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA, WAA Dianne Phillips, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Donald Phillips, Portageville, Mo., Bus. Ed. Marian H. Phillips, Paragould, Accounting Accounting Club Robert E. Phillips, Maiden, Mo., Speech Dannye L. Pierce, Hornersville, Mo., Zoology President SGA, Sigma Pi, YCAC Charles E. Pillow, Beech Grove, Mathematics Sheila L. Pinkston, Marked Tree, Art Wayne Pitcock, Batesville, Miss., General Bus. PiKA, Baseball Gary P. Pittman, Batesville, Accounting President KA, Inter-fraternity Council, Accounting Club 305 Jo Ella Todd, Debbie Cook Beauty Winners Jack Plumlee, Mammoth Spring, Gen. Bus. KA Charles W. Plunkett, Blytheville, Gen. Bus. Marching Indians, Phi Xi Rho Dale E. Poag, Manila, Agri. Ed. FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha, Delta Tau Alpha, Agriculture Club Cathy S. Poindexter, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. SNEA Gwen D. Poindexter, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. Barbara A. Pollock, Jonesboro, Music Concert Choir, Choral Union, Sigma Alpha Iota, AWS, Opera Workshop Virginia J. Polston, Tuckerman, Accounting Accounting Club. BSU, AWS Johnny W. Presley, Trumann, English Patsy K. Priest, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS Kenneth R. Privett, Hoxie, Gen. Bus. Robert 0. Pruett, Rector, Music Phi Mu Alpha, Marching Indians, Con- cert Choir, Concert Band, Tribe, ASU Singers Billy L. Pruitt, Beebe, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Sarah S. Pugh, Jonesboro, English Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, President Lambda Iota Tau, AOPi, Alpha Tau Omega Pledge Sweetheart, Head Majorette, Princess Platoon, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Indians, WAA, AWS Jimmy Purdom, Mountain View, Gen. Bus. Robbie N. Purdom, Mountain View, Bus. Ed. Barbara R. Purvis, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi Peggy L. Raley, Wynne, Bus. Ed. AGD, AWS, WAA Floyd L. Ramsey, Jr., Batesville, Music Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Opera Workshop, Madrigal Singers, Choral Union Gene D. Ramsey, Beebe, Journalism Press Club, CMC Linda Lehmann Ramsey, Beebe, Journalism Press Club Terry L. Ramsey, Manila, Biology Ed. Walton D. Ramsey, Benton, History John M. Ransom, Bradford, Zoology Medical Arts Club Walter W. Rauth, Jonesboro, P.E. LXA. Basketball, PEMM Club Martha A. Ray, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci PhiMu, AWS, WAA Nancy J. Redd, Harrisburg, Soc. Sci. AGD, WAA, AWS Charles R. Reece, West Memphis, Accounting Mary K. Reeder, Lake Village, Spanish ZTA, President Spanish Club, Newman Club, AWS, WAA, Panhellenic Council, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Eumeca J. Reeves, Corning, Elem. Ed. Sharon K. Reid, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Music ASU Singers Sister Lillian Reiter, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Joseph S. Remley, Marvell, Gen. Bus. Diane K. Retzloff, Little Rock, Art Teddy Reves, Judsonia, Commercial Art Choral Union, Featherpens Ronald Reyna, San Antonio, Texas, Sociology Seniors And a one — and a two — and a three — Ann Smithwick Reynolds, Pine Bluff, Elem.Ed AOPi, Princess Platoon Boyce L. Reynolds, McCrory, Bus. Adm. Helen L. Reynolds, Jacksonville, Elem. Ed. AGD, AWS, WAA Joyce M. Reynolds, McCrory, P.E. WAA, PEM Club, Square Dance Club Larry R. Rhymes, Corning, Zoology John Dale Richardson, Hardy, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA Lenora F. Richardson, Monette, English Shirley J. Richardson, Earle, Bus. Ed. Charles P. Richmond, Foreman, Botany Edwin H. Riley, New Madrid, Mo., Accounting Daniel G. Ritchey, Helena, Gen. Bus. Elizabeth J. Roach, Manila, Gen. Bus. Danny M. Robb, Paragould, Agriculture Oma J. Robbins, Manila, French French Club, BSU Beverly J. Robertson, Crystal City, Mo., Music Phi Mu, ASU Singers, Choral Union, Marching Indians, AWS, WAA, SNEA Larry Robertson, Batesville, Agri. Ed. FFA, Delta Tau Alpha, Alpha Tau Alpha Robin H. Robinson, Jonesboro, Chemistry SPE, American Chemical Society Gary W. Rodgers, Paragould, Accounting Charlotte L. Rodgers, Hoxie, Elem. Ed. SNEA Daphine M. Rogers, Cherokee Village, Bus. Ed. Douglas C. Rogers, Pine Bluff, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club, KASU, Basic Staff Geraldine Rogers, Hoxie, Elem. Ed. SNEA Jerrie J. Rogers, Jonesboro, Art WAA, AWS, TKE Sweetheart, AGD Joe Rogers, Piggott, Spec. Ed. Marching Indians, Kappa Kappa Psi, ROTC Band Mary S. Rogers, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Marching Indians, SGA, AGD 307 Charles M. Rook, Jacksonville, Gen. Bus. Jean A. Rorex, Walnut Ridge, English Mary J. Rorex, Harrisburg, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, AWS, Alpha Sigma Upsi- lon, WAA, SNEA, Square Dance Club, Honors Council, Independent Students Bowling League Larry Rose, Walnut Ridge, Marketing SPE Mary Camelia Rose, Leachville, Chemistry Chi O, American Chemical Society, SGA, Princess Platoon, Medical So- ciety, WAA, AWS Marilyn M. Ross, West Helena, Elem. Ed. AOPi, Council for Exceptional Children, AWS Robert G. Ross, Helena, Chemistry TKE Raymond E. Rouse, Carlisle, Bus. Adm. Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi Charles M. Rowland, Little Rock, Marketing SPE Gene A. Rowland, Dexter, Mo., Bus. Adm. KA Alvis W. Rowlett, Swifton, Soc. Sci. Joyce E. Royal, Corning, Art Education Print Club, Kappa Pi Gwen Ruff, Success, P.E. AWS, WAA, PEM, Church of Christ Student Center Anne M. Russell, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology Larry M. Russell, Corning, Business Merlyn M. Salley, North Little Rock, Speech AWS, SNEA, Annual Staff, Square Dance Club Margie L. Sallis, Lexa, Education SNEA Linda C. Samford, Holland, Mo., Biology AWS, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Upsilon John A. Sammons, Jonesboro, Printing Graphic Arts Club, Scabbard and Blade, Young Democrats Mary Janet Sanders, Success, Soc. Sci. AWS David L. Sanderson, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi Gary W. Sauheaver, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. President Circle K, President Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, ASU Madrigal Singers Jimmy R. Sawyer, Wynne, Pol. Sci. John J. Sawyer, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Con- cert Band, Marching Indians, ASU Singers Charles W. Schaaf, Paragould, Accounting Sigma Pi, Accounting Club, SGA 308 Circle K. Sponsors Miss ASU Pageant Rebecca J. Schick, Little Rock, English J. Ronald Schnee, Jonesboro, Biology Pi Gamma Mu.BSU William L. Schumann, Marvell, Gen. Bus. TKE Gregory A. Scott, Lake City, Sociology Violet M. Scott, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA Warren Eric Scott, Pocahontas, Zoology TKE Linda S. Seagraves, Biggers, Business Janna F. Seats, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Roy L. Seay, Lake City, Agri. Ed. Kelly H. Sellers, Earle, English Lambda Iota Tau Freda A. Shanks, Mountain View, Sociology Nancy J. Shanks, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, BSU, SNEA, YDC Jack R. Sharbutt, Jr., Kennett, Mo., Gen. Bus. Nancy Susan Shaver, Tuckerman, Education SNEA, AWS, Dormitory Council, Wesley Foundation Rebecca L. Shaver, West Memphis, Physics AWS, President Kays Hall, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon Betty J. Sheehy, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA Patricia A. Shelton, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Young Democrats Virginia Shepard, Jonesboro, Social Science John L. Shoffner, Shoffner, Biology Sigma Pi Regina K. Shores, Trumann, Elem. Ed. SNEA Brenda C. Short, Beebe, Mathematics Alpha Sigma Upsilon, AWS, Kappa Mu Epsilon Brenda J. Shurley, Cabot, Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi Samuel E. Sim mons, Proctor, Agronomy Gordon D. Simpson, Jonesboro, Marketing President Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Accounting Club, Cadet Colonel ROTC, Student Discipline Committee Joy Simpson, Judsonia, Education Gamma Beta Phi, MBSF Robert T. Singleton, Cherry Valley, Zoology LXA, Medical Arts Club Connie F. Sipes, Cardwell, Mo., Biology Block and Bridle Club Verna P. Sisk, Parkin, Soc. Sci. Jetta J. Skillern, Hot Springs, English AWS, SNEA States Skipper, Manila, English Baptist Student Union Tony R. Skogen, Evansville, Ind., Pol. Sci. SPE Terry F. Skyrmes, Little Rock, Business Joseph N. Slayden, Little Rock, Gen. Agri. Plant Science Club, Dorm Council Elke Slayton, Jonesboro, Education Harvey A. Slentz, Rolla, Mo., Gen. Bus. Debate Team, Young Democrats, Ameri- can Chemical Society ■ 309 Mitchell Holifield Edits 4 Arrow ' 1 - j L k M is,? lit 310 Robert W. Smalling, Paragould, Zoology Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Pi, Basket- ball Bonnie M. Smith, Manila, Mathematics Carolyn R. Smith, Blytheville, Spanish Spanish Club Dennis Smith, Mountain View, Mo., Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC Donald R. Smith, Wynne, Accounting Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, President Accounting Club Elton D. Smith, Lake City, P.E. PEM Club Jackie C. Smith, Stuttgart, P.E. James E. Smith, Jonesboro, Sociology Black Students Association James G. Smith, Jonesboro, Journalism James P. Smith, Wynne, Sociology Jim R. Smith, Jonesboro, English Joe W. Smith, Gamaliel, Zoology John F. Smith, Tyronza, Animal Sci. Larry L. Smith, Hughes, Bus. Adm. ATO, Young Republicans, Featherpens Larry L. Smith, Walnut Ridge, Business Mark A. Smith, Blytheville, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Mary Jo Smith, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Reida C. Smith, Cabot, Bus. Adm. Rosevelt Smith, Luxora, Accounting Thomas W. Smith, Carlisle, Soc. Sci. Verlis E. Smith, McCrory, Agriculture Willis E. Smith II, Dora, Mo., Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Chamber Orchestra Susan L. Snodgrass, Pocahontas, Spec. Ed. Kenneth W. Southern, Wynne, Gen. Bus. Golf Curtis L. Speed, Jonesboro, Zoology Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Mu Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Psi, BSA, International Relations Club, Medical Arts Club, Wesley Foundation Sue A. Speer, Marmaduke, Bus. Ed. AWS Richard A. Spicer, Corning, Pol. Sci. Political Affairs Club Dianne L. Spieler, Jonesboro, Art Gene F. Spitzer, Jonesboro, Business Melba Sparks Spurgin, Ada, Okla., Elem. Ed. Michael B. Staed, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Management Marketing Team William T. Staed, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Adm. Leslie E. Stafford, Cotton Plant, Ag. Bus. Neala M. Stahl, Rector, Elementary Education Mary Stanley, Corning, Elementary Education ZTA Seniors " Maybe I should just buy a trailer house. " Barbara J. Staudt, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Joseph Donald Stevens, Calico Rock, Gen. Bus. Terry W. Stevenson, Jonesboro, Biology Daniel F. Stiles, Little Rock, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club, SGA Patricia Stillwell, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. John W. Stogsdill, Jonesboro, Animal Sci. Terry D. Stone, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Mary Jane Stotts, Lake City, P.E. AWS, WAA, PEM Club Paul H. Stotts, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Scabbard and Blade Martha J. Stovall, Imboden, Journalism International Relations Club, AWS Paula J. Stratton, Stuttgart, Bus. Ed. AGD, Outstanding Indian Marcher Wendell L. Stratton, Stuttgart, Agronomy LXA, President Plant Science Club, Agriculture Council Barbara Stropp, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. AOPi Michael R. Stropp, Maiden, Mo., Radio-TV SPE, Golf Team, Broadcasters Club, In- dian Sports Network, Newman Club Gary D. Stroud, Batesville, Agri. Bus. Econ.. Delta Tau Alpha James M. Stuart, Pine Bluff, Pol. Sci. Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, Politi- cal Affairs Club, International Relations Club John C. Stuart, Banner, Agriculture Mary Hankins Stuart, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. SNEA, WAA, AWS, BSU, Concert Choir Nancy M. Sulcer, Palestine, Bus. Ed. KD, Panhellenic Council, WAA, AWS, Pi Omega Pi Holly M. Sullivan, Paragould, Spec. Ed. KD, WAA, AWS, SNEA, Council on Ex- ceptional Children Marilyn F. Sullivan, Cave City, Elem. Ed. Sam L. Sullivan, Jacksonville, Bus. Ed. Beta Club, ASU Singers, Young College Christian Association, Pi Omega Pi Judith A. Summers, Jonesboro, Elem. Educ. SNEA, AWS Aubrey N. Sumpter, Earle, P.E. PEM Club Dennis C. Sutton, Forrest City, Gen. Bus. f- 1 ££ 4 wkm 311 Seniors Mama! What did I do to deserve this!! Cynthia A. Svoboda, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. AGD, WAA, SNEA, AWS, Gamma Beta Phi Joseph Svoboda, Cornwall, N.Y., Pol. Sci. TKE Glen E. Swindle, Jonesboro, Journalism Veterans Club, Herald Staff Clovis Swinney, Jonesboro, P.E. Football Charles W. Tankersley, Jonesboro, Music Phi Mu Alpha, ASU Singers, MENC Jody Tapp, Newport, General Bus. Ralph O. Tate, Jonesboro, Mathematics Veterans Club Ronald L. Tate, Jonesboro, Sociology Pi Gamma Mu, Spanish Club Alice G. Taylor, Alicia, Elem. Ed. Barbara Kaye Taylor, Wynne, Music Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Concert Choir, MENC, ASU Singers, Choral Union Earl E. Taylor, Corning, P.E. PEM Club Jimmy D. Taylor, Little Rock, Accounting ATO, Accounting Club Nita G. Taylor, Osceola, Sociology Phil L. Taylor, Alicia, Philosophy Carolyn Tedford, Hot Springs, Biology Beta Beta Beta, SNEA, WAA, AWS, Circle K, Miss Campus Beautiful, Young Democrats Jane K. Templeton, Jonesboro, Spanish Phi Mu, WAA, AWS, Spanish Club Brenda Wilkinson Thomas, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Helen Ruth Thomas, Caraway, Elem. Ed. Martha B. Thomas, Harrisburg, Soc. Sci. Danny K. Thomason, Bald Knob, Animal Sci. Charles E. Thompson, N. Little Rock, Gen. Bus. KA Eugene Thompson, Forrest City, Mathematics Football, ROTC Cadet Colonel Glenn E. Thompson, Jonesboro, Agronomy Plant Science Club Jennifer H. Thompson, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. AGD, Panhellenic, AWS, SNEA, Indian Staff Joseph F. Thompson, Helena, Bus. Adm. PiKA 312 ROTC Sponsors Military Ball Roger C. Thompson, Wynne, Biology Beta Beta Beta, Medical Arts Club Nancy M. Thome, West Memphis, English Newman Club, French Club, Wesley, Young Republicans David E. Thornley, Jonesboro, Journalism Debbie A. Threet, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Phi Mu, Head Cheerleader, AWS, WAA, Gymnastics Team Larry B. Tiffee, Tuckerman, Business Scott W. Till, Hughes, Zoology SPE Debbie L. Tillery, Harrisburg, History Bobbie B. Timmermann, Bryan, Tex., Bus. Ed. President Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, AWS, OCW, Presidents ' Roundtable Milly C. Tinnin, Kennett, Mo., Bus. Ed. AWS, WAA, BSU Mary Masters Tinsley, Newport, Elem. Ed. Muriel Tinsley, Jr., Marmaduke, General Bus. Peter R. Tinsley, Hayti, Mo., History Linda Easterwood Tipton, Corning, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AEA, PEMM Club Janna J. Todd, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS Jo Ella Todd, Dell, Music Phi Mu, SGA, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Miss ASU, Miss Jones- boro, Student Affairs Committee, Con- cert Choir, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Madrigal Singers, MENC, Homecoming Court, Official ASU Hostess Anthony Tomesello Hialeah, Fla., Pol. Sci. Young Republicans Carey Tomlinson, Memphis, Tenn., Agriculture Don E. Tomlinson, Little Rock, Journalism Press Club, Young Republicans Suzanne Tope, Little Rock, Sociology Barbara Toton, Portageville, Mo., Elem. Ed. Roger B. Totten, Dexter, Mo., Zoology Jerry M. Travis, Hayti, Mo., History Phi Alpha Theta, Young Democrats, Ar- row Staff, Presidents ' Roundtable Larry L. Treat, Searcy, General Bus. Patricia A. Treat, Beebe, Speech Jessica M. Trevathan, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. KD, Phi Gamma Mu, WAA, AWS Randy C. Trim, Florissant, Mo., Economics TKE Richard W. Truax, Gillett, Animal Sci. Block and Bridle, Judging Team Raymond Tucker, Gatewood, Mo., General Bus. Jack R. Turner, Osceola, Bus. Adm. Jerre W. Turner, Wynne, Mathematics Doyle F. Tyer, McCrory, Economics SPE Florence H. Tyler, Biggers, Elem. Ed. WAA William D. Ursery, Pine Bluff, History SPE Rebecca H. Urton, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi William Valentine, Cumberland, Md., Philosophy SPE, Featherpens 313 Finals Threaten Campus Morale Pamela L. VanPelt, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Billy C. Veal, Piggott, Business Robert Velander, Independence, Kans., Zoology LXA, Medical Arts Club Lee R. Vent, Carlisle, Soc. Sci. Veterans Club, SNEA William R. Vermillion, Manila, History Young Democrats, MBSF Glenford Veteto, Jonesboro, Accounting Andrew J. Vincent, Jonesboro, General Bus. Sister Gemma Vogel, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Christopher V. Wade, Yellville, General Bus. President Speleological Society, Presi- dent KA, Young Republicans, Who ' s Who, International Relations Club, Inter- fraternity Council, President ' s Round- table Donald W. Wade, Forrest City, Bus. Adm. Robbie L. Wade, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Chi O, Presidents ' Roundtable, SNEA, AWS, WAA, SGA, Dorm Council Harietta M. Wagner, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Jim A. Wagner, Manila, Zoology LX A, Baseball, Phi Eta Sigma Terry M. Waits, Paragould, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, KA, FFA Carey N. Walker, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. Jerry W. Wallin, Marked Tree, Marketing Janis Wallis, Beech Grove, Soc. Sci. David J. Walls, Corning, P.E. Sigma Pi, Football John E. Walls, Des Arc, Physics Larry E. Ward, Little Rock, Printing Sigma Pi, Graphic Arts Club Patricia K. Ward, Success, Bus. Ed. Alan P. Watson, N. Little Rock, Mathematics TKE Eddie M. Watson, Lake City, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Judy L. Watson, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Kay Watson, Monette, Elem. Ed. ASU Singers Mary Ann Watson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. David M. Weaver, Paragould, Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade Dennis R. Weaver, Paragould, Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade Linda M. Webb, Trumann, Art Carolyn S. Wells, Bradford, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA Jerry E. Wells, Jonesboro, Management Alpha Kappa Psi Thelma P. Wells, Paragould, English Wayne Wells, Ash Flat, Bus. Adm. John W. West, Jonesboro, Agronomy TKE, BSU Lena A. Weston, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi 314 Seniors Now, how do 1 get ' em to flap up and down? Steve F. Weston, Corning, Radio-TV KA, Broadcasters Club William Westrol, Elizabeth. N.J.. P.E. PEM Club, President ATO, Square Dance Club, Inter-fraternity Council Bennie L. Wheeler, Moro, Bus. Ed. Betty D. Wheeler, Moro, Bus. Ed. Linda L. Wheeler, Warm Springs, Speech Betty J. Wherry, McCrory, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Square Dance Club Catheryn White, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. Frank C. White, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Journalism Chi Alpha, Drill Team Grace Matthews White, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. Melvin D. White, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Pershing Rifles, BSU Peggy White, Marmaduke, Elem. Ed. Ronald C. White, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Scabbard and Blade Ronnie D. White, Jonesboro, Economics John D. Whitfield, Hayti, Mo., Agriculture CMC, FFA, Block and Bridle Nancy B. Whitfield, Hayti, Mo., Spec. Ed. SNEA Rebecca E. Whitt, Gannison, Miss., Bus. Ed. Allen Wicker, Hollandale, Miss., Management Ronnie Wiggins, Clarendon, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club Danny A. Wilcox, Pleasant Grove, Soc. Sci. Noel C. Wilkerson, Myrtle, Mo., Mathematics Square Dance Club June A. Willcockson, Paragould, Soc. Sci. AWS, WAA, Young Democrats, SNEA Brenda S. Willcutt, Jonesboro, Accounting Barbara S. Williams, Duncan, Okla., Elem. Ed. Bruce E. Williams, Jonesboro, English Eddie J. Williams. West Plains, Mo., P.E. PEM Club 315 Seniors H 11 It must have been false advertisement! Elizabeth C. Williams, Cabot, Elem. Ed. KD.SNEA, SCEC, AWS Garlin Wayne Williams, Hughes, Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon Harry D. Williams, Pocahontas, English Janet K. Williams, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Johnny R. Williams, Joiner, Zoology Phillip M. Williams, Rector, Agriculture Agriculture Club, FFA Virginia L. Williams, West Memphis, Education Walter E. Williams, Jonesboro, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Willodine Williams, Walnut Ridge, Biology William H. Williamson, Jonesboro, Gen. Bus. Alan G. Wilson, Alton, Mo., P.E. PEM Club Allen S. Wilson, Holland, Mo., Gen. Bus. Ronnie D. Wilson, Bay, Journalism Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Business Manager Herald, SGA, CMC Sharon A. Wilson, Hot Springs, Elem. Ed. KD, AWS, WAA, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta Joe A. Wimberley, Steele, Mo., Spanish Spanish Club James F. Winningham, Harrisburg, Agronomy Plant Science Club Harriette Wise, Hughes, Gen. Bus. Phi Mu, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, WAA, AWS Linda L. Wiseman, Osceola, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA, SCEC Bill J. Wood, Caraway, Gen. Bus. Danny C. Wood, Bee Branch, Gen. Agri. Deborah K. Wood, Parkin, Mathematics Dennis L. Wood, Sulphur Rock, Accounting Lois F. Wood, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Maurice C. Wood, Flippin, Management Cherokee Mens Council Melinda Wood, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. 316 Spring Lifts Student ' s Morale ... Ronnie Wood, Nettleton, P.E. PEM Club, Intramural Director Teresa L. Wood, Cardwell, Mo., Elem. Ed. Phyllis G. Woodard, Lynn, Spec. Ed. SNEA Robert D. Woodard, Naylor, Mo., Agriculture Donna F. Woodle, Stillwell, Ind., Elem. Ed. SNEA Lonnie M. Woodruff, Grubbs, General Bus. Gymnastics Team, Scabbard and Blade Stephen W. Woodson, Paragould, Biology Bobby D. Woody, Black Rock, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club, Dorm Council Yvonne C. Woolverton, Pollard, Soc. Sci. AOPi, WAA, Featherpens Jerry E. Wooten, Dyess, Chemistry American Chemical Society Ray Wortham, Jonesboro, History Editor SGA Newsletter Carol Y. Wright, Harrisburg, Spec. Ed. AWS, BSU Julius P. Wright, Osceola, P.E. PEMM Club, Gymnastics Team Nancy Wright, Paragould, History KD, SGA, WAA, SNEA, AWS, Young Democrats Shu Kuan Wu, Taiwan, Bus. Adm. Teddy J. Wyatt, Searcy, Elem. Ed. SNEA, BSU Gary R. Yancey, Trumann, Bus. Adm. Charles R. Yarbro, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Peggy A. Yarbro, Blytheville, English Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Iota Tau, Square Dance Club, SNEA, Spanish Club, AWS, Featherpens Nora J. Yates, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Dorm Counselor Janet Clarke Yawn, Marion, Soc. Sci. Bruce E. Yeager, Stuttgart, Zoology KA Sammy O. Yeager, Searcy, Management Graphic Arts Club James L. Yopp, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Linda A. Young, Stuttgart, Elem. Ed. KD, SNEA, Marching Indians, Tau Beta Sigma, AWS, WAA Willet A. Young, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Football Terry D. Zimmerman, Maiden, Mo., Art Kappa Pi, American Chemical Society 317 A 3 ' £fc . 1 ' UP M — ft ii Charles Abanathy. Black Rock Benny T. Abraham, Searcy James C. Acklin. Wiseman Patricia M. Aclin. Jacksonville Angela A. Adams, Arbyrd, Mo. James E. Adams, Caruthersville, Mo. Jerry W. Adams. McCrory Larry W. Adams. Lynn Larry Adams. Steele, Mo. Michael M. Adkins. Leachville Charles R. Akers, Jonesboro Harriet Alexander. Blytheville John V. Allen. Walnut Ridge William L. Allen. Jonesboro Karen Y. Allison, St. Louis. Mo. Rodney Alpe. West Helena John T. Ammons, Jonesboro Judith A. Anderson, Olyphant Robert B. Anderson, Glen Allen, Mo. Rodney J. Anderson. Mammoth Spring Steven Anselmi, Bradford Carolyn S. Archer, Pocahontas John H. Arends. Blytheville Linda L. Armstrong. Dell Frankie Arnhart, Paragould Kathryn F. Arrington, Jonesboro Sharon M. Arvelo. Elizabeth, N.J. Bobby J. Ashabranner, Manila Candace M. Ashby, West Memphis Mike L. Ashford, Paragould Lloyd A. Ashlock, Hoxie Sam L. Ashworth, Hughes NCAA Celebrates 100th Anniversary Janice F. Aslin, Bloomfield. Mo. William E. Aslin, Bloomfield, Mo. Thomas W. Avis. Caruthersville. Mo. William W. Back, West Helena Freeda P. Bailey, Ravenden Springs Sidney B. Bailey. Jonesboro Albert E. Baker. Jonesboro Brett N. Baker, Kennett, Mo Steve D. Baker. West Memphis Thomas G. Baker, Clover Bend Katheryn S. Balch. Newport Tom J. Baldwin, Forrest City Patricia D. Bales. Bono Jerry L. Ball. Jonesboro Patricia D. Ball. McCrory Larry D. Ballard. Jonesboro Sidney E. Banks. Jonesboro Paul F. Bankston. North Little Rock Danny T. Barber. Jonesboro Dorcas I. Barber, Jonesboro Truman M. Barber, Osceola Duane J. Barbour. Little Rock Donna E. Bardwell. Earle John A. Barker. Poplar Bluff. Mo Robbye L. Barnes, Beebe Lou Ann Barnett, Jonesboro Sharon G. Barrett. Harrisburg Gillis Bartholmey. North Little Rock Gordon D. Barton. Alton, Mo Linda L. Bassham. Hardy Russell R Bassham. Hardy Larry B. Bateman. Blytheville Gelene E. Bates, Beebe Herbert G. Batcy. Blytheville Gary K. Batterton, Franklin Robert W. Baugh, Heth Martin F. Baureis, Jonesboro Alice L. Beard, Clarendon Robert L. Beard. Augusta Dena K. Beaton. Marmaduke 318 Juniors ..and this little piggy went to market. Craig L. Beck. Jonesboro Melvin E. Beck. Jonesboro Arthur W. Bell. Searcy Billy R.Bell. Salinas. Calif. Jean A. Bell, Searcy Leo Bell. Walnut Ridge Ronald K. Bell, Moorefield Bill Belzung. Batesville Doyle Bennett. Little Rock Jerry L. Bennett. Forrest City Lindel R. Bennett, Jonesboro Lucion A. Bennett. Jonesboro Martha J. Bennett, Forrest City Steven Benson, Stuttgart Theresa A. Benson, West Helena Thomas E. Benson, Newark Bobby G. Berry, Jonesboro Don G. Berry, Brinkley Doris J. Berry. Manila Kenneth L. Berry, Holland, Mo. Richard S. Berry, Newport Stanley R. Berry. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Vickey J. Berry, Jonesboro William H. Berry, Jonesboro Vincent J. Bilinsky. Philadelphia. Pa. John J. Biron, Pocahontas Carol M. Black. Jonesboro Winston Black. Dell Denzil K. Blackman, Campbell. Mo. Nell D. Blackwell. Leachville Michael D. Blackwood, Jonesboro Sharon Ann Blake, O ' Fallon, Mo. Preston Bland, Jr.. Paragould Sybil J. Bledsoe. Wynne Mary A. Bliss. Naylor, Mo. Robert H Bodenhammer. Mountain Home Shirley A. Boggs. Newport Everett D. Bolton. Jonesboro Sandra D. Bond. Cooter, Mo. Carol A. Bone, Jonesboro Rickey G. Bone. McCrory Elma Lynn Bonham. Jonesboro Kenneth P. Book. Jonesboro John H. Booten. Jonesboro Rick B. Borgman. Benton Elvin R. Bouldin, Paragould Sharon Bowen. Blytheville Ronald Bowen, West Memphis Sherry A. Bowen. West Memphis Janice A. Bowers, Mammoth Spring Roger D. Bowman. Jonesboro Harold R. Boyd, Paragould Janet W. Boyd. Jonesboro Mary R. Boyd. Little Rock Hermin N. Boykin II. Batesville Joseph C. Bradford, Reidsville, N.C. 319 Juniors ' W ho would like to help me with my demonstration today? " k m " 1 A f Betty L. Bradley. Hornersville, Mo. Judith A. Bradsher. Pine Bluff Janie D. Brady. Manila Ralph W. Brady. Jonesboro James H. Brake. Paragould Robert L. Bramlett, Stuttgart James M. Brannon, Corning James S. Branum. Hornersville. Mo. Stan B. Brawley. EaTle Claude E. Brawner, Piggott Gary L. Brazzeal. Harrison Marcia L. Breeding, Little Rock Lizabeth Bretherick. Fort Pierce, Fla. Pamela G. Brewer, Rector Philip D. Brewer. Rector Thomas T. Bridges. Colt Phillip G. Brinkley. Marmaduke Richard L. Brooks. Poplar Bluff. Mo. David R. Brown. Pine Bluff David W. Brown. Marianna Linda S. Brown, Little Rock Ronnie D. Brown, Rison Steven W. Brown, Jacksonville William L. Brown, Pine Bluff Rickey L. Browning, Jonesboro William D. Broyles. Hot Springs Karen D. Bruner, Bay Randall W. Brunner, Pocahontas Rickey M. Brunner. Pocahontas Anneta Bryant. Jonesboro Phyllis M. Bryant. Leachville Danny G. Buck, Loves Park, 111. Gerald M. Bueker. Washington. Mo. Richard L. Buerkle, Jonesboro Larry D. Bull. Stuttgart Roy M. Burch. Piedmont, Mo. Robert L. Burch. Houston, Mo. Jerry W. Burchfield. Saffell Robert A. Burchfield, Chesapeake, Va. Doris R. Burdyshaw. Jonesboro Marie-Jose Burdyshaw, Jonesboro Carlotta A. Burge, Batesville Frank B. Burge. Little Rock Hubert M. Burge, Batesville Morris M. Burkett, McCrory Robert J. Burnett, Trumann Brenda G. Burns. Rector Ewell P. Burns. Strong Linda S. Burrows. Van Buren Jimmy R. Burton. Blytheville Gary D. Busby, Newport Ben R. Bush. Walnut Ridge Larry G. Bussey, Wilson Larry P. Butterworth. Osceola Dianna S. Bynum, Rector Andrew L. Cain. Essex, Mo. 320 Carroll G. Caldwell. Jonesboro Maxie L. Caldwell. Memphis. Term. Jeffrey Calloway. Holly Grove Stefan A. Calloway, Holly Grove Thomas L. Calloway. Holly Grove John M. Cameron. Jonesboro Wayne Camp, Mountain Home Phil H. Camp, Paragould Robert L. Camp, Paragould Sharon D. Camp, Paragould Carolin S. Campbell, Blytheville Joel Campbell, Hot Springs Kent A. Campbell. Walnut Ridge Ray Campbell. Pocahontas Nancy K. Campbell. N. Little Rock Patrick B. Campbell, Franklin Jim F. Canant, Perryville Rickey L. Canard. Newport Betty M. Cannon, Strawberry Jamie A. Cantrell, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Patricia L. Capps, Searcy Sharon D. Capps. Hayti, Mo. James Porter Cargill, Batesville Glen R. Carlson, Harrison Carol Carpenter, Jonesboro Carolyn R. Carpenter. Waldenburg Estel Roy Cartwright, Batesville James R. Casebier, Harrisburg Virginia Casinger, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James H. Cates. Senath. Mo. Willie G. Catlett. Marvell James C. Causbie, Hardy 1 e f ft I s ! r fin M , , I. fit tilt SGA Considers Rock Station 321 Ronald L. Combs, Couch, Mo. Wendelin J. Combs, Alton, Mo. Harlin D. Conrad, Calico Rock Daniel D. Cook, Jonesboro Danny C. Cook, N. Little Rock Lydia S. Cook, Paragould Dixie L. Cooper. Bay Edward M. Cooper, Jonesboro James F. Cooper, Jonesboro Sandra J. Cooper, Hayti, Mo. Stanley W. Cooper. Cooter. Mo. Sue C. Cooper. Harrisburg Sue Jane Cooper, Jonesboro Tommy Cooper, Newport Kathy P. Cornish, Leachville Larry G. Corpier, Biscoe Jerry W. Corvin, Helena Floyd D. Cowan. Forrest City Benny B. Cox, Lake City Jimmy N. Cox. Paragould Michael H. Cox. Dyess Bonita R. Crabtree, Paragould Jamae E. Craft. Bono David B. Craig. Blytheville Jerri C. Craig, Cardwell, Mo. Mary L. Craig. Forrest City Robert W. Craig, Jonesboro Timothy A. Craig, Tyronza Larry R. Crain, Des Arc Virgie Ella Crain. Blytheville Deitra D. Crane, Blytheville Mary Ann Crawford, Tuckerman PEM Club Plans Program For Sr. Citizens Richard S. Crawford, Pine Bluff Samuel L. Creasman, Kingsport, Tenn. James C. Creecy. Blytheville Kristie A. Creed. N. Babylon, N.Y. Donald L. Cre ighton, Batesville Michael J. Creswell, Newark George M. Crews, Ashdown Peggy R. Crews, Jonesboro Andrew P. Crigler. Alton, Mo. Johnny R. Crisler, Cash Allen D. Crisp, Marvell Nina L. Crook. Harrisburg Gary L. Crowson, Forrest City Danny R. Culp. Blytheville James D. Culpepper. Pine Bluff Michael D. Cummings. Sherwood Stanley S. Cummings. McCrory Lela Ann Cunningham, DeWitt Suzanne Cunningham. Weiner James M Curry. Blytheville Ethel L. Dabbs. Jonesboro Dennis L. Dahl, Elyria, Ohio Michael S. Dale, Sidney Jonathan David Dame. Walnut Ridge Larry B. Dame, Jonesboro Robert Daniels, Leawood. Kan. Steven T. Dapp. Blytheville Joan C. Darr. Jonesboro Jerry L. Daugherty. West Helena Stephen L. Davenport. St. Joe Ann S. Davis. Jonesboro Doris A. Davis. Doniphan. Mo Dwayne L. Davis. Waldron Lehman W. Davis. Black Rock Leslie W. Davis. Jonesboro Mary Lou Davis. Portagcville. Mo. Mitchell Davis. New Orleans. La. Neal Davis. Thayer. Mo. Ronnie L. Davis. Beebe William Davis. West Memphis 322 Juniors Blessed are the meek, for they lose to the Indians. Deborah Louise Davison. Paragould John E. Day. Knobel Katie S. Dean. Poynor, Mo. Martha E. DeBow, Sedgwick Thomas B. DeClerk. Jr.. Pocahontas William D. Deeter. Lynn Lynn M. Delaney. Jonesboro Mike Densmore. Manila Caroline J. Douthet. Crawfordsville Shirley A. Dickinson. Marmaduke Paul E. Dickson. Imboden Carmon L. Dillard. Yellville Mike O. Dillard, Franklin Alvie W. Dillin. Jonesboro Dave Dillinger, Newport Frances L. Distretti. Memphis, Tenn. Joseph R. Dobbs, Manila Ronald E. Dobbs. Walnut Ridge Jimmie D. Dodd. Paragould Debby R. Dodson. DeValls Bluff Thomas E. Dodson. Forrest City Jay Chalma Dollins. Paragould Lou Ann Dooly. Batesville Jerry D. Dorton. El Dorado Ronnie W. Dorton, Nettleton Susan P. Doty. Walnut Ridge James R. Douglas, Marked Tree Chester D. Douthit. Clinton. Mo. Billy R. Dowdy, Rector Kenneth G. Dowless. Monette Carrie E. Downey, Warm Springs Ann Downing, Black Rock Patricia L. Downing. Weiner Rusty A. Dozier. Blytheville Josef G. Drace. Tyronza Thomas H. Draffen. Cardwell. Mo. Phil H. Ducker. Calico Rock Janet M. Duckworth. Jonesboro Victoria A. Duckworth, Jonesboro Jane Ann Duffel. Jonesboro Donald R. Dunavant. Jonesboro Gary S. Duncan, Jal, N.M. John J. Duncan. Pine Bluff John K. Duncan. Piedmont. Mo. David A. Dunlap. Black Rock Jackie R. Dunn, Rohwer James T. Dunn. Beebe Robert Dunn. Little Rock Max H. Duty. Paragould Ronnie J. Eary. Mt. Pleasant Terry J. Eason. Lepanto James F. Edens. Searcy Wayne Edgin. Benton David [, Edington. Reyno John M. Edington. Reyno Don B. Edwards. Pine Bluff 323 Juniors Softer than a Sealy Joy B. Edwards, Piggott Sarah Melinda Edwards, Jonesboro Phillip W. Elam. McCrory James N. Elbert, Jonesboro Mary J. Ellington, North Little Rock Kay Ellis, Thayer. Mo. Rick J. Emerson, Helena Linda K. Endsley, Holly Grove Cathy R. Eoff, Dell David D. Erby, Jonesboro Jala W. Erby, Jonesboro Calvin Houston Estes, McRae Carl G. Eubanks, Cardwell, Mo. Michael J. Eubanks, Paragould Herschel D. Eudy. Dierks Karen R. Euler, Cabot Howard L. Evans. Cabot Shelia J. Evans, Brookland Dorlene M. Falwell, Bradford James J. Farrell, Brinkley Carolyn S. Farris, Batesville Constance S. Faulkener. Jonesboro Constance S. Fulkener. Jonesboro Donnis K. Feild, Jonesboro John A. Fender. Walnut Ridge Sharon Kay Ferguson, Carlisle William C. Ferguson, Hardy John H. Ferriell, Jacksonville, Fla. Dana L. Fields. Wellsville. Kan. Eugene M. Finan. Jonesboro Jerre J. Fisher. Wynne Linda R. Fisher. Alton. Mo. Sally J. Fisher, Caruthersville. Mo. Walter G. Fisher, DeWitt John [. Fleischauer. Jr.. Little Rock Craig L. Fletcher, Osceola Kenneth R. Fletcher, Jonesboro Linda G. Fletcher, Lake City Janet Flippo, Powhatan Pam J. Folsom, Little Rock Danny L. Ford, Paragould Jack Lorran Ford, Marvell Ronnie D. Ford, Jonesboro Gregory L. Forman, Menasha, Wis. Vicki L. Forrester, Forrest City James S. Foster, Willow Springs, Mo. Kenny L. Foster, Campbell, Mo. Phyllis M. Foster, Lake City Ronal W. Foster. Jonesboro Darrell Lee Fountain. Tilly Billy G. Fouts, Miami, OkJa. Charles M. Fowler. Essex, Mo. Cherie Fowler, Memphis, Tenn. Gilbert Len Fowler. Jonesboro Marshall F. Fowler, Star City Sandra A. Fowler, Star City Walter B. Fowler, Hughes 324 Shirlee J. Francis, Jonesboro John M. Franks. Little Rock Charles C. Franz, North Little Rock Darlene Frazier. Osceola James H. Freese, Hickory Ridge John D. French, Jonesboro Samuel C. French, O ' Kean William A. F ' reshman. Dalton Dorothy Cheryl Fuller. Marvell Phyllis J. Fuller, Elaine Robert F ' . Fulmer, Pine Bluff Gus L. F ' underburg, Pine Bluff Robert Gray Gage, North Little Rock Daniel R. Gaines. McCrory Don R. Gaines, Blytheville Woodrow W. Galyean, Helena Glenda L. Gann. Mammoth Springs Julia L. Gardner. Jonesboro David B. Gargas. Kennett, Mo. George B. Garlow, Winter Haven, Fla. Janie S. Garner, Camden Robert S. Garner. Beech Grove William T. Garrett. Little Rock Ricky D. Gatewood, Rector Bobby Wayne Gentry. Stamps Terry W. George, Northbrook, 111. Dennis W. Gibson, Jonesboro Roy D. Gibson, Clarksville William L. Gibson, Jonesboro Henry L. Gilbert. Pine Bluff Bertha B. Gill. Smithville Darrel E. Gill. Jonesboro L hi Catholics Acquire Student Center Linda A. Gillett, Oklahoma City. Okla. John R. Gillette, Steele, Mo. Dennis G. Gillihan, Melbourne Donnie G. Gilliland, Paragould Ballard C. Gilmore, Searcy Barbara A. Gipson. Blytheville Terry L. Givens. Pine Bluff Larry D. Gladden, Osceola Gerald D. Glidewell, Jonesboro Vincent J. Glorioso, Helena Martha J. Goad, Jonesboro Steve J. Goddard, Eustis, Fla. David W. Goff. Pocahontas Rickey C. Goff. Smithville Mary A. Goforth, Mountain Home Joe R. Goodman, Fort Smith Peggy S. Gordon. Paragould Phillip E. Gordon, Paragould Larry Jay Gore. Walnut Ridge Larry L. Gowen. Dogpatch Keith D. Goza. Paragould Royce G. Goza, Swifton Thomas H. Graddy. Jackson. Tenn. Walter K. Graham, Little Rock Mary Elaine Gramling, Rector Nancy D. Grant, Newport Marsha Lynne Grassham, Van Buren. Mo. Harry J. Gray, Jonesboro Michael D. Gray. Blytheville Robert Glenn Gray, Wilson, N.C. Fred W. Grayson. Corning Donnie L. Green. Tuckerman Garry D. Green, Evening Shade Gary Mark Green, Senath, Mo. Jesse W. Green, Jr., Harrisburg Paula Bolick Green. Jonesboro William E Green. Jonesboro Michael R. Greene, Little Rock Georgia A. Greer, Jonesboro Donald R. Griffin. Little Rock 325 326 Juniors Another crash landing in editing class Lowell B. Hightower. Sidney Gaylon P. Higginbotham, Cardwell. Mo. Opaline Higgins, Jonesboro Roy Hildebrand, Campbell, Mo. Betty S. Hill. Joiner Billy Hill. Marvell Dovie C. Hill, Jonesboro Edward V. Hill. Moro Steven Hill, Trumann Linda R. Hill, Moro Marty J. Hill, Holly Grove Thomas Hill, New Orleans, La. Gloria L. Hipp. Batesville Douglas W. Hochstetler, Jonesboro Mary A. Hoffman, Jonesboro Jerry L. Hoggard, Marmaduke Jerry Hoggard, Smithville Robert E. Holder. McCrory Susan Hollandsworth, Clarkton, Mo. Carol A. Hollanger. Stuttgart Marybelle Holligan, Senath. Mo. Pamela J. Holloway. Jonesboro Charles A. Holmun, Brinkley Carolyn A. Holub, Goodwin Mary Jane Honeycutt, Thayer, Mo. John A. Honnoll, Jonesboro Martha J . Hopper, Jonesboro Judy L. Horrigan. Riverside, Calif. Barbara A. Horton, Jonesboro Carlyn R. Horton, Jonesboro Johnny Horton, N. Little Rock Ronnie G. Horton. Steele, Mo. Glen E. House, Dyess Pam K. House. Hickory Ridge Kenneth I. Housh, Swifton Suanne H. Housh, Swifton Robert M. Houston. Dell Janice K. Hovis, Reyno Gloria J. Howard, Walnut Ridge Kathy N. Howell. Blytheville Rocky L. Howington, Fresno, Calif. Arva M. Hubbard, Jonesboro Larry Lee Hubbard, Clinton Terry W. Hudson, Hoxie Ronald H. Hudson. Hoxie Dorma C. Huffstuttler. Wynne Daniel F. Hughes. Little Rock Gwyn Hughes, Little Rock Linda C. Huggins, Lafe Jimmy N. Hulett. Swifton Joe L. Huneycutt. Warren Norman C. Hunt. Carlisle Wayne T. Hunter, Pocahontas Eula L. Hurd, Paragould Hilton B. Hurdle, Trumann Michael R. Hurst. Piggott 327 Juniors I hate to tell him now, but that ' s not the girls dormitory. Roy L. Hutchison. Corning Brenda G. Hyde. Lake City Kayla A. Hyde. Paragould Ramiro Icaza, Leon, Nicaragua Gwendolyn Irwin, Pollard Carolyn A. Jackson. Jonesboro David G. Jackson, Bradford Alice J. James. West Plains. Mo. Randall P. James, Willow Springs. Mo. Ronald James, Biggers Robert Jenkins, N. Little Rock Steve O. Jernigan, Lepanto Maurice F. Jetton. Jonesboro Andrew D. Joffe, Ocean Springs, Miss. Carl H. Joffe. Ocean Springs, Miss. Thomas A. Johannsen, Hot Springs Ben F. Johnson, Hayti, Mo. Donna M. Johnson. Jonesboro Gaither Andrew Johnson, Hot Springs Marcia M. Johnson, Watterloo, Iowa Mary J. Johnson. Piggott Najgy H. Johnson, Maynard Phoebe W. Johnson, Prescott Stephen Alan Johnson. Jonesboro Samuel C. Jolly, Cash Angela K. Jones, Rector Charles L. Jones, Minturn James T. Jones, Mountain Home Josephine C. Jones, Batesville Kenny Jones. Helena Larry D. Jones, Jonesboro Larry L. Jones, Walnut Ridge Linda G. Jones. Forrest City Ralph L. Jones, Coy Sandi K. Jones, Paragould Verlon D. Jones, Little Rock Wendal Jones, Fisher James Kalkbrenner, Maiden. Mo. Sam K. Kallsnick. Hot Springs Chester A. Kearbey. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Rebecca J. Keasler. Paragould Marion S. Keane, Clarkton, Mo. Sylvia A. Keener. Dell Dan F. Keeton, Paragould Helene S. Kelley. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Michael Kelley. Balch Donnie W. Kelton, Caraway James T. Kennon, Hickory Ridge Don E. Kersey, Newport Don R.Kesl. Scott Terri C. Ketcham. Jonesboro Margaret A. Key, Forrest City David C. Kiech, Jonesboro Jo Kiech. Trumann William E. Killian, Benton Rae L. Kinkade. Memphis, Tenn. 328 Gary N. Kinder. Salem Billy E. King, Jonesboro Claudie C. King. Harrisburg Ernest R. King. Batesville Jerry D King. Salem Maurice H. King. Paragould Thelma K. King. Jonesboro Treasia Ann King. Bald Knob Vicki L. King, West Plains, Mo. Leotis Kirby. Jonesboro Sylvia M. Kirchoff. Forrest City Karen D. Kirk. Biggers Charles H. Kirkindall. Jonesboro Joe S. Kirkland. Little Rock Melissa A. Kluge, Jonesboro Billy L. Knapp. Prim David B. Knight. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Penny L. Knipple, Blytheville Roger L. Koontz, Alton, Mo. Linda K. Koubek. Pocahontas Gary R. Kreis, Augusta Larry VV. Krenzelok. Hot Springs Barbara J. Kueter. Paragould Michael D. Lack. Piggott Roger L. Lackey, Jonesboro Larry D. Ladd. Monette Nancy E. Ladd, Augusta James C. LaGrone, Centreville, Ala. Earl Lee Lamb. Hoxie Jimmy D. Lamb. Jonesboro Sammy L. Lamb, Hoxie Garry G. Lamberson. Bay First Negro Instructor Joins ASU Faculty John R. Lambert, Jonesboro John S. Lambert, Bowling Green, Ky. Steven C. Lamken, Godfrey. 111. Louis J. Lammers, Jr., Dell Clayton Lancaster, Batesville David L. Landreth, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Charles V. Lane, Loves Park. 111. John D. Langston. Blytheville Michael R. Larsen, Pine Bluff Boyce G. Lassiter, Newport Larry V. Lassiter, Jonesboro Janice M. Lawrence, Melbourne Larry D. Lawrence. Jonesboro Susan D. Lawrence. Fort Smith James C. Lawson, Crossett Larry Lawson, Wynne Teresa A. Lazar, Helena Alicia A. Lea, Black Oak Gail A. Learning. Little Rock Mary B. Ledbetter, Walnut Ridge Patricia A. Lee, Paragould Ronald G. Lehman, Little Rock Benny J. Lendennie. Blytheville Larry D. Lendermon. Jonesboro Scherry LeSieur. Portageville. Mo. Dale A. Lewelling. Blytheville James T. Lewis. Little Rock Charles E. Liddell. Marmaduke Jakie C. Liebhaber, Pocahontas William W. Lindley, Jonesboro William A. Lindsay, Jr., Osceola Wanda J. Linsley. Little Rock Charles D. Little. McCrory Judi Loberg. Jonesboro Floyd H. Lockhart, Augusta Sherry K. Logan. Walnut Ridge Gary H. Long. Jonesboro Ronald E. Long. Palestine Phyllis K. Looney, Piggott Mary D. Lovato, Tucson, Ariz. 329 Helen D. Lowe. Kennett. Mo. Jerry W. Lucas. Blytheville Linda Luker. Jal. N.M. Charles D. Lumsden, DeWitt Richard L. Lusk, Batesville Gerald A. Lynn. Blytheville Donald W. Mabry. Naylor, Mo. Geneva L. Madding. Ward Ellen Maddox. Campbell. Mo. Shirley J. Mahan. Dyess Zygmunt Majewski, Jr.. Pine Bluff Eddy L. Majors. Melbourne Jeannie D. Majors. Calico Rock Leigh E. Mallaber. Jonesboro Douglass A. Manasco. Searcy Teressa K. Mangrum. Paragould Sandra L. Manley. Caruthersville. Mo. Lynn G. Maree. Lexa Doyle D. Mariott. Ravenden Levio Marotti, Jr., Crawfordsville Danny L. Martin. Lynn Floyd A. Martin. Jonesboro James D. Martin. Clarendon Janette C. Martin. Bald Knob Ruth H. Martin. Jonesboro Timothy A. Martin. Jacksonville Roy L. Masengale. Forrest City Carl D. Mason. Clarksville Ronald Lee Mason, Hoxie Billy Don Massey, Newport Julia J . Massey, Cherry Valley Larry E. Massey, Corning Phi Mu Alpha Wins AGD Talent Show Mary J. Massey, Jonesboro Harold D. Masterson. Earle Charles H. Mathews, Waldenburg James R. Mathews, Houston, Mo. Tommy M. Matthews, Walnut Ridge Lily C. Mattmiller, Gillett Morris Mauney, Dumas John R. Maxwell, Paragould Ruben J. Maxwell. Diamond City Jerry W. May, Cabot Janet Y. Mayberry, Bono John R. Mazzanti, Lake Village Larry C. McAllister, Newport Gene McBride, Salem Roger W. McCaghren, Leachville Clinness M. McCall. Bradford Michael B. McCallie. DeWitt Gary D. McCann, North Little Rock Betsy L. McCarroll. Pocahontas Joseph D. McCay, Marked Tree Ronnie J. McClain, Newark Reuben E. McClelland, Jonesboro Nathan B. McClinic, Wynne Ovid W. McClure, Paragould Tommy McCormick, Marvell Doyle W. McCullar, Osceola Joe D. McDaniel. North Little Rock Lana A McDaniel. McRae Randy L. McDaniel, Steele. Mo. Patsy L. McDermott, Parkin Linda F. McDonald. Reiser Robert H. McDonald, Weldon Brenda J, McElrath, Newport Doborah A. McElvoy, Piggott Jack S. McFerron. Little Rock Ramona J. McGinnis. Jonesboro Frank J. McCuigan. Philadephia, Pa. Terry M McHaffey, Blytheville John G. McKay, Kirkwood. Mo Nina C. Mcknight. Jonesboro 330 David H. McLain. Tuckerman Mike H. McLarty. Jonesboro Betty J. Medford. Clarendon Lonnie A. Medford, Brinkley Rebecca A. Meredith, Reyno Don T. Meridith, Success Tommy L. Messer, Harrisburg Jacquelyn A. Metheny, Pine Bluff Jimmy R. Metheny, Paragould Perry R. Metheny, Leachville Cecil G. Metzgar. Jonesboro Teresa A. Mick. Dexter, Mo. Mary C. Milbourn. Pine Bluff Alice M. Miles, Paragould Vincent A. Miles. Desha Amanda J. Miller. Wynne David W. Miller. Jonesboro Ernest W. Miller, Jonesboro Jackie W Miller. Thomaville. Mo. Ronald L. Miller, Dexter, Mo. Tommy Milligan. Cave City James L. Mills. Jacksonville Harry D. Minton. Ward Charles S. Mitchell. Jonesboro Richard J. Mitchell. Chesterton. Ind. Virginia M. Mitchell. Ravenden Springs Donn H. Mixon. North Little Rock Benjamin R Mize, Jonesboro Larry R. Moffett. Decatur. 111. Jack Montgomery. Jr.. Pine Bluff Johnny R. Moody. Salem Doyet W. Moore. Jonesboro Jack D. Moore. Forrest City Jacqueline L. Moore. Newport James R. Moore. Turrell Judy A. Moore. Little Rock Judy K. Moore. Piggott Shirley M. Morgan, Osceola Stan E. Morgan. East Point. Ga. Judy A. Morris. Pocahontas Myra D. Morris. Jonesboro J udith E. Morrisett, Marked Tree Judy C. Morrison. Jonesboro Robert P. Morrow, Osceola Charles D. Moshinskie. Hot Springs Agnes A. Murphree, Batesvill e Kathie V. Murphy, West Helena Andrea B. Murray. Wynne Jacky L. Murray. Manila Kathryn O. Murray. Ocean Springs, Miss. Margaret Myers, Jonesboro Damian A. Namtzu. Hanover Park. 111. Johnnie R. Neal, Heber Springs Lou Neblett. Jonesboro James F. Nelson. Jr., Harrisburg Linda R. Nelson. Batesville 331 Juniors Kain. slet-t onmm displays must he ill. tn lhc.l,.,i.]lin. • . Robert F. Nichols, Keiser Thomas E. Nichols. Osceola James L. Nicholson, Mammoth Springs Rayburn R, Nicholson, Ash Flat Mary M. Nigus, North Little Rock Esther R. Noble. Kennett, Mo. James W. Nolan. Forrest City Deborah A Norman. Trumann Elizabeth A. Norman. Searcy Jimmy L. Norman, Jonesboro Doris F. Norrid, Holland, Mo. Jimmie D. Norsworthy, Pine Bluff Chester F. North. Jonesboro Don R. Northcutt. Carlisle Nancy Norton, Marvell Mary O ' Donnell, Winston-Salem, N.C. Emery C. Oesch. Hannibal. Mo. Joanna Ohnanik, Pocahontas William W. O ' Keefe, Blytheville Jo F. Orr. Trumann Sarah C. Orr. Jonesboro Stephen J. Orr, Oakland, Calif. Gail A. Orsborn, Jonesboro Glenda G. Overfield. Jonesboro Jimmy D. Pace. Pocahontas Terry A. Paff, Pine Bluff Floyd R. Page, Marmaduke Paula A. Palmer. Jonesboro John T. Pardew. Jonesboro James R. Parker, Walnut Ridge Patricia C. Parker. Harrisburg Glen R. Parks, Jonesboro James K. Parks. Jr.. Trumann Doris Parnell. Jonesboro Rondle B. Parnell. Cotton Plant Kelly D. Parrish. Jacksonville, Fla. John H. Partney, Piedmont, Mo. Claretta A. Paul. Bald Knob Betty G. Payne. Trumann Ronald W. Pedigo, Jacksonville Susan P. Pendergraff. Jonesboro Joy G. Pendergrass. Bakersfield, Mo. Susan E. Penix. Jonesboro Emilee A. Penn. Jonesboro Carol A. Perry. Ravenden Julanne P. Perry. Lepanto Michael L. Perry. Jonesboro Rita G. Person. Parkin Susan P. Peterson, Dumas Hester W. Petty. Arbyrd, Mo. Nancy T. Peyton, Memphis, Tenn. Bernie G. Pfleger. Stuttgart Valerie B. Phaup. Carlisle Candice B. Phillips, Tyronza Charley J. Phillips, Jonesboro Clynard A. Phillips. Jonesboro 332 Pep Rallies Move To Stadium 333 Kenneth R. Reinhardt. Blytheville Linda L. Render, Jonesboro Douglass V. Reynolds, Little Rock John W. Reynolds, Prescott Max D. Reynolds, Harrisburg Sandra D. Reynolds, Hot Springs Ron Rhodes, Corning Gary V. Richard, Cave City Barry L. Richardson, Heber Springs James R. Richardson. Bay Patricia A. Rickman, Walnut Ridge John R. Riddell. Stuttgart David Riddle, Jonesboro Kenneth R. Ridgeway, Ward Nancy Jo Rieke, Defiance, Ohio Patsy S. Rigdon, Corning Sarah F. Riggs, Jonesboro Linda L. Ring, Poughkeepsie Robert K. Risby, Ellsinore, Mo. Laurie J. Ritchey, Blytheville Betty F. Roach, Jonesboro Ronald P. Roach. Mabelvale Carolyn C. Roberts. Walnut Ridge Joel D. Roberts. Franklin Larry W. Roberts. Franklin Richard A. Roberts, Jonesboro Sandra F. Roberts, Blytheville Thomas J. Robertson, Jonesboro William T. Robertson. Black Rock Leroy Robins. Melbourne Deborah A. Robinson. Marmaduke Eddie L. Robinson. Blytheville Fulks Becomes Bookstore Manager James A. Robinson. North Little Rock Linda C. Robinson, Jonesboro Linda K. Robinson, Reyno Linda A. Robison, Kennett, Mo. Curtis L. Rodgers, Jonesboro Rufus E. Rodgers. DeWitt Carl A. Rogers, Manila Curtis A. Rogers. Alicia Donna M. Rogers, Ash Flat Gary D. Rose. Brookland Donald B. Rosier. Viola Eddie R. Ross. Paragould Linda S. Ross, Kennett, Mo. Andrew R. Rossi, Little Rock Alan A. Roth, St. Louis, Mo. Tom R. Roth, Stuttgart Barbara R. Rothwell, Fordyce Cathy E. Rounsavall. Little Rock Charles V. Rowe, Beech Grove Pamela J. Rowe, Leachville Philip L. Rowe, Beech Grove Scott W. Rowell. Springfield, Ohio Carol S. Rowland. Little Rock Judy M. Rowland, Paragould Gary W. Rowlett, Swifton Jerry D. Rowsey, Wilson Sandra Rowton, Rector Mike Rubottom, McCrory Dave P Ruebsam, St. Genevieve, Mo. Robert N. Runyan, Newport Charles E Runyon, Piggott Rickey C. Russell. Mountain Home Billy D. Russom. Beech Grove Deborah A. Ryan. Marked Tree Janice Sago. Pocahontas Dana Saliba. Steele, Mo. Julia P. Saliba. Blytheville Mitchell G. Saliba. Blytheville Karla M. Sallee. Pocahontas John -J. Saltzman, Mountain Home 334 Juniors These girls seem to be a little wet behind the ears. James R. Sample, Nimmons Jerry D. Sample, Piggott Kenneth R. Sanders, Viola Alan H. Sapp, Hialeah. Fla. Lloyd R. Sauer, Crossett Sharon K. Sauheaver, Jonesboro Sharon K. Saurenman, Memphis. Tenn. Donna R. Scarborough, Jonesboro Victor C. Scauzzo, DeSoto, Mo. Larry D. Schafer, Lonoke Patty L. Schales, Evening Shade Larry Scheer, Lafe Karen S. Schisler, Jonesboro Russell K. Schmidt. Floral David G. Schneider. Matthews. Mo. Kenneth D. Schoenborn. Jonesboro Linda J. Schwamb. Paragould Danny L. Scott. Sedgwick Sharon Scott. Jonesboro Randy L. Screws. Batesville James V. Scurlock. Jonesboro Lltah L. Seagraves, Pocahontas Robert R. Self, Fort Smith Charles L. Selman. Mammoth Spring Rosemary Serio. Eudora Carol S. Sexton. Strawberry James C. Shackelford. Forrest City Kathy Shannon. Joiner Jerry L. Sharpe. Overland. Mo. Larry A. Sharpe. Parkin David Shaver, Jonesboro Nancy S. Shaver. Tuckerman Ruben D. Shaw. Jonesboro Vernell M. Shearer. Jacksonville Connie M. Sheffield. Batesville Sandra K. Shelton, Paragould Michael E. Shepherd, Pine Bluff Roy M. Shepherd, Jonesboro Robert F. Sherrell, Scott. 111. Phyllis K. Shewmaker. Searcy Peter K. Shirley. Blytheville Roger P. Shollmier. Pine Bluff William M. Shore " . Jacksonville Wallace R. Shrader, Paragould Raymond Shranie, Stuttgart Farrell E. Shultz. Barton, Fla. Stephen C. Shumaker. Sigourney. Iowa Billy R. Shurley. Cabot Steven T. Sigsby. Rector Richard C Simerson. Benton Jimmie S. Simmons. Warren Steve R. Simmons, Warren William D. Simmons. Little Rock Marilee Simpson, Corning Nathaniel Simpson, Corning Edward S. Sims, Dermott 335 336 Linda S. Staten, Jonesboro Thomas L. Stayton, Walnut Ridge Christina M. Steele, Hoxie William A. Steele, W. Memphis Carol J. Stephens. Lafe Anthony D. Stewart, Hardy Warren H. Stewart, Trumann Patsy J. Stickler, Paragould Victor R. Stilwell, Blytheville Carol A. Stogsdill, Imboden Vernon L. Stoker, Senath. Mo. Reagan J. Stone, Pine Bluff Bentley E. Story, Marvell Beverly J. Stovall, Senath. Mo. Larry D. Stroud. Melbourne Walter L. Surprise III. Blytheville Burr E. Swann, Pocahontas David E. Swift. Magnolia Martha A. Swigert, Jonesboro Cleatus Leon Swindle, Paragould Jama B. Tacker, Monette Dennis M. Talbott. Maynard Shelia A. Talley. Pangburn Gayle M. Tamburo. Helena Billy R. Tarpley, Cotton Plant William Tarpley, Jr.. Little Rock Mary E. Tate, Paragould Natalie R. Tate. Kennett. Mo. Ava N. Taylor, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Bertha F. Taylor. Jonesboro Clinton J. Taylor, Forrest City Donna J. Taylor. N. Little Rock Activity Ticket Sale Successful Felix Donell Taylor, Cherry Valley Mary A. Taylor, Forrest City Mary Ruth Taylor. Crawfordsville Ronald S. Taylor, Jonesboro Van M. Taylor. Piggott Sandra A. Tedder. Paragould Lois M. Tedford. Hot Springs Mauricio Telleria. Leon. Nicaragua Randal L. Tennison. Paragould Anne J. Terkeurst, Pine Bluff Marcia L. Thacker. N. Little Rock Gary M. Tharp. Pangburn Carroll R Thetford. Cash Daniel E. Thomas, Mountain View Deborah D. Thomas. Mountain View Sheridan D. Thomas. Neelyville. Mo. Larry J. Thomason. Kennett. Mo. David E. Thompson. Trumann Elzora A. Thompson, Trumann George M. Thompson. DeWitt Joan L. Thompson. Swifton Michael J. Thompson. N. Little Rock Orville L. Thompson. Jr.. Rushing Ronnie E. Thompson. Trumann Thomas M. Thompson. Jonesboro Robert S Thorpe. Little Rock Pamelia Thurman. Paragould Alice E. Tillman, Paragould Roger D. Tinsley. Hoxie Ronald C. Towell. Leachville Becky J. Travis. Newport Bob G. Travis, Paragould Pamela A. Treadway, Jonesboro Cecil M. Treece, Paragould Dan L. Trevathan, Jonesboro Linda J. Trevathan. Jonesboro Carlotta J. Tribble. Walnut Ridge Roger D. Tribble. Walnut Ridge John C. Trice. Jonesboro Linda G. Trimue. Forrest City 337 Peggy S. Tucker. Jonesboro Rhonda S. Tucker. Jonesboro William E. Tucker. Marked Tree Johnnie L. Turner, Trumann Larry D. Turner. Salem Lawrence Turner. Wynne Sandra K. Turner. Osceola Barbara A. Turpin. Moro Raphael A. I ' rbina. New York. N Y. Lawrence M. VanCamp. Stuttgart Henry Lynn Vance. Des Arc Jack W. Vance, Forrest City Bobbie P. VanCleve. Holly Grove Joe Neil VanCleve. Osceola Ike M. VanMeter. Marvell Darlene VanPelt. Jonesboro Patricia VanSant. Michigan City. Ind. Thomas E. VanVranken. Forrest City Peggy J. Vaughn. Marianna Jimmy G. Veach. Corning Thorn Veety. Stroudsburg. Penn. Barbara S. Vest. Newport Melba F. Vickers. Locust Grove James F. Vittitow. Pine Bluff Peggy G. VonAlmen. Memphis. Tenn. Donald G. Voyles, Jonesboro Nick C. Vrettos, Athens. Greece Peggy A. Waddell. Jonesboro Tommie H. Waddell. Pocahontas Rosalee D. Wade. Brinkley Barbara E. Wahl. Little Rock Richard E. Walden. Jonesboro Beebe Branch Enrolls 700 William J. Waldrup, Batesville, Miss. John T. Waleszonia. Fontana, Calif. Ronald Joe Waleszonia, Fontana, Calif. Marvin Walker, Wynne Michael F. Walker, Jonesboro Ralph K. Walker, Gideon, Mo. Tommy G. Walker, Walnut Ridge David Wallace, Leachville Bearl D. Wallace, Blytheville Kenneth C. Wallace, Jonesboro Marshall D. Walls, Corning Tim W. Walters, Jonesboro Paulette Walton, Paragould Phillip K. Wamock, Jonesboro Betty Ward, Joiner Patti Jo Warr, Hot Springs Cynthia G. Warren. Brinkley Gloria L. Warren, Tyronza Lester G. Warren, Jonesboro Donna K. Warrick, Little Rock Grover C. Warrick. Little Rock John O. Waterbury, Centralia, 111. Marilyn V. Watkins, Forrest City Wayne L. Watkins, Nettleton Dennis R. Watson, Kennett. Mo. Marilyn K. Watson, Black Rock Michael D. Watson, Marked Tree Virginia C. Watson, Jonesboro Robert L. Watt. Little Rock Donnie J. Weatherford, Hunter Hugh D. Weatherford, Wheatley Andrea M. Weathersby, Brinkley Dwight M. Weaver, Paragould Michael A. Weaver, Jonesboro Michael R. Weaver, Cash Wilton G. Weaver, Montgomery, Ala. Charles D. Webster. Helena Sharon B. Wegman, Jonesboro Andrea L. Weir. Walnut Ridge James D. Welch, fcarle 338 Juniors Students never seem to be able to find the library until the night before exams. Marcilee Welch, Leachville Elvira Wenzel. N. Little Rock Jeannette Wheeler, Drasco Walter M. Wheeler. Desha Alan B. Whisenhunt. Blytheville Janet S. Whitaker, Harrisburg Perry D. Whitaker, Marmaduke Randall Lane White. Broseley, Mo. Wayne F. White, Jonesboro Bobby G. Whiteaker, Jr., Pineville Treva T. Whiteaker. Norfork Bobby L. Whitehead, Newport Victoria A. Whiteside, Wilson Teresa E. Whitsell, Forrest City Danny J. Whitten. Matthews, Mo. Joan Whitten, Lepanto Ronald E. Whittingham. Jonesboro Robert Lee Wilder, Benton JohnC. Wiles. Bay Van P. Wilkie, Forrest City Linda J. Wilkins, Senath, Mo. Donald Wilkinson. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Michael D. Wilkinson. Jacksonville Ann S Willett. Jonesboro Sharon M. Willett. Salem Alice F Williams. Marked Tree Bill Williams. Marvell Billy G. Williams. Brookland Carl A. Williams, Jacksonville Carolyn R. Williams, Carlisle Charles Williams. Doniphan. Mo. Corliss Marie Williams. Jacksonville Don R. Williams. Carlisle Don S. Williams. Marion George M. Williams, Kenilworth, N.J. James E. Williams, Brinkley Margaret Abel Williams, Jonesboro Pearl Annette Williams. Helena Robert C. Williams. Gilmore Ronnie L. Williams. Marmaduke Sara K. Williams. Jonesboro Sharon L. Williams. Cash Shirley Ann Williams. Joiner Stanley R. Williams. Blytheville Sylvester Williams. Joiner Deanna J. Willis. Bar Harbor. Maine Paul F. Willison. Paragould Paul H. Willmuth, Batesville Becky L. Wilson, Whiteville, Tenn. Carl D. Wilson, Jonesboro Carol Jane Wilson, Leachville Charley Sue Wilson, Leachville Diana K. Wilson, Stuttgart Gail A. Wilson, Harrison Jerry W. Wilson. Pine Bluff Ronald P. Wilson. Kenneth, Mo. 339 Steve B. Wilson, Leachville Louann Wimberley, Caruthersville, Mo. Albert L. Winkle. Jonesboro Micheal C. Wise. Bloomfield. Mo. Martha A. Wofford. Little Rock David M. Wolf, Sikeston, Mo. Lawrence Wolf. Paragould Robert W. Womack. Jonesboro Vickie J. Womack. Jonesboro Gary A. Wood, Hickory Ridge Jeanine W. Wood, Parkin Roberta J Wood. Parkin Carol A. Woodard, Naylor. Mo. Larry J. Woodruff. Oil Trough Teresa L. Woodruff. Newport Phillip K Wooldridge. Paraeould Roger W. Wooley, Searcy Charles A. Wooten. Helena Mary J. Wooten, Searcy John T. Worley, Searcy Larry J. Worsham, Reiser Larry G. Wray. L ' nion Glen E. Wren. Batesville June A. Wright. Marmaduke Michael Wright. Caruthersville. Mo. Stanley J. Wright, Cardwell, Mo Jackie Yancey. Oxford Bonnie S. Yancy, Kennett. Mo. Donald Yarbro. Poplar Bluff. Mo JoeF. Yarbro. Harrisburg Ronnie Yarbrough, Steele. Mo. Carmen Yarnell. Judsonia Al G. Young. Trumann Michael G. Young. Searcy Pat Young. Pine Bluff Phil H Young. Jonesboro Lexy M. Zalewski. Bossier, La. Sandria G Zeigler. Forrest City Carolyn Zimmerman. N. Little Rock Judy A Zinn, Memphis. Tenn. 340 Tribe Meets Drake For Homecoming 34 1 Alice Ann Adams, West Memphis Barbara J. Adams. Paragould David M. Adams. Trumann Gary A. Adams. Little Rock Janice S Adams. DeVVitt Ralph W. Adams. Paragould Sharon S. Adams, Jonesboro William C. Adams. Jonesboro Frankie Adkins. Manila Carol Agee. Paragould Carolyn 3. Agee. Reyno Deborah Ann Allbright. Newport Nancy Allen. Hot Springs Vick Allgier. Kennett. Mo. Edgar L. Allison. Hughes Gerald Alsup, Hayti. Mo. Margaret S. Alsup. Walnut Ridge Dennis Anderson. Mountain View- Jo R Andrews, Wilson Larry O. Anderson, Joiner Mark L. Anderson, Blytheville Sara Jane Andrews, West Memphis Susie D. Andrews. Texarkana. Texas Tandy L. Anthony. Proctor Stephen C. Archer. Valparaiso. Ind. Steve D. Arment. Kennett, Mo. Diane S. Armstrong, Dell Murray F. Armstrong. McCrory Deborah C. Arnold. Knobel Tommy Lee Arnold. Paragould Mary K. Arrington. Jonesboro Azmi Asal. Dell ' Operation Soundoff Tries Aerain Vernie Ashcraft. West Memphis Gussi E. Ashley. Harrison Virgil J. Ashley. Keiser Michael K. Austin, Paragould Rodger E. Austin. Harrisburg John C. Aycock. N. Little Rock Mona S. Bailey, Little Rock Polly Bailey, Clarkton. Mo. Audrea M. Baird, Hoxie Leroy Baird. Hardy ' ram B. Maker, Jonesboro Rita J. Baker. Hot Springs Ronald P. Baker. Brinklev Linda Baldridge. Monette Joan W . Ball. Harrisburg Kickie Ballard, Trumann Martin A. Baltz, Pocahontas Sandra Barbarotto, Brinklev Phyllis A. Bardwell, Earle Michael D. Barger. Jacksonville Gerald R. Barker, Jonesboro Darrel D. Barnes, Leachville Michael VV. Barnes, Magness Curtis M. Barnett. Blytheville Johnnie S. Barnett. Everton Karen P. Barrett, Jonesboro Marilyn A. Barrett. Harrisburg Marilyn I). Barrett. Moorefield Marvin G Barrett. N Little Rock Dale R Barron. Jonesboro Elizabeth Barllam, Jonesboro Norma L Bashant. Hebe I Springs Ben L. Bates. Waldenburg Pamela J. Bates, Jonesboro Richard D. Batey. Pollard Roberta L. Bayless, Cotter Pamela Baysinger. Delaplaine James L. Bearden, Leachville Lynda Beasley, Hot Springs Kenneth E Beaton. Paragould 342 Sophomores As Chi O Marie Stewart reigned over the homecoming game, a Chi O airplane cruised over the stadium. Connie Jo Beck, Earle Antoinette A. Becker. Jonesboro Retha L. Beckham, Mountain View Marilyn F. Bednar, Stuttgart Peggy L. Beisel, West Memphis John D. Belcher, Hot Springs Brenda K. Bell. Cave City Rosie M. Bell. Marked Tree Ronald L. Benson. Greenway Donna J. Berry, Jonesboro Peggy L. Berry. Jonesboro Donnie Anderson Beshears, Wynne Myra J . Betts. Little Rock Brenda J. Bibb, Monette Sherry L. Bickerstaff, Kennett, Mo. Connie V. Bilbrey. Alicia Danny R. Billings. Yellville James Birdsong. Weiner Galen B.Bitely. Grady Earl M. Black, Newport Margaret L. Blackman. Blytheville Rick Blackwelder, Jacksonville Elizabeth L. Blackwood, Tuckerman Paul H. Blake. Caraway John R. Blakely. Pine Bluff Margaret D. Blanchard, Jonesboro Raymond M. Blaney. Mountain Home Danny C. Blankenship. Cardwell, Mo. Danny Blalock. Jonesboro Beverly K. Bledsoe. Pine Bluff William C. Bledsoe. Dyess YuhleD. Block. Weiner Mary L. Blocker. Leachville Larry J. Bodeker, Jonesboro Phillip E. Bogy, Humphery Paula Kaye Bonham. Jonesboro Jimmy Bohannan. Osceola Verda M . Bohannon, Reiser Sandra K. Boling. Brookland Douglas R. Bonds, Trumann Jeff D. Bonner, Bradford Gary M. Boone, Searcy James W. Boren. Blytheville Emil A. Boucher, Ravenden Springs Terry F. Bowen, Marianna John O. Bowman, Dyess Dana D. Boyd, Hot Springs Dock E. Boyd, Blytheville Gary O. Boyles, Ferndale Susan Boyles, Little Rock Karen L. Brackin. Marion Robert Bradbury, Jr., Jonesboro Lois E. Braden. Kennett, Mo. Carroll Bradford. Pine Bluff Patrick F. Bradley. Augusta Ruby L. Branan. Pine Bluff 343 Sophomores Looks like someone cot a little carried away. Richard C. Branch. Wynne Pamela K. Brantley, Coy Jerry W. Branum, Hornersville, Mo. Woodrow B. Brashers, Paragould Oral Dean Bray, Gideon, Mo. Allen D. Brewer. Senath, Mo. Gale A. Brewer, Marmaduke Nancy C. Brewer, Forrest City Rodney A. Bridges, Salem Larry E. Brimhall, Jonesboro Suzanne W Brimhall. Jonesboro Rebecca C. Britt, Miami, Fla. Paul T. Britton, Blytheville Almaree Broadway. Marianna Glenda Broadway, Jonesboro Michael L. Brothers, Blytheville Artice J. Brown. Newport Barbara Lynne Brown, West Memphis David Brown. Datto Don R. Brown. Paragould James D. Brown. Judsonia Jerry W. Brown. Jonesboro Linda Evon Brown, Pine Bluff Michael W. Brown. Star City Mika J. Brown, Jonesboro Neil Brown, Harrisburg Shirley G. Brown. Manila Stanley Gene Brown, Osceola Phyllis D. Brummett, Paragould Jimmy W Bryant, Wynne Marcella Bullard, Stuttgart Richard A. Bump, Jacksonville Lou Ann Burge, Cabot William D Burk. West Memphis Therald D. Burmingham, Wynne David Burnell, Glenside, Penn. John D. Burns. Houston, Tex. Helen D. Burr, Walnut Ridge Elmo Gene Burton, Rector Edward C. Busby, Mammoth Springs Max H. Busby. Thida William Bush. Pine Bluff George R. Butler, Searcy Judie C. Caldwell, Imboden Lanita C. Calkin, Jonesboro Susan K. Callihan. Blytheville Patty S. Camp. Rector Bruce R. Campbell, Clarendon Mary L. Campbell, Forrest City Zora F. Campbell, Marianna Maria D. Capps, Steele, Mo. Ross E. Cardin, Fordyce Donald C. Carey. Pine Bluff Robert M. Carhon. Monette Cherly Ann Carnahan, Stuttgart John Carr, Willow Springs, Mo. 344 Johnnie F. Carr, DeWitt Paula J. Carroll. Pine Bluff Don R. Carson, West Helena Pamela S. Carter, Little Rock Stanley P. Carter, Jonesboro Lorrie Carucci. Pocahontas Roland N. Cason, Berryville Dianne M. Cathey, Paragould Donald M Cathey, Paragould Elmer L. Catlin. Brooklyn, N.Y. George O. Causey, Newport Veta L. Cavitt. Tyronza John M. Chambers, Stuttgart Charles Chapin. Jonesboro Cleo Diane Chapman, Hardy Edward J. Chess, Little Rock Jim L. Childers, Searcy Connie S. Childs, Jonesboro Gary A. Christian. Forrest City Henry C. Clampit. Harrisburg Jeannie K. Clark, Jonesboro Jimi Nett Clark. Paragould Kathryn S. Clark, Myrtle. Mo. Sharon A. Clark. Osceola Teresa G. Clark, Parma, Mo. Larry W. Clastain, Clarendon Shari S. Claxton. Alicia Anna M . Clay. Jonesboro Clayton F. Clay. Marion James Lee Clayton, Jonesboro Ricky C. Clifft. Paragould Linda L. Cobb. Lake City Johnny Phillips Chosen As New Brave £4 if m m ' fjk ' L f ■ ti ft Sherry Cobbs, Paragould Hubert L. Cockrum, Black Oak Bobbie J. Coggins. Hot Springs Karen S. Cohen, Blytheville Melba Coke, Harrisburg Cathy D. Coker, St. Charles Dorothy M. Cole, Paragould George R. Cole, Paragould Jon S. Cole, Little Rock Stephen W. Cole. Pascola. Mo. Michael E. Coleman, Jonesboro Sharon Kaye Coleman, Jonesboro Anita S. Collie, Mountain Home Darrell Collier. Marked Tree Harold D. Collier, Marked Tree Dianna Collins, Pocahontas Emily Thomas Collins, Peach Orchard Charlotte M. Compton, Brinkley James A. Connor, Camden, N.J. Joseph N. Connors. Hot Springs William A. Conrad. Arnandale, Va. Deborah K. Cook, Jonesboro Mary L. Cook, Jonesboro Daniel Cooper, Jonesboro Mary P. Cornelius, Thayer. Mo. Laura Lynne Cornett, Paragould Linda C. Cornish, Monette Gregory C. Cornley, Essex, Mo. Teri C. Couch, Trumann Thomas W. Coulter. Lepanto Linda K. Cowan, Harrison Paula J. Cowan, Wynne Rita D. Crabb. Helena Larry D. Crabtree. Camden Alfreda Kay Craft. Harrisburg Jerry D. Crafton, Bragg City, Mo. Charles R. Craig. Jonesboro William Craigmyle. Jonesboro YvetteCrain. Brookland Carol J. Cranford. Rector 345 ? 1 11 If 1 4M Harry F. Crawford, Vanndale Rebecca L. Crawford, Marion Donald T. Creason. Jonesboro Linda L. Crismon, Maynard Carol S. Crook, Blytheville William G. Croole, Jonesboro Lynda Lou Cross, Lepanto Gary S. Crossfield. Piggott Michael W. Crosson. Pine Bluff Janice S. Crow, Brinkley Mike Crow, N. Little Rock Rhonda K. Crowder, Malvern TeJuana J. Crowson, Greenway Taja B. Cruce, Rector Susan L. Crumby, Elaine Donna J. Crumley, Cave City Robert E. Cullins. Newport Jessie R. Cullum. Jonesboro Cindi L. Culpepper, Pine Bluff Paul Cunningham, Tallapoosa. Mo. Stephen S. Curry, Pine Bluff Denny E. Curtis, Corning Gary L. Curtis, Calico Rock Phoebe L. Cyrus, Pine Bluff Sue L. Daily, West Plains. Mo. Perry J. Dalton, Camden Rex G. Darling, Jonesboro Kent W. Davidson, Jonesboro Linda D. Davidson, Batesville Susan M. Davidson, Tyronza Pamela S. Davis. Fort Wayne, Indiana Sara E. Davis, Marked Tree Greek Pledges Scarce In Fall Rush David R. Dawson, Jonesboro Melvin E. Dawson, Monette Jerry W. Dayne, Payneway Clare DeClark, Pocahontas Michael K. Deen. Little Rock Wayne Deen, Blytheville Richard D- DeMaine, Stuttgart Phyllis Dennington, West Memphis Susan Y. Dennis, Forrest City Michael V. Dent, Blytheville Jerry A. Dickerson, Fort Smith Lynn A. Dickerson, Marked Tree Marcus E. Dickerson, Osceola Patricia C. Dickinson. Rector Norman C. Dickson, Memphis, Tenn. Francine M. DiMaio, Malvern Karen S. DiVittorio, Trumann Margarett L. Dixon, Blytheville Clarence T, Doan, Walnut Ridge Randy E. Dobbs, Jonesboro Jackie L. Dobson, Brinkley Holly E Dodd, Augusta Benjamin M. Dodson, Harrison Patrick O. Doherty. Wynne Elizabeth A Dohogne, Paragould James R. Dooley, Delta. Mo. Annette L. Dorris, Blytheville Mark Dorris, Alton, Mo. Eddie L. Douglas. Little Rock James W. Douglas, Jonesboro Jean M. Downey. Richland, Iowa Lizabeth Downey. Lake Village Brenda K. Downs. Harrisburg Wanda A. Doyel, Marianna Vivan E. Doyle, Hoxie John B Dozier, Moro Robert Paul Dugger, Newport Bill D. Duke. Paragould John T. Duncan, Wynne Henry E Dunigan, Black Oak 34 6 Phyllis D. Dunigan. Monette Walker A. Dunn, Bradford Sharon K. Dyer. Armorel Mary K. Eaker, Paragould Charles Eason, Lepanto David Edrington, Paragould James Allen Edington. Reyno Ada Faye Edmonson, Salem Glenda C. Edwards, Beebe Genevra B. Eldredge, Jonesboro Alice C. Ellis. Blytheville Nancy Ruth Eiphingstone, La Grange Edna Kathryn Engel, Knobel Donnie G. England, Bay Robert English, Jr.. Crawfordsville Eva Jeanette Enzor, Forrest City Steven L. Ernst. Jonesboro Donna R. Estes, Blytheville Jennifer L. Estes. Jonesboro Myra J. Estes, West Memphis Bruce W. Evans, Trumann David A. Evans. Jacksonville Teddy W. Evans. Trumann Brenda K. Farmer. Amagon Carlos L. Faye. Jr.. Manila Margaret A. Featherston. West Memphis Patra A. Felty. Columbia. S C. Patsy C. Fett, Mountain Home Robert M. Fett, Mountain Home Jan Lynn Fielder, Pocahontas Gatha M. Fields. Cotton Plant Raye E. Finley. Monette Albert L. Fisher. Jonesboro Jimmy F. Fitzgerald, Paragould Rhonda K. Flack. Pine Bluff William Flanagan. E. St. Louis. 111. Dora L. Flandgin. Forrest City Cathy M. Fleetwood, Cave City James E. Floyd. Franklin Marilyn J. Fong. Blytheville Patricia R. Ford. Marked Tree Phillip G. Ford. McCrory Stephen S. Ford, Joiner Nancy Fortenberry. Tuckerman Jo Ann Foster. Gopp John David Foster. Little Rock Max L. Foster. Marvell Teresa L. Fowler, Hughes Sue Frank. Dumas Peggy S. Franklin, Trumann Sandra Kaye Franks, Hot Springs Sherrell L. Franks. Paragould Donald E. Frazier, Cave City Anita J. Freeman, Arnold. Mo. Armistead C. Freeman, Pine Bluff Ruth Jane Frier, Jonesboro 347 Phi Mu playhouse was a " flying " success. Susan Fudge, Melbourne Peggy Funderburke, Albany, Ga. Edward H. Furcron, N. Little Rock James S. Futrell, N. Little Rock Melvin L. Gage, West Memphis Deborah A. Galloway, Little Rock Dwight Galloway. Hope Jane E. Galloway. Jonesboro Richard R. Gambel, Jacksonville Rita A. Gambill, Jonesboro Deborah Gasoway, Little Rock Thomas G. Gasbarre, Piggott Terry W. Gatewood. Piggott James E. Gathings, Paragould Earl E. Gentry. Blytheville Lewis 0. Gentry. Stamps Joseph L. George. Jonesboro Terry D. Gerdes, Jonesboro Connie J. Gerrish, Paragould Beverly A. Gibbons. Little Rock Terry W. Gibbons, Dexter, Mo. Barbara C. Gibson. Paragould Jerry L. Gibson. Steele, Mo. Lloyd E. Gibson. Sacramento, Calif. Debrah L. Gilbert. Blytheville Dennis W. Gilbert. Jonesboro Michael A. Gillespie, Newport Russell E. Gillis, Harrisburg Donna Gilmore, Sylmar, Calif. Martha P. Gilpatrick. Leachville Gena Sue Glasgow. Trumann Danny M. Glover. Dyess Patricia L. Glover, Little Rock Cona Jean Goan. Walnut Ridge Alex B. Goble. Bassett William Godwin, Hot Springs Julie A. Goldsmith, Jonesboro Alfred P. Goodwin, Rockford, 111. Arvin Ryan Goodman, Kennett, Mo. James Gonzalez, Lepanto Linda A. Goza, Swifton Mary F. Graham, Little Rock Diana R. Grandgeorge, Stuttgart Patrick H. Grandjean, Jacksonville Anthony Earl Grant, Proctor Daniel E. Grantham, N. Little Rock Freda Jane Grantham. Fisher Rebecca Jane Glass, Marvell James C. Graves, Walnut Ridge Anthony W. Gray, Blytheville Jane E. Gray. Brinkley Judith K. Gray, Tyronza Nona J . Gray, Jonesboro Linda J. Greathouse, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Gwendolyn Green, Harrison Jo E. Green, Osceola 348 Marjorie A. Green, Jacksonville Mary D. Green, Little Rock Penny L. Green. Hot Springs Robert J. Green, Hoxie Teresa A. Green, Blytheville Dana L. Greene, Jonesboro Michael D. Greenhaw, Harrison Dorothy J Greer. Proctor Sherry J. Greer. Paragould Charles K. Griffin. Bono Michael M. Griffin. Jonesboro Rena Griffin, Lake City Rickey L. Grigsby, Jonesboro Stephen R. Grilletta. Jonesboro Carrol K. Gross. Jacksonville George Gross, Pollard John R. Grubbs, Batesville Claudia June Guarr, Jonesboro James R. Gude, Blytheville Vernon D. Guest, Rockdale, Tex. James W. Guffey, W ' einer Otis Guiltner Jr.. Monette Janey Gum. Alton. Mo Brenda Gail Gunter. N. Little Rock Joseph C. Guziewicz. Weiner Gary D. Haag. Jonesboro Teresa L. Hackler. N. Little Rock Larry T. Hager. Tuckerman Jeffery C. Hagen, Jonesboro Cash M. Haines. Cash Debra L. Hale, Marked Tree FloyeC. Hall.DeWitt Students Participate In Moratorium Willie Louise Hall. Augusta Floetta J . Hammett, Trumann Artie Hampton. Jonesboro Darryl R. Hampton. Jonesboro Patty J. Hampton. Dexter, Mo. Randy M. Hankins, Little Rock Bill Hannah, Jonesboro Charles R. Hannah, Jonesboro John B. Hardin, Blytheville Linda S. Hardin. Pine Bluff Michael P. Harig, Chicago. 111. Wilburn C. Harkey. Senath. Mo. Deborah L. Harlan, Trumann Ray A. Harlow, Salem Joseph A Harper. Marianna Troy D. Harper, Franklin Alfred J. Harrell, Jonesboro BoHarrell.Pine Bluff Calvin F. Harrell, Memphis. Tenn. Jimmy Thomas Harrell, Jonesboro William E. Harrelson, Jonesboro Vicki A. Harrington, Stuttgart Mabel Harris. Swifton Letitia K. Harrison, Forrest City Karen D. Hart. Jonesboro Ronnie E. Hart, Jonesboro Joyce A. Hartsell, Swifton Linda A. Harvey, Tuckerman Nicholas H. Hatch, Doniphan, Mo. Ruth A Hayes. Dorr. Mich. Thomas I. Hayes, Rector Beth A. Hays, Jonesboro Judy A. Heath, Jonesboro Robert M. Heaton. Tulelake, Calif. Randall R Helcel, West Memphis Pamela K. Helm. Mabelvale Franklin D. Henary. Jonesboro Sharlene C. Henders. Memphis. Tenn. Kathy D. Henderson. N Little flock James E. Hendley, Bloomfield, Mo. 349 John D. Henley. Forrest City Anthony A. Hendon, Nimmo ns Philip W. Hesse. Weiner Philip A. Hestand, Paragould Amy E. Hester, Harrison Carolyn A. Hester. Datto Freda M Hickmon. Bradford Ershel A. Hicks. West Memphis Phyllis C. Hicks. Little Rock Stephen G. Hicks. Little Rock Charlotte S. Higgins, Marianna Jenny Hightower. Jonesboro Robert W. Hightower. Trumann Floyd T. Hillis. Marmaduke Janice M. Hindman. Tyronza George G. Hinds, Jonesboro Mildred J. Hinton. Caraway Marsha Hoey, Cherokee Village Robert L. Hoke. Little Rock Nathan D. Holbrook. Wynne Mary C. Holiman. Lepanto James M. Holland, Monette Carolyn R. Holley, Osceola Jack E. Hollis. West Memphis Patricia A. Hollis. Trumann Cynthia L. Holt. Wynne Dennis F. Holt. Pocahontas Hyma T. Holt. Jr.. Lonoke James D. Holt. Jr.. Jonesboro Jim E. Holt, Hot Springs Michael P. Holt, Kennett. Mo. Rebecca F. Holt, Jonesboro Chi O ' s Win PiKA Little Olympics Teresia J. Holt, Paragould Teddy R. Hopkins, Marmaduke Ronald R Hopkins. Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Diane L. Hopwood, Batesville Anne M. Horton, Paragould Charles A. Horton, Jr. -Ethel Richard C. Hoskins, Paragould Mike C. Hottel. Jonesboro Kathy E. Hout, Jonesboro Lawanda M. Hout. Leachville Linda K. Howard, Hayti, Mo. Juliana Howell, Jonesboro Sandra K. Hrabovsky, Blytheville Judy K. Hubble, Monette Willis E. Hubener. Little Rock Mary Jo Hudgins. Searcy Jack S. Hudson. Jonesboro Phillip L. Huett, Elizabeth Michael D. Huff, Blytheville Diana M. Huggins, Corning David T. Hughes, Benton Rolland E. Hughes. Yellville Susan J. Hughes. Pine Bluff Johnna G. Huie. Gideon, Mo. Sharon J. Hulett. Swifton Elizabeth K Hull. Jonesboro Bobby G. Hulsey. Bald Knob Gary L Humphries, Batesville Kenten H. Hunnell. Lakeview William A. Hurley. Bernie. Mo. Marilyn J. Hyatt, Paragould David E. Hylle. Wynne Carolyn S Jackson. Jonesboro Leola L. Jackson. Paragould Robert S. Jackson. Jonesboro Roger D. Jacobs. Egypt Andrew J. Jansen III. Pocshontas Ruth A Jefferies. Brinkley John T. Jennings. Augusta Paul H. Jensen. Chicago, III. ■ 13 «■ . W 1 L 1 S O 1 1 - Hi mi 350 Sophomores " Playboy " just isn ' t what it used to be. Linda E. Jernigan, Lepanto Keith G. Jessen, Mountain View Billy E. Jester. Jonesboro Elizabeth Johns, Jonesboro Greg Lee Johns. Campbell. Mo. Annie Marie Johnson. Hardy Donna F. Johnson. Bald Knob Henry Johnson 111. Blytheville Jim Johnson. Pine Bluff Linda C. Johnson, Walnut Ridge Robert E. Johnson. Monticello Thomas Johnson. Palos Verde. Calif. Tomazine Johnson, Jonesboro Tommy L. Johnson. Senath, Mo. Walter H. Johnson. Jonesboro Dwana S. Johnston. Blytheville Daniel G. Jones. Jonesboro Donald L. Jones. Harrisburg Harry H. Jones, West Memphis James A. Jones. Batesville Louis Franklin Jones. Palestine Robert E. Jones, Searcy Sammie L. Jones, East Prairie. Mo. Vicki A. Jones, Little Rock Vicki K. Jones. Walnut Ridge Ray A. Jordan. Pine Bluff Ned A. Kalder. West Memphis Arnold R. Kant, Summersville. Mo. Charlotte C. Keeley. Blytheville Mary B. Keeter, Harrison Catherine S. Keith, Malvern Reggie D. Keith. Monette Angela H. Kelley. Jonesboro Charles D. Kelley. Jonesboro Leslie Kelley. Kennett, Mo. Ronnie H. Kelley. Hardy Andrew J. Kelley. Center Hill Jimmy H. Kemp, Jr., Rohwer Terry W. Kemp. Jacksonville Kathy L. Kennedy. Little Rock John P. Kennett, Leachville Karen K. Kent, Jonesboro Mary K. Kerr. Colt Katheriene L. Kersey. Jonesboro Fred B. Keton. Swifton Seth M. Kieffer. Weiner Paul D. Kimberlin. Joiner Brenda S. Kimmel. Jonesboro William Troy Kinard. Grubbs Donald E. King. Harrisburg James H. King. Earle Larry E. King. Tyronza Phillip D. Kingston. Paragould William J. Kirkland. Blytheville Jean Dianne Kjeldgaard. El Dorado Christopher L. Knight, Jonesboro 351 Sophomores Bandsman awaits halftime and hopes no footballs sail into the end zone. . 1 ✓ - 4 J J US lb 1 JBL ■ r t ' fin 1 5 B iiiiiti 1..-. E , I V ' Ml •a v 1 1 Iff " i F L3 r -sr | TH. » • nY » Jb -- l mI " " ' feikJil iSn i jBI 1 Reuben Thomas Knight. Augusta Patty L. Kokonas. Park Ridge, 111. Angela B. Roller. Lepanto Patricia A. Koon, Little Rock Jeffrey H. Kootz, Marked Tree Robert J. Koorstad, Hardy James F. Kyle, Memphis. Tenn. Mose H. Kyle. Jr., Harrisburg Velma K. LaFarlette. Blytheville Darrel W. Lancaster, Jonesboro Susan M. Lancaster. Blytheville Floyd R. Landrum. Piggott James Vance Laney. Dallas. Texas Harry D. Langiey. N. Little Rock Ronnie D. Langston. Lepanto Debbi K. Lamar, Jonesboro Clarence W. Lambert. Blytheville Dwight B. Lawerence. Ft. Smith Don W. Lawson, Jonesboro Richie E. Lawson, Corning William G. Lawson. Crossett Buddy J. Layton, Blytheville James A. Lea, Judsonia Susan L. Leach, West Memphis Barbara Ann Lewallen, Trumann Carolyn Lewis, San Diego, Calif. Ronald K. Liles. Blytheville Glenda J. Lindsey. Searcy Paula M. Linsky. Hyde Park. Mass. Deborah M. Little. Hickory Ridge De Nann B. Littleton. Dardanelle Sheryl E. Lockhart. Augusta Stephen M. Lockhart, Metairie, La. Barbara J. Long. McCrory LeeE. Lorick, DeWitt Charles E. Love, Newport Suzanne Love, Jonesboro Jerry D. Lee, Brinkley Larry Lunday. Augusta Michael Lynn Lybarger, Monette Glenn E. Lynch. Jr., Blytheville John F. Lyons. Plymouth Meeting, Pa Kathleen E. Lyons. Jacksonville Jeri L. Mace, Jonesboro Sheilah A. Maddox, Jacksonville Phillip E. Madison, Newport Edwina A. Mallory, Hot Springs Michael Mallory. Hot Springs Sam R. Manah, Corning Roger D. Manasco. Marianna Mary L. Mangrum. Black Oak Jimmy L. Mann, Newport Roger T. Mann, Piggott Patricia A. Manning. Bunker, Mo. Paul W. Marchant, Calico Rock Barbara K. Marconi. Pine Bluff 352 Michael J. Marconi, West Memphis Garry D. Markin. Cardwell, Mo. Billy C. Martin, McCrory Carol B Martin, Benton Catherine S. Martin, Pocahontas Debbie A. Martin, Pine Bluff Eddie Martin, Jonesboro Patricia A. Martin. Harrison Li, X (a George Martine, Marion Gary L. Masner, West Memphis Judy A. Mason. Forrest City Charles S. Massey, Jonesboro Darryl E. Mathewson. Mountain Home Alvie M. Mayhan. Jonesboro Jerry G. Mays, Jonesboro Sharon R. McAlister, Valley Springs Hi am Sharon McAllister. Rector Donna A. McAnulty, Blytheville Bill McBride. Hot Springs Steve D. McBride. Paragould Sue McCulley, Paragould Karen L. McCann, Manila Thomas L. McClain, Jonesboro Lillian D. McCormick. Manila St n Michael L. McConnaughey, Paragould Robert E. McCord. Rector Vicki J. McCoy, Bono Jerry V. McCrackin. Jonesboro Gerald D. McCrillis, Piggott Larry E. McCurley, Brinkley James W. McDaniel. Pocahontas Ronald K. McDaniel, Jonesboro Mb $ r Mi KD ' s Stage Greek Kidnap 1 |fl| ! fl If ' ft I ' IT 1 . iltiiiiiifl ' t in IT " ' U n I 1 Ah 1 lt tW»ir ri»i H 1 MWHWMil ! 1 Woodie Sue McDaniel, Paragould Mary Kathryn McDonald. Paragould Gerald W. McElrath. Gideon, Mo. Bonnie J. McFarlin, Monette Shirley B. McFarlin, Monette Connie R. McGaughey, Newport Jerome H. McGee, Harrisburg David L. McGough. Winter Haven, Fla. Janie D. McGraw, Maiden, Mo. Karen S. McHalffey, Bay Michael G. Mclntire, Timbo Regina S. McKisson, Jonesboro Edward McLain, N. Little Rock Marsha L. McLarty, Hot Springs Patricia McLarty, Jonesboro Larry G. McMaster, Wynne Judy L. McMatton, N. Little Rock Brenda L. McMullin, Imboden Pam A. McMurry, Forrest City Rebecca K. McMurry, Benton Ralph D. McNair, Bruno Donna Meacham, Blytheville Sherry A. Meacham, N. Little Rock Michael E. Medlock. Little Rock Allen R. Meier, Pocahontas Barbara K. Meier. Paragould John Marc Metzler. Jonesboro John D. Meyer. Jefferson City. Mo. Mary Beth Micker. Frankfurt. Germany Jimmy P. Middleton, Leachville Roy L. Middleton, Poplar Bluff. Mo. Michael C. Milam. Pine Bluff Janis B. Miles. Rector Emma J Milliner. West Memphis William B. Miller, Trumann Robert D. Mills. Cherry Valley Sheila A Mills. Little Rock Joe Minor, Jr., Walnut Ridge Joyce Minton. Bono Sara K. Mitcham, Smackover 353 Ikl x til P it. is Lawrence Mitchell. Chesterton, Ind. Mercedes D. Mitchell. N. Little Rock Phillip H. Mitchell. Jonesboro Helen R. Mize. Batesville Timothy Mize. West Memphis John C. Moak. Little Rock Constance S. Mobley. Brookland Debbie A. Monday. Harrison Carlton Montgomery, Kennett, Mo. Tony Montgomery, Wardell, Mo. Austin T. Moody. DeValls Bluff Susan C. Moody, Pine Bluff Barbara J. Moon, Rockford. 111. Gwindle W. Mooney. Lake City Carol Moore, Walnut Ridge Charles R. Moore. N. Little Rock Dennis M. Moore. Weiner Douglas E. Moore, New Carlisle, Ind. Mary E. Moore, Jonesboro Mary K. Moore. Hot Springs Vernon D. Moore, Jonesboro Virginia E. Moore, Pocahontas Martina Moorhead, Forrest City Dewey Morgan, Jonesboro Jennifer D. Morgan, Monette Lanny R. Morgan. Hardy Michael R. Moritz. Hot Springs James M. Morris. Luxora Stacey Morris. Corning Daniel Morrison, Valley View William D. Morrison. Luxora Joe Morrow, Biggers ROTC ' s Fate Causes Controversy Pamela L. Mortimer. Jacksonville Sue Lee Moss. West Plains. Mo. Wilma J. Mote, Jonesboro Debra C. Mullen. Walnut Ridge Mona G. Mullins, Jonesboro James W. Murphy. Jonesboro Jeannine M Murphy. Brookland John D. Murphy. Bernie, Mo. Butch Murray. Foreman Hughie J. Murray. Little Rock Bruce E. Myers, McCrory Fonda R Myers, Beedeville Graham L. Nance, Jonesboro Cherly J. Nelson, Paragould Gary W. Newby. Bald Knob David Newingham. Risco, Mo. James E. Newson. Brookland Bonnie J. Nichols. Osceola Henry F Nichols. Holly Grove Larry E. Nichols. Wynne Louis J. Nisenbaum. Jonesboro Robert W. Norman. Des Arc Kichard H. Norris. Jonesboro Jerry R. North. West Plains. Mo. Donna L. Northcutt. West Memphis David L. Norwood, Tyronza Carla J. Nunley. Kennett. Mo. Mary G. Nunn. LakeCity Ted A. Olbricht. Thayer. Mo. Terrell Oliver. West Memphis Rose A. O ' Neal, Jonesboro Shirley S. Orman. Crawfordsville Laurie S O ' Koark, West Memphis Simone Ortega. Naha. Okinawa Lynn Orton. Pine Bluff Jerry D. Osbon. Beech Grove Gerald C. Overman, Caraway Jan S. Owen. Blythevillc Rodney K. Owen. Marniaduke Donnie Owens. Lake City r 1 i L it Aft 2$ 354 Sophomores An ASU coed always gets her man. Larry I . Palmer, Harrison Emmett D. Pankey. Trumann Vickie Lynn Pannell. Harrisburg Sherry A. Park. Nettleton Carol A. Parker, Blytheville Michael D. Parker, Pocahontas Sharon L. Parker, Harrisburg Byzie L. Parr. DeValls Bluff ml ft M Michael R. Parrish. Blytheville David L. Patrick. Pine Bluff Myra L. Patterson. Bassett Charles P. Patton, Malvern William R. Payne, Jonesboro Dwight D. Pearce, Bono Sammy H. Peebles, Newport Royce G. Pennington, Malvern si A tti. k Daisy M. Perry, Jonesboro Dennis Nick Perry. Jonesboro Joseph A. Peters. Newport Barry L. Phillips. Osceola Grisham A. Phillips, Benton John F. Phillips III, Holly Grove Susan L. Phillips. Tuckerman Barbara Ann Piatt. Leachville Richard L. Pierce. Walled Lake, Mich. Jayne J. Pingel, Forrest City Marta G. Pipkin, Harrisburg Roger D. Pitchford. Mountain Home Nancy H. Plumlee, Horseshoe Bend David L. Polsgrove, Piggott Teresa K. Porter, Augusta Diane M. Pratt. Jonesboro • •• ft I I. m Charles F. Pridmore, Newport Sandra K. Priest, Manila David L. Prince, Blytheville Ronald Lee Proctor, Wynne Sandy C. Provence, Tuckerman Diana S. Pruett. Sikeston, Mo. Joan Puddephatt. Pine Bluff Dennis B. Pulliam, Walnut Ridge ( Peggy J. Pulliam, Jonesboro David Purdy, Pine Bluff Helene G. Pyland, West Memphis Teddy G. Quails. Monette Frank E. Rains. DeWitt Eloise K. Raley. Jonesboro Rebecca Ann Raley. Wynne Sheiron J. Ramsey. Manila i sH k. Hi 1 Neil S. Raney. Jonesboro Melinda Rapert. Biggers Sandra J. Rash. Walnut Ridge Larry E. Ratchiff. Stuttgart Gary G. Ray. Monette Loretta Ray. Rector Michael D. Ray, Blytheville Rex D. Ray. Jacksonville A I 355 Sophomores I don ' t care u heu your birthday is you can ' t drop ROTC Robert E. Ray, Jonesboro Sarah D. Ray, Leachville Terry S. Ray, Jonesboro Linda L. Reaves, Harrisburg Exa W. Recker, Hoxie Nancy K. Reed, Campbell. Mo. Nancy Reed, Pine Bluff Nancy L. Reed, Little Rock Pennelope Reed. BraggCity, Mo. James C. Reese. Jonesboro Charles E. Reinhart. Paragould Barbara D. Reng, Jonesboro James C. Reynolds. Clarendon John R. Reynolds. Camden Phyllis A. Rice. Fordyce Larry K. Richardson, Clarkton, Mo. James F. Richardson, Marion Mary A. Richardson, Earle Dana B. Ridge, McCrory Gene Pawline Ridge, Lake City Mary E. Ridge. Lake City WilmaJ. Ring. Poughkeipsie Connie J. Risby. Ellsinore. Mo. Brenda N. Ritchey. Helena Terry D. Roach. Manila Gary J. Roberts. Marmaduke Harvey J. Roberts. Harrison Regina K. Robertson, Morrilton Steve D. Robertson. Stuttgart Deborah N. Robeson. Paragould Jackie E. Robinett. Jonesboro Gary M. Robinson, Campbell. Mo. Jack F. Robinson. Blytheville Fred L. Robken III, Texarkana Terry L. Rodery, Campbell, Mo. Adrian D. Rogers. Hoxie Eddie J. Rogers, Jonesboro James B. Rogers, Paragould Mike Rogers. Pine Bluff William K Romines. Trumann Mary M. Roads, Pocahontas Rickey D. Rook. Jonesboro Franklin R. Ross. Little Rock Debi D. Rowsey. Imboden Gretchen A. Rudkin, Gideon, Mo. David H. Runk. Little Rock Freddy C. Russell. Corning John D. Rutherford. Truman Michael E. Rutledge. Jonesboro Gary E. Ryan. Balch Jeffrey R. Sackett, E. St. Louis, 111. Delia A. Sadler. Wilson Deborah G. Sain, Paragould John F. Sain III. Walnut Ridge Warren K. Sale, Augusta Lark E. Sallee, Pocahontas 356 Brenda J. Sanders, El Dorado Gary L. Sanders, Brookland William D. Sanders. Batesville Herb A. Sanderson, Jonesboro Jo C. Sanderson, Jonesboro Lorraine D. Savelli, Jonesboro Jan R. Scarbrough. Cabot Robert W. Schafer, Stuttgart Jerry A. Scheer, Lafe Danny L. Scott, Walnut Kidge Diana B. Scott, Marianna Kenny D. Scott, Lake City Larry D. Scott. Mammoth Spring Timothy B. Scott. Pocahontas Barbara S. Sebourn, Holcomb. Mo. Bill Seratt, Lake Village Nancy Sexton, Kennett, Mo. Paula L. Sharp. Ash Flat James C. Shaver. Tyronza Danny S. Sheals, Osceola Alice L. Shelton, Paragould Morton H. Shelton, Jr.. Alicia Danny O. Shields. Peach Orchard Paul D. Shirley. Bono Terry L. Short, Paragould Ken K. Showalter, Tuckerman Douglas B. Shultz. Rector Deloise L. Shumpert, Birdsong Michael S. Sides. Jonesboro Woody W. Sigmin, Blytheville Donald W. Simmons, Poughkeepsie Kathy G. Simmons, Jonesboro AWS Sponsors St. Nick Dance Shirley A. Simpson, Jonesboro Dennis L. Sims, West Memphis Ann M. Singleton, Jacksonville Robert A. Singleton, Earle Bruce W. Sites, Altheimier Earl Skinner, Marion David R. Slaton, Wilson Judy A. Slatton, Paragould Phyllis J. Sloan. Pocahontas Joe A. Small, Senath, Mo. Thomas W Smalling, Paragould Pamela Jo Smart. Piggott Betty A. Smith, Jonesboro Betty L. Smith, Brookland Brenda S. Smith. Black Rock Carol Lynne Smith, Paragould Danny W. Smith, Paragould David L. Smith. Walnut Ridge Deborah L. Smith, Tuckerman Delores G. Smith, Osceola Joseph D. Smith, Sedgwick Kenneth C. Smith, Jonesboro Leon C. Smith. West Memphis Mary K. Smith. Wynne Michael L. Smith, Batesville Rhonda F. Smith, Hughes Robert J. Smith III, F ' rinceton, Ind. Thurman M. Smith. Milwaukee. Wis. Betty R. Smithee, Newport George M. Smithwick, Pine Bluff Scott Snellgrove, Jonesboro Joe A. Solomon. Pine Bluff Gary G. South, Jonesboro Brenda J. Spann, Jonesboro Noel E. Spence, Corning Charlotte A. Springle. Jonesboro Bennie G. Spurlock. McRae Billy B. Stacy, Monette Babe E. Stage, Paragould Lura A. Stallcup. Brinkley Brave Performs Indian Dances Kenneth D. Stuart. Malvern Marshall R. Stuart. Pine Bluff Paul J. Stultz. Jonesboro Perry P. Sullins, Newport James R. Sumner, Carlisle Terry J. Sumpter. Earle Mary L. Swaim. Jonesboro Kenneth L. Swanson, McCrory Barbara G. Sweat. VVeldon Elizabeth P. Swindle, Walnut Ridge Phillip M Swindle. Paragould Douglas C. Szenher, Hot Springs Arthur A. Tacker, Harrisburg Michael H. Tacker, Jonesboro Jean E. Tansil. Beaumont. Tex. James Tart, Blytheville Cynthia L. Tarver, Kennet. Mo. Beverly C. Taylor. Harrisburg Bonnie G. Taylor, Forrest City Bruce W. Taylor, Jonesboro Clifford A. Taylor. Pine Bluff James S. Taylor, Forrest City Kathleen F. Taylor. Paragould Louella Taylor. Brookland James W. Temple, Stuttgart David R. Tennison. Paragould Charles M Terral. Marvell Deborah R. Thielemier. Pocahontas Edward Thomas. Winter Haven, Fla. Randall S. Thomas. Stuttgart Terry R Thomas. Caruthersville. Mo. William E. Thomas, Newport Douglas B Thompson, Senath, Mo Jerry K Thompson, Swifton Jimmy D Thompson, Parkin Michael N. Thompson. Wynne Dennis E. Thrasher, Rector Donley C. Threet. Steele. Mo. Susan Throgmorton, Piggott Linda J Tidwell. Qulin, Mo. 358 Sophomores An interested (?) group of students and faculty attend the discussion on mandatory ROTC. Harold Tilley, Monette Lydia A. Tilley. Fisher Marilyn Tillman. Hayti. Mo. Billy Don Tiner. Pocahontas Lanny R. Tinker, Hoxie Lena S. Tomlinson, Paragould Frank J. Toney. Tampa. Fla. Laurie Toole. Warren James C. Torjusen. Blytheville Lynn M. Tosh. Jonesboro Mike W. Tosh, Jonesboro Denny J. Treadway, Newport William H. Treneman, Jonesboro David Trim, Forrest City Marsha K. Troillett. Little Rock Carolyn K. Trotter. Mountain View Robert M. Trotter. McCrory Jackie D. Truelove. Jonesboro Cynthia E. Truxton, Little Rock Marvin Dale Tull, Stuttgart Tom Tull, Jonesboro Sharron K. Turman. Jonesboro Gail D. Turner. Jonesboro Gussie L. Turner. Jonesboro Katherine A. Turner. Naylor. Mo. Robert B. Turner, Wynne Tommy G. Turner, Paragould Roger D. Turpin. Moro Lois Ann Tusing. Dell Steve B. Tye. Searcy David D. Tyler. Pocahontas Lanny W. Tyler, Steele. Mo. Terry Michael Tyler. Little Rock Annette Vaccaro. Forrest City Howard E. Vance. Walnut Ridge Donald E. Vancil, Braseley. Mo. Louise R. VanPelt. Paragould Linda Kay Varnell. Little Rock James M. Vaughn, Paragould Robert W. Vaughn, Steele. Mo. Samuel D. Vaught, Hickory Ridge Harry R. Veach. Manila Carolyn S. Vent. Carlisle Charlotte L. Volk. Cherry Valley Garry L Waddell. Manila Debbie A. Wade. Paragould Dalmer G. Wagner, Jonesboro Jimmy D. Wagster. Rector Dan L. Walker. Jonesboro Donnie E. Walker, Rector Garry W. Walker. Lake City John D Walker. Newport Karyn Sue Walker. N. Little Rock Michael J. Walker. Little Rock Patricia A. Walker. Jonesboro Ralph L. Walker. Jr.. Marked Tree -j. iMfP ja ma . fi( m 359 Sophomores When -Johnny comes marching home again — hecan let his hair grow out. Tommy L. Walker. Marked Tree Mary E. Wallace. Blytheville Sherry L. Wallace. Lake City Gary L. Waller, Paragould Prentis W. Wallis. Jonesboro Barry L. Walls. Harrisburg Bonita L. Walton. El Dorado Carl E. Ward. West Memphis Danny R. Ward. Augusta Pam G. Ward. England Walter E. Ward, N. Little Rock Dale D. Washam, Mammoth Spring Brent E. Watkins, Jonesboro Charles L. Watkins. Jonesboro Karen Jan Watkins, Bono Future Mae Watson. Newport James S. Watson. Kennett. Mo, Philip L. Watson, N. Little Rock Richard H. Watts, Benton William S. Watts, Lynn Barbara G. Webb. Blytheville David L. Webb, Blytheville Michael Y. Webb, Tuckerman Gary L. Webster, Cash Louise Weitkamp, Pocahontas Jerry R. Welch, Jonesboro Catherine M. Wells, Blytheville Kathleen M. Werner, Gideon, Mo. Pfeifer L. Wesley. Newport Diane Wess. Paragould Charles L. West, Judsonia Francis R. Westbrook. Blytheville Teresa E. Westbrook, Jonesboro Dicky Wheeler, Newport Ronald A. Wheeler, Rector Johnny P. Wherry, Newark Debra C. Whisenhunt. West Memphis Sarah J. Whistle, Osceola Mary A. Whitaker, Osceola Roberta A. Whiteaker, Campbell, Mo. Terry H, Whiting, Tichnor Wallace Whitlow, Judsonia Ronny D. Whitt. Hickory Ridge Jerry Dean Whitten, Alton. Mo. Sharon J. Whitten. Lepanto Billy Wilcox. Lauach Jimmy C. Wilcox, Paragould Mike Ray Wilcox, Paragould Judy C. Wilcoxson, Kennett, Mo. Betty S. Wilkerson. Success Donna W. Wilkins, Jacksonville Thomas W. Wilkins, Parkin Alfred A. Williams. Blytheville Boyd S. Williams, Marvell Clyde W. Williams, Jonesboro Diane Williams. Brinkley 360 Harland E. Williams, Blytheville James F. Williams, Paragould Johnny M. Williams, Black Oak Lee A. William s, Kennett, Mo. Loretta Williams, Strawberry Michael D. Williams, Jonesboro Rodger L. Williams, Carlisle Ross S. Williams, Marion Ronald C. Williams, Cord Charles D. Willis. Paragould Nancy L. Willis. Bar Harbor. Maine Steven S. Willis. Sikeston, Mo. Janice L. Wilmoth, Lepanto Daniel G. Wilson. Wynne Frederick B. Wilson. Reiser Lora A. Wilson. Dardanelle Margaret L. Wilson, Little Rock Mark K. Wilson. Earle Mary D. Wilson. Marianna Larry C. Winberry. Paragould Dick V. Wineland, Paragould Ritchie L. Winkler. Jacksonville Maria J. Winters. Newport Georgia C. Wise, Bay Jim A. Wofford. Paragould Bill G. Womack. St. Louis. Mo. Craig D. Wood, Richmond, Calif. Douglas R. Wood. Jonesboro Ralph E. Wood. Camden Clarence W. Woodard. Trumann Martha D. Woodham. Cherry Valley Stephen O. Woodruff. Jonesboro Maria Stewart Named Homecoming Queen 4 i imm L i I, ■ iJ " i 1 Sharon G. Young, Trumann Ervin B. Younger, St. Joe Larry M. Ziegenhorn. Jonesboro Bobby D. Woodrum. Harrisburg Kathy J. Wooldridge, Paragould Elizabeth L. Wooten, Blytheville Michael T. Worley, Bald Knob Bobby R. Wortham, Cash Barbara A. Wright, Osceola Charles L. Wright, Weiner Deborah K. Wright, Jonesboro Karen L. Wright, Campbell, Mo. Jackie Wyatt, Blytheville Fonnie G. Yates. Monette David Young. Hot Springs David M. Young, Pine Bluff Mary R. Young, Wynne Pamela J. Young, Osceola Rebecca B. Young, Wynne 361 Charles Edward Abbott. Blythevill Robert P. Abbott, Jonesboro Vicki J. Abbott, Newport .John D. Abel. Stuttgart Christopher Acklin. Stuttgart Jan Adams, Jonesboro Jimmy Lynn Adams. Manila Karan J. Adams. Little Rock Kay F. Adams. Kennett, Mo. Larry W. Adams. Rector Rebecca L. Adams. Paragould Wendell Adams, Jonesboro William B. Alcorn, Newport James Alexander, Pine Bluff Larry Alexander, Mt. Vernon Lois A. Alexander. Swifton Janet L. Allen, Bradley Thomas N. Allen, Marianna Aubrey Allensworth, Blytheville Gearey L. Amnions, Osceola Gary W. Anderson, Paragould Rex D. Anderson. Jonesboro Ronnie E. Anderson, Grubbs Swan W. Anderson, Portia Shirley J. Andrews. Jonesboro Charlette Anthony. Marianna Margie Armour. Memphis. Tenn. Belva L. Armstrong. Pocahontas Karen S. Armstrong, Jonesboro Gina A. Arnold, Newport Sherry L. Arnold, Jonesboro Susan L. Arnold, Little Rock Freshmen Enrollment Declines Charles M. Arwood, Forrest City Lanny L. Ashburn, Little Rock Pamula J. Ashford, Memphis, Tenn, Sidney R. Atkison, Parkin Paul S. Austin. Imboden Richard Alan Aycock, Little Rock Joy S. Backman, Blytheville Robert D. Bahn. Blytheville Wesley W. Bailey, Hughes Carolyn Kay Bain, Paragould Lena Verneal Baker, McCrory Johnny Wade Baldi, Marion Patricia L. Baldridge, Monette Paul Balducci, Stuttgart Billy F. Baldwin, Hickory Ridge Darrell D. Ball. Elaine Loretta Ann Baltz, Pocahontas Thomas R. Baltz, Pocahontas Tim A. Baltz, Pocahontas Jimmy D. Banks, Trumann Cleveland E. Barfield, Little Rock Robert A. Barger. Melbourne Mike L. Barkley. Brookland Bob Barlow. Nederland. Texas Beverly Ann Barnes. Pine Bluff Cathy R. Barnes. Conway Julia A. Barnes. Walnut Ridge Luana Barnes, Steele, Mo. Mary L. Barnes, Tuckerman Benjamin L. Barnett, Jonesboro Linda G. Barnett. Jonesboro Mary M. Barre, Pocahontas Ronald E. Barton, Alton Jon E. Baskin. Malvern Thoma9 H. Baskins, West Helena Brenda L. Basler. Ste. Genevieve, Mo. Audrey N. Bates, Waldenburg Mary F. Bates. Melbourne Anthony W. Baughman, Black Rock Clifford P. Baughman, Harrison • I " " " " if I i for M markX (Johnston) m m Freshman Class President Freshmen for FtfShrt l V l£ pfKESENTAT VE Freshmen become artistic (luring elections. Paul Mike Baur. Doniphan, Mo. Jerry W. Beard. Osceola Reta Bearden. Jonesboro Ronnie Hugh Beck. Clarendon Judy Becker. Jonesboro Lee Beckman. Bernie. Mo. Cynthia Bell. Jonesboro Sheila E. Bell. Saffell Cathy M. Bellingrath. Newport Henry L. Behnen, Belleville. 111. Debby M. Bennett. N. Little Rock Michael Bennett, Jonesboro Sharon Yvonne Bennett. Carlisle Timothy Ray Bennett. Jonesboro David B. Bentley. Little Rock Sylvia J. Bergey. So. Dayton. N Y. James Lon Berry. Midland. Tex. Ramona Berry. St. Louis. Mo. Stephan L. Berryman, Stuttgart William Biggs. Wentzville. Mo. Brenda K. Billingsley, Franklin Pamela P. Billingsley. Evening Shade Thomas S. Billingsley. Franklin Larry J. Bishop. Rector Morris W. Bitely. Gould Anne K. Bittinger. Hudson Falls. N.Y. Sandra L. Bittle. Jonesboro Glenn Avery Bivins. Caruthersville, Mo. Shelly J. Black. Jonesboro Thea E. Black. Jonesboro Charles Blackburn, Tuckerman Kathryn Ann Blackman. Bono Barbara R. Blagg, Hot Springs Janie W. Blagg. Newport David A. Blair. Jonesboro Susan P. Blake. Trumann Darrell Blalock. Grubbs Larry D. Blalock. Cash Kathleen Blanchard, Jonesboro Sandra Blankenship. Cardwell. Mo. Linda F. Bledsoe. Dyess William P. Bledsoe. Forrest City Joyce Boggan. Jacksonville James E. Boggs, Newport Ann Carol Bond. Jonesboro Nancy C. Bond. N. Little Rock Charles E. Bonds. Tuckerman Paula J. Bone. Jonesboro Sara J. Bone. Jonesboro Sherilyn J. Bone, Paragould Daniel M. Boozer, Paragould Donna L. Born. Jonesboro Betty J. Bornhoft. Weiner John A. Bornhoft. Weiner Patricia A. Bornhoft. Weiner Billy S. Bourland, Jonesboro 363 Freshmen Don Floyd proclaims " pecan fever " epidemic. it 1 Vickey G. Boutwell, Batesville Norman J. Bowen, Jr., Trumann Ronald E. Bowers, Jonesboro Larry D. Bowman, Osceola Gary T. Box, Jonesboro Danny T. Boyd, Little Rock Darlister S. Boyd, West Memphis Judy A. Boyd, Campbell. Mo. Richard R. Boyd, Pine Bluff Sarah B. Boyd, Grubbs June Boyer, Paragould Rebecca L. Boyles, Augusta John S. Bracy, Batesville Danny E. Bradley. Jonesboro David E. Bradley, Newport Glenda J. Bradley. Jonesboro Judith M. Bradley, Paragould Michael A. Brady, Piggott Roger D. Bramlett, Stuttgart Steve H. Branch, Paragould Larry E. Brannen, Egypt Sam D. Brannum. Jonesboro David R. Branstetter, West Memphis Bobby G. Branum, Malvern Hoyle J. Braswell, Jonesboro David G. Brecheen, Harrisburg Joe R. Brecklein, Walnut Ridge William K. Brewer, Monette Ronald Brewington, Marked Tree Kent H. Brewster, Benton Teresa J. Brickell, Caraway George A. Briggs, Florissant, Mo. James K. Briggs, Crawfordsville Melinda J. Briggs. Little Rock Sterling Briggs, Jr., Crawfordsville Thomas L. Briggs, Crawfordsville Teresa N. Briley. Blytheville Barbara S. Brock, Marianna Lila K. Brock, Elaine John W. Broyden, Kennett, Mo. Randy R. Broglen, Jonesboro Flossie M. Brooks, Madison Greg A. Brooks, Marvell Robert L. Brooks, Haynes Stephen R. Brooks ' , St. Louis, Mo. Brenda K. Brothers, Blytheville Abby W. Brown, Little Rock Cathy M. Brown, Pocahontas Charlotte A. Brown. Jonesboro Dwight M. Brown. Little Rock Letha S. Brown. Pocahontas Lionne K. Brown. Eaton. Ind. Patricia A. Brown. Jonesboro Teresa J. Brown, Forrest City Tommy C. Brown, Harrisburg John R. Brownlee, Blytheville 364 New Cafeteria Opens Three Floors 365 Cynthia M. Church, Leachville James H. Churchill, Cotton Plant Linda K. Churchill, Jonesboro Barbara Clark, Marvell David B. Clark. Jonesboro Hillard D.Clark, Bay Marilyn E. Clark, Jonesboro Roger L. Clark. Jonesboro Michael D. Clary. Star City Vicky L. Clem. Altheimer Jimmy Cline. Bono Pamela E. Cobb, McGehee Harvey J. Cockrill. West Memphis Barbara J. Cody, Wynne Christy A. Coffey, Jonesboro Judy A. Coffman, Russell Terry A. Coggin. Caraway Teresa L. Colbert. Jonesboro Larry S. Cole. Jonesboro Carolyn J. Coleman. Holland, Mo. Charlotte D. Coleman, Jonesboro Sharon A. Coleman, Jonesboro Sharon G. Collatt, Benton Becky J. Collier. Harrisburg Helen C. Collier. Blytheville Patsy R. Collins. Jonesboro Marcia L. Compton. Pocahontas William Michael Cone. Melbourne David Conrad. Jonesboro Cherry L. Cook. Jonesboro Dianne K. Cook, Alicia Jay W. Cook, Jr.. Chicago, 111. SGA Dances Improve Summer School John C. Cook. Jonesboro Lotus H. Cooksey. Jonesboro Danny Cooper. Jonesboro Donna J. Cooper. Pocahontas Gary M. Cooper. Jonesboro Jack L. Cooper. McDo ugal Monta J. Cooper. Pine Bluff Paul E. Cooper. Cooter. Mo. Sharon S. Cooper. West Memphis Steven M. Cooper. Harrisburg Terry H. Cooper. Jonesboro Edward Cormick. Charleston Jimmy D. Corter. Monette Joseph M. Costello. Pine Bluff Charles A. Cothran. N. Little Rock Linda J. Cottle. Knobel Donald Edward Crader, Wilson Sheliah Karen Craft, Weiner Carol June Crafton, Paragould Jim F. Craig. Jonesboro Steve Craig. Tyronza Thomas A. Craig, Jonesboro Samuel A. Creed, Jonesboro Steve M. Crismon. Pocahontas Mary V. Crisp. Elaine Julia L Crist. Jonesboro Eva M. Croft, Jonesboro Keith E. Croft. Jonesboro Vivian J. Crouch. Parkin Nila J. Cruce. Lafe John D Crue, West Ridge Donna B Crumbaugh. Jonesboro Gayla A Cullum. Monette Gerald Wayne Cunningham. Campbell. Mo. Glenda R Cunningham. Walnut Ridge Vicki A. Curtis. Hayti. Mo Donna L. Dacus. Jonesboro Jerry D. Dacus. Jonesboro Sterling R. Dalby. Batesville Patricia A. Dale, Piggott 366 James E. Dallari. Pine Bluff Joan Dalziel, North Little Rock Peggy J. Dame. Walnut Ridge Vickie L. Dame, Walnut Ridge Danny J. Daniel, Reyno Marion C. Daniel, Hot Springs Karen G. Dauck, Pocahontas Lendell D. Davidson, Knobel Calmus J. Davis, Earle Clyde S. Davis, Blytheville Peter Davis, Indianapolis. Ind. James A. Davis, Newark John M. Davis, Paragould Judy K. Davis. Jonesboro Mary E. Davis, Hardy Mary M. Davis. Little Rock Melba L. Davis, Lake City Nancy S. Davis, Newport Rae Jean Davis. Rector Richard A. Davis. Pine Bluff Shelley J. Davis. Blytheville Stephen P. Davis, Manila Thomas J. Davis. Jr., Benton Larry W. Davison, Jonesboro Loretta Day. Augusta Beadie M. Dean. Delaplaine Charles W. Deatherage. Jonesboro Kenneth L. Deckelman. Harrisburg John D. DeClerk. Pocahontas Janet L. Deere, North Little Rock Sharon K. DeFord. Trumann Carolyn E. DeGraw. Paragould Jean A. Dehls. Pittsburgh. Pa. Ronal G. DeJarnette, Pine Bluff Rick D. Delaney, Jonesboro Danel L. DeMent. St. Charles. Mo. Anne Dennis. Newport Joy Denton, Jacksonville Freddy L. Derden, Stuttgart Rich E. Deuser, St. Louis, Mo. Freddy W. Dickinson, Marmaduke Clarence C. Dickson, West Memphis Henry J. Dickson, Forrest City Tommy K. Dixon. Eudora Stephen P. Dole, Camden Sherrie N. Dollins. Paragould James E. Donham. Pine Bluff Steve M. Dorris. Blytheville Terry A. Dorris, Alton, Mo. Eulas L. Dorton. Cash Larry D. Dossett. Little Rock Paul H. Doty. Walnut Ridge Brenda J. Douglas, West Memphis Warren H. Douglas. Jonesboro Roberta G. Downs. Harrisburg Jane Ducker. Pineville 367 Freshmen There ' s no limit to what a freshman player will do to impress Bennie Ellender Kathy S. Duckworth, Piggott Charles R. Duffel, Jonesboro Dorothy J. Duncan, Jonesboro GaleW. Duncan, Blytheville Gwendolyn C. Duncan, Blytheville Phillip J. Duncan, Blytheville Romona L. Duncan. Jonesboro Larry N. Dunham, Jonesboro Patti K. Dunkerson, Harrisburg Brenda J. Dunlap, Piggott Patricia J. Dunn, Agnos Joseph E. Durham, Marianne Priscilla L. Earnhart, Jonesboro Lynn East. Tyronza Marta L. Easterly, Jonesboro Brenda C. Eddington, Datto Jerry L. Edgar, Bono Sue Edington, Corning Jerone E. Edwards, Gatesville, Tex. Judith A. Edwards, Blytheville LeAnn Edwards, McGehee Tanna R. Edwards, Jonesboro Cary R. Elbert, Jonesboro Catherine N. Elkins. Jonesboro Janet M. Elledge, Cherry Valley Curtis R. Ellington, Paragould Michael L. Elliott. North Little Rock Rebecca A. Elliott. Tuckerman James F. Ellis, Houston, Texas Ronald W. Ellis. Bakersfield. Calif. Teresa M. Ellis. Blytheville David F. Ellzey, Osceola Anne E. Elmore, Paragould Cydney F. Elslander, Heber Springs Robbie E. Emerson, Jonesboro Ricky D. Emery. Jonesboro James M. Emmert. Paragould Corlis L. England, Mammoth Spring Gaylen R. England. Paragould Shelly S. English, North Little Rock Phyllis R. Eoff, Blytheville Thomas W. Epperson, Malvern John L. Epps, Searcy Samuel L. Erwin, Star City Kathy D. Essig, Paragould Glenda L. Etchieson, Blytheville Patricia A. Fagan, Doniphan, Mo. Patricia E. Fagins, Jonesboro Chris Farley. Paragould Linda E. Farley. Crawfordsville Hanford M. Farrell. Brinkley Deborah Faulkenberry, Jonesboro Johnita P. Faulkner, Harrisburg Jeanette Fawcett, Ashdown Barbara A Featherston, Piggott Charles E. Felker, Kennett, Mo. 368 Gary W. Felty, Paragould Peggy D. Ferguson, Carlisle Judy K. Fetters, Lake City Janet L. Files. Walnut Ridge Regenia K. Files, Manila Steve Files. Hunter Barre F. Finan, Jonesboro Carl H. Finch, Little Rock David B. Fisher. Blytheville Gary W. Fisher, Anamosa, Iowa Brenda K. Fisk. Corning Vernon D. Flagg, Blytheville Marion C. Flanigan, Harrisburg Robert D Flannigan, Jr., Monette Kathy Lynn Fleming, Wilson Frank W. Fletcher, West Memphis Gary M. Fletcher, Caraway Janet D. Flynt, Jonesboro Mike W. Fondren. Forrest City Charles R. Forbes, West Memphis Dennis H. Ford, Marked Tree Lanita G. Ford. Paragould Ralph B. Fore, Jr., McCrory Addie M. Forney, Marianna James W. Forrest. Jonesboro Danny L. Forrester, Jonesboro Ralph L. Forrester, Jonesboro Gary W. Fortune, Brinkley Michael R. Fortune, Newport Linda R. Foster, Salem Scott E. Foster. Orlando, Fla. Brenda R. Fowler, Benton IFC, Panhellenic Repair Pavilion Lee Ann Fowler. Jonesboro Norman E. Francis, Trumann Mary C. Franklin, Parkin William M. Franklin, Jonesboro Rocky J. Fratesi, Pine Bluff Jerome Lee Frazer, Batesville Anita G. Frazier, Jonesboro Maurine Freeze, Jonesboro Martha J. French. Piggott Mary A. French, Jonesboro Vickie S. French, Rector Linda J. Fritz. Senath, Mo. William A Fulkerson, III, Paragould Jimmy D. Fuller, Oil Trough Ricky H. Gaines, Parkin Joetta F. Gaither, North Little Rock George R. Gambill, Jonesboro Robert A. Gambill, Jonesboro Jay C. Gamblin, Jonesboro Marlene K. Gamec, Jonesboro Gaylon H. Gammill, Jonesboro Cheryl R. Gandl. Little Rock Patsy L. Gann, Blytheville Benny F. Gardner, West Memphis Daniel L. Gardner. Blytheville Mark Alan Gardner, Little Rock Daniel P. Garner, Little Rock Mike Wayne Gardner, Hayti, Mo. David A. Garner. Manila Jimmy C. Garner. Jonesboro Lewis A. Garner, Little Rock Nancy K. Garner, Lafe Pamela J. Garner. Jonesboro Gary C. Garrett. Blytheville Carol S. Garrison, Alton, Mo. Phyllis Garrison, Cave City Danny O. Gartman, Trumann Alfred J Gates. Osceola Sandra L. Gates, Osceola Barbara A. Gatlin. Paragould 369 James F. Gatlin, Belleville, 111. Clarence A. Getchell, Little Rock Paula R. Gibbs, Newport Thomas H. Gibbs, Star City Deborah A. Gibson, Jonesboro Deborah K. Gibson, Jacksonville Linda K. Gibson, Clarksville Robert Gibson III. Driver Donald A. Gilmer, Jonesboro Donald R. Gillespie. Osceola James C. Gillespie. Jonesboro Roger L. Gilmore. Swifton Bobby D. Gipson. Jonesboro Gary D. Gipson, Jonesboro James L. Gipson, Blytheville Robert G. Gist, Paragould Vicki Jo Givens. Weiner Mike I. Glasgow, Kennett, Mo. Jacqueline L. Glasgow, Jonesboro Brenda F. Glaze. Bald Knob Laura L. Glover. Benton Louie L. Glover. Marion Patricia A. Glover. Pine Bluff Harvey E. Goad, Bradford Russell A. Goad. Jonesboro Jack M. Goatcher, Little Rock Steve D. Gobble. Houston, Mo. Barbara S. Goble, Osceola John C. Golden. Batesville Michael O. Goodman, Trumann Terry Goodman. Fort Dodge, Iowa David R. Goodson, Black Oak SGA Presents The ' Brooklyn Bridge ' Kristie Goodwin, El Dorado Gregory A. Gordon, O ' Fallon, III. Joe W. Gordon, Marked Tree Camellia J. Gore, Rector Stanley D. Gramling, Jonesboro Verne D. Graves, DeWitt Gary D. Gray, Tuckerman Jimmy F. Gray, Tyronza Danna R. Green, Doniphan, Mo. Kenneth L. Green, Jonesboro Linda S. Green. Tuckerman Sandra Y. Green, Jonesboro Vernon G. Green, Coulterville, 111. William E. Green. Little Rock Charlotte L. Green, Newport Marilyn Greene. Little Rock Ann C. Greenwell, Jonesboro David F. Greenwood, North Little Rock Becky K. Greer, Blytheville James E. Greer, Blytheville Mary A. Greer. Proctor Otto Greer III, Fort Worth, Texas Steve M. Greer. Kennett, Mo. Brenda G. Gregory, Kankakee. III. Deborah A. Gregory, Caraway Dennis D. Gregory. Rector Patricia F. Gregson, Jonesboro Janet L. Greider. North Little Rock Ronald C. Griffin, Hughes Susan K. Griffin. Little Rock Joe C Griffith. Jr., Jonesboro Ronnie J Grisham. Black Oak Nannie C. Grobmyer, Wy nne Larry A Grubb. North Little Rock Joe R, Gude, Blytheville Harold Gunter. Pine Bluff Roger W Hackman. Judsonia Truman R. Hackworth. Pocahontas Robert C. Hafner. Jonesboro Terry G. Hager. Walnut Ridge 1 1 Hi f ' 370 Freshmen Another day, another dollar. Thelma D. Haggans. Jonesboro Marian L. Haigh, Parkin Ricky H. Halbrook, Melbourne Mary N. Haler. Paragould James F. Haley, McGehee Rickey A. Haley, Piggott Brenda L. Hall. Jonesboro Charles F Hall, Blytheville Claudia J. Hall, Greenway Larry D.Hall, Pine Bluff Pawnee P. Halliburton, Somis. Calif. Charles D. Hamilton, Pine Bluff Luraine Hamilton, Portia Janet L. Hamlett, Maiden, Mo. Janice R. Hammer, Forrest City Floetta J. Hammett, Trumann Rosemary Hampton, North Little Rock Virginia M. Hampton, Blytheville Clinton R. Hancock. Knobel Clyde R. Hancock. Knobel Kindall D. Hankins. DeValls Bluff Philip H. Hankins. Little Rock Shiela M. Hardin. Rector Teddy R. Hardin. Marmaduke Thomas R. Hardin. Monette Rosemary A. Hardy. Jonesboro Gary J. Harlow. West Memphis Donald A. Harmon. Batesville Julia K. Harmon. Desha Paula M. Harmon. Hardy Shirley V. Harmon, Jonesboro Sirva Haroutunian, Memphis. Tenn. Elizabeth A. Harper. Rogers Mark S. Harriman. Jonesboro Bobby G. Harris, Paragould David M. Harris, Cherokee Village James E. Harris, Little Rock Rebecca L. Harris, Camden Johnny D. Hartwick, Damascus Richard T. Hartz. Hazen Rickey C. Harvey. Swifton Linda G. Harvey. Russell Dione D. Harvill, Pine Bluff Rudy M. Hatcher. Mountain Home Roy E. Hathcock. Memphis. Tenn. Darrell K. Hawkins. Gideon, Mo. John W. Hawkins, Manila Mackie L. Hawkins. Manila Walter D. Haydon. Little Rock Larry D. Hayes. Osceola Linda D. Haynes. Blytheville Robert N. Haynes. Blytheville Martha J . Hays. Jonesboro Opal M. H ead. Cotton Plant Mary Jo Heafner. Walnut Ridge James R. Heard. Newport 371 Freshmen Attention! Attention boys! Boys? Attention? Gayle M. Hebner, Little Rock Ronnie 0. Hedger, Jonesboro John M. Helvering, Bradford Johnny L. Hendrix, Paragould Sherry L. Hendrix, Bono Edgar T. Henry, Blytheville Gary Leon Henry, Jonesboro Martha E. Henry, Stuttgart Melva Joann Henry, Salem Buel L. Henson, Heber Springs Paul L. Henson. Blytheville Norma F. Heringer, Jonesboro Jimmy E. Heritage, Reyno Phillip J. Herlein, Helena Barney A. Hess, Largo, Fla. Kathryn J. Hess, Wynne Dan G. Hesse, Weiner Lonnie D. Hibbard, Pocahontas Leslie M. Hickey, Jonesboro Herman G. Hickman, Trumann Tony A. Hickman. Black Oak Charley A. Hicks, Trumann Terry L. Hicks, Paragould Barbara S. Hiers. Pine Bluff Patti S. Higginbottom, Tuckerman Larry W. Higgins, Marked Tree Murray O. Hightower, Trumann Charles F. Hill, Lake City Erma J. Hill, Moro Jim C. Hill, Paragould Johnny D. Himschoot, Agnos Joe M. Hinesly, Hornersville, Mo. William C. Hobbs, Pine Bluff Sandra L. Hobgood, Pollard Ann Hodge, Melbourne Debbie A. Hodge, Jonesboro James T. Hodges, Jonesboro Michael J. Hoffmann, Jonesboro Donna S. Hogins, Greenwood. Miss. Dennis H. Hogland, Paragould Teddy L. Hoke, Paragould Norman G. Holbrooks, Jonesboro Timothy E. Holcomb. Little Rock Steven D. Holden. Trumann Tommie J. Holden, Trumann Gail Holeman, Brickeys Johnny R. Holifield, Blytheville Patricia D. Holifield, Jonesboro Pamela J. Holland, Jacksonville Phillip G. Holleman, McCrory Charles K. Holley, Heber Springs RayK. Hollis. Salem Robert T. Holloway, Linton. Ind. Randy J. Holman, Green Forest James L. Holmes, Hazen Paul V. Holmes, West Memphis 372 William E. Holmes, Jonesboro Mary D. Holt. Wynne Peggy L. Holt, Little Rock Jeana L, Horner, Senath. Mo. Herman Horton, Forrest City Lynda G. Horton, Jonesboro Debra G. Horst, Fisher Sheila L. Horton. Rector Fairy L. Howard. Blytheville Susan Howard, Piggott Emily L. Hubble. Kennett. Mo. George D. Hubble. Monette David O. Huddleston. Calamine Carolyn B. Hudgins, Jonesboro Cindy J. Hudson. Lake Village Jimmie D. Huff, Marked Tree Kay Huffine, Paragould Billie F. Hughes. Armorel Howard D. Hulen. Tuckerman Norma J. Hulen, Swifton Judy K. Hulett. Swifton Frances J. Humbert, Marianna Sam W. Hummelstein, Jonesboro Dana L. Hunt, Hardy Vicki L. Hunt, Carlisle Victor L. Hunt, Jonesboro Priscilla A. Hurst. Marianna Ronnie W Hutchison, Jonesboro Don A. Hutson, Gamaliel Billy R. Hyde, Beech Grove Carolyn S. Hyde. Paragould Lawrence J. Hylle, Wynne HI pi 1 c 1 □ L ' -I jtt. jOa •.jJ. ' iV Mill ROTC Students Allowed Mustaches Dianna L. Inboden, Stuttgart Ricky L. Irvin, Jonesboro Joy W. Isaac. Cabot James D. Isaacs. Magazine Richard G Ivy, Mountain View Evalon L. Jacks. Murphysboro, III Anthony R. Jackson, Hornersville, Mo. George W. Jackson. Stuttgart Lucille A. Jackson. Paragould Myron K. Jackson, Paragould Randy D. Jackson. Leachville Ronald B. Jackson, Jonesboro Scott Jackson, Jr., Yellville Steve M. Jackson. Searcy Mary S. Jaco. Little Rock Ronald L. Jacobs. Osceola Joe P. James, Jonesboro Mary A. James. Oil Trough Michael L. James. Pocahontas Mary C. Jans. Memphis. Tenn. Steve M. Jansen, St. Louis. Mo. Don W. Jarrett. Osceola Brendene Jeans. Jonesboro Brenda L. Jeffries. Paragould Danny A. Jenkins, Parkin Frederick B. Jenkins, Amite, La. Johnny A. Jennings. Lepanto Jerry E. Jernigan. Osceola James R. Jobe, Jonesboro Lanney D. Johns, Weldon Bryan A. Johnson, Biggers Craig Johnson, Dallas. Tex. Douglas E. Johnson, Lonoke Fredia A. Johnson, Jonesboro James C. Johnson, Paragould James L. Johnson. Gideon. Mo. James W. Johnson, Jonesboro Mickie L. Johnson, Jonesboro Pamela A. Johnson, St. Louis. Mo. S. T. Johnson, Jonesboro 373 tL a 9 ft ii u ill ■iv - If A- . " lit. V ;; If li si At Mark Johnston, Dallas, Tex. Cathy J. Jones, Rector Don W. Jones, Jonesboro Donna A. Jones. Joiner Herschel L. Jones. Newport James R. Jones. Marianna Janet O. Jones. Searcy Janis A. Jones. Little Rock Jerrie L. Jones, Pine Bluff Joey H. Jones, Little Rock Judith A. Jones, Marmaduke Julie A. Jones. Blytheville Preston B. Jones, Wynne Randall L. Jones, Jonesboro Robert H. Jones. Forrest City Roger M. Jones. Paragould Susan D. Jones, Trumann Velma Jones, Forrest City William L. Jones, Marion Sally S. Jordan. Jacksonville Patricia L. Joseph, Walnut Ridge Victoria J. Julian, Memphis. Tenn. Edwin E. Kahsner, Forrest City James F. Kane, Benton John W. Kane. Benton Don L. Karnes. Jonesboro Bradley Keasler. Grand Blanc. Mich. Joyce M. Kee. Jonesboro Christina P. Keller, Marked Tree Charles C. Kelley, Dallas, Tex. Ronnie D. Kelley. Jonesboro James R. Kelso. Forrest City Coeds Move Into Arkansas Hall David B. Kemper. Blytheville Peggy M. Kensinger. Newport Danny H. Kent. Bono Pamela J. Kerr, Des Arc Dennis A. Kersting. Park Ridge. 111. Rebecca K. Keton. Swifton Jo Anne Key, Joiner Jerry R. Kiech. Jonesboro Jerry L. Kifer. Nettleton Elizabeth A. Kilby. Royal James P. Kimmer, Cushman Donald W. King, Myrtle, Mo. Gary M. King, Newport Maxine King. Marianna Glen D. Kinkade, Bernie. Mo. Pat A. Kinsey. Memphis, Tenn. Barbara L. Kintzler, Jonesboro Terry G. Kirkpatrick. Little Rock Timothy J. Kitchens. Benton Sonita D. Knapple, Waldenburg Wanda J Knight. North Little Rock Janet C. Knott, Jonesboro Frank E. Knowles. Little Rock Deborah L. Koettel. Newport James M. Konecny, Stuttgart Melinda S Kordsineier. Little Rock Frank J Koubek. Pocahontas James A. Kreis. Augusta Kenneth Lacy. Wynne Sally A. Ladd. West Helena Deborah K. Lairson, Trumann John K. Lalman. West Memphis Linda C. Lalman. West Memphis John A. Lamar, Jr.. Pocahontas Mark L. Lamar. Jonesboro Robert Lamb, Harrisburg Terry C. Lamb. Jonesboro Robert Lam bert, Cherokee Village Kathryn R Lamherth. Jonesboro Horace L Laminack. Jr.. Pine Bluff 374 Freshmen Despite the intramural program, football is still a popular sport. Joseph M. Landa, Jonesboro William H Landrum. Booneville Donna L. Lane. West Memphis Janice S. Lane, Leachville Sherry A. Lane, Camden Linda K. Laney, Pine Bluff Carolyn L. Lange, Lafe Walter E. Lange, Jr., Lafe Edward R. Langford, West Memphis John M. Lanier. Carlisle Dennis L. Lard. Bono Steven C. Latta. Pollard Aubrey G. Lawrence. Jonesboro Nickie W. Lawrence, Melbourne Mickey A. Layer. Rector Garland E. Lea, Manning Glenn E. Leach, Paragould Jamie D. Leasure, Little Rock Jeff C. Leathers. Little Rock Carole A. Lee, Jonesboro Gwendolyn J. Lee. Weiner Linda S. Lee. Helena Patsy D. Lee, Batesville David R. Lemmons, Jonesboro Gary A. Leonard, Batesville Samuel M. Lewallen, Newport Alfred J. Lewis. Ash Flat Rebecca J. Lewis, Jonesboro Jerry D. Lewis, Jonesboro Tommi J . Lewonowski, Jacksonville William D. Lieblons. Pine Bluff Lee W. Lile, Jonesboro Lizabeth A. Lile. Jonesboro Robert M. Lindley, Jonesboro Thomas J. Lindsey, Trumann Linda C. Lisko, Stuttgart Catherine J. Little, Flint, Mich. Jimmy R. Little, Newport Lawrence W. Little. Jonesboro Randell N. Little. Rector Robert T. Littleton, Jr.. Dardanelle Scott A. Logan. Walnut Ridge Richard W. Loggains, Harrisburg Cindy E. Long. Rector Kathy J. Long. Blytheville Linda F. Looney. Trumann Rebecca J . Louks. Bald Knob Jana L. Love. Viola Douglas E. Lowrey. Fort Smith Narvil E. Luber, Tuckerman Denise G. Lucas, Jacksonville Brenda K. Luff. Piggott Sue E. Lupien. Batesville Mickey L. Luthultz. Little Rock GreigA. Lynn. Paragould Sharon L. Lynn. Blytheville 1 A % J a. " " " 1 375 Freshmen Dog . . . grass . . . Administration building? Michael O. Lyons, Stuttgart Claudia A. Macintosh, Maynard Danny L. Mackey, Hot Springs Dale E. Maddox, Campbell. Mo. William E. MaGee. Benton Billy R. Mahoney, Konawa. Okla. Jack H. Majors. Calico Rock Catherine S. Malin, Rector Michael B. Mallott. West Memphis Jim D. Manatt. Corning Barbara J. Mangrum. Jonesboro Mary E. Manning. Jonesboro Phil M. Manry. Jonesboro David L. Marchand. Pine Bluff Ronald A. Marconi, West Memphis James F. Marotti, Crawfordsville Marion L. Marotti. Crawfordsville Barbara B. Martin, Jonesboro Theresa M. Martin. Hot Springs John W. Mason. Carlisle Linda C. Mason, Calico Rock Robert M. Mason, Jr., Little Rock Mary J. Massey. Jonesboro Anthony L. Mathews. Forrest City Thomas E Mattax. Little Rock Robert S. Matthews, Jonesboro James E. May, Harrisburg Teresa G. May, Tulsa, Okla. Shelba J. Mayhan, Jonesboro David E. McAlister, Cash Diane McAlister, Heber Springs Dorothy S. McBride. Jonesboro Jane E. McBride. Jonesboro William T. McBurnett, Carlisle Pamela S. McCain, Walnut Ridge Anthony J. McCall, Blytheville Thomas H. McCall, Jonesboro Shelia J. McCann, Reyno Thomas W. McCay II, Wynne Sonny A. McClain, Newark Billy J. McCoIlum. North Little Rock Lenore G. McCoIlum, Jonesboro Joyce A. McConaughy, Yellville Cynthia A. McCorkindale. Harrison Linda S. McCormick, Manila Linda K. McCoy. Bono Mary Ann McCoy, Griffen Sharyl L. McCoy, Trumann Ishmael E. McCray. Benton Darrell R. McCrillis, Piggott Dorinda A. McCurley. Paragould Mickey J. McDaniel. Jonesboro Robert P. McDaniel, Forrest City Sandra M. McDaniel, Valley View William T. McDaniel. Paragould Brenda A. McDonald, Searcy 376 Jimmy R. McDonald, Marked Tree Carolyn S. McElrath, Newport LaVonneG. McEntire. Yellville Brenda J McFarland, Leachville Paula K. McFarland, Monette Gary W. McGahhey. DeWitt Deborah L. McGaughey. Forrest City Philip S. McGee, Pine Bluff Debbie D. McGough, Bay Deborah K. McGowen, Jonesboro Mary A. McGraw, Stuttgart Janice S. McGuffee. Jonesboro Thomas McGuire. East St. Louis, III. Pamela K. McHaffey. Blytheville Karen L. McHenry, Rockland, Mass. Catherine L. Mcllroy. Pocahontas Gene L. Mcllvoy, Parkin Sherry K. McKee, Newport Harold McLain. Tuckerman Robert L. McNair, Bruno Judy C. McNamee. Forrest City Cathy L. McNeil, Arbyrd, Mo. Barbara J. McMuIlin, Imboden cKinley McMurtrey, Willow Springs. Mo. James E. Meadows, Jonesboro Cheryl A. Meade, Jacksonville Glenda R. Medlin. Wilson Michael Medlock, Little Rock Wilbert J. Melancon, Harrison John A. Merck, Little Rock Barbara J. Meredith. Forrest City Deborah K. Merriman. Evansville, Ind. ASU Registration Rises to 6,296 Stephen E. Merriman. Jonesboro Danny E. Merryman, Nashville, Tenn. Donna M. Metcalf, Lake City Sherry D. Metz. Lake City Joseph H. Mick, Bloomfield, Mo. Bob F. Miller. Bald Knob Cathleen A. Miller, Mountain Home Coleen A. Miller, Benton Marian S. Miller, Marked Tree Mary A. Miller, Senath, Mo. Mike A. Miller, West Memphis Murel C. Miller. Jr., Corning James W. Milligan, Carlisle Byron R. Mills, Harrisburg Tony M. Mills. Rector James W. Milner, Jonesboro Rebecca A. Minich. Alton, Mo. Charles W. Minor, Jonesboro William L. Minton, West Memphis David A. Mitchell, North Little Rock David M. Mitchell. Jonesboro Eddie F. Mitchell, Jr., Jonesboro Sandra K. Mitchell, Kingsland Vicky Ann Mizell. Osceola Steve A. Modelevsky. Jonesboro Dwight G. Mohr. Hot Springs Glenda K. Molock. Stuttgart Robert B. Monteith. Pine Bluff David M. Montgomery, Bono Sharon D. Montgomery, Newport Daniel R. Moore, Jonesboro Debra J. Moore. Osceola James F. Moore, West Memphis Janice A. Moore. Corning Paul E. Moore. Marianna Samuel F. Moore, Wynne Thomas A. Moore. Walnut Ridge Willie Moore. Osceola Mickie Morehead. St. Louis, Mo. Kurt F. Moritz. Hot Springs 377 Barbara L Morgan, West Memphis George D. Morgan, Jonesboro Garry W. Morris, Wynne James Brian Morris, Jonesboro Joseph L. Morris. Rector Melvin J. Morris. Green Forest Nellie A. Morris. Osceola David M. Morrison. Bay Donny R. Morrison. Luxora Dennis W. Moseley, West Helena Danny H. Moser, Guion William A. Moss, Stuttgart Ralph D. Mount. Pine Bluff Sharon K. Moye. Trumann David C. Muckensturm. Belleville. Ill Gary D. Mueller. St. Louis. Mo. Jim Bob Mullen. Clarkton. Mo Helen G. Mullins. Bono Marsha L. Mullins. Jonesboro Jerry Keith Munn. Jonesboro Philip J. Murphy. Brooldand Michael E Murphy, Nettleton Benny R. Murray. Manila Janice Myers. Forrest City David W. Nail. Jonesboro Vernon L. Neal, Nettleton John E. Neeley, Yellville Gary L. Nelson, Osceola John T. Nelson, Jonesboro Joyce E. Nelson. Newark Roberta M. Nelson. Jonesboro Richard E. NewBerry. Paragould Mid-term Exams Coincide With Homecoming Gary C. Newcom, Jonesboro James G. Newingham, Risco, Mo. Martha S. Newsom. Batesville Phyllis M. Nicholas. Marmaduke Nancy H. Nicholls, West Helena Curtis R. Nichols. Trumann Gary A. Nichols, Piggott Richard A. Nicholson. Farmington. Mo. Judy J Nickles. DeSoto. Texas Janie Annette Nigus. North Little Rock Gary P. Nix. Forrest City Betty Nixon. Morrilton William H Noblin, Jonesboro Theresa C. Nolan. Paragould Bobby J. Notes. Osceola Margaret A. Norris. Little Rock Glarma Etta Norton. Paragould James M. Norton. Harrison Don C. Nutt. Paragould Debra K Obsitnik. Little Rock Randy L. Oden. Jonesboro Pollv A. O ' Donnell, Pocahontas Danny C. Oliver. Reyno Paula J. Oliver, McGehee Tommy R Oliver. Stuttgart Bryan D. Olmstead. Heber Springs Phillip R. Orey. Piggott Gary D Ormsby. Doniphan, Mo. Judith L. Oskowis. Forrest City Claude S. Outlaw. Piggott William P. Owen. Pine Bluff Franklin R Owens. Jonesboro Margie D. Owens. Trumann Rodney P Owens, Crawfordsville Thomas R. Owens. Walnut Ridge Mayola Oxford, O ' Kean Terry A. Pace, Trumann Deborah Page. Newport Virginia C, Pankey, Oil Trough Judith Andrea Parish, Jonesboro 378 Freshmen What am I packing my pajamas for? Linda D. Parish, Jonesboro Sandra K. Park. Jonesboro Jaylene Parker, Marked Tree Lloyd Parker. Melbourne Rhonda K. Parker, Jonesboro Vicki M. Parker. Paragould Patricia A. Parr. Biscoe Larry J. Partin. Dell Susan L. Patton. Marked Tree William C. Paul. Paragould Ronnie L. Payne. Piggott Millie Pearle. N. Little Rock Kenneth D. Pegg. Paragould Sharon C. Pegg, Jonesboro Ronald H. Penn. Pocahontas Bruce Pennington, Newport John G. Pennington, Newport Deborah L. Penter, Jonesboro Donna K. Penter. Jonesboro Sammy Peronia, Jonesboro John Perrine, West Memphis Gary F. Perry. Blytheville Pamela G. Perry. Blytheville William A. Persfull. Clarkton, Mo. Patricia Diane Pelts, Kennett, Mo. Robert E. Petty. Pocahontas Patsy M. Peyton, Leachville Alvin Kenneth Phillips. West Helena Nancy J. Phillips. Cherokee Village Lowell D. Philp, Jonesboro Phillip C. Philpot, Jonesboro Debbie A. Pickell. Little Rock Christopher A. Pickett. West Memphis Chester Pierce. Mammoth Springs Joe Pierce. Jonesboro Terry L. Pierce. Flint. Mich. Audrey Patrice Pillow, Paragould Behsel J. Poll. Ponape Micronesia Eugenia M. Pollard. Piggott Julia A. Pollard. Piggott Gayron J. Polston. Manila Judy L. Polston, Williford Margaret L. Polston, Manila Robert H. Pond. Stuttgart Sheila A. Poole. Greenway Christy Pope, Benton Melissa Pope. Tulsa. Okla John Porbeck, Dallas. Tex. Jim W. Potter. Jonesboro Kenneth Eugene Pounders. Pine Bluff Connie Annette Prance. Campbell. Mo. Sara A. Pratt, Jonesboro Michael Preslar, Neelyville. Mo. Judith D. Presley. Trumann Kathie B. Presson. Marmaduke Dennis R. Prestwood. Brinkley 1 it. 7 ' , J L L 379 Freshmen NCAA celebrated 100 years of college football. Jimmie W. Pretty, Tuckerman James M. Priddy, Roland James R. Pridmore, Newport Deborah S. Price, Marianna Gary W. Prince, Paragould Johnny W. Prysock. Tuckerman Mary E. Pugh, Jonesboro Alma Ragsdale, Black Rock James Ragsdell, Brinkley Walker D. Ragland, Wabbaseka Nena E. Rainey, Hughes Paula S. Ralaford, Bloomfield, Mo. Kevin P. Raley, Paragould Franklin Ralph, Joiner Ann E. Randel, Cordoua, Tenn. Tommy F. Rataj, Harrisburg Eralynn Ratliff, Bragg City, Mo. Jane A. Ratliff. Pine Bluff Larry J. Ratliff. Milledgeville. 111. Pamela A. Rawlings, Searcy Paula J. Rawls, Crossett Danny L. Ray. Mt. Pleasant Larry Lynn Ray, Jonesboro Lena V. Ray, Marmaduke Allen E. Read. Lake Cormorant, Miss. Rebecca A. Reaves, Jonesboro Ruth L. Reaves, MeGehee Sammy B. Rector. Heber Springs Rose Ann Redd. Harrisburg Harold L. Reddick, Paragould Teddy N. Reddick, Paragould Emory Lee Reeder, West Memphis Betty L. Reedy. El Dorado Mary J. Reese, Jonesboro James R. Reeves, Williford Lee E. Reeves. Forrest City Marilyn Reeves. Mt. Pleasant Norma Lea Reeves, Paragould Jerrold W. Reiman, Belleville. 111. Rosa Marie Reynolds, Paragould Carol D. Rhoads. Blytheville Larry W. Rhodes, Caraway Ray L. Rhodes, Corning George Rial, Marianna Barbara A. Rice, Searcy Kenny B. Rice, Searcy Kathy D. Richard, Reyno Donna R. Richardson, Bono Karen M. Richardson, Corning Ronnie L. Richardson, Blytheville Jimmy R. Riggs, Blytheville Mary Patricia Riggs, Marmaduke Patricia Ann Riggs, Walnut Ridge Dallas H. Riley, Jr.. Bay Johnny R. Riley, Harrisburg William A. Riley, Jonesboro 380 Mary E. Rimmer, El Dorado Rickie J . Ring, West Memphis Mike W. Roach. Trumann Gary B. Roberts, Paragould Marylon Roberts. Jonesboro Norman Roberts. Jr.. Jonesboro Patsy J. Roberts. Caraway Violet Roberts. Jonesboro Jacquelin Robertson. Lake City Joycelyn R. Robertson, Manila Carl W. Robinson. Hornersville. Mo. David D. Robinson. Tuckerman Gale L. Robinson. Bernie. Mo. Garry L. Robinson, Heber Springs Norman N. Robinson. Dexter. Mo. Ronald Lee Robinson. Paragould Larry Robison. Trumann Mary Louise Rock, Metairie. La. Gary W. Rodman. Jonesboro Deborah R. Rogers, Jonesboro Dennis E. Rogers. Marmaduke Don E. Rogers. Marked Tree Gaylon R. Rogers. Kennett. Mo. Jo A. Rogers. Cardwell. Mo. John Mack Rogers, Jonesboro Patricia D. Rogers. Ash Flat Suzie J. Rogers. Mountain Home Jerry D. Roland. Bay Chris D. Rolle. Bradenton. Fla. Nancy A. Rollins, Holcomb, Mo. Sarrah Dianne Rook. Jonesboro Sharon Rooker, Delaplaine Coeds Given Later Curfew Deborah L. Rose. Senath. Mo. Robert Eugena Rose, Mammoth Springs Philip L. Roser. Bono Barbara J. Ross. Wabash Larry E. Rothgery, Jonesboro David A. Rounsavall. Joiner Connie M. Routon, Paragould Raymond L. Routon, Manila John M. Rowland. Marianna Stanley A. Rowlett, Swifton James R. Roy. Jonesboro Susan A. Rozzell. N. Little Rock Tommy G. Runnels. Eudora Judy C. Runyon, Piggott Cathy L. Rupard, Jonesboro Leveta Ann Russell. Mammoth Springs Patsy A. Rutherford, Wilson Frank V. Sabat. Bloomingdale, N.J. Hayden L. Sadler. Trumann Karon D. Salch, Corpus Christi, Tex. Dianne Saliba. Forrest City Albert J. Sandbothe. Manila Donald W. Sanders, Hot Springs James D. Sanders. Sherwood Linda K. Sartini, Marion Harry J. Saul, DeValls Bluff Tony R. Sauser, Bono Loretta J. Sawyers, Williford John A. Schaefer, St. Louis, Mo. Roger Schimming, Jonesboro L arryl L. Schlenker. Cherry Valley Katrinka A. Schmitt. Jonesboro Floyd L. Scott. Forrest City Jackie L. Scott, Osceola Michael B. Scott, Jonesboro Michael L. Scott, Pine Bluff Robyn Scott, Sedgwick Ruth A. Scott, Jacksonville Vickie A. Scott. Benton Claude Scroggins. Gravette 381 it V 1 1 7 B id r til ■; V . V ' J ft Richard E. Scroggs, Jonesboro James D. Self, Newport Mary Carol Self. West Memphis Marcia Lee Settlemoir, Piggott Karen S. Seymour, Dyess Al Sfortunato, Marion Donald R. Shaddock, Forrest City Jack B. Shankle, Camden James D. Sharkey, Little Rock Brenda G. Sharp, Jonesboro Brenda L. Sharp, Jonesboro Debbra E. Sharp, Leachville Dyan R. Sharp, Lepanto Leonard E. Sharp, Marmaduke Becky J. Shaw, Clarendon Mildred Berry Shaw, West Memphis Mark D. Sheehan, St. Louis, Mo. Katherine Sue Shelly. Ash Flat Deborah E. Shelton, Alicia Marilyn S. Shelton. Marmaduke Susan A. Shelton, Houston, Mo. Thomas Shelton, Jonesboro Frank L. Shepherd. Corning Tom C. Shepherd, Jonesboro Ralph A. Sheridan, Benton Sheila Marie Sherman, Proctor Freddy L. Sherrell, Magness Glenn D. Sherrill, Little Rock Maurice M. Shirley. Paragould Randy L. Shoemake. Carlisle Patsy Ann Shownes, Manila David A. Siegler, Jonesboro Fisher Elected Freshman Class President James A. Siepiela, N. Little Rock Edward R. Simmons, Jonesboro James E. Simmons, Newport Rosie M. Simmons, Rector Nelda Simpkins, Jonesboro Charles G. Simpson. Poughkeepsie Mary L. Simpson. Newport Annette Sims. Forrest City Nevis E. Sims, Trumann Brenda K. Singley, Pocahontas Michael Skaggs. Newport Totsie Skinner. Marion Ava Adelle Slater, Pine Bluff James E. Slater. Wilson Sakae Slatton, Trumann Mary E. Sloan, Pocahontas Shirley A. Smallwood, Alton, Mo Bobby L. Smiley, Bernie, Mo. Barney G. Smith. Stuttgart Betty C. Smith. Jonesboro Charles L. Smith, Piggott Darrel W. Smith. Lonoke David E. Smith. Jonesboro Deborah S Smith. Cherry Valley Eugene Smith, Forrest City Gordon E Smith. Little Rock Jackie L. Smith. Sulphur Rock Jeff Daniel Smith. Bald Knob Jim G. Smith, Monette Jimmy W. Smith. Grubbs Kathleen Smith, Pompton Lakes, N.J. Linda D. Smith. Paragould Lonnie O. Smith. Sedgwick Mary J Smith, Tyronza Michaell V. Smith. Pine Bluff Myrtle Joyce Smith. Egypt Patricia L. Smith. N. Li ttle Rock Randall Kyle Smith. West Helena Thomas J. Smith. Earle William L. Smith. Jonesboro t if f r • -A i v 1 1 w Freshmen Will the real Yul Brynner please stand up? Walter E. Smythe. Jonesboro Vincent Snell, Jonesboro Thomas Stephen Snelson. Brinkley Connie J. Snider, Van Buren, Mo. Duain L. Snider, Van Buren, Mo. Mary M. Snipes, Jonesboro Brenda J. Southard, Melbourne Steve T. Sowell. Jonesboro Donna S. Spargo, Hoxie Richard E. Sparks, Caraway Mary Kathy Spaulding. Searcy Brenda Sue Spears. Jonesboro Gary R. Spears. Harrisburg Lacy M. Speed. Jonesboro Byron A. Spence. Leachville Paula C. Spence. Dyess Van T. Spence, Wynne Roger D. Spencer, Wynne Ronnie W. Spiegel, Harrisburg Jerry W. Spinks, Knobel Merideth J. Spinks, Godfrey, 111. Sara L. Stallcup, Brinkley Amy L. Standridge, Batesville Larry E. Stanley, Bay John K. Stork, Cherry Valley Vernie D. Starkey. Harrison Karen Statler. Jonesboro M. D. Staton, Lonoke Patricia J. Staub. Paragould Priscilla Stephens, Crossett James Stephenson, DeWitt Daniel R. Stevenson, Jonesboro Dennis L. Stevenson. Hickory Ridge James P. Stevenson. Jonesboro Jean F. Stewart, Campbell, Mo. Larry R. Stewart. Wilson Kathryn G. Stiles. Little Rock James E. Stilwell, Jonesboro Gary W. Stimson, Paragould Robert Louis St. John, Marianna Travis R. Stone. Jonesboro James E. Storey. Kennett, Mo. BillieJ.Stotts.Bay Harry L. Stout, Little Rock Thomas D. Street. Bald Knob Charlotte J. Strickland, Lepanto Jerry Strickland, Bono Steve Strickland, Monette Bonnie J. Stringer. Marion Rosanna M. Strong, Hot Springs Beverly Stuckey, Benton Joseph M. Styles, Benton Earl Sudduth. Rockford. 111. Doris J. Sullivan. Jonesboro Jerry R. Sullivan, Cave City Robert Sullivan, Blytheville 383 Freshmen Some participants in the Viet Nam moratorium had to bring their reference books so they would know what they were protesting. Dennis Paul Summers, Piedmont. Mo. Sidney L. Summers. Hot Springs Mary F. Surber. Lake City James Michael Surratt, Tupelo. Miss. Deborah J. Sutton, Jonesboro Jerry L. Swain, Jonesboro Johnnie L. Swan, Hayti, Mo. BUlye J. Sweat. Jonesboro Bobbye Jean Sweat, Jonesboro Sarah Swicegood, N. Little Rock Verna D. Swift. El Dorado Bruce L. Tanner. Doniphan, Mo. Pamela G. Tanner. Piggott Donald W. Tapp, Newport Alice B.Tate. Wynne Jerry R. Tatum. Keiser Deborah A. Tausch, Alexandria, Va. Cole F. Taylor, Valleyhead, Ala. Darrell Wayne Taylor, Paragould Deborah F. Taylor. Wynne Dennis E. Taylor. Mountain View Hayden E. Taylor. Williford Larry A. Taylor. Wabbaseka Lloyd S. Taylor, Jonesboro Paul P. Taylor. Bay Robert B. Taylor. Searcy Susan Taylor, Germantown, Tenn. Larry R. Teague. Marked Tree Tony R. Terral, Pine Bluff Ernest Thacker, Jr., Harrisburg Stephen D. Thacker, Harrisburg Terry D. Tharp, Success Charles D. Thaxton, Corning Gregg W. Thielemier, Marked Tree Alan R. Thomas, Poplar Bluff. Mo. George K. Thomas, Harrisburg Johnie E. Thomas, Cash Lillie M. Thomas, Luxora Patrick A. Thomas. Pine Bluff Raymond E. Thomas. Pine Bluff Rickey D. Thomas. McCrory Billy Joe Thompson. Paragould Felicie Ann Thompson, N. Little Rock John E. Thompson, Little Rock Ruby M. Thompson, Jonesboro Teresa J. Thompson, Newark Susan C. Thomsen, Memphis, Tenn. Luann Thornbrough. Blytheville David J. Throesch, Pocahontas Keith N. Throneberry, Pine Bluff Tony M. Tidwell. Jonesboro Mary F. Tigirt, Pascola. Mo. Warren L. Tiner. Nashville, 111. Melba J. Tinker. Black Rock Sheila M. Tipton. Jonesboro Linda K.Todd. Dell 384 George Tolbert. Jr.. El Dorado Brenda L. Tollison. Jonesboro Gale R. Toney. Crossett Gay E. Toombs, Piggott Willie A. Towne, Forrest City Mark Edward Townsend, Jonesboro Tom G. Townsend. Central City. Ky. Deborah J. Tracer, Paragould Herman C. Traetow, Stuttgart Jimmy D. Trammell, Jonesboro Helen G. Treadway. Jonesboro Kathy Jo. Treece. Paragould Mary M. Tresp, N. Little Rock Max Patrick Trevathan. Jonesboro Mike W. Trickey. Jonesboro Larry E. Tripod. Paragould Maurice L. Trites. Gillett Ronald D. Trivitt. Ash Flat Nancy D. Tucker. Marked Tree Nancy L. Tull, Jonesboro Patricia A. Tull. Stuttgart Don W. Turbyfill. Little Rock Fred Turner. Wynne Mark Edward Turner. Jonesboro Mary E. Turner. Naylor, Mo. Samuel E. Turner, Newport Sue Ella Turner, Blytheville Tywana Marie Turner, Jonesboro Woody W. Turner, Trumann William Turpin. Jr., Pine Bluff Michael Tuseth. Jonesboro Carol A. Tyer. Lepanto Rush— Week Of The Eternal Smile Rodney L. Tyer. Pocahontas Leonard E Tyler. Paragould Joyce Underwood, Paragould Ann M. U pshaw, Pocahontas Jan N. Upton, Jonesboro Ronald W. Upton. Newport Marilyn A. Ursery, Tyronza Bernie F. Utley. Austin Murlon Utley. Steele. Mo. Andrew E Vaccaro, Forrest City Ted L. Valentine. Jonesboro Connie D. Vanaman, Hickory Ridge Belinda H. Vanpeit, Jonesboro Jerry J. Varvil. Pocahontas Thomas W. Vaughn. Birmingham, Ala. Billy W. Victory. Osceola Jerry L. Vincent, Lake City William Vontungeln. Pine Bluff Oatis Angelo Wake. Marvell Johnnie M. Walden, Jonesboro Carla Jo Walker. Marked Tree David C. Walker, Kissimmee, Fla James H Walker, Piggott Larry D. Walker, Blytheville Larry Walker, Stuttgart Meredith L. Walker. Stuttgart Sandra J. Walker, Stuttgart Tony L. Walker. Walnut Ridge Lisa L. Wallace. Akron. Ohio Joyce A. Wallis. Harrisburg Priscilla H. Walton. Jonesboro Brenda J. Wangenstein. Malvern Kathleen S. Warbington. Memphis, Tenn. Bobby Ward. Paragould Linda K. Ward, Risco, Mo. Wayne Ward. Jonesboro Linda J. Warden. Jonesboro Michael J Warden. Oxford Wendell R Warner. West Memphis Carole A. Warren, Jonesboro 385 Catherine Rhea Warren, Jonesboro Billy V. Washington. Paragould Alan Watkins. Pine Bluff Elizabeth Watson. Star City Jeffrey L. Watson. Stuttgart Patsy S. Watson. Pocahontas James Edward Way. Stuttgart Gwen B Weathers, Blytheville Sandra E Weaver, LaCrosse Connie D. Webb, Jonesboro Tommy G. Webb. Blytheville Tommy L. Webb. Jonesboro Carolyn A. Weber. Jonesboro Dennis Earl Webster, Mountain Home John Tait Webster. Searcy Robert M. Wessel. Miami. Fla. Donna Kay West. Jonesboro Janice West. Long Beach. Calif. Jimmy P. West, Blytheville Sharon D. Weston, Jonesboro Fred S. Wetzel. Tulsa, Okla. Anthony L. Wewer, Jonesboro Carolyn Wheeless, Oak Lawn, III. Rita J. Whitaker, Memphis. Tenn. Alveda L. White, Lake City Betty L. White, Benton Charles White, Forrest City Michael P. White, Little Rock Paul W. White, Gideon, Mo. Susan M. White. Benton Trent Whitehead, Marianna William C. Whitley, Bald Knob Campus Dress Regulations Laxed Priscilla Jane Whitlock, Tuckerman William D. Whittingham, Harrisburg Travis L. Wiggins. McCrory Bettye A. Wilcox. Jonesboro Charles E. Wilcox III. Pine Bluff Mary C. Wiles, Eudora Pamela Raye Wilf, Pleasant Plains Sherry J. Wilhite. Holcomb, Mo. Don C Wilkerson. Florissant. Mo. Sherman D. Wilkerson. Success David G. Wilkie. Smackover Robert Wilkins, North Little Rock Linda S. Willey, Jonesboro Albert D. Williams, Osceola Alonzo Dean Williams. West Helena Billy G. Williams, Jonesboro Curtis W Williams. Little Rock Gail Williams, Caraway Larry G. Williams, West Ridge Paul N. Williams . Little Rock Sandra J. Williams, Steele, Mo. Shelley Williamson, Blytheville Mary L Willmuth, Walnut Ridge Arthur C. Wilson. Kenton David E Wilson. Lake City John M Wilson, Stuttgart James E. Winberry, Greenway Gloria Winchester, Pocahontas Janet D. Winey, Hardy Barbara N Winn. Lafe James S. Winton. Piggott Helen Wiseley, North Little Rock Eugene Louis Witllake. Jonesboro Linda S. Wixson, Fisher Thomas E. Wofford. Paragould Thomas L, Wofford, Weiner Glenda D. Wolfe, Pine Bluff Betty S. Wood. Lake City Carlos G. Wood. Brookland Deborah L, Wood. Cherry Valley 386 Freshmen The marching TKEs performed at half- time of Finger Bowl extravaganza. Frank W Wood, Paragould John B. Wood, Hughes Louis R. Woodall. Carlisle James W. Woodard. Marianna Christine E. Woodruff, Lepanto Richard V. Woodrum. Harrisburg Anthony L. Woodward. Jonesboro Lillis L. Woody, Bald Knob Joye L. Woodyard, Pine Bluff Margaret L. Woodyard, Marianna Beverly N. Workman. England David R. Worlow, Walnut Ridge Jeannie F. Worlund. Blytheville David Wortham, Jonesboro Zane K. Wright, Marmaduke Billy G. Wyse, Jonesboro Johanna M. Yaniger. Little Rock Carnelle Yarnell, Little Rock Donald Yeager, Jonesboro Betty B. Young, Black Rock Deloris A. Young. Paragould Gary K. Young, West Memphis Terrence C. Zipfel. Florissant, Mo. Polly A. Zollner, Marmaduke 387 Second Semester Students Strong winds prevailed on the A-State campus this year — much to the delight of the male population. Jan Stephen Abbott. Jonesboro Marcia K. Agee. Jonesboro Lewis L. Anderson, N. Little Rock James R. Appleton. Newport Marilyn Bacon, Williford Judy C. Baker, Searcy Charles H. Barnes, Pocahontas Reginia A. Baswell, Jonesboro Helen C. Beavers, Williford Phillip H. Bennett. Carlisle Betty Bloom, Flat River. Mo. Nelda E. Bonner, Bastrop, La. Gerald Bourdage. Tupperlake, N.Y. Brenda J. Boyd. Manila Linda C. Bracy. Batesville Joan Bradley. Swifton Wayne F. Brewies. El Dorado Bobbie L. Brooks. Walnut Ridge James C. Brooks, Jonesboro Susan C. Brooks. Caraway Linda A. Bryant. Green Forest Nancy A. Burdick, Batesville David K. Burns. Palestine Jacquelin Y. Butcher. Turrell Patricia D. Carter. Jonesboro Ted J. Caskey, Greenlawn, N.Y. David J. Cave. Philadelphia. Pa. Julie L. Cheek, Jonesboro Allen R. Collier. Rector May B. Cook, Jonesboro Charles E. Crego III, Jonesboro Martha M. Crego, Jonesboro Janice F. Cunningham, High Ridge, Mo. Barbara G. Davis. Fort Smith Deborah A. DeClerk, Pocahontas Douglas A. Dunson, Nashville Elizabeth R. England, Dalton Kathleen Evans. West Ridge Henry Fisher. Marion. 111. Judie L. Gossett. Piggott Paul A. Guariglia. Miami, Fla. Rickey W. Henry. Manila Ray Higgins. Jonesboro Barry F. Huber, Weiner Lee A. Hummelstein, Jonesboro Charles B. Hunter. Pocahontas Jere D. Jerome. West Memphis J. R. Johnson, Viola Rebecca Jones, Walnut Ridge Robert T. Kamm, Earle Paul D. Light. Norfork Janet S. McNeely, Pollard Shirley J. Milner, Cabot Sara B. Mitchell, Jonesboro Judy C. Moak. Spruce Pine. N.C. Larry E. Morgan, Wynne 388 Swinney Becomes A Saint! -A- Charles Abanathy, 318 Charles E. Abbott, 362 Jan S. Abbott, 388 Mary E. Abbott. 278 Robert P. Abbott, 362 Vicki J. Abbott, 362 JoM. Abdella, 278 Lawrence R. Abdella, 278 John D. Abel, 362 Leslie C. Abernathy III, 278 Benny T. Abraham, 318 Christopher J. Acklin, 362 James C. Acklin, 318 Patricia M. Aclin, 318 Alice A. Adams, 342 Angela A. Adams, 318 Barbara J. Adams, 342 Billy C.Adams, 278 David M.Adams, 342 Emma G. Adams, 278 Gary A. Adams, 342 James E. Adams, 318 Jan Adams, 362 Janice S. Adams, 342 Jerry W. Adams, 318 Jimmy L. Adams, 362 Karan J. Adams, 362 Kay F. Adams, 362 Larry W. Adams, 318 Larry W. Adams, 278 Larry W. Adams, 362 Larry W. Adams, 318 Ralph W. Adams, 342 Rebecca L. Adams, 362 Sharon S. Adams, 342 Wendell W. Adams, 362 William C.Adams, 342 FrankieA. Adkins, 342 Michael M. Adkins, 318 Donna K. Aebly, 278 Carol B. Agee, 342 Carolyn J. Agee, 342 MarciaK. Agee, 388 Charles R. Akers, 318 Jerry R. Akins, 278 William B. Alcorn, 362 John M. Alderman, 278 Harrick S. Alexander, 318 James D. Alexander, 362 Larry D. Alexander, 362 Lee Alexander, 278 Lois A. Alexander, 362 Mary R. Alexander, 278 Deborah A. Allbright, 342 Charles P. Allen, 278 Gary J. Allen, 278 Houston A. Allen, 278 Janet L. Allen, 362 John V. Allen, 318 Nancy Allen, 342 Robert D. Allen, 278 Thomas N. Allen, 362 Thomas S.Allen, 278 William L. Allen, 318 Aubrey D.Allensworth, 362 Vicki J. Allgier, 342 Edgar L.Allison, 342 Karen Allison, 318 Randle A. Allison, 278 Sonyia F. Allison, 278 Timothy R. Allison, 278 Jerry W. Almond, 278 L.Rodney Alpe, 318 Gerald M. Alsup, 342 Margaret S. Alsup, 342 WadeD. Althen, 278 Gearey L. Amnions, 362 John T. Ammons, 318 Dennis R. Anderson, 342 Gary W. Anderson, 362 Harold Anderson Jr., 278 Jo R. Anderson, 342 Judith A. Anderson, 318 Larry O. Anderson, 342 Lewis L. Anderson, 388 Linda C. Anderson, 278 Mark L. Anderson, 342 Rex D. Anderson, 362 Robert B. Anderson, 318 Rodney J. Anderson, 318 Ronnie E. Anderson, 362 Swan W. Anderson. 362 Johnnie T.Andrews, 278 Robert L. Andrews, 278 Sara J. Andrews, 342 Shirley J . Andrews, 362 Susie D. Andrews, 342 Frank Angelo, 278 Steven J. Anselmi, 318 Charlotte Anthony. 362 Joseph S. Anthony, 278 Tandy L. Anthony, 342 James R. Appleton, 388 Carolyn S. Archer, 318 Stephen C. Archer, 342 John H. Arends, 318 Steve D. Arment, 342 Margie L. Armour, 362 Belva L. Armstrong, 362 Diane S. Armstrong, 342 Karen S. Armstrong, 362 Linda L. Armstrong, 318 Murray F. Armstrong, 342 Frankie Arnhart, 318 Deborah C.Arnold, 342 Gina A. Arnold, 362 Sherry L. Arnold, 362 Susan L. Arnold, 362 Tommy Lee Arnold, 342 Kathryn F. Arrington, 318 Mary K. Arrington, 342 Sharon M. Arvelo, 318 Charles M.Arwood, 362 AzmiS. Asal, 342 Mitchell J. Ash Jr., 278 Bobby J. Ashabranner, 318 Lanny L. Ashburn, 362 CandaceM. Ashby, 318 Keith E. Ashcraft, 278 Vennie M. Ashcraft, 342 Mike L. Ashford, 318 Pamula J. Ashford, 362 Gussi E.Ashley, 342 Virgil J. Ashley, 342 Gerald L. Ashlock, 278 Lloyd A. Ashlock, 318 Sam L. Ashworth, 318 Patsy L. Ashworth, 278 Janice F.Aslin, 318 William E.Aslin, 318 Mary Atkinson, 278 Sidney R. Atkison, 362 John A. Atwill, 278 Michael K. Austin, 342 Paul S.Austin, 362 Rodger E. Austin, 342 Ronald L.Austin, 278 Wanda R. Austin, 279 Thomas W. Avis, 318 John C. Aycock, 342 Richard A. Aycock, 362 Elinor V.Ayers, 279 -B- Steve W. Babcock, 279 William W. Back, 318 Joy S. Backman, 362 Deloris M. Bacon, 279 Marilyn Bacon, 388 Robert D. Bahn, 362 Freeda P. Bailey, 318 Larry L.Bailey, 279 Mona S. Bailey, 342 Polly A. Bailey, 342 Robert B. Bailey, 279 Sidney B. Bailey, 318 Wesley W. Bailey, 362 Carolyn K. Bain, 362 Audrea M. Baird, 342 LeroyBaird, 342 Rebecca Baird, 279 Albert E. Baker, 318 Brett N. Baker, 318 Craig B. Baker, 342 Judy C. Baker, 388 Lena V. Baker, 362 Rita J. Baker, 342 Ronald P. Baker, 342 Steve D. Baker, 318 Thomas G. Baker, 318 Katheryn S. Balch, 318 Sam D. Balch, 279 Johnny W. Baldi, 362 Linda A. Baldridge, 342 Patricia L. Baldridge, 362 Paul Balducci, 362 Billy F. Baldwin, 362 Tom J.Baldwin, 318 Connie B. Bales, 279 Patricia D. Bales, 318 Darrell D. Ball, 362 Jerry L. Ball, 318 Joan W. Ball, 342 John M. Ball, 279 Patricia D. Ball, 318 Larry D. Ballard, 318 RickieG. Ballard, 342 Loretta A. Baltz, 362 Martin A. Baltz, 342 Thomas R. Baltz, 362 Tim A. Baltz, 362 Jimmy D. Banks, 362 Sidney E. Banks, 318 Paul F. Bankston, 318 Sandra J. Barbarotto, 342 Byrnus J. Barbee, 279 Danny T.Barber, 318 Dorcas I. Barber, 318 Truman M. Barber, 318 Duane J. Barbour, 318 Donna L. Barclay, 279 Donna E. Bardwell, 318 Phyllis A. Bardwell, 342 Cleveland E. Barfield, 362 Michael D. Barger, 342 Robert A. Barger, 362 Gerald R. Barker, 342 John A. Barker, 318 Mike L. Barkley, 362 Bob Barlow, 362 Beverly A. Barnes, 362 Cathy R. Barnes, 362 Charles H. Barnes, 388 Darrel D. Barnes, 342 Julia A. Barnes, 362 Luana B. Barnes, 362 Mary L. Barnes, 362 Michael W. Barnes, 342 Robbye L. Barnes, 318 Benjamin L. Barnett, 362 Curtis M. Barnett, 342 Johnnie S. Barnett, 342 Linda G. Barnett, 362 Lou An Barnett, 318 William T. Barnett, 279 Linda K. Barnhill, 279 MaryM.Barre, 362 Karen P. Barrett, 342 Marilyn A.Barrett, 342 Marilyn D. Barrett, 342 Marvin G. Barrett, 342 Sharon G. Barrett, 318 Dale R. Barron, 342 Gillis Bartholmey, 318 Elizabeth A. Bartlam, 342 Gordon D. Barton, 318 Ronald E.Barton, 362 Norma L. Bashant, 342 Jon E. Baskin, 362 Thomas H. Baskins, 362 Brenda L. Basler, 362 Virginia P. Bassett, 279 Carol E. Bassham, 279 Linda L. Bassham, 318 Russell R. Bassham, 318 Regina A. Baswell, 388 Larry B. Bateman, 318 Audrey N. Bates, 362 Ben L. Bates, 342 Gary R. Bates, 279 GeleneE. Bates, 318 Mary F. Bates, 362 Pamela J. Bates, 342 Patricia S. Bates, 279 Herbert G. Batey, 318 Richard D.Batey, 342 Gary K. Batterton, 318 Leslie R. Battles, 279 Melissa K. Bauer, 279 Richard D. Baugh, 279 Robert W. Baugh, 318 Sandra K. Baugher, 279 Anthony W. Baughman, 362 Clifford P. Baughman, 362 PaulM.Baur, 363 Martin F. Baureis, 318 Sister Jeanette Bayer, 279 Roberta L. Bayless, 342 Pamela A. Baysinger, 342 Alice L. Beard, 318 James H. Beard, 279 Jerry W. Beard, 363 Lonnie R. Beard, 279 Robert L. Beard, 318 James L. Bearden, 342 Michael R. Bearden, 280 Reta G. Bearden, 363 Sharon G. Bearden, 280 Lynda L. Beasley, 342 Dena K. Beaton, 318 Kay B.Beaton, 280 Kenneth E. Beaton, 342 Helen C. Beavers, 388 Connie J. Beck, 343 Craig L. Beck, 319 Melvin E. Beck, 319 Ronnie H. Beck, 363 Ross E. Beck, 280 Antoinette A. Becker, 343 Judy A. Becker, 363 Ronald D. Becker, 280 Retha L. Beckham, 343 E. Lee Beckman, 363 Marilyn F. Bednar, 343 Henry L. Behnen, 363 Peggy L. Beisel, 343 John D. Belcher, 343 Bill E. Belew, 280 Arthur W.Bell, 319 Billy R. Bell, 319 Brenda K. Bell, 343 Cynthia K.Bell, 363 Jean A.Bell, 319 Leo Bell, 319 Patricia A.Bell, 280 Ronald K. Bell, 319 RosieM. Bell, 343 Sheila E. Bell, 363 William K. Bell, 280 Cathy M. Bellingrath, 363 Bill Belzung, 319 Margaret K. Benham, 280 Debby M.Bennett, 363 Henry K. Bennett, 280 J. Doyle Bennett, 319 Jerry L. Bennett, 319 Lindel R. Bennett, 319 Lucion A. Bennett, 319 Martha J. Bennett, 319 Michael Bennett, 363 Phillip H.Bennett, 388 Robert L. Bennett, 280 Sharon Y. Bennett, 363 Timothy R. Bennett, 363 B. Steven Benson, 319 Frankie C. Benson, 280 Ronald L. Benson, 343 Theresa A. Benson, 319 Thomas E. Benson, 319 David B. Bentley, 363 Sylvia J. Bergey, 363 Bobby G. Berry, 319 DonG. Berry, 319 Donna J. Berry, 343 Doris J. Berry, 319 Evelyn A. Berry, 280 James L. Berry, 363 Kenneth L. Berry, 319 Peggy L. Berry, 343 Ramona Berry, 363 RichardS. Berry, 319 Sandra K. Berry, 280 Stanley R. Berry, 319 Vickey J. Berry, 319 William H. Berry, 319 Stephen L. Berryman, 363 Donnie A. Beshears, 343 Dennis L. Betts, 280 Myra J.Betts, 343 Nancy A. Bevis, 280 Robert G.Bevis, 280 George L. Biard, 280 Brenda J.Bibb, 343 Sherry L. Bickerstaff, 343 Carl A. Biggs, 280 Patsy A. Biggs, 280 William R. Biggs, 363 Connie V. Bilbrey, 343 Vincent J. Bilinsky, 319 Danny R. Billings, 343 Brenda K. Billingsley, 363 Glen E. Billingsley, 280 390 Pamela P. Billingsley, 363 Thomas S. Billingsley, 363 Ira J. Birdsong, 343 John J. Biron, 319 Larry J. Bishop, 363 Richard J. Bishop, 280 Galen B. Bitely, 343 Morris W. Bitely, 363 Anne K. Bittinger, 363 Sandra L. Bittle. 363 Glenn A. Bivins, 363 Carol M. Black, 319 Earl M. Black, 343 Richard K. Black, 280 Robert J. Black Jr., 280 Shelley J. Black, 363 Stefan H. Black, 280 Thea E. Black, 363 Winston Black, 319 Charles D. Blackburn, 363 Frances J. Blackburn, 281 Patsy J. Blackburn, 281 Ronald W. Blackburn, 281 Denzil K. Blackman, 319 Kathryn A. Blackman, 363 Margaret L. Blackman, 343 Rick Blackwelder, 343 Nell D. Blackwell, 319 Elizabeth L. Blackwood, 343 Michael D. Blackwood, 319 Barbara R. Blagg, 363 Janie W. Blagg, 363 David A. Blair, 363 Judy K.Blair, 281 Johnny D.Blake, 281 Paul H.Blake. 343 Sharon A. Blake, 319 Susan P. Blake, 363 John R. Blakely, 343 Danny Blalock, 343 Darrell L. Blalock. 363 Larry D. Blalock, 363 Kathleen M. Blanchard, 363 Margaret D. Blanchard, 343 Robert G. Blanchard, 281 R. Preston Bland Jr., 319 Raymond M. Blaney, 343 Danny C. Blankenship, 343 Sandra K. Blankenship, 363 James F. Blankinship, 281 Beverly K. Bledsoe, 343 Linda F. Bledsoe, 363 Sybil J.Bledsoe. 319 William C. Bledsoe, 343 William P. Bledsoe, 363 Richard L. Blevins, 281 Mary A. Bliss, 319 Vurle D. Block, 343 Mary L. Blocker, 343 Betty L. Bloom, 388 Annette Boals, 281 Irene Boblack, 281 Larry J. Bodeker, 343 Robert H. Bodenhamer, 319 Joyce Y. Boggan, 363 James E. Boggs, 363 Shirley A. Boggs, 319 Phillip E. Bogy, 343 Jimmy L. Bohannan, 343 Verda M. Bohannon, 343 S.KayeBolen, 281 Sandra K. Boling, 343 Everett D. Bolton, 319 Ann C. Bond, 363 Nancy C. Bond, 363 Sandra D. Bond, 319 Charles E. Bonds, 363 Douglas R. Bonds. 343 Carol A. Bone, 319 Edward Bone, 281 Paula J. Bone, 363 Rickey G. Bone, 319 Sara J. Bone, 363 Sherilyn J. Bone, 363 Elma L. Bonham, 319 Paula K. Bonham, 343 Jeff D. Bonner, 343 Nelda E. Bonner. 388 Kenneth P. Book, 319 Donald V. Booker. 281 Gail L. Booker, 281 David A.Boone, 281 Gary M. Boone, 343 John H. Booten, 319 Daniel M. Boozer. 363 James W. Boren, 343 Ronald L. Boren, 281 Rick B. Borgman, 319 Donna L. Born, 363 Betty J. Bornhoft, 363 John A. Bornhoft, 363 Patricia A. Bornhoft, 363 Lamar R. Bostic, 281 Charles R. Bottoms, 281 Linda A. Bottoms, 281 Emil A. Boucher. 343 Elvin R. Bouldin, 319 Gerald T. Bourdage, 388 William D. Bourg, 281 Billy S. Bourland, 363 Vickey Boutwell, 364 B. Sharon Bowen, 319 Norman J. Bowen Jr., 364 Ronald L. Bowen, 319 Sherry A. Bowen, 319 Terry F. Bowen, 343 Janice A. Bowers, 319 Robert Bowers, 281 Ronald E. Bowers, 364 Brenda S. Bowles, 281 John O. Bowman, 343 Larry D. Bowman, 364 Roger D. Bowman, 319 Gary T. Box, 364 Brenda J. Boyd, 388 Dana D. Boyd, 343 Danny T. Boyd, 364 Darlister S. Boyd, 364 David R. Boyd, 281 Dock E. Boyd, 343 Harold R. Boyd, 319 Janet W.Boyd. 319 JoAnneBoyd, 281 Judy A.Boyd, 364 Leslie A. Boyd, 281 Mary R. Boyd, 319 Richard R. Boyd, 364 Sarah B.Boyd, 364 June Boyer, 364 Herman N. Boykin II, 319 Gary O. Boyles, 343 Rebecca L. Boyles, 364 Susan I. Boyles, 343 Sherry D. Bracewell, 281 Karen L. Brackin, 343 John S. Bracy, 364 Linda C. Bracy, 388 Robert L. Bradbury Jr., 343 Lois E. Braden, 343 Carroll E. Bradford, 343 Joseph C.Bradford, 319 Marinell Bradford, 281 Betty L. Bradley, 320 Danny E. Bradley, 364 David E. Bradley, 364 Glenda J. Bradley, 364 JoanT. Bradley, 388 Judith M. Bradley, 364 Patrick F. Bradley, 343 Benny D. Bradshaw, 281 Larry T. Bradshaw, 281 Judith A. Bradsher. 320 Janie D. Brady, 320 Michael A. Brady, 364 Ralph W. Brady, 320 James H. Brake, 320 Robert L. Bramlett, 320 Roger D. Bramlett, 364 Ruby L. Branan, 343 Richard C. Branch, 344 Steve H. Branch, 364 Diana L. Brandon, 281 Larry E. Brannen, 364 James M. Brannon, 320 William G. Brannon, 281 Sam D. Brannum, 364 David R. Branstetter, 364 Pamela K. Brantley, 344 Bobby G. Branum, 364 James S. Branum, 320 Jerry W. Branum, 344 Woodrow B. Brashers, 344 Hoyle J. Braswell, 364 Marilyn F. Braswell, 281 Stan B. Brawley, 320 Claude E. Brawner, 320 Carol D. Bray, 344 Gary L. Brazzeal. 320 David G. Brecheen, 364 Linda F. Brecheen, 281 Joe R. Brecklein, 364 Marcia L. Breeding, 320 MarkG. Brenke, 281 Joan Brent, 281 Lizabeth A. Bretherick, 320 Allen D. Brewer, 344 Gale A. Brewer, 344 Nancy C. Brewer, 344 Pamela G. Brewer, 320 Philip D. Brewer, 320 Sharon C. Brewer, 282 William K. Brewer, 364 Wayne F. Brewies, 388 Ronald Brewington, 364 Wanda Brewington, 282 Kent H. Brewster, 364 Teresa J. Brickell, 364 James E. Bridger, 282 Suzanne B. Bridger, 282 Judy E. Bridges, 282 Rodney A. Bridges, 344 Thomas Bridges, 320 George A. Briggs, 364 James R. Briggs, 364 Melinda J. Briggs. 364 H. Sterling Briggs Jr., 364 Thomas L. Briggs, 364 Teresa N. Briley, 364 Larry E. Brimhall, 344 Suzanne W. Brimhall, 344 Phillip G.Brinkley, 320 Rebecca C. Britt, 344 PaulT. Britton, 344 Almaree Broadway, 344 Glenda Broadway, 344 Barbara S. Brock, 364 LilaK. Brock, 364 John W. Brogden, 364 Randy R. Broglen, 364 Bobbie L. Brooks, 388 Flossie M. Brooks, 364 Greg A. Brooks, 364 James C. Brooks, 388 Richard L. Brooks, 320 Robert L. Brooks, 364 Stephen R. Brooks, 364 Susan C. Brooks, 388 Brenda K. Brothers, 364 Michael L. Brothers, 344 Ronny L. Brothers, 282 Abby W. Brown, 364 Alan W.Brown, 282 Artice J. Brown, 344 Barbara L. Brown, 344 Cathy M. Brown, 364 Charlotte A. Brown, 364 Dana L. Brown, 282 David L. Brown, 344 David R. Brown, 320 David W.Brown, 320 Don R. Brown, 344 Dwight M. Brown, 364 Fred J. Brown, 282 James D. Brown, 344 Jerry W. Brown, 344 Letha S. Brown, 364 Linda E. Brown, 344 Linda S. Brown, 320 Lionne K. Brown, 364 Michael W. Brown, 344 Mika J. Brown, 344 Neil Br own, 344 Patricia A. Brown, 364 Ronnie D.Brown, 320 Shirley G. Brown, 344 Stanley G. Brown, 344 Steven W. Brown, 320 Teresa J. Brown, 364 Thea L. Brown, 282 Thomas J. Brown, 282 Tommy C. Brown, 364 William L. Brown, 320 Alton R. Brownderville, 282 John R. Brownlee, 364 Robert M. Brownlee, 365 Rickey L. Browning, 320 William Broyles, 320 Debra R. Bruce, 365 Kalya K. Bruce, 282 Cecilia J. Brummett, 282 Delores J. Brummett, 365 Gary S. Brummett, 282 Phyllis D. Brummett, 344 Karen D. Bruner, 320 Patty S. Brunner, 365 Randall VV. Brunner, 320 Rickey M. Brunner, 320 Deborah A. Brunson, 365 Anneta Bryant, 320 Jimmv W. Bryant, 344 Linda A. Bryant. 388 Phyllis M. Bryant, 320 Rebecca A. Bryant, 282 Rhonda J. Bryant, 282 Steve J. Bryant, 365 William H. Bryant, 282 Kennith Buchanan, 365 Danny G. Buck, 320 Joe R. Buck, 282 Daniel B.Buc kley, 282 Gerald M. Bueker, 320 Debby L. Buerkle. 365 Richard L. Buerkle, 320 Douglas D. Bufford, 365 Thomas A. Buford, 282 Larrv D. Bull, 320 Marcella Bullard, 344 Richard A. Bump, 344 Larry L. Bunch, 282 Jerry F. Bunn, 365 Mary M. Bunting, 282 Rickey L. Bunting, 282 Roy M. Bunch, 320 Robert L. Burch, 320 Sarah B. Burch, 365 Stephen P. Burch, 282 Jerry W. Burchfield, 320 Robert A. Burchfield, 320 Sarah B. Burchfield, 365 Nancy A.Burdick, 388 Doris R. Burdyshaw, 320 Marie-Jose Burdyshaw, 320 Carlotta A. Burge, 320 Frank B.Burge, 320 Hubert M. Burge, 320 Lou A. Burge, 344 Jeri D. Burgess, 365 Jerry W. Burk, 365 William D. Burk, 344 Roger D.Burke, 282 Morris M. Burkett, 320 Bruce D. Burks, 365 Nancy C. Burks, 365 Paul A. Burks, 365 Therald D. Burmingham, 344 David W. Burnell, 344 Robert J. Burnett, 320 Brenda G. Burns, 320 David K. Burns, 388 Ewell P. Burns, 320 Janett Burns, 282 Jenene Burns, 282 John D. Burns, 344 John Burns, 365 Johnny L. Burns, 365 Larry J. Burns, 282 Helen D. Burr, 344 Frank Burrell, 365 Eddie D. Burris, 365 Gary D. Burris, 282 Harral L. Burris, 365 Danny L. Burrow, 365 James D. Burrow, 282 Fred G. Burrows, 282 Linda S. Burrows, 320 Edward T. Burton, 282 Elmo G. Burton, 344 Jimmy R. Burton, 320 John C. Burton, 282 Michael L. Burton, 282 Byron B. Busby, 365 Edward C. Busby, 344 Gary D. Busby, 320 Max H. Busby. 344 Ben R. Bush, 320 William R. Bush, 344 Larry G. Bussey, 320 Jacqueline Y. Butcher, 388 George R. Butler, 344 Grover G. Butler, 365 Karon S. Butler, 282 Lewis G. Butler, 283 Dale J. Butterworth, 365 Larrv P. Butterworth, 320 Chris Bynum, 283 Dianna S. Bynum, 320 Ronald W. Byrd, 365 391 -C- Jan S. Cagle, 365 Andrew Lee Cain, 320 Bobby P. Caldwell. 283 Carroll G. Caldwell, 321 JudieC. Caldwell, 344 Maxie L. Caldwell, 321 Ronald R. Caldwell, 365 Charles R. Calhoon, 283 Lanita C. Calkin, 344 Susan K. Callihan, 344 Karen L. Callis, 365 Jeffrey B. Calloway, 321 Stefan A. Calloway, 321 Thomas L. Calloway, 321 Brenda K. Cameron, 365 John M. Cameron, 321 Patricia A. Cameron, 283 Vicky G. Cameron, 365 Mike H. Camp, 365 Patty S. Camp, 344 Phil H. Camp, 321 Robert L. Camp, 321 Sharon D. Camp, 321 Wayne Camp, 321 Barbara L. Campbell, 365 Bruce F. Campbell Jr., 344 Carolyn S. Campbell, 321 Charlotte D. Campbell, 365 Dennis L. Campbell, 365 Joel S. Campbell, 321 Kent A. Campbell, 321 Mary L. Campbell, 344 Nancy K.Campbell, 321 Patricia B. Campbell, 321 Ray Campbell, 321 Robert L. Campbell, 365 Rona F. Campbell. 283 Zora F. Campbell, 344 Jim F. Canant, 321 Rickey L. Canard, 321 Betty M. Cannon. 321 Bobby R. Cannon, 283 Peggy L. Cannon, 283 Jamie A. Cantrell, 321 Maria D. Capps. 344 Patricia L. Capps, 321 Sharon D. Capps, 321 William C. Caputo, 283 RossE.Cardin, 344 Donald C.Carey, 344 Nancy C. Carey, 365 James P. Cargill, 321 Raif V. Cargill. 365 Tony T. Cariaco, 283 Glen R. Carlson, 321 Glenn D. Carlton, 365 Robert M. Carlton, 344 Cheryl A. Carnahan, 344 Robert L. Carnes, 365 Thomas W. Carothers, 365 Carol Carpenter, 321 Carolyn R. Carpenter, 321 John W. Carr, 344 Johnnie F. Carr, 345 Mary E. Carr, 283 Paula J. Carroll, 345 Don R. Carson, 345 Jack H. Carson, 283 Barbara J. Cart, 365 Barbara E. Carter, 365 Gary M. Carter, 365 Harold K. Carter, 283 Ida C. Carter, 365 Kathy S. Carter, 365 Linda B. Carter, 283 Pamela S. Carter, 345 Patricia D. Carter, 388 Stanley P. Carter, 345 Estel R. Cartwright , 321 Opra R. Cartwright, 365 Ronald E. Cartwright. 365 Lorrie M. Carucci, 345 James R. Casebier, 321 Floyd H. Casey, 365 Johnny M. Cash, 365 Nancy S. Cash, 365 Virginia D. Casinger, 321 Ted J. Caskey. 388 Gwendolyn Cason, 365 Roland N. Cason, 345 Patrick J. Cass, 365 Carol B. Cassidy, 365 Judy B. Cate, 283 James H. Gates, 321 RayG.Cates, 365 Dianne M. Cathey, 345 Donald M. Cathey, 345 Catherine D. Catlett, 365 Willie G. Catlett, 321 Elmer L.Catlin, 345 James C. Causbie, 321 George O. Causey, 345 Nancy Causey, 365 Nola M. Causey, 365 David J. Cave, 388 Veta L. Cavitt, 345 Denise E. Cazort, 365 John A. Cecala, 321 Michael L. Chaffin. 321 Larry E. Chailland, 321 Brenda G. Chaligoj, 283 John M. Chambers, 345 Pamela V. Chambers, 321 Ronald W. Chambless, 321 Charles W. Champ. 283 Larry W. Chance. 321 Gary P. Chandler, 365 Harold W. Chandler, 365 James C. Chandler, 321 William R. Chandler, 283 Ernestine F. Chapin, 321 Charles Chapin, 345 Cleo D. Chapman, 345 GaryM.Chappel, 321 Lanny D. Chastain, 321 Larry W. Chastain, 345 Robert W. Chatman, 283 Paul S. Chavis, 365 Ronald E. Cheatham, 321 Julie L. Cheek, 388 Robert H. Cleeves, 321 Ralph A. Cheshier, 365 Edward J. Chess, 345 David K. Chesser, 365 James R. Chester, 365 Mary S. Chester, 283 Martha G. Chilcoat, 365 Jim L. Childers, 345 Linda S. Childers, 321 Carolyn L. Childress, 283 Jack L. Childress, 283 Connie S. Childs, 345 David L. Childs, 283 John C. Childs III, 365 Sheryl N. Childs, 321 Glenn T. Chilton, 365 Wilma P. Chilton, 365 Ray O. Chinn, 283 Jerry D. Chism, 321 William G. Chitmon, 321 Janet C. Choate, 365 Gary A.Christian, 345 Robert E. Christian, 321 Jack C.Christie, 365 Cynthia M. Church, 366 James H. Churchill, 366 Linda K. Churchill, 366 Henry C. Clampit, 345 Angela R. Clark, 284 Barbara Clark, 366 Barbara A. Clark, 321 Charles G.Clark, 284 David B. Clark, 366 Edith L. Clark, 284 Gary L. Clark, 284 Hillard D.Clark. 366 James L. Clark, 284 Jeannie K. Clark, 345 Jimi N. Clark, 345 Jimmy R. Clark, 321 Julian B. Clark, 284 Kathryn S. Clark, 345 Larry W. Clark, 321 Marilyn E. Clark, 366 Patricia A. Clark, 321 Rebecca J. Clark, 321 Roger L. Clark, 366 Sharon A. Clark, 345 Teresa G.Clark. 345 Wanda L. Clark, 284 Charles H. Clarke. 284 Michael D. Clary. 366 Johnnie E. Claunch, 321 Shari S. Claxton, 345 Anna M. Clay, 345 Clayton F. Clay, 345 James L. Clayton, 345 Janice L. Clayton, 284 Jerry A. Clayton, 321 Vicky L. Clem, 366 Shirley J. Clements, 284 Gary L. Cleve, 321 Patrick W. Clifford. 321 Ricky C. Clifft, 345 Darrell W. Clifton, 284 Ralph M. Clifton, 321 Jimmy R. Cline, 366 Elsa A. Clinger, 321 Linda A.Cobb, 284 Linda L. Cobb, 345 Michael A.Cobb, 321 Pamela E. Cobb. 366 William M. Cobb, 321 Sherry M.Cobbs, 345 Becky G. Coburn, 284 Harrey J. Cockrill, 366 Hubert L. Cockrum, 345 Barbara J. Cody, 366 Christy A.Coffey, 366 Belinda G. Coffman, 284 Judy A. Coffman, 366 Terry A. Coggin, 366 Bobbie J. Coggins, 345 Karen S. Cohen, 345 Melba J.Coke, 345 Cathy D. Coker, 345 Teresa L. Colbert, 366 Dorothy M. Cole, 345 George R. Cole, 345 Jerry E.Cole, 321 Jon S. Cole, 345 Larry S. Cole, 366 Stephen W. Cole, 345 Carolyn J. Coleman, 366 Charlotte D. Coleman, 366 Connie V. Coleman, 284 Gary L. Coleman, 321 Harry R. Coleman, 284 John D. Coleman, 321 John W. Coleman. 321 Kathryn J.Coleman, 284 Michael E. Coleman, 345 Sharon A. Coleman, 366 Sharon K. Coleman, 345 Terry K. Coleman, 321 Willie C. Coleman, 321 Sandra G. Collar, 321 Sharon G. Collatt, 366 Anita S. Collie, 345 Allen R. Collier. 388 Becky J. Collier, 366 Darrell G. Collier, 345 Harold D. Collier, 345 Helen C. Collier, 366 Charles Collins, 284 Dianna L. Collins, 345 Emily T. Collins, 345 Gary R. Collins, 284 Mary E.Collins, 284 Patsy R. Collins, 366 Allan D. Columbus, 321 David K. Combs, 284 Helen I. Combs, 321 Patty S. Combs, 321 Ronald L. Combs, 322 Wendelin J. Combs, 322 Charlotte M. Compton, 345 Marcia L. Compton, 366 William R. Compton, 284 Charles B. Cone, 284 William M. Cone, 366 James A. Connor, 345 Joseph N. Connors, 345 David D.Conrad, 366 Harlin D. Conrad, 322 William A. Conrad, 345 Arthur B. Cook, 284 Cherry L. Cook, 366 Daniel D. Cook, 322 Danny C.Cook, 322 Deborah K. Cook, 345 Dianne K. Cook, 366 Donna L. Cook, 284 Jav W. Cook, 366 John C. Cook, 366 Lydia S. Cook, 322 Mary L. Cook, 345 May B. Cook, 388 Patricia E. Cook, 285 Lotus H. Cooksey, 366 J.C. Coomer, 285 Daniel W. Cooper, 345 Danny Cooper, 366 Dixie L. Cooper, 322 Donna J. Cooper, 366 Edward M. Cooper, 322 Gary M. Cooper. 366 Jack L. Cooper, 366 James F. Cooper, 322 Linda K. Cooper, 285 Monta J. Cooper, 366 Nancy L. Cooper, 285 Paul E. Cooper, 366 Sandra J. Cooper, 322 Sharon S. Cooper, 366 Stanley W. Cooper, 322 Steven M. Cooper, 366 SueC. Cooper, 322 Sue J. Cooper, 322 Terry H. Cooper, 366 Thomas G. Cooper, 285 Tommy Cooper, 322 Edward L. Cormack, 366 Mary P. Cornelius, 345 Laura L. Cornett, 345 Daniel A. Corning, 285 Kathy P. Cornish, 322 Linda C. Cornish, 345 Gregory C. Cornley, 345 Larry G. Corpier, 322 Jimmy D. Corter, 366 Jerry W. Corvin, 322 Michael O. Corvin, 285 Joseph M. Costello, 366 Charles A. Cothran, 366 Linda J.Cottle, 366 TeriC. Couch, 345 Thomas W. Coulter, 345 April L. Counts, 285 Floyd D. Cowan, 322 Linda K. Cowan, 345 Paula J. Cowan, 345 Benny B. Cox, 322 Jimmy N. Cox, 322 Michael H. Cox, 322 Rose Cox, 285 Dale F. Coy, 285 Karen A. Coy, 285 RitaD.Crabb, 345 Bonita R. Crabtree, 322 Larry D. Crabtree, 345 Donald E. Crader. 366 Alfreda K. Craft, 345 JamaeE. Craft, 322 Sheliah K. Craft, 366 Carol J.Crafton, 366 Connie E. Crafton, 285 Gene D. Crafton, 285 Jerry D. Crafton, 345 Charles R.Craig, 345 David B. Craig, 322 Jerri C. Craig, 322 Jim F. Craig, 366 Mary L. Craig, 322 Robert H.Craig. Jr., 285 Robert W. Craig, 322 Steve D.Craig, 366 Thomas A. Craig, 366 Timothy A.Craig, 322 William C. Craigmyle. 345 Larry R. Crain, 322 VirgieE.Crain, 322 Yvette Crain, 345 Richard W. Crampton, 285 Deitra D. Crane, 322 Carol J.Cranford, 345 Tacey L. Cravens, 285 Carolyn M.Crawford, 285 Harry F. Crawford, 345 Ivy K. Crawford, 285 Mary A. Crawford. 322 Rebecca L. Crawford, 346 RichardS. Crawford, 322 Terrell W. Crawford, 285 Samuel L. Creasman, 322 Donald T. Creason, 346 James C. Creecy. 322 James E. Creecy, 285 Kristie A. Creed, 322 Samuel A. Creed, 366 Charles E. CregoIII, 388 Martha Crego, 388 Donald L. Creighton. 322 Michael J. Creswell, 322 George M. Crews, 322 Joe B. Crews, 285 Mary C. Crews. 285 392 Peggy R. Crews, 322 Janet D. Crider, 285 Andrew P. Crigler. 322 Johnny R. Crisler, 322 Linda L. Crismon, 346 Steve M. Crismon, 366 Allen D. Crisp, 322 Mary V. Crisp, 366 Julia L. Crist, 366 Lynne Crittenden, 285 Wayne Crocker, 285 Eva M. Croft, 366 Keith E. Croft, 366 Carol S. Crook, 346 Nina L. Crook, 322 William G.Crook, 346 Lynda L. Cross, 346 Marsha L. Cross, 285 Ermal J. Crossfield, 285 Gary S. Crossfield, 346 Mary E. Crossfield, 285 Michael W. Crosson, 346 Vivian T. Crouch, 366 Janice S. Crow, 346 Mike Crow, 346 Rhonda K. Crowder, 346 Gary L. Crowson, 322 TeJuana J. Crowson, 346 NilaJ.Cruce, 366 Taja B. Cruce, 346 John D. Crue, 366 Donna B. Crumbaugh, 366 Susan L. Crumby, 346 Donna J. Crumley, 346 Wayne L. Cruthis, 285 JoeT. Cullen, 285 Robert E. Cullins, 346 Gayla A. Cullum, 366 Jessie R. Cullum, 346 Danny R. Culp, 322 Cindi L. Culpepper, 346 James D. Culpepper, 322 Michael D. Cummings, 322 Stanley S. Cummings, 322 Cynthia T. Cunningham, 285 Gerald W. Cunningham, 366 Glenda R. Cunningham, 366 Janice F. Cunningham, 388 Jeanne F. Cunningham, 285 Lela A. Cunningham, 322 Paul D. Cunningham, 346 Penelope F. Cunningham, 285 Suzanne Cunningham, 322 Chester L. Cupp, 285 James M. Curry, 322 Stephen S. Curry, 346 Terry L. Curry, 285 Denny E. Curtis, 346 Gary L. Curtis, 346 Vicki A.Curtis, 366 Phoebe L. Cyrus, 346 -D- Ethel L. Dabbs, 322 Donna L. Dacus, 366 Jerry D. Dacus, 366 Dennis L.Dahl, 322 David Dail, 286 SueL. Daily, 346 Sterling R. Dalby, 366 Michael S.Dale, 322 Patricia A. Dale, 366 James E. Dallari, 367 Perry J. Dalton, 346 Joan Dalziel, 367 Jonathan D. Dame, 322 Larry B. Dame, 322 Peggy J. Dame, 367 Vickie L. Dame, 367 Danny J. Daniel, 367 Marion C. Daniel, 367 David L. Daniell, 286 Robert G. Daniels, 322 Steven T. Dapp, 322 Patricia A. Darby, 286 Sharon L. Darby, 286 RexG. Darling, 346 TedC. Darling, 286 Joan C. Darr, 322 Karen G. Dauck, 367 Jerry L. Daughesty, 322 James M. Davenport, 286 Stephen L. Davenport, 322 Kent W. Davidson, 346 Lendell D. Davidson, 367 Linda D. Davidson, 346 Susan M. Davidson, 346 Ann S. Davis, 322 Barbara G. Davis, 388 Betty D. Davis, 286 Calmus J. Davis. 367 Clyde S. Davis, 367 Curtis Davis, 286 Doris A.Davis, 322 Dwayne L. Davis, 322 Frank E. Davis, 286 Glenda M. Davis, 286 James A. Davis, 367 John M. Davis, 367 Judy K. Davis, 367 Lehman W. Davis, 322 Leslie W. Davis, 322 Linwood Davis Jr., 286 Mary E. Davis, 367 Mary L. Davis, 322 Mary M. Davis, 367 Melba L. Davis, 367 Mitchell Davis, 322 Nancy S. Davis, 367 Neal Davis, 322 Pamela S. Davis, 346 Peter Davis, 367 Rae J. Davis, 367 Rhonda Davis, 286 Richard A. Davis, 367 Ronnie L. Davis, 322 Sara E. Davis, 346 Shelley J.Davis, 367 Stephen P. Davis, 367 Thomas J. Davis Jr., 367 William W.Davis Jr., 322 Deborah L. Davison, 323 Larry W. Davidson, 367 David R. Dawson, 346 Melvin E. Dawson, 346 John E. Day, 323 Loretta Day, 367 BeadieM. Dean, 367 Henry D. Dean, 286 Katie S. Dean, 323 Charles W. Deatherage, 367 Martha E. DeBow, 323 Kenneth L. Deckelman, 367 Clare DeClerk, 346 Deborah A. DeClerk, 388 John D. DeClerk, 367 Thomas B. DeClerk Jr., 323 Michael K. Deen, 346 Wayne T. Deen, 346 Janet Deere, 367 William D. Deeter, 323 Sharron K. DeFord, 367 Ricky G. DeFries, 286 Carolyn E. DeGraw, 367 Jean A. Dehls, 367 Ronald G. DeJarnette, 367 Lynn M. Delaney, 323 Rick D. Delaney, 367 Donald A. DeMaine, 286 Richard D. DeMaine, 346 Danel L. Dement, 367 Mary A. Dement, 286 Phyllis J. Dennington, 346 Lois A. Dennis, 367 Susan Y. Dennis, 346 Mike Densmore, 323 Lyle B. Dent, 286 Michael Dent, 346 Sharon P. Dent, 286 Brenda J. Denton, 367 Freddy L. Derden, 367 Deirl A. Derryberry, 286 Georgia C. Dersch, 286 Richard Deuser, 367 Kathy D. DeVore, 286 Jerry A. Dickerson, 346 Lynn A. Dickerson, 346 Marcus E. Dickerson, 346 Freddy W. Dickinson, 367 Lynda J. Dickinson, 286 Patricia C. Dickinson, 346 Shirley A. Dickinson, 323 Clarence C. Dickson, 367 Henry J. Dickson, 367 Norman C. Dickson, 346 Paul E. Dickson, 323 MarkD. Diggs, 286 Carmon L. Dillard, 323 Mike Dillard, 323 Alvie W. Dillin, 323 DaveDillinger, 323 Norman D. Dillon, 286 Terry M. Dills, 286 Francine M. DiMaio, 346 PaulD.Dismang, 286 Frances L. Distretti, 323 Karen S. DiVittorio, 346 Margaret L. Dixon, 346 Tommy K. Dixon, 367 Vance R. Dixon, 286 Clarence T. Doan, 346 Cona J.Doan, 348 Joseph R. Dobbs, 323 Randy E.Dobbs, 346 Ronald E. Dobbs, 323 Jackie L. Dobson, 346 Holly E. Dodd, 346 JimmieD. Dodd, 323 Benjamin M. Dodson, 346 Debby R. Dodson, 323 Margaret A. Dodson, 286 Thomas E. Dodson, 323 Patrick O. Doherty, 346 Elizabeth A. Dohogne, 346 Stephen P. Dole, 367 Jay C. Dollins, 323 SherrieN. Dollins, 367 James E. Donham, 367 James R. Dooley, 346 Lou A. Dooly, 323 Annette L. Dorris, 346 MarkT. Dorris, 346 Steve M. Dorris, 367 Terry A. Dorris, 367 Elaine Dorton, 286 Eulas L. Dorton, 367 Jerry D. Dorton, 323 Ronnie W. Dorton, 323 Daniel W.Doshier, 286 Larry D. Dossett, 367 Larry W. Doty, 286 Paul H. Doty, 367 Susan P. Doty, 323 Brenda J. Douglas, 367 Eddie L. Douglas, 346 James R. Douglas, 323 James W. Douglas, 346 Warren H. Douglas, 367 Caroline J. Douthet, 323 Chester D. Douthit, 323 Ethel M. Dover, 286 Billy R. Dowdy, 323 Kenneth G. Dowless, 323 Corrie E. Downey, 323 Jean M. Downey, 346 Lizabeth Downey, 346 Ann Downing, 323 Patricia D. Downing, 286 Patricia L. Downing, 323 Brenda K. Downs, 346 Roberta G. Downs, 367 Rodney L. Downs, 286 Wanda A.Doyel, 346 Vivian E. Doyle, 346 John B. Dozier, 346 Rusty A. Dozier, 323 Josef G. Drace, 323 Thomas H. Draffen, 323 George A. Draper, 286 Jane Ducker, 367 Phil H. Ducker. 323 Janet M. Duckworth. 323 Kathy S. Duckworth. 368 Victoria A. Duckworth, 323 Sharon K. Dudley, 287 Charles R. Duffel " . 368 Jane A. Duffel, 323 Larry N. Duffel, 287 Robert P. Dugger, 346 Bill D. Duke, 346 Donald R. Dunavant, 323 Ronnie G. Dunavin, 287 Charles W. Duncan, 287 Dorothy J. Duncan, 368 Gale W. Duncan, 368 Gary S. Duncan, 323 Gwendolyn C. Duncan, 368 John J. Duncan, 323 John K. Duncan, 323 John T. Duncan, 346 Phillip J. Duncan, 368 Romona L. Duncan, 368 Larry N. Dunham, 368 Henry E. Dunigan, 346 Phyllis D. Dunigan, 347 Kaye M. Dunkerson. 287 Patti K. Dunkerson, 368 Brenda J. Dunlap, 368 Chesley D. Dunlap. 287 David A. Dunlap, 323 Jackie R. Dunn, 323 James T. Dunn, 323 Patricia J. Dunn, 368 Robert Dunn, 323 Vicki D. Dunn, 287 Walker A. Dunn, 347 Douglas A. Dunson, 388 Joseph E. Durham, 368 Max H. Duty, 323 Sharon K. Dyer, 347 -E- MaryK.Eaker, 347 PriscillaL.Earnhart, 368 Ronnie J. Eary, 323 Charles W. Eason, 347 Terry J. Eason, 323 Jill B. East, 287 Lynn East, 368 Marta L. Easterly, 368 Patricia Eaton, 287 Robert D.Eaton, 287 Ann Eckford, 287 Brenda C. Eddington, 368 James F. Edens, 323 Jerry L. Edgar, 368 H. Wayne Edgin, 323 David I. Edington, 323 James Allen Edington, 347 John M. Edington, 323 Sue Edington, 368 Frank T. Edmonds, 287 Ada F. Edmondson, 347 David T. Edrington, 347 Don B. Edwards, 323 Glenda C. Edwards, 347 Jerone E. Edwards, 368 Jimmy D. Edwards, 287 John H. Edwards, 287 Joy B. Edwards, 324 Judith A.Edwards, 368 LeAnn Edwards, 368 Martha S. Edwards, 287 Rebecca A. Edwards, 287 Sara L. Edwards, 287 Sarah M. Edwards, 324 Tanna R. Edwards, 368 Roger F. Effinger, 287 Phillip W. Elam, 324 Cary R. Elbert, 368 James N. Elbert, 324 Genevra B. Eldredge, 347 Catherine N. Elkins, 368 Janet M. Elledge, 368 Curtis R. Ellington, 368 Mary J.Ellington, 324 Michael L. Elliott, 368 Rebecca A. Elliott, 368 Alice C.Ellis, 347 Doris B. Ellis, 287 James F. Ellis, 368 Kay Ellis, 324 Ronald W. Ellis, 368 Teresa M. Ellis, 368 David F. Ellzey, 368 Anne E. Elmore, 368 Wesley H. Elmore, 287 Nancy R. Elphingstone, 347 JaneE. Elrod, 287 Cydney F. Elslander, 368 Rick J. Emerson, 324 Robbie E. Emerson, 368 Ricky D. Emery , 368 James M. Emmert, 368 Van E. Emerson, 287 Linda K. Endsley, 324 Edna K. Engel, 347 Carlis L. England, 368 Donnie G. England, 347 Elizabeth England, 388 Gaylen R. England, 368 Robert E. English Jr., 347 393 Shelly English. 368 Eva J. Enzor, 347 Cathy R. Eoff. 322 Phyllis R. Eoff, 368 Thomas VV. Epperson, 368 John L. Epps. 368 David D. Erby, 324 Jala VV. Erby, 324 Betty C. Ermert. 287 Steven L. Ernest, 347 Samuel L. Erwin, 368 Kathy D. Essig, 368 Calvin H. Estes Jr., 324 Donna R. Estes, 347 Jennifer L. Estes. 347 Myra J. Estes, 347 Stanley Estes, 287 Glenda L. Etchieson, 368 Carl G. Eubanks, 324 Michael J. Eubanks, 324 Herschel D. Eudy, 324 Karen R. Euler, 324 Bruce W. Evans, 347 David A. Evans, 347 Howard C. Evans. 324 Kathleen Evans, 388 Richard Evans, 287 Ronald L. Evans, 288 Sheila J. Evans, 324 Teddy W. Evans, 347 Betsy M. Everett, 288 Michael Everett, 288 -F- Patricia A. Fagan, 368 Patricia E. Fagins, 368 FrankieL. Fair, 288 DarleneM. Falwell, 324 John M. Falwell, 288 Chris Farley, 368 Linda E. Farley, 368 Brenda K. Farmer, 347 Charles D. Farmer, 288 HanfordM. Farrell, 368 James J. Farrell, 324 Carolyn S. Farris, 324 Robert E. Farrow, 288 Randal E. Faughn, 288 Deborah Faulkenberry, 368 Constance S. Faulkner, 324 James L. Faulkner, 288 Johnita P. Faulkner, 368 William E. Faulkner, 288 Jeanette Fawcett, 368 Carlos L. Faye Jr., 347 Barbara A. Featherston, 368 Larry VV. Featherston, 288 Margaret A. Featherston, 347 DonnisK.Feild, 324 Robert T. Feldwisch, 288 Charles E. Felker, 368 Jerry P. Felker, 288 Kenneth R. Felts, 288 Mary J. Felts, 288 Sharon L. Felts, 288 Gary VV. Felty, 369 Patra A. Felty, 347 Charlotte Fender, 288 Evelyn S. Fender, 288 John A. Fender, 324 Claudia Ferguson, 288 Edward Ferguson, 288 Peggy D. Ferguson, 369 Roger L. Ferguson, 288 Sharon K. Ferguson, 324 William C. Ferguson, 324 John H. Ferriell, 324 Patsy C. Fett, 347 Robert M. Fett, 347 Judy K. Fetters, 369 Billy W. Field, 288 Jan L. Fielder. 347 Dana L. Fields, 324 Gatha M. Fields, 347 Janet L. Files, 369 Regenia K. Files, 369 Steve Files, 369 Barre F. Finan, 369 Eugene M. Finan, 324 Carl H. Finch. 369 Raye E. Finley, 347 Larry Z. Fisackerly, 288 Albert L. Fisher. 347 Carol R. Fisher, 288 David B. Fisher. 369 Gary W. Fisher, 369 Henry Fisher, 388 Jerre J. Fisher. 324 Linda R. Fisher. 324 Sally J. Fisher, 324 Walter Fisher, 324 Brenda K. Fisk, 369 Jimmy F. Fitzgerald, 347 James E. Fitzpatrick, 288 Rhonda K. Flack, 347 Vernon D.Flagg, 369 Patricia L. Flake, 289 Nancy J. Flanagan, 289 William T. Flanagan, 347 Dora L. Flanagin, 347 Patrick H. Flanagin, 289 Doyle R. Flanery, 289 Marion C. Flanigan, 369 Robert D.Flannigan Jr., 369 Cathy M. Fleetwood, 347 John I. Flischauer Jr., 324 Kathy L. Fleming, 369 Sandra K. Fleming, 289 Craig L. Fletcher, 324 Frank W. Fletcher, 369 Gary M. Fletcher, 369 Kenneth R. Fletcher, 324 Linda G. Fletcher, 324 Janet Flippo, 324 Suzanne Flippo, 289 James W. Flowers, 289 Deanie R. Flovd, 289 James E. Floyd, 347 Sharon K. Floyd, 289 Janet D. Flynt, 369 J. Carolyn Foley, 289 Darrell C. Folsom, 289 Pam J. Folsom, 324 Michael W. Fondrew, 369 Marilyn J. Fong, 347 Charles R. Forbes, 369 Danny L. Ford, 324 Dennis H. Ford, 369 Jack L. Ford, 324 Lanita G. Ford, 369 Larry S. Ford, 289 Patricia R. Ford, 347 Phillip G. Ford, 347 Ronnie D. Ford, 324 Stephen S. Ford, 347 Ralph B. Fore Jr., 369 Charlie G. Forester, 289 Susan O. Forester, 289 Gregory L. Forman, 324 AddieM. Forney, 369 James E. Forrest, 289 James W. Forrest, 369 Danny L. Forrester, 369 Ralph L. Forrester, 369 Vicki L. Forrester, 324 Nancv L. Fortenberry, 347 Albert F. Fortune, 289 Gary W. Fortune, 369 Linda J. Fortune, 289 Michael R. Fortune, 369 James Foster, 324 Jo A. Foster, 347 John D. Foster, 347 Kenneth Foster, 289 Kenny L. Foster, 324 Linda R. Foster, 369 Max L. Foster, 347 Phyllis M. Foster, 324 Ronal W. Foster, 324 Scott E. Foster, 369 Darrell L. Fountain, 324 Billy G. Fouts, 324 Brenda R. Fowler, 369 Charles M. Fowler, 324 CherieL. Fowler, 324 Gilbert L. Fowler. 324 Lee A. Fowler, 369 Marshall F. Fowler, 324 Pamela A. Fowler, 289 Sandra A. Fowler, 324 Teresa L. Fowler, 347 Walter B. Fowler, 324 Jo E. Francis, 289 Joseph L. Francis. 289 Norman E. Francis, 369 Shirlee J. Francis, 325 Sue Frank, 347 Dani L. Franklin, 289 Mary C. Franklin, 369 Peggy S. Franklin, 347 William M. Franklin, 369 John M. Franks, 325 Sandra K. Franks, 347 Sherrell L. Franks, 347 Charles C.Franz, 325 Thomas W. Franzen, 289 Rocky J. Fratesi, 369 Jerome L. Frazer, 369 Anita G. Frazier, 369 Darlene Frazier, 325 Donald E. Frazier, 347 Anita J. Freeman, 347 Armistead C. Freeman, 347 Gerald D. Freeman, 289 Richard M. Freeman, 289 James H. Freeze, 325 F. Maurine Freeze, 369 Charles W. French, 289 Christina M. French, 289 John D. French, 325 Martha J. French, 369 Mary A. French, 369 Samuel C. French, 325 Sharon K. French, 289 Tommy L. French, 289 Vickie S.French, 369 William A. Freshman, 325 Ruth J. Frier, 347 Dwight M. Fritts, 289 Linda J.Fritz, 369 Susan Fudge, 348 William A. Fulkerson III, 369 Dorothy C. Fuller, 325 Jimmy D. Fuller, 369 Phyllis J. Fuller, 325 Robert F. Fulmer, 325 Gus L. Funderburg, 325 Peggy Funderburke, 348 Edward H. Furcron, 348 James S. Futrell, 348 -G- Melvin L. Gage, 348 Robert G. Gage, 325 Daniel R. Gaines, 325 Don R. Gaines, 325 Ricky H. Gaines, 369 Brenda K. Gaiser, 289 Joetta F. Gaither, 369 Warren G. Gallion, 289 Deborah A. Galloway, 348 Dwight Galloway, 348 Jane E. Galloway, 348 Robert B. Galloway. 289 Woodrow W. Galyean, 325 Richard R. Gambel, 348 George R. Gambill, 369 Nelda J. Gambill, 289 Rita A. Gambill, 348 Robert A. Gambill, 369 Debbie K. Gamblin, 289 Jay C.Gamblin. 369 Marlene K. Gamec, 369 Gaylon H. Gammill, 369 Cheryl R. Gandl, 369 Glenda L. Gann, 325 Patsy L. Gann, 369 Avery C.Gardner, 290 Benny F. Gardner, 369 Daniel L. Gardner, 369 Julia L. Gardner, 325 Mark A.Gardner, 369 Mike W. Gardner, 369 Robert F. Gardner, 290 David B. Gargas, 325 George B. Garlow, 325 Daniel P. Garner, 369 David A. Garner, 369 Janie S. Garner, 325 Jimmy C. Garner, 369 Lewis A. Garner, 369 Nancy K. Garner, 369 Pamela J. Garner, 369 Robert S. Garner, 325 Gary C.Garrett, 369 Patsy R. Garrett, 290 Phyllis K.Garrett, 290 William T.Garrett, 325 Carol S. Garrison, 369 Glenda A. Garrison. 290 Phyllis C. Garrison, 369 William R. Garrison, 290 Danny O. Gartman, 369 Deborah N. Gasaway, 348 Thomas G. Gasbarre, 348 Alfred J. Gates, 369 Sandra L. Gates, 369 Ricky D.Gatewood, 325 Sharon C. Gatewood, 290 Terry N. Gatewood, 348 James E. Gathings, 348 Deborah T. Gathright, 290 Barbara A. Gatlin. 369 James F. Gatlin, 370 Jerry D. Gazaway, 290 Kathy V. Gazaway, 290 Richard C. Gemeinhardt, 290 Bobby W. Gentry, 325 Earl E. Gentry, 348 Lewis O. Gentry, 348 Joseph L. George, 348 Terry W. George, 325 Terry D. Gerdes, 348 Connie J. Gerrish, 348 Clarence A. Getchell, 370 Beverly A. Gibbons, 348 Terry W. Gibbons, 348 Paula R.Gibbs, 370 Thomas H. Gibbs, 370 Barbara C.Gibson, 348 Deborah A. Gibson, 370 Deborah K. Gibson, 370 Dennis W. Gibson, 325 Jerry L. Gibson, 348 Linda K. Gibson, 370 Lloyd E.Gibson, 348 Robert Gibson III, 370 Roy D. Gibson, 325 William L. Gibson, 325 Debrah L. Gilbert, 348 Dennis W. Gilbert, 348 Eileen Gilbert, 290 Henry L. Gilbert, 325 Bertha B. Gill, 325 Darrel E. Gill, 325 Doris R. Gill, 290 Donald R. Gillespie, 370 Fairy C.Gillespie, 290 James C. Gillespie, 370 Michael A.Gillespie, 348 Linda A. Gillett, 325 John R. Gillette, 325 Dennis G. Gillihan, 325 DonnieG. Gilliland, 325 Russell E. Gillis, 348 Donald A.Gilmer, 370 Ballard C. Gilmore, 325 Donna K. Gilmore, 348 Roger L. Gilmore, 370 Martha P. Gilpatrick, 348 Jacqueline A. Ginger, 290 Barbara A. Gipson, 325 Bobby D. Gipson, 370 Gary D. Gipson, 370 James L. Gipson, 370 Robert G. Gist, 370 Terry L. Givens, 325 Vicki Jo Givens, 370 Larry Gladden, 325 Gena S. Glasgow, 348 Jacqueline L. Glasgow, 370 Mike I. Glasgow, 370 Rebecca J. Glass, 348 Brenda F. Glaze, 370 Roger Glaze, Jr., 290 Julia A. Gleghorn, 290 Gerald D. Glidewell, 325 Vincent J. Glorioso, 325 Danny M. Glover, 348 Laura L. Glover, 370 Louie L. Glo ver, 370 Patricia A. Glover, 370 Patricia L. Glover. 348 Harvey E. Goad, 370 Martha J. Goad, 325 Russell A. Goad, 370 Jack M. Goatcher, 370 Steve D. Gobble, 370 Alex B. Goble, 348 Barbara S. Goble, 370 Steve J. Goddard, 325 William S. Godwin, 348 David W. Goff, 325 394 Rickey C.Goff, 325 Betty S. Goforth, 290 Mary A. Goforth, 325 John C. Golden, 370 Owen Goldman, 290 Julie A. Goldsmith, 348 Pamm A. Gonzales, 290 James O. Gonzalez, 348 Patricia J. Goode, 290 PauletteGoodin, 290 Arvin R. Goodman, 348 Danny L. Goodman, 290 Jane Goodman, 290 Joe R. Goodman, 325 Michael O. Goodman, 370 Terry J. Goodman, 370 Dick R. Goodnight, 290 David R. Goodson, 370 Alfred P. Goodwin, 348 Kristie Goodwin, 370 Gregory A. Gordon, 370 JoeW. Gordon, 370 Peggy S. Gordon, 325 Phillip E.Gordon, 325 Camellia J. Gore, 370 Larry J. Gore, 325 Sarah B. Gore, 290 Judie L. Gossett, 388 Larry L. Gowen, 325 Keith D. Goza, 325 Linda A. Goza, 348 RoyceG.Goza, 325 MikeH.Graddy. 290 Thomas H. Graddy, 325 Ann L. Graham, 290 Leland P. Graham, 290 Mary F. Graham, 348 Walter K. Graham, 325 Mary E. Gramling, 325 Stanley D. Gramling. 370 Diana R. Grandgeorge, 348 Patrick H. Grandjean, 348 Anthony E. Grant, 348 Joanne K. Grant, 290 Leroy Grant Jr., 290 Nancy D. Grant, 325 Daniel E. Grantham, 348 Freda J. Grantham, 348 Marsha L. Grassham, 325 James C. Graves, 348 Verne D. Graves, 370 Anthony W. Gray, 348 Gary D.Gray, 370 Harry J. Gray, 325 Jane E. Gray, 348 Jimmy F. Gray, 370 Judith K. Gray, 348 Michael D. Gray, 325 Nona J. Gray, 348 Robert G.Gray, 325 Fred W. Grayson, 325 Linda Greathouse, 348 Carolyn L. Green, 290 Danna R. Green, 370 Donnie L. Green, 325 Garry D. Green, 325 Gary M. Green. 325 Gordon R. Green, 290 Gwendolyn Green, 348 Jesse W. Green Jr., 325 Jo E. Green, 348 Kenneth L. Green, 370 Kitty S. Green, 290 Larry D.Green, 290 Linda S. Green, 370 Marjorie A. Green, 349 Mary D. Green, 349 Mary E. Green, 291 Paula B. Green, 325 Peggy A.Green, 291 Penny L. Green, 349 Robert E. Green, 291 Robert J.Green, 349 Sandra Y. Green, 370 Teresa A. Green, 349 Vernon G. Green, 370 William E. Green. 325 William E. Green. 370 Charlotte L. Greene, 370 Dana L. Greene, 349 Marilyn Greene, 370 Michael R. Greene, 325 Saundra J. Greene, 291 Michael D. Greenhaw, 349 Marcella B. Greenstreet, 291 Ann C. Greenwell. 370 David F. Greenwood, 370 Becky K. Greer, 370 Dorothy J. Greer, 349 Georgia A. Greer, 325 James E. Greer, 370 Laura A. Greer, 291 Mary A. Greer, 370 Otto Greer III, 370 Sherry J. Greer, 349 Steve M. Greer, 370 Brenda G. Gregory, 370 Deborah A. Gregory, 370 Dennis D. Gregory, 370 Linda P. Gregory, 291 Patricia F. Gregson, 370 Janet L. Greider, 370 Charles K. Griffin, 349 Donald R. Griffin, 325 Michael M. Griffin. 349 Patricia L. Griffin, 291 Rena K. Griffin, 349 Ronald C. Griffin, 370 Susan K. Griffin, 370 WilsieD. Griffin, 329 Bobby W.Griffith, 326 Joe C.Griffith Jr., 370 Lee F.Griffith, 291 Boyd Griggs, 291 Rickey L. Grigsby, 349 Stephen R. Grilletta, 349 William H. Grimes, 326 Robert L. Grimsley, 291 CharlotteS. Grinder, 291 Ronnie J. Grisham, 370 Paula S. Grizzle, 291 Terry W. Grobe, 291 Celie A. Grobmyer, 291 Nannie C. Grobmyer, 370 Wayne M. Grommet, 326 Bobby J. Grooms, 326 Annette Gross, 326 Carrol K. Gross, 349 George T. Gross, 349 Jannette Gross, 326 Larry A.Grubb, 370 Doyle E. Grubbs Jr., 291 John R. Grubbs, 349 Paul A .Guariglia, 388 Claudia J. Guarr, 349 James R. Gude, 349 Joe R. Gude, 370 James R. Guest, 326 Vernon D. Guest, 349 James W. Guffey, 349 Michael J. Guillot, 326 Otis G. Guiltner Jr., 349 Janey Gum, 349 Brenda G. Gunter, 349 Gary W. Gunter, 326 Harold W. Gunter, 370 Ricky A. Gunter, 326 Vickie L.Gurley, 326 Ronnie L. Guthrie, 326 Marquita A. Gutridge, 326 Joseph C. Guziewicz, 349 Marilyn A. Gwatney, 291 -H- Gary D. Haag, 349 Teresa L. Hackler, 349 Roger W. Hackman. 370 Robert L. Hackworth, 291 Truman R. Hackworth, 370 Gaylon N. Hafer, 291 Mary E. Hafner, 291 Robert C. Hafner, 370 Pam S. Hagan, 291 Larry T. Hagar, 349 Jeffrey C. Hagen, 349 Terry G. Hager, 370 Thelma D. Haggans, 371 Luther N. Hagler, 291 Marian L. Haigh, 371 Cash M. Haines, 349 Ricky H. Halbrook, 371 Bonnie S. Hale, 326 Debra L. Hale, 349 Rita L. Hale, 326 Mary N. Haler, 371 James F. Haley, 371 Rickey A. Haley, 371 Patricks. Halk, 291 Brenda L. Hall, 371 Clark M. Hall, 326 Charles F. Hall, 371 Claudia J. Hall, 371 Donald L. Hall, 326 FloyeC. Hall, 349 James A. Hall, 291 Jeanne B. Hall, 326 Larry D. Hall, 371 Larry R. Hall, 326 Nancy L. Hall, 291 Vernon J. Hall, 292 Willie L. Hall, 349 Pawnee P. Halliburton, 371 Linda J. Hallmark, 292 Harvey D. Ham, 326 Wanda D. Hamby, 326 Ronald E. Hames, 292 Charles D. Hamilton, 371 Donald E. Hamilton, 292 James L. Hamilton, 326 Luraine Hamilton, 371 Earl Hamlett, 326 Janet L. Hamlett, 371 Anthony K. Hamm, 326 Johnny M. Hamm, 326 Janice R. Hammer, 371 Cecil H. Hammett Jr., 326 Floetta J. Hammett, 371 Jerry R. Hammond, 326 Curtis T. Hampton, 349 Danny W. Hampton, 292 Darryl R. Hampton, 349 James E. Hampton, 292 Patty J. Hampton, 349 Rosemary Hampton, 371 Stephen R. Hampton, 292 Virginia M. Hampton, 371 William F. Hampton, 292 Byron W. Hamrick, 326 Clinton R. Hancock, 371 Clyde R. Hancock, 371 KindallD. Hankins, 371 Philip H.Hankins, 371 Randy M. Hankins, 349 WilburnG. Hanna, 326 BillS. Hannah, 349 Charles R. Hannah, 349 GlyndaG. Hannah, 292 Franklin J. Hannah, 326 Verna C. Hannon, 292 Betty J.Hansen, 292 Janet K. Hanson, 326 Brenda D. Harbison, 326 M. C. Harcourt, 292 Mary J. Hardesty, 292 John B. Hardin, 349 Linda S. Hardin, 349 Ronald D. Hardin, 292 Roy D. Hardin, 292 Shiela M. Hardin, 371 Teddy R. Hardin, 371 Thomas R. Hardin, 371 James H. Harding, 326 Rosemary A. Hardy, 371 Danny F. Hargraves, 292 Michael P. Harig, 349 Wilburn C. Harkey, 349 Deborah L. Harlan, 349 John W. Harlan, 326 Mary H. Harlan, 292 Gary J. Harlow, 371 Ray A. Harlow, 349 Donald A. Harmon, 371 Gordon W. Harmon, 292 Julia K. Harmon, 371 Paula M. Harmon, 371 Shirley V. Harmon, 371 Sirva Haroutunian, 371 Clifford L. Harper, 292 Elizabeth A. Harper, 371 Joseph A. Harper, 349 Lisa L. Harper, 326 Sharon D. Harper, 292 Thomas P. Harper, 326 Troy D. Harper, 349 Alfred J. Harrell, 349 Bo Harrell, 349 Calvin F. Harrell, 349 Jimmy T. Harrell. 349 Pam L. Harrell. 326 William E. Harrelson, 349 JoeW. Harriman, 292 Mark S. Harriman, 371 Holly J. Harrington, 292 John V. Harrington Jr., 326 Vicki A. Harrington, 349 Bobbv G. Harris, 371 Charles T. Harris, 292 David M. Harris, 371 Donna C. Harris, 292 James E. Harris, 371 James L. Harris, 326 Janice C. Harris, 326 Mabel I. Harris, 349 Marcus D. Harris, 326 Michael A. Harris, 292 Peggy F. Harris, 293 Rebecca L. Harris, 371 Billy W. Harrison, 326 Leon R. Harrison, 326 Letitia K. Harrison, 349 Russell S. Harrison, 293 Ginger K. Hart, 293 James D. Hart, 293 Karen D. Hart, 349 Ronnie E. Hart, 349 Wanda G. Hart, 293 Joyce A. Hartsell, 349 Hubert L. Hartsell, 326 Johnny D. Hartwick, 371 Richard T. Hartz, 371 James T. Harvey, 293 Linda A. Harvey, 349 Linda G. Harvey, 371 Rickey C. Harvey, 371 DioneD. Harvill, 371 Jack L. Haskins, 293 Jeral W. Hastings, 293 Larry D. Hastings, 293 Martha V.Hastings, 293 Nicholas H. Hatch, 349 Rudy M. Hatcher, 371 Roy E. Hathcock, 371 Hoy M. Haught Jr., 326 Darrell K. Hawkins, 371 David L. Hawkins, 293 Jerry A. Hawkins, 326 John W. Hawkins, 371 Mackie L. Hawkins, 371 Melba A. Hawkins, 293 Patricia A. Hawkins, 293 Walter D. Haydon, 371 Charles E. Hayes, 293 Larry D. Hayes, 371 Ruth A. Hayes, 349 Sidney P. Hayes, 326 Thomas I. Hayes, 349 Linda D. Haynes, 371 Robert N. Haynes, 371 Beth A. Hays, 349 Martha J. Hays. 371 Opal M. Head, 371 Aubrey E. Headley, 293 Mary J. Heafner, 371 James R. Heard, 371 John P. Heard, 326 Kenneth J. Heard, 293 Ronald Heard, 326 Judy A. Heath, 349 Randy S. Hedrick, 293 Rocky L. Heath, 326 Robert M. Heaton, 349 GayleM. Hebner, 372 Ronnie O. Hedger. 372 Kathryn D. Hefner, 326 William M. Heidelberger, 293 Emily Heinrich, 293 James R. Heinrich, 293 Randall R. Helcel, 349 Donna J. Helderman, 326 Bruce F. Helm, 326 Pamela K. Helm, 349 Ken H. Helman, 293 Ronald D. Helmbeck, 293 Brenda S. Helms, 326 Dannv J. Helms, 293 John M. Helvering, 372 Michael K. Henard, 326 Franklin D. Henary, 349 SharleneC. Henders, 349 Danny J. Henderson, 293 Danny M. Henderson, 293 Kathy D. Henderson, 349 Larry E. Henderson, 326 Ralph S. Henderson, 293 James E. Hendley, 349 Anthony A. Hendon, 350 •Johnny L. Hendrix. 372 Lional F. Hendrix Jr., 326 Sherry L. Hendrix, 372 Kerry C. Henigan, 293 John D. Henley, 350 Bruce W. Henning. 293 Edgar T. Henry, 372 Gary L. Henry, 372 John W. Henry, 293 Martha E. Henry, 372 Martha L. Henry, 293 Melva J. Henry, 372 Kickey W. Henry, 388 Stephen A. Henry, 326 James G. Henshaw, 326 GiselaM. Hensley, 293 Sharon Hensley, 326 Bonnie S. Henson, 326 Buel L. Henson, 372 Linda C. Henson, 326 Paul L. Henson, 372 Patricia A. Hercher, 326 Norma F. Heringer, 372 Jimmy E. Heritage, 372 Eddie L. Herlein. 326 Phillip J. Herlein, 372 Barney A. Hess, 372 Kathryn J. Hess, 372 Dan G. Hesse, 372 James A. Hesse, 326 Philip W. Hesse, 350 Pamela S. Hesselrode, 326 Philip A. Hestand, 350 Amy E. Hester, 350 Carolyn A. Hester, 350 Cherry F. Hester, 293 Nancy D. Hester, 326 Deborah A. Hetzel, 326 William T. Heuer, 326 LonnieD. Hibbard, 372 Marilyn S. Hibbard, 293 Glenn A. Hibdon, 293 Leslie M. Hickey, 372 Herman G. Hickman, 372 Tony A. Hickman, 372 Freda M. Hickmon, 350 Charley A. Hicks, 372 Edward B. Hicks, 293 ErshelA.Hicks, 350 Jerry W. Hicks, 326 Phyllis C. Hicks, 350 Stephen G. Hicks, 350 Terry L. Hicks, 372 James E. Hieber, 294 Barbara S. Hiers, 372 Jamey L. Hiertz, 326 Gaylon P. Higginbotham, 327 Patti S. Higginbottom, 372 Bruce I. Higgins, 294 Charlotte S. Higgins, 350 Larry W. Higgins, 372 Opaline Higgins, 327 Ray Higgins, 388 Glenn L. Highfdl, 294 HughieG. Hightower, 294 Jenny Hightower, 350 Lowell B. Hightower, 327 Murray O. Hightower, 372 Robert W. Hightower, 350 Roy H. Hildebrand, 327 Betty S. Hill, 327 Billy T. Hill, 327 Charles F. Hill, 372 Dennis B. Hill, 294 DovieC. Hill, 327 Edward V. Hill, 327 Erma J. Hill, 372 JimC. Hill, 372 Linda R. Hill, 327 Lynda L. Hill, 294 Marty J. Hill, 327 Mary E. Hill, 294 Steven Hill, 327 Robert K. Hill, 294 Thomas L. Hill, 327 Floyd T. Hillis, 350 Johnny D. Himschoot, 372 James M. Hindman, 294 Janice M. Hindman, 350 George G. Hinds, 350 JoeM. Hinesly, 372 Charles S. Hinrichs, 294 Joy R. Hinson, 294 Mildred J. Hinton, 350 Gloria L. Hipp, 327 Harry G. Hirscheider, 294 Naomi J. Hitt, 294 William C. Hobbs, 372 Sandra L. Hobgood, 372 Douglas W. Hochstetler, 327 Ann Hodge. 372 Debbie A. Hodge, 372 James T. Hodges, 372 Peter Hoegel, 294 Marsha Hoey, 350 Mary A. Hoffman, 327 Michael J. Hoffmann, 372 William C. Hogan, 294 Gary E. Hoggard, 294 Jerry L. Hoggard, 327 Jerry L. Hoggard, 327 Donna S. Hogins, 372 Dennis H. Hogland, 372 Robert L. Hoke. 350 Teddy L. Hoke, 372 Nathan D. Holbrook, 350 Norman G. Holbrooks, 372 Timothy E. Holcomb, 372 Robert E. Holder, 327 Steven D. Holden, 372 Tommie J. Holden, 372 Gail Holeman, 372 Johnny R. Holifield, 372 Mitchell L. Holifield, 294 Patricia D. Holifield, 372 Tommy J. Holifield, 294 Mary C. Holiman, 350 George E. Holland, 294 James M.Holland, 350 Pamela J. Holland, 372 Peggy K. Holland, 294 James R. Hollandsworth, 294 Susan E. Hollandsworth, 327 Carol A. Hollanger, 327 Phillip G. Holleman, 372 Richard H. Holler Jr., 294 Carylon R. Holley, 350 Charles K. Holley, 372 Marybelle Holligan, 327 Cathy L. Hollingsworth, 294 Bea Hollis, 294 Jack E. Hollis, 350 Patricia A. Hollis, 350 Ray K. Hollis, 372 Pamela J. Holloway, 327 Robert T. Holloway, 372 Randy J. Holman, 372 James L. Holmes, 372 Jean Holmes, 294 John W. Holmes, 294 Paul V. Holmes, 372 William E. Holmes, 373 Charles A. Holmun, 327 Cynthia L. Holt, 350 Danny B. Holt, 294 Dennis F. Holt, 350 Gaylon Holt, 294 HymaT. Holt Jr., 350 James D. Holt Jr., 350 Jim E. Holt, 350 Mary D. Holt, 373 Michael P. Holt, 350 Peggy L. Holt, 373 Rebecca F. Holt, 350 Teresia J. Holt, 350 Winston E. Holt, 294 Carolyn A. Holub, 327 Mary J. Honeycutt, 327 Charles F. Hooten, 294 John A. Honnoll, 327 Carolyn S. Hopkins, 294 Teddy R. Hopkins, 350 Ronald R. Hopkins, 350 Kenneth L. Hoppe, 294 Martha J. Hopper, 327 Diane L. Hopwood, 350 Banjamin N. Home Jr., 294 Danny K. Horner, 294 Jeana L. Horner, 373 Judy L. Horrigan, 327 Debra G. Horst, 373 Anne M. Horton, 350 Barbara A. Horton, 327 Carlyn R. Horton, 327 Carolyn B. Horton, 294 Charles A. Horton Jr., 350 Eva L. Horton, 295 Herman Horton, 373 Johnny Horton, 327 Lynda G. Horton, 373 Ronnie G. Horton, 327 Sheila L. Horton, 373 Richard C. Hoskins, 350 James V. Hosman, 295 MikeC. Hottel, 350 Glen E. House, 327 PamK. House, 327 Kenneth I. Housh, 327 Suanne H. Housh, 327 Robert M. Houston, 327 Sue C. Houston, 295 Kathy E. Hout, 350 Lawanda M. Hout, 350 Janice K. Hovis, 327 Charles Howard, 295 Fairy L. Howard, 373 Fredrick C. Howard, 295 Gloria J. Howard, 327 Joyce A. Howard, 295 Linda K. Howard, 350 Malcom J. Howard, 295 Susan Howard, 373 Robert A. Howe, 295 John E. Howell, 295 Juliana Howell, 350 Kathy N. Howell, 327 Rocky L. Howington, 327 Sandra K. Hraborsky, 350 Arva M. Hubbard, 327 Larry L. Hubbard, 327 Ronald D. Hubbard, 295 Emily L. Hubble, 373 George D. Hubble, 373 Judy K. Hubble, 350 Willis E. Hubener, 350 Barry F. Huber, 388 David O. Huddleston, 373 Carolyn B. Hudgins, 373 Mary J. Hudgins, 350 Aylia M. Hudson, 295 Cindy J. Hudson, 373 Danny B. Hudson, 295 Jack S. Hudson, 350 Ronald H. Hudson, 327 Terry W. Hudson, 327 Lawrence R. Huett, 295 Phillip L. Huett, 350 Jimmie D. Huff, 373 Michael D. Huff, 350 Kay Huffine, 373 Toka D. Huffstutler, 295 Dorma C. Huffstuttler, 327 David W. Huggins, 295 Diana M. Huggins, 350 Linda C. Huggins, 327 William J. Huggins, 295 BillieF. Hughes, 373 Daniel F. Hughes. 327 David T. Hughes, 350 Gary D. Hughes, 295 Gwyn Hughes, 327 RollandE. Hughes, 350 Susan J. Hughes, 350 Johnna G. Huie, 350 Howard D. Hulen, 373 Norma J. Hulen, 373 Jimmy N. Hulett, 327 Judy K. Hulett, 373 Sharon J. Hulett, 350 Elizabeth K. Hull, 350 Bobby G. Hulsey, 350 Frances J. Humbert, 373 Lee A. Hummelstein, 388 Sam W. Hummelstein, 373 Gary L. Humphries, 350 JoeL. Huneycutt, 327 Kenten H. Hunnell, 350 Dana L. Hunt, 373 Norman C. Hunt, 327 Vicky L. Hunt, 373 Victor L. Hunt, 373 Charles B. Hunter, 388 Wayne T. Hunter, 327 Eula L. Hurd, 327 Milton B. Hurdle, 327 William A. Hurley, 350 Frank L. Hurst, 295 Kathryn K. Hurst, 295 Michael R. Hurst, 327 Priscilla A. Hurst, 373 Allen P. Hurt, 295 James E. Hutcherson, 295 James L. Hutchins, 295 J oh nny M. Hutchinson, 295 Ronnie W. Hutchison, 373 Roy L. Hutchison, 328 Don A. Hutson, 373 Marilyn J. Hyatt, 350 Billy R. Hyde, 373 Brenda G. Hyde, 328 Carolyn S. Hyde, 373 Kayla A. Hyde, 328 David E. Hylle, 350 Lawrence J. Hylle, 373 HerbH. Hyman, 295 -I- Ramiro Icaza, 328 Dianna L. Inboden, 373 Ricky L. Irvin, 373 Gwendolyn Irwin, 328 Joy W. Isaac, 373 James D. Isaacs, 373 Thomas M. Isbell Jr., 295 Richard G. Ivy, 373 William A. Ivy, 296 -J- Evalon L. Jacks, 373 Anthony R. Jackson, 373 Bland S.Jackson, 296 Bonnie J. Jackson, 296 Carolyn A. Jackson, 328 Carolyn S. Jackson, 350 Carolyn S. Jackson, 296 David G. Jackson, 328 George W. Jackson, 373 Johney H. Jackson, 296 Larry W. Jackson, 296 Leola L. Jackson, 350 Leslie J. Jackson, 296 Lucille A. Jackson, 373 Michael R. Jackson, 296 Myron K. Jackson, 373 Randy D. Jackson, 373 Robert S. Jackson, 350 Ronald B. Jackson, 373 Scott Jackson Jr., 373 Steve M. Jackson, 373 Steven O. Jackson, 296 William D. Jackson, 296 Mary S. Jaco, 373 Roger D. Jacobs, 350 Ronald L. Jacobs, 373 RuthK. Jadwin, 296 Alice J. James, 328 Joe P. James, 373 Mary A. James, 373 Michael L. James, 373 Nancy J. James, 296 Randall P. James, 328 Ronald James, 328 Mary C.Jans, 373 Andrew J. Jansen III., 350 Steve M. Jansen, 373 Don W. Jarrett, 373 Brendene Jeans, 373 Brenda L. Jeffries, 373 Ruth A. Jefferies, 350 Brenda K. Jenkins, 296 Danny A. Jenkins, 373 Frederick B.Jenkins, 373 Mena J. Jenkins, 296 Robert A. Jenkins, 328 John T.Jennings, 350 Johnny A. Jennings, 373 Paul H.Jensen, 350 Jerry E. Jernigan, 373 Ross C. Jernigan, 296 Steve O. Jernigan, 328 Linda E. Jernigan, 351 Jere D. Jerome, 388 Keith G. Jessen, 351 Billy E. Jester, 351 Maurice F. Jetton, 328 James R. Jobe, 373 Andrew D.Joffe. 328 CarlH. Joffe, 328 Thomas A. Johannsen, 328 Elizabeth Johns, 351 Greg L. Johns, 351 Lanney D. Johns, 373 Rex A. Johns, 296 Annie M. Johnson, 351 Ben F.Johnson, 328 Bryan A. Johnson, 373 Craig Johnson, 373 Darrell L. Johnson, 296 Donna F. Johnson, 351 Donna M. Johnson, 328 Douglas E. Johnson, 373 Fredia A. Johnson, 373 Gaither A. Johnson, 328 Gil B. Johnson, 296 Henry Johnson III, 351 James C. Johnson, 373 James L. Johnson, 373 James W. Johnson, 373 Jim P. Johnson, 351 John F. Johnson, 296 Joseph W. Johnson, 296 J.R.Johnson, 388 Larry M. Johnson, 296 Linda A. Johnson, 296 Linda C. Johnson, 351 Marcia M. Johnson, 328 Mary J. Johnson, 328 Mickie L. Johnson, 373 Mildred M. Johnson, 296 Najgy H.Johnson, 328 Pamela A. Johnson, 373 Pamela J. Johnson, 296 Phoebe W. Johnson, 328 Richard H. Johnson, 296 Robert E. Johnson, 351 Ruth N.Johnson, 297 Sherrell C. Johnson, 297 S.T.Johnson, 373 Stephen N. Johnson, 328 Thomas J. Johnson, 351 Tomazine Johnson, 351 Tommy L. Johnson, 351 Walter H. Johnson, 351 William B. Johnson, 297 Dwana S. Johnston, 351 Mark Johnston, 374 Samuel C. Jolly, 328 Angela K. Jones, 328 Carole A. Jones, 297 Cathy J. Jones, 374 Charles L. Jones, 328 Connie S. Jones, 297 Daniel G. Jones, 351 Dewayne E. Jones, 297 Don W.Jones, 374 Donald L. Jones, 351 Donna A. Jones, 374 Doris J. Jones, 297 Elizabeth B. Jones, 297 Floyd M.Jones, 297 Harry H. Jones, 351 Herschel L. Jones, 374 Jack G.Jones, 297 Jacqueline R. Jones, 297 James A. Jones, 351 James R. Jones, 374 James T. Jones, 328 Janet O. Jones, 374 Janis A. Jones, 374 Jerrie L. Jones, 374 Joey H. Jones, 374 Josephine C. Jones, 328 Joy L. Jones, 297 Judith A. Jones, 374 Julie A. Jones, 374 Kerry M. Jones, 328 Larry D. Jones, 328 Larry L. Jones, 328 Linda G. Jones, 328 Linda G. Jones, 297 Louis F. Jones, 351 Mary J. Jones, 297 Preston B. Jones, 374 Ralph L. Jones, 328 Randall L. Jones, 374 Randy A. Jones, 297 Rebecca Jones, 388 Robert C. Jones, 297 Robert E. Jones, 351 Robert H. Jones, 374 Roger M. Jones, 374 Sammie L. Jones, 351 Sandi K. Jones, 328 Susan D. Jones, 374 Velma Jones, 374 Verlon D. Jones, 328 Vicki A. Jones, 351 Vicki K. Jones, 351 Wendal Jones, 328 Wesley A. Jones, 297 William L.Jones, 374 Carol L. Jordan, 297 Ray A. Jordan, 351 Sally S. Jordan, 374 Patricia L. Joseph, 374 Victoria J. Julian, 374 Bobby L.Justus, 297 -K- Edwin E. Kahsner, 374 Ned A.Kalder, 351 James L. Kalkbrenner, 328 Sam K. Kallsnick, 328 Robert T. Kamm, 388 James F. Kane, 374 John W.Kane, 374 Don L. Karnes, 374 Arnold R. Kaut, 351 Chester A. Kearbey, 328 Bradley C. Keasler, 374 Rebecca J. Keasler, 328 Joyce M.Kee, 374 Charlotte C. Keeley, 351 Virgil D. Keeley, 297 Marion S. Keene, 328 Sylvia A. Keener, 328 Mary B. Keeter, 351 Dan F. Keeton, 328 Shelvy H. Keglar, 297 Catherine S. Keith, 351 Reggie D. Keith, 351 Christina P. Keller, 374 Greg H.Keller, 297 Margaret G. Keller, 297 Norman H. Keller, 297 Roberta R. Keller. 297 Angela H. Kelley, 351 Charles C.Kelley, 374 Charles D. Kelley, 351 HeleneS. Kelley, 328 Leslie T. Kelley, 351 Michael Kelley, 328 Ronnie D. Kelley, 374 Ronnie H. Kelley, 351 Michael P. Kellim, 297 Andrew J. Kelly, 351 J.D. Kelly, 297 Ronnie D.Kelly, 297 James R. Kelso, 374 Donnie W. Kelton, 328 Barrett P. Kemp, 297 Jimmy H. Kemp Jr., 351 Terry W. Kemp, 351 David B. Kemper, 374 Kathy L. Kennedy, 351 Larry D. Kennedy, 297 John P. Kennett, 351 Walter W. Kennicutt, 297 James T. Kennon, 328 Peggy M. Kensinger, 374 Danny H. Kent, 374 Karen K. Kent, 351 Mary K. Kerr, 351 Pamela J. Kerr, 374 Don E. Kersey, 328 Katherine L. Kersey, 351 Dennis A. Kersting, 374 Don R. Kesl, 328 TerriC.Ketcham, 328 FredB.Keton, 351 Rebecca K. Keton, 374 Jo A. Key, 374 Margaret A. Key, 328 David C.Kiech, 328 Jerry R. Kiech, 374 JoKiech, 328 SethM.Kieffer, 351 Jerry L. Kifer, 374 Elizabeth A. Kilby, 374 William E. Killian, 328 Paul D. Kimberlin, 351 Brenda S. Kimmel, 351 David G. Kimmel, 297 James P. Kimmer, 374 Larry A. Kimmer, 297 David Kinard, 297 William T. Kinard, 351 Jerry R. Kincade, 297 Gary N. Kinder, 329 Allen W. King, 298 Billy E. King, 329 Claudie C.King, 329 David King. 298 Donald E. King, 351 Donald W. King, 374 Ernest R. King, 329 Gary M. King, 374 James H. King, 351 Jerry D. King, 329 Kenneth D. King, 298 Larry E. King, 351 Larry W. King, 298 Maurice H. King, 329 Maxine King, 374 Thelma K. King, 329 Treasia A.King, 329 Vicki L. King, 329 Phillip D. Kingston, 351 Randal G. Kingston, 298 Glen D. Kinkade, 374 RaeL.Kinkade, 328 Pat A. Kinsey, 374 Barbara L. Kintzler, 374 Betty J.Kirby, 298 George M. Kirby Jr., 298 LeotisKirby, 329 Sylvia M. Kirchoff, 329 Karen D. Kirk, 329 Charles H. Kirkindall, 329 JoeS. Kirkland, 329 William J. Kirkland, 351 Terry G. Kirkpatrick, 374 James E. Kirksey, 298 Timothy J. Kitchens, 374 Jean D. Kjeldgaard, 351 G. Joe Klinkhardt, 298 Melissa A. Kluge, 329 Billy L. Knapp, 329 Sandra D. Knapple, 374 Christopher L. Knight, 351 David B. Knight, 329 Johnny E. Knight, 298 Reuben T. Knight, 352 Wanda J. Knight, 374 Penny L. Knipple, 329 Eleanor M.Knott, 298 Janet C. Knott, 374 Frank E. Knowles, 374 Deborah L. Koettel, 374 Harold R. Kohler, 298 Patty L. Kokonas, 352 Angela B. Kollen, 352 James M. Konecny, 374 Patricia A. Koon, 352 Jeffery H. Koontz, 352 Roger L. Koontz, 329 Robert J. Koorstad, 352 Melinda S. Kordsmeier, 374 Frank J.Koubek, 374 Linda K. Koubek, 329 Gabriel Kovacs, 298 Gary R. Kreis, 329 James A. Kreis, 374 Larry W. Krenzelok, 329 Barbara J. Kueter, 329 James F. Kyle, 352 Mose H. Kyle, 352 Walter L. Kyle, 298 -L- Michael D. Lack, 329 Roger L. Lackey, 329 Jerry D. Lacy, 298 Kenneth Lacy, 374 Bennie A. Ladd, 298 Larry D. Ladd, 329 Nancy E. Ladd, 329 Sally A. Ladd, 374 Velma K. LaFarlette, 325 James C. LaGrone, 329 Deborah K. Lairson, 374 John E. Lalman, 374 Linda C. Lalman, 374 Debbie K. Lamar, 352 John A. Lamar, 374 Mark L. Lamar, 374 Earl L. Lamb, 329 Jimmy D.Lamb. 329 Robert Lamb, 374 Sammy L. Lamb, 329 Terry C. Lamb, 374 Garry G. Lamberson, 329 Clarence W. Lambert, 352 John Lambert, 329 John S. Lambert, 329 Robert G. Lambert, 374 Kathryn R. Lamberth, 374 Horace L. Laminack, 374 Philip C. Lamitina, 298 Steven C. Lamken, 329 Louis J. Lammers, 329 Clayton Lancaster, 329 Darrel W. Lancaster, 352 Susan M. Lancaster, 352 Joseph M. Landa, 375 David L. Landreth, 329 Floyd R. Landrum, 352 William H. Landrum, 375 Charles V. Lane, 329 Donna L. Lane, 375 Janice S. Lane, 375 Jimmy F. Lane, 298 Sherry A. Lane, 375 James V. Laney, 352 Linda K. Laney, 375 Henry L. Lang, 298 Carolyn L. Lange, 375 Walter E. Lange Jr., 375 Edward R. Langford, 375 Jean Langford, 298 Harry D. Langley, 352 John D. Langston, 329 Ronnie D. Langston, 352 John M. Lanier, 375 Dennis L. Lard, 375 Catherine G. Larsen, 298 Michael R. Larsen, 329 Ila F. Lashley, 298 Boyce G. Lassiter, 329 James W. Lassiter, 298 Larry V. Lassiter, 329 Linda K. Lassiter, 298 Linda J. Lasswell, 298 Johnny N. Latta, 298 Steven C. Latta, 375 Kevin L. Lawless, 298 Aubrey G. Lawrence, 375 Dwight B. Lawrence, 352 H.T. Lawrence Jr., 298 Janice M. Lawrence, 329 Larry D. Lawrence, 329 Nickie W. Lawrence, 375 Susan D. Lawrence, 329 Billy J. Lawson, 298 Don W. Larson, 352 James C. Lawson, 329 Larry Lawson, 329 Richie E. Lawson, 352 William G. Lawson, 352 Mickey A. Layer, 375 Buddy J. Layton, 352 Sandra L. Layton, 298 Teresa A. Lazar, 329 Alicia A. Lea, 329 Garland E. Lea, 375 James A. Lea, 352 Linda Lea, 298 Glenn E. Leach, 375 Susan L. Leach, 352 Gail A. Learning, 329 Linda K. Leary, 298 Jamie D. Leasure, 375 Jeff C. Leathers, 375 Judith G.Ledbetter, 298 Mary B. Ledbetter, 329 William J. Ledbetter Jr., 298 Carole A. Lee, 375 Floyd L. Lee, 298 Gwendolyn J. Lee, 375 James M. Lee, 299 Linda S. Lee, 375 Patricia A. Lee, 329 Patsy D. Lee, 375 Ernest H. Leflore, 299 Mary L. Leggett, 299 Ronald G. Lehman, 329 David R. Lemmons, 375 Benny J. Lendennie, 329 Larry D. Lenderman, 329 James P. Lennox, 299 Gary A. Leonard, 375 Linda L. Leopard, 299 Linda C. Lepine, 299 Scherry J. LeSieur, 329 Larry J. Lester, 299 Brenda E. Levine, 299 397 Barbara A. Lewallen, 352 Samuel M. Lewallen, 375 Dale A. Lewelling, 329 Alfred J. Lewis, 375 Carolyn K. Lewis, 352 James T. Lewis, 329 Jerry D. Lewis, 375 Rebecca J. Lewis, 375 Tommi J. Lewonowski, 375 Charles E. Liddell. 329 JakieC.Liebhaber, 329 William D. Lieblong, 375 Paul D. Light. 388 Lee W. Lile. 375 Lizabeth A. Lile, 375 Clemit W. Liles Jr., 299 Konald K. Liles, 352 William U. Lincoln, 299 Robert M. Lindley, 375 Wayne L. Lindley Jr., 299 William W. Lindley, 329 William A. Lindsay Jr., 329 Glenda J. Lindsey, 352 Thomas J. Lindsey, 375 Wanda J. Lindsley, 329 Eric J. Lindstedt, 299 Paula M. Linsky, 352 James L. Linsley, 299 Linda L. Lipscomb, 299 Linda C. Lisko, 375 Barbara A. Little, 299 Catherine J. Little, 375 Charles D. Little, 329 Deborah M. Little, 352 Jimmy R. Little, 375 Lawrence W. Little, 375 Randell N. Little, 375 Denann B. Littleton, 352 Robert T. Littleton Jr., 375 Judi Loberg, 329 Earl W. Lock, 299 Floyd H. Lockhart, 329 Sheryl E. Lockhart, 352 Stephen C. Lockhart, 299 Stephen M. Lockhart, 352 Larry S. Loftin, 299 Micharl W. Lofton, 299 Harry S. Logan, 299 Scott A. Logan, 375 Sherry K. Logan, 329 Richard W. Loggains, 375 Bonnie J. London, 299 Barbara J. Long, 352 Cindy E. Long, 375 Gary H. Long, 329 KathyJ.Long, 375 Lowell M. Long, 299 Mary O. Long, 299 Roger L. Long, 299 Ronald E. Long, 329 Jon R. Looney, 299 Linda F. Looney, 375 Phyllis K. Looney, 329 Lee E. Lorick, 352 Sharon Lott, 300 Rebecca J. Louks, 375 Mary D. Lovato, 329 Charles E. Love, 352 Jana L. Love, 375 Rebecca J. Love, 300 Suzanne Love, 352 Karen A. Lovelady, 300 Helen D. Lowe, 330 James L. Lowe, 300 Douglas E. Lowery, 375 William B. Loyd, 300 Jerry D. Lu, 352 Narvil E. Luber, 375 Denise G. Lucas, 375 Jerry W. Lucas, 330 Brenda K. Luff, 375 Linda S. Luker, 330 Charles D. Lumsden, 330 Larry A. Lunday, 352 Sue E. Lupien, 375 Richard L. Lusk, 330 Mickey L. Luthultz, 375 Michael L. Lybarger, 352 Glenn E. Lynch Jr., 352 Michael J. Lynch. 300 Gerald A. Lynn, 330 GreigA.Lynn, 375 Sharon L. Lynn, 375 John F. Lyons, 352 Kathleen E. Lyons, 352 Michael O. Lyons, 376 -M- Donald W. Mabry, 330 Rickey L. Mabry, 300 Gerald M. Macchi, 300 Jeri L. Mace, 352 Claudia A. Macintosh, 376 Danny L. Mackey, 376 Terry L. MacLeod, 300 Geneva L. Madding, 330 DaleE. Maddox, 376 Ellen Maddox, 330 Janet R. Maddox, 300 Sheilah A. Maddox, 352 Phillip E. Madison, 352 William E. MaGee, 376 Shirley J. Mahan, 330 Billy R. Mahoney, 376 Boyce L. Mahoney, 300 Zygmunt M. Majewski, 330 Eddy L. Majors, 330 Jack H. Majors, 376 Jeanie Majors, 330 Larry D. Majors, 300 Catherine S. Malin, 376 Gerald R. Malin, 300 Leigh E. Mallaber, 330 Edwina A. Mallory, 352 Michael G. Mallory, 352 Michael B. Mallott, 376 Sandra G. Malloy, 300 Martha C. Malone, 300 Sam R. Manah, 352 Douglass A. Manasco, 330 Roger D. Manasco, 352 Jim D. Manatt, 376 Barbara J. Mangrum, 376 Mary L. Mangrum, 352 Teressa K. Mangrum, 330 Sandra L. Manley, 330 Jimmy L. Mann, 352 Roger T. Mann, 352 Mary E. Manning, 376 Patricia A. Manning, 352 Phil M. Manry, 376 David L. Marchand, 376 Paul W. Marchant, 352 Barbara K. Marconi, 352 Michael J. Marconi, 353 Ronald A. Marconi, 376 Lvnn G. Maree, 330 Doyle D. Mariott, 330 Garry D. Markin, 353 Linda J. Markin, 300 James F. Marotti, 376 LevioMarotti Jr., 330 Marion L. Marotti, 376 James R. Marret, 300 Barbara B. Martin, 376 Billy C.Martin, 353 Carol B. Martin, 353 Catherines. Martin, 353 Danny L. Martin, 330 Debbie A. Martin, 353 Eddie G. Martin, 353 Floyd A. Martin, 330 Gary D. Martin, 300 James D. Martin, 330 JanetteC. Martin, 330 Patricia A. Martin, 353 Ruth H. Martin, 330 Stanley T. Martin, 300 Theresa M.Martin, 376 Timothy A. Martin, 330 George L. Martine, 353 GusE. Marvin, 300 Roy L. Masengale, 330 Gary L. Masner, 353 Larry J. Masner, 300 Carl D. Mason, 330 John W. Mason, 376 Judy A. Mason, 353 Linda C. Mason, 376 Robert M. Mason Jr., 376 Ronald L. Mason, 330 Orley A. Massena, 300 Bengy S. Massey, 300 Billy D. Massey, 330 Charles S. Massey, 353 Ernest H. Massey, 300 Janet C. Massey, 300 Julia J. Massey, 330 Larry E. Massey, 330 Mary J. Massey, 330 Mary J. Massey, 376 Shirley A. Masters, 301 Harold D. Masterson, 330 Harvey E. Matheny, 301 Lonnie G. Matheny, 301 Anthony L. Mathews, 376 Charles H. Mathews, 330 James R. Mathews, 330 Darryl E. Mathewson, 353 Barbara D. Mathis, 301 Ronald J. Matlosz, 301 Thomas E. Mattax, 376 Jan M. Matthews, 301 Richard P. Matthews, 301 Roberts. Matthews, 376 Tommy M. Matthews, 330 Lily C. Mattmiller, 330 Morris Mauney, 330 John R. Maxwell, 330 Ruben J. Maxwell, 330 James E. May, 376 Jerry W. May, 330 Monty May, 301 Teresa G. May, 376 Janet Y. Mayberry, 330 James F. Mayfield, 301 Alvin M. Mayhan, 353 Shelba J. Mayhan, 376 Jerry G. Mays, 353 Margaret J. Mays, 301 John R. Mazzanti, 330 David E. McAlister, 376 Diane McAlister, 376 Sharon R. McAlister, 353 Larry C. McAllister, 330 Sharon K. McAllister, 353 Donna A. McAnulty, 353 Bill McBride, 353 Dana I. McBride, 301 Dorothy S. McBride, 376 Gene McBride, 330 JaneE. McBride, 376 Steve D. McBride, 353 William T. McBurnett, 376 Tom L. McCabe, 301 Roger W. McCaghren. 330 Pamela S. McCain, 376 Anthony J. McCall, 376 ClinnessM.McCall, 330 Horence A. McCall, 301 Thomas H. McCall, 376 SueMcCallen, 353 Michael B. McCallie, 330 Gary D. McCann, 330 Karen L. McCann, 353 Sheila J. McCann, 376 Betsy L. McCarroll, 330 John A. McCarthy, 301 Joseph D. McCay, 330 Thomas W. McCay II, 376 Ronnie J. McClain, 330 Sonny A. McClain, 376 Thomas L. McClain, 353 Kevin O. McClelland, 301 Reuben E. McClelland, 330 Nathan B. McClinic, 330 Alyce A. McClure, 301 Ovid W.McClure. 330 Billy J.McCollum, 376 Larry W. McCollum, 301 Lenore G. McCollum, 376 Joyce A. McConaughy, 376 Michael L. McConnaughey, 353 Jack B. McCord, 301 Robert E. McCord, 353 Cynthia A. McCorkindale. 376 Jim D. McCormick, 301 Lillian D. McCormick, 353 Linda S. McCormick, 376 Tommy McCormick, 330 Arthur D. McCoy, 301 Linda K. McCoy, 376 Mary A. McCoy, 376 Sharyl L. McCoy, 376 Vicki J. McCoy, 353 Jerry V. McCrackin, 353 Ishmael E. McCray, 376 Ruth A.McCray, 301 Darrell R. McCrillis, 376 Gerald D.McCrillis, 353 Robert M. McCuan, 301 Doyle W. McCullen, 330 Dorindo A. McCurley, 376 Larry E. McCurley, 353 David M. McDaniel, 301 James W. McDaniel, 353 JoeD. McDaniel, 330 Lana A. McDaniel, 330 Mickey J. McDaniel, 376 Randy L. McDaniel, 330 Robert P. McDaniel, 376 Ronald K. McDaniel, 353 Sandra M. McDaniel, 376 Sue E. McDaniel, 301 William T. McDaniel, 376 Woodie S. McDaniel, 353 Larry A. McDermott, 301 Linda L. McDermott, 301 Patsy L. McDermott, 330 Brenda A. McDonald, 376 Jimmy R. McDonald, 377 Linda F. McDonald, 330 Louis E. McDonald, 301 Mary K. McDonald, 353 Robert H. McDonald, 330 Brenda J. McElrath, 330 Carolyn S. McElrath, 377 DianneS. McElrath, 301 Gerald W. McElrath, 353 Deborah A. McElvoy, 330 LaVonneG. McEntire, 377 Brenda J. McFarland, 377 Paula K.McFarland, 377 Bonnie J. McFarlin, 353 Shirley B. McFarlin, 353 JackS. McFerron, 330 Gary W. McGahhey, 377 Connie R. McGaughey, 353 Deborah L. McGaughey, 377 Jerome H.McGee, 353 Philip S. McGee. 377 Ramona J. McGinnis, 330 David L. McGough, 353 Debbie D. McGough, 377 Jack R. McGowan, 301 Deborah K. McGowen, 377 Gary E. McGraw, 301 Janie D. McGraw, 353 Mary A. McGraw, 377 WilmerT. McGraw, 301 Melvin A. McGruder, 301 Janice S. McGuffee, 377 Frank J. McGuigan, 330 Thomas M.McGuire, 377 Pamala K. McHaffey, 377 Terry M. McHaffey, 330 Karen S. McHalffey, 353 Rebecca J. McHaney, 301 Karen L. McHenry, 377 Catherine L. Mcllroy, 377 Gene L. Mcllroy, 377 Michael G. Mclntire, 353 John G. McKay, 330 Sherry K. McKee, 377 Judy K. McKeel. 301 Regina S. McKisson, 353 NinaC.McKnight, 330 David H.McLain, 331 Edward H. McLain, 353 Harold McLain, 377 Marsha L. McLarty, 353 Mike H. McLarty, 331 Patricia A. McLarty, 353 William R. McLean, 301 James M.McLeod, 302 Shirley A. McManigal, 302 Larry G. McMaster, 353 Melvin D. McMasters, 302 Judy L. McMatton, 353 Judy G. McMillion, 302 Barbara J. McMullin, 377 Brenda L. McMullin, 353 Clarence E. McMullin, 302 Pam A. McMurray, 353 Rebecca K. McMurry, 353 McKinley L. McMurtrey, 377 Causey G.McNair, 302 Ralph D. McNair, 353 Robert L. McNair, 377 Judy C. McNamee, 377 Carol A. McNeely, 302 Janet S. McNeely, 388 Cathy L. McNeil, 377 Donna F. Meacham, 353 398 Sherry A. Meacham, 353 Cheryl A.Meade, 377 Kay Meade, 302 James E. Meadows, 377 Betty J. Medford, 331 Lonnie D. Medford, 331 Glenda R. Medlin. 377 Michael Medlock, 377 Michael E. Medlock, 353 Allen R. Meier, 353 Barbara K. Meier, 353 Wilbert J. Melancon, 377 John A. Merck, 377 Barbara J. Meredith, 377 Rebecca A. Meredith, 331 Don T. Meridith, 331 Charles R. Merrell, 302 Lloyd L.Merrell, 302 Deborah K. Merriman, 377 Stephen E. Merriman, 377 Van E. Merritt, 302 Danny E. Merryman, 377 Tommy L. Messer, 331 Donna M. Metcalf, 377 Susan B. Metcalf, 302 Jacquelyn A. Metheny, 331 Jimmy R. Metheny, 331 Perry R. Metheny, 331 Sherry D. Metz. 377 Cecil G. Metzgar, 331 John M. Metzler, 353 John D. Meyer, 353 Fred C.Michael, 302 John M.Mick, 302 Joseph H.Mick, 377 Teresa A. Mick, 331 MaryBeth A. Micker, 353 Jimmy P. Middleton, 353 Roy L. Middleton, 353 Michael C. Milam, 353 Mary C. Milbourn, 331 Alice M. Miles, 331 JanisB. Miles, 353 John W. Miles, 302 Vincent A. Miles, 331 Amanda J. Miller, 331 Arthur H.Miller Jr., 302 Bob F. Miller, 377 Cathleen A.Miller, 377 Cecil C. Miller, 302 Coleen A.Miller. 377 David W. Miller, 331 Elbert R. Miller, 302 Ernest W. Miller, 331 Jackie W. Miller, 331 Marian S. Miller, 377 Mary A. Miller, 377 Mike A. Miller, 377 Murel C.Miller Jr., 377 Rita J. Miller, 302 Ronald L. Miller, 331 Sandra J. Miller, 302 Shirley E. Miller, 302 William B. Miller, 353 James W. Milligan, 377 Tommy Milligan, 331 Emma J. Milliner, 353 Byron R. Mills, 377 Henry P. Mills, 302 James L. Mills, 331 Robert D.Mills, 353 Sheila A. Mills, 353 Tony M.Mills, 377 James W. Milner, 377 Shirley J. Milner, 388 Bette J. Minich, 302 Rebecca A. Minich, 377 Charles W. Minor, 377 Joe H. Minor Jr., 353 Paul E. Minor, 302 Harry D. Minton, 331 Joyce A. Minton, 353 William L. Minton, 377 Sara K. Mitcham. 353 Charles S. Mitchell. 331 David A. Mitchell, 377 David M. Mitchell, 377 Eddie F. Mitchell Jr., 377 Jerry L. Mitchell, 302 Lawrence Mitchell, 354 Mariglee Mitchell, 302 Mercedes D. Mitchell, 354 Phillip H. Mitchell. 354 Richard J. Mitchell, 331 Sandra K. Mitchell, 377 Sara B. Mitchell, 388 Virginia L. Mitchell, 302 Virginia M. Mitchell, 331 Donn H. Mixon, 331 Benjamin R. Mize, 331 Helen R. Mize, 354 Timothy I. Mize, 354 Vickv A.Mizell, 377 JohnC.Moak, 354 Judy C.Moak, 389 Constance S. Mobley, 354 EllaM.Mobley, 302 Shirley Mobley, 302 Steve A. Modelevsky, 377 Larry R. Moffett, 331 Dwight G. Mohr, 377 Glenda K. Molock, 377 Debbie A. Monday, 354 Ronnie G. Monroe, 302 Robert B. Monteith, 377 Carlton L. Montgomery, 354 David M. Montgomery, 377 Jack Montgomery Jr., 331 Sharon D. Montgomery, 377 Tony A. Montgomery, 354 Austin T. Moody, 354 Johnny R. Moody, 331 Marion A. Moody Jr., 302 Susan C. Moody, 354 Barbara J. Moon, 354 Freddie D. Moon, 302 GwindleW. Mooney, 354 Carol Moore, 354 Charles R. Moore, 354 Constance L. Moore, 302 Daniel R.Moore, 377 Debra J. Moore, 377 Dennis M. Moore, 354 Douglas E. Moore, 354 Doyet W. Moore, 331 Eileen T. Moore, 302 Jack D.Moore, 331 Jacqueline L. Moore, 331 James F. Moore, 377 James R. Moore, 331 Janice A. Moore, 377 Jerry L. Moore, 302 Judy A. Moore, 331 Judy K. Moore, 331 Mary E. Moore, 354 Mary K. Moore, 354 Paul E. Moore, 377 Samuel Moore, 377 Stanley B. Moore, 303 Thomas A. Moore, 377 Vernon D. Moore, 354 Virginia E. Moore, 354 Willie Moore Jr., 377 Martina Moorehead, 354 Mickie L. Moorehead, 377 Barbara L. Morgan, 378 Dewey L. Morgan, 354 George D. Morgan, 378 Jennifer D. Morgan, 354 Lanny R. Morgan, 354 Larry E. Morgan, 389 Shirley M.Morgan, 331 Stan E. Morgan, 331 Kurt F. Moritz, 377 Michael R. Moritz, 354 Garry W. Morris, 378 Gary E. Morris, 303 George R. Morris, 303 James B. Morris, 378 James M. Morris, 354 Joseph L. Morris, 378 Judy A. Morris, 331 Melvin J. Morris, 378 Myra D. Morris, 331 Nellie A. Morris, 378 Stacey O. Morris, 354 Teresa A. Morris, 389 Judith E. Morrisett, 331 Brenda D. Morrison, 303 Daniel C. Morrison, 354 David M. Morrison, 378 Donny R. Morrison, 378 Eddie D.Morrison, 303 Judy C. Morrison. 331 William D. Morrison, 354 Joe L. Morrow, 354 Robert Morrow, 331 Pamela L. Mortimer, 354 Dennis W. Moseley. 378 Danny H. Moser, 378 Charles D. Moshinskie, 331 James F. Moshinskie, 303 SueL. Moss, 354 William A. Moss, 378 Wilma J. Mote, 354 Stuart C. Moten, 389 Ralph D. Mount, 378 Sharon K. Moye, 378 Patrecia D. Moyers, 303 David C. Muckensturm, 378 Gary D. Mueller, 378 Jimmv A. Mueller, 303 Debra C. Mullen, 354 Jim B. Mullen, 378 Sue Mullin, 303 William D. Mullin, 303 Helen G Mullins. 378 Marsha L. Mullins, 378 Mona G. Mullins, 354 BebbieL. Munn, 303 Jerry K. Munn, 378 Agnes A. Murphree, 331 Billie J. Murphree, 303 Brenda W. Murphy, 303 James W . Murphy, 354 Jeannie M. Murphy, 354 John D. Murphy, 354 KathieV. Murphy, 331 Michael E. Murphy, 378 Philip J. Murphy, 378 Andrea B. Murray, 331 Benny R.Murray, 378 Butch Murray, 354 David A. Murray, 303 Hughie J. Murray, 354 Jacky L. Murray, 331 Kathryn O. Murray, 331 Richard A. Murray, 303 Bruce E. Myers, 354 Fonda R. Myers, 354 Janice L. Myers, 378 Margaret Myers, 331 -N- David W. Nail, 378 Damian A. Namtzv, 331 Graham L. Nance, 354 Vickie D. Nann, 303 Susan D. Neace, 303 Johnnie R. Neal, 331 Vernon L. Neal, 378 E. Lou Neblett, 331 John E. Neeley, 378 Floyd A. Neely, 303 Cheryl J. Nelson, 354 Dorothy J. Nelson, 303 Gary L. Nelson, 378 James F. Nelson, 331 James H. Nelson, 303 John T. Nelson, 378 Joyce E. Nelson, 378 Linda R. Nelson, 331 Roberta M. Nelson, 378 Thomas W. New, 303 Richard E. NewBerry, 378 Gary W. Newby, 354 Gary C. Newcom, 378 David M. Newingham, 354 James G. Newingham, 378 James E. Newsom, 354 Martha S. Newsom, 378 Phyllis M. Nicholas, 378 Nancy H. Nicholls, 378 Bonnie J. Nichols, 354 Curtis R. Nichols, 378 Gary A. Nichols, 378 Henry F. Nichols, 354 John K. Nichols, 303 KirkH. Nichols, 303 Larry E. Nichols, 354 Robert F. Nichols, 332 Terry E. Nichols, 303 Thomas E. Nichols, 332 Glenn E. Nicholson, 303 James L. Nicholson, 332 Rayburn R. Nicholson, 332 Richard Nicholson, 378 Judy J. Nickles, 378 Janie A. Nigus, 378 Mary M. Nigus, 332 Louis J. Nisenbaum, 354 Charles D. Nix, 304 Elaine L. Nix, 304 Gary P. Nix, 378 Glenn D. Nix. 304 Betty Nixon, 378 Larletha Nixon, 304 Lester J. Nixon, 304 Esther R. Noble, 332 William H. Noblin, 378 James W. Nolan, 332 Theresa C. Nolan, 378 Bobby J. Noles, 378 Deborah A. Norman, 332 Elizabeth A. Norman, 332 Jimmy L. Norman, 332 John C. Norman, 304 Robert W. Norman, 354 Doris F. Norrid, 332 Bobby G. Norris, 389 Margaret A. Norris, 378 Richard H. Norris, 354 Jimmie D. Norsworthy, 332 Chester North, 332 Jerry R. North, 354 Don R. Northcutt, 332 Donna L. Northcutt, 354 Harma E. Norton, 378 James M. Norton, 378 Nancy Norton, 332 David L. Norwood, 354 Paula K. Nowlin, 304 Tommy V. Nuckols, 304 Carla J. Nunley, 354 Carol J.Nunn, 304 Mary G. Nunn, 354 Don C. Nutt, 378 -O- Betty J. O ' Banion, 304 Jamie O ' Banion, 304 Michael W. O ' Banion, 304 Charles E. O ' Brien, 304 Devra M. O ' Brien, 304 Debra K. Obsitnik, 378 Randy L.Oden, 378 Michael L. O ' Donell, 389 MaryG.O ' Donnell, 332 Polly A.O ' Donnell, 378 Emery C. Oesch, 332 Joanna Ohnanik, 332 William W. O ' Keefe, 332 Ted A. Olbricht, 354 Donna L. Oldham, 304 Danny C. Oliver, 378 Linda L. Oliver, 304 Paula J. Oliver, 378 Terrell M. Oliver, 354 Tommy R. Oliver, 378 Bryan D. Olmstead, 378 Robert G. Olvey, 304 Rose A. O ' Neal, 354 Phillip R. Orey, 378 Shirley S. Orman, 354 Gary D. Ormsby, 378 Laurie S. O ' Roark, 354 JoF.Orr, 332 Sarah C. Orr, 332 Stephen J. Orr, 332 Wilma J. Orr, 389 Gail A.Orsborn, 332 Cindy S. Orsburn. 304 Presley O. Orsburn, 389 Simone A. Ortega, 354 M. Lynn Orton, 354 Jerry D. Osbon, 354 Judith L. Oskowis, 378 Claude Outlaw, 378 Glenda G. Overfield, 332 Gerald C. Overman. 354 Janet L. Overstreet, 304 Jan S. Owen, 354 Kenneth E. Owen, 304 Rodney K. Owen, 354 Ronny C.Owen, 304 William P. Owen, 378 Virginia L. Owen. 304 Arlis D. Owens, 304 Carolyn S. Owens, 389 Donnie Owens, 354 Franklin R. Owens, 378 Margie D. Owens, 378 399 Rodney P. Owens, 378 Thomas K. Owens, 378 Mayola Oxford, 378 Betty S. Ozbirn, 304 -P- Jimmy D. Pace, 332 Terry A. Pace, 378 Terry A. Paff, 332 Deborah Page, 378 Floyd R. Page, 332 Richard O. Painter, 304 Larry F. Palmer, 355 Paula A. Palmer, 332 Emmett D. Pankey, 355 Virginia C. Pankey, 378 Ronald L. Pannell, 305 Vickie L. Pannell, 355 John T. Pardew, 332 Margaret A. Parenti, 305 Judith A. Parish, 378 Linda D Parish, 379 Sandra K. Park, 379 Sherry A. Park, 355 Linda A. Parke, 305 Carol A. Parker, 355 James R. Parker, 332 Jaylene Parker, 379 Lloyd E. Parker Jr., 379 Michael D. Parker, 355 Patricia C. Parker, 332 Rhonda K. Parker, 379 Sharon L. Parker, 355 Vicki M. Parker, 379 Warren L. Parker, 305 Glen R. Parks, 332 James K. Parks Jr., 332 Doris J. Parnell, 332 RondleB. Parnell, 332 ByzieL. Parr, 355 Harsley O. Parr, 305 Patricia A. Parr, 379 Kelly D. Parrish, 332 Michael R. Parrish, 355 Larry J. Partin, 379 John H. Partney, 332 David L. Patrick, 355 Mamie F. Patten, 305 Carolyn K. Patterson, 305 Myra L. Patterson, 355 Ollie E. Patterson, 305 Charles P. Patton, 355 Susan L. Patton, 379 Claretta A. Paul, 332 William C. Paul, 379 Ron D. Paulson, 305 Betty Griffin Payne, 332 Jerry W. Payne, 346 Ronnie L. Payne, 379 William R. Payne, 355 Jessie J. Payton, 305 Dwight D. Pearce, 355 John M. Pearce, 305 Millie Pearle, 379 Haywood L. Pearson, 305 Ronald W. Pedigo, 332 Sammy H. Peebles, 355 Georganna Peel, 305 Kenneth D. Pegg, 379 Sharon C. Pegg, 379 Patricia D. Pelts, 379 Jenny L. Pemberton, 305 Susan P. Pendergaff, 332 Joy G. Pendergrass, 332 Susan E. Penix, 332 Rrenda J. Penn, 305 Emilee A. Penn. 332 Ronald H. Penn, 379 Bruce Pennington, 379 John G. Pennington, 379 Royce G. Pennington, 355 Daniel P. Pentecost, 305 Deborah L. Penter, 379 Donna K. Penter, 379 Ginger G. Perkins, 389 Sammy D. Peronia, 379 John R. Perrine, 379 Carol A. Perry, 332 Patsy M. Perry, 355 Dennis N. Perry, 355 Gary F. Perry, 379 JulanneP. Perry, 332 Michael L. Perry. 332 Pamela G. Perry, 379 Randall W. Perrvman. 305 Tera J. Persfull. 305 William D. Persfull, 379 Rita G.Person, 332 Freddy M. Peters, 305 Joseph A. Peters, 355 Nina F. Peterson, 305 Susan P. Peterson, 332 Patrick A. Pettengell, 305 Hester W. Petty, 332 Robert E. Petty, 379 Nancy T. Peyton, 332 Patsy M. Peyton, 379 Virgil B. Peyton, 305 Bernie G. Pfleger, 332 Valerie B.Phaup, 332 Gary J.Phelah, 305 Sally A. Phelan, 305 Charles J. Phelps, 305 Shirley A. Phelps, 305 Alvin K.Phillips, 379 Barry L. Phillips, 355 CandiceB. Phillips, 332 Charley J. Phillips, 332 Clynard A. Phillips, 332 Dianne Phillips, 305 Donald R. Phillips, 305 Gary D. Phillips, 333 Glenda S. Phillips, 333 Grisham A. Phillips, 355 John F. Phillips III, 355 Mark A. Phillips, 333 Marian H. Phillips, 305 Nancy J. Phillips, 379 Peggy A. Phillips, 333 Robert E. Phillips, 305 Stephen C. Phillips, 333 Susan L. Phillips, 355 William R. Phillips, 333 Lowell D.Philp, 379 Philip C.Philpot, 379 Susan L. Phipps, 333 Barbara A. Piatt, 355 Ben F. Pickard, 333 Debbie A. Pickell, 379 Mary C.Pickens, 333 Christopher A. Pickett, 379 Charles W. Pierce, 333 Chester Pierce, 379 Dannye L. Pierce, 305 Joe E. Pierce, 379 Michael E. Pierce, 333 Randell A. Pierce, 333 Richard L. Pierce, 355 Terry L. Pierce, 379 Thomas R. Pierce, 333 Julius S. Pieri, 333 Ysleta B. Pierson, 333 Edward E. Pike, 333 Audrey P. Pillow, 379 Charles E. Pillow, 305 Jayne J. Pingel, 355 Sheila L. Pinkston, 305 Maria G. Pipkin, 355 Roger D. Pitchford. 355 G. Wayne Pitcock, 305 Gary P. Pittman, 305 Ronnie L. Pittman, 333 Emmet D. Plaster, 333 Jack Plumlee, 306 Nancy H. Plumlee, 355 Charles W. Plunkett, 306 Dale E. Poag, 306 Joe H. Poff, 353 Brenda A. Poindexter, 333 Cathy S. Poindexter, 306 Gwen D. Poindexter, 306 Behsel J. Poll, 379 Eugenia M. Pollard, 379 Julia A. Pollard. 379 Barbara A. Pollock. 306 David L. Polsgrove, 355 Gayron J. Polston, 379 Harley E. Polston, 333 Judy L. Polston, 379 Margaret L. Polston, 379 Virginia J. Polston, 306 Robert H. Pond, 379 Sheila A. Poole, 379 Christy Pope, 379 Joe Pope, 333 Larry J. Pope, 389 Marguerite Pope, 389 Melissa L. Pope, 379 Robert Pope, 333 Thomas G. Pope, 333 Glenda D. Poppe, 333 John Porbeck, 379 James D. Porter, 389 Teresa K. Porter, 355 Jim W. Potter, 379 Kenneth E. Pounders, 379 Connie A. Prance, 379 Diane M.Pratt, 355 Sara A. Pratt, 379 Michael D. Preslar, 379 Johnny W. Presley, 306 Judith D. Presley, 379 Kathie B. Presson, 379 Dennis R. Prestwood, 379 Jimmy W. Pretty, 380 Carroll B. Prewett, 333 Sharon K. Prewett, 333 Edwin C. Price, 333 William J. Prichard, 333 James M.Priddy, 380 Charles F. Pridmore, 355 Connie M. Pridmore, 333 James R. Pridmore, 380 Patsy K. Priest, 306 Sandra K. Priest, 355 David L. Prince, 355 Deborah S. Prince. 380 Gary W. Prince, 380 Rick M. Prince, 333 Lynn M. Pritchett, 333 Robert S. Pritchett, 333 Kenneth R. Privett, 306 Mary A. Prothro, 333 Ronald L. Proctor, 355 Sandy C. Provence, 355 Allan K. Pruett, 333 Diana S. Pruett, 355 Robert Pruett, 306 Billy L. Pruitt, 306 Henry C.Pruitt, 333 Teddy G. Pruitt, 333 Johnny W. Prysock, 380 Joan M. Puddephatt, 355 Mary E. Pugh, 380 Sarah S. Pugh, 306 Dennis B. Pulliam, 355 Peggy J. Pulliam, 355 Jimmy D. Purdom, 306 Robbie N. Purdom, 306 W. David Purdy, 355 Barbara R. Purvis, 306 HeleneG. Pyland, 355 Lonnie R. Pyle, 333 -Q- JanieS. Quails, 333 Michael L. Quails, 333 Teddy G. Quails, 355 Terry D. Quails, 333 James H. Quessenberry, 333 Joe J. Quillin, 333 Marsha K. Quinn, 333 -R- Joyce S. Ragland, 333 Walker D. Ragland, 380 Alma R. Ragsdale, 380 James Ragsdell, 380 Alice J. Raines, 333 Edward W. Raines, 333 Frank E. Raines, 355 Matthew Rainey Jr., 333 Nena E. Rainey, 380 Jackie L. Rakestraw, 333 Paula S. Ralaford. 380 Eloise K. Raley, 355 Kevin P. Raley, 380 Peggy L. Raley, 306 Rebecca A. Raley, 355 Franklin Ralph, 380 Howard L. Ralph, 333 Phyllis J. Ramer, 333 Charles R. Ramsey, 333 Floyd L. Ramsey. 306 Gene P. Ramsey, 306 Linda L. Ramsey, 306 Sheiron J. Ramsev, 355 Terry L. Ramsey, 306 Walton D. Ramsey, 306 Ann E. Randle, 380 LynardO. Randies, 333 Nola J. Randies, 333 Delores D. Raney, 333 Neil S. Raney, 355 John M. Ransom, 306 Melinda Rapert, 355 Sandra J. Rash, 355 Tommy F. Rataj, 380 Larry E. Ratcliff, 355 Eralynn Ratliff, 380 Jane A. Ratliff, 380 Larry J. Ratliff, 380 David J. Raulinaitis, 333 Walter W. Rauth, 306 Pamela A. Rawlings, 380 Paula J. Rawls, 380 Danny L. Ray, 380 Gary G. Ray, 355 Larry L. Ray, 380 Lena V. Ray, 380 Loretta I. Ray, 355 Martha A. Ray, 306 Michael D. Ray, 355 Rex D.Ray, 355 Robert E. Ray, 356 Sarah D. Ray, 356 Terry S. Ray, 356 William E. Ray, 333 Penelope A. Raymond, 389 Allen E. Read, 380 Linda L. Reaves, 356 Rebecca A. Reaves, 380 Ruth L. Reaves, 380 Michael Rebel, 333 Exa W. Recker, 356 Sammy B. Rector. 380 Jimmy W. Redd, 333 Johnny L. Redd, 333 Nancy J. Redd, 306 Rose Anne Redd, 380 Barry D. Reddick, 333 Eddie J. Reddick 333 Harold L. Reddick, 380 Marion F. Reddick, 333 Teddy N. Reddick. 380 Alicia K. Reddmann, 333 Annetta F. Reddmann, 333 Van Redman III, 333 Charles R. Reece, 306 Dennis W. Reed, 333 Gary E. Reed, 333 JoE. Reed, 333 Nancy K. Reed, 356 Nancy L. Reed, 356 Nancy L. Reed, 356 Pennelope I. Reed, 356 Emory L. Reeder, 380 Mary K. Reeder, 306 Betty L. Reedy, 380 James C. Reese, 356 Mary J. Reese, 380 Eumeca J. Reeves, 306 Frank L. Reeves, 333 James R. Reeves, 380 Lee E. Reeves, 380 Marilyn F. Reeves, 380 Norma L. Reeves, 380 James N. Reichert, 333 Sharon K. Reid, 306 Anita L. Reilly, 333 Jerrold W. Reiman, 380 Kenneth R. Reinhardt, 334 Charles E. Reinhart, 356 Sister Lillian M. Reiter, 306 Joseph S. Remley, 306 Linda L. Render, 334 Barbara D. Reng, 356 Herbert S. Renz, 389 Diane K. Retzloff, 306 Teddy G. Reves, 306 Ronald A. Reyna, 306 Ann S. Reynolds, 307 Boyce L. Reynolds, 307 Douglass V. Reynolds, 334 Helen L. Reynolds, 307 James C. Reynolds, 356 John R. Reynolds, 356 John W. Reynolds, 334 Joyce M. Reynolds, 307 400 Max D. Reynolds, 334 RosaM. Reynolds, 380 Sandra D. Reynolds, 334 Carol D. Rhoads, 380 Larry W. Rhodes, 380 Ron R. Rhodes, 334 Roy L. Rhodes, 380 Larry R. Rhynes, 307 George H. Rial, 380 Barbara A. Rice, 380 Kenny B. Rice, 380 Phyllis A. Rice, 356 Gary V. Richard, 334 Kathy D. Richard, 380 Barry L. Richardson, 334 Donna R. Richardson, 380 James F. Richardson, 356 James R. Richardson, 334 John D. Richardson, 307 Karen M. Richardson, 380 Larry Richardson, 356 Lenora Richardson, 307 Mary Richardson, 356 Ronnie Richardson, 380 Shirley Richardson, 307 Patricia Rickman, 334 Charles Richmond, 307 John R. Riddell, 334 David Riddle, 334 Dana B. Ridge, 356 Gene P. Ridge, 356 Mary E. Ridge, 356 Kenneth Ridgeway, 334 Nancy Jo Rieke, 334 Patsy S. Rigdon, 334 Jimmy R. Riggs, 380 Mary P. Riggs, 380 Patricia A. Riggs, 380 Sarah F. Riggs, 334 Dallas Riley Jr., 380 Edwin H. Riley, 307 Johnny R. Riley, 380 William A. Riley, 380 Mary E. Rimmer, 381 Linda L. Ring, 334 Rickie J. Ring, 381 Wilma J. Ring, 356 Connie J. Risby, 356 Robert K. Risby, 334 Brenda Ritchey, 356 Daniel G. Ritchey, 307 Laurie Ritchey, 334 Betty Ferrell Roach, 334 Elizabeth Roach, 307 Mike W. Roach, 381 Ronald Roach, 334 Terry D. Roach, 356 Danny M. Robb, 307 Oma J. Robbins, 307 Carolyn C. Roberts, 334 Gary B. Roberts, 381 Gary J. Roberts, 356 Harvey J. Roberts, 356 Joel D. Roberts, 334 Larry W. Roberts, 334 Marylon Roberts, 381 Norman Roberts Jr., 381 Patsy J. Roberts, 381 Richard A. Roberts, 334 Sandra F. Roberts, 334 Violet Roberts, 381 Beverly J. Robertson, 307 Jacquelin Robertson, 381 Joycelyn Robertson, 381 Larry J. Robertson, 307 Regina K. Robertson, 356 Steve D. Robertson, 356 Thomas J. Robertson, 334 William T. Robertson, 334 Deborah N. Robeson, 356 Jackie E. Robinett, 356 Leroy S. Robins, 334 Carl W. Robinson, 381 David D. Robinson, 381 Deborah A. Robinson, 334 Eddie L. Robinson, 334 Gale L. Robinson, 381 Garry L. Robinson, 381 Gary M. Robinson, 356 Jack F. Robinson, 356 James A. Robinson, 334 Linda C. Robinson, 334 Linda K. Robinson, 334 Norman N. Robinson Jr., 381 Robin H. Robinson, 307 Ronald L. Robinson, 381 Larry Robison, 381 Linda A. Robison, 334 Fred Robken III, 356 Marv L. Rock, 381 Terry L. Rodery, 356 Curtis L. Rodgers, 334 Gary W. Rodgers, 307 Rufus E. Rodgers, 334 Gary W. Rodman, 381 Adrian D. Rogers, 356 Carl A. Rogers, 334 Charlotte L. Rogers, 307 Curtis A. Rogers, 334 Daphine Rogers, 307 Deborah R. Rogers, 381 Dennis E. Rogers, 381 Don E. Rogers, 381 Donna M. Rogers, 334 Douglas C. Rogers, 307 Eddie J. Rogers, 356 Gaylon R. Rogers, 381 Geraldine Rogers, 307 James B. Rogers, 356 Jerrie J. Rogers, 307 Jo A. Rogers, 381 Joe Rogers, 307 John M. Rogers, 381 Joyce E. Rogers, 389 Mary S. Rogers, 307 Mike Rogers, 356 Patricia D. Rogers, 381 Suzie J. Rogers, 381 Jerry D. Roland, 381 Chris D. Rolle, 381 Nancy A. Rollins, 381 William K. Romines, 356 Mary M. Roods, 356 Charles M. Rook, 308 Rickey D. Rook, 356 Sarrah Dianne Rook, 381 Sharon G. Rooker, 381 Jean A. Rorex, 308 Mary J. Rorex, 308 Deborah L. Rose, 381 Gary D.Rose, 334 Larry E. Rose, 308 Mary C. Rose, 308 Robert E. Rose, 381 Philip L. Roser, 381 Donald B. Rosier, 334 Barbara J. Ross, 381 Eddie R. Ross, 334 Franklin R. Ross, 356 Linda S. Ross, 334 Marilyn M. Ross, 308 Robert G. Ross, 308 Andrew R. Rossi, 334 Alan A. Roth, 334 Tom R. Roth, 334 Larry E. Rothgery, 381 Barbara R. Rothwell, 334 Cathy E. Rounsavall, 334 David A. Rounsavall, 381 Raymond E. Rouse, 308 Connie M. Routon, 381 Raymond L. Routon, 381 Charles V. Rowe, 334 Pamela J. Rowe, 334 Philip L. Rowe, 334 Scott W. Rowell, 334 Carol S. Rowland, 334 Charles M. Rowland, 308 Gene A. Rowland, 308 John M. Rowland, 381 Judy M. Rowland, 334 Alvis W. Rowlett, 308 Gary W. Rowlett, 334 Stanley A. Rowlett, 381 Debi D. Rowsey, 356 Jerry D. Rowsey, 334 Sandra Rowton, 334 James R. Roy, 381 Joyce E. Royal, 308 Susan A. Rozzell, 381 Mike Rubottom, 334 Gretchen A. Rudkin, 356 Dave P. Ruebsam, 334 Gwen Ruff, 308 David H. Runk, 356 Tommy G. Runnels, 381 Robert N. Runyan, 334 Charles E. Runyon, 334 Judy C. Runyon, 381 Cathy L. Rupard, 381 AnneM. Russell. 308 Freddy C.Russell, 356 John D. Rutherford, 356 Larry M. Russell, 308 Leveta Ann Russell, 381 Rickey C. Russell, 334 Billy D. Russom, 334 Patsy A. Rutherford, 381 Michael E. Rutledge, 356 Deborah A. Ryan, 334 Gary E. Ryan, 356 -s- Frank Sabat Jr., 381 Jeffrey R. Sackett, 356 Delia A. Sadler, 356 Hayden L. Sadler, 381 Janice Sago, 334 Deborah G. Sain, 356 John Sain III, 356 Karon D. Salch, 381 Warren K. Sale, 356 Dana J. Saliba, 334 Dianne Saliba, 381 Julia P. Saliba, 334 Mitchell G. Saliba, 334 Karla M. Sallee, 334 Lark E. Sallee, 356 MerlynM. Salley, 308 Margia L. Sallis, 308 John J. Saltzman, 334 Linda C. Samford, 308 John A. Sammons, 308 James R. Sample, 335 Jerry D. Sample, 335 Albert J. Sandbothe, 381 Brenda J. Sanders, 357 Donald W. Sanders, 381 Erie E. Sanders, 398 Gary L. Sanders, 357 Howard L. Sanders, 389 James D. Sanders, 381 Kenneth R. Sanders, 335 Mary Janet Sanders, 308 Ruth A. Sanders, 389 William D. Sanders, 357 David L. Sanderson, 308 Herb A. Sanderson, 357 Jo C. Sanderson, 357 Loretta M. Sansom, 389 AlanH.Sapp, 335 Linda K. Sartini, 381 Lloyd R. Sauer, 335 Gary W. Sauheaver, 308 Sharon K. Sauheaver, 335 Harry J.Saul, 381 Sharon Kay Saurenman, 335 Tony R. Sauser, 381 Lorraine D. Savelli, 357 Jimmy R. Sawyer, 308 John J. Sawyer, 308 Loretta J. Sawyers, 381 Donna R. Scarborough, 335 Jan R. Scarbrough, 357 Victor C. Scauzzo, 335 Charles W. Schaaf, 308 John A. Schaefer, 381 Larry D. Schafer, 335 Robert W. Schafer, 357 Patty Lou Schales, 335 Jerry A. Scheer, 357 Larry Scheer, 335 Rebecca J. Schick, 309 Roger S. Schimming, 381 Karen S. Schisler, 335 Darryl L. Schlenker, 381 Russell K. Schmidt, 335 Katrinka A. Schmitt, 381 James R. Schnee, 309 David G. Schneider, 335 Gayla S. Schoenborn. 389 Kenneth D. Schoenborn, 335 William L. Schumann, 309 Linda J. Schwamb, 335 Danny L. Scott, 335 Danny L. Scott, 357 Diana B. Scott, 357 Floyd L. Scott, 381 Gregory A. Scott, 309 Jackie L. Scott, 381 JimmieD. Scott, 389 Kenny D. Scott, 357 Larrv D. Scott, 357 Michael B.Scott, 381 Michael L. Scott, 381 Robyn D. Scott. 381 Ruth A. Scott, 381 Sharon R. Scott, 335 Timothy B. Scott, 357 Vickie A.Scott, 381 Violet M. Scott, 309 Warren E.Scott, 309 Randy L. Screws, 335 Claude G. Scroggins, 381 Richard E. Scroggs, 381 James V. Scurlock, 335 Linda S. Seagraves, 309 Utah L. Seagraves, 335 Janna F. Seats, 309 RoyL. Seay, 309 Barbara S. Sebourn, 357 James D. Self, 382 Mary C. Self, 382 Robert R. Self, 335 Kelly H. Sellers, 309 Charles L. Selman, 335 Bill Seratt, 357 Rosemary Serio, 335 Marcia L. Settlemoir, 382 Carol S. Sexton, 335 Nancy Sexton, 357 Karen S. Seymour, 382 Al Sfortunato, 382 James C. Shackelford, 335 Donald R. Shaddock, 382 JackB. Shankle, 382 Freda A. Shanks, 309 Nancy J. Shanks, 309 Kathy Shannon, 335 JackR. Sharbutt Jr., 309 James D. Sharkey, 382 Brenda G. Sharp, 382 Brenda L. Sharp, 382 Debbra E. Sharp, 382 Dyan R. Sharp, 382 Leonard E. Sharp, 382 Paula L. Sharp, 357 Jerry L. Sharpe, 335 Larry A. Sharpe, 335 David Shaver, 335 James C. Shaver, 357 Nancy S. Shaver, 309 Nancy S. Shaver, 335 Rebecca McGinnis Shaver, 309 Becky J. Shaw, 382 Mildred Berry Shaw, 382 Ruben D. Shaw, 335 Danny S.Sheals, 357 Vernell M. Shearer, 335 Mark D. Sheehan, 382 Betty J. Sheehy, 309 Connie M. Sheffield, 335 Katherine S. Shelly, 382 Alice Lynell Shelton, 357 Deborah E.Shelton, 382 Marilyn S. Shelton, 382 Morton Shelton Jr., 357 Patricia A. Shelton, 309 Sandra K. Shelton, 335 Susan A. Shelton, 382 Thomas Shelton, 382 Virginia D. Shepard, 309 Frank L. Shepherd, 382 Michael E. Shepherd, 335 Roy M. Shepherd, 335 Tom C. Shepherd, 382 Ralph A. Sheridan, 382 Sheila M. Sherman, 382 Freddy L. Sherrell, 382 Robert F. Sherrell, 335 Glenn D. Sherrill, 382 Phyllis K. Shewmaker, 335 Danny O. Shields, 357 Maurice M. Shirley, 382 Paul D.Shirley, 357 Peter K. Shirley, 335 Randy L. Shoemake, 382 John L. Shoffner, 309 Roger P. Shollmier, 335 William M. Shore, 335 Regina K. Shores, 309 Brenda C. Short, 309 Terry L. Short, 357 Ken K. Showalter, 357 Patsy Ann Shownes, 382 401 Wallace R. Shrader, 335 Raymond Shranie, 335 Doug ' as B. Shultz, 357 Farrell Shultz, 335 Stephen C. Shumaker, 335 Deloise L. Shumpert, 357 Billy R. Shurlev, 335 Brenda J. Shurley. 309 Michael S. Sides, 357 David Siegler, 382 James A. Siepiela, 382 Woody W. Sigmin, 357 Steven T. Sigsby, 335 Richard C. Simerson, 335 Donald W Simmons, 357 Edward R. Simmons, 382 Jimmie S. Simmons, 335 James E. Simmons, 382 Kathy G. Simmons, 357 Rosie M. Simmons, 382 Samuel E. Simmons. 309 Steve R. Simmons, 335 William D. Simmons, 335 Nelda Simpkins, 382 Charles E. Simpson, 382 Gordon D. Simpson, 309 Marilee Simpson, 335 Mary L. Simpson, 382 Mozetta J. Simpson, 309 Nathaniel Simpson, 335 Shirley A. Simpson, 357 Annette Sims, 382 Dennis L. Sims, 357 Edward S. Sims, 335 Garry D. Sims, 336 Nevis E. Sims, 382 Ann M. Singleton, 357 John D. Singleton, 336 Larry J. Singleton, 336 Michael L. Singleton, 336 Robert A. Singleton, 357 Robert T. Singleton, 309 Brenda K. Singley, 382 Connie F. Sipes, 309 Robert H. Sisco, 336 Verna P. Sisk, 309 Bruce W. Sites, 357 NicklaD.Sitzer, 336 Michael Skaggs, 382 Bill R. Skelton, 336 Elzie S. Skillern, 336 Jetta J. Skillern, 309 Earl Skinner, 357 Tom C. Skinner, 336 Totsie Lorrettes Skinner, 382 States V. Skipper, 309 Tony R. Skogen, 309 Terry F. Skyrmes, 309 Ava Adelle Slater, 382 James E. Slater, 382 David R. Slaton. 357 Judy A. Slatton, 357 Sakae Slatton, 382 David L. Slaven, 336 Joseph N.Slayden, 309 ElkeSlayton, 309 Harvey A. Slentz, 309 Mary E.Sloan, 382 Phyllis J.Sloan, 357 Joe A. Small, 357 David L. Smalley, 336 Robert W. Smalling, 310 Thomas W. Smalling, 357 Shirley A. Smallwood, 382 Pamela Jo Smart, 357 Peggy S. Smart. 389 Bobby L. Smiley, 382 Brenda J. Smiley. 336 Barbara A. Smith, 336 Barney G. Smith, 382 Betty A. Smith, 357 Betty C. Smith. 382 Betty C. Smith, 336 Betty L. Smith, 357 Betty R. Smith, 389 Bonnie M. Smith, 310 Brenda S. Smith, 357 Carol L. Smith, 357 Carolyn R Smith, 310 Charles L. Smith, 382 Danny S. Smith, 336 Danny W. Smith, 357 Darrel W. Smith, 382 David E. Smith, 382 David L. Smith, 357 Deborah L. Smith, 357 Deborah S. Smith, 382 Delores G. Smith. 357 Dennis L. Smith, 310 Dickie C. Smith, 336 Donald R. Smith, 310 Donnie A. Smith, 336 Douglas W. Smith, 336 Elton D. Smith, 310 Eugene Smith, 382 Gordon E. Smith, 382 Guy M.Smith, 389 Harold L. Smith, 336 Jackie C.Smith, 310 Jackie L.Smith, 382 James C. Smith, 336 James E. Smith, 310 James G.Smith, 310 James P. Smith, 310 Jeff D.Smith, 382 Jim G. Smith, 382 Jim R. Smith, 310 Jimmy W. Smith, 382 Joe W. Smith, 310 John F. Smith, 310 Joseph D. Smith, 357 Kathleen D. Smith, 382 Keith B. Smith, 336 Kenneth C. Smith, 357 Larry L. Smith, 310 Larry L. Smith, 310 Laviel Smith, 336 Leon C. Smith, 357 Lewis G. Smith, 336 Linda D.Smith, 382 LonnieO. Smith, 382 Mark A. Smith, 310 Mary J.Smith, 382 Mary Jo Smith, 310 Mary K. Smith, 357 Michael L. Smith, 357 Michaell V. Smith, 382 Myrtle J. Smith, 382 Patricia L. Smith, 382 Phil C. Smith, 336 Phil G. Smith, 336 Randall K.Smith, 382 Reida C. Smith, 310 Rhonda F.Smith, 357 Rickie L. Smith, 336 Ricky E. Smith, 336 Robert J. Smith III, 357 Robert M. Smith, 336 Rosevelt Smith, 310 Sammy L. Smith, 336 Stevie D. Smith, 336 Thomas J. Smith, 382 Thomas W. Smith, 310 Thurman M. Smith, 357 Verlis E. Smith, 310 William L. Smith, 382 Willis E. Smith, 310 Betty R. Smithee, 357 George M. Smithwick, 357 Cynthia F. Smotherman, 336 Donald R. Smotherman, 336 Walter E. Smythe, 383 Carrie M. Snapp, 336 Kenneth L. Sneathern, 336 Vincent O. Snell, 383 James Scott Snellgrove, 357 Thomas S. Snelson, 383 Connie J. Snider, 383 Dwain L. Snider, 383 Mary M. Snipes, 383 Samuel J. Snipes, 336 Susan L. Snodgrass, 310 Celia F. Snow, 336 Nickey P. Snow, 336 Joe A. Solomon, 357 Diana L. Sorrels, 336 Gary G. South, 357 Brenda J. Southard, 383 Diane M. Southern, 336 Kenneth W. Southern, 310 Steve T. Sowell, 383 Joe P. Spades, 336 Brenda J. Spann, 357 David R. Spann, 336 Donna S. Spargo, 383 Ronnie E. Sparkman, 336 Donna S. Sparks, 336 Linda Sparks, 336 Richard E. Sparks, 383 Mary Kathy Spaulding, 383 Brenda Sue Spears, 383 Gary R. Spears, 383 Don R. Speck, 336 Curtis L. Speed, 310 Lacy M. Speed, 383 Sue A. Speer, 310 Bryan A. Spence, 383 Charles E. Spence Jr., 336 Larry D. Spence, 336 Noel E. Spence, 357 Paula C. Spence, 383 Van T. Spence, 383 Kenneth O. Spencer, 336 Roger D. Spencer, 383 Richard A. Spicer, 310 Ronnie W. Spiegel, 383 Dianne L. Spieler, 310 Jerry W. Spinks, 383 Merideth J. Spinks, 383 Gene Spitzer, 310 Teresa G. Spotts, 336 Johnnie R. Spraberry, 336 Charlotte A. Springle, 357 Harvey L. Sprouse, 336 MelbaL. Spurgin, 310 Bennie G. Spurlock, 357 Michael B. Staed, 310 William T. Staed, 310 Keith E. Stacey, 336 Billy B. Stacy, 357 Leslie E. Stafford, 310 Linda K. Stafford, 389 Tommy L. Stafford, 336 Babe E. Stage, 357 NealaM.Stahl, 310 Lura A. Stallcup, 357 Sara L. Stallcup, 383 Michael D. Stallings, 336 Amy L. Standridge, 383 Mike Forrest Stanfield, 358 Bobby M. Stanley, 336 Glenn W. Stanley, 358 Larry E. Stanley, 383 Mary A. Stanley, 310 William R. Stanton, 358 Frank W. Staples, 336 John K. Stark, 383 VernieD.Starkey, 383 Glenda J. Starling, 358 Linda S. Staten, 337 Karen G. Statler, 383 M. D. Staton, 383 Patricia J. Staub, 383 Barbara J. Staudt, 311 Thomas L. Stayton, 337 NickiD.StClair, 358 Christina M. Steele, 337 Rex J. Steele, 358 Roger D. Steele, 358 William A. Steele, 337 William M.Steele, 358 Hubert C.Steimel, 358 George W. Stem, 358 Allen D. Stephens, 358 Carol J. Stephens, 337 Priscilla Stephens, 383 James Stephenson, 383 Charlene Sterne, 358 Michael E. Stetson, 358 Grady E. Stevens, 389 Joseph D. Stevens, 311 Daniel R. Stevenson, 383 Dennis L. Stevenson, 383 James P. Stevenson, 383 Terry W. Stevenson, 311 Arnold L. Steward, 358 Robbia G. Steward, 358 Anthony D. Stewart, 337 Howard L. Stewart, 358 Jean F. Stewart, 383 John C. Stewart, 358 Larry M. Stewart, 358 Larry R. Stewart, 383 Linda C. Stewart, 358 Maria L. Stewart, 358 Warren H. Stewart, 337 Patsy J. Stickler, 337 Daniel F. Stiles, 311 Kathryn G. Stiles, 383 Dwight E. Still, 358 Gary D. Still, 358 Patricia A. Stillwell, 311 James E. Stilwell, 383 Victor R. Stilwell. 337 Cary W. Stimson, 383 Robert E. Stirewalt, 358 Robert L. St. John, 383 Carol A.Stogsdill, 337 John W. Stogsdill, 311 Vernon L. Stoker, 337 Dennis H. Stokes, 358 Jerry D. Stone, 311 Regan J. Stone, 337 Travis R. Stone, 383 Zack T.Stone, 358 James E. Storey, 383 Bentley E. Story, 337 Billie J. Stotts, 383 David M. Stotts, 358 Mary Jane Stotts, 311 Paul H. Stotts, 311 Wanda G. Stotts, 358 Harry L. Stout, 383 Kathy L. Stout, 358 Beverla J. Stovall, 337 Martha J. Stovall, 311 Debby L. Stowe, 358 Paula J. Stratton, 311 Wendell C.Stratton, 311 Thomas D. Street, 383 Charlotte J. Strickland, 383 Jerry P. Strickland, 383 Steve Strickland, 383 James L. Stricklin, 358 Bonnie J. Stringer, 383 Rosanna M. Strong, 383 Barbara Stropp, 311 Michael Stropp, 311 Gary D. Stroud, 311 Larry D. Stroud, 337 Mary J. Stroud, 358 Roger W. Stroud, 358 James M. Stuart, 311 John C. Stuart, 311 Kenneth D. Stuart, 358 Marshall R. Stuart, 358 Mary Hankins Stuart, 311 Beverly D. Stuckey, 383 Paul J. Stultz, 358 Joseph M. Styles, 383 Earl D. Sudduth, 383 Nancy M. Sulcer, 311 Perry P. Sullins, 358 Doris J. Sullivan, 383 Holly L. Sullivan, 311 Jerry R. Sullivan, 383 Marilyn F. Sullivan, 311 Robert K. Sullivan, 383 Sam L. Sullivan, 311 Dennis P. Summers, 384 Judith A. Summers, 311 James R. Sumner, 358 Sidney L. Sumners, 384 Aubrey N. Sumpter, 311 Terry J. Sumpter, 358 Mary F. Surber, 384 Walter L. Surprise III, 337 James M. Surratt, 384 Deborah J. Sutton, 384 Dennis L. Sutton, 311 Cynthia A. Svoboda, 312 Joseph J. Svoboda, 312 Mary L. Swaim, 358 Jerry L. Swain, 384 Johnnie L. Swan, 384 Burr E. Swann, 337 Kenneth L. Swanson, 358 Barbara G. Sweat, 358 Billye J. Sweat, 384 Bobbye Jean Sweat, 384 Sarah E. Swicegood, 384 David E. Swift, 337 Verna D. Swift, 384 Martha A. Swigert, 337 Cleatus L. Swindle, 337 Elizabeth P. Swindle, 358 Glen E. Swindle, 312 Phillip M. Swindle, 358 ClovisG. Swinney, 312 Douglas C. Szenher, 358 -T- Arthur A. Tacker, 358 Jama B. Tacker, 337 Michael H. Tacker, 358 402 Dennis M. Talbott, 337 Shelia A. Talley, 337 GayleM.Tamburo, 337 Charles W. Tankersley, 312 Bruce L. Tanner, 384 Pamela G. Tanner, 384 Jean E. Tansil, 358 Donald W. Tapp, 384 Jody Tapp, 312 Billy R. Tarpley, 337 William Tarpley Jr., 337 James Tart, 358 Cynthia L. Tarver, 358 Alice B.Tate, 384 Mary E. Tate, 337 Natalie R.Tate, 337 Ralph O.Tate, 312 Ronald L.Tate, 312 Jerry R. Tatum, 384 Deborah A. Tausch, 384 Alice G.Taylor, 312 Ava N.Taylor, 337 Barbara K. Taylor, 312 Bertha F. Taylor, 337 Beverly C.Taylor, 358 Bonnie C.Taylor, 358 Bruce W. Taylor, 358 Clifford A.Taylor, 358 Clinton J. Taylor, 337 Cole F. Taylor, 384 Darrell W. Taylor, 384 Deborah F. Taylor. 384 Dennis E. Taylor, 384 Donna J. Taylor, 337 Earl E. Taylor, 312 Felix D.Taylor, 337 Hayden E. Taylor, 384 James S. Taylor, 358 Jimmy D. Taylor, 312 Kathleen F. Taylor, 358 Larry A. Taylor, 384 Lloyd S. Taylor, 384 Louella Taylor, 358 Mary A. Taylor, 337 Mary R. Taylor, 337 Nita G. Taylor, 312 Paul P. Taylor, 384 Phil L. Taylor, 312 Robert B. Taylor, 384 Ronald S. Taylor, 337 Susan Taylor, 384 Van M.Taylor, 337 Lanny R. Teague, 389 Larry R. Teague, 384 Sandra A. Tedder, 337 Carolyn A. Tedford, 312 LoisM.Tedford, 337 Mauricio J. Telleria, 337 James W. Temple, 358 JaneK. Templeton, 312 David R. Tennison, 358 Randal L. Tennison, 337 Anne T. Terkeurst, 337 Charles M.Terral, 358 Tony R. Terral, 384 Ernest W. Thacker Jr., 384 Marcia L. Thacker, 337 Stephen D. Thacker, 384 Gary M. Tharp, 337 Terry D.Tharp, 384 Charles D.Thaxton, 384 Rebecca A. Thaxton, 389 Carroll R. Thetford, 337 Deborah R. Thielemier, 358 Gregg W. Thielemier, 384 Alan R.Thomas, 384 Brenda Wilkinson Thomas, 312 Daniel E. Thomas, 337 Deborah D.Thomas, 337 Edward R. Thomas, 358 George K. Thomas, 384 Helen R. Thomas, 312 Johnie E. Thomas, 384 LillieM. Thomas, 384 Martha B. Thomas, 312 Patrick A. Thomas, 384 Randall S. Thomas, 358 Raymond E. Thomas, 384 Rickey D. Thomas, 384 Sheridan D. Thomas, 337 Terry R. Thomas, 358 William E.Thomas, 358 Danny K. Thomason, 312 Larry J. Thomason, 337 Billy Joe Thompson, 384 Charles E. Thompson, 312 David E.Thompson, 337 Douglas B. Thompson, 358 Elzora A. Thompson, 337 Eugene S. Thompson, 312 Felicie Ann Thompson, 384 George M. Thompson, 337 Glenn E. Thompson, 312 Jen nifer H. Thompson, 312 Jerry K. Thompson, 358 Jimmy D. Thompson, 358 Joan L. Thompson, 337 John E. Thompson, 384 Joseph F. Thompson, 312 Michael J. Thompson, 337 Michael N.Thompson, 358 Orville Thompson Jr., 337 Roger C. Thompson, 313 Ronnie E. Thompson, 337 Ruby M.Thompson, 384 Teresa J. Thompson, 384 Thomas M. Thompson, 337 Susan C. Thomsen, 384 Luann Thornbrough, 384 Nancy M. Thome, 313 David E. Thornley, 313 Robert S. Thorpe, 337 Dennis E. Thrasher, 358 Debbie A. Threet, 313 Donley C. Threet, 358 David J. Throesch, 384 Susan Throgmorton, 358 Keith N. Throneberry, 384 Pamelia Thurman, 337 Linda J.Tidwell, 358 Tony M. Tidwell, 384 Larry B. Tiffee, 313 Mary F. Tigirt, 384 Scott W. Till, 313 Debbie L. Tillery, 313 Harold Tilley, 359 LydiaA.Tilley, 359 Alice E.Tillman, 337 Marilyn D. Tillman, 359 Bobbie B. Timmermann, 313 Billy Don Tiner, 359 Warren L. Tiner, 384 Lanny R. Tinker, 359 Melba J. Tinker, 384 MillyC.Tinnin, 313 Mary Masters Tinsley, 313 Muriel H. Tinsley Jr., 313 Pete R. Tinsley, 313 Roger D. Tinsley, 337 Linda Easterwood Tipton, 313 Sheila M. Tipton, 384 Janna J.Todd, 313 Jo E.Todd, 313 Linda K.Todd, 384 George W. Tolbert Jr., 385 Brenda L. Tollison, 385 Anthony Tomasello Jr., 313 Carey G. Tomlinson, 313 Don E. Tomlinson, 313 Lena S. Tomlinson, 359 Frank J. Toney, 359 Gale R. Toney, 385 Laurie Toole, 359 Gay E. Toombs, 385 Suzanne F. Tope, 313 James C. Torjusen, 359 Lynn M. Tosh, 359 Mike W. Tosh, 359 Barbara J. Toton, 313 Roger B.Totten, 313 Ronald C.Towell, 337 Elizabeth E. Towles, 389 Willie A. Towne, 385 Mark E. Townsend, 385 Tom G. Townsend, 385 Deborah J. Tracer, 385 Herman C. Traetow, 385 Jimmy D. Trammell, 385 Becky J.Travis, 337 Bob G. Travis, 337 Jerry M. Travis, 313 Denny J. Tread way, 359 Helen G. Treadway, 385 Pamela A. Treadway, 337 Larry L. Treat, 313 Patricia A. Treat, 313 Cecil M. Treece, 337 Kathy Jo Treece, 385 William H. Treneman, 359 Mary M. Tresp, 385 Dan L. Trevathan, 337 Jessica M. Trevathan, 313 Linda J. Trevathan, 337 Max P. Trevathan, 385 Carlotta J. Tribble, 337 Roger D. Tribble, 337 John C. Trice, 337 Mike W.Trickey, 385 David T. Trim, 359 Randy C. Trim, 313 Linda G. Trimue, 337 Larry E. Tripod, 385 Maurice L. Trites, 385 Ronald D. Trivitt, 385 Marsha K. Troillett, 359 Carolyn K. Trotter, 359 Robert M. Trotter, 359 Richard W.Truax, 313 Jackie D. Truelove, 359 Cynthia E. Truxton, 359 Nancy D. Tucker, 385 Peggy S. Tucker, 338 Raymond D. Tucker, 313 Rhonda S. Tucker, 338 William E. Tucker, 338 Marvin D.Tull, 359 Nancy L. Tull, 385 Patricia A. Tull, 385 Tom Tull, 359 Don W. Turbyfill, 385 Sharron K. Turman, 359 Fred H.Turner, 385 Gail D. Turner, 359 Gussie L. Turner, 359 Jack R. Turner, 313 Jerre W. Turner, 313 Johnnie L. Turner, 338 Katherine A. Turner, 359 Larry D. Turner, 338 Lawrence Turner, 338 Mark E.Turner, 385 Mary E.Turner, 385 Robert B. Turner, 359 Samuel E. Turner, 385 Sandra Turner, 338 Sue Ella Turner, 385 Tommy G. Turner, 359 Tywana Marie Turner, 385 Woody W. Turner, 385 Barbara A. Turpin, 338 Roger D.Turpin, 359 William W. Turpin Jr., 385 Michael Tuseth, 385 Lois Ann Tusing, 359 Steve B. Tye, 359 CarolA.Tyer, 385 Doyle C.Tyer, 313 Rodney L. Tyer, 385 David D. Tyler, 359 Florence H.Tyler, 313 Lanny W. Tyler, 359 Leonard E. Tyler, 385 Terry M.Tyler, 359 -u- Joyce Underwood, 385 AnnM.Upshaw, 385 Jan N. Upton, 385 Ronald W. Upton, 385 Raphael A. Urbina, 338 Bill D. Ursery, 313 Marilyn A. Ursery, 385 Rebecca J. Urton, 313 Bernie F. Utley, 385 Murlon L. Utley, 385 -V- Andrea E. Vaccaro, 385 Annette Vaccaro, 359 Ted L. Valentine, 385 William H. Valentine, 313 Connie D. Vanaman, 385 Lawrence M. VanCamp, 338 Henry L. Vance, 338 Harold E. Vance, 359 Jack W.Vance, 338 Donald E. Vancil, 359 Bobbie P. VanCleve, 338 Sue Neil VanCleve, 338 Ike M. VanMeter, 338 Belinda H.VanPelt, 385 Darlene VanPelt, 338 Louise VanPelt, 359 Pamela L. VanPelt. 314 Patricia VanSant, 338 Thomas E. Van Vranken, 338 Linda K. Varnell, 359 Jerry J. Varvil, 385 Thomas W. Vaughan, 385 James M. Vaughn, 359 Peggy J. Vaughn, 338 Robert W. Vaughn, 359 Samuel D. Vaught, 359 Harry R. Veach, 359 Jimmy G. Veach, 338 Billy C. Veal, 314 Thorn Veety, 338 Robert D. Velander, 314 Carolyn S. Vent, 359 LeeE. Vent, 314 William R. Vermillion, 314 Barbara S. Vest, 338 Glenford E. Veteto, 314 Melba F.Vickers. 338 Billy W. Victory, 385 Andrew J. Vincent, 314 Jerry L. Vincent, 385 James F. Vittitow, 338 Sister Gemma Vogel, 314 Charlotte L. Volk, 359 Peggy G. VonAlmen, 338 William Von TungelinJr., 385 Donald G. Voyles, 338 NickC. Vrettos, 338 -W- Garry L.Waddell, 359 Peggy A. Waddell, 338 TommieH. Waddell. 338 Chris V. Wade, 314 Debbie A. Wade, 359 Donald W. Wade, 314 Robbie L. Wade, 314 RosaleeD. Wade, 338 Dalmer G.Wagner, 359 Harietta M. Wagner, 314 Jimmy A. Wagner, 314 Jimmy D. Wagster, 359 Barbara E. Wahl, 338 Terry M. Waits, 314 Oatis A. Wake, 385 Johnnie M. Walden, 385 Richard E. Walden, 338 William J. Waldrup, 338 John T. Waleszonia, 338 Ronald J. Waleszonia, 338 Carey N. Walker, 314 Carla Jo Walker, 385 Dan L. Walker, 359 David C.Walker, 385 Donnie E.Walker, 359 Garry W. Walker, 359 James H.Walker, 385 John D. Walker, 359 Karyn Sue Walker, 359 Larry D. Walker, 385 Larry E. Walker, 385 Marvin Walker, 338 Meredith L. Walker, 385 Michael F. Walker, 338 Michael J. Walker, 359 Patricia A. Walker, 359 Ralph K. Walker, 338 Ralph L. Walker Jr., 359 Sandra J. Walker, 385 Tommy G.Walker. 338 Tommy L. Walker, 360 Tony L. Walker, 385 Bearl D. Wallace, 338 David R. Wallace, 338 Kenneth C.Wallace, 338 Lisa L. Wallace, 385 Mary E. Wallace, 360 Sherry L. Wallace, 360 Gary L. Waller, 360 Jerry W. Wallin, 314 Jams L. Wallis, 314 Joyce A. Wallis, 385 Prentis W. Wallis. 360 Barry L. Walls, 360 David J. Walls, 314 John E. Walls, 314 Marshall D. Walls, 338 Tim W. Walters, 338 Bonita L. Walton, 360 Paulette Walton, 338 Priscilla H. Walton, 385 Phillip E.Wamock, 338 Brenda J. Wangenstein, 385 Kathleen S. Warbington, 385 Betty J. P. Ward, 338 Bobby Ward, 385 Carl E. Ward, 360 Danny R. Ward, 360 Larry E. Ward, 314 Linda K. Ward, 385 Pam G. Ward, 360 Patricia K. Ward, 314 Walter E. Ward, 360 Wayne N. Ward, 385 Linda J. Warden, 385 Michael J. Warden, 385 Wendell R. Warner, 385 Patti Jo Warr, 338 Carole A. Warren, 385 Catherine R. Warren, 386 Cynthia G. Warren, 338 Gloria L. Warren, 338 Lester G. Warren, 338 Donna K.Warrick, 338 Grover C.Warrick, 338 DaleD. Washam, 360 Billy V.Washington, 386 John O. Waterbury, 338 Alan L. Watkins, 386 Brent E. Watkins, 360 Charles L. Watkins, 360 Karen J. Watkins, 360 Marilyn V. Watkins, 338 Wayne L. Watkins, 338 Alan P. Watson, 314 Caryln S. Watson, 389 Dennis R. Watson, 338 Eddie M. Watson, 314 Elizabeth N. Watson, 386 Future Mae Watson, 360 James S. Watson, 360 Jeffrey L.Watson, 386 Judy L. Watson, 314 Kay Watson, 314 Marilyn K. Watson, 338 Mary Ann Watson, 314 Michael D. Watson, 338 Patsy S. Watson, 386 Philip L. Watson, 360 Virginia C. Watson, 338 Robert L. Watt, 338 Richard H. Watts, 360 William S. Watts, 360 James E. Way, 386 Donnie J. Weatherford, 338 Hugh D. Weatherford, 338 Gwen B. Weathers, 386 Andrea M. Weathersby, 338 David M. Weaver, 314 Dennis R. Weaver. 314 Dwight M. Weaver, 338 Michael A. Weaver, 338 Michael R. Weaver, 338 Sandra E. Weaver, 386 Wilton G. Weaver, 338 Barbara G. Webb, 360 Connie D. Webb, 386 David L. Webb, 360 Linda M. Webb, 314 Michael Y.Webb, 360 Tommy G.Webb, 386 Tommy L. Webb, 386 Carolyn A. Weber, 386 Charles D. Webster, 338 Dennis E. Webster, 386 Gary L. Webster, 360 John T. Webster, 386 Sharon B. Wegman, 338 Andrea L. Weir, 338 Louise Weitkamp, 360 James D. Welch, 338 Jerry R.Welch, 360 Marcilee Welch, 339 Carolyn S. Wells, 314 Catherine M. Wells, 360 Jerry E. Wells, 314 Thelma P. Wells, 314 Wayne F.Wells, 314 Elvira Wenzel, 339 Kathleen M. Werner, 360 Pfeifer L. Wesley, 360 Diane Wess, 360 Robert M. Wessel, 386 Charles L. West, 360 Donna K. West, 386 Janice K. West. 386 Jimmy P. West, 386 John W. West, 314 Frances R. Westbrook, 360 Teresa E. Westbrook, 360 Lena A. Weston, 314 Sharon D. Weston, 386 Steve F. Weston, 315 William S. Westrol, 315 Fred S. Wetzel, 386 Tony L. Wewer, 386 Bennie L. Wheeier, 315 Betty D. Wheeler, 315 Dicky Wheeler, 360 Jeannette Wheeler, 339 Linda L. Wheeler, 315 Ronald A. Wheeler, 360 Virginia L. Wheeler, 389 Walter M. Wheeler, 339 Carolyn S. Wheeless, 386 Betty J. Wherry, 315 Johnny P. Wherry, 360 Alan B. Whisenhunt, 339 Debra C. Whisenhunt, 360 Sarah J. Whistle, 360 Janet S. Whitaker, 339 Mary A. Whitaker, 360 Perry D. Whitaker, 339 Rita J. Whitaker, 386 Alveda L. White, 386 Betty L.White, 386 Catheryn White, 315 Charles N. White, 386 Frank C.White, 315 Grace Matthews White, 315 Melvin D. White, 315 Michael P. White, 386 Paul W. White, 386 Peggy I. White, 315 Randall L. White, 339 Ron C. White, 315 Ronnie D.White, 315 Susan M. White, 386 Wayne F. White, 339 Bobby G. Whiteaker Jr., 339 Roberta A. Whiteaker, 360 Treva T. Whiteaker, 339 Bobby L. Whitehead, 339 Cherry L. Whitehead, 389 Trent F. Whitehead, 386 Victoria A. Whiteside, 339 John D. Whitfield, 315 Nancy B. Whitfield, 315 Terry H. Whiting, 360 William C. Whitley, 386 Priscilla J. Whitlock, 386 Wallace G. Whitlow, 360 Teresa E. Whitsell, 339 Rebecca E. Whitt, 315 Ronnv D. Whitt, 360 Danny J. Whitten, 339 Jerry D. Whitten, 360 Joan Whitten, 339 Sharon J. Whitten, 360 Ronald E. Whittingham, 339 William D.Whittingham, 386 Allen W. Wicker, 315 Ronnie D. Wiggins, 315 Travis L. Wiggins, 386 Bettye A. Wilcox, 386 Billy R. Wilcox, 360 Charles E.Wilcox III, 386 Danny A. Wilcox, 315 Jimmy C. Wilcox, 360 Mike R. Wilcox, 360 Judy C. Wilcoxson, 360 Robert L. Wilder, 339 John C. Wiles, 339 Mary C. Wiles, 386 Pamela R. Wilf, 386 Sherry J. Wilhite, 386 Betty S. Wilkerson, 360 Don C. Wilkerson. 386 Noel C. Wilkerson, 315 Sherman D. Wilkerson, 386 Glen R. Wilkey, 389 David G. Wilkie, 386 Van P. Wilkie, 339 Donna W. Wilkins, 360 Linda J. Wilkins, 339 Robert W. Wilkins, 386 Thomas W. Wilkins, 360 Donald G. Wilkinson, 339 Michael D. Wilkinson, 339 June A. Willcockson, 315 Brenda S. Willcutt, 315 Ann S. Willett, 339 Sharon M.Willett, 339 Linda S. Willey, 386 Albert D. Williams, 386 Alfred A. Williams, 360 Alice F.Williams, 339 Alonzo Dean Williams, 386 Barbara S. Williams, 315 Bill Williams, 339 Billy G. Williams, 339 Billy G. Williams, 386 Boyd S. Williams, 360 Bruce E. Williams, 315 Carl A. Williams, 339 Carolyn R. Williams, 339 Charles Williams, 339 Clyde W.Williams, 360 Corliss Marie Williams, 339 Curtis W.Williams, 386 Diane Williams, 360 Don R. Williams, 339 Don S. Williams, 339 Eddie J. Williams, 315 Elizabeth C.Williams, 316 Gail Williams, 386 Garlin W. Williams, 316 George M. Williams, 339 Harland E. Williams, 361 Harry D. Williams, 316 James E. Williams, 339 James F. Williams, 361 Janet K. Williams, 316 Johnny M. Williams, 361 Johnny R.Williams, 316 Larry G. Williams, 386 Lee A. Williams, 361 Loretta Williams, 361 Margaret Abel Williams, 339 Michael D. Williams, 361 Paul N. Williams, 386 Pearl Annette Williams, 339 Phillip M. Williams, 316 Robert C.Williams, 339 Rodger L. Williams, 361 Ronnie L. Williams, 339 Ross S. Williams, 361 Ronald C.Williams, 361 Sandra J. Williams, 386 Sara K. Williams, 339 Sharon L. Williams, 339 Shirley Ann Williams, 339 Stanley R. Williams, 339 Sylvester Williams, 339 Virginia L. Williams, 316 Walter E. Williams, 316 Willodine Williams, 316 Shelly Jo Williamson, 386 William H.Williamson, 316 Charles D.Willis, 361 Deanna J. Willis, 339 Nancy L. Willis, 361 Steven S. Willis, 361 Paul F. Willison, 339 Mary L. Willmuth, 386 Paul H. Willmuth, 339 Janice L. Wilmoth, 361 Alan G. Wilson, 316 AllenS. Wilson, 316 Arthur C. Wilson, 386 Becky L. Wilson, 339 Carl D. Wilson, 339 Carol Jane Wilson, 339 Charley Sue Wilson, 339 Daniel G. Wilson, 361 David E. Wilson, 386 Diana K. Wilson, 339 Frederick B.Wilson, 361 Gail A. Wilson, 339 Jerry M.Wilson, 389 Jerry W. Wilson, 339 John M. Wilson, 386 Lora A. Wilson, 361 Margaret L. Wilson, 361 Mark K. Wilson, 361 Mary Dean Wilson, 361 Ronald P. Wilson, 339 Ronnie D. Wilson, 316 Sharon A. Wilson, 316 Steve B. Wilson, 340 Joe A. Wimberley, 316 Louann Wimberley, 340 James E. Winberry, 386 Larry C. Winberry, 361 Gloria Ann Winchester, 386 Dick V. Wineland, 361 Janet D. Winey, 386 Albert L. Winkle, 340 Ritchie L.Winkler, 361 Barbara N. Winn, 386 James F. Winningham, 316 Maria J. Winters, 361 James S. Winton, 386 Georgia C. Wise, 361 Harriette Wise, 316 Michael C.Wise, 340 Helen R. Wiseley, 386 Linda L. Wiseman, 316 Eugene L. Wittlake, 386 Linda S. Wixson, 386 Jim A. Wofford, 361 Martha A. Wofford, 340 Thomas E. Wofford, 386 Thomas L. Wofford, 386 David M. Wolf, 340 Lawrence L. Wolf, 340 Glenda D. Wolfe, 386 Bill G. Womack, 361 Robert W. Womack, 340 Vickie J. Womack, 340 Betty S. Wood, 386 BUI J. Wood, 316 Carlos G. Wood, 386 Craig D.Wood, 361 Danny C.Wood, 316 Deborah K. Wood, 316 Deborah L. Wood, 386 Dennis L. Wood, 316 Douglas R. Wood, 361 Frank W. Wood, 387 Gary A. Wood, 340 Jeanine W. Wood, 340 John B. Wood, 387 Lois Wood, 316 Maurice C.Wood, 316 Melinda Wood, 316 Ralph E. Wood, 361 Roberta J. Wood, 340 Ronnie Wood, 317 Teresa L. Wood, 317 Louis R. Woodall, 387 Carol A. Woodard, 340 Clarence W.Woodard, 361 James W. Woodard, 387 Phyllis D. Woodard, 317 Robert D. Woodard, 317 Martha D.Woodham, 361 Donna F. Woodle, 317 Christine E. Woodruff, 387 Larry J. Woodruff, 340 Lonnie M. Woodruff, 317 Stephen O. Woodruff, 361 Teresa L. Woodruff, 340 Bobby D. Woodrum, 361 Richard V. Woodrum, 387 Stephen W. Woodson, 317 Anthony L. Woodward, 387 Bobby D. Woody, 317 Lillis L. Woody, 387 Joye L. Woodyard, 387 Margaret L. Woodyard, 387 Kathy J. Wooldridge, 361 Phillip K. Wooldridge, 340 Roger W. Wooley, 340 Yvonne C. Woolverton, 317 Charles A. Wooten, 340 Elizabeth L. Wooten, 361 Jerry E. Wooten, 317 Mary J. Wooten, 340 Beverly N. Workman, 387 John T. Worley, 340 Michael T. Worley, 361 David R. Worlow, 387 Jeannie F. Worlund, 387 Larry J. Worsham, 340 Bobby R. Wortham, 361 David Wortham, 387 Ray Wortham, 317 404 Larry G. Wray, 340 Glen E.Wren, 340 Barbara A. Wright, 361 Carol Y.Wright, 317 Charles L. Wright, 361 Deborah K.Wright, 361 Julius P. Wright, 317 June A. Wright, 340 Karen L. Wright, 361 Michael L. Wright, 340 Nancy Wright, 317 Stanley J. Wright, 340 Zane K.Wright, 387 Shu Kuan Wu, 317 Jackie Wyatt, 361 Teddy J. Wyatt, 317 Billy G. Wyse, 387 -Y- Gary R. Yancey, 317 Jackie D. Yancey, 340 Bonnie S. Yancy, 340 Johanna M. Yaniger, 387 Charles R. Yarbro, 317 Donald R. Yarbro, 340 JoeF. Yarbro, 340 Peggy A. Yarbro, 317 Ronnie B. Yarbrough, 340 Camille Yarnell, 387 Carmen Yarnell, 340 Fonnie Gale Yates, 361 Nora J. Yates, 317 Janet C. Yawn, 317 Bruce E. Yeager. 317 Donald L. Yeager, 387 Sammy O. Yeager, 317 James L. Yopp, 317 Al G.Young, 340 Betty B. Young, 387 David A. Young, 361 David M.Young, 361 Deloris A. Young, 387 Gary K. Young, 387 Linda A. Young, 317 Mary R. Young, 361 Michael G.Young, 340 Pamela J. Young, 361 Pat Young, 340 Phil H. Young, 340 Rebecca B. Young, 361 Sharon G. Young, 361 Willet A. Young, 317 William W. Young, 389 Ervin B. Younger, 361 -Z- Lexy M. Zalewski, 340 Sandria G. Zeigler, 340 Larry M. Ziegenhorn, 361 Carolyn S. Zimmerman, 340 Terry D. Zimmerman, 317 Judy A.Zinn, 340 TerrenceC.Zipfel, 387 Polly A. Zollner, 387 406 Theme for the 1970 I ndian was taken from the book To Be Alive! by Alastair Reid with permission from the Macmillan Company, New York. Cover and division pages were designed byRonny Becker. WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. 407 Did you ever feel joy grow like a bubble bigger a nd bigger i nside you ? If so, then you must know how I feel now. Thanks for the memories, Ron Becker

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