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Growing Up . . . N um erica The " population explosion ' at Arkansas State University- has been the most rapid among colleges and universities in the state. It took the college 24 years to grow from its 105 original students to 1,061 in 1950. The enrollment doubled to 2,193 in 1960. In less than a decade, the enrollment has tripled to pass the 6,000 mark. The growth shows no signs of slowing down, for the state ' s Commission of Coordination of Higher Educa- tional Finance has projected that over 16,000 will flood the campus by 1980. The increasing numbers are evident everywhere — in longer lines at registration, in the bookstore, at the cafeteria, in crowded classrooms, in the ever heavy traffic — and the list could continue almost indefi- nitely. Opportunities for social growth at Arkan- sas State University ballooned this year for both Greek and independent students. The Stu- dent Government Association provided the stu- dent body with more entertainment than in any previous year. On a more sophisticated level, the Lecture Concert Series brought in outstanding speakers who both entertained and challenged those who took advantage of the programs. The Greek system experienced growth in new directions. Four new groups joined the system last year, and all four projected new influences on the campus. With more students going through rush, serious discussions were started concerning the expansion of the present quota system. Another big step was taken when the plans for construction of the first fraternity lodge on campus were announced. But social life doesn ' t have to be organized or planned. Social problems of various scopes and magnitudes are evident every day, and students are becoming more aware of them. Growing Up. . There ' s no material way to evaluate the academic growth at Arkansas State University. You have to look to find it, but the results are quickly obvious. The school now has over 100 faculty and staff members with doctorate degrees. The instructional staff has been organized into six colleges with 18 divisions, and there are also three independent divisions, including the recently added Division of Nursing. Academic facilities have been expanded to fill the growing student needs. The new science building is an example, for its educational facilities are second to none in the state. The ASU library is ever increasing its volumes, and the physical capacity of the library is soon to be expanded to provide a better foundation of academic growth. 6 Growing Up . . . . . . With More Facilities From the massive expanse of the entire campus to the hidden workings of a boiler room, the physical facilities at Arkansas State University continue to grow. The science center, which is being used for the first time this year, has labora- tory facilities for biology, chemistry, physics and nuclear physics classes which are second to none in the state. The new cafeteria was scheduled for opening between semesters. Many construction projects have been completed in the past three years, and many more are on the drawing boards, including another high- rise girls ' dormitory, a new physical education building, renovation of the old science building and expansion of the library. Growing Up . . . The new Fine Arts Center has given the artistic abilities of Arkansas State University ' s students and staff members a place to grow. The Division of Art now has facilities for sculpture and pottery classes, and the painting of Dan F. Howard, the acting chairman of the division, continues to gain both state and na- tional recognition. The Division of Speech and Drama now presents three stage productions each year in addition to Chamber Theater performances. The division also sponsored the first Arkansas State University invitational intercollegiate de- bate tournament in November. Sigma Alpha Iota, the new music sorority at ASU, presented a festival of American music as the first of many choral concerts. The Marching Indian Band had its best sound ever, and its stunning performance at Little Rock ' s War Memorial Stadium brought the crowd of 18,000 to its feet. During concert season several band members earned positions in the state ' s intercollegiate band. . . . Artistically 11 Growing Up . . . Arkansas State University is swiftly chang- ing its image from that of a Northeast Arkansas college to a statewide university. The face-lifting has received a big boost the past two years with the Indians appearance in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. The game in the state ' s central city has done more than familiarize football fans with the calibre of our athletic program. It has given more of Arkansas a chance to meet the real components of the school — its students. The school ' s spreading image got another lift last year when Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller appointed W. P. Gulley of Little Rock to the school ' s board of trustees. In the past most board members have been almost exclusively from the Northeast Arkansas area. The facilities of the Carl R. Reng Center and Fine Arts Center have been used to house conventions of professional, civic and school groups. Each summer the campus is flooded by high school students from the entire state who participate in the various clinics and camps. . . Spreading Out Growing Up . . . Despite the advances made at Arkansas State University, the past has not been lost. The arch, which at one time was possibly the " hub " of the campus, still stands although often un- noticed. The relatively recent elevation to university status did not completely remove the fact that this was only a short time ago a col- lege. Evidence is everywhere. Efforts toward the improvement of the school ' s image, along with the many improve- ments of the school itself, are becoming more and more successful. With the improvements, some of the past, and some of its traditions, have been forgotten — and they should be. But some of the past is intangible: it will never be forgotten. RENC tENTEft MUSEUM BUFFPifi£ 5 ,.q J J 14 . . . But Remembering the Past 15 Features Liberal Party Wins Despite Late Actions SGA Election Week got off to a slow start behind the conventional cam- paigning of the Liberal Party, picked up some with the entrance of the " Tell It Like It Is " Populist Party and then really moved out with the surprise pub- lication of an independent news sheet backing various candidates. Handshaking, backslapping, mouthing and the other standard items on the political do-list got plenty of workout by both parties, as did the slightly more popular device of party-backed student dances. By week ' s end, every prospec- tive ' voter had been hounded and hounded and . . . But in the end, everyone agreed that it was one of the best elections that A Stutc had had in recent years. The Liberal Partv, which swept all but one of the major offices, agreed wholeheartedly, while the Populist Party leaders insisted that this student body just wasn ' t ready for change. 18 The Liberal Party mack- its headquarters in the old Fine Vrts Building, far left. Some candidates tried to " waltz " into office. Across the middle. Populist presi- dential candidate John Frew, fourth from the left, waits oh the count to be completed. The Populist Part s headquarters, in the basement of Danner Hall, w ere characterized by the presence of several graduating seniors. At right, the w inners: president Laudies Brantley, second vice president Cathy Crow and first ice president Dane Hatlev. Leadership Retreat: Students Take Over The 1968 Leadership Retreat was marked by some of the best discussions and presenta- tions in the outing ' s history. Although Friday night ' s sessions lacked a little luster, things got rolling Saturday, and when the evening finally closed students were wishing it hadn ' t, for the campus leaders still had many queries. A handful of students spent Friday night around a card table, then presented the others with a breakfast serenade about their experiences. For the most part, though, there were few frivolities, for the topics at hand were serious. Dean Moore didn ' t even get his usual dunking in the lake of Walcott ' s state park Some students played volleyball during the Saturday afternoon break. Below, someone said something funm Bottom, administrators and euests got together for a breakfast talk The w inning Sigma Phi Epsilon team consisted of Butch Eskridge, Lam Rose, John Armstrong and Joe Arnold Mike not in Patterson, Carolyn and Diane Sayre bowled Chi Omega Team. SPE, Chi O Win Bowling Sigma Phi Epsilon and Chi Omega were the winners in the 1968 Sigma Phi Epsilon Greek Bowling Tournament. The Sig Eps topped Alpha Tau Omega 2,078 to 1,987, while the Chi O ' s got their victory over the Alpha Gamma Delta team 1,449 to 1,352. The women ' s All-Greek team included Diane Sayre, Becky Boyd, Carolyn Newkirk Puryear, Suzanne Wright, Frances Simpson and Sue Jones. The men named were Joe Arnold, Larry Rose, Larry Smith, Sandy Stanfield, Dick Tipton and Harry Truman Moore. 3 Teke ' s, AOPi Win Songfest " Wonders Never Cease may have been the overall theme of the annual Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest, judging from the results. AOPi again captured its own tro- pin, but the surprise of the night came when Tan Kappa Epsilon made its en- trance into the winner s circle with a touching rendition of " Ballad of the Green Berets " and " When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. The heat of the spotlights almost matched that of many of the Greeks and guests as the announcement was made. The overall consensus of opin- ion of the night was summed up when one Teke said, " You ' ve got to be kidding. " Karen Norton, AOPi president, stands beside winning directors, Fonda Bishop and Dale Morris. The AOPi thorns he- gins its presentation (right ) and the All-Creek Chorus entertains at inter- mission (above). KA Downs ft LXA In Little 500 Amidst a barrage of skinned knees, broken steering sys- tems, passenger cars clogging the race track, and other such malfunctions, and misfortunes, Kappa Alpha ' s " Rebel " emerged the winning entry in Lambda Chi Alpha ' s " Little 500. " Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha, both entering the event for the first time, walked away with the best decorated car and the " Tricycle Grand Prix, " respectively. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s " Ped- al Pusher " topped the sorority competition. The humor was provided by the Sigma Pi ' s. After post- ing the slowest time in the event, they drove their car off the track, turned it over and burned it. " Little 500 " Queens were (from left) Valerie Gullia. Robbie Wade, Sharon Lott, Phoebe [ohnson, [an Wulfekuh- ler. Kay Meredith. Judy Allen. Sharon Eaton, Pam Mitcham, Avlia Hudson. Mars Kay Reeder and Tannda Elliott. nenTare shown with their vehicles Graduation: The Final Step From all parts of the coun- try, the January graduates poured onto the A-State cam- pus and met with la grads and administration and faculty members to don the graduation gowns and sit through the sol- emn ritual of graduation. Including the 155 January grads who had to wait until May to receive their diplomas, a record number ot 580 persons were granted degrees in the ceremonv held in Kays Stadium. Freshmen Enter A Strange World The annual herd of freshmen poured onto the A-State campus, some with hopes of improving their minds, some hoping to find husbands or wives and some were just anticipating the thrills that would come in this world of no parental restrictions. But they were rudely met by stricter rules, long lines, crowded assemblies and drawn out lectures. They were thrown from their world of self-acclaimed maturity into a world of upperclassmen, a world where they would plav the role of the immature. But despite the restrictions, it was a great world. A world where they were free to do as they pleased, yet they had nothing to do. It was the world the had chosen for the next year — the world of the freshman. 26 Mike Burk gets Teke Larry Cladden ' s flag for a safety as official Manuel Montes looks on. In the center. Alpha Omicron Pi won the float division with their " Thank Heaven For TKE. " Below, Steve Brown closes in for a tackle on Teke social affiliate Mike Lambda Chi ' s Ruin Teke ' s Fingerbowl It just wasn ' t Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s day as Lambda Chi Alpha, Greek intra- mural football champions, downed the Tekes 17-0 in the annual Fingerbowl. LXA jumped to an early 2-0 lead on a safety, and the score didn ' t change until after halftime. The Green Men increased their lead to 9-0 on a Mel Beck to Mike Burk pass and Joel Camp- bell s extra point. Beck scored on a short run and Campbell added a two-point conversion kick to end the scoring. ,1- Kappa Delta ' s Sharon Lott, left, tries her hand in the pie throwing division. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s Kitty Sue Green had the dubious task of cigar smoking. Below, Phi Mil ' s Debbie Threet sheepishly accepts the victory trophy for her sororitv. Phi Mu Wins Pike Olympics In the day when ASU ' s sororities get their annual mud bath, and we don ' t mean a beauty treatment, Phi Mu edged Chi Omega 57-52 in Pi Kappa Alpha ' s Little Olympics. After the preliminary parade, the girls got down to the " dirty work. The Phi Mu ' s gained their victory mainly due to wins in the cigar smoke, wheel barrel race and limbo. The Chi O ' s won the tug-of-war, while Kappa Delta, the third place finisher, won the queen ' s contest and the pillow fight. Alpha Omicron Pi got into the winners ' circle by winning the limbo contest and pie throw. 29 Homecoming — A Myriad Of Activities Homecoming Week began with the moaning of posthole diggers spinning into the rock-hard ground, and before long, stakes and frames began giving form to the varied displays. By miil-week, the effects of sleepless nights could be seen in pledges faces. Classes were marked with absences, paint- smeared clothes and unshaven laces. Friday came. Last minute touches were being added before the judging began, but nature, herself, stepped into the judge s role, sending a stiff wind to muss the less sturdy displays. For those that stood un- harmed, the rains came. With the watered displays left to make it on their own. the student bod) mobbed the SGA-sponsored pep rally, onl to be met with the primitive, and sometimes em- barrassing, jokes of comedian Rodney Dan- gerfield. But the rain, the wind and other things were well worth the climax, defeating the Lamar Tech Cardinals, the denouement, dancing to the music of the Shortcuts, and finally, ending the week with the voice of B. [. Thomas still ringing as the lights in the women s clonus began flickering. 31 Big Displays Take Trophies Alpha Omicron Pi took first place with " Dragon Em Back to Lamar in the stationary « ith lights di ision. Second place went to Chi Omega with " Bend Over Let Me See You Shake A Tail Feather ' and third place to Upha Gamma Delta with " Eat Em Op. " The best used display max have been the bonfire — it took much less work, and came dow n a lot easier. 32 33 34 35 Music Majors Dominate Talent Show Instructions, rehearsal, pro- duction, conversation . . now nurry worry — hustle — bustle and. w here ' s a mike and where ' s the light and . . what the hell, the show ' s tonight . . . Presenting the Alpha Gam- ma Delta Talent Show! Silence. And more of the same. Enter stage left Linda Anderson. A few whispered whistles, then more silence. Talk Linda. " Hello. ' ' Linda talks. Applause. Introduce the first act Linda. Then Exit. En- ter first act. Perform. Then applause, etc. . . . And so it moves on smooth- ly and not so smoothly, while surprising talents exert them- selves in the light of perfor- mance. And then the judges re- tire to judge, and then there ' s fan Harrell. Again. And then there ' s laughter. And more laughter. nd then there ' s the judges ' decision. And dryness in some peoples ' throats while the announcements are made, [oyous release then, win 01 And it ' s Sigma Alpha lota on top, and kappa Kappa Psi right behind for second. Phi Mu Vlpha cops third Long and lasting applause And one talent show lives and dies. Representatives from Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity (below) and Univer- ses Hall ' s entry, Joyce Renee Sharpe, were crowd pleasers. The winners (bot- tom of page) are shown with Talent Show coordinator Linda Anderson (far left ) and Alpha Gam president Kay Mills (far right). Thev arc (from left) Phvllis Dorris, Kaye Taylor, Barbara Poilock, Linda Pack. Sharon Felts, Robin Schaberg, Linda Lasswell, Mit- chell Saliba, Jim Mathews and Morris Fulcher. " Mary, Mary " Wins Playhouse It was a night of nervous- ness. A night when make be- lieve turned into realitv. A night when being second was being nothing. It was the night of " The Four Greek Ones, ' ' the 1968 version of the Phi Mu Playhouse. The talent w as exceptional, and somewhere, between the dried comments about the hos- pital ship HOPE, tour rather- good plays emerged to provide a surprising amount of enter- tainment for the fully packed Wilson Auditorium. To no one ' s surprise, Kallv McEwen walked away with the award tor the best female ac- tress, and there was no more than little disappointment shown in some faces as " Mary, Marv, " performed by Kappa Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega fraternities and Chi Omega sorority, was given the Playhouse trophy, then, singer Dick Walker was named the best male actor. " Mary, Man. the winning entr . is performed below . The actors (left) are shown with their trophies. Thev are (from left) Doug Scott, Beela Boyd, Candy Ashby, Pat Osoinach. Kathv 40 No season of the year effects the number of people that Christ- mas does on the ASU campus. The gaiety of the period was best shown in activities like the St. Nick Dance and the Christmas parade. The annual AWS dance was highlighted b the announcement ol Hob Bowers as St. Nick, and his date, Pat Brow n, as Miss Merry Christmas 1 AWS president Eva Horton. But the true meaning of the season was shown by the mam Christmas parties given In campus organizations tor needy children and in the Reng Center Carol Sing, which was capped In a devotional message bv Rev. Bill Krumbach. 41 Marching Indians Shine As Always ASU football teams have had both good and bad years, but regardless of the perform- ance of the players, the half- time shows have always been outstanding. This year was no exception as the Marching In- dians repeatedly thrilled crowds at Kays Stadium with stirring shows and showed the fans who watched in Little Rock ' s War Memorial Stadium why director Don Minx claims his band is the best in the state and one of the best in the nation. The band got to make a bonus appearance as it followed the football team to the Pecan Bowl. This time it performed before even a larger audience as the game was regionally televised. Ross Beck was drum major and Ouida Jackson was both head Below, the band goes through a " step two ' drill at Little Rock. Top, the band concludes its Li Rock show with a stunning arrange- ment of " Cathedral Chorus. " Above, the majorettes provide an " honor guard as the band enters the stands. No spirit rally would be complete with- 44 The Tribe. AST ' s stage band, makes a spring tour each ear Members are, front row, Mike McLarty, Carl Mason. Ike Van Meter. Randal I liner. Joe Poff, Mitchell Saliba, Archie Fleming. Van Merrit and Jim Stone; second row . Walter Fowler. Duane Barbour, Jim Childers and Ronal Foster; third row. Bill Faulkner. Stan Moore. Jim Hartzel and ( )raig Baker; on drums. Danm [ones; on bass. Bill Loftus. At left, R. B. " Scrubby " Watson, show n here w ith director Don Minx, made a guest conducting appearance. After a successful march- ing season on the gridiron netted many acclaims, including a fine performance on regional television in the Pecan Bowl, twirlers abandoned their batons for instruments, and band mem- bers forgot their formations to concentrate on " heavier " mu- sic for their concerts. The Tribe, an outgrowth of the Concert Band, gave mu- sic students a chance to dem- onstrate their versatility. 45 Children ' s Play Is First Production " The Wizard of Oz, " L. Frank Baum ' s famous children ' s play, was the first dramatic production of the Division of Speech and Drama. The play told of the plight of Dorothy, a voung girl who was taken with her Kansas home by a tornado and depos- ited in the Land of Oz, a country run In four witches and a wizard. Naturally, Dorothy wanted to get home, but she found that first she had to visit the Wizard in his Emerald City. When she met the ruler, she found that he was a fake. Finally, the Good Witch of the South presented Dorothy with the magical silver slip- pers that carried her home. At right, Dorothx (Beverla Stovall) tries to gain admission to the W izard ' s castle from Verdo (Jim Lemmons I, w hile the ( low ardh Lien ( Dick Walker) looks on. Below. Dorothy discusses her problems with the Scarecrow (Steve Roberts) while the Tin Woodman (Rand Hankins), left, ponders his non-existent heart, and Verdo and |ade (Melissa Kluge)show their concern tor Dorothy. Shakespeare ' s Play Is Second Feature William Shakespeare ' s " The Tempest was the Division of Speech and Dramas second production of the fall semester. Prospero, the Duke of Milan, lost his throne to his brother, Antonio, and instead rules an island filled with spirits of various sorts. The play is spiced with a satirical love attair between Miranda, Pros- pero s daughter, and the son of the King of Naples, Ferdi- nand, who had been brought to the island with the rest of Naples ' royalty by a spell cast by Prospero. In the end, Pros- pero forgives his brother. An- tonio. Miranda and Ferdinand are married and everyone lives happily ev er after. 48 Above, El Gallo (Steve Stansell)and Matt (Dick Walker) duel tor Luisa ' s love. At right, Bellamy (Rand Hankins)and Huckebee (Jack Smith), the fathers. " The Fantasticks, " a musical comedy about two young lovers and their marital and pre-marital plights, was the third production of ASU ' s Speech and Drama department. Seemingly feuding fathers try to keep the lovers, Matt and Luisa, sepa- rated by building a wall between their houses, then arrange a " rape " scene so that Matt can prove his manliness. Later, Matt finds marriage to be unrewarding and leaves to see the woes of the world, only to return for the " happily ever after ending. Above, Bellamy and El Gallo argue over the costs of the ' rape " while Huckabee w alks a va in disgust. Right, Henr (Jim Harding (and Mortimer, the dying Indian, ( Ranch Trim ) plot the " rape " with El Gallo. Musical Is Final Production. Lecture Concert Series Curtailed By Cancellations The effectiveness of this year ' s Lecture Concert Series was greatly hurt by cancellations of two of the speakers, Sen. Paul Douglas and Ralph Nader, the nation ' s most prominent, current-day " muckraker. A third presentation by CBS newsman Harry Reasoner had to be rescheduled due to weather problems, but the veteran commentator still drew a packed house at his second try. The series began with a presentation by the Danish Gymnastics team. Former convict and now author Bill Sands followed and told of some of the atrocities in penal systems. He offered words of encour- agement for the often criticized Ar- kansas system. Former ABC corre- spondent David Schoenbrun ' s presenta- tion was followed by a lively question and answer period which lasted far past the official closing of the lecture. The lecture by Cathy Bauby was at- tended mainly by visiting students on campus for the state AWS convention. The final presentation was by the Opera Theatre of New York with its production of Otello. Variety Presented In SGA Concerts [f variety is desired in entertainment, ASU students got it in this year ' s SGA concerts. Soul singers Sam and Dave were the first to hit the campus, but those present had to wait through an eternity of instrumental music before the " soul bombs ' ' went off. The bomb must have had a short fuse, though, for the duo crooned for only 20 minutes before leaving the stage. Although this abbreviated performance displeased some, the resentment was quickly wiped away with the appearance of the duo ' s scantily-clad " go-go " dancer. The velvety smooth Vogues presented their concert in March (in the middle of nine weeks tests) and gave a show similar to that of The Four Seasons and The Lettermen. The king of rhythm and blues, Ray Charles, was scheduled for a May performance, but lack of attendance for the Vogues meant increased costs for those who wanted to hear the Charles standards. Sam and Dave ' s added attraction, a " go-go dancer, brought some males to theii Feet, but many dates could be found covering their faces with their hands (but peeking through their fingers). The " blind genius. Ka Charles w as to present a la concert Choral Union The Choral Union is Arkansas State University ' s largest vocal music group. It is pictured here and on page 61 in rehearsal sessions. 62 I I 67 1 3 Debbie Cook Named Miss ASU Of 1969 Debbie Cook, a freshman, won the heavily-counted talent division and went on to being crowned Miss Ar- kansas State University in the Miss ASU Beauty Pageant. Debbie ' s presentation of Beethoven ' s Sonata No. 5, Op. 10, Movement I, got the judges approval. The 5-7 brunette had never entered a beauty pageant of any kind. Debbie was joined in the winners circle by three other freshmen. Second runner-up Brenda Stone won the evening gown competition, and first runner-up Maria Stewart won the swim suit trophy. Dana Boyd was se- lected Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants. Onl) 1 1 contestants entered this year ' s pageant as many would-be sponsors did not receive application blanks until after the deadline for entries. Contestants were, from left to right at top, Brenda Stone, Regina Robertson, Debbie Cook, Maria Stew art, Carol Hollanger, Joyce Renee Sharpe, Carol Perry, Dana Boyd, Suzanna Anderson, Phoebe )hnson and Pain Young Top right, Debbie, who was sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi. aits back stage, unknowing of her fate. At right, retiring Miss ASU, Jo Ella Todd, again thrilled the crowd with her medley of songs from the musical " Camelot. " 70 Top, left, Brenda Stone, who won the evening gown competition, sang for her talent number. Top, right, Pam Young was another freshman who entered the pageant. Above, Phoebe Johnson, did a novelty act for her talent. At right, Joyce Renee Sharpe, the first black entr in the pageant, w as one of the crowd favorites. 73 7 Rush. . . The crucial week is here again. . . and it ' s that party flinging, rocking- singing, tension-clinging, satisfaction bringing time for one more go around. The pitch, the plea, the con, the song, the smile, the suavity, the platitude, the attitude, the bait, the bite. And all done so smoothly that it slips by unnoticed. And then the parties are over, and there ' s the length of one long, horrible night to contemplate whether one is or isn ' t to be a Greek. And finally, it ' s all over, or rather — just begun. Fraternity Sweethearts JENNIFER WARE Sigma Pi HARRIETTE WISE Sigma Phi Epsilon CATHY CROW Tau Kappa Epsilon SHARON SPURLOCK Pi Kappa Alpha PHOEBE JOHNSON Alpha Tau Omega PAM FUHR Lambda Chi Alpha MARY KAY REEDER Kappa Alpha fackie ( Iheatwood Kathy Cloar Kathrvn Coleman Cathy Crow Lynn Delane Jenny Estes Charlotte Fender Brenda Turbyfill Flanagan Barbara Burke Fleming Sharon Eaton Gatewood Suzanne Wright Givens Linda Koubek Parn McMurrv Debbie Martin Gince Mathis Mary Milboum Susan Neace Sharon Parker Jerrie Jean Rogers Susan Rowland Sandra Row ton Kav Saurenman Connie Sheffield Lura Stallcup Jennifei Hildreth Thompson Pam Ward Debra Whisenhunt Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Omicron 84 ft » Gillis Bartholomev Patsy Biggs Fonda Bishop Mika Brown Pattve Chandler Debbie Cook Phoebe Cyrus Janet DeBons Susan Dotv Cathy Eoff June Frier Debbie Gallovvav Gwyn Glover Kitty Sue Green Rena Kay Griffin Cathv Hollingsworth Ann Horton Linda Jones Charlotte Leonard Linda Lou Lipscomb Miki Longfellow Jennifer Love Ellen Maddox Janet Maddox Barbara Marconi Sandra McCray Pani Mortimer Terry Porter Mary Ann Prothr Sarah Pugh Sarah Ray Barbara Reng Brenda Ritchey Barbara Schlesier Vernell Shearer Carol Simon Ann Smithvvick Sharon Spurlock Judy Stewart Gayle Tamburo Cindy Truxton Rhonda Tucker Barbara Wahl Karyn Walker Bonita Walton Ann Willett Yvonne Woolverton Jan VVulfekuhler jj HBm « Aim. ■■■■k. JE , Mary Jane Wool ' « ci h I! Mr ji ft JoAbdella Mona Bailee Marilyn Batey SaraBlissitt Carolyn Brasher Patricia Brown Christy Buchanan Pat Cameron Rona Campbell Pat Cantrell Sandra Cooper Karen Coverdale Nina Crook Susan Dennis Linda Fortune Cheryl Fuller Bebe Glenn Sandra Hrabouskv Mary Jo Hudgins Jean Langford Melissa Kluge Sharon Lott Linda McDonald Kallv McEwen Anne Martin Ruth Martin Hollv Mason Carolyn Mattmiller Lee Mitchell Linda Nelson Carol Perry Delia Sadler Dana Saliba Karla Sallee Sheryl Spradling Rosalee Stafford Carol Stogsdill Becky Stone Nancy Sulcer Jeannie Terry Marcia Thacker Andrea VVeathersbv Mary Lou Wilev Sharon Wilson Nancy Wright 89 28 0% Ruth Ann Jefferies Donna Meacham Marge Mueller Johnnie Neal Becky Neeley Shannon O ' Roark Cindy Orsburn Jackie Ralph Robertson Kathy Shannon Brenda Stone Debbie Stowe Libby Swindle Marsha Thomas Debbie Threet Jo Ella Todd Nancy Tuggle Lvnn Valenteen Candy Volk Carol Jane Wilson Harriette Wise Jennifer Wood Roberta Wood Judy Zinn Alpha Tau Omega, Eta Gamma The ATO ' s sponsored a drive to get students to attend the Pecan Bowl name, and their continued enthusiasm throughout basketball season brought them this year ' s spirit award. Here ATO president Bill Weaver accepts the trophy from Mrs. Gladys Hudgins, cheerleader sponsor. 94 Jon Cole Gus Funderburg Jeff Hagen Bnice Henning Dennis Hill Billy Hook John Hutchinsoi Lindel Hutson Jorda McFadden UP, Jack Snipes Jim Tavlor Bill Westrol George W illiams David Young 9b Kappa Alpha, Delta Eta 96 a, Hi i Si 3 a •3 f? 2 3 Frank beri Bob Ashabr; Bill Bergey Rick Black David Boon Dale Butler Larry Chailland Milton Chamber Jim Gould Dane Hatle Bob Hicks Ed Hicks Dick Holler John Horn Ridge Hubener Joe Huneycutt Randy James Bill Jowers Mike Kellim Larrv Kimmer Steve Lamken Joe Long Tom Low rev Steve McFerroi Larrv McNair Charles Melton Fred Michael Russell O ' Banion Pat Osoinach Jack Plumle Doug Presle David Purdv Alan Rhodes Noel Spenee Andv Stovall Ro S ain Ro Thomas Terry Thomas Eddie Thompson Sam Thorpe Ranch each Cleve Warrick Steve Weston Garv White PaulWillmuth Ron eager 97 iJLi Inkli hi ll4 mfi lillr Jim Ulbright Bill Brown Mike Burk Dennis Cate Eddie Dnnavant John Ferriell Archie Fleming Bill Garrison Rickv Gatewood Bobby Griffith Boyd Griggs Steve Grilletta Bill Grisham Pat Harper Jim Hurt el Larrv King Lamar Kyle Mike lallor Roy Masengale Marion Meredith Tommy Messer Harry Truman Moore Rovce Pennington John Phelps Ted Popp Allan Prnett Wally Rauth Alan Sapp Craig Shumaker Bill Simmons Bobby Singleton Mike Singleton Rickv Smith Everett Tucker Bob Velander Jim Wagner Joe Waleszonia Robert Williams Roger Williams Frank Angelo ken Bennett Ray Blaney Rusty Bour K Ernie Bradshaw Dan Bucklev Baxter Cone Ro Douglas Rodney Dow ns Sam Elardo Bob Fett Patriek Flanagii Mac Robe ranks Fulm James Futrell DonnieGreenw Donald Griffin Joe Harriman Robert Hoke Craig Hunt Frank Hurst Bill [v Paul Jenson David Kimmel Steve Kirkland Bill Ledbetter Ronnie Lehman Steve Lockhart Bill MeBride Ste e Morrison Corky Namtzu Richard Painter Wavne Pitcock Bob Pollard Ronnie Rahm Frank Raines Tom Robertson Ranch Spann Danny Smith Phil Smith Doug Szenher Joe Thompson Ronnie Thompson Ritchie Winkler David Wood 102 HI Joe Ash join] Armstrong Kick Blackwelder Rob Bowers Eddie Bradford Thad Broun Rickey Browning Robert Burch Steve Burch Mike Burkett Dennis Burris Ben Bush Terrv Craw ford Joe Crew s Kent Davidson Wavne Edgin David Evans Michael E eretl John Fender Dwight Gallow ay Tom Garnett Joe Goodman Pat Grandjean Reg Green Mike Griffey Rick Grigsbv |imm Hall Ralph Hall Steve Johnson Bob In fustus Damn Keeley Terry Kemp Chris Knight Dale Lewelling Gar McBrvde Art McCaughey Gordon Metzgar Jerry Moore Tomm Pierce Johnny Sain Jerry Sample Robert Singleton Tony Skogen Mike Stropp Michael Ta 1 Richard W atts The Sigma Pi ' s sent a " spirit ball " to the Indian football team at the Pecan Bowl. tX 11 11© Ink if E MS ft I § Art IE AW a. ri Lee Alexander Johnny Allison Randy Allison Bob Blair Eddie Boster Gary Boyles Fred Bratton Dean Bray Alan Brewer Fred Brou n Jim Burnett Thomas Burroughs James Connors Jim Freeze Ed Gathings Gordon Green Eugene Harrel Skip Highfill Jackie Howell John Howell Jack Irvin Mike Jones Bob Klimek James Laney Mike Larson Lee Lorick Mike Lynch Orle Massena Perry Metheny David Miller Andy Moody Roger Moore David Mullen Steve Murray Terrv Orr John Perkins Ben Pickard Dannye Pierce Wy man Pierce Barry Posey John Reynolds Ron Rhodes Jeff Sackett James Sanders David Sanderson Hurbert Sanderson Charles Schaaf John Shoffner Scott Snellgrove Bob Stanley Jimmy Thompson Tommy Thompson Mike Thurston Dan Trevathan Mike Vaughn David Walls Larry Ward Terry Whiting Terry Wicker Phillip Wooldridge 105 Bill Hightower, President Scott Henderson, Vice-President Alan Watson. Secretary Rand Trim, Treasurer Mike Burton, Pledge Trainer t?$ mm W+ J Ron Hardin, Chaplain Don Moon, Sergeant at Anns Jim Moshinskie, Historian Dr John Galloway, Advisor Dewey Sifford, Advisor f Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Psi Members of the TKE Fingerbowl royalty were Tern MacLeod, Brenda Sexton, Pam Mitcham, Susan Yehling, Queen Cathy Crow , Cathy Hollingsworth, Jo Abdella and Suzanne W right Givens. 106 Bill Back Steve Baker Laudies Brantle ' Butch Brogdon James Brow n Bob Caldwell JeffCallowav Stephen Calloway Tommy Calloway Don Carson Alan Columbus Mike Crow Scott Curry Larrv Davidson Rusty Dozier Steve Ewart Ed Farrow Darrell Folsom Jim Forrest John Geis Bobbv Gentrv Louis Gentry Terry Givens Larry Gladden Bill Hampton Kim Hazelbaker Mike Hilliard Elmo Holder Mike Holt Johnny Horton Larry Jarrett Joe Bill Johnson Wes Jones Hank Jordan Greg Keller Jim Kyle John Lambert Albert Martin Larry May Ed McLain Charles Mellien Paul Mills Dale Morris John Pardew John Phillips Mickey Pierce Steve Prince Sonny Rodery Scott Rowell Rick Scott Bill Shumann Tommy Skinner Don Speck Bill Steele Benin Storv Charles Terral Joe Neil Van Cleve Ike Van Meter Tim Walters Danny Watson John West 107 Panhellenic Council - (first row) Carolyn Carpenter, Kathy Cloar, Rochelle Haydon, Suzanne Truxton, Robbie Wade, Sharon Floyd, (second row) Bonnie London, Mary Kay Reeder, Jo Ella Todd, Pat Young, Kay Mills, Linda Lea, Dianne Horner, Lee Mitchell, Lynda Batchelor. IFC, Panhellenic Govern ASU Greeks Four ASU fraternities won national scholar- ship awards. Shown with their awards are Steve Orr, Sigma Pi, Jim Fitzpatrick, Lambda Chi Alpha, Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker, vice-president in charge of instruction, Wayne Watkins, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Bill Hightower, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Organizations SGA Expands Scope With Fresh Ideas Branching out in new directions, the Stu- dent Government Association took an expanded role in serving Arkansas State University stu- dents. President Laudies Brantley started his tasks by appointing his election opponent of last spring, John Frew, to head Operation Soundoff, a forum-type outlet for student discussion which met in conjunction with Presidents ' Roundtahle. Subjects ranging from a " parking area ' for students to curriculum problems were discussed in the sessions, and some measures were enacted as a result of the project. The long discussed activity ticket became a reality, and student entertainment hit a plateau as such stars as B. J. Thomas, Sam n ' Dave, the Vogues and Ray Charles scheduled appearances on the campus. The creation of a basketball Pep Band was another SGA achievement. SGA president Laudies Brantlex fulfilled many of his camp. nun | im Uclow. SGA adviser Sammx Gennuso Below, right, vice-presidents Cath Crow and Dam- Hatlev Above, seated, representatives L nda Batchelor, Mary Wooten, Susamie Truxton, J 1 1 cl Zinn, Jane Elrod and |o Ella Todd; standing, Paul Minor, Jim Moshinskie, Sam Jolly, Pattijo Warr, Sam Thorpe, Mike Milliard and Mike Bearden. Appointed officers, below, seat. ' d, Sharon Pierce, secretary ' , Linda Lou Lipscomb, official hostess; standing, Scott Henderson, executive assistant, |ohn Frew, Operation Soundoft chairman, and Bill Ledbetter, treasurer. SCA - (first row ) Marilyn Book, Linda Lou Lipscomb, Suzanne Truxton, Jud Zinn, Jane Elrod, Debl )ie (look, ( seen i ill row I (latin Crow , Sharon Ka Pierce, Lynda Batchelor, Patti Jo W an. Man Jane Wooten, Jo Ella Todd, (third row ) Laudies Brantley. Paul Minor, Mike Bearden, Dane Hatley, Johnnv Horton, John Frew , Bill Hightower, Scott Henderson (fourth row ) Dennis Zolper, [im Moshinskie, Sam [ollv, Sain Thorpe, Bob Bailey, Bin Ledbetter, Mike Hilliard. 114 Marilyn Book and Debbie Cook, left, were the onh two freshman class officers u ho were not academic casualties. Operation Soundoff, top, and the New Folk were SGA projects. Majorettes Lead Band ■ ASU s majorette line grew to nine members this year with the addition of five freshman twirlers, Jane Galloway, Kay Mitcham, Alfreda Craft, Dana Greene and Ann Simpson. Ouida Jackson served capabh as both feature twirler and head major- ette. The three other returnees on the line were L) nn Delane) , Linda Lou Lipscomb and Sarah Pugh. Leading the Marching Indian Band this year were, kneel- ing, Sarah Pugh, Dana Greene, Ann Simpson and [ane Gallo- way; standing, Alfreda Craft, Linda Lou Lipscomb ( uida Jackson, Lynn Delane and Ka Mitcham. Ouida Jac kson Jane Galloway Lynn Delanev 118 Indian Family Chief Big Track Bob Bai- ley, Brave Rex Johns and Prin- cess Becky Boyd, ASU ' s Indian Family, represent the school at all athletic events in foot- ball and basketball and in other publicity appearances through- out the state. They are the per- sonification of the region ' s In- dian heritage. Accounting Club Accounting Club - (first row ) a Haigler, Mary Jo Ellington, Dianne Hor (second row) Ray Hugueley, Gor Simpson, Bill Paull, L l Dinsmore, J Strauser, (third row ) Richard S. Peel: Thomas S. Allen, Donald Smith, Ri Williams, Richard L. White, T. L Morrison, Richard II |ohn Agri Council American Chemical Society - (first row Larry McFadden. Richard Berry, Elvir Wenzel, Benson Hardaway. James L. Count! (second row ) Paul D. Gwinup, Lin Crist, Pat McGinness, Chester Nor Dewey H. Sifford, (thirc Mason, Dale Snow, James Beard, Haro Carter, Danny Holt, J. Ed. Bennett Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta-(first row) Pat Young, Margaret Blackmail, Deborah Harlan, Louise Weitkamp, Linda Knoll, Rosalee Stafford, Jackie Cheatwood, Jamae Crafe (.second row) Patti Jo VVarr, Mar Jo Ellington, Marsha Thomas, Sherry Young, Johnnie Neal, Judy Zinn, Cathy Fleetwood, Linda Sparks, Paula ( larroll, Karvn Walker, Sue Frank, Dye Anne Mann, Sandra Rowton, Lynn Delaney, (third row) Diana Wilson, Marsha McLarty, Pegg onAlman, Rosie Bell, Brenda Dow ns, Penny Knipple, Barbara Marconi, Debbie Galloway, Barbara Rothwell, Nanc Hill 123 Alpha Tau Alpha - (first row) Dr. J A. Hayles-advisor, Bilh L. Pruitt, James C. Moody, Jimrm Mitchell, Charles French. Dale Richardson. Monte McKewen, Dr. Amor B. Rougean-advisor, (second row IJimrm Stotts, Larry Robertson, Dannv Rohb. James E Mayfield, Wendell O. Phillips, Charlie LaFevers, Stephonne Hollis, Marvin Gore, Lee Griffith ' , [oe Rankin, Ro Sea . Arthur Miller, (third row ) |ohn M. Falwell. Hinkle Decker. Charles Miller, Roger Tribble, Gary Cooper, Dale Poag. [ohnny Latta. Robert Brown, lames Miesner, Jim McSpadden, Glen Billingsley, Clinness McCall. Alpha Tau Alpha 124 Arkansas Hall Dormitory Council Block and Bridle - (first row) Ann Hubener, Connie Sipes. Cathy Coker, (second row) L. N. Hochstetler, Douglas Hochstetler, Curtis R. Davis, Larry D. Berry, Conley Williams, Jim O ' Neal, Rickv Truax, Jim Canant, Paul Minor, (third row) J. H. Keene, Calvin L. Freehling, David Craig, Michael McCallie. Rex Allan Johns, Larry W. Jackson, Stanley Garner, Danny Hen- derson, Larry Hall, Harry W. Caldwell. Block and Bridle Club Bowling Team Chi Alpha Chi Alpha - (first row ) Charlene Wise Annette Bell, Mary Ann Ball, Peggy Franklin. Patsy McDermott, Mary Smith, Linda Wilkins, (second row) Mike Crews, Danny Morrison. Don Smith, Larry Sharpe, Pam Thurman, Sherry Young, Lerov Winkle, Jim Childers, Frank White Circle Francais French Club - (first row) Deanna MacKenzie, Sheila Barger, Jimmy Peacock, (second row ) Andrew D. Joffe, Frankie Benson, Oma Jean Robbins, Mary Walker, Dorothv Nelson, Yicki Dunn. 128 Counter Guerrillas Counter Guerrillas - (first row ) Bobbv Bridges, Anthony Hendon, L mi Smith. Ricky Garrett, Terry MacLeod, Richie Norris, John Trice, (second row ljames d, Darryl Mathewson, Hayden Taylor, Cadet 2nd Lt Leslie C. Abernathy, Steven Dapp, Joe Selby, Donnie Green, Bill Back, Cadet 2nd Lt., David S. Dorfas, (third row) Jim Lea, Michael Quails, Ralph Clifton, Bob Cooper, David Wallace, Ronald Bell, Jeff Bonner, Charles Spence, Mike Crosson, Thomas Scott, Kenneth D. Schoenborn. Delta Hall Dormitory Council Delta Hall Dormitory Council - (front row) Tim Norton, Mike Shepherd, Larrv D. Berry. Ronald Boren, (back row ) Corkv Namtzu, Mike Hilliard, Mike Burton, Benr Story, Ted Darling. 130 Gamma Beta Phi - (first row) Margaret Wilson, La Drewe Carey, Sue Lee Moss, Margie Green, Peggy Franklin, Bobbie Coggins. (second row ) Lynne Crittenden, Bebe Glenn, Georgia Derseh, Donna Wilkins, Mary Ruth Taylor, Sherry Young, (third row) Pam Carter, Mona Bailey, Dorothy Nelson, Deborah Harlan, Karen Wright, (fourth row) Larry MeFadden, Melvin Dawson, Gale Yates, Ann Paul, Barbara Rothwell, Terry Roach, (fifth row) Bettv Petkoff. Lanav Watson. Janie McGraw, (sixth row ) Ernest Howell, Jack Henson, Bill Hightower. i 3 I Graphic Arts Graphic Arts Club - (first row) Robert Kern, Jon Braswell, Jerry Sansing, Johnny Horn, Vernon Hall, (second row) Micha el E. Hines, Hung-Laing Hu, George Williams, Barry L. Rich- ardson, Lloyd K. Meharg, Haywood L. Pearson, John A. Sammons, (third row) Harold Perry, Leroy Grant, Gil Johnson, William A. Byrd, John Claunch, Sammy Yeager, Tom Richardson. International Relations Club International Relations Club - Man Lou Booker, Jim Newberry, Hill High- tower, Linda Thompson, Boyd Griggs. Broadcasters ' KASU Broadcasters ' Club - (first row) Darrel Cunningham, Preston Foster, Mild Longfellow, Bill Young, Charles Rasberry, (second row) Norman Dick- son, Gary Sanders, Mark Smith, Sonn Hildebrand, Ed Watson, Bob Woodv, Steve Weston. 132 133 Kappa Mu Epsilon - (first row) Pat Young, Suzanne Truxton, Sandy Reynolds, [oan Morten, Linda Crist. Brenda Short, (second row) Linda Sparks, [im Allbright, Johnny Killion, Eddie Dunavant, |ohn Kent, (third row) Rov Perrv, Dewayne Palmer, Richard Harris. Kugene Boemer, Walk Liles, (fourth row ) Ka Mollenkopf, Jerr G. Snodgrass, J. L. Linnstaedter. Medical Arts Club Martin, Sidne Ha es, Cind Orsburn, Marsha Thomas, (second row) Frank Abemathy, Dr R C. Kicks. Dale Snow. Conn Clements. David Brown. Andrew [ansen, Ronnie Hubbard, Don Greenway, Hon Hardin, |ames Edington, Mike Brown Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship - (first row) Richard Berry, Carolyn ?oren, Lois Aebersold, Janet Schalk, (second row) Peggy Kinder, James Lea, Joy Simpson, Janice . Bowers, Linda Ring, Rev. George Haney, (third row) Hinkle Decker, Harry Holland. Jerry Mitchell, Keith Jason, Denny Anderson, David Goza, Ricky Vermillion, Charles Patton. Music Education National Conference MENC - (first row) Sheila Mills, Lin Barbara Pollock. Doug Moore, Share Frances Blackburn, Mary McGrew, (se son, Sharon Ferguson, Susan Callihan, i Heath, Karen Bruner, Ruth Hayes, Felts, Larry Dame, Lesley Davis, nd row) Alice Miles, Suzanne Ander- -Vanda Clark, Linda Pack, Janet Col- lins, Cathy Hollingsworth, Judith Gill, Elaine Freeman, Eva Horton, Linda Lasswell, Dell Holt, (third row) Lew Zalewski, Jim Childres, Jo Fay Orr, Elsa Clinger, Bill Loftus. Carol Reeves, Maryland Braswell, Bob Pruett, Kaye Taylor, Linda Barbor, Larry Carter, Susie Glasglow, (fourth row) Charles Tankersley, Franklin Ross, Don Hall, Morris Fulcher, Steed Huggins. Newman Club Newman Club - (lirst row) Debbie Tlii Carucci, Patti Jo W ' arr, Jeanne Cunningli Steimel. Jr . Andrew |ansen, George Will ■r, Martha Ray, Lorrie second row ) Hubert C Father Thomas Keller. O micron Delta Epsilon Omicron Delta Epsilon - (first row) Frank Oldham, Jo hn Kaminarides Larn W. Henderson, Bill Adams (second row) Kim Hazelbaker Darrell I Jenkins H, M Alsey, Jem Crawford, L. E. Talbert, Tem Benson Mike Hilliard ' Steve Hile, Asa Lewis Reeves. PEM Club - (first row) Vicki Jones. Ron Matlosz. Marshall Quinn Susan Neace, Robert Cullins, Butch O ' Brien, Robert R. Self, Simone Ortega, Susan Childs. Donna Wells, (second row) Charles Hooten, Lvnn Valenteen jennifer Wood, Roberta Wood, Glenda Overfield, Joyce Reynolds, Glenda Davis lun- ette Bamett, Brenda Bibb, Nancy James, Joyce Freeman, Karen Stafford Delia Sadler, Jean Holmes, Mary Jane Stotts, Clare DeClerk (third row) Cleve Warrick, Clarence McMullin, Bill Westrol, Darrell Jackson Jern Sharpe, Jerry Bourdage, Bob Cleeves, Ted Quails, Keith Comb, Kristie Creed, Carolyn Horton, Dye Anne Mann, Arva Everett, Judi Loberg Debby Dodson, (fourth row) Joe Quillin, Andy Moodv, Robert Nichols, Ron Rhodes Kenneth Bennett, Cecil LaGrone, Kelly Parrish, Kenneth McMullin, Kenneth King, Bill Wheeler, Jack Morrison. PEM Club 138 Plant Science Club Plant Science Club - (first row ) John Mick, Glenn Thompson, Danny Rodgers, James Winningham, A W. Tennille, (second row ) Floyd Wright Jr., Thomas Dodson, Wendell Stratton, (third row) Gerald Malin, R. O. Hexem, Tom Franzen. Political Affairs Club - (first row) Man Lou Booker. Boyd Griggs, Linda Political Affairs Club i Print Club - (first row) Karl Lock. Robert Jenkins. Joyce Royal, (second row) Deanie Floyd, Hubert Grain, Jill East, Linda Brown, Evan Lindquist. Print Club Square Dance Club - (first row) Donna Wells, Arva Everett, Pam Fowler, Nancy Hill, kathie Murphy, Carlotta Burge, Mary Jane Stotts, (second row) Janis Cuff, Judy Morris, Sandra Berry. Vicki Jones, Myra Burford, Ann Gutridge, Sandra Baugher, (third row) Janice Clayton, Carol Mullen, Betty Wherry, Vicki Forrester, Sue J. Cooper, Ann Downing, Betty Henderson, (fourth row) Frances Smallwood, Kenneth Felts, Noel Wilkerson, Marshall Quinn, Ed Raines, George Ed Cash, Gary Shores, (fifth row) Henry Hyman, Johnny Blake, Gerald T. Bourdage, Lawrence Huett, Jerrv Osbon, Glenn Hibdon Reng Rifles - (kneeling) Larry Jones, Larry Anderson, Henry Johnson III, Sam Creasman, Paul Britton, James Fowler, Tandy Anthony, Mick Moritz, Nathan Holbrook, (standing) William Heidelberger, Donald Renck, James Heath, Larry Voss, Charles Bottoms, Rollie Dickinson, Morris Williams, Thurman Smith, Larry Nichols, Ronald Proctor, James Lowe. Reng Rifles Rifle Team - (kneeling) Mike Jones, George Butler. Damn Billings, Freddie Yeager, (standing) Capt. Edward Rolle, Lindel Bennett. Ro Hutchinson, Mike Thompson, Jackie Robinett, Sgt. Jesse Cooley. Scabbard and Blade - (first row) Major Stanle M Brown. Joseph S. Anthony, William B. Johnson, Jennifer Ware, Mike Gilmer, Darrell Dean, Ron White, SFC Wayne March, (second row ) Donald Smith, Gene Rouse, Eugene Thomp- son. Leslie Abernathy, Bob Smalling, Hubert Grain, John Phelps, Frederick Howard, Paul Stotts, Danny Holt, Richard Harris, Steve Orr, (third row) Steve Short, John Edwards, Lonnie Woodruff, Joe Klinkhardt, James M. Hindman, David M. Weaver, Gordon D. Simpson, John A. Summons. David King. William B. Lovd, Gurv E. [ohnson. Scabbard and Blade Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota - (fir Elaine Freeman, Sharoi wards. Carol Reeves, C row) Julia Lansford, ad Kave Tavlor, Linda Lassw row ) Sharon fackson, Karen Bruner, Janet Collins, Kelts, (second row) Barbara Pollock. Rebecca Ed- nnie Jones. Vicki King. Frances Blackburn, (third or. Eva Morton, Carolyn Zimmerman, Wanda Clark, ■11. Linda Barber Sigma Alpha lota Sextet - Sharon Felts. Barbara Kave Tavlor, Carol Reeves, Robin Schaberg. ;k, Linda Lasswel Spanish Club - (first row) Barbara Gipson, Yolanda Ortega, Trisha Griffin, Debbie Thielemier, (second row) Ginger Hart. Jud McGinnis, Beth Petkoff, Lorrie Carueei, Sandra Barnes. State Hall Council - (first row) Harold Permenter [r„ Bill Brown, Charles Whitfield, Ra Landers, Bruce Heiming, (second row) Bill Wes.trol, Ronnie Anderson, Carl Bi gs. Rand Pen man. Anthom Brown State Hall Council 145 Student Council For Exceptional Children Student Council for Exceptional ( dren - Martha Mathews, Carol Sim mons, Bett Ozbirn, (second row) Fayi Harris, Lynda Hodman. BonnU soe, Ann |ones. Student National Education Association SNEA - (first row) Jenn, Pemberton, Pat Osbron Pam Fowkr. Judy BrijJ pj, Engei, f - poi;::. c r y l£.rt F 1 lian Barton. -N.n« Woodham, Glenda J Sue Evans, Albert E F tun l.a. . Leo la Jackson Starling, Lynne Crittenden, Carolvn Williams, snar Harrineton Sand ' Rub Holstine, Lana Watson, Anne rerKeurst Holly Harrington, Zeig ' ler, Brenda Gail Burns. Carol McNeely, Leonard Bradberry. 146 Tau Beta Sigma Beta Sigma - (first row) Linda Lou Lipscomb, Cecil Brown, Lynn De- Harriet Alexander, (second row) Lvnda Ervin, Nina Crook, Sharon an, Pe KK Mvers. ■Sitj Hall Dormiton Council - (sitting) Terrv MacLeod, Glenn () Don Jarol Jane Wilson, (standing) Bobbie Phillips, Cinch Orsburn Man cler. University Hall Dormitory Council 148 Veterans Club Veterans Club - (first r Crampton, |ohn Amnions fim Pyland, Gar Walk Ralph Tale, Jimm F Lam . ) Jerrv Felker, David Vick, Buddv Rodgers. Dick Victor ' StiKvell, (second row) Lee Vent, Jim Port. Alfred D Methenv, Gerald Lvnn, [ohn Singleton, Ed [oik Women ' s Athletic Association Horton, Roc n, Marilyn F uxton, Debbie we, Donna Bare Wade, Vicki J W omen ' s Athletic Association - (first row ) Alta Burns, sponsor. Sharon Fl James. Gwyn Glover, Claudia Rodgers, Carol Jane Wilson, Debbie Threet, A Barnett, Karen Coverdale, Jud Whitson, (second row) Connie Risby, Suzanne Tamburo, Ellen Maddox, Cindv Truxton, Ann Smithwick, Eddie Mallory, Debbie Sands Cooper, Delia Sadler. Sandra Row ton, Karen Bateman, (third row) Rol Barbara Marconi. Barbara Wahl, Patsv Biggs, Debbie Cook, Jackie Ralph, Susie Simone Ortega, Nancy Sulcer, Mareia Thacker, Sandra Hrabousky, (fourtl Gillis Bartholmey, Yvonne Woolverton, Man Milbourn, Jamae Craft, Kath Shannon. Libb Roberta Wood, Lorrie Carucci, Debbie Thielemier, Mona Bailey, Susan Dennis, (fifth row) Vnn L Jackie Rakestraw, Sand Reynolds, Kathie Keith, Sharon Eaton, Beth Petkoff, Carolyn Foley, Ginger Hart, Nanc Hale, Bebe Glenn, Mar Joe Hudgins, Lee Mitchell, Sharon Wilson, (sixth i Freeman, Melba Vickers, Judy Clem. Susan Rowland, Suzanne Anderson, Paillette Goodin, Kare Ka Reeder, Mapra Alexander, Johnna Huie, Beck Stone, Sharon Lott, Andrea Weathersby, ( Mary Jane Wooten, Jennifer Ware, Dianne Kjeldgaard, Cynthia Cox, Kathryn Coleman, Pam Sn fielle Haydon, Susan mg Beck Neelv, Gv I, Ann a Hud illowav, Charlott ell. Chris Bynum es. Lynda Beasl. Andrews, Connie Boozer. Donna Meac Carol Ann Hollanger, Diana Wilson, Pi e gg w indie. Sue Frank, Br gino, Hoik Dodcl, Mars renda McMullin. Lena a ) Lee Moore, Maria SI McCann, |aekie Cheat venth row) Phvllis Dei t, Sharon Packer, Lindi DeClerk, Cindy Orsburn, Robin Young, Sharon Moran, Linda Nelson, Rona Campbell. Nanc Wright, (eighth row) Jeanne Creed, Lynn Jetton. Linda Lea. Pam Young, Martha Wofford, Pat Young, Katln Cloar, Ka Mills. Linda Koubek, Ca Linda Anderson, Beek Raley, Rhonda Flaek, Nanc Flanagan, Myra Betts, Pain Keller, Rob ' bye Barnes. Jessica Segars, Patti Jo Warr, Jeannie Terry, Melissa Kluge, Carol Stogsdill, Donna German, Nina Crook, Jo bdella, Linda McDonald, H Dot , Man Hafner, Nancy en Ruff, Celia Snow, Janette .eonard, Terr Porter, Gavle vnn Valenteen, (Jail Orsbom, Sharon Pierce, Linda Jones, n, Cand Volk, Ka Watson, Von Almen, Katln Hodges, enda Stone. Jennifer Wood, ha McLarty, Kathx KennecK Tomlinson, Suzanne ining, ewart, Dianne Horner, Joyce ivood, Susan Davidson, Man mington, Mar Jo Ellington, i Brown, Debi Rowsey, C:lare Holmes. Nancv Reed, Kristie rol Crawford, Lura Stallcup, (ninth row ) Bobbie Phillips, oik Mason Danm Bassett [ouston Brewer Rick Bunting Arthur Cook John Cox Ed Cunningha Malvenjohnsoi Donald Land Rondle Parnell Daniel Pentecost Dennis Robertson Arnold Sanford Rol..-rt Stirewalt John l Wi MM 4 JmNtM mam. m mKm r MMmmmmm J e HUHI 111 Ml Cherokee Men ' s Council Herald Lays Groundwork For Future The Herald of ASU made plans this year for future expansion as it was announced that the paper would become a bi-weekly publication next year The publication date was changed from Friday to Thursday, and the re- porting and editing staffs were divided Fnto two groups. Next year the paper will publish a tabloid edition in addi- tion to the present full size issue. Sponsor [oel Gambill carefully watches the work of co-editors Steve Murray and Jim Moshinskie. Below, associate editors were, seated, Myra Buhrmes- ter Karl Schwemmer, Randy Hedrick and Rodnex Baber; standing. Harold Perrv Mike Denton. Baxter Cone, Joe Cullen and Glen Swindle. Handling the sports page were, seated, Freddie Bratton, Harry Truman Moore, and Jim Lassiter; standing, Fred Good- win, Tim Norton and Bill Jowers. Society news was edited by, seated, Jo Ed Francis, Anne Simpson and Suzanne Campbell; standing, Pat Darby, Kathy Shurlds and Carolyn Puryear. Below, the feature editors were, seated, Sid Johnson, Carol Doak and Jack Has- kins; standing, Larry McDermott, Marion Meredith and Jim Bodenhamer. Becker. Yearbook Becomes More pages, more color and an index — this year ' s Indian yearbook grew up in a lot of ways. The book ' s theme section is done completely in color with four times as many color pic- tures as any previous annual. The index, a dream of many previous editors, finally became a reality through the work of class editor Jeane Hamilton, advisor Tom Manning and journalism seminar classes. Less time was wasted in the production of this yearbook, and in some cases there were those who probably didn ' t do enough work. Still, though, the staff managed to avoid the all night work sessions which usually end in confusing copy and short tempers. In previous years, many would-be staff workers have made appearances only at organi- zational meetings and on the night when staff pictures were made. This year, though, the staff started small, but it finished with as many " workers ' as in almost any year. 155 156 KASU Expands TV Broadcasts Radio-TV students get a first hand opportunity to test and improve their abilities through the broadcasting facil- ities of the KASU Network, working not only in the broadcasting field, but also in the fields of radio and TV commercial writing, copy writing, news writing and programming. Courses in television, which were added to the established radio courses last year, received an extra boost with the purchasing of remote equipment, allowing the TV broadcasts to originate out of the studio. The student-operated radio station broadcasts music, news and special events, as well as the popular " Indian Sports Network. " Across the top, left, Preston Foster, Doug Rogers and Miki Longfellow che the record album. Center, Miki and Preston prepare copy for an upcoming show. Right, Doug runs the board. Below, left, Dick Holler ponders over a news story. Left, staffer Gordon Morris rambles about some subject while Mike Stropp looks to sec « hat is happening in the outer office 1 60 Sports ASU Wins All-Sports Trophy The only thing darker than the Texas sky at Arlington, Tex., was the Arkansas State Uni- versity baseball team. The Indians, defending champions, were behind a pesky Lamar Tech team 3-0 with two outs in the bottom of the third inning. The Cardinals, always a thorn in the Indians ' side in any sport, had forced the South- land Conference basebal l tournament into an extra game by handing the Indians a 5-4 loss earlier in the day. The ASU track team had arrived at the park with good news — it had finished second in the SLC meet. Now the baseball game had extra importance, for the winner would not only get the baseball trophy, but the All-Sports trophy winner also would be decided by the outcome of the baseball championship. Rusty Bourg, who gained All-SLC honors for his superlative pitching, stepped to the plate and hit a squibbler back at the pitcher ' s mound. The Cardinal pitcher fielded the ball, but threw it over the first baseman ' s head. Bourg ended up on second, and the ASL ' tracksters went wild in the stands. They beat on garbage cans with broken baseball bats, and they filled tin cans with rocks to use as noise-makers. For all practical purposes, the game was over. The Indians had been opportunists all season long, and there was no reason for the pattern to change now. It didn ' t. The top of the batting order was up. Dana Ryan ripped a single, scoring Bourg. Captain Jim Callaway singled to keep the rally alive. Jim Mueller doubled off the center field wall. driving in Ryan, then the dean of the clutch hitters, All-American-to-be Wayne Pitcock, singled to drive in two more runs. ASU led 4-3, and another rally, led by relief pitcher Bobby Sherrill, who pitched six innings of al- most perfect baseball, Ryan, Callaway and Mueller resulted in three more runs for a 7-4 win. The win ended years of domination of the award by Abilene Christian and Lamar. The gigantic trophy had finally left Texas. Top performances in the hurdles by Jack Morrison (left) and Thomas Hill (right ). show n here at an ASU meet, helped the trac k tram to its second place SLC finish. The Indian baseball team show s off the Southland Conference All-Sports tropin and baseball championship tropin after topping Lamar Tech 7-4 at Arlington, Tex. Team members were, front row, Steve Brown, manager, Ron Matlosz, Joe Drace, Jim Burke, Criss McGuire, Wayne Pitcock, Jim Mueller, Dana Ryan, John Ferriell and John " Dubber " Ford; back row, Dan Bradlev Lam Moffett, Rustv Bourg, Bobby Sherrill, Jim Wagner, Steve Morrison. Danny Henderson, manager. Stan Williams, and John Riddell Other team members w ere Jim Callaway, Don Lemings and Robert Wortsmith. 163 Pitcock Named All-American Wayne Pitcock accomplished some- thing that every college athlete dreams of, and he did it as a sophomore. " Pud- din " ended a successful season by being named to the American Association of College Baseball Coaches 1968 All-Amer- ican team as a first unit outfielder. The left-handed hitter set an ASU season rec- ord for most runs batted in with 36, eight better than the old mark. He drove in the winning run in five contests while hitting .315. He produced 55 runs during the season, including five home runs. In the outfield he was equally superb as he used his speed and fine throwing arm to make several outstanding plays. Here he show after slapping a two- run circuit shot at Mankato, Minn., in the Midwest regional playoffs. Criss McGuire Criss McGuire, popular ASU catcher the past two seasons, lost his life in an automobile accident August 20, 1968, near Alva, Okla. The big redhead sparked the In- dians in their drive to baseball power at the start of the 1967 season. He stepped in to the In- dian lineup after giving up foot- ball for baseball, and his thir- teen game hitting streak set ASU sailing on a two-year winning spree. He finished that season with a .357 average. In the 1968 season, his average fell to .202, but he was invaluable in handling the young Indian pitching staff and as the team ' s field general. His season was capped when he was named to the All-Southland Conference team. Here he is shown with C. C. Keller, catcher on the 1918 ASU team. The photograph was made at the College Division World Series in June, 1968. ular Season Sets Stage For Big Finish I Pitcher Rusty Bourg often found himself on the basepaths and at top left, he avoids a pick-off attempt. Steve Morrision, above, goes high for a throw at first, [im Callaway, left, found the range as a hitter in the last half of the season and finished with a .268 mark. After a fine regular season finish, the Indians captured their second straight Southland Conference championship. The Tribe had regular season wins over such teams as Iowa State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Murray State, Purdue, St. Louis U., Memphis State and Wisconsin. The Red- men opened SLC play with an easy 7-2 win over Abilene Christian as John Ferriell got the win and Wayne Pitcock drove in four runs. Rusty Bourg fired a two-hitter, striking out 11 as ASU topped Lamar Tech 5-1 in the second outing. Mental errors cost the Tribe a 5-4 decision to the Car- dinals in the first championship game, forcing a second contest. The Redmen came through like the champions they were to win that game 7-4 on some outstanding relief pitching by Bobby Sherrill. The In- dians landed five men on the All-SLC first team. They were Dana Ryan, Jim Mueller, Criss McGuire, Bourg and Pitcock. 165 Regional Next Step . The Indians made a joke of the NCAA Midwest Regional Tournament at Man- kato. Minn. ASU went into the playoffs for the first College Division World Series with the worst record (19-10-1) of any team there, but it was soon evident that the Tribe had played rougher competition. In the opener against Northern Iowa, ASU fell behind 1-0, but it led 5-1 by the fifth inning due to several NIU errors and Wayne Pitcock ' s two-run homer. The Redmen scored five times in the seventh as Pit- cock added his second circuit shot of the day. The final score was 11-3 as Rusty Bourg pitched a five-hitter. The Tribe had 14 hits while routing host Mankato State 11-1. Dana Ryan, pitcher John Ford and Jim Callaway had three hits, with Calla- way driving in four runs. Ford scattered seven hits. The Tribe was awarded the championship after the final game of the double-elimination tournament against Southern Colorado State was called due to rain. At the time, ASU was leading 3-0 on Pitcock ' s home run and had runners on first and second with no one out in the bottom of the second. Ryan, Bourg, Callaway and Pitcock were joined on the All- Midwest team bv first baseman Steve Morrison. iliar sight at Indii Ryan streaking I record 51 hits Bel baseball games was Dans m the batter ' s box For one hi- . Man Williams holds at third at Mankato Tribe Walks Away At Mankato The team anxiously awaits its opening game above. At right team captain Jim Callaway and Coach J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson accept ASU ' s award for the Midwest Regional championship. Two losses to long-time foe Delta State cost the Indians their first bid for a national championship in the first College Division World Series in Springfield, Mo. The Statesmen could do nothing wrong as they handed ASU a 3-1 loss in the Tribe s tourney opener, then eliminated the Redmen two days later with a 4-3 verdict. ASU s onk win was a sweet one as the Indians ripped No. I ranked hong island (N.Y.) 10-3 to eliminate the favored team from the tournament. Chapman College (Calif.) won the na- tional championship without a loss. ASU still had a 22-12-1 record and set several season marks. Dana Ryan bettered his own standards with 51 hits and 20 stolen bases, and Wayne Pitcock drove in a record 36 runs. Rusty Bourg s seven wins tied his own mark, and Jim Mueller set a dou- bles record with 12. The team turned over a record 38 double plays ASU Finishes Third In Nation 169 Speed Takes ' 68 Spotlight Arkansas State ' s track team turned its strength from the field to the running events in the 1968 season, and the results were eight running records being either tied or broken. Bill Caputo tied his 100- yard dash time of 9.5 and set a 21.2 standard in the 220. Bob Giers- berg set new marks with a 1:52.2 S80 and a 4:06.5 mile. Thomas Hill, the freshman sensa- tion who competed in as main as seven events in a single meet, set a hurdles mark with a 14.2 clocking in the 120 high ' s. Jack Morrison turned in a 55.2 timing in the 440 intermediate hurdles. The Indians set relax records of 41.5 in the 440 relax and 1:27.1 in the 880 re lax. In the field events, Bill Bell vaulted a record 15 = in the pole vault, and Craig Shumaker leaped 45-9 in the triple jump for a tenth record. A vaulter in the Festival ! Champions didn ' t quite make Ins mark on this vault, right. Beloxx . Bob Giersberg is just beaten at the Finish line in the SLC mile run. Below , right, the 440 yard dash in a dual meet with Texas-Arlington at Kays Stadium. Vbove right, Thomas Hill hands off to Randx Kr in in the 440 relax Below . Bill ( laputo and Rudx Rogers finish one-two in the 100 against I T V and at tar rinlit. Virgle Avers leads the pack in the tu o-mile run. 171 172 A second place finish in the Southland Conference Meet set the stage tor ASU ' s first All-Sports championship. Thomas Hill and Boh Giersberg paced the Indians ' highest finish in track. Hill tied the SLC standard in the high hur- dles with a 14.4 clocking and added a tie lor second place in the high jump and a fourth place finish in the long jump to his honors. Giersberg, the Tribes seemingly tireless distance man. took second places in the mile and three- mile and a third place in the 880. Bill Caputo placed in two events, taking third in the 100 yard dash and fifth in the 220. Other second place finishers for the Indians were Barry Garlow in the 880 and Bilk Bell in the pole vault. Jack Morrison took third in the 440 intermediate hurdles with his best performance ever. In the 440 dash. Handy Krwin took fourth and Rudy Rogers took fifth. In the 3,000 meter steeplechase, Virgile Ayers, Tony Edwards and Kelly Parrish took third, fourth and fifth places. ASU ' s other points came in the relavs as it finished third in the 440 relav and second in the mile relax. Abilene Christian won its filth straight title with 99 ! points, while the Indians had 67 Vz. Trinity finished third w ith 57 points, Lamar Tech fourth with 51 V and host Universitv of Texas at Arlington had 44 V . Richard Brooks, right, and Joel Campbell, below, return serves in ASU matches. Below, coach Don Floyd goes over strategy with Jack Carson. Tennis, Golf Teams Gain Big Points ASU ' s tennis and golf teams grabbed fourth place finishes in the Southland Conference meet to give the Indians four points toward the All- Sports award. The golf team climbed out of the conference cellar two years ago and repeated their per- formance. This year ' s play covered only 36 holes as one day ' s play was rained out. The tennis team finished last in SLC round- robin play, but singles victories by Richard Brooks and Brett Baker gave ASU a third place finish in the SLC tournament, and a fourth place overall finish. Coaches Direct Teams Toward Second Award ASU ' s often awarded coaching staff directed Indian teams to the school s first Southland Conference All-Sports Trophy in 1968, and with another strong showing in spring sports, the Tribe will have an excellent chance of be- coming the first SLC school to repeat the honor. Football coach Bennie Ellender was named the SLC ' s football coach of the year and added the District Seven Football coach of the year award to the staff ' s laurels. Athletic director J. A. " Ike " Tomlinsoi ho has been n the Sl staff forov« a quarter centun . t oublesastl school ' s baseball coach Below, hea basketball . ouc h Marvi i Speight an assistant John Ros e head cross country an 1 track coac 178 Assistants Offer Added Guidance Defensive backfield coach Joe Jones took several young players and molded them into one of the school ' s best secondaries ever. Assistant baseball coach Rich Johnson, top left, uses his professional experience in assisting Indian players. Student track and cross country coach Bob Giersberg, left, is no stranger to the ASU scene, for he holds most of the schools ' distance records. 181 I SLC Champions In what had been written off as a rebuilding year by the " experts, " the Indians parlayed an abundance of youth- with a smattering of battle-tested veterans to produce one of the finest teams in Arkansas State Uni- versity football history. However, the season was not completely free from exasperation and defeat as the Indians opened the year as predicted by dropping a 20-0 decision to Western Michigan University. With first game jitters behind them, the young Tribe proceeded to reel off five straight victories be- fore finally being tied. Listed among the victims were Drake University 46-14, Eastern Michigan 26-7, Tennessee Tech 15-12, Southeastern Louisiana 17-7 and conference foe Trinity University 31-14 in Little Rock. The Indians suffered a mid-season letdown and got a 17-17 tie to a fired-up Abilene Christian team. A 48-17 smashing of Lamar Tech, a 20-9 upset at the hands of Southwestern Louisiana and a heart-stopping 22-21 come-from-behind win over Texas-Arlington that gave ASU its first football crown completed the season. The Tribe got its first television exposure in the post season Pecan Bowl, but lost to No. 1 ranked North Dakota State 23-14 despite a strong second half show ing. Several Indians gained post season honors, and Coach Bennie Ellender was named the Coach of the Year for the Southland Conference and District Seven. The Scoreboard ASU Opp. Western Michigan 20 46 Drake 14 26 Eastern Michigan 7 15 Tennessee Tech 12 17 Southeast Louisiana 7 31 Trinity University 14 17 Abilene Christian 17 48 Lamar Tech 17 9 Southwest Louisiana 20 22 Texas- Arlington 21 14 North Dakota State 23 Frank McGuigan became the second • leading rusher in AST history en route to winning a second team Ail-American berth. Frank gained 1.223 yards, and he missed a chance at Richie Woit ' s record of 1,250 yards when he was in- jured in the Pecan Bowl. He was also selected the SLC ' s offensive player of the year as he scored a record 15 touch- downs and 92 points. Bergey, McGuigan Make Dream Team Bill Bergey was named to the Associated Press ' s All- Ameriean first team at a line- backer position for one of the many honors he won during the year. Bergey was named to the All-Southland Conference team, and was selected as the outstanding defensive player in the Pecan Bowl. In another post season contest. Bill was named the South s outstanding player in the Shrine All-Star game. He capped his year by being named the winner of the Charles T. Meyer Award, which is given to the state s outstanding ama- teur athlete each vear. 4 Clovis Swinney SLC Defensive Player Of Year Dan Buckley All-SLC Three Indians Gain Honorable Mention AP x4ll-American Jack Smith All-SLC Gary Crane Steve Struble Dennis Zolper Co-Captain First Team Co-Captain First Team Honorable Mention All-Southland Conference Manuel Montes Virgil Peyton Kevin McClelland 185 Tribe Splits Road Games After a season-opening loss to Western Michigan, the Tribe bounced back by humiliating Drake in a 46-14 contest. James Hamilton passed for four touchdowns to lead A-State in the rout. Hamilton connected with Joe Waleszonia for two touchdowns, including a record-breaking 79- yard bomb. He threw the other two scoring aeri- als to Frank McGuigan and Dennis Zolper. Mc- Guigan added another TD on the ground, while reserve quarterback Wayne Crocker carried for two scores. Hamilton established school and conference marks for passing yardage and tied another record for number of touchdown passes. Arkansas State ' s 548 ards on total offense al- so set a league record. The Indians ' inexperience showed through in the Western Michigan game, as the Broncos took advantage of several Arkansas State mis- takes to carve out a 20-0 triumph. Bill Bergey provided the Tribe with one bright spot in the game by winning the Southland Conference Player of the Week honors for his defensive play. Bubba Crocker (10) took over at quar- terback w hen James Hamilton was injured prior to the Tennessee Tech Rame. Below, Gary Crane stops an Eagle runner in the mud. Frank McGuigan. top, takes off on a . rjWjSiS 38-yard jaunt against Eastern Mich- HSHSMH igan. Ken Bennett (72) makes a tackle, B left, against Tennessee Tech. James Hamilton, above, is dumped after a short gain against Eastern Michigan. 187 188 ASU Takes Home Wins A-State opened its home season with two victories, whipping Eastern Michigan 26-7 and edging Tennessee Tech in the rain and mud 15-12. Against Eastern Michigan, James Ham- ilton threw touchdown passes to Virgil Peyton and Dennis Zolper, and Frank McGuigan added another score on a one-yard plunge. The ASU defense accounted for the other TD when Donnie Beshears scooped up a blocked punt and ran it in from 10 yards out. The Tribe defensive unit, led by Bill Bergey, stopped three Eastern Mich- igan scoring threats in the second half to pre- serve the win. Bergey was credited with 33 tackles in the game, nine of them unassisted. Blocked kicks plagued both teams in the Tennessee Tech contest, played in a driving rain. Both Tech scores were set up by blocked punts, and the first Indian TD was set up by a blocked field goal attempt. ASU also blocked both Tech extra point attempts. Frank McGuigan scored both A-State touchdowns on seven-and one-yard runs. A familiar sight in the Eastern Michigan game was that of Indian linebacker Bill Bergev u ith Huron quarterback Arnold Fontes in his hands, as shown above Freshman redshirt quarterback James Hamilton picked up some good yardage against EMU. but he missed the Tennessee Tech game with an ankle injury. Bubba Crocker did a yeoman ' s job in replacing Hamilton in that contest. Indians Top SELA, Rally For Deadlock Against ACC WW. .Jz A victory over Southeastern Louisiana set up the triumphant night in Little Hock, hut a tie with Abilene Christian a week after the Trinity win proved to he the only had mark against the Indians SLC record. Frank McGuigan sparked the 17-7 South- eastern victory, scoring two tnuchdow ns in leading the Reclmen to their fourth consecutive grid win. Bobby Gentn added a field uoal and two extra points. The A-State pass defense helped as four players each intercepted an enem pass James Hamilton ' s passing brought A-State a eome-from-behind 17-17 tie with Abilene. Hamilton marched the Indians 65 yards i n the last two minutes, then threw a 19- yard touch- down pass to Tom Johnson. Garv Elliott kicked the point after to tie the name with 56 seconds remaining. Earlier in the game Elliott booted a 25-yard field goal, and McGuigan scored on a four-vard run. 191 Broke ligers ■ Back i % Frank McGuigan, with Dennis Hfl Zolper leading his protection, PB throws on the halfback pass to Joe Waleszonia (42). w ho made a fantastic catch, taking the ball from two Trinity de- fenders to set up ASU ' s first score. H ASU Wins In Little Rock 31-17 Frank McGuigan drove the Tigers crazy on the ground, too, and when he retired to the side- lines early in the third period, Bubba Waldfup, right, took over and showed whv he is a fine The Indians ' second appearance in Little Rock proved much more successful than the initial game in 1967, as they ripped Trinity 31-14 in their Southland Conference opener. ASU made a shambles of the Tigers ' highly- touted defensive team by rolling up 384 total yards on the way to the 31 points. Trinity ' s defense had allowed an average of less than 10 points and 213 total yards before meeting the Indians. Frank McGuigan put on a one-man show to lead A-State to the victory. He scored touchdowns on runs of nine, two and one yards, and tossed a scoring pass to Kevin McClelland. McGuigan also carried the ball 24 times for 181 yards, although he played only three quar- ters. Gary Elliott rounded off the Arkansas State scoring with a 33-yard field goal and four of four extra points. The victory, the fifth in a row for the Indians, boosted them into con- ference contention, after most preseason polls held little hope for their title chances. The Tigers foi that ASU ' s defense was just as tough as its offense. Here a Trinit runner is crushed b Donnie Beshea (25) and defensive De Mt up to help. : ■ V7 M " - " , S «S Tribe Drops Birds 48-17 After a couple of mistakes in the opening minutes gave Lamar Tech a 10-0 lead, the Indians roared back to destroy the Cardinals 4S-17 for one of the sweetest Homecoming victories ever. It was A-State ' s first win over Lamar in five years of competition. Frank McGuigan opened the Indian scoring barrage with a one-yard run. James Hamilton then gave ASU the lead on a four-yard keeper, and the Tribe never fell behind again. A 25- yard touchdown pass from Hamilton to Tom Johnson strengthened the Indian position, then Terry Whiting intercepted a Cardinal aerial and raced untouched for 70 yards to give State a 28-10 lead at halftime. The scoring contin- ued in the second half, with Hamilton passing 17 yards to Virgil Peyton for one touchdown and running 11 yards for another. The final Indian score came on a 19-yard toss from Cecil LaGrone to Kevin McClelland. Gary Elliott contributed six of seven extra point attempts. McGuigan rushed for 124 yards in the game, boosting his eight-game total to 1,039 yards. He thus became the first runner in Southland Conference history to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a single season, and he did it in only eight contests. this would-be tackle to pick watches with a sadistic grin : best in the Southland Confe st the Cardinals. Dennis Zolper (4 s showed wh it« 194 above. It was the first time in five years an Indian defensive back had done it Virgil Peyton (84) looks for running room after taking a James Hamilton pass. Bill Berge and Steve Struble showed their All-SLC credentials w ith tackles 195 ASU Nips UTA For Crown With the Indians possibh looking ahead a week, the University of Southwestern Louisiana used several key breaks for a 20-9 win at Lafayette, La. The In- dians took a 9-0 lead in the second quarter on Frank McGuigan ' s two-yard dive anil Gary Elliott ' s 37-yard field goal. But the Ragin ' Cajuns came back later in the period with two touchdowns for a 14-9 lead at the halt Two field goals in the second half nave USL some insurance points, but they were not needed, since the Cajun defense held ASU scoreless in the final periods. Arkansas State won its first Southland Conference football title when McGuigan ran in a two-point extra point attempt in the final minutes as the Indians nipped defending champ University of Texas at Arlington 22- 21 at Arlington. McGuigan had scored the touchdown which set up the two-point pla just second earlier, along with another TD in the second period. He also passed eight ards to Tom Johnson in the third period for still another score. The victory gained AS I a berth in the Pecan Bowl against North Dakota. It was also the Indians ' first victory over Texas-Arlington, break- ing a 3-0-1 mark the Rebels had held in the series. A-State finished the regular season with a 7-2-1 record overall and a 3-0-1 conference mark. Tight end Virgil Peyton makes a clutch catch to keep the Indians game-winning drive alive in the waning moments, top. Quarterback James Hamilton picks up valuable yardage late in the game on an end sweep, above, and Frank McGuigan, right, drags a defender over the goal line for a second period Indian score that knotted the contest at 7-7. Deliriously happy Indian fans and players greeted one an- other in the wee hours of the morning at the airport as the Tribe came home with its first SLC football champion- ship and initial triumph over the Rebels from the Univer- sity of Texas at Arlington. At top, loyal followers erected signs about the airport and Coach Bennie Ellender is greeted by a well-wisher. ASU senior linebacker Bill Bergey leads the Tribe off the plane. Bison Top Tribe With Hatchett In the Indians first po st- season how l game in 15 years, a Paul Hatchett-led North Da- kota State University Bison team struck last and then held on to defeat the Tribe 23-14 in the Pecan Bowl. Combining the phenomenal running of Hatchett and a sec- ond quarter ankle injury to Frank McGuigan, ASU ' s top offensive threat, the Herd pro- tected their No. 1 small col- lege rating and recorded a perfect 10-0 season. Bill Bergey, ASU ' s line- backer supreme, was named the outstanding defensive player of the game for his 21 tackles and two pass interceptions. The Bison used a James Hamilton fumble in the first quarter to score first and later in the period drove 70 yards in seven plays to tack up their second TD. A field goal and a scamper by Hatchett for 18 yards into pa dirt just before halftime completed the North Central Conference champion ' s scoring. Finally in the fourth quar- ter Hamilton got the protection he needed and responded by hitting tight end Virgil Peyton and split end Joe Waleszonia repeatedly and got a score with 12:17 left. Two series later, after Hatchett had fumbled, the In- dians drove 57 yards for the final score with Hamilton tak- ing it in. But it was too little and too late. At far left. Frank McGuigan injures his knee n hile block- ing for James Hamil- 199 ACC Nips Tribe For SLC Crown An auto accident on the return trip from a meet at Murray, Ky., ultimately cost the Indians the Southland Conference cross country championship when letterman Kelly Parrish was injured and un- able to compete in the league meet. The loss of deptli allowed the Abilene Christian squad to win its fifth straight title. The Wildcats won the crown with 33 points followed by ASL ' in second place with 34. Lamar Tech was third with a total of 62 points and Texas- Arlington was fourth with 107. Trinity University did not enter a team in the meet. AS Us Herman Atkins ran awa with first place as he covered the four miles in a record-breaking 19:15 clocking. Yirgle Avers was second with a time of 19:30 and John Lyons, a freshman from Phila- delphia. Pa., was fourth for the Tribe in 20:36. Mile Holt of ASU was 10th and the Indians ' Barry Garlow w as 1 7th. Atkins time broke the old conference standard of 19:51.5 held by now Coach Bob Giersberg. Avers and Atkins were named to the All-SLC team, and Atkins, Avers and Lyons ran in the University Division Cross Countrx finals in New York. ft " 20 1 202 Cagers Tie After a dismal showing in non-conference action and losses in the first two Southland Conference games, the Indian basketball team appeared headed for the SLC cellar. But three loop victories in the closing weeks suddenly put the Tribe back in the conference picture, and ASU finished in a third-place tie, although it sported a 6-16 overall mark and a 3-5 league record. For Coach Marvin Speight, it was the second straight losing season after he had had four winners in a row. But with only two players graduating, things look brighter for the Indians next year, after two consecutive seasons of, at best, rebuilding. Third In SLC ASU OPP 66 U. Tenn. -Martin 76 92 SE Oklahoma 73 80 U. of Denver 106 58 Air Force 76 64 Ky. Wesleyan 69 77 SE Missouri 78 69 Delta State 86 79 Union U. 87 62 SW Missouri 92 78 Union U. 76 81 Lamar Tech 84 71 Trinity U. 92 111 SE Missouri 102 67 SW Missouri 90 69 U. Tenn. -Martin 87 86 Ky. Wesleyan 105 77 Abilene Christian 75 80 U. Texas-Arlington 83 94 Abilene Christian 73 83 U. Texas-Arlington 81 87 Trinity U. 90 78 Lamar Tech 94 204 Belcher Tabbed All-SLC Freshman center John Belcher received honorable mention on the All-Southland Con- ference basketball team. " Big John " averaged 14.8 points and 13.3 rebounds in SLC play, and for the year he scored at a 12.5 clip while pull- ing down 12.1 rebounds per game. Senior Dave Velander won the fifth annual Jen Hook Award, which is sponsored bv the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity Here Velander receives the award from Rook. Seniors Ronnie Brown and Dave Velander received special awards from Lambda Chi Alpha at the Rook Banquet. Presentation was made by master of ceremonies Harry Truman Moore. 205 Tribe Has Rough Start A split of two home games and an unsuc- cessful venture into the Colorado Rockies left Arkansas State University ' s basketball team with a 1-3 record after its first four games of the season. In the season opener against the University of Tennessee at Martin, the Tribe made several costly mistakes and dropped a 76-66 contest to the Volunteers. Against Southeast Oklahoma, it was a different story, though, and -State rolled to a 92-73 triumph. Mike Wise sparked the win with 18 points, followed In Phil Young with 15, Ron Brown with 12 and Tom Wales onia with 11. On their first road trip, the Indians met Denver University and the Air Korce Academy, losing both games handily. Freshman John Belcher was impressive in both contests, how- ever, scoring 26 points in the 106-80 defeat at Denver and 18 points against Air Force, a 76-58 loss. John McKay was also a bright spot in the games, with 15 points in the Denver game and 1 1 against the Falcons. 206 Indians Drop Four Although the Indians continued their losing streak, the overall play improved as the Tribe took defending NCAA small college champion Kentucky Wesleyan to the wire before falling 69-64 and dropped a narrow 78-77 decision to Southeast Missouri State at Cape Girardeau, Mo. John Belcher, the 6-8 freshman from Hot Springs, gave one of his finest performances of the year against the Panthers as he scored 15 points. Second year guard Phil Young threw in 14. The Indians held a lead over SKMO until the final seconds when a basket by center Roger Drake, who had 22 points for the night, gave the Missourians the narrow victory. Senior guard Dave Velancler had a Tribe-leading 18 points while sophomore Mike Wise scored 17. During the Christmas holidays the flu-wracked Indians traveled to Jackson, Tenn., to compete in the Union University Invitational Tournament and dropped a pair of contests, 86-69 to Delta State College and 87- 79 to host Union University. Hon Brown led the Tribe against Delta with 18 points while the Indians two big men John McKay and John Belcher, both suffering from the flu, combined for only 10 points. The next night, against Union, Belcher was unable to play at all but a stronger McKay scored 15 points w hile Brown was high with 17. John Belcher reaches for a rebound in photo at top left over the hands of Kentucky Weslev an ' s |ohn Duncan. At top right John McKav shoots in a crowd as Ron Brown and Belcher wait for the rebound. ASU Nips Union The Indian ' s basketball woes continued as they began the new year In dropping a 92-62 decision to Southwest Missouri in Springfield, Mo. Shelvy Haywood posted 14 points to lead ASU scorers. Returning home, the Redmen held oft a late rally by Union University to record their second win of the year 78-76. Ron Brown had a career high of 28 points while Mike W ise had 20 and John McKa 18. Against the Lamar Tech Cardinals, the Tribe gave one of their finest performances of the season, only to drop an 84-81 decision in Indian Field House. Brown hit 21 points and Wise 20 for the Osage. Trinity University ' s Tigers followed the Cardi- nals into Jonesboro and handed the Redman their second straight conference loss 92-71. Wise had 18 and Young 16 to lead the scoring while Belcher pulled down a game-leading 17 re- bounds. The Indians came back to snap their two- game losing streak and avenged a loss to South- east Missouri by beating SEMO 111-102 in a game that was not as close as the score indi- cated. Forward Mike Wise led the home team with 31 points, his season high. 210 Sophomore forward [ohn McKa grapples with I nion University forw ard Dan Rudesill fora rebound in photo at top left. Dave elander shoots over Union ' s Ed Brale in second shot and guard Hon Broun getsaneasx layup and hits a 18-foot jump shot at right. At bottom left John McKa tries to tap in a missed shot li i It? " Big John " Belcher dumps in an easv t o-pointer as Darrell Garrett (35), Bilk Howard (23) and David Marsh watch helplcssK Win At ACC Snaps Another Loss Skein The Tribe cagcrs closed out Januan and began February w itli three straight losses be- fore winning their first conference game to break the streak. In rematch es against Southwest Missouri State, Tennessee-Martin and Kentucky Wes- leyan, the Indians tame out on the short end against all three teams for the second time during the season. Southwest visited the ASL court and went home with a 90-67 win. Ron Brown led the Indians w ith 16 points. Tennessee- Martin downed State 87-69, but the Indians ' John Belcher had 17 points and IS rebounds. Banked sixth at the time, Wesleyan blasted ASL ' for a 105-86 win. John McKa was high scorer for the Tribe with 24. A road trip to Texas produced A-State ' s first conference win, a 77-75 thriller against Abilene Christian Col- lego. Brown ' s two free throws with four sec- onds left gave ASL ' the win. Brown was also high scorer with 20 markers. On the same trip, however, the Tribe dropped an 83-80 tilt to the University of ' Texas at Arlington. Brown again led Indian scorers with 19 points. Dave Velander battles Lamai rech sWavne Moore for a rebound as Phil Endicott (12) and Jim Nichols.. n (50) vatch. At top right [ohn McKa drops in an eas layup against the Cards. 213 Indians Take SLC Triumphs At ASU, Drop Final Games At Lamar, Trinity The Indians closed out their home season with conference victories over Abilene and Texas-Arlington, hut lost a chance to finish better than third in the SLC by dropping the final contests of the season at Trinity and Lamar Tech. Against Abilene Christian, the Tribe broke oix ' ii a tight game in the second halt and rolled to a 94-73 triumph. Mike Wise poured in 20 points to lead A-State, followed by Dave Ve- lander and Hon Broun with 18 each and John Belcher with 17. W ise hit a 25-foot jump shot as the buzzer went off to give the Indians an 83-81 win over Texas-Arlington. John McKay was high scorer for State with 19 points, while Tom Waleszonia added 18. A rally in the final minutes was not enough, and ASU dropped a 90-87 game .to Trinity. Velander and Belcher paced the Tribe with 28 and 22 markers re- spectively. Tech began pulling away from A- State just before the end of the first half, and did not stop until it had a 94-78 victory in the Indians last game of the regular season. Belcher had 20 points to spark AS I ' , follow ed by Waleszonia and Wise w ith 14 each. Intramurals LXA Takes Title No. 4 Lambda Chi Alpha won its fourth straight Creek intramural football championship this year. No other team has ever even repeated as Greek champion. Team members, shown after their Fingerbow 1 victory over Tau Kappa Epsilon, were, kneeling, Vince Bilinsky, Joel Campbell, Bobby Singleton, Lamar Kyle, Jim Wagner, Freddie Hendrix, Jim Mueller, Craig Shumaker, Steve Brow n and Tim Goldman; standing. Bill Loyd, R. D. Velander, Sonny Hildebrand, John Ferriell. Jim Fitzpatrick, Dennis Cate, Mel Beck and Alan Brown; in back. Robert Wortsmith and Pat Harper. At right, LXA linebacker Steve Brown grabs the flag of the Tekes ' John Geis. Caraway Hall won the women ' s intramural softball champion- ship. Team members were, kneeling, Norma Bashant, Sandy Reynolds and Judy Clem; standing, Judy Allen, Jan Lawrence, Dian McCormick, Janice Hopkins and Mary Rorex. 217 Basketball Action Rugged Baseball Officially Shifts To Major Level Competition Baseball took on a new look at ASU this spring as the Indians made the jump to univer- sity division competition complete. Southland Conference competition was scheduled as a round-robin for the first time, and the Tribe had hopes of winning a third straight SLC title and gaining a playoff berth against the South- west Conference champions. With several top returnees leading the way, the Tribe started hot at the plate, but faulty fielding resulted in some early season losses. With veterans Wayne Pitcock, Rusty Bourg, Jim Mueller, Steve Morrison, Jim Wagner, Stan Williams, Bobby Sherrill, John Ferriell and Robert Wort- smith leading the way, Coaches J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson and Rich Johnson are planning big things. W a ne Pitcock, ho gained All- American, All-S LC and All-Midwest regional honors last spring, showed why he is one of the nation ' s top hitters w ith his showing at the I niversit of Alabama tournament. 1% I ' jjk Wbr 222 • ■ All-SLC outfielder Jim Mueller, top. passed up pro contracts to finish his eligibility this spring. Rusty Bourg, only a junior, won his first start and went on to become ASU ' s all-time win leader. First baseman Steve Morrison proved he could get on base in the lead-off spot and also saw duty in the outfield in earlv games. Tracksters Aim For SLC Crown The ASU track team finished second in last year ' s Southland Conference championship meet, and with returnees like Thomas Hill, Billy Caputo, Billy Bell, Robert Andrews, Kelly Parrish, Rudy Rogers, Cleve Warrick and Craig Shumaker, plus a host of transfers and freshmen, the Indians hope to take their first crown. Thomas Hill gave all indications that he would surpass his performances of last year in the season ' s first meet as he long jumped a record 23-9 V4. Charlie Clarke, right, has the po- tential to become one of the school ' s best weight men ever. 226 227 University Dr. Reng Directs School ' s Growth Arkansas State University has grown from a relativeh small college with 1,200 stu- dents to a bustling universih of nearly 7,000 students under the direction of Dr. Carl R. Reng, President of ASU. Dr. Reng has served in his post for the past 18 years, and most of the campus ' physical facil- ities were added during this time. The respected educator and administrator obtained his B.A. from Buena Vista, his masters degree from Drake and his Ed. D. from the Univer- sity of Missouri. He has also received an Ll. D. degree from his alma mater. Dr. Reng s closest associate is Dr. Eugene Smith, executive assistant. His secretary is Mrs. Midge N. Holmes. 230 William Wyatt, Blytheville W. P. Galley Jr., Little Rock Austin Temple. Crossett Russell E. Owen, Marked Tree Max Poe, Pocahontas Joe Brooks, Jonesboro ASU Board Determines Policy Austin E. Temple of Crossett, president of Ashley, Drew and Northern Railway Company, is the newest member of Arkansas State University ' s Board of Trustees. He succeeds William H. Wyatt of Blytheville and is the third board member appointed by Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, the others being Joe Brooks and W. P. Gulley Jr. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Temple came to Arkansas in 1956. The board of trustees consists of five members, one of which is appointed each year by the governor and confirmed by the state senate. Each member serves a five year term. Gulley was elected chairman of the board, Brooks was elected vice chairman and Owen, secretary. Veteran Administrators Carry Out ASU Policy L. Cameron L. Cameron is a name that lias become synonomous with money at A-State, since it lias been his task since 1951 to manage all the Univer- sity ' s finances. He was formerly a student at ASU, and after graduation in 1936, he continued his schooling at the Uni- versity of Arkansas, culminating in a masters degree. Before occupying his present position as Nice- President in charge of business and purchasing, he taught school and served as county supervisor and examiner in Lawrence County. He is married and has three children. N. D. Hazelbaker Perhaps his aggres- siveness has made Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker one of the most well-known persons on campus, but his position as Vice- President in charge of instruction, demands this aggressive outlook. He attained a B.S. degree at Northeastern Oklahoma State College, a M.Ed, degree at the University of Missouri, and a Ed.D. degree at the University of Arkan- sas before coming to ASU in 1953. 232 Peggy Stroud Resides having the welfare of the University ' s women students under her direction, Peggy Stroud, as dean of women and associate dean of students, has the added burden of assisting the dean of students in his responsibilities. Before coining to ASU in 1954, she received her B.A. from Millsaps Col- lege and gained a M.Ed, from the University of Mississippi. Robert Moore Handling all problems from fraternities to traffic tickets comes under the jurisdiction of Robert Moore, dean of stu- dents. But his job includes more than that. His office over- sees almost every aspect of the student ' s college life from the time he arrives on campus until he graduates. He came to the University in 1949 and held positions as dean of men and extension di- rector before becoming dean of students. He received his B.A. at Mississippi College and his MA. at the University of Mississippi. Don C. Denny As dean of men, Don C. Denny has the full-time job of looking after the University ' s over 3000 male population. He first came to Arkansas State in 1958 as a resident hall di- rector, and since then has risen to director of men ' s housing and on to his present position. Left, Hubert A Treneman, bookstore manager; below, secretaries Janna Kaffka and Norma Garrett. 235 College of Business The College of Business, under the supervision of Dr. B. C. McGough, dean of the col- lege, is ever striving to edu- cate tlie business leaders and office workers of the future so that their skills ma he chan- neled into the upbuilding of the economy. Kach student receives a standard background in ac- counting, business administra- tion, business education, and secretarial science. Division heads are Shirl D. Strauser, Accounting; Dr. Rob- ert Ferralasco. Business Edu- cation and Secretarial Science; and Dr. Roland Mullins. Gen- eral Business and Economics. Dr. B C. McGoukIi, clean of the College ol Education. Below, a student practices with an adding machineas coffee. 240 24 i College of Business The College of Business, under the supervision of Dr. B. C. McGough, dean of the col- lege, is ever striving to edu- cate the business leaders and office workers of the future so that their skills ma be chan- neled into the upbuilding of the economy. Each student receives a standard background in ac- counting, business administra- tion, business education, and secretarial science. Division heads are Shirl D. Strauser, Accounting; Dr. Rob- ert Ferralasco, ' Business Edu- cation and Secretarial Science; and Dr. Roland Mullins. Gen- eral Business and Economics. Dr. B. C McGough. clean of the College of Education. Below, a student practices others cram over a cup of coffee. 240 V 2Ai Business Education and Secretarial Science Faculty - (front row, left to right) Mary Short, Virginia Stotts, JucK Robinson, Man Lou Wood, Fay Beth Gray, Linda Dacus, (hack row i Wilham Waddle. Don Roberts, lack Chamblin, Ruby Lucas, Patty Price, Daniel Schroeder, Dr. Robert Ferralasco. 243 College of Education Teachers hold the key to the future of the youth of the nation, and the College of Education is geared to pro- duce the finest in the field, offering not only an undergraduate program, but also a masters program in many fields. The College, under the leader- ship of Dr. Harry F. Hodge, offers programs in not only regular educa- tion, but also in such varied subjects as Library Science, Psychology, Spe- cial Education, Rehabilitation Counsel- ing and Counseling. The five heads of the divisions are Dr. M. Vance Sales, Educational Administration and Secondary Educa- tion; Dr. Robert F. Abbott, Counselor Education and Psychology; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, Elementary Education and Special Education; Dr. Jess R. White, Physical Education and Recreation; and James Hansard, Library Science. Faculty— (Lower right, front row, left to right) Dr (. Herndon, L. Barton, N Bumpass, l)i l Vance, Dr | Hogins; (back row ) Dr. W. G. Chance, Dr. R. Simpson, Dr Secondan Education Faculty— (Sitting), right to left, C. D. Ham, Dr. R. B. Kluge, Dr. M. V. Sales, B ( Irosswait, Dr. B. ( lonawa) and (Standing ) Dr J. P. Sweat, Dr. A. G. Shannon and Dr. P. E. Couch. Dr R. White. flp C A TriO N 247 College of Fine Arts By employing the use of art exhib- its, drama productions in Wilson Au- ditorium, the Chamber Theater, musi- cal concerts (both instrumental and vocal) and debate tournaments, the College of Fine Arts strives to in- crease the cultural aspects of the stu- dent and the community. Under the direction of Dr. Duane Haskell, dean of the College, each student is given the opportunity to develop an appre- ciation for the arts and is also provided with the opportunity to develop his own creative abilities. Division chairmen are Dan Ho- ward, Art; Dr. Dennis H. Rhodes, Speech and Drama; and Donald R. Minx, Music. Dr. Duane B. Haskell (right). Below, students look over the art exhibits in the new Fine Arts Building. I 250 English. Philosophy and Language Faculty — front row, Dr. K. J. Wilcox. A. Krida Jr., J F. Ford. J. A Masterson. | L. Miles. (;. F. Horneker, second row), Dr. T. M Harwell, Dr. N. W. Quick, I) V MacKen te, | Peacock, (third row). L. D. Moon. F. Neeley, Dr. A. Wupperman, E. Lane, fourth row), D. Ford, N. V. Young, F. Hunter, Dr. V Zivers, itillli row), C 1) Culver, M A. Sloan, W. (;. Walker. L. Scalia, Dr. B. L. Stroud, sixth row), F. Abraham III. S R. Gennuso, E. II Robinson, E. C, Reillv, (seventh row). S F. Crews. C. B. McClelland, L. Braclen, R. VVesterman, eight row ). R. Lewis, D, M Da . C S. Lee, H. L. Pinter. College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts is mapped out to meet the increasing need of today s youth to know the an- swers to questions that don ' t have just one answer. The course is de- signed to instill questions in the stu- dent ' s mind, then help him grope lor the answer — an answer that has evad- ed many. Dr. O. P. James, dean of the Col- lege, is assisted by chairman in three divisions: Dr. John A. Galloway, His- tory; Dr. C. Clyde Jones, Political Science, Geography and Sociology; and Dr. Earl J. Wilcox, English, Philosophy and Languages. Arthur Krida Jr., in- structor in English, confers w ith a student. 252 254 College of Science With the addition of the new Lab- oratory Science Center, which was opened for the first time this year, and the procuring of more, highly specialized teachers, the College of Science has made great strides toward enriching the presentation of its pro- gram. The new laboratory facilities, combined with the purchase of modern scientific equipment, enables the stu- dent to better encompass the wide scope of the scientific world. The College is divided into three divisions under the supervision of Dr. James Stevenson. Dr. Dewey Sifford is the acting chairman of the Division of Physical Sciences, Dr. John K. Beadles is chairman of the Division of Biolog- ical Sciences, and Jerry Linnstaedter is chairman of the Division of Math and Phvsics. (Left) Dr. James Ste a new electrical h Physical ' Science Faculty — (front row) Dr. R. S. Mitchell, Dr. M. L. Doyle, C. Jones, W. N. Smith, Dr. J. E. Bennett, Dr. D. M. Chittenden; (back row) Dr. D. H. Sifford, R. O. Saunders, Dr. D. L. Vosburg, Dr. N. Trautwein, W. V. Wvatt and Dr. P. D. GwinuD Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing RJP Faculty — (seated) Robert Kern, L. W. " Tex " Plunkett, division chairman, Charles Rasberry, Joel Gambill ami [on Braswell; (standing) Bobby Ruff, Tom Manning, Homer Hallett, Darrel Cunningham, Gene Boucher and Roy Barnhill. The Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing, one of the school ' s most respected departments and an independent division, continued to grow this year as it increased to almost 200 students in one of its major fields. Under the direction of L. W. " Tex ' ' Plunkett, its grad- uates fill major positions in the communications industry throughout the state. Students gain work exper- ience through The Herald, ASU ' s newspaper, which is pub- lished by journalism and print- ing classes, and the university owned radio station, KASU. 261 ROTC: Preparation For the Future It was another year of the same at the Division or Military Science, onk perhaps more so. There were the same uninitiated freshmen meekly pursuing the same harrowing, some- times frightening, initiation into a world of ultra order and orders. There were the same old wisened sophomores phil- isophically going through the motions of a year before, and finding a new NCO Academy there to confuse them. There were the same junior and senior advanced cadets, looking at things from the giving instead of the receiving end. And then there was the faculty, aiming at making men of boys and wondering what went wrong. But above it all there was the promise of a new world to come, one of uniforms and regulations, tradition and future. Col. Harry G. Morris (right), Profes- sor of Military Science, looks over his cadets (below ) 7 mi t I " III t mil ' l l»Mlf Hill l|l " iniiii m%f f a 263 It ' s Not All Drill When most people think of Military Science, they think only of the drills, cleaning weapons, shoe shining and the other not so glamorous aspects of ROTC. They forget that with it all come the added grace of the Princess Platoon, the formality of the military ball and the various receptions given for cadet officers. The Glenn Miller Orchestra, ri ht, provided music tor Below, Col. Harry Morris, ST s PMS. and Dr. Carl R. Reng, President of ASU, greet guests. Right, senior cadets were presented at the Division of Nursing An undergraduate nursing program became a realitv at ASl this year be- hind the efforts of Leon Kldredge. division chairman. Upon completion of the two-year program. including courses in the natural and social sciences as well as the University ' s basic courses, a stu- dent is eligible to appl for a state nursing license. Leon E. Eldredge (right), chairman of the Division of Nursing. Below , Nursing Faculty - (left to right) Anita Fuller. Eldredge, Graduate School The Graduate School added new courses in Rehabilitation Counseling this year to its ever-expanding series of Masters pro- grams. Under the direction of Dr. W. W. Nedrow, 52 persons of the 180 students entered in the School received degrees. Museum Fills Many Roles ASU ' s Museum is used by many for research and refer- ence in several fields. Under the direction of Dr. Eugene Wittlake and Mrs. Wittlake, the museum provides a ready source of reference in such fields as natural science, pi- oneer history, Arkansas Indian culture and historical glass- ware and china. Dr. and Mrs. Wittlake are assisted in their efforts by eight student preparators. 271 Classes 273 f m P i mi 7: il A Ml Frank W. Abernathy, Jonesboro, Zoology KA, Marching Indians Tommie Sue Abernathy, West Memphis, Music MENC, Tau Beta Sigma, Choral Union, March- ing Indians, Wind Ensemble, SGA, AWS, Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta Galen Hopkins Adams, Little Rock, Math Phi Eta Sigma, PIKA President James Norris Adams, Jonesboro, Physics Larry W. Adams. Paragould, Bus. Adm. Lois Marie Aebersold, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Wesley Foundation, Choral Union, ASU Singers, Young Republicans Abraham Akel, Brinkley, Biology Baseball Benny Lee Akin, Heth, Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Albert Eugene Alexander, Poplar Bluff, Mo. P.E. PEM Club Lee Alexander, Monette, English Sigma Pi Class of 1969 Mary Roussan Alexander. Blytheville, Elem. Ed. James O. Allbright, Heber Springs, Math LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon William Allbright, Heber Springs, Radio-TV Broadcasters Club, KASU Staff Damn Dale Allen, Campbell, Mo., Math Houston A. Allen, Marked Tree, Agri. Engr. Delta Tau Alpha, Agri. Engr. Club Jud S Allen. Pine Bluff, Bus. Ed. AOPi, AWS, WAA, Pi Omega Pi, Featherpens SNEA, PiKA Dream Girl John W. Allison, Jonesboro, Bus. Football. Sigma Pi Herbert | Allred, Jonesboro, Economics Linda Ann Amspaugh, Camden. Bus. Adm Young Republicans, IRC Jane W Anderson, Lepanto, Elem, Ed. Frank B. Armstrong, Jonesboro, Biologx David L. Arnold. Blvtheville, Philosophy Joseph Harold Arnold, Blytheville, Art SPE. Kappa Pi. Print Club. Graphic Arts Club William l Arrington, Luxora, Bus. Adm Tulio C. Astudillo, Rancagua, Chile, Journalism Spanish Club. IRC Samrm James Atchison, Paragould, Biologx [oe Lvnn Atkins. Blvtheville, Bus. Rodnex Owen Babe ' r, Jacksonville, English Martha [ean Bailev, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Panhellenic Council, WAA. SNEA, ZTA Pres- ident Robert B. Bailey, Jonesboro,. P.E. LXA, YDC, Pershing Rifles, Featherpens, PEM Club, SCA, Chief Big Track Linda J. Baker, W alnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. SNEA Raymond K. Baldridge, Monette. Elem. Ed. Suzanne Marie Ball, Little Rock, Bus. Ed. Phi Mu. WAA, AWS Betty Jean Balt ell. Brookland, English AWS, WAA foAnn Barker. Black Rock. Elem. Fd. Silv Ed Jones Barkt Mo., Ele Chi O, WAA, AWS, YDC. Indian Sammv Wavne Barklev, Jonesboro, Biologv Claude M. Barnard. St. Charles, P.E. PEM Club Carolene Barrier, Weiner, Elem. Ed. Jerr Wayne Barnes, Bay, Agri. Engr. Sandra A. Barnes, Blytheville, English AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, Pres- idents Roundtable Lynn Lacy Barr, Jacksonville, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, AWS Danm Edward Bassett, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Lvnda Arlene Batchelor, Little Rock, Math Pankellenie Council, Presidents ' Roundtable, SGA, AWS. WAA, SNEA. KD President Marilvn Sue Bates. Pollard, Elem. Ed. KD. AWS. WAA, Gamma Beta Phi p flfc . t: yfc 1 Seniors Alice Farral Baugh, Bono, Elem. Ed. Robert Harold Baxter, Magness, Math TKE, Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon. James Harrell Beard, Beebe, Chemistry Franklin Dan Beaton, Elaine, Pol Sci. Paul G. Beaton, Marmaduke. Agri. Engr. Jud Ann Beene, Osceola, Elem. Ed. AWS William Marvin Beene, Hughes, Math SPE, Kappa Mu Epsilon, IFC Robert Scott Bell, Searcv, Historv SPE, SNEA Sandra Lee Bell, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Judv Ann Benjamin, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AWS, Choral Union, SNEA Bessie Ellen Bennett, Dalton, Elem. Ed. Charlotte Fave Bennett, Blvtheville, Speech AWS Martha E. Bennett, Jonesboro, English Kappa Mu Epsilon, AWS Robert Lindel Bennett, Jr., Jonesboro, Physics Terry Joe Benson, Bav. Marketing William Earl Bergev, South Dayton, NY., P.E. Football, Gymnastics, KA James Richard Berrv, Ward, Chemistrv MBSF, IRC Larrv Don Berrv, Higginson, Animal Science Delta Tau Alpha, Block and Bridle Club Dennis L. Betts, Arbyrd, Mo., Biology Margaret Wood Bevill, Paragould, English Fonda Z. Bishop, Harrisburg, Music Ed. AOPi, Tau Beta Sigma, Honorary Cadet, Con- cert Choir, ASU Singers, Madrigals, MENC Stephen Albert Bitelv, Gould, Agri. Bus. Delta Tau Alpha Mary Carolyn Black, Smithville, Geography Frances Jo Blackburn, Elaine, Music Ed. SGA, WAA, AWS, MENC, ASU Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir Ronald William Blackburn, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Class of 1969 F A 11 mi Seniors CI 9 i Robert Henry Blair, Jonesboro, Math Sigma Pi Nancv Lea Blaxton, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Mary Lou Blissit, Little Rock, Biology Sara jane Blissit, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. KD, SNEA, AWS, WAA Thelma Jean Blocker, Hot Springs, Sociology AWS, WAA, Pi Gamma Mu Christine Boblack, Marked Tree, French Newman Club, AWS Irene Boblack, Marked Tree, English Jim K. Bodenhamer, Mountain Home, Journalism Press Club, Pershing Rifles, Herald Staff Eugene G. Boerner, North Little Rock, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, Presidents ' Roundtable Jim EHis Bohannon, Searcy, Bus. Adm. Class of 1969 Brenda Kav Bonds, Trumann, Math AWS, WAA. Phi Mu James Dexter Bonds, Trumann, Pol. Sci. Sigma Pi Marv Lou Booker, El Dorado, Pol. Sci. Phi Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, IRC Walter Edgar Boster, Doniphan, Mo., Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi James Alfred Bourland, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Bonnie Kav Bowden, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA, BSU Thomas Russell Boyd, Walnut Ridge, Music Ed. Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Choral Union, MENC Leonard Olen Bradberry, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Alpha Kappa Psi, Wesley Foundation, SNEA Joanne Bradlev, Swifton, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA, Church of Christ Fellowship Joseph Leonard Bradley, Overland, Mo., Account- ing Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC, Accounting Club Jonnie F. Bradsher, Trumann, Art Print Club, Kappa Pi President Warren Davis Brainard, Pine Bluff, Philosophy Barbara Lyn Brakefield, Little Rock, Spanish Spanish Club Michael Brakefield, Memphis, Tenn., Economics Josie D. Brandon, Piggott, Sociology Laudies Dow Brantlev, Jr., hngland, Agronomv TKE, SGA President Carolvn Sue Brasher, Keiser, Elem. Ed. KD, WAA, SNEA, AWS Freddy Thompson Bratton, Blytheville, Journal- ism Sigma Pi, Graphic Arts Club, Press Club, Herald Staff Sandra Couch Bratton, Marion, Elem. Ed. Svble B. Brawner, Wvnne, Elem. Ed. TV A Marv K. Brazzel, Little Rock, History Phi Alpha Theta Houston A. Brewer, Lepanto, Business CMC, Indian Village Council James Ronnie Brewer, Marmaduke, Biology Jerrv Lvnn Brewer, Monette, English TKE, Gamma Beta Phi Norma Sue Brewer, Cardwell, Mo., Soc. Sci. 276 MariKn Ka Brittingham, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Phillis Jean Broadway, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Dianne R. Brogdon, McCrorv, P E AWS, PEM Club, WAA Frankie Carl Brogdon, McCrory P. E TKE, PEM Club, Track Teena K. Brooks, Steele, Mo., Soc. Sci. Phi Mu, SCA, Honorary Cadet, WAA, AWS, YDC Alan VV. Brown, Lynnfiejd, Mass., P.E. LXA Alvie Rav Brow n, Pocahontas, General Bus. Anthonv Dale Brown, Oxford, General Bus. Billie Vaughn Brown, Piggott, Elem. Ed. Douglas D. Brown, Poplar Bluff. Mo., Pol. Sci. Veterans Club, IRC, Band Seniors Fred Brown, Corning, P.E. Sigma Pi, PEM Club Jaeque Cecilia Brown, Pine Bluff, English AGD, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Indians cert Band, AWS lames Henr Brow n, Augusta, Agronomy TKE, Plant Science Club, Pershing Rifles Janet Finch Brown, Widener, Elem. Ed. SNEA, SCEC Marv Ann Brown, Melbourne, Elem. Ed. SNEA Melvin Donald Brown, Rector, Bus. Adm. Patricia Carol Brown, Batesville, Elem. Ed. WAA, AWS, KD, SNEA Paul Garry Brown, Jonesboro, Biology Rebecca Ann Brown, Hickory Ridge, English Robert Greenberrv Brown, Jr., Delaplaine, Agri. Ed. FFA,ATA Ronald Lee Brow n, Pocahontas, P E. Basketball Sandra Runnels Brown, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Chi O, AWS, WAA, SNEA Dianne V irginia Brown, Augusta, Zoolog AWS Alton Ray Brownderville, Hickory Ridge, Soc. Sci. Rebecca Ann Brvant, Little Rock, P.E. WAA, PEM Club, AWS Christv Lea Buchanan, Caruthersville, Mo., Elem. Ed. KD, SNEA, WAA, AWS l ra L. Buhrmester, Jonesboro, Journalism Rita Sue Bunch, Pocahontas, Soc. Sci. James Michael Burk, Jonesboro, P.E. PEM Club, YDC, Basketball, LXA Barbara Elizabeth Burke, Wynne, Elem. Ed. AGD, Sigma Alpha Iota, Gamma Beta Phi SNEA, Concert Choir Carol Joan Burks, Searcv, Special Ed. AWS Board, SNEA Cletis J. Burnett, Caruthersville, Mo., Education Jov Anne Burrow, Augusta, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS Mary C. Burrow, McCrory , Bus. Adm. Aubrey Charles Butcher, Jr., Cotton Plant, Soc. Sci. Class of 1969 ft 4 k ft fern , d jZ ' X 1 | J? lib 4 • 1 Dale Butler, Kensett, Journalism KA, Herald, Broadcasters Club, Indian Karon Sue Butler, Batesville, Pol. Sci. William Allen Bvrcl, Little Rock Printing BSU Frank Michael Cachia, Pleasantville, N. cation President, Twin Towers Dorm Council Charlotte Susan Cala, Rochester, N.Y., Newman Club.AWS Y , Edu- Soc. Sci. Walter N eral Bus Alpha Kappa Harrv Wavne Cald 1 Calaway, Jr., Marianna, Gen- Little Rock. Hi Block and Bridle Club President, Judging Team Susan Joanna Callahan, State University, Bus Ed. William Robert Calhoun, North Little Rock, Ra- dio-TV Broadcasters Club, KASU Staff Patricia Ann Cameron, New port. Art KD, Square Dance Club, Spanish Club Class of 1969 Dianna B. Campbell, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. James M. Campbell II, Jonesboro, Botam TKE Suzanne Elliott Campbell, Marked Tree, Journal- ism Phi Mu, AWS, Broadcasters Club, WAA Patricia Dianne Caneer, Senath, Mo., Zoology AWS Patsy L. Cantrell, Stuttgart, Elem. Ed. SNEA, BSU, Square Dance Club, KD, WAA, AWS, YRC Linda J. Caplinger, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. William C. Caputo, Jacksonville, Fla. ; P. E. Track, TKE LaDrewe Carev, Marvell, Bus. Ed. SNEA, Gamma Beta Phi, AWS, Pi Omega Pi Don Roy Carnahan, Piedmont, Mo., Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Mabelee Lunsford Carney, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Lvman Wavne Carroll, Senath, Mo., Sigma Pi Sandra K. Carrouth, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. AWS, YRC Patricia H. Carrver, Jonesboro, Sociology ZTA Jack H. Carson, West Helena, Marketing Tennis John Anthony Carter, Piedmont, Mo., ture Sigma Pi Marilyn Carter, St. Louis, Mo., Elem. Ed. ZTA, SNEA, BSU, Panhellenic Council William H. Carter, Sulphur Rock, Anims Block and Bridle Club Judy Case, Hoxie, Speech BSU Glenda Faye Cash, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Judith Harlan Chaffin, Trumann, English Joseph Lee Chambers, Jonesboro, Math Pattve Bess Chandler, Pine Bluff, English Lambda lota Tau, AOPi, AWS, WAA, Pi Mu, Featherpens B. Virginia Chapman, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. David Leo Childs, Elaine, Bus. Adm. Herman Luhring Childs, Norfolk, Va., Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Alfred Karl Christensen, Hensley, History Arkansas Hall Dorm Council Vice Pres. Alan Arnold Clark, State University, Economics LXA, Alpha Kappa Psi, YRC Charles Garv Clark, Jonesboro, Chemistry SPE, ACS Can LaVan Clark, New Madrid, Mo., Animal Sci- ence BSU, Concert Choir, ASU Singers Jerry W. ( ' lark, Jonesboro, Sociology Pi Gamma Mtt, ASU Mental Health Association Lloyd Wayne Clark, Jr , Walnut Ridge, Geography Reng Rifles, Pershing Rifles, Circle K, Coun- ter Guerillas Philip Rouses Clark, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Adm. YDC, Alpha Kappa Psi. Accounting Club Norman E. Clav, Lepanto, Art Kappa Pi, NAEA {Catherine Ann Cline, Tyronza, English Grover Pat Clinton, Lynn, Agronomy Plant Science Club 9 i h i ! ? P 4 V i r Seniors Class of 1969 Jim C. Cobb, Jonesboro, Sociology Counter Guerillas. Spanish Club, IRC Thomas Douglas Cobb, Jr., Lake Citv, Business Belinda Gav Coffman, Clinton, Art SGA Rodger Dale Cole, Russell, Soc. Sci. Barbara S. Coleman, Jonesboro, P. E. Cheerleader, Square Dance Club, Gymnastics Team, PEM Club, AWS. WAA Sherry Ann Colley, Jonesboro, English Alpha Lambda Delta Betty Jane Collier, Fredericktown, Mo., Math William Collier, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Janet Gai Collins, West Plains, Mo., Music Sigma Alpha lota. Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Phi Mu, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Marching Indians, Princess Platoon, Choral Union, MENC, Statesmen Sweetheart, Gamma Beta Phi Charles Baxter Cone, Hardy , Journalism PiKA James Thomas Cone, Melbourne, Business Harry Ruggles Conner, Arlington, Va., Jimmy DeWain Cook, Jonesboro, Spanish Phi Eta Sigma, Spanish Club J. C. Coomer, Jonesboro, Accounting Gary Dean Cooper, Melbourne, Agri. Ed F FA, ATA Martha Lee Cooper, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Nancv Lou Cooper, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Indian, AWS, SNEA Thomas Gregory Cooper, W. Helena, Biology PiKA Treasurer Ronald Perrv Corbett, Walnut Ridge. Agronomy Plant Science Club Franchal H. Cothren, Monette, Elem. Ed. SCEC Buddy L. Couch, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Delta Tau Alpha, Agri. Council James Lee Counts, Jacksonville, Chemistry MBSF, ACS, Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Team Karen Sue Coverdale, Elizabeth, P.E. KD, PEM Club, WAA, AWS Raymon Edyvard Covev, Sedgwick, Agronomy Plant Science Club Clarice W. Cox, Paragould, English Featherpens Seniors Lvnda Carter Cox, Brinklev, Elem. Ed. WAA, AWS Norman John Cox, |r . Bradford, General Bus. Gene Dale Crafton, Walnut Ridge, Math Hubert William Grain, Brookland. Art Kappa Pi, Scabbard and Blade Gan Don Crane, Jennings, Mo.. P.E. Basketball, Football John W illiam Crew s. Lake City, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi W. Alsow Crick, Lepanto, Chemistn CMC, ACS Man |ane Crigler, Alton, Mo.. Sociologv YDC, AWS Linda Joann Crist, Jonesboro, Chemistn ACS. Kappa Mu Epsdon, BSU, Alpha Lambda Delta Donna Marie Crook, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. Class of 1969 Ermal Joe Crossfield, Piggott, Bus. Adm. Pershing, Rifles, Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC Elizabeth ( latherine tow, Rector, Biolog AGD, Honorary Cadet, Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Beta Beta Beta, SGA, Panhellenic Council, Indian James R. Cruse, Mountain View , Agriculture Larrv Joe Crve. Des Arc, Agri. Bus. Delta Tan Alpha Sarah Ann Culver, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Phi Mu, AWS, WAA Edward Joseph Cunningham, Mountain Home, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi, YDC, CMC Wilma Frances Cunningham, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Sandra Duncan Currey, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. James Patrick Curry. Pine Bluff, Music Ed. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Marching Indians, Concert Band Linda Ka Dale, Piggott, Zoolog) Marching Indians, Concert Band, Medical Arts Club James W. Damron, Jonesboro, General Bus. Richard Samuel Darouse, Jonesboro, Business Doroth Jane Davidson, Poplar Bluff, Mo., English Hugh P Davis, Rison, Sociologv Jana Lee Davis, Blvtheville, P.E. PEM Club, WAA Janet Loretta Davis, Walnut Ridge, Sociology Joan Carol Davis, Beech Grove, Elem. Ed. Norma Lea Davis, Biggers, Bus. Ed. Sallv Deane Davis, Newport, Spanish Gamma Beta Phi, Spanish Club, AWS, SNEA Bob B. Daw son, Pocahontas, General Bus. Janet Marie DeBons, Paragould, Elem. Ed. AOPi,AWS, WAA Paul Robert Deck, Glen Allen, Mo., Soc. Sci. Rav Hinkle Decker, Mountain View, Agri. Ed. MBSF, FFA William Don Dent, Jonesboro, Business Veterans Club, National Mental Health Club John M. Denton, Harrisburg, Journalism Edmundo Jose Deshon, Chinandega Nicaragua, Ca., Economics Spanish Club Garv Eugene Dever. Jonesboro, P.E. PEM Club Gerald R. Devore, Beebe, Math Rollie Mark Dickinson. Marmaduke, Biologv Pershing Rifles. Reng Rifles, Counter Guer- rillas Connie |ovce Dietsche, Cherokee Village, P.E. AWS, WAA, PEM Club Joe Paul Dillier. West Helena, Economics Carol June Doak, Lake City, Elem. Ed. BSC, Spanish Club, SNEA, AWS, Herald Shirley Ann Dodd, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Ann Dodson, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Cathy Dohogne, Paragould, Math Km Seniors Class of 1969 Patricia Ann Dollins, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, SNEA James Edward Doman, Newport, Bus. Adm. Elaine Dorton, State University, Elem. Ed. Lee Dotson, Nesbitt, History Phi Eta Sigma Lynda Diane Douglas, Marked Tree, Elem. AOPi. AWS, WAA, SNEA, Featherpens Terrell H. Dow ning, Hoxie, Accounting Accounting Club Cora Draper Drake, New port, English Arrowhead Players, Poetry Club, Featherpens Marguerite Duez, jonesboro, French Jean H. Duff, Pine Bluff. Elem. Ed. AGD, Alpha Sigma Vpsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, AWS, SGA, SCEC Pres- ident Larrv N. Duffel, Jonesboro. Economics Herald Cleve Edward Dunavant, Jonesboro, Math LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon Eddie Joel Dunlap, Paragould. Bus. Adm. Carolyn Hamilton Eagle, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Janice Collins East, Marked Tree, English John Allen Eastburn, Pocahontas, Speech AndvJ. Eastman, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Robert Dale Eaton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Adm. Carolvn Ruth Edgar, Jonesboro, P.E. WAA, AWS, PEM Club Anne H. Edmonds, North Little Rock, Art Print Club, Alpha Gamma Beta, Newman Club, AWS Lynda Smith Edwards, State University, English AGD, Beta Beta Beta, Lambda Iota fau, W ' AA AWS Sarah Melinda Edwards, Jonesboro, Hankins Allen Egner, Desha, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi, Wesley Foundation Sam Anthonv Elardo, Helena, Bus. Adm. PiKA President, IFC, Newman Club Tannda Elliott, Blvtheville, P.E. AOPi, PEM Club, AWS, WAA Darvl S. Ellis, Atlanta, Ga., Business P f in L ■ ■ ■ Y fit Seniors Lyle Ellis, Jr., Clarendon, Bus. Van S. Ellis, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Mgmt. Pershing Rifles, SGA, Rifle Team, SPE David E. England, Paragould, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club, Veterans Club Sharon Ennis, Batesville, Elem. Ed. KD, WAA,AWS,SNEA B. Richard Eoff. Dell, Agriculture Block and Bridle Club James T. Essman, Walnut Ridge, Biology Beta Beta Beta, Scabbard and Blade Lindel Eugene Estes, Ash Flat, Soc. Sci. Meredith Kave Estes, McRae, Elem. Ed. SNEA Tommv Lvnn Estes, Ash Flat, Soc. Sci. Phi Xi Rho Damn Evans, Mvrtle, Mo., Bus. Ed. Class of 1969 w m •» .2. i . !?■•• • 111 ft ft! If Iff . ■ Dollv Sue Evans, Glencoe, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, AWS Sharon Lvnne Everett, VVvnne, English Steven D. Ewart, West Helena, Pol. Sci. TKE, IRC, Pi Gamma Mu, YDC, Phi Alpha Theta Sharon K. Eye, Manila, Biology Jerry Don Farley, Cash, Bus. Adm. Wilbourn Max Farley, Beech Grove, Agri. Engr. Engineering Club Dwight Farmer, Jonesboro, Phvsics Hollie A. Farris, Steele, Mo., Music ATO, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble Linda Kav Faulkner, Jonesboro, English ZTA, AWS, WAA, Spanish Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Square Dance Club Ronald Wavne Faulkner, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. TKE Vice Pres., IFC Vice Pres., Scabbard and Blade, IRC Ruth M. Faulkner, Paragould, Art NAEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi Gerald Lynn Fears, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Dannv Lee Featherston, Piggott, Accounting Robert John Feldwisch, Glendale, Mo., Bus. Gymnastics David Carl Fellows, Newport, Biology Scabbard and Blade, Beta Beta Beta, Canter- bury Club Marv Davis Fellows, Augusta, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, BSU Glenda Joyce Felts, West Memphis, English Newman Club, Phi Mu, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, WAA, SNEA Eleanor Susan Fiala, Jonesboro, English Rhonda Susan Fielder, Jonesboro, Music Concert Choir, Choral Union, ASU Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota, Madrigals Richard T. Fielder, Pocahontas, Agronomv Delta Tau Alpha Lemuel Kenion Finlev, Rome, N.Y., Sociologv Robert Lee Finley, Collinsville, III., Pol. Sci. Michael Wade Finn, West Memphis, Math Sandra Kav Fisk, Corning, Geographv AWS, WAA, Indian . David Wallace Flatt, Poplar Bluff, Mo., English Drill Team 282 Suzanne Flippo, Powhatan, Elerh. Ed. Freda Ruelene Folev, Walnut Ridge, Elern. Ed. Darrell Edward Ford. St James, Animal Science Block and Bridle, Agriculture Club Thomas Wayne Fortner, North Little Rock, Agronorm Plant Science Club Henrv R. Foster, Newport, Bus Adm. A TO, YDC, Drill Team Preston B Foster, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Radio- TV TKE, BSU, KASV Staff, Indian Sports Net- work, Broadcasters Club James Robert Fowler, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Math Reng Rifles, Counter Guerrillas, Pershing Rifles Man L. Fraser, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Alan Wade French, Diaz, Historv John Douglas Frew, Pine Bluff. Pol. Sci. SPE, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Debate Club, SCA, IRC Seniors Class of 1969 Pamela Scott Fuhr, Jonesboro, Bus Ed. Phi Mu, LXA Crecent Girl, Honorary Cadet, Alpha Sigma Vpsilon Pre ., A AW Pres., Off Campus AWS Pres., SGA, Alpha Lambda Delta Trees., Featherpens, YDC, WAA, SNEA, Pi Omega Pi, Presidents ' Roundtable, Indian Golden Fulbright, Weiner, Chemistn ACS Marcus Richard Gaines, Blvtheville, Bus Ed. LXA Paul Thomas Gaines, Jr., McCrory, Agronorm Plant Science Club Brenda Kave Gaiser, Benton, English SNEA, AWS, Featherpens. Warren George Gallion, Jonesboro, Math Loretta Ann Gambill, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. SNEA, AWS, Pi Omega Pi Sharon Ellen Gann, Harrisburg, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS Bobbye Jean Garner, Wynne, English Pete Garris, Stuttgart, Biology Football Moud Ray Gazawav, Paragould, Bus Adm. Man Kathryn Gee, Bl the ille, Education Barbara Louise Geib, Mammoth Spring, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA, SCEC John Pern Ceis, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. TKE Richard Carson Gemeinhardt, Sikeston, Mo., Gen- eral Bus. TKE William Larry George, Osceola, Bus. Ed. Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC, Indian Village City Council L. D. Gibson, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Robert S Giersberg, Vergennes, Vt., P.E. Track, Cross Country, PEM Club Robert E. Gill, Dell, Agronomy Agriculture Club, Circle K Pres., Plant Science Club Glenda Ka Gillette, Piggott, Sociology Stephen J. Gillis, Harrisburg, Agronomy Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle Club Dennis S. Gillmore, Jonesboro, Accounting Sigma Pi, IFC Paula D. Gillmore, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Michael Dennis Gilmer, Jonesboro, Math ATO, Scabbard and Blade Pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma Mary Kathleen Glasgow, Newport, Art Ed. p ft c, to - Bebe Louise Glenn, Hazen. English KD, Gamma Beta Phi, Featherpens Danny Du Wayne Glenn, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Mareia Anne Glenn, Fisher, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA Betty Jean Goff, Blytheville, History John Henry Goldsmith. Jonesboro, Biologx TKE, Newman Club Patricia Jean Goode, Wilson, English Danny Lynne Goodman, Brookland, Math Gavla Lynn Goodman, Corning, Spec. Ed. Cathy Lynne Goodwin, Calamine, Elem. Ed. Fred Wayne Goodwin, Ash Flat, Journalism Seniors Class of 1969 TV it 1 5fc f Glenda Lou Gordon, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. SNEA Maye Dale Gordon, Newport, General Bus. Charles Marvin Gore, Rector, Agri. Ed. F FA, ATA V. Lucille Gott, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. James Edward Gould, Pittsfield, Maine, Business KA, YRC, Circle K, Speleological Society Larrv L. Goza, Swifton, English SNEA, Spanish Club Larrv Eugene Graddy, Harrisburg, Music Ed. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Marching Indians, Concert Band Zane A. Gragg, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Virginia Caroline Graham, Clarendon, Spec. Ed. SCEC, AWS, SNEA Marsha L. Grassham, Van Buren, Mo., Elem. Ed. Gordon Ra Green, Paragyuld, Marketing Sigma Pi James W. Green, Hoxie, Soc. Sci. John How ard Green, Piggott, Soc. Sci. IRC Suzanne Greenlee, Trumann, Elem. Ed. WAA, SNEA Curtis Don Greenwav, Paragould, Biology PiKA, SGA, Beta Beta Beta, Student Affairs Committee Diana Lee Greer. Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Phvllis Jeanne Gregory, Newport, Education SNEA Michael A. Griffev, Pine Bluff, Zoolog SPE, Beta Beta Beta Darrell Wavne Griffin, Manila, P.E. KA, PEM Club Earl Franklin Griffin, Bl theville. Sociology Larry Don Griffin, Jonesboro, Agri. Bus. Sharon Kave Grimes, Paragould, Bus Ed. SNEA Linda Carol Grisham, Monette, Elem. Ed. BSU James Roger Grissom, Hoxie, Pre-Med. Travis C. Grissom, Jonesboro, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Club Mike Alford Grogan, Paragould, English Tom E. Gschwend, Pocahontas, Business Phi Xi Rho, Bowling Team James Larry Gunnell, Stuttgart, Bus. Adm Alpha Kappa Psi Ramiro Jose Gurdian, Leon, Nicaragua Alpha Kappa Psi Phyllis Ann Gurlen, Jonesboro, P.E. m Thomas A. Guthrie, Calico Rock. General Bus. Man Hafner, Jonesboro, P.E. AWS, WAA, Gamma Beta Phi, Square Dance Club Cleve Anthon Hager. Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Vetrans Club Linda P. Halev, Judsonia, Bus. Ed. AWS Barbara Ann Halsey, Lake City, English EM IP Iff - Seniors Class of 1969 Vance Hambelton, Gainesville, Mo., Agri. Ed. FFA, ATA. Agriculture Club, Epsilon Chi, SGA Phvllis Diane Hammell, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA James Edward Hampton, Marvell, General Bus. Marilvn Susan Hamra, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed SNEA, AWS Donald J. Hancock, Doniphan, Mo., Soc. Sci. Janna Kave Hannah, Jonesboro, Biology AWS Patricia Ann Hansen, Little Rock, Bus. Ed. SGA, WAA, AWS, Wesleij Foundation Donald Benson Hardaway, Strawberry, Chemistry Marv Jane Hardestv, Corning, Soc. Sci. Ro Duight Hardin, Qulin, Mo., Soc. Sci. Charles R. Harris, Earle, Bus. Adm. Spanish Club, Chi Sigma, YRC Charles Thomas Harris, Saffell, General Bus. Elva Fave Harris, Marked Tree, Spec. Ed. SNEA, SCEC JoAnn W. Harris, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Michael Stephen Harris, Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Richard Michael Harris, Jonesboro, Math Circle K, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Kappa Mu Epsilon James David Hart, Blvtheville, Math Linda Carole Hart, Portia, Elem. Ed. Phi Mu, AWS, WAA James Jack Hartzel, Jonesboro, Music LXA, Kappa Kapp a Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, March- ing Indians, Wind Ensemble Jack L. Haskins, Ash Flat, Journalism Phi Xi Rho Anna Ruth Hassin, Hot Springs, English SNEA, Collegians, AWS, Featherpens, Newman Club Marv Anne Hastings, Mountain View, Bus. Ed. AWS, BSU, MBSF Curtis Dane Hatley, Marked Tree, P.E. Distinguished Military Student, Vice Pres. SGA, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, KA, Presidents ' Roundtable, Gymnastic Team, Cir- cle K, PEM Club Jean Rochelle Havdon, Little Rock, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS, WAA, AOPi Charles E. Haves, Black Rock, P.E. ilk m if |? a f i 1 c • i Seniors Charles Larry Haynes, Hornersville, Mo., Agro- nomy TKE, P anr Science Club Johnnie L. Haynes, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Dona Ann Hedger, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA, NEA David M. Helm, Melbourne, Accounting Accounting Club Ronald Dale Helmbeck, North Little Rock, P.E. Cheerleader, PEM Club Linda Helms, Swifton, Bus. Ed. ASU Promenaders, Gamma Beta Phi Danny Gerald Henderson, North Little Rock, Bus. Adm. Indian, Baseball, Basketball, BSU Lam Wayne Henderson, Trumann, Economics Bonnie Sue Hendrix, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. William Daniel Hendrix, Fort Smith, Bus. Adm. Class of 1969 Donald Glenn Henrv, Jonesboro, Biologv Pres. BSU, Circle K, Medical Arts Club John Walter Henry, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Martha Louise Henry, Bearden, Math Chi O, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Concert Choir, Cho- ral Union, YRC, AWS, WAA Marshall Gilbert Henson III, Jonesboro, Speech Judith Carolyn Henthorne, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Gar W. Hercher, Pine Bluff, Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Choral Union, Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind En- semble Frances (Catherine Herron, Memphis, Tenn., Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA Robert joe Hibbard, Van, Math Robert Whitten Hicks, West Memphis, Soc. Sci. KA, Pres. Circle K Jeralyn Horner Highfill, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. William F Hightower, Trumann, Pol. Sci. TKE, IRC, Gamma Beta Phi, SGA Stephen A Hile, State University, Bus. Adm. Carl C. Hill, Caruthersville, Mo., Bus. Adm. CMC, Student Affairs Committee, Indian Vil- lage City Council Mary Lucille Hill, Campbell, Mo., Elem. Ed. Joseph Michael Hilliard, Keiser, Economics SCA, Alpha Kappa Psi, TKE Michael Eugene Hines, Marianna, Printing Craphic Arts Club Billy Don Hinson, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Suzanne Hinton, Jonesboro, English Cheerleader Susan Clough Hodges, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Chi O, AWS, WAA, SNEA Bonnie Jean Hogland, Paragould, Sociology WAA, AWS Brenda Kay Holder, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Anna B. Holeman, Smithville, Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi Richard Wavne Holevfield, Searcv, Bus. Adm. SPE George Edd Holland, Monette, Biology Joseph Harry Holland. McRae, Soc. Sci. Karen Sue Holland, Gatewood, Mo., Elem. Gary Allen Holleman. Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Bobbie Jeannette Hollev, Osceola, Elem. SNEA, AWS Elizabeth Josephine Hollis, Rector, Educ; Stephonne David Hollis, Manila, Agri. Ed. F FA, ATA Margaret Brown Holman, Fordyce, John Wavne Holmes, Searcv, Bus. Adm Rubv Sue Holstine, Viola, English AWS, SNEA Gaylon Holt, Lafe, Soc. Sci. BSU Peter Nelson Holt, Gilmore, Accounting CMC, Indian Village Council Seniors Winston Eugene Holt, Walnut Ridge, Education Henrv Hobvell, Brinklev, Math Billv Don Hook. Lake City, P.E. ATO, PEM Club, Square Dance Club John R. Horn, Searcv, Sociology KA, Circle K A. Dianne Horner, Rector, Accounting Chi O, Accounting Club, WAA, AWS, Alpha Kappa Psi Sweetheart, Presidents ' Round- table, Gamma Beta Phi ■ ,f Melvin Robert Horton, Jr., St. Charles, Soc. Sci. Beverlv Ann House, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi Don R. House, Grubbs, Soc. Sci. Barbara Gean Houston, Fort Smith, Art Ed. YDC, AWS, Weslei) Foundation Gloria Kav Howard, Wynne, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS, Chi Alpha L ft I Kirk Charles Howard, Jonesboro, Biology TKE Robert James Howard, Honeoye Falls, N.Y. Zoology Thomas F. Howard, Shreveport, La., Bus. Adm. Jackie Rav Howell, Corning, Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi Bobby G. Howerton, Searcv, Accounting Jack Wilson Hubbard, Jr., Caruthersv ille. Mo., Business Circle K, Band, ASU Bowling Team Lawrence Reed Huett, Elizabeth, English Jerry W. Hughes, Dell, Zoology James M. Hunter, Cherry Valley, General Bus. Fred C. Hurd, Trumann, Sociology i James Leonard Hutchins, Stuttgart, Marketing Kathy M. Hutchinson. Evening Shade, Art Lindel Gene Hutson, Hardv , Journalism ATO, Press Club, YDC, Herald Aaron Dwight Hyde, Paragould, Math William Izmerian, Nazereth, Israel, German P id ■ ,P ft « - ' ' ■ 3 M i p p p Seniors CI f? it ' ill is (fR bl iV " JLL it 1 Jack Ronald Irvin, Jonesboro, Accounting Sigma Pi Anna Catherine Inebnit, Elaine, Elem. Ed. Kathryn A. Jackson, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. AWS, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta Larrv J. Jackson, Ash Flat, Animal Husbandry Block and Bridle Club Lynda Elaine Jackson, Alicia, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Ouida (Catherine Jackson, Jonesboro, P. E. Feature Twirler, Head Majorette, A CD, SGA, Kappa Kappa Psi Sweetheart, PEM Club, AWS, WAA, Homecoming Maid, Tau Beta Sigma Sharon Gaile Jackson, Jonesboro, Music Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, ASU Singers, Choral Union, AWS Douglas Coleman James, Bragg City, Mo., P.E. PEM Club Eddie Gene James, Batesville, General Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Martin E. James, Forrest Citv, Music Ed. Wind Ensemble, Marching Indians, Concert Band Class of 1969 Truman Lee Jameson, Arbyrd, Mo., P.E. Sheila Ann Jarman, West Memphis, Spec. Ed. AWS, WAA, Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA, PEM Club Herman Jarrett, Paragould, Agronomy Plant Science Club Danny G. Jenkins, Calico Rock, General Bus. Darrell L. Jenkins, Brinklev, Economics Phi Xi Rho James T. Jenkins, State University, Biology Bettv Carol Jetton, Paragould, History Phi Alpha Theta Ann Johnson, Osceola, Zoology Phi Mu Carron Ann Johnson, Lake City, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi David L. Johnson, Bay, Physics Gar Ellis Johnson, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. A TO, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Spanish Club H.Jane Johnson, Maynard, Bus. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi Malven Ray Johnson, Osceola, Accounting Accounting Club Sidney Wood Johnson, [onesboro, Journalism Press Club, Herald Spencer Lee Johnson, Leachville, Biology Eugene V. Jones, Imboden, Sociology Frances E. Jones, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed SCEC, SNEA Gary W. Jones, Jackson, Mo., Management Alpha Kappa Psi James M. Jones, Delaplaine, Soc. Sci. Sue Jones, Huntsville, P.E. Phi Mu, WAA, AWS Harry Jack Jordan, Jonesboro, Zoology Phi Eta Sigma, TKE William Crawford Jowers, Monroe, La., Radio- TV KA, Broadcasters Club Vice Pres., Press Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians, Wind Ensemble, Herald, Indian, KASU, YDC Vice Pres. Lvnda F. Jumper, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. AOPi, WAA, YRC Mary Margaret Justice, Lancaster, Calif., English Sharron Kaye Kaffka, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, Spanish Club Judv Ka Kee, |onesboro, P. E. WAA, AWS Bill Keedy, Newport, P.E. Sigma Pi, SGA, PEM Club Brenda Keller, Weiner, Sociology IT A Barrett Palmer Kemp, Rohwer, Zoology Lam D. Kennedy, Manila, Soc. Sci. Lexie J. Kennedy, Tyronza, General Bus. Hilda Jean Kennemore, Beeeh Grove, English IT A, AWS, WAA, Featherpens Johnny M. Killion, Forrest City, Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon Alice L. Kins, West Helena, Bus. Ed. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Newman Club, Featherpens Randal G, Kingston, Paragould, Zoology Seniors Class of 1969 Betty Jean Kirby, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. George Miller Kirby, Walnut Ridge, Soc. Sci. Jackie Ray Kirkwood, Campbell, Mo., Accounting Bettv Kitterman, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA Clvde Matthews Knight, Jonesboro, Math LXA Sybil Butler Knight, Jonesboro, Sociology Joe Victor Knodell, Wappapello, Mo., Historv YRC George Bert Knott, Jonesboro, Business Mirl Eleanor Knott, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed Philip Dew ain Koonce, Blytheville, Accounting Accounting Club Charlie King LeFevers, Salem, Agri Ed. FFA Leueta Laird, Black Rock, Bus. Ed. Levona Laird, Black Rock, Bus Ed. Barry Allan Lamar, Gideon, Mo., History Kenneth Larr LaMasters, Marianna, Business Donald Wayne Lamb, Rector, Bus. Adr Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC Michael Glen Lambie, Egypt, Soc. Sci. John David Lammers, Jonesboro, ence Block and Bridle Club Ray Gene Landers, Smithville, Pol. Sci. Phyllis N. Lassiter, Jonesboro. Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Mav Carol Latourette, Little Rock, P.E. Chi O, WAA, AWS, Cheerleader, SCA Marv Jeannette Latture, Beebe, Elem. Ed. AWS, AGD Sam W. Lawson, Marked Tree, General Agri. Pennye Irene Lee, Paragould, Elem. Ed. AWS Johnny Roger Lemke, Hickory Ridge, P.E. PEM Club y ft it I, p U Joyce Nell Lenderman, Ward, Elem. Ed. SNEA. Gamma Beta Phi Jim Bob Lentz, Marmaduke, P.E. PEM Club Larry Charles Leonard, Judsonia, Pol. Sci. Thomas Lepper, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm. Cleados Harold Lester, Lepanto, P.E. PEM Club Charles Neal Lewis, Lepanto, Agri. Ed. ATA.FFA Patricia Marie Lewis, Mountain Home, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AWS William Andrew Lew is. New port. Art Linda Lingle, Piggott, Pol. Sci. IRC, YDCAWS Betty Lipsmeyer, Jonesboro, English Seniors Class of 1969 5 151 V ft ? ' : £k r r 1 V 1 (t James B. Lloy d, Cherokee Village, English James Robert Lloyd, Paragould, Sociology Charles W illiam Long, Helena, Zoology Linda Ruth Long. Hardy, Elem. Ed. Roger Lawrence Long, Jonesboro, Business Ma argaret Ann Chi O, NAl Longino, Blytheville, Art EA, AWS, WAA, Kappa Pi Jennifer Love, Jonesboro, English AOPi John Edward Lowe, Marianna, Sociology Sheila Jane Lowery, Jonesboro, English Barbara Jane L ons, Jonesboro, Sociology W illiam David Lvttle, Jonesboro, Music Phi Mu Alpha. Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers Jewell May Mabrev, Cardwell, Mo., Education Linda Maddox, Little Rock, Sociology AWS, WAA, Pi Gamma Mu, Spanish Club Tommy W. Malone, Fisher, Agronomy Alma Susan Mancabelli, State University, Elem. Ed. Marching Indians, ASU Concert Band. Tau Beta Sigma, AWS, Phi Mu, AWS Board Harrv F. Manes, Holly Grove, Sociology SPE Luella Mann, Piggott, Bus Ed. Pi Omega Pi, AWS Barbara Ann Manning, Walnut Ridge, Art Haidar Ali Mansouri, Teheran Iran, Gen Franklin Melvin Maples, Lake City, Math d Agri. Doyle Wayne Mardis, Harrisburg, Accounting Douglas Dalton Markin, Cardwell, Mo., Bus. Adm. PiKA Albert Glenn Martin, West Helena, Pol. Sci. TKE, Circle K, IRC Katherine Anne Martin, Jonesboro, English Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Iota Tau, KD, Wesley Foundation Lloyd E. Martin, Jr., West Memphis, Math Orlev Austin Massena, Parkin. P.E Football Ernest Hays Massey, Jonesboro, Math Harvey Earl Matheny, Cave Citv, Zoologv Martha Elizabeth Mathews, jonesboro Spei SNEA, SCEC, Newman Club Frankie Lee Maxwell, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed! MaryCannawa) May, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Alice Lucille Mavfield, Leachville, French BSU,ASU Singers Elizabeth Favon Mavfield, Bald Knob, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Paul V. Mavfield, Bald Knob, Animal Science Karlajean Mays, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA. Gamma Beta Phi w is 1 • h I r» Mil Seniors Garv Arland McBrvde, Pine Bluff, Biology SPE, Medical Arts Club, YDC, Featherpens James M. McCartney, Newport, Bus. Adm. Anna Mary McClure, Forrest City, English Featherpens Lam Wavne McCollum, Violet Hill, Business Janice Rave McDowell, Ellsinore, Mo., Elem Ed Kathleen R. McEvven, Homewood, 111 , English KD Larrv Lester McFadden, Searcv, Chemistrv ATO, Gamma Beta Phi, ACS, YRC Ronnie Pat McGinness, West Memphis, Chemistrv ACS Judith Ann McGinnis, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Spanish Club.AWS Garv Lynn McGrevv, Glenwood, Biologv LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club, Scab- bard and Blade. ASV Singers, YRC Mary Ruth McGrevv, Glenwood, Music MENC, Tau Beta Sigma, ASV Singers Monte Neff Mckewen, DeVVitt, Agri. Ed. ATA,FFA Diana Gaile McKinney, Kennet, Mo , Bus. Ed Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, BSU, AWS Robert Grindlev McLean, Higden, Business PiKA Kenneth Ray McMullin, Imboden, P.E. Larrv J. McNair, Bruno, P.E. KA, PEM Club Sharon Lvnn McNair, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA. Square Dance Club, AWS, YDC Jimmy G McSpadden, Batesville, Agri. Ed. Scabbard and Blade. ATA, FFA, Wesley Foun- dation Don Mathew McSwain, Ethel, Biology Garv Don McVVilliams, Manila, Agriculture Plant Science Club Martha Ann Meador, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AOPi Robert Eugene Means, Jacksonville, Art LXA, Graphic Arts Club, Kappa Pi Patty M. Meddress, Paragould, Music Larry D. Medford, Brinkley, Soc. Sci. Lloyd Keith Meharg, Pleasant Plains, Printing Graphic Arts Club Clas L mm ■HH mm Meharg, Bono, Bus. Adm. Hen Mellein, Okawville, Bus. Adm. ,logy Paula Ai Charles TKE John Charles Melton, Batesville, KA, Speleological Societv Marion Louis Meredith, Kennett, Mo., Journalism LXA Vice Pres., Indian Photographer, Herald, Press Club, IFC Lloyd Lerov Merrell, Nimmons, Bus. Adm. Allen Max Metcalf, Hardy, Biology PiKA Alfred D. Metheny, Paragould, Bus. Adm. Vetrans Club BrendaJ. Metheny, Leachyille, Elem. Ed. James Ray Miesner, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. Fred G. Miles, Jonesboro, Economics Alpha Kappa Psi Seniors Class of 1969 ft i , l o ill m i ■ Charles D. Miller, Cash, Agri. Ed. ATA, Delta Tau Alpha, FFA E. Robin Miller, Augusta, Business Alpha Kappa Psi Sandra Kay Miller, Jonesboro, English Alpha Lambda Delta, WAA, AWS, Featherpens Kay Mills, West Memphis, English AGD Pres., Featherpens, AWS, WAA Paul Edward Minor, Pine Ridge, Animal Husbandry Block and Bridle Club Vice Pres., SGA, Agri- culture Club Kenneth I. Minton, Manila, Bus. Adm. Jimmj G. Mitchell, Pineville, Agriculture FFA John M. Mitchell, St. Charles, Physics Kenneth Wayne Mitchell, Jonesboro, Management Linda Carol Mitchell, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Ralph Grady Mitchell, DeWitt, Animal Husbandry Rav Louis Mollenkopf, Stuttgart, Math . Manuel F. Montes, Coral Gables, Fla., Pol. Sci. Football, YDC , Melba Reams Montes, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. AWS Alice Carol Montgomery, Cave City, Elem. Ed. Bobby Dean Montgomery, Newport, Agri. Ed. ATA, FFA Charlotte Montgomery, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Donald Edward Montgomery, Cave City, Bus. Adm. James Carroll Moody, Bald Knob, Agri. Ed. FFA, ATA Arthur Bruce Moore, Jonesboro, History IRC Barbara Sue Moore, Byron, Speech Arrowhead Players Donna Sue Moore, Cave City, Elem. Ed. Harry Truman Moore, Walnut Ridge, Journalism Indian Editor, Herald, LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Presidents ' Roundtable, Featherpens, ASU Singers, YDC, Press Club, ASU Bowling Coor- dinator John Robert Morgan, Jonesboro, Accounting Marv Kennedy Morgan, Forrest City, Pol. Sci. Phi Gamma Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, IRC Agronom Spec. G. Richard Morris, Carlisle Plant Science Club William Lee Morris, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed Jack Do,, Morrison, House Springs, Mo., F Track, PEM Club Pres. Stephen Francis Morrison, Little Rock, Bus Adm. Baseball, PiKA Thomas Leon Morrison, Guin, Ala., Account Accounting Club Rebecca Joan Morten, Marmaduke, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon Carolyn Ann Mover, Caraway, Bus Ed, AWS Jimmy Alan Mueller, Ferguson, Mo., P.E. LXA, PEM Club, Baseball, Basketball Margaret Lucille Mueller, Jonesboro, Art Phi Mu, Kappa Pi, AWS, WAA, Indian Norma Jeanne Mullen, Strawberry, English ASU Singers, AWS, WAA, BSU p n •i mm X t Seniors Class of 1969 Mike Stephen Mumma, Cardwell, Mo., Elem. Ed. Edna Leigh Murray, Caraway, English Stephen Mills Murray, El Dorado, Journalism Herald Editor, Press Club Vice Pres., Sigma Pi Donald Harris Mvers, Biggers. Soc. Sci. Karl Frazee Nanri, Somerville, N J , Sociology Charlene Olivia Nash. Leland, Miss., Elem. Ed. SNEA Rebecca Ann Neeley, Dell, Elem. Ed. James L. Newberry, Center Hill, Pol. Sci. IRC, YDC John Kenneth Nichols, Blytheville, English Kirk Hershel Nichols, Piggott, Agriculture Charles Daniel Nix, Harrisburg, Business Harvey Pierce Nixon, Jonesboro, Physics Mary Ann Nixon, Searcy, Elem. Ed. Jeanne Carolyn Norman, Jonesboro, Sociology Jimmy A. Norris, Searcv, Bus. Adm. SPE Tim Richard Norton, Marked Tree, Journalism SPE, Wesley Foundation, Indian Russell K. O Banion, Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. KA, YRC, IRC, IFC Sabina Helen Olszewski, Alden, NY., English Jerry Douglas Orr, Jonesboro, Biology Sigma Pi Yolanda Mae Ortega, Blytheville, Spanish Pat Osbron, Bull Shoals, Bus. Ed. ASU Singers, Choral Union, AWS John K. Osoinach, Jonesboro, Math KA E. Eugene Overall, Kennett, Mo., Sociology Circle K, Phi Xi Rho Helen Jeannette Overall, Pine Bluff, Music Marching Indians, Phi Mu, Choral Union, Con- cert Choir, Madrigal Singers Martha Jane Overall, Piggott, Elem. Ed. 1 f ' V i 1 f ! life (SI Hi Linda Pack, Jonesboro, Music Ed. Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Sigma Alpha Iota Johnny Ross Paine, Helena, Physical Sci. Jackie Lynn Palmateer, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, AWS, Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, SNEA Vernon Dewayne Palmer. Jonesboro, Math Livy Para, West Memphis, English Karen Leigh Park, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. AWS Rebecca Joyce Parker, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. IT A, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, SCEC, AWS, WAA. Kappa Delta Pi James Clifford Parks, Rector. Animal Science Carv Ronald Parnell, Luxora, Education lean Pasmore, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AGD, SNEA mors Class of 1969 4a j. Mk Pat Patterson, Paragould, Agri. Ed. ATO, Pershing Bifles, Counter Guerrillas, FFA Susan Patterson, Holly Grove, Art Chi O, Kappa Pi, NAEA. AWS, WAA John William Paull, Pekin, 111., Accounting Vice Pres. CMC, SGA, Presidents Roundtable, Accounting Club President Richard Stanley Peebles, Newport, Accounting Accounting Club Daisy Pelts, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Carolyn S. Penter, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Kathy Perkins, Blytheville, Biology Harold Permenter, Luxora, Math BSU, Phi Eta Sigma, Presidents ' Roundtable Harold Wayne Perrin, Jonesboro, General Bus. Harold D. Perry, Vilas, N.C., Printing Roy Lee Perry, Jonesboro, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon Harold Wayne Persfull, Essex, Mo., Bus. Ed. Basketball Florine Elizabeth Petkoff, Helena, Spanish Spanish Club, AGD, Newman Club, Gamma Beta Phi Melvin Eugene Petty, Greenway, Pol. Sci. IRC Walter Stephen Phaup, Manchester, N.H., Spec. Ed. PiKA David Alan Phelps, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sociology John Vance Phelps, Brookland, History LXA Pres., Young Democrats Pres., Editor Arrow Staff, Freshman Class Pres., SGA, Scabbard and Blade, Featherpens Edwin Lanar Phillips, Auburn, Ala., Bus. Adm. Gamma Beta Phi Guvla F. Phillips, Flippin, Elem. Ed. AWS, SNEA William D. Phillips, Jonesboro, Accounting Accounting Club, Marketing Team Ira E. Pierce, Jonesboro, Agri. Engr. Mary Margaret Pierce, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Rose Mary Pierce, Mammoth Spring, Soc. Sci. Carol Sue Pinkston, Batesville, Elem. Ed. Dan W. Pittman, Prescott, Soc. Sci. Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, CMC Biolog) Pershing Rifles. Robert Lee Pollard, Cardwell, M PiKA. Scabbard and Bladt Counter Guerrillas Henrv Lemoyne Polston, Jonesboro Circle K, CMC Velda Reen Polston, Hardv, Bus. Ed. Barry Don Posey, Jonesboro. General Bu Sigma Pi William Lewis Potter, Jonesboro, Pol. Sc IRC, Spanish Club Marcia Dawn Powell, Rector, Elem. Ed. SNEA,AWS, WAA, Wesley Foundation Terry E. Powell. Paragould, French French Club, Counter Guerrillas Chervl Wavnette Prescher, Esterville, Iowa, PEM Club Juanita Jefferv Preslev, Locust Grove, Elem. SNEA, AWS Morris Douglas Presley, Batesville, Zoolog KA. Pershing Rifle, Counter Guerrillas mm f ft All P fit Seniors Class of 1969 James Joseph Prestidge, Tyronza, Math John Alan Price, Marked Tree, Biologv Susie Prine, Hollv Grove, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA, SNE A Suzanne Mavfield Pruett, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Soundra Kay Pruitt, Beebe, Sociology Frank D Pulliam, W est Memphis, Economics Treas. Sigma Pi, Pershing Rifles, Young Repub- licans Carolyn New kirk Purvear, Searcy, P.E. WAA, AWS, Chi O Jimmv F. Pvland, Marion, Zoology Veterans Club, LXA Rita Dianne Quails, Trumann, Biology Evalyn Jo Quinn, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Ronnie Lee Rahm, Success, Biologv Beta Beta Beta, PiKA, Scabbard and Blade Roberta Jean Ralph, Joiner, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi Carol Kay Rand, Paragould, Spec. Ed. Phi Mu, Honorary Cadet, Miss ASU, Head Majorette, Marching Indians, 2nd Vice Pres. SGA, Pres. Panhellenic Council, Tau Beta Sigma Irvan Troy Ratliff, Jonesboro, General Bus. ATO Betty Lou Ray, Jonesboro, English Brenda Kav Rav. Portageville, Mo., Elem. Ed. AWS Linda K. Ray, Jonesboro, Sociology Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Foundation, Arrowhead Players, Debate Team Jer ry A. Reams, Piggott, Biology Frances Annette Reasons, Jonesboro, Music Ed. AGD, Concert Choir, MENC, AWS, WAA, Mad- rigals, ASU Singers, Choral Union Phvllis Ann Recker, Hoxie, General Bus AWS Larry D. Reed, Pocahontas, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Carmen Fave Reeves, Jonesboro, Sociologv BSU Charlene Reeves, Harrisburg, Bus. Ed. Gene W. Reid, Leachville, Chemistrv ACS Sharon Smith Reid, Jonesboro, Education WmJ ' m M • Li ft CI I is .... p At f J m Susan Reid. West Memphis, Art WAA,AWS, NAEA Rheamona Fave Reithemever, Walnut Ridge, Math David A. Renn, Blvtheville, ' P.E. Sigma Pi, Basketball, PEM Club Teddy Glenn Reves, Judsonia, Commercial Art Marian Reuiolds, Imboden, Soc. Sci. Allen E. Rhodes, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Biology KA, Scabbard and Blade ka J. Rhodes. Poplar Bluff. Mo., Elem. Ed. SNEA Ronald R. Rhodes, Corning, P.E. Sigma Pi President, IFC President, PEM Club SCA James David Richardson, Osceola, Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Thomas W. Richardson, Jonesboro, Printing Graphic Arts Club Seniors Class of 1969 m 0 tk V 1 " 1 P p fit 1 If A Ruth Suzanne Rickman, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Dennis Riddle, Trumann, Art Kappa Pi, Pottery Club, Choral Union, ASU Singers, Graphic Arts Club Annie M. Riggon, Corning, P.E. PEM Club Janice Lynn Riggs, Yellville, Biology AWS, 7.7 A William Lloyd Risbv, Ellsinore, Mo.. Accounting ATO, Accounting Club Elizabeth Jonell Roach, Manila, General Bus. Glenda F. Robb. Paragould, Elem. Ed. S. Clay Robbins, Piggott, Bus. Adm. Thomas Alfred Robert, Walnut Ridge, Geography Farrel Woodson Roberts, Agri. Engr. LXA, Agri. Engineering Club Darlene Robertson. Clarkton. Mo., Elem. Ed. Dennis Loyd Robertson. Clarkton, Mo.. Account- ing Elmer Lee Robertson, Batesville, Business Thomas Robertson, Jonesboro, Speech PiKA, Phi Mu Alpha, ASU Singers, Marching Indians, Debate Team Leigh E. Robicheaux, N. Little Rock. Sociology Gar) Dwan Robinson, Newport, Elem Ed. Robin A. Robinson, [onesboro, Chemistry SPE, ACS Sandra Sue Robinson, Newport. Elem Ed. Phi Mu Sheree Ellis Robinson. Osceola. Education Jern Angelo Roddy, McCrory, Bus Adm Young Democrats, IRC Regina Ka Roderv, Piggott, English Claudia Lvnette Rodgers, Pine Bluff, P.E. WAA, AWS, SNEA, PEM Club, KD Damn Ray Rodgers, Marmaduke, Agriculture Lvnda Rodman, Leachville, Elem. Ed. SCEC, AWS, WAA Rusty Roe, Cardwell, Mo., Physics jLorene B Rogers, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SCEC, SNEA Ed G. Ross. Paragould, Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians Man Ka Ross, East Camden, Elem. Ed. ASU Singers, Choral Union, SNEA, AWS Charles Michael Rowland, Little Rink. Marketing SPE Gene Allen Rowland, Dexter, Mo . Bus Vim KA Nadine Rover, Blytheville, English Imogene Russell, Hardy, English Larry Manuel Russell, Corning, Bus. Adm. IRC, Alpha Kappa Psi, Counter Guerrilla Thomas S. Russell, Jonesboro, Bus Adm. Hattie Mae Rutledge, Bav, Elem Ed SNEA Seniors Class of 1969 James L. Sanders, Benton, Accounting Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade Kenneth Allen Sanders, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Pol. Sci. ATO Rene Rifles. Drill Team, IRC, Political Affairs Club Malinda Ann Sanders, Salem, English Rebecca Jean Sanders, Steele, Mo., Elem. Ed. Arnold Eugene Sanford, Bradford. Bus. Adm. Janet L. Sanner, Viola, English Jerry L. Sansing, Memphis, Tenn., Printing Graphic Arts Club Donna Marie Sapp, Parma, Mo., Music MENC, Concert Choir Rose Gates Saner, Crossett, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi Betsv Diane Savre, Caruthersville, Mo., Elem. Ed. XV AA, Vice Pres. AWS, Chi O John Michael Schaberg, Jonesboro, Music Phi Mu Alpha, ASU Singers, MENC Robin Martin Schaberg, Jonesboro, Music MENC, ASU Singers, Sigma Alpha lota Charles Thomas Scherm, L ' lm, Economics Jerry D. Schimming, Peach Orchard, General Bus. Christine Schleuss, Camden, English Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, AWS, WAA Linda Kay Schwab, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus Ed. Karl Morrison Schwemmer, Toledo, Ohio Journalism ATO Ann B. Sciba, Doniphan, Mo., Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi Betty Jo Scott, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. SNEA Charles Edward Scott, Bono. Bus. Adm. Douglas Lvnn Scott, Malvern, Marketing ATO John M. Scott, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. IRC Paul Ray Seal, Jr., Piggott, Speech BSU Ralph Edward Seav, Rector, Agriculture Plant Science Club, FFA Michael L. Selby, Leachville, Zoology tit (p I - c 1 p 1 1 V mm Seniors Elizabeth Bell Shanevfelt, Manila, Sociology Glenda Lou Sharp. Brockwell, Bus. Ed. Don Carlos Shatley, Leachville, P.E. Bonald E. Shelby, Bearden, Education Darrell Wavne Shelton, Marmaduke, Soc. Sci. Tommy Joe Shelton. Blytheville, Radio-TV Marilyn Ann Shepherd, Pine Bluff, History he Cercle Francais, Phi Alpha Theta William F. Shepherd, Pine Bluff, Accounting Donna R. Shipman, State University, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, AGD John Marlin Shipman, Jr., State University keting Golf Class of 1969 John Loftin Shoffner, Jonesboro, Biologv Sigma Pi Charles Gary Shores, Trumann, Bus. Adm Noal Steven Short, State University, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Gamma Beta Phi Kathv Shurlds. Cherokee Village, Journalism Chi O, Press Club President, Phi Theta Pi. Her- ald. Indian, Arrow Staff Loretta Adele Simington, Warm Springs, Soc. Sci. Wesley Foundation, AWS, SNEA Samuel E. Simmons, Proctor, Agronomy Emma Carol Simon, West Helena, Spec. Ed. AOPi, AWS, WAA, SCEC Anne Belford Simpson, Pocahontas, English Phi Mu, AWS, WAA, SNEA Frances Merle Simpson, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA Bob R. Singleton, Paragould, Biology Patricia Jane Singleton, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Verna Sisk, Parkin, Soc. Sci. Jetta Jo Skillern, Hot Springs, English AWS, SNEA States V. Skipper, Manila, English Preston H. Slayden, Little Rock, Soc. Sci. Howard La ne Slinkard, Trumann, Pol. Sci. PiKA, IFC, Spanish Club Karen Thompson Slinkard, Trumann, Elem. AWS, WAA, AOPi, SNEA Joyce Ann Slocum, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Ann Corbett Smith, Portageville, Mo, English Featherpens, Spanish Club Bonnie Nadine Smith, Black Rock, Elem. Ed. SNEA Claude Harold Smith, Jr., Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Dale Edmond Smith, Lowndes, Mo., Math Edna Jane Smith, Brookland, Elem. Ed. AWS, BSU, SNEA George Eddie Smith, State University, P.E. PEM Club James P Smith, Augusta, Sociologv BSU Joseph E. Smith. Peach Orchard. Soc. Sci. Larrv Lee Smith, Hughes, Bus. Adm. A TO, YRC Marvjeau Smith, Pine Bluff. Elem. Ed. SNEA Randv Marshall Smith. Black Hock. Bus Adm Rickv Lynn Smith. Blvtheville, Math LXA, Kappa Mu Epsilon Saudi Smith, Jonesboro, Bus. Adm Princess Platoon, AWS, WAA Sharon Lee Smith, Stuttgart. English Featherpens, SNEA Susan Lynne Smith. Dell, Elem. Ed. Curtis Neal Smithson, Biggers, History Claude J Snelgrove, Batesville, Bus. Adm. Ik- J 4k m Seniors Class of 1969 Patti Croom Snider, Leachv ille, English SNEA, Featherpens, Alpha lota Tau Jerry Grant Snodgrass, Corning, Math Susan Lynn Snodgrass, Pocahontas, Spec. Ed. Llovd Dale Snow, Lake City, Biology Beta Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, ACS, Medical Arts Club Kenneth Wayne Southern, Wynne, Bus. Adm. Golf Jerry Lynn Speck, Joiner, Bus. Adm. Janie Wilson Spence, Marianna, Spec. Ed. Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Majorette Dianne Lynn Spieler, Blytheville, Art Ed. Sheryl Anne Spradling, St. Louis, Mo., P. E. KD, PEM Club, WAA, AWS, BSU, Square Dance Club Dennis Ray Spurlock, Belleville, Mich., Soc. Sci. Michael B. Staed, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Management Alton Wav ne Stallcup, Beech Grove, Agri. Ed. FFA, ATA, Delta Tau Alpha Betty Arlene Stanfill, Paragould, English SNEA Peggy Joyce Stanfill, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA Natalie Ann Stanford, Portageville, Mo., English Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, WAA, Featherpens BSU, SNEA Eddie Joe Stanley , Campbell, Mo., Bus. Adm. ©oily Suzanne Stark, Walnut Ridge, Elem Ed. Phi Mu, AWS, WAA Barbara Staudt, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Jerry Otis Stevens, Jonesboro, Accounting Judith Ann Stewart, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed AOPi, WAA, AWS James L. Stone, Jonesboro, Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Wind En- semble, ASU Singers, Marching Indians. Jantisue Stotts, Bay, Elem. Ed. Al ' ha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, ' SNEA Au.mii Andrew Stovall, Imboden, P.E. KA, Scabbard and Blade, PEM Club Gary W. Stricklin, Harrisburg, General Bus. Sandra Gail Stricklin, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. £ r-. fcifc i i jP 1 u f mm James David Sullivan, Walcott, Math SGA, KA Carolvn L. Summers, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA, BSU M. Sharolvn Sumner, Carlisle, Biology Gamma Beta Phi Roy E. Swain, Atlanta, Ga., Bus. Adm. KA, Gamma Beta Phi, Featherpens Charles Louis Tacker, Tyronza, Agriculture Sam Dale Taggart. Augusta, Biologv PiKA, Medical Arts Club Carolvn Sue Tavlor, Batesville, Hist(»r AWS, BSU, WAA Jimrm Dail Taylor, Jonesboro, Accounting ATO, Accounting Club Michael D. Tax lor, Leachville, Bus. Adm. SPE, Alpha Kappa Psi, IRC, Featherpens Phil L. Taylor, Alicia, Philosophy mors Class of 1969 Shirley Greer Tav lor, Rector, Soc. Sci. Roger Allen Teel, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Garv Joe Thomas, Jacksonville, Historv PiKA Rov Edw ard Thomas, Batesv ille, Pol. Sci. KA Tom Thomas, Caruthersville, Mo., Zoology Circle K, Speleo logical Society Carl Elmer Thompson, Forrest City, Accounting Martha Lou Thompson, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. Nathan Daniel Thompson, Jr., W est Ridge, P.E. Gymnastics, PEM Club Roger Charles Thompson, Wynne, Biology YDC, Medical Arts Club, Beta Beta Beta William Gurual Thompson, Austin, Pol. Sci. Ruth N. Threet, Piggott, Soc. Sci. Bethel Lavon Thurman, Searcy, Sociology Indian, Sigma Pi Gary Michael Thurston, Bernie, Mo., Bus. Adr Sigma Pi Sam E. Tillett, Indianapolis, Ind., English BS U, Featherpens Angela Jean Tillman, Blvtheville, Elem. Ed. AWS Robert Sharp Tims, Tuckerman, Phvsics Bobbie Jean Tiner, Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, AWS, SNEA Anthom Tomasello, Jr., Gideon, Mo., Pol. Sci YRC, Veterans Club Roger Byron Totten, Dexter, Mo., Zoology Elizabeth Ellen Towles, Manila, Elem. Ed. ZTA, BSU, ASU Singers Joyce Damon Townsend, Jonesboro, Spec. Ed. Jerry M. Travis, Hayti, Mo., History Scabbard and Blade, Phi Alpha Theta, Pres- idents ' Roundtable David Herol Treat, Searcv, Drama Ron R. Triplett, Bloomfield, Mo., Art Sigma Pi Marv Suzanne Truxton, Little Rock, Math AOPi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, WAA, AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta, SGA, Kappa Mu Epsilon Ronald R Tullos, North Little Rock. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Jerre Wayne Turner, Wynne, Math Linda Ga Turner, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Phi Mu. WAA, AWS Rebecca Lvnn Underwood, Jonesboro, English Chi O, AWS, WAA, SNEA Jerry D. L ' pchurch, Jonesboro, Accounting John Daniel Urton, Jonesboro, Music Ed. I ! Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, ASU Singers, Choral Union, MENC Lynn Dell Valenteen, Jonesboro, P. E. Phi Mu, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen. SGA, Princess Platoon, Indian, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Panhellenic Council, WAA, PEM Club, AWS, Gymnastics Team William Henry Valentine, Cumberland, Md., English SPE, Featherpens J. Joyce Vallentine, Marmaduke, Bus. Ed. AGD mm k i i J mm ma Jerry Wayne Vandiver, Searcy, General Bus. Seniors Class of 1969 Bettv Ann Van Horn, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, AWS Mary Jane Van Horn, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, AWS Cynthia Jane Van Meter, Batesville, Speech AWS, WAA, AGD Victor T. Vaughn, Mammoth Springs, Accounting SGA, BSU, Accounting Club David A. Velander, Parsons, Kan., Math Basketball, LXA s d ft Jjf. Dianna Dvke Velander, Memphis, Tenn., P.E AGD. PEM Club. WAA, Cheerleader, AWS William Vermillion, Manila, Historv MBSF Lynelle Cay Vick, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Business Pi Omega Pi Phvllis James Vondran, McCrorv, Elem Ed. SNEA Lam David Voss, Memphis. Tenn., Histon Reng Rifles. Pershing Rifles. Counter Guer- rillas HI p B Christopher V. Wade, Yellville, General Bus. YRC. KA. IFC, IRC Donald R. Wager, Cohocton, N.Y., P. E. PEM Club Lance Truett Walker, Walnut Ridge, P.E. Richard Charles Walker, Paragould, Music Ed. SPE, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, ASU Sing- ers, Madrigal Singers, MENC TrulaJ. Wallace, Batesville, English AWS h fa Susan Walley, Jonesboro, Sociology Oleta B. Wallis, Smithville, Elem. Ed. Rosalie Warren, Beebe, Elem. Ed. SCEC, AWS, SNEA, Gamma Beta Phi Alan Palmer Watson, Little Rock, Sociology TKE Dannv William Watson, Corning, Accounting TKE, Scabbard and Blade m it k r Eddie Mas Watson, Jonesboro. Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Glenis LaVern Watson, Pocahontas, Elem Ed. Lana W atson. Swifton, Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA. ASU Promenaders. Medical Arts Club Robbie M. Watson, Ba , Accounting Jerry Holland Weaver, Paragould, Education p f mm C f? Judith Gail Weaver, Paragould, Soc. Sci. AWS Elizabeth Ann Wells, Turrell, Elem. Ed. Jerrv Eldon Wells, Jonesboro, Soc, Sci Peggy Jo Wells, Blytheville, English Featherpens, Spanish Club, French Club, AWS Bettv Angelo Weston, McCrory, Bus. Ed. Bill H. W heeler, Thaver, Mo., P.E. BSV, PEM Club, ASU Promenaders Michael Wavne Wheeler, Cardwell, Mo., YDC, SNEA Bob W. Wheelis, Guion, Bus. Adm Aaron D White, Brinkley, Geography David Clinton White. Pine Bluff, Soc. Sci. SPE Seniors Class of 1969 Gary White, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Art KA Harold F. White. Cabot, Agri. Ed. Block and Bridle, ATA, FFA Martha ka e White, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. KA Base. SNEA, WAA, AWS, Chi O Richard L. White, Jonesboro, Accounting Stephen E. White, Piggott, Chemistry ACS Charles Allen Whitfield. Mountainview, Math Accounting Club John Duane Whitfield, Havti, Mo., General Agri. FFA, CMC, Block and Bridle Bonnie Kay Whitlock, Memphis, Tenn., Art Crematics Club, Print Club, Wesley Foundation Rebecca Sue Whitlock, Memphis, Tenn., Sociology Pi Gamma Mu, Wesley Foundation, AWS Allen Wade Wicker, Blvtheville, Bus. Adm mting Edward J. Wieder, Paragouk Accounting Club Carol A. Wiggins, North Little Rock, Sociology Pi Gamma Mu, Spanish Club, AWS, WAA Sheryle Kay Wilborn, Doniphan, Mo., Speech Alpha Psi Omega, Arrowhead Players, WAA Fred Wav ne Wilcox, Jonesboro, General Bus. Baseball Carolvn Kave W iles, Ba . Elem. Ed. Dennis Ray Wiles, Hardy, English Marv Lou Wiley, Wilson, Elem. Ed. KD, SNEA, AWS, WAA Denny D Wilken, Jonesboro, Math Bruce Williams, Jonesboro, English Sigma Pi Garv Eugene Williams, Searcy, General Bus. Willi Rector, Animal Hus- James Conley bandn Jimmv Ray Williams, Cotton Plant, Geography John M. Williams, Kennett, Mo., Bus Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Nadi Janette Williams, Coming, Math Chi O, WAA, AWS, SNEA Rudie Gaylon Williams, Campbell, Mo., Account- ing Accounting Club Walter Eugene Williams, Jonesboro, Accoui Alpha Kappa Psi Alan G. Wilson, Alton, Mo., P.E. PEM Club Ruthel Ray Wilson, Hayti, Mo., History William Carroll Wilson, Weiner, Elem. Ed. BillvJ. Windland, Paragould, Bus. Adm. YRC, Newman Club, Circle K Gar Way ning Winters. Lynn, Math Herman Lain Winters. Harrisburg Delbert L. Wisdom, Beebe, Animal Sci Block and Bridle Club Mona Carol Wisehart, Hoxie, Elem. E SNEA Frank Witelier. Cabot. Bus. dm. Accounting Club Agri Eng. t p ! h f .... : m Hk9H Seniors Class of 1969 Dav id Hume Wood, Stuttgart, English PiKA G. Suzanne Wood, Osceola, Music Ed. Phi Mu, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Tan Beta Sigma, Concert Choir. Marching Indians. Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, AWS, WAA, MENC, Choral Union Jennifer Jane Wood, Parkin, P.E. Phi Mu, AWS. WAA, BSC, PEM Club Juliene Wood, Parkin, Elem. Ed. SNEA Lynn K. Wood, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Ocie Leon Gwin Wood, Wetumpka, Ala., P.E Football, PEM Club Brenda Seymour Wooten, Dyess, English Jerry E. Wooten, Dyess, Chemistry Leland Lavern Worlow, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Floyd Edward Wright, Jr., Jonesboro, Agronorm Plant Science Club George Herschel Wright, Jr., Hope, General Bus. Ronnie M. Wright, Holcomb, Mo., Accounting Sidney George Wurtz, Pocahontas, Bus. Adm. Allen Rayford Yarbro, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Agricul- ture F FA, ATA Ronald Wavne Yeager, Perrvville, Mo., Bus. Adm. KA Virginia Dean Yeargain, Lafe, P.E WAA, PEM Club Willet A Young, Jonesboro, Business Football Larry Robert Younger, Saint James, Animal Hus- bandry Block and Bridle Grace Ann Ziegenhorn, Fisher, Elem. Ed. ZTA, AWS, WAA Joe F. Zollner, Marmaduke, Bus Ed. Dennis M. Zolper, Peoria, 111., Economics Football, SGA, PiKA m t 5k i Km to 1 J ft i r ft f Charles Abanathv, Paragould Mary Ellen Abbott, Jonesboro Bob Abbott, Farmington, Mo. Jo Abdella, El Dorado Lawrence R. Abdella. El Dorado Margaret Abel. Little Rock Leslie C. Abernathv III. Jonesbo Patricia Aclin, Jacksonville Angela Annette Adams, Arbvrd, Mo Billy C Adams, McCrory Emma Gene Adams, Jonesboro Jean Adams. Walcott Jerry W. Adams. McCrory L. Wyatt Adams, Lynn Larry Adams, Steele, Mo. Mike Adkins. Leachville Donna Kave Aebly, West Helen Jerrv Ra Akins, West Memphis Donald W. Alexander, Locust Harriet Alexander, Blvthevill, Charles Phillip Allen. Helena Class of 1970 Robert Dale Allen, Trumann Thomas S. Allen. Jr . Jonesboro Sonyia F. Allison, Walnut Ridge Timothy R Allison, Walnut Ridge Edgar Wavne Allmon, Pollard Deborah Diane Almond, Mt. Verno Jerry W. Almond, St. Charles Ronnie Almond, Van Rodnev Alpe. West Helena Wade D Althen. Jonesboro Johnnie T Andrews, Walnut Ridge Jenanne Anderson. Jonesboro Bob Anderson. Glen Allen. Mo. Linda C Anderson, Wynne Robert L Andrews, Little Rock Frank Angelo, Jonesboro Joseph S. Anthony, West Memphis John Arends, Blytheville Michael A Armour, Naylor. Mo. John C Armstrong, McCrory Alvin Wavne Arnold, Helena Lawrence Arnold, Jonesboro Garland E Arrington. Jonesboro Mitchell Joseph Ash, Forrest City Keith Ashcraft. Pine Bluff Jerrv Ashlock. Marked Tree Patsv Ashworth. Hughes William E Aslin. Bloomfield, Mo Herman Atkins. Jr., Seattle, Wash Marv Atkinson, Bakersfield, Mo Ronald Lee Austin, Blvtheville Wanda Austin. Tvronza P ' ' gg lise Avcock, Blvthevillt Virgle R Avers, Seattle, Wash. Candy Ashbv, West Memphis Steve Babcock, Paragould William W. Back. Jr., West Helei Deloris Bacon, Hot Springs Larry Lee Bailev, Cherry Valley Rebecca Frances Baird, Light Robert J Baker, Sage William Baker, Jr.. Newport Kathv Balch. Newport Sam D Balch. Cherry Valley Tom Balcom. Trumann David Baldridge, Paragould Mitch Baldridge, Holly Grove James Michael Baldwin. Parago Tom Baldwin, Forrest City Connie Bales, Bono Carolyn Jo Ball, Jonesboro John Murphy Ball. Jonesboro Marilyn Banek, Kimball. S D BvrnusJ Barbee. Jonesboro Linda L Barber, Forrest City Donna Barclay, Little Rock Garv L. Barker, Salem John A Barker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sam Barker. East Prairie. Mo William T. Barnett. Jonesboro Linda Barnhill. Paragould Gillis Bartholmey, North Little Rock Virginia Bassett, Pocahontas Carol Bassham, Hardy Bruce Bateman, Blvtheville Karen Dell Bateman. Rector Garv Bates. Cave Citv Patricia Bates. Cave City Leslie Battles. Wvnne Melissa Bauer. Judsonia Richard D Baugh, Little Rock Sandra Baugher. Dell Charley E. Baxter. Mounds Lonnie R Beard. Osceola Michael Ray Bearden, Leachville Brenda Kav Beaton. Marmaduke Dena Kav Beaton. Marmaduke Sharon Gail Bearden, Jonesboro Craig Beck, Colorado Springs, Colo. uniors Ross Beck, Texarkana Ronald D Becker, Marked Tree Larry G Believ,, Paragould Bill Bell, Jonesboro Douglas Bell, Kennett, Mo. Patricia A Bell. Augusta Bill Belzung, Batesvjlle Frankie Benson, Camden Wavne Bennett Jr . Lonoke Ken Bennett, Memphis, Tenn. Don Berry, tfrinkley F.velvn A Berrv, Brinkley Sandra Kave Berrv, Paragould Stanlev Berrv, Poplar Bluff. Mo George L Biard. Batesville Carl Biggs, Holland. Mo. Patsv Biggs. Hot Springs centBilinskv. Philadelphia, Pa Glen Biilingsley . La Crosse nnie R Bingham, West Helena John J Biron, Pocahontas Robert Black Jr . Jonesboro Stefan Black. Levittnwn. N Y. Patsy J. Blackburn, Paragould Judy Blair, Weiner Johnny D Blake. Jonesboro ibert Blanchard Jr , Jonesboro James F Blankinship, Rector Richard L Blevins, Wiseman Annette Boals, Rondo Mary Bobbitt, Paragould Paula Bolick. Forrest City Dick Bolton Jr., Jonesboro Wayne Bomar. Paragould Jimmy L Bonds. Tuckerman Edward O Bone, Jonesboro Donald Booker. Blvtheville Gail Leftwich Booker. Wilson David A. Boone. Dexter. Mo. Anita Booth, Pocahontas Ronald L. Boren, Pine Bluff Ann Bostic. DeWitt Lamar R Bostic. DeWitt Charles R Bottoms, Little Rock Elvin Ray Bouldin. Paragould Jern Bourdage. Helena Rusty Bourg, St. Louis, Mo. Ronald Bowen. West Memphis Rob Bowers. Jonesboro Brenda Bowles, Little Rock Betty J Boyd, Ravenden David R Boyd, Birmingham. Ala Jo Anne Boyd. Leachville Sherry Bracewell. Almyra Marinell Bradford, Searcv Larrv T. Bradshaw. Holcomb. Mo - ' ' r ' S it ■ l A X A K. i 11 (k fr K i I Class of 1970 -fc 111 r f P r i f ft f f f p. 4a £ P £ Robert L Bramlett, Stuttgart Diana Lynn Brandon, Paragould James Brannon, Corning illiam C. Brannon, Lv nn Charles Brannm. Hornersville, IV Mark Gene Brenke. Pine Bluff Joan Brent, Pollard Dale Brewer. Rector Gail Brewer. Rector Sharon Brewer, Jonesboro Wanda Brewington, Gideon. Mo James Bridger. Jr., Jonesboro Suzi Bridger. Jonesboro Jiulv Klaine Bridges, Salem Thomas R Brightwell. Paragould Richard Brooks. Poplar Bluff. Mo Ronald Brooks, Jonesboro Ronny Lynn Brothers. Blytheville Dana L. Brow n, Corning David R Brown, Pine Bluff Dennis N. Brow n, Pocahontas Freddie J Brow n, Harrisburg John L. Brown, Weiner Triad L Brow n. Jonesboro Class of 1970 r r. p JL.5 ifii J fa flHSP HSf atm -urn -. imt I nonus J Brown, Weiner W H Brow n, Trumann Kalya Bruce. Delaplaine Randv Bruce, Delaplaine Cecilia Brummett. Paragould Steve Brummett, Paragould David M Bruner. Jonesboro John P Bryant. Jonesboro Rhonda June Brvant, Jonesboro Tommy Brvant, Wynne William H. Brv ant. Jonesboro Danny Buck. Loves Park. Ill Joe Buck. West Memphis Dan Buckley, New Orleans, La. Thomas Buford, Memphis. Tenn Bull, Larrv Bunch, Walnut Ridge Marv M Bunting, Jonesboro Rickev Lee Bunting. Lilbourn, Mo Stephen Burch, Houston. Mo Doris Burdvshaw. Jonesboro Emmett T Burke. Charleston, Mo Mike Burkett. McCrorv Julianna Burnett, Memphis. Tenn. Brenda G. Burns, Rector Janett Burns, Viola Joe Burns. Rector Dennis W Burris. Jonesboi Garv Burris. Blvtheville E. T. Burton. Jr . McCrorv John C. Burton, McCrorv Michael L Burton, West Helena Garv Dean Busbv , Newport Larrv G. Busses, Wilson Bill Butler. Jonesboro Carolyn K Butler. Swifton Lew is G Butler, Cotton Plant Steve Butler, Little Rock Daphine Bvers, Cherokee Village Chris Bynum, Dermott Dianna S Bynum, Rector John Cadwell, Forrest City Bobby Caldwell. Wynne Charles R Calhoon, Jonesboro David Calhoun. Newport Bob Camp. Paragould Daisv Campbell. Forrest Citv Rona Campbell. Paragould Bobbv R Cannon, Perrvville Peggv Lee Cannon, Kennett. Mo Jimmv Cargill. Batesville Ron Carimi. Little Rock R L Carpenter. Jr , Batesville John Cecala. Lonoke Brent K Chaffm. Brinkles Brenda Chaligoj, Doniphan, t Fred Chambless. Paraeo Ronald W Chambless, Para K o Can M. Chappcl. Jon. |.„U l.ildress. Popla Annette Clark. Beech Grove Harold Clark. Tuckerman nl r i pi funiors Class of 1970 J. B Clark. Jonesboro James L Clark. Rustburg. Va Lorene Clark. Steele. Mo Wanda Clark, Flippin Charles Clarke. Seattle, Wash John Claunch, Benton Gretchen E. Clavbrook. Paragould Janice Clayton, Dowd) BobCleeves. Avoca. N Y Gary Cleve. Farmington, Mo Darrell Clifton, Jonesboro Kathy Cloar, Earle Linda Cobb. West Memphis Becks Coburn. Monette ' Jerry Cole. Cabot Connie Coleman. Saffell Coleman. Hillsborough. N.C. John Coleman, Jonesboro John D. Coleman, Jonesboro Kathryn J Coleman, Dowdy Charles Collins, Delaplaine Gary R. Collins, Bald Knob Mary E. Collins, Bald Knob Dav id K Combs, Alton. Mo William R. Compton, Paragould Paula Cone. Melbourne Arthur B Cook, Caruthersville. Mo Donna L Cook. Bath, N Y Edward M Cooper, Jonesboro Linda Cooper. Jonesboro Cheryl Coots, Little Rock Michael O Corvin, Helena CvnthiaCox, Blvtheville Elizabeth Cox, Forrest City Dale E Cov, Paragould Karen A Cov, Paragould Connie E. Crafton, Egypt Mary L. Craig, Forrest Cits Robert Craig. Walnut Ridge Dick Crampton, Blvtheville Bonita Crabtree, Paragould Richard Crawford, Pine Bluff Terrell W Crawford, Pine Bluff James Creech, Batesville James E Creecy. Osceola Michael Creswell, Newark George M. Crews, Ashdown Joe Crews, jonesboro Mary C Crews, Steele, Mo Gary Don Crites. Leachville Lynne Crittenden, Cotton Plant Way ne Crocker, San Antonio. Texas Linda Crosby, Clarendon Marsha L Cross, Portageville, Mo Mary E Crossfield, Piggott Stanlev K Cruce, Knobel f fit V i 3 J L mi f f Jf ill C r O. C. Crump, Newport Joe T. Cullen, Jonesboro Jimmy Culpepper. Pine Bluff Cindy Cunningham, Ml Homi Jeanne Cunningham. Carlisle Penny Cunningham, Keiser Chester Cupp, Marked Tree James M Cum , Blytheville Terrv Curry, Searcv Robert H Dale III, Benton Rose Marie Dale. Fisher Kay Dallas, Caraway David Daniell, Sparkman Patricia Ann Darby, West Memphis Ted. C. Darling, Tuekerman Gerrv Darr, Trumann Jack W, Daugherty, West Memphis Jerry L Daugherty. West Helena Martha Daughertv, Jonesboro James M Davenport, Yellville Harrv L Davidson. Wvnne Jeffrey Lvnn Davidson, Jonesboro Jimmie Davidson, Bakersfield, Mo Curtis Rodgers Davis, Augusta Juniors Class of 1970 f m V — ' Kfel fv ' Dwayne Davis, Waldron Frank Davis Jr . Piggott Gary Davis, Jonesboro Glenda Davis, Jonesboro James R Davis, Ravenden Springs John W. Davis, N. Little Rock Leslie Davis, Jonesboro Lindlev Murphv Davis, Newport Linwood Davis. Jr , Jonesbnrn Beverlv Davison. Marvell Larry G. Davison, Marvell i E Dav, Knobel J " Billv R Dean, Obion. Tenn Henrv Darrel! Dean, Jonesboro Martha DeBow, Sedgwick Thomas W Deckard, Navlor, Mo. Thomas DeClerk, Jr . Pocahontas Ricky DeFries, Batesville Trim DeGraw, Paragould Donald DeMaine. New Britain, Cc Marv Alice Dement, Leachville Lyle B Dent. Bav Deirl A. Derryberrv, Stuttgart Georgia Dersch, Walnut Ridge Roger Desgranges, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Linda Marv d ' Eustachid, Jonesboro Kathy DeVore, Beebe Wanda Ann Dickinson, Marmaduke Paul Eugene Dickson, Imboden Mark D Diggs, Blvtheville Donald Dihel. Viola Delma Vee Dillahunty. Hughes Dennis Dillon, Newport Terrv Dills, Paragould Nancv Dismang, Mavnard PaulDismang. Maynard Vance Rav Dixon, Blvtheville Marsha Dockins, Pocahontas Dehbv Dodson, De alls Bluff Thomas E Dodson. Forrest CI Phvllis Dorris, Rector Daniel W. Doshier. Yellville Larry W, Doty. Trumann David S Douglas, Searcy Caroline Douthet, Crawfordsville Ethel Dover, Piggott Judy Ray Dowdy, Rector Patricia Downing, Bragg City, Mo. R.xlnev Downs. Belleville, III Dovle Bennett. Little Rock Josef Gill Drace. Tyronza David A. Drago. West Plains, Mo Wanda Drake. Blvtheville Linda Draper, Newport James Duckett. Pine Bluff John W Dunave nt, West Memphis Ronnie Dunavin. Monette William Dunaway, North Little Rock Charles W. Dvincan, Blytheville Jeff Duncan, Cherokee Village Dannv Dunigan, Black Oak Cheslev D. Dunlap. Marked Tree Vicki D Dunn. Little Rock Viki L. Dunn. Marked Tree Lillian S. Durham. Smithville Leroy Eagans, Strawberry Brenda Easterwood, Corning Patricia Eaton. Rector Sharon Eaton. Rector Ann Eckforcf, Covington, Tenn. Frank Edmonds, North Little Rock Jim Edwards. Havti. Mo. John Edwards, State University Martha Edwards, TiK ' Hebe .hi. Sharvn Edwards, Havti, Mo, Roger F Effinger, Caraway Constance Eggleston. Stillwell. Ind Johnny L Ellis. Wynne Weslev H. Elmore, Paragould Juniors Jane Elrod, Jonesboro Joe Max Emerv, Paragould Van Enderson, Blytheville Bettv Ermert, Corning Lvnda Erwin. Mountain Home Stanley Estes, Salem Richard Evans, Brinklev Ronald Lee Evans, Jonesboro Betsy Everett, State University Curren Everett, Oxford Michael Everett, McCrorv Frankie L. Fair, Egypt Mike Falwell. Bradford Charles Farmer, Las Vegas, Nev. Robert E Farrow. Jonesboro Randal Faughn, Craw fords ilk- James Faulkner, Beech Grove William Faulkner. Manila Larrv Featherston. Piggott Jerry Felker. Maiden, Mo Kenneth Felts. Viola Marv Jo Felts. Jonesboro Sharon Lynn Felts. Jonesboro Charlotte Fender. Pocahontas Evelyn Fender, Pocahontas Claudia Ferguson, Bay Eddie Ferguson. Forrest City B W. Field, Leachville Larrv Fisackerly. Peach Orchard Carl Fisher. Caruthersville, Mo. Marvin Fisher, Black Oak Kit pjtnck. Uint ' ia! Wells lev Patricia Flake Little Hoc Dovle Flanerv, Cotton Plan Sandy Fleming. Hot Spring Janet Flippo. Po« hatai James W Flowers. Jonesbor Deanie R. Flovd. Oxfon Carolvn Folev, Powhata PhvilisJ Foley, Walnut Ridge Darrell C. Folsom. Little Rock Terrv Foran, Marvell Larry Ford, Hornersville, Mo Charlie Forester, Alton. Mo. Susan Forester, Portageville, Mo. James E. Forrest. Jonesboro Albert F Fortune, Walnut Ridge Linda Fortune, Collierville, Tenn Kenneth Foster, Gepp Ronal Foster, Jonesboro Evelyn Foust, Evening Shade Charles M. Fowler, Essex, Mo Marshall Fowler, Star City Pam Fowler, Blvtheville Walter B Fowler, Hughes Class of 1970 L IL L U It f L it tit 1 4 fife ft r © r 8 if " ? •0 i 1 Jti E. Francis, Dvess Joe Francis. West Plains, Mo. Stephen Francis, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Dani Louise Franklin, Parkin Carol Franks, Jonesboro Charles C. Franz, North Little Rock Thomas W. Franzen, Stuttgart Lawrence M. Frazier, Reno. Nev ilaine Freeman, Harrisburg ierald David Freeman. Paragould ohn Fender, Walnut Ridge Charles French, Mammoth Spring ;hristina French, Delaplaine iharon French, Walnut Ridge fomrm Lee French, West Memphis rhomasC. Frev, Bellevue. Neb. Dvvight M. Fritts, Corning Ruth Ann Fuller. Searcv Marilyn L. Futrell, Walnut Ridge Nelda Gambill, Brookland Debbie Gamblin, Jonesboro Clay Gardner, Hayti, Mo, Barrv Garlow, Winter Haven, Fla Patsv R. Garrett. Blvtheville Juniors Class of 1970 £5 f T - 4? " Glenda Garrison, Thaver, Mo. William Rav Garrison, Jonesboro Ricky D. Gatewood, Rector Donna L. Gay, Jonesboro Teddy Juanice Gaylor, Searcy Jerry Gazaway, Paragould Kathy Gazawa , Paragould David Geater, Forrest Citv © Bobbv Wayne Gentry, Stamps Donna German. Steele, Mo Dennis W, Gibson, Jonesboro Eileen Gilbert, Pocahontas Donna Gill, Benton Doris Gill. Walnut Ridge Judith Gill, Corning Linda Kav Gillean, Fisk, Mo. ft 1- Fairv Gillespie, lonesboro Rick Gillette, Steele. Mo. Jacqueline Ann Cinger. Dixie Barbara Gipson. Blvtheville Karen Mav Gisel. BKtheville AFB Tern Givens, Pine Bluff Jud Gleghorn, Jonesboro Becky Goetz. Heber Springs L David Goff, Pocahontas Owen Goldman, Walnut Ridge Tim Goldman, Pine Bluff Pamm Gonzales, Blvtheville AFB Paulette Goodin, Bald Knob Jerry E. Goodman, Corning Rolenda Jane Goodman, Holly Grove Dickie Ray Goodnight, Campbell. Mo. Sarah Gore, Walnut Ridge Glen Gordon, Pleasant Plains Gary Gott, Jonesboro Mike Graddy. Piggott Dennis E. Graham, Jonesboro Paul Graham, Augusta Joanne Grant, Dell LeRov Grant, Little Rock James R Gray, Blvtheville John Robert Gray, Newport Fred Gravson, Jr., Corning Bill Green, Little Rock Kitty Green, Cardwell, Mo. L. Fay Green, Mountain Home Larry D. Green, Maynard Mary E Green, Cave City Oscar Green, Stuttgart Peggy A. Green, Maynard Robert E. Green, Jr., Paragould Karen Greene, Benton Saundra Greene, Osceola. Marcella Greenstreet, Melbourne Laura Greer, Searcy Linda Paulette Gregory. Pocahontas BillvCrigsbs, BKtheville Patricia Griffin, Little Rock Steve Griffin, Jonesboro renda C. Griffith, Marked Tree Joe Griffith, HolK Grove Lee F Griffith, Quitman Bovd Griggs, Corning I iharlotte Sue (binder, St, loe 1 Rosemary Grisham, Ba Paula Sue Grizzle, Nev Terry Grobe. Poplar Bluff CeiieGrobmver, Forrest Ci Janet Irene Groves, Widen Dovle E Grubbsjr . Helei PaulGunn, Forrest Ci Larry W. G« shore Sharon Gwathnev. Forrest Cit •ilyn Gwatney, North Little Rock Robert L Hackwortn, Imhoden Gaylon N Hafer. Dixie Bonnie Hale, Beebe Pat Halk. Cherrv Vallev Clark M. Hall, Marvell Donald L. Hall Jr . Jonesboro Juniors James A Hall, Pine Bluff Ralph Hall, Pocahontas Russell D Hall, Jonesboro Vernon J. Hall, Asheboro, N, C. Wanda DuMond Hambv. Dewitt Ronald E. Hames, Jonesboro Don Hamilton, Forrest City Ha Ma Danny Hampton, North Little Rock Steve Hampton, Jonesboro William F, Hampton, Maiden. Mo. Dennis A Hancock, Louisville, Ky. Anita Kav Handlev, Searcy Gail Hannah, Luxora Verna Criss Hannon, Trumann Betty Jo Hansen. Jonesboro Sherrie Harbin, Walnut Ridge Ike Harcourt, Helena Ronald D Hardin, Rector Jim Harding, Blytheville Frank B. Hardwick, Jonesboro Danny Hargraves. Gideon, Mo, Gordon Wav ne Harmon, Desha Michael L Harmon, Paragould Clifford L Harper. Pocahontas Thomas Patrick Harper. Monette Holly Harrington. Hot Springs John Harrington Jr , Greenbrier Gerald Harris, New Madrid, Mo Jeff Harris, State University Larry C Harris. Jonesboro chael A Harris, West Memphis Peggy F. Harris. Jonesboro Russell S. Harrison, Searcy Ginger Hart, McCrorv Andrew W Harvev, Marianna James T. Harvey, Swifton Aliabadi Hassan, Tehran, Iran Jeral W Hastings, Cave City Larry David Hastings, Poplar Bluff David L. Hawkins. Jonesboro Melba Ann Hawkins, Myrtle. Mo Patricia Hawkins. Leachville Sidnev Hayes, Nettleton I Has Shelvv Havwood, Centralia Kim Hazelbaker, Jonesb, Aubrey E. Heatley, Corning Kenneth Joe Heard, Hoxie Ronald Heard, Harrisburg Anneta Heaton, Osceola Joyce Hedden, Jonesboro Randv Hedrick, Horatio William Heidelberger, Marvell Emily Heinrich, Wichita Falls, Tex o T " f ■ 9 ft cr. f$ 4 i-. milk t £ ... " V - - " ■ % % w isL m ■ J? A. P IS Class of 1970 £i p r r 1 1 " HMHHBH9BB ' c ft f ; ti f i Karen Heller, Jonesboro Ken H. Helman, Jonesboro Danny Joe Helms, Bradford Danny Michael Henderson, Marianna Richard Henderson. Osceola Scott Henderson, Newport Kern. C Henigan, Svcamore, 111. Bnice V Henning, Portageville, Mo f T - - James G. Henshaw, Harrisburg Gisela M Hensley. Blythevitle Sharon Henslev. Jonesboro Jim Hesse, Weiner Cherry F Hester, Jonesboro Anita M Hewitt, Henderson Glenn Hibdon, Jonesboro Eddie Hicks, Hampton, Va. i • r James Everett Hieber. Jonesboro Jamey L. Hiertz, Evanston, 111. Bruce Higgins, Paragould Glenn Highfill, Jonesboro Hughie G Hightower, Pocahontas Jennifer Hildreth, Pine Bluff Billy T. Hill, Marvell Juniors Class of 1970 j(o 4 Dennis Bolt Hill, Blytheville Keith Hill, Rector Linda Rae Hill, Morn Lvnda Hill, Piggott Marty Joe Hill, Holly Grove Mary Etta Hill, Osceola James M Hindman, Tyronza Charles S Hinrichs, Poplar Bluff. Mo Joy Hinson. Jonesboro Gloria Hipp, Batesville Harry Hirscheider. Lonoke Naomi J Hitt, Leachville Peter Hoegel. Brooklyn, N Y Joe T Hogan, Newport William C. Hogan, West Memphis Gary E Hoggard, Marmaduke Robert K Hoke, Humboldt. Kan Dennis Holford. Doniphan. Mo Mitchell Holifield. Pollard Tiimmi Holifield, Paragould Don Holland, Piggott Tommy Holland, Walnut Ridge James Hollandsworth, Sidnes Dick Holler. Crossett lb. Charles Holmur Jr. Brinkle Danny B. Holt. Pocahontas John Hunnolljr . Jonesboro Don R House, Griibbs Charles Hooten, Egypt Carolyn Sue Hopkins, Jonesboro Ken Hoppe, Paragould James Hopper, Caruthersville. Mo Johnny Horn, Little Rock Danny K Horner, Kennett, Mo Eva Horton. New Madrid, Mo. Carlyn Regina Horton, Jonesboro Carolyn B Horton, Paragould ( ardwe Mo Sue Houston. Jonesboro Fredrick C, Howard. Bav Joyce A Howard. Clarkedale Malcom James Howard, Newport Sheila Howard, Paragould Bobbv Howe. Newport John Howell. North Little Rock Ronald Hubbard. Marshall Ann M Hubeuer, Little Rock Avlia Hudson, Jonesboro Danny B Hudson, Pine Bluff Ronald Hudson, Hoxie Toka Huffstutlcr. Jonesboro Das id Hoggins, Arbs rd, Mo Linda Huggins. Lafe 312 Steed Huggins. Bauxite William O Huggins, Walnul Ridge Garv D Hughes. Washington, 111 Billy M Hughes, Blvthrville Ray Huguelev. Hughes Lee Ann Hummelstein, Jonesboro Norman Craig Hunt. Carlisle Hilton Hurdle. Trumann Frank L. Hurst, Oaw fordsv ille Kathryn Kay Hurst, Norfork Porter Hurt, Jonesboro nes Earl Hutcherson, Paragouid Johnny Hutchinson, Swifton Brenda Gail Hvde, Lake Citv lerbert Hvman. West Memphis . ' illiam Isaacs. North Little Rock Thomas Melvin Isbell. Bav Bill Ivy. McCehee Bland Steven Jackson. Leachville Caroly n Jackson, Mountain Hume Johnev Jackson, Cardwell, Mo Larry W Jackson. Jonesboro Mike Jackson, Jonesboro Steven Otho Jackson, Helena r o fH $--t p r fa C DP A Juniors Class of 1970 i Darrell Jackson. Kennett. Mo, Ruth Kalerjadwin, Newport Janny James. West Plains. Mo, Maney Austin James, Jonesboro Cars R Jameson, Pine Bluff Janie Jarrett, Jonesboro Karen Jarrett. Poughkeepsie Hal L Jelks, Jonesboro Brenda Jenkins, Marmaduke Richard Jernigan. Jonesboro Carl Joffe, Ocean Springs, Miss Rex Allen Johns. Weldon rrell L Johnson. Memphis, Tenn Cil B Johnson. Prescott Gwendolyn Johnson, Senath. Mo. John F. Johnson. Jonesboro Joseph W Johnson. McCrory Larry Johnson. Jonesboro Linda Johnson. Weiner Loyce Johnson. Cash Mildred Modene Johnson. Austin, Tex. Pamela J Johnson, Paragouid Richard H Johnson. Jonesboro Sherrell Johnson. Paragouid Stephen Alan Johnson. Jonesboro William B Johnson. Lepanto Francis Edward Jolly. Earle Cathv Ann Jones. Pocahontas Connie Sue Jones, Jonesboro Dewayne Jones, Paragouid Doris Jean Jones, Jonesboro Elizabeth B Jones. Jacksonville Floyd L. Jones, Jonesboro Floyd M Jones. Kennett. Mo. Jack Graves Jones, Hughes Jacqueline Jones, Marion James Jones, Mountain Home Jim W Jones, Paragouid Joy Jones, North Little Rock Larry L. Jones. Walnut Ridge Linda Gail Jones, Marked Tree Mary Jo Jones, Kennett, Mo, Randy A. Jones, Jonesboro Robert C. Jones. Jonesboro Verlon Jones, Jonesboro Wesley A Jones. Leachville Willie Mae Jones. Smithville Bobby Justus. Walnut Ridge Danny Keeley. Blytheville Dan Keeton, Paragouid Greg Keller, Jonesboro Margaret Gail Keller, Paragouid Norman H Keller, Franklin, Pa Iva Lee Kellv, Harrison J. D. Kelly, Wynne Mary K. Kellim. Delaplaine G5 €i P Donnie Wayne Kelton. Mani Walter W. Kennicutt, Ward Art Kent. Jonesboro Jimmie Kersey, Vallev View- David C Kiech, Jonesboro Rickv Killingsworth, Joiner David Kimmel, Jonesboro Larrv Kimmer, Batesville David Kinard, Jonesboro Jerrv Kincade. Pocahontas Peggv Sue Kinder, Salem Allen King, Viola David King, W. Memphis Kenneth D, King, Couch, Mo. Larry W, King, Peach Orchard Thomas L. King, Ft. Yukon, Alaska William H. King. Pine Bluff Leotis Kirbv, Doniphan, Mo Charles H. Kirkindall, Jonesb Jonnie Rav Kirkland, Jonesbo James Kirksey, Hoxie Stanley Joe Kitchens. Jonesbo Robert Klimek, Helena G. Joe Klinkhardt. Havti. Mo. umors Class of 1970 Melissa Ann Kluge, Jonesbon Johnny Knight, Corning Harold R Kohler, Ft Smith Gabriel Kovacs, Livonia. Mic Lvn Krenzelok, Hot Springs Walter L. Kyle. Harrisburg Jerry Lacy, Heber Springs Bennie Ladd, Augus ta Cecil La Crone, Centreville, Ala John R, Lambert, Jonesboro Philip Clvde Lamitina, Newport Linda Lancaster. Parkin Jimmy F Lane, Bono Jack Dale Land. Walnut Ridge Henry L. Lang, Cabot Jean Langford, Jonesboro Garry G. Langston, Little Rock John Dukes Langston, Blythevi Cathy Larsen, Manila Ila F. Lashley, Paragould James W Lassiter, Conwa Kay leene Lassiter, Jonesbr Linda Lasswell, West Plair Mary Ann Latourette, Jonesbt N.C. Mo Johnny N. Latta. Pollard Kevin Lawless. Belleville, 111 Janice Marie Lawrence. Mell Tate Lawrence, Melbourne Billy Lawson, Marked Tree Sandy Layton, Earle Linda Lea, Memphis, Tenn Rick Leach, Jonesboro Linda Leary, Jonesboro William J. Ledbetter, W. Memphis Floyd L. Lee, Maiden. Mo. James M. Lee, Wynne Ernest Leflore, Fisher Ronald G Lehman, Little Rock Benny Lendennie, Blvtheville James P Lennox, Pine Bluff Charlotte Kae Leonard, Corning Donna Marie Leonard, Coming Linda Lynne Leopard. Little Rock Larry Lester, Gideon, Mo. Ernestine Levins, Paragould Donald W Lewis, Newport Paul Light, Norfork Clemit W. Liles. Blvtheville William Dee Lincoln, Maynard Wayne L. Lindley, Jonesboro Eric J. Lindstedt, Little Rock James Louis Linsley, Little Rock Linda Lou Lipscomb, Blvtheville Barbara Little. Jonesboro Cynthia Little, Osceola Judi Loberg, Jonesboro Earl Wayne Lock. Rector w i Steve Lockhart. JV | L MichaelW LoftC ' jonesbom 31 ' ' ? Steve Logan, W alnut Ridge Bonnie London. Jonesboro J ' Sharon Lott. Benton Vv. " U . R - l " " u " " " " " t fi ' Vmifc Karen Loveladv 1 .rachv ille ' Hardv Wt £ inmav K Lovvrv. Houston |.. nHHKff A ' illiani B Lu d. Ir , , mr Blutt wETT f " f " : f% Charles Lumsden, DeVVitt Bfc ■ JR Charles R Luttrell. Leachville lk 1,,%, Phyllis Lynn, Osceola j ' Sfc ' X, Rickey L. Mabry, Beedeville Gerald Macchi, St. Louis, Mo. Terrv MacLeod. Jonesboro ' WG. A { ■ Ellen Maddox, Campbell. Mo W 1 " Janet Maddox, Harrisburg dti BSkt Boyce Mahoney, Wilson — Jfflffl|L . HB ' vH rt Major, Jr . North Little Rock Wf Mt SttBSSL wH Juniors Cerald ' inrs. Calico Rock . Campbell, Mo Carolvn Malone, Fisher Renie Mallorv. Hot Springs Sandra Gayle Malloy, Monette Dye Anne Mann, Cherrv Vallev Sharron Marks, Haynes Billie E. Marler, Kennett. Mo. Kenneth L Marler, Fisk, Mo. James R. Marret, Cardwell, Mo Gary Martin, Pocahontas James D Martin, Clarendon Stanley T. Martin, Little Rock G. E. Marvin, Jr . Paragould Larry Joe Masner, Monette i Ma Paragould Bengy S. Massey, Newport Janet Massey, Pocahontas Shirley A. Masters, Jonesboro Lonnie Matheny, Indianapolis, Ind. Barbara Mathis, Jonesboro Phvllis Mickey Mathis. Paragould Virginia Mathis, Jonesboro Ronald J Matlosz, Elizabeth, N.J. Mike Mattern, Jonesboro Mike Mathews, Smackover Richard Mathews. West Memphis Tommy Mathews, Walnut Ridge John R. Mav, Mammoth Spring Monty Mav, Lepanto Janev Mayberrv, Bono James Mavfield. Memphis, Term. Margaret John Ma Walnut Ridge in Mazzanti, Jr , Lake Village Dana McBride, Rector William McBrvde. Paragould Tom McCabe, Charolette Clinness McCall, Bradford Florence McCall, Jonesboro Larry McCall, Searcy Linda McCall, Beebe John McCarthy, Little Rock Kevin McClelland. Eustis, Fla Jimmy F. McClendon, Harrisburg Burnell McClure, Jr . Batesville Jack Ballard McCord, Rector Jim McCormick, Hayti, Mo Arthur McCoy, Mathews, Mo. Glen McCoy, Campbell. Mo Ruth Ann McCrav, Jonesboro Sandra McCray, Jonesboro Robert McCuan, McCrory Doyle McCullar, Osceola David Mike McDaniel. Jonesboro Larry McDermott. Parkin Louis E. McDonald. Searcy Class of 1970 5 f Oft ' PI i fit ft r Dianne McElrath, Gideon, Mo. Jerrv McGee, Portageville. Mo. Rebecca McGinness, West Memphis Ramona McGinnis, Jonesboro Jack McGowan, Bernie. Mo. Gary McGraw, De Witt Wilmer McGraw, Stuttgart Melvin McCruder, Heth r l s ft Id Frank McCuigan. Phila , Pa Bi II McGuire, Wvnne James M McGuire, Thaver, Mo, Jane McHanev. Paragould Mike McLarty, Jonesboro James M. McLeod, Imboden Melvin McMasters, Bav Judy McMillon, Jonesboro f fit f Clarence McMullin, Imboden Carol McNeelv. Pollard Kay Meade. Jackonville Dan P Melton. Jonesboro Charles Merrell, Rector Van Merritt, Cambell, Mo. Susan B Metcalf, Jonesboro Jim Metheny. Paragould Juniors Class of 1970 1 ft t s IB, P ' I ■ , V ? H if IS M ££££ Fred C. Michael, Lexington, N.C. John M. Mick, Bloomfield, Mo. John W. Miles, Paragould Arthur H Miller, Mammoth Springs Bonnie Miller, Paragould Cecil C. Miller, Melbourne David A Miller, Twist David W Miller, Jonesboro Rita Miller, Forrest Citv Ron Miller, Dexter, Mo. Sandra Miller. Violet Hill Shirlev Miller. Batesville Paul Mills, Keiser Jerry L Mitchell, Ml View Lee Mitchell, Forrest City Mariglee Mitchell, Ravenden Sprgs h.d Richard J Mitchell. Chestert. Shirley Mobley, Leachville R D Moffitt, Little Rock Ronnie G Monroe, Walnut Ridge James T Montgomery. Forrest Cit Marion A. Moodv, West Plains, M Pam Moody, Walnut Ridge Freddv Don Moon, Jacksonville Charles Moore, Naylor. Mo Doyet W. Moore, Covington, Va. Eileen T. Moore. Pocahontas James R Moore, Little Rock Jerry Lee Moore, Piggott Sara Moore. Quitman Stan Moore, New Carlisle, Ind. Marilvn Morden. Altheimer Dale L Morris, West Helena Gary E. Morris, Carlisle Sally Morris, Caruthersville, M Eddie Morrison. Bay Jim Moshinslcie, Hot Springs Brenda Moss, Harrisburg Patrecia D Movers, Jonesboro Sue Mullen, Smithville Wm. David Mullen, Walnut Ridge Bobbie L. Munn. Wvnne Marquetta Murphy, Searcy David A Murray, Mobile. Ala Richard Murry. Jonesboro Brenda W Murphy. Cherry Valley Margaret Myers, Jonesboro Vickie David Nann, Batesville Ann Nanney, Green Way Susan Neace, Jonesboro Floyd A Neely, Harrisburg Dorthv J Nelson, Little Rock Thomas W New. Jacksonville Terrv Nichols, Hollv Grove Thomas E Nichols, Osceola Glenn Nicholson, Forrest Citv larl.tha emph,. uriilt,,,, Jimmy L. Norman, jonesboro JohnC Norman, Senath, Mo Don R Northcntt, Carlise Pommy V. Nuckols. KK theville Carol J. Nunn. Dumas Harrell N. Oaklev. Weiner Jamie O Banion. Pine Bluff Michael W O Banion, Pine Bluff Charles O ' Brien, Jonesboro Julius D Odom, Tupelo . O ' Donnell. Winston-Salem. N.C Martin Oldham. Marked Tree Linda L. Oliver. West Helena Robert G. Olvey. Pocahontas Stephen Jay Orr. Jonesboro Glenda G Overf ield. Grubbs Kenneth Owen. Deering, Mo. Ronny C Owen, Dyess Arlis Owens, North Little Rock Bettv Ozbirn, Jonesboro m it-- fjj tit " ami 1 e r r i l [J uniors Gloria Ozbirn. Jonesboro Jim Pace. Pocahontas Kenneth Padgett, Ethel Patsy L. Padgett, Ethel Richard Painter, Batesville lonald L, Pannell, Harrisburg arren Parker. Neelyville, Mo. William D. Parker, Palestine Gavlon Greer Parks, Searcv HarsleyParr. De Vails Bluff Kelly Parrish. Jacksonville, Fla, David L, Patrick. Pine Bluff Glenda Patrick. Pine Bluff Mamie F Patten. Kennett, Mo. Carolyn Patterson. Durmott Thomas H. Patterson. Lepanto April Lea Patton. Malvern Ronald Paulson. Thayer. Mo. John M. Pearce. Newport iod Pearson. Roanoke Rapids. N.C. Jenny L Pemberton. Wilson Susan P Pendergraff, Jonesboro James Penixjr., Tuekerman Brenda Penn, Walnut Ridge Emilee Ann Penn, Jonesboro my Pennington, North Little Rock Daniel P Pentecost, Bedford, Va, Carol Perrv, Ravenden Randall W, Perryman, Henderson Tera J Persfull. Essex, Mo. Rita Person. Parkin Freddy Peters. Neelvville. Mo. Patrick A. Pettengell, Jonesboro Virgil B, Peyton, Memphis, Tenn. White Pharr Jr.. Tar Heel. N.C Gary Phelan. Corning Sallv Phelan. Corning John Phelp s, Earle Shirley A. Phelps. Hayti, Mo Carlotta Phillips, Walnut Ridge Dianne Phillips, Jonesboro Donald Phillips, Portageville, Mo, Glenda S Phillips. Harrisburg Marian H. Phillips, Paragould Robert E. Phillips, Maiden, Mo Cathv Pickens. Jonesboro Elizabeth A Pickney, Black Rock Dannye Pierce, Hornersville. Mo. Mildred E Pierce, Poplar Bluff, Mo Julius Pieri Jr . Cherry Valley Charles E Pillow, Paragould Gary P Pittman, Batesville Jack Plumlee. Mammoth Spring Charles W Plunkett. Blytheville Dale E. Poag, Manila Cathy Poindexter. Pine Bluff Cwen Poindevter. Pine Bluff Philip J Ponder. Charleston. Mo Barbara Pollock. Jonesboro Harley Polston. Caraway Kaths Polsion. State University Virginia J Polston. Tuckerman Das id Porter. Pocahontas Leona W Pratt. Pocahontas Johnns W Presles, Trumann Lee B Presson. East Prairie. Mo. Patsy Priest. Blytheville Kenneth Privett, Hoxie Allan Pruett. Jonesboro Bob Pruett. Rector Sarah Pueh. Jonesboro Jimmy D Purdom. Mountain Vie Barbara Roe Pums. Jonesboro Garv Quick. Jonesboro Joe Quillin. West Memphis Marshall Quinn. Paragould Alice M Raines, Senath. Mo Edward W Raines, Paragould Peggy Ralev. Wynne Janet Ramer, Walnut Ridge Juniors Class of 1970 Douglas Ramses. Benton Gene Ramses. Beebe Flovd Ramses Jr., Batesville Linda Ramses. Beebe Terrs L Ramses. Leachville William Ransdell. Hannibal. Mo. John Ransom Jr., Bradford Das id Raulinaitis. Shrewsbury, Mass. Walter W Rauth. Jonesboro Das id S Ras. Blsthesille Nancy. Redd, Harrisburg Charles Reece, W est Memphis Donna Reed. Pocahontas Mars Kas Reeder. Lake Village Asa Louis Reeves. Blytheville Anita Louise Reilly. Jonesboro C Parker Reinhardt, Hickory Ri. Joseph Remlev. Marvell Diane Retzloff. Little Rock Ronald Alan Revna. Blytheville Bovce Revnolds. McCrory Helen L Rev nolds. Jacksonv ille Joyce Res nolds. McCrory Mas D Res nolds. Harrisburg Philhs Revnolds. Hot Springs Carroll Rhodes. Creenville, Mo. Larry Rhvnes. Coming Cars L Rice, Mammoth Spring Garv Richard. Cave City B G Richardson. Campbell. Mo John D Richardson. Hardy Lenora F Richardson. Monette Shirley J Richardson. Earle Charles P Richmond. Foreman Sarah Riggs. Jonesboro Edwin Rilev. New Madrid. Mo. Linda L Ring. Poughkeepsie Daniel G Ritchey, Blytheville Belts Ferrell Roach, Jonesboro Omajean Robbins, Manila Beverly Robertson. Cry stal City . Mo Larry J Robertson, Batesville William T Robertson. Black Rock Tommy Robins. Leachville Gary W, Rodgers. Paragould Glenna Rodgers. Mammoth Spring Rannv F Rodgers. Jonesboro Charlotte Rogers. Hoxie Douglas C Rogers. Pine Bluff Garv Rogers. Ash Flat Geraldine Rogers, Hoxie Jerrie Rogers. Jonesboro Mary Sue Rogers, Piggott R V. Rogers. Pocahontas Ron Rogers. Leachville Rudolph Rogers, Denver. Colo 318 Sails Rogers. Dallas Tex W. Joe Rogers. Piggott nk B Rohrscheil. W Helena Mars lane Rores, Harrisburg Larrs Rose. Walnut Ridge Mars C Rose, Leach ville Marilyn Ross. West Helena Robert Ross, Helena William R Ross, Paragonld Ravmnnd E Rouse. Carlisle Pamela Rowe, Luxora Alvous Rowlett. Swifton Joyce E. Rosal, Corning Gwen Rnf(. Success Arlita Joan Runsick. Hards Patricia Rutherford. Mablevale Larry Sago, Pocahontas Mitchell Saliba, Blytheville Suann Saliba. Blytheville Carl A. Saline. Philadelphia. Pa Karen Sallee, Pocahontas Merlvn M, Salley, N Little Rock uniors Linda C. Samford, Holland. Mo John Sammons, Jonesboro Howard Sanders. Salem Mars Janet Sanders. Success David Sanderson. Jonesboro Jack Sandlin, Little Rock Garv W Sauheaver, Jonesboro Jimmy R Sawver, Wynne John J Sawver, Jonesboro Daniel J Savior. Parkside. Pa Victor C Scauzzo, DeSoto, Mo Charles Schaaf, Paragould Larrs Schafer, Lono ke Janet C. Schalk. Poplar Bluff. Mo Joe Bill Schlenker. Tichnor Barbara Schlesier. Little Rock William Lee Schumann. Marsell Charles D Scott, Broseles, Mo Damn Scott, Sedgwick Gregorx A Scott. Brookland Jimmie Don Scott. Harrisburg Violet M, Scott. Doniphan. Mo Warren E. Scott, Pocahontas James Vance Scurlock, Jonesboro Linda Sue Seagrases, Pocahontas Utah Llovd Seagraves. Pocahontas Jim Seal. Piggott Janna F Seats. Jonesboro Roy Lee Seas , Lake Cits Terry Seas , Calico Rock Jessica Segars, Jonesboro Robert R. Self. Ft Smith Kelly H Sellers, Earle Glenda Faye Seymore, West Memphis James C Shakelford, Forrest City Freda Ann Shanks. Nesvnata Nancy Joyce Shanks. Blytheville Jack R. Sharbutt Jr., Jonesboro Jerry Lynn Sharpe, Overland. Mo, Joyce Renee Sharpe, Clarendon Larry A. Sharpe, Parkin Nancy Susan Shaver. Tuckerman Patricia Ann Shelton, Walnut Ridge Virginia Dale Shepard, Jonesboro Roy M. Shepherd, Harrisburg Wavne Shepherd, Walnut Ridge Bobby Joe Sherrill. Belleville, 111 Phillip Rowland Shewmaker, Searcs Phillis Kaye Shewmaker. Searcy Regina Shores. Trumann Brenda Short. Beebe Wallace Shrader. Paragould Farrell E Shultz. Wauchula. Fla Craig Shumaker, Elwood Iowa Richard C Simerson, Benton nons. Warren i ft § Li r m A: Br 1 ' t 1 JPI fit x j£) f 5 ' A ' $i f f Gordon S Simpson. Jonesbon Joy Simpson, Judsonia Edward S. Sims. Dermott Robert T Singleton, Cherry V Connie Sipes, Cardwell, Missi Richard Sisk, Parkin Jen-v Sisson, Lepanto Bill Skelton, Forrest City f ft , in; r P Tony R Skogen, Evansville, 1 Terry F Skyrmes, Little Rock Joseph N Slayden, Little Roc Harvey Andrew Slentz. Rolla. Bob Smalling, Paragould Bonnie Mae Smith, Manila Carolyn R Smith. Blvtheville Conrad M Smith. Pine Bluff f t ■f fife Dennis Lloyd Smith. Jonesbor Dennis Rav Smith. Dixie Donald Ray Smith, Wynne Elton Smith, Dixie Gary S Smith, Harrisburg Gary V. Smith, Walnut Ridge Hal P Smith, Brinklev J Frank Smith, Tyronza Juniors Class of 1970 Jack Smith. Stuttgart James G Smith, West Memphi. Jim Ray Smith, Jonesboro Joe William Smith, Gamaliel Joseph E Smith, Manila Karen L Smith, Jonesboro Keith B Smith. Corning Mark Allen Smith, Blvtheville Mary Jo Smith. Jonesboro Phillip Larry Smith, Stuttgart Rickie L Smith, Dexter. Mo Rickv Smith. Strawberry Rosevelt Smith. Luxora Sherrill Smith, Paragould Thomas Wayne Smith. Carlisle Verlis E Smith, Augusta Willis Smith. West Plains. Mo. Ann Smithwick, Pine Bluff Carrie Mae Snapp, Walnut Ridge Constance Lynn Snapp. Walnut Ridge John Sneed, Gassville Farrington B Snipes. Crawfordsville Ellis Brooks Snow. Searcy James W Snow, Blvtheville Cora Mae Snyder. Paragould David R Spann, Jonesboro John Speck. Frenchman ' s Bav Curtis L Speed, Jonesboro Joel Speer. Paragould Sue R Speer, Marmaduke Ken W Spencer, Pocahontas Rick A Spicer, Corning F Gene Spitzer, Jonesboro Melba L Spurgin. Parkin Sharon Kay Spurlock. Wilson Byron Stafford. Harrisburg Leslie Earl Stafford. Brinklev Rickey L Stalleup. Paragould Mary Stanley, Corning William A Steele, West Mem ( Donald Stevens, Calico Rock Terry Wesley Stevenson. Jones Daniel Stiles. Little Rock Patricia Stillwell, Jonesboro Ronny David Stites. Newport Jerry D Stone. Paragould Mary Jane Stotts, Lake City Paul H Stotts. Jonesboro Martha Stovall. Imboden Kenneth Stracener, Searcy Jack Stradley, Willow Springs Paula Stratton. Stuttgart Wendell Stratton. Stuttgart Sharron Straw bridge, Jonesbon Frank Stringer, Jonesboro Can D Stroud, Bat. Bernhard Stroud, Jom Suiter. Palestn umpter. West Memphi Frank W. Swanson, McCrory Martha Ann Swigert, Jonesboro Clovis G. Swinnev, Jonesboro Glen E Swindle, Bono Charles W. Tankerslev. Jonesb iro Jodv Tapp, Newport Ralph Tate, Jonesboro Ronald Lee Tate, Jonesboro Juniors Barbara Kave Taylor, Wynne Joe Taylor. Forrest City Robert Taylor. Brookland Steven D. Teague. Jacksonville Carolyn Tedford, Hot Springs Alan Tegethuff. Blytheville Richard S Thomas. Walnut Ridge Thomas M Thompson, Waklenburg Danny K Thomason, Bald Knob Alfred W. Thompson, Jonesboro Charles E, Thompson. North Little Rock Eugene S Thompson, Forrest City Glenn E. Thompson, Jonesboro Joe F. Thompson, Helena Michael Thompson, North Little Rock M Thompson, Doniphan, Mo. Nancv Thorne. West Memphis Debbie Threet, Steele. Mo Hi, Kin iThu , Paragould Tiffee, Tucken Debbie Tillers. Harrisburg udette Tinnin, Kenn Jo Ella Todd, Dell e Tope. Little Rock rreadwas, Jonesbnrn Larrv Treat. Searcs I ' atr Ann Treat, Dan L. Trevathan. Jonesboro Roger Tribble. Walnut Ridge Randv C Trim. Florissant. Mo Paul W Trout. Bourbonnais. Ill Richard W Truax, Gillett Everett Tucker. Jr . Marked Tree Raymond D Tucker. Gatewood. Mo Jack R. Turner, Osceola Barbara Turpin, Moro Dovle Tver. McCrorv Henry V. Tvner, Jonesboro Randal L ' lmer. Jonesboro William D Urserv. Pine Bluff Fred Valicenti, Pittsburgh. Penn Tarsa Van Cleve. Jonesboro Louise R. Van Pelt, Paragould Pamela Lee Van Pelt, Jonesboro James Vaughan. Marion Billv C Veal. Piggott R D Velander. Fort Smith Class of 1970 it EL f f mm. £» Lee Vent, Carlisle Mary L. Vernon, Louisville, Ky. Glenford E. Veteto, Jonesboro Thomas Vigeant, Newburyport, Mass. Andrew J Vincent, Alton, Mo. William F. Vollmer, St. Louis, Mo. Donald Wayne Wade, Forrest City Robbie Wade, Blvtheville Harietta 1 Wagner, Paragould [immy Wagner, Manila Terry Waits, Paragon Id Richard F Walden, Jonesboro Tom Waleszonia, Fontana, Calif Charlene Walker, Helena Nina Fay Walker, Clinton, Md. Ralph K. Walker, Gideon, Mo. Janet Wall, Jonesboro David Ray Wallace, Leachvi Jem Wallin, Marked Tree Janis Wallis, Beech Grove David J. Walls, Corning John E Walls, Des Arc Paulette Walton, Paragould Phillip Wamock, Jonesboro Class of 1970 MIX 1 Patricia Karon W ard, Success Larrv Ward. Little Rock Lmda Warren. Jonesboro Cleve Warrick, Little Rock Kenneth Wasson, Harrison Tommy Wat kins, Marvell Wayne Watkins, Jonesboro Marv Ann Watson. Jonesboro Patti Jo Watson, Paragould Danny R, Waymon, Pocahontas Patricia A. Weatherford, Rector David Weaver. Paragould Dennis Richard Weaver, Paragould Wilton G Weaver, Omaha, Neb. Marilyn Webb. Trumann Andrea Lee Weir, Walnut Ridge Carolyn S. Wells, Bradford Elvira Wenzel, N, Little Rock John W. West, Forrest City Sharon Louise West, Blvtheville Lena Weston, Jonesboro Steve Weston, Corning William S. Westrol. Elizabeth. N.J Benuie Lewis Wheeler, Moro Bettv Wheeler, Moro Bettvjane Wherrv, McCrorv Frank C White. Poplar Bluff. Mo Crace White, Pine Bluff M. Ann White, Manila Melvin Douglas White, Jonesboro Pegg White, Marmaduke Ron White, Jonesboro Ronnie D. White, Jonesboro Vickie J. White. Jonesboro Bobby L. Whitehead, Newport Victoria A. Whiteside, Wilson Rebecca E Whitt, Jonesboro Donna Whittingham, Jonesboro Terry Wicker, Blvtheville Dennis R Wiles, Hardv Brenda Wilkinson, Paragould Noel C. Wilkerson, Mvrtle. Mo. Van Paula Wilkie, Forrest City June Ann Willcockson. Paragould Brenda Willcutt. Jonesboro Wavne Willev. Jonesboro Carolyn Williams. Cabot Charles Williams, Doniphan, Mo Eddie Joe Williams, West Plains, Mo Garlin Wayne Williams, Hughes George M. Williams, Kenilworth, ' Harrv D Williams, Pocahontas Johnnv R Williams, Joiner Mary F. Williams, Rector Phillip Williams, Marmaduke Virginia Lee Williams, W, Memphis Willodmc Williams, IV.o, Allen S Wilson, Holland. Mo enda Fase Wilson, Atlanta, Ga Jerry Wilson, Kennett, Mti Mary Jo Wilson, Earh Ronnie Wilson, Bas Sharon Ann Wilson. Hot Springs ■ A. Wimberley, Caruthersville, Mo Donald E Winchester. Rector Albert L Winkle. Jonesboro James Winningham. Harrisburg Barbara Winters, Harrisburg Carl Wise. Jonesboro Harriette Wise. Hughes Mike Wise, Bloomfield. Mo Linda Lou Wiseman, Marked Tree Sandra Kave Wixsnn, Fisher David M Wolf. Sikeston. Mo Lawrence Wolf, Sikeston, Mo Bilk Joe Wood. Caraway Damn W ood, Beebe Branch funiors Deborah Kas Wood. Parkin omy W Wood, Cherrs allev Lois F W.K.d, Jonesboro Maurice C Wood, Flippin Melinda Wood, Jonesboro Rhonda L Wood, Jonesboro Ronnie Wood. Jonesboro Teresa Wood. Cardsvell, Mo Terry Wood. St Louis, Mo Phsllis D Woodard, Smithville Robert D Woodard, Naylor, Mo Donna Woodle, Stillxvell, Ind Lonnie M Wooduff, Grubbs Stephen Woodson, Paragould Bobbs Dale W.mkIs , Black Rock Yvonne Woolverton. Rollard vdia L. Worlow, Walnut Ridge Larry Wra , Salem Barbara Jan Wright. Hope Carol Y Wright. Harrisburg Julius Phillip Wright. Osceola Nancv Wright, Paragould Suzanne Wright, Pine Bluff Vicks W ' u Taiwan, ( tuna Jan Wulfekiihler. Paragould Rita Wurtz, Pocahontas Dan Wv. Blsthesillc Gars Yancy. frumann Charles R Yarbro. Blvtheville Donald Yarbro. Poplar Bluff. Mo David A Yates, Paragould Janet Clarke Yawn, Marion Bruce Yeager. Stuttgart James L Y ' opp, Jonesboro Linda Young, Stuttgart William W. Young, Osceola Terry Zimmerman, Maiden, Mo Michael P Kellim, Paragould jr ft p t Class L of i 1970 f - I W-f fl ? lfr aasss " J HLJKPV , . HP ' K T . " P l ' " • m mr Anita Alexander, Drasco |H H| Viler tffefc. jtftiStib. flfe. jilBB|L tffek Kfc i fit?? fffo E — Sophomores Class of 1971 Johnnv I Bl.ivl, r h ab.-th Boeckman Rick B Borgman, Benton B Sharon Bowen, Blytheville Anne Bowen. West Memphis Bam Bowman. Keiser Bow l)v oger Bowman, Jonesboro Harold Bovd. Paragoiild Leslie Bovd. BKtheville Man Rebecca Bovd. Little Rock Steve Bovd. Paragnuld Herman Boykin II. Batesville Ka Brackin. Marion Lois Braden. Kennett, Mo Harold Bradford Jr.. Deering. Mo Dan Bradlev. Belleville. Ill Ernest C Bradshaw Jr.. Dumas Sophomores James M Bradshaw . Pine Bluff Judith A Bradsher, Pine Bluff Janie Donnita Bradv. Manila Ralph W Bradv, Williford James Brake. Paragould Dean Branscum, Ash Flat Steve Branum. Hornersville, Mo Gem Brashears. Corning Stan Brawlev, Earle Claude Edwin Braw tier, Piggott Oral D Brav Gideon Gary Brazzeal, Harrison Marcia Breeding. Little Rock Lizabeth Bretherick. Fort Pierce, Fla Kathy Bridges, Leacfmlle Michael Bridges. Searcv Peggv Brinkley, Turrell Gary Brooks. North Little Rock James Dale Brooks. Bald knob Jackie Brow n. Jonesboro Linda Sue Brown. Little Rock Mariella Brown. Forrest Citv M L 1 p P • 1 f ' Class of 1971 ndraj i His,,, Recto William Brow n. Pine Bluff Paul Browning. Tuckerman Rickev Brow ning, Jonesboro Bill Brovles. Hot Springs Karen Bruner. Ba Randall Brunner. Pocahontas Rickes Brunner. Pocahontas Judith Brvant. Rev no Phvllis Bryant, Leachville Richard Buerkle. Jonesboro Rov M Burch Jr , Piedmont, Mo Jerry Burchfield, Saffell Marie-Jose Burdvshaw , Jonesboro Donnie Burford. Hunter Mvra Burford, Wynne Carlotta Burge, Batesville Frank Burge. Little Rock Karen Burk, Salem Ewell Patrick Burns. El Dorado Thomas Burroughs. Parkin Beverlv Burton, Benton Jimmv Burton. BKtheville Paula Burton, Benton Ben Robert Bush. Walnut Ridge Janet Butler. Little Rock Larrv Butterworth. Osceola Michele Bvrd. Jonesboro Linda Byrun, Maiden Mary Elaine Cagle, Rector Norris Bradley Calawav. West Memphis Carroll Caldwell, Jonesboro L f L i , Si IP C f V ii 3 mm - 1 r r . .. V K 1 f © T s f i I A £1 m Maxie Caldwell, Memphis. Term Samuel T Callahan, Black Rock Jeffre B Calloway, Hollv Grove Stefan A. Calloway, Hi. IK Grove Tomrns Calloway! HolK Grove Phil H Camp, Paragould Carolyn Campbell, Blvtheville Joel Scott Campbell. Hot Springs N Ra Campbell, Pocahontas Nancs Campbell, North Little Rock Patrick B Campbell. Franklin Rickev L Canard, Newport Jamie Cantrell, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Patti Capps. Scares Geraldo Cardoso, Washington, D C Glen R Carlson, Harrison Carpenter, aldrribm Larrs (barter, Trumann Estel Rm Cartw right. Batessille James Cartw right. North Little Rock James Casebier, Harrisburg Patrick Cases, Cohassat, Mass George Cash, Trumann Sophomores Class of 1971 Rickev Castleberrv. Amagon Sarah Castleberrs, Jonesboro James Cates, Senath, Mo. Donald M Cathev. Paragouli Gary Catlett, Marvell Elmer Catlin, Brooklyn, N J C. Causbie, Hardy Beverls Casaness. Batesville Michael L. Chaffin, Trumann Larrs Chaitlancl. Senath. Mo Pamela Chambers, Horseshoe f James L Chandler, Marianna JeannieChanev, Bald Knob Ronald Cheatham, Melbourne Jackie Cheatssood, Pine Bluff Kaths Cheshire, Kennett, Mo Mike Cheslock. Memphis, Tenn Janet Clifton, Jonesboro Linda Childers, Jonesboro James Childs, Jonesboro Jerrx Chism, Hughs Bob Choate, Jonesboro Michael Chronister. Jonesboro John T Church. Salem Sharon Cissell. Jonesboro Henrv Clampit. Harrisburg Jasper Clark, Salem Kenneth C. Clark, Crubbs Larrv Wayne Clark, Batesville Patricia Clark, Jonesboro Patricia K Clark. Camp Rebecca Clark. Cherrs Valles John Claud, Little Rock Kathleen Clas brook. Paragould Patrick W. Clifford, Jonesboro Ralph Clifton. Brmkles Elsa Clinger. North Little Rock Steve Clumskv . Liberal. Kansas Mike Cobb, Jonesboro Ronnie Cobb. Paragould Susie Cochran, Jonesboro Cars Coleman, Holland. Mo Keith Coleman. Forrest Cits Sands Collar, Paragould Allan Columbus. Blvtheville Dosle E Colvin, Forrest Citv Patts Combs, Black Rock Kerrv Conrad. Jonesboro Dannv Cook, North Little Rock David Cook, Jonesboro Paulette Cook. Paragould Carl F Cooper, Pine Bluff Dixie Cooper, Bay Sandra Cooper, Hayti, Mo. Stanley Cooper. Cooler, Mo Sue Jane Cooper, Fisher Tommy Cooper. Ney Rickey Copeland. Mn Kathy Pauline Cornish, Lead David B Cotter. N Little Floyd Dalon Cowan, Bennev Cox, Margreat V. Crawford, [oilier Mary Ann Crawford. Tuckerman Samuel I. Creasman, Kingsport, Term James C Creecy. Dell Kristie Ann Creed, North Babylon, Donnie Creighton, Batesville Virginia L. Creson, New Blaine Sophomores Andrew P Crigler, Alton, Mo Johnny Crisher, Cash Allen Crisp. Marvell Nina Crook. Harrisburg Robert M Crouse, Forrest City Garv Crowson, Forrest Cits Wanda Crozier. Trumann Karen Jane Crve, Osceola Janis Cuff, Kennett, Mo. Robert F. Cullins, Newport Allen Bonner Culp. Marvell Damn R Culp. Blytheville Karen Jane Culp. Paragould Michael D Cummings. Sherwood Stan Cummings. McCrory ningham. Weiner Scottv Curl, Bradford Garv L Curtis. Calico Rock Fthel Dabbs. Jonesboro Dennis L Dahl, F.lsria. Ohio Michael Dale. Melbourne Larrv Dame. Jonesboro Billy Glenn Daniels. McCrory Steven Dapp, Blytheville Linda Davenport. Hardy Micky Davenport. Brookland Brenda J Davis, Bono John Davis. Coming Karen Woods Davis. Trumann LaVera J, Davis, Trumann Lehman W Davis, Black Rock Leonard Davis, Keiser Mitchell Davis. Little Rock Deborah Davison. Paragould William C Deaton. Osceola Dannv Douglas Deen. Blytheville Lynn Delanev , Jonesboro Tom Dickison, Arnold, Mo Laura Diffey. Forrest City Carmon L Dillard. Vellville Alvie Dillin. Jonesboro Frances Distretti. Memphis, Term Steve Doan, Little Rock Joe R. Dobbs, Manila Jimmie D Dodd, Paragould Lou Ann Dooly, Batesville Jerry Don Dorton, Paragould Wavne Dorton, Nettleton Susan Paillette Doty, Walnut Ridge James Roy Douglas, Marked Tree Bills R Dowdy, Rector Kenneth Dowless, Monette jean Downey, Richland, Iowa F. Ann Dow ning. Batesville Particia Leah Dow ning, Weiner Larry Do le. Neyvport ft, - P P Pi m X if L Class of 1971 it. . Rusty Dozier. Blvtheville Phillip H Ducker, Calico Rock Sherry Addison Duckett. Pine Bluff Janet Mar Duckworth. Jonesboro Jane Ann Duffel. Jonesboro Don Dunavant, |onesbnro Janet Dunavant. Jonesboro Charles R Duncan. Jonesboro Christopher W inston Duncan. 1 Gars Duncan, Jal. N. M John Kenneth Duncan. Piedmo Phillip J Duncan, Blvtheville H Robert Dunn. Little Rock Jackie R Dunn. McGehee James M. Dunn, Texarkana Michael J Edens, Tyrnnza John M Edingtnn III. Resno Wavne Edgin. Benton Jos Beth Edwards. Greenwav Phillip W. Elam. McCrorv James Elbert. Jonesboro Mary Jo Ellington, North Little Rock Sandra Lvnn Elliott, West Memphis Tim Elliott. Little Rock Sophomores Class of 1971 James C Ellis. Blvtheville Jan Ellis, Monette Kav Ellis. Thayer, Mo Eva J Enzor, Forrest City C:athv Eoff, Dell Mitchell Eoff, Fifty Six David Erby, Jonesboro Becky Ersteine, Stuttgart Michael J Eubanks. Paragould Herschel D Eudy, Dierks Sheliajo Evans, Brookland Arva Everett, Mavnard Carol Ann Ezell. Naylor. Mo Patrick C. Fair. Pocahontas Gabriel Fahasinnu. Nigeria Caths Farles. Paragould Jim H Farles. Bav Donald R Farmer, Wavne. Mich James Farrell. Brinkles Richard Faulkner. Jonesboro William Faulkner. Caraxvav Bills W. Feagin. Bald Knob Rick Freeman. Pine Bluff Donnis Kav Feild. Jonesboro Gene Ferguson, Forrest Citv Sharon Ferguson, Carlisle William C Ferguson, Hardy John H Ferriell, Palm Beach, Fla Loss Dee Fielder. Osceola Dana Lee Fields, Riplev. Term Linda Fisher. Alton. Mo, Craig Lavon Fletcher. Osceola Linda Fletcher, Lake Citv Kenneth R Fletcher. Jonesboro Danny Ford. Paragould Jack L Ford, Marvell Ronnie D. Ford. Jonesboro James D Forehand. Wellesley. Mass. Clenda Forester, Alton, Mo. Larrv Forrester. Jonesboro Vicki L. Forrester, Forrest Citv James Foster, Willow Springs. Mo Kenny L. Foster. Campbell, Mo Larrv Don Foster. Jonesboro Phvllis Foster, Lunsford Chervl Fowler, Memphis, Tenn Gilbert Fowler, Jr., Jonesboro Sandra Fowler, Star City Kathy L Fox, Holly Grove Mac Franks, Little Rock Peggy Franks, Desha Darlene Frazier, Osceola Donald E. Frazier. Cave City James H Freese, Hickory Ridge Samuel Cameron French. O Kean Gnshmul.-rlmrg h Flu anda Fuuiia. Bono Julia Gardner Pint- Bluff Stanley Garner, Beech Grove Gerald E Garnett, Trumann William T Garrett, Little Ruck Deborah A Gathright. Monette Leo George, Jonesboro Tern. W George. Northbrook. Ill Terry D Gerdos, Jonesboro Sophomores en Charagozlou, Theran, Iran i Gibson, San Francisco, Calif. Michael O Gibson, Jonesboro Bill Gilbert. Pocahontas Henry Gilbert II. Pine Bluff Virginia L Giles. Blytheville Darrell E. Gill, Jonesboro tennis C Gillihan. Melbourne DonnieC Gilliland. Paragould Elizabeth M Gillis, Jersey City, N.J, Ballard Gilmore. Searcy Martha Cilpatrick. Leachville Lila Gipson, Monette Larry Gladden, Osceola Gerald D Glidewell. Jonesboro Mvra Glidewell. Carawav Grace Glissor. Senath. Mo Gwyn Glover. Little Rock Martha J Goad, Jonesboro Steve Goddard, Eustis. Fla Randy Goetz, Stuttgart Joe Goodman. Fort Smith Patricia Goodman. Jonesboro Larry E Goodsell. Jacksonville Roy S. Gott, Jr . Jonesboro David Goza. Clarksville Gene Goza, Svvifton Keith Goza. Paragould Thomas Graddv. Jackson, Tenn Tom L Graham, West Memphis Walter Graham, Little Rock Ham J Grav, Jonesboro Judith k Grav. Tvronza Michael Grav. Marianna Michael D Grav, Blytheville Donnie Green. Tuckerman Michael R Greene. Little Rock Georgia Greer. Jonesboro avmond G. Greer. Jr . El Dorado Bob L. Griffin. De Vails Bluff Donald Griffin, Little Rock Michael M Griffin, Jonesboro Bobby Griffith, Jonesboro James R. Guest, Jonesboro Michael J Guillot. Blytheville Gary W. Gunter, Jonesboro Larry K Gunter, Conway Rickv A Gunter. Blvtheville Vickie Gurley. Hayti, Mo Ann Gutridge, Forrest Citv Luther N Hagler, Hickory Ridge Debra L. Hale. Marked Tree Richard L Hale. Kennett. Mo. Rita L Hale. Beebe Wilma J. Halev. Judsonia Emma Sue Halfacre. Jonesboro IP Class of 1971 L r In T JL JUL?! " £ J m " J f £ WW life Dennis E. Hall, Blvtheville James M Hall. Weiner Jeanne B. Hall, Jonesboro Larry R Hall, Salem Ronnie Hall, Calico Rock Jerrv Halsev, Monette James Hamilton. Marked Tree Earl Hamlett, Hornersville, Mo Johnny Max Hamm, Imboden Keith Hamm, Trumann Cecil Holmes Hammett. Helen Linda Hammond. Pine Bluff Bvron William Hamrick. Jones! WilburnG. Hanna. II. Luxora Brenda Harbison. Twist Gerald J Harkenrider. Harrisor John W. Harlan, Trumann Lisa Harper. Monette Pamela Harrell, Walnut Ridge Mabel I Harris, Lvnn Marcus Dale Harris, Oil Trougf Sophomores Ha Class of 1971 Larrv M Harvev. Paragould Hoy Marvin Haught. Huntsville Jerry A. Hawkins, St. Louis, Mo. Ronny Lee Haves, Luxora Ruth Haves, Dorr, Michigan Dennis Havnes, Jonesboro John P Heard. Newport James Dewavne Heath, Paragould Linda Heath, Nettleton James R Heinrich. Stuttgart Bruce Helm, Batesville Brenda Helms, Jonesboro Michael Kent Henard. Cotton Pla Betty Jo Henderson. Clarendon H Perrv Henderson. England John Larrv Henderson, Jacksonvil Peggv Henderson, Marianna Freddie Hendrix, Osceola Linda Carol Henson, Wynne Thomas Henson, Jonesboro Patricia Ann Hercher, Pine Bluff Rebecca Herget, New port Beach, C; Nancv Hester, Piggott Deborah Hetzel. Hardv Larrv Hickman. Harrisburg Gaylon Higginbotham, Cardwe Barbara Higgins, Marked Tree Opaline Higgins, Jonesboro Gene B Hightower, Newport Jerrv Hightower, Trumann David Hildebrand, Stuttgart Belts ard V, Hill. Moro y Hill, Jonesboro :v Ann Hill. West Hele Thoma Orleans, La. John Hillhouse. Charleston, Mo Donna Marie Hindman, Tyronz George Gem Hinds, (nneslmm Frances Mine Hipp, Searcy Douglas Hochstetler, Jonesboro Kathv Hodges, Earle Marsha Hoey. Cherokee Village Marv Hoffman, Jonesboro John Hogan, Newport Jerrv Hoggard, Marmaduke Robert L Hoke. Little Rock Robert Elmo Holder, McCrory Carol Ann Hollanger, Stuttgart Marybelle Holligan, Senath, Mo Patricia Hollis, Trumann Edwin L. Holt, Lafe Carolyn Ann Holub, Goodwin Donna Beth Hood. Brickeys Glenn Hopps. Newport 330 lohnny Horton, North Little Rock David Micheal House, Newport Janet House. Memphis. Tenn Pam House. Hickors Ridge Paul M House. Jonesboro Ken Housh, Swiflon Suanne Housh. Swifton Robert M Houston. Dell " H M ■■■ Janice Hovis. Reyno Wanda Hudtlleston, Camden Margaret Huff. LepantO Debbie Huffines, Mountain Vie« Daniel F Hughes. Little Rock Jimrm Hnlett, Svsifton Mars Humphreys, W ilson Joe Huneycutt, Warren Wavne Hunter, Pocahontas Eula L Hurd. Paragonld Lonnie B Hurst. Jonesboro Johnny L Hutchison. Trumanu Ros L. Hutchison. Corning Terrv Hutchinson. Sss ifton Gwendolyn Irwin, Pollard f | fPS ' (ft IB Sophomores Class of 1971 Bonnie Jackson, Jone shorn Carolyn A Jackson, Jonesboro David Gray Jackson. Bradford Alice James, West Plains, Mo. Phillip L James. Jonesboro Randall James. Willow Springs, Mo Ronald James. Biggers Larr Jarrett, Jonesboro Q Robert Jenkins, North Little Rock Linda Jernigan, Lepanto Billv Edwin Jester, Dierks Lynn Jetton, Memphis, Tenn. Maurice F Jetton, Jonesboro Andrew D Joffe, Ocean Springs, Miss (,ath Johnson, Jonesboro Marcia Johnson, Jonesboro L f Ph(»ebe Johnson, Present t Redgie Johnson, Paragonld Robert L Johnson. Cash Ruth Johnson, Corning Walter H Johnson, Jonesboro Sam Jolly. Cash Angela Kathrvn Jones, Rector Josephine Jones, Batesville TUB Larry D. Jones, Jonesboro Laurie Jones. Blytheville Linda Jones. Jonesboro Linda G. Jones. Forrest City Louis F. Jones, Palestine Ralph Jones, England Sandi Jones. Paragonld Sharon Kay Jones, Rector £ Si Sam Kallsnick. Hot Springs Becky Jo Keasler, Paragonld John W Keath, Augusta Sylvia Keener, Dell Pam Keller. Weiner Ralph E Keller, Nashville. Tenn Larry J. Kellett. Pocahontas Angella H Kelley, Jonesboro Michael Kelley, Balch Barbara A Kemp, Huntingburg, Ind Linda T Kempf. North Little Rock Jimmie R Hendrick. Carauav Robert H Kendrick. Jr , Osceola Eamo B. Kennedy, Bradford James T Kennon, Hickorv Ridge Don R Kesl, Scott f Margaret Annette Key, Forrest City Bill Killian. Benton Gary Neal Kinder. Salem Claudie C King. Harrisburg Ernest R. King. Batesville F A " Dutch " King, Jr., Pine Bluff Jerry Dwayne King, Salem Kathleen King, jonesboro f Sophomores Vk-ki King. West Plains, Mo. Rae Lavonne kinkade, Memphis, Tenn. Sylvia Kirchoff, Forrest City Karen Doris Kirk, Biggers Steve Kirkland, Little Rock David B. Knight, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Deborah Ann Knight. Trumann Pennj Lynn Knipple. Blytheville Linda koubt ' k, Pocahontas Larr Krenzelok, Hot Springs Barbara J Kueter. Paragould Wiliam J. Kueter, Paragould Michael Lack, Piggott Brooks l.acke loncsboro Robert L Lackey, Jonesboro Larry Dale Ladd, Monette Nancy LaFarlett, Trumann Danny Lamb, Ellisville, Mo. Jimmy Dale Lamb, Rector John Lambert, Hot Springs Steven C. Lamken, Godfrey, I t la ton Lancaster Balrsv ill, ' Class of 1971 Mar Jean Landrum, Paragould John Lane, Paragould Jean Ann Langlev. Searcy Linda Lou Lansing, Maiden, Mo. James E. Largent, Paragould Joe W. Largent, Corning Michael Larsen, Pine Bluff Ronald E LaRue, Blytheville Newport •e, Jonesboro , Helena est City vson, Crossett . Pine Bluff Terrs Lazar, He Alicia Lea, Black Oak Gail Learning, Little Rock Beth Ledbetter, Walnut Ridge Robert C. Lederer, Mountain Home John Edward Lee, Pine Bluff David Lemonds. Kennett, Mo Jim Lemons. West Memphis I rude Schem LeSieur, Portages i I It-. Mo Barbara Lewallen, Trumann Dale A. Lewelling, Blytheville James Thomas Lewis. Little Rock Charles E. Liddell, Marmaduke Jakie C. Liebhaber, Pocahontas Barbara Lilliker, Jonesboro William W. Lindley, Jonesboro William A. Lindsay, Jr., Wilson Laura Lindsey, Marianna Etta Lee Lipson, West Memphis Steve Littrell, Blytheville Darrell Loftin, Fort Smith Michael Long. Blytheville Gary H Long, Jonesboro Phillip Long, Blstheville Ronald Long. Palestine Miki Havs Longfellow, Liltle Rock Helen Lowe, Kennett, Mo. Andrea Elliott Losserv, Pennington Jerry Lucas, Blvtheville Linda Sue Luker. Jal. N M Richard Lvnn Lusk, Batesville Lynn Luster, Jonesboro Gerald Lvnn, Blytheville James Michael Lvnn, Weiner Alice Jo Mace, Etowah Jeri Lyn Mace, Jonesboro Hervey Madden. Beedeville Bernice Maglothin. Trumann Jimrm Ray Mainer, Pine Bluff ; At -IT ILfe p fit ,, : i ifi 9 l ml James Mills. Jacksonville Don Minton, Jonesboro Pamela Mitcham. Pine Bluff Benny C Mitchell. Paragould Steve Mitchell. Jonesboro Donn Mixon. North Little Rock Benjamin Mize Jr., Jonesboro Gary Moblev, Br(K kland Jelena Jo Mobles. Luxora Nell J Mobles, Kennett, Mo Larrs R Moffett. Decat ur, III. Jack Montgomery Jr . Pine Bluff Randall Montgomery, Bono JackD Moore Jr . Forrest City James R. Moore, Turrell Judy Ann Moore. Little Rock aren Moore, Piggott Moore, Jonesboro ,1orandn. Wanaque, N. Morgan, Caraway W. Morgan, Osceola Morgan, Wynne Morgan, West Ridge Sophomores 15 t Class of 1971 Stan Morgan. Last Point. Ga. Juds Ann Morris, Pocahontas Ginny S. Morrisett, Marked Tree Judith E Morrisett. Marked Tree D C. Morrison, Jonesboro Chester V Morten, Paragould Charles Moshinskie, Hot Springs Carol Susan Mullen, Strawberry rphree. Batesville lurphree, Turrell -lurphs. West Helen: KathrynO Murray, Blvtheville Damian Namt ii, Hanover Park, III Charles W Nance, Desha Robert M Nance. Jonesboro Johnnie R Neal. Heber Springs Becks Neels, Pine Bluff Damn E Nelms, West Memphis Chersljean Nelson, Paragould Linda Nelson, Batesville Was ne Nettles, Jonesbor o James E Newsom. BrookU iG. tirsworthy, Pine Bluff orth. Jonesboro ake . Pat R Oakes. Augusta Melissa Oates. Lepanto Devra O ' Brien. Marked Tree Steven Lee Oliver, Parma William K Oltmann. Brinkles Jo Ease Orr. Trumann C.ail Algerene Orsborn, Jonesboi Gerald C Overman. Caraway Terry A Paff. Pine Bluff John T. Pardew, Jonesboro James R Parker, Walnut Ridge Patricia Parker, Harrisburg Doris Jean Parnell, Jonesboro Randle B Parnell, Cotton Plant Virgil Parr. Wynne Jeri Lynn Parrish, Blytheville Wendell Patrick, Rison Leslie R Patterson II, Stuttgart Ann W Paul, Bald Knob June Pay ne, Marmaduke Meryl J Pelts, Senath, Mo Susan Penix, Jonesboro Michael Perrv. Jonesboro 334 Man Harriett Permenter I usoi Bill Peterson, Blsthesil Susan P Peterson, Dum; BernieC Pfleger. Stuttga Bill Phillips. Harrisci Bobbie Fase Phillips. Hoik Giro Charley Phillips, Jonesboi Gars ' Dean Phillips !■ Imni John Res Phillips. Ha Mark A. Phillips. Hot S] Stephen Phillips. Crawfort udyPickard, Maiden Mo vman Pierce, Arbvrd, Mo Sharon Kas Pierce, Leachsille Thomas R Pierce Jr , Leachville Ed Pike, Blytheville Shirlev A Pillow . Marianna i Lorraine Pinkston. Marked Tree Ronnie Pittman. McCrors Sophomores Jimmie Pitts, Parkin Emmet Dsvain Plaster, Newport Charles Piatt, Rosie Joseph H Poff, Trumann Robert Pope, Little Rock Thomas C; Pope, Forrest Citv Thomas A. Pratt. Utica, N Y. Billv Rav Prince, Harrisburg -rt Samuel Pritchett. Corning vlars Ann Prothro, El Dorado Jerrs M Pruett. Carawav Janie Quails. Caraway Michael L Quails. W alnut Ridge Terrs Quails, Lake Cits Marsha Kay Quinn, Caruthersville. Mo Josce Ragland, Stuttgart Tom Railsback. Pine Bluff Jackie L Rakestrass , West Memphis Howard Louis Ralph. West Memphis Jackie Ralph. Joiner Icaza Ramiro, Leon. Nicaragua Ted Randleman, Rector Lsnard Randies, Paragould Nola Randies, Paragould Howard Allan Rands, Dumas Delores Daveene Ranes, Ness port Martha Ray, Jonesboro William E. Rav, Jonesboro Michael Rebel. Eustis, Fla Willette Recker. Walnut Ridge Jimmy Redd. Harrisburg Johnny Lloyd Redd, Harrisburg Barn, Dale Reddick, Paragould Eddie Joe Reddick. Pine Bluff Alicia Reddmann, Harrisburg Annetta Reddmann, Weiner Virginia S. Redwine. Jonesboro Garv Reed, Pine Bluff Pennelnpe Reed. Bragg Cits, Mo Carol Ann Reeves, Jonesboro Frank Reeves. Salem Jim Reichert, Caruthersville, Mo Kenneth Ray Reinhardt. Blsthcsille Donald J. Renck, Jonesboro Ronald Joe Rennicke. W erner Douglass Reynolds. Little Rock John Reynolds, Prescott Sandra D Reynolds, Hot Springs Roger Reynolds, McCrors James A, Rhea. Br . kl and Class of 1971 s ir r: r r ft Sophomores Barrv Lee Richardson. Hebcr Spri Bills Richardson, Melbourne Frances Richardson. Malvern James Richardson. Marion Jnds Richardson. Pine Blufl Mars Richardson. Earle Timoths Richardson. Little Rock John Ricldell. Stuttgart Jon Ridlev. Newport Patsy Rigdon, Corning Deborah Riles . Newport Robert Risby, Ellsinore. Mo Ronald Roach. Devalls Bluff Carl Roberts, Stuttgart Gars Roberts, Marmaduke Larrs Roberts. Franklin Richard Roberts, Jonesboro Sandra Roberts, Blytheville Stephan Roberts, West Memphis Donna Robertson, Mountain Home Leroy Robins, Melbourne Deborah Robinson, Marmaduke James Robinson, North Little Rock Linda Robinson, Jonesboro Class of 1971 Linda K Robinson, Reyno Linda A Rnbison, Kennett, Sonny Rodery, Piggott Curtis Rodgers, Jonesboro Joe Rodgers. Nellesille. N, J Virgil Rodgers. Paragould Carl Rogers. Manila Donna Rogers. Ash Flat Jerrs Rogers. Mammoth Spring Nina Rogers, Blytheville Bobby Rorex, Jonesboro David Rose. Norfork Gars Rose. Brookland W ' ilma Rose. Jonesboro Donald Rosier, Viola Eddie Ross. Paragould Tom Roth. Barbara Rothwell. Fordsce Charles Roue. Beech Grove Philip Rowe. Beech Grove Susan Rowland, Little Rock Donna M Rowland, Parage. Gars W Rowlett. Swirion jerrs Dee Rowsev. Wilson Sandra Rowton. Rector Mike Rubottom, McCrory Dave Ruebsam. Ste Genevieve, James Ruffin, Trumann Bills Russom, Beech Grove Kas Rutland, Memphis, Tenn Donna Rutledgc. Marianna Deborah Ryan, Marked Tree Janice Sago, Pocahontas Dana Saliba, Steele. Mo Judv Saliba, Blvtheville John Salzmau, Mountain Hon James Sample. Piggott Jerrs Sample. Piggott Kenneth R Sanders. Viola David Sanders, Nesvport Alan Sapp, Hialeah, Fla Shirlee Sargent. West Plains. M Llovd Saner. San Diego. Calif Kas Saurenman. Memphis, Tei Donald Sawyers, Williford Gene Scarborough. Jonesboro Larry Scheer, Lafe Russell Schmidt, Floral David Schneider, Matthews, Mo. Kenneth Schoenborn. Jonesboro Danny Scott, Newport David Scott, West Memphis Randy Screws, Batesville Jon Terry Scroggin, Little Rock Judy F Seals, Marion Joe S. Selby. Leachville es L. Selman, Mammoth Springs e E. Semrau. Mammoth Springs Brenda K Sexton. Osceola Kathv Shannon. Joiner Beverly Sharp, Forrest City Marshall L. Sharp, Warren i r r £1 ft ) f ' ■ David P Shaver. [onesboro Rubin D Shaw. |onesboro Vemell Shearer, Jacksonville Bett Sheehy, Kennett, Mo Connie Sheffield. Batesville Johnny Shelton, Marked Tree Sandra Shelton. Paragould Bette K Shepard. Little Rock 1 . f Michael E Shepherd. Pine Bluff Hubert Sherrell. Denser, Colo Peter Shirles. Blstheville Roger P Shollmier. Pine Bluff Monty Shore. Jacksonville Kathv Shubert. Jacksonville Steven Sigsbs. Rector Bill Simmons, Little Rock 1% Sophomores Class Elizabeth D Simpson. Marked Tree John D Singleton. C larendon Larrj J Singleton. Marmaduke Michael Singleton. Jonesboro Janine Sipa, Jonesboro Floyd Sipe. Hot Springs Robert H Sisco, Delaplaine Nickla D Sitzer, Weiner Michael C, Skeet. Mountain Home Tummv Skinner, North Little Rock David L. Slaved, Jonesboro Stephen W. Slayton, Leachville David L Smaljey. Forrest Cits Jimmx D Smelser, Paragould Brenda Smile , l.eacln ille Ann Smith, Jonesboro Barry C. Smith, Blstheville Bryan Smith, Black Rock Danny S Smith. Carlisle Dickie C Smith, Black Rock Donnie A Smith. Paragould Douglas Smith. Wynne Gary Smith, Brinklev Greg Smith. Jonesboro Harold L Smith, Wilson James C. Smith. Black Rock Kathv Smith, Marked Tree Peggv Smith, Jonesboro Phil C Smith, Tichnor Randv T Smith. Blstheville Robert M Smith, Walnut Ridge Sammy L Smith, Marion Sara Kas Smith, Jonesboro la n J. Smith. Caruthersville, Mo Richard D Smoot. Jonesboro Csnthia Smotherman, Nesvport Stewart Snider. Siloam Springs Samuel J Snipes, Jonesboro Celia F. Snow, Piggott Diana Sorrels, O ' Fallon, III Jerry L. Southall. Parkin Donna Sparks. Paragould Linda Sparks, Marked Tree Don Speck. Manila Charles E. Spence, Jr Dyess John Spencer, Paragould Kenneth ) Spencer. Salem Virginia H Spencer, l.uxora Beverly Spivey. Benton Johnnie R Spraberrs. Pine Bluff Gregors N. Spurlock. Jonesboro Rosalee Stafford, Brinkles Tommy Stafford. Cherry Valley Babe F.ugene Stags, Paragould Andrea L, Stallcup, Marmaduke fJjP f t f f t -Of few V ' £t - ■ p m • f Michael D. Stallings, Blvtheville Bobby Stanle . Pine Bluff Frank Staples. Piggott Linda S. Staten, Jonesboro Thomas Stayton, Walnut Ridge Carol J Stephens, Lafe Reva D. Stewart, Monette Rick E Stiles, Osceola Victor R. Stilwell. Blvtheville Carol A. Stogsdill, Imboden Dennis Stokes, Hickory Ridg e Reagan Stone, Memphis, Term Bentlev E. Story, Marvell BeverlaJ. Stovall, Senath. Mo, Virginia Strickland. Blvtheville Delores Stroud. Pine Bluff Elizabeth J Sullivan, West Memphi Cox Sutton. Jr. Marked Tree Davine Swiharr, Pocahontas Cleatus L. Swindle, Paragould Ronald Tacker, Marked Tree Dennis M. Talbott. Mauiard Mr Sophomores Class of 1971 J n kll e if £ f f BillTarples.Jr. Little Rock Mary Tate, Paragould Natalie Tate, Kennett. Mo. Bertha Taylor, Jonesboro Bruce W. Taylor, Jonesboro Donna Taylor, North Little Rock Judith Taylor, Alicia Marv R Ta lor. Cravvfordsville ■dtord. Hot Springs io Telleria. Nicaragua. C Tennison, Paragould erkeurst, Pine Bluff Jeannie Terrs. (Calico Rock Marcia Thacker, North Little Rock Carol Thaver, Remsen. N.Y. Carroll Roy Thetford. C:ash Daisv May Thomas. Corning Daniel E. Thomas, Mountain View Marsha Thomas, Pine Bluff Martha B Thomas, Harrisburg Randall S Thomas, Stuttgart Tom W. Thomas, Walnut Ridge David E. Thompson. Trumann Elzora Thompson, Trumann Thompson. Swiftr J— . Jimms Thompson, Park Joan Thompson, Swifton Michael A Thompson, N Ronnie E Thompson, Trumann Sam Thorpe. Little Rock Donald E. Thrash, DeValls Bluff Tommy Thurmond, Leachville Jimmy Thurston, Little Rock Alice Tillman, Paragould Mary E, Tiner, Pine Bluff Roger D Tinslev, Hoxie Danny L. Todd, Alicia Wendell Tolson, Walnut Ridge Don Tomlinson, Pordvce Ronald C Towell, Leachville Rebecca Jo Travis, Newport Cecil Treece, Paragould Diana Treece, Memphis Linda Trevathan. Jonesboro John C. Trice, Jonesboro Travis Trice, Stuttgart Linda Trimue, Forrest City Carolyn S, Trivitt, Ash Flat Rhonda Tucker, Jonesboro Nancy Jo Tuggle, Memphis, Tenn Tom Tull, Jonesboro Brenda Turbyfill, Little Rock Wayne Vance, Forrest City Joe Neil Van Cleve. Osceola Ike V an Meter, Marvell Darlene VanPelt, Jonesboro Patricia Van Sant. Michigan City. Ind Thomas Van Vanken. Forrest City Stan Vaughn, Caldwell, Mo Jimmy G. Veach, Corning Carolyn S Vent, Barbara Sue est. Melba F Vickers. Locus Rudv ines, Beec PeggvVnnAlman, Memphii Donald C in lev Jo Nicholas C Vrettos, Sophomores Peggy Waddell, Pine Bluff Barbara Wahl, Little Rock Joe Waleszonia, Fontana, Calif. Marvin Walker. Wynne Melva Walker. Forrest Citv Michael F Walker. Jonesboro Susan Walker, Jonesboro Tommy Walker Walnut Ridge Kenneth C Wallace. Jonesboro Marshal] Walls, Corning Lucy Walls, Des Art- Roger Walls, West Memphis Henry Walters, Paragould Rae Ann Walters, Clarkeville Tim Walters, Jonesboro Bobby Earl Walton. Hughes Jennifer Ware, Little Rock Betty P Ward, Joiner PattiJo Warr. Hot Springs Cynthia G Warren, Brinkley Marilyn Watkins, Forrest Cits Marilyn K Watson. Black Rock Michael D Watson. Marked Tree Robert L Watt, Little Rock Ems n ft f " f is m 1 k M Class of 1971 Hugh Weatherford. Wheatley Andrea Weathersby, Brinkley Dwight M Weaver. Paragould Michael R Weaver. Cash Ronald Webb. Willow Springs. Mo Tonya l W ebb. North Little Rock Roy Webber, West Helena Sharon Wegman, Jonesboro Walter A. Weier, Forrest City Donna M Wells, Jonesboro Ed Westbrook. Bassett Sharon Western. Jonesboro Dicky Wheeler. Newport Jeannette Wheeler. Desha Walter M Wheeler, Desha Charles R. Wheelis, Paragould Alan B. Whisenhunt, Blvthcvilli Janet S Whitaker, Harrisburg Perry D Whitaker, Marmaduke Dan E. White, Jr . Manila Jimmy White. Lafe Jimmy O White, Jonesboro Mary C, White, Piggott Wavne F White, Jonesboro Treva Whiteaker. Norfolk Teresa Whitsell, Forrest City DannvJ Whitten, Matthews, Mo Joan Whitten. Black Oak Ronald E. Whittingham, Jonesboro Vicki L Wiggins, North Little Rock Danny Wilfong, Fort Smith John C. Wiles, Bay f fV ' f ■4 - p. f r f 1 1 ¥ t . Charles Wilhite. Paragould Gail Wilkins. Hornersville, Mo. Linda Wllkins, Senath. M ) Michael Wilkinson, Jacksonville Jim Willcockson. Pine Bluff Ann Willett. Jonesboro Terri Willett, Jonesboro Alice Williams, Marked Tree BilK Williams. Brookland Boyd Williams, Marvell J3on Williams, Marion James Williams, Brinkley James F Williams, Beech Grove kathrvn Williams, Jonesboro Mamie Williams. Joiner Ricky Williams. Biggers Robert Williams, Gilmore Ross Williams. Marion Ronnie Williams. Marmaduke Sharon Williams, Cash Stanles Williams, Blytheville Barrv Williamson, West Memphis Paul Willmuth. Batesville Sophomores Class of 1971 Becks Wilson. Whiteville, Tenn. Carl Wilson, Jonesboro Carol Wilson, Leachville Charles Sue Wilson, Leachville Diana Wilson. Stuttgart Jem Wilson. Pine Bluff Ronald Wilson. Kennett. Mo Steve Wilson. Leachville Martha Wofford. Little Rock Cecil Womack. Pine Bluff Robert W omack, Jonesboro Gars Wood. Hickory Ridge Jim Wood, Piggott Paula Wood, Blvtheville Roberta Wood. Parkin Nancy Woodham. Cherry Valley Larry Woodruff. Oil Trough Teresa Woodruff. Grubbs Phillip Wooldridge. Paragould Roger Wooley, Searcy Marv Wooten. Searcy Cheri Word. Marvell Larry Worsham. Keiser Robert Wortsmith. North Little Rock Lynda Wren, El Dorado Deborah W right. Jonesboro Joe Wright. Stuttgart Michael Wright. Caruthersville, Mo Bonnie Yamy Mo brough Susan Yehling, Independence, Al Young, Trumann Dianne Young, Jonesboro Patricia Young, Pine Bluff Phil Young. Jonesboro Roger Young, Jonesboro Lexv Zalewski, Shreveport, La. Saruh t ' igler. Forrest Citv Larry Ziegenhorn, Jonesboro Carolyn Zimmerman. North Little Rock judyZinn, Memphis, Tenn. Maurice King, Paragould Potpourri You can alwavs tell when its noon b the mad rush tor the cafeteria lines, but students often wonder why thev rushed. This year ' s Christmas decora- tions again drew protest from those who oppose overh com- mercialized Christmas, but then sonic people will criticize any- thing. At the left is a much too familiar sight. 341 Alice A. Adams, West Memphis Barbara Adams, Paragould Bill Adams, Jonesboro Brenda S Adams. Jonesboro David M. Adams, Trumann Douglas Adams, Fisk. Mo, Gary A. Adams, Little Rock Janice Adams, DeVVitt Paragould Ralph W Adams, Frankie Adkins, Manila Carolyn Ague. Reyno Mapra K Alexander, Wilson Deborah A Allbright. Newport Judy K Allen, Gillett Thomas Allen. Marianna Linda Allinder. North Little Rock EdgerL Allison, Hughes Marilvn Almquist, Little Rock Bonnie L Alsup, Carawav Beverlv K. Ambort, Little Rock Howard Ambrose. Winter Haven. Fli Class of 1972 Big Flat Fredia K Anc Jo Rave Anderson, Wilson Larry Anderson, Wilson Mark Anderson, Blytheville Suzanne Anderson, Brinkley Jane Andrews. West Memphis Susie Andrews. Memphis, Tenn Joseph Angus, McCrory Tands L. Anthony, Proctor Stephen C Archer, V alparaiso, I Leonard Argo, Jr., Lepanto JikI Armbrust, Memphis. Tenn Dm,, . Del Tommy H Artis. Jonesboro Glenn Arrowood, Benton Marie Ashcraft, West Memphis Gussi Ashley, Harrison Patricia C Aston, Trumann Rose Marv Atchlev, Pine Bluff Cheri L Attwood. Pine Bluff Michael Austin, Paragould Mona S Bailev. Little Rock Polly A. Bailey. Clarkton, M Audrea M Baird, Hoxie John R Baird, Ravenden Leroy Baird, Hardy Craig Baker, Jonesboro James Baker, Newport Judy K Baker. Swifton Rita Baker. Hot Springs Ronald Baker. Brinklev Linda Baldridge, Hollv Grove Paula Balducci, Stuttgart Joan W Ball, Harrisburg Martin A Baltz. Pocahontas Sandv Barbarotto. Brinkley Mike Barger, Jacksonville Darrel Barnes, Leachville Curt Barnett, Blytheville Janette Barnett. Monette Johnnie S. Barnett, Everton Rick Barnett, Jonesboro Roger A. Barnhill, Jonesboro Daisy R. Barr, Earle Karen P. Barrett, Jonesboro Marvin Barrett. North Little Rock Marilyn Barrett, Harrisburg Marilyn D. Barrett, Moorefield Dale R Barron, Osceola Donald Barton, Tyronza Norma Bashant, Heber Springs Howard L. Bass, Blytheville Pam Bates. Jonesboro Robin Baugh, Jonesboro Roberta Bavless. Critter Pamala Ba singer. Delaplaine James Bearden. Leachville Lsnda L, Beasley, Hot Springs Lett Becker. Jonesboro Toni Becker. Jonesboro » L Beckham. Mountain View Marilyn Bednar. Stuttgart Peggs Bcisel. W est Memphis John Belcher, Hot Springs Brenda K Bell, Cave Citv Joan V Bell. West Memphis Freshmen Vickv Berger, Little Rock Donna J Berry, Jonesboro Peggy L Berrv. Jonesboro Donnie Beshears, Wynne Myra Betts, Little Rock Brenda Bibb. Monette y Bickerstaff. Kennett, Mo Lonnie D Biggers, Saffell Bills G Biggs. Paragould Connie Bilbrey, Clover Bend Danny R Billings, Yellville Galen Bitely. Grady Buddy Black, Newport Margaret Blackman. Blytheville Rick Blackwelder. Jacksonville Elizabeth L Blackwood. Tuckerman Paul H Blake, Carawav John R Blakelv. Pine Bluff Bill Blaklev, Benton Damn Blalock, Cash Kathleen M Blanchard, Jonesboro Margaret D Blanchard. Jonesboro Raymond M Blanes. Mountain Home Dannv C. Blakenship, Cardwell, Mo Beverly Bledsoe. Pine Bluff Billy C. Bledsoe, Dvess Garv Blenden. Pine Bluff Larrv Bodeker, Jonesboro Phillip E Bogy. Jr.. Humphrey Thomas G Bohannan, Pine Bluff Verda Bohannon, Keiser Sandra Boling. Brookland Bob Bollinger, Jonesboro Douglas Bonds, Trumann Paula Bonham, Jonesboro Jeffrey D Bonner, Bradford Marilyn Book. North Little Rock Gary Boone, Searcy Connie Boozer, W alnut Ridge Don Carl Borchert, Jacksonville James Boren, Blytheville Charlotte Bowen, Blytheville Catherine Bowers, Jonesboro Stephen Boyce. Cave City Dana Bovd. Hot Springs Dock Ellis Bovd, Blvtheville Gars Boghs. Ferndale Sharon Boyster, Newport Eddie Bradford, Pine Bluff Betty Bradlev. Hornersvitle, Mo James Bradles, New Madrid. Mo Jim Bradlev. Beech Grove Richard C Branch, Wy nne Rubs Branan, Pine Bluff James W. Brand. Clover Bend Pam Brantlev. England € 1 ? hi Class of 1972 p f f 9 a £ Jerrv Branum. Hnrnersv ille. Mo Brad Brashers, Paragould James Brauer. Belleville, 111 Odis Scott Brawner, Wynne Allen D Brewer. Senath. Mo, ( ' .ale Brewer, Marmaduke Nancv C, Brewer, Forrest Citv Bohhv Bridges. Black Hock I In ■-III.- Sii anne W Brinihall, Nettle Rebecca Britt. St Louis. Mo Paul Britton. Blytheville Almaree Broadwas, Moro Hick Brooks, Hasnes Michael I. Brothers, Bkthevill Barbara Brown. West Memphi- David L. Brown. Datto Don Broun. ParaRould Klijah Brown. Forrest Cits rrv Broun, nda E. Bro Freshmen Class of 1972 t n L L £ L L ml A ft ; it ■Si L D I s . 1 i. L Mika Brown. Jonesboro Neil Brown. Harrisburg Shirlev Ann Brown, Manila Stanley Brown, Osceola William C Brown, Batesville Bonnie C. Brumley, Clover Bend Phvllis Brummett. Paragould Jerrv L. Brvant. Wvnne Jim Brvant, Jonesboro Jimmv VV Brvant. Wynne Kenneth Brvant, Augusta Fred Bufford, Desha Kent Bollard, Helena Marcella Bullard, Stuttgart Johnnie Fas Bunch, BKtheville William Daniel Burk, West Memphis I herald Burmingham. Wynne David W Burnell, Pine Bluff James Burnette. Hickorv Ridge ElmiiGene Burton, Rector Philip Burton. Jonesboro Calvin Busbv. Mammoth Springs Sandra Jean Busby, Paragould George Robert Butler, Searcy Linda Cagle. Cherry Vallev Judie Caldwell. Imboden LaNita Calkin, Jonesboro Susan Kav Callihan. BKtheville Freddie Joe Camp, Paragould Pattv S Camp. Rector Bruce F Campbell, Jr., Clarendo Duane Dale Campbell, Paragoulc Marv Lee Campbell, Forrest Cits Zora F Campbell, Mariauna Charlotte Campion, Brinklev Judv Canada, Marked Tree Kenneth Cannon. Walnut Hidge BillCapps. Harrison Maria Capps, Steele. Mo, , Janunic ( laradine, Hughes Bobbv Carev, Marvell Donald Creg Carey, Pine Bluff Carmelita Cariaco, Kennett, Mo. Michael Carlton, Monette Chervl Carnahan. Stuttgart Nancy Ann Carnahan. Williford Jan S Carpenter, Pine Bluff Carry Carr, Paragould Paula Carroll, Pine Bluff Don Carson, West Helena Daniel C. Carter, Blytheville Jerry Carter, Dyess Pamela Boen Carter, Little Rock Phil Carter, Jonesboro Lorrie Carucci. Pocahontas Deana Lvnn Cashion. ) shorn Roland N. Casein. Berrsville Nelson Catalina, Turrell Dianne Cathes , ParaiMnikl George O Causey, Newport Janet Cavenor. Jonesboro Veta Lvnn Cavitt. Tvronza Milton Chambers, Stuttgart Cleo Diane Chapman, Hards Nena Cheek. Crass fordsville Bill Carl Cheshire. Kcnnclt. Mo Edward J Chess, N. Little Rock Walter T Chidister, DeValls Bluff Vikki Chilcutt, Rector Jim Childers. Scares Susan Childs, Little Rock Charlotte Chism, Hughes Danus Chrisco, Carlsbad, N.M Andrew Wallace Clark, Hughes Angela Clark, Jonesboro Barbara Clark, Marvel! JimiNett Clark, Paragould Larry E. Clark. Pocahontas. Ill Freshmen Marion Clark, West Memphis Sharon A Clark. Osceola Teresa Gayle Clark, Parma, Mo Tomms Clark, Batessille Mm las Mar : bbv G, James W Claslo Jods Clem. Pine Bluff W ' Conn Clements, Kansas Cits. Mo Ricks C Clifft, Paragould Deborah Cline, Sikcstnu, Mo Robert 1. Clines, Jonesboro Linda L Cobb, Monette Sherry Marquita Cobbs, Paragould Deborah Dean Cochran. West Memphis Hubert Cockrum. Black Oak Bobbie Coggins, Hot Springs Karen S Cohen. Blytheville Melba Coke. Harrisburg Cathy Dianne Coker. St Charles Doroths M Cole. Paragould Jon Scott Cole. Little Rock G Randall Cole. Paragould Stephen W Cole, Pascola, Mo. Mike Coleman, Jonesboro Sharon Coleman, Jonesboro Anita Collie, Mountain Home Diana Beth Collie. Malvern Darrell Collier. Marked Tree Harold Dean Collier. Marked Tree Dianna L Collins, Pocahontas Paul R. Collom. Trumann James Connor, Camden, N J Joseph N Connors, Hot Springs William Conrad. Anchorage, Alaska Tomms Cnnwav. Trumann Debi Cook, Little Rock ok. Jones Debo-ah Kas Ci Stephen C ( Robert P. Cooper, Brinkles Alice Margo Coppedge, Blytheville Linda Corbett, Portageville, Mo Stanford J. Corey. Jacksonville Patti Cornlius, Thayer. Mo Lynne Cornell. Paragould Linda Cornish, Monette Jimmy D. Corter, Monette Linda Cowan. Harrison Paula Cowan, Wynne •ry L. Cowgill, Kennett. Mo. Tommy Cox, Humphrey Rita Crabb, Helena Lester Crabtree, Paragould m f n • Li f). mi J fife K Is i I f 1 i Class of 1972 r 1 ink f Alfreda Craft. Ha Yvette Grain. Brookland Dwain Crane. Pine Bluff Janet Lee Crane. Jonesboi Carol Cranford, Rector Bill Crawford. Bradford Harrv Crawford. Vanndale Linda Crismon, Mavnard Douglas Criss. Trumann Carolyn Ann Cromer. Pine Bl Carol Sue Crook. Blvtheville William Guy ( " rook. Jonesboi Sherryle Crose. Oklahoma Ci Gary S Crossfield, Piggott . North Little Rock Tejuana Crow son. Cre Taja Cruce, Rector Susan Crumb . Klaine Freshmen Class of 1972 9M Cindi Culpepper. Pine Ruth Cullum, Jonesboi Paul Cunningham, Gid Scott Curry. Pine Bluff Carol Susan Curtis. BK Phoebe Cyrus, Pine Bluff John Dalton, Camden thes David W. Damron, Memphis. Jim Danaher, Pine Bluff RexGaylon Darling. Jonesbor. Linda Davenpo rt. Brookland Carol Davidson, Jacksonville Kent Davidson. Jonesboro Linda Davidson, Batesville Call Davis. Little Rock Mari K Davis, Jonesboro Pamela Davis, Fort Wayne, Ir Steve Coleman Davis, Jonesbc David R Davi son, Jonesboro Melvin E Dawson. Monette Jane Deaton. Newport Gavle S Decker, Festus, Mo Clare De Clerk, Pocahontas Michael Deen, Blvtheville Mary Kav Deere, Portageville, Mo Susan Dennis. Forrest City PhvllisJ Dennington, West Memphi Mike Dent, Blvtheville Frank Derrick, Turrell Regenia Dial, Paragould Harold Joseph Dickens. Jonesboro Lvnn Anne Dickerson. Marked Trei Marcus Edward Dickerson. Osceola Norman Dickson. Memphis, Tenn Larry Dillier, West Helena Francine DiMaio, Malvern Larrv Dinkins, Jonesboro Karen DiVittorio, Trumann Bettv Lou Dixon, Rector Margrett Dixon. Blvtheville Rands Dobbs, Jonesboro Jackie Dobson, Fargo Holly Dodd, Augusta Mike Dodson, Harrison Pat Doherty, Wynne Elizabeth Dohogne, Paragould Annette Dorris. Blvtheville Mark Dorris, Alton, Mo Estvlene Dorton, Jonesboro Garrv R. Doty, Trumann Eddie Douglas, Little Rock Gwendnlvn Douglas. West Memphh Lizabeth Downev, Lake V illage Brenda Kay Downs, Harrisburg Johnnv Dozier. Moro Jacqueline Duch. Stuttgart Thomas D Ducker, Pineville Robert Paul Dugger, Newport Bill Duke. Paragould Ju Lynn Dunavant, Caraway Jcihn Duncan, Wynne Larrv Dunham. Jonesboro Margaret Cwyn Dunham. Pine Bluff f 1 l ii . r Darlene Dunigan. Monette Henry E Dunigan, Black Oak Denise Dunlap. Potosi, Mo. Glynn Dunlap, Marked Tree Walker A Dunn, Bradford Freddie Dust. Pocahontas Garv Law rence DuVall, Marked Tree ft f life r kaths Eaker, Paragould Marcella Marie Eason, DeWitt Richard Eastwood, Pine Bluff James Edens. Bald Knob Benin Edgar. Bono James A Ellington. Reyno David Thomas Edrington, Paragould Jerrv Edwards, Paragould I it i IP Freshmen Samuel Havden Edwards, I Jackie Elder, Jonesboro Gary Elliott, Blytheville John T Elliott. Blytheville Marv Jo Elliott, Kennett, Mo. Joe Ellis, Blytheville Suzie Ellis, Blytheville Nancy Elphingstone, Marianna Edna Kathrvn Engel, Knobel Donnie England, Bav Robert E. English, Crawfordsville Larry Ervin. Brookland Donna Estes. Blytheville Jenny Estes, Jonesboro Jerrv Wavne Estes. Newark Mvra Jo Estes, West Memphis Bruce Evans, Trumann David A Evans. Jacksonville Teddv Evans. Trumann Bettv Everett. Paragould Joyce Exum. Paragould Brenda Kav Farmer, Newp irt Cherry Grain Faulkner, Batesville Margaret Featherston, W est Memphis Kathie Felts. V iola Fonda Rae Ferguson. Beedeville John R Ferguson, Osceola Marv Alice Ferguson, Beedeville Garv Ferrell. Jonesboro Robert Fett, Mountain Home Rhonda Flack. Pine Bluff William Flanagan, E St Louis. Ill Dora Flanagin, forrest Gitv Cathy Fleetwood, Cave Citv Karrel Fleetwood, Cave Citv s Archie Fleming, Forrest Cits James Ethrig Flovd, Franklin Jan Lynn Fielder. Pochnntas Gatha Fields, Cotton Plant Judith Lynn Fields, Tilton Robert Fife, New port Albert Fisher, Jonesboro Michael Fisher., Caruthersville, Mo Jimmy Fitzgerald. Paragould Mark Fogle, Jonesboro Marilvn Jane Fong, Blytheville Mike Ford, Paragould Patricia Ford, Marked Tree Phillip Ford. McCrory Rita Ford, Little Rock Nancy Fortenberry, Tuckerman David Foster. Little Rock J David Foster, Little Rock Max Foster, Marvell Teresa Lynn Fowler. Hughes Janet Fox. Kennett. Mo. Class of 1972 irk ' n H 4 rt ft jp jf jg M£ 4rfcfe% Sue Frank, Dumas Pcggx Sue Franklin, Tnima Sandie Franks. Hot Springs Sherrell Franks. Paragould Calx in I. Frechling. Salem Anita Freeman, Vrnold, Mo trmistead Freeman, Pine Bluff Marie A Freeman, DeWitt Sails Freeman, Boston, Mass. Dwight French, Hards Ruth Jane Frier, Jonesboro Linda Petty Fritz, Senath, Mo. Carlos L. Frye Jr., Manila Susan Fudge, Melbourne Max Fulks, Camden Michael A Funk, Jacksonville Edward H Furcron, N, Little Rock Damn Futrell, Paragould James Futrell. N. Little Rock MardiCadberrs, Forrest Cits Cars Ras Calemore, Charleston, Mo Debbie Galloway. Little Rock Dwight Galloway, Hope Freshmen Class of 1972 Jane Callossas. Jonesboro Rick Gambill. Jonesboro Rita Gambill, Jonesboro Hicks Carrctt. Warren Ronnie Gartman. Jonesboro Debbie Gasass ax. Little Rock Terrs G Catexxood. Piggott James E. (lathings. Paragould Karen Lea Gathright, Monette Phillip James Cathright, Lake Citv Darrell Cee. Blvtheville Sue Geiser, Blx theville Flarl Gentry. Blvtheville Bettv Reed George, Danville Ginger German. Steele, Mo. Connie Jean Gerrish, Paragould Beverly Gibbons, Little Rock Jerry Gibbs, Tyronza Barbara Gibson, Paragould Jane Cibson, Jonesboro Llovd Gibson, Jonesboro Marvin Gibson. Wvnne Dennis Wendell Gilbert. Nettleton Michael Gillespie, Newport Russell Edward Gillis. Harrisburg Steve Gilmer, Jonesboro Ballard Gilmore, Searcy Delores Gladden, Osceola Gena Sue Glasgow, Trumann Donna Gave Glomski. Osceola Barbara Glover, Camden Danny Glover, Dyess Mo Michael D Glover. Portage Patricia L Glover. Little Rock David Wavne (poacher, Hughes Alex Coble, Bassett Bill Godwin, Hot Springs Garv Goldman, Pine Bluff Larrv Goodson. Monette Alfred P Goodwin Jr., Rockford. Ill Richard Graddv Jr . Pocahontas Grace Ann Grady. Newport Mary Frances Graham. Little Rock Diana Grandgeorge, Stuttgart Pat Grandjean, Jacksonville Judy Carol Granger, Jonesboro . Daniel E Grantham, N. Little Rock Freda Jane Grantham. Fisher Alan Grav. Blvtheville Anthony Gray. Blvtheville James P Gray. Saffel Steven W. Gray. Brinklev Sylvia M. Gray, Newport Dianne Green, Little Rock Gwen Green, Harrison Margie Green, Jacksonville :igs .hen I Dana Greene, Jonesboro Maurice Greene, Blvtheville Michael Greenhau , Harrison Tom Greeno, Glendale, Calif Ann Greenwell, Miami Springs, Fla. Dorths Greer, Proctor Charles Griffin, Bono Rena Ka Griffin, Lake Cit Rick Grigsby, Jonesboro Stephen Grilletta. Jonesboni Bill Grisham. Osceola George Gross, Pollard Kenny Gross. Jacksonville ' ohn Grnbbs. Batesville Claudia Guarr, Jonesboro James Code. Blvtheville non Cuest. Rockdale. Tev Brenda Gunter, N( Teresa Hackler. Nc William Ha Freshmen n Li A k f ! P if ' 1 " f ! r n h i ft IPi Glenda Hagan, Stuttgart Larrv Hagar, Tuckerman Jeff Hagen, Jonesboro Michael Hagge, Jacksonville Cash Monroe Haines. Cash Nancv Hale. Horseshoe Bend Alvin Hall, Marianna Cathv Hall, Dewitt Randall Hall, Blvtheville Terry Hall, Paragon Id Kathrvn Hambv, Jonesboro Daniel Hamdton, Blvtheville Pam Hamilton, Manila Frances Hammett, Little Rock Jerry Hammond, Searcv Darryl Hampton, Jonesboro Linda Hampton, Jonesboro Patricia Hampton, Jonesboro Jesse Hancock. Paragould Shirlev Hancock, Tuckerman Stephen Hancock, Jonesboro Johnny Hanev, Altheimer Randy Hankins, Little Rock Bill Hannah, Jonesboro Charles Hannah, Jonesboro Jimmy Hansen, Jonesboro Glavds Hardin, West Memphis John Hardin. Blvtheville Linda Hardin. Pine Bluff Patts Hargrave. Mountain Home Michael Harig, Jonesboro Wilburn Harkev, Senath, Mo. Deborah Harlan, Trumann Ray Harlow , Salem Damn Harmon, Marmaduke Ravmond Harmon, Rector Joseph Harper, Marianna Trov Harper, Franklin Alfred Harrell, Jonesboro Cabin Harrell. Memphis, Term Robert Harrell. Pine Bluff Eugene Harrelson, Jonesboro Sandra Harris, Doniphan, Mo Charles Harrison, Oklahoma Citx, Okla Letitia Harrison. Forrest Citv Sandra Harrison. Blvthevillj JM William Harrison. Trumann Karen Hart, Jonesboro Ronnie Hart, Jonesboro Joyce Ann Hartsell. Swifton Richard Hartz. Hazcn nita Hastings, West Memphis ocholas Hatch, Doniphan, Mo. Lloyd Haught, Huntsville Class of 1972 349 Freshmen Class of 1972 350 iii! Hu, Republic of China Jiidj K Hubble. Monette s E Hubener, Little Rock Mary Jo Hudgins, Searcy Mike Huff, Blytheville Diana Hoggins, Corning ughes. Pine Bluff lulsey. Bald Kn lphries, Batesvi Bloomsdale. lunnell. Ukevi, Bobln Hurst, Little Rock Marilyn Hyatt, Paragould David Hvlle, Wvnne C, F Hvman, West Memphis William V Irby, Little Rock Scottv Irons. North Little Roek Cwcndolwi Irwin. Pollard Freshmen Gayle Jackson, Jonesboro John L Jackson. Helena Leola L Jackson. Paragould Robert lackson, lonesboro Den ittlc Andrew J Jansen 111. Pocahonta Fred D Jaynes, Truman Ruth A Jefferies, Brinkle David L Jetfers. Jacksonville John Jennings, Augusta Paul Jensen, Little Rock Elizabeth Johns. Jonesboro Gregory Johns, Campbell, Mo Alan Johnson. Pine Bluff Brenda K. Johnson, Carawav Charles L Johnson, Batesville Donna Johnson. Bald Knob Evans Johnson III. Joiner Gaither Johnson. Hot Springs Garald S Johnson. Bktheville Henn Johnson III. Blvtheville James P. Johnson, Pine Bluff John Johnson, Trumann John R Jo Rates, i Kathleen Johnson. Jonesboro Linda Johnson. Walnut Ridge Mickie Johnson. Jonesboro Tom Johnson. Belleville. Ill Duanas, Johnston, Bktli. ullr Deborah A Jones. McCehee Donald Jones, Harrisbnrg Donald Rav Jones. Batesville Harrv H Jones. W est Memphis James A Jones, Batesville Jeffrey L Jones. West Memphis Met L Jones II. Pine Bluff Nanette Q. Jones. Paragould Rosemary E. Jones, New port immie Lea Jones, Fast Prairie. Mo Shelbv G Jones. Mountain Home Vicki A Jones. Little Rock Janis L. Jordan. Little. Ray Jordan. Pine Barbara Jungkind. Little Ned Kalder. West Memphis Robert T. Kamm, E arle Beth Keeter. Harrison Catherine S Keith, Malvern Reggie Keith, Monette Ronnie Keith, Leachville Diane K Kellems. Paragould Cathy E Kellett. Corning p ft r At f. n i i % Class of 1972 t... jp f .- , jh tr n p i Li- A fc T«i T . IBM 7t IT Charles Kelley. Jonesbot Leslie Kelley, Kennett, H Ronnie Kelles, Harclv Andrew Kelly, Paragoult Terrv Kemp. Jackson villi Charles Kendrick. Ba Kathy Kennedy. Little H Randv Kenneds, Jackson John Kennett, Leachsille Arnold Kent, Summersvilli Karen Kent, Jonesboro Don Kersey, Newport Katheriene Kersev, Jonesbo Fred Bsron Ketori, Swifton Seth Kieffer, Weiner Rita Kildow, Black Rock Kenneth Kimberlin. Joiner Paul Kimberlin. Joiner Bill Kinard, Grubbs James King. Earle Larrs King, Tyronza Richard King, Little Rock Class of 1972 Phillip Kingston, Paragould Dorths Kirk, Tnckerman Larrs Kirk, Pocahontas Bilk Ktrkland, Bkthcs.lle Kiti-I Kaths Kittle, North Little Rock Dianne Kjeldgoard, El Dorado C:hris Knight. Jonesboro Neil Knight. Mountain Home Tomm) Knight. Augusta Patts Kokonas, Park Ridge Patricia Koon, Little Rock Jeff Koontz, Marked Tree Arthur Kreis, Augusta Ronnie Krisell, Stuttgart James K le, Memphis. Term Kaths Laparlette. -amb, Little Rock nbersnn, Bay ambert, Blvtheville ayne Lancaster. Jn„, ncaster, Blsthesille ndrum, Piggott Kenneth Lane, Paragould Michael Lane, Deptford, N | James Lanes, Dallas, Texas Harrs Langles. North Little Rock Ronnie Langstou. Three Wav Kddie Lard. Virginia Let-, Osceola Stephen Lepper. Linda LeWalten, Pocahontas Carolyn Lewis, San Diego, Ca Connie Lewis, Jonesbom Lynn Lewis, Jonesboro Ron Liles. Thomas Lindner, Pocahonta Clenda Lindsev, Searcy Robert Lindsev. Triiniaiin ula Linsky. Boston, Mass irah Little, Hickor Ridge ami Littleton. Dardanelle harles Littrell, Bella Vista v Lon Lockhart, Sheridan t % If ' Shervl Lockhart, Gregory en Lockhart, Metairie, La. BilK Loftus, Jonesboro ike Loggins, Altnona. Ala Barhara Long, McCrnrv Joe Long, Pernsille, Mo Pat Long. Blytheville Samuel Long. Hamsburg f f fit : f fit Lee Lorick, DeWitt Charles Love, New port Marv Love, ( Carlisle Suzanne Love, Jonesboro Shirk v Lovell, Pine Bluff Rick) Luke. Maiden. Mo Mike Lumsden, DeWitt Lam Lunday. Augusta f Freshmen Michael Lybarger, Mmiette Joseph Lvle, Bald Knob Glenn Lvnch. Blvtheville Larrv Lynn, Osceola John Lyons, Philadelphia, Pa Gerald Machin, Blytheville Carolyn Madden, Newport Herman Maddux III. Harrisburg Sheilah Maddox. Jacksonville Clinton Madison, Williford Phillip Madison. Newport Roger Mahaffey, Hard Edwina Mallory, Hot Springs Mike Mallory, Hot Springs Stephen Malone, Williams. Ariz Roger Manasco l.iriuiina Lynn Mangrum, Black Oak Jimmv Mann, Newport Mars Manning, Jonesboro Patricia Manning, Bunker, Mo Sharon Maran, Lansing. Mich Paul Marchant. Calico Rock Barbara Marconi, Pine Bluff Mike Marconi, Proctor Judy Marlin, Bella Vista Lew is Marotti, Craw fordsville Bobbv Marshall, West Memphis Jnd Marshall. Harrishurg Marv Marshall, Harrison, Neb. BilK Martin. Augusta Carol Martin. Benton Catherine Martin. Pocahontas Debbie Martin. Pine Bluff Judy Martin. Salem Patty Martin, Harrison Richard Martin, Hot Springs Sherlene Martin, Calico Rock George Martine, Marion Gars Masner. West Memphis udv Mason Forrest C Darn I Mathew Ferd Maz ia III, Hot Springs Cvnthiu McAdoo, Pine Bluff ' Sharon Mc Alister, Valles Springs lonna McAnulty, Blvtheville Bill McBride. Hot Springs Steve McBride. Paragould Renee McCall. Searcv Karen McCann, Manila Thomas McCav II. Wynne Randy McClung, Trumann Ella McCombs, Cllarkedale Class of 1972 r r - b Mike McConnaughev, Paragould Hubert E McCord, Rector Lillian Dian McCormick, Manila Elbert McCracken, Stuttgart Jem McCrackin, Jonesboro Gerald Dewavne McCrillis, St. Francis Allen W MeCullough. Manila Robert L McCnrdy, Fort Payne. Ala. Lam McCurley, Brinkley Gloria McDaniel, Hollandale, Miss. Ronnie McDaniel, Jonesboro Woodie Sue McDaniel. Paragould Robert H McDonald, Weldon Sandra Rogers McDuffee, Bay Gerald W. McElrath, Gideon! Mo, Bonnie J McFarlin. Monette Shirlev B McFarlin. Monette David Lee McGough, Winter Haven. Fla. Gonnie McGaughev. Newport Gar McGill, Luxora Mary Alice McGraw. Stuttgart Jerry L. MeGrew, Manila Karen Sue McHalffev, Bav Freshmen Class of 1972 ££.0 f , ££ Michael Mclntire, Timbo Ed McLain, N Little Rock Marsha McLarty, Hot Springs Pat McLarty, Jonesboro Judy McMahon, N. Little Rock Larrv Glenn McMaster, Wynne Brenda Lou McMullin. Imboden Rebecca Kay McMurry. Benton L Karen McPherson, Altheimer Earline McWherter, Hot Springs Donna Meacham, Blytheville Sherry Ann Meacham, N Little Rock Grover Thomas Meadows. Osceola John Megel, West Memphis Allen Meier, Pocahontas Barbara Meier. Paragould Harold L Meredith. McCrory Dickey V ' ernon Merion. Jonesboro Deborah Merriman, Evansville, Ind Dennis W Merritt, Camden John Marc Metzler, Jonesboro Dennis Meyer, Jefferson Citv, Mo. Larrv Mick, Blvtheville Jimmv Middleton, Leachville Pine Bluff m, Harrison I Miles. Harrisburg Minion. Jones Hilton, Bono .aw rence Mile itchell, N Little Rock Constance Mobley, Brooklan Mark Moffitt. Little Rock Debbie Mondav, Harrison Lviin Montgomery Kennert, M Swindle Wayne Mooney. Lake Carol Moore. Walnut Ridge New ,( Douglas E Moor Marv Ellen Moore, Jonesboro Mary Kathleen Moore. Hot Spri Morris Robert Moore. Black Roc Nancv Moore. Pern wile Rickev Moore, N Little Rock Vernon D Moore Jr , Jonesboro Du ight Pearce. Bonn Joe Pecenv, North Little Roc Ronald Pedigo, Jacksonville Sammy Peebles. Newport John Pemberton, Slater. Mo Rovce Pennington. Malvern Gary Pensonean. St. Louis, John Perkins. Cabot Nick Perry, Jonesboro Joseph Peters. Newpor Cheryl Pettijohn, Jones Hester Petts, Paragon! Arthur Pevton, Manila Jeff Pharr. Little Rock Barr Phillips. Osceola Grisham Phillips, Benton Johnny Phillips. Holly Grc Sherrs Phillips. Jonesboro Susan Phillips. New port Car! Phipps, Violet Hill Richard Pierce, Walled La Gloria Pigg, Ferguson, M : Jayne Pingel. Forrest City Class of 1972 Marta Pipkin, Harrisbnrg Roger Pitchford, Mountain Ho Robert Pitts, Marked Tree Linda Pollard. Little Rock Snsan Pollard, Forrest Cits David Polsgrove, Piggott Roy Poplin. Holland. Mo David Porter. Jacksonville Steve Prince, Hot Springs Ronald Proctor. Wvnne Kav Prnett. Bemie, Mo Ones Prnett. Kennett. Mo Ronnie Prnett. Jonesboro Joan Puddephatt, Pine Bluff Dennis Pnlliam, Walnut Ridge Julius Pnlliam, West Memphis West Memphis Pegg) Pull Richard Pi David Purdv. Pine Bluff Helene Pvland Teddy Quails, Monette Walker Ragland, Wabbaseka Frank Raines, DeWitt Becks Rales, Wvnne Becks Ramer. North Little Ro Sheiron Ramsev. Manila Melinda Rapert. Biggers Sandra Rash. Walnut Ridge Garry Ras . Monette Mike Ra . Blytheville Res Ras. Jacksonville Robert Rav. Jonesboro Russell Ras, Jonesboro Sarah Ras, Leachville Stuart Ras, Pine Bluff Penelope Raymond. Augusta Linda Reaves. Harrisbnrg Barbara Redd, Harrisbti " .; Gas Ion Reddick. Paragould Nancy Lynn Reed. Little Rock Jim Reese. Jonesboro Robert Reeves, Charleston, Mo. Mickey Reich, Havti. Mo. Charles Reinhart, Lafe Richardson, ( lurk Brenda N Hiulu-s, Helena Terry Roach, Manila Harves Roberts, Harrison Paul R Roberts, Bloomfield Elmer Wayne Robertson, Manila Janet Sue Robertson, Jonesboro Joycelyn Robertson. Manila Retina Robertson. Morrilton Sharon Robertson. Rector Steve D Robertson. Stuttgart Deborah Robeson, Paragould Jackie Robinette. Jonesboro James M. Robins, Hoxie lars Michael Robinson, Campbell. Mo Jack Robinson, Blytheville Terrs Lavern Rodery, Campbell. Mo Douglas Rogers. Hoxie Freshmen Eddie J Rogers. Jonesboro J Mike Rogers, Pine Bluff James Rogers, Paragould Kenneth Bo d Rogers. Mammoth Spring Rickev Rook, Jonesboro Vickie Rook. Jacksonville Brenda C Rose, Augusta Linda Rosicu, Forrest ( it franklin Ross. Little Rock William R Ross. Pine Bluff Roger Roush, Nettleton Deborah D Rovssev. Imboden Cretchen Rudkin. Gideon, Mo David II Runk. Little Rock Charles I. Russell. Jonesboro Fredds C RllSi Rickev Russell. Mountain Home John Rutherford. Truman Patsv Rutherford, Wilson Barbara Jo Rutledge, Marianna Michael E Rutledge, Jonesboro , Bale- Delia nn Sadler. Wilson Cail Sain. Paragould John F Sam. Walnut Ridge Warren kennad Sale, ugusta Margie Lee Sallis, Marianna Brenda Sanders. El Dorado Gary Sanders, Brookland Jem Sanders, Mountain Home William Duane Sanders. Batesville Herbert Sanderson, Jonesboro orranie Savelli. Wilkes-Barre, Penn Jan Scarbrough. Cabot Donna Schaechtel. Pocahontas Bob Schafer. Stuttgart Diana Belinda Scott. Marianna Donald F.mmit S cott, Wilson Kennv Scott, Lake Ci Tim Scott, Pocahont udith C Seas. Moutrc: Paul E Seas Rector ra Sue Sebourne, Holcomb. Mo Doug S enher, Hot Springs William G Seratt. Lake Village Gwendolvn Seymour, West Memphis Melvin Shannon Jr., Wilson Tince Sharp, Weiner David Shaver. Marked Tree Dannv Sheals. Osceola Irvin E. Shelton. Turrell Lvnell Shelton. Paragould Thomas Shelton, Jonesboro n £ C p 1 f -i At Class of 1972 £ P ™ ££££ : f; L I i £ € ' Oft £ EJt ' H i c ? fYfr F n. r r in f f V ■ -it Tsserance K Sheltnn, Forrest Cradv Shepherd. Pine Bluff Dann Shields. Peach Orchard Jem Neil Shipman, Batessilli Phillip Shirley, Trumann Connie Short, Little Rock K Mm Douglas B Shultz, Rector Deloise Louise Shumpert. Tvonza Jerry Shurlev. Cabot Michael Sides. Jonesboro Donald Simmons. Poughkeepsie John E Simmons Jr . Holly Grove Kath Simmons, Jonesboro Anne Simpson. Jonesboro Larry Simpson, Piggott Dennis Sims. West Memphii Ann Singleton, Jacksonville Robert Singleton, Earle Bruce Sites. Altheimer Earl Skinner. Marion David Slaton. Wilson Jud Slatton, Paragould Freshmen Smith. Bradford Marie Earline Smith. Jonesboni Mary Kathrvn Smith, Wynne Mary Wanda Smith, Cave City Michael L Smith, Batesville Ronda Fave Smith. Hughes Richard Benny Smith, Mammoth Spri Robert J Smith, Princeton. Ind Rimald G Smith. Corning •Smith. Pine Bluff Smith. Stuttgart man Michael Smith. Mil leorge Smithwick, Pine Bluff licks Smotherman, Newport icott Snellgorve, Jonesboro )ann Wayne Snow, Jonesboro ' ine Bluff uth, Wynne nth. Wynne other ■ ■■■■■■ Brenda Spann, Jonesboro Russell O Sparks. Marked Tree Linda Spcer. Jonesboro Noel Spencc. Corning R.igcr Spillyards, Pine Bluff Charlotte Springle. Jonesboro BilK B Stacy, Monette l.ura Stallcop. Brinklei Russell Stallcup. Lafc Rick Stamper! Jacksonville " in[ord Stanfill. Paragould Glenn Stanlev. Jonesboro William Stanton. Paragould Glenda Joyce Starling. Pocahontas Brenda Starr. Jonesboro Nicki St Clair. Parkin Billy Norris Steele. Little Rock Roger Dale Steele. Black Rock Hubert C Steimel. Pocahontas K% It- J Steiner. Alton. Ill Mien Stephens Lafe Howard Stewart, Brmkle Dwi E ht still Manila Gars David Stilt, Yellville obert E Stireu alt. ( Taw furckv ilk- Joe C. Stocky Lonoke Dermic Stokes. West Memphis Jeff DeWayne Stokes, Hector Brenda Stone. Jonesboro Carolsn H Stone, |onesboni Freshmen Ref Stone, DeWitt Stephen Stone. Blytheville Zack Stone. Altheimer V ernon R Stors. Batesville Charles Stotts. Carawav David Stotts. Jonesboro Kaths Lorene Stout, Batessdle Dehln Stowe. New port Kenneth D Stuart. Malvern eserK Stuhhlefield. Little Rock Gail Stuck. Jonesboro William Sungs. Wilson Lucinda K Sullivan. Hards Perry Parnell Sidlins. New port Gary Lee Sullivant. Pine Bluff James Summer, Carlisle Terrs Sutnptor. West Memphis Bruce Colbert Sutton. BKtheville Kenneth 1. Swanson, McCrory Gail Sweat. Welpon Libln Swindle. Walnut Kldnc Phillip Swindle. Paragould Arthur Tacker, Harrisburg Mike Tacker, Jonesboro Karla Tanner. Cherokee Village James Edward Tart. BKtheville Cynthia Tarver, Kennett, Mo Albert Tate. Jonesboro Curtis Tate. Jonesboro James W illiam Temple. Stuttgart Das id Tennison. Paragould Debbie Thielemier, Pocahontas Emils Jo Thomas. Peach Orchard Terrs Thomas. Caruthersville, Mo William E Thomas. Little Rock Tripp Thomasson. Elon College. N.C. Albert Flosd Thompson, Cash £ lilt J k Class of 1972 m m 359 tit 4 1 f Hi f f r ft! Bill Thompson. Evening Shade Diane Thompson, Little Rock Michael N Thompson, Wynne Stanley Thompson, Blvtheville Dianne Thornlev. Jonesboro Dennis E Thrasher, Rector Don Threet, Steele, Mo. Susan Throgmorton. Piggott Vicki Thurston, Kennett, Mo. James N Tice, Jr., Bay Harold D Tille , Monette Lvdia Tillev, Fisher Sharon Timbs, Hot Springs Billy Don Tiner. Pocahontas Gary Tinslev, Nashville Lena Sue Tomlinson, Paragould Class of 1972 William H Treneman, Jonesboro David Trim. Forrest City larslu Troiilett. Little Rock ( Mitln.i I ruston, Little Rock Don Tucker. Jonesboro Michael W Tucker, Jonesboro Marvi n Dale l ull. Stuttgart Deborah Turner, Wynne (Catherine Ann Turner, Naylor, Mti Robert Brooks Turner, Wynne Tommy Turner, Paragould Roger Dale Turpin. Mom Lois Ann Tusing, Dell Steve B Tve, Searcv David Tyler, Pocahontas Terry Tyler. Little Rock Robert C. Tyson, N. Little Rock Beverly I ' nderwood, Benton Donald Kugene ancil, Braselev Don Guthrie Vansandt, Ethel Linda kuv Varnell, Little Rock Laquita Vaughn Jonesboro ught, Hickorv Ridge fining, Little Rock Robert Vinson, Trumann Charlotte Volk. Cherrs Vallev Gary Waddell, Manila Debbie Wade. Paragould Jim Wage, Little Rock Dalmer Glenn Wagner, Cash Bubba Waldrup. Batesvillc, Miss Donnie W Walker, Rector Gary Walker, Walnut Ridge Karvn Sue Walker, N. Little Rock Marv Walker, Smaekmer Michael J. Walker. Jonesboro Patricia Ann Walker. Jonesboro Ralph Louis Walker. Jr . Marked Tree Tommv Walker, Marked Tree Mu m I a nn Wallace, Lake Cits Garv Lee Waller. Valles Park, Mo Mu hacl Wavnc Waller. Hcth Barrv I. Walls. Harrisburg Paul W Walters, Boiling Springs, Pa. Bointa W alton, Kl Dorado ■ Priscilla Walton. Hughes Carl E. Ward. BKtheville Pam Ward, England Walter Ward, North Little Rock Dennis M. Warren, Helena Dale D Washam, Mammoth Spring Deborah Washburn, N Little Rock Brent Watkins, lonesboro Charles L Watkins, Jonosbo, Donna Kas Watkins, Bui Karen Jan Watkins. Bon Future Mae Watson, Newpo Philip Watson. N. Little Roc Richard W atts. Benin Barbara Webb, Blvthevill David Larrs Webb. BKtheville Donna Webb, Blytheville Robert Webb, Little Hock Gars Leon Webster, Jonesboro Randy O Wedgworth. Augusta Anna Louise Weitkamp. Pocahontas Jerrs Welch. Jonesboro Catherine M Wells. Blvtheville Freshmen v purl Kathleen Werner. Pfeifer Wes Diane Wess, ParaRould Charles L W est. Judsonia Gars M West. Korrcst Cits Olr User William O West. Jr , Blsthes Teresa Westbrook, Jonesh Ann Westenberger, Memphis, Tenn James K. Westmoreland, Wynne Larry Weston. Jonesboro Nancy E Wheeler. Calico Rock Ricky Wheeler. Leachville Ronald Allen Wheeler, Rector Ron Whelchel, Rockford. III. Johnny Wheny, Newark Debra Whisenhunt, VVest Memphis Sarah Whistle, Osceola Charles Whitaker, |onesborc Mars Ann Whitaker. Osceola Charles M. White. Jonesboro LonnicEarl White. Turrell Terrs H Whiting, Tichnor Terrs Whitles, West Memphis Murlis Whitlock, Arbyrd, Mo Jimmy Whitsett, Memphis ins Dale Whitt. Hickorv Ridge Sharon Whitten, Black Oak Bill Widner. BKtheville DianneWilbanks, Batesville Jimmy Wilcox, Beach Grove dv C Wilcoxson, Kennett, Mo Donna W Wilkins. Jacksonville Tommy Wilkins. Parkin A. D Williams. Jr., Marion Annette Williams, Kennett, Mo. Diane Williams, Brinkles Christilou Williams, Kennett. Mo, Clsde Wayne Williams, Jonesboro Harland Williams, BKtheville Len Williams, BKtheville Mike Williams. Jonesboro Morris K Williams, Kensett Rodger Williams, Carlisle Sterling Williams, Pine Bluff Karen Williamson, Elaine Charles Willis, Paragould Nancy Willis, Bar Harbor. Maine Stesen Willis. Sikeston. |o Janice L Wilmoth, Etowah Daniel Glenn Wilson, Wynne Judith A Wilson, Mabelvale Margaret L Wilson, Little Rock Mark K Wilson, Earle Mary Dean Wilson, Marianna Larrv Winberry, Paragould p IP f 3 fl 1 Ml r fif f kk. BP ' Class of 1972 we Van Wineland, Paragould Ritchie Winkler. Jacksonville Maria Winters. Newport Charlene Wise, Bav Fred Edgar Wizer, Wynne Jim Wofford. Paragould Doug Wood, Jonesboro lames M, Wood. West Helen: Clarence Woodard, Trnmann Martha D Woodham, Cherrs Valley Stephen Woodruff, Jonesboro Richard V. Woodnim, Harrisburg Robert Dale Woodrnm. Harrisburg kaths Wooldridge, Paragould Sam Work, Pine Bluff Michael Work ' s. Bald Knob Bobbs Wortham. Cash Barbara Wright, Osceola Karen Wright. Holcomb, Mo. Elden Bruce Wrinkles, Jonesboro Jerrs Wyatt. Searcy JoeY ' arbro, Harrisburg Fonnie Gale Yates, Monette Freddie M. Yeager, Bay Class of 1972 David Allen V ung, Hot Springs David Martin Viung, Pine Bluff Linda Alness Young, Swifton Pam Young, Osceola Rebecca Barrie Young, Wynne Sharon Gavle Vmng, Trumann Second Semester Students Operas Draw Packed House ASU ' s Opera Workshop scored a success this year with the presentation of two operas. " There and Back was a 20th century comedy fantasy which promoted the idea that man is a futile animal whose individual actions accomplished little. The second opera was " Gianni Schicchi " by Giacomo Puccini. It is a 19th century comedy which concentrates on the greed of the heirs of a rich old man who has died. Snow Lovers Have Only One Holiday ASU had its mildest winter in years, as evidenced by the fact that only one snow covered the campus, and it fell on a weekend. Proceeded by freezing rain, the snow turned the campus into a thing of beauty with all the splendor of a Camelot forest. The smoothly covered grounds were soon covered with foot- prints, though, as students donned their play garb and started snowball fights all around the campus. Although the one winter holiday was enjoyed, everyone was glad to see things back to normal by the time for Mondav classes. I I ;- y -A Boh Anderson. 304 Connie Anderson, 342 MonaS. Bailev, 97,131,149,345 PolK nn Bailev, 91,342 irginia Bassett, 305 Carol Bassham, 305 Charles Abanathv, 304 Bob Abbott. 304 ' Marv Ellen Abbott, 304 JoAbdella, 97,304 Lawrence Abdella, 97,304 Margaret Abel. 304 Frank Abernathv, 97,135,374 Leslie Abernathv III, 129.138.143. 304 Tommie Sue Abernathv, 64,90,274 Patricia Aclin, 304 Alice Ann Adams, 83.342 Angela Annette Adams. 304 Barbara Adams. 342 Bill Adams, 137.342 Bill} C. Adams. 304 Brenda Sue Adams, 342 David Morgan Vdams, 342 Douglas Adams, 342 Emma Gene Adams, 301 Galen Adams 274 Garv A. Adams, 61,342 James N. Adams. 274 Janice Adams, 342 Jean C. Adams, 304 Jerrv W. Adams, 304 Ka Frances dauis, 363 30 Earn Adams, 304 Lam W. Adams. 274 Mace! Ann Adams, 324 Patti Adams, 324 Ralph W. Adams, 342 Hands Adams. 265,324 Frankie Adkins, 342 MikeAdkins, 304 Lois M Aebersold. 139.274 Donna Kave Aeblv, 304 Carol gee. 324 Carolvn Agee. 342 Abraham Akel, 274 Charles R. Akers, 324 Debbie Akers, 324 BennvAkin. 274 |err Rax Akins, 304 Hassan liabadi, 311 Albert Alexander, 274 Anita Alexander, 324 Donald W Alexander, 304 Harriet Alexander, 304 Lee Alexander, 49.105.274 Mapra K Alexander, 93,149,345 Marv Roussan Alexander. 147,2 Deborah Ann Allbright. 342 James Allbright, 99.134,271 William [. Allbright. 274 Charles P. Allen. 304 Damn D. Allen. 274 Gar lames Allen. 304 Edgar W llmon 304 Herbert |. Allred, 274 Deborah Diane Almond Jerrv VV. Almond. 304 Ronnie Almond. 304 Marilvn Umquist, 342 Rodnex Alpe, 304 Bonnie Lou Alsup. 342 Michael Alsup, 324 Wade D Althen, 304 BeverK Ka Ambort, 3 Howard Ambrose, 201,; John " I ' . Amnions. I 49,3 Terry Ammons, 342 Linda Amspaugh. 274 Dennis R. And irson, 135,342 Robert B Bailev. 67.114 115 120, Russell Bassham. 324 Fredia Kav An lerson, 342 274 LvndaA. Batchelor, 69,96,109,113. lames R. Vnde son, 145,324 Sidne B. Bailev, 324 114,275 jane W. Ander son, 274 Andrea Marie Baird, 342 Bruce Bateman, 305 lenanne Vndei son, 304 |ohn R, Baird, 342 Emma Jane Bateman, 324 |o Rase nder on, 342 Lerox Baird, 342 Karen Dell Bateman, 130,137.149. Larrs Anderso l. 142,342 Rebecca F. Baird, 304 305 Linda C And. rson, 38,83,304 Albert F. Baker. 324 Donna Bates. 324 Mark Andersoi . 342 Brett N Baker, 226,324 Gars Bates, 305 Rodnex | And .■rson, 324 ( and ice G. Baker, 324 Pam Bates, 343 Suzanne Ande son 01.70.136,149, Craig Baker. 342 Patricia Bates, 305 342 lames Baker, 342 Wendelin Bates, 324 lane Vndrexvs, 342 luclx Kas Baker. 342 Herbert G. Batev, 324 [ohnnie ! Am rews, 304 Linda Baker. 274 Marilvn Batev, 97,275 Robert L. And exvs, 125.172.224, Rita Baker, 342 Feslie Battles. 305 304 Robert | Baker, 304 Melissa Bauer, 305 Susie Andrews 91.149,342 Ronald Raker, 342 Alice Baugh. 275 Frank Angela, 101.304 Steve Baker, 107,324 Richard D. Baugh, 305 Gar Angelo. ! 24 Thomas G. Baker, 324 Robert Baugh. 324 [oseph ugiis. 342 W illiam Baker |r . 304 Robin Baugh. 343 Josephs. Anth my, 127.143,304 Kathx Balch, 304 Sandra Baugher, 126,130,142,305 Tandv L. Anth my, 142.342 Sam D Balch. 304 Charles E. Baxter, 305 Carolvn Arche . 324 l om Balcom, 304 Robert Baxter, 275 Stephen C. Arc her. 342 David Baldridge, 304 Roberta Bas less, 343 John Arends. 1 04 Linda Baldridge. 342 Pamala Bax singer, 343 Leonard R An ojr . 342 Mitch Baldridge, 304 James H. Beard, 122,275 Judx Armbrust 342 Ravmond K Baldridge. 271 1 ,i mnie R Beard. 305 Steve Arment. 342 Paula Balducci, 342 Robert L. Beard, 324 Michael A. Arr iour. 304 lames 1 Baldxvin, 304 lames Bearden, 343 Diane Armstro lom Baldwin. 304 Michael Rax Bearden, 102,113, Frank Armstrong, 274 Connie Bales. 304 1 14.305 lohn G Armstr ong, 21.103.304 Patricia Bales, 324 Sharon G. Bearden, 305 Linda rmstrong, 324 Carols u [o Rail. 304 Brenda Kas Beaton. 305 Frankie Arnha t. 324 Diana Ball. 324 Dena Kas Beaton. 305 Freddx F Arn lolt, 324 lama Rail, 324 Franklin D. Beaton, 275 Alvin W. rno d. 304 lerrs L. Ball, 324 PaulG Beaton, 275 Davidl rno d. 125.274 Joan W. Ball, 342 Lvnda Lou Beasles, 87,149,343 Deborah Arnol d. 146,342 [ohn M Ball, 304 Craig Lee Beck, 99,305 James Arnold, 363 Suzanne Ball, 90,274 Linda J Beck, 343 Joseph H. Arm Id 21,103,274 Larrs D, Ballard, 324 Melvin F Beck. 99,216,324 Law rence Arm Id. 304 Martin A Bait . 342 Ross Beck, 42,61,99,305 , 342 BettvJ. Baltzejl, 274 Leu Becker, 343 Garland E An ngton, 304 MariK n Banek. 304 Ronald I). Becker, 103.154,305 |oe Anne Arrin Sidnes F Banks. 324 Toni Becker. 343 Kathx rringti n, 32 1 Paul F Bankston, 324 Retha Lou Beckham, 343 William F r ington, 274 Sands Barbarotto, 342 Marilyn Beclnar, 130,343 Glenn rroxvood, 342 Tommx II Artis. 342 Sharon rselo, 324 A mi S Asal, 324 Mitchell | Ash, 103,304 Bobbx shabranner, 97,32 Candx Ashbv, 39,87,304 Keith Ashcraft, 156,304 Marie Ashcraft, 342 Mike Vshford, 324 Gussi Ashlev, 342 lens Ashlock, 304 Llovd A. Ashlock 1 11 321 Patsx Ashssorth. 91,304 Sain I. Vshxvorth, 324 ggx L. scock 304 irgle R Avers, 171,201.304 -B- ibeoek. 304 Ste Rodnex O. Baber. 152.274 William W. Back Jr., 107,129,304 Deloris Bacon. 93,304 Das id Balms. 342 Larrv Lee Bailes, 304 Martha Jean Bailes, 93,274 Bvrnus | Barbee. 304 Dan us T. Barber. 324 Linda L. Barber, 60.144,304 Milton Barber, 324 Duaiie J. Barbour, 324 Donna Barclay, 125,304 Donna E. Bardssell, 91,149,324 Mike Barger, 342 Sheila Barger. 128,148,324 Gars L. Barker, 305 Gerald Barker, 324 |o nu Barker, 274 lohn V Barker, 305 Ras Barker. 324 Sam Barker, 305 Houston Vllei , 122,130.274 w III. ,r E Vslii . 304 Silses [ones Barker, 275 |ohn V. Allen, 304 Patricia Carol A ston, 342 Sammx Barklev, 275 |udx Allen, 23 .84,274 TulioC. studillo. 274 Claude M Barnard, 275 Judx K Mien. Sammx Atchiso i, 274 Carolene Bamer, 275 Nancs Allen. 363 Rose Mars Atch ex, 342 Dane! Barnes, 342 Nancs K Alle l, 304 Herman Atkins r. ' , 200,201,304 lanice Barnes. 305 Robert D Alle n, 304 foe Atkins, 274 [errv W. Barnes. 275 Roberta K. All en, 324 |on Atkins, 324 Michael W, Barnes. 363 Thomas Allen Mars Atkinson, 133,304 Sandra A. Barnes, 145,275 rhomasS. All jn.Jr. 122.304 Cheri Lvnn AOs rood, 342 Curt Barnett, 103,342 William Allen 324 Michael Vustin, 342 lanette Barnett. 61,137,149 Linda Allinde , 342 Rodger Austin, 363 342 Edger Lee All son, 342 Ronald L. Austi t, 304 lohnnieSue Barnett, 342 John W. Allisc n, 105,274 Wanda ustin. 304 Lou Ann Barnett. 324 SonviaF VUis on. 304 Joe Avis, 342 Rick Barnett. 342 Timoths R Mlison. 304 Thomas W Asi . 324 W illiam T. Barnett. 00.305. |uds Ann Beene, 275 William M. Beene, 275 Peggx Beisel, 343 John Belcher, 204,205.200,207, 208,209,211,213,214.343 Larrv G. Beliesx , 305 Arthur W. Bell, 103,324 Bill Bell. 172.224,305 Brenda Kas Bell, 343 Dan Bell, 324 Douglas R. Bell. 305 loan Vogel Bell. 343 Leo Bell. 324 Patricia Bell. 128,139,305 Robert S Bell. 275 Ronald K Bell, 129,324 Rosie M Bell, 123,343 Sandra Lee Bell, 275 Michael F Belongs. 343 Bill Bel ung, 305 Leeann Bcnetiel. 303 " Kaths Benliain. 321 Judy A. Benjaiuin. 275 Bessie £. Ben ' ifStt 275 ( liarl te Cmiiuiett, 275-- Ce. .rgt- rffljpi 3% , . V K Linda Barnhill, 305 Roger A Barnhill, 342 Daiss R. Barr, 342 Lxnii Lacx Barr. 275 Karen P. Barrett. 342 Marvin G. Barrett. 342 Marilvn Barrett. 342 Mai lis n D. Barrett, 342 Dale R. Barron. 342 Cillis Bartholmev, 85.149,305 Donald Barton, 342 Phil W Barton, 324 Norma Bashant. 217,342 Hossard L. Bass. 343 Dannx F Bassett. 150.122.275 CBennett. 324 JFt Bennett, 275 Martha |ane Bennett. 324 P fkvnc Bennett Jr.. 303 (ol.wit L. Bennett |r . 2.5 u k Bennie, 343 .«wt». Frankie Benson, 0l.l28,§05 Glenda Benson. 343 • John Benson, 34tT Bk Ronald Benson. 343 Terrs Benson, 137,275 Thomas Benson, 324 Michael Benton, 343 icks Berger, 343 W illiam E. Bergev, 36,65,97,183, 189. lij) " Bdfeb t:art Don Berrv, 305 Donna June Berry, 343 Doris J. Bern , 324 Evelvn A. Berrv, 305 James R. Berrv, 122,135,275 " Lam D. Berrv, 113,127.129,130. 275 Peggy Lee Berrv, 343 Ramona Berrv, 363 Sandra Kaye Berrv, 145,305 Stanley C. Berrv, 305 Donnie Beshears, 193,343 Ronnie Bess, 324 Carolvn [. Betts, 324 Dennis Betts, 275 Mvra Betts, 93,149,343 Margaret W. Bevill, 275 Robert G. Bevis, 363 Dennis C. Biard. 324 George L. Biard, 305 Brenda Bibb, 137,226,343 Sherry Bickerstaff, 343 Lonnie D. Biggers, 343 Bilk Gene Biggs, 343 Carl Biggs, 145.305 Patsv Biggs, 85,117.149,305 Connie Bilbrey, 343 Vincent Bilinskv, 99,216,305 Danny R Billings, 143.343 Glen Billingslev, 124,131,305 Paul Bingham. 324 Ronnie R. Bingham, 305 John J. Biron, 305 Fonda Bishop. 22,60,61,85,265, 275 Galen Bitelv, 343 Stephen A. Bitelv, 130,275 Buddv Black. 343 Marv C. Black, 275 Robert Black Jr . 305 Stefan Black, 305 Winston Black |r., 127.324 Frances Jo Blackburn, 60,136,144, 275,364 Patsv J. Blackburn, 305 Ronald Blackburn, 275 Denzil K. Blackman, 324 Margaret Blackmon, 123,343 Rick Blackwelder. 103,343 Nell D. Blackwell, 324 Elizabeth L. Blackwood. 343 Michael D. Blackwood, 324 Judv Blair, 305 Robert H. Blair, 105,276 Susan Blair, 324 Johnnv D. Blake, 142.305 Paul H. Blake, 343 John R BlakeK, 343 Bill Blakes, 343 Damn Blalock, 343 Kathleen M. Blanchard, 343 Margaret D. Blanchard, 343 Robert G. Blanchard Jr., 305 Ravmond M. Blanes, 101,343 Damn C Blankenship, 343 |aines F. Blankinship, 305 Johnnv wVBlaxton. 325 Nancy Lea Bknton, 276 Beverb Bledsoe. 343 Bilb C. Bledsoe. 343 ■ v1hJ Bleds 325 fcaft Blenderu 343 lean Block ,:- , ) Annette Boals. ' 305 Mar Bobbitt, 305 Christine Boblack. 276 Irene Boblack. fl Larry Bodecker., 3 Jim K. BodejmWjer. 153.2 Elizabeth Boeckmann, 93.- ' Eugene Boerner, 134,276 Shirle A. Boggs, 325 Phillip Bog Jr.. 343 Thomas G. Bohannan, 343 Jim Bohannon, 276 Verda Bohannon, 343 Kave Bolen, 363 Paula Bolick, 305 Sandra Boling, 343 Bob Bollinger, 343 jg) Dick Bolton Jr., 305 " TrJ Laura Boiton, 325 Wayne Bomar, 305 Brenda K. Bonds, 276 Douglas Bonds, 343 James D. Bonds, 104,108,276 Jimmv L. Bonds, 305 Edward O. Bone, 305 Rickev Bone, 325 Paula Bonham. 343 Jeff rev D. Bonner, 129,343 Kenneth P. Book, 325 Marilvn Book, 114,115,343 Donald Booker, 305 Gail Leftwich Booker, 305 Marv Lou Booker, 66,91,124,132, 138,140,276 David A. Boone, 97,305 Garv Boone, 343 Anita Booth, 305 Connie Boozer, 91,149,343 Don Carl Borchert, 343 Carolyn Boren, 126,135,325 James Boren, 343 Ronald L. Boren, 122,129,305 Rick B. Borgman, 102,325 Walter E. Boster, 105,276 Ann Bostic. 305 Lamar R. Bostic, 305 Charles R. Bottoms, 142,305 Elvin Bouldin, 305 Jerrv Bourdage, 137,142,305 Rusty Bourg, 101,163,165,223,305 James Bourland, 276 Bonnie K. Bowden, 276 Sharon Bowen, 325 Charlotte Bowen, 343 Ronald Lee Bowen, 130,305 Sherry Anne Bowen, 325 Catherine Bowers, 343 Rob Bowers, 41,103,305 Brenda Sue Bowles, 305 Barrv Bowman, 325 John O. Bowman, 325 Roger Bowman, 325 Stephen Bovce, 343 Bettv Jean Boyd, 305 Dana Bovd, 70,71,91,343 David R. Bovd, 305 Dock Ellis Boyd, 343 Harold Bovd, 325 Jo Anne Boyd, 305 Leslie Bovd, 325 Marv Rebecca Boyd, 21,39,87,120. 325 RussBovd, 60,276 Steve Bovd, 325 Herman Boykin II, 325 GarvBoyles, 105,343 Sharon Boyster, 343 Sherry Bracewell, 305 Kay Brackin, 325 Leonard O. Bradberrv, 146,276 Lois E. Braden, 325 Eddie Bradford, 103.343 Harold Bradford Jr., 325 Marinell Bradford, 305 Ronnie Bradford, 363 Bettv Bradlev. 343 Dan Bradley, 163.325 James Bradlev, 343 Jim Bradlev, 343 Joann Bradlev, 276 Joseph Bradlev, 276 VEniest Bradshawjr., 101,325 James M. Bradshaw, 325 Larrv T. Bradshaw, 305 Jonnie Bradsher, 133,148,276 Judith A Bradsher, 60,325 Janie D Bradv, 325 Ralph W. Bradv, 139,325 Warren D. Brainard, 125,276 Jamais- Brake, 325 v Barbara Brakefield, 276 Tmicjbael Brakefield, 276 Robert Bramlett, 306 Ruin Branan, 343 Richard Branch, 343 James W. Brand, 343 Diana L. Brandon, 306 Josie D Brandon, 276 Donald Brannan, 363 James Brannon, 306 William G. Brannon, 306 Dean Branscum, 325 Laudies, Brantlev |r . 19,37,66. 107,112,114,276 Pam Brantlev, 343 Charles B. Branum, 306 Steve Branum, 325 Jerrv Branum, 344 Gern Brashears, 325 Carolvn Sue Brasher, 97,276 Brad Brashers, 344 Freddy T. Bratton, 105,153,276 Sandra Bratton, 276 James Brauer, 344 Stan Brawlev, 102,325 Claude E. Brawner, 325 Odis S. Brawner, 344 Svble B. Brawner, 276 Oral D. Bray, 105,325 Garv Brazzeal, 325 Mark K. Brazzel, 276 Marcia Breeding, 47,325 Mark Gene Brenke, 306 Joan Brent, 306 Lizabeth A. Bretherick, 325 A. Houston Brewer, 150,276 Allen D Brewer, 61,105,344 Dale Brewer, 306 Gail Brewer, 306 Gale Brewer, 344 James R. Brewer, 276 Jerry L. Brewer, 276 Nancy Collins Brewer, 344 Norma Sue Brewer, 276 Sharon Brewer, 306 Wanda Brewington, 306 James E. Bridgerjr., 306 Suzi Bridger, 306 Bobbv Bridges, 129,344 Judv E. Bridges, 130,146,306 Kathv Bridges, 325 Michael W. Bridges, 325 Rodney Bridges, 344 Thomas T. Bridges, 344 Thomas R. Brightwell, 306 Larry Eugene Brimhall, 344 Suzanne Watkins Brimhall, 344 Peggy Brinkley, 325 Rebecca Britt, 344 Marilvn Kav Brittingham, 277 Paul Bntton, 142,344 Phillis Broadaway, 277 Almaree Broadwav, 344 Dianne R. Brogdon, 277 Frankie C. Brogdon, 107,277 Gary W. Brooks, 325 lames D. Brooks, 325 Richard Brooks, 174,226,227,306 Rick Brooks, 344 Ronald Brooks, 306 Teena R. Brooks. 91,265,277 Michael L. Brothers, 344 Ronnv Lvnn Brothers, 306 Alan W. Brown, 216,277 Alvie Rav Brown, 277 Anthony Brown, 145,219,277 Barbara Brown, 344 Billie V. Brown, 145,277 Dane L. Brown, 306 David L Brown, 344 David R. Brown, 135,306 Dennis N. Brown, 148.306 Dianne Brown, 277 Don Brown, 344 Douglas D. Brown, 277 Elijah Brown, 344 Fred Brown, 105,277 Freddie J. Brown, 306 Jackie Brown 325 Jacque Cecilia Brown, 83,147,277 James H. Brown, 107,277 Janet Finch Brown, 277 Jerrv Brown, 344 John L. Brown, 306 Linda Sue Brown, 325 Linda E. Brown, 83,344 Marcella Brown, 325 Mary Ann Brown, 277 Melvin D. Brown, 277 Michael W. Brown, 135,344 Mika Brown, 85,344 Neil Brown, 344 Patricia C. Brown, 41,97,277 Paul Brown, 277 Rebecca A. Brown, 277 Robert G. Brown Jr., 124,277 Ronald L. Brown, 204,205,209,211 Ronnie Brown, 95,325 Sandra J. Brown, 325 Sandra Runnels Brown, 277 Shirley Brown, 363 Shirley Ann Brown, 344 Stanlev Brown, 344 Steven W. Brown, 28,98,163,216. 325 Thad L. Brown, 103,306 Thomas J. Brown. 306 W. H. Brown, 306 William C. Brown, 344 William L Brown, 99,325 Alton Brownderville, 277 Paul Browning, 325 Rickev L. Browning, 103,325 Bill Broyles, 325 Kalva Bruce, 306 Randy Bruce, 306 Bonnie C. Brumley, 344 Cecilia Brummett, 306 Phvllis Brummett, 344 Karen Bruner, 61,136,144,325 Steve Brummett, 306 David M. Bruner, 306 Randall W. Brunner, 325 Rickey M. Brunner, 325 ' Jerrv L. Brvant, 344 Jim Brv ant, 344 Jimmy W. Brvant, 344 John P. Brvant, 306 Judith Brvant, 325 Kenneth Brvant, 344 Pin His M. Bryant, 325 Rebecca Brvant, 277 Rhonda June Bryant, 306 Tommy Brvant, 306 William H. ' Brvant, 306 Christv Buchanan, 97,277 Danny G. Buck, 306 Joe R. Buck, 306 Dan Bucklev, 101,184,306 Richard L. Buerkle, 325 Fred Bufford, 344 Thomas Buford, 95,306 Mvra Buhrmester, 95,152,277 Larrv Bull, 306 Kent Bullard, 344 Marcella Bullard, 344 Johnnie Fav Bunch, 61,344 Larry L. Bunch, 306 Rita Sue Bunch, 277 William D. Burk, 344 MarvM. Bunting, 306 Rickev L. Bunting, 150,306 Rov M. Burchjr., 325 Stephen P. Burch 103,226,306 Jerry W. Burchfield, 138,148,325 Doris Burdvshaw, 306 Marie-Jose Burdvshaw, 325 Donnie Burford, 325 MvraBurford, 142.325 Charlotta Ann Burge, 142,325 Frank Burge, 325 James M. Burk, 28,99,277 Karen Burk, 325 Barbara Burke, 60,83,277 Emmett T. Burke, 306 Mike Burkett, 103,306 Carol Joan Burks, 277 Therald Burmingham, 344 David W. Burnell, 344 CletisJ. Burnett, 377 Julianna Burnett, 306 James H. Burnette, 105,344 Brenda G. Burns, 146,306 Ewell P. Burns, 325 Janett Burns, 306 Jenene Burns, 306 Joe Burns, 122,306 John D. Burns, 363 Dennis W. Burris, 306 Gary Burris, 306 Thomas Burroughs, 105,325 Jov Burrow, 277 Marv C. Burrow, 277 Nancv Burrow , 306 Fred G. Burrows, 306 Beverlv Burton, 325 E T. Burton Jr., 306 Elmo Gene Burton, 344 Jimmv R. Burton, 325 369 John C. Burton, 306 r ' l ' " r i iiiii J9fi Michael L. Burton, 106,129.306 XT " J Paula Burton, 325 • ! 1 a [ton 344 Philip Burton, 344 n X ' h ahan 344 Calvin Busbv, 344 Don H i t ,i malum. 122,2 8 Can Dean Busby, 306 Nancv Ann Carnahan, 344 Sandra Jean Busby, 344 Ben Robert Bush, 103,325 Mabel ' ar " 6 - ' qJ?nq n Carolv Tc penter J , 109,3. Larry G. Bussey, 306 Charles Butcher Jr., 277 {flf C Ijl " ' log Bill Butler, 306 Garrv ( 344 Carolyn K. Butler, 306 Lymai vv. «. Dale Butler, 97,278 1 aula J ■oil, 123,344 George Robert Butler, 95,143,344 Jane Butler, 344 " arr( nth. 278 Patriei i Car ■ J ' r, ' Janet Butler. 325 , " ! ' : ' Mill Karon Butler. 278 Jack C j t 226 Lewis G. Butler, 306 Ann Lv Mil ( alter 307 Ste e Butler. 306 !j 11 ' | . " ttT ' i- " v - o- Larrv Buttervv orth, 325 Haroic Daphine Byers, 306 Jerrv L irter Chris Bynum, 91,141,149,306 Jerrv C " Dianna S B num, 306 John A ' • ' " Michele Bv rd 61 525 Kath William A! Byrd, 132.278 Larrv ( arte , 60,136,326,364 Linda Bv rum, 325 Mari ' lv tei. 61,93,278 Pamela Bo e r l Carter, 131.344 P V v " Phil Carter. William H. 344 barter, 278 Estel Rov Ci rtu right, 326 James D. Cartu right. 326 r rank M. Caclna, 138,2 8 Chervl ( art , 307 John ( ladvvell, 306 Lome ci, 136,145.149.. ' : Linda Cagle, 344 [udyC Mary E. Cagle, 61,325 James I i. Ca ,ebier, 326 Charlotte Cala, 278 Jimmv v, 345 Norris B. Calaway, 325 PatrieiE Cas v, 307 Walter N. Calaway Jr., 278 Patrick Cast v, 191,326 Bobbv Caldwell. 107.306 George W. C ash. 142,326 ( arroll ( aldwell, 325 Gl( nda Ham W. Caldwell, 122.127,278 ( i shion, ' 345 Judie Caldwell, 344 N. C ason Jr.. 345 Maxie Caldwell, 190,326 RickeV ( ast eberrv, 326 Charles li Calhoon, 306 Dav id Calhoun, 306 W. Robert Calhoun, 278 Lanita Calkin, 344 Samuel T. Callahan. 326 Susan Callahan. 278 Susan Ka Callihan, 61.136.344 let ' frev B Callowav, 107.326 Stefan A. Callow av, 107,326 Tommv Callowav, 107.326 Patricia Cameron, 97.278 Bob Camp. 306 Freddie [oeCamp, 344 Pattv S. Camp, 344 Phil H. ( amp. 326 Bruce F. Campbell Jr.. 344 Carolyn Campbell. 326 Daisv Campbell. 306 Dianna B. Campbell. 278 Duane D. Campbell. 344 lames M Campbell. 278 Joel S. Campbell. 174.216,226.326 Marv Lee Campbell. 344 . Rav Campbell, 326 Nancv Campbell. 326 Patrick B. Campbell, 326 Bona Campbell. 97.149,306 Suzanne Campbell, 153,278 Zora F. Campbell. 344 Charlotte Carnpton, 344 |ud Canada. 344 R.ckev L. Canard, 326 Patricia D. Caneer, 126.135,278 Bobby R. Cannon, 306 Kenneth Cannon, 344 Peggv Lee Cannon, 306 [amie Cantrell, 326 Pat Cantrell, 97.278 Linda Caplinger, 278 Bill Capps, 344 Maria Capps, 344 Patti Capps, 326 William C Caputo, 171.224.225, 278 lammie Caradine, 344 Geraldo Cardodo, 326 Bobbv Carev. 344 Donald C Carev, 344 LaDrevve Carev , 131,139,278 Jimmv Cargill, 306 Carmelita Cariaco. 344 •k Castleberrv, 83,265, Nelson Catalina, 345 Drums ( ale. 99.216.307 lames H. Gates. 326 Dianne Cathev, 345 Donald M. Cathev J26 Garv Catlett, 326 Elmer Catlin. 127,326 [. C. Causbie, 326 345 •7 326 George O (. Glenda Cain Bev erlv Cav Janet Cavenor, 345 Veta Lvnn Cavitt, 345 |ohn Cecala, 307 Brent K Chaffin, 307 Judith H. Chaffin. 278 Michael L. Chaffin, 326 Larrv Chailland. 97,326 Brenda Chaligos, 307 Joseph L. Chambers, 278 Milton Chambers. 97,345 Pamela Chambers, 326 Fred Chambless, 307 Ronald W Chambless. 307 Charles Champ. 307 Larrv W. Chance. 307 James L. Chandler, 326 Pattve B. Chandler, 85,278 William R. Chandler, 307 Jeannie Chanev, 326 Ernestine F. Chapin, 307 irginia Chapman, 278 Cleo D. Chapman. 345 Carv M. Chappel, 307 Robert W. Chatman, 125,307 Ronald Cheatham. 219,326 Jackie Cheatw ood. 83,123.149,326 Nena Cheek, 345 Bill C. Cheshire, 345 Kathv Cheshire, 326 MikeChesloek, 326 Edw ard Chess, 345 Marv Susan Chester, 148,307 Walter T. Chidister, 345 Janet Clifton, 326 Yikki Chilcutt, 345 Jim Childers, 61,128,136,345 Linda Childers, 87,326 Carolv n Childress, 307 Jack Childress, 307 Dav id L. Childs, 278 Herman L. Childs, 278 lames 1 Childs, 326 Susan Childs, 137,345 Rov Chinn, 97,307 Charlotte Chism, 345 Jem D. Chism, 326 Greg Chitmon, 307 BobChoate. 326 Damn Chrisco. 345 lfred K Christensen, 125.279 Michael Chronister, 326 [ohnT. Church. 326 Sharon Cissell, 326 Henrv Clampit, 326 Alan A. Clark, 279 Andrew W. Clark. 345 Angela Clark, 345 Annette Clark. 307 Barbara Clark, 345 Charles G. Clark, 102,224,279 Garv LaVan Clark, 60,279,364 Harold Clark, 307 J. B. Clark. 307 James L. Clark. 307 Jasper Clark. 326 Jem W. Clark. 279 Jimi Nett Clark. 345 Kenneth C. Clark. 326 Larrv E. Clark, 345 Larrv W. Clark, 326 Llovd W. Clark |r . 279 Lorene Clark, 307 Marion Clark, 345 Patricia Clark. 326 Patricia K Clark, 326 Phillip R. Clark. 279 Rebecca Clark, 326 Sharon A. Clark, 345 Teresa G. Clark, 345 Tommv ( ' lark, 345 W anda ( lark. 59,60,136,144,307 Charles Clarke. 307 John Claud, 326 [ohnClaunch, 132,148,307 Shari Claxton, 345 Clayton Clay, 345 Norman E. Clav , 279 Gretchen E Clav brook. 307 Kathleen Clav brook, 326 Bobbv G Clav ton. 345 lames Clav ton. 345 Janice Clav ton. 142,307 Icrrv W Clav ton. 345 Karen Clav ton, 345 BobCleeves, 137,307 Judy Clem. 149.217,545 Shirlev Clements, 363 W. Conn Clements, 135,345 Garv Cleve. 307 Patrick W. Clifford, 326 Rickv C Clifft. 345 Darrell Clifton, 219,307 Ralph Clifton, 129,326 Deborah Cline, 345 Katherine Ann Cline. 279 Robert L. Clines. 545 ElsaClinger, 59,61,126,136,326 Pat Clinton. 279 katln Cloar. 83,109,149,307 Stev e Clumskv. 326 Jim Cobb. 279 Linda Cobb. 307 Linda L. Cobb, 345 Mike A. Cobb, 326 Ronnie ( )obb, 526 Thomas D. Cobb [r„ 279 Sherrv 1 Cobbs, 345 Beekv Coburn, 307 Deborah D Cochran, 345 Susie Cochran. 91,326 Hubert Cockrum, 345 Belinda G Coffman, 279 Bobbie Coggins, 131,345 Karen S. Cohen. 345 MelbaCoke. 148,345 Cathv D Coker, 345 Dorothv M Cole. 61,345 (i. Randall Cole. 345 lerrv Cole. 307 [on Scott Cole, 95,345 Rodger Dale Cole, 279 Stephen Coir. 345 Barbara Coleman, 117,279 Connie Coleman, 307 Garv Coleman, 326 Harrv R. Coleman, 307 [ohn Coleman, 307 |ohn Dale Coleman, 307 Kathrvn [. Coleman, 83,149,307 Keith Coleman, 326 Mike Coleman, 345 Sharon Coleman, 345 Sandv Collar, 326 Sherrv A Collev. 279 Anita Collie. 345 Diana Beth Collie. 93.345 Bettv Collier. 279 Darrell Collier, 345 Harold D. Collier, 345 W illiam M Collier, 279 Charles Collins, 307 Dianna L. Collins, 345 Garv R. Collins, 307 Janet Gai Collins. 60,124,136,144, 279,364 Marv E Collins. 307 Paul R. Collom. 345 Allan D Columbus. 107,326 Dov le E. Colvin, 326 Dav id K. Combs. 137,307 Pattv S. Combs. 326 W ilfiam R Compton, 307 harles B. Cone. 101.152.279 Paula Cone, 507 Tommv Cone. 219.279 Harrv R. Conner, 279 lames ( mmor. 105,545 loseph V Connors. 345 Kern Conrad, 326 William Conrad, 515 I ' ommv ( ainw av . 545 rthur li Cook |r . 150,307 Damn ( . .« »k 520 Dav id Cook. 520 DebiCook, 149,345 Deborah kav Cook, 61,70,71,73,85, 1 14.1 15,345 Donna L. Cook. 307 Jimmv D. Cook, 279 Pat ( )ook, 363 Paulette Cook, 326 Stephen ( : ( look, 345 I C Coomer, 279 Carl F. Cooper |r.. 326 Dixie Cooper, 226,326 Edward M. Cooper, 307 Garv Cooper, 124,279 ' ! ' ■ ;o: Marth Nancv Roberl ( looper, 279 ( looper, 279 looper, 129,345 Sandra Cooper. 97,149,326 Stanlev Cooper. 326 Sue |ane Cooper. 142,326 Thomas (. Cooper, 279 Tommv Cooper, 327 Chervl Coots. 307 Rickev Copeland, 327 Alice M Coppedge, 545 Linda Corbett. 545 Ronald Corbett, 279 Stanford [. Corev. 345 Patti Cornelius. 61,345 Lmiiic Cornett. 345 kathv P Cornish, 327 Linda ( lornish, 345 (limmv D. Corterj 345 Michael O. Corvin, 507 FraiicHal 11. Cothren, 279 David B. Cotter. 327 Buddv Couch, 279 lames L. Counts. 64.122.27vJ karcn Coverdale. 97,279 Ravmon E. Covev , 279 Elovd D Cow an. 327 Linda Cowan, 345 Paula Cow an, 345 lerrv L. Cow gill, 345 Bennv Gov, 327 Clarice W. Cox. 279 Cynthia Cox, 83.149,307 Elizabeth R. Cox, 139,307 LvndaC Cox, 280 M Cox. 327 150,280 Bale E. Coy, 307 Danny R. Gulp, 327 David R. Dawson, 346 Daniel W. Dos hier, 97,308 Karen Ann Cov, 307 Karen Jane ( !ulp, 327 Melvin E. Dawson, 131,346 38,281 Rita Crabb, 345 Cvnthia Culpepper. 346 Gar™ R Dotv Bonita Crabtree, 307 fimim Culpepper, 308 Bilk R. Dean. 125,308 Larrv Weslev 1 Dots, 308 ( ester Crabtree, 345 Sarah Culver. 91,280 Heiin D. Dean 143.308 85,1 19.327 Alfreda Craft, 118,1 19,346 Michael D. Gumming!,, 327 lane Deaton, 346 David s Doug las, 129,308 [amae E Craft, 83,123,327 Stan Cummings, 327 William C. Deaton, 327 Eddie Douglas ;, 346 Connie E. Crafton, 307 Cindv Cunningham, 308 lanet M. DeBons, 85,280 ( Xvendolvn 1). .uglas. 346 Gene D. Crafton, 280 Edward Cunningham, 150,280 Martha DeBow, 308 lames R Douglas, 101.327 Jerrv Crafton, 346 Jeanne Cunningham, 136,308 Paul R. Deck. 280 Linda Douglas 84 28 1 Charles R. Craig, 327 Paul Cunningham, 346 Thomas W. Deckard, 308 Caroline Dout hel 308 David Craig, 127,327 Penny Cunningham, 308 Gavle S. Decker, 346 ( h i Douthil 363 Jerri Craig, 346 Suzanne Cunningham, 327 Rov H. Decker, 124,135,280 Ethel Dover, ' : $08 Marv Lou Craig, 307 Wilma Cunningham, 280 A Claire DeClerk, 137,149,346 Bilk R. Dowd- Robert ( ram, 307 Chester Cupp, 308 Thomas B DeClerk Jr., 308 JudV R Dowd y, 93,308 Robert W. Craig, 327 Su ttv Curl, 327 Damn D. Deen. 327 Kenneth Dowl Timoths A Craig, 327 Sandra Lvnn Currey, 280 Michael Deen, 346 Jean Downev, Elizabeth F. Crain, 327 James M. Curry, 308 Marv Kav Deere, 346 Lizabeth Dow nev, 346 Hubert W. Crain, 133.143,280 fames Patrick Currv, 280 Rickv DeFries, 308 F. Ann Downi ng; 142.327 Lam R. Crain, 327 Scott Currv, 107,346 TomDeGraw, 308 Patricia D. Do ii ie K. Crain, 327 Terrv Currv, 308 Lynn Delaney, 83.118,123,147,265. Patricia L. Do Yvette Crain, 346 Carol S. Curtis, 346 In, ell Downi in;, 281 Edward R. Cramer, 327 Garv L. Curtis, 327 Donald DeMaine, 36,185,308 Brenda Kav D owns, 123,346 Dick Crampton, 102,149,307 Phoebe Cyrus, 85,346 Marv A. Dement, 308 Rodne I, Do wns, 101,308 Dwain Crane. 346 Phvllis Dennington, 87,149,346 Bennett J. Dos de, 308 Garv D. Crane, 36.185,186,193, Susan Dennis. 97,149,346 Larrv Dosle, 327 199,280 -D- Lvle B Dent, 308 |ohnn Doziei , 346 Janet Lee Crane, 346 Mike Dent, 346 Rustv Dozier, 107,328 Carol Cranford. 83,346 William D. Dent, 280 [osef G. Drace . 163,308 Billy K. Crawford, 346 EthelDabbs, 133,327 John M Denton, 125.152.2S0 David A. Drag o, 308 Ham Crass lord, 346 Margreat Crawford, 327 Marv Ann Craw ford. 327 Richard Crawford, 307 Terrell W. Craw ford, 103,307 Samuel L. Creasman, 142,327 James Creech, 307 James C. Creecv , 95,327 James E. Creecv, 307 Kristie Ann Creed, 137, 149,327 Donnie Creighton, 327 Virginia L. Creson, 327 Michael Creswell, 307 George M. Crew s, 61,128,307 [oe Crew s, 307 John W. Crews, 280 Marv C. Crew s. 307 Peggv Crew s, 327 Woodrow, A. Crick. 280 Andrew P. Crigler, 327 Marv J. Crigler. 280 Johnny Crisher, 327 Linda Crismon, 346 Allen Crisp. 327 Douglas Criss. 346 Linda Joann Crist, 122,134,280 Gar) Don Crites, 307 Lv nne Crittenden. 131,146,307 Wayne Crocker, 186,307 Carolyn Ann Cromer, 346 Carol Sue Crook, 346 Donna Marie Crook, 280 Nina Crook, 97,133,147,327 William G. Crook 111. 346 1 .inda Crosby, 307 Sherryle D. Crose. 346 Marsha L. Cross, 307 ErmalJ. Crossfield, 280 Garv S. Crossfield, 346 Marv E. Crossfield, 307 MikeCrosson, 129,346 R Wayne Crosthwait, 346 Robert M. Crouse, 327 Cathv Crow , 19,66,80.83,112,114, 124,126,265,280 Janice Cross . 34ft Michael Crow, 107,346 Rhonda Crowder, 346 Gary Crovvson, 327 Tejuana J. Crovvson, 346 Wanda Crozier, 327 Stanley K. Cruce. 307 TajaCruce, 346 Susan Crumby, 346 Donna Crumlev, 346 O. C. Crump, 308 James R. Cruse, 280 Karen Jane Crve, 327 Larrv Joe Crve, 130,280 ianisCuff, 142,327 Joe T. Cullen, 152,308 Robert E. Cullins, 137 Ruth Cullum, 346 Allen B. Culp, 32jfT Dennis L. Dahl, 327 Linda K Dale, 280 Michael Dale, 327 Robert H. Dale III, 308 Rose Marie Dale, 308 Kav Dallas, 308 John Dalton, 346 Larry Dame, 59,60,61,136,327 Dav id Damron, 346 James W. Damron, 280 Jim Dauaher, 346 David Daniell, 308 Bilh G Daniels, 327 Steven Dapp, 129,327 Patricia A. Darbv, 91,153,308 Rex G. Darling, 346 Ted C. Darling. 129,308 Richard S. Darouse, 280 Gem Darr, 308 Jack W. Daughertv, 308 Jerrv L. Daughertv, 308 Martha Daughertv, 308 James M. Davenport, 97,308 Linda Davenport, 346 Linda Davenport, 327 Mickv Davenport, 327 Carol Davidson, 346 Dorothv [. Davidson, 280 Ham L. Davidson, 308 Jeffrey L. Davidson, 308 Jimmie Davidson, 308 Kent Davidson, 346 Linda Davidson, 346 Brenda J. Davis 327 Curtis R. Davis, 122,127,308 Dwavne Davis, 308 Frank Davis Jr . 308 Gail Davis, 346 Garv A. Davis, 308 Glenda Davis, 137,308 Hugh Davis, 280 James R. Davis, 308 Jana Lee Davis, 280 Janet L. Davis, 280 Joan Davis, 280 John Davis, 327 John W. Davis, 308 Karen W. Dav is, 327 LaVeraJ. Davis, 327 Lehman W. Davis Jr., 327 Leonard Davis, 327 Leslie Dav is, 59,60,136,308 Lindlev M. Davis, 308 Lin wood Davis Jr., 308 Mari K. Davis, 346 Mitchell Davis, 327 Norma Lea Davis, 280 Pamela Davis, 126,346 Sails D. Davis, 280 Steve C. Davis, 346 Beverly N. Davison, 308 Deborah Davison, 327 Larrv G. Dav ison, 107,308 Bob B. Daw son, 280 Frank Derrick, 346 Deirl A. Derrv berrv, 308 Georgia Dersch, 131,308 Roger H. Desgranges, 308 Edmundo T. Deshon, 281 Linda M. D ' Eustachio, 308 Gars E. Dever, 281 Gerald Devore. 281 Kathv Devore, 308 Regenia Dial. 346 Harold J. Dickens 346 Lvnn A. Dickerson, 346 Marcus E. Dickerson 346 Rollie M. Dickinson. 142,281 Wanda McGhee Dickinson, 30 Tom Dickison, 327 Norman C. Dickson, 132.346 Paul E Dickson, 308 Connie Dietsche, 281 Laura Diflev , 327 Mark D. Diggs, 308 Donald Dihel, 308 Delma Y. Dillahunty, 308 Carmon L. Dillard. 327 Joe Dillierjr , 281 Larrv Dillier. 346 Alvie Dillin, 327 Dennis Dillon, 308 Terrv Dills, 308 Francine DiMaio, 346 Larry Dinkins, 346 Hanev Dismang, 308 Paul Dismang, 308 Frances Distretti, 61,91,327 Karen DiVittorio, 346 Bettv Lou Dixon, 346 Margrett Dixon, 346 Vance Rav Dixon, 308 Carol June Doak, 146,153.281 Steve Doan, 327 Joe R. Dobbs, 327 Randv Dobbs, 346 Jackie Dobson, 346 Marsha Dockins. 308 Hollv Dodd, 87,149,346 Jimmie D. Dodd, 327 Shirley Dodd, 281 Ann Dodson, 281 DebbvDodson, 137.308 Mike Dodson. 346 Thomas E. Dodson, 140,308 Pat Dohertv, 346 Cathy Dohogne, 281 Elizabeth Dohogne, 346 Patricia A. Dollins, 281 James E. Doman, 281 Lou Ann Dooly. 327 Annette Dorris, 346 Mark Dorris, 346 Phyllis Dorris, 38,60,61,308 Elaine Dorton, 281 Estv lene Dorton, 346 Jerry D, Dorton, 327 YVavne Dorton, 327 Cora Draper Drake, 281 Wanda Drake, 308 Linda Draper, 308 Jacqueline Dueh, 347 James E. Duckett, 308 Phillip H. Ducker, 97.328 Thomas D. Ducker, 219,347 Sherrv A. Duckett, 328 Janet M Duckworth, 328 Marguerite Duez, 281 Jean H. Duff, 281 lane Ann Duffel, 328 Larrv N. Duffel. 281 Robert P. Duiker, .347 Bill Duke. 347 CleveE. Dunavant. 99,134,281 Don Dunavant, 328 Janet Dunavant, 328 |o Lvnn Dunavant, 347 John W. Dunavent, 308 Ronnie Dunavin, 309 William F. Dunaway, 309 [ohn Duncan, 347 Charles W. Duncan. 309 Charles R. Duncan, 328 Christopher W. Duncan. 328 Garv S. Duncan, 328 Jeff Duncan, 309 John K. Duncan, 328 Phillip J. Duncan, 328 Larry Dunham, 347 Margaret G. Dunham, 347 Damn Dunigan, 309 Darlene Dunigan, 347 Henrv E. Dunigan, 347 Chesley D. Dunlap, 309 Denise Dunlap, 347 Eddie J. Dunlap, 281 Glvnn Dunlap. 347 Ernest P. Dunn, 347 H. Robert Dunn, 328 lackie R. Dunn, 328 fames M Dunn, 328 Vicki D. Dunn, 128,309 Viki Lvnn Dunn, 91,128,309 Walker A Dunn, 347 Lillian Sue Durham, 309 Freddie Dust, 347 Garv L. DuVall, 347 Lerov Eagans, 309 Carolvn Eagle, 281 Kathv Eaker, 347 Marcella M. Eason, 347 Janice Collins East, 281 John A. Eastburn, 281 Brenda Easterwood, 309 Andy J. Eastman, 281 Richard Eastwood, 347 1 ' atricia Eaton, 309 Robert Eaton, 281 Sharon Eaton, 23,83,149,309 Ann Eckford, 92.309 Patricia L, Eddy, 363 Michael |. Edens, 328 Bennv Edgar, 347 Carofvn Stone Edgar, 281 Wayne Edgin, I03.32S lames A. Edington, 135,347 fohn M Edington 111. 138,328 Vnne Edmonds. 281 Frank T. Edmonds, 309 Dav id T. Edrington, 347 |ern Edwards, 347 | mi Edwards, 309 John H. Edwards, 143,309 |o Beth Edwards, 328 Lvnda Edwards, 281 Martha Edwards. 309 Rebecca Edwards, 144,309 S, Melinda Edwards, 281 Samuel H. Edwards, 347 Sharvn Edwards, 309 Roger F. Effinger, 309 Constance Eggleston, 125,309 Hankins A. Egner, 122.281 Phillip W. Elam, 328 Sam A. Elardo, 66,101,281 James Elbert, 328 Jackie Elder. 347 Man Jo Ellington, S7.122.123.149. 328 Can Elliott. 347 John T. Elliott, 347 Mars [o Elliott, 347 Sandra L. Elliott, 328 Tannda Elliott, 23,281 Tim Elliott, 328 Darvl S Ellis, 281 lames C Ellis, 328 |an Ellis. 328 |oe Ellis, 347 [ohnm L. Ellis, 309 kav Ellis, 328 Evle Ellis Jr., 282 Suzie Ellis, 347 Van S. Ellis, 67,282 Weslev II. Elmore, 309 Nancv Elphingstone, 347 Jane Elrod, 84,114,126,309 Joe Max Emerv. 309 Van Enderson, 309 Edna K Engel, 146,347 David E. England. 282 Donnie England, 347 Robert English |r , 347 Sharon Ennis. 282 Eva | En or, 328 Cath Eoff, 85,328 Mitchell Eolt. 328 Richard Eoff, 282 David Erbv, 328 Bettv Ermert, 309 Becks Erstine, 328 Larrv Ervin, 347 Lynda Erw in, 61,147,309 James T. Essman, 282 Donna Estes. 135,347 Jerrv W. Estes, 347 Lindel E Estes, 282 Meredith K. Estes, 282 Mvra Jo Estes, 347 Stanlev Estes, 309 Tomm ' v L. Estes, 139.282 Michael J. Eubanks, 328 Tommye Eubanks, 309 Hersehel D, Eudv. 328 Bruce Evans, 347 Dannv R. Evans, 282 David A. Evans, 103,347 Dollv Sue Ev ans. 139,146.282 Richard Evans, 309 Ronald L. Evans, 309 Shelia Jo Evans, 328 Teddv Evans, 347 Arva Everett, 137,142,328 Betsv M. Everett. 309 Bettv Everett, 347 Curren Everett. 309 Cav Ev erett, 328 Linda Everett, 363 Michael Everett. 103,190,309 Sharon Everett. 103,190,309 Sharon Everett. 282 Steven D. Ewart. 67.107,282 Jovce Exum. 347 Sharon K Eve, 282 ( larol Ann Ezell, 328 -F- Erankie L. Fair. 309 Patrick C. Fair, 328 Gabriel Falasinnu, 328 Mike Falwell, 124.309 Cathv Farlev, 328 lerrv Farlev. 282 |im II Farlev, 328 Max Farlev, 282 Brenda Kav Farmer, 347 Charles D. Farmer, 95,309 Donald R. Farmer, 328 Dw ight Farmer. 282 lames J. Farrell, 328 Hollie A. Farris. 282 Robert E. Farrow , 107,122,309 Randal E. Faughn, 309 lames L. Faulkner, 309 Linda Faulkner, 98,124,134,282 Richard C. Faulkner, 328 Ronald W. Faulkner. 282 Ruth M. Faulkner, 282 W illiam Faulkner, 328 William E. Faulkner, 309 Cherrv Crain Faulkner, 347 BillvW. Feagin. 328 Gerald L. Fears, 282 Dannv Featherston, 282 l arrv Featherston, 309 Margaret Featherston, S7.347 Donnis Kav Feild, 328 Robert J. Feldvvisch, 282 lerrv P Felker. 149,309 David C. Fellows, 282 Man Linda Fellows, 282 Glenda Felts, 91,282 Kathie Felts, 347 Kenneth Felts, 142,309 Man |o Felts, 309 Sharon Lvnn Felts. 38,59,60,136, 144,309 Charlotte Fender, 83.309 Evelvn Fender, 309 [ohn l ender, 103,328 Claudia Ferguson, 309 Eddie Ferguson, 309 Fonda R. Ferguson, 61,347 Gene Ferguson, 328 John R. Ferguson, 95,347 Marv A. Ferguson, 347 Sharon Ferguson, 61,136,328 William C. Ferguson, 328 Gary Ferrell, 347 John H Ferriell, 98,99,163.216, 328 Robert Fett, 101,347 E. Susan Fiala, 282 B. W. Field, 309 Jan L. Fielder, 148,347 Lovs Dee Fielder, 328 Rhonda S. Fielder, 282 Richard T. Fielder, 282 Dana Lee Fields, 328 Gatha Fields, 347 Judith L. Fields, 347 Robert Fife, 347 Lemuel K. Finlev, 282 Robert L Finlev, 282 Michael W Finn, 282 Larrv Fisackerlv, 309 Albert Fisher, 347 Carl R. Fisher, 309 Linda Fisher, 328 Marvin Fisher, 309 Michael A. Fisher, 97,347 Sandra Kay F ' isk, 282 Jimmy Fitzgerald, 347 Jirn Fitzpatriek. 98,108,109,216, 309 Rhonda Flack, 93,149,347 Patricia Flake, 309 William T. Flanagan, 347 Dora Flanagin, 347 Doyle Flanery, 309 David W. Flatt, 282 Cathv Fleetwood, 123,347 Karrel Fleetwood, 347 James A. Fleming, 99,347 Sandv Fleming. 309 Craig L. Fletcher, 328 Linda Fletcher, 328 Kenneth R Fletcher, 328 Janet Flippo, 309 Suzanne Flippo, 283 James W. Flowers, 309 Deanie R. Flovd, 309 James E. Flovd, 129,347 Mark Fogle, 347 Carolvn Folev, 91,149,309 Freda R. Folev, 283 PhvllisJ. Foley, 309 Darrell C. Folsom, 107,309 Marilyn Jane Fong, 91,149,347 Terrv Foran. 226,309 Dannv Ford, 328 Darrell E. Ford, 283 Jack L. Ford, 328 Larry S. Ford, 309 Mike Ford, 347 Patricia Ford, 347 Phillip Ford, 347 Rita Ford, 347 Ronnie D. Ford, 328 James D. Forehand, 328 Charlie G. Forester, 309 Glenda Forester, 328 Susan Forester, 309 James E. Forrest, 107,309 Larrv Forrester, 328 Vicki L. Forrester. 84,141,142, 328 Nancy Fortenberry, 347 Thomas W. Fortner, 283 Albert F. Fortune 146.309 Linda Fortune, 97,309 David N. Foster, 347 Henrv R. Foster, 95.283 J David Foster, 347 James S. Foster, 97,328 Kenneth Foster, 309 Kennv L. Foster, 328 Larrv D. Foster, 328 Max Foster, 347 Phv llis Foster, 328 Preston Foster, 158,159,132,283 Ronal Foster, 309 Evelvn Foust, 309 Charles M. Fowler. 309 Chervl Fowler, 126,328 Gilbert Fowler Jr., 95,328 James R Fowler, 142,283 Marshall Fowler, 309 Pam Fowler, 142,146.309 Sandra Fowler, 328 Teresa L. Fow ler, 347 Walter B. Fowler, 309 Janet Fox, 347 Kathv L Fox, 328 Jo Ed Francis, 153,157,310 Joe Francis, 60,310,360 Stephen Francis, 310 Sue Frank, 91,123,149,348 Dani Louise Franklin, 126,310 PeggvS. Franklin, 128,131,348 Carol Franks, 310 Mac Franks, 101,328 Peggv Franks, 328 Sandie Franks, 91,348 Sherrell Franks, 348 Charles C, Franz, 310 Thomas W. Franzen, 125,140,310 Mary L. Fraser, 283 Darlene Frazier, 127,328 Donald Frazier, 328 Lawrence Frazier, 310 Calvin L. Freehling, 127,348 A. Leroy Freeman, 348 Anita Freeman, 126,348 Armistead Freeman, 348 Elaine Freeman, 60,136,144,310 Gerald David Freeman, 310 Marie A. Freeman, 348 Rick Freeman, 310 Sallv Freeman, 348 James H. Freese. 105,328 Alan W. French, 282 Charles W. French, 124,130,131, 310 Christina French, 310 Dvvight French, 348 Samuel C. French, 328 Sharon French, 310 Tommy Lee French, 310 William Freshman, 329 JohnD. Frew, 18,60,62,102,108, 113,114,283 Thomas C. Frev , 310 Ruth Jane Frier, 61,85,348 Dvvight M. Fritts, 310 Linda P. Fritz, 348 Earnest Erve. 329 Carlos L. Frve |r., 348 Susan Fudge. 348 Pamela Scott Fuhr, 69,81,91,124.126 139,265,283 Golden Fulbright, 283 Morris W. Fulcher, 38,61,136,329, 364 Valerie Fulcher, 329 Max Fulks, 348 Chervl Fuller, 97,329 PhvllisJ. Fuller, 329 Ruth Ann Fuller, 126,310 Robert Fulmer, 101,329 Gus Funderburg Jr., 329 Michael A. Funk, 348 Elwanda Fuqua, 329 Edward H. Furcron, 101,348 Martha Furnatter, 329 Dannv Futrell, 348 James Futrell, 101,348 Marilyn L. Futrell, 310 -G- Mardi Gadberrv, 348 Tom mv Gadberrv, 329 Robert ' G. Gage, 138,329 Daniel R. Gaines, 329 Don Gaines, 329 Marcus R. Gaines, 283 PaulT. Gaines Jr., 283 Brenda K. Gaiser, 283 Lvnda Gale, 329 Garv R. Galemore, 348 Warren G. Gallion, 283 Debbie Gallowav, 85,123,149,348 Dvvight Gallowav, 348 Jane Gallowav, 87,118,348 Loretta Gambill, 283 Nelda Gambill, 310 Rick Gambill. 348 Rita Gambill, 348 W. David Gambill, 329 Debbie Gamblin, 310 Sharon Gann, 283 Clav Gardner, 310 Julia Gardner, 61,329 BarrvGarlow, 201,310 Bobbve Garner, 283 David A. Garner, 363 Stanley Garner, 127,329 Gerald E. Garnett, 329 Patsv R. Garrett, 310 Rickv Garrett, 125,348 William T. Garrett, 103,329 PeteGarris, 283 Glenda Garrison, 310 William R. Garrison, 99,310 Ronnie Gartman, 348 Debbie Gasawav, 348 Rickv D. Gatewood, 99,310 Terrv W. Gatewood, 348 James E. Gathings, 105,348 Deborah A. Gathright, 329 Jerrv W, Gathright, 363 Karen L. Gathright, 348 Phillip J. Gathright, 348 Barbara Gatlin, 363 Donna L. Gav, 310 Teddy J. Gaylor, 310 Jerrv Gazawav, 310 Kathv Gazaway, 310 Moud R. Gazawav, 283 DavicLGeater, 310 DagrjS 348 yflBHR tt 83 Richard C. Gemeinhardt, 283 Bobby W. Gentrv, 107,310 Earl Gentrv, 348 Betty R George, 348 Leo George, 329 Terr) W. George. 329 William L. George, 150,283 Terrv D Gerdos, 529 Donna German, 310 Ginger, German, 348 Connie J. Gerrish, 348 Mohsen Gharagozlou, 329 Beverlv Gibbons, 348 JerrvGibbs, 348 Barbara Gibson, 348 Barbara D. Gibson, 126,329 Dennis W. Gibson, 310 Jane Gibson, 348 L. D. Gibson. 283 Lloyd Gibson, 348 Marvin Gibson, 348 Michael O. Gibson, 329 Roller! Giersberg, 170,172,179. 283 Bill Gilbert, 329 Dennis W. Gilbert, 348 Eileen Gilbert, 310 Henr) S. Gilbert II. 329 Virginia L. Giles, 329 Darrel E. Gill, 329 Donna Gill. 93,310 Doris Gill. 310 Judith Gill, 60,91,136,310,364 Robert E. Gill, 283 Linda K Gillean, 310 Fairs Gillespie. 310 Michael Gillespie, 348 Glenda Gillette, 283 Ricky Gillette, 310 Dennis G. Gillihan, 329 DonnieG. Gilliland, 329 Elizabeth M. Gillis, 329 Russell E. Gillis, 348 Stephen J. Gillis, 283 Dennis S. Gillmore, 283 Ballard Gilmore, 329 Paula D. Gillmore, 283 Michael D. Gilmer. 94.143,283 Steve Gilmer, 348 Martha Gilpatrick, 329 Jacqueline A. Ginger, 310 Barbara Gipson, 145,310 LelaGipson, 529 Karen M. Gisel. 310 Terrv Givens, 107.310 Delores Gladden, 91,348 Larry Gladden, 28,107,329 GenaS. Glasgow , 61,136,348 Kathleen Glasgow, 283 Judy Gleghorn, 310 Bebe Glenn, 97,131,149,384 Dannv D. Glenn, 284 Marcia A. Glenn, 284 Gerald D. Glidewell, 329 Mvra Glidewell, 329 Grace Glisson, 329 Donna G Clomski, 348 Barbara (Mover, 348 Dannv Glover, 348 Gwyn Glover, 85,149.329 Michael D. Glover, 348 Patricia L. Glover, 348 David W. Goacher. 348 Martha J Goad, 133,329 AlexGoble, 348 Steve Goddard, 329 Bill Godw in, 348 Beckv Goetz, 310 RandvGoetz, 329 BettvJ. Goff. 284 David Goff, 310 Garv Goldman. 348 Owen Goldman. 310 Tim Goldman. 98.216,310 John H. Goldsmith Jr., 284 Pamm Gonzales, 310 Patricia P. Goode, 284 Paulette Goodin, 82,149,310 Gavle L. Goodman, 284 Donnie L. Goodman, 284 Jerrv E. Goodman, 310jrt| Joe Goodman, 329 JM Patricia Goodman.£ T . RolendaJ. GooddHHH[ Dickie R. Goodnight, 97,310 Larrv E. Goodsell, 329 Larry Goodson, 348 Marcia Goodson, 363 Alfred P. Goodwin Jr., 348 Cath) I.. Goodwin, 284 Fred W. Goodwin, 153,284 Gien Gordon. 310 Glenda Gordon, 284 Mave D Gordon, 284 Charles M. Gore. 124.131,284 Sarah Gore, 310 GarvGott, 310 RovS Cott Jr.. 329 V. Lucille Gott, 284 Jim Gould, 97,284 David Co a, 60,135,329 GeneGoza, 329 Keith Coza, 329 Lam Goza, 284 Larrv E. Graddv, 284 MikeGraddy, 310 Richard Gradd) fr., 348 Thomas H. Graddv, 61.329 Grace Ann Graddy, 348 Zane Gragg, 284 Carol Graham, 284 Dennis E. Graham, 310 Marv F. Graham, 348 Paul Graham, 133,310 Tom L. Graham, 329 Walter Graham, 102.329 Diana Grandgeorge, 348 Pat Grandjean, 103,518 Judy C. Granger, 348 Joanne Grant. 310 Leroy Grant. 310 Daniel E. Grantham, 348 Marsha Grassham, 284 Alan Gray, 348 Anthon Gray, 348 Hun | Cru , 329 James P Gray, 348 James R Crav, 310 John R. Grav, 310 Judith K Gra , 329 Michael Grav, 95.329 Michael D. Grav, 529 Steven W. Gra , 348 Sylvia M. Gray, 348 Fred Gravson Jr.. 310 Bill Green, 310 Dianne Green, 348 Donnie Green, 329 Gordon IV Green, 105.284 Gwen Green, 348 lames W. Green, 284 John H.Green |r . 284 kitts Green, 29,85,310 L. Fax Green. 510 Larrv D. Green. 310 Margie Green, 131,348 Mary E. Green, 310 Oscar Green, 310 Pegg A. Green. 310 Pennv L, Green, 349 Robert E. Green Jr., 310 Robert J. Green, 349 Dana Greene, 87,118.119,349 Karen Greene, 510 Maurice Greene, 349 Michael R. Greene, 329 Saundra Greene, 310 Michael Greenhaw, 349 Suzanne Greenlee, 284 Tony Greeno, 349 Marcella Greenstreet, 310 Don Greenwav, 101.126,135.284 Ann Greenwell, 349 Diana L. Greer. 284 Dorothy J. Greer, 349 Georgia Greer. 329 Laura Greer, 310 Raymond G Greer Jr.. 329 Linda P Gregory , 310 Phvllis Gregorv, 284 Michael Grippes , 103,284 Bob L. Griffin, 329 Charles Griffin, 349 Darrell W. Griffin, 97,284 Donald Griffin, 101,329 Earl F. Griffin. 284 Larry D. Griffin, 284 t Michael M Griffin, 126,329 Patricia Griffin, 145.31 1 Rena K Griffin, 85,549 Steve Griffin. 311 Bobby Griffith, 99,329 Brenda C. Griffith, 51 1 Joe Griffith. 311 Lee F. Griffith. 124, 151, 51 I Bovd Griggs, 99. 132. 140,31 1 Billy Grigsby, 311 RickGrigsbv, 103,349 Stephen R, Grilletta, 99,349 Sharon K. Grimes, 146,284 Charlotte S. Grinder, 311 Bill R. Grisham, 99,349 Linda Grisham. 284 Rosemary Grisham, 311 James R. Grissom, 284 Travis C. Grissom Jr., 284 Paflla S, Grizzle. 311 Terrv W. Grobe. 311 Celie Grobmyer. 511 Mike Grogan, 285 George T. Gross, 349 Kenny Gross, 349 Janet I. Groves, 31 1 DovleE. Grubbsjr , 311 John R. Grubbs, 349 Tom Gschwend, 139,285 Claudia J. Guarr, 349 James R Gude. 349 James R. Guest, 329 Vernon Guest, 225,349 Michael J. Guillot, 329 OtisG. Guiltner, 349 Janev Gum, 349 PaulGunn, 311 James Gunnell, 122,285 Brenda G Gunter, 349 Garv W. Gunter, 329 Larry K. Gunter, 329 Rick A. Gunter, 329 Ram ' iro Gurdian. 122.285 Phyllis Gurlen, 285 Vickie Gurley, 329 Thomas A. Guthrie, 285 AnnGutridge, 142,329 Larry W. Gwaltney, 311 Sharon Gwathne) . 51 1 Marilyn Gwatney, 311 anda D. Ham b , 311 111 maid E. Ham es, 311 Ds unci Lvnn Hi imilton, 349 Di m Hamilton 31 1 1 1 irold E. Ham ilton, 363 J a dies Hamiltoi i. 187,189,196, 198,330 Je ane Hamilton , 155,311 Pa m Hamilton. 61,349 II— Teresa L. Hackler, 349 Robert L. Hackworth, 311 Gavlon N. Hater, 311 Mars Hafner, 149,285 William D. Hafner, 349 Glenda Hagan. 349 Larry Hagar, 349 leffHagen, 95,349 Cleve A. Hager, 285 Michael Hagge, 349 Luther N. Hagler, 329 Cash M. Haines, 349 Bonnie Hale, 47,311 Debra Lvnn Hale, 329 Nancv Hale, 149,349 Richard Larrv Hale, 329 Rita Lou Hale. 61,329 Linda P. Hales , 146,285 Wilma Jane Haley, 329 Emma Sue Halfacre, 329 Pat Halk, 311 AK in Richard Hall, 349 Cathy Hall, 91,349 Clark M. Hall, 311 Dennis E. Hall, 330 Donald Laban Hall Jr., 61,136,311 James A. Hall. 311 James M. Hall, 330 Jeanne B. Hall, 87,330 Larrv R. Hall, 127,330 Ralph Hall, 103,311 Randall E. Hall, 349 Ronnie Hall, 330 Russell D Hall, 311 Terrs Hall, 349 Vernon J. Hall, 132,311 Barbara Halses, 285 |crrs Halses, 330 Vance Ham ' belton, 285 KathrvnC. Hambv, 349 Earl Hamlett. 330 Johnny Max Hamm, 330 Keith Hamm, 60.330,364 Pin His Diane Hammell, 285 Cecil H. Hammett, 330 Frances Hammett, 349 Jerry Hammond, 349 Linda Hammond, 93,126,135,330 Danny Hampton, 311 Darryl Rav Hampton, 349 James Edssard Hampton, 285 Linda E. Hampton, 349 Patricia Hampton, 349 Steve Hampton, 31 1 William Floyd Hampton, 107,311 Marilyn Hamra, 285 Byron William Hamrick, 330 Dennis Allan Hancock, 311 Donald J. Hancock, 285 Jesse Wayne Hancock, 349 Shirley Diane Hancock, 349 Stephen Wayne Hancock, 349 Anita Kas Handles. 311 Johnnv Hanes. 349 Randv Hankins, 46,49.51,349 Wilburn G. Hanna II, 148,330 Bill Hannah, 349 Charles R. Hannah, 349 Gail Hannah, 311 Janna Hannah, 285 Verna Criss Hannon, 311 Betty Jo Hansen, 311 Jimmv L. Hansen, 349 Pat Hansen, 285 Sherrie Harbin, 311 Brenda Harbison, 330 Ike Harcourt, 31 1 Donald Benson Hardasvav, 122.285 Mars |anc Hardestv. 285 Dwight Hardin, 285 Gladys Hardin. 349 John B. Hardin. 349 Linda Hardin, 349 Ronald D. Hardin, 106.126,135,311 Jim Harding, 51,31 1 Frank B. Hardss ick, 311 Patty Hargrave, 349 Damn F, Hargraves, 311 Michael Harig, 349 Gerald J. Harkenrider. 330 Wilburn C. Harkev, 349 Deborah L. Harlan, 123.131,349 John W Harlan, 330 Ras Harlosv, 349 Danny J. Harmon, 349 GordanW. Harmon, 311 James D. Harmon, 349 Michael L. Harmon, 311 Raymond L. Harmon, 349 ( llifford L. Harper, 311 Joseph A. Harper, 349 Lisa Harper, 330 Thomas P Harper, 99,216,311 Trov Harper, 349 Alfred Harrell, 349 Calvin Harrell, 191,549 Pamela Harrell, 330 Robert Harrell, 349 Charles Harrelson, 363 Eugene Harrelson. 105,349 Joe Harriman, 101,311 Holls Harrington, 93,146,311 John Harriiu Vick Harringtoi Charles R. Han 1 [; in jr., 311 285 larris, 150.285 146,285 311 285 rs C. Harris. 311 bel 1. Harris. 330 reus Dale Harri ' s, 330 •hael Allen Harris. 311 :hael Stephen Harris 285 Peggv F. Harris, 311 Richard M. Harris, 134,143,285 Sandra Lvnn Harris, 349 Bilk YVavne Harrison, 330 Charles A. Harrison, 349 Leon R. Harrison, 330 Letitia Harrison, 349 Russell Sherron Harrison. 311 Sandra S. Harrison, 349 William E Harrison, 349 Ginger Hart, 93,145.311 James David Hart, 285 Karen Diane Hart, 349 Linda Hart. 149,285 Ronnie Hart, 349 Jovce Ann Hartsell, 349 Hubert Lvnn Hartsell, 330 Richard T. Hartzjr., 349 lames Hartzel, 61,99,285 Andrew Wesley Harvey, 311 lames T. Harvev, 311 Larr M Harvey, 330 Jack Haskins. 153,285 Anna Ruth Hassin, 285 Anita Hastings. 349 Jeral VV. Hastings, 311 Larrv David Hastings, 311 Mar A Hastings, 285 Nicholas H. Hatch, 349 Curtis Dane Hatlev, 19,69,112,114, 285 Hoy Marvin Haught Jr., 61,330 Llovd E. Haught, 61.349 David L. Hawkins. 311 Jack Hawkins, 363 Jem A Hawkins. 330 Mel ' ba mi Hawkins ill Patricia Hawkins, 31 I Rochelle Havdon, 84,109,149,285 Charles Haves, 285 Ronn) Lee Haves. 330 Ruth Haves, 136,330 Sidnev Hayes, 87,135.311 Tommy Haves, 131,350 Charles Larry Haynes, 286 Dennis Havnes, 330 lames W, Havnes, 31 I Johnnie L Havnes, 286 Mark Havnes, 350 Michael Havnes, 350 Roger Hav nes. 350 Beth Havs, 61,350 Gerald Ra Havs, 350 Shelvv Haywood, 204.208,311 Kim Hazelbaker, 107.137,311 Donna Kav Hazelwood, 350 Aubrev E. Headlev, 31 1 John P Heard. 330 Kenneth Joe Heard, 31 1 Ronald Heard. 31 1 Terrv D. Heard. 350 James Dewavne Heath. 142.330 Judv Heath, 350 Linda Heath, 61,136,330 Anneta Heaton. 311 Robert M Heaton Jr.. 350 [ovce Hedden, 311 Dona Hedger. 286 Randv S. Hedrick, 152.311 William M Heidelberger, 142,311 Emilv Heinrich, 311 James R. Heinrich. 330 Randall Rov Helcel, 350 Karen Heller, 312 Bruce Helm. 330 David Helm. 286 Pamela Kave Helm, 350 Ken H. Helman 122.1 1 2 Ronnie Dale Helmbeck, 117.286 Brenda Helms, 330 DannvJ. Helms, 312 Linda Helms, 286 Michael Kent Henard. 330 Sharlene Carol Henders. 350 David Hendershott, 363 Bettv Jo Henderson, 142,330 Dannv G. Henderson, 163,286 Dannv M Henderson, 127,312 H. Pel tv Henderson. 330 John Larrv Henderson, 330 Kathv Henderson, 350 Larrv W Henderson 137,286 Peggv Henderson, 330 Richard Henderson, 312 Scott Henderson, 106,113.114,126. 312 James E Hendley, 350 Anthony Hendon, 350 Bonnie Sue Hendrix, 286 Freddie Hendrix, 216,330 Marsha Hendrix, 350 William D. Hendrix, 286 Kerrv C. Henigan, 312 John Henley, 350 Bruce W. Henning. 95,145,312 Donald Glenn Henrv, 61,286 John Walter Henrv, 286 Martha Louise Henrv, 86,286 Rickev Wayne Henrv . 350 James G. Henshaw, 312 Gisela M Hensley, 312 Sharon Henslev, 312 Linda Carol Henson, 330 Marshall Henson 111, 286 Thomas Henson, 330 Judith C. Henthorne. 286 Garv W. Hercher, 286 Pallida nn Hercher, 330 Rebecca Herget, 330 Frances Katherine Herron, 286 Lli Hest. :550 II Nancv Hester. 330 Deborah Hetzel. 330 Anita M Hew itt. 312 Robert Joe Hibbard, 286 Glenn Hibdon, 142,112 Larrv Hickman. 330 Debbie Hicks, 350 Eddie Hicks, 97,312 Ershel Hicks. 350 Mike Hicks. 350 PhvllisC. Hicks. 350 Robert W. Hicks, 97.286 Stephen G. Hicks, 350 James Everett Hieber, 175.227,312 Jamev L. Hiertz, 312 Gaylon Higginbotham. 330 Barbara Higgins, 330 Bruce Higgins. 312 Charlotte Sue Higgins. 350 Opaline Higgins 330 Glenn Hightill. 105,312 Jeralvn Horner Highfill, 286 Gene B. Hightower. 132,330 HughieG. Hightower, 312 Jerrv Hightower, 330 Robert W. Hightower, 350 William Elisha Hightower, 62,106, 108,109,114.115,286 Linda nn Higman, 350 David Hildebrand, 330 Rov Hildebrand. 98.125,132,216.312 Jennifer Hildreth, 83,126,312 Stephen A. Hile, 137,286 Arthur G. Hill, 350 Bettv S Hill, 330 BillvT, Hill. 312 CarlC. Hill. 286 Dennis Bolt Hill, 95,125,312 Edward V. Hill. 330 Kathervu Annette Hill, 350 Keith Hill, 312 Kenneth W Hill. 350 Linda Rae Hill. 312 Lvnda Hill, 312 Martv Joe Hill. 312 Marv Hill. 330 Marv Etta Hill. 312 Marv Lucille Hill, 286 Michael L. Hill. 350 Nancv Ann Hill, 123,142,330 Robert Larl Hill, 350 Steve Hill, 330 Thomas Hill, 127.162,171.224.225, 330 Joseph M Hilliard, 28,107,113, John Hillhouse, 330 Donna Marie Hindman. 330 James Marvin Hindman, 143,312 Ferrell Hinds. 350 George Gerrv Hinds. 330 Mike L. Hinds, 350 Michael Eugene Hines. 286 Carol |ane Hinkle. 350 Pamela Ann Hinkle, 350 Charles S. Hinrichs, 185,312 Billv Don Hinson, 286 Joy Hinson, 312 Mildred Hinton, 350 Suzanne Hinton, 286 Frances [line Hipp, 330 Gloria Hipp, 312 Harrv G. Hirscheider, 312 Will RavHitchens, 350 Naomi J. Hitt, 312 Garv Hobbs, 350 Douglas Hochstetler, 127,138,330 Diana Hodges, 350 Kathv Hodges, 87,149,330 Susan Hodges, 86,286 Peter Hoegel, 312 Marsha Hoev , 330 Marv Holt. nan, 330 JoeT. Hogan, 312 John Hogan, 330 W ill. am Charles Hogan, 148,312 Garv E. Hoggard, 312 [err) Hoggard, 59,61,330 Bonnie |ean Hogland. 286 Robert F. Hoke, 312 Robert L. Hoke, 101,330 Nathan Dean Holbrook, 142,350 Brenda Kav Holder. 286 Robert Elmo Holder, 107,330 Anna B Holeman, 286 Richard Holevfield. 286 Dennis L. Holford, 312 Mitchell Lane Holifield, 312 Tommv Joe Holifield. 312 Charlotte Holiman. 350 Don Holland, 312 George Edd Holland, 286 Joseph Harrv Holland. 135,286 Karen S. Holland. 287 Michael Holland. 350 Tommy Holland 312 James Hollandsworth, 312 Carol Ann Hollanger, 70,87,330 Gar) Allen Holleman, 287 Dick Holler, 97,125,158,312 Bobbie Jeannette Hollev , 287 Carylon Ruth Holley, 350 Joan Hollidav, 350 Marv belle Holligan, 330 Cath) Lvnn Hollingsworth, 85,136, 312 Carlos W. Hollis Jr., 350 Elizabeth J. Hollis. 287 Patricia Hollis, 330 Stephonne David Hollis, 124.125, 131,287 William Nick Hollis II.. 350 Robert Frank Hollomon, 312 Charlotte Hollow av. 350 Larrv Hollovvav, 350 Margaret L Brown Holman, 287 Jean Holmes, 137,1 19,226,312 John W. Holmes, 287 Yince Holmes, 350 Charles A. HolmurJr.. 312 Rubv Sue Holstine, 134.146,287 Cynthia L. Holt. 350 Dannv B Holt, 122.143,312 Dell Holt. 136,350 Dennis Holt, 157,350 Edwin L. Holt, 330 Gavlon Holt, 287 James T. Holt, 350 Jim E. Holt 111, 350 Michael P Holt, 107,201,350 Peter N. Holt, 287 Rebecca F. Holt, 350 Robert Holt. 350 Teresia Holt, 350 Winston E. Holt, 287 Carolvn A Holub. 330 Henrv Holvvell [r., 287 John A HonnollJr., 312 Donna B, Hood. 330 Billv D. Hook, 95,287 Charles F. Hooten, 137,312 Carolyn S. Hopkins, 312 Janice Lv nn Hopkins, 217,350 Teddv R Hopkins, 350 Ken Hoppe, 312 James L Hopper, 312 Glenn Hopps, 330 Diane Hopwood, 350 John R. Horn, 287 Johnny Horn, 97,132,312 George H. Home, 61,350 Dannv K. Horner, 312 Dianne Horner, 68,86,109,122 149 287 AnneM. Horton, 85,149,350 Carolvn B. Horton, 92,137,312 Carlyn R. Horton, 148,312 Charles A. Horton Jr . 350 Eva Horton, 41,59,60,63,126,136, 144,312 Gil Horton, 350 Johnnv Horton, 107,114,115,331 Johnnv D. Horton, 350 Horton Jr., 287 Jackie Hoskins, 350 Richard Ho skins, 350 James V. Hosman, 94,312 Melv in V Hosman, 350 Mike Hottel, 350 Beverlv Ann House, 287 David M. House, 331 Don R. House, 312 Janet House, 3 51 Janet Lynne House. 350 Pam House, 331 Paul M. House, 331 Ken Housh, 331 Suanne Housh, 331 Barbara G. Houston, 287 Dannv Houston, 350 Robert M. Houston, 331 Sue Houston, 312 Kathv E. Hout, 350 Lavvanda M. Hout. 350 Janice Hovis, 331 Frederick C. Howard, 127,143,312 Gloria K Howard, 2S7 Jovce A. Howard, 312 Kirk Howard, 287 Linda K. Howard, 350 Malcom | Howard. 312 Robert J How ard, 287 Sheila Howard, 312 Tom Howard. 287 Bobbv Howe, 312 Jackie R. Howell, 105,287 John Howell, 105,312 Juliana Howell, 350 Bobbv G. Hovverton, 287 Sandra Hrabovskv, 97,149,350 Hung-Liang Hu, 132,351 Jack Hubbard Jr.. 128.287 Ronald D. Hubbard. 126,135,312 Judv Kav Hubble, 351 Ann Massie Hubener, 127,312 Willis E. Hubener. 97,35] Wanda Huddleston. 331 Marv [o Hudgins, 97,149,351 Avlia Hudson, 23.91,149,312 Dannv B. Hudson. 312 Ronald Hudson, 312 Steve Hudson, 351 Lawrence Huett, 142,287 Margaret Huff, 331 Mike Huff, 226,351 Debbie Huffines, 331 Toka Huffstutlej, 312 Dav id Huggins; 312 Diana Huggins, 351 Linda Huggins, 312 Steed Huggins, 60,61,136,313,364 William O. Huggins. 313 Garv D. Hughe. 313 Linda J. Hughen. 351 Billv M. Hughes, 313 Charles Hughes, 351 Daniel F Hughes, 96,331 Jerrv W. Hughes, 287 Holland Hughes, 351 Susan Hughes, 351 Rav Huguelev. 122,313 JohnnaG. Huie, 93,149,351 Jimmv Hulett, 331 Bob Hulsev. 351 LeeAnn Hummelstein, 313 Marv Limphrevs, 331 Galfl unphries. 351 ,331 374 Wavne Hunter, 331 Eula L. Hurd, 331 Fred C. Hurd, 287 Hilton Hurdle, 313 Bobbv Hurst, 351 Frank L. Hurst, 101,313 Kathrvn K. Hurst, 313 Lonnie B Hurst, 331 Michael R. Hurst, 331 Porter Hurt. 91,313 James E. Hutcherson, 313 James L. Hutchins, 287 Johnnv Hutchinson, 95,313 fohnn) L. Hutchison, 331 Kathv Hutchison, 287 RovL. Hutchison, 143,331 Terrv Hutchison, 331 Lindel G. Hutson, 95,287 Marilyn Hyatt, 351 Aaron D. Hvde, 287 Brenda G. Hvde, 313 David Hvlle, 351 C. F. Hvman, 351 Henry H Hvman, 142,313 Anna C. lnebnit, 288 William Irbv, 351 Scottv Irons, 351 Jack R. Irvin, 105,288 Gwendoly n Irwin, 331 William Isaacs, 313 Thomas M. Isbell, 313 Bill Ivy. 101.313 William Izmerian, 287 -J " Bland S. Jackson, 313 Bonnie Jackson, 331 Carolyn A. Jackson, 331 Carolyn S. Jackson, 313 Carolyn Sue Jackson, 351 David G. Jackson, 331 Gayle Jackson, 351 John L. Jackson, 351 Johnev H. Jackson, 313 Kathrvn A. Jackson, 288 Larrv J. Jackson, 288 Larrv W. Jackson, 127,313 Leola L. Jackson, 146,351 Lvnda E. Jackson, 139,288 Mike Jackson, 313 Ouida Jackson, 35,42,62,83,118, 265,288 Robert Jackson, 351 Sharon G. Jackson, 61,144,288 Steven O. Jackson, 313 William D. Jackson, 137,226,313 Dennis Jacuzzi, 351 Ruth Kaler Jadwin, 313 Alice James, 331 Danny James, 313 Dcjglas James, 288 Eddie G. James, 122,228 Martin E. James, 288 Nancv A. James, 87,137,149,313 Phillip L. James, 331 Randall James, 97,331 Ronald James, 331 Gary R. Jameson, 313 Lee Jameson, 228 Andrew J. Jansen III, 135, 136,351 Sheila J arman, 288 G. Herman Jerrett, 288 Janie Jarrett, 97,313 Karen Jarrett, 313 Larrv Jarrett, 107,331 Fred D. Javnes, 351 Ruth A. Jefferies, 91,351 David L. Jeffers, 351 Hal L Jelks, 313 Brenda jenkins. Danny G. Jenkins " Darrell L. JenJJfP James T. Jenk Robert Jenkins, 331 John Jennings, 351 Paul Jensen, 101,351 Linda Jernigan, 331 Richard Jernigan, 313 Keith Jessen, 351 Billv E. Jester, 331 Bettv C. Jetton, 124,138,139,288 Lynn Jetton, 87,149,331 Maurice F. Jetton, 331 Andrew D. J of fe. 128,138,331 Carljoffe, 313 Elizabeth Johns, 351 Gregory Johns, 351 Rex Allan Johns, 120,127,313 Alan Johnson, 351 Ann Johnson, 288 Brenda K. Johnson, 351 Carron Johnson, 288 Cathy Johnson, 331 Charles L. Johnson, 351 Darrell L. Johnson, 139,313 David L. Johnson, 288 Donna Johnson, 351 Evans Johnson III, 351 Gaither Johnson, 351 Garald S. Johnson, 351 Gary E. Johnson, 95.108,138,140, 143,288 Gil B. Johnson, 132,313 Gwendolyn S Johnson, 313 Henry Johnson III, 142,351 James P. Johnson, 351 Jane Johnson. 133,139,288 John Johnson, 351 John F. Johnson Jr., 313 John R. Johnson, 351 Joseph Johnson, 107,313 Judy A. Johnson, 351 Kathleen Johnson, 351 Larry Johnson, 313 Linda Johnson, 351 Linda Johnson, 313 Lovce Johnson, 313 Malven R. Johnson, 150,288 Marcia Johnson, 331 Mickie Johnson, 351 Mildred M. Johnson, 313 Pamela J. Johnson, 313 Phoebe Johnson, 23,70,72,81,87, 141,265,331 Redgie Johnson, 331 Richard H. Johnson, 122,313 Robert L. Johnson, 331 Ruth Johnson, 331 Sherrell Johnson, 313 Sid Johnson, 153,228 Spencer L. Johnson, 228 Stephen A. Johnson, 103,313 Tom Johnson, 351 Tommie Johnson, 351 Walter H. Johnson, 331 William B. Johnson, 143,313 Dwana S. Johnston, 351 Francis E. Jolly, 149,313 Sam Jolly , 95,113,114,331 Angela K. Jones, 331 Cathy A. Jones, 133,146,313 Connie S. Jones, 60,144,313,364 Daniel G. Jones, 351 Deborah Ann Jones, 351 Dewayne Jones, 313 Donald Jones, 351 Donald Ray Jones, 351 Doris J. Jones, 313 Elizabeth B. Jones, 84,313 Eugene V. Jones, 288 Floyd L.Jones Jr., 313 Floyd M. Jones, 143,313 Frances E. Jones, 288 Gary W.Jones, 122,288 Harrv H. Jones, 351 Jack G. Jones, 313 Jacqueline Jones, 313 James A. Jones, 351 James M. Jones, 105,288 James T. Jones, 313 Jeffev L. Jones. 351 Jim W.Jones, 313 Josephine Jones, 87,331 Jov Jones, 313 Larry D. Jones, 142,331 Larry L. Jones, 313 Laurie Jones, 331 Linda Jones, 85.149 331 Louis F. Jones, 331 Linda G. Jones. 331 Linda Gail Jones, 313 Mary Jo Jones, 313 Met L. Jones II, 351 Nanette Q. (ones, 351 Ralph Jones, 331 Randv A. Jones, 313 Robert C. Jones, 313 Rosemary E. Jones, 351 Sammie Lea Jones, 351 Sandi Jones, 331 Sharon kav Jones, 61,331 Shelbv G. jones, 351 Sue Jones, 288 Verlon Jones, 313 Vicki A. Jones, 137,142,149, 226,351 Weslev A. Jones, 107,313 Willie Mae Jones, 313 Harry J. Jordan Jr., 107,288 Janis L. Jordan, 351 Rav Jordan. 95,351 William C. Jowers Jr., 39, 153,288 Lynda F. Jumper, 288 Barbara Jungkind, 351 William R. Junior, 363 Marv M. Justice, 288 Bobbv (ustus, 103,313 -K- Kay e Kaffka, 288 Ned Kalder, 351 Sam K. Kallenick, 331 Robert T. Kamm, 95,351 Beckv Jo Keasler, 331 John W. Keath, 331 Judy Kee, 289 Bill Keedv, 298 Danny Keeley, 103,313 Sylvia Keener, 331 Beth Keeter, 351 Dan Keeton, 60,313 KatieS. Keith, 83.149,351 Hcggit Keith, 351 Ronnie Keith, 351 Donnie W. Kelton, 314 K. Diane Kellems, 351 Brenda Keller, 93,289 Greg Keller, 107,313 Margaret G. Keller, 313 Norman H. Keller, 313 Pam Keller, 93.149,331 Ralph E. Keller, 331 Cathv E. Kellett, 351 Larrv J. Kellett, 331 Angella H. Kellev, 331 Charles Kellev, 352 Iva Lee Kellev, 313 J. D. Kellev, 313 Leslie Thomas Kelley, 352 Michael Kelley, 95,331 Ronnie Kelley, 352 Mary Kav Kellim, 313 Michael P. Kellim, 97,323 Andrew J. Kelly. 352 Barbara A. Kemp, 331 Barrett P. Kemp, 289 Terry Kemp, 103,352 Linda Thompson Kempf, 132, 140,331 Charles Kendrick, 352 Jimmie R. Kendrick, 331 Robert H. Kendrick Jr., 331 Eamo B. Kennedy, 331 KathvL. Kennedy, 87,149,352 Larry D. Kennedy, 289 Lexie J. Kennedy, 289 Randv Kennedy, 352 Hilda J. Kennemore, 289 John Kennett, 352 Walter W. Kennicutt, 314 James T. Kennon, 331 Arnold Rav Kent, 352 Art Kent, 47,49,60,61,314,364 Karen Kent, 352 Jan Kerr, 352 Marv K. Kerr, 352 Don Edward Kersey. 352 Jimmie Kersey, 314 Katheriene Kersev, 352 Don R. Kesl, 331 Fred B. Keton, 352 Margaret A. Kev, 331 David C. Kiech, 314 Seth M. Kieffer, 352 Rita Kildow, 352 Bill Killian, 331 Rickv Killingsworth, 314 Johnny M. Killion, 134,289 Kenneth W. Kimberlin, 352 Paul D Kimberlin, 352 David Kimmel, 314 Larrv Kimmer, 97,314 Bill Kinard, 352 David Kinard, 314 Jerrv Kincade, 314 Garv N. Kinder, 331 Peggv S. Kinder, 135,314 Alice L. King, 139,289 Allen King, 314 Claudie C King, 331 David King, 127,143,314 Ernest R. King, 331 F. A. King Jr., 331 James H. King Jr., 352 Jerry D. King, 331 Kathleen King, 331 Kenneth D. King, 137,226,314 Larrv E. King, 99,352 Larry W. King, 314 Maurice H. King, 340 Richard King, 352 Thomas L. King, 314 Treasia King, 363 Vicki King, 60,144,332 William H. King Jr., 314 Phillip D. Kingston, 352 Randal Kingston, 289 Rae Lavonne Kinkade, 332 Bettv J. Kirby, 289 George M. Kirbvjr., 289 Leotis Kirby, 314 Svlvia Kirchoff, 332 Dorthy Kirk, 352 Karen D. Kirk, 332 Larrv B. Kirk, 352 Charles H. Kirkindall. 314 Billv Kirkland, 61,352 Jonnie R. Kirkland, 314 Steve Kirkland, 332 James Kirksev, 314 Jackie R. Kirkwood, 289 Larrv Kitchens, 352 Stanley Kitchens, 314 Bettv Kitterman, 289 Kathv A. Kittle, 352 Dianne Kjeldgaard, 87,149,352 Robert Klimek, 105,314 G. JoeKlinkhardtlll, 143,314 Melissa Ann Kluge, 46,97,149,314 Chris Knight, 103,352 ClvdeM. Knight, 289 David B. Knight, 332 Deborah A. Knight, 332 Johnny Knight, 314 Neil Knight, 352 Sybil B. Knight, 289 Tommy Knight, 352 Penny L. Knipple, 123,332 Joe Knodell, 289 Linda Knoll, 123,332 George Knott, 289 Mirl E. Knott, 289 Frank E. Knowles, 363 Harold R. Kohlerjr., 122,314 Pattv Kokonas, 352 Patricia A. Koon, 352 Philip D. Koonce, 289 Jeff Koontz, 352 Linda Koubek, 83,149 Gabriel Kovacs, 314 Arthur Kreis. 352 Garv Kreis, 332 Larry Krenzelok, 332 Lvn Krenzelok, 314 Ronnie Krisell, 128,352 Barbara J. Kueter, 130,332 William J. Kueter, 332 James Kyle, 107,352 Walter L. Kvle. 99.1( ,216,314 -L- Michael Lack. 332 Brooks Lackev, 332 Roger L. Lackey, 332 Jerry Lacy, 314 Bennie Ladd, 314 Larry Dale Ladd, 332 Nancy LaFarlett, 332 Kathy LaFarlette, 352 Charlie K. LaFevers, 124,131.289 Jimmy Wade LaFa , 352 Cecil LaGrone, 137,314 Leveta Laird, 289 Levona Laird, 289 Barrv A. Lamar, 289 Kenneth L. LaMastus, 289 Carolyn Lamb, 363 Dannv Lamb. 332 Donald W. Lamb, 122,150.289 Jimmy Dale Lamb. 332 Thomas W. Lamb, 352 Michael Glen Lambie, 289 Marj Lamberson, 352 John Lambert, 332 John R. Lambert, 107,314 Wayne Lambert, 352 Philip Clyde Lamitina, 314 Steven C. Lamken, 97,332 John David Lammers, 289 Clayton Lancaster. 332 Darrel Wayne Lancaster, 352 Linda Lancaster. 314 Susan M. Lancaster, 352 Jack Dale Land. 314 Ray Gene Landers, 145.2S9 Floyd Landrum, 352 Marv Jean Landrum, 332 Jimmv F Lane, 314 John Lane. 332 Kenneth Lane, 352 Michael Lane, 352 James Lanev, 105,352 Henry L. Lang. 314 Jean Langford, 97,314 llarr Langley, 352 Jean Ann Langlev, 332 Garry G. Langston, 314 John Dukes Langston. 314 Ronnie D. Langston, 352 Linda Lou Lansing, 332 Eddie Lard, 352 Johnny Lard, 352 James E Largent. 332 Joe W. Largent. 332 Cathv Larsen. 314 Michael Larsen, 105,332 Billv La Rue, 352 Ronald F. LaRue, 332 Ila F. Lashle . 314 Bovce G. Lassiter. 332 Jim Lassiter, 98,141,153,157.314 Ka leene Lassiter, 314 Phvllis Lassiter, 289 Linda Lasswell, 38,60,136,144,314 Jerrv R. Lathem. 129.352 Mary A. Latourette, 82.314 May C. Latourette, 289 Johnnv N. Latta, 124,131.314 Mary j. Latture, 289 Kevin Lawless, 314 Donald K Laurence 352 Janice M. Lawrence, 217,314 Jerrv D. Law rence, 352 Larrv D Law rence, 332 Linda Lawrence, 352 Russell Laurence. 100,332 Tate Lawrence. 314 Mike Law rev, 352 Darrvl Laws, 332 Billv Lawson, 314 Don Lawson, 352 James C. Law son, 332 Larry Lawson, 332 Richie E Lawson, 352 Sammv W. Lawson, 289 William G. Lawson, 352 Sharon Lavman, 332 Sharon Lavne, 352 Buddy ] Layton, 352 Sandv Lavton, 314 Terry Lazar, 332 Alicia Lea, 332 James A. Lea, 129,352 Linda Lea, 35,82.86,109,149,314 Glenn E. Leach, 352 Rick Leach. 314 Gail Learning, 332 Linda Learv, 314 ArmondJ. LeBlanc. 352 Constance L. Lechner, 352 Beth Ledbctter, 332 Patti Ledbetter, 352 William J. Ledbetter Jr., 101,113, 114,314 Robert C. Lederer, 332 Flovd L. Lee 11, 314 James M. Lee, 135,314 Jerrv D. Lee, 352 John F Lee. 61,332 Pennye 1. Lee, 289 irginia Lee, 352 Ernest Leflore, 314 Ronald G. Lehman, 101,314 Johnny Roger Lemice. 289 David Lemonds, 332 Jim Lemons, 46,332 Benny Lendennie, 314 Joyce Lenderman, 290 Larrv Lenderman, 136,332 James P. Lennox, 128.139,314 1 in) B Lentz, 290 Charlotte K Leonard, 85,148, 149,314 Donna M. Leonard, 314 Larrv C. Leonard, 290 Linda Leopard, 314 Stephen P. Lepper, 352 Thomas M. Lepper, 290 Scherrj LeSieur, 332 Cleados H. Lester, 290 Larry Lester, 95,314 Ernestine Levins, 314 Barbara Leu alien. 332 Linda L. LeWallen, 352 Dale A. Levvelling, 103,332 Carol} i Ka Leu is. 35 Charle N. I ,eu is. 290 ( !onni( Donald W. ,ewis, 31 J James ' Lynn L r. Le wis, 332 Patricia M. Leu is, 290 William A. Lewis, 290 Charles E. Liddell. 332 Jakie C. Liebhaber, 332 Paul Light. 314 Clemit W Lilesjr.. 134,314 Ron Liles, 352 Barbra Lilliker, 332 William D Lincoln, 314 Wavne L. Lindlev Jr., 314 W illiam W. Lindley, 332 Thomas Lindner, 352 William A. Lindsavjr., 95,332 GlendaJ Lindsey, 353 Laura Lindsev, 332 Robert E. Lindsev, 353 Eric J. Lindstedt, 3] ( Linda Lingle, 290 Greg Livington, 353 Paula M Linskv, 353 James L. Linslev, 314 Linda L. Lipscomb, 85,113,114, 118,119,147,265,314 Belts l.ipsmever. 290 Etta I. Lipson, 127,332 Barbara Little. 314 Cvnthia Little. 314 Deborah M. Little, 353 DeNann Littleton, 353 Charles Littrell, 353 Steve Littrell, 332 James B. Llovd, 290 James R. Llovd, 290 Judi Loberg, 137,314 Earl W. Lock, 133,141.315 Marv L. Lockhart, 353 Steve Lockhart. 101.122,130,315 Sheryl Lockhart, 353 Stephen Lockhart, 353 Darrell Loftin, 332 Larry S. Loftin, 315 Michael W. Lofton, 315 BilK F. Loftus, 136,353 Steve Logan, 315 Mike Loggins, 353 Bonnie London, 92,109,315 Barbara J. Long, 353 Charles W. Long. 126,290 Garv H. Long, 332 Joe Long, 97,353 Linda R. Long, 290 Michael H. Long, 332 Pat E. Long, 353 Phillip Long, 332 Roger Long, 290 Ronald Long, 332 Samuel P. Long, 353 MikiH. Longfellow, 85.132.158, 159,332 Ann Longino, 87,133,149,290 Lee E. Lorick. 105,353 Sharon Lott, 23,29,97,149,315 Charles E. Love, 353 Jennifer Love, 85,290 Marv J. Love, 3.53 Rebecca Love, 315 Suzanne Love, 353 Karen Lovelady, 61,315 Shirley Lovell, 353 Helen Lowe, 332 James L. Lowe. 315 John E. Lowe, 96,290 Andrea E. Lowery, 332 SheliaJ. Lowery, 290 Thomas Lowry, 97,315 William B. Lovd Jr., 99,143. 216,315 Jerr Lucus, 138.139,332 Rickv Luke, 353 Linda S. Luker, 332 Charles Lumsden, 315 Mike Lumsden. 353 Larrv A Lunday, 353 Louise Luoma, 332 Richard L. Lusk, 332 Lynn Luster, 332 Charles R. Luttrell, 315 Michael Lybarger, 61,353 [oseph V I aIc, 353 Glenn Lynch, 353 Michael J. Lynch, 105,315 Stephen W. Lvnch, 315 Gerald Lynn, 332 James M. Lynn, 332 Larrv L. Lvnn, 353 Phv llis Lynn, 315 Barbara Lvons, 290 John F. Lvons. 201,353 David I. tile. 60,61,290,364 -M- Jewell. M Mabrev, 290 Carolyn Mabrv, 353 Rickey L. Mabrv, 315 Gerald M Macchi, 315 Alice J. Mace, 332 Jeri L. Mace, 61,332 Gerald D. Machin, 353 Terrv MacLeod. 35,97,126,129, 134,147,265,315 Carolyn Madden, 353 Herve) Madden. 332 Ellen Maddox, 85,149,315 Georgia A Maddox, 363 Herman, P. Maddox III. 353 Janet Maddox. 60,85,315 Linda Maddox, 290 Sheilah Maddox, 353 Clinton G. Madison, 353 Phillip E. Madison, 353 Bernice Maglothin, 332 Roger L. MaHaffey, 353 Judv McMahon, 354 Boyce Mahonev. 315 Jimmy R. Mainer, 332 Zygmunt Majewski, 333 Roberl A Major Jr., 315 Larrv D Majors. 315 Gerald R. Malin, 140,315 Leigh E. Mallaber. 333 Edwina Mallorv. 87,149,353 Mike Mallorv. 99,353 Renie Mallorv, 86,315 Sandra G. Mallov, 315 Carolyn Malonc, 315 Stephen Malone, 61,353 Tommy Malone, 290 Roger D. Manasco, 353 Alma S. Mancabelli, 290 Harry F. Manes, 290 Lynn Mangrum, 61,353 Teressa Mangrum, 333 Sandra Manlev, 363 Dve A. Mann, ' 93,123,126,130, 137,315 Jimmv L. Mann, 353 Luella Mann, 290 Barbara A. Manning, 290 Mary Emma Manning, 353 Patricia A. Manning, 353 Haidar Mansouri, 290 Franklin M. Maples, 290 Sharon Maran. 149,353 Paul W. Marchant, 353 Barbara K. Marconi, 85,123, 149,353 Charles S. Marconi, 333 Mike Marconi, 353 Wavne Marois, 290 Douglas D. Markin, 290 Garry D. Markin, 333 Sharron Marks, 315 Billie E. Marler, 315 Kenneth L. Marler, 315 Judv L. Marlin, 353 Michael F. Maronde, 333 Levio Marotti Jr., 333 Lewis Marotti, 353 James R. Marret, 315 Cheri Mars, 333 Billv Marshall, 333 Bobby Marshall, 353 Judv Marshall, 353 Marv L. Marshall, 353 Phillip W. Marshall, 333 Albert C. Martin, 107,290 Billy C. Martin Jr., 353 Carol B. Martin, 353 Catherines. Martin, 353 Debbie Martin, 83,353 Eddie G. Martin, 333 Floyd A. Martin, 333 Gary Martin, 315 James D. Martin, 315 Judv Martin, 353 KatherineA. Martin, 97,134,290 Linda L. Martin, 333 Llovd E. Martin Jr., 290 Path Martin, 353 Richard Martin, 353 Ruth H. Martin, 97,126,135.333 Sherlene Martin. 353 Stanley T. Martin, 315 Timothy Martin, 333 George Martine, 353 G. E. Marvin Jr., 315 Roy L. Masengale, 138,333 Gary Masner, 353 Larrv J. Masner, 315 Carl D Mason, 333 Debbie Mason, 333 Hollv L. Mason, 97,315 judv Mason, 353 Orlev Massena, 105.198,291 Bengv S Masscv, 315 Charles S. Massey, 353 Ernest H Massey, 291 Janet Massev, 315 Julia Massev, 333 Larrv Massev, 138,333 Mary J. Massev, 333 Shirlev A. Masters, 315 Harvey E. Matheny, 291 Lonnie Mathenv, 127.315 Charles H. Mathews, 333 Jala Mathews, 333 James R. Mathews, 38,61,333 Martha Mathews, 146,291 Darrvl E. Mathewson, 129,353 Barbara Mathis. 315 Carol M. Mathis, 83,333 Phv llis M. Mathis, 315 Vireini Mathis, 83,315 RoflP,lfelallosz, 95.137,163,315 jmnHfe |8,3i I i! Morris Mauney, 333 Frankie L. Maxwell, 291 John R. Maxwell. 333 Ruben J. Maxwell, 333 John Randolph May, 315 Larrv May, 107,333 Mary G. May, 291 Monty May, 95,315 Sonny May, 353 Janet May berry, 315 Alice L. May field, 61.291 Elizabeth Mayfield, 124.291 James Mayfield, 124,315 Paul V. Mayfield, 291 Jem G. Mays, 353 KarlaJ. Mays, 291 Margaret B. Mays, 315 John Mazzanti Jr., 315 Ferd Mazzia III. 128,353 Cynthia L. McAdoo, 353 Sharon McAlister, 353 Larry McAllister, 102,333 Donna McAnulty, 353 Bill McBride, 101,353 Dana McBride, 61,315 Steve D. McBride, 353 Gar A. McBrxde, 103,291 William L. McBryde, 315 Tom McCabe, 315 Roger McCaghren, 333 Clinness McCall 124,315 Florence McCall, 315 Larrv McCall, 315 Linda McCall, 315 Renee McCall, 353 Michael McCallie, 127,333 Gar) D. McCann. 353 Karen McCann, 83.149,353 Beckv McCarlev, 363 John A. McCarthy. 122,315 James M. McCartne , 291 Robert E. McCarty, 333 Joe McCav, 333 Thomas W. McCav II, 353 Ronnie McClain, 333 Kevin O. McClelland, 36,185, 188,315 Reuben McClelland, 333 Jimmy F. McClendon, 315 Nathan, McClinic, 127,333 Garry McClung, 333 Randv McClung, 333 Anna M. McClure. 291 Burnell McClure Jr., 315 Ovid W. McClure, 333 Larry W. McCollum, 291 Ella R. McCombs, 353 Joyce McConnaughy, 363 Mike McConnaughey, 354 Jack Ballard McCord, 315 Robert E. McCord, 354 Jim McCormick. 315 Lillian D. McCormick. 217,354 Tommy McCormick, 333 Arthur D. McCoy, 315 Glen McCoy, 315 Vicki McCoy, 354 Elbert McCracken Jr., 354 Jerry McCrackin, 354 Ruth A. McCrav, 315 Sandra McCrav, 85,315 Gerald D. McCrillis, 354 Robert Median, 315 Dovle McCullar, 315 Sue McCullev, 363 Allen W. McCullough, 354 Robert L. McCurdv, 354 Larrv McCurley, 354 David McDaniel, 122,156,333 David M. McDaniel, 315 Gloria McDaniel. 354 Ronnie McDaniel, 354 WoodieS. McDaniel, 354 Larrv McDermott, 141,153,315 Patsv McDermott, 128,333 Judith O. McDonald, 333 Linda F McDonald, 97,333 Louis E. McDonald, 315 «u Robert H McDonald HUga ' Janice McDowell. 29igil Sandra R McDufftflir ' ' ' ' Brenda McElrathJT Dianne McElratl Gerald W. McJ ra ' tj. Uv Deborah McElvoy, 333 Kathleen P. McEwen, 39,97,291 Larrv L. McFadden, 95,122, 131,291 Bonnie J. McFarlin, 354 Robert F. McFarlin, 333 Shirley B. McFarlin, 354 Jack Steven McFerron, 97,333 David L. McGaugh, 354 Connie McGaughev, 354 Vernon A. McGaughev Jr . 103, 333 Jerome McGee, 333 Jerry W. McGoe, 316 Gary McGill, 354 Rebecca L. McGinness, 126,316 Ramona McGinnis, 316 Ronnie P. McGinness, 291 Judith A. McGinnis, 145,291 Jack McGowan, 316 John K. McGowan, 333 Garv McGraw, 316 Marv A. McGraw, 354 WilnerT. McGraw, 316 Garv L. McGrew, 61,291 Jerrv L. McGrew, 354 Mary R. McGrew, 61,291 Melvin Arnold McGruder, 122,316 Frank McGuigan, 36,183,187,188, 191,192.194,197,198,316 Billy McGuire, 316 James Michael McGuire, 316 John McHaffev. 333 Terrv Mike McHaftev, 138,333 Karen Sue McHalffev, 354 Jane McHaney, 87,316 Michael Mclntire, 354 John McKay, 204.206,209,210, 212,213,215,333 Bonita McKelvv, 363 Monte McKewen, 124,291 Diana McKinnev, 124.133,139,291 Elmer McKissic. ' 333 Nina C. McKnight, 363 David McLain, 333 EdMcLain, 107,354 Marsha McLartv, 87,123,149,354 Mike McLartv, 95,316 Pat McLartv, ' 87,354 Robert G. McLean, 291 James M. McLeod, 316 Larry Glenn McMaster, 226,354 Melvin McMasters, 316 Judy McMillon, 316 Carolyn McMinn, 333 Brenda Lou McMullin, 148, 149,354 Clarence McMullin, 137,316 Kenneth Rav McMullin, 137,291 Pam McMurry, 83,333 Rebecca Kay McMurry, 354 Larrv McNair, 97,291 Ralph McNair, 333 Sharon L. McNair, 291 Carol McNeely, 146,316 L. Karen McPherson, 354 Jimmy G. McSpadden, 124,291 Larry W. McSpadden, 333 Don McSwain, 291 Earline McWherter, 354 Gary Don McWilliams, 291 Donna Meacham, 91,149,354 Sherry Ann Meacham, 354 Kay Meade, 316 Martha Ann Meador, 291 Grover Thomas Meadows, 354 Bobbv Means, 291 Patty Meddress, 291 Larry Medford, 291 Lonnie Medford, 333 John Megel, 354 Lloyd Keith Meharg, 132,291 Paula Ann Meharg, 292 Allen Meier, 354 Barbara Meier, 354 Charles Allen Mellein, 107,292 Larrv Wavne Melson, 333 Dan P. Melton, 316 John C. Melton, 97,262 JL Harold L. Meredith. 354 HBgrion Meredith, 99,153,156, U| 92,384 SBBbecca Ann Meredith, 333 P jMR kev Merion, 354 Charles Merrell, 316 Lloyd Lerov Merrell, 150,292 Deborah K. Merriman, 354 Dennis W. Merritt. 354 Van Merritt, 316 Tommy Messer, 99,333 Allen MaxMetcalf Jr., 100, 126,262 Susan B Metcalf, 316 Brenda J. Methenv, 262 Jim Methenv, 316 Alfred D. Methenv, 149,262 Ronnie Metz, 333 Cecil Gordon Metzgar, 103,333 John Marc Metzler, 354 Dennis Mever, 193,354 Fred Conrad Michael, 97,316 John Michael Mick. 140.150.316 Larry Mick, 354 Teresa Mick, 333 Marv Beth Micker, 333 Jimmv Middleton, 354 James R. Miesner, 124,292 Kay Miesner, 333 Mike Milam, 103,354 Marv Milbourn, 83,149,333 Becki Milburn, 354 Alice Mickey Miles, 61,136,333 Fred G. Miles. 292 Janis Bucv Miles, 333 John W. Miles, 316 Sandra Carol Miles, 354 Vincent A. Miles, 333 Amanda Miller, 333 Arthur H. Miller Jr., 124,316 Bonnie Miller, 316 Cecil Conway Miller, 316 Charles D. Miller, 122,124,130, 131,292 David A. Miller, 105,316 David E. Miller, 354 David W. Miller, 316 E. Robbin Miller, 292 Mike Miller, 354 Pamela Miller, 333 Rita Miller, 316 Ron Miller, 316 Ronald Miller, 333 Sandra Miller, 316 Sandra Kav Miller, 292 Shirley Miller, 316 William B. Miller, 333 Tommy Milligan, 333 Emma Jean Milliner, 354 James Mills, 100,175,227,334 Lois Ka Mills. 38,62.82,109, 149,292 Paul Mills, 107,316 Robert Darrell Mills, 354 Sheila Mills, 61,136,354 Paul E. Minor, 113,114,127, 148,292 Don Minton, 334 Jerry C. Minton, 354 Joyce Minton, 354 Kenneth Minton, 292 Kav Mitcham, 118,119,354 Pamela G. Mitcham, 23,93,334 Benny Clyde Mitchell, 334 Jerrv Lee Mitchell. 109,135. 219.316 Jimmy G. Mitchell, 124,292 John M. Mitchell, 292 Kenneth Wayne Mitchell. 292 Lawrence Mitchell, 354 Lee Mitchell, 97,146,149,316 Lee Mitchell, 354 Linda Carol Mitchell, 292 Mariglee Mitchell, 316 Mercedes Diane Mitchell, 354 Ralph Gradv Mitchell, 292 Richard James Mitchell, 316 Sarah Mitchell, 354 Steve Mitchell, 94,334 Donn Mixon, 334 Benjamin R. Mizejr., 334 Helen R. Mize. 130,354 John C. Moak, 354 Constance Moble . 354 Garv D. Moblev, 334 Jelenajo Moblev, 47,334 Nell J. Moblev. 334 Shirley Moblev, 316 Larrv R. Moffett, 100,108,163,334 Mark Moffitt, 354 R D. Moffitt. 316 Rav Mollenkopt, 134,292 Debbie Monday, 354 [imm) L. Monroe, 354 Ronnie G. Monroe, 316 Manuel Monies Jr., 28,36,185,292 Melba Montes, 292 Mice ( )arol Montgomery, 292 Bobbv Dean Montgomery, 292 Charlotte M. Montgomery, 292 Donald E. Montgomery, 292 Jack Montgomery Jr., 155,334 James T. Montgomery, 316 I, nn Montgomery, 354 Randall Montgomery, 334 Tony Montgomery, 363 James C. Moody, 121,292 Marion A. Moody Jr., 105,137,316 Pam Moody, 316 Freddy Don Moon, 106,316 Gw indie W. Moonev, 354 Arthur B. Moore, 292 Barbara S. Moore, 49.292 Carol Moore, 354 Charles D. Moore Jr., 316 Donna Sue Moore, 292 Douglas E. Moore, 136,354 Doyet W. Moore, 316 Eileen T. Moore, 316 Harrv Truman Moore, 65,98,99, 138,141,153,154,205,292,384 Jack D. Moore Jr., 334 James R. Moore, 105,316 James Rubel Moore, 334 Jerrv Lee Moore, 103,316 John Robert Morgan, 292 Judy Ann Moore, 334 Judy Karen Moore, 334 Karen Moore, 3 34 Lee Moore, 87,149,354 Linda Moore, 334 Mary Ellen Moore, 354 Mary Kathleen Moore, 354 Morris Robert Moore, 354 Nancy Moore, 354 Rickey Moore, 354 Sara Moore, 316 Stan Moore, 61.316 Vernon D. Moore Jr., 354 Virginia E. Moore, 355 Willis Benton Moore III, 355 Martina Moorhead, 355 Steve Morando, 334 Marilyn Morden, 316 Barbara Lee Morgan, 363 C. D. Morgan, 355 Cathy L. Morgan, 355 Dewey L. Morgan, 95,355 Garv Morgan, 355 Gary B. Morgan. 334 James W. Morgan. 334 Jennifer Morgan, 355 Kenny Morgan, 137,292 Larrv Morgan, 355 Larry Morgan, 103,334 Shirlev Morgan, 334 Stan Morgan, 334 MikeMoritz, 142,355 Anella Morris, 355 Dale L. Morris, 22,107,316 Eddie Morris, 355 G. Richard Morris, 125,293 Gary E. Morris, 60,316,364 James Michael Morris, 355 Judy Ann Morris, 142,334 Sally Morris, 316 Stacev Morris, 355 William Lee Morris, 293 Ginnv Sue Morrisett, 334 Judith E. Morrisett, 334 D. C. Morrison, 128,334 Eddie Morrison, 316 Jacky D. Morrison, 137,162,293 Stephen Francis Morrison, 101, 163,165,167,223.293 Thomas L. Morrison, 122,150,293 William D. Morrisoti, 355 Joe Lynn Morrow, 355 Chester V. Morten, 334 Rebecca Joan Morten. 134,293 Pamela Mortimer, 85.355 Charles Moshinskie, 334 Jim Moshinskie, 113,114,141. Brenda Moss. 316 Sue Lee Moss. 131.156,355 Wilmajean Mote, 355 Carolyn Mover, 293 Patrecia D. Movers, 316 Jimmy Alan Mueller. 64,98,163, 169,216,223.293 Margaret Mueller, 91,133,155.293 Carol Susan Mullen, 142,334 Norma [eanne Mullen, 293 Sue Mullen. 1.33.148,316 William D Mullen. 105,316 Mona Mullins. 355 MikeS. Mumma, 293 Bobbie L. Munn, 316 Ann Murphree, 334 Vanita Murphree, 334 Brenda VV. Murphy, 316 Bill Murphy, 355 Jeannine Murphv, 355 Kathie Murphv, 142,334 Joan Murphv, 355 John Dale Murphy, 355 Marquetta Murphv, 316 Andrea Murray, 334 Butch Murray, 355 David A. Murray, 316 Edna L. Murrav, 293 HughieJ. Murray, 355 Jackv Murrav, 334 KathrynO. Murrav, 334 Richard Murrav. 316 Stephen M Murrav, 105,153,292 Bruce Myers, 355 Donald H. Mvers, 293 Evans Mvers, 355 Margaret Mvers, 60,147,316 Michael Mvers. 355 -N- Darnian Namtzu. 101,129,334 Charles W. Nance, 334 Robert M. Nance. 334 Karl F. Nannjr.,293 Vickie D. Nann, 316 Ann Nannev, 316 Charlene O. Nash, 293 Susan Neace, 83,137,316 Johnnie R. Neal, 61,91,123,334 Becky Neely, 91,334 Flovd Adrin Neelv, 316 Rebecca Ann Neelev, 149,265,293 Dannv E. Nelms, 334 Richie Nelms, 355 Chervl Jean Nelson, 334 Dorothv J. Nelson, 128,131,316 James F. Nelson Jr., 355 Linda Nelson, 97,149,334 Nan Nelson, 355 Wavne Nettles, 334 Thomas W. New, 138,316 James Newberrv, 132,140,293 Gary New by, 355 David M Nevvingham, 355 James E. Nevvsom, 334 Kenneth Newton, 355 James R. Nichollsjr., 355 Henrv Nichols, 355 John K. Nichols, 293 Judv Nichols, 355 Kirk H. Nichols, 293 Larry E. Nichols, 142,355 Robert F. Nichols Jr., 137,334 Terry Nichols, 316 Thomas E. Nichols, 316 Glenn Nicholson, 316 Ravburn R. Nicholson, 317 Mary M. Nigus, 87,334 Louis Nisenbaum, 227,355 Charles D. Nix, 293 Glenn D. Nix, 141,317 Rosalind B. Nix, 61,334 William R. Nix, 355 Harvev P. Nixon, 293 Larletha Nixon, 317 Lester J. Nixon, 317 Marv Ann Nixon, 293 James W. Nolan, 334 Jeanne Norman, 293 Jimmy L. Norman, 317 John C. Norman, 317 Peggv Norman, 355 Robert W. Norman, 355 Doris F. Norrid, 334 Bobbv Gene Norris, 355 Jimmy A. Norris, 103,293 Richard Norris, 129.355 Jimmie Don Norsworthy, 334 F. Chester North. 122,334 Jerrv R. North, 355 Don R. Northcutt, 317 Donna Northcutt, 355 Tim Norton, 103.125.129,141, 153,293 David L. Norwood, 355 Lana Nowell, 355 Paula Kay Nowlin, 334 TommvV. Nuckols, 317 Carla Nunley, 355 Carol J. Nunn, 317 Mary G. Nunn, 334 -O- Pat R Oakes, 148,334 HarrellN. Oaklev, 130,317 Melissa Oates, 334 Jamie O ' Banion, 317 Michael W. O ' Banion 317 Russell K. O ' Banion, 97,293 Charles O ' Brien, 116,137,226,317 Devra O ' Brien, 334 Randy Oden, 355 Jessee Odom, 355 Julius Don Odom, 317 Marv Glenn O ' Donnell, 147,317 Martin Oldham, 317 Linda L. Oliver, 317 Sharon Oliver, 363 Steven Lee Oliver, 334 Terrell M. Oliver, 148,355 Sabina H. Olszewski, 293 William F Oltmann, 334 Robert G. Olvev, 317 James E. O ' Neal, 127,355 Shirlev Orman, 355 Shannon O ' Roark, 91,355 Jerry D.Orr, 105,293 JoFaveOrr, 59,60.136,334 Stephen Jav Orr, 91, 109. 143.317 Gail A. Ors ' born, 61,149,334 Cindv Orsburn, 91,126,135, 147,149 Simone Ortega, 137,149,226,355 Yolanda Ortega, 145,293 M. Lvnn Orton, 355 Jerrv D. Osbon, 142,355 PatOsbron, 146,293 John K. Osoinach, 39,97,293 E. Eugene Overall, 139,293 Helen J. Overall. 61,293 Martha J. Overall, 60,293 GlendaG. Overfield, 137,317 Gerald C. Overman, 334 Jan S. Owen, 355 Keith Owen, 355 Kenneth Owen, 317 Ronnv Carl Owen, 204,317 Arlis D. Owens, 122.150,317 Donnie Owens, 355 Franklin Owens, 355 BettvOzbirn, 133,146,317 Gloria Ozbim, 317 -P- Jim Pace. 317 Linda F. Pack, 38,60,136,294 Kenneth Padgett, 317 Patsv L. Padgett, 317 Terry A. Paff, 334 Linda Page, 355 Johnnv R. Paine, 294 Richard Painter, 101,317 Tommy Palazola, 355 Jackie Palmateer, 294 Harriett A. Palmer, 355 Larry Palmer, 355 Terry Palmer, 355 Vernon D. Palmer, 134,294 Emmett D. Pankev, 355 Ronald L. Pannell, 317 Livv Para, 294 John T. Pardew. 107,334 Karen L. Park, 294 Sherrv A. Park, 355 Carol ' A. Parker, 355 James R. Parker, 334 Michael D. Parker, 355 Patricia Parker, 334 Rebecca J. Parker, 294 Sharon Parker, 83,149,355 Warren L. Parker, 317 William D. Parker, 317 Gavlon G. Parks, 317 James C. Parks, 294 Cary R. Parnell, 294 Doris Jean Parnell, 334 Jovce Parnell, 355 Rondle B. Parnell, 150,334 Harslev Parr, 317 Virgil Parr, 334 Jeri L. Parrish, 334 Kelly Parrish, 137,201,224,317 Michael Parrish, 355 Richard Parsons, 355 Jean Pasmore, 294 David L. Patrick, 317 Glvnda Patrick, 317 Wendell Patrick, 334 Mamie F. Patten, 317 Carol vn Patterson, 317 Leslie R. Patterson 11, 130, 138,334 Mvra L. Patterson, 355 Pat Patterson, 94,294 Sherrv Patterson, 355 Susan Patterson, 21,64,87, 133,294 Thomas H. Patterson, 317 April Lea Patton, 134,317 Charles Patton, 135,355 Ann Wallace Paul, 131,334 John William Paull, 68,122. 150,294 Ronald Paulson, 317 Jerrv Pavne, 355 June Pavne, 334 Dwight Pearce, 356 John M. Pearce. 317 Haywood L. Pearson Jr., 132,317 Joe Allan Pecenv, 356 Ronald Pedigo, 356 Richard S. Peebles, 356 Daisv Pelts, 294 Meryl J. Pelts, 334 Jenny L. Pemberton, 146,317 John Pemberton, 356 Susan P. Pendergraff, 317 James A. Penixjr., 317 Susan Penix, 334 Brenda Penn, 317 Emilee Ann Penn, 317 Dannv R. Pennington, 317 Royce Pennington, 99,356 Gary Pensoueau, 356 Daniel P. Pentecost, 150,317 Carolvn Penter, 294 John P. Perkins Jr., 105,356 Kathv Perkins, 294 Harold Permenter Jr., 145,294 Larry Joe Permenter, .356 Marv H: Permenter, 335 Harold W. Perrin, 294 Carol Perrv, 59,61,70,97,317 Harold D. Perrv, 132,153,294 Michael Perrv, 334 Nick Perrv, 356 Rov Perrv, 134,294 Randall W. Perrvman, 145,317 Harold Persfull, 294 TeraJ. Persfull, 317 Rita Person, 317 Freddv M. Peters, 317 Joseph A. Peters, 356 Bill Peterson, 335 Susan P. Peterson, 335 FlorineE. Petkoff, 83,131,145, 149,294 Patrick A Pettengell, 49,317 Chervl C. Pettijohn, 61,356 Hester Pettv, 356 Melvin E. Petty, 294 R Arthur Pevton, 356 Virgil B. Pevton, 185,195,196,317 Bernie G. Pfleger, 335 Jeff Pharr, 356 White Pharr Jr., 317 Stephen Phaup, 294 Garv Phelan, 317 Sallv Phelan, 317 David Phelps, 294 John Phelps, 69,317 John V. Phelps, 99,143,294 Shirlev A. Phelps, 146,317 Barrv Phillips, 356 Bill Phillips, 335 Bobbie Fave Phillips, 87,126,147, 149,335 CarlottaJ. Phillips, 317 Charlev Phillips, 335 Dianne Phillips, 317 Donald R. Phillips, 317 Edwin L. Phillips, 294 Garv Dean Phillips, 335 Glenda Susan Phillips, 317 Grisham Phillips, 128,356 Guvla Phillips, 294 John Rex Phillips, 335 Johnnv Phillips, 107,356 Mark A. Phillips, 335 Marian H. Phillips, 317 Robert E. Phillips, 317 Sherrv Phillips, 356 Stephen Phillips, 335 Susan Lvnn Phillips, 356 William D. Phillips, 294 Carl J. Phippsjr., 356 Susan L. Phipps, 335 Barbara Ann Piatt, 335 Ben F. Pickard, 105,335 Judv Pickard, 335 Cathy Pickens, 317 Elizabeth Ann Picknev, 317 Charles W. Pierce, 335 Dannve L. Pierce, 10 5.317 Ira Pierce, 294 Marv Pierce, 294 Michael Pierce, 107,335 Mildred E. Pierce, 317 Randell A. Pierce, 335 Richard Pierce, 356 Rose Pierce, 294 Sharon Kav Pierce, 86,114, 149,335 Thomas R. Pierce Jr., 103,335 Julius S. Pierijr.. 317 Gloria Pigg, 356 Ed Pike, 335 Charles E. Pillow, 317 Shirley Ann Pillow, 335 Javne Pingel, 356 Carol S. Pinkston, 294 Sheila L. Pinkston, 335 Marta Pipkin, 356 Roger Pitchford, 356 Wavne Pitcock, 101,163,164, 167,222 Dan Pittman, 294 Gary P. Pittman, 97,108,317 Ronnie Pittman, 335 Jimmie Pitts, 335 Robert J. Pitts Jr., 356 Emmet Dwain Plaster, 335 Charles Piatt, 335 Jack Plumlee, 97,317 Charles W. Plunkett, 317 Dale E. Poag, 122,124,131,317 Joseph H. Poff Jr., 61,335 Cathy Poindexter, 146,317 Gwen Poindexter, 318 Linda Ann Pollard, 356 Robert Pollard, 101,295 Susan Pollard, 356 Barbara Pollock, 38,60,136,144, 318,364 David Polsgrove, 356 Harlev Polston, 318 Henry L. Polston, 295 Glenda Poppe, 363 David Porter, 318 David B Porter, 356 James F. Porter, 335 Teresa K. Porter, 85,149,356 Barrv Posey, 105,295 William L. Potter, 295 Robert L. Poulette, 356 Barbara Powell, 356 Ernest L. Powell, 335 Marcia Powell, 295 Terry E. Powell, 295 Leona W. Pratt, 318 Thomas A. Pratt, 335 Chervl Prescher, 295 Johnny W. Presley, 318 Juanita J. Presley, ' 295 Morris D. Presley, 97,295 Lee B. Presson, 318 James J. Prestidge, 295 Jimmy L. Price, 356 John Alan Price, 295 Mvra Price, 356 Charles Pridmore, 356 Patsv Priest, 318 Sandra K. Priest, 356 Billy Rav Prince, 335 David Prince, 201,356 Steve A. Prince, 107,356 Susie Prine, 295 Robert S. Pritchett, 335 Kenneth Priuett, 318 Ronald L. Proctor, 142,356 Marv Ann Prothro, 85,335 Allan Pruett, 99,318 BobPruett, 61,69,136,318 Jerrv M. Pruett, 335 Kay Pruett, 356 Orev Pruett, 356 Ronnie Pruett, 356 Suzanne M. Pruett, 295 Soundra Kav Pruitt, 295 Teddy G. Pruitt, 335 Joan Puddephatt, 356 Sarah Pugh, 85,118,119,265,318 Dennis Pulliam, 356 Frank D. Pulliam, 295 Julius L. Pulliam, 356 Peggy J. Pulliam, 356 Ray C. Pulliam, 335 Richard L. Pulliam, 356 Jimmv D. Purdom, 318 Robbie Nell Purdom, 335 David Purdv, 97,356 Barbara Roe Purvis, 318 Carolyn N. Puryear, 21,153,295 Helene G. Pvland, 356 Jimmv F. Pvland, 149,295 Janie Quails, 335 Michael L. Quails, 49,50,129,335 Rita Quails, 295 Teddy Quails, 137,356 Terry Quails, 335 Gary Quick, 318 JoeQuillin, 137,318 EvalvnJoQuinn, 295 Marsha Kav Quinn, 335 Marshall Quinn, 137,142,318 RondaJ. Quinn, 335 -R- Alvce Racklev, 363 Joyce Ragland, 335 Walker Duff Ragland, 356 Ronnie Lee Rahm, 101,295 Tom Railsback, 335 Alice M. Raines, 318 Edward W. Raines, 142,318 Frank Raines, 101,356 Jackie Lvnn Rukestrau 14933.- ' Becky Ralev. 83.149;« rr Peggy Raley, 83 3 Howard Louis Jackie Ralph, i«|t Roberta Jean? - y Becks Ranier, ? - Janet Ramer, 318 Icaza Ramiro, 335 Douglas Ramsey, 318 Floyd L. Ramsey Jr., 60,318,364 Gene Ramsey, 318 Linda Ramsey, 318 Sheiron Ramses , 356 Terry Lynn Ramsey, 318 Carol Rand, 63.295 Ted Randleman, 335 Lvnard Randies, 335 Nola Randies, 335 Howard Allan Rands, 335 Delores Daveene Ranev, 335 William Edward Ransdell, 318 John M Ransom Jr., 318 Melinda Rapert, 356 Sandra Rash, 356 Irran Troy Ratliff, 95,295 David Raulinaitis, 49,318 Walter N. Rauth, 99,204,318 Betty Lou Ray, 295 Brenda Kav Rav, 295 David S. Rav, 318 Garry Rav, 356 Linda Kav Ray, 65,124,295 Loretta Rav, 356 Martha Ray, 136,335 Mike Rav, 356 Rex D. Ray, 356 Robert Ray, 356 Russell Ray, 356 Sarah Rav, ' 85,356 Stuart Rav, 356 William E. Ray, 335 Penelope Ann Raymond, 356 Jerry A. Reams, 295 Frances Annette Reasons, 295 Linda Reaves, 356 Michael Rebel, 335 Phyllis Ann Recker, 295 Willette Recker, 335 Barbara Redd, 356 Jimmv Redd, 335 Johnny Lloyd Redd, 335 Nancy Redd, 82,318 Barrv Dale Reddick, 335 Eddie Joe Reddick, 98,155,335 Gaylon D. Reddick, 356 Alicia Reddmann, 335 Annetta Reddmann, 335 Johnnie L. Redwine, 356 Virginia S. Redwine, 335 Charles R. Reece, 318 Allen Reed, 356 Donna Reed, 318 GarvReed, 103,335 Larry Reed, 295 Nancy Lee Reed, 149,356 Nancy Lynn Reed, 356 Penelope Reed, 335 Mary Kav Reeder, 23,81,93,109, 149,318 Jim Reese, 356 Asa Louis Reeves, 137,318 Carmen Reeves, 295 Carol Ann Reeves, 61,136,144,335 Charlene Reeves, 295 Frank Reeves, 335 Robert M. Reeves, 356 Mickey Reich, 356 Jim Reichert, 335 Gene W. Reid, 295 Sharon Smith Reid, 61,295 Susan Reid, 296 Anita Louise Reillv, 318 Charles Parker Remhardt, 318 Kenneth Rav Reinhardt, 335 Charles E. Reinhart, 356 Rheamona Reithemever, 296 Joseph Remlev, 318 Donald J. Renck, 142,335 Barbara Reng, 85,357 David A. Renn, 296 Ronald Joe Rennicke, 335 Diane Retzloff, 318 Teddy Reves, 296 nald Revna, 318 yce Renolds, 318 ouglass Reynolds, 335 fielen L. Reynolds, 318 J|»nes Clarence Reynolds, 357 %n Reynolds, 105,335 In Robert Reynolds, 357 Joyce Reynolds, 137,318 Marian Rey nolds, 296 Max D. Reynolds, 318 Phyllis Reynolds, 318 Roger Reynolds, 335 Sandra D. Reynolds, 134,149, 217,335 James A. Rhea, 335 Allen E Rhodes, 97,296 Carroll L. Rhodes, 318 Kav Jackson Rhodes, 296 Ronnie R. Rhodes, 63,105,108, 137,296 Larrv Rhvnes, 318 Gary L. Rice, 139,318 Janice Rice, 357 Gary Richard, 318 B. G. Richardson, 318 Barrv Lee Richardson, 132,336 Bills R. Richardson, 336 Frances Richardson, 336 James D. Richardson Jr., 122,296 James F. Richardson, 336 John Dale Richardson, 318 Judy Carole Richardson, 336 Larry Richardson, 357 Lenora Faye Richardson, 318 Mary A. Richardson, 336 Shirley Janettee Richardson, 318 Thomas W. Richardson, 132,296 Timothy Charles Richardson, 336 Charles P. Richmond, 318 Ruth Anne Rickman, 296 John R. Riddell, 163,336 Dennis Riddle, 133,148,296 Marv Ridge, 357 Jon R. Ridley, 336 Patsy Sue Rigdon, 336 Annie Riggan, 296 Janice Lvnn Riggs, 93,296 Sarah F. Riggs, 318 Deborah Riley, 336 Edwin H Riley, 318 Linda Lue Ring, 135,318 Connie Risbv, 87,149,357 Robert K. Risbv. 95,108,336 William Llovd Risby, 95,296 Brenda N. Ritchey, 85,357 Daniel G. Ritchey, 318 Bettv Ferrell Roach, 318 Elizabeth J. Roach, 296 Ronald P. Roach, 336 Terry Roach, 131,357 Glenda F. Robb, 296 Clav Robbins, 296 Oma Jean Robbins, 128,318 Thomas A. Robert, 296 Carl Ervin Roberts, 336 Farrel W. Roberts, 296 Gary J. Roberts, 336 Harvey Roberts. 357 Larrv W. Roberts, 336 Patsv Roberts, 363 Paul R. Roberts, 357 Richard A. Roberts, 336 Sandra Roberts, 336 Stephen K. Roberts, 46,336 Beverly Robertson, 91,318 Darlene Robertson, 296 Dennis L. Robertson, 150,296 Donna L. Robertson, 336 Elmer L. Robertson, 296 Elmer W. Robertson, 357 Janet Sue Robertson, 357 Jovcelvn Robertson, 357 Larrv j. Robertson, 124,130, 131,318 Regina Robertson, 70,93,226,357 Sharon Robertson, 357 Steve D. Robertson, 97,357 Thomas J. Robertson, 101,296 William T. Robertson, 318 Deborah Robeson, 357 Leigh E. Robicheaux, 296 Jackie Robinett, 143,357 James M. Robins, 357 Leroy Robins, 219,336 Tommy Robins, 318 Deborah A. Robinson, 336 Gary D. Robinson, 296 GaryM. Robinson, 61,357 Jack Robinson, 357 James A. Robinson, 336 Linda Robinson, 336 Linda K. Robinson, 336 Robin Robinson, 103,296 Sandra S. Robinson, 296 Sheree Robinson. 296 Linda A. Robison, 336 Jerry A. Roddy, 148,296 Regina Rodery, 296 Sonny Rodery, 107,336 Terry L. Roderv, 357 Claudia L. Rodgers, 96,124, 149,296 Curtis Rodgers, 336 Danny R Rodgers, 140,296 Gary W. Rodgers, 318 GlennaJ. Rodgers, 318 Joe B. Rodgers, 149,336 Ranny F. Rodgers, 318 Virgil ' A. Rodgers, 336 Lynda Rodman, 146,296 Rusty Roe, 296 Carl Rogers, 336 Charlotte Rogers, 318 Donna Mae Rogers, 336 Douglas Rogers, 357 Douglas C. Rogers, 61,158, 159,318 Eddie J. Rogers, 357 Gary Rogers, 318 Geraldine Rogers, 318 J. Mike Rogers, 357 James Rogers, 357 Jerri Rogers, 83,318 Jerry L. Rogers, 336 Kennith Boyd Rogers, 357 Lorene B. Rogers, 297 Marv Sue Rogers, 318 Nina M. Rogers, 336 R V. Rogers, 318 Ron Rogers, 318 Rudolph Rogers, 127,171,173, 224,318 Sallv Rogers, 61,319 W. joe Rogers, 319 Frank B. Rohrscheib, 319 Charles M Rook, 319 Rickey Rook, 95,357 Vickie Rook, 357 Bobby C. Rorex, 336 Jean Ann Rorex, 319 Marv Jane Rorex, 126,217,319 Brenda C. Rose, 357 David E. Rose, 336 Garv Don Rose, 336 Larry Rose, 21,103,319 Marv C. Rose, 87.265,319 Wilma K. Rose. 336 Linda Rosica, 357 Donald B. Rosier, 336 Ed Ross, 297 Eddie R. Ross, 336 Franklin Ross, 357 Linda Sue Ross, 336 Marilyn Miller Ross, 319 Marv Kav Ross, 297 Robert Ross, 319 William R. Ross, 319 William R. Ross, 357 Andrew R. Rossi. 336 Tom R. Roth, 130,336 Barbara Rothwell, 123,131,336 Raymond E. Rouse, 125,143,319 Roger Roush, 357 Charles V. Rowe, 336 Pamela Rowe, 319 Philip Rowe, 336 Scott W. Rowell, 107,363 Charles M. Rowland, 103,297 C. Susan Rowland, 83.149,336 Donna M. Rowland, 33 6 Gene Rowland, 96,297 Alvous Rowlett, 319 Gary W. Rowlett, 336 Deborah D Rowsey, 149,357 Jerrv D. Rowsey, 336 Sandra Rowton, 83,123,126,129, 130,336 Jovce E. Royal, 133,141,319 Nadine Royer, 297 Mike Rubottom, 336 Gretchen Rudkin, 357 Dave Ruebsam, 336 Gwen Ruff, 148,149,419 James D. Ruffin, 336 David H. Runk, 357 ArlitaJ Runsick, 319 Charles Russell, 357 Freddv C. Russell, 357 Imogene Russell, 297 Larry Russell, 297 Rickev Russell, 357 Thomas S. Russell. 297 Billy Dale Russom, 336 John Rutherford, 357 Patricia Rutherford, 319 Patsy Rutherford, 357 Kav Rutland, 226,336 Barbara Jo Rutledge, 61,357 Donna Rutledge, 336 Hattie M. Rutledge, 297 Michael E. Rutledge, 357 Deborah Rvan, 336 Garv E. Rvan, 357 Phvilis lUan. 357 -S- [eff Sackett, 105,357 Delia Ann Sadler, 97,137,149,357 Janice Sago, 336 Larry Sago, 319 Gail Sain. 357 John F Sain III, 103.357 Warren K Sale Jr., 357 Dana Saliba. 97,265.336 Judy Saliba. 336 Mitchell Saliba, 38,319 Suann Saliba, 319 Carl A. Saling, 319 KarlaSallee, 97,133,319 Merlyn M. Salley, 319 Margie Lee Sallis, 357 John Saltzman, 336 Linda Carol Samford, 319 John Sammons, 132,143,319 James R. Sample, 336 Jerry Sample, 103,336 Brenda Sanders, 357 ,.ir Sanders, 132,357 How ard Sanders, 319 James L. Sanders, 105,297 Jerrv Sanders, 357 Kenneth Sanders, 297 Kenneth R. Sanders, 95,336 Malinda Sanders, 297 Mary J. Sanders. 319 Rebecca Sanders, 297 W. Dav id Sanders, 336 William D. Sanders, 357 David Sanderson, 105,319 Herbert Sanderson, 105,357 Jack Sandlin, 319 Arnold Sanford, 150,297 Janet L. Sanner, 297 Jerrv Sansing, 132,297 Alan Harris Sapp, 99,336 Donna M. Sapp, 60,297 Shirlee Sargent, 336 Llovd R Sauer, 130,336 Rose Gates Saner, 297 Garv W. Sauheaver, 59,61,319 Ka Saurenman, 83,133,336 Lorraine D. Sa elli. 357 Jimmv R Sawyer, l l ) John J. Sawyer, 61,319 Donald W. Sawvers, 336 Daniel J Sa lor. 319 Diane Savre, 21,87,297 Gene Scarborough, 336 Jan Scarbrough, 357 Victor C Scauzzo, 319 Charles Schaaf, 105,108,138,319 John M. Schaberg, 61,297 Robin Schaberg, 38,60,144,297 Donna Schaechtel, 357 Bob Schafer, 357 Larrv Schafer. 319 Janet Carol Schalk. 135.319 Larry Scheer, 336 Charles T. Scherm, 297 Jerrv Schimming, 297 Joe Bill Schlenker, 319 Barbara Schlesier, 85,319 Christine Schleuss, 297 Russell K Schmidt, 336 David G. Schneider, 336 Kenneth D. Schoenborn, 129.336 William L. Schumann, 319 Linda Schwab, 297 Karl M. Schwemmer, 94,152,297 Ann B. Sciba, 297 Bett) [o Scott, 297 Charles Scott, 297 Charles D. Scott, 319 Dannv Scott, 336 Damn Scott, 319 David J. Scott. 336 Diana B. Scott, 357 Donald E. Scott, 357 Douglas L. Scott, 39,95.297 Gregory A. Scott, 319 Jimmie Don Scott, 319 John M. Scott, 297 Kennv Scott, 357 Thomas M. Scott, 129,357 Tim Scott. 357 Violet 1 Scott, 319 Warren E. Scott, 319 Rand) Screw s, 336 Jon Terrv Scroggin, 336 James Vance Scurlock, 319 Linda S Seagraves, 319 Utah L. Seagraves, 319 Jim Seal. 319 Paul Seal [r., 297 Judv Fave Seals, 337 Janna F. Seats, C Juditl C. Seay, Paul I Seav, 35 Ralph E. Seay, 2 Ro) 1 Seay, 319 Barba ra Sue Seb 297 24.319 Jessica Seuars. 96.139,149,319 foeS Selby, 129.337 Michael L. Selby, 297 Robert R Self, 137,319 Kelly H. Sellers. 319 Charles L. Selman, 337 Duane E. Semrau, 337 William G. Seratt Jr , 357 Brenda Kav Sexton, 87,265.337 Glenda Faye Seymour, 319 Gwendolvn D. Sevmour, 357 James C Shackelford, 319 Elizabeth Shanevfelt, 298 Freda Ann Shanks, 319 Nancy Jovce Shanks. 319 Kathy Shannon, 91,149,337 Melvin Shannon Jr., 357 Jack R. Sharbutt Jr . 319 Beverlv Sharp, 337 Glenda Sharp, 298 Marshall L. Sharp, 97,337 Tince Sharp, 357 Jerrv L. Sharpe, 137,319 Jovce Renee Sharpe, 38.49.70. 72,125.319 Larry A. Sharpe, 128,319 Don C. Shatlev, 298 David Sha er 357 David P. Shaver, 337 Nanc) Susan Shaver, 319 Ruben D. Shaw, 337 Damn Sheals. 357 Vernell Shearer, 85,337 Bettv Sheehv, 337 Connie Sheffield, 83,337 Ronald Shelbv, 298 Darrell W. Shelton, 298 Irvin E. Shelton, 357 Johnny Shelton. 337 Lynell Shelton, 357 Patricia Ann Shelton, 319 Sandra Shelton, 337 Thomas Shelton. 357 Tommy J. Shelton, 298 Twerance K. Shelton, 358 Bette Karen Shepard. 337 Virginia D. Shepard, 319 Gradv Shepherd, 358 Marilyn Ann Spepherd, 298 Michael E. Shepherd, 129,337 Rov M. Shepherd, 319 W. F. Shepherd, 298 Wavne Shepherd, 319 Robert I- Sherrell, 337 BobbvJ. Sherrill, 163,319 Phillip R. Shewmaker Jr., 319 Phillis Kaye Shewmaker, 319 Dannv Shields, 358 Donna R. Shipman, 298 Jerry N. Shipman, 358 John M. Shipman Jr., 298 Peter Shirlev. 337 Phillip Shirley, 358 John L. Shoffnerjr., 105,298 Roger P. Shollmier, 337 Monty Shore, 337 Charles G. Shores, 142,298 Regina Shores, 319 Brenda Short, 134,319 Connie Short. 358 NoalS. Short, 143,150,298 Terrv Short, 358 Ken K Showalter, 103,358 Wallace Shrader, 319 Kathv Shubert. 337 Douglas B. Shultz, 358 Farrell E. Shultz, 319 Craig Shumaker, 99,216,224.319 Deloise L. Shumpert, 358 Kathv Shurlds, 39,86,141,153,298 Jerrv Shurlev, 358 Michael Sides, 358 Steven Sigsbv, 337 Richard C. Simerson, 100,108,319 Loretta Simington, 298 Bill Simmons, 98.99,125,337 Donald Simmons, 358 Jimmie Sue Simmons, 319 John E. Simmons Jr., 358 Kathv Simmons, 358 Samuel E. Simmons, 298 Steve Simmons, 337 Carol Simon. 85,298 Anne Simpson, 82,83, 1 1 8, 1 19,358 Anne Belford Simpson, 90,134, 153,298 Elizabeth D. Simpson, 337 Frances M. Simpson, 133,298 Gordon D. Simpson, 104,122, 143,320 Joy Simpson, 135,320 I ,arr) Simpson, 358 Dennis Sims, 358 Edward S. Sims, 320 Ann Singleton, 358 Hoi. R Singleton, 298 John D. Singleton. 149,337 Larr) [oe Singleton, 337 Michael Singleton. 99,204,337 Patricia Singleton, 298 Robert Singleton, 103.358 Robert T. Singleton, 99,216,320 Janine Sipa, 337 Connie Sipes, 127,320 Flovd Sipe, 127,320 Robert H. Siseo. 337 Richard Sisk, 320 VernaSisk, 298 Jerrv Sisson, 320 Bruce Sites, 358 NicklaD Sitzer, 337 Michael G Skeet. 337 Bill Skelton. 141,320 JettaJoSkillem, 298 Earl Skinner, 358 Tommv Skinner, 107,337 States Skipper, 298 Tonv R. Skogen, 103,320 Terry F. Skyrmes, 320 David Slaton, 358 Judv Slatton, 358 David L. Slaven. 337 Joseph N. Slayden, 320 Preston Slayden, 298 Stephen W. Slavton, 337 Harvey A. Slentz, 320 Howard L. Slinkard, 298 Karen Thompson Slinkard, 298 Jovce Ann Slocum, 298 David L. Smallev, 139,337 BobSmalling, 104,143,320 Tommv Smalling, 358 Pam Smart, 83.149,358 Jimmy D. Smelser, 337 Brenda Smile , 337 Alva Jean Smith, 358 Ann Smith, 337 Ann Corbett Smith, 298 Barrv Cris Smith, 337 Betty Alma Smith, 358 Bettv Louise Smith, 358 Bonnie Mae Smith, 320 Bonnie Nadine Smith, 298 Brvan Smith, 337 Buddv Smith, 148,358 Carol Smith, 61.358 Carolvn R. Smith, 320 Claude H. Smith Jr., 298 Conrad M. Smith, 125,320 Dale E. Smith, 298 Danny S Smith, 101,337 Dannv W. Smith, 358 David Lee Smith, 358 Deborah Smith, 358 Dennis L. Smith, 122,150,320 Dennis R. Smith, 122,320 Dickie C. Smith. 337 Donald R. Smith, 122,128,143,320 Donna Jean Smith, 358 Donnie A. Smith, 337 Douglas Smith, 337 Edna Jane Smith, 146,298 Elton Smith, 320 Frank Smith, 320 Garv F. Smith, 337 Gary S Smith, 320 Gary V. Smith, 320 George E. Smith, 298 Greg Smith, 98,108,337 Hal P. Smith, 320 Harold L. Smith, 337 Jack Smith, 184,320 JackD. Smith, 51,358 James C. Smith, 337 James E. Smith, 320 James G. Smith, 320 James P. Smith, 298 Jim Rav Smith, 320 Joe W Smith, 320 Joseph D. Smith, 358 Joseph E. Smith, 320 Joseph E. Smith. 299 Karen L. Smith, 320 Kathv Smith, 337 Keith R. Smith, 320 Kenneth C. Smith, 358 Landis R. Smith, 363 Larrv Lee Smith. 94,299 Leon Curtis Smith. 358 Lynn Smith, 129,3.58 Marie E. Smith, 358 Mark A. Smith, 132,320 Marv Jean Smith. 299 Marv Jo Smith, 320 Mar) K Smith, 358 Marv W. Smith, 358 Michael L. Smith, 358 Peggv Smith, 337 Phillip L. Smith. 95,320 PhilC. Smith, 101,141,337 Randy M. Smith, 299 Randy K. Smith, 337 Reida Smith. 363 Rhonda Fave Smith, 358 Richard B. Smith, 358 Rickie L. Smith. 320 Ricky Smith, 320 Rickv Lynn Smith. 99,299 Robert J. Smith, 358 Robert M. Smith. 337 Ronald G. Smith, 358 Rosevelt Smith, 320 Sammv L. Smith, 337 Sandi Smith, 265,299 Sara Ka Smith. 337 Sharon L. Smith, 299 Sherrill Smith, 320 Steve Smith, 358 Susan L. Smith, 299 Terrv Smith, 358 Thomas W. Smith. 32 Thurman M. Srflh, Verbs E Smith. 12C, W illiam J Smith, Willis Smith II, 60.61.320,364 Beth Smithee, 358 Curtis N. Smithson, 299 tMiJ|»ithwick. 85,149,26.5,320 .fc ttaiJfckttick. 358 58 TtajfckiHck, 31 m 380 Claude J. Snelgrove, 299 Scott Snellgrove, 105,358 Patti Croom Snider, 299 Stewart Snider, 337 Farrington B. Snipes Jr., 320 Samuel Jackson Snipes, 95,337 Jerry Grant Snodgrass, 134,299 Susan Snodgrass, 299 Celia Frances Snow, 149,337 Dannv Wayne Snow, 358 Ellis Brooks Snow, 320 James W. Snow, 320 Lloyd Dale Snow, 126,135,148,299 Cora Mae Snyder, 320 Joe Solomon, 358 Diana Sorrels, 337 Gary Glenn South, 358 Larrv Lvnn South, 358 Jerry Lee Southall, 337 Kenneth Wayne Southern, 175,177, 227,299 Steve Southern. 358 Jimmv Spain, 358 Brenda Spann, 358 David R. Spann, 101,320 Donna Sparks, 337 Linda Sparks, 123,134,337 Russell O. Sparks, 358 Don Speck. 107,337 Jerrv Lvnn Speck, 299 John R. Speck, 320 Curtis L. Speed, 127.320 Joel Speer, 320 Linda Speer, 358 Sue R. Speer, 320 Charles E. Spence Jr., 97,129,337 Janie Spence, 299 Noel Spence, 97,358 John Spencer, 337 Ken W. Spencer, 61,320 Kenneth O. Spencer, 131,337 Virginia How ard Spencer, 337 Rick A. Spicer, 320 Dianne Lvnn Spieler, 299 Roger Spillvards, 358 F. Gene Spitzer, 320 Beverly Spivey, 93,337 Johnnie Ruth Spraberrv, 337 Shervl A. Spradling, 97,299 Charlotte Springle, 358 Melba L. Spurgin, 320 Dennis R. Spurlock, 299 Gregorv Neal Spurlock, 337 Sharon Kav Spurlock, 81,85,109, 149,320 Billv B. Stacy, 358 Michael B. Staed, 122,299 Byron Stafford, 320 Leslie Earl Stafford, 320 Rosalee Stafford, 97,123,337 Tommy Stafford, 337 Babe Eugene Stage, 337 Alton Wayne Stallcup, 299 Andrea Lee Stallcup, 337 Liva Stallcup, 83,149,358 Rickev L. Stallcup, 320 Russell Stallcup, 358 Michael Dennis Stallings, 338 Rick Stamper, 358 Betty Stanfill, 299 Peggy Stanfill, 299 Winford Stanfill, 358 Natalie Stanford, 299 Bobbv Stanlev, 105,338 Eddie Joe Stanley, 299 Glenn Stanlev, 358 Marv Stanlev, 92,320 William Stanton, 358 Frank Staples, 338 Mollv Suzanng.Stark, 299 Glenda Joyce Starling, 146,358 Brenda Starr, ,iJ5S Linda S. Statenf-(SoS Barbara Staudt, 299 Thomas L. Stavton, 338 Nicki St. Clair, ' 358 Billv Norris Steele, 107,358 Roger Dale Steele, 358 William Avera Steejg IRi Hubert C Steimet V Kyle J. Steiner George Stem, JW Allen Stephen Carol Je: Kav Stephens, 359 Charlene Sterne, 359 Michael Stetson, 359 Donald Stevens, 320 lerrv O. Stevens, 299 Lvnn W. Stevens, 359 Terrv Wesley Stevenson. 320 Arnold Lee Steward, 359 Robbia Steward, 359 Howard L. Stewart, 359 John Stewart, 359 Judith Ann Stewart, 85,299 Larrv Stewart, 359 Maria Stewart, 61,70,71,73,87, 149,359 Rev a D Stewart, 338 Sharon Stew art, 359 Warren Hal Stewart, 359 Patsy J. Stickler, 363 Garv Ernest Stidem, 359 Daniel Stiles, 320 Rick E. Stiles, 338 Dwight Still, 359 Garv David Still, 359 Patricia Stillwell, 320 Victor Rav Stilwell, 149,338 Robert Eugene Stirewalt, 150,359 Ronnv David Stites, 320 Joe C. Stocks, 359 Carol Ann Stogsdill, 97,141, 149,338 Dennie Stokes, 359 Dennis H. Stokes, 338 Jeff DeWavne Stokes, 359 Brenda Stone, 61.70,71,72,91, 149,359 Carolvn R. Stone, 359 James L. Stone, 61,299 Jerrv D. Stone, 320 Reagan Stone, 338 Rebecca Ann Stone, 97,149,359 Stephen Stone, 359 Zack Stone III., 359 Bentley E. Story, 107,129,338 Vernon R. Storv, 359 Charles Stotts, 359 David Stotts, 359 Janti Sue Stotts, 299 Marv Jane Stotts, 137,142,320 Paul H. Stotts, 143,320 Kathv Lorene Stout, 359 AndvStovall, 97,299 Beverlajane Stovall, 46,338 Martha Stovall, 320 Debbie Stowe, 91,149,358 Kenneth Stracener, 150,320 James Strachan, 359 Jack Stradlev, 59,320 Paula Stratton, 320 Wendell Stratton, 122,140,320 Sharron Strawbridge, 320 Elena Lynn Strickland, 359 Virginia Strickland, 338 Dennis Stricklin, 359 Gary W. Stricklin, 299 James Stricklin, 359 Sandra Stricklin, 299 Vickie Lvnn Stricklin, 359 Frank Stringer, 320 MikeStropp, 21,71,103,159, 227,321 Delores Stroud, 338 Gary Stroud, 359 Gary D. Stroud, 321 Marv Bernhard Stroud, 321 Marv Jo Stroud, 359 Roger Stroud, 359 Steve Struble, 36,185,195,321 James Michael Stuart, 321 John Stuart, 321 Kenneth D. Stuart, 359 Marv Hankins Stuart, 321 Beverlv Stubblefield, 359 Gail Stuck, 359 Paul J. Stultz, 363 Linda Stutts, 321 illiam Suggs, 359 cv M. Sulcer, 97,139,149,321 abeth Jean Sullivan, 338 es D. Sullivan, 96,300 nda K. Sullivan, 359 iim L Sullivan, 61,148,321 fjetrv Parnell Sullins, 359 Garv Lee Sullvant, 359 Betty Lou Summers, 359 Carolvn Summers, 300 David Summers, 359 James D. Summers, 359 Judy Summers, 321 James Sumner, 359 M. Sharolyn Sumner, 300 Aubrey N. Sumpter, 321 Terry J. Sumpter, 359 Joyce E. Sutherland, 321 Bruce Colbert Sutton Jr., 359 Coy Sutton Jr., 338 Dennis Sutton, 321 Joseph V. Svoboda, 321 Rov E. Swain, 300 Linda L. Swan, 321 Frank W. Swanson, 321 Kenneth L. Swanson, 359 Gail Sweat, 359 Martha Ann Swigert, 321 Davine Swihart, 338 Cleatus Leon Swindle, 99,338 Glen E. Swindle, 152,321 Libby Swindle, 91,149,359 Phillip Swindle, 359 Clovis Swinnev, 184,191,321 DougSzenher, 101,141,157,357 -T- Arthur Tacker, 359 Charles L. Tacker, 300 Mike Tacker, 359 Ronald Tacker, 338 Sam Taggart, 300 Dennis M. Talbott, 338 Gavle M. Tamburo, 85,149, 265,338 Charles W. Tankerslev, 61, 136,321 Richard L. Tankerslev, 338 Karla Tanner, 359 JodvTapp, 321 Bill TarplevJr., 338 Billv Rovle Tarplev, 363 James Edward Tart, 359 Cvnthia Tarver, 359 Albert Tate, 359 Curtis Tate, 359 Marv Tate, 338 Natalie Tate, 338 Ralph Tate 149,321 Ronald Lee Tate, 321 Alice Geneva Tavlor, 321 Barbara Kave Tavlor 38,60,136, 144,321 ' Bertha Taylor, 338 Bonnie Taylor, 359 Bruce Wayne Taylor, 338 Carolvn Sue Tavlor, 300 Clifford A. Tavlor, 359 Cole Tavlor, 359 Donna tavlor, 338 Hayden Taylor, 129,359 James S. Tavlor, 359 Jimmv Dail Tavlor, 95,300 Joe Tavlor, 141, 321 Judith Tavlor, 338 Louella Tavlor, 141,359 Marv Ruth Tavlor, 131,338 Michael Tavlor, 60,103,122,300 Phil T. Taylor, 300 Robert Tavlor, 321 Ronald S. Taylor, 338 Shirley Greer Tavlor, 300 Van Taylor, 338 Vicky Tavlor, 359 W. D. Taylor, 359 Steven D. Teague, 321 Sandra A. Tedder, 363 Carolvn Tedford, 321 Kathv Tedford, 338 Lois tedford, 338 Roger A. Teel, 300 Alan Tegethoff, 321 Mauricio Telleria, 338 James William Temple, 359 David Tennison, 359 Randal Tennison, 338 Anne Terkeurst, 146,338 Charles M. Terral, 107,338 Jeannie Terry, 97,149,338 Marcia L. Thacker, 97,149,338 ( larol Thaver, 338 Carroll Roy Thetford, 338 Debbie Thielemier, 136,145, 149,359 Daisy May Thomas, 338 Daniel Ewing Thomas, 338 Emily Jo Thomas, 359 Gary J. Thomas, 300 Helen Thomas, 363 Marsha Thomas, 91,123,135,338 Martha B. Thomas, 338 Randall Scott Thomas, 338 Richard S. Thomas, 321 Rov E. Thomas, 97,300 Sheridan Thomas, 321 Terry Thomas, 97,359 Tom Thomas, 300 Tom W. Thomas, 338 William E. Thomas Jr., 359 Danny K. Thomason, 321 Tripp Thomasson, 359 Albert Flovd Thompson, 359 Alfred W. Thompson, 321 Bill Thompson, 360 Carl Thompson, 300 Charles E. Thompson, 321 David E. Thompson, 101,338 Diane Thompson, 360 Elzora A. Thompson, 338 Eugene S. Thompson, 143,321 Glenn E. Thompson, 97,140,321 Jerry Thompson, 338 Jimmy Thompson, 105,338 Jean thompson, 388 Joe F. Thompson, 321 Martha Thompson, 300 Michael A. Thompson, 338 Micheal J. Thompson, 321 Michael N. Thompson, 360 Nathan Thompson Jr., 300 Roger Charles Thompson, 300 Ronnie E. Thompson, 338 Stanley Thompson, 360 Thomas Mack Thompson, 321 Thomas Michael Thompson, 321 William G. Thompson. 300 Nancv Thorne, 321 David Thornlev , 363 Dianne Thornlev, 360 Sam Thorpe, 97,108,113,114,138,338 Donald E. Thrash, 338 Dennis E. Thrasher, 360 Debbie Threet, 29.9 1 , 1 1 6, 1 49,226, 32 1 Don Threet, 360 Ruth N. Threet, 300 Susan Throgmorton, 360 Bethel L. Thurman, 300 Pamelia Thurman, 128,321 Tommv Thurmond, 338 Gary M. Thurston, 105,300 Jimmv Thurston, 338 Vicki Thurston, 360 James N. Ticejr., 360 Larrv B. Tiffee, 321 Scott Till, 103,321 Debbie Tillerv, 322 Sam Tillett, 300 Harold D. Tillev, 360 LvdiaTillev, 360 Alice Tillman, 338 Angela J. Tillman, 300 Sharon Timbs, 360 Bobbie B. Timmermann, 139,321 Robert Sharp Tims, 300 Billv Don Tiner, 360 Bobbie lean Tiner, 300 Marv Elizabeth Tiner, 338 M. Claudette Tinnin, 321 GarvTinslev, 360 MaryTinslev, 321 Roger D. Tinsley, 338 Johnny Tipton, 321 James Toburen, 321 Dannv Lee Todd, 338 Janna Todd, 321 Jo Ella Todd, 35,70,71,91,109,113, 114,124,265,321,364 Wendell Tolson, 338 Anthony Tomasello Jr., 300 William Tomerlin, 363 Don Tomlinson, 338 Lena Sue Tomlinson, 148,149,360 Philip Tomlinson, 360 v Frank Toney, 99,360 Laurie Toole, 360 Suzanne Tope, 321 James Torjusen, 360 Mike N. Tosh, 360 SongaTosh. 360 Roger B. Totten, 300 Ronald C. Towell, 338 Elizabeth Towles, 300 Jovce D. Townsend, 300 Bob Travis, 321 Jerry M. Travis, 138,300 Rebecca Jo Travis, 338 Larry Treadway, 360 Pamela Treadway, 360 Pamela Treadway, 321 Stephan Treadway, 360 David H. Treat, 300 Larry Treat, 321 Patricia Ann Treat, 321 Cecil Treece, 227,338 Diana Treece. 338 William H. Treneman, 360 Dan L. Trevathan, 105,321 Linda Trevathan, 338 Roger Tribble, 321 John C. Trice. 129,338 Travis Trice, 338 David Trim, 61,360 RandvC. Trim, 51.105,321 Terry Trimble, 363 Linda Trimue, 338 RonTriplett, 300 Carolvn Sue Trivitt, 338 Marsha Troillett, 360 Carolvn Trotter, 360 Paul W. Trout, 321 Richard W. Truax, 127,321 Cynthia Truxton, 85,149,360 Marv Suzanne Truxton, 67,84,109, 113,114,124,134,149,300 Don Tucker, 360 Everett Tucker Jr., 99,321 Michael W. Tucker, 360 Ravmond D. Tucker, 321 Rhonda Tucker, 85,338 NancvJoTuggle, 91,338 Marvin Dale " full, 360 Tom Tull, 338 Ronald R. Tullos, 301 Brenda Turbyfill, 83,338 Mike Turko, 339 Sharron K. Turman, 339 Deborah Turner, 360 Jack R. Turner, 321 Jerre W. Turner, 301 Jimmy N. Turner, 360 Johnnie Turner, 339 Katherine Ann Turner, 360 Lawrence G. Turner, 339 Linda Turner, 301 Robert Brooks Turner, 360 Sandra Turner, 339 Tommy Turner, 360 Barbara Turpin, 321 Roger D. Turpin, 360 Lois A. Tusing, 360 Steve B. Tve, 360 Brenda Tvler, 339 David Tyler, 360 DovleTyer, 321 Terrv Tvler, 360 Henrv V. Tvner, 321 Robert C. Tyson, 360 -U- Randal Ulmer, 60,321 Beverly Underwood, 360 Joyce Underwood, 363 Rebecca Lvnn Underwood, 301 Jerry Upchurch, 301 Steve A. U pshaw, 339 William Darrell Ursey, 103.321 John Daniel Urton, 60,301,364 -V- Lynn D. Valenteen, 91,124,137, 149,265,301 William H. Valentine. 301 Fred Valicenti, 321 Jeanetta Vallentine, 301 Lawrence Van Camp, 339 Wavne Vance, 339 Donald Eugene Vancil, 360 Joe Nell Van Cleve, 107,339 Tarsa Van Cleve, 321 Jerry Wayne Vandiver, 301 Bettv Ann Van Horn, 138. 139,301 Mary Jane Van Horn. 301 Cynthia Jane Van Meter, 49,82,301 Ike Van Meter, 107,339 Darlene Van Pelt, 339 Louise R. Van Pelt, 61,321 Pamela Lee N an Pelt, 321 Don G. Vansandt, 360 Patricia Van Sant, 339 Thomas Van Vranken. 339 Linda Kay Varnell, 134,360 James Vaughan, 321 Laquita Vaughn, 360 Martha V aughn, 360 Mike Vaughn, 105,360 Robert W. Vaughn, 360 Stan Vaughn, 339 Victor Vaughn, 301 Sammy D Vaught, 360 Harrv Randal Veach, 97,360 Jimmy G. Veach, 339 Billv C. Veal, 321 Donna G. Veal, 360 David A. Velander, 204,205.207, 208,210,212,214.301 Dianna Velander, 301 R. D. Velander, 99,216,321 Carolvn S. Vent, 339 Lee Vent, 149.322 William R. Vermillion, 135,301 Mary L. Vernon, 321 Barbara Sue Vest, 339 Glenford E. Veteto, 322 Paul Veteto, 360 David T. Vick, 149,360 Lvnelle Gav Vick, 301 Melba Fern Vickers, 149,339 Thomas Vigeant, 322 Andrew J. Vincent, 322 Rudy Vines, 339 Suzanne Vining, 93,149,360 Robert Vinson, 360 James F. Vittitow, 339 Charlotte Volk, 61,91,149,360 William F. Vollmer, 322 Peggy Von Almen, 87,123,149,339 Phyllis J Vondran, 301 Larrv D. Voss, 142,301 Donald G. Vox les, 339 Nicholas C. rettos, 339 -W- Garrv Waddell, 360 Peggy M. Waddell, 339 Christopher V. Wade, 63,96,108, 301 Debbie Wade, 360 Donald W. Wade, 322 Robbie Wade, 23,86.109,149.322 Jim Wage, 360 Donald R Wager. 301 Dalmer G. Wagner, 360 Harietta M. Wagner, 322 Jimmy W agner, 99,163.216.322 Barbara Wahl, 85,149,339 Terrv Waits, 96,322 Richard E. Walden, 322 Bubba Waldrup, 191,192,360 Joe Waleszonia, 99,192,199,339 Tom Waleszonia, 204.206,207,322 Carev Walker, 360 Charlene Walker, 322 Dan Lee Walker, 360 Donnie E. Walker, 360 Gary Walker, 149,360 Karvn Sue Walker, 85,123,360 Lance T. Walker, 301 Marvin Walker, 127,339 Marv Walker, 61,128,360 Melva Walker, 339 Michael F. Walker, 339 Michael J. Walker, 360 Nina F. Walker, 322 Patricia Ann Walker, 360 Ralph K Walker, 122,322 Ralph L. Walker Jr.. 360 Richard C. Walker, 39,46,51.60. 301 Susan Walker, 339 Tommv Walker, 360 Tommv Walker, 61,339 Janet Wall, 322 David R. Wallace, 129,322 Kenneth C. Wallace, 339 Sherrv L. Wallace, 360 TnilaJ. Wallace, 134,301 Garv Lee Waller, 360 Michael W. Waller, 360 Susan Wallev, 301 Jerrv Walli n, 322 Janis Wallis, 322 Oleta B. Wallis, 301 Barrv L. Walls, 360 Dav id J. Walls, 105,185,322 John E. Walls, 322 Lucv Walls, 339 Marshall Walls. 339 Roger Walls, 339 Henrv Walters, 339 Paul W. Walters, 360 Rae Ann Walters, 339 Tim Walters, 107,339 Bobbv Earl Walton, 339 Bonita Walton, 85,360 Paulette Walton, 322 Priscilla Walton, 361 Phillip Wamock, 322 Bettv P. Ward, 339 Carl Ward, 361 Larrv Ward, 105,322 PamWard, 83,361 Patricia K. Ward, 322 Walter Ward, 361 Jennifer Ware, 34,35,37,80,87, 116,143.149,265,339 PattiJ. Warr, 18,113,114.123,136. 149,339 Cynthia G. Warren, 339 Dennis M. Warren, 361 Linda Warren, 332 Rosalie Warren, 301 Cleve Warrick, 97,138,224,322 Dale D. Washam, 361 Deborah Washburn, 361 Kenneth Wasson, 122,322 Brent Watkins, 361 Charles L. Watkins, 361 Donna Kav Watkins, 361 Karen Watkins, 61,148,361 Marilyn Watkins, 339 Tommy Watkins, 322 Wavne Watkins, 100,108,109,322 Alan Watson, 106,301 Dannv W. Watson, 107,301 Eddie M. Watson, 132,301 Future M. Watson, 361 Glenis Watson, 301 Lanav Watson, 131,146,301 Marilvn K. Watson, 149,339 Mary A. Watson, 322 Michael D. Watson, 61,339 Patti Jo Watson, 322 Philip Watson, 361 Robbie Watson, 301 Robert L. Watt, 339 Richard Watts, 103,361 Dannv R. Wavmon, 322 Hugh Weatherford, 339 Patricia A. Weatherford, 322 Andrea Weathersbv, 97,141,149, 339 David Weaver, 143,322 Dennis R. Weaver, 322 Dwight M. Weaver, 339 Jerrv H. Weaver, 301 Judith G. Weaver, 139,302 Michael Weaver, 363 Michael R. Weaver, 339 Steve Weaver, 361 Wilton G. Weaver, 94,322 Barbara Webb, 361 David L. Webb, 61,361 Donna Webb, 361 Marilyn Webb, 322 Robert Webb, 361 Ronald Webb, 339 Tonva M. Webb, 339 Rov Webber, 339 Gary L. Webster, 361 Randv O. Wedgworth, 361 Sharon Wegman, 147,339 Walter A. Weier, 339 Andrea Lee Weir, 322 Anna L. Weitkamp, 123,148,361 Jerrv Welch, 361 Carolvn S. Wells, 322 Catherine M. Wells, 361 Donna Marie Wells, 137, 142,226, 339 Elizabeth Ann Wells, 302 Jerrv E. Wells, 302 Peggy J. Wells, 302 Elvira Wenzel, 122,322 Kathleen Werner, 361 Pfeifer Wesley, 361 Diane Wess, 361 Charles L. West, 150,361 Garv M. West, 361 Jimmv P. West, 226.363 John W. West, 107,322 Oliver L. West, 361 Sharon L. West, 322 William O. West Jr., 361 Ed Westbrook, 339 Teresa Westbrook, 361 Marv A. Westenberger, 361 Sharon Western, 339 James K. Westmoreland, 361 Betty A. Weston, 302 Larrv Weston, 361 Lena Weston, 322 Steve Weston, 97,132,322 WilliamS. Westrol, 95,137,145, 322 Bennie L. Wheeler, 322 Bettv Wheeler, 322 Bill H. Wheeler, 137,302 Dicky Wheeler, 339 J. C. Wheeler, 363 Jeannette Wheeler, 339 Nancv E. Wheeler, 361 Rickv Wheeler, 361 Ronald A. Wheeler, 361 Walter M. Wheeler, 339 Wavne Wheeler, 302 Bob Wheelis, 302 Charles R. Wheelis, 339 Ron Whelchel, 361 Betty J. Wherry, 142,322 Johnny Wherrv, 361 Alan B. Whisenhunt, 339 Debra C. Whisenhunt, 83,361 Sarah Whistle. 361 Charles Whitaker, 361 Janet Sue Whitaker, 339 Marv Ann Whitaker, 61,361 Perrv D. Whitaker, 339 Aaron D. White, 302 Charles M. White, 361 Dan E. White Jr., 339 David C. White, 302 Frank C. White, 322 Garv White, 97,302 Grace White, 322 Harold F. White, 128,302 Jimmy White, 339 Jimmy O. White, 339 Lonnie E. White, 361 M.Ann White, 322 Martha K. White, 87,302 MaryC. White, 339 Melvin D. White, 322 Peggy White, 322 Richard L. White, 122,302 Ron White, 143,322 Ronnie D White, 32 " Stephen E. White, 3 Vickie J. White ' 32; Wavne F. White, 3»,- ' Treva Whiteaker, 339 Bobbv L. Whitehead. 322 Victrasft A. Whitehead, 322 CtaHP. v Whitfield. 145,302 Jot W- " " ld - 302 •-N.05, 195,361 T.ryW. Bonnie K. , 47,302 tturlis Whit., lebeeca S. Wt j42 Teresa Whitsell. 61,339 Jimrm Whitsett, 361 Rebecca E. Whitt, 322 Ronny D. Whitt. 361 Danny J. Whitten, 339 Joan Whitten, 339 Sharon Whitten, 361 Donna Whittingham, 322 Ronald Whittingham, 339 Allen W. Wicker, 302 Terry Wicker, 105,322 BillWidner, 361 Edward J. Wieder, 302 Carol Wiggins, 302 Travis Wiggins, 363 Vicki L. Wiggins, 339 B. Dianne Wilbanks, 361 Shervle K. Wilborn, 302 Fred W. Wilcox. 302 Jimmy C. Wilcox, 361 Judv Wilcoxson, 361 Carolyn Wiles. 302 Dennis R. Wiles. 322 John C. Wiles, 339 Mary L. Wilev, 97,302 Damn Wilfong, 339 Charles Wilhite. 340 Denny D Wilken, 302 Noel C. Wilkerson, 142,322 Van Paula Wilkie, 322 Donna W. Wilkins, 131,361 Gail Wilkins, 340 Linda Joy Wilkins, 128,340 Tommy Wilkins, 361 Brenda Wilkinson, 322 Michael D. Wilkinson, 100,340 Jim Willcockson, 340 June A. Willcockson, 322 Brenda Willcutt, 322 AnnWillett, 85,340 Terri C. Willett, 340 WavneWillev, 322 A. D. Williams |r., 361 Alice F. Williams, 340 Annette Williams, 361 Bill Williams, 340 Billy G. Williams, 122,349 Bovd S. Williams, 340 Brue Williams, 302 Carolvn Williams, 146,322 Charles Williams, 322 Christilou Williams, 361 Clvde W. Williams, 361 Diane Williams, 361 Don S. Williams, 340 Eddie Joe Williams, 322 Gail Williams, 363 Garlin W. Williams, 322 Gary E. Williams, 302 George M. Williams, 95,132,136, 322 Harland Williams, 361 Harrv D. Williams, 322 James C. Williams, 219,302 James E. Williams, 340 James F. Williams, 340 Jimmy R. Williams, 302 John M. Williams, 122,150,302 johnny R. Williams, 322 Kathry n Williams, 340 Len Williams, 361 Mamie Williams, 340 • Marv F. Williams, 322 Mike Williams, 361 Morris K. Williams, 142,361 Nadi Williams, 302 Phillip Williams. 322 Reedie G. Williams, 122,302 Rickv Williams, 340 Robert C. Williams. 99,340 Rodger Williams, 99,361 Ronnie L. Williams, 340 Ross Williams, 340 Sharon Williams, 340 Stanley R. Williams, 163,166,204, 340 Stephin Williams, 361 Virginia L. Williams, 322 Walter E. Williams, 303 Willodine Williams, 323 Barry Williamson, 340 Karen Williamson, 361 William H. Williamson, 323 Jimmy R. Williford, 323 Charles Willis, 361 DeannaJ. Willis, 323 Nancy L. Willis, 361 Steven Willis, 361 Paul H. Willmuth, 97,340 Janice L. Wilmoth, 361 Alan Wilson, 303 Allen S. Wilson, 323 Becky Wilson, 340 Brenda Fave Wilson, 323 Carl Wilson, 340 Carol Jane Wilson, 91 , 147, 149,340 Charley Sue Wilson, 340 Daniel G. Wilson, 361 Diana Kav Wilson, 87,123,340 Jerry Wilson, 323 Jerry W. Wilson, 340 Judith A. Wilson, 361 Margaret L. Wilson, 131,361 Mark K. Wilson, 103,361 Marv Dean Wilson, 361 Marv Jo Wilson, 323 Ronald Paul Wilson, 340 Ronnie Wilson, 150,323 Ruthel R. Wilson, 303 Sharon Ann Wilson, 97,146,149, 323 Steve B. Wilson, 340 William C. Wilson, 303 Joe Alan Wimberley, 323 Larrv Winberrv, 361 Donald E. Winchester, 323 Billy J. Windland, 303 VanWineland, 362 Albert L. Winkle, 59,61,128.323 Ritchie Winkler, 101,362 James Winningham, 140,323 Barbara Rav Winters, 323 Garv W. Winters, 303 Herman L. Winters, 303 Maria Winters, 362 Delbert Wisdom, 303 Carl Wise, 323 Charlene Wise, 128,362 Harriette Wise, 80,91,323 Mike Wise, 204,209,213,215,323 Mona Carol Wisehart, 303 Linda Lou Wiseman, 323 Frankie Witcher, 303 Sandra Kaye Wixson, 323 Fred Edgar Wizer, 362 Jim Wofford, 362 Martha Wofford, 87,116,141,149, 340 David M. Wolf, 226,323 Lawrence L. Wolf, 323 Cecil T. Womack, 340 Robert Womack, 340 Billv Joe Wood, 323 DannvWood, 323 David H. Wood, 101,303 Deborah Kav Wood, 323 Dennis Wood, 363 Doug Wood, 362 Gary A. Wood, 340 Grace Suzanne Wood, 124,303 GwinWood, 303 James M. Wood, 362 lennifer Wood, 91,137,149,303 Jim Wood, 340 Jimmy W. Wood, 323 Juliene Wood, 303 Lois F. Wood, 323 LvnnWood, 303 Maurice C. Wood, 150,323 Melinda Wood, 323 Paula Wood, 340 Rhonda Lvnn Wood, 323 Roberta Jean Wood, 91,137,149, 340 Ronnie Wood, 323 Teresa Wood, 323 TerrvWood, 323 Clarence Woodard, 362 Phvllis D. Woodard, 323 Robert D. Woodard, 323 Martha D. Woodham, 362 Nancv Woodham, 146,340 Donna Woodle, 323 Larry Woodruff, 340 Lonnie M. Woodruff, 143,226,323 Stephen Woodruff, 362 Teresa Woodruff, 340 Richard V. Woodrum, 362 Robert D. Woodrum, 362 Stephen Woodson, 323 Bobby Dale Woody, 132,323 Kathv Wolldridge, 362 Phillip K. Wooldridge, 340 Roger W. Wooley, 340 Yvonne Woolverton, 85,149,323 Brenda Seymour Wooten, 303 Jerry E. Wooten, 303 Mary Jane Wooten, 87,113,114, 149,340 CheriWord, 61,340 Sam Work, 362 Michael Worlev. 362 DeLoisJ. Worlow, 363 Leland L. Worlow, 303 Lydia L. Worlow, 323 Larry J. Worsham, 340 Bobbv Wortham, 362 Robert Wortsmith, 216,340 Larrv Wrav, 323 LvndaWren, 93,340 Barbara Wright, 362 Barbara Jan Wright, 323 Carol Yvonne Wright, 323 Deborah Kav Wright, 340 Flovd E. Wright Jr., 130,140,303 George H. Wright Jr., 303 Joe A. Wright, 340 Julius Phillip Wright, 226,323 Karen Wright, 131,362 Michael Louis Wright, 340 Nancv Wright, 97,149,323 Ronnie M. Wright, 303 Suzanne Wright, 83,323 Elden B Wrinkles, 362 Vicky Shu-Kuan Wu, 133,323 Jan Wulfekuhler, 23,85,323 Rita Wurtz, 323 Sidney G. Wurtz, 303 Dan Wvjr., 323 JerrvWvatt, 362 -Y- Bonnie Sue Yancy, 340 Garv Yancev, 323 Allen Yarbro, 303 Charles R. Yarbro II, 323 Donald Yarbro, 323 Joe Yarbro, 362 Ronnie Yarbrough, 340 Carmen Yarnell, 340 Rogers Yarnell, 340 David A. Yates, 323 Fonnie Gale Yates, 131,362 Janet Clarke Yawn, 323 Bruce Yeager, 96,323 Freddie M. Yeager, 143,362 Ronald W. Yeager, 97,303 Virginia D Yeargain, 303 Susan Lynn Yehling, 340 James L. Yopp, 323 Al Young, 340 David Allen Young, 362 David Martin Young, 95,362 Dianne Young, 340 Linda Agness Young, 148,362 Linda Ann Young, 96,323 Pam Young, 70,72,87,149,362 Patricia Young, 83,109,123,134, 149,340 Phil Young, 204,206,340 Rebecca B. Young, 61,93,362 Robin Young, 93,149,362 Roger W Young, 340 Sharon G. Young, 123,128,131,362 W. A. Young, 303 William W. Young, 132,323 Larry R. Younger, 303 -Z- Lexv Zalewski, 61,136 Sandv Zeigler, 146,340 Ann Ziegenhorn, 93.303 Larry M. Ziegenhorn, 340 Carolyn Zimmerman, 59,61,144, 340 Terrv D. Zimmerman, 133,323 Judv Ann Zinn, 91,113,114,123, 340 Joe F. Zollner, 303 Dennis Zolper, 36,64, 1 14, 1 15, 122, 185,192,194,199,303 . . . An Era Ends In the summer of 1965 I received a letter from Victor Dickson, then the sports editor of the Indian, asking me if I would like to work on the yearbook when I enrolled in Arkansas State University that fall. I had never worked on a yearbook, but on my next trip to Jonesboro, I went to see Victor, and I told him I would do it. Little did I know what my meager efforts while writing sports copy would bring. After two more years of staff work, I found myself as editor of this monster, both malignant and benign in character. And now, at 2:30 p.m., March 31, 1969, I find myself trying to finish this literary monologue before the plane, which will carry the final deadline to Walsworth Publishing Company, leaves at 4:28. Usually an editor looks forward to his chance at putting out a yearbook, and I was no exception, but when my time finally came, I found that many " chickens had come home to roost, " and it was my job to clean up the mess they left. I hope I have. In some previous years the yearbook has caused slight controversy after the book ' s contents became known before the annual was released. This year, though, the book should be a surprise to everyone, including some of the staff members. It seems that every time we had a major deadline, staff members were also in the middle of nine weeks or semester tests, and in one case, in " mid mid-semester " tests. Luckily, I was able to either juggle my schedule around my tests in order to get some work done, but in some cases, the books (academic) had to suffer. It ' s hard, though, to expect a fantastic quantity of work from a staff which is mostly composed of volunteers. And what a collection of personalities the staff in- cluded. Ron Becker, who will inherit this job next year, and his fiance, Marge Mueller, did most of the layouts. Ron has things well planned for next year, and Marge, with her experience, will probably be able to again give him a lift on the book. Copy editor Eddie Reddick and sports editor Jack Montgomery, while often absent when work was to be done due to other work commitments, did do a good job of giving me " rabbit ears " with their con- stant harassment. Jeane Hamilton was a gem as class editor, and she did much of the work on the index. Doug Szenher and Jim Lassiter did a professional job in writing sports copy, and Lassiter especially brightened the year- book room with his cheery (?) disposition. As for my photographers, they did good work, when they didn ' t miss a shot and force the editor to grab a camera to cover for them. Keith Ashcraft, was on the staff for his third year, and he will inherit the top spot. Dennis Holt had the usual problems a freshman encounters. They did manage to do something no other photography staff has done here in a long time — they always had their photos ready two to three days prior to a deadline. Head photographer Marion Meredith was more than a head photographer, for he was, and has been for the past four years, the man I went to when I had a problem. This yearbook has been a large part of our lives for the past four years, ever since we moved into the ballroom section of Danner Hall as freshmen. Our experiences have been as rollicking as anyone can imagine, such as our fraternity s general assembly in Dallas, Tex., this past summer, and just as sorrowful, like the night over three years ago that I had to call him and tell him of the untimely death of Mark Crow. Marion and I lived across the hall from Mark, Roy Ockert and Dan Stracner, and their effects on our lives will always be obvious. Enough thanks can ' t go to yearbook advisor Tom Manning, my good friend who got me started in this busi- ness almost nine years ago. He approved the index, then did much of the work compiling it. He also helped me juggle the budget so that we could increase our color. I haven ' t seen the color pages yet, but I hope they ' re as beautiful as the transparencies. With this editor, and head photographer, an era ends. The past dozen yearbooks, since 1958, have been edited by members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. I hope this book isn ' t anticlimatic, for it would be a disappoint- ment to my nine predecessors. Jim Stephens was the first, and he served as both editor and photographer for two years. His first book had 264 pages, 24 of which were advertising. Charlie Crow was head photographer of the next four books under editors Charles Long, Bill Camp, Bob Harrelson and Richard McCann. Charlie ' s brother, Wendell, edited the next two books, and Phil Pickle was his head photog. Roy Ockert also served two terms, and Marion took over as head man during his freshman year after Mark ' s tragic death. Dan Stracner, my immediate predecessor, was as different from Roy O. as night and day, and I hope I picked up both of their best points. It ' s finally time for me to close. I still have six days of spring break left to rest, look at the books I ' ve neglected the past nine weeks, go home to see my parents and make a trip to see the one who put up with me during periods of anger and disappointment, and joy, while putting this book together. It ' s been real. — Harry Truman Moore I

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