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J-, x Y 1 1. '04 J-, x Y 1 1. '04 Arkansas Stare College Jonesboro, Arkansas Bob Harrelson Editor-in'Chief Bill Thornton Advisor Charles Crow Plzotograplzer Fall, 1961 . . . the first fabulous moments of a new college year. For some it is a time of young adventure, of apprehension, anticipation and mixed feelings of doubt and high spirits. For others, it's a rekindled desire of going back to books, to friends, to time-worn ways. For all, however, it's a time for nostalgic recollection of some of the happiest hours in life. Remember when minds were mellowed by the realization that, with the coming of this new year, another milestone had been reached in the running of life's race. There was the feel of football in the air with all the excitement and splendor therein the torrential flood of students from class at the stroke of the hour .... Xlma Mater raising a lump in your throat . . .'re- leased mental whirlpools in the serenity of a church pew Sunday morning . . . busy, unread weekends filled with dances. parties, picnics and games . . , getting together in the dorms for an all-night bull session, trips to Memphis, dating, and letters home when the money ran out. XVith these thoughts, and others, in mind, we have tried in the following pages to recapture, and preserve for your memories many of these happy moments, This as seen by our staff, is the year as you lived it. an 4' ,f 1' If M 'B 0' The large, new gymnasium, a by-product of last year's storm damage, was finished just in time for the start of the basketball season. The new dorm for women, under construction all year, gave promise of increased housing space for the future, Physical Education facilities took on a new look as the result of an almost complete remodeling program. -1' 1 fi i ff HIS was a year of definite growth to our school as is evidenced by the immense building program launched and continued throughout the year. This pro- gram was highlighted by the construction of a spacious, new gymnasium, affording a much needed increase in seating capacity and a vast improvement in facilities for players and team officials. The long hoped for Post Office finally became a reality and hastened to put an end to the r edless delay of the long mail lines. The added b-Lx space and the stream-lined facilities proved a definite boost to mail-handling techniques and thus provided vastly improved postal service. Added dorm space was provided for the women with the completion of the mammoth new dorm. and work on a new men's dormitory, a twin to the new dorm for women, was begun with strong hopes for its conclusion prior to the start of the coming school year. Final new looks were added by the almost total revamping of the Physical Education building, and the construction of a larger, more functional press box . . . far reach- ing testimonials of our vear's growth toward eventual University status. A-State mail service was given a definite boost with the tompletion of the modernistic PUSI office building, fl . ':'1:,:...-1.24. 441. ft ,tacos--r t - -ew ug-. . , ..,,. -,.,-. h..- ,gag-.1-.,--tr, y ENIEMISER, if you will, the chilling spectacle of the pep rally with flushed faces and cracked voices while November winds whipped the Greek lettered flag under which you stood . . . trips to the library when threatening tests loomed ahead or burdensome studies required a special boost . . . fun and laughter of coke parties when minds were mel- low in the deafening din of chatter and the heavy haze of cigarette smoke . . . the soft enchanting sounds of a campus combo, pealing forth its music as the carefree couples glided smoothly across the dance floor '... the blare of the band as the long red and black columns went stepping smartly down the lit-ld . . . basketball games, with spirited fans and mounting suspense . . . hasty moments spent with friends in the frenzied atmosphere of the XVigwam . . . above all, the deep, warm feeling of belonging, belonging not just to an institution, but to a definite way of life-the sometimes trying, but always rewarding lile of a college undergraduate. Enthusiastic pep rallies raised the pitch of campus spirits and encouraged an all-out effort by the team. nf The Four Clubs. popular campus singing group, 'provided ex- cellent entertainment for various campus events. Various social events highlighted the year, adding a touch of mirth to the many sided life of each student. V mm- Prcsmng studxes and long hours Qpem ln the hbmry helped to mike up the busmess' side of mollege lnenchng hustle and 1 llLNElG.1ydlC Splfll rudcd 'nlhleuc proucis m pwduc mg lop notch spuxls Lnlcllunnmcnt tx CQNTENT Activities Personalities Entertainment 32,0 0 Homecoming 'r T' ,-que-i L" h Q tl. ig wi' J wg W, ' aww'-1.'N'f ' if ifmnfw.. ,, , ,,,W.N,, awk 4 --hw, College Royalty Board of Trustees Administration Departments Classes Organizations Athletic Honorary Departmental Greeks Religious Football Basketball Baseball Track Intramurals ACTIVITIES Undergraduate activities made up a large part of the college year for each student. There was the frenzied fervor of Homecoming with outdoor decorations, re- turning alumni, and all night work sessions . . . the intermingling of high and low pitched voices outside the Ylfigwam where the stag males collect and look for someone they know or would like to know . . . munch- ing popcorn at the movies on a Sunday night with that "really special someone" . . . the thrill of campus dance with a colorful canopy leading you to an enchanted land of make-believe, and the fragrant aroma of a gar- denia pinned to the strap of an evening gown . . . the cold, harsh floor beneath barefeet in the grey, drowsy dawn . . . the perpetual race for the showers on date night and time fretted away in a dormitory lounge on a rainy afternoon when it could have been spent more profitably elsewhere. There was the more formal ap- proach of concerts, theatrical productions, choral presen- tations and student recitals . . . and the rollicking in- formality of the S.G.A. sponsored Fats Domino show. f... . f vu 5, 1-5' ,ij iiM...,:, WW, ,w-m-,w ! 9 - . 1' mm-f . lf' -4 .mp- B' ' ww - wx , M f fffly ,maid v W ,, wi W . 0-Q, N WI 4 ve, A X A f w W4 . X1-37, ii? X 'WM Pa lx 1 . 1 , .4 'T I ,alla Y Y' A . ' '- - IJ ' - If A f ff , ' X' WWI Q 1, . Q, 5 I L 1 Q - .' " A 4- ffA ,, N "r 1 i ' 'f , I I, , f """"" JXX R4 . ,, . 9 x f 'lx ' :W X 3 ig 33 'I 75 Q 5 .x 'R 1 President Receives Freshmen and Seniors SlllliClll CQUXCHIIIICHI IIICIIIIPEIN assisted the coming SllltiCI1I xisimrs. -e f .3 , ll f , 'T k if .. 'V P ar fl Wi .kYb'f'-7hl.'!hYxK1- ,lik . A k C vb Election Fever Hl'rs Campus e Fiat 0? - :dl Campaigning started off on xi mild scale with "friendlv persuasion" plas- ing a major part in the stratcgv of both factions. P' There was the thrill of campus elections in the carnival atmosphere of blaring loudspeakers, dixie-land music, campaign posters and cards, seemingly unending stream of victory-minded campaigners through the dorms. Enthusiastic political rallies carried on the spirit of the election, and stirring campaign speeches reveal- ed the platforms upon which the candidates based their hopes for success. Rock and roll combos and free cold drinks played the equally important roles of influencing the minds of the undecided voters and coaxing their votes toward particular aspirants. XVhen it was all over and the smoke had cleared, jimmy McNIurray emerg- ed. the victor, just edging Olll his opponent, Alerrv I.ut1 to take the top office of Student Government President. Rounding out the "Big Tlirt-e" in school political realms was the elec- tion of Levy Brickell as first vice president and Charlotte Gamble to the second vice president position. These leaders, and their elected count- er-parts, set their sights toward attempting to make this school vear an outstanding chapter in the annals of .Xrkansas State College history. PRUT -gi, rea?-stiisei 1 3 , , fi .se-is X 'Ria Indicative of the red-hot spirit toward the end of the campaign, was this staged "brawl" between rival party members. Competition was keen but spirit friend- ly as jim McMurray and jerry Lutz launched their rival campaigns with a hearty handshake. .. M time for the xotlng drew neiicr flee cold drmke Qerved to in m'?g2I Aw V . , 5 1 1 r X Q X N V H .X Q i X E 182 is 1 . W N .- ' , - 7. 'f Q'-1 nr N I A s . x Si X H L' ' . ,ag ," ., r""' J W ? X. N -n ' I 1 s: sv E?S.i-:T Q if if A" ' -. f-"Laf:-:"-'- : N ' ' - ' is - .- fi'w:.'u-1 ' ' M. ' . tm., , X. 4' 'X I '-Q Q? i uv- flucncc- undecided waters in the choosing of their candidate. NVhen :ill had been said and done, it was Icft to the discretion of the vol- ers to decide the outcome. I? I Q4 1 A-1 'u I' 'Y' .' FW -pf '1 l U0 Cf, , b "4 ,...'1' 1 5"'2,f,f'if5' 5. i,j,.."5'1' xy ' 1 4. . IIII is : .WE W V s M ' V X 5y1:'5E ,ai V' :b"' f xg 9 ' i Q . F ' V: fi ,uh A' . , dx ,I - ' Y ' 5 1 1 5 K The Realization of a Goal--Gracluarion At long last came the time of unspoken, joyful thanks when the end of the year was just a step away and books were to be closed lor the sununer. or lor good. To the seniors it was the realization of a definite goal in life . . . a long awaited milestone of achievement and a propelling lorce to go ever onward to a richer, ftiller tomorrow a time ol transition from the everyday ritual of undergraduate activity into the busy hustle and bustle ol a world in which one must make his own way hy pressing into action the knowledge :incl skills he has acquired. To the underclassman, grailua- tion represented a bright ray ol' hope and anticipation ol times to come. a stabilizer, testifying to the worth of long, hours of toil spent in search lor ediuation's "gains", and an acknowledgment ol' a deep twinge of sadness lor departing friends as they hade larewell to lztiniliar laces and the pulsating tempo ol college lile. 1, lt was the wonder ol knowing that in due time it would fall their lot. too. to take such a tollossal step into the pages ol' the future. seeking- to meet lifek challenge, with only their fertile memories and stztrched diplomas. The long' hlack line rnoved onward then, carrving with it the memories of yesterday and the destinv of tomorrow. Having already attained their college degree, other students were grees, still another step forward in the realm of edutatio recognized and honored through the presentation of graduate de- achievement. MNIQP s-af rife . X ,xrqsv - sv W Y K is 'Q " . ZJQQNQQK X-rl' - L-Ni?-'r-S'tXXs xx , W X w 5 ?'g"::'-3-arf -XNTFIQ3 5 xx I 7 il' rf ii N 4. K ce ,. X .g Leaders Convene For Third Annual Relreal ln the midst ol the datzling, almost poetic sunsets of the spring, when the campus and the town were streak- ed with alternate patches of sunlight and shadow, lead- ers of the various campus organizations and activities lay school and studies aside and journeyed to lvalcott for the third annual leadership retreat. .Ks is the custom, the retreat served to assemble these leaders of assorted backgrounds and give each a chance to voice questions, suggestions, and criticisms which were vital to their particular realm of endeavor. It was hoped that through the facts that were brought to light in the courses of the discussions that old problems might be reviewed and corrected and new crises might be "nipped in the bud," before they had a chance to reach full maturity. The faculty joined in wholeheartedly and in an open- ininded manner in seeking to give due consideration to the students viewpoints in their various proposals and criticisms. The students, too, made ample use of the panel discussions, which featured school administra- tive and departmental heads as members of the panel. Faculty and students alike joined in the informal recre- ation periods where goo-d times and light hearts were the by-words, with better student-teacher relations being the goal. Amid such an atmosphere it was eminent that these hours spent in earnest preparation for coming days were not to be counted a loss. The retreat was closed through group participation in the Sunday morning de- votional - a fitting close to a profitable weekend. f-. 1 i ,..,.-J' Studcnta entered into the spirit of the occasion and readilv wired thvir opinions on questions at hand. Heading the agenda of well planned programs for the re- treat was a panel discuseion featuring various department heads and Qchool adminietra- tors. Q43 315254 Q Q st? . 7 li ' if' , ., Q. f , E , .. Q 1.,,3t 3 efbig-3 ' .-ra t N 'z fr ' ' N a V - T we - .1 W M K t . x l t 5 p. 'X t W - ' Ni 5' - 5 ' 5. .. ' . , V E .1 ,t X gt.. E V V Y 552 M, Q f g P in ' if ., Q. ' - X sn Q , l, """'Hb5m ,Sz-mv t e' 9, Q K If A fl ,, 1 rl 3, u J we-il ,W r ra E In between training sessions, students took time out for periods of relaxation. discussion, or other forms of recreation. The retreat was closed on n high plant' as etudents partici' patcd in the Sunday morning devotional, dropping the curtain on a profitable weekend, 19 V 5-.M f ,J I ,nf .-- A df 5' . U . A ,f S . if r . - 93-Ifafl, I J, M. -na...,,, ,. 3 " -- ,Y . Q X 20 ,.,- 7, M.2yH N., , i ,J ' f N f i r I 1 , ..-xg ,,,, .1. if QWQWK .ii fu .1-l.,,.,,v, X ,vt ,xr . X ---'1,,.'.. U, .'.'. I. - - ., 'gffffjg . 'ui 3 , , , ,.:. V K.-,.,,.', . . . ' , , ,,,. M .".,m4--.4 . - 4u ' o ,.A - ,. .',,,..:j.,.. , .1 ,'.'i-'l in ,Q My , ' I, p'u'u"l,' - 1 I . -. M- , U, 4, '1- ,' . ,"a. , v ' ' ." X X' ': 1: 4 " . . 1 .. .A I L... Pnjamas were the style as the freshmen display- ed Il good natured spirit and participated whole- heartedly in the pep rally. L., , 1 1 ,N Beanie sales boomed as freshmen were fitted in the traditional symbols of freshmanhood. Crienfafion Week Indoc'rrma'res Freshmen Bill Anthony and Tina Santa directed acttvlttes it the mnual Chwmher of Commerce Freshman Qtrect dance X1 nr I Showers Slow Pushcari Derby' Rodeo . r P. if' L V ' 1 'stzsw ..o,,, -- ":g,w 1 I , wWJ,,,.e in rv' Q - -,v C E , Wi, eig' . .y-iff ,.' bd I ,fQ' . in-.ij ,M , f. 1- 4 , ' .W 3 ,nf-,qxfh . -f ' ' 1 ' ' ' - ,- rx .- .B A 4 I .. 1, ., , Q Y ad I A fy, ,M L .4 1 .- ' I . xo", . aa 22 Torrents of rain slowed the track but failed to dampen the spirits of the "A"'State Greeks as they proceeded in fine style with the running of the annual Lambda Chi Alpha "Little 500" pushcart derby. Hundreds of well-wishing onlookers flocked to the scene of the color' ful event to shout words of encouragment and approval to cart-pushing friends and to urge their particular favorites on to victory. As the waving of the checkered flag announced the end of the gala spectacle, the on- lookers shifted their attention to another exciting event sharing the spotlight for the day. The Agri Day Rodeo, held in conjunction with the derby, gave the Agri boys a chance to show off their skill and daring - as bulls, broncos, flying mud, and bruised, but happy boys be- came the order of the day. The exciting and unique en- tertainment provided by the different events, kept the audience in a tight grip of interested suspense and produced thrills and chills throughout the course of the afternoon. Wlith the conclusion of the rodeo, the curtain was dropped upon a day of enthusiastic par- ticipation for all concerned. at-N ft F t as 'L T, P - 'tue 'W' FH.. .K SM.: v. N:,ifi .A-L 3 4 -W, J.,.i.',! A, t . x 9' , Stubborn bulls added to the problems of these wranglers but finally were roralled as the rodeo proceeded. Sigma Phi Epsilorfs pushcart entry streaks down the wet track toward the finish line. , sassy-1 w ,As Sl'm,ssfU, .. N. 1 .Mg .'-in "W 9.-fm , , hub' Action was fast and furious in the woman's division where the race was close and the competition was suong, .t-'L,51-ls,,3,. s.. 9 w.4ax1a,.n4..t..: - '..t.- :, , . l v s n wr' , ,af i if 'ft-fs, '., us , ,sn , A 9.1 -.- .ffrfl , , mt-4.5. - 4 V . ,wr , " ,-M43-ri X J' 'K - at A '- s Q' sk ' . Q. -.,..gjgi- was v- 'X . .,, , '. . ' J, ' A NP -nh' 4 'gf' .., .re iq ,tis-Q 5-'V I ,.-A,, L- -fate.. 5 - -iq .V ' 11' t"5i1...-,,2"""' Af- Q was " Tlgfw ' :mi ,, xr- V ' fs .6 -'is-P-.Jz 4. M c, 5.511 , . - Y 1 .' 'b-.-- . "Su 'I he wild cow milking contest sent milkers hurrying to their task, I . 1- s 5 rs' S -ff. .yi 'g,,,IL.' . 'K , - ci ' Q 4 as - .,t X ,. i X K t sa' .s ,M -st Q Dm.: K tx N. ,S- W- . ayplvm. a3"ii ..,., ,M .fm sl .- -- NA, egg-F it SI Q, X. ...s Q ,N 42, Nm Mud made riding unusually tricky, but A-State cowboys proved their skill by performing well despite adverse con- ditinns. 3. l "' TLA " we v f-"Q . X V., 5 in . - "Sam Aaehqicaw N Work Goes ln'ro Ho Homecoming weekend finally arrived on the campus of .Xrkansas State, bringing with it a whole host of festivities and events, People traveled from far and near to tome to the campus and take part in the gala celea bration of the animal event. Highlights and featured attractions of the week included the hard-fought cam- paigns for positions among the homecoming royalty, donning of old clothes for a late night work session, rt-turning alumni and the fun of renewing old acquaint- ances, colorful displays with clever theme presentations through surprisingly adept mechanization, and the tlrundcrous roar of thousands of football fans as the mighty Indians took to the lootball field. Further fattors, contributing to the over-all success of the week. were provided through other media . . . mecoming Prelim the fervor and zest of the homecoming pep rally, where excited voices blended together with one accord - a tremendous appeal for a homecoming victory . . . the warmth and friendliness displayed at each open house with hearty handshakes, and vocal recollections of stra- tegic plays in the afternoon ballgarne . . . the personal pride and satisfaction you felt as you guided the visiting friend around the campus . . . and the knowledge that you were a part of all of these transpiring events - events that not only helped to make up and portray the spirit of Arkansas State College, but also had a strong hand in the laying of the building stones upon which you would base your future hopes and aspira- tions. Hfith these thoughts we pay tribute to Home- coming l96l. I l 9 i-""' .1 1 , if ifsggq l'-S .,..,. .Pc--., fr yi N351 x if F: I 5 . -' ... .'Ff!'1S4f' . --1-6331 v, txfxi wx x 1.5. ix li i Q ti NN, R sp" -N, ! s ' 1- Coopcmtinn is the kcv tu n stircvssftil display, :incl ttitipcitttion it is fm' thr- memhms gtntl fricntls of l'i Kgtppzt .Xlphzt Frzttcrnitx. Hartl wutk w.1s gin itnprii'I.tnt fcntmt- tlimttglitmttt tht- wcuk :is is L-iitlunrrtl hx thc mir fcntrzttctl efforts of t li C .-XOl'i's its thcv zittctnpt to finish their tlisplnv. ' t l l-'innl touthes are put on their tlisplrty hv rcprcscntalivus of the Clicrnltt-C Nlcns Cuttncil, t-icnttml winners tif the stntiunnry with lights tlivision The penetrating winmth tif at scrap wood tire prmcd to hc essential as rt incains of cmnlmting chilling Octoher wcxtther while putting in lxitc working hours. Homecoming--Queen Carolyn aj JW 4.5 i i ll- ! - ' sm - .N w A .Ks always, Chief Rig Track was on hand to lend a watthful eve to all pro- ceedings. l x r me Ii' v- - J, The homecoming spotlight focused its beam upon coronation of Miss Carolyn Cheek as she ascended to her role of homecoming queen. Flanking her and sharing the pomp and honor of being among the royal set, were: Miss Emma Lee Reed, of Campbell, Missouri, Miss Luann Dishinger, ol Paragould, Miss Jeanie Bailey, of Leachville, and Miss Mary Mahfouz, of Stutt- gart. Levy Brickell, Vice President of the Stu- dent Government Association and general chair- man of all homecoming activities was in charge of the coronation and received the honor of crowning the queen. The Alumni luncheon pro vided a ready-made place of reunion for old schoolmates and gave them an opportunity to catch up on State progress since their .undergraduate days. The coach and members of the 1936 Indian football team were special guests at the luncheon. As is his cusom, Chief Big Track, Qalias Joe Brewerj was in full Indian regalia, and helped to carry on the gay mood of the occasion with his dashing rides and his colorful appearance. ,j',.b'-Av' 'r-. H - 4 v rafsweiwfmg 'iw NIJ! . f 5 . gsm .2 -X Q stile' vm l E K' A as . ' T f i . r'-f'i I f r . 'll .. ef In 'qs l .1 ' " -mai' X, S xx E3 il .Q ' v Sag, .Q :Kipp sq V' xr' l:'F'f"i"fl'- ' .X-3-'L' "N P" . a. 5 we ,fvvwwxq WJ, The alumni banquet reas sembled old friends and pro- vided news of recent hap penings in A-State circles. 'C ' ff ee l, . - , '- -P fi .4 -. w"' -1.-1-v . - of w's:ff? v . -.Q-'N fr. t . , . .. v s - .. Lf ii' fl. . U 5 . v ,m,,..", qgbgw 1... --Y-Kauai., V .ti K 5 ,gf V :avi 1, W.-au 5 v 3: h . ,, fr' j., 4 ' ' 5'-Q' ,I ,i'.-,Q-.rv - N. if wr- A-I df--po, 1 , - ' . a-".-'. -9-1 'l"'7"'- f Q- ' 1-Q "iw " -' --".f3'.r"..:5' V-wif' "' . . Miss Luann Dishm er waves her usual 3 Y -'i I mg, --1 Q.: v " Vai ,, E 4, . pl. va-. . A ,""rcfy-"1 . . . N- it "M"-N " -694154 ,L '-Al?f?"h5z IEE-es S riding mate onward as he rides the V ,. ... C y .- . . r- , ...,. -M. f -5 I . .X 1. . . .. 1 rfnvxg . b' 1- gig!! 'L -n, . ' -5-sw' ,,,. wr .J 9. . f,gaQf-,ii-LQ track to a Homecoming victory. -- - A - 'A . ' .. . - ..'..-f.:..LQt . 'L . 'Q , ...1 N41 w., + 3- N - ' + A ' Mt:' "X: ' 'Y 3 " 't 'r' f ,dp-Q ',x'4f A1 3' ' . Q. 5 bt., I ,i - ,,x-J. 3, ,nk QT: ,. .. ' 1 ' Q, , .:. " -.1 1+ 'j-sf? 1 :iw 32' ig w ,M Q ,. rw-'5 f"' . ,pl Va 3 The recognition of 2.-H , . . .5116-' j-"S .s-' f '35-,,. ,k 1 -i. . ' . iv, , ,w ff 1 .5 K 1 M . . 4 V K ,.,.' It ' 1' gt. 2"- +A -22:-x - " ' 'vwtx . vt 'V LR N . ,Q R . V q,,. , V2 tt -xr , Y. ' . ,, V - N . lllififrgfl W ' Q '2-,fi om., Queen Carolyn Cheek and I -.. WW. , + 'a'wr4- M 4.w3 .. , N, af t ht N J'-R1 N.. L -7 5 .M-N , '- Qin. 9 , wg. wma.. - . 'yn ,all .- ,. IM., .ti- V-e YN , it .h m x 'AI -x 25, -. H-'ff -x .ze ,ytws A - .rf -.. ' "St A rv -KES-..'I N. W Q. x RWQB' ' V Jr . " Q -si 'f ' '-- UV. . .241-'g1,,. 9 ' N 1. 2- :tif .1 2 --L X ' i X' - "2 LQ' " x A., Q J si 7 1 ,:,b,'tmlf.' , X X ,. .ik hwfji, E M 0 ' xg t, ,,, ,Wg xx ffgw: . . , - X . - 4 ' ' ' a. - . x 4. X, t A X i mu - if fx in A her royal court highlighted pre-gzimc activities. g1-"- l --- +A, NI it i tl Jeanie Bailey ' J wmce to friends :is she -I tm 1 '- is Qscorted to the field L tt . t V or ic corona ion ro- l J K f tl t ' 'lf ,-. I 1 '- 'et-ilings. ,Y divx- ,Q -5 .pw 7' FF G x tm- wuxl iff' . kt- 1 rs, .74 XXIX L. es ggi., x , Q WTR THERE SHE 28 "Put the stopper on the Thoroughbredsn - Using this theme, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha pooled ideas and labor and constructed the winning display in the mech- anical division. r" F Tkrx Y Btwn Spooking the Thoroughbreds, as pictured by Alpha Omi cron Pi. added a timely approach to Homecoming. 3-QE' 2.5 ' 91 ,am ,o-o .35- lse U og E5 -2 S". K: cz. --5" O-1 :: WE' mm S,-:z ri 5-3 W 3: 5 aft n.. :r gm fa Es :. D an-9, 7 X1-fix ,1 ' 5 sf i' ' E 5 cs, Lambda Chi Wins First Always a crowd-pleaser, the homecoming displays this year were better than ever before, A keen spirit ot competition among the groups in the various divisions served as a propelling force in urging the workers to new heights of accomplishment in these symbolic repre- sentatives of school spirit on the Arkansas State campus. The displays, products of artistic ability, mechanical know-how, inventive imagination, delightful wit and countless hours ol' hard work, have come to be well known to people of all ages in Northeast Arkansas. The winner this year in the mechanical division, climax- ing a two-year, second-place jinx, was Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Cherokee Mens Council copped first place honors in the stationary with lights division. and the P.E.M.M. Club was the winner in the stationarv without lights group. These displays were only em- blematic, however, of a record number of well planned and ably constructed entries - each of which added its part to the over-all purpose of homecoming - promoting school spirit. deep-seeded lovaltv and closer. more lasting ties between the student and his school. Chi Omega suggested a "cleaning up" session as a suitable Home- comine Dastime. 'rs 'V I .sf h , -- V - .. W ,.. - sv ' ' 1 , ' V x T"v' i mg s I'au Kappa Epsilon coppetl the second place mechanical trophy with thc suggestion that Indian footballers "mix up" the visitors from Nlurraiy State. Thr' Sig Ep display featured ri modern method of sending an old Homecoming mums dotted thc standa :is Indian hackers pnckt-tl Thoroughbred to the happy hunting grounds. in to root thc team to n classic victnrv. I I I 111111 i 'fi' , Q tv bilge! ix Spirii Soars 'ro Heights ai Homecoming This was Homecoming, 1961 style. It was the time of the year when school spirit reached its zenith and the frigid blasts of an on-coming winter failed to chill the hearts or weaken the spirit of those who worked to make the week a success. Everyone - young and old. student, child. or teacher. football player, cheer- leader, band member, alumni - each had a tie-in with the occasion, a definite linking force 'that merited his being a vital "cog" in the wheel of destiny of Arkansas State College. Each felt a deeper pride in his school as he saw the all-out enthusiasm and effort with which his lellownien confronted the occasion. and the vast amount of good spirit that was retained as the week reached its finale. liach realized that - amidst this atmosphere ol' gaity and young ideas, ol teamwork and joint participation, of planning, cooperation. and plain, hard work - there was an oasis of learning for all who would but stop to partake of it, Learning, not to be confined to the written ICXI, but lessons to be used over and over again throughout the Course of life. Consultant Engineer, that's the name adopted bv this hard working duo, caught in-between consulting sessions. Down the field, in precision form, go the marching Indians - the peerless guidance of Don Minx, the A-State marching music widely acclaimed as one of the South's finest school bands, Under makers continue to delight fans with their colorful halftime antics. . i Jil? Y' V F i N '. 7' ' 5 i 3 ' V 5' ,. vw-un A a -'N c 1 -f'- -l ftiffffii' . : ,V 0'-9 3 gs. ,L 'I ' I b l RS -.t '64 -4 -Lia . N . r 0 A, , , t, W 1 -, XL..,.' 1. 'Q -. 'l' "' "--- 4: .W .... W., . 't "tame am W X , t...a.-....,,..,...,..M....w.t .... .c....,......a.....M..., ...M.....,,.. We V t,,. ..,, , . a N -t ,- 1, .4.... mf Nt Q Ka ew N. N X . . .vs fl .ti - fwkbfx fx .53 sg, .Wt ...N ...we at . I ,,, .......-we ,1 x NN. N, we t " c . fi ,351 ' rsuasmztsa 1ss.s.'sas:.-.anim Si . ,it ev' , .Q u Grade school children from surrounding areas are frequent visitors to the ever-growing Arkansas State Museum Y ' ' W' ' 'f-?f"f1-'sgg' ,-:-f- V X' fr-W:-,:'rs1:r-1-: '----Q, wrwvmt . . .. : rg , tfsgsusfms-Q. 'r --A-tr-rss.: W -me vsgsw -.-1 x, ,, ' , ' -I, ,-N" ' s ' -:..kits-X-R-siffi-KXN'xr'? E Lgq., QA-'XXg,',' ..:.:X'X ' .- ' ,. 1:54 ' V'-S.-1 E-W-Si-er.':'?1"2i-N,-em'"W-ew' iioilsf-.sss':'s,s.1-NNMS-..-..-. as 1 f s -' - :sw cqj ,.,::f- 3:5-,,,.:w5- -.::xae:r " ' X ' '- , X-. ,, . .qw -,. 2 --V - .3-ef'-If-, ' ' ,A-I-V-nf . ' 'Q-W 5 -,::::e:fgtf.i:,2- . - tt: 2efs:'f:.::g f f .-,Ira , ,A . NE- Y , ..,.:,:::q::gs,, 2 - .- f:- K --,-rr-.sf . :4 -' '. i., ' ' 'X iiS?i:sfSf:Qs' ' ' - . -1-Lk 1 - :Q A fo - '-'t V- : X. xx XX -:N . " r , .A A. ag- ' ' X 4- 2 " 'M ,. .,,wM'N' faqs --sf" . W I Sv QJIN .,. , M V gzmii I Y . 'F'---... ':-I: ' X633 'W H Sym I. s- 2 air? get , ,,mcQ.w.w.mWMm.a.wMmmr-wmwwmm. 1 WWKFQWHW .. sqm: 'f -' 'f . t :K fy , ,g. ' ,, .-,,,q., 1 W, ,E E.. U, F: Mg? X I f' '. ' .52 E H . fwf-4-f--- .,,, . '- lf' - iw-f,..t.....,:ff.f?--a."W l -- 'r as f MWMW' - a arf 1,'w'f-' . fn-.arf 4, '1"::f-- :-. 1.1" , 5 -:":,'At 1 , ,g. , Lf " it J Y?" :J ,. 'zirvw :.:F' ? .L-5.1 1 " - 3 """f ., f-- 1. .. , f 1 -. - ,,r- T,-'jaf-2-:T ' X 4' .. A ,, EQ- ib lizii-fl'?5 1fmsf2.:4,"wf -7"' " f sig K iss '- :fl 2 ' If V ,ifh ' f 'C-'f ,. A ,, V J , s .,,, . . E . 435359,-1 ,i Q 4 - idmssa. 'za ,fa ' -v" rf ' +V K , . . , 7 . ' "is - 4""'M The v MW ?2" '? 4' J - 1011-'L -'ft ,.s,ii:r1:2': . f K V , ' y .,,.- sas. I .-J ., . ,L .V F, ,L H:-5 g if y t. : FV- gi'-1.37 . fi' ' ' few: vi Ti 1 A is-at f Q ' L51 ,Q Q4 1' ,, Q ' 1 , ,N1 ' ,i fr 7,2 ,L ' 'rs .,,LeafgyJ ',.. 1. . .til W Displayed samples of various scientific specimens af- ford ready reference points for those who endeavor to acquire technical knowledge. Assorted relics of yesteryear help to create historic points of interest within those who visit the museum. Relics of 'rhe Past Enhance Science Field The A-State Museum is recognized as one of the finest college museums in the South. Under the able and enthusiastic leadership of Dr. Eugene B. Wittlake, curator, the Museum has become widely known and acclaimed for its extensive, imaginatively exhibited collections. The Museum boasts a Natural Science Room, a Gun Room, and a Pioneer Room. The largest of these, the Natural Science Room, houses a variety of exhibits ranging from French Baccarat glass to mastodon bones. In this room is also found a fine collection of Indian artifacts and the extremely popular Waterfowl of the Arkansas Flyway display. The Gun Room contains not only unusual firearms but also a collection of uniforms and other articles from the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II. Contrast between the' old and the new makes the Pioneer Room a place of particular interest. To see the ever-expanding collection of items from early American life is to take a trip into the past. into This student is looking at a display of Indian heads representing the seven tribes which once made their homes in Arkansas. Carefully arranged displays help the' students to better understand the phenomenon about which they have read. sf? Q i ' 4 si W 3-mi., W -nlil"" i,,..ff'.?'1"" fel' .,,, . . 1 It Ag I -I :th V. '.,- :,, 5 I .'-. Z tar a S' ,.. X iz: .Z K . , V. 4.1 , . X' , .. 'fr . n . .. . ' . '::- L -Frei". ts'1s-t W 54 X 5 I-ks if lg Nil 1 1 fc.. lg .fl , -S . s ., 1 z E A k .gg it Nightime finds Ronnie and Pat Carmack relaxing in their tra Togetherness enters into the Qtudv picture for jimmy and Norma Greer 'X X Q 2 .xi iler. visably entranced in a stirring T.V. drama. Ronnie carefully ponders over his studies while Pat complete the daily chores. 1.- attempts to Facilities "A-OK" for Trailer City and Indian Village are the two hous- ing units Arkansas State College offers its married stu- dents. Over 24729 of the student population at ASC is married. Indian Village is composed of 50 housing units. and Trailer City provides 100 trailers. Due to the crowded situation in these two areas and the rising num- ber of married students, many are finding their residence in nearby apartments. Some experts believe college and marriage don't mix. The fact remains-more married students attend college today than ever before. Diapers and dishpans are quite common items to many of the married students working hand-inehand for that desired degree. Because of this rise in the number of married stu- dents who attend college, Arkansas State will continue to improve her facilities for those who let wedding bells peal in the midst of school bells, hoping to make their school life more enjoyable and considerably easier. How she managed this trick. we'll never know, but Norma seems to know the technique of securing help with the dishes. Married S'ruclen'rs TQ ei Attempting to discover "WVhat's for supper." Ronnie conducts a verv tautious investigation 4 1 1 y 6 - . - .S K E f 5.1 ss-Q 2. s f -A 7 rbi 'df ling fl. Ns-X W ,NNN ,Agfa '....R.,,-nw, ,. jj? wi, ' Q iflfl 1 3 " ,S - S- sg ' i P ,I K i N Q,,, v sww wt I I fi 1, E L ' 4 M.. 5 The Charles Hood family R Dorm Direcfors Play "Mom" For Hundreds YF? The Don Dennv fmmh XIN Ghdxs Nfrllke and Qon Slum Xin: Nfabgl Hayes, Delta Hall ,nvig ll i L- 'Sig K 16725: ' " K Ms.. 'W N Q 'S 'NJ -4 37 Mothers and fathers away from home could be an accurate description for the nine excellent dorm directors serving A-State's dormitories. The many duties meriting the careful consideration of the social director include assisting and advising dorm residents, encouraging students to keep their dorm rooms orderly and conducive to study, comforting and consoling students when school pressure mounts and spirits are low, and many other diversified duties that make dorm directors the most indispen- sable people on campus. W'ith these capable people as the heads of our dorms, parents need not worry about their children being in competent hands. lVhether it's playing the part of a love-lorn adviser, or listening to a multi- tude of problems or being a fourth for bridge, the dorm directors are the favorites of the campus. Mrs. Hazel Orbison, Hattie W. Caraway Hall 'QQ FQ, 41 X ,fy M-mm J 0 -, X l f ,I if X v X j x P . Tix f g r 1 I if , r +C. We - 5 wx 1 ...Ns ,WNNWN --a.. .AN-U A f . , . , WMP? W X-..4..,,. .. , . -pi ' 'f Y 4 -f'-Q'-5 wig.. X , A ff 4 -' MQ 1 S -Hag X Q1 l7i-"ff-5 Y... 'Mi--fQ'x Nea.:--' Q. it.: .- Q9 .w"f.v-m ip. The jessie Johnson family Mr. and Mrs. jimmy Mcfllusky 5 - s -'f j 1.- NJ 'TID' Mrs. Blanche Rifc -W' lf 1.1 'l hc Charles Yaugm' family "'l :pn 41 ,F 4' ff " Many.-.. , ..-B. ..., In ! :sl an, P4 411.1 ls--,.- uwx f"Qi?""W "..iT-Lffl Campus Life A'r A Glance JY. l'his "Abe Lincoln" type study sewion was the result of a campus-wide black- out due to an untimely power failure otccurring in the mitlst of final test week. Life on a college campus is a wonderfully unique experience. It's hard, absorbing study- struggling with daily assignments, cramming for exams, rushing to complete term papers just before the deadline. Campus life is fun-filled days and nights-dates, dances, parties, picnics. It's partici- pation in organizations-religious, social, depart- mental, and honorary. College life is weary but rewarding hours spent in practice-for musical presentations, plays, athletic contests, debates, It's the exchange of ideas-with professors, with peers, with anyone who will join in a discussion. It's laughter-in the dorm, in the Wigwam, in class, anywhere. It's tears-of homesickness, of disap- pointment, of discouragement. College life is an entire spectrum of emotion. It's challenging, ex- hilarating, often frightening, and always exciting. The facets of campus life are of an infinite variety. All play a vital role in the personal and social development of each student, V TOOHIS. Ck rg. X? s 5 fw- +5 s 1 gm... Nf',.....' Q'-N J - it A ,715 -- J' .. b Q 5 'Q : - X V Checking their time, these par- ticipants in the intramural swim meet seek to determine whether or not they finished "in the money." Music adds a note of enjoyment as stu- dents attempt to divert their attention momentarily from studies and class- e---vw 1 Q 'X Fun and fellnwihip were the hxwurde of 5 R' .5 G' tl Hg . F is C 4 ..,. ---4 'V J- ., ,p- ,.. - these Qtnrlents as thm are entertained I 5 Q "Under the Spreading Chew nut Tree" the-ee bovs find a pleasant spot for a mid-after noon stndv nesiion. Q? QS' I ,,- 16, ,ff -, .. 59 ' 1, ,, s 5. .. , I QC sl 1 L - Pe' . Q fx X f 5 1. 'ff ' x'i":g.:::: - ' ,- Wy v f s xx , 5 .x Pei :ww N ,., 3, A: , 5: 'H . sf- -532, .f . ' f- ..ff f-x -' .'f":lii Q . 5 WV- N592 vfrjve R . -:Sal rg.,3:,. ., , SQSQ SQ we-.Q . .y .,-.. X2-.,fNa:n---..,.1 , H 'wx f " 'Ii' X '3':.,1'?'?':-H. " 'iiS' .Sg,g- X 25 , K-- EQ i 'L Y -Eat-iii, .- 'X V ,- MW- M y CQ up . . ,N r ., -- gg- ' ' K f5wami'.x..ast. X One, two, cha cha cha - this Qld adage gets a new "twist" Arkansas State style ae demonstrated by these students. , 4. "' , , I.. Q' -Mgt is 'X 54.5 ' , .A M WRX lgksx fugv-K W , . ,V 1, fjpgqgi '--f - 'Nevis ' .Qi '- if' "ESA ' c gi. t +V it hi , . ., . K, 4 , , : g Y.-Q . 'T Q' iii: 72. , , JT fy l fi 4 -wg --N: ., . f9'7'.4 " 4 Q N--1-U Q--5. fa-it ll i . f i ' l . X K 1 .1 , f ' ----ztik ' ' mf Azgg, ,WA A wif? Q. J Q if 'gt we SX www 1:?S W ks5f X .Q rxvxw NR ,Wwrvw 'XX X s Q .M af X f W il 'ZQQQNW J Rm 1 2 ' 0 wdakur 'V' 1 gl, ,Q H ,sslwk-fi . 'W "Ai Ii"',yl2ff" v X' -amz' ,q ff .,'r... 15,2 . N - 'r ' i -- ' ,-ir 'X -, QI- r- is 1- fx ' -Q' 'N' -"YS x 15' fi' .- ' el M ' 1 1" ' Wit.:- v-724-H flfgw, Q, ,sk-xg - , ,f 1 m ws- lg, v. . U -vw.--f 1,1 --- , K. , ' - - ,,- L, , tv v 2 .1,-,-.-,.,- . .. we b--r ,iq : 552' . 2, Nix" 'j:1gw'f-,:,g.gQl., 'tx -Q. -Qt:-J, -:ft 'f-5 . : ' -, 5 .-, - ik :H-01,0 : ff -2 'XFTKME -'..1:lf:sf'- lsilgifu 44.5 'igxh x , w " ., F l1i'f,'F,m' wv'ff?.'X1,f'sw.i t 'f .A 122.55 ' '11 x jr. ' .374 Q, ::s.-M . xwg g ,-I gtg- x: 1 ' . - . dv. H.i.,i X -xr :N .gr , 3 Q MN' ' 9.-' flrU"'7i4Q :if-JX3?'fN', 1 K x ff Q , N Viv .Ml .fl ,N V 5, Q.. B Q :L ',,.eiwv rr z 3 4, wy1.:'5xw. , - V.. X -A: .sr..3g,.f 1-,P-1 if ff ' " , 5. ' ' " ii'.".Y-'ff -Y ---ii .tit ' rr- '..':3 Qjvg' -',:,ifF' '-ilQ'7f"Y9 1 ' -e iff' 1 I' X .1 X I ' P M 5 X gqkp X :x,w,..:t',t.?f N Lil QQ'-fi' rr ,if 1 if XWXmw:,vN.:7?'.r5ff:.?.sv.1 Clean up. paint up, fix up day for Pi Kappa Alpha Fra- ternity included combined efforts in attempting' to henn- tifv a lornl church. Aiterclass hours often give way to the quickening tempo of the latest pop record or thc carefree atmmphcrc of fl friendly conversation. lf! 4 i g.,,,t. ' I e Meultimc brings to put un cncl to Picture making l l Y 3 A ll f- 1' ,ef fx .641 f ' 'Ai-1 - is-S . A N9 41'--6,35 at- .... was Q' P "WG -vin?-L ,. U QS-IQ, x A f 5 'e "' -'A' 3 -V - ' iv i 5 t the students in tlmws lu tht' czufutetiu tw attempt the hunger pangs ququilul in thu Ullll'Sl' the dns or the identification cards has been incorporated ' f into the registration pmcem so nc ro inmrc quick deliverv to the students. ,ns B , 1' li... J A Time our in rnllr-fl in the midst of the dance to relgis lixtracurriculair tlepartnientnl work often has rt hand in filling hours not spent in the rlassrnom. helping students to further their prftctieill kimwlhtnv. .ind refresh with cold drinks and idle chitchat. Checking their marksinrmship, this trio joined numerous others in the various activities afforded bv the Baptist Qtudent Union ,lnrn ival, we A, A , si ., I , 2'-' .' xii mfr r 4 l 3 e if A V I t M t. X Lam! lnferesfing Activities For All all aff? Hfralflihg the coming start of school was thc fall football prartife and the signing ont of new equipment to the players, Quicker than the eye, this magician and his prodigy astounded many with their feats. as they sccminglv "perform- ed the impossible." Attempting to "tlotk" as mam Wigwznn hours as possihlc, student flotk tn tht' "good time capital" of the school. Q Variely Spices the "After Class" Period Intrigue took the stage in this tcnsc drama, presented as a part of the Phi Mu Plav- house through the joint efforts of Alpha Omifron Pi and Sigma Pi. jim Hudson displays his skill at the kevhoard as he ries Into the talent spotlight stepped Miss Char- for honors in the Alpha Gamma Delta Benefit Talent lotte Haynes for hcr rendition of "A Good Show. Man is Hard to Find." r 4 i 1 S I i i 2 ,,-of 47 ,..,...-.--u Entertainment Excellent, Varied, on Stage "Talent galore"-that's the only way to describe many of the talented groups popping up all around the Arkan- sas State campus. These students, in addition to their studies and social life, find time to perform for many vari- ous functions around campus. Emerson once said "Imita- tion is suicide" and these groups must agree wholeheart- edly with this statement. For, you see, these groups are original and unique, using only their own clever creative- ness to produce the finished result. Some of the better- known talented student acts include Bill Bell and the Tribe, The Tarantulas, the Redskin Ramblers, The Four of Clubs, The Pikeston Quartet, The Pacers, The El- Gardes, and many many more. Professional groups entertaining at Arkansas State included YVarren Covington for the homecoming dance and a popular concert given by blues singer Fats Domino. These groups, along with newly formed ones from the frosh family, are striving to provide all the campus with the best entertainment anywhere. N pha's playhouse entry. The freshman class always produces a bountiful crop of ambitious :nnatenw as evidenced by this musical threesome. ' -lr' 'F E Action was fast and furious in -r this scene from Lambda Chi Al- The Baptist Student Union piano trio won an honorahle mention with their arrangement of "Autumn Leaves." Always a favorite, Rich McCann offers delightful enter, tainment as he presents his version of Shelley Berman. . S Q QiZ""t Holidays - S'ruden'rs' Days fo Remember The true spirit of Christmas rang out over the campus for all the parties, get-togethers, holiday heppenings and programs that Christmas inspires. At the annual XVhite Christmas program, a program sponsored by Pi Gamma Mu for the needy families at Christmas time, more food, toys and clothes were given than ever before to aid the less-fortunate families at Christmas time. A Christmas Eve treat was provided by the excellent choral presentation of Christmas carols sting in the best possible tradition by the ASC Singers on a Memphis tele vision station. Meanwhile, students enjoyed the music depart1nent's performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio. Back in the dorms, Christmas parties were the order of the day. Each dorm party was different and unique, thanks to the work and assistance from the various dorm dwellers who donated their time and talent for everyone's enjoyment. The St. Nick Dance, sponsored by the Associated Women's Students, produced the new St. Nidc, Sammy Weir, and petite Bettye Dee Keith as the new Miss Merry Christmas. mfs! W. T B Mr. jimmy McClusky, house director of New Men's dorm, opens the gift given him by the boys nt the dorm Christmas party. The Pikeston quartet. ri group new to the campus this year proved to he quite a crown pleaser in this intermission per formance at the Saint Niel- dance. 1,4 -Q-.-.... Santa Cirrus matte an unexpefted appearance in whith he distributed the gifts given through the White Christnms program. Pictures were taken throughout the course of the even' ing. giving the couples a lasting memento of the event. Sessions Are Fun-Packed as Elin... These students renew the age old cus- tom of celebrating Christmas through the singing of carols. The Christmas season brings a flurry of bright activity to the campus. Sights and sounds take on a ringing clarity in the cold winter air. Buildings are decorated with the vivid colors of the season and joyous music peals across the campus as sing- ers rehearse for the Christmas Oratorio. The begin- ning of the holiday season is heralded by the St. Nick's Dance. Coeds enthusiastically support their favorite candidates for St. Nick. They work long hours planning and decorating for the dance, then forget their weariness as glittering dresses, soft lights, and good music work their magic. Campus organizations hold Yuletide celebrations, crowding students' schedules with holiday fun. Dorm par- ties held in festively-decorated lounges combine sincere reverence with warm fellowship and spon- taneous gaiety. Perhaps the truest expression of the Christmas spirit is evidenced in the White Christmas program. At this time, students gather not only to enjoy the entertainment but also to contribute food, toys, and money to a charitable organization. l r i l i Bill Bell and the Tribe ably handled the musical chores at the campus Christmas dance. Sammy VVeir was elected Saint Nick and his date, Miss Betty Dec Keith was named Miss Merry Christmas. A 'E i3 'f . ' if .. F Smas- 'K-Stzatc hunuties wcrc 11 featured lilllllllillll in thc :mulml Clnixtnms purxulc A' Q 'bl " 4,vwfff" '..G' In lwcving with I I gixing. the I,znnhmI1 Chu ch, xmlccl thrvc luxkux In the wld fullw lmnmcz Future Collegiafes Visit 'rhe Campus Seldom does a week pass on the campus of Arkan- sas State when there is not at least one group of high school students in attendance at some type of clinic, workshop, area meeting, or training session. These stu- dents receive numerous benefits from their instruction, and at the same time are exposed to the various factors making up the panorama of college life. One of the top drawing cards to the college, insofar as high school visitors are concerned, is the annual Sen- ior Day. The program for the day features departmental tours which enable prospective students to investigate the opportunities and facilities available at Arkansas State in their chosen fields. As a fitting finale to a day of enlightenment and festivities, A'State entertainers pooled their efforts in presenting a mixture of talent and humor to delight the 4, appreciative audience. Students came from surrounding areas to receive instruction in scuba diving, 4 ' s , ' + 5 . . . K, :Sy NGS zffiig ,ws X , - 1 1 ., , . smfiis .t.k X at X ., -, .ss Q 4 f' f s ' l i ,44W1f' Av' t r. xt? X . 4 f :- , :qt-. 12. Slew 1 'fi . " ' . - , ,W tai: if 3,1 if if-ff ' Q R .. K- Jrgl f gg f t'Q','.,w4-WL ' " " f 2f'2.z?6 -' ' - ' if ,, 5,1 1, 5 . . -' fpw:-fs-,fit-t,, 6, '-1 semen.- J A M The Northeast Arkansas basketball tournament brings numerous high ' , .. -WMgj'W' school students to the campus each """""- L ,.h.f.M..,-.-..a . , year, N' 7-I ll' V" I i l' ' 1 n rf- ,ln . r I 'I 1 1 D , ' K l 4 4.394 5 1 1 ' 41 ' 1. ' ' .lf Q 1' . ,' 'l. ' - 4 1,-' " , , . l " i" ' .' ' . ' ' It ' ' - so .F .lr ' ' 1 ' h "J:':N'30:y',' A A ,..,.:...' l ,,..d..,t..,, v?2?'ioZ?.'.. -:F gpm: , . ' , ,V ' P 7' 'twat'-' '4 "' . A ' -' f' Ai -.:s:.v- 545' "Z, . ' L il .5 I.: ya:-.:, s 1 V, - . ,zvggtf vias. Q'-Q.s,?,.,.-Q Q 4 'fr' I 31 . L fm- X Pe f-- W 5 41 - --V bw. 'i ,. f ' Q2 is Q' A w"3e'f57 ' A , rf-:.'l, "X"' A . K at A ,' 3. h .,., .- 'Q "1'! . 52,3 ' fix v ' rl X ?Q.,, if , xx . I, Cheerleaders are instructed and advised in the ASC. sponsored Cheerleading Clinic - an annual summer event. 5. t vz at X V? K X. N K 1 ::,. -Q 5. , tt . ' .- x,? : Lxg ., V A .King - .,,f Students register before dispersing to view the various departmental facilities in the Senior Day program at Arkan- sas State. it ' .xr fu' , W1-' , r-. ,..s ' " v-. - i X . F 'BSL' rf-Q, '13 . "Ji Various combos representing respective chapters provide the entertainment in the joint Future Farmer meetings held yearly in Wilson Auditorium. e B s Something Q-nes" '-'un il ' Y'-.4 56 1. X X Iii' L- Majorettes have a week of instruction, too. provided through the Arkansas State College twirling clinic. For Everyone Here High school students-they come to the campus noisily and exuberantly by the busloads to participate in college-sponsored clinics, workshops, contests, and vari- ous other activities. They come quietly and inconspicu- ously by twos and threes to visit college friends, explore the campus, and discuss Arkansas State with Dean Moore or Miss Stroud. They come to represent their high schools at such events as Agri Day, FFA practice judging contests, bas- ketball tournaments, track meets, choral concerts, jour- nalism days, science conferences, and cheerleading, twirling, and band clinics. They come, splashing the campus with the reds, blues, maroons, and golds of their school colors, to Senior Day. They come curiously to find out for themselves if what they have heard about the Wigwam is really true. They come, reminding many A-Staters of the times not so long ago when, as high school students, they visited Arkansas State in much the same way. fs Xl , g-, XL, 42-'39 'vu CMV N--qf awards. The all-tournament team from the Northeast Arkansas tournament features some of the state's top school bny performers. Winners in the annual journalism day contests for outstanding journalistic abilities are pictured here with their 3, 1 .. lx , vw 3 fi' is-.:W5.:-sw , .5 ...,... M ., , x wnsga ,K , gf-swf' .j':'3'? i 51539 . f 'QV HN - ,sf " fi '. V53 -52 Q' .. 'I-fm.:--A. J . 3 5' Q2 ' - 7 ' .' . Q - " ' , ewswvxwt.-u+""" These voung ladies, guests of thc cheering clinic, rake time to talk ro their instrurtm' between Gm- sions. 'Vfr Mayes and Mr Bogan dnsplay the nbhonx in lu dmmlmtui rn nmncr: m thc- QCIEHCC Fur uhxch me held each vear on the 4.8.6. campus. M 57 ,J if .Ns Qt -Q. F A X , t ! it , First step in the putting together process of thc pnper is the covering of n "news heat" hv student reporters. The news that has been garnCred by the reporters is then mrnpiletl, proofread. corrected, and typed before it is ready to be sent to the print shop. ,rs f.... ,E- I, 'I 'NAA 58 "Herald" Production is Unique Operarion 3 . Careful pains are taken to insure a correct treatment nf the news Student workers in.thc print shop must kcup an mime watch on the in preparation for the paper. paper as the hug-e machines print it off. Finallv the finished product cnmcs nut the and of the press, ready to he delivered to the students nn Friday. l ' 'F""""" 1 Minx Fefed Af Game Arkansas State's band director, Don Minx, was rec- ognized as one of the best band directors A-State has ever had at the "Don Minx Day." Mr. Minx, director and molder of the Arkansas State's Marching Indians, has been here for eight years. The Band Administration Class demonstrated their many talents at the "Don Minx Day" by creating and supervising the entire show. The show occurred be- tween halves of the A-State-Wisconsin State football game. Also sharing honors and recognition with Mr. Minx was one of his top majorettes, Sally Ann Mickey. Sally, greeted by the band with the tune "All the Things You Are," is the reigning Miss Jonesboro and is alter- nate in the "Miss Arkansas" contest. Dynamic Don Minx, possessor of great imagination and much creativeness, has built the A-State Marching Indians to be known as one of the finest bands any- where in the South. A plaque was presented to Mr. Minx with the fol- lowing inscription: "This plaque is presented to Donald R. Minx, director of the Arkansas -State College Band, on the occasion of "Don Minx Day", Saturday, Novem- ber ll, 1961, in recognition of his service and accom- plishments with this fine organization." Mr. Minx has been instrumental in propelling the Indian band to the position of prominence which it now occupies in college band circles. 'rw yi- JA ,., V., . w, .. . 'f' ' 55555561 f- HDV Q an I Jun. -: 1 'T s. ' t F4 1 - ' " -' sz? :"" M" . 2 e 1.2 ' ' ' ."7 'K' ,., 5 V GM, W ...,, 2 1 7 'vw .fs vfiffw . 6' ' -. , - , Y 1 L . .L V -45 A 3 . ' . - . -. Q, -I ' , -1 - .ns tr 4 Sf: ' tt' 'I ' - L ' .3 if -'ij EJ . . 2, fr' ' '. ' V I 1 : -- "W . jf -- i f - K it is .t - as ' , . l m - as - 1. it K: , A4 W- . L, k,-., 1-+-.. , ,E i 1'-' V - 'v S.-fc M f f 1 .5 -A . gaxgysig 5- Qfffrav... Q , s ti.-sign... ' , -Q ' - , A NF- A -. . tv -my ,1 if M. . - .tw eirfww :R- - M : . . -' Q ,fc.-dl., :.wMNt" -'f'xgf""r- ' - - Q. ff' . ' i .- 'Tw' - X ati: -stirs-.V-N-ff Ggffw " ' 4 " " 'Q '"Nw-as-5sN?1'5ii4ivgQ92-1fw .i raifgiwvif' W5 - f g .,.:,-.-,- ,, , , . -.. - gran. ' -' , -,. ,- j ,I--jg Q" '- tr r. mg, - f . , A 2 'N HL - . V 'QE' "'?f!',s.'.,?E'S FJ Qiffikl, . . A J- x . 3.9, r- Nz -5. ,.,. 1 - -.-Y wfvsff .N -g,,v1t,g.g1u ' ,su - ,DI 4 ' 'C K ttwxafat - N ,,,,., , .i .. ,,,. V . - .. ,. ,. 1- v nib- 3' iff' si" wmv 'Q's,:gQW ?3,.,' ,P . g -1 - s- :- .va-L x 4 s. -Mfr. .5'w:, ,-:I ,-wg-" "2-.-1'-'wig wif- 1.5 1" .-"W t -..'5:i f::.5 'f f it-1 iff ifb ., 'wtfttritefsefr-'."4v'Fsi'3t1s -fef:PF.'.ft1f- f "Practice makes perfect", and perfection is the goal of Don Minx insofar as the Marching Indians are concerned. Stepping high and smartly into formation, the Marching In- dians show off the precision movement they have achieved under their able mentor. na-go-1 no-to-c Q-0-go-o Band President john Maples and reigning Miss Jones- boro. Majorette Sally Ann Mickey assisted in making the halftime ceremonies a full success. . --1 I Qi 1 f' ' X s 2 Don Minx receives one of the many gifts given to him by well wishing friends and admirers. gi QS E , Q 1' gr- .mm NF? .kx, N., , t, ,yx-'f uv .1 R ffx' f ,9..x3,,' as -be , . x af X. ! N .X dlxww -I wssv.. W -,V+ + Sf? 5 , 3 .S l Q b ,Q is X v , 5 Q X, RX 1 - 3 P ff. S ' ti a ,A j ,s,..-:mg 'f-.nts-SQ 1: bm M, '04 if .': .Q Q 1 ,xsws Second Semesler Brlngs Books Changes Ihxs young lady fared a httle better m the schedule changing process than chd many others who had less vahd reasons. -gfls ae "ffl ii, Q 1 .3 Sf 5. .--""" H.,- uv ' ' I- ' - -- -- -f- --:rf -- --- ---.- - W-.-A..-......-.-.....,3Tv..-....,.,.,........e ,,..,.-. f ' 1 v . X X X X . V . . -L , . H . A ,V . I Vk4L u , -f .- - . x . ,N . ' 7 1 , A ., V . ji .. .gi 1 f ' r , ,. N A 5. i . 4, , . , . . , Q, 'SN K -- - - .N 1 . , . N h . .s N s. a, ' is X - - A ' .. NN W' 'Q A it !f"i4 P Ss- -N Q --Qmlll V . - ' V . . - 1 . '4 N. hi., Q . ' I .- t s . J , - -' 1, 1 A-.641-i I is A5 x ..,R' ,Q V. Wk, , h ,VE-L, : A X ' , - , -- ,fg- -. . x 1"-'W 1-'ne vz wb i' 9 -. ' -... H . - X-Nb. t.., U. ,. .. -1 - --...qt . M.. .- ' ' K - fl 4:75 ry- -':ws:f1."'-gt7,.5g..'g- -tr,--f::i.Ejs -x , Y ,mg-. . 1 -1 -."' I L'-' -5249" 1-H-1-1S"'l'A-vvf S- A- rfif' fiiff.-'f . X: 'f ' . .1 fi 1-fJi.,,g, :nil-2 R55X-gs..-215.153'EQi1e,,'fj-:'f,f4-'z- t. .- t - ,Q fr vt .E .. ., 'Q-,3ff,g2,xf35--f-1-,8.14-1.5-gg.w.rr. ,Q -Q'-' X ' fn . .- N X v- f.: S- -- '.v.wv'--'P' . '. .. me-X :.':.'-'-1'.- f . - : . it if A .. Y' ' . -f 1'-lf, 111. ' - -. qc,-:.' M we ',, avr ,fax-.'-"f -4 1 K , f , -- -i L ' ' " 'u .!g'K?t?'P'fw.'r 1'-'.ijf.:,j5-f'gff"X.,Q35i'fg',5'N-.5-'igigilfis Q2 ' -' 1,5 X , " 3 ' - lv' i ' N -- . ----., t-.afff---,f-.-.t-A - .--an ..-M. . ,. r... N f 1 A ' 1 .-r'--11-J-'r--f--Si --,fe -3v'g41'f: lt'-A 'r.'-va---rg .2-'Kap -gi--Ty.-A m Mp.:-I "Q rr ' 1 '- val- am:-f .-i-ra-5-rw-'. yi' .t PM rim.-4.-,ff-,.-.-Q'-r K .f X- fx-.1 f- f. --MN . . ,. . ' r ' - . ., ,, ,i ,.- .t.,..m.x-N. .. -. f 5 .-, 1, .,,. .- ,,. t, ,..--as -, .- -.X 5- - 4., .. X. .f'-fir f Im- xi-1f,.,51'f. ---A-R-Sgr, ..,.",-.gff,g...,,,., .K-sf I- A ,-ft? xt, -, I-.z4..: ,N -'1.:,x : x t, 'V K N ,,-1 N wx. .-rl . -Q .Xl -, N-rvyn..w4fi..:.-s,-:,.-Ap-C., . .Qu an Ujk,-,.,s - R -Ay.:,f'y-5 tgp 5, .j Aj , ,q-xp Q - . fx ..., ,-. - A: f 1-,. , h . -:Q .Jaw ying,-P:.r: fj,g,:,g--373.47 - Mr... l.kKo5YAr,.5-gi-4E,11A:t-1-'N' , l t , - y t - ., 3 .. ' . f1-,'ff'11w-- fm ffii'l4"-"'t'5 -H1423 f -,-- 'f, ' of-2-we aww' xr V x ' . , 'A -:'-fr - fs-.wiv IN-i-f.--. .r Q:--,v -K: . vw--H :...'v '- '1' ' ' - . 1,5 I Nfl,-y,--sbdtrgf-,A .55,'.Qg-1,"'H ,j Q .-s,,.?..,,5.f,i--523.sX?"iyzQQ3:x'P1fzgwfiif' 5545 5W,.-gk-simfg,-ggi 3.53 'rg K 1 Q N A' f A "'- ' 'Lf7f2frT'--..ffirQQr",.:.1l'j'?'x?44Ef. Hgfgff- 5i"'aez"gEQ4Q-psi "f'i',1',..iL'2ffw19R .--.-f??5.".'jif'f."XgN 2:1-Lf? t I . , .5 .K ,lift v -5: v,1,.r.,t..xp kmik56':.,1Q?,? -SPX K ii 5'3r:,ibvX:1,,.ix-fat-x..ifu :M .LT 2 5 .L .. Y - f. r ws?-1rw..--2fmt-S?il-1----55Z"2w?'s',1f.r .-,wews.:::.z-Ts.-Efwfxii:-.fir :iff .4 F.. n . .- ' - '1 .- M1 f a'1v:-:aI.,2,- ' L '-"",'- 4'-.:. ",.a,,f,'-,' "--'ft 1 C-,-"fm-x"p I-. i..'lL'. " . -'Y X ,A in N: 3 .?sv',4.-,',?K'+,: 4v.fg'fQ.,,- 'Jr 1. ,FLA 4 A. f i' 5.,.Q.',hf'Z "yr--?-Q rv. fl Q- J-v - I V ' 'Ds r -if ,"llff1lfv7'5iY5g itiifylifkf' Y 'F-'55-f'vfiN-,Y-tr' ' .5"?Q,'a3L3 '93 JK- -gffff' 'i3'Qf'W"'-T,-.w -M . ' .-' Ji,,?sr-g?gfgf.,:l-'Gig,'gi,-. X-iff?-R Q,gf.4esH-I-.'i?Q,1QQxt3 .ggi ,f.,I,- Q.g,'-,5gv,5?'- '3gx.x,-4,1-fY.x. -- . A--. ' , 1- . . -- 3 ' 3,-1, .L :-. 3, gq,..q,f 5,-f...'.-if ., Q15-3,-1 -it-gp ': 'gifs ' 5 3, wx yur, yet lzwyg wk--'5 X -,.." . 3 N. -- .- N ,,i.:1!+f'X. Z jr W9 2. , ul, X.. A, 6, , .ir-..nxM., --,-4 ff,.-,MKQ3-ttfpyyx A ,ry-3 1-K., -1-gk' .M uf u X .-.N 1 ggi' 4 f 'H W - Sf-2 t'f'f'?'iMi' -it 12- 4-f-H . - .. 4 A--,rv ".gfJr". F' f - hy ,' Q J "'rf.?f TF- -' 2:5 Gig Mft' ,J 3X av. ' 4'fc,'Q,'flaff, :' fzq'-"I 5, 'Z 'w35'.'p .-,"'- ','. ,K ,',' Nl 'll 5 .. -,M-,Q f +I- - ff"?ns.,f-er,-:,,f ,riff , 2 Sys.-gf-.,.r,,-,1,.2.f,X.--L 1 -tv---chiefs M...-,r.?.f. fx? f1-.A-.gilP.- mms ,uw r-.-N J-. ,F 1 . N i. ,A . 1 . :,, I W 4! '5 ,ik .:.g A,,:1,,,3. 6 -A 5-I 1 'N .rqprhxizwif V--., 331 .J EN :vS5vxra:'.aH.AlS:-lists klvprv .rp 1 ', K.. L. NUM- F. 1: . W. x A . E X ': ' " " 1 ' 'QM 'ff K- ' A -f'.E'gTf.'x,1-P715-f,''-l?.'z3ri2g-SXT.. QQ ' 5' - 'f-Qi.-x gym -. ., , ' - ' . . I 'J A , ., 1 13: .I AJ N ,g ld-xv., 15, --yu, , X.. kh.55l,axg?XhA2F.U lj. rg M ,b t , F Q W - ' -X ' , ' ti- - 9- r. ,, "5,rA.,.f1A..'m' 5.9.9-13:r,. 1- -g,yggh.4 :.:.,,- X.. M , f A - K ,. L9 is t " 'U '.g.,-RH-2f?'fifi '1:'.'g?-?,rFjg,',gsa1' if Am' Q.. ,. 75 -Q . , - - I 31-zlj.-Q -p 1-,lg-,-15--Q I' 'h-.hifi Q--New ,Q .W , fx , - - . t tv 4 A x 5, 5 I +"'- i ' " -- L '-if "FM-v x,f?i5:'2k.f-w'- Awe'-iii---' is -' 4 - M " f. n R' ' TW-if-7 xr .- ,H ""f J., my' lu - 5 - W 1- or ' 'Q-.s,. 'D 'H , ,ax 1 . -I drill team to Homecoming provided a ready opportunity for Arkansas Slate's fine Learning army leadership This was a year when mum new 11.11140 -wept utross the fzuupux as evidenced by this expert rendition of the popular "hully gully." Ja , ready their equipment for "strut their stuff," first hand, xi stude Y 9 .. nt 'rv these advanced corps it rstruction period. cadets 'fl 6--- Q! O F if lf rt, U 2 ag - g . . 1. U 0 F 0 xi, lu hindi Chrislmas And The Pre-Holiday Acfivilies i'iYKSir'Fg' A lk vii Soft lights, slow, tlrenmy music and an overall atmosphere of gaietv are highlights of the annual Saint Nifk dance. Nnmetags are in order at this sorority open house, offering :t ready boost to the often-painful joh of introduction. With the Christmas season came the carolers who toured the dorms in grand style with their sparkling renditions of age-old carols. ' i ur xx! , x l n':k ..,.,,N.-t.. :M ,x. ' 1' 'FEA' Q X ft Q .,,,, , -M--1-.w, , A t . ' K v r 1. i 1 X , I v . ' , . . ,ss . tgtgtt ,. ,. H llll W, .L -.4 1 4 .. 66 . Hs. vt ' 1 . 1 " I 'SR t 3 X X K -Qt Y Q I R PR to X F? DR S X 4 X WSYMS P f Q sw 'J' iw 1 t Q S 2 i, s 1 fi S f M "' Fl 5, HRA Svcs. Political rallies served their purpose in the school elections, with avid student participation playing a large part. fill! 'AN 0...-5 X., Richard McCann talks In world famed musician Pete Fountain as Fountain prepares for his A-State concert. ,. wx I Xb, X gill, Y ' . ' f Q 5 J, , ' :.. 5 X ,Q WJ, .,.1 E S s ll li 1 Dr. lluanc Haskell accepts a check from Miss l,ilv lk-ter of Maru-ll for thc establishment of ilcpaltlnunt, Iwo nrw stluvlarships for young men in the musir "Race for Yicun'5" was the tncme used by the Sigma l'ie in the carupuw-wide Homecoming display competition. .C 1 WK 41311 Q WA - f"t- 4' -' 3 i-gg. XA ' K1,f5.y --N' , v, xilm..-A -N neg- . ' . . H - " A f ,' " f .H , - ' X' .NW ., LM- ij.-n Q ,s.:, - f -1- , -.. A" f ' . '3W'5?'yg2" a ' , - TSQ6LEwiw:...,f-,t-. - in 'Er' 7 ' ' ' N -' Q wif 'ri Q: 'Hx ,ii . V' ' M, . J , 4 .X fy 4- , : .: 2fTl::g.fTixii"...: U' ,. ,VVV 'A ,fa ,,,, ' l gnu .. ' , , ,A 7 -' ws-wi x 't 1:i"3' 3'fff5fdw,fmf Mau 67 Fourth Annual Miss ASC Contest 3 ,fig fx' -- , 5 X 2 K ig . .Q .. 't Q Donnie Ruth Williams Miss Arkansas State 1961 Excitement rises to a peak each year at A-State anticipating the Miss ASC contest. The contest, spon- sored annually by the Circle K Club, drew 17 con- testants vying for the title of Miss Arkansas State Brunette freshman beauty, Linda Worley of Hughes, stole the title of Miss ASC. An 18-year-old business major, Linda becomes the very first Circle K Sweetheart. She is also an Alpha Gamma Delta pledge. Runner-ups in the Pageant were Phyllis Rowden of Pocahontas, Grovanell Gorham of Black Oak, Marilyn Fulbright of Thayer, Mo., and Lynda Hen- drix of St. Louis, Mo. Backstage with the beauties on the evening of February 19, a mass search for hoops, lipstick, bath- ing suits and mascara, sent each contestant scarnper- ing here and there. Talent was a new division added this year in addition to the qualifications of beauty, Linda will represent A-State at Little Rock in july for the Miss Arkansas Pageant. One contestant aptly summed up the Miss ASC contest by saying. "The pageant, is like a course in math, the outcome depends on the 'right figure' . f a fl f l .1 X 5 . Candidates were entertained at an informal Pepsi party prior to the contest sponsored by Circle K International. ws- Backstage, the candidates anxiously ' await their turn in the formal di- ! vision of the Miss Arkansas State Pageant. Xl V7 0+ These eighteen young ladies participated in the pageant, helping to make it a tremendous success. I Xl -Y ,ag tj' :lu -Q 30' 4'-Qi' 1, 'U K f e. I y x Entertainment during in- termission was provided by the Four Clubs, pop- ular campus singing group, 69 Linda Worley .... Miss ASC of 1962 I Finalists in the Miss ASC contest included Marilyn Fulbright of Tha yer. Missouri, Lynda Hendrix of joneshnro, Phxllis Rowdcn hontas, and Grovernell Gorham of Black Oak. Miss ASC hopefuls competed in three divisions Lhis year, swim suit, formal, and talent. Eager Sororiries Vi fifif .4 . Alpha Cams and rushees pause for a friendly chat in the midst of the funsfilled hustle and bustle of rush week. Much planning must go into the preparation of each rush party if it is to truly he successful in producing a top notch pledge class. untill! e For Popular Rushees The aptly-named "rush" weeks were harried, excit- ing times for both members and rushees as A-State's four national soroities competed for pledges. It was a period of fevered gaiety, mounting suspense, and sometimes painful decision for those coeds who were caught up in the whirl. Alpha Omicron Pi entertained the rushees with a jungle party. Constumes, decorations, music, refresh- ments-all contributed to the exotic atmosphere. The colors red, white, and blue prevailed at the Chi Omega parties, carrying out the theme of "Chi Omega, U.S.A." Alpha Gamma Delta remembered a beloved story and came up with a unique and fitting theme based on "Alice in Wonderland." The legend of gracious life in pre-Civil War Dixie was recalled as Phi Mu invited the rushees to join "Phi Mu Down South." Rush passed quickly for the participants, but it will not be soon forgotten 5 for many it marked the beginning of a challenging new experience-sorority membership. Displaying trophies and telling of past intra-sorority victories are essential parts in the rush techniques employed by each group. In come the rushees, as the members anxiously await their chance to make new acquaintances and establish firm friend- ships wih future pledges. ,uv ,s 14 M Each rushee is given a nametag as she continues her journey through sorority land. A ., x i wa X Songlmuks, nmnc-lags. :md flags are all put to good use lwy the Phi Mu's as then wltcmpt to influence the rmlicex Offered n Chance to join the -Xlpha Camma Delta Ex press, those rusliec-Q will think final clccisimi. xcgww- Fraferniiy Rush Sweeping across the campus like a sandstorm on the Sahara and bringing outside activities of fra- ternity men to a virtual standstill, rush week pro- vided the unveiled results of semester-long efforts toward pledge recruiting. Firmly enstated with the knowledge that today's pledges form the nucleus of tomorrow's chapters, members of each fraternity on campus set about the serious business of choosing new brothers, who will carry on chapter ideals in the coming years. Rushees received the royal treatment throughout the week of parties, food, entertainment, informa- tion, and perhaps even a little harmless propaganda which confronted them. Upon being exposed to achievements of each chapter and having met many of the members there- in, it fell the lot of the rushee to carefully ponder his observations and attempt to make a choice of the group with which he would best fit in. At the close of the week, preference cards were signed and pledges were selected, bringing an end to rush efforts of the past semester and serving as an impetus to those of the next. i 'PW Yi? , Sigma Pi members proudly display their trophies and readily answer questions offered by inquiring rushees. Through the chow line they go as the Sig Eps attempt to influence their guests through the age-old media of food. Guest speakers often highlight fraternity rush parties as in this case with johnny Browning of Pi Kappa Alpha. s Xgflfl-5 ff. X-,ri . 2 .. 1 3 .2 ' FN X '5 . -.f i:3',, 43333 'gf 3:12-- uv- 'Q' ' 1f:Qf '3-1233, SQ e 2 5, 3 ' .1 .., ,- Rushees Receive Red Carpet Treatment Cnluiful cnturtziinment was provided for the Sig Ep pgirty hx tht' Fl-gzirtli, a popular new group on variipue. t 1 n -1 h Comcrszitiun :intl hand-sliziking took the spotlight at this 3 fliumuy qnjjlc and 5, Lhgefy greeting by TKE sweetheart, SlIlgC in the Sigma Pi rueh pnrtv, offering an infomial note Linda Hulckahec wclmnitw Ilieic two rmlices as gllCSlS of Tau W UWC fCSIiViliCS- Kappa Epsilon. 4 ,. 3 V Qi A , fflekt 'Q-... 'C' """""v-f-.,....,,. , ' 'i1 5' n.s,,,, 5 if .ff N'-J. 'H .nl-.,,". 'V X i 3, if Q s 1-- x Picken' and grinnin' all at one time seein to be I-'vo much for this young Duane Eddy prodegy. Candid c.1mera strikes again. qalching these two in the midst of a Ifeanngtmtness to thi fact that Cmfle doe? noi: Payljl these Ein friendly joke-telling Spree! ifOYQgStiglnl6l'l1IJI to SCItC an account mcurre L roug a par mg 4'-ug-....., 'Nur' -sg 1 1 -Q. N f A Hi" R8 .-"5 , 3 . L ' IDA bub x Q f 1 L f g 11- N if Q The Cafe'reria-- A Topic of Conversalion J' Mrs W. W. Netlrf-iv Qpcgnliemls the operations of the cafeteria, gf s serving Arkansas State ae cafeteria manager. Q A X K ' ' K The' supplv detail secs to it that all tables are equipped with necessary sugar, salt. vinegar and other essentials. Cleanliness is of utmost impurtancu in the cafeteria, assuring the StllLlClll of an all-out effort fm' his protection. ,- If 1 I MN TI!! c I . H. xy f ,xx S, K . . -is + " a'r"l'fw"'1"',w Q Qt if Q win Wyffdigmi ' 4, .mf an flkap 1 ti.-if One special feature proxitiecl Irv thc infeteiia Staff is an excc-llent iervite for lmanqucte aml mimgaslmifie Large scale cooking requires a competent kitchen staff equipped After the mcal, the dishes must he cleared. washed. and than with spacious, up to dale facilities. put awav in preparation for the next meal. Wi f ' asf . i""' 92 3 ft -v -f 1 Xt J R C v w Q g I . K Q , S Q 8 ix a if . to 'L , 1 ' it E 1 s if " I Q, 4 ROTC Cadets Prep For Summer Camp Underclassman cadets learned important fundamentals of Teamwork pl ned 1 utal roll in fmng exercise as one communications in their roles gravel pit fire maneuvers. ing...- aug 4... 'xl X-4 YF YT - " sw . Jiwi, 5 mga pl' . A 'L Q Wa M .1 1lllllllllllllIX xr-rxru' tht' 815.1 lgru xml up tlrclr xrunuul Nighlwatchmen Lonnie Paxton and joe Crews check the hack door of the Aclrninistration Building on thtir nightlv round of the CIUUPIIS. v iv 5. 86 v X x l'l 1 - P' ... ,W A v 11 F.. a , I E I ' J I Q t.,,.- f Q5 3 J' LN - N. f R VY C' X Y F-iw' p-.... h. 'Sa' 'fly N.f' gullllntlt ln get rlmmtimms fur thc Heart Fund tlrixc. These members of the Phyaifnl Plant rrcw and their able cohorts provide maintenance support for campus opcratmns. flx . 7""M"' Nm M.. ..-val C iii? 15' ,,.- , Robert Moore, Dean of Students showe he's a good sport hv donning a lwalnie in an effort to Qet :tn example for freshman during the orientation period, Rntlm llc-:ul Charles Rnshcrry "practices what he preaches" bv hroadczming lmlinn home lmelxethall gzxmei mer the college network. Whiling away thc off hours in the Wigwznn with za carefree gznm' of t,mls is the Lnwxile lhhllllll' ol this lonwnm-, I A 45. A ,Y f s. 1.9 s 56" .FL y.,-1 Q .rp N- , Campus Ac'rivi'ries Added Color, Exciiemenf Onward goes the procession in the spirited parade prior to the TKE finger bowl. of the girIQ under her care in Caraway Hill, im-il' 1 i f L QM", 1 'Ea A :L "" Gay McCormick of England and Larry Smith of Osceola were crowned sweethearts of the Baptist Student Union 5,73 at thc valentine party this year. v 13' Y 6 v Mrs. H3701 Orbison enjoys a coffee break with some fl. L-xl i 33 .W :nw , Q A -- 1 X I 99 'S' ' I i 5' 7 sf- : 'ii f w W: 'Gu 1 .- ' if? I l , I 88 i' - df lin' Serious business headed the agenda at this import- zmt meeting of the presidents roundtable. called to discuss the rexiscd Student Government Con- stitution. These three Arkansas State lads prove the age-old theory that "he who smokes will be a little feller." , -al 1"---ny liu-1 This Baptist Qtluieut Ivlllflll lmuqucl pnwitletl fine fowl :mtl plcusuut fellziwsliip fm' ull llmst' .IllL'llt ,,, Qi 0.1. 47 f! :hv1!f-f. a S-.I 4 A v Ml 'EA w . ' -XTEM ,-.ah aww 1 V W .X J. , X. . ,X D I , Greeks Hold Their Annual Formal Dances Fnllmving thi- glllllfi llhlliil, lIlClllilCl'h .mil their 1iLlIl'N f0l'IllEli :1 line .lmuml thc- flour, wailing for Ihr music to begin. Crcpc paper Sll'iI1gCI'S gnc hung umuncl the edges of thc dance floor, creating ll inure fguumlzlc- backgruumi to HRCLILII ful' the QM". lhix ls lhc uxmli won! .lx wmlwis the gymi xllclcll in mise pgnpcr fm' .1 Sidi- u.ilI mural, I If ff," K f A . f '11, Y . . 1717 V1 4, 4 Y X sy CQLLEGE A college, as defined by Webster, is "an institution of higher education that grants degrees at the comple- tion of courses of study." Certainly this is a too-simplified description of the highly complex organization that is Arkansas State. The college is an institution composed of individuals-thousands of separate personalities per- forming their peculiar functions as integral parts of the college machine, Guiding the machine is a staff of com- petent administrators who cooperate in the day-to-day tasks of management and in the improvement of the school. The more than 100 faculty members are also devoted to a common ideal, whether their field of spe- cialization be physical education or the fine arts. The students have different backgrounds, beliefs, and goals. Yet they live, study, work, and play together, each con- tributing to and absorbing from the college environ- ment. These are but a few examples of the many and varied units which cooperate within themselves and work together as a whole to form the vast and intricate organization we know as Arkansas State College. ww' f if-if ' - . -' 1 ,fi1,.,. , QWA V h ff"W1"Wm-- x My - in -4" I lu '? rl' z 1 -U l ' 3 n C11 ' l. Q lg 19' ' A7 u fl? , -.Q W- IQ' Us fxgxi 4 R. -,mx . i ' X NX-gxkk 1 W-NS"-YA, ' X .XM Xi X x Q 2 v A""w Q A N , , M X , , -,,..-fp '1, n ,K - 'S V t A , K 1 . - 'XXX Q -5 1 X ' ' M' -M., , ,. 1 i x, x .X '-N...,x.-nw-4-A Q T-5 Q -ss' ' N"4-N. -'Li?,vN 1"Q W'5"w F ' , 3 Q 'L fm, ff 1 fww 'M uv r A h nf- Q. Fl 4.-.,. in Anil' 5 0-Ov-Q Q n -uw-5. ,.,yf.s . 1 ' "Keg gf - s4a'i..E" A ' -milf' 14 -"2:.',Y"' fa" 5.4 4 i . Ay r . Q K f 4 .vi 3' + - , , ' , ,- 4-'Q . . wg'--,,-L, ' , - HU" A 1 " ,' Wx A 1 ' - 4. . g z.. , ' -+A f - f- -- .,. 1 W ,QW , I. , V, . , Y 1 . r ,"c 'U ' "' 'Q ' ' ' I J , 'WWW' 'H' 'x , .,,-. ,Q - - , . I , Q 1' k W" ' 'Z' 'kd 1- 'TLT' ' ' , . , 15 1 X"-.L U ' ' 'M . 4. + . ' "'u'-- , 'I +wn"..5'f" "C--54 ' X ' " '-'W' -A 1 N " -1 - 1- V '1"...-I1 JK, fin-X11-I " ,- :Jw " ' 7-.,' ' . 'A ' H- 1 W' ki. l'1T'f-'fi-42-"f fffgffi, ISM ' was ' ' f ' +f 1,..1 X y x M14-.f 1' " I -4 .' 2'1"-F 1' ' -- ' A - -'L "-h ,' " - " ,' X n A, .xp ,, - lm, ,. H.. - . U 1 , , QM . . ,fxr ,A,,.H: .K.3. . ,.,. XA 'E 4,4 Clif'-' .P ' ,gm g"",2"f-xX"'5' ,,,. if N " V '4..' I X V ' W 0 'K'-Q ' . 1' X ' ' 4,3 g.."I-ff. ' F." f. -1-'HU s'u,'sf.', W +x""- .5 X X . '. ' b I ,X-', wk y ' ' ' X J Q IV' 'Sli M' ' nail- " ' f- 1 . -fes, ' ' . ff- .' ."'fH-fi'-V' , . ' +' W . ' , , K , xy , X X , . . Arkansas Sfafe Board of Trusfees Russell Owen Marked Tree Van Smith Tuckerman 125 x,xxxxXlXyxx Ii, me 5'vf" 'wibh 1 Qu' XX. . ' K :ww'zN' ?4'?29 1 E-' X , . A 16' I 52:5 ,,,. f " 1rf'Q iq! .V-. E45 f -. : I ' "- f -dx 12? Ere! W'-,Zh - yi -.Y-: Q' K ' links: UN pJ,'-- ........ --QSQX3' Nxxxxxv' Q15- ug!! ff Max Poe Pocahontas William Wyatt Blytheville J. H. Smith Birdeve 0 n ,yfq Y ,, -. JY - 1 V 4 5 F6533 o ns' - f v ' , ' xr A x A M 'Q 15 1 , yr- N sv f Q V . A ,Q 'x .--wg -uv .4 'ang .ww-.-. -U' ,Z ,. h I ---. .f - ,. ,Af V , 1 9, - --xx 74- V , - Jan, ' , 1, ., V . 0 ,., . 's, 4, - A .-',.,.rf ,I ,- -'M - G - - -'-- A ' -,- x,,f,fN N- .I - A , f .aw '--.W Av , -Vx -F i- -,.-, -Y , 0,5 f-fx N 14.0 f .ML 5 .K - nr- -sY:A:g,.,.,,.f,,j-.5 W 1 A KV A U V 4' . I V NMI, ,V ' ' gat-74 - ji-"' ' ....-Q-.nv ---- -sur , . ., . - .f::" T ,, ..ff ' ":"52f3::.e . .,g.. .W--A' -'1:f,p' .J E K ' ja-: Mfr x k X A-State President Leads Progressive Surge fa mamma A fine public speaker, Arkansas State President Carl Reng is called upon to speak on many occasions. In his eleventh year at the helm of Arkansas State College, Dr. Carl Reng has provided expert guidance and direction in realms of administration. Laying groundwork vital to the process of expansion, Dr. Reng has repeatedly proved that he has the knowledge, strength of character, and depth of vision needed to lead a rapidly growing college. He has performed his task with vigor and dignity. Under his leadership, Arkansas State has advanced from a lowly college to a booming institution in serious contention for university status. His ability, his untiring efforts and his devotion to duty have won him wide acclaim for his administrative achievements. In addition to his time-consuming task as college president, Dr. Reng is a popular figure at various civic and educational meetings and conventions. Dr. Carl Reng will long be remembered for his outstanding work at Arkansas State. ,Ks head adniinistrzitor of the college. Dr. Reng receives many gifts each tear in behalf of the school. Faculty luncheons, Alumni banquets. and other important events fill much of the president's time. 3 ""' P eiiiie l ' F' 98. '5 Dr. Carl Reng, President of Arkansas State, has lcd the college in its push for progress. Administrative Duties In Capable Hands 135- Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker Vice President in Charge of Instruction Lloyd C. Howell Registrar From the time a student comes to Arkansas State until the proud day when he accepts his diploma, he depends heavily upon each member of the College administrative staff. Some members of this staff can depend on a long line of students trooping to their offices with problems large and small, while others work in the background, their accomplishments not obvious. Nevertheless, each has his niche in the overall plan. Heading the two main categories in the job of run- ning the College are: In the Business Division, Mr, L. Cameron, vice president in charge of Business and Purchasing, whose jurisdiction covers everything dealing with college fi- nances. The Academic Division, which has Dr. N. D. Hazel- baker as vice president in charge of Instruction, takes care of all problems relating to the various departments and the studies in those areas. Another division of far-reaching importance to the College is that of Field Services, headed by Mr. Ray H. Hall. This office carries publicity concerning Arkan- sas State all over the territory served by the College. To detail all the work and planning which go into the School's operation by these staffs would fill books. Suffice it to say that year after year they reach out to cover the rapid expansion and bring it into line smoothly. 'F eff KX Larry Adams Robert Yates IBM Operator IBM Operator Ralph Uliilalcll Supvrintcndent of Buildings and Grounds ..,N, b A cw X Linual Cameron Mrs. W. W. Neilrow Vice President in Charge of Finance Cafclcrizi Manager in rrrr 1 , W, H. Pope W. W. Haynes Accountant and Office Manager Superinlcmlenl of Farms U ff! ' ' '22 S53 jimmy McCluskev Don Denny Guidance Director' Director of Men's Housing Cooperation Was The Key To Good Year Yi N, 1' Aww K, . ,ff if Peggy Stroud Associate Dean of Students Robert Moore Dean of Students ...flies Fred Paxton Associate Director of Field Services Dean Moore, dean of students, and Peggy Stroud, associ- ate dean of students, have the enormous task of advising and solving the problems of all the A-State students. Always filled with throngs of students, the dean of students' office is cone tinually helping the students and parents with problems galore and a multitude of questions. The Field Services, con- taining the Pacement Bureau, is under the able supervision of Ray Hall. Desired jobs and positions for graduating seniors and graduates are filled in the Placement Bureau. The AAState Library boasts a wellarounded collection of 50,000 volumes. These instructional materials are carefully selected to meet the educational objectives of the various departments of in- struction. The library operates for the faculty and student alike on a three-point basis: research, general study, and recreational reading. Efficient service and help is given to all by head librarian, lvilliam VVhitehead, and his able assistants. Up-to-date library equipment such as the microfilm reader and the electric charging machine help keep A-State's library one of the finest. Rav Hall Director of Field Services William Whitehead Head Librarian .NL .x r-4,47 Xlildrccl Xlorrtgouicri. l'.Ic.l nor Kirks and Ella Marr ians. llrornpson. Assistant lilnrxlr- "Physical Fitness Program" Qld Hat Here ww., ,W ilu IFR, Xe.,-3' ei' Members of the staff in the Physical Education Department are: lSFIIlFdl Mr. King Block, Dr. Linus Dowell. Mr. A. Tomlinson. lStandingj Miss Evelvn Prescott. Mr. Bill Caldwell, Mr. jesse john- Under the expert direction and supervision of Dr. Linus Dowell, the Arkansas State College Physical Education program provides healthy recreational activi- ties and provides courses for college requirements. "Intramurals" install in every campus man and coed the spark of keen competition. The Physical Education department is responsible for the outstanding intramural program offered by Arkansas State. Students participate in such various intramural sports as football, basketball, bowling, bridge, tennis, volleyball, softball, track, swim- ming and many more. The state of Arkansas and surrounding areas also profit from our efficient department by the excellent cheerleading and twirling clinics offered. Our "yell lead- ers" are excellent examples of the spirit and enthusiasm of the physical education department. Clubs in the physical education department include the UA" Club, composed of A-State lettermen with an athletic spirit and attitude. Meanwhile, the girls who participate in the intramurals have formed the Women's Athletic Association, well-known for their superb work on campus. The Square Dance Club and the PEMM Club round up the marvelous clubs anyone interested in this department may take part in. Dr. Linus Dowell Head of the Department of Physical Education son, Mrs. Gladys McPike. Mr. Larry Lacewell. Mr. jimmy Iackson. Mrs. Alto Burns. 1' v 1 , if! ?,X X3? O i Q S , fir , . v , X, 9 , K, A igivhfl. 3 i .S 5 , Q Y lv if iw 1 , . . ' 1 F 4 b. . Q . Q. X V ' 6, ff. f - Q . '+G . f f ff 1 i . gf i 3+ - ., ,eff FNQX' , ft Rough and tumble blocking and unending hustle were salient features nl' the intrzrmnrnl football prograrn. Freshman hows get a Chance to show their Skills in' basketball as 2 part of their physical education ClZlQ6Q. wi' .- . ' . ' ' ' 1, I , I ,, ag- Q Q- -E r ,V - , 1- v is Nw A qi X K mg Q w 1ffgP..,.., A V ,. Q K , I ,A M, Q , 4 Q ,X C-' " K ,QM 'fwgggg wif., vgskl' - I 'B ' s e 'sn ,.1 103 3 b 4 Wi, Business Careers Have Ca able well-trained men and wornen are in con- P 1 atant demand in today's business world. In response to this need, the Department of Business and Economics has instituted a program based on two objectives. First, the department offers students a broad basic education in anticipation of graduate study. Second, it strives to send skilled, enthusiastic men and women into the busi- ness and economic occupations of their choice, including the teaching of business subjects. The de artment offers ma'ors in accountin . busi, P J 3 ness administration, business education, and economics. A special twoeyear course leading to a secretarial certifi- cate is also included in the program. The economics curriculum is in the liberal arts tradition. The study of society as a whole and the rela- tionship of economics as a major world-directing disci- pline are emphasized. Both the theoretical and the practical sides of business are explored. Pi Omega Pi is A-States national honorary business fraternity. Dr. K. E. Lucas Head of the Department of Business and Accounting Members of the staff in thc Business and .accounting department are: frlorkwixel Mrs. Katherine Green, Mr, Charles Hood, Mr. Charles Yaeger, Mr. Fred Robinson, Dr. Sterling Mclean. Dr. Robert A Bookish Beginning X :tit j my s- -'sin -4 -. 312355 ' .li if 17 XSS - I-' siege i . sf- X5 ' W K '33, sz Fcrralasm, Miss Rclmctra Collins. Mr, Nlarshall Dinsruore. Dr. Chester Carruthers. Mr. james llftlllilll. Sli: Pat lillchratht. Dr, K. F. Lucas s N S Kwkt---t'A'ws 1 Eli VSBWAEE Decision, Action, Obedience Learned Here M 1 "JJ .ffl Members of the staff of the Military Science Department are: Front Razr, left tn right: Captain john Espey. Lt. Col. Donald Putman, Col. Robert Treneman. Captain Ken Hrfilziin, Captain Marshall Under the expert leadership of Colonel Robert A. Treneman, the A-State Military Science Department ranks among the top in the nation. A-State's fine ROTC Department, staffed with top Army career men, attempts to train cadets in such military knowledge as marks- manship, organization, leadership, military history, map reading, and weapons maintenance: all essential infor- mation for a soldier's education. Drilling once a week, and attending two class lectures hardly affords enough time to produce a smoothly running unit, yet according to Federal Inspection, State has produced a top-notch group. A-State ROTC's main objective is to give every student military training and to provide qualified lead' ers for Uncle Sam's army. The ROTC makes its pres- ence known on campus by sponsoring the more gala social event of the year-the Military Bally ushering for assemblies and games, honoring outstanding cadets, and by showing off their fine drilling knowledge and preci- sion on the drill field each Thursday afternoon of the vear. Col, Robert A. Treneman Head of the Department of Military Science Skidmore. Second Row: Sgt. Nick Hunt. NI!Sgt. james XYhite. SFS ltilitis xvE'Il7C'l, SFC Charles Daniels, SFC Bill Hill. L..! These Qrndents are being issued rifles for me in thc weekly Thursday drill. Well fitted nnifrwrns arc important, too. if the cadet is to with, "jim like wwlwms :ind Indians," tlmtk what tliew ziggwiwr lmu-N stand the rigid inspection. are thinking as they ambush the friendly troops in the Military Science field problem. 1,49 ' ,9- DJ in-' xi r- 4 t X X Y X. , 'hi V 1' la- if I 321645, , 5' v N ai .-K QQGZJENV5 Za F . ,.,f aug? 1 wr' s f - ,VM ti . i S s KN -M i , . -.... isa . K L:v,5j:.,j2fi5:,z-g'5 af 1 e , , .'5::.'?5:'Xlf2'15':-Fip:::i5-:Eir... - .9 Dr. Calloway helps the Social Science majors make our their CUIIITBCIS ns they look inward graduation, Visiting speakers and well planned programs add interest to the meetings of the Social Science Club. x 5 2' 108 These students display hats they have made in the Home Eco- nomics class, a sub-division of the Social Science Department. ....--4' ?,f- ,rw Studying Yesterday To Plan For Tomorrow The Department of Social Science offers courses designed to prepare the student for citizenship in our modern society and to give the students an understand- ing of his neighbors and their problems. Other objec- tives expressed for the Social Science students are explaining today's world problems, teaching critical thinking and tolerance of spirit and attitude, training for citizenship in our own country, preparing for voca- tional social work, the ministry, governmental work, and the teaching angle. Majors offered in this increasingly popular field include history, geography, political sci- ence, sociology and a minor in Home Economics. Active departmental clubs are an important asset to any depart- ment, and the Social Science Dept. boasts of such excel- lent organizations as International Relations Club, Home Economics Club, Sociology Club, and the Social Science Club. Under the expert guidance of Dr. james E. Calloway, head of the Social Science Department, a total of H8 majoring students have chosen social science as their field. Dr, lanics Calloway Head of the Department of Social Science Members nf the staff in the Social Science Department are: fF7'077f Row, left to rightj Mr. james Griner, Dr, Homer I-Iuitt, Mrs. Mary Brown, Miss Edith Chapman, Dr. Donald Konold. fSF!'071d Rouij Dr. Q7 Communication Goes Electronic Ar ASC vw Members of the staff of the Language and Literature Department: rlfirft Rozu, left In riglztj Mrs. Bill Carter, Mrs. Carl Stewman. Mrs. Brad XValker. Mrs. Elizabeth Neeley, Miss Carolyn Landon. Miss The study of languages and literature is an ancient oneg but the outlook of the Arkansas State Department of Languages and Literature is up-to-date, and facilities are distinctly modern. Because a command of our language is a tool basic to all phases of learning, the department has set up a liberal education program to provide comprehensive training in this fundamental skill. This program is designed to increase ability in oral and written communication, and to promote an appre- ciation of the various phases of literature in all students enrolled in the basic education program. A practical basis for professional careers, as well as a better under- standing of the fine arts, is afforded by majors in Eng- lish, theater, and foreign languages. Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatic fraternity, has a chapter on the A-State campus. Depart- mental clubs are Featherpens, Arrowhead Players, and Modern Language Club. A student literary publication, "The Belles Lettresf' is sponsored by the Featherpens. Dr, O. F. YVhite Head of the Department of Language and Literature Eleanor Lane. fSf'cond Rnwj Arthur Matthews, Mr. Thomas Saw- vers, Mr. Delbert Culver. fThird Rmuj Mr. johnny Benton. Mr. Robert Phillips. Mr. Earl Check. Mr. Arthur XVolk. -Ili! . .Ili 'QX '-Ili Q f a., 4 N, v N' Q 3 - 'RC A'-Q 5, f A ,. I.. .0 is .,X. : ' , L. W' 'U X ,A t Y r 'Q X5 .X , eg E , H-fl it 9' 2 M' swift was xx if N 3 -xx ,- AK X . x X str- ' X V 1" Us Af X . .es Student teachers learn to teach their students by effective methods of class participation. This aquarium lets the pupils learn about water life through simple onservation. Mrs. Barton councils with some young teachers-to-be, attempting to give them some useful suggestions. ' St: -- - islwwamm New-N. NT.. ,Mm Q, K 'Q . ' 'iw "Q ,N -mg ur-" , ww sv h -uv- . -saw -+- A :X X st x Qt. we in .fs X 2 N .- 3 N, F' .si N A1315 t'i2ig,f'fFQ5,1.f J W, Sfudenfs Teachers Prepare for 'rhe Fufure The objectives of the Department of Education and Psychology are based on the belief that teaching is a profession. The teacher-training program at Arkansas State is organized to give education a prolessional emphasis. This emphasis is obtained by providing experiences that will enable the prospective teacher to develop a practical, sensitive philosophy of education and to assume the responsibilities of leadership. The department seeks to promote an understanding of the culture in which we liveg to develop sound scholarship and professional skill: and to foster an appreciation of the contributions of American public education to our society. Kappa Delta Pi is the national honorary education fraternity on the campus. Student National Education .Xssociation is an Ofgllllllflflllll for all education students, Each ol' the various programs oI'l'ered bv the de- partment insures comprehensive general education specialiled scholarship, and professional competence. Prufessorof Education and l'syt'hology and Head of the Education department, Dr. Patil Couch attempts to train tomorrow's teachers in the latest methods and thus prepare them for future responsibilities. EDl'C,-XTION DEPARTMENT I-'.XCl'L'l'Y: ifrnnl row, Iwft to rfghlj: Lillian Barton, Dr Paul Couch. Dr. Mildred Vance Dr. 4 . 1 x ff 'Q X , ' 7935 :TS .g W.. f Agriculture For Today's Farming Methods www!! '13 '29 30 vac 2 11:9-1: vm AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT FACULTY Qfront row, left to riglztyz Dr. L. N. Hochstetler, Dr. Amos B. Rougeau, Herman F. 1-51- -- .l Arkansas State was originally established as an agri- cultural schoolg it is appropriate that the college still boasts a fine Department of Agricuture. Located in one of the nation's richest agricutural areas, the college farm is well equipped with the build- ings, facilities, livestock, and machinery which are so essential for practical instructional purposes. An ex- tensive curriculum enables the student to specialize in the phase of agriculture in which he is most interested. The department offers majors in agricultural education, animal husbandry, agricultural business and economics, general agriculture, horticulture, agronomy, and agri- cultural engineering. Arkansas State is fully approved by the United States Office of Education and by the State Board for Vocational Education of Arkansas as a teacher-training institution for instruction of voca- tional agriculture. The department is geared to provide a liberal and general education, as well as thorough preparation in the fundamental science and practices of agriculture. Dr. Olen P. Nail, professor of Agriculture Education and Head of the Agriculture Department, has satisfaction in knowing his students come to him with a definite goal in mind - to master the problems akin to the soil. Williams, Dr. Dewey McNiece, Dr. Russell H. Austin, Qsecond mwj: james L. Davenport, Freddie J. Peterson, Dr. Olen P. Nail, and W. Murphey. ,S it -'-o-A Q al' 'sm BI:- an mt i Top hands make up the Agriculture Dcpztrtmcnt's Livestock judging 'l't'nin. These fellows are tmined tu Lnmv gum! tuttle - .t qtntlitx that can make moncy for za farni operator. The qucstiun isn't who's on first, hut whrfs on lungwt, as tlxirctlciils livcn the lllllllllll Agri Day Rmlcn, Here, spiritctl ziniinztls :irc lirsrtlul towzirtl the thutcs. A inutltly truck sluwctl thc gtttitwn this blaring, but in swine utscs A this Une in pgntictilaui. nctnntty sms more important than speed. This .X-Starter is eyeing at tall ishith li .tlimtly .ts good as roped. H522 ,. 3 , j if 4.,t:--qwpanb, A , rig -X 1 l 3 ' ' 'ill' It A 5 Rt-kg. ,. . . fftttgw ., W fi 55,5 N -3- FA -x K . .,,. Q. . ,X 5 ll 4.1 v . W. 4, -,, . , QQ., , V , , 1 1 , ,. in N , -4 t 1 - 18- . N - . . ,h 9 1 5 , '. - 'N -kj 9 N' t Ji A - . 4 t ,,,, ':w'K'1f.I'-.3753 tp' -.t: 7 . 1: ' ' ' "A .IQ :Q ' -I u- Mfg, If lan ' ' ms ,, WV 'Y' ' kg "M nl V I N tkjvi - I ' -Q .Q Fx- Q-3 if"-L -5 ..x.-N .,.. ., , ,qv .. .,:f::' Q2 , P 1 , A.-15,5 T- K wr: - . - . -315.-f?',f""' , saw y , , t P' . .AM Fila N Q' 4" ll . , . gfzgffffgfazf , Q ., f' - '-- , -, 1. 5112, .1 ' W, n e.- -, L-- - .441- ' v--,, - if 4.4 Q"--.""-V.- - QRW we . '+ . 25 42,--i: '- ...a. ' -e h-, . , , a.- ff' ' Q' fffa? air, .-t.. .,, x . 'N Q .WI F . . lx . v 74 n ,I l ' 6.2 W... . Q9't' Q-tt- -5. - PS. nwgix . , A J '3Y5wE'R'4'41 ' if in 5 A bt . J, kt- W 1 N N 1 'uf 'Af ffvg. .xg X ,N V QPSKJ- W1 "'k.".vx--Au I 5 . Q x cfm l.,t"'N 3 'ix wi' ' N ' , . 2221- ,. " 115 :ps-gg, lu-v N... 0,0 n 953.93 5 u L L . 5 4 - '2 4 . 3, - ' .-i.:- Q. H' wif'- , vw? viii.. A new 1000-watt FM transmitter graces the Radio Department now. Operating on 91.9 niegacycles, it provides power for the only non- tuinniertial 1-'NI radio station in Arkansas. :just 'lakin' it Easy, It's My Lazy Day" might be the tune these Beating the clodt has become a daily habit for these Slate College disc junkies are playing. The College radio station, KASU-FM, is Herald staffers. 'I'hey're preparing copy for the weekly college operated tmnpletely by journalism students. newspaper. .J Na j IX we , L. ,- n l Modern Journalism Arkansas State is recognized over a wide area as a producer of top-notch young people trained in jour- nalism and its allied fields. This reputation is a direct result of the goal of the Departnient of Radio, journalisin and Printing: to send skilled iuen and women with alert, disciplined minds into newspaper editorial rooms, radio stations, printing plants, and-into research and teaching. Students gain active on-the-air experience as they use the facilities of K.-KSU-FRI, Arkansas' only non- conunercial, educational radio station. Valuable ex- perience in newspaper journalism is provided through work on the "Herald" staff. The "Herald" is recognized as one of the leading college newspapers in the nation. Arkansas State is the only institution of higher learning in Arkansas which offers work leading to a degree in printing. The well-equipped printing plant provides practical experience in the different phases of printing. Departmental organizations are Press Club, Graphic Arts Club. and Ki-XSI' Broadcasters, Head of the Department of Radio, News- paper, and Printing, is L. W. '4Tex" Plun- kett, whose hearty laugh is his trademark. If you don't know "Tex," you d0n't know Arkansas State, JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT FACULTY: ffmnt row, left to rightj: Bob Kern, L. W. "Tex" Plunkett, Charles Rasberry. Qback 1 "?s:!H.... ...... t For Communicalions aww! romp: Bob Roberts, Roh Ruff, and Bill Thornton, idioms' :xv X ISN Kl'1 I- YY .f-'K 5 x .5 Y. f " ,Q 2 5 Science Sfirs Imagination Upwarcl, Culward Q5 Hg SCIENCE DEPARTMENT FACULTY ffrmzt mum left to rightj: Dr. Dewey H. Sifford, Iohn Clark, Dr, YV. XV. Nedrow, Mrs, Melen- dia Bennett, Miss Flodell Appleton, Baird V. Keister, Daniel O. Fells. Rm' E. Duwsmi, lwrnmi rmrj: Dr. Howard Moore. Dr. Joe M. Anderson, Herman I.. Bogan. Dean B. Ellis, Trov Blue, Vernon Perhaps no field of learning is more exciting and challenging than that of science. Science plays an in- creasingly vital role in the world of today and will continue to do so in the world of tomorrow. At Arkansas State, the scientific studies assume a properly sig- nificant 'place in the curriculum. The program of the Science Department develops the skill and use of fundamental and scientific concepts. The faculty of the Science Department. headed by Dr. W. W. Nedrow, is the largest of any department at Ark. State - an indication of the emphasis A-State places on this important area of study. Pre-professional courses offered by the department are- physics, engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and medical technology. The Science and Math Dept. has many excellent clubs affording various activities in which majoring students may participate and further their scientific prowness and search for knowledge. Examples of these many clubs include the Meter-Liter Club, open to any majoring student. Top students in the field are eligible for membership to Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary biological fraternity. Dr. XV. XV. Nedrow, professor of Biology and head of the Science Department, at- tempts to guide his students in their search for the secrets of nature and the elements therein. Gifford, Vlilliam Byrd, Dr. Shelton P. Applegate. Ithirrl routjt Dr. Donald XV. I-light, Earl Hanehrink. Dr. Hlilliam B. McCrady, Dr. Eugene B. Vlittlake, Michael B. glohnnedes, Marshall Matthews, and Elmer C. Mayes. sf' x n 1 I '-1X1 V . fn -5 9 M'-Q., . t Many Science courses require long hours spent i Displms of scientific families and phvlums are often very useful in helping the students learn and associate the various members one with another. n the lab in order to master the Long hours of study and crn to truly he orientated to the g fe serif scientific method. cful analysis Sciences. arc' nctcssnrv if one is 119 54 E, We Q -'E'-. i ' frat vig gif N x 120 ,, :mama-.wmwu ru Practice makes perfect - that's the policy followed by Don Minx in regards to his marching Indians. An exhibits display the talents of young HrliSlS 35 they Seek I0 Nut to be excluded, vocal presentations played the equally import- develop latent skills and master accepted techniques. ant role of providing a cultural approach to music. X 931- " QM., -- ,W A V, t, X 5 'ab 1 3 '- . 4 t it z . rfsirli t .V me-..:-.e. R Q5 1 se A 1 .. Q. . -, A Q A L ., . . ? Q XS , xl 7 'ev Y if ' 1 4- E I I F 1 Fine Arfs fo Aid Creativity, Appreciation Encouraging students to develop a more sensitive l consciousness of design and beauty in the ordinary 5 things of nature and daily life is one of the chief purposes of the Department of Fine Arts. The department believes an emphasis should be X placed upon man's aesthetic responses to his environ- N ment. The basic philosophy of the college stresses oppor- tunity for students to develop natural capacities and talents. The Department of Fine Arts seeks to realize these goals through general classes for all students in addition to the specialized curricula for majors in the fine arts. Students are encouraged to participate in the various activities sponsored by the department as a further means of giving dynamic meaning to their developing aesthetic perceptions. Art exhibits, musical organiza- tions, and departmental clubs are included in the departments program. One of the most popular musical organizations of the department is the widely-aclaimed Indian Klarching Band. Ur. Duane ll. Haskell, Viufessm' of Music and Head uf the Fine Arts Department, spearhexuls the drive to increase the aps y preciatiuu for art and music among his N students and stands reaflv lu assist them in their learning process, i sq, FTNE ARTS DEPARTMENT FACULTY: ffrrmt rnnf, Iwfl I0 Nlinx, llzivitl Nietlerbrach. jan li. Seifert, .-X. Lemiarcl Farley. Dan rzglzljz Harold XVOrman, Miss Harriet Byrd, Mrs, Doruthy Clarke, F. Hlfwilftl. Miss Mary Elizabeth Beck. fbnck VUTUHZ Allen P, Lehl, Donald R, r 'in 1 erik? N - Lp. . . ,'f1't"' 1 Y, .an -vw, S 3 M .Y 5, .K S ix .ss 1 1: ' " LZ --N -rx I , ' " M1 .Y , ' Seniors Class of l962 ' .fgji The flying demon from Lambda Chi Alpha roars down the stretch in the fun-filled running of the pushcart derby. Row l: Glen D. Adznns, Bono: Mary T. Adams, jones- borog Mary Adams, Carawayg Donald Alexander, Mountain Home: Carita Anderson, Lepantog Howard Alsey, Jonesboro. Row 2: Gilbert Arnold, Little Rock: Kareem Asal, Walnut Ridge: 0 na .Xslileyil-U-loncsboro: John Babb, -' 'X Pu-u-I - s, Y YP' m ti HC!! ' 1 1 H ru xxx lu Portageville, Mo.g Loretta J. Bailey, Leachvilleg Roger YV. Baldwin, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Row fl: jerry L. Ballinger, Senath, Mo.g Linda Barnes, Jonesboro: Harvey E. Barton, Aloneshorot John Barton. Pine Bluff: lloe L. Bass, Lepanto: Dovne Frank Bateman, Paragoulcl. ,cs 'V J F Nl inf' Row 1: Carolyn Bednar, Jones- borog Richard Beeson, Parking Rebecca Belew, North Little Rock, Jimmie Sue Benton, Salem. Row 2: lViln1a XV. Benton, Tru- inanng Robert Bigger, Pocahon- tas, Bobby Bivens, North Little Rock: xlimnry Blackburn, Para- gould. Ron' 3: Harold Blocker, Leach- ville: Dorothy Book, Bono: Robert Brakensiek, Marked Tree, Rick Bramlett, Cardwell, Mo. Row -l: Elaine Brann, Swiftong Nlathilcla Brasher. Lafeg AD,on.. Breytspraak Mountain Home: Charles Brooks, Nlaynard. Row 5: james Brownstein, New- port: Bernice Bruner, ,lones- borog Dorothy Bruner, Bay: Charles Buchanan. Jonesboro. Rau' 6: Martha Buchanan, Cu- ruthersville, Mo.: Ralph E. Buhrinester, Jonesboro: Patsy Burden, Cash: Jack Burns, Ken- nett, Mo. PM 'Y-'-S., Row 7: Phil Burns, YVest Menl- phisg john Buster, XVest Mem- phis, johnny Byler, Boswell: jean Byrd, Jonesboro. -l-.-4 5. ist, X '55 bv Qi VS' 665 9' .nn .z ,mf ,,....o .S B G+. ' I'2,TQ3"5F.Q,Y.Z.If2':"'5,Qf:l. Z.g.7"?.': 4. .. l l rw . KW' 1 . kxgfq.. . rx, X 2 .X x XX 4 K ' x X C I fK"C 'SS Q.. 'ff' ,.... Qs? '15 ef Row 1: Clyde Calvin, Rector, Bill Camp, Jonesboro: Kenneth Cam torg Daniel Canada, Marked Tree. Row 2: Gracie Carr, Jonesborog Billy Cartwright, Paragouldg NVilliam Cate, Walnut Ridge: Gary Cavenor, Jonesboro. Row 5: Don Chailland, Kennett Mo., Carolyn Cheek, Swiftong Herbert D. Chrisman, Leach- villeg Kenneth Clark, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Row el: Margaret Clark, Mar- inatlukeg Glenn Coggins, Agnosg Ronald Cole, Jonesboro, Bon- nie Coleman, Jonesboro. Row 5: Bettye Collier, Blythe- villeg Thomas Collier, Caraway: PllI11 Of0j Henry Cook, Kennett, Mo. Row G: Will Cooley, Jonesborog Gary Cooper, Augusta, Jane Copeland, Monetteg Samuel Cor- bett. Jonesboro. Row 7: George Cotner, Manilag Sue Covington, Jonesborog Billy Joe Cox, Mfynne, Billy Cre- ineens, Dalton. Row l: XX'illia1u Crismon, Ncelyville, Mo.g Charles Crow Rector: Max Crow, Lake City: Clarence B. Crowder Poplar Bluff, Mo.: joe Cyr, Ayonesborog Donald Da mizmo, -loncsboro. Run' 2: Ilrmzr Davis, Rector: Ricllruxl Davis, xloncsboro x, lmogcnc l36KlCIll, Pnrugoulclz I.lllIllJC1'l C. Dial, l5l'lllklLL H lmbmu ..,..,, Q N if if -H- Y ' Ng: l X 'R 'P' -HQ... l1lN Seniors Closs of l962 One of the participating groups in the Alpha Gam Talent Show was this new quartet representing Tan Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Row l: Martha Eason, Jonesborog Harold Edwards Blythevilleg Donald Ellis, WVynneg ' ' Wal nut Ridge: Bobby Erwin, Jonesboro, Clifford Eubanks Paragould. Row 2: James F. Evans, Parsons, Tenn., Robert Everett, Lakeland, Fla., ,Terr' Everett, Pa' ' An war Faily, Baghdad, lraqg Mildred Fain, Brandenton, Fla.g Wayne Fair, Jonesboro. Row 3: Shirley Farley, Caraway, Glenda Fergeson Jonesboro, Naomi R. Files, Hunter: Eddie Fleeman Hunterg Patricia Floyd, Marvell: Ronald Floyd, Jones boro. -'Q' D4 an-.S Q... 1. tif- .geek ' f 'Pflw R0w1i Syble Forister, Greenville, Mo.: Lowell Foster, Caruthersville, Mo., Judy Fowler, Jonesboro. Row 2: James Frierson, Jones- boro: Hubert Fuggett, Jones- boro: Charlotte Gamble, Jones- boro: Buford Gardner, Fayette- ville. Ron' 3: Richard Garrison, Thay' er, Nlo.: Martha Gatewood. Rector: Betty Gibson, Caraway: John Gibson. Bridgeton, Mo. Row bl: Faye Gilliam, Jones- boro: Fred Glover, Jonesboro: Jack Glover,' Tyronzag Nina Gogue, Rector. Hou' 5: Clinton Gore, Forrest , -tel, City, Louis Graftenreed, Para- gouldg Cynthia Graham, Forrest City: Tabitha Gramling, YVal- cott. Row ti: -"' rves Forrest ,Ciqgg-Ellis Gray, Jonesboro: XVilliam Gray, Oklahoma City, Okla.: Ellen Green. Deering, Mo. Row 7: Marvin Hagaman, Stutt- gartg James Hall, WVillifordg VVillard Hall, Jonesboro: Bill Halstead, Jonesboro. .f-X We 'L' Nazi Wh' -e,-H-Q. qs... N-.-' Row 1: Clarence Hamman, Alonesborog David Harris, Hox- ie, James Harris, Forrest City: jean Harris, Jonesboro. Huw 2: arris, onesbor ' Charles Harrison, Cardwell, Mo., Mary Hartsoe, Cardwell, NIO.: Billy Hatch, Manila. Run' 3: -Ieanean Hayes, Lake City: Freddie Heise, Jonesboro: Thomas Helms, .lonesborog Iames Henderson. Tuckerinan. Rua' l: james Henry, Vfillifordg Richard Henshaw, Harrisburg, Patricia Herndon, Lepanto: Donna Herren, Paragould. Run' 5: Linda Hiett, Leachville: james Hill, Manila, Horace Hinshaw, Little Rock: Robert Hix, Jonesboro. Row 6: james Hodge, Arbyrd, Mo.: Charles Holbrook, Marked Tree: james R. Holland, Mar- madukeg Winston Holmes, Bay. R orgjg Lyn - Mo, Paul me House, Jonesboro. , n er, Jonesboro v . ' . i X x r N' I 2 Seniors Closs of l962 licliiuiluis :issumell .i new role as they assisted with the servinv Bl Row l: Shirley Howard, xlonesborog Jacqueline Howell Luxorag Allan Howton, Pzilestincg Charles Hughes Chaffee, BIO.: Buddy Hullett, Swifton: Dorothy jackson Paragould. Row 2: ,lack jackson, Jonesboro: Nlattye jackson. Swif 4-W QQ3 . ,yy 4959 Y v- V, if -. 'Fas S' ex ew ff'- .P-' b 1 as-.. r. 9 - X A, x x iss lg i D the frcslirnan pignil supper, tong jacn Ciro, Panama: james Johnson, Bayg Gary 'Jolliff Manila' Billy jones, El Dorado. Row 3: Donna hloncs, Harrisburg: Richard jones, Vunn- dalcg Rohr-rl Kully, Czirawziyg Bcity Kclly, klonesborog Allen Kilur, Jonesboro: Andy G. Killian, Calico Rock. fs 5 l l 4' l g '- '- nr.. i gg ,1 'ar' ,f,.. 221 2, is is 1, .,,, - y ,E Q E? W: Ii: A li ln It Q. ,, ,vs 4-gs, .Z -F Q Q.. fb , ' . ,i.fkl,f -,s..a- 1 5 'N' ' ,f . i f - '," xxtE4Q , . is ' 4, - gg: N f xq A - ' f P - rw- r -" 4'- "' 1 I Q rv .. ' Af' inf- .Q R - ,Q Qi N, 'lf s sf ifii X Q7 Seniors Closs of i962 Highlight of the Homecoming sea- son was the selection of these five young ladies lo reign over th: festivities of the week. Row 1: jerry King, Jonesboro, Linda King, Rector: ames Laws, Forrest City: Thomas Robert King, Duck Hill, Miss.g Aubrie Lackie, Bragg Lawson, Marked Tree. City, Mo., Douglas Ladner, Blythevilleg Dexter Lambert, Cardwell, Mo. Row 3: Richard Leech, Pine Bluff, Tommy Leonard, Row 2: Dianna G. Lancaster, Jonesboro, Amelia Laner- Saladog Beacher Lewis, Manila, Donna Locke, Cash: eth, jonesborog George Lasater, Paragouldg Ronald Looney, Kennett, Mo.: Benny Lowery, Judsonia. wif' ima-'H ww Q4 R Q Row 1: Jerry Lutz, Blythevilleg Donna Lynch, Wilson, Linda Lyons, Jonesboro, Sally Lyttle, Jonesboro. Row 2: Carolyn Mabrey, lones- borog Frank Macon, Jonesborog James Malone, Jonesboro: Jerry Malone, Caruthersville, Mo. Row 3: Johnny Maples, Pine Bluff: Audrey Marshall, Jones- boro: James Marshall, Newport: Mary Marshall, WVard. Row Nl: Robert Masner, Mon- etteg Roland Mathis, Jonesboro, John Mauldin, McCroryg Pris- cilla Maupin, Paragould. Row 5: James Mebane, Wfynneg Earl R. Michles, Pocahontas: Judy Middleton, Blythevilleg Alfred Miller, Marked Tree. Row 6: Linda Mink, Elaine, Everett Minton, Jonesboro: Fred Mitchell, Jonesboro: Larry Moody, Jonesboro, Row 7: Warren-Moore, High- land, Ill.: Donald Morgan, Myrtle, Mo., Margaret Morgan, Weiner, Francis Moon, Jones- boro. .-:gy .3 ,,,Z,:,:2.:s:,.i"'E:,1w:s ii 'J' V- yi? ,SY vi ww 8:0 2-R ax -If we V., ' gs. 5... sult- 33' 'W V way 91' x., Row I: Tullos Morgan, Bay: Barbara Morris, Waldo: Carroll Morris, BW? . Little Rock. Row 2: Virginia Morrison, Jonesboro: Evelyn Murphy, Bay: Ronald Murphy, Bay: Donna McAdams, Hlillianisville, Mo. How 3: Patrick McAdams, jones- boro: Doyle McCain, Luxora: Gay McCormick, England: Au- brey McGinnis, Osceola. Row 4: Hazel McGowan, Tru- inann: Evelyn McHaney: Para- goulcl: Harlan Mclrlaney, Para- gould: lTotsy McKee, Trumann. Row 5: Gary McLeod, Esther, Mo.: James McMurray, Oxford, Miss.: Ralph McNees, Jones- boro: Gary McNutL, Walnut Ridge. Row 6: john Nelson, Blythe- ville: Q De- Quccn: Kathy Nugent, Card- well, Mo.: Marlin Nut, Jones- boro. Row 7: Alice Oakley, Deering, Mo.: l f, . ville: Calvin Owen, Bggg City, Mo.: Margie Pack, Jonesboro. Q kxx ' ., ev Seniors Closs of 1962 .J-1 ,"" Registration entails many related activities, among them the trying ordeal of taking class pictures for the Indian. Row l: Donald Parker, VVliite Hall, jimmy Parks, Trus rnanng Raymond Parsons, Malden. Mo.: Larry Peebles, Augusta, Neil Peevey, Coltg Bobby Pender, Gatewood, Mo. Edgar PL'l'l'y, Nlarrketl Tree: Elbert Person, Earl: Glenda Phillips, XVXIIIICZ Lewis Phillips, Crubbs. Row 3: xlzuncs Pickett, Little Rock: Nlarilynn Pickler, YValnut Ridge, D1't'xt'l Pierson, Franklin: R. V. Pierson Dermottg Bohette Piper, Pine Bluff: Glenn Poe, Jones- Rozv 2: Rance Perkins, Manila: Bob Perry, Houston: boro. 'Ms' -, Q. 3 1 Y' k-meg Q A' S' -53 ' " i? ,FS "'f ' ' """'E5:'i:1?IL?5' .-lr: . iz:-1' . ..., : ,.,, .' c-:ee-is-I:-:, ':1."2' t ki: if X X -Qs A X Q NY Q f 2' X OX 4 is ,ts X N Ax 's x at X X -Q t RN! I X 1 XS, l A , y .- .w --R...-ww ! 1. Yfsssziz.: X x N X X ix X JN gg A t. X R KX 5 ,ii Ni X vb xx X X W X s AS Ns X,..,.,., , t ,e . X ., Mx t -q3,5j:5gE:1:,:1 L51 :I R 4,1 ,gig . ,,,,e...,,,t,,,,,,.,,.t ,,. . . .tii,.,,, 2 I V 62' :Qs A- xsa- xi f X 5 5 NX A -.-.., 1-.f W, .' .-wiggzgy. srl X 5 .f ' - ' 3 f.'J:::fs':X "' 3 N . Q . ,Q L, X I x 1 3 Q-e 391 jp..-4 i"5'Y?'2v-. fees r Seniors Closs of 1962 Married students urged visiting drivers to practice safely rules as New a protective measure for campus children at play. Rozu l: Betty Poh ka, McCroryg Vera Pollard, Arbyrd, Mo., Thomas Pond, Corning: JoAnn Presson, Rector, Cecil Province, Jonesboro: Claudia Province, Jonesboro. Row 2: tr 11,4 Yzlnx LQ, Mo., Roberta Pruett, Rcctorgxfluliar PINK Skim: James Pullman, 2, T0 WELCOME G .4 s Q -lat e V wa I " ,. W, ix f N VILLA IA LY l Jqgisz nmva CAREHEEN P rzcr our CHILD Zilgorfz MENS COUNCIL 5. SGA 'Q 1 r fr, A11 jonesborog Fred Puryear, jonesborog Leland Ragsdale Mammoth Spring. Row 3: Betty Rains, Vfeinerg Betty Randlcnlan, Ray mond Ray, Marked Treeg Karlene Redman, Monette Nelle Reeves, X'Villiam Reeves, Palestine. QF , ,af 4? Q' 15" 'X x re ,f s X . , -W.-me-.QV - rwqxgs, 5, . R XA I 5 ' I-1 M 5 ,vig G- , H 9 , K I nr, . v xx ex -5 al l xl A ,,,' - Yi? , , il . ' 'K ,QQQQ111 L X .x . Q1 1 W' 'WIP-" vu. N -s" - ,ar ' 2 as nz Row 1: Emma Rhea, Saxton, Mo.: Michael Rice, Jonesboro: Carolyn Richesin, lonesboro: lqatirice Rider, Dyess. Row 2: Morris Ridge, Horners- ville, Mo.: Julia Riggs, jones- boro: Mary Roach, lonesborog Bonnie Roberts, Trumann. Row 3: Thomas Robertson, Sikeston, Mo.: Connie Robin- son, Searcy: Suzanne Robinson, Piggott. Row 4: jerry G. Rodgers, Mena: Lillie Rogers, Jonesboro: Char- les Rollins, Holcomb, Mo.: Richard Romine, X'Veiner. Row 5: jerry Roone , Thayer, Mo.: Phyllis Rowden, Pocahon- tas: Karl Rudi, Paragould: Veda Sample: Redlands, California. Row 6: Merritt Sanders, Forrest City: Gary Schwindt, Biggers: Daisy Senteney, l'Veiner: Ann Shannon, Searcy. Row 7: Harvey Don Sharp, Corning: jack Shelton, Jones- bowl Jimmy Shull, Hughes. R .:,,, .:,: ya.:-.W.,,. ss .. -sz s.--- s N-.,,.:.,1 -.-. , -m:.X:.ff .1-1- :- at -1-1:'-1:1's-s:z:::sssss:e:s:s:ae:.:a1::,1:,e:1::-1 '-N gn X xx X X s: X x r s ,E.,.Q,,u N ' 'f i , as 'lb .v -E' , 5 Sy ' rrp: .ht ,M-f.. 2 ., K 1, ' -x f an ,-: ...--N., .rms -n. '-fs...-. ww Nb 'L-:Y vc, Wi-" 1'-A wwf :D 'V' 'vntnf' ,sa ss .X .N ., ,. ,. ..s,., X .A N t.: ww - V, t :EES rgrifffessiy W s X. we sf X sg X 5? "vu, ,Q . ,....1.T:Y . .,t- A ,Q -A :Q ,1- 'fx N...-f s A gpg: ,gf j,, X :, v-V:-ss -as 1, sa-V . .,..,. x., 1,-:w "ii HSI ...J-1 -N IFR TTNQ Ffllfftf 'WE - , Q f:3sg"g5' Qs' j "f-V ' 5 S.. wt "L" Q14 X xy X U 9 ,V 5 x X . g i Y X N sqng "A N QQ at .ei am. QN 9 4 1 Row l: Joyce Shull, Hughes, Fred Sifford, Cardwell, Mo.: Nana! Sigler, lonesborog Don Sinko, Rector. Row 2: john Slayden, jones- boroz Bill Smith, Newport, Frank Smith, Jonesboro, George Smith. Beebe. Row 3: George R. Smith, Ma- nila: Gerald Smith, lVest Plains, Mo.: Larry Smith, Osceola, lVilliam Smith. Grafton. Ill. Run' el: Thomas Sneed, XfValnut Ridge: .lim Snipes, Alonesborog james Southard, Rodney, Gin- ger Sparks. Jonesboro. Row 5: jimmy Sparks, Bono, Edward Speak, Searcyg Don Spikes, Monette: -Ierry Starnes, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ron' 6: jerry Statler, Walnut Ridge: Mary Steckel, jones- boro: Raphael Stephens, Jones- horo: Galen Stringer, Light. Row 7: Wayne Stevens, Smack- overg Don Stewart, Huffg Allan Stolt, Pocahontasg Barbara Stotts, Trumann. Seniors Closs of l962 Indian hand members enjoy a lull in the midst of a fall practice session as they worked to master precision movements and timing. Row 1: Fred Stotts, Lake Cityg Galen Stuart, Paragouldg Black Oak: AICITY Th01T1HS, Little Rock: Onita Thomas. jerry Stutts, Manilag Jack Sugg, Wilson: D. YV. Summers, Black Oak. Malden, Mo.: Carol Swafforcl, Paragould. Row 3: Audrey Thompson, Hardy: Priscilla Tims, Tuckerman: H'illiam Tippett. Mountain Viewg Rita Row 2: Rosemary Taggart, Augusta: Darryl Taylor, Toombs, Jonesboro: Thomas Trevathan, Jonesboro: Paragould: Susan Taylor, Jonesboro: Burl Thomas. Thomas Triplett, Marianna. 720s-'5f19"', X -r 7398 Q5 16' . x Q V K' , .--.':fA : 'ui ' N X-V -:N -1 Ad u se- Qxxy EQ-Tgbxxs 3 xx 'QR fx? t Nfir. Ps! ATC! 751 i l ,Sl 'fiS. M S niors eng of 1962 ..a e :ex-'ffifi-l Intramural track afforded an ex- cellent opportunity for those who excell in 'the finder sport to test r V their skill against keen competi- tion. gs A-V ---' Row 1: janet Triplitt, Ionesboro',,BiIl1e Tucker, jones- borog Bobby Tucker, Batesville: Larry Tucker, Des Arc: Eugene Turnbow, Jonesboro: Billy Turner, uinc , Fla. Row 2: lValter Upton, Ravendeng Delbert Nfandivor, lVeonag Cbaryg Vaughn, Y'Valnut Ridge: Macine Waldegx ,- 5 'um ENT? .. , ' -- t is l X W Q sw lx? 'li , r 'YH A X is N' 5 we as , , -gl e, 'vi S. v-,s,,.,. 1 .gr -qi Monetteg Trentice Walker, Caruthersville, Mo., Wil- liam Walker Peach Orchard. 1, Row 3: Majorie A. Wallace, Kennett, Mo.: Virginia Walters, Paragouldg Arveleah Mfard, Monetteg Donald Mlard, Patterson, Mo., Norman Ward, Jonesboro: Jackie Ward, Corning. wk 0-Q... unf- .,5.m. , t - s ,. ' ' - as, t as xitiiflxb - f , "gy N ' X X 'sr X? V X W N Q X , was rt N X " 23 hi AVN 'bs . nf . 3 Q' . ,gf Row 1: Ruthie VVard, Leach- villeg err Hlatki jimmy Weathers, Salem. Helen XVelch, Beech Grove: Le land wells, David Weru, sf-ai-cy Row Il: Billy XVhite, Pine Bluff lVesley lllhite, Jonesboro: .Blil- liaun lVhi'tlow, Tuckerinan' Al lord lV'les. Jonesboro. Ron' el: Ralph NVilli:nns, Alicia, Harold lVilson, Hattiesburg. Miss.: lean YVilson, Jonesboro: Eugene XVingo, Ellsinore, Mo. Row 5: Robert xVll1lCl', -lones- boro: Lindfr XN'isdoni, Beehe: Alinimy lllyzitt, Roeiez Pauline Xifood. llonesbom. lion' 6: Nlririlyn lVriglit, Lake City: Alaines Wfyzilt, Searcy: Oli- ver Yates, Paris, lll.: Jerry Young, Hornersville, Mo. Rau' 2: Gary XVeir, Searcy: X., 9.5: . 'wggfa'-,'r-v '- :msg Q rw, - . TET SX ,f - ' X - ..,. 1, V ' 1- -'r ag rfiriji S Q . . .Q it 1 ' ax -. r 3 Q. . ry ,Q -5' ..' :5.I?s.:g11' . I "' " T' . ' -' " J' w -:Ss 'D "" Sa. '- Y ,, u K 1 K iq, , U ' -- its - .gs r nf? 5 ..- . ,Ja ' 5, ' '-23? .., 1 , .- To M J 'J ..f, . .QW 'X ' S wr? 'fifbi , ' X " . P -' Efi xii" ' f Y t it -. . - . if :a1f:,::: Y . - N . dmv wg 4- fi? Q , 1 Q BGR? . X, NN K . . A we . , Q 5 N ,.,, M S' -- Wei' -5 M5-i - - .A Q ' if,-Q : V, of-s,. 1' - - 4- 1 ' l ' '- ' N-"' -- :sag "Fr ""' : ffm K 5 N - 1, It I -. gg, P if A Q ig B gif R . 5' - Q 1 'Q .a - :" -we ' f . ' z 5 ' ' Q ,A J, 15 ,K I ,rf- ,. A J --1 - J .. li i J T + il - A Z-:Z ' i 57' " : . . X - :ar -- . -,w-' -: 'Si-if J , iw .2 G- , T X' v Q B N ' 'ai I- A Aa, f 5 Qt : ig ra. Q- D ,gli v f ' -.1-. , , . ' 'rzagxn ' A' , 'Mk , ff .. ,M X., I 1 W v' ' ' 1 . 1- Q, 5 f :M Y i t W. Q gi ve: -Srl f-Cx M., 7.5 3 ds- 5 .fa elf Jivxl'-f 'E 4 , s. 'H' if 4- P+- ffm of Erma, F51 f . ,. ,A , f X , Q f lm , 9 A 5 '--' S - 1 A 'A ' M , , , , ...,...k . . ,Q f' I gtg. Ja : S , A -:- f 1 ,f . N H 4 -its Y A " ,. ,s . 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't ' I , ,X Row 1: George Adams, Manila: Rita Adams, Walcott: Ronald Adams, Bono: Tolitha Adams, Manila: r, Row 2: Lorene Anderson, Paragould: Jane Appleton, Trenton, Tenn.: Joyce Arensmeier, 'Wabashg 4 -Q I .. , , Y, , , m m m Babb, Pofm ville Mo., Ron' 3: Melba Bacon, Paragould:1Qj' -:..:.-IF4-5 '--V - f .5 -::z:.-:,:F--'71 V1 .f-55525215-?L'f:T, Ronald Ballard, Manila: Donald Bar- ber, Newark. Row 4: Charlotte Barkley, Jonesboro: ----- f- Hfilliam Bellllionz Bob Benz, Searcy. Row 5: 1 Jimmy Bevill, Blytherille: Joe Bick- fnrd, N. Little Rock: I 7 Roberta Biggers, 'Dicker- man: Judy Bird, Earle. R0 Y Z S" . l. ::5.a....lL1-:,1i,.v- - V X254 .-..-L 1.--L. , -.1---H . 5327,-A ,B+ Raymond Black. Des Arc: Leland Blackshare, Rector: Sondra Blagg, Newport. Ron' 7: Sherry Booten. Jonesboro: Paul Booth, Black Oak: .52-Q-' f -ai-5 1:11 -i ':z-.: . en. Newport. Row 8: : Le- land Braddock. Tyronza: Carolyn Brat- tbn, Paragould: Donald Brawley, Earle: Leavie Brickell, Mammoth Springsg El- sie Bridges. Monette. Row 9: William Bridger, Jonesboro: Bobby Brisor , N.,.Qfj'Qf:5:gfl.. , . Marr Broo arzir er ert Brown. Jonesboro. 4 ,milf Row 10: j1g?IBullard, Swifton: Dennye Bullock. Portersville, Mo,: Martha Burnside, Jonesboro: Ray Burroughs, lvynne: Alce Burrow, Bay: ys ' , Q , an , ? - -. . ,JA , ' ,i ' 3,3 ' , l -f - W W Mi? lffiil , 'ff-?"'1i'l7"t 9'4fl?'l4i+'9.4i I-L-v'Wfiifff.'se"fir7'f?l75'i."?ii"3-2- 3534? :Z 4 ,f le. Ba. 1, - 1 s N 41 ..x ab, 1-1. 1 , H tI'ff -I .. , 6".. .. ,Q - - if 4-i.vIXff1,,,,A .1-'E-..-i... HY 'Q AIG um. l- .-'qi-,.l,A. P-we -4,,,1'nt.,w Lilwiliitii- ., . , a'Wr.?'Mfw1-+:,55,'.---'P-'gghvhtg is f H':'Q,x-91" -ff-Hf1 4f"'M1,Sjf.1.-i,f1e,2,if 'Wil " 'tf :1f A"""1"Q'95"v t -'S"E u:'5-1nf2S,'.L. W-7ll'Ail'l'fL5"4L Mffflzl wi! -, KN "-xr 917 '--u--',,:,r ' I' . 'LJ : 'fw.. r L' 'sewl f ' - E' -as 21 , 1 " M A . A 31- el-, . fl... ..,..,y,,,,,, , ' " . M . -M 4 . ,...,.--.- - ex -, f . : , l' X ,XX 5 " fa C- Q' -., t t K' X. X X Juniors Class of I963 iQ'.'L5 X ' A i, Ns.. J I Xi . EV- . ,ntjgs ' - '. " Pk- x X f , 1, - .,Qg'f,,,, 'Ni' " 'X' ii' rf --f-X "ii . s ' iv! , , Q., 4 K -,..v M W - 4 -. - v ,: . f. .et rs, K .. - .' -- M '- , x ---313-' 5'.51,'g-it-.L h " A- X l-',+2l'i1"f:?2'3f:3'-I il-f"5l:5Sff?3 1 ". -2 ' 'z 1 ' A ',.,:eg:g1 .2 '. Q-:,,ds,,y,ga 'j,'Q'1ffs - 1 0' Q 'f X s x - - - 'X 1 '- 341. 'A I . ' L11 1- K ' 5 .fx 7ii71ifil+- N Q ' Q' L' ' Q iw -C A,-'f' . ' - V - ' .Q Q", .f:-Sf1i.- I "-M2315 1573-- ri'.i"-'Qff-, -ij. ,Vg-5. 4 v X, . ,, .f jig .' -fx X Nagy: '21,-l:L5v tif -R1i?'.',Q,ff-ff.Fffif'-.ggi ., 7?-Q2 ,fx 1-4. 4.mffE'xl,-f,grg,fss,g.st5sszfi,Q-wear ef' U- 427 5? Halftime :it the Homecoming game 1 L featured another sterling exhihition by - .as 'f 'l'.'?nlXa'l 2 ,,?,t ,Q H ,SQL .-1. l , TAS, is, 5- N '-sw' 1 . QA V I . . N ---- 5, , in ' V N 4 - 'W - " US the ulwztss colorful Marthing Inrhans. HOU' 11 : 1f'3':fi?4i'iii??Ef,Y22" Terry Butler,Pungl1l1ru: Phyllis mie S. Clark, Jotieshoro, Wanda Clements. Black OAL: Rieliairtl Butts, Witlriut Ridge' 14111 Q: -1---0 Donnie Byrd, Leach- Cochran, West Plains, Mo.: Nc-ll Collar, villeg ,. Z-.-, 1 T .-., .,, 3 Pat Caldwell, Thayer, Mo.: Donna Paragould. Calvert- Jonesboro? Rout 4: Bill Collier, Little Rocltg Anna Cook. Imhotleng E922-e 1 " L Q 4 a"T'a'h'kCi W :- -: m:.::.-n...:F--...- fr- -:----get--ll-H -.:m.g::::,.- ...- ,Z L- 4, Patil Cooper, C-ieemiay, Mifllilfil D. C8Sl1. Tfllmilnni sf '- '--1:4-""r2ri .2 -L- Mgr gsii' '---3 ' --'E-----15. fr- Larry Corhett, Alicia. L-. , - , L, . -Af-H ' ,--7:5541 -4--T 23.5555 eg Richar L, Chedister, Naylor, Mo. I Row 3: ' Doris Chitwood, Mt, View: Darrell Chunn, Batesville, Miss.: Tom- N xxx, Rau' 5: Judy Cotner, Proctor, M04 Patricia K Cox, Stuttgart: Anne Craig, Essex, Mo.: l-'rank Creager, Poplar Bluff, Mo., ,joe Crews, Ashdowng : Wendell Crews, DeQueen3 ' l. x ' - -'-' ' 53.1.3 :iff N wail! X ii " ,fi A ' f seg: K 2 I -1.. s... l- f , was X i x ., ...N 4 , . wr. wil -lu no.- Q. ,-vw, .tix es, J .luniors Closs of l963 M Don Dennv, director of men's housing, found trouble among his kitchen chores as he supervised cooking procedures at the Leadership Retreat. Row 1: F g, David Crosley, Evansville, Ind., joan Crotts, Weiner, '-31:4 3:5 Thomas Crye, Osceola, jerry Cude, Black Rock, Ronald Culp, Malden, Mo. Ron' 2: Ben Cunningham, Camp, Edward Cunningham, Holcomb, Mo: Gerald Cunningham, Trumann, Norma Cupp, Paragould, ,, Richard Dalton, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Randy Dalton, Forrest City, jake Barby, Batesville, Miss., james Davidson, Trumann. Ron' 3: Betty Davis, WValnut Ridge, Glova Davis, Black Rock, ' , Larry Davis. Imboden, Roy Davis. Mobile, Ala., james Dawson, Bernie, Mo., , Sue Dial Jonesboro, Brenda Dickson, Paragould. Row 4: 'ng1f.rg2TT7'-:j:I-'...,-e Margaret Dowdy, Memphis Tenn.: Nellie Dudley, Monette, Wanda Dulaney, Walnut Ridge, 97777-F-::...:.:: :S tf5.1,t:3ta- Don- nie Dunston, YV. Memphis, Scotty East. Kennett, Mo., -fZ'.g2.f - Row 5: Sandra Edmondson, Walnut Ridge, Lewis Edwards, Piggott Robert Elardo, Helena, Larry Elledge, Pataskala, Ohio, -rr : Brenda Ermert, Corning, :::::.:'..:::w-'---L 7-571' Frances Farabee Jonesboro. Row l: Loretta Ferren, Kensett: Peggy Faulkner. St. Louis, Mo.: Robert Fick- ert, Neelyville, Mo.: I r, Marion Fletcher, Tucker: Jerry Ford, Walnut Ridge. Row 2: Patil Foree, Marvell: Phillip Forrester, Tyronzag Jackie Foster. New' port: Lurval Foster. Alicia: William Foster, Jonesboro: Brenda Fowler, Ma- nila. Row 3: Jim Fowler, Manila: lVilma Fowler. Sedgwick: 'Qj:.::..a.. , Donald French, Gideon, Mo. Row 4: Jo Ann French, Delaplaine: Jo Carolyn French, Rector: Larry French, Deering Mo: , ii... , , Y' .V, mr,--':. , AM.. .-. .m. . y - ,.,. ...E - , Jerry Fry, Bay. Row 5: Albert Fulks, Mt. View: a .imm::5e y: ,L::s:1Q4!iii J . V . 5-11-- ff" ' Row 3: Jerry Gibbens, Black Rock: ' H , , Gary Gill, Blytheville: H. V. Gill, Walnut Ridge: 3 Tony Glaub, Rector. Row 7: Jimmy Goff, Walnut Ridge: Reta Goff, Walnut Ridge: , Jackie' Goodman, Portageville, Mo.: Jimmy J Gordon, glelasant Plains: Joyce Gorham, Black a'. Row 8: John Graham, Jonesboro: Dale Gray, Jonesboro: Donald Gray, N. Little Rock: YVilliam Gray, Black Oakg i : ' ff:-Z4- V. :"'---ff'-fr "- - . ROIU 9' -2----1:37327-. 2--kk . . -,-., J' - eq,-3 . boro: Glenn Griffith, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Travis Grissom, Jonesboro: James Guinn, Center Ridge. Row 10: Janet Gwaltney,Sikeston,Mo.: ' ' , P Bob Harrelson, Jonesboro: David Harris, Paragould: Dale Harri- son, Newport. Row ll: George Hastings, Mt. View: Ritha Hastings, Mt. View: - 1 ' Janice Hay, Jones- boro: Roy Hayden, Mountain View: Charlotte Haynes, Hornersville, Mo. Q? : X IV , . Ng V .. . . X l - 55.3. as:-5:9 - vw Rs, ' .PA iw. . i gy . X ls.. ' '5 A 2 ..,,-- -w . -z 1: " gs . -J -5 4 N 5' ip- its 4 si, . g .. W ':1g.e:f:. - ' f t , . , . . ,uf .,., ll X 1 59' se.-. . Q- s " .4- 1-., .,: i. J, A :I .215 3 ,, Q' .:- ', -., ' .. 'i-'rf I' , 'I' Nas f w QNX ,: 'L'-,-1: ggi- . -vga .Te '-",Q::f W - .1 ., 'W i 1 ' - :Q 'gisze all - .E .Q ' A Ji " Qty' i :if- P - 4 Q ki., ,i .ry Q--"ie-'il' "-11::.a::--:O W e ti ,aaa X .TQ ., . 5 'H Q' X . . .sv , ,, a A -.xr-,Q - 4-fax.-.5v' ,J I,-if if- 525:-'s-31222: ' ,.,. , is . ne- x , X , ' "- xA ...n- .. iq, J iv X X , X i, Q V Q, 3 lf v X Ag gx S A H Q uf' '. " it , F ,, X B XXJSQBX it s' 539' Q . wx was :Ss S A s ., -. ,. we i if Q N. I Q ,Q A 'J X we s X X R- t s N x K, xx X s , .file s ,qxu Q Q , 'J 1 ' '.?s'-EX 1 1:- C --as J- 5- . -,, " 'v ' :1 Sag: ' F .. X , X "4 I ., ' W ,K 'ff ff- ' it '11, ' 'SE ff' F" A V , ki .uf 5. . J, ,, -J E,,,:,,.,E.i: T, I i A X . A K 't ,fs lQ 1 ' s - hs, X -z , ,asm -,gm v-1 V., , " .amz xggs-m,-f55,,.::, 5 Q Q - . NH . 'ke-. aa. sssgi. - -Sf: 5:32-:5 ' J T, Row 1: George Haynes, Paragould: T , Don Hearn, onesboro: - '- Row 2: Charles Hemenway, Newport: Judy Hendrix, Marked Tree: ' . , :-:-ra-iii:-' - f--weusziir- :?5 .:.:.: - . I . .- - 1 l -Ln-1--Q-mnfw..:... -.arise-....... Row 3: James Hill, Batesx'i11e: ' : Raymond Hinds, Trumann: 'Ti Randy Hinton, Jonesborogi- Row 4: Cecil Holder, Jonesboro: Charles Hollis, Jonesboro: , Tanny Horne, lVynne: iVil- lie Horness, Cabot: Charles Howard, Luxora. , Rozu 5: Daniel Howe, Forrest City: Ernie Howell. Paragould: - r: Linda Hubble, Monette' 1 , Mo., Neav- yer Hughes, Jonesboro. Row 6: Jack Hulett, Evening Shade: Brenda Hunt, Paragould: , Jerry Huskey, Tuck- erman: John --:e:a:..: :...-:- .grease : ' .1 ' imma ro. Rozu 7: Randall Ishmael, Jonesboro: , Florence James. Kensett:-' 5 John Jarrett, Newark. Row 8: Don Jenkins, PZll'3gOll1d1a' : Ross Jernigan, Lepanto: Elimbeth Johnston, Birdeye: Floyd Jones, XVest Helena: Francis Jones, Newport. Row 9: - I , , : Gary Kearby, XValnut Ridge: Betty Keith, Leachville: Allen Keller, Jonesboro: Xvanda Keller, Pnragould. Row 10: ' , A- - - , ffggeazf- Marvin Kennedy, Walnut Ridge: Gordon Kenwright, Blytheville: Joe Kerr, Colt. Row ll: Conrad Kerst, Salem: Leroy Kerst, Salem: 2 ROD- ert Killian, Pineville: T g. - ,"::,,l 'K my Row 1: Frances Kneihert, Hayti, Mo.: Richard Kneihert, Hawti, Mo.: Mariedth Lahue, Holland, Mo.: Linda Lamb, Harrisburg, james Lancaster, Newport: J liz Richard Lassiter, jonesboro: Carolyn Lawson. Marked Treeg joe Lefler, Clinton. Ron' 2: Doyle Lemons. Brooklandl james Leonard, Pigguttg Ralph Lewis, Hoxie, Frances Lightfoot, St. Louis, Mo.g julie Lipscomb, Paragouldi joseph Lillarcl,-'Parking Ruth Linn. lVeiner3 Kenny Little, Paragouldg john Love, jonesborog Raw 3: james Lovett, Wilson: Billy Luster, joneshorog james Lowery, judsonia: Charles Luter, Biggers: William Lynn, Cooter, Mo., Melba Lyon, jonesborog jerry Maclin, Hayti, Mo.: .' - Y,- wk- ,ft 1 6' 1 F xi ' , .W X l L ssas ' Juniors Class of l963 The Young Republicans received a tlistinguisherl visitor in the person of Winthrop Rockefeller, Ll well-known figure in American business circles. Betty Malone, Black Oak: jerry Mangrurn, Para- gould, Rau' -1: 9 Shirley Mansfield, Arlmy rtl, Mo., Paula Marcom, joneshorog Richard Martillo, Westbury, Long Is- lancl, N. Y.: Donald Masters, Leachvilleg Kay Matthews. joncslmrpg Donaltl Maxwell, Strawlit-rrx, Doro- thy Meeks, Thzrjer, Mo.: I . RW 51 .JEEQEZ?53:gjg4iig5'fl gy-T..::.g,,,5f,F.s- Mary Miller, jones- born: jackie Ming, M.n'ketl Tree, joyce Mitchell, Walnutimgeg Stephen Moncxief. Forrest Cin: Austin Moody, Dell. . x ' t ' :D-'i., li 'Wg if- ' . - -.ns cp., , X ,Q S i fl -wx SX Dax yt , c , N- wx ,U X ' is - me X - . X sri' X N xx , x K iw f M.- , Y , s Q- H , , ' ' T fi' ' 1--- X fi .J ' 1 I -. it si LFE? ' N - ms! seal- , 'T wai- ,R , ,Tc E H . 5,5 z qk, atss ..f ,,,, e s, i, s ft ii' , we is 42' X s , -p ' Qui' ls X g1::i,'- ff ' 'riff N, XA f fi .... , Q A , Ea: lu .luniors Closs of l963 Election time brought a record num- ber of voters to the poles. indicating an increased interest in school politics. Row 1: oseph Moody, Kennett, Mo.: Bryon Moore, Blytheville: A L'iu..r5h James Moore, Grubbs: Norma Moore, Marianna: Patil Moore, Success: Tommy Moore, Forrest City: Ron, 2: Clara Munger, Jonesboro: Musick, Joiner: Billie Myers, Paragould: 2 ' ::::1c :Ei?..f-' ----1: - png Hassell McCain, Earle: Richard McCann, Pocahontas: David McCullar. Wilson: Kenneth McDowell, Marmaduke: John Mc- Crutler, Harviel. Mo. Row 31 :---1-f::,g,,,::...1Ie : -g a s ' r, 1 111 "-1" F:-T T ' --. - .fs-----U ---- ---- ----- ----- - --' -:fs---s -- ert McWilliams. Little Rock: James Naylor, West Memphis: 5 Z H l Aim E s. Q: 1, Jonesboro: ' e'Z1i5':E7C'E5::e?g:.::--. . Row 41 George Odom, Damascus: 5?T'::fg-545525 LQIEEL, Mary Osmon, Bald Knob: , 5 .: Charles Pardon, Marston, Miss.: Jack Parker, Arbyrd, Mo. Rau' 5: Joyce Ann Parker, West Memphis: I James Patrick, Marked Tree: Marshall Patterson, Jonesboro: Bob Payne, Caraway: Jessie Payton, Jonesboro: Coy Peeper, Osceola: James Penny, McCrory: Donald Perkins, Tyronza: Q. 1- 55SE,5:"521'fE -it is ' t:.s,Q35.:f.., . ,Ng -xx 1,15 X st ix, Nw r f vt X s ix N NM f., ' ss s X ,L X 4 S XX Q it C l , 5 t a , 'sw x s. sw:-..-. t S 1 W X X I' 2 YQ Rt 5 32 T iii 'e Q 'Q XX5 ta x.?Q ,, X X, N' X .,.. .. -V fi. Q I X .ss 5 ..,., ' . 2351 . i rr 5'fglQ:'E::" W. I 5 A e- if -X rash - t . It ' Es'2?2?2E'ii' " 'f ' si ' ' 4:55-'Y' if . iiil3i.f3'i" ' -,?f1s:i'E" Qi-:SZ tex X V' if ,f , 1 . ,, W., XS is X NK wt sf b-,jtjzfgm zz 1 ,V .foxy X Ron' 1: Charles Pleffer, Steele, Mo.: David Phillips, Jonesboro' - 'SESS George Pigue, Paragouldg Larry Pigue, Paragould. Row 2: Ronald Plumlee. Mammoth Springs: iii- il- 2 . onnie Pricca Tyronza. Hou' 3' -:,: Lii:.'L" -ia-:?i:E::f,w,.:. Q:Q:,. -"' Agigxv?-I-rv ET'2Im zu:F.:'1!EEi'?7i .. --15.1-.3.i ,-'rzgiimuq L53-:QZL -if-:ga:f:g: : g,a: h --in-'-ai Q . 5 --J... Q . 174: jerry l,l'llCll, Poplar Bluff. Mn.: joseph Pullizun, Doniphan, Mo. Ron' -1: l':itrici.i Quzills, Lake City: Dun Rains, l'guighurn: . ' .3 Qlcannie Rainer, Wal- nut Ridgcp Cary Randall, Jonesboro: Carroll Rumlulph. Gideon, Mo. Run' 5: I,:n'rv Rusherry. Black Oak: Henry Rc-dd. Harrisburg: Benny Recd. Blythexillcg . . NIU.: xlklflllll Reed, Paragouldg E Ron' 6: Rhoads, Marked Trac: Rany rd Ritlizmlsnn, Ash Flat: :?Q',Q-:lx Kenneth Rilcv, Jonesboro: PTl,f.L,QFE:1g-::1 ..' -- . Ron' 7: l'aul Roberts, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Riclizml Robinett, Hlalnut Ridge: Bolxhy Robinson, Cotton Plant: in ':..?:-i-1: Xl'illiam Ross, joneshoro. Run' S: lVcndell Rowlett, Trumann: jerry Runsick, Swifton:5,Calherinc Rushing, Pziragouldg lVanda Rushing, J Q ' 1- .. ,..,.fr2 Ron' El: llarhara Sanders, Harrislxurg: Frances Sanders, Harrisburg: Aubrey Scarhrougli, Nlonctte: Louis Sflianf. Paragould: Virginia Schmidt. St. I.nuis, Mo.: Carol Sfliolm. XValdcnlvurg. Rau' IO: Barbara Srifres, Turrcll: jim Scifres. XVcst Helena: Gary Scars. Hoxie: Q . . 3 Curtis Seymore, Tiumanng John Seymour, Joyner. Row ii: jesse Sharp, Ash Flat: Sandra Sharp, Paragould: Wanda Shaw, Luxora: Phil- lip Shearrer. Patterson, Mo.: Jo Shelby. Monticello. M Q 5? ' i A Maxx , X K. X x, xg z t , , u ,f fe N Q Re-S, f, A 4' f-:SLM X N F vw f 6 f Qxs asf- 5 4 fr L. . gf is E' 4. A "" ' ,T-sf. : Snr ' "'i:':"ff Q ga Q, Y .IQ QQ Q Qgggi 4 ,Q X Q -,Viv 4 .y . ' 3' w 1' ff . wx v. 'EL Y -Y ll " - . sEM6', .1 . 'Missa " g YZEQI 2- I Q ss, .... . .Q Q ,Q .. . ir'f15ii:'M X N N W , F' . . VN -l35Er:f.:f:'.'." 'f X '1 i- 1 it f 'r s s , ' : , i a -v it ' 2, a ., , ' . 3112-bg M .az 1 , I -f 4 x ' ' 5 f.. 5 5' P. 5' at 1 QU , 121: a - 3 - Q ., N. lx ,Mi I QQ ..- ft vi, - -A-f ,N , : ., V! ' -5 X . Ii . ,y .Q M xv 4 RQ' wr . V -if rf: . , . K x A I. .-W 7' Ni 1 . - :gi Y. . 'Q A Q . I 341- C. Q - Q., - 4. ,S A ' QQ 4 4, Q 'x V : ' I Q Q . .L ,ax -.- ' A - ug fi, . . QQ ' K., ' , " . , . a f -3 an Y Q fm 4 Q QF 5 QQ 6- , .I 5 Q ,Q vxx QQ -MQ . ai.. Q x , Q -P -"- W' 3 A ' ' xQ M Q -F, M., Zrftg- . W . ' ff? W: , 15 A I 1 ' : 1 - . . M no :Q .. Ai Wd, ,R if , Q. .Q R A but ' sc. 4: 3 if is .f ' . ,X ...Qf . - - Q , 2 . - ----' in mms.-.:Q,.::.EQEgQiQQ.QQQQ ,Q , Y . LQ,-. 'Nix . Q NSS ' T 9 'T A " all 'A tt y: Q' 5 . , -.-. R -, ii , ' ,, ,' -9- ay "' R- wa. .- , V 1' ' 5 :qt tg, , , ' ' ti I A P it P li Rx L P . - 3 i '-if 'A If ' X' ' f is-Q -N-'Q W - fy. - . A :Q P - I . Y V s 1 :sk . - 31, Q. Q Q 41 jijii 611, .. .Q Q .K A 1 J , 'sf' P , .Q ,VB l ,, Q -N. I Q Y ., Q., A ' ' . Z f Q QQ - - :-:, ---- -trf+N"2sZf52EES.:1.:3:31 , 5,:.:,E--11? ' f' QQ Q. . X - ' ' ': -' 'r-.f:fr4.'g5, ,ff v '.,:E:+:5f 2.1. f 5 5 . ,- . , 519 la " '1' '3 ' ' 'M iii i' 3 ' a l 4'C.",0f V13 x - a V . ' . xx -1, ' X ' - fi , I ' f s 4 - if-Q L Q -. .4 l! xx 35 Xxx 'nssuswmu .,., A - ,w , , 5 4, - 5? 'rl 'rpg' 4 Q' ., J .ll " " ff- ' - 3 f X -9 , . l""iw S f 2 , f ... r at fx: '5 " ',""" '.., " g," , . 1, ,L :zo g t it .Le N Ta it f 2 X -:fi , ..A' t . If .A.-' fl +A-"- 1' ' "ii ":' if K , 1- -- s -.N , - Aff: ,V 43,7-' V, 5' ' --. ,fl Ty, if 'af A , -,f, f -' 14 'S ' 'Q ff 1 N j Ta.: a N if-mf .M . fi li A . 1- -Q 1- " ar, Q. " . 5 15. 5 5: 1: st. y ra , Q ' -' we J -x ,, -I I ' N- ' 5 X ij -'-e ' ,if all ? .- t ,,TFs .,,, 2 5 ni Q .gl I1 wr x W Q Q A: EQ rf f l t Q A' ff , . - . .,,, e .,,.,. 5'-. , -A 1 I .,k,. V, K-5, I la A i 2 ' ' in . -. ' 1 ' li T T f Y' tv A ', . 'S o' Ali- I o,Q,,, N ,... , - ,.,..oo,,, I Q f L 5 A',' f 41 1 -1 as ' ' Q ' M , r 1 li A " N. ' 'T' l y . 7' ' 1 an K. :""'Q: "" ' My I 9.15 ,:-, me , Q 4. 0 1 : il ,P .-, .- . QI i f -ffl -- ' g 1' T t :ill N. f . 331 , .af 1 T V. Si 'ls 5' :Tony VII' ' i , ,. , 1 y y ,X N R, W w Vg - ,g l ' x if x 7 . ' y ul , . . 4 I r I N I Row 1: Barbara Shirley, Trumann: Se 'vw'- 1', 'r it- :fm I George Sigler, ones oro: a 1- 4111:--- .1-L lerr Simpson, Manila: Ron' 2: Dorothy Sims, Pine Bluff: Lar- ry Sims, Austin: - Q: Billy Smith, Bay: Bruce Smith, Poplar Bluff. Mo.: Y ' , ' . Ron' 3: Hilda Smith, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Harold Smith, jonesborog Jerry Smith, Bernie, Mo.: Peggy Smith. Weiner: .1 james Snodgrass. Pocahontas. Hou' -ll ,,-.E5--r,5?.l?f:'v--:..- - a Southard, Salem: Byron Spencer, Poca- hontas: Donald Sruni, Cardwell, Mo.: Samuel Stapleton. Kirkwood, Mo. Ron' 5: John Staudt. Jonesboro: , Stevens. jones- boro: Curl Stewmon, Cotton Plant: jer- ry Stogstlill, Jonesboro. Ron' 6: John Stogsdill, Jonesboro, C. A. Strange, Osceola: Lloyd Street, Bloom- field, Mo.: , Charles Stricklin, Harrisburg: Dora Sturkie, Light. Rau' 7: Carolyn Stutts Manila' pf- . . N , ' ,-,, ' V 7? I, Q -. 1 . 1: l 'f-:?1- james Swift, Piggott: Tyler Swindlc. Jonesboro. Ron' 8: Tommy Taggart, Augusta: Theresa Tanner, Jonesboro: Rex Tay- lor, Paragould: 5 Margaret Taylor, Paragould: Earl Teeter, Pocahontas. Ryu' 9: Howard Templeton, Pocahon- tas: Homer Thompson, Paragould: james 'I hompson, Brinkley: , Paula Thompson, Trumann: Elizabeth Tid- well, Dell. Row 10. T y: Samue une, Blythe- rille' Fr dda Turn e, Blythevilleg Tom Van- emburg, Desha. Row 111 .: Ronald Volkman, Evansville, Ind.: : Charles Waire, Griffithville: , jackie Walling, Salem. S' 4 si 's ' ,if 7 5 "YPA 45 'X .1 'Q-, L Ag? I . x if 55139. 9g A Row 1: Ardith Walls, Kennett, Mo.: Gary Warblow, Brinkleyg Bobby Ward, Idahel Okla.: Earl Ward, Leachvilleg Bill Warren, jaines,Wyatt, Searcy: Willie Juniors Closs of i963 Taking no huts on a sure Indian vic- tory thc I',E.NI.NI. Club constructed this winning display in accordance wit? school lflmnecoming policies. 3 Cetil XVilliamS, Parkin: jerry Williams, 'Wynne: Richard Williams, Bench Grove. Row -l: Michael Wilson. Pocahontas: Barbara XVinn, Nlarmatlukep ig joe Wood, Para- gould: Vernon lVood, Manila: Leon Woody, Walnut Ridge:- -l 5 jean lVorl0W, YYalnut Ridge. Ron' 5: Rtith Wright, Lake Cityg Bonnie YYyatt, lYalnut Ridge: Paragouldg Robert a21G5'gbum, searcyp g Rott' 21 James XVebb. Rector: Lee XVehb, Little Rock: john Weems. Trumannl 'ez Sammy XVeir, YValnut Ridgeg ia.. -:.:,L-sBTIgg,i?::Qi- 'XT-if Olivia Xl'hite, Paragould. Ron' 3: 4 '. Mo.: Linda Wilcox. Pleasant Grovep Bob Wilcoxson, Trumanng uv 'T' 1- jonesborog Bob Yopp, Para- gotildg Houston Zimmerman, mat. fuzz.: 1: 5' . .... . -1 Ni X at X Nw rjjie l r tab-.' , malt.. R . N - . ...Q-mmm.. ..1:1.1:1,t.,1:1Q.1: xv if 2 , , 3 , llx 5 t , S 'L t A! , .fa A in Sophomores Closs of l964 ,...- Vouing the line and ready for the start 1 ' of the race are thc sorority entries in tht- annual pushcart derby. Ron' l: Guy Adams, Newport: John T. Adams, Jonesboro: Jackie Gunter, Leachyille: James Adkerson, Leachville: Mary Akel, Brink- ley: Carolyn Alexander, Jonesboro: Carolyn D. Allen, Trumann: Richard A. Allen, Jonesboro: Tommy F. Allen, Jonesboro. Ron' 2: Carroll D. Anderson, Jonesboro: Jane XV. Anderson, Manila: Dayid I.. .-Xnnable, Wilson: Ernest G. Archer, Paragould: Sally A. Xshley, Mariong Janice l. Austin, Peach Orchard: Betty J. Bailey, White Hall: Nancy l.. Baker, Dalton: Truman Baker, Mammoth Springs. Ron' 3: Virginia Baldridge, Hardy: Linda Ballard, Jonesboro: Jimmy Barber, Lake City: Ed Barkemeyer, Rector: Rebecca Barling, Blytheville: Frank C. Barnett, Jonesboro: Vernon G. Bar- nett, Jonesboro: Billy Barnes, Franklin: Rita Barnett, Osceola. Ron' 4: Jean C. Barthel, Pocahontas: James A. Barton, Bono: Bill Bass, Paragould: Henry H. Baswell, Jonesboro: Larry Battles, New- portg Lawrence F. Bauer, Jonesboro: Becky J, Baxter, Rector: James L. Beard, Jonesboro: Robert L. Bearden, Leachville. Ron' 5: Gordon Becker, St. Louis, Mo.: .lames E. Beene, Osceola: Margaret Beeson, Jonesboro: Roberta Kay Benham, Batesville, Miss.: Brute Bennett, Brinkley: Bill Berry, St. Louis, Mo.: Frank Bigger, Pocahontas: Herbert S. Bingham, Marked Tree: Nlary L. Bingham, Marked Tree. ,. : . X-.J t. V " ..., V - . . iv' -"ff Mx 'V '--:liiifif ,:"?iEf 'YY Iiifiiifl I -7 -1 'V ,E-327 . . X 1 I1 li 1--:VE-'if 'I - 'sl ' r .41 " .. .in 5" 'fir - ' . ,,., - , .,-y.:.V::.- eg., . ,ga . , , Q . -Jr K, . F. . t . Q - Ss . 5.,,2z+' ,Q '. of V- -. M Ph ,QV M ,,. 3 . ' 7 -. -- ,v.,,- .lr I , ,., , U -v. 1 .. M V , "rr i' " ,Q 0' 1 A - aj, ,, Q, ' 1 sy L23 V ,. .. I J, t fs? ' y . ' 'aff X' ' is, ': ' ' Y' f ' --" .- Q 'Q lf , : U l .,,..s - f , , J 1 ' ' ' ' .iFT?Sfr"'--+iz'V?:'f::':.aa:: w"""f" "TM" -' , ..,.. - aw:-'r-1:-.1-V: A - .-.:.-.ass--re sw- -c .. H-we rs. -:-. -X ' r-za'-3.5-1: M. or . . : Mrk N . ' I' ':f: - . L . ' 1' as ' - if - , 'V' el T V - " ' V 'f ' "' 'Q . - 2 2 '- ,- .s 2 . ' Q . ', .- f ' . g 'H' -.1 K L -,J ,, 'i X ' fi . . f' r' 4' we ' , er-r 'fav Q- . , 5 ,Qt X '- ' ly V K ' N X K x Q .xl J A wf..,,N xx A . V. Se, 1V . . 1 as gf M hiv as N I 'S B N l ,Lf Vilma 4 X : 1. F VH: wifrisi .. ' l ' 2- -1' . ' ffl, ' . "" 'N .inf-.1 VV "" 'N 'T' V . - . V f .. A . V - SX V 51-fs Q Q " C: 3 'T fc """" fi 'ed-"S ill 1? ' ew 'FE f -" A '- ' A ,X S Q .. W, .1 'ji . V .c, ' 'A - rx V, - ' -' Sb' f ' 0- S , ' 'f rf' ':.t fi fa' W1 ' 1 f- N 1 1: x -...." s p Q-St, J ' ... I Q , f f- . f' . Us -, S . " 5 X, W Q 2+ x ' ' ' lil" 131 -we xx "V I .. .. 1' -MK-3 1 Q Ex ssl -- t f A bt Eff," Q' -' 11 'TTT ' "f 'N' ' ""' " " "1 so--s :.- V5 """ "": : 'Q s::::5,5f:qf.g.:f:g3,523g,::,,-.1 . rpagrx-:t -- .... .. J . . r. . J H .44 V 3: .. .. ergfsf " ...,. - 1 v,1-.- 1 -':.,5:.,-: r '1':1 . sais v ,f - ' le' '+ ' ' -" 5 . -.ff Q f'-' - il any , sl Q V 2 .ref s V V. . V- V. s . 4 ' : - 1, f ' -. ...... , - , , X .vu .S N , if X 0-df Q, ' N . any -v viii.. i X 'w I 1 x "' 1 'E N L3 5125- ' I v AJ ' 'Q' ., .-5,33'.,s.,'lV.i:':i. ' ' "ti-.:'i SEQ' V1 , " FY "' 'l'lffQ: f-- V My 4 , - f V' - 1. QI 4 lr X, , .,,,. , . . V-- ,. L . -v 5 f C ,gp .. , .. rn. - I 3, . 1' V 1, . Q -- 1 ' ... J Q-Q . - .Q Q 1 , X Q K 'lf l f l I I vs Row l: Don Birmingham, Tucker-man: . NEAN K y If Thomas Rarid Bishop, Campbell, Mo.: A f, i .R . 2, "' " 47 ,' 'fi , lackie Black, Newport: Thomas L. 1 Vie. I :W y"fSiy3 ' ' W M 5, Black, Eureka Springs: G. L. Blanken- - fly! , VT'f T '-ff -:' y ' ship, WValnut Ridge: Gene Blankenship, 'W - V X Morris Chapel, Tenn. . yr " V - L ' fab' fi? X i'rr ' K ,.,. . .. Run' 22 jimmy Bobannon. Osteolag lid- 1 my ,R V 1 by ---. . k ,Q , ' ward Bolin. Pine Bluff: Orville S. Bo- --l 'W -W Q 'I Q .f. 'V 4 L' F , lin. Paragoultl: l'aul l.. Bond, jones- ' - Y 'fl fl 1 :LO -s f" ., ,Q Iioro: james W. Book. Carutliersiille, Q nw 'X ' i' ' i "f Mo.: Lynn K. Booker, Blytheville. '--- 53" . 'E . ff I I Hoa' 3: Laiantla j. Booth. Black Oak: - - - ' " R fi. , ,T t' I ,ia 6, Mar? Bounds. Monettel Lowell W. " Q'-F 5- ii ' ' . - ' i -M Q- E' 'vi 'I ll. " Bowden, Paragoultl: Rebetta R. Bow- "gf 135,-gt, Sgr: ' -P -fl, , .,- X ' Q.. .. . -1 den. Marianna: Brenda li. Boyd, Para- K tl 2- 3. " , "' W3 goultll Cm' M. Boyd, Leathrille. x ' 1 xii' -' . Ron' 4: Cwendol L, Boyd, Paragouldp ' ii 'Q P, i . I 7 Virginia Brakensiek, Marked hee: f ' , 'R Q. J A 'IQ' William 'l'. Branth. Paragouldg Linda f y 'Q E Q ,N ""' l ,.. 4 Q my K. Brandon, Clarkton, Mo.: joe B. NE, ,ZA A 5, ,QL .1 " 5 Brewer, Blatk Oak: Douglas Brown, --I 'Y' V " "' l'4lPl2ll' Bluff, Mo. i , ' '25 X' ' . ' . ' lion' 5: james S. Browning, Lepzuitog .. 3' ,, S: .Q yy P in k t ,,. 1 , i 'ii Rela J. Bruner. Swiftung Martin 'A ma' G9 'T . 3 . C 3 'A 6 r Xi" - VK. i- A M 'N tri- a. Buerkle, junesbom: Ray Bullard. Swili- .sign -vi L 1 'it Q, .ir R K ...g ton: jack Burch, Hughes, Elizabeth A. wx V 'Q Kew, 1 ri ' 'lf' Burns, Paragould. 1' ' 2 , ,ff Run- 6: Nina j. Burroughs. jonesborug i ii B ' y Lb 8 2 Clark Burrow, l'ucahontas:g1'aul But- ,Q jg ,,,,-5 mf ,nag ,Q '37 Wk, fx? IG, yi' 'Ri row. Jonesboro: Larry' C. Burrow, 'S' xy 1 X -1 X Vx ,,, i x -.f Earle: jerry Burton, Paragould: Bruce E9 f -L -' ij. "-vi ,".-'Tj E .1 -,I 1. i - .. , . . Busby. Marianna. in ' I, y tml I R - .B X Q C i K 'i l"i A il: i7"f7i"if3f .,., X Q 'r .t is 'f k Run' 7: Danny' D. Butler, Eagle Mills: it Q 5 3? , r ' . . ' jim T. Butler. Harrisburg: Vernon .5 .- f.1'flfi:P, . A I' 3"-5-'Q A " 1 ,A at Butler, Batesyille, Miss.: Peggy' Butler, '. A ,V .W ., --- .yfy Q ' in West Memphis: David l'. Byrd, Innes. X? N 'Z' 45.5. Q ,lf i' 52 ,.?1f boro: Franklin Byrd, Manila. A f -, '31 N V7 "7 d ' A ' 'QE1-Eff2st3f.sE'f" t Q' X K' , l. fl . Nt. .... .... . .... . ...., Run' 6: jim L. Byrd, jackson, Mo.: ,E ' z Charles 12, Cain, Bragg City, M04 Ida "3 , " 'E Y? , , , S. Caldwell, Lake City: Webb Caldwell. f' " , ' "" 'll " Q 1 1 3 iii" ' v Paragould: Charles R. Calhoon, jonesa X 5,11 -7 I , A" -A if born: Freddie 1. Calhoun, Deering, Mo, " SQ, TD. . 1' 5 .ix . 'rr . .qi Run' 9: Charles D. Campbell, Cash: Nancy' Campbell, Porahontasg Becky A. Carey, Jonesboro: Carol Carroll. Pocahontas: Charles Carrull, Kennett. Mo.: Wilson Carrothers, State College. Row l0: R. David Carter, Little Rock: joe E. Casber, Forrest City: Carol A. Cash, Trumann: Ronald Chambers, Jonesboro: Ronald D, Chandler, Ty'- roma: Cary' Chittom, Hughes. , ,- rr i Row l: Richard Choat, Jonesboro: Gwin Chunn, Batesville, Miss.: Tbmmy Clark, Colt: Mary A. Clay, Blythevilleg Lacey Claybome, Helena: James Cle- ments, Walnut Ridge. Raw 2: James Clingingsmith, Malden, Mo.: Mary Clingingsmith, Malden, Mo.: Bobby Cloninger, England: Patsy Cloninger, England: Yvilliam Cobb, Batesville: Brenda Coburn. Cardwell, Mo. Row 3: Winfred Coburn, Cardwell, Mo.: Gail Coggins, Holly Grove: Wil- lard Cohen, Malden. Mo.: James L. Cole, Paragonld: Nancy Cole, Trn- manng Brenda Cole. Jonesboro. Row 4: Garland L. Cole, Jonesboro: Gary Cole. Jonesboro, Jeanie Cole. Sid- neyg Pat Cole, Jonesboro: Darrell Col- lier. Little Rockg Victor Collier, Mark- ed Tree. Ron' 5: Milford Collins. Holcomb, Mo.: Rick Cooke, Marvel: Janelle Cooksey, Jonesborog Darrell H. Cooper, Jones- boro: James Cooper: Shirley Copeland, Mountain View. Ron' 6: Jimmy Cox, Bono: Sharron Craft, Bono: Minta Craig, Earle: Nor- man Lrecins, Marianna: Donald G. Crews, Jonesboro: Stephen Crews, Kan- kakee, Ill. Ron' 7: XVilson Crisler, Cash: James Cronan. Caruthersiille. Mo.: YVendell Crow, Rector: Sue Ellen Crum, Blythe- villeg John Cullins, Alexander: Mary Cunningham, Kennett, Mo. Row 8: Peyton Dalton. Doniphan. M04 John Damron, Jonesboro: Ronnie Danehower, Forrest City: Norma Dav- enport, Caraway: Sharon Davidson, Jonesboro: Albert Davis, Russellville. Ron' 9: Doyle Davis, Portageville, Mo.: Jerry Daiis. Nlelborneg Jerianna Daw- son, Malden, Mo.: Richard N. Denton, Whitehall: Edgar Dickson, Jonesboro: Ronald Diggs, Jonesboro. Ron' 10: Jimmy Dillard. Tyronza: Richard Dishinger, Paragouldg Paula Dixon, Walnut Ridge: Charles Doty, Pine Bluff: Roy Draffen, Cardwell: Mo.: Bruce Duncan. Greenway. Row ll: Howard Dunn, Marked Tree: Warren Dupwe, Jonesboro: Howard Eads, Jonesboro: Robert Easley, Jones- boro: Vershel Eaton. Lake City: Garry Edgar, Jonesboro. Row 1: Anthony Ellis, Pine Bluff, joseph Elpliington. LllCil'ZlllgCQ Frank Elrod, Jonesboro, XVilma England, Hardy, Rex Ennis, KVM- nut Ridge: Ann Erwin, Mtn. Home: Gary Everett, Paragouldg Patricia Fairheacl, Jonesboro, Juanita Fells, Walnut Ridge. Ron' 2: Lendon Fergeson, Jonesboro, john Ferguson, Lepantog Henry Finch, Black Oak: jimmy Finley, Leachville: Alton Finn, XYest Memphis: Roy Fisher, Jonesboro: Clark Folden, Trumanng jimmy Fong, Blytlierilleg Alan lford, Forrest City. Ron' 3: Palmer Foust, Cherry Valley, Druid Fowler, Xl'ynne: jmnes Frukes, Steele, Mo.: Mary Fraser, Seartyg Hollie Frzrsure, Black Oakp -. xx ,P , is . he 1 A yi li ww fr :ian '. - fi ' 2. va W -55: lf? X wx ,t , Sophomores Class of l963 This unique twosome, formed by acci- dent and continued by popular de- mand, entertained at school eients throughout the year. joseph Fritz, Senzith, Mo.: Lorma Fritz, Topeka, Ranszisg Ronnie Gage, jonesborog Druid Gaines, Blytlreiille. Rau' -l: Homer Gardner, Tupelog lilxis Gates, Peach Orchzirclz lflllifl Garner, West Ridge, Donald Garrett, Marked 'I ree, Edith Geliring, Wlierrtley: Nancy George, Sikeston, Mo., Bob Gibson, Jonesboro: Glenna Gibson, Parrargouldg Mary Gibson, Jonesboro. Run' 3: Willie Gibson, Jonesboro: Nlorgnn Gilbert, 'Iutkeim.tng ,Iohn Gilmore, Pllfilgllllllll -lznnes Glngeritli. Cotton Plunt, Pillll Gipson, Jonesboro, Gene fillllllilll, Rettorg Jerry Glndden. Osteolxrg Robert Gladney, Bntesiille, Miss.: Janis Goldsmith, Kennett, Mo, lx f N 1il3il:25l:'f3fi :IES .. 5 is 3555512 1 . - PM F x X " y X X X g Q he Q... x 'QX sf an Sophomores Closs of l96-4 Past and present were united at the Alumni luncheon as Mr. V. C. Rays and Dr. Reng collaborated ideas on administrative measures. Ron' 1: Bennie Jo Goodman, Blytheville: Jeanie Goodman, lm- boden: John Goodin, Bald Knob: Gary Goodrum, Walnut Ridge: WYilliam Gottg Jonesboro: Hlilliam Grammer, WVest Helena: Carolyn Graham, Jonesboro: Charles Graham, Hope: Donald Green, Para- gou . Rua' 2: Mary Ellyn Green, Heth: Winfred Groxes. East Prairie, Mo.: Eierette Guffey, Alicia: Gary Gurley, Kennett, Mo.: Joe Gurley, Black Oak: George Hall, Jonesboro: Phyllis Hammond, Beechgrove: Johnny Hanna, St. Francis: Jim Hardin, Jonesboro. Ron' 3: Edna Hardman, Jonesboro: Porter Hardman, Jonesboro: Ruth Harkey, Gobler, Mo.: Alvis Harris, Blythevilleg Charles Harris, Saffell: Edward Harris, Forrest City: James Harris, Sedgwick: Ray- mond Hartlieb, Hazen: Joan Hass, Marmaduke. Row 4: Kay Hassell, Chatfield: Jean Hawkins, Piggott: Linda Hay, Jonesboro: Dorothy Heeb, Harrisburg: Elizabeth Henderson, New- port: Linda Henderson, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Troy Henry, Black Oak: Ann Herndon, Osceola: Joanne Hicks, Stuttgart. Ron' 5: Carl Hill, Caruthersville, Mo.: Sue Hill, Batesville: Oliver Hinds. Trumanng Eleanor Hobson, Jonesboro: Curtis Hodges, West Helena: Gary Holland, Benton, Mo.: James R. Holland, Paragould: Jimmy Holmes, Senath, Mo.: Wlilliam Holmes, Paragould. - 1 ' fs' ':" ' K " ' - lfe '-'. . I . l ,. , ' - . Sgfrylz, : ffrffffifl 551225: .' Q' ' YI: -.E-:.5:,y1E5SEKf vgvgfifl V '35 . ,. . , ,. 'rkSf:I:IP2:I5l"' .-,v:,2C,i':'S:-,- 1.-.:'. 'QIBVQQ 01+-'f:-:,-:.T .3211-Feiss' V' . 1 2 Q.: 1: ' Q -apr - jgg:1:f:z.,.,s 3- -Y -' was ' - "ISP-"' " ' ' l r- ' ' 55.52 ' 2 . m '. :I ff 1, -V. 3" l ' 5 , Sv if ' so ,a s - "5 " vt. v tl f " ' 'Yr' .fel-1 I 3. :' fe- ' - -- IEEE ' fl Sv 'Q ' . I 4' I N - ' ii ici- E . - iffy J -: 1 :E ar'-fl ., 5-15... ste: . xdtsrzfi, . ' ' 15 M- 'f ,- .. -ff,-S.. at-.1 .. s- at - X. -, . Q., ' are " -. f 'f-ry X :ga , , r l Q' . f . 1 , A gg- .V " " ' Efgaigeazy' Yr, 1. .2352 is .- F , -',35f:, re w t., 'W' N ' -' -a--., - . .. - Y -. ' X. 1 -'-'-2 N -- . Q f - - X N, " -f X ':..' X N, ' X. 1 - ' , :yi -1: . on P f , if ' - . XSS? . 41 - A N- --,- -. - N-iss, - rs .- wt .1 2 - ' V '-1 . Ewfsft ' ff' M .5 . Q ' xt 2' Q F' 2 W t s .. 6 - ,. -Q t . s . . -V X, l ' :s X ax:-x 3, tl- 3, - . 4 1 1 . P Sv 9 , ,Jw X P51121-11 ., N 1 4 w ' " N' i -, Q, :Son Hs: gg- 'fi' 2f2f.:'.r..21- , xv gs: ' """' f 'T' , 'sr .. f sr- l W " . f A 'L I A H 1 l , ' I writ: 5 lg, X -. is-,, 1 'EEZZQZQ -' Q '-wifi' 'f lWl:"Miiil i I-ggi... Y 3 ' -4-...Q-2:-.5 .. v . . , X 'H ' al ' X fn f v.:..I:. ,hh V X X 4, . ' f .. .Q fr- . t xy. hz-:I a " ' - s it-Rs. if. . 5. 4 A I J. ,, . '-f' ' l -r ' 9, Af . fn so . . N I K.: I -- . 1 1, - l ' , V 'Z' x Row 1: Cynthia Hopkins, Evening Shade: Benjamin Horne. Wvnne: Mary House, jonesboro: Darrell Houston, Harrisburg: Robert Houston. North Little Rock: Linda Huckabee, Poca- hontas. Row 2: jerry' Hudgins, Caruthersville, Mo.: Nanda Hudson, Pocahontas: Mike Huffman. Poplar Bluff: jerry Huff- stutler, Kennett, Mo.: Wanda Hnggs, Pine Bluff: Betty Hughes. jonesboro. Row 3: Bill Hughes. Pocahontas: Pena ny Hunter, Cherry' Valley: Mary Hunts- man, Paragould: Rosa Huskey, Balch: Paula Hutchens, Deering: Mary Gay Hutcherson, Paragould. Row 4: Lloyd Hynes, Saladog Rebecca Inmon, Blytheville: james Irwin, For- rest City: Lolllna Irwin, Xie:-it Mem- phis: Ivan jackson, Lebanon, Mo.: Virgie jackson, jonesboro. Row 5: Ernest james, Leachiille: Hugh james, Holland, Mo.: johnny james, Piggott: john johnson. Lezichville: Charles johnson, jonesboro: Richard johnson, Pittsburg, Pa. Row 6: Tommy johnson, Rector: Frances johnston, Tuckermang Sheila jolliff, Manila: Betty jones. Lepanto: Donald jones. Harrisburg: Marilyn jones, Alicia. Row 7: Maryyne jones, jonesboro: Owen jones, Paragouldp Robert jones, Forrest City: julia jordan, jonesboro: Mary joyner, Osceola: Harrell justus, Walnut Ridge. Rou' 8: Margaret Kalkbrenner, Malden, Mo.: Linda Kee, Monette: jim Keller. Trumann: Myra Kendrick, Bay: Lexie Kennedy, Tyronza: Charles Kennenrore, Osceola. Row 9: William Kepley. Naylor, Mo.: Freddie Kerr, Monette: jacquelyn Kin- berlin, Poplar Bluff. Mo.3 Douglas King, jonesboro: Anita Kirk, jones- horo: Ronald Kittering, jonesboro. Row 10: Robert Kluge, jonesboro: jo- ann Lady, Paragould: julia Laird, jonesboro: Tommy Lalman, Palestine: Lloyd Lamb, Black Oak: james Larn- breth. jonesboro. 052: 52 Q x. .N s X X 'A .fi wrggqg, . wx. ie t in if X l .... ' 4551: Q -l. V, -,. 1" - .Aw V., , 1 ...tags . 'A 3 , Ajjk 1 2,--'.,j51 V 3 ,A wav 'Il' .. 3.5: , v I ' e ' .4 .,, -5:,:y5.1.5,x.- ' - amd ' X.. I '-ag j G . E-:egg .. -' .sa "fa- s W ff W fait.. . s -... W , '- ,X .eff .X f - 4. 3 xg ' ' H s . i. tl s Q 0 Q. :fe '- "Tis ' 'r f Q R- vw! K : df - rf Q W. f-- is Y . Q . 53: V- ' , 1 . ,-., .1 . I j -. ,ki-I :fi :' V . : t I .. sas- "- . 1 f ' fa-1. . . P-if s p sf 1 1' -e ' ":. ev: -. . .. 'A 2' if. r... -. ' .J fe X A fb' "' 5' f ,,. ,- M- - ., ' . ...iw ,, - ' f xl f Y' be 1- i -- ,a ' Ns., 1. x r .a"-sis? 'f ' fp ' 's' v-. gg., , ' , ' is ics -V :aj- as r ,552 . G it n lg.. ... , . -f f- , -5 ' 1 f . - f .3 Ia.: ' F :W ' lv " -,rr ,Y 9 'I e giiwiw i A. V. , , -lf.-:ii ff . 2 , H . 1 x,5.l, 5 is P f i :B S, N .Z Ai . lil ii l s if ,. mu 3.3 as sr I- x X K w . no .... so ? z 3' -- R ,sp-.. . Kev .. , 1 U jo E' N- . - . wig ,X -cg. gk, i " xi ,Q E T I - 'E -:Z-. . . Wits ' .. fs. t I-: ,- :,s sL. - ' l ww- v. 'Y af' ' 12522. ' ' 7 11.1 1 sz Ig 4,: . ..:1s,,:,e- s .ggngf-. Ke SMR , , , qv., qt' yn.. , "' ' 1.3, .y 13 :fa Q- . 'L 1 t -.f ,, .QQ-22:52 "" I . - . Row 1: William Landrum, Newport: Eddie Langston, Batesville: Larry Lar- kan, Hazen: Larry Lassiter, Jonesboro: Martha Lassiter, Cave City: Rex Las- siter, Jonesboro. Row 2: James Latture, McRae: Patricia Lee, Paragould: Patty Lee, Jonesboro: H. C. Lemmons, Paragouldg James Lentz, Blytheville: Larry Lewis, Jongs. boro. Rozu 3: Richard Lewis, Manila: Wil- liam Lewis, Nimmons: Barbara Lile, Dyess: Mary Lindsey, Caldwell: John Lingle, Piggott: Rebecca Littlejohn, Earle. Rau' 4: David Lodge, Paragould: Ruf- fus Lyerly, Leachville: Jack Lynch, Little Rock: Sue Maddux, Newport: Michael Majors, Paragould: Joan.Mal- lett, Rector. Row 5: Danny Manning, Yilalnut Ridge: Marion Marcuni, Newark: James Martin, Cherry Valley: Lloyd Martz, Saffel: Rosanna Massey, Jones- boro: Murrell Mouldin. Marion. Row 6: Leland Maxwell, East Prairie, Mo.: Jerry May, Cabot: Mary May, Paragould: Alice Medclress, Arbyrd, Mo.: Gloria Meddress, Arbyrd, Mo.: Sandra Merguie. Kennett, Mo.: Ron' 7: Dennis Metheny, Leachville: Dennis Mickey, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Sal- ly Mickey, Paragould: Oma Middleton, Leachville: Charles Miller, H olly Grote: Donald Miller, Cleveland. Rout 8: Richard Miller, Wynne: Thomas Miller, Jonesboro: Nancy Mil- ligan, Blytheville: Linda Mills, Vlest Memphis: Scott Minton, Bono: Patty Mizell. Clartlwell, Mo. Rout 9: Rita Moclelevsky, Jonesboro: Wiley Montgomery, Forrest City: Horace Montgomery, Newport: Cath- erine Moore, Walnut Ridge: Doris Moore, Jonesboro: Rocco Morici, Queens, N. Y. Rout 10: Max Moore, Paragould: Pa- tricia Moore, Yellville: Stanley Morti- mer, Jacksonville: Donna Moser, Sen- ath, Mo.: Jesse Moses, Paragoultl: Lin- da Mosley. Kennett. Mo. Rau' 11: Donald Mothershed, Swifton: Betty Murphy, Paragould: Gene Mu- sick, Joiner: Jerry Myers, Sedgewick: Jean McCain, Osceola: Carolyn Mc- Carty, Trumann. Ron' 1: Danna McCarty, Newport: Linda McCarty, Trumann: Jack McClain, lVest Memphis: Alice McDaniel, Paragould: Gary McDon- ald, Marmaduke: lllerilyn McDonald, Rector: Mary McDonald. Me- Crory: Helen McDonnough, Trumann: Charles Rlclllwain. Fisher. Row 2: Jim McKay, lVest Memphis: James Mclieel, Rector: Ruth Mclieel, Rector: Doris McKinney, Jonesboro: Bob lNIcCuiston. Bly- theville: Douglas Mdlalialn, Truinann: Ronald NIcNIanus, Blythe- yille: Lonnie MeNatt, Brooklandg Carol Nash, Jonesboro. Ron' 3: Dana Nash. Wheatley: William Nations, Paragouldg Donald Neal, Harrisburg: Billy Nelson, Blytheville: Ora Neltles, Paragould: Sophomores Closs of l964 Wigwam drop-ins following athletic eients furnished student fellowship and promoted social activity. Robert Newberry, Beech Grove: Melba Newsom, Paiagould: Don Nichols. Walnut Ridge: Doris Nicholson, Newport. Row 4: Howell Nicholson, Driver: Russell Noble, Pocahontas: Terry Norman. Malden, Mo: Jeanne Norris. Risco, Mo.: Pat Norton, Batesville: Jirn Norwood, Jonesboro: Nita Nuckolls. Forrest Cityg Johnnie Nutt, Jonesboro: Carolyn Oakley. Deering, Mo, Row 5: Edna Oates. Leachville: Carolyn Osborn, Jonesboro: Ron' ald Ohnemus, lYest Helena: Rebecca O'Niel, Paragould: Nancy Osborne, Leachville: Raye Osborn, Brinltlex: Ronald Owens, Lake City: Phil Osmen', Jonesboro: H'illiani Oxner, Moro. 6-' R .353 1 N Q-.4 X. .s. 1 Z 42 X x if ol ,..... Kb' 5- it Bula lllnrns Grain Sophomores Closs of l964 Display winners were announced and trophies were awarded at the animal l'l0lllCCUlIllllg dance, held this year in the Arinory. Ron' l Jimmy Helena: : Ann Parker, Brinkley: Iva Ann Parker, Cherry Valley: Parks, Manila: Carolyn Parrent. Campbell, Mo.: Barbara Paxton, Jonesboro: John Petty, Kennett, Mo.: Gale Phifer, West Molly'Plyler, lvynne: Norma Poe, Jonesboro. Ron' 2: Larry Poole, Kennett, Mo: Arlie Pope, Cardwell. Mo.: Judy Porlerfield, Piggott: Burnis Posey, Jonesboro: Gary Potter, Jones- boro: Katherine Pounders, Jonesboro: Bobby Powell, Newport: Duane Powell, Lake City: Wanda Prater, XValnut Ridge. Pulley. Marnmoth Row 3: Nancy Pratt, Trumann: Carolyn Price, Higginson: Donald Pritchard, Carutbersrille, Mo.: Claud Pugh, Tutkernian: Maxine Springs: Bob Pulliam, Donilvhan, Mo.: Jessie TF Pulliam, YValnut Ridge: Ted Pylant, Leachville: Richard Qualls, Ninimons. Row 4: Jerry Raburn, Caruthersville, Mo.: Richard Randle, Jones- boro: Ronnie Reams, Jonesboro: Don Reaves, McRae: J. W. Reece, Osceola: Reuben Reed, Corning: Thomas Reed, lValkerton, Ind.: Doyle Rite, Hfyandotte, Mich.: Rebecca Ridge, Hornersville, Mo. Huw 5: Brenda Riley, Jonesboro: George Robason, Yklest Helena: John Robb, Doniphan, Mo.: Dickie Roberts, Pocahontas: Marilyn Robertson, Gideon, Mo.g Gerald Robertson, Gideon, Mo.: Homer Robertson, Jonesboro: Bobby Robbins, Trumann: Donald Robbins, Truniann. ,ff 'Q :'-::.,:.:,:.: fr -f. mf- :rggzwxsvw if 1:1 we :sg 5 'E 'i si. . f - .l -ge.:-1' ,Q 1 :..: Q.. ."':f2'1I52E5 ' ' Y Q.: aiu- 'HWS -1 '?' 1 - '.:-- .1'?:55ESiI5:Zf55S?525 1-::::'f+",1s. f F- P V V P ' 'N ' V . 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Ire' ill EI:si:s.... ' f l PY: fir: - Y Q , his X fiifkili . 5:12 iw' 521 ' 4, ' , Q' 'ul IQ - Q '5 1? -:sm 4 A alan- . fe- Al. Q5 . . gf i- WZ : - - '- V- . X ' A .. .st , . i A , ,e-.-gga - . N .tm -. -' we . , N-,Ht wk, ,J . , . . s , ,xc . MM . .. , .X ,J J Q , it ' X ' S 4 , , , , QQ -x . he N f 2 4s Q SQ: 7 Q 'Q 3 f ,Q 2 . AQ , , my tx, l . E' 'Eff . Y :L V- . V ,Q - -W3 - V -v A ,yt Q L yy Q . X s ,, X -..f' " ' l r K ' 5 1 QP, 1 15.551 Ky. t K 'ww 'R - W.. 1 V. Nb , ' . rs isnt, Q Q tv f Row 1: Thomas Robinson, Bemie. Mo.: Winston Robinson, Rector: Roger Robinson, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Connie Roden, Kennett. Mo.: Claude Rogers, Thayer, Mo.: Donald Rogers, Blythe- ville. Row 2: Jimmy James Roleson, Rose, Jonesboro? Rogers, Poeahontasi Blytheville: Ronnie Susan Rose, Jones- boro: Sue Roy. Jonesboro: Robert Rudi, Paragould. Row 3: Anna Rudy, Jonesboro: Bryan Runsick, Swifton: Phillip Rushing. Au- gusta: Barbara Russell. Armorelg Carol Ryan, XVynne: Kenneth Savage, Proc- lOl'. Row -1: Patil Scarborough, Marked Tree: Elizabeth Schultz, Jonesboro: Barbara Seoggins, Hirkory Ridge: Exe- lyn Seaton. Jonesboro: Don Shatley, Leachville: Jerry Shell, Bradford. Row 5: George Sheldon. Little Rock: Tommy Shelton, Jonesboro: Huston Sherrill, Mammoth Springs: James Simmermon, Walnut Ridge: David Simmons, Little Rock: Jerry Simmons, Jonesboro. Row 6: Tommy Simpkins, Lake City: James Sims, Trtunann: Charlotte Smith, Paragould: Harold Smith, Jonesboro: James Smith, Matthews, Mo.: Jessie Smith, Jonesboro. Rozv 7: Jimmy Smith, Dell: Joe Smith, Jonesboro: Kenneth Smith, lvlarianna: Leah Smith, Paragould: Michael Smith, Stuttgart: Morris Smith. Jonesboro. Ron' 8: Phyllis Smith, Learhxille: Rita Smith, Jonesboro: Robert Smith, Elaine: Ronald Smith, Stuttgart: Sam Snider, Malden, Mo.: Charles Snow, Caruthersville, Mo. Rout 9: Sara Snow, Blytheville: Roland Southern, Steele, Mo.: Daiid Sparks, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Roy Sparks. Jones- boro: Hlilliam Spell, Jonesboro: Sam- my Spencer, Pocahontas, Rou' 10: Roberta Stabel. Bath. N. Y.: David Stamps, Newport: Frank Stanley. Poplar Bluff. Mo.: James Stanley. Jonesboro: Bill Starling, Pocahontas: Howard Starnes, Senatb, Mo. Row ll: Jimmy Starnes, Marked Tree: Paul Steele, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Linda Stephens, Little Rock: Redmond Stew- art, Wheatley: Steve Stevens, Bono: Carolyn Stickler, Paragould. ' X f ' H I x . 4- r . - .1 f 4 we 4. -ar M. . .,:2'. :fri Q ff L . " -Y ' --e Q ' - Q 'tk - '- ' if - I -tg . , S . ' t . , , .,ff,, . 5 Aux, lax , V . . 1 u . as V- .. Va 8- .' D ,., 0 - 'Y 'H ' in A Q 1 ! ' 'S N " r- I il . .1 K' ts, ei, Q Q"- X . Suv: , , "N 1 .- X S " .J K' " R 4., . J ., 4 . ' me tus. . : i b 3 - ,la il er? -1. ,, A 4, S e .- - A-. , t. .sv 4' N, ef- 1 Y if f af V , . :Que J E st ' .xi i 1' ' Sas ' N 1 .N ,' ' -1:4 4, J., .-v. ,I H ia G l , 1 N , Vi J . Q I' 1 .Weisz-I.. S 'S ' ' YM! l Q :A l , A 1-nr' am' .' SD Q x72 rg I 1 oi ia Lv: na L: ff." '-'Q .' , ' ' -f I al, . . Y 1 W ty S. L X, I V 'S .:.,,. Tk., .. . . ., gw,, . .. . 4, ' ' Q 2 J 5 0 : J-' :ew W .. " - 1 li - 1 o .vw - -H: ' Q' - 4 f R V. t , L Q t. - -.-4 N..--' N H X X .ff QSV, v' L t . y X' ' - L -.. 'Q . J as bgkjz X t : va is t ' 3 me X X 5, 1 ,, Z . , ..., , X . - .Fjvff - X . tm. ., x, - r f Q 'A' Qi:-. J' eff . na' . ,fa '- 71 , 'G-'S .gf J 4' A 3 bt, -4' .1 Mt Q- ,,, " - , -- ,N to .. J X ,. . Q5 Y 6 . i. , Z gx - K -' 'ax T, AQ, , ts. 1,5 I , , tx ' 1 I L Yi5SffQ"1za 'Lbee? , X ' -ag: . . - ,tl T . . , J Q t . X A S R y xg -1.1, ? 4 .. 1 ' , J. v .ev 51: ,qu A A , ,L i . , 1 ,-1 if 'fav A lg M ' 'X -1 1, '- S ,CN XZ, Kari' PJ -Q Kktk , U "' 'ff ,,,. ,, . ,. 1 P "' - . y-ss -. . -, W .Je ' A1 r I .sta t f'ae-21 K ' .N . Q N425 , X . ,,... le M 'Wi P' C " A 'fa' S+' ' . . ,iq f. : ,X W, I 0- ' f' av - N111 wg, Q ' 'xg' I .vp . : "ry V H J , ., at . ' . was ' X - , ,r rm es, : 'a' Q on an -1 fy r-:sw . V , 11:1 . , , J ...- g E I. V Vv... . : Q , a w , f Sk , A ' ' ' 'X . l w i 3,3 - Q5 F ' :fr . . 1 f - Q: .1 at : 5. at X - V 5-eq My L, "' st --4 , -sw , . - 1 3 4' x, 5 , t - ft, ' ,., .95 .ffl ' i Mo' J, , ' E . fr ., .., e 5 5 , F Q- . H ,- -5, 433 4' .. - Q N- . , V , '- ,, 1 y , t , Vg ' ef-rt f -. ...J v -1 M- ' . " f ' ' f iwffgls. f 3. . l"""' r A A ' E S it Q 'K 11 , vw , - V U5 use a f , s -1 - , .., H lj ..,,.' f t 'W I ' ' .,. 3 . Q--W. pq ,ra Wg - 5- t is- . Q I iv, 4? .Y ' x - , "' - . . . N """iIf551QEe-2. . . .-..- ik A N. 3 t . 8, f i. . . Y .. I ' 1-mam-1 fi : ' -.Q-ve.. r"' .M .,, L, ,.,. ,. L Q man N .- , Z., K vi' IW ' . -, - ' -.f '-if fs' - " ' ' -f:e:::5:z::- P. ,4 . f Q? Q5 ,EIS-I3 if? 2. X V1 ,, - , N- , , ... - -' H F- vs. '- - f Q , . 1-c: . ig! 'i nf ,- 4- .""' wr--. 1 - 1- 4-V' -yer. x :eil-fill fi-'im ..5.fea:z:5: . 1.1.5 ' "i ' . 1.. . ' ' .. ff: 2...q-1: :' 3 - J . ' N l I' P -iE'E?E:iE.2.E.s'5l52.515is1-.:I:-2:':s21E1E-12'-i'I,'2.5ae-Z' .. Z.:5:..'::::-2512.-1.1 E- - - i 1-.,?11':S, "" ""'-'-fffrszz-1.1. :EEE:gifffiigriagei25257:-gg..,.., 'S 'rw 1 v ,. 'V' " ,:2' ""'3gf'H,,. 1. '.. Q f 'Q 'R es. T l ' 6 rl.:-s - en. 'te S' ' ': C ' " "'2::-. . K x S- . an - x . ,lf . i V M msg, box., Q V 1 Qu M ,Xt . V - R -. X 1 I f! , W in Row l: Robert Stiles, Blytheville: Den- zel Stokes, Paragould: Billie Stone, Jonesboro: Ruby Stone, Jonesboro: Tommy Stoner, Tuckemian: Samuel Stricklin, Harrisburg. Row 2: Andy Stroud, Jonesboro: Pa- tricia Sulcer. Palestine: James Suther- land, Jonesboro: Fred Swan, Forrest City: Edward Swann. Newport: Guy Talbott, Maynard. Ron' 3: Jody Tapp, Newport: Bill Tay' lor, Jonesboro: Linda Taylor, Piggott: Jeri Taylor. Jonesboro: Lonnie Taylor, Xlonetle: William Thetford, Cash. Ron' 4: Thomas Harrison, Harrisburg: Janice Thomas. Jonesboro: J e r r y Thomas. YValnnt Ridge: John Thomp- son. Jacksonvilleg Robert Thorpe, Jonesboro: Donald Tilley. Fisher. Ron' 5: Charles Tillman, Jonesboro: Ernest Timm, Bourbonnais. Ill.: Dud- ley Tims, Newport: Nettie Todd, Card- YVell. Mo.: Sandra Towery, Jonesboro: Shirley Townsend, Manila. Ron' 6: Donald Trammel, Monette: Lannie Traiis, Xl'est Helena: James Treat, Jonesboro: Bobby Treece, Para- gould: Homer Trigg, Sikeston, Mo.: James Tripp, Jonesboro. Ron' 7: Robert Tripp, Dexter, Mo.: James Trout, Kewanee, Mo.: Richard Trout, Bourbonnais. Ill.: Jerry Troxler, Cash: Lloyd Tucker, Jonesboro: Gay- lon Turner, Salem. Ron' 8: Walter Underwood, Thayer, Mo.: John Vick, Caruthersville, Mo.: Kay Wadley, Paragonld: James lValker, Corning: Johnny lVallace, Harrisburg: Charlotte lVard. Mammoth Springs. Rau' 9: David Ward, Brinkley: Mary lVard, Pocahontas: Andrew XVargo, Watson: Lavern Washam, Mammoth Springs: Sherman Waters, Rector: Thomas lVatkins, Jonesboro. Row 10: Emma Watson, Strawberry: Jerris Webb, Kennett, Mo.: Mary Weber, Jonesboro: Laura Weems, 'Dru- mann: Judith XVelch, McRae: Bobby XVells, Rector. .- ....-v .f .QA . A f Ron' 1: Jerrv W'ells, Osceola: Lafarrel H'ess, Marrnaduke: Donald XVCSI, Blytheville: Sandra Whitaker, Harrisburg: Larry White, Newport: Aaron XVhite, VVarren: Connie Hlhitehead, Moro: Larry Wiggs, Malden, MO.: Rollin YViles, Senath, Mo, Row 2: Brenda YViley, Jonesborog Larry Wilkison, Jonesboro: Au- brey Wilbanks, Jonesboro: Bobby Williams. Corningl Carolyn Will- liams, Paragould: Jeffrey Williams, Poplar Bluff, Moi Larry Hil- liams, Jonesboro, Larry Williams, Jonesboro: Miron Williams, Para- gould. Ron' 3: Patricia Williams, Alicia: Preston Williams, Pine Bluff: Sophomores Closs of I964 1 U W f' l Registration required a careful selec- tion of Lourses in order lu complete the required curriculum and to pursue a major field of study. Ralph Yl'illams, Rectorg Ronald Williams, Campbell, Mo.: Lloyd Williford, Forrest City: Don Wilson, Pleasant Groveg Glenda Wilson, XVeiner: Jack Wilson, Mountain Vicwg Nick Wilson, Pocahontas. Ron' 4: Patsy Xfilson, Walnut Ridge: Sammy 'Wilson, Bono, Sandra Wilson, Springfield, Ill.: Wlilliam Wilthong, Paragouldg Geraldine Hlinfree, Melborne: Gerald Hlinters, Jonesboro: Douglas Wood, Jonesboro: Isaac Wood, Jonesboro: Jiinrny Hlyatt, Letona. Ron' 5: Robert lVyzilt. Joncsborog Darrell Willis, Dexter, Mo,p Gary Yzirber, Jonesborog Iiarlaine Young, Hornersville, Mo.: Herbert Ziegenhorn, Fisher. 'Q 'Ze 2 gim 'E' 'bf Q3 23,6 'Z X :We s X Q sa 'N ev tx ,. . ,, Y 2 X, 'Q Q. NN 1 Freshmen Class of l965 Snake-dancing their way to the open- ing pep rally, the freshmen boys creat- ed quite a colorful spectacle. Row 1: Ann Abernathy, West Memphis: Clifford Adams, Ravenden Armbrust, Little Rock: Larry Amett, Paragould: Sandra Arnett, Springs: Haskell Adams, Marianna: james Adams, Poplar Bluff, Paragvould: Alan Arnold, Jonesboro: Carol Ashby, Blytheville. Mo.: Paula Adams, Dumas: Larry Adamson, Marked Tree: Imogene geilliiison, Cardwell, Mo., Preston Adcox, Newport, Robert Akers, Ron, 4: Brenda Alchley, Gideon' MO.: Jimmy Atkinson, Manila: f' Sue Avis, Caruthersville, Mo.: Bill Aycock, Parma, Mo.: George Baecht, Golden Eagle, Ill.: Billy joe Bailey, jonesboro: Thomas Row 2: Harold Alexander, Nimmonsi Bernard Allen, Naylor, Mo.: Bailey, Jonesboro: Brenda Baker, East Prairie, Mo.: Donna Baker Gary Allen, Marked Tree: james Allen, Trumann: Leslie Allen, Harrisburg. Malden. Mo.: Francis Allred, Muntlelein, Ill.: Hattie Alsup, Tru- mann: Anne Anderson, Swifton: Larry Anglea, Xfest Memphis. Raw 5: Floyd Baker, Mccmryz Lloyd Baker, Mccroryz Sharon Baker, Marion: Larry Ballinger, joneshorop Nancy Barnes, Monctte: Rout 3: jimmy Anglin, Marked Tree: lfred Applegate, Blytheville: Fred Barnliill, Paragould: Barbara Barthel, Jonesboro: Ronny Bart- Marvin Archer, Holly Grove: joseph Arends, Malden, Mo.: joseph lett, Walnut Ridge: Sharon Bartlett, Gideon, Mo. . .1 -1 Xa- ' .:1,'51- 'iS:I':"l it R N, r A is ry 1 t 1' s iii? K I N . K' X - - T C '.1:Qf,Q' ' , "ft ' 13" - ft' Q9 X Q N tg Q Q X l Y HY r X W Q as ,t Q , , ., V, , i s ' QUE' in A - vs 1 - 54. V Q 'V . . J A I If Y nil - auf: "-' . - A ., I 3:12, "L Xx 2 F Q Y Q .1 V ' V, yy ,A N if L, 'V 1 1 CE' A l , -537 Yi . erwxz. -A r Q N ' 1 V. 'vt ee 4 X a f , v-,ew , fir, . Q 5 xxx- t V . .-i, - , it as X X X X. M 5 X , X 5, R . 1 NI l E, ' G l S X as X: X t New X 1 5 4 . -. -- Ni K 'I L Row 1: Pierce Barnett, Marianna: Clif- ford Larence Barton. Jonesboro: For- rest Barton, Pacific, Mo.: Carter Bax- ter, Jonesboro, Mary Bean, Walnut Ridge, Augustus Beard. Newport. Row 2: Sally Bearden, Rector, Robert Beene, Hughes, Clarence Belinge, Jack- sonville, Judith Bell, Hayti, Mo., H. T. Bell, Saffell, Frank Benedict, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Row 3: Dorothy Bennett, Jonesboro: Gloria Benson, Rector, Ronny Benson, Taylor, Arthur Bentley, Gideon, Mo.: Randall Bentley. Gideon, Mo.: Jerry Berry, Jonesboro. Row 4: John Michael Berta, Joliet, Ill., Roy Bickerstaff, Brinkley, James Bis- hop, Cardwell, Mo.: Jerry Bishop, Salem, Ronald Bishop, Jonesboro, Freddie Blackburn, Mt, Home. Row 5: Mary Blackburn, Mammoth Springs, Harry Blackwell, Naylor, Mo., Vivian Blackwell, Naylor. Mo., Ricky Blanton, Newport, Carolyn Boernecke, Jacksonville, Ronald Boggs, Riverview, Mich. Row 6: Gary Bohannon, Searcy, Sandy Bone, Jonesboro, Toni Book, Hazel Park, Mich., Billy Bookout, Senath, Mo., William Bookout, Wiseman, Joe Boone, St. Louis, Mo. Row 7: Guy Borders, Malden, Mo., J. Harold. Bouland, Jonesboro, Harvey Bowman, Dyessg Mary Bowers, Para. gould, Bettye Bowling. Earle: James Boyd, Paragould. Row 8: Mike Boydston, North Little Rock, Larry Boyer, Sikeston, Mo., Kathleen Braden, Black Oak, Wally Bradsher, Trumann, Larry Brandon Paragould, Linda Brannon, Lynn. Row 9: Raymond Braschler, Doniphan, Mo., Larry Brawner, Colt, Carl Breit- wiser, Shipman, Ill., Ted Brewer, Jonesboro, Linda Brickell, Mammoth Springs: James Bridges. Lcachville. Row 10: Rebecca Bridges. Little Rock, Ann Broadway, Marked Tree, Donald Brown. Weiner: James Brown, Bloom- field. Mo., Susan Brown, Jonesboro: Linda Browning, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 2:5 .3 , J ,V ' K B my.: if . , ,Q . ' 1. -s - K .5 J 1 A 5 J' ' 'V af-I , J. "' 'Q gg .V I MM 0 +5 . 1,1 4. i My 1, V. ,E gm-.3 .-- S, 1 L . V ly it or - ..-V f'ii."-- -V12 r f ' a :nj 'I 29" - J J 1 N 3 2.2, 1 " . . X is -- . - fs, . - . . i 'W 1 " - A 5- se' 2' .if 3 i .,,,, Q., lx -Z 'R J, - V W., f gg' 2-f . 4 M 5' k 'Cf s f ef Y ... - . " . J - J J ' XV. ' - 'xv 1 . . ..f sk Q Q F - . gl. ' 'if V nh A. -'rx ,gf ' 'T is . N :KC -. ' 'V K t, ' ' V 'UV I 1 .. V -1' ' --5 . 5 --J"7 ,Q 9 , . , "W" h R .L B X lv ' ll --:::,1-:..,,.13 sf? .1 :sf . , M, ' S, - -e-1.5:g:f.s rs-.Li . . . ' Q, , , :E ' ': .x X VE: ' :yi " , w- at ' fi? A .r 'iq QD' "Z 1 G- Ti 'N 4 'J if is ' ii. - ,112 ,gi ' . ,rg if f t ' , , ': - -V f - Riga-1 . " wr if 0 it ' El' - ' f ' " ' ,": 1 5 J U A .VQZFZLEQ H . ., V ' V' ' ' - .,. ' 1 N V H 'Vzr "' its " .ff lt- . -si, f-- ' 'T 'fr 1 fz' y - X' ' V , .., J. - if ' if , ' c 1.-ef '- B .1 I " V 4. A .... . V S' -- . .. . ' 3"5ii"'i .'.,. , lf 4 'Iii-'e '13 wi. L. , 1 ,Q fs A ,C , Q . . by . N - , ,F - J5,.i: l Q. ' if - ' 2 'V "' - 5 he '- Q -1. 5. V- , R ' ' "' .. . 1. ' i ' ' - ' . . ,- ,::'..... V z s -W-.1 ,M-1-,V - .fag - so A. ag.-z .1 '. ...N ss . ss- , 'e .sf 3 6 . V . V ' .. n 'ft '- fe "" 1 E' firm ' '3' A 5 . ,f .1 - "' V '- Q- ' V' if 1 ' B 3 "" I -F29 1 N . .... ' 1 H if ..... I.f"'fif J J V aff J VAQJ ': Ii 1 V . ik: . its N f . 5 - V nu - .Q 7 - 5 3 - Q ' f w ' " fs . in argsr- '2 I sw ' .- r , N 3 9-vb: . 1, ' sr- . , 155 1, L' Y., .R Ve-1 If .. 'tl X .. F., ' Wx. J 4 ' -. v aff :ff.F" ' ' -- , t rr. . sr 1. x ' ,I G .- ,,.--K A .. 3 V K V- .- - K ' 3 4... 1 'su .3 -J.: g Y: ... V 5 . 'I .- A J H Y Q A I .: Q . , .... ' .g- V' N X A -J -I Q. . .. K J A F - T f 5- e f . 3 'Q 5 1 3 M' f uf R, -NJ:-I J I -. 'fi' 3-J YN ' :J I . a , 'fi Q Q 45 . .1-Q. ' :Mhz 'S Ng as V .... 1 e..,. so A. , sera., x f ' '-':.',:.2s5Z::a-:si 11.".::.'.:. . 21.1 55273 ' -H fp- . V 'BET N V ' ' V ' -t s. .V . , J, 4 .N ,f i Q . .V ....- s . .. at A-: .J .Q .S 3 Q 5 C . ! . .V V ll- 'V lm, mx ' Q 4- .fi X X Q at , .rx " t 5" R ' .ringer 'V -'vs A 'xx i -, -Y D K ,',,,?l, I 'T 'ir f .Q Jf , I 'g' 1' , E, V , , , , :. if X ,- ii-2 .. - - 'A- A Vw ' sp, . , , Q' W ,. ,, If J Q 'rniitf-gif? x.4 X, - Q -:gm cfm - . 15:-,Q A ' ' ' R 553.4 ,. -'Z if sz :a:? :-z-Rr! J Z., I. :"Jx'1 ' -. 3. 2 -. f. s.. ' vw, .Q X sf .: :iii .shi 5 . -' 2 - -+ ,N in ,e:j:,, X F. t X 4 5 AM 1' 4 1 . ,.., i: . - he Q Q Q! t, .tx M! N , -V 'Civ ,S s bt J ll sf' 1 YT! 1 Row 1: Larry Magness, Batesville, Ron- ald Mahon, Hickory Ridge: Dave Markovich, St. Louis, Mo.: Virginia Marks, Mellwoodg Janell Marr, Blythe- ville: Charles Marshall, Caraway. Row 2: Ruby Marshall, Paragould: George Martin, Portageville, Mo.: Richard Martin, Peru, Ind.: Kenneth Mashburn, Miami, Fla.: WVayrie Mast- ers, Bradford: John Masterson, Earle. Rau' 3: Melody Mauldin, Paragould, Lou Ann Martin, Holly Grove: Earlene Maxwell, Hickory Ridge: Myrna Max- well. East Prairie, Mo.: Martin May: Lepanto: William May, Steele, Mo. Ran' 4: Elizabeth Mayo, Blytheville: Dan Melton, Trtimann: James Melton, Dellwood, Mo.: Andrea Berkle, Brink- ley: Thomas Midgett, Marion, Ill.: Em- mett Milam, Cherry Valley. Row 5: Trudy Miles. l'Valnut Ridge: Joe Miller, Cardwell, Mo.: Lowell Miller, Jonesborog Ronnie Miller, Jud- sonia: Linda Mitchell, Grubbs: Allen Monroe, Brinkley. Ron' 6: Curtis Montgomery, Dela- plaine: Dean Montgomery, lVardell, Mo.: Jerry Moody, Salem: Gerry Moore: Stuttgart: Herman Moore, Pine Bluff: Lewis Moore. Corning. Row 7: Marvin Moore, Marked Tree: William Moore, Trumann: lVillia1n Lee Moore: Little Rock: Bettye Mor- gan. Jonesboro: Doris Morris, Bay: Rudolph Morris, Jonesboro. Row 8: Mary Morrow, Osceola: Gary Moss, Harrisburg: Charles Moye, Jones- boro: Lamon Moye, Trumann: Terry Mullins, Blytlieville: Elizabeth Mur- phy. Jonesboro. Row 9: Ramona Mustion, Boonville, Mo.: Paul McBride, Pine Bluff: Carl McCain, Gideon, Mo.: Irvy McCain, Earle: Judith McComb, Cardwell, Mo.: Shelby McCook, Blytheville. Row 10: Patricia McCoy, Elaine: David McDaniel, Trumann: Rohnny McDan- iel, Jonesboro: William McDaniel, Paragould: Tamara McGehee, Flint, Mich.: Jerry McGruder, Harviell, Mo. Row 1: Charles Collier, Rector, john Collier, Parkin, Val jean Collier, McCrory, Cletis Collins, Hleiner, Faith Collins, Forrest City: Kenneth Collins. Eminence. Mfr, Lecel Combs, Violet Hill, William Compton, Paragouldg Billy Condra, Harrisburg. Row 2: Richard Condra, Harrisburg, Alice Cook, Jonesborog Doris Cook, Jonesboro, johnny Cook, Jonesboro, Kerry Cook, Hornersville, Mo., Dennis Coop, Batesxille: Kenneth Cooper, Paragould, Ricky J. Cooper, Greenway, Sharron Cooper, Jonesboro, Razr' 3: Charles Corbett, XVulnut Ridge, Alfred Cotlrren, Pzrragould, Lrrrry Courtney, Blytlrerille, janres Cox, Earle, 'llrorrrrrs Craig. Wal- 1' Q31 gf .A T Freshmen Closs of l965 Drawing of R.O.T.C, "dudS" for the yczrr was rr pzrrt of the registration pro- cedure for zrll Imarsic cadets. nrrt Ridge, Ginger Crzrvens. Malden, Mo., Mary Cruzvcrrs, Newport, Hettye Crzrver. Parrugould, Donnie Crawford, Kit, Horne. Razr' 4: john Crqrwforrl, Cotton Plarntg Peggy Crawford, Hughes, Hzrrolrl Crosskno, Blytlrerillei Ronnie Crow, jorresborop Mike Crow- der, Black Rock, Merida Crowson, Ureetrwgry, Rita Cudc, Black Rofk, jimmy Currrringlrrrrn. Weiner: Stanley Cunninglrrrrn, Harris- Irurg. lion' 5: Clrzrrles Cupp, lkrrzrgouldg Nzrnry Clupples, Blytberille, Her- rrraur Curtis, Little Rotk: Szrndrzr Curtiss, Wynne, Betty Dame, Wzrlnut Ridge: Bcrtn Dzrnelrower, Forrest City, Daxid Dzrnelrower, Forrest City, Glenda Daniel, Mt. Horne, jirn Dxrvidson, Batesville. sf .V ,, ..... A ' E X at .11-ri.:-'L-if:-' . ' -. ' is 11.-,mt 1 .- fra, r ff ...rr . 1 '::,. ' ' 5' fir ' . i -'M . .. 1 :Vi J ' ' -E' e , 'r:55--PS1 "5 Z . , ' 5455, S' , V . ,M is ' .V V- r M, f X , A, 3 4 - - - lwgggti . , 9' '- 1 . 4 t sw I 'L Vim J .2 'il 1 X 5 E-ii If r , " ' r Q . 5 A f A hmm if 5 S? AVETY3 V fs: .f .4 yy , 42:2 0 - e, .- 1 -ew wf z 1: 4 ' lr 53, ,Sis .2 329 ' :If , ' " 3:,f1f 4?-rf' :fell ':2:1g-.., : , X P' 'f ' . V f' ' TV-1' l -. 'i A ,xxx X , .rye ix . . ,Tx Q 1 'V - Y x f X M 'nth A A Q 4.3 X .rx 133 23. wrifgf-' r 'f' ,.:., .,,',:,1.,:r:..r -: w: -V . . ' we .W.w-- ees. .V so . or .A - V f , V 9' -1 ,.,. , A, . ,,, . ,K y, ,S V, ,ty F n . M , A .. -Us- . Q A, 5 in g, 5 M, W ..,. Q ., ng Q is n ., lyk' 'l 1 Q: . 'av W Li e S-'X Q, - ,,. ., 'f - vw ' T33 Q Q - 8 L ' ' Q ' , .1 ,:1-,- ..: -:,..5,-g:,:1-125.-g,:: V A, e :Sv W rip 553- ,,r.,-.-k r V D fr f rs. 'Wm fry , , IA. , AIKEN X ii' s-- Ash ' X V r 1 A353 A i w . . 2 - . lf ...,., A. , ,mx -V V is yr 'e w , ' ' ' 'E 'K '1l:S ,Q SI." l .E'f' ' ' l ,QV ,,. ,,.. A i 1 l , in 1 .-A -1: r, I ' ,, -, . 4... 'sf f' wo, ' Y-,RH L V .,,.., V i f A , li" ' N-ff I fx' I " X V V " " eh M ' 'F 1-t tb lf" f f' . . 'Et 5. ' feiiigir rs- - fi r ,, ' ' ' 5 If 32115-If ' 1 ' . R l- V V , 1 -V'- ' ' - V A . ' T.. I '1' .aj . .1 r ., ff' , 1 :va .' x -4 .. N ' , - - ? V f . - ff.-v 5' .. V - A V '- - - .Y -rc r lv , -ev, Xi, . . 1 V. wa. ' e ' - , 1. - J b Q45 r- r , - - l 1 NA K Freshmen i Closs of i965 Ifun and frnlic, Hawaiian style, was the major goal of this party, given by the Wesley Foundation in connection with the starting of school. Row l: Claudis Davis, Jonesboro: Gordon Davis, Marked Treeg john Wayne Davis, Blytheville: Martha Davis, Searcy: Peggy Davis, Hardy: Nona Davis, Marked Tree: Paula Davis, Jonesboro: Ray Daxis, Briar, Mo.: Carolyn Dawes, Pine Bluff. Row 2: Larry Deal, Little Rock: James Dean, Monette: jerry Ded- man, Bay: Thaddeus Delille, XVest Memphis: Harvey Deloach, Au- gusta: Martha Deuiston, Rector: Sally Dennis, Caraway: Erma Dcl'riest, Steele, Mo.: Boh Derryherry. joneshoro. Rua' 3: Roger Desgranges, Poplar Bluff, Mo., janet Dickason, jones- horog Phillip Dixon, Campbell, Mo.: Sharon Dohson, Jonesboro: Judy Doherty, Cardwell, M04 Danny Dollins, Paragould: Darrell I -.'xfHi3iQ,, at I -. Z.,-,.,:,w V 4' .- ' tiifiif'-r' ,I ., ' ' X ' 15 , 4 , B Q 1 R ,ts--, L we f e A Ill f- 5:2 1 , , 1 -. f , X .' ' 1'--' ar irc 1.1, , A H,,.f l 1 ' . - . fa L . , 4- 51X ' 1 if 1' Ns if Donaldson, Osceola: Robert Doak, Lake City: Eurial Dooley, Brookland. Row 4: Darrell Dortch, Rector: jerry Dortch, Rector: Sandra Dougherty, Blytheville: Russell Dowden, Jonesboro: Fred Dowless, Black Oak: Melvyn Drexler, Yvynne: Mary jane Droke, Blytheville: Kenneth Duckworth, Flint, Mich.: Edwin Dudley, Trumann. Row 5: Vivian Dugger, Bragg City, Mo.g Laltfonte Duncan, Brink- ley: Dwight Dunkerson, Black Oak: Joseph Dunn, Forrest City: Dale Eads, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Danny Easley, West Memphis: Nathan Edgar. Memphis, Tenn.: Patricia Elliot, Walcott: Iris Ellis, Monette. ssc' ey Row 1: jacquelynn Ellis, Clarendon: Brenda Emerson, Hlynne: Bloody En- derson, Blytheville: Bill Ennis, Walnut Ridge: Gary Ennis, Batesville: Elaine Entrikin, Gideon, Mo. Row 2: Diana Erickson. Jonesboro, john Erwin, Mt. Home: Sandra Estell, Imhoden: Charlotte Estes, .ish Flat: Judy Euhunks. Kennett. Mo.: Sonya Eubanks, Paragould. Row 3: Andrea Evans, Biggers: Bonnie Evans, Marianna: Brenda Evans, East Prairie, Mo.: Jerrv Evans. West Ridge: Lewis Evans, Jonesboro: Nancy Evans, Monette. Ron' -li Calxin Everett Sulphur Rock: lVayne Everett, McCrory: jamie Fain, Oil Trough: Peter Farmer, Joplin. Mo.: Helen Faulkner. Caraway: Brenda Fears, Elaine. Ron' 5: Rav Fisher, Paragould: Bill Fitzhugh, Pine Bluff: William Fleisch- aker, Pine Bluff: Charles Ford. lones- horo: Henry Ford, Biinklev: Phillip Ford, Marked Tree. Row 6: Charles Forister, Poplar Bluff, M04 Huston Fortenherrv, Leachville: jimmy Fowler, Eiening Shade: Glenda Franks, Paragould: Robert Franks, Paragould: Carol Franz. Arbvrd, Mo. Row 7: Sharon Fravser, Harrisburg: Cecil French, Fisher: Doris French. Palestine: George French, Kennett, Mo.: john French, Jonesboro: julie! Friedman, Lepanto, Rauf 8: Eugene Ifruslie, High Ridge, Mo.: Dwight Fry. judsonizt: James Furr. Osceola: Mary Gage. Lepanto: Kenneth Gahr, Wynne: ,Ierrv Gal- lmreatli, Beech Grme Row 9: joel C-amlmill. joneshoro: Bob Gardella, Springfield, N. J.: Gardner. lvlariannug 'Prov Batesville: George Garrett, Bluff, Mo.: Janice Garrett, Bluff, Mo. Dianne Carlin, Poplar Poplar Raw 10: Doyle Garris. lVheatley: Roh- ert Gelinas. Blytheville: Eddie Gentry, Haynes: Gary Gestring, Blythexille: Edward Gibhs. Parkin: Belinda Gilr- son, Arhyrd. Mo. I - 3,51 - , .L 53 , 5 1 .3 .t N ,W 6, , fi , 4 V. :gk . . - Q , w A-7 . J ., V ,X 2 ' ly M as 'U . - V A 'f ,I-ff J . . 'X'-vg'..'f4 i . . .-'-' tg vi ffl: " z-2. 4 -me. A A . . ' W ease-1. ' .- .. 1 W 3' , Ass,-, ze.: , , - 1 S, , f ,g .Q ' Q. A in - 'J .-' ,jp-'E X MV. . l A A . Q Q.. X 5 ' Qi' , 1 t, I Y' Q " M"-w'Q:Q.,,, e --'- . ,. , k v i , mf ', 4, 1' A H R :. ' V. F.. v- . . . P '1 'iii-.4 I l ,git -f, -iv , R , ,i-1 ' . N . V V .Q,,:Q.1,,.- ' P ' N- t , r ' ' " j ' '-'N f it Q r, .1 -was Fi 6 ' L wa 'V ,Si 1. Q .N is M. .y in -. - fe 'f 'fc .::,fa::' 4 ' Q , t . 535 gh- ,qui 'Q . G- :Q W - . '- . A ' fx' ef . rr- I ' , - s , . Y . "xi 3" rg ' 'X' ,i '93 ,wr , Q. , .,,, ag., 'I' 1 I , , Q b ..., ..,. K- I li: r t 3 2 L 'Ae -f , bi- ,, 4 I 2- , ,, ' f- A 't fri? 1 V- .,, 'tim ' ff ' X X 355 Nr' W .... ' -. . ,. ' ff N , f . f " r. -. "' '- ' . 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N 1 , fl, 4.2 . . h VA Q I --o A 1 - X W1 , as , 'Z' Q' 3' : 'i . - 2 3, , . 9 1 ' ' . if Row l: Danny Gibson, Powhatan, Lon- nie Gilbreth, Hoxie, James Glasgow lValnut Ridge, Larry Glenn, Lynn: Al. bert Godfrey, Marianna, Johnny Gol- den, Piggott. Row 2: Norma Graddy, Portageville, Mo.: Terry Grady, Cardwell, Mo., Marjorie Graham, Jonesboro, Richard Gregory, East Prairie, Mo.: David Greg- son, Bono, Hugh Grimes, Newport. Rnu' 3: Guy Grooms, Caruthersville, Mo., Eugenia Guarr, Trumann, Teddy Guffey, Malden, Mo., Michael Gurlen, Wardell, Mo.: Carl Haggard. Jones- boro, Patrick Haley, Miami. Fla. Row -1: Atrios Hall, Wynne, Richard Hall, Blytheiille: Teddy Hall, Osceola, Thomas Ham, Hayti, Mo., Jimmy Hamilton, Paragould, David Hampton, Poplar Bluff, Mo. haw 5: Steie Handley, Blytheville, Bobby Hankins, Newport, Martha Hanley, Jonesboro, Jon Harcourt, Paragould3 David Harris, Memphis, Tenn., James Harris, Poplar Bluff, Mo. Row 6: Arnold Harrison, Cherry Val- ley, Phylis Hart. Walnut Ridge, ll'il- liam Hartman, Pennsauken, N. J., Franklin Harwood, Coleman, Fla., Martha Hastings, Mt. View, Bertrand Hawkins, Jonesboro. Ron' 7: Elbert Hawkins, Walnut Ridge, Jerry Hawkins, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Robert Hawley, Forrest City, Joan Hayden, Jonesboro, Doyne Hayes, Rec- IOI1 Hou' 8: Robert Hayes, Hensley: Har- riett Hazel. Marked Tree: Verlyn Heath. Paragould, Janna Helms, Im' boden, Claudia Henderson, Stuttgart, John Henderson. Lepanto. Hou' 9: Linda Henderson, Paragouldg Gary Hendrickson, Poplar Bluff, Mo., Al Hendrix, Jonesboro, James Henry, Black Oak, Jerry Hensley, Walnut Ridge, Sharron Henson, Yvalnut Ridge. Row 10: Danny Hester, Paragfould: Ella Heustess, Forrest City, Larry Hicks, Gideon, Mo., Tommy Higginbotham, Augusta, Bill Higgiubottom. Jones- boro, Barry Hill, Rector. 1 1 X Qhx Ron' I: Jerry Hill, Blytheville: Patricia Hill, Batesxillep Robert Hinshaw, Harrisburg: Marvin Hinton, Jonesboro, Jerry Hitchens, Steele, Mo., Tommy Hitt, Jonesboro, Phillip Hobbs, Portageville, Mo.: Gale Hodges. Malden, Mtn: Linda Hodges, Jonesboro. Ron' 2: Robert Hoffman, Gidg Wanda Hogue, Blytherilleg Larry Holcomb, New York, N. Y.: Bcrneida Holder, Jonesboro, Joe Hol- land, Portia, Lola Holliday, Brinkley, Jimmy Hollis, Piggottg Larry Holmes, Bono: Fred Holub, Goodwin. Ron' 3: Barbara Hood. Earle: Danny Hood, Brinkley, Gerald Hood, Lake City: Elizabeth Hooper, Jonesboro, Alex Hopkins. Gideon, X Freshmen Closs of 1965 "Because I'nr an freshman at A.S.C.," thus ethocd the thorus as the fresh- men joined xoires in lfllllllllg the tra- ditional poem Mo.: Don Hopkins, Judsoniag Kenneth Hopkins, Jonesboro: Ronald Hopkins, North Little Rockg Paul Hopper, Jonesboro. Ron' 4: Tucker Housley, Jonesboro: Arthur Houston, Jonesboro: Margaret Hout, Monetlel Jerri' lrlownid, XValnut Ridge: Bdllldlll Howerton, Paragould, Betty Hubbard, Lepantog George Hubbell, Potahontzrsg Jim Hudson, Jonesboro, Carol Hudson, Searcy, Hou' 5: Dwain Hudspeth, Cherry Valley: Sherec Hunt, Jonesboro, , leggy Hunter, Jonesboro: Fulton Huxlable, Earleg Hugh Hyde, lknagouldg Harry Hyslop, Xvalnut Ridge: Brenda Inman, Steele. Mo.: Frankie Inmon, Blythevilleg Mike Inmon, Jonesboro Q 2 X. . G 3' 'A .R 5? ff? Lu if.: I i- ,fs -K C R ' 59, , I 'J ,vu f ,I Xe' W- I J' Q , ig. 'sg :l s . ' , , '1 - v J N ws tl 1? 334. x iq X, I . 1 .ss ,Q ,Q - - t , . ml -k t-,ra .-k. " ES?-ifi,I,.jE:'.1"1-ffijff - A Q " . V ' ET, f - j.EfIS25:.:: Yizlisztiiw' "' ' X" ' sa2f1if::1:2,gs:i:? , A ' ' ist? ,ugh ' TN? -. 5, 'gli ' .R ' s, . V, ' . -'JZ' -. , 3 - ,f ,.. ffl-'ff it Y ii' Q i ' " 9 ' W ' is M 4: t -. , " if r 5 M 'A-' M' 4 + ., A J 'Z'-1 it , 2' 'f - , x so s m, . ,Q 'jx V -vs-1 .nv-s .rs J", 'Q-A-.-. . X V .lg J J ,.Q,', Q ,, 12" .- Z ,,,.,, ., . - - - " S: 'I .f -s i .2 ' 5 f ' B' '7 K - 5 " J ,fs we ' 2 4' "' 'C Q ' ' . if is Q 1 v t , ,L . M 1, ,E 1. X ,' I, I , if 9 1 'fm A J xg, A 5: -in I -si , xx , ' .t , . ' x 2 u: -:J ' , em-.fn .... 9 ' s .. , - ' x-mdk -Q -fx -1. J , ., . - - I ff i - 1' 3 . 'P' -wi. Q we eff - 4 5, .. .. kdm . t-PQ. ,. ,N . , , . ., ,, .- . Q 'kb -- .32 'if .af 19 -is 4- J t.1'5.- " B., iff:-,::-2:1f 'Er gf 'iff' fi M: I - -... , 'gy H N' ' QQ , -age: :::n..,:'-,:: S , " gg' '- "5 lf ' ' :il -' ' YV ' i iii: X-, ' Vi ' i " , 'iii .1 F-N 55555 - 'ls-,.,, J f Jiiifilfb J - ' gg, 1 ' I i S . A E . ' Freshmen Class of l965 lt-aiirwork was eiident :is tlie boys from CUIIIIIIOIIS Dorm asscinhled to lay the groundwork for their homecoming display. Row l: Charles Isbell, Kennett, Mo., jackie Isbell, Bay, Betty Ivy, Walnut Ridge, Elizabeth Ivy, Osceola: Marvin jackson, Doniphan, Mo.: Michael jackson. Huntsville, Ala., jerry james, Pocahontasg Sharon jzunes, Rarvenden Springs, Carolyn janssen, Clifton. Ill. Row 2: Peggy jzirrett. Newark: jerry james, Clarkton, Mo.: Marvin jackson. Donipliun, Mo.: Clyde jacques, Campbell, Mo., Martha jackson, Sikeston. Mo.: john james, joneshoro: Marlin jefferson, Yelliilleg Ly1111e jeffery, Newport: jerry jelsonieno, Wyandotte, Mich. Rmt' 3: Margaret jenkins, Blytheyillez Sandy jinierson, Augusta, Charles johnson. Forrest City: Margaret johnson, joneshoro: Leon johnson, jonesborog Pat johnson, jonesborog Richard johnson, Hoxieg Ronald johnson, Leachvilleg Sherry johnson, Cave City. Run' 4: Shirley johnson, jonesborog Vernon johnston, jonesborog Carol jones, Senath. Mo.: Cecil jones, joneshorog Dale jones. Egypt: Larry jones, Hoxieg Lottie jones, joneshoiot Phyllis jones, May- nartlg Henry jones, Sheridan. Dorlis Run' 5: joe joyner. Clarendon, Larry joyncr. Holconrh, Mo.: johnson, Mozirk: Snntlra jumper, Burdette: Sherman jumper, jones- horog Mac justus, lvllllllll Ridge, Mztrtha Keasler, Parztgoultlg Keasler. Pnragould: William Keith, joneshoro. Mikie .1 . 1 . u A 1 . ,.,,. . .. Q . U. "' , ", 11+ if ' 1 ,ali s" W 2 Q , 1 ff . P .1 'f- - 1 -y-' . 5 1 5 ' if L Iii +1 1 x 1 It - . .V 1 1 1 sera: g , sig . . . .A . 5? A 5 1 f 'V' -Q1 3.3 W.. . A .Q 5-qu A X1 11531 A vis ---- . -- 1- - I ' " 1 1 , t . if 3 : . -E13 1 1 . 1 1 1. ' . at -1 gage: 1 '1 1: -gy, Q' .- . , ' rw ' 1 -f ,F A1 . ' ' -. 1 f.d:,':mI - 1- . es, A 'jj , , .- x 'V V 5, 1 ' ri' ic 1 . ' V . 1 'I' l . 1 ig: W i .. '- " . vi , Q: X Q -. 1 ff. 1. -s: Yfll. - 1 X ' ' 1 '- ' N' ' s ' i' 1 1 . . .' '1 - W' ' ' ' wx - " - 5 " 1 ' 2 ' :if l i my . f f If 1 ' 1, ' 1 li ' S.. i :Lai , 1- "r5'X"'9- 'iff if : ' l' + , . - 5 A gy,-..:t... .- - ' .s . " 4 .."f:"-Eff K+.. T, A 1. A, A. T 1 5: V I 1 K : fi, 4. ,lc ,gs sr 1 A 8 tg - o f . .fs 5 4" .... N I., .- R sy,- - '-- ' .. N , ,- sv .. A -s I'E::913 .4 l ,Q v A -en! N. 1 yr 1. .29 QL O:-,J I V s 1 Q X J V. 1 , , fd 1. ' . 1 .1 l V-5 A 12 1 1. - .- eh- --Y-vc, , -vnu 1 ' 1 on :r 1. 17.xn,2' ,-i'f'gfg1:- 11 . 41451.53 is K. 1' ' ll X1 1. 1 1 1. lil f1-:l112f.s2 1 1 " 4? I '- 'i 'M' 'Q 4 ,.,- 1,1 -- V ,, j, sfgzfagt 1 h f1:s2:g,gJ,- , .v . 1.s1g,1. . 1 tc. - -4 ii? 'f 1 gy' s ' 1 , 'VZ'-' 4' TE 1 ' 1 ,ki 7 i P 131235 is -nm 43251 ' 1- 5, " 1 ' nf 4,1 -f D V7.4-f 1' g '1 , X Q ev 1 ' I 4... .H J,-15 4' W 1 t h 5 ' 1 : I ...L' Q' - G - 'c'f -.5 ..-'15, A 1 j 1 X -, X ' lf K. l ' ,iii 1, 121 1 2 Row l: Barbara Keller, Rector: Hugh Keller, Weiner: Sandra Keller, Marked Tree: Michael Kelly, Helena: Becky Kent, Jonesboro: Bobby Kindrick, Peach Orchard, Mo. Row 2: Bobby King, Tyronza: Floren King. Smithville: Kenneth King, Earleg James King. Blythcville: Karen Kin- ney, Newport: Johnnie Kirk. Helena. Ilan' 3: Beverly Kirkindall, Jonesboro: Martha Kirksey, Blythevilleg Carol Kitley. Stuttgart: Phyllis Kittler. Clar- Iisle: Joyce Kleese, Little Rock: Maller Klenime, Golden Eagle, Ill. Rout 4: M'ayne Klusman, Cincinnati, Ohio: Rita Koettel, Newport: Robert Kuderick, Riverview, Mich.: Patricia Kyle, Marked Tree: James LaBrot, Gideon, Mo.: John Lacewell, Little Rock. Hou' 5: Martha Lamar, Gideon, Mo.: Ira Lambert, Blytheville: John Lam- bert, Blythevilleg Sammy' Lamitina. Newport: Bill Lzindreni, Ferndale, Mich.: Kenny' Landrum, England. Rau' 6: Jerry Lane, Blytheville: Edwin Larkin, Blythevilleg Hurry' Latourette. Jonesboro: Tommy Laughinghouse. lirumanng Robert Lawson, Roe: Bobby Layton, Earle. Row 7: Jerry Lechtenberger, Lakeview: Billie Lefler, Clinton: Kimmy Legate. Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Jimmy' Leggett, West Memphis: Thomas Lesko, Indi- anapolis, Ind.: Jimmy' Lewis, Marked Tree. Row 8: Thomas Lewis, Pedricktown, N. J.: Vane Lindsay, Bernie. Mo.: Larry Lindsy, Camden: Cheryl Lloyd. Jonesboro: Barbara Logan, Marianna: John Lohnieier. Cape Girardeau, Mo. Rout 9: Charles Long, Parugould: Dick Longgrear, Jonesboro: Patsy' Looney' Trumann: Ona Love, Mt. Pleasant: Paul Lovelace, Paragonld: Martin Lu- per. LaGrange, Ill, Row 10: Sandra Luster, Jonesboro: Drew Lutlrell. Leachville: Gloria Lutes, Blytheville: Sandra Lutes, Bly- theyille: Robert Lynch. Wilson: Nancy Macon, Jonesboro. -,M 1 -'-,.a-.1 tt, xxk X 0 .,., . QA ,eh . ..,,, , Q Q P si , 1 G 5 - ff? 9 , ' ' , N f ' ., . . -' :- fb' .5 . x i I -319 : QQ , - J fr. , .V -, .. . . at 3 . vi V 4 ' ' t A p ,:, J . .5 - t - it e " if 9 ' jegqt' ' :ff 1 P. 3-T7 , . t , , -' fra' 'I' ,.. rn -ii , V-was E, Lv 2 2- -a-. ' 4. W r V 'Ei -Y, ,., - af . l , . ' ' -, I ,ie ' 4:4 J I H 'za Iylv. I 1-I, , 3' V ' "f'1i5.:t5f'i9' ' W .. .:::-1:iQ:-:ki ""' iisxi stir .,, -1, ,. ies: f' ' . ,14 5 -K X f M ' hui IH Lf ii. f "1 -fr . L ' X -za X wx 'QL ., S., ..:., t. 'yy X Q., 1. , 7 4 ' f .. if 'f:-:- my qhl - - "" lf' if ' " ' ' 5 , e 'iff . - , ,L-iifrife. ,, is ' , 1'-' K' k , --- , gilirei., Y j-1,1 " Qi K 'B 1, 'A -' t ' 4 , uv vu ti 2. ' at ::.. h J -- I ,, .I J -. 1 551 I F, by X 1 fr' , 1 ' ' f 1-' -fs-Q '- ' .11 .:.E.S,,.:4 J .Lg , tn rt '55, ,J ":ffYi' K , ' ., - . Q '1 -i --' 1 ' -. -1- f we L . . "F L I I ' ,r --ee . 5 - be N QXU: , A r . 3 - 1 sc.. :V X . X k K -4: .a si-1: '1' -f -or-:as1i. s -V . ::.,.,,. , S - rv- V Y -.. , .- ,,, gsgf.-Q Q- gf. 'jlzbj l 2- . 4 . .... . .... ,.. . ,R .. . 1 yr Z X, .. .V de Jim: xi 4, J, . if ' ' - ' ' fr ' ' f- 74' 7 ' K -Q., , Y, has e g :-. I . " Hir e V , . 13 .mwrngjgil LAC' xx A -,:Es:'-1 . -. K- .S:'.A as - '-.1 K f 5 Y , 'vi Yi' R ! il . J 2,1 "A: sf? F .. -'ff hir: 'E i -s:rr,.':e." s ,tp p. - . V ia- .... , ' 5' ivtff "wk: Q P 5 2 W, - ' s , A A L ":.:'f z X s,sx::g ' 5 "W 4 .9 '5 '- -2 . f f w 4 N wx isa K c Q5 I N .mr , Q , .1 , SQ . FTW' J V - 'FTF -, tg' " t , Q ,ysxv t X X A , ei .ip . .r- ..: t- fn 1 lg L, I ' , - Vis , 31' 1 -,si Ex N Q Y ,., C , t, Y 1' I ' 4 - i f? Q C X N X X ' Q ,X N is 32 to 'X ,E X .5 ro X X X Q , X X N gs X Q X 'x Q Q 'S :X Row 1: Mary Brownlee, Blytheville: Billy Bryant, Monette: Bobby Bryant, Monette: Winfred Buchanan. Gideon, Mo.: James Buck. Hornersville, Mo.: David Buff, Mt. Home. Row 2: Larry Burchfield, Blytheville: Victory Burdin, Rector: Kay Burns, Rector: Joseph Burns, Blythevilleg Thomas Burns, West Memphis: Melin- da Burr, Blytheville. Ron' 3: Kenneth Burris, Jonesboro: Edward Burton, Steele, Mo.: Judy But- ler, Portage-ville, Moi Bennie Byrd, Gassville: Ralph Byrd, Searcy: Jerry Cagle, Caruthersville, Mo, Row 4: Cheryl Cain, Jonesboro: Har' old Callahan, Sedgwick: Johnnie Camp, Newport: Earl Campbell, Bly- theville: Carolyn Campbell, Bragg City, Mo.: J. L. Campbell, Trumann. Row 5: Anthony Canepa, Memphis, Tenn.: Elroy Cantrell, Stuttgart: Lau' ra Carman, Piggott: Joseph Carperter, Evening Shade: Mary Carr. Jonesboro: Clyde Carroll, Mammoth Springs. Row 6: Carol Carter, Rector: James Carter, Piggott: Thomas Carter, Cros- settg John Carwell, Cherry Valley: Fred Casinger, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Ray Cas- sidy, Blytherille. Row 7: Ralph Cassidy, Blytheville: Carol Cate, Hardy: James Cathey, Bono: Virginia Cato, Walnut Ridge: Sandra Chailland, Kennett, Mo.: Ron- ald Childers, YValnut Ridge. Row 8: Bobby Childress, Monette: Wendell Chitmon, Blytheyille: Larry Chittom, Hughes: Nancy Chrisman, Jonesboro: Claud Clampit, Harrisburg: Harry Clampit, XVhitehall. Ron' 9: Gerald Clanton, Blytheville: Charles Clark, Marvell: Edward Clark, Newport: Tommy Clarkson, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Davey Clay, Fulton, Mo.: Harry Cline. Tyronza. Row 10: Billy Clifft, Bono: James Clay- ton, Jonesboro: Ronald Cloud, Jones- boro: Joyce Coggins, Holly Grove: Floyd Coleman, Holly Grove: Jerry Coleman, Rector. .fri "' K r G, if ' 1 .jf R' l Elvin Row 1: Robert McHaffey, Blythevilleg Jane McIntosh, Oil Trough, Dorothy McKinney, lYest Plains, Mo., Juanita MrLemore, XVest Memphis: Carla Mcklahan, Trumanng Wilford McMaslers, Lake Cityg Morris McMillon, Jonesboro, Marie Mclkhrknman, Mammoth Springs, Armanda Nail, Jonesboro. Row 2: YVilliam Nance, Jonesboro: Gary Napier, Paragouldg Bertha Nash, Jonesboro: Olixia Neely, Newport, James Neldon, Clarendon: Edward Nelms, Jonesboro, Nelson Lee, Forrest City: George Nelson, High Ridge, Mo., Gloria Nelson, Lake City. Row 3: Jo Netlles, Paragouldp Bobby New, Marianna, Phil New- house, Peru, Ind,g Gene Newsom, Paragouldg Jim Newsom, Para- :X?1w,'-g':vffEQ .X WQQs::':::5f5gt5xf-QQ ,Q -- sv . - : sg-,115 1 . - :- skyv3,p,.4mg.r,,.,., .,.,,.iR5,35,,, ns. . , ,. J.. . .. . Freshmen Closs of i965 Cheery smiles and words of welcome were the style as seniors and freshmen flocked lo the annual Presidents Re- ception. gould, Gary Bruce Newton. Lake City: Howard Noble. Rives, Mo.: Wendell Noe, Malden, Rio.: Merlin Noillitntt, Marianna. Ron' 4: Jack Northrup, XVaverly. N. Y.: Thomas O'Connor, Mem- phis, Tenn., Charles Okie, Pine Bluff: Max Oldham, Wynne, James Orman. Clrawfoidsville, Azor Thomas, Jonesboro, William OIIIIS, Hoxiep Mike Oxerall, Campbell. Mo,3 Brenda Overbay, Leathxille. Ron' 5: Jerry Owen, Des Arc: Julia Oxner, Moro, Bobby Ozbirn, Jonesboro, Anne Parker, Jonesboro, Billy Parker, Paragouldp Ann Parks, Paragoultlg Eva Parks, Rector: John Parkyn, Arcadia, Fla.: Orxille Parsons, Benton. vs- , .,.. Q -. -Q-u.4...,,.es:1r. es.: :-ray. ,,-'f:1,..:: fs k . . 155 as-r::.',.r-gr'5':15.511.1.:,,:,:rg1- te, ' Q xw si ,K x N x X ws ZFFQVP'-we' m'N' H so N 2 X Xxx ,.-, , , - .Q K , X Y X H' i , .8-. Q, X Q X X XX Mig A, 1. A X r .. -M.. . .g O g, KE ,4 Q.. ,.,.,.,.. .,., , ,.,.,, . 1 IJJ w as . . . fr Li N 1 , My ,. ' - . 'H '51 s:-.s':::- - g-, 53- Y-i',.t.!i K. A -f --.. '2 "I ' -1 ffl "' ' A V . f' I? A ,g, J- if . N l A. , ,L r f uri, 5:3IMK435,5E1?,Q:QQ'L,i.,: ', - 1-in 933+--r Q ff.-.ew f foam- g ---eg-::,:,.,i-4,g' 13:33 .. ' .. ' 1 . ' ' A :vw 1'-Y L - , 5 9'-firm 3 gy' . Y- . fr.. Q or 'xg-if Q 4. .Wag ...J ., ,V Sl fn. 1. ,sta it J ' 4 ,L N . P , . so -- . Q, . 1 .bf , :ff51. S xiii, . .. s z- ,sm f. -,A , X, , S gt X 1 1 ,W , s ki, gg. A or X Qw -si X Wx .:r.:::::f:, : , Sw ! BX Freshmen Closs of l965 lf" ,CS ,he SNS .wt - 1 , 'zo ' if f l..,,1.:c wgetwirsf- if " , M ,, Q Ei I Wh' ' " -' 'ff Q ' 'is W-in lrg l a 1 is S cs, ' l -3 E-, "Around the Thoroughbreds in 80 -- ,.: - .I - 1 , A. ll ' ,. i plays" - that was the fomrula for 1 ' 3 5 ? ' I W '- I 313 ', ' ,, ..5 'Z K' Homecoming success, as advocated by l-3 iagig . x fd' Pi KHPP3 MPM' Fmlemlfl'- - sae, . gel -ws.-1 fri.-it Pmffwi Row 1: john Partridge, Stuttgart: Nina Patterson, Paragould: Willie Patterson, Des Arc: jerry Patton, Little Rock: jerry D. Patton, Bono: Earl Patton, Cherry Valley: Sherry Pelley, Newport: james Person, Parkin: Alan Penick, Bernie, Mo, Ron' 2: Ann Penn, Lynn: B. Penn, Lynn: Mary Pcnningtonn Fre' mont, Mo.: Edward Perkins, Stuttgart: Gordon Petty, Wardcll, Mo.: Rachel Petty, lVardell, Mo.: Mary Phillips, Jonesboro: Horner Car- roll Pickett, Portia: Phil Pickle, Kennett, Mo. Rout 3: Peggy Pickrell, YValnut Ridge: Charles Pierce, Corning: Wayne Pierce, Osceola: Donna Pierson, Jonesboro: Peggy Pigue, Paragouldg William Piper, Collierville, Tenn.: jerry Pitts, Gideon, Mo.: Carl Plumlee, Mammoth Springs: johnny Plunkett, Blytheville. Row -1: Norah Plunkett, Jonesboro: William Pogue, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Mary Poorman, Commerce, Mo.: Elizabeth Powell, Alexander: Nathan Powell, Lepanto: Harlan Pratt, Trumann: Lanny Presley, Sikeston, Mo.: Pansy Primm, Lake City: Patricia Pritchard, Hayti, Mo. Rout 5: Johnny Procell, Pine Bluff: Phil Pruett, Rector: Charlotte Pugh, Jonesboro: Robert Puryear, jonesboro: jimmy Pyland, Le- P?1lll0: William Rahm, Success: Blann Rains, Wleiner: Donna Ramey, Brinkley: Larry Randolph, Gideon, Mo. ' Q Q mf.: ' P - We Q 7 1 l 1 W l 1 l 1 Row l: Ronnie Rnsberry. Black Oak: Martha Rayder. Manila: Charles Red- mond, XVardell, Mo.: Judith Reed, Blv- theville: Mary Lou Reed, Campbell, Mo.: Sandra Reed, Gatewood, Mo. Row 2: Nancy Reese, Mammoth Springs: Tommy Reese. Osceola: Otis Reynolds, Beedcxille: Sandra Reynolds. East Prairie, Mo.: Terryl Reynolds. Manila: Ronald Rhodes. Piggott. Rozu 3: Gerald Rich, Neelyxille, Mo.: Donald Richardson, Salatlo: Rubey Rithardson, Dexter. Mo.: Ed Rickus. Farmington, M04 Giles Rilfey, Forrest City: W. A. Riley, Jonesboro. Rau' -1: Sharon Ring, Paragould: Lon- nie Risenhooxer, Biggers: Jerry Robert- son, Truniann: Barbara Robertson. Paragouldg Bobby Robertson. Marina- duke: Larry Robinson. Paragould, Row 5: David Rogers, Blytheville: Douglas Rogers, Mznnmoth Springs: Paula Roofe, Rector: Jerry Rook, Jonesboro: Bill Rooney, Thzixcr. Mo.: Larry Rose, Pocahontas. Row 6: Bobby Ross, Gilmore: Palph Rouse, Pine Bluff: John Rousev, Tuck- erman: Bill Roy, Forrest City: Dale Runsick. Poughkeepsie: Niclsie Ruther- ford, Jonesboro. Run' 7: Gary Ryles. Paragould, Linda Sammons, Jonesboro: Lynda Sanders, Paragould: Jeanine Saunders, Harris- burg: Evangeline Sawyer, Bono: Charles Sebourn, Peach Orchard, Mo. Ron' 8: Gerald Scherer. Portageyille, Mo.: Jerry Schisher, Jonesboro: Donna Schroeder, Jonesboro: James Schultz, Jonesboro: Dewey Scott, Hoxie: XX'il- liam Shadle, Little Rock, Row 9: Jessie Shank, DeYVitt: Jack Sharp, Ash Flat: Phillip Sharp, Jones- boro: Curtis Shatley. Paragouldg Jerry Sheehan. St. Louis, Mo.: Jackie Shelby, Monticello. Row 10: Jerry Shelton. Jonesboro: Janet Shepherd, Jonesboro: John Sher- man, Catron. Missouri: Joe Shielly, Steele, Mo.: Charles Short, Lake City: YVendell Shrable, Violet Hill. s X- 1 -. -f 3,5 -1f,a., .. 5 2 ' : - -1 t K: 'T i'a 5' .. 'sa . ,-. A R ' Q Q. J . . . , 1 Q'- 5 '1 - L . sf ,A -XZ x, if af -A , Q 'I ,at 'Y l s I Q Q- i H1 l 4 s .,-.: s . 3-,55..,.? hhyr T M , J . 1 1 5 P ff 4. 1 .3 ,, - :tl F " if , 'I lv.. , , -, . -, ,z-, if V z- W Y 5 'F "' Q . " '- if 'MV' v . X , .. Q. - .. sw 5 la il I lijg 5 ' as . M . . K , X 5 1 i W ?-:F Q w, M Q 33- 1 Q "J an " 6- K N it R 5 W H: ' ' - ss' . ,.,. - ,,.,..,,,Jq.,.,, .,,. . ...N "L-T ss- V? - in? 'fi , f' L., v- a. sg ,If f J E .Q . .4 2 we - - i A bfi W Q th I , ,..... ,, ,,,. me . t,..x E ,.,.: . .. . 1- : - F57 J. if-5 , D-hi 'E 'l , Q Q - " - ,. A, 1 ,. " ,, . if"l-sv Rgaf by v --" ' REV! . is H f "J J. 'i 1 W iv? it ' -Q ' .lt X v E: a i sn: , . - I ' Q-Q A we 'vga' ' . if 'i 5 -e . N' 1' X wifi R 4 ,, gt : .- , nt x ttgg Q, wa ga is . , - -fe-' -fs any :."?11'1f -lig Q e ' . if X .- -1- 1 , i ' fs l it 'DK .L iw 2. ,fi'b - N36 in f xx f- J -M 1 I .::., 4 .1 ---ry ' isa , 0 . ..... we J .... C . li ' in .., .. ,r ss' ,Q 3. yy: J., M V N A . . . . w-. Y? 1 4 if ' X X X Q X A ws Q Pl 1 ft V8 -vt' ' f 'C Ti XY ' 'VVS ew Xt ah x EX Q N is - - lt few: . t 'I S 1' '- ' 'V 1 , x W' li .y R N. -1 . asf: N X rx , -,N,. , W., X - el . ,Q 'S Q r ' ot ' 'X ', ' 'S t vw ,W I -'vii' , Q V N Q EIU. X - - .ago X :,- l . --t ,V , eh S" A 1 -Q. '. 1 ., N , - , In iff ' x S si , , ja? Y, ,. , ' Wa ' xt, Q , M ' f . ' L , BX ' ' .1 P , We. Q xx Xe 7 will l 552 4 wa 4 -3 X 3 1.5, ' 9.53, is J lg Q aaa Q w ' , an --f. 2 . wt, Or 'KX ss: S ' " In x Ft t x.+-:t.i:ty- - " tt Q t t E ' f la it 'A K H V .p,t- fl. 2 ., N., M.. , 6 , ,Z Z 4. QL X N , v,w.:,Q5 , , 1 - , " '-f " . 1 1 gg.-. , , ' t QQ N is l Q x Sta A k., ust ggwx, 1- - M" . S .239 . r A " ts: -fs ' N- mf.-:'f' - ftzfi, :i X ,,.. Nw 11 X Q X ...-j 1:-zr. 'ii' S We 9 'S' A. r 'F ,,-.wx XS .cm 1 ' 53' -vl- X 1 .N x X' x ss. , N , N YQ, s .55 .,.-. z .. N H -L l .. A t Y x Q XX X XX XS ,s VNQ st- wx 335.3 t',i"Ei'. 'GZ tk ix s 1 E H " I tm eg, "1 ' I,--. ' 21'-' fb,-' fx G2 . ' Q ., ' ,ff -: , V 5 y 25121 " -"- rc ' J 0 X. A Y , -. . E'r,,,?4'Zj,x,l4 S -, ,W ww , if "' 'H Y L . i M , ,- i nt - " f ' it ' C , 2' ,L . ' Q' :Y uf f -2? ' "K . 'WH are Wi " W' - ' V 'R r- . - ml V " 21 51,5 "' ': . .ya . t' - - ls A Ll if , ' Row l: Thomas Sickels, Manila, Ger- ald Sitlenstick, Chicago, Ill., Robert Sides, Hazel Park. Michigan: Larry Simmons, Bernie, Mo., Phyllis Sim- mons. Cave City: Ramona Simmons, Walnut Ridge. Ron' 2: Estel Simpson, Leachville, James Simpson, Williford, William Sisson, Bowling Green, Ky.g Larry Skel- ton, Blytheville, Gregory Skillern, Corning, Eddie Slaughter, YVheatley. Ron' fl: Billy Slayton, Minturn, Caro- lyn Slocum, Hickory Ridge, Joyce Slo- cum, Jonesboro, Elizalmeth Smith, Black Rock, Elxin Smith, West Plains, Mo., Jill Smith, Monette, Row 4: Julian Smith, Black Rock, Linda Smith, Kennett, Mo, Richard Smith, Daytona Beach, Fla., Vvendell Smith, Dyess, William Smith, Mat- thews, Mo., Gary Smotherman, Senath, Mo. Ron' 5: Jack Snipes, Jackson, Fla, Ker- mit Wayne Snipes, Wilson, Nancy Snipes. Jonesboro, Jerry Snow, Malden, Mo., Nickey Snow, Jonesboro, Viola Snow, Lake City. Row G: William Sowell, Jonesboro, Michael Spain, Rector, Rotl Sparks, Jacksonville, Carolyn Spears, Gideon, Mo., George Spence. Paragoultl, Jack Spencer, Bay. Rout 7: Bonnie Spurlock, XValnut Ridge, XVilliain Spurlock, Hardy, Patsy Srutn, Cardwell, Mo., Larry Staley, North Little Rock, Joan Stallcup, Beech Grove, Virginia Stallcup, Para- gould. Ron' 8: Johnny Steele, Monetteg George Stein, Earle, Kay Steinsiek, Jonesboro, Charles Stephens, Jonesboro, Leo Per- ry Stephens, Blytheville: Jimmy Stev- ens, Trumann. Ron' 91 Carleton Stiles, Blytheville, Philip Stilwell, Doniphan, Mo., Janet Stites. Newport: Norma Stites, New- port: Lynn Stockton, Forrest City, Mara cus Stoker, Grubbs. Row 10: John Stoll. Ravenden Springs: Dennis Story, Marvell, Paul Stotts, Trumann, Linda Stout, Kennett, Mo.: Carol Strader, Cardwell, Mo.: Gary Stricklin, Harrisburg. 'ive at X 5- K ,ri-rfb! Row l: Paul Stringer, Blrthexille: Clxde Stuart, Bradford: Larry Sulcer, Forrest Cityg Mary Sullivan, Havti. Mo.: .Ierrv Suther, land, Grnlihs: jimmy Sutherland, Grulnhs: Icrry Sutterficld, jones- horo: Stanley Takacs, Eureka. Mo.: Eddie Tanner, Doniphan, Mo. Row 2: Emma Tarkington, Peach Orchard. Mo.: Billie Taylor Marmaduke: Bill Tavlor. Ioneslxoro: Martha Tavlor. Malden, Mo, Patti Tavlor, Newport: Sandra Tavlor, ,loneshorog William Taylor, Forrest tiitxg qlaunes Teague, Harrishurgl Sharon Teague, Mclflue. Ron' 3: Sarah Tedrirk. Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Michael Telker. Malden Mo.: Rayburn Tennent, Wilson: Donna Terry, Alton, Missouri Kennv Terry, Walnut Ridge: Sue Thetford. Cash: Dawn Thomas, Freshmen Class of l965 The SGA'sponsored Fats Domino show attratted ll large srowd of rock 'n' roll fans. Ioneshoro: Harold Thomas, Leathxille3 Nina Thomas, Cooler, Mo, Row 4: Arne Thompson, Forrest Citv: Beverly Thompson, Tucker' man: Blanche Thompson, Paragould: ,lon Thompson. jackson- ville: Linda Thompson, Paragould: Robert Thompson, Blythe- villeg Stella Thompson. joneshorog XVHYHC' Thompson, Brinklex: Linda Thorne. Batesxille, Row 5: YVilliam Thornton, Brookland: Elizabeth Thweatt, Craw- fordsville: Henry Tipton, joneshoro: Doug Trapp, Forrest City: Martin Treadway, Jonesboro: jim Turman, joneshoro: james Turnbull, Berkeley Heights, james N. Sloan Turnhow, lonesborog Turner, Rector. x V V. . -. 2, :....: ' l .I:. . .- , . . ' .... A ,A . ,Q Y A . 4 . P . , 1, V ' " ' V' 'if .- ,Y A ,gg s X ' 'fp " 1 'g m-r . w i ' ' 'K ws' j' s' -, " ' ' 5 U' Id ' .,- '- If f- ' ., ff- fa, . X A -.1 X 'a V- uf , W , at as 1 ' X' -V , " W .w vw. x 53' w 'fb' - f - 'X ll- -. 'rj 'i 3 2, 1 ' mf Q ' X '. . 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'- ' Q News , we m wzf.-:st 5 , V i, X :mfg fs -ks. , X , Q Q " S , z . , -, - .. -sf. 9 ,I , g,,:'f5:.f , , , . F 1, '- - f ', A' . T' ' 1 V Y' 'M - - 2 fs -'E f - - X A-T A . it-if ,V :J . V, . ' -- V Y ' V ' X , V D Q : 1 1 ' Q' , 'J ...-, A , r , 8? P .. s- S. X V. Ti A x x we QE ' F " F '-i. ' N ' - ' ' ' :-La . .1 ti., sky 9 2 x ,, Q V ,gg ,S sr- X A. X 5 M W ' ''lgg-5:15-55335 ,.:::: X F E , ,' 5' X 32 " sE:2fi..:: .,,. X , F 99 - A -sr iisf- - X , . f gg, T r-it M- Q? '-tap - ' 2 Q -R Q . rs Q- 1311. 1 ,gi V ,i g s .i. S:,:v '- Q. .t ,N 4' Q V Nh 'HE ,Z rx Qi X 4. .W 1, V I ., . " f-, ' . ri sv I -' A -v , t -065' N W..- -We ,f f . V X x . ft I T. :Al 5. ' Q -" , ' , ,f aff- . l S l VM. ' Z 31.-:y W ,ti S . 'GK A N , -I-L r 5 1 4' Yr. ' " 4 4 - Q as. Q, -we q., i- ' , -is it , . ' . - s il . 3' , -f -.f , - 3: in in I X 3 -. if 'ff' . -1 . -,Qi 'sf ' ' f' -'J . . sl. I - I Freshmen Closs of l965 Another wrangler bites the tlust in Lambtla Chi Alpha's entry in the Phi Xiu Playhouse. Run' 1: Marica Turner, Jonesboro: John Ulmer, Jonesboro: Louie l'lmer, Jonesboro: Jerrx' Yanbihher, Blytheville: Joan Vangilder Rector: Savannah Vaughn, Cardwell, Mo.: John Hoyte Veazey, West Memphis: Carole Verdict, Newport: Carolyn Via, Senath, Mo. Ron' 2: Clvde Vickers, Nc-warkg Joseph Vitlell. Alicia: Andrew Vincent. Alton, Mo: Doris Vinson, Jonesboro: Herbert Vogel. Earle: Carl Yolkmar, Newport: Paulette Yowell. Jonesboro: Robert Yowell, Jonesboro3 Glenn lVarle. Paragoultl. Ron' 3: Mary ll'atlc'. Blxtheiilleg Angela Warlley, Paragould: Donald Hager, Cnhotton, New York: Charles lVahquist, Mammoth Spring: Clellcla Walrlrop, Holland. Mo.: Dale Walker, Morrilton: Larry Walker, Peach Orchard: Dewey Hfalker, Trumann: Effie Walker. Trumann. Row 4: Louis Hlalker, West Memphis: Sammy Mlalker, Mleiner: Max XVallace, Hayti, NIo,g Dnwavne XValtrip, Jonesboro: YVilliam Waltrip, Sikeston, Mo.: Melvin lVamock, Jonesboro: Louis Ward. Caraway: David lX'arren. Nlarianna: Jerry Xl'arren, Portageville, Mo. Ron' 5: Jimmie lVarren, Charleston, Mo.: Carl YVatson, Alton, Mo.: Joyce YVatson, Nlarlted Treeg Linda lVatson, Wvest Memphis: Charles Wayland, Newport: Charles Weathers, Brookland: Judith Webb, North Little Rock: Wendell Webb, Trumann: James Welch, McRae. ' " 't ' 1 J ,f P :QE fi X . J ., 4 ' Q M, :' " ' : X ffk :e X ,If ,, N it .ax ,Q I. J 'QT gi if - ,Q Q, F an J- uh sl K W-t --, ,nm F- ' -, I A' - ' if X ' ' , ' iff. 'K' 55 " 'il U' -. W. : --A ' 5 J ,,1'., J, --lf ff , Wg s-s A " V . -QN-sz., - xt ' - , , -: '97 I k I : up-v - I--N, .My X C 5 , . ::'.::.: X 1 SS: J J Nags: e, ff . sax? ' N-.wr -'I A . ,- fi? f . -. 1 ,J v X 4: - X -um me ,. ' as "1 '+ - ,. t ' 1 X ,qu .. i v QA W qu 1 Q si 'jk fuk. Qu- ., .xii . ,J 2 N .1 , , W Q- "" as fi: vw 4 lv of ti' --. ww--. 4 . .4 --- ' 'T ,I .- : -:- y..-.2 'nf-"' 1 ' - "", . w "" 1 , 1 - , t - w w e ',.,f A- r P - ' if Qc X W ' at ie , ,315 ,.,"'ef'gzr:gg2f x kg, ig - -3 .-,.q,.,L1:w Y X -:-st. ,...... ,Y- .' sf. .iziaf li , NW1: :If::'a::4:':i::':::.- , tt .. X - .:., ,V ., , , -1 I.. 'I :S '- .2 ---V -, . x . ,lf ' . ' H X. X X -is FK J ,. Q , ,JS X. , ' ,z 2 - at W , an 1 - 5 er. v,..- .. 'rf' . Q 'f-5 1 o , N -. l , ,,. -. -,. , 3 W. ,, . - s --- 1 , g . ,- , V 3 - . ' '- Inf A xm- W X 1' rt - X53 CQ fix l' -of W" 4-s' K' fi? it , X Q X t nv 1 .Q ., . ' "' C "H - y , L I ,ggi - , ,A 'M If,-ff' tb ,N - r , aw . , wx ,.V,,wf:, X . , , I i' XX 'lf V" ll i 5 l t T . it i : Gi igg y wmflffl' 'ST X f M t X 1 ff, :Vg it J Q ,Qi mln Q, lr :xl X2 , it -29' , 'V r ' - . -4 W-'l' lr -V In - it , . Q 'V 1 i ' v - X 'Q ,. r ' X ' x 'Y c , :sf Ili r if til 4? .4 X X l " .fl 'N x i fl' sl Row 1: Scotta Welch, Bono: Billy Wells. Malden, Mo., David Werner, Peru, Ind.: Carolyn Wheatley, Malden, Mo., Phillip Whisnant, North Little Rock, Betty White, Biggers. Rau' 2: Larry Dale White, Cardwell, Mo., Linda White, Turrell, Dale Whitener, Pop- lar Bluff, MO., Gene lllhitlow, Rockford, Ill., Phyllis Wilkerson, Gideon. Mo., Tom Wvilkerson, Hayti, Mo. Row 3: James Wilkins. Jonesboro, Jerry Wilkins, Hornersville, Mo., Ronnie YVillett, Jonesboro, Mary Willey, Jonesboro: Joseph Williams, Dyess, Judy Williams, Strawberry, Row 4: Nancy Williams, Rector, Ronnie Williams, Broseley, Mo.: Darrell Willis, Dex- ter, Mo., Carolyn XVilmoth, Etowalig Sydney Wlillmuth, Strawberry, Charles lVilson, Ken- nett, Mo. Row 5: Mavis Wilson, Weiner, Bill Winter. Jonesboro, Franklin Wise, Little Rock, Nor- man Wlisehart, Myrtle, Mo., Carl Wixson, Fisher, Mary lVolf, Mountain Home. Row 6: Susan Xllolf, Fisher, XVentlel Wood, Pine Bluff, William Wood, Lake City, Jim- my Wooten, Jonesboro, Harvey Word, Park- dale, Joe Worley, Trumann. Row 7: Linda XYorley, Heth, Gene lVorthen. Walnut Ridge. Glenn lVright, Jonesboro: Larry Wright, Paragouldg Joe Wroten. Dyess: John Wyatt. Paragould. Rozu 8: Roger lYyatt, Pine Bluff, Nancy Yarbrough, Trumann, Sammy Yeager, Searcy, Terry Yost, Batesville, Curtis Young, Marked Tree: James L. Young, Jonesborg, Row 9: James N. Young. Tuckerrnzmg Walter York, Pleasant Grove, Anthony Zielinske, Blythevilleg Ronald Zumstein, Memphis, Tenn. E QQ' Eg. .,..1,..J .4 bil B I x . ' ., , ,gf- NN I x X 3 X XY was R. '1' ..viE . 1: :ff MT' J KX or I S-1 'll' -are E4 Y 2 ..., , 6 4. 'S' I X . :kai KKK 'X 4 nr: e 'Y SQ '- 'RTK i - f. , t, Y. ' i- iq ia si 1' - s if ,.,I Q,.N.L.g. ' fi" M I as li, A Q' sf- - qf c':'PQFrHii 4 p. , fe: aw" igtessy- 5 X , ,Q .iq - ' sg ggi? A, 5 V 1 'V X , l "--"5 Q Second Semester Sfuclenls l , -W, Band and drill team combined their talents to add an extra zest to the already surcessful homecomingL Row l: Kenneth Adams, Lake City: John Alls, Livinia, Mich.: Charlotte Atkins, Mammoth Springs: Charles Bailey, Harrisburg: Alvin Ball, Cherry Yallevp Carolyn Barnhill, Paragould: John Beason. Jonesboro: Daxid Bednar. Jonesboro: Ronald Bennett. Jonesboro. Ron' 2: XVilliam Benson, Marianna: Johnette Bartholomew. Tru- mann: H'alter Bess. Kennet. Mo.: Bill Bethel. Paragould: Gilberte Bishop, Blythevilleg Lloyd Bost, ,-Xrbvrd. Mo.: Jimmy Bragg. Le- panto: Jimmv Breeding. Clarendon: Paul Bridgewater, Harvielle. Mo. Rmu 3: Homer Brawley, Osceola: Dennis Burgess, Brinkley: Betty Jean Burton, Steele, Mo.: John Bustnn, McCrory: Thomas Burton, .. . Qlggeigfgr f l'fII,!1 , t. ' 3 A K .. ,,. ,K t - . 4- . Q J 'Sv N N 49-4 Q' ,pu- ev. ,- ,. -ea .I , . -ft-g Kay Cargill, Piggottg Donald Curtis, Waynard. Fred Chambers. Monette: Charles Cole, Paragould: Mary Cole man, Jonesboro: Glenn Collier. Hardy, Ann Collins, Jonesboro Billie Collins, Pocahontas: Jack Collins, Jonesboro. Row 5: Donnie Comstock. Trumann: Charles Cooper, Jonesboro Paul Cooper, Lake City: Walter Cox, Forrest City: Dorsey Crow Maryville, Calif.1 Guy Cruce. Poplar Bluff, Mo.: James Daven- port, Jonesboro: Johnnv Davis. Marked Tree: Alfred Einert, Nor- wood, N. 2- 5 -s. 'Y 'bf 17' es-:JI wrreerw 'f -s ,,,1 4.. -f 1, 5'- gr- McCroryg Arthur Buttrey, Fisk. Rio., Randell Caldwell, Wynne: Row 4: Milagros. Jonesboro: Daniel Cashion, New Madrid, Mo: Row l: Eugene Easlev. Osceola: Bobby Ellis Wvynneg Eugene Elfingstone, LaGrange: Gerald Elphingstone, LaGrange: Joe Emerv. Paragould. Row 2: Joyce Emison, Black Oak: Sandra Emrich, lyronza: Linda Everett, Lakeland, Fla.: Bobby Eye. Potosi, Mo.: Richard Fam- iglietti, Miami, Fla. Ron' 3: Nancv Finch, Black Oak: Vernon Fisher, Black '0akg Sammi' Flagg, Manila: Barbara Fletcher, Dalton: Barbara Fletcher. Black Oak. Ron' 4: Patricia Folks, Malden. Mo.: Stan- ley Forester. Parkin: Marilvn Fulbright, Thayer: Richard Futrell, Cherrv Vallev: Charles Gabe, Searcy. Rott' 5: Billy Garrett, Bragg City, Mo.: Harvey Gatlen, Paragonld: Christy George. St. Louis, M04 Eula Gibbons, Hornersville, Mo.: Dannv Gibson, Yvalntlt Ridge. Rout 6: Fred Goodfellow, West Memphis: Jimmy Gowen, Forrest City: Willis Gray, Jonesboro: John Griffin, XVeiner: Vida Ann Griffin, WValnut Ridge. Ron' 7: Barbara Hamilton. Rector, Edna Hamlett, Caruthersville. Mo.: Jack Harden. Jr., Marianna: Alton Henderson, Osceolag Rav Hipp, Webster Groves, Mo. Ron' 8: Doyle Hicks, Kuobel: Ann Holt. Manila: Mandv Humphries. Earle: Marshall Humphries. Earle: John lnelinit, Hollv Grove. Row 9: Dewayne James, Jonesboro: Billy Johns, Steele, Mo.: Johnny Sue Johnson. Jonesboro: Jerry Kemp, Ravendeng Sharon Kennedy, Walnut Ridge. Row 10: Jim King, Earle: Theodore Kueter, Paragould: Virgil King, Judsonia: Cheryl Lewis, State College: Mary Little, Jonesboro. if -,-r , can S 5' ' Q - Q ' , ' 1,,,Q-,, ' 3 2 ' - 5 ,,.- - S -I 1 psf.-- ' 'N-.. W 1 ws Q , aux K E Sf.. ' '::f'- V, 4' r S4 -4' 1 Z: I . F. 1 " . ...a . , 1- .... - S YS, -- fe- ' . ms' U ' W W L gs- V. s- wx, wx .-. - ' ' 1' 5' N ""' N as. ' .14-' , 'Y v-gf, ,twin f VY , 1-v -. NX. rx xr X A -- -l E: W ' Nr g g ls 6' nr ,ml 4, We X. as-1 . ..x lim? an E.. ' .4 s, .f"' ' K.. . . , sw -, X- . . ,, ,. 35' . .J ,,',.g.-if if 1- 'g . A 5. 4 ' mf xrlkrfl' ' I 5 ,Q , --,, bf 1 .:.-51,4 Qi.-1:53-at,-.v-1-.1g5,g,,--zgggzgfgi: 1-33:-Q, g.:',:5f ,g-,g::-,:-5.3:5:,:33-:,-5353 .":v1:as:' .3 ,, 5 " '- sg,.5-:.:s' -f- " , ., - :L js? , , 5 W Z. -af, g 1, , .5 . ww ' ,. ' "' ' ' H .H , Q A rg, ., I t I i -: " Q' , Q is -,w .04 ' if I si hm , AJS lg 'F P ,W .,.. 1 r '- , " T 1 Second Semester Sfudenfs Don Morgan and coach Bill Caldwell worked together to improve the intra- mural program and enlarge it to meet the tlemanrls of a growing school. Ron' lz Lucille London, Maron, Ga.: Ronald Mason, Hoxie: Caro- lyn Masters, Leachville: John Maynard, Monetteg Larry Miller, Nfarmadukeg James Miser, Rogers, Billy Mitchell, Hickory Ridge: Clarence Moery, XVynne: Lynn Moore. lVest Memphis. Ron' 2: Robert Masner, Monette: Tommie Masner, Cave City: Karen Mussell, Poplar Bluff, Mo.: Larry McAdams, Jonesborog Paul NIcAnally, Kennett, Mo.: Robert McB1'yde, Pine Bluff: Frankie McDole, Bono: Markey McFadden, Jonesboro: Marilyn Nlcliarlin, State College. Rau' fl: Billy McGee, Brooklantl: Ronnie McNIann, XVynneg Olive NIcNiere, State Collegeg Judy Noel, Marmadukeg Larry Nance, --.. ---t-. fa --W '-"-'-' '- ' ---fs ar.:--f-,r::':j::jq:r'f ' , ,H-4" I I' .Q . Y E 1104 1 ' f E Qi' as 17' at 'Wa , f- Y'ArHttnrrfPl' P 7-N Y ...' , M lf' fgNnlAN5 J A :r- Newportg Joyce Nelson, Jonesborog Joe Norris, Jonesboro: Richard Northington, Manilag Charles Parnell, Osceola, Row 4: Ronald Paschall, Blythevilleg James Pauls. Walnut Ridge: Joe Pennington, Newport, Patsy Pierce, Broseley, Mo.g Frank Pointer, St. Louis, Mo.: Thomas Powell, Jonesboro: Doris Powers, Leachxilleg Charles Price, Kennett, Mo.: Russell Quagliata, Nixon, New jersey. Rou' 5: Larry Quillen, North Little Rock: Edward Raines, Para- gouldp Joyce Rombach, Creve Crour, M04 Buie Ray, Leachvilleg W. YV. Ray, Marmadukeg Jonesboro: Henrietta hontas. Darrel Rirhey, Powhatten: Audie Ring, Robinson, Jonesboro: Ester Rogers, Poca- J . J it R as 'Q X It Q12 .as p 4' Q, -1-1:-:gi ' o t X 1 . T1 , A J , N . F Q, . E F N53 ser., it fm - 1. , M , N 4-z .- , 2,5 ' f '. ,g h It ,J , ' 3, .Q z' Q x . L Y - 555 A , o- K N , , G P . '-f Q N lf Q. V my 4- 1 fav ,- .. Q -Q 1 . .- f- J ... -' , Q: , . -,K , - . , , 5: -.tx . -..::.. ' wa' if A K - . N. at - R. at , .i , "" :f yt, w ,E A W r , ' K , ' F 1 W V e,ggif5':5k Fgkx gr if P ' W i . X, f Rs- ' i 'R N X rf- t , ,.- -.fa H J ' 5g - , A- ' . . in 1-sv. . , ,l Q.. X A 1- . .R x , X-Q:-f . . s.: W -1 -Cx ,: was ', I " ' lore, l. 11. , - ,a-:N J qt? "mg 'X t Q 5 l ., -5235 '- N f' -' "" ' " " - , 'Wifi ,titty . - . .X C - 'E 3 -o ,M ,Q Q '--.X -. Tip , X f r 'Hs' an "' " . 3 6. 5 I A .539 C . 3' if -r ,Z 6 Q gy.: if r " l M 1 L, N .nl x, sf i w' q vm 'J v X -I ,V S J ,I-if -5- ,- . ,.. .ff , . .,-. -,-- ii Q . , 1, " v . '71,-. ,A X' X, I li, - I .X " - , , J . - D f A A . H - .. J F Q - , , . Q V ir.-A A 1 g fv- - A K 'I I A, el s J- N N 1 Q, gh. nc. I .- W 4 .Q ' P-0 I .,"' X s., '51, we 2. .t... JV ., he P' ,Lf Cf ' .L- .-. 1: X . - ,tg .- V , ,. tx I D f 1 f I , A is I T . A 72 x '- . " ' T .' Q -X l 'J' 'U 1 6' ' Q - ,s . R P ' V an A- - 5, " f- , , . X --1-4-is 2 1 4 4 2791i 1 I 1 iii' ' f me "xi A I Q 5 Mg 4. X Row Ross, Memphis, Tenn.: Donald Saffell, Bono: Runsick. Jonesborog Jack Shands, Ar- I: Mary Rose, Senath, Mo.: Sammy Joan byrd, Mo. Row 2: Leona Shelton, Bonog Tillie Sims. Dell: Joe Schunk, Marmacluke: Paul Smithev, Searcy: Earl Smithmeir, Arbyrd, Mo. Row 3: Alton Spears, lVartlell, Mo.: Shelbv Speck, Joiner: Don Spencer, Osceola: Carolyn Strickler, Parngouldg Jimmy Stotts. Tru- mann. Row 4: Dan Summers, Bensonville. Ill.: William Swan. Wynne: Anita Talbnt, Tru- mann: Bill Tanner, Wnrdcll, Mo.: Bill Turn- ey, Jonesboro. Rau' 5: Albert Tavlor, Lake Citv: Richard Taylor, lValnut Ridge: Douglas Temples, Bloomfield, Mo.: Ronnie Tennin. Kennett. Mo.: Charles Travis, Newport. Row 6: Jane Tribble. Blythevilleg Barbara Trimble, Clarendon: A. J. Vangiler, Rector: Jerrell Vann, Matthews. Mo.: Donnie XVag- ner, Manila. Row 7: XVillard lValker, Jonesboro: Harold Webb, Union Hill: Billie lVeedman, Blythe- ville: Bobby lVells. Alicia: Dale YVells, De- troit, Mich. Row 8: Donald West. Arbyrd, Mo.: John YVhitney, Malvern: Van lVhittle, Blytheville: Cletus XVilliams, Tvronza: Clifford Yllilliams. Lamar. Row 9: James lVilliams, Jonesboro: Jerry Williams, Pocahontas: Norman Williams. Brinkley: Marilyn Willoughby. Marked Tree: Robert lVilson. Marianna. Row 10: Rosemary Hlilson, Hlillifordg An- rew Wise, Neosha, Mo.: Maurice Wixon, Jonesboro: William Vllyatt, Paragould: Etbvl Jean Hlyatt, Blytheville. 5 -f . . '51 li I f if 4 V"2l "" f H ' a2' +ia.:FT - ' Q t, :I f 1. Wes 49:-:J 4 H, iwmw ' f- vb , lt' f' . ' ' gy .o- ' "f'q' W x hs X' 4 g. . 1 .sa ,. fa, .. f :J 5' ' 'R A -an -V .2 . J ',,, Q. .X . .I 'Ln Li"-?Eg,.. if - . e 5 f .wwA'ww 0 C fr le 'Y V -sv- J -v . Qi J 4, J. It A is ti N' ? s iq lr -if --, Q.-315:53 2 . . - fain-' ,y . .N wk. ,Q . . ..., . W, ..., , .. 515,315.5 ,-155.515,-.sgea Q . 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'Mc .gxx vi, I , I . 5 , A-bf. ffm 1 Qwnk, Ql"Z1.Q Sf' U.X:fQ.t:'w 4w:iw"'v'?6'-af ff- sa J il A' iq -.Sv-gr he xi? stars N in .h XBIQXXA 2 5513. 3, fn? U. ' 4 - ir , . X ' 2,5 .3 ' ff , 1. if fghhf .L Q!9"w.a..,u.,w'?.',i. In Not to he nut-done by the men, the girls, ton, hzne n well rounded intramural program. .4 hm., ir ,- -. .usa- N Scotty East goes high and wide on his first broad jump try in the intramural track meet held in the spring. ss X ' lk . Will he make it? Only time will tell for this lt's story time on the sidelines as high jump partrctpant in the intramural track these intramural swimmers await their meet- event. ,,.,, .. .... . 1 af' ' .' - . . .,,. t . w Q- -A-,Q .,., - - af Q w -MQQS'-t . x X 'r i-it -sfssr:-+t:f2G--:ww-:stares13:2 it ,5 i f - " 1 fi x . 6 . iz -it sixfzwxiiwsfff2wgg,fstwA.q,,.'- ,-wgwwgttggqs. is 1 V ' f 255512-'?fEL33Q-11 -'i 'ff , X ' P' -Q ' 1 '--:SN .zsiw Saw .f .P , " 2. N - " Q. , fiiif w ,... X Yi ' 2 ' In 49 ' t ' ' ff , ' is U - y f . .. N - ' K Q A- We 1 f if ' S -.., 5 - If-, , - , 1.3 it-Q xk'Ng f 3:5-gl .53 in ,- i i, i fy V Q . 'lx ' WK!! if f ' ', X X, 2 gt ' ny ..- 1 .fu 5, :sq 1 'A - N . E x . NL- Q 1- 1 ., t ' i gt, ff 5 , . . , ,, , . mnrfg 'Hmm' sw: t . ,ff J t 1, , K, it - it x mmm ass. f' f-'if' If-' e '- . umm saw' f Q Q A i f t X t , -'ff . is q 5 2 'M .- Q K A A A fp I- . i X i Ni? N ' . it , 3 ' ' A ,f , X X. ., , i vs' H ,WT REE! , BT 535 in I? dxiiiuil ERYISSSBN l85 ORGANIZATIQN Active membership in a balanced selection of campus organizations is a significant aspect of college life, sec- ond only, perhaps, to the curricular program with which the groups are so closely allied. These organizations are usually categorized as social, departmental, religious, governmental, service, profes- sional, or honorary. Such classification, however, is pos- sibly misleading and somewhat inaccurate. No group is exclusively social or religious or governmental in na- ture-the functions and characteristics of each overlap and intermingle. The differences lie chiefly in points of emphasis. Freshmen are often bewildered by the array of or- ganizations to which they are invited to belong. Some join hdiscriminately, only to find themselves too ina volved to benefit from or contribute to any of the groups. Others veer to the extreme of non-membership. With experience and the crystallization of interests, how- ever, comes the ability to choose a program which is highly rewarding and satisfying. K f, U W' 5 -,v ' xg. A - X 2 fi? 4. e V s w P ' . ,Q " K 34 5: 3? I ,Q 'Q 'Q fy. jim McMurray President Leavie Brickell Vice President N Sfuclenf Governmel fl Q Senior Cfficers Charles Crow gi 5 Robert Kelly Marvin Hagzunain Ierry Ballinger Junior Officers Carrol Gooden jo Etta Shelby joe Fletcher Patsy jo Chaney Richard McCann Associafion Sophomore Officers Dale Ennis Mary Ekler Marietta Vfard Gene Blankenship Nfniwin Buerkle QV it W Juqwmdw' , .ny , ', v if ,X A X, 51333: 15 Rauf 190 lliglmlighling the Stnclenl Cmcrnn1cm entertainment pm' gum lux' the leur was thc .nppenrnncc of Pete Fonntznin .nnll his U-nnlm in the Arkm1sas State fieldhouse. Rcpl mpc lncmils in lllc Qlxeck and balance system L'lll1.JlU,CLl dlnxng blndcnt GONCl'Ill1lClll elections each year. S. lu, fa 4 Q llltllltllllg .1 l1n.unu.ll llllpflllz lnr the Sllllltlll GONCfIllllL'Ill nuixily, thc func gnu lllL' NlllllClllN duublc mcrxige. "ln mln xnlnr hclungh the apuilsj' and in this case the uclm mm nun Nllllltlll lumix Pftsltlkflll Lcaxic Brickell. X N lf f,... . 192 :jig Horace Hinshaw and Richard McCann Co-Editors Monday morning spells typewriter time as these Herald staff members race to meet their deadline. g . GPM, 1 4 N J MJ 5, . 1 11'-' my-me A 3 43313 Q ' V ii fgv fwi YW.: , s Arkansas Sfare College Herald The production of a successful college newspaper is at complex operation involving careful planning, jour- nalistic know-how, and technical skill. Each week, the A'State HERALD is published by journalism and print- ing students under the watchful eyes and skillful direc- tion of the depart1nent's faculty. The process lormully begins on Friday, when report- ers are assigned zi "beat," and progresses step by step until a new issue of the paper is distributed the follow- ing Friday. Monday is a harrying day for the entire staff, as re- porters and feature and editorial writers rush to meet the deadline. The editors' task begins after the stories have been turned in, and the paper starts to take shape as copy is edited, headlines, are written, and layouts are planned. The copy goes next to the printers, where it is set in type, proofed, and finally sent to press. But even as the latest issue is completed, work has begun on the next, and the cycle continues. Roland Mathis and Fred Hilton Editorial Editors Ginger Sparks, Allamae Gamer, and Gwen Southard Society Editors xs- rs ax, x tl Q . , .X .5 X X 1' x ' gl f y , -' ,- . 5 V a. 1 4. - , ' E M ..,. ' -f-2, . ' -t 'if?.19 f ,, ,. 3 4 Xt sy, f, Q e 445 wgxgm X t ll Q .. ' gr pg 4 ' I 5 I ' ' . ,, 4 .xx - - . W. li , , ... A r , Q .A um is f N: :X-,..,,-Q ' E 21... X f f 4 K - I K 3 wgslxmt' Q A 'L gg Q5 ' X :Q ' . ill- Q Q .IM m i Q ls Q !f"lf'1 " ' 1' Q i dxf' Q X f ' NX , Y ' X xi E 3? div f 6 ' Mx J 39 3 Q jx' A Skim ,, ' . 47 'Y . 4. f wp .L Vi FW ' 1 , .a YE ,. if 5 . HA 'Q N 'N x"- . li 1 3 55 , 5 N 'X uv 3, X W ' X y -X px: , ..,..--1 .,, if "" C, f 'lfgtlf 'i't""'li' ., "" li 5 t . 'Kg s If i ...f . 'A' ix I ':. -. . K L I X , , X 3 , ,.f .E A lm . is r . , 2, y ' Y . Y, 1 L ' ir' 'XX f E . l CHEERLEADERS - Standing jackie Shelby, Charlotte Smith. Seatfd: If-anie Bailey, Charlotte Barkley, Mary jean Morrow, Larry Smith, Linda Hendrix, Mary Guy Hutclicrscm, Icnnnic Rainer. Cheerleaders Kappa Pi KAPPA PI - Seated: Mrs. Dorothy Clark, Brenda Griffin, Paula Marcum, Franres Sandere. Qtrmrling: Iackie Mevers, Melha Lyon, Carole Holt, ,Iimmie Goff, Gene Archer. X' A iff? L Y ' N. K x I ' xlf X .-. K M is ' H Q .Q YV ' A U , . XG N . . -,A I I Q . , M ' lg Q . . 3 . h: v 'Eh' "yi x' Q 4 bg: lla' I-, ,ay Mfg. 'K-f..fgf X I-qi. iw 5 bVb 4 Efgk ,X . .. i""2 .' if P if xi' .n AWVS EXECVTIVE BOARD - Left rrf Right: Diane Inman. Sharron Craft, Glenna Golf-, Pat Cox. Marv Fraecr, Marv Mahfouz, vice president: Bohette Bueter, prewidentg Suean Smith, secretary: Sandy Bone, treasurer: Patti Tavlor, Anne Herndon, jo Etta Shelby and Charlotte Pugh. AWS Executive Board BSU Council BSU COUNCIL - Bark Row: Carr Schwint, limmv Dillard, A. C, Moodv, Burt Lewis, Middlr Rmv: Carita Anderson, YVendell Hlyatt Doris Moore, Betty Hughci, Totwi McKee, Kathy Moore, Dr. C. 7. Holland. Front Rmw: Dr. Ray Simpson, Larry Smith, Gay McCor- mick. Relha Hastings, Alla Mae Garner. f--fx l'aR", X C7 f-x 1 4l' R' ' X A, V'-9 , , V . 1, 1. .K K2 .Na Hcnth. Sandra Merguie, Hcttyc Sue Craver. Sandy Sociology Club SOCIOLOGY CLUB Front Ron Marllxn Crowder Claudn Proum Imdn llllill Burnc-Q, RIlfIIlfYI1tl Pnrwns, Homer C. Huilt. Bark Row G L Stuart Frank D Snmh Billy L Carlunght C1rlSlewm1n P1111 Booth. ,. 11 E X 1 e YVESLEY PLAYERS - Front Rom, from left: jim Finley, Joanne Hicks, Paula Hutchins, joan Hass, Russell Noble. Second Row: Charlotte WVard, Linda Hlatcrs, Kay Bullard, Mary Ellen Hubbard, Pat Norton, Mary jane Akel Wesley Players Phi Era Sigma PHI ETA SIGMA - Frmzl Rout, left to right: Bill Pogue, Stanley Martimcr, Don Reeves, Kenny Aston, Leon Barnes. Semnd Row: 'lixler Swiutlle. Byron Spcnttr, Dcau Rolwrt Morne, Darrell liollicr, Dwucl Swzml. Thin! How: lion Vmkius, Bill Hodges. George Siglcr. Leland Southard, Bill Carrothers - .. . x 3 1 1 +A 1 l ff. 1 Ll l 1 .Q -1 t sgtuv -Q .K C.: ,Y F s If I -I YVESLEY COUNCIL - I-'rmzl Razr, left to right: Linda lVaterS. lim Finley, Kax Bullard, Ifrxtncvs Lightfoot. Ann Frwin. Rfrmzd Rmv: Charlotte Ward, Paula Hutchins, joan Hass, Joanne Hicks. Wesley Council Scabbard and Blade SC.XBB,iXRl? .QND BLADE - Frmzl Row, from left: Bill Hatch, lgtnt-x Holland, Many Mnhfnuz Hztgntnzm, Col. Rolucrt A. Trenc- lrggtn, Bxll Snnth, james Durham. Swroml Rout: lfnyne Bowen, Thonmi Snead. Ron Volknmn, Bolulwy Erwin, Earl Rm Nlichlcs. Nlznvin ztgztnmn. '. J, .......,.... N X' fx... -' . , - AGRI CLUB - 1'tuHl Row: Donald Gray, Roy Haydon, l,arry Cain. Ken Davis. Second Row: jerry Bowen, John McGruder. Ronnie Danchower, Charles Weathers, Gary Potter, Marion Fletcher, jimmy Shull. Tommy Triplett, Donald Trammel, jim Bass, jackie Ming, bl. B. Penn, jimmy Wyatt, james Harris, joe Brewer. llcrbie Zeiganhorn. Third Row: Donald Ellis, john Johnson. Dale Owen, Rush Harris. Larry Walker, jimmy Fowler, jerry Bishop, jerry Moody, jerry Rodgers, George Adams, Tony Glaob, Ralph Lewis, jimmy Gor- don, Tommy Leonard. Ronald Floyd, Dewey McNiece, Olen Nail. Fourth Row: Gerald King. Gale Sharp, David Danehower, james Turner, Larry Sims, David Bizzle, Gerald Robertson, Donald Barker, Paul Moore, Larry French, james Marshall, Nlilliam Gray. Fred Stotts. Charles Buchanaon. joe Lcfler, jim Guinn, Donald Maxwell, james Hall, Buta Ann Danehower, Faith Collins, Fifth Row: David Ward, Lavon Wells. Ernest Hardman. George Odom, Bobby Maxwell, Cecil Williams, Houston Zimmerman, jerry Cude, Winston Horns, jerry Macliu, Donald Neal. Bobby Perry, Ken Savage, Robert lvv, Brooks Washburn, Leland Southard, james Davenport. Dr. Hochstetler. Morris Ridge. Agri CI'-lb Phi Alpha Thefa PHI ALPHA THIETA - Front Row: Elizabeth Johnston, Tanney G. Horne, Pauline YVood, Gayle Vowells. Semnd Row: Noel Jackson, Dr, l-iovwlml, llllrwzllwl Cooper, Dr. lluitt. Edgar Kirk. ', Aix'-'E :XR ETS 98-kbiffss -mr 4'-V "BQ .v, .. Y? an immx Slmll. Sfrrmzl Iimri Runulal Flmnl, W1-His LIVESTOCK JUDGING 'I'I2.'XNI - Frnnf Ruzr: I.. N. HUCIHSICIICY. Clmllu IgIIlIl1II11 , I Ridge. Jmncs Hall. Jmncs Harris Livesfock Judging Team Block and Bridl BLOCK AND BRIDLE - Frnnf Row: john NImCrl1dcr, Rrvnnic DllI1f'IllDiX'Cl'. kc-n Ihxiw, Lrmy Cinin, H2lfkff'll Rrvgc, Ilwnnlfl Gran, Charles Wcnthers, jamcs Hall. Cnssy Tihhs, Svrnnzl Rnzv: Larry XVnlkcr. jim l-'uwlexy larry Bishop, Icrry Moodv. Tommy Triplell. jimmv Shull, jim Bass, Llanmm 'l'urncr, L. N. Hnchstcllcr. Third Rnzv: David YYHNI. llHlAxl4II1 limmmmnn, lhfhhx XI.1xu'cll, Rmh H.mis4 Immm Ifmmzml, .Iinuny XVyall, Dvwey NIrNicce, Bum Ann Damrhowcr. Faith Iulline, Ifuznlll lfmw: Dguic! ljfIlIL'llUWL'I', I1-ru fdnlv. Wimum H'D!llll'i. Im' lhmwl. linux I'ullL-1' Hmlvim' livgcnlvnn. Iwhu lwhlwm. Ixunvs Harris. NIm'1iQ Ridgc, ff m .. C1 m wx . ff! ff - V7w""il' ' WSFKPEW R SqWw 'W8"5i. 1. " d:24Q3QEQ3af-Afzm hNNam.v mr- . Q :2,,,...:i3 .ff X PRI-SBYTIQRIXN CROVI' ! Fmnl Rmu: Bunnie Fvaurs, Donna Sclmmwh-", Xian lam' Akcl. Urs. Xlcfiluin. Wrfnzrl lfmw: lcrny Cnglc. Hike Bmriwtnu, Rm. l':1l1l Corbett, Jack Pzxrlqn, Dubhic Sowell. Presbyferian Group P' Q P' PI OXIFCAX I'l - lfmnl. Row: Eu-lvn Nlurpluv, Imrc Qhull, H3701 Nlcfimvam, CXllllllZl Graham, Sernnrl Rnzv: RCllE'fl1l Collins, Made- line Clznk. Manx xllllll-UII7. Bnrlmm Saxrdf-rs. Bllllllllfll Wood. Pcggx' Fgmllmcr, Hrs, Knlhcrinc Green, Tlzirrl Row: Dr. Robert Fcwalasro, Donna Ifrnri, IYRIIQN Khimcv, Nlauricc Rirlcr, Dr, I.1lr:1s. HC' f!'.'..53l' lil 1 I ' 'Rf . ,. il ' 'T' COII EC I XTI' FF X ,nt lr Il Bum Q X ashlunn nu lxcnch Nlnriun Iflctclnwx Cvnrgc Admni, Gcqnnlll King, Donald Nlnxwcll 4 mul Rn: en P N n Dm nah Bal vcr lin Nlonn Tom mls Ralph I.c-wie, larry Rmlgcrs, lim Haw, Dnn.1lfl Trgnnmcl, Third N nu Cninn, Innms I., liguxcnlwml, Ffllnth Run-3 I, ll. l'c'nn. lvrrx um Hfhllxlflll JIIIHIIEIIIIIII FIIILSI Hnmlnmn B bln lun fcu1ffe01lml1. jnc I.c'flCr, O O 0 American Chemical SOCIETY AMERICAN FHEXIIFAI SOCIF TH r nt ml Xlnmls IN NllCUl'I1llK'l'i, Brenda Hunt, Inlm Inrrctt, Dcwey H. Siffrml. Svr llcrmnn I.. Bugznl. Third Ruff: Ixlwcll FUSICY. ,IZIIHCC Johnwn A 'K k- ., . ,. . . T .ani-:M : Qi M AGRI ENGINEERING CI.I'B - Frmzt Rmu: Cecil Gardner. Donald Ellis, Kenneth McDowell. Serorzd Row: Carroll Goodin. Thomas I.LlhiI1I1. Cliflun Cumlin. Herman XVillinms. Agri Engineering Club Modern Language Club MODERN IMKNGVAGE CLUB - Front Rmv: julia Ann jordan, Linda H'0rley. Barbara Hood, Judy Anne Hendrix, Janna Helms, Terry Excrett, Sl'f1'7lIi Ilmv: Roh BE'H'Z. Sandra Lines, Sally Dennis, Sandra jumper, Melinda Burr, Linda Thompson, Laura Sue Carman, Vytns Gaigalm, N111 Cnigzrlgxs. Third Row: Ralph XYillinmi, Guy Talbatt, .Xrnn 'llum1pw11. Daniel Rogers, Ifcel Combs, joe Carpenter, jmncs Fnle. CHI XLPHX - I-:mit limit Marr Klum, Ritxi llgiinctt. Xlarx' lfltgi YVard, Bonnie Beth Roherm, Patricia Ann Herndon, Reliecca Faye Ridge, Semin! Row: lidtlie Hiflvlvell. Liiiiuic- Trzixis. Ralph Williiinw, john Rousey, Homer Huitt, Rev. Robert E. Adams, Third Roni: Earl Teeter. jim Furr, Maurice Rider, Vance Griffey, Morris Ridge. Chi Alpha Pi Gamma Mu PI G.-'NMMA MU - Front Row: Raymond Parsons, Mary Rogers Brown, Sue Beth Covington. Linda Huitt Barnes, Cale Yowels, Norma Moore. Barham Sanders. Joyce Shull. Lehelva Connelly. Margaret Kittermnn. Second Row: I. E. Griner, A. Calloway, sl. G. Butler, james YV, Robbins, XVilli:tm T. Hlitzel. Audrey Thompson, Claire Turner, Carolyn Richesin, Pauline XVood, Carole Schol7e, Third Row: Cccil Province. jr., Don Konold, Maurice Rider. Noel jackson, A. KI. Thompson, jack Ward, Durward Cooper, Homer C. Huitt, Edith Chapman. Fourth Rn-iv: james Frierson, Kenneth XVebh, Bert Lewis, Bill Cole, Boh WVhite, jerry D. Gihbens, Paul Booth, Pat Elle-lmrecht. C, C. Carrothers, Betty M, Randleman. Sxj KASU BROADCASTERS CLUB - Front Row, left to right: john Ulmer, Gary Dennis, Ron Looney, Bill Cate, and Tony Ellis. Second Rmv: jeff Wheeler. Carol Franz, Barbara Paxton, Carole Schloze, and Tullos Morgan. Third Row: Tommy Moore, Herb Brown, Horace Hinshaw, Tommy Thompson, Charles Lorel Rasberry, adviser. KASU Broaclcasfers Club Caraway Dorm Council HATTIE XV. CARAWAY DORM COUNCIL - Frou! Ron-, lufl to right: Carol Carter, Mary Frazier, Ann Herndon, Patty Taylor, and Sue Reese. .Scrmzd Row: Linda Browning, Joyce Kleese, Mrs. Hazel Orbison, social director: Clcllcia XValclrop, and Earline Young. 1 1, P' lit.. XV 11 X . v 1 1 .- HONOR.-XRY CADEIS - lf!! lo Right: jczunniu Bnilu. Rin Hnsscll. Snmlra Nlcrgnie. Hcltic Sue Cmver, Sally Ann Mickey, Sue Bowen, Patty Alder, Ann Parker. Honorary Cadefs Social Science Club SOCIAL SCIENCE CLI'B - First Rozy, Ivft lu rfglil: Bula Griffin, l9illx Slllllll, Hlitli liliupinnii. Mary licklcr. Llllklil ,l. Lyons, Alu' Rllill Burrow, Pat Clminger. Nuinia Moore, Tulsy XICRQQ. Ainnmla Nxiil, j.nnus R. lliiilmiii. vmml Ifmr: Wuync Snipes, Iznnes W, Robbins. Jarnes E Calloway. James Dinirl Cox, Bill Hughes, Cllgirk Buriuw, bl, F, Cligiiiiln-is. Diiiunirl lI+uillr'i'. llunicr C. Huitt. Dungild Karulnl. jay G. Butler, XYiIlinin XYil1cl. '1'liir1I Huw: XVJNIIL' Slllllll. llulv Hliilr- Ilvi' lumix Vliililv Nlic.iii4'r, Phillip jnnrw In-rrx Rcclwinc, jim Pickett, Leavie O, Brickell, jimmy joe Xfcxillicrs, Lgiiry Suiilli, Q 5S:f.faEiYS'SS lTN2""'ie56:Y4mxxW'1LfE:Z- ' . ' Y Tr. SP2-56.5 a .E 1'!'s 6:5615 41.9 939 Q5 :gm 1 N Q52 C011 GAND .mfflx I'hu 1961-1962 Marching Indian Band N11 llqmld XYJIIYLIH Lukvx ilu- Izumi lllllillgh llwlu parm ns llll'N Bum! llilulnl Dun Nlinx suggcils scum' ch: tum- up fm .1 wining !l.lHllIl1l' slum' PIILIIIVI! :nl Ihr mlmn' ul thc lL'Nl lDl'C'ilk. H qv. Q 7 rf 1" 5 9 5 BAN Ill ISS III lIl'llHllXL'l ll? IIC Music Is For Real Ai A-S'ra're's Minxland The old cliche' "practice makes perfect" obviously holds true when applied to Arkansas State's Marching Indian Band, for practice they do-and perfection has been the result. Guided by the tireless energies and nimble imagi- nation of Director of Bands Don Minx, the Marching Indians are noted for precise, crowd-pleasing perform' ances. The sight and sound of the Marching Indians as they diligently rehearse have become familiar to A-Stat- ers. Nearly every afternoon during the football season, the band takes to the practice field to perfect its per- formance. Music can be heard all across the campus as the more than eighty members go through their paces. The band is led by nine majorettes, who practice their routines with equal application. Students gather to enjoy the music at close range and to preview Minx's shownianship for upcoming performances. The results of this intensive training are demon- strated graphically whenever the Marching Indians per' form. The drummers must provide a steady tempo to serve :ts zu totmlinatm' in all movements. ES lisl If-'A tffitztt And here they comel The marching hand entertains in one of their many sterling halftime performances. .. --,-LA - , ' 1962 INDIAN Staff Bob Harrelson Editor in Chief I if 1 'Q K 1961-G2-a school year to be recorded for an anxious student body through the compiling of an authentic account of events that shaped the year. Falling heir to the mammoth job of presenting such a report. members of the 1962 Indian staff pooled their talents and settled down to the business at hand. Let it not be said that the annual office was a den of idleness: on the contrary, it was a flurry of pound- ing typewriters, drawing layouts, arranging pictures, and the many other duties necessary in production of the yearbook. Long hours were spent in striving toward the ultimate-an annual which would be pleasing to each person who contributed to the complex overall pattern of the year. The Indian of 1962 carries as its central theme stu- dent life as experienced by every student at Arkansas State. All pictures and copy incorporated into the book have been chosen and written in an attempt to portray the year as you knew it, lived it. and in years to come will remember it. Phil Pickle and Pete Farmer Assistant Photographers Carol Scholze and Carolo Franz Copy Editors tic' .-,. .A EP! r 'Nr .raft I v-.7 Q Q ' -C, Vlmurlrmllc Hnvnce. Patsy In Chaney :md Illlin I,nird Tcrrv Evcrcu Claw Fdituw Spurw Editor 3 ' i .gf Xfv 4' Charles Crow Photographer Francis Samicre. Emma Lee Bans, and Mary Lou Rem! Sonic-tv Frlimm Communiry Service By The Circle "K" Donnie Ruth Williams crowns Linda Worley Miss ASC aml new Circle K sweetheart. 1961-1962 was a busy year for A-State members ot Circle K International. Among the projects of the club this year was the selling of hotdogs, first in the dorms and later to the R.O.T.C. cadets on drill days. During the homecoming election, Circle K mem- bers aided the student government in running the polls and counting the ballots after they were cast. Through assisting the Jonesboro mothers in the March of Dimes porch light campaign and lending a hand to the Kiwanis Club in their pancake day, members were able to serve others . . . thus fulfill- ing the ideal of their organization, "Service to one's fellowmanf' The local chapter will send a delegation to the Circle K district convention at Little Rock and later will be represented at the international convention at San Diego. Highlight of the year for the Circle K clubbers is the annual Miss A.S.C. contest. The winner of the contest automatically becomes the new chapter sweetheart and is entered in the Miss Arkansas pageant. if fi shy .Z-?g"1: . If I 'Mixer' A 1- -'las .fs .. -, is.. fl ,H df' ,N , vt it V A X 'JV ,, I X ,Q M -. Mt vo ...ik sw' 'Q' " ' - f "' ' I ii. f ."f'.i--Elm i "f i f , Q' ,ki D Q ,gffi Qi' , A fs I -X ' .4-f 1, 1-'l M " S' e..."1r 1 4 'H' X 0 A' 'X 3' ,ge 212 X g 3 s Z' ' if t 6 T74 'siege . Miss ASC candidates were entertained with an after- noon pepsi party given by the Circle K, Selling hotdogs and soft drinks to student cadets on drill day was one project of the Circle K this wtf: wifi n... year. lf"- .w Ll My in ,f v 5 fxJiY'S'bA N, he . .. Dw'1,,.-Q.. Q vwvxr 1'R+-NSY-rx , Q 'ffm in A . . ,W ..... w.z.ff,?i?tsf4g-- xi- V' NICIIIIWCTS of Arkanini Snare Circle K Inlern:1ti0nal Meetings are held in the . lmscnxurmt of LL-wis Hull with president Cla-n Pm: prusici- ing, .N w- Qs I -4 ff - L iw s raw, si., x Xa rx.- 213 X ASC SINGERS - Well known for their outstanding contributions in the field of music, the Singers presented a Christmas program un television this year. ASC Singers Danner Dorm DANNER IJORM COVNCII, - These men attempt to serve the residents uf Dnnner Hall by offering leadership, guidance and asdstance. 9-Q. - -I 5 into .L.'.i',,,g.. ,WA V 'vm CRKPHIC AR TQ LIUB Ihis organization exists for those students interested in printing :ind jouinzilisni BSU Freshman Council the Baptist Student Union, these students gninctl cxperiemc- fur future .nit -n ,sp 1 iigxv., ' '- G15 v XXX, . PEMM CLUB - The PEMM Club provides a departmental bond for Physical Education majors and minors. Pemm Club Alpha Kappa Psi ,XLPHA KM'I'A PSI - This honorary organization is composed of outstanding students in business and accounting, 3 it A vl WY A Q ENN , A t ,. ' - ' -4? "" I f -1' 'iw-ky' RIFLE TEAM - Arkansas Stalcfs fine rifle te1m nude up rf rl be luen mn h ne of tlmn a cnrk sl ml Rifle Team MINISTILRS FliI,LOWSH I P ligious aclixities, I5 This orggmizatizm re-f - Pi Nf- Mrs area for lhenr musncal offenngs thxs ou under the dxrecuon ot Davld Nlederbrach has .,, S S7 we 1 F, --A 11 ' F ' as 9' in rs' 1 QM! iii Fl-1ATHERl'EN'S COUNCIL - seared: Barbara Paxton, Sharon Pfeifcr, Priscilla Maupin, Carolyn Crisp, Gayle Vowels. and Veda Sample. Standing. Teiry lzxerell, and jerry Gilvlwens. Fea'rherpen's Phi Bela Council Lambda PHI BETA IANIIEDA - Organization for students of Business and Business Administration. f. -Na-l'l" l v Z' lil' ' sf 1 1- 219 220 .rt , SQVARIZ DANCE CLl'B e This organization exists for those interested in square dancing and those who wish to learn how Square Dance Pershing Rifles Clubs VIERQHING RIFLES - Naitimizil military fraternity open to freshmiifi and SOPIXOIHOFG Illiliialj' science SIUGCHIS- 13 ' it Myfwzrcfzfff i s NM' 5 T514 new 5.1 YT? '+- ,um FRESHMAN WOMENS HONORARY - This organization is open to women who maintain an outstanding grade average in their freshman scar. Freshman Women's Presidenfs Honorary Rounclfable l'RESIDliN'I"S ROl' - . , . p ug student business. Leaders of various campus orgzrniruirurs come together to discuss school olicies and cond t l H i l Y X K1 ii! l.. " I .1 1 gr .Q -v aa ri i ARKETTES - The Arkettes, colorful women's singing group, under the direction of David Niederbrach, took several tours entertaining groups from surrounding areas. Arketfes Kappa Delta Pi KAPPA DELTA PI - National Honorary Fraternity for students in lhff M63 Of CdllCHli0n- f . a s KE , 'xi' 'M fi , M We it , f gg I N v 'Z' it 4 ff-ivlsw, g , iii- Cl 2 WMS, g x r 5 t 4' -Mt 'in 1 ',,........... 'X ' ""- L' w.r4.i fists , Tr 4' " 222 w ' wig "li, 1 t V ff Q I 1 l r KHFIQ "' N F I In ARROH HEAD PI AXERS Members of Arrowhead Players, an organization for students interested nn dramaucs work together rn produclnff dmrnmc pl'0lillCll0l1S dllflflg the year. Arrowhead with Don Denny, director of mcn's housing, this council 2"T.Sl2 Q , 1 ,M f' -unn-r -1...-.-. ....,,., . x L E Q. I 'tr - , x. OFF CAMPUS XXONIFN OTg2lHlZZillOH for glrls who commute from Junesboro 'md surroundmg areas Beta BETA BETAX BETA i. 1'- X B.-X'l"I'LE GROVI' STAFF - frnnt: Larry Peebles, Battle Group Commander. St'!'lHIl'I row, lvfl tn right: Marvin Hagaman. jamew Holland. Harold liilwgmls. Frank Bateman, and Earl Rav Nlifhclc, Thin! row: Frc-il l'llI'X0.lI', Charles Crow, Phil Kellv, Lvnn Hooper. Baffle Group Sfaff Snea SNEA W Front row, left tn right: Judy Bell, Erma Davis, Marv F, Adams, President, Louise Inman, Pliillis Hammond. Second row: Rita Barnett, Becky Bowden. Tomi MCKCEV -Igrianna Dauvsonv Dr. Mildred Vance, Sandra K. Reed, Third row: Pat Watson, Diane Inman, Marilyn Robertson, Talillm Adams, Carol Ryan, 1 32 I5 X - k 3 'fu' ir li iIl'Ni'5,. - f' 1 ' fN A f' Q . ff LY- xt Y 9 '6.". . Y' ,. 3 lp I ' . -. y, 1l'.'.-' f, . 'su 4 1 v4 WN in lf'..' 5 , ., A 1 ' NN. Q ,u sy, .-:fri t. avrif ,Qx'i: x x. , lu,,.,.msa.5 uxawufi , un..1'f:' a:w.u',. n-n-f' nv., '31 na, na, I.. ' Q lla- ny un, QQ!! I! SG 'Q to, 3 1 u as .aid .. .. "n n -. 3' tXl '11, H " ' it lu a , H-tt 'ummm . ...H fun., -. it H., ...Ht U. -mu, V iv sun mn- t QQQ lu: 4- . .ni- fa. ' W. ua tx .' vnu' k NX tx' te-vt uw -.U-+ un: ta ffm- t tt. ' 'u . A.. ijt. , N.. "Wa . ut p' -ft.. wt, 3 'N rf, nl M k I Ni iit- SQ 'Null Vt - Qi -A i ti Valentines day brought a host of activities to the campus, among them this party at the Baptist Student Union. Then mme the Spring when at young n1an's fancy turns tu uny- thing but thoughts of study and school. 4 226 jerry Lutz, past vice-president of the Arkansas State Student Government Association was elected vice-president of the state S.G.A. 6:f,fv-1 Cutside Activities Provide Relaxation 1 l I s 3 ,li A . 6 ,fi 1 Sitting on the couch waiting to see Dean Moore, these two stu, dents ponder their business and await their turn. Miss Sally Ann Mickey, A-State coed from liflfilgfllllll, was elected Miss Jonesboro in the annual pageant last summer. COI. Robert Treneman, Military Science Head, congratulates Afitates Distinguished Military Students and presents them with thuir awards, gas El "TN6i kr. Will A, Q 3 - . M5951 ' V ,f ' 4 t,..,e ' 2 i H H . . .X K ---' 1 -- ii S, -' Q Ir. ' Q Q . -fi A . ik- Q '5 ,-'i J 2, A 1 a X N , i , xl QC., 4 i ' . ' V ' , 1 - X h 'ii , K Y-,tts-4? ' X Wag 4 -X 'N A l -21" xt i w . X.. Y E lvfif. 'RK I x ish Qt ', r 'i ' 'V f ir -, -.R t - N if ' , X , , ' ' v MAN . ig 7 N , ' E. . 1 A A X 391 3, 1' f X .srfj is f:, .- A ' Ll .-'V .12 . I ' wi t c - i . t N x X 9 ., a LX 8 Who's Who In American Colleges i e., e,e,eee, W , L F l gf: l Leland Wells Bradford i..T....,. -wusnsuuuvu .f ,-""' 4 . ,-f--Z". N -x And Universifies .Ny-1 HQZI' Bobette Buster Pine Bluff 'Qs .24 Larry Smith Osceola i..sesfrL. I Glen Poe Paragould gg, 1... rv ,X sf' wL'N" 'N.,.,.1 fr 119185 YY Donna Lynch Wilson jimmy Shull Hughes john Maples 411'- V.-40""'G , 3 Q xx AJ X 4985 x nm mmm: lu laslxexmn Pine Bluff vp jr ,. , . :-ig:-,Q . Q K fa. 5 lf Warren Moore Highland, Ill. Bill Camp Jonesboro jimmic Sue Benton Salem NNY f 'Q 'mx N. iff' David YNertz X A x vs . Searcy 'E .J Robert Kcllv Don Morgan Myrtle, Mn, Cnrawav sf? 72 Who's Who 'Z , . Six 's N, ,Iii v Q - it -N 5-3:3 Tw Q Q 9 ,L , .-.-,sux-,:w.,.t QM? ,tha Andy' Morris Little Rock Xfarvin Hagnman Stuttgart i t , .J Xu 'tfiflfu' I 'Sli M A xlimllfl ' x 9 A W 1 A ..".k j I IQ, ,. q..At .il ..t, it ' 4 ' ,,,, ,V My K, ., F NW E., Charlotte Gnrnhle Ioneshorn james Hill Manila 231 rw lv 1 1 Q I A vu 3 A ,Q 4 1' gi., Vancls IS the spxce of Ixfe Tlus old msmg receives neu jrmmre Sue Bemon Lu Nedrow Veda Sample meamng TS portraned hv theee belle-Q of Alpha Gamma Delta Presldent Advlsor lstV1ce Presldent .DN , K. :Ik in '- '- ,N ' is 1 21:12 lf? gl N45- Y Nil - ixx ks 'Q VK X Y Y 'K 83 -fn C X Carnlxn Crmp Nun Cogue Cynthn Gnham u 1 nu N HY V lllfulll Sara LOU Snow ond Vrce Premlcnt Treasurer Recordmg Secretary Correspondmg Hagaman Social Chalrman Mrs! mu Ie!! to rzqlzt Pnty Alder Sally Beaulun Carolyn Graham Mary Ellen Creen Ann Herndon Mary Ann Iovncr Bourncckx 'Shu Lou Bowers Betty Boulmg Nlillllil jane Becky Kent Thzrd mu Ruthie Perklns udy Porterfleld Buchanan Chulolte Cluttom Dons CllllYVO0ll Sfmnrl rnzv: Suzy Reese Donna 'chroeder Ann Snodgrass C1ro1yn Stutte Sanclrw Dougherty Mary lane Drolxe Muy Frmex Mickey Llnda Taylor Llz Taylor fs' fax " 34-.-4 za.:-,.1.f.:,:' "5""5l.vw x ...xiii Alpha Gamma Della Alpha Gamma Delta has the first Miss ASC to be sponsored in the Miss Arkansas Contest. At the Miss ASC review she also captured the trophies in the swim suit and formal competition. Scabbard and Blade Sweeta heart and Circle K Sweetheart titles are also held by Alpha Gains. Alpha Gamma Delta has a cheerleader, majorette, and Homecoming maid. She has four girls in Arkettes, two girls named to YVh0's lVho, and many girls in honorary fraternities. Alpha Gains also hold offices in two of the girls' dormitories and take an active part in campus life. The annual Benefit Talent Show was a highlight ol the first semester as the Alpha Gams were able to make a large contribution to the S0rority's National Altruistic Project of helping Cerebral Palsied children. The spring semester was busy as ever as the Anniver- sary Ball carrie in March. International Reunion Day, Parents Day, and a spring picnic were also events ol' this semester. Alpha Gamma Delta had the highest grade point among the Greek organizations for the fall semester, The Alpha Gams present a talent show e1rh year with all proceeds going to charity. Isl First Rouglleft to right: Gail Clark, Mary Lee Clingingsmith, Xloore Mary jane 'Horrors Amanda N nl Tlzml R114 linda Faith Collins, Sharon Craft, Nancy Cupples, Bertha Dane' Thorne Elizabeth Thrscitt Gayle Vowels Judy Hchb Nlirx hower, Martha Deniston, Suellen Dial. Second Row: Anita Wolfe Linda Worley Kirk, Kay Kyle, julia Laird, Donna Lynch, Linda Mills. Kathy Q-"' - QWE 1' Sigma Cmicron Chapter -x. . X Q " arf, . if - 5 ,x x,.,,f Q' ' 'M as ak. 1 Fratcrnitv Qponsore for Xlpha Umicrfm l'i were announced Frances Farahcc Mrs. Paul Couch hv chapter prcrialcnl Frances Farahcc at thc annual Rose President Ball. Thu' arc- Fu-ihlv I'armm, Run Yulkuian. Bud Crowder. jakc Darhx, Richard Rohinctic. ami In-rry Graxcs. Advisor 1231? ' '?' 'Y . , f ' .- ' . ,- h -Qsrbeljvf' E if ifE:fQ' i:.f :X 'gk' N 1" 4 ..-Q.-"1j:I'. , f:.,. b r.::2E',fS" S:E'xg:. I x -r ' 3:t,E?1:E,II 1 '-I-IW? a .. .. 4, F M R .. . . t . X :,5, I 2- . Il wb :55.1'5:i5vE45..:.:l'fi: " X' . ' "' aa. Q I " XJR , ' . X .. 5 1 'E ? " ir 5-M' .1-""w:i " E x . iff: . ,W 5' ' - wx .. P: ' A 'p , -2.92 'Q giww. Q. .X . . +.,- -, ' ,. 45- . 4 ..:'.::3'.-f . '-I. .. X . , 3, . . . -31 . ,N , , . A 1 ,,, , E., .A N,-...iv Q 4 ., A , x iii. .is..k5k,b:4X5S .,i 3-KS .L , .M - ,, ,.,, N--fn 9, L fx. ...QQ 4 . .Q Q , pr. Martha Burnside Recording Secrelarv Totsy McKee Secretary I-'zfsl wuz lcjl In fzglfl: iilllllhl I.c'c Haw. Limla Barnes. Bucky Bxixlur, Judy Boll, Kai Iicnhani. Samlra limic, Suc Bowcu. Nrzorizl rout Linmlzl Huckalrcu, Iicllx Lou Innes, Iulia .Kun jordan, jackie RiIIlilCliiI1. linda Lamh, 'lin-cky nliulcjolin. " 1 . ' - V w Q. Eu . 11, W " ' 2' Q- ,. . I 4 5 3 ' g 'r 12 . '-1 .N X' ' I. 1 .. 33 - N .- xx af N V 3,9 sv x Q ..,u...N-i., .- . " ' ' f -r-' ,fag f. fT55i5fT7 wmv ' rr JK. 2 ' , A K.. , 'f .:-'E-.2 , er S. fy 5' -' " .. 2' . A AQ I Q' j 6 as Q ' Q: 2 if 1 j . . 'F 5, V ,- ' 1 -4 - T 'fav-' X . , Rr-, . , M ,, 1 .27 'A A . in .A A . Chainnan Vlaudia Province Gaily Ann Mickvx Corresponding Trcaslircr Philanlhrnpic Charlotte Burklux Rmh Chairman '11- . X X 'ff-' -. M...-f.. fm S, ,wr wr. . x . 'V S S4 ' 1 ,g, :Si-:Qs 1: x.-4 1' -. ':' SOM , ,Ai x Q , 4. , . Y B ff S4 Charlotte Haynes Vice-President ,..,f fr .. 5 -9- - 1 .W ,y Diane 'l'Iifm1psun Rlliil Chairman Ginger Marks. Thin! mm: Cillllitlllb Pugh. Framcs Sanders. Janet Shepherd. Cliarlutlc Qmilh, Yami Snipcs. Barbara Stolts, Marcia Turner. Q, pf . " -X f .fQi'-'Sl Qff . .- -. . JRE' 'H E -' 'Q 'L' M " S ' ' ' 4: .. 'x si"-5 . , H ' Q N . fm 'Q-.' mea-",,ff N , . - 1 za. , .1 r av' A ,J .V p f' .- 5-3-. M V v N g-:'r?.54?g:3 f 4- .il ' ' M.5N:w,.. .X V 33.31 -- 7 J Li-ffq, f' 'S , ' 3,35-fl". ff- 5 pg QQ, ., .,4y :ski f ' 3 L'--rf. f r- f 'L 1 5 "1 I . N WTKA 1 1 ' +35 S .57 W 'f ' 1 . ' Y v X lx X- I SX ,af N . 'X . Q X, . ' A N 5 . wg' Alpha Omicron Pi ,fo Alpha Oniieron Pi is once again proutl ol another year. The first semester was highlighted with the annual Rose Ball, the only iorinal dance of the seinester, whit h was truly "Wontlerlautl by Night." Honors were predominant in AOPi. Kay Hamel, Sandra Merguie, Hettye Sue Craver, and Sue Bowen .X werved as Honorary Catletb with Sally Nliekey as Honor- ary Cadet Colonel :intl Linda Huekahee serxing as Pei' bhing Rifle Sweetheart. Kay Henhani, I-Iettye Sue Caiwer, Sandra Nlerguie. Sally Mickey, antl Nancy Snipes were lllClI1bCl'S ol the niajorette line tor the Xlareliing lntlians. Three l'i'atei'nititw chose AOPi'5 as their sweethearts. These were Charlene Hughes Volkinan. Pike Dreamgirl: Linda Hiickalmee, THE Sweetheart: liniina Lee Reed Bass, LX,-X Clrexcent Ciil: Charlotte Barkley, Sigma Pi Pledge Sweetheart of the fall semester. Iiinina Lee wal also chosen as I-Ioniecoining maid, .iXOPi Cheerleaders are Charlotte Barkley and Charlotte Smith. YVQ- had six entrants in the Miss A.S.C, Contest with Crovernell Gorham being chosen first alternate. Martlia Burnside. Frances Farzihee, Donna Calvert. and Frances Santlera 3 .ire new nienihers of Alpha Sigma Upsiloni .Xrkelte mem- liers are Iva .Xnn Parker, Sandra Hart, Einina Lee Reed Hass, Diane Thompson, Charlotte Haynes, and Iaekie Kimberlin. Center of .llllflllllill ix ihix riixhee ax xhe is xiiiioliiiiletl in members ai the .KUI'i Qpiing iuxh iiartx First rnzv. left in ziuglfli lliemla Bowl, Donna Calieil. Carol Parker, Iva .Xnu Ikiikeip lime Parker. Thin! rmr: Charlene Cash, Heltye Sue Ciaier, Ianife Carretl. CLi'mei'i1eI Curhain Yoll-Linan, lurlv XYelah, llirol XX'ei'ne, Donnie Ruth XVlllllllllQ. H Sandra Hart, Kas' Haswl. ihffilllll ma-: Qamliui Nleiguie, Caro- Laura Dean Willianie, Suxan Nolte. Nanci Yarhrciigli. liar, lyn McCarty, Linda xlCf'lll'lY. Bertha Niwh, Carol Nash, Ann laine Young. 'i we--A , i ve A wifi? ' i ' 1: r":'f-':.isfff'-NS .215 .. f i xiii-fliif :mari -' A 1 A , , v :ia .- ' wt at 3 " iv ' 9 .,::fm-1ss2:21iv,m- as . ' W . -P i - - - - ' iam S t 'E ' f .. ' -"' ' . " Q 1-Z' , '- ,SV ' f-N ' -SVR? ' V1 55?-1:13 ,V "A A ' r- wifi x , AI-, N Q., V 4 'Q - - -:,5:,- ,-,xg get .weary -v X :me . W: -a yi N -e r :aw 4' ,- WN o " ff- ' lsfff "' 3 i i s - i t '95 - Neil? f ...ww N ..,, ' t - i M . fl H .,v, 'V -SNSSQQ ii, -. i 1 Q X 'L R " . "1"-' 1'-Z: ew. . 1 , W' ' ' Qimxa, Q ' ' ' i, ' . Q aw' fu-'fx xy:-.r-11. A Q x" - . ,ww VW' 64 Q : 'YN' Q32 MQ v-X xd x 'Wx 5 Nr an xp u-..,, Q., Q ia 1 N 4- Q ' an -1- i i f 'bf X . 5. "'5:55-'5t'f'i3? if .1--rw uw-M-rszxr--in . V1-X -V 'i l' ' ' ., '.tff"h:"'i5x ,Kit N 55.,'-..iV5Tf ' ' "H+: ',:-ff,X.,,,:: if -fs ' - A :..: ' ,ie-fl .f 31: , is " 1 fi rj f ' . . Y 1 , 2 - 1 ' 12 ii i V' A' 3, ff- Sig, ir, 1,,, I T A j'-Q-' ., N? y fag, Q yy- ,. a rg. -wrfwfwm i 7 , Li 'Y' fi S Last minute preparations are made mitted to the Chi Omega Suite for tx, .-, 4 -X , x . Q before rushees are ad- Omicron Zeta Chapter X 'Z , X X K X gg fu -., X . .:.i Lu Ann Dishinger Mrs. Ed Stansell Elizabeth Tidwell their spring rush party. President-lst Semester Advisor Vice-President lst ."""i V . .... F .ix 'ig s Tjsx xi 'lv , "?N X. ' E 95 5 ik: ' ,SLS-:Q3tk:Si'ifExil, .. Semester Sandra Whitaker Sharon Davidson Mary Ekler Jane Appleton Sandra Blagg Rita Smith Secretary Treasurer-lst Semester Membership President- Vice-President' Treasurer- Chairman 2nd Semester 2nd Semester 2nd Semester First row, left m riglzrz Carolyn Braxton, Melinda Burr, Sharon Frayser. Juliet Freidman, Mary jo Gibson, Susie Heeb, Becky Carey, Sandra Chailland, Sue Clark. Judy Cotner, Lynda Hendrix- Thffd mu' Peggi' Hlmlef, Mary Gay Hl1lCh' Martha Davis. Semnrl ww: Bonnie Evans. Patty Fairhead, erson, Julie Lipscomb, ROSSHHHH Massey. Kay Matthews. Belly Murphy, Kathy Nugent. ' i .l 'w' . 1- ,' t, . ' 1 v Exif.: 1 Am gh 4' li, H' e .i : 'vil' 5,12 Z 1? X o ' Rey -P-N arf s . , xt.. io W ,i H? F X 5 nf- . he 3 ' t " 7 1 'wif 2 A ,. '?F'W"'2vI X " are ' ' ' 1 'WW' Chi Omega Hihlighting Chi Omega's spring semester is the annual spring dance. This year's theme was "Pepper- mint Lounge". The counts" of Memphis provided music for the esening. A banquet preceded the dance at which time new ollicers were announced. "Chi Omega USA" was the theme ol this year's rush season. Two members of Chi Omega will attend the National Convention this sutnmer. Chi Omega captured many honors this year. Mary Eckler was elected to SGA: Rosemary Taggert was chosen as society editor of the State College Herald: Lu- Ann Dishinger was Homecoming Maid: Linda Hendrix and Mary Gay Hutcherson were chosen as cheerleaders: Sandra Blagg and Rosemary Taggert received roles in the spring play "Dear Ruth"g Linda Hendrix was an alternate in the Miss ASC Contestg LuAnn Dishinget was chosen Agri Queen: Paty Lee Smith won second place in the Talent Show. Chi Omega participated in the Greek Songlest. speechfest, Talent Show, "Little 500", and all intra- murals. The first place trophy was won in the TKE Finger Bowl Parade. Other highlights of the year for Chi Omega were the pledge picnic, alumnus dinner parties, Ifounder's Day, the XVhite Symphony Dinner, and Christmas Par- ties. Chi Omega's dance theme "Peppermint Lounge" was well carried out in their animal spring dance, First rme, left tn right: Melba Dixon, Vivian Dug- gar, jean Hodges. Set-mul wmv: Carol Hudson, Ann Parks. Carol Ryan. Tliirrl rnzr: Ginger Schmidt, Rosemary Taggart. Ill New Chi O president c tttn pu i the new fraternity sponsnis elettttl lx tht intmhcrs ind innounce the spring dance. i ig :J ' -I , "-:TQ?if i wwe ' an Q lf Ys..,' at its 37 -45. F 4-lu. rv 2 ' uf" -no N-Q, 5. Epsilon Delta Chapter X 8 J XIX ' fr Ax 4:5 E, KK , Mildred Vance Advisor Priscilla Maupin Judy Hendrix Bobette Bustcl Carolyn Check Patsy jo Clianex Paula Marcom Corresponding Rcrordxng QECICI ir Treisurer Pledge Tralnnr Membership Historian Secremrs Chairman 51 ,Un 1 ill gnu Xlmnillly 1 mla Admlg game LlIld'l Htndcison Nlny Ninty Huntsman, Bettye Dee keith Bailey Bula Bndgu Nfinu Lnnphcll jine Cato Huie karen lxlnncy Carolxn M ibrey. Third row: Clrolyn Price Cooper Srwnd mu Nlus lkth LICEIILISII Lyndw Heath Phyllis Rowdcn jiclue Shglby Susan Smith, ku Steinsiek i T"S2zs .X Phi Mu One ol Phi Mu's outstanding honors of the lall semester was the election of Carolyn Cheek as Home- coming Queen. This is the ninth consecutive year that at member of Phi Mu has had this honor. Jeannie Bailey served as a Homecoming Maid. Phi Mus were well represented in other areas on campus with Lynda Heath and Paula Adams serving as Majorettes for the Marching Indians Bandg Jeannie Bailey, and Jackie Shelby serving as Cheerleadersg and Judy Hendrix. Connie Whitehead, and Jeannie Bailey being elected as ROTC Honorary Cadets. Charlotte Gamble was elected to SGA as Second Vice-President, and Patsy Jo Chaney and Jo Etta Shelby were class represent- atives. Two Phi Mus, Bobette Buster and Charlotte Gamble, were chosen for YVho's YVho. Phi Mus serving as orgi, lational presidents are Susan Taylor, Freshman WVonien's Scholastic Honoraryg Bobette Buster, AWS: and Judy Hendrix, Modern Language Club. Patsy Jo Chaney was class editor of the INDIAN. Bettye Dee Keith reigned as Miss Merry Christmas, an honor held by a Phi Mu for six consecutive years. Phyllis Rowden was second runner-up to Miss ASC. Jeannie Bailey is the first Miss KASU. Fraternity Sweethearts from Phi Mu are Carolyn Cheek, Sigma Phi Epsilon: and Lynda Heath, Sigma Pi. Phi Mu sponsored the annual Phi Mu Playhouse and participated in Songfest, Speechfest, and Intramurals. First raw, left to right: Sue Beth Covington, Sandra Curtis, . s :A 5 , J by ,, I , , . 3 J we t,.,, We fr F Active in all school activities. the Phi Mus were ahly represented at the annual leadership retreat. Service is important, too, as these Phi Mus illustrate by taking their tum in working at the polls in a student election. Charlotte Gamble. Benny Goodman. Second rnzu: Sue Maddux. Judy McComb, Trudy Miles, Dana Nash. Third row: Kay Niell Connie Vlhitehead. Patsy YVilson, Crystal YVOod. , t. 2, N sr- i' t-55145 H t t it , it 1 'FX W A l W H 3 l.iKmli5 s H 1 lil.. i' 45 Jeanie Ea mer IZ Jew ,444 5579301 FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS CQPOQVL Z3"CLff0lfl' Sgrna .SiueefAearLl imma Ode gee! olqamgcfa Cedcenf OZZIZCJE AMCLHLEQ jan .j6z,opa ginfiilin ,S7lll2BlLA86LI'f Y , Suze ywaafcfux sigma ph Agilfiiiflf Qwen .Maria L5 Iota-Theta Zeta su Lambda Chi Alpha basketball coach lerry King happily jerry Watkins, Roy Dawson james Hill accepts the first place trophy in the PiKA ztllagreek basket- President Advisor Vice president ball toumey. 'TSN 'WX I Richard McCann james Friexson Bob Harrelson Charles Crow joe Bass Don Sharpe Secretary Treasurer Rush Chaimian Pledge Trainer Social Chairman Ritualist First row, left to riglzlz Robert Doak, Russel Dowden, Hlarren jerry Lutz, Larry Magness, Bill Moore, Bobby McBryde. Third Dupwe, Larry Ellctlge, Woody Enderson, john Erwin, Phillip row: john Slayden, jim Snipes, Sam Spencer, Wayne Stevens, Forrester. Second row: Bob King, Doug Ladner, Marty Luper, Bill Stringer, Tyler Swindle, Tommy Taggart. K- s SN! g, 61 fu Ei Ti rf ' ' st R N' 'cr -Il - 'I- 3 -12.33-l Lambda Chi Alpha For the seventh consecutive semester, Lambda Chi Alpha was on top in scholarship among the 1nen's Greek organizations. Each semester since its founding in 1958, Iota Theta has made and broken campus scholar- ship records. The chapter was listed as Magna Cum Laude by the National Interfraternity Conlerenceg it was in 12th place among the 2,330 national fraternity chapters which reported to the NIC. The members and pledges of lota-Theta were active in all A-State student competitions, participating in the Phi Mu Playhouse, Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show, Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest, Homecoming Display com- petition, intrainurals, and many others. First place trophies are in their possession for Phi Mu Playhouse, Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest, and Homecoming Display, along with Third place in the Alpha Gam Talent Show. Lambda Chis in Campus Leadership Positions in- clude: ln S. G. A. - Representatives Marvin Buerkle, Charlie Crow, Mike Phillips, and Richard McCann. Or- ganization Presidents - XVayne Stevens, Kappa Pig jim Hill, Beta Beta Beta, Yllarren Dupwe, Newman Club. Horace Hinshaw and Richard McCann were Co-editors of the State College Herald, and Bob Harrelson was Editor-in-chief of the Indian. jim Hill, Charlie Crow, Don Morgan, and Bill Camp were named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Miss Emma Lee Reed, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Lamb- da Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, was elected Homecoming Maid. The chapter was awarded national trophies for out- standing scholarship and for publishing the best alumni Newsletter in the national fraternity. The annual Crescent Ball ended the year's activities. First row, left to right: Sonny Foster, Buford Gardner, Gary Gill, jimmy Goff, Horace Hinshaw, Larry Holcomb, Lynn Hooper, Pat Howe. Second row: Russell Noble, Mike Phillips, ,rw hw -Q.. .,.. ...,,,,,, , - H w.. s,,:.,: mg.. ff - 'fa i . .w . - ' 9 . I D B 1 H l ,ual i it 'W'-fxw-if 4"- .Wy fv- .. 'f be ff' . -5 5 6 tl A 'L S F' P .ar N 1' X f, 4- at B X Q X A Q f xx "' ' 9 W A P 5 i ..,. A X in Xp First row, left In right: Bob Akers, Larry Baker, james Bishop. Tom Bishop. Second row: Rick Bramlctt, Don Breytspraak. Marxin Buerkle, Bill Camp. Third ruzv: Earl Cznnphell. Randy Car- mack, Ronnie Carmack. Wendell Chitmon. Fourth row: Richard Choate, XVendell Crow, Ed Dickson, Ronnie Diggs. Phil Pickle. Bob Puryear, Jim Pyland, Wayne Sickles, Fred Sifford. Third roiu: Preston Williams, Ronnie YVilIiams, Nick Wilson, Sam YVilson, Bill Winter, Robert Winter, Doug Wvood , -' -cs:-:I-s'-we iv ,, XX, , f .::e's-sas:e::,s,..,,-5. '- X N xx K S lf' .X sch-1 .X ' A X . Nm X, XX 1.-:.-iw.,-1 X NXXN X XX N I XX N e w N XX Sf X ix 1 XE 'ix x N x I N X -' K. X 'S in ia - ,x X x 'K V N . 'isis if- 'Q' Qs-, - I "X 593 N 'A lSQXfir'i5si" XM . l L ks Q11 - A VX . .P W. l , X "Hr -. - luv ,I Ng , ik W iw? ix manga ' 17551, 'Team ... X . ggffqffzw ' N: was Quiet RX': x5., X ., V EA my :M WA""5 Delta Theta Chapter f -eff k- 'mv N Members and pledges of PiKA secure n piano and prepare Fred Puryear C. C. Curry Richard Beeson to begin practice for the songfest. President Advisor Vice President Q "N rg-N, he rf ...Mx i E 1 x QQ'-1-X ", -- 5 Ron Volkman Stanley Mortimer Pete Elardo james Browning Dave Crosley Ken Aston Recording Secretary Corresponding Treasurer Rush Chairman Pledge Trainer Social Chairman First row, left to right: Don Perkins, Bobby Perry, Tommy Smilh. Elvin Smith, Nell Th0Ill3S. 108 Ed SIl1iIh.T71fTfl TWU: Presley, L. E. Priest, Jerry Pruett. Don Reaves, Mike Rice. Arne TITOUIPSOFL TOIUIHY TTIOIHPSOII, Dudley TUIIS, Doug Second row: jerry Rooney, George Sigler, Bill Sigmon, Bill Trapp. Ll0yd Tucker, J0hl'l Vifk. TOUI VV3Ikil'lS- XX vx tx ' ' N S if ' 'A' 'E' V ,. .9 .',,, ,Q 'N if , -331. fa v Megane. A, 2 -- - 2 ' '-Wrrrdiixi'-'-gy " ii i visa-'-: vw:-123, f Ne X K'-9 n- 'im 1 Li , , 'r l O " ' 1 - '3?kf5 , i ff.. gi f: 1F 'iF-'-153:51 ' ' ri.-lar - 5 we- , cas '35 r '4 'Q' f... I ""',,,,. 1 E ' ml 'B 5' :6.Y' 'Cs' ll 1L - l Q: Pi Kappa Alpha When the Pikes returned to A-State campus, the first task was to paint the St.. Andrew Mission Church as their community project. This project was followed by many long hours of hard work on the Homecoming Display, "Around the Thoroughbreds in 80 Plays." For the second straight year Pi Kappa Alpha received lirst place in Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show. A sec- ond place was gained by the football team among fra- ternities. The many travels of the Pikes this year include a trip to Mississippi State, to the District meeting in Memphis, and a planned trip to the National Convention in Ken- tucky this summer. The Annual Parent's Day, Dream Girl Dance, rush parties, and numerous informal parties provided enter- tainment throughout the year. A total of 25 pledges was initiated by Delta Theta this year. First ruin, left to right: l,arrv Bauer, Clarence Belinge, Mac Boyd, Bill Branch. Sammi mzv: Phil Burns, Ray Burroughs. john Buster. jim Butler. Thin! mir: David Bird, Charles Carroll. Ronnie Chainhers. Millard Cohen, Fmrrllz rorvr Charles Cole, Llovd Cooper, Dannv Cibsnn, Gordon Davis. First row, left In right: Roliert Gladnev, Don Green, Pat Loonex Inlm Lott oelXI1nUium lvenNlashhu1n -Xl Xfiller Haley, Bill Hodges, Fulton Huvtahle. .lack jackson, Floyd Tmd mu lommx Xlillti Neil Ptevei Can Hui Qimmv jones. Second mir: Mike Kellv, Marvin Kennedy, Ronny Heir amos Ht-lth eff Xxllllllllx 'V Sk?M- 1 Q- l 516 EPS set up road hluck in their annual driie to aid the Leavie Brickell Heart Fund. S9 President - .NNY ,.,,,, , ,... ,,. . ss Arkansas Gamma Chapter "'- i NX if X Q Wm , if x Edgar Kirk Advisor jimmy Swift Bob White jerry Graves lnhnny james QI. L. Clements Richard Kneihert Secretarv Historian Senior Marshal Chaplain Guard First rnzr, lryr In iiglilz john llaihli. loin Bailey, Larry Battles, Cziitcr Baxter, llcrhcit llinghznn. Clark Burrow. Carl Butler. wmnrl mar: Miko Ciirtur, larrx Chittmn, David Clay, jim Clingingsniith, Floyd Coleman, Daud Dwnehowcr Ronnie Dancliowcr. Tlzirrl 1-mv: Tony Ellis, Dale Ennis Runnin Ennis, Bill lrlllllllgll, lor- Flctfhcr. Alan Ford, Paul F0166 :X-:I ,:3ff,:,:,::y ilggg ., 0 9 i , -y i gay, .::.,, . vg-NNw--Sw-.:a:bE':55E5Eiirsgw: xx xxxkxamg X XXX ,Q Y X x N x Q N x 13 X xl xx X X x t L 5 1 1 , Y Q' , x 1 4,,5...J 'Y Wx X .. :, Q . . f .ur ' 7. 5- 12 1' ff' 1 23- .755 . " JM , Q 5.., s S fy 3 ,Q 1 gs' Q wwf "C Q q 'iff x-df X3 X ti i I ix 1 N , Q N p..:.- X i 1L rklflih Z -- '12 wb., X5 X X A GQ- WP xml ns.- Sigma Phi Epsilon Miss Carolyn Cheek, who was the -1961-62 Sig Ep Sweetheart and a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity was elected Homecoming Queen during the lall semester. Queen Carolyn or "Checker," as she is known by her lriends, reigned over the homecoming week and festiv- ities. The Sig Eps set up road-blocks in and around jones- boro one Sunday afternoon and collected over S505 for the Heart Fund Drive. The Sig Eps have participated in the heart fund drive for the last five years and have collected over 51,9041 Elected to Student Government Positions were: Leavie Brickell, First Vice-President: james Clingsmith, Junior Class Presidentg Mike Carter and Orville Parsons, Fresh- men Representativesz and Corky Ennis, Sophomore Representatives. The Sig Eps published their annual newsletter, "The Sig Escapade," during the spring semester and a copy was sent to the other 181 chapters and all the alumni ol the Arkansas Gamma Chapter. The "Mar-Keys," the nations number one instru- mental band, provided the entertainment for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen of Hearts Ball held during the spring semester. Sigma Phi Epsilon participated in the Phi Mu Plav- house, Alpha Omicron Pi Songfest, Alpha Gamma Delta Talent Show, Homecoming Display competition, Intra- mural Sports, and many others. The Sig Eps also spona sored the second and third place winners in the Miss ASC Contest. A total of 43 men were pledged bv Arkansas Gamma this year. .. It s xt S as M , vi Jai 4 X wi .... ,M ...ri . :Z by V Q V K :P Y- gy' W ., .", acl f 'Sv it , xy. , A :f H , EL- . . 'ik f ' .-if 'I , sas Q A. " if fa , if ,Q . 415 I :'F5g,.f, 6.n,, ,w t 's N 1 - lisp ' 'Rl' f ww ,+ ' of X , if -,f . V- 'S . sv 'E A -J, ,L . :rr ' x ' "-' X Q ' . , A ..s.- - X WX. . t Q , L 1 Q' t . . w ' wx Q 8 ti. fy! l"' I first row, left to right: Homer Gardner, jack Goodman, Vance Guffey, Elbert Hawkins. Src- nnd row: Allen Hawley, Doyne Havnes. Bill Hughes, jerry -laines. Third rmt-: Charles john- son, Robert jones. Conrad Kerst, Lerov Kerst, Fourth mtv: Kenny Landrum, jim I.ent7, Steve Moncrief, Herman Blume. First row, left to right: Tommy Moore, Hassel McCain jack Lou Stuart, Lannie Travis, joe Turner. john Ulmer. Third McClain, Charles Pardon, Orville Parsons, Dick Roberts, rout: jerry VanBibber, john Veazev, Don XVager, Sammy jimmy Robinson. Second row: Don Rogers, james Stephens. Walker. Larry White, Mike Wilson. ' nQ5qq'3sfsfr-'ca:pff- k- 5 '5y,vf5k5:5ff:s- ... A f, E t ski ez: Q 5, fa. .nt X 4' mn t 1 W, ' V--.43 1, V il Tr 'WZ-r X . " X lk , Nuff ii fist WS- ga, VI. 'C:"".s Q ii? vii! -.-., A i , , :sv - var, 'S - .. t ap- t r-N 1 , n ........ ... .. . XX y . V K 1 S V y . X is-ies' J .zz F' l "ff f ew-fi 'P . A 'fs , ' s ..... X A ' 5 247 - If ""'..,f -V A ,A x . 1 7 4 team V: . at Q I f U '33 ri- 'HQ-fli- Sigma Pi's gather around to sing to their new sweetheart Clarence Crowder at their Formal danre held in the spring. President Iv- - Alpha Pi Chapter Robert Ferralaseo Richard Mel-Ianey Advisor Vice President .fr qgf-I-my I 'fx fi Bob Benz DC111115 Mifkey' james Snodgrass jerry Malone Louie Schaaf Dave Wert: Secretary Treasurer First row, left to riglztz Glenn Griffith, David Gunn, JOE Montgomery, WVa1'ren Moore, Doug McMahon, James Penny, Curley, George Haynes, Eddie Heatherly, Al Hendrix, Bobby John Petty. Third row: Connie Roden, jerry Rook, Don Houston. Secrmd row: Dennis Metheny, Larry Metheny, Curt Shatley, Bruce Smith, Frank Smith, Harold Smith, Bill Smith. ' -'21i--1' -1 - 5115 1 YW? Q A 1. r W- F1-1' .N 1 A . 1- V 1 ' 'f' .21 . 'll ix xl.. .3 lf' l ,QR -,tj A . X ix .Qi i K ""'-F' W' , xx . "' 'J "' 1... 'ff K l gg!-f -Ql '-,gtks ' .I we X bx . .,...- ., is ., H ' .T 4, 5' V"-xtfvfxw 'sw .ef 1 1'-nv: sv 5:39101 1"s v A Thr' .. Mx 'W A L . . , ., , ,, .bg ' ' .11t?fs"'.r. ff-H ' - - i 7? i l t' " V ' " 1 IP , 1: '1-Y - Q serif-'11 - :,v. - A uf 243 2. 1 -1 ' , -rl - 'V 7 ur . V 'Q-'K V -9 Sigma Pi Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity was granted its charter March 4, 1948 to become the first national fraternity on the ASC campus. The fraternity participated in all campus activities and received the ASC intramurals sweepstakes trophy lor 1960-61 during the fall. Several Sigma Pi's held important positions in other campus organizations and clubs. Bob Tucker served as coeditor of the State College Herald, Glynn Poe was president of Circle K, Jerry Malone served as president of the ASC Business K Accounting Club, and Bill Smith was appointed assistant basketball coach of the Indian Varsity. Three members of Alpha Pi chapter, 1Varren Moore, Glynn Poe, and Dave lVertz, were named to YVho's Mfho in American Colleges and Universities. The fraternity was represented on all athletic teams and the starting five players in the 61-62 Indian basket- ball squad were all members or pledges of Sigma Pi. A total of 44 men pledged Sigma Pi during the 1961- 62 year. The fraternities spring formal, the Orchid Ball, was a huge success, as well as many other informal parties. First row, left to right: Tommy Allen, Frank Benedick. Bill Bethel, Rick Blanton. Second row: Don Brawley, Terry Butler, Harold Calla- h:in,- David Chandler. Third row: Richard Compton, jim Cruce, Gerald Cunningham, James Dawson. Fourth row: Richard Dishinger, Roger Desganges. Robert Everett. Stanley For- tester. First row, left to right: jerry Hudgins. Mike Inmon, Marvin ackson, Ron Kettering, Don jenkins, Ronald johnson, james Latture, Kenny Little. Srrmzd mzv: Charles Pfeller, Glen Poe, Q aw M-.. it . s A 6 'J l -. -ve' V J ' Y fb 1 ,Rt x m 1 I pl 5 M. it -a A . . . is 3 - I ..- I ,,. I , fnkik K' Ya.,- Larry Poole, Burins Posey, Bobby Powell, Bob Pulliam. Richard Qualls. Dan Rains. Third mir: jerry Starnes, jerry Statler, Gary Stricklin, Eddie Tanner. james Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Gaylon lVard, Bill 1Vyatt. 1 9 at '- . QS 3 Q -. s 3 R N55 . 1 xv .L .sn N if AV i N ii . ii EXX. -1'. R :Pr , .. w A If I il il rf A AL DQ! us- 'grit -... Q 'WM-.W 5 . I 'fa' Q Q .,, Ava? Q 5. 1"i:' 1 Y 1 ti? N it 6' , -, ""'. 1 bfi 1 Qt. ws '1 'Q . Xen 1 tt.. l W s ' fe? ' f V ' Bera Psi Chapter .um-4. XNQQ: 'I'KE's salute their sweetheart. Miss Linda Huckabee, at the Charles Hughes Lloyd Goff Carrol Goodin annual formal dance. President Advisor Vice President '9' inn' Q36 Richard Robinett Bobby Bivens Bruce French john Gibson james Henderson Howard Templeton Secretary Treasurer Historian Pledge Trainer Sergeanteat-arms Chaplain First row, Iefl tn right: james Adams, Bill Bailey, Arthur Gingerich, jerry Gladden, john Goodin, Mike Gurlen. Third Bentley, Gene Blankenship. Mike Bridger. Donnie Bryd. Sec- row: Charles Luter, Earl Ray Michles, Lowell Miller, Gerry ond row: Gary Everett, lVayne Everett, Gene Froshe, Freddy Moore, Bob McQuiston, David McCullar, jim McKay. tm-A , l -. :A wr vs.-..:..s,-.K ..s.,.5 -:W -qu rw - ofa-G 11' "2 ye-gs ' ' Q: . 5 .t - 3:5 V . l -ng 2 jjj., , . Q . -5- ,V l 152.51 as .A kia t F 'x xW K 'T . - yn- Vw E 6 -vf v ii '31 K "'idj,4,.f' , . - " - :tt I 'ix '-" i A5 , , 1 vw xr, 'Q r N5 QNX X rx F SY N X 6 X Sf' wir X K Q ' ' N ' , My QM :Q Xi Ny N 2 X Vmjp me XS Xe 5 X qs X X X , l K G- "- 1 X f- f' 1 S, 5' X r W X E A , '9' s inf 'Q if f :X s Q H Q... , 5 , an . '-f' :Q .X - '- . A . . . f X N ,,, ix sow 5 sz: , X ,f , X . ,zz j j . x 'rm "" t : . ,:-5,2551 ' i Y :-,.55FfEz2-.'?., if XMI? -' S ' , e "5 ' Ti ?i' ' ' if 1 , 4- , J ,pi tt, ,P z , ,. .,. A , ., so ,,.. ,. . Q - K xx gi ,4 ' rx f 5, I K9 :ER Y -' .... ' " gg., - X ' . ' ' .ers555:i"Zf, ws j X 2 ,.,, X - i ' , ,,:5L5iQ. gi " xt" , 2 4 uf.-5a515M - . 'KS ,r e x .. -uw Q J 3 'I ,gx . X. , 4- 5 ir. ,gf . . 's.5'2::. , gt ,:, l , ,f .., 1 fd' , .' 5-,:,:g,- 'Qs 1.3 ' , .1 A J... ' 5 -. 9 . ., s- e Q3-'-W A N f. . ,l , , - ,. W . :i,1..f-.-1:3--1 1 - v Q 4. ,.... .s,il,fK.f'7 n J ,X X X -my 4 pw! r, ' K - H L . : x. x f "ii 'Trl' x - 1 4 . W '-1 4' p . 1 ' X I, . I I , . vin , nv X A ' - H Y X r 250 f : .1 V K sb . r , , " ' . yffg f - M ' Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon participated in all social and in- tramural events such as the Phi Mu Playhouse, AOPi Songfest, Alpha Gam Talent Show, football, basketball and all other sports this year. The Tekes lost only one game during the season but beat all the other fraternities in football. Five Tekes are members of the SGA including the freshman and sophomore and senior class presidents. The presidents of Alpha Kappa 'Psi, Alpha Psi Omega, Arrowhead Players were all Tekes and many other lower offices were filled by Tekes. Four Fraters were selected for VVho's l'Vho in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Larry Peebles was named as Battle Group Command- er for the 61-62 school year. Larry is a Cadet Colonel. Some of the charitable projects helped by TKE were the Goodfellow Christmas Drive, Salvation Army and the Craighead County rest home. First row. left to right: Phillip Shearrer, George Sheldon, William Spell, Don Spencer. Second ro-uv: Carl Stewman, C. A. Strange, David Sward, Richard Trout. Third row: Gary Warblow, Bobby Wvells. jerry Wvells, Bob Wilcockson. Fourth row: jim Wilkins, jerry Williams, Harold Wilson, Harvey Word. First row, left to right: Bob Cameron, David Carter, Randell Caldwell, Gary Cole, Bill Collier, Darrell Collier, Gary Cooper, Howard Dunn. Second row: Marvin Hagaman, George Hall, I 43-t 4, V11 ' 1 -fs. , I A an 415 as JS F Q . s , S. T Q 1 A ., , y ' .1 X 'fa ns.: .y t 1 P ' - . " 5, 3 1 if Y N' V li ,.. i, X- x K, ' Mike Huffman, Bill Keith, jim Keller, Charles Kennemore. Tommy Lalman. Third row: Larry Peebles. Larry Quillen. ohn Parkyn. Henry Redd, Tommy Reese. Bobby Robinson. Q... Jvgfi 'vw ? 'fu-...,, if Q ' A wb, ..,..... 'Qt -1 K x 0. Q x . N-as ,r Zu I H ., . .. 1' -g1:r.-rm- ' iii-gfa-.,, IQ all , , if , 9 as ' ' . iw: av iii. N. . is X .s 3 gr s In N-S -f. ,R 'P 251 ts E. N' A Q sf- A 3 f X .,,,,-x. e . Cherokee Men's Council Qklfiif qu vw hx Nh '.f -N5 an-.Q N... Robert Stiles Bryan Rumick Harold Callahan James Clingingsmith Herbert Chrisman George Chunn Ronald Cole President Vice President 2 .... I, q ' gil: f ' V .1 Q I5 ...ef 3 T'I"1""" Bill Crismon lim Dnwwn lewis FllWIll'll'i Bill Ennis Roh Gibson -Iiniiny Greer Gary Holland thrup, J. B. Penn, Rance Perkins. Gordon Petty, Bill Pogue. Pint mir, Icfl In iight: Rirhard jones. joe Joyner, Robert Ranyzird Richardson, Paul Roberts. Third 1'011': Kenneth Kellv, Ralph Irwie, Ierrv Miller. Don Morgan, George Mun- Savage, jimmy Shull, jerry Simpson, Don Spikes, Fred Skntts. ger, jim NIcNIurray. Srmnrl row: james Neldon. Jack Nor- Robert Thompson, H'illinm Tlippett, Tommy Trevnthan. . -gui., V ' ' X ' al ! sr' 'iii " - 4 5' 'Q bv 5 4--.. -Q--.. x R' E 1 l - ,V a g - I-4 f- eg. 1 Qs.- N3 4 . ei C ' -. 4 5 .Y '- -,V 17 g' Y 5 I 1 Ga " 1 'ii . 1 I ,ii ' 'in . " e w, Xi , . , A ,, 3..,::L,' x X Q x t s ,M K ,, - 'rqwicim ': -, ,. N, 14 . 1.2, . A, ,U . x.- :-mn-v xx -xy 1:55:54 'a',5:,-- -. ,. , ,,v 3.55252 35123 'E f ' ' fa A L ,222-ef-ff-291.-as aff 'f -N 1 U, .4,W-.,d:f,,1-4.1g,5yx,av-31,3,.-s,gh 4 , -92 fgavfffi cf-,::Q,2. ',g.?-1,nf',4f1 .. ff .X z -fi-1,5592 f 'fvfxff-,a2f??:'2:"'1 1-'f',A22-M A 41gg5,g2,., -rf ,ggizef ' .L A, , M +.c,j.1ff5: lui' T X ' M Eff" fy?" ' V, 1"' vw:-,-wtf? ,a25:.ff'2' 4, -wi" f A .4 .424 f 1 ' ,-2 pgs? -Y W1 ,:. 7 .gn9"TZ' I6 , ff 34425: 'V fzff' ' vw -'mga 1, , l ,W W4 :'P:R:w'w 'H 2'1" E ga-3 ?e49:"1 i, ,..,, ., .,,4,i-,,v,, ' " .igflfv im ' viii:-li WZQG N-as x , :-an ,wx 'Egg , ' -Q X ix Q 1 x. g g-, X . ATHLETICS The story of athletics at Arkansas State for 1961-62 ranges from pathos and heartache to intense excitement and frenzied empathetic joy. We remember "feeling with"' our athletic teams when they fought valiantly against overwhelming odds. We also remember with deep satisfaction such high moments as the Home- coming victory over Murray State in football and the basketball team's electrifying wins over Southeast Mis- souri State and The Citadel. It was a year of remarkable success and tragic failure. l'Ve shall always remember the 1961-62 Indian football eleven, the basketball quintet, the baseball nine and the track squad. lNe will long re- member names like Sammy Wleir, Frank Smith, Hasselle McCain. Larry Peebles, -lerry Rook, Gaylon Vllard, lVar- ren Moore, Don Shatley, Jim McMurray, David Gunn, Nlarvin Hagaman, Jack Goodman, Jerry Huffstetler, Bill Smith, Jim McKay, Fred Mitchell, Harold Callahan, jerry Hudgins, Gary Holland, J. XV. Seymour, and Bill Berry. In the following pages we have attempted to tell the story of the 1961-62 athletic teams. S in .u Q1 J"'x .L1."' 'WM' 5' -ssl 11 tra--fn . fx I,f3LT..'.A , 'P x gi!-.i-J ......,.,..,...m ..f,. Q, J. A-1-ng... .. .ij ,Q , FQ. ,, J, - ' - ..-Y ,Q -M TE ...A A.. ,.. m1mw...,,-, .,..h,.,,..-,,.....,,,A......-..,. , . . L.. 1-E ' '1'?xi5?'35??'3! K :" 'X ,ilnlni 1 - .., f, fwugxsfl l is fills,-3Z"i '1fi:'qX, N , ' f "Ike" Directs Athletics For Sixteenth Year In his sixteenth year as athletic director at Arkansas State, A. "Ike" Tomlinson has proved again why he is one of the most respected and widely-known inert in college athletic circles. Last spring, a major portion of his athletic facilities were viciously wrecked by a small tornado. XVith an unconquerable spirit, Ike and his stall' garnered records and equipment from the wreckage, and the A-State athletic program limped on. Now, a year later, the disaster has been turned into progress. A-State sports the finest athletic facilities in its history. During his stay at .X-State he has coached football, basketball. and baseball. He now conlines his extra-director activi- ties to baseball. His Indian nines have annually held their own against one of the most rugged college base- ball schedules in the nation. The personality and character ol' Coach Ike are major reasons for the steady progress in the level of athletics at Arkansas State. During Ike's tenure .X-State has risen from a perennial AIC power to an independent too strong for .XIC competition. NVQ believe that Indian ath- letic teams, bv competing favorably against rugged sched- ules set tip by Ike and his stalf, have proved that Arkan- sas State is ready for conference competition comparable to the Missouri Valley Conference. Coach Ike came to State in IQIS. He assumed full- time directorship in l9Alti. Ike has held such honorary positions as president of the American Colleges Base- ball Association. Iohn Rautli Basketball lloacli lj A. "Ike" Tomlinson Athletic Director john Rauth, colorful, dynamic Indian basketball coach, ended his 13th season at Arkansas State. It was another year of intense excitement as his bustling cagers time and again pulled victory from the fires in the last tense seconds of the game. Coach Rauth has had few losing teams during his tenure at Arkansas State and his won-loss record lor I3 seasons stands well above the .500 mark. Even in "off seasons" his teams have almost won half their games. This is a remarkable achievement considering that Rautl1's teams always play an ambitious schedule. Beginning his 26th year as a, coach Rauth looksd for no more than an "average" season. He had only two starters returning from last years team, and the remain- der of his squad was composed of freshmen and sopho- mores. Before the end of the season, however, Coach Rauth had scrapped together from his list of a few re- turning lettermen, several junior college transfers, and an excellent group of freshmen one of the best units ever to play on the A-State hardwood. Coach Rauth came to Arkansas State in 1947 after several successful seasons of coaching high school basket- ball in Illinois. He is a popular speaker at banquets, civic meetings, coaches clinics and sports officials meet- ings. He has served on the research committee of Na- tional Basketball Coaches Association, examining rule changes. Ending his second year as head football coach is King Block. He is no new figure at A-State having pref viously served five years as backfield coach. Fans will long remember Block's first year as head mentor. That year he led a depth-thin Indian eleven to several stun- ning upsets of powerful, nationally ranked football ma- chines. Such teams as Mississippi Southern and Louisi- ana Tech were victims of the struggling, stouthearted Tribe. This year Block and his staff worked just as hard. The Indians played just as valiantly. But the ene- mies, having leamed the hard way to respect the Tribe, were not to be surprised again. King Block is one of the most dedicated men to ever be Indian head football coach. He presents a tough exterior and commands his player's respect. Under- neath the rugged exterior lies a deep-seated sympathy with and concern for humanity. Coach Block attended Idaho University where he was a great fullback. He came to Arkansas State as a backfield coach when Gene Harlow was head football mentor. Block also served as backfield coach under head coach Hugh Taylor, and when Taylor left was promoted to head coach. Coach Block is ably assisted by L. johnson, end and center coach: jitntny jackson, line coachg Larry Lacewell, freshman coach: and Bill Caldwell, backfield coach. This was Caldwell's first year as an Indian coach. .Xs an .Xll-American at .X-State he set lti new school records. ALL AMERICANS - Jim McMurray, Frank Smith and Larry Peebles. were two stalwart linemen. as-f--D .silk is Head Football Coach King Blutk Nltalurtav was always a threat 'running or passing. Smith and Per-lx asa s xr .. X V 'ts' 3353? les . , - JE: xc... - X: sn- " Q ' 4 bw. ik, .N 1' lil-IE 1961 INDIANS - FFINII Roar, frnnz Ihr' IMI: Conth Bill Cnlll well. Coach J. L. johnson, Coach King Block, Conch jimmy Jack- son and Coach .Larry Lncewell. Srwrzrl Row: Allan Stolt, jim Mc- Nlurruv. Gilbert Arnold, Frank Smith, David Gunn. jack Burns, I,:u'i'y Peebles, :incl Marvin Hngznnan. Third Razr: Sznnmy XVeir. Hzisclle McCain, plank Sugg, joe Turner, Auron XX'hile, jack Good' Q95 Q , QM' "" -e 0 ,-.1 S4 l X. End and Center Conch 1. L. ,Iolinwn man, Earl Rav Michles, Billv jue Cox, and Clinton Gore. Fourth limp: Vernon Butler, Donnie Dunston. Bill Cray, Harold Noe,jer1'y King. jack Everett, Richard Martillo, Ftldie Langston, Don Perkins. and jake Darby. Fifth Razr: Darrel Chunn. Ruhert Clzidney, Bill Berry, Ivan jmkstm, Mike Huffman, Czirv Everett, jack Snipes, Bob ML'Quiston, Chip Lnttnlrette, Billy joe Bziilev, :incl Skippy Davis. x 'ill N! Line Conch jimmy jackson -5 .J . Sixth Row: Eddie Rickus, john Parkin, Frank 1l:u'wood. 'Thomas Carter, Roger Roberson. Xl'endt'l Wood. Mike Betta, Billy Dunn. Tonnnv Reese, Frank Benedict, l'hil Nc-whouse and David Werner Bark Row: john Nelson. Rithard Smith, Rohcit lvudcritk, Ken Mashhurn, Pat Haley, joe Bickford, Buddy Piper. Garv Whisnant, Ronnie Benson. and Billv Gene Nelson. 'K-uw ...adam-htlllls Improved Indians Find Foes Waiting At the beginning of the 1961 season Arkansas State fans were optimistic. Last year's underdog Tribe had stunned several powerful foes, and it was virtually the same crew of Indians returning this year. The Redmen began the season well enough with Z1 convincing win over the University of North Dakota. At this point everyone thought the Indians were off to a great season. But the great season never came. The Indians did not give up. They played their hearts out every game, but the teams which had been dramatically upset last year were lying in ambush for this year's Tribe. Such teams as Mississippi Southern and Louisiana Tech revenged themselves against the Indians. Despite the 3-6 record, Arkansas State still played some great football. YVe shall long remem- ber the heroic efforts of our football players, efforts sometimes made in futility against overwhelming odds. We shall always remember the 1961 Indians because they never quit fighting, and because they are a part of us. Football serves many purposes here at Arkansas State. It gives students and players an outlet for pent-up emotions: it promotes school spirit and public relations: it provides opportuni' ties for cultural exchange. King Block his second yea: as head coaclt A-State U. South Dakota A-State Louisiana Tech A-State Florence State A-State Montana State A-State Miss. State A-State Miss. Southern A-State Murray State A-State 1Visconsin State A-State The Citadel NQNQ' Q Tribe in Convincing The Arkansas State Indians began the season by soundly thrashing the University of South Dakota Coy- otes 21-9 at Vermillon. The two teams battled evenly for the first three quarters with A-State holding a narrow 7-6 lead at the end of the third quarter. Then, in the opening moments of the fourth quarter the Tribe's great little Sammy Weir climaxed a 66-yard drive by racing 30 yards for the touchdown. Later in the quarter the Redmen added unnecessary insurance. Sammy Weir set up the score by returning an intercepted pass to the South Dakota 10 yard line. After a penalty moved the ball to the five, Jack Sugg smashed into the end zone on his second attempt at the stout Dakota line. Meanwhile, the Coyotes added a field goal, but it was all in vain. Allen Stolt scored the Indians' first touchdown on a oneryard plunge in the second quarter. Offensively for the Tribe it was mostly Sammy Weir who racked up 101 yards on the ground and 43 yards on pass receptions and jim McMurray who completed four of eight passes for 85 yards. Marvin Hagaman and Sammy Weir were the defensive stars. A quick Redskin defensive secondary allowed South Dakota to complete only three of 21 passes, and the rugged Indian line led by such stalwarts as Frank Smith, jack Burns, Jack Goodman, Hasselle McCain, jack Everett, and Gilbert Arnold gave little ground to the Coyotes' forward wall. THE REFEREES don't catch 'cm all. An opponent uses a handy gadget to get an Indian out of the way. joe Turner center Hasselle McCain end jack Sugg fullback Rout of Coyotes halfback-quarterback his man, and so did a few other Indians. Bitter from last year's stunning upset, the powerful, nationally ranked Louisiana Tech Bulldogs wreaked revenge on a crew of Arkansas State Indians who seemed unable to do anything right. It was one of those nights that coaches, team and fans like to forget. XVhen the final gun sounded it was Arkansas State 8, Louisiana Tech 47. In a night marred by seven Tribe fumbles, the Redmen managed to muster one scoring drive culmi- nated by a 17-yard pass from freshman Gary Everett to Sammy Weir. The tenacious Bulldog defense allowed the Indians a net of only three yards rushing, but three Arkansas State quarterbacks, jim McMurray, Everett. and Sammy IVeir combined to complete 12 of 23 passes for 128 yards. Amassing a total offense of 414 yards. the Tech Dogs needed little help from the Redmen. However, alert Bayou Canines pounced on five of State's seven fumbles converting several into quick scores. The Indians played honorably enough. In fact, the game might have been close except for that spas- modic human element, the tendency to make mistakes, which sometimes nullifies heroic effort and destroys that essential unity necessary for the proper functioning of a football machine. Arkansas State's football players must have felt something like the little man who kept trying to push a huge rock up a cliff but never got anywhere: all the force of his striving served only to keep the rock from sliding down the hill. GOOD BLOCKING cleared the wav for A-State halfback Donnie Ilunston. jim Nlkblllllill got Rash of Fumbles Defears. Redskins Donnie Dunston halfhack lack Goodman guard . ,A,gw,,,, 1 .JE y 1 X ' 1 1 sl! mia a, an-imdwwv IIMMI' .lIrMl'RRA Y lan int' a tight squeeze on this plan, Nlnttcr nl' lint, il was a little too tight. Indians Recover To Thrash Lions lzarl Ray Michles halfhack 'ta-al' Harold Noe center 'V' suv" golf I X Champions of the Alabama Collegiate and NATA conferences, the Florence State Lions brought powerful single-wing football to Kays Field. But the Indians of Arkansas State, smoldering with wrath after their humil- iation at Ruston, Louisiana, were not to be denied vic- tory this afternoon. The Tribe's forward wall conquered one of the finest Florence State lines in history. In this lies the story of the game. Aided by the savage line- play, fullback Dick Martillo smashed out 94 yards and halfback-quarterback Sammy X'Veir squirmed for 90 more to lead a Redman ground attack which chewed-up 305 yards. Much credit is due to the Arkansas State defense which adjusted brilliantly to the Lions' single-wing attack. Final score was the Indians 14, Florence State 6. The first Tribe score came midway in the second period on a three-yard plunge by Martillo. Long runs by quar- terback jim McMurray and Martillo highlighted the 60-yard drive to paydirt. Late in the third quarter, runs by Martillo, YVeir, and Earl Michles ate up major por- tions of a drive which brought the ball to the Florence nine-yard line. From there, halfback Donnie Dunston sprinted into the end zone for the final Arkansas State tally. It was a day that we shall long remember. The Redmen worked together with relentless precision mak- ing an impressive victory. 'Q jake Darby jerry King guard quarterlback jack Everett Marvin Hzlgzunan guard guard Field-Goal Drops Struggling Indians 1. J 5 . X my . 1 . u V ' r r ' ' 5 iff T fall!- ' Tl' TT' 3 I 3 Q 'M .A ' 1 1.4 J ... ,w , gi., The Montana State Bobcats visited Indian land for the first time in the Bobcat-Indian series and brought with them an improved ball club. With nine starters returning from last year's squad which massacred the Redskins 26-7 at Bozeman, the Rocky Mountain boys expected an easy victory. This, they were not to get. Although the Cats moved the ball easily enough, piling up 342 yards total offense. the Redman defense allowed the mountain crew to cross the Tribe goal line only once. Finally, when a Montana State drive fizzled out on the Arkansas State 15-yard line, the Bobcats' Phil Schnei- der kicked a field goal to break a 6-6 tie. The Indian offense never got rolling as indicated by a total offense of 109 yards. The lone State touchdown was scored by Dick Marillo on a one-yard run. One of the bright spots of the night was the proficient punting of jake Darby. He booted four times for a 46.5 yard average. .lim McMurray and Sammy YVeir, although not having a particularly good night, led the Indian offense with 38 and 33 yards, respectively. Two big Bobcat ends are largely responsible for A-State's offensive showing. Time and again, the big ends swatted down the little halfbacks trying to block them and stopped our wide stuff cold. SEVERAL INDIANS gang up to stop this ball carrier. Core wartls off a blocker. ,rim I-'rank Smith tackle Allan Stolt halfback Lnrry Peebles renter Clinton Gore end Bulldog Depth Takes Toll on Redmen Arkansas State's battling Indians held the mighty Southeast Conference Mississippi State Bulldogs to a meager 3-0 lead through the first quarter before supe- rior personnel and greater over-all depth took their toll. In the second quarter the Maroons burst loose with two touchdowns, increasing their lead to 17-0 at the half. The Redmen were never to dent the scoring column, and the Bulldogs went on to win 38-0. It is perhaps some consolation to Arkansas State fans to remember that Tribe reserve units made just as good a showing as the regulars. The Indian offense washeld to a scimpy 98 yards while Mississippi State rolled up 424. It was a long, lonely ride from Starkville to Jonesboro for the weary Redmen. But strong competition makes a foot- ball team better. Earlier inthe season the Tribe was shellacked by Louisiana Tech. The next week the Red- skins bounced back to defeat the rugged Florence State Lions. The Indian record now stood at 2-3 and Tribe fans wondered if the Redmen could bounce back against Mississippi Southern in the next outing. Sunday following the Mississippi State game the Big Red hit the practice field to begin preparations for the contest with the Southerners. As they had done all season long. the Indians practiced every afternoon and watched game movies at night. They were ready when they went to Mississippi Southern. ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end, and the end is in sight for . S' 55,5 ' 'S x 1 f X-Y if mo is 'Qi 9 3, 4- ,,', rye-:A -EE t K V. X Ja nw--rmndv E13 5 gains, "Q'.' 'sf fs "if J' ' 5 "s 'NN is 5 We S Y V' X asv' , . . .. 'GA Clinton Core. " ' " -- Q-3 M15- 3 ' W Ad, -. 'N -'--1, 9 S, Wi Bs -i wexx is -.-.,,,ile. -,twig Q ffiikhwlw -Stk-Ls:r'sa- ,. N. .M . 35- A TRIBE BLOCKER plous into two opponents Sammy H cn has '1llCILlX Ixttn tripped up Although Mississippi Southern won 20-0, this game was a moral victory for the big Red. The Indians were high and played inspired football. Any one near Faulk- ner Field in Hattiesburg could have heard the leather popping as both teams blocked and tackled savagely. The fierce play of both teams called back memories of last year's great Homecoming battle at Kays Field in which the heoric Redmen dazed the nationally ranked Southerners 15-14. We feel no remorse about this loss. In fact, we feel an exalted empathy with our Indians because they played better than their best and still came up loser. This game was an excellent preliminary for the dramatic Homecoming clash with Murray State. Statistically, the Southerners piled up 292 yards while the Indian offense accumulated 131. Jim McMurray led the Tribe offense with 37 yards on the ground and 68 yards through the airways as he completed five of eight passes. Richard Martillo got off two tremendous quick- kicks averaging 60 yards a boot. This year, the Southa erners, like other Indian opponents, prepared for the Redskin tilt with a hard-earned respect in the back of their minds, and were not to be again surprised by Arkansas State. This respect had come about after last year's upset had brought them tumbling down from the sneering heights of their ivory towers. The A-State rec- ord has not improved much in the last two years, but we have seen a definite improvement in the quality of football being played. jack Burns tackle Harry Latourette guard Garry Everett quarterback David Gunn tackle Big Red Powers 'ro 22-14 Homecoming Elaborate preparations were made by student body, faculty, football team, and coaches to make this game the pinnacle of the 1961 season. And pinnacle it was as the Arkansas State Indians put on one of the best shows in Tribe football history by smashing to a hard-fought 22-I4 Homecoming victory before a packed stadium of screaming fans. Murray State's Thoroughbreds won the battle-as far as statistics were concerned, but Arkansas State was equal to the task when the chips were down. The contest featured everything in the way of football dramatics-freak plays, long pass plays, pass intercep- tions, great individual efforts, extraordinary team play. It was a great day for win-starved players and fans. The Redmen's first score came two plays after Has- sell McCain intercepted a Racer pass on the Murray State 20-yard line and returned it to the six. A pass from jim McMurray to Allan Stolt was good for the six- pointer. The Tribe's second touchdown was set up by a freak play. Sammy Weir fired a pass down the middle intended for McCain. The aerial bounced off McCain TOO LATE are the two gentlemen in white. Weir scores again. .. N' :- at - 5.3. me Tj! Q. y.. " si., ,-:?.'Yfv'az 1 33 4 'I-,,y Q, 1l'14'.a.'1o"jiE:"'A , . ...f7.L:-vfrgegg' ,D j1.."',4J'1-w' f t"'f'9",fa3f' J' if: ' f.'..43 4' L " f 1 l. f',.', A ".:Qx.'4 I 2 -H' .51 i ,. rlgf . iffy? 5' faiig '- -af' " - f"f'-59' . 0 inf, ,F 1: ' ' I f', ,, an iff 4 i'1'5'-ii? 5 A1 in-. .I - fe' v.. ? 'F :Z fx . vc . Q 2' ,,,-.-f-a . f gf-11" . ,-1 -..J , L, I vY .4:?p .K pil' il: 'J- 1 lf., V I ", ..1a.:'5,: V X. ' 11 T' lr.- 'r-:ba - V4 yxfifuj Ek , 4? 'if .x"Th . - -:- -A sr- 'f-':-f,:z:. 1 -1 "nay ta . fa' 152. i ' H' 'l--'ra ll ', L '34 ' I I ' J H-fl.. , ew: 0 'ig-V A ' -.fzffgl . all Fyxhi. , F , . F .' '. 1, P' tyre I.. "i':"6t .f '-'Hof' . W 1 ' f . - . ' . fwifh 05 cc"-L 293- .1 pmf f ,I 1. -1".f 5A"f .of . - f .-Q5 , "V 4 ' av t . ra- .- " tg Q 121 H32 - 'A j , .,' . in , N.. . gr-'34, .g.r 5. rf 'f ef-, .1-A -if ' 'HA !.3"'i3lj' li' . 90" f M r "" '11-'mx 7' 4 V312-3, C' 2 -' - 1-'Fr' . ff ' I Q. 2 nut' E 5,1 1 Q 1 "'-. " .mn E L. . . . A : . .4 .. -,1 S" gl' 5 9.4.l.'IJlfY WEIR looks for running rom into the waiting arms of freshman halfback Bill Berry who raced to the Thoroughbred one-yard line. The play covered 64 yards. Allan Stolt scored his second touchdown of the day on a one-yard plunge. The final Arkansas State tally came late in the game breaking a 14-14 tie and giving the Indians the win. Fabulous little Sammy XVeir put on a oneeman show in engineering this last scoring drive. The Redmen marched 67 yards in ll plays. Faking, side-stepping, zigging, zagging, out- running defenders, Mleir gained 38 of those yards in five carries. Finally, the unstoppable little quarterback rolled out and sprinted the last five yards to the end- zone while 5,000 hoarse fans stood and yelled "Run! Sammy, Run!" As a perfect climax, Sammy added his second two-pointer of the day on an end sweep. For YVeir it was another day of personal triumph. Time after time it looked like Sammy was trapped behind the line of scrimmageg but sometimes with a flip of the hip, sometimes with a sharp cut, or sometimes with a burst of speed little Sam managed to break loose for sizeable gains. ...,,a.-.,3 .. ., 1 -gg YV V H iq ...,......,,v,..,.,,.,m,,.,,,....,,..,,,.,,,..,,.,.,,.....,,m...,...,.,.,., n as two Murray State tncklers close in. Tlucw was none r n 5 but Vu--f Billy Gene Nelson ,lftllfl NCNW1 manager IUHUUSZFT .. ., -....-..i M--2 A. 267 IVHERE T0 NOW asks jim McMurray as unfriendly hruist-is dust- in. 'I'n Uilllil, In earth. and quick. Wisconsin State Defeafs Indians Richard Martillo fullback Donald Perkins end ,qw 9Y""l-Q -fm' The Indians' chances for a winning season hinged on this game and it was a heartbroken, despondent crew of Redmen that left the field after the unbearable 9-7 loss to the Warhawks of Wisconsin State. Although Wis- consin had a slight edge in statistics, it appeared that the Warhawks would never cross the Tribe goal line. But, when another Wisconsin drive was running out of gas just inside Redskin territory, the Warhawk quar- terback heaved a long aerial toward the A-State goal line, and a great Wisconsin State end leaped between two defenders, grabbed the pass and fell into the end zone. Later, the lads from Wisconsin added a field goal to ice the victory. The Indians' futile six-pointer came on perhaps the most beautiful play of the season. A Wisconsin State punt was gathered in by Sammy Weir on the Arkansas State 20-yard line. Weir handed off to freshman halfback Bill Berry and executed a brilliant fake. Indian blockers chopped down Warhawks like a McCormick reaper, and the fleetfooted halfback streaked down the sidelines unscathed for 80 yards and the touch- down. This was the only time during the long afternoon that Tribe fans yelled with any degree of enthusiasm. Kays Field sounded almost empty that day except for a tiny, boisterous group of Wisconsin State students whose loud cheering offset the silent pathos of Redskin fans. . ,l Ln v--we-W-v-' r .wav :fi -A fur aw-+ '4 "kk,--uv Billy joe Cox james Mclkiurrav Aaron White Mike Huffman guard quarterback tackle end Citadel Tops Redmen in Lasl Game Dilill A . U . ' T1ff.'Ff'Tgii5f" 'f ' aa N, - ., , ' .X -mmf - A ' 1 ,. - h ,lxx . .... .-Aww.. av' ' A' ' -1 ' fu ly,,. -A ' rv D 41 if M1119 """EI' .... ,....,,. . A '0...f JW' Starving for victory in this last game of the season. the Arkansas State Indians battled their hearts out against The Citadel Bulldogs at Charleston, South Caroa lina. The Bulldogs won the game 21-6, but the Indians can well be proud of the way they played. The Tribe held the great Early Eastburn, fantastic Citadel halfback, to a net of five yards rushing. The Indian offense, led by Richard Martillo, Allan Stolt, and Clinton Gore, racked up 212 yards on the ground, 53 yards passing and a total offense of 265 yards. Although winning by two touchdowns, the Cadets were able to gain only 146 yards rushing, 133 yards passing, and a total offense of 279 yards. A vital factor in the loss was 50 yards of penalties marked off against the Tribe as compared with none against the Citadel. joe Turner scored State's touch- down by snaring an errant Cadet pass and returning it 31 yards for the score. It was the last Indian game for- ever for these stalwart Redmen: Gilbert Arnold, Frank Smith, David Gunn, jack Burns, jack Everett. Larry Peebles, jim McMurray, Allan Stolt, Earl Ray Michles, and Bill Gray. It was not a great year for football at Arkansas State, but it was a year in which some of the greatest football that can be remembered at A-State was played. The Indians did not win so many games, but they gave us a football team that would go out and trade licks with the best of them. The Redmen were sometimes outfmanned, they sometimes made mistakes. but they were never outplayed, YOU ARE RIGHT, jim did not get out of this one, but he did gain some yardage for the Redskins. Green Uni'r Jells info Red-Ho'r Team 5 f 9 ..-f f-,gk 21- W y as is X X 'ey-,X ,V xx 1 ,Zif- MV..v...,e,.....-0.--asia. . V .- DON SHA TLEY fires from I5 feet out. Mark up two more points for the Indians. Shatley's unique jump-shot has been important to the Tribe. Coach John Rauth was not very optimistic before this basketball season. He had expected an average season. He had good reason to be slightly pessimistic, for he had lost three starters from last season's quintet. Several outstanding high school players had been signed. but he thought he would have to wait for his freshmen to develop. To his, and everyone's, surprise, a unit composed of a few returning lettermen, some junior college transfers, and jerry Rook, the fabulous freshman, jelled and Arkansas State had one of its best basketball seasons in years. Xvith Don Shatley, jerry Rook, VVarren Moore, Gaylon Ward, Gary Holland, and Harold Calla- han leading the way the Indians got off to a red-hot start. They won nine out of the first 13 games. Basketball had a new face at A-State due to last year's tornado which ripped through the former Redl skin fieldhouse. This year the Tribe five played in a magnificent new gymnasium. Scoring records fell by the wayside as the Redmen bombed the nets before larger crowds made possible by the new facilities. The outlook for years to come is very bright, since the only starter the Indians will lose by graduation is IVarren Moore. It should be more than interesting to watch the progress of Rook, YVard, Thurman, Callahan, Hudgins, Shatley. Holland, and others. JOHN RAUTH, completing his 26th year of basketball coaching, had another good year at Arkansas State as was to be expected THE 1961-62 INDIANS - Front Row, from Iffl: Harold Callahan, Dun Slmllcy,Gnyl1mWzml,lcr1y Huclgins, Wnrxcn Mfmre, jerry RUJL. Gary Holland. Sefond Row: jim Koller. Run Yulklmnxm, Hugh jznnu, Ruger xllllllfllil, lhvu Xl.u.L4-xirh, Qmnley Tnkrm, Thini Rnzw: lime Crosley, Ronnie Bridges, Stmc frcws, IIHIICQ Dauwwn, :mal flemgv Yvlmn. 'AN alarm 3' Q1 HAROLD CALLAHAN puts on a drihhling show for out of trouble. Q' --24, the fans :md gets fall' 33' IERRY ROOK goes high to :nhl uw mme points to the Inrlinn's score. '7 14 '7 f sf, 5 'll A Dali'-P' ,sf is 'Y . N .. fffiiii N. lat The competitive spirit of the Redskins is shown by jerry Hudgins as hc scraps for possession of the ball. Tribe Vic'rorious Over Texas Five fi . Ta' is VFW., 'Www ' :YH 1 -A Y Uv, a 1 'W' mb. , .L ', Warren Moore ICTYY Hudgins Guam Center The Indians began their ambitious schedule by edgf ing powerful Texas Yliesleyan 87-83 in the first game played in the marvelous new fieldhouse. Texas led 75-'74 with 5:19 left. Gaylor YVard sank a two-pointer for Arkansas State, and the Tribe led the rest of the way. Don Shatley was high point man for the Indians as he fired for 22 points. Gaylon XN'ard notched I8 points and jerry Rook, whose nine rebounds was high for both teams, added I7. YVarren- Moore and jerry Hudges had I6 and I0 respectively to put five Redskins in double figures. Pete Brown of Texas IVesleyan carried away high point honors with a stupendous 31-point scoring spree. It was a great team victory for the young Redmen as the mostly green Indians worked together marve- lously. The scoring, the rebounding, the shooting, was almost evenly split up! In this game the Tribe quintet began to weld together, and the seeds of a great team spirit burst forth and began to grow. Before not too many more games had passed into history Arkansas State fans and players had worked into a red hot basketball fever. Cape beaten for first Amid the crashing thunder of a wild, screaming hometown crowd, the Arkansas State Indians pulled from behind in the waning seconds of the Southeast Missouri clash to win by one slim, beautiful, wonderful, narvelous point, 66-65. It was the first time that an Arkansas State team had defeated Southeast in three years. Those who saw the game will always remember how it happened. IVith 2:33 remaining the Cape Indi- ans led 64-57. Then, in the breathtaking, scintilating moments left the A-State cagers pulled a major miracle. The surging Redskins held Southeast to one point for the rest of the game. YVith a meager seven seconds showing on the clock the Missouri Redmen still led by one point. It was then that Don Shatley dropped in a two-pointer from two feet Ollt to put A-State in the lead to stay. Y'Varren Moore stole the ball from Southeast's Bill Reiche to sew up the victory. Shatley led State scoring and rebounding with I5 points and I0 rebounds. THREE ARMS are not needed to play basketball, but it helps. 1 1' I' time in three years. Close behind were IVard with l-1, Holland with 13 and Hudgins with ll. Bill Giesing of Cape was high point :nan of the game, pumping in 23 points. but the bal- anced attack of the Tribe spelled defeat for Southeast, Despite a great 22-point eflort by Ciaylon Ward. The Tribe lost its first game of the season at Murray State by the slim margin of 80 to 77. The Indians contained their balanced scoring attack as Don Shatley popped the net for IT, Cary Holland dropped in ll. XVarren Moore gOl I2 and jerry Hudgins added 10, Arkansas State suffered its second straight loss at the hands of the Southeast Oklahoma Savages. High point nian for the Redmen was Gaylon IVard with 14 points. Connie McGuire, 6-ft. 7-in. 220slb. junior. led the Say' ages with I7 points and I2 rebounds. Southeast, though. just barely did eke out the 43-42 victory. The Tribe record was now down to 2-2, but, as Arkansas State fans were soon to see, the Indians were not to be down for long. EVERYBODY gets out nf the wav while XYarren Moore lavs in two points. 42 .ini ' In .gy- 'i Tribe edges Gulf Stale Conference Champs After absorbing two losses in a row, the Indians bounced back in the second game with Southeast Okla- homa Savages for a 58-46 win. The Savages controlled the backboards, but A-State out-shot Southeast from the field and picked up an adequate percentage of 36 free tosses provided by Savage fouling. Leading the balanced Redskin offense were Harold Callahan with 12, Jerry Hudgins ll, and Don Shatley 10. Connie McGuire again led the Oklahomans as he tossed-in 15 points and snatched 10 rebounds. Surprising almost everyone the hustling young Red- skins posted victory number four in an overtime thriller with Gulf State Conference Champion Northeast Louis- iana. The Northeast Indians came to A-State loaded with such stars as All-GSC guard Lanny johnson, deadly jump-shooting prolific scorer, and rugged Robert Cook, 6'5" 215 lbs. center. All in all Coach Lenny Fant had four starters returning from last year's squad. But it was not enough because the Retlmen from A-State stayed with them tit for tat until the final gun ending regulation play and then out-played them in those tense IERR1' HOOK executes his famous iump shot against the South- east Oklahoma Savages. It was good for two points. moments of the overtime period. Northeast held a com- fortable 66-63 lead going into the last minute of regula- tion play. Then, the alert lnjuns swiped the ball. Jerry I-ludgins was fouled. Hudgins made one of his free throws and the score was 66-6-1 in favor of Northeast. A-State stole the ball again. Yllith 34 seconds left Gaylon lX'ard tipped in a rebound to knott the score at 66-66. 1-Iarolcl Callahan tied-up the great Lanny johnson and tipped to Don Shatley. Shatley was fouled with six sec- onds left but missed his charity toss. The Indians went on to win 76-72. Three of State's big men led the Red- skin attack. Freshman jerry Rook picked up 20 points, jerry Hudgins contributed 18 points and Gaylon Ward added 17. It was one of the finest nights of the year for Jerry Hudgins and another of many fine nights by lVard and Rook. Most of all it was a wonderful night for Ar- kansas State. The young Redskins proved as they were to prove again and again that they could be tough under pressure. Maybe they were even tougher when the pres- sure got heavier. GOING HIGH for another A-State two-pointer is rangy jerry Hudgins. The big center made 11 points against the Savages, A .X.sA, C, ,. Xit "v7-'KV , ,my.vs-x-.sry 1 I RON D FAVORITE Harold Callahan gets going for an exciting layup. Texas Wesleyan Southeast Mo. Murray State Southeast Okla. Southeast Okla. Northeast La. Ottawa U. Ill. Wesleyan Southeast Mo. CBC Austin Peay St. Mary's Kansas State The Citadel Kansas State Nicholls State Northeast La. Delta State Autin Peay Murray State CBC Delta State Lamar Tech Southeast Mo. Qwinj Qwinj Qlossj Qlossj Qwinj Qwinj fwinj Qwinj Qlossj Qlossj fwinj Qwinj fwinj Qwinj Qwinj fwinj qlossl Qwinj fwinj Clossb fwinj fwlnj fXVll'lb flossj 1961-62 Basketball Record ,,..,..-s-- - an-W lime Cmslex Gary llollgtntl Dun SllLlllCN Center F0l'w1u'tl Guard ,'Oi EVA 275 0' Q 3 .af , gf, 1 5,5 x J l nf. , 15, " fx- ffyf i xxx X e xx.-, 5 Q . K . Kg ' . Aga x Q .. 5 3 55? Xl I, 1 ii? Scalp Ottawa Braves Behind jerry Rook's fabulous 17-point first half the Redmen built up a commanding lead early in the game and hung on for a 60-50 victory over Otta- wa University. It was the Redskins third win in a row and placed their season mark at 5-2. jerry Hudgin's two-pointer broke an 8-8 tie with 16:30 remaining in the first half and the Indians steadily built-on to their lead until they led 36-26 at the half. Rook ended the game with 23 points on eight field goals and seven charity tosses. Gaylon XVard and Jerry Hudgins gave A-State backboard control as they picked-off I3 and 12 rebounds respectively. The big difference in the game however, was Ottawa's in- ability to hit from the foul line. The Kansas Braves collected only 43 per cent of their free shots while the Indians hit '72 per cent from the charity stripe. Tom Kinder led Ottawa with 16 points. Outside of Ro0k's 23 points, A-State's scoring attack was bal- anced. Gaylon Hlard notched 9 points on three two- pointers and three free shots. Don Sliatley sank four shots from the field for S points. jerry Hudgins also hit four from the field for 8 points and Warren Moore tossed in 5 free throws and one field goal for 7 points. --f"1-lb-tv . efblizilgafg lgmlrnf NUC ml gun ue supposed to do XOFICI' THF H-MD in Don Sliitlex s rihs Qtuff like that happens u.j in l CCI Champs are lndians'six'rh victim Arkansas' State pasted Illinois Wesleyan, champions of the College Conference of Illinois, 87-73 behind a brilliant performance by jerry Rook. The win left the Redskin's victory rack teeming with the scalps of college champions. Proving themselves not to be a fluke con- ference champ, the Hlesleyan Titans had knocked off Mississippi Southern just three nights ago. Rook got 30 of his points on field goals to tie an old school record set by Maurice Miller in the 1949-50 sea- son. He brought the crowd to its feet when he sank his last field goal with 25 seconds remaining. jerry also led both teams in rebounding with 16. I'Varren Moore coi- lected eight foul shots and four field goals for 16 points. The other Indian in double figures was jerry Hudgins who added l-1. Center Jerry YVisted led the Illinois of- fense with 29 points. Patil Grady had 18 and jon Haw- thorne 12. Taking the lead on Rook's free throw with 13:30 left in the first half, the Redmen led throughout the IERIIY HUDGINY hattles an opponent for a rebound. its ...J remainder of the game. The Redskins built up a com- manding 84-G6 lead toward the end of the game and coach Rauth sent subs in for everyone except Rook. Southeast Missouri handed the Indians their second consecutive road loss by soundly thrashing the Red- skins 83-57 at Cape. lt was the worst drubbing of the season for Arkansas State. Five Cape starters finished in double figures while the Indians could only get three men past the nine mark. Bill Giessing led the Southeast Indians with 20 points. Vivan Reed had 15, Paul Ran- som 15, Marvin Teel I2 and Bill Jordan 10. Jerry Rook topped the Redskin offensive effort with 16 points and I'Varren Moore and Don Shatley had 12 each. The In- dians had defeated Southeast earlier in the season in another of those last second thrillers. The loss put State's record at 6-3 and ended a four-game Tribe winning streak. It was these same Southeast Missouri Indians who were to stymie Indian hopes in the NCAA Southwest Regional Tournament. .YVIIROVNDED bv Savages, Cary Holland puts in a two-pointer. XRS. 'sfl xsar I 0514 'il-ai' eww . A STARTING QUINTET for A-State: kneeling, Gaylon Ward and Don Shatley: standing. jerry Rook, Warren Moore and jerry Hudgins Delta State's Greenies, supposedly in a rebuilding year, shocked the Redmen and forced them to come from behind for an S7-82 win. The Greenies were led by All- American junior College transfer jay Boland who rip- ped the nets for 28 points, most of which came on long 30 foot set shots. john Long scored 17 and Larry Dowdy 12. But A-State placed four men in double figures and out-shot the Statesmen from the charity line to take the victory. Again, the fabulous freshmen jerry Rook led the Indian attack as he picked up 23 points and snatched ll rebounds. Don Shatley also had a fine night as he chipped in with 22. Warren Moore had 17 and Harold Callahan ll to round out the Indian scoring leaders. The Greenies hit 39.4 per cent of their field goal at- tempts as compared with State's 38.2 per cent. However, the Indians converted 87.9 per cent of their free throws while Delta State Collected 84 per cent of its charity tosses. At various times during the game the Statesmen led by as much as 13 points. It was anothr great comc- from-behind victory. Lasf half rally drops rough Greenies Ibm Midget Harold Callahan Center Guard Records fumble in Redskin-Governor match After xi 17 day layoff and the stunning loss to South- east Missouri, the young Indians took to the road for the third time in the season only to suller their fourth defeat in ten outings at the Bucs from Christian Broth- ers College in Memphis handed them a 75-69 setback. Again it was the lack of free throw accuracy that left the Tribe on the short end of the score as the Redmen could manage only 17 of 34 from the charity line. Jerry Rook continued on his scoring rampage as he canned nine field goals and seven free throws for 25 points. CBC's A1 Soroka topped all scorers with 26 rounters. Upon their return to the more pleasant confines of the Indian Fieldhouse, the Redskins caught fire and romped to a 114-101 win over Austin Peay State College of Clarksville, Tenn. No less than five new school records were set before the final buzzer had sounded. The 114 points scored by the Tribe erased the previous record of 110 set aganist llnion University in 1955. DON SHATLEY fires his patented jump shot from the circle. a ', U The combined total of 215 for both teams was be- yond anything in the history of A-State. The Tribe scored on 46 of 62 free throws, both new standards, and the 41 personal fouls committed by the Governors was a new high for an Indian opponent. Seven men for both teams hit in double figures with the Indians having four with Rook and Warren Moore popping the nets for 28 and 22, respectively. Austin Peay's jim Beshears leading both teams with 34, 30 com- ing in the last half after Moore left the game in favor of a substitute. The win ran the Indian's record to 7-4. In one of their best performances of the year the Indians stormed past the Redman of St. Mary's College of lVinona, Minn. 8-1-68. Clicking with the same precision as in the Austin Peay contest, the Tribe opened up the St. Mary's defense with drives by Don Shatley and Harold Callahan and an occasional fast break to run up a 45-25 edge at half- time. GAYLON WARD recovers for Arkansas State on the 20 yard line FANS AND PLAYIZRS look in awe as little Harold Callahan leaps high to ram home two points. Shatlcy led the Tribe with 21 points as the well- balanced Indians placed all five starters in the double figures. In what turned out to be a warm-up for the game with The Citadel, the Redskins turned on the speed and walked away with a 91-74 victory over Kansas State College of Pittsburg. YVith several fast breaks and a zone-breaking offense, the Tribe opened to a 50-30 halftime lead and never lost their 17 point lead in the last half. Warren Moore continued in his effort to top the school record for consecutive free throws as he extended his string to 24 straight. The school record is held by jim Bowman, now coach at Lake City, who. in 1955 hit on 34 con- secutive charity tosses. Five Indians were in the double figure column once again with Rook pacing the Tribe with 20. The five shot 44 percent from the floor and the In- dians, using subs and freshmen in the final minutes, connected for 39.5 from the field as compared to 33 per- cent for the Gorillas. High scoring Redskins s'romp Gorillas Gaylon Ward Forward T' lim Tumian Forward 'fix wi!! Romping Redskins Conquer mighty Citadel Once more tl1e unseasoned Arkansas State Indians rose to the heights of basketball greatness as they knock- ed off major college power The Citadel Bulldogs in an electrifying, crowd-exhausting triple overtime. The con- test was close all the way except for the last few min- utes of the first half and the early part of the second hall when The Citadel held a temporary commanding lead. lVith 15:20 left in the game the Bulldogs led 51-40 and then the gallant Redmen began to make their bid. The Indians then scored 19 points while the Dogs could only manage 7 and took the lead for the first time in the ball game. The lead see-sawed back and forth until Don Shatley, hitting his third two-pointer in a row, tied the score at 65-65 with 1:01 remaining. Regaining con- trol of the ball, the Indians played out the clock looking for that last good shot. Callahan fired from 20 feet out but missed. .X-State went on to win 80-75 despite a great effort by 0'5" 205 lbs. All-Southern forward Cary Daniels. Daniels was individual star of the game as he poured in 29 points. Daniels and center Keith Stowers also gaye the Bulldogs batkboard control as between them they snared 30 rebounds. Leading a balanced Redskin ol- fense was Don Shatley with 20 points. hltfllf Rook and Haioltl Callahan each had 15 while flaylon XX'.nd tossed in lil and xkvrllltll Nloore added 12. Coolness under lire paid oll for the Indians again as they took their lilth straight win in another over- time thriller. This time they downed the Pittsburg State Corilla's S21-7-l at Pittsburg, Kansas, The Rednien placed six men in double ligures in posting their lirst road victory of the year. A-State poured in 17 points in the overtime period to win easily. Caylon Yl'ard led .X-State with 17 points. Harold Callahan scored lil, Don Shatley lil, Jerry Rook 12. lVarren Moore 12 and Cary llolland 10. Dave Dunbar of Pittsburg Stale carried away scoring honors with 20 points. .Xt this point in the season the Redskin record was 11--1 and the Tribe was ranked 18th among small colleges. DISPL,-1j'l,N'G THE CUTS that make him 3 gi-mt Iygllplayeyv A CITADEI, PA.S'X is intercepted by jerry Iludgins on a great play. Marten Moore exerts himself to the limit. 1 7 - . 'N '.1. ST In 40 Buccaneers, Governors fall in Tribe wake Arkansas State squeezed by Austin Peay's Governors 7-1-Til for their second conquest of last year's NCAA South Regional Champions. Little All-American for- ward -lim Beshears put forth a great 26-point effort, but the Tribe's outstanding rookie Jerry Rook made an effort of his own bombing the nets for a fantastic 32 points. Caylon XYard and Don Shatley backed up Rook with ll and Ill points. The Governors out scored the Indians by lour points from the field, but A-State was able to pick up five more points than Austin Peay via the charity stripe. It was another one of those close ones in which the iron nerves of the Redskin quintet spelled deleat for an opponent, and it was only A-State's second road victory of the season. This victory put the Injun record at l-1-5 and proved their dominance of the majority ol the small college conference champions in this area of the country. Five men were in double figures for Arkansas State, but the Redskins failed to avenge an earlier loss to Murray State College. The R0-Tel loss to the Thorough- JERRY ROOK battles for a rebound and gets it. .f"' X 's breds snapped a I0 game home-court, winning streak. Big Jim klennings led Murray State with 20 rebounds and 20 points. Scott Schlosser and Ron Greene each chipped in with 19 points for the Racers. Gaylon Ward led A-State with I9 points, Jerry Rook and Warren Moore. each got l6 and Don Shatley and Harold Calla- han added 11 each. In a fitting climax to a wonderful season the Redmen of A-State soundly defeated Christian Brothers College 88-72 in the final home game. Also fittingly, Jerry Rook, .x-states Mr. Basketball, had his finest night of a mar- velous year as he connected for 38 points. He tied a school record for the most field goals in one game fl5j. XVSIITCH Moore gave a fine performance in his last reg- ular home game appearance of his career by scoring 16 points. Bill Tougaw paced the Buccaneers with 22 points and 12 rebounds. Accuracy from the free throw-line was the big factor in the Tribe win. The Redmen hit 32 of -l0 free throws while the Bucs could only manage I0 of "li A REDSKIN FOE slides in safe at third and an Indian takes a spill. eglifg fm. eff 51175 22 TRAFFIC gets heavy as Harold Callahan pulls down a rebound and CBC players dose in. Four Redmen were in double figures as Arkansas hit 76 points from the field and only 10 from the foul line to edge Delta State in the final game of the regular season 86-83. It was the Tribe's third road victory and win number 16 for the season. jerry Rook Registered 26 points to bring his season total to 416 and lift his aver- age to 19.8. Gaylon Ward added and jerry Hudgins and Don Shatley contributed 14 each. jack Case, with 24, was high for the Greenies. As was typical of many State games throughout the year the lead changed hands 14 times and the game was tied on five different occasions. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I must say that the Indians did it again. They fought from behind to win. The Greenies led 49-43 at halftime, but those never say die Redskins came rushing back in the second half to overcome homeeooking and all. This game ended regular season play of one of the best basketball years in the history of Arkansas State. The feats of a bustling bunch of talented young cagers will surge back through our memories time and time again throughout our lives. YYC have been witnesses to the greatness that can be brought forth from man through inspired team effort and individual bristle and desire. lim Keller Dave Markovitch Forward Guard Q , vm., I ffm 'H t h 1 3? 2 s. ' .cz-rf "N if -, -f Qs TEMPFRS sometimes flare when old rivals get together in an important tournament. Indians finish second in tournament Ronald Yolkman Forward vu., C I Ronnie Bridges Guard 'IK A-State's Redskins did not win the tournament, but at least they had the consolation of beating the number one seeded team in a heroic effort which netted them a narrow 66-65 win over Lamar Tech. Oon Shatley and Warren Moore did a great job of holding highly tanted james Barrum to six points. Four A-Staters hit in double figures to take up the slack for the ineligible Jerry Rook. Xvarren Moore led the tribe with 18 points. Gaylon Ward contributed 15, Don Shatley hit for 12 and Harold Callahan got 10. Richard Smith tied Warren Moore for high point honors with 18 and his teammate Larry Augsburger added 17 to the Lamar total. It was another one of those close ones in which the Indians proved they had what it takes. We at A-State are looking forward to the 1962-63 basketball season when this year's stars could well be- come super SUITS. The only loss off this great A-State team is Warren Moore, but next year the sensational Jerry Rook will be available for tournament duty. We know that a rugged basketball schedule awaits next year's Indians, but with this comes the opportunity to make a great stride in Indian athletics. Arkansas Stale HosfsNCAA Regional The NCAA Southwest Regional Tournament was held at Arkansas State this year. A-State Indians man- aged to advance to the finals of that tournament before bowing out to their old nemesis Southeast Missouri. This secondaplace finish was the farthest an Indian team ever went in a tournament. The Redskins placed third in 1958 and fourth in l9f3fl. IVarren Moore, tall defensive specialist and occasion- al offensive star, and Don Shatley, speedy playmaker guard, were named to the All-Tournament Team. Other All-Tournament choices were Bill Giessing of Southeast Missouri, Jim Reynolds of Abilene Christian and Rich- ard Smith of Lamar Tech. Southeast dropped A-State 76-64 in the finals to take the Southwest title for the second year in a row. Bill Giessing, most valuable player in the tournament, led the Cape Indians to victory with a 29-point performance. Vivan Reed, fancy guard, fired for I6 points. For the Redmen of A-State it was Don Shatley, Harold Callahan and Jerry Hudgins sharing high point honors with I6 each. Akansas State held a 35-32 halftime lead, but Cape went into the lead to stay with 13:46 left. In the waning minutes of the game A-State began pressing as they had done countless times throughout the season. Many games the Indians had pulled from the fires with last minute surges. But this time it was not to be. It was inevitable that the Indians would eventually loose one of those high pressure contests: and, so, in the last minutes of this championship game the pressing teclr nique which had always worked for the Tribe before spelled their doom. The Redskins began to foul and double dribble and knock the ball out of bounds. But we were proud of our Indians for the splendid showing they made in the tourney, and we are sure that the Redmen will be right back there again next year, YVe salute Coach ,Iohn Rauth and his Redskins for providing us with so many high moments in Arkansas State sports. In a year that saw much disappointment in Indian athletics the "Comeback Kids" brought thrilling victory after victory. SOUTHEAST MISSOURI player goes high to tip in two points. AN A-1lilI.Ii,X'E f.'IIRI9T1.4.Y hasketballer fouls in an attempt to luluck a shot. SOPHOMORE jim McKay returns to bolster the mound staff. As a freshman McKay was 4-2 and had a 0.90 ERA. Baseball 1962 A number of problems confronted Coach A. "Ike" Tomlinson as the baseball season opened at Arkansas State, not the least of which was another rugged, power- laden schedule. A sound pitching staff returned in the persons of jerry Huffstutler, Jim McKay, Terry Everett, Dale Harrison and others. Other returnees were good stickmen Fred Mitchell, Bill Smith and john Gibson. Additional veterans were Jerry Pressley, Marvin Ken- nedy, Curtis Seymore, Jim Keller and Gary Vaughn. There were such promising newcomers as Ronnie Tin- nin, Larry Pool, jim McKeel, Sam Ivard and James Dawson. But Ike had some vacant spots left from last year's nine which finished 13-12. Gone were Andy Mor- ris, john IVood, Tommy Paul and Alfred "Tot" Bentley. Bad weather plagued the Indians and they had no place to work out inside. ALLRIGHT, that's the type of thing you're going to he faced with so let's get our tails up and play some baseball." 1 it ...mmol-.5-J twigs' ' , 4-I 'Ns -if A. ,'v F. 'SJ' -5 V- ,uf lf.. - Q, z, sgx www- up ,w BILL SMITH, wrist-hitting right fielder, has been hitting line smashes at a .300 clip throughout his college career. 4 l R cl k' SI JOHN GIBSON, four-year letterman. swings a level bat and generally hits line shuts. John is capable of hitting the long hall. X eu. l .. R is Mx X r"' 5 ' ,Lind s-mlll'f,'9iWam FRED MITCHELL, salty, veteran catcher, was last year's leading hitter. Mitch is a talented man with the stick, He can work the hit and run to perfection and can also hit with power. 289 .,..-r,,.,.,,,. ,,., M ..X. X , x.XX .NM ,,:a,:.:,,, .:,, A-AA 1'-.f.xR?..a......w.r....i.x,,r.,,..X ,.-,,,,r..,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "VCT " 'f 'ffl-.w-xvrwvsi-v-xv-ve-n'xs'-s f--- My-.X N . 'ix sqm 1 ssss va -... 1 'mis 'if LBFLW- f -xv Lu. E Q nr .. lr xxx NN my THE 1962 TRACK SQUAD COACH LARRY LACEWELL nw-L :mc . 'A 'I wr DL :+- H 7 Ll- yw-W. ...-.I E CC C sr L ME CL RK- FK, f ,X X X P A ms NL " . x , UW as "' Ci., 'Q " Q C .,44 as Y A C s s rr f minus a few. This is part of the crew that is already setting new school records. AL MILLER looscns up for the 880-yard run, V11- .Y I T A ' .r., g v z X ' E X .... ,wh - 'Y N.. Track 1962 Coach Larry Lacewell began his second year as track coach at Arkansas State with virtually the same problem he had a year ago, lack of talent. Several letter- men returned for the track squad but overall depth was lacking. Among the lettermen were YV. Saymour, Al Miller. Sammy X'Veir, Jim Scifres, David Chabdler, Bill Carrothers and Frank Smith. Promising newcomers were Sonny Bishop of Cardwell, Mo., Phil Newhouse of Peru, Ind., Gary Y'Vhisenant of North Little Rock and Jerry NIcGruder of Poplar Bluff, Mo. Strong points of this year's thinclads appear to be in the distance runs. Sandy Nelson, a freshman. has al- ready broken the existing school record in the 880-yard run. A4State's mile medley relay team composed of Al Miller Sammy Heir, Gerald Cunningham and jerry McGruder has smashed the old school mark in that event. Other record-breaking performances are expected from Sammy YVeir and lim Scifrs. "SAY, GEORGE. didja hear ' ' gag, as .5 SU! P the one ahout ,L , W we 'ww ' v'i'51.. la, . . e- - x"'f'1g" JA ' ,,-' ,Q fa. S .. EI,I'IN SMITH prepares to hull the disc. any .t. W. J A s I t gg .Q .ttf , 'yan-.."-' ff? il? Q as Sf? , t '- ' 1- " t M" . 'sian -y .s,. W ' 291 m 355 K 'Q-gi.. f5rL"ly. Senior Ac'rivi'ry Index A ADAMS, MARY TUCKER, Jonesboro'-BSE: SNEA. President: AWS. ANDERSON, CARITA SUE, Lepanto-BS: Busi- ness and Accounting Club: Sociology: BSU, Mu- sic Chaimian and Stewardship Chairman. ARNOLD, GILBERT, Little Rock-BS: Tau Kappa Epsilon: A-Club: Varsity Football. ASHLEY, JOANNA, Swifton-BSE: Phi Mu: WAA: Featherpens: French Club. BAILEY, JEANNIE, Leachville-BSE: Phi Mu: W'AA: AXVSQ Cheerleader: ROTC Honorary Cadet: Miss KASU. BALLINGER, JERRY, Senath, Mo.-BS: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi: Alumni Sec- retary: SGA, Senior Representative. BARNES, LINDA HUITT, Jonesboro-BS: Alpha Omicron Pi, Assistant Rush Chairman: Pi Gam- ma Mu, Reporter, Sociology Club, Reporter: Social Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Off- Campus Women: Home Economics Club: AWS: WAA. BARTON, JOHN, Pine Bluff-BSE: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Featherpensg Arrowhead Players, Presi- dent: Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-President: A-Club: Square Dance Club: Track. BASS, JOE, Lepanto-BA: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Director: Newman Club, President: Young Democrats Club: Business and Account- ing Club. IIATEMAN, DOYNE FRANKLIN, Paragould- BAg Baptist Student Union: Alpha Psi Omega. BATTEN SHARRY NEELEY, Jonesboro-BSE: Beta Beta Beta, Secretary: French Club: Sopho- more Class Secretary. BEACHER BERT LEIVIS, Manila-BSE: Pi Gamma Mu, President: Social Science Club, Vice-President: BSU, Council. ISEDNAR, CAROLYN, Jonesboro-BME: ASC Singers: Choral Union: MENC: Alpha Omicron Pi. Historian, Songleader. BEESON, RICHARD O'NEIL, JR., Wynne- BSE, Mathematics: Pershing Rifles: Drill Team: Pi Kappa Alpha, Assistant Pledgemaster. Schol- arship Chairman, Vice-President. 292 BENTON, JIMMIE SLE, Salem-BSE, Element- ary Education: Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Corresponding Secretary, Panhellenic Delegate, SNEA. Treasurer, State First Vice-President: AWS Council: Women's New Dorm, President: Panhellenic President: WAA: BSU: Kappa Delta Pig Pershing Rifle Sweetheart. BLOCKER. HAROLD J., Leachville-BSE, Math- ematics: Sigma Pi. BOSECKER, MARCIA, Little Rock-BSE: French Club: SNEA: Featherpens. BRAMLE'I'l', RICK, Cardwell, Mo.-BS, Mathe- matics: Marching Band: Concert Band: Daimer Hall Council: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Frainer, Chairman "Little 500". BROOKS, CHARLES XVESLEY, Maynard-BSE: PEMM Club. BRUNER, DOROTHY L.. Bay-BSE. BUCHANAN, MARTHA JANE. Caruthersville, Mo.-BSE: Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chair- tnan, Social Chairman: SNEAQ AIVS: XVAA: BSU. BUHRMESTER. RALPH E., JR., Jonesboro- B.A., Tau Kappa Epsilon: Agri Club. BURDEN. PATSY LOU. Cash-BSE: Feather- pens. BURNS, JACK R., Kennett, Mo.-BS, Biology: Club, Secretary: Sigma Phi Epsilon: lves- luy Players, Vice-President: Varsity Football. BISTER, JOHN IV., West Memphis-BFA: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master, House Manager: ASC Singers: Band: Arkastatesmen: Four ol Clubs. C CAMP, BILL. Jonesboro-BS, Journalism: Lamb- da Chi Alpha: Pi Gamma Mu: Circle K, Board of Governors: Press Club, President, Vice-Presi- dent: Herald Staff, Editor, Business Manager: Indian Staff, IRC: Social Science Club. Editor, Assistant Sports Editor: CHEEK, CAROLYN, Swifton-BSE: Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman, Social Service Chairman: AWS: WAA: SNEA: Social Science Club: Homecoming Queen: Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. CHRISMAN, HERBERT DALE, Monette-BSE: Tri-Beta: Cherokee Men's Council. COLE, RONALD M., Jonesboro-BS: Lambda Chi Alpha: Pershing Rifles, Executive Officer: Cherokee Men's Council. COOLEY, WILL ROY, Laurel, Miss.-BSE: PEMM Club: Cherokee Men's Council: Social Science Club: Indian Club: Football: Baseball. COOPER, GARY DELBERT, Augusta-BS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian: Alpha Kappa Psi, President. COPELAND, JANE ANN, Monette-BSE: SNEA. COX, BILLY JOE, Wynne-BSE: Football. CRISMON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Neelyville, Mo.-BSA: Cherokee Men's Council, Vice-Presi- dent, Reporter: Delta Tau Alpha, Reporter: Agri Club. CROIV, MAX, Dixie-BSA: Agri Club. CROW, CHARLES THOMAS, Rector-BA: Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer: Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President: SGA, Sophomore Class President, Junior Representa- tive, Senior Representative: Circle K Interna- tional- Wesley Foundation: Social Science Club: Commons Dorm Council: Herald and Indian Staff, Photographer: International Relations Club: Modern Languages Club: Redskin Ram- blers: Graphic Arts Club: Drill Team: ASC Singers: Choral Union: Young Democrats Club: AWS Saint Nick. CROWDER, CLARENCE BUD, Poplar Bluff. Mo.-IIS: Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Secretary, Presi- dentg Alpha Kappa Psi: Business and Account- ing: Social Science Club: Meter Liter Club. D DAVIS, ERMA JEAN, Rector-BSE: SNEA, Sec- retary: AWS. DI-LES, THOMAS HAROLD. Osceola-BS: Alpha Kappa Psi. DISHINGER, LU ANN, Paragould-BSE: Chi Omega, President: Panhellenic, Secretary: AWS Board: PEMM Club: IVAA: Agri Queen: Indian Squaw: Newman Club: Homecoming Maid. DOWNING, JIMMY VAN, Evening Shade-BSE: Young Democrats Club. DL'NLAP, ANN SHARON, Jonesboro-BSE: Business and Accounting Club: AWS: WAA. DUNLAP, MARLIN BRUCE, Lake City-BS: Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals. DURHAM, JAMES RAY, Bearden-BA: Football: Track: Social Science Club, President: Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer. E EASON, MARTHA SUE, Jonesboro-BSE: Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary: SNEA, Vice-President. ERWIN BOBBY D., Benton-BFA: Scabbard and Blade. EUBANKS, CLIFFORD, Paragould-BS: Alpha Kappa Psi. EVERETT, ROBERT JACK. Lakeland, Fla.- BSA: Block and Bridle: Agri. Club: A Club: Football: Sigma Pi. F FAILY, ANWAR, Baghdad, Iraq-BS: Agricul- ture: Engineering Club. FERGUSON, GLENDA DELORIS, Jonesboro- BSE: SNEA: AWS. FLEEMAN, EDDIE D., Hunter-BSE: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary: Tri Beta: Arkastatesmen. FOYVLER, JUDITH PAULA, Jonesboro-BSE: SNEA: AWS: YVAA. FLOYD, PATRICIA MARILYN, Marvell-BSE: WAA, SNEA: Aws. G GAMBLE, CHARLOTTE, Jonesboro-BS: Phi Mu: American Chemical Society: AWS: WAA3 SGA, Second Vice-President: Wesley. GARDNER, BUFORD, Fayetteville-BS: Lamb- da Chi Alpha: Circle K Club, Treasurer: Young Republican Club, 'Pi-easiirer. CARRISON, RICHARD, Thayer, Mo.-BSE. GIBSON, BETTY IRWIN. Caraway-BSE: Alpha Omicron Pi, GILLIAM, FAYE, Jonesboro-BSE: AYVS: XVAA: Business and Accounting Club. CLOVER, FRED, Essex, Mo.-BSE. GLOYER, JACK, Tyronza-BSE: Pi Omega Pi: Business and Accounting Club. GOGUE, NINA JEAN, Rector-BS: Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Librarian, Treasurer: AIVS: IVAA: Band: NINEC. CORE, CLINTON. Forrest City-BSE: PEBIM Club: Football. GRAFTENREE, LOUIS, Paragould-BSE. GRAHAM, CYNTHIA, Forrest City-BSE: Alpha Gamma Delta, Second Vice-President, Editor: Pi Omega Pi: WND Council: Alpha Omega. CRAY, IVILLIAM BUTLER. Oklahoma City. Okla.-BSE: Sigma Phi Epsilon. GREEN, ELLEN ANN, Deering, Mo.-BSE: SNEA, Reporter: AXVS: IVAA: BSU, CITNN, DAVID, Forrest City-BSEg Football: A- Club: Sigana Pi Fraternity. H HAGAMAN, MARVIN, Stuttgart-BSE: Tau Kappa Epsilon: A-Club: President of Senior Class: SGA, Jr. Representative: Scabbard and Blade. HALL, JAMES EDWARD, Williford-BSA: Agri, Club: Block and Bridle: FFA: Delta Tau Alpha: BSU: General Livestock Team: Dairy Judging Team. HARRISON, CHARLES. Cardwell, Mo.-BS. HEATH, LYNDA KAY, Paragould-BSE: Phi Mu, Registrar and Librarian: AWS: WAA: New- man Club: SNEA, Treasurer: Concert Band: Marching Band Majorette: Sigma Pi Sweetheart. HENRY, JAMES D.. IVilliford-BS: .American Chemical Society. HERNDON, PATRICIA. Lepanto-BSE: SNEA: Chi Alpha: AWS. HILL, JAMES C., Manila-BS: Lambda Chi Al- pha, Secietaivg Vice-President: Beta Beta Beta, President: Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-President: Young Democrats Club: Arrowhead Players, Viffi'-l'rCSillCl1l: BSU: French Club, Vice- President. HINSHAW, HORACE EDGAR, Little Rock- BS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Corresponding Secre- tary: Press Club, Yice-President: Radio Club, Vice-President: Station Manager and Program Director of KASU: Sports Editor of College Herald: Editor of College Herald: Pershing Rifles. HOLBROOK. CHARLES, Marked Tree-BSA: Agri. Club: Pershing Rifles: Drill Team. HOLLAND. JAMES, Marmaduke-BSE: Scabbard and Blade, Captain: Drill Team, Commander. HOLMES, WINSTON, Bay-BS: Agri. Club: Block and Bridle. HOOPER, LYNN, Jonesboro-BS: Lambda Chi Alphag Circle K: Young Democrats: Band. HOIVARD. SHIRLEY JOAN, Bives, Mo.-BSE: PENIM Club: IVAA. HOWELL, JACQUELINE MCKEEL, Newport- BSE: Freshman Class Treasurer: Indian Band Majorette: Choral Union: AWS: Business and Accounting Club: WAA: Independent Students Association: PEMM Club, Treasurer. HOWTON, ALLAN, Palestine-BS: Agri. Club: Block and Bridle Club, HLLETT, BUDDY, Swifton-BSA: Agri. Club. .I JACKSON, NIARETTE. Swifton-BSE: Phi Theta Kappa. JOHNSON, JAMES, Bay-BS: Meter and Liter Club: American Chemical Society. Secretarv and Treasurer: Modern Language Club. JONES. BILLY WAYNE, El Dorado-BSE: Sigma Pi: SGA: Basketball: Baseball. JONES, DONNA CAROL. Harrisburg-BSE: AWS: Business and Accounting Club: SNEA: Pi Omega Pi, Pledge Chairman. 293 JONES, RICHARD LARRY, Vanndale-BSE: Beta Beta Beta: Cherokee Men's Council: Phi Alphl Theta: PEMM Club. K KELLY, ROBERT A., Caraway-BSE: Cherokee Men's Council: SGA. KING, ROBERT GERALD, Duck Hill, Miss.- BSA: FFA: Agri. Club. KITTRELL, JENNIE LYNN, Jonesboro-BSE: SNEA: Phi Beta Lambda: AIVS. LACKIE, AUBRIE, Bragg City, Mo.: BSE: PEMM Club: Lambda Chi Alpha. LADNER, DOUGLAS RANDELL, Blytlieville- BSA: Lambda Chi Alpha: Agri. Club: Young Democrats: BSU. L LAMBERT, DEXTER HARYVELL, Cardwell, Mo.-BSE: Marching Indians: Sigma Pi. LAWSON, THOMAS, Marked Tree-BSA: Persh- ing Rifles: Drill Team: Rifle Team: Ag. Engr. Club. LOCKE, DONNA FAYE, Cash-BSE: Interna- tional Relations Club: Phi Beta Lambda: AWS. LOONEY, RONALD J., Kennett, Mo.-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Alumni Secretary: Radio Club: Member of Radio Staff: Music Director of KASU: Assistant News Director of KASU: Four nf Clubs. LOWERY, BENNY R., Judsonia-BSE: Young Democrats Club. LUTZ, JERRY, Blytheville-BS: Lambda Chi Alpha: Circle K Club: Social Science Club: Business and Accounting Club: SGA, Vice-Presi- dent, State Vice-President: Young Democrats Club. LYNCH, DONNA. Wilson-BSE: Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Scribe, Editor: Arkastaters: BSU: Beta Beta Beta: ASC Singers: Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon. 234 LYONS, LINDA J., Shippensburg, Pa.-BSE: Alpha Psi Omega: Arrowhead Players: Phi Mu: Choral Union: AWS: WAA: Social Science Club. LYTTLE, SALLY ANN, Jonesboro-BSE: ASC Singers: Choral Union: AIVS: Featherpens, Sec.- Treas. M MALONE, JERRY, Caruthersville, Mo.-BS: Sig- ma Pi, Pledge Trainer, Treas.: SGA, Junior Rep.: Business and .Accounting Club, Presi- dent: Social Science. MARSHALL, JAMES K.. Newport-BSA: Agri. Club. MARSHALL, MARY MARTHA. IVai'rl-ILSIZ: SNEA. MATHIS, ROLAND, Jonesboro-BS: French Club, Vice-President: Marching Indian Band: Concert Band: Press Club: Featherpens: Herald Staff. MAUPIN, PRISCILLA, Paragould-BSE: Phi Mu: Corresponding Secretary: Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary: Arrowhead Players: AIVS: XVAA: Featherpens. MCALLISTER, CRYSTAL, Newport-BSE: Phi Mu: AWS: WAA: SGA, Freshman Rep.: Hlesley, Vice-President: XVesley Players, Sec.-Treasurer. MCCORMICK, GAY FRANCES, England-BSE: BSU: American Chemical Society: SNEA: AWS. MCGINNIS, ALBREY DALE. Osceola-BS: Al- pha Kappa Psi. MCGOXVAN, HAZEL ELIZABETH, Truman- BSE: AWS: Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President: Fea- therpens: SNEA: Business and Accounting Club. MCHANEY. RICHARD, Paragould-BS: Phi Beta Lambda, Business and Accounting Club: Sigma Pi. Vice-President and President. MCKEI2, TOTSY, Trumann-BSE: Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Corresponding Sec.: BSU Council: AWS: WAA: SNEA. MCLEOD, GARY. Esther,-Mo.-BSE: PEMM Club: Track. MCMURRAY, BEI IY JO, Oxford, Miss.-BSE. MCMURRAY, JIMMY, Oxford, Miss.-BSE: Football: Track: A-Club: SGA, President: PEMM Club: Cherokee Men's Council: Beta Beta Beta. MENEES, RALPH, Memphis, Tenn.-BA: Fea- therpens, President: French Club. McNUTT, GARY WAYNE, Walnut Ridge-B.S.: Sigma Pi. MERGUIE, RONNIE, Kennett, Mo.-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha. METHENY, LARRY, Leachville-BS: Sigma Pi, Treas.: Phi Beta Lambda: Alpha Kappa Psi. MICHLES, EARL RAY, Pocahontas-BSE: Tau Kappa Epsilon: A-Club: Scabbard and Blade: PEMM Club: Football. MIDDLETON, JUDY, Blytheville-BSE: Society Editor of Annual: Society Editor of Herald: Featherpens: Radio Club: French Club: Paper Staff. MOODY, LARRY GENE, Dell-BS. MORGAN, DONALD JEFF, Myrtle-BSEI Lamb- da Chi Alpha: Pershing Rifles: PEMM Club, President: Circle K: Young Democrats Club: Assistant Intramural Director: Intramural Board, President: Cherokee Men's Council: Agri. Club. MORGAN, MARGARET JUANITA, Weiner- BSE: Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer, AWS: WAAg SNEA. MORGAN, TCLLOS XVADE, Bay-B.S.: Radio Club, President. MORRIS, LUTHER ANDREXV, Little Rock-BS: T'au Kappa Epsilon, Circle K, President: Base- ball. MROSS, MARY YV., Weiner-BSE: SNEA: Chi Alpha. MURPHY, EVELYN, Bay-BSE: Pi Omega Pi, Historian, President: Phi Beta Lambda: Feather- pens: AINS. N NELSON, JOHN R., Blytheville-BSE: A-Club: PEMM Club: Football. NUGENT, KATHERINE LOUELLA, Cardwell- BSE: Chi Omega: SNEA3 AWS. O OAKLEY, ALICE FAYE, Deering, Mo.-BSE: WAA: AWS: Phi Beta Lambda. OWEN, CALVIN DALE, Deering, Mo.-BS: Agri. Club. P PARKER, DONALD L., Harrisburg-BSE: Tail Kappa Epsilon: Rush Chairman, President: All Greek Council, Treasurer. PEEVEY, NEIL E., Colt-BME: Pi Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary: MENC. Vice-President: Band: ASC Singers: Choral Union: Arkastates- men. PENDER, BOBBY RAY, Gatewood, Mo.-BSE: Agri. Club. PIERSON, DREXEL, Franklin-BSA: Agri. Club: FFA: Sentinel in FFA: Science Club: Phi Theta Kappa: Radio Club. PICKLER, MARILYN, W'alnut Ridge-BME: Alpha Gamma Delta, Songleader: MENC: BSU: Arkettes: ASC Singers: Choral Union. PIPER, BOBETTE, Pine Bluff-BS: AWS, Presi- tlent and Treasurer: Phi Mu, Treasurer: XVAA: Business and Accounting Club: Pikettes. POE, GLENN, Paragould-BA: Sigma Pi, Sec,- Treas.: Young Democrats Club, Sec.: Circle K, President, International Board: International Relations Club: Social Science Club. POND, THOMAS DEWAYNE, Coming-BSE. PRESSON, JO ANN, Rector-BSE: BSU, Secre- tary: SNEA. PROVINCE, CECIL K., Jonesboro-BSE: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Marching Indian Band: Pi Gamma Mu: Wind Ensemble: Social Science Club. PROVINCE, CLAIJDIA. Jonesboro-BS: AXVS: WWA: Sociology Club, SEC.-Treas.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treasurer: Social Science Club. PRL'ETT, ROBERT LARRY. Poplar Bluff, Mo.-BS: Alpha Kappa Psi. PRl'l-1'l"I'. ROBERTA MEBANE, Rector-BME: MENC. PRLTITT, JI'LIA ANN, McRae-BSE: PEMM Club: AH'Sg XVAA: Alpha Sigma Upsilon, Pres- itlent, PULLAM, JAMES ROBERT, Jonesboro-BSE. PURYEAR, FRED LOUIS, Jonesboro-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha. President, Treasurer: Circle K. Secretarv, Freshman Baseball. R RAINS, BETTY GRACE, Otwell-BSE: AWS: WAA: French Club: Featherpens. RANDLEMAN, BETTY MAE, Rector-BSE:SN EA, Secretary: Pi Gamma Mu: AWS, RAY, RAYMOND, Marked Tree-BS: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Veterans Club. REEVES, XYILLIAM DECARROLL, Palestine- BSE. RICE, MIKE, Jonesboro-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha. RIDER, MAURICE E.. Dyess-BSE: Pi Omega Pi, Pledge Chairman. Yite-President: Chi Alpha, Vice-President, President. RIDGE, MORRIS RAY, Hornersville, Mo,-BSA: Chi Alpha: Block and Bridle Club. RICGS, JULIA ANN, Jonesboro-BME: ASC Singers, Secretary, Vice-President: Choral Union: MENC, Secretary. ROACH, MARY JANE, Jonesboro-BSE: AXVS: WAA: Off Campus Women: BSU. ROBERTS, BONNIE BETH, Trumann-BSE: Pi Omega Pi, Secretary: Chi Alpha, Historian. ROBINSON. JIMMY JOE, Searcy-BS: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Block and Bridle Club, Secretary: Agri. Club, Historian. ROLLINS, CHARLES, Holcomb, Mo.-BS: A- merican Chemical Society. ROMINE, RICHARD YV., lVeiner-BS: American Chemical Society. ROONEY, JERRY, Thayer-BSE: Pi Kappa Alpha. ROWDEN, PHYLLIS, Pocahontas-BSE: Phi Mu, Historian, Chaplin: AWS: WAA: Feather- pens: Wesley: French Club: Business and Ac- counting Club. Rl'DI, KARL MARVIN, Paragould-BS. S SAMPLE, VEDA M., Redlands, Cal.-BSE: Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President. Reporter: SNEA: WAA: Featherpens: French Club: Alpha Sigma lfpsilon, XYND Council. SCHMIDT, GARY. Biggers-BS: BSU: Business and Accounting Club. SEN I ENEY, D XISY, YYeiner-BSE: SNEA5 AYVS. SIFFORD, FRED, Cardwell, Mo.-BSA: Lambda Chi Alpha: Agri. Clubg FFA. SICLER, NANCY JEAN, Jonesboro-BSE: Beta Beta Beta: AWS: Off-Campus Yvomen: YVAA: SNE I: DSF, Vice-President. SHANNON, ANN R., Searcy-BSE: Alpha Gam- ma Delta. Recording Secretary: Kappa Pi, Vice- President: Featherpens: XVAA5 AWS, SHARPE, HARVEY DON, Corning-BS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualist: Beta Beta Beta. SHI'LL, JIMMY R,. Hughes-BSA: Argi. Club, President. Treasurer: Block and Bridle Club, Treasurer: Delta Tau Alpha, Treasurer: Chero- lice Mens Council: Livestock Judging Team. SHELL, JOYCE BEENE, Hughes-BSE: Business and Accounting Club: Pi Omega Pi, President. Pledge Trainer: Fcatherpens: BSU SLAYDEN, JOHN, Jonesboro-BS: Lambda Chi Alpha: Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President: Ameri- can Chemical Society, SMITH, BILL, Tuckerman-BS: Pi Kappa Al- pha: Agri, Club. SMITH, FRANK, Miami, Fla.-BS: Sigma Pi: Football: Wesley Players, Presidentg A-Club: So- ciology Club, Vice-President. 295 SMITH, GERALD PAUL, YVest Plaines, Mo.- BS: Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Rush Chairman: Business and Accounting Club: Intra-Fraternity Council, Chairman: Presidents Roundtable: All Greek Council: Intramural Board. SMITH, LARRY EUGENE, Osceola-BSE: BSU, President, IRC, President: Circle K: Social Sci- ence Club: Fealherpens, Cheerleader. SNEED, THOMAS, Walnut Ridge-BSI Scabbard and Blade. SNIPES, JIM J., Jonesboro-BS: Lambda Chi Al- pha: Circle K, Treasurer: Indian Band. SPARKS, JIMMY, Paragould-BA SPIKES, DON, Monette-BSE: Agri. Club. STARNIB, JERRY, Poplar Bluff, Mo.-BS: Sig- ma Pi, Pledge Trainer. STATLER, JERRY, Miami, Fla.-BA: Sigma Pi: Newman Club: Circle K Club. STEVENS, WAYNE, Smackover-BSE: Lambda Chi Alpha: Kappa Pi, President: Indian Staff, Xrt Editor. STOTTS, BARBARA, Trumann-BSE: Alpha Omicron Pi: W.-XA: AIVS: Phi Beta Lambda. STOTTS, FRED, Lake City-BSA: Agri. Club. STRICKLAND, DONALD R., Monette-BSA: Pi Kappa Alpha: Agri. Club: Arkastatesmen. STRINGER, GALEN, Light-BSE: Social Science Club. STUTTS, JERRY, Manila-BSA: Agri. Club: Arkastatesmen: BSU: Debate Team: Band: ASC Singers: Choral Union: Opera Workshop, STUART, GALEN LOUIE, Paragould-BS: Sig- ma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman: Sociology Club, President, Vice-President: International Relations Club, Reporter, Cherokee Men's Council. SUGG, YVILLIAM YVilson-BSE: Football: A- Club: PEMM Club. SUMMERS, D. YV., Malden, Mo.-BSE: SNEA. 296 T 'IACGARII ROSEMARY, Augusta-BS: Chi Omega: Society Editor of Herald: Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary: Arrowhead Players, Secretary: Press Club: Radio Club: AXVS: Honorary Cadet. IIXYLOR. SUSAN, Jonesboro-BSE: Phi Mu: lfreshiuan IVomen's Honorary Scholastic Organ- ization, President: Featherpens: French Club: Young Democrats Club: AXVS: IVAA. IHOMAS, BERL MICHAEL, Caraway-BSA! Block and Bridle Club, Reporter: Agriculture Club. President: FFA, Parliamentarianl Pershing Rifles. THOMAS, JERRY CASEY, Little Rock-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha: Agri. Club. THOMAS, ONITA JUNE, Black Oak-BSE. THOMPSON, A. J., Hardy-BSE: Sigma Pi: Pi Gamma Mu: Beta Beta Beta. TIMS, PRISCILLA, Tuckerinan-BSE. IOOMBS, RITA RAMONA, Leachville-BSE: Phi Mu, Registrar: SNEA, Vice-President: Cau- tcibury Club. TLCKER, LARRY ALTON, Des Arc-BSE: Young Democrats Club. TREVATHAN, THOMAS, Jonesboro-BSE: Cherokee Men's Council: Circle K Club: ASC Band. TRIPLETT, THOMAS WILLIAM, Marianna- BSA: Block and Bridle Club: Agri. Club: Judg- ing Team. TUCKER, BILLIE VERNICE, Jonesboro-BSE: Alpha Psi Omega: Featherpens: Arrowhead Players: Choral Union. TUCKER, BOBBY JOE, Batesville-BS: Sigma Pi, President: Junior Class President: 91.9 Club, Reporter: Editor of Herald: Press Club: Inter- fraternity Council. W IVALLACE, MARJORIE ANNE'I'I'E, Kennett, Mo.-BSE: French Club, Featherpens: AWS: SNEA. XVARD, JACKIE LYNN, Corning-BS: Tri-Beta. WEIR, GARY, Searcy-BS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec- retary: Wesley: Press Club: Herald Staff: KASU. WELLS, LELAND EARL, Bradford-BSA: FFA: President: Agri. Club, Reporter: Delta Tau Al- pha, Treasurer: Block and Bridle Club: SGA, Senior Rep.: President of Danner Hall. WERTZ, DAVID L., Searcy-BS: Sigma Pi, Pledge Trainer: American Chemical Society, President: President's Round Table: Arkansas Collegiate Academy of Science Representative. WHITE, WESLEY EDWARD, Nettleton-BSE: Tri-Beta. WHITE, BILLY BOB, Pine Bluff-BSE: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer: Social Science Club, Secretary, Pi Gamma Mu. WILES, ALFORD DOYLE, Imboden-BS. WILLIAMS, RALPH E., Alicia-BA: Chi Alpha: French Club. lVILLE'I'Ii, BONNIE RUTH, Jonesboro-BSE: NYS: SNEA. WILSON, HAROLD K., Hattiesburg, Miss.-BS: Young Democrats Club: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, Sergeant At Arms. WILSON, JEAN CAROLYN, Jonesboro-BES: Kappa Pi, Secretary: AWS: Social Science Club. WINGO, EUGENE D., Ellsinore, Mo.-BSE. XVISDOM, LINDA JO, Beebe-BSE: WAA: AWS. WOOD, PAULINE M., Jonesboro-BA: Phi Al- ph Theta, Secretary, Treasurer: Pi Gamma Mu: Featherpens: Le Cercle Francais. WYATT, JAMES WENDELL. Searcy-BSE: SNEA: BSU, Vice-President: Danner Dorm Council, President. Y YOUNG, JERRY DALE, Homersville, Mo.-BSE: Alpha Psi Omega, Pledge Trainer: Arrow- head Players: Wesley Foundation, Christian Arts Chairman, Programs Chairman: Wesley Players, Pledge Trainer: Featherpensg French Club. ,Q +. r-, -N nu J'v ixw. 50 Q ,, F1 -wx, . , ,.A,1- .. X0 f I v , rin' A -... NA . V. .A ' -::, fs ,- . w , , W- -,,: . V' -5- 1- ' " . N, L V .1 ,L,.1-M.,.3.:Q nfgw:-QL-A j - , l A 5 ,r .JV . V . ,H -HJ .3 .A '1 ,I lL.:'1kisf4k --Hvyfxi, 4.-no-,-I yo. V4 ,. l V 4 'nm ,W . 1 .4 J D .,.!,i-. ,W A I., ,4--V -.,-1 , -5 V. 5971? gm- 1- '.f'1'f' ,. -:. -"ff-5'-m'5iB-'-'R+ ' .ff ,-',. , 35k:,4:.,',u:'v1'-K4 ' mf", --j ,Mgr-4 'nv 'f4.',,:". E. '11-'1,.'.u-:',sjlNY. 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