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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1956 volume:

HERE IS YOUR 1956 INDIAN Produced by the students of Arkansas State College Jonesboro, Arkansas DR. CARL RENG PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE In the pages of this annual you will find a great many pictures that will interest you. You will find pictures of your classmates, your instructors, campus organizations and a sample of most of the activities on the campus during the year. This publication will become more valuable to you as the years go by. We hope that this year ' s ac- tivities have given you a greater attachment to Arkan- sas State College and that your loyalty to your Alma Mater will increase as time passes on. We of the faculty and staff pledge our continued efforts toward making your college a stronger institu- tion each year. ))•. Reng tries his hand at magic. T ie Annual President ' s Reception. DiiAN N. D. Hazlebakkr DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dean Hazelbaker is directly responsible for the instruc- tional program of the college. He spends a great part of his time dealing with schedules, curriculums, catalogs, interviewing prospective faculty members and many other details concerned with the instructional program of the college. Dean Hazlebaker at home with Mrs. Hazelbaker and Kim Raird V. Kkistkr Registrar James Walter Turner Dean of Basic Education and Extension Director ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE Mrs. Loren Spence Secretary to the Dean of the College OFFICIALS • r Dkan Robert Moork. DEAN OF STUDENTS Dean Moore is responsible for the operation of the many Student Personnel Services offered to the Students of A.S.C. He also spends a great amount of time discussing problems with individual students. Included in the ser vices administered by his office are; counseling and guid- ance services, housing, out-of-class activities, health ser- vices, loans, scholarships, campus security and student or- ganizations. Dean and Mrs. Moore, xuith daughters, Doris and Wanda 8 STUDENT PERSONNEL STAFF Talma Jean Townsend Sect etary Mrs Virginia Pierce Dormitory Social Director Mrs. Grace Jones Dormitoiy Social Director Mrs. John Rauth Dormitory Social Diiectoi BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. Cameron is charged with the responsibility for the business operations of the college. His office is responsible for payrolls, operation of the cafeteria, book store, wig- wam, farm and dairy and the many other areas connected with the finances of an operation as large as that at A. S. C. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, with Bob, Kay and Susie. 10 Foster Bowuon Mrs. W. VV. Nedrow Svd Cameron Comptroller Manager, Cafeteria Manager, Hook Store and Wigwam BUSINESS OFFICE STAFF W. H. Pope Accountant Orthany Dekker Cashier Pat Dillman Secretary Lee Waddell Clerk Addie Horrell Secretary, Bookstore Barbara Gibbs Clerk W. S. Sawyers Farm Manager VONNETTE TEMPLETON Clerk Vada Fox Clerk %, - 1 to 1 1 1 RAI.I ' H WaDDILL The Maintenance and Operation Crew. Mr. and Mrs. Waddell [Their three sons are married) . PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PLACEMENT Mr. Hall is in charge of the college public relations pro- gram which includes the recruiting of new students. His office also handles the placement of students who gradu- ate from A.S.C. and are seeking employment. Mr. and Mrs. Hall, with George Scott and Ray, Jr. faculty campus THE COLLEGE L. N. HOOH STETLER Instructor in Animal Husbandry C. C. Cravens Associate Professor of Agronomy Ed D. Moore Instructor in Dairying and Dairy Manager Olen P. Naii Professor of Agriculture and Head of the Department DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Frank Elmork Instructor in Hoiticuttmr Pop and Co-stars in Terrace and Drainage Home of the Agri Dep. Chester C. Carrothers Professor of Business Administration and Head il tin ' Department DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Lewis X. Amis Assistant Professor Economics Mklvin Sims Assistant Professo) o Business Ed ucation Mrs. {Catherine Green Assistant Professoi of Business Ed ucation Robi rt Ferralasco Assistant Professor of B usiness Ed neat ion Fred Robinson Assistant Professor of Business Administration Marshall Dinsmore Assistant to tlie Comptrollei loan demonstrates typing while asleep ACTIVITIES- BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Wish we could add as fast as these machines They call it shorthand , hul it looks like chicken tracks Did you say 60 words per minute or hour? This accounting can get complicated n These charts and graphs tell the story It ' s a long way to the fourth floor 19 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY I 1 What are you trying to do Greg — make grade points? Arkansas ' Future Politicians ACTIVITIES- EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Santa Clans is coming to town The Education Building Donald Minx Assistant Professor of Music Barbara Cuthbertson Instructor in Music Ruth Graber Instt uctor in Music Ned Griner Instructor in Art DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS Duane Haskell Professor of Music and Head of the Music Department Charles Watson Instructor in Music Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Professor of Art Rembrandt, Ganguin or Van Gogh? No Peeping, Tom The Birthplace of Many Artistic Endeavors There ' s music in the air O. F. White Professor of English and Head of the Department L. VV. Plunkett Associate Professor of Join nnlisni Labelva Connelly Assistant Professor of English Mrs. Brad Walker Assistant Professoi of English John Ed Cramer Assistant Professoi of Journalism Howard Bahr Assistant Profesor of English Jean Condray Assistant Professor of English Eleanor Lane Assistant Professor of English D. F. Pasmore Professor of Modem Languages ACTIVITIES OF THE LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE DEPT. The beginning of a Theater production We broadcast our athletic events Charles Raines Instructor in English Louis Kaiser Insti ut tor in English We learn to sing m other languages Richard Meyer Assistant Professor of English James VVoolf Associate Professor of English Our home is on the third float DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Benetta Stow i rs Secretary Rita Perkins Library Assistant Dorothy Fenton Associate Professor of Library Science and Librarian It sure looks lonesome in there Mabel Krick. Assistant Professor of Library Science The doorway to stacks of knowledge I Camilla Sharp Assistant Professor of Library Science 26 DEPARTMENT OF PRINTING is where we print the Herald Edward Tudor Press Operator J I III! This is our home Individual instruction on the Linotype 27 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE Ma j. John Southerland Assistant Professor of Military Science Sgt. Robert Pettengell Instructor in Military Science Capt. Duyane Parker Assistant Professor of Military Science Sgt. Roy E. Strom ert nst) uclor in Military Science Col. Frank G. Ratliff Professor of Military Science and Head of the Department Capt. Frank McNeece Assistant Professor of Military Science Carolyn Roleson Secretar y Capt. Richard J. Boeckman Assistant Professor of Military Science Sen . Russell Dovvden Supply N.C.O. Sgt. Tommy Blakkmore fnstriu tot in Military Science Sgt. Ralph •;. Matthews lust) ii( tot in Military Science Sgt. Lawrence Thomas Instructor in Military Science Sgt. George R. Farr Instructor in Military Science We live on the first floor and in the Drill Hail Some Cadets win hi rh honors MILITARY SCIENCE ACTIVITIES We have glamour as well as guns Mr. Neely, Please stand and recite. 29 J. A. TOMLINSON Professor of Physical Education ar d Head of the Department PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT John Rauth Associate Professor of Physical Education Gene Harlow Associate Professor of Physical Education King Block Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dolly Ruth Brown Secretary 30 Tfie ceiling is out of bounds. The home of tfie Indians. 31 R. H. Austin Piojessor of Chemist x Donald Bruns Assistant Ptofessot of liotanx [fan R. Willi a MS Associate Professoi of Chemistry Elizabeth Claihorm Assistant Professo) of Chemistry THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT W. W. Nkurow Professor of liiologx and Head of the Department Dean B. Ellis Associate Professor of Mathematics Ia li J. Dixon Associate Professo) of Mathematics Feodeel Appleton Instructor in Science Michael M. Johnnkdks hnti in loi in S( fence The Birds and the Bees and the twigs and the leaves Marshall Matthews Instructor in Mathematic William Bvrd Instructor in Biology Acid into water, not water into acid. Move a little to the right. ACTIVITIES- THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The home of the Science laboratories. 33 THE SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Homer C. Hum Professor of History and Head of the Department Clarissa Delano Assistant Professor of Sociology Edgar O. Kirk Assistant Professor of Social Science Lloyd Haring Assistant Professor of Geography John B. Clark Assistant Professoi of So( ial Science Mary Roglrs Brown Professoi of Home Economics Robert Cooley Instructor in Social Science Durward F. Cooper Associate Professor of Social Science Donald E. Konold Assistant Professor of Social Scieine Suppose its fit to eat? lie sure the seam is straight All the easy classes are closed Come see us, upstairs Mr. B. K. Whitmork, Dean DEAN ' S MESSAGE Arkansas State Junior College is happily operat- ing as a part of the excellent educational program of higher learning designed by Arkansas State College for meeting the needs of college age youth of the state and particularly the northeast section of the state. We are endeavoring to fulfill our responsibilities for the higher education of those youth in this section of the area on the Junior college level. The Beebe Branch offers an educational program designed for maximum usefulness ' to those who shall terminate their formal training into the four year col- lege level; to serve as a passageway for those who will continue into the four year colleges and the universi- ties; to offer specific training for those who enter the teaching profession and positions in business; to satisfy the needs of those desiring agricultural, mechanical, and other scientific goals; and to train for efficient citizenship in modern society. ARKANSAS STATE JUNIOR COLLEGE Student Council: Front row, left to right: Joye Faye Highfill, Martha Business Office: Eva Joyce Healy, and Mr. White, (business manager) . Caldwell, Oleta Kinder, Mary Ricketts. Sue Lassiter, Bernard Nichols. Mr. Whitmore (sponsor). Standing, left to right: Marc Wilson, Bobby Joe Fisher, James Swink, James Rand. Basketball Squad: Left to light: Marc Wilson, Coach Speight, Johnny Ramsey, (Manager) Billy Lucy, John Matlock, Richard Roberson and Morgan Ingraham. Van (.nan I staff; left to right: Pauline Crook, Donald Erwin, Oleta Kinder, Jannie Stevens, Allen Standridge, Sue Lassiter, Margaret Kinley, Joan Covington, Yvonne Simmons, Billie Bullet (Mrs. Moore (sponsor) was absent when pi ture was made) I ' ep Squad: Fro, it row, left lo right: Mar Ricketts, [ov Fave Hiehfill, Eva Joyce Healv. lack row, left lo right: Dean Pearl, Ann Cole. Patsy Burson. Faculty Croup. Seated: Mr. Meyers. Agriculture-; Mr. White. Business Office; Mr. Haggard. Education; Mrs. Berry, Matron; Mr. Whitmore. Dean; Mrs. Barnes. Librarian; Miss Stone. Math; and Mrs. Coleman. Business. Standing: Mr. Owen; Mr. I. each. Science; Mr. Hulsey, Music; Mis Mi Kinnev. Cafeteria Supervisor; Mr. Campbell, Custodian; and Mr. Speight. Coach. Boys ' Quartette: Front row: Charles Carrigan, Donald Stanley. Back row: Wayland Harrell, Charles McClain. Minuteman Staff: Left to light: j o; m Covington, Donald Stanley, Bessie Mac- Norman, Sue Lassiter. and Mrs. Coleman, (sponsor). 37 Any mail for me? POST OFFICE There must be at} easier way Pearl Essary Postmaster Lloyd Walton Chief Clerk Where are all the customers? 38 A popular place on Mondays. A Home away from home. 40 NEW WOMEN ' S DORMITORY Dorm Council - Nancy Worthy. Carlena Huffman Pat Barbara McMullan and Mrs. Gladys McPike. Social Di OUR NEWEST DORMITORIES NEW MEN ' S DORMITORY The Dorm Council — Bill Murphy, Gilbert Taylor, Bill Mayo, Hal Stancil, Wes Oleson, Joe Perdzock. 41 WOMEN ' S DORMITORIES WRH Council — Wanda Heaton, Mrs. Grace Jones, Shelba Jean Rea, Rena Lou Dobbs. THE WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL 42 Danner Dorm Council — Front, from left to right: Walter Baile . Tommy Greene, Mrs. Virginia 1 ' ierce, David Amos, Tom Yancey. Hack row, from left to right: Dex- ter West, Johnny Cummings, Bill Swan, Jim Woodsmall, Lee Adler, Victor Adams, Joel Brading, Ness Sechrest. DANNER HALL 43 Commons Council — Seated, left to right: Dan Threet, Dallas Johnson, Raymond Mulligan, Nathan Newby. Standing: Howard Jones, Dean Todd, Mr. Simms, Hershel Austin, Amos Bass. THE COLLEGE CLUB 44 The A. S. C. Foundation Homes The Old Dairy Barn New Student Homes Under Construction New Student Homes — The Finished Product 45 I HIGH ON THE TOTEM POLE I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Swan. President; Bill Clark, Vice President; Margaret Burge, Secretary; Tom Blagg, Reporter. JERRY M. ABBOTT Truman, Ark. Major — Pre-Laxc Scabbard Blade; Advanced Military Club. 1). R. ABERNATHV Caruthersville, Mo. Major — History Minor — English Sigma Pi; Pre-Law Club; Persh- ing Rifles, Cap.; S.G.A.; Advanc- ed Military Club; NCO Club. SENIORS AVON T. ADAMS Corning, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Science Advanced Military Club; Out- standing Battery Commander, ROTC. ZACHARY D. AMOS Paragould, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — English Historical Society, l ' res.; Future Teachers of America; B.S.U. JOSEPH B.. ARMENIO Brooklyn, N.Y. Major — Business Administration Minor — Economics Football (4 yrs.) ; Track. JAMES W. ARNOLD Bono, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandly Agri Club. REX N. BARKER Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Art Minor — Sociology Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Cadet Of- ficers Club; Kappa Pi, Pres.; French Club. BILL A. BARNHILL Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science and Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha; Cadet Officers Club. A. P. BEDNAR, JR. Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Chemistry Minor — Mathematics Drill Team, ROTC; Pershing Rifles; German Club; Newman Club. J. M. B1CKERSTAFF Moro. Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Science and Animal Husbandry gri Club. SENIORS M. T. BITTINGER Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — Biology TOM BLAGG Little Rock, Ark Major — Journalism Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Football (3 yrs.); Press Club; Arkastaters; " A " Club; Editor of " Herald " ; S.G.A.; ROTC Regimental Commander. R. J. BLANKENSHIP Monette, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — Physical Education CHARLES G. BLEDSOE Bragg City, Mo. Major — Social Science Minor — Physical Education P.E. Club. MAIZIE BOLING Manila, Ark. Major — Education Minor — Social Science DONNIE M. BOWLIN Walcott, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Pi Kappa Alpha; ASC Singers; Cadet Officers Club; Scabbard Blade; Junior Class, V-Pres. WM. T. BRADSHAW, JR. Gideon, Mo. Major — Physical Education Minor — Biology Sigma Pi; P.E. Club. BEN F. BRANCH Paragould, Ark. Major — Political Science Minor — History Pre-Law Club. ROBERT BRAWNER Piggott, Ark. Major — Mathematics Minor — Science Future Teachers of America; Engineering Club; B.S.U. LLOYD A. BREWER Brinkley, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Social Science Independent Student Assn.; ROTC Rifle Team. SENIORS RICHARD BREWER Pine Bluff, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Economics Tail Kappa Epsilon. THOS. F. BROADAWAY Newport, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor —Military Science Business Club; Advanced Mili- tary Club; Outstanding Senior ROTC Award. ARNEY S. BROADAWAY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Animal Husbandry Business Club; Agri Club. DON M. BROOKS Mayward, Ark. Major — Elementary Education Sigma Pi; Future Teachers of America; Track. L. VADA BRYANT Osceola, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education Future Teachers of America; Agri Club. MARGARET BURGE Campbell, Mo. Major — Elementary Education Minor — English Alpha Gamma Delta; B.S.U. TERRY BURGE Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Chemistrx VERA V. BURGE Campbell, Mo. Major — Elementary Education Minor — Social Science EUGENE BURKS Blytheville, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Economics Business Club. ROBT. C. CANTRELL Caruthersville, Mo. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Busi- ness Club; Distinguished Mili- tary Student; Advanced Militarv Club. SENIORS ROSAMOND CARLSON Jonesboro, Ark. Major — English Minor — French Pi Gamma Mu; Arrow Staff; Der Deutsche Verein; Le Cercle Francais. BILLY M. CARROLL Moro Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Animal Husbandry Argi Club; Block and Bridle Club; Judging Team (1 Year) . CLAUDE CASH Trumann, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — History TOM CLARK Cash, Ark. WILLIAM W. CLARK Hughes, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandry Minor — Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; Senior class vice-president; Block and Bridle Club. MILES W. COLLIER Trumann, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Military Science Cadet Officers Club; Agri Club; Scabbard Blade; F.F.A. Club. BILL COOPER Hoxie, Ark. Major — Pre-Dental Minor — Social Science and Military Science Cadet Officers Club; Quill and Scroll; Scabbard Blade; Pre- Law Club; Historical Society. S. JOAN COOPER Cooler, Mo. Major — Business Education Minor — History Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; W.A.A., Pres.; All-Greek Council, Sec; BILL G. CRABTREE Imboden, Ark. Major — Vocational Agriculture Minor — Science Agri Club, Treas.; F.F.A. Senti- nel. Student Advisor. AUGUST E. CRAVENS Newport, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Social Science Business Club; Cadet Officer Club, Sec, Treas. SENIORS TERRY W. CROUCH Blytheville, Ark. Major — Accounting Band; Business Club. OSCAR L. CROWE Braggadocia, Mo. Major — Agriculture Minor — Agronomy JAMES G. CULPEPPER Pine Bluff, Ark. Major — Agrirulture Agronomy Minor — Biologiral Srienre Agri Club; F.F.A. JIMMY F. CUMMINGS Caruthersville, Mo. Major — History and Political Srienre Minor — Sorial Srienre Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Pre-Law Club; Cadet Officers Club. LOUIS E. CURETON Cape Girardeau, Mo. Major — English Minor — Journalism X. C. O. Club; R.O.T.C. Drill Team; ASC Singers; French Club; Herald Staff. UILLY J. DAVIS St. Louis, Mo. Major — History Minor — Sorial Srienre Pershing Rifles; Baptist Student Union; S.G.A. 1st Vice-pres.; Tumbling Team. EDWARD H. DAVIS Blytheville, Ark Major — Agriculture-Enginerin Minor — Agriculture Science Agri Club; Debate Team. WILLIAM R. DEERE Paragould, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — Biology Historical Society; International Relations Club. DORIS K. DODSON Steele, Mo. Major — Business Education Minor — English JANE DOTY Lake City, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — English Alpha Gamma Delta; Weslev; W.A.A. SENIORS DAVID DOYLE Hoxie, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — English Sigma Pi; Cadet Officers Clul ; " 55 Indian " Bus. Mgr.; Histori- cal Society; Pre-Law Club. LOUIS DUNCAN Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Math Minor — Chemistry Meter Liter Club; B.S.C. VIRGINIA J. EDWARDS Grubbs, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Arkastaters; S.G.A.; Sopho- more representative; W.A.A. SUE ELDER Blytheville, Ark. Major — English W ho ' s Who in American leges; Phi Mu; Dramatics. ( H NOAH C. ENGLAND Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandry Minor — Biology Block Bridle Club; Agri Club; Judging Team. RICHARD ESSMAN Fort Smith, Ark. Major — English Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; B.S.U.. Pres.; Fellowship Club; ASC Singers; French Club; Distin- guished Military Student. JOE ESTES Ash Flat, Ark. Major — Agriculture Agri Club; F.F.A. CHARLES R. EVANS Prescott, Ark. Majoi — Social Science MARK FIETZ Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Biology GENE FOREMAN Wabash, Ark. Major — Journalism Minor — Political Science Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Pi Kap- pa Alpha; Scabbard Blade; Press Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Arkastaters. Pres.; Soph. Class Pres.; S.G.A. SENIORS CHAS. GENE FREEMAN Jonesboro, Ark. Major— Iiusin ess A d m in istratitm Minor — History and Military Science Scabbard Blade; ROTC Rifle Team. Capt. GRACIE FRY Lake City, Ark. Major — Pliysical Education Minor — Biological Science W.A.A.; P.E. Club; Ark. Board of Women Officials; A.A.H.P. E.R. JEPTHA FUTRELL Paragould, Ark. Major — History Minor — Geography Sigma Phi Epsilon; Historical Society; International Relations Club. EARL GADBERRY Lake City, Ark. Major — History Minor — Political Science Pre-Law Club, Sec; Historical Society. RILL GATLIN Doniphan, Mo. Major — Physical Education Minor — Social Science Basketball (4 yrs.); P.E. Club. CLOYCE GERDES Paragould, Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Military Science Baseball; Agri Club; A Club; F.F.A; Advanced Military Club. PHILLIP L. GIBBS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Chemistry Minor — Mathematics MILLARD S. GOFF Smithville, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Biology a)id Animal Husbatidry Agri Club; F.F.A. JACK G. GOODMAN Steele, Mo. Majoi — Physical Education Minor — Biology Sigma Alpha Chi; Phi Mu Al- pha; Baseball and Basketball at Central College; P.E. Club; Base- ball at ASC. JIMMY GOODWIN Naslnille. Ark. Major — Agriculture Education gri Club; F.F.A, SENIORS ROBERT E. GORHAM Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Economics Business Club; Veteran ' s Club. KATHRYN GRAHAM Newport, Ark. Major — Art Minor — Music and Theatre I ' hi Mu; Kappa Pi. CLYDE GRAY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Mathematics Minor — Chemistry Engineer ' s Club. DOROTHY I. GREEN Jonesboro, Ark. Major — English Minor — Social Science VIRGIL GRIFFIN Otwell, Ark. Major — Physical Education PAUL D. HANSHAW, JR. Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandry Minor — Biology and Military Science Agri Club; Brock Bridle Club; Scabbard Blade, V-Pres. HAROLD L. HARRIS Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — English MARM M. HARRIS Manila, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Physical Education SAM HARRIS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Social Science WAYNE HARTSFIELD Searcy, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Military Science and Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Agri Club; Tri-Beta; F.F.A.; B.S.U.; Advanced Mili- tary Club; Distinguished Mili- tary Student. DALE HEFNER Trumann, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Business Club; Indian Staff; Stu- dent Christian Assn. JOE HENDR1X Blytheville, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Wrestling; NCO Club; Rifle Team; Advanced Officers Club. BOBBY HICKS Gray Ridge, Mo. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Science Basketball; Agri Club; F.F.A. Club. C. HOCHSTETTER State College, Ark. Major — Home Economics Minor — Education JACK G. HUDSON Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Soc. Sc. Economics Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; PiKA, Pres., V-Pres., Treas.; IFC; Pres; Bus. Club, Treas.; Annual; AOPi Sponsor. CARLENA HUFFMAN Weiner, Ark. Major — Elementary Education Minor -- English Alpha Gamma Delta; A.W.S. Council; Honorary Cadet; S.G.A.. 2nd V-Pres.; Homecoming Maid; Future Teachers of Amer. M. HUFSTEDLER Alton, Mo. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science KENNETH HURST Clarendon, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Pre-Med. Sigma Phi Epsilon PATSY HURST Monette. Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Alpha Omicron Pi, V-Pres.; Pi Omega Pi, Pres.; Business Club. CLARENCE JAMES Trumann, Ark. Major — Agriculture Agri Club. YVONNE S. JAMES Clarkton, Ark. Major — Elementary Educatix»i Minor — English HENRY JARRELL Savawnah, Tenn. Major — Animal Husbandry Agri Club; Animal Husbandrv Club. IDA N. JARRELL Etowah, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Pi Omega Pi. F. L. JOHNSON, JR. Corning, Ark. Major — Economics Minor — Military Science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Cadet Of- ficers Club; NCO Club. JESSE L. JOHNSON Blytheville, Ark. Major — Physical Education Minor — Social Science Football. Y. B. JONES Bragg City, Mo. Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Agri Club; F.F.A. Club; Arkastaters; Judging Team. SENIORS CHARLES KAWAKAMI Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — English Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges • Univ.; Historical Society; B. S. U.; Modern Language Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. FRANK W. KEEL Wilson, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Pi Kappa Alpha; Advanced Of- ficers Club; Business Club, WM. M. KEITH, JR. Hot Springs, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Social Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Sigma Phi F.psilon. Pres. THOMAS J. KENT, JR Flint. Mich. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science and Economics Sigma Pi; Newman Club; " A " Club; Advanced Officers Club; Business Club. WM. R. KITTRELL Success, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec; Cheer- leader (1 yr.) . CARL L. LACY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade; Track; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ. ROBERT L. LEE Walnut Ridge Major — Social Science Minor — Mathematics TOMMY LESSENBERRY Parkin. Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Science Agri CI ul). SENIORS ADDIE LOBERG Kennett, Mo. JUANITA W. LOFTIN Major — Education Minor — English and Social Science Kappa Delta Pi. LAD B. LOGAN Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major — Agriculture Economics Minor — Military Science Sigma Pi; Scabbard Blade. JAMES C. LYNCH Weiner, Ark. Major — Art Minor — Theatre Modern Language Club; Kappa Pi, Pres.; Alpha Psi Omega. R. L. McCLURE Paragould, Ark. Major — Vocational Agriculture Minor — Science JOHN R. McKELVY Paragould, Ark. Major — Agriculture ROBERT R. McKELVY Paragould, Ark. Major — Agriculture J. C. McMINN Newport, Ark. Major— Business Admin is tration Minor — Physical Education Pi Kappa Alpha; A Club; Busi- ness Club; Baseball; Advanced Military Club; Trainor. JESSE N. McNIEL Rector, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec; B.S.U., Sec; Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Pi Gamma Mu; French Club; Out- standing Freshman Award; Or- chestra; Band; Brass Quartet. DORIS McPHERSON Bragg City, Mo. Major — Accounting Minor — Soc. Sc. Economics Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sweetheart of SPE; KDPi, Pres.; PiGM, Pres.; PiOPi, V-Pres. DAVID MARTIN MAURICE D. MASON W1LMA J. MAUPIN BILLY MAXWELL Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Vanndale, Ark. Strawberry, Ark. Major — Biology Major — Animal Husbandry Major — Elementary Education Major — Vocational Agriculture Agri Club; Block Bridle Club. P.E. Club; Eta Beta Tau. F.F.A.; Agri Club. CORINNE MAY Lepanto, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Pi Omega Pi; Future Teachers of America; W.A.A. BILLY B. MAYO Blytheville, Ark. Major — Physical Education Minor — Social Science and Military Science Sigma Pi; " A " Club; P.E. Club; Football. CLIFFORD MAYO Piggott, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Social Science Business Club; Veteran ' s Club. HAROLD E. MEHARG Pleasant Plains, Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Science and Military Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; Drill Team; Agri Club; Pershing Rifles. SENIORS JAMES A. MILLER Augusta, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandry Minor — Chemistary and Agronomy Pi Kappa Alpha, V-Pres. and Pledgemaster; Agri Club; Block and Bridle Club, Pres. WILLARD M1NTON Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Social Science CHARLES MOONEY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Political Science Minor — Social Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Pres.; Arkstaters; Advanced Mil- itary Club; St. Nick ' 52. JERRY W. MORGAN Strawberry, Ark. Major — Chemistry BETTY ANN MORSE Broseley, Mo. Major — linsiness Administration Minor — Social Science Business Club; Future Teachers of Amer.; B.S.U. CHAS. R. MORTON, JR. Hampton, Va. Major — Business Administration Miyior — Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Govt.; Choir at William Mary; Business Club at ASC. ROLAND T. MULLENS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — History and Political Science Pi Gamma Mu; Business Club. WILLIAM S. MURPHY Greenwood, Miss. Major — Agriculture Minor — Biological Science Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chap; Agri Club; Block Bridle Club. GERALDINE NA1LE Kennett, Mo. Majo) — Elementary Education Minor — English Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec; Ar- row Staff. HAROLD C. NEAL Kennett, Mo. Major — Elementary Education Minor — Social Science PADEN NEELEY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas.; Business Club; Scabbard Blade; Distinguished Military Student. rr ll t SENIORS GERALD NELMS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Physical Education Minor — Social Science ' .E. Club; Baseball (2 yrs.). NATHAN E. NEWBV Clarendon, Ark. Major — Agriculture Enginering Minor — Military Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; Arkstaters; Arkastatesmen; Agri Club; Wes- ley Foundation; Drill Team; AOPi Sponsor. E. W. ONSTEAD Corning, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Economics n Military Science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pi Camma Mu; Advanced Military Club; Business Club; NCO Club, Scab- bard Blade. JAMES ORR Lepanto, Ark. Major — Agriculture Education GAIL P. OSBORN Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec; Mas- quers Club; Dramatics; Wesley Foundation. V-Pres.; Junior Class, Sec. DON C. PARMENTER Rector, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Political Science and History Independent Student Assn.; NCO Club; Band. CHARLES L. PAYNE Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Chemistry and Military Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; NCO Club; Advanced Military Club; Band; ROTC Scholastic ' Award. MYRTLE PEARSON Jonesboro, Ark. Major — English Minor — Education JOSEPH E. PERDZOCK Forrest City, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; PiKA, Pres.; Mu Phi Sigma; ASC Singers k Statesmen; DMS; Scabbard Blade. SENIORS CURTIS G. PERKINS Smithville. Ark. Major — Agriculture Economic) Minor — Science EM MO T PIPKINS Paragoulcl. Ark. FRANKLIN PROCTOR Morehouse. Mo. Major — Business Administration Minor — Physical Education Basketball (3 yrs.) ; P.F.. Club: Business Club. RAYMOND E. PULLEY [onesboro, Ark. Majoi — Animal Husbandry Minoi — Science Block Bridle Club: Agri Club. MARY PYLANT JonesboFO, Ark. Major — Home Economics Minor — Education I ' hi lii. Pledgemasier; Home Kc Club; A.W.S. Council. MAX PYLANT Jonesboro, Ark. Mojo) — liusiness Administration Minor — Economics Veterans ' Club, Pres.; Business Club, V ' -Pres. Advanced Military Club. EDDIE RAINEY Senath, Mo. Major — History Minor — Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha. IiOIi RAINWATER W alnut Ridge. Ark. Majoi — liiology Kappa Sigma. CHAS. L. RASHER RY Paragoulcl, Ark. Major — Journalism Minor — English W ho ' s W ho in Amer. Colleges Uni .; Mu Phi Sigma; Editor. " Herald " ; Arkastatesmen; RO TC Band Medal; Fr.Class Pres. ERMON RICHMOND Pine Bluff, Ark. Major — Graphic Arts Minoi — Journalism I au Kappa Kpsilon; Graphic Arts Club; Business Manager of " Herald. " SENIORS ROY R. RILEY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Printing Miliar — journalism Graphic Arts Clul ; Veterans Club. JAMES G. RING Puxico, Mo. Major— Agricultural Engineering ANNE H. ROBERTS McCrory, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — English Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Ar- kastaters; A.W.S. Council; Pan- hellenic, V-Pres.; W.R.H., Vice Pres.; Pi Omega Pi; W.A.A.; B.S.U. VAN B. RUSSELL Armorel, Ark. Major — Biology Scabbard and Blade. CAROLYN B. SECHREST Heth. Ark. Major — Elementary Education Minor — Social Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Arkettes; ASC Singers; Annual Beauty; Homecoming Queen ( ' 54) ; Hon- orary I-t. Col. of ROTC. NESS SECHREST Poplar Bluff, Mo. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; Sigma Pi; S.G.A., Pres.; Football (1 yi.); Scabbard k Blade; ROTC Reg. Commander; Business Club. J. SHAUFELBERGER Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Social Science RAY L. SPENCE Jonesboro. Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Baseball (3 yrs.); Business Club; Pershing Rifles. LORETTA SPURLOCK Lake Citv, Ark. MURPHY R. SPURLOCK Bay, Ark. Major — English Minor — Social Science Baseball (3 yrs.) ; " Herald ' ' Staff and Sports Editor; " Arrow " Staff; Wesley Foundation. SENIORS ALLEN STARR Osceola, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — English Beta Theta Pi; Historical So- ciety. EUGENE L. STILLIONS Earle, Ark. Majoi — Agriculture Education Minor — Science and Military Science Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pres.; Agri Club; F.F.A.; All-Greek Coun- cil; Who ' s Who in Amer. Col- leges Univ. JEFFERY STINNETT Dowdy, Ark. Major — Elementary Education THOMAS STROUD Jonesboro. Ark. Majoi — History Minoi — Education BILLY J. SWAN Pocahontas, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science PiKA, Pledgemaster; Sr. Class Pres.; SGA; Bus. Club, Pres.; Vet. Club; All-Greek Council. Treas.; Adv. Military Club. PHYLLIS SWINDLE Senath Mo. Major — History Minor — Social Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Arkettes; Phi Mu Scholarship Award for Junior. L. L. TANKERSLEY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Business Education Business Club. GILBERT W. TAYLOR Manila, Ark. Major — Pre-Med Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; New Men ' s Dorm, Pres.; Sigma Pi Pledge Class, V-Pres.; Foreign Language Club. Sec. GRETTA TAYLOR Paragould, Ark. Major — Social Science Minor — Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi; Band; Choir; " Herald " and Annual Staff; P.E. Club; Riding Club; Square Dance Club; W.A.A. HAROLD O. THOMAS Black Oak, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — History and Political Science Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball (4 yrs.) ; Business Club. SENIORS JO ELLA THOMPSON Parkin Major — Physical Education Minor — Bioioaical Science P.E. Club; W.A.A., Pres. OLLIE J. TOWNSEND Corning, Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Military Science LOUIE N. TRAVIS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Military Science Minor — Eyrglish Ministerial Alliance. DALLAS G. WADDILL Cash, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandtx Minor — Science Agri Club ; Block Bridle Club; Judging Team. CHRISTENE TUC;KER Jonesboro. Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — English JIM TURLEY ' Bald Knob. Ark. Major — Physical Education Minor — Education Football (4 yrs.); Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ. JANE URIE Fisher, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Sec. 1 reus.: Pi Omega Pi, Sec, Treas.; Kap- pa Delta Pi, Sec; Arkastaters; B.S.U.; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ. RALPH W ' AHL Mytheville. Ark. Major — Music Education Minor — Education Band; Dance Band; ASC Singers; rk. All-State Intercollegiate Band; Clarinet Quartet. JOE WALLS Otwell. Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Chemist i x TOM WALLS Otwell, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Social Science SENIORS ■ A L. E. WASHBURN Memphis, Tenn. Major — Agriculture Minor — Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon, V-Pres.; Club; F.F.A. Agri JAMES D. WATKINS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — English Minor — Social Science B.S.U., V-Pres.; Choir. r DANNY P. WELLS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Economics and Military Science Sigma Pi. KAUT WHITE Paragould, Ark. Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science PALL WHITE Corning, Ark. Major — Animal Husbandry Minor — Agronomy and Biology Block Bridle Club; Agri Club; Advanced Military Club; Judg- ing Team; Football (3 yrs.) ; Homecoming Captain, ' 54. EUGENE WIDMAR Paragould, Ark. Major — Agriculture Engineering INA LEE WILES Jonesboro, Arkansas Major — Business Education Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Univ.; AOPi, Pres. (2); AWS, Pres.; Pan-Hel, Pres., V-Pres.; Pi- KA Dream Girl; PiOPi; SGA; Soph. Girl Award; Arrow Staff. ROBERT WILLIAMS Harrisburg, Ark. Major — Agriculture Minor — Science Agri Club; F.F.A. O. C. WILLIAMS Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Physical Education Mnior — Biology P.E. Club; Square Dance Club. JOHNNY WOLFE Beedeville. Ark. MELV1N WOMACK Jonesboro, Ark. PAUL WOODSMALL Jonesboro, Ark. Major — liusiness Administration Minor — Military Science Business Club; Advanced Mili- tary Club. SENIORS The Military also has its blissful da s. The TKE Marching " Six " . Tom if Harvey give out xoith the latest. JUNIORS Robert Adams MurphysboTO, III. Victor Adams Fish, Mo. Mary Allen J. C. Anlhon) Kennett, Mo. Water Valley, Miss. Darrcll Arnold Sardis, Miss. Chester Ashabrann Manila Evelyn Jo Ashley lllnrk Oak J j in Austin Peach Orchard Roliert J. Blur Harrishur " , 111. Raymond Bly PocahorUas Boyce Bowden Mary Lou Bowling jnneshoro Blytheville Thomas Braden Senath, Mo. Charles BrmlitlK Bailiara Brewer Camden Jonesborn Garry Brewer Cardwell, Mo. John Brewer Rector Even C. Brukell Phil Bridge ' Murl Wayne Brighl Jonrsboro Bradford Nancy Jo Brown Hot Springs Johnny Browning l.epa,,to Joan Burgc Samuel Burkett Campbell. Mo. Newport Jim Caldwell Wynne Jack Calkins Jonesboro Diana Cate Walnut Ridge Lula Bell Cha Senath. Mo. Gerald Chappie J T. Chronisler lehanon. 111. Walnut Ridge John H. Cloilse. Jr. James Roland Colli) Margaret Cole Blytheville Lake Citv Hidener JUNIORS Don Colcmar Jonesboro Ronald Coleman William R. Cook Harold Coop, Ir Jonesboro Jonesboro MargaTet Cooper Jonesboro Richard Courtney Widener Harold Crase Jonesboro |erry Crawford I ' anndale James Fields Cabot Dale Freeman Poughkeepsic June Disingei Sarah Dunlap Jonesboro Jonesboro Wilbur Estes Mary Lou Fagan Oatewood, Alp. t 1 B Dexter E. Fielder Roherl Hggins Caruthersville, Mo. Sue Fitzgerald Newport Earnest Fletcher Black Oak junior Roy Fogle Midland, Tex. Glen looks Jmboden Paul Frets Rector Philip Fuller Dm I if ;arolyn Getson Delaplaine Glen Glover AfrCrory Grover Graham I.eachviUe [ ' omm) (,i Lenneth Hamilton Paragoutd (.harks Holt 41L Y • Jerry Honey Tupelo 4, Bill Jacobs Po jfar 8 ii , Mo. Charles fames Maldrn. Mo. Paul Johnson Remit Ral|)h |nlin«in |im Keith Eapt Girardeau, Mo. ; „i tyringj O ' Neal Kelllm Betty Kennedy Wnlnut Ridge Manila JUNIORS Miml I ii K 1.i-. 1 ..isUs Cardwtll, Mo. Rill Leach Pine Muff H. McCuller Harold McDaniel Water t ' nlle Miss. Ty Barbara McMull Cotton Plant (.enrgie Alice Maddu Weil Memphis Oren D. Mangru Arbyrd, Mo. Harold ManKKiih Newport |ames Marsh Jonesbora Kohcil Manii l.uxora Robert E. Martin Lee Massey McCrory Joiirsboro H.irr Mat Utile Hock ■ Hob May T rumann Sara Mav H ax ties W inston May Hill Merritt Mammoth Spring Higgimon Donald Morgan i f r Rock ] .lin Mono llrebr lames Mote Caraway Freddie Mullins BlythetnUe Jose Noriega Gitadetupe, Pacasmayo Prru, S.A. i rank Nettles Piggott Jcrrv Newsom lirookland Shirley ewsom l.earhmlle Donald O ' Keanc CaruthersvMe. Mo Lvndcll Orsburn Newport BlUs Owens Oma Jean Owens Trumann Xettleton John W, Pasmore Emil M. Phillips Assumption, III Man I ' oe Forrest City Betl) Porter Pouglikeepstr Bohhv Porter W ' fl nur Kiri r Darnell Potter Pocahontas Mien t. Powell Joneshmo Phyllis Pratt Prac i Orchard Margaret Province Jtmesboro Earlene Rahm Success |o Inn Rains OttUcll Cecil Ratliff Lake City Gerald Raihli Willi nrd Suetla Rav Sertath. Mo Wilma Rcvellc Joneshoro JUNIORS I fames Riggs Donald Robert Braggadocio, Mo. Walnut Ridge Elaine Schuautz Alfred Station, N. Y. Earl Smrlotk |ohn Sellars Illicit Tier. Ma Charles Shaver Newport Johnny Shields Otlie Shockle Walnut Ridge ttrooktand C.aylon Simpson Poughkeepsie Clyatl Strickland [crry Strickland Bhtheville lihtheville lames Suit Murray Sullivan Frank M. Sweet Rc.lietl F. Takai Hnvii, Mo. Manila Joliet. Ill Mi-- ' .-. ' ' i 1 1 Elta Lee Thoma Pocahontas Gregory Thomason I ouise Thompso fi oiij A ' . Carolina Doniphan, Mo Hill Thompson Wilson Jack Thorpe Jonesboro D.m rhrect Peel Carroll Todd Alicia Charles Smith It hit It Hock Bill Templeton Pocah ontas if Arda Tomhnson fonesboro Benny Toole Carolyn Trinka Jonesboro Jonesboro Robert M. 1 timer lihtheville Leroy Tyn Walcott Rice Lee VanAusdall Caruthersville , Mo. Gene Vandeven Hershel E. Vaughn Cape Girardeau, Mo. Bragg City, Mo. Donald Waddell Jonesboro JUNIORS Ronald Waddell Beverly J. Walker Forrest Ray Wallace Lucia Warner Opal Watkins Nelson Wauon Bobby Gene Webh K. W. Webb jonesboro North Jttdson, hut. Paragoufd Walnut Ridge Rono Irlianon. Mo. Maiden, Mo. Trumann Edwin Welwr Donald Weir Jack Welch I ' olly Welch James H. Westmorelaiul Wesley Whin- F. W. Whitner Guy Whitney Russell MeRae Jonesboro Cotton Plain llalesville, Miss. Nettleton Blytllcville Leaelwille I ami Williams fames M. Williams rhomas Vernon William? Dairell Williamson Robert Williamson Ray Wilson Ray Wolverton James T. Woodsmall Marked Tree Piggott Starry lake City niggers Jonesboro Coming Dermntt |amcs E. Wrighi |immy Wrigbi Thomas Yancey George Yarbrough Glen Monroe Young N. Little Hnrk llalrl Knoll Helena Jonesboro Wynne Don ' t bite your thumbs! If must be time for George Goebel. HIGH ON THE TOTEM POLE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - Bol) Parker, President, Bill Shaneyfelt, Vice President, Asa Crowe, Reporter, Pat Cross, Secretary. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORES Donald Basden Wynne [rma Jean Ilea Imboden Buddy Beck Maiden, Mo Elizalwlh Bedn Jone.thoro Ernest M. Bedwel! Manila Sarah Bell Lepanto Billy Bennett Xe II let ou Peggy Bennett Jrv rr Benny Bradshaw Gideon, Mo. Charles Bramlett William Branch Memphis, Tenn. MUUngton, Tei ill Brar Mack Oak Carl W. Breznik Paragould Guy Brink lej Turrell Martin F. Unit Clarkton, Mo. Joe Brooks Caraway Joel W. Brown Tommy Brown Jonesboro M cC ro ry Velpo Browt Bono Don Hiii hanan H i it James Buffingion James K Bulhngtoi Newport PortageviUe, Mo. Kldon Burgev I ' ainona, Ma, chaman Burrow Mammoth Spring Betty Cantreli Mammoth Spring Vernon Carrens A dv«irrf Wayne Caslleherrv Tueherman Carl J. Cate William Chapped Pif ott Corning SOPHOMORES Mary Lou Cole Net tie ton l eggy J Cole Paragould Thomas Cole Widener William (bollard Anna Lee Collins Poplar Muff. Mo. Otwell Frnest Cook Walnut Ride Harmon Conk lllvthcvillr Juanita Cooper fonesboro Virginia Cooper Marmadukr Carol Ann Copeland fonesboro fane Vnn C Monetie peland Logan Cothren Wanda Covington Bald Knob Bald Knob Frances Coward Searcy Shirley Co art Mammoth Sf i Robert Craft lirookland [ei r ( Innninghain Paragould |ames Danley Jonesboro O ' If: 4k ' |nhn H. Darter Ffr ier Billy Davenport Arbyrd, Mo. Carol Davis Naylor, Mo. Larry Davis V v ie Deere San ford, N. C. Virginia Dehn Eli Dcl ' riest I arry DePriesl Black Hock Steele. Mo. kena Lou Dofel)! Leroy Dudley Nettleton Allen Dulaney Clarkton, Mo. arolyn Dunn David Duvall West Memphii Phillip F.asley, Jr. fonesboro David East Billy Edwards Manila Hlythevillr fohn Elders Walnut Ride Cecil M. Foster Malvern Robert Eugene Foster David Lee Franklii Memphis. Tenn. St. Louis, Mo. ( harles Franku Blytheville Donald Freeman Martnaduke Bobby French Fisher Freeman Clover Maiden, Mo. Bobby R. Goodn SOPHOMORES fimmv Gorham tilack Oak Man Ella Oral Lake City Mr Donna Grimm Wtddenburg Lowell Gwaltne) Joiner K.i Halbcn Ikk-n Hale Nettltton I Ills Hall. Jr. Jonesbttru |crr Hamilton Paraeould Claudia n .... .i lonnbom l-ugcnc Hancock Witt Mrmphu Donald Hardin Arbyrd, Mo, Robert E Hardii Tupelo Winifred Ha Winne Unwell Harlai Osceola I ' egg) Harness Marmaduke Sterling Harting I h ai.cih Hartlc Success Dallas, T exas i liarlcs Hartill 1 ' aiagould Jcrald Han Jonesbon ( laudine Hawkins err) Havnes fowsbom u inona Haynes Campbell, Mo. Wanda Heaton o ) nr » « , Mo Geneva Heern fames Herndon Carawav l.eaclwille ilfrol Hcler C:harlcs Hickman fl nrt «or llnli Higginlxith: Jonrsloro |cir n. Kt! inv 1 ' omim Hipp l.eachville Byron h.iruc ' (rng City, Afo |ackic II. .hi. .l.l Pameauld |(IC Hull Karen Hull Marked Tree Kil Horton Donna Housk) Pontiac, Mich. Jonesbaro James Huston liohhye H tritk Bieijf ' i Parkin Ki IK lumaii Ciaikstitile I U na Jacks. Jonesbon, June Jackson Jonesboro Nora qn lacksoil (.c .. K c Ja W illiam A. Jennings Marked Tirr SOPHOMORES il Jcrnigan Portagcviltc, A Loretta L.ingfnrd Jonesboro ! ' ■ ' " " iuig gh Shclha Lea Mailt Oak Mariorie I ec Riggers l.n Frances I - Helen foan Lemmons George Lemon Campbell, Mo. Poplar Bluff James Lew Jonesboro IliMiny McAtec Gideon, Mo. I Mr «... Jeaneue McC kill Bonnie McCunncIl C.ardirrll, Mo.. Risen. Mil. ue I McCormirk Pnmemiltl (;ladys Mil . Leachville Garnet Mt Daniel ora S ou rf J. D. McDonald Pine Rlufl ( anil McLeotl Homer I. McMillan Cnvr City Enigma, (la. Joe Madden lieedevitle I .11 1 Mahoi Jonesboro Mmii I Malonc I mil Mantling Walnut Hid . David Nfarlar Jonesboro Mfied M. n CmwIoTtsvUh k ii haul Marshall Hell Martin Paraeoultt Williamst ille, Mo SOPHOMORES Blaine Martin Portageville, Mo. Ronald Masson Twining, t Mich, John Moore Frankie Mo Succfsi Homer Moss Hanisbuiti Graple Moye Harrisburg Raymond J. Mullu Etowah I ir Ncedha faneshuro Catherine Nel Jonesboro Donna Sue Nc Uachvith Doyle Newsonie Caruthenvitle, M Don Norsworthi Chicago, 111. e Norton I ' aliiiaclgc Mugenl II «( « £ • ffnof) Amelia Ann N ' unnall) JonesboTo Huhcrt J. O ' Connor limnx, N. Y. Mn. hell Ocloni Walnul lliil " eslej Oclsen ;v ) n. « « , Ma Clarence l ' ark Maroell llol Parker Halcomb, Mo. Mar) |c I ' arker JonediOto ■immj I ' arrish Leonard Pasieru AVu Kensington, Pa. I nomas Patton Tvronza Ru Pcarrow . f f KurA Fred Pepmiller Doniphan, Mo. Jessica Ann Perry Cooler, Mo. ( ami vn Petivjohn Omer Petty Hardy Sen a Hi. Mo Arthur Phelan Coming Roger Pickler Parkin Margaret Pitts form Poteei Ola I helma l ' rcsslc MrHuc 81 SOPHOMORES Rhoda Ronnenherg Steeleville, HI. Virginia M Rowe Aibyrd, Mo. Vcrda M. Run ,iii Francis James Scherman Robert Schriver Strawberry C.amvay Ded iam, Masi Vndrew Schug Paragould I1MI Shaneyfeli Roherl Shaw John Sherman Jonesboro Sue Shewmake Rocky Coni fa Rodnej Sin A ugusta. C.ns Slayton Pocahontas Charles C. Smith Maiden, Mo. Franklin Smith l.eachville Nell Smith fouesboro Raymond Smith Paragould Dorothy Stone Mice fHilhurn) Lake City Walnut Ridge Hert Sukei |i Pales line I.orella Swanner Net tie ton ( l.i t a Taylor Mack Oak Donald I. PiggOtt Myrtle Taylo Lake City (eannine Terrell Jonesboro Frank Thoma Coming Russell I he Osceola Sandra I home Marmaduke Frnest Lee Tibl Kingston, III. ( arey Tomlinsoi Memphis, Ten David lowle Victoria Carvil Trammel C harles Tranthan ft ' flW Wofnul rtmVr Fred Wagnet Manila Don Wallace lla nur Ridge Jimmy W allai e Pur ago uld Charles W. Ward Pat ma. Mo. Melvin Ward Piggott Ronald Ward forteshortt llillie (.. Watson Jonesboro Dexter West Mxlhevitle 82 SOPHOMORES vcy Q A U -V [ 11= Gail West Mil had Wot [ohn Whidden llarhara Whin- Ronald While Ronnie Whilworth Almon David Willnnki I ' ai Wilkiiu Scarry Weinet Jonesboro lanabaro Jimesboru Mariamm Keller Werner Keith W ills Gerald VVils Paragmild Jonesbora Mary Jane Wilsoi Elaine Wilthottg Robert J. Wimpy Pfirasould Jonesboro I Idon U i Fischer Mailha U I (J nrshoro James Wooldridgc Paragould Charles Woolf Creenway Nancy Worthy Marked Tret Nina Yarbrotigh James Zirkle r ' umann Jonesboro 83 HIGH ON THE TOTEM POLE FRESHMAN Gordon F. Atchison Dohby L. Avei Paragould Marlton, Mo Carol J. Vuvetuhire Bragg City, Mo. Noma llal l Robert L. Ha Portagevillc . Mo. Halcsvillr ii I Baile) Bhthevilfe Charles B, Bake Jotlcsboro _ Donald L. Baron Memphis. Tenn. (.rover Bailiei Monttte inn Bargei Adam 1 ' . Barnctt Jonesboro I lovd Bamlnll Naiitv j. Barrett finirshoro l.cona Favc Batei Campbell, Mr,. Vernon Bergman Mammoth Springs alt) Sue Bcrr (.ary H. Bevill Bhthrville James Bevill Blytheville lames 1 1 1 ■. t ; (.ilbert E. Bishcr Blytheville Jerry Lcc Bishop Recto, Doris Blough Kenneth Joe Blue fonesboro Poplar Bluff, Mo Donald C. Bluv Poplar Blu I. Mo. Carolyn A Bookoul Carulhrrnnllr. Mo. Freddie Boone Paragould Van D. Booth Hardy William M Bo Paragould C.erald Bounds fonesboro Keulien Bowden Mack Oak Jimmy Kay Bowlin liccch C,ror r 85 FRESHMAN |erry Branscu 11 lack Oak Joel W. Breeding Camden Joe G. Brewer Cardwelt, Mn. Freddie Ann Campbell Newport Phyllis E. Campbell Walnut Ridge Alva H. Caperto Steele, Mo. t. avion Caples Bono Printis Cartee Hayti, Mo. Carmen Carv Ulytheville R. S. Casev Ash Ha! Benjamin Catalano Caracas, Venezuela Jackie Dale Catt Knobei Joyce G. Chaffin Doniphan, Mo. Laver] Cheek Salem Mary Jo Cheek Salem Conley Christenberrv Cave City Doyle Clark Pleasant Plan Jerry Clarkson Patricia Ann Clay Colt Osceola Kelly D. Clark Pleasant Plains upon Arline Cooper Monette John M. Clark Trumami 8b FRESHMAN Chester G- ( " ravens Vudr.i Kayc Crawford Dexter, Mo. c.nmfihrll. Mo. It.ukii.i Ann Crcci Ro) Lee Crooi fonesbora Wendell ( rosb) Put ma. Mo. Jamei J ( rosthwa Osceola lid) Joe Crowd) Leac wille It rook sic Culver Maxnard, Mo. Manuel A. DeLaCruz William DeLoach [mogene Dcwailly William David Dickson Patsy Jean Diggs Caracas, Venezuela Trumann Lepanta Memphis, Term Cardwell, Mo. Wallace Dillard Trumann Maurinc DoMx Dell Jerry Donohu Jonesboro %m y ± Gary W. Downing Poriacevitle, Mo. Stanley Dow ning Portagevitte, Mo. Donald W. Duckworth Cerald Dudli Black Rock Weine Don Duke Jnnmv Rav Duke Jonesboro jonesboro Nolan Eckler Newport Ida Mae Ellis Luxora Scrivner H. Ennis Pocahontas Homer Eoff Memphis, Tenn Louis Cor F In ing Robert Eskridge Walnut Ridge Louise Falls Jonesboro l ' aul W. Falls Harrisburg 37 FRESHMAN Billy Joe Fisher Jonesboro Donald O. Fletcher Billy Dean Floyd Paragould Walnut Ridge Joe T. Ford Conway Taid " Sonny " Ford Francis F. Franks O ' Kean Mountain View Eddie J. French Fisher Gordon French Kennett. Mo. Thomas French Rector Donald Freppon Bald Knob Diana K. Fryer Jonesboro Bobby Fudge Batcsvillt Wilma Fuller Kennett. Mo. Ernest Funk Little Hock Gale S. Fuc|tia Jonesboro Phyllis Futrell Jonesboro Barbara Garner Lepantn Bettye Mae Garner West Ridge Bill v Garner Lake City John L. Garner Williford Gecil D. Gatewood Calvin George Pollard Blytheville John G. Gingerich Loretia Loy Girdle) Gerald Lee Glascoe Cotton Plant Etowah Osceola Roy L. Glass Margaret Glenn Doniphan, Mo. Fisher Edmund K. Goetze Gamaliel William Goodman Coming Sandra Gowen Datto Dale Graham Walnut Ridge Gale Graham Walnut Ridge Jan Graham Leachville Molly Jo Graham Newport Bob Gray Memphis, Tenn Velma Gray Black Rock Bobby G. Green Oil Trough Charles E. Green Trumann 88 FRESHMAN Billy Curtis Harris Poplar Blulf. Mo. Donald E. Harris James W, Ha lihthnnlle Earle Ronald L. Ha Earle Margaret Hart Manila Bolihy Hami James L Hawkins Jonrshnn West Helena Bnhhy Gene Hayes .v. Little Rack Mary E. Hester Marvin Higginboito Steele . Mo. Willi ord Charlotte Hill Marked Tree Donnie Hill Walnut Ridee Jack E. Hill Robert Hill Jonesboro Jonesboro Donald Hindman Richard Hipp llrookland Hhthevilte Leilani Hodge Jonesboro Calvin Hogga Paragould Carl Hohn Newport Crawford E. Holmes Virginia Holmes Bay Lepanto Irvin L. Horrcll Stella B, Householder Glenn C. Houston Trumami f ' ' - f Jearl F. Howard Shirley J. Howard Paragould Hives. Mo. Leon Howerton Paragould Glenn E. Hubb; Oil Trough Tommy Hubbard Mobile, Ala. Don Huckabee Detaplaine 89 FRESHMAN Don Hufstedler Alton, Mo. Charles Hughes Stuttgart James R. Hughes Florence, Ala. f.eorge E. Hunt Paragould Bobby C. ' lshmael Jonesbaro Marlin I). Jackson l ake Cilv c Ronald O. James Pocahontas Larry B. Johnson Leroy Johnson Jonesboro Walnut Ridge Jerry Johnston Monette Donald R. Jones Howard M. Jon Hannell, Mo, Linden Jones Leachvillr Mollie J. Jo Jonesboro Wendell [ones Palestine Wray H. Jones Batesville Noah Kec Jonesboro John keel Newport Carolyn kellev Star City Jim Kimberlin Jimtm Kimbrough Poplar Blufl Batesville Roland King Jimm) B. Kirkses Searcy Jonesboro Almus E. Laxson Jacquelyn Layton Forrest City Pine Blufl Chu Yong L ' ee Seoul, Korea John Leek Herbert E. Light Jerry Lincoln Wtrrtns Spring Hoxie Arbyrd, Mo. Alfred E. Lindsey Jonesboro Sammy Lingo Jonesboro Bobby Littlejohn £ar c Richard Livingston Jmboden James Lovell Earle James F. Maddox James Ray Maddox Paragould Fisk, Mo. C laude Manderson Alabama City, Ala. Charles F. Manly West Memphjs FRESHMAN Darcy Marcellini Patricia Marrei W. Memphis Cardwell Jim A, Mauey liatrsville Howard A. Masters Harrisburg fim Matties Jonesboro Charlei Ed Maui: Jonesboro Kenneth D. Mamx Jonesboro Rusty May Osceola Flora Mays Pocahontas Ka ia s Hector Jim W. Maze Billy Joe McAfee Christopher J. McAI Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wilson Swifton arroll M« Uistei Jonesboro James McAncar Jonesboro Don L. McCain Jonesboro Mary Sue McCall Walter Patrick McCarver Paul E. McCarty Jessie Mae Mc Daniel Leonard Mc Daniel lotimn McFalls Walnut Ridge Memphis, Tern,. Jonesboro Helena Paragould Pine Muff Raymond C. McGruder Harviell, Mo. James M. McKay Clarendon Wilma McKay West Memph W inston D. McKay West Memphis Albert H. McKcc liald Knob Allen McKnighi Parkin Bobby McMahan Sharion McVVi Ion Alice Mcathan Monette if Morris Meachan Batesvitle Is James C. Mehane Wynne Denver R. Meek limesboro John Kirby Meeks Trumann Ronnie Metcalf Shirley Lee Metcalf Leachville Howell Dora R Mille Beech Grout Kenneth T Miller Helena nhn H. Miller Ronnie M. Mill. Hernando, Miss. West Ridge Shirley Millie Pocahontas alll Dean Mills Trumann Kathryn Minick Jonesboro Ronald Mitchell Benny Moore Chesterlown, Ind. Hoxie Beverly Moot Jonesboro Charles E. Moore Blytheville Jimmy Lee Moore Blytheville Glenn F. Morgan Pine lih, ll Palsy J. Morgan Afoneffe Jake Morse Osceola Barhara Mm Senalh, Mo James R. Murdoch Aubrey E. Murray Paragould Neelyville, Mo. 91 FRESHMAN Shirley Naile Ketmett, Mo. Manna J. Nail Mark Oak Rol ert Niell Jonesboro Vincent Nolfe Spring Hill. Ala. Donald Norwood Jerry D. Nnnally Knobet Walnut Ridge Richard Null _ •- ' mm Carlo9 Peraza Bogota, Col. S. A. I oj Perkins Jonesboro Larry 1 ' errin (;loria Perry Weil Memphis Batch J. D. Persfull fjiex, Afo. James Pickens Jonesboro Carl Phillips Newport Troy Reeves Gadsden. Ala. Ben Reul Leachvillc Ernest Reschke Orion, Mich. Gifford Reynolds Myrtle, Mo. Carolyn A. Rice Jonesboro Calvin Rice ffarrisburg Donald Rice BixthcvilU 92 FRESHMAN llifford Richard Trumaun Rickev Urlaplamr Jolm Kdlihins TurrWf Donald R RhIm-iiv Afoynard James H. Roberts TYumann crry Robert tyarmadukr Mark Wayne Roberts Sonny Robert foneshoro Cadsden, Ala. George Ann Robinson Batesville Robby Robinson Memphis, Tenn. John Rol.i Jtwrslmr, Marilyn Robinson Jotirsboro Bmliiy Rodcn C:arolc Toni Roderick Newport Jonesboro Carolyn Roj I ' ara oula Klvin Bo c Roger. Hal Robert Dean Rorex Egyp Sandra Ruff Success Hi Hie Leon Rush Evening Shade Andy Rusnak. Holcornh, Mo, Xancy Rust Rector Lavern Ray Rutherford Net t let on Peggy kyan Para gnu! d Allen R%nearson K. Prairie, Mo Anna J. Smith Smithville Anne L. Smith Newport Smith [t lack Rock 93 FRESHMAN Marvin Sowell Sherry Sparks Searcy Blytheville Gary Sprinkle Evansville, Ind. Sharon Stafford Portageville, Mo. Martha Stalling George G. Staples Jonesboro Charleston. Mo. Leon Statler Walnut Ridge Joe Lewis Stauffer Doniphan, Mo. John Talbott Edith Talburi Maynard Jonesboro Nasri Antonio Tarud ilarranquilla, Columbu Fmanuel Tarver Tulot Mary Lou Tate Neelyville, Mo. Adam Taylor Blytheville Hetty Joe J ; Searcy Billv Ray Tavlor Imboden Billy Thompson Parkin Norma Tucker Oil Trough Frederick Turner Jonesboro William R. Tumey Jonesboro Melba Van Allmen West Plains, Mo. 34 FRESHMAN Jerry Wallers Leighlon Ware Chester Warnuk Lester Warnuk Bobby Watkins Lavclla Watkins Robert Watkini Roger Watkins Paragould Bono Hoxie Hoxie Jonesboro Nettleton Jonesboro Bono Samuel West Terry West Betty Whiteside Neal Whitlatch Larry Whitney Rudolph Whiteside Oearl Williams Grady Williams Blytheville Memphis, Term. Mammoth Spring Trumann Mt. Morris. Mich. Wilson Black Oak Memphis. Term. John W. Williams Larry Williams Robert Willis Harold Willmuth Arthur B. Wilson Ray Wilson [oan Wilson James E. Wimberlev Searcy Jonesboro Caruthersville. Mo. Strawberry Lake City Junction City Osceola Blytheville James Fay Wood Joe Wood Lawrence Wood John W. Woodruff Junior Lee Wycoff |- als y Yarbro Callie Yates Robert Yates Jonesboro Paragould Jonesboro C.rawjordsville Marmadukc Bhlhevilte Monette Wilson 95 FRESHMEN (.cm- York |ancl Jonnbnm Second Semester Students Margrhea sh l.. k Norma Vshahra Imlmdni BaltSvilU Kielvn Allc llatesvillr |im Bailey |n Ann Baker Tin lift mail l.earlii ' illr inn Uarha O ' Kean Oar) Batten Paraeauld Cecil Wayne lie 1 1 Richard Bensoi fours! Ci Y Chicago, III. Ruin Berry lnlf Collect Eugene Clayton H arde I, Mo. Ruby Coffey Searcv I.oretta Daughertv Mai maduke C. IV Davis l eanna Davidsi Jimesboto lirrcli Gvoiv Frankie DeFries Mnnctlr John Ellington Carmelita Ferguson Pinlni ' rvillr Ash Flat 9b Second Semester Students Bill) I Hum Bragg City, M» Herman ' acksoi Dexter, Mo. Darrell JiiImimhi Kennelt, Mo. Dudle) Johnson y I amber( H. fan: Pocahontas Kenneth Newport Kenneth King Rector Itill Lainhersoi Dexter. Mo. Jo Ann Lane) Osceola Kill Lemmons Bilk Gene Lewi Pocahontas Manila Clarence H. Lucas Robert (.cue Madh I.uxora (iravette Pauline Mathia Jonesboro Shell)) l Vdams l.earhvillr i homai M( m ■ ' ' ' Augusta Ronnie Lee McCormick Arbyrd, No. l omnn Meredith Harrisbu rg Jerr) Me then) Harrisbure James V Moon Muthena Najseri Walnut Ridge Baghdad, Iraq i.i i .1 Nettles ffolcomb, Mo, ( Ion. hi iu kles C ' araii ' flv i Itttrman Nuckles Caraway Verha C. uir Nettleton l aniel O ' Dcll Ben Oglesl)) Jonesboro Parkin Hi 1 1 Phillips I nomas Phillip- Pata tuld Mttheirille Charles Powell Neelyvilte, Mo. Geneva Redwi Paragould David Rogers Jonesboro Alhert Stoti .-li W. Mo. Ra) Skinner Franklin Smith l.rachville Sam Smith 7 " i rAf » r jari Lloyd Stetzer Jonesboro l|)h.i Stotts I.r panto Harold Stroud SfrWr, Afo. h ester Summiti Paragould Ada Lou Taylor Sharlene I hrelkeld Jonesboro Manila Beverl) Vogel HVW Memphis Waller Walker Jesse (). Wan! Portageville, Ma Glcndon U oi I « ► W alnut Ridge Glen da Weslc) Rrr tor Herlwri White Irk Jerr) Whitworth Blythexiille Freddie Widner Pnmvoulil ulnit William Maiden, Mo. Mar) I ou U ilh. Mo. linlon Ra) Willia Sherrill lli IK | Wood Mimi fl HilK Wright Strawberry Raymond Xachn HlMllrvWr •3 ORGANIZATIONS AGRICULTURE CLUB Norman Arnold Walter Bailey Gary Bevill vs 1 ym Mm J. N. Bickerstaff J. A. Blalock James Bourland Paul Burrow Bill Carroll Prentice Cartee ... ' Bill Clark Bill Crabtree John Darter Mr. James Davenport Ed Davis Larry Davis afB t m HA- -A Jfil f Joe Estes T. M. French Donald Freppon John Garner A. G. Gibson Ray H albert T - r ' ♦ y Mm Robert Hardin Wayne Hartsfield Jerry Honey Charles Howard Raymond Howe Bill Jennings fi Clarence James Wendell Jones Y. B. Jones Tommy Lessenberry James Lovell Oren Mangrum IF p. Ronnie Metcalf Ed Moore John Moore Raymond Mullican Freddie Mullins Bill Murphy fv- 1 % Dr. Olin Nail Jose Noriega Wayne Norwood James Orr Allen Poe A. G. Schug mi Charles Smallwood Bill Smith Eugene Stillions Jack Swytrs Wayne Taylor Melvin D. Underwood Gene Waddell Lowell Washburn Darrell Williamson Charles Woolf Monroe Young Jim Zirkle FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row, left to right: Dr. Olen N til. |erry Morgan, Jerry Hone) Jimm) Good win, Miles Collier. Millard Goff. Not Shown: Bill Maxwell, James On Second row: Edgar Stowers, Charles Woolf, Bill Crabtree, Avon Adams. L. V. Bryant, Wilbur Estes, Chestei ( ravens, Wayne Hartsfield, Raymond Mullican Earl Wainstott, Charles Smallwood. Third row: Eugene Stillions, Jack Swyers, Paul Burrow, Bobby Hix, Printess ( artei Joe 1). Cammill J { r ra r rrr n S f 1 4 . 7 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Seated, left to right: Darlene Long. Mary Jane Wilson, Beth Cooper, Mary Rogers Brown, Adviser Standing: Margaret Pitts, Jeanette Cow- ard, Mary Lou Pylant, Bobbye Hydrick, Rhoda Rhonnenberg, Earline Rahm, Elou- ise Houston, Joan Miller, Carolyn Rogers, Imogene Hood, Elaine Wilthong, Irma Jean Beavers, Catherine Hochstetler, Doris Blough INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Left to right: Jose Sabat, James Sulcer, Mr. Cooper, Dr. Huitt, Dr. Konold, Miss Delano, L. A. Knight, Carlos Peroza, Jep Futrell, Mrs. Graham, Miss Hurley, Vic Adams, Ben Catalano, Eloise Cantrell, Bert Sulcer, Eolem Elrod, Bill Taylor, Nasri Tarud HISTORICAL SOCIETY Left to right: David Amos, Miss Hurley, Miss Delano, Mr. Cooper, Jose Peroza, Charles Kawakami, Eloise Cantrell, Jep Futrell, Mary Ella Graham, Jose Sabat, William Deere, Eolem Elrod, Dr. Huitt. Dr. Konold PRE-LAW CLUB Seated: Mr. Robert Cooley, Forrest Wal- lace, Earl Gadberry, Rice L. Van Ausdall Standing: Bill Henderson, Ben Branch, James Sulcer, Don Abernathy, Jimmy Cummings BUSINESS CLUB Front row: Lewis Amis, Bill Swan, Ina Lee Wiles, Jack Hudson, Dr. Carrothers Second row: Joe Perdyock, Jerry Craw- ford, John Martin, Cliff Mayo, Reed Morton. Tom Yancy, Ness Sechrest, Dean Nelson Manuel De La Cruz, Chu Yong Lee. Jose Xariega, Jose Florez. Ben Catalano, Nasair Tarud, Jose Sabat FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front row: Mr. W. L. Smith, Mary Cas- ner, Carrie Solano, Bonnie Anderson, Katy Pat Richardson, Don Brooks Second row: Elwanda Thomas, Donna Newsom, Myrtle Dunn, Pat Wilkins, Ja- nell Shride, Katherine Ramsey, Jeannine Terrell Back row: Eloise Cantrell, David Amos, Barbara Garner, Elaine Schnautz, Shirley Cozort. MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Vestel Dean, Dr. H. C. Huitt, Louis Trav- is, Guy Whitney, Marion Berry, Leon W ilson, Blan Stout, Richard Essman, Em- mett Pipkin, Boyce Bowden, Jim Lewis Alan l ' oe, Noah England, Haul White, Gene Waddell, Bill Carroll, L. H. Hoch- stetler, Jerry Arnold WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row: Sue Rodgers, Bonnie Tidwell, Man Lou Bowling, Monda Duvall, Jes- sica Perry, Imagene DeWailly, Katy Pat Richardson, Jo Ella Thompson. Second row: Rena Lou Dobbs, Rhoda Ronnenburg, Mary Lou Tate, Barbara Creecy, Shirle) Howard. Gracie Noblin. Louise Ermert Third row: Miss Evelyn Prescott, Charline I idwell, Shirley Cozort, Carolyn Davis, Wilma Fuller, Faye Bateman, Carol Mc- leod. Mrs. McPike - A PEMM CLUB Seated, left to right: Jane Pagan, Wilma Williams (Co-Presidents) , Jack Goodman, Jessica Perry, Monda Duvall, Gail West. Gracie Fry Noblin, Shirley Howard. Man Lou Bowling, Jo Ella Thompson Standing: Robert Blue, Don Yarbrough, Calvin McAlexander, Freeman Clover Gene Van Deven, Dale Freeman, Carroll Ring, Bill Bradshaw, Imogene Dewaillev. Jim Austin, Margaret Cole, Pete Nelms, Charles Brooks, Bob Shaw, Donald O ' Reane. Bob Howard, Billy Mayo SQUARE DANCE CLUB First row, left to right: Fred Salzman, Ernestine I albert, jane Pagan, Floyd Perrin, Norman Arnold, Gladys McPike Second row: James " Punk " Avery, Wilma Williams, Finis Burns, Ida Ellis, Bonnie Tidwell, Rhoda Ronnenburg, Garnet Mc- Daniel, Donald Vancel. I ' liird row: Guy Brinkley, Mary Lou Tate, Jerry Walters, Faye Crawford, Bob How- ard. Bilk Mayo. THE " A " CLUB First row: Bill Davidson, Frank Proctor David East, Fred Wagner, Bob Howard Billy Mayo, Don Brooks. Carl Lacy Second row: J. C. Anthony, Grover Bar ham, Gerald Chappie, R. L. Grassmeyer Tom Kent, J. C. McMinn, Dick Hilburn Third row. Darrel Arnold, Ray Robak Paul Frets, Greg Thomason, Frank Far ella, Pat McCarver, Bill Templeton, Horn er Eoff THE DRILL TEAM Frotit row. Capt. Parker, Brooks, Bour- land, Meharg, P. Bednar, Shauffelberger, Burkett, Sgt. Stromert Second row. May, T. Hayes, Seymour, W ' eddington, Beard, Spurgers, Poe Third row. Stricklin, J, Hays, Cole. Tibbs, Roberts. Needham, Johnson fourth row. Catt, Tyus, Womack, Sims, Halbert, Zirkle Fifth row. Green, Hill, Caldwell, Hancock, Dovle, D. Bednar. R. Bednar WOMEN ' S RIFLE TEAM Kneeling: Lloyd Brewer, Sgt. Lawrence Thomas, Coaches Standing: Barbara Creely, Jesse McDaniel, Faye Bateman, Ann Corkill, Peggy Zook SCABBARD AND BLADE Front row: Paul Hanshaw, Birchard Rob- erts, Thomas E. Green, Lad Logan, Er- inon Richmond, Jim Cummings. Second row: Keith Spurgers, Rice Van Ausdall, Miles Collier, Gene Foreman, Ness Sechrest, Gene Freeman Third row: Carl Lacy, Monroe Young Charles Shaver, Jerry Morgan. Don Bow- lin. Fourth row: Capt. Frank McNeese, Oren Mangrum, Bobby Porter, Dave Camp, Paden Neeley, Van Russell, Col. Frank Ratliff THE PERSHING RIFLES CLUB Front row: Norris Weddington, Harold Meharg, Don Abernathy, Eugene Han- cock, Jerry Caldwell Second row: Buddy Hayes, David Frank- lin, Thomas Cole, Don Brooks, Andrew Bednar Third row: John B. May, Capt. Frances B. Boeckman, James Bullington. Ray Hal- bert, Major John T. Southerland. .Man Poe, Sgt. Roy E. Stromert MENS RIFLE TEAM Front row: Jessie Stewart, Charles Files, Roy K. Spurgers, Birchard Roberts, Char- les Phillips Second row: Parker A. Poe, James W. Smith, Sgt. Robert E. Pettengell, Coach, Charles G. Freeman, Capt. Frank J. Mc- Neese, Alfred Pipkin, John Garner THE NEWMAN CLUB First row: Carrie Solano, Liz Hartley, Bell Martin, Elizabeth Bednar, Verna Lee Hurst Second row: Ben C.atalano, Da id Bednar. Jose Sabat, Bob Tackas, Nasari Tarud Third row: Ray Rabak, Joe Perdzock, Bob Gray, I ' at McCarver, Tom Kent WESLEY FOUNDATION Seated: Logan Cothern, Winifred Hare. President; Tommy Yancey, Secretary and Treasurer; Jim Keith, Wanda Covington, Jeannine Terrell, Regenia Watson, and Dr. Homer Huitt. Sponsor Standing: Mrs. Burke, Thelma Pressley. Diana Cate, Phyllis Campbell, Ima James Carol Kay Williams, Willard Womack, Vice President, Jim Beard, Y. B. Jones, Bill Jacobs, Bill Smith. Margaret Hart. Anna Smith. Maurine Dobbs. n £3 THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Sealed on floor: Ottalene Jones, Katy Pat! Richardson, Elwanda Thomas, Hortense Eason. Sealed. left to right: Yvonne Cray- Myrtle Dunn, Barbara Garner, Shirley Metcalf, James Reed, Sut McCall. Norma Babb, Caroiyn Davis, Peggy Cole, Betty Kennedy, Barbara Creecy. Front row standing, left to right: Donna Sue New- som, Janice Walquist, Jean Laughing house, Elouise Houston, Mary Casner, Claudine Hawkins. Louise Rosenbaum. Gloria I ' erry. Oren Mangrum, Doss Reed. Marie Hall! Betty Callahan. Paul CTilp Jim Caldwell. Hark row: Phylis Futrell Phylis Bennett, Joel Breeding, Raymond Mulligan, Darrell Gene Williamson, Gay Darter. John Darter. Jesse McNeil. James Bourland, Richard Essman, Frank Hay- good. Jim Lewis. Croup on right end: Talmadge Nuggent. Dan I hreet. John Garner, Jim Fields FRENCH CLUB First row, left to right: Plunkett, Camp- bell, McCall, rrinkans, Pasmore, Bell Pasmore, Bowdon, Johnson, Hurst, Hamp ton, Bennett, Hindman. Second row. Stallings, Herndon, Eckler. Adams, Bullington, Hughes, Ashley, I ' d son. Files, Collard, Leach, Whidden, Lem- on. May, Wilson, Cureton, Holmes. Harris GERMAN CLUB First row, left to right: Gilbert Taylor, Elizabeth Bednar, Or. I ' asmore. Jerr Morgan. James Buffington Second row: Tom Manning. Charles Sh.i ers, James Robert Taylor, Jerr Strick- land, Robert Eppley, Huston Spence Phillip Bedner GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB First row: James Blankenship Cletis El- Imghouse, John Pasmore, John Sellars Second row: Cecil Adams, Roy Pearrow, Donn.e Tudor, Harry Matson, Roy Riley, Bob Kern, Instructor The A.S.C. Band has been a feature attraction at all our home football games. Under the direction of Mr. Donald Minx, it has done an outstanding job and it deserves the thanks of all of us for a job well done THE MARCHING BAND THE MAJORETTES — Evelyn Carlton, Barbara Mumma, Loretta Langforcl, Norma Johnson. THE ARKASTATESMEN front row: Bill Jacobs, Lindy Coop, So nny Ashby, Robert Yates, Charles Ras- berry, Don Bailey, Eddie Goetz, Nathan Newby. Second row: Joe Brewer, Richard Rusnak, Gary Brewer, Franklin Haygood, Joe Peril zock, Pharis Edwards, John Whidden. Hack row: Charles Butler, Wayne Castle- berry, John Brewer, Bob Schriver, Jerry Roberts, Jim Bell, Accompanist, Jo Ann Chandler THE ASC SINGERS front row: Wilkins, Jones, Gate, Worthy Covington, Hill, Files, Campbell, Bell Smith, Robinson, Newsom. Second row Mattix, Holt, McCaskill, White, McLeod, Reng. Newsom, Tomlinson, Kelley, Cope- land, Welch, Johnston, Robinson ' . Third row: Jacobs, Bailey, Brewer, Winemiller Castleberry, Edwards, Brewer, Whidden Bailey. Back row: Courtney, Ashby, Ras- berry, Butler, Haygood, Schriver, Brewer Roberts. Bell, Coop. THE WEDNESDAY CHOIR This group of women meet on Wednes- day afternoon and sing for the love of singing. Their group is small and re- quires no special talent to be a member. THE ARKETTES Left to right: Dr. Duane Haskell. Barbara White, Jane Files, Helen A. Hale, Diane Cate, Mildred Johnson, Shirley Newsome, Norma Jean Smith, Carolyn Jo Kelly. Charlotte Hill, Polly Welch. Marilyn Rob- inson, Nancy Worthy, Accompanists - Ruth Graber, Wanda Covington THE DANCE BAND First row: Howard Bahr. Don Minx. H;i rv Gee. J. D. McDonald, Larry Bradley Second row: Noah Kee, Robert Wit miller, Floyd Barnhill, Lindy Coop, M;i vin Sovvell. James Maze. Lloyd Langfoi Bobby Hayes PRESS CLUB First row, left to right: Charles Rasberry Mary Fiances Lee, Gail Messersmith, Pa tricia Clay, Jeanette McCaskill, Ruth Lindsey, Gene Foreman, Tom Blagg Second row: Jack Calkins, James C. Blank- cnship, Billy Thomas, Clinton Baker. Charles Compton, Louis Cureton. Don Weir Third row: Dale Rickman, K. T. Miller. Lloyd Brown. Gene Foster, Cletis Stanfill. Jim Barden, Ron Kaiser, Ness Schrest 4 Social Organizations Floyd Barnhil l Jerry Blackwood Donnle Bowlin Phil Bridger ,« ... if Bill Burnett Robert Cantrell Gerald Chappie Howard Cissell Logan Cothern Dalton Farmer Gene Foreman JtM jfM tm m Gene Foster Paul Frets Dick Hilburn Bill Jennings ri fit 4 1 J. C. McMinn Morris Meacham Bill Merritt Jim Miller PI KAPPA ALPHA DELTA THETA CHAPTER V t! ' Gene Roberts Jeff Sandy Marvin Sowell Bill Swan Vernon Williams Winford Williams Bob Winemiller Bobby Bacon Pledge JSl Jf fc MuJi John Ellington Pledge Jimmy Grooms Pledge Larry James Pledge Tom McFalls Pledge Pi -V 1 Billy Phillips Pledge Paden Neely Preident 1st semester W. W. Nedrow Faculty Adviser Frank Keel Roland King Ted Mann Lee Massey CI John Morton Bob Parker Joe Perdzock Eddie Rainey f S VA fill 4il Harold Thomas Jack Thorpe Don Wier Dave Wilbanks HHSHSESS89BHHHS -- ' fVl 1 T James Billings Billy Compton Bobby G. Davis Gary Downing Pledge Pledge f3. Pledge 1 1 Jim Mossey Joe McCormick Lyndell Orsborn Larry Pegrim Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Wayne Price Pledge Robby Robinson Pledge Fred Wagner Robert Cooley Pledge Faculty Mary Bell Allen Mary Lee Bearden Barbara Bolin Carolyn Bookout Barbara Brewer Margaret Burge Betty Callahan Lulu B. Chandler ALPHA GAMMA DELTA SORORITY EPSILON ZEfUtHAPTER Mary Lou Cole Caro! Copeland Pat Cross Polly Deer June Disinger Sarah Dunlap Jane Files Carlena Huffman Martha Johnson Loretta Langford Joan Lemmons Barbara McMullan Doris McPherson Geraldine Naile Shirley Naile Earline Rahm Phyllis Swindle Etta Lee Thomas Joan Cooper President Carolyn Sechrest Vice President Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Sponsor Margaret Pitts Laura Plunkett Phyllis Pratt Arda Tomlinson Jane Urie Barbara Walker Polly Welch Patsy Wilcoxsin Martha A. Wood Peggy Bennett Pledge Joan Chandler Maurine Dobbs Hortense Eason Pledge Pledge Pledge Barbara Mumma Pledge SIGMA PHI EPSILON ARKANSAS GAMMA CHAPTER At Donald Bailey Cecil Brickell Crales Breeding Joel Breeding Jtf AY if Bill Keith Jim Keith Bob Kittrell George Lemon Mtk irk J k Bill Clark David Duvall Jeptha Futrell Kenneth Hurst mfM 4 Winston May Harold Meharg Bill Murphy Frank Nettles Jim Sulcer Lowell Washburn Victor Adams President 2nd Semester Eugene Sti I lions President 1st Semester Donald Bruns Faculty Adviser John Whidden Charles Wineland George Broughton Pledge t f. Doyle Clark Pledge Kelly Clark Pledge Stanley Downing Pledge Robert Ellington Pledge d Gordon French Neil Gregory Pledge Pledge James Hayes Harold McDaniel Pledge Pledge Dacy Marcellini Pledge Rusty May Pledge Ronnie Miller Thurman Nuckles Pledge Pledge J Daniel O ' Dell Pledge 1iM diM diM Robert Pelts John S. Robbins Clint Shutfield Jim Stallings Don Toombs Ernest Upshaw Gene York Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Beth Cooper Peggy Copelin Jo Edwards v j Vv Charlene Hurd Nora N. Jackson Alice Lee Jarvis Mary Lou Beard Sissy Bednar Diane Bibb Mary C. Buck Jean Burton Evelyn Carlton Lavetra Cavenor Martha Cooke ALPHA OMICRON PI SORORITY SIGMA OMICRON CHAPTER Lii Hartley Sharon Hendrix Ann Hindman Molly Jones Dot Kinman Rose Kinman Jackie Layton Jessie McDaniel Sharon McWilliams Pat Hurst Vice President Mrs. Paul Couch Sponsor Marilyn Reng Ann Rice Ann Robinson Ina Lee Wiles President Sarah Mattix Jean Mayo Gail Osborn Toni Roderick Sue Shewmake Ann Smith » C Carol Williams Nina Yarbrough Anna L. Collint Barbara DaVault Pledge Pledge mm Sara Gage Wilma McKay Wilma Williams Pledge Pledge Pledge Joan Wilson Pledge sigma pi mmm FRATERNITY ZETA TAU ZETA CHAPTER M Don Abernathy Hershel Austin James Avery Alphus Barfoot Cecil Jernigan Carl Lacy Lloyd Langford Billy Mayo c Ronald Proctor Benny Pulliam Richard Ralph Joe Rauls Alfred Morotti Benny McAfee Ness Sechrest Bill Shaneyfelt James|Statler Gaylon Staples Darryl Taylor Russ Thomason Rice Lee VanAusdall President Dexter West Waymon Williams Everett Woodruff Charles Bramlett Pledge Forrest Wallace Charles Ward ft HI Robert E. Doyle Pledge Uon Dunn Pledge Charlie Frankum Vice President W rat ™ !• ■ V Don Green Billy Harris Pledge Pledge Don Mindman James R. Hughes Pledge Pledge Ronald Metcalf James L. Miles Pledge Pledge John Southerland Faculty Adviser Gilbert Taylor Pledge James R. Taylor Clinon Williamson Pledge Pledge John Woodruff Bob Ferralasco Pledge Faculty Helen Ann Hale Polly Handley Donna L. Housley PHI MU FRATERNITY EPSILON DELTA CHAPTER Joan Hughes Verna Lee Hurst Millie Johnstor Suetta Ray Jones Ruth Lindley Alice Maddux Shirley Million Shirley Newsom Mary Lou Pylant Joann Raines Elaine Schnautz Carolyn Slayton Louise Thompson Carolyn Trinkaus Pat Wilkins Kathryn Graham Vice President Betty Bell President Mildred Vance Sponsor Jimmie Lee Clara V. Taylor Moore Strickland Ginger Wineland Peggy Zook Ann Corkill Pledge Harrie L. Jennings Jean Johnson Pledge Pledge Marcia Heatherly Jan Holmes Pledge Pledge Belle Martin Pledge Carolyn Mays Pledge Ann Nunnally Karen Ray Pledge Pledge TAU KAPPA EPSILON Don Huckabee Pledge James Hutson Pledge George M. Peek Faculty Adviser James Schimrning Carey Tomlinson Pledge Pledge Lewis Amis Faculty F. W. Pasmore Faculty - r -r— . i k L. W. Plunkett Faculty Frank Ratliff Faculty J. A. Tomlinson Faculty The Association Of Independent Students Norman Arnold Frances F. Franks Sherma Sanders Faye Bateman Jim Bell Lloyd Brewer Lehman Burrow Shirley Cozort Jerry Cunningham Rena Lou Dobhs John Garner Margaret Glenn Hazel Haynes Graple Moye Carolyn Pettyjohn James Riggs Buddy Roden Jerry Shaufelbergerjim Stallings Eugene Vaughn Fred Wagner Monroe Young Mr. Louis Kaiser Mr. Howard Bahi Sponsor Sponsor Curtis Blatz Jack Calkins Scrivner Ennis Wilbur Estes Tom French Henry G sen wend Clifford Mayo Hon Norwood Max islam I rank .Smith Jim Sulcer Bill Swan Bill Taylor Donald Vancil John Ed Cramer Fatuity Adviser VETERANS CLUB ONS AND HONORARIES Herald 111 cfl The Herald is a project of the Journalism classes. Students do the work from writing the copy to printing the paper. Many of its former editors are in newspaper work as a profession The Sports Editors — Calkins and Harden. Editor Foreman uses a red pencil Tex also prepares a little copy Copy must be proofread 133 mmm stiff a The Editors: Beth Cooper and Marilyn Reng. The Business Manager: John Morton. Laura Beth Plunkett Freshman Class Editor Charley Thornton, Sports Editor The Photographers: Jim Caldwell and Wayne Henry The Editors at work. mmwm m The Student Government Association is made up of fifteen officers elected by the student body. They have promoted a number of worthwhile projects and do a line job of representing the student body. Eleanor Lane, Sponsor; Billy Joe Davis, 1st Vice Pres.; Ness Sechrest, President; Carlena Huffman, 2nd Vice President. FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Billv Compton. Ann Rice, Roland King. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Charles Frankum. Bob Parker rv I);i is S.G.A. ' s elected officers. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil is the co-ordinating group for sorority activi- ties on the campus. Each sorority has two repre- sentatives to the council. Seated: Betty Bell, Joan Cooper, Ina Lee Wiles Standing: Jo Edwards, Arda Tomlinson, Sarah Dunlap. Marilyn Reng, Carolyn Trinkaus, Shirlev Newsom. THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Left to right: Lowell Washburn. Eugene Stillions, Charles " Skippy " Mooney, Dean Robert Moore, Don- nie Bowlin, Paden Neely, Don Aber- nathy, Gary Brewer, Rice Lee Van Ausdall. The I.F.C. is the body responsible for co-ordinating the affairs of the National Fraternities. Two representatives from each fraternity compose the membership of the council. THE ARKASTATERS The Arkastaters is a service organization. They render varied services to the college and the student body. Their largest contribution is in the conduct of elections and en- tertaining visitors on the cam- pus. i Arkastaters — Front row: Gene Foreman, John Morton, Jo Edwards, Nathan Newby, Betty Bell, Phyllis Pratt. Second row: Rice Lee Van Ausdall, J. W. Green, Jane Urie, Donna Grimm, Mary Casner, Walter Bailey. Third row: Jack Welch, Eddie Barber, Charles Frankum, Jeannine Terrell, Y. B. Jones, Vic Adams, James Bourland, Monroe Young. A. W. S. COUNCIL A.W.S. Seated: Suetta Ray, Bonnie McConnell, Wilma Williams, Ina Lee Wiles, Betty Kennedy, Beth Cooper, Barbara McMullan, Jo Ann Raines, Arda Tornlinson. Standing: Carlena Huffman, Sue Fitzgerald, Carolyn Getson The Association of Women Students deals with the things that effect the everyday lives of our women students. They are primarily responsible for dormitory regulations and so- cial affairs. PI OMEGA PI First row: Ida Nell Jarrell, Thelma Pressley, Winifred Hare, Jean Laugh - inghouse, M. Sue Shewmake, Gail Os- borne. Patsy Hurst Second row: Corinne May, Carolyn Trinkaus, Verna Lee Hurst, Mary Allen, Doris Dodson, Diane Bibb Third row: Jo Edwards, Sandra Thome, Doris McPherson, Shelba Lea, Anita Wadley, Betty Porter. Karlene Red- man, Joan Cooper Standing: M. Reggie Sims, R. L. Fer- ralasco. Robert Martin, Jane Urie. Herbert Crites, Ralph Johnson, Rena Dobbs. C. C. Carrothers, Katherine Green r ( r% c KAPPA PI First row: Helen Ann Hale, Alan Powell, James Lynch. Mrs. Pasmore. Wanda Heaton. Wayne Newsome Second row: Eolen Elrod, Carmen Cary, Richard Toombs. Maurine Dobbs. Morris Maupin, Dianna Fryer, Molly Graham, Leilani Hodge, Lavetra Cave- nor. PI GAMMA Mil First row: left to right: Mrs. Mary Brown. Gene Foreman, E. W. Onstead. Doris McPherson. Dr. Homer Huitt. Mr. Lewis Amis, Miss Clarissa Delano, Dr. D. F. Pasmore Second row, left to right: Rice Lee Van Ausdall, Nye Lottie Garner, Mrs. Rosa mond Carlson, Mary Casner, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Mr. Edgar Kirk, Mr. Lloyd Haring Third row: Mr. Robert Cooley, Mrs. Kawakami, Jessie McNiel, Charles Ras- berr . Mr. Durward Cooper. KAPPA DELTA PI Sealed: Miss Lillian Barton, Doris Mc- pherson, Charles Kawakami, Jane Urie. Beverly Walker Standing: Dr. E. F. Northern, Katy Pat Richardson, Mr. W. L. Smith, Jo Ann Rains, Sarah Mattix, Phyllis Pratt, Dorothy Gregson, Donna Newsoin, Sue Shewmake BETA BETA BETA Seated: Miss Flodell Ap- pleton, Dr. W. W. Ned- row, Gilbert W. Taylor, Jessie McNeil. Wayne Hartsfield Standing: Sonny Roberson, Donna Grimm, Gary Brew- er, John Whidden, Mari- lyn Reng, Bill Collard, Don Berry ALPHA PSI OMEGA Seated: Morris Maupin, Billy Inman, Peggy Copelin, Norma Johnson, Bill Leach, Mr. Richard Meyer Standing: Winston May, Herbert Shultz, Eddie Barber, James Lynch •1 . •.;; ' " •• ' ' ■ ' •8 1 . ' ••«. • ? • .•• • ) _• . t • • . . 3 TOM BLAGG Little Rock, Ark. Major — Journalism Minor — Military Science Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Football (3 yrs.) ; Press Club; Arkastaters; " A " Club; Editor of " Herald " ; S.G.A.; ROTC Regimental Commander. ijj,........,..,, ,. « JOAN COOPER Cooter, Missouri Major — Business Education Minor — History Activities — Who ' s Who in American College and Univ.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; W.A.A., Pres.; All-Greek Council, Sec; Ark. Recreation Assn. of College Women, Pres; Panhellenic, Pres.; Ark. Board of Women Officials. ROBERT C. CANTRELL Caruthersville, Missouri Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Business Club; Dis- tinguished Military Student; Advanced Mili- tary Club. RICHARD ESSMAN Fort Smith, Ark. Major — English Minor — Military Science Activities: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univ.; B.S.U., Pres.; Fellowship Club; ASC Singers; French Club; Distinguished Military Student. PATSY HURST Monette, Arkansas Major — Business Education Minor — Social Science Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Alpha Omicron Pi. V. Pres.; Pi Omega Pi. Pres.: Business Club. GENE FOREMAN Wabash, Arkansas Major — Journalism Minor — Political Science Activities — Who ' s Who in American College 1 and Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade: Press Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Arkastaters, Pres.; Soph. Class Pres.; S.G.A. WAYNE HARTSFIELD Searcy, Arkansas Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Military Science and Science tivities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and iiv.; Agri Club; Tri-Beta; F.F.A.; B.S.U.; Ad. need Military Club; Distinguished Military udent. DORIS Mcl ' HERSON Bragg City, Missouri Major — Accounting Minor — Economics and Social Science Activities — Alpha Gamma Delta; Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1955; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Pi Gamma Mu, Pres.; Pi Omega Pi, V. Pres.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univ.; Asst. Editor of " Indian. " 1955; Interna- tional Relations Club; Business Club. JACK G. HUDSON Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Social Science and Economics Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; V-Pres., Treas.; Inter-Fraternity Council. Pres.; Business Club. Treas.; Annual Staff; All-Greek Council; AOPi Sponsor. Y. B. JONES Bragg City, Missouri Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Science cti vities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Jniv.; Agri Club; F.F.A. Club: Arkastaters; fudging Team. CHARLES KAWAKAMI Jonesboro, Arkansas Major — Social Science Minor — English Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Historical Society; B.S.U.; Mo dern Lan- guage Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Delta Pi. Pres. WILLIAM M. KEITH. JR. Hot Springs, Ark. Major — Biology Minor — Social Science Vctivities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pres. CARL L. LACY Carruthersville. Mo. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Activities — Sigma Pi; Scabbard : Blade; Track; W ho ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Uni . PADEN NEELEY Jonesboro, Ark. Major — Accounting Minor — Military Science Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas.; Business Club; Scabbard .- Blade; Distinguished Military St mlent. SUE ELDER Blytheville, Ark. Major — English Activities — Who ' s Who in American Colleges Phi Mil; Dramatics. CHARLES L. RASBERRY Paragould, Arkansas Major — Journalism Minor — English vities — Freshman Class, Pres.; Outstanding hman ROTC Cadet; Outstanding ROTC d Medal (2) ; Band; ASC Singers; ROTC: larship Wreath; Choir; Mu Phi Sigma; astatesmen; Editor of " Herald " ; Press Club; o ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ. JANE URIE Fisher, Ark. Major — Business Education Minor — Education Activities — Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec, Treas.; Pi Omega Pi, Sec; Treas.; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Arkastaters; B.S.U.; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ. NESS SECHREST Poplar Bluff, Missouri Major — Business Administration Minor — Military Science Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Sigma Pi; S.G.A., Pres.; Football (1 yr.) ; Scabbard Blade; ROTC Reg. Commander; Business Club. EUGENE L. STILLIONS Earle, Arkansas Major — Agriculture Education Minor — Science and Military Science ities — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Agri Club; L; All-Greek Council; Who ' s Who in Amer. ;ges and Universities. INA LEE WILES Jonesboro, Arkansas Major — Business Education Minor — English Edtication Activities — Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges and. Univ.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. (2); AWS Coun cil, Pres. and V-Pres.; Panhellenic, Pres. and V.Pres.; Pi Omega Pi; Homecoming Queen, ' 55; PiKA Dream Girl ' 55; Outstanding Soph. Girl Award; Arrow Staff; S.G.A.; Business Club. JIM TURLEY Bald Knob, Arkansas Major — Physical Edtication Minor — Education Activities — Football (4 yrs.); Who ' s Who Amer. Colleges and Univ. SWEETHEART OF SIGMA PI ANNA LEE COLLINS CARLENA HUFFMAN LORETTA LANGFORD SUE FITZGERALD HOMECOMING COURT ACTIVITIES The Queen and her court Loretta Langford, Sue Fitzgerald, Ina Lee Wiles, Anna Lee Collins, Carlena Huffman. Bobby Scott and Barbara Reng Sig Eps in the construction business. The Tekes and you name it. HOM Homecoming brings with its Queens, old grads and a top football game. This year the queens were beau- tiful and old grads plentiful. Let ' s forget the foot- ball game. The dance floor was crowded. queen and her court ride the big float. It ' s beautiful, too. OMING What a lucky horse (We toon too — Class II) Music was never so beautiful (toe won too — Class I) HAIL STATE iVm, you forgot to shave. $ r 1 163 SEPTEMBER— IT ALL STARTED HERE Wonder who she ' ll pledge? Football seasons about to begin. It ' s a long -way to the floor. There must be an easier way. Our English visitor gets orientated. Boy, these boxes are loaded. Why don ' t tfie cokes and donuts show up. Our old students arc glad to return and a record crop of freshmen showed up to really crowd the joint. The football season gets underway. GETTING IN THE SWING-OCTOBER The Hanger buzzed with activity. What ' s homecoming without Queens? The T.K.E ' s won the talent sfiow. Tlie Coach gives us the loxvdown. Old grads came back home and we gave them a hearty 165 NOVEMBER— THE MONTH OF THANKSGIVING DECEMBER— TIME FOR JOY Remember the snow? January - - and January brought final examinations and registration for a new semester. Some students got discouraged Finals must be just around the corner. Basketball is all the rage. Bill performs for S.G.A. benefit. the snows came and quit while another large group was joining the student body. Those TKE ' s and their balloons. The bookstore line gets pretty long. Take time to be Holy. ... February - - The shortest month. February seems to be a dreary month. A new semester has just begun. The weather was bad — remember the rains. However, spring is just around the corner. Remember " Androcles and the Lion " . Rush parties make everybody happy. The story must not have been funny. The castle doors opened for Alpha Gams. r or, The grand march for the Sig Eps. We enjoyed the Open House girls. March - - The Beginning of Spring When the winds blow and the trees begin to bud, we know that Spring is here. We enjoyed a little break for the Easter Holidays and that helped our feelings. Buddy Morrow played for the Military Ball. Phi Mu ' s " Red Shoes " . Alpha Gams win First Place in " Greek Song Fest " for second straigfit year. Pike Dance was in Hong Kong. 3 Punchy enjoys Kappa Pi Banquet. Pan-Hellenic holds " Open House " for TKE and SPE. The elections get interesting. April - - Spring begins. We all got spring fever. It was hard to study and everyone begins thinking about fishing and the wide open spaces. The orators had their day. The Teke ' s danced under the seas. The A O Pi ' s provided a delightful evening. May - - The month of ending. In a way we are glad for the end to come. However, it means goodbye for some, a hard summer of work for others and a look toward the beginning of an- other year. After all this one has been pretty nice.__ The Agri boys have their day. Slide, Kelly, slide. Another queen gets crowned. •i A new crop of " shavetails " is commissioned. Dances are about over for this time. 172 The brass gathers for the activation of the new Bat- Sign on the dotted line, talion. ARKANSAS NATIONAL GUARD 327TH AAA BATALLION These are the officers of the Battalion. A part of the Non-Corns. The first payroll was welcomed. All this and cheap car tags too. 1955 Version Of Arkansas State Grid Indians HERE ARE THE INDIANS of Arkansas State College that compiled a 6-3 football record during the 1955 season. The Tribesmen were lacking a little in experience and depth, but more than made up their debits with hustle and determination. Most of the above pictured squad will be back next year, so the future is definitely a bright one for the ASC gridders. YOU CAN BET YOUR LIFE that the topic in the meeting shown at the right has something to do with football, as the five Arkansas State College coaches get together for a conference dur- ing a practice session last fall. Standing in the background is, left, end coach Duyne A. Parker and, right, freshman line coach Hal Stancil. On the front row, left to right, freshman backfield coach Paul Stovall, backfield coach King Block and head coach Gene Harlow. STATE V p .. ) sr ♦ Murray Sullivan, g Dick Hilburn, qb Dave Wilbanks, hb Harold Westmoreland, ' II Frank Farella, g 5? Arkansas State [ HE INDIANS OPENED the sea son by soundly trouncing the Lewi College Flyers 42-6, as Coach Gem Harlow ' s team showed a definite improvement over the 1954 AS( eleven. Led by quarterback Tomm ' ! Spiers and a flock of fleet runnirij i backs, the ASC team ran all ove the invading Illinois team. Franl ' . Farella, Tom Blagg. Jesse Johnson Jim Turley and Billy Davidson wer mainstays in the line. Jim Scherman, e Bill Templeton skirts end against Lewis College. " v » Bill Mayo, g Leon Grassmvei yer, g Bill Templeton, hb Gregory Thomasson, t ootball Letterman In tlie second game of the season the ASC Rednien bowed to a hard- fighting Florence (Ala.) State ' 11 ' by a 12-7 margin. The Indians were plagued by fumbles and a lack of game experience in the los- ing tilt. In the third encounter of the season the Tribesmen played before a capacity house on Home- coming afternoon, with Murry (Ky.) State being the opposition. The Thoroughbreds from the Blue Grass State carried home a 13-7 win, as again the Tribe was harassed by its own mistakes. Tommy Spiers, qb All-NAIA Charles Bramlett, fb Howard Cissell, hb Gerald Parson, hb J. C. Anthony, e Highlights Of 1955 Football LEWIS COLLEGE - The Indians mauled the Lewis College Flyers 41-6 in the opening game of the season at Kays Field. Under the guidance of new coach Gene Harlow, the Tribe showed a good rolling offense and a stiff defense. FLORENCE STATE - The second game of the season wasn ' t as spectacular as the opener for the Red and Black, as the Florence State Lions copped a 12-7 win. The Tribe seemed to have a hard time getting started against a rough Florence forward wall. Passes led to the A-State downfall. MURRAY STATE — Homecoming again was a fine spirited occasion for the Indians — but, we lost. Murray State of Kentucky took the Warriors in camp 13-7, as quarterback Tommy Spiers had a hard time holding onto the ball. SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA - Coach Harlow ' s Redmen weren ' t supposed to win this game, but they did. They went down to the Bayou country and came home with a 21-12 scalp dangling from their belts. The win evened the season at 2-2. MEMPHIS STATE — Our greatest all-out game of the year. The students turned out in abundance in Memphis to watch the Indians come from behind to win 21-20, on Spiers ' three perfect conversions. It was one of the biggest upsets in the history of Arkan- sas State. Memphis State " Friends Halting Lewis College Cissell Steps Out Homecoming Mishap I 5 Season For Our Indians AUSTIN COLLEGE - Traveling to the state of Texas, the Indians were surprised at finding it com- pletely dry except on the playing field. With the passing game at a low ebb due to the ' extra watering " given the field, the ASC running attack went berserk. Result: A 40 to 19 win for the Indians over Austin College. TENNESSEE TECH - Another road trip. This time to Cookeville, Tenn., were the Tribe encoun- tered the hard-hitting Tennessee Tech Eagles. With Spiers leading a second half comeback, the Harlow tutored ASC eleven won another one 27-20. AUSTIN PEAY — With a four game winning streak at their backs, the Indians ventured to Clarks- ville, Tenn., next to meet the supposedly weak Austin Peay Governors. Something happened to the Govs because they were far from being weak, and rapped the Tribe 19-6 in an upset loss for the Tribesmen. ARKANSAS TECH - Closing out the season before a large Thanksgiving Day crowd, the Warriors proved their mettle by upending the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys, once the pride of the A1C. The Indians ran all over the Techsters and when the scoreboard quit blinking, it was 33 to 6, favor of ASC. Over the season, the Tribe scored a total of 203 points to the opposition ' s 125. That ' s an average of 22.6 per game, compared to the defensive average of 12.9. The season ' s record was six wins and only three defeats. Four ASC Seniors Indian Action Scenes Pictured below are some scenes from various games during the season. The pics show that the Indians played most of their games at night, which they do. They also show why the Tribe compiled a splendid 6-3 record for the year. Harlow and His Starting ' IV 1 dm Anthony Rambles Bramlett on Delay Goalline Stand Against Florence State Lions Riggs Turns It On Our Boy Cissell, Again 1 Indian Basketball Squad Of 1955-56 This year ' s oasketball team was one that varied in many aspects. They rose to great heights on sev- eral occasions, and also had their bad moments; but overall, they displayed a fine sportsmanlike fighting spirit; full of pepper and vigor; a team tha t weathered many handicaps like the loss of ace forward Bob Parker at midseason and several other setbacks, but in the end they still were the Indians. The year ' s record was 14 wins against 11 losses — not too rosy, you say. Well, maybe not to the casual observer, but Norman Vickers Rill Gatlin m ■ Jimmy Bowman Bobby Hicks Nick Barre John Rauth More Cage Players to those who sweated out the season with the charges of Coach John Rauth it was a very fine record. Among those wins were some of the finest baskethall played in the nation. Wins over Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Mississippi Southern and Northeast Louisiana will vouch for that. As for the future, only three of this year ' s team leaves via graduation — Bill Gatlin, Frank Proctor and Bob Hicks, thus leaving the future look- ing bright. Trainer Harold Waddell Frank Falls Ronnie Mitchell INDIAN CAGE SQUAD - Front row, left to right, Gary Sprinkle, Ron Mitchell, Frank Proctor, Jimmy Bowman, Gerald Chappie, Bob Hicks, Bill Gatlin and manager Jim Austin. Second row, left to right, Doyle Denbow, Darrell Blocker, Nick Barre, Norman Vickers, Bob Parker, Kenneth Knight and trainer Alfred Milner. Back row, left to right, W. H. Ray, Sonny Ryerson, Jimmy Stinnett, Joe Ford, Jerry Byrd and Coach John Rauth. Basketbal Scores ASC 89 Austin Peay College 67 ASC 70 Northeast Louisiana 93 ASC 68 Delta State 72 ASC 92 Arkansas College 61 ASC 83 Union University 69 ASC 65 Mississippi Southern 71 ASC 79 U. of Mississippi 95 ASC 64 Memphis State 74 ASC 82 Arkansas College 68 ASC 76 Mississippi State 61 ASC 78 Mississippi State 86 ASC 65 Centenary College 79 ASC 88 Mississippi Southern 74 ASC 91 Delta State 65 ASC 105 Southwestern 81 ASC 80 Ottawa University 55 ASC 86 Northeast Louisiana 69 ASC 75 Hendrix College 52 ASC 75 Southwestern 70 ASC 67 Memphis State 97 (NAIA Playoffs) ASC 78 U. of Mississippi 71 ASC 84 Union University 81 SC 69 Southern State 92 ASC 59 Centenary College 86 ASC 73 Austin Peay College 76 (NAIA Playoffs) 186 Other Spoh$ S s 1956 BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 21-22, Centenary at Shreveport. March 23-24, Louisiana Tech at Ruston. March 28. North Dakota State, home. March 29-30, Washington University, home. March 31, Southern Illinois, home. April 2. Mississippi, home. April 3. Kansas State, home. April 5.0, University of Kansas, home. April 9, St. Louis University, home. April 10-11, Mississippi at Oxford. April 20, Memphis State, home. April 21. Arkansas Tech at Russellville. April 24, Southwestern, home. April 27, Memphis Navy, home. April 30, Washington University at St. Louis. May 1, St. Louis University at St. Louis. May .5. Southwestern at Memphis. May 8, Arkansas Tech, home. May 11-12, Centenary, home. May 15. Southern Illinois at Carbon- dale, 111. May 17. Memphis State at Memphis (afternoon) . May 17. Memphis Navy at Millington. Tenn. (night). I I Wilbanks Takes Off This Year ' s Schedule March 28 — Southwestern, there April 18 — Arkansas Teachers, there April 18 — Southeast Missouri, here May 5 — Ouachita, here. Cindermen In Action m k Here is a track scene taken from last year ' s meet with Wabash College. The Indian hurdle men are on the inside, with Nick Bane and Bill Prescott carrying the ASC colors. J I .4 r , — _ «- 1 - w " IMP i » v Lj£.» ■K T — 1 Hurdlers Ready Hurdlers Nick Barre and Clin- ton Baker get ready for a prac- tice run. The duo composed most of the ASC track strength last spring and are expected to do the same this year. Intramurals sml Ik J? ' , " ! ' The Sigma Pi ' s were the winners in football. These girls play a mean game of tennis. Its all a Bi(f4t (U. . . A GOOD NEIGHBOR Producer of more than 70 Petroleum and Chemical products for Transportation, Industry and Agriculture, Lion Oil Company is proud of its leading role in the development of the South ' s industrial potential. Lion sends to market each year the equivalent of more than 65,000 railway carloads of products from its three manufacturing plants in Arkansas and Louisiana. It pays approximately 517,500,000 yearly to 3,000 employees in wages and benefits, and it pays another 817,000,000 in taxes. Altogether, Lion puts nearly $100,000,000 into cir- culation annually throughout its territory. Industrial development is going ahead in the South on a bigger scale than ever before. Lion Oil Company con- tinues to lead the way with the most advanced methods of manufacturing, finding and producing vital raw materials, and in scientific research. The result: more jobs, better products for consumers, conservation of resources and more efficient use of those resources. No wonder that to South- erners, the Sign of the Lion has truly become the Sign of a Good Neighbor! LION OIL COMPANY A DIVISION OP MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY EL DORADO, ARKANSAS 198 A SERVICE INSTITUTION YOUR City Water Light Plant Tr MERCANTILE BANK The Bank with the Big Clock on the Corner CAPITAL ACCOUNTS OVER $500,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured by F.D.I.C. to $10,000.00 USE OUR DRIVE-IN J0NESB0R0 ROLLER MILL Corner Burke Union Stockyard Feed Supply Store Jonesboro Stockyards Feed Seed FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Arkansas The Newest In Campus Fashions At Men and Boys Apparel Next Door To New Citizens Bank Building THE DONNIS SHOP Jonesboro ' s Smartest Fashions For Her Across from the Strand Theater 200 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS PORTER TYPEWRITER AND ADDING MACHINE CO. 103 W. Jackson Phone 2-3346 D. CANALE AND CO. Wholesale FRUIT AND PRODUCE 104 N. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas C. C. Howell - Distributor PAN-AM PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Union and Jackson Jonesboro, Arkansas COMPLIMENTS OF . . . GREGG FUNERAL HOME ESTABLISHED 1877 GREGG BURIAL ASSOCIATION J. B. GREGG, Owner and Manager MONETTE JONESBORO WALNUT RIDGE i Jonesbc ,n ? Co, o Coca-Cola Bottling Company JONESBORO, ARKANSAS 201 Caldwells Ice Cream Jonesboro, Arkansas Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Jonesboro, Arkansas A. C. WILBANKS Esso Servicenter Phone 2-8706 - Open 24 Hours East Nettleton Road Jonesboro, Arkansas COMPLIMENTS OF A. B. C. CLEANERS 1207 S. Flint Phone 5-5579 H. T. Winters, Owner CITY DRUG STORE Cosmetics - Drugs — Prescriptions Soda Fountain - Candy FREE PARKING Matthews at Church Street Prone 2-8343 The Doughnut Shop STOP IN ANY TIME FOR COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS 1400 FLINT STREET PHONE 2-8937 203 JONESBORO LUMBER CO. Building Materials 107 S. Fisher Phone 2-6671 Claude R. Roach Claude Roach, Jr. Paul E. Roach CENTRAL CHEVROLET COMPANY CHEVROLET PASSENGER AND COMMERCIAL CARS AND TRUCKS Telephone 5-5575 Union at Monroe Jonesboro, Ark. The finest in diamonds, watches, jewelry, silverware and china. Clements Jewelery Store Yes! There ' s Always a better value at Clements. " Next Door to the Palace Theater " Phone WE 2-2166 204 " SEND IT TO ... r Iff Iff ■ ■■ Wm m ■ ■■ ■1- mm m MH mm mm mm mm mm (5511) YOU ' LL BE GLAD YOU SENT IT. " STUDENTS AND FACULTY WELCOME CITIZENS BANK OF JONESBORO " The Friendly Bank " Deposits Protected by Capital Funds of Over $750,000 Plus Interest on Savings 2% Member F.D.I.C 205 SPUD CLARK, Distributor PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2-2346 STONE DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS - GIFTS FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery - Gift Wrapping PHONE 5-5538 McADAMS TRUST BLDG. WEST PARK 6 Private Dining Rooms Catering you furnish the occasion . . . we ' ll do the rest Call 2-6468 L, L, LAUNDRY LAMBRETH CLEANERS JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Myers Fresh Bread it ' s in Blue Gingham Abernathy Motor Company Your DODGE Dealer Jonesboro, Arkansas Compliments of . . . Northeast Arkansas 7 Largest Department Store SCHOENFIELDS LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Nationally Advertised Lines at Reasonable Prices Phone 2-291 1 324 Main " BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL " Longford ' s Mortuary Lloyd L. Langford, Owner AMBULANCE PHONE WE 2-6661 725 SO. MAIN 207 JONESBORO MOTOR COURTS Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson — Owners Highway 63 West Jonesboro, Arkansas F Ladies T an s Laaies i oggery JONESBORO ' S SMART SHOPPE Everything For The College Girl 318 South Main Street Jonesboro, Ark. LINCOLN MERCURY Sales and Service Roland Hughes, Inc. Jonesboro Compliments of . . . GLOBE DRUG STORE Phone 2-8375 SERVICE PHARMACY Phone 2-7481 Prescriptions - Gifts - Sundries WE DELIVER 208 BROADAWAY Meat Packers and Provisioners Home of CROWLEY RIDGE Brand Products Phone 2-6689 801 No. Culberhouse Phone 2-6689 Wholesalers Only Try Our Crowley Ridge Pure Pork Sausage W. E. Broadaway Ernest Broadaway Stanley Broadaway Roy Hannah COMPLIMENTS OF . . BARTON LUMBER CO. JOSEPH Footwear Jonesboro, Arkansas 403 S. Main Phone 2161 STAR CLOTHING HOUSE SMART FASHIONS for the CAMPUS MAN ALBERT KOPERT Campus Representatives Bill Duke Bill Barnhill Peoples National Bank of Jonesboro OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIEND AND NEIGHBORS Member F. D. I. C. 210 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned and Operated WINSTON McFARLAND 235 S. Main BARNETTS INC. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Why Accept Less Than the Best When You Can Get the Best for Less YOUR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS Phone 2-6663 211 A DIAMOND IS FOREVER Buy Your Diamond from A REGISTERED JEWELER Where Quality is Known BV1 ESTABLISHED II REGISTERED AMERICAN JEWELER OEM SOCIETY Manufacturers of Midwest - Fortune Golden Royal Ice Cream Golden Royal Dairy Products Midwest Dairy Products Corporation 212 Eye Crossett as ITouir Goal for Placement ! Your college training may be your signal to try for placement in this expanding industrial center built on Arkansas ' forests. At Crossett you ' ll see lumber, paper, chemicals . . . each the product of a major enterprise. CROSSETT . ARKANSAS 213 FORD Styling Inspired by the THUNDERBIRD Powered With THUNDERBIRD GO ! PATTON MOTOR COMPANY Selling and Servicing FORD Cars and Trucks for Over 27 Years 317-321 Union Jonesboro, Arkansas Web. 5-5584 MlSf " tlt - ... r ,r TdCKEI IB ' i MALCO THEATERS INC. MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT 1 4 ■» CONGRATULATIONS . to Arkansas State College on the fine progress it is making SCHOOL EQUIPMENT CO. Specialists in Dormitory and Lounge Furnishings JACK COLE, Manager Contract Division, Jackson, Miss. 215 Hail to A. S. C. Words and Music by— Dr. Harold C. Manor Our Al - ma Ma - ter A S C, your hal ' lowed halls shall ring — with praise by daugh-ter and stal-wart son who proud-ly stand and sing. Mem ' -ries ol your un - dimmed glo - ry fill our hearts with loy-al-ty. The Red and Black shall ev-er wave, on high lor A S C. With friends we wan - der ' d thru thy halls, — on - ly yes - ter - day Fond mem - o - ries of all that pass ' d, again we can view Ea ger for life ' s full - est meas-ure, Gave our best to you al - ways De - vot - ed to our Al - ma Ma - ter, Hail to A S C. 216

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