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i EX LIBRIS JONESBORO, ARKANSAS x o s = ft 5£ 5 3 a. it, fD . O ft i— i S CB H{ l-j cn h- . ft, 1-1 ■ 03 " 3 " E: a ■ — . ft- c o 2. j Cfp " O O 5 3 c« n ft- 3 — ft S 2 3 f! 3 c C - ft : = £L Q 3 r, » = 3 | j t3 3: ft 2 i 5 ' o | § o B, S prcfo - 3 i-s 3, crp crp ft o B 5 ' ™ " 2 o g cp ft CfQ 3 55 a p3 o OP »i O 3 S.i-rt l 8 2 3 P cr O O H 3 ft ' ft 7C ft 3 " 3 ! q ft CfQ 3 " ft, tit icauon DR. HOMER C. HUITT The sincere friendliness, the eagerness to help out in any situ- ation no matter how trivial or significant, and the warm cheerful- ness of the familiar figure above captures the heart of every ASC student. On every notable occasion you can spot this rather short, twinkling, dark-eyed little man racing here and yon with his faith- ful camera. Social Science students get a new outlook on history as his able mind recalls personal touches and interesting antecdotes not found in the pages of the textbooks. No matter how erroneous a student ' s views or opinions may be, this understanding professor admits that " he has a good point there and will he look up some further material on it? " Everyone is familiar with his rapid-fire discourse which he recognizes himself as being sometimes indistinguishable. So it is that we, the INDIAN staff of 49, wish to dedicate this volume to Dr. Homer C. Huitt, Head of the Social Science De- partment, who has served ASC so conscientiously and so well for over a decade. HORIZONS BIG CHIEFS TRIBES TOTEM POLES POW WOWS TOM TOMS BIG BRAVES HAPPY HUNTING GROUNDS Let ' s Go to Chapel! Hup-Tivo-Three-Four! SCIENCE HAIL PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING Is Everybody Happy — Well-l-l I- Yes! " By My Beard, " Quoth Blakestad ENGINEERING BUILDING TRAINING SCHOOL Practice Teachers ' Waterloo John, Hurry Up That Last Page! ARTS BUILDING NEW DAIRY BARN Birthplace of Many Floats HANGAR BUILDING DAIRY BARN " Underneath the Ivy— " Just Look Wh o ' s in the Lounge! WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL COMMONS Teas, Receptions, Initiations " M-m-m-m-m — That Sweet Music from the Ballroom " DANNER HALL BARNHART HALL The Patter of Little Feet Now Echo in its Halls No Women Allowed LEWIS HALL COLLEGE CLUB Spencer Sleeps Here TRAILER CITY FACULTY ROW Modern Housing Miracle RAYS ' FIELD We Want a Touchdown — Yell! PRESIDENT W. J. EDENS DEAN J. WALTER TURNER Joe D. Farrar Mrs. Marjorie B. Scott B.S., M.Ed. B.A., M.A. Dean of Men Dean of Women Baird V. Keister Clarence P. Denman B.S., M.A. A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. Registrar of the College Director of Training School Warren B. Scott M.S. Vocational Appraiser Mrs. W. W. Nedrow a.b. Manager of Auxiliaries Dorothy M. Fenton A.B., M.S. Librarian Paul Hoffman Lvndal R. Ashcraft W. F. Shepherd Business Manager M.D. Alumni Secretary, Publicity College Physician R. H. Austin Howard Baker Kurt Ballard Head of Chemistry Department Assistant Professor in Biology Instructor in Art B.S.A.. M.S., Ph.D. B.S., M.S. U.S., M.A. M Sgt. H. R. Bankston Assistant Professor in M ilitary Science SUDIE BARNETT Curator of the Museum Cloma Barron Instructor in Library Science A.B.. B.S. M Sgt. Walter R. Bauer Instructor in Military Science Robert B. Blakestad Head of Engineering Department B.S. Foster Bowdon Instructor in Business Administration B.S. M Sgt. George Broadway Instructor in Military Science Coy Brooks Instructor in Agriculture B.S., M.S. Helen Pautsky Brown Instructor in Training School B.S.E. Mary Rogers Brown Head of Home Economics Department A.B., M.S. Juanita Caldwell Inst nu t or in Physical Education B.S. Alta Carpenter Instructor in English A 15.. M.A. Chester C. Carrothers Head of Business Administration A.B., M.A. Joseph H. Clements Instructor in Business Education B.A.. M.A. Desmond L. Cook Assistant Professor in Psychology A. 15.. M.A. Clarissa Delano Instructor in Sociology and Government A.B., M.A. Clarence C. Cravens Assistant Professor of Agronomy B.S., B.S.A., M.S.A. Durward F. Cooper Instructor in Social Science B.S.. M.S. Labelva Connelly Instructor in Training School A.B., M.A. Jean Condray Instructor in English B.S.E.. M.A. Delzie Demaree Assistant Professor of Botany B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mrs. Clarence P. Denman Assistant Professor of Elementary Education B.S.. M.A. Forrest W. England Assistant Professor of Physical Education A.B.. M.A. W. Z. Fletcher Assistant Professor of Voice B.M. Elizabeth Fox Instructor in Music B.M. Floyd D. Funk Instructor in Music B.M., MM. John A. Galloway Instructor in History B.A.E., M.A. Mary Belle George Instructor in English A.B., A.M. William C. George Assistant Professor in Agricu 1 1 u re Engi neeri ng B.S., B.S. in Agriculture Engineering Weltha Mae Griffin Assistant Librarian in Training School Jewel Hannah Instructor in Business Administration B.S., M.A. Sammie I. Hasegawa Instructor in Business Administration A.B., M.S. Daniel J. Hays Head of Department of Agriculture B.S., M.S., Ph.D. M Sgt. H. H. Henderson Instructor in Military Science Mrs. Herbert C. Halford Psychometrist R.S. Herbert C. Halford Vocational Appraiser B.S. Homer Carrol Huitt Head of Social Science Department B.S.. A.M., Ph.D. Elmer S. Jack Assistant Professor of Geography B.S., M.S. Sylvan W. Duke Jacobs Instructor in Physical Education B.S. Mrs. Mabel R. Krick Instructor in Library Science and Assistant Librarian A.B.. B.S. Eleanor Lane Instructor in English A.B., M A. James B. Laster Harold C. Manor James H. Mason Instructor in Music Head of Music Department Associate Professor , . of English L.T.C.L. B.P.S.M., M.A., Ed. D. ' A.B., M.A. Paul E. Couch Head of Education and Psychology Department A. IV. M.A.. Ed. I). Mrs. Maude Melton Matron, Commons Building Evelyn Ina Montgomery Instructor in Modern Language B.S., M.S. Warren W. Nedrow Head of Biology Department A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Harold J. Nichols Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S.. M.S. Leland W. Plunkett Assistant Professor of English and Journalism A.B., M.J. Daniel Frederick Pasmore Mrs. A. P. Patton James L. Patty Head of Modern Language Superintendent of Halls A.M., B.A. Department „ A.B., A.M.. l ' h.l). Lena Fern Phillips Secretary to the Dean of Women Mrs. Virginia Pierce Matron. Danner Hall Mrs. Daniel Frederick Passmore Head of Art Department B.S. Frank Willis Plunkett Head of English Department B.S., A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Virginia Porter Temporary Instructor in Chemistry B.S. John H. Rauth Instructor in Physical Education A.B. Hobart O. Reagan Temporary Instructor in Training School B.S. Doris Rector Secretary to the President B.S. Major Ernest N. Rubel, Jr. Assistant Instructor in Military Science and Tactics B.S., LL.B. Ethel Rushing Instructor in Training School B.S.E. Saul Siegel Instructor in Chemistry A.B., M.A. Mrs. Conway Smith Clerk in Counseling Bureau W. L. Smith Instructor in Education and Mathematics B.S.E., A.M. Helen B. Stuart Instructor in Physical Education for Women B.S.E. Col. Kenneth S. Sweany, F.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics B.S. H. C. Taylor Instructor in Printing and Head of Department Joe C. Towery Associate Professor of Farm Management and Farm Mgr. B.S.A., M.A. George H. Vancil Instructor in Business Administration B.S., M.A. J. Albert Tomlinson Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics U.S.. A.M. Mildred Vance Supervisor of Kindergarten B.S.E. Mrs. Wanda Walker Supervisor in Training School B.A.. M.A. Beulah White College Nurse Henry Ellis White Professor of Agricultural Economics B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Lt. Col. Geo. R. Wilkins, C.A. Assistant Professor in Military Science and Tactics B.S. Mrs. Jean Rosser Williams Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., M A. Mrs. Larry Wimp Supervisor of Home Economics B.S. Larry Wimp Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S.K., M.A. Sgt. Russell D. York Instructor in Military Science STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Gene Osselmeier, Genevieve Avis, Fred Pierce, vice-president, Royal Small, secretary-treasurer, C. C. Cravens, Gus Camp, president, B. V. Keister, Ned Penny, Miss Eleanor Lane, Jim Jordan, Jack Saliba. SENIORS As in 1849, our modern State College ' 49ers are also looking for the pot of gold at the end of our rainbows as we come to the close of our college careers . . . Some of us were here long enough to make it seem like a career . . . Despite a hard year ' s study the senior class accomplish- ed many things on the campus ... A Memorial bench for the east side of R. E. Lee Wilson Hall ... A standardized ring for the future seniors . . . At- tended the many social func- tions so graciously afforded by the Faculty Women ' s Club, the Junior Class— and others . . . Come the middle of the second semester initiated a " something new " to Arkansas State College, the Senior Sneak Day ... In say- ing goodbye, the seniors wish the juniors all the luck in the world and we will our seats in chapel to anybody who will take them . . . Goodbye you-all . . . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Student Council Representatives Sponsor .... Bill Ruddell Charles Sims Freeda James Mary Lancaster Bud Curtner Gu s Camp, Ned Penny B. V. Keister Top Row Carlton Ables B.S. Kosciosko, Miss. Major: Agriculture Dean H. Adams B.S. Monette, Ark. Major: Business Administration Accounting Club, Pioneering 1100 Club, Young Democrats. J. P. Adkins B.S.E. Harrisburg, Ark. Major: Physical Education Rudolph Amann B.S.E. Weiner, Ark. Major: Physical Education " A " Club, P.E. Club, Pi Gamma Mu. Bottom Row Omega M. Anderson B.S. Peach Orchard, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer 4; Pi Gamma Mu; Wom- en ' s Executive Council, President 4. Bob Appleby ..... B.S.E. St. Louis, Missouri Major: Physical Education " A " Club; P.E. Club, President 2 and 3; Sigma Pi; Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball, Captain 3; Internation- al Relations Club; Historical Society; Pioneering 1100 Club. D. B. Aycock, Jr. B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Don C. Baker A.B. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Press Club, President 3; Scribblers Club; Le Cercle Francais; El Circulo Espanol; Young Democrats; Annual Staff, Editor 3, Sports Editor 4; Herald Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre- Law Club; Zeta Tau Zeta, Reporter 2. Top Row Bottom Rou James F. Ball B.S. Monet te, Ark. Major: Business Administration William Ralph Bench B.S.E. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: Music ASC Choir, ASC Orchestra, Les Artistes, El Circulo Espanol. Bob Blanchard B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Agriculture John E. Boxley B.S. Marked Tree, Ark. Major: Business Administration Delta Omega Sigma, Pre-Law Club, Accounting Club. Warren G. Bradley . B.S. Springfield, Ark. Major: Agriculture Ag Club, Treasurer 3, Reporter 4; Pioneering 1100 Club. Everett Branch B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Delta Omega Sigma, Mu Phi Sigma, " A " Club, Press Club, Varsity Track, ASC Band, Southernaires Orchestra. Orville C. Brannon .... A.B. Brookland, Ark. Major: History Ministers Fellowship. Robert L. Brooks B.S.E. St. Louis, Missouri Major: Physical Education Top Row Bottom Row Irving L. Carlton B.S. Monette, Ark. Major: Biology Tri Beta, Le Cercle Francais, Pre-Med, Pioneer- ing 1100 Club, Young Democrats. Gus R. Camp B.S. Portia, Ark. Major: Business Administration Student Council, President 4; Pi Kappa Alpha, Publicity Chairman 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; In- ter-Fraternity-Sorority Council; Junior Class, Reporter 3; Kappa Sigma Nu 1 ,2. J. T. Buss B.S. Weiner, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi, Fourth Counselor 4; Der Deutsche Vere- in, Vice President 4; Pi Omega Pi; Cadet Officers Club; International Relations Club. Dan Burge A.B. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Delta, Treasurer 4; Pi Gamma Mu; Pre-Law Club, Vice-President 3; Press Club. Roy D. Bunch A.B. Black Oak. Ark. Major: Social Science Lester S. Bruce B.S.E. Reiser, Ark. Major: Music Robert L. Browning .... B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Roscoe D. Brown .... B.S.E. West Plains, Missouri Major: Social Science Namvets; International Relations Club; Wesley Foundation, Publicity Chairman 3; Pi Kappa Alpha, Conductor 4; Pre-Law Club; Young Democrats; Square and Compass Club; Senior Class 4. Top Ron ' Bottom Row Noah G. Cartvvright B.S. William Clay Clark ... B.S.E. Jonesboro, Ark. Cardwell, Missouri t, . . „ a i • • • Major: Physical Education Maior: Business Administration , r ., , J A Club. P.E. Club. Jack C. Castleberry B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Engineering Engineering Club; Les Artistes; Cadet Officers Club. Historian 4; Wesley Foundation, Vice Presi- dent 1, President 2. James R. Cathey B.S. Cherry Valley, Ark. Major: Business Administration John C. Childers B.S. Alicia, Ark. Major: Business Administration Namvets; Pi Kappa Alpha. Secretary 3. 4. House Manager 4; Social Fraternity Council; Pi Gamma Mu: Accounting Club, President 4. Dwain Claxton B.S. Alicia, Ark. Major: Agriculture Ag Club. Bebe Coffey A.B. Black Rock, Ark. Major: Business Administration Alpha Sigma, Marshall 1, Repot ter 2, Correspond- ing Secretary 3; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Omega Pi, His- torian 4; El Circulo Espanol; Press Club, Secretary 2, Reporter 4; Sigma .Alpha Lambda; Sophomore Class Treasurer 2; Orchestra 4; Herald Staff 2, 3, 4; Indian Staff 3. Organizations Editor 4. J. D. Coker B.S. Clover Bend, Ark. Major: Business Administration El Circulo Espanol. Der Deutsche Verein, Baptist Student Union, ASC Choir 2; Pi Omega Pi 4. Top Roiu Mitchell E. Coleman ... B.S.E. Trurrtann, Ark. Major: Physical Education Cadet Officers Club, Treasurer 4; P.E. Club. David S. Conner B.S. Miami, Florida Delta Omega Sigma, Vice President 4; Student Council; American Chemical Society; Chemistry Club; Le Cercle Francais, President 3; Cheerleader; ASC Hand 3. Charles W. Cook B.S. Osceola, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi, Pi Kappa Delta. International Relations Club, Historical Society. Lessie L. Cooksey ... B.S. Violet Hill, Ark. Major: Chemistry Chemistry Club, Vice President 4. Bottom lloiv Ben Cooper B.S. Nettleton, Ark. Major: Business Administration Square and Compass Club, Accounting Club. Betty Jo Cooper ... B.S. Hickory Ridge, Ark. Major: Business Administration Freshman Class Secretary; Alpha Sigma, Historian 2, Marshall 4; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Lamb- da, Vice President 4; Social Fraternity Council 4: Pi Omega Pi, Secretary 4. Iris Cooper . A.B. Nettleton, Ark. Major: English Jeannie Cooper B.S.E. Bay, Ark. Major: Physical Education Top Row Bottom Row William D. Cruse B.S. Leachville, Ark. Major: Business Administration J. B. Curtner B.S. Wynne, Ark. Major: Business Administration Kappa Sigma Nu 2, 3; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian 4, Correspondent; Social Fraternity Council 4; Ac- counting Club. Reporter 4; Senior Class, Reporter; Pre-Law Club; Square and Compass Club, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Press Club; Herald Staff; Wesley Founda- tion; Scribbler ' s Club. Leon Davis B.S. Ravenden Springs, Ark. Major: Business Administration Mary Virginia Davis B.S.E. Corning, Ark. Major: Social Science International Relations Club, Historical Society, Le Cercle Francais, Young Democrats. Fred Daugherty A.B. Hardy, Ark. Major: Business Administration Hubert C. Daugherty, Jr. . . B.S. Hardy, Ark. Major: Business Administration Delta Omega Sigma, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Pi Omega Pi, President 4; Cadet Officers Club 2, 3. Catherine Demaree State College, Ark. Major: English Faculty Women ' s Club. James H. Dickerson Arbyrd, Mo. A.B. B.S.E. Major: Physical Education Top Row Bottom Row Calvin L. Dortch B.S. State College, Ark. Major: Business Administration Bob J. Downing B.S.E. Imboden, Ark. Major: Agriculture Lloyd K. Duncan ... B.S. Kennett, Mo. Major: Business Administration Accounting Club, Vice President; Pi Omega Pi; Confederate Air Force. Wymon D. Dyke B.S.E. Jacksonport, Ark. Major: Physical Education Kappa Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Alpha, coach 4; Cadet Officers Club: P.E. Club. John W. Easley B.S. Burdette, Ark. Major: Agriculture Sigma Pi. Raymond D. Erby B.S. Nettleton, Ark. Major: Biology Beta Beta Beta. O. Lee Faulkner B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Confederate Air Force, Cadet Officers Club, Ac- counting Club, International Relations Club, Inde- pendent Organization, Namvets. Mrs. Beulah Feiler .... B.S.E. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Social Science Top Row liottom Row Robert L. Ferralasco B.S. Haskell, New Jersey Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi; " A " Club; Historical Society; Namvets; Pre-Law Club; International Relations Club, President 4; El Circulo Espanol. Alex E. Fisher B.S. Paragould, Ark. Major: Agriculture Lindell G. Forbes B.S. Newport, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Omega Pi. Accounting Club, Pi Gamma Mu. Scribbler ' s Club. Press Club. El Circulo Espanol. Nam- vets. Phyllis Ford A.B. Hornersville, Missouri Major: English Baptist Student Union. Music Chairman 2, Re- porter and State Reporter 3; Editor. BEACON 4; Al- pha Tail .eta, reporter 2. Chaplain 3; Alpha Gamma Delta. President 4; Herald Staff 2. 3; Indian Staff 3, Editor 4; El Circulo Espanol, Treasurer 1, President 2; Pi Gamma Mu; Press Club, Vice President 3; Scrib- bler ' s Club. Grover H. Freeman B.S. Marmaduke, Ark. Major: Business Administration Accounting Club, Sec.-Treas.; Masquers, Business Manager. Gerald VV. Gasaway B.S. Jonesboro. A rk. Major: Business Administration HUGHIE DlJANE GlBBS B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration El Circulo Espanol, Delta Omega Sigma. E.A.Y.M.C. Richard A. Gogue B.S. Rector, Ark. Major: Ghemistry Pre-Med Club, Treasurer 1; Masquers, President 4; Alpha Psi Omega; Tri Beta. Top Row Bottom Row James F. Golden B.S. Greenway, Ark. Major: Agriculture Royal D. Graham ... B.S. Leachville, Ark. Major: Chemistry Tri Beta, Vice President; Pioneering 1100 C lub. Berta Lou Gramling . B.S. Paragould , Ark. Major: Business Administration Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chairman 4: Pi Omega Pi; Le Cercle Francais; Press Club. Irma Jean Greene B.S.E. Piggott, Ark. Major: Social Science Faculty Women ' s Club, Faculty Women ' s Sewing Club. Joan B. Greenwood B.S. Hickory Ridge, Ark. Major: Music Le Cercle Francais; Alpha Sigma. Secretary 2, Pledge Captain 4; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Lambda. Secretary 3, President 4. James A. Gregson B.S, Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration James E. Harris B.S.E. Seracy, Ark. Major: Physical Education Pioneering 1100 Club, P.E. Club, International Re- lations Club, Young Democrats. Vera Harris . B.S. Nettleton, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Omega Pi. Pi Gamma Mu. Top Row Bottom Roic Betty Jean Henderson B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Home Economics Home Economics Club, Historian 1, Secretary- Treasurer 2; Alpha Tau Zeta; Alpha Gamma Delta, Chaplain, Recording Secretary 4; Wesley Foundation. A. K. Hendrix A.B. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English Le Cercle Francais, Der Deutsche Vereiri, Pi Kappa Delta. Pre-Law Club. J. H. Holt B.S.E. Nettleton, A rk. Major: Social Science Pi Gamma Mu, Ministers Fellowship. Square and Compass Club. James M. Hopper B.S.E. Cullman, Alabama Major: Physical Education P.E. Club, Pioneering 1100 Club. J. L. Horton B.S.E. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: Physical Education Varsity " A " Club, P.E. Club, Treasurer. Monroe House B.S. Dyess, Ark. Major: Business Administration Bales N. Houston B.S. Van Buren, Missouri Major: Business Administration Accounting Club; Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Omega Pi. President 4. Evelyn Houston B.S. Trumann, Ark. Major: Home Economics Alpha Tau Zeta; Home Economics Club, Presi- dent; Baptist Student Union. Top Roxc Bottom Row Pauline Hubbard B.S.E. Strawberry , Ark. Major: English Dale Hudson B.S.E. Jacksonville, J 11. Major: Physical Education Wanda Hutchison B.S.E. Poughkeepsie, Ark. Major: English Albert L. Hutson B.S.E. Ash Flat, Ark. Major: Physical Education P.E. Club, " A " Club) Vice President. Elbert Glenn Hamilton B.S.E. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Frekda James B.S. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Biology Alpha Omicron l ' i. President 4; Alpha Sigma, Vice President 2, President 3; Tri Beta, Secretary 3, Treas- urer 4; Women ' s Executive Council; Le Cercle Fran- cais, Treasuier 2; Junior Class Secretary 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Pre-Med Club; Off Campus Girls, Secretary 4; Young Democrats. Mrs. Jennieve James A.B. Ravenden , Ark. Major: English Masquers, Secretary 3; Alpha Psi Omega, Vice- President 4; Le Cercle Francais, Secretary 4; Der Deutsche Verein; Pioneering 1100 Club. Hubert A. James B.S.E. Ravenden, Ark. Major: Social Science Top Roiv Bottom Row Maurice Jeffri ss B.S.E. Dexter, Missouri Major: Physical Education P.E. Club; " A " Club; Pioneering 1100 Club. Treasurer 4. Fred Justus B.S. Leachville, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Omega l ' i. Vice-President 4; Accounting CI Jimmy Jenkins B.S. Black Oak, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Rush Captain 4; Pre-Law Club; Student Council 3; Social-Fraternity Council: Mu Phi Sigma; Band; Orchestra. Larnie Jennings A.B. Nettleton, A rk. Major: English Press Club. Pre-Law Club. Masquers Club, Der Deutsche Verein, Herald Staff. Ernest C. Johnston Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration P.E. Club. " A " Club. B.S. Jennie Mae Justus B.S.E. Manila, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Omega Pi, Pi Camilla Mu. Robert W. Kaeding B.S. Waldenburg, Ark. Major: Accounting Accounting Club. James B. Kellett B.S. State College, Ark. Major: Business Administration Yourg Dir.- crr.ts, Press Club. P.E. Club. Top Row Bottom Row James E. King B.S.E. Beech Grove, Ark. Major: Education Lee R. Krigbaum B.S. Success, Ark. Major: Business Administration Carlton A. Knight, Jr. B.S. Monette, Ark. Major: Business Administration Annual Staff, Art Editor 2. 3, 4; Delta Omega Sigma, Historian, 2, 3; Le Cercle Francais; Les Artistes; Kappa Pi; Press Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Mary Lancaster B.S. State College, Ark. Major: Business Administration Alpha Sigma, Reporter 3, Treasurer 4; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer 4; Social-Fraternity Council, Vice-President 4; Off-Campus Girls Club, Reporter 4; Pi Omega Pi; Beta Beta Beta, Historian 4; Treasurer of Senior Class. Bill Landers B.S.E. Newport, Ark. Major: Physical Education John H. Lane B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Edwin W. Lard B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Chemistry Ethel K. Lewis ... B.S.E. Forrest City, Ark. Major: Education Top Row Harold E. Lewis B.S. Cherry Valley, Ark. Major: Business Administration Harry B. Lollar, Jr B.S. Wynne, Ark. Major: Biology Beta Beta Beta. Chemistry Club. Paul E. Milbradt B.S. Joiner, Ark. Major: Engineering Harold Mason B.S.E. Senath, Missouri Major: Physical Education P.E. Club. liottorn Row Paul Mason .... B.S.E. Senath, Missouri Major: Physical Education " A " Club, P.E. Club. Edwin F. Mathis . B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Chemistry Delta Omega Sigma. President 2; Tau Kappa Epsi- lon; Pi Kappa Delta; Le Cercle Erancais. Chemistry Club, President 4. Hazel E. McCartney B.S.E. Newport, Ark. Major: English Paul McCutcheon B.S. Steele, Missouri Major: Agriculture m Top Rou Hancel E. McMillon B.S. Parasould, Ark. Major: Business Administration Joe C. Melio B.S. West Helena, Ark. Major: Agriculture La Verne Merryman B.S.E. Monette, Ark. Major: Social Science Bob Montgomery A.B. Newport, Ark. Major: History Internationa] Relations Club; Historical Society; Delta Omega Sigma, Pledge President. Bottom Row Jack F. Mullen B.S. Leaclwille, Ark. Major: Business Administration J. VV. Mullins B.S.E. Newport, Ark. Major: Physical Education " A " Club. P.E. Club. Pioneering 1100 Club. Edward L. Myers B.S. State College, Ark. Major: Business Administration Les Artistes, Accounting Club, Pioneering 1100 Club. Confederate Air Force. Amvets. Luther N. Nall Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration B.S. Top Row Bottom Row Thomas E. Nelms Brookland, Ark. Major: Physical Education B.S.E. Marguerite Ogles Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English B.S.E. Howard L. Nelson Leachville, Ark. Major: Chemistry B $ Jimmy Patterson Leachville, Ark. Major: Business Administration B.S. William E. Norris A.B. Ponghkeepsie, Ark. Major: History Baptist Student Union. Third Vice President; Pi Gamma Mu; Voting Democrats. Gilbert O ' Brien, Jr. A.B. Jonesboro. Ark. Major: Art Les Artistes. Le Cercle Francais, Kappa Pi. Zeta Tan Zeta. Ned E. Penney B.S. St. Louis, Missouri Major: Business Administration Freshman Class President 1; Delta Omega Sigma, Vice President 3. Pledge Master 4; Student Council 4; Cadet Officers Club, Secretary 3. President 4; Mu Phi Sigma. Secretary 2; ASC Band 1. 2. 3. President 4; Confederate Air Force; Glee Club; ASC Orchestra; Statesmen Quartet. Wayman Perkins Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration B.S. Top Roit Bottom Row Ray Scott Phillips B.S.E. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Physical Education Jerry I. Ponder B.S. Light, Ark. Major: Business Administration Accounting Club, Young Democrats. Pink B. Pratt, Jr B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi, President 4; Accounting Club; Wesley Foundation; International Relations Club. Marian Rankin B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Home Economics Home Economics Club; Alpha Gamma Delta, Cor- responding Secretary 4. Louis Reineke B.S. Pittsfield, III. Major: Vocational Education Lambda Chi Alpha, Tri Beta, Square and Com- pass Club, Ag Club. William H. Rhodes . B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration ASC Band 4, ASC Orchestra 3, 4; Mu Phi Sigma; Cadet Officers Club, Secretary 3. Ruel C. Richardson .... B.S. Onia, Ark. Major: Agriculture Ag Club, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Young Democrats. Jeannette Ring Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: English A.B. Top Row Bottom Row Tica Robinson B.S. Knobel, Ark. Major: Home Economics Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Alpha Sigma. Secretary-Treas- urer 1, 2; Junior Class, Treasurer 3; El Circulo Espa- nol, Reporter 3; Home Economics Club, President 3, Reporter 4; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice President 4; Off Campus Girls Club, Vice President 4; Les Artistes, Vice President 2; Veterans Wives Club; Wesley Foundation. Bill F. Rogers A.B. Grubbs, Ark. Major: Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master 4; Pre-Law Club; " A " Club; Football 4; Young Democrats. Clifford Rotton .... B.S.E. West Helena, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi, Pledge Master 3; " A " Club, Reporter 4; Freshman Class, Secretary 1 . Billy Ruddell B.S. Batesville, Ark. Major: Agriculture Sophomore Class, Vice President 2; Junior Class, President 3; Senior Class, President 4; Press Club, Vice President 2; Tri Beta, Historian 3, President 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Pi Kappa Alpha, President 4; Ag Club. Marcelino Sandoval B.S. Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico Major: Business Administration Delta Iota. Raymond Saunches . B.S.E. State College, Ark. Major: Physical Education P.E. Club, Secretary 3; Varsity " A " Club, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Pioneering 1100 Club, Vice President 4; Pi Gamma Mu. V. V. Shearburn El Dorado, Kansas B.S.E. Major: Physical Education " A " Club; P.E. Club, Vice President 3, President 4. Duffie L. Smith Jonesboro, A rk. Major: Agriculture B.S. Top Row Bottom Row James L. Smith B.S. Searcy, Ark. Major: Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, Engineering Club. Westminster Fellowship. Jeff O. Smith B.S. Searcy, Ark. Major: Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha, Ag Club. Orville Palmer Smith A.B. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: English Delta Omega Sigma, Vice President 2. President 3; Cadet Officers Club, Secretary 2; Press Club; Student Council, President 3; E.A.Y.M.C.; INDIAN Staff, Busi- ness Manager 2. 3. J. C. Smithers B.S.E. West Memphis, Ark. Major: Social Science P.E. Club, Vice President; Varsity " A " Club; Pi Gamma Mu; International Relations Club; Young Democrats. Joe W. Snodgrass B.S. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Agriculture Sigma Pi. Ag Club. Ted Spurlock B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Charles Edwin Stallings . B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Accounting Club, Young Democrats, ASC Band. Jean C. Standefer .... B.S.E. Osceola, Ark. Major: Home Economics Top Row Bottom Row Edward J. Steimel A.B. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: English Pi Gamma Mu, President 3; Press Club, Vice Presi- dent 4; Pi Kappa Delta, Corresponding Secretary 3. 4; Pre-Law Club, Reporter 3. Bland S. Stewart B.S.E. Car dwell, Missouri Major: Physical Education John Strickland B.S.E. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Social Science Richard Stringer B.S. Pocahontas, Ark. Major: Chemistry Tri Beta; Delta Omega Sigma. Chaplain and Pledgemas ' ter 3; Le Cercle Francais. President 4; Chem- istry Club; Young Democrats; E.A.Y.M.C. R. C. Tennyson A.B. Steele. Missouri Major: English Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Delta; Pre-Law Club; Pioneer- ing 1100 Club. Reporter 2, 3. 4; Press Club, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Le Cercle Francais; Pi Gamma Mu. Bernice Gibson Terry B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration El Circulo Espanol, Press Club. Charles A. Terry B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Kappa Sigma Nu; Football I; Cadet Officers Club, President 3; Baptist Student Union; Namvets; Young Democrats. Ralph O. Thorne B.S.E. Marmaduke, Ark. Major: Social Science Top Rou Bottom Row Bill C. Thornton A.B. Bono, Ark. Major: Art Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer 1; Delta Omega Sigma. Historian 1. 4, Reporter 2; Les Artistes, Presi- dent 3; Press Club; INDIAN Staff 3, 4; Kappa Pi; Der Deutsche Verein. Mason Waits B.S. Mammoth Springs, Ark. Major: Agriculture Ag Club. Young Democrats; Pioneering 1100 Club, President. L. Belle Tripp B.S.E. State College, Ark. Major: English Wesley Foundation, President 3; Reporter 4; A.C.E., President 2, 3; Pi Gamma Mu; ASC Band 2. 3; ASC Choir 2, 3; International Relations Club; Le Cercle Francais; Masquers. R. C. Trussell B.S.E. Charleston, Missouri Major: Physical Education Zeta Tau Zeta. P.E. Club. Harold E. Waddle . B.S.E. Palmer, III. Major: Physical Education Dass Jo Wallace B.S. Trumann, Ark. Major: Business Administration James R. Wallace B.S. Trumann, Ark. Major: Physical Education Lloyd A. Walton B.S. Black Oak, Ark. Major: Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Alumi Secretary 4; Kappa Sigma Top Row Bottom Row Charles D. Watson B.S. Reiser, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi; Junior Class, Vice President 3; Histor- ical Society, Vice President 4; Social Fraternity Coun- cil 4. DarrelE. Way ... B.S. Steele, Missouri Major: Agriculture Pioneering 1100 Club. Ag Club. Tri Beta. John B. Webster A.B. Paragould, Ark. Major: English Press Club, Sigma Pi, HERALD Staff 1. 2, 3. 4; INDIAN Staff, 2, 3; Pre-Law Club; Scribblers Club; Wesley Foundation. Tommie Westbrooke B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Business Administration Earnest W. Wiles B.S.E. Bay, Ark. Major: Socia l Science Bennie Wilhelm B.S.E. Taylorville, III. Major: Physical Education Basketball 2. 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3; " A " Club. President 2; P.E. Club; Kappa Sigma Nu. Bobby Wilkinson B.S.E. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: Physical Education Delta Omega Sigma, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, 4; " A " Club; Namvets, P.E. Club. Joe P. Wilkinson B.S.E. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: Physical Education " A " Club, P.E. Club, Young Democrats. Top Row Bottom Rcxv George M. Williams B.S.E. Cardwell, Missouri Major: Social Science Robert H. Wilmoth . B.S. Etowah, Ark. Major: Agriculture Zeta Tau Zeta. President 1, 2: Sigma I ' i. Presi- dent 3, Vice President 4; Square and Compass Club, Vice President 4; Ag Club; Engineers Club; ASC Band 1; Young Democrats. Maurice Winstead B.S. Ma rma d u h e , A rk . Major: Physical Education P.E. Club, " A " Club, Tri Beta. John L. Wood . . B.S. Donna, Texas Major: Business Administration Wandaleen Wood B.S.E. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Social Science Virginia Woodman A.B. Grubbs, Ark. Major: English Historical Society. Secretary- Treasurer; Internation- al Relations Club; Baptist Student Union. Fred Young .... B.S.E. Tyronza, A rk. Major: Biology Pi Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary, 4; Tri Beta; Xamvets; Young Democrats. Kenneth Yarbrough B.S. Trumann, Ark. Major: Business Administration Sigma Pi. H. B. Yarbrough B.S. Chidester, Ark. Major: Business Administration Ag Club; Historical Society. Secretary 2; Der Deutsche Verein, Vice President 1; Wesley Foundation, Co-Editor of WESLEYAN 3. 4; Men ' s Glee Club; In- ternational Relations Club; Pi Omega Pi; Namvets; Association of Independent Students. Dallas P. Wright B.S. Greenway, Ark. Major: Business Administration Young Democrats; Namvets; Cadet Officers Club, Treasurer 3, 4; Delta Omega Sigma, Treasurer 4; Pi Omega Pi. Carroll C. Woodring A.B. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Major: English JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Joe Melio Charles Watson Helen Braden Gene Shipp Wilmoth Kenneth Braden Student Council Representatives- Royal Small, Fred Pierce, Genevieve Avis Sponsor Dr. W. W. Nedrow Studying hard trying to reach their long-hoped-for rank of Senior .... Fun on the excursion to Craighead Forest .... OH! Those memories of the Junior-Senior Prom in Danner Hall .... Spring picnic — In the Spring a young man ' s fancy turns .... Bill Adams Brookland, Ark. Roy Adkins ... Harrisburg, Ark. W illiam E. Amnions . Jonesboro, Ark. John D. Apple Batesville, Ark. Willis O. At buckle . . . East Alton, 111. John C. Arment Trumann, Ark. Wayne L. Atkins Gentry, Ark. Marie Austin Poplar Bluff, Mo. Pelham, Austin, Jr. Peach Orchard, Ark. Genevieve Avis Steele, Mo. Howard W. Barton . . Tyronza, Ark. John F. Beardon . . Leachville, Ark. Atwood J. Bell .... Jonesboro, Ark. Millard G. Bench . . Walnut Ridge, Ark. Jewel Bishop Paragoitld, Ark. William Bishop Jonesboro, Ark. William W. Black .... Jonesboro, Ark. Harold D. Blount . . . Floral, Ark. Bobby B. Bowie Newport. Ark. Frankie A. Bowlin VVakott, Ark. Robert Lee Box Lake City, Ark. Helen Braden Kenneth Braden Ben F. Bufford Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Joe R. Byars Cascasillo. Miss. Grover H. Caldwell Salem, Ark. Vernon Capers Lake Village, Ark. Jndd Chapin Trnmann. Ark. Douglas A. Cobb Jonesboro. Ark. Jefferson L. Cook Bono, Ark. Stewart Craig W ayne Creason State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. J. Hulan Cupp Paragould. Ark. Win. R. Cunningham Walnut Ridge, Ark. Harry Darby Dyess. Ark. Bob DeLong St. Louis. Mo. Martha Dickson Jonesboro, Ark. Keith Doane Salem, 111. Harold L. Drawn . . Calico Rock, Ark. Daymon E. Erwin . . . Paragould, Ark. Joe D. Eason Cooter, Mo. Oscar J. Fairfield . . Heber Springs, Ark. Joe W. Fakes McCrory, Ark. Staton T. Foltz Wynne, Ark. Robert Garrett ... State College, Ark. Glenn Gleghorn Walnut Ridge, Ark. Phil Gowen Knobel, Ark. Dalton L. Green . State College, Ark. Sam Green State College, Ark. Omar Greene Reiser. Ark. Sonny Greenwood Hickory Ridge, Ark. Charles Gregory Piggott, Ark. James R. Gwin . . Pleasant Plains, Ark. June Haggard Steele, Mo. P. L. Hamlet Marvell, Ark. L. B. Winfred Hardy . Cardwell. Mo. Jeffery C. Hayden Locust Grove, Ark. Gene Hazel Monette, Ark. Mary Jane Henderson Jonesboro, Ark. Charles R. Hill Paragould. Ark. John W. Himes . . Poughkeepsie, Ark. James M. Holland Marmaduke, Ark. James E. Hollinseed Leachville, Ark. Bill Holohaugh . . Pocahontas, Ark. Talmadge W. Holt . .. Manila, Ark. Kenneth E. Hopper .... Logan, Ark. June Howard Dell, Ark. Linzel Hutson Ash Flat, Ark. Frank W. Hyde .... Paragoidd, Ark. Glenn Hyland Neeleyville, Mo. La Donna M. Jacobs . Jonesboro, Ark. Carey Johnson Cardwell, Mo. James F. Johnson . . . Nettleton, Ark. Dale Jones Cash, Ark. Thomas Keelin Datto, Ark. Betty King Jonesboro, Ark. Vernon Lacey Delaplaine, Ark. John P. Lancaster . State College, Ark. Charles R. Lutes . . . Blytheville, Ark. Jayne Joyce Lybrand . . Jonesboro, Ark. Claud E. Mann McCrory, Ark. Oscar Mashburn Jonesboro, Ark. Ralph Mason Hardy, Ark. David D. May Jonesboro, Ark. John B. McArthur . . Lepanto, Ark. Farrol W. Miles Jonesboro, Ark. John E. Miller Melbourne, Ark. L. J. Miller Hope. Ark. Maurice Miller Jonesboro, Ark. Thelma Miller .... Jonesboro, Ark. Ann Mullen State College. Ark. James W. Murray .... Nettleton, Ark. Harold D. Nelms ... Brookland, Ark. James Nelms Jonesboro, Ark. J. E. Nichols Piggott. Ark. Audrey Nell Norrid Steele, Mo. Beulah Mae Nunnery Blytheville, Ark. Millard Oldham Helena, Ark. Francis J. Orlicek Hazen, Ark. Roy Chester Owen . . . Paragould, Ark. Bobby S. Pack ... Lake City, Ark. Betty Parks Rector. Ark. Jimmy N. Parrott .... Jonesboro, Ark. Carl H. Perrin Jonesboro, Ark. Fred Pierce ... Lake Village, Ark. Alice Pressley Puxico, Mo. Jimmy Purnell . . Blytheville, Ark. Thomas W. Ragland . Osceola, Ark. John B. Robert Hoxie, Ark. Charlie F. Rodgers . . Jonesboro, Ark. Guy L. Rodgers Blytheville, Ark. George Rowland ... Paragould, Ark. Betty Scholze Waldenburg, Ark. Glenna See Rector, Ark. Eldon E. Semple .... Ash Flat. Ark. Joe Shaw . Marked Tree, Ark. Neal Shedd Manila, Ark. Leroy V. Sheffield . Paragould, Ark. Gene Shipp Wilmoth . . Pine Bluff, Ark. Harold Simpson . Blytheville, Ark. William B. Simpson . Waldenburg, Ark. James F. Sloan III Black Rock, Ark. Royal Small Steele, Mo. Charles H. Smith McCrory, Ark. Fred H. Smith Bono, Ark. Schuyler Smith .... Jonesboro, Ark. Lena Belle Spencer .... Monette, Ark. Gloria Spotts Senath, Mo. Maurice G. Starr .... Smithville, Ark. Arlan J. Stearns Paragould, Ark. Leon Stevens Jonesboro, Ark. Russell Strickland Lake City, Ark. Brenda Stuck Doyle F. Sutherland Jonesboro, Ark. Salem, Ark. Shirley Swaim Grubbs, Ark. Tommy Sylvester .... Blytheville, Ark. Cleo A. Taylor . . . Melbourne, Ark. Gilbert W. Taylor Manila, Ark. Betty Terry Jonesboro, Ark. William A. Thiel . Paragould. Ark. Buford Thompson Hardy, Ark. Ruby Faye Trammel . . . Tyronza, Ark. Celeste Tullos .... Trumann, Ark. Joe A. Valentour Holmes, Miss. Troy A. Walls Senath. Mo. Bob L. Ward Naylor, Mo. Earline Way Carlisle, Ark. W. F. Wells Manila, Ark. Jean Westbrook Jonesboro, Ark. George P. White . . . . Paragould, Ark. Wanda Whitwell Ruben Whitley Doniphan, Mo. Jonesboro, Ark. Eugene F. Widmar Paragould, Ark. Otis Wiles Ash Flat, Ark. Jolyne Wilkins Otwell, Ark. Ruth Wingfield Jonesboro, Ark Charles Wixson Ulysses Word . Fisher, Ark. Rison. Ark. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Jimmy Crews Vice-President Bob Merryman Secretary Joanne Hall Treasurer Jo Ann Baker Student Council Representatives Jim Jordan, Gene Osselmeier Sponsor " Tex " Plunkett Huge success of Sadie Hawkins Day Dance . . . , Wynette Stanfield as Daisy Mae and Cliff Rotton as Li ' l Abner .... Champion Hog Caller L. H. Autry . . . . Grand March of Dog Patchers .... Orchestra fenced off with chicken wire and corn stalks .... Bales of hay for benches .... Spring picnic .... Lawrence Accord ... Robinson, 111. Carlton Adams Arbyrd, Mo. Veda N. Adkins Manila, Ark. Elmo W. Albright . . Jonesboro, Ark. W illiam C. Alexander . Jonesboro, Ark. Benjamin J. Allen Blytbeville, Ark. Gail G. Anderson Black Oak, Ark. Oliver K. Armstrong Lake City, Ark. Lilburn H. Autry ... Burdette, Ark. Jo Ann Baker Harrisburg, Ark. E. A. Ballard Biggers, Ark. Roy D. Ballard .... Jonesboro, Ark. Mancefield Barrow . Paragould, Ark. Elwanda Bearden . . . Ash Flat, Ark. Paul Beaver Viola, Ark. Edward D. Benthall . . . Helena, Ark. Ralph Benefield Hayti, Mo. Robert Blue Harrisburg. 111. Jeanne Scott Boggess Jonesboro, Ark. Bob C. Bolton . . . Marked Tree, Ark. Dee Bonner Centralia, 111. Louis N. Bond Jonesboro, Ark. Mason Boyles . Marked Tree, Ark. Lewis A. Boyster Tupelo, Ark. Raymond Braden Lucy, Term. Ray Bradsher Paragould, Ark. Ralph A. Brand .... Kewanee. Mo. Farola. Brannon Jonesboro, Ark. Elizabeth A. Brown . Marvell, Ark. James G. Brown State College, Ark. Bernard E. Bnjarski Blytheville, Ark. Fred L. Byassee Steele. Mo. Charles B. Carter . . Holcomb, Mo. Ralph D. Chorice Campbell, Mo. Dorothy Clements . . Paragould, Ark. Bonnie Cook Blytheville, Ark. Vernon K. Cooper Walnut Ridge, Ark. Juanita Conrad ... Jonesboro, Ark. Ed Corcoran Jacksonville, 111. Louise Crawford .... Vanndale, Ark. Ruby Faye Crawford Vanndale, Ark. Donald L. Crowe . . Braggadocio, Mo Jimmy Crews Rector, Ark. Eugene Crisp Jonesboro, Ark. Harold E. Culp Buddy Davidson Wayne D. Davis David Dickerson Lake Village, Ark. . . Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Marked Tree, Ark. Exie P. Dickerson .... Arbyrd, Mo. Louis Dillinger .... St. Francis, Ark. Ernest Donoho Salem, 111. Wfayphofa O. Dortch Lafe, Ark. Jeffie Drape Jonesboro. Ark. James R. Dunahoo Caruthersville, Mo. Bill C. Duncan Afton Eubanks Alvie J. W. Evans Orman H. Farley Roland L. Finley . Robert E. First Grubbs, Ark. Paragoukl, Ark. Rector, Ark. Nettleton, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. . Meadville, Pa. Harold E. Fleeman . . Leachville, Ark. Verrel K. Foltz Wynne. Ark. Howard C. Forrest . . . Jonesboro, Ark. Margaret Ann Fowler Weiner, Ark. Martha Ann Fox Billie J. Franks John W. French Marked Tree, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Harrisburg, Ark. William D. Garner . . . Paragotdd, Ark. Minor H. Gipson, Jr. . . . Augusta, Ark. Lloyd Goff .... Poughkeepsie, Ark. Vernon L. Glenn Lynn, Ark. Wanda Glover Bay, Ark. Ray N. Goodson Black Oak. Ark. Martin Graddy Evening Shade. Ark. Orville Graddy . . Williford. Ark. Martha Greenwood State College, Ark. Charles Griffin Jonesboro, Ark. Jerry Grimes Manila. Ark. Jim Grimes Newport, Ark. David Hackworth Thayer, Mo. C. P. Haggard Steele. Mo. Joanne Hall Harrisburg, Ark. Veva Joy Hall Jonesboro, Ark. Charles W. Hankins . . . Shoffner, Ark. Eugene R. Harkonen . . . Chicago. 111. lone Harrell Monette, Ark. John L. Harris Jonesboro, Ark. Mrs. Mary F. Harris Murfreesboro, Ark. William E. Harrison. Jr. Hornersville. Mo. Amy Hass Marmaduke, Ark. Chas. H. Hendershot, Jr. Leachville, Ark. Bill E. Hendrix ... Jonesboro, Ark. Edgar B. Henson Wynne, Ark. Harry H. Hickman Hickory Ridge, Ark. Inez Houston ... Van Buren, Mo. jCarl Huff Evansville, Ind. J. B. Jackson Campbell, Mo. Nellie V. Jennings . . . Jonesboro, Ark. Chester E. Johnson Meadville, Pa. Bob Jones Ashley, 111. Frankie Lee Jones ... Swifton, Ark. James D. Jones Bexar, Ark. Willard V. Jones Tupelo, Ark. James G. Jordan . Jacksonport, Ark. Charles K. Kassinger . . Wynne, Ark. Everett L. Kell . .. Swifton, Ark. James B. Kellem Kennett, Mo. Alan H. Kifer Jonesboro, Ark. Charles T. Kirkpatrick Waldenburg, Ark. Louise Knott Jonesboro, Ark. Honeye Lyle Jonesboro, Ark. Harry H. Ledbetter . . Tuckerman, Ark. Lindsey Love Viola, Ark. George W. Landrum Holcomb, Mo. Dale E. Madison . . Leachville, Ark. Martin M. Maestas Albuquerque, N. M. Alan B. Mandrell . . Paragould, Ark. Ada Mae Marsh . . Jonesboro, Ark. Robert E. Marsh . . Carruthersville, Mo. Ruth Marshall . . . Marmaduke, Ark. Larry E. McCann Ray McCann Maxine McCook Brian McCuin Dyess, Ark. Canalou, Mo. Blytheville, Ark. Little Rock. Ark. Wm. Leon McDonald Pocahontas, Ark. John McGuire .... Fayetteville, Ark. Bill H. McKeil Rector. Ark. Buddy Meador Black Oak. Ark. Bob W. Merryman Monette, Ark. Jimmy L. Miller Jonesboro. Ark. Donald Mitchell Pompton Lakes. N. J. Gayie L. Milan Gatewood, Mo. L. C. Mobley . . Manila, Ark. Neva Lou Mock Pocahontas. Ark. Allen Moody Blytheville, Ark. Dorothy Monroe Senath. Mo. C. O. Montgomery, Jr. Piggott, Ark. Jerry Morgan Blytheville, Ark. Mary Jane Mullins Neeleyville, Mo. Ann C. Mnrrell Monette, Ark. Murrell G. Nance Leachville, Ark. Jordan Doss Needham Jonesboro, Ark. Arthur E. Olive Paragould, Ark. Jimmy G. Osborn Jonesboro, Ark. Gene Osselmeier Columbus, 111. Harold C. Parkinson Caruthersville, Mo. Neal Parrow . . . . State College, Ark. Denver D. Patrick . . Jonesboro, Ark. Harvey C. Patterson Robert C. Penry Evalee Pevytoe Albert A. Poe, Jr. Doniphan, Mo. Paragould, Ark. Eudora, Ark. . . Hayti, Mo. Ray burn Poole . . Billy Joe Price . . Mary Ruth Pulliam Alfred Rainey . Charles W. Randle Bruce Rider . . . Charles O. Ripley Lowell Robertson . . . Kennett, Mo. . Jonesboro, Ark. . Jonesboro, Ark. Holcomb, Mo. . . Pocahontas, Ark. Walnut Ridge, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. . . . Cabot, Ark. La Nell Robinson Manila, Ark. Freeman L. Rose . . . Nettleton, Ark. Robert H. Ross . . Paragould, Ark. Dan Rusak Streator, 111. Freddie M. Sain Leachville, Ark. Fred Schulte ... Caruthersville, Mo. Becky Scott Jonesboro, Ark. Robert E. Sechrest . Poplar Bluff, Mo. Barney B. Sellers Walnut Ridge, Ark. Donald V. Sharp Jonesboro, Ark. Allan A. Shaver Evening Shade, Ark. Marvin D. Shaver Cherry Valley, Ark. Jimmy Simmons Dell, Ark. Grady Sims Memphis, Tenn. Ercel Skeen Jonesboro, Ark. Bobbye Lois Smith Weiner. Ark. Conway W. Smith . Batesville, Ark. Elton B. Smith Earle, Ark. William M. Smith ... Batesville, Ark. Bennie Spicer Hardy, Ark. Harvey Lee Stallings Jonesboro. Ark. Percy Stanfield .... Jonesboro, Ark. William H. Stark Jonesboro, Ark. Charles E. Steward Cotton Plant, Ark. Margie Lou Street Cave City, Ark. Ruben L. Stubblefield Caraway, Ark. John W. Sullivan . . . . Wynne. Ark. Charles M. Swann . . Pocahontas, Ark. Sam C. Swann . . June M. Tapp Elmer G. Tate . . . Billie Rex Taylor . Jonesboro, Ark. Monette, Ark. Neeleyville, Mo. Black Oak. Ark. Gilbert Taylor Lunceford, Ark. Sue Tennyson Steele, Mo. Frances Tonyman .... Marvel, Ark. William M. Towery State College, Ark. Bill D. Verkler . . Black Rock, Ark. Cecil H. Vines Newport, Ark. John D. Wade . . . . Blytheville, Ark. Jim Wadlington Rector, Ark. John A. Wallace, Jr. . . Dyess, Ark. Tom Wathen Jonesboro, Ark. Bill Watkins Bono, Ark. John Wayland .... State College, Ark. Bob L. Welch Salem, Ark. Delbert C. Wells Walnut Ridge, Ark. Pat Whitaker . Forrest City, Ark. Harry V. Widner . . Trumann, Ark. Verness Wiles ... Ash Flat, Ark. Mrs. Fay K. Williams Cardwell, Mo. fames M. Williams Cardwell, Mo. Marian Wofford .... Senath, Mo. Jeannean Wood Thomas O. Wood . Leonard E. Woods Carrington Woodyard Parkin, Ark. Parkin, Ark. Cash, Ark. Sylvania, Ohio Colleen Wright .... DeWitt. Ark. Alton W. Yearry Newport. Ark. Give Your Gripes So, you have a complaint to make! Was your name misspelled? You say your picture didn ' t flatter you? May- be you were even completely omitted from this year ' s INDIAN. You mean that your hometown wasn ' t listed and that your last name really isn ' t as bad as it appeared on the page? Well, you just sit down and give that ole goat, the Edi- tor, a generous piece of your mind. Get it off your chest. List your grievances on this page, rip it out, and mail it to the unfortunate Editor and tell her just what you think! It ' s the nearest thing to a black eye that you can inflict on a female editor, and you ' ll probably glean much personal satisfaction in so doing. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President John E. Harrison Vice-President Bob Anderson Secretary Mary Elizabeth Simpkins Treasurer Frank Montgomery Reporter Ray Douglas Student Council Representatives Carolyn Walker, Jack Saliba Sponsor Dr. Homer C. Huitt Sponsored Bon-Fire preceding Homecoming .... Sat together at football games and supported cheering squad .... Instigated Sorority-Fraternity Pledge walk-out and the fun at Craighead Forest .... Box-Supper and Spring dance . . . Lavah Adams Ronald R. Alexander Gregory W. Allen Robert A. Anderson Glenn A. Arnold Jackie Asher Lake City, Ark. Granite City, III. Montclair, New Jersey Paragould, Ark. Old Joe, Ark. Connelton, Ind. Marjorie Bailey ... Wynne, Ark. Leita Ballew . . Jonesboro, Ark. Judy Barnes . . Pocahontas, Ark. Arthur A. Baumgardner Neeleyville, Mo. Dorothy Baysinger Trumann, Ark. C. C. Benson ... ... DuQuoin, 111. Barbara A. Berna John L. Berry William Berry Morgan H. Best Dempsey G. Binkley Marie Bishop West Memphis, Ark. Haskell, New Jersey Norfork, Ark. Doniphan, Mo. Holcomb, Mo. Jonesboro, Ark. Ina Jean Blair Myron R. Blum Raymond T. Bly Maurice Boozier Janice Borror Bobby Sue Bowling Dell, Ark. Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Pocahontas, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Deering, Mo. Marie Boyd Jon Ellen Boyles Raymond Braden Carolyn Brandon J. K. Brewer Margaret Brickell Jonesboro, Ark. Marked Tree, Ark. Lucy, Tenn. Paragould, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Caraway, Ark. Ed Brinton Jonesboro, Ark. Blondena Buck ..... Arbyrd, Mo. Jesse Bucy ...... Rector, Ark. Nema C. Burks ....... Blytheville, Ark. Bessie J. Burrell ..... Durant, Miss. Howard Claud Burris ..... Pine Bluff, Ark. Charles Butler Gilbert M. Butler Betty Caldwell Donald J. Cain Horace D. Carmack Tom Carmody Keiser, Ark. Hoxie, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. McCrory, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Granite City, 111. Lessie L. Cate . Corning, Ark. Duane Chrisco Black Oak, Ark. Dan W. Chumley Covington, Tenn. Billy Ray Clark Jonesboro, Ark. Dwayne Clark Pleasant Plains, Ark. Alice Lee Cochran ...... Hoxie, Ark. Sammy W. Cole ....... Parkin, Ark. Barbara Collins Weiner, Ark. Roy M. Collins ...... Tyronza, Ark. James W. Colvard . ... Ozark, Ark. Frances Cook Bono, Ark. J. A. Coop . . . Covington, Tenn. Herschel M. Cothren ... Paragould, Ark. Orland E. Crail ..... Paragould, Ark. Aubrey B. Cranor . . . . Paragould, Ark. Ruth Imogene Crawford . . . Black Oak, Ark. C. C. Cravens ...... Martin, Tenn. Joy E. Creighton ..... Pleasant Plains, Ark. J. P. Crigler ..... Jonesboro, Ark. Ernest Crone . . . . Little Rock, Ark. Joseph Damiano . . Kearny, New Jersey Betty L. David ....... Fisher, Ark. Marjorie Davis ..... Hickory Ridge, Ark. Victor Davis . . . ... Marked Tree, Ark. Robert Dawson ....... Hayti, Mo. Garry S. Dehls . . . ' . Pleasant Grove, Ark. Charles E. DeLong ...... Dubois, Pa. Joy K. Dennis ....... Fisher, Ark. Gale Devall ...... Paragould, Ark. James Dinsmore ....... Weiner, Ark. Ray E. Douglas " . . . . . Jonesboro, Ark. Marshall Driver ...... Helena, Ark. David E. Ducker ...... Calico Rock, Ark. H. A. Dudley .... State College, Ark. Alva Duncan ....... Jonesboro, Ark. Harold F. Duncan ....... Searcy, Ark. Charles Dunham ...... Bono, Ark. Arthur E. Dunivan ....... Senath, Mo. Glenn T. Earl ..... Senath, Mo. Paul Elder ...... Jonesboro, Ark. Mike Elias ..... Michigan City, Ind. Bill Elmore .... Paragould, Ark. Billy Erwin .... Jonesboro, Ark. R. Chacy Eueland, Jr. Delaplaine, Ark. Evelyn Faughn Paragould, Ark. Richard Fedder . Michigan City, Ind. Joseph Feinbloom ..... Pompton Lakes, N. J. Kenneth L. Files .... Hunter, Ark. Marvin O. Floyd .... Bradford, Ark. Mayo Foley . Smithville, Ark. Anna Jean Foster . Osceola, Ark. Charlie B. Frazier Texas City, Texas Edward Friedman Michigan City, Ind. Perry M. Gambill Billie Gatlin Phil Geraci Mary Frances Gibson Katherine Gilmer Glenn A. Glover Marked Tree, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Brooklyn, N. Y. Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. McCrory, Ark. Naomi Golden Mary Katherine Goldman Chloe Goodloe Robert Gorham Rex Gorman Clarence Gowen Lake City, Ark. Peach Orchard, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Black Oak, Ark. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wynne, Ark. Raymond J. Grass Pompton Lakes, N. J. James Gregg Sikeston, Mo. Allen Gregg State College, Ark. Willie Green Salem, Ark. Carl Greenwald Granite City, 111. David F. Greenwood ... Hickory Ridge, Ark. June M. Gresham Jonesboro, Ark. Martha Griffin Jonesboro, Ark. William E. Griffin Jonesboro, Ark. Ralph Gross ..... Chicago, 111. Mike Gurkin State College, Ark. Mack A. Hambleson ...... Paragould, Ark. Don Hamilton Charles W. Hardenbrook William C. Hardin State College, Ark. Pompton Lakes, N. J. Hoxie, Ark. Carl Harper }. E. Harrison Butch Hayduk Albert Hayes, Jr. Lawrence Hearn J. W. Heathcock Round Pond, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Michigan City, Ind. Stuttgart, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Steele, Mo. Tack Hennrich Granite City, 111. Marshall G. Henson Jonesboro, Ark. William R. Hinton Wynne, Ark. David Hodges . . Forrest City, Ark. J. T. Hogan Lake City, Ark. Mary Lee Hogan Lake City, Ark. R. E. Holliman James K. Holmes Ruth E. Hudson Dick Huff Billy M. Hutchison Able W. Jackson State College, Ark. Lepanto, Ark. Cotton Plant, Ark. Granite City, 111. Jonesboro, Ark. Rector, Ark. Bill G. Jackson Jean Jackson Zetta Jackson Helen Jennings Arthur Jessen J. L. Johnson Violet Hill, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Manila, Ark. Vanndale, Ark. Imboden, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Willis Johnston Frankie Lee Jones Frankie Lee Jones Jacqueline Jones Thomas E. Jones Norman Keith Lepanto, Ark. Swifton, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Hughes, Ark. Mammoth Springs, Ark. Piggott, Ark. Kathleen Kinder Robert Kitterman Fred J. Koch Phil Koltun R. Lee Lamberson Betty Jean Lamberth Bernie, Missouri Bay, Ark. Carlisle, Ark. Michigan City, Ind. Bay, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Jimmy P. Lancaster . ■ State College, Ark. Harold J. Landwhrmier Granite City, 111. Jean Langley • State College, Ark. Boyce Langston . Hart, Ark. Paul Lasley • • State College, Ark. f. D. Lawson Hi I lie Lester David K. Lester Thomas Liliker Ditty Lipscomb Aubrey Lloyd State College, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Brookland, Ark. England, Ark. Caraway, Ark. Edna Jewel Lorren . Manila, Ark. Warren Loschky . Paragould, Ark. George Lyles ... Jonesboro, Ark. Roy Lee Mack . . Pocahontas, Ark. Herbert Magee . . ... Jonesboro, Ark. William R. Magee ...... Corning, Ark. William Malone ...... Memphis, Term. LeRoy Mandrell Paragould, Ark. D. Aubrey Manning ...... jonesboro, Ark. John B. Maples . . Comanche, Tex. Mary Elizabeth Martin . . Stuttgart, Ark. David Massey ...... Senath, Mo. Lonie Frank Matthews O. B. May, Jr. Kenneth E. Mayo John McAfee Joe McAlister Alvin E. McCoy Trumann, Ark. Batesville, Ark. Piggott, Ark. Monette, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Garnet C. McDaniel James K. McGrew CHI lord B. McVey Esther Marinella Miller Fairy Miller Michael F. Miller Paragould, Ark. Millwood, Ark. Neeleyville, Mo. Searcy, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Chicago, 111. Mary Mills . North Little Rock, Ark. Dorothy Mizelle ..... Luxora, Ark. Joe Mobley . . Jonesboro, Ark. Jack Mock .... Biggers, Ark. John Monroe .... Jonesboro, Ark. E. Franklin Montgomery ... Marianna, Ark. Max Moore .... Nettleton, Ark. Hugh E. Moser Jonesboro, Ark. Peter Moss . Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Betty Mullen . . Gideon, Mo. William J. Myers .... Gideon, Mo. Walter G. Nelson Billie L. Nichols Laverne Nutt Catherine O ' Brien Ann Orr Harold Overton Caraway, Ark. Piggott, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Manila, Ark. Ann Owen .... Lnxora, Ark. Julius Palone Brooklyn, New York James W. Park ....... Hardy, Ark. Aaron Parker .... Parma, Mo. Tom Parker . Parma, Mo. Jimmie D. Partlow . Paragould, Ark. Frank Pasierb North Little Rock, Ark. Fred H. Pasmore .... State College, Ark. Robert A. Payne ... Paragould, Ark. Betty Gaye Pender Hornersville, Mo. Peggy Penix .... . Jonesboro, Ark. R. A. Perry . . Piggott, Ark. Gladys Phillips Lance Phillips Mary Ola Phillips Robert M. Pierce Dan E. Pitts Herman Ponder Leachville, Ark. Hoxie, Ark. Leachville, Ark. Lake Village, Ark. Leachville, Ark. Cardwell, Mo. Donald Priest Lindsey Procter Charles N. Rankin Patsy Richardson Carl L. Robertson W. H. Robertson Jonesboro, Ark. Forrest City, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Luxora, Ark. Blytheville, Ark. Pocahontas, Ark. Ruth S. Robinson Edwin D. Rogers Fred Rogers James D. Rogers L. J. Romero Louise Rose Knobel, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Batesville, Ark. Dyess, Ark. Port Arthur, Tex. Melbourne, Ark. Doris C. Rowlett ....... Trumann, Ark. Vurnie R. Russell ...... Armorel, Ark. Jack Saliba . . . Blytheville, Ark. Frances Louise Scott ...... Blytheville, Ark. Melburn W. Sefers ... Lake City, Ark. Elmer F. Seidenschwarz, Jr. Stuttgart, Ark. Morton Sennett .... Chicago, 111. Curtis E. Settlemoir Portia, Ark. Fred M. Shackleford .... Marked Tree, Ark. Donald Shelton .... Marked Tree, Ark. Jeanne E. Shores James E. Shores Dewey H. Sifford Mary Elizabeth Simpkins Norma Jean Simpkins Tommy J. Sims Reyno, Ark. Portia, Ark. Marianna, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. West Memphis, Ark. Bobby L. Slayton ..... Minturn, Ark. Pauline B. Small ... Senath, Mo. Eugene Smith ...... Forrest City, Ark. Neal Smith .... Alicia, Ark. Odis V. Smith Naylor, Mo. Robert L. Smith .... St. Louis, Mo. Ray C. Snodgrass Betty Sue Spann Robert L. Spears Robert Spurlock Gerald Sprouse Dorothy Stafford Pocahontas, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Lepanto, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Rector, Ark. State College, Ark. Miles Standish . Jonesboro, Ark. Wynette Stanfield ...... Luxora, Ark. Loy E. Stark ..... Cherry Valley, Ark. Bob Steele .... Jonesboro, Ark. Wallace Stegmann ..... Kearny, New Jersey Billye Frances Sullards ..... Jonesboro, Ark. Kenneth Sullins ....... Hoxie, Ark. Bob Swindle . ..... Rector, Ark. Melvin J. T. Tate ...... Jonesboro, Ark. J. P. Taylor ....... Lake City, Ark. James W. Taylor ...... Monette, Ark. Dean T. Tendler ...... St. Louis, Mo. James Thacker . . ... Rector, Ark. Homer P. Thomen . .... Delaplaine, Ark. Bly Thorn ...... Lauratown, Ark. Carl L. Threlkeld . . Manila, Ark. June Tidwell ....... Deering, Mo. Jack Tinsley . . Delaplaine, Ark. Charles E. Toney . ... Helena, Ark. J. Cobb Turner . . Wynne, Ark. Norman K. Tyler ...... Dyess, Ark. Paul H. Valentine . . Lafe, Ark. Robert W. Vance . Hardy, Ark. Dale H. Vance Patsy Van Hook George R. Wadley Carolyn Walker Kirk Walker, Jr. Margie A. Walker Hardy, Ark. Lake City, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dyess, Ark. Lake City, Ark. William Walter State College, Ark. Charles Waters Poplar Grove, Ark. William T. Watson Strawberry, Ark. Jerry Weiner Arlington, New Jersey Louise Welch Salem, Ark. Jewell C. Wells . Ravenden, Ark. Lavier R. Wells Rector, Ark. Pauline Wells Walnut Ridge, Ark. Virginia Wells . Stuttgart, Ark. E. H. Werner State College, Ark. William J. West Swifton, Ark. Kermett F. Wheeler ... Arbyrd, Mo. Sue Whistle Dell, Ark. Floyd White Blytheville, Ark. Jimmy White .... Paragould, Ark. Robert S. White Arbyrd, Mo. Bill B. Whitford .... Jonesboro, Ark. Glen H. Whitlock . . Piggott, Ark. Frank Whittaker . Lakewood, Ohio Bob Wiley Pocahontas, Ark. J. P. Wilson .... Rector, Ark. Kenneth Wilson Guidon, Ark. Walter Wilson . Granite City, 111. Clinnie Wofford ... Senath, Mo. Ann Wood Senath, Mo. Noah Wood . Jonesboro, Ark. Warren Wood . . Jonesboro, Ark. Melvin Zipfel . . ' Belleville, 111. Ellen Blevins Clifton R. Bradford Betty Buck Erma Sue Buck Marcia Carter Top Row Mildred Chandler Mrs. J. P. Cockril Homer L. Cox J. P. Cockrill Doris Downing Second Row Hardy, Ark. Steele, Mo. Leachville, Ark. Leachville, Ark. Ellisinova, Mo. Senath, Mo. Marion, Ark. Bono, Ark. Marion, Ark. Bragg City, Mo. Third Row Nelda Downing .... Bragg City, Mo. Albert Gibbs Jonesboro, Ark. Alvie Gibbs Jonesboro, Ark. Mordie K. Garrard Steele, Mo. E. B. Green Piggott, Ark. Bottom Row Betty Lou Harris Manila, Ark. Jack Harrison Bay, Ark. Calvin Hatley Knobel, Ark. Robert Higginbottom .... Sitka, Ark. Dorothv Hollinseed .... Leachville, Ark. Second Semester Students Bryan Huffman Wallace Kiech Cleveland Kohonke Jesse Lacefield Gusta Launius Top Row Nettleton, Ark. Parkin, Ark. Nettleton. Ark. Forrest City, Ark. St. Louis, Mo. Second Row Pauline Lyerly Jack McDaniel ... Latha McKuin Emma Dean Meadows C. D. Miller Leachville, Ark. Paragould, Ark. Bragg City, Mo. Caraway, Ark. Memphis. Tenn. Virginia Movers George Nelms Jewell C. Oliver J. B. Parmenter Sue Pearce Carlos Purtee Alaine Rankin James Runyon VVinford Rutledge A. C. Silas Third Row Bottom Row Advance. Mo. Lake City, Ark. Paragould. Ark. Trumann, Ark. Hornersville, Mo. Jonesboro. Ark. Nettleton, Ark. Pollard, Ark. Jonesboro, Ark. Piggott. Ark. Second Semester Students Charles Sims Oscar P. Spurlock William Stewart Rueben Taylor John D. Taylor Willie Tollison Jim Turner Curtis Underwood Bertha Waddell Lee Waddell Top Row West Memphis. Ark Jonesboro, Ark Blvtheville, Ark Leachville, Ark Monette. Ark Second Raw Keevance, Strawberry, Piggott. Manila. Manila, Mo. Ark. Ark. Ark. Ark. Third Row Thomas Watson Burdette, Ark. Jo Ann Wilbourn .... Paragould, Ark. Thomas Wilkinson . Forrest City, Ark. Claud Williams Lepanto, Ark. Earl Wilson Nettleton, Ark. Bottom Row John Boh Wilson Monette, Ark. Charles Wood Paragould, Ark. Annual Queen — L Qfa Campus Beauties Maj. Norma Jean Simpkins Lieut. Col. Veva Joy Hall HONORARY C A D E T OFFICERS Capt. Mary Phillips Capt. Phyllis Ford Queen Jo iiny Boggess Anna Jean Foster Mary Ola Phillips Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Sigma Pi Sweetheart Jeua ( oij JJaff Arkansas State College, though now great- ly expanded into many other fields, was found- ed principally as an agricultural institution, and the INDIAN staff feels that notice should be taken of this pioneer department. In the following pages, a brief pictorial outline attempts to give a rough sketch of the work and scope of the agricultural field at State College. In his two years ' stay at State, Dr. Delzie Demaree has become something of a legend with his tireless energy, endless curiosity and enthusiasm for biology and botany. As both subjects are innately concerned with agriculture, a page is here devoted to Dr. Dem- aree and his botany. Above, Dr. Demaree shows some of the finer points in plantology to a fascinated student. Below: the itinerant Doctor on one of his numerous field trips. A com- mon sight about the campus is that of Dr. Demaree tramping through the fields in search of some new specimen of flower or plant. Above: A horticulture class with Instructor Reineke doing the honors. Be low: Coy Brooks, instructor in sheep judging, gazing thoughtfully upon a speci men. Above: Testing milk for fat content. Below: Young bacon on the hoof taking life easy at one of the State College pig pens. Miss Sudie Barnktt Curator The Museum of Arkansas State College is located in three spacious rooms in the west end, first floor, R. E. Lee Wilson Hall. One room contains the Carroll H. Lut- terloh Exhibit presented to the Museum by Mrs. Lutterloh in August, 1948, although it has been on display at the College for several years. This collection consists of a large, valu- able and varied assortment of fine glass, china, silks, laces, wood carvings and many other items gathered together by Mrs. Lutterloh on her world tours covering a period of over ten years. MUSEUM The most prized possession of the Mu- seum is the French Baccarat crystal candela- bra, which is one of a pair given by Napoleon to Maximilian and Carlotta during their reign in Mexico. (Opposite page, lower left) . At the top of the opposite page can be seen one end of the Lutterloh Room with the case containing the candelabra in the fore- ground, and the excellent exhibit of historic Staffordshire china at the left background. At the right can be seen a beautiful hand- embroidered shawl from Florence, Italy: and further to the right, a case of exquisitely-deli- cate Venetian glass. On the adjoining page at the lower right you see the top shelf consisting of sparking lamps, the second shell with fine Majolica and the third shelf containing a rare Leeds tea set, Canton bowl, and black basalt Wedge- wood tea set. A view of the document room and office of the Curator, below at right, shows a case of Spanish and Italian objects of art dating back to 117 A.D. Below at left you see a closeup of Spanish and Italian Art, with the head ot Emperor Hadrian, First Roman ruler and Pope 117 A.D., which was excavated in Spain, Colony of Rome. The third room contains the Pioneer Ex- hibit. It is filled with household and farm- ing implements of the early days of our coun- try and also some 125 pieces of firearms of early vintage. VKU«ai .t P jtTt TO oh r% iu t .Td 10 The ». F. Valentine p rty la acheculd for February 1Q, PUjoa ..ere ut wt j. re- cent aefttlji to at-ke this one of tho feet pt-rtiea of the y«„r fox the PouoOeutioo nenberfl. The coEjaltteeB in ch r e oi the ev«nt h .v» njrw-ay been tsjeu bad r .v« b . fa un their plhiirti h . ttiss Cither In 0-Bri r. Dbavd uu ch irou. of W» Oecor. tioaa Co»aitteB. und (ill be uaaisteu by Ch-rl a C -rt.r tnd Idas F iry -tiller. Kiss I eiU Bullet. he .us the Aecrci-tion Conaittee, vith ttise Jfe-ry Catherine Golan o t.e her i-BBist mt. his:, betty hood hhs the reeponaibility for the refreah - nants, uioed by Cn-rlt.3 Toney. Due to the C rasunity Concert .lteo scheduled for Uu-t ni -ht, it o..cone necessary to hold thia p rty ouch earlier tb is the usutl cu toa of the ourun-tioi e MAt to fi .ve «.s ouch time possible for the event. 11 cembers tit requested to vn tch the bulletin bo. ret for the ennouncenent of the time. a11 Methodist students s r« corui Uy invited to thia pvrty. Kf-kt pltr-a no to le-ve the e-rly evening of February 10 ?pen for the event of the Vt.lonti..e by HtztbA iitewi-rt TjOAWT StGw POSlPONlJJ The i-an «1 W.F. .sfflfcteur Talent Shot., previously achoaulfcC for Fvbr u.ry 17, b«s Uxin postpon-trd until some tir t-rly in March . Mr, Robert Brooks, in surest!!,, the ch -nt, , aV-ted tht.t the fr«.ter. ity end aorority oesbers and pleaded would bu very busy during this period and rob Dly rould be untiblo to participate i.t thio tin — hi L« 6t not to the extent r-oceBc-tr; to rake the chov, « cotarlete succass. PoatponeDcnt i culd llon tnes - porfiona to ti l£u p rt in L the evat.t, uvA ni ht -id the Found-- tion in mkkin the sho a better euecesa. The Foundation o-ue tnis event one of tne a Jor bver.tfl of the aid-viotwr Btuaon ltst ye-r, tnd thua %, hi ft n (. J. to ehoot to.. .rd thie ye-r. dthoU(,h it a r prove difficult, it is hopeo Uv-t t;.e Bhow t i» yeir my co .t-l i ecro ew»at« kith «u»ch eve£ t couti.iJ.iNfc - bettor de t .re of proficiency th n wta ocslbie Uct yc r. Id ordvr to t us l ck1i it hill be oecas »-rj ' f W - - - B - : - f pl nntrit, to prooe d the •Vent. h o c u;tu tjio postponeriant. The impllc tioos that t ry cersion of the wesley Founuitioc coula be nythint but fc • Truth £ 3i30 " is to tv di5re, .rati- however, rs. uric ' s i£iVit .tion to st ' t t her houstt «.e so st-Uc, So on Suoa-y ulternoon, Jv -ry 16, l c9, t nbU t rovp h ti been elected t i« o.fiter oi " the or to i-oiwition set ».ith t,rio etersEiiUitioo to A «t the truu. be Imo .-. TJwJts to u-e " fcrvelowa n.vction of Uct, jsone of m rc cojisciot.s oi the f..ct thfct the wrongs brought to ii b ht of the cecond-fcest in wiich wo ai, t be dcio our little V:Jfi cefatit th. t i.o ourselves were l c; tp ie «, ve the fello . officer ec .U m to us ji eacwir in, ,- A on the shouluer iodic tiw of jut future support in his work even faou.Ji to a..te he wso ' t t c collet cue MS »a officer. The very f ct thut nothin ..c vJton person .Uy slu« up gs- er to ULr ■ n - critieiea (rn.tUTi.liy cor.ctructiVfc) v-hich »o al ht h .v e of the or. ni tion or of the my in -.iich Huttorg -re c rrieo out. Xou aijit £v-y th, t .twt v oet for w-s not to ouy, u rse re a a hty t ooc esley FoujKu.tion ( -n .e ' a ii e to U.Sce this o..i,or .unity to ptt cursoivea on t ;e Uc . " but to s .y, " O Christ, in the li ht of tAe hifobeet no best th .t kno ., w© as. officers of th - fcecley fbunostlca, pledge ouraelveo to mJt o r b roup one of fin fe.lovahip for ttkOM in it, -no for ser- vice of -11 nIm my DMd us .s »e see tne opportunity ' for ft.uiwnct for etrer tn. For th« coKpletior of the3e objectiv. a he .sk ' our -Btifu-nce. ( en. a os?s to Sc. e:s? ft3 Unit la lo • ' fniinry, Ccl Sweeny j said today, tho jxect date will c- anuounctad l itjr t t)ut It wlli prc t-ly ' fc-j January 5th. Thti -lurposw of thu j Inspection is to dot mir j tho uf-ie- I ljncy of thu unit us a wi.ol and th« ; otaadord of Instruction thit Is b iing | c-lntalnjd. Student kno lodgo, tlua ) wf ' - ' icl ncy of tho Unit -Ministration, I standards of thj Colli-go, aC tUo con- , i,ral attitudo and app,jranc» of tho Corps Is to Cj lnspuctod. Soo» rwcbjrs of thj lnjpuCtlnp torn will sit la on tn u i,!:hjdulvd classes of tno day. Th-y 111 flro , quostion3 and oQsjrvu student r aat- , Ion and attitudes . iolonjl urges that all non kno th-lr ' .jstoi. of t. ' i day and r Tl all subj.-ts pr-viouc- ly otudlod. This Is not fs har: us it sounds, as tho ruirlw " car. cor.sist ralaly of ro dlr »»«r old oxCT-An-.tlo:. pepvTS nnd profiting beta fro-, prj ' - lous nistakus aud rjecrd. 1 KnouXjtot Those oxans pr. ' .ty vjll covurod the subjocts ani aro nice thlns;3 to havo arouia for quick r.n1 u v.s. The sucend order of the aay is hoatr.ess On the day of Inspection of all days, look like soldiers! Oet that unifom cleaned, shave, et Kvat h .lr cut. In . " i. cli :e» of seel a ecl.aiir t jh.n» .i :;t;te -r.d the bJ.fltll«St of tu. i.-.r fsr ' .oe -e.:. .. aeroonel. Th e e-U ' ' T- .- Ji ls SWB8 on-Te »• 4er Ta» !il ) d ction o T»a . J.ia ehd Us esoocl ' i-o. tactile let. Of .-eO. 16, .130 b.e .. Set. ■ Cttealtteo Is aire tj -t row s.curln ; o nii- ' ie b. ce . rc.a .aale or et, eouls -ed tiuy .r.a ' t settllw; for xythli : but the b. t. Tae .Ucoret lens al.Be till be acrth j yci.e ' s orice o. edJoslon. L i?t y.,ar ■ rc, euny, :j%t rt-tes a ' ;octar e le T-- la a. cor tion, -tt .c - .a t... !ri ' Ith - r»J. «att«, and blue .ilit. ry SiA; fie a; and a r.unt irdl. n-. ' .e d; u«- that hole li.--l:.e all lco . arettier then or.e of teose n i all ' -l -ll .lneS. Hiio is " tae " ' dacco of t " e year. The ore to eriro your st ;lrl to, ' ihe tHtHJ " y tiao.reVer been any- : tain ' - bet u r.- iar. auccoat and the one OOain uo rill be eVen better. You ne ' -r ' it f.r nuttlr. " in this oli ' v.orl ' .ol your strern I b cl Is reer- it ' e ' lr the n. -r : tture don ' t eo nur rldwd loo If sc-.e ai— t little :lrls at rt aulas eeitra nice to you ilout i the c.-iais. It Is rot your ' -escuilne aa-)e 1 th.t ' o .ittr.etlac tww It ' s j that nr eCiouc ote . ou ii »w . ' or tee ■aoj.or- ox ' lCer6 , -ao .r- TTo. -nted at Vaii bulla eet your tickets early (od-. ; .Deed| tlc«.ta re ehea-vr! —a I ' ll oe. you In te. Crand .a.rca. - Student Publications Jl™ 1 faoeSj? orai 5 : " - b .EAC0n •orldt The n,f. is vtfry a l -C V see so a.ny new. stuutn.ta cn . i . c.opus of n r ■ Sti« of ttW Foundvtion t- e „r wt pie- cur. La taeicoain , these persona to the " Frieiiui.ies College in .jlt-n :..-- beUuve tf t thuy bili fUM theil tiae tun very ple .BtGtiy IpUt. t.dO ».e hope they bill Quite it proiit,.Li.e so. Tno .«■ r ' vunu-tion r... entree of vtry :» f y to I Alpha Gamma Delta Phyl and L OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Executive Advisor Phyllis Ford Ada Mae Marsh Lena Belle Spencer Betty Jean Henderson Marian Rankin Mary Jane Henderson Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Epsilon Zeta Chapter installed May 8, 1948, with luncheon, tea, and Feast of Roses .... Handicapped hy shortage of members in fall due to weddings and graduation .... Pledges made up for loss .... Lots of fun at Halloween Dance with all the costumes and confetti .... More men in Sorority Room! They were invited to a " Drop In " .... Friendly relations by the informal " Coffee " honoring the Alpha Sigs and their pledges .... Second prize went to Alpha Gam Homecoming float .... Well worth the effort .... Let ' s not forget the Armistice Float, Jean Jackson hasn ' t .... " Pate " Bailey was a scream as Al Jolson on Stunt Night . . . Lovely Christmas Party given by the alum- nae .... Everyone glided dreamily along to romantic music at formal " Founders Day Dance " in February .... A big bouquet of red roses to Mrs. Nedrow for all the work she has done for us ... . Year went quickly and new year and new sisters eagerly awaited .... Top row: Marjorie Bailey. Judy Barnes. Helen Braden, Aliee Cochran, Phyllis For. I. Mary Rathryn Goldman. Second row: Berta Lou Gramling, Betty Jean Henderson. Mary Jane Henderson. Jean Jackson, Jackie Jones, Jayne Joyce Laybrand. Third row: Honeye Lyle. Ada Mae Marsh. Betty Mullen. Billie Nichols. Marian Rankin. Gene Shipp Wilmoth. Bottom row: Bohhye Lois Senteney, Lena Belle Spencer, Margie Street. Ruth Wingfield, Jeanneean Wood. Alpha Omicron Pi President Freeda James Vice-President Tica Robinson Camp Recording Secretary Shirley Swaim Corresponding Secretary . Clinnie Wofford Treasurer Marshall Reporter Historian Rush Chairman Parliamentarian Alumnae Secretary Sponsor Mary Lancaster Betty Jo Cooper Ruth Robinson Glenna See . Joanne Hall Joan Greenwood Jo Ann Baker Mrs. Paul Couch Freeda and Lou Sigma Omicron ol Alpha Omicron Pi installed February 27, 1949 . . . . AOII ' s from Southwestern held pledge service .... Pleasant week-end at Cur- rent River Beach despite rain .... Wonderful time had under the stars on Commons Veranda during summer convention .... Supper and dancing at the Fall Rush Party .... Spaghetti Supper given by pledges .... Picnic by College Lake a la mode Harvest Moon .... Pledge Sneak Night left members spellbound .... " Oompah Day " made squaws out of members .... Float took third place in Homecoming parade .... Jonny Boggess, Homecoming Queen . . . . Armistice Day Float on " World Peace " .... Oh! Those flashy red shirts! .... Dance Setting in Old Spanish Garden .... Many wishes made at the Wishing Well .... Something new was added: A conga line . . . . " Mejicanos " (Everett Branch and his Southernaires) furnished music .... That delicious Russian tea Mrs. Couch served at her Christmas Party .... El Patio scene of Spring Formal .... Student sponsors: Jeff O. Smith, Pi Kappa Alpha; Charles " Buck " Watson, Sigma Pi; Denver Patrick, Delta Omega Sigma; and David Dickerson, Independent .... Presented Music Award on Honor ' s Day . . . . Added Arkansas book to Library .... Top row: Jo Ann Baker, Jonny Boggess, Belie Coffey, Betty Jo Cooper, Martha Dickson. Joan Greenwood. Second row: Joanne Hall, Inez Houston, Freeda James, Mary Lancaster, Catherine O ' Brien. Ruth Robinson. Bottom row: Tica Robinson Camp, Glenna See, Billye Sullards, Shirley Swaim, Carolyn Walker, Clinnie Wofford. Tau Kappa Epsilon Hubert and the Colonel President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Chaplain Pledge Master Sponsor OFFICERS Hubert Daugherty, James Sloan Dave Connor Ray McCann Dallas Wright Bill Thornton Joe Fakes Ned Penny Col. Kenneth S. Sweany Beta Psi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon installed March 6, 1949 .... Sum- mer Convention at Hotel Peabody in Memphis huge success .... Fall smoker . . . . Thirteen new " rats " .... Annual Homecoming " Fingerbowl " Game . . . . Queen Alice Cochran with Carolyn Walker and Shirley Swaim as maids . . . . Dick Stringer was captain for this occasion .... Gave skit entitled the " Meller Drammer " on Stunt Night .... Gladys " Shug " Phillips, fraternity candidate, was maid to Homecoming Queen .... Float, designed by Avera Knight, placed first in Homecoming parade .... Entered float in Armistice Day Parade hon- oring war dead .... Sponsored " back to school " dance following Christmas holidays .... Norma Jean Simpkins, TKE candidate, was Queen of March of Dimes Ball .... Spring tea, banquet, and Festival of the Red Carnations on Saturday preceding Easter .... Chapter publication .... Top row: Bill Amnions, John Boxiey, Everett Branch, Tom Cochran, David Connor Hu- bert Daugherty. Second row: Wayne Davis. Joe Fakes, Charles Cregory. Frank Hyde, Thomas Keelin, Avera Knight. Third row: Edwin Mathis. Ray McCann. Jesse Nichols, Denver Patrick, James Sloan, Pal- mer Smith. Bottom row: Richard Stringer, Melvin Swafford, Bill Thornton, Bobby Wilkinson, Dallas Wright. Pi Kappa Alpha Dr. Ned and Bill OFFICERS President Billy V. Ruddell Vice-President Charles E. Sims Treasurer Jeff O. Smith Secretary John O. Childers, Jr. Corresponding Secretary Gus R. Camp Conductor Roscoe D. Brown Alumni Secretary Lloyd A. Walton Historian Jennings B. Curtner Publicity Representative S. T. Johnson Pledge Master Fred Daugherty Rush Captain Jimmy Jenkins Sponsor . Dr. W. W. Nedrow Delta Theta chapter installed March 13, 1948 .... Two rush parties during opening week of school .... Twenty pledges for first semester . . . . Dinner in Pine Room of Hotel Noble for members and pledges with Brother Sigler as principal speaker .... Performance by pledges .... Represented in all intramural sports and finished in first division every time .... Welcome to Alumni and sharp float for Homecoming .... Dances, oh yes, Christmas formal which proved to be quite a shindig .... Those lucky ones who found their names on the Honor Roll .... Founders Day celebrated on March 1 and Delta Theta really " put on the dog " for that occasion .... Second Dream Girl presented at spring dance in Danner Ballroom .... The second Sunday of May the members entertained their mothers .... Full and well-planned day spent on campus with all attending Methodist Church .... Late spring members attended the Annual District Meeting at Mississippi State College . . . . Final Picnic given by pledges for members at Craighead Forest where everyone attended — even the ants .... Top row: J. P. Adkins, Roy Adkins, John Bearden, Roscoe Brown, Paul Bujarski, Camp, John Childers, Bud Curtner. Second row: Fred Daugherly, Wymon Dyke, Martin Farmer, Alex Fisher, Staton Foltz. Sonny Greenwood, Jimmy Jenkins. S. T. Johnson, Jim Jordan. Third row: William Landers. Buddy Meador, Francis Orlicek, Jimmy Patterson, Fred Pierce, Bill Ruddell, Dan Rusak, James Smith. Bottom row: Jeff O. Smith. Russell Strickland. Buddy Sullivan, Lloyd Walton. Fred Young. Sigma Pi Pinky and Doc OFFICERS President Pink Pratt Vice-President Bob Wilmoth Secretary . Tom Sylvester Treasurer Clyde Lucas Reporter Leon McDonald Sergeant-at-Arms J. T. Buss Pledge Masters Alva Duncan, Charles Cook Sponsor Dr. F. W. Plunkett Zeta Tau Zeta, youngest local fraternity on ASC campus, became first national frat in March, ' 48, when members were initiated as Alpha Pi Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity .... Sig Pis were first fraternity to have an official house, obtained this year .... Annual Orchid Ball one of highlights of dance season .... Rough and tumble pledge party with members being thrown out of windows at Craighead Forest .... Oh, well, we got even .... Interest in meeting shown by new members after initiation, looking forward to a great year .... Making plans for next year ' s convention .... Who ' s going to Spring- field? .... Wait ' til softball season .... Shut up, Omar, Haley ' s got the floor .... Fun watching Bob " Octopus " Steele at work .... Dub Bohaning ' s party at the Blytheville Airbase — everybody swam home .... Hurry up, Pinky, it ' s game time! .... Graduating Sig Pis wishing goodluck to all the Forty- Niners .... Nightly convention at WRH .... Annual graveyard hunt, Joe Shaw falling in open grave .... Never been the same since .... Sig Pis at the basketball game yelling for Miller and Crone (he got to play!) .... It all adds up to a great year with promise for a better future. Top row: Bob Appleby, L. H. Autry, Don Baker, Bob Blanchard, Kenneth Braden. Ray Bradsher. Dan Binge, J. T. Buss. Second row: Charles Cook, J. A. Coop, Ernie Crone. Alva Duncan, John Easley. Paul Elder. Bob Ferralasco. Omar Greene. Third row: Jerry Haley, Gene Hazel, Carey Johnson, Clyde Lucas, Leon McDonald, Jce Melio, Wayne Miles, Maurice Miller. Fourth row: Jerry Morgan. Pink Pratt, Jim Purnell, Cliff Rotton, Joe Shaw, J. W. Snod- grass, Bob Steele, Tom Sylvester. Bottom row: R. C. Tennyson, Charles Watson. John Bundy Webster, Robert VVilmoth, Tom Wood, Kenneth Yarbrough. Indian Staff That light in the INDIAN room up on second floor still burnin ' long after the building is deserted at night .... that sigh of relief that came when the last pictures got in the mail at 6 p. m. on Deadline Day .... Bebe strangling club officers for information .... Thornton puzzled about extra marks on his cover design .... Avery with his new ideas and constant plea for more time . . . . that continuous flow of mail from the Editor to the Engraver .... getting Wig- wam coffee on some of the pictures .... half-hour conversations with Fox on the telephone .... Eddie ' s disillusionment on his sale of ads .... Helen ' s flash- bulb difficulties .... Tex ' s frequent " drop-ins " to see that all was goin ' well or to tell a new joke .... that detestable black smudge that always came off the proofs on to white blouses and shirts .... Bake ' s running up to the Art Shop and to the Sun office for pictures .... and the pipe smoke that surround- ed everything but his feet as he typed furiously away on the copy .... and. many other things best unsaid .... Campus Carousers OFFICERS First Grand Window Shade Puller Miss Marjorie " Pot " Bailey Second Less Grand Keeper of Key Miss Calamity Carolyn Walker First Vice Coke Moocher Miss Swirlin ' Shirley Swaim Second Vice Door Pusher Miss Fluid Drive Phillips They always hit the steps of WRH two seconds past curfew, they tramp the tender sprigs of campus grass to the roots with their errant feet, they are re- sponsible for the rain on dance nights, and lipstick on boys ' collars. They boo at all ball games and always walk out on chapel programs. Their careless paws wreck the typewriters in the Journalism Department. They swipe all available male pictures off bulletin boards, and you know that huge stack of books down in Dean Farrar ' s office — well, they belong to these absentminded but loyal members of this notable club. Those leaky showers, those spine-tingling shrieks of horror that reverber- ate through the empty halls of the dormitory around 2 a. m., those electric irons that need overhauling are all a result of the fiendish antics of these win- some girls. Fire-cracker incidents, lab explosions, towel fights, F ' s on term papers, sag- ging bus seats, and Wigwam collisions are a regular daily routine of this riotous squad. Oh, yes, we almost forgot — the sacrificing sponsor of this unique organiza- tion is Miss Helen Wheels who had her wig at the Cleaners when this photo- graph was taken and was therefore unable to pose with the girls. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Gene Howe Eddie Steimel R. C. Tennyson Bebe Coffey L. W. Plunkett Reporter Sponsor Back row, left to right: C. C. Woodring, S. T. Johnson, W. F. Wells, Avera Knight, Royal Small, Dale Hudson, A. B. Merritt, James Johnson, Tom Sylvester, Jimmy Lancaster, Kenneth Braden. Middle row: John Whitaker, Bob Pierce, Don Baker, Phyllis Ford, Glenna See, Marguerite Ogles, Jo Ann Baker, Lena Ruth Wingfield, Judy Barnes, Jon Ellen Boyles, Lena Beil Spencer, J. B. Kellett, Bill Thornton, Claude Mont- gomery. Front row: Lindell Forbes, Larnie Jennings, R. C. Tennyson, Gene Howe, Tex Plunkett, sponsor, Eddie Steimel, Bebe Coffey, J. B. Curtner, John Webster. The endless rattle, rattle, of the typewriters just before the one o ' clock deadline . . . That first interview with knees knocking and teeth chattering . . . Tearing our hair over that stub- born No. 1 headline . . . " Who ' s gonna buy the cokes this week? " . . . Somebody take that chat- ter copy away from " Tex " . . . Hey, does anybody know how to spell prestidigator? . . . Ugh! Another of those sophisticated feature stories . . . Who told us the Fightin ' Baptists were a Pres- byterian College? . . . Ah-h-h-h- ' . Those educational (and rainy) trips to Memphis. . . The an- nual weenie roast . . . Schicken ' . . . Hey, who proofread this copy? Duh-u-h . . . Hurry up and get through with that typewriter . . . Those brand new Press Cards . . . Burrell and his jokes . . . We sure miss Brickell ' s laugh — a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!! . . . Wonder what blond he ' s referring to in this little item? . . . Phyl and her BSU . . . Bebe, copyread this Alpha Sig story . . . Officers elected this year . . . Gene Howe was president — Eddie Steimel, vice-president . . . " Rusty " Tennyson our secretary-treasurer — little Bebe Coffey the reporter . . . Fond mem- ories of our favorite class. . . . Baptist Student Union Back row: Phyllis Ford. William Norris, Bill Towery. Betty Sue Terry. Front row: Guy Rodgers, Wanda Whitwell, Charles Ripley. Jewel Hannah, sponsor. OFFICERS President Enlistment Vice-president Social Vice-president Devotional Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Reporter and Editor Publicity Chairman Scrapbook Representative Magazine Representative Faculty Advisor Choir Director Charles Ripley Bill Towery Betty Sue Terry William Norris Wanda Whitwell Phyllis Ford Guy Rodgers Jeannean Wood Alton Bowlin Miss Jewel Hannah ' Kurt Ballard Sitting on cold marble in the Greek Theatre on the University of Arkansas campus and listening spellbound to Baylor student and Olympic athlete Jackie Robinson .... Brooming bats out of a church between uproarious fits of laughter at the Pre-School Retreat at Raven- den Springs .... Meeting Dr. Frank H. Leavell of the Southwide Department .... Those mountain-top experiences at Ridgecrest last summer .... Eavesdropping while Frances Bar- bour and Brother Fit gerald reminisced .... Witnessing the pranks of a Baylor Bear turned loose in University ranks .... Carl and his endless search for new inventions .... Training Union on a speeding bus .... Shakily ascending the tower at Mount Gaynor .... Dr. Swor ' s uplifting messages during the Youth Rally .... Annual crowning of BSU Sweetheart .... The humble gratitude of the aged inhabitants of the County Farm when we gave a devotional program .... The mischievous chuckles of the Beacon staff as each new edition is born .... The discords and harmony of the struggling BSD Choir .... The Thanksgiving Banquet at Walnut Street .... Wanda ' s raincoat Annual Christmas program .... " Hot Spit!!! .... I hat quartet that became a tenor solo .... Wesley Foundation Back row: Roscoe D. Brown, Belle Tripp, Patsy Van Hook, Leita Ballew, Billye Sullards, Mary Pulham, Tom Sims, James McGrew, Vernon Glenn, Fred Daugherty, Robert Pierce, Alan Shaver, Charles Toney, H. B. Yarbrough. Middle row: Betty Pender, Bobbie Sue Bowling, Sue Whistle. Dorothy Mizell, Catherine O ' Brien, Mary Kathryn Goldman, Chloe Goodloe, June Howard, Marjorie Davis. Front row: Warren Scott, Mrs. Marjorie B. Scott, Scooter Tripp, Bob Brooks. Foster Bow- don, sponsor, Margie Street, Jonny Boggess. Charles Carter. OFFICERS President ...... Bob Brooks Vice-president ..... Margie Street Secretary-Treasurer Glenna See Recreational and Publicity Chairman Johnny Boggess Reporter Belle Tripp Editors H. B. Yarbrough, Charles Carter Sponsor ..... Mr. Foster Bowdon Annual Fall Round-Up at Red Apple Ranch .... Gasping and scream- ing at the ghost story at Halloween party .... " How to Freeze Quickly in One Easy Lesson " riding in open truck on hay ride .... Planning and producing the Talent Show .... Singing popular songs of years ago .... Playing the " Lion Hunt " game .... Listening to reports of delegates of conventions— local, state, and regional .... Speeches by local pastors, lay preachers and faculty members .... Giving programs for young people ' s groups in other com- munities .... Gathering information, typing stencils, getting dirty, inky hands from the mimeograph, distribution to members, planning next month ' s edition- all for the ASC Wesleyan .... Very interesting and profitable for all Methodist students .... El Circulo Espanol Back row. left to right: Bebe Coffey. Phyllis Ford. Don Baker, Jerry Grimes, Bill Hendrix. Nellie Jennings. Jean Westbrook. Front row: Bob Gorhatn. Ruth Wingfield, Leita Ballew, Miss Evely.i Montgomery, Billye Frances Sullards, Clinnie Wofford, Bill Verkler. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Billye Sullards Leita Ballew Bill Hendrix Miss Evelyn Montgomery Small but active organization .... Open to anyone interested in the speak- ing of Spanish and in Spanish customs .... Colorful floats for Homecoming parade and Armistice Day parade .... T ' urned out en masse for Language Clubs fall and spring picnics .... Informal luncheons during winter months . . . . Prepared own food for some suppers learning food customs of our Spanish- American neighbors . . . Other meetings included movies, guest speakers and group singing .... Mexican customs of asking lodging and breaking the pina ta at Christmas Party .... Mad scramble for candies, fruits and other treats . . . . Highlight of year on April 14 when Pan-American Day was observed with guest speaker and special program .... Hasta la vista .... Der Deutsche Verein Back row: Gene Osselmeier, Eugene Robert Harkonen, Larnie Jennings, H. B. Yarbrough, William E. Griffis. Lee Roy Mandell, William Smith, Thad E. Biggs. Front row: John L. Harris, Mrs. J. R. Williams, Martha Jean Condray, Robert Moss, Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Larry Wimp, Bill Thornton, James D. Coker. OFFICERS President . Robert Moss Vice-president John Buss Secretary . Francis Gibson Treasurer . Fred D. Rogers Reporter Bill Thornton Sponsor Dr. D. F. Pasmore Trying to learn more of the German language than " Ja " .... That little fraulein of the Homecoming float .... Fall weiner roast at Craighead For- est ... . Long hours slaving over next assignment .... Beautifully decorated tree at Language Clubs Christmas Party .... Traditional singing of " Tannen- baum " .... Lots of fun at the spring picnic at the Lake .... Those conjuga- tions!!! .... Ach! Those Opera trips to Memphis .... Le Cercle Francais Back row: Jack Tinsley, Marinella Miller, Catherine O ' Brien, Jewel Bishop, Barbara Collins. Dorothy Basinger, Marshall Driver. Middle row: David Massey, Bob Swindle, Richard Perry, Tommy Cochran, George Lyles, Fred Pasmore, James Colvard, Robert W. Kitterman, Harold Simpson, Odes V. Smith. Front row: Don Baker, Mrs. Jennieve James. Richard Stringer, Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Helen Braden, Jean Westbrook, Kenneth Braden. OFFICERS President Richard Stringer Vice-president ... Helen Braden Secretary Mrs. Jennieve James Treasurer . Glenna See Sponsor . Dr. W. F. Pasmore French slides and movie shown at Annual Fall Picnic at Craighead For- est ... . Voila! Those verbs .... How good the Yule Log cakes tasted at the Language Clubs Christmas Party .... The trip to the Grand Opera in Mem- phis .... The fun on the New Orleans trip .... Really felt like " Big Shots " at the Blue Room of the Roosevelt . . .More interesting sights in the old French Quarter .... The never-to-be-forgotten Spring Picnic .... Alpha Psi Omega Back row: Ruben Whitley, Larnie Jennings, Brandon McVey. Richard Gogue, Alta Car- penter, sponsor. Front row: Jennieve James, Lena Belle Spencer. Marinella Miller, Betty Daugherty, Fairy Miller. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Betty Daugherty Jennieve James Fairy Miller Marinella Miller Lambda Lambda chapter of Alpha Psi Omega installed January 17, 1949 . . . . Week of pledging .... Costumes worn to chapel .... jimmy Stewart, Dead End Kids, Ma Cagle, Billy Bigelow .... Honor Society .... Earn membership by taking part in play and working in some phase of play production . . . . Point system .... Business and social meetings .... Installation banquet . . . . Dean Marjorie Scott and Dr. F. W. Plunkett honorary members .... Banquet following spring production .... Twelve charter members .... Little sister from " Dear Ruth " .... Pre-Law Club Back row: Judge Archer Wheatlev, Alva Duncan, R. C. Tennyson, Fred Moss, Mr. John Calloway, sponsor, Harwell Brown, Roscoe Brown, John Boxley, Larnie Jennings, Judd Chapin. Front row: Omar Greene, W. F. Wells, Kenneth Braden, Eddie Steimel, Gene Howe, Bud Curtner, John B. Webster. OFFICERS President ... Omar Greene Vice-president .... Kenneth Braden Secretary-Treasurer Alva Duncan Reporter-Librarian Harwell Brown Sponsor John Galloway Future legal liars .... Doug Bradley first speaker of the year .... Form- er member .... New sign to put on cafeteria .... Greene elected president by acclamation .... Denver Dudley ' s famous speech on starvation .... All meet- ings in private dining room .... Plans to go national .... Mr. Galloway new sponsor .... Eight new members .... Future plans .... Discussion of various law schools .... Braden ' s attempted jokes .... Archer Wheatley ' s address . . . . Visits to court by members .... Controversy over cases .... Dr. Goodloe on moral code of a lawyer .... Constant flow of speech .... Everyone decides to be a specialist .... Sincerity in " the call to law " .... Pi Kappa Back row: George Helms, Eugene Trelinsky, Charles Sims, William Johnson, David Massey, R. C. Tennyso n, Tom Wood. Front row: Don Baker, Eddie Steimel, Dan Burge, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, sponsor, Omar Greene, Kenneth Braden. OFFICERS President . . Royal Small Vice-president . Kenneth Braden Treasurer ....... Dan Burge Corresponding Secretary . Eddie Steimel Sponsor ...... Dr. F. W. Plunkett Nervous new students in first debates .... Plunkett ' s principles nnual trip to Jackson .... Bringing home the bacon .... Cooperation of hotel . . . . Southern hospitality in Mississippi .... Seeing our friends of State Teachers again .... Burge, " I wuz robbed " .... Braden, " Women judges, pooh " . . . . Doc Plunkett, " You must conform " .... Some funds have been misplaced . . . . Zounds, what manner of men .... Round-table discussion .... Steimel always got free steaks on Friday .... Small ' s steadying influence .... Greene ' s flowery oration to impress the judges .... words .... argue .... words .... argue . . . . Veterans Wives Club Back row: Mrs. Sam Green, Mrs. Raymond Henley. Mrs. Maurice Jeffress, Mrs. Jack Mullins, Mrs. Orville Graddy, Mrs. Mason Waits, Mrs. Clyde Benson, Mrs. W. G. Bradley. Mrs. Ralph Mason, Mrs. James Guinn. Middle row: Mrs Boh Ward, Mrs. R. C. Hunter. Jr., Mrs. John L. Harris, Jr., Mrs. Carlton Ahels, Mrs. I. E. Wells, Mrs. F. O. Griffin, Mrs. Wilson Duke, Mrs. Kenneth Braden, Mrs. Barrel Way, Mrs. Neal Shedd, Mrs. Henry Dempsey, Mrs. B. J. Wilhelm. Mrs. Troy Wilson. Front row: Miss Virginia Porter, soonsor, Mrs. R. C. Tennyson, Mrs. Ray Saunches, Mrs. V. V. Shearhurn, Mrs. C. P. Haggard, Mrs. James Ball, Mrs. Gayle Milan, Mrs. James Mason, sponsor. OFFICERS President Mrs. Maurice Jeffress Vice-president Mrs. James Ball Secretary Mrs. R. C. Tennyson Treasurer . Mrs. V. V. Shearburn Reporter Mrs. Gayle Milan Historian Mrs. Ray Saunches Librarian Mrs. William Rhodes Sponsors Mrs. James Mason, Mrs. Virginia Porter Organized in 1947 .... Red Cross Home Nursing Lessons .... Organiza- tion of Home Demonstration Club .... Better Homes Tour .... Husband- Wife picnic at Gravel Pit ... . Child Guidance Films .... Making Christmas Toys for children .... Pioneering 1100 Club Back row: Jack Mullins, Ann Mullins, Darrell Way. Earline Way, Warren G. Bradley. Reba Bradley, Irvin Wells, Dee Wells. Kenneth Braden. Gisele Braden. Front row: Ray Saunches. Jerry Saunches, Mason Waits, Irene Waits, R. C. Tennyson, Sue Tennyson. President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsors OFFICERS Mr. and Mrs. Mason Waits Mr. and Mrs. Ray Saunches Mr. and Mrs. Dean Adams Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Jeffress Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Tennyson Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Denman Mr. and Mrs. John Rauth Membership made up of married couples of ASC .... Leader among social organizations on campus .... Halloween Masquerade Ball in Danner Hall- Typical question of event, " Who ' s that? " — with men dressed as women and vice-versa .... Covered wagon float brought many pleasant glances at Home- corn int The Virginia Reel at Stunt Night Bill Rhodes and his fiddle .... Gym parties .... Christmas party with all traditions .... Spring picnic highlighted year ' s activities .... Faculty Women ' s Club Mrs. Anna Fenton, Mrs. J. A. Tomlinson, Mrs. Elizabeth Fox, Mrs. H. C. Huitt, Mrs. Paul Hoffman. H. C. Manor. Mrs. W. J. Edens. Miss OFFICERS President Vice-president Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian Parliamentarian Reporter Mrs. W. J. Edens Mrs. H. C. Manor Mrs. J. A. Tomlinson Miss Elizabeth Fox Mrs. Anna Fenton Mrs. H. C. Hnitt Miss Mary Belle George Mrs. Paul Hoffman Composed of women members of the faculty and wives of faculty mem- bers .... Some objectives are: aiding the College in all social functions and giving a scholarship each year to an outstanding woman student .... Dedi- cated to the best interests of the College .... Club meets on first and third Thursday of each month .... One meeting held in Commons Lounge for purpose of transaction of business and a program .... Other monthly meeting the membership divides into interest groups, holding meetings in homes of members .... Groups now meeting are interested in: current books, bridge, sewing, swimming, old glass, mothers ' problems, art, international relations, and gardening Square and Compass Club Back row: J. K. Brewer, Homer L. Cox. Albert Gibbs. E. B. Greene, J. E. Nichols. C. F. Garner. J. H. Holt. W. R. Johnson. Middle row: Alvin Gibbs. Denver Patrick. Vernon Cooper, Ben Cooper. H. B. Yarbrough. Bob Wilmoth, William Campbell, Ben Bufford, Verrel Foltz, Raymond Krutz. Staton Foltz. Front row: Foster Bowdon. John Rauth, J. A. Tomlinson, Dr. Paul E. Couch, Jennings B. Curtner, Conway Smith, C. C. Cravens, Dr. H. E. White, Dean J. Walter Turner. OFFICERS President Conway Smith Vice-president Bob Wilmoth Secretary-Treasurer Bud Curtner Reporter Denver Patrick Sponsors C. C. Cravens, Dr. Paul E. Couch Not an engineering club, but an organization of Masons on the campus . . . . organized this year and very active so far .... ably sponsored by Mr. C. C. Cravens and Dr. Paul Couch .... rapidly growing and is now one of the largest groups on the ASC campus with even brighter prospects for the future. Accounting Club Back row: Lindell Forbes, Buddy Meador, Doss Wallace, Jessie B. Gresham, Ruben Whit- ley, Oscar Mashburn. Middle row: Bales Houston. Verrell Foltz, Calvin Dortch. William Chews, Hansell Mc- Millian, John Boxley. Staton Foltz. Front row: G. H. Vancil. sponsor. Pink Pratt, Grover Freeman, Lloyd Duncan, Foster Bowdon, sponsor, John Childers, Jerry Ponder, Bud Curtner, Dean Adams, Joe Clements. President Vice-president Secretary-treasurer Reporter Historian Sergeant-at-Arms Program Committee Sponsors OFFICERS John Childers Lloyd Duncan Grover Freeman Bud Curtner Jerry Ponder Dean Adams John Boxley, Staton Foltz, Pink Pratt G. H. Vancil, Foster Bowdon Highlights of the Accounting Club during the year were the wonderful meals served in the private dining room of College Cafeteria every two weeks . . . . Outstanding speakers from all the accounting firms in Jonesboro and surrounding areas .... Spring picnics, many informal get-togethers, starting an Accounting Library for the future students of accounting .... Witty re- marks by Bud Curtner .... Continually boosting and begging that more and more accounting be included in the schedule .... Special meeting honoring the outstanding Business Administration student .... Yep, all in all, the Accounting Club had a big year with over thirty members and John Childers as president .... Foster Bowden always led the discussions and the chow lines at the feeds — He was also the sponsor .... Minister ' s Fellowship Back row: Burlus Stallcup, E. B. Brand, J. H. Holt, Stewart Craig, Howard Barton, Orvill Brannon. Front row: Roy Bunch, William H. Hightower, Dr. Homer C. Huitt, Gale Anderson, Dr. Paul Couch. OFFICERS President Roy Bunch Vice-president Gale Anderson Secretary-Treasurer William Hightower Sponsors Dr. Paul Couch, Dr. Homer C. Huitt This organization is for all ministers enrolled in Arkansas State College. Ministers who have attended State and are now residing in this area are honorary members. The purpose of the organization is to promote fellowship and break down all feeling of sectarianism among the ministers. Monthly fellowship gatherings are held. Westminster Fellowship Back row: Jack McLeod, Marshall Driver, Robert First, Fred Pierce, Spud Capers, Tom Wilkerson. Middle row: Jo Ann Laney. Barbara Berna, Edwin F. Montgomery, James Colvard, Roy Sisson, Robert I ' ierce. Eugene Smith, Bill Malone, Ruth Jack. Front row: B. V. Keister. Brenda Stuck. Jean Westbrooke, Dibby Snellgrove, Floyd Funk, Mrs. Floyd Funk. Mrs. B. V. Keister, Mrs. Virg inia Pierce. OFFICERS President ..... Brenda Stuck Vice-president .... Jeff O. Smith Secretary-Treasurer .... Spud Capers Sponsors Mrs. Virginia Pierce, B. V. Keister Meetings twice a month .... Dinners .... Business .... Religious and recreational programs .... That Christmas party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Baird V. Keister .... Christmas box for the " Good-fellows " . . . Spring get- togethers .... Able leadership. Beta Beta Beta Back row: Irving Carlton, Denver Patrick, Bob Ward, Fred Young. Bill Towery, Richard Gogue, Harold Lindaberry, Harold Nelms. Middle row: Royal Graham. Tommy Cochran, Mr. Howard Baker. John Harris. Harold Blound, C. C. Cravens, Dr. H. E. White, Joe Towery. First row: Mrs. Mary Rodgers Brown, Mrs. Jean Rosser Williams. Mary Frances Gibson, Marjorie Bailey, William Berry, Lavah Adams, Melvin Swafford, Dr. W. W. Nedrow. OFFICERS President . . . Billy Ruddell Vice-president . . R. D. Graham Secretary .... Erwin Carlton Treasurer ...... Freeda James Historian ..... Mary Lancaster Sponsor . Dr. W. W. Nedrow Honorary society for students of biological sciences .... Cultivates intellectu- al interest in natural sciences and promotes better appreciation of the value of biological study .... Threefold program: Stimulation of sound scholarship; dissemination of scientific knowledge; and promotion of Biological Research . . . . Affiliated society of American Association for Advancement of Science . . . . Freeda and her interesting and helpful report on " Bats " .... That discussion on elephants .... Who ate the most at the picnic??? .... Oh, the interesting and amusing sights on the trip thru ' Arkansas .... Home Economics Club Back row: Betty Bender, Betty Jean Henderson, Margie Davis, Mary Jane Henderson, Frances Cook, Sue Tennyson, Sue Whistle, Earline Way, June Haggard. Front row: Marian Rankin. Maxine McCook, Joanne Hall, Tica Robinson Camp, Mrs. Mary R. Brown, sponsor, Evelyn Houston. Jean Standefer, Joy Creighton, Louise Rose. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Historian Reporter Sponsor Evelyn Houston Joanne Hall Maxine McCook Jean Standefer Tica Robinson Camp Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown Discussing most effective methods of household management .... Party honoring the freshmen in the Fall .... Good food at those supper meetings .... The work and planning of redecorating the lounge .... Contributions to White Christmas .... Mary Ashley and Bobbie Smith sent to province meet- ing in Jackson, Mississippi .... Kitchen shower for Tica Robinson, past presi- dent, in Home Ec Room .... Valentine Party .... Party with Ag Club .... Presentation of medal to outstanding freshman Home Ec major on Honor ' s Day .... ASC Band OFFICERS President Ned Penny Flute and Piccolo: Ada Mae Marsh. Clarinets: Ed Benthal, John Sullivan. Kenneth Renshaw. Barbara Berna. D. B. Aycock, Gloria Spotts. Shorty Oldham, Ray Grass, Lena Ruth Wingfield, El- mer Siedenschwarz, Stewart Craig, Harwell Brown. Saxaphones: Margie Street. Jack Daugherty, Ed- win Stallings. Cornets: Billy Jo Price, Hugh Moser. Bob Swindle, Russell Morgan, Lester Bruce. Ray McCann, Jimmy Jenkins, Tommy Sims. French Horns: Roy Sisson, Ned Penny, George Shedd. Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Ada Mae Marsh Ed Benthall Baritone: Joe McAlister. Trombones: Everett Branch, Billy Hendrix, Tom Wilkinson, Greg Allen. Basses: Fred Koch, William Towery, Gary Dehls. Bill Rhodes. Percussion: Honeye Lyle. Bob Manns. Harry Dar- by, Berl Mona. Robert Fowler, Oscar Elliott. Drum Major: George Lyles. Majorettes: Jonny Boggess, Becky Scott, Betty Daugherty. Patsy Richardson. One of the most versatile bands in ex- istence featuring most versified talents in the world (we think) . . . " Triple Forte " Hendrix ' s one man brass band and Oscar Elliott ' s one man drum section (power incorporated) . . . The Twelfth Street Rag— it ' s revival and subse- quent murder at every football game by the State Band jam artists .... Array of fem- inine pulchritude at the front of our band .... Indian war dances of old never had such beautiful form (s) .... Jonny Boggess, stunt major, elected football queen and the band honored her with heart formation at the half of the Homecoming Game .... A new twist, formation in the dark with luminous painted caps, turned out swell despite electricians lighting mistake .... That trip to Memphis State game .... Branch, Price, and Daugherty Co. make rehearsals on 4 cylinders — some- times (no reflections on your Packard, Branch) .... Two parades on Armistice Day .... One of the highlights of year was jiarticijjation in Cotton Carnival Parade .... Concert tour .... Bright red jackets at the basketball games .... Band Clinic with rep- resentatives from all towns of Northeastern Arkansas .... ASC Orchestra Lester Bruce, trumpet: Stewart Craig, baritone; Bob Swindle, trumpet; Ken- neth Renshaw, bass viol; Bebe Coffey, piano; Jimmy Jenkins, trumpet; Millard Oldham, clarinet; Ed Benthall, clarinet; Elizabeth Fox, cello; Dr. H. C. Manor, conductor, violin; James L. Patty, violin; Bill Rhodes, violin; Ada Mae Marsh, flute; Kurt Ballard, cello. Relatively new organization .... Processionals .... played for royalty during crowning of Queen Jonny .... Group really shines, though, at re- hearsals .... Bill Rhodes and his hoe-down sessions .... Ada Marsh with her " rocking rhythm " .... " Shorty " , who likes music, but hates the necessary expenditure of effort .... " Lost Horizon " .... Renshaw and his boogie on the doghouse (when Doc isn ' t looking) .... Martha Gay Hendrix, a director ' s dream, her only noise is on the violin .... Ed with his piercing squeaks and shamefaced blushes .... Dr. Manor, able leader, and the bulk of the violin section .... What an orchestra!! .... What? An orchestra? ASC Choir Back row: Carolyn Walker, Honeye Lyle, Brenda Stuck, Fred Daugherty, Alva Duncan, Ray Grass, Bill Hinton, Buddy Sullivan, Dr. H. C. Manor, director, Harry Darby, Danny Manning, Bob Steele, Ralph Bench, Roy Sisson, Floyd Funk, Mrs. Hazel McCartney, Joy Creighton, Chloe Goodloe, Mary Elizabeth Simpkins. Middle row: Joan Laney, Jackie Jones, Annell Walker, Billie Lester, Inez Houston, Genevieve Avis, Guy Rodgers, O. B. May, Stewart Craig, Jesse Nichols, Janice Borror, Betty Mullen, Bessie Burrell, Doris Rowlett, Marjorie Davis, Blondena Buck, Dorothy Bassinger. Front row: Peggy Penix, Lillie Bogart, Jean Shores, Colleen Wright, Wanda Whitwell, Margie Street, Lonie Frank Matthews, June Tapp, Barbara Berna, Louise Knott, Marjorie Bailey, Marinella Miller, Lavah Adams, Mrs. James Dickerson, Mary Mills. OFFICERS President ...... Fred Daugherty Vice-president ... Gene Shipp Wilmoth Secretary ....... Betty Mullen Reporter ... ... Guy Rodgers Director ... Dr. H. C. Manor First, doubtful about having a choir — now, considering dividing into two .... How good those hot-dogs tasted after the program at Harrisburg .... That bus ride with the lights out between here and Harrisburg .... Dillinger entertaining the girls with his version of " Rag Time Cowboy Joe " and the girls say, " Sing it again, Two-Gun " . . . Pate Bailey ' s renditions of popular songs in Hill-Billy style .... That first (famous?) recording of the choir program— " Wonderful! " (or better still, full of wonder) .... Singing with three fingers in your mouth to improve tone quality, anytime expecting it to be your own foot . . . Big time had by all at the dance given in Music Hall .... How punctu- al every member is!!! ... . Dr. Manor accusing one of the choir members of keep- ing in voice by hollering " peanuts " at the concession at all athletic events .... Agriculture Club Hack row: Bob DeLong. Warren Bradley, Duffy Smith, Mason Waits, Willie Green, Charles Toney, Lavier Welles. Fourth row: Paul Weaver, Howard Forrest, Warner Essig. Carl Garner, Darrell Way, Ralph Mason, Hayden Williams, Loy Stark, Ralph Chorice, J. B. Jackson. Third row: Jeff Smith. Mr. Howard Baker, Bill Verkler. William Harrison, William H. Eaton, Willard Jones, Louis Boyster, W. J. Parker, Jr., Bill Towery, Glen Glover, J. W. Evans, Clarence Cravens. Second row: Elmer Seidenschwartz, Wayne Adkins, Dr. Delzie Demaree, C. C. Cravens, Dr. H. E. White, Paul McCutcheon, Ruel Richardson, James Golden, Duune Claxton, Louis Reinke, Norman Keith. First row: Minor Gipson, Boh Wilmoth, Doyle Jones, Francis Orlicek, George Wadley, Ulyess Word, William B. Simpson. Staton Foltz. OFFICERS President Jeff O. Smith Vice-president R. C. Richardson Secretary Staton T. Foltz Treasurer Frances Orlicek Sponsor Dr. H. E. White Oldest organization on ASC campus .... Fish Fry at Craighead Forest with plenty of food and black coffee .... Much reliance placed on Mason Waits as chief cook .... Fifty initiated in October and, of course, " Queen Elsie ' . . . . Many tall tales from Dr. Demaree and Mr. Baker at all occasions of the club . . . . Swishing of gingham skirts, bold plaid shirts and blue jeans at first dance in the new dairy barn .... Music by the " Haybailing Boys " .... Oh, that square dance .... Hope the cows didn ' t mind too much .... Many scratches and bruises after the " coon hunt " with Dr. Demaree and Bill Beard as co-sponsors of the event .... The horns blew, hounds bawled, as this group took to the woods .... Women ' s Athletic Association Back row: Gladys Phillips, Mary Ola Phillips, Lavah Adams, Annell Walker, Betty Lam- herth, Bobbie Crawford, Jon Ellen Boyles, June Tidwell. Second row: Jeanne Shores, June Tapp. Jewel Lorren, Beulah Nunnery, Shirlene Miller, Marie Austin, Ruby Faye Trammel!, Louise Crawford, Margaret Fowler, Miss Juanita Caldwell. First row: Zetta Jackson. Gloria Spotts, Bobbie Sue Bowling, LaVerne Nutt. Mary Kathryn Goldman. Jackie Asher. Bonnie Cook. Margaret Brickell. Dorothy Monroe. OFFICERS President Gloria Spotts Vice-president Louise Crawford Secretary-Treasurer Ruby Trammel Reporter Jon Ellen Boyles Sponsor Miss Juanita Caldwell P.E. Picnic .... Those long hikes thru ' the woods .... Skating and its consequences .... Learning to bowl .... Fall Dance . . .. The fun playing soccer, speedball, field hockey, and kickball .... State WAA meeting . . . . Weiner roasts .... Christmas party .... Winter indoor sports of volleyball, basketball, and badminton .... High School Playday huge success .... The enjoyment of playing Softball, pingpong, shuffleboard and tennis in the Spring . . . . Stunt Night .... Swimming in the College Pool .... Kappa Pi Back row: Dean Loy Tendler, Jack Castleberry, Joe McAlister, Paul Elder, L. H. Autry. Bill Thornton, Jack McLeod, Ray Hargrove, James Sloan, Avera Knight. Front row: Marinella Miller, Brenda Stuck, Mrs. K. S. Sweany, Mrs. D. F. Pasmore, spon- sor, Glenna See, Joyce Pasmore, Clinnie Wofford. Those wearing gold pallettes are Kappa Pis. Others are Les Artistes. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Historian Sponsor Bill Thornton Glenna See James Sloan Avera Knight Ray Hargrove Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Alpha Alpha Kappa of Kappa Pi ... . Installed December 18, 1948, with twelve charter members .... Favorite expression when something needs to be done, " Go to the Art Department " .... Preparing the stage for the Home- coming Queen and her court . . . . L. H. Autry at his easel on the Home- coming Float .... Art entries at Conway .... Working with the Arkansas Chap- ter of American Association of University Women ' s Children Art Project .... Those visits to museums and galleries .... Fine exhibit of student work pre- sented during week of graduation .... International Relations Club Back row: Elmer Jack, Billy Franks, J. C. Smithers, Claude Mann, Royal Small, Jimmy Grimes. Middle row: Dr. Homer C. Huitt, Fred Moss, Ray Grass, Arville Brannon, Charles D. Watson, Charles Hardenhrook, Aubrey Cranor, Minor Gipson, Verrel Foltz, Durward F. Cooper. Front row: Miss Clarissa Delano, Marian Wofford, Pauline Wells, Virginia Woodman, Mary Kathryn Goldman, Robert Ferralsco, Omar Greene, Mr. John Galloway, Joe Feinbloom. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Bob Ferralasco Omar Greene Mary K. Goldman Miss Clarissa Delano Founded in 1934 to stimulate student interest in world affairs .... Assisted in sponsoring a " United Nations Assembly Day " .... First of its kind in Arkansas .... Direct contact with foreign groups .... Correspondence, dis- seminating American customs, traditions and democratic processes carried on with the Bremen (Germany Cosmopolitan Club of International Good Will) League .... Largest membership in history of club .... Congratulations to Dr. Huitt, previous sponsor, for keeping alive the interest and membership . . . . Supper meetings in cafeteria .... Current international problems with both the " pros and cons " given by members .... Bob Montgomery, the philoso- pher and idealist, leads one faction against Moss and Greene, with Miss Delano and Ferralasco playing the role of arbitrator .... Pi Gamma Back row: Dr. Paul E. Couch, Durward F. Cooper, Charles Hill, Otis Wiles. Elmer Jack, John Calloway. Second row: B. V. Keister, Belle Tripp. Dr. H. E. White, Jennie Mae Justus, Lindell Forbes, Gene Howe, J. C. Smithers, Mrs. Olta Brinton, Omega Anderson, Dr. D .F .Pasmore. Front row: Miss Clarissa Delano, Mrs Pearl Essary, Dr. Homer C. Huitt, Edward Steimel, Linda Ann Huitt, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown, Helen Dudley. Rosalee Wilson, Mrs. H. M. Rheulish. OFFICERS President . . . . Edward J. Steimel Vice-president ... Cloice Burrell Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Mary R. Brown Sponsor ... Dr. Homer C. Huitt National Social Science Honorary Fraternity .... Sixty-two members .... Twenty-three new members initiated this year .... All work in unison to learn more about the social world and factors which affect the lives of individuals .... Then pass this knowledge on to alleviate pain, suffering and to make the lives of others easier and happier .... Sponsor " White Christmas " annually— re-en- acting the birth of Christ— presenting gifts for underprivileged or distressed per- sons by organizations .... Membership requirements high and strict .... Must be junior or senior .... Meetings held monthly .... Guests may attend all functions and meetings .... Initiations held twice a year .... Pi Omega Pi Back row: Joe Clements, sponsor. Lloyd Duncan. Emmett Plaster, Jay Kitterman, Charles Hill, Dallas Wright. Glenn Hyland, John T. Buss, Lindell G. Forbes, Foster Bowdon. Front row: Bales Houston, Shirley Swaim. Mae Justus. Omega Anderson, Hubert Daugh- erty, Bebe Coffey, Betty Jo Cooper. Marian Wofford, Pied Justus. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Sponsor Bales Houston Fred Justus Betty Jo Cooper Omega Anderson Bebe Coffey Toe Clements Alpha Kappa of Pi Omega Pi capers at meetings during the social period .... The bewilderment of the new pledges at their first meeting .... Those wonderful audio-visual films preview for the teaching of typewriting . . . . Fun at Mary Lancaster ' s Christmas Party .... Some of those gifts, oh me!!! .... Remember that delicious ice cream served with cookies at the Houston ' s? .... We discovered Omega Anderson was an airplane mechanic during the war! .... " Business Education Day " was a success on the campus! Certainly took lots of work to plan the assembly program and the tea afterwards .... Bebe Coffey and Omega Anderson represented chapter at National Convention in Detroit in mid-winter .... What a beautiful float Pi Omega Pi entered in the Home- coming parade — blue, white, silver, and gold .... And last of all, which likely we shall not forget, the annual banquet held at the Hotel Noble .... Our slogan: Pi Omega Pi for Better Business Education .... Chemistry Club OFFICERS President ..... Ed Mathis Vice-president . . Lessie Cooksey Secretary-Treasurer Ada Marsh Sponsor Dr. R. H. Austin New organization .... To create and stimulate interest in Chemistry . . . . Interesting meetings twice a month .... Membership open to chemistry majors and minors .... Many interesting and educational demonstrations on Open- House Day .... Noticeable absence of shrubs .... Du Pont .... Discussion of future of students and how to better themselves .... Picnics .... The Atom Splitter .... Trips thru ' Chemistry companies in Memphis .... The excite- ment the day a flask blew to pieces .... Bauxite Company in Little Rock . . . . Historical Society Back row: Ray Grass, Billy Joe Franks, Claude Mann, Minor Gipson, Arville Brannon, Peter Moss, Bob Ferralasco, Joe Feinbloom. Middle row: Miss Clarissa Delano, Marian Wofford, Orville Graddy, Gayle Milan, H. C. Patterson. Charles Hardenbrook, J. C. Smithers, Aubrey Cranor, Omar Greer.e, John Gallo- way, Verrel Foltz. Front row: Pauline Wells, Virginia Woodman, Mary Kathryn Goldman, Charles Wat- son, D. F. Cooper, sponsor, Royal Small, Jimmy Grimes, Dr. H. C. Huitt. Elmer Jack. OFFICERS President . Royal Small Vice-president Charles Watson Secretary Virginia Woodman Treasurer . Jim Grimes Sponsor D. F. Cooper This year one of most active organizations on the campus .... Prominent in historical research during the entire school year .... Responsible for com- piling additional information for the Arkansas State College Museum . . . . Capable and well-informed speakers invited to campus as guests of the or- ganization .... Big event of the year was Formal Banquet .... The alumni met the new members .... You know, these alums came from just about every- place for this special banquet .... Food at the affair was so good you could hardly sit still to eat it ... . Royal Small led the club as president, and Mr. D. F. Cooper proved a capable sponsor .... Vlu Phi Sigma Back row: Bill Hendrix. Bill Hinton, Ned Penny. Gale Anderson, James L. Patty, Jimmy Jenkins, Dr. H. C. Manor, sponsor. Front row: Ed Benthall. Millard Oldham. D. B. Aycock, Stewart Craig. Guy Rodgers, Les- ter Bruce. Ray McCann, Buddy Sullivan. OFFICERS President Stewart Craig Vice-president Guy Rodgers Secretary Millard Oldham Treasurer ... D. B. Aycock Pledge Masteer Ray McCann Historian Ed Benthall Sponsor Dr. H. C. Manor Eleven line musician members taken in impressive ritual early in year . . . . The dignified ushers at every Community Concert .... Dr. Manor ' s use of voice as soda-pop vendor at the intermissions (practical, this voice training) . . . . Mu Phi Sigma really got in a spirit of homecoming with fine display . . . . Talent of the frat put to work in Mu Phi Dance Orchestra (still practicing) . . . . President Craig ' s look of complete helplessness when trying to curb those long- winded, wayward discussions .... Gala musical during second semester . . . . Physical Education Club Back row: Al Hutson, R. C. Trussel, Irvin Wells, Bennie Wilhelm, Ray Saunches, Mau- rice Jeffress, Bill Holobaugh. Middle row: James Sullens, Charles Sims. Keith Doane, Dale Hudson, Paul Mason, Bill Clark, Harold Waddle, Wymon Dyke, Dub Mullins. Front row: Howard Powers, J. B. Kellett, J. C. Smithers, Harold J. Nichols, sponsor, V. V. Shearburn, Bill Adams, J. L. Horton. OFFICERS President . . V. V. Shearburn Vice-president . J. C. Smithers Secretary Bill Adams Treasurer J. L. Horton Reporter J. B. Kellett Sponsor Harold Nichols Record attendance of 130 at Annual Fall Picnic at Craighead Forest . . . . History of State ' s teams in pictures on wall of P.E. Club room . . . Formu- lation of a sports library for majors and minors .... Statistics on football team .... First after-game dance of the year .... Entertaining visiting bands on Band Day at ASC .... Direct Gym activities .... Soft seats at every home game (pillows furnished by P.E. Club) .... Sigma Alpha Lambda Back row: Paul Milbrandt, John Maples, Bill Robertson, Ronnie Alexander, Billy Taylor. Billye Frances Sullards, Bebe Coffey Front row: Robert Blakestad, sponsor; Floyd Selby, Vernon Lacey, John Himes, Paul Bu- jarski, Jimmy Jordan. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sponsor Joan Greenwood Betty Jo Cooper Inez Houston Jo Ann Baker Jackie Jones Elizabeth Fox SAL ' S Rush Party really demonstrated talent .... Jo Ann Baker ' s magic violin and Joan Greenwood playing " Chopin " to the very nth degree sounding like Jose Iturbi .... Every meeting seemed to include Honey ' s weekly sche- dule—right along with our ability to write poetry .... Betty Cooper ' s future occupation to be radio announcer .... Pledge Program in Music Hall . . . . Annual Christmas party huge success .... Spring activities kept members oc- cupied .... Engineers Club Back row: Paul Milbrodt, John Maples, Bill Robertson, Ronnie Alexander, Billy Taylor. Front row: Robert Blakestad, Floyd Selby, Vernon Lacey, John Himes. Paul Bujarski, Jimmy Jordan. OFFICERS President . Vernon Lacey Secretary-Treasurer Floyd Selby Reporter Mason Boyles Activities Chairman John Himes Sponsor Mr. Robert Blakestad Vernon Lacey led the Engineers through many a party that was always enjoyable .... St. Patrick ' s Dance exceeded anything done by previous clubs— everyone was there having an enjoyable time .... Everyone said the decorations were original— and they were .... The club appreciated the special issue of the Herald for them— members thank " Tex " Plunkett and crew .... Engineering Week outshown anything that had been expected .... The Engineering Club did all of this and most of the members made good grades .... It ' s all to do over again next year .... Social Fraternity Council Back row: Bud Curtner, James Sloan, Jimmy Jenkins, Dr. Warren W. Nedrow, John C. Childers, Buck Watson, John T. Buss, Jerry Haley, Dr. F. W. Plunkett. Front row: Mary Lancaster. Jonny Boggess, Betty Jo Cooper, Mrs. Marjorie B. Scott, Helen Braden, Gene Shipp, Marian Rankin. Mrs. Warren W. Nedrow. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Helen Braden Mary Lancaster Cloice Burrell The Social-Fraternity Council .... A strictly legitimate organizatio n which claims to be as important as the Student Council — and as effective .... Or- ganized in 1948 .... represents the fraternities and sororities on the campus, and is designed to handle the problems peculiar to these organizations .... In the matter of presiding officers, no impartiality due to sex is permitted . . . This year, for example, the Council has Helen Braden for its president . . . . Problems solved by the Council this year include: establishing dates for rush week .... Maximum faculty representation in each of the organizations DECIDING WHO SHOULD BELL THE PUSSY CAT Women ' s Executive Council Back row: Mrs. Grace Jones, Housemother of WRH, Gene Shipp, Anna Jean Foster, Mar- jorie (Pate) Bailey. Mrs. Marjorie B. Scott. Dean of Women. Front row: Mary Lancaster, Shirley Swaim, Tica Robinson, Freeda James, Omega Anderson, Inez Houston. DORMITORY OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Social Chairman OFF-CAMPUS OFFICERS Omega Anderson Anna Jean Foster Shirley Swaim Inez Houston Marjorie Bailey Jean Westbrook Tica Camp Freeda James Mary Lancaster Brenda Stuck W.R.H. Christmas Ball .... Thanksgiving pajama party in Lounge ol W.R.H Hooray for dance nights— curlew at 12 ... . Flying squirrel caught in lounge .... Familiar cry on rainy days, " Who ' s going to Aggie? " .... The sound of the buzzer from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m " Who ' s got something I can borrow? " followed by slamming of doors .... Campus-ed .... Early morning send-off of football boys .... Early morning crowd in showers .... Mother Jones saying goodnight to the boys .... Off Campus Girls Club .... Women students living outside of dormitory . . . Organized under guidance of Dean Marjorie Scott .... Put social calendar for each month on bulletin board .... This project under the supervision of Jonny Boggess .... Officers meet regularly with W.R.H. officers .... Discussion and suggestion of better rules for the campus .... Brenda Stuck, social chairman, planned the parties for year .... " ARKANSAS " PARTY MOCK CONVENTION Back row: Mr. W. Z. Fletcher. Dr. H. C. Manor, Stewart Craig, Roy Sisson, Floyd Funk, sponsor. Front row: Ned Penny, Ray Grass, Guy Rogers, Lester Bruce. George Shedd. Glee Clubs Organized this year .... First time the girls sang in chapel Mr. Laster put up a valiant (and barely successful) fight to stay on the piano stool .... Traditional incident: Jean Jackson late for class .... Ruth Robinson sings a part all her own — composed of parts of first soprano, second soprano, alto, and a few of her own renditions . . . Six regular members and about eight alternatives (they come when they want to) .... Went on tours with the College Choir .... Sang at Homecoming Day Chapel Program .... Loads of fun at the parties .... Men ' s Glee Club .... Mr. Funk sponsor .... Those forgotten rehearsals where no one appeared .... Oh! Who hit that sour note .... How do you keep in voice .... Great singers will come from this group .... Special numbers .... Solos . , , . Parties in Music Hall .... Spring activities .... Left to right: Honeye Lyle, Ruth Robinson, Joan Greenwood, Mr. James Laster. sponsor. Jean Jackson. Joy Creighton, Barbara Collins. Herald Staff Back table: Bebe Coffey, Leland " Tex " Plunkett, Gene Howe. Center: Lindell Forbes, John Webste r, Eddie Steimel. Front row: Bud Curtner, R. C. Tennyson, Larnie Jennings, Cloice Burrell. The Herald staff at work? Yes, Tex and the gang are pictured slaving around the big desk in the journalism room with a deadline hanging somewhat heavily over their heads. While Tex swings the whip, the rest of the crew is busy writing heads, dash- ing out corrections, rewriting and copyreading the fantastic works of the report- ing class. The reporters have one consolation, however. If someone criticizes their efforts, the cubs can always claim that crazy editing class fouled it up. 30 " Scribbler ' s Club Back row: Marjorie Bailey, R. C. Tennyson, Lindell Forbes. Royal Small, Cloice Bnrrell, James Johnson, Dan Burge. Front row: Jennings B. Curtner. Kenneth Braden, Jayne Joyce Lybrand, Don Baker, Phyllis Ford. Bebe Coffey, John B. Webster. The Arkansas State College Scribblers ' Club is composed of young ambitious men and women with itchy typewriter fingers. Too democratic to have officers, the Scribblers are drawn from " Tex " Plunkett ' s journalism classes and have a desire to write— anything to keep from working. Formed this semester under trying circumstances, the Scribblers haven ' t had time to sponsor any activities and couldn ' t anyway, probably. Some members have already sold stories, others are still sending them in, and still others are hoping. Good luck! The Forgotten Frosh Bountiful B. Bailey A most serious, grievous, unforgivable error has been committed by our staff in the omission of one of our most distinguished Freshman scholars — Miss Bountiful B. Bail- ey — and to atone for this horrible mistake we are devoting an entire page to this popu- lar and lovable as well as devastating charm- ing personality. Miss Bailey is sweatin ' out a lengthy cur- riculum for a M.B.Ph.S.D. Degree in Gold- bricking Science. She is an active and ardent participant in many extracurricular activities as well as a loyal and dependable member of Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Pi Sorority for Girls, the honorary fraternity for scholastic loafers, a Pi Theta Pappa Key Holder, a candidate for Who ' s What Among Undergraduate Pil- ferers, an Honorary M.P. in the R.O.T.C., the Engineers Choice for the Beard Award, the Mu Mu Mu Fraternity ' s bid for the Wigwam Wag, and many other numerous campus clubs. We sincerely hope that this special spread will prove to Miss Bailey, that most deserving girl, that we are extremely sorry for this most unfortunate error. We are sure that such a broadminded student will see that everyone makes mistakes, and we know she ' ll forgive us if we omitted any other honorary degrees which we did not mention above. Sigma Pis All Smiles Delta Theta is Born Let ' s Go National! Brand New Charter for Alpha Gams The Day for AoII ' s I i The unit marches through review drills for last year ' s feder- al inspection in khaki. (Above) A. D. Ruyle, Robert Manns, Russ Gerring and J. L. Johnson form an impressive color guard. The guard is composed of mem- bers of the elementary classes. Through the following pages the INDIAN staff has at- tempted to give the reader a pictorial glimpse of one of State ' s largest and most important de- partments, the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, Field Artillery, of Arkansas State College. The Military Staff Front row, left to right: Colonel Kenneth B. Sweany, Lt. Colonel George R. Wilkins, Major Ernest Rubel. Back row, left to right: M Sgt. Walter R. Bauer, M Sgt. George Broadway, M Sgt. H. R. Bankston, M Sgt. H. H. Henderson. With the formation of a new battery, " C " , the ASC military has become the biggest in its history. Numbering around 250 in strength, the ROTC far outstretches any of its pre-war predecessors. Advanced classes are now growing larger each year with the addition of new courses and specialized training for prospective officers. Formerly com- posed almost entirely of veterans, the advanced courses are now filled with gradu- ates of the basic two years ' course. Its three officer and four enlisted-man instructional staff, headed by Colonel Sweany, PMS T, has been entirely responsible for the rapid growth and ex- pansion of the department. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1st PLATOON " A " BATTERY 2nd PLATOON " A " BATTERY 2nd PLATOON " C " BATTERY CADET OFFICERS ' CLUB CADET NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ' CLUB What size, please? Ah-h-h-h-h! Members of the Cadet Officers Club take it easy in the clubroom. Get all the carbon out, too, boys. Major Rubel has a mean pencil! Longitude 45, Latitude 37, Altitude 15, Depth 74, oh, to heck with it! You pick it up and point it this way, boys! One last wish? The 1948 INDIANS — pretty scraggly looking in this picture, but this was the only way in which the entire squad, including the meatballs who did all the work and took all the punishment, could be included in the annual. lot of these dropped out when the going got rough, of course, but most of them stuck with it. Front row. left to right: Keith Doan, Dewey Sifford. Frank Pasierb, Dub Mullin, V. V. Shearburn, Bob Manns, Cliff Rotton, Mel Zipfel, Gene Osselmeier, Dale Hudson, Tcm Ragland. Jo Melio, and John Lawson. Second row: Bill Perry. Ray Bly, Tom Willey, John Beardon, Joe Valentour, Gene Hazel. Lawrence Accord, Joe Mobley, J. L. Johnson, Paul Schuler, Jack Heimlich. Carl Greenwald, John McGuire. Mike Elias, Morton Sennett. Louis Bond, L. J. Romero, Charles Woodward. " Butch " Hayduk. Bob Garrett, Joe Shaw, Norman Keith, Julius Palone, Rex Gorman, Jim Hinson. Third row: Carleton Abels, Schuyler Smith. Aaron Park- er, Ralph Martin, Ernie Donoho, Lee Lamberson, Mike Millea. Don Stafford, Don Henry, J. A. " Black Sheep " Coop, Gene Langley, Tom Wise, Dee Bonner, Harry Larche. How- ard Powers, Bill Walters, P. L. Hamlet, Phil Koltum, Ed Friedman, Don Hamilton, Tom Carmody, Walter Wilson, Paul Lasley, Bob Blue. Fourth row: Sam Green, Perry Gammill, Vic Davis, Hank Meier, Ed Brinton. Ed Corcoran, A. D. Ruyle, Paul Day, Dan Rusak, Dick Huff, Russ Gerring, Dean Tendler, Bob Sechrest. Not pictured are Ernie " Whale " Crone and Dick Martin - czack. With a squad of 79 men out for the first drills and a goodly quantity of reserve lettermen to bolster the returning starters, the Arkansas State College Indians had a fair season for ' 48 with four wins, four losses and a tie. Coach " Frosty " England ' s boys opened with a 14-0 victory over Mississippi College ' s Choctaws and eked out a 13-12 win over powerful Western Kentucky ' s Hilltoppers. Then Delta State ' s Green Wave held the Tribe to a 13-13 tie. In the final home game, the Indians romped over the Henderson Reddies 34-14. Away from home, the Redskins didn ' t have such good luck, losing a 37-6 decision to Kansas State ' s Wildcats and a 14-7 affair to Middle- Tennessee ' s Blue Raiders. The Tribe outfought Southern Illinois University ' s Maroons 27-21 but went on to drop two straight, to Northwest Louisiana ' s Demons 41-6 and Memphis State Tigers 34-13. HARRY LARCHE JOE SHAW Two of the best football players ever to participate in pigskinning at Ark- ansas State College are Harry Larche (above left) and Joe Shaw (above right). Larche, a 225-pounder from Kennett, Mo., was named the outstanding line- man in a poll conducted among members of the Redskin squad. Big Harry has since signed with the Baltimore Colts of the All-American Conference to play pro ball next year. In addition to this, the Missourian was named first string tackle on the Southern Squad in the annual Blue-Gray All-Star game at Montgomery, Ala. The opposite in size of Big Harry, Little Joe Shaw, 170 pound ball-hand- ling wizard from Marked Tree, was named the outstanding Indian back by his team mates. A superb passer and clever signal caller, the junior quarterback was easily the key to the Indian offense in ' 18. Shaw will engineer the ' 49 Redskins " 11 " while Larche is slated to receive his degree in May. State Champion Indians of ' 49— Front Row: (left to right) John Bear- don, Al Hutson, Hank Meier, Bennie Wilhelm, Mayo Foley, Ray Saunches, J. L. Horton; Back Row: Jesse Bncy, Harold Waddle, Paul Mason, Dee Bonner, Maurice Miller, Ray Scott, Clyde Benson. With most of the team hack from ' 48, Coach " Ike " Tonilinson set out to take the state cage crown and did just that. The title wasn ' t official in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Confer- ence, however, but the Tribe licked the AIC champion Ozarks two straight, won ten tilts without a loss in the loop, and represented the state in the NAIB basketball tournament at Kansas City. What more could you want? Powered by high-scoring Big Ben Wilhelm. clever ball-handler Maurice Miller, hot-and-cold forwards Paul Mason and Ray Scott, and de- pendable guards Al Hutson and Clyde Benson, the Tribe compiled a record of 14 wins and 12 losses for the season, including the NAIB defeat by Hamline ' s mighty Pipers. Sox of the losses were against the best northern scpiads on the opening New-York-Michigan circuit. Once the ASC crew hit the home stand, they took eight straight wins, including a victory, over mighty Delta State. Able reserves helping the State cause were elongated Dee Bonner, forwards Jesse Bucy and Harold Waddle, and guards John Beardon, Ray Saunches and Mayo Foley. For the season, the Indians piled up 1,434 points while their opponents, among the tough- est of the nation, scored 1.478 against them. Arkansas State 43, Hamline 76 Arkansas State 58, Ozarks 49 Indians 68, Ozarks 50 Arkansas State 46, ASTC 44 Tribe 61, Memphis State 52 State 66, Ouachita 59 Redskins 76, Henderson 71 ASC 58, Indiana State 70 ASC 71, Southwestern 44 State 80, Ouachita 44 Indians 51, ASTC 48 ASC 57, Dleta 49 Tribe 75, Henderson 56 ASC 84, Arkansas College 69 ASC 55, Memphis State 59 Tribe 54, Southwestern 37 Redskins 46, Delta 71 ASC 74, AC 45 Tribe 49, Pittsburgh (Kans.) 55 Indians 39, W. Michigan 50 ARKANSAS STATE CHAMPIONS! The 1948 ASC track team pictured above took the AIC meet in Little Rock by storm and hung up the first cinder path title the Indians have garnered in 15 years. Mentored by Coach H. J. " Nick " Nichols, the State trackmen have practically all the veterans of ' 48 back for this year and should have another fine season. Paced by ace performers Paul Mason, Dale Hudson, Dee Bonner, John Taylor, Everett Branch, Bob Brooks, Frank Hyde, John McGuire, Billy Thornton, Joe Fason and Bill Clark, the Redskins made it hot for every team they met after a slow start the previous season. On the opposite page are action photos of the State trackmen in action on the cinder paths and in the field events. Top picture shows Johnny McGuire, state 100 and 20-yard dash title holder, finishing first against Cape Gir- ardeau. Other Stater close behind is Terry Carpenter. Middle left shot shows Dee Bonner going up and over on the high jump while opposite photo show Bob Brooks and Bill Clark going to town on the hurdles. Bottom left is Dale Hudson letting go the discus while Paul Mason lets fly on a pole vault. When baseball time comes rolling around, these fellows are in a second Heaven. After two successful seasons, the majority of the players pictured will be around for the ' 49 season this spring. ' Ike ' Coached by Athletic Director J. A. " Ike " Tomlinson, the ASC baseball nine has already produced two pro pros- pects in Pelham " Junior " Austin, hard-hitting short stop and Graham Dickson, fancy-fielding first sacker. Mainstays of the team this year are expected to be J. C. Smithers at short stop, Skeeter Kell at second, Maurice Starr at first base and Ray Saunches behind the plate. J. L. Horton and Norm Farley are accomplished outfielders and will likely patrol the pastures for the ' 49 Indians. On the opposite page is a galaxy of action shots of games and closeups of the individual players. In the cen- ter is ASC pitching mainstay Bennie Wilhelm while at up- per right is backstop Ray Saunches. Lower right is out- fielder John Dickey of the ' 48 squad. The fine art of grunting and groaning on an amateur plane is the success- ful business of these Arkansas State College State AAU title holders of ' 48. Since the above picture was made, the ASC boys have done it again, taking the ' 49 AAU crown on a near clean-sweep. ' Nick " Ace Coach " Nick " Nichols has molded a group of boys around nucleus of experienced high school wrestlers from Granite City, 111., (Tom Carmody, Jake Durham, Walt Wilson and Carl Greenwald) and built up one of the best teams in the Mid-West. Although half of the team had never seen college wrestling before going out for the sport, fellows like Harry Larche, Joe Shaw, Julius Palone and Dale Hud- son quickly developed and became tops. On the opposite page are several action shots made during meets with other schools. Dogpatchers in Revue The Hillbilly Stomp Corn from the " Corn Shuckers " All Species on the Loose Any Resemblance to Actu- al Persons Good Ole Mountain Music Alpha Gams Celebrate Halloween Engineers ' Grand Finale St. Patricks ' Big Day Queen Jean is Crowned Engravers of THE 1949 INDIAN »::o:»::«: :»::«k:o::o::o:: ::o: SOUTHWEST ' S FOREMOST SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS Peerless Engraving Co. Peerless Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. :o::o::o: »::«: »: ::o:: :: :: :: : IT WAS A PLEASURE FOR THE GIFT YOU ' LL GIVE WITH PRIDE, LET A REGISTERED JEWELER BE YOUR GUIDE. F UJ RVIS f V S T.A8 REGISTERED JEWELER L 1 S H E D. 18.8 9 H x» AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY -... . Sadie ' s Privy FOR THE LATEST COLLEGE STYLES SHOP AT 7 JONESBOROS LARGEST DEPT. STORE Alpha Gamma Night Club Entertainment —a—— Dream Girl and Then Some PARKER ' S PHONE 6.646 Jonesboro ' s Best Drug Store " SHOP OF QUALITY AND STYLE " HOUSE OF FASHION JONESBORO 502 S. MAIN PHONE 3246 r -. ' .- J k MWte-f. " Armistice Day Float MA KOlHUINl ttGISMMO eepsake A M O N D R I N G ' S CLEMENTS Where You Know the Quality WATCHES - JEWELRY The Finest in Watch Repairing 326 S. Main — Jonesboro Bill Hails Louise as Dream Girl Ebb Pickens Vernon T. Covington Jim Lyons JONESBORO SPORTING GOODS CO. Agents For RAWLINGS MACGREGOR GOLDSMITH 212 Creath Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 5132 Just Sunning " MATHIS TRAIL WAYS " BLYTHEVILLE - JONESBORO - NEWPORT - LITTLE ROCK Two Schedules to Little Rock Daily — No Change of Buses Phone 6653 for Bus Information General Offices: 228 Madison St. James Bittinger, Gen. Mgr. YOUR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS Better Homes FOR Better Living JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Lost Horizon You will always enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at our modern fountain. We Serve Only the Best CITY DRUG STORE 322 S. Main Jonesboro Prompt Prescription Service COURTESY IS THE POLICY OF LANGFORD ' S MORTUARY LLOYD L. LANGFORD, Owner BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL Twin Phones: 6661 - 6662 Jonesboro, Arkansas The Inside Dope City Water and Light Plant Servitig and Growing With Arkansas State College and Jonesboro JONESBORO, ARKANSAS SHOP AT WALL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF THESE FAMOUS NAMES Naturalizer Shoes Manhattan Shirts Berkshire Hose Clipper Craft Clothes Carole King Dresses Dobbs Hats McGregor Sportswear Bostonian Shoes Phoenix Catalina Swim Suits JONESBORO, ARKANSAS Wahoo!! Jan 5 cJladi ie6 ZJoaaem JONESBORO ' S SMART SHOPPE 318 South Main St. Jonesboro, Arkansas McFALL Tire and Supply Co. 400 S. Main St. Phone 2181 YOUR Tireston STORE Tires — Tubes Electrical Appliances Home Supplies Auto Supplies BUY THE BEST - BUY Firestone Look to the Future! Insurance is your Sure Way to Protect You and Your Loved Ones -SEE- Eric Rogers Son For All Kinds of Insurance Phone 2961 GET MORE FOR LESS AT BOWLIN FURNITURE STORE " Let Us Make Your House A Home " 230-232 S. Main Jonesboro, Ark. CITIZENS BANK Of Jonesboro " The Bank That Service Built " OFFICERS M. L. McKinney, President C. V. McKinney, Cashier J. Lan Williams, Vice-Pres. G. E. McKinney, Assistant Cashier J. F. McKee, Vice-Pres. Major Griffin, Assistant Cashier MEMBER F. D. LC. That Glare Blinds Us Feast of Roses Our Mother Jones Schoenfield ' s WOMEN ' S WEAR Nationally Advertised Lines Handled Exclusively COATS AND SUITS " Swansdown " — " Leeds " Dresses Franklins Doris Dodson Mary Muffet Joan Miller Paul Sargents Georgiana L ' Aiglon Paula Brooks Hot Point Universal WHIDDEN APPLIANCE CO. 108 E. Huntington and 106 Burke BENDIX 3005 - Phone - 2934 ZENITH GREASE GASOLINE MOTOR OIL PAN - AMERICAN PRODUCTS AS FINE AS THEY COME C. C. HOWELL, DISTRIBUTOR Fourth and Word Phone 2361 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS :-: IMPLEMENTS MELTON BROTHERS IMPLEMENT CO. REPAIR SERVICE JONESBORO TRUMANN Ye Olde Yule Log At The Bar Kappa Pi Becomes Reality WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY HEINEMANN ' S JEWELRY DEPARTMENT Operated By PEREL LOWENSTEIN OF MEMPHIS A novelty in Arkansas institutions of higher education is the class in Chamber of Commerce organizations conducted at Arkansas State College by Elton Pat- terson, director of the Jonesboro Chamber. Begun the first semester last fall, the class was instrumental in getting several students into this line of work and showed definite possibilities of becoming an important department at the College. Al Capp ' s Imagination Fails Here MERCANTILE BANK Jonesboro, Ark. MEMBER F.D.I.C. Laffin ' Boy D. CANALE CO. Wholesale Fruit and Produce 104 North Main Street Jonesboro, Arkansas DRINK IN BOTTLES Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Keepin ' Close Watch Sigma Pi Field Day SEND IT TO YOU ' LL BE GLAD YOU SENT IT A Lot O ' Bull HELBROS HAMILTON ELGIN WATCHES ODELL PAGAN Jeweler SPECIALISTS IN WATCH REPAIRING 226 S. Main Jonesboro, Ark. 40 Year Man STAR CLOTHING HOUSE Clothing and Furnishings For the Man HAROLD LITTLE Lot S. Little Darwin Little ELDER STEVENS Men ' s Clothing 236 S. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas Yell -Gang -Yell! .flB. ' IflH!! HENRY FRANKLIN Dealer in Hardware and Farm Supplies USE OUR FREE PARKING 301 Union Phone 2636 Jonesboro, Arkansas JONESBORO ROLLER MILL FEED SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2231 Cor. Burke Union ESTABLISHED 1933 TEASDALE MOTORS Sales and Service Dodge Passenger Cars — Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Plymouth Passenger Cars 407 Union Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2248 Only DODGE Builds Job-Rated Trucks mr 9 Ten - Hup! McADAMS DRUG COMPANY McAdams Trust Bldg. Phone 5538 Jonesboro, Arkansas FRAMES PORTRAITS THE ART SHOP M. J. FOX, Prop. Jonesboro ' s Finest Excellent Craftsmanship on All Work Photographers for The 1949 Indian Pictures Developed Retouching ;:: yea " born t ess ° ? and editing .bVvng ate 2 l Q° aW P - h o«rs Ae ied . isto V boot- can com? V ioT tnelong nece ssatV bute TV nt- ' mg it vs an ce rtain V ss- as- in product lhe Our prices Repr eS ent Mc " 1

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