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INDIAN VOLUME 32 - Joe Atkinson EDITOR Wor .v 3IvI herson . . . ASSOCIATE I i l I on Dta-iil Doyle - . BUSINESS MANAGER, David Taylor ADVISOR Freil Hortvitfs . . . SPORTS EDITOR Winn Wells COVER DESIGN Archives Special Collections Dean B. Ellis Library CLASSES ACTIVITIES onu i v z i Tiom ATHLETICS 4 DEPARTMENTS THE CAMPUS 0i Ik . AOVEMITISING m a IN DEDICATION Dr. Henry E. White died during the summer of 1954 at St. Bernard ' s Hospital in Jonesboro following an illness of several weeks. With his pass- ing, American Education lost a man who had devoted much of his adult life to teaching. His teaching career was long and varied. He taught in high schools in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Idaho. He traveled in many foreign lands and taught in the American University of Beirut, Beirut, Syria. From 1933 until 1935, Dr. White was an assistant in Rural Economy at Cornell. He came to Arkansas State in 1938 to head the Department of Agriculture and later became professor of agriculture economics. We respectfully dedicate this book to Dr. White — and to the spirit which he personified — that spirit of self-sacrifice which has made Ameri- can Education the finest thing in our way of life. THE CAMPUS Arkansas State Collage ' s campus is one of the most beau- tiful in the South. Rolling green expanses of grass, shaded by beautiful trees, lend the ideal college atmosphere that means so much to us during our formative years. The classrooms and residence halls of the College have been placed not only with an eye to utility but to beauty as well. And, although we someiimes wish our campus was more compactly laid out when we hurry to that early class, we know that in these broad lawns lie room for expansion; and, we are glad that we have left room for the future. On the next few pages we have presented some of the scenes from our college life: scenes of progress, scenes of play, and of study. SESSION — Coeds indulge in number-one pastime. " Would- n ' t you jusi love to hear what those boys in Danner and Commons talks about during their bull-sessions? " KING COTTON— Agriculture students observe workings of picker which harvests area ' s money crop. REHEARSAL — Cast of " The EXCUSE ME!— " I ' m just pass- Philadelphia Story " work long ing through on my way to the and late to bring entertain- cow college at Conway. And ment to the student body. thereby hangs a tala. " DEADINE — Members of the radio journalism class prepare copy for presentation over the College station. JUBLIATION — Alpha Gams take first place in annual AOPi - sponsored All Greek Song Fest. PEP RALLY— Majorettes and Band stir up school spirit for Big Red Team. STAND BY— College finally goes on the air with regularly- scheduled broadcasts. GET YOURS HERE — We don ' t know what Red Eye is selling but business seems to be good. Just look at all those empties. Dr. Cart it. tt ny i iu sun x i ot tut: college Pictured above, from left to riqht are: Berl Smith, College Attorney, James Heath, President Reng, Roland Hughes, William H. Wyatt, Russell Owen, and Max Poe. THE HO I HIP OE TRUSTEES Dr. N. D. Hazelbaker Dean of the College Dr. J. Waller Turner Dean of General Education Correspondence, and Extension Robert Moore Dean of Students Primary objeclives of the 4-year agricultural program at the College are to give thorough preparation in the science and basic practices of agri- culture and to provide a liberal yet practical general education. Located in one of the nation ' s richest agricultural araas, the College farms are well equipped with ample facilities and machinery for instruc- tion in every phase of agriculture. The Department is fully approved by the United States Office of Education and by the State Board for Vocational Education of Arkansas ' s a teacher-training institution for vocational agri- culture teachers. Agriculture C. C. Cravens Associate Professor of Agronomy James L. Davenport, Instructor in Agricultural Economics William Etzel Assistant Professor of Horticulture Olen P. Nail Professor of Agriculture Education L. N. Hochstetler Instructor in Agriculture and Beef Cattle Manager 1 Ed Dye Moore Instructor in Dairying and Dairy Manager H. F. Williams. Assistant Professor of Agriculture Engineering The Deparlmenl of Business and Economics has two objectives: to offer students a broad basic college education; and, to prepare students for participation in the various business and economic occupations, including the teaching of commercial subjects. The Department, the second largest in the school, offers majors in each of four related fields: accounting, economics, business administration, and commercial education. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS mm , . LA Lewis N. Amis Assistant Professor of Economics Lawrence M. Dinsmore Assistant to Comptroller Robert L. Ferralasco Assistant Professor of Business Education Melvin R. Sims Instructor of Commercial Education David G. Taylor Associate Professor of Business Administration Lucille Taylor Assistant Professor of Business Education Paul E. Couch Professor of Education and Psychology The Department of Education and Psychology, in cooperation with ether departments, offers programs leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. The Department aims to provide experiences en- abling the prospective teacher to develop a practical philosophy of educa- tion that is sound and workable; to develop leadership in organizing, direct- ing, and guiding the learning experiences of pupils; and to assume respon- sibilities as a member of the leaching profession. EDUCATION AND PSACDOLOGA Lillian Barton Assistant Professor of Education J w Willard Frick Assistant Professor of Psychology E. F. Nothern Associate Professor of Secondary Education Robb L. Shanks Professor of Education W. L. Smith Associate Professor of Education and Psychology Mildred Vance Assistant Professor of Education Howard Bahr Assistant Professor of English Orville F. White Professor of English and Head of Department of Languages and Literature The Department of Languages and Literature provides opportunities for students to train in communications skills, the humanities, and languages. Courses offered in English are designed to promote effective use of oral and written English; to encourage ssleclive and interpretive reading; to en- courage appreciation of the classics, the humanities, and the fine arts. The Department offers courses in French and German in the language division headed by Dr. D. Fred Pasmore. and training in both Radio and Newspaper work. This work may be taken on a vocational level, or the student may prepare for graduate study in either Radio or Newspaper Journalism. Languages And Literature 1 Jean Condray Labelva Connelly Jack D. Farris Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of English D. F. Pasmore Professor of Modern Languages Eleanor S. Lane Assistant Professor of English Richard D. Meyer Assistant Professor of Theatre Leland W. Plunkett Associate Professor of Journalism and News Director Paul Nolan Assistant Professor of English Mrs. Brad Walker Assistant Professor of English James D. Woolf Assistant Professor of English C Mrs. Mabel R. Krick Assistant Professor of Library Science and Assistant Librarian Camilla Sharp Assistant Professor of Library Science Dorothy M. Fenton Associate Professor of Library Science and Librarian Science • • •••«» Duane H. Haskell Professor of Music The Department of Fine Arts is comprised of thrse divisions: art, music, and theater. The Department provides opportunities for all students to enrol) in courses which encompass the entire range of visual, aural, and dramatic arts. Each division of the Department offers special curricula which pro- vides students majoring in the fine arts with comprehensive, profession- alized training. The Department offers degrees of: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education. Alan Aulabaugh Assistant Professor of Music Barbara Cuihbertson Instructor in Music i Harry R. Gee Instructor in Music Ruth Graber Instructor in Music I Ned H. Griner Instructor in Art John N. Maharg Associate Professor of Music Donald R. Minx Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Professor of Art Bradley Stevens Instructor in Art Li. Col. Frank G. Railiff Professor of Military Science and Tactics As a Senior Division unit of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, offering a general military science course, the objective of this department is to produce junior officers who by their education, training, and inherent qualities are suitable for continued development as officers in the United States Army. Training in military leadership is emphasized. Instruction is given in subjects common to all branches of the army. The Basic Course of Military Science is required of every male student between the ages of 14 and 22, inclusive, unless he is exempted. The suc- cessful completion of the Basic Course is a prerequisite for graduation unless proper exemption is obtained. Military Science Maj. Alfred Baeuchle Assistant PMS T Maj. John T. Southerland Assistant PMS T Capt. Frank J. McNeese Assistant PMS T Capt. James M. Minter Assistant PMS T M Sgt. Gordon Breyetie Administrative NCO SFC Russell Dowden Supply NCO SFC George Farr Administrative NCO M Sgt. James Hight Instructor in MS T M Sgt. Robert Pettengell Instructor in MS T Sgt. Roy Stromert Instructor in MS T SFC Lawrence Thomas Instructor in MS T w 111 Herbert Miller Director of Printing The Printing Department offers to the candidate for the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Science in Education Degrees a major in printing. A Certificate of Profi- ciency is offered to students who successfully complete a two-year vocational printing pro- gram. The college has been approved by the State Board of Vocational Education, and by the United States Office of Education to offer vocational courses for the preparation of printers, and trade and industrial teachers of printing. The Printing Department has two major objectives: to prepare young men and women for positions of responsibility in the printing industry, and to prepare teachers in the field of printing. Charles Olree Instructor in Printing Eddie Tudor Production Man Printing J. A. Tomlinson • of Physical Education It is the aim of the college, through its required physical education courses for freshmen and sophomores, to prepare those students for opti- mum living in our present day democratic society. The courses offered in the field of physical education are designed to provide required and elective physical education courses for service pro- grams; to furnish instruction for teachers of health and safety, physical edu- cation, and recreation; and to prepare students for instructional work in schools and communities in health and safety, athletics, physical education, and recreation. Physical E due at on C. Raymond Bickerstaff Instructor in Health and Line Coach Mrs. Gladys McPike Instructor in Physical Education for Women Evelyn Prescott Associate Professor in Physical Education for Women John Rauth Associate Professor of Physical Education Elmer Scott Assistant Professor of Physical Education Homer C. Huilt Professor of Social Science The courses offered by the Department of Social Science are designed to prepare the student for citizenship in the modern world by giving him an understanding of his neighbors and a sympathy with their problems and aims; to explain the world problems of today; to teach critical thinking and tolerance of spirit and attitude; to train for citizenship in our own coun- try; and to prepare for such vocations as social work, the ministry, various kinds of governmental work, and the teaching of social science in the pub- lic schools. Social Science Caryl Andrews Instructor in Social Science John B. Clark Instructor in Social Science Durward Cooper Associate Professor in Social Science Clarissa Delano Assistant Professor of Sociology and Political Science Lloyd Haring Assistant Professor of Geography Donald E. Konold, Assistant Professor of Social Studies W. W. Nedrow Professor of Biology The Science Department offers curricula in mathematics, chemistry, and biology. Pre-professional courses are offered in physics, engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and medical technology, and other allied areas. The Department is well equipped with well furnished lecture rooms and laboratories. The Department ' s curricula has been designed to provide a sound academic background for those who wish to continue their studies in the graduate field of their major. Science Martin Ajemian Professor of Biology R. H. Austin Professor of Chemistry Donald J. Bruns Instructor in Science Lyle J. Dixon Dean B. Ellis Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Mathematics and Engineering Mathematics Wallace Frazior Assistant Professor of Chemistry Richard A. Gogue Instructor in Science ft I J. W. Guest Instructor in Mathematics and Science Michael Johnnedes Instructor in Science Jean R. Williams Albert Robinson Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Botany Chemistry Curator of Museum Staff Billy Blagg . . . Public Rela- tions Dolly Ruth Brown . . . Physi- cal Education Betty Buchanan . . . General Education Virginia Campbell . . . Presi- dent ' s Secretary Mary Lou Cole . . . Dean of Students ' Secretary Ortheny Dekker . . . Cashier Pearl Essary . . . Postmaster Louise May . . . Registrar ' s Secretary Maude Melton . . . Extension and Correspondence Mrs. W. W. Nedrow . . . Cafe- teria Manager Dana Payne . . . Printing De- partment Willie Ann Petroff . . . Dis- pensery Virginia Pierce . . . Social Di- rector, Danner Hall Myra Roy . . . Placement Mary Sullivan . . . Business Office Mary White . . . Education De- partment EDUCATION BUILDING 1 ARMORY t ! i I. ll u I Ill f B a { BJ ill II I I in i! II II in w m r t i ,m ■ ■ A I [ ill LL II I I si ■ ■ m mm AGRICULTURE Maggie Abbott State College, Ark. Robert B. Anderson . . Hunter, Arkansas Ronald Lee Archer Pocahontas, Arkaiisas Joseph Atkinson . . Fort Smith, Arkansas Wayne F. Baker . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jane Baldridge Cardwell, Mo. Robert C. Ballew Jonesboro, Arkansas George E. Barker .... Rector, Arkansas Alfred Francis Blair Brookland, Arkansas Jerry Bookout Rector, Arkansas Lou Ann Boyles . . Marked Tree, Arkansas Fred Bridges State College, Ark. Stanley Broadaway . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Thomas Ferrell Broadway Newport, Ark. Ethel Brown . . . State College, Arkansas A A 4 Martin Brugge . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas E. J. Burrow .... Pocahontas, Arkansas Jackie Sue Carpenter Jonesboro, Arkansas Earl Vernon Carroll . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Billy J. Cole .... Paragould, Arkansas Shirley Marie Cole . . . Corning, Arkansas Thomas P. Cooke . . . Marvell, Arkansas M. Margret Copeland . Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert Lee Covington . . Jonesboro, Ark. Willie Cox State College, Ark. Alfred Crancer Maxine Davis . . St. Louis, Mo. State College, A rk. Alvin T. Davis Don A. Davis Maxine Davis Walnut Ridge, Arkansas . Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. Tom Davis Jonesboro, Ark. Maude Denton . Strawberry, Arkansas J. C. Droke Jonesboro, Arkansas Mrs. Mildred Evans . . . Reyno, Arkansas Mrs. Mildred Farr Hayti, Mo. Billy D. Flowers . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Bobby W. Flowers Parma, Mo. Clyde Ford Jonesboro, Arkansas John D. Foster . . Jonesboro, Arkansas 1 _ Nancy C. Fox .... Newport, Arkansas Katherine C. Frazier . . Popular Blujj, Mo. Patsy Jane Frese . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas T. Waymon Futrell . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Houston H. Garner . . . Lepanto, Arkansas Manuel Garay .... Managua, Nicaragua Mildred Gerdes Lafe, Arkansas Phillip L. Gibbs . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Raymond D. Gilliam . . . Bay, Arkansas James H. Gist . . . Solgohachia, Arkansas Eugene Glenn .... Smithville, Arkansas Robert H. Grantham . . Marianna, Arkansas Malvern G. Gray . . Center Ridge, Arkansas Marvin W. Green Mammoth Spring, Ark. David Greenwood . . . Hickory Ridge, Ark. Weltha M. Griffin John E. Groves . Mary Irene Groves Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . Jonesboro, Arkansas Mrs. Pauletta Hardy Lynn Bobby Harp . Jean Norma Hartwig State College, Ark. Nettleton, Arkansas Success, Arkansas Willyne B. Hass . . Marmaduke, Arkansas Charles Hedge .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Jerrell Raymon Hefner Beebe, Arkansas ■ Stale footballers are introduced at packed student assembly. ♦ Terrell Hinds . . Ralph W. Holcomb John R Hollander Trumann, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Talmadge W. Holt Charles B. Horner Gene W. Howard Leachville, Arkansas . . . Senath, Mo. . . Memphis, Tenn. Nancy E. Huff Terrill N. Huff Louise Hutson . . . Nettleton, Arkansas . . . Nettleton, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Ruby Nell Isom Paul E. Jackson Nao m i Johnson Jonesboro, Arkansas Pocaohntas, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Nora Johnson . . Robert Johnson Charles A. Keller Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Billy C. Kelley . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jake E. King Augusta, Arkansas Janis M. King Maiden, Missouri Joe King - . Jonesboro, Ark. Orland Crail . . . State College, Arkansas Pauline King .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Katherine Koonce . . Mountain View, Mo. Albert J. Kunz Chicago, Illinois John E. Laughinghouse . . Jonesboro, Ark. Ji i Ronald S. Liss Rufus Littel . . David Littlestone . Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . Heth, Arkansas . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles R. Lutes Malcolm L. Marks Imogene Martin Blytheville , Arkansas . . Elaine, Arkansas State College, Ark. Davis D. Massey Kathryn McCoy Vernelia McCrady Senath, Missouri Brookland, Arkansas Rector, Arkansas Sarah S. McDonald . State College, Arkansas Billy Gene McLeod . . Imboden, Arkansas John C. McMullan Cotton Plant, Arkansas Richard L. McNece .... Clarkton, Mo. Thomas E. Metcalf . Cotton Plant, Arkansas Russell L. Moore . . . Popular Bluff, Mo. Lewis R. O ' Neal .... Corning, Arkansas Sue Carol Orsborne Blytheville, Arkansas Paul S. Osborn . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Bill Dean Penick . Thomas W. Penn Bowman Irvin Perrin Egypt, Arkansas Poplar Bluff, Mo. W. Memphis, Tenn. Jessie Pope . . . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Jane Porter Jonesboro, Arkansas Ancil Pressley Batesville, Ark. Sua Orsborne and Winston May in a dramatic scene trom the thriller. Gaslight. Richard D. Prewitt State College, Arkansas Harold A. Priest . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Franklin D. Proctor . . . Morehouse, Mo. Regina B. Puckett Festus, Mo. Jeannette G. Queen . . State College, Ark. Houck W. Reasoner . Pine Bluff, Arkansas Sterling M. Redfern Success, Arkansas Albert L. Reynolds . . Paragould, Arkansas Elbert Reynolds Paragould, Ark. Richard Meyer directs as College players rehearse for The Philadelphia Story. George M. Robb . . . Paragould, Arkansas Robert J. Roberts . . Fort Smith, Arkansas F. M. Robinson Bay, Arkansas James Franklin Rogers . . Jonesboro, Ark. Pansy C. Russell Doniphan, Mo. Laquetta Scurlock . . . Trumann, Arkansas Gilbert E. Selvin . . Carl D. Sherrill . . . Kenneth M. Short Brooklyn, N. Y. Birch Tree, Mo. Success, Arkansas Phillip Loyd Short Shirley C. Short . J. Clifford Smith . Success, Arkansas Success, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas Lawanda Smoot Joe A. Spades . . Bobby G. Spann . . Koshtonong, Mo. Black Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Calvin C. Spence . Martha Dean Spence Daniel Spensieri . . Success, Arkansas Success, Arkansas Brooklyn, N. Y. Eldon Stickler Buell W. Stires Paul B. Stovall Paragould, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Hughes, Arkansas Doris E. Strickland Gene Sullivan Kenneth L. Swan Black Oak, Arkansas Hoxie, Arkansas Hoxie, Arkansas Lee Roy Thomason .... Flint, Michigan Mrs. Audrey Thompson Willijord. Arkansas Lois Turpin Moro, Arkansas Anona Tucker .... J one sboro, Arkansas Mrs. Louise Walls . . : State College, Ark. Stephen D. Ward . . Jonesboro, Arkansas 4 Paul Jackson shows one of Stale ' s prize-winning sheep. Joe E. Waters . Popular Grove, Arkansas Joseph H. Webb . . . Paragould, Arkansas Imogene Webb Naylor, Mo. James N. Wells . . . Black Rock, Arkansas Hascle O. West . . . Black Oak, Arkansas J. Clifton Westbrooke Jonesboro, Arkansas Derial G. Western . . . Bradford, Arkansas Katherine M. White . State College, Arkansas Mary E. White Jonesboro, Arkansas Eugene Widner . Mrs. B. B. Wilson Gary L. Wilson Trumann, Ark. State College, Ark. Caruthersville, Mo. Melvin Wolverton Paul R. Woodsmall Willard F. Woolf . . Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jonesboro, Arkansas Greenway, Arkansas Mrs. Valerie Wolfe Samuel H. Wooten State College, Ark. Parkin, Arkansas Billy Zook Jonesboro, Arkansas l JUNIORS V 1 UiHH as J5 fen J Peter Abbott Blytheville, Ark. DQnald Ray Abernathy Caruthersville, Mo. Zackary David Amos Paragould, Arkansas Joseph Armenio . . Brooklyn, New York Wm. James Ballard Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Grover M. Braham John Barry Arnold James Arnold . . O ' Kean, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. Rex N. Barker . . Bill A. Barnhill . . Andrew P. Bednar Jr. Milton Bittinger . . Tom Blagg . . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Charlie Bledsoe . . . Paragould, Arkansas Donnie Bowlin .... Walcott, Arkansas Ben Franklyn Branch Paragould, Arkansas Robert E. Brawner Patrica R. Breece Lloyd Alvin Brewer Richard Allen Brewer Donald M. Brooks Mary Carolyn Buck Margaret Burge . . Eugene C. Burks Earl Butler . . Claud V. Cash . Miles W. Collier Tommy Cooksey . . Piggott, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Brinkley, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas . . . St. Louis, Mo. Monette, Arkansas State College, Ark. Blytheville, Arkansas . . Birch Tree, Mo. Trumann, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas State College, Ark. Sylvia Joan Cooper Cooter, Mo. Miles W. Collier . . . Trumann, Arkansas Tommy Cooksey . . . State College, Ark. Bill M. Cooper . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jere Cooper Wyne, Arkansas Sylvia Joan Cooper Cooter, Mo. Thomas J. Cox Maiden, Mo. Billy G Crabtree . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Cloyis T. Craft . . Jonesboro, Arkarisas August Edwin Cravens Newport, Arkansas Terry Wayne Crouch Blytheville, Arkansas Jimmy F. Cummings Caruthersville, Mo. Louis E. Cureton . . Cape Girardeau, Mo. Billy Joe Davis St. Louis, Mo. E. Jane Doty .... Lake City, Arkansas David L. Doyle Hoxie, Arkansas Deny Dean Dye Clarkton, Mo. Virginia Jo Edwards . . Grubbs, Arkansas Charles R. Evans . . . Walcott, Arkansas Patsy J. Evans .... Walcott, Arkansas Dexter E. Fielder Walnut, Ridge, Arkansas Shirley D. Fielder Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Gene C. Foreman Wabash, Arkansas Charles G. Freeman Jonesboro, Arkansas Ola Grace Fry Carolyn Fulmer Jeptha Futrell Bill D. Gatlin . Lake City, Arkansas . . Little Rock, Ark. Paragould, Arkansas Doniphan, Mo. I - G f V i i m Cloyce L. Gerdes . . Paragould, Arkansas Allan Gillihan .... State College, Ark. Millard S. Goff . . Smithville, Arkansas Robert E. Gorham Jonesboro, Arkansas Kathryn Graham . . . Newport, Arkansas Virgil L. Griffin .... Otwell, Arkansas Robert Paul Harrell Hot Springs, Arkansas Lloyd Harold Harris . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Albert Jim Harris . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Wayne William Hartsfield . Searcy, Arkansas Mary Rose Haynes .... Campbell, Mo. W. Herbert Heffington Newport, Arkansas Dale Truitt Hefner . . . Beebe, Arkansas L. Mearl Henry . . Black Oak, Arkansas Billy Joe Hogue Bay, Arkansas Anne Hopkins Roberts McCrory, Arkansas Donald J. Houchin . . . Fisher, Arkansas Bob Howard .... Cape Girardeau, Mo. Jack G. Hudson . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Patricia C. Huffman . . Weiner, Arkansas Patsy D. Hurst .... Monette, Arkansas Clarence D. James . . Trumann, Arkansas Yvonne Shelton James . . . Clarkton, Mo. Patrick Jansen . . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Henry Clifton Jarrell . . State College, Ark. Doffie Neal Jarvis . . . Newport, Arkansas Daily 0. Johnson . . . Biggers, Arkansas Elsie Dale Johnson Blytheville, Arkansas Ralph J. Johnson . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Nancy Johnston Jonesboro, Ark. Y. B. Jones .... Bragg City, Missouri Frank W. Keel .... Wilson, Arkansas Betty Gale Kennedy . . Manila, Arkansas Thomas Darrell Kennedy Paragould, Ark. Thomas J. Kent Flint, Michigan Carl L. Lacy .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert L. Lee . . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Tommy L. Lessenberry . . Parkin, Arkansas Peggy J. Libia Williamsville, Mo. Lad B. Logan Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Charles S. Long James C. Lynch Fred T. Mann . Daniel L. Marsh Billy E. Maxwell . Robert Maxwell . . D. Corinne May . . Billy Mayo . . . . Blytheville, Arkansas . . Weiner, Arkansas Brownsville, Tenn. . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Strawberry, Arkansas Louann, Arkansas Lepanto, Arkansas . . Blytheville, Ark. Major G. McGough John McKelvey . . Robert R. McKelvey Patrick J. McMahon J. C. McMinn . . . Jesse N. McNiel . . Doris W. McPherson Nettleton, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas Rector, Arkansas Bragg City, Mo. Harold A. Meharg Pleasant Plains, Arkansas | it • • V mil 1 I Rose J. Meyer James A. Miller Charles M. Mooney Sara Morris . . . Betty A. Morse Charles Morton Paula J. Morton Arthur Myers . . Geraldine Naile . . Luther Paden Neely Gerald F. Nelms . Nathan E. Newby John A. O ' Daniel . E. W. Onstead . . James Orr .... Joy A. Ozbirn . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Augusta, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. . . Broseley, Mo. Hampton, Virginia . . Salem, Arkansas Coldwater, Missouri . . Kennett, Missouri Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Clarendon, Arkansas . . Bay, Arkansas Corning, Arkansas State College, Ark. Ash Flat, Arkansas Guy A. Pardew . . Bill Parke r . . . . Charles Laud Payne Joseph E. Perdzock Floyd J. Perrin . . Emmett A. Pipkins Robert Porter . . . George W. Prater Jonesboro, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Forrest City, Arkansas . . Monette, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Ark. . . Egypt, Arkansas Christene Presson Marmaduke, Arkansas Gail Province .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Glen Edward Rainey .... Senath, Mo. Bob H. Rainwater Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Charles Lorel Rasberry . . Paragould, Ark. Dwight Renfro .... McCrory, Arkansas Ermon Albert Richmond Pine Bluff, Ark. Shirley Ann Ridings .... Arbyrd, Mo. James P. Riga . Jonesboro, Arkansas Roy R. Riley . . . Hot Springs, Arkansas James Glen Ring Pux ' .co, Mo. Faye Taylor Rodgers Paragould, Arkajisas Juliette C. Rossie . . Blytheville, Arkansas Van B. Russell .... Armorel, Arkansas William Scott State College, Ark . Ness Sylvester Sechrest . Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jerry Shaufelberger Jonesboro, Arkansas Ray L. Spence State College, Arkansas Murphy Rogers Spurlock Bay, Arkansas Blan M. Stout . . . Trumann, Arkansas Billy J. Swan . . Pocahontas, Arkansas Phyllis C. Swindle . . . . Senath, Mo. Bob Takacs . . . . . . . Joliet, Illinois Octavius Smith . . . . Imboden, Arkansas Betty J. Taylor . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Larry G. Taylor . . Black Oak, Arkansas Harold 0. Thomas . Black Oak. Arkansas Jo E. Thompson . . Parkin, Arkansas Louie N. Travis Trumann, Arkansas Jim R. Turley . . Bald Knob, Arkansas B. Jane Urie . . Fisher, Arkansas Dallas G. Waddill . Cash, Arkansas Jim E. Ward . . . State College, Arkansas Lowell E. Washburn . . . Memphis, Tenn. Spurgeon Watkins . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Loretta Webb Kennett, Mo. Ina L. Wiles .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Annette P. Williams Harrisburg, Arkansas Joe Witcher Corning, Arkansas Richard D. Woodworth . . . Wheaton, III. Billy G. White .... Paragould, Arkansas Paul E. White Corning, Arkansas Sigma Pi ' s undefeated intramural football team pose after a perfect sea- son. They went on to gain a 6-6 tie in the Finger Bowl classic against TKE. That ' s coach " Redeye " Cummings beneath the military type hat. SOPHOMORES Charles T. Adams Larry Neath Adams Robert L. Adams . . Lee Adler . . Hughes, Arkansas . Walcott, Arkansas Murphysboro, Illinois Brooklyn, N. Y. Suzanne Doris Angel . . Searcy, Arkansas Johnny W. Arnold Marmaduke, Arkansas Chester G. Ashabranner Manila, Arkansas Jim Austin . . . Peach Orchard, Arkansas James Edward Avery Walter Marion Bailey Terry Lynn Ballard Eddie Barber . . . . . , Marston, Mo. Wabash, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jim Carlton Barden Pocahontas, Arkansas Alphus J. Barfoot Gideon, Mo. William L. Bates . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas James M. Bell .... Wheatley, Arkansas Betty Bellars .... Cawyville, Arkansas Robert Dale Benson .... Kennett, Mo. Bill Barnett ..... State College, Ark. Diane Bibb Trumann, Arkansas June Blankenship Cardwell, Mo. Robert Joseph Blue . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Raymond Lloyd Bly Pocahontas, Arkansas Carolyn Bollinger .... Heth, Arkansas James Merritt Bourland Manila, Arkansas Boyce Bowden . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Mary Lou Bowling . . Blytheville, Arkansas Donald Ray Brady . . Gregory, Arkansas Ralph Curtis Brainerd Haynes, Arkansas Charles E. Breeding Clarendon, Arkansas Barbara Jean Brewer Jonesboro, Arkansas Garry D. Brewer .... Cardwell, Md. John H. Brewer, Jr. . . Rector, Arkansas William P. Bridger Jonesboro, Arkansas Vivian Brothers . . . Blytheville, Arkansas Nancy Jo Brown . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Winona Brown . . . Leachville, Arkansas James Russell Bullard Manila, Arkansas Margaret J. Burge State College, Arkansas Paul D. Burge . . . Cave City, Arkansas Terry E. Burge . . State College, Arkansas Samuel L. Burkett . . Newport, Arkansas Finis Burns Ravenden Springs, Arkansas Paul Dean Burrow . . Augusta, Arkansas Jimmy Caldwell .... Wynne, Arkansas Dave Eugene Camp . Paragould, Arkansas Edward C. Carlstrom .... Maiden, Mo. Evelyn Faye Carlton Jonesboro, Arkansas Richard Allen Carpenter Beebe, Arkansas Mary Jean Casner . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Shirley Ann Chailland . . . Kennett, Mo. Gerald Richard Chappie . Lebanon, Illinois Hanley E. Cherry .... Reyno, Arkansas J. T. Chronister . . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Jack Wilben Cline Mt. Morris, Arkansas Ronald M. Coleman . . . Bono, Arkansas Robert Joseph Collins Avanella Conner . . Harold L. Coop . . . Margaret E. Cooper Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Dula Cooper State College, Ark. Benny R. Couch . . Harrisburg, Arkansas Richard D. Courtney Widener, Arkansas James Woodrow Coward Bono, Arkansas Jerry Lee Crawford Herbert E. Crites . James G. Culpepper Jerry Cunningham . Thomas Gay Darter Billy S. Davidson Earl Lavalle Davis Edward H. Davis . . Milford F. Davis . . Willma Gene Davis Arthur E. Denivain June C. Disinger Charles Dobbs . . . Little Rock, Arkansas Doris Kate Dodson Steele, Mo. Joy Alleen Douglass .... Senath, Mo. Jonnie Jane Dowler Paragould, Arkansas Gene Duley .... Poplar Blufj, Missouri Sarah Dunlap .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Monda Lee Duvall Holland, Mo. Glenda S. Dye State College, Arkansas Vanndale, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. . . Fisher, Arkansas Trailer City, Arkansas Maynard, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Bay, Arkansas Senath, Mo. Jonesboro, Arkansas Vernon L. Eagan Richard W. Eaker Harold D. Earnhart Raymond Edrington Glenda J. Elrod . . Robert M. Eppley Joe Estes . . Mary Lou Fagan Gene R. Farmer . . Frank Farrela . . Lillian Ruth Fears Joe Willie Felts . . Pocahontas, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Black Oak, Arkansas Wilson, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Cave City, Arkansas . . Ash Flat, Arkansas . . Gatewood, Missouri . Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Paragould, Arkansas Joiner, Arkansas Robert L. Figgins James R. Fisher . . Sue Fitzgerald . . Paul W. Frets . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Newport, Arkansas . . Rector, Arkansas Hubert D. Fugett . Carolyn A. Getson Garland Gobble . Jack G. Goodman Benny D. Gore William L. Gott . Grover Graham Thomas E. Green Batesville, Arkansas Delaplaine, Arkansas Cave City, Arkansas . . . . Steele, Mo. . . Trumann, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Arkansas . . Hoxie, Arkansas Rosco James Hall Jr. Edison Jack Halstead Kenneth J. Hamilton Linley Robert Haney Lake City, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas to " it F - ■ I Si V •I Fred Harold Corning, Arkansas M. Marm Harris .... Manila, Arkansas Gordon T. Harrison Blytheville, Arkansas Dean Gary Hendrix Jonesboro, Arkansas Alma Patricia Henry Jonesboro, Arkansas Harold C. Herrington Pine Bluff, Arkansas Clyde L Hiatt . . Charleston, Arkansas Bobby Hicks Gray Ridge, Mo. Roland F. Hobbs . . . Brooklyn, New York Anita Faye Holt .... Manila, Arkansas Jerry Lynn Honey . . . Tupelo, Arkansas Imogene Hood Earle, Arkansas Martha E. Hooper . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Gaylon M. Hopson .... Roe, Arkansas James V. Horner . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Virginia L. Hudgens Steele, Mo. Bill J. Hudman Little Rock, Arkansas Charles B. James Maiden, Mo. Kenneth Jarrett . . Tuckerman, Arkansas Bob Johnson ..... Pocahontas, Ark. Johnny Johnson . . . Cave City, Arkansas Ray T. Johnson Jonesboro, Ark. Sue Johnson Pocahontas, Ark. Rebecca Mae Johnston Manila, Arkansas Eddie T. Jones . . . Harrisburg, Arkansas Greta Jean Jones . . Harrisburg, Arkansas Charles I. Kawakami Jonesboro, Arkansas James Dell Keith . . Hot Springs, Arkansas Yvonne Kinchan Arbyrd, Mo. Joyce Mae King . . Smithville , Arkansas Dorothy Raye Kinman Trumann, Arkansas Bob Kitrell State College, Ark. Luther A. Knight Billy Jack Kramer Robert L. Lewis . . Oren D. Mangrum James L. Marsh . . Robert E. Martin . . Robert C. Martin . . Maurice D. Mason Clarendon, Arkansas ■ . . Rosie, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Arbyrd, Missouri . Jonesboro, Arkansas . Tupelo, Arkansas • ■ Luxora, Ark. . Jonesboro, Arkansas Harry G. Matson . . Little Rock, Arkansas Winston May Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Loretta J. Mayberry Essex, Mo. Clifford G. Mayo . . . Piggott, Arkansas Jean Mayo .... Cecil W. McDermott Rosalie McKee . . William D. Merritt Alice V. Miller . . Katherine Million Willard R. Minton . Rowland L. Mitchell Jerry D. Morgan . . John D. Morton . . Roland T. Mullins . Geraldine L. Naile . Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Parkin, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas . Higginson, Arkansas . . Searcy, Arkansas Delaplaine, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Forrest City, Arkansas . . Salem, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . . Kennett, Mo. Frank Lee Nettles Jerry H. Newsom Shirley Ann Newsom Jose R. Noriega . Guadalupe, Peru Dorothy Jean Odom Melba Ortcutter . . Oma Jean Owens Gerald D. Pack . . . . Piggott, Arkansas Brookland, Arkansas Leachville, Arkansas . . . . Paca smayo, . . . Neelyville, Mo. Paragould, Arkansas Nettleton, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Joyce Evelyn Parker Nettleton, Arkansas Lawrence Leo Parker Nettleton, Arkansas John W. Pasmore Jonesboro, Arkansas Paul Penn Jr Hornersville, Mo. Jerry L. Pennington Curtis Perkins . . . Carolyn E. Perrin Emil M. Phillips . . Juna Pickering . . Parker Alan Poe Hot Springs, Arkansas . State College, Ark. Ravenden, Arkansas . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . Palestine, Arkansas Allen Edward Powell Jonesboro, Arkansas Irene Powell Pindall, Ark. Phyllis L. Pratt Peach Orchard, Arkansas Aaron Puckett . . . Violet Hill, Arkansas Raymond E. Pulley Jonesboro, Arkansas Aaron Dean Purtee Jonesboro, Arkansas Earlene Rahm V. Joann Rains . . Charles Richard Ralph Suetta Bond Ray . . Success, Arkansas Otwell, Arkansas Joiner, Arkansas . . Senath, Mo. Wilma Lee Revelle Silas Redmond . . Mose Rhea .... James Ezra Riggs Jonesboro, Arkansas State College, Ark. . . Jonesboro, Ark. . Bragg City, Mo. Donald L. Roberts Walnut Ridge, Arkansas John Ralph Robertson . . . Kennett, Mo. Billy Joe Rogers Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Chester F. Rutledge Nettleton, Arkansas Fred J. Salzman Puxico, Mo. Elaine Holt Schnautz Buffalo, New York Johnie W. Sellers .... Birch Tree, Mo. Barbara Ann Shaneyfelt Osceola, Arkansas Charles W. Shaver Newport, Arkansas Johnny E. Shields Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Ottie Gene Shockley Brookland, Arkansas Gaylon S. Simpson . Poughkeepsie, Arkansas Nancy Ann Smith Quilin, Mo. James W. Smith State College, Arkansas Roland Lee Smith . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Octavius Smith .... lmboden, Arkansas J. Huston Spence Jonesboro, Arkansas Roy Keith Spurgers Forrest City, Arkansas Hattie Mae Spurlock Bay, Arkansas Loretta G. Spurlock Lake City, Arkansas Martha C. Stadler Cherry Valley, Arkansas Jimmy M. Stimson Paragould, Arkansas Marilyn Stires . Blytheville, Arkansas James R. Sulcer .... Tyronza, Arkansas AO f (mm Murray G. Sullivan Hayti, Mo. Leonard L. Tankersley Jonesboro, Arkansas Norma Tanner Portageville, Mo. Phyllis Tanner .... Gatewood, Missouri Bobby C. Taylor . Elta L. Thomas . Jack R. Thorpe . . Daniel E. Threet . Newport, Arkansas Pocahontas, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkayisas . . . Peel, Arkansas Dean Todd Alicia, Arkansas Arda Tomlinson . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Carolyn S. Trinkaus . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert Turner ..... Jonesboro, Ark. Eugene H. Vaughn . . . Bragg City, Mo. Bill Vickers Jonesboro, Ark. Gary B. Vowels Jonesboro, Arkansas Donald W. Waddell State College, Arkansas Ronald Waddell Darlene Wallace Opal Watkins Alta Watson State College, Arkansas . . State College, Ark. ■ ■ State College, Ark. . . Portia, Arkansas Bobby G. Webb Gideon, Mo. K. W. Webb Trumann, Arkansas Knox L. Webb . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Edwin G. Weber .... Russell, Arkansas Charles C. Weir . . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Donald Weir McRae, Arkansas Polly Welch . . . Cotton Plant, Arkansas Virginia A. Whatley Blytheville, Arkansas Peggy L. Williams .... Broseley, Mo. Darrell G. Williamson Lake City, Arkansas Robert N. Williamson Biggers, Arkansas Roy F. Wood .... Clarendon, Arkansas Harvey H. White Louis O. Widner Gaston R. Williams Clyde W. Williams . . . . . Fisk, Mo. Trximann, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Monette, Arkansas James T. Woodsmall Jonesboro, Arkansas Thomas E. Yancey . . . Helena, Arkansas Glenn M. You ng Wynne, Arkansas Herald editors get together on sports copy. FRESHMEN Mrs. Tilman Adams . . Nettleton, Arkansas Victor Gene Adams Fisk, Mo. Donna Allen State College, Ark. Mary Belle Allen Kenneth, Mo. Mona Lee Armstrong Mary Evelyn Allen Nell Dean Allen . . Bonnie Ann Anderson Lake City, Arkaiisas Batesville, Arkansas State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Arkansas Norman Lee Arnold Marmaduke, Arkansas Earnest Robert Ashley Marion, Arkansas Evelyn Ashley . . . Black Oak, Arkansas Ben L. Atkinson .... Hardy, Arkansas Hershel Ray Austin Dell, Arkansas Donald Mitchell Bailey . Jonesboro, Arkansas Clinton Lyrle Baker .... Qulin, Mo. Martha Ella Baldridge Monette, Arkansas Frances C. Ballard Hugh Allen Barnes Jcne Ann Barnes Jimmy E. Barnes Rosa Lee Barnes Harrell Dan Barnhill Shirley Ann Basinger Patsy A. Beaton . . Irma Jean Beavers Buddy G. Beck . . Elizabeth Ann Bednar Billy D. Bennett . . .Blytheville, Arkansas . . . . Hayti, Mo. Monette, Arkansas Harrisburg, Arkansas Monette, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Caraway, Arkansas Imboden, Arkansas . . . Maiden, Mo. Jonesboro, Arkansas Caruthersville, Mo. Imogene W. Bennett Clarkton, Arkansas Peggy Bennett Dexter, Mo. Billy Bishop Trumann, Arkansas Doyle Bishop Rector, Arkansas Anna Madean Blalock . . . Bay, Arkansas Curtis D. Bland . . . Eminence, Arkansas Jewel Leon Blansett . . . Cardwell, Mo. Doris Blough State College, Ark. Ralph Blough ..... State College, Ark. William Boozer .... State College, Ark. Suzanne Boucher . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Reuben Bowden Black Oak, Arkansas Wanda Bourland Manila, Arkansas J immy Dean Bowman Lake City, Arkansas Paul Clark Boyd . . Paragould, Arkansas Thomas L. Braden Kareen Bradley Senath Arkansas Osceola, Arkansas Benny Dixon Bradshaw Gideon, Arkansas Beverly Jane Brady . . Gregory, Arkansas Charles C. Bramlett . . . Memphis, Tenn. Wilma J. ' Branch . . . Piggott, Arkansas Billy Gene Brickell . Black Oak, Arkansas George Morrell Briggs Hot Springs, Arkansas Nina Aston Briggs Crawfordsville, Arkansas Bill Brinkley State College, Ark. Guy Brinkley Turrell, Arkansas Tommy L. Brown . . McCrory, Arkansas John Browning .... Lepanto, Arkansas Don Buchanan ....... Hoxie, Ark. Keith Durham Buckley Caraway, Arkansas Arlie F. Buffington Blytheville, Arkansas James Gary Buffington Newport, Arkansas Eldon Burgess ... State College, Ark. John L. Burrow Jr. Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Lehaman J. Burrow . Mammoth Spring, Ark. Vonna Trudene Caery . . Manila, Aakansas Junia M. Caldwell . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Julia Caldwell Jonesboro, Ark. Bettye E. Cantrell Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Edward Carter . . . . Benny M. Carr . . . Vernon Mock Carrens Billy Gene Carson . . Holcomb, Arkansas Bono, Arkansas Maynard, Arkansas Nettleton, Arkansas Jerry Wayne Carter .... Kennett, Mo. Wayne Castleberry Tuckerman, Arkansas Lavetra Fay Cavenor Jonesboro, Arkansas Jo Ann Chandler Senath, Mo. Lulu Belle Chandler William Chappell . . Howard Lynn Cissell . . . Senath, Mo. State College, Ark. Wilson, Arkansas Willodean Clark Cherry Valley, Arkansas Gene Nelvin Clayton .... Bernie, Mo. George Arlen Coe . . Newport, Arkansas Fred Henry Cole . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Kenneth Eugene Cole . . Osceola, Arkansas Margaret Cole .... State College, Ark. Peggy Jo Cole . . . Paragould, Arkansas Thomas Walter Cole . . Widner, Arkansas William David Collard Popular Blufj, Mo. Laura Jane Collier . . Newport, Arkansas Anna Lee Collins . . Otwell, Arkansas Elizabeth Fay Collins . . Otwell, Arkansas Mildred Gwendolyn Cook . Osceola, Arkansas Jerry William Cooper . . Rector, Arkansas Edna Virginia Cooper . Marmaduke, Arkansas Carol Ann Copeland Jonesboro, Arkansas Doyle Logan Cothern Bald Knob, Arkansas Wanda Lee Covington . Bald Knob, Arkansas Frances Coward .... Searcy, Arkansas Shirley Cozart Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Robert Lester Craft . . Brooklyn, Arkansas Leland P. Crook . . Hot Springs, Arkansas Ronnie P. Crews . . . Rector, Arkansas Glenda Mae Crittenden . Pochontas, Arkansas Jim R. Crook . . . Hot Springs, Arkansas Patricia Ann Cross . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Asa A. Crow .... Cardwell, Missouri Katherine Cullins Manila, Ark. Paul Culp ..... State College, Ark. Clarence David Cupp Edgar Truly Daniels Jimmie M. Danley John Horner Darter Paragould, Arkansas Wynne, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Fisher, Arkansas Norman Garry Deason . Hornersville, Missou Edna Mae Deere . . Portageville, Missouri Virginia F. Dehm . . . Weiner, Arkansas William Leon DeLoach Trumann, Arkansas Grover T. Davenport . State College, Arkansas Bill C. Davis Bernie, Missouri Bonnie Jean Davis Poughkeepsie, Arkansas Robert L. Davis .... Desha, Arkansas Eli Don DePriest . . Black Rock, Arkansds Larry Keith DePriest .... Steele, Mo. Glen Alven Dickson . Crawfordsville, Arkansas Rena Lou Dobbs .... Hoxie, Arkansas Shirley Ann Dortch Iva Dell Downing . . Bobby Gene Doyle James Doyle Rector, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas State College, Ark- Leroy Dudley . . . Allen Page Dulaney Carolyn Dunn . . . Donald Dunn . . . Nettleton, Arkansas . . . Clarkton, Mo, . . Searcy, Arkansas . . Osceola, Arkansas Vondus F. Elledge Phillip M. Easley Ronald L. Endsley James P. Engle Mrs. Louise Falls Arlene L. Fielder Glen Fooks . . Richard N. Ford Marked Tree, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Rector, Arkansas . . . Reyno, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Arkansas . . Imboden, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Mi j I 4 L Ann Helen Hale . . . Nettleton, Arkansas Bill Halstead .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Ewing Robert Hardin . Tupelo, Arkansas Jewel Winifred Hare . . Wynne, Arkansas Broods Dowell Harlan . Osceola, Arkansas JoAnn Peggy Harness Marmaduke; Arkansas Lee Dorothy Harp . Nettleton, Arkansas Ray Charles Harrill . Paragould, Arkansas Ann Francis Harris Joan Betty Harris Ray Bill Harris Eliz Mary Hartley Forrest City, Arkansas Brookland, Arkansas ■ ■ ■ ■ Gideon, Mo. ■ ■ ■ Dallas Texas Dee Jerald Haun . Marmaduke, Arkansas Jewel Clausine Hawkins . Jonesboro, Arkansas Wayne Jerry Haygood . Swifton, Arkansas Winona Hazel Haynes . . . Campbell, Mo. Lorraine Heaton . R. John Henderson Donald Henson . Fredwick J. Herndon Popular Bluff, Mo. Augusta, Arkansas Kennett, Missouri Leachville, Arkansas Barbara Ann Hester .... Maiden, Mo. Charles J. Hickman . Black Rock, Arkansas Bob L. Hicks Gray Ridge, Missouri Bob H. Higginbotham . Jonesboro, Arkansas Bual D. Higgins . Paragould, Arkansas Jerry E. Higgins . . . Trumann, Arkansas Alice S. Hilburn . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Jesse T. Hinds . . . Trumann, Arkansas t% n i lift ft, i i Paula S. Holyfield Lilburn, Mo. Denver C. Hoggard Marmaduke, Arkansas Karen Kay Holt . Wanda Hinson Larry Horner Fred G. Horwitz Donna L. Housley N. Elouise Houston Homer E. Hudson Jo Ann Hughes Mary N. Hughes Sammy E. Hughes Archer Huneycutt Charlene L. Hurd Verna L. Hurst Jim Lee Houston Billy Miles Inman Dana Jo Jackson Howard Jackson June Jackson . Marked Tree, Arkansas . . State College, Ark. . . State College, Ark. Brooklyn, New York Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Trumann, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . Alicia, Arkansas Pocahontas, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas . . State College, Ark. . . Trumann, Arkansas . Paragould, Arkansas . . Biggers, Arkansas . Clarkdale, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . State College, Ark. . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Nora Ann Jackson Laura Sue Johnson G. E. James Lewis James . . . . Lottie James . . . . Ida Nell Jarrell . . . Clarence M. Jennings David Jessery . . • Luxora, Arkansas . . . . Briar, Mo. State College, Ark. . State College, Ark. . State College, Ark. State College, Ark. . Maynard, Arkansas State College, Ark- 1 . Bobby Jetton . . Dallas Johnson Garry M. Johnson Hoyt M. Johnson State College, Ark. . Weiner, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas Joan Johnson State College, Ark. Leroy Lon Johnson . Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Mildred Ann Johnston . . Manila, Arkansas Norma L. Johnson Cave City, Arkansas James Johnston .... State College, Ark. Crata Ottaleine Jones . . Fisher, Arkansas Beverly Lou Jones Middlebrook, Arkansas Donald Ray Jones .... Bono, Arkansas Herbert Luther Jones . . . Kennett, Mo. Jacklyn Jones .... State College, Ark. Kelley Jones ..... State College, Ark. ima Lou Jordan 3ill W. Kelley . . franklin T. Kelley Jack Kendrick Tiller S. King . . ose Marie Kinman lexander Kopiecki irginia A. Lackey iul D. Lamberth . Rector, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Oil Trough, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Leachville, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas ;lie Land ...... State College, Ark. leodore R. Land Hbert E. Landrum Salem, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas 11110 ry Lane Imboden, Arkansas life )u I A I KLja. I I if Ail i Charles D. Langston . . . Salem, Arkansas Jean Laughinghouse Trumann, Arkansas Ann Carolyn Lawrence Alicia, Arkansas Shelba Jean Lea . . Black Oak, Arkansas Frank P. Leach West Lawn, Pa. Naomi League Cardwell, Mo. Mary Frances Lee . . Paragould, Arkansas Bobby W. Legg . . Cherry Valley, Arkansas Helen Joan Lemmons Campbell, Missouri George A. Lemon . . . Popular Bluff, Mo. Gene H. Leroux Naylor, Mo. Eleanor Ruth Lindley Jonesboro, Arkansas Gary Ray Lingo . - Bobbie Dean Lloyd . Nechia N. Lockwood Patricia D. Long . . Willene Long . . Johnny Van Love James A. Lynn Larry E. Mahon Alvin Malone . . David G. Marlar . Linda S. Marlar Alfred Marotti . . Blaine E. Martin Ronald D. Masson Elmer L. Mathis Sarah Jane Mattix . . . Jonesboro, Ark. Wynne, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas . . Hardy, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . Kennett, Mo. Jonesboro, Arkansas ■ . State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Arkansas . . . Rector, Arkansas Crawfordsville, Arkansas . . . Portageville, Mo. . . Twining, Michigan . . Rector, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas James M. Maupin . . Vanndale, Arkansas John May State College, Ark. Jerry J. Mayo Parma, Missouri D. McCollun State College, Ark. Finis W. McComas . . . Grayville, Illinois Bonnie Jean McConnell . . . Riscoe, Mo. Joe Tha McCormick Paragould, Arkansas Gladys L. McCoy . . Leachville, Arkansas Jo Ann McCrone . West Memphis, Arkansas Denzel D. McDaniel Jonesboro, Arkansas Veda D. McDaniel Marked Tree, Arkansar. Alton Wayne McDonald . . Deering, Mo. John D. McDonald Pine Blufj, Arkansas Patricia Ann McMasters Manila, Arkansas Mary M. Meacham . . Judsonia, Arkansas Wm. E. Meeks . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Wm. Thomas Melton Trumann, Arkansas Gail J. Messersmith Jonesboro, Arkansas Jo Ann Miller Lexa. Arkansas Reda C. Miller .... Searcy, Arkansas Albert Lee Mink Bill Ray Moma . . Douglas E. Moore Golden F. Moore John L Moore . . Spencer G. Moore Rex E. Morris . . James F. Mote . . Brookland, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Ward, Arkansas Success, Arkansas Hot Springs, Arkansas . . Rector, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas |1 ™ -jm- Ml l t (•Mi i Q it Graple Moye .... Harrisburg, Arkansas Jimmy Don Needham Trumann, Arkansas Donna Sue Newsom Leachville, Arkansas Forrest E. Norman . . Newport, Arkansas Hubert Norris Joe S. Norton Fredwin M. Odom Hobart O ' Conner Wesley S. Oelsen Ben M. Oglesby . . Donald D. O ' Keane George Wm. Osborn Lyndell Orsborne Carlos R. Ozier . Roy Pearrow . . Juanita L. Perrin . . . Swifton, Arkansas West Ridge, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Arkansas . . State College, Ark. . . . Poplar Bluff, Mo. . . Parkin, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas . . Rector, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas . . Batesville, Arkansas Emilee Ann Perry . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jessica Ann Perry Cooter, Mo. Dwayne Petty ... State College, Ark. James Petty ..... State College, Ark. Carolyn Ann Pettyjohn . Hardy, Arkansa3 George E. Phillips . Marked Tree, Arkansas Jim Lee Phillips Hayti, Mo. Estes Alstine Poindextor . Bono, Arkansas Betty Lou Porter Waelon S. Powell . Francis Lavelle Pratt James W. Prescott Smithville, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Pocahontas, Arkansas . Hughes, Arkansas Mavis Faye Presson .... Broseley, Mo. Thelma Pressley .... McHue, Arkansas Lester Leon Privett Blytheville, Arkansas Ronald Edward Proctor Newport, Arkansas Jimmy R. Puckett Jack Glen Pylant Bobby Earl Ragan Charles Rainwater Caraway, Arkansas Leachville, Arkansas . Newport, Arkansas . . Poplar Bluff, Mo. William A. Ramsey Violet Hill, Arkansas Clara Dean Ransom Monette, Arkansas Cecil D. Ratliff . . Lake City, Arkansas John Willard Reaves Newport, Arkansas Kenneth Reel ..... Horner sville, Mo. Beverly Register Clarendon, Ark. Marilyn Ann Reng . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Frederick Eldon Reynolds Reyno, Arkansas Bobby J. Rhoads .... Salem, Arkansas Bobbie Joe Rhodes Salem, Ark. James Harold Rhodes Corning, Arkansas Kathern J. Rie . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Katy Pat Richardson . . Fisher, Arkansas Don Roach Jonesboro, Arkansas Raymond S. Robak . . Hammond, I ndiana Glenda Robb .... Jonesboro, Arkansas George V. Roberson Jerry Mac Roberts Mildred M. Roberts Doyle Fraser Roddy Jonesboro, Arkansas Rector, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas McCrory, Arkansas 1 i i I Carla Nelle Rollins . . Holcomb, Missouri Virginia Rowe . . State College, Arkansas Verda Mae Runyan Strawberry, Arkansas Almous Russell . . . Paragould, Arkansas Robert Schriver . . Dedham, Massachusetts Andrew G. Schug . . Paragould, Arkansas Margaret Dianne Scott . Jonesboro, Arkansas Donald Srum ..... Curdwell, Mo. Reuben Oscar Seay . . . Rector, Arkansas Virginia Segroves . State College, Arkansas Billy D. Shaneyfelt Blytheville, Arkansas John R. Sherman Jonesboro, Arkansas Mary Shewmaker . . Rocky Comfort, Mo. Herbert Collins Shultz Ravenden, Arkansas Fred Lee Sitz Hardy, Arkansas Alvis Gus Slayton . . Pocahontas, Arkansas Bobby Joe Smith . . Leachville, Arkansas Clyde Raymond Smith Corning, Arkansas Joe Dudley Smith . . huxora, Arkansas Nell Lee Smith . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Shirley Smith Mammoth Spring, Arkansas William Roland Smith Eminence, Mo. Carrie Solano .... Tyronza, Arkansas Ray South .... Black Oak, Arkansas Ed. L. Stage .... Paragould, Arkansas Cleatus S. Stanfill Warm Spring, Arkansas Jimmy C. Statler .... Egypt, Arkansas Farris Juanita Statler . . Manila, Arkansas Urn Ewell Stephens . Mammoth Spring, Arkansas George N. E. Stephens Jonesboro, Arkansas Shirley May Stephens Jonesboro, Arkansas Myra Diane Stevens . . Luxora, Arkansas Bobby M. Stilwell . Gwendolyn Stotts Billy D. Stone . . Carl L. Stricklin Robert M. Stupeck Loretta S. Swanner Freddie G. Swindle Joe Grady Tate . Osceola, Arkansas Lake City, Arkansas Lake City, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Hammond, Indiana Nettleton, Arkansas . . . . Steele, Mo. Jonesboro, Arkansas John B. Tate .... Black Rock, Arkansas Robert Lee Taylor .... Doniphan, Mo. Darryl D. Taylor Beech Grove, Arkansas Donald E. Taylor . . . Piggott, Arkansas George L. Taylor Jon D. Teague . . Jeannine Terrell . Frank N. Thomas . Lake City, Arkansas Harrisburg, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Knobel, Arkansas Jerrell M. Thomas . . . Cooter, Missouri Victor R. Thomason . . Osceola, Arkansas Charles W. Thompson . . Rector, Arkansas Sandra L. Thorne Marmaduke, Arkansas R. Grider Thrasher Ernest L. Tibbs . . David W. Towles . Barney L. Travis Jonesboro, Arkansas Harrisburg, Arkansas . . Manila, Arkansas Imboden, Arkansas ill tt J Mi Paula R. Tucker . . Paul H. Turner . . LeRoy N. Tyner . . . John S. Underwood Trumann, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas Walcott, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Donald R. Vancil . . . Broesley, Missouri Clara Vaughn Mammoth Spring, Arkansas Robert E. Verkler . . Black Rock, Arkansas Doris A. Wadley . . . Paragould, Arkansas Jim Dale Wallace Paragould, Arkansas William E. Walters Edgar Springs, Mo. Charles W. Ward Parma, Mo: Joseph R. Ward . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Nelson H. Watson Lebanon, Mo. Glenda E. Weaver Paragould, Arkansas Jimmie H. Webb Tuckerman, Arkansas Roy A. Weld Fisher, Arkansas Dexter West . . Michael H. West . Patricia G. West . John P. Whidden . Barbara J. White Ronald D. White . Mary D. Whitley Almon D. Wilbanks Patricia Ann Wilkins Bytheville, Arkansas Weiner, Arkansas . . Letona, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Brookland, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . Keiser, Arkansas Weiner, Arkansas Wyatt Wilkinson Fayette, Tenn. James L. Wilson . . Paragould, Arkansas Mary Jane Wilson . . . Newark, Arkansas l Robert J. Wimpy Charles M. Williams Dearl M. Williams . . Esther E. Williams . James W. Williams Linda D. Williams Wilma A. Williams Glenda R. Wolfe . Billy Joe Wood . . Martha A. Wood . . Everette M. Woodruff James T. Wooldridge Don F. Worley Nancy A. Worthy James E. Wright Norman H. Wright Jonesboro, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas Black Oak, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Lake City, Arkansas Portagevlle, Mo. . . Thomasville, Mo. Paragould, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Crawfordsville, Ark. Paragould, Arkansas Bald Knob, Arkansas Marked Tree, Arkansas N. Little Rock, Arkans as An Gres, Michigan Nina J. Yarbrough Ronald G. Zowada Trumann, Arkansas Chicago, Illinois 1- Marti A Merl Lesley . Benny McAlee Bob Parker . Cardwell. Missouri . Gideon, Missouri Si. Louis. Missouri Marguerite Stewart . State College, Ark. Franklin Smith . . State College, Ark. Guy Stevens . . . State College. Ark. Rodney Sims . Bob Shaw . . . Allen Thompson Augusta, Arkansas State College, Ark. State College, Ark. Girls P. E. class tees off. Sharlene Threlkeld Joy Towery . . . Donna Turner . . Stale College, Ark. State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Arkansas Louis Tyler . Billie Watson Elmer West . State College, Ark. State College, Ark. State College, Ark. J. W. Willett Gerald Wilson Billy Wood . State College, Ark. State College, Ark. . Manila, Arkansas Charles Woolf Peggy Zook Jonesboro, Arkansas Keiser, Arkansas Second Semester Students A Activities J ft - " 9H Pictured ah a " « Jean " Dulles. The Homecoming Queen Paul While, Team Captain, crowns Carolyn Bollinger of Forrest City State ' s 1954 Home- coming Queen. K . A f f Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s first-place winning float passes in front of the student bleachers. W :!m Some of the many baauliful floats in the Homecoming Parade: Top left — Phi Mu says, " Hold That Lion; " Top right — Independents; Middle left — Pi Kappa Alpha; Middle right. Minister ' s Fellowship; Bottom left — Fresh- man Class; Bottom right — Sigma Pi. 4% Arkonsos Stole Colk «e FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Student Gov Lewis O ' Neal, SGA President and Miss Lane. Faculty Ad- viser. Grider Thrasher, Freshman Representative Gene Foreman, Junior Repre- sentative; Charles Adams, Sophomore Representative, and Gene Howard, Senior Reprerantative John McMullan, Senior Rep- resentative; Jane Porter, Sec- ond Vice President; and John Groves, Senior Class President John Morton, Sophomore President; Paden Neeley, Jun- ior Class President; and J. W. Green, Freshman Class Pres- ident Jo Edwards, Sophomore Rep- resentative; John Browning, Freshman Class President; and Ness Sechrest, Junior Representative Military Ball On March 26 State College Herald Military Ball On March 26 jl I ME XXXV Survey Shows Many Fields Studied Here mary SI Tt COLLEGE, ARKANSAS FRIDAY. MARCH 18. 1955 fay-Off For Local Talent, Many To Win nursing. 1 pre-phar- jr. 3 pre- veterinary pre-med. technology majors. 1 pre-optometry major, and i pre-social work .A total 1 students are majorine in jre- professional fields, ideate indicating teaching Leir objective are majoring e fotiowlng fields 6tt busi- educatlon majors, us i ary education majors, ih majors. 5 printing r 14 mathematics majors, : education majors. 1955 Contest For Debaters To Be April 2 f Knjo iuu (he fruits of their Iftbot — Ark; ancl their couch are pictured Above adm the national «jisarter-hnrj e judging conte they are : L. N. Hocbatetler, coach, White. .James Arnold, and Gene Waddifl. Judges In National Win Short Family Will Leave Campus This Semester [cation majors. 14 i rs 33 social studies j Name Omitted 7$ vocational total of 476 i :nts are majoring tn the ' ling field, ler major fields of -study j ated by students are: 10; The name of Peggy Cole of ParagOltid trag nmitted from the two lists of students mak- ing the honor roll. The Herald regrets this error Arkansas State College ' s six-man livestock , : pietely unheralded and feeling like the " cm [town, " came from out of no where last San [ laurels in the quarterborse division of the I Judging Contest at Oklahoma City. -I In printing, 14 art ma- ■ General Binns Visits State h English majors. 18 journalism i [majors. 12 radio journalism ma- Ijors, I modern language major. ; 107 agriculture majors, jo biology hnajors. I™ chemistry majors. 3 ; mathematics majors. 256 t uwJ- i ress and economies majors. 26 Ihome economics majors, and 146 law undecided Griner Mentioned At National meet honorable mention on his Inij " The Fifer " m the Na Drawing and Sculpture E ft ion at the Ball Art Gal!: i Munice, Indiana. Out of 250 entries, on! (first prizes were given I ' Pierra of New York City , is generally recognized as ■ 1 today ' s top-flight artists, j first pla Aft. Mr dr the first honorable n was purchased by a fxoljei ; In addition to Mr. Orlner ' s distinguished recognition, he has a print that is a part of an ex- Uuoition which is presently On a t o pear tour of an galleries in this country Double Trouble Hits ASC Coaching Staff: Two In Accidents TWO Arkansas State head coaches were involved in acci- dents over the past week end The first accident Involved John Rauth. head basketball . coach, The accident occured when a car driven by Mr Hauth and a station wagon driven by C C. Davis of Jonesbore collided at the intersection of : NetUeton and Carraway road Roy Ciarrett. riding with Mr I Davis, received cuts, bruises and injuries to the left eye W.illy Rauth. sort Of Mr Rauth ' received tumor cuts and bruises The second accident occured , Monday morning when a car driven by Gene Harlow, head football coach, and one driven by Thomas Penn collided at the Intersection ol Cherry and Church streets. | Coach Harlow was taking hti daughter to East School at the time Mr Penn was on hi; way to practice teach at Jones- boro High School Both CM were damaged, but no one re- ■ ' c nt e Debaters The Herald Staff ueans Pick Bob Moore GENKKAL VISITS STATE— Brig. Gen. John Binns (left), assistant commander of Camp Chaffee, paid a visit to »»•■• State Tuesday to inspect the Military Science Department and to meet State ' s HOTC cadets. Above, ho discusses the school with Dean N. D, Hazelbaker (center) and U. Col Frank (i. RfttHff, professor of military science and tactics. Remember The Time Will Rogers Visited A-State College Campus? Here Is A Brief Running Account time ... castas State has enter- ed in the National contest The trophy was presented through the courtesy of the Ok- lahoma City division of the American Quart erhorse Associa- ■ Though they must win the trophy two more times m order to permanently keep it,, the Jub- ilant members of the Arkansas! fState College livestock Judging | team feel confident that some- 1 I oay not too far hence, a tropl such as the one they have Ju :«on will be permanent proper of Arkansas State College. DeLoarh Will Speak To Formanship Group As State Prexy Dean Hazelbaker Visits Camp Chaffee Today ■ ■ - i93tTs the philosopher WW Rogers visited Arkansas State College. His visit proved to be a j into the audit, page tn the history of Arkansas i squad of men, State. ! on entering tr The following ts an article | from the form which appeared in the 1931 edi- 1 to the stage tion of the " Yearling. ' ' the Ar : forth that ma kansas State College yearbook, ; Hawks appeare ' Throughout the recent period ' ■ gram, having of depression a nationally known i pould to hold figure was willing to sacrifice his while the hum time, money, and health in an j Jwiesboro effort to aid the sufferers This! Football, ag good Samaritan was Will Rogers, . Coolldge, tena humorous lecturer and movie [tton, the RussJ star, who will forever linger ; 0,t were a Iev dearly in the minds of the citi- j " °8 er ' 5 rnarvel zens of tlie stricken area. ■ added a great Ropers accompanied by Cap- i Jokes, anc tain Frank Hawks, nationally- j nd tunctioi known speed aviator, appeared ; t ltmHX the tlCC at the State College iiymnasium ; An added fe: on Wednesday, February lltli . ' was a beauty With his ceaseless repertoire of j oy local busine- comment on social and political ! , Io , T " conditions, he proved himself a? ; ; ° ' , t Kood an entertainer as he is a: philosopher and Democrat | refused to judf The largest crowd ever to as- i over to Captaj semble hi the large gymnasium isasStat Collet t-r.-cti ' d (in- lamou. iiair when i In this contest they appeared to aise funds for I Mitchell of M the Craighead County Bed Cross. So Mr. Rose The entertainment attracted a gone, leaving i full hour.- 1 , with many of the j niscences of a seats selling fo: two, three, and! causing us to five dollars j fully the wond The IocjI National Guard unit ■ anism which turned in a brillcmt performance i throughout the he varied rbles tA bodyguard; iers, money-guards, and tele pli boys Rogers was e.scortei Girl Turns Down Offer Of R0TC f hite Gets Scholarship ASC Dance Orchestra To Piny in Assembly Seniors Note: ! ff;° " s f Fof ' Miss . Slide Rule Of 1955 ' Register Now ; Must p e i„ Monday r at the annual Etlgi- ty on March 25. f Whatley, sophomore { ! ■ LEFT TO RIGHT— Bob Kern. Headline Editor; Roy Riley. Editorial Editor; and Annette Phillips Williams, Society Edi- tor LEFT TO RIGHT — L. W. " Tex " Plunkett, associate pro- fessor of journalism; Cloyis Craft, Assistant Editor; and Charles Rasberry, Editor LEFT TO RIGHT — Gene Foreman, Sports Editor; Tom Blagg, Copy Editor; and Har- vey Hill, Copy Editor Whos Mh 1 Colleges a JERRY BOOKOUT is a pre law major from Caruthers- viJle, Mo. He is a pasl president of Sigma Pi and first vice- president of the SGA, a member of the Advanced Military Club, the Arka-Staters, and the Pre-Law Club. TOM COOKE is a dramatics major from Marvell. In addition to his many activities in dramatics, Tom is a mem- ber of the Masquers, president of Tau Kappa Epsilon and president of Alpha Psi Omega. „ MARGARET COPELAND is a voice major from Jones- boro. She is a member of the ASC Singers, the Arkeltes, the Arka-Staters, the Choir, and BSU. In American Universities TOM DAVIS is a business administration major from Jonesboro. He is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the Ad- vanced Military Club, and the Arka-Sta ters. He is a past president of the Arka-Staters. NANCY FOX is a business education major from New- port. She is president of Phi Mu Sorority, a member of the Arka-Staters, and a member of the AWS council. HOUSTON GARNER is an animal husbandry major from Lepanto. He is a member of the Agri Club, Cadet Colonel in ROTC, and past president of Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHNNY GROVES is a mathematics major from Jones- boro. He is a member of Ihe Advanced Military Club, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and a member of the Wesley Foundation. GENE HOWARD is an animal husbandry major from Memphis. He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, the Advanced Military Club, the Agri Club, the Block and Bridle Club, and president of the Arka-Staters. JOHN McMULLAN is a music major from Cotton Plant. He i s a member of the Band, the Choir, Pi Kappa Alpha, the Arka-Staters, and a representative of the SGA. LEWIS O ' NEAL is a biology major from Trumann. He is president of the SGA, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, and the Advanced Military Club. JANE PORTER is a piano major from Jonesboro. She has been active in dramatics, and is a member of the Band, the Choir, the Masquers, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Psi Ome- ga, and a majorette. DANNY SPENSIERI is a Pre-Med major from Brook- lyn, N. Y. He has been a very valuable member of the In- dian football squad. He is a member of the P.E. Club and the A-Club. DORIS STRICKLAND is an education major from Black Oak. She is a member of the Choir, the Future Teachers of America, a past president of the AWS, and a past president of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. She was the 1954-55 Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon. GENE SULLIVAN is an agriculture education major from Hoxie. He is a member of the Band, the Choir, the Agri Club, the Independent Student Association, and the Collegiate FFA. He received the outstanding sophomore award in 1953. MARY ELIZABETH WHITE is an elementary education major from Jonesboro. She is president of Pi Gamma Mu, a member of the Arka-Staters, past president of the BSU, and past president of the FTA. ■• ■ ' ■ — Alpha Gommo Delta LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Mary Allen. Mary Jo Barrell, Carolyn Bol- linger. Barbara Brewer, and Margaret Burge. Second Row: Jackie Sue Carpenter, Joan Cooper, Carole Copeland, Pat Cross, June Disinger. Third ow: Jane Doty, Janice Elrod, Kathy Frazier, Jeanette Garner, Alice Hil- bourn. ■ Naile. Third Row: Carolyn Perrin, Phyllis Pratt, Earlene Rahm, Ann Roberts, Phyllis Swindle. Fourth Row: EJta Thomas, Arda Tomlinson, Anona Tucker, Jane Urie, Polly Welch. Fifth Row: Barbara White, Martha Wood. 1 Alpha Omicron PI LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Ann Basinger. Elizabeth Bednar, Diane Bibb, Nina Briggs. Second Row: Vivian Brothers, Winona Raney, Mary Buck, Evelyn Carlton. Third Row: Lavetra Cavenor, Beth Cooper, Jo Edwards, Elizabeth Hartley. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Pat Henry, Charlene Hurd, Pat Hurst. Nora Ann Jackson. Second Row: Nancy Johnston, Dot Kinman, Rose Kinman, Sarah Mattix. Third Row: Jean Mayo, Jackie Meyer, Jane Porter, Gail Province. Fourth Row: Marilyn Reng, Diane Scott, Barbara Shaneyfelt, Diane Stevens. Fifth Row: Doris Strickland, Ina Lee Wiles, Annette Wil- liams, Nina Yarbrough. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Suzanne Angel. Betty Bell. Betty Bellers. Mona Clark, Jeannette Coward. Second Row: Sue Fitzgerald, Nancy Fox. Patsy Freze, Carolyn Fulmer, Katherine Graham. Third Row: Helen Hale, Barbara Hester, Jean Hinson, Jo Ann Hughes, Mary Hughes. LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Rebecca Johnson. Sue Johnson, Ruth Lind- ley. Sue Marlar, Ruthie McCluney. Second Row: Patricia McMasters, Kathy Million, Shirley Newsom, Sue Orsborn, Glenda Pylant. Third Row: Jean- nette Queen, Jo Ann Raines, Suetta Ray, Juliet Rossie, Elaine Schnautz. Fourth Row: Laquita Scurlock, Paula Tucker, Norma Tanner, Carolyn Trinkaus, Clara Vaughn. Fifth Row: Altha Watson, Gail West, Virginia Whatley, Linda Williams. PI Kappa Alpha o r A 4 4 LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Charles Adams. George Barker. Rex Barker. Bill Barnhill, and Donnie Bowlin. Second Row: John Browning, Bill Bur- nell. Robert Cantrell. Ed Carstrom and Gerald Chappie. Third Row: How- ard Cissel, Jere Cooper, Logan Cothern. Robert Covington, and Don Davis. Fourth Row: Buddy Felts, Gene Foreman, Paul Frets. Houston Garner, and Gaylon Hopson. Fifth Row: Charles Horner, Gene Howard, Jack Hudson, Buddy Huff and Paul Jackson. 4 LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Frank Keel. Jakie King. Ted Mann, Lee Massey, Finis McComas, and Joe McCormick. Second Row: J. C. McMinn, John McMullan, Richard McNece, Bill Merrit, James Miller, and Golden Moore. Third Row: John Morion, Paden Neeley, Lewis O ' Neal, Bob Parker, Joe Perdzock, and Bill Prescott. Fourth Row — Eddie Raney, Robert Smith, Bill Swan, Harold Thomas, Jack Thorpe, and Grider Thrasher. Fifth Rev: Gary Vowels, Knox Webb, Don Weir, Dave Wilbanks, and Gary Wilson. Sigma Phi Epsilon LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Victor Adams. Don Bailey. Bill Bennett. Charles Breeding. Second Row: E. J. Burrow. Bill Clark, George Coe. David Duvall. Third Row: Jep FutrelL Garland Gobbles. Don Hinson, Kenneth Hurst. Fourth Row: Bill Keith. Jim Keith, Tom Kennedy. ■ LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Bob Kiiirell, George Lemon. Winston May. Harold Meharg. Second Row: Frank Nettles, Nathan Newby, Lennie Pa- sierb, Charles Payne. Third Row: Houck Reasoner, Eugene Stillions, Jim Sulcer, Lowell Washburn. Fourth Row: John Whidden, Wyatt Wilker- son, Jim Woodsmall, Jim Wright. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Don Abernathy, Hershal Austin, James Avery. Alphus Barfoot, Buddy Beck. Second Row: Jerry Bookout, Benny Bradshaw, Don Brooks, James Buffington, Leland Crook. Third Row: Jim Crook, Asa Crow, Jim Cummings, David Doyle, James Ray Doyle. Fifth Row: Lee Roy Johnson, Tom Kent, Carl Lacy, Charles Lutes, Buddy Marroti. r L -. ♦ LEFT TO RIGHT— Firsl Row: Billy Mayo. Benny McAlee, Spencer Moore, Jerry Newsom, Wesley Olson. Second Row: Bill Penick, Ronald Proctor, Richard Ralph, John Reeves, Ness Sechrest. Third Row: Billy Shaney- felt, Gus Slayion. Jimmy Statler, Darryl Taylor, Larry Taylor. Fourth Row: Richard Thomas, Leroy Thomason, David Towles, Rice Van Ausdall, Charles Ward. Fifth Row: Gerrall Weber, Jim Wells, Dexter West, Waymon Williams, Everett y oodruii. I -T . ... it f h 4, fat t- — r 4(1 i LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Joe Atkinson. Terry Ballard. Eddie Barber. Nicky Barre, Gary Brewer. Second Row: Richard Brewer. Benny Carr, Kenneth Cole. Tom Cooke. Lindy Coop. Third Row: Dean Cox. Thomas Cox, Edgar Daniels. Larry Davis. Tom Davis. Fourth Row: Larry DePriest. Dick Fisher. Bill Flowers. Johnny Groves. Dowell Harlan. Fifth Row: Freddy Herndon. Frank Johnson. Ray T. Johnson. Bill Kelly. LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Robert Kern, James Lynn. Malcolm Marks, Gerald Marlar, Harry Matson. Second Row: Morris Maupin, Densell Mc- Daniel, Jessie McNeil, Charles Mooney, E. W. Onstead. Third Row: George Osborn, Paul Osborn, Robert Pearrow, Ermon Richmond, George Robb. Fourth Row: Robert Roberts, George Roberson, Robert Schriver, Gil Sel- vin, Nicky Stevens. Fifth Row: Robert Stilwell, Jimmy Stimson, Joe Waters, Jack Welch, Bill Zook. Independents LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Beetle Bailey, James Bourland. Peggy Cole, Dale Courtney. Second Row: Cloyis Craft, Bill Cramer, Rena Dobbs, Nor- man Forrest. Third Row: Charles Freeman, Carolyn Getson, Fay Gunner, Winifred Hare. Fourth Row: Rosemary Haynes. Winona Haynes, Elouise Houston, Beverly Jones. LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Norma Johnson, Robert Johnson, Emma Jordan, Darlene Long. Second Row: Oren Mangrum, Roland Mitchell, Carolyn Pettijohn, Allen Poe. Third Row: Thelma Pressley, Harold Priest, James Riggs, Gene Sullivan. Fourth Row: Darryl Taylor, Darryl Williams, Joe Witcher, Glenda Woolf. Fifth Row: Monroe Young, Bill Yancey. Agriculture Club LEFT TO RIGHT: C. C. Cravens, James L. Davenport, William Etzel, Ed Moore, and Olen P. Nail. LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Charles Adams, James Bickerstaff, James Bourland. Ralph Brainard, Alton Bray. Stanley Broadaway. John Browning. Second Row: Paul Burrow, Jim Caldwell, Bill Clark, Miles Collier, Jere Cooper, Robert Covington, Bil Crabtree. Third Row: Donald Culp, Guy Darter, Ed Davis, Dwain Earnhart, Joe Estes, Buddy Felts. _ - 4 Li ■If At , ■ s r_: ft. 1 Hi LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Houslon Garner, Cloyce Gerdes. Millard Goff, Ray Halberl, Bob Hardin, Wayne Hartsfield. Bobby Hicks. Second Row: Jerry Honey, Monroe Honey, Gene Howard, Paul Howard, Clarence James, Y. B. Jones, Charles Keller. Third Row: Tommy Lessenberry. Charles Lutes, Oran Mangrum, Dean Mason, Ronald Masson, Bill Maxwell, Harold Meharg. Fourth Row: Golden Moore, John Moore, Jerry Morgan, Jose Noriega. James Orr, Bill Penick, Allen Poe. Fifth Row: Bill Prescott, Ancil Pressley, Jimmy Stallins, Gene Stillions, Gene Sullivan, Fred Swin- dle, Darryl Taylor. Sixth Row: Dan Threet, Lowel Washburn, Darrel West- on, Paul White, Willard Woolf, Sam Wooten, Bob Williams. Seventh Row: Waymond Williams. il LEFT TO RIGHT— Firsl Row: Wanda Covey. Gerald Covey. Jane Pagan. Wilma Williams, and Mrs. McPike. Second Row: Betty Morris. Virginia Lackey. Juanita Stailer. Beverly Jones, Wanda Hinson, and Margaret Cole. Third Row: Morrell Briggs. Esther Williams. Carol Copeland, Aquilla Mc- Clanahan, Al Kunz, Floyd Perrin, and Gene Duley. Fourth Row: Finis Burns. Fred Salzman, and Ben Atkinson. Beta Beta Beta LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Dr. W. W. Nedrow. Vernelia McCrady. Ron- ald Liss, Mrs. Jean Williams, and Louis O ' Neal. Second Row: Cliff Wesi- brooke Jim Harris, Gene Sullivan. Willard Woolf. Jesse McNeil, and Mr. Robinson. Drill Team I 5 LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: James Bourland, Jerry Roberts, Tommy Davis, Houston Garner. Billy Joe Davis, and Ferrell Broadaway. Second Row: Don Hearn, Harold Meharg. Gaylon Hobson, Louis O ' Neal, Houston Spence, and Don Brooks. Third Row: Nathan Newby, Jerry Shauffelberger. Allen Poe, Dallas Johnson, and Don Davis. Fourth Row: Sgt. Stromert, Sam Burkett, and Major Southerland. ASC Collegiate FFA if j jpl LEFT TO RIGHT— Firs t Row: Y. B. Jones, Clifford Smith, Willard Woolf. Wayne Baker, Derial Western. Dr. Naile. and Mr. Elliott. Second Row: Wayne Hartsfield, Paul Burrows. Tommy Clark. Robert Williams, Jerry Morgan, and Eugene Stillions. Third Row: Gene Sullivan, Oren Mangrum, Bill Maxwell, Richard Pruitt, James Orr, and Millard Goff. Fourth Row: Golden Moore, Terry Burge, and Lowell Washburn. BHHffl UA A. A. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Mrs. McPike, Jessica Perry. Graple Moye, Jeannette Queen, Beliy Bellers, Wilma Williams, Shirley Bradshaw, and Miss Prescoti. Second Row: Sue Fitzgerald, Beverly Jones, Carolyn Petty- john, Rena Dobbs, Thelma Pressley, Gracie Fry, Jo Ella Thompson, and Mary Allen. Third Row: Winfred Hare, Shirley Chailland, Mary Bowling, Joan Cooper, Monda DuvaJl, Elaine Schnautz, Corinne May, Peggy King, and Phyllis Pratt. Animal Husbandry Club Ss c LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Ancil Pressley- Gene Howard, Bill Penix. Paul Stovall, Jim Miller, and Bill Clark. Second Row: Houston Garner. Ronald Archer, Bill Jennings, Dean Mason, and Charles Adams. Third Row: Jere Cooper, and Paul White. Cadet Officers Club LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Bill Mayo. Carl Lacy, E. J. Burrow. George Barker, Gary Wilson, Skippy Mooney, Jake King, Ronald Archer, and Harvey Hill. Second Row: Frank Keel, E. W. Onstead. Gil Selvin, Charles Payne, Bill Barnhill, Miles Collier, Waymon Fuirell, Jerry Bookout, and Charles Freeman. Third Row: Tommy Davis, Read Morton. Phillip Short, David Littlestone. Bill Flowers, Bob Flowers, Malcolm Marks, Buddy Huff, and Ralph Holcomb. Fourth Row: Van Buren Russell, Ollie Townsend, Wayne Hartsfield, Gene Stillions, Clyde Ford, Terrill Hinds, Jesse Hinds, Paul Woodsmall, and Jim Wells. Fifth Row: Ronald Liss, Ermon Richmond, Paden Neeley, J. C. McMinn, Sterling Redfern, Kenneth Short, Bob Kern, Wayne Crouch, David Doyle, and Louis O ' Neal. Sixth Row: Houston Gar- ner, Gene Foreman, Jim Turley, Clois Gerdes, Farrell Broadaway, Don Davis, Leroy Thomason, Bill Swan, and Major Beauchle. Seventh Row: Dan Spensieri, Donnie Bowlin, Clarence James, Tom Kent, Tom Blagg, J. C. Droke, and Capt. McNeese. International Relations Club LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Elaine Schnauiz, Jeanetie Queen, Phyllis Pratt, Monda Duvall, Joan Cooper, Shirley Chailland, Rena Dobbs. Jo Ella Thompson, and Mary Bowling. Second Row: Shirley Bradshaw and Jessica Perry. W. A. A. Officers LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Charles Breeding, Clara Clifton, Ruth Fears. Laura Collier, and Miss Clarissa Delano. Second Row: Victor Adams, Ru- fus Littel, Gene Duley, James Sulcer, and Manuel Garay. Kappa Pi LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Don Rhine. James Lynch, Mrs. Pasmore and Katherine Graham. Second Row: Wanda Heaton and Allen Starr. Associated WJomens Students LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Elaine Schnaulz. Doris McPherson. Phyllis Pratt, Norma Hartwig, Ina Lee Wiles, Beth Cooper, Polly Welch, and Barbara McMullan. Second Row: Evelyn Carlton, Betty Bell, Miss Stroud, and Shirley Cole. U esleif Foundation LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Jeannine Terrell, Gail Province, Thelma Pressley, Bobbie Hydric, and Regina Watson. Second Row: Bill Smith. Don Brooks, Ann Harris, Winifred Hare, Wanda Covington. David Jeffries, and Paul Lambreth. Third Row: Tommy Yancey. Allen Porter, Houston Spence. Jim Keith. Grider Thrasher, and Logan Cothern. Arkastaters LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Jane Porter. Alice Miller, Phyllis Pratt. Betty Bell. Laquita Scurlock, and Jo Edwards. Second Ro w: Mr. Aula- baugh, Tom Davis, Carl Lacy, Jerry Bookoul, Skippy Mooney, John Mc- Mullan, Nathan Newby, John Morton, Gene Howard, Clyde Ford, and Gene Foreman. Kappa Pf LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Dr. Nothern, Margaret Copeland, Mary White, and Mr. Smith. Second Row: Vernelia McCrady and Dr. Walter Turner. Third Row: Miss Lillian Barton, Annette Williams, Doris McPher- son, and Joy Ozbirn. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Betty Bell- Laquita Scurlock. and Nancy Fox. Second Row: Arda Tomlinson, Ina Lee Wiles, Jo Edwards. Jane Porter. Miss Stroud — sponsor, and Sarah Dunlap. The Arkettes LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Billie Fritz. Alice Miller. Jane Porter, and Helen Hale. Second Row: John McMullen - accompanist. Miss Graber, Carolyn Bollinger. Diane Stevens, Barbara Hester, Shirley Newsom, Jean- nette Coward, Polly Welch. Wanda Covington, and Dr. Haskell. Minister ' s Fellowship a J n 7 ir H t LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Jim Lewis. Robert Maxwell, and Dr. Homer Huitt. Second Row: Richard Essman, and Hascle West. Third Row: Joe Tate, Paul Lamberth, and Louis Cureton. Engineering Club 4 4 LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Mr. Dixon. Harold Harrington, Nick Barre. David McCracken, and Gerald Pack. Second Row: Cecil Ashabranner. Benny Carr, Gerald Thomas, Joe Norton, and Jimmy Webb. Future Teachers LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Earl Butler, Mary White, Betty Morris. Mary Casner. Katherine McCoy, and Don Brooks. Second Row: Ray Smith, Mrs. Koonce, Paula Morton, Juliet Rossie, Rosa Lee McKee, and Doris Strick- land. Third Row: Donna Newsom, Carrie Solano, Katy Pat Richardson, Shirley Short, Bonnie Anderson, Rosemary Haines, and Jane Baldridge. Meter-lfter Club D r n LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Mr. Frazier, Mr. Johnnedes. Elizabeth Bed- nar, Jeannette Queen, Earl Jones, Van Buren Russell, Asa Crow, and Clyde Ford. Second Row: James Buf fington, Peter Abbott, Charles Frankum, Don Buchanan, Phillip Bednar, and Velpole Brown. Third Row: Jack Welch. Gary Brewer. Houston Spence. Robert Eppley. Lee Adler, John Whidden. Sterling Hartwig. and Bill Kelley. ist Student Union f LEFT TO RIGHT— Firsl Row: Mary Bella Allen. Imogene Bennett, Robert Maxwell, Darlene Long, and Melba Ortcutter. Second Row: Irva Jean Barnes, Margaret Copeland, Mary Casner, Lou Ann Boyles, Ann Harris, Earlene Rahm, Elta Thomas, Rena Dobbs, Jane Wilson, and Jimmy Cald- well. Third Row: Imogene Hood, Mary White, Donna Newsom, Jane Bald- ridge, Bobbie Lloyd, Willodean Clark, Graple Moye, Peggy Cole, Anita Wadley, Betty Morse, and Betty Kennedy. Fourth Row: Mr. Jim Reed, Dan Threet, Cecil McDermont, Bob Adams, Jesse McNiel, Bob Lewis, Oren Man- grum. Bill Zook, Morris Maupin, David Amos, Ronald Massey, Dwight Ren- fro, and Junior Eddington. Fifth Row: John Darter, Roy Woods, David Massey, Charles Breeding, Floyett Gammill. Waymon Roberts. Bill White, Billie Joe Davis, Richard Essman, Gaye Darter, Paul Penn, and Jim Lewis. LEFT TO RIGHT — First Row: Johnny Grovas, Dr. Pasmore, and Esther Williams. Second Row: Robert Eppley, Gary Vowels, Bill Kelley, Bill Keith, Mrs. Louise May, Mary Lou Cole, Eugene Vaughn, Charles Breeding, Coils Craft, and Louis Widener. Third Row: Gary Brewer, Tom Kennedy, Ronald Liss, Dan Spensieri, Gerald McGough, and Lee Adler. The Cheerleaders A5C Singers LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: Helen Hale. Pat Wilkins. Carol Russell. Jane Porter. Jan- neite Coward. Carol Copeland. Nancy Worthy, Martha Nichols, and Mr. Maharg. Second Row: Carolyn Bollinger, Marilyn Reng, Barbara White. Darlene Long, Sarah Mattix, Shirley Nswsom, Polly Welch, and Margaret Copeland. Third Row: Rose O ' Neal. Floyd Gammill, Robert Bailey. Paul Boyd. Keith Buckley. Jim Bell, and Richard Essman. Fourth Row: Lindy Coop, Don Bailey, Charles Rasberry, Wayne Castleberry, John McMullan. Jerry Roberts, Bob Lewis, and George Barker. Bond LEFT TO RIGHT— Firsl Row: Ralph Wall, Dean Puriee, Dan Marsh, Bobbie Lloyd, and Jeannetle Queen. Second Row: Bob Hendrix, Sue Shewmake, Bill Collard, Harry Gee, J. D. McDonald, Karen Holt, Nancy Worthy, Marilyn Reng, John Whidden, and Arda Tomlinson. Third Row: Margie Michael, Norma Johnson, Lloyd Langford, Terry Ballard, Cecil Ashabranner, George Barker, Don Bailey, Tommy Yancey, Jerry Roberts, Jesse McNiel, Beverly Walker, and Lindy Coop. Fourth Row: Grider Thrasher, Carlstrom Ber- ry, and Bill Kelley. LEFT TO RIGHT— First Row: John McDonald, Mr. Gee and Robert Ballew. Second Row: Lindy Coop, George Barker, Lloyd Langford, and John McMullan. ARKANSAS STATE 25 Sept. 25 13 Oct. 2 7 Oct. 9 2 Oct. 16 Oct. 23 7 Oct. 30 20 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Nov. 20 Stale ' s Average 8.2 per game TOTAL POINTS: State 74 OPPOSITION 7 Lewis College 46 Mississippi College 26 Alabama State (Florence) 32 Southwester Louisiana 51 Southeastern Louisiana 26 Memphis State 61 Austin College 47 Tennessee Tech. 53 Abilene Christian Opposition ' s Average 38.8 per game Opposition 349 Football 4 After compiling an almost perfect record last year, which led to the- Tangerine Bowl, the ' 54 Indians went lapse. Plagued by injuries through- out the season, the Tribe could not hold back the stronger, heavier foe. The opening game saw the Big Red Team ' s only victory as they downed the Fliers of Lewis College 25 to 7. From the opening kickoff to the final horn the stalwart Indians gained both on the ground and through the air as the Fliers from Lockport, Illinois could not withhold the fighting tribe. We saw Eddie Romeo, the swivelhipped, Brooklyn back, scamper for the dis- tance on two occasions. Holes opened by the powerful line led by J. L. Johnson, Tom Blagg, and Joe Armenio enabled the Redmen to pick up 17 first downs and 347 yards from the line of scrimmage while holding the Fliers to a mere 33 yards of rushing. Coach Glen Harmeson warned the Indians that they ' ll have to play more consistent football next week-end " if we ' re even to stay in the same ball park with Mississippi State. Well, we stayed in the same park with the Maroons from Siarkville, Miss, for three quarters, but the last peiYxl of the game was just the beginning of what was to occur throughout the remainder of the season. The Indians were trailing 13-20 at the three quarter mark but the more experienced and heavier Maroons tallied for 26 points in the last 15 minutes of play to win the game 46 to 13. Paul Sto- vall, the speedy halfback from Hughes, caught a terrific block in the face after kicking off at the start of the second half. He was taken to Baptist Hospital in Memphis where they discovered his jaw was broken on both sides. This hurt the tribe more than losing the game, for Stovall was through for the season, a victim of poor sportsmanship on the part of a Mississippi State player. The Indians, still seeking iheir first road victory took on the roaring Lions of Florence, Alabama and were romped on again. Florence, operating smoothly from a devatating single wing offense, scored the first time they got possession of the ball. They added another touchdown in the second quarter and led at halftime 13-0. The Indians could not get goi ng in the second half and expert tackling and blocking enabled the Lions again to out- play the Tribe and pick up two more T.D. ' s in the final quarter. The Red- men picked up their only touchdown when Harvey Hill faded back from the Indian ' s 21 and dropped a screen pass into the eager hands of halfback Bill Templeton. Templeton raced 70 yards to score, and then converted to make it 26-7. Someone suggested to Coach Harmeson that perhaps it was too much line play on the part of the Lions. " It was too much everything, " admitted the Coach remorsefully. Frank Farrela, Guard Ray Robak, Guard Ray Pasierb, Guard For ihe first time in Ihe history of the College an Arkansas Stale ath- letic team traveled by air. The Indians boarded a plane and flew to La- fayette, La., for their game with Southwest Louisiana Institute. The Bull- dogs scored at will and the bewildered Indians suffered their third straight defeat on the road. The Redskin offense was lifeless against ihe " brick wall " line of Louisiana and State ' s only score came when Dan Spensieri charged into the end zone and brought down Morris Millett for two points. The early lead was shortlived as the onrushing Bulldogs came tearing back to score in every period and rack up a 36-2 victory. In an effort to find the right combination. Coach Harmeson started an all freshman team in the third quarter but they too could not stop the oncoming SLI team. With a one win and three loss record, the Redskins returned to Kay ' s Field to face the snarling Lions of Southeastern Louisiana College for the annual Homecoming Day. A gigantic pep ral ly was held the night before the game and the war drums beat ' til the wee hours of the morning. A brilliant array of multi-colored floats circled through town and around the stadium but Homecoming was spoiled as the rampaging Lions trampled the Indians 51-0. Led by their ace quarterback Ray " Koon " Porta and halfbacks Larry Troxler and Don Marino, S. E. Louisiana boasted a half- time lead of 38-0. The Lion ' s reserves played the entire second half and added 13 more points to the slaughter. Despite the onesided affair, power- ful Joe Armenio and Billy Templeton played with fighting fury in a vain attempt to halt the Southeastern powerhouse. It was the fourth defeat in a row for State and hopes of a winning season were flying by. T. Fromm, Tackle Hoyt Johnson, Tackle Richard Grassmyer, Tackle I I it u |«. - Z t ■ ■ - - ' ' " ' ?A • ■ " £ ' • ' - i i .t The Tribe suffered its sixlh straight defeat at the hands of Austin Col- lege of Sherman, Texas by a wide margin of 61-20. The Kangaroos ran all over Kay ' s Field as they scored nine touchdowns and picked up 440 yards from the line of scrimmage by rushing. Tommy Spiers, the Indian ' s passing ace, led the attack in the first half as the Tribe hit paydirt three times — all via the airlines. Tommy hit seven out of eight attempts, including two for touchdowns. In addition, he caught a Bobby Spann heave for a score and kicked two extra points. The Indian offense could not get moving in the second half as Spiers left the game early in the third quarter with a leg injury. The Kangaroo offense consisted of a tricky quarterback, Don Watson, and a host of hard-running, side-stepping backs. Robert Stupeck, Tackle Don Dunn, Back Charles Lutes, Guard The Indians bowed to the revenge-hungry Memphis Tigers for their fifth straight loss ft Crump Stadium on Oct. 30. Constantly pushed back into their own territory, the Indians were unable to cope with hard- charging Memphis State line, and the Memphis backs found the Indian de- fense easy pickings for short, but consistent gains through the line. As usual, the hard working Indian backfield had to carry the ball on defense as well as offense. Final score: Memphis State 26. Arkansas State 6. ARKANSAS STATE 69 Dec. 1 66 Dec. 2 80 Dec. 4 67 Dec. 10 87 Doc. 13 84 Dec. 17 87 Dec. 20 78 Jan. 3 91 Jan. 4 78 Jan. 11 82 Jan. 15 94 Jan. 22 79 Jan. 24 84 Jan. 27 85 Jan. 31 77 Feb. 4 61 Feb. 10 71 Feb. 12 75 Feb. 14 36 Feb. 16 62 Feb. 18 81 Feb. 21 110 Feb. 24 76 Feb. 28 WON 13 LOST 11 87 Southeast Oklahoma 94 Southeast Oklahoma 77 Bethel College 84 Union University 83 Midwestern University 69 KCST Pittsburg 65 McNeese State College 109 Centenary College 104 Northeast Louisiana 82 Southwestern 67 Bethel College 78 Northeast Louisiana 104 Memphis State 60 Austin Peay 81 Centenary College 61 Delta State 68 Austin Peay 88 Memphis State 60 Abilene Christian 89 Austin College 71 Delta State 71 Southwestern 81 Union Universty 92 Arkansas Tech The Redskin Roundballers, led by the very capable John " Boo Hoo " Raulh, goi off fo a very slow start this year, but hustle and fight enabled them to compile a 13-11 record. This was enough to give us a crack at the AIC title with a powerful Arkansas Tech five the main obstacle in our course. A large crowd was on hand at the Little Rock Central High Gymnasium which consisted mainly of Tech and State rooters. From the opening jump to the game ending buzzer. Tech ' s Wonder Boys dominated the play. The final score was 92-76 and our bid for the title was spoiled once more by Arkansas Tech ' s powerful quintet. Jim Ward, our 6 ' 4 " forward, was easily the Tribe ' s most valuable player, as he led the Indian ' s offensive attack while breaking the post-war scor- ing record with a remarkable total of 497 points. Ward not only excelled in scoring but also cleared the boards 351 times and was the team ' s leading rebounder. Bill Gatlin was second in the Tribe scoring parade with 375 points. Bill ' s jump shot and ex- cellent " ball Hawking " tactics was a continuous thorn in the side of every opposing learn. Jakie King was third in scoring with 260 points and his elusive dribbling enabled us to hold the ball in the waning minutes of many a close game. The fine ball handling of Ray Gilliam set up many baskets during the season and his defensive play bottled up many opposing players. Ray chipped in with 206 points and 113 rebounds. The old " Mover, " as Rich McNece was nick- named by his teammates, moved himself quite well, to the dismay of many players on opposing teams. The lanky 6 ' 5 " center threw in 206 points and grabbed 182 rebounds which was second best in that department. McNece, King, and Gilliam all graduate this year and hence comes an end to their successful 4-year stay with the Indians. All three of them lettered every year at Slate and started almost every game this year. Coach Rauth will have a hard lime replacing these boys next year, but with a host of returning veterans such as " Gun- ner " Gatlin, Jim Ward, " Jug " Chappie, Bobbie Hicks, and the " fan ' s favorite, " Murphy Spurlock, the roundballers will be on their way again to a fine season on the hardwood. Players of both sides hit the floor ir; rough and tumble contest wit! Southv estern ' s Lynx. r4 State ' s men and Delta Stater ' s scramble down the floor in pursuit of the ever-elusive ball. Speedster Jakie King jumps and shoots for State. Many men cf one mind: Get that ball! Ward moves up to take ball that Gatlin has batted away from Lynx-man. Bobby Hicks, Guard Jim. Ward. Forward Savages double ball. Perry Isbell, Guard Bill GatJin, Guard Jakie King, Guard Jim Ward works on his scoring record. Gunner Gatlin outjumps Ihe defense. Ray Gilliam, Guard Finis McComas, Forward McNece tends basket as King shoots for In- dians. Lynx player goes down, Gilliam goes up in scramble for ball. Jimmy Bowman, Guard Dick Woodworth, Forward King shoois for State against Southaasi Okla- homa Savages. Savage player does balancing act as Indians are tripped in season opener. Bob Parker, Forward Murphy Spurlock, Center THE 1955 INDIAN STAFF WISHES TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO THE FIRMS WHO HELPED MAKE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE BY PURCHASING ADVERTISING Midway Barber Shop Citizens Bank Bldg. H. L. Jamison Owner Manager Courtesy Service Congratulations Graduates Child ONLY 10c PKS. ' Leaves Your Face Smooth As A Child ' s. " 651 BURKE PHONE WE 2-4833 We Have All Modern Equipment For Complete Radiator Service Wilson Brothers Radiator Works BROADAWAY Meat Packers and Provisioners Home of CROWLEY RIDGE Brand Products Phone 2-6689 801 No. Culberhouse Phone 2-6689 Wholesalers Only Try Our Crowley Ridge Pure Pork Sausage W. E. Broadaway Ernest Broadaway Stanley Broadaway Roy Hannah Faller Mote AND 03 Steak House M. R. Faller MERCANTILE BflHK The Bank With The Big Clock On The Corner. CAPITAL ACCOUNTS OVER $500,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. DEPOSITS INSURED BY F. D. I. C. TO $10,000.00. McCarty Motor Co Sales and Service OUR GREATEST STRENGTH IS OUR WEAKNESS FOR QUALITY PURV1 I ' ESTABLISHED III I REGISTERED AMERICA " I JEWEtER GEM SOCIETY The Smartest Clothes For any Occasion are found at House of Fashion 501 So. Main - Phone 2-3246 manufacturers of Midwest — Fortune Golden Royal Ice Cream Golden Royal Dairy Products Midwest Dairy Products Corporation Public Service Arkansas State College AND Jonesboro Nettleton I? m Electric Power Sanitation Your City Water and Light Plant Jonesboro Lumber Co. Building Materials 107 So. Fisher Phone 2-6671 Jonesboro, Arkansas Northeast Arkansas ' Largest Department Store Coca-Cola Bottling Company JONESBORO, ARKANSAS 210 A Lift For Life DrPepper La Vera Beauty Salon School Professional service in the shop. Student work in the school at reduced prices. Central Chevrolet Company Chevrolet Passenger and Commercial Cars and Trucks Telephone 5-5575 Union at Monroe Jonesboro, Ark. 21 STRAND YOUR MALCO THEATRES Says Movies Are Your Best Entertainment PALACE LIBERTY H. J. (Jay) Kimbro, City Manager D. Canale Company 104 N. Main Street Jonesboro, Arkansas WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS For Fresh . . . Fruits, Vegetables, and Produce Ba metti 9nc. FRED BARNETT G. E. APPLIANCES " BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL " Longford ' s Mortuary Lloyd L. Langford, Owner AMBULANCE Phone WE 2-6661 725 So. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas Schoenfield ' s Women ' s Wear Nationally Advertised Lines Handled Exclusively COATS AND SUITS " Swansdown " — " Leeds " DRESSES Franklins Paul Sargents Doris Dodson Georgiana L ' Aiglon Paula Brooks Jonesboro, Arkansas 327 S. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Jonesboro, Arkansas The Doughnut Shop STOP IN ANY TIME FOR COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS 1 400 FLINT STREET PHONE 2-8937 JONESBORO MOTOR COURTS Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson — Owners Highway 63 West Jonesboro, Arkansas 1 Peoples National Bank of Jonesboro I 1 OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIEND AND NEIGHBORS Member F. D. I. C. 215 C. C. Howell - Distributor Pan-Am Petroleum Products Union and Jackson Jonesboro, Arkansas Fans Ladies Toggery JONESBORO ' S SMART SHOPPE Everything For The College Girl 318 South Main Street Jonesboro, Ark. Abernathy Motor Company Your Dodge Dealer for Jonesboro, Arkansas Complete Body Shop Day and Night Wrecker Service Pontiac Cars GMC Trucks Sales Service Craft Motor Company Church Street at Huntington Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas City Drug Store Cosmetics-Drugs-Prescriptions Soda Fountain - Candy ★ Free Parking ★ Matthews At Church St. Phone 2-8343 SIGN OF GOOD NEIGHBOR , , . . " HOME F61KS Lion oil compony, Makers of Naturalube Motor Oil Knix Knox and Ethyl Gasolines Heat Resisting Lubricants El Dorado. Arkansas 218 Meet You At The College Sandwich Shop Next Door To Danner The Newest In Campus Fashions At Men and Boys Apparel Next Door To New Citizens Bank Building Hotel Noble, Jonesboro Northeast Arkansas ' Finest Under New Management HEADQUARTERS FOR VISITING ALUMNJ We Specialize in Private Parties and Banquets AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOM AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM Phone 5-5515 D. M. Floyd, Mgr. Congratulations - ... to Arkansas State College on the construction of two fine new dormitories. We are proud of the part we played in furnishing them. Martin School Equipment Co. Herbert H. Taylor Arkansas Representative Little Rock, Arkansas Jack Cole, Manager Contract Division Jackson, Mississippi 219 Compliments of - - - - Globe Drug Store — On the bus stop — Prescriptions - Gifts - Sundries We Deliver Phone 2-8375 Lincoln Mercury Sales and Service Roland Hughes, Inc. Jonesboro L L Laundry JONESBORO, ARKANSAS w flark 6 private dining rooms Catering YOU FURNISH THE OCCASION .... WE ' LL DO THE REST! Call 2-6468 Students And Faculty Always Welcome Citizens Bank of Jonesboro " The Friendly Bank " Deposits protected by Capital Funds of over $700,000 plus F. D. I. C. Insurance. Interest on Savings 2 per cent Member F. D. I. C. The finest in diamonds, watches, jewelry, silverware and china. Clements Jewelery Store Yes! There ' s Always a better value at Clements. " Next Door to the Palace Theater " Phone WE 2-2166 Star Clothing House Clothing Furnishings For The Man Lot S. Little Harold Little Darwin Little 4 ' .iHtfiSKW, ARKANSAS Octets ' t£ C sC?t L 4£ rH fif Ixl0(c a2 s HC4S 5 2 Les. {2cstf0t4S a es Les a ?t Z p zs a es Oi U coezZi2y at pd S. -yyt nZik " oust; Z ct

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