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1Contents Features . . . . 16 Arts 54 Greeks 72 Organizations 120 Sports 160 University . . . 226 Classes 266 Dan Stracner. editor Dianne Ganc. assistant editor Harry Truman Moore, associate editor Marion Meredith, photographer Keith Ashcraft, photographer Dale Butler, photographer Gordon Morris, photographer Betty Stanley, copy editor Hon Becker, layout editor Tom Manning, advisorHi' •4I know you ’re out there, world. I know. I feel you there just on the threshold of my mind— vague echoes, dream-whispers catching my breath in sleep, clandestine voices quietly saying: Prepare!So we come here to this place of exaggerated eagerness to prepare. Encumbered by goals, frothing with ambition, filthy with spirit, we come willing to be led, altered, groping fora chance to be tried i .A- 6Gullible and naive, many of us, uncertain, betrayed by our own wonder. We leave worry in morning mirrors, swagger forth, ego-alert, to live unscathed, naked and honest, but also vulnerable. 8 m10Study (prepare), cram, exam— four years, a repetitious rhythm: pencils and typewriters, busy erasers, spoons in stained coffeecups, s h u ffli ng papers— droning, nigh t-long symphonies of learning, learning. . . . A nd still those questions at the back door of your mind: Why? What am I after? Who am I, anyway? But you shut that door— quickly— before answers can take form. No time for such questions now. Go back. You must go back to your books. 11Raw and bitter, that's you, world. And bittersweet. I didn't come here to be disillusioned. Sometimes it's hard to play the game. Sometimes I don't think it's worth it. Yet this moment of pain is strangely pleasant; now I can see myself— and you— with new clarity. Is this also a part of my preparation?You're too imminent, world! Too demanding. Wait. A little time.... Don't strain and threaten me with impending responsibility. With all this striving to be adult, a little time.... Please give me a little time to still be young. 13Here we go becoming again: changing, shifting, assimilating, fitting new patterns— a human kaleidoscope of frag merited visions, a polyphony of many voices making odd harmonies. Trying to fit into you, world. Trying to become a part of each other. 14homecoming. .. ANNUAL MANIA, 196 7 "Never again,” said the tissue stuffer whose fingers were red and bleeding from wire scrapes and cold. (He had said the same thing last year.) “Why? Why am I out here?” lamented the sign painter whose brush was too large to trace the narrow lines and whose paint-smeared visage looked thoroughly disgruntled. “We’re crazy," shouted down the amateur carpenter who couldn’t drive nails straight from his precarious perch high above. “Great! I love it!” leered the electrician who was getting a charge out of scaring girls by telling them not to step on all the live wires he had lying around. Three non-talented onlookers busied themselves getting in the way and telling dirty jokes to anyone who would listen—especially sorority women. But by 3 a.m., nobody said much of anything. The hollow-chested weariness from too much coffee and too little sleep had immobilized and silenced the gay horde that had descended. sweat-shirted and eager, on the display sites only a few hours before. All but a gutsy and persistent few sat quietly around the wood fire that was turning the bottom of the oil-drum furnace into a red glow. A pledge, suddenly aroused from his nap by the fire by a member’s cry for assistance, rose, grunted. glanced longingly at the curling flame, and tiredly expressed the sentiments of one completely oblivious to all the color and tradition of the madness in which he was taking part. “Homecoming.” he said slowly, “big .... deal.”20Queen Aun and Jier Court 21an uncertain dawn came slate-colored to the cold black slab of sky, its light unnoticed fora long time, ghosted by smoke haze shifting in low patterns over the fire barrels, huddled sleepers in absurd positions stirred in the new light-awakening to stale mouths, to dew-matted hair— and sat up, laboriously, to watch the sun find flaws in their nocturnal handiwork, emerging in sunlight the color of breakfast butter: tall rows of gay, freakish monsters standing on fragile pride and two-by-four limbs, covered with paper mache skin and stuffed tissue facades to hide vital organs; groaning with the whir of motors, creaking with birth rigors to live only a day... but gloriously! 22Competition was, as usual, cutthroat. A fight almost ensued when members of one group charged onto the display site of another with threats of disqualification. The trend toward larger displays and louder sound effects continued this year. The booming “voice” of Lambda Chi’s “Indiac” robot delighted its creators, gave headaches to everyone else, and even forced several teachers in Wilson Hall to dismiss classes because they couldn’t shout above the din. Mechanical division winners were (from left to right) Lambda Chi Alpha, first place: Sigma Phi Epsilon, second place: and Tau Kappa Epsilon, third place. 2324Winners in the stationary with lights division were (above, second from left) Alpha Gamma Delta, first place: (above, left) Phi Mu. second: and (left) Chi Omega, third. 25When the campaigning (below) was over, outgoing president Hay Hall (above) helped count votes after students used ill-fated voting machines (right) which later fell out of a truck and into oblivion. Gibson Elected SGAPresident in Lackluster Campaign Take one election. Subtract the enthusiasm. Reduce the number of signs and posters—the glossy smiles and red paint promises. Leave the butcher paper banners unhung. Remove the noise and circus color. Take away the partisan intrigue and midnight accusations. Add apathy. What do you have? University! It was the year the coalitions disbanded—or did they? It was the year the campus politicos axed the old election system—and forgot to offer a new one to replace it. It was the year the Greeks got out of the limelight—and went underground where the campaigning was cheaper. It was the year the independents got a bigger voice in the SGA—and spoke in a hoarse whisper election day. And after the rickety platforms were assembled, the apologetic speeches and uncertain assertions made, even a chance to turn the knobs on new. university-ized voting machines failed to draw voters: only 20 per cent of the last year’s turnout showed up to play. True, it was a more sane election: there were fewer sleepless nights, fewer paint-splattered pledges nodding in class. But the old-timers, the veterans of past political tortures—shook their heads with nostalgic sadness amid the new sophistication and said quietly to each other: "Not like it was. Back when was a freshman, we worked like hell...”. 27Leadership Retreat: Wet Weather, Heated Debate Dean Moore cracks a funny----- 28 In the past, the annual leadership retreat has sometimes tended to be a prolonged picnic—a time for administrative officials and the student brownnoses to pat each other on the back and rationalize about the state of the campus. But the last outing at Walcott was diiferent. The pollyanna atmosphere was gone—replaced by a healthy aura of discontent. And neither the thunderstorms which muddied the volleyball courts nor the mass dunkings at the lake dampened the spirits of the upstarts who were determined to question status quo. Dean Moore managed to maintain a strained smile throughout the onslaught. And Miss Stroud gave her usual lectures about campus life after dark and how to brush the teeth properly. But after the irrele-vancies had been endured and the business begun, the students—reinforced by a few outspoken faculty members—voiced their disapproval of some of the procedures and policies of their new university. The punitive classcut system and outmoded rules for women’s dress were among the topics scrutinized. The result was not a childish bickering session but rather a worthwhile analysis of some of the problems which are bound to confront a growing school. Two things are certain: a lot of people got wet, and a few people got burned.Dry socks were a rarity at the retreat, but stringy-haired girls and soggy sweatshirts were common. Students were usually found huddled under umbrellas (below) during break periods. But the traditional dunkings were carried out anyway, even though everyone was already wet. The girls, after a pilgrimage to the drink. Miss Stroud in tow. were ambushed from behind (lower left) by male conspirators. And Dean Moore (above) was carried struggling by six stalwart lads to that natural habitat which his nickname implies.FreshmenEnter New World Wide-eyed... From the loving care of mamma and daddy to the humiliation of red beanies, a record number of freshmen took the big step and began their college education by reading an ode. singing “Dixie.” and listening to Dean Moore warn of the perils of college life (and he should know). Dances—which failed desperately—were held to help the newcomers get acquainted. While upperclassmen threatened with songs to Clyde, the red beanies dotted the campus for a few weeks. But soon the frightened looks left, and the beanies disappeared down laundry chutes, into drawers, and under mattresses. Heartened by their newfound autonomy, the freshmen breezed through registration, made one more quick trip home, and settled down to the routine of college existence. 31Four Fraught Years Later-—a Degree Starched, stacked diplomas in black leather covers. A robe’s walking whisper in solemn procession. Dignified countenances. Clandestine memories. At last, graduation—ceremonial gladness. Graduation is not an end in itself; it is merely a stately ritual, a symbol, a culmination. For every student graduates countless times before he reaches this somber moment: every experience, every feeling, every thought is a separate commencement into understanding. The diploma — somehow small and unimpressive when compared with the rigors required to gain it. As a record of academic achievement, it is sufficient. But think of all it does not record .... 32 Christmas is a time of justified abandon, of hours wasted, money spent a time when the grotesque and the gaudy are accepted as signs of the season along with the quiet and sublime. A paradoxical time of childish exuberance and intuitive reverence. A time when excesses and overtness can be chalked up to cheer. 34A modern-day nativity: a hutie red candle dripping electric wax into the darlinens. . . tinsel ice colorchanging through a foggy window. . .Santa Claus with a cardboard smile and unruly reindeer . . . Rudolph with a 200-watt nose. . . candy-striped light posts . . .a beautiful evergreen entombed in fradulenl snow ... .All perhaps a little too bright and shining to celebrate the birthday of a humble Man. Seasonal Signs: Gaudy,SublimeSteve Clark Sigma Phi Epsilon, president: IFC. president; Scabbard and Blade; Young Democrats Club; Featherpcns; International Relations Club: SGA. representative; French Club. president: Distinguished Military Student: Presidents’ Roundtable. Who’s Who In American Colleges and Universities Allison D Denman University Hall, president, secretary-treasurer: AWS, president; Alpha Gamma Delta, president, treasurer; Young Democrats Club, vice-president; College Queen State Finalist; Tau Beta Sigma; WAA; Lambda Iota Tau; Panhelienic Council: Concert Band; SNEA; Feath-erpens; Presidents' Roundtable: Marching Indian Band: Wind Ensemble. 36Thomas Victor Dickson Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-president, secretary; Phi Eta Sigma: Indian staff, sports editor; Herald, editor, business manager; French Club; Press Club; International Relations Club; Arrow, business manager: Featherpens; Young Republicans; Presidents Roundtable; IFC. secretary and treasurer. Barbara Si pa AVVS: Indian staff; Herald staff, society editor, co-editor; Newman Club, reporter; Press Club, vice-president: Presidents' Roundtable. Mike Gibson SGA. president, senator; Sigma Phi Epsilon, rush chairman; Circle K; Featherpens: Arkansas SGA. treasurer: Young Democrats Club, vice-president. Sharon McGahhey Phi Mu. president, recording secretary, rush chairman; Princess Platoon. Honorary Cadet Colonel; Lambda Iota Tau: Featherpens; AWS; WAA; Panhellenic Council.Beverly Rodgers Sen nett Chi Omega, vice-president, rush chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta: AWS: WAA: Alpha Sigma Upsilon. membership chairman; Gamma Beta Phi, president, treasurer, reporter; sophomore achievement, and junior progress in Business Department. Kay Griner Chi Omega, president, personnel chairman, assistant treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; SGA. representative; SNEA, social chairman: Presidents' Koundtable; Panhellenic; Alpha Sigma Upsilon; WAA; AWS. Jean Hartung Duff Alpha Gamma Delta, first vice-president, social chairman. activities chairman, treasurer; SGA. senator: Freshman Orientation Chairman: AWS. president: Alpha Sigma Upsilon. president: Alpha lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi: Student Council for Exceptional Children, secretary: Arkan- sas AWS. secretary. 38Harold Wayne Fuller Kappa Alpha, president, vice-president, serjeant-at-arms; SGA; Scabbard and Blade, president. Bernard Marion Stanfield, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega, president, treasurer, charter member; Phi Eta Sigma: Medical Arts Club; Scabbard and Blade; President's Roundtable; IFC; ASU bowl-inj team; Distinguished Military Student. Dick Ritchey Football. All-Southland Conference three years: Tau Kappa Epsilon; PEM club. Joanne Mason Cheerleader, co-captain; Alpha Psi Omega, president; ROTC Honorary Cadet. Lieutenant Colonel; Arrowhead Players, president. best actress: Alpha Omicron Pi. co-rush chairman; WAA; AVVS. 39Who’s Who ! A Dick Walker Phi Mu Alpha; Concert Choir; Madrigal Singers; ASU Singers; Choral Union; Sigma Phi Epsilon. chaplain, social chairman; Music Educator's National Conference. Karen Norton Alpha Omicron Pi. president, corresponding secretary; Panhellcnic: AWS. vice-president; WAA; vice-president of University Hall: Presidents' Round-table. Carol Jane Brown Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer: Alpha Sigma Upsilon. vice-president: SGA. second vice-presi- dent. senator; Chi Omega, rush chairman: Alpha I.ambda Delta; WAA; SNEA; Marching Indian Hand. Joseph 0. Boeckmann lambda Chi Alpha, president: Young Democrats Club, president; International Relations Club, secretary-treasurer; Newman Club; Snanish Club; Young Democrats, state historian; Pi Gamma Mu: IFC; Presidents' Roundtable; Chi Omega sponsor. 40William T. Bidders Sigma Pi. treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Tau Alpha, vice-president; Gamma Beta Phi: Agriculture Club; FFA. president. vice-president, treasurer; SGA. representative; Presidents' Roundtable; IFC. Linda Belle Varnell AWS; WAA; Gamma Beta Phi; SNEA: Wesley Foundation; Lambda Iota Tau: Alpha Sigma Upsilon; Featherpens. Jerry W. Schaeffer Alpha Tau Omega, press editor; IFC; Herald staff, sports editor; Scabbard and Blade: Arrou editor; Featherpens: Press Club; Young Republicans: Baptist Student Union, freshman president; Graphic Arts Club, reporter; Presidents' Roundtable. I)an Slracner Indian editor; Lambdu Chi Alpha, rush chairman: Herald staff; Press Club; Phi Eta Sigma: Featherpens; Arrow staff: Distinguished Military Student; Presidents' Roundtable. 41MISS ASU Jo Ella Todd Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon Happy friends mob the new beauty queen following the pageant. which was sponsored by the A-State Circle K Club. Phoebe Johnson Sponsored by Chi Omega Mary Rose Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon 42It was hot. The girls backstage fanned themselves with their numbered placards to keep makeup from melting and hairdos from falling. Emcee Trent Wood made periodic trips backstage to chuck his coat and wipe his brow. Audience members wandered in and out Wilson Auditorium for fresh air and water. Luckily, the pageant lasted only three hours. Sherry Grooms and all. The audience became increasingly restless as the onstage events and muggy atmosphere added to the tension. But the muttering and seat-shifting ceased quickly when it came time for the judges’ final decision. Tense silence became screeching chaos when the announcement came that Jo Ella Todd, a crowd favorite throughout the pageant, was the new Miss Arkansas State University. Amanda Miller (left), who later was named Miss Congeniality, takes a backstage bite of Phoebe Johnson's lollipop. Jo Ella Todd's talent offering (upper middle)—a medley of songs from "Camelot"—won one of the three divisional trophies. Tom Manning (left) and Lindel Hutson interview the new Miss ASU. 43Thirteen Aspired; One Became a Queen Swimsuit winner Miki Longfellow. Emcee Trent Wood and Ann Smithwick. Mi Campus beautiful, watch Caro! Rand make h Evening gown winner Sara Pugh. last official appearance as Miss AS "Quarter turn, please." said the emcee, and 13 evening gowns rustled as the girls complied, giving the judges a last look before the finalists were selected. Seven proved a lucky number. 44Mary Rose howls at the moon in her "Snoopy" talent sequence. Then came the climax. Jo Klla Rasped when the announcement was made (left), then displayed a smile of Rratitude (second toward left) moments later while posinR with the alternate winners. 45Big Chief What's-his-name hams it up for fraternity brothers. Indian family (below)—Diane Bucy, princess; Bruce Dietsche, Chief Big Track; and Bob Bailey, brave-helped promote school spirit throughout the year by appearing at athletic events and pep rallies. Indian Family Personifies ASU Spirit 46Modern-day Indian finds white man's invention (grease paint) makes much better war paint than mud and berry juice. 47 It's difficult to look stern and fierce when your team's getting trounced.Robert St. John used his personal experiences as a correspondent during the Israeli-Egyptian crisis as a basis for his lecture. "Romeo and Juliet" proved one of the more popular presentations in the series.vds Sporadic at Lecture-Concert Series Despite a wide variety of programming, students took little interest in the lecture half of the 1968 Lecture-Concert Series. All six guest speakers addressed sparse crowds in the Heng Center Ballroom. Robert St. John, a foreign correspondent who told of personal experiences while covering the Egyptian-Israeli war, did manage to stir some enthusiasm when he remained after his formal lecture to talk to a small group of interested students. Other lecturers were Jenlcin Lloyd Jones, editor of the Tulsa (Okla.) Tribune, Agnes DeMille. an American choreographer; parapsychologist Dr. J. B. Rhine; William Rusher, publisher of the National Review; and Mortimer J. Adler, editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Attendance at concerts by the Memphis Symphony and the Roger Wagner Chorale, and the National Shakespearean Company’s production of "Romeo and Juliet,” was better, however, since bus loads of students from nearby high schools boosted the crowds. The chorale’s performance was well received, with audience enthusiasm resulting in an extended program. Extra chairs were needed to seat the overflow crowd at the Shakespearean presentation. Crowds were, ironically, larger at the paid concerts than at the free lectures. Jenkin Lloyd Jones stayed over after his lecture to address a meeting of the Presidents' Roundtable the next morning. Memphis Symphony's concert was well attended by music majors and minors. 49Robert St. John stayed after Reng Center closing time to discuss his lecture with interested students. William Rusher's talk on academic freedom drew spirited queries from faculty members. 50Agnes Dc.Mille delivered a talk concerning future trends in the arts. Lecturers Discuss Timely Topics Roger Wagner Chorale’s presentation drew good audience response.52The Lettermen. a popular trio, played A-State again this year after SGA’s poll proved abortive. Dionne Warwick’s Concert: Not Enough of a Good Thing She came on stage in hot pink pants, smiled and began to sing. The voice was familiar, since the Reng Center had been playing Dionne Warwick albums for weeks as an advertisement for the concert. The audience was responsive and large—too large, in fact, since a section of non-existent seats had been sold. She sang for one hour, then left the stage during a long ovation. When she did not return for an encore, some students became restless. Others became openly resentful when an SGA official announced that the concert was over, that everyone could go home. “It was good while it lasted." some said as they filed out of the field house. But the girls who had signed out of the dorm for two hours under the pretense of going to the concert said something altogether different later that night. 53 Dionne sang out: "What the world needs is love, sweet love.” Leroy agreed.5455ASU Artists Move Into New Building 56The College of Fine Arts finally got a respectable home for its nationally renowned departments last spring when the Fine Arts Center was completed. The "Taj Mahal” (as the art faculty calls it) was constructed at a cost of 1.2 million dollars; it houses the art. drama and music departments. From the rats, creaky stairs and cramped conditions of the "old barn", the upperclassman began the year awed by their new surroundings. while the freshmen moved in unimpressed, taking all for granted. The new building features such facilities as a listening library, recital hall and spacious art gallery, in addition to ample work room for all the departments. Yet, "four walls do not a home make”, and an often-heard comment from art and music students in their sterile new home is: “This place just doesn’t have that atmosphere the barn did". (Nevermore, the pigeons that would coo in harmony to a musician’s routine practice session.) Artists who are accustomed to working into the wee hours on some project in the old building are now hustled out, since the doors are locked at 10 p.m. 57Dr. James Palmer, director of the play, occasionally found the antics of his actors more amusing than the script. Janet Shoemate (right), as the servant girl Colum-bina. constantly played tricks on her companions. In the scene below, she and Arlecchino (Jim Lewis) befuddled other players by posing as an enchanged apple tree. 58Strolling Players” First Production for Drama Division The opening production of the ASU theatrical season was "The Strolling Players," a slap-stick comedy in the tradition of the Com media dell’Arte, set in a town square in Europe in the 17th century. Although the play was primarily aimed at children, authors Christian Moe and Darwin Payne gave it a universal appeal with its fast action and rousing song and dance, as evidenced by the large crowds that attended the production. Clown-musicians, such as Carrie Snapp. provided flute and drum accompaniment for the other performers. 59‘’Becket’ Moving Experience For Audience, Cast The honor of God or the honor of the king: these were the contrasting ideas in Jean Anouilh’s ‘‘Becket.” presented by the ASU Drama Department in December. Dr. James Palmer made use of all talent and facilities available in producing this intricate story of the love-hate relationship between King Henry II of England and Thomas Becket. Archbishop of Canterbury. Harry Allen portrayed King Henry II. who was obsessed with his love for Becket. portrayed by Art Stewart. The actors were supported by elaborate scenery. unusual lighting and sound effects, and professionally-designed costumes. Becket's love was thwarted by his loyalty to the kin«. Church-state intrinue provided framework for much of the action in the play. 60From a life of soldiering and worldliness. Thomas Bccket (Art Stewart) took one quick step into a life of piety.Ellen Arrington and Phil Barton played the lovers caught up in the chaos of their surroundings. Social Satire Adds Variety To Productions 62“You Can’t Take It With You,” was a relaxed satire of the Wall Street of the thirties. Centered around two young lovers. Alice Sycamore and Tony Kirby, portrayed by Ellen Arrington and Phil Barton, the play followed the activities of the Sycamores as they defied the conventions of New York society. The eccentric occupations of the characters—from raising snakes to selling fireworks—made for delightful situations in this comedy by Moss Hart and George F. Kaufman. After producing a children’s play and a moving drama. Dr. James Palmer went to the lighter side with this play, and further proved his versatility as a director. Hugh Smith (above) and Martha Cooper (left) played two of the more eccentric characters in the production. 63  Talent, Energy Produce Unique Sound of Marching Indian Band They converged upon the campus early this fall to begin the blending and mixing of individual talents into a unique sound. They were the 126 veterans and beginners comprising the ASU Marching Indian Band. During the hot hours of practice and punishment, pushups were meted out to the novices in red beanies by veterans in sunglasses and shorts for missed steps and sour notes. After weeks of practice and drill the red and black-uniformed members stepped off into a half-time show that earned a standing ovation in the rain at War Memorial Stadium. Throughout the season, juniors Ross Beck, drum major, and Carol Rand, head majorette, led the marching Indians with high steps and intricate routines. Gestapo tactics by upperclassmen kept freshmen in line. 65Grid Season Done, Band Deserts Marching Field for Concert Stints ASU dance band. The Tribe, gave music students a chance to display their versatility. Dan Koss. who wielded the baton for the Pep Band, distinguished himself in fracas with cheerleaders. 66Band members prove they can play as well sitting' down as they can while KyratinKon the football field.Concert Choir — (first row) Frances Reasons. Willis Smith. Peggy Myers. Tom O’Connor. Donna Sapp. Joe Ewing. Sarah Carter. Marvin Haught. Carol Dasher. James Baldwin. Sharon Felts. Bill Hendrix (second row) Janet Collins. Gary Clark. Toni Smith. Darwin Dasher. Mary Venda O'Connor. Bill Barnett, Susan Fielder. Jerry Chilcutt. Suzanne Wood. Keith Hamm. Mary Hankins. Judith Gill (third row) Fonda Bishop. Steed Huggins. Janet Maddox. Gary Morris. Linda Back. Floyd Ramsey. Kenneth Wood. Barbara Bollock. Joe Francis. Jo Ella Todd. John Frew, Elizabeth Hooker (fourth row) Connie Simms. Dan Urton. Jo Faye Orr. Russ Boyd. Anita Bhillips. David Lyttle. Linda Lasswell. Jack Stradley. Linda Barber. Randal Ulmer. Wanda Moore. John Erwin. Victoria Urton. Choral Groups Glean Musical Achievements 68ASU Sinners — (first row) Karen Bruner. Malinda Sanders. Hobin Shaberg, Elaine Freeman. Cathy Hollingsworth. Beverly Robertson. Hollie Farris. Bill Hynes. Van Enderson. Mavin Haught. Mike Shaberg. Gary Winters. Larry Casey. Willis Smith. Sharon Jackson. Mildred Dallas. Ruth Ann Brasher. Kathie Sheeley. Turra Kelly (second row) Francis Griffin. Alice Mickey. Saundra Essman, Carolyn Zimmerman. Fonda Bishop. Linda Heath. Gary Sauheaver. Lonnie Hurst. James Linsley. John Lee. Don Hall. Jim Fowler. Keith Hamm. Joe Poff. Alice Mayfield. Gail Orsborn. Rebecca Edwards. Susan Crafton. Vicki King, Marilyn Carter (third row) Carol Reeves. Janet Sanders. Karen Lovelady. Phyllis Dorris. Patricia Osbron. Patricia Huntley. Thomas Pope. Leslie Davis. James Norman. Dan Keeton. Larry Dame. Van Merritt. Charles Tankersly. Jim Hartzel. Jerry Hoggard. Lynda Erwin. Julia Gardner. Elsa Clinger. Jo Faye Orr. Lexy Zalewski. Jeri Lynn Mace (fourth row) Sharon Ferguson. Jo Kiech. Frances Distretti. Johnnie Ruth Neal. Georgia Rives. Norman Mullin, Dan Urton, Mike Watson. Bob Pruett. Phillip Barton. Jack Stradley. Kenneth Sanders. James Mathews. Larry Carter. Thomas Graddy. Davis Cobb. Carol Mullen. Carol Perry. Paula Kemp. Patsy James. Wanda Clark. Kay Taylor.Orchestra — (in foreground. first row) William Hynes. Noel Gilbert. Edward Freudberg, Dr. Erwin Dunham. William Thermon. Larry Graddy. Phyllis Steen. Judy Bradsher (second row) Nino Ravarino. Marion Dawson. Daniel Ross. David Goza. James Carter. Hollie Farris (center, standing) Dr. Donald L. Breshears. director. Choral Union — (first row) Sharon Felts. Saundra Ess man. Mary Nigus. Kathie Sheelcy. Phyllis Dorris. Karen Bruner. Julia Gardner. Joyce Moxley. Zigmunt Majcwski, David Lyttle. Linda Pack. Daniel Urton, Elizabeth Hooker. Robert Pruett, Kenneth Wood. Steed Huggins. Russ Boyd. William Barnett. Gary Morris. Michael Shaberg. Thomas Graddy. Sarah Carter. Lexy Zaldwski. Linda Heath, Toni Smith. Jo Ella Todd (second row) Susan Fielder. Patricia Huntley. Frances Griffin. Mary Ruth Marshall. Eva Horton. Donna Sapp. Frankie Benson. Elizabeth McKinney. Georgia Rives. Carolyn Zimmerman. Gail Orsborn. Larry Carter. James Shackleford. Ronal Foster. James Linsley, Joseph Francis. Jack Stradley. Floyd Ramsey. Keith Hamm. Marvin Haught. Ross Beck. Richard Walker. Ruth Ann Brasher. Connie Sims. Sharon Jackson. Frances Reasons. Robin Shaberg (third row) Caryn Hutchinson. Janet Maddox. Rebecca Edwards. Judith Gill. Leslie Davis. James Mathews. John Sawyer. Norris Stevens. Carl Mason. Michael Mcl.arty. Duane Barbour. Stephen Taylor. Randall Ulmer. George Crews. James Baldwin. Donald Hall. Kenny Foster. Jerry Hoggard. Charles Tankersley. Larry Casey. Larry Dame. Jeri Lynn Mace. Marilyn Batey. Sharon Ferguson. Vicki King. Frances Distretti. Alice Mickey. Sue Abernathy. Beverly Robertson. Elaine Freeman. Cathy Hollingsworth, (fourth row) Barbara Pollock. Linda Lasswell. Anne Horrigan. Linda Barber. Harlene Kiech. Alice East. Richard Bishop. Roger Ferguson, Frank Steele. Martin James. Thomas King. Jim Stone. Stanley Moore. James Curry. David Massey. Archie Fleming. Roy Hildebrand. David Cobb. Kenneth Spencer. Michael Chaffin. Paul Bingham. William Falkner. Tommy Flceman. Ester Kelly. Kay Taylor. Jo Faye Orr. Wanda Clark. Carolyn Lusk. Paula Kemp. Suzanne Wood. Janet Collins. Fonda Bishop. 7071The girls cry, sing sentimental songs and hug each other. The boys laugh, howl bawdy ballads and slap backs. Both methods work equally well. Greeks are masters of the hard and soft sell; they have to be to survive. So, twice a year, they plunge headlong into the essential ordeal to propagate the species—rush. Rush Gets Greeks Back in Gear LXA Makes It Seven Straight Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest “They won again,” said the disgruntled Sig Ep as he loosened his tie and slumped out of the auditorium. He meant the Lambda Chi’s: they had just won the Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest for the seventh straight time. Sigma Phi Epsilon got the second place trophy again and. again, vowed to upset the Lambos next year. AOPi won first in the sorority division. Greeks pledged for musical ability proved their worth, molding raw voices into strangely harmonious sounds after day and night practices. Non-singers became expert mouthers. Hours of rehearsal aimed at being “culturally uplifting” (but encouraged by fines for practice absences) culminated in one evening’s performance.Linda Wyatt (left) and Jill Parsons (right) present winning trophies to directors Fonda Bishop and Boss Beck. Lambda Chi chorus won with "Waltzing Matilda" and "Passing By."AOPi, LX A Rally in Little 500 “Dean Moore, will you please get off the track?” As the announcement blurted out, the crowd came to life and Lambda Chi Alpha’s "Little 500” was off and running. Exuberant Greeks and curious independents turned out in force and packed the Aggie Road freeway to watch host LXA and Alpha Omicron Pi repeat as winners in the fraternity and sorority division of the push cart derby. Phi Mu peddled its way to victory in the “Tricycle Grand Prix.” Pam Fuhr was crowned “Little 500 Queen,” and her royalty consisted of representatives of all ASU Greek organizations. 7980 Pi Kappa Alpha’s "Little Olympics" is the only event on campus that gives sororities a legal chance to sling mud at each other. Competition was violent and disqualifications were many this year, but justice was done since both winners and losers walked away in the same shape at the end— filthy. Even onlookers ended up in the infamous mud pit, and the orgy did not stop until everyone in sight was befouled. Vying for points in events like the chug-a-lug (cokes, that is), tug-of-war, pillow-fight and egg-drop, Alpha Gamma Delta managed to compile a few more points than runners-up Phi Mu and Alpha Omi-cron Pi. The only real winners, however, were those smart enough to leave before the final event. Chaotic Mass Mudbath Ends Pike Olympics81Steve Reynolds (above) played a mop-faced deity to Jim Reeves’ aghast Noah (right) in the Pike entry. Folk Singers Win Alpha Gam Trophy Vocal talent won the judges’ approval and votes at the annual Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show, as 14 contestants representing as many organizations competed for the top three positions. Alpha Gamma Delta’s unofficial entry was emcee Jan Harrell, who quipped her way through the evening as she coordinated the show and amused the audience. Pi Kappa Alpha’s “Noah and the Ark’’ comedy skit—while not exactly a demonstration of talent—proved to be a crowd favorite since it provided a change from the seemingly unvaried fare of vocal selections. After the contestants’ performances, the audience became restless and talkative as they endured the long wait and Jan’s drawnout announcements before learning that Preston Foster’s and David Massey’s folk music selections had been awarded the first place trophy. Jo Ella Todd secured second place with her vocal selection, and David Dunham’s folk music presentation won third. ‘ £ 82Emcee Jan Harrell could have won the show as a comedy act. Alpha Gam president D Denman and emcee Jan Harrell flank Preston Foster and his winner’s trophy. Other winners were (from left) David Dunham, third place, and Jo Ella Todd, second. The talent show might have been named "Hootenanny Revisited” because of the number of folk-singing acts. David Massey and Preston Foster (above left) plunked and thumped their way to a first place trophy, while freshmen Eddie Reddick and Jack Montgomery (lower left) teamed up to do folk-rock renditions. David Dunham (left) used a soft touch to win third place. 83 Phi Mu's and Sik Ep’s display their trophies. Musical Again Wins Playhouse Flying glass, hurled stones, screaming shrews, and forgotten lines. . .an evening of entertainment at the Phi Mu Playhouse, ’67. The presentations were of higher caliber than in past years and showed much versatility on the part of the six fraternity-sorority combinations. The Playhouse was held in the recently renovated Wilson Auditorium, and the setting added a more professional air. Even before the curtain was raised, there was a small(?) premonition that the Sig Ep-Phi Mu condensed version of "Carousel” would walk away with the first place trophy. It was no surprise, then, when the judges announced their decision. Director-Actress Ellen Arrington made Shakespeare’s words sound like her own, and received the Best Actress Award. Old-timer Dick Walker. Best Actor, portrayed Billy Bigelow (naturally).Clown-clad Alpha Gams paraded, chanted and carried home a new trophy. f4lNUwrii' vr 9 V ZMHWL Snoopy’s motto, “Happiness is a bite stinky.” won snide laughs for the Sig Kps as well as first place. 86Sig Eps Win Teke Fingerbowl The parade marshal blew his whistle, officially opening the 18th annual festival of crudities commonly known as the Tau Kappa Epsilon “Fingerbowl.” Balloon-bosomed cheerleaders chanted encouragement to the host team, but nothing seemed to help the Tekes as Sigma Phi Epsilon handily won the flag-tag football contest. 7-0. Attendance was good, with all the sororities showing up dressed in costumes ranging from clowns to gangsters, but after the announcement of the sorority contest winners at halftime, the stadium emptied somewhat. Alpha Gamma Delta used a "Carnival of Cards” theme to win first place, and Sig Ep’s “Snoopy" statue won in the fraternity division. The crowd was amused at halftime by the TKE “Rubber Band," and twirler Jan Harrell. Teke president Cecil Holifield poses with fingerbowl royalty. Tekes. rallied on by President Panda, have been influential in promoting school spirit. Their cheers, however, turned tinny in the face of the Sig Eps' victory. 87 ________Sig Eps Have Active Year Sigma Phi Epsilon began its activities this year with a banquet for new faculty members. In competitive activities, the fraternity won the second place trophy for their Homecoming display, and took first place in the Phi Mu Playhouse for the second straight year. Active in sports, the Sig Ep’s defeated TKE in the Finger Bowl, and again sponsored the All-Greek Bowling Tournament. As a service to the community. they collected $698.87 for the Heart Fund. Singing and parading. Sig Eps prepare to pin a new sweetheart at the annual Queen of Hearts Ball. 88Valeric Gullia registers her delight as the announcement is made that she is the new sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Teaming up with Phi Mu. SPE won the Phi Mu playhouse for the second straight year. 89A Dean Robert Moore was guest speaker at the anniversary banquet. Sorority women (top of page and right) released unlady-like tensions during Sigma Pi Softball Tournament. 90Jennifer Ware was pinned as Sigma Pi sweet heart at the Orchid Ball. Sigma Pi Celebrates 20th Anniversary The Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Pi became the first national fraternity on the Arkansas State campus in 1948. This year it celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a banquet and other varied activities. Under the guidance of their advisors, R. L. Ferralasco, Captain Tom Davis, and Captain Randall Ford, the Sigma Pi’s sponsored the Orchid Ball, a social highlight of the year, and helped to stimulate intramural competition by continuing the annual Sigma Pi Softball Tournament. Robert Ferralasco. fraternity advisor, was on hand at Sigma Pi functions throughout the year. 91Miss Universe Visits Chi Omega Chi O national officers conduct a workshop. A-State Chi O’s pose with Sylvia Hitchcock, a Chi Omega from the University of Alabama, who also happens to be Miss Universe. ' VvWVN , ♦WVHV ♦ %+ • M i • 4- J+ ■ . + + JUf 1 + + m» • vf J • - i 92Underprivileged children were entertained in the Chi O suite in conjunction with their "Christmas Kindness" project. Participation in all phases of campus life set the pace for members and pledges of Omicron Zeta chapter of Chi Omega. The year was full of surprises. Homecoming was brightened by a visit from Miss Universe 1967, Sylvia Louise Hitchcock, a Chi Omega from the University of Alabama. Two national officers. Mrs. Richmond L. McCarty, secretary, and Mrs. L. R. Bowker, treasurer, held a chapter workshop. The sorority also held its annual “Christmas Kindness” project to help make Yuletime happier for a needy Jonesboro family, as well as other philanthropic projects. Mrs. E. C. Barton is Chi Omega sponsor. 93ATO's decked out fraternity quarters for rush. 94 3 ftiPHA Tau Omega 1The new Arkansas Eta Gamma chapter of Alpha Tau Omega became the seventh fraternity at Arkansas State Jan. 27. The presentation of the charter by the national ATO president climaxed several years of effort by the original Arkadians to go Greek. The initial eight-man group started in 1964. expanded rapidly, then renamed itself Chi Sigma while attempting to obtain a charter from Sigma Chi. When those efforts proved futile, the group took steps to affiliate with Alpha Tau Omega. Activities for the year included an annual basketball banquet. 95It was a happy day for the KA's when they hauled up their official flat; for the first time. Statesmen Installed As Only Kappa Alpha Chapter in Arkansas The Statesmen, a respected intramural sports and social organization for two years, became the only chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order in Arkansas when it received its charter as Delta Eta Chapter early this year. The Statesmen grew from a small group organized in 1964 to participate in intramural athletics to an independent social club with a membership of 72. The group captured the intramural sweep-stakes trophy two years in a row. Dr. Delbert Lacefield (left). KA province commander, congratulated Harold Fuller, president of the new ASU chapter, after initiation ceremonies in October.Brandishing their trademark— a rebel flag—the KA's added southern spirit to athletic activities. Many KA officials were on hand for the installation. 97Kappa Delta Becomes Fifth Sorority at ASU The ASU Greek system added a national sorority numbering 61,000 members to its ranks March 9 when the A-State chapter of Kappa Delta received its charter. Thirty-one girls accepted bids Oct. 6 from the Southwestern chapter to become the fifth sorority on campus. The group’s first activities included distributing special Christmas seals designed by a sorority member to help support six beds at the Crippled Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Va., and selling magazines to help finance the building of chapter houses. "KD Hades” was the theme of the first rush party. 99I fraternity Sweethearts Dianne Qage Sigma Phi Epsilon Marriette Marris Zau Kappa Epsilon flanis Wood ,Alpha Zau Omega 100  {Judy Allen Pi Kappa Alpha Marilyn ftrown Cambda Chi Alpha Martha White Kappa Alp da 101 Joann Scarborough Sigma Pi102ZTA Joins Greek List At A-State Zeta Tau Alpha, Arkansas State’s sixth national sorority, came on campus in January when the Collegians, a local women’s social organization, colonized with aid from the ZTA’s Beta Sigma Chapter from Southwestern at Memphis. Two transfer members conducted the rush and pledging of 13 new girls and 26 former Collegians. Installation of members occurred in late spring. The new Zeta Omicron Colony’s service projects were collecting toys for hospitalized children and promoting YWCA activities in the Jonesboro public schools. The national project of the 136 Zeta Tau Alpha Chapters is working with the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. Upon hearing of their new status, the Zeta's quickly took down their old sign and improvised a new one. 103 The new sorority used a sailor skit at its first rush party. Spring Rush: Same Song, Second VerseOutwardly, it’s all smiles and painted cardboard: the great benevolence . . . party time, Greek-style . . . everybody welcome. Then—when nothing is left of the gay scene except limp crepe paper and spilled cokes— come the midnight cut sessions. “I’ll just die if we don’t get her!” “This man is a sharp troop . . . “But she’s a legacy!” “He reeks—a super-cull.” "She’s just not sorority material." "What about his grades?” "Who’s she to talk about somebody’s reputation!” "Does he have the jack?” “She says she wants us, but she’s going to their party.” "I just don’t think I could call him my brother.” “Shutup, dammit. Let’s get this over with.”Allison D Denman. President Cathy Crow. First Vice-President Patricia Holley, Second Vice-President Nancy Redd. Recording Secretary Lynda Smith. Corresponding Secretary Cindy Middleton. T reasurer Linda Anderson Cecile Brown Barbara Burke Sarah Castleberry Jackie Cheatwood Kathy Cloar Kathryn Coleman Cynthia Cox Jamie Craft Lynn Delaney Jean Duff Sharon Eaton Kaye Endsley Charlotte Fender Paula Gibson Paulette Goodin Janie Goodman Judy Henderson Jennifer Hilldreth Ouida Jackson Teresa James Glenda Joplin Anna Jean Keith Linda Koubek Mary Ann I.atourette Dee Mathis Giuce Mathis Pam McMurray Mary Milbourn Kay Mills Susan Neace Karen Oliver Lynette Pearson Betty Petkoff Peggy Raley Frances Reasons Donna Reichen Helen Reynolds Susan Rowland Sandra Rowton Kay Saurenman Frances Simpson Brenda Turbyfill Jeanne Tyc Cindy VanMeter Suzanne Wright Pat Young 106Karen Norton. President Suzanne Truxton. Vice-President Judy Ramey. Recording Secretary Susan Christian. Corresponding Secretary Patsy James. Treasurer Betty Stanley. Rush Chairman Harriette Harris. Scholarship Chairman Marilyn Brown. Social Chairman A01T Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Omicron Mrs. Marion Jolly. AdvisoT Judy Allen Pattye Chandler Janet DeBons Linda Douglas Jane Elrod Cathy Eoff Vicki Forrester Gwyn Glover Kitty Sue Green Rochelle Haydon Kathy Hollingsworth Karen Johnson Liz Jones Tannda l ngston Linda Lipscomb Miki Longfellow Jennifer Love Vicki McAllister Sandy McCray Janet Maddox Joanne Mason Brenda Merrick Alice Mickey Lyn Miller Diane Presley Sara Pugh Mary Ann Prothro Roberta Ray Barbara Schlesier Vernell Shearer Janet Shoemate Carol Simon Ann Smithwick Sharon Spurlock Judy Stewart Gayle Tamburo Karen Thompson Rhonda Tucker Kaye Warner Jan WulfekuhlerKay Griner. President Ann Jones. Vice-President Nancy Kemp. Recording Secretary Ellen Arrington, Corresponding Secretary Meryl Hodge. Treasurer Susan Patterson. Pledge Trainer Dianne Horner. Personnel Mary Ellen Jackson. Rush Chairman Janis Adams Nancy Austin Becky Boyd Carol Jane Brown Jamie Caruthers Robin Chappell Barbara Ann Davidson Vickie Erwin Marilyn Farley Ann Galloway Carolyn Gibson Jeanne Hall Martha Henry Kathy Hodges Susan Hodges Connie Jackson Lynn Jetton Phoebe Johnson Linda Lea Pam Lee May Carol Lieblong Ann Longino Janie McHaney Mary Jo McNair Renie Mallory Margaret Miller Lee Moore Carolyn Newkirk Bobbie Fay Phillips Sharon Pierce Mary Rose Jan Rounsaville Rosemary Rowe Sandy Runnels Diane Sayre Beverly Sennett Brenda Sexton Kathy Shurlds Becca Underwood Robbie Wade Jennifer Ware Patti Jo Warr Martha White Nadi Williams Martha Wofford Judy Wood Mary Jane Wooten 108Lynda Batchelor. President Claudia Rodgers. Vice-President Jessica Segars. Secretary Linda Young. Treasurer Sharon Lott. Asst. Treasurer Ann Martin. Editor Christy Buchanan. Membership Chairman Mrs. Bill Cox. Advisor Jo Abdella Marilyn Batey Sara Jane Blissit Sherylc Bounds Carolyn Brasher Patricia Brown Pat Cameron Rona Campbell Pat Cantrell Karen Coverdale Nina Crook Suzanne Downing Sharon Ennis Linda Fortune Bebe Glenn Judy Haws Ann Hubener Cathy Iacobacci Melissa Kluge Jean Langford Ruth Martin Holly Mason Linda McDonald Kally McEwen Lee Mitchell Donna Scarborough Sheryl Spradling Nancy Sulcer Andrea VVeathersby Mary Lou Wiley Sharon Wilson Nancy Wright 109Sharon McGahhey. President Sue Abernathy. Vice-President -Jackie Hives. Recording Secretary Anne Simpson. Corresponding Secretary Margie Hay. Treasurer Dianne Gage. Pledge Trainer Pam Fuhr. Hush Chairman Mary Ann O'Dell. Advisor Phi Mu, Epsilon Delta (DM Phyllis Anderson Patsy Ashworth Suzanne Ball Carolyn Bardwell Donna Bardwell Patricia Beene Mary Lou Booker Teena Brooks Chris Bynum Kathy Clifft Susie Cochran Paula Crews Sarah Culver Pat Darby Frances Distretti Viki Dunn Betsy Everett Glenda Felts Carolyn Foley -Judith Gill Linda Hart Aylia Hudson •Janie Jarrett Linda -Johnson Sue Jones Terry MacLeod Marge Mueller Vanita Murphree Johnnie Neal Becky Neely Cindy Orsburn Jeannie Pyle Carol Hand Pam Hansom Martha Ray Beverly Robertson Kathy Shannon Suzanne Stark Brenda Taylor Linda Taylor Marsha Thomas Debbie Threet Jo Ella Todd Nancy Tuggle Lynn Valenteen Carol Jane Wilson Harriette Wise -Jennifer Wood Judy Zinn 110Gayla Goodson. President Betty Ermert. Vice-President Carolyn Kueter. Recording Secretary Kay Crain. Corresponding Secretary Lynn Riggs, Treasurer Pat Poole. Pledge Trainer Bonnie Pollard. Membership Chairman Linda Faukner. Ritualist Dr. Fina Wuppermann. Advisor Marilyn Carter. Member Advisor Martha Bailey Deloris Bacon Mary Barnes Lynn Barr Mary Bennett Frankie Benson Carolyn Carpenter Glynda Causey Linda Cobb Judy Dowdy Patricia Downing Frances Dunham Ann Eckford Betty Ermert Donna Gill Holly Harrington Carolyn Horton Juanita Jeffrey Lynda Johnston Brenda Kellar Pam Keller Jean Kennemore Bonnie London Dye Anne Mann Pam Mitchum Becky Parker Carolyn Phillips Mary Kay Reeder Janet Sanders Beverly Spivey Mary Stanley Elizabeth Towles Vivian Wilkerson Ann Ziegenhorn 111Richard Bishop. President Bruce Jackson. Vice-President Doug Scott. Secretary Sandy Stanfield. Treasurer Vic Hosman, Historian Bill Weaver. Scrgeant-at-Arms Mike Gilmer. Senior Guard Jerry Schaeffer, Public Relations Officer Alpha Tau Omega, Eta Gamma ATD Roger Ferguson. Pledge T rainer Edward Reilly. Advisor Duane Barbour Don Carnahan Vilas Elder Hollie Farris Danny Faulk Henry Foster Walter Fowler Michael Gray Steve Griffin Ike Harcourt Dennis Hill Steve Hill Bill Don Hook Lindel Hutson Gary Johnson Mike Kelly Larry Lester I-arry McFadden Mike McLarty Ron Matlosz Steve Mitchell C. D. Morgan Robert Mustain Gary Parker Pat Patterson Troy Ratliff Bill Risby Robert Risby Ken Sanders Karl Schwemmer Larry Smith Jimmy Taylor William Westrol Tommy Womack 112 Harold Fuller. President Russell O'Banion. Vice-President Bill Wood. Recording Secretary Allen Rhodes. Corresponding Secretary Warren Parker. Treasurer Chris Wade. Historian Bill Jowers, Ritualist -Jim Sullivan. Parliamentarian ca rt t John Ed Lowe. Sergeant-at-Arms Kick Bushel. Alumni Advisor Sam Gennuso. Advisor Major Jerrell Hamby. Advisor Frank Abernathy Bill Bcrgey Rick Black Bale Butler Butch Crail Monty Bavenport Baniel Boshier Jeff Buncan Wesley Elmore Robert Evans Bick Goodnight Jim Gould Burrell Griffin Bane Hatley Bob Hicks Bennis Holford Bick Holler Jim Holmes Banny Holt Joe Huneycutt John Horn Banny Hughes Bill Hynes Bale Jackson Bave James Randy James Truman Jefferson Mike Kellum Larry Kimmer Steve Lampkin Joe Long Tom Lowery Steve McFerrin Larry McNair Bill Matthews Woody Matthews Charles Melton Pat Osinach Gary Pittman Boug Presley Gene Rowland Kelly Scobey Marshall Sharp Charles Spence Andy Stovall Roy Swain Roy Thomas Eddie Thompson Sam Thorpe Charles Vondran Terry Waits Cleve Warrick Tom Wilburn Jerry Wilson Bruce Yeager Ron Yeager 113John Phelps. President Marion Meredith. Vice-President Boyd Griggs. Secretary Ricky Gatewood. Treasurer Bill Garrison. Rush Chairman Ross Beck. Social Chairman Gary McGrew. Pledge Trainer Archie Fleming. Ritualist r ft m g vs Lambda Chi Alpha, Iota Theta Zeta AXA Dr. Paul Gwinup. Advisor Dr. Donald Konald. Advisor Capt. Robert Mowery. Advisor Jim Allbright Bob Bailey Craig Beck Vince Bilinski Joe Boeckmann Ken Bowling A1 Brown Steve Brown Mike Burk Jim Callaway Joel Campbell Dennis Cate Dave Coven Victor Dickson Alan Duck Eddie Dunavant Gary Elliott Van Endersen Bill Ernst Mike Ernst Jim Fitzpatrick Donnie Foster Elbert Frazier Richard Gaines Tim Goldman Bobby Griffith Pat Harper Jim Hartzel Freddie Hendrix Sonny Hildebrand Maurice Hitt Tom Johannsen Gary Kees Jim Kennedy Lamar Kyle Ronnie Lace Jim Lassiter Bill Loyd Tim Mann Bo McAllister Steve Mitchell Harry Truman Moore Jim Mueller Terry Pagni Bill Phillips Bill Pruett Eddie Joe Reddick Farrell Roberts Bobby Singleton Greg Smith Rick Smith Wendell Stratton Leon Swindle Bob Velandcr Dave Velander Jim Wagner Joe Waleszonia Roger Young P 3 O- A 1 14Sammy Elardo. President Frank Hurst. Vice-President Don Greenway. Secretary Pat Flanagin. Treasurer Handy Spann. Rush Chairman Richard Simerson. Social Chairman Steve Reynolds. Alumni Secretary Max Metcalf. Scholarship Chairman TTKA Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta fe m « Mike Taylor. Corresponding Secretary V. J. Whitt. Conductor Bob Blackwood. Alumni Counselor Dr. Albert Lee Mink. Advisor Galen Adams Frank Angelo. Jr. Ken Bennett Ernie Bradshaw Dan Buckley Maxie Caldwell Ron Carimi Mike Childs Baxter Cone Greg Cooper Jerry Crim Roy Douglas Rod Downs Randy Erwin Elmer Floyd Steve Ford Mac Franks Vincent Glorioso Richard Haley Joe Harriman Robert Hoke Craig Hunt Bill Ivy John Johnson David Kimmel Steve Kirkland Rusty I.awrence Bill Ledbetter Steve Lockhart Dalton Markin Gary Dean Markin Robert McLean Jim Mills Mike Mitchell Larry Moffett Steve Morrison Corky Namtzu Steve Nemeth Richard Painter Virgil Peyton Bernie Pflegar Steve Phaup Wayne Pitcock Bob Pollard Ron Rahn Jim Reese Howard Slinkard Gary Joe Thomas Joe Thompson John Tipton Wayne Watkins Harry Watson Benny Winford Mike Wilkinson David Wood Joe Vaughn Phil Young Dennis Zolper 115Steve Clark. President Mike Taylor. Vice-President Mike Rowland. Secretary Tim Norton. Controller Scott Bell. Guard Gary Pugh. Senior Marshal Pete Parenti. Junior Marshal Ed Wortham. Chaplain Sigma Phi Epsilon, Arkansas Gamma Chuck Bezio. Advisor John Armstrong Joe Ash Chris Aycock Mike Bearden Ronny Becker Bill Beene Watson Bell Bob Blcnden Rick Borgman Rob Bowers Stan Brawley Thad Brown Mike Burkett Dennis Burris Ben Bush Gary Clark John Coleman Dick Crampton Terry Crawford Joe Crews Johnny Davis Mackie Dcese Pete Doyle Ed Duckett Wayne Ed gin John Edwards Van Ellis Mike Everett John Fender Rick Freeman John Frew Tom Garrett Mike Gibson Walter Graham Reg Green Mike Griffey Jimmy Hall Larry Henderson Richard Holeyfield Steve Johnson Bobby Justus Danny Keely Larry McAllister Gary McBrydc Harry Maines Gordon Metzgar Jimmy Norris Tommy Pierce John Riddell Don Robb Larry Rose Monty Shore Tony Skogen MikeStropp Scott Till Fred Tisdale Wendell Tolson Doyle Tyer Bill Urscry Bill Valentine Dick Walker Bob White Rogers Yarnell 116eA Konnie Rhodes. President James Bonds. Vice-President Jack Howell. Secretary James Sanders. Treasurer Jack Irvin, Herald Mike Beebe. Pledge Trainer Dannye Pierce. Pledge Trainer Joe Brewer. Sgt.-At-Arms nr Sigma Pi, Alpha Pi Capt. Thomas J. Davis. Advisor Capt. Randall Ford. Advisor Lee Alexander Johnny Allison Phil Barton Bill Biggers Eddie Boster Fred Bratton Fred Brown Thomas Burroughs Lyman Carroll Harry Davidson Ronnie Dent Donnie Dunavant Dennis Gilmore Dwaine Glenn Gordon Green Larry Hale Mike Hart Glen Highfill John Howell Porter Hurt Mike Jones Bill Keedy Bob Klimek George Knott Mike Larsen Mike Lynch Perry Metheny Mike McDaniel David Miller Andy Moody Roger Moore Steve Murray Jerry Orr Steve Orr Ben Pickard Wyman Pierce Barry Posey Dave Renn John Reynolds Don Russina David Sanderson Charles Schaaf Gary Scott John Schoffner Jim Scurlock Gordon Simpson Bob Smalling Phil Smith Bob Stanley Bruce Taylor Jim Thompson Tommy Thompson Bethel Thurman Mike Thurston Dan Trevathan Ron Triplett Stan Vaughn David Walls Larry Ward 117Cecil Holifield. President Hank Jordan. Vice-President Scott Henderson, Secretary Gary Marlar. Treasurer Laudies Brantley. Pledge Trainer Harry Harrell. Chaplain Lynn McGee. Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Hightower. Historian Dr. John Galloway. Advisor Dr. Dewey Sifford. Advisor Bill Back Kicky Bone Jerry Brewer Butch Brogdon James Brown Mike Burton Bobby Caldwell Jeff Calloway Tom Calloway Tommy Davis Larry Davison Bruce Dietsche Rusty Dozier Steve Ewart Edgar Farrow Darrell Folsom John Ford Jim Forrest John Frets John Geis Bobby Gentry Terry Givens Larry Gladden John Goldsmith Bill Hampton Konnie Hardin Kim Hazelbaker Elmo Holder Johnny Horton Hubert Jamison Larry Jarrett Joe Bill Johnson Wesley Jones Gerald Jumper John Lambert Albert Martin Larry May Charles Mellein Jimmy Metheny Don Moon Dale Morris Charles Moshinskic Jim Moshinskie Jim Owens John Pardew Jack Partridge Dick Ritchey Sonny Rodery Scott Rowell Bill Schuman Rick Scott Tom Skinner Jesse Stafford Bill Stelle Benny Story Dick Tipton Randy Trim John Troy Joe Neil Van Cleve Ike Van Meter Alan Watson Danny Watson 118Phi Mu president Sharon McGahhey (left) receives the sorority scholarship trophy from Carol Kand. Panhellenic president. IFC, Panhellenic Provide Liaison for Greek Groups The Inter-Fraternity Council and Panhellenic are composed of representatives from all nationally chartered fraternities and sororities on campus. Their purpose is to legislate rules regarding rush, to discuss problems involving Greek life and to promote corporation among Greek groups. Panhellenic — (seated) Marilyn Brown, treasurer; Cathy Crow, secretary; Barbara Davidson, vice-president; Carol Hand, president; (standing) Kay Griner. Glenda Felts. Linda Batchelor. Karen Norton. Roberta Hay. Jan Sangford. Miss Stroud. Carolyn Brasher. Linda Lea. Kay Mill . D Denman. Sharon McGahhey. IFC — (first row) Hon Rhodes, treasurer: Cecil Holifield. secretary; Steve Clark, president; Sammy Elardo, vice-president: Steve Mitchell. reporter: (second row) Bill Weaver. Konnie Hardin, Laudies Brantley. Charles Schaaf. Mike Beebe. Handy Spann. Joe Boeckmann. Mike Taylor (third row) Richard Bishop. Doug Scott. Bill Wood. Russell O'Banion. Harold Fuller. Ricky Gatewood. Inter-Fraternity Council president Steve Clark (left) presents the traveling scholarship trophy to Lambda Chi Alpha's president Joe Boeckmann. LXA has won the trophy every year since coming on campus in 1959.SGA President Mike Gibson (left): Moses with a broken staff? A-State SGA Has Typical Year Webster defines the word "govern” as "to control and direct the making and administration of policy." It has long been a matter for debate whether or not the ASU Student Government Association lives up to its name. Somehow, the sponsoring of dances, procurement of entertainment, selling of second-hand books and erection of signs don’t seem to fall under the category of government. Candidates for SGA office each spring turn the campus into a “Promise Land" flowing with milk and honey intentions for reform and improvement. Unfortunately, the newly-elected leaders usually emerge as impotent Moses’ incapable of parting the red tape sea thrown up by administrative pharaohs. Members of the SGA can’t really be blamed for this year’s disappointments. It wasn't their fault the student body was apathetic, that attempts to write the promised new constitution were statemated, that Dionne Warwick only sang an hour, that teachers made wholesale textbook changes and sabotaged the SGA bookstore’s profits .... -a No one questions the claim that the SGA has a "tough job." But no one ever bothers to question just what that job is. either. Dionne Warwick's mini-conccrt was one of the events sponsored by the SGA this year. 123Vice presidents were Carol Hand and Cecil Holifield. Senators were (front row) Terry MacLeod. Sharon Kay Pierce, (back row) Gary Rose. Victor Vaughn and Steve Reynolds. SGA Officers, Representatives Sammy Gennuso was SGA sponsor. 124Freshman SGA members were (front row) Regina Kent. Karen Johnson, (back row) Linda Koubek. Johnny Horton, freshman class president, and Peggy Queen. Representatives were (front row) Cathy Crow. Donna Gill. Pat Darby. Linda I«ea. Mary Rose, (back row) Larry Kimmer. Bill Paule. Teena Brooks. Pam Fuhr. Gayla Goodson, John Edwards. Michael Everett. Robert Montgomery and Don Greenway. Appointed officers were (front) Ouida Jackson, (back row) Van Ellis. Robert W. Harper and Jim Best. 125126 Majorettes The fanfare began, and with it came high-stepping majorettes leading the Marching Indian Band into another intricate halftime routine. Under the guidance of head majorette Carol Rand and feature twirler Ouida Jackson, the majorette line presented many complicated choreographic performances (some of which even managed to delay the mad rush to the concession stand). Suzi Walker Janie Wilson Lynn Delaney Susan Peterson Linda Lipscomb Feature twirler Ouida Jackson and head majorette Carol Rand Sara Pugh•Judy’s Rot a brand new bag: head cheerleader Judy Ramey was responsible for many of the innovations used this year to promote school spirit. ASU Cheerleaders Bad weather, a losing streak and a feud between the cheerleaders and pep band dampened what had been one of the best showings of school spirit in recent years. A-State’s cheerleaders tried time and again to instill enthusiasm in seemingly nonchalant crowds, but the efforts were usually in vain. (When the cheerleaders tried to vary their simple cheers, most students merely watched, occasionally joining in the yell-ending applause.) Animosity over who was in charge of the shout-sessions resulted in derogatory statements decorating campus sidewalks, but concessions offered by both sides paved the way for future cooperation. Debbie Threct Barbara Coleman Lynn Valenteen Tannda Lancston Pasty Birrs Jo Ann Mason 127 Accounting Club Organization For Accounting Majors Agri Council Composed Of Representatives Of Each Agri Organization Accounting Club — (first row) Kathy Taylor. Jerry Ann Wyatt. Patsy James. Beverl; Sennett. Dianne Horner. Hobby Flippo. David Helm. David W. Miller. Victor Vaughn Tom Horton. Bill Risby, (second row) L. M. Dinsmore. Mike Hilliard. Don Smith Ricky Gatewood. Shirl D. Strauser. (third row) liichard M. Cox. Larry Phillips. Joe R. Brewer. Mike W. Lofton. Winfred Rose. Buddy Shoemake. Harold Fuller. Joseph Bradley. Kenneth Cannady. Randy Perryman, (fourth row) Jim Kalkbrenner. Edward Wieder. Donnie Martin. Stanley Estes. Larry Turner. Tommy Womack. Jim Kincaid. Roy Swain. Nancy Haigler. (Fifth row) James Kirksey. Roger Teel. Wayne Mardis. John Burton. Charles Whitfield, (sixth row) William Phillips. Rudie Williams. Jack Kirkwood, David E. England. Jimmy Pulley. Frankie Witcher. Vic ffosman. Roy Hugueley. Ronnie Wilkins. Agri Council — Gary Whitfield. James L. Davenport. Laudies Brantley. Bobby Montgomery. Jerry McGee. Charles Lewis. Dr. Amos B. Rougean. 128Alpha Ka pixi Psi — (first row) Eddie Davis. Frank Edmonds. David Shanks. Hobby Flippo. John Williams. William G. Falen. Charles Simpson. Benny Akin. Danny Bassett. L. M. Dinsmore. (second row) Truman Jefferson. Riley Hindman. Kenneth Crucc. Dwayne Owens. Edward Cunningham, Don Smith. Ronald Tullos, Jerry Wall. David Chester. Jim Griffin. B. C. McGough. (third row) Dwain Morris. Victor Scauzzo. Donald Patterson. Mike Hilliard. Jerry Beal. Harold Kohler. Ricky Gatewood. Herbert H. Price. Roy F. Sherman, (fourth row) Kddie James. Carl C. Hill. Joseph Bradley. Wm. Larry George. Troy Baxter. John Potter. Fred Miles. James Magry. Charles Shepherd. Jerry Crawford. Lonnie Talbert, (fifth row) Gary Jones. James Clowers. Don Carnahan. H. M. Alsey. David K. Kngland. Fred Robinson. Walter Calaway. Michael Corvin. Richard Worthington. Alpha Kappa Psi National Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi Officers Alpha Kapixi Psi Officers — (first row) Stephen Wood. Dianne Horner. Gary Rose, (second row) Roalnd T. Mullins. Ernest L. Cobb. Robert Ralston. Larry Holifield, Walter L. Meals III. 129Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women’s Scholastical Organization Alpha Lamtxlu Delta — (first row) Judy Dowdy. Sharon Wilson. Mary Ix u Booker. Dianne Gage, (second row) April Patton. Ann Hubener. Betsy Millwce. Terry MacLeod. Alpha Sigma Upsilon Senior Women’s Honorary Aipha Sigma Upsilon — (first row) Cindy Middleton. Kay Crain. Kay Parks. Linda Carol Stracener. Frances Dunham. Carol Jane Brown. Carolyn Kueter. (second row) Patsy James. Suzanne Wood. Dianne Gage. Ann Galloway. Ann Jones. Kay Gri-ner. Bonnie Bledsoe. Jean Duff. Patricia Holley. Glenda Joplin. Caryn Hutchinson. Mary Lou Studdard. Alpha Tau Alpha Agriculture Education Fraternity Alpha Tau Alpha — (first row) Dr. Amos B. Kougean. James C. Moody. R. L. Jones. Bill Pruitt. Lynn Roe King. Joe Jones. Vance Hambelton, Wayne Stallcup, Dr. John Hayles. (second row) James M. Pasmore. Charles Lewis. Darrell Hipp. Leon Crittenden. Robert Montgomery. Bobby Montgomery. Charles Miller. 130American Chemical Society — (first row) Dewey H. Sifford. Cindy Orsburn. Kay Parks, Mary Hose. Linda Crist. Paul D. Gwinup. (second row) R. O. Saunders. R. S. Mitchell. M. L. Doyle. William N. Smith. Philip Easley. Terry D. Zimmerman. James L. Counts, (third row) Charles Wells. J. Ed. Bennett. Howard Moore. Norman Trautwein. Gary W. Short. Gary A. Parker. Wendell Burnside. Harold Carter. Dale Snow. I rry McFadden. American Chemical Society Organization For Chemistry Majors ami Minors Arrow Staff Literary Publication Staff 131 Arrow Staff — Pat Rutherford. Regina Horton. Andy Joffe. John Phelps. Bernardine Wilson. Kathy Shurlds. Sammy R. Gennuso. Bill Ransdell.AWS Board Governing Board Of Women Students A It'S Boani — (first row) Eva Horton. Jennifer Hildreth. Dianne Sayre. D Denman. Becky McGinness. Roberta Hay. (second row) Mary Jane Rorex. Frances Simpson. Susan Neace. Sue Leathers. Carol Dyrc. PeKtty Stroud. Jane Elrod. Betty Stanley. Martha Miller. Anna Hassin. Carolyn Conrad. Beta Beta Beta Honorary Biological Fraternity Tri Beta — (first row) Renie Mallory. Cindy Orsburn. Cathy Crow. Ann Galloway. Kay Parks, (second row) Ed Wortham. Frank Minirth. Michael L. Carnahan. Haldor M. Wilkes. David Fellows. Dale Snow. Roy Wheeler. Lowell Evans. 132Block Bridle — (first row) John Church. Hex A. Johns. Keith Crowder. Linda Mul-bey. Connie Sipes. Harold White. Darrell E. Ford, (second row) Gary Whitfield. J. H. Keene. Larry Hall. Harold T. Rig-gan. Tommy Mulkey. I.loyd Sauer. Larry Younger. Don Harold, (third row) Harry Caldwell. L. N. Hochstetler. Paul Minor. Woodrow Bryant. Ricky Truax. Handy Bellamy. Curtis H. Davis. Gary Myers. Block Bridle Organization For Animal Husbandry Majors Broadcasters Club — (first row) Zeek Taylor. Bruce Higgins. Marilyn Farley. Joan Klotz. Danny Henderson, (second row) Herman Childs. Tom Wilborn. Bobby Dale Woody. Gary Bridgman. Bill Jowcrs. Charles Hasberry. Broadcasters Club Organization For Radio Majors And Minors 133Baptist Student Union Kxecutivc Council Baptist Student Union — (first row) Diana McKinney. Mary Alice Holt. Sandi Marshall. Sandra Robertson. Judy Case, Alice Mayfield. Mariglee Mitchell, (second row) Art Kent. Larry Hailey. Frank Minirth, Linda Grisham. Paul Seal. Frank White. Gary Clark. Harold Permenter. Jr. Chi Alpha Assembly Of God Students' Club Chi Alpha — (first row) Linda Wilkins. Rose Nell Wise. Peggy Kelch. Kayleene Lassiter. Velma Ferren. Gloria Howard. Carolyn Hopkins, (second row) E. Joe Wilmoth. Hob Sugg. Jimmie Brewer. Frank C. White. Don Smith. Leroy Winkle. Gerald Harkenrider. Jesse Hannah. Larry G. Barger, Mike Crews. 134Debate Club IM ate Team — (first row) Esther Kelly. John Bell. Linda Kay. (second row) John Frew. John Johnson. Patrick Campbell. James Counts. Delta Tau Alpha Agri Scholastic Honorary 135 Delta Tau Alpha — (first row) Stephen Bitely. Larry D. Berry. Buddy L. Couch, (second row) James L. Davenport. Bill Biiwers. James E. Bingham. Houston Allen. Rockwell T. Gerlach.Engineering Club Kngineerinit Club — (first row) Wilson Oakley. Steve Ixickhart. .Johnny Hay Kirkland. Danny Scott. Houston Allen. Brent Branum. (second row) A. L. Mink. Konald Bowen. Farrel W. Roberts. Max Farley. •James Porter. Jimmy I.ane. Herman F. Williams. Future Farmers Of America Future Farmers of America — (first row) Dr. Amos B. Hougeau. I.eon Crittenden. James Moody. Harold White. Bobby Montgomery. Lynn Hoe King. Ann Beaton. Darrell Hipp, Bill Pruitt. Phillip Williams. Charles Lewis. Benny Futrell, Arthur H. Miller Jr. Dr. J. A. Hayles. (second row) James M. I’asmore. R. L. Jones. Robert Montgomery. Charles Miller. Joe Jones. Jim Mitchell. Vance Hambelton. Wayne Stallcup. 136Gamma Beta Ph i Organization For Beta Club Members Gamma Beta Phi — (first row) LaDrewe Carey. Jean Mays. Rcnic Mallory. Ivy Kelley. Barbara Burke. Pam Luther. Linda Faulkner, (second row) Larry McFadden. Jan Hounsaville, Dianne Horner. Paula Kemp. Cindy Orsburn. Vivian Wilkerson. Lanay Watson. Sheila Jarman. Jerry Wyatt. Sally Davis. Alice King. Hoy Swain, (third row) Bill Hightower, Kdgar Farrow. Bebe Glenn. Diana Chism. Glenda Joplin. Patricia Holley, Cindy Middleton. Betty Petkoff. Jerry Brewer. Lanar Phillips. Graphic Arts Club — (first row) Robert Kern. Harold Perry. John Claunch. Jerry Sansing. Ray Osborn. Richard Haley, (second row) George Williams. John Sammons. Don Ayres. Richard Linsky. Johnny Horn. Mickey Hines. Barry Richardson. Ronnie Brown. Tom Richardson. Graphic Arts Club Organization For Printing Students 137International Relations Club Organization For Political Science Students International Relations Club — (first row) Susan Doty, Kay Farley. Sharon Kay Pierce, Dianne Mitchell, (second row) Dr. Edwin Coulter, James Newberry, Douglas Brown, Mary Lou Booker. Sue Mullen. Clyde Simmons. Mike Taylor, (third row) Edgar Farrow. Joe Birts. Ron Faulkner. Steve Ewart. Steve Mitchell, Ken Sanders. Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity For Oustanding Male Band Students Kappa Kappa Psi — (first row) Richard Bishop. Jim Pepper. Jim Hartzel. Wally Fowler. Hollie Farris. James C. Shackelford, (second row) David Massey. Peter Kluge. Stan Moore. Larry Graddy. Randal Ulmer. Pat Curry. Jim Stone. Van Merritt. James Hutcherson, (third row) Jim Carter. Roger L. Ferguson. Curtis I.. Speed. Gary W. Hercher. Thomas S. King. Willy Smith. William Faulkner. Mitchell Saliba. 138Kappa Mu Epsilon — (first row) Hose Nell Wise, Martha Miller. Lynn Barr. Martha Henry. Suzanne Truxton, Barbara Davidson. Linda Crist, (second row) Dr. John w «• r -l Kent. Jack D. Jolly. David Thurman, Jim IN.£11)03. Mil rjOSllOm Allbriuht. Harry D. Downing, Eddie Dun-avant. Gene Boerner. Joan Morten. Paula Kemp. Carol Jane Brown. Fraternity For Math Students Kappa Pi Fraternity For Art Students 139 Kap Hi Pi — (first row) Laure Oelscn. Darlyne Paulsen. Susan Patterson. Darcy Wilkinson. Bonnie Whitlock, (second row) Hubert Crain. Harry Allen. Bob White. Dianne Gage. Jonnie Bradsher. Pat Haynes. Dennis Riddle. Thomas Sternal.Lambda Iota Tau Fraternity For Outstanding Juniors And Seniors In Literature Lambda lota Tau — Allison D Denman. Evelyn R. Seaton. Bob Sukk. Doris M. Sain. Dorothy Buhrmester. Medical Arts Club — La nay Watson. Cindy Orsburn. Kay Parks. Becky Bowden, (second row) Gary McGrew. Ronnie Hardin. Dennis Cate. Ricky Smith. James Harris. Dale Snow. Frank Minirth. Dr. R. C. Ricks. Medical Arts Club Group For Majors In Medical Arts 140Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship MBSF — (first row) Sue Evans. Carolyn Boren. Patsy Higdon. Mary Anne Hastings. April Patton, (second row) Richard Berry. Ronnie Boren. Charlene Thomas. Gaye Qualls. James L. Counts. George H. Raley. National Art Education Association NAEA — (first row) Marquerite Haley. Linda Ray Hodge. L. R. Baker, (second row) Susan Patterson. Jamie Caruthers. (third row) Susan Smith. Ruth Faulkner, (fourth row) Susan Orosz Matthews. Ann Longino. (fifth row) Pat Haynes. Darlyne Paulsen. Dianne Gage, (sixth row) Laure Oelsen. Glynda Causey. 141Newman Club Catholic Students’ Organization Newman Club — (first row) Barbara Kuetcr. Carolyn Kueter, Frances Glorioso. Jeanne Cunningham. Deborah Hetzel. Anne Kdmonds. (second row) Mary Kay Reeder, Janina Sipa. David Dupwe. Robert Craig. William C. Butler. Jr.. Rev. Scherrey Cardwill. Frank Edmonds. Buddy Stringer. Bob Baugh. Glenda Felts. Jo Abdella. PEM Club Organization For Physical Education Majors PEM Club — (first row) Bill Wheeler. Bill Westrol. Mike Armour. Paul Dismang. Grady Roberts. Eddie Williams. Jim Jastrzemski. Jerry Bourdage. Dick Clay. Ronnie Young. Kelly Scobey. Ken Marler. Bill Bergey. Cotton Alexander. Charles Hooten. (second row) Kathy Williams. Alice Sullivan. Carolyn Horton. Nancy Cole. Pat Scott. Kay Black. Barbara Coleman. Mary Hafner, Carol Jane Wilson. Liz Jones. Gloria Robbins. Judy Ramey. Dye Anne Mann. Margaret Moyer. Donna Wells. Jana Davis. Judy Haws. Nancy Austin. Sandy Wigginton. Sue Jones. Joel Sneed, (third row) Kenneth McMullin, David James. Jack Morrison. Greg Shelton. Bill Hampton. Ron Brown. Don DeMaine. Ron Rhodes. Douglas James. Bill Hook. Andy Stovall. Jeff Lansdale. Nathan Thompson. Jr.. Jerry Sharpe. Barry Pruitt. 142Pershing Rifles — Eddie M. Lea. William W. Young. David M. Bruner. Rollie M. Dickinson. Larry D. Voss. Robert W. Hall, Gary J. Marlar, Maj. J. E. Hamby. Dane Hatley. Ronald K. Estes. Lloyd W. Clark. William M. HeidelberKer. Wilbern R. Marlcr, James L. Ix we, (second row) Ronald Roach. Ronald Bell. Brad Calaway. Terry Decker, Lavon Fletcher. Charles Bottoms. Mark D. Diggs. Tony Simpson. Macklon Bonds. James C. Creecy. E. Steven Skillern, Bill Lindsay, Gary D. Mobley. James Newson. Eugene Ford. Henry D. Dean. Tom Lancaster. Gary Barker. Phil G. Smith. Maj. John Avera. Pershing Rifles Organization For Military Science Majors Phi Alpha Theta — (first row) Ann Lucas. Patricia Holley. Carolyn Kueter. Brenda Gambill. Pat Schwamb, Betty Jetton. David Dunham, (second row) Roger Lambert. Gerry Crabb. Hugh Greene. Floyd Hicks. John Corcoran. James Pugh. Lee A. Dew. Don Konold. Charles Kenner. Phi Alpha Theta Honorary History Fraternity M3Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Men's Scholastic Fraternity Phi Eta Sigma —(first row) Steve Mitchell. David Johnson. Mike Gilmer. Pat Curry. Bill Ivy. Frank Hurst. David O’Roark, Ronnie Hardin, Edgar Farrow, (second row) John Edwards. Jimmy Cook. Ronald I). Hubbard. Floyd Hicks. Steve Ford. Tommy Nuckols. Gerry Crabb. Harry Moore. Jim Fitzpatrick. Bill Garrison. Frederick Howard. Harold Fermenter. Jr.. Joe Johnson, (third row) Keith Ashcraft. Dale Snow. Hugh Greene. Galen Adams. David Dunham. James Allbright. Larry Barger. Gary Johnson. Frank Minirth. Curtis Speed. James Counts. David Brown, Gary McGrow. Lamar Kyle. Dr. M. Vance Sales. Phi Mu Alpha Men's Music Fraternity Phi Mu Alpha — (first row) Leslie Wayne Davis. Gary M. Hercher. Gary W. Sauheaver. Bill Loyd. Roger L. Ferguson. Bill Hendrix. James Michael Baldwin. Donald Hall, (second row) John Justus Sawyer. John D. Frew. Jerry Chilcutt. David Massey. Alan Lentz, Joe Francis. Floyd Ramsey. Bill Barnett. Gary Morris. Jim Hartzel. Ronal Foster, (third row) Dan Urton. Kenneth Wood. Russ Boyd. Bob Pruett. Randal Ulmer. Dick Walker. David Lyttle. 144Phi Theta Pi Literary Group Phi Theta Pi — (first row) Pam Rutherford. Jeanne Tye. Allison D Denman. Bernadine Wilson. Jean Kennemore. Kathy Shurlds. Chris Bynum. Anna McClure, (second row) Sammy Gennuso. Kay Farley. Hutch Greene. Marvin Zimmerman. Harry Truman Moore. Bill Ernst. Robert Cowles. Pat Rutherford. Michael Drouil het. (third row) Nancy Young. Gwen Poindexter. Bebe Glenn. Kay Mills. Anne Simpson. Pam Fuhr, Christine Schleuss. Suzanne Downing. Lynda Smith. Pi Gamma Mu — (first row) Doris Hagen. Carolyn Kueter. Rose Nell Wise. Pat Schwamb. Lanna Fay Collier. Barbara McKeel. Ann Lucas, (second row) Dur-ward Cooper. Charles Reeves. Terry Paul Edwards. Timothy O. Ross. John C. Osoinach. (third row) Edgar Kirk. James Griner. John Galloway. Clyde Simmons. Chester R. Stewart. Pi Gamma Mu Fraternity For Social Science Students 145Pi Omega Pi — (first row) Diana McKinney, Cheryl Williams. Rebecca Collins. Linda J. Jobe. Sharyn Ormsley, Elizabeth Mayfield, (second row) Glenda Joplin. Alice King. Loretta Gambill. Earn Fuhr. Sue Evans. Carolyn Crawford. Cindy Middleton. Pi Omega Pi Fraternity For Business Education Majors Plant Science Club Club For Plant Science Students Plant Science Club —(first row) Laudies Brantley. James Brown. Ron Nichols. Harold Roetzel, Bill SandaKe. Cecil Coffin. G. Richard Morris. Harold Anderson, (second row) Thomas Fortner. Bob Bevis. Jerry McGee. Tom Franzen. Paul Gaines. John Atwill. Floyd Wright Jr.. A. W. Tennille. Rodney O. Hexem. 146Print Club Club For Art Majors Print Club — (first row) Pay Haynes. Laure Oelsen. Ronnie Whitlock, (second row) Thomas Sternal. Dianne Ga«e. Harry Allen. Jonnie Bradsher. Dennis Riddle. Iteng Hi fie:s—(foreground) Lynda Krenzelok. Rusty Roe. Hill Heidelberger, (first row) l.arry Voss. Mark Diggs. -James Lowe. Kenneth Sanders, lorn Lancaster. Wilbern Marler. David Bruner. Larry Barber, (second row) Dwight Tosh. Larry Jones. Stephen Kendall. David Lemonds, James Fowler. Ike Houston. Donald Uenck. (third row) Larry Chance. Boy Dellinger. Michael Watson. Samuel Creasman. Kollie Dickenson. Kobert Sisco. James Cummings, (fourth row) Larry Melson. Raymond Greer. Macklon Bonds. James Heath. O. C. Crump. Michael Kellim. Reng Rifles ROTC Drill Team 147Scabbard And Blade Fraternity For ROTC Cadets Scabbard Blade — (first row) Maj. Guy I). McCoy. Gary A. Parker. David Fellows. Ann Galloway. Harold Fuller. Robert Hall. Ronnie Rahm. Sfc. Wayne March, (second row) Steve Mitchell. Austin Harris Jr.. Allen Rhodes. Richard Harris. Joseph L. Chambers. Hubert W. Crain. Robert Pollard. Mike Gilmer. David Thurman. Gary Johnson. Rockwell T. Gerlach. Jim Essman. Steve Short. Sixmo Alpha lota — (first row) Janet Collins. Barbara Pollock. Ruth Ann Brasher. Sharon Jackson, Sharon Felts. Liz Ann Hooker. Toni Smith. Connie Sims, (second row) Jo Ella Todd. Anita Phillips. Linda I asswell, Linda Barber. Kaye Taylor. Frances Griffin. Eva Horton. Julia Lansford. Victoria Urton. Sigma Alpha Iota 148 Womens Honorary Society For Voice MajorsSpanish Club — (first row) Mary Kay Reeder. Pat Cameron. Bonnie Pollard, Linda Faulkner, (second row) Betty Pet-koff. Sally Davis. Fini Wuppermann. Her-berta Waddell. Judy McGinnis. Sandra Barnes. Spanish Club Square Dance Club — (first row) Bill q j'v L Westrol. Gerald Bourdage. Donald De- 0(JUcU C L cUlCC l lUD Maine. Bill Bergcy. Joel Sneed. Lawrence Huett. Glenn Nicholson. Bill Wheeler. Danny Evans, (second row) Nancy Cole. Kay Black. Linda Hill. Linda Helms. Carol Jane Wilson. Robbie Wade. Mary Jane Stotts. Margaret Moyer. Mary Jane Rorel. Diane Sayre. Hanna Ray Ploch-berger. Mary Hafner. (third row) Lanay Watson. Pat Cameron. Kathy Williams. Cheril Badger. Gayla Martin. Donna German. Pat Scott. Frances Smallwood. 149Student Council For Kxceptional Children ■■■■■■■■■■■■I SCEC — (first row) Carol Simon. Pat Hoessli. Ann Willett. Patsy Patterson. Barbara Rice. Becky Smith, (second row) Bobby Brown. Janet Finch. Roberta Ray. Joyce Townsend. Marsha Gibson. Lynda Rodman, (third row) William Andersen. Angela Adams. Bonnie Bledsoe. Nancy Bumpass. Tony Lybarger. MENC Club For Music Students Student MENC — (first row) Kenneth Wood. Jim Hartzel. Leslie Davis. Keith Hamm, Bill Hynes. Gary Hercher. Donald Hall. Marvin Haught, Larry Dane. James Norman, Charles Tankersley. Roy Hildebrand. Bill Barnett. Gary Morris. John Erwin. Steec Huggins. (second row) Anita Phillips. Vicki Urton. Rebecca Edwards. Robin Schaberg Bill Hendrix. Jerry Chilcutt. Larry Carter. Barbara Pollock. Sharon Felts. Suzann Wood. Connie Sims. Toni Smith. Donna Sapp. Jo Ella Todd. Eva Horton. Mary Elizabeth Beck, (third row) Elaine Freeman. Fonda Bishop. Ruth Ann Brasher. Cathy Hollingsworth. Georgia Rives. Karen Bruner. Linda Heath. Sharon Ferguson. Julia Gardner Carol Reeves. Harlene Kiech. Janet Sanders. Jerri Lynn Mace. Susan Crafton. Wanda Clark, Jo Faye Orr. Kaye Taylor. Beverly Robertson. 150SNEA — (first row) Juanita Jeffrey. Marcia Glenn. Lois Aebersold, Mavis Forrest. Kay Crain. Frances Dunham. Kathie Murphy, (second row) Carol Doak. Carol Graham. Mary Linda Davis. Linda Lea. June Moosberg. Sheila Jarman. Janis Shivley. Jeannette Holley. Lillian Barton. Mary Lou Wiley, (third row) Diana Chism. Ann Jones. William H. Andersen. Tony Lybarger. Joe V. Jones. Beth Holley. Nancy Hill. SNEA Organization For Kducation Majors Tau Beta Sixmo — (first row) Viki Dunn. Jackie Palmateer. Mary Ruth Marshall. Sue Abernathy. Rebecca Edwards. Carolyn Lusk, (second row) Patricia Huntley. Sarah Carter. Linda Young. Ouida Jack-son. Sara S. Pugh. Linda Lou Lipscomb, (third row) Alice Faye East. Joyce Mox-ley. Linda Dale. Carol Rand. Ann Galloway. Cecile Brown. Tau Beta Sigma Fraternity For Outstanding Female liandsmen 151Veterans Club Veterans Club — (first row) Jimmy Py-land. Handy A. Jones. Glen E. Swindle. Tom Gschwend, James Clowers. Victor Stilwell, Halph Brady, (second row) Stephen P. Carrington. Lee Vent. John Vick, Bruce Rice. James R. Durham, Jimmy F. Lane, James F. Porter. David England. Women’s Athletic Association WAA — (first row) Cassandra Herring, Sharon Kay Pierce. Mary Hafner. Jana Davis. Margaret Moyer. Debbie Threet. Patsy Ashworth, (second row) Sharon Miller. Mary Rose. Mary Beth Brink. Susan Patterson. Robbie Wade. Alice Sullivan. Cindy Orsburn. Nancy Sulcer. (third row) Dianne Brogdon. Linda I-ea. Barbara Coleman. Bobbie Phillips. Ann Longino. Carolyn Gibson. Renie Mallory. Dianne Horner. Sharon Wilson, (fourth row) Sue Jones. Nancy Austin. Kathy Cloar. Gloria Robbins. Rochelle Haydon. Diane Sayre. Judy Ramey. Jane Elrod. Carolyn Patterson. Carol Jane Wilson, (fifth row) Pat Cantrell. Carolyn Horton. Nadi Williams. Claudia Rodgers. Sharon Lott. Jean Ken-nemore. Betty Ermert. Kay Black. Judy Haws. Carolyn Phillips. Marilyn Batey. (sixth row) May Carol Lieblong. Carolyn Newkirk. Lynn Valcnteen. Patsy Scott. Tannda Langston. Jeane Smith. Mrs. Gladys Hudgins. 152 Young Democrats Club YDC — (first row) Kathryn Coleman. Sarah Bcakley. Sue Mullen. Judy Foley. Sharon Kay Pierce. Sharon Doty, (second row) Dennis Zolpor, Lamar Kyle. Ricky D. Gatewood. Wayne Wheeler. Joe Thompson. Gerald Harkcnridcr. Ron Ellis. Jim Fitzpatrick. Dennis Cate. John Phelps. C.A. McNeece. a m i K'L'l . UUUL ,. X' I J innuTul l RT ITia u« I (utiiniaiid j- I _ it i lUii UHiGMmu 1 Sf .'tKKtl Publications, Radio-TV imuimn mcmxtrrr 153 Herald editors (right) Barbara Sipa and Victor Dickson check out the front pa«e in the print shop while printers (below) prepare the press for the weekly run. Newspaper Has Controversial Year After a bombardment of complaints (profane and otherwise) from amateur critics in early fall. Herald editors made a quick retalitory attempt to improve the image of the “fourth estate.” Cries for liberalization were common among students, although professional ethics and libel laws made it impossible to produce the scandal sheet most of the campus would have approved. The salvaged editorial policy stressed student involvement, and for the first time in the Herald's recent history, the editors polled the student body to survey its views on current affairs, including campus and national politics. Opinionated letters were even requested from interested students, although few were received. Equality for Greeks was a prime consideration, so in answer to charges of "unfair representation" and "Lambda Chi domination.” the editors often padded or cut copy to boost the "Greek ego.” Though the student newspaper maintained a conservative format, at least the Herald made an honest effort to satisfy the sometimes-opposing desires of students and administration. Associate editors — Richard Merritt. Karl Schwemmer and Ray Osborn. 154Feature editors — Terry McCord. Dianne Gage and Dale Butler. L. W. "Tex” Plunkett, head of the Division of -Journalism, was given a banquet commemorating his many years of work with college journalists by former and present students. Herald advisor Joel Gambill checks a finished page against a blackboard layout. Society and campus editors — Steve Murray. Kathy Shurlds. Carol Caplinger and Ellen Arrington. 15S Sports editors - Jim Callaway. Harry T. Moore and Jack Partridge.Advisor Tom Manning (left) and assistant editor Dianne Gage seemed chagrined after discovering the publisher had "misplaced” four pages of this yearbook. When there was work to be done, photographers Dale Butler. Gordon Morris. Marion Meredith and Keith Ashcraft usually found a place to hide. Editors Supervise Yearbook Production Nancy Kemp (second from left) and co-editor Kay Barks were in charge of the class section. Copy editor Betty Stanley (right) not only did her job well, but also kept the staff entertained with dog barks and witty commentary. mm 156Presenting a bizarre drama of the academe: The Production of a Yearbook. The Setting: Room 209, Reng Center. The Players: 30-odd students armed with pencils, rulers, carbon paper. Scene I: It is 7 p.m., Wednesday night. The players are gathered around tables too small to accommodate them. The mood is fresh and jovial—an early mood. The room is already filling with tobacco smoke. Betty Stanley is making wry jokes. H. T. Moore is persisting, despite protests, in adding his belching bass to the soul music on the intercom (which is turned up much too loud). The editor is chewing his pipe stem and screaming unheard instructions into the din. Somehow, layouts are being drawn, copy is being written. A deadline, as always, is imminent. Scene II: It is now 3 a.m. The Wigwam is closed. The cigarette supply has dwindled. The pencils have become worn-down stubs nobody takes time to sharpen. Dis-hevelment prevails. Many of the players have exited this scene, leaving crumpled paper, full ashtrays, and leaky coke cups behind. The assistant editor is sprawled across a table, asleep. The layout editor is staring at the clock in disbelief. The photographers are in the darkroom sloshing out pictures they should have printed last week. The editor is laconic. The room is too quiet for concentration. Dialogue is sparse; what little is spoken is sarcastic. The time for being compatible has long since passed. (This being a cyclic drama, it is repeated intermittently from September until April. Right after a deadline has been met, when the players are feeling giddy and secure. it is played as an overwrought comedy. Should difficulties arise, the mood becomes melancholy and the stage is set for tragedy.) The climax comes, jubilantly, when the final pages are sent to the publisher. The action then subsides into a denouement of waiting, anticipating. The curtain is rung down when the finished book arrives. Players now exit the stage to assume their less demanding roles as students. 157 Dan Stracner. editor and chief instigator. layout editor Hon Becker was responsible for getting ideas into blueprint form. Harry Moore, associate editor. put his newspaper experience to good use while doing the sports section.Charles Rasberry. KASU advisor, tests out the TV equipment. Steve Griffin writes copy for an upcoming program. ASU-TV became a reality this year as television students combined their talents to produce and televise several Friday evening programs. Courses in TV are being expanded to supplement those already offered in radio. KASU-FM originates the “Indian Sports Network.” which enables Arkansas State fans throughout the area to follow the Indians via audio action. The student-operated radio station broadcasts music, news, concerts, lectures, and special events to help keep the ASU student body and residents within a 100-mile radius of the campus entertained and informed. Technical and on-the-job experience in radio and television are gained by majors and minors in Radio-TV Journalism at the new station facilities located in the Radio-TV building. 158KASU Broadcast System Expands Gary Bridgman (left) takes over the board from basic staff member Gordon Morris. Student staff members Dick Holler and Doug Rogers check the AP wire for news. Miki Longfellow tries her hand at the turntable. Bob Calhoun often serves as traffic director for the student staff. 159SPRING SPORTS Spring sports took on a new look to go with a new name last spring. The new name was Arkansas State University, and the new look was that of a winner. Baseball and tennis had their first winning seasons in years, and the track team continued to gain national recognition. Only the golf team finished in the state of mediocrity that had marred ASU’s year ending sports slates. The esprit de corps of the baseball team matched that of the victorious football and basketball teams earlier in the year, and the thinclads of track and field developed an air of unselfishness which is unusual in a sport that is usually noted for individual performances. 162Ryan Chosen All-American Dana Ryan, ASU’s spark-plug second baseman, was named to the college division All-American baseball team. Ryan rewrote the Indian record book as he led the Tribe to its best season ever. Dana set records for most hits (48). most runs (39) and most stolen bases (19). His .381 batting average was tops for ASU, and one of the best in the nation. Ryan was also an outstanding fielder, and he helped the ASU glovemen to set team records for most double plays (34) and best average (.959). Ryan has turned down a professional contract so that he can complete his collegiate career. Jimbo Callaway Kained AU-SLC honors for the third time. Here he scores against Delta State at Kell Field. 164Freshman pitcher Rusty Hour led the Indians in wins with seven. Below, the last out was made, and ASU was the SLC baseball champion. Bedlam broke out in the duKout as anxious teammates rushed into the field to Krcct the victors. The celebration moved to the team’s motel quarters and lasted Ions into the ni«ht. ’67 SLC Champs The high-flying Arkansas State baseball team, captured the 1967 Southland Conference championship, ending Trinity’s three-year domination of the sport. The Indians used the big fielding play and the big hit to sweep the tournament in three games. A long bus ride to Beaumont. Tex., was followed by an 8-2 first game victory over Trinity. Lamar Tech served as the Tribe’s second victim, falling 4-2. The championship game gave Trinity’s Tigers a second chance to stop the red-hot Indians, but strong pitching by John Ford and Bobby Sherrill helped the Tribe to the crown 4-2. Coaches Ike Tomlinson and Rich Johnson got a much deserved victory bath after the win. Shortstop Bob Browning, and third base-man Jim Callaway were All-SLC for the third time, while pitcher Rusty Bourg, outfielder Jimmy Mueller and second baseman Dana Ryan were first time choices. 165Senior shortstop Hobby Browning is all smiles after homering over the new scoreboard in Kell Field to give ASU an early lead in its opening NCAA tourney clash. Below, first sacker Steve Morrison takes the throw and the Indians turn over one of their record 34 double plays. 166Tribe Takes NCAA Crown Season Record 26-8-1 A-State’s baseball Indi-is closed a very success-1 season by hosting and inning NCAA’s Midwest egional College Division ournament. In the first ime a rampaging Tribe ;alt the U. of North Dakota 6-3 setback. ASU came »ck for a 12-6 victory from autheast Missouri. The In-ans saw their chances of clean sweep stopped by N. akota 7-6. but strong hit-ng gave State a 9-6 con-jest and the tourney crown. SU had six men named to le All-Tournament team— itcher Criss McGuire, •cond baseman Dana Ryan, lortstop Bob Browning, lird baseman Jim Calla-ay. pitcher Dick Bethune nd outfielder Jimmy Muel-■t. The victories in the jurnament gave ASU its est record ever—26-8-1. Relief pitcher and sometimes coach Jim Burke (7) tells Dun Barnhart to hold up at third. Barnhart luter scored as the Indians toppled North Dakota 8-2 in a first round NCAA tourney clash. Directly above is Indian catcher Criss McGuire, a terror to opposing pitchers and a steady receiver behind the plate. "Choo” was among the nation's leading hitters for much of the season before a leg injury slowed him. 167 T X Seniors David Young. Jeff Lansdale and Jerald Spencer (below) took first places in the SLC shot put. javelin and high jump. Robert Andrews, far upper right, was the other half of the Indians’ freshmen vaulting duo. Jack Morrison and Randy Erwin ran on the relays and in other events. 168A-State tracksters inserted their names in the school record books this year as the team enjoyed one of its best years yet. Jerald Spencer set an ASU and Arkansas collegiate record in the high jump with a leap of 6-9. Danny Car-roll traveled 45-7% in the triple jump to set both ASU and state standards. Bob Giersberg assaulted the distance marks with timings of 4:08 in the mile, 1:53.4 in the 880, 9:04.6 in the two mile and 14:34 in the three mile. Jeff Lansdale and David Young were state leaders in the javelin and shot put events. 169170(Clockwise, from the top) Freshmun Hilly Hell was a consistent vaulter all spring long, and he took third in his event in the conference meet. Hob Giersberg breaks the tape at Heaumont. Tex., to set a SLC mile run record. Sprinter Hilly Caputo (center) is nipped at the finish line by a runner from Alabama, one of the many major colleges ASH faced in track competition. Versatile Butch Brogdon blossomed into a fine javelin man and finished second in conference competition. Senior Eddie Pruitt gets off a triple jump leap at the SLC meet while Coach John Rose looks on. 0 Supreme efforts by ASU’s track team fell just short of a second place finish in the SLC championship meet in Beaumont. A-State finished with 68 points, its best showing ever. Lamar Tech had to fight for its 77 points, and Abilene again won first place with 94 points, even though the Wildcats did not live up to their pre-meet performances. Bob Giersberg set a SLC record in the mile run. then came back for a second place finish in the 880 dash. Jerald Spencer took high point honors for ASU as he regained his high jump title, finished third in the intermediate hurdles and fourth in the triple jump. Other first place takers for ASU were Jeff Lansdale in the javelin and David Young in the shot put. Danny Carroll placed in all three jumping events. 171Golfers, Netters Fall In SLC Play Richard Brooks, right was elected captain of the tennis team while only a freshman. Below. Marlin Shipman blasts out of a sand trap at the SLC meet in Beaumont. Golf and tennis. ASU’s other minor spring sports, had their ups and downs. The netters. with freshman Richard Brooks leading the way. rolled up eight regular season victories, but they had troubles in the SLC tourney. It just wasn’t the golf team’s year as freshmen and sophomores carried much of the team’s load. In SLC play, the link-sters got off to a blazing start, but soon the only thing blazing was the hot Beaumont sun. The team was not used to playing 36 holes of golf in such hot, humid conditions, and A-State slipped from a comfortable third place to a cellar finish in SLC standings. 172Mike Mitchell lines up a putt at Beaumont, while below. Jack Carson's racket and arm seem todisappear while returning the ball. Senior Freddie Lewis was one of ASU's steadiest golfers. He earned four letters as an Indian linkster. 173Coaches Strive For Excellence merica 174 Arkansas State University’s coaches have won numerous awards, and this year was no exception. Athletic director and baseball coach J. A. "Ike” Tomlinson was this year’s standard bearer as he was named by his colleagues as Coach of the Year in college division baseball. Ike was also honored as the Southland Conference’s Spring Sports coach of the year. Football coach Bennie Ellender and basketball coach Marvin Speight faced situations to which they weren’t accustomed— losing seasons. Coach John Rose was having problems even before track season began as he lost four hopefuls due to disciplinary problems. On the brighter side, tennis coach Don Floyd, who doubles as assistant athletic director, anticipates his finest season since tennis was revived as an active spring sport. Coach Ike Tomlinson, top. was named college baseball's coach of the year. Coach Marvin Speight, right, watches his basketball charges during a workout.Football coach Bennie Ellender looks with dejection as the Indians fall to The Citadel in Little Kock. Coach .John Rose has built an impressive track program at ASU in the past five years. Coach Don Floyd, left, shows his netters a new solid fiberglass racket. 175 illFootball Assistants 176 Assistant football coaches arc Bill Templeton, top. backfield. Wayne Armstrong middle, defensive line, and Bill Davidson, offensive line.John Kauth, top, a former basketball mentor, is Kolf team coach. Mike Crews, a student assistant, handled the freshman team, and Bryan Schisler was assistant basketball coach. 1778£ I179A year of great individual talent, team play, broken records and national exposure —but a losing record. Ironically, what was supposed to have been ASU’s greatest season ever turned out to be perhaps the most disappointing. Living up to its pre-season billing and national ranking, the Tribe rolled past its first two opponents, but then lost more than a football game against The Citadel in the turning point of the season. Quarterback Tim Keane was lost for the balance of the season with a broken hand. The hopes for an impressive showing in the state’s big city were drowned in the rain and in the defeat. The other four losses were almost equally heart-breaking as they were decided by a total of a mere eleven points. Many records. 18 in fact, were set. most of them coming on the connections between Keane and freshman Cecil LaGrone to end Gerald Jumper. The season was a bitter one for the many seniors who had been through three winning campaigns and who had envisioned a conference championship in their final year. But many more promising athletes now have a challenge to regain a greatness that was never really lost. Irony Fills 4-5 Year SCOREBOARD ASU °pP. 21 Western Michigan 8 15 Tennessee Tech 7 7 The Citadel 20 3 Louisiana Tech 6 24 Abilene Christian 14 23 Lamar Tech 28 6 SWr Louisiana 7 14 I T Arlington 16 13 Trinity University 10 180Senior Leaders One of the biggest honors offered any athlete is the admiration of his teammates. Three seniors—halfback Benny Winford. end Gerald Jumper and linebacker Tommy Sain—garnered this year’s team given awards at ASU. Sain, a transfer, was named the team’s outstanding defensive player and also was elected co-captain with Winford. Benny didn’t gather the headlines that many backs do. but he was a true leader as a blocker and. when called on, as a ball carrier or pass receiver. Jumper, one of the most exciting players to ever wear an ASU uniform, was named the team’s outstanding offensive player. He rewrote A-State’s pass receiving records this year as he snagged 47 passes for 727 yards, good for the Southland Conference lead in both categories. One of the biggest disappointments of an already disappointing season came when Jumper was left off the All-SLC first team, an honor he attained last year. He and Sain both received honorable mention. 181 Defensive buck Dick Ritchey, tackle Clovis Swinney and linebacker Bill Bergey were named to the All-SLC first team defensive unit. Ritchey was honored for the third time, while Swinney (above, a sophomore) and Bergey (below, a junior) received their initial first team berths. ALL-SLC 182Center Ron Worthen (65). a repeat selection, was ASU's only representative on the All-SLC first offensive unit. Fullback Steve Gankiewicz (20). the SLC's leading scorer the past two seasons, and quarterback Tim Keane, who missed five games with a broken hand, gained honorable mention. Sophomore punter Kevin McClelland, right, was named as the kicking specialist on the defensive unit. He sacrificed long yardage for the high kick which was utmost impossible to return. 183ASU Opens With Two Big Wins ASU’s first two contests looked almost like a replay of last season as the Tribe defeated Western Michigan University 21-8 and Tennessee Tech 15-7. Steve Gankiewicz. who set an SLC record in 1966 with 13 touchdowns, showed he could still find the end zone as he scored three touchdowns over the favored Bronco team at Kays Stadium, then scored again against Tennessee Tech. Ganko rambled for 163 yards against WMU as the record opening game crowd of 7,950 went away delighted. Tim Keane did an excellent job as a field general and gained 269 yards through the air in the two contests, his only complete games until the last contest. The defense came up with the big plays, intercepting seven passes, and one Tribe touchdown was scored when Bill Bergey recovered a blocked punt in the end zone. 184ASU did it all while upsetting major ranked Western Michigan University. At the top. Steve Strubble makes a tackle, and Frank McGuigan finds a big hole. In the center is a typical Rang tackle, and Gerald Jumper (left) and Virgil Peyton (right) trying diving catches. Steve Gankiewicz (20) picks up part of his 163 yards and heads for paydirt. 185Campus Fever Moves To Little Rock As Citadel Approaches WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM“Beat Hell outta Citadel.” For an entire week that one thought dominated most ASU students. This was the chance, not only for the football team, but for Indian fans to prove that an Arkansas State University did exist. Preparations for the game and the festivities that went with it began early. A pep rally in the Field House, the first of many for ASU’ers, was held to officially start things. Everyone was high for the game early, and the peak of elation may have hit the football team a bit too early. When Friday came, students packed their bags, iced down their coolers and headed south. Some flew, some drove, some even rode a bike. Many didn’t know where they would sleep, but it made no difference—they were going. The rains chased off some of the expected crowd, but the students came anyway. Though the game was lost, the party wasn’t. State-wide news media did a better job covering the student activities than they did the game. Little Rock opened its arms to ASU, and the fans were grateful. Everywhere you turned you could hear the words, "Wait till next year.” The “Spirit of ASU" abounded at the pep rallies in Little Hock although some didn't know whether they were supposed to be outdoors (top), or indoors (middle), but everyone made it to the game. .Jumpin' ■Joe replaced Big Bed Hog on the War Memorial Stadium signs. Lambda Chi's presenter! Gov. Rockefeller with a football which had been carried to Little Hock on a bicycle. 1876 Tribe Hopes Crushed As 17,000 Fans Get Drenched "The Citadel leads 7-0 but the Indians are driving,” the play-by-play announcer exclaims. First and ten on the Bulldog 15-yard line. Gankiewicz carries over left tackle and gets piled up. He picks himself up and limps off the field for the remainder of the game. Two plays later, Keane fumbles a pitchout, and the drive is halted. Keane leaves the field holding his hand, and he doesn’t return. Take spirits that are already dampened, add the loss of two important men. and suddenly you’re behind 20-0. Finally, ASU made a last minute showing led by a young man named Cecil LaGrone. The freshman quarterback, seeing his first collegiate action, came out of shock and added a flying football to the already falling precipitation. Under extreme pressure, he completed 16 of 30 tosses, and despite two interceptions, he provided what was perhaps the brightest point of the game. Finally, LaGrone scored to end the scoring at 20-7. The players and coaches were also thinking, "Wait till next year.” 188Defensively, the Indians got a workout(across top and center). Jumper’s leaping catches showed Central Arkansas why he was considered one of the state's best. The dejection of Coach Kllender was felt by all. Gary Crane (85). a two-sport athlete, leads a tackle (top), and Virgil Peyton (84) shows his running strength after catching a pass. LaGrone and Coach Ellender muse over game plans on the bench while the defense is performing on the field. Pete Garris (32) intercepts a pass, and Steve Puryear (81) chases Abilene speedster Riley Dunn. 190Tribe Rallies For HomecomingW in Physically and mentally battered from the Citadel loss, ASU fell to homecrowd favorite Louisiana Tech at Kuston 6-3 in the first of what was to be many heart-breakers. The Indians had their chance for victory in the game’s last minute, but sophomore fullback Denny Burns was stopped less than a foot from the goal. An underhand pass and a field goal of record distance lifted the Tribe over Abilene Christian in its first SLC war. The Homecoming crowd was thrilled as Gankiewicz returned to action and scored on his first carry for a 7-0 ASU lead and again after a LaGrone to Virgil Peyton pass accounted for another six-pointer. But at the half, it was 14-14. With time running out, LaGrone passed underhanded to McGuigan for a 26 yard gain, and minutes later, Frank scored for a 21-14 lead. With a minute left, Mike Everett booted a record 49-yard FG to end it at 24-14. 191Lamar and USL Pin On Bitter Losses The Indians had little time to celebrate their Homecoming victory as they suffered two disheartening losses to Lamar Tech and the University of Southwestern Louisiana. At Beaumont, the Indians were sitting on a 17-14 lead in the fourth quarter when the bottom fell out. Lamar, finishing second in SLC, turned two fumbles into easy touchdowns. The Cardinals recovered a LaGrone fumble in the end zone for one TD, then pounced on a fumbled punt on the ASU 30-yard line and moved in for the game winning score. The Tribe scored one more tally, but the final score was still 28-23 as ASU again failed in an attempt to beat their seemingly perpetual conquerors. At home against SW Louisiana. Everett booted field goals of 30 and 36 yards to set a school record total of seven for a season and give ASU a 6-0 halftime lead. But the Bulldogs scored quickly in the third period and hung on for a 7-6 win. Everett had a chance to win it with 14 seconds left, but his attempt from 33 yards was partially blocked and barely missed. 192Clovis Swinney (79) balls up a Bulldog runner, unmindful of a discussion with an official (left). Jumper again shows his ability to catch the football in a crowd. LaGrone is tackled after a short carry (far left). Coach Kllendcr seeks an explanation of an official's call. Above. Charlie Hinrichs (70) puts pressure on the USL quarterback. 193ASU Loses UTA Mud Fight; Trinity Win Ends Season Disappointment hit another peak as the Tribe lost in its final bid for part of the SLC crown with a 16-14 loss to co-champ University of Texas at Arlington. The Indians came back the next week for a season ending victory over Trinity and a third place finish in SLC standings. Keane returned to action in the UTA clash which saw ASU fall to three field goals by Skip Butler. Keane and LaGrone shuffled at the quarterback position and moved the team to a near upset. Jumper had another superb performance, catching six passes for 118 yards. A last second field goal attempt by Everett from 46 yards at an angle out of a mud hole failed. Keane had the whole show to himself in his career finale against Trinity, and despite being thrown for 46 yards worth of losses by the Tiger defense, he hit Gankiewicz and Winford for touchdowns and a 13-10 win. Kevin McClelland was called on to punt nine times, and his high kicks averaged 39.8 yards for one of his best showings of the season. Above, fine pursuit halts this run by UTA' Mike Baylor. (Below left). Everett approaches the ball on a futile 46-yard elfort with less than a minute in the game. (Below right). Jumper dives for the ball to set up ASU’s first touchdown. It was muddier at midfield where Keane was. (far right below.) 194Peyton (84) is crushed by three UTA defenders after taking a short pass. Below, perfect tim-inn stopped this completion. 195Harriers Finish Second in SLC, Fourth in Nation Many cross country records fell as Bob Giersberg, ASU’s top distance runner, broke his own records for the four-mile run and the three mile Craighills course. He improved the Union University and Mississippi course records also. The Harriers won their first three meets, but were cooled down at the Union University Invitational, losing by one point, and after downing Mississippi State, the Indians placed second in the Southland Conference meet and fourth in the NCAA championship. A sick Giersberg fell to 34th place in the NCAA meet, but junior Virgle Ayers carried the load by placing 12th to lead the team to its fourth place national ranking. Bob Giersberg. top left, captured individual first place honors at the Southland Conference Meet here in November. Team members, top right, are. standing. Barry Garlow. Jim Kennedy. Tony Edwards. Kelly Parrish. Danny Craig. Kandy Erwin and Virgle Ayers; kneeling, captain Bob Giersberg. Above, harriers start a win against Murray State. Virgle Ayers, far right, finished 12th in the national meet to gain All-American honors. 196mm Ayers Named All-American 197198199Slow Season Finishes Fast Arkansas State University’s basketball Indians finished strong to save what had been one of the most disappointing seasons in the school’s history. Nothing went right in the early season games as the Tribe found itself with an 0-10 record. The group left its patterned offense late in the season and made a valiant attempt to gain part of the Southland Conference crown, and they almost did it. The switch to the fast break type game not only revitalized the team, but it also regained much of the crowd support that had been missing. Personnel changes were many throughout the season as some old faces disappeared to be replaced by new ones. The year was especially trying for coach Marvin Speight, who had had four winning teams in as many years at ASU, and for seniors Mike Burk, Dave Renn, Gary Crane and Harold Persfull, who had played on championship ball clubs in the past. Mike Burk finished sixth on the ASU all-time scorers list with a career total of 1.111 points. He Rained second team All-SLC honors as he led the Indians' season and conference scoring with 16.-1 and 17.3 norms. Burk was honored at the end of f he year as the recipient of the fourth Jerry Kook Award, presented by the lambda Chi Alpha fraternity to the team's outstanding player. 200Ronnie Brown hit for an 11.6 scoring average and led the Indians with an .882 free throw percentage in the eight league clashes to gain honorable mention honors. Senior Gary Crane provided much of the outside support in ASU's finish to gain honorable mention. He also has All-SLC potential in football as a defensive end. Burk, Renn, Brown, Crane Gain All-SLC Dave Renn found the fast break to his liking in the final contests and he hit from both inside and outside as he gained All-SLC second team honors. Renn finished with a 16.3 average in SLC clashes and a 13.4 norm for the season. His fall-away jump shot delighted many crowds. 201Nothing Goes Right, Indians Quickly 0-7 MW Mike Burk tries in vain to stop an outside shot at New Mexico State as Dave Renn and Milton Sullivan move into rebound position. In the center. Harold I’ersfull gets loose for an easy basket against East Tennessee. On the right, the ASU cheerleaders try, to no avail, to instill some spirit in an early season crowd, but the I ndian supporters found little to cheer about. 202Milton Sullivan, left, finds it almost impossible to shoot over NMSU's big Sam Lacey. Mike Burk. right, pulls down a rebound against Oral Roberts. Troubles galore hit the Indians as they quickly found themselves with an 0-7 record before the holiday break. The Tribe opened in Indian Field House and lost a 69-67 squeaker to Oral Roberts University. The Indians then took the road for one of the longest, and most disastrous, trips in school history. ASU faced powerful New Mexico State and took a 96-62 lump, then saved a little face by playing UT El Paso to a 57-48 loss. The Tribe was embarassed 72-53 at Southwest Missouri, and Milton Sullivan, the promising sophomore. disappeared from the squad, and the school, after the game. After dropping a close one 73-70 to Tennessee Tech in the school’s first appearance in Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, the Tribe dropped two more to East Tennessee. At Jonesboro, the Tribe was demolished 105-75. then three days later at Johnson City. Tenn.. the Indians were dumped by the Bucs 91-54. 203New Mexico State Grabs Tourney Win 204Far left. The Citadel's Tee Hooper fires a shot over NMSU’s Ernie Turner. Both were all-tourney selections. Jim Mueller passes underneath to Mike Burk. The only exciting thing that came out of Arkansas State’s fifth, and final. Holiday Basketball Tournament was the flying Aggies of New Mexico State University. The Aggies took care of Western Michigan 66-59 in the opening round and polished off the championship with a 92-66 blasting of The Citadel the next night. Arkansas State’s impotent Indians kept their losing streak alive, dropping a 79-71 decision to The Citadel for their eighth straight loss in the first round and falling 84-73 to Western Michigan the final night to lose the consolation round. Western Michigan's big Reggie Lacefield (35) was an all-star pick. NMSU's Robert Evans put on defensive pressure (left) and hit from everywhere to be named the tournament's MVP. Above, the Aggie press in action. 205Win at UTA Halts Loss Skein at Ten A familiar sight at Indian basketball games was Dave Henn's fall-away jump shot. In the center. Ronnie Brown throws in two against Southwest Missouri. At right. Harold Persfull tries to pass inside. 206ASU showed signs of life as it pushed nationally ranked Southwest Missouri into overtime before falling 71-66. The loss was a record 10th in a row for the Indians. ASU turned around and set a Southland Conference record by beating Arlington State 83-77 for its first win of the season and 10th straight SLC victory. Ronnie Brown had 22 points in that contest as he hit 10 of 11 from the field. The elation of the victory didn’t last long, though, as the Tribe was walloped by Lamar Tech at Beaumont 92-64. Another road game turned sour as ASU fell to old rival Southeast Missouri 80-71. New faces entered the lineup in that game as freshmen Phil Young and Alton Barnes moved up from the junior team. Jim Mueller. a crowd pleaser at guard, left the squad in good standing to concentrate on baseball. Body behind the back-board. Persfull tries a shot against the Bears. Gary Crane, left, moved from the football field to the basketball court, and he played some fine games in both sports. 207Dave Vclander leaves his feet to Ret off an inbounds pass against SEMO's press. At right. Mike Burk goes high above his defender for two points. 208 Gary Crane turned in one of the top performances of his career against Southeast Missouri. Above, he scores two of his 23 points, and at the right, he shows his strong defense.First Home Win Comes Over SEMO Dallas Thornton and George Tinsley combined for 52 points to lead the nationally ranked Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers to a 100-75 win over the astonished Indians in Owensboro, Kentucky. Thornton hit for 28 and Tinsley threw in 24 while the Tribe was led by Mike Burk’s 15 and Gary Crane’s 14. Although the University of Tennessee Martin Branch hit on six more field goals than the Redmen, the Tribe had 21 more points from the charity stripe as ASU won its second game of the year on the road 67-58. Harold Persfull was the leading Indian scorer as the 6-4 senior threw in 14. Burk had 13. After suffering an 80-71 loss in Cape Girardeau. Mo., the Indians came back to down SEMO on the Tribe’s hardwood 82-81. The Osage hit on 56.9 per cent from the floor and were led by Gary Crane’s 23. A-State lost its third conference scrap in four tries when Trinity’s Tigers humbled the Redmen 94-63 in Texas. Larry Jeffries led all scorers with 31 points. Phil Young did a top job while stopping SEMO's Charley Bertrand Harold Persfull outreaches teammate Gary Crane fora rebound. 209Fast Break Pushes Tribe Over Century 210 Arkansas State dumped the Rebels from the University of Texas at Arlington 73-65 in Jonesboro giving the Tribe its second conference win and a sweep of the pair of games with the Texas school. Ron Brown took scoring honors for the Indians, throwing in 16 points in a relief role. Although A-State fell to the Abilene Christian Wildcats by a score of 85-77, the final ten minutes of the contest proved productive as the Osage produced a fast-break offense not previously seen. Dave Renn finished the night with 19 points to take the scoring honors. Brown was on the end of enough fast breaks to produce 16. With the new found offense and a blistering 57.7 per cent from the floor, the Tribe produced its highest scoring night of the season running the Cardinals of Lamar Tech out of the gym 106-83. Gary Crane had 23 and Mike Burk 21 to pace the Redmen. Dave Renn added 20. Dave Vclander goes up for a quick shot against the ACC Wildcats while Ron Brown (bottom) runs the offense in the Lamar T ech contest.Freshman Phil Young takes a long set-shot in a late attempt to get the Indians back into the Abilene game. A-State's Harold Perofull gets the jump on I mar and the Indians are off and running. Eddie Morrison (center) goes in for a lay-up against Lamar Tech. Dave Renn. seen here diving for the ball, played a big part in the Lamar Tech victory. 211Harold Persfull and Dave Renn showed their versatility in the year ending push as they hit the bucket from both inside and outside. Trinity's Tigers were completely stunned by the Indians in the home finale. With a member of the opposition on the floor. Phil Young fires from outside. Gary Crane hit this jumper from the side as Larry Jeffries facially shows his disapproval. 212Indians Finish Third in Conference Arkansas State, using its rejuvenated offense, put a scare into the second-ranked Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers before falling 73-62 in Indian Field House. Led by Mike Burk’s 20 points and Dave Renn’s 15, the Tribe was able to stay close until the final few minutes when the Panthers’ Dallas Thornton led the final victory spurt. Revenging a humiliating defeat suffered in Texas. ASU put six men in double figures as it shot a devastating 58.5 per cent from the floor and rolled past the Tigers of Trinity University 101-91. Dave Renn led the assault as the 6-5 senior threw in 24 points, followed by Harold Persfull with 20 and Mike Burk with 15. With a chance to tie for the Southland Conference championship. State traveled to Abilene, Texas to meet the league leading Wildcats, but John Ray Godfrey was too much and the Tribe came away with a 96-93 overtime loss and third place in the SLC. Godfrey, ACC’s All-American hopeful, led all scorers as he connected on 17 of 24 from the field and 7-12 from the line for 41 points. Dave Renn closed out his ASU career with his best performance ever, as he connected for 33 points. Mike Burk finished with 23 which gave him 1,111 career points and the No. 6 spot on the all-time scoring charts. Jubilation broke out on the court after the Trinity win Dave Velander goes over Kentucky Wesleyan’s Thornton for a basket. Seniors Dave Renn. Gary Crane. Mike Burk and Harold Persfull and their families were honored in their final home game. 213Intramurals Intramural pool brought coeds into the usual allmale swelling of the ASU pool room. Below, the starters were many, but the finishers were few in crosscountry. 214 Arkansas State’s intramural program attempts to offer something to any interested student, male or female, Greek or independent. In the men’s division, the PEM Club swept to championships in almost every sport, while several groups fought for the Greek Sweepstakes award. The structure of the women’s program was not greatly altered as all coeds competed in one division. Bryan Schisler. top left, advised the intramural program this year, and student directors were Ron Wood and Gary Dever. 215216 Lambda Chi Alpha, top. won its third straight Greek football crown after its roughest fight ever. The championship was decided in a four down playoff with Sigma Pi. The PEM Club, center, had a little easier time capturing the independent title.LXA Takes Third Title; PEM Independent Champs Intramural football was rougher than ever. Numerous injuries in the seemingly safe "flag-tag” competition brought cries from those who want to see the sport banned. 217Basketball Tops Women’s Action Basketball is one of the top women's intramural sports, and coeds who had high school experience in the sport use their abilities to make it excitinK for both participant and spectator. 219Actors the top. everyone. includinK faculty team members, got in on the rebounding action. Below, a runner is a little late in reaching home plate. 220Volleyball games aren't won by simply batting the ball back and forth across the net. The game requires some skill and a lot of teamwork. 221The Arkansas weather wouldn't cooperate, so the baseball team had its pre-season team shot taken in Mississippi. Spring Sports Preview ASU's distance corps includes Bob GicrsbcrK. Barry Garlow. Tony Edwards. Kelly Parish. Danny CraiR and Virgle Ayers. The baseball team leaves the field in jubilation after a victory over a powerful Mississippi State team, one of the first of many team wins. 222Indian pole vaulters are Danny Bell, Boh -, a , and Bill Bell. Andrews Track and Baseball Bring Out Crowds Handling the sprints and relays are Elmer Catlin. Bill Caputo, Handy Erwin. Terry Pagni and Rudy Rogers. Hus year's track team promises to be the most exciting ever. Coach John Rose has changed his major emphasis to the running event , and the Indians' home schedule will give track fans several chances to see some of the nation's top track men. Javelin throwers are Stan Vaughn. Butch Brogdon and Ken Bowling, who also throws the discus. 223Gymnastics was added as a coeducational sport this year, and plans are to compete with the team next year. Team members are. front row. Dcbby Threet. Lynn Valenteen and Sandy Reynolds; second row. Darrell Jackson. Phillip Wright. Dane Hatley and Charles O’Brian: third row. Dick Bolton. Kay Black. Barbara Coleman. Donna Wells. Patti Warr. Bob Keldwich and Coach Everett Bolton. Golf team members are Mike Stropp, Mike Mitchell. Cecil Treece, Coach John Rauth, James Mills. Jim Heiber. Norman Keller. Kenny Southern, the tee. Marlin Shipman 224 At left, a nymnastics team member soars hitth in the air. while below, tennis team ace Richard Brooks returns a serve in an early match. Tennis team members are Brett Baker. Jack Carson. Bob Phillips. Joel Campbell. Tim Walters and Richard Brooks. 225Versatile is Word for Dr. Reng Versatility best describes the man most responsible for the progress made at A-State in the past 17 years. Besides being a respected educator. Dr. Carl R. Reng. President of Arkansas State University, finds time to be a financial strategist, amateur magician and family man. Dr. Reng came to ASU in 1951; since then the school has grown from 1,200 to 6.400 students. A native of Sioux Rapids. Iowa. Dr. Reng obtained his B.A. from Buena Vista, his masters from Drake and his Ed.D. degree at the University of Missouri and also received an LL.D. degree from his alma mater. He and his wife have two daughters. 229Robert Moore Investigating crimes, arguing about traffic tickets, and safeguarding the general welfare are not only jobs for a policeman, but also for ASU’s dean of students. Robert Moore, who has held that position since 1954, has often noted that his role in campus affairs is much more than just being "a substitute father for the student body.” A former dean of men and extension director at A-State, Dean Moore received his B.A. in psychology at Mississippi College in 1948. then obtained his masters at the University of Mississippi. He and his wife have two daughters, Doris and Wanda. Administrators Mastermind Academe N. D. Hazelbaker With a resolute grimace. Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker loosened his tie, chomped his pipe, and charged the mass of confused students in an attempt to add order to the chaos of spring registration. As Vice-President in charge of instruction. Dr. Hazelbaker has long been known as an aggressive supervisor of the academic scene. Before coming to Arkansas State in 1953, he served as superintendent of several schools in Missouri. He received a B.S. in mathematics from Northeastern Oklahoma State, a masters in education from the University of Missouri, and his doctorate from the University of Arkansas. He and his wife. Mildred, have a son, Kim, who is a sophomore at ASU. 230L. Cameron Trying to keep Arkansas State’s financial affairs out of the red is the weighty responsibility of L. Cameron, Vice-President in charge of business and purchasing since 1951. A 1936 graduate of Arkansas State, he obtained his masters at the University of Arkansas. He taught school and served as county supervisor and examiner in his native Lawrence County before taking over his present job. He and his wife, Inez, have three children, Kay, Robert, and Suzi. Ray Hall Traveling and talking are the key tasks for Ray Hall, director of field services at Arkansas State. An active public relations program aimed at attracting top students to ASU is one of his main responsibilities, in addition to a placement service to help graduates find jobs suited for their educational background. Having served at A-State since 1951, he assumed his present position in 1956. He obtained a B.S.E. from Arkansas State Teachers College and his masters from the University of Arkansas. He and his wife, Kathleen, have three sons. George. Ray Jr., and John. 231Fred Paxton, assistant director of field services Jimmy McCluskey. guidance counselor Arkansas State University Office Staff Charles Yauger. data processing Harrell Justus, accountant 232 Peggy Stroud, associate dean of students and dean of women233 Ralph Waddell, superintendent of buildings and groundsRalph Stricklin, head electrician 234 Carl R. Reng Center Staff Mrs. W. W. Nedrow. director of food services Robert A. Treneman. manager of book store Jack Henson, assistant director Phil Pickle, recreation director Janna Kaffka. secretary Garland Cullens, custodian Norma Garrett, secretaryVan Smith. Tuckerman Hussell E. Owen. Marked Tree William Wyatt. Rlytheville Arkansas State’s Board of Trustees Arkansas State University got its first board of trustee member from outside the Northeast Arkansas area in February when W. P. Gulley Jr. of Little Rock was appointed to the post by Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. He succeeded Van Smith of Tuckerman. Gulley, Rockefeller's second appointee, is well respected as a civic leader, having served as president of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. His appointment should help project the school’s state-wide image. The board of trustees is composed of five members, one of which is appointed each year by the governor and confirmed by the state senate. Each member serves a five-year term. Van Smith speaks at new Fine Arts Center. 235 Max Poe. Pocahontas W. P. ('.alley.Jr.. Little Pock Joe Brooks. JonesboroCollege Of Agriculture Scientific advances have greatly changed agriculture, and the College of Agriculture at Arkansas State, keeping abreast with these changes, has developed into the state’s largest undergraduate agriculture college. ASU is located in one of the most fertile and diversified farming areas in Arkansas, which provides a good location for practical training. The department has a 13-member faculty, ten of whom have doctorate degrees. These instructors, the location, and new methods provide students in the college with an ideal environment for studies in agricultural business and economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural education, agronomy, animal husbandry, horticulture and general agriculture. Dr. O. P. Nail is dean of the College of Agriculture. 236Agriculture faculty—(seated) James Davenport. A. J. Langlois, J. A. Hayles, Amos B. Rougeau. L. N. Hochstetler. (standing) A. W. Tennille. J. D. Wilkins. W. A. North. J. H. Keene. Rodney O. Hexem. A. L. Mink. and Herman F. Williams. Dr. O. P. Nail is dean of the College of Agriculture. 237College of Business This year’s graduates from the College of Business are trained to become the thinkers, organizers, and executives whose skills will be the life of our economy. Each graduate of the college receives a background in accounting, business administration, business education and secretarial science. Headed by Dr. B. C. McGough, the college strives to discover and develop potential that will lead to success in the varied phases of business and government service. Through research, the college contributes both to its own growth and the improvement of the community. Division heads are Shirl D. Strauser, accounting; Dr. Robert Ferralasco, business and secretarial science; and Dr. Roland Mullins, general business and economics. 238239General Business. Economics faculty— (standing) Jerry Crawford. Robert Ralston. Lonnie Talbert. Dr. Roland Mullins. Fred Robinson. Herbert Price Jr.. Howard Alsey. (seated) Kmelda Williams. Robert Wroten. and George N. Wilson. 240Business Education. Secretarial Science faculty—(seated) Mary Lou Wood. Virginia Stotts. Brenda Snider. Erma Wood, (standing) Rebecca Collins, Bonnie Valentine. Fay Beth Gray. Dr. R. L. Ferralasco. and William Waddle. Business students could take a lesson in moneycollecting from ASU's intrepid campus policemen. This sly student, however, avoided a fine by carefully displaying his parking sticker on what was left of a bashed bumper. 241Dr. Harry F. Hodge is dean of the College of Education. College Of Education Education Administration faculty—(front row) Robert B. Kluge. Dr. Vance Sales, chairman. Paul E. Couch. W. L. Smith, (back row) Dr. Joseph C. Taylor. Carol Ham. Dr. A. G. Shannon, and Joseph P. Sweat. 242The College of Education is designed to meet the need for qualified teachers at all levels. In order to cover a wide range of interests, as well as professions, a well-rounded program is provided, including guidance and counseling, special education, ministerial training, social work and psychology. The college is divided into five divisions, headed by Dr. Harry F. Hodge. Chairmen of these divisions are Dr. M. Vance Sales, Educational Administration, Secondary Education and Education Foundations; Dr. George Peters, counselor of Education and Psychology; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, Elementary Education and Special Education; Dr. Darrell Black, Physical Education and Recreation; and James Hansard, Library Science. 243 Library Science faculty—James W. Hansard, Joan Gail Nelson, and James F. Anderson.wm Elementary. Special Education faculty—(seated) Linda Sumpter, Eileen Adams. Eva Lee Graves. Clara Cole, Lila Colter, Juanita Hall. Norma Payne. Carolyn Adkins. Wanda Moore, (standing W. G. Chance. Lillian Barton. Nancy Bumpass. Baron I). Conaway. Ralph White. Jack Hoxins. Mildred Vance, and Dr. Ray L. Simpson, chairman. 244Health. Physical Education. Recreation faculty—(front row) Frances Smallwood. Bill Templeton. John Hose. Joe Jones. Bryan Schisler. Bill Davidson. John Hauth. Alta Burns, (back row) Dr. Darrel Black, chairman. Gladys Hudgins. John Hosinski. J. A. Tomlinson. Don Floyd. Wayne Armstrong J. DeVazier. Everett Bolton, and Lynda Suffridge. J( 2 A b Graduate Assistants—Richard Johnson. Vesta McNeely. Tom Semper. Rosalie Barber. Dan Carroll, and Genie Smith.College Of Fine Arts Art, music and drama are each an important element of man’s cultural environment. At Arkansas State University, education in these areas is the responsibility of the College of Fine Arts. Under the guidance of Dr. Duane H. Haskell, head of the college, students are encouraged to develop a greater appreciation of musical and visual art forms, as well as drama and speech. Each division offers basic and specialized courses. By participating in activities both in and out of the classroom, students are able to develop creative skills. Division chairmen are Dan Howard, Art; Dr. Dennis H. Rhodes, Speech and Drama; and Donald R. Minx, Music. Art faculty—(front) T. R. Baker. Robert Mitchell, Dan Howard, chairman, (middle) Sara Burdick. Harold Swayder. Evan Lindquist. (top) Walt Tomsic, and Thomas Sternal.Dr. Duane Haskell is dean of the College of Fine Arts. 247Speech, drama faculty—(front) Tekla Story. John Benton, (back) Frank Whaley. Dr. Dennis Rhodes, chairman. John Bell, and Dr. James Palmer. Music faculty—(front row) Harold Worman. Sandra Benskin. Thomas Williams. Ervin Dunham. Mary Haight. David Niederbrach. (second row) Julia Lansford. Mary Beck. Myron Myers. Clifton Cowles, (back row) James Patty. Alfred Skoog. and Donald Brashers. Missing when the picture was taken was Don Minx, chairman. 248 The Chamber Theater was a project this year for speech students.iWHrn 249 Dan Howard arranges a scene with which freshman art students become quite familiar.History faculty—Durward Cooper, Leland White, Roger Lambert. Dr. Donald Konold, Richard Anderson. Ronald Hayworth. Dr. James Griner. Dr. John Galloway, chairman. Timothy Ross. Dr. Lee Dew. and Dr. Edgar Kirk. College Of Liberal Arts Political Science faculty—Robert Bufkin. Dan Morse. Dr. John Osoinach. Dr. Justine Mann, Clyde Jones. Dr. Edwin Coulter. Aaron McNeece. Judith Bradford. Louise Monoghan, Kay Branson, and James Durland. Dr. O. P. James is dean of the College of Liberal Arts. 250 XMk The purpose of the College of Liberal Arts is to put problems into student minds, to ask questions that don’t have stock answers. Easy solutions are not a product of the curricula, but growing awareness and critical thinking, hopefully, are. The college offers an exploration of the thought and action of man on diversified levels. And although when a student completes his study in one of the fields of liberal arts, he is not able to conjure up magic formulas to solve the world’s difficulties, at least he may be able to categorize the problems correctly. Headed by Dr. Phillip O. James, the college provides over half the requirements in the basic education courses. Chairmen of the college’s divisions are Dr. John Galloway, History; Dr. Alfred E. Leja, English, Philosophy and Language; and Dr. Edwin Coulter, Political Science, Sociology and Geography. Over 50 teachers compose the college’s staff. Entilish. Philosophy. LanRuatte faculty—Dr. Alfred Leja. chairman, (front row) Frances Hunter. Wanda Walker, Barbara Pruitt. Linda Varnell. Deanna Aaron. Eleanor Lane. Mary Sloan. Nancy Younn. Fina Wuppermann. (second row) Claire Lyons. Stuart Meltzer. John Masterson. Geor«e Purvis. Sarah Donna Black. Ellen Robinson. Lucille Braden. Dr. Alfred Zivers. Sammy Gennuso, Robert Surr. Edward Reilly, (back row) Mike Drouilhet. Marvin Zimmerman. Samuel Crews. T. J. Mattern. Dr. Jim Burleson. Arthur Krida. Jim Miles, and C. D. Culver. 251College Of Science Colley d an of »• Laboratory Science the new “Sssas 252 TTo meet an ever-increasing need for qualified personnel in all phases of science. The College of Science is undergoing a period of rapid expansion. This year, an enlarged staff of 44 instructors taught almost 5,000 students in the biological and physical sciences and in math and physics. Since a high percentage of the science department instructors are specialists, they are recognized as authorities in their respective fields and are better able to prepare a large number of students for professional or graduate schools. The need for better facilities and more room for instructors and students was met this spring when the new Laboratory Sciences Building was opened and the move from the old one was made. Dr. James Stevenson is dean of the college, and serving under him as division heads are Dr. J. B. Thronberry, Biological Sciences; Dr. Howard Moore, Physical Sciences; and Dr. Edward Anders. Math and Physics. Workmen (left) apply paint to the ceiling of one of the large raised-level classrooms in the new science center. Such rooms will help eliminate crowded conditions like those in the old building (above). 253Physical Science Department — (first row) Robert O. Saunders. Nancy Robinson. David M. Chittenden, (second row) Richard Mitchell. Paul Gwinup. Miles Doyle. Dewey Sifford, (third row) Howard Moore. William N. Smith. David Vosburg. J. Edward Bennett. (not present when picture was taken) Norman L. Trautwein. Perry S. Mason. 254 Biological Science faculty — (first row) George L. Harp. Franklin Byrd. Dr. Edward L. Richards. Dr. J. B. Throneberry. Division Chairman. Jimmy Nelson. Dr. J. Maxine Hite, (second row) Henry W. Robinson. Dr. Earl L. Hane-brink, Harvey E. Barton. Dr. James A. Hutchison. Dr. Robert C. Ricks. Gerald T. Wilson, (third row) Jimmy D. Bragg. Dr. Bob D. Johnson. Dr. Dan Timmermann. Dr. Jean L. Watertor. Dr. E. B. Wittlake.Math and Physics faculty — (first row) Dan Foils. John Bennett. William Livingston. Cheryl Fallis. W. F. Wei. (second row) Baird Keister, Robert Johnson Jack Jolly. Marshall Matthews. Ray Gazik. Doyle Hurst. L. A. Mink. 255Division Chairman L. W. "Tex" Plunkett takes time to peruse his students’ weekly product. Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing 256Experience is a vital aid to learning for aspiring journalists in the Division of Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing. L. W. “Tex” Plunkett, chairman of the division, places emphasis on knowledge which students gain through on-the-job training. Writing and editing talents are developed by work on the campus newspaper, The Herald, which appears on Friday. The Printing Department offers its majors practical experience in the techniques of type-setting and other press work on the most modern machinery available. Scheduling a complete course of TV instruction for the first time this year, the Radio-TV Department is the only such department in the state that offers a bachelor degree. In completely equipped radio control rooms and TV studios, students gain a working knowledge that enables them to go into their first jobs with experience. Charles Rasberry was one of the first to try out the new television equipment. Luckily, no tubes blew. •Journalism. Printing faculty—(seated) Philip Ruggles. Robert Kern. L. W. "Tex" Plunkett, division head. Charles Rasberry. Eugene Ballard. (standing) Roy Barnhill. Darrel Cunningham. Bobby Ruff. Tom Manning. Joel Gambill and Gene Boucher. 257Military Science: Here’s Where the Boys Get With the Program Col. Harry G. Morris. Professor of Military Science The Division of Military Science grew so much during the past year that Colonel Harry Morris and his staff had a task trying to find a place to put everyone. But they managed, as any basic cadet could attest. Freshmen quickly found that besides the campus world of classes, football games and dormitories there was another of shined shoes, polished brass and regulation haircuts. For those sophomores adjusted to the latter world, an advanced ROTC program for training future Army officers was offered. For juniors and seniors already wearing the disks and diamonds of cadet officers, a still larger world of spit, polish and responsibility loomed in the not-too-far-distant future. Military Science Faculty — (seated) Maj. Charles L. Campbell. Maj. Jerrel E. Hamby. Maj. Lawrence Mills. Maj. Bobby G. Evans. Col. Harry G. Morris. Maj. Guy D. McCoy. Maj. John B. Avera Jr.. Maj. Jackie E. Schmidt. Capt. Thomas J. Davis (standing) SSG Bobby J. Brown. SFC Wayne W. March. Capt. Robert W. Mowery. SFC George Barr. Capt. Randall L. Ford. Capt. Franklin L. Matthews. SFC Robert E. Burnett. SFC James H. Greenway. MSG Jimmie N. Griffin. Capt. Herbert L. Lawson. SFC Francis H. Gay.Arkansas State University’s Princess Platoon Sharon McGahhey. Honorary Cad ft Col.. DaWitt Carolyn Bardwell. Earle Tenna Brook . Steele, Mo. Cathy Crow. Rector Vicki Dunn. Little Hock Pam Fuhr. Jonesboro Ann Galloway. Joneaboro Valerie Gullia. Joneaboro Harriette Harm, Foreat City Ouida Jackson. Joneaboro Lynda Krentlok. Hot Sprints Linda Lipscomb. Blytheville Terry MacLeod. Jonesboro Joanne Mason. North Little Rock Sara Puth. Joneaboro Judy Ramey. Blytheville Carol Rand. Paratould Jackie Rives. Trumann Mary Rose. I.eachville Joann Scarborouch. Jonesboro Sandy Smith. Jonesboro Ann Smithwick. Jacksonville Lynn Valenteen. Joneaboro 259The stiff captain in the stiff fatigues and glassy boots yelled into the loudspeaker: "What's the spirit of the blade? ” Two hundred young men in sweaty T-shirts and dusty boots answered in unison: "To kill, sir!” Thus it was at ROTC Summer Camp, a land of growling, groveling and griping in the vast Oklahoma wilderness of Fort Sill. Cadets learned the fundamentals of surviving in combat, which proved that all the Darwinian theories about natural law apply to man as well as beast. Arkansas State’s cadets faired well, ranking high among the many schools represented. But though such First-hand experience of the rigors of military life was invaluable to future officers, most were quite content to return to the joys of being undisciplined civilians.  ASV Cadets Make Good Showing at Summer Camp Dane Hatley (below, left) was ranked second among all the cadets at Summer Camp. 261262Dr. W. W. Ned row is dean of the Graduate School. Months of seminars, research and dissertations led to 203 masters degrees in 19 areas for Graduate School students at this year’s commencements. The expanding Graduate School, headed by Dr. W. W. Nedrow, continually improves the program for graduate students by the addition of new courses (80 by 1968-69). hiring of new faculty (27 for next year), and increases in graduate assistantships (48 this year as compared to five in 1961). Enrollment reached the highest point during summer school. 593 and 444 the past two summer sessions. The regular sessions in 1967-68 had 270 and 299 enrolled. 263Dr. Eutcene B. Wittlake. museum director. describes the African display to a visitor. Museum Adds New DisplaysMuseum staff— (front) Glenda Forester, Fred Shepherd. Lanay Watson, (back) Kandy May. Hubert Crain, and Rodney Anderson. r The past year brought many additions, including donations ranging from rock collections to cut glass, to the ASU museum located on the lower floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library. The museum, directed by Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake— with assistance from Mrs. Wittlake and eight student preparators—is both an institutional and community service. Well equipped in its five major areas of concentration-natural science, pioneer history, Arkansas Indian culture, and historical glassware and china—the museum is used for research and reference in several courses. 265267William B. Abernathy. Jonesboro. Zool. Danny K. Adams. Leachville. Pre-Vet. Eileen Adams. Lake City. Elem. Ed. Kappa Della Pi, SNEA James E. Adkisson. Hayti. Mo.. Soc. Sci. Abraham Akel. Brinkley. Math Baseball William J. Allbright. Heber Springs. Radio-TV Harry A. Allen. Jonesboro. Art Kap xi Pi. Graphic Arts Club Lucia M. Allen. Alicia. Emdish Featherpens Karen M. Allison. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. SNEA Anita Ellen Allman. Piggott, English Fealherpens. WAA. A Vi'S. Arrowhead Flayers I«ouis Anthony Alpe. Crawfordsville. Agri. William Henry Andersen. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. SNEA. CEC, President's Foundtable Harold Anderson Jr.. Sherrill, Agronomy Phi Lambda Chi Frank B. Armstrong. Jonesboro. Biology Ellen Joanna Arrington. Jonesboro. Journ. Chi O. Alpha Psi Omega. Arrowhead Players. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. WAA. A ITS. Herald Sta ff. Indian Seniors Class of 1968 Wallace L. Aspinwall. Malvern. Pa.. Elem. Ed. Sammy James Atichison. Paragould. Biol. Donald Lee Ayres. Richmond. Va.. Ptg. Skydiver. Graphic Arts Club Elizabeth Ann Bacon. Manila. Bus. Ed. Ronald C. Baer. Turrell. Bus. Adm. Tommy J. Barber. Jonesboro. Chemistry ACS Carolyn Jean Bardwell. Earle. Spec. Ed. Phi Mu. A It'S. WAA, Honorary Cadet Robert Bryan Bardwell. Earle. Agronomy PiKA. Scabbard and Blade. Plant Science Club Sam Morgan Barker. East Prairie. Mo. Gen. Bus. William C. Barker. Jonesboro. Acctg. Robert Carl Barkley. Jonesboro. Biology PiKA Jerry Wayne Barnes. Jonesboro. Agri. Eng. Agri. Engineers Walter David Barnes. Blytheville. Pol. Sci. Bette Roth Bateman. Blytheville. English Theresa Nell Bateman. Rector. Elem. Ed. SNEA. lt'A 4 Franklin Battles. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Gen. Bus. Sigma Pi Vaunita Kay Bauer. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. AGO. A It'S. WAA Charles William Beach. Leachville. Gen. Agri. Jerry W. Beal. Rector. Accounting Alpha Kap xi Pst Hershel Bearden. Ward. Eng. 269Kalph Edward Beazley. Forrest City. Bus. Ad. Dawn Butler Beebe. Pangburn. English Sigma Pi Sweetheart Mike D. Beebe. Newport. Pol. Science Sigma Pi Patricia Ann Beene. Hughes. Spec. Ed. Phi Mu. A VPS. WAA. AH'S Board. Band Isabelle Marie Bell. Jonesboro. Bus. Ed. BSU Jim Tom Bell. Little Rock. General Bus. Track, Tennis. PiKA Robert Scott Bell. Searcy. Social Science SPE Sandra Lee Bell, Jonesboro. Special Ed. Gene A. Benson. Trumann. Elem. Ed. Carolyn Bentley. Gideon. Missouri. P.E. P EMM Club. WAA. A M'S James Richard Berry. Ward. Chemistry MBSE Larry D. Berry. Higginson. Animal Sci. Delta Tau Alpha. Block and Bridle Club James W. Best. Walnut Ridge. Biology Cherokee Men's Council. SGA. President's Roundtable Cecil Lee Bethune. Bertrand. Mo. Agron. Baseball. Plant Science William T. Biggers. Tuckerman. Agri Bus. Sigma Pi. Alpha Kap xi Psi, Delta Tau Alpha. Gamma Beta Phi. Agri Club. FFA. SGA. President's Roundtable. IFC. Seniors Class of 1968 James Eugene Bingham. Marked Tree. Agronomy Delta Tau Alpha. Plant Science Richard Terry Bishop. Jonesboro. Music Alpha Tau Omega. Kappa Kappa Psi. MENC. Band. Wind Ensemble. Tribe. Choral Union. IFC. Wesley Foundation. Richard K. Black. Atlanta. Georgia. Math Pershing Rifles. Circle K. KA. YRC. Featherpens Gary Wayne Blackwood. Scnath. Mo. Hist. I rry Allen Blackwood. Walcott. Biology Ken Blades. Parma. Missouri. Sociology Sigma Pi. Gymnastics Exhibition Team Grover Leon Blagg. Harviell. Missouri. Gen. Bus. Robert H. Blair. Jonesboro. Math Sigma Pi Robert G. Blanchard. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. Bonnie Beth Bledsoe. Wynne. El. Ed. AWS. Kappa Delta Pi. SNEA. ME A. Council for Exceptional Children Ralph R. Bloodworth. Corning. Soc. Sci. 0. Joseph Boeckmann. Wynne. Pol. Sci. l.XA. IRC. Newman Club. YDC. YDC State Historian. Indian Staff. Pi Gamma Mu. Spanish Club. IFC. Presidents' Roundtable. Chi O Sponsor Walter Edgar Boster. Doniphan. Missouri. Gen. Bus. Sigma Pi 1. Bess Botts, Earle. Spanish A WS. WAA Becky Bowden. Marianna. Biology American Chemical Society. Newman Club. SNEA. Arrowhead Players. Featherpens. A WS. YRC Jimmy Denton Bowles. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kai) xt Psi Rodney Lealand Boydstun. State College. Accenting Joseph Leonard Bradley III, Jonesboro. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi. Cherokee Men's Council Dorothy Jean Brand. Harrisburg. Math Joe R. Brewer. Jr.. Jonesboro. Accounting Sigma Pi, Alpha Kapjxi Psi 270Carolyn Jean Bridges. Black Hock. Elem. Ed. Samuel Wildord Bridges, Monette. Soc. Gary Wayne Bridgman. Batesville. Radio-TV Broadcasters Club Gary Lee Britten. Batesville. Accounting Helen J. Brooks. Hoxie. English Lambda lota Tau Sue Anne Brooks. Batesville. Bus. Adm. Charles Mack Browder. Osceola. Acctg. Football Aaron H. Brown. Delaplaine. Bus. Adm. Bobby C. Brown. Searcy. Soc. Sci. KA Carol Jane Brown. Jonesboro. Math Chi O. Kap xi Mu Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Vpsilon. SGA. Band. WAA. A WS. SNEA. Douglas Doyle Brown. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Pol. Sci. Foreign Relations Club. Fred Brown. Corning. P.E. Sigrna Pi Marilyn Kaye Brown. Jacksonville. Soc. Sci. AOPi. UVS. WAA. Panhellenic Council Charles Woodrow Bryant. Austin. An. Sci. Block and Bridle Club Gary C. Buck, Leachville. Agri. Engr. Seniors Class of 1968 Harry Gordon Bufkin. Jr.. Wilson. Bus. Adm. Dorothy Coin Buhrmester, Jonesboro. English Lambila lota Tau. Feathcrpens. Kap xi Delta Pi. President's Roundtable. Billy G. Burge. McCormick. Accounting. James M. Burk. Jonesboro. P.E. Basket (Hill. PEXtM Club. LX A Jim E. Burke. Jonesboro. P.E. Baselxill. PE.M.M Club. Newman Club Mickey L. Burkett. Williamsville. Mo. Accounting I-arry E. Burks. Jonesboro. An. Hus. Block and Bridle Club Wendell Clayton Burnside. Lake City. Chemistry ATO. SGA. American Chemical Society Connie Sue Burson. West Helena. Chem. A WS. American Chemical Society Lonnie L. Busby. Oil Trough. Biology Charlotte Susan Cala. Rochester. N.Y.. Soc. Sci. A WS. Newman Club Walter Nathaniel Calaway. Jr.. Marianna. Gen. Bus. Alpha Kapjxi Psi T. Frank Caldwell. Jonesboro. Biology Jim Wells Callaway. Little Rock, Bus. Adm. CXA, Baselxill. Featherpens. Janet Faye Caneer. Senath. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Phi Mu. WAA. SNEA. AWS. President's Roundtable Sylvia Gayle Cannon. Cotton Plant. Eng. Carol Louisa Caplinger. West Memphis. Fine Arts JoAnn Carmack. Weiner. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A WS Michael I.. Carnahan. Stuttgart. Zoology Beta Beta Beta. Medical Arts Club. American Chemical Society. Tommy J. Carney. Diaz. Elem. Ed. 271James D. Carr. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. Jimmy A. Carr. Cherokee Village, Music Marching Indians, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble. Kappa Kappa Psi, ASU Singers. Choral Union Danny G. Carroll. Senath. Mo.. P.E. Track. PEMM, Gymnastic Club. Scuba Club Jacke Dee Carson. North Little Rock. Eng. A WS Lena A. Carter. Lepanto. Elem. Ed. Sarah E. Carter. Steele. Mo.. Music Tau Beta Sigma. Choral Union. Concert Choir. Marching Indians, MENC Timothy D. Carter. Paragould. P. E. PEMM Fred P. Castling. Marianna. Agronomy Joseph L. Chambers. Jonesboro. Math Fay E. Chappell. Marianna. Bus. Adm. LXA. Young Democrats David W. Chester. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kapjxi Psi Jerry Chilcutt. Rector. Music MENC. Phi Mu Alpha. Choral Union Diana R. Chism. Clarkton. Mo.. Elem. Ed. SNEA Pat Chitwood. Mountain View. Elem. Ed. A WS. SNEA. Wesley Susan Christian. Hornersville, Mo.. Soc. AO Pi. WAA. A WS. SGA Seniors Class of 1968 Truman D. Christian. Dexter. Mo. Hist. John S. Clark. Jonesboro. Pol. Sci. SPE. I EC. Scabbard and Blade. Young Democrats. Eeatherpens. IRC. French Club. SGA Lloyd W. Clark. Walnut Ridge. Geography Reng Rifles. Counter Guerrillas. Circle K Mildred S. Clark. Fredericktown. Mo.. Elem. Ed. IJobert A. Clark. Jonesboro. Chemistry LXA. Phi Eta Sigma. American Chemical Society. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Young R epu blica ns. Fea t h erpens Dickie J. Clay. Portageville. Mo.. P.E. Sigma Pi. PEMM Ronald D. Clement. Lonoke. An. Hus. Block and Bridle Club Danny M. Clements. Cherry Valley. Bot. Beta Beta Bela. PiKA Lou Anne Clements. Harrisburg. Spec. Ed. AO Pi. WAA. A WS Janice F. Cline. Yellville. English SNEA. S xinish Club James K. Clowers. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. A Ipha Kap m Psi Ralph Don Coates. Beech Grove. Bus. Adm. Ernest L. Cobb. Corning. Bus. A Ipha Kap ni Psi Cecil H. Coffin. Wynne. Horticulture Plant Science Club Larry T. Coffman. Paragould. Radio-Journalism Ronald S. Cohen, Blytheville, Math A merican Chemical Society Phyllis S. Coker. Walnut Ridge. Bus. Ed. Eumcca Joy Cole. Corning. Elem. Ed. AEA.NEA.AWS Nancy A. Cole, Williford. P. E. .4 WS. PEMM. WAA Neauman D. Coleman. Holly Grove. Bus. Adm. 272Betty J. Collier. Kredericktown. Mo. Math Leda M. Collier. Marmaduko. Elem. Ed. William M. Collier. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Janice A. Collins. Marked Tree. English Janis G. Collins. Valley View. Elem. Ed. Gifford D. Conn. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Martha Cooper. Jonesboro. Speech Mary K. Copeland. Marvell. Sociology j4WS. Wesley Ronnie P. Corbett. Walnut Ridge. Agron. Plant Science Club John R. Corcoran. Portland. Maine. Hist. IRC. Phi Alpha Theda David R. Coven. Searcy. History LX A Glenda F. Cowart. Mountain Home. Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi. Phi Beta Lambda. A WS. WAA Robert P. Cowles. Jonesboro. History American Chemical Society. Spanish Club. Newman Club Danny F. Cox. Eminence. Mo.. Bus. Adm. Shirley Ann Crafton. Corning. Bus. Adm. Seniors Class of 1968 Susan C. Crafton. Jonesboro. Music Ed. MENC Roy G. Crain. Marmaduke. Agri. Ed. Peng Rifles Sandra K. Crain. Kennett. Mo.. Elem. Ed. ASU Singers. SNEA. Collegians. A It'S Carolyn Crawford. Mountain Home. Bus. Ed. William B. Crawford. Hughes. Biology Marilyn M. Crews. Manila. Elem. Ed. Michael Crews. DuQuoin. III.. P. E. Basketball. PE MM Woodrow A. Crick. Lepanto. Chemistry American Chemical Society Jerry E. Crim. Blytheville. Economics PiKA Leon Crittenden, Cotton Plant. Agri. Ed. FEA. Plant Science Club, SGA. Judging Team Edward Croft. Campbell. N. Y.. Soc. Sci. Baseball. IRC. Young Republicans Kenneth L. Cruce. Lafe. Bus. Adm. Marilyn Cruce. Benton. Sociology Norris P. Cruthirds. Wynne. Math Clarence W. Cummings. Blytheville. Soc. E. J. Cunningham. Osceola. Bus. Adm. Sue S. Curtner. Caraway. Elem. Ed. Mable Lee Wilhite Dalton. Wynne. Bus. Ed. Elizabeth B. Daniels. Bearden. Journ. AWS. Herald. Indian. Press Club Barbara Ann Davidson. Jonesboro. Math Chi O. Newman Club. Panhellenic Council. French Club. Comma Beta Phi. AWS. WAA 273Glenn W. Davis. Camden. Agri. Ed. Agri Club. FFA. CMC. AT A •Janet Loretta Davis. Walnut Ridge. Sociology Nelson E. Davis. Silva. Mo.. Econ. Tommy Davis. Trumann. Biology Drill Team Tommy Lynn Davis. Manila. Biology TKE Ben Byrd Davison. Marvell. Bus. Adm. TKE Mackie Ray Deese. Wynne. Accounting SEE Winston Van Dcttcr. Lynn. Soc. Sci. Allison D. Denman. Stuttgart. English AGD, A WS. You an Democrats. Tau Beta Sigma. Lambda Iota ’Tau. Panhellenic Council. SNEA. Featherpens. President's Roundtable. WAA, Marching Indians. Concert Hand. Wind Ensemble Ronald Ray Dent. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Young Democrats Gary Eugene Dever. Jonesboro. P.E. PEMM. Gymnastics Team Arliss E. Dickerson. Piggott. Speech HSU Patricia Jo Dickey. Kennett. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Thomas Victor Dickson. Raytown. Mo.. Journ. LX A. Phi Eta Sigma. Indian. Herald Staff. International Relations Club. Press Club. French Club. Featherpens. Young Republicans. President's Roundtable. IFC Bruce E. Dietsche. Hardy. Biology TKE. Indian Chief Seniors Class of 1968 James E. Doman. Newport. Bus. Adm. Utah Carl Dooley. Reiser. Econ. Harry Dennis Downing, Manila. Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon Suzanne Downing. Hoxie. English Judy Chandler Duck. West Memphis. Elem. Ed. Chi O. SNEA. WAA. CEC. A M'S Jenna Karen Duckworth. Essex. Mo.. Math Royal Clinton Duckworth. Essex. Mo.. Math CMC Edwin Allen Duncan. Wynne. Bus. Adm. David Dunham. Hot Springs. History Concert Choir. Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Eta Sigma. Pi Gamma Mu. Choral Union. ASU Singers. President's Roundtable Jimmy D. Dunn. Jonesboro. Accounting Ronald D. Durham, Harrisburg. Speech Alpha Psi Omega. Arrowhead Players Gwyn Eason. Lepanto. Elem. Ed. Max M. Edrington. Paragould. Biology Sam A. Elardo. Helena. Bus. Adm. PiKA. IFC. Newman Club Sharon Gale Elder. Kirkwood. Mo.. Biologj Vilas H. Elder Jr.. Piggott. Art ASU Singers. Concert Choir. Chora Union. ATO, Graphic Arts Club. Arkan sas Pottery Club William R. Ellis. Blytheville. Soc. Sci. HSU. Pershing Rifles William H. Ernst. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. LX A Mary Ellen Erwin. Little Rock. Bus. Adm Chi O. A WS. WAA. French Club. ATC Sweetheart. SGA. Homecoming Maid Randal Alan Erwin, Little Rock. P.E. PiKA. Track. PEMM Club 274Vicki Dianne Erwin. Jacksonville. Elem. Ed. Chi O. WAA. AWS. SNEA Saundra Carol Essman. Jonesboro. Music Ed. AWS. WAA. MENC. ASU Sinners. BSU. Sigma Alpha Iota Ronald Kennerd Estes. Viola. Geography ACS. It eng Rifles. Pershing Rifles. Counter Guerrilla Platoon. Young Democrats Lowell Glenn Evans. Judsonia. Biology Beta Beta Beta. Medical Arts Club Robert Wayne Evans, Marianna. Sociology KA Steven Douglas Ewart. West Helena. Pol. Sci. TKE, Pi Gamma Mu. International Relations Club Joe Ewing. Walnut Ridge. Music Concert Choir. Choral Union. ASU Singers Wayne Fair. Pocahontas. Sociology Pi Gamma Mu William George Falcn, Bolton Landing. N.Y.. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi. Counter Guerrillas. Pershing Rifles. Skydivers Gus A. Fallis, State University. Elem. Ed. Civitan Marcel W. Fallis. State University. Elem. Ed. Wilboven Max Farley. Beech Grove. Agri. Hollie A. Farris. Steele. Mo.. Music ATO, Kappa Kappa Psi. Marching Band. Concert Band. Wind Ensemble. ASU Singers. Tribe. Choral Union Danny P'aulk. Lake City. Gen. Bus. ATO Victor Douglas Faulkenbcrry. Bay. Math Seniors Ralph Dewayne Faulkner. St. Louis. Mo.. Gen. Bus. ATO. Drill Team Larry D. Ferguson. Dewitt. Gen. Agri. Lynda Dawn Ferguson. Hardy. Elem. Ed. Nettie Mae Ferguson. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Roger L. Ferguson. Jonesboro. Music ATO. Kappa Kappa Psi. MENC. Phi Mu Alpha. Band. Wind Ensemble. Choral Union. Tribe. BSU. Velma L. Ferren. Kensett. Bus. Ed. Chi Alpha. Gamma Beta Phi. SGA. J. B. Fisher. Jr., Blytheville. Journ. Indian. Herald Staff. Press Club Eddie Elton Fitzhugh, Dewitt. Bus. Adm. Cherokee Men's Council Joyce Fitzhugh. Dewitt. Elem. Ed. Ruth Marian Flake. Little Rock. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A W'S Janice Marie Fletcher. Osceola. Elem. Ed. Bobby K. Flippo. Powhatan. Accounting Phillip Allen Floring. Bensenville. III.. P.E. Football. Baseball. PEMM Club Edith Elizabeth Flowers. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. Elmer Floyd. Wilson. Bus. Adm. PiKA Don C. Ford. Brookland. Bus. Adm. John Franklin Ford. Hornersville. Mo.. Bus. Adm. TKE. Baseball. YRC. Mavis Lcnore Forrest. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. SNEA Diana Kay Fowler. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. AWS. SNEA. BSU Elbert J. Frazier. Jonesboro. Math LX A. Kappa Mu Epsilon Class of 1968 275Seniors Class of 1968 John Karr Frets. Rector. Pol. Sci. TKE. International Relations Club Donna Mae Frier, Pocahontas. English Judith Ann Fritts. Poplar Bluff, Mo.. Elem. Ed. AWS Joe Frizzell. Star City. Agri. CMC Harold Wayne Fuller. Newport. Accounting KA. Scabbard and Blade. SGA Donald J. Gale. Lincoln Park. Mich., History Carol Ann Callaway. Jonesboro. Biology Chi O. Princess Platoon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Tau Beta Sigma. Marchings Indians, Concert Band. Beta Beta Beta Bennie James Gambill. Jonesboro. Physical Ed. SO A. CMC. PEMM Club Brenda Cheryl Gambill. Piggott. Soc. Sci. AWS. Kappa Della Pi. Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Gamma Mu. WAA Harry C. Gambill. Piggott. Bus. Admin. Marching Indians, Alpha Kappa Psi. CMC Lynnda Maxine Gambill. Lake City. Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Steve Gankiewiez. East Meadow. New York. Bus. Admin. Football Robert Joel Gaplin. Jonesboro. Biology President’s Roundtable. Medical Arts Club. YDC David George Gardner. Strawberry, Math Phi Eta Sigma. Kap ni Mu Epsilon Pete Garris. Stuttgart, Biology Football Connie A. Gay. Charlotte. N.C.. English AWS. Wesley Foundation Frances J. Gay. Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Thomas S. Gay. Jonesboro. Bus. Admin. Rockwell T. Gerlach. Holly Grove. Agri. Bus. Delta Tau Alpha, Scabbard and Blade Hooshang M. Gharagozlou. Tehran. Iran. Engr. William Mitchell Gibbs. Jacksonville. Chemistry American Chemical Society Marsha Nolan Gibson. Forrest City. Elem. Ed. AGD. WAA. AWS. YDC. SNEA Michael Lee Gibson. Jacksonville. Bus. Admin. SPE. SGA President. Featherpens, Circle K Robert S. Giersberg. Vergennes. Vt.. P.E. Track. Cross Country, PEMM Club Jimmie Ray Gipson. Campbell. Mo.. Agri. Eco. Agri. Club Larry Glass Jr.. Broscley. Mo.. AgTi. Ed. FFA Dwainc A. Glenn. Lakeland. Fla.. P.E. Football. Sigma Pi. PEMM Club Sherry Linn Glenn. Lynn. Bus. Ed. Frances Katherine Glorioso, Helena. Soc. Sci. Collegians. Newman Club. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta. ASU Singers. Alpha Lambda Delta. SNEA. Pi Gamma Mu) Alpha Sigma Upsilon. A WS Hassell W. Glover Jr.. Searcy, Bus. Adm. William H. Goad, Bradford. Biology James E. Coin. Jonesboro. Math John Henry Goldsmith. Jonesboro. Biology TKE. Newman Club. Medical Arts Club Harold L. Goodrich. Jonesboro. Pol. Sci] Larry David Goodwin. Lynn. Soc. Sci. 276Larry I. Gowen, Knobel. Bus. Adm. Cherokee Men's Council Gary Don Grady. Hickory Ridge. Agri. Kd. A Ipha Tau A Ipha Richard Bryce Grant. Manila. Soc. Sci. PEMM Club Sandra Berry Grant. Kennett. Mo.. Bus. Kd. Nathaniel Jones Graves. Jr.. Wilson. Bus. Adm. Marshall R. Gravette. Trumann. Art James Wesley Green. Blytheville. Gen. Bus. Yvonne Green. Jonesboro. Elcm. Ed. Hugh Williamson Greene. Little Rock. English Phi Eta Sigma. Featherpens. Darrell W. Griffin. Manila. P.E. PEMM Club. KA Earl Franklin Griffin, Gossncll. Sociology Baseball Gary Wayne Griffin. Dell. Math Sherry Hardin Griffin. Dell, Elem. Ed. SNEA. BSU Stella F. Griffin. Lambrook. Elem. Ed. James R. Grigsby. Blytheville. Bus. Adam. Seniors Class of 1968 Kay Griner. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Chi ). Kapi a Della Pi. SC A. SNEA Thomas A. Guthrie. Calico Rock. Bus. Adm. Charles Brown Hagaman, Stuttgart. Bus. Adm. Judith Mary Hager. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Robert Gordon Halcomb. Thayer. Mo.. Accounting Madeleine Kay Hale. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Marguerite Jane Haley. Judsonia. Art AO Pi. NAEA. Arrow Staff. Richard Eugene Haley. Judsonia. Printing PiKA. Graphic Arts Club. Jewell Paul Hall. Biscoe. Ark.. Agri. Kd. FFA, Agri. Council. Alpha Tau Alpha Robert Wayne Hall. Tyronza. Math Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. Reng Rifles Sandra Kay Hall. Weiner. Elem. Ed. SNEA. WAA. A M'S. CEC. Vance Hambelton, Gainesville. Mo.. Agri. Ed. Agri. Club. SGA. Edwin Eugene Hamilton. Marked Tree. Math Baseball Charlotte Hampton. Piggott. Elem. Ed. Jimmie Carolyn Hamrick. Wynne. Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi. SNEA Gary L. Hankins. Memphis, Tenn., Biology TKE. Football Sondra Jamieson Hankins. Proctor. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A WS Franklin Jesse Hannah. Searcy. Bus. Chi Alpha James L. Hanson. Cave City. Accounting Robert Wesley Hardin, Blytheville. Bus. Adm. 277Dorothy J. Harlan. Marion. Sociology Phi Mu. AWS. WAA Gary G. Harp. Hoxie. Bus. Adm. Robert William Harper. Eldorado. Bus. Adm. CMC Harry J. Harrell. Wynne. Biology TKE Austin Harris Jr.. Strawberry. Math Scabbard and Blade. Kappa Mu Epsilon Danny Lee Harris. Earle. Biology A TO Melba Jean Harris. Maynard. Elem. Ed. BSU Charles E. Hart. Knobel. Soc. Sci. James Kenneth Hartsficld. Osceola. English A TO. Feat her pens Jean K. Hartung. Fine Bluff. Education AGO. SGA. CEC. AWS. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Delta Pi Connie P. Hawkins. DeWitt. Spec. Ed. Judy Kathryn Haws. Patton. Mo.. P.E. PE MM Club. WAA. A WS Charles Larry Haynes. Hornersville. Mo.. Agronomy TKE Johnnie Leon Haynes. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. Al L. Heimsoth. Bensenville. III.. Art Track. MAE A. Art Club Seniors Class of 1968 David Russell Heldenbrand. Mountain Home. Gen. Bus. David L. Hendricks. Paragould. Accounting William Maurice Hendrix. Jonesboro. Music Concert Choir. Boys Chorus. MENC. Madrigal Sinners. Choral Union Connie Faye Henry. Jonesboro. Math BSU. Kappa Mu Epsilon Ronald R. Henson. Atlanta. Ga.. Math Sigma Pi Cassandra Ann Herring, Newport. P.E. PE MM Club. WAA. A WS. SNEA Floyd Wayne Hicks. Knobel. Soc. Sci. Phi Eta Sigma. LX A. Phi Alpha Theta John W. Hicks. Harrisburg. Chemistry TK E A CS Joan Beverly Hill. Cash. Soc. Sci. Phillip Wayne Hill. Trumann. Agri. Eng. Robert B. Hill. Jonesboro. Pol. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu. International Delations Club Riley H. Hindman. Springfield. Mo., Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi Darrell Hipp. Biggers. Voc. Agri. Alpha Tau Alpha. FFA Maurice Leon Hitt. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. LX A. Young Democrats Meryl Ann Hodge. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Chi O. AWS. WAA. SNEA. Marching Indians Patricia J. Hoessli. Paragould, Spec. Ed. Alpha Lambda Delta. SNEA. CEC William Richard Hoessli. Huntsville. Ala.. P.E. A TO. PE MM Club Louetta Joyce Hogins. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. SNEA Marian Elizabeth Hogsett. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. SNEA Larry Don Holden. Trumann. Agi. Ed. 278Richard Wayne Holeyfield. Searcy. Bus. Adm. SPE Cecil Howard Holifield. Rector. Speech TKE. SGA. IFC. Drill Team Larry Doyle Holifield. Rector. Econ. Alpha Kappa Psi Helen Beth Holley. Lomrview. Tex.. Spec. Ed. Patricia Holley. Elaine. Soc. Sci. AGD, Pi Gamma Mu Donald W. Holman. England. Pol. Sci. James H. Holmes. Searcy. Radio-TV Track. KA. Broadcasters Club Stanley W. Holmes. Siloam Springs. Bus. William Rex Holt. Bay. Math Charles Mitchell Hon. Batcsville. Math Billy Don Hook. Lake City. P.E. A TO. PEMM Club Tommy Gerald Horton. Walnut Ridge. Accounting Lonnie Joe Hoskins, Leachvillc. Math Tom Howard. Shreveport. La.. Bus. Adm. Football Bobby Joe Hoxworth. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Soc. Sci. Seniors Class of 1968 James C. Hudson. Little Rock. Sociology Philip Timothy Hudson. Brookland. Bus. Adm. John W. Hunter. Bath. N. Y.. Biology Patricia Allene Huntley. Pine Bluff. Music ASU Sinners. Choral Union. Chamber Music Ensemble. Marchinn Indians. Concert Band. Tau Beta Siuma. .4 M'S Lynette Hurley. Newport. Math AGD. WAA. A M'S Donald E. Hutcherson. West Memphis. Bus. Caryn Hutchinson. Searcy. Spanish Spanish Club. French Club. Choral I 'nion Lindel G. Hutson. Hardy. Journ. Press Club. Graphic Arts Club. Drill Team. A TO. Herald Staff Bruce H. Jackson. West Memphis. Econ. A TO. Drill Team Connie Jean Jackson. Paragould. English Chi (). AM'S, M'.4.4. Featherpens Nancy R. Jackson. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. A M'S. SNEA William Dale Jackson. Conway. Zoology KA. Speleogical Society. Young Republicans David James. Willow Springs. Mo.. P.E. KA. Young Republicans. PEMM Club Douglas C. James. Forrest City. P.E. Martin E. James. Forrest City. Music Ed. Marching Indians. Concert Band. Wind Ensemble Patsy Loujse James. Ravenden Springs. Accounting AOPi. ASU Singers. Choral Union. AM'S. WAA Hubert Milton Jamison. Jonesboro. Chemistry TKE. Phi Eta Sigma. ACS. IFC James M. Jastrzemski, North Tonawanda. N.J.. P.E. Baseball. PiKA. Young Democrats Truman Lee Jefferson. Yellville. Accounting KA. Alpha KapfMt Psi Ronald Lynn Jefford, Floral. Bus. Adm. 279Carolyn Louise Jeffrey. Batesville. Bus. Ed. BSU. A WS. SNEA Jerry Lee Jeffries. East Prairie. Mo.. Soc. Sci. Wesley Foundation Linda S. Jenkins. Searcy. Chemistry Marian Dean Jenkins. Marmaduke. Sociology A VS. WAA Thomas Larry Jenkins. Marmaduke. Biology James Eric Jensen. Osceola. Math Rifle Team , Francisco Jimener. San Jose. Costa Rica. Agri. Econ. Linda Jean Jobe. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Pi Omega Pi Robert Kelly Jobe. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kappa Psi, CMC Ann L. Johnson. Osceola. Biology Phi Mu. Alpha Tau Alpha George David Johnson. Cash. Gen. Bus. Agri. Club. Young Democrats Linda Johnson. Steele. Mo.. Soc. Sci. Phi Mu. Panhellenic Council. A WS. WAA Elizabeth Ann Johnston. Tuckerraan. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A WS. Kappa Delta Pi Donald Ray Jones. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Bus. Adm. Elizabeth Ann Jones. Fisher. Elem. Ed. Chi O. .4 WS. WAA. SNEA. CEC. Kappa Delta Pi Seniors Class of 1968 Janece Jones. N. Little Rock. Elem. Ed. HSU. SNEA. A WS Joe H. Jones. St. Joe. Agri. Ed. FFA. Alpha Tau Alpha Joe V. Jones. Walcott. Elem. Ed. SNEA. Baseball Manager. Church of Christ Fellowship Richard L. Jones. Jonesboro. Agri. Ed. FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha Glenda Joplin. Doniphan. Mo.. Bus. Ed. AOD. Pi Omega Pi. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Kappa Delta Pi. SNEA. Alt'S. WAA. Featherpens. Gamma Beta Phi Gerald V. Jumper Jr.. Helena. P.E. TKE. Footltall Timothy R. Keane. Linden. N. J.. P.E. Football. PEMM Club Judy Kee, Jonesboro. P.E. WAA. PEMM Club. AWS Claude F. Keeling. Delaplaine. Bus. Adm. Jean Anna Keith. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. AGD, WAA. SNEA. AWS Peggy L. Kelch. Luxora. Soc. Sci. Chi Alpha James Wallace Kelley Jr.. Jonesboro. Math Scabbard and Blade. Cross Country Nancy Sue Kemp. Hot Springs. English AWS. WAA. SNEA. Chi O. Panhellenic Council Paula Ann Kemp, Ravenden. Math Kapixi Mu Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta. Gamma Beta Phi. AWS. WAA. Choral Union. ASUSingers George Owen Kennedy. Dowdy. P.E. TKE. PEMM Club I arry I). Kennedy. Manila. Soc. Sci. Hilda Jean Kennemore. Beech Grove. English Collegians. A VI'S Lynn Roc King. Judsonia. Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha. Agri. Club. FFA Richard J. King, Blytheville. Econ. Beverly Bell Kinneman, Jonesboro. Psychology 280Gaylen Ann Kirby. Paragould. Sociology Joan C. Klotz. Russell. Radio-T.V. Arrowhead Players. Broadcasters Club Peter G. Kluge. Jonesboro. Art Kap xi Kappa Psi Bobby Lynn Klutts. Portageville. Mo.. Philosophy Joe V. Knodell. Wappapello, Mo.. History Sigma Pi. Young Republicans George B. Knott. Jonesboro. Bus. Wayne Edward Knox. Piedmont. Mo.. Biology BSU Mary Koslowski, Bensenville. HI.. Math Carolyn Ann Kueter, Paragould. Soc. Sci. Newman Club. Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Comma Mu. Collegians. Alpha Lambda Delta Ronnie Frank Lace. Cherry Valley. Art LX A. Indian Staff Ila B. Lacy. Newport. Bus. Ed. Gary Wayne Lambert. Kennett. Mo.. P.E. PEMM Club. Football. Sigma Pi. Student Intramural Director Carolyn Lansdale. Clarkton. Mo.. English Phi Mu. A IPS. WAA Gedffrey Lansdale. Maitland. Fla., P.E. Track. PEMM Club Robert David Layne. Trumann. Soc. Sci. Seniors Class of 1968 Mary Patricia Lazar. Helena. Sociology Sue Ann Leathers. Malden. Mo. Bus. Ed. WAA. A It'S. PEMM Club Barbara Jane Legan. Malden. Mo.. Elem. Ed. A WS. SNEA Emile N. Lepine. DeWitt. Agri. Ed. Thomas Michael Lepper. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Freddie Charles Lewis. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. Golf Team David Light. Paragould. Bus. Adm. I.eahto Donal Linn. Jonesboro. Bus. SPE. SC A. Circle K Richard Ellis Linsky, Boston. Mass.. Printing Graphic Arts Club. SCA. Featherpens. PEMM Club. Young Democrats. Newman Club Richard E. Linsley. Little Rock. Art Gary Wayne Ixjcke. Cash. Accounting Carolyn Ann Lusk. Brinkley. Music Marching Indians. Concert Band. Tau Beta Sigma. MENC. A WS Tony Lybargcr. Monette. Elem. Ed. SNEA. CEC Rufus Woodrow Lyerly. Jonesboro. Soc. Sci. Marilyn Sue Mabrey, Jonesboro. P.E. Phi Mu. A It’S. W AA. PEMM Club Beverly K. Maddox, Mount Ida. English Laminin lota Tau. A WS. Featherpens, BSU. United Christian Movement John Allan Magee. Pocahontas. Gen. Bus. Terecia Magee. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. James L. Magry. Gary. Ind.. Bus. Adm. Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Kappa Psi Harry Franklin Manes. Holly Grove. Sociology SPE 281Franklin Melvin Maples. Sedgwick, Math Gary J. Marlar. England. Gen. Bus. TKE, SGA. Counter Guerrillas Richard Irwin Marotti, Crawfordsville. Accounting Donnie R. Martin. Paragould. Accounting Larnal Gerald Martin. Calico Rock. Biology Joanne Mason. N. Little Rock. Speech Cheerleader. Alpha Psi Omena, Honorary Cadet. Arrowhead Players. AOPi. WAA.AWS David Crafton Massey. Jonesboro. Music TKE.. Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indians. Concert Band Sharon Massey. Warm Springs. English AWS William J. Matthews. Jonesboro. Biology KA. Scabbard and Blade Wright Woodward Matthews. Jonesboro, Math KA. Kappa Mu Epsilon Mary G. May. Pocahontas. Elem. Ed. Richard McBride. Hot Springs. Bus. Adm. Football Jimmy Allen McCain. West Memphis. Speech Featherpens. Debate Squad, Arrowhead Players. Alpha Psi Omega Linda Jane McCann. McNeil. Bus. Ed. Stephen Roger McClelland. Trumann. English Young Republicans. Featherpens. Wesley Foundation. Seniors eiass of 1968 Terry R. McCord, N. Little Rock. Journ. TKE, Scabbard and Blade Patricia Ann McFerrin, Marked Tree. Elem. Ed. Sharon McGahhey, DeWitt, English Phi Mu. Honorary Cadet, Princess Platoon, Featherpens, Lambda Iota Tau. Panhellenic Council. A WS. WAA Tommy Lynn McGee. Harrisburg, Biology TKE, Beta Beta Beta James G. Mclnturff, N. Little Rock, English Lowell D. McKcnncy, Piggott. Spec. Ed. SNEA Robert Gridley McLean. Heber Springs. Bus. Adm. PiKA Ronald Wilton McManus. Blytheville. Gen. Bus. Mary Jo McNair. Jonesboro. Elem Ed. Chi 0. SNEA. WAS Hal McPhceters, Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Biology Jimmy Glen McSpadden, Batesville. Agri. Ed. Scabbard and Blade, FFA Gary Don McWilliams, Manila. Agri Plant Science Club Walter Lafayette Meals. Hughes, Gen. Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi Robert Eugene Means. Jacksonville, Art I.XA, Kappa Pi. Graphic Arts Club, Featherpens Nancy Jane Medlock. Walnut Ridge. Biology Richard Merritt. McRae. Journ. Sonja A. Metheny, Leachville. Accounting Sondra Taylor Meyer. Black Oak, Elem. Ed. Cynthia Russ Middleton, Osceola. Bus. Ed. AGD. Pi Omega Pi. A WS. WAA Bruce Edward Miller. Joiner. Accounting 282Earnest Daniel Miller. Marked Tree. P.E. PiKA. PEMM Club Margaret Ann Miller. Popular Bluff. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Marching Indians, Concert Hand, MESC. Tau Bela Sigma. SSEA. Chi O. WAA. A WS John S. Milone. Boston. Mass.. Gen. Agri. Spelunkers Club Mike Warren Mitchell. Jacksonville. Math PiKA. Golf Team Richard M. Mitchell. Paragould. Bus. Adm. Larry W. Mobbs. Cabot. Bus. Adm. Glenn Alton Montgomery. Jacksonville. Bus. Football Robert Edward Montgomery. Bono. Agri. Ed. FFA. SGA Manuel F. Montes. West Memphis. Spanish Football Michael N. Moody. Salem. Zoology Beta Beta Beta Sylvia Jane Moody. Blytheville. Elem. Ed. Shirley B. Mooney. Caraway. English Roger Paul Moore. Perkins. Mo.. Bus. Adm. Sigma Pi Sandra Kay Moore. Trumann. Bus. Ed. Truman M. Moore. Corning. P.E. Football Seniors Class of 1968 Wanda Jane Moore. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Concert Choir. Choral Union, A WS C. D. Morgan. Lepanto. Math CMC Ronald L. Morgan. DeWitt. Agri Ed. Paul Dwain Morris. Delaplaine, Bus. Adm. Jacky Don Morrison. House Springs. Mo.. P.E. Track Billy Morrow. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. History George Edwin Morten, Paragould. Soc. Sci. Sharon Dawson Moss. Tuckerman. Bus. Ed. U. W. Mullins Jr.. Blytheville. Bus. Adm. LX A. Featherpens Robert W. Mustain. Newport. Biology Drill Team. ATO. President’s Bound-table. Scabbard and Blade Cary Collins Myers. Corinth. Miss.. Animal Sci. KA. Agri. Club. Block and Bridle Karl F. Nann. Somerville. N.J.. Sociology William Fred Nations. Paragould. Bus. Adm. Bob E. Nelson. Rector. Art Kapixi Pi. NA EA Carolyn Newkirk. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. P.E. Chi (). A WS. WAA. PEMM CLUB Ron G. Nichols. Bell City. Mo.. Agronomy Plant Science Club Jo Ann Norman. Senath. Mo.. P.E. WAA. AWS. PEMM Club Linda N. Norris. Swifton. English Spanish Club Karen Norton. Pine Bluff. Math AO Pi. WAA. AWS. Panhellenic Council. President’s Boundtable Linda Rayc Norton. West Ridge. P.E. PEMM Club. WAA 283Nancy Partlow Nunn, Blytheville. English Laure Anne Oelscn. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Art Kappa Della Pi. Kap xi Pi Betty Ann O'Neal. Paragould. Sociology A VPS Sharyn Kaye Ormsby. Doniphan. Mo.. Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi. A IPS Susan Carol Orosz. Hardy. Art A US. Newman Club. Kappa Pi. Arkansas Print Club Jerry Douglas Orr. Jonesboro. Biology Sigma Pi Sister M. Dorothy Owen. Jonesboro. Educ. Joe E. Pace. Pocahontas. Accounting Georgia C. Pack. Lake City. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A IPS Livy Para. West Memphis. English Pete F. Parenti. Little Rock. Biology SPE. Beta Beta Beta. Scabbard and Blade. Circle K R. Kelly Park. Jonesboro. Bus. Gary A. Parker. Pocahontas, Chemistry ATO. American Chemical Society. Scab-hard and Blade Paulette Hoskins Parker. Paragould, Math A IPS Sharon Kay Parks. Blytheville. Biology A IPS. WAA, Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Medical Arts Club. Comma Beta Phi. Beta Beta Beta. YDC Seniors Class of 1968 Jack White Partridge. Jr.. West Helena. Journ. TKE, Arrow Staff. Herald Staff. Press Club James M. Pasmore. Salem. Agri. Ed. FFA Brenda Diane Patterson. Heth, Bus. Ed. A IPS. WAA Donald Hugh Patterson. Bassett. Bus. Adm. Cherokee Men's Council Patricia Ann Patterson. Wilson. Elem. Ed. SNEA Darlyne E. Paulsen. Delaplaine. Art Kappa Kappa Pi. Drama. NEA Norma Jean Payne. Caraway. Elem. Ed. Jim George Pearson. Bells. Tenn.. Bus. Adm. Phi Sigma Kapixi Jim Penn. Lynn, Agri. Ed. James L. Pepper. Bloomfield, Mo.. Music Kap xi Kappa Psi. MENC. Band. Concert Band. Wind Ensemble. Presidents Roundtable. ASU Singers. Choral Union. Renee Norton Pepper. Pine Bluff. English AGD. Tau Beta Sigma. .MENC. Band. Woodwind Ensemble Kathy Perkins. Blytheville. Biology Harold W. Persfull. Essex. Mo.. Bus. Ed. Basketball Richard Allan Peterson. Forrest City. Math Anita Catherine Phillips. Rector. Music Sigma Alpha lota. MENC. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Kappa Delta Pi. Larry Joseph Phillips. Paragould. Accounting Naomi Phillips. Newport, Elem. Ed. Merwin Pickney. Pocahontas. Econ. Edwin Lawrence Pierce. Burlingame. Calif.. Bus. Jacquelyn M. Pogue. Knobel. English 284Bonnie Jean Pollard. Cardwell. Mo.. French Kappa Delta Pi. Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club. Spanish Club. Collations William James Ponder. Jonesboro Chemistry ACS Patricia Poole. Ottawa. III., Elem. Ed. A WS. SNEA. WAA. Collegians John Howard Potter. Jonesboro. Bus. Jerry Franklin Prince. Lepanto. Agri. Econ. Richard D. Provost. Marked Tree. Radio-T.V. Broadcaster’s Club. KASUStaff Billy Joe Pruett. Rector. Biolbgy LX A. Marching Indians Eddie Carl Pruitt. Searcy. P.E. Track. CMC Jimmy Richard Pruitt. Osceola. Bus. Adm. Gary L. Pugh, Walnut Ridge, Econ. SPE James Douglas Pugh. Leachville. Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu. Phi Alpha 'Theta. KA Jerry A. Pulliam, Jonesboro. History Wesley Foundation Vicki Lea Pulliam. Reyno. Elem. Ed. SNEA Steve H. Puryear. Little Rock. Bus. Adm. Football, TKE Loretta Gaye Qualls. Mt. Pleasant. Elem. Ed. SNEA Wendell Ray Ragsdale. Mammoth Spring. Bus. Adm. Ronnie Lee Rahm. Success. Biology PiKA. Beta Beta Beta. Scabbard and Blade Judy Annette Ramey. Blytheville. P.E. Cheerleader, AO Pi. Honorary Cadet. A WS. WAA Margaret Sharon Ray. Jonesboro. Sociology Phi Mu. AWS. WAA. Newman Club. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Indian Staff Frances Annette Reasons. Jonesboro. Music AGI). Concert Choir Madrigal Singers. MENC. Choral Union. AWS. WAA. Young Democrats. ASUSingers Donald Earl Reaves. Harrisburg. Philosophy Wesley Foundation Carol Marie Reed. Gatewood. Mo., Elem. Ed. James Thomas Reese. Miami. Fla.. Bus. PiKA. Pershing Rifles Charles Ray Reeves. Lake City. Pol. Sci. Phi Eta Sigma Garry J. Reeves. Caraway. Art Kap xi Pi. NA EA David A. Renn. Belleville. 111.. P.E. Sigma Pi. PEMM Club. Basketball Stephen C. Reynolds. Little Rock. Bus. Adm. PiKA. SGA, Young Republicans. Scabbard and Blade Allen E. Rhodes. Poplar Bluff. Mo., Biology KA. Scablxird and Blade Barbara A. Rice. Thayer. Mo.. Elem. Ed. A WS. CEC. SNEA Dennis Riddle. Trumann. Art Harold T. Riggan Jr.. Corning. Animal Sci. Block and Bridle. Agri. Council James Edward Rinchuso. Pine Bluff. Bus. Adm. Newman Club Richard K. Ritchey, Blytheville. P.E. TKE. PEMM Club Football Linda Lou Roachell, Parkin, Elem. Ed. MBSF. SNEA Danny Curtis Robbins. Manila Arkansas. Gen. Bus. Seniors Class of 1968 285Deborah .J. Robbins. Piggott. English A M'S, Featherpens. Yount: Republicans Freddie Lawrence Robert, Walnut Ridge. Soc. Sci. Dennis G. Roberts. Largo. Fla., P.E. Football Jane Roberts. Newport. French A M'S. French Club. S tanish Club Melburn Grady Roberts. Paragould, P.E. PEMM Club Charlotte Louise Robertson. Blytheville. Klem. Ed. Leigh E. Robichcaux. Little Rock. Sociology Janice Rae Robinson. Poplar Bluff, Mo.. P.E. WAA. PEMM Club Jerry A. Roddy. McCrory. Bus. Adm. Beverly Ann Rodgers. Black Oak. Accounting Chi O. Alpha Lambda Delta. AM’S. WAA, Alpha Sifima Upsilon. Comma Beta Phi Tasker Newton Rodman. Leachville. Biology Linal A. Roe. Arbyrd. Mo.. Math Rent; Rifles Roy Thomas Roe. Etowah, Gen. Bus. Harold David Roetzel. Russell. Agronomy. Agri. Club Jeanette Rogers. Ash Flat. Bus. Ed. HSU. A M S Seniors Class of 1968 Gary H. Rose. Walnut Ridge. Bus. Adm. SC A. CMC. Alpha Kapita Psi Winfred Leonard Rose. Earle. Accounting Ed Ross. Paragould. Music Marching Indians Carolyn Sue Rouse. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. SNEA Thomas J. Rowland. Cherry Valley. Physics Beta Beta Beta Sara Moore Roy. Marked Tree. Elem. Ed. Robert Lee Russell. Memphis. Tenn., Bus. Adm. Football Donald Ludwig Russina. Jonesboro. Math Math Club William A. Ruth. Jonesboro. Gen. Bus. Doris VI. Sain. Walnut Ridge. English Pi Comma Mu. Lambda lota Tau Tommy Clay Sain. Jonesboro. Bus. Karen Lynn Salley. N. Little Rock. Math A M'S. WAA. Featherpens. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Indian Staff Bruce Sanderson. Jonesboro. Biology I KE. Medical Arts Club Tommy Ross Sayre. Caruthersville. Mo.. Econ. John Michael Schabcrg, Kansas City. Mo.. Voice Jerry W. Schaeffer. N. Little Rock. Journ. ATO. Herald Staff. Scabbard and Blade. Arrow Staff. Featherpens. Press Club. Yount: Republicans. BSU. Crap hie Arts. IFC. President's Roundtable J. Ronald Schnee. Inverness. Fla.. Biology BSU Sister Eileen Schneider. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. Patricia A. Schwamb. Paragould. Soc. Sci. Phi Alpha Theta. Pi Comma Mu. Alpha Lambda Delta Carole Ann Scifres. Keiser. Bus. Ed. 286Harold Lee Scifres. Turrell. P.E. Basketball. PE MM Club Kelly A. Scobey. Beech Grove. P.E. KA. PEMM Club James Albert Scott. Salem. Math Patsy Ann Scott, Parkin. P.E. PEMM Club. A It'S. WAA Paul R. Seal. Piggott. Speech BSU Evelyn Rigsbee Seaton. Jonesboro. English French Club. Spanish Club Ralph Edward Seay. Rector. Agri. FFA, Anri. Club. CMC. Plant Science Club Thomas James Sellers. Earle. Agri. Econ. David 0. Shanks. Ncwnata. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Judith Shannon. Little Rock. German AGD, Featherpens. AH'S. WAA, Indian Staff. Herald Staff Robert Lee Shelton, Oklahoma City. Okla.. Printing Graphic Arts Club Charles Randolph Shepherd. Fort Smith. Econ. Alpha Kappa Psi William Frederick Shepherd, Pine Bluff. Accounting Roy F. Sherman. Catron. Mo.. Bus. Adm. KA. Alpha Kap xt Psi James R. Shipman. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Bus. LX A Seniors Class of 1968 Janis Ann Shivley. Kcnnett. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Buddy Shocmake. Forrest City. Accounting Janet Elaine Shoemate. Dallas. Tex., Speech AO Pi, Arrowhead Players. Alpha Psi Omena. WAA Clyde D. Simmons. Poughkeepsie. Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu. International Pelations Club Charles David Simpson. Rector. Bus. Adm. Alpha Kapixi Psi Donna Marie Simpson. Trumann, English Alpha Lambda Delta. Press Club. Herald Staff. Indian Staff, Gamma Beta Phi. AIFS Don Harold Sinko. Greenway. P.E. Barbara Sipa. Jonesboro. Journ. AH'S. Indian Staff. Herald Staff. Newman Club. Press Club. President's Hound table Robert Lyndon Smalley. Caldwell. Biology Marchinn Indians. Medical Arts Club Dennis Wayne Smalling. Paragould, Bus. Adm. Bonita Sue Smith. Mammoth Spring. Elem. Ed. Dale Edmond Smith. Lowndes. Mo.. Math Elizabeth F. Smith. Jonesboro. Philosophy Everett David Smith. Jonesboro. P.E. Square Dance Club. PEMM Club Gary D. Smith. Ward. Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha. CMC Gary Robert Smith. Helena. Econ. ATO; Younn Republicans Hubert W. Smith, Jonesboro. English Featherpens Joann A. Smith. Corning. English Phil G. Smith. Trumann. Biology Sinma Pi Roy Gene Smith. Everton, Agri. Ed. FFA. Alpha Tau Alpha 287Seniors Class of 1968 Susan Smith. Tyronza, Art WAA. A It'S Joel W. Sneed. Walnut Ridge. P.E. PEMM Club Robert Eugene Sneed. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Gen. Bus. John Mason Snider. Fisk. Mo.. Elem. Ed. CMC Dale Frederic Spann. Jonesboro. Accounting Janet Kay Spencer. Cherokee Village. English AO Pi. WAA, A VI'S. Alpha Psi Omega. Alpha Lambda Delta. Princess Platoon. PiKA Dream Girl. SGA. Arrowhead Players. Jerald Edward Spencer. Harrisburg. Agronomy Track. Plant Science Club. HSU. Thomas Louis Spencer. Cherokee Village. History PiKA Sheryl AnneSpradling. St. Louis. Mo.. P.E. A WS. PEMM Club. WAA. HSU. Thomas A. Stafford. Eldon. Mo.. Soc. Sci. HSU Bernard Marion Stanfield. Jr.. Independence. Mo., Physics ATO. Medical Arts Club. Scabbard and lllade. President's Roundtable. IFC, Howling Team. Betty Arlene Stanfill. Paragould. Math Betty R. Stanley. Texarkana. Journ. AO Pi. Herald Staff. Indian Staff. ASU Singers. Press Club. A WS. Fonda Lacresia Stark. Kennett, Mo.. Spec. Ed. Keith M. Steele. Jonesboro. Gen. Agri. I«arry Joe Steele. Black Rock. English Brenda May Stephenson. Wynne. Soc. Sci. Marilyn Rhea Stevens. Cooter. Mo.. Elem. Ed. Ann Stewart. Parkin. Art AO Pi. Kappa Pi. Alpha Psi Omega. Arrowhead Players. Arkansas Print Club Art Stewart. Parkin. Speech PiKA. Alpha Psi Omega. Arrowhead Players. Drill Team. Counter Guerrillas. Pershing Rifles. Arrow Staff. Feather-pens. President's Roundtable L. Carolyn Stewart. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Mable Jean Stewart. Swifton. Bus. Ed. Richard L. Stiles. Blytheville. Accounting Ronald K. Stone. Bernie. Mo.. P.E. Virginia Kathryn Stotts. Lepanto, Bus. Ed. Austin A. Stovall. Jr.. Imboden, P.E. KA, PEMM Club. Scabbard and Hlade Sharon Kay Stracner. Little Rock. English AOPi.AWS. WAA Stephen D. Stracner. Hot Springs. Journ. I.XA. Phi Eta Sigma. Indian Staff. Herald Staff. Press Club. Featherpens Sandra Lou Strawbridge. Jonesboro. Biology Poetry Club. Medical Arts Club Rebecca Ann Stringer. Doniphan. Mo.. EJem. Ed. A WS. SHEA Elaine Carol Strong. West Memphis. Elem. Ed. Phi Mu. SNE . A WS. WAA. James Nathan Summitt. Blytheville. Gen. Bus. Guy Johnson Talbott. Maynard. Chemistry Jeri Sue Taylor. Corning. Elem. Ed. SHEA. Pi Gamma Mu. Phi Alpha Theta Sarah Kathryn Taylor. Wynne. Accounting 288Sharon K. Taylor. Broseley. Mo.. Elem. Ed. SNEA Seekie Taylor. Marmaduke. Radio-T.V. Broadcaster's Club Betty Charlene Thomas. West Memphis. §oc §ci MUSE. Phi Alpha Theta. A WS. WAA Cary Thomas. Jacksonville. History PiKA Roy Lee Thomas. Black Oak. Sociology Donald G. Thompson. Paragould. Bus. Ella Jean Thompson. Blytheville. Bus. Ed. Bethel L. Thurman. Searcy. Sociology Sigma Pi David J. Thurman. Paragould. Math Kappa Mu Epsilon Dick Tipton. Caruthersville. Mo.. Biology TKE Fred V. Tisdale Jr., Pine Bluff. Bus. Adm. SPE Alfred L. Tomlinson. Jonesboro. Sociology fViiliam Mack Toombs. Paragould. Agri. Ed. Agri. Club. FF4 Connie Russel Triplett. Bloomfield. Mo.. Art Sigma Pi Doyle E. Tullos, Cabot. Bus. Adm. Seniors Class of 1968 Gary Wayne Turner. Newport. Pol. Sci. Larry W. Turner. Salem. Accounting Mary Jeanne Tye. Texarkana. English AGD. Indian Staff. A IPS. WAA Victoria Ann Urton. Jonesboro. Music Ed. MENC. Concert Choir. Madrigal Singers. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Choral Union. HSU. Sigma Alpha Iota Carolyn Ann Vance. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi Gail Louise Vance. Paragould, Elem. Ed. Linda Belle Varnell. Huff. English A WS. UAA. Gamma Beta Phi. SNEA. Wesley Foundation. Lambda Iota Tau. Alpha Sigma Upsilon. Featherpens John C. Vick, Caruthersville. Mo.. Bus. Adm. PiKA Juanita Beatrice Vickers. Wynne. Elem. Ed. AGD.AWS. WAA Sara Faye Vincent. Bay. Elem. Ed. Charles Andy Vordran, Brinkley. Soc. Sci. KA Phyllis James Vondran. McCrory. Elem. Ed. SNEA Larry C. Waddell. Manila. Gen. Bus. Tommy Wayne Wagner. Manila. Biology Claudette Walker. Forrest City. Math 7.eta Theta Alpha. Young Republicans. Phi Mu Epsilon Richard C. Walker. Paragould. Music Ed. SPE. MENC. Concert Choir. Madrigal Singers, ASU Singers. Choral Union 3renda Carolyn Wall, Bono. Elem. Ed. SNEA. A U S Pauline L. Wallis. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Laura Dene Walton. Truman. Bus. Ed. AO Pi Lavon Ward. Bald Knob. Gen. Bus. 289Brenda Akins Warren. Wynne. Elem. Ed. Lonnie G. Warren. Bono. Elem. Ed. John E. Watson. Monette. Bus. Adm. TKE. Circle K. YDC. Lois Gail Watson. Black Hock. Elem. Ed. Lillie Pearl Weaver. Blytheville. Elem. Ed. SNEA Robert Morrow Webb. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. P.E. Warren H. Webster. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. John Burl Welch. Ravenden Springs. Botony William H. Wells. El Dorado. Bus. Adm. LX A Jack R. Welsh. Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Sociology Baseball Sedric D. Wesson. Paragould. Elem. Ed. Judith A. West. St. Charles. Sociology Bill H. Wheeler. Thayer. Mo.. P.E. PEMM Club. BSU. Roy L. Wheeler. Thayer. Mo.. Biology Carol Ann White. Trumann. Elem. Ed. AO Pi. AWS Seniors Class of 1968 Charles Glen White. Bloomfield. Mo.. Bus. Bus. Adm. KA Harold F. White. Cabot. Agri. Ed. Block and Bridle. FFA Richard Orlan White. Beebe. Zoology Cherokee Men s Council Robert A. White. Jonesboro. Art SPE. Kappa Pi. Featherpens. Scabbard and Blade. NAEA. Gary W. Whitfield. Steele. Mo.. An. Sci. Block and Bridle Club. Anri. Council Sherrill Jeanne Whitfield. Steele. Mo.. Accounting V. J. Whitt. Marked Tree. Math PiKA Allen Wade Wicker. Hollandale. Miss.. Econ. Sandra L. Wigginton. Trumann. P.E. PE.MM Club. WAA. A WS. Tom Wilborn. Doniphan. Mo.. Radio-T.V. KA. Broadcaster's Club Danny A. Wilcox. Pleasant Grove. Soc. Sci. Vince Blane Wilhite. Holcomb. Mo.. Spanish Haldor Marvin Wilkes. Batesville. Biology Darcy Ann Wilkinson. Rogers. Art AO Pi. Kappa Kappa Pi. NAEA Phyllis E. Wilkinson. Delaplaine. Elem. Ed. Cheryl Dee Williams. Clarkedale. Bus. Ed. A WS. Pi Omega Pi. BSl' Connie Williams. Sheridan. Soc. Sci. GeneS. Williams. Pine Bluff. Zoology LX A. Indian Staff. YDC. Bela Beta Betc Walter Eugene Williams. Jonesboro. Accounting Vivian Dorcas Williamson. Holly Grove Elem. Ed. SNEA. A WS. Wesley Foundation. 290Benny Franklin Winford. Birmingham. Ala.. Bus. Adm. PiKA. Scabbard and Blade. Pershing Rifles, Football Bill Winkler. Wynne. Math Beatrice Ann Winningham. Harrisburg. Elem. Ed. SNEA. It ’A A. NEA. A WS Hose Nell Wise. Bay. Math Chi Alpha. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Pi Comma Mu Donna Wischart. Saffell. Spec. Ed. SNEA. A WS Mona Carol Wisehart. Hoxie. Elem. Ed. SNEA Tommy Dale Womack. Lake City. Accounting A TO Janis Louise Wood. Caraway. Spec. Ed. Chi O. AWS. WAA. SNEA. Comma Beta Phi. ATO Sweetheart John August Wood. Pine Bluff. English Poetry Club Judy Marie Wood. Caraway. Spec. Ed. Chi (). A WS. WAA, Comma Beta Phi Kenneth Gay Wood. Trumann, Music MENC. Concert Choir. AST' Singers. Madrigal Singers. Marching Indians Myra Ann Wood. Jonesboro. Elem. Ed. BSU Ocie L. Gwin Wood. Titus. Ala.. P.E. Football. Sigma Pi. PEMM Club Stephen Kent Wood. Jonesboro. Econ. Alpha Kappa Psi William M. Wood. Jonesboro. Pol. Sci. KA. Young Republicans. President's Roundtable. Circle K. International Relations Club Seniors Class of 1968 Brenda Woodrum. Harrisburg, Spec. Ed. SNEA Don H. Woods. Alton. Mo.. Elem. Ed. SNEA J. W. Edward Worthan. Manila. Biology SPE, Beta Beta Beta Larry Fay Wortham. Cash. Gen. Agri. Ron W. Worthen. Walnut Ridge. P.E. Football. PEMM Club Richard H. Worthington. Piggott. Bus. Adm. CMC. Alpha Kapita Psi Vlary K. Wright. Hardy, English Jerry Ann Wyatt. Nimmons. Accounting Comma Beta Phi. A WS. WAA Sdna Ellen Yancy. Marked Tree. Speech Debate Team. Comma Beta Phi Jerald Hay Yancey. Oxford. Bus. Adm. lames Lee Yates. Jonesboro. Math Circle K. Baseball Donald W. Yeager. Perryville. Mo.. Bus. Adm. Donald Lee Young. Tuckerman. P.E. KA. PEMM Club Tony Yount. Jonesboro. Bus. Adm. dargaret Sims Zimmerman. Newport. Speech 291Sue Abernathy. Wol Memphis Frank Accousti. Plainville. Conn. Edward Acklin. Stuttgart Angela Annette Adam . Arbyrd. Mo. Angela Ruth Adam . West Memphis Galen Adam . Little Hock James Norris Adam . Jonesboro Judy Adam . Yell sill Larry Adams. Paragould Paul Adam . Manila Lot Aebernold. New Orleans. La. Benny I. Akin. Hughes James Kdward Akin, Heth Albert Alexander. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Donna Alexander. Jonesboro Lee Alexander. Monette Mary Alexander. Blytheville James Allbnght. Heber Spring Houston Allen. Marked Tree John Allen, Hoxie Judy Allen. Pine Bluff Nancy Allen. Texarkana John Allison. Jonesboro Timothy Allison. Walnut Ridge Wayne Allmon. Pollard Jerry Allred. Jonesboro L. Rodney Alp . West Helena Linda Amspaugh. Camden Jenanne Anderson. Jonesboro Stephen Andress. Pine Bluff Johnnie Andrews. Walnut Ridge Michael Armour. Naylor. Mo. David Arnold. San Antonio. Texa Joseph Arnold. Blytheville Bill Arrington. Luxor Gerald Ashlock. Marked Tree Jo Atkins. Blytheville John Arwill. Rector Wanda Austin. Tyronza Virgle Ayers. Seattle. Wa h. {juniors Steve Babcock. Paragould Rodney Owen Baber. Knid. Okla. Martha Jean Bailey. Holland. Mo. Robert Bailey. Jonesboro Linda Joe Baker. Pettigrew Mary Jeannette Baker. Beebe William Baker, Jr.. Newport Tom Balcom. Trumann Suzanne Ball. Blytheville Betty Baltzell. Brookland Dorothy Barbee. Mammoth Spring Jo Ann Barker. Black Rock Silvey Barker. Prairie. Mo. Sammy Barkley. Jonesboro Claude Barnard. St. Charles Carolene Barner. Jonesboro Mary Barnes. Judtonia Sandra Barnes. Blythevdle Linda Barnhill. Paragould Lynn L. Barr. Jacksonville Jerry Barrett. Caraway George Barron. III. Pine Bluff Lynda Batchelor. Little Rock Dan Bateman. St. larui . Mo. Karen Bateman. Rector Carron Ann Batey. Lake City Marilyn Batey. Pollard Richard Battle. Short Hill . N. J. Alice Baugh. Bono Charles Baxter, Conway Kthel Baxter. Batesvxlle Robert Baxter. Magness Troy Baxter. Jr.. Batrsville James Beard. Beebe Franklin Beaton. Mellwood Paul Beaton. Marmaduke Ross Beck. Texarkana Ronald Becker, Marked Tree Billy Beene, Hughes Bill Belew. St. Louis. Mo. Class of 1969 A « g x a« o Judy Ann Benjamin. Jonesboro Rn it Ellen Bennett. Dalton Charlotte Pay Bennett, Blytheville Curtis Murphy Bennett. Jonesboro Kenneth B«nnrtt. Memphis. T»nn. Martha Bennett. Jonesboro Mary Bennett. Jonmboro Robert L. B nn tt Jr.. Jonesboro Sharon L. Henson. Stuttgart Terry J. Benton. Kennett. Mo. BUI Betty. South Dayton. N.Y. Evelyn Arden Berry. Brinkley Robert M. Berry. Jonesboro Vickey Jean Grove Berry. Jonesboro Dennis Betts. Arbyrd. Mo. Margaret W. Bevill. Paragould Robert George Bevis. Scott Ponda L. Bishop. Harrisburg Stephen A. Bitely. Gould Mary Carolyn Black. Smithville Ronnie Blackburn. Jonesboro Sara Jane Blissit. Little Rock Jean Blocker. Hot Springs Christine Boblack. Marked Tree Irene Boblack. Marked Tree Jim Bodenhamer. Mountain Home PJugene G. Boerner. North Little Rock Jim Ellis Bohannon. Searcy Paula Bolick. Porrest City Mary Lou Booker. HI Dorado l avid Boone. Dexter. Mo. James Bonds. Trumann John Gilbert Bonner. Blackton Gwendolyn Yvonne Boeder . Newport Ronald L. Boren. Pine Bluff Sheryle K. Bounds. North Little Rock Gerald T. Bourdage. TUpper Lake. N.Y James A. Borland. Jonesboro Bonnie Bowden. Paragould Rob Bowers. Jonesboro {Juniors Class of 1969 Benton Keith Bowman. Jonesboro Betty Jean Boyd. Ravenden David Ross Boyd. Birmingham. Ala. Michael B. Boyd. Pocahontas Russ Boyd. Walnut Ridge Glynn Boydston. North Little Rock Gary Bryan Brackin, Marion Leonard Olen Bradberry. Piggott Joann Bradley. Swifton Jonnie Bradsher. Trumann Warren Brainard. Pine Bluff Barbara Brakefield. Memphis. Tenn, Michael H Brakefield. Memphis. Tenn Donnie Bramlett. Pocahontas Laudies Brantley. Jr.. England Carolyn Sue Brasher. Reiser Ruth Ann Brasher. Arbyrd. Mo. Freddy T. Bratton. BlythevUle Syble B. Brawner. Wynn Mark Gene Brenke. Pine Bluff Jerry L. Brewer. Monette Ron Brewer. Marmaduke Ted Brewer. Jonesboro Terry Brewer. Monette James E. Bridget. Jonesboro Sun Bndger. Jonesboro Patricia Brightwell. Paragould Marilyn Kay Brittincham. Paragould Phillis Jean Broadaway. Jonesboro Prankie C. Brogdon. McCrory Teena Ray Brooks. Steele. Mo. Alan W. Brown. Lynnfield. Mass. Alvie Ray Brown. Pocahontas Bobby M. Brown. Bald Knob Dennis N. Brown. Pocahontas Dianne Brown. Augusta Jacciue Cecilia Brown. Pine Bluff James H. Brown. Augusta Loyce Linette Brown. Weiner Mary Ann Brown. Melbourne 294Melvin D. Brown. Rector Patricia C- Brown. Batesville Paul Brown. Jonesboro Robert G. Brown. Delaplaine Ronnie Brown. Pocahontas Thad Lewie Brown. Jonceboro Thornae J. Brown. Weiner W. H. Brown. Trumann Alton Brpwnderville. Hickory Rider Randy M. Bruce. Delaplaine David Bruner. Jonceboro John P. Bryant. Joneebceo Rebecca Bryant. Harrisburg William H. Bryant. Jonceboro Chritty Lea Buchanan. Caruthereville. Mo. Joe Renzy Buck. Hornereville. Mo. Dan Buckley. New Orleana. La. Diane Bucy. Rector Frederick W. Buhrmeeter. Jr.. Joneaboro Myra Buhrmeeter. Jonceboro John L. Bullock. Pine Bluff Rita Sue Bunch. Pocahontae Barbara Elizabeth Burke. Wynne Carol Joan Burke. Searcy Cletie Burnett. Caruthereville. Mo. Travis Burnham. Thayer. Mo. Joy Anne Burrow. Augusta Fred G. Burrowe. Forrest City Jean Butby. Rector Dale Butler. Keneett Karon Butler. Batcerille Sybil Butler. West Helena Daphinc Byers. Hardy William A. Byrd. Little Rock Meredith Cable. Senath. Mo. Frank M. Cachia. Plcasantville. N.Y. Harry W. Caldwell. Little Rock Anne Calhoun. Pine Bluff Wm. Robert Calhoun. Little Rock Patricia Ann Cameron. Newport juniors Gary D. Camp. Paragould L. Wayne Camp. Clark Ridce Dianna B. Campbell. Marked Tree James M. Campbell. Helena Kenneth R. Cannady. Caraway Pat Cantrell. Hazen Linda Caplinger. Harrisburc John Capooth. Lepanto William C. Caputo. Jacksonville. Fla. Ann Carden. Malden. Mo. La Drewe Carey. Marvell Roy F. Cargill. Jr.. Thayer. Mo. Tony Cariaco. Rector Don R. Carnahan. Piedmont. Mo. Mabclee Carney. Blytheville Lyman Carroll. Senath. Mo. Sandra Kay Carrouth. Little Rock Patricia H. Carryer. Rochester. Minn. Jack Carson. West Helena Harold K. Carter. Jonesboro James H. Carter. Blytheville John A. Carter. Piedmont. Mo. Marilyn Carter. Overland. Mo. William Carter. Sulphur Rock Judy Case. Hoxie Glenda Faye Cash. Paragould Glynda Faye Causey. Kasez. Mo. Fred Chamblees. Paracould Larry Wayne Chance. Bay Pattye B. Chandler. Pine Bluff Eddy Chapman. Wynne Virginia B. Chapman. Jonesboro Quentin L. Chastain. Jr.. Wolf Bayou Jack Childress. PopUr Bluff. Mo. David L. Childs. Elaine Herman L. Childs. Jonesboro Alan A. Clark. Jonesboro Charles Gary Clark. Jonesboro Gary LaVan Clark. New Madrid. Mo. Jerry W. Clark. Jonesboro Class of 1969 295Julian B. Clark. Alicia Bobbin Clay. Piggott James Clem. State University Grace Cleveland. Walnut Ridge David Clifft. Paragould Grover Clinton, l.ynn Karl Cobb. Blytheville Jim Cobb. Jonetboro Phyllis Coffey. Beebe Belinda Coffman. Clinton Rodger Cole. Bald Knob Barbara Coleman. Rome. N. Y. Jimmy Coleman. Jonesboro Sherry Colley. Jonesboro Richard Collier. Cabot Gary Collins. Bald Knob Janet Collins. West Plains. Mo. Judith Collin . Cherokee Village Robert Collins, Cherokee Village David Comb . Alton, Mo. Charles Cone. Jr.. Hardy Tom Con . Melbourne Arthur Cook. Jr.. Jonesboro Jimmy Cook. Jonesboro J. C. Coomer. Jonesboro Angela Cooper. Hayti. Mo. David Cooper. Melbourne Lind Cooper. Jonesboro Martha Cooper. West Helena Nancy Cooper. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Sue Cooper. Harrisburg Thomas Cooper. West Helena Michael Corvin. Helena FranchalCothren. Monette Buddy Couch. Brookland Kenneth Couch. Poplar Bluff. Mo. James Counts. Jacksonville Karen Coverdale. Mountain Home Raymon Convey. Sedgwick Brenda Covington. Jonesboro {Juniors Class of 1969 Clarice Cox. Paragould Norman Cox. Bradford Dale Coy. Paragould Gene Crafton. Walnut Ridge William Craig. Lcachville Frank Crail. Jr.. Cardwell. Mo. Hubert Crain. Brookland Dick Crampton. Blytheville Gary Crane. Dexter. Mo. Terrell Crawford. Pine Bluff John Crews. Lake City Mary Crigler. Alton. Mo. Linda Crist. Jonesboro Linda Crittenden. North Little Rock Donna Crook. Doniphan. Mo. Patti Croom. Leachville Krmal Cross field. Piggott Nora Crosskno. Blytheville Cathy Crow. Rector Roger Crow. Jonesboro Keith Crowder. Marion James Cruse. Mountain View I.arry Crye. De Arc Sarah Culver. Jonesboro Cynthia Cunningham. Mountain Home Kdward Cunningham. Mountain Home Joy Cunningham. Tuckerman Wilma Cunningham. Jonesboro James Curry. Pine Bluff Linda Dale. Piggott Ronald Dale. Fisher Richard Darouse. Jonesboro Jerry Daugherty. West Helena Ellen Davis. Kennett. Mo Gerald Davis. Thida Harold Davn. Ravenden Springs Hugh Davis. Rison James Davis. Success Jana Davis. Blytheville Joan Davis. Beech Grove 296Larry Davit. Wynne Lindley Murphy Davit. Newport Lin wood Davit. Jr.. Jonesboro Loyd Dean Davit. Jonesboro Mary Linda Davit. Aucutta Norma L. Davit. Biggert Sally Dtane Davit. Newport Bob B. Daw ton. Pocahontas Paul Robert Deck. Glen Allen. Mo. Hinkle Decker. Mountain View Don Demaine. New Britain. Conn. Melvin Demoth, Weat Memphit Lyle B. Dent. Bay Mike Denton. Harrisburg Georgia Dench. Walnut Ridge Roger H. Deagranget. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Edmundo Joae Deahon. Chinandega. Nicaragua Gerald R. DeVore. Beebe Cindy DeWitt. Jonetboro Lynda Dickinton. Marmaduke Rollie M. Dickinton. Marmaduke Connie Joyce Diettche. Weat Cherokee Village Mary Digga. Blytheville Joe Dillier. Weat Helena George Allen Dillin. Jonetboro Panzy Dillingham. Newport Paul Ditmang. Maynard Carol June Doak. Lake City Hatley D. Doan. Walnut Ridge Sharyn Kay Dobbina. Hayti. Mo. Marilyn Dodd. Fither Cathy Dohogne. Paragould Patty Dollina, Paragould Janie Dorrit. Deering Elaine Dorton. Jonetboro Lee Doteon. Nettleton 1-arry Wealey Doty. Trumann David Scott Douglat. Searcy Linda Douglat. Marked Tree Larry Downing. Portia juniors Class of 1969 Terrell Downing. Hoxie Edward E Dozier. Blytheville Cora Drake. Jonetboro Linda Draper. Newport Ed Duckett. Pine Bluff Cleve E. Dunavant. Jonetboro Charlee William Duncan. Blytheville John Jeffrey Duncan III. Jonetboro Sandra Duncan. Blytheville Danny Dunigan. Black Oak Chetley David Dunlap. Marked Tree Eddie Joel Dunlap. Paragould Dianna Dyke. Memphit. Ttnn. Carol Dyre. Dell Carolyn Eagle. Jonetboro Linda Eatterwood. Corning Andy Eattman. Paragould Robert Raton. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Anne Edmondt. North Little Rock Anthony M. Edwards. Memphit. Tenn. Jimmy Edwardt. Hayti. Mo. Melinda Edwardt. Jonetboro Hank Allen Egner. Desha Wendell Eitele. Little Rock Gary Elliott. Blytheville Darly S. Ellis. Memphit. Tenn. Lyle Ellit. Jr.. Clarendon Van S. Ellit. Walnut Ridge Jymme Rebecca Elslander. Heber Springs David E. England. Paragould Sharon Ennit. Bateeville Ricky Eoff. Dell Ronald Ferrell Erwin. Jonetboro Jonathan Eskridge. Walnut Ridge Jim Eatman. Fort Smith Meredith Kaye Eatee. McRae Tommy L. Eatet. Ath Flat Danny Ray Evans. Myrtle. Mo. Sue Evans, Glencoe Sharon L. Everett. Wynne a trh t; f) IflHi m p ft ft rat p L 9 P A £ e Ml f Ml Aih £ ft P. P PM. 297Harold Kiel I. Naylor. Mo. Mary Jane Ezell. Naylor. Mo. Ricklin Joe Fallis. Jonesboro Dwight Farmer, Jonesboro Linda Faulkner. Jonesboro Ronald Wayne Faulkner. Jonesboro Ruth M Faulkner. Paracould Gerald Lynn Fean. Walnut Ridce Danny Feathenton. Piccott Robert John Feldwitch. Kirkwood. Mo. David Fellows. Newport Glenda Felt . West Memphis Evelyn Fender. Pocahontas Alberto Fernandez. Manama, Nicaragua Rhonda S. Fielder. Trumann Rickey T. Fielder. Pocahontas Janet Finch. Forrest City Jack D. Findley. Forrest City Lemuel Finley. Rome. N. Y. Michael W. Finn. West Memphis Carl Rodney Fisher. Caruthersville. Mo. Sandra Kay Fisk. Corninc Mary Fitzgerald, Blytheville Tommy R. Fleeman, Manila Anna Belle Fleming. Marked Tree James Archie Fleming, Forrest City Suzanne Flippo. Powhatan James W. Flowers. Pine Bluff Deanie Floyd. Oxford Freda Rulene Foley. Walnut Ridce Darrell C. Folsom. Eustis. Fla. Kenneth W, Foot. Hazen Darrell E. Ford. St. James Thomas Fortner. Cabot Henry R. Foster. Newport Preston B. Foster. Cape Girardeau. Mo James Robert Fowler. Montreal. Canada Joseph Lee Francis. West Plains. Mo. Harvey M. Franklin. Trumann Lawrence Max Frazier. Naples. Italy {juniors Class of 1969 D. Kay Freeman. Pine Bluff Alan Wade French. Diaz John D. Frew. Pine Bluff Pa mala Scott Fuhr. Jonesboro Golden Fulbricht. Weiner Benny Futrell. Brookland Frances Dianne Gate. Jonesboro Marcus Richard Gaines. Blytheville Paul T. Gaines Jr.. McCrary Brenda Kaye Gaiser. Benton Tommy Calloway. West Helena Loretta Gambill. Jonesboro James E. Gamble. Senath. Mo. Sharon Gann. Harrisburc Melissa Garcia. Jonesboro Robert Gardner. Campbell. Mo. Bobbye Jean Gardner. Wynne Barbara Geib. Mammoth Spring John P. GeU. Jonesboro William Larry Georce. Osceola Carolyn Gibson. Monette John R. Gibson. Bernie. Mo. L. D. Gibson. Jonesboro Doris Gill. Walnut Ridce Judith Gill. Corninc Robert E. Gill. Osceola Steve GillU. Harrisburc Dennis Gillmore. Jonesboro Paula Watson Gillmore. Portia Michael D. Gilmer. Jonesboro Bebe Louise Glenn. Hazen Danny Du Wayne Glenn. Jonesboro Marcia Glenn. Fisher Betty Jean Goff. Blytheville Danny L. Goodman. Brookland Galye Goodman. Corninc Jeery Goodman. Corninc Gala Goodson. Black Oak Marcia Coodson. Memphis. Tenn. Cathy L. Goodwin. Catamine 298Fred Goodwin. Ash Flat Glenda Gordon. Marked Tree Vincent Gordon. Jonesboro Charles Gore. Rector Michael Gorman. I.ittle Rock Jame Gould. Pittsfield, Maine Larry Cora. Swifton Zane Gran. Leachvill Carol Graham. Clarendon Marsha Grassham. Van Buren. Mo. Robert Gray. Newport Sharon Gray. Beech Grove Gordon Green. I'ararould Marcella Greenstreet. Melbourne Don Greenway. Para could Shirley Greer. Searcy Dan Gregory. Marianna Phylli Grettory. Newport Michael Griffey. Pine Bluff Frances Griffin. Flame Larry Griffin. Jonesboro Rick GrifTm. Manila Steve Griffin. Jonesboro Joe Griffith. Blackton Linda Grisham. Monette James Grissom. lloxie Travis Grissom. Jr.. Jone boro Mike Grocan. Paragould Thomas Gschwend. Pocahontas Jame Gunnell. Stuttgart Ramiro Gurdian. Leon. Nicaragua Phylli Curlen. Batrsville Dwight Gurle ’. Caraway Larry Gwyn. Brinkley Gaylon Hafer. Dixie Mary Hafner. Jonesboro Linda Hagood. Maynard Linda Haley. Judtonia Martha Haley. Jonesboro James Hall. Pine Bluff {Juniors Class of 1969 Barbara Halsey. Monette Ronald Hame . Jonesboro Diane Hammell. Jonesboro Danny Hampton. North Little Rock James Hampton. Marvell Marilyn Hamra. Steele. Mo. Doris Handley. Blytheville Retha Hanley. Jonesboro Janna Hannah. Jonesboo Betty Hamm. Jonesboro Pat Hansen. Little Rock Ike Harcourt. Helena Donald Hardaway. Strawberry Dwight Hardin, Qulin. Mo. Kmery Harmon. Homewood. III. Gordon Harmon. Desha Clois Harrell. Beebe Charle Harris. Karle Charle T. Harris. Saffell Donna Harris. Saffell Dottie Harris. Arcadia. Mo. Elva Faye Harris. Marked Tree Harriett Harris. Forrest City I irry Harris. Jonesboro Michael Harris. West Memphis Michael S. Harris, Little Rock Richard Harris. Jonesboro Jame Hart. Blytheville Linda Hart. Portia Jim Hartiel. Wynne James Harvey. Swifton Jack Haskins. Ash Flat Anna Ruth Hassin. Hot Spring Mary Hatting . Mountain View Curtis Hatley. Marked Tree Dennis Haugen. Beebe Patricia Haugen. Beebe Rochelle Haydon. Little Rock Charle Haynes. Hornersville. Mo. Pat»y Haynes. Blytheville 299 o ( r 0 life Alfa fcfc { » : Oft n r u ■ V {Juniors f L Handy Hendrick. Horatio William M Heidelberger. Marvell Sherry Kittle Heldenbrand. N Little Hock David Helm. Melbourne Honnie Helmbeck. N. Little Hock Linda Helm . Swifton Danny Gerald Henderson. N. Little Hock Judy Karen Henderson. Jacksonville l-arry W. Henderson. Trumann Marylon Jay Henderson. Stuttgart Hichard A. Henderson. Osceola Dan Hendris, Fort Smith Donald G. Henry. Jonesboro Martha Louise Henry. Hearden Marshall Henson. Bono Judith C. Henthorne. Benton Gary W. Hercher. I'ine Bluff Cherry Hester. Jonesboro Bobby Joe Hibbard. Van Jerry Winford Hicks. Bald Knob Kobert W. Hicks. W Memphis Lynn Hitrint. Paragould William E Hightower. Trumann Stephen A Hile. Jonesboro Carl C. Hill. Caruthersville. Mo. Glenda Hill. Beebe Joseph M. Hilliard. Keiser Michael E. Hines. Marianna Charles S. Hinrichs. Poplar Bluff. Mo Billy Don Hinson. Jonesboro Suzanne Hinton. Jonesboro Diane Hobbs. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Susan Hodge . Jonesboro Joe T. Horan. Newport Bonnie Borland. Paragould Brenda K. Holder. Pocahontas Charles Hichard Holder. Pararould Gail Holder. Jonesboro Dennis L. Holford. Doniphan. Mo. Georre Kdd Holland. Monette % a f 0 ft P J. to Class of 1969 Janice Holland. Perryville. Mo. Joseph H Holland. McHae Karen S. Holland. Gatewood. Mo. James Holland sw or th. Sidney Gary A. Holleman. McCrory Jeannette Holley. Osceola Cathy Lynn Hollingsworth, Blytheville Stephan D. Hollis. Manila Marraret Holman. Kordyce John W. Holmes. Searcy Kuby Holstine. Viola Gaylon Holt. Lafe Peter N. Holt. Gilmore Winston E. Holt. ColUc City Henry Holwell Jr.. Brinkley Liz Ann Hooker. Jonesboro Charles Hooten. Ervpt Joint K Horn. Searcy Johnny Horn. Little Hock Dianne Horner. Marmaduke Anne Foster Horriran. Blytheville Eva Horton. New Madrid. Mo. Melvin Horton Jr.. St. Charles Beverly Ann House. Jonesboro Barbara Houston. Fort Smith Glenda Howard. Pinolt Gloria Kay Howard. Wynne Joyce A Howard. Clarkedale Kirk Howard. Abilene. Tex. Malcom J Howard. Newport Jackie R. Howell. Corning Hobby G. Howerton, Searcy Douglas Huckaba. Thida Julita Hudgins. Searcy Rebecca Jean Hudgins. Jonesboro IXinny Brooks Hudson. Pine Bluff James R. Hudson. Jonesboro l.awrence Huett. Elizabeth William O. Huggins. Walnut Ridge William S. Huggins Jr.. BauxiteGary D. Hugh . Gamaliel Jerry W. Hughe . Dell Sam M. Hull. Mammoth Spring James M. Hunter. Cherry Valley Fred C. Hurd. Trumann Frank L. Hunt, CrawfordsvUle Jame Hutcherson. Paragould Jame Leonard Hutchins. Stuttgart Sandra Lynn HuUon. Farmington. Mo. Aaron Dwight Hyde. Paragould Herb Hyman. We t Memphis Anna C. Inebnit. Elaine Jack R. Irvin. Jonesboro Thoma M. I bell. Jr.. Bay William lzmerian Nazareth. Israel Kathy Jackson. Jonesboro Larry Wendell Jackson. Jonesboro Mary Alice Jackson. Pocahontas Ouida Jackson. Jonesboro Sharon Gaile Jackson. Jonesboro Danny G. Jamea. West Plains. Mo. Douglas Jame . Bragg City. Mo. Eddie Gen James. Batesville Sheila Jarman. West Memphis Herman Jarrett. Paragould Patsy Juanita Jeffrey. Locust Grove Danny Guy Jenkins. Calico Rock Darrell L. Jenkins. Brinkley Mena Jenkins. Lake City Roas C. Jernigan, Lepanto Betty Jetton. Paragould David L. Johnson, Bay Evalyn Jo Johnson. Flippin Gary Ellis Johnson. Nettleton Jane Johnson. Maynard Malven Ray Johnson. Keiser Richard H. Johnson. Jonesboro Robert Dal Johnson. Elaine Sid Johnson. Jonesboro Spencer Johnson. Leachville (Juniors Lynda Lee Johnston. Blytheville Randy Johnston. Beebe Troy Johnston. Newport Francis Edward Jolly. Earle Elizabeth Dyan Jones. Shreveport. La. Eugene V. Jones. Imboden France E. Jones. Huntington. West Va. Gary W. Jones. Jackson. Mo. Melvin Jonss. Delaplaine Robert C. Jones. Jonesboro Sue Jones. Huntsville Vertoo Jone Jr.. Jonesboro Wesley A Jones. Leachville Hank Jordan. Jonesboro Marion L. Jordan. Blytheville William C. Jowers. Monroe. La. Denny Joyce. Detroit. Mich. Lynda Jumper. Forrest City Bobby Justus. Walnut Ridge Sharron Kay Kaffka. Joneabcro Bill Keedy. Newport Brenda Keller. Weiner Margaret Gail Keller. Paragould Ronnie Dale Kelly. West Helena Turra Ann Kelly. Tuckerman Mike Kendall. Batesville Arthur L. Kent. Jonesboro Eric Kieffner. Paragould Jimmy Kientz. Pine Bluff Johnny M. Kilhon. Forrest City Peggy Sue Kinder. Salem Alice L. King. West Helena Allen King. Vida Thomas L. King. Pocahontas Randal Kingston. Paragould Brenda Kinman. Jacksonville Betty Kirby. College City Georg Kirby. Jr.. Walnut Ridge Howard Kirkindall. Jonesboro Johnny Ray Kirkland. Jonesboro Class of 1969 301Jama Kirksey. Hoxie Jackie Kirkwood. Campbell. Mo. Betty Kitterman. Jonaboro Melissa Kluge. Jonaboro Clyde Knight, Jonesboro Harold Kohler. Jr.. Fort Smith James Koller. Tuckerman Philip Kooncc. Blytheville Charlie Fever . Salem Leveta Laird. Black Rock Levona Laird. Black Rock Barry Lamar. Gideon. Mo. John Lambert. Blytheville Ray Lander . Cave City Anne Lane. Jonaboro Garry Langston. Little Rock Tannda Langston, Blytheville Kenneth Lamastos. Marianna Donald I-nmb. Rector Michael Lambi . Egypt Terry I.argent. Newport Jam Lassiter. Conway. N. C. lairry Lawrence. Melbourne Loye Lawrence. Melbourne Sam Lawton. Marked Tree Jama Lee. Wynne Penny Lee. Paragould Eme t Leflore. Fisher Kathy Leja. Jonaboro Johnny Lemk . Hickory Ridge Joyce Lenderman, Sylvania Jim Lentz. Mnrmadukc Larry Leonard. Jud onia Judianne Later. Marked Tree Harold Later. L panto Charla Lewi . Lepanto Jenny Lewi . Maynard Patricia Lewi . Mountain Home William Lewi . Newport May Carol I.ieblong. Forrest City {Juniors Class of 1969 Linda Lingle. Picttotl Jama Linsley. Little Rock Jama Lloyd. Cherokee Village Jama Lloyd. Paragould Stephen Lockhart. Gregory Vickie Loftu . Jonaboro Steve Logan. Walnut Ridge Roger Long. Jonaboro Margaret Longino. Blytheville Jennifer Love. Jonaboro John Lowe. Jonaboro Jama Luca . Jacksonville Ronald Ludwig. St. Charla. Mo. Pamela Luther. White Oak. Mo. Stephen Lynch. Newark David Lyttle. Jonaboro Linda Maddox. Little Rock Tommy Malone. Fiaher Donnie Mangrum. Monette Luella Mann. Piggott Haidar Mansouri. Jehran. Iran Doyle Mardi . Harrisburg Kenneth Marler. Fisk. Mo. Mary Marshall. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Sandra Marshall. Corning Albert Martin. Wat Helena Anne Martin. Jonaboro David Martin. Brooklnnd Gary Martin. Pocahontas Lloyd Martin. Jr.. Wat Memphis Stanley Martin. Little Rock G. E. Marvin. Parngould Orley Mauena, Parkin Ernest Massey. Jonaboro Gary Matterson. Paragould Harvey Matheny. Cave City Martha Mathews. Jonaboro Margaret Mathis, Jonaboro Ronald Matgosz. Elizabeth. N. J. William Mawhinney. Little Rock 302Alice Mayfield. l.eachville Elizabeth Mayfield. Bald Knob Karla Jean May . Hlytheville Paul Mayfield. Bald Knob John Marcus McAllister. Newport Cary Arland McBryde. Pine Bhiff Tom McCabe. Pine Bluff Florence A. McCall. Jonesboro Jame McCall. Jonesboro Larry E. McCall. Searcy Allene J. McCartney. Otceola Jame M. McCartney. Newport Kevin O. McClelland. Eustis. Fla. Anna McClure. F'orre»t City Larry W. McCollum. Violet Hill Jack Ballard McCord. Rector Arthur D. McCoy. Matthew . Mo. Glen McCoy. Campbell. Mo. Karen McDaniel. Jonesboro Gary McDonald. Caldwell. Ka. Martha N. McDonald. Higginton Janice R. McDowell. KlUinore. Mo. Janet McElduff, Wynne Erne t Kirk McElrath. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Kally McEwen. Homewood. III. Larry L. McFadden. Searcy Jerry W. McGee. Portageville. Mo. Ronnie Pat McGinne . Weal Meraphi Judy McGinni . Paragould Gary McGrew. Glenwood Cris McGuire. Nashville. Ka. Mike McGuire. Thayer. Mo. John S. McKibbin. Seattle. Wash. Diana McKinney. Kennett. Mo. Jerry C. Mcl-aughlin. Lepanto Kenneth Ray McMullin. Imboden William D. McNabb. Wi«on Ijirry McNair. Bruno Martha Ann Meador. Jonesboro Patty Mizell Meddres . Paragould {Juniors Larry D. Medford. Brinkley Lloyd Keith Meharg. Pleasant Plain Charle Allen Mellein. Okawville. III. John Charle Melton. Bate ville Marion Meredith. Kennett. Mo. Charles Merrell. Rector Lloyd Merrell. Rector Brenda Merrick. Sikeiton. Mo. Max Metcalf. Hardy Alfred Metheny. Par a could Freddy G. Mile . Jone boro Charle D Miller. C« h Elbert Miller. Augusta Wesley Miller. Jonesboro Martha E. Miller. Wynne Sandra Kay Miller. Marked Tree Sharon Miller. Walnut Ridge Virril I. Miller. Ravenden Spring William L Miller. Marvel Hill. Mo. Kay Mill . West Memphis Frank Minirth. Leachville Paul Minor. Pine Ridire Kenneth Minton. Manila Grady Mitchell. DeWitt Jimmy Mitchell. Pineville John M Mitchell. St. Charle Kenneth Wayne Mitchell. Jonesboro Linda Carol Mitchell. Jonesboro Steve Mitchell. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Ray L. Mollenkopf. Stuttgart Ronnie Monroe. Walnut Hi dee Alice C. Montgomery. Cave City Bobby Dean Montgomery. Grubbs Linda Monteomery. Newport James Carrall Moody. Bald Knob Rebecca Ann Mooney. Dell Arthur Bruce Moore. Tallapossa. Mo. Donna Sue Moore. Cave City Doyet Wade Moore. Covington. Vn. Harry Truman Moore. Walnut Ridge Class of 1969 1U » o a n m A X 1 °X alX C'. c o f OiX. X.£ 303SUn Moore. New Carlisle John R. Morgan. Jonesboro Kenny Morgan. Jonraboro Billy W. Morris. Luxora Gordon T. Morris. Jonesboro Richard Morris. Carlisle William Morris. Jonesboro Stephen F. Morrison. Little Rock Thomas L. Morrison. Guin. Ala. Rebecca Morten. Marmaduke Carolyn Moyer. Caraway Jimmy Alan Mueller. St. Louis. Mo. I.inda Kay Mulkey. Cherry Valley Tommy Mulkey. Cabot Norma J. Mullen. Strawberry Mike Murarna. Cardwell. Mo. Bobbie L. Munn. Wynne David A. Murray. Mobile. Ala. Edna L. Murray. Caraway Richard A. Murray. Jonesboro Steve Murray. El Dorado Jolly Myatt. Cash Donald H. Myers. Biggers Linda Myers. Hayti. Mo. Virginia Myers. Jonesboro Olivia Nash. Wilson David Paul Neal. West Memphis Galen N. Nelson. Paron Stephen Nemeth. Tampa. Fla. Marilyn New. Pine Bluff James Newberry. Dyersburg. Tenn. Kenny Nichols. Blytheville Kirk H. Nichols. Piggott Loss E. Nisenbaum. Jonesboro Charles D. Nix. Harrisburg Harvey P. Nixon. Jonesboro Esther R. Noble. Kennett. Mo. Jeanne C. Norman, Jonesboro Jimmy A. Norris. Searcy Tim Norton. Marked Tree {juniors Class of1969 Harrell Oakley. Weiner Russell O'Banion. Pine Bluff Charles O'Brien Jr.. Marked Tree Terry Olds. Piggott Ray L. Osborn. Little Rock Patricia Osbcon. Bull Shoals William E. OuxU. Jonesboro Elton E. Overall. Kennett. Mo. Martha J. Overall. Piggott Glenda Oveffield, Grubbs James R. Owens. Wynne Linda Pack. Jonesboro Terry J. Pagni. Newark. Calif. Jackie Palmateer. Pine Bluff Vernon D. Palmer. Jonesboro Karen L. Park. Blytheville Pat Parker. Houston. Tex. Warren L. Parker. PorUgeville. Mo. James C. Parks. Greenway Cary R. Parnell. Luxora Jean Pasmore. Jonesboro Ollie Patterson Jr.. Paragould Susan Patterson. Holly Grove John W. Pauli. Pekin. 111. Ronald Paulson. Thayer. Mo. Richard S. Peebles. Newport Robert P. Peevey. Forrest City Jenny Pemberton. Wilson Brenda J. Penn. Walnut Ridge Patricia J. Penn. Black Rock Betty Pennington. Newport Daniel P. Pentecost. Bedford. Va. Carolyn S. Penter. Jonesboro Harold Permenter Jr.. Luxora Harold D. Perry. Vilas. N. C. Roy Perry. Jonesboro Tera Persfull. Essex. Mo. Betty PetkofT. Helena Melvin E. Petty. Greenway Virgil Peyton. Memphis. Tenn. 304David Phelps. Poplar Bluff. Mo. John Phelpa. Brooklond Edwin Phillips. Birmingham. Alabama Guyla Phillip . Flipptn Robert Phillip . Malden. Mo. William Phillip . Blytheville Ira Pi«w. Jonesboro Mary Pierce. Jonesboro Mary Lou Pierce. Bran City. Mo. Rom- Pierce. Mammoth Sprint Churl Pillow. Paragould Wally Pittman. Prescott Suzanne Poff. Trumann Robert Pollard. Cardwell. Mo. I.emoyne Polston, West Helena Velda PoUton. Hardy Barry Poaey. Jonesboro William Potter. Jacksonville Marcia Powell. Rector Terry Powell. Para could Mavis Presley. Batesville James Prestidge. Grady Susie Prine. Holly Grove Bill Pruitt. Beebe Annie Pulliam. Corning Frank Pulliam. Jonesboeo Jimmy Pyland, Marion Rita Qualls. Trumann Marshall Quinn. Paraifould Roberta Ralph. Joiner Janet Ramer. Walnut Ridge Dougin Ramsey. Benton Floyd Ramsey. Jr.. Harrisburg Carol Rand. Paragould Irrnn Ratliff. Jonesboro Betty Ray. Jonesboro Brenda Ray. Portageville. Mo. I.inda Ray. Jonesboro Roberta Ray. Leachville Jerry Reams. Piggott Juniors Class of 1969 Phyllis Recker. Walnut Ridge Gary Redman. Searcy Connis Reel. Holcomb. Mo. Carmen Reeves, Jonesboro Charlene Reeves. Harrisburg Donna Reichen. Pine Bluff Gene Reid. Leachville Sharon Reid. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Rheamona Reithemeyer. Sedgwick Joseph Remley. Marvell Teddy Roves. Judsonia Boyce Reynolds. McCrory Joyce Reynolds. McCrory Marian Reynolds. Imboden Marie Rhodes. Swifton Ronnie Rhodes. Corning Gary Rice. Mammoth Spring Dale Richardson. Hardy James Richardson. Osceola Shirley Richardson. Karle T. W. Richardson. Jonesboro Ruth Rickman. Jonesboro Janice Riggs. Yellville Edwin Riley. New Madrid. Mo. William RUby. Ellsinore. Mo. Daniel Ritchey. Blytheville Jackie Rives. Trumann Elizabeth Roach. Manila Thomas Robert. Walnut Ridge Farrel Roberts. Corning Darlene Robertson. Clarkton. Mo. Dennis Robertson. Clarkton, Mo. Elmer Robertson. Batesville Sandra Robertson. Rector Thomas Robertson. Jonesboro Dana Robinson. Jonesboro Gary Robinson. Pocahontas Robin Robinson. Jonesboro Regina Rodeny. Piggott Claudia Rodgers. Pine Bluff $ A 0 f P f mir 305juniors Danny K. Rodger . Marmaduke Sue A. Rodgers. Marmndukr Linda Rodman. 1-eachville Jodinr Roe. Srnath. Mo. Jimmy L. Roger . Pocahontas Lorene B. Roger . Jonesboro Frank Rohrschcib. Wear Helena Dirry Rote. Walnut Ridge Kay Rou. Camden Robert Rom. Helena William R. Rom. Paragould Jan Rounsaville. Rlytheville Gene Rowland. Dexter. Mo. Michael Rowland. Utile Rock Sandra Rowlette. Hot Spring Joyce E. Royal. Corning Pamela Rucker. Filk, Mo. Larry M. Ruttell. Corning Thomat R. Ruitell. Hayti. Mo. Thomat S. Ruttell. Jonesboro Hattie Rutledge. Bay Bill Sandage. Scott Janet Sander . Viola Jim Sander . Benton Kenneth Sander . Poplar Bluff. Mo. Malinda A. Sander . Salem Rebecca J. Sander . Steele. Mo. David Snnderton. Jonesboro Jack L. Sandlin. Little Rock Arnold E. Sanford. Bradford Jerry San ing. Memphis. Tenn. Donna Hoggard Sapp. Parma. Mo. Jimmy Sawyer. Wynne Diane Sayre. Caruthersville. Mo. Victor C. Scauzzo. DcSoto. Mo. Robin M. Schaberg. Jonesboro Chnrle T. Scherm. Stuttgart Jerry Schimming. Peach Orchard Christine Schleus . Camden Linda Schwab. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Class of 7969 Karl Schwemmer. Forrst Hill . N. Y. Ann B. Scibu. Jonesboro Betty Jo Scott. Pine Bluff Charles Scott. Jonesboro Douglat L. Scott. Malvern Gary Scott. Newport John M. Scott. Jonesboro Linda Seagraves. Pocahontas Michael Selby. Leachville Sandra K. Senning. Stuttgart Sharron Settlemire. Jonesboro James C. Shackelford. Forrest City Elizabeth Shnneyfelt. Manila Glenda Lou Shnrp. Brockwell Jerry L. Sharpe. Overlond. Mo. Darrell W. Shelton. Marmaduke Greg Shelton. Poplnr Bluff. Mo. Tommy J. Shelton. Blytheville Phillip Shewmnker, Searcy John M. Shipman Jr.. West Memphis John L. Shoffner Jr.. Newport Charles G. Shore . Trumann Regina K. Shore . Marked Tree Mary E. Short. Blytheville Noal S. Short. Blytheville Don T. Short!, Sparta. Mo. Kathryn Shropshire. Newport Farrell E. Shultz. Wauchula. Fla. Patricia Shultz. Senath. Mo. Kathy Shurld . Cherokee Village Ronald Siler. Pleasant Plains. Mo. Samuel Simmons. Proctor Carol Simon. West Helena Anne B. Simpson. Pocahontas Bill Sim . Jonesboro Bob R Singleton. Parngoutd Patricia Singleton, Parngoutd Connie Sipes, Cardwell. Mo. Richard Sisk. Parkin Verna Sisk. Parkin 306State Skipper. Leachville Tony Skogen. Evansville, Ind. Joseph X. Slnydcn. Little Rock Preston H. Slayden. Little Rock Howard Stinkard. Trumnnn Joyce Ann Slocum. Jonesboro Ann Corbett Smith. Portngeville. Mo. Bonnie Nadine Smith. Black Rock Comad Michael Smith. Pine Bluff Dennis Ray Smith. Dixie Edna Jane Smith. Brookland Elton Smith. Dixie Geonre E. Smith. Trumann Hal P. Smith. Brinkley James Paul Smith. Wynne Jean Smith. Pine Bluff Jerry Dee Smith. Stuttgart John K. Smith. Tyrone Joseph E. Smith. Peach Orchard Kay J. Smith. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Larry Lee Smith. Hughe Larry Leon Smith. Walnut Ridge Lynda Smith. Jonesboro Mark Allen Smith. Blytheville Peggy L. Smith. Augusta Randy M. Smith. Black Rock Rebecca Joyce Smith. Jonesboro Sandi Smith. Jonesboro Susan L. Smith. Dell Thomas Wayne Smith. Carlisle Curtis N. Smithson. Bigger Jack Snelcrove, Bate ville Farrington B. Snipes. Jr.. Crawford ville Jerry Grant Snodgrass. Corning Susan Snodgrass. Pocahontas Lloyd Dale Snow. Lake City Opal V. Snyder. Horner ville. Mo. Kenneth Wayne Southern. Wynne Jerry L. Speck. Joiner Joel Speer. Paragould juniors Jerry Spence. South Elgin. III. Dennis Spurlock. Belleville. Mich. Michael B. Staed. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Alton Wayne Stallcup. Beech Grove Peggy Stnnfill. Paragould Natalie Stanford. Portagcville. Mo. Suranne Stark. Walnut Ridge Donna St. Clair. Parkin Jerry Otis Steven . Jonesboro Joe H. Stevens. Seercy I.indell I-eon Steven . Pine Bluff Judith Ann Stewart. Walnut Ridge Judith L. Stocsdill. Jonesboro Carolyn Stone. Bay Jim L. Stone. Jonesboro Jantisue Stotts. Bay Carol Sue Stout. Bntesville Kenneth Stracener. Searcy Dona Strickland. Searcy Gary Winston Stricklin. Harrisburg Sandra Stricklin. Jonesboro Steve Struble. Caldwell. Ka. Jame Michael Stuart. Pine Bluff James D. Sullivan. Walcott Carolyn L. Summers. Jonesboro Judith Ann Summers. Jonesboro Sharolyn Sumner. Jonesboro Roy Swain. Ocean Springs. Mis . Frank Swanson. McCroey James G. Swinney. Pocahontas Charles Louis Tacker. Marked Tree Sam Taggart. Augusta Charles W. Tankersley. Jonesboro Gary Ray Tarpley. Oil Trough Brenda Taylor. Lake City Carolyn Sue Taylor. Bntesville Jimmy D. Taylor. Little Rock Linda Taylor. Lake City Michael D. Taylor. Leachville Phil Ledel Taylor. Alicia :' k I I, Class of 1969 a 1 ft fj rsr. 0 A 4k 5? 1 r j s m a ft ft , m tkfcfe Ait Kris ft ft A ifc 4th mM At A fe m ft 0 ft Ikft 307Rohm T««l. Walnut Rider Kathryn Trrrrll. Botesville Kem Thomas. Russellville Richard Thoma . Walnut Rider Roy Thomas. Batesville Tommy Thomas. Caruthrrsvillr. Mo. Alfred Thompson. Doniphan. Mo. Bill Thompson. Jacksonville Carl Thompson. Forrest City Eugene Thompson. Forrest City Joseph Thompson. Helena Karen Thompson. Trumann Martha Thompson. Pocahontas Nathan Thompson. Jr.. West Rider Roeer Thompson. Wynne Tommy Thompson. Parkin David Thornley. Jonesboro Ruth Threet. Piggolt Mike Thurston. Bernie. Mo. Sam Tillett. Indianapolis. Ind. Robert Tims. Tuckerman Robbie Tiner. Pine Bluff Johnny Tipton. Little Rock Jewel Tirey. Tuckerman Roeer Totten. Dexter. Mo. Elizabeth Towles. Manila Joyce Townsend. Jonesboro Jerry Travis, tinyti. Mo. David Treat. Searcy Larry Treat. Searcy Ann Trimble. Little Rock Mary Truxton. Little Rock Ronald Tullos. North Little Hock Jack Turner. Osceola Judy Turner. Corning Sandy Turner. Sprinedale James Tyree. West Helena Becca Underwood. Jonesboro Joe Underwood. Bragg City. Mo. Carolyn Upchurch. Victoria IJuniors Class of 1969 Jerry Upchurch. Crossville. Tcnn. William Ursery. Pine Bluff John Urton. Jonesboro Lynn Valenteen. Jonesboro William Valentene. Cumberland. Maryla Tarsa Van Cleve. Jonesboro Jerry Vandiver. Searcy Betty Van Horn. Jonesboro Mary Van Horn. Jonesboro Cynthia Van Meier. Batesville Kaye Vaughn. Walnut Ridge Victor Vaughn. Mammoth Spring David Velander. Parsons. Kansas William Vermillion. Manila Thomas Vigcant. North Little Rock Sister M. Virginia. Jonesboro William Vollmer. St. Louis. Mo. Larry Voss. Memphis, Tenn. Jerry Vowell. Jonesboro Herberta Waddell. Jonesboro Carl WaddUI. Newport Ronnie Waddill, Newport Chris Wade. Yellville Terry Waits. Paragould William Walker. Marion Jerry Wall. Jr.. Forrest City Susan Walley. Jonesboro David Walls. Corning William Walter. Crossett Paulette Walton. Paragould Larry Ward. Little Rock Douglas Warren. Hot Springs Lindn Warren. Jonesboro Rosalie Warren. Beebe Ken Wasson, Harrison Alan Watson. North Little Rock Danny Watson. Corning Lanay Watson. Swifton Danny Waymon. Pocahontas Patricia Weatherford. Rector 308Judith Weaver. Paraitould Kenneth R. Webb. Sikeaton. Mo. Ronnie Webb. Oil Trough Charles Wall . Houston. Mo. Gary Walls. Manila Jerry E. Walls. Jonasboro Parry Walls. Blythavilla Vircinia A. Wall . Egypt John W. W'aat. Forrest City Batty Weston. McCrocy Jerry Weston. McCrory William S. Wastro). Elizabeth. N. J. Linda Wheeler. Worm Spring V. C. Wheeler Jr.. Jonesboro Wayne Wheeler. Cardwell. Mo. Bobby Wheeli . Guion Janice Wheeli . Paragould Betty Wherry. McCrocy Aaron White. Brinkley David White. Pine Bluff Cary White. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Martha K. White. Jonesboro Nancy White. Jonesboco Richard L. White. Jonesboro Ron White. Jonesboro Ronnie White. Jonesboro Steve White. Piintott Charles Whitfield. Mountain View John D. Whitfield. Hayti. Mo. Nancy Whitfield. Hayti. Mo. Barbara Whitlock. Kennett. Mo. Bonnie K. Whitlock. Blytheville Rebecca S. Whitlock. Blytheville Donna Whittimrham. Jonesboro Edward J. Wieder. Paraitould James Wirt Kan. Jonesboro Carol Wiggins. North Little Rock Fred Wilcox. Paraitould Carolyn Wiles. Bay Dennis R Wiles, Hardy juniors Mary L. Wiley. Wilson Cathy Wilhelm. Puxico, Mo. Denny Wilken. Mountain Home Jetta J. Wilkin . Hornersville. Mo. Bruce Williams. Jonesboro Denver William . Ferguson. Mo. Eddie J. Williams. West Plaint. Mo. Gary E. Williams. Searcy Jimmy R William . Cotton Plant Susie Williams. Trumann Mildred M William . Jonesboro Nadi J. Williams. Corning Phillip M. Williams. Marmaduke Rudi Williams. Campbell. Mo. Anne Williamson. Wheatley Jimmy Williford. Forrest City Alan Wilson. Alton. Mo. Bernardine Wilson. Pocahontas Garren Wilson. Pocahontas Janie Wilton. Marianna Ruthel R. Wilson. Buchanan. Mich William C. Wilson. Weiner Kathryn M. Wingo. Lake City Gary W. Winters. Lynn Herman Winters. Harrisburg Delbert Wisdom. Beebe Frankie Witcher. Cabot David H. Wood. Stuttgart Jennifer Wood, Parkin Jimmy W Wood. Cherry Valley Juliene Wood. Parkin Ronnie Wood. Jonesboro Jerry E. Wooten. Dyes I-eland Worlow, Jonesboro Lydia L. Worlow. Walnut Ridge Floyd Wright Jr.. Jonesboro George Wright Jr.. Hope J. Phillip Wright. Osceola Ronnie Wright. Holcomb. Mo. 309AtfcAlta m o t,lk Sidney WurU. Pocahonta Cary Yancey. Went Plaint. Mo. Allen Yarbro. Poplar Bluff. Mo. John Yarbro. Harritbur David Yatea. Paracould Viritinia Yearitain. Ijife Jamn Yopp. Jonetboro Willet Youn . Jonnboro ii Larry Youncer. Saint Jamn Ann Zienenhorn. Father Dennit Zolper. Peoria. III. 310Sophomores 31 1Margaret Abbott. Blytheville Paul Richard Abbott. Paragould Jo Abdella. El Dorado Dennis Allen Abell. Paragould Maragel Abel. Little Rock Prank Abernathy. Jonesboro Leslie Clive Abernathy III. Jonesboro Patricia M. Aclin. Jacksonville Bill Adams. McCrory Jean C. Adams. Walcott Jerry Adams. McCrory Larry Wyatt Adams. Lynn Jerry R. Akins. West Memphis Carrie Alderman. Elaine Earl Alderson. Brinkley M. N. Alkasaim. Baghdad. Iraq Robert D. Allen. Trumann Ronald Allen. Campbell. Mo. Thomas S. Allen. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Sonyia Allison. Walnut Ridge Barbara B. Anderson. Paragould Linda Carol Anderson. Wynne Robert L. Andreses. Little Rock Prank Angelo. Jonesboro Joseph S. Anthony. Proctor John G. Armstrong. McCrory George C. Arnett. Bakersfield. Mo. Mitchell J. Ash. Porrest City Keith E. Ashcraft. Pine Bluff Michael Lee Ashley. Monette Patsy Ashworth. Hughes Alice Atkins. Dayton. Ohio Nancy Austin. Jonesboro Ronald L. Austin. Blytheville Diann L. Aycock. Kennett. Mo. Peggy L. Aycock. Blytheville William W. Back. West Helena Deloris Bacon. Hot Springs Cheril A. Badger. Mountain Home Larry L. Bailey. Cherry Valley Sophomores Class of 1970 Sidney Bailey. Tuckerman Rebecca L. Baird, Light Sam Balch. Cherry Valley Oavin Michael Baldringe. Paragould James Michael Baldwin. Paragould Tom Baldwin. Porrest City Connie Bales. Bono John Murphy Ball. Jonesboro Mary Ann Ball. McCrory Larry Gene Barger. Sikeston. Mo. Linda Barber. Porrest City Gary L. Barker. Salem Billy E. Barksdale. Bateaville Janice O. Barnes. Steele. Mo William T. Barnett. Jonesboro Carol Susan Barre. Pocahontas Rita Barthel. Pocahontas Gillis Bartholmey. North Little Rock Danny Bassett. Manila Bruce Bateman. Blytheville Gary Bates. Cave City Richard Baugh. Little Rock Sandra Baugher. Dell Lonnie Beard. Osceola Mike Bearden. Leachville Sharon Bearden. Jonesboro Kay Beaton. Marmaduke Craig Lee Beck. Colorado Springs. CoU Phyllis Belien. Paragould Annette Bell. Augusta William K. Bell. Jonesboro Bill Belzung. Batesville Thomas W. Benight. North Little Roc J. Doyle Bennett. Little Rock Jerry L. Bennett. Porrest City Otis Wayne Bennett. Jr.. Lonoke Prankie Benson. Camden Darrell Berry. Little Rock Don Barry. Brinkley Sandra Berry. Paragould 312Gtottt L. Biard. Batesville Carl Riggs. Steele. Mo. Mary C. Hire . Paragould Patsy Biim. Hot Springs Bobby Billina . Tuckerman Carrell Billingsley. Palestine Glen Billingsley. Violet Hill Joe Allen Birt III. Texarkana Kay Black. Essex. Mo. Nell D. Blackwell. Leachville John Blair. Blytheville Judy Blair, Weiner Johnny D. Blake. Jonesboro Bob Blanchard. Jonesboro R Preston Bland Jr,. Paragould James F. Blankin»hip. Hector Annette Boab. Hondo Loyd T. Bobo. Pine Bluff Jimmy K. Bollinger. Jone boro Dick Bolton. Paragould Wayne Bomar. Paragould Jimmy Bonds. Tuckcrman Edward O. Bone. Jonesboro Don Booker. Blytheville John H. Booten. Jonesboro Anita L. Booth. Pocahonta lamor R. Bostic. DeWitt Charles R Bottom . Little Rock Rusty Bourg. St. Louis. Mo. Barbara Bowen. Augusta Eddie Bowen. Little Rock Ronald Lee Bowen. West Memphis Brenda Sue Bowles. Little Rock Jo Anne Boyd. Leachvillg Bo Boykin. Batesville Dwight D. Bradley. Swifton Larry T. Bradshaw. Holcomb. Mo. Judith Bradsher. Pine Bluff Susan Brainard. Pine Bluff Robert Bramlett. Stuttgart Sophomores William A. Branch II. Paragould Diana Lynn Brandon. Paragould Charles B. Branum. Hornersville. Mo. Alana R. Brashears. Corning Mary K Brand. Little Rock Charles W. Brewer. Jonesboro Danny Brewer Jr.. Jonesboro Sharon Brewer. Jonesboro Judy E. Bridges. Moko John S. Bridgman, Batesville Mary Beth Brink. Viola Dianne R. Hrogdon. McCrocy Cecilia Jane Brooks. Senath. Mo. Richard Brook . Poplar Bluff. Mo. Ronald Brooks. Monette Ronny L. Brothers. Blythes-ille Artice Brown. Newport Carroll A. Brown. Osceola Dana L. Brown. Corning Freddie Brown. Harrisburg John L. Brown. Weiner Steve Brummett. Paragould Danny G. Buck. Marked Tree Johnny Bufford. Paragould Larry Don Bull. Stuttgart Morris M. Burkett. McCrocy Donald W. Burnham, Little Rock Julianna Burnell. Memphis. Tenn. Denny Burn . Memphis. Tenn. I-arry Joe Burnt. Rector Karen Burnside. Lake City Dennis W, Burris. Jonesboro Gary Burris. Blytheville Nancy Burrow. Joiner Edward T. Burton Jr.. McCrory John C. Burton. McCrory Michael Lee Burton. West Helena Micky Burton. l.epanto Gary Dean Busby. Newport Karen Fay Busby. Batesville o mit tit Class of 1970 mm aaia i i 3 j p f - ‘ f I t tit ia i 313Larry Gordon Buisey. Wilton Bill Butler. Jonesboro Carolyn Sue Butler. Van Lewi G. Butler. Cotton Plant Steve Butler. Little Rock Terry Lou Butler. Searcy Chris Bynum. Dermott Dianna Bynum. Rector Bobby D. Caldwell. Wynne Ramona CaldwVlI. Lake City Dauy Campbell. Forrest City Kona Campbell. Paraitould Peggy Cannon. Kennell. Mo. Jimmy P. Caririll. Batesville Ron Carimi. Little Rock Ronnie Lee Carnett. Kennett. Mo. R. L. Carpenter Jr.. Batetville Stephen P. Carrington. Mt. Vernon. Ohio Cheryl Carroll. Seneath. Mo. Linda Sue Canon. N. Little Rock Ann Carter. Jonesboro Lynda Carter. Brinkley Phillip F. Carter. Overland. Mo. Jamie Caruthers. Pine Bluff Patti Catey. Little Rock Arch S. Catching. Bassett Dennis Cate. Rector Jerry Lee Caughron. Harrisburg John Cecala. Lonoke Brenda Gail Chaligoj. Doniphan. Mo. Gail Chamber . Little Rock Ronald Wayne Chamber . Paragould James Chandler. Marianna William Randy Chandler. Joiner Robin Chappell. Forrest City Robert Wayne Chatman. Newport Rhonda June Childers. Jonesboro Carolyn L. Childress. Monette Roy Chinn. Stuttgart William Gregory Chitmon. Blythevitle Sophomores Class of 1970 Alfred Karl Chrt ten«en. N. Little Rock Michael Chronister. Jonesboro Carolyn Clark. Walnut Ridge Janice Marie Clark. Osceola Teresa Clark. New Madrid. Mo. Wanda Clark. Flippin Cary Cleve. Farmington. Mo. Kathy Jeanette Clifft. Paragould Darrell Wayne Clifton. Wilmot Joesph Clifton. Blytheville Kathy Cloar, Karle Linda Cobb. West Memphis Ruth Yvonne Cobb. Corning Connie Vanne Coleman. Saffell Kathryn Coleman. Dowdy Robert Eugene Collier. West Memphis Charles O. Collins. Delaplaine James A. Collin . Parkin Penny Compton. Holly Grove Paula Marie Cone. Melbourne Jimmy Connell. Blytheville Carolyn Kenetl Conrad. Holcomb. Mo. Jim Cook. Pine Bluff Patricia Cook. Hot Spring Cheryl Coots. Little Rock Shirrel Copeland. Rector William S Corder. West Helena Dan C. Coulter. Jonesboro Cynthia Co . Blytheville Richard Michael Co . Pontiac. Mich. Rose Co . Forrest City Gary Wayne Co . Jonesboro Karen Ann Coy. Paragould Paul H. Craig. Boswell Mary Lou Craig. Forrest City Edward R. Cramer. National City. Cali Mary Theresa Craven . New Madrid. Mo Joe Crawford Jr.. Westville. N.J. Richard S. Crawford. Pine Bluff Michael Creswell. Newark 314George Michael Crew . Ashdown Joe Crew . Jone»boro Paula Cheri Crew . Blytheville John C. Crier. Jone boro Gayle Crismon. Neelyville. Mo. Gary Don Crites. Leachville Linda Crosby. Clarendon Lynda Crow. l-epanto Monha Lynn Crow. Portageville. Mo. Mary Crowfieid. Piggott O. C. Crump. Newport Trupiedo A. Crump. Little Hock Brenda Cubbage. Pine Bluff Ann Cunningham. DeWitt Penny Cunningham. Kei er Cheater Cupp. Marked Tree Denny E. Curti . Corning Cloyn H. Cutrell. Pine Bluff Sue Lee Daily. Weal Plain . Mo. Kay Dallas. Caraway Jerry Alford Danehower. Forreat City Patricia Ann Darby. We t Memphis Edward B. Darling. Tuckerman Ted C. Darling. Tuckerman Gerry E. Darr. Trumann Jack Daugherty. West Helena Jamea M. Davenport. Yellvilte. Ark. Harry L. Davidson. Wynne Jeffrey Lynn Davidson. Jonesboro Toni Davidson. Jonesboro Curti Rodger Davis. Augusta Gary Davis. Jonesboro Glenda Davis. Jonesboro Herbert F, Davis. Jr.. Stuttgart Jame Ronald Davis. Ravenden Springs John W. Davis, North Little Rock Larry W. Davis. North Little Rock Leslie Wayne Davis. Jonesboro Vickie Davis. Batesville Larry G. Davison. Marvell Sophomores Class of 1970 Billy R. Dean. Obion, Tenn. Henry Darrell Dean. Jonesboro Janet DeBons. Paragould Martha K DeBon . Sedgwick William Don Dent. Jonesboro Deirl A. Derryberry. Stuttgart Paul Eugene Dickson. Imboden Julius Steve Dieri. Jr.. Cherry Valley Delma Vee Dillahunty. Hughes Norman Dennis Dillon. Newport Terry Dills. Paragould Nancy A. Dismang. Maynard John Dixon. Calico Rock Barbara Anne Dobb . Jonesboro Thomas Dodson, Forrest City Phyllis Dorris. Rector Daniel Wickershnm Doshier. Yellville Jerry W. Doty. Pine Bluff Carolyn Douglas. Jonesboro Joe Douglas. Pine Bluff Caroline Douthet. Crawfordsville Ethel Dover. Piggott Judy Ray Dowdy. Rector Patricia D. Downing. Bragg City. Mo. Rodney Down . Belleville. III. Josef Gill Drace. Tyronra David A. Draco. W« »t Plain . Mo. Neal Duke, West Helena Byron Duncan. Piggott Vicki Diane Dunn. Little Rock Vicki Lynn Dunn. Marked Tree Ronnie Dunnavin. Monette Alice Faye East. North Little Rock Eric Louis East. Marked Tree Brenda Easterwood. Corning Patricia Eaton. Rector Sharon Eaton. Rector Ann Eckford. Covington. Tenn. Frank T. Edmonds. North Little Rock John H. Edwards. Leachville 315ft ft 4444 Martha Edward . Tuckcrman Rebecca Edward . Jonesboro Roger Frank Effinger. Caraway Katie S. Eldridite. Augusta Kenneth Elliott. Walcott Gloria Jewell EIIU. Wynne Ira Edwin Elli . Osceola Wesley Elmore. Paragould Jane Elizabeth Elrod. Jonesboro Van Enderson. Blytheville Kaye Endsley. Holly Grove Charles Epperson. Little Rock David Erby. Jonesboro Betty C. Ermert. Cornimt Lynda Erwin. Mt. Home Stanley Eates. Salem Judy Evan . Marianna Richard Evan . Brinkley Ronald Lee Evan . Jonesboro Michael Everett. McCrocy Kenneth L. Ewy. Halstead. Kan. Frankie Fair. Egypt Lynn Berry Fair. Jonesboro Neubern Larry Fair. Forrest City Kathleen Farley. Stanford Marilyn Farley. Pocahontas Charles D. Farmer. Blytheville Edgar Farrow. Jonesboro Randal E. F'aughn, Crawfordsville William Faulkner. Manila I-arry Wayne Featherstan. Piggott Max Alton Felts, Joiner Sharon Lynn Felts. Jonesboro Charlotte Fender. Pocahontas Claudia Ferguson. Bay Edward Ferguson. Forrest City Jan Finney. North Little Rock Larry F'isackerly. Peach Orchard James Fitzpatrick. Frankfurt. Germany Patrick Henry Flanagin. Forrest City Sophomores Class of 1970 Pamela Gaye Fleming. Hot Springs Sandra Fleming. Hot Springs Jackie D. Flynn. Mammoth Spring Debbie Fogg, Forrest City Carolyn Foley. Powhatan Phyllis Judy Foley. Walnut Ridge Janet L. Ford. Marked Tree Larry Ford. Hornersville Michael Payne Ford. Paragould Terry Foran. Marvell James E. Forrest. Jonesboro Richard D. Forsythe. Osceola Linda Jo Fortune. Collierville. Tenn. Kenneth Foster. Gepp Ronal Foster. Jonesboro Charles Michael Fowler. Essex. Mo. Pamela Ann Fowler. Blytheville Walter B. Fowler. Hughes Jo Ed Francis. Dyes Carol Franks. Jonesboro Charles C. Franz. North Little Rock Thomas W. Franzen. Stuttgart Mary Frazier. Osceola Sharon French. College City David Freeman. Paragould Elaine Louise Freeman. Harrisburg Richard Freeman, Pine Bluff Tommy Lee French. West Memphis Norman Frey. Rector Nora E. Fullright. Locust Grove Ruth Ann Fuller. Searcy Nelda Gambill. Brookland Debbie Gamblin. Jonesboro Clay Gardner. Hayti. Mo. William R. Garrison. Jonesboro Doris Lynette Gate . Forrest City Ricky 1). Gatewood. Rector Jerry Gazaway. Paragould Pamela Geraghty. Corning Donna L. German. Steele. Mo. 316Mary Beth Gibb . Poplar Bluff. Mo Mary L. Gibb . Osceola Ronnie Faye Gibson. Paracould Karen Sue Gibson. Jonesboro Paula Gibson. Stuttgart Danny Arthur Gill. Turrell Donna Kay Gill. Glenwood Sharon Gillespie. West Plain . Mo. Barbara Gip»on. Blytheville Jacqueline Ann Ginger. Lake City laina Kay Girdley. Etowah Terry Lynn Given . Pine Bluff Borer Glare. Bald Knob Judy Glerhorn. Jonesboro Tim Goldman, Pine Bluff Mary Sue Gomer. Jonesboro Pamm Gonrale . Blytheville Rolenda Jane Goodman. Holly Grove Paulette Goodin. Bald Knob Dick Goodnirht. Campbell. Mo. Gary Gott. Jonesboro Kenneth G. Grady. Newport Michael H. Graddy. Piinrott Dennis Earl Graham. Jonesboro Paul Graham. Augusta Judy Gramlinr. Paracould LeRoy Grant. Little Rock Fred Warren Grayson. Jr.. Corninr Bill Green. Little Rock Kitty Sue Green. Cardwell. Mo. Leona Fay Green. Mountain Home Mary E. Green. Cave City Robert E. Green Jr.. Paracould William Earl Green. Leachville Brenda Griffith. Marked Tree Patricia Griffin. Little Rock Boyd Grice . Corning Billy K. Grigsby. Blytheville Paula SueGririle. Newport Celie Grobmyer. Forrest City Sophomores Valerie Gullia. Jonesboro Paul Gunn. Forre t City Marilyn Gwatncy. North Little Rock Sharon D. Gwathney. Forrest City Cleve A Hager. Jonesboro Pat Halle. Cherry Valley Dennis E. Hall, Blytheville Johnny E. Hall. West Memphis Ronald James Hall. Calico Rock Russell Dean Hall. Jonesboro Jerry Halsey. Monette Don Hamilton. Forrest City Harla Jeane Hamilton. Manila Sally Ann Hammons. Poplar Bluff. Mo William Floyd Hampton. Malden. Mo. Dennis Allan Hancock. Louisville. Ky. Edwin L. Hancock. Fair Oaks Thomas L. Hancock. Bay Anita Kay Handley. Searcy Joyce Haney. Mammoth Spring Mary Hankins. Pine Bluff Verna Cri Hannon. Trumann Sherrie Harbin. Walnut Ridge Ronnie Hardin. Rector Jimmy Harding. Blytheville Frank B Hardwick. Jonesboro Anita Hargrave. Mountain Home Danny Hargrave . Gideon. Mo. Mike I. Harmon. Paragould Don Harold. Corning Clifford L. Harper. Maynard Thomas Patrick Harper. Monette Joe Harriman. Jonesboro Holly Harrington. Hot Springs James L. Harris. Jonesboro Peggy F. Harris. Jonesboro Bob Harrison. North Little Rock Ginger Hart. McCrory Andrew Wesley Harvey. Marianna Aliabadi Hassan. Tehran. Iran Class of 1970 317IR If® r? ri f ) Jeeal W. Hasting . C»« City Larry David Hastings. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Virginia Match. Jonesboro Sheila Hayden. Little Rock Kenneth Hoys. Clarkton. Mo. Kim Hatelbakcr. Jonesboro Aubrey E. Headley. Corning Kenneth J. Heard. Hoxie Ronald Heard. Harrisburg Dona Ann Hedger. Jonesboro Ramona Kay Heern. Jonesboro Danny J. Helms. Bradford Danny Henderson. Marianna Scott Henderson. Newport Bonnie Sue Hendrix. Jonesboro Marilyn Hendrix. Port Smith Kerry C. Henigan. Sycamore. III. Bruce W. Henning. Portageville. Mo. Vicky L. Henson. Mountain Home Bud Herlein. Helena Kathy Herron. Memphis. Tenn. Ronald G. Herron. Brinkley James Hesse. Weiner Glenn Hibdon. Jonesboro James E. Hieber. Jonesboro Jomey HierU. Evanston. HI. Bruce Higgins. Paragould Glenn Highfill. Senath. Mo. Roy Hildebrand. Campbell. Mo. Jennifer Hildreth. Pine Bluff Billy Z. Hill. Marvell Dennis Bolt Hill. Blytheville Linda Rae Hill. Moro Lynda Louis Hill. Piggott Marty J. Hill. Holly Grove Mary Etta Hill. Osceola Robert Keith Hill. Rector James Marvin Hindman. Tyronza Anita Hinesly. Hornersville. Mo. Mike llinrichs. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Sophomores Class of 7970 Gloria Hipp. Batesville Harry G. Hirscheider. Lonoke Gordon R Hite. Newport Marshall S. Hitt. Piggott BurbaraChurlene Hogan, Corpus Chrisli. Texas William Charles Hogan. West Memphis Gary E. Hoggard. Marmaduke Samuel Fred Holcomb. Jonesboro Mitchell Hoilfield. Pollard Don Holland. Piggott Richard Hiller. Crossett Frank Hollocnon. Caruthersville. Mo. Floye Dean Hollowell. Holly Grove Danny B. Holt. Pocahontas Mary A. Holt. Jonesboro Sharon P. Holt. Boy Larry R. Homsley. Judsonia Carolyn Hopkins. Jonesboro James Lee Hopper. Caruthersville. Mo. Laura Jean Hopper. Porugould Danny Keith Horner. Kennett. Mo. Jerelyn Horner. Kennett. Mo. Joe Horne. Pine Bluff Charlie Horrell. Jonesboro Judy Horrigan. Blytheville A.F.B. Carolyn Horton. Paragould James Victor Hosman. Cardwell. Mo. Pam House. Hickory Ridge John W. Houston. Biggers. R.l. Sue Cabe Houston. Jonesboro Fredrick Charles Howard. Bay Sheila Howard, Paragould Ronald D. Hubbard. Marshall Ann Hubener. Little Rock Harold Ray Huber. Hot Springs Aylia Hudson. Jonesboro Ernest W. Huff. Dyess Vicki Hufsmith. Little Rock Bill Huggins. Jonesboro Billy M Hughes. Blytheville 318Kay Humility. Hughes Jerry L. Hulett. Newport Craiir Hunt. Carlisle Hilton Hurdle. Trumann Porter Hurt. Jonesboro Johnny Hutchinson. Swifton Rrendo Gail Hyde. IjikeCity Gilda Dianne Hyde. Paraitould Cathy lacobacci. Hot Springs Ramiro Icaza. Leon. Nicaragua William A. Ivy. McGehee Arrel D. Jackson. Black Oak Jane Jackson. Forrest City Johney H. Jackson. Cardwell. Mo. l-oy G. Jackaon. Manila Lynda Flame Jackaon. Alicia Michael Ray Jackaon. Mtn View. Mo. William D. Jackaon. Kennett. Mo. Janie Katherine Jarrett. Joneaboro Hal T. Jelka. Joneaboro Brenda Jenkina. Marmaduke Robert Jenkina. North Little Rock Richard Jernigan. Joneaboro Thomaa Allen Johannaen. Hot Spring Re Allen John . Weldon Arlinda Johnaon. Cave City Darrell L. Johnaon. Memphis. Tenn. John F. Johnaon. Joneaboro Joseph W. Johnaon. McCrory Larry M. Johnaon. Joneaboro Loyce Johnaon. Cash Pamela Johnaon. Paraitould Sherrell Johnaon. Paracould Stephen Alan Johnaon. Walnut Ridge William B. Johnaon. Lepanto Elizabeth Jones. Jacksonville Dewayne E. Jones. Paracould Don G. Jones. Hughes Evelyn J. Jones. Jonesboro Garry D. Jones, Leachville Sophomores Gary A. Jones. Searcy Jack Grove Jones. Hughes Jacoueline Jones. Marion Jane T. Jones. Mountain Home Jimmy W. Jones. Paracould Judy Beth Jones. Alicia Linda Gail Jonrs. Marked Tree Mary Jo Jonea. Senath. Mo. Mike Jones. Kennett. Mo. Randy A. Jones. Jonesboro Richard T. Jones. West Memphis Samuel B. Jones. Jr.. Wilion Evelyn E. Joplin. Doniphan. Mo. James L. Kalkbrenner. Malden. Mo. Doris Lynn Karnes. Cherry Valley Frankie Gene Karr. Herculaneum. Mo. Gary H. Keedy. Wheatley Danny Kecley. Blytheville Dan Keeton. Paragould Greg Keller. Jonesboro Norman H. Keller. Franklin. Pa Michael P. Kellim. Paragould Tommy W. Kellim. Hoxie Esther B. Kelly. Rector Iva l-e Kelley. Harrison Donnie Kelton, Manila Carole Diane Kemper. Trumann Clydene Kendrick. Bay James M. Kennedy. Jacksonville. Fla. Jimmie Kersey. Valley View Mary Lue Keysacker. Forrest City Jo Harlene Kirch. Trumann Ricky D. Killincsworth. Joiner David G. Kimmel. Jonesboro Larry Kimmer. Batesville Billy E. King. Jonesboro David King. West Memphis Jerry Don King. Jonesboro Larry Wayne King. Delaplaine Paul King. Mountain Home nm % A MM $■ kit |fs « !. m p SaP life Class of 1970 319Rodney Kins. Manila William H. Kins. Pine Bluff Stanley Joe Kitchen . Xcttlcton I .cot is Kirby. Doniphan. Mo. l.ana Kirkman. Kennett. Mo. Robert Klimek. Helena G. Joe Klinkhardt. Hayti. Mo. Johnny Knisht. Coenins Delore Kohler. Lynn I.yn Krerelok. Hot Spring Walter Ijimar Kyle. Harrisburg William Henry Lady. Parasould Nancy I-aFarlett. Trumann Jamr Cecil I Grone. Centreville. Ala. D. Carolyn l mbert. West Helena Danny Lane. Blytheville Jimmy F. Lane, Jonesboro Jan Lansfoed. Jonesboro Jean Lansford. Jonesboro Linda K. I_as»iter. Jonesboro Linda Jean l.a swell. West Plains. Mo. Mary Ann laitourette. Jonesboro Johnny N. 1-otta. Polland H. Tate 1-awrence, Melbourne Hilly Joe on. Marked Tree KddieM. Lea.Judsonia Linda l.ea. Memphis. Tenn. Linda l.rary. Jonesboro William Joseph Ledbetter. West Memphis Pamela Kay Lee. Fort Bennins. Ga. Thomas l-ce. Brinkley Gail l.eflwich. Wilson Benny Lendennie. Blytheville James P Lennox. Pine Bluff Donna Marie Leonard. Corning Russell Leonard. Salado Linda L. Leopard. Little Rock I-arry Lester. Gideon. Mo. Barbara A. Lev alien. Trumann l.isbeth I swollen. Pocahontas Sophomores Clemit Wallace Liles. Blytheville Hughey M. Linam. Rector Linda Ia u Lipscomb. Blytheville Barbara Ann Little. Parasould Cynthia Little. Osceola Earl Wayne l.ock. Rector Bonnie J. l.ondon. Melbourne Joe Long. Perryville. Mo Sharon Lott. Benton Rebecca Lose. Jonesboro Karen Ann Lovelndy. Leachvillc James L. Lowe. Hardy Helen D. Lowe. Kennett. Mo. Ricky Lowery. Newport Thomas K. Lowry. Houston. Mo. William B. Loyd. Pine Bluff Carol Lunday. Augusta Charles R. Luttrrll, Leachvilte Mike Lynch. Cornwall. N.Y. Rickey Mabry. Beedeville Terry MacLeod. Jonesboro Janet Ruth Maddox. Harrisburg Gerald Malin. Campbell. Mo. Renie Mallory. Hot Sprinrs Rodney Malloy. Monette Sandra Gnyle Malloy. Monette Carolyn Malone. Fisher Carolyn Marchbanks. Bragg City. Mo. Mary Lynn Marks. Elaine Sharron K. Marks. Haynes Wilbern R. Marler. Forrest City James Roy Marret, Cardwell. Mo. Class of 1970 Alettn Martin. Parasould Dallene Martin. Pocahontas Gayla Martin. Mountain Home Jimmy Martin. Bono Sammy Mason. Lonoke Bengy Massey. Newport Ixmnie.Matheny. Indianapolis. Ind Michael J. Mottern. Jonesboro 320John R. May. Mammoth Springs Monty May. Le panto Tamara May. Jonesboro Jimmy Maysr. Pine Bluff Margaret J. Mays. Walnut Ridge Ronald W. McAfee. Memphis. Tenn. Virginia Ann McAllister. Little Rock Steve McArthur. Trumann John A. McCarthy. Little Rock Deborah McClelland. Bay-Jimmy P. McClendon. Harrisburg Weldon. McClure. Paragould Ruth Ann McCray. Jonesboro Sandra McCray. Jonesboro Robet McCuan. McCrory Larry McDermott. Parkin Jack McGowan. Bernie. Mo. Ramona J. McGinnis. Joneaboro Rebecca L. MeCinnees. West Memphis Ann McGhee. Dester, Mo. Gary McCraw. DeWitt Wimee T. McCraw. Stuttgart Arnold McGruder. Hughes Prank McGuigan. Philadelphia. Pa. Billy McGuire. Wynne Jane McHaney. Paragould Ronnie Mclnturff. North-Little Rock Jamas M. McLeod. Imboden James S. McMahan. Batesville Melvin McMasters. Bay Judy McMillon. Jonesboro Sharon L. McNair. Blytheville Carol MeNeely. Pollard Kay Meade. Jacksonville Van Merritt. Campbell. Mo Susan B. Metcalf. Jonesboro Jimmy R. Metheny. Paragould John M Mick. Bloomfield. Mo John Miles. Paragould Ronnie Miles. Jonesboro Sophomores Arthur H. Miller. Mammoth Spring Benny Miller. Little Rock Bonnie Miller. Paragould Cedi C. Miller. Melbourne David A Miller. Twist David W. Miller. Jonesboro Marilyn G. Miller. West Helena Rita J. Miller. Forrest City Sandra Miller. Violet Hill Betsy Millwee. McCrory Kenneth Miner. St Louis. Mo. Bobby C. Mitchell. Paragould Carol A Mitchell. Jonesboro Jerry Mitchell. Allison Lee Mitchell. Forrest City Mariglee Mitchell. Ravenden Springs Richard Mitchell. Chesterton. Ind. Molly Moll. St Louis. Mo. Barbara Monroe. Melbourne Melba Montes. Jonesboro Donald E. Montgomery. Cave City James T. Montgomery. Forrest City Janet L. Montgomery. Swifton Pamela Montgomery. Forrest City Marion A Moody. West Plains. Mo. Freddy D Moon. North Little Rock Barbara S. Moore. Salem Carolyn L. Moore. Stuttgart Jacqueline Moore. Newport James R. Moore. Littls Rock Merry Anne Moore. Salem Sara K. Moore. Searcy June Moosberg. Marianna Marilyn Morden. Altheimer Tommy Morgan. Jonesboro Dale L. Morris. West Helena Gary E. Morris. Carlisle Eddie Morrison. Bay Robert D. Moffitt. Little Rock Jim Moshinskie. Hot Springs ft wp c r n f% m « r ik Class of 1970 no 321Joyce Moxley. Memphis. Tenn. Margaret A. Moyer. St. Louis. Mo. Carol Mueller. North Little Rock Margaret Mueller. Joncaboro Sue Mullen. Smithville Danny R. Mullit, McGhee Brenda W. Murphy. Cherry Valley Bonnie Myers. Piggott James F. Nash, Wilson Susan Neace, Jonesboro Adrin Neely. Jonesboro Donald M Nelson. Blytheville Dorothy- Nelson. Little Rock Thomas W. New. Jacksonville Gary H. Nichols. Jacksonville Terry E. Nichols. Holly Grove Thomas E. Nichols. Osceola Glenn Nicholson. Korrcat City Rayburn R. Nicholson. Ash Flat Tim M. Nickleton. Brinkley Glenn Nix. Forrest City Larletha Nixon. West Memphis Lester Nixon. Morriltoei Jim Norman. Jonesboro John Claude Norman. Senath. Mo. Ronald Norris Norman. Paragould Arthur Norris. Puxico. Mo. Tommy V. Nuckols. Manila Mary Geraldine Nunn. Lake City Michael W. O'Banion. Pine Bluff Mary Glenn O'Donnell. Winston-Salem. N.C. Martin Oldham. Marked Tree Robert Gray Olvey. Pocahontas Daniel Brooks O'Roark. Wtat Memphi Stephen J. Orr. Joneaboro Cindy Orsburn. Dardanelle Kenneth Owen. Deering. Mo. A. Dwayne Owens. North Little Rock Betty Ozbirn. Jonesboro Gloria Jean Ozbirn. Jonesboro Sophomores Class of 7970 Richard Painter. Batceville William Dale Parker. Palestine Kelly Parrish. Jacksonville. Fla. Tommy Patrick. Blytheville Carolyn Patterson. Dermott April Lea Patton. Malvern Gary R. Patton. Brinkley John Michael Pearce. Newport Foster Lynn Pearson. Paducah. Ky. Ann Penn. Jonesboro Randall W. Perryman. Henderson Freddy Peters. Neelyville. Mo. Patrick A. Pettengell. Jonesboro Stephen Phaup. Osceola Charles Phelps. Earle Shirley Phelps. Hayti. Mo. Carlotta Phillisp. Walnut Ridge Carolyn Phillip . Columbus. Miss. Dianne Phillips. Jonesboro Donald R. Phillips. Poetageville. Mo. Glenda S. Phillip . Harrisburg Cathy Pickens. Jonesboro Elizabeth Ann Pickney. Black Rock Danny L. Pierce. Hornersville. Mo. Patsy Pierce. Jonesboro Sharron Kay Pierce. Leachville Jim Don Pieri. Jonesboro Gary Pigg. Grubb Wayne Pitcock. Batesville. Mia . Gary Pittman. Batetville Jackie Plumlee. Mammoth Spring Charles Plunkett. Blytheville Dale Poag. Manila Cathy Poindexter. Pine Bluff Gwen Poindexter. Pin Bluff Linda Ann Pollard. Little Rock Barbara Pollock. Joneaboro Harley Polston. Caraway Philip J. Ponder. Charleston. Mo. Michael A. Poynler. Brie keys 322Johnny Presley. Trumnnn Marion I). Presley. Marked Tree Lee B, Preston. East Prairie. Mo. Palsy Priest. Blytheville Kenneth R. Privett, How Donna Proctor. Jonesboro James Propes. West Memphis Ijirry W. Pruitt. Beebe Robert Pruett. Rector Sarah S Push. Jonesboro Janis Pulley. Bay Jimmy L. Pulley. McCrory Rita B. Pulliam. Jonesboro Jimmy L. Purdom. Mountain View Barbara R. Purvis. Jonesboro Jim II. Pyland. Monctte James H. Quessenberry, Birdeye Joe Quillin, West Memphis Pom Radaford. Bald Knob Peggy L. Raley. Wynne William E. Ransdell. Hannibal. Mo. John M Ransom Jr.. Bradford Connie Ratcliff. Stutteart Danny A. Ratcliff. Stutteart David S. Ray. Blytheville Dianne Reddick. Paragould Janis Redwine. Paragould Charles R. Reece. West Memphis Donnn Reesl. Pocahontas Mary Kay Reeder. 1-ake Village Nancy J. Redd. Harrisburg Anita L. Reilly. Jonesboro Diane Kay Retrloff. Little Rock Flynn Reveley. No. Little Rock Ronald A. Reyna. San Antonio. Tex. Boyd D. Reynolds. Bradford Helen L. Reynolds. Jacksonville Phyllis Reynolds. Hot Springs Sandra I). Reynolds. Hot Springs Larry Rhynes. Corning Sophomores Bruce W Rice. Pine Bluff l.enora K. Richardson. Black Oak Danny M Robb. Paragould Glenda F. Robb. Paragould Gloria Robbins. Piggott Oma Jean Robbins. Manila Beverly J. Robertson. Crystal City. Mo. Gary I) Robertson. Blytheville Larry Robertson. Batesvillc Sandra J. Robertson. I'ortugeville. Mo. Sharon K. Robertson. Manila Cari I). Robinson. Osceola Patricia Robinson. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Nancy A. Robinson. Piggott Rita Rodman. I achville Charlotte Rogers. Hoxie Gary Rogers. Ash Flat Gary W. Rodgers. Paragould Geraldine Rogers. Hoxie Glenn I) Robinson. Paragould Douglas C. Rogers. Pine Bluff Phil Rogers. Memphis. Tenn. Ron Rogers. Leachvillc Marc Rogers. Wynne Mary J. Rorex. Harrisburg Jean A. Rorex, Walnut Ridge Ronald F. Rose. Pocahontas Dennis K. Rothfus. Cherokee Village Raymond K. Rouse. Carlisle Fred Rounsavall. Joiner Gwen Ruff. Success Pam Rutherford. Mabelvale Patricia C. Rutherford. Mablevale Sandy Runnels. Paragould Mary L Ryan. Walnut Ridge Larry Sago. Pocahontas Mitchell Saliba. Blytheville Merlyn M. Salley. No, Little Rock Linda Carol Samford. Holland. Mo. John A. Sammons. Jonesboro Class of 1970 323LaSandra Jo Samuel . Jonnboro Jo Carolyn Sanderson. Jonnboro Lloyd Sauer. Croasett Gary W. Sauheaver. Jonnboro John J. Sawyer. Thayer. Mo-Donna Rae Scarborough. Jonnboro Joann Scarborough, Jonnboro Charln Schaaf. Paragould Larry D. Schafer. Lonoke William Lee Schumann. Poplar Grove Charln D. Scott. Qulin. Mo. Danny L. Scott. Sedgwick Gregory A. Scott. Brook land Jimmie D. Scott. Harrisburg Steve Scott. WUaoo Violet Scott. Donipham. Mo. Warren E. Scott. Pocahontae Jamn V. Scurlock. Jonnboro Holly V. Sean. Claremont. Calif. Janna F. Seat . Jonnboro Terry Seay. Calico Rock Jessica M. Segars. Jonnboro Robert R. Self. Fort Smith Kelly H. Seller,. Earle Suun Ann Sellen. Blytheville Glenda F. Seymour. Wnt Memphis Freda Ann Shank . Newnata Jack R. Sharbutt. Jr.. Kennett. Mo. Joyce Renee Sharpe. Forreat City Robert A. Shaver. Jonnboro Kathie Sheeley. Steele. Mo. Pat Shepherd. Jonnboro Bobby Sherrill. Bellville. III. Phillis K. Shew maker. Searcy Randle E. Shopher. Jonnboro Craig Shumaker. Elwood. Iowa Richard C. Simenon. Benton Loretta A. Simington. Maynard Francn M. Simpaon. Jonnboro Gordon D. Simpaon. Joneaboro Sophomores Class of 1970 Harold Ray Simpton, Rrookland Tony Simpton. Leachville Connie Sue Sim . Jonnboro Edward S. Sims. Dermott Robert T. Singleton. Cherry Valley Sandra Sipe. Little Rock BUI Skelton. Forrnt City Terry F. Skyrmn. Little Rock Bob Smalling. Paragould Jo Ann Smtlser. Marmaduke Bonnie M. Smith, Manila Carolyn Ruth Smith, Blytheville Dennis L Smith. Mtn. View Donald Ray Smith. Wynne Gary Smith. Walnut Ridge Jamn E. Smith. Joneaboro Jerry D. Smith. Powhatan Jim Ray Smith, Jonnboro Joe William Smith. Gamaliel Joseph Edward Smith. Manila Karen L. Smith. Jonnboro Keith Smith. Corning Phillip L. Smith. Stuttgart Rickie L. Smith. Dexter. Mo. Ricky E. Smith. Strawberry Toni Lynn Smith. Jonnboro Verli Smith. Augusta WillU Smith. Wnt Plain . Mo. Ann I. Smithwick. Jacksonville Donald Smotherman. Newport Jamn W. Snow. Blytheville Cora Mae Snyder. Paragould John Snyder. Daytona Beach. Fla. Jamn D. Sorrell. Crawford»ville David R, Spann. Newport Anna Spark . Salem John M. Speck. Frenchman's Bayou C. L. Speed. Jonnboro Ken Spencer. Pocahontas Ricky Allen Spicer. Corning 32 1Mike Spitrer. Hardy Sharon Kay Spurlock. Wilson Leslie Stafford. Brinkley Tommy Stafford. Cherry Valley Rickey Leon Stallcup. Paragould Runell Stallcup. I’aracould Allen Stanley. Ravenden Mary Stanley. Corning Patricia A Stanton. Paracould John M. Starnes. Caraway Thomas Leslie Staten. Walnut Ridge ChrUtina Steele. Hoxie William Avera Steele. We»t Memphis Richard A. Stephen . Forrest City Terry Stevenson, Jone boeo Dan Stile . Little Rock Patricia Stillwell. Wilton. Okla Jerry Stone. Paragould Paul H. Stott . Jonesboro Jack Stradley. Willow Springs, Mo. Wendell Stratton. Stuttgart Sharron Strawbridge. Jonesboro Frank Stringer. Jonesboro Mike Stropp. Maiden. Mo. Gary Stroud. Hatesville Linda Stulls. West Memphis Raymond Allen Stutts. Lepanto Nancy Sulcer. Palestine Milton Sullisan. Jonesboro Rosemary Sullivant. Jonesboro Aubrey N. Sumpter. West Memphis Dennis Sutton. Forrest City Joseph V. Svoboda. Cornwall. N. Y Julia Swain. Blytheville Linda Lee Swan. Forrest City Clovis Swinney. Jonesboro Glen E Swindle. Jonesboro Judy Sw-indle. Walnut Ridge Barbara Kaye Taylor. Wynne Darlene Taylor. Desha Sophomores Class of 1970 Joe Taylor. Forrest City Michael S. Taylor. West Helena Vernon E. Taylor Jr.. St. Louis. Mo. Steven D. Teague. Jacksonville Carolyn Tedford, Hot Springs Alan Tegethoff, Blytheville Charles E. Thomas. Forrest City Harry W. Thomas Jr.. Paragould Marvin W. Thomas. Brinkley Sheridan Thomas. Neelyville. Mo Tom W, Thomas. Walnut Riilce Danny Thomason. Bald Knob Eddie Thompson, North Utile Rock Glenn Elliot Thompson. Jonesboro John C. Thompson. Caruthersville. Mo. dichealJ. Thompson. North Little Rock Fhomas M. Thompson. Doniphan. Mo. Sylvester Thompson. Osceola Clyde R. Thorn Jr.. Batesville Nancy Thorne. West Memphis Debbie Threet. Steele. Mo. Jack D. Tidbale. Ward Scott Till. Hughes William S. Tilley. Jonesboro Bobbie B. Timmermann. Bryan. Texas Claudette Tinnin. Kennett. Mo. Julia Tinnin, Hollywood. Mo. Janna Todd. Blytheville Jo Ella Todd. Dell Karen Louise Toombs. Paragould Crandall D. Tosh, Jonesboro Bob G. Travis. Bay Pamela Treadway. Jonesboro Dan L. Trevathan. Jonesboro Randy C. Trim. Florissant. Mo. Paul W. Trout. Boubonnai . III. Richard W. Truax. Gilletl Leslie E. Turner. Lexa Barbara Ann Turpin. Moro Doyle Tyer. McCrory 325Virgil Tyner. Jonesboro Randal Ulmer. Jonesboro Frederick I). Valicenti. Pittsburgh. Pa-Pamelu L. Vanpelt. Jonesboro Douglas Varner. Forrest City James O. Vaughn. Marion Billy C. Veal. Piggotl R. I). Velander. Parsons. Kan. Lee R. Vent. Carlisle Glenford Veteto. Jonesboro Gary W. Victory. Newport i’amela Van Vranken. Forrest City Robert Waddill. Newport Donald W. Wade. Forrest City Robbie Lee Wade. Blytheville Jimmy A. Wagner. Manila Jack W. Wagnon. Blytheville Nina Walker. Wynne Ralph K. Walker. Gideon. Mo. Ronnie Wain. Jonesboro David R. Wallace. Leachville Trula Wallace. Batesville Jerry Wallin. Marked Tree Robert L Walters. Manila Richard Warack. Little Rock Betty Jane Ward. Joiner Patricia K. Ward. Success Gtenna K Warner. West Memphis John R Warren. Blytheville Cleve Warrick. Little Rock Tommy Watkins. Marvell Wayne Watkins. Jonesboro Patti Watson. Paragould Robbie M Watson. Bay David M. Weaver. Paragould Dennis R. Weaver. Paragould Wilton G. Weaver. Blytheville David M Webber. Thayer. Mo. Ann Wells. Cave City Davie M Wells. Blytheville Sophomores Class of 1970 Klirabeth A. Wells. Turrell Carolyn Sue Weitkamp. Pocahontas James D. West. Earle Sharon l.ouise West. Blytheville Bobbie J. Weston. Jonesboro Franklin S. Weston. Corning Phillip E. Wharock. Jonesboro Frank C. White III. Poplar Bluff. Mo. M Ann White. Manila Melvin I). White. Jonesboro Judy Wilf. Bentonville Claud M Wilcox. Bradford David Wilkerson. Bragg City. Mo Van Paula Wilkie. Forrest City Ronnie Wilkins. Forrest City June A. Willcockson. Paragould Wayne Willey. Jonesboro Carolyn Williams. Cabot Charles Williams. Doniphan. Mo. George M Williams. Kenilworth. N. J. Harry D. Williams. Pocahontas Johnny R. Williams. Joiner Katherine Williams. Jonesboro Ronnie L. Williams. Marmaduke Howard Williamson. Jonesboro Deanna Willis, Bar Harbor. Me. Allen Wilson. Holland. Mo. Jerry M Wilson. Kennett. Mo. Ronnie Wilson. Jonesboro Sharon A Wilson. Hot Springs Joe Alan Wiinberley. Steele. Mo. James Winningharn. Harrisburg Donald K Winchester. Rector Julia Wingo. Lake City Albert L. Winkle. Jonesboro Carl L. Wise. Jonesboro Harnette Wise. Hughes Michael C. Wise. Bloomfield. Mo. Sandra Wixson. Fisher Robert I) Woodard. Naylor. Mo. 326Lots F. Wood. Jonesboro Lonnie Woodruff. Grubbs Bobby Dal Woody. Black Rock Larry Woolman. Batmvill Brenda Seymour Woolen. Dye Larry Gen Wray. Salem Carol Wrifht. Harrisburg Nancy Wright. Paracould Suianne Wright. Pine Bluff Ronald Wurtz. Pocahontas Dan Wy. Blythevill Donald Yarbo. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Charles R. Yarbro II. Blythevill Joe F. Yarbro. Harrisburg Bruce Edward Yeager. Stuttgart Linda Ann Young. Stuttgart William W. Young. Osceola Terry D. Zimmerman. Malden. Mo. A IS m £ Sophomores Class of 1970328Jerry W Adam , lafc Johnny N. Adam . Rector Lorry Adam . Forrest City Lelo Adorn . Monette Morel Ann Adorn . Harrisburg Rondo Jon Adorn , lone boro Ruth Adorn . Jonnboro Woyne Adorn . Brooklond Sherry AddUon, Pine Bluff Carol Agee. Paraicould Charle R Aker . 1 one boro Debbie Aker . Helena Jerry Lynn Akin. Ripley. Tenn. Harriet Srrnme Alexander. Blytheville Jimmy W. Alexander. Bate ville Julio M. Alexander. Manila Mike Allen. Jonesboro Phillip C. Allen, Paragould William L. Allen Jr.. Searcy Tom AUtadt. Little Rock Connie L. Alston. Little Rock James R Anderson. Blytheville Phyllis Anderson. Altheimer Rodney J. Anderson. Mammoth Sprint William S. Andres . Pine Bluff Gory P. Antelo. Cotton Plant Steve J. Anselmi. Bradford Carolyn Archer. Pocohonto John Arends. Blytheville Linda Armstrong. Dell Frankie Arnhort. Paragould Karen Elaine Arnold. Osceola Joe Anne Arrington. Luxoea Kathy Arrington. Jonesboro Sandra K. Arthur. Kennett. Mo. Sharon Arvelo. Elisabeth. N.J. Candace A hby. West Memphis Lloyd Anthony Ashlock. Hoxie William E. Aslin. Bloomfield. Mo. Johnny Atkin . Utile Rock freshmen Gray Atkinson. Pine Bluff Pam Atkinson. Memphi . Tenn. Thomas Avis. Caruthersville. Mo. Chris Aycock. North Little Rock Holly Babbitt. North Little Rock Albert Baker. Jonesboro Brett Baker. Kennett. Mo. Candice Baker. Turrell Radius Baker. Rector Roger Dale Baker. Grubbs Steve Baker. West Memphis Thomas G. Baker. Alicia Patricia Diane Bale . Bono Jerry Lee Ball. Jonesboro Patricia Diana Ball. McCrcry Judith Lee Ball. Blytheville Larry Doyle Ballard. Jonesboro Martin A. Balti. Pocahontas Sidney Eugene Banks. Jonesboro Paul F. Bankston. North Little Rock Danny Thomas Barber. Jonesboro Larry E. Barber. Jonesboro Truman Barber Jr.. Osceola Duane Barbour. Little Rock Donna E. Bardwell. Earle Michael Bare. Piggott John Barg. St. Catharines. Ont. Jane Ellen Barker. Hot Spring Thomas Wayne Barlow. Jonesboro Katy Barnes. Pocahontas Michael Barnes. Magnet R. Alton Barnes. Pine Bluff Donnie R. Barnett. Walnut Ridge Phil Barton. Jacksonville Emma Jone Bateman. Paragould Donna Bate . Cave City Gertrude Bate . West Memphis Wendelin Bates, Alton. Mo. Jerry Batey. Blytheville Mark A Battaglia. Albuquerque. N M, Class of 1971 fat 4i s1 a ,p C7 I..SJ p n r. ft ik Axil L? f Ci £ f | Ail 4 it 329Robert Baugh. Heth Ronnie Baugh, Cath Ronald I.. Bauman. Stuttgart Roberta Bayles . Cotter Sarah I). Beak ley. Walnut Rider Michael S. Beall. Little Rock Ruatell Beard. Pine Bluff Cecilia Beaton. Paragould Dena K. Beaton. Marmaduke Melvin F. Beck. Golorado Springs. Colo. Arthur W Bell. Searcy Dan Bell. Jonetboro Dianna L. Bell. Pine Bluff Ronald K Bell. Moorefield Randel L. Bellamy. Marianna Larry G. Belicw. Paragould Kathy Benham. Marked Tree Lendcll R. Bennett. Jonesboro Lucion A. Bennett. Joneaboro Martha Bennett. Forreat City Theresa A. Benton. Went Helena Thomat Edward Benton. Newark Bobby Gene Berry. Jonetboeo Carter Berry. Paraitould Dorit J. Berry. Manila Ronnir A. Rea . Dexter. Mo. Dennis C. Biard, Batesville Vincent Bilinsky. Philadelphia. Pa. Paul Bingham. Marked Tree Macorit Black. Newport W'initon Black Jr.. Dell D. Keith Blackman. Campbell. Mo. Michael Blackwood. Joneaboro Jimmy L. Blagg. Duma Sutan Blair. Joneaboro Ronald D. Blankenthip. Forreat City Johnny Blaxton. Joneaboro Sybil Bledaoe. Wynne Mollie Blrndrn. Pine Bluff Robert E. Blenden. Pine Bluff JreshmeH Class of 1971 Elizabeth Boeckmann. Wynne Jim Boiiard Jr.. Weal Memphit Shirley A Bom. Newport Roy Bohden. Bald Knob Laura Bolton. El Dorado Macklon Bond . Little Rock Rickey Bone. McCrory Paul Book. Joneaboro Carolyn Boren. Pine Bluff Rick B. Borirmnn. Benton Larry P. Butterworth. Otceola Billie S. Bowen. Rlytheville Kenneth E. Bowline, Red Cloud. Neb. Barry W. Bowman. Otceola Betty Bowman. Joneaboro Boner Bowman. Joneaboro Becky Boyd. Little Rock Harold Boyd. Paraitould l ahe A Boyd. Rlytheville Steven J. Boyd. Paracould lotwrence Bracey. Little Rock Karen L. Krackin. Marion Brail Bradbury. Joneaboro Harold I., Bradford Jr.. Deerine. Mo Patrick F Bradley. Springfield. Vn Erneat C. Bradthaw. Durnov Jamea Bradthaw. Pine Bluff Donnita Brady. Manila Ralph W Brady. Williford Ronald I. Brady. Deaha Kathy Gail Bragg Marked Tree Jamea H Brake. Puragould Donald R Branham. Joneaboro Jamea Brannon. Corning Jamea S Branum. Ilornrraville. Mo Gern A Brathearv Corning Stan Brawley. Earle Claude E. Brawner. Piggott Gary L. Brarreal. Harrison Marcia Breeding. Little Rock 330Lizabeth Bretherick. Ft. Pierce. Mb Shelbie Jean Brewer. Lepanto Kathy Bridge . Leachville Thomas Bright well. Paragould Peggy Ann Brinkley. Turrell Susie Britbin. Benton Glenda Broadway. Jone boeo William Broadway. Jonesboro K. W. Brockman Jr.. Hackett Gary Brook . North Litll Rock Jame Dale Brook . Bold Knob l.ynda Brook . Holly Grove Vernon Brook . Hot Spring Bill Brown. Pine Bluff David R. Brown. Pine Bluff Gaylon Brown. McCrary Jackie Don Brown, Jonesboro Linda Sue Brown. Little Rock Revel Clyne Brown. Wynne Ronnie Brown. Rison Roy C. Brown. Tyronxa Sandra Jean Brown. Rector Steve Brown. Jacksonville Nonna Browning. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Paul Browning. Tuckerman Gary Brownlee. Burdette Karen Bruner. Bay Randall W. Brunner. Pocahontas Rickey Brunner. Pocahontas Row Lee Bryson. Paragould Karen E. Burk. Salem Sandy Buckley. North Little Rock Jani C. Huey. Rector Jane Buhrmester. Jonesboro Marsha Bundren. Corning Rickey L. Bunting. Lilbourn. Mo. Jerry W. Burchfield. Saffell Scott Burdick. Batesville Mane Jose Burdyshaw. Jonesboro Donnie J. Burford. Hunter Jreshmen Myra Burford. Wynne Carlotta Burge. Batesville Frank Burge. Little Rock George Rurlison. Hornersville. Mo. Brenda Gail Burnt. Rector Thomas B. Burroughs. Parkin Carol Burrow. Augusta Beverly Burton, Benton Jimmy Burton. Blytheville Paula Burton. Benton Waverly Burton. Blytheville Ben R Bu h. Walnut Ridge Roy Busick. Jonesboro Janet R Butler. Little Rock Sharon Butler. Wheatley Mary E Cagle. Rector Norris Calaway. West Memphis Maxie Caldwell. Memphis. Tenn. Mitchell Caldwell. Lake City Jeffrey Calloway. Holly Grove Stefan Calloway. Holly Grove Tommy Calloway. Holly Grove Phillip Camp. Paragould Darrell Campbell. Paragould Joel Scott Campbell. Hot Springs N. Ray Campbell. Pocahontas Nancy Campbell. North Little Rock Patrick Campbell. Franklin Judy Canada. Marked Tree Rickey L. Canard. Newport Jamie Cantrell. Poplar Bluff. Mo Patti Capps. Searcy Brent Caraway. Temple. Anz Glen Carlson. Harrison Carolyn Carpenter. Watdenburg John Carr. Willow Springs. Mo Bill Carson. Jonesboro Eugene L. Carter. Trumann Jerry Carter. St. Louis. Mo Roy Cartwright. Batesville Class of 1971 33 JJreskmen Jamn I). Cartwright. No. I.attle Rock Jinn R. Curbiir, Harrisburg Larry L. Casey. Jonesboro Patrick Casey. Coha wet. Mas . Tim Catey. Little Rock George W. Cash. Trumann Ricky M. Castleberry. A matron Sarah Castleberry. Jonesboro James H. Cate . Senath. Mo. Beverly Sue Covaness. Batesville James C. Causbie. Haddy. Arir. John Chadbourne, Tampa. Fla. Michael L. Chaffin, Trumann Barbara Chaftn, l.uxoro Larry E. Chailland. Senath. Mo. Carolyn S. Chamberlain. Bono Jeunnie Chaney. Bald Knob Ronald Cheatham. Melbourne Jocki Cheatwood. Pine Bluff Woody M. Chrnault. Little Rock Bill C. Cheshire. Kennett. Mo. Mike Cheslock. Memphis. Tenn. Mary S. Chester. Pocahontas Linda Childers. Jonesboro Jerry I). Chism. Hughe Larry Chism. Helena James A. Chitmon. Blytheville Rob Choats. Jonesboro John T. Church. Salem Henry Clampit. Harrisburg Andrew W. Clark. Hughe Anson A. Clark. Newport Jasper Clark. Salem John W. Clark. Jonesboro Kenneth Clark. Grubbs Larry W. Clark. Batesville Lorene Clark. Steele. Mo. Patricia Clark. Jonesboro Rebecca Clark. Cherry Valley John Claud. Little Rock Class of 1971 Johnnie E. Clauch. Benton Anno M. Clay. Jonesboro Elsa Clinger. No. Little Rock Patrick Clifford. Jonesboro Bonita Ann Clifton. Wilmot Donnie Ray Clinger. Bono Mike Cobb. Jonesboro Patsy Cobb. Lake City Ronnie D. Cobb. Paragould Cathy Cochran. Corning Jeryl Sue Cochran. Jonesboro Cheryl Cockrell. Otceola Rickey Cole. Paragould Sandie Cole. Paragould Gary Coleman. Holland. Mo. John D. Coleman. Jonesboro John VV. Coleman. Jonesboro Keith Coleman. Forrest City Sandra Collar. Paragould Billy R. Collin . Marked Tree Bobby Colltson. Bald Knob Lila G. Colter. Marked Tree Allon Columbus. Blytheville Lawrence Colvin. Forrest City G. Harold Conrad. Cardwell. Mo. Kerry Conrad. Jonesboro Daniel D. Cook. Jonesboro Danny Cook. No. Little Rock Elmer W. Cook. Grubbs Paulette Cook. Paragould Dixie Lee Cooper. Bay Sandra Cooper. Hayti. Mo. Stanley Cooper. Cooler. Mo. Tommy Cooper. Newport Rickey G. Copeland. Monette Susan Corbin. Little Rock Karen M. Corby, Jonesboro Kathy P. Cornish. Leachville Floyd D. Cowan. Forrest City 332Benny B. Cox. Lack City Jan Cox. JonuboN Michael Harold Cox. Dyess Nancy Coy. Paracould Jamae Craft. Bono Charles Ray Craic. Jonesboro Danny Craic. Essex. Mo. David Craic. Blytheville Jerri Craic. Paracould Mike Craic. Paracould Robert Willett Craic. Jonesboro Timothy Alan Craic. Tyronra Larry Craicmyle. Jonesboro Larry Ray Crain. Dew Arc Gincer Crawford. Joiner Mary Ann Crawford. Tuckerman Samuel L. Crnasman. Kinsport. Tenn. James Charles Creecy. Dell James E. Creecy. Osceola Donald Lynn Creichton. Batesville Brenda Crew . Blylheville Andrew P. Cricler. Alton. Mo. Johnny Crider. Ca»h Allen D. Crisp. Marvell Nina Crook. Harrisburc Jamea Thomas Croaa. Melbourne Robert M Crouae. Koereat City Gary Lynn Crowaon. Forrest City Nick Crowaon. Benton Ginny Crum. Farmers Branch. Tex. Robbie Nell Cruse. Mountain View Marcia E. Crymes. Mountain Home JanU L. Cuff. Kennett. Mo. Dale Culbreath. Jonesboro Evern Culler. Forrest City Robert E. Cullins. Newport Allen B. Culp. Marvell Danny Culp. Blylheville Jim Cumminc . Little Rock Michael I Cumminrs. Sherwood Jreskmen Noel Melton Cumminrs. Harrisburc Stan Cumminrs. McCrory Jeanne Cunninchnm. Carlisle Suxanne Cunninrham. Weiner Alan Cureton. Cash Scottie C. Curl. Bradford James Michael Curry. Blylheville Gary L. Curtis. Calico Rock Daniel B. Curtner. Wynne Claudia Curton. Trumann Bonnie Joe Curtrirht. Osceola F:thel Dabbs. Jonesboro Dennis L. Dahl. Forrest City Allen Danny Dale. Campbell, Mo. Jerry Charles Dale. Fisher Michael S. Dale. Sidney Brenda Dalton. Doniphan. Mo. lairry 8. Dame. Jonesboro Billy G Daniels. McCrory Steven Dapp. Aurora. Ill Kathy J Darnell. Mountain Home Joan Darr. Jonesboro Linda l.ouisc Davenport. Hardy Mick Davenport. Brookland Gundel l.eich David. Caraway Ronnie Davidson. Greenway Brendo Joanne Davis. Bono Charles David Davis. Caraway Deborah Ann Davis. Rector Jimmy D Davis. Trumann John Davis. Corning lehman W Davis. Black Rock l onard C. Davis. Keiser Mike Davis. Blylheville Mitchell Davis. Jonesboro Paul Edward Davis. Jonesboro Debt Davison. Paracould John E. Day. Knobel Jimmy Loyd Dean. Alicia Terry Allen Iiecker. Mountain View A n Class of 1971 333Danny I) Deen. Blytheville William C. Deetor. Osceola I.ynn l)»lanfy. Jonesboro Koy l.« Dellinger. Jacksonville I.eota Del.uryea. Marmadukc Mary Dement. Leachvillr Glenn Dennis. State University Shelley Derryberry. Stuttgart Kathryn S. Dickson. Paragould Carmon L. Dillard. Yellville Frances Distretti. Memphis. Tenn. David Dobbins. Hayti. Mo. Joe Dobbs. Manila Mary M Dodd. Leachvillr Rita Dodson. Waco. Tex. Louann Dooly. Ratesville Jerry D. Dorton. I.afe Ronnie W. Dorton. Jonesboro Susan I . Doty. Walnut Ridge James K Douglas. Marked Tree Judy Doulhit. Bradford Jerry Douthitt. Jonesboro Billy R Dowdy. Rector Kenneth Dowries . Monette Kaye Ann Downing. Jonesboro Patricia Downing. Weiner James D Doyle. West Memphis Larry Doyle. Newport Pete Doyle. Hamilton. Canada Rusty A. Doiier. Blytheville William S. Drace. Tyronxa Wanda Drake. Blytheville Charles C. Driver. Osceola l.isa Driver. No. Little Rock Allan Duck. Springfield. Mo. Linda Duck. Wilson Phillip H. Ducker. Pineville Janet Duckworth. Jonesboro Jane A. Duffel, Jonesboro Gordon J. Duke. Jonesboro Class of 1971 William F. Dunaway, No. Little Rock Donald R. Dunavent. Jonesboro Christopher W. Duncan, Pine Bluff Gary S. Duncan. Jal. N. M. John Kenneth Duncan. Piedmont. Mo. Phillip Duncan. Blytheville Stephen W Dunlap. Little Rock Jackie Dunn. Tillar Mary A. Duncan. Searcy Robert Dunn. Little Rock David R. Dupwe III. Jonesboro Joseph W Durley. Altheimer Donald Ealy. Pine Bluff James R. Easter. Grubbs Ricky Eastin. Harrisburg Eric Eccle . Hot Springs Michael J. Edens. Tyronxa Wayne Edgin. Benton John M Edington. Reyno Don B. Edward . Pine Bluff Joy Edwards. Greenway Phillip W. Elam. McCrory James Elbert. Jonesboro Judy Ellington. Paragould Mary J Ellington, No. Little Rock Shelia Ellington. Brookland James C. Ellis. Blytheville Jan Ellis. Monette Joy L. Ellis. Tupelo Bryan Emerson. Jonesboro Bette Sue Emrich. Tyronxa Eva Jeanette Enxor. Forrest City Cathy Eoff. Dell Mitchell Koff. Mountain View Becky Erstine. Stuttgart France Essman. Fort Smith Carl Eubanks. Arbyrd. Mo. Michael Eubanks. Paragould Tommye Eubanks. Manila Herschel D. Eudy. Dierks 7res h men 33dGay Evwell. Malvern Mary Ewing. Galesburg. III. Patrick C. Fair. Pocahontas Cathy Farley. Paragould J»mn H. Farley. Bay Junn J. Farrell. Brinkley Linda Fanner. Mayetta. Kan. Jamea Faulkner. Beach Grove Jimmy Faulkner. Paragould Richard Faulkner. Joneaboro John Fender. Walnut Ridge Gene Ferguson. Forreat City Sharon Ferguson. Carliale Claude Ferrell. Jr.. Joneaboro John Ferriell. Palm Beach. Fla. Billy W. Field. LeachvUle Kay Field. Joneaboro Loy. Dee Fielder. Osceola Dana Fields. Joneaboro Pam Fike. Bateaville Stephen Finch. Widener Earnest Finn. Jr.. Wynne Sammy Finney. No. Little Rock Linda Fisher. Alton. Mo. Carl Fletcher. Cardwell. Mo. Craig L. Fletcher. Osceola Kenneth R. Fletcher. Joneaboro Linda Fletcher. Lake City Janet Flippo. Powhatan Lee D. Floyd. Joneaboro Jamea D. Forbia. Paragould Danny Ford. Paragould Eugene Ford. North Little Rock Ronnie Ford. Jonesboro James Forehand. Wellesley. Mass. Glenda Forester. Alton. Mo. Greg Forman. Menasha. Wis. Larry Forrester. Joneaboro M. Mark Forreater. Cherry Valley Vicki Forrester. Forreat City Jreskmea Joe Foas. Paragould James Foster. Willow Springs. Mo. Kenneth Foster. Campbell Larry D. Foster. Joneaboro Phyllis Foster. Lunsford Cheryl Fowler. Memphis. Tenn. Gilbert Fowler. Jr . Joneaboro Sandra Fowler. Star City Jamea T. Fowler. Parma. Mo. Kathy Fox. Holly Grove Dani L. Franklin. Parkin I .aura Franklin. Joneaboro John M. Franks. Little Rock Peggy Sue Franks. Desha Darlene Frazier. Osceola Donald E. Frazier. Cave City Jamea Freeae. Hickory Ridge Samuel C. French. O'Kean William A Freshaman. Dalton David Fullbright. Hot Springs Jeanie Fuller. Elaine Robert Fulmer. Pine Bluff Guss L. Funderberg. Pine Bluff Elwanda Jean Fugua. Bono Martha Furnatter. Weiner Thomas Gad berry. Forreat City Robert Gage. No. Little Rock Charles E. Gaines. Blytheville Daniel R. Gaines. McCroey Don Gaines. Blytheville Jackie Gaines. Blytheville Lynda Gale. Joneaboro Stanley E. Gambtll. Joneaboro William D. Gambill. Brookland Gloria J. Gardner. Paragould Julia Gardner. Pine Bluff Jan Garner. Joneaboro Robert S. Garner. Paragould William T. Garrett. Little Rock Bertie Garrison. Jonesboro Class of 1971 335freshmen Jackie L. Gallin. Paragould Jeanette Kay Gatlin. Brookland Patricia Paulette Gauf. Caraway Jimmy Lee Gearhart. Reyno Joseph Leo George. Jonesboro Terry Wayne Georce. Northbrook. III. Terry Don Gerdes. Joneeboro Bobby Gibba. Braggadocio. Mo. Danny Gill. Pine Bluff Dennia G. Gilliahan. Melbourne Ballard Gilmore. Searcy Johnny Mack Gilliam. Newport Melvin Girdley. Etowah Larry Dean Gladden. Oaceola Darrell Nixon Glaxe. Bald Knob Myra Glidwell. Caraway Vincent Glorioao. Helena Gwyn Glover. Little Rock Martha Goad. Joneeboro Stave Goddard. Euatie. Fla. Randy Goetx. Stuttgart Penny Lynn GoPorth. Waat Memphia Joe Goodman. Fort Smith Pat Goodman. Joncaboro Larry Goodaell. Jackaonville Ramona Goaa. Joneeboro Roy Stanley Golt. Joneeboro David Goaa. Clarkaville Gene R. Goza. Swifton Keith Goza. Paracould Larry E. Graddy. Harrieburc Thomaa H. Graddy. Jackson. Term. Jacque Graham. Russellville Tom L. Graham. West Memphia Walter Karr Graham. Little Rock Shelia Jo Gramlinc. Brookland Joanne K. Grant. Dell Dennia Gray. Joneeboro Harry James Gray. Joneeboro Michael Gray. Marianna Class of 1971 Mike Gray. Blytheville Jack L. Gregory. Mountain Home Donnie Green. Tuckerman Gary Mark Green. Senath. Mo. Mary Green. Blytheville Oscar Green. Stuttcart Michael R. Greene. Little Rock Saundra J. Greene. Oaceola Beverly Greenatreet. Melbourne Raymond G. Greer. El Dorado Donald Griffin. Little Rock Eddie J. Griffin. Malthewa. Mo. Bobby Griffin. Jonesboro Helen Grocan. Little Rock Janet Groves. Wideiver James Guest. Marianna T. C. Guest. Brookland James Guflielmello. Shrewsbury. Maas. Willia Gunder, Farmington. Mo. Gary Wayne Gunter. Jonesboro Larry K. Gunter. N. Little Rock Mike Gunter. Fisher Ricky Gunter. Blytheville Vickie Lynn Gurley. Hayti. Mo. Ann Gutridce. Colt Patty Hafer. Dixie Robert Stephen Hager. Jonesboro Luther N. Hagler, Hickory Ridge Richard Larry Hale. Kennett. Mo. Jane Haley. Judaonia Emma Sue Halfacre. Jonesboro Donald L. Hall. Jonesboro Jeanne Hall. Jonesboro Larry R. Hall. Salem Ralph Joey Hal). Pocahontas Vicki Hallmark. N. Little Rock James Larry Hamilton. Marked Tree Earl Hameltt. Hornersville. Mo. Ellen Hamlett. Marvell Johnny Max Hamm. Imboden 336Keith Hamm. Trumann Charles Ed Hammett. Weat Memphis Holme Hammett. Helena Linda Jane Hammond. Pine Bluff Byron W. Hamrick. Jonesboro Dolores Hanna. Little Rock Gale Hanna. Luxora Ronnie D. Harbin. Trumann Brenda Harbison. Twist Barbara Ann Hardin. Blytheville Kathy Hardy. Memphis. Tenn, John Wayne Hargan. Batesville Margret Harirett. Jonesboro Gerald John Harkenridtr. Harrisburi John W. Harlan. Trumann Sara Adar Harman. Port Pierce. Fla. G. B. Harp. Harrison Lisa Harper. Monette Ronnie Harper. Kennett. Mo. Sue Harrell. Pine Bluff Bennie Joe Harris. Blytheville Carlan Harris. Jonesboro Mabel I. Harris. Lynn Marcue Dale Harris. Thida Billy Wayne Harrison. Earle Leon R. Harrison. Jonesboro Teresa Harrison. Dudley. Mo. Michael W. Hart. Little Rock Susan O. Hart. Portageville. Mo. Gwenda Lee Harthimmer. Hayti. Mo. Hubert Lynn Hartsell. Swifton Judy Hatcher. Paragould Hoy Marvin Haucht. Jr.. Huntsville Sidney Hayes. Nettleton Dennis L Haynes. Jonesboro John Paul Heard. Jr.. Newport James D. Heath. Paragould Linda Heath. Nettleton Rocky Layne Heath. Wynne Anneta Heaton. Osceola dreskmen Marion Heindselman. Gharry Valley Bruce Foreman Helm. Batesville Mike Henard. Cotton Plant Carroll Henderson. North Little Rock Horace Perry Henderson. England J. Larry Henderson. Jacksonville Johnita Phyllis Henderson. Harrisburg Peggy Henderson. Marianna Freddie Hendrix. Osceola Gary Hensley. Mountain Home Larry Henson. Forrest City Linda Carol Henson. Wynne Patricia Ann Herchee. Pine Bluff Rebecca Herget. Paragould leery Wayne Harrington. Evening Shade Charles W. Herrod. Paragould Nancy D. Hester. Piggott Deborah Hetiel. Hardy Anita Heuer. Batesville Larry Hickman. Harrisburg Barbara Higgins. Marked Tree Opaline Higgins. Nettleton Gene Butch Hightower. Newport Gwendolyn I.. Hightower. W. Memphis Lowell Burton Hightower. Sidney Betty Hill. Joiner Edward V. Hill. Moro Harry Steven Hill. Trumann Leo N. Hill. Newport Mary Hill. Jonesboro Nancy Ann Hill. W. Helena rhemas Lionel Hill. New Orleans. La. Donna Hindman. Tyronxa Gerry Hinds. Jonesboro Thomas Hoben. Manchester N. H. Douglas W. Hochstetler. Jonesboro Kathy Suxanne Hodges. Earle John P. Hogan. Newport Jerry Hoggard. Marmaduke Robert Lee Hoke. Little Rock Class of 1971 337Robert E. Holder. McCrory Alton J. Holifield. Paragould Tommy J. Holificld. Paragould Carol Ann Hollamrer. Stuttgart Bonnie Jean Holloman. West Ridge Patricia Ann Hollis. Trumann Michael R. Holme . Senath. Mo. Rorer L. Holme . Fair Oak Charles A. Holmun. Brinkley Edwin Holt. Lafe Scotty Ray Holt. Lafe Carolyn Holub. Goodwin I onna Hood. Brickcyx Richard Alan Hopper. Jonesboro Glenn Hopp . Newport Johnny Horton. North Little Rock Regina Horton. Jonesboro Brenda Hoikins. Leachville Janet House. Memphis. Tenn. Susan House. Mountain Home Kenneth I. Housh. Swifton Ike G. Houston. Paragould Robert M. Houston. Dell Billy D. Hout. Jonesboro Janice Hovis. Reyno Ronnie Howerton. Duma Wanda Jo Huddleston. Cnmdeh Lou Ann Hudson. Jonesboro Debbie Huffine . Mountain View Danny Huithes. Little Rock David Hushes. Benton Jimmy Hulctt. Swifton Lester Hulett Jr.. Swifton Suanne Hulett. Swifton Lee Ann Hummelstein. Jonesboro Joe Huncycutt. Warren Wayne Hunter. Pocahontas Dianne Hurst. Brinkley Lonnie B. Hurst. Jonesboro Michael Hurst. Pissott 7res h men Class of 1971 I-ee Ann Huskey. Batesville Johnny L. Hutchison. Trumann Roy Lynn Hutchison. Corning Terry Hutchinson. Swifton William E. Hynes. Jonesboro Tommy Irvin. Jonesboro Gwendolyn Irwin. Pollard Bonnie J. Jackson. Teresita. Mo. Carolyn Ann Jackson. Jonesboro David Gray Jackson. Bradford Debbie Jackson. Paragould Michael C. Jackson. Cardwell. Mo. Jerry Wayne James. Batesville Phillip L. James. Jonesboro Randall P. James. Willow Springs. M Ronald James. Bigger Teresa James. Pocahontas Charles Richard Jaquest. Jonesboro Randall C. Jarman. Little Rock Larry Jarrett. Jonesboro David Jean . Jonesboro Edith Lynn Jetton. Memphis. Tenn, Maurice F. Jetton. Paragould Andy Joffe. Paragould Barney Johnson. Corning Cathy L. Johnson. Jonesboro Gwen Johnson. Senath. Mo. John Johnson. Springdale Karen Johnson. West Helena Jaye Johnson. Keiser Marie Johnson. Hardy Phoebe Johnson. Prescott Robert L. Johnson. Cash Tommy Johnson. Flippin Sam Jolly. Cash Angela Kathryn Jones. Rector Barbara Jones. DeWitt Barbara Jones. North Little Rock Edward A. Jones. Forrest City Jackie Jones. Joiner 338Josephine Jones. Batesville Judy R. Jones. Memphis. Tenn. Larry I). Jones. Jonesboro Linda Jones. Forrest City Linda 0. Jones. Jonasboro Marilyn J. Jones. Piggotl M. Leonard Jones III. Pine Bluff Ralph Jones. England Sharon K. Jones. Rector Wendal Jones. Fisher William C. Jones. Little Rock Diannr Jorden. Holly Grove Sam K Kallsnick. Hot Sprint Arnold R, Kaut. Summerville. Mo. Laney W. Kay. Forrest City Becky J. Keasler. Paragould Kenneth R. Keatinir. Kennett. Mo. Cynthia Keedy. Newport Sylvia A. Keener. Dell Gary Kees. Pine Bluff Terrie Kell. Swifton Pam Keller. Weiner Ralph E. Keller. Nashville. Tenn. Larry J. Kellett. Pocahontas Angela Kelley. Jonesboro Joseph D. Kelley. Wynne Michael Kelley . Balch Sharron K Kelley. Monette Stephen P. Kendall. Newport Bob Kendrick. Osceola Carol Kennedy. Jacksonville E. Bryan Kennrdy. Bradford Earnest Kennedy. Jacksonville James T. Kennon. Hickory Ridge Reinna Kent. Marked Tree William C. Kent. Weldon Kali Kerktieck. Stuttgart Don R. Kesl. Scott Janet Denice Key. Joiner Margaret A. Key. Forrest City Jreshmen Rita F. Kildow. Black Rock Bill Killian. Benton Gary Neal Kinder. Salem Claudic C. King. Wynne Francis A. King Jr.. Pine Bluff Jerry D. King. Salem Kathleen King. Jonesboro Kathy L. King. Blythcville Larry G. King. Grubb Linda K. King. Senath, Mo. Maurice King. Paragould Vicki King. West Plain . Mo. Rae L. Kinkade. Memphis. Tenn. Clark Kinter. Marked Tree Sylvia Kirchoff, Stuttgart Karen D. Kirk. Bigger Bill J. Kirkland. Blythewlle Joe S. Kirkland. Little Rock Rodger D Kiser. Jonesboro David B Knight. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Deborah A. Knight. Trumann Penny L. Knipple, Blythevslle Linda L. Knoll. Stuttgart Sidney Kornegay. West Memphis Linda Koubek. Pocahontas Gabriel Kovac . Gwonia. Mich. Donald Kramer. Evening Shade Gary R. Kreis. Augusta Larry Krenzelok. Hot Spring Barbara J. Kueter. Paragould Mary Kyle. McCrory Michael D. Lack. Piggott Roger L. Lackey. Jonesboro Larry D. Ladd. Monette Jean Laird. Detroit. Mich. Debbi Umar. Jonesboro William P. Lamar. Jonesboro Danny Lamb. F.llitville. Mo. Jimmy D. Lamb. Rector Randal Lamb. Paragould Class of 1971 339Thomas Lamberson. Bay Epter I-nmbert. Leachville John Lambert. Hot Springs Morn A. 1-nmbert. Cardwell. Mo. Steven C. Lamken. Godfrey. III. Clayton Lancaster. Batesville Tom J. Lancaster. Wynne Linda Lancaster. Parkin Kenneth Bale Landreth. DeWitt Elston L. Landrum. Quitman Elston L. Landrum. Quitman Mary Jean Landrum. Paragould Teresa Land . J one boro John Lane. Parairould Phyllis Ann Lanitley. Caraway Danny Lape. Sikeston. Mo. James Edward Laritent. Corning Jo Wayne Laritent. Corning Michael R. Larsen. Pine Bluff Ronald E LaRue. Blytheville Boyce G. Lassiter. Newport Russell Laurence Jr.. Helena Janice Lawrence. Melbourne Larry D. Lawrence. Jonesboro Vikki J. Lawrey. Hardy Darryl Laws. Forrest City James C. Lawson Jr.. Crossed tarry Lawson. Wynne Sharon Layman. Pine Bluff Sandy Layton. Earle Terry I-ai«r. Helena Alicia Ann taa. Black Oak Gail Anne Learning. Little Rock Kathy l dbetter. Blytheville Robert (.ederer. Mountain Home Ava Lee. Little Rock Clara A. Lee. Osceola John Edward Lee. Pine Bluff Karen Marcal Lee. Harrisburg Margaret Lee. Cherokee Village Jreshmcn Class of 1971 Roger Dale Lee. Palestine Allyson Leimer. Waldcnburg David R. Letnonds. Kennett. Mo. Jim Lemons. W. Memphis Larry Dwight Lendermon. Jonesboro Charlotte Leonard. Corning Scherry LeSicur. Portageville. Mo. Ernestine Lerins. Paragould G. O. Lewallen. Pocahontas Samuel David Lowers. Blytheville Jim Lewis. Little Rock Peggy Lewis. Huntsville Charles E. Liddell. Marmaduke Jakte C- Liebhaber. Pocahontas Lana Liles. Searcy William W. Lindley. Jonesboro William A. Lindsay. Jr.. Wilson Etta Lee Lipson. W. Memphis Mickey Joe Littlejohn. Monette Steve Littrell. Blytheville Donna Long. Holland. Mo. Lynda Jo Long. Braggardocio. Mo. Phillip Long. Blytheville Ronald Eugene Long. Palestine Miki Longfellow, Little Rock Debbie l.ouks. Bald Knob Helen Darlene Lowe. Kennett. Mo. Andrea Lowery. Pennington Jerry Wayne Lucas. Blytheville Richard Lynn Lusk. Batesville Lynn Luster. Jonesboro Gerald A. Lynn. Blytheville James Michael Lynn. Weiner Kathy Lyons. Jacksonville Alice Jo Mace. Etowah Jeri Lyn Mace. Jonesboro Mary Machen. Little Rock Hervey Mac Madden. Beedeville Ellen Maddox. Campbell. Mo. Ronnie Madison. N. Little Rock 340Su»an Mijntii. Coffer Boyer Lee Mahoney. Wilton Jimmy Ray Mainer. Pine Bluff Eddy Lee Major . Melbourne Tereeaa ManxTum. Paracould DyeAnne Mann. Cherry Valley Timothy Wham Mann. Joneaboro Sharon Manning. Jonesboro Lex Maple . Pine Bluff Charle Marconi. Crawfordaville Charles Markum. Lake City Garry Dean Markin. Cardwell. Mo. Gina Lou Marks. Little Rock Michael Frederick Maronde. Blytheville Levio Marotti. Jr.. Crawfordsville Cheri L. Mar . W. Memphis Billy Jo Marshall. Jr., Monette Ellis L. Marshall. Jonesboro Mary Lou Marshall. Harrison. Nebr. Phillip Wayne Marshall. W. Memphis Floyd A. Martin. Jonesboro James David Martin. Clarendon Larry Martin. Piggott Ruth H. Martin. Jonesboro Tim Martin. Jacksonville Carl Mason. Clarksville Debbie Mason. El Dorado Holly Lynn Mason. Paracould Julia Massey. Cherry Valley Larry Massey. Hobart. Ind. Mary Jane Massey. Jonesboro Charle Henry Mathews. Waldenburg Jala Mathews. Jonesboro Jim Mathews. Houston. Mo. Carol M. Mathis. Jonesboro Claude B. Mathis. Jr.. Monette Virfinia Mathis. Jonesboro Bridcett Ann Matthew . Benton Chari Matthews. No. Little Rock Grace E. Matthews. Pin Bluff freshmen Zycmunt Majewski. Pine Bluff Morris Mauney. Dumas Ruben Jackson Maxwell. Turrell Larry Eucene May. Hot Springs Don R. Maynard. Pine Bluff Larry McAllister. Newport Michael McCalHe. DeWitt Gary McCann. N. Little Rock Jo McCay. Marked Tree Ronnie Jo McClain. Newark Jim McClelland. Jonesboro Van McClendon. Caruthersville. Mo. Nathan McClinic. Wynn Garry James McClunc. Mountain View Patricia Jan McClure. Batesville Henry McCombs. PI" Bluff Sara Kathryn McCourtney. Jonesboro Joe David McDaniel. North Little Rock Linda McDaniel. Jonesboro Randy L. McDaniel. Steele. Mo. Virginia McDaniel. Valley View Sara McDonal. Monette Judith McDonald. W. Memphis Veda McDonald. McCrory Linda KayeMcDoniel. Newark Brenda Jayne McElrath. Newport Deborah Ann McElvoy. Piggotl Kathleen Louise McEwen. Wynne Glenn McFarland. W. Memphis Robert E. McFarlin. Monette Jack Steven McFerron. Little Rock Art McGaughey. Harrison Michael D. McGinnis. Dumas Charles McGowan. Palestine John K. McGowan. St. Charles. III. James Monroe McGowan. Jonesboro John Milton McHaffey. Greenway Terry Mike McHaffey . Blytheville John McKay. Kirkwood. Mo. Elisabeth Aileen McKinney. Jonesboro Class of 1971 341David McLain. Tuckerman Mike McLarty. Jonesboro Carolyn McMion. Manila Peccy McMullin. Wot Memphis Pam MeMurry. Forrest City Jeanne McNeil. Arbyrd. Mo. Paul D. McQuay. Bono Larry W. McSpadden. Forrest City Don McSwain. Ethel Billy W. Meadows. Osceola Sandra K Medlin. Little Rock Scott Meins. Stutlcart Larry Melson. Siloam Springs Billy W. Melton. Vellville Gerald M Melton. West Memphis Gary Menear. Little Rock Rebecca A. Meredith. Reyno Tommy L. Messer. Harrisburir Perry R Metheny. I achville Jim Men. Piccott Ronald W Mate, Little Rock Cecil G. Metz car. Jonesboro Alice Mickey. Paracould Mary C. Milbourn. Pine Bluff W. Phillip Miles. Paracould Vincent A. Miles. Desha Mark Millay. Paracould Amanda Miller. Wynne Ronald D Miller. Colt Ronald L. Miller. Dexter. Mo. Pam Miller. Paracould Tommy Millican. Cave City Audrey M. Million. Jonesboro Donna K. Milloway. I.uxora James Mills. Jacksonville Don Minton. Jonesboro Pamela G. Mitcham. Pine Bluff Benny Mitchell. Paracould Charles S Mitchell. Jonesboro Steve Mitchell. Fifty Six J res h me a Class of 1971 Diane Mobley. Forrest City Gary Don Mobley. Brookland Jelena J. Mobley. Weiner Larry R Moffett. Decatur. III. Mohtacheu Mohseu. Iran Donna A. Montcomery. Hot Sprincs Jack Montcomery Jr.. Pine Bluff Sandra Montcomery. Elaine Sharon Montcomery. Forrest City Randall D. Montcomery. Bono Connie Moody. Salem Ricky M. Moody. Kennett. Mo. Susan C. Moody. Pine Bluff Scotty Moon. Conway Linda L. Moore. Salem Jack D. Moore Jr.. Forrest City James Moore. Turrell Judy A. Moore. Little Rock Judy K Moore. Piccott Glen Moorehead. Hot Sprincs l-otm S. Mornndo. Haskell. N J. James W. Morcan. Osceola Izirry E Morcan. Wynne Shirley Morcan. West Rider Stan Morcan. East Point. Go Ginny S. Mornsett. Marked Tree Jody Mornsett. Marked Tree Judy A Morris. Pocahontas D. C. Morrison, Jonesboro Chester Morten. Paracould Charles Moshimkie. Hot Sprincs Robert W. Mosten. Forrest City Marianne Moseley. No. Little Rock Tony Moseley. Rector Roy J. Muller. Scottsdale. A nr Diane Mullins. Paracould Acnes A. Murphree. Hatesville Vanitu Murphree. Turrell Charles F. Murphy. Pine Bluff Kathie Murphy. West Helena 342Andrea Murray. Wynne Jacky Murray. Manila Kathryn Murray. Blythevilla Vicki Murray. Texarkana Mable Beatrice Murry. Jone boro Gaylon Mute. Trumann Linda G. Myer . Little Kock Margaret Myer . Jonesboro Damian NamUu. Klein. Ill, Robert Marion Nance. Jonesboro Johnnie Ruth Neal. Heber Springs Cathy Neely. Piggott Rebecca Sue Neely. Pine Bluff Veronica Neil. Jacksonville Albert Wayne Nettle . Monette Henry Louis Newby. Holly Grove James Edward Newsom. Brookland Penny Nickles. Harrison Keith Nichols. Jonesboro Mike Nichols. Marion Robert F. Nichols. Keisee Patricia Nicholson. Hickory Ridge Mary Margarre Nigus. N. Little Rock Rosalind Belinda Nix. Wynne Larry Joe Noblin. Jonesboro James William Nolan. Forrest City James Paul Norman. Caruthersville. Mo. Robert A. Norman. Brinkley Janice Marie Norris. Tyronza Robert Stephen Norris. Jonesboro Jeannette A. Norton. Drasco Paula Kay Nowlin. Steele. Mo. Carol Jeon Nunn. Dumas Polly E Nutt. Oklahoma City. Okla Pat R. Oakes. Augusta Melissa A Oates. Lepanto Devra O'Brien. Marked Tree Karen Sue Olix-er. Stuttgart Stexen Lee Oliver. Parma. Mo. Jreshmen David Oltmann. Brinkley William F. Oltmann. Brinkley Jo Faye Orr. Trumann Gail Alterene Orsborn. Jonesboro Janet Gail Osborn. Jonesboro Kathy Owen. Harrisburg Debbie Pace. Pocahontas Richard I .eon Pace. Black Oak Terry Paff. Pine Bluff Ronald L. Parness. West Memphis John i'ardew. Nettleton Linda D. Parish. Jonesboro Patricia Parker. Harrisburg Sheila Gail Park. Jonesboro Glenn Raymond Parks. Rector Dennis Wayne Parnell. Jonesboro Rondle B. Parnell. Cotton Plant Jeri Lynn Parrish. Blytheville Virgil Parr. Wynne Glynda S. Patrick. Pine Bluff Leslie R Patterson li. Stuttgart William Floyd Patterson. Lepanto Mary Lee Pavlas. Blytheville June Ann Payne. Marmaduke Sherra Lynn Payne. Tuckerman Meryl Jayne Pelu. Senath. Mo, Susan Penderfraff. Jonesboro Nellie E. Percifull, Jonesboro Carol Ann Perry. Ravenden Michael L. Perry. Jonesboro Rita Gordon Person. Parkin Bill Peterson. Blythexille Susan Peterson. Dumas Hester Wayne Petty. Arbyrd. Mo. Bernie G. Pfleger. Stuttgart Bill Phillip . Harrison Bobbie Faye Phillips. Holly Grove Charley Phillips. Jonesboro Gary Dean Phillips. Flippsn John Phillips. Harrison Class of 1971 ££ ft 6 p m J5 flk k o'Y WL ■5 r felt m Wtf f £ rv 'm a r ki 9L i eM Ct 44 343V HP, i n ft 1ft 4 K .Mark Alan Phillips. Hot Sprint Robert Wardon Phillip . Pine Bluff Suun L. Phipps. Success Barbara Piatt. Leachville Judy Pickard. Malden. Mo JoAnn Pickena. Kennett. Mo. Shirley Dianne Pickens. Paratould Kay Pickerinc. Jonesboro Charles W. Pierce. Arbyrd. Mo. Michael Pierce. Stuttgart Randell Pierce. Jonesboro Thomas R. Pierce Jr.. Leachville Edward E. Pike. Blytheville K. Lee Pillow. Helena Shirley Ann Pillow. Marianna Sheila Lorraine Pinkston. Marked Tree Ronnie Pittman. McCrory Dwain Plaster. Newport Skipper Platt. Rosie Hannah Ray Plochberter. Thayer. Mo. Charles Plymale. Hot Sprints Judy Poe. Kennett. Mo. Joseph H. Poff Jr.. Trumann Sharon Ann Poindester. Walnut Ridte Barbara Lee Polk. Erath. La. Thomas Pope. Forrest City Larry Porter. Roe James F. Porter. Jonesboro Jonathan Portis. Hamburg Ernest L. Powell. Jonesboro Riley L. B. Powell. Naylor. Mo. Diane Pratt. Jonesboro Robert H. Pressly. Jonesboro Sherry Ann Price. W. Memphis Robert Pritchett. Cornint Mary Ann Prothro. El Dorado Jamie Ann Pruitt. Searcy Teddy G. Pruitt. Osceola Colene Pulley. Mammoth Sprint Rita Daphene Pulley. Mammoth Sprint JreshmeH Class of 1971 David Purifoy. Curdon Jean Carolyn Pyle. Jonesboro Michael Qualls. Walnut Ridte Terry Qualls. Lake City Petty Queen. Pine Bluff Marsha Quinn. Caruthersville, Mo. Ronald J. Quinn. Pine Bluff Thomas Edward Rackley. Pocahontas Joyce Ratland. Stuttrart Tom Railtback. Pine Bluff Jackie Rakestraw. W Memphis Gregory T. Raley. Pine Bluff Jackie Ralph. Joiner Louis Steven Ralph. Joiner Carol Ralston. State Univanity Owen Randles. Paratould Ted Randleman. Rector Nola J. Randles. Paratould Allan Rands. Dumas Delores Daveene Raney. Newport Pamela Ann Ransom. Wynne William Ernest Ray. Jonesboro Willette Becker. Walnut Ridte Jimmy Redd. Harrisburt Johnny Lloyd Redd, Harrisburt Barry D. Reddick. Paratould Carlo E. Reddick. Paratould Clovis Wayne Reddick. Jonesboro Eddie Reddick Pine Bluff Alicia Reddmann. Weiner Anetta Reddmann. Weiner Johnnie Lee Redwine. Jonesboro Virginia Sue Redwine. Jonesboro Terry Reece. Jonesboro Gary Reed. Pine Bluff Pettie Reed. Paratould Pennelope Reed. Bratt City. Mo. Carol Ann Reeve . Jonesboro Frank Reeves. Salem Nancy Remel. N. Little Rock 3AADonald Renck. Jonetboro Konold Joe Rennicke. Wtlixr Doutlat Reynold . Lillie Rock John Reynold . Pimmii Judi Reynold . Newport Roger Reynold . McCrory Gary Richard. Cave Cily William K. Richard. El Dorado Barry Richardton. Heber Spring Billy R. Richardton. Melbourne France Richardton. Malvern Jsme F. Richardton, Marion Judy Richardton. Pine Bluff Marilee Richardton. Blytheville Mary A. Richardton. Earle John R. Riddell. Stuttgart Patty Sue Rifdon. Corning Deborah Riley. Newport Robert K. Ritby. Kiln note. Mo. Georgia Anne Rive . Trumann Ronald P. Roach. DeVallt Bluff Don Robb. Little Rock Jamet Roberton. Lepanto Carl E. Robert . Stuttgart Gary Joe Robert . Marmaduke Larry W. Robert!. Ath Flat Sandra Robert . Blytheville Stephen K. Robert . We t MemphU Donna Lea Robert ton. Mountain Home Thoma D. Robin . Leachville Jam A. Robinton. North Little Rock Linda Carol Robinton. Jonetboro Linda Kay Robinton. Reyno Catherine Robinton. Blytheville Linda A. Robinton. Kennett. Mo. Sonny Rodary, Piggott Bud Rodger . Belleville. N.J. Curtit L. Rodger . Jonetboro Jamet J. Rodger . We t Memphit Virgil A. Rodger . Paragould JreshmeH Carl A. Roger . Manila Donna Mae Roger . A«h Flat Jerry L. Roger . Mammoth Spring Nina Marie Roger . Blytheville Robert W. Roger . Dallo . Texa Bobby Chri Rorex. Jonetboro Danny Allen Rote. Jonetboro David Rote. Norfolk David Rote. Turrell Gary Don Rote. Brookland Kathy Rote. Jonetboro Larry Eugene Rote. Turrell Don Rotier. Viota Alvin Glen Rot . Duma Eddie R. Rot . Paragould Richard H. Root. Blytheville Roy Michael Rota. Helena Andrew R. Rotai. Little Rock Phillip B. Roten. Mountain Home Tom R. Roth. Stuttgart David Lee Rothgeb. Willow Spring Ginny Rothgery. Jonetboro Barbara Rothwell, Fordyce Kenneth R. Rowe, Paragould Pamela Rowe. I.uxora Roaemnry Rowe. Pine Bluff Scott W. Rowell. Springfield. Ohio Carrol B. Rowland. Bald Knob Carol Rowland. Little Rock Donna Rowland. Paragould Gary W. Rowlett. Swifton Jerry Dee Rowtey. Wilton Sandra Rowton. Rector Mike Rubottom. McCrory George A. Rucker. New Oleant. La. Dave Ruebtam. Ste. Genevieve. Mo. Barbara L. Kuthing. Pine Bluff Carol Anita Ruttell. Mammoth Spg. Robert W. Ruttell. Ravenden Spring Billy Dale Rutsom. Beech Grove Class of 1971 345Kay Rutland. Memphis. Tenn. Donna Rullrdge. Marianna Deborah Ann Ryan. Marked Tree Kenneth E. Saddler. Springfield. Mo. Janice Sago. Pocahontas Dana Saliba. Steele. Mo. John Saltiman. Mountain Home Charles D. Sample. Quitman Jerry Sample. Nimmons Patty Lou Sample. Evening Shade Richard Sample. Picgott Lynette Sandefur. Blytheville Robert Sandefur. Blytheville Kenneth R. Sanders. Viola Alan H. Sapp. Hialeah. Fla. Shirley Sargent. West Plains. Mo. Sharon Kay Saurenman. Memphis. Tenn. Donald Sawyers. Williford Gene Scarborough. Jonesboro Beverly K. Schaffhauser. West Helena I-arry Scheer. I-afe Russell Keith Schmidt. Floral Susan Schmidt. Trumann Kenneth Dale Schoenborn. Jonesboro Michael T. Scoggins. Pine Bluff Danny R. Scott. Newport Marie Dianne Scott. Jonesboro Randy Screws. Batesville Jon Scroggin. Little Rock Judy Faye Seals. Marion Don Seat. Jonesboro Joe Stephen Selby. Leachville Duane E. Semrau. Mammoth Spring Betty Senteney. Weiner Larry Session. Centralia. III. Brenda Sexton. Osceola Ronnie D Sexton. Tuckerman Katherine Shannon. Joiner Beverly Sharp. F'orrest City Marshall L. Sharp. Warren Jreskmen Class of 1971 David Paul Shaver. Jonesboro Nancy Susan Shaver. Tuckerman Russ Shaw Jr.. Bauwin. Mo. Vernell M. Shearer. Jacksonville Connie Sheffield. Batesville David D. Shelby Jr.. England Sherry Shelnut. Benton Sandra Shelton. Paragould Michael E. Shepherd. Pine Bluff Roy Shepherd. Harrisburg Vicki Sherrill. Senath. Mo. Johnny F'verett Shipp. Thayer. Mo. Peter K. Shirley. Blytheville Rod Sholtmier. Pine Bluff Donna Short. Senath. Mo. Wallace Ray Shrader. Paragould Kathy Shubert. Jacksonville William M. Sidle. Forrest City Ricky 1-ee Siebert. Newport Steve Sigsby. Rector Jimmie Sue Simmons. Warren Robert E. Simmons. Rector Steve R Simmons. Warren William David Simmons. Little Rock Elizabeth Dianne Simpson. Marked Tree Jeff Simpson. N. Little Rock Willie Simpson. Manila Dan Sims. Seattle. Wash. Amy Singleton. Holly Grove Larry Joe Singleton. Marmaduke Michael Singleton. Jonesboro Geroce Madison Sink IV. Hamburg Janina Sipa. Jonesboro Robert Sisco. Delaplaine Nickla Sitzer. Weiner E. Steven Skillern. Hot Springs Tommy Skinner. N. Little Rock Michael George Skirt. Mt Home David Slaven. Jonesboro Steve Slayton. Leachville 346Leonard Brady Slertz. Caruthersville. Mo. David Smalley. Foereat City Jimmy Dennit SmeUer. Paragould Brenda Joyce Smiley. Leachville Ann Smith. Jonnboro Barry Cri» Smith. Blytheville Charlea Michael Smith. Little Rock Clinton Smith. Altheimer Danny Stuart Smith. Carlisle Dennit W. Smith. Jonesboro Dickie Courtney Smith. Black Rock Donnie Smith. Paragould Douglas Smith. Wynne Dowell Smith. Stuttgart Edward T. Smith. Calico Rock Cary S. Smith. Harrisburg Oreg Smith. Jonnboro Helen Kathryn Smith. Harrisburg Jamea Smith. Paragould Jamn C. Smith. Black Rock Bryan Smith Jr.. Black Rock Jimmy A. Smith. Hamburg Jimmy David Smith. Jonesboro Kathleen Smith. Paragould Laura Smith. Corning. New York Lynn Smith. Wilson Mark Smith. Little Rock Phil Smith. Tichnor Philip G. Smith. Newport Randy K. Smith. Blytheville Reuben O. Smith. Jonnboro Robert Michael Smith. Walnut Ridge Rosevelt Smith. Burdette Sammy L. Smith. Marion Sara Kay Smith. Jonnboro Sherrill Smith. Paragould Steven Sloan Smith. Jonnboro Virginia Smith. Wnt Memphis William J. Smith. Caruthersville. Mo. Richard Dowell Smoot. Jonnboro JresknteH Carrie May Snapp. Walnut Ridge Samuel Jackson Snipn. Jonnboro Celia Krancn Snow. Piggott Danny Snow. Jonnboro Huland Dewayne Snow. Lake City Allen Soden. Weiner Diana Sorrels. O'Fallon. III. Jerry Southall. Parkin Rita Southerland. Stuttgart Donna Sparks. Paragould Linda Sparks. Marked Tree Don Speck. Manila Steve Speir. Forrest City Charln E. Spence Jr.. Dyes Jamn L. Spence. Cabot tarry Dene Spence. Willow Spring. Mo. John Spencer. Paragould Kenneth O. Spencer. Salem Virginia Howard Spencer. Luxoea Judy Spiller . Walnut Ridge Jamn Adrain Spinks. Corning Beverly Spivey. Benton Patricia Elaine Spivey. Mountain Home Johnnie Ruth Spraberry. Pine Bluff Greg Spurlock. Jonnboro Jease Stafford. Rector Rosalee Stafford. Brinkley John Howard Stanford. Wnt Memphis Bobby Stanley. Pine Bluff Nancy Kay Starks. Little Rock Linda Staten, Jonnboro Thomas Stayton. Walnut Ridge Frank A. Steele. Pine Bluff Ruth Steele. Monette Sally Steinsiek. Jonnboro Vordelle Stephens. Stuttgart Norris Stevens. Derroott Terry Stevenson. Hickory Ridge Bonnie Stewart. Pine Bluff Linda Stewart. Cardwell. Mo. gLLPJ a it © ri ; r r e 4i iat r Ait At e «'|Al as £1 Cl b ft f) o o As At 4 MAtlAcfetifc At ) e Class of 1971 347Reva Danette Stewart. Monette Virginia L. Stiedle. Helena Linda Still. Paraiould Victor Hay Stilwell. Blytheville Carol Ann Stocadill. Imboden Suzanne Stoner. Stuttgart Mary Jane Stotta. Lake City Bentley Earl Story. Marvell Beverly Jane Stoval. Senath. Mo. Stephen F. Stroyanov. Brinkley Hilda Stracener. Searcy Deiorea Stroud. Pine Bluff Carolyn Stuart. Blytheville Dennia Ray Stacker. Aah Flat Elizabeth Jean Sullivan. Weet Memphie Mary Alice Sullivan. Hozie Patricia Sullivan. Cave City Onie L. Summer . Paragould Coy Sutton Jr.. Marked Tree Hal Jeaeph Swan. Marked Tree Davine Beth Swihart. Pocahontaa Cleatua Leon Swindle. Paragould Patricia Ruth Tacker. Joneaboro Ronald Gene Tacker. Marked Tree Dennia M. Talbott. Maynard Billy Ray Talley. Joneaboro Gayle M. Tamburo. Helena Ricky Tankeraley. Joneaboro Bill Tarpley. Little Rock Mary E. Tate. Paragould Ronald Lee Tate. Joneaboro Tom D. Tatum. Little Rock Bruce Wayne Taylor. Blytheville Donna Taylor. N. Little Rock Gary Sullivan Taylor. Weat Memphia Judith Carol Taylor. Alicia Locel Dean Taylor. Forreat City Mae Rita Taylor. Paragould Mary Ruth Taylor. Crawford ville Stephen M. Taylor. Blytheville freshmen Class of 1971 Van Taylor. Piggott William Dwight Taylor. McCrory Pamela Teague. Jackaonville Kathy Tedfoed. Benton Lois Tedford. Hot Spring Mavncio TeUeria. Leon. Nicaragua Randal L Tenniaon. Paragould Anne Theola Ter Keunl. Pine Bluff Jeannie Terry. Calico Rock John R. Tew ell. Bar Harbor. Maine Marcia L. Thacker. N. Little Rock Carol A. Thayer. Remscn. New York Carrot] Roy Thetford. Caah Daniel E. Thomas. Mountain View David Thomas. Senath. Mo. Marsha Thomas. Pine Bluff Martha Thomas. Harrisburg Michael Thocnas. Senath. Mo. Shirley J. Thomas. Corning Norris Thomason. Watson Debrah Ann Thompson. Monette Deborah Thompson. Alton. Mo. Jeanne Thompson. Pocahontas Jimmy Thompson. Parkin Lanny Thompson. Paragould Michael Andrew Thompson. Newport Robert Thompson. Louisville. Ky. Teresa Thompson. Steele. Mo. Sam Thorpe. Little Rock Donald E Thrash. Devalls Bluff Parndia Thurman. Paragould Tommy Lee Thurmond. Leechville Debbie Tillery. Harrisburg Alice E. Tillman. Paragould Mary Elizabeth Tiner. Pine Bluff Mary Jan Tiner. McCroey Roger D. Tinsley. Hozie Danny Todd. Alicia Terry Todd. Herculaneum. Mo. Wendell Parrish Tolson. Walnut Ridge 348Norma Tom»ic. Jonnboro Cary Toomb . Paragould Lynn To»l. Jonnboro Jamn Tow try. Jonnboro Rodney L. Trantham. Piggott Becky Travi . Newport Cecil M. Treece. Paragould Diana Treece. Memphi . Tenn. Linda Trevatlvan. Jonnboro John C. Trice. Jonnboro Troy T. Trice. Stuttrart Linda C. Trimue. Forrnt City Carolyn S. Trivitt. A h Flat I on R. Troxler. Sage John V. Troy. Memphi . Tenn. Glenda Tubb». Pine Bluff Shary L. Tucker. Wnt Memphi Rhonda S. Tucker. Jonnboro William K. Tucker Jr.. Marked Tree Nancy Turnrle. Memphi . Tenn. Tom Tull. Jonnboro Brenda Turbyfill. Little Rock Bobby W. Turchi. Pine Bluff Sharron Turman. Jonnboro Georce Turner. Holly Grove Johnnie Turner. Trumann Lana Turner. Corning Lawrence G. Turner. Wynne Sandra K Turner. Ovceola Brenda L. Tyler. Pocahonta Milton A. L'muted. Newport Steve A. Up haw. Pocahonta Raphael Urbina. New York. N. Y. Lawrence M VanCamp. Stuttgart Jack W. Vance. Forrnt City Joe N. Van Cleve. O«eoln Ike M. Van Meter. Marvell Darlene Vanpelt. Jonnboro Thoma E. Van Vranken. Forrnt City John St. Vaughn. Cardwell. Mo. Jreshmen Jimmy G. Veael. Corning Barbara Vnt. Newport Melba F. Vicker . Locu»t Grove Sandi Vicker . Paragould Rudy Vinn. Paragould Jamn Vittitow. Pine Bluff Peggy Von Almen. Memphi . Tenn. N'ichola Vrettoa. Athen . Greece Linda Sue Waddell. Gilmore Marietta Wagner. Paragould Barbara Wahl. Little Rock William J Waldrop. Bateaville. Mil . Joe Walewonia. Fontana. Calif. Carolyn J. Walker. Cardwell. Mo. Jamn W. Walker. Jonnboro Karen Walker. Pine Bluff Marvin Walker. Wynne Melva Walker. Forrnt City Michael F. Walker. Jonnboro Su an Walker. Jonnboro Sutan Gail Walker. Marked Tree Tommy G. Walker. Walnut Ridge Kenneth C. Wallace. Monette Jani Walli . Beech Grove Marthall Wall . Corning Roger W Wall . Wnt Memphi Michael Walpole. Jonnboro Cynthia Walter. Pine Bluff Timothy W. Walter . Jonnboro Bobby E. Walton. Hughn Michael Walton. Turner Jennifer Ware. Little Rock Patti Jo Warr. Hot Spring Cynthia G Warren. Brinkley Gloria L. Warren. Tyronza Marilyn Watkin . Forrnt City Marilyn K. Wat ton. Black Rock Michael D. Wat on. Black Rock Tommy E. Wat on Jr.. Corpu Chri ti. Tex. Robert L. Watt. Little Rock Class of 1971 fUL ft |C V v O 349m o a m Charles C. Watu. Bay Much Dean Weatherford. Wheatley Billy Hay Weatherly. Brinkley Andrea Weathersby. Brinkley Dwight Michael Weaker. Paragould Jimmy R Weaver. Jonesboro Michael Ray Weaver. Ca»h David Webb. Little Rock Kathryn Webb. Tuckerman Ronald Webb, Willow Sprinir . Mo. Stephen G. Webb. Little Rock Morris Wayne Webster. Jonesboro Jeonine Week . Parkin Sharon Wegman. Jonesboro Walter A. Weier. Forrest City W. Kim Weinberg. Leachville Sandy Welch. Leachville Donna Marie Well . Jone boro Jerry Well . Walnut Ridge Su an Jeannette Well . Paragould Elvira Wemel. N. Little Rock William O. We t Jr.. Blytheville Ed Wextbrook. Bauelt Judy Patrica We tbrook. Blytheville Sharon We tern, Salado Susanne Westlake. Hendry William Lonnie We ton. Jonesboro Larry Gene Wheeler. Paragould Walter Michael Wheeler. De ha Janet Whitaker. Harrisburg William H Whitaker II. Warded Dan Edward White. Jr,. Manila Jimmy Dale White. Lafe Jimmy O'Neal White. Jonesboro Phillip D. White. Wynne Ray Lynn White. Jonesboro Vickie Jonell White. Jonesboro Bobby Gene Whiteaker. Jr.. Pineville Treva ThurLene Whiteaker. Norfork Linda Kay Whitener. Sedgewick Jreshmen Class of 1971 Linda Diane Whitney. Grubbs Tere a WhiUell. Forrest City Danny Joe Whitten. Matthews. Mo. Joan Whitten. Black Oak Ronald Earl Whittingham. Jonesboro Gloria Wiggins. Clarendon Vicki Lynn Wiggins. N. Little Rock John C. Wile . Ray Vivian Wilkerson. Cave City Donald Gary Wilke . Batesville Cynthia Gail Wilkins. Hornersville. Mo. Linda Joy Wilkins. Senath. Mo. Michael Wilkinson. Jacksonville Jim Willcockson. Pine Bluff Ann Willett. Jonesboro Terri Christene Willett. Jonesboro Alice Faye Williams. Marked Tree Bill Williams. Marvell Billy Gene Williams. Brookland Boyd Swift Williams. Marvell David E. Williams. Jonesboro Don S. William . Crawfordsville Franklin Williams. Beech Grove Grover E. Williams. Batesville James Earl William . Brinkley Mamie William . Joiner Nettie Jane Williams. Paragould Ricky D. Williams. Bigger Robert Clinton Williams. Gilmore Ross S. William . Marion Sandra Lynn Williams. Cardwell. Mo. Sharon Williams. Clarkston. Mich. Stan William . Blytheville Melanie Williford. Brinkley Paul H. Wilimuth. Batesville Carl Wilson. Jonesboro Carol Jane Wilson. Leachville Charley Sue Wilson. Leachville Diana Kay Wilson. Stuttgart Donna Leola Wilson. Blytheville 350Gerald Wilton. Morrillon H. Jack Wilton Jr.. Caruthersville. Mo. Jury W. Wilton. Pine Bluff Ronald Paul Wilton. Kennett. Mo. William David Wilton. Jonetboro Jerry Lee Winemiller. Paragould Jerry Don Winn. Paragould Sutan Winton. Piggott Kathy Witty. Harriton Martha A. Wofford. Little Rock Jack Eugene Womack. Paraxould Robert Womack. Jonctboro Wendy Wong. Cotton Plant Gary Alan Wood. Hickory Ridge Gary Wayne Wood. Stuttgart Jerry Edwin Wood. Cuthman Melinda Wood. Jonetboro Paula Wood. Blytheville Rhonda I.ynn Wood. Jonetboro Roberta Jean Wood. Parkin Tereta Dianne Woodard. Wett Memphit Larry Woodruff. Oil Trough Gary Wood . Jonetboro Karen Sue Woodt. Trununn Yvonne Wollverton. Piggott Mary Jane Wooten. Searcy Cheri Jeanne Word. Marvell Larry J. Wortham. Keiter Robert Worthington. Swifton Robert Worttmith. North Little Rock Lynda Wren, El Dorado Deborah Kay Wright. Jonetboro Joe A. Wright. Stuttgart Kathryn Joyce Wright. Kennett. Mo. Michael Louit Wright. Caruthertville. Mo. Bonnie Sue Yancy. Kennett. Mo. Carmen Yarnell. Judtonia A. Rovert Yarnell. Searcy Sutan Lynn Yehling. North Little Rock Dorothy Patricia Young. Pine Bluff Jreskmen Phillip H. Young. Jonetboro R. B. Young. Umpire Roger W. Young. Clarendon Ruth A. Young. North Little Rock Lexy Zalewtki. Jonetboro Larry Martin Ziegenhorn. Jonetboro Jack Ziegler. Stuttgart Sandria G. Zeigler. Forrett City Carolyn Zimmerman. North Little Rock Judy Ann Zinn. Memphit. Tenn. Class of 1971 LKenChorice. Ellington. Mo. Gary Clark. Buffalo. N Y. James Clark. Rustburg. Va. Lynn Clifton. Beech Grove Betty Collier. Fredericktown, Mo. James Cooper. Jonesboro David Cotter. North Little Kock Joyce Crew . Jone boro Jean Dowrey. Richland. Iowa Conttance Eggleston. Stillwell. Ind. Leaborn Elli . Wynne Sal Fetruzzello. Amsonia.Conn. Patricia Flake. Little Rock Morris Fulcher. Hazel Park. Mich. Valerie Fulcher. Carlisle William Gardner. West Memphis Kathryn Gee. Blytheville Linda Gillean. Fisk. Mo. Lucille Gott. Jonesboro Michael Guillot. Blytheville Larry Hall. A.h Flat Linda Hartwick. North Little Rock Shirley Hitchens. Steele. Mo. Robert Howard. Rochester. N.Y. Marcia Johnson. State University Diane Kelly. Beech Grove John I.ammers. Stuttgart William Lincoln. Maynard Larry Loflin. Augusta Terry McCoy. Webster Grove . Mo. Mike McDaniel. Jonesboro Dianne McElrath. Gideon. Mo. Becky Milum. Batesville Pam Mutgrave. Batesville Sharon Oliver. Paragould Jerry Osbon. Beech Grove Mary Permenter. Luxora Harold Perrin. Batesville Marvin Poole. Swifton Larry Reed. Pocahontas Kenneth Reinhardt. Blytheville Daniel Saylor. Parkside. Pa. Wu "Vicky" Shu-Kuan. Taipei Taiwan Kenny Simmons. Bald Knob Ricky Smith. Blytheville Dickie Turner. West Memphis Harry Watson. Shreveport. La. Roy Wobber. West Helena Victoria Whiteside. Wilson Conley Williams. Rector JoeZollner. Marmaduke Sherley Zollner. Marmaduke Bob Abbott. Farmington. Mo. Mary Ellen Abbott. Jonesboro I.awrence R. Abdella. El Dorado Roberta K. Allen. Jonesboro William Brannon. Lynn A! Brewer. Lepanto Kayla Brown, Peach Orchard Tommy Bryant. Wynne 353It all started as a bunch of beat-up trailers forex-GI’s. Now it's a growing community of young families. Indian Village: Moving in and cleaning up a trailer can be quite a task, especially when former residents leave a melted chocolate pie in the refrigerator. 354ASU’s Answer To Suburbia Household chores and study go hand-in-hand for many students in the village. Cherokee Men’s Council for Married Students Gary Rose. President Peter Holt. Vice-President Robert Harper. Secretary Carl Hill, Treasurer Robert Jobe. Reporter Kenneth Cannady. Historian Richard White. Sergeant-at-arms James Best Joseph Bradley A1 Brewer Thomas Brown E. Joe Crossfield Edward Cunningham Glenn Davis Clinton Duckworth Eddie Fitzhugh Harry Gambill Larry George T racy McGraw A. D. Owens Kelly Parrish John Pauli Arnold Sanford John Snider 355Indian Staff Jean Hamilton was head typist for the annual. Classes staff— Sharon Gwathncy. Jane Jackson. Kay Mead, Nancy Cooper. Pam Gcraghty. and Nancy Kemp. Sports staff— (below) Jim Lassiter. Bill Green. H. T. Moore, (above) Dan Henderson, Eddie Reddick, and Jack Montgomery. 356 A yearbook staff is an ambivalent lot at best; they both love ami hate the object of their labor. An on-and-off-again bunch of dedicated deadbeats. The battle done.... Copy staff members (top right) Marcia Thompson, Betty Stanley. Bethel Thurman, and Jim Moshinskie worked in close conjunction with layout staff (above), consisting of Marge Mueller. Ron Becker, Joe Birts. Jim Lassiter, and Dave McDaniel. 357So now I am prepared. They have handed me a gilted sheet of paper and said: "Go forth into the world. Assert.” So here I stand, formally deprived of my ignorance, looking at you, world. A nd all I can see is that you're still out there, world. Behind this facade of education, ami really ready? All I have been through— that incessant frenzy of seeking, finding or failing— should have prepared me. But the same forebodings and beckoning voices are still with me. Yet there is a difference, a strange certainty, I can feel, but not explain. For while you may be out there, world, I know you're in here, too. WAISWORTH ■«( « ■•in 359the catharsis.. It all began four years ago when I became a student at Arkansas State. The same year, I joined the Indian staff. This school, this yearbook and I have been developing together ever since. What has happened to us—and you—is what the preceding 359 rambling pages are all about. While the 1968 Indian is, in a traditional sense, a retrospective record of a single year at ASU, on another level it is also a depiction of an entire college career. We have attempted to mirror those distinctions unique to each class—from the uneasy zeal of freshmen to the contrived nonchalance of seniors. But more importantly, we have also tried to show the unifying influence of change and mutual experience. That the Indian staff was composed of representatives from all the classes added authenticity to the effort. And a fine staff it was. Each editor and worker shown on the staff pages earned the right to have his picture there by laboring consistently throughout the year. They comprised one of the largest conglomerations of talent and energy that has ever been brought to bear in the production of an A-State yearbook. My assistant editor, Dianne Gage (who took a brief leave of absence just before the final deadline to become Mrs. Steve Clark) was both a good friend and a competent worker. Layout editor Ron Becker and I spent considerable time giving the Indian’s pages a different look by using a new layout and design format. Because of the efforts of Betty Stanley—the most rampant of all my editors— I believe we have succeeded in adding special vitality to the copy in this annual. (Both Betty and I owe belated thanks to copy writers Donna Simpson and Beth Daniels, who were unable to be here when the staff pictures were taken.) Associate editor Harry Truman Moore, who handled the sports section, was particularly well-suited for his job. He really came through for me on the fourth deadline, which was a harrowing experience for the whole staff. Classes editor Nancy Kemp—an old friend since our high school days in Hot Springs and a veteran Indian staffer—put her section of the book together in record time after receiving an able assist from Kay Parks. Our photographers—Marion Meredith, Keith Ashcraft, Dale Butler and Gordon Morris—were the most disorganized and idiosyncratic members of the staff. Perhaps that’s why they produced some of the best yearbook photography, this editor has ever seen. Although he probably won’t believe I'm saying it. I owe an extra amount of gratitude to Tom Manning, our advisor. True, Tom and I had our differences—some of which kept the journalism building in an uproar for days. But he was the main one responsible for keeping the staffs enthusiasm and determination at a high peak. He was strict enough to keep us out of trouble (hopefully) and liberal enough to allow experimentation with a number of new ideas. Thanks also to the faculty members with whom I was associated this year (some who were inspiring, others who were at least indulgent of my class cuts), and to ASU’s administrators (especially L. Cameron, who helped rescue the book from a financial precipice). Even at the risk of sounding endearing, I must pay tribute to my wife, Shari. Her patience and unselfishness lightened the load of one responsibility so I was better able to shoulder the demands of another. Looking back on this, our collective brainchild. I feel certain some will accuse us of producing a rather sporadic view of this campus; they could pay us no higher compliment. For if this book gives a desultory impression, perhaps we have come close to symbolizing the potpourri of experiences that makes college such a fraught and memorable time of life. Herein are static images that can only hint at the true nature of this place. The reality of Arkansas State University cannot be defined with words and pictures; it exists indescribably within each individual student. It’s up to you to find it. Dan Stracner

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