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Dan Rusak Editor-in-Chief Thad Vance Business Manager To Ann Baker Faculty-Class Editor Charles Toney Sports Editor Barney Sellers Photographer Pate Bailey Club Editor L IS R 1 Ti 3 IAN 1950 lN — pd to portray student u a ve endeavored to y sucb this your 1950 and to crf treaS . r1 lT te Kansas State CoUeg upon aS a ve a manner, that fox Y htfu l retrospe ar book ta nothmg more of he p m the P being this -1 PUVP ° S ; o and energy nav us ual P Countless umts of " ptn Uous aea . „ presen t y ou haraSS t W50 Indian Staff, have st» one that We, the WW on youi 0° Col iege. wmr eserveap r ou students to our ever Band Clinic Feb. 17-18 Mate College Herald IFfltlll PiBLICflTISO Of e fl R R A fl $ i S STHIE CIUESC Band Clinic Feb. 17-18 rnvre couicn imum fkbsimkx if, ism DEDICATION Diirnalism Graduate | iccepts Position On arge Daily Paper lornie Jennings. Author Of Four Published Newsfeotures, Returns To His Homo Town In Virginia To Work On Pest-Herald •rata £. " JUrry Jennlnjp, auihoi of fuui f«au« wucin white I Jj||| uu ' r-jUmt- M iiiien ' .. di . :ot«u-r H«-»,ii iw.iu.r. iiam %y raid. .1 uiiiii-r it.. ' .; put-J ' r ft ' JoT.. n.w- ' . t lo L K PIuj.a ' : B. S. U. Royalty Honored Thursday Band Clinic Will The Registrar ' s Office -Nances Spring tion List V Bp And Twenty-two Seniors Have ■Kairorti For Graduation In K Not On List Must Fits Jaao v (irtdaiic tr jennta . who liiiisrud BacbaK-T cr Aru 1 4 - •! " tneif 3d. t»». irOl »»»jn-j- Jut 1 3 oti u Cuwrn uoepet in i Ire ilnyi Bed.- . Mm Smakelew C ' v ai cjpi Uit tforltl, If, bll hometown. An MtataneSBf, JoorualUni dent. L m wrvrrt 1 0 j««n. ttw Herald «-d Annu«i ft . ; i-l ponlldij !nf v»rt - uput uf|inn ' i»ui imJudlD UilileC NJ ' Krfu AMtu bU 1i -t -If x wrttliiH i»ni«l 1 a UJ wm «l mwfu-y. He elml »y lint »U ftut ow ' hr fcUJjK , aTUch appeared ■n S ' laJfty H HMoi of the IMH Ptinurrat nd the ; ,-1 Hv »l -• .-);: . Fumn Writer ' ■ arneUa. in Urf vrdy tj .rh Urry er publUtitd. St ftOuvtert POt Bahfl ik»,™ He toW ft MLMH 1l«pefl. " CitlM JOOTi.1 j U H NtH r GarVBTS, ' and ' Artin- t YtAJ fihtiuld Mwt " Tti liw conMiw-d I-arrj ' a »a- ertemi w t pp«ft »cimlUtr tui " V-y and profeasor l«- J Webatar KvuiKfftt ' s unique bkusIUj »rry. tbouito hr h ld P rt- e |tfM llirouefwuv bn four- r , -Uf career »f actlTa «mpo» dllilM Hp ft3 rtc - t(d«iit fw »whlk of the i» chJs mid Pn-ta CloB v- % amrabvr ail Aipti Scout LeadersJ) Take Basic r Xl-nilar Training Tc On Februv QH1 Club Rrl BftEky wlia him air UU . Mjj ' f . aid ten tnanUu dsvfbtef, Madeline Carol ' omen ' s Council jye Meeting ridgo ond Baby ttino, Discu »od rjout-cil mrt with Ml gar l TTftlnur Uws if Mil, MoTi-lnj Ffct uarr 13 I BBS ■«■ dk ru« »d ' ft a be- wra ' DrMr Xo be lu both r.i Hull And W r It iU Be inr tbe benefit x w wlif. Htbtr tft) up . ku yit lo pl J OfW|B OX (1» UAO » vuuM Uk« to heiu-r tbelr ty io ptef m CowieU hat N i ' i j r un Ot m)u«sU both fvoJC tbr -jditm n l Ir nn pMt«»ta l fur « retoiftrtienrtutwii ktiiIak imLy-idltiri raiu CSooaeU ffroiampfWtJ it i»vo 5 ftnu per hwir ft-r bofrjr inf. it Ruth Kino t d Pmidont Off -Cam put Club wJ» Ruth King «l«lFd 4«it «r h Off-oamp«i. at « « «tiaa- held htM d j 9te ret-Jk ' ec CVh - CSrlan, bb rulcn«d. at %rr dUrwi—d Tor t» b« rudd In the nf r fti . Thr f«fiiJwtrn[ «-iaruUt»»ti arpohttexl ' Pr j»;r»jii- Pft»ujc . chairman, Lec- Snih Klnt, abd Monna TtM-d- UmJft Ro»r. «balr- Students Needed To M Nton Stoge Setting 3|lass Menagerie William C. George g Guest Speaker At A Teachers Meeting if WlDiam O. Ofwp, AjsW p PrufMftdr In AcrlenttuiT ««7laf. «pokf! at Eitypt W : . J ISO, at «:M o ' clock. He Ik ipiMl vpeakar « tne »ch«ut Ui w dub shleh IncJtMkft Uly - StIkjO! B p iXini 7 4»T) la, frtnd- I r i£. VoeattaoaJ a«rle»ftanu I Teaebera, and CeerhM. Bit mb- )vet was " Acrtcortttral tofVirer- tng at artaiiAaa OUaga. Boone or tbe (nlafa Mr Ow- rge talaXi aecttt vare (liagrt- 1 r-ti toni enctnefTlnf wnxm off I n as Arkansas Stato (l»iie«4 K« rc-amu ts N«etU«« t Aik- tuiMA ' Surtwnity c4 naoMovry used la VJt pert ot Araacoaaa ' AMr ' ovfte f r ttw nrffftmitturft] I M Vllh llWU Mr Pr t ' . n 1:0-1- t- st iu M vUm- w -tnuaru 1 1 -niviaje- tr.- -«. eu )o «- t .t. George Washington ' s 3ir thc ' ay Will Be Chapel Themfr Ktitli.aVtur, : .» fIJriftJ6v 1U ■ » toe tbHM vt tbr fhj-ptl pty- Mu will N, Ml erJ.fe.M •he ' pro ' pc am Th . i»t ru«n ittU c- na t of ftf-f shew lUh bi- nurobpii «f hmnu M i ' -n n- firitw ,)Uii M «h WarbinffoOfc HE familiar figure at left with the " slightly " re- ceding hairline is a man to whom every student looks with a feeling of respect and fellowship; a man who enjoys that sincere admiration which only deeds can command. Through the years we have learned to admire him for his sterling qualities and two of these which have impressed us most are his loyalty and fidelity to the cause of education. To our friend and instructor, Leland W. " Tex " Plunkett, the Indian of 1950 is respectfuly dedicated. ! H ' I I I I 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 195 . . I See By The Papers . . 950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 INDIAN 1950 Publishers Editors The Beat Sports Section City Room Society Section Features Copy Boys Cub Reporters Reporters City Editors Roving Reporters Advertisements Letter From The President , . . C jf ROWTH is the law of life. State College has grown continuously since its inception in 1909. The demands for educational services have prompted this growth. To meet these demands is the primary objective of the College Change is also a law of life. State College is ever attempting to make the desirable adjustments in its educational program to train for good citizen- ship. The many students who have received their training at this institution are now spread throughout the nation taking their places as good citizens. And as the graduates of this class go Dr. William J. Edens Dean of the College Caught in the middle of a busy day. Dr. Walter J. Turner poses for the cameraman. As head of the home economics department, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown is the kind of woman all men would like to have around the house. Mrs. Brown has been with the College since 1915, and has taught many a co-ed to bake a cake, and then some. The dignified looking gentleman in the center photo is Dr. Paul E. Couch, head of the education and psychology department. An avid sports fan, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether Dr. Couch is spectator or participant. He rarely misses a football practice session. The ever expanding business administration department is headed by the able Dr. Chester C. Carrothers. In the accompanying photo, Dr. Can-others is definite- ly not browsing through a book for the sake of browsing, but in all probability, gathering material for one of his crucial exams. Coming here in 1947 Robert B. (Bod) Blakestad assumed the difficult task of heading the engineers. Aside from be- ing a great guy, Bob can put you up to date on anything with a rivet in it. Dr. Russell H. Austin entered into the service of the College in 1939, and since then has turned out many re- sponsible students in the field of chemistry. With all this talk going on about atom bombs and chain reactions, here ' s one man who can bring you up to date. No, that isn ' t Jascha Heifetz playing the violin, but sometimes it ' s difficult to tell the difference. An accomplished musician, Dr. Harold C. Manor, has headed the music department since 1947, and has been responsible for the delightful musi- cal programs presented on the College campus. In the center photo, it ' s quite difficult to determine whether Dr. Charles R. Mc- Clure is pulling something out of the file, or affectionately fingering " D " notices. Dr. McClure assumed duties as head of the English department in 1949, and al- ways welcomes a chat on his favorite Shakespearean character, Falstaff. Dr. Warren W. Ne drow, head of the biology department, has been in the service of the College since 1935. If you ' ve ever wondered what makes you tick, " Doc- Ned " would be happy to explain some facts about yourself that even you don ' t know. Aside from being a biologist, he ' s sponsor of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. An avid camera fan (and a good one too) is Dr. Homer C. Huitt, head of the social science department. Dr. Huitt can put you up to date on world affairs and photography. His quiet unassuming manner has won him many friends on and off the College Campus. Common belief has it that all farmers make quite a bit of money. This may or may not be true, but Dr. Daniel J. Hays, head of the agriculture department, has certainly done his share in sending these scientific iand tillers out to try and make some of that money.. Colonel Kennstii S. Sweany, has headed the mili- tary science and tactics department since 1948. Aside from producing fine professional soldiers, Colonel Sweany is sponsor of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater- nity. This is the Colonel ' s last year at Arkansas State College. Athletic Director J. Albert " Ike " Tomlinson is di- rectly responsible for the expansion of the College ' s physical education department. Since he entered into the service of the College, " Ike " has held the position of football, basketball, and baseball coach at one time or another. Mr. Henry C. Taylor, head cf the printing depart- ment, has been with the College since 1947. Since Mr. Taylor assumed his duties as head of this department, it has grown to the largest and most complete collegiate press in the South. Head of the department of modern languages, is Dr. Daniel F. Pasmore. Dr. Pasmore has been in the ser- vice of the College for the past twenty years, and has dene a magnificient job in teaching this difficult course of study to aspiring young linguists and Arts students. The student at the oil painting catches a nod of ap- proval from Mrs. Daniel F. Pasmore, head of the Col- lege art department. Mrs. Pasmore has been here since 1C38, and has clone wonders in expanding it to its pres- ent size. Kenneth G. Appleton, Baud; Howard Baker, Biology; M £gt. H. R. Bankston, Military Science; M Sgt. Walter R. Bauer, Military Science; M ' Sgt. Gsorge B :oadway, Military Science. Coy C. Brooks, An imal Industry, Forrest E. Brown, Speech and Dramatics ; Helen Pautsky Brown, Elementary Education; Jasper B. Brown, Business Administration; Dale Burnett, Physical Education. Juanita Caldwell, Physical Education; Joseph H. Clements, Business Education; Martha Jean Condray, English; Lebelva Connelly, English; Dzsmond L. Cook, Psychology. Durward F. Cooper, Social Science; Clarence C. Cravens, Agronomy; Clarissa Delano, Sociology and Government ; Marie Easterwood, Chemistry ; Forrest W. England, Physical Education. William S. Farris, Agriculture, W. Z. Fletcher, Voice; Elizabeth Fox, Music; Floyd D. Funk, Music: John A. Galloway, History. Mary Belle Georce, English; William C. George, Agriculture Engineering; Major Andrew Gor- ski, Military Science; Sammie I. Hasegawa, Business Administration; M Sgt. H. H. Henderson, Military Science. Doyle Herkon, Museum; Elmer S. Jack, Geography; Ruth Jamison, Business Administration; Mrs. Grace Jones, Matron oj Women ' s Residence Hall; John R. Keeton, Civil Engineering. Mrs. Mabel R. Krick, Library Science; Eleanor Lane, English; James B. Laster, Mnsic, Charlsie B. Little, Elementary Education; Roy M. McClintock, Jr., Polictical Science. Mrs. Maude Melton, Matron oj Commons; Evelyn Ina Montgomery, Modern Language; Harold J. Nichols, Physical Education; James L. Patty, Music; William G. Peter, Mechanical Engineer- ing. . i Mrs. Virginia Pierce, Matron of Danner; Dr. Frank Willis Plunkett, English; Leland W Plunkett, English and Journalism; Virginia Poster, Chemistry; Doris Rector, Secretary to the President. Mrs. John H. Rauth. Matron of Lewis; John H. Rauth, Physical Education; Camilla Sharp, Li- brary Science; W. L. Smith, Education and Mathematics; Helen B. Stuart, Physical Education. David G. Taylor. Business Administration; Lucille Taylor, Business Education; Ferd Toone, Vocational Appraiser; Joe C. Towery, Farm Management; James O. Umbaugh Art. 1 Mildred Vance, Primary Education; Harold E. Waddle, Physical Education; Ruth Lillian Walker Primary Education; Mrs. Wanda Walker, Mathematics; Robert H. Watson, Business Administra- tion. BEULAn White, College Nurse; Lt. Col. George R. Wilkins. C. A.. Military Science; Miss Jean Kosser Williams, Chemistry; Larry Wimp, Mathematics; Sgt. Russel D. York, Military Science. 1 At left, the physical education department ' s home, and right, the armory Science Hall. J. A. TOMLINSON Director of Athletics " The Physical Education and Athletic Department of Arkansas State College is dedicated to the development and coordination of sound minds and bodies. It is our desire to supplement the life of the students by providing wholesome athletics for the student body, fans and alumni. We are vitally interested in the development of men and women, who can take their places in the fields of education and ath- letics, and bring them to the same high plane which we believe is necessary for the continued growth and development, both mentally and physically, of the citizens of our nation. It is with these thoughts in mind that we rededicate ourselves to the tasks be- fore us and pledge our utmost to attain these goals. We cordially invite your interest and support for our program. " Very truly yours, J. A. Tomlinson Director of Physical Education and Athletics 1949 Football Schedule State Stats State 13 State 13 State 7 State 28 State 7 State 7 State 12 7 14 Mississippi College 1 NATTC 2 Ouachita Middle Tennessee 2 Delta State 6 Henderson State 6 Memphis State 6 Missouri Valley (i Union University 7 Coach Forrest W. " Frosty " England Football season has gone roaring into the past adding another brilliant chapter lo Arkansas State gridiron history. The Indians fiercely drove their way through a season of tough breaks to win only four out of nine games, but when the Warriorrs of State retired from the field of play, win or lose, they always had the satisfaction of having played (he game in the spirit of true sportsmanship. Guided by the superior backfield performances of Joe Shaw, Gene Osselmeier, Carl Greenwald, John McGuire and John Bearden, and backed by such stalwart linemen as Jack Johnson, James Holland, Keith Doane, A. D. Ruyle and Bob Manns, the Indians made their opponents yell " Uncle " more than a few times. Jack Johnson and Carl Greenwald were voted the most outstanding players at the annual football banquet term- inating the 1949 football season. Johnson, a senior, was graduated in January, and Greenwald has two more ripe years ahead of him on the Indian squad. Jack did more than his share in opening seemingly impossible holes in the center of the line for the backs to go marching through. An alert thinker, and a hard hitting lineman, Johnson will be sorely missed on the 1959 Indian squad. Carl Greenwald was a threat to the opponents with his determined drives for extra yardage. When a first down was badly needed it was Carl who carried the apple through the middle of the line. As long as his shoulders got through the hole, that was all that was needed for that extra yard. " Molly " McGuire, fleet Indian halfback, issues battle gear to " Jumpin " Joe Shaw. Indian quarterback, at the start of the season. Back Row (Left to Right) Charles Jones, Leonard Whittaker, James Reed, James Fulmer, Sam Green. Ernie Crone, Tow Stroud. Robert Taylor, Pelham Austin. Richard Sheffer. Fourth Row: Joe Daniels, Lowell Fenner. Roy Fogle, Joe Bacino. Ed Boldt. Bill Arment. A. D. Ruyle, Elmer McHenry, Vernon Williams, Lyndell Taylor. Ed Corcoran. Third Row: Andy Crane, Mgr., Vernon Grosse, James Benson, Gene Hazel. Bobby Reid, Bob McCowen, Bob Manns. Jack Johnson, John McGuire, Keith Doane. Hal Stancil. Robert Mas- sey, Dale Burnett, Assistant Coach. Second Row Coach England, Bob Larson. Earl Barbour. John Beardon, Frank Palumbo, Jack Koldus, Rudy Wagner, Rav Sommers. Wallace Jackson. Billy Sommers, Norman Keith. James Buell, Jimmie Wainscott, Mgr. Front Row: Ralph Gebert, Ed Trieschman, Alva Cochran, P. L. Hamlett. Julius Palone. Carl Greenwald, Gene Osselmeier, Bobby Scott, Joe Shaw. L. J. Romero. Arkansas State College ' s 1949 football squad was ably directed by head coach Forrest W. " Frosty " England. He was aided by assistant coaches John Rauth and Dale Burnett, two men who literally ate, drank and slept football. Countless hours were spent on the mapping of gridiron strategy, and practically every evening after practice, these three coaches experimented with plays on the blackboard. Keith Doane, right end and captain, was the Tribe ' s leader on the playing field. With his two years of experience behind him. Doane proved invaluable when it came time for quick decisions. Ace defensive bzck Johnny Bearden, checks a potential touchdown threat. " Ossie " plows through the middle of the line to pick up a first down. There ' s a guy comin ' around the end, only ya can ' t see ' im. ' H the T,U« after the OuachH „d E GLA D Ott tne T !ca«y coaches Ra»th and e d Indians carry a victory- " tears off 30 yards aio " OSSIE tearb Hey, you in the 14th row. Let ' s hear you yell! Keith Doane, Ernie Crone, Gene Hazel. Red Ruyl e, Jack Johnson, Bob Manns, Dee Bonner Gene Osselmeier, Carl Greenwald. Joe Shaw. Tex Romero Lissen you, just who do you think you ' re shovin " ? 1949-50 Basketball Schedule State 60 S E La Institute 54 State 47 Southwestern 44 State 55 S E Oklahoma 60 State 56 S. E. Oklahoma 65 State 38 Southern Illinois 68 State 59 Arkansas College 54 State 52 Delta State 58 State 58 Henderson State 56 State 55 Ozark College 46 State 61 Ouachita 48 State 49 Memphis State 64 State 72 State Teachers 64 State 76 Hendrix 55 State 67 Ozark College 61 State k Let LC 45 At Kdiusds i ecn State 58 Delta State 46 State 52 Memphis State 51 State 69 Southwestern 63 State 61 Henderson 59 State 55 Ouachita 60 State 55 Arkansas Tech 57 State 71 State Teachers 65 State 72 Hendrix 47 Stat ■ 101 Arkansas College 51 Coach John Rauth This year the 1949-50 cagers were tutored by coach John Rauth. John has only been at State two years and he has already won the admiration and respect of everyone with whom he has come in contact. His tireless enthusiasm has already started him on his way to becoming a tradition. While the team is on the court, John is " sweatin " it out " on the bench; but he works just as hard as the players do when the Indians get in a tight spot. Last year he was the assistant coach under coach Tomlinson, who left the team entirely up to John this year in order to devote more time to his duties as head of the athletic department. BASKETBALL Top Row: Left to Right! Shap Pryor, Ray Gilliam, Curtis McNece, John Koldus, Jim Tadich, John Mitchell. Second Row: Jesse Bucy, Perry Stevens, Ervin Wells, Ernie Crone, Dee Bonner. Dan Hunter. Bottom Row: Coach John Rauth, John Bearden, Oscar Noreuil, Maurice Miller, Clyde Ben- son, Bobby Scott, Jesse Lacefield, Mgr. The crowd was on edge. The seats were too narrow. Oscar. Noreuil goes up for a rebound. Top Row: (Left to Right) Richard Webster, James Reed, Ed Corcoran, Dick Huff, Robert White, Vernie Russell. Richard Shr.fer, Mike Elias. Second Row: Coach Harold Nichols, Julius Palone, Carl Greenwald, Tom Cnrmody, Walter Wilson, Roy Fcgle. Frank Palumbo, Jake Durham, Jimmy Gomez. Bottom Row: Vernon Grosse, Don Austin, James Wainscott, George Uselton, Ralph Gebert, Alva Cochran. Walt Wilson ' s opponent seems to have the advantage, but a few seconds later it was the other way around. JUS Left To Richt: Roy Fcgle, Frank Palumbo, Walt Wilson, Marshall Driver. Tom Carmody, Wally Jackson, Carl Greenwakl. Jake Durham, Jimmy Gomez. Julie Palone. TRACK Top Row: (Left to Right) Coach Harold Nichols, Joe Frazer, Harold Mason, Bob Biooks, Maurice Miller, Dee Bonner, Dale Hudson, Paul Mason, Harry Larche. Second Row: Joe Eason, Gene Osselmeier, Joe Dooley, Maurice Jeffries, John McGuire, Bobby Scott, Bob Ward, Bob Jones, Bob Lentz. Bottom Row: Rex Gorman, Jimmy Simmons, Grady Sims. Damond Erwin, Al Hutson, Bobby Reid, Harold Clup, Frank Palumbo. 1950 Track Schedule APRIL 15 OLE MISS APRIL 18 S. W. MISSOURI STATE APRIL 22 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE APRIL 28 STATE TEACHERS MAY 5 MEMPHIS STATE MAY 12 AIC MEET BASEBALL 1950 Baseball Schedule MARCH 24 CHICAGO U. APRIL 22 HENDERSON MARCH 25 CHICAGO U. APRIL 24 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS U. MARCH 29 DELTA STATE APRIL 25 MEMPHIS NATTC APRIL 1 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS U. APRIL 28 ARK. STATE TEACHERS APRIL 1 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS U. APRIL 29 SOUTHWESTERN APRIL o O VALPARAISO MAY 1 DELTA STATE APRIL 1 1 SOUTHWESTERN MAY 5 ARKANSAS TECH APRIL 12 MEMPHIS NATTC MAY 6 OZARK COLLEGE APRIL 1 8 ARKANSAS TECH MAY 9 MEMPHIS STATE APRIL 19 OZARK COLLEGE MAY 10 ARK. STATE TEACHERS APRIL 21 ARKANSAS COLLEGE MAY 13 HENDERSON Top Row: (Left to Right) Cecil Vines, Gilbert Taylor, Maurice Miller, Ernie Crone, Jerry Dean, Mack Cothem. Second Row: Maurice Starr, Jesse Bucy, Vic Williams, Carroll Rogers, Mnupin, Billy Metaxas, Bob Downing, Jim Tadich, East. Norman Farley, Joe Gibbs. Bottom Row: Harry Downs, Shaperd Pryor, Bobby Scott, Jesse Lacefield, Jim Hartle, Bob Sechrest. Indian sluggers poised with war clubs are: (Left to Right) Bobby Scott, Norman Farley, Cecil Vines, Jesse Bucy, Maurice Starr, Shap Pryor, and Jim Hartle. In the front, Jerry Dean, Mack Cothern, and Ernie Crone. Yer out! Whatta ya mean Ump, I was safe a mile. Get a load of those pretty toe nails on the gal in the striped bathing suit. They kept the crowd yelling and on their toes. Left to right, Anna Jo Ladd, Joe Conte, Ruth Robinson, Wally Stegman, Barbara Sloan, Bob Brown, Chloe Goodloe. Well, well, they also kept the crowd yelling and on their toes. Left to right, Pat Cavenor, Pat Kegley, Mary Province, Sue Davidson. Mollie Autry. During the past year, the most welcome sight to an ailing Arkansas State College athlete was that of Joe Eason, student trainer. Joe ' s valuable services will be sore- ly missed next year, as he will be graduated with the class of ' 50, and plans to work at attaining a master ' s degree in physical education. In the above photo, Joe is seen taping one of the many sprained ankles which he has doctored throughout the year. Aside from this, he has treated pulled ligaments, various sprains, and all other types of injuries that befall the athlete. Top Row: Jackie Asher, Marjorie Bailey, Alice Cochran, Bonnie Sue Cook, Sue Davidson. Sally Ennis, Mary Kathryn Goldman. Third Row: Mary Jane Henderson, Peggy Johnson, Frankie Lee Jones, Betty King, Betty Lou Lindley, Jane Joyce Ly brand, Honeye Lyle. Second Row: Ada Mae Marsh, Mary Mills. Dorothy Mizell, LaVerne Nutt, Nina Charline Phillips, Gladys Phillips, Mary Ola Phillips. Bottom Row: Louise Rankin, Mariella Shipton, Barbara Sloan. Lena Belle Spencer, Margie Street, June Tapp, Sue Tyler, Ruth Donoho. Margie Street President Mary Kathryn Goldman .... Vice President Bonnie Sue Cook Secretary Mary Jane Henderson Treasurer Mrs. Warren W. Nedrow .... Sponsor ALPHA (MICRON PI Top Row: Charlene Armstrong, Mollie Autry, Jo Ann Baker, Dorothy Basinger, Marilyn Burroughs, Claudia Campbell. Third Row: Pat Cavenor, Nancy Cunningham, Evelyn Harberg. Mildred Jones, Ditty Lipscomb, Betty Logan. Second Row: Martha Micklish. Ann Myers, Catherine O ' Brien, Mary Province. Doris Rowlett, Ruth Robinson. First Row: Glenna See, Mary Elizabeth Simpkins, Billye Sullarcls, Shirley Swaim, Clinnie Wofford, Marian Wofford. Shirley Swaim — Jo Ann Baker . President Billye Sullards Vice President Ditty Lipscomb Secretary Catherine O ' Brien Treasurer Mrs. Paul Couch Spcmsor I KAPPA ALPHA gi % Bi ' . 1 . ■J ■§« Top Row: Roy Aclkins, John Beardcn. Larry Brewer, Vernon Capers, Ennis Cooley. Harold Culp, Leon Davis. Fourth Row: Joe Eason, Martin Farmer, Staton Folt ., Verrel Foltz, Ray Grass, John Green- wood, Sonny Greenwood. Third Row: Jerry Grimes, James Harwood. Jesse James Jenkins, Robert Jones. O. B. May, David Moore, David Morris. Second Row: W. H. Meador, Fred Pierce. Robert Pierce, Dan Rusak. Bobby Reid, Jiff Smith. John Sullivan. Bottom Row: Billy Taylor. James Wilkinson, Thad Vance. Jeff O. Smith President Roy Adkins Vice President Vermel Foltz Secretary James Wilkinson House Manager Dr. Warren W. Nedrow Sponsor SIGMA PI Top Row: L. H. Autry. Ernie Crone, Glenn Crowe, Bob Damon. Mirshall Driver. Second Row: Ernie Donoho. Gene Hazel. Oscar Mashburn, Leon McDonald. Brandon McVey. Bottom Row: Maurice Miller. Charles Rorex. Tommy Sylvester, Bruco Wilson., Tommy Sylvester President Leon McDonald Vice President Marshall Driver Secretary Gene Hazel Treasurer Dr. Frank W. Plunkett .... Sponsor TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1 % ■ - ' VJ J if • ' Jv. ft ) s if BP ' - ffsl ■ " ' ' • ' ■■■- " " ' ' ■. T - Y ■ ' - , ttw ■■■■ ■■■ ■■■(■ Ah , ? ' f HI ft fli Top Row: Gene Allen, Bob Anderson, Rex Arnold, Howard Bailey, Ed Benthal, Stewart Craig, Tom Cochran. Fourth Row: Junny Cole, Clyde Conley, Joe Conte. Joe Damiano, Pete Davis, Bob De Long, Joe Fakes. Third Row: Bob Garrett, Charles Gregory. Mack Hamblen, Frankie Jones, Tom Keelin, Fred Koch, Norman Keith. Second Row: John Lancaster, Jim Lancaster, George Lyles, Millard Oldham. Fred Pasmore, Denver Patrick, Doug Phillips. Bottom Row: Fred Smith, Wally Stegman. Bill Tausch, Jack Tinsley, Bill Verkler, Raymond Wilson. Ray McCann President Bob Anderson Vice President John Lancaster Secretary Frank Jones Treasurer Col. Kenneth S. Sweany . . . Sponsor ACCOUNTING CLUB Back Row: (Left to R ' ghti James Murray. Harry Darby, J. B. Gresham, Charles Hill, Robert Ross, Oscar Mashburn. Middle Row: Marvin Tate, Grover Freeman James Hodges, Martin Graddy, Glen Hyland, Verrel Foltz. Bottom Row: Percy Stanfield, Joseph Clements, Buddy Meador, Robert Watson, James Wil- kinson, John Arment. President James Wilkinson Vice president Bennie Sjticer Secretary-Treasurer Buddy Meador Sergeant-at-arms John Arment Reporter James Hodges Historian Glenn Hyland Sponsor Robert Watson Monthly trips are made by this group to large business firms in Memphis. They are keeping an extensive collection of financial reports of major American business firms, and this collection will become a part of the library of the Department of Business Education. Luncheon meetings are held every two weeks with prominent speakers. Contacts have been made with business leaders with the purpose of in- teresting them in hiring accounting graduates. Left to Right: Fred Pi.rce, Re.: Arnold, James Colvard. Vernon Capers. Mrs. Baird Keister. Robert Pie C2, Louise Rankin, Mrs. Virginia Plsrce. Rev. W. W. Travis, Eugene Smith. Jeff Smith, Charles Rankin, Jimmy Driver. The Westminister Foundation is a religious group to fester the spiritual relation- ships of the college students. They also sponsor various recreational programs, and conduct their meetings twice a month at the college cafeteria. One of their main activities was the Christmas party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bar d Keister. As a project, they send clothes to mountain schools. President . . . . Vice president . . Secretary-Treasurer Sponsors . . . Jimmy Driver tiobert Pierce Barbara Berna Mr. and Mrs. Baird Keister Mrs. Virginia Pierce Back Row: (Laft to Right William Watkins, Charles Ripley, John Buss, Oliver Armstrong, Joseph Clemen) s, Desmond L. Cook, Dr. Paul Couch, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Durward F. Cooper, Otis Wiles, Roy McClintock, Benjamin Allen. Second Row: James Wilkinson, Mildred Jones, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown, Magdalene Hubbard, Mr?. Claude Brinton, Jean Sweany, Mrs. Signa Horton, Band Keister, Dr. H. E. Whi e. Elmer S. Jack, Dr. J. Walter Turner. Fottom Row: Mrs. Mary Grier Burrell, Faiola Brannam, Linda Ann Huitt, Dr. Homer C. Huitt, John Galloway, Gayle Milan, Mrs. Pearl Essary, Camilla Sharp, Dorothy Fenton. Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Clarissa Delano. President . . . . Vice president . . Secretary -Treasurer Sponsor . . . . Mrs. Pearl Essary Gayle Milan John Galloway Dr. Homer C. Huitt Pi Gamma Mu sponsors White Christmas program each year for the underprivi- leged people of Jonesboro. The society also presents the Woodruff award to the outstanding sophomore on the campus each year. Meetings are held monthly at which some outstanding speaker is invited to speak on different phases of social science in America. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOC W wgsg n w Back Row: (Left to Right I Frankie Lee Jones, Ruby Trammel, Lynette Alexander, Virginia Buchanan, Doris June Allen. Eleanor Howard. Bonnie Cook, Jackie Asher, Ruth Robinson. Third Row: Mildred Robertson, June Tidwell, Ellen Blevins, Sue Bryan. Essie McFarland, Betty Harris, Carolyn McClerkm. Joan Howell, Betty Lambert, Chloe Goodloe. Second Row: Pat Wood, Lura Mae King, Pate Bailey, Bernice Lawes, Eunice Sandage, Louise Horner, Nellie Jo Jordon, Ruth Denniston, Sue Pierce, Juanita Caldwell. Bottom Row: Joyce Gibson, Jewel Lorren, Carmel Hoggard, Charlene Phillips, Gloria Jean Spotts, Pauline Lyerly, Miriam Owens, Louise Smith, Ernestine Ball. President Gloria Jean Spotts Vice president Ruby Trammel Secretary-Treasurer Jewel Lorren Sponsor Juanita Caldwell Girls in the Women ' s Athletic Association are constantly engaged in sporting events, as this organization is the official sponsor of all intramural tournaments. They also award trophies to the winners of the tournaments. Physical education majors are required to join, and others who are athletically minded may participate. Back Row: Left to Right Gale Miland. Harold Simpson, Bob Cassidy, Vernie Russell, Cart- er Patterson, Floyd White. Otis Wiles, Carl Perrin. Middle Row: James Allen, Roy M McClintock, Bruce Wilson, John Galloway. Lloyd Custer, Henry Connelly. D. F. Cooper. Eottom Row: Margie Street. Jeannine McGee, Dorothy Mizelle. Mary Kathryn Goldman, Latha McKuin, Ruth Mccre. Much of the history of our country and of State College is recorded in the minds of the members of the Historical Society, simply because they have made it their business to find out these things. By doing so, their intellectual horizons are strengthened. They have speakers at weekly meetings with whom they discuss both historical and timely events. Their biggesi. project for the year was a float entered in the homecoming parade depicting early American life. President Vice president James Allen Mary Mills Mary Kathryn Goldman Grrc ' y Sims D. F. Cooper oEC-!ETARY TrEA jURER Sponsor Back Row: (Lift to Right) Martha Love. Charles Patty, Foster Bowden, Bruce Wilson. James Fulmer, Dub Pruitt. Charles Carter, Dudley Hardy, Robert Vance. D lie Vance, Raymond Bowdon, Ellen Williams. Bottom Row: Mary Kathryn Goldman, Chloe Gooclloe. Margie Street, Clarice Maxwell. President Dale Vance Vice president . Margie Street Secretary-Treasurer .... Vera Pratt Publications Mary Kathryn Goldman Sponsors Martha Love Foster Bowdon Charles Patty E izabeth Fox Various religious activities are planned by this group, as well as the annual all- college talent show. A delegation of these Methodist students attended the National Conference for Methodist College students at the University of Illinois last De- cember. Along the social line, a barbecue was planned at Red Apple Ranch last Fall, but had to be held in Community Center due to bad weather. A lot of fun was had at the cartoon party when each guest came dressed as a character from some well-known comic strip. Back Row: (Left to Right) Ann Stevenson, Lowell Fenner, Kenneth Lorance. Mack Hamblen, Forrest Edwin Brown, P. Y. Stuart. Middle Row: Jewel Lorren, Jeannine McGee, Kenneth Smith, Charles Ripley, Marvin Shaver, Alberta Thomson, Pate Bailey. Eottom Row: June Tapp. Peggy Shields, Dorothy Mizelle, Betty Ann Gilbert, Marinella Miller. President Kenneth Smith Secretary Betty Ann Gilbert Sponsor Forrest Edwin Brown Marvin Shaver made a striking villian in the homecoming melodrama. Orchids to the cast of " Broken Dishes " . Many trials and tribulations were experienced by this group in their various dramatic presentations. Mr. Brown, in his first year at State, has proved to be a diligent and instructive director, ALPHA PSI OMEGA Back Row: (Left to Right) Brandon McVey. Grover Freeman, Charles Ripley. Bottom Row: June Tapp, Marvin Shaver, Marinella Miller. Cast Director Marvin Shaver Cast Secretary June Tapp Corresponding Secretary .... Marinella Miller Cast Business Manager Grover Freeman Sponsor Forrest Edwin Brown Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramatics fraternity. Membership is earned by taking part in college plays and working on play production. Its socials are com- bined with the Masquers. SIGMA ALPHA LAMBDA Back Row: (Left to Right) Charlene Armstrong. Honeye Lyle, Pate Bailey, Margie Street, Barbara Sloan, Mollie Autry, Barbara Berna. Middle Row: Billye Sullards, Alice Cochran, Elizabeth Fox, Clinnie Wofford, Betty Easley, Joan Laney. Bottom Row: Sally Ennis, Jo Ann Baker, Lessie Ruth King, Pate Cavenor, Bettye Masters. President Clinnie Wofford Vice president Alice Cochran Secretary Billye Sullards Treasurer Betty Easley Reporter Doris Rowlett Historian Pate Bailey Sponsor Elizabeth Fox National honorary music sorority. Membership requires intense interest in mu- sic and active participation in that field. A lovely supper was given for them by the music directors ' wives, complete with program and delicious food. The pledge initiation ceremony was very impressive, and the annual Christmas party was a huge success. DANNER HALL COUNCIL Left t. Richt: Mrs. Virginia Pierce, Gone Smith, Charles Hankias, George Ricks. Leonard Whittaker, Cecil Vines, Bill Dortch. President Cecil Vines Vice president . . George Ricks Secretary Stewart Craig Housemother Mrs. Virginia Pierce This is the representative council of Danner Hall. The members who are not officers are floor representatives. This group arranged for a washing machine, a ping-pong table, and several other conveniences to be placed in the building. Back Row: (Left to Right Bill Smith. Maxine Crews, Hide.i Williams, Bill Verkler. William George. Ralph Benefield. William Towrey, Clarence Gowan. Vernon Williams. Third Row: Joe Culp. Dr. Delzie Demaree, W. F. Farris, C. C. Cravens. Cecil Vines, Jesse Heathcock, Coy Brooks. Howard Baker. Staton Foltz. Grover Dowell. Second Row: Gary Dehls. Norman Farley, William Parker. George Helms. Loy Stark, Dr. H. E. White. Jeff O. Smith, Dwayne Clark. Bottom Row: Castsn Z ' jmwalt, George Wadley. Eugene Widmar, Andrew Matthews. Mordie Garrard. Presley Osbourne, Cleo Taylor. Noah Wood, Charles Stanford. President Jeff O. Smith Vice president Loy Stark Secretary Bill Verkler Treasurer George White Sponsor Dr. H. E. White All agriculture students are eligible for membership. Many social activities are sponsored by this club, such as the big fish fry at Craighead Forrest, and sev- eral dances. It is also the oldest organization on the campus. PI OMEGA PI Back Row: (Left to Right i Joseph Clements, Randal Spurlock, John Buss, Roy C. Owens, Jrmes Hollinseed. Bottom Row: Shirley Swaim, Louise Crawford, Lucille Taylor, Marian Wofford, Nellie Jen- nings. President Charles Hill Vice president George Rowland Secretary Nell Castleberry Treasurer Marian Wojjord Sponsor Joseph Clements Business education teacher ' s fraternity. Luncheon meetings are held every two weeks in the college cafeteria. One of its most important affairs of the year was the business education conference. -T ' 1 Back Row: (Left to Right) Doyle Herron. Pansy Jo Smith. Ramona Farris. Mrs. Mary Jones. Jewel Bishop. Marinella Miller. Bobby Pack. Richard Perry. Bottom Row: Emaline Holloman, L. H. Autry. Mrs. D. F. Pasmore. Clinnie Wofford, Glenna See. I President Clinnie Wofford Vice president Mrs. Kenneth S. Sweany Secretary .... Glenna See Treasurer L. H. Autry Sponsor Mrs. D. F. Pasmora National honorary fraternity for the field of art. They gave several teas in exhibits. Their candlelight installations furthering of ideals and ambitions in the the museum and presented numerous art were very impressive. 1 SQUARE COMPASS CLUB Back Row: (Left to Right) Laymon Bounds, Bedford Webb. John Sparks. John Himes. L. M. Selsor. Cletus Underwood. Richard Hale. Middle Row: Staton Foltz. Larry Brewer. L. M. Custer. Leon McDonald, Gordon England Ralph Brand, John Rauth. Bottom Row: Denver Patrick, Verrel Foltz, Dr. Paul Couch, Raymond Krutz, Clarence Cra- vens, L. M. Smith. Dr. Walter J. Turner. President Raymond Kmtz Vice president Denver Patrick Secretary-Treasurer .... . Verrel Foltz The Square and Compass club is an organization to further the fellowship be- tween all Master Masons on the campus. Their meetings are held in the college cafeteria on the first and third Monday of every month. PRESS CLUB Back Row: (Left to Right) Jimmy Jenkins. O. B. May, Charles Toney, Charles Kirkpatrick, Lee R. Scott, Barney Sellers. Middle Row: Elsie Rogers, Therese Baird, Evelyn Rheubush, Ann Stevenson, Joan Lamb, Jo Ann Baker. Bottom Row: Pearl Essary, Pate Bailey, Dan Rusak, " Tex " Plunkett, Claude Montgomery, Jimmy Lancaster. President Don Rusak Vice president Charles Toney Secretary Pate Bailey Treasurer Lena Belle Spencer Sponsor L. W. " Tex " Plunkett The primary object of the Press Club is to acquaint journalism students with the " know-how " of the newspaper world. Members of the " Herald " and " Indian " staffs, and all journalism students are eligible for membership. A lot of education along literary lines is imparted by this organization, along with a lot of fun. Back Row: Joe Eason, Bobby Scott. Johnny Bearden, Clyde Benson. Jack Johnson. Lance Phillips, James Holland, Gene Hazel. Third Row: Bobby Dean Reid. Jesse Bucy, Dee Bonner. Ernie Crone. Sam Green. A. D Ruyle. Bob Manns. Second Row: Keith Doane. Carl Greenwald, Julius Palone, Coach Harold Nichols. P. L Hamlet. Joe Shrw, Johnny McGuire. John Greenwood. Bottom Row: Jim Tadich, Maurice Starr, Joe Dooley. Harold Culp, Jerry Dean. President Keith Doane Vice- president .... Ernie Crone Sponsor Harold Nichols Honorary organization for all lettermen in football, track, basketball, and base- ball. Helps the Physical Education Club to sponsor an annual all-day picnic at Craighead Forrest Back Row: Lvft to Right Ramona Needham. Glenda Freeman, Botty Easley, Marcia Carter, Cletis Underwood, Harry Darby. Gail Anderson, William Bates. J. B. Lassiter, Jerry Grimes, George Shedd. Wanda Cart, Barbara Sloan, Louise Crawford. Fourth Row: Honeye Lyle, Betty Lindley, Sally Ennis, Max Gregory, Wayne Oldham, Otto Pohnka. Granville Cate, Charles Steward, Pate Bailey, Doris Rowlett. Mollie Autry. Third Row: Joan Laney, Betty Ann Campbell, Gloria Drown. Louie Frank Mathews, Vera Pratt, Donna Lancaster. Martha Miller. Nancy Cunningham, Pat Cavenor, Mary Mills. Lessie Ruth King. Second Row: Cleda Gilbert, Pat O ' Brien. Ruth Denniston, Lura Mae King, Charlene Arm- strong, Marie Gairhan, Mary Farmer, Letha Horner, Marinella Miller, Clinnie Wofford. Bottom Row: Marjorie Stone, June Tidwell. Joan Howell, Phyllis Campbell, Chloe Goodloe, Anna Jo Ladd, Bettye Masters, June Stires, Joan Lindsey, Betty Logan. President Stewart Craig Vice-president .... George Shedd Secretary Martha Micklish Treasurer Alice Cochran Reporter Pate Bailey Sponsor J. B. Lassiter The College choir is designed primarily for music majors, but anyone who has an interest along musical lines is welcome to join- It is one of the most active groups on the campus; has performed for chapel programs, participated in Han- del ' s " Messiah " , and recorded several radio presentations. This organization also presented a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in the spring. Back Row: Charles Frierson, Stewart Craig, Roy Sisson. Middle Row: Gail Anderson, Charles Crisp, Wayne Oldham. John Sullivan. Bottom Row: Oscar Elliott, Ray Grass, Dr. H. C. Manor, George Shedd, Dempsey Binkley, Floyd Funk. Sponsored by Dr. H. C. Manor, the men ' s glee club has no officers. The mem- bers have performed in chapel and have sung for the Future Farmers of America at their banquet in Jonesboro last January. Back Row: (Left to Right) Dr. Delzie Demaree, Bill Towery, Hayden Williams, Dr. W. W. Nedrow. Harold Blount. George Lyles. Middle Row: Howard Baker, Joe Luther, Tom Cochran. Dr. H. E. White, C. C. Cravens, Dr. R. H. Austin, Mrs. Jean Williams. Bottom Row: Betty King, Ann Murrell. Ada Mae Marsh, Virginia Porter. Pate Bailey, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown. President Tom Cochran Vice-president .... George Ricks Secretary Betty King Historian Joe Luther Sponsor Dr. W. W. Nedrow Tri-Beta is a national biological honor society open to students who have maintained a B average through 12 hours of biological science. Monthly meetings are held in the college cafeteria and interesting programs are presented dealing with all phases of the scientific field. George Ricks attended the national conven- tion of Tri-Beta in New York City last December. Several socials have been held in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Nedrow throughout the year. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back Row: (Left to Right " Betty Parsley, Charlene Phillips, Marilyn Garrison, Mildred Gordon, Sue Whistle, Dorothy Log in, Veletta Martin. Middle Row: Maxine McCook. Pat O ' Brien, Mary Rogers Brown. Mary Jane Henderson, Louise Rose. Bottom Row: Carmel Hoggard, Betty Harris. Betty King. Shirley Swaim, Norma Ford. President Maxiue McCook Vice-president .... Mary Jane Henderson Secretary-Treasurer . . Sue Whistle Reporter Louise Rose Historian Ajton Eubanks Sponsor Mary Rogers Brown Many worthwhile projects have been planned by the home economics girls. They made a toy contribution to the underprivileged children of Jonesboro at Christmas and held a coke party for freshmen students. They also held a Christ- mas supper and a Thanksgiving party. Sue Whistle, Maxine McCook, and Mrs. Brown attended the province convention of college home economics clubs at Hot Springs. At one of their meetings, a demonstration on evaporated milk was given by Marguerite Robinson, a representative from a dairy company in Chicago. COMMONS HOUSE COUNCIL r Back Row: Left to Right Gene Hazel, Bill Jackson, Charles Carter. Kenneth Davis, Dwayne Clark, Bob Massey. Bottom Row: Ernie Donoho, Joe Shaw, Mrs. Maude Melton, Bob DeLong, Dean Robert Moore.. President Bob DeLong Vice-president .... Joe Shaw Secretary-Treasurer . Ernie Donoho Housemother Mrs. Maude Melton The members of the Commons House Council represent several hundred male students from that dormitory. They strive to make contacts with the administra- tion insofar as housing facilities are concerned. More and more modern conveni- ences are being installed due to the work of this group- Back Row: (Left to Right ' Jerry Grime.-,. Bill Verkler, Harry Darby, Jerry O ' Dcll. Otto Pohnka. Second Row: Ramona Farris, Clinnie Wofford, Elizabeth Brown. Betty Lou Harris. Martin Maestas. Bottom Row: Evelyn Montgomery, Lorene Hawkins, Marian Wofford. Evelyn Rigsby. Mary Pat Newell. President Martin Maestas Vice-president .... Jerry Grimes Secretary-Treasurer . Marian Wofford Sponsor Evelyn Montgomery El Circulo Espanol is one of the principle foreign language clubs on the campus. They have held several socials at Miss Montgomery ' s home, complete with re- freshments and picture shows. The organization is open to students engaged in Spanish courses. PRELAW CLUB Back Row: (Left to R:ght i Kenneth Greene. George Helms. Eugene Smith. Middle Row: Eugene Allen. Bedford Webb. Kenneth Pruitt, Granville Cate. Bottom Row: John Galloway. Alva Duncan, Roy McClintock. President ...... Alva Duncan Vice-president .... Charles Love Secretary Granville Cate Treasurer Kenneth Pruitt Reporter Evelyn Rheubush Sponsors John Galloway Roy McClintock Membership is open to all aspiring lawyers. A new constitution has been drawn up and Roy McClintock was elected as one of the sponsors. All meetings are held in the private dining room of the college with prominent speakers providing the program. This organization is very active in campus affairs. They made an attractive sign welcoming alumnae on homecoming day and placed it in front of Wilson Hall. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Back Row: (Left to Right » Alva Cochran, Sam Green, Dee Bonner, James Holland. Jack Ji hnson, Olen Love. P. L. Hamlet, Irvin Wells. Jimmy Gomez. Fourth Row: Jerry Dean, Jesse Bucy, Betty Lambert, Jewel Lorren. Bob McGowan, Bob Larsen, Lindal Taylor. Ray Snodgrass. Third Row: John Greenwood, Joe Eason. Dick Nolan, Earl Barbour, Ruth Robinson, Clar- ence Lackney, Pat Wood, Wallace Jackson, Sue Bryan. Ernie Crone. Second Row: Jimmy Wainscott, Jim Tadich, Roy Fogle, Rudy Wagner, Bill Watkin, J. G. Blown, Mildred Robertson. James Fulmer, June Tidwell. Johnny McGuire. Eottom Row: Harold J. Nichols, Jesse Lacefield, Mayo Foley. Chloe Goodloe, Vernon Grosse, Gloria Jean Spotts, Charles Carter, Ruby Trammel, Glenda Freeman. Miss Helen Stuart. President Vernon Grosse Vice-president .... Gloria Jean Spotts Secretary Chloe Goodloe Treasurer Charles Carter Sponsors Miss Helen Stuart Harold Nichols The Physical Education club is the leading athletic organization on the campus. They are in charge of the concession stands at all sporting events, sponsor dances and parties, and the group is designed exclusively for majors in that field. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Back Row: (Left to Right) Clinnie Wofford. Mary Kathryn Goldman. Faie Kearbey, Nellie Jo Jordon, Peggy Shields, Sally Ennis. Bottom Row: Gloria Jean Spotts, Pate Bailey, Dear. Margaret Trainor. Letha Horner, June Stires. President Pate Bailey Vice-president .... Gloria Jean Spotts Secretary Clinnie Wofford Treasurer Mary Kathryn Goldman Social Chairman . . . Sally Ennis Reporter Peggy Shields This is the governing body of all student women. They make the rules that the campus coeds must live by. They are sponsors of the Wednesday night " Open House " at the Women ' s Residence Hall and meet together twice a month to dis- cuss problems that might arise either in W. R. H. or Lewis Hall. The Faculty Women ' s Club honored them with a tea in October. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Back Row: (Left to Right) Wanda Whitwell. Nellie Jennings, Bill Towery, Charles Ripley. Front Row: Martha Miller, Harold Gulp, Marinella Miller, Lessie Ruth King, Barbara Berna. President . . . Vice-president Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Faculty Advisor Pastor Advisor diaries Ripley Harold Citlp Betty Jo Norman Lessie Ruth King Virginia Porter Rev. J. H. Fitzgerald The Baptist Student Union is a religious organization to meet both the spirit- ual and social needs of the nearly 400 Baptist Students on the campus. Its primary purpose is to link the student with the local churches of Jonesboro. Among its many activities have been religious emphasis week, pre-school retreat, Christmas chapel program, Sweetheart Banquet, and the annual state convention held at Ouachita College in Arkadelphia. INDEPENDENTS Back Row: iLeft to Right Vernie Russell, Charles Hinkle, Dean Standefer, Keith Car- rothers, Don Ginson, Linzel Hutson, Marvin Shaver, Vasten Zumwalt, Gerald Sizemore, Richard Perry. Third Row: Floyd White, Arthur Zakharian, Maurice Freeman, Miriam Owens, Mildred Williams, Corine Trinkaus. Virginia Buchanan, Ruby Trammel, Gloria Spotts, Barbara Berna. Marilyn Garrison, D. H. Anderson, Julius Hunter, Jack Lewis, Bill Lewis. Second Row: Joseph Clements, Bernard Bujarski, Charles Davis, Bill Blights. Jerry Han- cock. Carter Patterson. Carl Perrin, Genevieve Avis, John Himes. Bottom Row: Evelyn Rheubush, Jeannine McGee, Bobby Sue Bowling, Pauline WelJs, Lessie Ruth King. Glenda Walker, Maxine McCook. President John Himes Vice-president .... Carter Patterson Secretary Wanda Hutchinson Treasurer Gerald Sizemore Historian Gloria Spotts Sponsors Miss Helen Stuart Mrs. Jean Williams Joseph Clements Dr. C. P. Denman The Independents are newly established, but they have shown rapid progress since their establishment. They hold weekly meetings every Monday night in the ballroom at Danner Hall, followed by a social hour. One of their main activities this year was a Christmas dance which they intend to make an annual affair. MINISTER ' S FELLOWSHIP Back Row: iLeft to Right I R. M. Krutz. Albert Gibbs. E. G. Nuckles, Ray Edwards, Alvin Gibbs, Laymon Bounds. Bottom Row: B. W. Stallcup, H. W. Barton, Dr. Paul Couch, Dr. Homer C. Huitt, Dean Robert Moore. President B. W. Stallcup Vice-president . . . . H. W. Barton Secretary Laymon Bounds Sponsor: Dr. Paul Conch Dr. Homer C. Huitt The aims of the Minister ' s Fellowship are to create good will, a more religious atmosphere, and Christian attitudes among all denominations on the campus. They strive to promote a better understanding of all races and creeds. CHEMISTRY CLUB Back Row: Left to Right) Fred Koch, Bill Hendrix, Joseph Damiano, Wally Stegmann Third Row: Dr. R. H. Austin. Norman Tyler, George Booker, Tom Cochran, Joe Fakes, William Norton, Fred Rogers. Second Row: Harvey Thorn, Doyle Frank Sutherland, Douglas Phillips, George Lyles, Dewey Sifford. Bottom Row: Robert Hammer. W. R. Cunningham, Millard Oldham, Mrs. Jean Williams, Marie Easterwood, Virginia Porter, William Taush. President Joe Fakes Vice-president .... George Lyles Secretary-Treasurer . . Tom Wathen Sponsor Dr. R. H. Austin Prominent speakers are present at their bi-monthly meetings to discuss topics dealing with chemical science. Chemistry students are eligible for membership, and various social activities have been held by this group. GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB Back Row: Ellen Green, Sally Ennis, Sue Davidson, Betty Easley, Mary Jane Henderson, Mollie Autry, Mary Farmer. Bottom Row: Glenda Walker, Anna Jo Ladd, Bettye Masters. Louise Smith. Joan Lindsey, Betty Lindlev J. B. Lassiter. The Girl ' s glee club is under the direction of J. B. Lassiter. The few performan- ces they have given have been well received, and they plan to be quite active next year. Music students are eligible to participate. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Back Row: (Left to Right) Richard Gogue, Danvis Rust, Gary Cooper, Leroy Mandrell. Bedford Webb, Raymond Bowdon, William Richardson. Bottom Row: Keith Carrothers, Floyd Funk, Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Clarice Maxwell, Miriam Owens, Barbara Cochran. 1 ' KKS1UK.V1 Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . . . Gene Osslemier Fred Rogers Bedjord Webb Clarice Maxwell Dr. D. F. Pasmore Ach! A great time was had by all at the modern language picnic held at Craig- head Forrest last Fall, not to mention the Christmas party where German songs were sung and Dr. Pasmore came forth with several beautiful poems. Der Deutsche Verein is a cultural organiation with worthwhile ideas and aspirations. Back Row: (Left to Right) Curtis Hagler, June Tidwell, D. H. Anderson, Evelyn Rigsby, Charles Davis, Eunice Sandage. Leo Taylor. Mrs. Leo Taylor. Third Row: C. C. Cravens, Juanita Caldwell, Carl Perrin, Nancy Elrod, Lynette Alexander, Corine Trinkaus, Mary Frances Simmons, Bobby Bowling. Second Row: Dr. H. E. White. John Himes. Farola Brannam, Marvin Shaver, Louise Horner, Billy Lewis, Lessie Ruth King, Carter Patterson, June Tapp. Bottom Row: Louise Smith, Jack Lewis, Joan Howell, J. W. Hunter, Jewell Lorren, Don Gib- son. One of the most popular dances today is the square dance, and by joining this organization, one could easily keep his own with Arthur Murray and the rest. They meet every Thursday night in the training school and begin to prominade and do- se-do. It is one of the newest and certainly the most entertaining groups at State. Marvin Shaver John Himes . . Louise Horner Juanita Caldwell Presi dent Vice President Secretary -Treasurer Sjionsor FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Top Row: Charles Guinn, George Helms, Wyman Ramsey, G. N. Custer, Donald Darby, Cletis Underwood. Second Row: Vera Pratt, Mary K. Goldman, Mary Mills, Mr. W. L. Smith, Mildred Gordon, Mrs. Lorene Hawkins, Mrs. Maurice Yancey, Corine Trinkaus. Bottom Row: Joyce Gibson, Veletta Martin, Jane Redmond, Pauline Wells, Carolyn Stephens, Mildred Williams. Charles Guinn President Corine Trinkaus Vice President Mrs. Lorene Hawkins Secretary-Treasurer Mr. W. L. Smith Sponsor VETERAN ' Left To Right: (seated) C. A. Jacobus, chief of the Guidance Cr.itcr, Herbert Hilford. ap- praiser; Dwid Feezo:, appraiser; Dee Green, appraisjr; Hunter Kimbro, train- ing officer; Clco Taylor, appraiser; Mi 3. Charles Love, secretary; Mrs. Sarah Hal- ford, psychemetrist; and Kathryn Watson, secretary. The purpose of this organization is to aid the veteran of World War II as much as possible. Usually, the veteran is undecided as to what course of study he plans to pursue, so the staff of the guidance center gives him a series of aptitude tests which determine his likes and dislikes in various fields. The veteran then selects a course which interests him, and follows it through graduation. Top Row: Mrs. George Custer, Mrs. Alberta Redd, Mrs. Gayle Milan, Mrs. Richard Hale, Mrs. William Shockley, Mrs. Lee Ashby, Mrs. Lucian Mills. Mrs. David Hackworth, Mrs. Ann De Long, Mrs. Raymon Henley, Mrs. Judd Chapin, Mrs. Oscar Noreuil, Mrs. Irvin Wells, Mrs. Lindsey Love, Mrs. James Rogers, Mrs. Norman Tyler. Second Row: Mrs. J. A. Tomlinson, Mrs. R. C. Hunter, Mrs. James Jobe, Mrs. Jewel Bishop, Mrs. Clyde Benson, Mrs. Troy Wilson, Mrs. Robsrt Marsh, Mrs. Dorothy Maestis, Mrs. Albert Galloway, Mrs. Coy Brooks, Mrs. Evelyn Ball. Bottom Row: Mrs. J. B. Hawkins, Mrs. Orval Graddy, Mrs. George Shedd, Mrs. H. V. Demp sey, Mrs. James Hollinseed, Mrs. Virgil Taylor, Mrs. Sam Green, Mrs. Keith Doane. Mns. Clyde Benson President Mas. Troy Wilson Vies President Mrs. Kobert Marsh Secretary Mrs. Jewel Bishop Treasurer M::s. J. A. Jode Reporter Mrs. J. A. Tomlinson Sponsor 1100 CLUB Top Row: Lindsey Love, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Doane, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Benson, Mr. and Mrs. James Jobe, Mr. and Mrs. Judd Chapin. Third Row: Mr. Howard Baker. Mrs. Lindsey Love, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Dempsey, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ashby, Mr. and Mrs. William Shockley, Mr. and Mrs. Orval Grady. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hawkins. Bottom Row: Mr. and Mrs. George Shedd. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Maestis, Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Mills. Mr. Mrs. Robert Marsh .... President Mr. Mrs. John B. Hawkins . . . Vice President Mr. Mrs. Troy Wilson Secretary Mr. Mrs. Irvin Wells Treasurer Mr. Mrs. Howard Baker and Mr. Mrs. Forrest Brown . . . Sponsors NCO CLUB Top Row: J. Tinsley, L. Coke, B. Pope. C. Gowen, W. West, R. Perry. Third Row: W. Towery, C. Smith, H. Mosar, E. Brinton, W. Griff is. W. Loschky, R. Pierce. D. Hardy, T. P. Criegler. Second Row: R. Bearden, T. Liiiker, B. Jackson, Major A. Gorski, N. Keith. W. Tausch, H. Thomen. Eottom Row: D. Vance, C. Eveland. F. Pasmore, J. Monroes, D. Clark, D. Sifford, A Bauin- gard ner. Norman Keith President William Jackson Vice President Richard Perry Secretary Noijman Farley Treasurer Major Andrew Gorski Sponsor COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CLUB Top Row: H. Parkinson, T. Donaldson, M. Alexander, D. Morris, L. Ray. Third Row: E. Albright, H. Ledbetter, W. Dortch, B. Merryman, J. D. Jones. W. Hendrix, J. Osburn, D. Sharp, G. Roland, M. Hamblen. Second Row: G. Hyland, V. Lacy, W. Stark, W. McClain, Colonel K. S. Sweany, J. Hayduk, J. Shaw, C. Greenwald, G. Hazel. Bottom Row: R. Benefield. M. Fanner, D. Gregory. S. B. Greenwood. T. Wathen, R. A. An- derson. William McClain President Tom Donaldson Vice President Donald Sharp Secretary William Stark Treasurer Colonel Kenneth S. Cweany . . Sponsor ASC ORCHESTRA Back Row: (Left to right) Bettye Ann Campbell, drums; Roy Sisson, french horn; Lamar Cole, trumpet; Billy Joe Price, trumpet; Bill Hendrix, trombone; Sally Ennis, piano; Dr. Harold C. Manor, violin. Middle Row: Mrs. Harold C. Manor, violin; Evelyn Montgomery, violin; James L. Patty, violin; Ada Mae Marsh, flute; Barbara Berna, clarinet; Glenda Walker, clarinet; Douglas Phillips, saxaphone; George Shedd, baritone horn; Kenneth Renshaw, cello. Eottom Row: Jo Ann Laney, violin; Martha Hendrix, violin; Richard Pcttus, violin; Wayne Oldham, viola; Bob Metaxcs, violin. The ASC orchestra is one of the centers of cultural refinement on the campus. They perform for many college functions, including a recent dramatics presenta- tion and several chapel programs. They also provided accompaniment for the choir in the Spring operetta. " Any mail today? " It ' s quite difficult to determine how many times this ques- tion has been asked of Mrs. Pearl J. Essary, Mr. Lloyd Walton, and Bob Bowie, pictured in the accompanying photo. They run the State College post office in a most efficient and courteous manner, and never seem to tire of the question. A vital cog in raising student morale, the student body salutes the post office staff. Jit. Cot. CLo ctfnn BcJL Gaaet Pat Ctaudia Camfidt We laughed, we sang, we danced at the largest Homecoming cele- bration in the history of Arkan- sas State College. Queen Shirley Swaim, along with color, crowd, and spectacle, reigned over the day ' s festivities. The results of the game may not have been all that we wanted, but the Indians provided us with a thrilling af- ternoon. We finished the day with a dance, where we clowned and cavorted with the Dads and alums, and had a grand and glorious time. Everyone smiles purty for the cameraman at Aggie inn. Girls at work in Graphic Arts Department. ri. C. Taylor and his critical eye. W. R. H. lounge, and not a man in sight. Kill that Tiger, Chief. Say, look at that pretty car. Eight o ' clock clacs. Zzzz. Wally ' s Looking for John. There ' s a band in the background, fellas. May I cut in? Put that knife down. A coupla cats swing out. That Ipana smile. Wally found his Ol ' Man. My, what pretty bows. Legs, that is. Never saw so many foreigners in all my life. The fabulous Wigwam, and the inevitable bull Happy pledges. Hell week must be over. Chow hounds. ' To be or not to be ' — Whup, wrong stage play. Happy twosome. Toothy Grins. Tote that broom, lift that pail. Spring clean- ing? Four campus cuties. " Take the locomotive, and take it slow. " Another foursome of campus cuties. There there, child, you ' ll feel better after the Doc- tor gives you a shot. Campus view. Must be a man shortage. Three girls and only one Sadie Hawkins is in the crowd somewhere. " Ike " awards a trophy along with a speech Must be giving a radio commercial. That kid looks bored. HERALD EDITORS Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. And the best way to do this is to dig up some dirt for " Chatter " . Apparently everyone is admiring their stories. H. C. Taylor, " Tex " Plunkett, Jimmy Lancaster, and Dan Rusak discuss the make-up of the State College Herald. WHO ' S WHO ON THE Margie Stpeet Fred Pierce Most likely to succeed Most likely to succeed Pate Bailey Bobby Reid Jeff O. Smith Most Talented Girl Most Versatile Boy Most Popular Boy Leland W. " Tex " Plunkett Pate Bailey Wayne Oldham Most Popular Instructor Most Versatile Girl Most Talented Boy Jo Ann Bake Bob Nichols Dee Bonner Most Beautiful Girl Most Handsome Man Wittiest Bi»j Pate Bailey Wittiest Girl Denver Patrick Best Dressed Boy Veva Joy Hall Best Dressed Girl Two R. 0. T. C. cadets stand at attention during the Armistice Day parade. Girls hard at work in the registrar ' s office. Business office personnel caught off guard, except Mr. Cook, Mrs. Brannom, and Miss Harris. Noel Shelton of the State College Press maintains a watchful eye. Bob Marsh, winner of the Engineers beard growing contest, gets a thorough inspection from five beardless judges. Louis Johnson at the keyboard of the intricate linotype. Jimmy Lancaster and Raymond Braden make up the State College Herald. STUDENT COUMC Left To Right: (standingl Gary Sims, Staton Foltz, Bcbby Reid, Buddy Meador. Jim Wilson, Alva Duncan. Left To Right: (seated) Mr. Joseph H. Clements, Bob Jones, BeUy King, Fred Pierce, Alice Cochran, Mr. Baird V. Keister, Mrs. Jean Rosser Williams. Buddy Meador President Fred Pierce Vice President Betty Jean King Secretary Senior class representatives: Staton Foltz, Betty King, Fred Pierce. Junior class representatives: Buddy Meador, Bob Jones, Grady Sims. Sophomore class representatives: Alice Cochran, Alva Duncan Freshman class representatives: Jim Wilson, Bobby Reid. Faculty Advosors: Mr. Baird V. Keister, Mrs. Jean Rosser Williams, Mr. Joseph H. Clements. Freshman Class Officers Shap Pryct: President Joe Gibbs Vice President Betty Logan Secretary Ray Sommers Treasurer Paul L. Akers Georgia Lynette Alexander Doris June Allen . . . Elmer Gene Allen . . • Daniel H. Anderson . . Boy, Arkansas Amagon, Arkansas Kennett, Missouri West Helena, Arkansas Heth, Arkansas Bill T. Arment Ethel Atkinson Mollie Rose Autry Joseph Pat Bacino Don Arthur Bailey Trumann, Arkansas Bono. Arkansas Burdette, Arkansas Brooklyn, New York Robinson, Illinois Howard R- Bailey Ernestine Ball William L. Bates . George. W. Bell Peggy Benefield Blytheville, Arkansas Fisher, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Weldon, Arkansas Keiser, Arkansas Mike J. Berry • . Jonesboro. Arkansas Wallace L. Berry .... Clarkton. Arkansas Eda L. Bittinger ...... Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert A. Blackwood ... Hornersville , Missouri Jennie Lou Blalock Bay, Arkansas Edward L- Boldt Gary, Indiana Joye M. Bonner Marvell, Arkansas Levi Laymon Bounds .... Paragoidd, Arkansas Raymond S. Bowdon .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Jearl Bowers Knobcl. Arkansas Marrilee Bowers Betty J. Box • . . . Bearl Arless Brooks Thomas Eugene Brooks Charles Robert Brown Virginia R. Buchanan James C. Buell J. C. Bunch . . . . Marilyn Burroughs . Tommy C. Burrow . Lake City, Arkansas . Lake City, Arkansas . . Caraway. Arkansas Chicago, Illinois ■ . Paragould, Arkansas . . Paragould, Arkansas Morrison, Illinois Calico Rock, Arkansas . Wynne, Arkansas Augusta, Arkansas Paul Bursey. Jr Melbourne, Arkansas Betty Ann Campbell .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Claudia Lee Campbell .... Wilson, Arkansas Phyllis Ann Campbell . . . Qidin, Missouri Wanda Lou Cart • Jonesboro, Arkansas Glen Junior Cate Corning, Arkansas Granville Cate • Piggott, Arkansas Loys E. Cate ...... Piggott, Arkansas Alva Cochran, Jr Mount Pleasant, Michigan Lois I. Cochran Bay, Arkansas George Lamar Cole • . . . . West Helena, Arkansas Bobby Earl Coleman .... Blytheville, Arkansas Helen J. Collins ...... Bay, Arkansas Joseph A. Conte ...... Long Island, New York Jan D. Converse ...... Newport, Arkansas Donald Edward Cook Ennis Cooley . . . . Gary S. Cooper • . . Ralph Norman Cooper . Mary Margret Copeland Bono, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . Hickory Ridge, Arkansas . . Little Rock, Arkansas ■ Jonesboro. Arkansas Robert M. Cothren ..... Paragould, Arkansas John C. Craft Jonesboro. Arkansas Earlene Crossen • Neelyville, Missouri Glenn Crowe Braggadocio. Missouri Maxie N. Cruse Brookland, Arkansas Nancy C. Cunningham Robert C. Cunningham James O ' Dell Cupples Bob G. Damon . . • Joseph Daniel . . . Wynne, Arkansas Walnut Ridge. Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Huntingdon. Tennessee Wanda Sue Davidson C. P. Davis. Jr. . . . Ruth V. Deniston Wilburn H. Dickson Billy Gene Diggs . . . State College. Arkansas . . Jonesboro. Arkansas . . Rector. Arkansas . . Jonesboro. Arkansas . Paragould, Arkansas Lloyd F. Dinkins • Walmit Ridge, Arkansas Lawrence Marshall Dinsmore . Jonesboro. Arkansas Justin P. Dixon Jonesboro. Arkansas Gerald Donner . • Manila, Arkansas Grover C. Dowell Grubbs, Arkansas Charles Downs. Jr. . Jimmy DeMoss Driver Betty J. Easley . . Xavier F. Egitto . . Nancy C. Elrod Beech Grove, Arkansas huxora, Arkansas Burdette, Arkansas Brooklyn, New York Jonesboro, Arkansas Sally A. Ennis . . Mary E. Farmer . Lowell D. Faught Lowell Beam Fenner James H. Fields Jb Rector, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Bono, Arkansas Cocoa, Florida Cherry Valley, Arkansas Junior Roy Fogle . Richard J. Foglietta Norma J. Ford . . Glenda G Freeman Charles D. Frierson . Salem. Illinois . Brooklyn, New York . Jonesboro, Arkansas . Marmaduke, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arlcansas James Fulmer . . . Marie L- Gairhan . . Lawrence F. Gardner Elijah Linn Garner Marilyn R- Garrison . . Giirdon, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Lynn, Massachusetts . Ash Flat, Arkansas Campbell, Missouri Ralph Gebert Chicago, Illinois Joe E. Gibbs • Jonesboro, Arkansas Don C. Gibson ...... Aubrey, Arkansas Edward B. Gibson ...... Brookland, Arkansas Joyce Gibson ..... hake City, Arkansas Betty Ann Gilbert .... Paragould, Arkansas Cleda Fern Gilbert Nettleton. Arkansas Raymond Gilliam ..... Bay, Arkansas James Gomez Haskell. New Jersey Mildred Gordon • Rector, Arkansas Glenn Gramling . . Ellen Yvonne Green Kenneth C- Greene Max Gregory . . . Vernon Grosse . . . . . Paragould, Arkansas . . Rector, Arkansas . . Keiser, Arkansas . . Paragoidd, Arkansas . St. Louis, Missouri William T. Halbert Jonesboro, Arkansas Jerry B. Hancock • Leachville, Arkansas Evelyn Harberg Jonesboro. Arkansas Roy Glen Harrell . . . • . Monette, Arkansas Betty Lou Harris Manila. Arkansas Loyd L. Harris • . . Ullman O. Harris . . James T. Harwood James Herbert Hawkins John B. Hawkins . . Naylor. Arkansas Calico Rock. Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Piggott. Arkansas W illiford, Arkansas Lorene Hawkins ...... Willijord. Arkansas Charles A. Hinkle .... Mountian View, Arkansas Carmel L. Hoggard ..... Marniaduke, Arkansas George D. Holcombe ..... Bragg City. Missouri Louise Horner ....... Arbyrd, Missouri Willie Ann Horrell .... Hardy. Arkansas Eleanor G. Howard ..... Sajjell, Arkansas L. V. Hudgens ....... Paragould. Arkansas Vivian Fergene Hudson . . . Harvielh Missouri Ronald R. Hulen ...... Swifton. Arkansas Madeline Hulett Evening Shade, Arkansas Don L- Humphries Dyess, Arkansas Julius Hunter .... . Forrest City, Arkansas James Hutchins ...... Marked Tree, Arkansas Holman H. Hutson Ash Flat, Arkansas Venita F- Isbell . . William A. James, Jr Peggy J. Johnson . Char i, is W. Junks. Jr Nellie Jo Jordan Bay, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . . New Castle, Indiana Rector, Arkansas William F. Joyner Pat Roberta Kegley O ' Neal Kellim . . Joe L. Kelly • . Don R. Kerbrougii Blytheville, Arkansas . . Bragg City, Missouri . . Delaplaine, Arkansas Rector. Arkansas . . Blytheville. Arkansas Caroll S. King . . Lessia Ruth King Lura May King John Joseph Koldus Clarence G. Lacny Holeomb. Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Rector. Arkansas Gary. Indiana Chicago, Illinois Donna J. Lancaster WlLBERT D. LANGLEY Don La Plante Robert Carl Larson Bernice Laws • . . Reyno, Arkansas . Hornersville, Missouri . St. Louis, Missouri . Chicago, Illinois Piggott, Arkansas Thane W. Leitzman Clayton, Indiana Billy Bert Lewis Forrest City, Arkansas Ruth Josephine Lewis . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Jack R. Lincoln Arbyrd, Missouri Betty Lou Lindley Wynne, Arkansas Jo Ann Lindsey Caldwell, Arkansas Tommye E. Lindsey Caldwell, Arkansas Betty L. Logan Blytheville, Arkansas Dorotha R. Logan Pleasant Grove, Arkansas Charles Myron Love .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Olen L. Love Viola, Arkansas Mary Pauline Lyerly .... Leachville, Arkansas Mary Lou Lynn Jonesboro, Arkansas Andy H. Matthews Calico Rock, Arkansas Felbert S. Maupin Marmaduke, Arkansas Clarice J. Maxwell Blytheville, Arkansas Bob G. May Marked Tree, Arkansas Bobby Roland May Jonesboro. Arkansas Jim McAlexander Augusta, Arkansas Mary McCluny Rector, Arkansas Betty Jeannine McGee . . . Blytheville. Arkansas Elmer McHenry St. Louis, Missouri Latra L. McKuin Bragg City, Missouri Carolyn Louise McLerkin . . Paragould, Arkansas Curtis L. McNece Clarkton. Missouri Anna Lee McWhirter .... Holcomb, Missouri Billy G. Metaxas Jonesboro, Arkansas Denver R. Metcalf Hornersville, Missouri Ann Camille Meyer .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Martha Micklish Jonesboro, Arkansas John W. Mitchell Gary, Indiana George Leon Monroe .... Roseland. Arkansas David Moore Lake Village, Arkansas John C. Morelli Neiv York City, N. Y. David N. Morris Osceola, Ark-ansas Jo Ann Morris Piggott. Arkansas Charles Mullins Blytheville, Arkansas Samuel L. Mullins Jonesboro, Arkansas Dolores Nail Kennett. Missouri Joe E. Nearns West Helena, Arkansas Ramona J. Needham Mary Pat Newell Betty Jo Norman . Harvey Norman Oscar Norsuil. Jr. Jonesboro. Arkansas Jonesboro, Ark-ansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Kensett, Arkansas Kincaid, Illinois Patricia Sue O ' Brien . Jewel C. Oliver . . . Charles H. O ' Neal . . Frank S. O ' Neal . . . Presley Orsburn . . . Billy A. Owens . . . Hewlett Vance Owens Miriam E. Owens . . . Frank Palumbo . . . Betty M. Parsley . . Betty Gaye Pender . . Dorothy L. Peters . . Howard Pettersen . . Nina Charline Phillips Jane E. Poe Curtis Devon Powell . Reva Dee Price . . . Clayton Priest . . . . Mary J. Province . . . Kenneth E. Pruitt . . Shap Pryor Frank Ramirez . . . Mildred Louise Rankin Joe Ratliff Mary Jane Redmond Memphis, Tennessee Marmaduke, Arkansas Paragould. Arkansas Paragoidd, Arkansas Beech Grove, Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Fryatt. Arkansas Brooklyn. New York Newport. Arkansas Hornersville. Missouri Jonesboro. Arkansas Cherry Valley. Arkansas L ' turatown, Arkansas Egypt. Arkansas Tvck?rman. Arkansas Lynn. Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Blytheville. Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Springfield, Illinois Jonesboro. Arkansas De Witt. Arkansas Bragg City. Missouri James R. Reed West Frankfort, Illinois Wade O. Reeves, Jr Blytheville. Arkansas Bobby Dean Reid Osceola, Arkansas Evelyn R. Rheubush Jonesboro. Arkansas Thomas Rice Delaplaine, Arkansas Evelyn C. Rigsbee Jonesboro, Arkansas Paul E. Ripley McCrory, Arkansas James H. Robertson Pine Bluff, Arkansas Kenneth B. Robinson .... Paragould, Arkansas Betty L. Roe Paragould, Arkansas Carroll Eugene Rogers . . . Dyess, Arkansas Mary Ruth Rose Melbourne, Arkansas Eunice Sandage Wardell, Missouri Billy Wayne Sharp Booneville , Arkansas Geral Dean Shewmaker . . . Stanford, Arkansas Peggy Jean Shields Poplar Bluff, Missouri Lily E. Shocxley Manila. Arkansas Mary Frances Simmons .... McCrory. Arkansas Doris E. Skht.:ore Black Oak, Arkansas Barbara Sloan Hornersville, Missouri Billy Wayne Smith Beedeville, Arkansas Don H. Smith Arbyrd, Missouri Eldo Bryan Smith Gary, Indiana Guy H. S?.:ith Success, Arkansas Hattie Louise Smith .... Hornersville, Missouri Joe S. Smith . . . Joe W. Smith .... Kenneth J. Smith Travis M. Smith . . Raymond M. Sommer? William Sommers . James E. Speakman Charles S. Standefer. Jr Herman Standefer Robert R. Steele Perry G. Stevens . Anita June Stires Marjorie E. Stone William L. Storey Thomas F. Stroud Wayne J. Stuart . Gordan J. Summitt. Mack C. Swindle Jimmie Dale Tate Lindel A. Taylor . Ralph R. Taylor . William Gary Thomaj Alberta Thomson . Kenneth L. Thrasher Nathaniel Ray Tipton Peach Orchard, Arkansas Newport, Arkansas State College, Arkansas De Witt, Arkansas Gary. Indiana Gary, Indiana Jcnesboro, Arkansas Wilson, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Okanogan, Washington Calico Rock, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Bay, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Caraway, Arkansas Bradford, Arkansas Waldo, Arkansas Paragoidd. Arkansas Black Rock, Arkansas Rector, Arkansas Paragoidd. Arkansas Monette, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Marked Tree, Arkansas Caraway, Arkansas Marianne Tomerlin . Edward L. Trieschman CORINE TRINKAUS . . Thomas J. Tucker . . Robert M. Turner Sue Tyler Cletis W. Underwood George D. Uselton Charley B. Vick . . Rudy Joseph Wagner James P. Wainscott Glenda Mae Walker Mack Walker . . Forrest R. Wallace Charles V. Wallis Charles F. Warren Knox L. Webb. Jr. James B. Westbrook Derial G. Western Jackie M. White . Conrad H. Wilihoite Ellen Faye Williams Mildred L. Williams Thomas Vernon Williams Charles D. Wilmoth . . Jonesboro, Arkansas New Castle, Indiana Jonesboro, Arkansas Duck Hill, Mississippi Blytheville, Arkansas Wilson, Arkansas Paragould. Arkansas Michigan City, Indiana Jonesboro, Arkansas Chicago, Illinois Pa ragou I d , Ark a ? isa. s Bragg City, Missouri Rector, Arkansas Paragoidd, Arkansas Smithville, Arkansas Paragoidd, Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas Blytheville. Arka nsas Bradford, Arkansas Blytheville, Arkansas Clayton, Indiana Franklin. Arkansas Cardwell. Missouri Searcy. Arkansas Arbyrd. Missouri Raymond R. Wilson Tuckerman, Arkansas Bobby G. Wood Lake City, Arkansas Mildred F. Wood Paragould, Arkansas Patsy Lee Wood Parkin, Arkansas Ray E. Wooten ... ... Osceola, Arkaiisas Elton F. Wroten Dyess, Arkansas Waunice Yancey Melbourne. Arkansas Thomas E. Yarbrough. Jr. . . . Trumann, Arkansas Arthur Zakharian Teheran, Iran Vasten E. Zumwalt Leachville, Arka nsas 9 I; Sophomore Class Officers Bob Anderson . Carl Greenwald Louise Rose . . Alice Cochran . President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Student Council Rep. Max Nolan Alexander .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Lowell R. Altman Los Angeles. California Gail G. Anderson Black Oak, Arkansas Robert A. Anderson Paragould, Arkansas Charline Armstrong .... Dell, Arkansas Jackie Asher Cannelton. Indiana Lee Edward Ashly Knobel, Arkansas Marjorie Jo Bailey Wynne, Arkansas Therese E. Baird Marked Tree, Arkansas Virginia Lee Ball Mammoth Spring, Ark. Dorothy J. Basinger .... Trumann, Arkansas Arthur R. Baumgardner . . . Neelyville, Missouri Barbara Berna West Memphis, Ark. Jimmy Shelton Berry .... Marked Tree, Arkansas William H. Berry Norfork, Arkansas Dempsie G. Binkley Rector, Arkansas Maude Ellen Blevins .... Hardy, Arkansas Bobby Bowling Bragg City, Missouri Larry Brewer Cardwell, Missouri Sue Bryan Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Blondena R. Buck Arbyrd, Missouri Jesse Gene Bucy Rector, Arkansas Floyd Callaway Monette, Arkansas Marcia M. Carter Ellsinore, Missouri Dwayne Clark Pleasant Plains, Ark. Alice Lee Cochran Hoxie, Arkansas Barbara Joan Cochran . . . Bartlesville. Oklahoma L. B. Coke Nettleton, Arkansas James W. Colvard . . Clyde Conley . . . . Edward G. Corcoran Herschel Mack Cothren Ozark. Arkansas Pollard, Arkansas Collinsville, Illinois Paragould. Arkansas Clarence Cravens Martin, Tennessee T. P. Crigler Jonesboro. Arkansas Lloyd M. Custer State College, Arkansas Josep h K. Damiano Kearny, New Jersey J. Dewey Dark Hardy. Arkansas Charles Edward Davis .... Hickory Ridge. Arkansas Edwin Dickson Jonesboro. Arkansas Marshall W. Driver .... Helena. Arkansas A Mike Elias Michigan City, Indiana Juanita Erwin Jonesboro, Arkansas Chacy Eveland Delaplaine, Arkansas Harold Faler Durand, Michigan Norman Farley Stewart A. Finley Earl Forbess . . Mayo Foley . . . Monette, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas Trumann, Arkansas Smith ville. Arkansas La Vora Ford Blytheville, Arkansas James Gambill Brookland. Arkansas Mordie Garrard Steele, Missouri Mary Katherine Goldman . . Peach Orchard, Arkansas Chloe Goodloe . . Robert Gorham Clarence Gowen Raymond J. Grass Jonesboro Arkansas, Black Oak, Arkansas Wynne, Arkansas Pompton Lakes. N. J. Earl Greene Pigqott, Arkansas David F. Greenwood Hickory Ridge, Arkansas Martha Griffin Jonesboro. Arkansas Charles Guinn Arbyrd. Missouri Curtis R. Hagler Hickory Ridge, Ark. Lavinia Hall West Memphis, Ark. Mack Hamblen Paragould. Arkansas A. Dudley Hardy Blytheville, Arkansas Julius C. Hayduk Michigan City, Indiana Jesse Heathcock Steele, Missouri Marshall Henson Jonesboro, Arkansas Lindell Hitchcock Jonesboro, Arkansas James F. Hodges Jonesboro, Arkansas Mary Lee Hog an Monette, Arkansas Dorothy Hollinseed Leachville, Arkansas John Hollis Paragould, Arkansas Joan Howell Leachville, Arkansas Jasper Lee Hutchison .... Jonesboro. Arkansas Bill G. Jackson Violet Hill. Arkansas Wallace R. Jackson Lebanon, Tennessee Frankie Lee Jones Norman Keith . Sterling S. Kellogg Allen Kifer . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Piggott, Arkansas Walnut Ridge. Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Dallas W. Killion Caraway, Arkansas M. L. King Nettleton, Arkansas Fred Koch Carlisle, Arkansas Jesse Lacefield Heth. Arkansas Anna Jo Ladd Bragg City, Missouri Betty Lamberth Jonesboro, Arkansas David Louis Lau Michigan City, Indiana David Lester Jonesboro, Arkansas Otto W. Lewis Alton, Missouri Thomas Liliker Brookland, Arkansas Imogene Lipscomb . . . . . England, Arkansas Warren Loschky Paragould, Arkansas Aubrey Loyd Black Oak, Arkansas George Lyles Jonesboro, Arkansas William Malcolm Jonesboro, Arkansas J. C. Manis Lake City, Arkansas Veletta Martin Harrisburg, Arkansas Lonie Frank Mathews .... Trumann, Arkansas Oscar B. May Batesville, Arkansas Joseph McAlister Cash. Arkansas Robert McCown Lebanon. Tennessee Essie M. McFarland Clarkton, Missouri Brandon McVey Neelyville, Missouri Dorothy Mizelle Blytheville, Arkansas John Monroe Jonesboro, Arkansas Max Moore Nettleton, Arkansas Hugh Moser Jonesboro, Arkansas George Nelms Lake City, Arkansas La Verne Nutt Jonesboro, Arkansas Catherine O ' Brien Jonesboro, Arkansas Julius Palone Brooklyn, New York Harry R. Park Hardy, Arkansas Frederick H. Pasmore .... State College, Arkansas Sue Pearce Hornersville , Missouri Ann Pennington Trumann, Arkansas Richard A. Perry Piggott, Arkansas Gladys Phillips Leachville, Arkansas Gloria Phillips Cross Roads, Arkansas Lance Phillips Hoxie, Arkansas Mary Ola Phillips Leachville, Arkansas Robert Pierce State College, Arkansas Harold Poindexter Walnut Ridge, Ark. William Pruett Dexter, Missouri Charles N. Rankin Jonesboro, Arkansas Leonard L. Ray Wilson, Arkansas James Frank Rickman .... Dalton, Arkansas E. W. Robertson Manila, Arkansas Ruth Robinson Knobel. Arkansas James D. Rogers Dyess, Arkansas Loyis J. Romero Port Arthur, Texas Louise B. Rose Melbourne, Arkansas Doris Rowlett Trumann, Arkansas Danvis W. Rust Rector, Arkansas Robert E. Scott Jonesboro, Arkansas William Donald Shelton . . . Marked Tree, Arkansas Bobbie Shoemaker Keiser, Arkansas Dewey Sifford Marianna, Arkansas Mary Elizabeth Simpkins . . . Jonesboro, Arkansas Pauline Small Senath, Missouri Eugene Smith Forrest City, Arkansas James Smith Newport, Arkansas Troy Smith Mountain View, Ark. Ray Snodgrass Pocahontas, Arkansas David Spence Canton, Mississippi Hausel Statler Jonesboro, Arkansas Wallace Stegmann Kearny, New Jersey Billye Frances Sullards . . . State College, Arkansas Melvin Tate Jonesboro, Arkansas Bill H. Tausch Helena, Arkansas Homer Thomen Delaplaine , Arkansas June Tidwell Kennett, Missouri Jack Tinsley Delaplaine, Arkansas Nelson Tipton Bee Branch, Arkansas Willie Tollison New Madrid. Missouri Norman Tyler Dyess, Arkansas Deford Tyree Hoxie. Arkansas Dale Vance Hardy, Arkansas Robert Vance Hardy, Arkansas Cecil Vines Newport, Arkansas Kirk Walker State College, Arkansas Pauline Wells Walnut Ridge, Arkansas William West Swifton, Arkansas Kermett Wheeler Arbyrd, Missouri Sue Whistle Steele, Missouri Jimmie White Paragould, Arkansas Floyd White Blytheville. Arkansas Claude Williams Lepanto, Arkansas John Wilson Monette. Arkansas Anne W. Wood . . Patricia Jean Wood Senath, Missouri Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Junior Class Officers Bob Merryman . Bob Jones . . . Sonny Greenwood President Vice-president Secretary-T reasurer Elmo W. Albright Jonesboro, Arkansas Ronald R. Alexander .... Granite City, Illinois Rex W. Arnold Flint, Michigan Eugene A. Ballard Biggers, Arkansas Earl Y. Barbour Lebanon, Tennessee Fannie Elwanda Bearden . . . Ash Flat, Arkansas Ralph O. Benefield Hayti, Missouri James G. Benson Murfreesboro, Tenn. Morgan H. Best Doniphan. Missouri Dee Eugene Bonne " . . ... Centralia, Illinois Farola Brannam Jonesboro, Arkansas Elizabeth Ann Brown .... Marvell. Arkansas Homer R. Byrd Black Oak. Arkansas Patsy Joy Cavenor Pocahontas, Arkansas Dale W. Collins Salem, Arkansas Charles Henry Connelly . . . O ' Kean. Arkansas Bonnie Sue Cook Blytheville, Arkansas Louise A. Crawford Vanndale. Arkansas Harold E. Culp Lake Village. Arkansas Robert Dawson Hayti, Missouri Jerry Dean Joiner, Arkansas Ernie L. Donoho Sale n, Illinois Wrayphord O. Dortch .... Lafe, Arkansas Gordon M. England Myrtle. Missouri V. Afton Eubanks Paragould, Arkansas Maurice L. Freeman .... Cannelton, Indiana William Dale Garner .... Paragould, Arkansas Martin A. Graddy Evening Shade, Arkansas Sonny Greenwood Hickcry Ridge, Arkansas Charles Griffin Jonesboro. Arkansas William E. Griffis Walnut Rid,ge, Arkansas Jerry L. Grimes Manila, Arkansas Raifh R. Gross Chicago, Illinois Veva Joy Hall Jonesboro. Arkansas Percival L. Hamlett .... Marvell. Arkansas Charles Hankins Shoffner, Arkansas Eugene R. Harkonen Chicago, Illinois James M. Hartle Lutesville, Missouri Kenneth R. Hightower .... Batesville, Arkansas Letha Horner Hornersville, Missouri Billy M. Hutchison Jonesboro, Arkansas Arthur Jessen, Jr Imboden, Arkansas Frankie Lee Jones Swifton, Arkansas James D. Jones Bexar, Arkansas Robert E. Jones Ashley, Illinois Faie Kearbey Batesville, Arkansas Everett L. Kell Swifton, Arkansas Maxine Kimbro Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert W. Kitterman .... Bay. Arkansas George H. Ladyman Rector. Arkansas Lealend Lamberson Bay, Arkansas Jimmy P. Lancaster State College. Arkansas Jo Ann Laney Osceola. Arkansas Harry H. Ledbetter Tuckerman. Arkansas Captola Lewis Cave City. Arkansas Garland Little Jonesboro. Arkansas Edna Jewel Lorren Manila. Arkansas Lindsey W. Love Viola, Arkansas Joe Luther Mountain View. Ark. Allen B. Mandrell Paragould. Arkayisas Robert W. Manns Alton, Illinois Ada Mae Marsh Jonesboro, Arkansas Robert E. Marsh Caruthersville , Missouri Mary Ruth Marshall .... Marmaduke, Arkansas Kaye Martin Lonoke, Arkansas Maxine McCook Blytheville, Arkansas William H. McKeel Rector, Arkansas Buddy Meador Holland. Missouri Bob W. Merryman Monette. Arkansas Jimmie L. Miller Jonesboro. Arkansas Mary J. Mills North Little Rock. Ark. Donald Mitchell Pompton Lakes. N. J. Claude O. Montgomery . . . Piggott, Arkansas Ruth Moore Powhatan, Arkansas Ann C. Murrell Monette, Arkansas Calvin Robert Nichols . . . West Memphis, Arkansas W. J. Parker Nettleton, Arkansas Harold Parkinson Caruthersville, Missouri Denver Patrick Jonesboro, Arkansas Herbert E. Patton Jonesboro, Arkansas Bowman Perrin Jonesboro, Arkansas Rayburn Poole Kennett, MissoiLri Bill Pope Jonesboro, Arkansas George Ricks Pompton Lakes, N. J. Mildred J. Robertson .... Caraway. Arkansas Charles E, Rohex Svoijton. Arkansas Freeman L. Rose Netthton, Arkansas Vurnie R. Russell Armorel, Arkansas Winford J. Rutledge .... Jonesboro. Arkansas Alfred Ruyle Rood-house, Illinois Donald Vernon Sharp Tonesboro, Arkansas Mariella Shipton Hayti, Missouri William Marion Smith . . . Balesville. Arkansas Bennie R. Spicer Hardy, Arkansas Loy Eugene Starx Cherry Valley, Ark. William H. Stark Jonesboro. Arkansas Hal Stancil Earle, Arkansas Carolyn D. Stephens .... Osceola, Arkansas Nancy A. Stirewalt Gilmore, Arkansas John W. Sullivan Wynne, Arkansas Sam C. Swann Jonesboro. Arkansas June Tafp Monette. Arkansas Billie Rex Taylor Black Oak, Arkansas Charles E. Toney Wabash. Arkansas William M. Towery State College. Arkansas Paul H. Valentine Laje. Arkansas Arthur Thad Vance Armor el. Arkansas Bill D. Verkler Albuquerque. N. M. Charles D. Walker Hardy, Arkansas R. Albert Walker Trumann, Arkansas Bill Watkins Pontiac, Michigan James N. Williams Jonesboro, Arkansas Vic H. Williams Success, Arkansas Clinnie Ann Wofford .... Senath, Missouri No. s h Wood Norfork, Arkansas Leonard E. Woods Cash, Arkansas Morris E. Yancey Melbourne. Arkansas M f I Senior Class Officers Jeff O. Smith . . Roy E. Adkins . . Mildred Lott Jones President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer 1% Roy Edward Adkins. B. S.. Harrisburg. Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 2, 3. 4, Conductor 3, Vice-president 4: El Circulo Espanol 1; Le Cercle Francais 2; Senior Class Vice president: Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club. William C. Alexander. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: English. Social Science Benjamin J. Allen. B. S. E., Blytheville. Ark. Major: History Minor: Biology John Charles Arment. B. S.. Trumann. Ark. Major: Accounting Minor: Social Science Pi Omega Pi 4; Accounting Club 3, 4 Sergeant-at-Arms 4. Turner Armstrong. B. S., Pine Bluff. Ark. Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Not Listed Engineers ' Club 4; Radio Club 4, President Oliver K. Armstrong. B. S., Lake City. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Lilburn Hardy Autry, Jr., B. S. E., Burdette. Ark. Major: History, Political Science Minor: Art Sigma Pi 2, 3. 4, Vice president 2; Les Artistes 1; Kappa Pi 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 4; Historical Society 1. 2, 3: International Relations Club 3, 4. Genevieve Avis, B. S. E., Steele, Mo. Major: Social Science Minor: English E! Circulo Espanol 1: Newman Club 4; Independents 4; Student Council 3. Jo Ann Baker, B. A., Harrisburg, Ark. Major: English Minor: Social Studies Alpha Omicron Pi 2, 3, Recording S3cretary 3, President 3; Freshman Class Secretary; Sopho- more Class Treasurer; S:gma Alpha Lambda 1, 2. 3. Treasurer 3; Herald Staff 2, 3, Society Editor 3; INDIAN Staff 3. Faculty and Class Editor; National Panhellanic Council 3, Vice president. Steve Paul Baksa, B. A., Elyria, Ohio Major: Political Science, History Minor: Physical Education, Education Physical Education Club 2, 3. Mancefield Barrow. B. S., Nettleton. Ark. Major: Agronomy Agriculture Club; Beta Beta Beta. Howard W. Barton, B. A., Nettleton. Ark. Major: Sociology Minister ' s Fellowship 3. 4. Minor: Biology Minor: History John Frank Bearden, Jr.. B. S. E., Leachville. Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 2. 3, 4; Physical Education Club 3, 4; " A " Club 3. 4. Atwood J. Bell. B. S., Jonesboro. Arx. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science, Military Science Cadet Officers ' Club 3. 4. Millard Gale Bench. B. S., Walnut Ridge. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Edward D. Benthall. B. S., Helena. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed ASC Band 1. 2, 3; ASC Orchestra 1. 2, 3; Cadet Officers ' Club 2. 3: Editor of Salvo 3; Mu Phi Sigma 1. 2. 3: Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; Tap Kappa Epsilon 3, 4; Eastern Arkansas Young Men ' s Business Club. Jewel Evelyn Bishop. B. A., Paragould. Ark. Major: Art Minor: English, History, Education Bap ' ist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4: Dames ' Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Masquers 4; Les Artistes 1, 2. 3. 4; L-2 Cercle Francais 2, 3. 4: Kappa Pi 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. William A. Bishop, B. S. E., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science William Warren Black, B. S., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Adm inistration Minor: Social Science Confederate Air Force 1. Harold Dewey Blount, B. S., Floral, Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Mathematics; Chemistry Engineers ' Club 1; Chemistry Club 3: Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. Bobbie S. Bowie, B. S., Newport. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Kenneth O. Braden. B. A., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English Minor: Social Science, French Sigma Pi 1. 2. 3, 4, Historian 2; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4, President 3: Young Democrats 2, 3; Press Club 3: 1100 Club 2. 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3, 4, Vice president 3: Le Cercle Francais 2, 3. 4. Reporter 3. Ralph A. Brand. B. S. E.. Kewanee. Mo. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Minister ' s Fellowship; Square and Compass Club: Historical Society. James Gilbert Brown. B. S. E., Holcomb, Mo. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Wesley Foundation 1. 2. 3; Physical Education Club 2. 3, 4: 1100 Club 2, 3, 4. Benjamin F. Bufford. B. S. E., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: English Square and Compass Club 3, 4. Vernon Capers, B. S. E., Lake Village. Ark. Major: Industrial Journalism Minor: Pliysical Education, English Pi Kappa Alpha 4; Mu Phi Sigma 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club 3; Westminister Fellowship 3. 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3. Ronald Keith Carrothers, B .S. E., State College. Ark. Major: Economics Minor: Social Science Der Deutsche Verein 4: Association of Independent Students 3, 4. Charles B. Carter. B. S. E., Holcomb, Mo. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Wesley Foundation 1, 2. 3. 4. Editor Wesleyan 3; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Association of Independent Students 3, 4. James M. Cavenor. B. S. E., Pocahontas. Ark. Major: Pliysical Education Minor: Social Science Physical Education Club 3, 4. Bonnie Lee Cole Cheshier, B. S. E., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Douglas A. Cobb, B. S., Trumann, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Physical Education Tom E. Cochran. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon 3. 4. Vice President 4: Beta Beta Beta 3. 4. President 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4. Vernon K. Cooper. B. S., Walnut Ridge. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science, Accounting Square and Compass Club 3. 4: Accounting Club 3. 4. Paul Stewart Craig. B. M., Keiser, Ark. Major: Music Minor: Education Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4: Mu Phi Sigma 2. 3, 4. Historian 2, President 3, Pledgemaster 4; Historical Society 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 2; Young Democrats 2; ASC Choir 2. 3, 4, President 4; ASC Band 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4: ASC Orchestra 3. 4; Minister ' s Fellowship 3. James R. Crews. B. S., Rector. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: English Freshman Class Vic? president: Sophomore Class President; Accounting Club 2. Ernie V. Crone. B.A., Little Rock. Ark. Major: English Minor: Journalism, Physical Education Sigma Pi 3, 4; Press Club 2. 3, 4; Physical Education Club 1, 2. 3, 4: " A " Club 3, 4; Non- commissioned Officers ' Club 3. iu! Walnut Ridge. Ark. Minor: No! Listed William R. Cunningham, B. Major: Chemistry Chemistry Club. J. Hulan Cupp. B. A., Paragould. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Kappa Sigma Nu 1. 2. Charles P. Curry. B. S.. Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Harry R. Darey. B. S.. Dyess. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Military Science Cadet Officers ' Club 2, 3, 4: TSC Choir 2. 3; Accounting Club Club 4: El Circulo Espanol 4; ASC Band 3. Carl Lson Davis. B. S. E., Ravsndsn Springs. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Education, Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 4: Young Democrats 1. 2: Histo ic .1 Society 4; Baptist Student Union 2. 3. 4: Square Dance Club 4. Wayne D. Davis, B. S , Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilon 3. 4: Pi Omcgi Pi 3. 4; Sq i.ire Compass Club. Janelle Sigsby Deckleman, B. M., Rector, Ark. Major: Music Minor: Spanish Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Lambda 3, Historian 3, Girls ' Ensemble 1; Baptist Student Union 2. President 2; El Circulo Espanol 2, 3. 4. Vice president 2; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Les Artistes 3; Glee Club Accompanist 2; ASC Choir 2, 3. Albert C. Dedmon. B. S., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Robert R. DeLong. B. S., University City. Mo. Major: General Agriculture Minor: Not Listed Tau Kappa Epsilon 4. Henry V. Dempsey, B. S., Kennett, Mo. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry 1100 Club 3, 4. Keith R. Doane, B. S. E., Salem. III. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science " A " Club 2. 3 4. President 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 2. 3, 4. B. J. Downing, B. S.. Imboden. Ark. Major: Agriculture Minor: Not Listed Agriculture Club 3, 4. Roy Duncan, B. S. E., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Not Listed Joseph Dalton Eason, B. S. E., Cooter, Mo. Major: Physical Education Minor: Not Listed Pi Kappa Alpha 3. 4; Physical Education Club 1, 2. 3, 4: " A " Club 3, 4; Varsity Track 2. 3. 4. Oscar Junior Fairfield. B. A., State College. Ark. Major: Art Minor: Not Listed Kappa Pi 3, 4: 1100 Club 3. 4: Le Cercle Francais 2. 3. 4. Joe E. Fakes, B. S., McCrory, Ark. Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics, Englisli Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4. Chaplain 3. Fledgem? ster 4; Chemistry Club 3, 4. Vice president 4; Der Deutsche Verem 2, 3, 4; E. A. Y. M. C; Engineers " Club 1; Rifle Team. 1. Martin C. Farmer. B. S., Wynne. Ark. Major: Bxisiness Administration Minor: Not Listed Pi Kappa Alpha 2, 3. 4; Cadet Officers " Club 3, 4. Staton Thomas Foltz. B. S., Wynne. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Agriculture, Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 3. 4, Alumni Secretary 4; Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Secretary 3: Accounting Club 3, 4; Square and Compass Club 3, 4; Student Council 4. Verrel Kenneh Foltz, B. S., Wynne, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4, Secretary 4; Accounting Club 2, 3, 4; Square and Compass Club 3. 4, Secretary 4; International Relations Club 2, 3; Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Alvin E. Foster. B. S., Mountain View, Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Not Listed Billy J. Franks. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: History Historical Society; International Relations Club. Grover H. Freeman. B. S., Marmaduke. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: English Apha Psi Omega: Accounting Club. Robert S. Garrett. B. S.. Steele. Mo. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4. Rachel Gossett, B. S. E., Trumann. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Masquers. Orville Graddy, B. S. E., Williford, Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education International Relations Club 2; Historical Society 2. Albert L. Gray. B. S.. Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science John B. Greenwood. B. S. E.. Hickory Ridge. Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Pledge Master 4; Physical Education Club 3. 4; " A " Club 2 3, 4; 1100 Club 2. 3, 4; ASC Band 2. 3: Young Democrats 3: Football Manager 3; Varsity- Tennis 2, 3. David Charles Gregory. B. A., Piggott. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science, Military Science Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3. 4. Chaplain 3. 4: Non-Commissioned Officers " Club 1, 2; Cadet Officers ' Club 3, 4, Treasurer. Jesse B. Gresham, B. S., Trumann. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Accounting Club. David Bryan Hackworth. B. S., Thayer. Mo. Major: Physical Education Minor: Not Listed Richard E. Hale, B. S. E., Viola. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education, Education Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 1100 Club; Square and Compass C lub. Cecil E. Hatcher. B. S., Trumann, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Magdalene Hays. B. S. E., State College, Ark. Major: English, Social Science Minor: Not Listed Gene Hazel, B. S., Monette. Ark, Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Cadet Officers ' Club 3. 4, Vice president 3, 4; " A " Club 4. Maurice Heathcock, B. S., Nettleton. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Education Accounting Club 4. Herbert Heffington, B. S., Newport. Ark. Major: Agriculture Minor: Education Mary Jane Henderson. B. S., Jonesbord. Ark. Major: Home Economics Minor. Education Alpha Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4: El Circulo Espanol 1, 3; Home Economies Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Vice president 4: Off Campus Gills ' Club 3. 4; Glee Club 4; Wesley Foundation 1. 2, 3, 4. Raymond Duncan Henley. B. A.. Pocahontas. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Military Science. Modern La nonages Lt Cercle Francais 1; Der Deutsche Verein 1. 2: Cadet Officers ' Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 3, 4: Confederate Air Force 1, 2. Robert L. Higginbottom, B. S. E., Sitka. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Physical Education Association of Independent Students. Charles Randal Hill. B. S., Paragould. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club 2. President 2: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, President 4: International Relations Club 4. Secretary 4. John E. Hill. B. S. E.. Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education John W. Himes. B. S.. Poughkeepsie. Ark. Major: Engineering Minor: Mathematics Engineers ' Club 1, 2, 3. 4. President 4; Association of Independent Students 3. 4. President 3; Radio Club 4. James M. Holland. B. S. E., Marmaduke. Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Association of Independent Students 3, 4: " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice president 1, Secretary 1; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4. James E. Hollinseed. B. S. E., Leachville, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Omega Pi 4. Magdalene Hubbard. B. S. E., Success, Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Pi Gamma Mu 4. Bryan Hutchison, Jr., B. S. E., Evening Shade, Ark. Major: Pr.ysical Education Minor: Not Listed Wanda Hutchison, B. S. E., Poughkeepsie. Ark. Major: English Minor: Education Freshman Cass Secretary; Alpha Tau Zeta 1, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 2; Association of Independent Siudents 4, Secretary 4. Linzel R. Hutson, B. S., Ash Flat, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: History, Political Science Association of Independent Students. Glenn B. Hyland, B. S., Neelyville, Mo. Major: Business Administration Minos: Not Listed Accounting Club 3. 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Cadet Officers ' Club 3, 4. Jesse James Jenkins, Jr., B. S., Black Oak. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4, Rush Captcin 3; NAMVETS 2, 3; Young Demccrats 3; ASC Band 1, 2, 3, 4; ASC Orchestra 3: Mu Phi Sigma 3, 4; Student Council 3: Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4. Larnie Edgart Jennings. B. A., Nettleton. Ark. Major: English Minor: Social Science Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Nellie Jennings, B. S. E.. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: English, Education Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3; El Circulo Espanol 2; Pi Omega Pi 3. Clarence J. Johnson. B. S. E., Van Buren, Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Not Listed Mildred Lott Jones, B. S. E., Swifton. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Alpha Omicron Pi 3, 4, Rush Chairman 4, Scholarship Officer 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association 2. Thomas L. Keelin, B. S., Datto, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Military Science, Political Sciejice Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4; Cadet Officers ' Club, Vice president 4; El Circulo Espanol 3, 4. Betty Jean King, B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Home Economics Minor: Biology, English Alpha Gamma Delta 3. 4, Scribe and Chaplain 4: Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. Secretary 4; Off Campus Girls ' Club 3, 4. Secretary 4; Student Council 4, Secretary 4; Home Economics Club 4. Charles T. Kirkpatrick. B. S., Walnut Ridge. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Press Club 4. Raymond Mayfield Krutz, B. A., Caraway. Ark. Major: History Minor: English Minister ' s Fellowship 3. 4, Secretary 4: Square and Compass Club 3. 4, President 4. Vernon L. Lacey, B. S., Delplaine. Ark. Major: Engineering Minor: Mathematics Engineers ' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 1, President 3: Cadet Officers Club 3. 4, Secretary 3; Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Joan Amarilys Lamb, B. S. E., Brookland. Ark. Major: English Minor: French Le Cercle Francais 4, Vice president 4; ASC Band 4: Baptist Student Union 4; Press Club 4. John Thomas Lancaster, B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Mino?.: History, Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilon 4, Secretary; Engineers Club 1, 2: Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club 1. 2; E. A. Y. M. C. 3, 4. Jayne Joyce Lybrand. B. A., Jonesboro. Arx. Major: English Minor: History Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4; Press Club 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. Bettie Allyce Lyle, B. M., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Music Composition Mino?;: English Alpha Gamma Delta 2. 3, 4. Altruistic Chairman 2; Pianist 2- A£C Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Lambda 1, 2, 3. 4; ASC Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. Accompanist 2, 3, 4. Martin M. Maestas, B. A., Albuquerque, N. M. Major: Spanish Minor: English. Social Science El Circulo Espanol 1. 3. 4, Vice-President 1. President 4; Le Cercle Francais 1, 2; 1130 Club 3, 4; Newman Club 4. Erleen Marquardt. B. A., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: English Minor: Not Listed Oscar L. Mashburn, Jr.. B. S., Wynne. Ark. Major: Accounting Minor: Social Science Sigma Pi 4; Accounting Club 2, 3, 4; Confederate Air Force 2, 3. Robert L. Massey, B. S., Mountain View, Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics, Science Tau Kappa Epsilon 4; ASC Band 3, 4: ASC Choir 1, 2. 3. 4; Les Artistes 1; Physical Educa- tion Club 3. 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. Bettye Masters. B. S. E., Arbyrd, Mo. Major: Music Minor: English, Social Science Glee Club 1; ASC Choir 1. 3; A. C. E. 1; Sigma Alpha Lambda 3. Lawrence L. McCann, B. S. E., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: The Masquers 3; Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Clinton McClain, B. S. E., Carlisle. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Cadet Officers ' Club. Historian: Association of Independent Students. William Leon McDonald, B. S., Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Sigma Pi 3. 4, Herald 3, Vice-president 4; Square and Compass Club 3, 4; Historical Society 4. Mrs. J. A. McKenzie, B. S. E., Lilbourn, Mo. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Gayle Lawson Milan. B. S. E., Gatewood. Mo. Major: History Minor: Education Historical Society 2. 3. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. Vice president 4. William Maurice Miller. B. S. E., Nettleton. Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science, Military Science Sigma Pi 2. 3. 4; Sophomore Class President: " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; Cadet Officers " Club 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Varsity Track 3, 4: Varsity Baseball 4. Clyde B. Mitts. B. S., Swikton. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: No; Listed Carl Henry Moore. Jr.. B. S. E., Walnut Ridge. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Der Deutsche Verein 1. Irene Murphy. B. S. E., Joneskoro. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Not Listed James Walter Murray. B. S., Nettleton. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Accounting Club 2. Millard Lorn Oldham, Jr., B. S., West Helena, Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon 4, Mu Phi Sigma 2. 3; ASC Band 2, 3; Chemistry Club 3; ASC Orches- tra 2, 3; Le Cercle Francais 2. 3, 4. Roy C. Owens. B. S. E., Paragould, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Education Pi Omega Pi 4. Bobby Sammons Pack, B. A., Lake City, Ark. Major: Mathematics Minor: Art. Geography Kappa Pi 4; Baptist Student Union 4; hss Artistes 2, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4; Engineers ' Club 1, Vice President 1. Jimmie N. Parrott, B. S., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: History, Political Science Harvey Carter Patterson. B. S. E., Doniphan, Mo. Major: Social Science Minor: Education, Business Administration Association of Independent Students 3, 4, Vice president 4; Historical Society 3, 4, Reporter 4: Square Dance Club 3, 4. Huey Patterson, B. A., Shreveport, La. Major: Chemistry, History Minor: English Historical Society 4; Pre-Law Club 4: Masquers 4. Carl H. Perrin, B. S., Batesville, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Historical Society 4; Association of Independent Students 3, 4. John Douglas Phillips. B. S., Harrisburg, Ark. Major: Chemistry Minor: Not Listed Tau Kappa E;:silon 3, 4; Cadet Officers " Club 3, 4; Chemistry Club 3, 4; Mu Phi Sigma; F. A. Y. M. C; ASC Band: ASC Orchestra. Fred Paul P:erce, B. S., Lake Village, Ark. Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology Pi K- ppa Alpln 3, 4. Rush Captain 4; Student Council 3, 4, President 4; Westminister Fel- lowship 2, 3: ' .ture Club 2. 3, 4. Vera Lorene Pratt, B. S. E., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Wesley Foundation 4. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Home Economics Club 2; International Re- lotions Club 3; Sigma Alpha Lambda 4; F. T. A. 4; ASC Choir 4; Historical Society 3; Off Campus Girls ' Club 4. Alice Lenora Pressley. B. A., Puxico, Mo. Major: Business Administration Minor: French Association of Independent Students 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, Treasurer 4. Carlos Purtee. B. S., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Agriculture Engineering Minor: Mathematics ! i | Armando Radicioni, B. S., Earle. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Kenneth Renshaw. B. S. E., Salt Lake City. Utah Major: English Mino:?: Music ASC Band 1, 2: ASC Orchestra 3. 4: El Circulo Espanol 1: Pro-Musica 4. Charles O. Ripley. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: English B p ' ist Student Union 2. 3. 4, President 4- Pi Gamma Mu 3: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3; Ac- counting Club 2: Masquers 2. 3: State B. S. U. President 3. Elsie Rogers. B. A., Dyess. Ark. Major: English Minor: Not Listed Damvs Club 4: 1100 Club 4. Robert H. Ross. B. S.. Paragould. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: No! Listed Accounting Club 4. George W. Rowland. B. S. E., Paragould, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Om gi Pi: Cadet Officers ' Club. Daniel Bernard Rusak. B. A., Streator, III. Major: English Minor: Journalism, History Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4, Publicity Representative 4; " A " Club 3; Varsity Football 3; Press Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; INDIAN Staff 4, Editor-in-Chiaf 4; Herald Staff 2, 3, 4. Sports Editor 4. Glenna Charles See. B. A., Rector. Ark. Major: Art Minor: English, French Alpha Omicron Pi 3, 4, Press and Publicity Chairman 4, Philanthropic Chr.ivman 4; Wcsle.v Foundation 3, Treasurer 3; Masquers 4, Corresponding Secretary 4: Prccs Clib 1, 2, 3, 4; Lc Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, President 4: Kappa Pi 1. 2. 3. 4. Viee president 3, Secretary 4; ASC Band 4. Barney B. Sellers. B. A., Walnut Ridg:s. Arx. Major: E)iglish Minoi: Journalism Prcs: Cub 2, 3, 4; INDIAN Staff 4, Photographer 4; Herald Staff 2. 3. 4, Photographer. 4. Marvin Dalton Shaver. B. S. E., Cherry Valley. Arx. Major: Social Science Minou: E.iglish Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Cast Director 4: Association of Independent Students 3. 4; Square Dance Club 4. President 4: Masquers 2, 3, 4. George D. Shedd. B. S. E.. Mania. Ark. Major: Music Minos: Business Administration Mu Phi Sigma, Vice president 4: M. E. N. C. 4. President 4. William T. Shockley. B. S. E., Manila, Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Not Listed 1 J Harold C. Simpson, B. S. E., Blytheville, Ark. Major: Biology Minor: Social Science Grady F. Sims. B. S. E., Blytheville, Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: PJiysical Education Historical Society 2, 3, Treasurer 3; International Relations Club 3; Association of Indepen- dent Students 2, 3, Reporter 3: Student Council 3. Roy F. Sisson, B. M., Little Rock, Ark. Major: Piano Minor: English Mu Phi Sigma 3, 4, Secretary 4; ASC Band 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; ASC Choir 3; Glee Club 3. 4. Jerald F. Sizemore, B. S., Leachville, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Association of Independent Students 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Fred H. Smith, B. S., Bono, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4. Jeff O. Smith, B. S. E.. Searcy. Ark. Major: Agriculture, Biology Minor: Education Pi Kappa Alpha 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4. President 2. 3, 4; Westminister Fellowship 3, 4, Vice president 3: Senior Class President. Pansy Jo Smith, B. S. E., St. Francis. Ark. Major: Art Minor: Education, Social Science Kappa Pi 4. Lena Belle Spencer, B. S. E., Monette, Ark. Major: Art Mino:;: Education Alpha Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4. 2nd Vice president 2, House president 2, Chairman uf Names 3; Press Club 3, 4; Masquers 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4. Gloria Jean Spottj, B. S. E., Senath. Mo. Major: Piiysical Education Minor: Education W. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3, 4; Physical Education Club 3, 4. Vice President 4. Association cf Independent Students 3, 4, Historian 4; ASC Band 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Executive Council 4, Vice president 4. Randal Spurlock. B. S. E., Bay. Ark. Major: Business Administration Mino::: Social Science Pi Omega Pi. Percy Stanfield. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Business Administration MiNon: English, Social Science Accounting Club. Maurice Starr. B. S.. S.mithvtt.le. Ar::. Ma t or: Agriculture Minot: Not Listed Agriculture Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Margie Lou Street. B. S. E., Cave City, Ark. Major: Business Administration, English Minor: Education Alphi Gamim Dj ' ta 2, 3, Guard and Ssribo 2. President 3: Sigma Alpha Lambda 1, 2, 3; Wesley Foundation 1. 2. 3, Vice President 2, 3: A. C. E., President 3: Historical Society 3; Tnt:r FraterrTty Council 3; PanreHenic Council 3; Young Democrats 1, 3; I. R. C, Vic? President ' 3; ASC Band 1, 2; ASC Choir 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3 F. T. A. 3. Garner R. Stroud. B. S. E., Biggers. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: English Doyle F. Sutherland. B. S., Mammoth Spring. Arx. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Shirley Swaim. B. S., Grubbs. Ark. M jor: Business Administration Minor: English Alph i Omic on Pi 3, 4, President 4; Senior Ciiss Secretary: Inter-fraternity President 4; Horn: Econcmics Club 4; Pi Omega Pi 4. Thomas Raleigh Sylvester. B. A., Blytheville. Ark. Major: English Minor: Social Science Sigma Pi 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Press Club 2. 3, 4. Cleo A. Taylor. B. S., Jonesboro. Ark. Ma tor: Business Administration Minor: Not Listed Young Democrats; Association of Independent Students. ■ Ruby Faye Trammel, B. S. E., Tyronza, Ark. Major: Physical Education Minor: English, Socia.1 Science W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Physical Education Club 4; Ass ;ciation of Inde- pendent Students 3, 4; ASC Choir 4. Celeste Tullos, B. S., Trumann, Ark. Major: Business Education Minor: English Pi Omega Pi 4. Roy L. Walker. B. S. E., Piggott. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Education Historical Society. WlLLARD WATKINS, B. A., BONO, ARK. Major: History Minor: English Pi G mma Mu 4. Irvin E. Wells. B. S. E.. Pompton Lakes. N. J. Major: Physical Educ ation Minor: Not Listed Physical Education Club. 1100 Club. Emma Frances White. B. S. E., Brookland. Ark. Major: Social Science Minor: Not Listed Fort Smith, Ark. Minor: Social Science St. Louis, Mo. Minor: Not Listed Association of Childhood Education 2. Ash Flat, Ark. Minor: Education Leonard E. Whittaker, B. S. E. Major: Physical Education Varsity Football 4. Wanda Whitwell, B. S. E. Major: Social Science Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; ASC Choir 1, 2, 3; Otis Wiles, B. S. E., Major: Social Science Pi Gamma Mu; Historical Society; International Relations Club; Young Democrats. James Wilkinson, B. S., Holly Grove. Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha 3, 4, Secretary 3, House Manager 4, Treasurer 4; Namvcts 1, 2; Accounting Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2: Pi Gamma Mu 4 Hayden Riley Williams, B. S., State College, Ark. Major: Animal Husbandry Minor: Biology Agriculture Club 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 4; 1100 Club 4; Judging Team 4. Thelma Miller Williams, B. S., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Education Home Economics Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2. John Bruce Wilson, B. S. E., Blytheville, Ark. Major: Sociology, Psychology Minor: History, English Sigma Pi 3, 4, Herald 4; Wesley Foundation 4; Historical Society 4; El Circulo Espanol 4; Freshman Class Vice president. Lena Ruth Wingfield. B. A., Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English, Spanish Minor: Not Listed Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4, Altruistic Chairman; Chairman of Names; Wesley Foundation; El Circulo Espanol; Press Club 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 1; ASC Band 1, 3, 4; Off Campus Girls Club 3, 4, Reporter 4. Betty Terry Wixon, B. S., State College, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 1. 2, 3; 2nd Vice president 2. 3; Alpha Tau Zeta 1, 2, Historian 2. Charles Herman Wixon, B. S., Fisher, Ark. Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Delta Omega Sigma 1, 2; Student Council 2; Inter-fraternity Council 2. Marion Wofford. B. S., Senath, Mo. Major: Business Administration Minor: Spanish Alpha Omicron Pi 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Treasurer 4; El Circulo Espanol 4, Secretary 4. Il Cecil J. Adams Monette, Arkansas Frances Archer Knobel, Arkansas Edythe Armstrong Pine Bluff, Arkansas Oscar J. Barker Rector, Arkansas Martha Bennett Walnut Ridge, Arkansas James L. Bollinger Manila, Arkansas Clifton R. Bradford .... Steele, Missouri James D. Brady Manila, Arkansas Anna Bruner Boy, Arkansas Erma Sue Buck Leachville, Arkansas Charles D. Buttry Jonesboro, Arkansas Duane Chrisco Black Oak, Arkansas Carol R. Cormier De Witt. Arkansas James C. Crum, Jr Eldon, Missouri Donald G. Darby Broseley, Missouri Charles Dunham Bono, Arkansas David East Manila, Arkansas Wilma East Manila, Arkansas Anna Edlin Rector, Arkansas William M. Elmore Paragould, Arkansas Henry W. Essig . . Thomas M. Eubanks, Jr Mary Frances Gibson Glen A. Glover . . Milford Goldberg . E. J. Goodman . . . Anamary Hall . . . James Hall .... lorene hatley . . . Connie Hicks . . . Bob Huckaba . . . David G. Hunter . . James H. Isbell . . Zetta Jackson . . . Billy J. Kankey . . Johnny Kerr . . Alva Leon Kirk . . Willi Kolinski . . Thomas L. Landis . . Boyce Langston . . . Paragould, Arkansas Pine Bluff, Arkansas Jonesboro. Arkansas McCrory. Arkansas Brooklyn. New York Marniaduke. Arkansas West Memphis, Arkansas Lake City, Arkansas Portageville, Missouri Parma, Missouri Oil Trough, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Nettleton, Arkansas Manila, Arkansas Oxford, Arka7isas Monette, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas . New York City. N. Y. Rector, Arkansas Heart. Arkansas Harrison P. Lea Conway, Arkansas Clarence H. Lucas Luxora, Arkansas William R. Magse Corning, Arkansas Henry Mann Piggott, Arkansas J. A. McAfee Moneitc, Arkansas Robert Wayne McGinnis . . . Osceola, Arkansas Angie McPhail Forrest City, Arkansas Kenneth Melrose Rector, Arkan sas Hugh E. Miles Manila, Arkansas Martha Miller Searcy, Arkansas James C. Mustain Newport, Arkansas Eiza Gay Nuckles Caraway, Arkansas Bobby C. Osburn Icnssboro, Arkansas Wyman Ramsey, Jr Broseley, Missouri Edwin D. Rocers Joneshoro, Arkansas Cecil A. Rolland Vanndale, Arkansas W. R. Singleton Clarkton, Missouri Danlel B. Smigay Joliet, Illinois Neal Smith Clover Bend, Arkansas Norman W. Smith Doniphan, Missouri B. L. Stark Ontario. California Reuben Stubblefield .... Caraway, Arkansas Joy Jane Taylor Jonesboro, Arkansas Reuben F. Taylor Leachville, Arkansas William J. Tomerlin Jonesbpro, Arkansas James Tucker Newport, Arkansas Joe C. Veasman Reiser, Arkansas Ayleen Walker Piggott, Arkansas Charlajean Washington . . . Cardwell, Missouri Hulon Watson Swijton, Arkansas Bob Welch Salem, Arkansas Louise Welch Salem, Arkansas Thomas E. Weld Aline Wells . . Delbert C. Wells Fisher, Arkansas Walnut Ridge. Arkansas Jonesboro, A rkansas ■ + + STAR CLOTHING HOUSE Clothing and Furnishings For The Man Jonesboro ' s Most Complete SHOE REPAIR SHOP Jimmie Reeves SHOE REPAIR SHOP HAROLD LITTLE JONESBORO, ARK Lot S. Little I Jarvvin Little S. Main Phone 8815 BULOVA Watches CLEMENTS | 1 " Where You Know the Quality " DIAMONDS - JEWELRY Authorized Bulova Distributors The Finest in Watch Repairing 326 S. MAIN — JONESBORO + „ „„ » »,, , , 1. 4.,,. WESTERN AUTO Associate Store .1 ( )X KS B( ) U ) TRUMANN SYD CAMERON, Owner ENGRAVERS OF THE 1950 INDIAN SOUTHWEST S FOREMOST SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS iLtb PEERLES BUILDING j n u n u LITTLE ROCK, ARK " IT WAS A PLEASURE " + .J, ★ MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Featuring AMERICA ' S FAVORITE ICE CREAM And Grade A Dairy Products ★ , „„ ... „„ , .„, u ... .... .... . . -.. .... .... «» .... .... u .... .... .... .... «» ». .... .... »» .... .... .... m, „,, .,„ »„ X. Schoenfield ' s WOMEN ' S WEAR Nationally Advertised Lines I [an died Exclusively COATS AND SUITS " Swansdown " — " Leeds " DRESSES Franklins Doris Dodson j Mary Muffet I Joan Miller Paul Sargents Georgiana L ' Aiglon Paula Brooks 4 , , You Will Always enjoy a pleasant I atmosphere at our modern fountain We Serve Only the Best CITY DRUG STORE 322 S. Main J onesboro Prompt Prescription Service FRAMES PORTRAITS THE ART SHOP M. J. FOX, Prop Jonesboro ' s Finest Excellent Craftsmanship on All Work ¥ PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1950 INDIAN PICTURES DEVELOPED RETOUCHED + „ . ELDER STEVENS Men ' s Clothing 236 8. Alain Jonesiboro, Arkansas " Burial Protection F or Alt " LANGFORD ' S MORTUARY LLOYD L. LANGFORD, OWNER Phone 6661 Jonesboro, Arkansas 725 S. Main I «t» l " 1 " " " " «mi — iiu — uu — mi — im — n... — «u — iih — uk — iiu — uu — mi tn. — uu — iiu — 11.1 — .in— mi— .mi— n.i- — .111 — uii — mi — I » — n ' l — mi — mi— on«w METZLER MOTOR CO. GAS OIL Chrysler — Plymouth Sales and Service Phone 6643 Jonesboro, Ark. Used Cars — All Models 700 S. Main I ,,,-4, TYLER SWINDLE FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 1700 W. MATTHEWS PHONE 3325 JONESBORO, ARKANSAS I I I I I I I I I I 4 „, CITIZENS BAN Of Jonesboro i i i i The Bank That Service Built " I OFFICFKN M. L. McKinney, President C. V. McKinney, Cashier J. Lan Williams, Vice-President G. E. McKinney, Assistant Cashier J. F. McKee, Vice-President Major Griffin, Assistant Cashier Eric Wade, Assistant Cashier MFMBFR F. D. I. C. SHOP AT WALL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Home Of These Famous Names Naturalizer Shoes Manhattan Shirts Berkshire Hose Clipper Craft Clothes Carole King Dresses Dobbs Hats McGregor Sportswear Bostonian Shoes Phoenix Catalina Swim Suits JON ES BOBO, A R KA NS A S Watches Diamonds Jewelry PEREL LOWENSTESN 1 47 So. Main St. EASIEST CREDIT TERMS IN TOWN MERCANTILE BANK c • • Jonesboro, Arkansas MEMBER E. I). I. V. ESTABLISHED 1933 TEASDALi MOTORS Sales and Service Dodge Passenger Cars - Dodge Jcb-Rnte:! Trucks Plymouth Passenger Cars Only DODGE Builds Job Rated Trucks Jonesboro Lumber Company Busldsng Materia! PHONE 671 Jonesboro,, Arkansas ARM MACHINERY COMPAf Case Modern Faim Equipment REPAIR PARTS AND MECHANICAL SERVICE Phone 3703 Washington Gee Sts. JONESBORO OWNED AND OPERATED BY L. B. KELLER SONS I i THEY ' RE BETTER BECAUSE Pick up the hag with the little Red Truck on the lahel. Always crisp and tasty! They arc guaran- teed to be fresh! GORDON ' S Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Plant This Annual was published By Students of Vocational Printing in the laboratory of The Graphic Arts Department Arkansas State College. + fwioxzL Lptantina (2omh,anu ■ + I MEAD ' S I Ionic Of i Hart-Shaffner Marx Clothes and McGregor Sports Wear Slvtheville Visit- REES ' INN THE CHINESE ROOM ( ' atermg " To Banquets — Private Parties | i I T H E N E W COLLEG Fountain Service Good Food + Dutch LaVerne For A Better Buy- Better Buy A BRALEI! More Than 600 BRALEI Homes Have Already Been Built! Write Bralei Homes, Inc. Fifth and Vine, Little Rock, Arkansas for information. +- + + I MEMPHIS HOTEL RESTURANT SUPPLY INC. I ' ' QUALITY FIRST " JETER HARDWARE CO. COMPLETE LINES AMPLE STOCKS 806-810 Burke Ave. Phones 2521 6636 I VISIT US IN OUR NEW LOCATION I „. . , — „,, «§. TOUR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS BETTER HOMES For BETTER LIVING STUCK BROS. JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Ebb Pickens Vernon T. Covington Jim Lyons JONESBORO SPORTING GOODS CO. Agents For Rawlings MacGregor-Goldsmith MAIN AT MONROE JONESBORO, ARK. PHONE 5132 ' SHOP OF QUALITY AND STYLE " HOUSE OF FASHION JONESBORO 502 S. Main Phone 3246 B. Q. LAMBERTH J. D. LAMBERTH L. L LA T 329 Huntington Telephone 3410 Jonesboro CHERRY NASH NASH PARTS SERVICE New Used lars JONESBORO JONESBORO ROLLER MILL PEED SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Ai ' Kilt IS IS Phone 22:51 Cor. Burke Union — . PATTON MOTOR CO 9irv£C2 Sales JONESBORO HN WHERE CAMPUS FRIENDS GATHER Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company JONESBOEO, A EKANSAS r HERBERT PARKER ' S PHONE 64 6 Jones boros Best Drug Store - i ' Your Studebcaker Dealer " O T O R S STIDKUAKKU CARS STVDEHAKFJi TRli ' KS Monroe Gee CITY WATER And LIGHT PLANT Serving and (iron-inn With Arkansas ' ' State College and Jonesboro .JOXESBORO, ARKANSAS + - I Jonesboro ' s Smart Shoppe 318 SOUTH MAIN STREET JONESBORO, ARKANSAS I SEVENTY-THREE YEARS OF LEADERSHIP GREGG FUNERAL HOME I N EXCELLED AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 5566 Walnut Ridue Jonesboro Monette I FROM COLLEGE TO OWNERSHIP SEE BARTON LUMBER CO. .J onesboro, Arkansas McADAMS DRUG COMPANY McAdams Trust Bldg. Jonesboro, ' Arkansas FOR THE GIFT YOU ' LL GIVi WITH PRIDE, LET A REGISTERED JEWELER BE YOUR GUIDE. I M 101 u ' 5538 Choose Your Jeweler Before Yon Choose Your Diamond You ' ll Be Glad You Sent It Joseph VJfOOTWtAR N. E. Arkansas ' FINEST SHOE STORE 4(K5 S. Alain Jonesboro WIMPY ' S CURVE INN Gee Street JR. 111(111 I XX Flint Street j SANDWICHES - FOUNTAIN SERVICE J AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ii mv nkttmn i mni ' irin

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