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DEAN B. ELLIS LIBRARY Aiv wuwAS o.Ait COLLEGE ■ikcxmut State. Cotliye. 1 THE 31st EDITION " OF THE INDIAN GENE HOPPER ♦ EDITOR LESLIE WATSON ♦ BUSINESS MANAGER DAVID TAYLOR ♦ FACULTY ADVISOR 36291 CADDO INDIAN leaves reservation to at- tend ASC on Phi Mu Scholarship. A GLANCE BACK AT THE PAST Arkansas State College was established as Arkansas A. M. College under Act 100 of the Acts of 1909. Governor George W. Donaghey signed this act which authorized the establishment of four schools of agriculture to be located near the geographical centers of the four quarters of the state. The College opened its first year with an enrollment of 189 students. Classes were held in business buildings in down- town Jonesboro while an Administration Building was being constructed. Two private homes were leased as dormitories. During ' the next quarter of a century, the College grew steadily, and in 1929 a new building program was inaugurated. Throughout the early nineteen hundreds and during the flapper era. State ' s " vamps " and " shieks " pursued various campus activities, such as building homecoming floats and playing in the band as shown in front of the old Administration Build- ing. This building burned in 1931; and through the efforts of the Board of Trustees, the present Administration Building was erected at a cost of $350,000. State ' s phenomenal growth continues. Today over ten times as many students are enrolled as were enrolled during the College ' s first year. The College has outgrown itself several times over. In 1930 two more years of work was added; in 1933 this work was recognized by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the institution became a standard arts college. Among the highlights of the year were . . . the establish- ment of the Ford Foundation ' s General Education Program . . . the increase of coffee prices, to 15 cents a cup in some places . . . the selection of Mary Ann Donaldson as Homecoming Queen . . . juke boxes also hit by inflation: a dime to hear Eh Cumpari . . . with the signing of the Korean armistice, a new influx of veterans helped to establish a record enroll- ment . . . women ' s fashions decreed that hemlines come up . . . " Ramey " , Jack Farris ' first novel, was published . . . Easter egg colors dominated hair fashions . . . David Taylor was elected city alderman . . . women ' s hair styles went back to the flaming twenties, and men ' s went to the flat-top . . . new equipment was added in many departments of the College . . . shades of the flapper era as waistlines drop . . . seating capacity of the gym is increased, and the Arkansas Class " A " High School Basketball Tourney draws a full house . . . 10 This is a friendly school, and it is a genuine friendliness — not merely a show put on for someone ' s benefit. Visitors to the campus are often surprised to find students speaking to them as they walk across the well-kept lawns. Students are principally from Arkansas and southeast Missouri, but a cosmopolitan air is added by a sprinkling of students from all over the United States and several foreign countries. Crowded conditions are the rule now, but the . . . . . new dormitories, now under construction, will enable the students to live with more comfort. Arkansas State College is at present the second largest — and fastest growing — college in the state, surpassed in en- rollment only by Arkansas AM N and the University. Enrollment has increased by leaps and bounds during the past few years; and, if the present rate of growth continues, it may become the largest school in the state within the next decade. The administration is wide awake to educational changes, and obsolete courses are dropped and new ones added when- ever they are needed. These curricula changes keep State in the forefront of educational developments, with an eye always on the future. The College doesn ' t follow new trends in education; it initiates them. This progressive attitude is present not only in the administration, but in the student body as well. Here at State, we are taught to think and act as free individuals, not as if we were the mass-produced products of a single intellectual mold. We are taught to work toward a better future for ourselves, our alma mater, our country, and mankind. 12 AFIROTTEARMANLOOKS At first everything seemed a kaliedeoscope of confusion with registration and schedules, and my first time away from home gave a feeling of inconsolable loneliness — which was only increased by the friendly greetings of upperclassmen. Then I began to attend -classes and fell into a routine which only becomes more pleasant as time passes. Of course, there is still a pang of loneliness now and then, but I can always realize that I am working toward a goal — learning and develop- ing myself into a better person; fitting myself to live with other people to our mutual benefit; and gaining an understand- ing of the problems which will confront me. As a first year man at State, I can only measure the future by the present. I see around me innumerable indications of a bright future, both for the College and for me; I know that every accomplishment of mine helps to make Arkansas State College a better institution, and that every advancement of the College benefits me personally — now and in the future. 13 1 ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE We are extremely proud to present The Indian to you. It represents a pictorial review of the year ' s activities. This has been a banner year for Arkansas State College. It is our sincere desire that this publication will comple- ment the fine works accomplished by the student body and faculty. The real college spirit of progress and positive growth is evident everywhere. The student body is the most important group on any campus, and I am happy to say that you have shown such real progress and developed such an attitude of cooperation that we are truly proud that we had the privilege of being a part of this great educational program. Arkansas State College is a vital part in the life of each and every one of you and as such its obligations and respon- sibilities are varied and many. With your continued goodwill and success this College will continue to grow in size and prestige to be excelled by none. You are a fine group of students, and we hope in the years to come as you look back at the activity of this year that you will always have a satisfactory feeling of a job well done. May you all enjoy health, wealth and success, and may you always be a credit to your Alma Mater. Sincerely, 16 17 DEAN ' S MESSAGE A distinctive pride is held in the continuing quality as well as numbers of Arkansas State College Graduates. This conviction is shared by those evaluating the services they render. So- ciety realistically expects of college graduates intelligence, qualities of leadership, abilities to ef- fectively utilize educational experiences, possession of an unwavering faith, and unquestion- able integrity. To the class of 1 954 rightly belongs the recognition for these qualities and po- tential services. 36291 Baird V. Keister Registrar L. W. " Tex " Plunkett Director of News Bureau James Robert Moore, Dean of Men Woodrow O. Williams, Assistant Professor of Guidance 23 Academic School Facultq Business Administration Dr. Chester C. Carrothers Literature And Languages Jean Condray Lebelva Connelly John Cramer 4 Jack Farris Eleanor Lane Dr. Daniel Pasmore Dr. Orville F. White Dr. James Woolf Social Science Caryl Andrews Mary Brown Durwood Cooper Clarissa Delano John Galloway Lloyd Haring Roy McClintock Dr. Homer Huitt Dr. Duane B. Haskell Fine Arts Dr. Kenneth Appleton Alan Alabaugh Dale Kendrick John Manharg Richard Meyer Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Bradley Stevens Juanita Verner Lavern Wagner 25 Physical Education Agriculture Clarence C. Cravens Paul Saalwaechter William W. Etzel Dr. Henry E. White Laysel Hochstetler Herman F. Williams Education Lillian Barton Anne Christopher Frances Binkley Mrs. Clarence C. Cravens Paul Chester Willard B. Frick Dr. Paul E. Couch Ruth Graber Mildred Vance Marlin Hill Wanda Walker Richard Kilgallen Carrie Mollory W. L. Smith 28 Science Dr. Warren W. Nedrow Dr. Russell Austin Donald Bruns Lyle Dixon Dean Ellis Wallace Frazior Barbara Johnston Maurice Lawson Albert Robinson Jean R. Williams James Wilson library Science Dorothy M. Fenton Mabel R. Krick Camilla Sharp Cleffa Rogers 29 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS (left to right) DEWAINE JONES, president; EUGENE MOODY, vice-president; JIM MICKLISH, secretary-treasurer ; FRED CHISENH ALL, reporter. Adkins, Betty Allen, Bartus Anderson, Park Arnold, Jean Austin, Don Barfoot, Iva Basinger, Jimmie Beaver, Paul Boldt, Edward Boucher, Gene Billingsley, Henry Braden, Glina Buchanan, Elizabeth Bumpus, Joe Buxton, Asa Campbell, Loyce Canard, Sally Carlisle, William Carter, Minnie Cherry, Robert Childers, Charles Buddie Chisenhall, Fred Cobb, John Cole, Robert Damiano, Jane Henson Daniel, Bill Darr, Patricia Ann Davis, James T. Denow, John Denny, Don DeSpain, Clarence Dobbs, Christine Donaldson, Mary Ann Douglas, Willard Duke, Billy HAWAIIAN ATMOSPHERE prevails at ASC the arrival of the Kawakami ' s. ROTC SENIORS receive Army commissions as Second Lieutenants. Duke, Sally Eickmeyer, Ray Elliot, Geraldine Gerden, Mildred Gershaw, Jay Goldberg, Milford Goodrum, Cecil Green, Margaret Griffin, Martha Griffin, Ralph Grigsby, Ray Guthrie, Mack Hardy, Winfred Hendrix, Versa Hiatt, Don Hicks, Connie Hobson, Charles Hobson, Martha Holcombe, J. L. Hopper, Franklin E. Hudson, Jim Huskey, Mrs. A. J. Jackson, Paul Jarret, Jackie Jones, Dewaine KAPPA PI prepares for Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade. Jones, Frances Justice, Lawrence Killough, Glenn King, Phyllis Kobert, Orleen Lamb, Buddy Lamb, John Lamb, Jolene Landrum, Joe Lane, Charles Lane, Dorothy Lane, Jacqueline LaPlante, Don Lawrey, Gene Lewis, Robert Lindsy, Eunice Lucas, Clarence Luper, George MaGee, Eugene Manning, Melvin READING EXPERT conducts class using modern facilities. Mueller, Jerry Norwood, Joe O ' Neal, David Oswalt, Henry Ozbirn, Charles Petroff, James Porter, Sue Powell, Freddie Pressley, Ancil Presson, Troy Rapert, Willis Ray, Charles Reed, Jim Reynolds, Ronald Rickman, James Ross, Wesley Rowlett, Bob Rowlett, John Schaefer, Don Schell, Allen Scott, Joe Shaneyfelt, Jimmy Shellswick, Leon Sigsby, Glenna Simpkins, Pat Singleton, W. R. Skora, Eugene Smallwood, Max ACCOUNTING STUDENTS working diligently to complete practice set. Smith, Acy Spann, Bobby Srum, Jean Stadler, Louis Steward, Charles Stewart, Davis Stringer, George Sullivan, Patrick Swafford, Owen Taylor, Melba Thomas, Gary Thomas, Richard Toone, Ennis Turner, Mrs. George Venable, James Vidal, Manuel Wagner, Rudy Wall, Lorraine Walters, D. F. Watson, Leslie Way, Earline Webb, Billie White, Herman White, Jackie Wiles, Geneve Wilkins, Emil Wilkins, Phyllis Williams, Margaret Williams, Mildred Wilson, David Wilson, Floyd Wilson, James Wilson, Willie T. Wise, James Woit, Richard I v 1 ' w ft MR o p A i 4 rf Ballew, Robert Barker, George Barnhill, Carl Barron, Archie Basinger, Jessie Bookout, Jerry Bradley, Donald Bridger, Fred Broadway, Stanley Broadway, Ferrill Brothers, Vivian Brown, Robert Brunei - , Eldon Bruton, James Burns, Joyce Burrow, E. J. Carpenter, Jackie Sue Clifton, Clara Coble, Elvis Cole, Billy Cole, Nanci Cooke, Tom Crozier, Dale Davis, Alvin Davis, Don Davis, Tom Fears, Bonnie Ferguson, Mary K. Flowers, Bill Flowers, Bob Ford, Clyde Foster, John Fox, Nancy Frasure, Loretta Frazier, Bob Frazier, Katherine Frese, Patsy Futrell, Waymon Gamblin, Gloria Garner, Houston JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (left to right) HOUSTON GARNER, president; GENE HOWARD vice-president; JOHNNY GROVES, secretary-treasurer. i Hefner, Raymon Higginbotham, William Hinds, Terrell Hipps, Elizabeth Hoggard, Billy Hollander, John Horner, Charles Howard, Gene Huff, Terrill Keller, Charles Kelly, Billy Kern, Robert King, Jake King, Joseph Krone, George TENNIS is one of the most universally accept- ed games. It is a favorite on the ASC campus. RIDING CLASS perfects skill and precisions for Horse Show. Kuczek, Ted Liss, Ronald Littlestone, David Lloyd, Norma Mann, Alsey Mann, Fred Marks, Malcolm Maxwell, Robert McCoy, Katherine McCrady, Vernelia McDoniel, Shirley McMullan, John McNece, Richard Metaxas, Bobby Metcalf, Tom Morgan, Jerry Moores, Russell Nix, Elbert Odom, Carrol O ' Neal, Lewis , i 1 m mfwm A CI C Jr r 1 i jC ! i n - " •3 ii i Osburn, Paul Penick, Bill Porter, Jane Price, D. B. Priest, Harold Proctor, Frank Queen, Jeannette Reasoner, Houck Redfern, Sterling Reynolds, Lewis Robb, George Robinson, Fearney Rodgers, Faye Rust, Gloria Schnautz, Kenneth Scurlock, Laquetta Selvin, Gilbert Shipley, Margaret Short, Kenneth Short, Phillip Smith, Clifford Spades, Joe Spensieri, Dan Steele, Thomas HOMECOMING SPIRIT flies high over campus of ASC. Stickler, Eldon Stovall, Paul Strickland, Doris Sullivan, Gene Swan, Kenneth Thomason, Lee Roy Tucker, Nona Tyler, Agnes Waite, Alan Walker, Doris Waters, Joe Weathers, Wendell Webb, Joe Wells, Jim Westbrooke, Clifton White, Mary Wilmoth, Imogene Wilson, Gary Woolf, Willard Wooten, Samuel SOPHOMORES Abernathy, Donald Allen, Lena Alvey, Mary Ann Anderson, Sherill Armenio, Joseph Armstrong, Marianne Arnold, James Atkinson, Joseph Ball, Joyce Ball, Shirley Barker, Rex Barnhill, Bill Blackshear, Robert Blanton, Rose Blaylock, Marian Barham, Grover Boling, Freddie Bowlin, Don Bradshaw, William Brawner, Robert Brickell, Evert Brooks, Don Brown, Boyce Brown, Taylor Brugge, Martin Bryant, Margaret Brydon, Glenn Burke, Eugene Campbell, Jeanette Campbell, Joan Cantrell, Robert Carroll, Billy Carroll, Earl Cash, Claud Chisenhall, Charles LONE INDIAN keeps relentless vigil over Sig- ma Pi ' s Frontier Ball. 14;. ' Clark, Thomas Clark, Tommy Clarke, William Cole, Nancy Cole, Shirley Collier, Miles Cook, Peggy Cooper, Joan Cooper, William Craft, Cloyis Cravens, August Crouch, Wayne Cunningham, Carole Cureton, Lewis Davis, Billy Dickens, Dale Dickerson, Marjorie Dickerson, Preston Dillion, William Doty, Jane Downing, Joan Doyle. David Dye, Derry Eason, Jeanette Edington, Omer Essman, Richard Fields, Ruth Jane Fletcher, Earnest Foreman, Gene Foster, Sonny Freeman, Charles Futrell, Jeptha Gardner, Gene Gatlin, Billy Gayle, Patty Gerdes, Cloyce Gibbs, Alvin Gray, John Green, Arvill Gregory, Herbert RADIO JOURNALISM STUDENTS conduct Campus Quiz through the facilities of KBTM. Grissom, Harold Hallmark, Billy Halsell, Jerry Harbour, Wayne Hardin, Betty Harrell, Robert Harris, Jim Hartsfield, William Hartwig, Norma Heffington, Herbert Holder, Donald Hoover, Billy Hopkins, Anne Houchin, Donald Hudson, Jack Hunter, Roy Hurst, Kenneth Hurst, Patsy James, Clarence Jarrell, Henry AT ■ 1 1 • |3l c 1,-1 Jarvis, Doffie Johnson, Charles Johnson, Elsie Johnson, Frank Johnson, Malcolm Johnston, Nancy Jones, Beverly Jones, Lavonne Jones, Y. B. Justus, Jo Ann Keel, Frank Keith, Bill Kent, Tom Lacy, Bill Lavelle, Laquita Lawler, Robert Lessenberry, Tom Logan, Lad Looney, Virginia Luker, Mary Lou Lutes, Morris Macon, Dorothy Marbury, Willie Ann Maxwell, Billy May, Corinne ALPHA GAMMA DELTA wins top honors in float competition. (fkmmm mtAm { , i L n , ' .--Vv-- ' WW- t- ' ■ ' f ■ m T i wM HwJH Jfrm m Mitchell, Calvin Mitchell, John Mooney, Charles Morse, Betty Morton, Bobbie Morton, Paula Moser, Jimmy Neeley, Paden Neiswander, Ruben Nelms, Gerald Nelson, Dean Netherland, Sue Newby, Nathan Nichols, Martha O ' Daniel, John Onstead, E. W. Oxley, James Ozbrin, Joy Padgitt, Nora Pardew, Bonnie COLLEGE THEATRE brings to life James Thurber ' s The Male Animal. 52 ART STUDENTS in Painting Lab seeking self expression. Parker, Bill Parks, Linda Payne, Charles Perdzock, Joe Perry, Glenn Phillips, Jean Plyler, Gaylon Presson, Christene Presson, Coy Priest, Jerry Province, Gail Pullam, Lavern Pure, Joan Pylant, Max Rainey, Glenn Rainey, Janice Rasberry, Charles Renfro, Dwight Rice, Doris Richmond, Ermon 1 i HHHH f? IP ' V Ridings, Shirley Riga, James Riley, Roy Ring, James Roberts, Gene Roberts, Robert Russell, Van Shaufelberger, Jerry Short, Shirley Sisco, Ida Nell Smith, Betti e Smith, Kenneth Spicer, James Spikes, Bobby Spurlock, Murphy Stark, Anita Starr, Allen Stevens, James Stillions, Eugene Summers, William Swafford, Joy Swan, Billy Swindle, Phyllis Taylor, Larry Thomas, Harold Thompson, Maurice Turley, Jim Urie, Jane Waddill, Dallas Ward, James Washburn, Lowell Watkins, Spud White, Paul Wiles, Ina Lee Williams, Elaine Williams, James Williams, Roberta Wills, Keith Wilson, Albert Witcher, Joe Wolverton, Roy Wood, Ray Wood, Robert Woodsmall, Paul Worlow, John • «4 TALENT SHOW winners are presented awards by president of Alpha Gamma Delta. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS (left to right) LONNIE GIBBONS, president; RICHARD CRAWFORD, vice-president; CAROLYN BOLLINGER, secretary- treasurer. Adams, Charles Adams, Robert Adler, Lee Amos, Zachary Angel, Suzanne Arnold, Johnny Arrington, Nita Ashabranner, Cecil Austin, Jim Avery, James Bailey, Walter Balch, Bonnie Ballard, Terry Barber, Eddie Barden, Jim Barfoot, Alphus Barham, Grover Barnes, Don Barnhill, Charles Barry, David Bednar, Andrew Bedwell, Jennie Bell, Betty Bell, James Bellers, Betty Benson, Robert Bibb, Diane Bilbrey, Nina Blakely, Grady Blankenship, James Bollinger, Carolyn Bond, Charles Boozer, James Bourland, James Bowling, Mary Lou Boylan, Thomas Bradley, Douglas Brady, Donald Brainerd, Ralph Bratcher, Norman Brewer, Barbara Brewer, Garry Brewer, John Breznir, Carl Bridger, Phil Broom, John Brown, Nancy Jo Brown, Winona Buchanan, Bill Bullard, James Burge, Margaret Burge, Paul Burkett, Sam Burrow, Paul Cable, Eugene Caldwell, Jimmy Camp, Dave Carlstrom, Edward Carlstrom, Graydon Carlton, Evelyn Casner, Mary Jean CLailland, Shirley Chappie, Gerald Chronister, J. T. Clark, Mona Coburn, Shirley Coleman, Don Coleman, Ronald Collins, Robert Cook, William Coop, Harold Cooper, Beth Courtney, Richard Courtney, Wayne Covey, Gerald Coward, James Cox, Dean Crain, Daniel Crawford, Jerry Lee Crawford, Richard Crouthers, Billy Culliver, Allan Culp, Donald Cunningham II, Robert Cunningham, William Currier, Dow Darter, Thomas Davidson, Billy Davis, Bennie Joe Davis, Charles Davis, Earl Davis, Edward Davis, Frank Davis, Larry Davis, Willma Deere, William Denton, Jim Disinger, June Dodson, Dennis Dodson, Doris Douglas, Eldridge Drye, Charles Dudley, Glenda Dunavant, Bobby Joe Dunlap, Sarah Duke, Helen Duvall, Monda Eagan, Vernon Eaker, Richard Earnhart, Harold Edmonds, Randlett Edrington, Raymond ARKETTES sing goodwill for Arkansas State. to SB : i " ' V " i i 1 M I ft IB D Edwards, Virginia Jo Elrod, Janice Eppley, Robert Estes, Joe Evans, Rosemary Fagan, Mary Lou Fears, Lillian Fears, Sue Felts, Joe Felts, Ralph Felty, Billy Figgins, Robert Finch, Elizabeth Fisher, James Fitzgerald, Sue Freeman, Dale Frets, Paul Fuggett, Hubert Getson, Carolyn Gibbons, Lonnie Gibson, William Glenn, Dorman Gobble, Garland Gore, Benny Gott, William Graham, Grover Gray, Fred Green, Tommy Hackert, Jeanette Hagan, Donald Hall, Dale Hamilton, James Hardin, Jim Harold, Fud Harris, Samuel Harrison, Tommy Hathorne, J. C. Haws, Charles Hearn, Don Heath, Joyce Henderson, Mary Henderson, William Hendrix, Gary Hendrix, Martha Henry, Bobby 1 ! T I f M i. : re rVI m THE LIBRARY is the service center for the College. It serves the individual interest of the students and faculty. 61 Henry, Patricia Hensley, Bill Herrington, Harold Hiatt, Clyde Hicks, Gerald Hicks, Glenda Higgins, J. T. Hinson, Clara Jean Hobbs, Roland Hogue, Billy Hollis, Joel Holmes, Anita Holmes, Janice Holt, Anita Holt, Charles Honey, Jerry Hopson, Gaylon Hornor, James Horrell, Sue Horrell, Irvin Howe, George Huffstickler, Elbert Hundley, Charles Hurn, Clara Jackson, Jimmy Jamison, Galen Jarrett, Kenneth Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Ralph Johnston, Rebecca Jolly, Mary Carolyn Jones, Dennis Joyner, Joe Kawakami, Charles Keel, Pat Keith, Jim Kennedy, Betty Kinchen, Yvonne King, Joyce Kinman, Dorothy Kittrell, Robert Kortenber, Robert Kramer, Billy Jack Krodell, Tommy Krone, Betty Greer Lee, Charles Lentz, Betty Jane Lewis, Beacher Lindsey, Betty Long, Don Mahoney, Frances Mahoney, Jim Manarum, Oren Marsh, James Martin, Robert Martin, Wilma Mason, Maurice Massey, Lee Matson, Harry May, Winston Mayberry, Jean Mayo, Jean McAtee, Tony McCord, Jim McDaniel, Owen McDermott, Cecil McDoniel, Billy McKelvey, Ralph McMullan, Barbara Merritt, Bill Milligan, Betty Million, Kathryn Mills, Shirley Minor, Joan Minton, Willard Mitchell, Elbert Monsour, Emile Mooney, Gene Moore, Thomas Morgan, Jerry Morris, Joseph Morton, John Motsinger, Bill Mullins, Roland Naile, Geraldine Nelson, Catherine Nettles, Frank Newsom, Shirley Newson, William Odle, Donna Owen, Jerry Owen, Martha Owens, Jean Pack, Gerald Parish, Sarah Parker, Harrell Parker, Richard Parrish, Jimmy Pasmore, John Pedigo, Sandra Penn, Paul Pennington, Jerry Perkins, Curtis Perrin, Carolyn Perrin, Floyd Petty, Dwayne Phillips, Annette Phillips, Bill Phillips, Emil Phillips, Gerald Pickering, Juna Poe, Alan Pollock, Bill Pope, Clinton Pratt, Phyllis Puckett, Aaron Pulley, Raymond Purtee, Dean Rains, Virginia Ralph, Richard Rapert, Jack ft 4k f? " ■ ■ ■ i!T 1 1 ' ■ " W ' T U • • ft W. ' , V ' i % U ! ft Reagan, Mamie Redmond, Silas Revelle, Wilma Reynolds, Jimmy Rhea, Mose M. Riggs, James Roberts, Birchard Robertson, John Rogers, Billy Joe Rolf, Joe Root, John Salzman, Fred Sanders, Glenda Schleiff, Steve Schmidt, Dwight Schnautz, Elaine Sellars, Johnie Shaneyfelt, Barbara Sharp, Albert Shaver, Charles Shelton, Yvonne Shemwell, Mary Nell Shive, Edwin Simmons, Corky Smalley, James Smith, Bill Smith, D. R. Smith, John Smith, Nancy Anne Smith, Roland Smith, Russ Spence, John Spurgers, Roy Spurlock, Hattie Stallings, Jim Stimson, Jimmy Streeter, John Stroud, Janice Stuart, Manavelle Sullivan, Glen Tanner, Norma Jean Tanner, Phyllis Tatum, Leonard Tatum, Ray Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Bobby Taylor, James Thomas, Elta Lee Thorn, Larry L. Thorpe, Jack Threet, Daniel Todd, Dean Tomlinson, Arda Towery, Joy Travis, Nelson Trinkaus, Carolyn Tripod, Ray HISTORY STUDENTS can see how daily life was carried on a hundred years ago by studying the articles in the museum. PRACTICE TEACHING STUDENT receives invaluable experience in modern high school. ft Tyler, Sharon Vaughn, Eugene Vickers, William Vowels, Gary Wadeking, Carol Wagoner, Sue Walker, Charlotte Wallace, Dale Wallace, Darlene Watkins, Opal Watson, Altha Lee Watson, Opalene Webb, Bobby Gene Webb, K. W. Webb, Loretta Weber, Edwin Weir, Charles Weir, Donald Weitkamp, William Welch, Jack Welch, Polly Welshans, Tom Whatley, Virginia White, Bill White, Harvey Whitehead, Zoetta Widner, Louis Wilbourn, Jean Wilkinson, Henry Williams, Clyde Williams, O. C. Williams, Peggy Williamson, Darrell Williamson, Robert Wilson, Herbert Wilson, Modean Wofford, Jane Wood, Roy Woods, Robert Wright, John Yancy, Thomas Yarbrough, Wiley Young, Floyd Young, Monroe Zachry, Peggy AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS play an important role in the classroom at State. BUSINESS OFFICE PERSONNEL are busy with records after the close of registration. Adams, Gene; Fr. Baker, Harold Lee; Sop. Baker, Wayne; Jr. Blair, Alfred; Jr. Blankenship, June; Fr. Boyles, Lou Ann; Jr. Cato, Linda Sue; Fr. Cole, J. Ras; Sr. Cooper, Nell; Fr. Copeland, Margaret; Jr. Craig, Jessie; Fr. Crancer, Alfred; Jr. Dowler, Jane; Fr. Duncan, Gladys; Jr. Dunivan, Edward; Fr. Fong, Gin; Jr. Gopay, Manuel; Jr. Holcomb, Ralph; Jr. Hooper, Martha; Fr. Huckabe, Frank; Sop. James, G. C; Fr. Johnson, Bobby; Fr. Johnson, Roberta; Sop. Kilpa trick, Joseph; Jr. Littell, Rufus; Sop. May, Sylvia; Sop. Miller, Doris; Sop. Mosbey, Katherine; Fr. Nix, Marjorie; Fr. Oglesby, Ben- Fr. Orcutter, Melba; Fr. Parker, Jack; Fr. Penick, Madge; Sop. Rahm, Earlene; Fr. Robert, Inez; Fr. Shewmaker, Juanita; Fr. Simpson, Gaylon; Fr. Spurlock, Loretta; Fr. Smith, Charles; Sop. White, Mary M.; Sop. Widmer, Eugene; Sr. ft d Jk HI fl ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PRACTICE TEACHER guides and directs the minds of future ASC students. 1 CAMPUS VIEWS R. E. LEE WILSON HALL EDUCATION BUILDING STATE ROOM AUDITORIUM WILSON HALL MBHHHHHHBKBi 79 — ARTS BUILDING 1 ATHLETICS INDOOR SWIMMING POOL used for intramural sports and recreational relaxation. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 26 Abilene Christian College Oct. 3 Kansas State Teachers (Emporia) Oct. 10 Alabama State Teachers (Florence) Oct. 17 Southwestern Louisiana Institute Oct. 24 Lewis College Oct. 31 Southern State College HOMECOMING Nov. 7 Memphis State College Nov. 14 Tennessee Polytechnic Institute Nov. 21 Nebraska State Teachers (Kearney) FOOTBALL 87 COACHES J. A. Tomlinson Athletic director at ASC. Graduated from the University of Illinois and New Mexico. " Frosty " England Graduated from Illinois College where he played as lineman. Came to ASC in 1946. One of Nation ' s foremost writers on T forma- tion. Led Indians to undefeated sea- son and Tangerine Bowl. John H. Rauth Basketball Coac i Graduated from A. B. McKendree Gl lege Led the Indians to best seas since 1950. His average the .500 ma every season. Harry Larche Graduated from ASC where he developed into one of the best tackles ASC has ever produced. He serves in a dual capacity as foot- ball line coach and wrestling coach. If Mr Elmer Scott Graduated from Colo- rado State College of Education. Will soon receive Doctor of Physical Edu- cation Degree from Indiana Univer- sity. Serves as backfield coach and as- sistant wrestling coach. C. R. Bickerstaff Beginning his ! year as health educator, head tra r and assistant coach. Graduated 1 versity of Arkansas 1951 and rece .1 master ' s degree from University f Texas in 1953. 88 FOOTBALL INDIANS BOTTOM ROW L to R: Andy Petros; Richard Parker; Kenneth Rogers; John Wright; Emil Phillips; Larry Wilson; Larry Thorn; Roland Hobbs; Billy Davidson. SECOND ROW L to R: J. C. McMinn, Mgr; Billy Daniels; Eddie Romeo; Paul White; Gene Skora; Rudy Wagner; Larry Wright; Joe Armenio; Harvey Hill; Howard Long; Kenneth Ritz; Tom Olesh; Raymond Bickerstaff, Trainer. THIRD ROW L to R: Forrest W. England, Head Coach; Billy Mayo; James Petroff; Milford Goldberg; Bobby Spann; Louis Stadler; Richard Woit; Manuel Vidal; Tom Kent; Danny Spensieri; Ness Sechrest; Elmer Scott, Asst. Coach. FOURTH ROW L to R: Paul Stovall, Jim Turley; Ray Eickmeyer; Henry Oswalt; Ronnie Allen; John Foster; Tom Blagg; Al Kunz; Ollie Townsend; Murray Sullivan; Harry Larche, Line Coach. . . . the Indian football team had its greatest year; they finished with the first undefeated season in the history of the College, and the Big Red went to the Tangerine Bowl, their fourth in 3 years. In the post season classic, the Indians played the East Texas State team to a 7-7 tie thereby breaking the Texas school ' s fabulous 28 game winning streak, the longest of any school in the country. . . State ' s great little halfback, Richie Woit, was named to the Little Ail-American Team, and the Indians were rated the nation ' s top small college team . . . other great football names, such as Stadler, Wagner, Goldberg and Spann, to mention only a few, will never be forgotten as long as football is played at State. . . Coach " Frosty " England moved on to Toledo University as head football coach and director of athletics, and Glen Harmeson, a Purdue great, both as player and coach, was named head football coach at State S9 Bobby Spann Quarterback Senior 160 5-9 Little Danny Spensieri End Junior 180 5-10 Brooklyn, Rock, Ark. Most Valuable Back 1953. Outstanding New York. Honorable Mention Middle Sized Col- Player Tangerine Bowl 1953. leges and Universities Ail-American 1953. James " Rock " Petroff Tackle Senior 200 5-7 Gary, Indiana. Honorable Mention Little All-America 1953. Most Valuable Lineman 1953 Honorary Cap- tain 1953. 90 Richie Woit Halfback Senior 175 5-8 Chicago, Illinois. Little Ail-American 1953. Middle Sized Colleges and Universities AU-American 1953. Honorable Mention Little All- American 1951 and 1952. Nation ' s lead- ing scorer over 4 year period with 334 points. Most Valuable Player Refrigerator Bowl 1951. 91 Roland Hobbs E Fr. 76 Ronnie Allen E Sr. 47 Tom Olesh E Fr 6-1 Brooklyn, N. Y. 195 6-2 St. Louis, Mo. 190 6 " 1 Chicago ' W A. S. C. 19 — Abilene Christian 7 — With Little All-American Richie Woit sparking the Arkansas State Indians, they romped to an easy 19-7 victory over Abilene Christian College here at Kays Field on Sept 26. Woit scored the first touchdown on a dash around right end. The kick for the extra point went wide. Woit ' s next touch- down was scored from the one-yard line through left guard just before the end of the half. In the last quarter, Danny Spen- sieri intercepted a Leon Fry pass and returned it some 60 yards. Bobby Spann, ASC quarterback, booted the extra point. Fry ran an A-State punt back 65 yards for Abilene Christian ' s only Td. He also kicked the extra point. ASC Abilem 12 First Downs 8 180 Net Rushing yards 81 49 Net Yards gained on Passes 95 7 Passes Attempted 23 3 Passes Completed 10 1 Passes In tercepted 3 10 Punts 3 28.8 Punt Average 30.3 1 Fumbles Lost 3 50 Yards Lost by Penalties 50 92 Ness Sechrest E Soph 6-1 Poplar Bluff, Mo A. S. C. 38 — Emporia 19 — The Indians trailing 19-18 at halftime, came roaring back flashing their old form and crushed Emporia State at Emporia, Kansas. Richie Woit, Little All-American paced the Tribe to victory. Larry Wright turned in a good performance by scoring once and gaining 76 yards rushing. Emporia thus became the second straight conference ; champions of 1952 to fall before the Indians. Statistics bear out the Indians supremacy over the Hornets, who played in- spired ball in the first half but faded out quickly in the last. t i -SC Emporia 7 First Downs 8 .57 Net Rushing Yards 71 14 Net Yards gained on Passes 74 13 Passes Attempted 14 Passes Completed 4 Passes Intercepted 3 Punts 9 P Punt Average 38.2 Fumbles Lost Yards Lost by Penalties 5 93 84 Tom Kent T Soph. 25 Joe Armenio T Soph. 56 Tom Manning T 235 6-0 Flint, Mich. 215 5-11 Brooklyn, N. Y. 218 5-11 Gary, A. S. C. 13— Alabama 13— The Indians ' offensive stalled in the last four minutes of playing time before they could brea Alabama State Teachers 13-13 deadlock at Kays Field. A. S. C. received the opening kickoff on the 13 yard line but fun bled and Florence took over. The Indians held and again took over the ball. After a series of plays Woit raced around le: end for a score. The extra point was good. Before the half Florence tied the score. Woit again scored the second toucl down to make the score 13-7. The Lions moved 70 yards for the score in 13 plays. The extra point was blocked and game ended at a 13-13 tie. ASC 10 First Downs 182 Net Rushing Yards 14 Net Yards gained on Passes 8 Passes Attempted 2 Passes Completed 2 Passes Intercepted 6 Punts 37.3 Punt Average 3 Fumbles Lost 35 Yards Lost by Penalties Alal li 22 3 ' . 94 A. S. C. 13- — S. L. I. 12 — The Indians fought to a 13-12 triumph over Southwestern Louisiana Institute at Kays Field, passing for a touchdown in the final minute of play to gain the hard-fought decision. The A S C forward wall played a great part in the victory of this game. " Rock " Petroff proved in this game the honor given him at the end of the season. The most valuable lineman. The A S C eleven scored first when Larry Wright fired a jump pass to Allen in the end zone. The Bulldogs promptly scored. The Indians came roaring back in an 83 yard drive to score. The extra point was good. ' 95 A. S. C. 34 — Lewis 0— Arkansas State ' s Indians grounded the Lewis College Flyers in the Flyer ' s annual Homecoming i game at Joliet, 111. The Indians, after a first half of unexciting football with both sides continuously being stopped by the defense. The Indians opened up in the second half with a touchdown drive. The Indians continued to score during the last half to reach a score of 34 points. The team turned in a stellar performance on defense. They held the Flyers to a small total of 45 yards gained rushing and only allowed the Flyers to gain 103 yards in the air. 96 Rain or shine, victory or defeat, on home field or visiting, our cheerleaders have helped carry the fighting Indian spirit wherever the team played always encouraging the rooters and the team when the going was tough — always leading the cheers when victorious — always keeping up " the old pep " , it may be truthfully said that seldom has A. S. C. seen such hard-working cheerleaders, loyal supporters, or more able couriers of good will than head cheerleader Bob Brown, Mary Ann Alvey, Arda Tomlinson, June Disinger, Bob Kittrell, Beverly Jones, and Modine Wilson. The " A " Club represents those who are es- pecially interested in some phase of sport. It is an organization composed entirely of letter- men in football, basketball, track, and ROTC r John Wright G Fr. 40 Milford Goldberg C Sr. 82 Tom Blagg T Soph. 2 ) 5-10 DuQuoin, 111. 195 5-11 Brooklyn, N. Y. 208 6-2 Little Rock, Ark. :oming A. S. C. 49 — Southern State — Coach England ' s Indians, having their only Arkansas opponent of the season as Homecoming foes, rolled up their largest scoring total of the year in clobbering Southern State ' s Muleriders, defending Arkansas Inter- collegiate Conference champs, 49-0. Arkansas State relied on a perfectly balanced scoring attack to build up the lopsided margin. The seven touchdowns were made by seven different players, with the bulk of the Redskins ' scoring being done by reserves. First-string ends Danny Spensieri and Ronnie Allen caught touchdown passes thrown by Bobby Spann and Larry Wil- son. Rudy Wagner, the starting fullback, added another six- pointer on a one-yard plunge. The other four TDs were ac- counted for by four reserve backs — Harvey Lee Hill, Paul Stovall, Manuel Vidal and Joe Armenio. 9j A. S. C. 20 — Memphis State — Rated no better than two-touchdown underdogs against this powerful small-college eleven, the Indians surprised everybody but themselves as they came through with their best performance of the season to upend the highly-touted Tigers 20-0. The Indians scored the first time they got their hands on the ball, early in the first quarter. Paul Stovall, a reserve halfback, got the touchdown on an eight-yard ramble and Bobby Spann converted to give the Tribe a 7-0 advantage, enough, as it turned out, for the victory. But just for insurance, Stovall added a second touchdown near the middle of the third period and Richie Woit, the Tribe ' s number one scorer, tallied another in the fourth quarter. Stovall ' s sweep came on a one-yard sweep wide around left end and Woit ' s came on a two-yard buck. Ness Sechrest booted the extra point after the last touchdown to complete the final score. A. S. C. 14 — Tenn. Tech. 7 — The Indians held to a 0-0 halftime score, came roaring back after the intermission to score late in the third quarter and again early in the fourth to edge Tennessee Tech 14-7 at Cookeville, Tenn. State received the kickoff and was forced to punt. The Eagles threatened. The Indians first break came after a punting duel. Gene Skora recovered a fumble on Tech ' s 32 yard line. In the second half Richie Woit scored the first touchdown. Bobby Spann and end Dan Spensieri teamed up for the Indians ' second score. The Eagles ran the kickoff back for a touchdown ending the game. ASC Tennessee T 12 First Downs 10 204 Rushing Yards, Net 182 36 Net Yards gained on Passes 24 8 Passes Attempted 6 2 Passes Completed 2 1 Passes Intercepted 7 Punts 4 36.5 Punt Average 38.2 1 Fumbles Lost 5 100 Yards Lost by Penalties 60 Harvey Hill HB Soph. 21 Eddie Romeo HB Fr. 5-11 Osceola, Ark. 165 5-9 Brooklyn, N. Y. 24 Richard Parker HB Ii 160 5-8 Gary, Ie = A. S. C. 32 — Nebraska — The Indians triumphed over Nebraska State in the rain to close their first undefeated football season in its history. Big Joe Armenio at the fullback position spearheaded the Indians ' assault. With Armenio making nine and ten yards gains to the Antelopes ' 16 Yard line. From the 16 Woit made a touchdown. Armenio smashed his way for a- nother score. This game was in mud and rain, but the Indians unfolded their most powerful rushing attack of the season. ASC Nebraska S1 15 First Downs 3 360 Net Yards Rushing 72 Net Yards gained on Passes 50 2 Passes Attempted 20 Passes Completed 5 1 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 40 Punt Average 24.4 1 Fumbles Lost 10 Yards Lost by Penalties 10 102 TANGERINE BOWL A. S. C. 7 — East Texas 7 — Arkansas State College, for the fourth time in three years played another post-season football bowl game. The game was hard fought. We kicked off to East Texas and held them. After the ball had changed hands a few times, Bobby Spann dropped back and let a beautiful pass drop into the hands of Jim Turley for the first score of the ball game. Ness Sechrest booted the ball through the uprights for the extra point and State led 7-0. In the last quarter, East Texas started a 75 yard dr ive that resulted in a touchdown and the 7-7 tie was a tribute to both teams. ASC East Texa 8 First Downs 19 181 Net Yards Rushing 184 20 Net Yards gained on Passes 83 4 Passes Attempted 29 1 Passes Completed 9 2 Passes Intercepted 9 Punts 4 30.2 Punt Average 38.0 Fumbles Lost 3 20 Yards Lost by Penalties 30 Coach " Frosty " England Under the Leadership of Coach " Frosty " England and the Coaches who tutored the Indian gridsters to one of their best seasons in history. We say " THANKS " to Coach England for his hard work. We wish him the best at his new job. Arkansas State College is moving up into the ranks of big-time athletics. The team defeated such powers as Memphis State, Abilene Christian, and battled to a 7-7 tie with East Texas College. We take our hats off to Coach England and the INDIAN TRIBE. FIRST ROW: Jakie King, Jimmy Ward, Richard McNece, Joe Scott, Bill Gatlin. SECOND ROW: Bobby Hicks, Willis Rapert, Jackie Jarrett, Franklin Proctor, Ray Gilliam. THIRD ROW: Roy Hunter, Gerald Chappie, Murphy Spurlock, John Broom, Ted Kuczek. Arkansas State ' s basketball Indians rounded out the current season with a 14 won 11 lost record, the best the school has had since 1950. Coach Rauth and the tribe have worked hard and by their hard work had an outstanding season. The Tribe proved its point making powers with 1931 points, an average of 77.2 points per game in 25 outings. Joe Scott led the individual scores with 410 points, an average of 16.4 points per game for the senior who earned his fourth letter. Joe was elected team captain for the second straight year. Joe, along with Jack Jarrett and Willis Rapert, finished his career here this year, all three winning their fourth letter. BASKETBALL 106 W. Rapert J. King ASC Opponents 81 Austin College 64 52 S. E. Oklahoma State College 68 68 S. E. Oklahoma State College 76 86 Arkansas College 79 74 Mississippi State College 79 72 Ala. State Teachers (Florence) 61 79 Southwestern (Memphis) 59 80 Centenary College 85 90 Arkansas College 51 83 Southwestern (Memphis) 60 94 Austin Peay College 65 B. Hicks ASC Opponents 89 Bethel College 73 86 Union University 71 79 Centenary College 70 fi4 Regis College (Denver) 73 77 Memphis State College 87 59 Austin Peay College 72 89 Union University 92 71 Mississippi State College 79 85 Memphis State College 75 83 Ala. State Teachers (Florence) 68 68 Florida State University 78 86 Bethel College 66 99 Arkansas College 72 85 Arkansas Tech 91 J. Scott FIRST ROW: Paul Stovall, Richard Parker, Manuel Vidal, Don Schaefer, Tom Metcalf. SECOND ROW: J. Austin, Harvey Hill, Ed Romeo, Smith, Derry Dye, Perry Isbell. THIRD ROW: Joe Armenio, Pope, Gene Roberts, Carl Lacy, Jim Turley, Ryan, Leroy Thomason. 1954 TRACK SCHEDULE April 2 April 9 April 14 April 28 May 3 May 7 Southwestern Wabash Cape Girardeau Memphis State Austin Peay Ouachita baseball 1954 BASEBALL SCHEDULE MARCH 27 Southern Illinois (2) , Here 29 Southwestern Here APRIL 5 Wabash Here 6 Southern Illinois (2) There 8 Kansas State Here 9 Kansas State Here 10 St. Louis University Here 11 Memphis Navy Here 13 Washington University Here 14 Washington University Here 15 Notre Dame (night) Memphis 19 Mississippi State There 20 Delta State There 21 Ole Miss There 22 Notre Dame Here 24 Ole Miss Here 27 Delta State Here 29 Washington University There 30 St. Louis Univers ity There MAY 3 Austin Peay Here 10 Memphis State Here 11 Southwestern There 14 Memphis State (afternoon) There 14 Memphis Navy (night) There FIRST ROW, (Left to right) (Kneeling) John " Duke " Smith, Charles Horner, Don Brady, Floyd Perrin, Gary Hendrix, O. C. Williams, Bobby Spann, Wayne McElrath. SECOND ROW: Ben Bakanac, Cloyce Gerdes, Harold Thomas, Jim Shaneyfelt, Joe Golden, Mearl Henry, Jim Blankenship, Loren Spence, Gerald Chappie, Danny Dennis. THIRD ROW: Harold Priest, Mgr., Grover Barham, J. C. McMinn, Bob Tackacs, Jim Stevens, Wilbourn Coggins, Jim Mc- Cord, Jerry Pennington, Willis Jlapert, Gerald Nelms, Cecil Goodrum. FOURTH ROW: Coach J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION With the beginning of the 1953-54 school year early in September, the Student Senate was on hand t o welcome the largest freshman class in the history of Arkansas State College. After registering and election of officers of the freshman class had been fufilled, attention was turned to Homecoming. Committees were formed to take care of the various duties concerned with homecoming such as the election and crowning of the Queen, the parade, welcoming of the alumni, and the dance. There was hard work for all to put such a successful homecoming over and with everyone working in complete harmony even the minor details were taken into consideration. A smashing victory over Southern State was an assurance that this homecoming had everything to make a happy week-end for the ones to whom it was dedicated, The Alumni of Ar- kansas State College. The SGA of Arkansas State College takes an active part in promoting interest in school activities. They were selected to act as chairman for the discussion on " How To Promote Student Interest in School Activities " at the spring meeting of the State SGA held at Arkansas State Teachers College. As this school year comes to an end and the new student government takes over its obligations for the betterment of Arkansas State College, we extend to them our best wishes for the coming year. For the excellent cooperation and participation of all students, faculty, and college officials, we take this opportunity to thank you for a most successful and enjoyable 1953-54. Pat Simpkins, President Student Government Association W. R. Singleton, Senior Rep. Bob Frazier, 1st Vice-President Houston Garner, Junior Class Prexy ALPHA OMICRON PI Pat Ina Lee Mary Jane Darr Wiles Metaxas Winona Barbara Vice-President Brown Shaneyfelt Annette Corresponding Secretary Phillips 116 ALPHA OMICRON PI V Glenda Dudley Jo Edwards Beth Cooper Pat Henry Jackie Meyer Rose Blanton Joy Douglas Greta Jones Martha Nichols Evelyn Carlton 3 Martha Deniston Vivian Brothers Nancy Johnston Jean Mayo Frances Jones Recording Secretary Jane Porter Treasurer George Glenn Eddie Gary Ted Lewis Gene Krone Killough Rainey Wilson Mann O ' Neal Howard Houston Jack Jake Joe Garner Hudson King Perdzock Jim Gramling Secretary John Donnie Gene McMullan Bowlin Foreman Glenn James Brydon Miller Buddy Huff Treasurer PI KAPPA A Rex Jack Payden Richard Ennis Barker Thorpe Neeley McNece Toone O E s O Wayne Glenn Bill Barnhill Paul Jackson Bill Swan Henny Gregory Charles Horner President Rusty Moores Vice-President LPHA Bobbie Morton Sweetheart Don Canada Bill Merritt Jim Micklish Skippy Covington Johnny Browning Pat Simpkins Gary Vowels Jerry Cooper Gene Roberts Sum George Barker J. C. McMinn Lee Massey 1 Spud Watkins Charles Adams Jack Brown ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Yvonne Shelton Maxine Crow Mary White Jane Urie - ' June Disinger Ann Hineman Willy Ann Marbury Anona Tucker Jackie Sue Carpenter Jean Wilmoth Kathy Frazier Christene Dobbs President Lavern Pullam Shirley Ball Jolene Lamb 1st Vice-President Laquita Lavelle Doris Jean Walker Gloria Gamblin 2nd Vice-President Vernelia McCrady Treasurer 120 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Betty Bettie Jeanette Phyllis Margaret Lindsey Smith Eason Swindle Burge Shirley Janice Barbara Elta Lee Barbara Mills Elrod Brewer Thomas McMullan Joan Cooper Recording Secretary Polly Phyllis Carolyn Welch Pratt Perrin Anne Hopkins Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Geraldine Bollinger Naile Sarah Arda Dunlap Tomlinson 121 Don Brooks James Bruton Connie Hicks Tom Kent 3 Jerry Mueller Emil Phillips W. R. Rice Lee Singleton Van Ausdall James Cummings Don Denny Bob Frazier Jay Gershaw John Hollander Lee Roy Thomason Secretary Emil Wilkins Treasurer Don Seay Tom Manning Pledge Master 122 Manuel Vidal Franklin Walters SIGMA PI Or r c Joe Webb Dan Wells Jim Wells Donald Austin Ed Boldt Charles Hobson Don LaPlante Frances Jones Sweetheart aid nes Billy Bert Mayo -. ) Allen Schell Gary Thomas Alphus Barfoot N. S. Sechrest Howard Long Joel Hollis Jerry Bookout President I Sterling Redfern John Robertson Ronnie Allen Vice-President Bill Penick SIGMA PI Harold Paul Herrington Stovall Grady Blakely Russ Smith Richard Ralph Ft Lad Logan Richard Reynolds Jim Barden Garrel Weber Bill Bradshaw William L. Gibson Bob Sanner 123 PHI MU Bonnie Betty Mona Peggy Nancy Balch Bell Clark Cook Fox Ruth Jane Sue Ruthie Norma Jean Fields Fitzgerald McCluney Tanner Mary Lou Luker Secretary Altha Watson PHI MU Roberta Williams Opalene Watson Suzanne Angel Betty Bellers Mary Noel Hughes Sue Johnson Kathryn Million Shirley Newsom Billie Webb Treasurer Elaine Schnautz Jean Walls Sue Osburn Mary Ann Alvey Membership Chairman Laquetta Scurlock Reporter Martha Margaret Hobson Green Wayne Don Clyde Don Thomas Roy Frank 126 Harbour Hearn Hiatt Hiatt Holder Hunter Johnson Ray T. J ohnson Bill Kelly Bob Kern Bob Kortenber George Luper Buddy Lamb Chaplain Johnny Groves Pledgemaster Doris Strickland Sweetheart Malcolm Marks Jessie McNeil Harry Matson t ■ Gene Moody r mm T A U K A P P A E. W. Onstead Paul Osburn Historian George Robb Robert Roberts John Root Charles Mooney -3K L Bill Pollock Don Schaefer E P S I L O N Ken Schnautz Leon Shellswick Gilbert Selvin James Stimson Joe Waters Jack Welch Billy Zook 127 Carolyn Getson Floyd Perrin Shirley Chailland Phyllis Tanner Yvonne Kinchen Clara Hum Bob Kittrell Harold Priest Shirley Cole Mary Lou Bowling 5 d Ik Oran Mangrum Norman Bratcher Monda Duvall Darrell Williamson Corrine May Mary Lou Fagan Gene Sullivan Doris McPherson Christine Presson INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION 128 INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION Shirley Coburn Sweetheart Adams Arnold Bailey Barron Beaver Bourland Brainard Carlisle Carrol Chronister Clark, T. Clark, W. Collier Cooper Mr. Cravens Cunningham Davis, C. Davis, E. Darter Denny Dickerson Mr. Etzel Felts Foster Garner Gerdes Gist Hall Hartsfield Hefner Hicks Higgins A G R I c L U B Mr. Hochstetler Hopson Howard Howe Jackson James Jarrell Jones Lessenberry Lutes Mann Marshall Maxwell McDoniel Meharg Metheny £1 stH «C " t mm 4 Miller Morgan Morris Dr. Nail Parrish Penick Plyler Poe Pressley Puckett Rickman Mr. Saalwaechter Smith, A. Smith, B. Smith, C. Smith, J. R. Smith, K. Steele Stillions Sullivan, G. Sullivan, P. Threet Townsend Waddill Washburn Dr. White White Mr. Williams Wooten Woolf Worlow Young CADET OFFICERS CLUB Jones, Horner, Monsour, Hudson, Hiatt, Schaefer, Pylant, Hicks, Skora, Allen, Burrow, Single- ton, Schell, Micklish, Cobb, McNeese, Denny, Thomas, Bookout, Archer, Swan, Garner, Presson, Walters, McCoy, Rowlett, Sullivan, Luper, Watson, Short, Groves, Kunz, Rapert, Smallwood, Scott, Shellswick, Flowers, Anderson, Waters, Davis, White, Marks, Moody, Davis, Flowers, Red- fern, Hollander, Broadway, Griffin, Duke, Boucher, Lamb, Hinds, Webb, Childers, Lamdrum, Short, Simpkins, Liss, Wilson, Presley, Penick, Fut ' el ' , Toone, Rickman, Stewart, Lucas, O ' Neal, Wilson, Price, Huff, Harris, Frazier, Ford, Cooke, Metaxas, Jackson, Barker, Howard, Mann, Droke, McMullan, Walls, White, Thompson, Spenseri, Littlestone, Spann, Wilkins, Jarrett, Hob- son, Mitchell, Gershaw, Boldt, Manning, Reed, Eickmeyer, Woit, Goldberg, Foster. 131 AgC CHOIR Presson, Porter, Kinman, Carlton, Dickerson, brum, nenry, oigsDy, welch, Parks, Holmen, Swindle, Wallace, Dudley, Justus, Hendrix, Phillips, Pardew, Newsom, McMullan, Coop, Rasberry, Gardner, Kittrell, Metcalf, Metaxas, Barker, Malloy, Presson, Jackson, Coble, Tatum. Boucher, Brewer, Bell, Reynolds, Weir, Bumpus. 132 A S C SINGERS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Dobbs, Strickland, Donaldson, J. Porter, S. Porter, Gayle, Miss Trainor, McCluney, Scurlock. Af S COUNCIL ARKETTES Sigsby, Wallace, Miss Verner, Luker, Swindle, Newsom, Pardew, Canard, Bollinger, Alvey. DEBATE TEAM T. Moore, Schmidt, Piercy, R. Moore, Lewis, Spades, Trinkaus, Jolly. GERMAN CLUB • Mr. Galloway, Frazier, Foreman, Stewart, Mr. McClintock, Bookout, Bradley, Short, Stringer, Barden, TOone. FRENCH CLUB 136 ' RE-LAW CLUB PI OMEGA PI Webb, Brown, Boucher, Metcalf, Stringer, Donaldson, Miller, Kinchen, Craft, Blanton, Milligan, Westbrooke, King, Dr. Pasmore, McCrady, Mrs. Pasmore, Wiles. Lynch, Wolford, Toone, Smith, McGough, Pitts, B. Metaxas, M. Metaxas, Dr. White, Payne, Hurst, Parker, Jarvis, Deere. PI GAMMA MU Dr. Huitt, Ford, Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Huitt, Mr. Amis, Mrs. White, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Gal- loway, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Essary, Mrs. Brown, Mr. McClintock, Mr. Haring, Ray, Dr. White. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLU Clifton, Arnold, Miss Delano, Cole, Jannette Campbell, Joan Campbell, Mr. Haring, Starr, Bumpus, Mr. Cooper, Dr. Huitt, Stringer. 138 A-CLUB Dye, Schaefer, Golden, Gilliam, McMinn, Rapert, Gatlin, Turley, Brooks, Small- wood, Horner, Jarrett, Kuntz, McCord, Blagg, Ward, McNeece, Armenio. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Fields, Cole, Wilson, Miss Prescott, Green, Queen, Short, Jones, Alvey, Hurst, Marbury, Perrin, Stark, Pratt, Rains, L. Jones, Johnson, Phillips, Rice, Walker, Wolford, Lindsey, Blaylock, Quails, Taylor, Keel, Bowling, King, Chailland, Webb, Hum, Duvall, Paggitt, Luker, May, Owens, Watson. 139 Ij BETA BETA BETA Miss Johnson, Mr. Wilson, Dr. Nedrow, Mr. Bruns, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Robinson, Gershaw, McNeil, Moores, Liss, ONeal, Harris, Swafford, Wise, Billingsley, Selvin. METER-LITER CLUB Harbour, Ford, McCoy, Brown, Harris, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Frazier, Mrs. Williams. " GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB Richmond, Denow, Jones, Keith, Parker, Mr. Tassi, Mr. Adams, Matson, Atkinson, Childers, Leach, Roberts, Hagan, Kern, Harrell, Kortenber, Riley. Barker, Green, T. Kelly, Boylan, Taylor, Eldridge, Harbour, Brown, McDermott, Wel- shans, B. Kelly, Holder, Simmons, Mr. Dixcn. 141 HISTORICAL SOCIETY Mr. Cooper, Mr. Galloway, Morton, Amos, Ford, Dr. Huitt, Taylor, DeSpain, Cole, Moody, Casner, Futtrell. MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Maxwell, Douglas, Lewis, Essman, Crozier, Turner, Dr. Turner, DeSpain, Dr. Huitt, Piercy, West, Travis, Robinson. NCO CLUB Richmond, Foreman, James, Davis, Houchin, Meharg, Eddington, McElrath, Witcher, Onstead, Hogue, Spence, Cureton, Brown, Odom, Harrell, McCord, Cravens, Lessenberry. NEWMAN CLUB Stadler, Alvey, Wagner, Evans, Skora, Romeo, Orsburn, Meyers, Kent, Ritz, LaPlante, Kuntz, Manning, Hobbs, Capt. Farrell. I ARKASTATERS Dobbs, Wilkins, Walker, Scurlock, Miss Trainor, Porter, HopKi aite, S. Porter, Fore- man, McMullan, Howard, Davis, Singleton, Ford. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CI ' T Daniels, Woit, Williams, Wells, Stadler, Miss Prescott, Mr. Larche, LaPlante, Petroff, Romeo, Eickmeyer, Phillips, Watson, Chialland, Keel, Bowling, Owens, Austin, Bruton, Littlestone, Mayo, Johnson, Wright, Davis, Luker, Padgett, Rice, Cole, Stovall, Kuntz, Al- len, McMinn, Jarrett, Webb, Duvall, Clifton, Turley, Skora, Gatlin, Proctor, McNeece, Gilliam, Scott, Ward, Priest, Canada. 144 A S C INDIAN BAND Ballard, Cook, Coop, Donaldson, Root, Herrington, Balch, Ashabranner, Rasberry, Al- vey, Stalling, Morton, Schnautz, Barker, Carlton, Brewer, Kelley, Queen, Tatum, Cole- man, Stimpson, Grey, McNiel, Harbour, Ballew, Crouch, Presson, Wahl, Metaxas, Dr. Appleton. KAPPA DELTA PI - F T A White, Elliott, Morse, Lane, King, Moiton, Urie, Williams, Netherlands, Short, Williams, Miss Barton, Mr. Kilgallen, Casner, Mrs. White, Swafford, Brooks, Mr. Keister, Single- ton, Dr. Couch, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Couch. 145 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Netherland, E. Williams, White, Casner, Morse, Urie, Morton, Swafford, King, Short, Mr. Kilgallen, M. Williams, Lane, Brooks. MASQUERS Mauk, Cooke, Bumpus, Wells, Mr. Meyer, Porter, Mayo, Tyler, Parks, Nichols, Miller, Leach, May, Reasoner, Moore, Metcalf, Westbrooke. HOME ECONOMICS ' CLUB Tanner, Fagan, Holt, Hardin, E. Williams, Robert, M. Williams, Fields, Coburn, Jones, Green, Tyler, Henderson, McMullan, Mrs. Brown, Watson, Hall, Morton, Netherlands, Luker, Pure, Parrish, Odles, Cooper. i BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Hall, Justus, Morse, Trinkaus, Cole, Casner, Sigsby, Urie, Mrs. Huskey, Stuart, Miles, White, Spence, Brawner, Morton, Plyler, Watkins, Piercy, Burge, Jolly, Wilmouth, Mills, Wilmouth, Bewis, Eddington, Whitehead, Kenredy, Darter, McDermott, Waddell, Amos, Penn, Thrett, McNeil, Mr. Reed, Stewart, Davis, Stires, Essman, Schaefer. 148 WESLEY FOUNDATION Netherland, McDoniel, Hardin, Cooper, Tucker, Pratt, Bruner, Kelley, Mrs. Melton, Brooks, Watson, G. Province, McCrady, Weker, Reynolds, M. Province, Arnold, Presson, Weir, R. Reynolds, Sullivan, Brown, Perry, Tucker, Mr. McClintock, Dr. Huitt. PUBLICATIONS THE 1954 INDIAN STAFF David Taylor Marianne Armstrong Faculty Advisor Assistant Editor ADKINS LAMB KELLY QUEEN JONES FITZGERALD COLEMAN COOPER GAYLE GAMBLIN SCHAEFER HIATT ATKINSON ROBERTS 152 HOPPER WATSON EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER The editor and business manager of the 1954 INDIAN are firmly convinced that their jobs are designed for people who have little enough sense to run for campus offices and need to be taught a lesson. From the first week in September, when the book was first laid out in Camden, until the first week in April when it was finally put to bed, the job was a rat race. After that, the editor and business manager could usually be found in Tru- mann or Paragould, or points beyond, recuperating. Effervescent youths (?), after seven months trying to put an annual together they became cynics. Froth oozed from the corners of their mouths. They lost weight and, unused to sleep, became insomniacs. On top of that, a year in college was lost due to flunked courses. But the situation could have been much worse. The editor and business manager could have died from overwork — if they weren ' t so lazy — and then they wouldn ' t have had the chance to wish they had the jobs again. This ghastly possibility was averted by a few faithful students who worked hard and long at jobs for which they received practically no return. For the 1954 INDIAN, the editor and business manager are forever indebted to the following people who tramped around the campus picking up information and taking pictures, who filed, typed monotonous lists of names, and did odd jobs to save Hopper and Watson from becoming raving maniacs: To Jane Damiano, who willingly gave of her time and new Buick so Watson could top all previous advertisements; to George Luper who talked several hometown merchants into buying advertising space; to the Design Class for their skillful art work on the division pages; to Marianne Armstrong and Betty Adkins who made this job a more pleasant task with their wit and souped-up production; to Don Schaefer and Don Hiatt for taking so many of the pictures appearing in the book — and to Jimmy Caldwell for holding the flash bulbs at times; to Buddy Lamb who really gave first class advice; to Beverly Jones who could always find time to do her share of the work; to Jeannette Queen and Bill Kelly who stayed in labs most of the time but were always ready to give with their best when called upon; to Beth Cooper who almost drove us beyond that fine line of sanity, but this annual would have been impossible without her contributions; to Gloria Gamblin and Patty Gayle who gave no trouble whatsoever — they were always willing to work; to Robert Roberts and Joe Atkinson who composed the five page dedication; to the Printing Department for introducing us to Mr. Bernhard — what would we have done without him; and to others whose duties were wide, varied and unprintable. Collecting a year full of memories and putting them into the form of THE INDIAN has been the job of the yearbook staff. Making it up, however, has taken the cooperation of everyone, for without them there would be no memories, no book. It has been hard work, but it has been fun. THE INDIAN belongs to every student. You have given us the ideas, the mem- ories, the pictures, the words that go to make it up. In return, we trust we have given you something worthy of State, in hopes that many years later it will serve as a pleasant memory of college days. It is the staff ' s contribution to you per- sonally. We hope you enjoy it. 153 HERALD STAFF CHARLIE CHILDERS, Editor JOE ATKINSON, Business Manager BOBBY FLOWERS, Sports Editor TEX PLUNKETT, Advisor; GENE FOREMAN, Layout Editor; ROBERT ROBERTS, As- sistant Sports and Make-Up Editor; FRANCES JONES and MRS. PAUL COUCH, Society Editors. 154 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PHYLLIS WILKINS PERSONALITIES r wanHUB kAlift fit w JaMl 167 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PHYLIS WILKINS, senior English major from Weiner. Arkastaters ' 52- ' 54; ASC Singers ' 51-52; Choir 50- ' 52; Arkettes ' 50- ' 52; Honor- ary Cadet Officer ' 51- ' 54; Memphis Open Air Theatre ' 51; WRH Council ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. PAUL JACKSON, senior animal husbandry major from Pocahontas. Pi Kappa Alpha ' 53- ' 54; Agri Club ' 50- ' 54; NCO Club ' 50- ' 52; Cadet Officers Club ' 53- ' 54; SGA ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. CHRISTENE DOBBS, senior education major from Dell. Alpha Gamma Delta ' 52- ' 54; AWS Council ' 52- ' 54; House President of WRH ' 54; Student Government Association ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PAT SIMPKINS, senior business administra- tion major from Jonesboro. Pi Kappa Alpha ' 51- ' 54; NCO Club ' 51- ' 52; Cadet Officers Club ' 53- ' 54; Accounting Club ' 54; Student Council ' 52- ' 54; Class Officers ' 52- ' 53; Special Drill Team ' 50- ' 53; Livestock Judging Team ' 52- ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. MARY ANN DONALDSON, senior business administration major from Jonesboro. Phi Mu ' 50- ' 54; Honorary Cadet Colonel ' 50- ' 54; In- dian Beauty ' 50- ' 54; SGA ' 53; Pan Hellenic Council ' 53- ' 54; Homecoming Maid ' 50- ' 53; Homecoming Queen ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 53- ' 54. W. R. SINGLETON, senior education major from Clarkton, Missouri. Sigma Pi ' 52- ' 54; Arkastaters ' 52- ' 54; Cadet Officers Club ' 52- ' 54; NCO Club ' 51- ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi ' 52- ' 54; Square Dance Club ' 50- ' 52; Student Govern- ment ' 54; Danner Hall Council ' 52 and ' 54; Special Drill Team ' 51- ' 52; Inter-Fraternity Council ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES GLENNA SIGSBY, senior music education major from Rector. ASC Singers ' 52- ' 54; Al- pha Gamma Delta ' 51; BSU ' 51- ' 54; Sigma Alpha Lambda ' 50- ' 51; Music Education Na- tional Conference ' 50- ' 54; FTA ' 50- ' 51; Band ' 50- ' 52; Orchestra ' 50- ' 54; Choir ' 50- ' 54; Ar- kettes ' 50- ' 54; Debate Team ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. JOE C. LANDRUM, senior business adminis- tration major from Paragould. NCO Club ' 50- ' 52; Cadet Officers Club ' 52- ' 54; Pi Gamma Mu ' 52- ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. JIMMY DAVIS, senior Pre-Med major from Walnut Ridge. Tau Kappa Epsilon ' 52- ' 54; Meter-Liter Club ' 53; NCO Club ' 52- ' 53; Cadet Officers Club ' 53; Student Government ' 53; Modern Language Club ' 51- ' 54; Commons Council ' 52; Debate Team ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVE RSITIES FRED CHISENHALL, senior journalism ma- jor from Lake City. Press Club ' 50- ' 54; Graph- ic Arts Club ' 50- ' 51; NCO Club ' 51- ' 52; An- nual Staff ' 51- ' 52; Pi Gamma Mu ' 53- ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. BOBBY SPANN, senior social science major from Little Rock. " A " Club ' 51- ' 54; Cadet Officers Club ' 53- ' 54; NCO Club ' 52; Indian Quarterback ' 51- ' 54; Most Valuable Player in Tangerine Bowl ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. EUGENE BOUCHER, senior art major from Jonesboro. Kappa Pi ' 50- ' 54; French Club ' 50- ' 52; Arkastaters ' 51- ' 54; Choir ' 50- ' 54; A. S. C. Singers ' 51- ' 54; BSU ' 50- ' 54; Cadet Officers Club ' 52- ' 54; Annual Staff ' 53; Art Editor of Arrow ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ENNIS TOONE, senior economics major from Jonesboro. Pi Kappa Alpha ' 52- ' 54; Cadet Officers Club ' 53- ' 54; Pre-Law Club ' 51- ' 54; French Club ' 54; Choir ' 51; Accounting Club ' 54; Assistant Indian Editor ' 53; Radio Work- shop ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. DON SCHAEFER, senior journalism major from Searcy. Tau Kappa Epsilon 51- ' 54; BSU ' 51- ' 54; NCO Club ' 50- ' 52; Cadet Officers Club ' 52- ' 54; Arkastaters ' 53- ' 54; " A " Club ' 52- ' 54; Track Team ' 52- ' 54; Danner Hall Council ' 52; Editor of Annual ' 52; College Photographer; Sports Editor of Herald ' 53; Who ' s Who ' 54. JOYCE PASMORE MILLER, senior art ma- jor from State College. Kappa Pi ' 50- ' 54; Al- pha Omicron Pi ' 50- ' 54; Honorary Cadet Cap- tain ' 51- ' 52; Honorary Cadet Lt. Colonel ' 53- ' 54; French Club ' 50- ' 54; Homecoming Maid ' 54; Choir ' 51- ' 52; Art Editor of Arrow ' 52; Editor of Arrow ' 53; Student Government Association ' 51- ' 54; Alpha Psi Omega ' 53; Ar- kastaters ' 51- ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 53- ' 54. • WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PAT DARR, senior music major from Jones- boro. Alpha Omicron Pi ' 50- ' 54; Choir ' 53- ' 54; Arkettes ' 53; Sigma Alpha Lambda ' 50- ' 53; ASC Singers ' 53- ' 54; Band ' 50; Music Educa- tion National Conference ' 50- ' 54; Orchestra ' 50- ' 54; Who ' s Who ' 54. WILLIAM CARLISLE, senior agriculture major from Osceola. Danner Hall Council; Agri. Club; Independent Student Association; Who ' s Who ' 54. JOE BUMPUS, senior English major from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Independent Student Association; Alpha Psi Omega; Choir; A. S. C. Singers; Masquers; Who ' s Who ' 54. The Honorary Ca ★ 174 ACTIVITIES 178 In September, we arrived at State fou anotkeu sckool year 179 180 long lines for registration wearing our slime caps 181 coffee at tke Wigwam 183 | r r a on a n r ,r o a o c o o oo r n V 2 O r , «( 3 f% ft E r r rlpjp o o a o r ■r 186 talent skows . . . songfest . . . water skow cutting classes . . . cramming for finals 187 II memories we ' ll keep forever. 191 192 Now we are part of ADVERTISEMENTS Public Service Arkansas State College AND Jonesboro Electric Power Your City Water and Light Plant 196 SIGN OF GOOD NEIGHBOR , , , " HO MS , El Dorado. Arkansas Makers of Naturalube Motor Oil Knix Knox and Ethyl Gasolines Heat Resisting Lubricants 197 Star Clothing House Clothing Furnishings For The Man Lot S. Little Harold Little Darwin Little FRED BARNETT G. E. APPLIANCES L L Laundry JONESBORO, ARKANSAS PqaJz- i 9 tut Where the Students Meet . . Fountain and Curb Service East Nettleton Rd. - WE 2-8843 Roy E. Garrett, Owner-Operator 198 For Better Poultry Transportation BUY the NEW improved " DONALDSON ' 7 WIRE REINFORCED COOP Sturdy Durable Light Weight Economical Easy Loading Smooth Riding Wire, Write or Phone Us For Descriptive Folder Prices DONALDSON MFG. COMPANY P. O. Box 86 Phone 5-5509 JONESBORO, ARKANSAS 199 Great Southern Coaches 311 UNION Phone 5-5562 JONE5BORO, ARKANSAS Complete Body Shop Day and Night Wrecker Service Pontine Cars GMC Trucks Sales Service Craft Motor Company Church Street at Huntington Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas BROADAWAY Meat Packers and Provisioners Home of CROWLEY RIDGE Brand Products Phone 2-6689 801 No. Culberhouse Phone 2-6689 Wholesalers Only Try Our Crowley Ridge Pure Pork Sausage W. E. Broadaway Ernest Broadaway Stanley Broadaway 201 STRAND PALACE LIBERTY H. Joe Brown, City Manager H. J. Kimbro, Assistant SEND IT TO 1 b k r i, 1 v. . YOU ' LL BE GLAD YOU SENT IT. 202 Jonesboro, Arkansas 203 Coca-Cola Bottling Company JONESBORO, ARKANSAS 204 Northeast Arkansas 7 Largest Department Store M (00 manufacturers of Midwest — Fortune Golden Royal Ice Cream Golden Royal Dairy Products Midwest Dairy Products Corporation Fan ' s Ladies Toggery JONESBORO ' S SMART SHOPPE Everything For The College Girl 318 South Main Street Jonesboro, Ark. 205 Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Jonesboro, Arkansas You ' re the toast of the town because you deserve to be. FOOTWtAR Across from the Hospital it ' s the— Colonial Flower Shop Jonesboro ' s Only Downtown Flower Shop — Open Sunday 207 E. Matthews — P. O. Box 370 — Phone 2-2872 Charles Robert Brown — Campus Representative The Record Corral We Have The Record You Want 327 S. Church Jonesboro, Arkansas 206 " WE CLEAN, REPAIR AND RECORE ALL IIIip IB RHRI MAKES of RADIATORS. " Wilson Brothers Radiator Works 651 BURKE AT CULBERHOUSE Phone 2-4833 Jonesboro Equipment Company Farmall Tractors - International Refrigeration - Internat ' onal Trucks 138 N. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas 207 1 Colic 1 ilui Donui The D on u t Sh op STOP IN ANY TIME FOR COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS 1400 FLINT STREET Phone 2-8937 Compliments of— A. B. C Cleaners 1207 S. Flint Phone 5-5579 H. T. Winters — Manager McAdams Drugs 416 South Main Prescriptions, Fountain, Cosmetics Phone 5-5538 YOUR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS ★ Jonesboro, Arkansas 208 Hotel Noble, Jonesboro Northeast Arkansas ' Finest Under New Management HEADQUARTERS FOR VISITING ALUMNI We Specialize in Private Parties and Banquets AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOM AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM Phone 5-5515 D. M. Floyd, Mgr. WILLETT ' S SHOES QUALITY FOOTWEAR For Men — Women — Children Jonesboro, Arkansas SYD CAMERON 235-37 S. Main Phone 2-3601 Jonesboro, Arkansas La Vera Beauty Salon School Professional service in the shop. Student work in the school at reduced prices. Army Navy Surplus Store NEW and USED Telephone 2-8982 Jonesboro, Arkansas Schoenfield ' s Women ' s Wear Nationally Advertised Lines Handled Exclusively COATS AND SUITS " Swansdown " — " Leeds " DRESSES Franklins Paul Sargents Doris Dodson Georgiana L ' Aiglon Paula Brooks Jonesboro, Arkansas 209 Shop of Quality and Style The Smartest Clothss For any Occasion are found at 501 So. Main - Phone 2-3246 Cole Hurt Inc. JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE 300 Burke St. — Phone 5-5564 Jonesboro, Arkansas D. Canale Company 104 N. Main Street Jonesboro, Arkansas WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS For Fresh . . . Fruits, Vegetables, and Produce 210 Jonesboro Grocer Company Serving Retail Grocers in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Missouri for 36 years J. M. Patrick J. S. Patrick Swindle Flower Gift Shop SAY IT WITH FLOWERS LET THEM BE OURS We Wire Flowers Anywhere 1704 W. Matthews Phone 2-3325 City Drug Store Cosmetics-Drugs-Prescriptions Soda Fountain - Candy ★ Free Parking ★ Matthews At Church St. Phone 2-8343 Peoples National Bank of Jonesboro OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIEND AND NEIGHBORS Member F. D. I. C. 211 FALLER MOTEL Jonesboro ' s Finest Motor Court East Nettleton Road Phone 2-7422 Central Chevrolet Company Chevrolet Passenger and Commercial Cars and Trucks Telephone 5-5575 Union at Monroe Jonesboro, Ark. COURT SQUARE DRUGS We carry a complete line in photographic material — 504 S. Main Phone 2-8335 Jonesboro, Arkansas Compliments of— ARKANSAS SPORTING GOODS For the finest in your outdoor needs — WHOLESALE and RETAIL 334 South Main St. Phone 5-5132 Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro Lumber Co. Building Materials 107 So. Fisher Phone 2-6671 Jonesboro, Arkansas Motor Co. Nash Airf light Sales and Service BOOSTING THE INDIANS GLOBE DRUGS SERVICE PHARMACY 300 So. Main 322 So. Main Phone 2-8375 Phone 2-7481 On the Bus Stop Prescriptions-Fountain-Cosmetics Prescriptions-Drugs-Sundries TWO GOOD DRUG STORES McCartr 213 CITIZENS BANK OF JONESBORO Students and Faculty Are Always Welcome. Member F.D.I.C. JONESBORO ROLLER MILL Corner Burke Union Stockyard Feed Supply Store Jonesboro Stockyards Feed Seed FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Arkansas " BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL " Longford ' s Mortuary Lloyd L. Langford, Owner AMBULANCE Phone 2-6661 725 So. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas 214 For All Your Decorating Needs See Home Decoration Co. Phone 2-6524 Jonesboro, Arkansas Metzler Motor Go. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH-WHITE TRUCKS SALES SERVICE 700 S. Main Phone 2-6643 Jonesboro, Arkansas Dan ' s Motel, Restaurant Service Station Highways 63 and 18 Phone 2-8366 Jonesboro, Arkansas 215 Frank Clever Dial 2-6651 119 So. Main Hams - Bacon - Lard " Sausage of All Kinds " ELDER STEVENS CLOTHING For Men and Young Men 236 S. Main St. Jonesboro, Ark. Spud Clark, Distributor Phillips 66 Products JONESBORO, ARK. LEE TIRES Phone 2-2346 216 DEPARTMENT STORE 327 S. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas JULIAN JAMES STORES The Home of Nationally Advertised Lines Catalina Lakewood Jantzen Perma Lift Blue Swan Peter Pan Ship- ' n-Shore Sea forth Teena Page Nan Dorsey HOSIERY BAR JULIAN ' S 334 Main 245 Main " Operating World ' s Smallest Dept. Store " GREGG FUNERAL HOME Jesse B. Gregg — Owner- Established 1877 Sponsors of Gregg Burial Association Ambulance Service Monette 66 Jonesboro 2-5566 Walnut Ridge 66 For Top Quality Furniture Appliances See Us. FRIGIDAIRE— SPEED QUEEN— YOUNGSTOWN PARKER ' S FURNITURE APPLIANCES ' Our Guarantee Service is more than a Promise ' 600 S. Main Phone 2-8355 JONESBORO MOTOR COURTS Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson — Owners Highway 63 West Jonesboro, Arkansas Royal Typewriters Porter Typewriter And Adding Machine Co. 103 W. Jackson Phone 2-3346 ETHON ' S The Finest In Food- Steaks and a wide selection of Short Orders. " CURB SERVICE " North Gee St. Phone 5-8845 Jonesboro, Arkansas — MWWHfr Gulf Refining Company 105 South Flint St. Joneshoro, Arkansas 219 ADD01D33Dt,MS0 AD0D1033QbMS0

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