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DEAN B. ELLIS LIBRARY ARKANSAS STAfE UNIVERSITY State. CofJLqn EX LIBRIS ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE JONESBORO, ARKANSAS INDIAN STAFF Don Baker Editor-in-chief A vera Knight Art Editor James Brickell .... Sports Editor Kenny Bradex .... Snapshot Editor Carol Springle .... Copy Editor Phyllis Ford Club Editor Fred Mitchell .... Faculty Editor John Webster .... Make-up Editor FOREWORD Realizing that such an attempt as this— to assemble the events, personalities and progress of the past year within the pages of a single volume — is of necessity futile and inadequate, we of the Indian staff of 1947-1948 sincere- ly hope that the life of Arkansas State College during the past two semesters has been here de- picted as fully and as adequately as possible. A yearbook is the mirror that catches and holds the fleeting moments of success, failure, joy and sadness to be reflected upon and profited by each individual in future years. The Indian will, we hope, act as your per- manent mirror and reflector for the past year spent at Arkansas, State. To all Arkansas State College students, and to freshmen in par- ticular, the sight of Dr. Frank Will- is Plunkett entering a classroom, shuffling down the hall or puffing furiously on a cigarette, is a very familiar one. The little Doctor from Virginia via Texas and Arkansas will never be at a loss for friends among the thousands he has made during his eighteen years ' of rapping on black- boards at freshman English stu- dents and Shakespearian scholars alike. His vibrant personality and win- ning frankness soon set his visitor at ease and welcome the acquaint- ance. As Doc bustles about his office always busy with English De- partment affairs, anyone, anytime can interrupt him in search for ad- vice or a helping hand. It ' s to Doc, the grand little man of the English Department that we, members of the 1948 Indian staff, respectfully and ad- miringly dedicate this yearbook. Typical action pictures of Dr. Plunkett in his daily activities are shown on these two pages. DEDICATION 31378 DflTEnT5 fOLTV VlEUI5 Studeh 5 E R50nHLITIE5 OFinizRiion JTROV 5CIERCE □RT5 Victory comes by way of initiative, strength of character and leadership. Graduation is a victory of the mind and will power over edu- cational processes and economic difficulties. It is an honor that justly comes to those who are willing to labor earnestly and dili- gently. Today, Society demands educated men and women. Education is the foundation of liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the democratic way of life. Our future depends on the direction it takes. Dr. J. Walter Turner, Dean of the College. Dean Turner, during his brief stay at Arkansas State, has won many friends from the student body as well as carried on his duties very efficiently and capably. B. V. Keister, Registrar of the College. One of the most important functions in a College is the office of Registrar. Under the direction of Mr. Keister, Arkansas State ' s Registration Office has functioned smoothly and has greatly aided the immense growth of the College. Joseph D. Farrar, Dean of Men. Perhaps the hardest duties of any administrator befall the Dean of Men. He has to deal with students individually, answer complaints and questions as well as direct the social functioning of the College life. Dean Farrar ' s office is noted for its efficiency and friendliness in its dealings with the student body. Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown, Dean of Women. Comparable to the Dean of Men ' s difficulties are those belonging to the office of Dean of Women. Mrs. Brown, in her long service at Arkansas State, has dem- onstrated a fine ability and personal touch in over- coming the difficulties heir to her office. Lynn Ashcraft Business Manager of the College SlJDIE BARNETT Secretary to the President Dr. C. P. Denman Principal of the Training School Dorothy Fenton Paul Hoffman Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Chief Librarian Director of Publicity Head of College Auxiliaries Kalherine Anderson College Nurse R. H. Austin Head of Chemistry Department B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D. Kurt Ballard Instructor in Art U.S., M.A. M Sgt. H. R. Bankston Ass ' t Instructor in Military Science Cloma Barron Instructor in Library Science A. It., U.S. T Sgl. Fred Bedson Ass ' t Instructor in Military Science Robert B. Blakesiad Ass ' t Professor of Electrical Engineering H.S., E.E. H. B. Foster Bowdon Instructor in Business Administration B.S. Belly Briggs Instructor in Chemistry B.S. M Sgl. George L. Broadway Ass ' t Instructor in Military Science Coy C. Brooks Temporary Instructor in Agriculture B.S. Helen P. Brown Elementary Supervisor B.S.E. Juanila Caldwell Temporary Instructor in Physical Education B.S. R. C. Cassell Head of Agriculture Department B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Martha Jean Condray Instructor in English B.S.E., M.A. Labelva Connelly Supervisor in Training School A.B., M. A. Durwood F. Cooper Instructor in Social Science U.S., M.S. Paul E. Couch Head, of Education and Psychology Department A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Clarence C. Cravens Ass ' t, Professor of Agronomy U S., M.S ' . Margaret May Daniel Supervisor in Mathematics B.S., M.S. Clarissa Delano Instructor in Sociology and Government A.B., M A. Delzie Demaree Ass ' t Professor of Botany B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mrs. Clarence P. Denman Instructor in Elementary Education B.S., M A. 1st. Li. George E. Elmore Ass ' t PMSkT M Sgl. Hubert H. Henderson Ass ' t in Military Science Mrs. Bessie Howell Supervisor in Primary Grades A.B., M.A. Homer Carroll Huiil Head of Social Science Department U.S., A.M., Ph.D. Elmer S. Jack Ass ' t Professor of Geography B.S., M.S. Mrs. Mable R. Krick Instructor in Library Science and Ass ' t Librarian A.H., U.S. Eleanor Lane Instructor in English A. It., M.A. Harold C. Manor Head of Music Department B.P.S.M., M.A., Ed.D. James Hocker Mason Ass ' t Professor of English A. IS., M.A. Grace Matthews Intermediate Su pertiisor B.S.E. William R. Maybry Instructor in Physical Education And Training School Coach B.A., M.A. Warren W. Nedrow Head of Biology Department A.B., M.A.j Ph.D. Harold J. Nichols Instructor in Physical Education B.S., M.S. Joseph C. Orr Ass ' t Professor of Mechanical Engineering B.S., M.E. Daniel Fredrick Pasmore Head of Modern Languages Dept. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Mrs. D. F. Pasmore Head of Art Department B.S. Susie Pate Ass ' t Professor of Home Economics B.S., M.A. James L. Patty Instructor in Band and Piano B.M., B.A. Frank Willis Plunkett Head of English Department B.S., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. L. W. Plunkett Ass ' t Professor of Englisfi and Journalism A.B., M.J. Virginia Porter Temporary Instructor in Chemistry B.S. John H. Rauth Instructor in Physical Education Major E. N. Rubel Ass ' t Professor of Military Science And Tactics B.A., L.L.B. M Sgt. Thaddeus L. Sasser Ass ' t Instructor in Military Science Edward F. Smith, Jr. Ass ' t Professor of Animal Husbandry B.S., M.S. Floyd M. Smith Instructor in Business Administration B.S., M.S. W. L. Smith Instructor in Mathematics B.S.E., A.M. Major E. L. Schroeder Ass ' t Professor of Military Science And Tactics Colonel Kenneth S. Sweany Professor of Military Science And Tactics C. A. Swenson Acting Head of Business Administration Department B.S., M.S. Helen B. Stuart Instructor in Piiysical Education for Women B.S.E. H. C. Taylor Instructor in Printing and Print Shop Manager J. A. Tomlinson Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics B.S., A.M. Mrs. Wanda Walker Upper Elementary Supervisor Henry Ellis While Professor of Agricultural Economics B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mrs. Jean R. Williams Instructor in Organic Chemistry A.B., M.A. Larry Wimp Ass ' t Professor of Mathematics B.S.E., M.A. Lt. Colonel G. R. Wilkins Ass ' t Professor of Military Science And Tactics Wilton G. Wise Instructor in Modern Languages A.B., M.A. R. E. Lee Wilson Hall Science Building Health Hall Engineering Building Training School Dairy Barn Printing Shop Hangar Building Stadium and Kays Field Commons Building Danner Hall Women ' s Residence Barnhart Hall Lewis Hall It isn ' t quite as true any more, but it used to be said that every male student at ASC roomed at one time or another in old, tradition-bound Lewis Hall. One ol the old- est buildings on the campus, Lewis has served its purpose well through the years and wel- comes back old grads to whom it is a familiar landmark. College Club Trailer City New Dairy Ba Faculty Row Student Counci I of Arkansas State Col lege Senior Class Officers Walking down the steps leading to the Administration Building are these five officers of the graduating seniors. Left to right, they are: Betty Blackwood, reporter; F. O. Griffin, treasurer; Roscoe Brown, president; J. L. West- brook, vice-president, and Janie Gipson, secretary. Floella Blackman Allison, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Business Administration and Social Science Alpha Tau Zeta sorority; Wesley Foundation; Pi Omega Pi. Betty Jean Austin, B.S.E. Peach Orchard, Arkansas Major; Physical Education Wesley Foundation; Historical Society; I. R. C; Spanish Club; W. A. A. Mary Bennett, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Majors: Business Administration and English Alpha Tau Zeta sorority; El Cir- culo Espanol; Young Democrats; Historical Society; Vice-president of I.R.C.; Treble Clef Club; Baptist Student Union. Rudolph Amann, B.S.E. Weiner, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Pi Gamma Mu; " A " Club; P.E. Club. Clyde H. Barham, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration P.E. Club; Young Democrats; Confederate Air Force; Historical Society; A Capella Choir. Patsy Sue Biltinger. B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Physical Education W.A.A.; Deutscher Verein Club; Band. Belly Blackwood, B.S. JonesborOj Arkansas Major: Home Economics Alpha Tan Zeta sorority; Home Ec Club; Press Club; Les Artistes; Baptist Student Union; Homecom- ing Queen. Elton B. Bowdon. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas M ajor: Business Administration I.R.C.; Historical Society; Pre- Law Club; Pre-C.P.A.; Young Democrats. Helen Braswell, A.B. State College, Arkansas Major: Social Science 1100 Club. Evereli D. Bolton. B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Physical Education P.E. Club; " A " Club; Dramatics Club. Douglas Bradley. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration President, Young Democrats; Pre- Law Club; Pre-C.P.A.; Pi Omega Pi; Debate Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Namvets. C. R. Brelherick. B.S.E. Clarksdale, Arkansas Major: Physical Education " A " Club, P.E. Club. James O. Brickell. A.B. Jonesboro, A rkansas Major: English Secretary and treasurer. Debate Club; secretary and treasurer. Pre- Law Club; Press Club; Le Cerele Francais; Delta Omega Sigma fra- ternity; Sports editor. Annual; Her- ald staff; reporter. Young Demo- crats. Olla Burk Brinton. B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science I.R.C.; Pi Gamma Mu; Home Ec Club. Roscoe Brown, B.S.E. West Plains, Missouri Major: Social Science Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity; Pre- Law Club; Wesley Foundation; Young Democrats; I.R.C.; President, Senior Class; Namvets. Robert E. Briggs. B.S. Craw fordsvi lie, A rkansas Major: Agriculture Ag Clul). J. B. Brown, B.S. Manila, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Young Democrats. Irvin L. Carlton, A.B. Monette, Arkansas Major: Chemistry. Young Democrats; Pre-Med Club; Beta Beta Beta; 1100 Club; LeCercle Francais. Noah Cariwrighi, B.S. Osceola, Arkansas Major: Business Administration J. P. Cockrill. B.S. Crawfordsville, A rkansas Major: Agriculture Agriculture Club. Arthur Harold Cooper, B.S. Hay, Arkansas Major Business Administration Loyd Duane Chapman, B.S. ■Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity; Nam- vets; Young Democrats. Ruel Colegrove Cook, B.S.E. Smithville, Arkansas Major: Education Ministerial Association; l.R.C Young Democrats. Victor C. Crafton, B.S. jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Pre-C.P.A. club; Young Demo- crats. Charles Wendell Darr, A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Mijor Business Administration I.R.C.; Deutscher Verein; Young Democrats; Band; A.S.C. Choir. R. C. Davidson, B.S.E. Trumann , Arkansas Major: Social Science Baptist Student Union. Beiiy Jo Dean, A.B. Joiner, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Alpha Tau Zeta sorority; El Circ- ulo Espanol; Secretary and treas- urer, Wesley Foundation; Assistant vice-president. Young Democrats. James P. Dickson, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity; Press Club; Ag Club; Young Democrats. Exel E. Dishion, B.S. Wynne, Arkansas Major: Social Science Pi Omega Pi; Pi Gamma Mu; Historical Society; I.R.C.; Wesley Foundation. Wilson Guinnon Duke, B.S. Nashville, Arkansas Major: Agriculture " A " Club; 1100 Club; P.E. Club; Namvets; Kappa Sigma Nu frater- nity. William O. Finch. Jr.. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Delta Omega Sigma fraternity; Cadet Officers ' Club; Pre-Med Club. Glenn W. Fox. A.B. Harviell, Missouri Majors: English and Social Sci- ence Baptist Student Union; El Circ- ulo Espanol; Pi Gamma Mu. Janie M. Gipson, B.S.E. Monelte, Arkansas Major: Business Administration President, Delta Beta Chi soror- ity; Pi Gamma Mu; Reporter, Sen- ior Class; Pi Omega Pi. Mallie Mae Finley, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Secretary and Treasurer, I.R.C; Historian, Pi Omega Pi; Historical Society; Les Artistes; Assistant presi- dent. Young Democrats; Pre-C.P.A.; Senior assistant. Psychology. Roy J. Gent ile. A.B. Flushing, Long Island, New York Major: English P.E. Club; Le Cercle Francais. William R. Glenn, B.S.E. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Major: Physical Education P.E. Club. John H. Gourley. B.S. Paragonld, A rkansas Major: Chemistry I.R.C.; Historical Society; Le Cercle Francais; Press Club; Pre- Med Club. B. T. Griffin. Jr.. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Victor M. Groves, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Zeta Tau .eta fraternity; Ag Club; Young Democrats. Kenneth A. Graham. B.S. Leachville, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Cadet Officers ' Club; Pre-Med Club; Delta Omega Sigma frater- nity. F. O ' Neil Griffin. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration President, Pre-C.P.A. Club; 1100 Club; Pre-Law Club; Treasurer, Senior Class; Young Democrats; Pi C.amma Mu. William D. Guthrie. B.S. Henderson, Nevada Major: Chemistry Cadet Officers ' Club; Deutsche! Yerein; Senior Assistant, Chemistry. Carl C. Gwaliney. B.S. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu; Pre-C.P.A. Club; 1100 Club. Gloria Haynie, B.S.E. Harrisburg, Arkansas Major: Social Science Delta Beta Chi sorority: I.R.C. Ellis Doyle Herron. A.B. Paragould, Arkansas Majors: Music and Art Delta Omega Sigma fraternity. President of Historical Society; I.R. C; Les Artistes; El Circulo Espanol; Le Cercle Francais; Assistant Direc- tor of Glee Club. Charles Lewis Hayden. B.S.E. Piggott, Arkansas Major: Physical Education " A " Club. Jerry L. Hays, B.S.E. Cardwell, Missouri Major: Social Science President of I.R.C.; Historical So- ciety; Young Democrats; Senior As- sistant in Social Science. Charles B. Hinson, B.S. JonesborOj Arkansas Major: Business Administration Cadet Officers ' Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Pre-C.P.A. Club. H. T. Holland. A.B. Oneida, Arkansas Major: Social Science Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity; Pre- Law Club; Deutscher Verein; Presi- dent of N.B.A. Thelma Horner. B.S. Hornersville, Missouri Major: Business Administration Secretary of Young Democrats; I.R.C.; Historical Society; Pre-C.P. A.; Senior Assistant in Psychology; A.C.E. Clarence W. Jackson, B.S. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pre-Med Club. Jason Holmes, B.S.E. Nettleton, Arkansas Major: Physical Education P.E. Club; Ag. Club. Cleve C. Howard, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Pi Gamma Mu; Historical So- ciety; I.R.C.; Les Artistes; Young Democrats; Baptist Student Union. John F. James, B.S.E. Ravenden, Arkansas Major: History Young Democrats, 1100 Club. Charles E. Johnson, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Physical Education " A " Club; P.E. Club. S. T. Johnson, B.S.E. Hughes, Arkansas Major: Physical Education Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity; P.E. Club; " A " Club; Confederate Air Force. Imogene Joseph, A.B. Black Rock, Arkansas Majors: English and Spanish President, Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Sigma sorority; El Circulo Espanol; Press Club; Herald Staff; Annual Staff. Azel R. King, B.S.E. Vanndale, Arkansas Major: Business Administration and Education Bethel McCormick King, B.S.E. Vanndale, Arkansas Major: Social Science 1100 Club. Calvin E. Lamb, B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Majors: Chemistry and English Delta Omega Sigma fraternity; Herald Staff; Press Club; Annual Staff; Cadet Officers ' Club; Inter- national Relations Club; Engineer- ing Club; Le Cercle Francais; Ark- ansas Historical Society; Rifle Team; Inter - Fraternity - Sorority Council; Deutscher Verein. Mereda Langley. B.S.E. Piggott, Arkansas Major: English. Education Pi Gamma Mu; Young Demo- crats; Wesley Foundation; I.R.C.; A.C.E.; Dramatics Club. Maud Adams Ellis, B.S. Monette, Arkansas Major: Home Economics Home Ec Club. Don Lukeiich, B.S.E. Roxana, Illinois Major: Physical Education " A " Club. Forresl E. Laux. B.S.E. Mascoutah, Illinois Major: Mathematics, Education Namvets. Arthur Earl Lee. B.S. Hoxie, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Ag Club; Namvets. James R. Martin, B.S. Brookland, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Elmer C. Mayes, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Education Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity; " A " Club. Roberl S. McGinnis. B.S. Marianna, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity; Pre- Med Club; Pi Omega Pi; Pi Cam- ma Mu; Young Democrats. Dino Mengarelli, B.S. Turrell, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity. Alton McCann. B.S. Canalou, Missouri Major: Business Administration Delta Omega Sigma fraternity; President, Choir; ASC Band; Pre C.P.A. Club. Bob McGough. B.S. Lake City, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Baptist Student Union; Namvets; Young Democrats. Fred Mitchell. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu; Press Club; I.R. C; Namvets; Dramatics Club; Con- federate Air Force; Pre-Law Club; Annual Staff; Herald Staff; 1100 Club. 7 f Larry T. Moore. B.S. Blytheville, A rkansas Major: Music Delta Omega Sigma fraternity; Choral Club; Student Council; Mu l ' lii Sigma. Jack F. Mullen, B.S. Cave City, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Cadet Officers ' Club; 1100 Club. Travis T. Neal, B.S. L ' epanto, Arkansas Major: Business Administration l ' i Camilla Mu. Sierlin C. Moore, A.B. Salon, Arkansas Major: English, Social Science President, El Circulo Espanol; President, Pre-Law Club; President, Debate Club; President, Namvets; Student Council; l ' i Gamma Mu; Young Democrats; Herald Staff. John William Murphy, B.S. Tuckerman, A rkansas Major: Business Administration Zeta Tan Zeta fraternity; Young Democrats; Pre-Law Club; Pre-C.P. A. Club. Sheldon G. Nelson, B.S. Pollard, Arkansas Major: Business Administration Namvets; Pre-C.P.A.; Young Democrats. William A. Norton, B.S. Marvell, Arkansas Major: Chemistry Le Cercle Francais. Paul W. Palmer. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Confederate Air Force; Ag Club. Joe Parkinson, B.S. Caruthersville, Missouri Major: Business Administration " A " Club; P.E. Club. Tom Oversireel, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Biology Student Council. E. W. Park. B.S. Jonesboro, Ark. Major: Engineering Engineering Club. Kenneth C. Perkins, B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Physical Education P.E. Club; Confederate Air Force. W. H. Perrin. B.S. Pocahontas, Arkansas Major: Business Administration I.R.C.; Pre-C.P.A.; Young Demo crats. B. F. Rogers. B.S. Grubbs, Arkansas Major: History " A " Club; Pre-Law Club; Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity. Elhel L. Rushing. B.S.E. Cooler, Missouri Major: Social Science. Hobari Q. Reagan. B.S.E. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Social Science Pi Gamma Mil. Gwenn Rogers, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Home Economics. Wanda Lee Schaeffer. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Home Economics Home Ec Club. Dora Louise Sexton. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Home Economics Alpha Tau Zeta sorority; Pi Gamma Mu; Home Ec Club; Bap- tist Student Union. Emma Lee Slaten, B.S.E. Pangburn, Arkansas Major: Social Science A.C.E.; Home Ec Club; Young Democrats; Baptist Student Union. Theodore F. Sperling, B.S. Poplar Bluff, Missouri Major: Agriculture Confederate Air Force; Ag Club; 1 ' . E. Club. Robert H. Shannon. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Ag Club; " A " Club; Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity; Young Democrats; 1100 Club. Leonard L. Smith. A.B. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: History I.R.C.; Historical Society; Bap- tist Student Union. Frank Carol Springle. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Biology Delta Omega Sigma fraternity; Beta Beta Beta; President, I ' re-Med Club; Secretary. Press Club; Annual Staff, Copy Editor; Le Cercle Fran- cais; Herald Staff. Edward D. Sleimel. A.B. Pocahontas. Arkansas Major: English Pre-Law Club: Debate Club; Young Democrats; Press Club; Pi Gamma Mu; 1100 Club. James C. Sumner. B. S. Barton, Arkansas Maj or: Business Administration Kappa Sigma Nu fraternity. Jesse L. Weslbrook, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Business Administration President. Freshman Class 1943-4; Vice-president, Senior Class; Young Democrats; Historical Society; Ag Club; Delta Omega Sigma frater- nity. J. Leslie Stevens. B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Biology Zeta Tau Zeta fraternity; Pre- Med Club; Le Cercle Francais. William J. Weaver. B.S. Maynard, Arkansas Major: Biology 1100 Club; Kappa Sigma Nu fra- ternity. Lydia Rose Whidden. A.B. Kennett, Missouri Major: English Marshall 1947-48 and President 1946-48, Alpha Sigma sorority; Home Ec Club; Press Club; Dra- matics Club. Adrian L. White. A.B. Paragould, Arkansas Majsr Business Administration Confederate Air Force. Palsy Ruth White, A.B. Elaine, Arkansas Major: Mathematics F. M. Wilson. A.B. Caraway, Arkansas Major: Biology Pre-Med Club; Beta Beta Beta; Le Cercie Francais; 1100 Club. Ruth A. Wofford, B.S. Senath, Missouri Major: Business Administration Cora Lee Woodruff Wimpy, A.B. Lepanto, A i kansas . Major: Geography I.R.C.; Historical Society. Cora Hazel Woodruff, B.S.E. Lepanto, Arkansas Major: Social Science Le Cercie Francais; Alpha Sigma Pi Gamma Mu; Wesleyan Foun- sorority; Inter - Fraternity - Sorority dation; President. Pi Omega Pi; Council. Historical Society. James B. Yates, B.S. Jonesboro, Arkansas Major: Agriculture Ag Club. Junior Class Officers Junior Class officers are, left to right: Charles Sims president; Billy Ruddell, vice-president; Gus Camp, report er; Tica Robinson, treasurer, and Freeda James, secretary STEVE P. BARS A Elyria, Ohio JAMES A. BARNETT Jonesboro, A rkansas ORAL W. BATTERTON Viola, Arkansas JAMES M. BEAIRI) Kennett, Missouri WILLIAM RALPH BENCH Walnut Ridge, Arkansas JOHN BOXLEY Marked Tree, Arkansas WARREN G. BRADLEY Springfield , A rkansas EVERETT A. BRANCH Jonesboro, A rkansas WILLARD C. BRANDON Lundell. Arkansas ARVIL C. BRANNON Brookland, Arkansas GLENN R. GARDNER Rector, Arkansas ROYAL D. GRAHAM Jonesboro, A rkansas BERT A GRAMLING Paragould, Arkansas JAMES A. GREGSON State College. Arkansas JOAN GREENWOOD Hickory Ridge ,Arkansas JOHN GREENWOOD Hickory Ridee, Arkansas HERBERT C. HALFORD Jonesboro, Arkansas HOWARD M. HAMRA Steele, Missouri JAMES E. HARRIS Searcy, Arkansas JOHN B. HARRIS. JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas I MILDRED JONES Swijton, Arkansas FRED S. JUSTUS Leaclwille, Arkansas JAMES B. KELLETT State College, Arkansas JAY W. KITTERMAN Jonesboro, Arkansas CARLTON A. KNIGHT, JR. Monette, Arkansas MARY LOUISE LANCASTER State College, Arkansas HARRY B. LOLLAR, JR. Newport , A rkansas MRS. CHARLES McCARTNEY Newport, Arkansas FRANCES E. McCOWN Hughes, Arkansas PAUL McCUTCHEN Steele, Missouri JUNIORS HANCEL E. McMILLON Paragould, A rkansas KENNETH McWHIRTER Manila, Arkansas JOHN E. MAHAFFEY Ravenden, Arkansas HAROLD R. MOORE Walnut Ridge. Arkansas LUTHER NALL JonesborOj Arkansas HOWARD L. NELSON Leachville, Arkansas JOHN P. NORRED Piggolt. Arkansas WILLIAM E. NORRIS Poughkeepsie, Arkansas GILBERT C. O ' BRIEN, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas RICHARD E. PARKER Wilson, Arkansas w if ' mm LWWW ' IS JWrnMrnrnX WILLIAM H. RHODES Jonesboro, Arkansas RUEL C. RICHARDSON Onia, Arkansas J. C. RIGGINS Lake City, Arkansas TICA ROBINSON Knobel, Arkansas GUY L. RODGERS Hlythexiille, Arkansas C. J. ROSECRANS, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas BILLY RUDDELL Batesville, Arkansas A. G. RYAN Light, Arkansas RAY SAUNCHES Whitestone, L. I., New York JOHN B. WEBSTER Paragould, Arkansas TOMMIE WESTBROOK Jonesboro, Arkansas ERNEST W. WILES Jonesboro, Arkansas BOBBY WILKINSON Walnut Ridee, Arkansas JOE WILKINSON Walnut Ridge, Arkansas GEORGE WILLIAMS Cardwell, Missouri ROBERT H. WILMOTH, JR. Etowah, Arkansas MAURICE WINSTEAD Marmaduke, Arkansas JOHN L. WOOD Donna, Texas DOROTHY WOOTEN Osceola, Arkansas JAMES YINGLING Searcy, Arkansas FRED J. YOUNG Tyronza, Arkansas Sophomore Class Officers Big wheels of the Sophomore class are, left to right: Betty Ward, secretary; Maurice Miller, president; " Tex " Plunkett, sponsor; Joe Melio, vice-president, and Melvin Swafford, treasurer. First Row BILL L. ADAMS Brookland, Arkansas GER ALD W. ADAMS Arbyrd, Missouri J. P. ADKINS Harrisburg, Arkansas ROY ADKINS Harrisburg, Arkansas W. E. AMMONS Jonesboro, Arkansas Second Row ALVIN C. AUSTIN Caraway, Arkansas PELHAM AUSTIN, JR. Peach Orchard, Arkansas GENEVIEVE AVIS Steele, Missouri MONROE C. BARRETT Jonesboro, Arkansas EMMA GENE BARTON Jonesboro, Arkansas Third Row NORMA JOY BEARDEN Monette, Arkansas ATWOOD BELL Jonesboro, Arkansas SETH BENNETT Dyess, Arkansas ROBERT BETTIS Willifordj Arkansas BOBBY BIBB Monette, Arkansas WAYNE L. ATKINS Gentry, Arkansas JOHN BEARDEN Leachville , Arkansas RALPH BISHOP Cardwell, Missouri First Row Second Row Third Row WILLIAM A. BISHOP Jonesboro, Arkansas HAROLD D. BLOUNT Floral, Arkansas BILL BOGARD Lake City, Arkansas ROY BONE Charleston, Missouri FRANKIE A. BOWLIN Walcott, Arkansas KENNETH BRADEN Jonesboro, Arkansas MARIE BRADLEY Poplar Bluff, Missouri ROBERT BRAINERD Jonesboro, Arkansas FRED H. BRIDGER Rrookland, Arkansas ROBERT BROOKS St. Louis, Missouri J. C. BURDYSHAW Jonesboro, Arkansas DANIEL BURGE Nettleton, Arkansas VERNON CAPERS Lake Village, Arkansas JOE ALLEN CARR Jonesboro, Arkansas DONALD E. CARTER Rector, Arkansas HELEN BRADEN Jonesboro, Arkansas BO PEEP BRYANT Brookland, Arkansas VIRGINIA LEE CASPER Holcomb, Missouri First Row Second Row Third Row JOHN C. CHILDERS. JR. Alicia, Arkansas WILLIAM C. CLARK Cardwell, Missouri JOHN R. C015 15 Trenton, Tennessee MITCHELL E. COLEMAN Trumann, Arkansas GEORCE L. CONNER State College, Arkansas BEN COOPER Bettleton, Arkansas PHILLIP G. COPPAGE Canalou, Missouri JAMES A. CORBETT Marmaduke, A rkansas PAUL S. CRAIG Osceola, Arkansas BETTY LOU CRAVEN Ca ruth e rsville , Missouri TED O. CRAWFORD Pine Muff, Arkansas LARRY E. CREEK Corning, Arkansas BILL CREWS Pocahontas, Arkansas ARTHUR JOHN CROW Cardwell, Missouri MURIEL JEANNE CROWLEY Paraeould, Arkansas CHARLES W. COOK Keiser, Arkansas RALPH L. CRAWFORD Kennett, Missouri First Ron ' Second Row Third Row HARRY R. DARBY Dyess, Arkansas JACK L. DAUGHERTY Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES H. DICKERSON Arbyrd, Missouri MARTHA DICKSON Jonesboro, Arkansas ALICE LORENA ELROD Jonesboro, Arkansas EDITH VIRGINIA EVANS Manila, Arkansas MARY VIRGINIA DAVIS Corning, Arkansas TREZ H. DAVIS Hardy, Arkansas KEITH R. DOANE Salem, Illinois JOHN W. EASLEY Burdette, Arkansas MERLENE EXUM Paragould, Arkansas JOSEPH W. FAKES McCrory, Arkansas BOB De LONG St. Louis, Missouri CHARLES R. ELLEY State College, Arkansas MARTIN FARMER Wynne, Arkansas EDNA LEE DENNIS Fisher, Arkansas FRANK ELLIS Pocahontas, Arkansas M. E. FAULKNER Beaumont, Texas First Row Second Row Third Row ROBERT L. FERRALASCO Haskell, New Jersey ALEX E. FISHER Paragould, Arkansas STANTON T. FOITZ Wynne, Arkansas LINDELL G. FORBES Maiden, Missouri VIRGINIA FULLEN Monette, Arkansas GLEN D. GLEGHORN Walnut Ridge, Arkansas JAMES F. GOLDEN Greenway, Arkansas ELIZABETH GOODLOE Jonesboro, Arkansas PHILIP N. GOWEN Knobel, Arkansas DALTON L. GREEN Fisher, Arkansas BRUCE E. GREENWAY Paragould, Arkansas SONNY GREENWOOD Hickory Ridge, Arkansas CHARLES GREGORY Piggolt, Arkansas SUE CAROLYN GREGORY Jonesboro, Arkansas J. D. GRESHAM Cardwell, Missouri GERALD GASAWAY Jonesboro, Arkansas OMAR F. GREENE Reiser, Arkansas First Row Second Ron ' Third Row JOHN H. GRIGSBY Alicia, Arkansas JAMES R. GWIN Pleasant Plains, Arkansas JERRY HALEY Blytheville, Arkansas OHNIE FRED HALL Keiser, Arkansas P. L. HAMLETT Marvell, Arkansas BILLY J. HARMON Hughes, Arkansas MARJORIE HARNDEN Pocahontas, Arkansas BILL HIGHTOWER Joneshoro, Arkansas GALVIN J. HATLEY Knobel. Arkansas ROBERT L. HIGGIN BOTTOM Sitak, Arkansas VERA HAYES Clay Center, Arkansas GENE HAZEL Monette, Arkansas ARTHUR D. HEARNE Little Rock, Arkansas MARY HENDERSON Joneshoro, Arkansas JOHN W. HIMES Poughkeepsie, Arkansas JAMES M. HOLLAND Marmaduke, Arkansas JAMES HOLLINSEED Leachville, Arkansas BILL HOLOBAUGH Pocahontas, Arkansas First Row KENNETH HOPPER ogan, Alabama MONROE HOUSE Dyess , A rka nsas EARL G. HOWARD Jonesboro, Arkansas EUGENE HOWE Black Rock, Arkansas MELVA HUCKABAY Lafe, Arkansas FRANK HYDE Paragould , Arkansas Second Row HELEN JACKSON Jonesboro, Arkansas MAURICE JEFFRESS Dexter, Missouri NADINE JENKINS Black Oak, Arkansas LARNIE E. JENNINGS Jonesboro, Arkansas CAREY G. JOHNSON Cardwell, Missouri JAMES F. JOHNSON Nettleton, Arkansas Third Row RAYMOND A. JOHNSON Piggott, Arkansas HARALD KAFFKA Jonesboro, Arkansas THOMAS L. KEELIN Datto, Arkansas GLENNA KENT Jonesboro, Arkansas BETTY KING Jonesboro, Arkansas RAY KNIGHT Piggott, Arkansas First Row Second Row Third Row LEE KRIGBAUM Success, Arkansas BOB LENTZ Pai agould, Arkansas CLYDE LUCAS Jonesboro, Arkansas VERNON L. LACEY Delaplaine, Arkansas STERLING LINDLEY Bono, Arkansas CHARLES R. LUTES Hhthexnlle, Arkansas NELSON B. LADD, JR. Newport, Arkansas BEULAH LINDSEY Caldwell, Arkansas ALVIN A. McCALLUM Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT W. LANDERS Helena, Arkansas BILL LINDSEY Caldwell, Arkansas IRA H. MAHAN Walnut Ridee, Arkansas HARRY E. LARCHE Kennett, Missouri HORACE D. LINDSEY Forrest City, Arkansas HAROLD MASON Senath, Missouri NORMAN W. LEE Jonesboro, Arkansas GARLAND L. LITTLE Jonesboro, Arkansas First Row Second Row Third Row PAUL MASON Senath, Missouri LUCIAN J. MILLER Hope, Arkansas JOE H. MURREY, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas DAVID D. MAY Jonesboro, Arkansas MAURICE MILLER jonesboro, Arkansas BILL MYERS Sedgwick, Arkansas JOE C. MELIO West Helena, Arkansas NANCY R. MILLER Searcy, Arkansas ROBERT A. MYERS Harviell, Missouri JAMES L. MIDDLETON Leachville, Arkansas WAYNE MILES Jonesboro, Arkansas HAROLD D. NELMS Brookland, Arkansas JOHN E. MILLER Melbourne, Arkansas R. M. MONTGOMERY Newport, Arkansas JESSE E. NICHOLS Piggott, Arkansas KATHRYN MILLER Jonesboro, Arkansas JOHN W. MULLINS Newport, Arkansas AUDREY NELL NORRID Steele, Missouri First Row Second Roiv Third Row MARY JO NORTON Moro, Arkansas BETTY JEAN PRATT Light, Arkansas MARGIE RILEY New Madrid, Missouri MILLARD L. OLDHAM, JR. Helena, Arkansas PINK B. PRATT, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas CLIFTON RING Trumann, Arkansas JIMMIE N. PARROTT Tuckerman, Arkansas CARLOS PURTEE Jonesboro, Arkansas WILLIAM H. ROBERTS Pa i ago a Id , A rkansas JULIANNE PENIX Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT PURTLE Blytheville, Arkansas CHARLEY F. RODGERS Jonesboro, Arkansas CARL H. PERIN Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES F. REED Cave Springs, Georgia HELEN ROMINES Manila. Arkansas FRED PIERCE Lake Village, Arkansas L. J. RICE Marianna, Arkansas CLIFFORD C. ROTTON West Helena, Arkansas First Row Second Row Third Row GEORGE ROWLAND Paragould, Arkansas JERRY SALLEE Pocahontas, Arkansas BETTY LOU SCHOLZE Waldenburg, Arkansas CARMEN SCHOLZE Waldenburg, A rkansas GLENNA CHARLES SEE Rector, Arkansas ALLEN A. SHAVER Evening Shade, Arkansas JOE SHAW Marked Tree, Arkansas CHARLES W. SHAY Gentry, Arkansas GENE SHIPP Pine Bluff, Arkansas DEIL C. SIMPSON Evening Shade, Arkansas GERALD F. SIZEMORF. Leachville, Arkansas JACK SKELTON BlytheviUe, Arkansas JAMES F. SLOAN, III Black Rock, Arkansas JAMES SMITH Searcy, Arkansas JEFF O. SMITH Searcy, Arkansas EI, DON SEMITE Ash Flat, Arkansas WILLIAM BOLER SIMPSON Franklin, Arkansas First Roil ' Second Rou Third Row JOHNNY DUKE SMITH Canalou. Missouri CAROLYN STEPHENS Osceola, Arkansas SHIRLEY JACQUELYN SWAIM Grubbs, Arkansas J. C. SMITHERS West Memphis, Arkansas POLLY ANN STEWART Blytheville, Arkansas TOMMY SYLVESTER Blytheville, A rkansas FERN SPURLOCK Jonesboro, Arkansas CLAUD H. STOGSDILL St. Louis, Missouri REGINA TATUM Paragould, Arkansas TEDDY N. SPURLOCK Jonesboro, Arkansas RUSSELL STRICKLAND Lake City, Arkansas BILLIE REX TAYLOR Black Oak. Arkansas MAURICE STARR Smithville, A rkansas JAMES SULLENS Hoxie, Arkansas JEWELL TAYLOR Parkin, Arkansas NORRIS STEELE Sedgwick, Arkansas MELVIN SWAFFORD Monet Ic, Arkansas R. C. TENNYSON Steele, Missouri Firsl Ron 1 y BETTY S. TERRY Jonesboro, Arkansas G. M. VANCE, JR Black Rock, Arkansas JOSEPHENE VANCE Leachville, Arkansas H. E. WADDLE Palmer, Illin }i MASON WAITS Mammoth Springs, Arkansas ROBERT B. WALDEN Paragould, Arkansas Set ontl Row TROY A. WALLS Senath, Missouri FRANCIS J. WALSH Pornpton Lakes, New Jersey BETTY WARD Jonesboro, Arkansas WAYNE J. WARD Oak Ridge, Tennessee CHARLES D. WATSON Keiser, Arkansas HENRY C. WATSON Mar mad uke. A r Kansas Third Row HULON E. WATSON Swifton, Arkansas DARREL E. WAY Carlisle, Arkansas EARLINE WAY Carlisle, Arkansas RETTA WAYLAND Jonesboro, Arkansas TOM WEATHERSBY Jonesboro, Arkansas W. F. WELLS Manila, Arkansas First Row Second Row Third Row GEORGE P. WHITE Parasould, A rkansas NORMA WILLIAMS Cardwell, Missouri H. B. YARBROUGH Chidester, A rkansas RUBEN R. WHITLEY Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES WILKINSON Holly Grove, Arkansas BRVSON R. YOUNGER Ml. Pleasant. Aikansas WANDA WHITWELL Doniphan, Missouri CHARLES H. WIXSON Fisher. Arkansas WENDELL WILKERSON Mack Oak, Arkansas CARROLL WOODRING Walnut Ridge, Arkansas CLARICE W. WILLBANKS Williford, Arkansas DALLAS RIGHT Greenway, Arkansas BETTY W ILLIAMS Jonesboro. Arkansas PAUL A. WRIGHT Leachville, A rkansas Freshman Class Officers Above, left to right, are the freshman class officers for the year 1947-48: Jo Ann Baker, secretary; Bill Bishop, president; Billy Sue Thomas, treasurer, and Jimmy Crews, vice-president. Freshman Class HI GH ACKERMAN ELMO W. ALBRIGHT GINGER ALLBRIGHT LOUIS ALSHOUSE MARRON ARCHER L. H. AUTRY, JR. Cotton Plant, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Walnut, Illinois Knobel, Arkansas Bardette, Arkansas JEAN AVE RETT Steele, Missouri BOYCE BAIRD Marked Tree, Arkansas THERESE BAIRD Marked Tree, Arkansas JO ANN BAKER Harrisburg, Arkansas HARRELL LEE BALCH Dyess, Arkansas EUGENE A. BALLARD dig gers, Arkansas PAUL BEAVER Jonesboro, Arkansas CHARLES S. BENNETT Evansville, Indiana MRS. LUCILLE BENNETT Nettleton, Arkansas ROY G. BENNETT Nettleton, Arkansas EDWARD BENTHALL Helena, Arkansas JIMMY S. BERRY Harrisburg, Arkansas BETTY BEVEL BILLIE J. BISHOP ROBERT J. BLUE JEANNE SCOTT BOGGESS JAMES BOLLINGER DEE BONNER Pensacola, Florida Cardwell, Missouri Ha rrisb u irg, Illin ois Oak Ridge, Tennessee Manila, Arkansas Centralia, Illinois RAY BRADSHER FAROLA BRANNAM JAMES G. BROWN NORMAN L. BROWN O. J. BUTLER. JR. LESLIE G. BYFORD Paragould, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Holcomb, Missouri Jonesboro, Arkansas Walnut Ridge, Arkansas Crawfordsville, Arkansas JOAN CARPENTER CHARLES CARTER ROBERT W. CHERRY DOROTHY CLEMENT JEFF IE COLE TRAVIS J. COLLIN Jonesboro, Arkansas Holcomb, Missouri Rexno, Arkansas Paragould , Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Portland, Maine CLYDE CON LEY, JR. Pollard. Arkansas JUANITA CONRAD Brookland, Arkansas WILFORD CONRAD Brookland. Arkansas I. L. COOK Bono. Arkansas JAMES COUCH Wynne, Arkansas LOUISE CRAWFORD .... Vanndale, Arkansas Freshman Class RUBY FA YE CRAWFORD Vanndale, Arkansas JIMMIE CREWS Rector, Arkansas ULYSSES S. CRIBBS Paragould, Arkansas BUDDY CULBREATH Cherry Valley, Arkansas THOMAS S. CULLINS Jamestown, Arkansas BARBARA CULLISON Blytheville, Arkansas HAROLD E. CULP Lake Village, Arkansas BETTY DAUGHERTY Jonesboro, Arkansas BUDDY DAVIDSON Jonesboro, Arkansas JERRY E. DEAN Joiner, Arkansas IMOGENE DENHAM Steele, Missouri MALDA DONNER Manila, Arkansas GIFFORD DOUGLAS Reiser, Arkansas GRETA DEAN DOWNS Beech Grove, Arkansas J. RALPH DUNAHOO Caruthersville, Missouri BILL C. DUNCAN Indianapolis, Indiana JAKE DURHAM ... Granite City, Illinois JANE DUVALL • Jonesboro, Arkansas JOSEPH D. EASON • Cooler, Missouri OSCAR J. ELLIOTT Blytheville, Arkansas JUANITA ERWIN ... Jonesboro, Arkansas JOANN FALLS . . Jonesboro, Arkansas J. C. FERGISON . ■ • Blytheville, Arkansas ROLAND L. FINLEY Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT FIRST . Meadville, Pennsylvania VERREL K. FOLTZ Wynne, Arkansas CORA LEE FORBESS • Trumann, Arkansas HOWARD FORREST .... Jonesboro, Arkansas MARGARET ANN FOWLER . Weiner, Arkansas R. M. FOWLER Jonesboro, Arkansas MARTHA ANN FOX Marked Tree, Arkansas ERNESTINE FRENCH Blytheville, Arkansas JOHN W. FRENCH . Harrisburg, Arkansas JAMES E. GAMBILL . • Brookland, Arkansas WILLIAM DELL GAMBILL Manila, Arkansas ROBERT S. GARRET ...... Steele, Missouri LOWELL GIBSON Leachville, Arkansas DARRELL F. GLASS . Fisher, Arkansas VERNON GLENN Lynn, Arkansas WANDA LEE GLOVER . Bay, Arkansas LLOYD N. GOFF • Srnithville, Arkansas Freshman Class EARLEY J. GOODMAN MARY GOWAN MARTIN A. GRADDY RELTON GREEN LOMA GREGSON WELTHA MAE GRIFFIN Paragould, A rkdnsas Knobel, Arkansas Evening Shade, Arkansas Warren, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Jnnesboro, Arkansas DAVID B. HACKWORTH Thayer. Missouri C. P. HAGGARD Steele, Missouri JOANNE HALL Harrisburg, Arkansas VEVA HALL Jonesboro, Arkansas KENNETH HAMILTON Paragould, Arkansas DEAN HAMMOND McRae, Arkansas GLARENCE HARE, JR. Memphis, Tennessee EUGENE HARKONEN Chicago, Illinois HOWARD H. HARMON Senath, Missouri IONE HARRELL Monette, Arkansas GERALD HARRIS liradjord, Arkansas JOHN L. HARRIS, JR. Jonesboro. Arkansas WILLIAM E. HARRISON Steele, Missouri AMY LOU HASS Marmaduke, Arkansas BETHEL HENDRIX Calico Rock. Arkansas WILLIAM E. HENDRIX Jonesboro. Arkansas EDGAR HENSON Wynne, Arkansas DOROTHY HOGKLE . . Jonesboro, Arkansas BETTIE LOU HOLOBAUGH Pocahontas, Arkansas FELIX HOLT Peach Orchard, Arkansas O. J. HOPKINS Paragould, Arkansas WAYNE W. HUBBARD Monette, Arkansas DAVID HUCKABAY . . Lafe, Arkansas MARTHA JO HUDDLESTON .... Monette. Arkansas CARL R. HUFF NELLIE JENNINGS CHESTER E. JOHNSTON JAMES D. JONES R. E. JONES JAMES G. JORDAN Evansinlle , Indiana Brookland, Arkansas Meadville, Pennsylvania Bexar, Arkansas Ashley. Illinois Newport, Arkansas CHARLES KASSINGER Wynne, Arkansas EVERETT L. KELL . ... Swifton, Arkansas BILLY KELLEY . Jonesboro, Arkansas ANN KINNEY Jonesboro. Arkansas LOUISE KNOTT ........ Jonesboro. Arkansas Freshman Class JOHN T. LANCASTER GEORGE W. LANDRUM THOMAS LeBLANC HARRY H. LEDBETTER LEONA RUTH LEDBETTER BETTY LEWIS State College, Arkansas Holcomb, Missouri Jonesboro, Arkansas Tuckerman, Arkansas Marrnaduke, A rkansas Senath, Missouri La MONT LINDSEY JOHN B. LITTLE ALLEAN LIVELY LINDSEY W. LOVE HONEY LYLE MARTIN M. MAESTAS Caldwell, Arkansas Strawberry, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas I ' iola, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Albuquerque, Neiv Mexico CLAUD MANN McCrory, Arkansas BOB MANNS Alton, Illinois ADA MAE MARSH Jonesboro, Arkansas ROBERT MARSH Caruthersville, Missouri BETTYE MASTERS Arbyrd, Missouri VELETTA MARTIN Harrisburg, Arkansas JOHN D. McARTHUR RAY E. McCANN MAXINE McCOOK ELDON W. McDANIEL BETTY LOU McGEE DUELLA McGEE Lepanto, Arkansas Canalou, Missouri Blytheville, Arkansas Paragould, Arkansas Warm Springs, Arkansas Brookland, A rkansas JOHN McGUIRE MILDRED MEADOR W. H. MEADOR RAYMOND H. MEDLIN BOB MERRYMAN LOIS MICKLISH DONALD MITCHELL VEVA LOU MOCK DOROTHY MONROE FRANCES EMALINE MOORE THERAL D. MORRISE I T ROBERT E. MOSS Earle, Arkansas Blytheville, A rkansas Black Oak, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Monet te ,Arkansas Jonesboro, Ark ansa s Pompton Lakes, New Jersey Pocahontas, Arkansas Senath, Missouri Fisher, A rkansas Piggott, Arkansas Paragould , Arkansas KENNETH W. MOWERY Piggott, Arkansas EMMA LOU MULLINS Ash Flat, Arkansas ANN MURRELL Monette, Arkansas MURRELL G. NANCE Leachville, Arkansas JORDAN DOSS NEEDHAM Blytheville, Arkansas BEULAH MAE NUNNERY Blytheville, Arkansas Freshman Class ARTHUR E. OLIVE Paragould, Arkansas GENE OSSELMEIER Columbia, Illinois LEHMAZELL OWENS Paragould, Arkansas HARRY R. I ' ARK Hardy, Arkansas HAROLD PARKINSON Caruthersville , Missouri ELBERT PARRISH Newport, Arkansas GERALD PATTERSON Granite City, Illinois BOWMAN PERRIN Jonesboro, Arkansas RAYFORD POLLARD Arbyrd, Missouri WILMA PRUITT Manila, Arkansas MARY PULLIAM Jonesboro, Arkansas JAMES PURNELL Blytheville, Arkansas JOHNNIE MARIE RAGLIN Pocahontas, Arkansas ROSS RALEY Paragould, Arkansas CHARLES REYNOLDS. JR. Alicia, Arkansas CHARLES O. RIPLEY Harrisbnrg, Arkansas JAMES G. ROBERTS Paragould, Arkansas LA NELL ROBINSON Manila, Arkansas CHARLES ROREX Paragould, Arkansas FRED SCHULTE Caruthersville, Missouri PAUL W. SCHUSTER Thayer, Missouri BECKY SCOTT Jonesboro, Arkansas CHRISTINE SHANNON Monette, Arkansas JIMMY SIMMONS Dell, Arkansas HAROLD SIMPSON Blytheville, Arkansas ERNEST T. SISSON Poplar, Bluff, Missouri BILLIE JANE SKIDMORE Black Oak, Arkansas BOBBIE LOIS SMITH Weiner, Arkansas RUTH SMOOT Marniaduke, Arkansas P T SOWLE Jonesboro, Arkansas LENA BELLE SPENCER GLORIA JEAN SPOTTS PAUL M. SPURLOCK ELBERT F. STANFILL JANE STEPHENS JULIET STEPHENS LEON P. STEPHENS Jonesboro, Arkansas ANN STEVENSON Cardwell, Missouri GEORGE ANN STILLWELL Blytheville, Arkansas JEFFERY STINNETT Middlebrook, Arkansas ELMER STONE Blytheville, Arkansas Monette, Arkansas Steele, Missouri Jonesboro, Arkansas McCroiy, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Osceola, Arkansas Freshman Class MARGIE LOU STREET Cave City, Arkansas REUBEN STUBBLEF1ELD Caraway, Arkansas J. W. SULLIVAN Wynne, Arkansas CLARENCE SUMMIT T Cardwell, Missouri SAM C. SWANN .... Paragould, Arkansas FREDDIE SWINDLE Paragould, Arkansas GILBER T L. TAYLOR . Lunsford, Arkansas J. F. TAYLOR . Lake City, Arkansas BILLIE SUE THOMAS Osceola, Arkansas FRANCES TONYMON Mat-veil, Arkansas WILLIAM M. TOWERY Owensboro, Kentucky FLOYD A. TOWNSEND Caruthersville, Missouri RUBY FAYE TRAMMEL Tyronza, Arkansas HUGH W. TRANTHAM Walnut Ridge, Arkansas E. L. TRELINSKI Chicago, Illinois MILDRED TRICE . Cotton Plant, Arkansas RONALD TUCKER Hollywood, Missouri MARTHA TULL . ... Jonesboro, Arkansas LOUIS TUNELL BILL D. VERKLER JOE D. VILLINES CECIL VINES BOBBY WADDELL JAMES WADLINGTON Weiner, Arkansas Royal Oak, Michigan Harrison, Arkansas Grubbs, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Rector, Arkansas CLARENCE L. WALDRON Caruthersville, Missouri JOHN A. WALLACE, JR. . . Dvess, Arkansas BOB WARD Doniphan, Missouri J. E. WARREN . . . . Lepanto, Arkansas BETTY LOU WATKINS Manila, Arkansas WILLIAM J. WATKINS Bono, Arkansas DELBERT WELLS Walnut Ridge, Arkansas VERA WEST . Arbyrd, Missouri J. H. WHITE ...... Wynne, Arkansas INEZ WHITNEY . Manila, Arkansas OTIS WILES Ash Flat, Arkansas VERNUS WILES Ash Flat, Arkansas THOMAS WILLIAMS BETTYE WILLYERD JOHN BOB WILSON MARY FRANCES WILSON RUTH WINGFIELD MARIAN WOFFORD Cla-rendo7i, Arkansas Leaclwille , Arkansas Monette, Arkansas Dell, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Senath, Missouri Freshman Class LENNEAN WOOD Parkin, Arkansas JAMES M. WOODS Harrisburg, Arkansas EDWARD WOODY Caruthersinlle, Missouri LESTER WOODYARD Sylvania, Ohio PATTY LYNN WRIGHT Manila, Arkansas ROGER H. WRIGHT Jonesboro, Arkansas MELD A JEAN YOUNG Monet te, Arkansas MELVIN ZIPFEL Belleville, Illinois Second Semester Students First Row Harry Anderson Etowali. Arkansas Dorothy Apperson Leachville, Arkansas M. Nathalie Baldridge . Caraway. Arkansas Bob Blanchard Jonesboro. Arkansas Lewis Boyster Tupelo, Arkansas Mary Sue Brooks Cooler. Arkansas Third Row Johnny Chester Ralph Chorice Dwayne Clark Frankie Cole Carolyn Iris Cooper Vernon K. Cooper Lake City, Arkansas Campbell, Missouri Pleasant Plains, Arkansas Jonesboro, Arkansas Nettleton. Arkansas Walnut Ridge. Arkansas Second Row Ben F. Bufford Jonesboro, Arkansas Clois M. Burrell Oil Trough, Arkansas Kenneth Caery . . Manila, Arkansas Norma Jean Carlton . . . Monette, Arkansas Harold Carter Cash, Arkansas Clark Chastain Cecil, Arkansas Fourth Rou ' Luther F. Credille . . Hornersville, Missouri Leon Davis Ravenden, Arkansas Louis Dellinger St. Francis, Arkansas David Dickerson Marked Tree, Arkansas D. Marie Douglas ... Marianna, Arkansas O. Lee Faulkner Jonesboro, Arkansas Second Semester Students First Row Wyatt Gerald Ferrell Delaplaine, Arkansas Billy J. Franks Jonesboro. Arkansas Dorothy L. Gandy .... Forrest City, Arkansas Russ H. Gerring Peoria. Illinois Hnghie Duane Gibbs .... Jonesboro, Arkansas Wayne Gibson Cash, Arkansas Second Row Richard A. Gogue Rector, Arkansas Cecil Dale Goodrum Hoxie, Arkansas Albert Greene ... Piggott, Arkansas Charles Guinn Cardwell. Missouri Nancy Hailey Jonesboro, Arkansas Charles Hankins ... Shottner. Arkansas Third Row Ralph Hampton, Jr Piggott, Arkansas Rush F. Harding ... Holly Grove, Arkansas L. B. W. Hardy Cardwell. Missouri Ray B. Hargrove Black Oak, Arkansas Mary Harris Nashville, Arkansas Robert F. Harris ' Piggott, Arkansas Fourth Row Joe M. Hinesly Cotter, Arkansas Donald E. Hix ... Clarendon, Arkansas I almadge W. Holt Manlia, Arkansas Lolie B. Hopkins Paragould, Arkansas June Howard Dell, Arkansas Linzel Hutson Ash Flat, Arkansas Second Semester Students First Rou Third Row J. B. Jackson Campbell, Missouri Paul E. Milbroot Joiner, Arkansas Buster Johnson ... Jonesboro, Arkansas L. E. Mobley Manila, Arkansas Dale Jones Cash, Arkansas Claude Montgomery, Jr. . 1 ' iggott. Arkansas Frank Jones .... Swifton. Arkansas Bill L. Odom Reyno. Arkansas James R. Jones . Swifton, Arkansas George W. OHara Pollard, Arkansas Mildred L. Jones Swifton. Arkansas Roy Chester Owens . . Paragould, Arkansas Second Row Fourth Row Willard Jones Tupelo, Arkansas William J. Parker . Nettleton, Arkansas Etta Marie Lent Jonesboro, Arkansas Rayburn M. Poole Kennett, Missouri Cecil M. Lewallen ... Cave City, Arkansas Cleatus Prince Paragould, Arkansas Joe W. Loyd Cardwell, Missouri C. L. Pylant Leachville, Arkansas Ruth Marshall Marmaduke, Arkansas Alfred T. Rainey Holcomb, Missouri Oscar Mashburn Jonesboro. Arkansas Gussie Robertson Kennett. Missouri Second Semester Students First Hoic Third Rc Jewell Robinson Paragould, Arkansas Richard Rogers Corning, Arkansas Vernon Rogers Leachville, Arkansas Freeman L. Rose Jonesboro, Arkansas I. A. Sims Bassett. Arkansas Conway Smith Batesville, Arkansas Billy D. Thornton Hoxie, Arkansas Lee Waddell Manila, Arkansas Jerry Weiner ... Arlington. New Jersey Ted A. Weitzel Valparaiso, Indiana Newton E. Wells ... Greenway, Arkansas James Williams Cardwell, Missouri Second Row Gerald Spronse Rector, Arkansas Freddy M. Sain Cardwell, Missouri John 1). Taylor Monette, Arkansas Reuben F. Taylor Leachville, Arkansas Mrs. Sue Tennyson Steele, Missouri Stanley Thomas ... Almand, Arkansas Fourth Row J. 1 . White Manila. Arkansas Glenn H. Whitlock Piggott, Arkansas Eugene Widmer Paragould, Arkansas Jack E. Wilhite Holcomb. Missouri Mrs. Jane Wilson .... Bay, Arkansas Leonard E. Woods Cash, Arkansas Martha Tull Campus Beauty Julianne Penix Campus Beauty Gene Shipp Campus Beauty B S U Sweetheart Phyllis Ford Lt. Colonel Jo Ann Baker, Major Phyllis Ford, Captain Martha Tull, Captain Dolly Jones and Captain Gene Shipp were the co-eds chosen as Honorary Cadet Officers of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps Unit of Arkansas State College. Jo Ann Baker Zeta Tau Zeta Dream Girl Betty Blackwood Football Queen DOS Sweetheart Martha Tull Who ' s Who at Arka nsas State The students of Arkansas State College in their annual Who ' s Who contest selected the students on this and following pages as the outstanding men and women on the campus. Above left, Martha Tull, Alpha Sigma, was named the most beautiful co-ed, while J. C. Childers, above right, was named the most handsome man. Below left, Leh- mazell Owens, freshman, was acclaimed the most popular girl student while Roscoe Brown, below right, was named the most popular male student. Janie Gipsoh, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Sterlin Moore, above, were voted the man and woman students most likely to succeed. Below left, Maurice Miller was acclaimed the best athlete while, below right, Dr. W. W. Nedrow, sponsor of Pi K A and Tri-Beta, was selected the most popular instructor. Above left, J. L. Westbrook, DOS, acclaimed best-dressed male student. Above right, Betty Ward, Alpha Gamma Delta, named best-attired woman student. Below left, Betty Jo Cooper, Alpha Sigma, elected wittiest girl on the campus. Below right, Larry Moore selected wittiest man about the campus. Above left, Lehmazell Owens, freshman, Alpha Sig, member of student council, voted most versatile girl. Above right, Sterlin Moore, student council member, Pi Kap- pa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, named most versatile man. Below, Larry Moore, Mu Phi Sigma, DOS, voted most talented individual. Below right, Calvin Lamb and Naida Don- ner, named most loving couple. Delta Omega Sigma Col. Kenneth S. Sweany Sponsor Palmer Smith President OFFICERS Palmer Smith Ned Penny Doyle Herron Hubert Daugherty C. L. Holt Dave Conner Bob Wilkerson Richard Stringer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Pledge Master Sgt. -At-Arms Chaplain Bill Amnions Everett Branch James Bricked Cloice Burrell Larry Creek Dave Conner Hubert Daugherty Bill Finch Kenneth Graham Phil Cowan Doyle Herron C. L. Holt MEMBERS A vera Knight Calvin E. Lamb Alton McCann Ray McCann Ed Mathis Gerald Pearson Ned Penny Douglas Phillips Bertram Price Palmer Smith Richard Stringer Bill Stewart Carol Spr ingle Bill Thornton ]. L. Westbrook Bob Wilkerson Frank Hyde Melvin Swafford Charles Wixon Darrell Glass Jesse Nichols Dallas Wright Tom Keelin Joe Fakes Fraternity Delta Omega Sigma, the Pioneer and first social Greek letter Fraternity of Arkansas State College was founded in November, 1 933. The Fraternity was built on the deep-rooted friendship that existed between five men students: W. F. DeLoche, Jr., Van Smith, E. L. Taliaferro, Jr., Charles Okey, and Bob Lindsey. Each realized that a five man fraternity would be short-lived and potentially worthless, and at no time was it remotely considered that the mem- bership of the group should be confined to the original five. Rather, each felt that from the original circle, a larger group could be built, thus launching a permanent organization which would begin initiating new members as older ones became alumni. Fraternities were not permitted, at this time, on the campus, and for this reason Delta Omega Sigma could not function openly — all of which proved a handicap in selecting new members and having social functions off the campus. Charles Light and Leslie Speck were the next members selected, bvit by the fall of 1934 the membership had grown to the number of twenty, and plans were being made to petition the Board of Trustees for College recognition. On Janu- ary 25, 1935 the petition was presented to the Board of Trustees, and on Febru- ary 19, the following month, permission was granted by the Board of Trustees for the approval of Social Fraternities and Sororities to become active on the campus. Activities of Delta Omega Sigma Fraternity for the year 1947 to 1948 were: Annual Summer Convention, Annual Fall Smoker, Pledges Dinner, Homecoming Dance, Sunrise Breakfast, Annual Spring Formal, and dinner meetings. Kappa Sigma Nu Dr. W. W. Nedrow Bill Ruddell Sponsor President OFFICERS Billy Ruddell President Bi ll Harmon Vice-President John Greenwood Secretary-Treasurer Bob Shannon . Sgt.-At-Arms Wymon Dyke Chaplain Sam McGinnis Pledge Master Jim Dickson Reporter Charles Sims Corresponding Secretary Wilson Duke Senior Steward James Beaird Junior Steward MEMBERS Roy Adkins J. P. Adkins John Bearden James Beaird Roscoe Brown Gus Camp Phillip Coppage Bud Curtner John Childers David Coleman James Dickson Wilson Duke Hulen Cupp Wymon Dyke Robert Edwards Alex Fisher Bob Fritz Martin Farmer Sonny Greenwood John Greenwood Bill Harmon Jimmy Jenkins S. T. Johnson Bill Landers Sam McGinnis Bennie Wilhelm Kenneth McWhirter James Rice Billy Rogers Billy Ruddell Bob Shannon Charles Sims Jeff Smith James Smith Charles Terry Lloyd Walton William J. Weaver Fred Young James Sumner Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Lynn Ashcraft Mr. George Dorsett Mr. John Rauth Dr. Paul Conch Mr. James Mason Mr. Larry Wimp Mr. Harold Nichols FRATERNITY MOTHERS Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Mrs. C. V. Wan Since February 19, 1935, the date on which the College Board of Trustees granted approval of fraternities, Kappa Sigma Nu has been one of the outstand- ing organizations on the College campus. Annual social events sponsored by the fraternity include a formal Christmas Dance immediately preceding the Christmas vacation, and a Coronation Ball in the spring, at which time the Coronation Queen is crowned. Other functions of the organization include participation in extra-curricular activities of the College, smokers, dinner meeting, and an annual summer con- vention. Zeta Tau Zeta OFFICERS Robert Wilmoth Pink B. Pratt, Jr. Kenneth Yarbrough William McDonald John Thomas Buss J. J. Halev President Vice President Secretary Herald Sergeant-At-Arms Treasurer Zeta Tau Zeta Fraternity, the youngest social fraternity on the campus, was organized on February 10, 1937 and recently celebrated its eleventh annoversary with the fraternity ' s Dream Girl Dance. Outstanding in intramural sports, the ZTZ boys have finished high up in the standings in basketball, volleyball, softball and touch football during the past season. Originally the fraternity was organized to promote journalism scholarship and in keeping with this tradition the fraternity still presents an annual Journal- ism Award for the Number One journalism student of the year. This year the award was presented to James Brickell in honor of his outstanding work during lour years at Arkansas State College. Zeta Tau also presents an Athletic Award which this year went to John B. Dickey. Fraternity MEMBERS Robert Wilmoth Charles Cook Tom Sylvester Clifford Rotton Daniel Burge James Purnell Omar Greene Leon McDonald John Easley Harry Holland Sethi Bennett John J. Haley Herschel Hendrix Charles Watson Russell Morgan Wayne Miles Ohnie Fred Hall L. H. A n try Dino Mengarelli Carey Johnson Robert Ferralasco Kenneth Yarbrough Ray Bradsher John T. Buss Clyde Lucas . Donald Baker Jerry Sallee Joe Shaw William Campbell John Harris John Webster Kenneth Braden Joe Melio Pink Pratt Robert Appleby Maurice Miller Joe Snodgrass Leslie Stevens Alpha Sigma Mrs. Paul Couch Sponsor Freeda James President OFFICERS Freeda James Joan Greenwood Tica Robinson Bebe Coffey, Pat White Sarah Hughes Rose Whidden Retta Wayland Mary Lancaster President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretaries Historian Marshal Pledge Captain Reporter Alpha Sigma Sorority was organized by eight girls on February 25, 1935. Dorothy Lea Lines of Wynne served as the first president while Mrs. Adelaide Roger Gafke was first sponsor. The purpose of the organization is to further the aims of Arkansas State College by fostering social participation tor the attainment of culture and by encouraging educational achievements. Alpha Sigma ' s Anniversary Dance is the first formal dance of the year, at which time she introduces her new pledges. A convention is held during the summer with a huge number of actives and alumnae attending. Annually Alpha Sigma awards on Honors Day a medal to the outstanding student in the music field. Each year a collection of books is presented to the library. Bebe Coffey, Imogene Joseph, Tica Robinson, Freeda James, Sarah Hughes, Marie Bradley, Jane Skidmore. Joan Greenwood, Lydia Rose Whidden, Elizabeth Goodloe, Shirley Swaim, Nadine Jenkins, Pat White, Retta Wayland. Martha Dickson, Mary Lancaster, Johnny Bogess, Betty Lou Watkins, Betty Bevel, Joanne Hall, Jo Ann Baker. Betty Lou McGee, Mary Gowan, Veva Joy Hall, Martha Tull, Betty Daugh- tery, Jane Stevens, Jean Averett. Joy Wallace Bearden, Vera Harris, Norma Johnston. Mrs. W. W. Nedrow Sponsor Betty Blackwood President OFFICERS Betty Blackwood Berta Lou Gramling Floella Allison Betty Jane Henderson Mary Jo Norton Mary Alice Bennett Phyllis Ford President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Pledge Captain Chaplain Alpha Tau Zeta sorority is the youngest social sorority on Arkansas State College campus, receiving its charter on March 3, 1937. Its purpose is to co- operate with Administration requests, to promote good citizenship among the girls on the campus, and to uphold the high standards of the College. ATZ begins the year with an autumn tea for non-sorority girls and faculty members, soon followed by a sport dance which was a halloween masquerade ball this year. A formal anniversary dance is held each spring at which the outstanding senior man is presented. Each year on Honor ' s Day ATZ honors the outstanding Freshman student with a medal. Patrons are: Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Mr. and Mrs. Don Krick, Coach and Mrs. H. J. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barrett, Mr. Roy Sigler, Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Keister, Miss Elizabeth Fox, Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Denman, Col. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Sweany, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hollaid, Coach and Mrs. " Ike " Tomlinson, Mr. Larry Wimp, Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. George Dorsett, and Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Cooper. orority Floella Allison, Mary Alice Bennett, Betty Blackwood, Helen Braden, Bo Peep Bryant, Dorothy Clement, Betty Jo Dean, Phyllis Ford. Berta Lou Gramling, Vera Hayes, Betty Jean Henderson, Mary fane Hender- son, Glenna Kent, Betty King, Ann Kinney, Honey Lyle. Mary Jo Norton, Betty Pratt, Jo Sellers, Janelle Sigsby, Emma Lea Slaten, Bobbye Lois Smith, Margie Lou Smith, Regina Tatum. Betty Sue Terry, Clarice Wilbanks, Betty Williams Melda Jean Young. Delta Beta Chi Mrs. F. W. England Sponsor Janik M. Gipson President OFFICERS Janie M. Gipson Dolly Jones Imogene Shipp Betty Graven Frances McCown Julie Penix Dee Appleby Dorothy Wooten Mrs. F. W. England Mrs. H. C. Manor Pre sident Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Chaplain Pledge Captain Sponsor Co-Sponsor The first sorority on the campus, Delta Beta Chi, was founded on Febru- ary 11, 1935, with the purpose of developing closer friendships, promoting social activities, and helping to make Arkansas State College a still greater institution. Mary Elizabeth (Hollan) Smith was the first president and Miss Martha Lou Lassiter, the first sponsor. Each year Delta Beta Chi gives parties and picnics for her members and dances for the other Greek letter groups on the campus. The events most look- ed forward to are the Founder ' s Day formal banquet and dance in February and the summer convention in Memphis during June for members and alumnae. An active Alumnae Association which was organized this year is creating interest of the alumnae in these events and is helping to make them greater successes. On Honors Day Delta Beta Chi gives an award to the best foreign language student of the year. Last year this award went to Janelle Sigsby. The sponsor of the sorority is Mrs. F. W. England; Mrs. H. C. Manor, the co-sponsor. Patrons are: Miss Jean Condray, Mr. F. W. England, Miss Margaret Haydon, Miss Eleanor Lane, Dr. H. C. Manor, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Parker, Miss Susie Pate, Mr. James Patty, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Penix, Mr. and Mrs. John Rauth, and Mr. Floyd Smith. Sorority Dolly Jones, Imogene Shipp, Betty Cravens, Dorothy Woo ten, Julie Penix. Sue Gregory, Dee Appleby, Janie Gipson, Frances McCown, Gloria Haynie. Lena Belle Spencer, Bettye Lou Hollobaugh, Patricia Sowle, Betty Ward, Lois Micklish. Emma Jean Barton, LaNelle Robinson, George Ann Stillwell, Jo Vance, Imogene Denham. Student Counci First Row: Larry Moore. Tom Overstreet. Sterlin Moore, B. V. Keister. Herschel Hendrix. Second Row: Jimmy Jenkins. Palmer Smith. W. L. Smith. Charles Wixon, Larry Creek. Third Row: Joe Melio. Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown. Jimmy Crews. Lehma ell Owens. OFFICERS Palmer Smith President Herschel Hendrix Vice President Larry Moore Secretary Senior Class: Sterlin Moore, Larry Moore, Tom Overstreet. junior Class: Palmer Smith, Herschel Hendrix, Jimmy Jenkins. Sophomore Class: Charles Wixon, Larry Creek, Joe Melio. Freshman Class: Lehmazell Owens, Jimmy Crews. Faculty: Mr. B. V. Keister, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mr. W. L. Smith. The Student Council was organized in 1947 as a modified form of student government. Its purposes are to help develoja a stronger college spirit ; to build understanding; and to deal with all problems, other than academic, in a jjarila- mentary manner. Since its beginning the council has dealt with such problems as choosing the editor and business manager ol the INDIAN: freshman initiation: times of social functions; and such other problems as students brought for consideration. The council has taken a growing place as a real and contributing part of State College. Well, the ole yearbook ' s out late again this year, but we hope you enjoy it anyway. It cost a lot of hard work, sweat, broken dates and headaches, and we sincerely hope it ' s worth it. If you don ' t like it, you ' ve got these people pictured above to squawk at; if you do like it, you ' ve these same people to thank. Left to right: John B. Harris, ass ' t sports editor; " Tex " Plunkett, sponsor; John Webster, make-up edi- tor; Phyl Ford, organization editor; Eddie Steimel, junior editor; Bebe Coffey, ass ' t organization editor and typist; Carol Springle, copy editor; Avera Knight, art editor; Fred Mitchell, faculty editor; Calvin Lamb, senior editor; James Brickell, sports editor; Don Baker, editor-in-chief; Bill Thornton, ass ' t copy editor; Imogene Joseph, typist and exchange editor. 5 BIRTH OF THE HERALD Top left: The chain begins rolling as reporter Jennings gets hot scoop from H. C. Taylor, Printing Department Head. Together with other stories, Jen- ning ' s handiwork gets a going-over from the editing class. Below left: Johnny Webster hot-foots it down to the print shop with the Herald copy. Below right: Webster at the linotype as the Herald begins birth pains. Satisfied printers stand around to admire their art as the Herald starts rolling off the presses. Steps not shown from the linotype to press include the setting of the type, preparing the forms, and proofing. Below: At last she ' s out! State students beat a path to the window of the Wigwam to pick up their copies of the Weekly Wag and ignoring all the pertinent news on the front page, turn to of course, Chatter! The Press Club The Arkansas State College Press Club has, since its inception over ten year ago, striven to acquaint its members with the problems and requirements of the journalistic profession and thus .to make their entrance into a career of writing or other work connected with the newspaper easier for the individual. OFFICERS Don Baker Phyllis Ford Carol Springle James Brickell Imogene Joseph President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Jim Barnett Helen Braden Warren Bradley Cloice Burrell Gus Camp Joe Carr Carolyn Cooper Bill Currotto Bud Curtner Lindell Forbes MEMBERS Gene Howe Larnie Jennings James Johnson Jane Lybrand Fred Mitchell Richard Moore C. J. Rosecrans Glenria See Schuyler Smith Ted Spurlock Norris Steele Ed Steimel Tom Sylvester- Betty Ward Charles Watson Carroll Woodring John Harris Palmer Smith R. C. Tennyson Sterlin Moore Der Deutsche Verein Larry Creek, Joe Fakes, John E. Miller, B. D. Fritz, Alex E. Fisher. Calvin E. Lamb, L. L. Wimp, J. J. Haley, W. D. Guthrie, Virginia Porter. Wendell Darr, Charles R. Elley, H. B. Yarbrough, C. T. Rosecrans Jr., Henry T. Holland. Der Deutsche Verein is one of three Foreign Language clubs, the others be- ing Le Cercle Francais and El Circulo Espanol. Sponsored by Dr. D. F. Pas- more, head of the Modern Languages Department, the German club ' s purpose is to familiarize students and members of the club with the German language and culture. Le Cercle Francais Julie Penix, Hettv Daugherty, Wanda Lee Glover. Philip Gowen, Belle Tripp. Martha Tub, Gil O ' Brien, Pat White. Helen Braden, David Coleman, Elizabeth Goodloe, Thomas A. Weathersby, Retta Way- land, Melvin Swafford. Marjorie Hernden, Fern Spurlock. R. C. Tennyson, David Conner, Edward Benthall. Jimmy S. Berry, Jeffie Cole, Omar F. Greene. Nelson B. Ladd, Martin M. Maestas. James Johnson, Millard L. Oldham, Jr.. Frances Tonymon, Clarence L. Waldron, Hugh W. Trantham, Betty Bevel, Virginia Davis. Harry B. Lobar. Jennicve James, Bethel Hendrix, Berta Lou Gramling, Jane Stephens, Bob Ward, Earline Way, Roger Wright, Kenneth O. Braden. Ann Kinney, Jo Ann Baker, Roy Adkins, Avera Knight, Glenna Charles See, Felix Holt, Jr., Ralph L. Crawford, William Norton. Irwin L. Carlton, F. M. Wilson, Herbert Adkins, Herald Kafka, J. B. Rice, Calvin E. Lamb, Donald Baker, Carol Springle. El Ci rculo Espano mm fp i Uv N ; f tit L Sterlin C. Moore, Betty Jo Dean, A. E. Andrews, Jr., Norman Brown. Becky Scott. Mildred femes. Boh Ferralasco. Hugh W. Tranthan. Thomas Williams. Robert Brainerd, Thomas Keelin, Ellis Doyle Her- ron. J. G. Gresham. Ernestine French. Lloyd Duncan, Barbara Cullison. Mildred Meador, Billy B. Myers. Richard Parker, James Purnell, Tica Robinson. George Ann Stillwell, Lena Belle Spencer, Pat Sowle, Cliff Rotton, Mary Frances Wilson, Marian Wofford, Martin M. Maestas. Lois Micklish, Clyde Lucas, Janelle Sigshy, Phyllis Ford, Imogene Joseph, Bebe Coffey, Glenn Fox. Pre- Law Club OFFICERS Sterlin C. Moore President Dan Burge Vice-President James Brickell . Secretary-Treasurer Edward Steimel . Reporter John Watkins Librarian Foster Bowdon . . Sponsor The Pre-Law Club is an organization for all students who are interested in law from a professional standpoint. It meets with a bi-weekly luncheon and during the year was able to secure noted speakers in the field of law. The club also serves to acquaint its members with the different law schools and to promote a high feeling of fellowship. Accounting Club The Accounting Club is an organization composed ot students who intend to become Certified Public Accountants or who are interested in that lield of work. Sponsor of the club is Foster Bowdon, instructor in Business Admin- istration. OFFICERS F. O. Griffin Sheldon Nelson Carl Gwaltney Leon Bowdon Vera Hayes President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Historian Young Democrats Ogranized last year for the purpose ol promoting interest in national, state and local politics, the Young Democrats Club of Arkansas State College is a member of the Young Democrats Clubs of Arkansas. Douglas Bradley was elected first president of the young political organiza- tion. Herschel Hendrix was chosen vice-president while Carroll Martin was named treasurer. Mattie Mae Finley is secretary and James Brickell, reporter. Backing no candidates or political cliques, the Young Democrats have as their objective simply the bringing out of a larger vote and the interesting of the citizens in political matters. Above is a picture taken during the charter banquet. Douglas Bradley is on the extreme right while State Senator Berl S. Smith is located at the extreme left. Nam vets OFFICERS Sterlin C. Moore Bill Beaird Sheldon Nelson Howard M. Hamra Algie J. Bishop John B. Harris President Senior Vice-President Junior Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter The NAMVETS (Navy, Army, and Marine veterans) is an organization of veterans who are attending State College. Any veteran is eligible for member- ship. The NAMVETS are interested in the problems of veterans peculiar to their college attendance and in fostering a community spirit in the College. The organization has more than one hundred members. Pioneering IIOO Club Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Griffin, President The Pioneering Eleven Hundred Club, composed of married couples who are students at Arkansas State Col- lege, was formed in October, 1947. The purpose of the Club is to offer the married students at State College an opportunity to become better acquainted with each other. Mr. and Mrs. 1) H. Adams Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. G. Adams Mr. and Mrs. J- E. Mahaffey Mr. and Mrs. 1 1 Adkins Mr. and Mrs. I A. Mills Mr. and Mrs. R Appleby Mr. and Mrs. S. Moore Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Biggs Mr. and Mrs. J- Mullins Mr. and Mrs. B. Bowie Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Parks Mr. and Mrs. W Bradley Mr. and Mrs. W . H. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. R. Braswell Mr. and Mrs. R. Saunches Mr. and Mrs. R. Bretherick Mr. and Mrs. W . B. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Briggs Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Shearburn Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. G. Shedd Mr. and Mrs. I. Carlton Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Champ Mr. and Mrs. B. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Connor Mr. and Mrs. B. Steward Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Steimel Mr. and Mrs. W Duke Mr. and Mrs. C. Stogsdill Mr. and Mrs. O. Fairfield Mr. and Mrs. A. Sulln an Mr. and Mrs. R. Graham Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Tennyson Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Green Mr. and Mrs. R. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. M Waits Mr. and Mrs. C. Gwaltney Mr. and Mrs. R B. Walden Mr. and Mrs. J- Harris Mr. and Mrs. B. Ward Mr. and Mrs. J- J- Hopper Mi. and Mrs. J- C. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. James Mr. and Mrs. G. Way Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Justice Mr, and Mrs. B. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. J- Kellet Mr. and Mrs. O. Wiles Mr. and Mrs. A. R. C. King Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. H. Larche Mr. and Mrs. J- Singling Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Le Blanc Confederate Air Force Ark ansas State College ' s most unusual organization — where every member is a full-fledged colonel — is the Confederate Air Force. Composed of licensed pilots as well as students, the group is dedicated to the furthering of the interests of aviation. Activities of the group include technical discussions, social functions, and educational lectures. Last year the CAF made a flying picnic. Above is pictured a small group of the pilots in gray against the back- ground of an old surplus Army training plane. Baptist Student Union Jewel Hannah Ed Jackson Dora Louise Sexton Betty Sue Terry . Guy Rodgers Wanda Whitwell Faculty Sponsor Local BSU Secretary . First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Phyllis Ford Pianist Betty Blackwood Publicity Chairman Alton Bowlin Magazine Representative Emma Jean Barton Training Union Rep. Alton Terry Su nday School Representative Ann Kinney Scrapbook Representative Wayne Adkins, Bob Alexander, Betty Bevel, Jeffie Cole, David Coleman, Lloyd Crawford, Marie Douglas, Glenn Fox, Glenn Gardner, Nancy Hailey, Gerald Harris. Bethel Hendrix, Nadine Jenkins, Nellie Jenkins, Bill Kelley, Jay Kitterman, Louise Knott, Carroll Martin, Betty Masters, Bob McGaugh, Nancy Miller, Junior Pollard. Robert Purtle, Charles Ripley, Jo Sellers, Charles Shay, Janelle Sigsby, Emma Lea Slaten, Leonard Smith, Bill Towery, Jo Vance, Vera West, Ruben Whitley, Charles Wixon, Jeannine Wood. Wesl eyan Foundation Omega Anderson Betty Austin Johnny Boggess Bob Brooks Mr. Foster Bowdon J. B. Brown Roscoe Brown Charles Carter Barbara Culliso ' i Betty Dean Vernon Glenn Elizabeth Goodloe Mary Jane Henderson Vernon Lacey Mereda Langley Mary Jo Norton Tica Robinson Glenna See Allen Shaver Lena Belle Spencer George Ann Still well Margie Street Mildred Trice Belle Tripp Retta Wayland James Wilkinson Mary Frances Wilson Lena Ruth Wingfield Marion Wotford H. B. Yarbrough The Wesley Foundation is a student organization of all Methodist students and those inter- ested in Methodism, seeking to provide for the spiritual, moral and social needs of the stu- dent. Each year the Northeast Conference sets aside a specific fund with which to carry on the work on this campus. The club meets each Thursday evening, beginning with a fellowship supper. During the year, the organization brings to the campus speakers who are known for their work in the Metho- dist Church. Delegates are sent to the State Student Conference each year. Belle Tripp, presi- dent, was sent to the Regional Conference at Norman, Oklahoma this year. Minister ' s Fellowship OFFICERS J. C. Riggins President R. L. Hanks Vice-President Billy Hightower Secretary-Treasurer Norris Steele Reporter Devotional Director B. W. Stallcup The Minister ' s Fellowship Club was organized January 15, 1947, at Arkansas State College. This organization is non-sectarian, and all ministerial students are eligible for membership. The purposes of the M. F. C. are to offer an opportunity for the ministers to become better acquainted, to have more social contact on the campus as a group and a facilitate better understanding and more tolerance among the various religious groups on the campus. The Masquers OFFICERS C. L. Holt Martha Dickson Jennieve James Betty Daugherty President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ned Penny Betty Ward Everett Bolton Mereda Langley Fern Spur lock Rachel Gossett Hank Dodd Margie Harnden Betty Lou Gramling Rose Whidden Dolly Jones Roger Wright The Masquers consist of students interested in any phase of Play Production and who have had some exjaerience in Dramatics. The Masquers, the first dramatics club to be organized at State in several years, met in October and elected officers. Two one-act plays were presented during the first semester and one three-act play during the second semester, under the direction of Mrs. Laura Haggard, sponsor of the club. The club affords practical experience for students interested in this field; also, provides entertainment for the College students and drama fans of the campus community and Jonesboro. Arkansas State College Choir One of the best volunteer choirs in several years wore the gray and blue robes during the past season under the direction of Dr. Harold C. Manor, head of the Music Department. Be- sides making several chapel appearances, the singers took part in many extra-curricular pro- gram s. Genevieve Avis Martha Huddleston Neil Shedd William R. Bench Doily Jones Imogene Shipp Jeanne Boggess Charles Kasserman Mariella Shipton Norman Brown Jay Ki Herman Janclle Sigsby James Couch Louise Knott Lois Smith Stuart Craig Bettie Lyle Jane Stevens Jeanne Crowley Alton McCann Fleta Stone Wendell Darr Mrs. Charles McCourtney Margie Street Mary Lou Dunn Betty McGee Frances Tonymon Elizabeth Goodloe Ann Murrell Verna West Doyle Herron Guy Rodgers Wanda Whitwell Joe Hinesley George Shedd Melda Young Arkansas State Co liege Band Arkansas State College ' s Redskin band, under the capable direction ol fames L. Patty, made 1947-48 a banner season for the campus music organization by holding a high school band clinic as well as participating in a Northeast Arkansas tour of cities and high schools. Highlighting the season was the participation of the Arkansas State Band in the annual Mem- phis Cotton Carnival Parade. The Band made several chapel appearances during the year before the State student body and took part in several programs. D. B. Aycock Ed Benthall Patsy Bittinger Everett Branch Norman Brown Joe Burton Betty Cooper Stewart Craig Wendell Dan- Jack Daugherty Robert Eason Oscar Elliott Robert First MEMBERS Robert Fowler John Greenwood Billy Kelly Jimmy Jenkins Billy Hendrix Robert Landers Betty Lewis Lamont Lindsey Honey Lyle Ada Mae Marsh Berl Moma Russell Morgan Robert Manns Alton McCann Ray McCann Millard Oldham Ned Penny Kenneth Renshaw Margie Riley C. J. Rosecrans George Shedd Gloria Jean Spotts John Sullivan Ruth Wingfield William Towery Pi Kappa Delta s a 1 n OFFICERS Sterlin C. Moore Don Baker [aiiies Brickell Edward Steimel Kenneth }. Braden Douglas Bradley Norman L. Brown Daniel Binge Oliver J. Butler Charles W. Cook Bill Crews Omar F. Greene Edwin Malhis President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter F. W. Plunkett Royal J. Small John C. Watkins W. F. Wells Pi Kappa Delta, Arkansas Delta Chapter, National Honorary Debate Fra- ternity, was established on the Arkansas State College campus late this spring. Formerly the c lub was known as the Debate Club until the national affiliation. Very active in forensic work, the fraternity achieved several places in tournaments involving Mid-South competition. Rpf-a Rpfa Rpfa UCLQ LJCLQ LJCLU ? ijfi % 1 ill Dr. W. W. Nedrow, Chapter Counsellor; James B. Rice. President; James P. Dickson, Vice-president; Freeda James. Secretary; Billy Ruddell. Historian; Mary Lancaster, Francis Wilson, Carol Springle, Irvin L. Carlton. Bobby Fritz, Curtis Johnson. A. E. Andrews, Jr.. Tom Overstreet, Dr. Delzie Demaree. Dr. R. H. Austin, Mrs. Jean Rosser Williams. Dr. R. C. Cassell. Larry Wimp, C. A. Swenson, Dr. H. E. White. Sam McGinnis, C. C. Cravens, Larry Creek, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown. Miss Virginia Porter. Dr. P. E. Couch. Joe C. Towery, Kenneth Graham, Royal Graham, Miss Mary Belle George. Beta Beta Beta or Tri-Beta is a national honorary Biological Science Society. Students, to receive an invitation to join, mut be outstanding students in the scientific field along with technical requirements for membership. Beta Beta Beta ' s State chapter was installed during the past year. Formerly the or- ganization was known as the Pre- Med Club. Agriculture Club The Agriculture Club ot Arkansas State College is composed of Agricul- ture majors and is designed to bring together in closer unity those students in- terested in agriculture and its related fields. Activities of the club include social functions, attending lectures, and edu- cation! discussions. OFFICERS Jeff O. Smith President Wayne Hubbard Vice President R. C. Richardson Secretary Warren Bradley Treasurer J. P. Jackson Reporter A. E. Lee Historian Home Economics Club OFFICERS Tica Robinson . President Mary Jo Norton Vice-President Beulah Lindsey Secretary-Treasure] Joanne Hall Historian Tica Robinson, Mary Jo Norton, Buelah Lindsey, Joanne Bell, Marie Doug- las, Emma Lea Slaten. Miss Susie Pate, Valetta Martin, Betty Scholze, Carmen Scholze, Mrs. Olta Brinton, Neva Lou Mock. Maxine McCook, George Ann Stillwell, Mary Lancaster, Betty Holobaugb. Nancy Miller, Virginia Casper. Virginia Evans, Frances Tonyman, Virginia Fullen, Mrs. Mary Rogers Brown, Dolly Jones. Les Artistes MEMBERS Hilly Clive Thornton James F. Sloan, III Charles R. Elley Avera Knight Glenna Charles See Julianne Penix Gilbert C. O ' Brien Frances E. Moore Margaret Ann Fowler Oscar Fairfield Betty Ruth Cooper Paul Elder, Jr. Doyle Herron Lilburn Hardy Autry Henry Dodd, Jr. Bruce Greenway Adrian White Harold Lindaberry Jimmy G. Osborn Mattie Mae Finley Jack Castleberry Aubrey Basil Cranor Janelle Sigsby Ralph Bench ' Joanne Hall Betty King Frances Tonymon Claude R. Bradsher Phillip N. Gowen Fred Schult Gerald L. Sprouse Les Artistes is composed of students taking, or who have taken an art course. The aim of the club is to promote closer companionship among those students especially interested in this subject and to better acquaint them with the various tields of art. Its meetings, held every second week, are devoted to numerous projects, discussions, movies, and slides often shown in connection with the language department. It also sponsors visiting exhibits several times during the year and visit art galleries in this section. Each spring this group sponsors a formal art exhibit of student work during the gradu- ation week. International Relations Club OFFICERS Jerry Hays Leonard Smith Mattie Mae Finley Homer C. Huitt President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Mary Alice Bennett Leon Bowdon Cloice Burrell Roscoe Brown D. F. Cooper Wendell Darr Virginia Davis Clarissa Delano MEMBERS Exel Dishion Ruth Wotford Dishion Marie Douglas John Gourley Howard Hamra Doyle Herron Thelma Horner Cleve Howard Elmer S. Jack Ray Knight Mereda Langley Richard Parker Glenna See Belle Tripp Ernest Wiles The International Relations Club is one of the oldest clubs on the campus. The purpose of this club is to study seriously and discuss objectively inter- national affairs, and to promote an interest in international problems among the students of Arkansas State College. Historical Society OFFICERS Doyle Herron Mary Alice Bennett H. B. Yarbrough Stewart Craig C. L. Holt Arkansas State College ' s Historical Society is composed of a group of stu- dents and faculty extremely interested in the history ot Arkansas, its past, its traditions, its customs. The Society has been active for several years and is a leading factor in the compiling of the Arkansas State College Museum. President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Reporter Association for Childhood Education Ruby Crawford Marie Douglas Greta Downs Mrs. Bessie Howell Martha Huddleston Mereda Langley MEMBERS Betty Masters Mrs. Charles McCarty Maxine McCook Helen Romines Emma Lee Slaten Carolyn Stephens Margie Street Regina Tatum Belle Tripp Vera West Wanda Whitwell Norma Williams Melda Young The A. C. E. meets the first and third Wednesday in each month. The first meeting of the month is Parent ' s Night at which time the parents are invited to meet and discuss with the teachers the needs of children and the improvements in the teaching profession. The elementary departments of the training school are used for observation and trying out the different ideas of teaching. Acquaintance hours are sponsore d during the short summer sessions, and social functions are sponsored for the members throughout the year. Dele- gates are sent to the international meeting each year. Teachers " from the field " are brought in as speakers during the year to discuss problems of the profession. First Row: Foster Bowdon, Douglas Bradley, Exel Dishion, Mattie Mae Finley, Jewel Hannah. Floella Allison. Second Row: Omega Anderson, Bebe Coffey, Betty Jo Cooper, Hubert Daugherty, Curtis Duncan. Janie Gip- son. Third Row: Herbert Halford. Charles Hinson, Bales Houston, Fred Justus. Azel R. King. Joe Parkinson. Fourth Row: C. A. Swenson, sponsor, Jo Sellers. Floyd Smith, Shirley Swaim, Dorothy Wooten. Ruth Wofford. OFFICERS Hubert Daugherty President Fred Justus Vice President Betty Jo Cooper Secretary Omega Anderson Treasurer Curtis Duncan ..... Historian Pi Omega Pi is an honorary Business Administration society composed of students who are outstanding in the Held of business administration at Arkansas State College. Sponsor of the society is C. A. Swenson, head of the Business Administration Department. Pi G amma M u JRH First Row: Mrs Dorothy Mai Appleby. Rudolph Amann, Douglas Bradley, Mrs. Olta Brinton, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mr. Coy Brooks. Second Row: Cloice Burrell. Miss Labelva Connelly, Mr. Durward Cooper. Dr. Paul Couch, Miss Margaret Daniel. Dr. C. P. Denman. Exel Dishion. Third Row: Miss Dorothy Fenton, Glenn Fox. Roy Gentile. Janie Merle Gipson, F. O. Griffin. Carl Gwaltney, Miss Jewell Hannah. Fourth Row: Vera Harris. Charles Hinson. Cleve Howard. Mrs. Bessie Howell. Dr. Homer C. Huitt. Mr. Elmer S. Jack, Imogene Joseph. Fifth Row: Miss Eleanor Lane, Mereda Langley. Mr. J arocs Mason, Iretl Mitchell. Stcrlin Moore, I ravis Ncal, Dr. W. W. Nedrow. Sixth Row: Dr. D. F. Pasmore, Dr. F. W. Plunkett, Hobart Reagan, Josephine Sellers. Edward Steimel, Dr. H. E. White. Ruth Wofford. Engineers Club Bryant F. Stewart, Jr. Jimmie Norris Parrott Wendell H. Wilkerson Leland D. Fletcher Mr. Robert B. Blakestad, OFFICERS Mr. Joseph C. On President Secretary-Treasurer Activity Chairman Reporter Co-Sponsors .MEMBERS Roy G. Andrews Alvin C. Austin Billie J. Bishop Ralph Bishop William Bradley Joe Burton Jack C. Castleberry Jack R. Cole George L. Conner J. C. Fergison Leland D. Fletcher William D. Gammill Dalton L. Green Eugene Harkonen James W. Himes Kenneth E. Hopper James G. Jordan John T. Lancaster Vernon L. Lacey Thomas A. LeBlanc Harold E. Lieberen . John E. Mahaffey David May Alvin A. McCallum Donald N. Mitchell Earl W. Park Elvert G. Parrish Jimmie N. Parrott James G. Roberts William H. Roberts Floyd Selby, Jr. James L. Smith Bryant F. Stewart Elmer Stone Billy R. Taylor Francis J. Walsh James E. Warren James W. Weld Delbert C. Wells Joy W. Whistle Harry Widner Wendell H. Wilkerson The Engineer ' s Club was organized following the adoption of a four-year curriculum in engineering at Arkansas State College in 1946. It promises unity among engineering students, acquaints the members with problems of their future profession, and encourages and develops the efficiency of future engineers. The Club ' s activities include participation in lecture sessions, educational movies, industrial tours, social functions, and campus activities. Physical Education Club MEMBERS Robert Appleby V. V. Shearburn Ray Saunches Rudol ph Amann President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Composed of majors in physical education courses, the Physical Education Club of Arkansas State College is designed to bring closer together the students who are interested in the advancement of physical education and science in sport and recreation. Sponsor of the group is Harold Nichols, track and wrest- ling coach. Women ' s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association at Arkansas State College is dedicated to the building and sponsoring of athletics of various types at the College lor the benefit of women students. Health and recreation being linked one with the other, the Arkansas State College WAA intends to bring to women students the greatest opportunities lor sale play and fun in recreation, thus promoting the general health of its members. OFFICERS Jeanne Crowley President Betty Willyerd Vice President Gloria Jean Spotts Secretary Patsy Bittinger . . . Treasurer Mu Phi Sigma OFFICERS Doyle Herron Larry Moore Ned Penny Norman Brown Stewart Craig President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian MEMBERS D. B. Ay cock Kurt Ballard Edward Benthall Norman Brown Lester Bruce Stewart Craig Wendell Darr Robert Eason W. Z. Fletcher E. Doyle Herron Baird V. Keister Robert Landers Harold Manor Larry Moore C. R. Moyers Millard Oldham fames Patty Ned Penny Guy Rodgers Mu Phi Sigma is a honor society for men interested in the various phases and fields of music. Organized a year ago on the campus of Arkansas State College, the society has made a considerable amount of progress in its single year of activity. Its objectives are both social and academic. Sigma Alpha Lamdba Elizabeth Goodlpe, President; Honey Lyle, Gene Shipp, Vice President; Jo Ann Baker, co-Historian. Joan Greenwood, Secretary; Janelle Sigsby, co-Historian; Jane Stephens, Lena Belle Spencer. Dolly Jones. Treasurer; Betty Lou McGee; Elizabeth Fox and Mary Margaret Haydon, co- Sponsors. Sigma Alpha Lambda is an honor society for girls interested in music and its integrated fields. A companion society to Mu Phi Sigma, its activities be- gan about six months ago. Officers of the society are: President, Elizabeth Good- loe; Vice President, Gene Shipp; Secretary Joan Greenwood; Treasurer, Dolly Jones; Historians, Janelle Sigsby and Jo Ann Baker; Reporter, Lena Belle Spen- cer. Top Row: Colonel Kenneth S. Sweany. Lt. Colonel G. R. Wilkins, Major Ernest N. Rubel. Bottom Row: First Lieutenant George Elmore. Major Ernest Schroeder. The Military Science Department of Arkansas State College enjoyed in 1947-48 one of its most successful years since the R.O.T.C. unit has been estab- lished at the College. Under the guidance and direction of Colonel Sweany, the organization has revived in leaps and bounds from its dormant war-time status. The Arkansas State College R.O.T.C. unit ' s Excellent rating in the annual Fourth Army Area inspection was due in no small measure to the tire- less efforts of Colonel Sweany and the Military Department staff. Attesting to the growth of Military Science at Arkansas State College is the number of instructors added to the staff since 1945. The inclusion of Lt. Colonel Wilkins, Majors Rubel and Schroeder, and Lt. Elmore make the ASC Department one of the best staffed in the nation. These officers, together with the De- partment ' s complement of six top-notch non-commissioned officers, are dedi- cated here at State to the production of first-class officer material for the United States Army Reserve Corps. Above: Lt. Colonel (.. R. W ' ilkins swears in five cadet officers into the United States Army Officers ' Reserve Corps. The first R.O.T.C. students at State College to receive gold bars since before the war, they are, left to right: Cadet Captain Lester S. Bruce, Cadet Captain Wymon D. Dyke, Cadet Lt. Colonel Charles A. Terry, Cadet Captain William H. Rhodes, and Cadet Major Thomas E. Oberly. Colonel Sweany (right) looks on. Two others were given gold bars later who could not attend the ceremony: Cadet 1st Lt. Alex E. Fisher and Cadet Captain Avon T. Adams. Below: The men who made possible the picture above, the instructional staff of the Military Department. Seated, left to right: Major Shroeder. Lt. Col. Wilkins, Col. Sweany, Major Rubel, Lt. Elmore. Standing, left to right, T-Sgt. Bedson. M-Sgt. Bankston. M-Sgt. Broadway, M-Sgt. Sasser, M-Sgt. Henderson, and S-Sgt. Ferriera. Arkansas State College ' s R.O.T.C. Color Guard on review. Left to right: Sonny Greenwood, Maurice Starr, Charles Lutes, and Martin Farmer. " B " Battery " A " Battery 1 ifH iii mi Senior Officers Headquarters Battery 1 HI , ■■ IV I i9 Sophomore Class First Platoon, " A " Battery Second Platoon, " B " Battery Cadet Officers ' Club r-4%-, l w .-» " OFFICERS Calvin J. Hatley Captain Thomas L. Keelin 1st Lieutenant Dallas P. Wright 2nd Lieutenant James F. Sloan, III 1st Sergeant The Cadet Officers ' Club of Arkansas State College is composed of mem- bers of the third and fourth year advanced military science classes. Its purpose is to foster interst in things military and the world situation as well as to sponsor social activities on the campus. The Cadet Officers ' Club succeeds the old Scabbard and Blade honorary military fraternity which existed on the ASC campus prior to the war. The group has a nicely furnished club room in which regular meetings and social gatherings are held. Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers Club OFFICERS Cadet 1st Sgt. Charles Hill President Cadet T-Sgt. Johnnie Smith Vice President Cadet S-Sgt. James Corbett Secretary-Treasurer Cadet S-Sgt. Don Baker Public Relations Sopl.omore class students of the Military Science Department who desire membership compose the Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers Club of Arkansas State College. Designed along the same lines as the Cadet Officers ' Club, the Noncoms meet frequently, discuss things military and social, and every year sponsor a hayride and weiner roast. The crack Arkansas State College t itle team poses on the firing range. Lt. Elmore and Major Schroeder busy at work on a relief map for advanced gunnery students. S-Sgt. Ferriera dishes out the khakies to an unidenti- fied individual behind the bars. Freshman students in civ- vies " model " latest types of weapons during demonstra- tions. Above: A close scrutiny of the picture will disclose the projectile of the mortar just as it was being fired out of the barrel — a very unusual picture taken with an ordinary camera. Below: M. S. students inspecting various types of weapons during a display. A " Club First Row: Joe Shaw, Clifford Rotton. foe Melio, S. T. Johnston. Second Row: G eorge Reavy, Keith Doane, Pelhani Austin, Gene Ossel- meier. Third Row: Harry Larche, Robert Blue. Maurice [effress, Dale Hudson. Fourth Row: John McGuire. V. V. Shearburn, Russ Gerring. Rohert Manns. Football Squad With ( . " ) candidates including 25 lettermen from which to form a team. Coach Forest W. " Frosty " England at the first called practice session on last September 1. set about to form what proved to be one of the best football elevens in the history of the College. Playing a rough nine game schedule, the Indians finished the season with an enviable record of four victories, two defeats and three ties for a season ' s percentage of .(ilifi. The Tribe opened the ' 47 campaign with a smashing 25 to vic- tory over its old rivals, the Southeast Missouri State Braves of Cape Girardeau here on Saturday night. Sept. 27. and closed it with a crush- ing 45 to win over Centre College ' s Praying Colonels of Danville. Ky.. here on Saturday night. Nov. 22. Highlights outside of the Redskins ' impressive record of the past year included an upset victory over the powerful Pensacola Na al Air Training Station in a game played at Pensacola, Fla.. and by playing to a scoreless tie with the strong Arkansas State Teachers College Bears in the annual Homecoming game on Saturday afternoon. Oct. 25. in a sea of rain and mud. Coach England will have most of the boys of last year ' s stellar team back to play this season and with them comes the promise of another top gridiron eleven for 1948. EVERETT BOLTON, End LEWIS HAYDEN, Halfback Three of the key men who made the 1947 Indian football machine click are pictured on this page. Above left, veteran Everett Bolton of Jonesboro, probably the greatest end ever to don a Redskin uni- form, leaps high into the air to snag an aerial in a typical action shot. The Jonesboro flanker was co-captain for last year ' s gridiron crew. Above right, ace halfback Lewis Hayden sprints with the pig- skin. A fine all-around player, the Piggott veteran sparked the Tribe to most of its victories in the first half of the season. Named co- captain of the squad with Bolton, Hayden was a steadying influence on the younger players and was the Tribe ' s top punter. Howard " Choo-Choo " Powers, popular West Helena junior, was named the most valuable player of the 1947 Tribe. The hard-driving fullback is not the spectacular kind of player but a steady, reliable ground -gainer whose hard blocking made possible many of the more crowd-pleasing plays. Below is a list of the results of the nine games played by the Indians last season and the statistics of the campaign. Games Won— 4; Games Lost— 2; Games Tied— 3; Pet.— .6(56 SEASON ' S RESULTS Date Team Sept. 27 — Southeast Mo. State Oct. 4— Western Kentucky Oct. 18 — Washington U. Oct. 24 — State Teachers (Homecoming) Nov. 1 - S. 111. Normal Nov. 8 — Pensacola Naval Nov. 17 — Memphis State Nov. 22 — Centre SEASON ' S STATISTICS Total Touchdowns Extra Points Total Points Indians _ 20 11 131 Opponents 14 7 91 Outcome Score __Won 25- __Tie 14-14 __Lost 40-14 __Tie 0- ___Lost 12- 7 __Won 7- __Tie 19-19 __Won 25- HOWARD POWERS, Fullback A vital factor in the showing of any kind of athletic team is the backing of the student body in the form of a good, enthusiastic pep squad or cheering section. State had plenty of pep in its cheer leaders last year as shown by the six pepper-uppers above. Top row, left to right: Melvin Swafford, Betty Bevel, and Howard Hamra. Bottom row: Elizabeth Goodloe, Lehma- zell Owens, and Tica Robinson. Below is a shot of the cheer leaders in action during one of ASC ' s basketball contests. Benny Wilhelfn Tackle Keith Doane End Dick Phelps Guard Maurice Jeffress Haljback Stalwarts in the Indian line last year are the seven men above. Left to right. Keith Doane, Gerald Patterson, Jim Holland, John Dickey, Dick Phelps, Billy Rogers and S. T. Johnston Jim Hinson Halfback Harry Larche Guard George Reavy (•uard C lifton Rotton Halfback Everett Bolton lugs the pig- skin on an end-around for a big gain against State Teachers. The game ended in 0-0 tie. John Kornegay of State Teach- ers ' Bears leaps high in the air to snag a pass intended for In- dian Keith Doane in Homecom- ing battle. Ace halfback Lewis Hayden swivel-hips his way for yardage against the Pensacola Navy Gos- lings. State won, 7-6. Little Joe Shaw, crack Redskin quarterback, going hard on qb sneak against Monticello Boll- weevils. BETTY BLACKWOOD, senior from JONESBORO. is pictured above seated on the throne as the Arkansas State College HOMECOMING FOOTBALL QUEEN of 1947. MISS BLACKWOOD, a campus beauty and popu- lar student, is shown here with her maids as the royalty reigned through HOMECOMING festivities on OC- TOBER 25. QUEEN BETTY ' s Maids are, left to right: CLARICE WILLBANKS of Williford; ALLEAN LIVELY of Jonesboro, and DORO I HY WOOTEN of Osceola. In an impressive ceremony immediately preceding the ASC-ARKANSAS STATE TEACHERS annual grid game last OCTOBER 25. Indian CAPTAIN LEWIS HAYDEN traditionally crowned BETTY BLACKWOOD HOME COMING QUEEN to reign over the HOMECOMING festivities. Shown in the picture above are left to right: Maids DOROTHY WOOTEN, CLARICE WILLBANKS. and ALLEAN LIVELY; QUEEN BETTY; CAPTAIN HAY- DEN; and CAPTAIN JOHN KORNEGAY of the TEACHERS. The Tribe Travels Off for Florida! Sleepy Redskins pile into a chart- ered bus on an early morn- ing start for the land of the Everglades to tangle with Pensacola Navy. Indian pigskinners relax and shoot the breeze dur- ing the big haul southward. Soups ' on! Arkansas State ' s hungry football war- riors tear into Southern cooking at Mobile, Ala- bama. To Sunny Florida Game time! Redskins scatter out on blocking as- signments while top State tosser, Lewis Hayden, fades out of picture for a long one. The State crew top- ped the Goslings, 7-6 on Joe Shaw ' s placekick. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Weary and fatigued, the Redskins lie back and grab forty on the long road homeward. Ev Bolton gobbles up the yard- age on another end around against Monticello ' s Bollweevils. State plastered the Weevils, 27-0. Right hall-back V. V. Shearburn chugs goalward against the Cape Girardeau Tribe. Indians in white jerseys this time, won 25-0. Bill Perry, reserve end, takes up where Bolton left off on the end C • J . L- M OsSu " around, picking up ground against In a fine action shot, Lewis Hay- den gets set to drive the leather for distance as Indian linemen give him plenty of time. Basketball Playing the most rugged schedule ever under- taken by an Arkansas State College basketball team, the 1948 Indian quintet met, defeated, and was beaten by some of the nation ' s greatest cage teams. The Tribe played a total of 25 games. Significant in their seven wins, was a 78 to 53 win over the Ole Miss Rebels in the College Gymnasium on the night of February 18. Among the strong teams that beat the Redskins was the University of Arkansas Razor- backs who won by a 76 to 59 score after the ASC " 5 " had led for half the game. The above picture of the entire squad was taken early in the season. Head Coach J. A. (Ike) Tomlinson (upper photo) and Assistant Mentor John Rauth are shown at left. Maurice Miller, Center Benny Wilhelm, Forward Paul Mason, Forward Ray Saunches, Guard John B. Dickey, Guard Keith Doane, Guard-Forward Harold Waddle, Forwar Paul Mason drops in a free one for the Indians against Southwestern ' s Lynx in a close game cop- ped by the Tribe. Maurice Miller, State ' s ace center, crips in two in a fine action shot taken during the Southwestern contest. Benny Wilhelm, ASC ' s leading scorer, outfoxes two University o f Arkansas cagers to drop in two points. Maurice Miller fires a charity toss for a single marker against the Razor- backs. The Indians extend- ed the University basket- ballers all the way before dropping the game. It ' s Miller again as the tall ASC pivot man blocks a hook shot by his opposite number for the Ra orbacks, towering George Kok. Benny Wilhelm gets ready to receive the tip from Miller as the Indians get ready to roll. Track Coach Harold (Nick) Nichols ' Arkansas State College track team brought home the first state championship in the Col- lege ' s history when they defeated eight Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference squads in the first post-war renewal of the state diadem. Piling up a record of five wins against only two losses, the Indian thinlies enjoyed by far the best track season of any ASC squad. Victories were scored over the Arkansas State Teach- ers College Bears, Memphis State, Southeast Missouri State, in dual meets; Memphis State, Southwestern, in triangular affair; and eight AIC schools in the state meet. The team ' s only two losses were to Ole Miss in the season ' s opening meet, and to Southwest Missouri State in a close battle in mid-season. The above squad picture contains the 1947 squad members. A photo of the State Champion 1948 squad was not available when the sports section of the annual went to press. Coach Harold (Nick) Nichols, who piloted the champs is shown at left. Wrestling In a unique grappling shot, two ASC matsmen, Robert Manns and Tom Carmody mix it up between halves of a basketball game. Under the direction of Coach Harold J. " Nick " Nichols, the Arkansas State College Indians have gone into amateur wrestling in a big way, winning the state championship along with another tourney in St. Louis against national opposi- tion. Amateur grunt and groan is being popularized at State and " Nick " expects many new grapplers out for the mat sport this coming season. Baseball The Arkansas State College baseball team, under the direc- tion of Athletic Director-Coach J. A. (Ike) Tomlinson, played the most extensive schedule of any previous ASC diamond team. In 18 games against top-flight schools of the Mid-south the Redskins hung up 10 wins against eight losses. The Tribe opened the campaign by swamping the Valparaiso Crusaders in a double-header on the College diamond. After dropping their first game to the crack Iowa Hawkeyes, the Redskins came back to down Southern Illinois University, and the Clarksdale, Miss., Planters of the Class C Cotton States League in three successive contests. Memphis NATTC fell before the Tribe ' s big bats and su- perior pitching before Delta State handed the Tomlinson nine its second defeat of the season. State evened the count with Delta the next day however, but fell before Memphis State in the following contest. The Indians downed SIU in a return game here, but were defeated by Murray State a few days later. Probably the game the Indians hated to lose most of all was a 4 to 3, 13-inning struggle to old Redskin rivals — the Arkansas State Teachers College Bears. The Tribe beat Delta State again, and tripped Memphis State for its ninth and tenth victories. Murray State, Memphis NATTC, and State Teachers handed the Redmen their final three defeats. All-in-all the Indians played what is considered as a cred- itable seaso n, winning ten of 18 games for a. .556 season aver- age. In the above picture the Indian team members are shown immediately following their 4 to 2 win over Memphis State in the next to the last game of the season. Coach Tomlinson is shown at left. Right, Big Bob Appleby, ace southpaw of the Redskin diamond crew last year, lets go a high hard one during warm-up practice. The bespectacled lefty served ' em up for the Jonesboro Red Sox and Mem- phis Chicks of the Southern As- sociation last year when he finish- ed his hurling chores for the Red- skins ' winning baseball nine. [ohnny Sain, ace major league pitcher for the Boston Braves of the National League, was a sports cele- brity visitor on the Arkansas State College campus last October 9. Sain is shown above (at left) chatting with Ray Saunches, a catcher for the ASC baseball team for the past two seasons. Sain held a brief workout with Saunches before a large gathering of State students on the afternoon of October 9. i Tennis Arkansas State ' s first tennis team since before the war didn ' t have a banner year last season, but they got the sport going again under the Indian banner and hope for bigger things next year. Under the direc- tion of Forrest W. " Frosty " England, the racquetters went up against heavy opposition in intercollegiate ranks and didn ' t fare too well although the experience gained will make next year ' s Indian netsters a hard crew to handle. Coach John Rauth is slated to take over the tennis coaching duties next year. Left, Frosty England, State ' s top-notch football mentor, who also took over the duties of tennis coach last year. Yes Dance! Merry-makers mix it up at the Alpha Tau Zeta Hal loween Ball. All Dogpatchtry broke loose at this annual Sadie Hawkins Day blow-out sponsored by the Sopho- more class. Arkansas State College ' s R.O.T.C. unit sponsored one of the biggest dances of the year in this annual Military Ball. Football game spctators relaxing alter a Redskin victory at the Alpha Sigma after-game dance. Zeta Tau Zeta follows another Indian win with a after-game affair in the College Gym. Banner Ballroom was the scene of this Delta Beta Chi Anniversary Dance. The Kappa Sigma Nu Coronation Ball high light- ed proceedings in Danner Ball r o o m. Lehmazell Owens was presented as the Pi K A Dream Girl. Delta Omega Sigma threw this after-the-game dance in the Gym. Bright stars and soft music featured this Alpha Sigma Anniversary Dance. Another shot of the ZTZ after-game dance. Dr. Pasmore and Com- pany celebrate in gay lash- ion at the Foreign Langu- age Clubs Christmas party. ENGRAVERS OF 1948 INDIAN SOUTHWEST ' S FOREMOST SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS Peerless Engraving Co. Peerless Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. " IT WAS A PLEASURE " YOU WILL ALWAYS ENJOY A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE AT OUR MODERN FOUNTAIN WE SERVE ONLY THE BEST City Drug Store 322 S. MAIN JONESBORO PROMPT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE K- GENUINE -REGISTERED " | e e p s ake DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS Clements " Where you know I lie Quality " WATCHES - JEWELRY The Finest in Watch Repairing 326 S. Main — Jonesboro These Modern Buses Operate on Regular Schedule Between Jonesboro and State College ' Our Cabs Are Now Equipped With Two-Way Radio " CAB BUS CO. DIAL 5544 SANDWICHES STEAKS AGGSE INN WANDA and KEITH WILLIAMS, Props. 1 ) K 1 A K O r L A 1 Jl T TlVrHF For A Complete Line of Top Quality Sporting Goods You Will Find it at the CRAIG SPORTING GOODS CO. PETE CRAIG. OWNER 101 S. MAIN Jonesboro. Ark. DIAL 5172 Jonesb ' oro ' s Most Complete SHOE REPAIR SHOP Jimmie Reeves Shoe Repair Shop [ONESBORO, ARK. S. MAIN PHONE 1815 EE ED Jonesboro Roller Mill SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2231 Cor. Burke Union FOR DELIVERY SERVICE CALL McADAMS DRUG COMPANY 416 South Main Phone 5538 CITIZENS BANK Of Jonesboro " A Serx ' ice Instil ution— Make this Your Bank OFFICERS M. L. McKinney, President C. V. McKinney. Cashier }. F. McKee. Vice-Pres. Ct. E. McKinney. Assistant Cashier Major Griffin, Assistant Cashier McFALL Tire and Supply Co. 100 S: Main St. YOUR Tinstone STORE TIRES - TUBES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOME SUPPLIES AUTO SUPPLIES BUY THE BEST BUY Tinstone Look to the Future! INSURANCE IS YOUR SURE WAY TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES - SEE - Eric Rogers Son For All Kinds ot Insurance PHONE 2961 SEVENTY -ONE YEARS OF LEADERSHIP GREGG FUNERAL HOME UNEXCELLED AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 5566 [onesboro Walnut Ridge Monette MIDWEST Americas Favorite ICE CREAM Central Chevrolet Company Chevrolet Passenger and Commercial Cars and Trucks Telephone 5575 Union at Monroe — Joncsboro, Ark. ' SHOP OF QUALITY AND STYLE HOUSE OF FASHION JONESBORO 502 S. MAIN PHONE 3246 Ebb Pickens Vernon T. Covington Jim Lyons JONESBORO SPORTING GOODS CO. " The Sportsman ' s Store ' ' — Wholesale and Retail 212 Creath Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 5132 Handling Nationally Known Brands of Athletic Equipment. Sporting Goods and Fishing Tackle Compliments Of The Lone Star Company YOUR MOBILGAS DISTRIBUTOR fONESBORO, ARK. Aggie Rd. Phone 6679 WE WELCOME YOU TO - JONESBORO FLYING SERVICE SERVICES RENDERED Flight Instruction — Charter Service Pleasure Rides — Repair Service FULLY INSURED Dealers For Piper Cub — Cessna — Stinson FLIGHT TRAINING OFFERED ON G.I. BILL IN THE BOTTLE Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Plant AL HENDRIX MOTORS, INC. - YOUR - Oldsmobile Dealer Bring Your Car into Our Service Department For Expert Repairs by Trained Mechanics. 116 E. Washington [onesboro, Ark. JONESBORO GROCER COMPANY ONE OF THE OLDEST WHOLESALE FOOD DISTRIBUTORS IN NORTHEAST ARKANSAS MERCANTILE BANK Jonesboro, Ark. MEMBER E D. I.C. Hot Point Universal WHIDDEN APPLIANCE CO. 108 E. Huntington and 106 Burke BENDIX 3005-PHONE 6602- MAGIC CHEF f fl carl iiiMi m m Northeast Arkansas ' Finest Shoe Store 403 S. Main Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 216 CAS METZLER MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service OIL Phone 6643 Jonesboro, Ark. SHOP AT WALL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE HOME OF THESE FAMOUS NAMES Natural izer Shoes Manhattan Shirts Berkshire Hose Curlee Suits Carole King Dresses Dobbs Hats McGregor Sportswear Bostonian Shoes Phoenix Catalina Swim Suits JONESBORO. ARKANSAS FOR THE LATEST COLLEGE STYLES SHOP AT JONESBORO S LARGEST DEPT. STORE sys Sales and Service Dodge Passenger Cars — Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Plymouth Passenger Cars 407 Union Ave. Jonesboro, Arkansas Phone 2248 Only DODGE Builds Job-Rated Trucks VOIR HOME BUILDING HEADQUARTERS " Better Homes FOR Better Living " YOUR HOMEBUILDING HEADQUARTERS PHONE 663 JONESBORO. ARKANSAS D. CANALE CO. Wholesale Fruit and Pr 3d uce 104 North Main Street Jonesborp, Arkansas BANK OF NETTLETON MEMBER F.D.I. C. NETTLETON. ARKANSAS " The Bank of Friendly Service " SINCE 1904 GREASE GASOLINE MOTOR OIL PAN - AMERICAN PRODUCTS AS FINE AS THEY COME C. C HOWELL. DISTRIBUTOR 239 N. Main Phone 23(51 TYLER SWINDLE FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 1 700 W. Matthews JONESBORO. ARKANSAS MATH IS BUS LINES, INC. Mathis Trailways 228 Madison St. JONESBORO, ARKANSAS PHONE 2241 AND 2121 FOR BUS INFORMATION Blythevi lie - Jonesboro - Newport - Little Rock Connections to Texarkana, Hot Springs. Fort Smith. Springfield. St. Louis, Batesville. and Memphis James Bittinger, General Mgr. General Orlice Phone 3576 BURIAL PROTECTION FOR ALL " LANGFORD ' S MORTUARY LLOYD L. LANGFORD, OWNER Phone 6661 Jonesboro, Arkansas 725 S. Main L. L. LAUNDRY 1329 Huntington Telephone 3410 JONESBORO, ARKANSAS CITY WATER AND LIGHT PLANT Serving and Growing With JONESBORO. ARKANSAS book is born- oi precious t eatbook . necessai lu " mhr. m " ihe has the " . »c n g - 6 bo0 vs. . ttod oi pn in pvod " 6 16 had 20 e P Our v5 expe Tie " BepreS en. Ma»- m prices nep WHERE QUALITY COUNTS PHOTOGRAPHS ARE MEMORIES MADE PERMANENT DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS ★ CASTETTERS ART SHOP M S. FOX - C. R. HALVERSTADT 403 S. MAIN JONESBORO. ARK. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE 1948 INDIAN

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