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Becomes University Rockefeller Signs Bill January 17 " ASU A Reality: " the head- line on a special edition of The Herald jumped out at you and proclaimed the coming of a new era. Arkansas State would not officially become a university until July 1, but the battle had been won. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller signed the bill on a snowy Tuesday afternoon, and bedlam broke . loose on the A-State campus. The final goal had been reached, and the tensions from eight years of waiting had to be released. Dr. Carl R. Reng led the way, and help came from sources too nu- merous to mention. The glow of university status will soon die out and ASU will become a more natural word, but the memory of the day when it became a reality will be with us for the rest of our lives. The INDIAN Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas Volume 44 July 1, 1967 fi W J jfet , Cc u Table Of Contents Features Homecoming Indian Band Miss A-State Rush 56-59 Who ' s Who ROTC 66-69 18-25 26-29 48-53 60-65 Groups Greeks 82-105 SGA 110-113 Organizations 1 14-143 Football 150-164 Basketball 166-183 Spring Sports 184-197 Intramurals 198-207 College Administration 210-219 Schools Divisions 220-245 Classes Seniors 248-270 Juniors 271-285 Sophomores 286-303 Freshmen 304-328 Unusual quiet prevailed on the House floor as Rep. John Miller read excerpts from the Arkansas Traveler to the legislators. Bill Passes House Easily With surprising ease, the House of Repre- sentatives passed the university status bill two days after the session opened. Help from an unexpected source came in the form of editorial support from the University of Arkansas student newspaper. Two of the main fighters for the bill were Roscoe Brown of Jonesboro (above) and Jack Oakes of Augusta (standing, at right) . " A bill for an act to be en- titled: An act to change the name of Arkansas State Col- lege to Arkansas State Uni- versity; and for other pur- poses. " Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas. " Section 1. The name of Ar- ka nsas State College is here- by changed to Arkansas State University . " Section 2. Hereafter, va- cancies on the Board of Trus- tees of Arkansas State Uni- versity shall be filled by appointments by the Governor from the State at large. " Section 3. This act shall take effect and be in full force . on and after July 1, 1967. " IS. A large group of supporters from Jonesboro saw the Senate vote 29-5 in favor of ASU. Senate Approves; WR Adds Name Dr. Reng Triumphant Dr. Reng and other A-State administrators who had worked hard and long for uni- versity status were elated. . . and relieved. They had a right to be proud of the work they had done, and they had a right to celebrate. So did the stu- dents. Despite the snow, people all over campus dis- played their joy when word reached A-State. For some, though, the celebrating had to be delayed. A special edition of The Herald was planned, and less than 12 hours after the governor had signed the bill, the edition was printed. Special Issue Of Herald Tells Story A mad rush was made as pictures and stories were thrown together, then turned over to the printers. The next morning, students had the results. J Ik ' SGA President Ray Hall Jr presented Dr. Reng with a plaque in recognition of his efforts. ' ASU Day ' Starts With Assembly Before he began a brief speech, the university president was greeted with a standing ovation by the students. 2 Parade Follows Through Jonesboro Following the semester break, classes were dis- missed for a day, and an official celebration was held. It started with an assembly and was followed by a parade through downtown Jonesboro. All facil- ities in the Reng Center were opened free of charge to students, and a dance was held that night. Probably the longest parade in A-State history began in iront of Kays Hall. It was so long, in fact, that it was a half-hour late starting. Parade was so long that tail-enders got downtown too late to join in the ceremonies. ' Challenge Lies Ahead Of Us ' " We must look to the future and plan for it, " Dr. Reng reminded the students of Arkansas State Uni- versity. " We face a tremendous responsibility now. " The bands played, the cheers were heard, the shouts echoed all over campus with a reminder that the celebration could not last long. lonesboro citizens helped with the celebrating, showing their pride in the state ' s second university. Smiling face showed the ASU president ' s joy in taking part in the celebration. Cheerleaders introduced some new cheers, showed they could spell their school ' s new name. Onlookers at Kays Hall watch parade, wishing they had cars. Dance floor was crowded that night as were Reng Center facilities. Only trouble was that it was so crowded that you couldn ' t really ever get to any- thing free. Student Body (?) Picks Queen Valenteen Triumphs Over Four Others All important events have to have queens to reign over them. Most of these queens have at least one thing in common — beauty. Arkan- sas State ' s Homecoming Queen was no ex- ception last fall. Lynn Valenteen was beauti- ful, talented, popular, intelligent and, what ' s more, a member of the Indian staff. How- ever, many students were disgruntled, to say the least, about the method of selection set up by the SGA. The judges were poorly in- structed for their interviews prior to pick- ing five finalists. As a result, they may have given too much consideration to intelligence. Many candidates were eliminated on their lack of political insight, current events knowl- edge or literary awareness. Less than one- fifth of the student body voted. Good for the Greeks. Girls are nervous before the interviews. Little did they realize that they should have been studying Some students were corraled. Some were rustled. Some were found hiding. Others were trapped in class. But they voted, and they were counted. TKE ' s " Teach the Cardinals a New Tune " was judged best in the mechanical division, and Chi O ' s " The Only Good Redbird is a Dead Bird ' ' won stationary-with-lights . Zompetition Stiff TKE, Chi O, PEMM Club Capture Top Honors Homecoming display competition in all three divisions was rougher than ever before. The various organizations built them bigger than ever before and probably spent more money. First, second and third place winners in each category were: mechanical — Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha; stationary-with-lights — Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi; stationary- without-lights — PEMM Club (no second or third given). Next year construction com- panies may be contracted. Alpha Gamma Delta copped second in the stationary-with-lights division, and Sigma Phi Epsilon was runnerup in mechanical. Homecoming royalty and their escorts are presented before the game. Get back on the right side, Bill. — " 1 The stage was set for a big day. The displays were built; the queen was ready to reign; spirit was running high. And best of all, the Indians were unbeaten and nationally-ranked, hopefully on their way to the conference championship. Then along came Lamar Tech. The Cardinals must not have appreciated the display slogans. Indians said: lust wait til next year. Ray gets crown from Ann Marie O ' Dell, and the new queen begins her reign. Meanwhile, Rick watches wis hfully. It ' s easy to pick up a mum The hard part comes when you try to pin it on the girl. Indian Band marches onto the field, and the crowd suddenly has something to cheer about. Lamar Spoils Tribe Homecoming Cards Ruin Perfect Mark Of Indians Queen and her court come to their feet, probably for Chief Big Track ' s first and final ride of the afternoon. Lynn figured the team needed more help, so she donned her cheerleading outfit and tried to lead deadpan crowd. Fraternity men welcomed the Indian team onto the gridiron, an unbeaten crew until a short time later. Dances are freguently more fun when they aren ' t so crowded, but the suitcasers are welcome to stay any weekend A pep meeting at A-State would be sadly lacking without the music and antics of the Indian pep band. Practice, Practice And More Practice. All too often, we look at the finished product and in our haste fail to consider the hours of mental and physical effort that have gone before. A-State ' s Marching Indian Band is held in high esteem by all who have seen and heard it perform. Here, too, one sees the finished product. Seldom does one realize the individual sacrifices that have been made in crder to make the band better. Members of the band returned to school one week prior to formal registration to begin practice. During that week they practiced eight hours a day. Six of that eight were spent out in the hot September sun marching and learning new routines. The two re- maining hours were devoted solely to instrumental and group sectional practices. After school began, one and a half hours daily were spent in practice. Subsequently, the band was better than ever. They presented a thrilling new show each game to the delight of all present. Practice, practice and more practice . . .and the word is perfection . A farewell grin from Don Minx, one of the South ' s foremost directors, and the Indian band is off. ' I ' ll have you know peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made me what I am today . Everyone is at attention, all is in readiness, the whistle tweets, GO ! . . .And The Word Is Perfection The Indian Band marches on and wherever it goes, the qual- ity of its performance has brought the name of Arkansas State to fore. This year band director Don Minx was assisted by Tom Williams, new to the A-State campus. Always a crowd pleaser, John Erwin, drum major, donned a Batman cape and mask to accent one of the band ' s more colorful shows. Lead- ing the majorette line this year in its many clever routines was Carol Rand, head majorette. Taking over an honor be- stowed in years gone by to the state ' s other university, the Marching Indians were the lead band in the Arkansas Live- stock Exposition Parade. A trip to Murray State to perform at halftime, a concert at the Mid-South Fair and the Jones- boro Christmas Parade were also a part of its schedule. Most assuredly, the A-State band holds a ranking among the elite of its kind in the nation. Feature twirler Ben Coonfield provides a show in him- self as he twirls at the sideline during a performance As if being able to carry one of the things isn ' t a feat in itself, the tuba section performs a feature number on one leg. Showy marching drills are always a popular crowd pleaser and the Marching Indians are very seldom ever out of step. Out in front of the band, Carol Rand, head majorette, shows the style and enthusiasm that marked the entire majorette line Don Minx guarantees nothing less than an entire field of entertainment with something for everyone Li .1 i w. ——-v. WS—s ' 29 Candidates of the two parties congregate to prepare for the coming week of campaigning and elections. URP and its cowboy hats get out the votes with pretty girls. Every spring when Student Govern- ment election comes around, the cam- pus shows more life in this one week than at any other time. Last spring two active parties, the Progressive Student Party and the University Re- form Party, each composed of sever- al organizations, all but two of which are Greek, presented their slate of candidates and party platforms. The campaigning, entertainment and prop- aganda in attempts to sway the voters had vivid effects as over 2,000 stu- dents went to the polls — impressively breaking a school record. The night before voting day each party held a dance, but a deluge of rain dampened spirits considerably. A campus forum to interrogate the candidates, rallies and platform brochures handed out to the students resulted in an inform- ed, interested voting body. The final results gave PSP candidates 20 posi- tions out of 27 possible. Five mem- bers of URP gained victories, and two independents were elected. All in all, a bundle of money was spent, mainly by the Greeks, to control the SGA, a goal questionable in value. RSP utilized student talent to bring out the voters Jerry McAfee, past SGA president, announces the winners to an anxious crowd. At right, Jim Goad congratulates Ray Hall Jr., whose victory in the race for president spoiled PSP ' s triumph Election Returns: PSP Majority Voters wait patiently in line to cast their ballots after a full day of having their 1 ' ears talked off . ' Facial expressions of the differ- ent party representatives indicates the sway of votes. Future plans of the administration were revealed to the leaders by Dr Reng, the man behind the plans . Yes, things do go better with coke, says Marvin. When the student leaders of Arkansc Stale get together, anything is liable 1 happen. Each year the administrate invites those students to a retre. at Walcott State Park. During this tim discussions are held concerning campi problems and issues of the comin school year. Members of the faculty an administration meet with the student Among the more prominent issue which came up last year were unive sity status, censorship and staff sele tion of publications, women ' s dress, ii dependent student activities, Greek r lations and Student Government Assoc iation programs. Fortunately, or i some cases unfortunately, almost a A-State traditions survived. Afte the retreat was over, the leader paid tribute to Dean Moore by throw ing him in the lake. Between conference sessions the students we given a chance to let off some stea: 32 SGA President went home early because of cold weather, so students decided Dean Moore needed a bath; afterward they turned on each other and tested the Walcott facilities them- selves Leaders Get Together; Dean Smile, kids, you ' re on " Candid Came Talk is the order of the day, and neither students nor administrators stop, even during the breaks. 34 Graduation-Recollection Plus Anticipation At each of Arkansas State ' s three commencements during the year its di- rectory of alumni grows. These graduates had many reasons for attending college. Perhaps the one best reason was provided by Aristotle when he said that only the educated are free. This challenge of a higher education is not reserved for a select few. All ages can seek freedom of the mind through pursuit of knowledge. Students fresh out of high school as well as retired military men can be found in the undergraduate school. Working on master ' s degrees are college graduates who want better salaries or a teacher who wants to be a better one. Education shapes the individuals who shape the future. All these thoughts run through the graduate ' s mind commencement night. The challenges are echoed by the speaker. Soon, with his left hand he will receive his diploma, a key to the future, and with his right hand a friendly handshake signifying education ' s pride in him. Clinging to their vehicles, the jubilant winning competitors stop for their trophies. Lambda Chi, AOPi Capture Honors In Little 500 Capturing top honors in the fraternity division, Lambda Chi Alpha shared the spotlight with Alpha Omicron Pi, winners of the sorority division, last spring in LXA ' s " Little 500 " pushcart race. Sigma Phi Epsilon took second in the fraternity competi- tion, while Chi Omega was runnerup among the sororities. The Chi O ' s also pedaled their way to victory over Phi Mu in the " Tricycle Grand Prix. " It was the second straight year that Lambda Chi had won its own event. The winning cart covered the 200-yard course in 42.7 seconds in the finals, topping the Sig Eps by two seconds. Queen of the ' ' Little 500, ' ' Bonnie Willett (left) poses willingly with her court of honor. Mike Burk pours it on for a fast finish. Girls had their fun, too, despite the fact the times were not quite as good as those in the fraternity division. 36 PiKA Little Olympics Muddy Confusion Mud-drenched Chi O ' s don ' t seem to mind their predicament since they have a shiny new trophy to show for their endeavors. Who will reign? Awaiting the decision of the judges, these lovelies pause with their escorts . It seems there is no end to a pledge ' s enthusiasm. Mud-caked sorority girls were hardly recognizable at the second annual Pi Kappa Alpha Little Olym- pics, but the boys rated the event high on their list of spectator sports. Tossing their lady -like mannerisms to the winds, the girls competed in such events at the pie throw, tug-o-war, find-the-change and sack race. Also a crowd fa- vorite was the selection of a beauty gueen from a field of four ' " smartly attired " Pike pledges to reign over the event. Capturing first place with the highest total of points was Chi Omega sorority. Second went to Alpha Gamma Delta, and Phi Mu placed third. Whether parading or mixing it up in the mud, the competitors enjoyed the afternoon. and eagerly looked forward to next year. 37 Some 1,903 freshmen, just 28 shy of last year ' s rec- ord class, arrived on campus September 7 for a week ' s orientation before the upperclassmen arriv- ed, bringing the enrollment to 5,200 students. The orientation week was filled with activities for the incoming class, including the street dance and an evening of entertainment in the Reng Center. Several meetings were held in Indian Field House, while others were held in the Carl R. Reng Center Ball- room. Meetings were held with representatives of the school ' s administration and of the various schools, who discussed their jobs and answered any questions the students had. Attentive students listen to the advice of school administrators . Freshmen Arrive Two dances, the Chamber of Commerce street dance and the Reng Center dance, highlight orientation. Top three winners proudly display trophies after announcement by Mignonne Wilson, Alpha Gam president, and Jan Harrell, mistress of ceremonies. Benefit Reveals Variety Of Talent 1 1 1 1 j i T i Swinging sounds of the Kappa Kappa Psi band captured a second place tro- phy . Selections performed were ' ' Al Hoot ' ' and ' ' Swing Low . ' ' Emotion caught the audience as winning entry Janet Shoemate enacted a tense scene Talented performers and emcee Jan Harrell ' s witticisms added up to an evening of entertainment in the annual Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show. A field of 17 contestants com- peted for the top three places, with Janet Shoemate ' s dra- matic reading of " Elizabeth the Queen " capturing the judges ' fancy. Second place was awarded the Kappa Kappa Psi band, and third was won by Betsy Milwee with a song and dance routine. The Talent Show was staged for the Cot- tage of Hope and Cerebral Palsy children. Would you believe yodeling? Fortunately, this pair did not enter their talent (?) . Representatives from the Chi O-Sig Ep team accept trophies from Sue Abernathy, Playhouse chairman, and Pat Montgomery, Phi Mu president. Chi O, SPE Share First Place Win In Playhouse Greeks shared the spotlight as they donned the masques of comedy and tragedy to stage five one- act productions in the annual Phi Mu Playhouse. Due to the renovation of Wilson Auditorium, the Playhouse was held in the Ballroom of the Reng Center, a more fitting atmosphere for the amateur dramatic talent. Capturing first place was Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s adaptation of " Fan- tasticks, " a popular musical depicting the schem- ing efforts of two fathers to link romantically a son and a daughter. To give further recognition, individual acting awards were also presented to outstanding performers, a new tradition begun last year. Playhouse proceeds were sent to S.S. Hope, a hospital ship that travels around the world. True identity of " The Stolen Prince " is discov- ered in Japanese play by AOPi and Sigma Pi. Evil triumphs over good in switch ending from ' ' Millie, the Beautiful Working Girl, ' ' melodrama by Phi Mu and TKE . Fiendish scheme of villain is unraveled in Alpha Gam-PiKA ver- sion of ' ' Egad, What A Cad ! ' ' I I MM The Champ takes time out for an interview with inquiring reporters in scene from ' ' Title Go " by LXA . Christmas on campus always seems to open when the Reng Center puts up its elaborate decorations, creating a festive atmosphere inside and out. Magic Christmas Wand Waves Over Campus Sprinkling Cheer Reigning over the A WS dance as Jolly Ol ' St Nick was Bob Bailey Jean Hartung presents gifts to Bob and Miss Merry Christmas, Jan Rose What ' s Christmas without caroling 7 Whether singing in competition or just gathering around a piano, the season is merrier when music fills the air. AOPi, LXA Cop Competition was stiff, but practice, talent and desire led Lambda Chi Al- pha to victory for the sixth consecu- tive year in the fraternity division of the Alpha Omicron Pi All-Greek Songfest. Taking the honor in the sorority division, succeeding Chi Omega, was Alpha Omicron Pi, with a medley from The Sound of Music. " Accompaniment other than piano was introduced into the Song- fest for the first time last spring with the Phi Mu ' s using a string bass and a snare drum. While awaiting the announcement of the winners, an All- Greek choir, composed of five mem- bers of each chorus, presented two selections. Serving as mistress of ceremonies was Linda Wyatt. Proud directors Carolyn Swindle (second from left) and John Erwin accept trophies for AOPi and LXA from Linda Wyatt and Jan Watkins, AOPi president. Sparkling AOPi ' s won their own songfest with popular selections from 1 ' Sound of Music . ' ' 1 ! 1111 Rating second with the judges in the fraternity division was Sigma Phi Epsilon, directed by Ronny Durham 47 Carol Rand of Paragould Mary Rose Of Leachville 1st Runnerup Jackie Rives Of Trumann a S 18 Judges are given one final look at the girls after the third phage of competition, that of evening gown Gown, Swimsuit Competition Stiff Because of scheduling difficulties, the first Miss ASU Pageant had to be held in Indian Field House on a Monday night. Nevertheless, it was a success; a worthy queen was chosen. The judges were introduced to the 20 contest- ants at a " Pepsi Party " the same day as the pageant. Consideration was given to three di- visions of judging. Girls enjoy small talk as well as their Pepsi ' s as nervousness builds before the pageant. Coming off the stage, Judy Allen offers a word of encour- agement to Tannda Langston. Behind them is Teena Brooks, winner of the evening gown division. V ] i That last touch of make-up has to go on before Mary Rose will make her appearance on stage. Boys didn ' t notice the make-up anyway. Circle K President goes over some final instructions with two of the beauties. Ouida Jackson ' s figure helped gain her a spot in the finals Grace and poise are required in the swimsuit and evening gown competition as May Carol Lieblong and Judy Allen, the swimsuit winner, prove. For the evening gown division, Carol Rand wore a white toga- inspired dress of crepe and chiffon It ' s not hard to see why Ann Smithwick was one of the favorites of the audience ay Carol L i a i em the ore what separates the finalists from rest of the group, and this year ' s field ed itself well endowed with talent in addi- tion to beauty. The winner of this division was May Carol Lieblong, who did an original dance with her own specially designed lighting and costume. Variety was distinct among the 20 three -minute pieeentations. mm Two beautiful love songs helped earn Jackie Rives a place among the five finalists and eventually, the first runnerup trophy A natural performer, May Carol displayed little nervousness either in the dress- ing room or on stage. Margaret Miller presented a piano solo in the talent competition. A lost purse decorates the background RCLEKtWB While the judges were making their decision, emcee Trent Wood talked with Janet Harold, Miss Campus Beautiful, and Sherry Grooms sang Five Finalists Chosen-, Suspense Builds Tears stream down the cheeks of Teena Brooks as she accepts her seond trophy of the night, one for Miss Congeniality and one for evening gown. After the naming of division winners and Miss Congeniality, the field was narrowed down to five finalists. The five were then asked gues- tions while the judges decided on the first Miss ASU. Then came the final announcement — Carol nearly fainted. Jackie Rives is first as Trent Wood starts reading questions to the finalists. Meanwhile, others tremble. Quick Somebody catch her Shock caused moment of concern for Miss ASU ' s heart. Jackie is happy, too— they ' 11 both be in the Miss Arkansas Pageant Winner Announced; Carol Almost Faints After regaining her composure, Carol accepted her laurels and posed for countless pictures with Jackie Rives, first runnerup, and Mary Rose, second runnerup. Sorority Rush Hectic But Fun Twice a year, for one solid week members of Arkansas State ' s four sororities subject themselves to an essential torture, that of bringing in new life. For both the rushers and the rushees this very hectic week con- sists of one party after another. The sorority girls are especially entangled, having little time for anything else. There must be a better way. 56 What Is All This Madness? Extreme To Another Fraternity Rush Changed At one time fraternity rush was too elaborate and much too expensive. Then it was changed. Now it is not really rush anymore. It consists of what is commonly called a smoker. What you do is invite your top rushees to your suite, which is not really big enough to hold more than half that many. Then you fill the room with smoke and ask everyone if they want a bid. Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities DAVID TAYLOR, an accounting major, has been active in both the School of Business and the Division of Military Science. He is president of Alpha Kappa Psi and a member of Scabbard and Blade and Phi Eta Sigma. CAROL BETH COLEMAN has demonstrated leader- ship as president of Alpha Sigma Upsilon and second vice president of her social sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. A biology major, she is a member of the Presi- dents ' Roundtable, Young Democrats Club, Medical Arts Club, Beta Beta Beta, AWS Board, BSU, WAA and the American Chemical Society. BETTY STEINSIEK is a member of Phi Mu so- rority. This year Betty served as ROTC Honorary Cadet Colonel and was Homecoming Queen last year. She has also been an active members of Tau Beta Sigma, MENC, AWS and WAA. She is a music education major. LARRY LOVELL, a member of Scabbard and Blade, has been active in the Division of Military Science. This year he has served on the SGA and is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and Kappa Mu Epsilon. He is a math major. DAVID CADY, a math major, has served as presi- dent of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity this year. He has been an active member of the SGA, Young Democrats Club and the Interfraternity Council. MIGNONNE WILSON has been president this year of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She has also served as president of both Pi Omega Pi and University Hall. Mignonne has been a member of Featherpens, AWS, Panhellenic Council and WAA. A business education major, she was also the sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. JIM GOAD, an accounting major, has been active in campus politics, having served on the SGA for two years. Jim served as president of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity during his junior year. He is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma and has been president of IFC. Also active in the Division of Military Science, he is a member of Scabbard and Blade. DANNY ROSS has been the mainstay in the Marching Indian Pep Band, where his antics as director have added much to the show at our pep meetings. A music major, he is a mem- ber of Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert Choir and the Marching PAT MONTGOMERY, the other familiar face in the Jour- nalism Division, is co-editor of The Herald and copy editor of the ' 67 Indian. She has also served on the Panhellenic Council as president of Phi Mu sorority this year. Active throughout the campus, she is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the Arrow staff, Featherpens, SGA, Newman Club, WAA, the AWS Board, ASC Singers, the Choral Union, Alpha Sigma Upsilon and Presidents ' Roundtable. ROY OCKERT JR. is a familiar face in A- State ' s Division of Journalism. Roy is co-editor of The Herald and is filling his second year as editor of The Indian. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, he has been an active member of the Press Club and Young Republicans Club. He has also served as Student Bowling Director for the Reng Center. Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities RAY HALL JR. is president of the SGA. He has also been an active member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and the Medical Arts Society. His major is ore-med. BARBARA PRUITT, an English major, has been president of Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman women ' s scholastic honorary. She has also been an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta so- rority, Lambda Iota Tau, Pi Gamma Mu, Featherpens, the Indian staff, WAA, AWS, Presidents ' Round- table, Young Democrats Club, Alpha Sigma Upsilon and Kappa Delta Pi. 62 PAUL MADDEN JR., a physics major, has served the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity in the office of president this year. He has also been active in Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SGA, Presidents ' Roundtable, Inter- fraternity Council, Young Democrats Club and the American Chemical Society. JO ANN GREEN, a physical education major, has been quite active in that department. She is presi- dent of the WAA and a member of the Physical Edu- cation Majors and Minors Club. Jo Ann is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, AWS and has served on the Panhellenic Council. BRYAN CAPLINGER, a four-year football letterman, served as a tri-captain during his senior year. He also excelled in the classroom and was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. JOHN DICKSON rewrote much of the ASU basket- ball record book as he gained many honors. He was an Ail-American, the Southland Conference ' s Most Valuable Player, MVP in the NCAA Regional Play- offs, winner of the Lambda Chi Alpha Jerry Rook Award, and during his senior year was a co-captain of the Indians ' SLC championship team. A member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, " Big John " set records for field goal percentage, rebounding and scoring in several categories. Who ' s Who in American Colleges And Universities PAUL MUGGE is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and has served as president and sergeant- at-arms. He has also been a member of KME and the Interfraternity Council. Paul is a math major. MARVIN ZIMMER- MAN, an English major, has been vice president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He has also been an active member of Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Iota Tau, Presidents ' Roundtable, Feath- erpens, IFC, Kappa Delta Pi and the Young Democrats Club. MARY ANNE BARTLETT CRUTHIRDS was president of AWS and secretary of SGA. She is a member of Phi Mu sorority, Presidents ' Round- table, SNEA, WAA and has also served as secretary-treasurer of University Hall. She is a special education major. RICK HALL, a sociology major, was the vice president of the SGA. Rick, a member of Circle K, Young Republicans Club, Presi- dents ' Roundtable, Featherpens and the A- State Bowling Team, is a charter member of the Statesmen, having served as president for two years. 64 Awards Banquet Honor Scholars Two hundred sixty-five Arkansas State Uni- versity students with a 3.5 or better for the fall semester were honored at the annual President ' s Awards Banquet in the Ballroom of the Reng Center this year. Dr. Carl R. Reng, A-State president, presented each stu- dent with a certificate in recognition of his high scholastic achievement. The principal speaker for the occasion was Dr. Paul McCain, president of Arkansas College at Batesville. Attending the banquet also were the administrative staff and deans of the different schools. Dr Carl R. Reng, president of Arkansas State University, commends outstanding academic accomplishments at the Awards Banquet As Dean Moore called out the names of the students, Dr. Reng handed out certificates of scholastic recognition. ROTC Makes Changes Arkansas State ' s military science division has grown with the uni- versity. This year the division did away with the traditional Thursday drill sessions and expanded the training to five days a week with each cadet drilling only one hour instead of two. This not only proved popular with the cadet corps, but also made it possible for each cadet to receive more personal attention and instruction. As usual, cadets served as ushers for athletic events and other school functions. An expanded faculty and promotions for several faculty members gave the division more " brass " than it has ever had and also made classroom in- structions more interesting. With the demand for Army officers growing every year, the ROTC program has supplied many of these demands and has at the same time given students the op- portunity to get military and academic instruction. ' ' Present arms " is commanded by Cadet Col. Bayard Treneman as the 1st Battalion goes through opening assembly. HONORARY CADETS— (front row): Doris Bone, Janet Collins, Sharon McGahhey, Trudy Gibson, Judy Ramey, Sharon Maxwell; (second row): Carol Rice, Lynn Valenteen, May Carol Lieblong, Lana Greene, Ann Galloway, Sandra Smith, Ouida Jackson, Har- riette Harris, Cathy Crow; (back row): Betty Steinsiek, Joanne Mason, Susie Hyslop, Pam Fuhr, Carol Rand, Jackie Rives, Linda Wyatt, Jan Rose, Col. Harry Morris. r Col. Harry G. Morris, PMS, presents scholastic awards to these cadets as Honorary Cadet Col. Steinsiek looks on. Cold, Rain or Snow — Nothing Stops Drill Most of the fall weather made out- door drills enjoyable, but soon the bitter cold of winter arrived. But this Brothers Four Avoid Falls, Wow ASU I A special Valentine ' s Day treat was presented to the Arkansas State student body this year by the SGA — a two- hour concert by the world renowned Brothers Four. Unlike the Four Seasons ' first attempt, the Brothers Four arrived safe, sound and on time at ASU. A near-sellout crowd watched the foursome, which got off to a slow start but came on strong with two encores. Among their songs were " Greenfields " and " Where Have All the Flowers Gone? " Museum Has Wide Appeal Another important facility of A-State stu- dents is the museum. Located in the basement of the Dean B. Ellis Library, the museum is both an institutional and a com- munity service. The museum is under the direction of Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake. With the assistance of Mrs. Wittlake and eight student preparators, the museum is expand- ing continuously. Natural science, pioneer history, military history, Arkansas Indian Culture and historic glassware and china are the five primary areas of concentration. Eight undergraduate courses and two grad- uate courses on campus use the museum for research and reference. The museum is a member of the Southeast Museum Confer- ence, Arkansas Museum Association and the American Association of Museums. Dr. Wittlake examines a prehistoric leaf fossil that will be put in a collection. Museum Features Something For Everyone . . . . I Shot in the night wounds hero Collin (Art Stewart). 76 • MM Due to the expansive remodeling program conducted this year in Wilson Auditorium only one ma- jor play was presented. ' The Grass Harp, " a play by the much notarized Trumann Capote was given March 16-18. The play fol- lows two women and a teenager who escape the rigors and trials of society by periodically taking up residence in a tree house. The local objectors to this . behavior soon cause a posse to be formed to return the miscreants to civilization. Two sisters who don ' t get along with each other, run into problems as Verna tries to run life of Dolly (Ann Stewart) who lives in a fantasy world. In Renovated Wilson Dr Ritz (Pat Pettengell) pays Collin a visit In the end, the good doctor double-crosses everyone Including 10 nationally known personalities and a famed or- chestra, the 1967 Lecture- Concert Series was bigger and more varied than ever. Men like TV commentator Howard K. Smith, former Congress- man Walter Judd, political ana- lyst Murray Levin, mime Frans Reynders and poetry editor John Ciardi drew capac- ity crowds for their appear- ances. Except for the concert by the Chicago Chamber Or- chestra, all the programs were presented free of charge to students, faculty members and the public. The series is planned by a committee of administrators, faculty mem- bers and students. Following his lecture, Howard K. Smith oi the ABC news team was swarmed by curious local analyists. Lecture-Concert Series Best Yet John Ciardi, poetry editor of the Saturday Review, stopped to talk with a student and a member of the A-State Division of English faculty. Illustrating his lecture with color slides, Dr George Mylonas presented an interesting study on his previous archaeological ex- periences in Greece. He has authored 1 1 books. A veteran of 20 years in Congress, Dr. Walter Judd made an informative talk on the dangers of communism, emphasizing the troubled South- east Asian area . Visiting ASU for two day, genetics expert Dr. Warner Kloepfer lectured publicly and to a number of classes 79 Greeks Finally Come Of Age This was not an ordinary year for the Greek organizations on campus. For the first time no one fraternity or sorority dominated the others, and the social groups finally seemed to realize what their purpose is. The Greeks on the A-State campus have always been a little more than fraternities and sororities, but recent years have brought too many bur- densome responsibilities. If these responsir bilities are really lightened, the Greeks may be able to concentrate on social and civic funtions. Pride in the campus mascot is displayed by a group of girls who realize the need for cleanliness. Rugged recreation and healthy competition are a big drawing card for the Greeks in intramural action. A winner is built and the builders settle back and wait for the decision of the judges. When a group of girls get together, anything can happen. In this case they all wound up in a mud-hole. 82 During the year several organi- zations work to help needy children, especially for Christmas parties like this one. Annual founders day and other banquets are always eagerly aniticipated by the Greeks, especially those who nor- mally eat in the cafeteria. Collecting money is a Greek ' s favorite past-time, but this money they won ' t be able to keep, unfortunately. A MEM TUNE Dianna Brunner Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Carolyn Barnes Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Judy Stewart Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen Of Hearts Susie Hyslop Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl Keeping up their tradition in scholarship, AGD received the Panhellenic trophy for the fall semester with a 3.03. Anna Jean Keith Patricia Goodin D. Denman Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer 86 Alpha Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta This year ' s success of Alpha Gamma Delta was topped by winning the International Achievement Tray. Alpha Gam took second place in the Homecoming activities with their " Pluck Another Victory Feather " display. Barbara Pruitt was selected maid in the Homecoming royalty. Alpha Gamma Delta was awarded the Scholastic Trophy with an over- all grade point of 3.03. Ouida Jackson led the Indian Band as feature twirler, while Dianna Dyke served as cheerleader. Three Alpha Gams were selected for Who ' s Who. Philan- throphy was highlighted by the successful AGD Talent Show. Proceeds went to the Special School and Cottage of Hope. Advising Alpha Gam is Barbara Perdzock. Margaret Ann Mathis Cindy Middleton Membership Chairman Panhellenic Delegate Jeanne Baker Robbie Barron Cecile Brown Barbara Burke Kalhy Cloar Connie Crockett Cathy Crow Dianna Dyke Kaye Endsley Marsha Gibson Paula Gibson Paulette Goodin Janie Goodman JanHarrell Judy Henderson Jennifer Hilldreth Holly Hilliard Patricia Holley Lynette Hurley Ouida Jackson Glenda Joplin Mary Ann Ruth Loberg Sandy Manning Kay Mills Susan Neace Renee Pepper Betty Petkoff Latourette Barbara Pruitt Frances Reasons Nancy Redd Donna Reichen Helen Reynolds Jan Rose Judith Shannon Frances Simpson Lynda Smith Sherry Stone Jeanne Tye Nita Vanhook Cindy Van Meter Juanita Vickers Jackie Vowell Sharon Wiles Patsy Williford Suzanne Wright 87 Rochelle Hayden Patsy lames Liz Jones Brenda Kinman Tannda LangstoD Linda Lipscomb Jennifer Love Janet Maddox Joanne Mason Vicki Merck Brenda Merrick Phyllis Mickey Lyn Millar Diane Presley Sarah Pugh Judy Ramey Roberta Ray Barbara Janet Shoemate Carol Simon Sandra Sipe Schlesier AnnSmithwick Betty Stanley Judy Stewart Karen Thompson Kaye Warner Teri Young Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Omicron Activities and honors made this a busy as well as successful year for Alpha Omicron Pi. First-place honors were earned in the TKE Fingerbowl and the PiKA All-Greek basketball tournament. Janet Shoemate also won a first place for AOPi in the Alpha Gam- ma Delta Talent Show. Doris Bone and Jo- Anne Mason led cheers, while Judy Ramey served as captain. Sarah Pugh and Linda Lou Lipscomb led the Indian Band as majorettes. Joann Green was president of WAA and Pan- hellenic. Six AOPi ' s served as honorary cadets, and Judy Stewart was Sig Ep Queen of Hearts. Highlight of the social season was the annual AOPi Rose Ball . AOPi sponsors are always there when a masculine hand is needed Announcement of these favorites is made each year at the Rose Ball Serving as Alpha Omicron Pi adviser is Mrs. Marion Jolly 89 Admiring their five first-place trophies received this year are these proud Chi O ' s. Chi Omega Omicron Zeta Omicron Zeta began its sixth year on cam- pus by winning five first-place trophies. Chi Omega took first place in intramural flag-tag football and bowling. Chi O teamed with SPE to clinch the Phi Mu Playhouse award with their presentation of a con- densed version of " Fantasticks. " The wo- men also copped first place in the PiKA Little Olympics and the Homecoming dis- play competition. Omicron Zeta was awarded a certificate of recognition for superior scholarship at their national convention. Mary Rose was chosen second alternate in the Miss ASU pageant, and May Carol Lieb- long won the talent division. Kay Clements President Beverly Rodgers Vice President Nancy Kemp Corresponding Secretary Adviser for Chi Omega is Mrs. E. C. Barton. Mary Ellen Erwin Recording Secretary Ann Galloway Treasurer Mary Ann Washington Pledge Trainer Kay Griner Personnel Carol Jane Brown Rush Chairman 90 Ellen Arrington Bette Brashears Ann Davidson Judy Duck Diane Fogle Cherry Frierson Carolyn Gibson Susie Haizlip Martha Henry Meryl Hodge Linda K . Hodges Susan Hodges Dianne Horner Connie Jackson Ann Jones Silvey Jones Linda Lea May Carol Florence McCall MaryJoMcNair Lieblong Renie Mallory Margaret Miller Alma Moore Lee Moore Carolyn Newkirk Susan Patterson Sharon Pierce Carol Rice Mary Rose Jan Rounsaville Marilyn Royal Sandy Runnels Diane Sayre Kathy Shurlds Carolyn Southard Becca Underwood Robbie Wade Martha White Viclri White Nadi Williams Janis Wood Judy Wood Patricia Wood 91 Mary Fitzgerald Gail Foster Pam Fuhr Dianne Gage Annette Hanshaw Dar Harlan Jackie Rives Beverly Robertson Anne Simpson Suzanne Stark Brenda Taylor Linda Taylor 1 Suzanne Ball Carolyn Bardwell Patricia Beene Sandra Booth Wilma Brewer Teena Brooks Chris Bynum Janet Caneer Kathy Clifft Janet Collins Paula Crews Sarah Culver Glenda Felts Jan Fisher Lynn Valenteen Myra Jane Wilson Harriette Wise Jennifer Wood Margie Holt Aylia Hudson Janie Jarrett Sue Jones Alma Konold Anne Lloyd Marilyn Mabrey Terry MacLeod Betsy MiJlwee Betty Moody Cindy Orsburn Suzanne Poff Carol Rand Margie Ray Jo Ella Todd 92 Phi Mu Epsilon Delta Phi Mu began a successful year with the selection of Lynn Valenteen as Homecoming Queen. First-place trophies were won in intramural bridge and the SPE Bowling Tournament, and a third-place win was captured by Betsy Millwee in the AGD Ta- lent Show. Phi Mu held six positions on the SGA, while eight served as honorary cadets, including honorary cadet colonel. Four of seven trophies were won by Phi Mu ' s in the Miss ASU pageant, including the top title won by Carol Rand. Carol also led the Indian Band as head majorette, and Lynn Valenteen was a cheerleader. Three Phi Mu ' s were selected for Who ' s Who. Copping the SPE Bowling Tournament for the third consecutive year, Phi Mu ' s are now permanent possessors of the trophy . Elaine Strong Recording Secretary June Wood Treasurer Phi Mu adviser is Mary Ann O ' Dell Pat Montgomery President Sue Abernathy Vice President Betty Steinsiek Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Bailey Pledge Trainer Sharon McGahhey Rush Chairman Linda Johnson Panhellenic Delegate 93 Lambda Chi Alpha lota Theta Zeta Iota Theta continued to gain intramural and Greek honors by winning the intramural football for the second straight undefeated season, taking first in the All-Greek bas- ketball tournament for the second straight year, placing second in volleyball and cop- ping several other athletic honors. The Lambda Chi ' s did not slack up in the schol- astic realm, though, as they attained their highest grade point index ever and one of the highest ever reached by any Greek chap- ter in the nation. LXA kept the Greek Letter Scholarship trophy for the eighth straight year. Highlights of the year included the Crescent Ball and Founders ' Day. Attaining one of the highest grade points of any Greek chapter in the na- tion, LXA maintained the A-State trophy for the eighth consecutive year. Bill Ernst Ronnie Lace Jim Callaway Steve Mitchell Andy Hooper Ricky Smith Harry Moore Treasurer Rush Chairman Social Chairman Ritualist Pledge Trainer Scholarship Editor 94 m MiM A M it Tom Akers Robert Bailey Ross Beck Mike Burk Jim Burnett Bill Casey Dennis Cate Alan Clark r Bob Clark David Coven John Dickson Eddie Dunavant Gary Elliott Van Enderson Mike Ernst John Erwin v fit ill wki% i Jim Fitzpatrick Archie Fleming Jim Fowler Elbert Frazier Richard Gaines Bill Garrison Ricky Gatewood Randy Goacher 4 _ Jim Goad Boyd Griggs Jim Hartzel Roy Hildebrand Maurice Hitt Vaughn Jerome Tom Johannsen Jim Kennedy Clyde Knight Bob Koch X Bill Loyd Bo McAllister GaryMcGrew Paul Madden Bobby Means Marion Meredith S 111 m 1 Jimmy Mueller U.W.Mullins Roy Ockert Pat O ' Toole John Phelps Bill Pruett Robin Reynolds Farrel Roberts ft Dana Ryan JimB.Shipman Dan Stracner Wendell Stratton Dave Velander Bill Wells Gene Williams David Young 95 Galen Adams Frank Angelo Robert Bardwell Max Bobbitt Dan Buckley Mike Childs Danny Clements Baxter Cone i Greg Cooper Charlie Dennison Rodney Downs Randy Erwin Lynn Farr Pat Flanagan Elmer Floyd Steve Ford DonGreenway Mike Griffin Richard Haley JoeHarriman Slayden Hunt Frank Hurst Bill Ivy Jim Jastrzemski ft Dennis Jones Mike Kelly David Kimmel Jerry Kincade Charlie Kruse Steve Lockhart Larry Lovell John McClung Robert McLean Mike McNeill Dalton Markin Earnie Miller Jim Miller Mike Mitchell Steve Morrison Jack Nail «l p f5 Steve Nemeth Virgil Peyton Wayne Pitcock Bob Pollard Ronnie Rahm Jim Reese Ronny Reese Steve Reynolds Tom Robertson David Sewell Howard Slinkard Randy Spann Tommy Spencei Art Stewart Mike Taylor Gary Thomas 4 JLJIiL 96 Johnney Tipton Joe Vaughen Wayne Watkins V.J.Whitt Bennie Winford David Wood Dennis Zolper Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Theta Delta Theta chapter observed one of its finest years in its 19-year history. In in- tramurals, halfway through the spring se- mester, the Pikes had finished second in football, second in basketball, first in swim- ming, third in bowling, first in five minor sports and second in another minor sport. Pike-sponsored events included the Little Olympics, the All-Greek Basketball Tourna- ment, Parents ' Day and Founders ' Day. Larry Lovell, named to Who ' s Who, served as cadet commander of ROTC. The position of treasurer and activities chairman of the SGA were held by Pikes. Social highlight was the Dream Girl Formal. Bill Perk-ns Sammy Elardo Jerry Crim President Vice President Recording Secretary MaxMetcalf Bobby Laird Joe Whitaker Buck Powers Bob McEvoy Jim Tom Bell Sammy Taggart Corresponding Treasurer Conductor Historian Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Social Chairman Secretary Looking ahead to the observance of their 100th anniversary as a national fraternity, these Pikes begin formulating plans for next year ' s celebration. 97 Sigma Phi Epsilon Arkansas Gamma Sig Eps added several trophies to their case this year by placing first in cross country, Phi Mu Playhouse, intramural bowl- ing and their own All-Greek Bowling Tournament, second in the Homecoming dis- play competition and third in intramural basketball. The annual banquet for new fac- ulty members was held in the fall. SPE col- lected $776.67 for the Heart Fund Drive, breaking their previous record by $200. Marvin Zimmerman and David Cady were both elected to Who ' s Who, and Cady served as IFC president. Social highlight of the year was the Queen of Hearts Ball. Judy Stewart reigned as the chapter sweetheart. Smiles are radiated by men of Sig Ep after winning the Phi Mu Playhouse SPE teamed with Chi Omega to capture the trophy. David Cady President Larry Sullivan Vice President Richard Holeyfield Secretary SPE advisers are Jack Millar and Edgar Kirk. Mike Boeder Comptroller Dowell Hudson Recorder Steve Plummer Senior Marshal Mike Gibson Junior Marshal Dick Walker Chaplain 98 -3d 4 mk A-fc 19 Era John Armstrong Joe Arnold Mike Bearden Bill Beene Scott Bell Bob Blenden Randy Boydston Thad Br Mike Burkett Gary Clark Steve Clark Jim Cook Dick Crampton Gary Davis Johnny Davis Mackie Deese Ed Duckett Ronny Durham John Edwards Van Ellis Butch Eskridge Mike Everett Roger Everett Rick Freeman ink raft- John Frew John Ed Gardner Reg Green Mike Griffey Jimmy Hall Steve Johnson Bobby Justus Danny Keeley 4 tralfefe JeffKopp GaryMcBryde James Merritt Robin Miller Jimmy Norris Tim Norton Pete Parenti Ronnie Powell A ra GaryPugh Robbie Robison Jerry Rodgers Larry Rose Mike Rowland Ken Thomas FredTisdale Bill Ursery Charlie Washam Bob White David White Tony Wilkie Ed Wooley 99 Ed Wortham Marvin Zimmerman r. ti Lee Alexander Kenny Allen Johnny Allison Donald Barber Bill Belew Bill Biggers Ken Blades V Bob Blair Tommy Bradley Freddie Bratton Fred Brown Les Bruce Tony Cariaco John Carter Billy Collins Buddy Dudley Denver Dudley Bill Etter Dwayne Glenn Gordon Greene Junior Higgins Glen Highfill Jackie Howell Porter Hurt Jack Irvin Joe Knodell Van Knowlton Phil Lamitina BJ.Larsen Mike Lynch Roger Moore Steve Orr Danny Pierce Barry Posey Kin Ray David Renn Ron Rhodes Jim Sanders Charles Schaaf Archie Schaeffer Don Schoenborn Bob Schoenborn John Shoffner Gordon Simpson Ir k -A Eddie Smith Phil Smith Bethel Thurman Gary Thurston Ron Triplett David Walls lOO Bruce Williams Gwin Wood Sigma Pi Alpha Pi Alpha Pi chapter of Sigma Pi became the first national fraternity on campus in 1948. Active in intramurals and other campus ac- tivities, the Sigma Pi ' s held a softball tournament in the spring. With the help of the Christian Children ' s Fund they con- tinued to be foster parents of an orphan girl in India and held a Christmas party for orphan children. Awards were given to Fred Brown, the pledge with the best scholar- ship; Donald Barber, member with the best scholarship; Kin Ray, outstanding member; and Fred Brown, outstanding pledge. Presi- dent ' s Award was given to Ronnie Dent. Highlighting the year was the Orchid Ball. Outgoing Sigma Pi sweetheart Dawn Butler pins the new sweetheart, Joan Scar borough, at Orchid Ball . Chapter president and members look on with approval Sigma Pi advisers are Robert Ferralasco and Capt. Thomas Davis. Dennis Gillmore President Ronnie Dent Vice President James Bonds Secretary Joe Brewer Treasurer Gary Scott Rush Chairman MiKe oeene Co-pledge Trainer John Walpole Co-pledge Trainer Ron Henson Sergeant-at-arms First-place winners in both the Homecoming display competition and spirit, TKE men proudly display rewards for their efforts. Paul Mugge President Ron Faulkner Vice President Cecil Holifield Secretary Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Psi Beta Psi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon began a successful year with a first-place winner in the Homecoming float competition. They also captured TKE Fingerbowl and the spirit award, which they won for the second time in the three years that it has been awarded. Ray Hall Jr. served as president of the SGA, and, along with Bryan Caplinger and Paul Mugge, was named to Who ' s Who. Dick Ritchey and Gerald Jumper were named to the All-Southland Conference football team. TKE also collected canned goods for Good- fellows during Christmas and participated in the Mother ' s March. Social highlight of the year was the Red Carnation Ball. Advising TKE are Dr. Dewey Sifford, Dr. John Galloway and Lloyd Goff . XI Ben Davison Treasurer Hubert Jamison Historian Gerald Jumper Sergeant-at-arms Hank Jordan Pledge Trainer John Duff Chaplain 102 if? SP " Bill Back Wade Berryhill Gilbert Bonner Laudies Brantley Jerry Brewer James Brown Dennie Burns Mike Burton Larry Bussey Jim Campbell Bryan Caplinger BillCaputo Tommy Davis Larry Davison Bruce Dietsche Ed Dozier Dickie Duke Steve Ewart Ed Farr y flHHHHHHHNHIH HHHHHH1HHBBB m r- Pi w John Ford Jim Forrest John Frets John Geis Terry Givens John Goldsmith Joe Griffith Ray Hall BobHalley GaryHankins Ronnie Hardin Harry Harrell Larry Haynes Si Kim Hazelbaker Scott Henderson Bill Hightower Kirk Howard Joe Bill Johnson Wes Jones Butch Keller Greg Keller George Kennedy Tom McCabe Terry McCord Lynn McGee GaryMarlar Albert Martin David Massey Larry Maxw ell Charles Mellein Don Moon Dale Morris Jim Moshinskie Jack Partridge Dick Ritchey Bob Ross Tom Russell 1 JoeSvoboda Norman Sward Dick Tipton Randy Trim Bob Walker Danny Watson John West 103 • M Tom Buford Fred Buhrmester Edmundo Deshon Hollie Farris « 11% Jerry Butler Bob Calhoun DonCarnahan Ken Couch : it ' " ' is it: Henry Foster Steve Griffin C Danny Harris Tommy Hinsley Bill Hook Johnny Horn Vic Hosman Ray Hugueley - f Lindel Hutson Bruce Jackson Larry Lester Danny Long Bruce Moore Doug Nelson _________ mmqi P 3 Q O £5 ' Gary Parker Bill Risby Kenneth Sanders Jerry Schaeffer Karl Schwemmer Gary Smith Larry Smith Bill Stanley Kelley Walker Bill Weaver John Williams Tommy Womack 104 Chi Sigma Achieving the distinction of being the only fraternity on campus to occupy a house at present, Chi Sigma has taken another step forward in the growth of the chapter. Also on the list of the fraternity ' s accomplish- ments was the winning of the Spirit Award and the accumulation of the most points in intramural sweepstakes, both of which were achieved last spring. Discussion of possible colonization was held when Stewart Daniels, national president of Alpha Tau Omega, visited the Chi Sigs this spring 3 Wendell Burnside President Robert Mustain Vice President Danny Faulk Secretary Adviser for Chi Sigma is Dr. Dennis Rhodes. Sandy Stanfield Treasurer Richard Bishop Pledge Trainer Doug Scott Mike Gilmer Sammy Faught Rush Chairman Scholarship Chairman Chaplain Louis Meyers Editor 105 Effective costuming provided atmosphere for the Statesmen ' s first masquerade party. Statesmen For the Statesmen, the only non-Greek local fraternity on campus, the past year was one full of new activities and honors. Rick Hall was elected first vice president of the SGA and was also selected for Who ' s Who. Other Statesmen active in the SGA were Jim Sullivan and Harold Fuller. The Starlite Ball, highlighting the year ' s social events, was a first for the States- men, as was an alumni weekend climaxed by a masquerade party. In addition, an active alumni program has been initiated to include regular correspondence and a quarterly newsletter. Advising the Statesmen this year are Dr . J . Edward Bennett and Sammy Gennuso. Rick Hall President Eddie Russom First Vice President Harold Fuller Second Vice President Andy St oval! Secretary Truman Jefferson Treasurer Butch Crail Pledge Trainer Bob Brown Parliamentarian Happel Terrell Reporter 106 Ron Adkisson Bill Bailey Bill Beach 4 £m Bill Bergey Rick Black Roger Brown Dale Butler Ronnie Estes Robert Evans Ron Gatlin Jerry Gazaway Danny Gorman Dan Gregory Darrell Griffin Dane Hatley I John Horn James Hudson Gary Hughes Dale Jackson David James Bill Jowers Mike Kellim Larry Kimmer Gary Langston John Ed Lowe Bill Matthews Woody Matthews Gary McWilliams Charles Melton Jerry Merrell Bill Mosbey Mike O ' Banion Russell O ' Banion Frank Oldham Warren Parker Gary Pittman James Pugh Don Purcell AlM rfkk mL h Carroll Redmond Allen Rhodes Kelly Scobey Herb Sennett Roy Sherman Everett Smith Jim Spence Tom Stevens Jim Sullivan Roy Thomas Charles Vondran Ronald Vondran Chris Wade Buddy Waddill Robert Waddill Terry Waits HC Wallace Mike Wells Gary White Tom Wilborn Conley Williams Chuck Wisdom Bill Wood Gary Wright John Young Ronnie Young Harry Cline 1 1 ft James Rodney Gould Harris W it 3 Jim Holmes Roby 107 Scucchi Wayne Snipes Paul Earl Wildy 108 Cherokee Men ' s Council Closer unity between married students and func- tions of A-State are the dominant goals of the Cherokee Men ' s Council. In keeping with their goals, CMC takes part in various activities on campus. One of the projects undertaken by this organization is contributing their skills and sup- port to the Student Government Association. A new meeting place, located in the new community center, has also been a step forward for the men. In their eighth year of existence, CMC is be- lieved to be the only club of its kind in American colleges and universities. Surveying the site of the new community center for Indian Village are four CMC members. Constructed with the married students in mind, the new center is the official meeting place for the organization. Roger Sample President Gary Rose Vice President Bob Harper Secretary Benny Gambill Treasurer Jim Best Reporter Eddie Fitzhugh Historian Bill Provence Sergeant-At-Arms 109 SGA Behind ASU All The Way 110 Student Government Works Hand In Hand With Administration Dean Moore looks on in disbelief as campaign fury reaches its peak on election day Sam Gennuso and Dr. Donald Wells served as advisers this year to the SGA First Vice President was Rick Hall. It is a fairly easy feat for a president to function well if a majority of his fellow party members are in office, too. However, when the president stands almost singly as the representative of one party and the remainder of offices are filled by the opposing party, success does not come easy. However, this year Ray Hall did not let party ma- jorities hamper his effectiveness. Under President Hall ' s able leadership, the SGA purchased the big neon billboard sign at the corner of Aggie and Caraway. The SGA office and SGA bookstore were moved and remodeled. A-State ' s SGA sponsored a resolution backing university status which was signed by each member school in the Arkansas Student Government Association. It also sponsored various ac- tivities during the year including Homecoming and two concerts featuring the Brothers Four and the Four Seasons. Filling the shoes of president this year was Ray Hall Jr ., a pre-med major from Jonesboro. Folk music set the mood as three of the Brothers Four entertain and cut up STUDENT SENATE— (seated): Ouida Jackson, Annette Hanshaw; at the SGA-sponsored concert. (standing) : John Phelps, Jean Hartung, Mike Gibson . REPRESENTATIVES — (seated): May Carol Lieblong, Pat Montgomery, Kay Griner, Mary Ellen Erwin, Sue Abernathy; (standing) : Leon Crittenden, Bill Biggers, Pam Fuhr, Carol Rand, Steve Clark, Van Ellis, Steve Mitchell. 112 APPOINTED OFFICERS (seated) : Jim Best, Frank Oldham, Carol Jane Brown, Harold Fuller; (standing) : Eddie Dunavant, Larry Lovell, Bobby Laird, Paul Wildy, Richard Linsky . If At First You Don ' t Succeed. . . (The Number Is 4) FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS— (seated) : Ann White, Chris Bynum; (standing) : Neal Duke, Gayle Palmer, Joe Bill Johnson. 113 Simplicity is the guide- line by which the ASU cheerleaders strive to promote school spirit. By organizing such activities as pep rallies and pa- rades throughout the year, the girls endeavor to spark the enthusiasm of the entire student body — a difficult task in col- lege cheering. DIANNA DYKE Memphis, Tenn. A-State Cheerleaders JOANNE MASON North Little Rock Co-Captain CAROL RAND Paragould Head Majorette SARAH PUGH Jonesboro DIANNA BRUNNER Marked Tree Indian Majorettes Grace and beauty add the finish- ing touches to the Marching In- dian Band, and both are provided by the talented majorette line. Colorful routines for pregame and halftime presentations re- quire many hours of practice, but the precision twirling high- lights the band ' s showmanship and helps make halftime perfor- mances an anticipated part of the football season . OUIDA JACKSON Jonesboro Feature Twirler BETTY GRIFFIN Paragould JANIE WILSON Marianna KAY BRASWELL DeWitt LINDA LOU LIPSCOMB Blytheville Newspaper Gets Name Change, Too While Arkansas State College was engaged in changing its name to Arkansas State Univer- sity, the school ' s publication was also making plans to change its name. Formerly the State College Herald, The Herald oi Ar- kansas State University is published weekly. Twenty-five editions were printed this year plus a special edition when A-State received university status. Both editorial and typo- graphical processes are performed by stu- dents, who benefit greatly by this practical experience. One of " Tex " Plunkett ' s former star students, Joel Gambill, is now adviser of The Herald. " But Roy, why can ' t I run an eight -column headline on the Phi Mu Playhouse? " 116 In charge of printing the newspaper are assistant printers Bobby Ruff, left, and Homer Hallett, who ought to be comedians. Helping edit copy for page one are (seated) Terry Mc- Cord, Gordon Freeman, Shari Fisher, (standing) Jack Partridge, Bill Waggoner and Bill Casey. Selecting and editing mate- rial for page two are J B. Fisher Jr., Victor Dickson and Dan Stracner . Dickson also serves as advertising manager. 1 ' KASU on the air. " Advising the KASU staff are Charles Rasberry and Darrel Cunningham. Staff copywriter hurriedly produces material for waiting announcers. 118 KASU Now Concerned With TV " This is the Indian sports network. " Live coverage of athletic events is only one of the many services provided by KASU-FM, Ar- kansas State ' s student-operated radio sta- tion. News, music, campus lecture pro- grams, informative interviews and special events are included on the KASU broadcast slate. This year a new phase of program- ming has come into reality. Television equipment and courses have been added to the broadcasting journalism facilities. The television equipment valued at approximately $50,000, consists of two television cameras, a video tape recorder, a slide projector, a film projector and studio equipment and other equipment necessary to the operation of a television studio. Various radio courses have been expanded to include TV, as well as the addition of three courses pertaining en- tirely to television. A workshop for radio- TV journalism majors and minors, the sta- tion and its facilities give students an op- portunity to exercise and practice technical skills learned in the classroom while keep- ing the ASU student body well-informed. A multitude of instructions and dials, plus turntable and microphone confront the student announcer in the control room. CONCERT CHOIR— (front row): Sharon Felts, Sarah Carter, Willis Smith, Ronald Durham, Bill Lloyd, Janet Collins, Frances Reasons; (second row): Donna Hoggard, Rebecca Flannigan, Joe Ewing, Phil Hendrix, Bill Hendrix, Gary Clark, Judith Gill, Barbara Burke, (third row): Susan Fielder, Suzanne Poff, Bill Barnett, Lester Prescott, Dan Ross, John Frew, Toni Smith, Elizabeth Hooker; (fourth row): Elizabeth Bickford, Terry Young, Ross Beck, Dick Walker, Joe Francis, Jerry Chilcutt, Bar- bara Pollock, Linda Pack; (fifth row): Victoria Urton, Jackie Rives, Kenneth Wood, Russell Boyd, Vilas Elder, Floyd Ramsey, Jo Ella Todd, Eva Horton; (back row): Anita Phillips, Lina Lasswell, Daniel Urton, David Lyttle, Jack St radley, Randell Ulmer, Wanda Moore, Betty Garrett. Choral Groups Strive For Excellence In Musical Presentation Musical presentations on campus and tours throughout the state by ASU ' s choral groups have proved the fine quality which has been achieved by these vocalists. Highlighting this year ' s ac- tivities has been service as state president of MENC. MADRIGAL SINGERS— (front row): Vic- toria Urton, Linda Pack, Jo Ella Todd, Susan Fielder, Liz Hooker, Karen Thompson; (back row): Lester Prescott, Dan Urton, Gary Morris, Jerry Chilcutt, Kenny Wood, Joe Francis, Floyd Ramsey, Bill Hendrix. ASU SINGERS — (front row): Karen Thompson, Cathy Crow, Frankie Benson, Barbara Burke, Janet Maddox, Judith Gill, Lynda Erwin, Fonda Bishop, Paula Harrell, Caryn Hutchinson-, Kaye Preslar, Linda Blanchard, Toni Smith, Donna Hoggard, Elizabeth Towles, Melinda Saunders, Marilyn Royal, Sharon Jackson, Elaine Freeman, Kaye Dallas, Frances Reasons, Frances Glorioso; (second row): Betty Stanley, Saundra Hill, Cindy Orsburn, Phyllis Dorris, Linda Holland, Linda Barber, Linda Lasswell, Harlene Kiech, Frances Griffin, Patsy James, Janet Sanders, Lois Aebersold, Dianne Duschl, Beverly Robertson, Linda Symmington, Linda Pack, Cynthia Nordeen, Kaye Taylor, Wanda Clark, Paula Kemp, Norma Mullen, Connie Sims, Susan Fielder; (third row): Mike Crews, Gary Sauheaver, William Hendrix, Richard Walker, Kenneth Wood, Tom Robertson, Steed Huggins, David Cobb, Clifford King, Joe Ewing, William Barnett, Gary Morris, Floyd Ramsey, Charles Tankersley, Willis Smith; (back row): Tommy Wood, Gary Winter, Gary Clark, Jim Hartzel, Lester Prescott, Joe Francis, Larry Graddy, David Lyttle, Fred Robert, Daniel Urton, Wayne Watkins, Ronal Foster, Leslie Davis, Robert Pruett, Jack Stradley, Daniel James, Ronald Durham. CHORAL UNION — (front row): Alice East, Janilyn Erskine, Saundra Essman, Victoria Urton, Judith Gill, Sharon Felts, Barbara Pollock, Janet Collins, Toni Smith, Connie Sims, Wanda Moore, Frances Reasons, Ruth Brasher, Suzanne Poff; (second row): Frankie Benson, Gayla Goodson, Liz Towles, Linda Blanchard, Kathie Sheeley, Liz Ann Hooker, Ellen Kaye Preslar, Linda Pack, Rebecca Edwards, Marilyn Royal, Lois Aebersold, Carolyn Lusk, Susan Fielder, Janis Redwine, Kay Ross, Sharon Jack- son, Donna Hoggard, Judy Benjamin, Glenda Overfield, Jo Ella Todd, Anita Phillips, Eva Horton, Mary Ruth Marshall, (third row): Elaine Freeman, Fonda Bishop, Sue Abernathy, Phyllis Dorris, Linda Barber, Linda Lasswell, Lynda Carter, Jo Harlene Kiech, Frances Griffin, Kaye Taylor, Esther Kelly, Paula Kemp, Wanda Clark, Sarah Carter, Joyce Moxley, Patricia Huntley; (fourth row): Ronal Foster, Mike Crews, John Martin, Van Merntt, Pat Curry, Stan Moore, Gary D Bray, Roy Hildebrand, Ross Beck, David Lyttle, Martin James, Phil Hendrix, Joe Francis, Lester Prescott, Willis Smith, Gary Hercher, Bob Pruett, Russ Boyd, James Shackelford, Floyd Ramsey, Bill Faulkner; (back row): Kenneth Wood, Larry Wood, Larry Graddy, Stoney Taylor, Jim Carter, Jim Stone, Walter Fowler, Mitchell Saliba, Jack Stradley, Thomas King, David Geater, Dan Urton, Jim Hartzell, Richard Bishop, Charles Tankersley, Bill Barnett, Ted Reves, Michael Baldwin, Richard Walker, Gary Morris, Hollie Farns, Roger Ferguson. 121 ALPHA KAPPA PSI— (front row) Robert Ralston, David Shanks, John Walpole, Ronnie Dent, loe Brewer, Larry Hohheld Walter Calaway Jr., Harry Johnson, John Williams, James Magry, (second row): Rick Fallis, Stephen Wood! Roger Sample, Bill Biggers, Jerry Beal, Walter L Meals III, Gayhn Thompson, Jerry Wall, Harry Gambill, Ira Pyron, (back row): Joe Johnson, Doug Burns, William Larry George, Charles Shepherd, Ronald Harris, Donald Spencer, Robert K Jobe, William Falen, Leonard Bradberry , Don Carnahan Alpha Kappa Psi National Professional Business Fraternity ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS— (front row): Joe Zug, David Taylor, Eddie Slaughter; (back row): Roland Mullms, Larry Rainwater, Jerry Merrell, Frank Oldham. 122 IN Agri Council Composed Of Representatives Of Each Agri Organization AGRI COUNCIL-(front row): Robert Montgomery, Thomas WUkie, Bill Davis, Buddy Couch, (back row): James Daven- port, JH Keene, Robert McGruder, Harold Riggan Jr., John Mayfield Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women ' s Scholastic Organization ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA— (front row): Pam Fuhr, Dianne Gage, Patricia Holley, Harriette Harris, Suzanne Truxton, Eleanor Lane; (second row): Carolyn Southard, Lynn Valenteen, Sue Abernathy, Jackie Palmateer, Kathy Jackson, Sandra Barnes, Barbara Thomsen; (back row): Carolyn Hamilton, Linda Faulkner, Becky Smith, Sherry Colley, Linda Crist, Glenda Felts, Kay Parks. 123 ALPHA SIGMA UPSILON— (front row): Kay Clements, Carol Beth Coleman, Mignonne Wilson, Mary Dee Stickford; (second row): Pat Montgomery, Patsy Williford, Hollan Hilliard, Sandy Mabry, Linda Varnell; (back row): Ann Galloway, Clara Holt, Barbara Pruitt, Jean Hartung, Victoria Urton, Linda Holland 124 Alpha Tau Alpha Agriculture Education Fraternity ALPHA TAU ALPHA— (front row): Jim Walling, Lynn King, Roy Smith, Jim Bell, Joe Jones; (back row): J.B. Rougeau, Darrell Hipp, Paul Hall, Gary Smith, Dennis Moody, Ronnie Watts, Marvin Gore, Syd Peebles. American Chemical Society Organization For Chemistry Majors And Minors AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY— (front row): James L Counts, Gary Glen Mason, Ronald S. Cohen, Doralyn Hicks, Carol Franks, Bill McNutt, Judy H Lynch, Margaret McDonald, Linda Crist; (back row): Dr. Paul Gwinup, Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, Gary W. Short, William J Ponder, Gary A. Parker, Richard S Mitchell, Dr. J. Edward Bennett, Wendell Burnside, Dr. Howard Moore. 125 Arrow Staff Literary Publication Staff ARROW STAFF- (front row): Dan Stracner Mignonne Wilson, Jerry Schaeffer; (back row): Victor Dick- son, Pam Fuhr, Eddie Dunavant, Steve Plummer, Louis E Meyers, Bill Ransdell, Jim Sullivan, Sammy Gennuso AWS BOARD — (front row): Linda Holland, Jean Hartung, Karen Norton, Bev- erly Maddox; (second row): Mary Ann Hastings, Karen Coverdale, D Denman, Lyn Leopard, Frances Simpson, Sandra Jones; (back row): Sheila Jarmon, Jerry Wyatt, Pat Beene, Alma Konold, Pam Fuhr, Kay Meade. AWS Board Governing Board Of Women Students Beta Beta Beta Honorary Biological Fraternity BETA BETA BETA — (front row): Sue Green, Carol Beth Coleman, Barbara Mann, Carol Rice, (back row): Ed Wortham, Frank Minirth, Douglas Claybrook, Harvey A Leroux, Jonathan D. Collier, Henry W. Robison, Ernest C Farabee Block Bridle Organization For Animal Husbandry Majors BLOCK BRIDLE M Whitf lac (front row): Dr L.N. Hochstetler, Dr. J.H. Keene, Connie Sipes, Janet Kay Finch, Linda Keith Crowder Harold Riggan, Ricky Truax, Woody Bryant, Larry Berry, Monty Davenport, Dale Parker, Ronnie Clements, Robert Willett, Don Harold Jr., Richard Roth, Larry Jones. 127 Circle K National Service Group Sponsored By Kiwanis CIRCLE K— (front row): Rick Black, Charles Keller, Bob Gill, Bob King; (second row): Steve Lockhart, Jim Gould, Carol Rand, Jackie Rives; (third row): Jeff Davidson, Richard Harrison, Roy Thomas, Janet Harold; (fourth row): Kim Hazelbaker, Paul House, Virgil Tyner, Richard Henderson; (back row): Dr. J. Edward Bennett, Edgar Far- rell, Robin Phillips, Gary Sauheaver 128 Collegians Local Social Women ' s Group COLLEGIANS — (front row): Becky Smith, Linda Faulkner, Holly Harrington, Mary Bennett, Natalie Stanford, Juanita Jeffrey, Virginia Myers; (second row): Carolyn Kueter, Suzanne Downing, Phyllis Edwards, Donna Gill, Malinda Sanders, Lynn Barr, Frances Glorioso, Kay Crain; (back row): Dr. Adolfina Wuppermann, Phyllis Dorris, Bonnie London, Pat Schwamb, Gayla Goodson, Pat Poole, Bonnie Bledsoe, Karen Spragg, lanet Sanders, Margaret McDonald. Featherpens Literary Group FEATHERPENS— (front row): Pam Radaford, Barbara Pruitt, Ann Corbett, Dorothy Buhrmester, Pam Fuhr; (second row): Virginia Riggs, Laura Hopper. Linda Holland, Jerry Schaeffer, Dan Stracner, Eddie Dunavant, Floye Dean Hol- lowell, Mignonne Wilson, Linda Varnell »» i son Lirioci varneu; (back row): Sammy Gennuso, Bill Ransdell, Rick Black, Steve Plummer, Stephen McClelland, Victor Dickson Marvin Zimmerman, Louis E. Meyers, Mike Gibson, Jim Sulli livan. 129 Future Farmers Of America Organization For Vocational Agri Majors FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA — (front row): A.B Rougeau, Olen P. Nail, Roy Smith, Lynn Roe King, Jim Bell, Joe Jones; (back row): Benny Futrell, Robert Montgomery, Gary Smith, Darrell Hipp, Paul Hall, Ronnie Watts, Dennis Moody, Marvin Gore, Jim Walling. Gamma Beta Phi Organization For Beta Club Members GAMMA BETA PHI— (front row): Michael Johnson, Jerry Wyatt, Beverly Rodgers, Jerry Brewer, Judy Wood Lanay Watson, (second row): Judy Huddleston, Carolyn Haney, Sharolyn Oliver, Sandy Mabry, Mary Hafner ' Janis Wood, Barbara Davidson, Sandi Marshall, Pam Luther, Ivy Kelley, (back row): Jimmie Hamrick, Bonita Kemp, Bill Biggers, Ronald Harris, Billy Tarpley, Bebe Glenn, Eleanor Smith, Cindy Orsburn Ellebracht Paul 130 Graphic Arts Club Organization For Printing Students GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB— (front row) : Don Ayres, Charlie Stevens, Richard Linsky, Keith Meharg; (back row): Richard Haley, Robert Kern, Bobby Ruff, Mickey Hines Inter- fraternity Council Fraternity Governing Body INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL— (front row): Sammy Elardo, Paul Mugge, David Cady, Vic- tor Dickson; (second row): Steve Mitchell, Joe Boeckmann, Steve Clark, Laudies Brantley, Dean Robert Moore; (back row): Dennis Gilmore, Bill Belew, Bill Beene, Bill Perkins, Slayden Hunt. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB— (front row): John Frets, Larry Gilbert, Judith Hud- dleston, Linda Lingle, Don Holman, Steven Ewart; (back row): John Corcoran, Joseph Boeckmann, George Kopp, John Green, Clyde Simmons, Dr. Edwin Coulter. Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Education Fraternity KAPPA DELTA PI- (front row): Judy Hud- dleston, Barbara Hart, Lillian Barton; (back row): Clara Holt, Bon- nie Bledsoe, Marvin Zimmerman. 132 KAPPA KAPPA PSI— (front row): Bill lowers, Tom Williams, Dr. Clifton Cowles, Dr. Myron Myers, Jim Shackleford; (second row): Jim Stone, Pat Curry, Jim Pepper, Hollie Farris, Gary Hercher, Dan Ross; (third row): James Hutcherson, Stan Moore, Jim Hartzel, Jim Carter, Paul Elledge, Tom King; (back row): Peter Kluge, Alan Lentz, Larry Graddy, Carlos Summers, David Bingham, Rocky Fielder, David Massey, Jim Carr. Kappa Mu Epsilon Fraternity For Math Students KAPPA MU EPSILON— (front row): Lynn Barr, Martha Mil- ler, Carol Jane Brown, Carolyn Southard, Hollan Hil- liard, Phyllis Giles, Rose Nell Wise, Patsy Williford, (second row): Barbara David- son, Karen Salley, Joy Ste- phens, Suzanne Truxton, Martha Henry, Paula Kemp, Catherine Noble, Glenna Cla- rida, Kay Campbell, Nancy House, Nancy Freytag, Stephen Hamm, (back row) Dennis Newsom, Philip Thompson, Gene Boerner, David J. Thurman, Harry D Downing, Elbert Frazier, Richard Harris, Steve Short, James Allbright, Eddie Duna- vant, David Gardner, Charles Fraley 133 Kappa Pi Fraternity For Art Students KAPPA PI— (front row): AL Farley, Susan Orosz, Ann Stewart, Carolyn Powell, Lucinda Garcia, (back row): Jim Gillentme, Gary Reeves, Peter Kluge, Robi Scucchi, Bobby Means Keynote Club Organization For Female Voice Majors KEYNOTE CLUB— (front row): Victoria Urton, Anita Phillips, Eva Horton, Barbara Burk; (second row): Sharon Jackson, Fran- ces Jo Griffin, Bar- bara Pollock, Sharon Felts, (third row): Janet Collins, Deborah Elmore, Elizabeth Tow- les, Jo Ella Todd, (back row): Elizabeth Hooker, Connie Sims, Kay Tay- lor, Frankie Benson, Julia Lansford. 134 Medical Arts Club Group For Majors In Medical Arts MEDICAL ARTS CLUB — (front row): Kay Parks, Glenda Sowell, Carol Rice, Margaret Fowlkes, Linda Dale, Lanay Watson, Margaret McDonald, lean Waterton, Carol Coleman; (second row): Keith Ashcraft, Gary McGrew, Bob Capin, Dolford Payne, Patrick Davis, Ray Hall Jr., John H. Goldsmith Jr., Joe Bill Johnson, Ronnie Hardin, John F. McHaney, Ernest C. Farabee, Dale Snow, Cindy Orsburn; (back row): Jim Fitzpatrick, James Merritt, Ronald Powell, Richard Wenham, Pat Shepherd, Rob Bowers, Keith Smith, Gary McBride, Dennis Cate, James Harris, Tom Johannsen. MENC — (front row): Mary Ruth Marshall, Jo Ella Todd, Sharon Jackson, Donna Hoggard, Su- san Fielder, Frances Reasons, Suzanne Poff, Elizabeth Bickford, Connie Sims, Betty Carol Garrett, Eva Horton, Alice Faye East; (second row): Becky Flannigan, Roger L. Ferguson, Jerry Chilcutt, Charles Tankersley, Bill Hendrix, Dick Walker, Ross Beck, David Geater, Ronald Durham, Ray Hugueley, Walter Fowler, Gary W. Hercher, Ronal Foster, Fonda Clark, Mary E. Beck; (third row): Carolyn Lusk, Ruth Loberg, Frances Griffin, Fonda Bishop, Elaine Freeman, Linda Pack, Sue Abernathy, Liz Fowles, Sarah Carter, Rebecca Edwards, Victoria Urton, Saundra Hill, Sharon Felts, Kaye Taylor; (back row): Anita Phil- lips, Barbara Burke, Jim Hartzel, Gary Morris, Kenny Wood, Roy Hildebrand, Stan Moore, Dan Urton, David Lyttle, Randal Ulmer, Alan Lentz, Russ Boyd, Jack Stradley . MENC Club For Music Students 135 Parshellenic Council Sorority Governing Body PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— (front row): Cindy Middleton, lo Ann Green, Linda Johnson, Nancy Kemp; (back row): Peggy Stroud, Sharon McGahhey, Mignonne Wilson, Cathy Crow, Kay Clements, Kay Griner, Karen Nor- ton, Pat Montgomery, Jill Parsons. Phi Alpha Theta Honorary History Fraternity PHI ALPHA THETA- (front row): Carolyn Kueter, Judith Huddleston, Frances Glorioso, Brenda Gambill, Di- anne Sowell, Doris Slatton, Lanna Fay Collier, (second row): Dr. Donald C. Konold, David Dunham, Carrell F. Odom, Durward Cooper, Edith Chapman Farley, Pat Schwamb, Charlene Thomas, Roger Lambert, C.L. Ken- ner, Edgar Kirk; (back row): Gilbert J. Millar, George Whatley, Floyd Hicks, Philip Kustoff, Almond Hervey, Gerry Crabb, Joel Barker, George Kopp, Dr. James E. Griner, Norman Sward, DuBois Pettit, John R. Corcoran. 136 Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Men ' s Scholastic Fraternity PHI ETA SIGMA— (front row): Frank Hurst, Hank Jordan, Steve Mitchell, Eddie Dunavant, Jim Allbright, Galen Adams, Gary McGrew; (back row): Alan Lentz, Gary A Parker, Harry Truman Moore, Larry R Rainwater, Dale Snow, Jimmy Cook, James L Counts, Gary John- son, James Magry Pi jamma Mu (Fraternity For Social Science Students PI GAMMA MU— (front row): Doris Slatton, Tarolyn Haney, Carolyn Kueter, Brenda Gam- sill, Ann Lucas; (second row): Judy Huddleston, Lanna Collier, Pat Sch- .vamb, Dianne Sowell, Barbara Pruitt, Dr. ' ustine Mann, Judith Bradford, Edith Chap- nan Farley; (third row): Philip Kustoff, 31yde Simmons, Gerald -rabb, Gilbert Millar, Chester Stewart, Gor- lon Bennett, Dr. Donald Wells, Dr. James E. 3riner; (back row): )urward Cooper, Terry idwards, Charles Kel- er, David Dunham, 5teve Ewart, John Dsoinach, Joe Boeck- nann, Norman Sward. 137 f . Plant Science Club Club For Plant Science Students PLANT SCIENCE CLUB — (front row) : Laudiesi Brantley, James Brown Luther Stokes, Ceci Coffin, Bill Sandage Dick Bethune, Jame: Thomas, Jerry Rogers (back row): Rodne Hexem, Tommy Fort ner, Edward Limbert ' Ronnie Corbett, Jamen Bruce, Thomas Wilkie Jerry McGee, Pau Wildy, Bill Provence Bill Davis, A.W. Ten nille. Spanish Club Club For Spanish Students SPANISH CLUB— (front row): Gayla Goodson, Bob King, Caryn Hutchison, Charles Harris, Sandra Barnes; (second row): Dr. Adolfina Wupperman, Linda Norris, Janice Cline, Bar- bara Thomsen, Virginia Wells, Kay Kaffka, Martha Miller, Carol Doak, Cindy Dewitt; (back row) : Ramiro Icaza, Judy McGinnis, Ann Corbett, Gary Johnson, Edmundo Deshon, Teresa Clark, Edward Williams, Jim Cook, Linda Wasson, Robert Cowles, Mary Kay Reeder. 138 Speleogical Society Organization For Cave Explorers SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (front row): Michael Pankey, Eldon Barnett, Dr. David Vosburg, lohn Ed Lowe, Dale Jackson; (back row): Jim Gould, Charlie Melton, Monty Davenport, Daniel Doshier, Chris Wade. mm SNEA Organization For Education Majors SNEA — (front row): Carolyn Haney, Janice Doak, Elizabeth Johnston, Lil- lian Barton, Sue Rouse, Judith Hud- dleston, Frances Glorioso, Marcia Powell; (back row): Carrell F Odom, Janis Wood, Ann Jones, Kay Griner, Margaret Ann Miller, Carol Rand, Kay Crain, Barbara Legan, Phyllis Giles, Judy Wood, William H. Anderson. Tau Beta Sigma Fraternity For Outstanding Female Bandsmen TAU BETA SIGMA— (front row): Sarah Car- ter, Virginia Myers, Dianna Brunner, Oui- da Jackson, Janie Wil- son, Sue Abernathy; (second row): Mary Ruth Marshall, buzanne Poff, Cecile Brown, Carol Rand, Elizabeth Bickford, Fonda Bishop; (back row): Carolyn Lusk, Patricia Huntley, Ruth Loberg, Margaret Ann Miller, Ann Gallo- way, Linda Dale. 139 WAA — (front row) Evelyn Prescott, Gladys Hudgins, Audrey McGolden, Kitty Green, Jane Elrod, Margaret Moyer, Jo Ann Green, Marilyn Mabrey, Carolyn Newkirk, Dot Bailey, Nancy Olinger, Sharon Miller; (second row): Joyce Reynolds, Faith Rhea, Cassandra Herring, Linda White, Mary Hafner, Judy Haws, Linda Norton, Jana Davis, Janice Robinson, Patty Robinson, Carolyn Horton, Margaret Barber, Aylia Hudson; (third row): Carolyn Bentley, Sandra Leiting, Glenda Davis, Sharon Pierce, Judy Wood, Renie Mallory, Dianne Horner, Su- san Patterson, Jan Rounsaville, Jams Wood, Meryl Hodge, Mary Jo McNair, Terry MacLeod; (fourth row): Lynn Valenteen, Cindy Orsburn, Kathy Shurlds, Nadi Williams, Kay Clements, Diane Sayre, Linda Lea, Carolyn Gibson, Susan Beucler, Rose Cox, Ann Jones, Lee Moore; (fifth row): Judy Ramey, Paula Crews, Jennifer Wood, Janie Jarrett, Sue Jones, Glenda Felts, Beverly Rodgers, Kay Griner, Margaret Ann Miller, Linda Sutton, Patsy Scott, Nancy Cole, Karen Coverdale, Jane Goodman, Doris Bone; (sixth row): Judy Foley, Malinda Sanders, Becky Mooney, Sandra Jones, Cheril A. Badger, Theresa Nell Bateman, Diane Patterson, Bonnie Hogland, Ann Sciba, Linda Holland, Ellen Arrington, Becca Underwood, Rebecca Bryant, Nancy Redd, Dianne Brogdon, (seventh row): Sue Mullen, Van Paula Wilkie, Carolyn Stone, Sandra Duncan, Gayle Cates, Carol Dyre, Dianna Dyke, Susan Neace, Jennifer Hildreth, Patricia Wood, Robbie Wade, De-De Willis; (back row) : Pam Moody, Glenda Overfield, Vicki White, Nancy Kemp, Carolyn Southard, Paulette Goodin, Connie Crockett, Mary Ann Latourette, Liz Jones, Paula Gibson, Kaye Endsley, Suzanne Wright, Virginia Yeargain. Women ' s Athletic Association Group For Women Students Interested In Intramurals 140 Rifle Team Group For Rifle Enthusiasts RIFLE TEAM- (front row) : Jim Gillentine, Galen Nelson, Jim Jen- sen, Joe Burns, Charles Franz; (back row) : James Greenway, Bill McNutt, Ron Aus- tin, Benny Miller, Jack Jones, Den- nis Tarpley. ■ Counter Guerrillas Organization Of ROTC Students COUNTER GUERRILLAS— (front row): Tony Simpson, David Wallace, Joe Clif- ton, Emery Harmon, Steve McArthur, Edwin Hancock, Jim Turnbow, James L Lowe, Glynn Boydston, Rollie Dickinson, (second row): William Goad, Gary Mar- lar, Larry Voss, Steve Weston, James West, William Falen, Bill Echols, Larry Hastings, Jim Norman, Jerry Prewitt, John Geis, William Steele, William Young, Bruce Bateman, Larry Frazier, Ronald Estes, Tony Fletcher; (back row): Larry Homsley, Eddie Lea, John Blair, Larry Sago, Darrell Folsom, Gary Grites, Jerry Adams, CD Mor- gan, James Fowler. Pershing Rifles Organization For Military- Science Students PERSHING RIFLES— (front row): John Avera, Robert Hall, Jim Reese, Louis Meyers, Art Stewart, Bob Pollard; (second row): Junior Patterson, Ronnie Harvey, Richard Harris, Les Bruce, Tate Lawrence Jr., Ronald Austin; (third row): Lon Huffman, Ben Rohrscheib, Charles Franz, Larry McDaniel, Douglas White, John Howell; (back row): John Bufford, Jim Bodenhamer, Allan Hutchinson, Darrell Jackson, Skip Abernathy, Pat Pettengell. Scabbard And Blade Fraternity For ROTC Cadets SCABBARD BLADE— (front row): Bill Matthews, Michael Bollinger, Sammy Faught, Larry Lovell, Bob White, Clarence Duckworth, Jerry Merrell, Ben- ny Winford, Bayard Treneman; (second row): Tom Davis, HD Terrell, WR Brannon, HW Fuller, James W Kelley Jr , Rick Fallis, Doris Bone, Robert Hall, Gary Parker, Robert Mus- tain, David Fellows, David Tay- lor, Guy McCoy; (back row): Rocky Gerlach, Joseph Cham- bers, Bernard M. Stanfield, Jerry W. Schaeffer, Ronnie L. Rahm, Jim Essman, Pete Pa- tenti, Austin Harris Jr., Robert Bardwell 141 Delta Tau Alpha Fraternity For Outstanding Agriculture Majors DELTA TAU ALPHA— Gene Griffin, Larry D. Berry, Rocky T. Gerlach, Michael G. Bollinger. Lambda lota Tau Fraternity For Outstanding Juniors and Seniors In Literature LAMBDA IOTA TAU— (front row): Linda Holland, Barbara Pruitt, Linda Varnell; (back row): Elizabeth Neely, Marvin Zim- merman, Dorothy Buhrmester. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION— (front row): Carmen Reeves, Alice Mayfield, Linda Grisham, Jeanette Rogers, Carolyn Sue Taylor; (second row): Diane McKinney, Connie Henry, Melba Harris, Mary Alice Holt, Mary Anne Hastings; (back row): Bill Wheeler, Gary Clark, Arlis Dickerson, Dick Bumpass, Dan Urton, Harold Parmenter Jr., William Byrd. Baptist Student Union Baptist Students ' Organization CHI ALPHA— (front row): Jim- mie Brewer, Mike Crews, Mari- lyn Woods, Rose Nell Wise, Kay- leen Lassiter, Gloria Howard, Barbara Gillentine, Peggy Kelch, Carolyn Hopkins; (back row): E. Joe Wilmoth, Larry G. Barger, Donald Smith, Leroy Winkle, Velma Ferren, Glenda Overfield, Jim Gillentine, Jesse Hannah, Bob Sugg . Wesley Foundation Methodist Students ' Organization WESLEY FOUNDATION- (front row): Linda Ray, Judy Bridges, Linda Amspaugh, Bon- nie Whitlock, (second row): Becky Whit- lock, Lois Aebersold, Carolyn Horton, Merry Anne Moore, Linda Varnell, Sandra Boyer, Loretta Simington, Dorothy Nelson, (third row): Custis Rogers, Richard Lin- sley, Charles Whitfield, John Fortenberry, Bengy Massey; (back row): Rev Bob Craw- ford, Gordon Harmon, Don Reaves, Philip Castling, Wade Baldwin, Garry Keaton, Jim McSpadden, Hank Egner, Ted Darling, Phillip Ponder, Steve McClelland 143 Tomlinson, Floyd Direct States Fine Athletics In over 20 years as Arkansas State athletic director, J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson has built a well-rounded athletic program. In addition to managing the overall athletics, Tomlin- son has coached the Tribe baseball squads. Tomlinson served as the school ' s football and basketball mentor before taking over as athletic director. DIRECTORS OF ATHLETICS Coach Don Floyd has many duties besides ihat of assistant athletic director. He has done an outstanding job as defensive back- field coach of the Indian football team and is the head tennis coach. Floyd became as- sistant athletic director when the position was created two years ago. lit Eh n in in 1 1 V — fc— fcro Ellender Named District ' s Best Bermie Ellender has already established him- self as one of A-State ' s finest head football coaches in the school ' s history. Ellender ' s teams have a 22-11-2 record, and this past season Ellender was honored as District Six college division coach of the year. Ellen- der is a native of Louisiana and gained two victories over Louisiana teams this past season. Student and graduate assistants have been a great aid to A-State ' s athletic endeavors this season. Marvin Hagaman and William Sugg, graduate assistants in the physical educa- tion department, coached the freshman foot- ball team, and student assistants Andy Anderson and Dave Aubel aided the basket- ball team. Guiding the Indian freshmen team were Jack Sugg (left) and Marvin Hagaman (right) . Both of these graduate assistants are former Indian stars themselves Dave Aubel (left), former Indian roundballer, and James " Andy " Anderson (right) have given Coach Speight junior varsity aid. Developing young defensive backs like redshirt freshman Orley Massena has been Coach Floyd ' s major task Groundwork Done By Grid Assistants Tutoring the defensive line is Coach Armstrong, the veteran member of A-State ' s staff ,8 Nick-named 1 " the Bull, ' ' Coach Davidson has produced some fine offensive lines since coming to Arkansas State. One of the best ways to become a successful head coach is to organize a staff of fine as- sistant coaches. Head Coach Ellender has done this, and the Indians have reaped the profits of it. Bill Templeton tutors A-State ' s explosive offensive backfield, while Bill Davidson, a former Jonesboro High coach, directs the offensive line. Don Floyd coaches the defensive backfield, while Wayne Arm- strong, the senior member of the staff with five years experience, handles the defensive line. The newest addition to the football staff is Coach Templeton, a former Tribe star who handles the offensive backs. Speight, Rauth, Rose Direct Other Sports After his successful career at Arkansas State Junior College coach Marvin Speight came to A-Sta te and has successfully led Indian basketball fortunes for four years. Speight received his B.S. at Arkansas State Teachers College and his M.S.E. at George Peabody College. Coach John Rauth tutors the A-State golf team. Rauth was for several years a suc- cessful Indian basketball coach before health reasons forced him to give up his duties. Coach Rauth ' s linksters participate in rugged Southland Conference play. Coach John Rose has used his fine recruiting program to bring A-State ' s track and cross- country out of mediocrity. Rose ' s teams have participated against some of the nation ' s finest tracksters and have made outstanding showings. Rose doubles as assistant basket- ball coach. 149 INDIAN FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD 11 {■■■ ■■■ " 1 v — ?}--■ A-State 49 Tennessee Tech 27 Florence State 26 Louisiana Tech 44 Murray State 33 Abilene Christian Lamar Tech Opponent 13 7 13 22 17 17 Southwestern Louisiana 14 Sparkling play all season long gained these four men honorable mention All-Southland Conference They are (top, left to right) Bill Bergey and Steve Gankie- wicz, (bottom, left to right) Tim Keane and Steve Puryear All four men will return next season Indians Finish 6 Arlington State 20 Trinity University No. 6 In Nation 16 7 Gwin, Moore Cited By AP Versatile Terry Gwin was named to the As- sociated Press college division Ail-Amer- ican second team. Gwin, who started at quar- terback for the Indians in 1965, made the switch to halfback with little difficulty to lead the Tribe offense. Gwin ran for 607 yards on 135 carries to set an SLC rushing stand- ard, and he was a break-away threat any time he touched the pigskin. He also snagged 23 passes for 365 yards and completed seven ol 11 pass attempts for 111 yards. Gwin crossed the goal line nine times for a point total of 54 points. Terry received a knee injury in the Southwest Louisiana game but still played an outstanding game against Trin- ity in his final collegiate game. He was twice named Southland Conference offensive player of the week following the Abilene Chiistian and Lamar Tech contests, and he was a first team All-SLC pick. Truman Moore, the steady senior who didn ' t miss a game during his college career, re- ceived honorable mention college division All- American as a linebacker. Moore came directly out of an outstanding high school career at Corning and played in every Indian game as a freshman. As a sophomore and junior, Moore was a member of the " Mean Green " unit and played both offense and de- fense. When the Indians went to the two- platoon system this season, Moore quickly earned a starting berth at the position he loved best — defensive linebacker. Moore called defensive signals for the Indians and averaged 9.6 tackles per game. He also in- tercepted a pass and recovered two fumbles. Truman was named the SLC ' s defensive play- er of the week after an outstanding game against Murray State in the Tribe ' s 44-0 shutout victory. 153 Ron Worthen— After playing in the shadow of two experienced centers the past two sea- sons, Ron got his chance to prove his abil- ities and responded by being named to the All-SLC team. Worthen came to State weighing only 185 pounds but now packs 235 pounds on his 6-5 frame. He is still gaining weight, and after his senior year next season he may be a top. pro prospect. He ' s the best deep-punt snapper the Indians have had in several seasons. Three Indians Gain All-SLC First Team Dick Ritchey— A repeat selection, was again the Tribe ' s top kick returner as well as a fine safety -man. Ritchey intercepted three enemy passes and returned them for 42 yards. He returned 14 kickoffs for 379 yards, including an 85-yard touchdown re-t turn against Louisiana Tech in the opening minute of play. Ritchey also returned 11 punts for 97 yards. Like Jumper and Wor- then, Ritchey is also a junior and has one more season. Gerald Jumper— Although he didn ' t finish among the top five pass receivers in the conference, Jumper made the clutch catches and demonstrated ferocious block- ing to gain first team honors. Jumper caught passes while diving, jumping, with one hand and even caught one aerial be- tween his legs as he gathered in 32 passes for 511 yards. Jumper came up with an important fumble recovery while cover- ing a punt in the SW Louisiana game that set up the game-tying touchdown and set the stage for a 17-14 upset victory. 154 Chief Big Track Stays Busy During Tech Encounter Despite the futile attempts of four Tennessee Tech tacklers, Steve Gankiewicz bangs over the goal line for his first of two touchdowns for the evening as Virgil Peyton throws a last key block. Kays Stadium looked more like a horse-rac- ing track than a football field as the Tribe bombed Tennessee Tech in the season open- er. Chief Big Track was forced into action seven times as the Tribe rolled to a 49-13 win. Tim Keane fired with perfection as he completed 14 of 21 aerials for 226 yards. Gerald Jumper was his main target as he caught four passes for 46 yards. Full- back Steve Gankiewicz got two touchdowns on short bursts. Gary Hankins carried the ball only one time but made the best of it as he scored the final A-State tally. Gary Elliott set a Southland Conference record as he booted seven straight extra points to complete the Indians ' scoring. The tough A-State defense, led by Bill Bergey, Eugene Thompson, Charley Hinrichs and Gary Han- kins, kept T-Tech at bay with its rugged hitting and good pass defense. Bergey col- lected 15 tackles, forced three fumbles and intercepted a pass, and for his efforts, he was the SLC ' s Outstanding Defensive Player of the Week. Gang tackling kept this Tennessee Tech player from advancing this kickoff far as Indians keep coming. A-State ' s inexperi- enced Indians romped past the Florence State Lions 27-7 in their first road game. The Redmen amassed 416 yards total of- fense. Fullback Steve Gankiewicz contributed two touchdowns while Benny Winford and Terry Gwin accounted for one each. Orley Massena set up the second Indian TD with a pass interception. Gary Elliott kicked three extra points. Don Cornelius scored the only Florence State touchdown. Putting the finishing touches on this Bulldog runner is noseman Eugene Thompson (63) . Thompson had help irom Dan Buckley and Rick McBride, both of whom have a grip on the runner ' s leg despite lying on the ground Several other Indians are joining in the pursuit. Indians Run Over Lions In First Road Contest Breaking up this attempted Louisiana Tech pass are Bryan Caplinger (15) and Orley Massena, who is on the ground . The receiver appeared to have made the catch, but the tackle dislodged the ball 156 Going over a teamate to score is Indian fullback Steve Gankiewicz as teammate Gerald Jumper looks on . A nice hole had been cleared by blocking-back Benny Winford (24), tackle Jackie Smith (71), center Ron Worthen and guards Dennis Roberts and Manuel Montes, some of whom were not caught in this shot. Louisiana Tech ' s Richie Golmon found no place to go on this carry as Bergey (66), Ritchey (10) and Massena (22) apply the halt to the speedy Bulldog. Tribe Converts Bad Omen Into Upset Win Over Tech The opening kickoff of the Arkansas State-Louisiana Tech game October 8 looked to many of the 7,200 fans in Kays Stadium as a bad omen when Tech ' s Richie Golmon leturn- ed it 94 yards for a touchdown. However, no sooner had the scorekeeper posted a " seven " under Tech ' s name when he had to put up another score — this time for the Indians. Dick Ritchey had caught the Bulldogs ' ensuing kickoff and had scrambled 85 yards for a six-pointer. A-State ' s PAT went wide and the Indians yielded a 7-6 lead to the visitors with less than half of one minute of playing time gone. Tech ' s lead was shortlived. Following the third kickoff in less than one minute, the Dogs were forced to punt, and the Tribe took over on Tech ' s 43-yard line. Quarterback Tim Keane mastered an air and ground attack that pushed the Tribe to the Bulldogs ' three, where fullback Steve Gankiewicz plunged in for the score. Gary Elliott ' s PAT boosted the Redskins to a 13-7 lead. Two more touchdowns by halfback Terry Gwin, one on a 78-yard run and the other on a pass from Keane, jelled A-State ' s 26-13 upset over Tech, who made one other TD with 22 seconds remaining in the encounter. f Like nearly everthing else the Thoroughbreds tried, this pass failed as All-American linebacker Truman Moore (64) goes high in the air to stop the play. Tribe Halts Murray State Bringing home its fourth con- secutive victory of the year, the Tribe combined an over- powering defense with a high scoring second half to take a 44-0 win over Murray State. A-State played one of its best defensive games of the sea- son, holding the Thorough- breds to only 24 yards rush- ing. In the first half Mike Everett kicked a 32-yard field goal. Terry Gwin scored on a one-yard dive. In the second half Tim Keane threw touch- down passes to Benny Win- ford and Dennis Zolper, who also recovered a fumble in the end zone. Steve Gankie- wicz also scored. Bill Ber- gey made 13 tackles and Tru- man Moore had nine. Despite that extra elfort that gained him All-American honors, halfback Terry Gwin (11) just can ' t quite reach this Tim Keane pass. The Indians won easily, 44-0, as several fans watched The Tribe combined hard hitting with heads- up football to account for three fumbles and one pass interception, in winning the first conference game of the season, 33-22, over Abilene Christian. In the first quarter Ron Worthen recovered a dropped punt for A- State on the Wildcat five-yard line. On the next play Steve Gankiewicz scored and Gary Elliott ' s kick was good. Terry Gwin scored twice before half-time, both on 17-yard plays. The half-time score was 20-10, Arkansas State. In the second half Bill Bergey recov- ered a fumble on Abilene ' s 35-yard line. Several plays later Benny Winford scored on a one-yard dive. On the ensuing kickoff an Abilene player fumbled the ball and Dan Buckley recovered on the Wildcat 23. Terry Gwin hit pay dirt from four yards out. Ber- gey led defense with 16 tackles and Gwin led the offense with 68 yards on 21 carries. Indians Rap Abilene In Southland Debut V Spreading his broad shoulder, Charles Hinrichs (70), along with the help of Steve Puryear (81), stops this Abilene offensive attempt. Coming up to help are Dick Ritchey (10) and Gwin Wood (33) . Awaiting a Tim Keane pass is Gerald Jumper (80) who started his bid for Southland Conference honors with the Abilene Christian game Ron Worthen, another All-SLC performer, looks on Both men ' s efforts in the 33-22 contest helped them gain post -season honors. Worthen had a big fumble recovery early in the game. 159 Lamar Defeats Indians 17-0 Power sweeps like this one by Lamar ' s big Tom Smiley gave the Cardinals the ground game that led them to their victory. A first down was gained as end Gerald Jumper hauled in another pass, this one coming from halfback Terry Gwin on a run-or-pass option play. 160 HOMECOMING Pass interference didn ' t stop sure-handed Gerald Jumper from hauling in this Tim Keane pass in one of the Homecoming game ' s brighter moments. Lamar later switched to double coverage on Jumper. Player Of Week Honors Go To Gwin Playing its best football in two seasons, Lamar Tech combined experience and the running of 228-pound Tom Smiley to give the Redskin s their first heartbreaking loss of the season, 17-0, before a record Homecoming crowd of 9,245. The loss turned the gala event into a dismal day. The Indians played a respect- able game in the first half, but Lamar punctured the A- State line and halted Tim Keane ' s attempts to get a score. The closest the Indi- ans got to making a tally was on the Cards ' 13-yard-line in the opening minutes of the tilt. Seven times out of 10, the Redskins were forced to begin offensive action within their own 25-yard line. Injuries al- so aided in the Indians ' first loss. It often took more than five Cardinal tacklers to halt Terry Gwin (1 1 ) as he ran, passed and snaqqed passes to be named the SLC ' s offensive player of the week despite the Indians ' loss Wai ting for another opportunity to move the football, the Indian offensive plans its strategy for the upcoming series of downs. Everett ' s Field Goal Gives A-State Upset Win Springing back after their first loss of the season, the Indians came from a 14-0 deficit to edge the Southwestern Louisiana Bulldogs 17-14 on Mike Everett ' s 30-yard field goal with 1:20 left in the game. With the scon 14- halfway through the second quarter, Terry Gwin led the Redskins 69 yards for their first touchdown of the night. Steve Gankie- wicz scored on a one-yard dive. The half- time score was 14-7. The big break of the night came when Gerald Jumper recovered a dropped punt on the Bulldogs ' 27-yard line. Gankiewicz got the call again from the four and made it a 14-14 game. With four minutes left, A-State took over on a punt at the Cajuns ' 42-yard line. On fourth down Mike Everett kicked a 30-yard field goal to give the Indians a hard-earned victory. Gankie- wicz led the team in rushing with 99 yards. Steve Puryear was named the game ' s out- standing defensive player. Up-the-rniddle blocking like this shown on this important scoring play accounted for many an A-State touchdown. In the background is a pole supporting the new lighting system at Kays Stadium. Indians Fall To Arlington A 75-yard scoring march by Arkansas State after the opening kickoff failed to dis- courage the Rebels of Arling- ton State, who went on to win the game, 16-6. The Tribe held the Rebels scoreless un- til near the end of the first half when a 19-yard pass to Arlington ' s Mike Baylor tied the score, 6-6. In the third guarter, the Rebels drove to the Tribe ' s goal line and were stopped there, giving the Rebs a chance for a field goal. A pass interception was the cause of Arlington ' s next score, giving the Baylor- Thomas duo a chance to click and adding seven points to Arlington ' s nine. The Tribe had two chances to score after the first guarter. A re- covered fumble and a blocked punt in the third guarter both failed to materialize, leaving the Indians with six points. Springing loose behind fine down-field blocking is Terry Gwm Leading the way are Benny Winford (24), Steve Gankiewicz (20) and Ron Worthen (55) This run set up a Tribe TD in the Trinity contest 163 Overall Effort Gives A-State Win In Finale Knees flying high, Steve Gankiewicz heads towafd his first of three TD ' s which led A-State to a 20-7 victory over Trinity. Ganko ' s performance gained him player of the week honors. Displaying the same never-say-die desire that carried them to earlier victories, the determined Indians overcame injuries and a passing barrage by Trinity ' s All-SLC quarterback Donnie Witwiski to upset the Tigers 20-7 in the season ' s final contest. The win gave A-State part of a three-way tie for second in the SLC race, and a fine 7-2 season ledger in a year in which the Tribe wasn ' t figured to finish above the .500 mark. Fullback Steve Gankiewicz tallied all three six-pointers for the Tribe as he set SLC marks for most touchdowns and most points in a single season, and he was playing with a painful foot injury. Terry Gwin was bothered by his knee injury but still managed to pick up the necessary yardage to set an SLC season rushing mark. Gwin ' s broken-field run with a Tim Keane pass set up the Tribe ' s second touchdown. A-State ' s defense came up with four pass interceptions and held Trinity ' s highly praised passing attack to just one touchdown. The Tigers ' Witwiski did set a single game total offense mark, but he couldn ' t push his team across the goal line as the Tribe toughened again and again to halt Trinity drives. Rushing the passer is often the best pass defense, as demonstrated by Charles Hinrichs, (70), Dan Buckley (72) and David Young (79) . This big pass rush resulted in four timely Indian in- terceptions. 164 Cross country team- Bob Giersberg, Bar- ry Garlow, Tony Ed- wards, lim Kennedy, PatO ' Toole, Kelly Parrish, Coney Southerland, Jim Kelley and John Arment. Bob Giersberg Cross Country Ail-American After rolling to its first undefeated regular season, the Arkansas State cross country team finished sec- ond to an always powerful Abilene Christian team in the Southland Conference meet at Arlington, Texas. Bob Giersberg, team captain, got some fine support from junior Tony Edwards and freshmen Kelly Parrish, Jim Kennedy and Patrick O ' Toole. The season wins came over Murray State, Missis- sippi State, Louisiana Tech, Southwestern of Mem- phis, Southeast Missouri and at the Harding College and Southwest Missouri Invitationals. Bob Giersberg, the small but determined captain of the A-State cross country team, reached the plateau of his cross country ca- reer as he finished third in the NCAA college division cross country meet during the fall. For his achievements Giersberg was named to the college division Ail-American team, along wilh the other top 15 finishers. Giers- berg finished the four-mile course at Whea- ton, 111., with a time of 20:01 . SLC Basketball Champions— (front row) Gary Crane, Harold Persfull, Dave Velander, Milton Sullivan, Jimmy Mueller, Charles Mellein; (second row) John Dickson, Ronnie Brewer, Mike Crews, Mike Burk, Harold Scifres and David Renn. 1967 SLC Champions Harold Scifres, " Mr. Outside " of the ASU team, averaged 11.7 points per game as he gained a second unit berth on the star squad. Scifres was outstanding on defense, stopping such SLC gunners as John Godfrey, Terry George and John Lynch. Dave Velander transferred from Marquette University and gave the Indians what they had been needing — a ' quarterback. " Ve- lander was a crack ball-handler and also a clutch free throw shooter. His efforts gained him an honorable mention spot on the All-SLC team. All-SLC Picks Mike Burk teamed with John Dickson to give the Indians the best one-two inside punch in the conference and gained first-team honors. Only a junior, Burk averaged 13.3 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. He was also the team ' s top inside defensive man. 169 t AP, UPI Name Dickson As All-American John Dickson closed out his illustrious col- lege basketball career by being named to both the Association Press and United Press International All-American squads. The 6- 1 1 senior became the first player in South- land Conference history ever to be named to the All-SLC team for three consecutive years as he averaged 23.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game in leading the Indians to the school ' s first undisputed SLC champion- ship. At the end of the season Dickson ' s name was beside 10 ASU records and nine SLC marks. He won the national field goal percentage crown as he hit a fantastic .695. Among his school records are: Most points in one game — 47 Most field goals in one game— 19 Highest field goal percentage — .695 Most rebounds in season — 354 Most rebounds in one game — 23 Dickson hit nearly every shot in the book as he finished second among top career scorers at ASU Ray Grigsby, presi- dent oi the school ' s alumni association, jokes with Dickson, Jerry Rook and Coach Marvin Speight after the Jerry Rook Award banquet. " Big John " the Jerry Rook Award banquet, " Big John " won the award, spon- sored by the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, for the second year . 1 V 1 Red-White Game Initiated Brother against brother? Not quite, but teammate against teammate The Red- White game proved so popular that it will be an annual event. twist to Arkansas State Uni- basketball was added this the team held its first A new versity season as annual Red-White Intrasquad game. The Red team, captained by senior Harold Scifres, won the contest. The unusual battle gave Indian fans a ' ' sneak preview " of the 1967 team and a chance to personally meet the team members. Prior to the game Coach Marvin Speight, the head basketball mentor explained the Tribe ' s offenses and defenses to the large crowd present. Harold Persfull puis up a jumper over John Dickson ' s big hand Indians Open Cold on Road Milton Sullivan, Arkansas State ' s determined forward, takes a leap in the East Tennessee State University game in an effort to bucket two points for the Indians, who won the tilt 70-64 Indian guard Harold Scifres puts the finishing touches on a fine drive . The entir e year wasn ' t a bed of roses for the Indians, for they got off to one of their worst starts in recent years. The Tribe lost its first two contests to East Tennessee State University and Tennessee Tech on the road before topping ETSU in a return match at Jonesboro 70-64. Always menacing South- east Oklahoma invaded Indian country and upset ASU 75-74 in the first game of a two- night stand. The Tribe, outraged by the loss to the Savages, came back the following night and ran the opposition out of the gym as the Osage won 100-63 and topped the century mark for the first time of the season. The Redmen followed the SE Oklahoma contests with an impressive showing against the Phillips Oilers in an exhibition game. The Oilers are made up of former college All- Americans, but they had to come from behind to nip the Indians. Big John connects on an easy two-pointer in the East Tennessee game. Despite the desperate efforts of two Southeast Oklahoma cagers, David Renn managed to let loose this shot . Indians Top Century Mark Jim Mueller takes to the air in attempting to add points to the Tribe lead. ASU Starts A-State started the SLC loop with a big win over Abilene Christian, 82-80, in overtime. Dave Velander pushed in two free throws with :03 left in the overtime to give the Indians the victory. The loss was ACC ' s first on its home court in conference play. Mike Burk put the Indians into the overtime period with a last second basket. 1 " Big John " Dickson set a school scoring record as A-State downed Chattanooga 101-87. The 6-11 All-American center scored on 17 of 22 field goal attempts and 13 of 16 free throws for 47 points. In the Rapides Parish Nurses Tournament the Indians defeated NW Louisiana 72-68. Dickson scored five points in the overtime period to put ASU in the finals with Louisiana College, but the Tribe lost to the Wildcats 92-88. A-State again went into overtime, edging out Oglethorpe 82-81. Dickson was again the hero, scoring his 36th point at the buzzer to give ASU the win. Milton Sullivan gets slapped to the floor in the NW Louisiana battle which ASU won 72-68 Big John fires from outside for two of the 47 points he made in the Chattanooga game. Being 6 ' 1 1 ' helps, especially in tight spots like this one. 74 Big John ' s 47 Sets ASU Mark Game strategy was often changed during time out periods like this one as the Indians huddle around Coach Marvin Speight This fast break was successful as Dave Velander hits a short held goal attempt . ASU Adds Four Wins To Record The Indians added four wins to their ever improving record with victories over University of Tennessee Mar- tin Branch, Abilene Christian, Trinity U. and Lamar Tech. The Tribe won 76-67 in a breather against UTMB. During the same home stand the Wildcats of ACC fell to the Indians 76-70. It was their second loss this season to the Indians. The Redmen took first place in the SLC with a close 81-75 win at Trinity University. The Tribe ' s fourth straight victory in conference play came at home as the Indians ran past Lamar Tech ' s Cardinals 89-73. The game saw John Dickson, Mike Burk, Harold Scifres, David Renn and Milton Sullivan score in double figures. Dismay breaks out as an Abilene Christian player slips and " fumbles ' ' the ball. Struggling for the ball for ASU are John Dickson (bent over) and Dave Velander David Renn (32 ) and Harold Scifres watch . Jim Mueller proves that height is not everything, especially when one can jump high enough to get in the right position as he did in the ACC game. David Renn cracks the tough Abilene defense for an easy two points. Although he didn ' t start a game, Renn averaged 9.7 points. Squeezing between two Lamar Tech players, Harold Scifres puts up two points Harry ' s drives helped the Indians gain many of their 17 wins. ft Conference Foes Fall Harold Persfull, a jumping-jack for- ward, gave the Tribe bench strength. John Dickson and Southeast Missouri ' s John Boyd tie up the ball and their arms and legs while fighting for it. ASU Wraps Up SLC Championship 178 The Rebels of Arlington just couldn ' t stop Big John. Scoring after a Harold Scifres ' steal is Dave Velander. Victories at Arlington State and Lamar Tech gave Arkansas State University a 6-0 South- land Conference record and sole possession of the 1967 SLC basketball championship. This marked the first conference crown for ASU in any sport. John Dickson wheeled and dealed for a record 47 points in leading ASU past Arlington 99-87. But when Dickson wasn ' t scoring, Mike Burk was as he racked up 23 points of his own. The Indians beat Lamar Tech on the Cardinals ' home court for the first time ever, but they had to come from behind to do it. Dickson was almost completely stopped in the first half, but he came back in the second half and hit seven straight buckets as the Tribe came back from a 10-point deficit to win the game and the championship. Dickson finished with 24 points, and Burk, Dave Renn and Milton Sullivan all hit in double figures. Arkansas State split two games with Southeast Missouri in non-conference tilts. The Red- men topped SeMo 99-85 in Indian Field House but were upset 74-68 at Cape State. Harold Scifres hits two from outside against SeMo. 179 Freshman Milton Sullivan was named to the All-Tourney team, while John Dickson and Mike Burk were given honorable mention Co-captains Harold Scifres and John Dickson accept the trophy for second place in behalf of the In- dian team from Athletic Director I .A. Tomlinson. Houston ' Dogs ' Past A State 180 Houston ' s nationally-ranked Cougars pulled away in the waning moments of play to top A-State ' s cagers 68-58 in the finals of the annual Holi- day Tournament, sponsored by the Indian Club. Contrary to Sports Illustrated ' s report that Houston 1 dogged its way past two minor opponents, " the Cougars were extended in both their encounters. The Indian defense was especially effective, but unfortunately so was Houston ' s. Shot after shot was blocked by the tall and talented Cougars. All- American Elvin Hayes, the tourney ' s most valuable player, led the scoring with 23 points. Dave Renn was high for the Tribe with 16. The Indians whipped VMI in the opening round 81-71, while Houston clipped Kent State 85-73. At the game ' s start Indian prospects appeared to be surprisingly good as Sullivan outjumped the vaunted Hayes to get the tip. The Tribe got off to a 5-0 lead. An Arlington eager sees nothing but a belt line as Milton Sullivan goes up for two. The Indians closed their regular season play in Indian Field House with smashing perfor- mance against Arlington State and Trinity. With the conference already won, the Indians played without pressure and beat both teams with ease. Arlington fell before the Indians 93-77 as A-State ran up a balanced scoring attack. John Dickson led the way with 26 points, while Milton Sullivan had 20. Trinity ' s Tigers found Indian country just as unfriendly as the Rebels had as ASU won 93-79. Seniors Dick- son and Harold Scifres were honored at half- time of the game and played brilliantly both before and after the festivities. Scifres ' out- side gunning kept the Indians in the lead dur- ing the first half, and Dickson hit consist- ently all night to lead scorers with 22 points. Scifres finished with 18, while Dave Renn had 20 points and Milton Sullivan had 14 to round out ASU scoring. 182 Tribe Closes With Two SLC Wins " Please don ' t go in, " cries Arlington ' s Mike Nau, but this Gary Crane shot did. Dickson-Scifres Feted In Finale Harold Scif res, John Dickson and their parents were honored at halftime. Mike Burk proves his great defensive ability against Arlington State. Dave Renn got this rebound despite the efforts of three Rebel players. Co-captains Harold Scifres and John Dickson accept the team ' s third place medals SW Missouri Wins On Home Court Arkansas State ran past Arkansas AM N in the consolation game of the Southwest Re- gional basketball tournament 105-93 to take third place in the NCAA sponsored event. Mike Burk hit a career high of 27 points to lead the Indians past the Golden Lions in the season ' s final battle. Burk got plenty of help as John Dickson, Harold Scifres, David Renn and Gary Crane all scored in double figures to let the Indians finish with their highest point total of the season. In their first contest the Redmen fell to a fast moving Lincoln University team 93-80. Sci- fres led the Indian scorers with 18 points and went on to All-Tourney honors. The Indians were playing without starters Milton Sullivan and Dave Velander, who were in- eligible for the tournament. The event was won by the host team, Southwest Missouri State of Springfield, Mo., and the Bears went on to finish second in the NCAA national tournament. ASU Falls To Third In Regionals Mike Burk goes over an Arkansas AM N player to hook in two points. Burk played the best game of the season as he hit a career high of 27 points to lead Indian scorers. 184 Scifres is congratulated by SMS ' s Dan Bolden, who was named top eager in the meet Scifres Earns All-Tournament Team Position Harold Scifres closed out his basketball career at A-State by being named to the All-SW Reg- ional basketball team. Scifres was brilliant against Arkansas AM N in the consolation game as he scored 18 points. Regional Win Caps ASU OPP 59 East Tenn. State 78 78 Tennessee Tech 88 70 East Tenn. State 64 74 SE Oklahoma 75 100 SE Oklahoma 63 81 V. M. I. 71 58 U. of Houston 68 82 Abilene Christian (ot) 80 101 Chattanooga 87 82 Oglethorpe (ot) 81 72 NW Louisiana (ot) 68 88 Louisiana College 92 Big Season ASU OPP 76 U.T.M.B. 67 76 Abilene Christian 70 76 Trinity University 75 81 Lamar Tech 73 89 SE Missouri 85 99 Arlington State 87 86 Lamar Tech 82 68 SE Missouri 74 93 Arlington State 77 93 Trinity University 79 80 Lincoln University 93 105 Arkansas AM N 93 185 The man behind ASU ' s growing track program is John Rose. Coach Rose is aided by graduate assistant Andy Anderson. Track Program Grows As Major Spring Sport Arkansas State University is counting heavily on its fine track team to pick up some valuable points toward the Southland Conference All-Sports Tro- phy. The ASU track program has im- proved steadily under the guidance of Coach John Rose, and last year the Indians moved up to a third place finish in the SLC meet behind Abilene Christian and Lamar Tech. The Car- dinals barely edged the Indians for the second position, and with help from new personnel and continued strong performances from veterans, ASU is strongly regarded as a contestant in the SLC meet in Beaumont this May. Track is a major sport and counts twice as much as any of the other spring sports toward the coveted sweepstakes award. Top returnees include cross country All-American Bob Giersberg and track All-Amer- ican Jerald Spencer, a high jumper. 1967 Indian Thinclads — (front row) Randy Erwin, Jeff Lansdale, Kelly Parrish, Eddie Pruitt, Jim Holmes Dave Ha rrison, David Young and Bob Giersberg; (second row) Assistant coach Andy Anderson, manager Joe Rogers, Harry Cline, Bill Caputo, Pat O ' Toole, Robert Andrews, Jimmy Kennedy, Greg Shumaker and Coach John Rose; (third row) Billy Bell, Milton Sullivan, Butch Brogden, John Snyder, Jerald Spencer and Jack Morrison. Billy Caputo gained All-SLC honors last year as a fresh- man and has a bright future. All-SLC Standouts Return Jeff Lansdale rates among the nation ' s best javelin throwers and is a two-time All-SLC pick. Eddie Pruitt is a sure point getter in the long jump and triple jump Sprint relay team members are Billy Caputo, Greg Shu- maker, Randy Er- win and Eddie Pruitt. Junior Harry Cline, out for competition tor the first time, will give ASU depth in the jumps. i Distance runner Jim Kennedy is a talented freshman. Veteran Jim Holmes is a quarter-miler and a member of the mile relay team. to " Newcomers Counted On St V I 19 if Polevaulter Rob- ert Andrews is a sure point- maker. r 4 Hurdles and sprints are Greg Shumak- er ' s races. 190 Aiming at a sub-four minute mile is junior Bob Giersberg, who was an Al American in cross country Veterans Bolster Success Florida ' s best school-boy shot man last year was John Snyder, who has a bright future at A-State iff 14 ' - i ' ; I f ■ s v s-akV " ' ' -« ' ' Although the high jump is his main event, Butch Brogden is also a fine lavelin man Junior Randy Erwin is ASU ' s top quarter-miler n ii George Glenn Three- Time All-American George Glenn Jr. gained All -American honors last year for the third straight year, and he made the highly regarded team at a different position each year. In his final season he made the sguad as a center fielder after earn- ing berth at third base and second base the two previous years. Glenn missed much of his final season due to a broken wrist, but he still slugged for a .395 batting average, the third highest in the school ' s history. Glenn recovered in time for the Southland Confer- ence meet and made the All-SLC first team for the second time. Glenn was a four-year letterman and led the Indians in hitting three of those four years. As a sophomore, he was named the team ' s most valuable player. Glenn was one of the most colorful players in Indian history. He was an excellent fielder and had good speed. He was daring on the bases and always a power threat. 1967 Indian Baseball — (front row) Ron Paulson, Mike Hickey, Eddie Morrison, Butch Taylor, Dan Kuethe, Jim Burke, Rusty Bourg and Johnny Tipton; (second row) manager Dan Henderson, Bill Westral, Jim Wagner, Neal Duke, Jim Mueller, Steve Morrison, Bob Browning, Ron Matlosz, and Ed Croft, (third row) Coach ' Ike " Tomlinson, John Ford, Phil Floring, C riss McGuire, Jon Jackson, Fred Wilcox, Ed Hamilton, Dick Bethune, Wayne Pitcock, Dana Ryan, Jimbo Callaway, Jim Green, John Geis and manager Joe Jones. New Field Under Construction The weather was cold and the field was under construction, but the game still went on. The playing area was completed before the first game, but workmen were still working on the backstop when the first pitch was thrown. All-Conference left-hander Dick Bethune fires a pitch in the St . Louis U . game . Kell Field has acquired a new look at A-State. The site of the field was moved at the completion of last season. When spring rolled around only the playing area was completed, but the game must go on, so the Indians played their first few games without a backstop. It didn ' t seem to bother them, however, because they got off to one of their best starts in recent years. After twelve games, the Tribe already had a 7-4-1 record, well on its way to topping last season ' s 10-11-1 slate. Mb 9MU Top Returnees Give Indians Bright Future With several top players re- turning, the Indians are going for a first place finish in the Southland Conference tourna- ment this spring. All-SLC performers Jimbo Callaway, Bobby Browning and Dick Bethune head the group of re- turning lettermen. Other top hands are Jim Mueller, last year ' s leading hitter, Dana Ryan, Jim Burke, John Ford, Jim Green, Phil Floring, Johnny Tipton, Steve Morri- son, Ed Hamilton and Fred Wilcox. Several freshmen will be counted on heavily for success. These three lettermen form A-State ' s ' ' Terrific Trio ' ' on the infield. They are Jimbo Callaway, Bobby Browning and Dana Ryan. Indian Moundsmen — (kneeling) Bobby Sherrill, Johnny Tipton, Mike Hickey and Jim Burke; (standing) Ed Ham- ilton, Dick Bethune, John Ford, Rusty Bourg and Ed Croft. Bourg, Sherrill and Hickey are freshmen, and the others are all lettermen. Senior shortstop Bobby Browning connects for a first inning double in the season ' s initial contest against St. Louis University. Indian outfielders include Jim Mueller, Ron Matlosz and Jimmy Green. ASU Hopes For First In SIX Watching the ball hit the bat, Dana Ryan cuts loose with a single against St Louis University. Tennis Team Improves Big things are expected from A- State ' s improved net team. With returning lettermen Jim Tom Bell, Mike Cargill and Fred Sweatt and top freshman pro- spect Richard Brooks forming the nucleus of the sguad, the Indians may climb to a second or third place finish in the South- land Conference meet at Lamar Tech in May. Brooks was one of Missouri ' s top high school net- ters last year and finished sec- ond in the state meet. A-State ' s roughest competition will come from defending champion Trinity University . Sophomore Fred Sweatt be- came the first ASU netter to win a match in SLC com- petition last year in the SLC meet at Arlington. ASU Netters (kneeling) Jack Carson, Richard Brooks Fred Sweatt; (standing) Jim Tom Bell, Elbert Frazier, Mike Cargill and David Foster. Indian Linksters — Marlin Shipman, Mike Stropp, David Sewell, Jim Heiber, Freddy Lewis, Jerry Bourdage and Mike Mitchell . Linksters Plan For Comeback A-State ' s golfers have plans to regain their second place rank- ing among SLC golf teams this year. Last year ' s team fell to a fourth-place finish in the con- ference meet after finishing sec- ond the previous year. Return- ing lettermen are Freddy Lewis, who has three monograms, Mike Mitchell and Marlin Shipman. A hole-in-one? Maybe not, but letterman Marlin Ship- man will be a top golfer. Rick Hall, Statemen president, accepts the 1965-66 men ' s sweepstakes trophy from Coach James Jackson, intramural director, as Gary Lambert, student intramural director, looks on Jackson, Prescott Direct Intramurals Heading the women ' s intramural program is Miss Evelyn Prescott, associate professor of physical education Popular faculty member James Jackson, a former assistant football coach, plans the men ' s intramural program, which features activities for both independents and Greeks 199 One team in each league, Lambda Chi Alpha (left) in the Greek League and the Baptist Student Union in the Independent League, went undefeated. Lambda Chi, BSU Take Respective Flag-Tag Crowns A staunch pass defense and a well-tuned of- fense were the keys to victory time after time for the BSU team during regular season action. LXA Cops Playoff Rolling up a string of 12 straight wins be- fore being upset in post-season action, Lambda Chi Alpha was the outstanding intra- mural flag-tag team for the second consecu- tive year. The passing of Jimbo Callaway and the receiving of Dana Ryan and Richard Gaines was too much fcr the other Greek foes. Sam Tillett ' s passing was BSU ' s big weapon. In a post -season playoff between the two championship teams, LXA socked the independents 33-13. Callaway figured in each of the five Lambda Chi touchdowns. An intra- mural all-star game was also held, with the Greeks winning 14-7. Ryan scored both TD ' s for the Greeks, one on a pass from Callaway and the other on a pass from Bill Keedy of Sigma Pi. Eddie Pruitt scored for the losers. Lambda Chi captain Jim Callaway is pre- sented with a trophy after his team won the Statesmen-sponsored playoff game ; TKE, Statesmen Win Titles Tau Kappa Epsilon and the Statesmen grabbed intra- mural basketball titles in the usual fast and furious action. In the Greek league Pi Kappa Alpha rolled to an undefeated season but fell to the Tekes in the playoff finals. In the PiKA All- Greek tournament, Lambda Chi Alpha rolled to its fourth consecutive champion- ship, routing the Pikes in the finals 81-60. Alpha Omicron Pi won the women ' s division with a win over Chi Omega. The Statesmen regained the independent crown from the Southeast Missouri Swampers. Tau Kappa Epsilon was a surprise win- ner in the Greek league playoffs. High above the rim soars LXA ' s Elbert Frazier for an easy two Jo Ann Green and Cindy Hunter, representing Alpha Omicron Pi, accept their trophy for first place in the PiKA tourney from Sam Elardo. Lambda Chi, AOPi Win PiKA Tourney Lambda Chi Alpha won its fourth straight PiKA trophy A large crowd watched the Statesmen win their title contest. 203 Both Indoor And Outdoor Sports Prove Popular Sigma Phi Epsilon and Phi Mu took top honors in the annual Sig Ep All-Greek Bowling Tournament. Cherokee Men ' s Council won the independent intramural bowling championship and defeated the Sig Ep team in a roll-off. Robin Hoodettes? Who knows, but these intramural archers don ' t try shooting apples off people ' s heads. Something For Everyone Cross country is one of the most grueling intramural sports and the Sigma Phi Epsilon team won the event. These intramural enthusiasts are really in the swim of things as a large crowd watches from the gallery Program Features Balance Arkansas State ' s intramural program offers something for just about every one who wishes to participate in athletic events. Football, basketball, bowling, softball, volleyball, track and field and swimming are featured among the major intramural sports, while archery, bridge, snooker, cross country, badminton, tennis, table tennis and golf are included in the minor events. The program includes activities for both Greek and inde- pendent organizations, but any group of individuals can organize teams and compete. Dormitories often organize teams to help round out independent action. Man a J 4jubf ' J ■T J Volleyball is one of the most popular of the indoor intramural ac- tivities for both men and women. Year-Round Activities Provided Much of the organization of intramural activities is handled by the students themselves. Intramural directors James Jackson and Miss Evelyn Prescott are assisted by Gary Lambert and Dot Bailey, who coordinate actual play. Physical education majors and minors are used as officials for all major ac- tivities, and all are well prepared for their duties. Due to the large number of activities offered, the program must operate smoothly in order to be a suc- cess, for some activities overlap each other. Sweepstakes awards are made in Greek and independent leagues. There is much more to volleyball than just knocking the ball back and forth across the net, and the top teams are highly organized To the victors go the spoils. In all sports trophies are awarded to the winning teams and points are accumulated for the sweepstakes award Van Smith Tuckerman William Wyatt Blytheville Max Poe Pocahontas Joe Brooks Jonesboro I H.Smith Birdeye Trustees Aid In ASU Status Reng and board members anxiously await word from Senate committee. Russell E Owen Marked Tree Great pushes forward in the ed- ucational realm can not be made by one man al one. He must be supported by a competent group of officials in whose hands much trust and responsibility can be placed. ASU might still be struggling for its newly gained and highly prized status if it were not for the board of trus- tees, who cajoled many a repre- sentative into seeing things their way by taking time out of his own busy schedule and showing those legislators around our ever-expanding campus, filling them in on what A-State has to offer the state as a whole. The board is composed of five mem- bers, one of which is appointed each year by the governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Each member serves a five- year term. This year Joe Brooks of Jonesboro succeeds retiring board member, J. H. Smith of Birdeye. 211 Man In The Know Keeps A-State On The Go Dr. Carl R. Reng President of Arkansas State University Behind Arkansas State ' s drive toward university status was the president, Dr. Carl R. Reng, whose leadership over the past decade made such a change possible. Dr. Reng labored day and night for months in rallying support for ASU, and the victory was as much his as A-State ' s. Since he came to the institution in 1951, the building program has experienced fantastic changes. But despite this pro- gress, Dr. Reng is the first to realize that bettering edu- cation is a never-ending project. Behind A Great School Are Administrators Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker Since 1953 Dr. N.D. Hazelbaker, formerly of Noel, Mo., has served A-State as Vice Pres- ident in Charge of Instruction. Previously he was superintendent of several schools in Mis- souri. After graduating from Northeastern Oklahoma State with a B.S. in mathematics, he completed work on a master ' s degree in education at the University of Missouri and on a doctorate at the University of Arkansas. He and his wife Mildred have a son, Kim, who is attending A-State. Mr. L. Cameron At the head ol the monumental financial op- erations of A-State is the Vice President in Charge of Business and Purchasing, Mr. L. Cameron. A native of Lawrence County, he graduated from A-State in 1936 with a B.S.E. in social science and later obtained a mas- ter ' s at the University of Arkansas. Before returning to A-State in 1951, he taught for two years and served as Lawrence County examiner and later as school supervisor. He and his wife have three children. 214 Dean Robert Moore Devotion to duty is one of the requirements of a dean of students, and the duties of Dean Robert Moore pay little attention to the clock. A Mississippian, Dean Moore received a B.A. in psychology at Mississippi College in 1948 and an M.A. at the University of Mississippi. He was dean of men and extension director for five years before taking his present post. He and his wife have two daughters: Mrs. Doris Curtis, a graduate of A-State, and Wanda, a student here presently. A veteran of 16 years of service with A- State, Mr. Ray H. Hall is director of Field Services. Mr. Hall travels almost continu- ously in an effort to bring outstanding stu- dents to A-State. A native of Fulton County, he received his B.S.E. degree from Arkansas State Teachers in 1951 and his master ' s from the University of Arkansas. Before coming to A-State, he taught at various schools and also served as superintendent i n several districts. He and his wife have three sons. Reng Center-A Home Away From Home m W mm Jfiiii. — m I • 1 1 y mms t m M 1 l Affr Now in the third year of its use, the 1 " livingroom " of Ar- kansas State contains something of interest for every student on campus. Without a doubt, the Reng Center has centralized life on campus more since its opening than any of the other new facilities that have been added in recent years. It is not just a building; it is also an organization and a program. A total of 200 students and employees are necessary to oper- ate the Center each day. Their payroll alone is over a quarter of a million yearly. J Ernest Howell, director, sees to it that all phases of Reng Center operation are running smoothly at all times Newly appointed assistant director is Jack Henson. Retired Col Robert A Treneman now manages the bookstore Under the direction of Mrs . W . W Nedrow, food served in Woodlands Cafeteria is the best. Supervising the various recreation facilities in the Center is Phil Pickle . lanna Kaffka and Norma Garrett double as secretaries to the director. Ralph Stricklin, head electrician, is in charge of the immense electrical operations in the building Cleanup duties are under the capable direction of Garland Cullens and his staff. 219 TT School Among the impressive, interesting schools at Arkansas State is our newly organized School of Agriculture. It is located in one of the most fertile and most diversified farm- ing areas in Arkansas. It has a 12-member faculty, 10 of whom have their doctor ' s de- grees. These well-gualified instructors en- able the School of Agriculture to offer ma- jors in agricultural business and economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural educa- tion, agronomy, animal husbandry, horticul- ture and general agriculture. Since the school is equipped with the proper buildings, livestock, machinery and farming land, agri- cultural students receive on-the-job training. The field of agriculture needs more people to fill the large number of waiting jobs. Of Agriculture AGRICULTURE FACULTY — (front row): Herman Williams, Dr A W. Tenmlle, Dr. A.J. Langlois, Dr. A.B. Rougeau, Dr. L.N. Hochstetler; (back row): Dr. E.W McCoy, Jerry McAfee, James Davenport, William Richardson, Dr RO Hexem, Dr. W A North, Dr. A.L Mink, Dr James H Keene. I Classroom work, a vital part in any area of education, is shown by these interested students. An eager student uses his knowledge and equipment to solve those agriculture pro- blems. 221 Good business practices are essential in any endeavor, but the School of Business strives to discover and develop skill in students whose primary occupations will be that of business leaders. These leaders from the School will have backgrounds in the fields of accounting, business administration, busi- ness education and secretarial science. Head- ed by Dr. B.C. McGough, the school is now offering an even better quality of instruction because of a larger faculty and more class- rooms with modern equipment. This year ' s 120 graduates will go on to become the think- ers, organizers and executives whose skill is vital to our economy. Division heads are Shirl Strauser, Accounting; Dr. Robert Ferralasco, Business and Secretarial Sci- ence; and Dr. Roland Mullins, General Busi- ness and Economics. 7N Keeping up with the latest trends in business education is one of Dr. B.C. McGough ' s biggest tasks. School Of Business ACCOUNTING FACULTY— Shirl Strauser, more, Nancy Haigler, Joe R. Zug LM Dins- BUSINESS EDUCATION, SECRETARIAL SCIENCE FACUL- TY — Dr. Robert Ferralasco, Mary Hagaman, Shirley M. Craig, Fay Beth Gray, Mary Lou Wood, Rebecca Collins, Bonnie Valentine. Nimble fingers are required to run the modern office machinery of today. GENERAL BUSINESS, ECONOMICS FAC- ULTY— (front row): Dr. Lonnie Talbert, Pat Ellebracht, Jerry Crawford, James Tatum, (back row): Dr Roland Mullms, James G Frierson, Fred Robinson, Robert Ralston, Telephone calls make easier the many tasks of Dr Harry F. Hodge as dean of the School of Education. School Of Education To meet the need for qualified teachers at all levels and fields is the aim of the School of Education. Dr. Harry F. Hodge presides as dean of the five divisions. Chairmen of these divisions are Dr. George Peters, coun- selor of Education and Psychology; Dr. M. Vance Sales, Educational Administration, Secondary Education and Education Founda- tions; Dr. Ray L. Simpson, Elementary Ed- ucation and Special Education; Dr. Darrell Black, Physical Education and Recreation; James Hansard, Library Science. To reach the wide interest of students and the needs of the professions, the school offers a well- rounded program including guidance and counseling, ministerial training, special ed- ucation, social work and psychology. Frequent chats with division chairmen help maintain an efficient administration. EDUCATION, ADMINISTRATION, FOUNDATIONS FACULTY— (front row): Dr Paul Couch, Dr Vance Sales, Dr Robert Kluge, (back row): Dr. Jack Hogins, Dr A G Shannon, W L Smith, Dr. Joseph P Sweat, Joseph C Taylor. COUNSELOR EDUCATION, PSYCHO- LOGY FACULTY— Dr. James Golden, Dr George Peters, C. L. McLarty, Lloyd Goff, Dr. Alvin McRaven ELEMENTARY, SPECIAL EDUCATION FACULTY- (front row): Nancy Bumpass, Lillian Barton, Dr. Mildred Vance, Dorothy Jackson, Martha Houchm; (back row): Dr. Ray L. Simpson, Dr. W. G. Chance, Dr Baron Conaway, Ralph White, Dr Alton D Quick, Eugene W. Turnbow. LIBRARY SCIENCE FACULTY— (front row): Marion Thielman, Eleanor Ellebracht, Ella Mae Thompson; (back row): G. M. Taylor, Bill Hansard, Jim Anderson. Filling in for Dr. Duane Haskell during his illness was Don Minx, acting dean of the School Vocal talent is abundant, and the many concerts throughout the year indicate the quality to be found in the division of music. MUSIC FACULTY— (front row): Harold Worman, Myron Myers, Julia Lansford, Mary Haight, Mary Elizabeth Beck, Dr. Donald L. Bre- shears; (back row): Thomas G. Williams, Alfred Skoog, Dr. Clifton V Cowles, Dr James L. Patty, David W Niederbrach The School of Fine Arts encompasses art, music and speech and drama. Each division promotes an appreciation of the contributions which have been made to our civilization in these areas and attempts to make them a meaningful part of daily living. Serving as acting dean of the school is Don Minx. Chair- men of the divisions are Dan Howard, art; Don Minx, music; Dr. Dennis H. Rhodes, speech and drama. Both basic and special- ized courses are offered in each division. By participating in performing organizations as well as in classroom experiences, students are able to develop creative skills. Arkansas State has a school which serves the campus, the community and the state by providing ar- tistic, cultural and educational leadership. School Of Fine Arts ART FACULTY— Dan F. Howard, Frank E. Bunts, Harold L. Sway- der, A. Leonard Farley, Richard Baker, Evan Lindquist. From preliminary sketching to original painting, the student is taught the best techniques. From there he is on his own Lack of a good stage because of construction work plagued the Speech and Drama Division. Nevertheless, the players managed to put on two children ' s plays first semester. 232 SPEECH, DRAMA FACULTY— Frank L. Whaley Jr., Carole Field, Carl Al- bert, John P. Bell, Dr. Dennis H. Rhodes. School Of Liberal Arts The School of Liberal Arts, headed by Dr. Robert L. Martin, endeavors to carry on the tradition of liberal education in order to train the individual in the direction of his interest and to the limit of his ability, so that he may lead a useful life and contribute to social, intellectual, economic and political advancement in a dynamic world. In addition to offering most of the education curriculum, the school provides programs designed to in- crease appreciation of the humanities and the social sciences. Chairmen of the divisions of the school are Dr. Alfred E. Leja, English, Philosophy and Languages; Dr. Donald Wells, Political Science, Geography and Sociology; Dr. Donald Konold, History. Over 50 teach- ers comprise the instructional staff. Responsible for the administration of the School of Liberal Arts is Dr. Robert L Martin who serves as dean. ' Absorbed " Spanish student leaves his mark for posterity. Blackboards help students to form clearer mental image POLITICAL SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY, SOCIOLOGY FACULTY— (front row): Dr. Justine Mann, Michael Dia- mond, Judith Bradford, Dr. John C. Osoinach, (back row): E C. Dunham, D. Gordon Bennett, Dr Donald Wells, Clyde Jones, Chester R Stewart, Dr Edwin M Coulter. ENGLISH, PHILOSOPHY, LANGUAGE FACULTY— (front row): Dr. Alfred Leja, Florence Winston, Bogdanka Arias, Elizabeth Neeley,- Eleanor Lane, Frances Hopkins; (second row): Ellen Robinson, Dr. Adolfina Wuppermann, Wanda Walker, Nancy Young; (third row): Sidney Outlaw, Sammy Gennuso, Mary Ann Sloan, Lucille Braden; (fourth row): Dr. James Key, Dr. Alfred Zivers, Robert Sugg, Dr. Terrence Mattern; (fifth row): Edward Reilly, Arthur Krida, William Bennett, C. D. Culver; (back row): Lorin Browning, Dr. James Burleson, John Masterson, Dr. Robert Marshall, George Horneker. HISTORY FACULTY— (front row): Dr. Roger Lambert, Durward Cooper, Edith Farley, Edgar Kirk, Dr. Charles Kenner, Timothy Ross; (back row): Dr Donald Konold, Joel Barker, Phillip Kustoff, Almond Hervey, Gilbert Millar, Dr. Lee Dew, Dr. Charles Hepburn, Dr. John Gal- loway, Dr. J. E. Griner, Calvin Gruver, George Whatley. 235 Science waits for no man in its quest for pro- gress, and A-State ' s School of Science, led by 38 skilled instructors, is no exception. This year, the more than 4, 000 students, connected with the department were offered graduate courses in chemistry and a pro- gram leading to a B.S. degree and a major in geology, as well as courses in engineer- ing, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and medical technology. Also newly instituted are an M S. degree in biological science and an M.S.E. degree in chemistry. The school added the Medical Arts Club to its clubs. Serving as dean of the school is Dr. James H. Stevenson. Division heads of the school are Dr. A.E. O ' Donnell, Biological Sciences; Dr. Edward Anders, Math and Physics; and Dr. Howard Moore, Physical Sciences. Arkansas State ' s progressive leader in math and science is Dr James Stevenson, dean of the School of Science. BIOLOGY FACULTY— (front row): John Stall, Gene Denton, Jerry R Hersey, Dr. E. L. Richards, Dr. Maxine Hite, Dr. Paul Freytag, Ted Kenter, Peggy School Of Science J L ! ! ! ! T ' „„,| |n ... I ■ ■ MB ' I I . Future Einsteins tax their brains with involved formulas as they are trained for math majors. MATH AND PHYSICS FACULTY— (front row): Baud Keister, Bill Livingston, Dr. Burt Burns, Nancy Sigler, Dr. L. A. Mink, Stephen Hamm, (back row): Dr John Kent, Gene Wingo, Dr W F Wei, Troy Blue, Dr. Ed- ward Anders, Marshall Matthews. i Si A .S " J Si l i»u|ni ' u Hg !!_ Pb Bi. Po | At | Rn Team work is good method for scientists. One conducts experiment while partner records results. Besides his duties as head of his division, " Tex " Plunkett also finds time for chats with students about his experiences and their futures Division Of Radio-TV, Emphasis placed on learning through exper- ience is L. W. ' Tex " Plunkett ' s formula as chairman of the Radio-TV, Journalism and Printing Division. Future journalists use vital techniques of writing and editing while compiling copy for their publication, the Herald, which appears weekly. An invalua- ble training program is provided for radio students by KASU — FM radio station. Broad- casting with a power of 3,500 watts, KASU is located in the newly-constructed Radio-Tele- vision Building, which houses the television Journalism And Printing control room and studios also. Journalism students may also gain invaluable publica- tion experience working with the A-State yearbook, the Indian. In the printing depart- ment students publish the Herald and print all items needed by the School. Extra-curric- ular activities include the Press Club, Graphic Arts Club and Broadcasters Club. With these facilities the Division continues to move forward in preparing its students for careers in the field of communications. Busy in the printing department are two students preparing material for the offset press and another learning mechanics of the linotype machine. " Should this go in the Herald 01 in the waste- basket? ' ' wonders the co-editor . KASU broadcasters provide listeners with enter- tainment plus world and campus news Secretary and student punch tape to be used on new linotype machine. In print shop lab two students gain practical experience by using the paper cutter. Division Of Military Science Under the direction of Colonel Morris and his experienced staff of commissioned and noncommissioned officers, the Division of Military Science emphasizes the fundamen- tals and opportunities of the Army. The de- partment strives to acquaint students with the role of the present day Army and the history of the Army, to train them in basic military tactics and to prepare the specially selected students for positions in the Army after graduation. Each cadet is assigned to one of 12 companies, each consisting of four platoons and commanded by a cadet captain. The honorary cadets, selected each spring by the various companies at the annual Mili- tary Ball, grace the drill field and help keep up the men ' s morale. Paper work is an important part of a day ' s routine for Colonel Harry Morris, chairman of the Division of Military Science . MILITARY SCIENCE FACULTY— (front row): Maj Guy D. McCoy Jr., Maj. Lawrence L Mills, Maj. Thomas W Atwood, Col. Harry G. Morris, Lt. Col. Dean D Bekken, Major Robert W. McKnight, Maj. John B Avera, Capt. Hershel G. Jones; (back row): Capt. Harry F. Ennis, Capt. Jerrell E. Hamby, Sgt Nolan W Carter, Sgt. D. B. Teague, Sgt James H. Greenway, Sgt. William H. Hogans, Sgt. John E. Taylor, Capt Thomas J. Davis, Sgt. Francis H. Gay, Sgt Maj Nick L. Hunt, Capt. Robert W Mowery. Graduate School Two additional degrees, the Master of Arts in Chemistry and the Master of Science in History, were added to the Graduate School in the fall of 1966. The school, beginning in 1955 with 16 students, has increased to the present enrollment of 280, while 1,400 stu- dents are in the active file. Even more ex- pansion in graduate studies is expected in the near future. The Graduate School, headed by Dr. W. W. Nedrow, enables these students to expand knowledge and skills in the pri- mary areas of their interests by an in-ser- vice program. It offers work toward post- graduate degrees by giving students further dimensions in their major fields, helping them in their specialization and giving to them opportunities for further advancement oi their knowledge. Leader of the ambitious seekers of advanced education training is Dr WW. Nedrow, dean of the Graduate School . 244 Relaxed conversation is sometimes the key to solving a confusing issue. WELCOME TO ARKANSASSJATE HOME OF ARKANSAS STATE VS MURRAY LETS ALL GO After All, Why Did The days often get long for A-State student: as must be the case for any aspiring in th various fields of scholastic endeavor. Whei it s time to relax, though, there are plenty o places to go to let off steam or just to enjo some peace and guiet. That ' s the funny thine about going to college: like a diamond leisuri time is rare, and for that reason much mor valuable. Football and basketb all games afford the students a chance to be proud of their school . During warm weather students flock to the front of the Reng Center to sit down and talk over current events. As they always say, to each his own. Success in sports depends at least partly on an enthusiastic student body, and students like winners. You Come to School? If Not to Get an Education. . . ' Gunsmoke " holds back the surging mid-afternoon traffic to allow the damsels to continue their mad rush to the lunch line One thing ' s certain about cafeteria food: it ' s always soup and sand- wiches on Sunday night, quite a welcome back to the early-returning suitcasers. Students enjoy the luxurious surroundings of a lounge m the Reng Center, and hey, what ' s that guy doing with his sh irt tail out 7 Class of 1967 Typical library scene during final exam week at A-State. Neil Abel, Monette, Bus. Ad. Baseball Bobby Carl Adams, Augusta, Math Danny K. Adams, Leachville, Pre-Vet. Donald R. Adams, McCrory, Pol. Sci. Phi Eta Sigma, YDC Ronnie Adkisson, Guion, Bus. Ad. Statesmen Thomas R. Akers, Tupelo, Miss., Bus. Ad. LXA, Newman Club, YDC Brenda Akins, Forrest City, Elem. Ed. Kenneth E. Allen, Trumann, Bus. Ad. Sigma Pi Randy Allison, Pocahontas, Bus. Ad. SPi, Band, Alpha Psi Omega Louis A. Alpe, Crawfordsville, Plant Sci. James Anderson, Jonesboro, P.E. TKE, PEMM Club Leta Rhea Anderson, Lepanto, Biology Associated Women Students James L. Arthurs, Cotton Plant, Acct. Alpha Kappa Psi Johnnie Ashlock, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, WAA, SNEA David Aubel, Addieville, 111., Bus. Ad. Basketball, Alpha Kappa Psi Dot Bailey, Jonesboro, P.E. ASC Singers, Concert Choir, PEMM Club, WAA William E. Bailey, Leachville, P.E. Statesmen, PEMM Club William M. Bailey, Ravenden Springs, Biol. Beta Beta Beta John D. Baker, McCrory, Agri. Ed. A TA, FFA, President ' s Roundtable Larry E. Ball, Koshkonong, Mo., Agri. Bus. Robert Bryan Bardwell, Earle, Agronomy PiKA, Plant Science Club, Scabbard and Blade Robert Carl Barkley, Jonesboro, Biology Stanley D. Barnes, Walnut Ridge, Agri. Ed. FFA, ATA Verlon W. Barnes, Bono, Accounting Walter David Barnes, Blytheville, Pol. Sci. 248 Bobby J. Barnett, Walnut Ridge, Soc Sci. Douglas Eldon Barnett, Walnut Ridge, Biol. ACS; Beta Beta Beta Robbie Barron, Tulsa, Okla , English A GD, Featherpens, A WS, WAA Jimmie Don Barrow, Jonesboro, Chem ACS, Wesley Monte Joe Barrow, Paragould, Bus Ad Charles Beach, Manila, Gen Agri. Statesmen, Agri Club Marilyn Belcher, N Little Rock, Elem Ed SNEA, WAA lames Harold Bell, Gillett, Agri. Ed. CMC, Alpha Tau Alpha LaymondC. Bennett, Searcy, Soc. Sci Bill Berry, Poplar Bluff, Mo, P.E. Football, Track, PEMM Club Wendell Wade Berry hill, Monette, Acct. Tau Kappa Epsilon James W. Best, Hardy, Biology CherokeeMen ' s Council, SGA Cecil L Bethune, Bertrand, Mo, Agron. Baseball, Plant Science Club Gene A. Benson, Trumann, Elem. Ed Elizabeth Bickford, N Little Rock, Music Seniors William T. Biggers, Tuckerman, Agri. Econ. SPi, SGA, Agri Club, FFA David W. Bingham, Marked Tree, Music James E. Bingham, Marked Tree, Agron. Delta Tau Alpha, Plant Science Club, Agri Club, Agri Engineers Polly Bingham, Marked Tree, Spec. Ed. AWS,SNEA, CEC Diane Bishop, Dallas, Tex, Art Ed. Kathryn Bishop, Caraway, Elem Ed Chi O, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, A WS, WAA, Panhellenic Larry A. Blackwood, Senath, Mo, Zoology Kenneth Blades, Parma, Mo, Sociology Sigma Pi Alvis J. Blake, Cherry Valley, Bus. Ad. Mark Jay Blindman, Jonesboro, Zoology R R. Bloodworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo, Soc. Sci James Boatner, Peach Orchard, Bus Ad. Max Bobbitt, Mellwood, Accounting PiKA, Alpha Kappa Psi, SGA Michael G. Bollinger, Manila, Agri. Bus. Delta Tau Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club Harvey Booth, Fisher, Social Science John Stanley Best, Sherrill, Agronomy Sigma Tau Gamma, Plant Science Club, Agri Club Janice Kay Bostic, Fisk, Mo, Elem. Ed. Rebecca Ruth Bowden, Marianna, Biology Jimmy Denton Bowles, Keiser, Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi Carolyn Bowlin, Paragould, Bus. Ed. Johnny B. Boyd, Leachville, Agronomy Juanita Boy her, Paragould, English Jimmy D. Bragg, Lepanto, Biology Charles Brandon, Clarkton, Mo., Sociology Teddy Brannan, Rector, Agri. Ed. Agri Club, FFA William R. Brannon, Corning, Math Scabbard and Blade Bette Aleen Brashears, Corning, Elem. Ed. Chi O, A WS, WAA, SNEA Linda H. Brawner, Piggott, Chemistry American Chemical Society Bernard L. Bridger, Jonesboro, Biology TKE, WC, Newman Club Owen J. Bridges, Black Rock, Math Winfred Paul Bridges, Monette, English BSU Executive Council Ben F. Brogdon, Blytheville, Radio Journ. Janice Brown, Lake City, Elem. Ed. SNEA Karen Brown, Walcott, Elem. Ed. SNEA Warren F. Brown, Walnut Ridge, English Seniors Bobby Browning, N. Little Rock, Biology Baseball Beverly Ann Bruce, Bradford, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA James A. Bruce, Blytheville, Agronomy Raymond E. Bruce, W. Memphis, Chemistry Gary C. Buck, Leachville, Agri. Engr. Church Of Christ Fellowship Tommy Lee Burch, Lynn, Bus Ad Alpha Kappa Psi Mary L. Burks, Lake City, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi James V. Burnett, Jonesboro, Math Lambda Chi Alpha David Lynn Burns, Blytheville, P.E. Ta u Kappa Epsilon Janette Burns, Hoxie, P.E. PEMM Club, WAA John Allen Burns, DeWitt, Math Doug Burris, Jonesboro, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi John L. Burrow, Mammoth Spring, English Jerry Butler, Little Rock, Printing Chi Sigma John Byers, Knobel, Elem. Ed. David H. Cady, Pine Bluff, Math SPE, SGA, WC, YDC Cynthia Callahan, Walnut Ridge, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, Poetry Club, SNEA Verna J. Campbell, Trumann, Elem. Ed. Janet Caneer, Senath, Mo., Elem. Ed. Phi Mu, SNEA, WAA, A WS, President s Roundtable John M. Canepa, Memphis, Tenn., Bus. Ad. Charles C. Cannon, Osceola, History Bryan Caplinger, Harrisburg, Bioloqy TKE, Football Gracie Lee Carey, Heth, Elem. Ed WAA,SNEA George M. Cargill, Piggott, Biology Jimmy Alan Carr, Newport, Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Concert Band, Choral Union William H. Casey, Little Rock, Journ LXA, Herald Staff, Indian Staff, Press Club, Newman Club Gayle Cates, Little Rock, Biology Judy Chandler, Tyronza, Elem Ed Chi O, A WS, SNFA, WAA Ray A. Cheshier, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad Jerry Chilcutt, Rector, Music Sharon Chitwood, Mountain View Elem Ed SNEA, A WS Charles C. Chrisco, Luxora, Agri. Bus Walter C . Chrisco, Osceola, Agri, Bus Dale Christian, Dexter, Mo., History Baptist Student Union Ava SueChronister, Egypt, English Fred W. Cloin, Maiden, Mo., Soc. Sci. Pauline Clampit, Harrisburg Math Wesley, A WS, Kappa Mu Epsilon President s Roundtable Douglas E. Claybrook, Paragould Biol Beta Beta Beta, BSU Kay Clements, Lexa, English Chi O, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Upsilon,Featherpens, Le Circle Francois Aharon R. Clements, Caraway, English Comma Beta Phi, Featherpens ' eci H C ° nn, Wynne, Horticulture ionald IS. Cohen, Blytheville, Math } e S ole - Par g°uld, Elem. Ed. AWS, WAA lobert B. Cole, Jonesboro, Bus Ad Alpha Kappa Psi rF n Coleman, Dowdy, Biology A CaD, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, AWS Board rresrfent ' s Roundtable, Beta Beta Beta 251 Spring fever hits and books are forsaken in favor of more pleasant things. Neauman D. Coleman, Holly Grove, Bus. Ad Lanna Fay Collier, Caraway, Social Science Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu William Mark Collier, Little Rock, Bus. Patrick J. Collins, Chicago, 111., Bus. Ad. Bill Connelly, Blytheville, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Martha Cooper, Jonesboro, Speech Paul C. Cooper Jr., Trumann, Bus. Ad. Linda Kaye Copeland, Monette, Bus. Ed. James Costner, Jonesboro, English BSU, Featherpens Terry Grady Coy, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Gerald Wayne Crabb, Helena, English Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Lota Tau, President s Roundtable Homer Lee Craft, Bernie, Mo., Soc. Sci. Roy Gaylon Crain, Marmaduke, Agri Ed. Drill Team Robert F. Craver, Hialeah, Fla., Econ. Tennis, SNEA, YRC Gail Crisler, Cash, Elem. Ed Jimmy L Crites, Senath, Mo., Bus. Ad. Earl M Crofford Jr , Newport, Business Mike Crowder, Marion, An. Hus Block and Bridle Club, Agri Club Kenneth L Cruce, Knobel, Bus Ad. Mary Anne Cruthirds, Wynne, Spec Ed. PhiMu, A WS President, Miss A WS, SGA, President ' s Roundtable, SNEA, WAA Harold Crye, Osceola, Bus. Ad Mary Kathryn Cude, Black Rock, Bus. Ed. WAA, Phi Beta Lambda Clarence W. Cummings, Blytheville, Soc. Claudia Cunningham, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SHEA Betty Lou Cupp, Paragould, English Associated Women Students Gary A. Dalton, Piggott, Social Science Baptist Student Union Gary Lee Dalton, Hayti, Mo., Biology Kappa Sigma Lee Wilhite Dalton, Wynne, Bus. Ed. Cheri Lynn Davis, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed A WS, Wesley Gary L. Davis, Blytheville, Math Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma Patrick L. Davis, Pocahontas, Zoology Beta Beta Beta, Medical Arts Club, Newman Club Robert A. Davis, Pocahontas, Bus. Ad. William L. Davis, Brinkley, Agronomy Baseball, Delta Tau Alpha, Plant Science Club Charles Lee Dawson, Helena, Accounting Bowling, Phi Eta Sigma Michael L. Dean, Dexter, Mo., Agri Bus. Agri Club Larry DePriest, Imboden, Math Ruth E. Dethrow, Biggers, Elem. Ed. ArlissE. Dickerson, Piggott, Speech Tommy Dickinson, Marmaduke, Voc. Agri FFA, Alpha To u Alpha John Dickson, Raytown, Mo., Bus. Ad. LXA, Basketball, SGA Mary Janice Doak, Lake City, Elem. Ed. A WS, SNEA, BSU Charles Dryer, Jonesboro, English TKE, Debate Clarence E. Duckworth, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. CMC, Scabbard and Blade, Block and Bridle Club Denver L. Dudley, Jonesboro, Accounting Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi Melvin S Dudley, Monette, Gen Agri. Sigma Pi John W. Duff Jr , Knobel, Agronomy 7b u Kappa Epsilon Larry Neil Duffel, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. Herald Staff Richard Lee Duke, Fayetteville, Journ. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Herald Staff Patricia Ann Duncan, Wynne, Math A GD, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon Kenny Dunman, Lake City, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha, Block and Bridle Club Otis E. Dunn, Maiden, Mo., English Ronald W. Durham, Trumann, Music SPE,MENC, SGA, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, Choral Union, Marching Indian Band, Varsity Band Sharon K. Durham, Wynne, Elem. Ed. Linda Earls, Bay, English Featherpens, WAA,AWS Betty Lou Easterwood, Corning, Elem. Ed. A WS, SNEA Larry Eugene Edgar, Jonesboro, Philosophy Bill Edington, Corning, Accounting Margaret Edwards, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA Terry Paul Edwards, Monette, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu Vilas H. Elder Jr ., Piggott, Art 253 Paul Elich, Indianapolis, Ind., Sociology Paul W. Elledge, Jonesboro, Music Winnie L. Ellis, Light, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi Edward L. England, Paragould, Biology Bill Ennis, Success, Physical Education Statesmen, PEMM Club Michael G. Ernst, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. Lambda Chi Alpha John M. Erwin, Mountain Home, Music LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Indian Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, ASC Singers Bill D. Etter, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma Roger Everett, Mammoth Spring, Bus. Ad. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi Joe Ewing, Egypt, Music Concert Choir, Choral Union, ASC Singers Ernest C. Farabee, Jonesboro, Biology Beta Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, Medical Arts Club Lynn Farr, Corning, Radio Journalism KASU Broadcasters Club Samuel Clyde Faught, Jonesboro, Math Chi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade Danny Ellis Faulk, Lake City, Bus. Ed. Chi Sigma Jerry Felts, Beech Grove, Spanish Spanish Club James R. Fielder, Rector, Music Marching Indian Band Jan Fisher, Jonesboro, Bus Ed. PhiMu, A WS, WAA, BSU Eddie Elton Fitzhugh, DeWitt, Bus. Ad. Track Judith Hambrice Flaherty, Waldo, Bus. Ed. Rebekah R. Flannigan, Monette, Music Tony Wiles Fletcher, Osceola, Bus. Ad CherokeeMen ' s Council Roger R. Flory, Reading, Pa., Elem. Ed. Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, CEC Donna Lee Floyd, Oxford, Elem. Ed. Diane Fogle, Jonesboro, Accounting Chi O, A WS, WAA, Westminster Fellowship Sister Rosaria Foley, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Linda Bennett Foltz, Wynne, Music ASC Singers, Choral Union Don Ford, Brookland, Bus. Ad. William D. Foreman, Camden, An. Hus Block and Bridle Club, Agri Club, Livestock Judging Team John Fortenberry, Harrisburg, Soc. Sci. Wesley, Spanish Club John Fortino Jr., Kankakee, III., Agron. Delta Tau Alpha, Agri Club, Plant Science Club David Foster, Paragould, Biology Tennis, Baseball, Beta Beta Beta S. Gail Foster, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. PhiMu, SNEA, A WS, WAA Carrol Fowler, Hardy, Sociology James Hugh Fowler, Jonesboro, Biology LXA, Basketball, Medical Arts Club, Featherpens Charles Wayne Fraley, Marked Tree, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, YRC 254 Class of 1967 The opposite sex finds Kays Hall an enticing addition to the campus. Elbert Jennings Frazier, Jonesboro, Math Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Mu Epsilon Gordon Freeman, N. Little Rock, Radio Journ. Football, KASU Broadcasters Club Charlene French, Gideon, Mo., Elem. Ed. SfEA,AWS,BSU Nola June French, Mammoth Spring, Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Omega Pi, A WS Joe Frizzell, Star City, Gen Agri. Robert Gapin, Jonesboro, Biology Medical Arts Club, YDC, SGA, President ' s Roundtable Lucinda Garcia, Jonesboro, Art Kappa Pi John Ed Gardner, Tupelo, An. Hus SPE, block and Bridle Club Ronald A. Gatlin, Paragould, P.E. Statesmen, PEMM Club Florence Green Gatling, Pine Bluff, P.E. Moud Ray Gazaway, Paragould, Bus. Ad. Danny George, Osceola, Business James L. Gifford, Jonesboro, Biology Phyllis Latane Giles, Pocahontas, Bus. Ed. Gamma Beta Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Associated Women Students Jimmy Ralph Gillentine, Osceola, Art Kappa Pi, Chi Alpha, Rifle Team George E. Glenn Jr., Lynn, P.E. Baseball, CMC Linda Smith Glenn, Ravenden Springs, Biol. Patricia Jane Glover, Pine Bluff, English Tau Beta Sigma, Indian Marching Band Hubert Randall Goacher, Stuttgart, Math Lambda Chi Alpha, YDC James Wyatt Goad, Jonesboro, Accounting LXA, SGA, IFC President, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade William H. Goad, Bradford, Biology James Goin, Bay, Math Patricia Marie Goodin, Bald Knob, Spec. Ed. AGD, CEC, SNEA, Featherpens, YDC Curtis Don Goodrich, Lemay, Mo., Soc. Sci. Janet Ann Gore, Osceola, Elem. Ed. SNEA Class of 1967 ' :■ v v V ; »T Downtown business comes to a halt when students stage a pep rally. Gary Don Grady, Hickory Ridge, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha Dale Graham, Walnut Ridge, Accounting Raymond D. Graham, Biggers, Math Statesmen Sandra Berry Grant, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Rheba June Gray, Paragould, Elem. Ed. SNEA, CEC Carolyn Sue Green, Oil Trough, Biology Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, A CS, A WS, Beta Beta Beta Charolette Green, Leachville, English Featherpens, Alpha Lambda Delta Donald Green, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Bus. Ad. James W. Green, Blytheville, Bus. Ad. Jo Ann Green, Cardwell, Mo., P.E. AOPi, WAA President, PEMM Club, Panhellenic Sandra Mae Green, Greenway, Bus. Ed. Associated Women Students Lana Greene, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. SNEA, A WS, WAA, BOTC Sponsor Byron J. Gregery, Rector, Soc. Sci. Drih Team, Scabbard and Blade Earl Griffin, Blytheville, Soc. Sci. Gene Griffin, Wynne, Agronomy Delta Tau Alpha, Plant Science Club Jim Griffin, Hughes, Bus. Ad. Malcolm Griffin, Dell, Gen. Agri. Ta u Kappa Epsilon Wayne Griffin, Gosnell, Math Hugh Grimes, Newport, Biology American Chemical Society Wilburn D. Griggs, Paragould, English Patricia Ann Griffey, Weiner, Elem. Ed. Emil Mario Gullia Jr., Jonesboro, Biol. James L. Guthrie, McCrory, Bus. Ad Terry W. Gwin, Memphis, Tenn., P.E. Foctball U Austin Hagan, Williford, Elem. Ed. 256 ill Susan Haizlip, Parkin, Elem. Ed Chi Omega Chris E. Haley, Marvell, Elem. Ed. Joan W Hall, Newport, Elem. Ed. SNEA, A WS, WAA Lonnie Hall, St. James, Bus. Ad Ray Hall Jr ., Jonesboro, Zoology TKE, SGA President, Medical Arts Club Rick Hall, Blytheville, Sociology Statesmen, SGA Vice President, YRC, Featherpens, President s Roundtable, Circle K, Bowling Robert Lynn Halley, Stuttgart, Soc. Sci. TKE, Alpha Kappa Psi Joe Richard Hamil, Paragould, Philosophy Student Government Association Donald Joe Hancock, Doniphan, Mo , Soc. Sci. Carolyn Haney, Mammoth Spring, Soc. Sci. Pi Gamma Mu, Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA, A WS WAA Annette Hanshaw, Jonesboro, Sociology PhiMu, SGA, President ' s Roundtable, YDC,AWS, WAA Eddy Harber, BlythevUle, Bus. Ad. Sigma Phi Epsilon Greta Elaine Harbour, Paragould, Bus. Ed. H. Eugene Hardy, Charleston, S C., History SNEA, Newman Club, Le Circle Francois JanetHarold, Coming, Bus. Ed. SNEA, Miss Campus Beautiful, A WS, BSU Seniors JanHarrell, Earle, Speech A GD, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arrowhead Players, Featherpens, A WS, WAA Judy Harris, Jacksonville, Accounting SGA, Phi Theta Kappa Linda M Harris, Paragould, Elem. Ed Morris R. Harris, Batesville, Biology Statesmen, Beta Beta Beta Ronald Eugene Harris, Caraway, Acct Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi Barbara Hart, Floral, Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Newman Club, A WS, WAA Richard Lee Hartness, Wynne, Math Delta Sigma Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, BSU Guido Hassin, Hot Springs, Physics Chi Sigma, Tennis, Newman Club Connie Faye Henry, Jonesboro, Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, BSU Henry Hernandez, Miami, Fla , Bus. Ad. Jerry W . Herren, Paragould, P.E PEMMClub Doralyn Hicks, Russell, Chemistry American Chemical Society, A WS Edwin Hicks, West Memphis, Biology Statesmen, Circle K John W Hicks, Harrisburg, Chemistry Ta u Kappa Epsilon, A CS Tom L. Hilburn, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ad. HollanHilliard, Wynne, Math A GD, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon Judith Hinrichsen, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Darrell Hipp, Jonesboro, Agri. Ed. CherokeeMen s Council Clarence Higgins Jr , Jonesboro, P.E. Sigma Pi, Basketball Judith Hitt, Piggott, French Curtis Hodges, Trumann, Accounting Linda Kay Hodges, Earle, Art Chi Omega, WAA, A WS Marshall Hoggard, Marmaduke, Bus. Ad. Poetry Club Mary Catherine Holden, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Spanish Club, Kappa Delta Pi Linda Joan Holland, Wynne, English Featherpens, ASC Singers, Marching Indian Band, Choial Union, Lambda Iota Tau, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, A WS Jim Holmes, Searcy, Radio Journalism Broadcasteis Club, Track Clara Jean Holt, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi GammaMu, A WS, President ' s Roundtable Marjorie Holt, Turrell, Physical Education PhiMu,AWS, WAA, PEMM Club, French Club, Indian Staff, Wesley Melton E. Holt Jr., Gilmore, Acct. William Rex Holt, Bay, Math Andy Hooper, Jonesboro, Biology Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Medical Arts Club Paul Everett Hopper, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Alpha Kappa Psi Ray M. House, Jonesboro, Accounting Janell Houston, Senath, Mo., Elem. Ed Phi Mu, SNEA, A WS, WAA Anita Louise Howard, Lynn, Elem. Ed. Student National Education Association Seniors 1 L 4ft im mm Sari Howard, Piggott, English A WS, WAA, Featherpens, SNEA, French Club Jo Howell, Jonesboro, Math Virginia Sue Howell, Wynne, P.E. A WS, PEMM, WAA Bob Hoxworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Judith Huddleston, Calamine, Soc. Sci. Kappa Delta Pi, Pi GammaMu, A WS, WAA, SNEA, Gamma Beta Phi Nealedene Hudson, Monette, Bus. Ed. Gloria Carol Hughey, Jonesboro, English Cindy Hunter, Poplar Bluff, Mo., P.E. Alpha Omicron Pi, A WS, WAA, PEMM Club John W . Young, Bath, N .Y ., Biology SueHyslop, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. LXA Crescent Girl, A WS, EOTC Sponsor Lyda Ann Jackson, Marianna, Elem. Ed. Travis Jackson, Forrest City, Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi William H. Jamison, Jonesboro, Sociology Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA James Jastrzemski, N. Tonawanda, N.Y., P.E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Baseball, YDC Truman L. Jefferson, Yellville, Acct. Statesmen, Alpha Kappa Psi Sammy A. Jenkins, Rector, Soc. Sci. John E. Jennings, Austin, Tex., Bus. Ad. Scabbard and Blade Vaughn Acton Jerome, Blytheville, Music LXA, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Concert Band, MENC, Choial Union Robert K. Jobe, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi Harry Truman Johnson, Cave City, Acct. Alpha Kappa Psi 258 Class of 1967 ' Dixie " in A major, featuring Danny Ross on the comb. Lannes Johnson, Helena, Sociology Margaret Johnson, Steele, Mo., Soc. Sci. PhiMu, Indian Staff, Panhellenic, WAA, A WS Michael Johnson, Caraway, Accounting Gamma Beta Phi Richard Johnson, Pittsburg, Pa., Soc. Sci. Gary W. Jones, Jonesboro, Radio Journ. Phi Eta Sigma, KASU Staff , Spanish Club, Broadcasters Club Stephen Jones, Imboden, Bus. Ad. Statesmen, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade Jerry D. Jordan, Marmaduke, Bus. Ad. Bill Keedy, Newport, Physical Education Sigma Pi, Herald Staff Jerry D. Keeney, Jonesboro, Math L B. Keller, Jonesboro, Agronomy TKE, Beta Beta Beta, Plant Science Club, Agriculture Club Michael James Kelly, Helena, Bus. Ad. PiKA, Drill Team, Newman Club, Circle K George Owen Kennedy, Dowdy, P.E. Tau Kappa Epsilon, PEMM Club Robert Stephen King, Oakton, Va ., English Circle K, Spanish Club, Madrigal Singers, Kammer Kapelle Ronald King, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Soc. Sci. Circle K, Pi GammaMu, Sociology Club Ovea Dee Kirkwood, Manila, Bus. Ad. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Omega Pi Peter Kluge, Jonesboro, Art Sister Clarice Knauf, Jonesboro, Educ. George Knott, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Bus. Ad. VanKnowlton, Doniphan, Mo., Biology Sigma Pi, Beta Beta Beta George Kopp, Ocean Grove, N.J., Soc. Sci. CMC, Pi GammaMu, YRC, Medical Arts Club Charles E. Kruse, Dexter, Mo., Agron. PiKA, Plant Science Club, Drill Team, Agri. Club Yung-An Kuan, Tokyo, Japan, Math Robert C. Laird, Jonesboro, Accounting PiKA, Alpha Kappa Psi, SGA James Paul Landers, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Missionary Baptist Fellowship Melvin T. Landers, Smithville, Math Missionary Baptist Fellowship 259 Sharon Sue Langford, Hot Springs, English A WS, French Club Marcella Langley, Piggott, Social Science Mary Ann Langley, Paragould, History Betty Sue Larkin, Blytheville, Bus. Ed. B. J. Larsen, Pine BluH, Bus. Ad. Michael David Laseter, Jonesboro, Biology Carolyn Moore Latting, Trumann, Art William Carl Lay, Blytheville, Bus. Ad. James Almon Leach, Silva, Mo ., Education Alan M. Lentz, Jonesboro, Music Marching Indian Band, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kap t c Psi, Wind Ensemble, MENC, Choral Union, Conce 1 Band Nancy Carol Leonard, Salado, Elem. Ed. Sammy Ray Leonard, Jonesboro, An. Hus. Sister Yvonne Lerner, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Harvey Austin Leroux, Jonesboro, Biology Jerrell Raymond Lesley, Ash Flat, An. Hus. Freddie Charles Lewis, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad Golf Martha Bolin Lewis, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. Marching Indian Band, Concert Band, A WS, Tau Beta Sigma, SNEA, CEC Stevenson Ray Lewis, Manila, Agri. Engr. Agri Engineers Edward Limbert, Jonesboro, Agronomy Plant Science Club Myron Brent Linebarier, Stuttgart, Soc. Sci. Lambda Chi Alpha Dana Marie Linn, Walnut Ridge, English PhiMu, WAA Ruth A. Loberg, Jonesboro, Music Alpha Gamma Delta, Tau Beta Sigma MENC, A WS, WAA Carolyn Long, Paragould, Elem Ed. SNEA,AWS Danny Joe Long, Newport, Math Chi Sigma Theresa S. Long, Jonesboro, P.E PEMM Club, A WS, WAA 260 Larry G Lovell, Earle, Math Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SGA James B Loyd, Paragould, Agri Ed Marietta Ann Lucas, Blytheville, Soc Sci. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, A WS Allan Lundmark, Flat River, Mo , Bus. Ad. Judy Lynch, Garner, Chemistry American Chemical Society, A WS, BSU Marilyn Sue Mabrey, Jonesboro, P. E PhiMu, WAA.PEMMClub.AWS Paul Brooks Madden Jr., Stuttgart, Physics LXA, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsildn, President ' s Roundtable, IFC, YDC, A CS Mickey Mahon, West Memphis, P E Statesmen, PEMM Club Earl H Mangrum, Paragould, Philosophy Phi Eta Sigma Sandra Lee Manning, Blytheville, Spanish Alpha Gamma Delta, Spanish Club, ROT C Sponsor Mary Lou Maples, Paragould, Elem Ed. Alpha Gamma Delta, Indian Band, A WS, Concert Band, Kappa Delta Pi, Newman Club, Featherpens David E. Martin, Cave City, Math Statesmen Gary G Mason, Leachville, Chemistry Kappa Mu Epsilon, ACS Hal Edward Mason, Brinkley, Accounting Joanne Mason, North Little Rock, Speech Alpha OmicronPi, Cheerleader, WAA,AWS, Alpha Psi Omega, A rrowhead Players Seniors Bonnie J. Matayo, Canton, 111., Elem Ed. SNEA David Rodger Matayo, Canton, 111 , Chem Kappa Mu Epsilon, A CS Bill Matthews, Jonesboro, Biology Statesmen, Scabbard and Blade Chester Mattingly, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Econ. Donald R Maupin, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. TK E, Social Science Club, PEMM Club, SNEA Sha ron Maxwell, North Little Rock, Elem. Ed. SNEA, A WS, ROTC Sponsor Janet May, Osceola, Elementary Education John Lee Mayfield, Bald Knob, Agri Engr Agri Engineers, Block and Bridle Club Joan Evelyn Mays, Rector, Elem. Ed Chi Omega, A WS, SNEA, WAA John Herbert McClung, Newport, Math Pi Kappa Alpha Patricia Ann McCord, Monette, Elem Ed. SNEA Robert W. McCruder, Harviell, Mo., An. Hus Block and Bridle Club Carletta Ann McDonald, Marmaduke, Bus. Ed. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Omega Pi Margaret Ann McDonald, Jonesboro, Biology Collegians, Alpha Lambda Delta, A WS, Medical Arts Club, Beta Beta Beta, ACS Robert E. McEvoy, Chicago, 111 , Bus. Ad. Pi Kappa Alpha Murray Dewayne McHaffey, Blytheville, Acct. John Thomas McHaney, Marmaduke, Biology Medical Arts Club Jerry Don Mcintosh, Marmaduke, Bus Ad Barbara Jean McKeel, Rector, Soc Sci. Low ell McKenney, Piggott, Spec. Ed. via ll i 261 Vesta McNeely, Marion, Physical Education PEMM Club, A WS, WAA Bill McNutt, Walnut Ridge, Chemistry SGA, ACS, Phi Eta Sigma, Rifle Team Mickey Gail McSpadden, Batesville, Acct. Alpha Kappa Psi Mary Ann Means, Doniphan, Mo., Art Choral Union, ASC Singers, NAEA, A WS, Baptist Student Union Ruby J. Melton, Corning, Elem Ed. Jerry Merrell, Hayti, Mo., Accounting Statesmen, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Featherpens James Merritt, Searcy, Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Medical Arts Club Sonja Ann Metheny, Leachville, Acct. Louis E. Meyers, Little Rock, Printing Chi Sigma, Graphic Arts Club, Pershing Bifles Jerry Wyman Miller, Paragould, Math Jim Miller, Newport, Bus. Ad. Pi Kappa Alpha, Herald Staff Lawrence A. Miller, Helena, Biology Margaret Jo Miller, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA, Associated Women Students Paul R. Miller, Judsonia, Agri. Ed. A Ipha Tau Alpha Richard Miller, Wynne, Biology Seniors Louise Milligan, Lake City, P.E. PEMM Club, WAA Dewey N. Million, Ellsinore, Mo., Elem. Ed. Linda Ruth Milner, Jonesboro, Bus. Ed. Emma Lou Ming, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. SNEA, A WS, WAA Sharon Mizell, Cardwell, Mo., Elem. Ed. Patricia Ann Montgomery, Jonesboro, Journ. PhiMu, Herald Co-Editor, Indian Staff, Alpha Lambda Delta, SGA, Newman Club, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Choral Union, ASC Singers, A WS, WAA, Panhellenic Betty Lea Moody, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed PhiMu, SNEA, A WS, WAA Dennis Moody, Portageville, Mo., Agri. Ed. Alma Moore, Success, Business Education Chi Omega, A WS, WAA Gary A Moore, Pine Bluff, Math Sigma Phi Epsilon, Circle K Marguerite Moore, Black Rock, P.E. PEMM Club, A WS, WAA Michael Dennis Moore, Marianna, Biol. American Chemical Society, Wesley Neal DeWayne Moore, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Lloyd Mondy, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Ken Morgan, Forrest City, Bus. Ad Sigma Phi Epsilon Danny Max Morrison, Bay, Biology Bill Morrow, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Hist. Ed Morten, Paragould, Social Science Bill D. Mosbey, Fisk, Mo., Journ. Statesmen, Featherpens, Herald Staff, Circle K Jesse Clinton Moses, Paragould, P.E. PEMM Club Paul C. Mugge, Denver, Colo., Math TKE, Kappa Mu Epsilon, IFC Charles Stephen Myers, Piggott, Econ. Jack Wayne Nail, Blytheville, Bus. Ad. Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi William Fred Nation, Paragould, Bus. Ad. Bob Nelson, Rector, Art Kappa Pi Kenneth Neugebauer, Harrisburg, Acct. Dennis Newsom, Ravenden Springs, Math Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon Samuel Neal Nichols, Hughes, Physics William Nicholson, Cherry Valley, Agri. Ed Alpha Tau Alpha, Agri Club, Circle K, FFA Renee Norton, Pine Bluff, English A GD, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Indian Band.MENC, Woodwind Ensemble, Kappa Kappa Psi Sweetheart Roy Ockert Jr., Hot Springs, Journ. LXA, Indian Editor, Assistant Editor, Herald Co-Editor, Student Bowling Director, President ' s Roundtable, YRC Carrell F. Odom, Augusta, Soc. Sci. Statesmen, Pi Gamma Mu Laure Anne Oelsen, Poplar Bluff, Mo , Art Ronald Paul Ohnemus, W Helena, Art Frank Oldham Jr , Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. Statesmen, Alpha Kappa Psi, Featherpens, SGA Nancy Ann dinger, Jonesboro, P.E. A GD, PEMM Club, Block and Bridle Club, AWS, WAA Anne Osborne, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. AOPi, SNEA, A WS, WAA Betty R. Owens, Lake City, Elem. Ed. SNEA Betty O ' Brien, Marianna, English James B. O ' Brien, Meluchen, N.J., Bus. CherokeeMen s Council Georgia Pace, Lake City, Elem. Ed. SNEA, A WS Nathan L. Pack, Jonesboro, English Jill Brewer Parsons, Leachville, English AOPi, Panhellenic, Indian Staff, A WS, WAA Dolford E. Payne Jr , Paragould, Chem. Sigma Nu, ACS, Medical Arts Club Robert K. Payne, Jonesboro, Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta 263 Class of 1967 wmm Proper perspective is a necessary part of a college student ' s training. Syd Peebles, Smithville, Voc. Agri. Blockand Bridle Club, Agri Club Allan G. Pemberton, Palestine, Bus. Ad. Charles H. Penter, Jonesboro, Chemistry Scabbard and Blade Jim Pepper, Bloomfield, Mo., Music William Perkins, Koshkonong, Mo., Bus. Ad. PiKA, IFC, Baseball DuBois Morton Pettit, Lake City, Sociology Pi Gamma Mu Anita Catherine Phillips, Rector, Music Alpha Lambda Delta, MENC, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Madrigal Singers Joe Franklin Pickney, Hoxie, Bus. Ad. Walter Wesley Pillow, Paragould, Chem. American Chemical Society Steve B. Plummer, Jacksonville, English SPE, A rrowhead Players, Featherpens, SGA James L Poe, Pocahontas, Bus Ad Pi Kappa Alpha, YDC Jacquelyn Mason Pogue, Knobel, English FearAerpens Sue Ann Pollock, Harrison, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi, BSU Helen Louise Ponder, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. SNEA Carolyn Evelyn Powell, Jonesboro, Art Kappa Pi, NAEA, A WS Ronald Edward Powell, West Memphis, Biol. Sigma Phi Epsilon Linda Fikes Power, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. Student National Education Association Buck C. Powers, Beebe, Art Pi Kappa Alpha John Price, Marked Tree, Pre-Med. Larry G Price, Lonoke, Bus. Ad. Robert Privett, Walnut Ridge, Bus. Ad William Terry Pross, Blytheville, Pol. Sci. Sigma Phi Epsilon Annabelle Provence, Tuckerman, English Lambda Iota Tau, Featherpens, Le Circle Francois, A WS Billy Kohn Provence, Tuckerman, Agri. CMC, Plant Science Club Barbara E. Pruitt, Jonesboro, English A GD, Alpha Lambda Delta, Indian Staff, Lambda Iota Tau, Pi Gamma Mu, A WS, WAA, Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi 264 Barry Pruitt, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Eddie Carl Pruitt, Searcy, P.E. Tiack Jimmy Richard Pruitt, Osceola, Bus. Ad. Cynthia Crum Pugh, Jonesboro, English Lambda Iota Ta u Donald G. Purcell, Paragould, Soc. Sci. Statesmen Sherry Holland Purtle, W . Helena, Elem. Ed. Steve H . Puryear, Little Rock, Bus . Ad . Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football Rick Allen Pyland, Paragould, Sociology Jerry M. Raborn, Carlisle, Chemistry Kappa Kappa Psi, A CS Larry Ronald Rainwater, Jonesboro, Acct. Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma Billie Sue Ray, Pocahontas, Elem. Ed. BSU, SNEA Kin Ray, Earle, Business Sigma Pi, Heiald Staff Bryce Bernard Read, McDougal, Math Frances Annette Reasons, Jonesboro, Music A GD, MENC, A WS, WAA, YDC Larry E. Reddmann, Harrisburg, Bus. Ad Seniors Carroll Redmond, Wardell, Mo., Bus. Ad. •Sfcrresme.n Sharyn Sue Reed, Dalton, Elem. Ed. Wynnbourn Iran Reed, Paragould, Accounting Patsy Jane Reel, Blytheville, Elem. Ed. Chi O, A WS, WAA, YRC Ronald E. Reese, Miami, Fla., Spec. Ed. Pi Kappa Alpha Carol Rice, Searcy, Biology Chi O, Beta Beta Beta, A WS, WAA, American Chemical Society Franklin Richardson, Morrilton, Voc. Agri. Future Farmers of America Harold Thomas Riggan Jr., Corning, An. Hus. Agri Club, Block and Bridle Club Samuel Leo Riney, Lepanto, Agri. Engr. Berniece Ring, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Spec. Ed. Linda Roachell, Parkin, Elem. Ed. Charles Dennis Robertson, Rector, Biol. Gary Don Robinson, Paragould, Bus. Ad. Henry Welborn Robison, Blytheville, Biol SPE, Beta Beta Beta Charles Thomas Rodgers, Rison, An. Hus. Block and Bridle Club, Agri Club Michael M. Roeder, Piggott, Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Jerold Lee Rogers, Stuttgart, Agron. SPE, Plant Science Club, Agri Club Jan Rose, Stanfield, Ariz., Elem. Ed. ' A GD, WAA, A WS, YDC Danny Ross, Paragould, Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Indian Band, Concert ' Choir, Wind Ensemble Richard David Roth, Stuttgart, Gen. Agri. Block and Bridle Club, Agri Club Thomas I. Rowland, Cherry Valley, Physics John A. Rowton, Rector, Social Science Phi Eta Sigma, Drill Team Sherry Moser Rushing, Jonesboro, Art NAEA,AWS, WAA Eddie Mack Russom, Paragould, Bus. Ad. Statesmen Melba Jean Rutherford, Jonesboro, Elem. Ed. A WS, WAA Sandra Kay Saliba, Blytheville, Music PhiMu, A WS, WAA, MENC, SGA Roger Sample, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Econ. CMC, YRC, Alpha Kappa Psi Ralph Daniel Sanders, Fisher, Agronomy Plant Science Club Sister Eileen Schneider, Jonesboro, El. Ed. Leslie E. Schisler, Poplar Bluff., Mo., Acct. Don W. Schoenborn, Jonesboro, Pol. Sci. Sigma Pi, YRC, Newman Club Robert Schoenborn, Jonesboro, Philosophy SPi, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club Harold Lee Scifres, Turrell, P.E. Basketball, PEMM Club Janie Seay, Rector, Special Education CEC, SNEA, A WS Danny Mack Self, Holly Grove, Math Missionary Baptist Fellowship Seniors Tom Semper, Villa Park, 111., P.E. Henry H. Sennett Jr ., Weiner, Speech Phillip Dan Sharp, Jonesboro, Accounting Gary W. Short, Walcott, Chemistry ACS, Phi Eta Sigma Glen Sivils, Crossett, Animal Husbandry Block and Bridle Club, Agri Club Charles Michael Skyrme, Tuckerman, An . Hus. CMC, Block and Bridle Club Doris Marlene Slatton, Walcott, Soc. Sci. Eddie Hemenway Slaughter, Wheatley, Acct. Alpha Kappa Psi Barbara Smith, Peach Orchard, English A WS, Spanish Club Everett David Smith, Jonesboro, P.E. Statesmen, PEMM Club Gary D. Smith, Cabot, Agri. Ed. CherokeeMen ' s Council Herschel Darrell Smith, Newport, Soc Sci. Jerry Wayne Smith, Leachville, Biology Joan Farrrell Smith, Jonesboro, English Chi Omega, Miss A -State, Majorette, Honorary Cadet, Concert Band, Featherpens, Arrow Staff John Arthur Smith, Lonoke, Gen. Agr. Mary Ann Smith, Cabot, Chemistry American Chemical Society Sue Ann Seay Smith, Kennett, Mo., Elem. Ed. Brenda Hayes Snider, Fish, Mo., Bus. Ed. AWS, Pi Omega Pi Charles Byron Snider, Leachville, Sociology Carolyn June Southard, Salem, Math Chi O, Kappa Mu Epsilon, YDC, A WS, WAA Alpha lambda Delta, Indian Staff 266 Dianne Jo Sowell, Jonesboro, Social Science Jerald Edward Spencer, Harrisburg, Agronomy Plant Science Club, BSU, Track Jimmy Wayne Spence, Marianna, Soc Sci. Statesmen Thomas Spencer, Cherokee Village, History Pi Kappa Alpha Thomas A. Stafford, Eldon, Mo., Soc. Sci. BSU Frank A Stanley, Jonesboro, Social Science Keith M. Steele, Jonesboro, Agri Ed. Larry Joe Steele, Black Rock, English Betty J. Steinsiek, Jonesboro, Music PhiMu, Honorary Cadet Colonel, MENC, A WS, WAA, Tau Beta Sigma, Homecoming Queen Ronald Kenneth Stephen, Marmaduke, Biology American Chemical Society Joy Marie Stephens, Trumann, Math A OPi, Indian Band, Concert Band, MENC, Tau Beta Sigma, KappaMu Epsilon, WAA, AWS Charles Stevens, Asheville, N .C ., Printing Thomas Stevens, Stafford, Va., Agri. Bus. Statesmen, FFA, Agri Club Art Stewart, Parkin, Speech PiKA, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arrowhead Players, Counter Guerrillas, Arrow StaH, Drill Team, Featherpens Revis Gerald Stewart, Monette, Agri. Bus. Mary Dee Stickford, Jonesboro, Art Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Arrowhead Players, A WS, NAEA, Kappa Pi, Homecoming Maid, President ' s Roundtable Richard L. Stiies, Blytheville, Accounting Luther Gilliam Stokes, Maiden, Mo., Hort. Agri Club, Plant Science Club Ronald Keith Stone, Bernie, Mo., P.E. Linda Fay Stratton, Osceola, Bus. Ed. A WS, WAA, Phi Beta Lambda Sandra Lea Strickland, Lepanto, Elem. Ed. Wanda S. Stringer, Leachville, Elem. Ed. Larry Sullivan, Stuttgart, Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Maurice Sullivan Jr ., Smithville, Acct. Norman E. Sward, Stuttgart, History TKE, Circle K, Canterbury Club, Marching Indian Band 267 Registration setbacks often make students want to quit before starting. Myrna Dee Taggart, Augusta, Elem. Ed. SNEA, AEA, NEA Guy Talbott Jr., Maynard, Chemistry American Chemical Society John R. Talburt, Batesville, Math David W. Taylor, Marvell, Accounting Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade Shirley Taylor, Newport, Elem. Ed. Ann S Terrell, Marked Tree, Elem. Ed. SNEA,AWS, WAA Happel Dean Terrell, Batesville, Math Statesmen Anna J. Thomas, Leachville, Eonomics James Thomas, Beedeville, Plant Science Plant Science Club Gaylin Thompson, Doniphan, Mo., Accounting Philip Edward Thompson, Wynne, Physics Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon Glen O. Thorne, Marmaduke, Sociology Marian Tims, Newport, French James S. Tinney, Jonesboro, English Kappa Epsilon, Herald Staff Mary Katherine Tinsley, Hoxie, Bus. Ed. Pi Cmega Pi, Chi Alpha, A WS, WAA Alfred L. Tomlinson, Jonesboro, Sociology Bayard Treneman, Jonesboro, Math Scabbard and Blade Robert Edward Trebilcock, Ash Flat, Agron. Circle K, FFA, Delta Ta u Alpha, Alpha Tau Alpha, Canterbury Club, Agri Club Ronnie R. Triplett, Bloomfield, Mo., Art Kenneth E. Tullos, Cabot, Social Studies SNEA, BSU Danny Clark Turnbo, Rector, Bus. Ad. Nina Doris Turner, Rector, Elem. Ed. Roger D. Turney, Jonesboro, Social Science William R. Ulmer, Jonesboro, Bus. Ad. Victoria Ann Urton, Jonesboro, Music Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Upsilon 268 Nita Kaye Vanhook, Newport, Elem Ed. A GD, Panhellenic Pres., Cheerleader, ROTC Sponsor, LXA Crescent Girl, A WS, Homecoming Maid, Alpha Sigma Upsilon Frances Ellen Vincent, Rector, Elem Ed. SNEA, A WS Howard E. Vollberg, Pittsburgh, Pa., Music Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, MENC, ASC Singers Jackie Vowell, Blytheville, Elem. Ed AGD,A WS, WAA, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta Anita Wade, Lepanto, Elementary Education William Waggoner Jr., Little Rock, Journ. Pershing Rifles Gary Wagley, Matthews, Mo., Bus. Ad. William L. Waldrip, Moro, Bus. Ad. Track Robert B. Walker, Wynne, Biology Ta u Kappa Epsilon Frances L. Wallace, Dyess, Elem. Ed. H. C. Wallace, Lepanto, Physical Education Statesmen, PEMM Club, Circle K, YDC Ronald L. Wallace, Bald Knob, Pol. Sci. Jimmy R. Wallin, Hickory Ridge, Agri. Ed. ATA, FFA,Agri Club James Walling Jr., Salem, Agri. Ed. FFA,ATA Limual John Walpole, Kennett, Mo., Acct. SPi, IFC, Alpha Kappa Psi Seniors Gary Lee Ward, Risco, Mo., Radio Journ. KASU Broadcasters Club Charles E. Washam, Mammoth Spring, Bus. Ad. SPE, Alpha Kappa Psi Ila Faye Watkins, Bay, Business Education A WS, WAA John E. Watson, Monette, Bus. Ad. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Circle K, YDC President ' sRoundtable Ruth Jane Watson, Bay, Elementary Education Ronald Lee Watts, St. Joe, Agri. Ed. Alpha Tau Alpha Donald Eugene Weaver, Manila, Education BSU, SNEA Gary W. Weaver, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Elem. Ed. Dennis H. Wegert, Jonesboro, Math Track Bill Wells, El Dorado, Bus. Ad. Lambda Chi Alpha Michael D. Wells, Cardwell, Mo., Agri. Engr. Agri Engineers Jack R. Welsh, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sociology Baseball Richard P. Wenham, Phoenix, Ariz., Chem. Track, ACS, Newman Club Bill West, Des Arc, Business Administration Gail Dianne Wheeler, Paragould, English )oe Whitaker, Harrisburg, Agri. Econ. Pi Kappa Alpha Charles. G. White, Bloomfaeld, Mo., Bus. Ad. Statesmen Robert A. White, Jonesboro, Art Claude Edward Whited, Batesville, Math Statesmen ' ■ary W. Whitfield, Steele, Mo., An. Hus. Block and Bridle Club 269 Don H. Whitt, Hicklry Ridge, Elem. Ed Norma Kay Wilbanks, Hayti, Mo, P.E. AOPi, WAA, PEMM Club Brenda Sue Wilcox, Jonesboro, Soc. Sci. Paul Earl Wildy, Leachville, Agron. CMC, SGA, Agri Club, Plant Science Club Thomas Wilkie, Forrest City, Agron. SPE, Agri Club, Plant Science Club, Circle K Club Carolyn Williams, Paragould, Elem. Ed. Student National Education Association Connie Williams, Sheridan, Soc. Sci. Edna Eloise Williams, Clarkedale, English Joe Rayburn Williams, Grubbs, Soc. Sci. Kent M. Williams, Paragould, P.E. Mike L. Williams, Paragould, Biology Beta Beta Beta Mildred Kay Williams, Paragould, Elem. Ed. CEC, SNEA Ralph N. Williams, Campbell, Mo., Bus. Ad. Peishing Rifles Thomas E. Williams, Beech Grove, Biol. CherokeeMen ' s Council Carolyn Sue Wilson, Smithville, Bus. Ed. Seniors Mignonne Wilson, Pocahontas, Bus. Ed. AGD, Pi Omega Pi, A WS, WAA, Featherpens Ilene Gray Winberry, Greenway, Elem. Ed. Benny Winford, Birmingham, Ala., Bus. Ed. PiKA, Football, PershingRifles Charles Wisdom, Beebe, Sociology Statesmen Carl Edwin Wixson, Fisher, Agri. Econ. Erma R. Wood, Viola, Bus. Ed. Pi Omega Pi June Wood, Pine Bluff, Elem. Ed. PhiMu, SNEA, A WS, BSU Don H. Woods, Alton, Mo., Elem. Ed. Gary Wright, Paragould, Biology Statesmen, Counter Guerrillas Thad Winford Wyatt Jr., Jonesboro, Biol. John David Young, Parma, Mo., Elem. Ed. Student National Education Association David Young, Hughes, Bus. Ad. Lambda Chi Alpha, Track, Football Penelope Anne Young, Harrison, Acct. A WS, WAA John H. Young, Sikeston, Mo., Bus. Ad. Statesmen, Westminster Fellowship Marvin Zimmerman, El Dorado, English SPE, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Iota Tau, WC, Kappa Delta Pi, Young Democrats, Featherpens, President ' sRoundtable Roby Scucchi, Lake Village, Art Statesmen, Kappa Pi, NAEA, Pershing Rifles, Westminster Fellowship 270 Class of 1968 When the camera comes out, the faces pop up. William Butler Abernathy, Jonesboro Larry Adams, Paragould James Adkisson, Hayti, Mo. Abe Akel, Brinkley Benny Akin, Hughes Jim Akin, Hughes Lee Alexander, Monette William Allbright, Heber Springs Lucia Allen, Alicia Mamie Allen, Marianna Johnny Allison, Jonesboro Karen Allison, Pocahontas Donna Lammers Alliston, Jonesboro Jerry Allred, Jonesboro Julie Alpe, Crawfordsville William Alumbaugh, Lake City William H. Andersen, Jonesboro Harold Anderson, Altheimer Frank B. Armstrong Jr., Jonesboro Nancy Kay Arnn, Sidney Joseph Harold Arnold, Blytheville Lawrence Arnold, Salem Ellen Arrington, Jonesboro Wallace Aspinwall, Malvern, Pa. Sammy James Atchison, Paragould Joe Atkins, Blytheville Donald L. Ay res, Richmond, Va. Anne Bacon, Manila Ronald Baer, Turrell Carolyn Bailey, Clarkton, Mo. Martha Jean Bailey, Steele, Mo. Robert Baker, Sage Tony Ollen Ballard, Walnut Ridge Tommy J. Barber, Jonesboro Carolyn Bardwell, Earle William C. Barker, Jonesboro Donna Barner, Marmaduke Jerry W. Barner, Jonesboro George A. Barron, Pine Bluff Bette R. Bateman, Blytheville Theresa Nell Bateman, Rector Norman Batey, Paragould Jo Ann Batson, Sulphur Rock Franklin Battles, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jaunita Kay Bauer, Jonesboro Charles Baxter, Paragould Ethel Suzanne Baxter, Batesville Robert Harold Baxter, Magness Jerry W. Beal, Rector F. Hershel Bearden, Ward Ralph Beazley, Forrest City Mike Beebe, Newport Judy Beene, Wilson Patricia Beene, Hughes Isabelle Bell, Hayti, Mo. Jim Tom Bell, Little Rock 271 Class of 1968 Guess what , Mom ! Our group had 21 per cent fewer cavities. Robert Scott Bell, Searcy Sandra Lee Bell, Jonesboro Curtis Murphy Bennett, Jonesboro B. Steven Benson, Stuttgart Charles F. Benson, Stuttgart Carolyn Bentley, Gideon, Mo. Bill Bergey, South Dayton, N. Y. James Richard Berry, Ward Larry D. Berry, Higginson Tyrone Berry, Walnut Ridge Margaret W. Bevill, Jonesboro Richard Bishop, Jonesboro Richard Bishop, Stuttgart Darrell M. Black, Kennett, Mo. Richard K. Black, Paragould Gene E. Blackford, West Memphis Gary Wayne Blackwood, Senath, Mo. G rover Leon Blagg, Harviell, Mo. Robert H. Blair, Jonesboro Robert Blanchard Sr., Jonesboro Sharon Blaylock, Campbell, Mo. Bonnie Bledsoe, Wynne Harvey Bobbitt, Delaplaine Mary Bobbitt, Memphis, Tenn. Joseph Boeckmann, Wynne Doris Bone, Jonesboro Gilbert Bonner, Blackton Earl Booth, Blytheville Sandra Booth, Caraway Eddie Boster, Doniphan, Mo. Lois Weldon Bowlin, Paragould Jonnie Bradsher, Trumann Joseph L. Bradley, Jones boro Dorothy Jean Brand, Harrisburg Josie D. Brandon, Piggott Houston Brewer, Lepanto Jimmy Brewer, Tupelo Joe Russell Brewer Jr., Jonesboro Ronnie Brewer, Marmaduke Carolyn Bridges, Black Rock Samuel W. Bridges, Monette Gary Bridgman, Batesville Gary Lee Britten, Batesville Charles Mack Browder, Osceola Helen Brooks, Hoxie Sue Anne Brooks, Batesville Aaron H. Brown, Delaplaine Bobby Brown, Searcy Carol Jane Brown, Jonesboro Helen Brown, Blytheville James Freddie Brown, Datto James Henry Brown, Augusta Marilyn Brown, Jacksonville Paul Garry Brown, Caraway Ronald Lee Brown, Pocahontas Carol A. Browning, Jonesboro 272 Roy J. Browning, Judsonia Charles W. Bryant, Austin Alice Buffington, Pine Bluff Harry G. Bufkin Jr., Wilson Dot Goin Buhrmester, Jonesboro Myra Buhrmester, Jonesboro Barbara Burcham, Blytheville Billy G. Burge, McCormick Mmm 4 % wmm IP " ml r i James Michael Burk, Jonesboro Mickey Burkett, Williamsville, Mo. Larry Burks, Jonesboo Larry Leon Burns, Viola Joseph Lee Burns, Blytheville Wendell Burnside, Lake City Jimmie F. Burris, Egypt Nina Burroughs, Jonesboro MkM Lynn Busby, Oil Trough Charles Butcher Jr., Cotton Plant Dale Butler, Kensett Dawn Butler, Pangburn George W . Byers, Marked Tree Charlotte Cala, Rochester, N Y. Walter Calaway Jr., Marianna T. Frank Caldwell, Jonesboro CD Mlm Harry W . Caldwell, Little Rock Susan J. Callahan, Black Rock Jim Callaway, Little Rock Mike Cameron, Jonesboro Betsy F. Campbell, Jonesboro Geraldine Campbell, Jonesboro James M. Campbell II, Helena Tony Cannon, Kennett, Mo. WM It h mm £ Juniors Carol L. Caplinger, West Memphis Michael L. Carnahan, Stuttgart Roy E. Cargill Jr., Thayer, Mo. Alan Carpenter, Piggott James D. Carr, Jonesboro Danny Carroll, Senath, Mo. Jackie Carson, N. Little Rock Hazel Carter, Cocoa Beach, Fla. James H . Carter, Blytheville John A. Carter, Piedmont, Mo. Sarah Carter, Steele, Mo. Timothy D. Carter, Paragould Fred P. Castling, Marianna Norman Ray Catt, Knobel Judith Harlan Chaffin, Trumann Joseph Lee Chambers, Jonesboro Pattye Bess Chandler, Pine Bluff Pat Chitwood, Mountain View Susan Christian, Hornersville, Mo. Alan Arnold Clark, Jonesboro Lloyd W.Clark, Alicia Philip R. Clark, Walnut Ridge Robert Clark, Jonesboro Rochelle Clark, Walnut Ridge Sherley Jane Clark, Marmaduke Steve Clark, Jonesboro Dickie Clay, Portageville, Mo. Danny Clements, Cherry Valley Jerry Clements, Imboden Lou Anne Clements, Cherry Valley Ronald D. Clement, Lonoke Janice Cline, Yellville Katherine Cline, Marked Tree Pat Clinton, Lynn Ernest Lee Cobb, Corning Phyllis S. Coker, Walnut Ridge Kenneth Colbert, Lepanto Bonnie Cole, Jonesboro Carl Lemuel Cole, Jonesboro Eumeca Joy Cole, Corning Mary Helen Cole, Trumann Nancy Ann Cole, Williford Leda Marie Collier, Marmaduke Maria Collins, Chicago, 111. Gifford Conn, Jonesboro Lynn Conner, Risco, Mo. Ben D. Cook, Jonesboro Sue Cooper, Harrisburg 273 l4 ; ■? fi 1 § -i 111 ilk Ik c % Kathy Copeland, Marvello Ronnie Corbett, Hoxie John Corcoran, Portland, Me. Michael O. Corvin, Helena Greg Cothren, Paragould Buddy L. Couch, Jonesboro David Coven, Searcy Raymond E. Covey, Sedgwick WEmwk w Glenda F. Cowart, Mountain Home Robert Cowles, Jonesboro Danny Cox, Eminence, Mo. Bess Cox, Earle Shirley Crafton, Corning Frank Crail Jr., Cardwell, Mo. Hubert W. Grain, Brookland K Tlflr (Cav Prjiin Konnott KX -i uauuia i oy I f) ill ( xwxilxcLL, 1 ' IU . I M % Gary D. Crane, Dexter, Mo. Marguerite Crawford, Tuckerman Barry Crawford, Hughes Michael Crews, DuQuoin, 111. Sue Crews, Jonesboro Alson Crick, Lepanto Jerry E. Crim, Blytheville filliam L. Crisler, Pangburn 1 A: v | Leon Crittenden, Cotton Plant John Croom, Newport Marilyn Cruce, Benton Stanley K. Cruce, Knobel E.J. Cunningham, Osceola Teddy Cunningham, Osceola Sue S. Curtner, Caraway Elizabeth Daniels, Bearden Juniors Richard S. Darouse, Jonesboro Jerry L. Daugherty, West Helena John Daugherty, West Helena Barbara A. Davidson, Jonesboro Glenn W. Davis, Camden Nelson Eddie Davis, Silva, Mo. Harold Davis Jr., Ravenden Springs Hugh P. Davis, Rison James Davis, Success Jana Davis, Blytheville Loyd Davis, Kennett, Mo. Robert E. Davis, Corning Tommy Davis, Trumann Tommy Lynn Davis, Manila William Davis Jr., West Memphis Mackie Ray Deese, Wynne W . Van Deeter, Lynn Allison D. Denman, Stuttgart Ronald Dent, Jonesboro E. J. Deshon, Chinandega, Nicaragua Roger Desgranges, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gary Dever, Jonesboro Victor Dickson, Raytown, Mo. Bruce Dietsche, Hardy Jerry D. Dobbs, Russell James E Doman, Newport Utah C. Dooley, Keiser Harry Lee Dowdy, Hayti, Mo. Harry Dennis Downing, Manila Terrell Downing, Hoxie Edward Dozier, Blytheville Cora Drake, Jonesboro Sharon Kay Dudley, Jacksonville Edwin Allen Duncan, Wynne David Dunham, Hot Springs Ronald D. Durham, Harrisburg Dianne Duschl, Jonesboro Carolyn Hamilton Eagle, Trumann Anthony M. Edwards, Memphis, Tenn. Charles T. Edwards, Newark Melinda Edwards, Jonesboro Sam Anthony Elardo, Helena Paul Elphingstone, Marianna Rickey Lynn Endsley, Holly Grove William H. Ernst, Jonesboro Mary Ellen Erwin, Little Rock Randy Erwin, Little Rock James T. Essman, Ft. Smith 274 ] N Class of 1968 Mistakes can be costly, especially for freshman bandsmen Lindel E. Estes, Ash Flat Ronald K. Estes, Viola Lowell Evans, Judsonia Robert W. Evans, Marianna Janet Everett, Mammoth Spring Steven D. Ewart, West Helena Ellis Wayne Fair, Pocahontas William Falen, Bolton Landing, N Y. Joe Fallis, Jonesboro Max W. Farley, Paragould Hollie A. Farris, Steele, Mo. Douglas Faulkenberry, Bay Dewayne Faulkner, St. Louis, Mo Ronald W. Faulkner, Jonesboro Ruth M. Faulkner, Paragould Danny Featherston, Piggott William H. Feild, Jonesboro David C. Fellows, Newport Larry Ferguson, DeWitt Lynda Dawn Ferguson, Hardy Nettie Ferguson, Jonesboro Roger Lewis Ferguson, Jonesboro Sue Ferguson, DeWitt Velma Ferren, Searcy Rhonda Susan Fielder, Trumann Rickey T. Fielder, Pocahontas Ronald L. Fincher, Marion, N.C. J. B. Fisher Jr., Blytheville Shari Fisher, Little Rock Ruth Marian Flake, Little Rock David W. Flatt, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Bobby K Flippo, Powhatan Janice Fletcher, Osceola Elmer Floyd, Wilson Kenneth Foot, Hazen John Ford, Hornersville, Mo. Henry Foster, Newport Diana Fowler, Jonesboro Harvey Franklin, Trumann Delores Freeman, Pine Bluff Michael D. French, Kenhett, Mo John Frets, Rector Donna Mae Frier, Pocahontas Judy Fritts, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Harold Fuller, Newport Richard Gaines, Blytheville Donald J. Gale, Lincoln Park, Mich. Warren G. Gallion, Jonesboro Ann Galloway, Jonesboro Bennie Gambill, Jonesboro Brenda Gambill, Piggott Harry C. Gambill, Piggott Lynnda Gambill, Lunsford Steven Gankiewicz, Uniondale, N Y. Connie Garner, N. Little Rock David G. Gardner, Strawberry 275 Class of 1968 Always in the lead when it ' s time to eat, ' Tex ' ' prepares to feast. Bobbye Jean Garner, Wynne Betty Carol Garrett, Blytheville Pete Garris, Stuttgart Thomas I. Gavin, Blytheville Connie A. Gay, Greensboro, N.C. Tom Gay, Newport Rockwell T. Gerlach, Holly Grove William M. Gibbs, Jacksonville Michael Lee Gibson, Jacksonville Trudie Gibson, Arbyrd, Mo. Robert Giersberg, Vergennes, Vt. Steve Gillis, Harrisburg Dennis Gillmore, Cardwell, Mo. Gary L Gipson, Monette Jimmie Ray Gipson, Campbell, Mo. Larry J Glass, Brosely, Mo. Douglas Gleghorn, Jonesboro Dwaine A. Glenn, Lakeland, Fla. Frances Glorioso, Helena Hassell W. Glover, Searcy John H. Goldsmith Jr., Jonesboro Jerry Goodman, Corning Harold L. Goodrich, Jonesboro Michael E. Goodspeed, Blytheville Larry Goodwin, Lynn Vincent T. Gordon, Norfolk, Va. Larry Gore, Walnut Ridge Danny H. Gorman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ray W. Gossett, Trumann V . Lucille Gott, Jonesboro Ted Gott, Jonesboro Larry E. Graddy, Harrisburg Connie Graves, DeWitt Nathaniel Graves Jr., Jonesboro Marshall R. Gravette, Trumann JohnH. Green, Campbell, Mo. Yvonne Green, Jonesboro Hugh W. Greene Jr ., Little Rock Dan Gregory, Marianna Darrell W. Griffin, Manila Sherry Griffin, Dell James R. Grigsby, Blytheville Kay Griner, Jonesboro James Roger Grissom, Hoxie Phyllis Painter Gurlen, Batesville Dwight Gurley, Caraway Peggy Hackett, Lake Village Charles Hagaman, Stuttgart Robert G . Halcomb, Thayer, Mo. Madeleine Hale, Jonesboro Richard E. Haley, Judsonia Joanne Hall, Piggott Robert W.Hall, Tyronza Sandra Kay Hall, Weiner Edwin E. Hamilton, Marked Tree Jimmie Carolyn Hamrich, Wynne 276 Linda Hancock, Bay Gary L. Hankins, Memphis, Tenn. Sondra Hankins, West Memphis Jesse Hannah, Searcy James Hanson, Cave City Dwight Hardin, Qulin, Mo. Robert W. Hardin, Blytheville Dorothy Harlan, Marion flfl|HHH||HHH Wkim F Gary G. Harp, Hoxie Robert William Harper, El Dorado Harry J. Harrell, Wynne Austin Harris Jr., Strawberry Charles R. Harris, Earle Danny Harris, Earle David Harris, Senath, Mo. Dome oue Harris, tronton, Mo. £ mkm 1 m Y Bob Harrison, Nettleton Charles Edward Hart, Knobel James David Hart, Blytheville Jean K. Hartung, Pine Bluff Gary Leamon Harvey, Dixie John W. Hastings Jr., Corning Curtis Dane Hatley, Marked Tree David Doan Hatley, Walnut Ridge mk m mm n mm Elbert Don Hawkins, Jonesville, La. Priscilla D. Hawkins, Paragould Judy Kathryn Haws, Jonesboro Charles E. Hayes, Black Rock Larry Haynes, Hornersville, Mo. Johnnie L. Haynes, Pocahontas Patsy M Haynes, Jonesboro Edward L. Heatherly, Tuckerman 2 fi ft. 1 Juniors Al L. Heimsoth, Bensenville, 111. David Heldenbrand, Mountain Home David L. Hendricks, Paragould Bill Hendrix, Jonesboro Martha Louise Henry, Bearden Marshall Henson, III, Bono Ronnie Ray Henson, Decatur, Ga. Gary Wayne Hercher, Pine Bluff _ L Cassandra Ann Herring, Newport Floyd Wayne Hicks, Knobel Jim High am, N. Little Rock Ben Hill, Osceola Joan Beverly Hill, Cash Loretta Ann Hill, Jonesboro Phillip W.Hill, Trumann Robert B. Hill, Jonesboro mm L ■MSB ft ; ■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 2, L Saundra C. Hill, Joiner Riley Hindman Jr., Springfield, Mo. Maurice L. Hitt, Jonesboro Meryl Ann Hodge, Paragould Jerry J. Hodges, Jonesboro William Hoessli, Huntsville, Ala. Marian Hogsett, Jonesboro Thomas Holland, Walnut Ridge ft ism L mm f f mmmim Beth Holley, Longview, Tex. Patricia Holley, Elaine Larry Holden, Trumann Charles R. Holder, Paragould Richard Holeyfield, Searcy Cecil H. Holifield, Rector Larry D. Holifield, Rector Donald W. Holman, England An Alt Robert Hold, Bay Billy Don Hook, Lake City Liz Ann Hooker, Jonesboro Danny Hooten, N. Little Rock John R. Horn, Searcy Tommy G . Horton, Walnut Ridge Lonnie Joe Hoskins, Leachville Vicki House, Clarkton, Mo. hi flxy b Mm i J! a Tom Howard, Shreveport, La. Stella F. Howe, Lambrook Bobby G . Howerton, Searcy James C. Hudson, Little Rock Philip T . Hudson, Brookland William D. Hudson, Pine Bluff Charles A . Hudspeth, St . Joe Jerry Max Huff, Rector c ■n 277 Hi i HHHIH £ ■HI Preston Hufstedler, Rockford, 111. Joe H. Hughes, Osceola Ron Huizenga, Chicago Heights, 111. Donald J. Hunter, Rector Patricia Huntley, Pine Bluff Lynette Hurley, Newport Donald Hutcherson, West Memphis Caryn Hutchinson, Searcy Lindel G . Hutson, Hardy Bobby Hyatt, Rison Bruce H . Jack son, West Memphis Connie Jackson, Paragould Mary Alice Jackson, Pocahontas Nancy Jackson, Pocahontas William Dale Jackson, Conway Norman Jacobson, Bensenville, 111. David James, Willow Springs, Mo. Douglas C. James, Bragg City, Mo. Martin E. James, Forrest City Patsy James, Ravenden Springs Troy D. James, Goodwin Hubert M. Jamison, Jonesboro Ronald Jefford, Floral Carolyn Jeffrey, Batesville Hayden Jeffery, Calico Rock Jerry Jeffries, East Prairie, Mo. Marian Jenkins, Marmaduke Thomas L. Jenkins, Marmaduke James E. Jensen, Osceola Linda Jean Jobe, Jonesboro George Johnson, Cash Gil B. Johnson, Prescott Jerry Johnson, Widener Elizabeth Johnston, Tuckerman Pam Joliff, Manila Diana Williams Jones, Trumann Donald Ray Jones, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Elizabeth Ann Jones, Fisher Janece Jones, N. Little Rock loe Haskell Jones, St. Joe Joe. V. Jones, Walcott Larry L. Jones, Pocahontas Richard L. Jones, Weymouth, Mass. Silvey Ann Jones, East Prairie, Mo. Sue Jones, Huntsville Glenda Joplin, Doniphan, Mo. Bill lowers, Monroe, La. Sister M . Judith, O.S.B., Jonesboro Gerald Jumper Jr ., Helena Melva Kazee, Pocahontas Timothy Keane, Linden, N.J. Larry Kearbey, Little Rock Judy Kee, Jonesboro Claude Keeling, Delaplaine Anna Jean Keith, Jonesboro Peggy Louise Kelch, Luxora Brenda Keller, Weiner Catherine Ann Keller, Salem, Mo. Elizabeth Ann Keller, Jonesboro James W. Kelley Jr ., Jonesboro Nancy Kemp, Hot Springs Larry Don Kennedy, Keiser Jean Kennemore, Beech Grove Judy Kennemore, Osceola Lawrence Kildow, Black Rock Joyce Ann Killian, Leachville Jerry Kincade, Pocahontas Sandra Kinchen, Warm Springs Clifford W. King, Atlanta, Ga. Diane King, Jonesboro Linda King, Magnolia Richard J . King, Blytheville Betty Jean Kirby, Walnut Ridge Joan Klotz, Russell Bobby L. Klutts, Jonesboro Victor Knodell, Wappapello, Mo. Wayne E. Knox, Piedmont, Mo. Robert Martin Koch, Stuttgart Alma Konold, Jonesboro Mark Koslowski, Bensenville, 111. 278 Class of 1968 Cheerleading clinics sway many prospective A-State students. Kathie Kostowski, Paragould Carolyn Ann Kueter, Paragould Ronnie F. Lace, Cherry Valley Donald W. Lamb, Rector Gary W. Lambert, Kennett, Mo Phil Lamitina, Newport John D. Lammers, Stuttgart Geoffrey Lansdale, Maitland, Fla Sammy Lawson, Marked Tree Robert Layne, Trumann Pat Lazar, Helena Sue Leathers, Maiden, Mo. Barbara Jane Legan, Maiden, Mo Sandra Leiting, Forrest City Johnny R. Lemke, Hickory Ridge Emile Lepine Jr., DeWitt Tommy Lepper, Jonesboro Lloyd L. Lewallen II, Pocahontas Charles N. Lewis, Lepanto Ronald Gale Lewis, Paragould May Carol Lieblong, Forrest City Richard Linsky, Boston, Mass Richard Linsley, Little Rock David Light, Paragould Linda Lippert, Sikeston, Mo. Anne Lloyd, Jonesboro James B. Lloyd, Blytheville Gary Wayne Locke, Cash Linda Ruth Long, Hardy Roger L. Long, Jonesboro Michele Lorusso, Carlstadt, N.J. Carolyn Lusk, Brinkley Rufus W. Lyerly Jr ., Leachville Sandy Mabry, N. Little Rock Beverly K. Maddox, Mount Ida David Madison, Newport Douglas Maddox, Clarkton, Mo. James L. Magry, Gary, Ind. Ronald Mahon, Hickory Ridge Tommy W Malone, Fisher Donnie F. Mangrum, Black Oak Barbara Mann, Cherry Vally Barbara Ann Manning, Walnut Ridge Sharon Manning, Jonesboro Haidar Ali Mansouri, Tehran, Iran Franklin M. Maples, Sedgwick Douglas D. Markin, Cardwell, Mo. Linda Joyce Markin, Cardwell, Mo. Gary J. Marlar, England Richard Marotti, Crawfordsville Donald P. Martin, Brookland Larnal G. Martin, Calico Rock Larry Joe Masner, Monette David C. Massey, Jonesboro Sharon Massey, Warm Springs Floyd Michael Mathis, Hayti, Mo. 279 J ' k. " El Margaret Ann Mathis, lonesboro Richard Matthews, West Memphis Wright W. Matthew, Jonesboro Betty Mauldin, Marion Paul Mayfield, Bald Knob Marcus McAllister, Newport Richard McBride, Hot Springs Jim McCain, West Memphis Tommy L. McCanless, Blytheville Stephen R. McClelland, Trumann Alyce McClure, Blytheville Terry McCord, N. Little Rock J . L. McEntire, Walnut Ridge Patricia Ann McFerrin, Paragould Sharon McGahhey, DeWitt Tommy Lynn McGee, Harrisburg Ronnie McGinness, West Memphis Loy A. McGowen, Jonesboro Criss Carl McGuire, Nashville, Kan. James G . Mclnturff, N. Little Rock Darrel McKeel, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Robert Gindley McLean, Higden Mary Jo McNair, Jonesboro Hal McPheeters, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jim McSpadden, Batesville Gary Don McWilliams, Manila Martha Ann Meador, Jonesboro Walter L. Meals III, Hughes Robert E. Means, Jacksonville Nancy Medlock, Walnut Ridge Charles A. Mellein, Crawford, 111. Richard Merritt, McRae Cindy Middleton, Osceola Bruce Miller, Joiner Ernest D. Miller, Marked Tree Jake Miller III, St. Louis, Mo. Margaret Miller, Poplar Bluff William L. Miller, Marble Hill, Mo. John S. Milone, Boston, Mass. Walter Minor, Kansas City, Mo. Carol Ann Mitchell, Jonesboro Carolyn Ann Mitchell, Viola Kenneth W. Mitchell, Jonesboro Michael Mitchell, Jacksonville Richard Mitchell, Paragould Larry W . Mobbs, Cabot Jack Moffett, Chicago, 111. Manuel Montes Jr., West Memphis Bobby D. Montgomery, Grubbs Robert Edward Montgomery, Bono Michael Moody, Salem Arthur B. Moore, Tallapoosa, Mo. Joyce Moore, Perkins, Mo. Truman Moore, Success Wanda Moore, Jonesboro 280 CD. Morgan, Lepanto Ronnie Morgan, DeWitt Gary Lee Morris, Jonesboro Paul Dwain Morris, Delaplaine Jack. Morrison, House Springs, Mo. Jeanette Morrison, Jonesboro Tommy Mulkey, Cabot U. W .MullmsJr , Blytheville Charles Murphy, Paragould Peggy J. Murphy, Hardy Robert Mustain, Newport Cary C Myers, Corinth, Miss. Donald Myers, Biggers Karl Nann Jr., Somerville, N.J. Douglas Nelson, Little Rock Caiolyn Newkirk, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ron Nichols, Bell City, Mo. Marsha Nolan, Forrest City R L. Noles, Osceola Jo Ann Norman, Senath, Mo. Donna Joyce Norris, Newport Linda N. Norris, Swifton Karen Norton, Pine Bluff Linda Norton, West Ridge Don Norviel, Hickory Ridge James R. Nutter, Poplar Bluff, Mo. H. Nelson Oakley, Weiner Russell K. O ' Banion, Pine Bluff Virginia Odom, Jonesboro Betty Ann O ' Neal, Paragould Sharyn Ormsby, Doniphan, Mo. Jerry Orr, Jonesboro Susan Orosz, Hardy James Ray Owens, Wynne Joe E. Pace, Pocahontas Jerry W. Palmer, Schenectady, N Y. Michael Pankey, Jonesboro Pete Parenti, Little Rock Kelly Fark, Thayer, Mo. Gary A. Parker, Pocahontas Sharon Kay Parks, Blytheville Larry Parnell, Searcy Jack Partridge Jr., Fort Smith Diane Patterson, Heth Donald Patterson, Bassett Patsy Patterson, Wilson Darlyne E. Paulsen, Delaplaine George Pearson, Bells, Tenn. Jan Leigh Pelts, Corning Jim Penn, Lynn George Perkins, Jonesboro Kathy Perkins, Blytheville Harold Persfull, Essex, Mo. Charles Pettit, Jonesboro Melvin Petty, Greenway Ed Phillips, Blytheville Larry Phillips, Paragould Naomi Phillips, Newport Verlene B. Pickett, Black Rock Edwin Pierce, Burlingame, Calif. Mary Lou Pierce, Hayti, Mo. Ray E. Pierson, Jonesboro Bonnie Pollard, Cardwell, Mo. Robert Pollard, Cardwell, Mo. Henry L. Polston, West Helena Kathy Polston, Jonesboro William Ponder, Jonesboro Patricia Poole, Ottawa, 111. Barry Don Posey, Jonesboro John Potter, Jacksonville Karen Potter, Jonesboro Mark W. Potts, Van Buren, Mo. James J. Prestidge, Grady Larry Joe Price, Newark Jerry F. Prince, Manila Richard Provost, Marked Tree Billy Joe Pruett, Rector Gary L. Pugh, Walnut Ridge James D. Pugh, Leachville Jerry Pulliam, Jonesboro Juniors f P A 281 Vicki Pulliam, Reyno Eddie Pyle, Weona Mary Ann Quail, Paragould Loretta Quails, Mount Pleasant Charles Raglin, Pocahontas Wendell Ragsdale, Mammoth Spring Ronnie Lee Rahm, Success Judy Annette Ramey, Blytheville Betty Lou Ray, Jonesboro Brenda Kay Ray, Portageville, Mo. Margie Ray, Jonesboro Jerry A. Reams, Piggott Donald E. Reaves, Harrisburg Connie Jean Reel, Holcomb, Mo. Charles Reeves, Bay James T. Reese, Miami, Fla. Billy Remmert, Jonesboro David A. Renn, Belleville, 111. Steve Reynolds, Little Rock Faith C. Rhea, Forrest City Allen E. Rhodes, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Barbara A. Rice, Thayer, Mo. David Riddle, Trumann Dennis Riddle, Trumann James E. Rinchuso, Pine Bluff Richard K. Ritchey, Blytheville Danny C. Robbins, Manila Deborah J. Robbins, Piggott Freddie Robert, Walnut Ridge Dennis Roberts, Largo, Fla. Farrel W . Roberts, Knobel Jane Roberts, Newport Juniors It VI • A |v isi un % Leigh E. Robicheaux, Little Rock Kenneth Robins, Wenatchee, Wash. Gary Robinson, Pocahontas Janice Robinson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Patricia Robinson, Jonesboro Rusty Roe, Cardwell, Mo. Harold D. Roetzel, Russell Jerry A. Roddy, McCrory f Beverly Rodgers, Black Oak Tasker N. Rodman II, Leachville Roy Roe, Caraway Jeanette Rogers, Ash Flat Joe Carter Rogers, Piggott Winfred Rose, Earle Carolyn Sue Rouse, Jonesboro Jim Jake Roy, Bellflower, Calif. A fe x a Sarah Moore Roy, Marked Tree Donald L. Russina, Jonesboro William Ruth III, Hellertown, Pa. Jane I. Ryals, Henderson, Tenn. Dana W . Ryan, Hazelwood, Mo. Doris M. Sain, Walnut Ridge Tommy Sain, Jonesboro Karen L. Salley, N. Little Rock i . . i Bill Sandage, Scott Bruce Sanderson, Jonesboro Jerry Sansing, Memphis, Tenn. Ross T. Saunders, Paragould Tommy R. Say re, Caruthersville, Mo Jerry W. Schaeffer, N. Little Rock Joe T. Schreick, Osceola Fred Schultz, Jonesboro £k£sMik At, Janet Schultz, Blytheville Patricia Schwamb, Paragould Richard B. Schwartz, Auburn, N Y. Karl Schwemmer, Forest Hills, N Y. Kelly Scobey, Beech Grove James A. Scott, Salem Joe F. Scott Jr., Osceola John M. Scott, Jonesboro Patsy Scott, Parkin Walter Scott Jr ., N. Little Rock Paul R. Seal Jr ., Piggott Evelyn Rigsbee Seaton, Jonesboro Ralph E. Seay, Rector Sharon Kay Self, Swifton Thomas J. Sellers, Earle Rose Marie Senteney, Weiner 282 r n Class of 1968 Warning to scurrying students: Beware the mop men ! William Sexton, Walnut Ridge Elizabeth Shaneyfelt, Manila David Shanks, Timbo Judith Shannon, Little Rock lean Marie Shelton, Gideon, Mo. Jerry W Shelton, Jonesboro Sherron Shelton, Walnut Ridge Charles R. Shepherd, Fort Smith W .F. Shepherd, Pine Bluff Roy F. Sherman Jr., Jonesboro James Shipman, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Janis Shivley, Kennett, Mo. Buddy Shoemake, Forrest City Frances Shoemaker, Hughes Janet Shoemate, Blytheville Clyde D. Simmons, Poughkeepsie Charles D. Simpson, Rector Donna Marie Simpson, Trumann Barbara Sipa, Jonesboro Robert L. Sisson, Viola Sandra Kay Sissom, Cardwell, Mo. Robert L. Smalley, Caldwell Dennis Smalling, Paragould Bonita Sue Smith, Mammoth Spring Dale E. Smith, Lowndes, Mo. Eddie Smith, Trumann Gary Smith, West Helena Hubert W. Smith, Jonesboro Jean Smith, Pine Bluff Joann Smith, Corning Larry Lee Smith, Hughes Larry L. Smith, Walnut Ridge Phil G. Smith, Trumann Ronnie Smith, Black Rock Roy Gene Smith, Everton Susan Smith, Tyronza Glenn A. Smithee, Newport Kon F. Smithee, Jonesboro Larry Smithee, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Rose Marie Snapp, Walnut Ridge John M. Snider, Fisk, Mo. F. B. Snipes Jr., Crawfordsville Michael W. Spades, Black Rock Dale F. Spann, Jonesboro Donald W. Spencer, Wynne Karen C. Spragg, Cord Sheryl Spradling, St. Louis, Mo. Charles Eric Stagg, Clinton Floyd M. Staggs, Dexter, Mo. Alton W. Stallcup, Paragould Michael W. Stalls, Turrell B. M. Stanfield, Independence, Mo. Betty Stanfill, Paragould Betty Stanley, Texarkana Jerry Otis Stevens, Jonesboro Brenda Stephenson, Wynne 283 Class of 1968 In this case, it ' s sometimes better to be on the outside looking in . w £ £ n Ann Stewart, Memphis, Tenn. William Earl Stewart, Hot Springs Janna Stotts, Trumann Dan Stracner, Hot Springs Linda Carol Stracener, Beebe Sandra Strawbridge, Jonesboro Elaine Strong, West Memphis Norman M. Stone, West Memphis Sherry Stone, Jonesboro Virginia Kathryn Stotts, Lepanto Andy Stovall, Imboden J. W. Sullinger, Paragould James Nathan Summitt, Blytheville Charles Tacker, Marked Tree Sam Taggart, Augusta Carolyn Sue Taylor, Batesville Kathy Taylor, Wynne Sharon Kay Taylor, Broseley, Mo. Zeekie Taylor, Marmaduke Becky Thomas, Paragould Charlene Thomas, West Memphis Gary Joe Thomas, Jacksonville Jack Thomas, Osceola Roy Lee Thomas, Black Oak Donald G. Thompson, Bay Nathan Thompson, West Ridge Bethel Thurman, Searcy David J. Thurman, Paragould Dick Tipton, Caruthersville, Mo. Fred Tisdale, Pine Bluff Tommy Towles, Manila Ann Trimble, Little Rock Doyle Tullos, Cabot Gary W. Turner, Newport Larry W. Turner, Salem Mary Jeanne Tye, Texarkana Carroll Lee Tyner, Jonesboro Diana Tyner, Walcott Carolyn Vance, Paragould Gail Vance, Paragould Linda B.Varnell, Huff David Velander, Parsons, Kan. John C. Vick, Caruthersville, Mo. Sara Faye Vincent, Bay Charles Andy Vondran, Brinkley Phyllis Ann Vondran, McCrory William Vondran, Forrest City Larry C. Waddell, Manila Norman D. Waddill, Newport Karen WadJey, Paragould Tommy Wayne Wagner, Manila Richard C. Walker, Paragould Brenda Wall, Paragould Laura Walton, Trumann Larry Wamble, Osceola Donald Gene Ward, Salem 284 Brenda Ward, Marked Tree Lonnie Warren, Bono Lois Watson, Black Rock Paula Watson, Portia Lynda Wasson, North Little Rock Judy Weaver, Poplar Bluff, Mo Lillie P. Weaver, Blytheville Warren H Webster, Jonesboro John B. Welch, Ravenden Springs Charles Wells, Houston, Mo. Gary Lynn Wells, Manila Terry Eldon Wells, Jonesboro Lafarrel Wess, Paragould Judith A. West, St. Charles James L. Westbrook, Paragould Bill H. Wheeler, Thayer, Mo. Donna Wheeler, Leachville Linda Lou Wheeler, Warm Springs Roy L. Wheeler, Thayer, Mo. V. C Wheeler Jr., Jonesboro Calvin E.White, Scott Carol White, Harrisburg David Terry White, Salado Harold F. White, Cabot Richard Orlan White, Beebe Vicki Dianne White, Jacksonville Vernon R. Whitehead, Osceola Duane Whitfield, Hayti, Mo. Sherrill Whitfield, Steele, Mo. V. J. Whitt, Marked Tree Allen Wade Wicker, Blytheville Edward J. Wieder, Paragould Juniors Thomas Lee Wilborn, Doniphan, Mo. Danny A. Wilcox, Pleasant Grove Sherry Wildy, Leachville Haldor M. Wilkes, Batesville Judy Carolyn Wilkins, Arbyrd, Mo. Darcy Ann Wilkinson, Rogers Phyllis Wilkinson, Delaplaine Cheryl Williams, Marion Conley Williams, Rector Gene Williams, Pine Bluff Nadi Williams, Biggers Vivian Williamson, Holly Grove Walter Eugene Williams, Jonesboro Garren Wilson, Imboden Robert Wilson, Kansas City, Mo. Sandy K. Wilson, Egypt Bill Winkler, Wynne Gary Wayning Winters, Lynn Beatrice Winningham, Harrisburg Rose Nell Wise, Bay Donna Wisehart, Myrtle, Mo. Tommy Womack, Lake City Thomas Wong, Oakland, Calif. Gwin Wood, Wetumpka, Ala. Janis Wood, Caraway Judy Wood, Caraway Myra Wood, Walnut Ridge William M. Wood, Jonesboro Kenneth G . Wood, Trumann Stephen Kent Wood, Jonesboro Brenda Woodrum, Harrisburg Richard H Worthington, Jonesboro Larry Wortham, Cash J. W. Edward Wortham Jr ., Manila Ronnie Worthen, Walnut Ridge Mary V. Wright, Hardy Jerry Ann Wyatt, Nimmons Richard Allen Wyatt, Paragould Sharon Wyatt, St. Louis, Mo. Kathleen Wyllie, Pocahontas Robert Earl Wylie, Sikeston, Mo. Edna Ellen Yancey, Marked Tree Gerald Yancey, Oxford Ronald Yeager, Perry ville, Mo. James L. Yopp, Paragould Ronnie Young, Tuckerman Connie Ziegenhorn, Earle Margaret Sims Zimmerman, Newport 285 Sue Abernathy, West Memphis Mike Acklin, Stuttgart Angela Annette Adams, Arbyrd, Mo. Angela Ruth Adams, West Memphis Galen Adams, Little Rock James Adams, Jonesboro Judy Ann Adams, Yellville Lois Aebersold, Park Forest, 111. Fernandez Alberto, Managua, Nicar. Mary Roussan Alexander, Blytheville Raphael Alexander, Blytheville Hassan Aliabadi, Tehran, Iran James O. Allbright, Heber Springs Charles Phillip Allen, West Helena Danny Dale Allen, Campbell, Mo. Houston Allen, Marked Tree Judy Allen, Pine Bluff Virginia Allison, Jonesboro Frank B. Alpe, Crawfordsville Stephen Andress, Pine Bluff Aaron W. Andrews, Little Rock Johnnie Andrews, Walnut Ridge Betty Ann Angelo, McCrory Carol Jean Anglin, Marked Tree John Arment, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Michael Armour, Naylor, Mo. Mike Arnett, Searcy William Michael Arrington, Luxora David Linn Arnold, Blytheville John R. Ashley, Monette John A. Atwill, Deering, Mo. Fayez Awad, Lattakia, Syria Sophomores Cife Steve Babcock, Paragould Freeda Bailey, Ravenden Springs Robert B. Bailey, Jonesboro Donald Ray Bain, Parma, Mo. Mary Jeannette Baker, Beebe William B. Baker Jr., Newport Thomas David Balcom, Trumann Samuel Wade Baldwin, Hickory Ridge Suzanne Ball, Blytheville Suzi Ballard, Jonesboro Betty Baltzell, Lake City Carol T. Bannon, Jonesboro Donald Ray Barber, Newport JoAnn Barker, Black Rock Sammy Barkley, Jonesboro Billy E. Barksdale, Batesville Claude M. Barnard, St. Charles Mary Elizabeth Barnes, Judsonia Sandra A. Barnes, Blytheville Linda Barnhill, Paragould Paulette K. Barnhill, Jonesboro Lynn Barr, Jacksonville Jack Berry Barton Jr., Tyronza Lynda Batchelor, Little Rock Carron Ann Bately, Lake City Earl Randal Batton, Corning Alice Baugh, Bono Robert Glenn Bauman, Stuttgart Bonnie Kay Beal, Rector Franklin D. Beaton, Mellwood Paul G. Beaton, Marmaduke Ross Beck, Texarkana Ronald David Becker, Marked Tree Billy Beene, Hughes Linda Beeson, Wynne Bill Belew, St . Louis, Mo. Judy Benjamin, Jonesboro Charlotte F. Bennett, Blytheville Mary Bennett, Jonesboro Robert L. Bennett, Jonesboro Sharon Benson, Stuttgart Donald Berry, Brinkley Evelyn Arden Berry, Brinkley Chloe Bettis, Carlisle Robert G . Bevis, Lonoke Fonda Bishop, Harrisburg Nancy Bishop, Jonesboro Stephen A. Bitely, Gould 286 Bookstore browsers usually end up with skinnier purses. Mary Carolyn Black, Smithville Robert James Black Jr., Jonesboro Caria Blackford, Blytheville Patsy J. Blackburn, Paragould Ronald W . Blackburn, Jonesboro Bobby Blackford, West Memphis Linda Blanchard, Walnut Ridge Sara Jane Blissit Little Rock - • • nfe .? Jean Blocker, Hot Springs Christine Boblack, Marked Tree Irene Boblack, Marked Tree Jim Bodenhamer, Mountain Home Eugene Boerner, N. Little Rock Mike Boger, Wynne Marilyn Boggs, Paragould Margaret L. Bohun, Hoxie James D. Bonds, Trumann John Booten, Jonesboro Donald D. Booth, Clarkston, Mich. Gwendolyn Y. Borders, Newport Ronald Boren, Pine Bluff Sheryle Bounds, Shreveport, La. Bonnie Bowden, Paragould Rob Bowers, Jonesboro IB uB » B L ■HI mm f mM David Bowlin, Pocahontas Benton Bowman, Dexter, Mo. Russ Boyd, Walnut Ridge Glynn Boydston, N. Little Rock Leonard Bradberry, Piggott Edward Bradford, Westville, Olda. Tommy Bradley, New Madrid, Mo. Warren Brainard II, Pine Bluff ft Michael Brake field, Memphis, Tenn. Don Bramlett, Pocahontas Don Brannan, Maiden, Mo. Laudies Brantley, England Carolyn Sue Brasher, Keiser Freddy Bratton, Blytheville Syble B. Brawner, Wynne Mark G . Brenke, Pine Bluff Gary Dale Brewer, Manila Jerry Brewer, Monette Terry Brewer, Monette Wilma Brewer, Portsmouth, N. H. James E. Bridger, Jonesboro Kay Brittingham, Paragould Phyllis Broadaway, Bono Frankie C . Brogdon, McCrory i H Gary Brown, Harribsurg Jacgue C . Brown, Pine Bluff Loretta Brown, Marion Melvin Donald Brown, Rector Patricia C . Brown, Batesville Rita Ann Brown, West Memphis Robert G . Brown, Delaplaine Thomas Jerry Brown, Weiner I 287 Class of 1969 Spirited students get ready to weave their way to a downtown pep rally . Virginia Dianne Brown, Augusta William H . Brown, N . Little Rock William Browning, Judsonia William Brumett, Lonoke David M. Bruner, Jonesboro Dianna Bruner, Marked Tree John P. Bryant, Osceola Rebecca Bryant, Harrisburg Christy Buchanan, Caruthersville, Mo. Dan Buckley, New Orleans, La. Diane Bucy, Rector Frederick Buhrmester, Jonesboro Martha J. Bunch, Judsonia Barbara Burke, Wynne Linda Burnette, Memphis, Tenn. Rhondal Burns, Blytheville Joy Burrow, Augusta Mike Burton, Steele, Mo. Sybil Butler, West Helena Marilee Byers, Marked Tree William Allen Byrd, Little Rock Anne Calhoun, Pine Bluff Bob Calhoun, N. Little Rock Brenda Calvert, Blytheville Patricia Ann-Cameron, Newport Sue Cameron, Dexter, Mo. L. Wayne Camp, Clark Ridge Jerry Campbell, Paragould Kenneth R. Cannady, Jonesboro Janie Cantrell, Caruthersville, Mo. Linda Caplinger, Harrisburg John Capooth, Detroit, Mich. William Caputo, Jacksonville, Fla. Ann Carden, Maiden, Mo. La Drewe Carey, Marvell Don Carnahan, Piedmont, Mo. Kendall Carnes, Marianna Lyman Carroll, Senath, Mo. Jack H . Carson, W . Helena Bert Carter, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Harold Carter, Jonesboro Lena Ann Carter, Lepanto LaRose Cartwright, Lonoke Glenda Cash, Paragould Judy Case, Hoxie Charles Chambers, Memphis, Tenn. Karen Chambers, Memphis, Tenn. Fred Chambless, Paragould Cheryl Kay Chapman, Wynne Eddy Chapman, Wynne David Chester, Jonesboro David L. Childs, Elaine Herman Childs, Norfolk, Va. Diana Chism, Clarkton, Mo. Gary Clark, Jonesboro Gary L. Clark, New Madrid, Mo. 288 Julian B. Clark, Alicia Raymond Clark, Caraway Sidney Clark, Hughes Jerry W. Clark, Jonesboro Janet Clarke, Marion David C. Clifft, Paragould James K. Clowers, Jonesboro Jim Cobb, Jonesboro Tom Cobb, Batesville Joseph T. Coker, Walnut Ridge Barbara Coleman, Sydney, Australia Donna E. Coleman, Saffell Jimmy Coleman, Jonesboro Sherry Ann Colley, Jonesboro Florence R. Collier, Marked Tree Janet Collins, West Plains, Mo. Janice Collins, Marked Tree David Cook, West Memphis Donald W. Cook, Marmaduke Jimmy DeWain Cook, Jonesboro Ruth Ann Cook, Jonesboro J . C. Coomer, Bono Diana Jean Coonce, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ben Coonfield, Bentonville Angela Jean Cooper, Hayti, Mo. Gary Cooper, Melbourne Nancy Cooper, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Thomas G . Cooper, West Helena Richard B. Copeland, Blytheville Ann Corbett, Portageville, Mo. Jack L. Cothran, Parkin Franchal Cothren, Monette f fx v V £ L WMm Ait rp A _ 4k ? % 1 j Sophomores Kenneth G . Couch, Poplar Bluff, Mo. James L. Counts, Jacksonville Karen Coverdale, Mountain Home Clarice W. Cox, Paragould David B. Cox, Piggott Jerry E. Cox, Wynne Norman John Cox, Bradford Dale Eugene Coy, Paragould Gene Dale Crafton, Walnut Ridge Richard Crampton, Blytheville Ray Crawford, Mountain Home Terrell Crawford, Pine Bluff James Creech, Batesville Demetra Crews, Jonesboro John W. Crews, Lake City Mary Jane Crigler, Alton, Mo. Linda Joann Crist, Jonesboro Patti Croom, Leachville Ermal Crossfield, Piggott Nora Jane Crosskno, Blytheville Elizabeth Catherine Crow, Rector Judy Ann Crowell, Walnut Ridge Thomas Carl Cruce, Rector Larry E. Crumby, Helena Harold Wade Crump, Blytheville James R. Cruse, Mountain View Norris P. Cruthirds, Wynne Larry Joe Crye, Des Arc Sarah Ann Culver, Jonesboro Cynthia Cunningham, Mountain Home Edward Cunningham, Mountain Home Wilma Cunningham, Jonesboro James Patrick Curry, Pirie Bluff Susanne Curtis, Cherokee Village Linda Kay Dale, Piggott Jim Damron, Jonesboro David Daniell, Sparkman Larry Wayne Davis, Wynne Lindley Murphy Davis, Newport Mary Linda Davis, Augusta Sally Deane Davis, Newport Paul Robert Deck, Glen Allen, Mo. Ray Hinkle, Decker, Mountain Home Charles Dennison Jr ., Memphis, Tenn. Mike Denton, Harrisburg Cindy DeWitt, Jonesboro Rollie Dickinson, Marmaduke Mark D. Diggs, Blytheville 289 Sherry Diggs, Paragould Carol Dillaha, Marianna Joe Dillier, West Helena George Dillin, Jonesboro Panzy Dillingham, Newport Carol Doak, Lake City Cathy Dohogne, Paragould Patty Dollins, Paragould L jL. — Janie Dorris, Derring, Mo. Lee Dotson, Jonesboro Larry Doty, Trumann David Scott Douglas, Searcy Linda Diane Douglas, Marked Tree Kay Dowdy, Greenway Leland Dowless, Caraway Michael Downing, Manila f I 1 HBHI ■■■■ il Suzanne Downing, Hobie Linda Draper, Newport Karen Duckworth, Essex, Mo. Royal Duckworth, Essex, Mo. Edward Dunavant, Jonesboro Charles Duncan, Blytheville Sandra Duncan, Blytheville Danny Dunigan, Black Oak ) ' ) A4 Linda Sue Dupree, McCrory Dianna Dyke, Memphis, Tenn. Carol Dyre, Dell Jerry Earlywine, Stuttgart Linda Easterwood, Corning Andy Eastman, Paragould Jimmy Eatmon, Blytheville Robert D. Eaton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sophomores MM Billy Eaves, Trumann Linda Edington, Corning C. H. Edwards, Columbia, Tenn. Phyllis Edwards, Little Rock Wendell Eisele, Little Rock Verna Elayer, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gary Elliott, Blytheville Daryl Ellis, Atlanta, Ga. Van Ellis, Walnut Ridge Sharon Ennis, Blytheville Ricky Eoff, Dell Lynda Erwin, Mountain Home Ronald F. Erwin, Jonesboro Jonathan Eskridge, Walnut Ridge Dolly Sue Evans, Glencoe Rosemary Evans, Monette Dwight Farmer, Jonesboro Joe B. Farmer, Piggott Linda Faulkner, Batesville Robert Feldwisch, Kirkwood, Mo. Glenda Felts, West Memphis Bobby Ferguson, Wynne Judy Ferguson, Forrest City William Ferguson, Hardy William Earl Fields, Jonesboro Dennis Finch, Black Oak Janet Kay Finch, Caraway Jack Findley, Forrest City Michael Finn, West Memphis Sandra Kay Fisk, Corning Mary Fitzgerald, Blytheville Lynda Flanagin, Forrest City Anna Belle Fleming, Marked Tree Bill Fleming, Osceola James Archie Fleming, Round Pond David Grant Fletcher, Searcy Deanie Floyd, Oxford Billy Wayne Fly, DeWitt William Fly, Paragould Carolyn Folds, Pine Bluff Darrell Folsom, Eustis, Fla. Mavis Forrest, Jonesboro Thomas Fortner, Pollard Virginia Foster, Jonesboro Bob L. Fowler, Sikeston, Mo. James Robert Fowler, Black Rock Joe Francis, West Plains, Mo. Lloyd Fraser, Searcy Since when did the Indian Trio become the Indian Quartet? Lawrence Frazier, Naples, Italy Alan french, Diaz John D. Frew, Pine Bluff Cherry Frierson, Jonesboro Judy Kay Frost, Benton Pamela Fuhr, Jonesboro Golden Fulbright, Weiner Barbara Sue Fuller, Newport I Benny Futrell, Brookland Frances Dianne Gage, Jonesboro Paul T. Gaines, McCrory Ruth Gaines, Blytheville Bienda K. Gaiser, Benton Thomas Galloway, West Helena Loretta Gambill, Jonesboro James Edward Gamble, Senath, Mo. ft 4 L Melissa Garcia, Jonesboro William N. Gardner, West Memphis Barry Garlow, Winter Haven, Fla. Michael Gearing, Blytheville Barbara Geib, Mammoth Spring John Perry Geis, Jonesboro William Larry George, Osceola Peggy Carol Ghent, Heber Springs ft I J! Billy Gibbs, Barton Carolyn Ann Gibson, Lake City Dennis Gibson, Jonesboro John R. Gibson, Bernie, Mo. Robert Earl Gill, Osceola Barbara E. Gillentine, Osceola Linda Kay Gilliam, Newport Michael D. Gilmer, Jonesboro ft 3fc ■» Roger Glaze, Bald Knob Alvin Gleghorn, Knobel Bebe Glenn, Hazen Danny Glenn, Jonesboro Marcia Anne Glenn, Fisher John Paul Gnade, Jonesboro Larry Gola, Swifton Michael Gonzales, Blytheville JBc W m P til Danny Lynn Goodman, Brookland Gayle Goodman, Corning Gayla Goodson, Black Oak Marcia Goodson, Memphis, Tenn. Cathy Goodwin, Calamine James Gould, Pittsfield, Me. Zane Gragg, Leachville | Carol Graham, Clarendon Bing W. Green, Jonesboro Gordon Green, Paragould Terri Green, Little Rock Rodney Greenhill, DeWitt Suzie Greenlee, Marked Tree Ronnie Dane Greer, Searcy Shirley Jean Greer, Searcy Mike Griffey, Pine Bluff 291 292 Judy Henderson, Jacksonville Larry W. Henderson, Trumann Marylon Jay Henderson, Stuttgart Richard Henderson, Osceola Gary Hendrix, Trumann Phil Hendrix, Jonesboro Kerry Henigan, Sycamore, 111 Jane Henson, Williamsville, Mo. Jerry W Hicks, Bald Knob Lynn Higgins, Paragould William E. Hightower, Helena Stephen Hile, Columbia City, Ind. Glenda Ruth Hill, Osceola Judy Hillis, England Michael E. Hines, Marianna Charles Hinrichs, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Tommy Hinsley, Hot Springs Billy Don Hinson, Jonesboro Danny M. Hix, Batesville Susan Hodges, Jonesboro Patricia Jane Hoessli, Paragould Joe T. Hogan, Newport Tommy Hogan, Bay Donna Marie Hoggard, Parma, Mo Bonnie Hogland, Paragould George E. Holland, Monette Martha Holland, West Helena Gary A. Holleman, McCrory Jeannette Holley, Osceola Stephanne D. Hollis, Manila Ellen Holloway, Marianna Danny B Holt, Pocahontas Peter N.Holt, Gilmore Henry Howell Jr., Brinkley Larry R. Homsley, Judsonia Charles F. Hooten, Egypt Eddy Ray Hoots, Wynne Johnny Horn, Little Rock Dianne Horner, Rector Eva Horton, New Madrid, Mo. Beverly Ann House, Jonesboro Barbara Houston, Fort Smith Arthur M. Houston, Jonesboro Kirk Howard, Jacksonville Luanne Howard, Blytheville Malcom J. Howard, Newport Jack Ray Howell, Corning Betty Hudgins, Cotton Plant Julita Hudgins, Searcy Rebecca J. Hudgins, Jonesboro John D. Hudspeth, DeWitt William S. Huggins Jr., Bauxite Gary Lean Hughes, Gamaliel Margaret Hughes, Little Rock Jerry L. Hulett, Newport Rosemary Hundley, Bay Slay den Hunt, Chattanooga, Tenn. James Hunter, Cherry Valley Fred C. Hurd, Trumann Dorcas I Hurst, Gassville Frank Hurst, Crawfordsville Judy J. Hurst, Rector James Hutcherson, Paragould James L. Hutchins, Stuttgart Richard N. Hutton, Osceola Aaron D. Hyde, Paragould Jack R. Irvin, Jonesboro Elizabeth Jacks, Pine Bluff Kathryn Jackson, Jonesboro Larry W. Jackson, Jonesboro Linda R. Jackson, Little Rock Ouida Jackson, Jonesboro Sharon Jackson, Manila Sharon G. Jackson, Jonesboro William D. Jackson, Kennett, Mo. Linda Jacobs, Bono Roger D. Jacobs, Egypt Danny James, West Plains, Mo. Sheila Jarman, West Memphis George H. Jarrett, Paragould Sophomores 293 in n Mi H 1 L 7 m v i Sophomores Patsy Jeffrey, Locust Grove Darrell Jenkins, Brinkley Betty Carol Jetton, Paragould David Johns, Blytheville Barbara Johnson, Corning David L. Johnson, Bay Evalyn Jo Johnson, Rippin Gary E. Johnson, Jonesboro Larry M. Johnson, Jonesboro Linda Ann Johnson, Weiner Lynne Johnson, Little Rock Malven Ray Johnson, Keiser Sid Johnson, Jonesboro Spencer Johnson, Leachville Cherie Johnston, Pine Bluff Frances Jones, Huntington, W. Va. Freddy Boyd Jones, Bono Linda Ann Jones, Keiser Mary P. Jones, St. Joe Robert C. Jones, Jonesboro Sammie Jones, Jonesboro Sandra Jones, Rector Wesley Jones Jr., Leachville Hank Jordan, Jonesboro Bobby Justus, Walnut Ridge Sharron Kaye Kaffka, Joneboro Chad L. Kail, Jonesboro Michael Kasten, Jackson, Mo. Mary T. Kelly, Helena Ronny Kelton, Manila Mike Kendall, Batesville Clydene Kendrick, Bay Gary Kestner, Almyra Eric Kieffner, Paragould Jimmy Kientz, Pine Bluff Johnny Killion, Forrest City Alice L. King, West Helena Thomas King, Pocahontas Randal Kingston, Paragould Brenda Kinman, Jacksonville C. Howard Kirkindall, Jonesboro Johnny Kirkland, Jonesboro Jackie R. Kirkwood, Campbell, Mo. Betty Kitterman, Jonesboro Sherry Kittle, N. Little Rock Clyde M. Knight, Jonesboro Philip Koonce, Blytheville Jeryl Krueger, Jonesboro William H. Lady, Paragould Charlie K. LaFevers, Salem Robert Lambert Jr ., Dumas Michael G. Lambie, Egypt Ray Gene Landers, Cave City Garry G. Langston, Little Rock Tannda Langston, Blytheville Terry Largent, Weldon Phyllis Lassiter, Jonesboro Larry W. Lawrence, Melbourne Linda Lawson, Jonesboro Paul M. Ledbetter, Jonesboro James Michael Lee, Wynne Pennye Irene Lee, Paragould Kathy Leja, Jonesboro Jim Bob Lentz, Marmaduke Alan J. Levine, Helena Raleigh Sue Levitt, Jonesboro Susanne Lewallen, Knobel Leah Lewis, Blytheville William A. Lewis, Newport Ann Lile, Jonesboro Wayne L. Lindley Jr., Jonesboro James L. Lindsey, Rector Linda Lingle, Piggott Doug Little, Brinkley Susan L. Littlefield, Dell James R. Lloyd, Stanford Stephen C. Lockhart, Gregory Michael W. Lofton, Jonesboro Steve H. Logan, Walnut Ridge Patricia Jo Looney, Kennett, Mo. 294 Class of 1969 Students enter and leave the cafeteria for better or for worse. Jennifer Love, Jonesboro John Ed Lowe, Marianna Paula L.Luft, Pine Bluff Pamela Luther, White Oak, Mo. Tony Lybarger, Monette Stephen W. Lynch, Newark Phyllis Lynn, Osceola William D Lyttle, Jonesboro Terry D Lytton, Harrisburg Linda Maddox, Little Rock Jo Nell Malloy, Leachville Roger Mann, Piggott Charlotte Maples, Jonesboro Wayne Mardis, Harrisburg Mary R. Marshall, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Sandra Marshall, Harrison, Neb. Albert G . Martin, West Helena Anne Martin, Jonesboro Donnie R. Martin, Paragould Gary Martin, Pocahontas Lloyd Martin Jr., West Memphis Stanley Mart in, Little Rock Orley Massena, Parkin Ernest Massey, Jonesboro Gary N. Masterson, Paragould Steve Masterson, Jonesboro Harvey E. Matheny, Cave City Royce Matlock, Jonesboro Ronald Matloss, Elizabeth, N.J Patricia Matthews, Dyess Tommy Matthess, Walnut Ridge Margaret Mauldin, Marion Alice Mayfield, Leachville David B. Mays, Walnut Ridge Karla Jean Mays, Blytheville Gary A. McBryde, Pine Bluff Tom McCabe, Pine Bluff Florence McCall, Jonesboro James A. McCall, Jonesboro Kevin McClelland, Eustis, Fla. Anna M. McClure, Forrest City Jack Ballard McCord, Rector James M. McCortney, Newport Paula McCoy, Bono Jack Lynn McDaniel, Newark Janice McDowell, Ellsinore, Mo. Jerry McGee, Portageville, Mo. Judy McGinnis, Paragould Wilmer T. McGraw, Stuttgart Gary McGrew, Glenwood Gordon McKee, Dexter, Mo. Charles McKinley, Jonesboro Diana McKinney, Kennett, Mo. John McMillin, West Memphis William L. McMurry, Tulsa, Okla. Larry Medford, Brinkley 295 296 Bobbie Munn, Wynne David Murray, Blytheville Edna L. Murray, Jonesboro Richard A. Murray, Jonesboro . Stephen M Murray, El Dorado Jolly Myatt, Cash Virginia Myers, Jonesboro James Lynn Neal, Jonesboro Galen Neil Nelson, Paron Stephen Nemeth Jr , Tampa, Fla. Patsy Nettleton, Risco, Mo Marilyn Ann New, Pine Bluff James Newberry, N Little Rock George A Newcomb, Tyronza C. E. Newman Jr., Wynne John K. Nichols, Blytheville Kirk H . Nichols, Piggott Charles D. Nix, Harrisburg Harvey P Nixon, Jonesboro Ray Allen Noel, Paragould Jeanie Norcross, Tyronza Jeanne Norman, Jonesboro Jimmy Norris, Searcy Pat B Northum, Piggott Tim Norton, Marked Tree George Nunnally, Trumann Charles O ' Brien Jr., Marked Tree James M O ' Cain, Little Rock Martin Oldham, Marked Tree Sharolyn Oliver, Carlisle Pat Osbron, Bull Shoals Bruce Osowsri, West Memphis 1 Mill MBHIWEII I Sophomores Elton E. Overall, Kennett, Mo Glenda Overfield, Grubbs Jim Pace, Pocahontas Richard D Pace, Paragould Linda Pack, Jonesboro Donnie Lee Page, Manila Ferd Dale Page, Manila Jackie Palmateer, Pine Bluff Vernon D Palmer, Jonesboro Livy Para, West Memphis Melvin Parker, West Memphis Pat Parker, Houston, Tex. Warren Parker, Portageville, Mo James C. Parks, Rector Cary R. Parnell, Luxora Jean Pasmore, Jonesboro Ollie E. Patterson, Paragould Susan Patterson, Holly Grove Susan Patterson, Memphis, Tenn. John W Paull, Pekin, 111. Ronald D. Paulson, Thayer, Mo Donald L. Pearman, DeWitt Foster Pearson, Searcy Carolyn Pendleton, Jacksonville Betty Pennington, Newport Carolyn Penter, Jonesboro Jana Perkins, Jonesboro Harold Permenter Jr , Luxora George Pernne, Siloam Springs Roy L. Perry, Jonesboro Teka Jeannette Persfull, Essex, Mo Betty Petkoff, Helena Virgil Peyton, Memphis, Tenn David Phelps, Poplar Bluff, Mo John Vance Phelps, Brookland Guyla Phillips, Flippin Mary Pierce, Jonesboro Rose Pierce, Mammoth Spring Dan W Pittman, Prescott Suzanne Poff, Trumann Bruce Poleet, Jonesboro Virginia Polston, Tuckerman Norvin Porter, Poplar Bluff, Mo William Potter, Jacksonville Marcia D. Powell, Rector Jim Prater, Parkin Donald Ray Pratt, Trumann Susie Prine, Holly Grove m mil JB Bklli Sophomores Li ' All Jerry M. Pruett, Batesville Sue Pugh, El Paso, Tex. Rita Quails, Trumann Ronnie E. Quails, Monette Jerry Wayne Querry, Harrisburg Marshall Quinn, Paragould Douglas Ramsey, Benton Floyd Ramsey, Harrison Carol Rand, Paragould Irran Troy Ratliff, Jonesboro Ellen Ray, Jonesboro Linda Kay Ray, Jonesboro Roberta Ray, Leachville Phyllis Recker, Walnut Ridge Carol M. Reed, Gatewood, Mo. Carmen Reeves, Jonesboro Charlene Reeves, Harrisburg Donna Reichen, Pine Bluff Gene W. Reid, Leachville Bette Render, Jonesboro Teddy Glenn Reves, Judsonia Joyce Reynolds, McCrory Robin W. Reynolds, Osceola Ronnie Rhodes, Corning Gary Rice, Mammoth Spring Janice Lynn Riggs, Yellville James D. Richardson Jr., Osceola Robert Rickus, Farmington, Mo. Edwin H . Riley, New Madrid, Mo. William L. Risby, Ellsinore, Mo. Danny Ritchey, Blytheville Jackie Rives, Trumann Elizabeth J. Roach, Manila Thomas Robert, Walnut Ridge Dennis Robertson, Clarkton, Mo Elmer L. Robertson, Batesville Linda Robertson, Jonesboro Tom Robertson, Crystal City, Mo. Dana Robinson, Jonesboro Robin Robinson, Jonesboro Regina K Rodery, Piggott Claudia L. Rodgers, Pine Bluff Danny Ray Rodgers, Rector Gary W. Rodgers, Paragould Larry E. Rodgers, Memphis, Tenn. Ranny Rodgers, Jonesboro Sue Ann Rodgers, Marmaduke Lynda Rodman, Leachville Jodine Roe, Senath, Mo. Curtis Rogers, Swifton Karen Ann Rogers, Ash Flat Margaret Ann Rogers, Pocahontas Frank Rohrscheib, West Helena Harol Ronin, Lake Forest, 111. Gary H Rose, Walnut Ridge Larry Rose, Walnut Ridge Bob Ross, West Helena Kay Ross, Jonesboro William Robert Ross, Paragould Jan Rounsaville, Blytheville Gene Rowland, Dexter, Mo. Michael Rowland, Little Rock Judy Rushing, Joiner Larry Russell, Corning Thomas Russell, Hayti, Mo Thomas Russell, Jonesboro Claud Rutherford, Mabelvale Ralph D Ryan, Marked Tree David L. Sanderson, Jonesboro Janet Sanders, Viola James L. Sanders, Benton Kenneth Sanders, Poplar Bluff, Mo Malinda Ann Sanders, Salem William R. Sanders, O ' Fallon, 111. Jack Lee Sandlin, Little Rock Arnold Eugene Sanford, Bradford Mary Ann Satterwhite, Paragould Connie Sauer, Cherokee Village Jimmy R. Sawyer, Wynne Diane Sayre, Caruthersville, Mo. 298 Class of 1969 Paula Scalogna, Brooklyn, N Y. Mary Ellen Scarborough, Jonesboro Harriel F. Scarsdale, Monette Archie R Schaffer, Charleston Jerry D. Schimming, Peach Orchard Linda Kay Schwab, Poplar Bluff, Mo Betty lo Scott, Pine Bluff Charles E. Scott, Jonesboro Douglas L Scott, Malvern Gary S. Scott, Newport Sandra Kay Senning, Stuttgart Sharon Settlemire, Jonesboro Susie Seymore, Blytheville James Shackelford, Forrest City Jerry Sharpe, St. Louis, Mo David Shaver, Corning Bobby Shaw, Jonesboro Darrell W. Shelton, Marmaduke James L. Shelton, Marmaduke Tommy Joe Shelton, Blytheville Janettee Shirley, Earle Charles Gtry Shores, Trumann Noal Steven Short, Blytheville Farrell Shultz, Wauchula, Fla Patricia D. Shultz, Senath, Mo Sharon Shumaker, Osceola Kathy Shurlds, Cherokee Village Samuel Edward Simmons, Proctor Carol Simon, West Helena Anne B Simpson, Pocahontas Darrell Simpson, Jonesboro Harold Ray Simpson, Brookland Bill Sims, Jonesboro Connie Sipes, Cardwell, Mo. Richard Sisk, Parkin States V. Skipper, Leachville Tony Skogen, Evansville, Ind. Joseph N Slayden, Little Rock Preston H Slayden, Little Rock Elke Slayton, Walnut Ridge Howard Slinkard, Trumann Charles Smith, Paragould Conrad Michael Smith, Pine Bluff Dennis Ray Smith, Dixie Edna Jane Smith, Brookland Elton Dorn Smith, Dixie Gary Smith, Trumann Hal P. Smith, Brinkley Jerry Dee Smith, Stuttgart John Franklin Smith, Tyronza Jackie C. Smith, Stuttgart James G . Smith, West Memphis Joseph E. Smith, Peach Orchard Leonard Smith, Memphis, Tenn. Lottie Smith, Jonesboro Lynda Smith, Jonesboro V i A dangerous way to find out who your friends really are. ft © £ JP M, jj J55 299 Class of 1969 ' I know what it looks like, but you ' ve got to be kidding ! " Mark A. Smith, Blytheville Peggy L. Smith, Augusta Randolph A. Smith, Stuttgart Randy M Smith, Black Rock Rebecca J. Smith, Jonesboro Ricky L. Smith, Blytheville Sandi Smith, Jonesboro Sharon Smithee, Calamine Thomas W. Smith, Carlisle Donald Smotherman, Newport Phyllis Smothers, Lepanto Joel W Sneed, Walnut Ridge Claude Snelgrove, Batesville Susan L Snodgrass, Pocahontas Lloyd D. Snow, Lake City Lonnie Spurlock, Evening Shade Thomas E. Stalcup, Jonesboro Wes Stallcup, Rector Peggy Stanfill, Paragould Natalie Stanford, Portageville, Mo. Bill Stanley, N. Little Rock Jimmy Steele, Jonesboro William Stemac, Blytheville Richard Stephens, Forrest City Van Stephens, Jonesboro Judy Stevens, Judsonia Judy Stewart, Walnut Ridge Warren Stewart, Jr , Trumann James Stogsdill, Imboden Frank Stoher, Stuttgart Carolyn Stone, Bay Jim L Stone, Jonesboro Paul W. Stotts, Trumann Martha Stovall, Imboden James R. Strait, Trumann Donna Jan Strickland, Searcy Sandra Stricklin, Jonesboro Sue Lane Stringer, Jonesboro David W. Sewell, Little Rock James Sullivan, Paragould Carlos Summers, N. Little Rock Judith Summers, Jonesboro Linda C. Sutton, Blytheville Frank Swanson, McCrory Fred Sweatt, Newport Russell Sweat, Blytheville Danny Talkington, Dexter, Mo. Sondra Talkington, Dexter, Mo. Charles Tankersley, Jonesboro Gary Tarpley, Oil Trough Billy Tarpley, Cotton Plant Brenda Taylor, Lake City Larry Taylor, Poplar Bluff, Mo Linda Taylor, Lake City Martha Taylor, Piggott Michael Taylor, Leachville 300 Robert A Taylor, Brookland Kathryn Terrell, Batesville Freeda W Thiel, Paragould Ernest Thomas, Caruthersville, Mo Elaine Thomas, McCrory Ken Thomas, Fort Smith Roy E Thomas, Batesville BUI Thompson, Jacksonville Carl E Thompson, Forrest City Eugene Thompson, Forrest City Joe Thompson, Helena Karen Thompson, Trumann Richard Thompson, Little Rock Roger Thompson, Wynne Tommy G Thompson, Parkin Barbara Thomsen, Little Rock David E Thornley, Jonesboro Gary M Thurston, Bernie, Mo Sharon Tidwell, Memphis, Tenn Sam Tillett, Blytheville Robert S Tims, Tuckerman Bill Tiner, McCrory Bobby Tiner, Pine Bluff Johnny Tipton, Little Rock Harvey J Toler, Swifton Roger B Totten, Dexter, Mo Elizabeth Towles, Manila Jerry Travis, Hayti, Mo Suzanne Truxton, Little Rock JoeTurchi, Pine Bluff Judy Turner, Corning Linda Lou Turner, Marked Tree Sandy Turner, Little Rock Ronald Tullos, N Little Rock Dale Underwood, Bloomfield, Mo Rebecca Underwood, Jonesboro William Ursery, Pine Bluff John D Urton, Jonesboro Lynn Valenteen, Jonesboro Howard E. Vance, Sedgwick Tarsa VanCleve, Jonesboro Betty Ann VanHorn, Jonesboro Mary Jane VanHorn, Jonesboro Uynthia VanMeter, Batesville Kaye M Vaughn, Walnut Ridge Victor Vaughn, Mammoth Spring Billy C Veal, Piggott William R Vermillion, Manila Gay Vick, Poplar Bluff, Mo Juanita Vickers, Wynne Gary Victory, Newport Tom Vigeant, Newburyport, Mass Larry D Voss, Memphis, Tenn Herberta Waddell, Jonesboro Ronnie Waddill, Newport Chris Wade, Yellville David Wagnon, Little Rock Terry M Waits, Paragould Richard E Walden, Jonesboro Jerry F Wall Jr., Forrest City Wayne Wallis, Harrisburg David J Walls, Corning Thomas R Walter, Blytheville Paulette Walton, Paragould Larry E Ward, Little Rock Bill Washington, Paragould Kenneth Wasson, Harrison Lanay Watson, Swifton Danny W Watson, Corning Martha G Watts, Pindall Judy Weaver, Paragould Denny Webster, Helena Peggy Wells, Blytheville Virginia Wells, Walnut Ridge John W West, Forrest City PaulE. West, Pine Bluff James L Westcott, Blytheville Jerry W Weston, McCrory William Westrol, Elizabeth, N.J. Danny Wheeler, Paragould Sophomores 1 t k ; 1 " ' • s» ' - • ' J 5 f p F P F P ( MjHBSBHHHHE mmtmmmammmm HBHnMHHH 4 Sophomores 1. i £1 Kill 1 ill Michael Wheeler, Cardwell, Mo. Janice Wheelis, Paragould Nancy Whitfield, Rector Rebecca Sue Whitlock, Blytheville Bonnie Whitlock, Blytheville Donna Whittingham, Jonesboro Betty White, Harrisburg David C. White, Pine Bluff Gary White, Poplar Bluff, Mo Linda White, Trumann Martha White, Jonesboro Ron White, Jonesboro Ruth Suzanne White, Jonesboro Steve Edward White, Piggott Ronnie Wright, Holcomb, Mo. Jim Wiethan, Maiden, Mo Carol Wiggins, North Little Rock Robert Wigginton, Forrest City Fred Wilcox, Paragould Carolyn Wiles, Bay Mary Lou Wiley, Wilson Cathy Wilhelm, Puxico, Mo Denny Dean Wilken, Mountain Home Arnold D Wilkerson, Success Debbie Wilkey, Kennett, Mo Jetta Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo Herman Wilkinson, Rogers Bruce Williams, Jonesboro John M Williams, Kennett, Mo Mildred M Williams, Jonesboro Phillip M Williams, Marmaduke Rudie Williams, Campbell, Mo Mary E Williams, Trumann William L. Williams, Jonesboro Wilbur Williamson, West Memphis Kayla Willyard, Marmaduke Donald Wayne Witson, Stuttgart Janie Wilson, Marianna Robert Winston, Peach Orchard, Mo Hans Winters, Jonesboro David Wood, Stuttgart Jennifer Wood, Parkin John Wood, Pine Bluff Lewis Wood, Tyronza Ronnie Wood, Jonesboro Lewis Woods, Turrell Cindy Woodyard, Blytheville Joseph E Wooley, Pine Bluff Brenda S Wooten, Dyess Jerry E Wooten, Dyess Floyd E Wright Jr , Holcomb, Mo George H. Wright Jr , Hope Sidney G Wurtz, Pocahontas Allen Yarbro, Poplar Bluff Virginia D Yeargain, Lafe Kathryn York, Osceola W . A Young, Jonesboro Ann Ziegenhorn, Fisher Joseph F Zollner, Marmaduke Dennis Zolper, Peoria, 111 302 Class of 1970 Bandsmen enjoy a meal, picnic style, on the banks of the Mississippi Josephine Abdella, El Dorado Dennis A Abell, Paragould Frank W. Abernathy, Jonesboro Leslie C Abernathy III, Jonesboro Mary Ann Abernathy, Little Rock Bill Adams, McCrory Charles Adams, Marked Tree Jerry Adams, McCrory Jerry Ray Akins, Turrell Olivia Jane Akins, Wynne Carrie June Alderman, Elaine Earl Dean Alderson, Bnnkley Mike Alexander, Little Rock William Earnest Alexander, Parkin Mohammad Aliabadi, Tehran, Iran Robert Dale Allen, Trumann Ronald Allen, Campbell, Mo. Sonyia F. Allison, Walnut Ridge Mary Jane Amos, Oil Trough Linda Amspaugh, Camden Debbie Anderson, Helena Jenanne M. Anderson, Jonesboro Linda Carol Anderson, Jonesboro Sandra L Anderson, Pine Bluff Thomas M. Anderson, Mammoth Spring Robert Andrews, Little Rock Frank Angelo, Jonesboro Joseph Sears Anthony, Proctor John Arends, Blytheville John G . Armstrong, McCrory George C Arnett, Bakersfield, Mo Joe Arnn, Sidney Keith E. Ashcraft, Pine Bluff Linda Ashley, Forrest City Michael Lee Ashley, Monette Patsy Ashworth, Hughes Daniel R Atchley, Pine Bluff Mary Alice Atkins, Blytheville Connie Austin, Paragould Rodger E. Austin, Harrisburg Ronald Lee Austin, Blytheville Peggy Louise Aycock, Blytheville William W. Back, West Helena Bill Bacon, Paragould Cheril Badger, Mountain Home Diana R Bahus, Jonesboro Allene Bailey, Tuckerman Larry Bailey, Cherry Valley MaurineC. Bailey, Jonesboro Sidney B. Bailey, Tuckerman Rebecca Frances Baird, Light Barbara Lynne Baker, Stuttgart Benny Baker Jr ., Newport GaryC. Baker, Swifton Harville L Baker Jr ., Manila David M. Baldridge, Paragould £kfi fife » jBhi 0 SBfk 303 Class of 1970 How many of this group are still at A-State? M T 1 ™ .-• 1,. V Mitchell Wayne Baldridge, Clarendon Tom Baldwin, Forrest City Connie Bales, Bono John Murphy Ball, Walnut Ridge Mary Ann Ball, McCrory Brenda Ballard, Jonesboro Anne Ballew, North Little Rock Gelene Ballew, Jonesboro Johnny Mac Barber, Oil Trough Linda L. Barber, Forrest City Margaret J Barber, Palestine Larry Gene Barger, Sikeston, Mo. Gary L. Barker, Salem John Barker, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ricky Wayne Barkley, Jonesboro Thomas Wayne Barlow, Jonesboro Bill Barnett, Jonesboro Linda E. Barr, Harrisburg Greg Barre, Pocahontas Jerry Lee Barrett, Caraway Beatrice Karyn Barrick, Horatio Rita Barthel, Pocahontas Gillis Bartholmey, North Little Rock Bruce Bateman, Blytheville Karen Dell Bateman, Rector Gary Bates, Cave City Marilyn Batey, Pollard Sandra Kay Baughter, Dell Rickie Stephen Baxley, Corning Charley Baxter, Rector Mary Clark Baxter, Paragould Lonnie Beard, Osceola Mike Bearden, Leachville Sharon Gail Bearden, Jonesboro Brenda Kay Beaton, Marmaduke Eugene Becker Jr ., Jacksonville Annette Bell, McCrory Billy Bell, Jonesboro LaDonna Bell, Kennett, Mo. Clyne P Belue, Earle Bill Belzung, Batesville Thomas W Benight, North Little Rock Doyle Bennett, Little Rock Jackie Bennett, Joiner Jerry Lynn Bennett, Caldwell Otis Wayne Bennett Jr ., Lonoke Frankie Charleen Benson ' , Monticello Darrell Warren Berry, Little Rock Sandra Kaye Berry, Paragould Mary Kay Bevill, Blytheville George Leevaughn Biard, Batesville James Michael Biggs, Walnut Ridge Mary Glendolyn Biggs, Paragould Patsy Biggs, Hot Springs Bobby Billings, Tuckerman Patti Billings, Helena 304 Carrell Billingsley, Palestine Glen E. Billingsley, Violet Hill Joe Allen Birts, Texarkana Judy Annette Bishop, Brookland Ronnie Bishop, Wilson Kay Black, Essex, Mo Lynda Blagg, Newport John Blair, Blytheville Judy Blair, Werner Johnny Blake, Jonesboro Bob Blanchard, Jonesboro Patricia Blanchard, Jonesboro Walter Blanchard, Jonesboro Haskel Blankenship, Blytheville Jerry Alvin Blanton, Paragould Tommy Blaylock, Little Rock Vurle Dean Block, Weiner Annette Boals, Rondo LoydT Bobo, Pine Bluff Herman W Bodenstein, Jonesboro Don Boernecke, Jacksonville David Michael Boger, Wynne Kenneth Edward Bogy, Stuttgart J . C Bohannon, Forrest City Paula Block, Forrest City Sherry Lynn Bolick, Keiser Jimmy Kye Bollinger, Jonesboro Dick Bolton, Paragould Ralph Duane Bond, Jonesboro Jimmy L Bonds, Tuckerman Edward O Bone, Jonesboro Michael Noel Bone, Batesville Freshmen Donald Booker, Blytheville Mary Lou Booker, El Dorado Anita Booth, Pocahontas Jacky Boren, Blytheville Michael Joe Bornhoft, Weiner Lamar R Bostic, DeWitt Charles R Bottoms, Little Rock James A Bourland, Luxora Roger Dale Boutwell,Cushman Eddie Bowen, Little Rock Ronald Lee Bowen, West Memphis William Franklin Bowers, Knobel Garry Lee Boyd, Black Oak Brenda Jo Bradford, Clarkedale Charles Bradford, Forrest City Dwight Bradley, Swifton Larry Truman Bradshaw, Holcomb, Mo Robert Bramlett, Stuttgart Andy Branch, Paragould James Michael Branch, Paragould Diana Brandon, Paragould Vicki Branum, Hornersville, Mo Alana Ruth Brashears, Corning Kay Braswell, DeWitt Gary Bray, Pine Bluff Ronnie Brazwell, Newport James Walter Breckenridge, McCrory Donald Lee Bridges, Weona Fred Bridges, Harrisburg Judy Elaine Bridges, Moko Johnny Bridgman, Batesville Frances Brietz, Harrisburg JobnH. Briggs, DeWitt Tony D Briggs, El Dorado Barbara Jean Brigham, Dumas Patricia Ann Bnghtwell, Paragould Mary Beth Brink, Viola Dianne Rand Brogdon, McCrory Cecilia Jane Brooks, Senath, Mo Pat Brooks, Little Rock Richard Brooks, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ronald Brooks, Monette Teena Raye Brooks, Steele, Mo Ronny Lynn Brothers, Blytheville Alvie Ray Brown, Pocahontas Carroll Brown, Osceola David R Brown, Pine Bluff Freddie Brown, Harrisburg 1 .VI s ■ L Freshmen lames Charles Brown Jr., Blytheville Raymond Carl Brown, Jonesboro Thad Lewis Brown III, Jonesboro Leslie Bruce, Kennett, Mo Nancy Jane Brumett, Lonoke Stanley Bryant, Paragould William H. Bryant, Jonesboro Danny Buck, Marked Tree Claudia Buckingham, Jonesboro Patricia Buehrig, Piggott Johnny Bufford, Paragould Thomas A. Buford, Memphis, Tenn. Larry Don Bull, Stuttgart Roger Allen Bullock, Stuttgart Mike Burkett, McCrory Denny Burns, Memphis, Tenn. Larry Joe Burns, Rector Richard Burns, Pocahontas Karen Burnside, Lake City Dennis Williams Burris, Jonesboro Gary Burris, Blytheville Nancy Louise Burrow, Joiner John C Burton, McCrory Michael Lee Burton, West Helena Gary Dean Busby, Newport Larry Busby, Poplar Bluff, Mo Larry G Bussey, Wilson Bill Butler, Jonesboro Carolyn Sue Butler, Van Lewis G Butler, Cotton Plant Stephen Butler, Little Rock Terry Lou Butler, Searcy Chris Bynum, Dermott Bobby Caldwell, Wynne Carroll Caldwell, Jonesboro Ramona Caldwell, Lake City Samuel T. Callahan, Black Rock Rona Campbell, Paragould Fredrick Michael Caneer, Senath, Mo Peggy Cannon, Senath, Mo. Barbara Carol Capshaw, Wynne Jimmy P. Cargill, Batesville Ronnie Lee Carnett, Kennett, Mo. Linda Kaye Carpenter, Jonesboro R. L. Carpenter Jr., Batesville Cheryl Carroll, Senath, Mo. Don Carroll, Springdale Linda Carson, North Little Rock Ann Lynn Carter, Jonesboro Linda Carter, Brinkley Phillip Carter, Overland, Mo. Patti Casey, Little Rock Dewey P. Cash, Jonesboro Gary Wayne Cash, Trumann Phillip Cassidy, Blytheville Linda Marie Casson, Batesville Arch Steele Catching, Bassett Dennis Dome Cate, Rector Larry Cathcart, Pine Bluff Gary Dennis Cathey, Blytheville Jerry S Caughtron, Harrisburg Glynda Causey, Essex, Mo. Barbara A Cavenaugh, Walnut Ridge Brenda Cavenaugh, Walnut Ridge Brenda Caviness, Carlisle John Cecala, Lonoke Terry Cecil, Forrest City Brenda Gail Chaligoj, Doniphan, Mo. Nola Chambers, Trumann Ronnie Chambless, Paragould Larry Wayne Chance, Bay Randy William Chandler, Joiner Robert Wayne Chatman, Newport James E Chennault, Paragould Carolyn Lee Childress, Monette MikeChilds, Jonesboro Roy Chinn, Stuttgart William Gregroy Chitmon, Blytheville Ronnie Chrisco, Osceola Avon M. Christal, Birmingham, Ala. 306 Beanie wearers soon learn to mingle and eventually blend in with the college set. Alfred Christensen, N Little Rock Gary D. Christian, Dexter, Mo. Michael Chronister, Jonesboro PatChurchwell, Blytheville Janice Clark, Osceola Rose Marie Clark, Sage Teresa M. Clark, New Madrid, Mo Wanda Lea Clark, Flippin Gary Cleve, Farmington, Mo Kathy Clifft, Paragould Joe H Clifton, Blytheville Kathy Cloar, Earle Donna Cochran, Salem James Coffey, Jonesboro Julia Ann Coggins, Hot Springs Frank Cohoon, Weiner Judy A Cole, Paragould Patricia Cole, Jonesboro Danny Coleman, Holly Grove James M Coleman, Jonesboro John W. Coleman, Jonesboro Connie Coleman, Saffell Billy Collins, Dallas, Tex. Charles Collins, Delaplaine Donnie R. Collins, Little Rock James A. Collins, Parkin Penny Compton, Holly Grove Jimmy Connell, Blytheville Randy Conner, Pocahontas Carolyn R Conrad, Holcomb, Mo Jason Conyers, Jonesboro Patricia E. Cook, Hot Springs John A. Cooper, Jonesboro Leonard Cooper, N. Little Rock Lind a Cooper, Jonesboro Cheryl Coots, Little Rock Charles W Cordell, Newport William Corder Jr ., Helena Linda F Corter, Monette Sammy L. Cossey, Rector Jeff Couch, Jonesboro Dan Coulter, Batesville Norman Covey, Blytheville Gary W Coy, Jonesboro Cynthia Ann Cox, Blytheville Elizabeth Rose Cox, Forrest City Milburn Cozort, Poplar Bluff, Mo. John W. Craft, Jonesboro Gerald N. Crafton, Paragould Mary Lou Craig, Forrest City Paul H. Craig, Boswell Jimmy L Cram, Brookland Linda G Cramberg, West Memphis Mary Cravens, New Madrid, Mo Dick Crawford, Pine Bluff Philip Crawford, Vanndale mm iMik L fife! i i ft " " f 307 Class of 1970 Cold weather arrives and gives the campus a bleak atmosphere. C ft James E. Creecy, Osceola Michael Creswell, Newark George Michael Crews, Ashdown Joe Crews, Jonesboro Paula Cheri Crews, Blytheville Gayle Crismon, Neelyville, Mo Michael Steven Crisp, Marvell Gary Don Crites, Leachville Connie Crockett, Stuttgart Mike Croft, Paragould Mike Crook, Parkin Don Croom, Campbell, Mo. Linda R Crosby, Clarendon Marsha L. Cross, Portageville, Mo Mary Evelyn Crossfield, Piggott Trupiedo A. Crump, Little Rock Donald Lee Culbreath, Jonesboro Terry Cullum, Monette Dave Cultron, Festus, Mo. Penny Cunningham, Keiser Terry David Cunningham, Weiner Chester Cupp, Marked Tree James M. Cureton, Forrest City Denny Eugene Curtis, Corning Cloyes R. Cutrell, Pine Bluff Charles P. Dabbs, Proctor Sue Lee Daily, West Plains, Mo Jerry Charles Dale, Fisher Kay Dallas, Caraway Jerry Danehower, Forrest City Walter R. Dankwardt, Chicago, 111. Pat Darby, West Memphis Jimmie Darden, England Edward B. Darling, Tuckerman Ted C Darling, Tuckerman Gerry Darr, Trumann Jack Daugherty, West Helena James Monroe Davenport, Yellville Harry Lynn Davidson, Senath, Mo. Jeffrey Lynn Davidson, Jonesboro Mike Davidson, Elaine Paula Davidson, Melbourne Barbara Davis, Hornersville, Mo. Curtis Rodgers Davis, Augusta Dawn Davis, Ravenden Springs Frank Davis, Stuttgart Glenda Davis, Jonesboro James R. Davis, Ravenden Springs John W Davis, North Little Rock Judy Ann Davis, Corning Larry W. Davis, North Little Rock Leslie Wayne Davis, Jonesboro Linwood Davis Jr., Waldenburg Vickie Davis, Batesville Billy Don Davison, Jonesboro Larry Davison, Marvell 308 Henry Darrell Dean, Jonesboro Martha E DeBow, Sedgwick Linda Dempsey, Hornersville, Mo Dennis Denson, North Little Rock Lyle Dent, Bay William Don Dent, Jonesboro Deirl Arvel Derryberry, Stuttgart Donna Carole Dew, Luxora William A DeWoody, Prescott Paula Eugene Dickson, Imboden Carroll S. Dilks, Mananna Delma Vee Dilla hunty, Hughes Alvie Dillin, Jonesboro Dennis Dillon, Newport Wayne Dillon, Paragould June Dixon, Jonesboro Lynda Joyce Doane, Memphis, Tenn Barbara Dobbs, Strawberry Thomas E Dodson, Forrest City Douglas Donoho, Blytheville Phyllis Dorris, Rector Elaine Dorton, Jonesboro Daniel W Doshier, Yellville Jerry Wilson Doty, Pine Bluff Edwin Douglas, Caraway Ethel Dover, Pollard Judy Ray Dowdy, Rector Patricia Downing, Bragg City, Mo Rodney Downs, Belleville, 111 James H Drennan, Hughes Charles Cooper Driver, Osceola Ronnie Dunavin, Monette Freshmen Marguerite Duez, Jonesboro Neal K Duke, West Helena Jeff Duncan, Jonesboro Chesley David Dunlap, Marked Tree Eddie Joel Dunlap, Paragould Vicki Diane Dunn, Little Rock Alice Fay East, North Little Rock Eric Louis East, Marked Tree Brenda D Easterwood, Corning Patricia A. Eaton, Rector Sharon Eaton, Rector Ann Eckford, Covington, Tenn Anne H Edmonds, N Little Rock Frank T. Edmonds, N Little Rock Cleff Edwards, St Louis, Mo John Henry Edwards, Leachville Kerry Russell Edwards, Corning Rebecca Edwards, Jonesboro Julia A Elliott, Jonesboro Kenneth Wayne Elliott, Walcott Roy Timothy Elliott, Little Rock Gloria Jewell Ellis, Wynne Ira Edwin Ellis, Osceola Rebecca Stracy Ellis, Wynne Wesley Elmore, Paragould Jane Elizabeth Elrod, Jonesboro Van Enderson, Blytheville Linda Kaye Endsley, Holly Grove Linda Sue England, Batesville Betty Carol Ermert, Corning Lynn Maurice Erwin, Jonesboro Robert Edsel Erwin, Lepanto Eddie Esters, Jonesboro James C. Estes, Jonesboro Stanley Estes, Salem Marva Latricia Eudy, Tuckerman Eugenia Evans, Harrison Judy Evans, Marianna Kathleen Evans, West Ridge Richard Evans, Bnnkley Ronald Lee Evans, Jonesboro Michael Everett, McCrory Sharon K. Eye, Manila Frankie Fair, Egypt Lynn Berry Fair, Jonesboro James D. Falk, Jonesboro Mike Falwell, Bradford Kay Farley, Paragould 309 Marilyn Ann Farley, Pocahontas Edgar Farrow, Jonesboro Randal Faughn, Crawfordsville Bill Faulkner, Manila Max Alton Felts, Joiner Sharon Lynn Felts, Jonesboro Charlotte Fender, Pocahontas Claudia Ferguson, Bay Eddie Ferguson, Forrest City James Ferguson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mickey Fickert, Neelyville, Mo. Phillip Lee Finch, Stuttgart Richard S Findley, Forrest City Jan Finney, North Little Rock Larry Fisackerly, Peach Orchard Mike Fisher, Jonesboro Barbara Fitzpatrick, Augusta Jim Fitzpatrick, Stuttgart, Germany Patrick H . Flanagin, Forrest City Doyle R Flanery, Cotton Plant Gail Fleming, Forrest City Pamela Gayle Fleming, Hot Springs Sandy Fleming, Hot Springs David Dean Fletcher, Paragould Linda Leona Fletcher, Caraway Jerry Fletcher, West Memphis Richard W. Flowers, Blytheville Jackie D. Flynn, Mammoth Spring Debbie D. Fogg, Forrest City Carolyn Foley, Powhatan Judy Foley, Walnut Ridge Jessie Ronnie Fondren, Blytheville Freshmen Terry Foran, Marvell Stephen Forbess, Trumann Barbara Jean Ford, Batesville Bernard T. Ford Jr , Osceola Janet Ford, Marked Tree Larry Ford, Hornersville, Mo. Mike Payne Ford, Paragould Bonner Foree, Marvell P .1 x $ S mm ikk Brenda Foresythe, Paragould James Edward Forrest, Jonesboro Bodie Forshee, Jonesboro Richard Forsythe, Osceola Fred Foster, Yellville Ronal Foster, Jonesboro Mike Fowler, Essex, Mo. Pam Fowler, Blytheville fr i V • j - . Walter B. Fowler, Hughes Margaret Fowlkes, Elaine Charles Hugh Frame, Paragould Jo Ed Francis, Dyess Stephen Francis, Poplar Bluff, Mo Robert Franklin, Harrisburg Carol Franks, Jonesboro Jerry Lee Franks, Blytheville Charles C Franz, North Little Rock Thomas Wayne Franzen, Stuttgart Jim Fraser, Monette William C. Frasure, Caraway Laura Frazier, Naples, Italy Mary Frazier, Osceola Susan Free, Wynne David Freeman, Paragould Elaine Freeman, Harrisburg Hugh William Freeman, Jonesboro Richard Freeman, Pine Bluff Tommy Lee French, West Memphis Norman Frey, Rector Nora E Fulbright, Locust Grove Ruth Ann Fuller, Searcy Leola Futrell, Wynne Pamela Gaebler, Little Rock Nelda Gambill, Brookland Debbie Kaye Gamblin, Jonesboro Teresa Gamblin, Alexandria, Va Sharon Gann, Harrisburg Jimmy Gardner, Harrisburg Robert F Gardner, Campbell, Mo Micheal W Garner, Hayti, Mo. 310 Class of 1970 Louisiana Tech went all the way when they brought support for their team Bill Garrison, Jonesboro Glenda Garrison, Thayer, Mo. Joe Wayne Garrison, Thayer, Mo. Ricky Dwight Gatewood, Rector Johnny L. Gatlin, Jonesboro William T. Gatlin III, Paragould Jerry D. Gazaway, Paragould David Eugene Geater, Forrest City Pam Geraghty, Corning Donna L. German, Steele, Mo. Kenneth Gibbins, Hornersville, Mo. Mary Beth Gibbs, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Mary L. Gibbs, Osceola Bonnie Gibson, Paragould Karen Gibson, Jonesboro Linda Gibson, Blytheville Paula Jane Gibson, Stuttgart Jerry Gilbert, West Memphis Danny Arthur Gill, Turrell Donna Kay Gill, Glenwood Janet Lynn Gill, Dumas Judith Gill, Corning Sharon Gillespie, West Plains, Mo Donnie George Gilliland, Paragould Jacqueline Ann Ginger, Lake City Barbara Gipson, Blytheville Terry Lynn Givens, Pine Bluff Julia Ann Gleghorn, Jonesboro Larry Goad, Bradford Betty Jean Goff, Blytheville Tim Goldman, Pine Bluff Pam Gonzales, Blytheville Paulette Goodin, Bald Knob Larry E. Goodman, Jonesboro Rolenda J. Goodman, Holly Grove Dickie Ray Goodnight, Campbell, Mo. Glenda Lou Gordon, Marked Tree Phillip Gordon, Rector Gary Wayne Gott, Jonesboro Charles William Gould, Salem Michael H. Graddy, Piggott Dennis Earl Graham, Jonesboro Joy Graham, North Little Rock Leland Paul Graham, Augusta Ricky Graham, Rector Judy Gramling, Paragould April Misty Grant, Mountain Home Nona Gray, Jonesboro Steven Gray, Brinkley Bill Green, Little Rock Fay Green, Mountain Home Kitty Sue Green, Cardwell, Mo. Mary Ellen Green, Cave City Robert E. Green, Paragould William Earl Green, Leachville Lester Greene, Batesville, 111. 311 A look at progress on the move from the top down. ill Eton Greenway, Paragould Dorothy Gregory, Lexa Betty Ann Griffin, Paragould Mike Griffin, Porter, Ind Patricia Griffin, Little Rock Brenda Griffith, Marked Tree Boyd Griggs, Corning Lewis Griggs, Hughes i i Billy Keith Grigsby, Blytheville Cecelia Grobmyer, Forrest City Eddie Grubbs, Helena Valerie Gullia, Jonesboro Paul E Gunn, Forrest City Ronald Guthrie, Marmaduke Sharon Gwathney, Forrest City Ann Gwatney, North Little Rock 1 V ' V 1 MaryHafner, Jonesboro Cleve A Hager, Jonesboro Billy Dean Haines, Blytheville Sarah Woodruff Hale, Blytheville Carl Haley, North Little Rock PatHalk, Cherry Valley Dennis Hall, Blytheville Paul Hall, Ash Flat If L L - i life Ronnie Hall, Salem Russell Dean Hall, Jonesboro Barbara Halsey, Monette Jerry Halsey, Monette Linda Diane Halsey, Dumas Donald E. Hamilton, Forrest City William L Hammett, Bay Stephen Hampton, Poplar Bluff, Mo si 1 Jf 5 Diane Hancock, Jonesboro Anita Handley, Searcy Joyce Haney, Mammoth Spring Regina Gay Haney, Salem Sandra Hankins, Jonesboro Jerry Charles Hanna, Monette Betty Jo Hansen, Jonesboro Sherrie Harbin, Walnut Ridge $v k if- V fv Ronnie David Hardin, Rector Frank Barton Hardwick, Jonesboro Anita Hargrave, Mountain Home Danny F Hargraves, Gideon, Mo. Troy Lee Harmon, Bradford Clifford Leroy Harper, Maynard Pat Harper, Monette Paula Delayne Harrell, Wynne ilk 1 f Joe William Harriman, Conway Holly Harrington, Hot Springs James Lee Harris, Jonesboro Jeffrey A Harris, Kennett, Mo. Melba Harris, Maynard David B. Harrison, Ormond Bay, Fla Robert Harrison, North Little Rock Ginger Kaye Hart, McCrory David W Hass, Marmaduke Larry Hastings, Poplar Bluff, Mo Regina Hatley, Marked Tree Charlotte Hawkins, Paragould Sheila Haydon, Little Rock Loyce Marie Hayes, Cash James Wesley Haynes, Blytheville Janet Allene Haynes, Blytheville Kim Hazelbaker, Jonesboro Aubrey E Headley, Corning Ronald Heard, Harrisburg Mary Hector, Lepanto Carolyn Heern, St Louis, Mo Ramona Kay Heern, Jonesboro Steve Hefhn, Little Rock Danny Helms, Bradford Danny Henderson, Marianna Larry Henderson, Trumann Scott Henderson, Newport Jerry Lee Hendrix, Trumann Bruce Henning, Portageville, Mo Vicky Henson, Mountain Home Vicki Marie Henson, Bono Howard Herbert, Steele, Mo Pamala Hernandez, Jonesboro Kathy Herron, Memphis, Tenn Ronald Gene Herron, Brmkley Royce Hester, Jonesboro William Allen Hester, Jonesboro Linda Kay Hewett, Jonesboro Glenn Hibdon, Jonesboro Michael P Hickey, Dumas Freshmen James Everett Hieber, Jonesboro Glenn L Highfill, Senath, Mo Jerry Hightower, Jonesboro Roy Hilderbrand, Campbell, Mo. Jennifer Hildreth, Pine Bluff Billy Thomas Hill, Marvell Dennis Bold Hill, Blytheville Linda Rae Hill, Moro Lynda Lois Hill, Piggott Marty Joe Hill, Holly Grove Mary Etta Hill, Osceola Raymond L Hill, Forrest City Robert Keith Hill, Rector Anita I. Hinesly, Hornersville James Marvin Hindman, Tyronza Mike Hinrichs, Poplar Bluff, Mo Michael Todd Hinshaw, Pine Bluff Frances Hipp, Searcy John Stanley Hipp, Newport Harry Hirscheider, Lonoke Gordon Ray Hite, Newport William C Hogan, West Memphis Mitchell L Holifield, Pollard RuchHoliman, Clarkton, Mo Richard Holler Jr., Crossett James R Holloway, Jonesboro Floye D Hollowell, Holly Grove Judy E Holmes, West Memphis Jerry Lynn Holsten, Paragould Mary Alice Holt, Jonesboro Michael Holt, West Memphis John A Honnoll Jr , Jonesboro Ronald Borton Hood, Earle Carolyn Sue Hopkins, Jonesboro Laura Jean Hopper, Augusta Andy Hornecker, North Little Rock Jeralyn Horner, Kennett, Mo Judy Horrigan, Blytheville Charles Horrell, Jonesboro Carolyn Horton, Paragould William T Hosford, Marked Tree James V Hosman, Cardwell, Mo Paul Monroe House, Jonesboro Fredrick Charles Howard, Bay Gloria Kay Howard, Wynne Shelia Ann Howard, Paragould Robert Andy Howe, Newport Dennis Hoxworth, Poplar Bluff, Mo 313 m £ 1 HHHHHHI I ±M - i — Ronnie Hubbard, Marshall Ann Massie Hubener, Little Rock Harold Ray Huber, Hot Springs Kathy Huddleston, Kennett, Mo Aylia Hudson, Jonesboro James Hudspeth Jr , Jonesboro Lawrence R Huett, Elizabeth Ernest William Huff, Dyess Jo Karen Huffner, Hazen Lon Huffman, Paragould Bill Huggins, Jonesboro Billy M Hughes, Blytheville Ray Hugueley, Hughes Judith Humphries, Des Arc Stephen D Humphrey, Sikeston, Mo Craig Hunt, Carlisle Linda Carol Hunter, Swifton Richard Hunter, Odessa, Tex. Vaughn Hunter, Rogers Bob Oliver Hurst, Monette Porter Hurt, Jonesboro Belinda Hutcherson, Forrest City Alan Hutchinson, Searcy Johnny Hutchinson, Swifton Brenda Gail Hyde, Lake City Danny Hyde, Paragould DianneHyde, Paragould Cathy Iacobacci, Hot Springs Lynda Gail Ingram, Corning Thomas Melvin Isbell Jr ., Bay William A. Ivy, McGehee Arrel Douglas Jackson, Black Oak Freshmen Johney H. Jackson, Cardwell, Mo. Jon Jackson, New Athens, 111 Loy Glen Jackson, Manila Lynda Elaine Jackson, Alicia Martha Jackson, Forrest City Michael Jackson, Jonesboro Sammy James, McCrory Sharon James, West Memphis Janet Jamison, Paragould Janie Jarrett, Jonesboro William Jarrett, Little Rock Boyce Jeffery, Boswell Hal Jelks, Jonesboro Brenda Jenkins, Marmaduke Carl Joffe, Paragould Thomas A. Johannsen, Hot Springs Arlinda Johnson, Cave City Darrell Johnson, Memphis, Tenn. Joe Bill Johnson, McCrory John Johnson Jr., Jonesboro Pamela Johnson, Paragould Richard H. Johnson, Jonesboro Sherrell Johnson, Paragould Shirley Johnson, Alton, Mo. Stephen Johnson, Walnut Ridge Terry Johnson, Rector William Johnson, Lepanto Brenda Jones, Osceola Dennis Jones, North Little Rock Dewayne Jones, Paragould Don G Jones, Hughes Downa Sue Jones, Forrest City Elizabeth Jones, Jacksonville Evelyn J. Jones, Jonesboro Gary Jones, Jackson, Mo. Jack Jones, Hughes Jacqueline Jones, Marion James Jones, Mountain Home Janice Jones, Maynard Jim Jones, Paragould Jimmy Jones, Imboden John A Jones, Jacksonville Judy Beth Jones, Alicia Linda G Jones, Marked Tree Mary Jo Jones, Kennett, Mo. Patsy Ann Jones, Dyess Phillip Jones, Memphis, Tenn. Randy A. Jones, Jonesboro Class of 1970 Part of the muscle power behind a growing school . Samuel B Jones Jr , Wilson Verlon Dee Jones Jr , Jonesboro Elaine Joplin, Doniphan, Mo. Elvis B Jordan, Jonesboro James Kalkbrenner, Maiden, Mo Frankie Karr, Herculaneum, Mo. Garry D Keaton, Little Rock Gary Keedy, Wheatley Danny Keeley, Blytheville Dan Keeton, Paragould Billy Gene Keith, Egypt Jerry Don Keller, N. Little Rock David Orvel Keller, Dexter, Mo. Greg Keller, Jonesboro Iva Lee Kelley, Harrison Michael P. Kellim, Paragould Esther Kelly, Rector Frances May Kelly, Stanford Karen Kelly, Dexter, Mo Turra Ann Kelly, Tuckerman Donme Wayne Kelton, Manila Diane Kemp, Springfield, Ohio Paula Ann Kemp, Ravenden Carole Diane Kemper, Trumann Agnes Darlene Kendall, Jonesboro Jimmy Kennedy, Jacksonville, Fla. Jimmie Kersey, Valley View Robert Ketcham, Jonesboro Mary Lue Keysacker, Forrest City Jo Harlene Kiech, Trumann Carolyn Kieffner, Paragould Ricky Killingsworth, Joiner Mary Ann Kilpatrick, Springdale David G . Kimmel, Jonesboro Larry Kimmer, Batesville Peggy Sue Kinder, Salem Terry Lee Kinder, Essex, Mo Billy E King, Jonesboro David King, West Memphis George Wayne King, Harrisburg Larry Wayne King, Peach Orchard Paul Allen King, Mountain Home Rodney Harris King, Manila William H.King, Pine Bluff Jerry Kious, Jonesboro Leotis Kirby, Doniphan, Mo. Jerry Kirkman, Kennett, Mo Lana Gail Kirkman, Jonesboro Stanley Kitchens, Jonesboro Robert Klimek, Helena G . Joe Klinkhardt III, Hayti, Mo. David B. Knight, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Johnny Edward Knight, Rector William Lynn Knight, Mountain Home Deborah Korte, Jonesboro Linda Krenzelok, Hot Springs 1 L L 1 ■■■■■■■ IT " • 1 1 HA 315 Class of 1970 Freshman couple enjoys a few minutes of peace away from the college hubbub L 1 - Jli Walter L. Ivyle, fiamsDurg Cecil La Grone, Centreville, Ala Kenneth L. Lamastus, Marianna Justina Lamb, Jonesboro Sharon C. Lamb, Batesville i David Lambert, Dumas Dorothy C. Lambert, West Helena Glendon Lambert, Dumas - ■ ! ' of r Mb ; fly I Danny Lane, rslytneville Jimmy F Lane, Jonesboro Jan Langford, Jonesboro Jean Langford, Jonesboro Phyllis Ann Langley, Caraway Richard Lantrip, Forrest City Linda K Lassiter, Jonesboro 1 Linda Lasswell, West Plains, Mo. 1 1 4 Mary Ann Latourette, Jonesboro Johnny Latta, Pollard Mary J. Lawrence, Onia H Tate Lawrence, Melbourne Billy Joe Lawson, Marked Tree Eddie Lea, Judsonia Linda Lea, Memphis, Tenn. Linda Leary, Jonesboro } 1 1 f lerry L baron, Willow bpnngs, Mo Tommy Lee, Brinkley Gail Leftwich, Wilson Benny Lendennie, Blytheville Diane Lendermon, West Memphis James P Lennox Jr , Blytheville Donna Marie Leonard, Corning Lynne Leopard, Little Rock Judianne Lester, Marked Tree Larry Lester, Gideon, Mo Bobby G . Lewis, Dell Lisbeth Lewallen, Pocahontas Clemit W . Liles Jr., Blytheville William Dee Lincoln, Maynard Dennis Lee Lingo, Egypt Linda Lou Lipscomb, Blytheville Charles Little, McCrory Earl Wayne Lock, Rector Bonnie Joe London, Melbourne Diann Long, Jonesboro Michael Henry Long, Blytheville Sharon Lott, Benton Rebecca Love, Jonesboro Linda J Lovelace, Calico Rock 1 4 I — 4 Karen Ann Lovelady, Leachville James Leslie Lowe, Hardy Lowell M. Long, Perry ville, Mo Ricky Lowery, Newport Thomas K Lowry, Houston, Mo. William B. Loyd Jr., Pine Bluff James Loyd Lucas, Jacksonville Carol E Lunday, Augusta 316 Margaret Lou Lunsford, Blytheville Charles R. Luttrell, Leachville Robert Lyndon Lyle, Tupelo, Miss. Michael J. Lynch, Cornwall, N Y Jerry Lynxwiler, Maynard Ricky Mabry, Beedeville Terry MacLeod, Jonesboro Janet Maddox, Harrisburg Judye Maiden, Jonesboro Gerald Ray Malm, Campbell, Mo Renie Reid Mallory, Hot Springs Gary F Mallow, Corning Rodney Malloy, Monette Carolyn Malone, Fisher Mike Manney, Little Rock Yvonne Manning, Blytheville Don Mansir, Fort Worth, Tex. Carolyn Marchbanks, Brass City, Mo Cassandra L Marks, Lonoke Mary Lynn Marks, Mellwood Sharron Kay Marks, Haynes Wilbern R Marler, Forrest City Jimmy Dale Martin, Bono Aletta Martin, Paragould Dallene Martin, Pocahontas Gayla Martin, Mountain Home John Allan Martin, Trumann Nancy Carolyn Martin, Wynne Patricia Mashburn, Carlisle Sammy Mason, Lonoke Bengy Stewart Massey, Newport Lonnie Matheny, Indianapolis, Ind Freshmen Martha Mathews, Jonesboro Mike Mattern, Jonesboro Robert W Mauldin, N. Little Rock Tamara May, Jonesboro John R May, Mammoth Spring Jimmy Mayer, Pine Bluff Steve Maynard, Jonesboro Larry L. Maxwell, Edmond, Okla Ron McAfee, Memphis, Tenn Adrienne D. McBeth, Brinkley Charles D. McBride, Dexter, Mo Allene J. McCartney, Osceola Paula McCarty, Maiden, Mo Deborah Kay McClelland, Trumann Jimmy F. McClendon, Harrisburg Dyanne McCluskey, N Little Rock John T. McCool, Jr., Pine Bluff Sandra McCray, Jonesboro Karen Sue McDaniel, Jonesboro Larry McDaniel, Jonesboro Terry McDaniel, Kennett, Mo. Larry McDermott, Parkin Susan McDonald, Paragould Cecil Ray McGee, Lonoke Ann McGhee, Dexter, Mo Rebecca L McGinness, West Memphis Charles McGowan, Palestine Jack Ray McGowan, Bernie, Mo Billy McGraw, Dumas Gary Edward McGraw, DeWitt Melvin Arnold McGruder, Hughes Rebecca Jane McHaney, Paragould Ronnie Mclnturff, N Little Rock Ken McKee, Jonesboro Kathleen McKeever, Memphis, Tenn Alex Macknatch, Cornwells Hts., Pa. James N McLeod, Imboden James S McMahan, Batesville Melvin McMasters, Lake City Thomas E. McMenamin III, Paragould Judy Gail McMillon, Jonesboro William D McNabb, Wilson Sharon Lynn McNair, Blytheville Mike McNeill, N Little Rock Paul J.McNultz, Pine Bluff Sammy McTigrit, Dumas Mary Jane McVay, Lepanto Kay Meade, Jacksonville Freshmen Richard Gene Meadows, Leachville Christine Medart, Little Rock Rebecca Anne Mediord, Marvell Billy Wayne Melton, Yellville Vicki Merck, Little Rock John Scott Memtt, Little Rock Van Merritt, Campbell, Mo Susan Metcalf, Jonesboro Jimmy Metheny, Paragould Richard Mitchell, Chesterton, Ind. John M Mick, Bloomfield, Mo Phyllis Lynn Mickey, Paragould R Rene Michael, Blytheville W R Middleton Jr., Oceola John W Miles, Paragould Ronnie Miles, Jonesboro Arthur Miller Jr., Mammoth Spring Benny J Miller, Little Rock Bonnie Miller, Paragould Conway Miller, Melbourne David Allen Miller, Twist James Carroll Miller, Light James David Miller, Wardell, Mo. Marilyn Grace Miller, Helena Rita Jeanne Miller, Forrest City Sandra Miller, Violet Hill Sharon L Miller, Walnut Ridge Larry D Millsap, Stuttgart Betsy Millwee, McCrory Bobby Mitchell, Paragould Joe Stephen Mitchell, Helena Modene Mitchell, Ravenden Springs Randal Holman Mitchell, Paragould Jerry Lee Mitchell Allison Barbara June Mitcherson, Warren Robert Danny Moffitt, Little Rock John Lowell Moncrief, Forrest City Melba Jane Montes, Jonesboro James T Montgomery, Forrest City Janet Montgomery, Swifton Pamela Montgomery, Forrest City Marion A Moody, West Plains, Mo Pamela Moody, Walnut Ridge Freddy Don Moon, Jacksonville Henry A Mooney, Little Rock Carolyn Lee Moore, Stuttgart Carole Jean Moore, Little Rock Jacqueline Moore, Newport James R Moore, Little Rock Leonard Earl Moore, Luxora Merry Anne Moore, Salem Patsy Moore, Jonesboro Sara Kay Moore, Searcy June Moosberg, Marianna Marilyn Sue Morden, Altheimer Andralyn Morgan, Trumann Karen Morgan, Leachville Tommy Ray Morgan, Jonesboro Dale Lynn Morris, West Helena Gary Edward Morris, Carlisle Ronald E. Morris, Jonesboro Eddie Morrison, Bay Jim Moshinskie, Hot Springs Joyce Elaine Moxley, Memphis, Tenn Carolyn Mueller, N. Little Rock Margaret Mueller, Jonesboro Deanna Sue Mullen, Smithville Wyoma Murphy, Cherry Valley Bonnie Sue Myers, Piggott Linda Myers, Dexter, Mo Mary Lea Nail, Lake City Susan Neace, Jonesboro Leonard Wendale Neal, Wynne Adrin Neely, Harrisburg John Wayne Neely, Grubbs Calvin Eugene Nelson, Paragould Dorothy J. Nelson, Little Rock Larry Fair Neubern, Forrest City Thomas W. New, Jacksonville Kenneth Newcom, Jonesboro 318 Most frequented building on campus next to the Reng Center Gary H. Nichols, Jacksonville Harold E. Nichols, Bono Linda Nichols, Marianna Robert Landa Nichols, Jonesboro Terry Eugene Nichols, Blackton Thomas Nichols, Osceola Tommy V. Nichols, Manila Glenn Nicholson, Forrest City Jeffery Nicholson, Swifton Tim M. Nicholson, Brinkley David Joe Niley, Forrest City Gary Ray Nix, Harrisburg Glenn D. Nix, Forrest City Larletha Nixon, West Memphis Les Nixon, Morrilton Cynthia Nordeen, Blytheville Jim Norman, Trumann John Norman, Senath, Mo. Robert A Norman, Brinkley Judith Kay Nunn, Dumas Mary Geraldine Nunn, Lake City Michael W. O ' Banion, Pine Bluff Mary O ' Donnell, Little Rock Jimmy Offutt, Pine Bluff David Oldham, El Dorado Karen Lynn Olson, Jonesboro Kerry Lynn Olson, Mountain Home Robert Gary Olvey, Pocahontas Daniel B. O ' Roark, West Memphis Stephen Orr, Jonesboro Cindy Orsburn, Dardanelle Raymond L. Osborn, Little Rock Patrick F. O ' Toole, Hialeah, Fla. Claude S. Outlaw, Piggott Kenneth Owen, Eddring, Mo. Arlis Owens, North Little Rock David Owens, Holly Grove Janet Kay Owens, Lake City Priscilla Ann Oxner, Marianna Betty Sue Ozbirn, Jonesboro John David Pace, Black Oak Thomas Howard Patterson, Lepanto Richard Painter, Batesville Gayle Palmer, Little Rock Stephen Parish, Little Rock Janet Lea Park, Jonesboro William Dale Parker, Palestine Maurice S. Parks, Jonesboro Kelly Parrish, Jacksonville, Fla. Tommy Patrick, Blytheville Carolyn Patterson, Dermott April Lea Patton, Malvern Marquita Payne, Mount Holly, N.J John Michael Pearce, Newport Robert Paul Peevey, Forrest City Ora Joy Pemberton, Rector 319 Class of 1970 Court Square becomes a beehive of activity on certain Saturday mornings. ■n|H Randall W. Perryman, Henderson Leonard Person, Tuckerman Glen Curtis Pery, Hayti, Mo. Freddy Peters, Neelyville, Mo. Patrick Pettengell, Jonesboro Walter S. Phaup, Osceola Charles J Phelps, Earle Shirley A. Phelps, Hayti, Mo. Carolyn G Phillips, Paragould Donald Phillips, Portageville, Mo Glenda S. Phillips, Harrisburg James R Phillips, Yellville Robert E Phillips, Spnngdale MaryC Pickens, Jonesboro Dannye Pierce, Hornersville, Mo. Ira Pierce, Jonesboro Jqhn T Pierce, Wilson Patsy Sue Pierce, Jonesboro Sharon Kay Pierce, Leachville Jimmie D Pieri, Jonesboro Steve Pieri, Cherry Valley Charles E Pillow, Paragould Jerry Pillow, Lafe Johnny Pillow, Paragould Wayne Pitcock, Batesville Gary Pittman, Mount Pleasant Jimmie R Pitts, Parkin Jackie Plumlee, Salem Charles W. Plunkett, Blytheville Dale E Poag, Manila Dennis Poe, Paragould Cathy Poindexter, Pine Bluff Gwen Poindexter, Pine Bluff Linda Pollard, Little Rock Barbara Pollock, Jonesboro Harley E. Polston, Caraway Sharon Kay Pond, Jonesboro Richard W Pope, Paragould Judy Porter, Blytheville Carol Poyner, Dexter, Mo Michael A Poynter, Brickeys Lester A. Prescott, Jonesboro Ellen K Preslar, Harviell, Mo. Donald W Presley, Trumann Johnny Presley, Trumann Marion D Presley, Marked Tree Jerry Prewitt, Pocahontas Curtis Price, Jonesboro Garry Price, Rector James P Price, Beech Grove Mary Price, Batesville Patsy K Priest, Blytheville Gary D Prince, Paragould Donna J Proctor, Jonesboro James Propes, West Memphis James Provence, Tuckerman 320 Robert Pruett, Rector Tom Pryor, Little Rock Timothy R Puckett, Caraway Sarah S. Pugh, Jonesboro Janis Pulley, Bay Jimmy L. Pulley, McCrory Jimmy Purdom, Mountain View Robert Purdy, Batesville Carolyn V. Purnell, Bone Barbara Roe Purvis, Jonesboro Kathy B Putnam, Little Rock Jimmy Harold Pyland, Monette Jim Quessenberry, Birdeye Joe J. Quillin, West Memphis Pam Radaford, Bald Knob Becky Ragland, Forrest City Mike Rainwater, Walnut Ridge Stanley W Rainwater, Corning Greg Raley, Pine Bluff Peggy Raley, Wynne William E. Ransdell, Hannibal, Mo John M. Ransom, Bradford Tommy J Rasico, West Memphis Danny Ratcliff, Stuttgart Patty Ray, Jonesboro Nancy Redd, Harrisburg Dianne Reddick, Rector Janis Redwine, Paragould Charles R Reece, West Memphis Donna L. Reed, Pocahontas Susan Reed, Blytheville Mary Kay Reeder, Lake Village Garry Joe Reeves, Caraway Karlene Reeves, Mammoth Spring Diane K. Retzloff, Little Rock Flynn Reveley, North Little Rock Ronald A. Reyna, Blytheville Boyce Reynolds, McCrory Boyd Reynolds, Bradford Helen Reynolds, Jacksonville Pat O . Reynolds, Little Rock Phyllis Reynolds, Hot Springs Larry R Rhynes, Corning Bruce W . Rice, Pine Bluff Demarius Ann Rice, Jonesboro Phyllis Rice, Warren Randy Riggs, Jonesboro Danny Robb, Paragould Clay Robbins, Piggott Gloria Jean Robbins, Piggott Oma Jean Robbins, Manila Glenda Robert, Bono Beverly Robertson, Crystal City Gary Robertson, Blytheville Ralph Robertson, Poplar Bluff Sandra Robertson, Portageville, Mo Sandra J. Robertson, Paragould Glenn D Robinson, Paragould Mable L. Robinson, Osceola Mary Sue Robinson, Marvell Nancy Ann Robinson, Piggott Patricia Robinson, Poplar Bluff, Mo. John Alvin Rodgers, Earle Rufus Eugene Rodgers, DeWitt Terry Rodgers, West Memphis Charlotte Rogers, Hoxie Douglas C Rogers, Pine Bluff Gary Rogers, Ash Flat Marc Rogers, Wynne Phil Rogers, Memphis, Tenn. Randy Rogers, Kennett, Mo Ronald Rogers, Leachville Charles Rook, North Little Rock Patricia Ann Rooks, Keiser Mary Jane Rorex, Harrisburg Ronald E Rose, Pocahontas Charlotte Ross, Little Rock Jerry L Ross, Cabot Dennis Rothfus, Cherokee Village Raymond Eugene Rouse, Carlisle Freshmen £ £ ■ 1 . 1 V Mm p 321 ■Hi V! ■ TV % " . Hi Ifll ; ■■mini O Tommy Lee Routon, Paragould loan Rowlett, Swifton Marilyn Royal, Sikeston, Mo Sheila Rozell, Campbell, N. Y. Marzetta Rucker, Newport Gwen Rufi, Success Sandra Runnels, Paragould Charles Rush Jr., Ravenden Springs Carol Rushing, Augusta Claude Russell, Ravenden Springs Dee Dee Russell, Little Rock James R Russell, Black Rock Joe L Russom, Jonesboro Pam Rutherford, Mabelvale Marie Jeanette Ryan, Walnut Ridge Mary Lynnette Ryan, Walnut Ridge Milton Rye, Chesterton, Ind Larry Sago, Pocahontas Mitchell Saliba, Blytheville Merlyn M Salley, N. Little Rock Lanny R Samford, Holland, Mo Linda C Samford, Holland, Mo John A Sammons, Jonesboro Anita Lynn Sampley, Forrest City Lasandra Jo Samuels, Jonesboro Jo Carolyn Sanderson, Jonesboro Gary Wayne Sauheaver, Jonesboro Donna Rae Scarborough, Jonesboro Jo Ann Scarborough, Jonesboro Charles W. Schaaf, Paragould Bonita Schaeffer, N Little Rock Larry D Schafer, Lonoke Freshmen - Werner Schaffhauser, West Helena Kandal D bhales, Hardy Janet Schalk, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Gary Wayne Schilly, Jonesboro Barbara Schlesier, Little Rock Debbye Schroeder, Carlisle Bill Schumann, Marvell Harland M Schwamb, Paragould 4 V til Charles D. Scott, Qulin, Mo. Danny Scott, Sedgwick Gloria Sue Scott, Carlisle Gregory Anton Scott, Lake City Jimmie Don Scott, Harrisburg Steve Scott, Wilson Barbara J Scrape, Blytheville Donnie Seat, Jonesboro J, Am e V- A, fcfc Ik Janna F Seats, Jonesboro Terry Ray Seay, Calico Rock Thomas D Seay III, Forrest City Jessica Marie Segars, Jonesboro Jackie Sellars, Violet Hill Kelly Hooper Sellers, Earle Susan Sellers, Blytheville Mary Sexton, Hoxie ft Glenda Faye Seymour, West Memphis Freda Ann Shanks, Timbo Jack R Sharbutt Jr , Kennett, Mo. Glennis Sharp, Evening Shade Hurley Devon Sharp, Trumann Robert A Shaver, Jonesboro Ruben D Shaw, Jonesboro Kathie Sheeley, Steele, Mo. Hi t wklm i ll Doris Shelton, N . Little Rock James E Shepard, Kennett, Mo Patrick Walter Shepherd, Jonesboro Danny Sheppard, England Bobby Shernll, Belleville, 111. Ron G. Shirley, Hot Springs John Shoffner, Shoffner Randle Shopher, Jonesboro V 1 . Kathryn Jane Shropshire, Newport Stephen Shumaker, Ottumwa, Iowa Darrell E Shuptrine, Little Rock Loretta Adele Simington, Maynard Frances Merle Simpson, Jonesboro Gordon Simpson, Jonesboro Jimmy Garland Simpson, Luxora Jo Ann Simpson, Newport Connie Sue Sims, lonesboro Mary Esther Sims, Cotton Plant Robert T. Singleton, Cherry Valley Sandra Page Sipe, Little Rock David Skaggs, Blytheville lames Skaggs Jr , Cherry Valley Ronnie Skaggs, Paragould Jessica Skinner, Batesville Terry F. Skyrmes, Little Rock Hildreth Ann Smalley, Thayer, Mo Robert Smalling, Paragould Jo Ann Smelser, Marmaduke Alvin B. Smith, Pocahontas Bobby James Smith, Lepanto Bonnie Nadine Smith, Black Rock Carolyn Rae Smith, Corning Carolyn Ruth Smith, Blytheville Dennis L Smith, Mountain View, Mo. Donald Ray Smith, Wynne Doris Wells Smith, Lepanto Edgar Smith, Hoxie Gary F. Smith, Brinkley James E Smith, Jonesboro Lynne Smith, Birmingham, Ala Jim Ray Smith, Jonesboro Joe W. Smith, Gamaliel Joseph Edward Smith, Manila Keith Smith, Corning Phillip Larry Smith, Stuttgart Norman Smith, Jonesboro Pamela Smith, West Plains, Mo. Ricky E. Smith, Strawberry Rickie L. Smith, Dexter, Mo Steve Smith, Hamburg Toni L Smith, Jonesboro Verbs Smith, Augusta Willis Smith, West Plains, Mo Lloyd W Smithson, Joiner Irene Ann Smithwick, Jacksonville Cora Mae Snyder, Paragould John Snyder, Daytona Beach, Fla James D. Sorrell, Crawfordsville Barbara Sue Southard, Melbourne Joyce Southard, Dumas S.C. Southerland, Fort Worth, Tex. Glenda Sue Sowell, Kensett David R Spann, Newport Anna Sparks, Salem Curtis L Speed, Jonesboro Kenneth Spencer, Pocahontas Ricky A Spencer, Corning Joe Michael Spitzer, Hardy Sharon Kay Spurlock, Wilson William T. St John, Marianna Melba Stacy, West Memphis Leslie Stafford, Cotton Plant Hi 4 ' I 323 Class of 1970 ' Anyone else want to make fun of my outfit? ' ' Jr i P £i Jl ft 4 Tommy Lee Stafford, Cherry Valley Rickey Leon Stallcup, Paragould Russell Stallcup, Paragould Barbara Stallings, Osceola Tyler Staman, Harrison, Neb Van H Stanfield, Newport Allen Ray Stanley, Ravenden Mary Anita Stanley, Corning Sharon Stanley, Mammoth Spring Patricia Stanton, Paragould Paul Stapleford, Fayetteville John Starnes, Caraway John L Starns, Peach Orchard Jerry Steele, Monette William Steele, West Memphis Maxie Stem, Jonesboro Lmdell Stevens, Pine Bluff Peggy Stevens, Parkin Terry Stevenson, Jonesboro Larry Joe Stewart, Swifton Thomas Stiffler, N. Little Rock Daniel Stiles, Little Rock Patricia Stillwell, Jonesboro Jerry Stone, Paragould Jantisue Stotts, Bay Paul Henry Stotts, Jonesboro Jack Stradley, Willow Springs, Mo Wendell Stratton, Stuttgart Sharron Strawbridge, Jonesboro William Strickland, Lake City Brenda Stricklin, Jonesboro Buddy Stringer, Jonesboro Michael Stropp, Maiden, Mo Gary Dean Stroud, Batesville Larry Stroud, Melbourne James Stuart, Pine Bluff Nicky Stutts, Manila Nancy Sulcer, Palestine Carolyn Sullivan, Newport Milton L. Sullivan, Jonesboro Bobby Sutherland, Bradford Dennis Sutton, Forrest City Suzi Sutton, Jonesboro Joseph Svoboda, Cornwall, N Y Linda Swan, Forrest City Cheryl Swann, N. Little Rock Glen Swindle, Jonesboro Harold Swindle, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Judy Swindle, Walnut Ridge Becky Taggart, Augusta Lavern Talbert, Holland, Mo. Dennis Tarpley, Oil Trough Everett Tate, Bono Ronnie Tate, Bono Russell Tate, Knobel Wilma Tate, Jonesboro 324 Barbara Kaye Taylor, Wynne Dalton Taylor Jr , Helena Darlene Taylor, Batesville Joyce Taylor, Marvell Mary Taylor, Jonesboro Michael Taylor, West Helena Patsy Taylor, Osceola Janice Teague, Coats, N. C. Steven Teague, Jacksonville Carolyn Tedford, Hot Springs David Tegethoff, Blytheville Mike Temple, North Little Rock Diane Terry, Joiner James Terry, Pine Bluff Beverly Thomas, Lafe Danny Thomas, McCrory Harry Thomas Jr., Paragould John L. Thomas, Stuttgart Marvin Thomas, Brinkley Danny Thomason, Bald Knob Michael Thomason, Marianna Charles Thompson, N Little Rock John Thompson, Caruthersville, Mo Micheal Thompson, N Little Rock Ray N Thompson, Pocahontas Sherry Thompson, Bay Sylvester Thompson, Osceola Thomas Thompson, Doniphan, Mo Nancy Thorne, West Memphis Debbie Threet, Steele, Mo. Cecille Tibbett, N. Little Rock Jack Tidball, Ward Scott Till, Hughes Lee Tilley Jr , Jonesboro Charles Tillman, Hayti, Mo Julia Tinnin, Hollywood, Mo Milly Tinnin, Kennett, Mo. Jewel Tirey, Tuckerman Janna Todd, Blytheville Jo Ella Todd, Dell David Tomlmson, Paragould Phillip Toombs, Pollard Crandall Tosh, Jonesboro Bob Gene Travis, Bay Don Treadway, Little Rock Pamela Treadway, Jonesboro Dan Trevathan, Jonesboro Randy Trim, Florissant, Mo Tommy Trim, Forrest City Jean Trisler, Mobile, Ala. Raymond Trombley, Kirkwood, Mo. Paul Trout, Bourbonnais, 111. Richard Truax, Gillett Zelda Truxler, Sedgwick Raymond Tucker, Gatewood, Mo Leslie Turner, Lexa Michael Turner, Elaine Tina Lynne Turner, Jonesboro Barbara Turpm, Moro Doyle Tyer, McCrory Henry Virgil Tyner, Jonesboro Randal Ulmer, Jonesboro Benny Van Cleve, Jonesboro Pam Van Vranken, Forrest City Tommy Vandivor, Manila Pamela Vanpelt, Jonesboro Douglas Varner, Forrest City James Vaughan, West Memphis Linda Vaughan, Jonesboro Joyce Vaughn, Salem Glenford Veteto, Jonesboro Jackie Veteto, Jonesboro Roland Vendram, Elaine Robert Vunk, Memphis, Tenn. Linda Waddell, Gilmore Robert Waddill, Newport Donald Wade, Forrest City Robbie Wade, Blytheville Jimmy Wagner, Manila Jack Wagnon, Blytheville FAT Ronnie Wain, Jonesboro Carolyn Walker, Forrest City Nina Walker, Wynne Ralph Kelly Walker, Gideon, Mo. David Ray Wallace, Leachville Trula June Wallace, Batesville Gordon Waller, Maiden, Mo. Jerry Wallin, Marked Tree Robert Lee Walters, Manila Sherry D. Walters, Blytheville Phillip Eldon Wamock, Jonesboro Patricia Karon Ward, Success Miller David Worham, Jonesboro Kaye Warner, West Memphis John Robert Warren, Blytheville Linda Warren, Jonesboro Cleve Warrick, Little Rock Pat Watson, Forrest City Robbie M. Watson, Bay Tommy Watkins, Marvell Wayne Watkins, Jonesboro David Weaver, Paragould Dennis Richard Weaver, Paragould Jimmy Roland Weaver, Jonesboro Wilton Weaver Jr ., Blytheville Tonya Webb, North Li ttle Rock Morris Wayne Webster, Jonesboro Carolyn Sue Weitkamp, Pocahontas Ann Carolyn Wells, Cave City David Mark Wells, Blytheville James D West, Earle Bobbie Weston, Jonesboro Franklin Stephen Weston, Corning Alan Brock Whisenhunt, Blytheville Perry David Whitaker, Marmaduke Frank White Jr., Poplar Bluff, Mo. Margaret Ann White, Manila Melvin Douglas White, Jonesboro Nancy White, Jonesboro Peggy Lynn White, Jacksonville Wayne White, Jonesboro Charles E Whited, Crawfordsville Victoria Anne Whiteside, Wilson Charles Whitfield, Mountain View Glen Allen Whitley, West Memphis Barbara C Whitlock, Kennett, Mo. Claud Michael Wilcox, Bradford Judy Wilf, West Memphis Elizabeth Ann Wilford, Black Rock David Wilkerson, Bragg City, Mo. Sue Wilderson, Jonesboro Van Paula Wilkie, Forrest City Ronnie Wilkins, Forrest City June Ann Willcockson, Paragould Robert C. Willett, Jonesboro Wayne Willey, Jonesboro Carolyn Joan Williams, Warren Charles Williams, Doniphan, Mo. Gerald Wesley Williams, Caraway Harry D Williams, Pocahontas Janine Williams, Paragould Johnny Richard Williams, Joiner Jane Williams, Bald Knob Ronnie Lee Williams, Marmaduke Tommy Lindey Williams, McCrory Robert Williams, North Little Rock Franklin Williamson, Forrest City Barry Williamson, West Memphis Don M. Williamson, Essex, Mo. Harold Williamson, Jonesboro Deanna Willis, Bar Harbor, Me Madison Earl Willis, Marked Tree Allen S. Wilson, Holland, Mo. Darrell Wayne Wilson, Weiner Jerry Michael Wilson, Kennett, Mo. Nolen E Wilson, Dexter, Mo. Ronnie Dewayne Wilson, Lake City Sharon Ann Wilson, Hot Springs Joe Wimberley, Caruthersville, Mo. James H. Wimpy, Paragould Class of 1970 ' ' Hook ' ' leads Marching Indians in one of his final (?) appearances as drum major Donald E. Winchester, Rector Julia Wingo, Jonesboro Leroy Winkle, Jonesboro Jimmy Winningham, Harrisburg Herman Larry Winters, Harrisburg Carl Lacey Wise, Jonesboro Harriette Wise, Hughes Edward Wiseman, Osceola Sandra Kaye Wixson, Fisher Lois Faye Wood, Jonesboro Patricia Ann Wood, Stuttgart Tommy Dale Wood, Parkin Marilyn Woods, Des Arc Bobby Dale Woody, Walnut Ridge Lonnie M. Woodruff, Grubbs Marilyn Woodruff, Lepanto Larry Woolman, Batesville Larry G Wray, Salem Carol Wright, Harrisburg Carolyn Wright, Harrison Larry Wright, Holcomb, Mo Nancy Wright, Paragould Phillip Wright, Osceola Suzanne Wright, Pine Bluff Ronald Wurtz, Pocahontas Dan Wy Jr , Blytheville Charlotte June Yancey, Salem Charles R Yarbro II, Blytheville Joe Yarbro, Harrisburg John H Yarbro, Harrisburg William G. Yarbrough, Jonesboro Bruce Yeager, Stuttgart Dennis L York, Poplar Bluff, Mo Jo Anne Young, North Little Rock Judy Marion Young, Harrisburg Linda Ann Young, Stuttgart Teri Young, Trumann William Wayne Young Osceola Terry Dwight Zimmerman, Maiden, Mo. George Zomant, Bald Knob James Gary Zuber, Tuckerman L ' -X 4yi An T " ■ if At Jin 1 1 1 ?f% ■ 327 II I ' " Romeo, Romeo, where art thou? ' Second Semester Student Rodney Owen Baber, Tokyo, Japan James Michael Baldwin, Paragould David Glenn Beasley, West Memphis Kenneth Bennett, Memphis, Tenn. Martha Bennett, Jonesboro Carl Anthony Biggs, Steele, Mo. Thomas Bruch, Chicago, 111. Tommy Bryant, Wynne George Daniel Burlison, Hornersville, Mo. John T Cahill, St. Louis, Mo. Dorma Caldwell, Wynne Tony Cariaco, Rector Carolyn Clark, Walnut Ridge Veva Collier, Marked Tree James M. Cook, Pine Bluff Billy Dean, Obion, Tenn. Caroline Douthet, Crawfordsville Everett Elledge, Blytheville Ron Ellis, Blytheville Nelson Files, Arlington, Tex. Joyce Fitzhugh, DeWitt Janelle Floyd, Wilson Larry Gilbert, Piggott Fred W. Grayson, Corning Paul Hall, Biscoe Harla Jeane Hamilton, Manila David A Hampton, Webster Groves Edwin Hancock, Fair Oaks Mary Murphy Hankins, Pine Bluff Ginger Hart, McCrory Dona Hedger, Jonesboro Margaret Keller, Paragould Lynn Roe King, Judsonia Margaret Lee, Cherokee Village Larry Lincoln, Arbyrd Robert M. McCera, McCrory Ronald W. McManus, Blytheville Sharon McMasters, Bay Lee Mitchell, Forrest City Barbara S. Moore, Salem Billy Wayne Morris, Luxora Norris Norman, Paragould Peggy Owens, North Little Rock Gloria Ozbirn, Jonesboro ' Hannah Plochberger, Thayer, Mo. Philip Ponder, Charleston, Mo. Loretta June Reagan, Senath, Mo. Brenda Roberts, Fisk, Mo. Ann B. Sciba, Victoria, Texas Nancy Susan Shaver, Tuckerman Dennis Spurlock, Belleville, Mich. Onis Lee Summer, Paragould Karen Toombs, Paragould Susan Walley, Jonesboro Lavon Ward, Bald Knob Edward Williams, Morrilton William Wilson, Weiner Kathryn Wright, Deering Mo. 328 University Climbs Skyward University status only means increased efforts in con- struction to meet increased enrollment. Arkansas State ' s building plans have been well laid in that direction. Yearbook Staff Completes Job Each year the Indian staff starts off with a bigger number, and just as often the editor finds himself wondering what happened to the other 65 members of the staff. Few people realize how much work goes into a book of this size until they join the staff. Then suddenly they start looking for other ways to get their picture in the annual. Room 209 is no place for loafers. Editor Roy Ockert and Adviser Tom Manning cut up before the meeting. Meeting starts; editor gets serious, 67 staff members watch attentively; they ' re in the wrong room. For those who stick around and work, there are a few rewards, small but memorable. Layout editor was a legacy, Lynn Val- enteen, sister of former layout editor. Fun and games before meeting starts. Editor said only 20 would do any work. Later he wished that many had worked. ttfeu. -. axSZ Long line of A-State students await patiently to get inside the Tepee and pick up their copy of the yearbook. Cover and artwork on the division pages were completed by art editors Brenda Merrick and Ronnie Lace. Copy staff members included Victor Dickson and Vic Hosman (standing), Silvey Jones, Marilyn Royal and Beth Dan- iels (seated) . Boxes start to fill up as pages are completed. Much of the work on the class section was done by Jill Parsons, Carolyn Southard, Harriette Harris (seated), Jennifer Hil- dreth, Renie Mallory and Roberta Ray (standing) . When the pressure mounted, there was always a calm hand on my shoulder. Entertainment for happy editor was provided by several staff members, who built a 1 ' throne " and added princesses. Yours Truly. . . The Editor It ' s been a long year, and this is one editor who is really ready to sign his initials to the last page. There have been times when I never thought we ' d get this far, but we ' ve almost made it now. The preceding 335 pages have been the result of an or- ganized student effort, and happily not the product of two or three people ' s work. Unfortunately, it is not the result of as many people ' s work as I had hoped. During the year we seemed to have lost about 45 members of our staff, and often the burden was dumped on the shoulders of the editors, who were supposed to be organizing. That ' s only human nature, though, and one way to lose faith in your fellow man is to become a yearbook editor. We were plagued by a number of other problems, too, in- cluding senioritis, spring fever in the midst of win- ter, lack of cooperation, etc., but that was the main thing. If the 1967 Indian were a product of more students, it might be better. As it is, though,, we ' re proud of it and proud that it can now be placed on the shelves. As for the individuals, my basis for evaluating their efforts is consistency. We had plenty of talent, but some of it was not directed toward our goal as often as it should have been. Neverthe- less, we made it — with some strong moral and phy- sical support from our adviser, Tom Manning. My associate editor was Dan Stracner, who will be- come editor next year (poor guy). He was in charge of sports and did a creditable job with a big boost from Harry Moore. Dianne Gage did a tremendous job as assistant editor, especially with her humor, which kept me in an unusually good mood most of the year. Lynn Valenteen did a remarkable job as layout editor consid- ering that her staff quit on her. Although I will certainly be accused of prejudice, I think the most consistent worker was Pat, my copy ed- itor, a source of both inspiration and distrac- tion for yours truly. The photographers were the best group we ' ve had since I ' ve been here although sometimes they forgot that they were supposed to print pic- tures, too. There were others too numerous to mention in this space. I hope thay don ' t mind be- ing overlooked by a tired double editor, who is ready for a new life. Ulhoqiaphad Bound by WALS WORTH Moicvlin . Mo. U S. A

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